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130459477what went wrong?[View]
130457545/180/ Cazoo Premier League Darts Night 9: The 2023 Cazoo Premier League roadshow rolls into Berlin o…[View]
130464198KWAB BUNKERTHREAD: Get the FUCK in here KWABCHADS. /mlb/ is making fun of us by saying khukwab >…[View]
130464254just found out pissi the literal midgt has had better defensive stats than penaldo[View]
130459845the webm that made everyone change their GOAT vote to Messi[View]
130457707Both Jose Mourinho & Antonio Conte have won trophies wherever they have managed, except when the…[View]
130450426>get easiest group in the World Cup >get easiest RO16 match >lost against the first decent …[View]
130441981>we have caught and compromised to a permanent end riggi riggitini[View]
130463789>#1 in the Bundesliga >Scrape by #10 in EPL Chelsea 1-0 >Lose second leg 2-0 to said Chelse…[View]
130463597why are italians so shady[View]
130457900>When Ozil came to Madrid, he replaced his girlfriend with a model from Milan, until Mourinho tol…[View]
130462622Remember when writers put an effort?: >Ettienne Green >plays for St. Ettienne >a green club…[View]
130455150Who's winning the 2025 Finalissima?[View]
130462583uh its called kyiv now chud[View]
130448310/hoc/ SoftBussy Edition[View]
130444224/nfl/ General: Judge Kelce edition: NFL HEADLINES DET: Marvin Jones re-joining Lions on one-year dea…[View]
130462151I am a Kazakh, I follow The Hawk[View]
130462721>club break[View]
130458704post iconic sports moments[View]
130461665Anyone else miss Arena Football?[View]
130460458is it worth trying to get individual tickets / going to it even if you don't? some of the new s…[View]
130423051>Haaland won't fit Pep's system!!!1111: I remember, faggots[View]
130457032The Premier League has tightened its ownership rules to block anyone found to have committed human r…[View]
130460911Name a single team that doesn't depend on pace except Manchester City[View]
130461856i hate baseball with a passion and unironically would prefer to see 50 different soccer threads inst…[View]
130457147what happened to them?[View]
130461670Given that Zoomers aren't into sports, should companies start adding Subway Surfers gameplay to…[View]
130461837.: It happened and there's nothing you can do about it eurofags. You can cope and seethe but yo…[View]
130457417/mlb/: BASEBALL IS BACK edition: CLE: Guardians finalize extension with Andrés Giménez MIA: Chisholm…[View]
130456629Braves @ Nationals - Opening Day Gamethread: start time: 1:05 PM EST Fried vs. Corbin >Braves lin…[View]
130456765Giants @ Yankees - Opening Day Gamethread: 1:05 Eastern start time Webb vs Cole >Giants lineup 1…[View]
130460959>Haaland scored all those goals and the only trophy he’s going to end the season with is the FA C…[View]
130460927Who is allowing that man who consider themselves women (transsexuals) compete with real women? Is it…[View]
130461178Why bother with the tournament, let's get straight to the final and save time.[View]
130456699Aristocratic sports: What is the most aristocratic sport and why is it archery [spoiler](not compoun…[View]
130460848Boring ass baseball on the board again[View]
130461309Back to the 'Arsenal winning the league vs a multibillionaire squad with the most hyped young p…[View]
130461175>be spain >have only one black player >he looks like this…[View]
130457614rank them[View]
130458901Is there any women sport where having big boobs helps?[View]
130458496Argentina to host U20 wc: >After host indonesia refuesed to let Israel play, FIFA decided to ban …[View]
130460562This international break has made me realize how much of my happiness and dopamine levels depend on …[View]
130459816Does he have what it takes to be elite?[View]
130460704is /mlb/ extra innings worth it? also is it like mlb.tv where there are no commercials?[View]
130455951Why does it seem like basketball fans are women-like in how they watch sports? For pretty much any o…[View]
130460571pechofrionel pissi riggi walkitini hormontini midgetini cheatini payrefstini headdowntini penaltini …[View]
130433675Nigga be puting the best performance of his life and people be calling it rigged[View]
130460332Why can't Real Madrid fill up their stadium?[View]
130454493/heem/: >>130449177 bjpenn.com[View]
130460023Jesse Lingard[View]
130457180Dibu cucks https://youtube.com/shorts/QMxaLhjGtp8?feature=share Why bros?[View]
130458010Occasional EFL Thread: >not a single game on tonight So lads, with less than 10 games left, how…[View]
130452722does next france plays seriously?: looks like worse than Germany v Brazil personally.[View]
130455254/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - RB18 edition: >Lap: #5858 >Countdown to Perry Wu of Pert…[View]
130452674Euroids are soulesser than bever kek This german left the nt with ginter and kehrer to run circles …[View]
130456905> NFL players couldnt run more than 10 minutes without dyin- ACK Well well well, so it turns out …[View]
130455750>still scores in scary qualification games CLUTCH[View]
130454568When did arsenal become so much SOVL?[View]
130454585Redpill me on Vitesse Arnhem[View]
130432097How does England not have an Euro? Even Greece and Denmark managed to win it.[View]
130457685Are these good teams to bandwagon?[View]
130455400>mfw France lost[View]
130450509Why is Sanchez never remembered?[View]
130456159EA fkn up[View]
130452024Sissi Sissitini[View]
130452552>Based international break is over >Have to go back to shitty club football Genuinely sick of …[View]
130454078Why was Indonesia even allowed to host the U20 World Cup? Weren’t these the SEA monkeys that killed …[View]
130456162ready for Pep to big brother flopp again?[View]
130457089ERIK SEVEN HAG[View]
130457627How long until the Premier League overtakes the CL? I'm already starting to think winning the P…[View]
130442202Have you ever met a famous athlete, /sp/?[View]
130445235Will arsenal win the premier League?[View]
130456245>they actually defeated spain 2-0[View]
130457479>arsecucks threw the UEL >they don't realize it was the only chance they will ever get at…[View]
130443942What was the story behind this stadium?[View]
130448498Wtf is real madrid thinking??[View]
130456480Do you think Alfonso Soriano is hyped for opening day? Do you think he knows it's opening day?[View]
130446058FIFA World Cup U-20: >doesn't want to let israel jews in >gets banned Why is this allowed…[View]
130444397/mlb/: news : opening day eve[View]
130455324The Song that BuckBroke an Entire Nation[View]
130454333how did one black man in the first world mindbreak 250 million part black men in the third world?[View]
130452386>other flags make all the anti-messi and argentina threads >we get all of the heat…[View]
130449809find a flaw pro-tip: you can't[View]
130457097is it over for them ?[View]
130454473Eden Hazard left a bad impression in today's training game against Real Madrid Castilla.The Bel…[View]
130454800In minecraft: .[View]
130455541whatever happened to him: is he banned for the rest of the season[View]
130447018ITT: SOVL[View]
130456696What went wrong?[View]
130445671Face of a Nation[View]
130439598/nrl/ - Rugby League general: Joseph-Aukuso Suaalii edition >what's on? Sydney Roosters v Pa…[View]
130456027Riggertini bross..: Argentina is the FIRST selection in HISTORY to be > World CHAMPION > Cont…[View]
130452203What do the bookies know that we dont?[View]
130447256Who is your MVP, /sp/?[View]
130443294Is this real???? Wtf Uruguay[View]
1304534554 rigged World Cups[View]
130453810she needs more slams[View]
130453332This is not hockey, this is disgusting.[View]
130455475Baseball bros we are fucking back[View]
130445786Spain's 2010 World Cup should be given to Catalonia once they become independent. Everybody kno…[View]
1304554122023... I am forgotten...[View]
130455167Do you miss him?[View]
130455331So we’re just not supposed to talk about Sumo again until the Banzuke drops?[View]
130447001WE ARE THE BEST: And I'm tired of pretending we're not.[View]
130455125Does getting sloppy top py from trannies make you better at football? Picrel[View]
130451502>Lap: #5856 >Countdown to Perry Wu of Perth GP: https://f1exposure.com >Previous thread: …[View]
130409397/bundes/: perro pipi edition was erlaube Hund subedition >today Germany (20:45) Belgium…[View]
130444548Indonesian chuds, thank you for giving us our first U-20 Wolrd cup: we love you all[View]
130452361/f1/ Relentless Formula 1 - Inters edition: >Lap: #5857 >Countdown to Perry Wu of Perth GP: ht…[View]
130444994Nothing stands between them and the 2026 world cup...[View]
130446257he's getting the 8th ballon d'or isn't he?[View]
130451658Well /sp/, are you wong?[View]
130451231Do you trust them?[View]
130454256Good Morning frens 100+ days and some euros are still seething about pic related surprisingly, none …[View]
130454628I think I love FIFA and Gianni Infantino, but I'm not sure why. Maybe it's his hair.[View]
130449177/heem/ - Certified Lover Boy Edition: previous: >>130446171[View]
130452232Spain won in 2010 scoring 8 goals[View]
1304544283rd best player in La Liga.[View]
130447122/nba/ general- mavs fans thinking the kyrie trade was good editon: PHI: James Harden returns with do…[View]
130448587the best three players of all time are south americans: how europe can even cope?[View]
130453141American sports teams really care: you never hear about soccer teams doing stuff like this. The Dodg…[View]
130453313Ronaldobros, will 2026 be our year[View]
130453862Could he fix Brazil?[View]
130453730/ipl/: Where my CSK chads at[View]
130451992Top 10 CBs in the world according to Four four two: 1) D. Alaba. 2) Marquinhos. 3) R. Dias. 4) A…[View]
130452668Here are your top 5 soccer players[View]
130452966YO LIL RIGGI[View]
130453227georgia's gonna do a greece 2004 and Sagnol will be a national hero[View]
130435961Socca EuroCup 2023: >The Socca EuroCup will take place between Wednesday 29th March 2023 and Sund…[View]
130436167/cyc/ - general: the incredible TANK edition Road: 29.03 - 02.04 Vuelta Bantrab 2.2 31.03 La route A…[View]
130453371Now that the dust has settled, why did they handle their defeat to Scotland so poorly? Weakminded na…[View]
130451190/afl/ - TNF edition: NOW Dogs V Lions TOMORROW Pies V Tiges[View]
130446554I than God I'd rather watch footy than movies. When you read about all the tragedies and curses…[View]
130453151Morocco really broke him kek: He's going crazy right now with the Spanish NT lmao[View]
130439769What a fucking subhuman: I wish i could have been pro and a Superstar athlete.... I could have make …[View]
130451243Netherlands? Bayern? Noooooo give me Curacao and Angers at home[View]
130452798This is the greatest XI of all time[View]
130449289Levy has isolated himself: >The decision threw Spurs into chaos on Wednesday, with Paratici’s fut…[View]
130452927baseball won[View]
130452327Best plumbers: Pelé Mario Mario[View]
130444288Why don't they allow head kicks and groin shots in UFC?: If the want to simulate a real street …[View]
130441964/trb/ general-necro bump edition: Previous terminally deceased threads >>130023135 >>129…[View]
130447103/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - brutal mogging edition: >Lap: #5856 >Countdown to Perry …[View]
130451290How can a fucker score 13 goals in 6 games? Jesus....Plumberball was really a joke...[View]
130441688Several games from the World Baseball Classic are now available on MLB's Youtube channel, ICYM …[View]
130446515>baseball is back tomorrow There is no other sport that makes me feel the same way. I'm mix…[View]
130441179Joe Flacco or Lamar Jackson, who will be remembered as the best Ravens quarterback?[View]
130452100So, it happened AGAIN.[View]
130439389Congrats, Henning!: Only 21 and a bright future ahead![View]
130450642Wrexhamsisters, not like this[View]
130451498WHY WON'T HE DIE?[View]
130450807This is literally the Super League and is financially doped to the point that a promoted Championshi…[View]
130450563ERWINHO BROS, WE WON!!![View]
130451349Eras come to an end.[View]
130432596/iggs/ formerly /afl/: >crisp[View]
130450661Now I see why Brazil is ranked #1 in the World by FIFA, this team is stacked. You could even replace…[View]
130428116Imagine if we cared about Soccer.[View]
130449479One day I do believe My GOD will overcome One day he will surpass Icardi I BELIEVE[View]
130446211Ads on Jerseys: I will never watch the MLB ever again[View]
130443328Troon absolutely destroyed: >Troon self identifies as a woman 8 months ago. >Wins 8 of 8 Power…[View]
130449492>international break over >back to Plastic FC vs Mercenaries United…[View]
130448793hardest punchers: shavers>>>>>>>>wilde>liston>foreman>klitschkos (b…[View]
130449428>Canadian league[View]
130449953you know what, maybe it really was no era penal[View]
130443222Blatant examples of cheating in sports? Hard mode: no riggi[View]
130441213>huh? I didn't hear you[View]
130449240>tfw longest postseason drought now[View]
130343185/USMNT/ - Better Than Grenada Edition: Next match: March 27, 2023 USA vs El Salvador Exploria Stadiu…[View]
130436241For me, it's Real Madrid's Javier Hernandez[View]
130441123I thought Argentina was supposed to have a shit defense? These guys are beasts[View]
130440496Sports? conspiracies: I've been learning about hollywood's conspiracies and now I wonder, …[View]
130448535>Se que lo tuyo es 70% humo, Tata. Sacale dos ceros y llamame esta noche tipo nueve.…[View]
130447058it's over[View]
130446171/heem/ - Ari Edition: previous: >>130443652[View]
130444393/mlb/ - OPENING DAY EDITION: we are less than 24 hours away from regular season BAYBAW[View]
130445996UFC Champion's >Netherlands 1 >Argentina 0 Volumes.…[View]
130445929Why does the media do propaganda for him?[View]
130438669We're the best footballing nation in the world and I'm tired of pretending we're not.…[View]
130447914Why isn't tennis more popular in the US?[View]
130434537>Don't know. It's not my ball >Teams are already even…[View]
130442992nba bros?? What is this??[View]
130444552/hoc/: Goldilocks and the 3 shit games edition[View]
130444815The future.....: Here are the top 50 players in Goal.com's 2023 NXGN (Next Generation) list. Di…[View]
130447644> nfl players could never survive running around a full 90 minutes on a soccer fiel-*ACK* https:/…[View]
130435456/copalib/ - La ferrari de Boca edition: Schedule: promiedos.mx Previous:>>130403294[View]
130445757why is he so likeable?[View]
1304474042023, I am washed: 2023, I am washed[View]
130423686Seriously, what is the reason for cheerleading other than to distract people from the main event? Do…[View]
130447188Damn ye Lionel Messi Let refball strike ye down TSUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!! TSUUUUUU! Ronaldo…[View]
130441872IT wants to squash the beef but MJ doesnt. Who's in the wrong here, /sp/?[View]
130444823/nba/ general- lebron james chip edition: No shirtless pics, simps or incels please.[View]
130440974/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - stick shift edition: >Lap: #5855 >Countdown to Perry Wu …[View]
130445355what does he do?[View]
130431161Admit it. The only thing that stands between them winning the 2026 WC is France[View]
130440527>4 world cups >1 euro ????[View]
130445617Fuck England[View]
130443906European Union end is nigh. Portugal and Spain confirmed Nafri countries[View]
130443652/heem/ - Ye Edition: previous: >>130438600[View]
130445440>Where were the gun-carrying teachers?[View]
130445048How is scoring against Curaçao, Haiti, Liechtenstein, Andorra, the list goes on... any different tha…[View]
130444185>My toughest opponent? Maguire of Manchester[View]
130444843>*freeze frame* >*credits start rolling* >*EA sports FIFA playlist starts playing*…[View]
130441816Will Qatar 2022 ever be topped?[View]
130444189ZAMN! He really is injured. And to think of all those prayers I made wishing certain things upon him…[View]
130444601Are we the greatest ever sporting nation?[View]
130443786Which team will win the Super Bowl in 2024?[View]
130438410/nba/ general- THE OG WARRIORS FAN: News-nba.com Previous >>130426434 Rip Bob Saget.[View]
130435108Why do they suck at Football now?[View]
130438001/hoc/: Western Wednesday Edition[View]
130399424/box/ - God Bless You Oleksandr Usyk edition: >April 1st DAZN Anthony Joshua vs. Jermaine Frankli…[View]
130442788>most dangerous duos in football right now[View]
130437453Are they the Spurs of international football?[View]
130435973/mlb/: No games today but opening day is tomorrow[View]
130442984The Great Debate: Estudiantes versus Pistons[View]
130382444/epl/: Games to come edition Conte gone sub-edition England win their internationals sub-sub-edition…[View]
130428760/nfl/ General - Zero Edition: ATL: Smith: We expect Desmond Ridder to take next step PHI: Sirianni: …[View]
130441472Is this a typical food option at Premier League games or just for lower league sides?[View]
130441852what if?[View]
130443817ITT: Kino moments[View]
130433964He's 1 World Series away from being the undisputed GOAT.[View]
130442580The French word footix designates a person who is interested in football only during major events (W…[View]
130440935which player do you think are autists? my money is on messi and KDB[View]
130438600HEEM: HEEMVIOUS >>130425112 hasbullah did nothing wrong[View]
130443480Was Ryan Leaf busting more his fault or the result of the Chargers being incompetent?[View]
130440626Will Brazil ever get a break from this?[View]
130440237Are they winning the next WC? Has the winning formula been exposed?[View]
130441726There will never be anything funnier than this[View]
130443025KkkKkkkkkkKkkkKKKKKKKKK OHHHMYGOOOOD!![View]
130442577>The equalizer of England[View]
130440464SIUUUUUGUE JUGANDO mio hombres! Let me tell you about the time I got arrested and awaited sentencing…[View]
130442839What's it like to be an (urban) D1 athlete?[View]
130441405Is this the end of the beginning, or the beginning of the end?[View]
130440198Why precisely would Roman Abramovich bankroll Vitesse Arnhem in secret for multiple years[View]
130442518>Consider if we showed concern >What if we empathized? >Suppose we had compassion >Pictu…[View]
130437289Why do we never win at sports?[View]
130439183Imagine if dk Metcalf cared about soccer[View]
130441836It really is that easy[View]
130441943What on earth is wrong with SEC fans? They disgust me. No other league or conference in sports has s…[View]
130426434/nba/ general- dynamic duo editon: Previous >>130413152[View]
130439624The only way to beat Argentina is by being an elite team that plays defensibly. Otherwise you are fa…[View]
130440295*avoids a big generational void as currently suffered by Italy and Spain thanks to immigration*[View]
130441685>mfw international break is finally over What's the fucking point of suspending all leagues …[View]
130441082Scoring during the Plumberball era was easy as fuck[View]
130435770How womany?[View]
130440774>Clocks in for 26 minutes >Gets subbed off without doing a damn thing…[View]
130441160In a match where you don't have a clear favorite, how does /sp/ select a favorite based on race…[View]
130441331This is what peak club presidents looks like[View]
130435963WIR SCHAFFEN DAS![View]
130440492USFL THREAD[View]
130441205It's poker a sport?[View]
130441089What did NBA Hall of Fame legend Ray Allen mean by this tweet?[View]
130440969>ref thats a pk[View]
130437549/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Krackhead edition: >Lap: #5854 >Countdown to Perry Wu of…[View]
130440833>north american break[View]
130440571why doesnt spee watch the euroleague?[View]
130440542so this is the power of the Canadian league...[View]
130439739The Big 3[View]
130438628I remember playing FIFA 07 and always wanting to play Chelsea because his name was really cool[View]
130436414How did he do it?[View]
130435711Me? I'm a Lazio fan[View]
130440442>spanish '''bulls''' https://streamin.me/v/97516bd2[View]
130434636James McClean: Officially one of /us/[View]
130420511Our time is passed, Spain ...[View]
130437879Is owning debt a big deal?[View]
130439556>brother is on the rival team[View]
130440253we bought this Ukrainian player for 100 million called Kendrick or something: he's pretty good.…[View]
130437120Realistically speaking, how does the dutch NT recover from this?[View]
130436362how would Argentina rig this game?[View]
130438942No one will take the ballon d'or seriously if haaland doesn't win it, right?[View]
130439644How does an island of 2000 people buckbreak a nation of 40 million so easily?[View]
1304354813x3 thread: post, rate, hate[View]
130434366whats the cure for english rose fever my bros[View]
130436605Baseball starts tomorrow[View]
130439858Which Athlete had the same career evolution?[View]
130433216>1978 World Cup in Argentina organized by a cruel junta to clear up its image. Journalists missin…[View]
130436520>Mancini, Italy coach: 'Nobody plays street football in Italy anymore. We used to play 3/4 hours.…[View]
130439309Does my superiority intimidate you?[View]
130378663/cbb/: Reffies[View]
130438896undisputed GOAT[View]
130423745>italy calling up 10 argie players for their national team instead of hiring african ngubus yup, …[View]
130439182>gives geriatric cr7 second euro >gives him a world cup at 41 >makes belgians seethe we…[View]
130436622Now that's the dust has settled, what were the Italians thinking? https://youtu.be/4asA0xktj4E[View]
130439422>le group e is le group of death!!!!1 more like Group (garbag)E[View]
130438597most /fa/ athletes?[View]
130439399Who had the brilliant idea to stop football completely just to we could watch the likes of curaçao a…[View]
130438887New sport suggestions: Football but players can touch the ball with their hands (not hold, or carry)…[View]
130423561why they dont fuck and make babies instead of scavenge argie players?[View]
130435521>it's okay to exclude russia >but it's not okay to exclude israel why????…[View]
130439231Saint Floyd Businesses Stadium will be real[View]
130432358>Rodri >Pedri >Gabi >Fati…[View]
130431805England's future is bright![View]
130431485>Player scores and does the 'shhh' gesture in front of the camera as to silence his critics…[View]
130436998>The decision to stop Indonesia staging the May 20-June 11 tournament was taken after the country…[View]
130437510pick two for me Mitoma and Alvalez[View]
130436781Ameribros, Messikino is coming home! Which club do we think he’ll go to? Probably in a location wher…[View]
130433246/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Museo Espanaedition: >Lap: #5853 >Countdown to Perry Wu …[View]
130438787>lose to rank 151 >stay at rank 86 People don't take coca cola rankings seriously do they…[View]
130438292Yep, I'm thinking it's kino[View]
130425112heem: heem thread[View]
130438565Adama Sonogo is a 1rst round pick: Fuck you. Quick post game feet like Shaq. Motherfuck the lame ass…[View]
130431659We’re the famous Tartan Army and we’re going to Germany[View]
130436268>I'm so depressed, I only have 5 friends, I'm a millionare at 22, I fuck a different 10…[View]
130438434/nba/ general the only MVP Embitch will ever get Edition: MEM: Desmond Bane (foot) doubtful Wednesda…[View]
130435124Is getting incredibly buff an sport?[View]
130438231>away goals[View]
130437014>The courage of your convictions[View]
130437960why is mountain climbing never discussed on /sp/?[View]
130428434/hoc/-playoff picture edition: news: GOOGLE IT[View]
130435637>All the good chants (i.e. mocking deaths and tragedies or worse) are banned in Europe…[View]
130437420Arsenal vs Bayern Munich game thread[View]
130437378What are some good sports?[View]
130437174>women's college basketball is now drawing more viewers than NBA where did it go wrong for e…[View]
130401847/nrl/: Mermaids for PPP[View]
130437103The international break is over.[View]
130433565ITT beloved players that you hate: I’ll start with Frank Gore[View]
130435373FUCK FIFA![View]
130434631>kaka Was he cringe or based for this?[View]
130435950Why does the rest of the world suck at soccer: It's honestly pathetic. Anybody home? You guys e…[View]
130436868Your European Champions.[View]
130433648What makes this country so much better than the rest?[View]
130434517If you aren't a virgin, there is a solid chance you've fucked women much prettier than the…[View]
130436696Will the curse end?[View]
130436441GOAT: GOAT.[View]
130436413Who is the bigger fraud?[View]
130436491Motor/sp/ort General: Spring of 2001 Edition: Fuck divegrass sub-edition >This Weekend GTWC Ameri…[View]
130433729If you never cried because you lost a million euros playing poker, you never suffered[View]
130436201>ANOTHER day as champions of England[View]
130427468I mean I guess you're welcome England B... Sorry, Scotland.[View]
130434358Pro Wrestling degrees of fake[View]
130435885BTFO MBAPPE[View]
130434121I feel like the fact that his movements aren't very graceful makes the people who watch him und…[View]
130429944Be honest /sp/: You've been to the baseball game with your girlfriend and fantasized about savi…[View]
130434713Still better than 1000 passes against Morocco.[View]
130433497Oh nonono Eurocuckys: It’s over, you won’t even get out of the group stage now.[View]
130433185I would die for you I would die for you I've been dying just to feel you by my side To know tha…[View]
130434818Can he make Boca great again?[View]
130435584>be obese chilangoid >wake up and rush to shower before you run out of water >put your XXXX…[View]
130435023Will we ever see Russia in international competitions again?[View]
130422686/mlb/: UMP: Umpies win again[View]
130429654Why do you talk about Messi’s “rigged” World Cup but not about Cr7s rigged 3peat?[View]
130432328>Bori Fati (Ansu's father): 'Ansu wants to continue at Barça. I, as a father, think otherwis…[View]
130435564Nothing personnel, kid[View]
130406472webm bread[View]
130403294/copalib/ - Messi tem copinha mais nao tem /copalib/ edition: Sorteio subedition. >/sudakino/ gro…[View]
130431676Zoomers will never understand.[View]
130433488/cyc/ - general: dwarf door edition Road: 29.03 Dwars door Vlaanderen - A travers la Flandres 1.WWT …[View]
130399714Wtf happened to Italy? They used to have generational talents and now they only peoduce mediocre tra…[View]
130434851BREAKING NEWS - NO RAINBOW ARMBANDS AT THE WORLD CUP: https://www.svt.se/sport/fotboll/fifa-forbjude…[View]
130434831England Dominus: England, Little England (Scotland) and Half England (Wales) all currently top their…[View]
130434332He just needed more time, he is a better manager than whoever that baldie is.[View]
130435095Pesapallo should really become a huge sport worldwide It's like baseball but good and fun to wa…[View]
130435084which one of you guys did this?[View]
130428047>decide to go to a Canadian Premier League game with my daughter as a fun outing >figure it…[View]
130435073pissi burgeriggi[View]
130435071ITT: people who solved their respective sports[View]
130427367This some 7-1 brazil shit right here[View]
130435004The only man that can save Spain right now[View]
130434226I wanna see him beating Miocic and than retireing in glory[View]
130433551A child's opinion is saying 2022's WC was rigged. A learned elder's opinion is admitt…[View]
130434183>Roberto Mancini is unhappy with his situation with Italy and could leave the Azzurri despite a c…[View]
130434764Football's top 3[View]
130434690This image breathes volumes.[View]
130433790Real (sport)men shave their facial hair[View]
130431318>you can only post ITT if your country has qualified for the under-19 European Championship Not s…[View]
130434228Joselu bros ...[View]
130416104Is there any sport where Canada is better than the US?[View]
130433893It's literally over for all of Europe. You may choose to kneel now or await your inevitable def…[View]
130432852Rigginel Pissi[View]
130432399say hello to the future winners of the euros.[View]
130432581>Rutgerus Johannes Martinus van Nistelrooij[View]
130419048What the fuck happened to this guy?[View]
130422852NEGRO DE MIERDA: >calls opposing player negro de mierda >gets fired >refuses to elaborate …[View]
130423562What do French football academies have that others don't?: How did they get so good?[View]
130432141Is the rest of the world even trying?[View]
130418891why don't you have long hair?[View]
130431959He looks like Korra del Rio: >I will not elaborate any further[View]
130421323don't care still supporting my hermanos[View]
130433431Wtf Pexicoxirs[View]
130432282i actually hate this man more than higuain, and i used to shitpost about higuain every day for month…[View]
130428993Never forget[View]
130427905Lautaro Martinez, professional football player.[View]
130431600*makes Haalmong and Odefraud miss Euro 26*[View]
130433172Did you know this is the most successful team in the men’s World Cup all time not located in South A…[View]
130422873What was Cowman thinking?[View]
130431306Players that should be called up for the Nations league: Baturina Sučić Beljo Špikić Perišić is don…[View]
130420305They deserve their own flag on this board[View]
130432879Herve Renard is now the manager of the French women's team. A lover of African women for his wh…[View]
130432906What's /spee/ go to snacks for watching sports?[View]
130424841They would tear UEFA's hymen[View]
130430416/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Bogan -edition: >Lap: #5852 >Countdown to Perry Wu of Pe…[View]
130432045Messi goal vs Estonia and Curazao in friendlies are official But Pelé goals in friebdlies vs Madrid,…[View]
130430307Any Argie youth players with distant Dutch heritage, or the words 'van' 'der' 'de' in their last nam…[View]
130432276Tick Tock Mexico[View]
130429998/afl/: footo tomorro[View]
130383973Motor/sp/ort General: Death Bowl Edition: >This Weekend GTWC America - Round 1/13 - Sonoma Racewa…[View]
130430959One of the most braindead fraudulent players I have seen in a very, very long time[View]
130431100I'd like to congratulate all Canadians for officially losing the title of the worst posters on …[View]
130428573Now that the dust has settled, Brady carried Belichick right?[View]
130432265Which world cups of this century (2002 and beyond) so far aren't rigged at all?[View]
130427321Are they the most insufferable country?: It's impossible to suffer as a fan of Argentina[View]
130416698/tennis/ - Miami Open: >Streams: https://fc.freestreams-live1.tv/ http://utakmice.net/tenis/ http…[View]
130421088Once again the Croatian man displays his dominance over the Land of Peng.[View]
130431665Where do the non-white thirdies get their inferiority complex in sports from? Is it more being poor …[View]
130431429>NOOOOOOOooo >How am i supposed to suceed without Bayern's PEDs???? Whats your fraud verd…[View]
130421739Today we are all Curaçao.[View]
130424810congrats to 100 national team goals, Messi ... HOWEVER[View]
130413763/cyc/ - Cyclismo General: *wins ronde* edition Road: 29.03 Dwars door Vlaanderen - A travers la Flan…[View]
130418245/sefg/ general: So, it happened AGAIN[View]
130422126>*Destroys Spain and Brazil's national teams *[View]
130429652I love this little nigga like you wouldn't believe.[View]
130425735Imagine if they cared[View]
130426947Itt: clutchism is their whole soul[View]
130423813>you have to invite the autistic kid to your birthday[View]
130417694Argentina and France are so far above everyone else it's not even funy[View]
130431247This fool wants to play both Euro 2024 AND The Olympics: How does this plays out? Doesn't the O…[View]
130423984Australia is now a baseball nation[View]
130431892Losing your dream job for this.[View]
130420645SAY THE LINE SPAIN[View]
130409551Colombia vs Japan: Today.[View]
130431905>East Portugal[View]
130421124>...and the italians? Where are they now >you are looking at them asshole…[View]
130427567Lightning Games: I live south of Tampa and I love muh hockey and I love muh bolts. My wife and my mo…[View]
130418370PERU vs MOROCCO THREAD: friendly match about to start, get in here Perubros[View]
130423871Canada vs Honduras official thread: Concacaf Nations League match >tfw no one cares edition…[View]
130429203>euros lashing out at us again Admit it, you're insecure about us, if it was Venezuela or s…[View]
130430800Ah yes. The slayer of the mighty... Curaçao[View]
130430066>AFA shamelessly matching up against Carribbean and Central American in friendlies so Riggi Riggi…[View]
130425432Se busca rival en copa mundial[View]
130430776what did they mean by this[View]
130429308Why is /sp/ handling our third worldcup so badly?[View]
130425343SUMMER MCINTOSH SETS NEW 400M FREESTYLE RECORD: She's only 16! https://twitter.com/Devin_Heroux…[View]
130426990Proclaim it.[View]
130431368I apologize.[View]
130420392what the fuck happened to them?[View]
130422732his obsession with julia roberts is pretty fucking weird[View]
130430742>does absolutely fuck all >gets carried by Kovačić >collects standing ovation as he's …[View]
130408588/afl/: elite players edition[View]
130430706How does /sp/ react to Scotland winning Euro 2024?[View]
130431013>Lincoln Financial Field: Saint Floyd Businesses Stadium will be real, bruhs[View]
130430993'C. Ronaldo made more goals in non-friendly matches than Messi' Yes, because european teams play mor…[View]
130425019KYLIAN MBAPPE: I love him in every form, universe and dimension, and beyond the end of time[View]
130423442>watches the World Cup for the first time this winter >impressed with most of the games but al…[View]
130421032Is he the undisputed GOAT of ufc?: Is there anyone else who is better?[View]
130428968The COLTS are going ALL THE WAY this season. Pass it on.[View]
130430647>rigs the world cup >rigs easy friendlies so he can statpad Is this your GOAT?…[View]
130425127/heem/ - SIUUU Edition: previous: >>130419267[View]
130422404Is the rest of the world even trying?[View]
130428246Fries, grey shrimps, waffles, chocolate, beer and België, in that order[View]
130430046Arsenal trolled Chelsea hard: >Already have Gabriel Martinelli on the Left Wing >Already have …[View]
130420745/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Edition edition edition: >Lap: #5851 >Countdown to Perry…[View]
130427313>Americans don't play sports into adulthood[View]
130415249Who do Argentinians appreciate/love more?[View]
130426328hello darkness my old friend[View]
130428669Get down on your knees[View]
130426778USA 2026[View]
13042332395th Spring Koshien Senbatsu QuarterFinals: 4 Games Schedule Bellow ----------- >Stream links htt…[View]
130426039Costa Rica vs Panama matchthread: Starts in 30mins[View]
130429034Baseball nations[View]
130421583how many today for the GOAT!?[View]
130427690Why SOCCER is popular in Europe.: The reason that SOCCER is so popular in Europe is because they liv…[View]
130428994>only one (1) French club has won the European Cup/Champions League 30 years ago…[View]
130428487>39 yo >still killing it https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3-jf8vjiow Respect…[View]
130422742Are school shootings considered a sport?[View]
130427706macacobros, i'm tired of false headlines, tell me, can i dream about this pic but with the NT k…[View]
130428333How does he make Europe seethe so much?[View]
130426829Why do leftists hate Levis?: My theory is that this physical and mental specimen goes 1 and leftists…[View]
130428591I would ask her to sit on my face and unleash unholy farts for HOURS if you know what I mean[View]
130426110> the liquidator of Lithuania > the annihilator of Andorra > the enemy of Estonia > the …[View]
130428630>mfw international break is finally over What's the fucking point of suspending all leagues …[View]
130421806What makes these so much better than everyone else in Europe? It's basically brazil and argenti…[View]
130415615/nfl/ general: ATL: Smith: We expect Desmond Ridder to take next step PHI: Sirianni: Sermon has …[View]
130422031Who are these randoms???[View]
130425759/tennis/: P Let's calm down and enjoy edition[View]
130416444/ng/ - Norge General: So, it happened AGAIN. We can blame Haaland's injury, we can blame fatigu…[View]
130424226Farmers league: a shitty player like lautaro is the top goalscorer of this trash league[View]
130413152/nba/ general- goat rankings edtion: Im an actual NBA historian. Ive watched over 2,000 hours of old…[View]
130424584Argentina - Curazao matchthread 2: Argentina 5-0 Cruzeiro[View]
130426035USA 2024: .[View]
130426326What do they do ?[View]
130418326>Israel vs Azerbaijan for Euro Qualifiers[View]
130425606Why did /sp/ doubt us south americans?[View]
130421714>prioritises statpadding against Burnley over helping Norway to their first tournament in 20 year…[View]
130419267/heem/: >>130413585[View]
130420571What went wrong?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQmmeS7syrQ[View]
130424760The vanisher of Curaçao[View]
130424554>Bayern Múnich? I asked for Curaçao![View]
130420383A cannae believe it. We're so back[View]
130424882>The annihilator of-ACK[View]
130420577Ah yes scottish cuisine[View]
130416944Belgium - Germany: >Starts in 5 bings >Nobody cares Grim…[View]
130424016>He finna get paid, cuh Can anyone reasonably disagree?[View]
130423202Argentina - Curazao matchthread: Game is in 25 bings[View]
130413790NFL is fun to watch: You hate it because you don't understand the rules[View]
130417434Remember when we were good at this sport less than a decade ago?[View]
130412789/hoc/: Hot Tub Edition[View]
130424125Teams need to stop blaming owners/coaches for everything. You lose 5 games in a row? Sacked. Shit ha…[View]
130423931Having watched him this season and followed lengthy discussion about him, we're all in agreemen…[View]
130423512It's over....: https://twitter.com/SaudiNT/status/1640842248815345667[View]
130421941who will be remembered more?[View]
130419481The weak link of the isles[View]
130419604Italy recruiting more argies soon.[View]
130422307Why are Madrid players suddenly praising Messi?: It's not like they all of a sudden realized ho…[View]
130422361Finally we can have a war between the hindus and muslims on great british soil[View]
130421172*is British*[View]
130422772Just found out French niggas call 'semi finals' 'demi finales'[View]
130423075congratulations mudryk[View]
130417449Saudi Arabia vs Bolivia International Friendly: Match starts in 2 minutes, this will be Hervé Renard…[View]
130422744I don't know why is everyone surprised that we are back to being shit. We have been shit since …[View]
130422786Why are Belgian players always out of shape? These dudes are chonkers[View]
130418966SCOTLAND vs SPAIN Euro Qualifier Match Thread #2: 2-0[View]
130421548>Man Shitty win the league so Arsecels lose >Bayern eliminate Shitty so Pep gets no Champions …[View]
130421761Who would win the ideal World Cup with this lineup?[View]
130419749*brings home O SEGUNDA*[View]
130420295What part of Scotland are you from?[View]
130417204>international break >board quality nosedives…[View]
130405223/mlb/: CHC: Cubs option Christopher Morel to Triple-A Iowa MLW: William Contreras has two homers, si…[View]
130410456Le GOAT: https://twitter.com/Sendo922/status/1608477349145616386[View]
130372428/seriea/ retegol edition: Wilhelm Grimm sub edition 26 Marzo 20:45 Malta 0–2 Italia 76' Reminde…[View]
130414795>international break[View]
130420692Here's your dark horse, bro.[View]
130421750England's Bavaria: Can we stop pretending they're a real country? They're just a regi…[View]
130421332>has never won a euro or even qualified This is your goat?[View]
130421031*won 3 world cups* *about to win the third CL*[View]
130421299Top goalscorer in 2023 btw[View]
130421759>no VAR >no soft fouls >no offsides >proper derbies >no foreigners >no bribed refs…[View]
130419042Literally who the fuck are half of these players? What happened to Spain?[View]
130412020Vile and disgusting[View]
130420917Fit Tominay[View]
130420791WELL WELL WELL[View]
130421477>6 months ago these guys were the favourites to win the world cup What went wrong?…[View]
130421836Was MLS supposed to be this easy?[View]
130421038Witness our ascendancy[View]
130420516ignore this pic, of course I'm Scottish haha what part of Scotland are you lads from?[View]
130421268i don't think i'll be able to handle football coming home lads...[View]
130421645O REI[View]
130420739Might as well just play the final now.[View]
130417370well well well[View]
130416266Croatia - Turkey: Euro qualifiers[View]
130421459Saudi League: Tick tock France and Italy, there's a new contender for the Big 3+2[View]
130419869Are they the new Italy?[View]
130420249>4 Goals in 3 Games STATE YOUR NAME CUZ[View]
130419409apologize right fucking now[View]
130421021Is chess the ultimate evidence men are more intelligent than women?: There are few elite female ches…[View]
130420682>ayo what if we rebuild with defenders from osasuna and valencia >they dropped ramos for this…[View]
130416271Turkey - Croatia @ Crocodile Arena: in 45 min, line-ups confirmed Turkey XI >(4-3-3): Günok - Cel…[View]
130420493WHO’S YOUR DADDY[View]
130419617What happened to Spain?[View]
130420437Best team in the British Isles[View]
130420346So what happened to Spain? How did they get beat by fucking Scotland?[View]
130420584/mug/ sisters... Farca sisters...[View]
130416719Switzerland vs Israel Euro Qualifier: The battle of the jews for the most boringatch of the evening.…[View]
130420290How did he became spain national coach?[View]
130410107So beautiful seeing this smug turtle faggot get BTFO.[View]
130417596Romania - Belarus Thread: where my gyppo twains at[View]
130419603What could've been anti-englishbros...[View]
130419910The Paul Scholes of our era[View]
130420156LETS BE REAL GUYS.: The trophy is staying in Coverciano at least until 2028.[View]
130420212*wins Euro 2024*[View]
130420235If you could give any advice to this budding college soccer star, what would it be?[View]
130416017five filters to clean up this shithole[View]
130417608Yeah, he screwed Norway. Can’t see them qualifying over Spain and Scotland now.[View]
130402230Why are they so shit at soccer?[View]
130419453Scores.. immediately concedes.: Against Andorra hahaha[View]
130420170The Big 3 is very clear at this point, but, Who is number 4?[View]
130413485/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - 滴 Edition: >Lap: #5850 >Countdown to Perry Wu of Perth G…[View]
130420154one night I went to a bar, i met a beautiful woman, we talked all night, we laughed, we flirted, i i…[View]
130420029I thought Spain was meant to be Europe's finest? How utterly EMBARRASSING for you to lose to US…[View]
130414896The big 3[View]
130418981peru bros ?[View]
130418531Qualifiers night bro down: The missus is out with her girlfriends, she will be very late. She loves …[View]
130407897Georgia - Norway Match Thread: STARTS IN 11 საათი and 30 წუთი. Who's /sp/ rooting foor?[View]
130402199>This is the national team of El peruANO Can Peru take their chimps back? Thanks! https://vm.tikt…[View]
130418697ITS COMING HOME: And you PEASANTS can't stop me![View]
130413184I though mate was just a tea, now I took it away from the post, unpacked it, ready to make sum focki…[View]
130413797IIT:: Transfers you forgot about[View]
130411081England will win the world cup in the USA in 2026, they will beat the US on the 4th of July. Screenc…[View]
130413585/heem/: >>130408800 bjpenn.com[View]
130414277>best spanish keeper by far >will never start because... well, we all know…[View]
130418965SCOTLAND vs SPAIN Euro Qualifier Match Thread #2: 2-0[View]
130413394>we should come to sports board to complain about americans or something…[View]
130418918absolute kwabbery[View]
130416164SCOTLAND vs SPAIN Euro Qualifier Match Thread: Kick Off 19:45 BST Scotland: Gunn, Tierney, Hanley, P…[View]
130411773/khvicha/ - Kvaratskhelia general: Engagement edition >Ilia II blessed their relationship and the…[View]
130409063Be honest /sp/: Your best sports memories are with your dad between the ages of 5-12[View]
130415847Objectively, what arguments do you have against him?: Arguments that do not consider him the best of…[View]
130415345next WC comes home, uefafags.: 7 conmebol teams will be in next WC.[View]
130415953we're just gonna ignore how much of a failure he is?[View]
130418380(P)unished (P)ullkrug[View]
130418364Welcome to Real Madrid![View]
130418296>in February, Ken Randall of Toronto was suspended pending payment of $35 in fines to the league.…[View]
130416801350,000 people attended a single NASCAR race in 1994.[View]
130411635**screen freezes** >credits to____[View]
130418054/golf/: 11 more days unitl The Masters.Whi's going to take it all?[View]
130417906Why do Argentines keep spamming World Cup threads in the most annoying way? They are Messimistic.[View]
130407651>wake up >remember I'm English >feel the Germongs seething >the JFs boilin >it…[View]
130303627Eternal Arsenal Thread[View]
130412446Wow, I guess it really was rigged ...[View]
130415394redpill me on curazao. who is their best player?[View]
130413997You'll never sing that[View]
130417762do you like basketball anon? do you prefer to watch or to play it?[View]
130406896It's (actually) Coming Home[View]
130415996/tugao/ - Feira da Foda Edition: Alguém foi?[View]
130416974What made him change his mind???[View]
130416037>i should make the same threads every day...or something[View]
130415220a season /asspee/ will NEVER forget[View]
130416163>ynr Iniesta is still active and is one of the highest paid footballers in the world…[View]
130411087La bicicleta de Rosario[View]
130407486This is Rivelino in his 20's... why do most zoomer footballers look like bottom twinks?[View]
130414652The late Italy national team now wants to nationalize brasileirão shitters Dont they have argies on …[View]
130411379Footballer you’d turn gay for?[View]
130416170Thoughts? Not my list[View]
130413523Does espee agree?[View]
130416877Kane is actually coming to United in the summer: Why is Goldbridge seething about it? He's wor…[View]
130388425Utterly soulless: Utterly soulless https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=e0shQqLXrPg[View]
130416889>Posting sports anime on spee or something[View]
130416843fair play: ITT things argeriggitinis will never understand let's start with Aron Szilagyi >t…[View]
130412319Way less people would have been crying rigged if there wasn't any retarded rivalry in the first…[View]
130413972Fraudiola is afraid.[View]
130394104/tennis/ - Miami Open: >Streams: https://fc.freestreams-live1.tv/ http://utakmice.net/tenis/ http…[View]
130395357What’s the biggest refball moment of all time?[View]
130416269soccer = locked calcio = keyed[View]
130414979VAR is useless[View]
130414687Why is it forbidden to hit and grab the balls in combat sports?[View]
130412775For me, It's the 1958 world cup with TSUUUU...[View]
130413892So who's your GOAT /sp/?[View]
130412736Beckham was based and elite, but gets no respect because he is handsome. Why are we (handsome men) …[View]
130415777Zamn ...[View]
130413654Fabian Schär just completed a masters degree while leading the backline of the best oil club in Euro…[View]
130415687Pochettino for Madrid - Here. We. Go.: Wake up, Carlo. It's all over.[View]
130415539hail haaland[View]
130415287>pissi cuckittini[View]
130414508Name my band /sp/[View]
130412389Riggas iffy uh, Pissi robbed the WC uh, Muchachos sperging uh, TSU chads sittin' pretty uh RIII…[View]
130414939*show's up for his national team*[View]
130402329/nfl/ General - PAY THE MAN Edition: give him bout tree fiddy, fully guaranteed[View]
130413293ITT which cities need more teams?: Philly >USFL team >NFL team >MLB team >MLS team >N…[View]
130415285Who are some autistic athletes?[View]
130410630The great debate[View]
130413303>I'm going to stop supporting Emma, she's finished[View]
130412501Good morning /sp/![View]
130414840He came from /sp/ he had a thirst for FIFA He posted shit takes on /epl/ That's where I Clicked…[View]
130414902>494 days until the 2024 Olympics[View]
130412822Is your country athletic?[View]
130406323>The absolute state of CONMEBOL[View]
130414852After #Messi800 how do you rearrange The Big 3?: For me it's clear: 1. Messi 2. Pelé 3. Maradon…[View]
130414654For me it's Mei Ling.[View]
130414299>argie fails to scavenge food >shits up /sp/ out of hunger…[View]
130401898Now that the dust has settled, no era penal[View]
130403124/copalib/: Sorteo live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ipmF-[View]
130414742Remember when this was a debate?: >Benzema: 0 WCs >Aguero: 1 WC…[View]
130395227Uruguayan archeologists just found 20+ world championships won in the Triassic period[View]
130413468Is he still the goat?[View]
130414187Why are the media overpricing that much a midfielder??? What did he do to deserve it???[View]
130369754This is what high school stadiums in the US look like.[View]
130411989Improving soccer: Make hockey style substitions. Increase teams to 25 player and let to substitue 6 …[View]
130412870'Ohtani our final offer is 700 million'[View]
130412507*carries Chelsea to a CL victory*[View]
130410775Post and rate your local football club kit and logo https://www.footballlogosandkits.com/list-logos …[View]
130413943guys, i think i'm starting to like women's basketball[View]
130408519pissi sinkitini[View]
130407342we are quickly approaching an NBA where 150 points per game is “average”. how do we fix basketball? …[View]
130413254Equador defeated Australia Uruguay defeated south korea Colombia defeated japan Do they deserve to …[View]
130394372I find this fascinating. Thoughts as to why?[View]
130412801MESSI JOINING MLS: https://www.msn.com/en-in/sports/american-football/lionel-messi-transfer-to-unite…[View]
130409683You now remember manchester utd legend Henrik Larrson[View]
130411121>posting anime on /sp/[View]
130412876Just fuck my shit up senpai[View]
130410609Uruguay vs South Korea: starts in 20 mins[View]
130411502how did he manage to get her?[View]
130408800/HEEM/: >>130402900[View]
130412499INDIA VS KYRGYZSTAN: 1-0 India 52'[View]
130406576/nba/ general- missing!! edition: News: >Embiid ducked the smoke.…[View]
130409706/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - WrestleMania weekend Edition: >Lap: #5849 >Countdown to …[View]
130413256How many today?[View]
130413245The issue of motivation between the confederations: Something I've noticed is that everyone on …[View]
130394736/cyc/ - general: Big Marlen edition (at last) Road: 29.03 Dwars door Vlaanderen - A travers la Fland…[View]
130410845Pissi Cucktini[View]
130412965Why would a 'man' not shave his facial hair?[View]
130412989It’s autism awareness week in football.: So remember to send Messi some love this week[View]
130411329>'As part of your community service anon, let me introduce you to the team you'll be coachin…[View]
130413026What an absolute fail of an event: Not only is the boxing card packed with literal whos they dropped…[View]
130411289how many today for the future GOAT?[View]
130409388The Paella munchers are getting their cunt kicked in tonight[View]
130412072>CBF priority if Ancelotti stays on Real Madrid is Mourinho They really gave up on attacking sty…[View]
130412729what the fuck is a pekin?[View]
130411678I miss this peculiar buck Greenwood[View]
130412569Now that the dust has settled, who was the KWAB of this moment?[View]
130412766Why is it so hard to reprimand officials who power-trip and become detrimental to the quality of the…[View]
130405839/hoc/ - Useless Piece of Shit Edition[View]
130409161Grimkino: England captain Harry Kane has created a burger in celebration of becoming England's …[View]
130403431Ideal Brazil NT GK: Alisson Ederson Mycael LB: Caio Henrique Renan Lodi CB: Thiago Silva Marquinhos …[View]
130407109What is the sport that people in France enjoy the most?[View]
130407430Our board now[View]
130410680Should we expect Pendu back in Europe next season?[View]
130412370Not gonna lie it was a kino song fr fr[View]
130412524What is Mino up to these days[View]
130411932French International Right Back Jonathan Clauss training with Marseille lately: It's so fucking…[View]
130412208This mofo is a real fucking war criminal for Japan, holy shit. He needs to be stopped before destroy…[View]
130410184messi is a product manufactured (literally given HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE at barcelona) marketed (hyped …[View]
130408400Why are they so likeable[View]
130408700>4 of these teams will be in the 2024 Copa América Is the world ready for Argentina vs Martinique…[View]
130411908olympics next year..[View]
130411792Do normies really[View]
130408517this kit feels so wrong[View]
130412042how many today for the GOAT!?[View]
130411925Who do you guys think is winning the Premier League? I really hope it's Arsenal![View]
130365851/bet/: Slovenia over 1.5 @1.40[View]
130411286The operation was successful[View]
130411691>barely scores in the camel league[View]
1303989912002 was a fluke: >lots of meme goals >howlers by supposedly world class keepers like Sea Man …[View]
130409724>Fakes an injury to avoid playing against Kvaradona KWAB[View]
130411210>Team scores >WOO HOO! Starts playing[View]
130411010would: wouldn't you?[View]
130409598/spee/ kino: https://twitter.com/Wrexham_AFC/status/1640444002137677840?s=20[View]
130386844Sweden vs Azerbaijan >Janne måste avgå Edition[View]
130411246eat your sóy nuggets your favorite players do[View]
130401552why players prefers CR7 when his own playstile is like messi?: foden kvara de bruyne chiesa their pl…[View]
130410909ITT Athletes tampering: Post pictures or posts of teammates friend with players asking them to sign …[View]
130410885>international break[View]
130409568NEW BOBO AND MESSI FOOTAGE DROPPED: https://twitter.com/Voetbaldier98/status/1640393685438177286?s=2…[View]
130410876He's going to keep scoring until 45 and break the 1000 career goals. You can (Not) Stop it as t…[View]
130410774Bro is a menace[View]
130410563wtf was Pique thinking?: How are you going to cheat on this woman?[View]
130410780>whoamygod it's messi ohhhh leo messi >*shoves the camera right up on the window* >uoo…[View]
130399287im really sad my childhood club cant pay my astronomical wages at 35 or something[View]
130410777Messi thread: >Picrel is my reaction when Messi won WC After Messi won WC i feel much hopeful the…[View]
130409586Australia vs Ecuador gamethread: I’m at the marvel rn[View]
130405189I love Nathan Ake so much bros.: I'm in literal platonic love with this guy. >Christian >…[View]
130410617Orb: Has anyone ascended in the world of sports like he has?[View]
130410524Pisstianus Troonalpoop[View]
130410492Mitoma is Zainichi Korean[View]
130410216>Post monkey emoji and spend years rotting in prison >rapists allowed to walk freely The state…[View]
130401320riggi riggitini? not my goat[View]
130409621Meanwhile in an alternate universe...[View]
130409183PISSI BROS??[View]
130410326blud: They really thought this self-hating African merchant would become the new Messi...[View]
130409255TickTock Lelgium[View]
130408278is it kino[View]
130409152Which NBA teams do you support?: >me 1.) Dallas 2.) Denver 3.) Miami 4.) Utah…[View]
130409905The people's team.[View]
130395013>Brits actually have a professional soccer field called Tony Macaroni arena I never want to hear …[View]
130400782The little magician's goblet and wand[View]
130398987/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Consistency is key Edition: >Lap: #5848 >Countdown to Pe…[View]
130409331USMNT's Ricardo Pepi's goal against El Salvador[View]
130393346uncanny valley: post a better example of this[View]
130402388Can he revive joga bonito and save football?[View]
130408985If a sport's popularity is a prerequisite for you to start watching it, you don't actually…[View]
130409423ça revient à la maison[View]
130409411No, but seriously, HOW do you even slow down this Starting XI..? looks like a UCL Team of the Tourna…[View]
130409287>world class player >main influence is ronaldo It keeps happening.…[View]
130409249They buck broke millions[View]
130396758Name a more iconic duo[View]
130401596Novak Djokovic is the greatest of all time.[View]
130408982Sexy Reporters: Sexy women reporters in Basketball or amy other sport. Starting with Katy Winge of t…[View]
130332019/bundes/: Taktik-Fuchs back in the /bundes/ edition[View]
130400675How do players celebrate??[View]
130408950Most chad country in sport and on /sp/ tbqh[View]
130401227Could you break a bat over your knee like former MLB pitcher Carlos Zambrano?[View]
130408955>the American Chelsea customer is posting again[View]
130405150Shay is starting to thin up top[View]
130403513Pisstianobros... pundits are making fun of our goat again: https://youtu.be/Ijho25rEKHY?t=279[View]
130402900/heem/ White Woman Hunter edition: >>130396699[View]
130408660/afl/ - High Effort Edition: Countdown To Round 3: 2 days 2 hours 40 mins Thurs 30 March - 7:20pm Do…[View]
130400777The continent that saved /sp/.[View]
130406551Welcome to….[View]
130408401So this is who Kvara plays like according to normies, do you guys see it?[View]
130387408/afl/: Flagpies[View]
13040098795th Spring Koshien Senbatsu: >Game 1 (7:30 PM ET /11:30 UTC) 大阪桐蔭(大阪)ー能代松陽(秋田) Ōsaka Tōin (Osaka…[View]
130407745He won big brother :)[View]
130408009nba slang what are some slangs used in basketball pass the rock buckets ape hoops shoe squeak what e…[View]
130407652Why does Brazil despise cats? Because that's a hexa of monstrosity.[View]
130401055*solves Mexican football*[View]
130406758What's your favorite Alexis look? For me it's the buzzcut from the Manchester United era[View]
130395778Messi to MLS: The entire MLS will have to pay the salary of messi if he joins one of their teams htt…[View]
130390979Ayo: These niggas broke up??[View]
130405719HEYYYYYYYYYYYYEYYY NOW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqZ76VJL3Dc[View]
130403709can he fix Chelsea[View]
130400429>one of the most wealthiest and most developed nations of the world Canada is truly an example f…[View]
130401027Face it England: That it didnt come home in 1996, means it will never come home[View]
130399535/nba/ general- straight killa edition: IND: Tyrese Haliburton (ankle) sidelined Monday vs. DAL LAC: …[View]
130403457I expected >us to be bad, but never this bad. Holy fuck, this team is deplorable. The fact people…[View]
130406679Why does this league looks so kino?[View]
130404369oh yeah, this happened[View]
130406507Has anyone on /sp/ ever met a well known sports athlete or figure? If so, how did it go?[View]
130406606/nba/ general Look at this photograph! Edition: NY: Immanuel Quickley drops career-high 40 on Rocket…[View]
130395597>Seethe about England all day >Seethe about Argentina all night why is spuh like this?…[View]
130400414The hohol problem: >pulls put >after demanding millions for his USA controlled junkyardwl when…[View]
130403587USA vs El Salvador game thread #2: 0-0[View]
130401471The USMNT has a previously undocumented Mexican playing in their team: Say something nice about them…[View]
130400695Houston Roughnecks @ DC Defenders Gamethread: 7:00PM ET ESPN2 / ESPN+[View]
130402496Chile vs Paraguay Match Thread[View]
130401541It’s time to answer the question once and for all. Does running in your off days minimize gains? No…[View]
130405517>The baton for the captain of @Argentina! The handing over to Lionel Messi of the leadership and …[View]
130405841/hoc/-DOWN THE STRETCH THEY COME[View]
130398305/hoc/: Whiskey Edition[View]
130405703Remember this? Looks like ages ago: >conte tuchel this by mc hammer…[View]
130404661Since humans will never want to replace athletes with AI robots (at most a separate), which sport sh…[View]
130402702How did this happen?[View]
130402275The 2026 World Cup has to be won by a /cum/ member[View]
130399341This weekend i will remind them[View]
130404939How do we fix American finishing?[View]
130382917/mlb/ - Volpedition: NYY: Top prospect Volpe, 21, wins Yankees' starting shortstop job NYY: Yan…[View]
130400746this is your GOAT?[View]
130404643>you now remember edmundo, the animal[View]
130404571Muh 6 trillion: >goes to see Lazio vs Roma >stadium voice: 'welcome ALL football fans…[View]
130399122What can save them?[View]
130404218post some /fa/ jerseys[View]
130403414ITT: future superstars: I'll start: Neymar Jr[View]
130400175USA vs El Salvador game thread[View]
130403666Why is South Carolina so superior?[View]
130400869can't even score against 10 men Gibraltar: its the real pecho frio pechhorst[View]
130403323England won't select him just because he plays for Rangers. Literally better than every English…[View]
130397064What were you doing when the French lost against Argentina?[View]
130402718Athletes and their wives[View]
130402246USMNT is Next: >360 Million population (and rising) >Love Sports >Extremely rich >1st Wo…[View]
130382265/copalib/ - family program edition: >27/03 (GMT-3) 19:00 - Liga Uruguay - City Torque x Cerro Lar…[View]
130389498The future top scorer of Neverlands. Say something nice about him, he really deserves it![View]
130396699/heem/ - Wolf of Wall Street Edition: previous: >>130388099[View]
130402568did he deserve it?[View]
130400104Will England ever recover?[View]
130399554It's his fault you lost to Morocco not ours. Why the hate?[View]
130398925EMERGENCY DUTCH BUNKER THREAD: Bros..... I'm getting Oranje under Danny Blind feelings from thi…[View]
130400258Biggest controversies in sports: What are the most shocking events or controversial moments across s…[View]
130402373>GIVE ME GRENADA!!!!!![View]
130398738So... did he?[View]
130401814What's their favorite sports franchise?[View]
130400124>when I'm not there for the rebound tap-in[View]
130401749>And for my next trick, I will conjure a penalty from thin air![View]
130401126Are you ready for the future of sports anon?[View]
130394980/nfl/- JANNY edition: Fuck you, suck my cock.[View]
130395452We are easily the worst team among the bigger UEFA teams. Our defence is mediocre, our midfield non …[View]
130397601WORLD LEAGUE[View]
130395724Is he the GOAT defender?[View]
130390490/rog/ - Retarded Opinions General: Post all the dumb opinions you genuinely believe in and we'l…[View]
130399538Man United and Wrexham will play a friendly in San Diego on July 25, the clubs have announced[View]
130393320Is this the peak male (athlete) body?[View]
130391728Poland vs Albania Match Thread: Starting tonight at 20:45 CET POLSKA! BIAŁO-CZERWONI![View]
130396814>2-0 against 10 man gibraltar is ok because were missing frenki... or something…[View]
130397263based haaland[View]
130399650>I'm going to be bad at sports and instead be a youtuber or make music for americans…[View]
130400888>2023 ... I am forgotten ... I rate him[View]
130398085Post Game Dutch Copium Thread: >weggy is on a punished arc >Frenkie will save them >some of…[View]
130398391For me, it's >current Portugal home kit >current United away kit…[View]
130396389How good is my physique? I'm natty btw[View]
130400279>ruins both his club and international for trashtalking blacks SP's hero.…[View]
130396700IRELAND vs. FRANCE - Official Match Thread #2: Ireland 0 - 1 France (50' Pavard) 'Mbappe hasn…[View]
130400052Nathan Okay[View]
13039854418-12-2022 The day that /sp/ killed himself[View]
130383993> tfw I will get to tell my children that I lived in the era of the GOATs…[View]
130388479>highest population in europe >produced just 1 world class player in its entire history >he…[View]
130391024Reminder that statfags think scoring against children at the playground in a charity match matters b…[View]

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