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/sp/ - Sports

Displaying 937 expired threads from the past 3 days

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102516301/MotoGP/ - San Marino GP #2 @ Misano: welcome to motogp where everyone's a winner and the point…[View]
102487275*creampies Moyes' daughter*[View]
102520342>They're shit and irrelevant >Everyone who supports them is a glory hunter Pick one, and …[View]
102493590>cheese pizza and sprite It was that day that I knew Messi was based.[View]
102513368Have you ever played cricket?: Have you ever played cricket?[View]
102486752What is this thing[View]
102519381Sunday NFL Bets: Only REAL football picks here. None of that euro shit. I like >Viks +3 over Col…[View]
102520102Not a single decent center back. 7h place incoming[View]
102522081xG bros.....: did we get too cocky?[View]
102519794OFFICIAL Southampton v Tottenham Hotspur match thread #2: Soufampton 1-1 Sp*rs Ings 32' Son 45+…[View]
1025215781x (one) Premier League title please[View]
102517574Can you imagine the terror coursing through Jadon Sancho's veins at this very moment?[View]
102516375Step aside, mouthbreathers and Dota-clicking dog eaters. Let a real winner show you how to play[View]
102511850>my >we >us…[View]
102521614who can stop this duo when both 100% fit?[View]
102512611/heem/: BLM BTFO Edition: Colby Covington def. Tyron Woodley via fifth-round TKO (punches) Donald Ce…[View]
102513976>making clay courts faster to prevent him becoming the GOAT >orange grass courts how pathetic …[View]
102521380Remember anything ?: ...heh... Karim Kane[View]
102521300>another overhyped prospect bites the dust[View]
102521397The shit that won’t flush Hopefully this is the year to stop clinging on to the PL and go shit it up…[View]
102521266Why do players keep scoring after a 2 goal lead: It's kinda disrespectful desu[View]
102487866What does he do?[View]
102521052>*Does nothing* >*Gets absolutely BTFO by the Chad Son*…[View]
102521455For me it's Napoli's new attacking trio: N'gubu & his Oompa Loompas[View]
102520875England's brave Sean Harding-Mills[View]
102515069/heem/ maga edition: MAGA won Khamzat entered the matrix Walker ascended Cowboy needs to fuck off D…[View]
102488925i'm literally tearing up lads, he's actually come back[View]
102518418Getting ready for kickoff and watching NFL channel. And this game is on. Almost forgot. Imagine havi…[View]
102518571does anyone know how to watch PL in australia without crowd noise? can't seem to find any strea…[View]
102520835>the sodomizer of southampton[View]
102511971Never forget[View]
102517938/lm24/ - 88th 24 Heures du Mans 2020 - 24h of Le Mans Thread #9: ToyotaGimps,RebelKills?-Edition Pre…[View]
102481526/fpl/: https://youtu.be/8nEC6zJD05w[View]
102518878/utd/: What went wrong ?[View]
102500466I posit: if the baskets scored by Air Bud are counted because “ain’t no rule says a dog can’t play b…[View]
102493077>he flopped? >call it[View]
102517272SOUTHAMPTON v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR MATCH THREAD: The Bale (and others) reunion derby. 12:00pm UK time k…[View]
102473891What are the biggest bargains in football you can think of? Bayern snatching Gnabry for 8 (!) millio…[View]
10251928116 years ago today RIP In Peace Sweet Prince[View]
102510496and the white man marches on[View]
102517959Name a better mutt squad. Pro tip: You can't[View]
102512189Post famous fans[View]
102518435Villa bros will this be our year?[View]
102481894>7 goals conceded in 2 games FRAUD[View]
102517524>Those pre-assists the past two games seriously this guy is on another level. It's not even …[View]
102517651Favourite Foreign Player?: For me its Gaëtan Hendrickx[View]
102517637Not bad Colby, not bad at all...but[View]
102517139whats the point of this team again? they got promoted 3 seasons ago, they got immediately relegated,…[View]
102498939Are corners the most kino way to win a game?[View]
102506256Post your face when he wins the Super Bowl running the triple option with Cam Newton.[View]
102514628Why are they so good at sport?[View]
102514636/lm24/ - 88th 24 Heures du Mans 2020 - 24h of Le Mans Thread #8: /comfy/-(Post)-Sunrise-Edition Prev…[View]
102491794Now that the dust has settled, can he make it to the NBA?[View]
102493023thoughts on his body of work?[View]
102432252/mls/ general - AMERICA edition: >Scores matchcenter.mlssoccer.com >News mlssoccer.com/rss-fee…[View]
102513373Chimaev: only loves to fight: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VWMqjsvfp8s interesting parts: 2:44 - 3:…[View]
102510777/coh/: dallas leads 1-0[View]
102504578/cric/: We shall miss you.[View]
102514754Watch in HD?[View]
102489695The car's on fire and Ole's at the wheel: The car's on fire and there's And the …[View]
102490172Any recs to perform a deep dive into football rules?: It's for a pitch in order to take a shot …[View]
102490384Leave Ligue 1 to me.[View]
102508450Hong Kong Horse Racing: Ok boys, in 2 hours race 1 at Sha Tin starts. Let's talk about making m…[View]
102513660>the liquidator of Liverpool[View]
102505043how does it feel to kiss lads?[View]
102509870/afl/ sunday: Roaches v Suns GAJ v Swans Fred v Doggies[View]
102494080What does he do?[View]
102512881How can someone, anyone, be this fucking STUPID STUPID STUPID?: Was this scripted mate? Did he think…[View]
102502850Why does Messoy score so many goals against Eibar?[View]
102433119/ffg/ - Fantasy Football General: Post teams Post leagues Ask questions Give opinions Talk Shit…[View]
102509550>AHH AHH AHH MY RIB!![View]
102498261/Yankees - Sox/: Game 2 of the weekend series[View]
102512859Here we see a racist white trump supporter attacking an innocent black man simply for saying Black L…[View]
102511907Compare his legacy to GSP[View]
102509099/lm24/ - 88th 24 Heures du Mans 2020 - 24h of Le Mans Thread #7: GlareofDeath-Edition Previous >…[View]
102492000Stadiums great and small: I miss an old-fashioned stadium thread. Post whatever you fancy - don…[View]
102513549>It would appear as though my superiority has led to some controversy[View]
102513633Bald taffy fuck[View]
102502891/nba/ general - Celtics shitting on the Heat edition: previous: >>102486813 BOS: Celtics Haywa…[View]
102504353Who can stop him?: He's literally invulnerable[View]
102498874GAME 1 OFFICIAL BOLTS VS STARS THREAD: Its the sunbelt cup buds.[View]
102497479/turnleft/ Cup @ Bristol - Sold Out Edition: Coverage shortly on NBCSN. Green Flag: 7:45 EST 500 Lap…[View]
102493773TYBJ: Give Jimmy Buckets your energy for tonight[View]
102499890>16 votes out of 106 for NBA MVP When will Lebron realize that literally no one outside of E!SPN …[View]
102513241Worst leagues to ever exist? >pic related[View]
102497803Sack race: >>moyes >Parker >woy >mouyes >billic Who you got, spee? I think billi…[View]
102498358The case with Copa Libertadores final's best player: Since Neymar in 2011, it seems that every …[View]
102501626LET'S GET THIS SHIT STARTED >celtics >red sox…[View]
102499972Official Miami Heat Early Celebration thread: I know its early, but WE ALREADY WON https://www.youtu…[View]
102511682It was rigged[View]
102495695Evertin can mathematically realistically win the league this year[View]
102498795Lets go Stars![View]
1024971212020. I am forgotten.[View]
102487741Manchester United general - /mug/: So, it happened AGAIN. We can blame injuries, we can blame fatigu…[View]
102510210Reminder Colby fought with a broken jaw for 2 rounds.[View]
102492318/heem/ hockey heem edition: >>102482181[View]
102511628GOD BLESS THE U.S.[View]
102500307/nrl/ - The Thread Edition: 2:00 p.m. Raiders vs Warriors 4:05 p.m. Knights vs Dragons[View]
102506421What went wrong lads?[View]
102500084Twins @ Cubs: Lineups next post[View]
102501954The Brooklyn Nets hiring Steven Nash is white privilege.[View]
102509807Owie owie my rib: Stop the fight ouch![View]
102487701How do we fix this shit?[View]
102484782/mug/ - Manchester United General: So, it happened AGAIN. We can blame injuries, we can blame fatigu…[View]
102510475Nigger gets completely dominated and thoroughly bleached for 5 rounds >WOODLEY YOU ARE TWICE THE …[View]
102489788US Open Thread: Live on NBC[View]
102502445/hoc/: trout edition[View]
102510780>I CANT RIB[View]
102510076COLBY CHADS WE ARE BACK. PUNISHED COLBY MAKES WW GREAT AGAIN. >officer I can't breath Join …[View]
102488349Name a nobody athlete from your teams' history who is a personal favorite of yours. For me, it…[View]
102508395lb: Best linebacker in the nation?[View]
102508955UFC Game Thread #13: Welterweight fucking sucks[View]
102471306afl: afl[View]
102509744>MY RIB[View]
102492520Exposed!: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA > Dutch Football exposed > Danny v/d Beek (at ManU) exposed 40 m…[View]
102504220>UCL groupstage goals don’t count for Messi >But Ronaldo’s groupstage hat-trick against Spain …[View]
102505881/sumo/ general - big salt edition.: Aki Basho Day 8 incoming: now is a great time to start watching!…[View]
102507037UFC Game Thread 12: Previous: >>102505652[View]
102508685Can’t wait to watch him tear up the EPLEL[View]
102507579/cfb/ No Fucks Given Edition: Post pics of football people not giving one fuck.[View]
102506739Nottingham Forest Football Club should be in the top flight of English football >Won the European…[View]
102499046Dodgers @ Rockies Gamethread: Kershaw vs Gonzalez >doyers 1. Mookie Betts (R) RF 2. Max Muncy (L)…[View]
102462666Based celebrations thread[View]
102506989UFC ON ESPN+ 36 GAMETHREAD #12: Elias Edition[View]
102507770What is his secret?[View]
102499817Official Celtics vs Heat Game Thread #1: Celtics (0-2) vs Heat (2-0) Game #3 Tipoff in 20 bings…[View]
102498014This is your 20/21 Premier League title race.[View]
102505652UFC ON ESPN+ 36 GAMETHREAD #11[View]
102488292/cfb/ - 'Guys, There's Football On' Edition: On now: >Tulsa 7-OKST 10 >Pitt 21-Syracuse 1…[View]
102498968/lm24/ - 88th 24 Heures du Mans 2020 - 24h of Le Mans Thread #6: SleepyTyreDab-Edition Previous >…[View]
102438122/rug/ - Champions Cup Quarter Final Edition: >Thread Theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Kbktb…[View]
102504350UFC GAMETHREAD 10[View]
102503186UFC ON ESPN+ 36 GAMETHREAD #8[View]
102482181heem: spidersilva.com fights tonight 8et prev>>102469949[View]
102501541UFC ON ESPN+ 36 GAMETHREAD #7 - Polish Power Edition: https://streamable.com/9crqp Previous: >…[View]
102486813/nba/ general: WEEKEND SWAG edition: BOS: Celtics hopeful Hayward can play in Game 3 DEN: Nikola Jok…[View]
102499387/hoc/: wake me up when september ends edition thread theme: https://youtu.be/NU9JoFKlaZ0[View]
102461935/nfl/ general - remember to filter edition: SP: Local tripfaggot outed as a cuck TITS: Titans WR A.J…[View]
102500289UFC ON ESPN+ 36 GAMETHREAD #6[View]
102498824UFC ON ESPN+ 36 GAMETHREAD #5 - STOP THE FIGHT Edition: Previous: >>102497528 Feature prelim o…[View]
102496127/hoc/: crease edition[View]
102497528UFC ON ESPN+ 36 GAMETHREAD #4 - El Jeffe Edición: Previous: >>102496424 Prelims fantastic so f…[View]
102463851Who is the biggest draft bust in history?[View]
102478452>sp says pelé is overrated >mu says the beatles are overrated >his says alexander is overra…[View]
102472371Why does this man make /sp/ seethe?[View]
102495390how do you say 'would be a literal who in today's game' in your language?[View]
102486046Why were Arsefags mad over this again?[View]
102479546/bundes/: *yes der bundes is back edition* >SATURDAY 18/09 /bundes/ 15:30 1. FC Köln TSG Hoffenhe…[View]
102494048Liverpool or Man City will win the Prem league this season.[View]
102493189/lm24/ - 88th 24 Heures du Mans 2020 - 24h of Le Mans Thread #5: /comfy/-Moon-Edition Previous >…[View]
102492854yeh, i'm thinking we're back[View]
102491379Which one was the bigger choke?[View]
102488181So, what part of Croydon are you lads from?[View]
102493390MATCH OF THE DAY THREAD: Starts in 15 minutes on BBC One. Running order: EVE/WBA, MNU/CRY, LEE/FUL, …[View]
102487186Ladies and gentlemen, your 2020/21 premier league champions.[View]
102493128The Protagonists of Ligue 1.[View]
102496108/hoc/: 2020 Stanley Cup Final: >Dallas Stars vs Tampa Bay Lightning >GAME 1 T O D A Y @ 7:30pm…[View]
102495024UFC ON ESPN+ 26 GAMETHREAD #2 - Edicija Maika Tysona: Prelims on now[View]
102484362/180/: BWIN WORLD SERIES OF DARTS FINALS DAY 2: The big names enter the World Series of Darts Finals…[View]
102488274/cfb/ general - DUMPSTER FIRE edition: >News collegefootballnews.com bleacherreport.com/college-f…[View]
102487916/hoc/: haha ogopogo[View]
102488722Based China Basketball League: Bans Ty Lawson for being disrespectful towards chinese woman. The NBA…[View]
102490337Realistically what are their chances?[View]
102488535>Ole's at the wheel[View]
102479969/UE/ - UberEats formerly /comfyrama/ - Édition Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis!: Ancien/Older: >…[View]
102465617Why do Argentine stadiums look old and obsolete?[View]
102468699Shinichi Shinohara: why does he look like a neanderthal?[View]
102491549Absolute kino[View]
102489912>Ole's at the wheel[View]
102487947I’d make a thread laughing at them...: But it isn’t funny anymore, the joke went stale long ago. Now…[View]
102494445>small ball[View]
102494328why do they call him Big Dunc[View]
102488136who /palace/ here? >2nd in the table feels good but wont last long lol[View]
102489440Eternal Arsenal Thread: Gabriel a shit edition[View]
102493697Once they lose to Hibs tomorrow, can we just declare Celtic the winners already?[View]
102487143ARSENAL v WEST HAM UNITED: Who will come out on top in the battle of the ex-Everton legends? Can Mik…[View]
102492882Reminder that the only requirement to become a full-time coach at Man Utd with complete backing from…[View]
102457544/bet/: lizard edition[View]
102493528Your new Messi and Ronaldo.[View]
102492891>£72 million for the new Gervinho[View]
102459751Make the whitest possible team from your country. No racism please. It's all in good fun.[View]
102492442>tfw soccer season cancelled due to covid >usually referee every weekend in fall but now sitti…[View]
102488371>1 portuguese player in Liverpool,United and City >Don't know which one to support more…[View]
102484198Are you ready for LUTON in the PL?!?!?[View]
102483505Is Golfing a sport? Do ya'll like golfing? How does tigerwoods make you feel? How does this web…[View]
102489061Thunderstruck-Edition Previous >>10283179 Spotter >>102474701 ustream's are geobloc…[View]
102484790Seriously.. who can stop him?[View]
102456095/tennis/: MAGA edition[View]
102483667Germans, red pill me on him. Is he really going to be better than pulisiGOAT? What is he good at? I …[View]
102461055/seriea/ - Depression edition: MATCHDAY 1: >Saturday 19th September 18:00 Fiorentina - Torino 20:…[View]
102486557Erling Braut Håland 54' (P)[View]
102491544Do the NY Jets get a win?: Nam's Week Two NFL predictions: >https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Cg…[View]
102488006/cric/: The cricket[View]
102489157Just heard the news about RGIII: rip my nigga ;_;[View]
102488491Free Football Manager 2020: The Epic Store has Football Manager 2020 for free until September 24th a…[View]
102488577We're shit and yet we're still the most talked about team. Every defeat is like a national…[View]
102490405Why have English teams and English pundits in particular been so passionate about keeping managers i…[View]
102489135ABUs are the definition of the NPC meme: >Red team bad >Red team cheat >Red team have fans …[View]
102486284*defeats Man U*[View]
102488314Who is he and why are United fans demanding he be included in the starting line up?[View]
102490469CELTA vs VALENCIA: Is Valencia going to collapse this season? Can Celta stop finishing in a comfort…[View]
102486789Official Man Utd v Crystal Palace match thread #3: Man Utd 0-2 Palace 7' Townsend 74' Zaha…[View]
102489839OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
102485224Why do they suck at sports?[View]
102483961Omg!! Hahaha why the fuck hasn’t he changed his last name!?hahaha[View]
102480266will they ever be relevant in football again?[View]
102488408why would sancho even want to join manure?[View]
102485999WHO'S THE WORST ?: ??[View]
102486332*slows down the transition by unnecessary touches before passing sideways in your path*[View]
102431563Eternalur Arsenalur Threadur[View]
102489300>small brain 'oh man bale is back in spurs!!' >me a big brain…[View]
102489268Bro NBC can suck my fat white cock for this shit right here[View]
102488363/mug/: So, it happened AGAIN. We can blame injuries, we can blame fatigue, we can praise Sheffield U…[View]
102482651Barcelona vs Elche: >Ricky Puig told to find a new team by Koeman >Nelson Semedo close to bein…[View]
102488373Nobody cared who I was until I put on the mask.[View]
102488608Did Spurs sign the GOAT 41212 Bayol or a shitty 433 Bayol?[View]
102488743has there even been a greater heel-turned-face moment in the history of the premier league?[View]
102488719>sky sports has apologized for patrice evra's comment where he implies zaha has shagged moye…[View]
102488617>great, long run >flag comes in[View]
102488469Where was he?[View]
102482975/cyc/ - TdF Stage 21: Pog edition Tour de France (2.UWT) Stage 21 Mantes-la-Jolie - Paris 122 km GC …[View]
102483179/lm24/ - 88th 24 Heures du Mans 2020 - 24h of Le Mans Thread #3: Before-/comfy/-Sunset-Edition Prev…[View]
102488102get the contract out, put it on the table[View]
102487845>Ole's at the wheel[View]
10248402580 million pounds >80 million pounds 80 million pounds >80 million pounds 80 million pounds …[View]
102488198What's wrong with them?[View]
102488230Why does watching Man United lose feels so good bros? I even used to be a fan of them 10 years ago[View]
102449839/cfb/ general - BIG TEN HUT edition: >News collegefootballnews.com bleacherreport.com/college-foo…[View]
102487899>Ole's at the wheel[View]
102467463What is wrong with the Raptors?[View]
102485237Literally who can stop us. We are going to win the treble. This is our year.[View]
102452485/nrl/: Parramatta leading Brisbane 26-12, 30 to play. Super Saturday: >Manly Warringah v Gold Coa…[View]
102485518*is elite*[View]
102470719/hoc/: STANLEY CUP FINAL >sunbelt EDITION Stanley Cup Final: >Dallas Stars vs Tampa Bay Lightn…[View]
102487608How can one man SEETHE so hard?[View]
102479065Why don't F1 teams share car technology?: If all F1 teams share their car tech, then only the d…[View]
102487466>BOSS >That'll be $32,700,000 plus tip…[View]
102487205So, it happened AGAIN. We can blame injuries, we can blame fatigue, we can praise Sheffield United…[View]
102487101Haaland (p)[View]
102486484In all seriousness, Who can stop them?[View]
102480189my favorite spanish football player is Unai Arietaleanizbeaskoa.[View]
102469483/nba/ general - Lakers beat Denver in game 1 of the WCF: DEN:Nikola Jokic scores 21 but limited by f…[View]
102486873*betrays penchester united*[View]
102486870Man U v Palace Match Thread: 0-2 Palace Townsend, Zaha[View]
102485834How come he has so few caps for England? Before you say he's bad, the entire team is and they g…[View]
102486529We’ll show them Tommy...[View]
102484735Official Man Utd v Crystal Palace match thread #2: Man Utd 0-1 Palace 7' Townsend[View]
102481563NBA General - Heat 3-0 Edition: Heat vs Celtics Game 3 Tonight TALK SHIT GET IN HERE[View]
102481556Any place to watch live stream of college football?: Poor and destitute, no cable. Need college foot…[View]
102486163NBA Fake?: Not saying the league is rigged but...[View]
102485425This is my PE teacher, say something nice about him[View]
102473687>wins everything in Europe for the next 5 years >destroys /sp/'s favourite teams again an…[View]
102482473Ty Lawson has been banned for life from the Chinese Basketball Association for posting these on inst…[View]
102441483>be me >German project for school is picking a city to study with our group >I get to chos…[View]
102456267How many Brazilians your NT had?[View]
102481567/fpl/ - Fantasy Premier League[View]
102438835/rug/: SUPER RUGBY AU Final >Saturday 19 Sept 7:15pm AEST Brumbies vs Reds, GIO Stadium, Brisban…[View]
1024852792020... I am... forgotten...[View]
102476538worst keeper on the planet. he looks like a child unable to jump when he fails to stop an easy strik…[View]
102481525Is he considered a bust in North America?: I hope he is and he'll be send back to Europe so he …[View]
102451485post crest kino[View]
102485315Marksman for hire: When did you realize the time for white boys to take over the nba is right now?…[View]
102485141>xG >xA >PS% >KeyP >DrB >Spg >UnsTch Why have European soccer fans suddenly emb…[View]
102475239Just when I thought this club couldn't get any worse. Puig was the only shining light to come o…[View]
102485239Thanks in advance, sp :))[View]
102485223>play for team that's actually good and has won stuff >move to generic London franchise t…[View]
102485029Navy: >best player >Fagot that checks out…[View]
102483726>Ole's at the wheel[View]
102485135/pga/ - 2020 US Open at Winged Foot: Reed still leads at -4, he tees off at 2:25[View]
102482556/strongmind/ general: No mental midgets allowed[View]
102484906Which team does your favorite singer support?[View]
102478049Go stars![View]
102469684anon do you remember me? i was the next big thing[View]
102478376Which PL team does your country bandwagon? USA has Chelsea because of Pulisic and now, seemingly, Co…[View]
102476327Ah yes Puskas one of the greatest of all time and a Hungarian and Spanish legend[View]
102484223Itt: jerseys you want to buy, but you know you will never achieve to[View]
102484679When will they win a revelant trophy again?[View]
102482449Who is the best Swedish football player currently?: Zlatan doesn't count as he has retired from…[View]
102484488Buh Buh Buh BASED[View]
102481484MANCHESTER UNITED v CRYSTAL PALACE: It's time. 5:30pm kick-off. MNU: De Gea; Fosu-Mensah, Linde…[View]
102474506why is this always a good fixture?[View]
102483288Ladies and gentlemen, your 2020-21 Premier League champions[View]
102483740how is driving a car a sport?[View]
102484294>22nd and 19th placed >2 losses out of 2 What the fuck is their problem? I thought they were t…[View]
102484103Watching soccer in the USA legit: Here's what I've come up with as the cheapest way to wat…[View]
102476806OFFICIAL 3PM KICKOFFS THREAD: One game from the PL at the traditional kick-off time today: >Leeds…[View]
102471510ITT: Athletes you hope get brutally raped and murdered.[View]
102483822How many children of GOATs have actually amounted to anything?[View]
102466022itt managers who are secretly racist[View]
102478289Oxford United vs Sunderland Thread: Oxford United vs Sunderland Thread One week in and United have b…[View]
102483609In retrospect, was this the turning point in Hamez career? Maybe /sp/ should thank her?[View]
102478047Today I will remind them[View]
102471793/147/: championship league on spoonfeed a noob (me) on snooker tactics pls love the sport but would …[View]
102483210>first game with over 10k spectators in the stadium[View]
102482362Would you, /sp/?[View]
102482303>B. Fernandes (P)[View]
102462266I'm gonna go take a shot in the dark here, but i think Bayern Munich will win the Bundesliga th…[View]
102478198what apps do you guys use? is there a better one than this? i like how many leagues it has[View]
102476204For me It's the Guinea National Football Team.[View]
102481745/cric/: Cricket edition Government deceit, oppression cover up and lies sub edition[View]
102481458>goes from playing for PSG and Really Madrid to conceding four goals with the team that will fini…[View]
102477815leeds v fullham gamethread 3pm kickoff: leeds won their first game. fullham lost theirs. should be a…[View]
102481539How do we stop him?[View]
102469949/heem/: previous: >>102464007[View]
102480543is he, dare I say it, elite?[View]
102481795Best League In History: There's like 10 good teams this season[View]
102479651Is it true that he made a deal with the devil, the health of his daughter in exchange for the treble…[View]
102480055>waits until Lebron is washed up to release Last Dance >Lebron is actually not washed up and i…[View]
102478391The Annihilator of Arsenal The Archenemy of Aston Villa The Bully of Brighton The Beater of Burnley …[View]
102477597/lm24/ - 88th 24 Heures du Mans 2020 - 24h of Le Mans Thread #2: TENET chase edition Previous>…[View]
102464374So this is the power of Germany.[View]
102474207So come on Wilfried Bony Score some goals for Swansea We'll go wild wild wild We'll go wil…[View]
102473522>The Silencer of Stoke >The Bane of Blackburn >The Lacerator of Luton >The Hammer of Hud…[View]
102459327/trans/: Liverpool have enquired about Ismaila Sarr and discussed his situation with Watford, who wa…[View]
102465977Yes, he is the GOAT: Absolutely[View]
102479869What is it they do?[View]
102462433How do you deal with Lebron James domination?[View]
102478156This is how the 20/21 Premier League season will end.[View]
102459153/bundes/: *bundes is back edition >FRIDAY 17/09 /bundes/ 20:30 Bayern München - Schalke 04 >SA…[View]
102465675*doesn't solve barcelona*[View]
102475337Heard /sp/ was talking shit about me[View]
102473339What went wrong?[View]
102474768Imagine being this desperate for stat padding lmao[View]
102460541Why are all the white Mexican players so bad compared to the brown ones?[View]
102477719Most likeable players: For me, it's Games (If anyone is wondering I'm not Kendra Lust.)…[View]
102477029>Evertonwinslol Ridiculous. Never seen a team dominate a league like this…[View]
102451287/fpl/ - Fantasy Premier League: please don't increase kdb's price edition price changes ne…[View]
102473673EVERTON v WEST BROMWICH ALBION: 12:30pm kick-off. EVE: Pickford; Coleman (c), Keane, Mina, Digne; Do…[View]
102477222Yeah, I'm thinking he's back[View]
102474970/lm24/ - 88th 24 Heures du Mans 2020 - 24h of Le Mans Thread #1: >implying there will be more tha…[View]
102469209ITT: Athletes you hope suffer a career ending injury, preferably one that would affect them for the …[View]
102475189Be honest Nuggbros, it's over?[View]
102465714For me, it’s the Minneapolis Lakers.[View]
102470366>the scourge of Schalke >the annhiliator of Augsburg >the marauder of Mönchengladbach >t…[View]
102468605What went wrong?[View]
102472340how many tonite?[View]
102471620>premier league >stanley cup >handegg what a potentially great weekend if and only if my te…[View]
102457836/cyc/ - TdF Stage 20: Tour de France (2.UWT) Stage 19 ITT Lure - La Planche des Belles Filles 36.2 k…[View]
102476967*secures top 4*[View]
102472652how do you fill the rest?[View]
102475809*destroys you with mind games*[View]
102475649say my name[View]
102468829Is Disc Golf the thinking man's sport?[View]
102473669OFFICIAL EVERTON V WEST BROM PRE-MATCH/MATCH THREAD: Everton: Pickford, Coleman, Keane, Mina, Digne,…[View]
102473836OFFICIAL NOTTINGHAM FOREST v CARDIFF CITY MATCH THREAD: Two of last season's play-off chasers l…[View]
102463420>without a club since 2018 WTF what happened[View]
102474915>The great American hope is actually the backup option to some random English championship shitte…[View]
102472967what went so wrong?[View]
102457562/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Kamui Edition: >Countdown to Ruskie Grand Prix: www.formula…[View]
102469285>people still watch the NBA[View]
102472302Fernando Towers: 'The Last Symbol': /ourguy/ has a documentary on Amazon now. Did you rike…[View]
102462160What an absolute unit.[View]
102474482Mfw Calcio is finnally back: Feels good /sp/,[View]
102474093How many today?[View]
102467309Will Messi choose Argentina or Barcelona?[View]
102471312/afl/: tigers vs crows[View]
102460168imagine being in your 30s and still getting a zoomer haircut[View]
102450111Is this a good team for an American to follow? I like underdog teams that rarely win.[View]
102461589Simply the best[View]
102473977What went right?[View]
102466806Why is this a thing in the Canadian Premier League?[View]
102462374>not even announced by tottenham >already injured kek…[View]
102468961GET IN HERE LAKERBROS: >Yfw FREE championships[View]
102473547Why did Arsenal not let him stay?[View]
102471385How many ballon d'ors he could have if he were good?: He could have been bigger than R9 and Adr…[View]
102407633The last based team in London.[View]
102448784Fuck Joe Buck. How the fuck does this cunt still have a job ? By far the worst commentator of any sp…[View]
102473262>that tyson fight where his walkout music was field recordings of chains being dragged across the…[View]
102464522Chicago White Sox vs cincinnati resd game thread: CWS SP: Jonathan Stiever RHP 0-0, 2.45 ERA, 3 SO V…[View]
102470508Caption this[View]
102462331How many goals will he score against Liverpool?[View]
102473039Who was in the wrong[View]
102457439How do Spurs fans feel about monkey man's imminent arrival?[View]
102465320best of the last 20 years[View]
102472671Post interesting sport pictures[View]
102469750LMAO based[View]
102461766How do you say useless ogre in German?[View]
102469821Do you suppose that after these guys finished golf today they met in the clubhouse for a pint. Tiger…[View]
102458112Chicago Sports Dominance Thread: Why is Chicago easily the best city for sports in the US? There isn…[View]
102470772FIGHTS: I have a crazy amount of boxing, MMA and streetfight knockouts. Or just sick displays of ski…[View]
102467057GOD HAS ARRIVED: Imagine for 1.5 seconds what a delusional coping retard you must be to not acknowle…[View]
102471517can he lead the LA Lakers to another title?[View]
102466865/cric/: 5th ODI between Australia and England at 10am English time series is tied at 2-2[View]
102471588This, is a kickers and punters thread. Post the kickers and punters that stand out.[View]
102443761/mlb/: COL: Ubaldo Jimenez announces retirement from baseball STL: Hudson leaves against Pirates wit…[View]
102469912Where would the lakers be without franklin the turtle? >expert defender >great floor general …[View]
102461306So we're 1 game into the bundesliga and it's already clear they're going to win the l…[View]
102466209how is it impossible if 20% of the league has done it?[View]
102464820/afl/ - thanks for the memories edition: Much loved Essendon coach John Worsfold will coach his last…[View]
102465439Why did this celebration trigger Liverpool so much?[View]
102461913/nfl/ general - BETTER DAYS edition: DET: Lions rule CB Trufant (hamstring) out vs Packers DET: Kenn…[View]
102464861/hoc/: STANLEY CUP FINAL >sunbelt EDITION Stanley Cup Final: Dallas Stars vs Tampa Bay Lightning …[View]
102469155>Board will say the ring doesn't count if he wins >Will laugh if he goes 3-7 in Finals Wh…[View]
102463732NBCs peacock: Ok this dogshit is pissing me off[View]
102464284Ok, a couple fucking things for those of you who don't seem to understand reality: >First Ge…[View]
102468396LAKERS VS NUGGETS NBA WESTERN CONFERENCE FINALS GAME THREAD #3: Lakers - 100 Nuggets - 79 Start of 4…[View]
102463397/turnleft/ Xfinity @ Bristol Race Thread: Coverage shortly on NBCSN. Green Flag at 7. 300 laps. >…[View]
102464007/HEEM/ - Flushing of the Decade Edition: Bjpenn.com >>102458763[View]
1024698102020 is the year of Los Angeles: Lakers are going to win the NBA finals Dodgers are going to win the…[View]
102453465Convince me to support either of those teams in the stanley cup[View]
102464753/nba/ GENERAL: Lakers vs Nuggets tonight @ 9pm EST[View]
102464098ITT: Post athletes you'd like to see have a career ending injury.[View]
102463305Why is the NFL so good compared to the NBA?[View]
102463019monkey pawed athletes pic related >all the talent in the world, possibly could have been even bet…[View]
102469416We existed entirely to cuck the Clippers I can live with that[View]
102438587Baseball is the most patrician sport, here's why >anybody can play it, don't need to be…[View]
102468828The happening of our lifetime. Prophecy incoming.: Watch for these signs: >a killing bolt will sh…[View]
102467700Ladies and gentlemen, your Lakers MVP[View]
102469126Melanin king marches on[View]
102469092>lakies only going half speed because lefeel out game >still go into the 4th ahead by so much …[View]
102464811Dodgers @ Rockies Gamethread: Wood vs Castellani >doyers 1. Mookie Betts (R) RF 2. Corey Seager (…[View]
102466585OFFICIAL SEATTLE MARINERS VS. SAN DIEGO PADRES GAMETHREAD: Game in San Diego, Mariners are designate…[View]
102468807Just give us the trophy now instead of wasting everyone's time.[View]
102465339Minnesota Twins @ Chicago Cubs Official Gamethread: >Minnesota Twins Rich Hill (L) 1. Byron Buxto…[View]
102460972Why did they refuse to take the knee before their match?[View]
102468409>played for an all white racist kentucky team and a coach named Adolf >has the whitest NBA te…[View]
102468057LET'S GET THIS SHIT STARTED >nuggets[View]
102466827/txhsfb/ General: A thread dedicated to the purest competition on earth. Who y’all watching tonight?…[View]
102463733Why did Man City let them go so easily? They had their wings covered for the decade[View]
102465305is Liverpool FC the most kino football club in the world?[View]
102462384Does your GF watch CFB with you?[View]
102461100are assassins the only thing left to stop them from winning another triple?[View]
102465852LAKERS VS NUGGETS WESTERN CONFERENCE FINALS GAME THREAD #1: The purple and gold vs (gold?) nuggets s…[View]
102466107>Here’s your NBA finals bro[View]
102466002What do you think will happen first A-Rod losing all his trophies from years of doping or RB-G dying…[View]
102464179I feel like they wont win anything this year.[View]
102465463How did this..[View]
102428476Official US Open Round One Game Thread: We're at Winged Foot this week. Coverage on Golf Chann…[View]
102464488How did the allies fuck this up so bad?[View]
102465036you now remember de jong[View]
102459324/UE/ - UberEats formerly /comfyrama/ - Édition Olympique!: Ancien/Older: >>102433354 ---------…[View]
102434891Why is he such an autistic asshole? Norwegian genes?[View]
102465019>loses to THE Stoke City[View]
102463774Are they still the face of the Premier League?[View]
102451048So, who will win the belgian league?[View]
102464655post some sports kino[View]
102457565/nba/ - THOT EDITION: MIA: Goran Dragic leads Heat with 25 in Game 2 win MIA: Jimmy Butler scores 14…[View]
102464499For me, it’s Jordi Alba[View]
102464046aniesta is still living the dream in japan bros.........[View]
102458763/heem/ - Swedish Warrior Edition: sharts tomorrow night bjpenn.com >>102453086[View]
102457568/180/: BWIN WORLD SERIES OF DARTS FINALS DAY 1: The first PDC event with fans in attendance since Ma…[View]
102463223>Saves Tottenham Alex Morgan - Goals & Skills - Welcome to Besiktas - 2021 - HD…[View]
102463816>Giving citizenship to someone who literally knocked you out of the WC cheating lol why are itali…[View]
102450217I've been waiting since fucking February to be able to take this Italian citizenship test. My g…[View]
102461414For me , it's the Quick Boys[View]
102463658does anyone know when kronobi plays?[View]
102460227/hsfbg/ High school football general- is your state even playing?: /hsfbg/ is your state even having…[View]
102455278what the fuck was his problem[View]
102463172Post clips of commentators breaking into spontaneous laughter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v71Fqk…[View]
102463230So come on Wilfried Bony Score some goals for Swansea We'll go wild wild wild We'll go wil…[View]
102460876Why did Arsenal sell him?[View]
102462170Why is it so much easier to buy the league as opposed to buying the champions league? Aren't le…[View]
102427699This is Italian striker, Ciro Immobile[View]
102462143Who are some up and coming wonderkids you think are going to make it? For me it's England under…[View]
102381738What do you believe the 1975 World Championship would have been like if Fischer had agreed to play?[View]
102462726Literally why is this allowed?[View]
102458319OFFICIAL COVENTRY CITY v QUEENS PARK RANGERS MATCH THREAD: Eight years of hurt for the Sky Blues wer…[View]
102461367>a bunch of english youth players have taken over the bundesliga nice farmers league lmao…[View]
102462211Which team is worse?[View]
102460761>Start Newcastle Career career mode on fifa 19 >Use the billion dollar glitch > Get wordlc…[View]
102428477/tugão/ - Another title for Benfica edition: Vieira victimized subedition >Rumors Garay to Boavis…[View]
102458950Has there ever been a more based punditry pair?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzPYRFSUlCQ…[View]
102432469It's for free on epic games right now[View]
102394264before: >>102335030 >April 15th HBO Marvelous Marvin Hagler vs Thomas Hearns >September …[View]
102459069BAYERN vs >schalke: Bundesliga is back, baby Prepare for a nice rape for the start.[View]
102458756he has 150 IQ and he says messi is the GOAT.[View]
10245366244 goals last season; how many this season?[View]
102459579>first bundesliga game >its a bayern home game >stadium is completely empty KEK so this is …[View]
102461912So this cuck was the #1 midfielder of Juventus and left for Barcelona where he will most likely stay…[View]
102461767Are Porto and Benfica “stepping stone” clubs?[View]
102457231Brazil squad for qualifiers against Bolivia and Peru: Goalkeepers Alisson - Liverpool (ING) Santos -…[View]
102452244/nfl/ general - BROWNS DYNASTY edition: CLE: Austin Hooper: 4/37 through two games as Brown CIN: AJG…[View]
102459850His quest for the Bundes Golden Boot begins tomorrow.[View]
102461292What went wrong?[View]
102461358WTF: WTF?[View]
102461776Bayern rapists: >beat Tottenham 7-2 >beat Belgrade 6-0 >beat Chelsea 7-1 >beat Barcelona…[View]
102458433what went wrong for the 76ers? Can they be saved? How?[View]
102461545barca tier garbage[View]
102434736Kawhi is going to comeback with a vengeance. He'll get a new coach, 2 new roleplayers that can …[View]
102461352England's brave Jamal Musiala just scored his first Bundesliga goal for Bayern München. Say som…[View]
102461303>YOUR 20/21 BUNDESLIGA CHAMPIONS Sorry, maybe next year Dirtmund customers!…[View]
102461250>Whoever got access to the Neymar contract moments before signing the contract with Puma guarante…[View]
102452714name a more reddit manager in the league[View]
102459267is he HOF material?[View]
102453024>his club doesnt have their own cooking channel >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0jVFM7rs9I…[View]
102450339Maradona vs Pele >Maradona exposes Pele as a pedo, homosexual and laughs at his convict son Messi…[View]
102261899/Sumo!/: Whats your favorite winning move? My is the Uwatenage.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJoh7…[View]
102461071>: Seriously, what the fuck is their problem?[View]
102457410Ali TAA Virgil Joe Robbo Fab Thi Hendo Mo Sad Bobby[View]
102458131/cric/: Bears vs Pears edition Live stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VD4J451I1Uc&feature=…[View]
102460465OH NO NO NO NO[View]
102460458All in agreement? Good[View]
102460546Was he a system baby?[View]
102452869/afl/ Milkers edition: Saints vs GWS is on[View]
102450778/hoc/: NZIHL edition https://youtu.be/nfIg-VotboQ[View]
102459918Covington vs Woodley General: > Hey Tyron over here. Yea I just wanted to ask if you ____________…[View]
102456440who's GOAT manager?[View]
102460040The NBA said No MVP for you. Jordan is the goat btw[View]
102457455>Do you hear, in the countryside, >The roar of those ferocious soldiers? >They're comi…[View]
102458746Did he deserve it?[View]
102459939Leave >schalke to me[View]
102458108The unstoppable force meets the immovable object, who do you think is going to win?[View]
102457714>Jacksonville jagwires[View]
102447166/hoc/: SUNBELT STANLEY CUP FINAL EDITION >Dallas Stars vs Tampa Bay Lightning >Dates TDB…[View]
102459419Be afraid. Be very afraid.[View]
102434845/trans/: Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Dele Alli has been left out their Europa League qualifier agai…[View]
102451744can someone explain how driving a car is a sport[View]
102459321This is AMERICAN coach Pellegrino Matarazzo. He will be coaching VfB Stuttgart in the Bundesliga thi…[View]
102459186intimidation rituals: hey /sp/ i was wondering if you guys knew of pre game intimidation rituals in …[View]
102446638it starts with culture[View]
102418440/bundes/: *almost back edition*[View]
102458663Find a picture with more footballing talent. Protip: You can't[View]
102435890Is this the consensus post Maradona (1986) Wordl XI? What? Make a better one if you are so good, the…[View]
102431711>another young american to a top european club Do other countries even have a chance in 2022 …[View]
102458304What are some examples of great commentary? And, no, a Spanish guy saying GOAL GOAL GOAL! is not con…[View]
102458948Well well well...[View]
102451489How many this season ?[View]
102433389Islanders are the new kings of New York sports: Is it true Yankees Mets jets and giants fans?[View]
102458870>Nominated for Golden Ball in 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004 and 2007 >Received zero (0) votes Looks l…[View]
102453086/heem/: previous >>102446272[View]
102437096Sox. That is all.[View]
102453151>goalies will defend this[View]
102456637>Bully Messi Argentines beta af[View]
102458393>young British footballer >has two black and white sleeve tattoos like this Why are athlete zo…[View]
102451742Would you cheer for this country if they qualified for the World Cup?[View]
102430355/seriea/ - Luigi Suarez edition: >Suarez passes Italian exam Luis Suarez has reportedly passed th…[View]
102457079The reigning MVP and supposed best player in Basketball today both are not even in the finals of eac…[View]
102458130Why is Liverpool FC full of fanooks?![View]
102458100For me it's Maradona, Montana and Marciano[View]
102440337Why were old FIFAs so much better than the new ones?[View]
102453610Name a bigger cuck[View]
102448524Angry Sports Kino: Can you top this? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Ggy6WGUFaYs&[View]
102449194/cfl/: Where my cfl chads at? Rough riders 4life[View]
102457828Someone remind me, what time to the Bucks play tonight?[View]
102457537Who was better in his prime?[View]
102457400>I'm so misunderstood[View]
102457601Please watch the video first https://twitter.com/ElMundoDeportes/status/1306628079545090050 Madrid t…[View]
102453257take me back lads[View]
102324159Eternal /trb/: old thread >>102108629 >Essential downloads: https://sortitoutsi.net/footbal…[View]
102441426/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Pussywagon Edition: >Countdown to Ruskie Grand Prix: www.fo…[View]
102430620/bet/: i scream edition[View]
102446180Fraud: Is he a confirmed bust yet?[View]
102454576Who went so terribly wrong?[View]
102447185/nba/ - Big Face Coffee Edition: MIA: Goran Dragic leads Heat with 25 in Game 2 win MIA: Jimmy Butle…[View]
102436375ITT: midfielders better than Thiago Alcantara[View]
102451104*benches that fraud Henderson*[View]
102453744Hello Liverpool fans, I am a bayern Munich fan. Obviously we all know thiago is going to your club b…[View]
102454762>run 5 yard slant >catch ball >fall down >HE'S SO GOOD GUISE!!!!1111!!!1!!11!!!!!1!…[View]
102453136is Arsenal a good club to follow for getting into soccer?[View]
102457233Is it worth getting into kendo just for the lolz, if I don't plan on taking it seriously or par…[View]
102454383This is confusing. What exactly do they do?[View]
102455545is fucking your sister an sport?[View]
102448083>/sp/ finally accepts your memeqb as a legit qb[View]
102451348What is this expression trying to convey?[View]
102448772Sports teams with 0 fans?[View]
102454344>Thiago vs James Merseyside derbies will finally be kino[View]
102454924*brings the hexa*[View]
102450163Spring carnival horse racing: Who we punting on at Caulfield and Randwick for super saturday, boys?…[View]
102455329*Wins Nations League C.* >Post one more stacked tem in League C.[View]
102452387It's that time again: .[View]
102444088This team is the next dynasty in the NFL. Say something nice about them[View]
102456177Is this the greatest goalkeeper performance in a final, of all time?[View]
102455995HE IS GOING TO BE THE GOAT: >wins fa cup, carabao and europa league for spurs 20-21 season >wi…[View]
102454670>open letter to bayern fans How can one player be so redit[View]
102453507Joe Buck: Say something nice about future Hall of Famer, Joe Buck.[View]
102454793Where does Tottenham fit in this hierarchy?[View]
102439673the never ending debate: both in their prime btw[View]
102439494OFFICIAL GAME THREAD for GAME SIX of the Prince of Wales Trophy series 2020: Tampa Bay Lightning vs …[View]
102449212Post your countrys milan[View]
102455605*dabs on the city of Manchester*[View]
102426025/tennis/: 'Tis clay season[View]
102451256What are some of the most overrated big sports moments?[View]
102454947BAAAAALE ISSSSS.... A HAMMER![View]
102435252ITT: Dead careers[View]
1024443460-2: I aint worried bitches[View]
102429817/cyc/ - TdF Stage 19: Tour de France (2.UWT) Stage 19 Bourg-en-Bresse - Champagnole 166.5 km GC afte…[View]
102454376If LeBron does it for Kobe, where will he rank all time?[View]
102454263>Neymar and Fatzard are 28 and 29 years old already I thought they were going to be the next Mess…[View]
102452717Wolverhamptao Wanderaçao: >We want the Liga NOS audience[View]
102377709All or Nothing: Tottenham: Now that all episodes have been released, what's your opinion on thi…[View]
102453157THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF CR7: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoEo5ytT26U yikes[View]
102442521Are they just a meme or are they the real deal?[View]
102444511TYBJ: Thank you based Jimmy[View]
102446272/heem/ - Edición de luchador profesional: previous: >>102437076 news: bjpenn.com[View]
102427250How do we fix this stinking heap of shit? >l-lets buy a 30yo 2nd-rate MF for 65m lmao >l-lets …[View]
102445187ITT post sports casters with dead careers. I'll start: the rotting corpse of 50 year old Miche…[View]
102450573/afl/ - Jack Steele Edition: Saints vs GWS tonight. Finals are on the line for both clubs[View]
102438710>hokkei >nascar >handegg >basedball >apehoop great day for sport's…[View]
102438630/NFL/ General - Browns Edition: CLE: Jarvis Landry (hip) officially active vs. Bengals CIN: Bengals…[View]
102440163unironically, why can't zoomers compete? the same dudes have been dominating the same sport for…[View]
102427434Well, well, well...: Does /sp/ ever stop taking Ls?[View]
102418173/nrl/ - National Rugba Leeg: Thursday Night Footy edition >Rabbits v Dogs Friday >Cowboys v Pa…[View]
102451653Ready to get eliminated? Pr*testant scum[View]
102450358This guy is the biggest fraud in Europe, a foreign Joe Allen[View]
102446617Thoughts on him?[View]
102447111/hoc/: more like long face island am i right lmao[View]
102450117>OH NO NO NO![View]
102428029/afl/ - on topic edition: st kilda vs giants will be played next[View]
102447931Tomorrow's show: >I don't hate Baker Mayfield, but he's the 4th-best QB in the AFC…[View]
102450300For me it's MK Dons. The true Dons[View]
102444312you know it's inevitable[View]
102439056England vs Australia 4th ODI Matchthread: International ODI cricket live from Lords Cricket Stadium,…[View]
102445659You now remember Fabian Barthez's hair[View]
102450094England, why are you letting your sport die? Why are you letting clubs like Macclesfield Town go und…[View]
102448044Look I'm not saying I want to suck his cock. But if there's one dude in the NFL that I wou…[View]
102360012/cfb/ general - TWO WEEKS NOTICE edition: collegefootballnews.com bleacherreport.com/college-footbal…[View]
102440593Dodgers @ Rockies Gamethread: The Dodger's first and only series at Coors Field this season Uri…[View]
102447525Is it time for the NFL to step in and do something about this organization?[View]
102449163The Face of a Bust: All you niggas saying Joe Burrow's bad meanwhile this guy needed Nick Chubb…[View]
102448761>97 attempts in 2 games >0-2 has anyone told this kid that clock management exists? what the f…[View]
102440312Name a more iconic sports logo?[View]
102446688Is this the worst championship final in sports history?[View]
1024435999 championships: Best mind currently in basketball. Dispute this[View]
102448782Sports FEELS Thread: >Mr.Pigden, you're alive?! I never had a school teacher that I deeply …[View]
102437076/heem/ Colby about to flush a redguard: News: >Colby Covington vs Tyron Woodley this week >Col…[View]
102430157Is this the funniest division? Any of these 4 teams can win it[View]
102446818>team loses >don't visit board for 5 days >team wins >shitpost until banned…[View]
102443498Miami Heat are 10-1 in the Playoffs and 2 games away from the finals: What the fuck?[View]
102404387>you now remember Rooney is wasting away at Direby[View]
102436932i know the game hasnt even started yet, but fuck it we already won. we did it bengalbros! burrow is …[View]
102444908https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCouhmcWmLk BROWNS TOWN BABY[View]
102447631>backdoor cover[View]
102447282anyone else struggling to get into sports again? and when i say sports i mean the sports where multi…[View]
102445532CIN @ CLE #4[View]
102438649/Turnleft/ Bristol Edition: UNOH 200 Presented By Ohio Logistics IT'S BRISTOL BABY![View]
102444033What went wrong?[View]
102447295who's your in your dream team?[View]
102439783/copalib/ - bosteros keep moving edition: 'this is a white's man country' subedition > match…[View]
102443813/hoc/: mister bettmans neighbourhood edition[View]
102442992/nba/ general - Celtics are refbabies edition: previous: >>102440265 LAK: Rajon Rondo (back) q…[View]
102446730*makes /sp/ seethe*[View]
102446317/heem/: just a couple boys edition previous: >>102437076 bjpenn.com tfatk.com[View]
102446019/heem/: OnlyCans edition T-Wood dies this saturday.[View]
102437713White sox playoff celebration thread: FUCK YOU YUPPIE ASS NORTH SIDERS DA SOX ARE BACK[View]
102433129/Colin Cowherd/ general: Why is this man so based?[View]
102444268Hey kids, Its le funny mustache guy! Be sure to watch jaguars games! Regards, NFL[View]
102445385SYSTEM BABBY[View]
102444333>bombston: pffthahahahahahahahahahahaha[View]
102445640'ate pakis 'ate nafris 'ate me wife love me club love me kids love me country love me…[View]
102444029Remember when all those racist crybabies said he should never play again? Neither do they apparently…[View]
102443604CIN @ CLE: BAKERMANIA[View]
102441737What would they do without Bengals and Jets?: Dolphins tier[View]
102441564LET'S GET THIS SHIT STARTED >celtics[View]
102431150how many stones will he get in total[View]
102444565Odell skat fethish: Do you guys believe that wretched whore and think Odell really likes to be poope…[View]
102444146Based Finals.[View]
102439940Who’s winning the race war on Saturday?[View]
102438706How the fuck did this shitter became such a fucking Based GK?: He benchwarmed in fucking Saint-Étien…[View]
102435943He’s not wrong.[View]
102441421Bengals vs Browns Game Thread #2: Lazy fucks addition[View]
102404556/mlb/: this one's on me LA: Turner tallies three hits, RBI in win over Padres COL: Senzatela go…[View]
102442205Hey guys what’s up[View]
102437650/hoc/: morning sip edition *sip*[View]
102443611Name a more based player[View]
102441424Battle of Ohio Thread #2: Joe Football[View]
102434421is norf engerland the same as the southeastern usa?[View]
102438541Why Brazil is not as good at football as they were in the past?[View]
102423833Pesäpallo: Women's Superpesis Finals Game 1 starts in 4 hours. Free online stream https://www.…[View]
102418781only cool sports allowed thread[View]
102442867/cric/: New to the game? https://www.insure4sport.co.uk/blog/a-guide-to-cricket-for-beginners/ And t…[View]
102440265/nba/ general - BOSTON AGAIN edition: LAK: Rajon Rondo (back) questionable for Game 1 BOS: Gordon Ha…[View]
102441227Mayweather making a big mistake: Let's get real here for a minute. KSI basically is a younger, …[View]
102442584>mfw a football team wins the superbowl because the shitty toxic fans aren't in the stands…[View]
102431276Question of Sport fires Sue Barker: Replaced with sports personality Alex Scott btw racists not welc…[View]
102442370>Heat vs Boston >Yfw free rings[View]
102440217>lose by 8 goals >change nothing >don't let him leave why are they doing this to him?…[View]
102441198A about 2 weeks back when the Rockets were going to go up against the Lakers in round 2 of the playo…[View]
102407834The Italian version of Gerrard vs Lampard[View]
102429512/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Dectractor Edition: >Countdown to Ruskie Grand Prix: www.fo…[View]
102439125Bengals vs Browns Game Thread #1: Bengals (0-1) vs Browns (0-1) Battle for Ohio Kickoff in 50 bings…[View]
102432283the greatest penalty merchant of all time[View]
102439794ITT: Your league's comic relief[View]
102435695Lads, Tottenham drew unironic nazis in the next round...: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ballist%C3%A…[View]
102423824Imagine if all their players didn't play for other national teams. They would be a force to be …[View]
102440821He was carried by the corpse of Eli Manning.[View]
102427308For me, it's hip ball.[View]
102438135Best Jerseys: What are some of the freshest jerseys that you personally own and wear in public…[View]
102437791Any bets on who the first Trans athlete will be, /sp/? Inb4 some smartass knows the historical signi…[View]
102439883Miami Heat Pre-Celebration Thread: I know the game hasnt started, but you know what WE ALREADY WON h…[View]
102425841what has neymar ever done?[View]
102430890Not a big loss imo. Especially now that he's 29 and has been regressing. I wonder what the fat…[View]
102438382/nba/ general - Daniel Theis edition: previous: >>102422655 DET: Luke Kennard (knees) will att…[View]
102439711fuck peacock and fuck nbc: >liverpool/chelsea is only on peacock >half of all epl games are on…[View]
102436474Daily reminder that this team is cursed by the ghost of the Sonics, and will never, ever win a champ…[View]
102433439Best midfielder in the league.[View]
102419744/copalib/ - extreme diving tactics edition: > thursday Racing Club (ARG) - Nacional (URU) Sao Pau…[View]
102439064Watching MLB is free in your count?: we? Yes Our public broadcaster provides MLB games free So We ca…[View]
102433715Who's your favorite soccer team? Mine is Standard Charter.[View]
102435652BLUE AND WHITE ARMY[View]
102437365Is Warholm or Ingebrigtsen the biggest Norwegian name in sports right now?[View]
102432638MILAN V SHAMROCK ROVERS GAMETHREAD: >Milan: Donnarumma; Calabaria, Kjaer, Gabbia, Theo; Kessie, B…[View]
102438515We all knew it: Thoughts on Scottie Pippins transformation?[View]
102433197Chicago White Sox vs Mini-soda twins game thread: CWS SP Reynaldo Lopez RHP 1-2, 5.28 ERA, 13 SO Vs …[View]
102438069TSC 6-6 FCSB: wtf did i just watch? this is beyond insane https://youtu.be/xSSvMpOCacs[View]
102435119>50 million[View]
102430190/NFL/ General - Elite Edition: BAL: Greg Roman: RB roles will be different every week NYJ: Crowder n…[View]
102438511Mets @ Phillies Game Thread: Lugo vs. Nola[View]
102422848Literally who can stop them?[View]
102438322Which Premier League team do you fear the most?[View]
102438126>brazil population is 200+ million >this is the only somewhat decent athlete they can produce …[View]
102427818Why couldn't he just learn Espanol?: it's not even that hard of a language to learn and he…[View]
102422655/nba/ general - GAME TWO TAILGATING edition: DET: Luke Kennard (knees) will attend Pistons 'bubble' …[View]
102432105Why is this dinosaur still allowed to coach top 6 clubs?[View]
102436298hum... Oui? Une Ligue 1 s'il vous plait.[View]
102433226Laporta will return and BARÇA WILL BE GREAT AGAIN Barto era it's over Prepare yourselves faggot…[View]
102436911no wonder he got that beard transplant...[View]
102437736Literally whomst?[View]
102437294Just a Friendly Reminder: A 40 year old homeless man ran for more yards than a 23 year old RB in his…[View]
102433354/UE/ - UberEats formerly /comfyrama/ - Édition Clash des titans: Ancien/Older: >>102411969 ---…[View]
102431553Eternal Arsenal Thread[View]
102431441/hoc/: non-404[View]
102437432Why don’t defenders just stand way up near midfield so the opposition isn’t allowed to shoot anywher…[View]
102427889You niggas in trouble: 2026 world cup is ours faggots #1 U21 LW in the world #1 U21 RB in the world …[View]
102437420One extra large neck please![View]
102427345Redpill me on them[View]
102434464how many today?[View]
102424050thiaGOAT: >Liverpool have agreed to sign Thiago Alcantara from Bayern Munich for a fee of around …[View]
102437197If the frenchfucks hadn't poisoned him, he would have literally won 3 world cups in a row... It…[View]
102411286official laugh at Australia thread: GET IN HERE ENGLANDGODS[View]
102426505What is your favorite underdog story?[View]
102410913Are they a big club?[View]
102429734/heem/ - Duck Edition: Previous: >>102421238 News: >Colby Covington vs Tyron Woodley this …[View]
102417760how would >he have been remembered if he spent his career in europe?[View]
102430267LEAGUE CUP SECOND ROUND THREAD: The third and final night of EFL Carabao Cup action this week rounds…[View]
102434768English player Daniel Beba Água[View]
102249423Motor/sp/ort General - 24 Heures du Mans: Schedule: >MotoGP - Misano >Indycar - Mid-Ohio >N…[View]
102436646>795 days till world cup[View]
102426216Europa League MegaThread: Qualifying round 2[View]
102419086How excited are you for the cripple fight of the century?[View]
102435809why is this shit so god damn boring?[View]
102427432Be afraid. Be very afraid.[View]
102436300Will he ever win another championship?[View]
102430179/LA SPORTS GENERAL/: Why will we own the 2020s?[View]
102435591Post athletes that didn't deserve their success. pic unrelated[View]
102435832What did Tottenham mean by this?[View]
102435857the charges, officer?[View]
102404105/fpl/ - Fantasy Premier League: Nyland meme pick is dead edition[View]
102426384Best team in the league[View]
102424291OFFICIAL Lincoln Red Imps v Rangers match thread: First Celtic were crushed, now it's the turn …[View]
102432247Is he the favourite for the Conn Smythe trophy?: Point is injured, Kucherov and Hedman have been goo…[View]
102435305What went wrong, Wolfbros?[View]
102414520>up-and-coming young prospect >he's a full decade and change younger than me…[View]
102432168>iranian players goes to FC Porto >shirt sales go up in orders of 100% Nice…[View]
102433650*scores *[View]
102434385Aston Villa are one of the biggest clubs in the world: here's why 1) we created the english foo…[View]
102435062Mikael Forssell banging them in for Birmingham City in the Premier League: The peak kino of the earl…[View]
102434680>England thought they had a chance of winning a World Cup with this team The post golden generati…[View]
102422583/trans/ /HTFC/ edition 11.0: >Real Madrid and Spain left-back Sergio Reguilon, 23, is at Tottenha…[View]
102433635Next Celtic signing, opinions?: Jere Uronen, 26, left back, KRC Genk. Almost 40 games with the FInni…[View]
102431440/cfl/ general: Sweet can’t wait to see which team will win the grey cup![View]
102434363>salah has a good game >mane is shit >mane has a good game >salah is shit What's go…[View]
102433573According to EA, Cantona was on the same level as Xavi, Henry, Van Basten and Eusebio lmao[View]
102434247The good - kawhi, messi, djokovic, manning The bad- lebron, ronaldo, nadal, brady The ugly- curry, n…[View]
102416188Kneel white boys[View]
102432521What went wrong?[View]
102431271Biggest pleb filter in sports[View]
102433553ladies and gentlemen, your tottenham man of the match[View]
102430578INSIDER INFORMATION: Insider here. I bring you insider information from El Chiringuito inside, a we…[View]
102422974Madrid got robbed[View]
102432467Seethe and cope, faggots This cup is ours[View]
102425604if the uk formed a football team could they win something?[View]
102427373/hoc/: SOON edition[View]
102430186>you now remember the time when man utd had the tactic of sticking fellani (a midfielder) upfront…[View]
102428723LOKOMOTIV PLOVDIV VS SPURS GAME THREAD: Final nail in the coffin edition 1 bong[View]
102433286Any anons have a subscription to this trash? I need an article pastebinned[View]
102433221What are your favorite signs from sporting events?[View]
102432727>makes the EL more kino than the CL absolute madman[View]
102432658How do Messoy and Penaldo fans COPE with the fact that young prospect and future GOAT JLingz has mor…[View]
102433057I really love Ed Woodward an the Glazers. But I hate Manure.[View]
102432597Say my name.[View]
102432660Who was in the wrong here?[View]
102431036Bartomeu impeachment begins: >Jordi Farré presents 20,731 signatures at FC Barcelona's offic…[View]
102432541Tottenham: You can't make this shit up[View]
102432596how does he keep getting away with it?[View]
102431968Name a bigger joke of a club.: I'll wait.[View]
102432282What went so right?[View]
102432492>jewish club >rigs the game[View]
102424699Today I will remind them[View]
102431356What does /sp/ think of professional golfer Paula Creamer?[View]
102432069Kobe Bean Bryant: >named after a type of beef his parents saw on a menu and jellybeans Do America…[View]
102427492How many this season ?[View]
102420722Miss this ni*ga[View]
102431238Was this ever be topped as the GOAT goal celebration?[View]
102431516What went wrong?[View]
102428852Why do NBA players have to wear masks if they're in a bubble?[View]
102366245/ffg/ Monday Night Lights Edition: Post teams Post leagues Ask questions Give opinions Hopefully you…[View]
102428756Did anyone see that Messi pre-assist on Coutinho's goal? That guy is fucking insane.[View]
102411654American football is the best American sport by far.[View]
102427479Whats the deal with them? Why can't they attract players anymore?[View]
102420900Dest to Barcelona: Once again, /sp/ takes a massive L[View]
102411525>same old squad that the last year >fatzard >lucas vazquez >vinicius Yep, they're f…[View]
102380316Eternal Arsenal Thread[View]
102428338Guys I used to love CR7 and hate messhit but now that Koeman is Barcelona manager I want him to shin…[View]
102430955the utter state of premier sports[View]
102417615Are today's sports just too soft?[View]
102419347C «Chelsea» I «Inter» R «Real Madrid» C «Chelsea» U «United» S «Spurs»[View]
102426381charges, officer?[View]
102430533Honestly, can you name a better sports analyzing show?[View]
102426170*is kino[View]
102430749So what could they have done differently here?[View]
102425466STREAK VS STREAK MATCH: right now both won all their games, no draw, no losses. But tonight, one wil…[View]
102405025/bet / Previous >>102360725[View]
102430411>no thread[View]
102426503Lads give me the harsh truth We won't have full stadiums this entire EPL season will we?[View]
102417184We are all agreed on this, yes?[View]
102424474/sea/ general: What makes the 2020's >ours, spee?[View]
102427853Rate Barcelona's Portuguese players: In no order, here are the players: >Luis Figo >Ferna…[View]
102419962/nfl/ general - helicopter hair edition: DEN: Broncos officially send CB Bouye (shoulder) to IR NYJ:…[View]
102412057This is English striker Shola Ameobi, say something nice![View]
102420060>be fat Slav >be the best center in the league despite having a 4 inch vertical Does he not pr…[View]
102421238heem: spidersilva.com prev>>102413862[View]
102429160Should the Scandinavian countries combine their league into 1 elite Scandinavian League?[View]
102418699Post 1. Your city 2. What sport it's known for 3. Pic of said sport's stadium 4. Other ano…[View]
102394784Bayol: Se Va[View]
102426390Aussie bros...it is over.[View]
102416150/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Evolution Theory Edition: >Countdown to Ruskie Grand Prix: …[View]
102426331Messi or Ronaldo?: Hi guys, new to this football forum. Was just wondering who you guys thought was …[View]
102387474/tugão/ - Benfica Europeu edition: Jorge Jesus is the best choice for Benfica edition >Rumors Ga…[View]
102426263Fuck Arsenal: I hate this piece of shit club so much REEEEE[View]
102415656>the french unironically have a football team called 'Paris Foot Gay' >the team is made of 30%…[View]
102403762/nflbet/: nfl betting. sissy sports not welcomed. post your predictions and lets win some monee…[View]
102408230The Euro domination in NBA has only just began. Roko Prkačin will enter the draft next season and he…[View]
102409136Another massacre at Winged Foot this week?: US Open kicks off at Winged Foot tomorrow. From the way …[View]
102420993NBA franchises soul vs soulless: SOUL >Heat >Bucks >Raptors >Nuggets >Bulls >Nugge…[View]
102406515/seriea/ + /calciomercato/ - Il Tango delle Punte: >Genoa have officially signed Filippo Melegoni…[View]
102426781/box/ who wins in a fight david tua vs joe mesi in their primes?[View]
102416223Who is taking this one f.am?[View]
102424611>*makes /sp/ seethe with rage*[View]
102419311Imagine for 1.5 seconds what a delusional coping retard you must be to not acknowledge reality of th…[View]
102403812/chels/: three points[View]
102424390Be afraid, /sp/. Be very afraid.[View]
102423143ITT: elite stats padding athletes across all sports[View]
102420469/hoc/: hockey edition[View]
102427013Dundee United FC: This football club has played in more European Cup/CL semi-finals than Everton, Ne…[View]
102427003was it autism?[View]
102420651/Best friends/[View]
102425788>Jimmy Butler >Goran Dragic >Tyler Herro >Nikola Jokic >Jamal Murray…[View]
102418508/afl/: North vs West coast tonight[View]
102425184Have they sold somebody already?: Higuain will still be the '9'?[View]
102426353Who is the Pineapple Pepsi of your National Team: Which player best represents the combination of pi…[View]
102425254>gets sacked by Inter >gets sacked by Crystal Palace after only 4 games >gets sacked from t…[View]
102423249new socceroos jersey[View]
1024236801. Messi 2. Federer 3. Jordan 4. Adrian Peterson 5. Usain Bolt 6. Tom Brady these are the 6 athletes…[View]
102426396Is this the least white league in Europe?[View]
102418095>hey BOSS, where's my paycheck? My dogs are hungry and you know what happens when my dogs ar…[View]

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