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111324470is this based or cringe??[View]
111357799ban us women's soccer team from competing: completely poor sportsmanship on display. get humili…[View]
111358001/heem/ - CEO of EPO Under Investigation Edition: Anthony 'Showtime' Pettis: >>111353422 news: …[View]
111356140Why does this boring ass sport get so much bandwidth?[View]
111358169anyone mind posting a shot of korea at the opening ceremony. i missed it[View]
111356104Oh No No No... Not Again: ITS[View]
111360048For me, it's Ethiopian Coffee FC[View]
111349679Does the olympics still have a face? A great athlete who can promote the entire thing alone. Don…[View]
111355115Where the african athletes at?[View]
111348449For me its Colombian archer Valentina Giraldo[View]
111359248>Be Greek dude >See some random Black dudes on your street playing Football >Ask them to pl…[View]
111358302Are Japanese people usually this rude?[View]
111359028*wins the 2023-24 UEFA Champions League*[View]
111355740/mls/ general - FRIDAY BREAK edition: >Sat. 7/24 Atlanta United vs. Columbus Crew, 3:30pm Chicago…[View]
111359759BUSH LEAGUE: MANLET BARREA BTFO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIWSKssJP2E[View]
111356609If they made a Movie adaptation of the NBA Finals 2021: Who would be: >The main Protagonist >T…[View]
111324273Naomi Osaka may become the last runner...: Naomi Osaka to be torchbearer for opening ceremony, may b…[View]
111349750where the fuck are the webms: do your fucking jobs post them[View]
111358228Will they finally win their first medal this year?[View]
111358288How good would they be at the olympics in archery? why no one has kidnapped one of them to participa…[View]
111358486The IOCs Vice President Dick Pound (formerly Richard Kilogram) He’s part of the reason the Olympics…[View]
111356226Still the GOAT ceremony[View]
111358345Which events are we watching tonight, bros? Is it just Rowing? I need to know who to bet on in my dr…[View]
111357501Redpill me on the Olympics[View]
111341590/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Olympic Edition: >Lap: #2771 >Countdown to Goulash GP: w…[View]
111353422/heem/ - hungry edition: news: everyone made weight bjpenn.com/shop preevis >>111342177[View]
111350127>DUDE THE BEDS WILL BREAK IF YOU HAVE SEX ON THEM LMAO Why did the media and /sp/ shill this lie …[View]
111356494Can we just have one Bronze medal please[View]
111355604You are rooting for best girl right /sp/?[View]
111351159Is /ourmommy/ participating?[View]
111356993>They didn't get a gundam to carry the torch by the time Japan gets to host again, piloted r…[View]
111357098Reminder Americans unashamedly tried to claim her as the GOAT of GOATs[View]
111357685Is this the most soulless uniform in Olympics Ceremony?[View]
111346570In case you missed the opening ceremony: >Big loss for anime >Big loss for bing bing wahoo …[View]
1113598728 percent raise in salary[View]
111357014based Naru: More Naruhito, less niggers[View]
111355789>tfw getting relegated this season Any other clubs know this feel?[View]
111351118/180/: BETFRED WORLD MATCHPLAY DAY 7: The remaining quarter-finals at Blackpool's Winter Garden…[View]
111356909Whoa boy: Croatian midfield: Kovačić Brozović Vlašić Majer Moro Ivanušec Pašalić Bašić[View]
111356149Should a referee be famous?[View]
111352593NEW RUSSIAN NT COACH VALERY KARPIN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3cUTmUSueQ >I don't lik…[View]
111356470Stunning and brave[View]
111323335/147/ - Snooker Championship League: Final day before the weekend break! >Dates: 18 July - 13 Aug…[View]
111357252NBA Commissioner Adam Silver left the trophy in the box: Why did he do this? The coach didn't k…[View]
111349962Hey you English twats, remember me? The guy who is always 100% right with his predictions or shall I…[View]
111356414/nrl/ - Rugby League general: Best Friends edition NRL >GAME 1 South Sydney Rabbitohs v New Zeala…[View]
111350859well, well...: so you mean that australia scored two goals and the argentinians didn't score an…[View]
111350498Olympic athletes are fucking right now while you still talk about Naomi Osaka[View]
111284517Laugh at the absolute state of Australia: >Make furry ocs as 'mascots' for the Olympic games >…[View]
111353949Is he our guy?[View]
111352772will he finally get laid in tokyo?[View]
111349186Anti-Anglo thread: Wanna know why we hate ya Britain and Australia England you think you're a b…[View]
111356186Great Britain will win the womens football tournament at the Olympics[View]
111355948Who will dominate Pole Vault at Tokyo 2020. Starts August 2nd. Does Holland stand a chance?[View]
111356035Which one you thought was going to win?[View]
111354078england lost[View]
111351193Typhoon to Hit Tokyo in 4 Days: The games might actually get delayed or outright cancelled.[View]
111343898/ozlympics/ - Australia & New Zealand Olympics general: Skye edition Australian schedule https:/…[View]
111354039Remember when Naomi Osaka beat Serena Williams at 2018 Us Open, crowd booed her and she was /sp/ her…[View]
111351013Do European countries feel any embarrassment or shame for this type of stuff?[View]
111351405Olympic Mascots: Rank them: https://tiermaker.com/create/olympic-mascots-40443 https://olympics.com/…[View]
111354378they look like goddamn watermelons fucking hell how did Armani fuck up this bad[View]
111351189A fucking pizza on the suit[View]
111321286/cfb/ general - WILD SPECULATION edition: FSU: FSU QB McKenzie Milton (knee): I'm 100% healthy …[View]
111351795>cleveland indians change their name to guardians >olympic torch in le based nippon is litten …[View]
111337063Do we support Fatima Diame in the long jump?[View]
111355559>The medal table should be ranked by medals per capita[View]
111354352I fully support our black athletes, how could you tell?[View]
111352854Behold the olympic gold winner , mvp and top scorer. Seethe Argieniggas Welcome to madrid[View]
111353077ITT: SOVL[View]
111355099>Browns >Cavaliers >Guardians What is the underlying theme here?…[View]
111354134So they're winning the CL this year right? Strictly PAPER speaking, they're the best team …[View]
111350934Khabib vs. Usman: Who would win, if Khabib stepped up to 170 lbs?[View]
111355058Imagine if took sports seriously: https://vocaroo.com/1lY1IW1XieS9[View]
111349316>It's common for American teams to move cities and completely rebrand What's even the p…[View]
111343441Please support Scotland's own wee shooting goblina. Your energy would be appreciated to achieve…[View]
111350908I am really looking forward to see how the freestyle BMX will turn out at the Olympics and how the s…[View]
111350137Liverpool vs Mainz gamethread: Where we at Liverbros? It's been a fun summer watching England c…[View]
111325312/hoc/: Wolfpack edition[View]
111349788Not a serious league[View]
111328617Where is he :’([View]
111350976>literally everyone fucking dopes >Russians get caught because they're retards and do it …[View]
111354046Imagine what could have been https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7HL5wYqAbU[View]
111353325when are some olympic sports? I haven't seen one thread about the actual events just people com…[View]
111353179Where are people watching the olympics? I'm not going to pay for NBC or whatever the fuck. Ther…[View]
111343796I know this may be a stupid question but who decides how many athletes can compete in the Olympic ga…[View]
111353665What has happened to American Basketball players?: The Finals MVP and the Regular season MVP of the …[View]
111351503>makes /pol/cels seethe Based Japs exposing the racism in /sp/[View]
111351773The CHAD national anthem of glorious Japan. >One of the oldest written anthems in the world, and …[View]
111342177/heem/ DO NOT POO IN THE LOO Edition: Poovious: >>111326936 News: Yoel Romero found out to be …[View]
111348468>japan has one of the most recognizable cultures in the world >make opening ceremony as generi…[View]
111346009What a bastard: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9817615/Ryan-Giggs-appear-court-today-forma…[View]
111351369>2021, I HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN Why does this board is always like this? Why can't we just t…[View]
111279745/cyc/ - General: Olympic opening week edition - Part II Current and upcoming races: 20.07 - 24.07 To…[View]
111346444Did Japan do a good job?: Did you like it? Also was that really the Digimon version of Bolero?…[View]
111326079Will Great Britain defeat the red menace once again?[View]
111352400For me it is the Japanese international rugby sevens, Tuquiri Lot[View]
111348774WHAT WENT WRONG?[View]
111352078Britbongs would've made a better opening https://youtu.be/Qrym1Lk3c1Q[View]
111347929This why olympic opening was so shit: They are trying to get better their public image beacuse only …[View]
111352364>That goal was offside so it doesnt count[View]
111312285/mlb/ general: WIN STREAK EDITION: DET: Eric Haase homers as Tigers win seventh straight CLE: Jose R…[View]
111349469>it's the 400m dash but the runners are covered in honey and africanized bees are released o…[View]
111351945I checked the results. It seems that only 2 teams were level with England after 90 minutes. So, Ital…[View]
111350111Will she bring it home for New Zealand?[View]
111351784What can we about the rape epidemic in sports? I feel like white men don't really talk about th…[View]
111351213Can Japan improve and make this Olympics go well?[View]
111351131where do I watch olympics free online on my pc: I have a 3 tv's in my house but the one in my r…[View]
111344500this absolute madman just saved the entire thing[View]
111349674Friendly reminder that Naomi Osaka dates US Afro-American Rapper Cordae: And both are more rich and …[View]
111346887Why is /sp/ so mad about this picture? What did we do?[View]
111347127How many?[View]
111345845HERE IT IS[View]
111349393*saves the opening ceremony by sheer /fa/shion*[View]
111349433Rui Hachimura should have been Japan's Torch carrier.[View]
111350379Liverpool vs mainz thread: Anyone else watching this shit? STREAM http://liveonscore.tv/soccer-strea…[View]
111347983/OSCAR/: Looking forward to seeing this Chad running and dominating #itscominghome[View]
111350313Marble League 2021: haven't seen a thread so far. third event just got released. https://www.y…[View]
111350301I just had an idea that will save the Cleveland Indians.: Welcome to Operation Scratchoff.[View]
111335225Guess how many gold medals your country get?[View]
111314596/nfl/ - Twitter edition: NYG: Saquon Barkley (knee) begins camp on the PUP list NYG: Kadarius Toney …[View]
111350117Sports Betting: Hey anybody else gambling on the games? I'm seriously contemplating betting tha…[View]
111344117Predict what the opening ceremony will be[View]
111349972Does he have a legacy at Barca? Seems like Ronaldinho is only adored.[View]
111348952We did it better. https://youtu.be/4As0e4de-rI[View]
111341568>Russia will never be PROPERLY banned no matter how much they cheat >Everyone else is almost c…[View]
111349939>mascot of Formula One 90s >sponsored Arsenal >Superbowl ad for his film >Music played f…[View]
111347171>no sports where purposefully permanently maiming the opponent is written into the rules why are …[View]
111317967Who is going to win the Olympia this year?[View]
111336804Ahahaha So what were they thinking here? I literally can't think of anything unique about Bris…[View]
111343178SOULLESS: How does Japan have no soul left anymore?[View]
111348803Admit it, it was kino[View]
111349575Opening at the Tokyo Olympics: Garbage opening worse than Pyeongchang Olympics www[View]
111343871>people really thought this was going to be the anime olympics lmao just lmao…[View]
111348735He should’ve lit it[View]
111346710if taro aso had taken over, would the opening ceremony have been fixed?[View]
111349255>no sumo >no noh >no shodou >no shamisen >no taiko >no folk stories >no ainu…[View]
111322807What is some cool sport from your country that we will never see at the Olympics?: Italy Calcio Stor…[View]
111349034Korean broadcaster MBC used a picture of Chernobyl while introducing the Ukrainian team[View]
111348431We should have a world championship with only those sports every four years starting next year in Qa…[View]
111346493Italybros... what the fuck...[View]
111349193>win 13 (5 golds) medals for your country >biggest honor is given to some black women that won…[View]
111335369What a chad[View]
111343647admit it froggies, how happy you were that the whole thing was in french?[View]
111348977Japan needs to replace it’s entire Olympic team with superior half breed American black GI DNA to ha…[View]
111347379You ARE drinking water... right?[View]
111348354>aaaa i can't breathe[View]
111347467P, please wait judge us until ED. W,we do much better for sure. https://youtu.be/4RH4OBE5v5o[View]
111335934aussiefags have good taste[View]
111348324imagine if the Olympics were hosted in wembley >England fans booing all the other teams >Engla…[View]
111346389What a failure of a show: WHY DIDN'T HE LIGHT THE TORCH?[View]
111347112WHERE WAS SHE[View]
111329520Springboks vs B&I Lions: Predictions? Hopes?[View]
111348197>Opening ceremony. >I am forgotten.[View]
111348296Pictogram video where? My gf would enjoy it I wanna show her :3[View]
111348198>running >swimming >fighting >weightlifting and nothing else…[View]
111346868Now that the shitshow is over, post SOVL opening ceremonies[View]
111348248>Who? Ronaldinho?? Why the fuck would we want a B-Tec Ronaldo? Get that damn monkey out of here…[View]
111347798Who cares about olympics??[View]
111347808>incels are mad at the olympics what happened? i didnt see the opening i was wageslaving…[View]
111347297animebros... how will we recover after this ceremony?[View]
111348201Jordan Love has not played one snap in the nfl and commentators are saying he can replace Aaron Rodg…[View]
111344200Based La Creatividad[View]
111347557>Promised Doraemon >Promised Mario >Promised Captain Tsubasa >instead we got this Still …[View]
111346139Fishing should be an Olympic sport[View]
111347949>Based Shinzo Abe promised anime and mario >We get some lights and carpentry No wonder he didn…[View]
111347898Olympic teams if they were football clubs USA = Barcelona China = Real Madrid Russia = Juventus Grea…[View]
111345755Why year 1952 Olympic games were the best one? It's been downward spiral ever since.[View]
111340087NOSSA NOSSA[View]
111332396>all future olympics will take place in brazil how would you feel about it…[View]
111341185madman did it again[View]
111261791/oly/ general - SLIGHTLY DELAYED edition: Opening Ceremony July 23 7 a.m. EDT / 4 a.m. PDT >previ…[View]
111347294i think in the future i will just not watch the opening ceremonies[View]
111346555w-why wasnt this held a year ago?[View]
111325968Italain Defenders: Pastabros, who is regarded as the greatest defender in Italian football? For me,…[View]
111343451>Nourine said his decision is final and he would not 'get his hands dirty'. Based or cringe?…[View]
111346804what event are we watching first boys??? Any better schedule sites? https://olympic.ca/tokyo-2020-o…[View]
111341196>2018 Korea Olympics opening ceremony, sang Imagine: >2020 Japan Olympic opening ceremony, san…[View]
111339948['When England made 1-0, thought we were gonna be Europeaan champions mate..'][View]
111318572Tokyo Summer Olympics opening ceremony: >Starts: 20:00 Tokyo time / 13:00 Central Europe time / 7…[View]
111324525Football Manager reveals plan to add women’s leagues to game: Finally! \o/[View]
111342198>I am rooting against America What happened?[View]
111315990American Soccer: Why do americans always put politics into everything? Not even sports is safe anymo…[View]
111333830outside of the stadium is funny than opening ceremony www[View]
111335513is an horse an athlete?[View]
111345377Bolero, Queen, Imagine: Is it really Japanese Olympic?[View]
111337022What are Team GB's chances this year?[View]
111345083*saves your ceremony* *is a athlete*[View]
111326685Guys where can I get the raw footage of the Olympics?[View]
111321050why is spain trying to kill their players?[View]
111341933185 million for this fraud[View]
111337866I want to know what the average /sp/ortsician is like >A/S/L >How you related to sports growin…[View]
111343001>This speech What's their problem?[View]
111343838the google opening was much better than the japan opening[View]
111341927Japan, it's time to commit seppuku. What a shameful ceremony.[View]
111343678overall 1/10 for the opening ceremony. the drones were kino though[View]
111341820How much for someone that can score penalties?[View]
111330850>makes more money than most people will ever see What is this stupid dykes problem? Is money lite…[View]
111333306Where can I watch the olympics in streaming considering I don't have a TV? Either my Google-fu …[View]
111335407What the fuck? Why do they have so many white people?[View]
111336807Don't they feel embarrassed about making the worst Olympics of all time? I thought they were ab…[View]
111337469I hope everyone tries their best and has lots of fun.[View]
111340015He is back.[View]
111343139Is meme magic real? How can we play it in sports? Is an meme a athlete?[View]
111332710I really thought the opening ceremony for tokyo 2020 was going to be hugely kino with very memorable…[View]
111317329Explain Korean sportsmanship[View]
111342737>tfw your club has two friendlies tomorrow with a split squad Which set of lads do I go watch?…[View]
111342319>people being somehow surprised the Olympic games are globohomo Rightoids are dumb as hell…[View]
111342837Someone post the webm of the Tuvalu representatives in the opening ceremony... NOW![View]
111342773F**ing talkative[View]
111321426>2021...I am forgotten[View]
111326936Heem: 1, nothing wrong with me 2, nothing wrong with me[View]
1113423182019 Love Island winner and Irish rugby sevens player Greg O'Shea is going to fertilize the Oly…[View]
111342197This opening ceremony is fucking embarrassing. Are we going to have to summon him?[View]
111342187How many medals do we think the we wuz continent will win?[View]
111326904>seethes over Discovery, Inc. in every single olympics thread What the fuck, I thought Sweden was…[View]
111339982Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here?[View]
111341939Stop it[View]
111340754>Imagine there's no heaven[View]
111335833He's right. /sp/ went way too far.[View]
111331850/tennis/: Olympics day 1 edition[View]
111341479Only african and pacific islander countries dressed in traditional costumes[View]
111341437Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
111320872Thoughts and expectations for The Final Death March?[View]
111340281Like I know sports betting is legal now and it's hip now but uh fuck you degenerate gambling fu…[View]
111340563>per capita Just getting this out of the way. No need to thank me Ausfags. Good luck getting thos…[View]
111339273The Tokyo 2020 Olympics... a glorious occasion. I think I will celebrate with a meal, pie on a barm[View]
111339832>not even olympics are safe from ngubus[View]
111334323>Swedish commentator talking about how the Olympics could be key to Japan 'opening up' to diversi…[View]
111340286you just know[View]
111334956Forever the best[View]
111340244They're wearing masks? Fuck this gay shit. Death to chinks.[View]
111336707>tfw we still have the best opening ceremony good luck in 2024, France.…[View]
111339146What went wrong?[View]
111339052why must italy always act like the clown of the class?[View]
111316730/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - FUCK'S SAKE /f1/ Edition: >Lap: #2770 >Countdown to…[View]
111334163FIDE /chess/ World Cup Bowl - Round 4, Day 2: >/asp/ dead >doesn't fit on /pw/ >/tg/ i…[View]
111311926>IT'S COMING ROME Why are Italians like this? If England won the Euros against Italy in Rome…[View]
111314446Was this the most SOUL Olympics?[View]
111338814YASSS: this time there are two like that[View]
111324402>https://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/pats-cheesesteaks-deadly-shooting/2889665/ >be G…[View]
111336739yeah, I'm thinking it's fucking kino[View]
111336478Is Taekwon-do popular in your count?[View]
111334903India will surprise you this time. Screencap this.[View]
111323251ITT: You are in charge of sports funding and promotion in your country Which sport would you push an…[View]
111330854It’s Friday /sp, and I don’t feel like going to work[View]
111337960best opening in the best sport game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGWpVrfX5xQ[View]
111337791Do you have a GOAT in a niche sport? Pic related is Jan-Ove Waldner, the pingis (ping-pong) GOAT[View]
111336755Chelseachads are supporting Team GB,[View]
111337275Why is he so based?: >Rio 2016 >Pyeongchang 2018 >Tokio 2020(1)…[View]
111314354New York Yankees vs Boston Red Sox Gamethread[View]
111336371Anyone else thinks it's fucked up that team sports only grant one medal on the medal table for …[View]
111327259Who /skateboard/ here?[View]
111331790He's not wrong[View]
111322958https://streamable.com/my6ehn The most athletic footballer ever. Great goalscoring/assist rate. Was…[View]
111313596He's right you know[View]
111335739>Chad >Not a single chad in the team[View]
111312771Pep is a genius[View]
111294139Otamendi's beta tattoos[View]
111324842Never forget what they did to him.[View]
111333536/ozlympics/ - Australia & New Zealand Olympics general: Australian schedule https://www.olympics…[View]
111315284Olympics Day 0 General: ALL TIMES JAPANESE >Rowing 8.30-9.30: Men's Single Sculls 9.30-10.30…[View]
111333680o bella ciao bella ciao bella ciao ciao ciao[View]
111328139No fans on the stadium: RUINED[View]
111325907Is he still the mascot? I remember they said he will but nothing recently.[View]
111329294>French is the official language of the Olympics How do thirdies (anglos included) cope with that…[View]
111309538mesi: mesi[View]
111332428As long as Britain has less than 20 medals I'm happy[View]
111327937based or cringe: based or cringe[View]
111277922/seriea/ + /calciomercato/ - New sponsor edition: ITALIA CAMPIONE D'EUROPA 2020! Congratulation…[View]
111333217oh, hey Tom[View]
111330068>actually watching the Olympics[View]
111322825Did she do it on purpose?: Maybe she failed the test on purpose. She is more famous now and somethin…[View]
111332228>the first relegation candidate of Eredivisie 2021-2022[View]
111325575>wake up >all games for the day are already over Wow, nice 'event' you got there Japan…[View]
111328300>meanwhile in China, 13 years ago[View]
111332100>3 days on >still 0 medals Is the empire fibally crumbling?…[View]
111323748/afl/ - Round 19 - Olympic Edition: all times eastern FRIDAY JULY 23: Port Adelaide v Collingwood - …[View]
111331803GOAT Olympics opening/finale ceremony ever: Beckham Paul mccartney Spice girls Jame bond Oasis…[View]
111331848I don't care for the Olympics at all. I haven't watched them since Athens[View]
111322471The opening ceremony is tonight What would you like to see in it?[View]
111323276Olympics finally on. Imagine the amount of moods who the games can offer.[View]
111277936Mallory Edens is the owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, how much partying did she do last night?[View]
111274310concakino /oro/ cup - no games until saturday edition[View]
111329661Moment of silence for kikes? cant escape their fucking grubby hands anywhere, not even in japan olym…[View]
111328601>first ever football match was a 0-0 slurpfest uhm i'm thinking kino??…[View]
111327375Women's soccer.: .[View]
111323190Yes, I support Chelsea and Manchester city. How could you tell?[View]
111319171Sports are MUCH more important than you think, it's a sign of economical and cultural power. Q…[View]
111308780What if /sp/ existed in the 90s? Notable things that happened- >MJs bulls 3peat twice > West G…[View]
111328810>Olympic weightlifting webm[View]
111325523Umbrochads rise up[View]
111325189Why Korea football player refused to hand shake with Kiwi footballer? I think it’s shame.[View]
111327762We WILL be at the 2022 Winter Edition World Cup and you WILL like it.[View]
111327353post yfw the US Olympic team walk out in Black Lives Matter t-shirts[View]
111327181the 'opening ceremony' is for women. if you really care for sport then why not watch it? >>111…[View]
111327578Why can't Americans admit that the best player in their basketball league is not American?: Loo…[View]
111311898ITT: Sports that your country can defeat America in. I'll start. Football Rugby Cricket Snooker…[View]
111327487>tfw just a street kid watching the olympics get a per capita up ya cunt…[View]
111323750why is there a 40 year old playing an intensive sport in the olympics?[View]
111319105Olympic Typhoon: There is a typhoon forming that could hit Tokyo in 5 days Would the Olympics be sus…[View]
111301896There’s absolutely no way in hell he doesn’t get into your all time XI[View]
111311419Yeah, I'm thinking we're back.[View]
111300898Did you like the brazilian intro in anime style for the olympics? https://youtu.be/NJbvQu3x2Vg[View]
111326556thanks a lot American corporation[View]
111326127>”why is everyone so obsessed with us, rent free as they say, pathetic display from you lot” >…[View]
111326115Superb owl champs: It's finally coming home this year lads.[View]
111323905It's not about money... it's about sending a message.[View]
111317405Olympic Rowing #2: cont >>111314736[View]
111277974PES is officially dead: what was your favourite pes game?[View]
111279026What sports do you watch exclusively at the olympics?[View]
111316877>don't worry lionel, you can have her after i'm done breaking her in first…[View]
111324447>Sheffield Wednesday got relegated >England lost the European Cup final at Wembley >contrac…[View]
111317575Meet your 2021 Olympic Athletes[View]
111326048why exactly was a frenchman gleaming?[View]
111325933who /beachbunda/ here[View]
111319270Realistically speaking, can anybody in women's swimming stop her?[View]
111315687Which sports are Canadians good at?: I've heard they play Ice Hockey. It looks pretty cool, wis…[View]
111325197>having to study >just open /sp/ real quick to see whats up…[View]
111305721/mls/ general - BEAST COAST edition: >Thur. 7/22 Orlando City vs Philadelphia Union, 7:30pm Austi…[View]
111325198they just said Benzema has covid[View]
111283296/nrl/ - Rugby League general: Deal With The Devil edition NRL >what's on? Parramatta Eels v …[View]
111320756ITT: Best Team Logos[View]
111313008/anzlympics/ - Australia & New Zealand Olympics general: Rayna Buckle edition @raynabuckle Aust…[View]
111324960/ozlympics/: >cameltoe on sydney harbour edition >Australia https://www.olympics.com.au/games/…[View]
111324682/ozlympics: >kiwi's were a mistake editio >Australia https://www.olympics.com.au/games/to…[View]
111313307Young Croatian football player Marin Ljubičić scored 2 in a europe qualifier today. Croatian fans ha…[View]
111324170What’s going on here?: Can I get a quick rundown[View]
111298237What's her problem?[View]
111324083how did this happen?[View]
111310630/GritaMexico/: EEEEHH PUTO Edition Joing our quiniela: https://quiniela.juanfutbol.com/invitacion/to…[View]
111322306In retrospect, was it really an unfair treatment ?[View]
111319007For me, it's Laura Kenny.[View]
111302099I just woke up. You just cost me 1 thousand pesos. Explain yourselves, UEFAkeks.[View]
111312952Will they be back?[View]
111317543He’s better than LeMickey: Suns beat LeMickey. Akumpo beat the Suns. Akumpo is better than LeMickey…[View]
111318659The most pathetic sporting nation?: woke up and saw on /sp/ that Argentina lost in a sport very few …[View]
111303370/nba/- Bucks rule editon: News- Bucks chip is not an askterisk. Players get injured every year in th…[View]
111298896/afl/: footy tomorrow got me and the footybros sleeping like[View]
111320842>be at therapist's office >qt in her 30's walking me through dealing with stressful …[View]
111293683Americans dont support their own NT because their players are not hot enough for their taste :([View]
111323435*wins Ligue 1*[View]
111323371name a bigger larper[View]
111305932He’s the GOAT, right?[View]
111321527>The Euro 2020 cup alone generated more hype and interest than the past 10 olympics combined How …[View]
111321778Is the elimination/relegation debacle what's going to destroy football? The super league stunt …[View]
111321591I actually like MLS[View]
111321735As an autist, cant stand fucking Qatar in an continental American tournament AGAIN. Why the fuck we …[View]
111315997WTF do buracku pypo really?[View]
111319896Nfl killed itself today. Press S to spit[View]
111318371Giants @ Dodgers Gamethread: >vagiants 1. LaMonte Wade Jr (L) 1B 2. Buster Posey (R) C 3. Mike Ya…[View]
111322583the new seasons starting, you think they can climb out of the CL to the Premiere league this year? G…[View]
111315254>Argentina loses in anything. >Thousands of l*tinos laughing and insulting on social media. Do…[View]
111320571Is Messi italian? Why do you guys call him cucktini... what's his last name?[View]
111321687you NOW remember that the BUCKS and the BUCS won the 2 biggest trophies in sports in the same year. …[View]
111315309Who do you have money on to win the mens football in the Olympics this year? I have put the most cas…[View]
111317456>40 years old >captain of his team >still playing despite poor injury record Respect…[View]
111304206name one olympic sport[View]
111320272Anything better than short track cycling during the Olympics[View]
111322488>What do you MEAN your taking your talent to SOUTH BEACH?[View]
111302737Well done Argies: Let's pour one out for Argentina and their Copa America win. Let's point…[View]
111322143This is a public service announcement to /sp/. Reminder that this Olympics will be the most asterisk…[View]
111321756Get fucked eurosnobs[View]
111319986American penalties: Hey /sp/, have you ever seen the american/MLS way of taking penalties? https://w…[View]
111299694Australia defeats Argentina: >least popular sport in Australia >beat one of the best teams in …[View]
111316972Sore losers, the country https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emzFlA5a1W8[View]
111320265A P O L O G I S E: A P O L O G I S E[View]
111319368>You calling me a prick? >I'm a married man with 6 kids and you're calling me a pric…[View]
111317293Heem: Just dance![View]
111319456https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1CVRxiKeEI So how acurate is this depiction of the canadian anime i…[View]
111320348Admit it. You like it.[View]
111305087/cfb/ general - SHOCKWAVES edition: www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/31857539/texas-ad-ross-…[View]
111317891Delta variant gonna fuck up the Premier League this season, 100%. Fuckin' bongs.[View]
111319773What are the best olympic sports to watch?: For me, it's weightlifting, gymnastics, and archery…[View]
111313426If this faggot leaves Portland he will automatically credited as a Certified Bitch and any eventual …[View]
111320268>only 1 Argentine team in the copa libertadores quarter final >only 1 Argentine team in the co…[View]
111320319Kohei Uchimura: the GOAT.[View]
111319797Chimping out because your team/country lost is based and redpilled. Firsties need not apply.[View]
111320275>I HURT MYSELF TODAY[View]
111318007If you were in Oscar's place, would you have also gone to China to get 500k a week?[View]
111320221this belongs to us[View]
111310957So who's qualifying this year? >Protip: Not us.[View]
111314322Chicago Cubs @ St Louis Cardinals Official Gamethread: >The Good Guys Adbert Alzolay (R) 1. Wills…[View]
111317409Olympic Rowing: >Rowing 8.30-9.30: Men's Single Sculls 9.30-10.30: Women's Single Scull…[View]
111319900Jej the difference[View]
111269441/box/ Sign or Vacate edition: Previous >>111224240 >July 22nd Murat Gassiev vs. Michael Wal…[View]
111319235Are you ready to witness Katie Ledecky cement her place as the GOAT?[View]
111315762mfw I’ll never be an Olympian: >will never get to take part in Olympic Orgies >will never get …[View]
111299732How are you watching the Olympics?: Is there any stream that >isn't region/vpn specific …[View]
111315787>the better defenders are the more boring the game is named a sport that isn't like this, i…[View]
111318241Messifags are insufferable. Remember how they whined when Modric won the Ballon d'Or for carryi…[View]
111318171*wins the story'[View]
111299567/copalib/ - Cabeca do gelo top scorer edition: Argentina being Argentina sub-edition >Today - Arg…[View]
111317131>team named victory >wins Why is soccer so boring and predictable?…[View]
111318085The most iconic photo in sports?[View]
111313379Reminder that if your club was in the 92 when you began supporting them then your a gloryhunter no q…[View]
111317708Did you know? In 2016, an airplane filled with every player from Chapecoense, a Brazilian football t…[View]
111314150What if America trains 11 dudes like this??? Could they overtake football? Twinks like Pulisic are a…[View]
111317723Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury: Who's winning?[View]
111315640fellas, i was without internet access for 2 months, could you tell me who won the euro?[View]
111317540>Yeah, I follow Canadian Premier League. What gave it away? What obscure leagues do you follow? I…[View]
111313466/heem/: heemvious >>111309879 Threads gone by without mentioning Khabib: 0[View]
111305393who's taking the all-around?[View]
111314736Olympic Rowing: This shit starts in less than 6 bings and there is literally no hype for it. Why?…[View]
111317178Tomorrow /sp/ gets to witness the power of Idols at the Opening Ceremony[View]
111307798Why are they trying to shut him down and turn him into Public Enemy Number One for speaking out agai…[View]
111311021I wonder how he feels after Messi won Copa Does he cope with the fact that he doesn't even have…[View]
111316819We all know Mexico will win gold, but who else is getting a medal?[View]
1113168972021: Revenge of the Buck[View]
111315372Kane to City: This ironically makes City worse. They waste 160m They get a play that will play 30 g…[View]
111313170>look up Brazilian Table Tennis Team >literally all japs…[View]
111315092Killing in the Neymar: Those who dive are justified[View]
111316834Anyone watching this tomorrow[View]
111308603Why do unwoke British people hate him? Racism or some other reason?[View]
111319764Racism in Japan: D... Did nobody tell the rest of the planet what has been going on in 'the land of …[View]
111316018ladies and gentlemen, your 2021 libertadores winners. good night[View]
111315223underrated strikers? higuain number one also anyone have the edit of him with pizza? pls share[View]
111315217How can mountain-poos even compete?[View]
111313648I love Sheffield Wednesday.[View]
111312602Why do corner kicks exist in soccer? Like game design wise why are they there? Why should the offens…[View]
111307066All Time Murderball XI: Help me make the best all time murderball XI. Some very good contenders are …[View]
111307565I'm an Olympic athlete, can't sleep right now, ama. Proof: photo I took in our team bus (6…[View]
111305041This man will singlehandedly make Basketball more popular than Football in Greece. When Greece becom…[View]
111314752Goodell need to break this buck before he makes us forfeit games.[View]
111312416>tokyo 2020 weightlifting podium[View]
111306991Friendly reminder pic related is the next edition of the Olympics, from the hands of the people whic…[View]
111315081Was the 2013/14 Spurs team cursed?: >Sigurdsson a nonce >Eriksen dead >Mason dead >Kane …[View]
111312123Post your face when Lewandowski wins the Ballon d'Or[View]
111310470Why aren't we buying anyone? How fucked are we?[View]
111314538Google Olympics game: The evil company has made a full-on 2d RPG type game with Olympic sports if yo…[View]
111308220/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Was Fucking Up Sprint Race Part Of Your Plan? Edition: >Lap…[View]
111314070>the nemesis of Norwich >the crucifier of Cardiff >the humiliator of Hull >the wrecker o…[View]
111315153How many this season?[View]
111314680Best sport to attend: It's baseball games because it's the only sport where fans are allow…[View]
111313795Will they win their first olympic medal this year?[View]
111295502This shitshow just keeps getting better and better[View]
111305893Go off king[View]
111311885Imagine if INDVANS cared about Football[View]
111307417MOGGED: Throwback to when Andrew bynum absolutley btfo Jj 'the manlet' Barrea[View]
111309819Euro 2020 collage[View]
111314392How did we get this many wins if we dont care about soccer, imagine if america changed out basketbal…[View]
111307393It's gonna get canned, isn't it...[View]
111301773Argies won 1 title in 28 years now they want to talk shit about richarlison and our olympic team I h…[View]
111304321The penetrator of France[View]
111304799Can you swim?[View]
111312841>he doubted[View]
111288094/nfl/ general - Reffies Edition: PHI: Report: 'Great chance' Ertz remains with Eagles SF: …[View]
111299845Who is the American GOAT?[View]
111314357>Billy Gilmour has won more Champions Leagues than arsenal[View]
111273332>“Obviously, a lot of people don’t know where I’m from,” Milwaukee Bucks All-Star Giannis Antetok…[View]
111290537Olympic Games Ceremony Leader Fired: >The 2021 Olympics organizing committee has fired the leader…[View]
111309790Name my band[View]
111314140Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that Space jam Lebron>Space jam Jordan?[View]
111314115Will it ever be popular again?[View]
111313567Will /sp/ ever recover from this? You aware that you will live with this for the rest of your life u…[View]
111313489How do I pirate an NHK feed? I'm not waiting 12 hours to listen to NBC idiots prattle on foreve…[View]
111297466Serbia: Crime Group Used Industrial Meat Grinder to Get Rid of Victims: Is this SOVL? >Partizan f…[View]
111309700/hoc/: side deals edition[View]
111308060Who is pushing for women in male sports vidya?[View]
111262239/147/ - Snooker Championship League: Day 4 of the Championship League! >Dates: 18 July - 13 Augus…[View]
111309757How we are gonna beat them bros? They're taking our girls[View]
111311234wrestling: I was thinking about joining the wrestling team when school starts in the fall, but my ta…[View]
111308812Question for Dutch anons…: Is this true? My club (Rangers) are trying to sign Joey Veerman - a talen…[View]
111309879/heem/: Khabib.com heem.com previous >>111306454[View]
111313149Why do americans suck so much at sports? >lost to argentina basketball team in athens 2004 >al…[View]
111307202MLS: Whew, these MLS games are really crowded fellars, I fear the United States is becoming the coun…[View]
111300565>the Japanese provide every national delegation japanese baby supporters for the Tokyo Olymics Un…[View]
111313001>“O Heretic, swathed in Dark… An eternal curse upon thee…' What did Messi mean by this?…[View]
111299724Conference league: Ararat (Arm) v Slask (Pol) Astana (Kaz) v Aris (Gre)[View]
111306523Who will light the Olympic flame tomorrow? Last time in Japan it was this guy. >To symbolize Japa…[View]
111312747Andalusian derby. Why do some support Sevilla FC and others Real Betis? What's the difference b…[View]
111195126Eternal Arsenal Thread: ok mate edition[View]
111275265/mlb/ general - CHECK MY CUBS edition: DET: Tigers officially release outfielder Nomar Mazara COL: R…[View]
1113120912021 Kits on pitch. Post em.[View]
111306152Now that the dust has settled, who wins the Gold medal?[View]
111308465For me, it's Belgian professional footballer Boli Mbombo-Bolingoli.[View]
111306939WHITE BOY, STOP[View]
111310811Can we chant PUTO in the Olympics?[View]
111311213mmmmmm sexy meaty muscular sweaty thighs.... yeas i think future is female[View]
111311653>2000 >2004 (P) >2006 (P)…[View]
111309272>Euro 1996 >Southgate misses >Euro 2020 >England, commanded by Southgate, misses penalt…[View]
111309123Paula Pareto eats Whiteboi: Prepare your tofu ass for the beating WHITEBOI![View]
111301852new sponsor of Inter: thoughts?[View]
111300128UEFA Conference League 2021-22: 2nd Qualifying Round: >the games today what the fuck is this godf…[View]
111304853/180/: BETFRED WORLD MATCHPLAY DAY 6: It's quarter-final time in Blackpool as the World Matchpl…[View]
111309054ITT: German footballers I'll start with Leon Meißler[View]
111308592If it's Great Britain for the Olympics, does that mean Northern Ireland join Ireland ?[View]
111311250I never gave a shit about Kobe.: >Hardcore MJ rip-off >always talking about how hard he works…[View]
111306477Would they beat the USWNT?[View]
111311071>PSV beats Galatasaray in the Champions League qualifiers >these fucks still can't get pa…[View]
111310919>be collegiate/student athlete >sustain debilitating injury >causes you to miss classes …[View]
111310924I just remembered England lost[View]
111310063He was faking it for the cameras, right?[View]
111303620Let's design Olympic country fursonas, /sp/: Australia has a male kangaroo, a female dog and a …[View]
111310764*sigh*: Yep, time to study the game[View]
111309011Why should I watch the Olympics? Finland doesn't do well anymore, and at most we might win one …[View]
111306382What an embarrassment: >national anthem is playing >yeah let me just adjust my balls and look …[View]
111288653For the biggest event in the world, this trophy is kinda ugly looking ngl[View]
111310105is this male feminist core?[View]
111189243/tugão/ - end of an era Edition: He will return one day subedition /mercadotuga/: >Valentino Laza…[View]
111309787Sports for this feel?[View]
111296155How do we fix the Tokyo Olympics?[View]
111296006what did this teach you, anon? what did you learn from it? i wouldn't call it learn, but reinfo…[View]
111309726Do american athletes really get their own personal BLACK QVEEN sex slave to relieve stress before th…[View]
111306454/heem/ clash of the goats: boxing goat (BTFO former goat Floyd) vs MMA goat final showdown is booked…[View]
111305214/hoc/: mcbust edition[View]
111309374>Male soccer >90 minutes of them just passing the ball around >they spend half of the time …[View]
111309581Opinion about the most promising belgian football prospect, Rayane Bounida?[View]
111309375>euro 2020 >Played in the summer of 2021 the year of our Lord…[View]
111308734how competitive is it? I get the sense it's just Petroclub FC vs Zenit St. Petersburg, but tell…[View]
111308404Is this DYEL zero bf look and strength do good for all around activities in life? (sex, exploring, a…[View]
111305647Why are journalists like this?: >River wins >Argentinos, Arsenal and Defensa were eliminated …[View]
111309104A Tokyo Olympic main staff got fired because it was revealed he bullied a student in the school days…[View]
111308953>Felix Pimmelkopf from Poopensharten 04 won the 1996 Ballon d'Or over Barca R9…[View]
111308950Absolutely based https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/15595227/england-fan-flare-bum-strolled-into-wembley…[View]
111308835Not trying to be le epic 4channel contrarian, but there's no reason to care about the Olympics[View]
111303809I will never make fun of them: I can't, after they created the sport that se enjoy so much.…[View]
111301290487 days until the World Cup[View]
111308772Remind me again, how many NBA Champions hips Tom Brady has won?[View]
111219030/bundes/: *Waiting for 2. Bundes edition* previous >>111116396[View]
111305347How can we stop monsters like this from committing more sexual assaults?[View]
111305916This board sucks[View]
111302220You look so fucking retarded Rogain.[View]
111298915/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Jurassic World Edition: >Lap: #2768 >Countdown to Goulas…[View]
111305602>2021 I'm forgotten[View]
111306396How do we become so bad?[View]
111307595What went so fucking wrong?[View]
111307689You can post itt only if: Your country qualified for Olmpics footy tournament[View]
111307820You now remember Gaël Kakuta.[View]
111303996THE CHAD: would you call this guy to a barbecue on a sunny sunday day, with cold beers, loud music a…[View]
111306358Is this the face of American sports?[View]
111307491ITT: Cursed teams in sports[View]
111305816Chelsea: What's stopping >us from winning the league this season?[View]
111304986This is good: The less rights they have the better This will never come back to bite me in the ass…[View]
111306223Morata: Why is he so underwhelming?[View]
111303352Cheers, /sp/.[View]
111306585*completely bombs and crashes out of another tournament in embarrassing fashion*[View]
111304528GOAT crest[View]
111302242I don't think even flick can save the g*rm national team[View]
111306582Inverting the pyramid: Is it me or is this concept a fucking revisionist meme? Like for example, pic…[View]
111303785why do brazilians take olympic football so serious?[View]
111271961/cric/ - the hundred edition: Please visit https://www.thehundred.com/ for information on the hundre…[View]
111305850AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH: what a fucking pathetic shitshow. So much for japanese perfection[View]
111303165Stoke city back to premier league any objections?[View]
111296065/anzlympics/ - Australia & New Zealand Olympics general: Mollie O'Callaghan edition Austral…[View]
111301216america is finally getting pro/rel https://theathletic.com/2720583/2021/07/21/usl-promotion-relegati…[View]
111303948ITT post your favorite XI footballers of all time[View]
111303233/heem/ long time ago edition: Previous >>111299298[View]
111301642These people, in my continent of Europe , are nobodies. They could walk down the steet and nobody wo…[View]
111292159Sexist Olympics: Why do the women have to wear bikini bottoms, while the men wear shorts? > pic r…[View]
111303248does she not know she's gonna get replaced by a tranny in a year or two?[View]
111306096>Kills you[View]
111300257*wins the gold in Olympic Football*[View]
111305678Are they all related?[View]
111301904>the destroyers of dykes[View]
111287747Why was Eto'o memoryholed?[View]
111303798>Receives pass >Contorts his freakish midget body so that the entire muscular workhorse pony …[View]
111293228It begins...[View]
111304566EURO 2020 collage: Did the Euro 2020 collage ever get finished? This is the latest version I saw of …[View]
111279360Yeah, I'm thinking he is back[View]
111243440/cfb/ general: Training camp coming up soon, boys[View]
111304319Be prepare for the riots on the opening ceremony: Left-winger Jules Boykoff, who defended an attempt…[View]
111301962>old kits used to look like something mum made for them is this soul or just poverty?…[View]
111303947Press F https://football-italia.net/chief-medic-eriksen-cannot-play-for-inter/[View]
111292866/hoc/: YOUR 2021 KRAKEN[View]
111302213I forgive you: for all the insults and offensive remarks during Euro 2020+1[View]
111304969why jeep ruin nice juve kit like that[View]
111293882*mutes fifa commentary*: Alex Scott to feature in Fifa 22 commentary track pls eFootballfags, no bul…[View]
111303234How was this racist shit not a red card?[View]
111304187Post qt athlete in your country team for Olympics: Rikako Ikee, Swimming She recovered from cancer t…[View]
111304441who is the ugliest athlete in sports?[View]
111302505They should get another shot at hosting the Olympics asap desu[View]
111298147What would be funnier?: England gets knocked out in the Group Stages or England gets knocked by the …[View]
111303215Furries: 2 Argentina: 0[View]
111302851Are we lowkey entering a new romanian era? they even have Hagi's son as their 10.[View]
111304040>self proclaimed fascists >obsessed with the gayest sport on earth sad! many such cases…[View]
111304096Why did he do it?: Now that the dust has settled, why did he do it?[View]
111303009>Twitter Notification:Raheem Sterling has just tweeted:'[View]
111296350>BBC is only broadcasting a tiny fraction of the events this year because the Olympic Committee g…[View]
111303487Manchester United will win the premier eagle. Screencap this[View]
111303465>No NBA >No NFL >No NHL >USA using D team against France and England Island H Teams and …[View]
111293634Who is your Olympicsfu? For me, it's Alicia Schmidt.[View]
111303700>olympic event happens >i was sleeping Is this how it's gonna be throughout the entire ga…[View]
111301519['When England made 1-0, thought we were gonna be Europeaan champions mate..'][View]
111296499HE'S BACK[View]
111275176/nba/- Mallory edition: News: Don’t care post Mallory. MIL: 2021 NBA Champions!![View]
111283466what country is this?[View]
111302850the science is in[View]
111299298/heem/: Stephen “Wondergirl” Thompson edition News: >Artem will expose /box/ again in bareknuckle…[View]
111272236What the fuck is their problem?[View]
111303003Did you enjoy the 2020/21 NBA season, anon? what a thrilling finals, you couldn't write a scrip…[View]
111300794HEY I'M WALKIN HERE[View]
111302647How do we save England from roc nation and the yanks?[View]
111298197Why is Norway such prudes?[View]
111296684Map of Counties that have never had a team in the top-flight: Imagine living in a red part, how come…[View]
111278083Why didn't australian players take the knee?[View]
111302643Will the whole Olympigs be played on artificial grass or what?[View]
111302410>play sport that we dont even care about >beat argentina (supposedly one of the greats) 2-0 lo…[View]
111302383Mike Perry: Is he done with the UFC?[View]
111279754What went wrong?[View]
111288405What deck does Griezmann play with?[View]
111302259>the olympics are supposed to be where the best athletes of every country compete >countries j…[View]
111297992We MUST stick together.[View]
111298277DeathMarch: the only event i am looking forward to this Olympics[View]
111302382Daily reminder that Joaquin is still playing and he's now 39.[View]
111295335Mexico Celebration Thread: Who can stop us?[View]
111301105UNA FACCIA UNA RAZZA (one face one race): we MVST stick toghether as a united people. We are the GOA…[View]
111298540>germany BTFO >argentina BTFO WELL WELL WELL. YOU'RE NOT LAUGHING NOW ARE YOU?…[View]
111270713For me it's Swedish pole-vaulter Angelica Bengtsson[View]
111298736Why are we so good at soccer?[View]
111293436Here we go bros - aqui bros: Mexico vs France Mexico vs Francia[View]
111299072Dangers to English football 'very real', says chair of fan-led review into game: Big story…[View]
111300639>Win football match in the Olympics who cares its just u21 shit tier it didnt count >Lose the …[View]
111297393You know, like I said before, at the end of the day, it's a process, and I dedicated myself to …[View]
111294131Olympic Death March Swansong: >5th Aug 4:30PM JST - Men's 20km Race Walk Final >6th Aug 5…[View]
111301301who are some other athletes that stand out as the only one from their country to succeed in a sport?…[View]
111290685God bless Japan: Norwegian Beach Volleyball players fined for wearing fugly shorts instead of a biki…[View]
111300400>Greece did not give Giannis citizenship until it was clear he was going to the NBA Kek…[View]
111300477Why so many English Clubs have the Claret Sky Blue color pattern? Any backstory behind this?[View]
111300902This is not Olympic what I expected. I was supposed to hug foreign people on scramble crossing in Sh…[View]
111300766>2-0 was this why we were disinvited to the Copa America?[View]
111299555Anyone else just not care about the Olympics as a sporting event? Find it really boring[View]
111293107Egypt vs Spain: the olympics are here[View]
111300640it's coming home: Oy mate you got a license to fuck that pile of Canadians?[View]
111300267So what are the Olympics actually like on /sp/? Is it just unlimited coomerism? I don't remembe…[View]
111300632Skate in the Olympics when?[View]
111298428Someone PLEASE redpill me on doping in professional athletes. I'm a 100% sure that ~90% of the …[View]
111268588Post surprising olympic athletes nationalities[View]
111296366only half an hour left till the germany/brazil football game at the olympics starts[View]
111299797LGTSS: >The shanty town of Poogentina HAHAHAHAHAA[View]
111293612refugee bros... what happened?[View]
111299931So when are olympiads going to fall over dead from getting blod clots or tachykadie because of the v…[View]
111295573by far the most underrated defender at the moment.[View]
111296489Romania - Honduras thread[View]
111294727Name a more SOVLFUL World Cup. You can't. https://youtu.be/HWXPVkZ90cg?t=40[View]
111299616Alright Krakheads, how's it feel to be official /hoc/ bros? How's your team making you fee…[View]
111292747The 2026 world cup will be kino: Group Stage: >Group A: Germany, Nigeria, Russia >Group B: Bra…[View]
111285099Adétòkunbọ̀ (IPA /ādétòkũ̄bɔ̀/) is both a surname and a given name of Yoruba origin meaning 'the kin…[View]
111299325/heem/ - DO NOT POO IN THE LOO Edition: Poovious: >>111292637 I love DrakePoster[View]
111292637HEEM: Edizione Don Marvin prev.>>111288504[View]
111295978>Go white lose the fight Uhhh 0 melanin bros what’s up? We saw the France team which one the WC…[View]
111295987OFFICIAL NZ+AUS OLYMPICS GENERAL: Muscular Soccer Edition Olywhites shamed Korea Socceridoos playing…[View]
111286400/copalib/: Choque-rei edition.[View]
111298120The white man marches on[View]
111298985Was he one of the best?[View]
111298044>you now remember Ross 'the next rppney' Barkley[View]
111286962/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Midnight Chess Edition: >Lap: #2767 >Countdown to Goulas…[View]
111298580Based badge[View]
111275646>the English are STILL seething Laugh at them lads! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…[View]
111296952Olympic football matchday #3: Egypt 0 - 0 Spain / final - Group C Mexico 4 - 1 France / Final - Grou…[View]
111297612Who's the most insecure athlete?[View]
111297976The brown man wins today[View]
111295763Djokobros WTF they found out his real form?!?![View]
111291430I can't host[View]
111297197Your club drew Dinamo for CL qualifier game. How scared are you?[View]
111288536What will be their new name?[View]
111291488There are olympians having sex as we speak[View]
111219783/trans/fer Centre: >There have been no developments with Saul Niguez's proposed move from At…[View]
111282436What is the TRUE, UNBIASED, MATHEMATICALLY CORRECT, ANTI-CRINGE way of calculating Olympic medals?[View]
111278301Your favourite sports presenter/journalist? For me it’s Natalie Sawyer.[View]
111278915Got it on very good authority that a well known Premier League player is about to come out as gay. H…[View]
111294868Olympic football matchday #2: Asspain edition Egypt 0 - 0 Spain / final - Group C Mexico 2 - 1 Franc…[View]
111295676last minute Olympics cancel?: >more and more athletes turning positive >opening ceremony direc…[View]
111296387For me, it's Argentinian midfielder Alexis Mac Allister.[View]
111277831Has any sport seen this?: Has any sport outside tennis ever seen the careers of three players with s…[View]
111295662Day 9 of demanding our flags back: GIVE US BACK OUR FLAGS FUCK THE JANNIES GIVE US BACK OUR FLAGS FU…[View]
111291882Olympic Gymnastics - Women's Podium Training: Practice session for the women. >stream https:…[View]
111293383I CAN'T SCORE[View]
111296168If you were an elite level athlete, and had every sportswear company knocking down your door for a s…[View]
111277961>You'll never get to see your deformed reflection in a trophy[View]
111296034Sports that men and women can play together? Something more exciting than doubles tennis[View]
111269140OFFICIAL AUS+NZ OLYMPICS GENERAL: Reba edition Australian Team https://www.olympics.com.au/games/tok…[View]
111291843Argensimios are still celebrating this: worthless cup hahahahahahhahahahaha, they said that this mar…[View]
111295600Based manlets[View]
111269762The olympics should be just those sports. Cheaper and a bigger audience[View]
111295944I hurt myself today: To see if I still feel[View]
111292189Will she get the gold?[View]
111285245Why do soccer fans resist diversity?: https://www.forbes.com/sites/sfrost/2021/07/08/the-england-foo…[View]
111295833Are you looking forward to the olympics lads?[View]
111294813>mfw Team GB will DOMINATE the medal table this Olympics, only being beaten by the two super powe…[View]
111291924Can basketball fans explain the key differences between these two?: I don't know basketball ver…[View]
111294526It wasn't a dream.: This actually happened.[View]
111273482what the fuck happened here[View]
111291824What's their problem?[View]
111288239>What’s so unique about baseball is its not about pure athleticism, which is the dominion of jock…[View]
111294827Stop posting hot young female athletes please[View]
111292563Do you support Hungary in this Olympics?[View]
111292015Olympic football matchday: Japanese hour - first game starts in 1 bong 5 bings Egypt - Spain / 16:30…[View]
111291104Is the US getting... good?[View]
111239420/mls/ general - ETERNAL DYNAMO edition: >Tues. 7/20 Vancouver Whitecaps vs Houston Dynamo, 10pm E…[View]
111281987/afl/ - Lockdown with Lockett edition: all times eastern FRIDAY JULY 23: Port Adelaide v Collingwood…[View]
111293805Friends, are you in danger of being fired from your lucrative positions for comments you made 30 yea…[View]
111290228*leads the medal table*[View]
111288788What went wrong?[View]
111291526>9 days without the Wales flag.[View]
111270593Half of America is rooting against USA Women's team[View]
111279524upper class brits are sportsmen and gentlemen. very different from the unwashed peasants of spee, pr…[View]
111287413Say hi to the future Liverpool striker, Donyell Malen[View]
111285169What will be the first Muslim country to win the WC? Qatar? Iran? Turkey? Algeria? Egypt?[View]
111287464Era penal?[View]
111291647The person in charge of the Olympic opening ceremony has been fired 1 day before it happens.[View]
111276798Will anyone be able to stop England once these three enter their prime?[View]
111287283I'm supposed to take this team seriously?: what a fuckin waste of time[View]
111289824Olympic Softball: >Country GP W L GF GA >1. Japan 1 1 0 8 1 >2. United States 2 2 0 3 0 …[View]
111292992Should nicknames be more commonly used in sports internationally?[View]
111287200Will they finally win their first medal this year?[View]
111289640/hoc/: our krakies edition[View]
111288504/heem/ - Induces CTE Telepathically Edition: Anthony 'Showtime' Pettis: >>111283747 News: Cora…[View]
111288505Who was in the wrong here?[View]
111292358How was this monster able to get away with it?[View]
111291987Does this roster deserve the gold?[View]
111290216Combat sports a fucking gay. We’re paying men to seriously injure one another but at the same time w…[View]
111292126Lil tsu[View]
111287234Giants @ Dodgers Gamethread: >vagiants 1. Austin Slater (R) CF 2. Wilmer Flores (R) 3B 3. Mike Ya…[View]
111290658So, was it really all just a ploy to get an arena so they could get the Sonics back some day?[View]
111283371ummm what is this olympic bros?[View]
111280481Chris Paul Legacy: Now that the dust has settled, how will history view CP3.[View]
111285145Who will win the 2022 NBA Championship? Who do you think will end up in the finals. Im calling a Lak…[View]
111290249Remember when Brazil lost 7 to 1? That was weird, uh?[View]
111277706van gaal chads.. we're in[View]
111291671how elite does an athlete have to be before he's allowed his white gf?[View]
111288727Does anyone watch the Canadian Football League?[View]
111285472You think he is an incel ? He is always quite and reserved too[View]
111272885Why does this geriatric cringey woman have so many ads and sponsors when cute and sweet looking wome…[View]
111287510do americans still have a college football culture or has that been completely eroded like everythin…[View]
111290993Do you realize that the Olympics basically the world's greatest orgy? It kinda ruins the Olympi…[View]
111291071miss this little nigga like you wouldn't believe.[View]
111290646What went wrong?[View]
111290956Like everyone else from L.A, Dodgers fans are sub-human filth.[View]
111289381The name's Bustman. James, Bustman.: >Do you expect me to screen?…[View]
111283678Twins @ White Sox Gamethread: Pineda vs. Cease last game against the Tloses edition[View]
111290312Who was in the wrong here?[View]
111285751We won[View]
111279961Olympic Athletes: Who you got /sp/?[View]
111283803Chicago Cubs @ St Louis Cardinals Official Gamethread: >The Good Guys Kyle Hendricks (R) 1. Rafae…[View]
111282528Have the Olympics already started? I’ve looked online and all sites say 23rd of July but some people…[View]
111289386I gotta be honest, if I were a pro athlete I wouldn't want to go to practice either.[View]
111269436redpill me on Honduras[View]
111289570Result of Eurocopa: Say a country NT that can easily beat England NT. Exclude your own country. GO! …[View]
111289664Maybe he was a little too good at hitting[View]
111285332/hoc/: FULL POWER edition[View]
111286858Best way to watch Olympics: What is the best way to watch the Olmypics for someone in the US that on…[View]
111280785Tokyo 2020 - Softball Day -1: Softball continues today before the official opening ceremonies. Unite…[View]
111280379>Qatar is in the Gold Cup quarter-finals[View]
111289275Had another soccer rules related question, should be the last one. On the wiki page for free kick it…[View]
111287904they deserve better[View]
111287451The people who consider Megan Rapinoe a hero for kneeling are the same people who consider Eddie 'Th…[View]
111288524Get rekt. US womens soccer is trash.[View]
111280762Olympics: Anyone who disprove of the Olympics is a fucking faggot, back to >>>/lgbt/…[View]
111287933>atropelates chelshit[View]
111283747Heem: Show me ur moves[View]
111288310So how will coaches deal with the disparity in endorsements between teammates? The QB, WR, and RB ge…[View]
111284660Phoenix Suns? More like the Phoenix Sucks. HAHAHA[View]
111254480/nfl/ General - Goffie Edition: NYJ: Jets get No. 14 pick Alijah Vera-Tucker signed FA: Report: Amen…[View]
111282842>liverpool winning premier league >maradona dead >bayern 8-2 barca >villa 7-2 liverpool …[View]
111279693OH SHI--- #cfb[View]
111280430How do we stop something like this from EVER happening again?[View]
111282177Boston Red Sox vs Toronto Blue Jays Gamethread: rain rain go away edition[View]
111275210*dominates african sports*[View]
111277828classic team logos[View]
111281749Simply Romário [/fire/]: 1259 games 1002 goals[View]
111284582Based Benjamín Anthony Brereton Díaz[View]
111287015Seriously who can stop him?[View]
111277941/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Duality Edition: >Lap: #2766 >Countdown to Goulash GP: w…[View]
111281507you play MH with the right language setting, correct?[View]
111285326/hoc/: Let me remind you that the Kraken had the chance to pick a goaltender who carried his team on…[View]
111286460>488 days for the world cup bros....[View]
111280051/copalib/ Chimpout edition: Matches will indeed happen today, use the web browser known as 'google' …[View]
111273985How do I get into cricket and which country should I support? I already like baseball, if that matte…[View]
111282384What's his next chapter?[View]
111283470>devin booker is fucking this while giannis is married to his ugly as hell wife Who is really win…[View]
111283794Trolls pile onto Megan Rapinoe after shock USA loss in Olympics: Right-wing trolls have taken to Twi…[View]
111278401Wtf is going on? It's like we're back in the stone age[View]
111283151what sports are the body types of white people advantageous in? i'm genuinely curious[View]
111282509lose 3-0, bu-bu-but they are the best they claim: Stina Blackstenius scored a pair of goals and the …[View]
111285502Who’s ready for tebow mania 2021[View]
111283112Rangers @ Tigers - Game Thread: >7:10 PM ET - Comerica Park, Detroit >Texas Rangers (35-60) v…[View]
111283979/hoc/: yuma expansion edition[View]
111274582Will the United States, once again, dominate all events in gymnastics or will some other country com…[View]
111271467>Haaland >Rice >Ings…[View]
111283311The 2021 TokyoOlympicshave started and the United States women's national team is in trouble. O…[View]
111270945What are your top 5 most hated teams?: And why. https://www.strawpoll.me/45510022[View]
111284571He’s the last relevant fighter we have left. Everyone else is shit or has been exposed, this is his …[View]
111284546>carries the entire country every olympics >no Phelps this time Team usa is absolutely fucked…[View]
111240264This is not OK >Norway’s beach handball team REFUSES to wear bikini bottoms and faces a fine afte…[View]
111284342What Happened? I remember people criticizing her back then for not 'getting' the song. 2011 World Cu…[View]
111283119>worst defender among top 5 leagues this season according to stats >career destroyed by the CL…[View]
111276814Preemptive F https://www.tallahassee.com/story/sports/college/2021/07/21/bobby-bowden-florida-state-…[View]
111280192/hoc/: DRAFT NIGHT ON SPEE[View]
111281107/heem/ Sign the Contract edition: Previous >>111277532 News: last thread was kino[View]
111281234Who will leftshits and globohomo side with on this one? If they say anything against Qatar's an…[View]
111283481Rate our top volleyball player[View]
1112768413-0: >3-0[View]
111276157>”There are 150K people watching you” What was she thinking at that exact moment? https://youtube…[View]
111281480Everton: So who the kiddie diddler? The world wants to know, I want to know[View]
111281274>euros/wc >people get hyped about obscure player, perhaps he's having a comeback or maybe…[View]
111273649Can someone explain ? Is Ajax an Israeli team ?[View]
111276647How come MIDUL clubs are the only ones that have soul? Is it because they don’t receive any tourists…[View]
111282764I've never watched a hockey match before but I want to now that I have a team. Can anyone give …[View]
111272221>African climbing championship[View]
111276529/biathlon/ - FIS Roller Ski World Cup 2021: Stream: https://www.youtube.com/fisrollerskiing 23rd to …[View]
111282592Subway and Wendy's are keeping sports alive in the US[View]
111282641these are Martine Welfler and Ellen Nordal, members of Norway's national beach handball team. s…[View]
111281306They'll lose to St Johnstone, mark my words[View]
111270095Does anyone have this for other sports? Especially rugby[View]
111277193Buckeroo Bonzai batman what's going on?: Buccaneers win. Bucks win. Buck- breaking goes world w…[View]
111279343Daily reminder that England lost the final in Wembley after a penalty shootout[View]
111279232Here's your new Messi bro[View]
111243828It's pretty clear that there is Big 3 in football. But who is number 4?: For me, it's Rona…[View]
111278331Young Jack Grealish looks like David Bowie[View]
111282128>48 hours into the Olympics >Still no medals What went wrong?…[View]
111273606Didn’t even know Olympics started[View]
111281715>mfw the English have to take part in a penalty shootout I’m Scottish btw.…[View]
111280932it's midnight here[View]
111273754/180/: BETFRED WORLD MATCHPLAY DAY 5: Day 5 of the World Matchplay at Blackpool's Winter Garden…[View]
111280450car vs bicycle drag race in south africa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jW49U0736V8[View]
111281212how does /spoh/ feel about rising mexican star dani rojas?[View]
111281197Man Utd linked with Leon Goretzka. Imagine him and Rashford together, would United be the most pozze…[View]
111242641OLYMPIC SCANDAL: The Japanese composer for the Olympics opening and closing ceremonies just got fire…[View]
111274842El Sergio Ramos negro[View]
111277532the /heem/ chair: heemvious >>111272456 waterbykhabib.com thebaddy.com Michael Johnson is the …[View]
111276987Will you root for other countries in this year Olympics? I will support every cute korean sportswoma…[View]
111272174Champions of the World: Do Americans really?[View]
111266987Puskas wasn't offside.[View]
111275966Am I the only one who saw them as the dark horse of this Euros? Their team looked relatively good on…[View]
111271902Who is /sp/'s favourite Japanese athlete?[View]
111279865Has anyone in sports news covered the fact that most Americans are overjoyed that their women's…[View]
111275011Reminder that Germany has only won 1 Euros, as well as 0 world cups, and 0 world wars[View]
111280253Why Did He Fail Coaching the Italian NT?[View]
111264373THEY CAUGHT HIM: Lmao, imagine going on the run and trying to hide as a black man in Japan. How far …[View]
111280245wtf: wtf is this match, it's not even good[View]
111278863This proud greek nationalist just won the NBA Finals. He sits there in a Jordan-esque photo taking i…[View]
111274993/hoc/: TODAY[View]
111267847Uefa Champions League - Second qualifying: Get in here. Biggest football match in sports history is …[View]
111280097Post soulful footie moments https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbGUeu6cv2M[View]
111278564>Leave Qatar 2022 to me[View]
111275943>Der Klassiker[View]
111279588What young prospect are you looking forward for these Olympics?: For me it's Adolf 'The Genocid…[View]
111279816Suns in 9[View]
111279690I don't care about how popular baseball and hockey are I love them and would gladly be the last…[View]
111274898>5 rings stands for the five continents >0 (zero) olympics hosted in africa where is the publi…[View]
111275513I'm not particularly interested in the olympics but is there anything I should keep my eye on?[View]
111278027How will the media cover this one up?: How will they cover it up for Monty Williams ? Is it Dario sa…[View]
111270256Your favorite individual performance in a major tournament: Post your favorite individual performanc…[View]
111279298Who us this Mallory Edens and why is /sp/ obsessed with her? See pic related.[View]
111274895ISRALEL: why do they suck so much in sports? >participate in 16 Olympics >only 1 Gold >only…[View]
111278898Based cunts hosting 2032. Discuss[View]
111272059I know nothing about baseball & cricket and I intend to keep it this way.[View]
111275695Woke up as an NBA Champion, how do Piss Paul fans cope with themselves? >Has choked every single…[View]
111278195The Return: Kino is back on the menu[View]
111276357Why was he so easily breakable?[View]
111225520Official laugh at Ausfags thread.[View]
111277387Please buy our planes, thank you very much.[View]
111275240the fuck is wrong with those idiots[View]
111278163Who is the Olympic athlete with the most medals in your country? Edoardo Mangiarotti (Italian pronun…[View]
111277475The Oldest Professional Football Club in the World: The Oldest Professional Football Club in the Wor…[View]
111276256LEGIA WARSAW vs FLORA TALLINN: Care for some CHAMPIONS LEAGUE* match?? Here you go! Kick-off in 11 b…[View]
111277905Reminder that almost every innovation that made football into a global phenomenon and that we take f…[View]
111270289/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - LeCute Edition: >Lap: #2765 >Countdown to Goulash GP: ww…[View]
111277914>https://twitter.com/Noles247/status/1417913228143861761 NOO NOT BOBBY…[View]
111238248/seriea/ + /calciomercato/ - Maestro e allievo edition: ITALIA CAMPIONE D'EUROPA 2020! Congratu…[View]
111277669*effortlessly secures 5 gold medals*[View]
111272456/heem/ stampy: heemvious >>111265040[View]
111265701As a Celtic fan I struggle with the opinions of the fanbase - reading a Celtic forum is just absolut…[View]
111267965What event are you looking forward to the most? For me its gymnastics, pole vault and maybe skateboa…[View]
111274875Boom Shaka Laka!![View]
111277329That Giannis dude really came from a long way: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZu9Y_4SCks…[View]
111273681UEFA Champions League, Europa League & Europa Conference qualifiers thread: Many matches thread…[View]
111248413NBA viewership is DOWN 50% in less than two years, now the dust has settled, what went so wrong? Wil…[View]
111276895>can't even comfortably beat some Serie C farmers that play part time what's next for h…[View]
111275226*wins the olympic road race*[View]
111214241/cyc/ - general: Olympic opening week edition Upcoming races: 20.07 - 24.07 Tour de Wallonie 2.Pro …[View]
111276776Will the Koreans ever catch up to America or Japan in baseball?[View]
111276773>he didn't believe in Giannis silly you.[View]
111276751Is this the most kino end to a club football match ever? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TnKvlQ2h7s…[View]
111276045Olympics Schedule: Anyone got the detailed Olympics schedule (each event, times etc.) but without up…[View]
111276448>sport has judges[View]
111262938Why is he the only Greek that still looks like those statues[View]
111275620>*fucks with your favorite athlete in a cardboard bed* What's her fucking problem…[View]
111266969Does anybody here care about archery? Are we all in agreement that South Korea will win both the men…[View]
111274754Which are the best countries to live if you're a /sp/orts person?: I think it's the United…[View]
111273272FC Barcelona vs Nastic // Pre-Season Match: /Literally who/ Edition[View]
111276140BUCKS IN 6[View]
111274436there's a kino mini world cup happening literally tomorrow. do we care or no?[View]
111273655Is table tennis the least physically demanding sport that you have both teenagers and boomers compet…[View]
111181983/sumo/ general: Hakuho the GOAT subedition >Banzuke http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Banzuke.aspx >S…[View]
111275768Didn't the Bucks literally just win a ring less than a day ago? How come there's no thread…[View]
111271830>literally every football team and even teams in other sports do the huddle >celtic do the hud…[View]
111275928['When England made 1-0, thought we were gonna be Europeaan champions mate..'][View]
111275765Smothies gave him the power to become the best player in the world.[View]
111275290Quickly, the bucks are getting uppity!: Where are my fellow buck breakers? The buck needs to be brok…[View]
111261642/nba- champions edition: Congratulations to the Milwaukee Bucks for winning the 2021 NBA finals and …[View]
111275245There is going to be so much vitriol and European seething when the men’s team finally becomes good …[View]
111275222>muh death march race walking is the most retarded and ridiculous ''''sport'''' that there is it…[View]
111274055today i remind them[View]
111267396Admit it !!![View]
111247234/mlb/ general: CLOSER edition: MIA: Starling Marte (shoulder) back in lineup Tuesday MIA: Sandy Alca…[View]
111272802>Mfw i was supporting montreal, phoenix, brazil and england[View]
111261691How has the rest of the world fuck up so badly to allow this fucking SHITHOLE to be THE front runner…[View]
111275026Your Premier League young player of the year 2021/22.[View]
111271366/hoc/: expansion edition[View]
111273870Reminder liverpool has zero legitimate titles[View]
111265795HOLY FUCKING SOVL. Fuck Ring chasers. Carry shitters to greatness. Loyalty to its finest.[View]
111274758>he was overdrafted by the Bucks >he'll never develop >he'll never become an all-…[View]
111271685Why exactly do bongs worship this ramming cheat so much?[View]
111273786Soon.: Soon.[View]
111268536>it's a sport is so poorly designed it's a full blown genetic freakshow at the highest …[View]
111272813Brisbane has been selected to host the 2032 Olympics. They won by default because they were the only…[View]
111265984Is Giannis' ring worth more than at least 3 of LeBron's rings combined?[View]
111268302Which athletes is /sp/ rooting for these Olympics?[View]
111273343Salam aleikum mio fratello, would you like some spicy yogurt sauce with your kebab?[View]
111274523Why is it so hard bros? Every chick blows me out of water[View]
111269129insanecunt fc: where does this team finish?[View]
111274023Buonasera lads[View]
111274359I have a dumb soccer question: When a foul occurs, I've read that either the referee will award…[View]
111265020Cant we just skip to the Men’s 100m already?[View]
111272243What's next for their career?[View]
111270506Why are americans so shit at Rugby if they have all that roided gorillas playing padded rugby??[View]
111259809Is he a better face for nba than lebron[View]
111270960if inbreeding had a team[View]
111272801DON'T google Boca Juniors at 3 AM[View]
111274204Bokek bunker: KWAB[View]
111272690LETS LAUGH AT BRITAIN THREAD: -1 GOLD MEDAL >'Devastated' world No 1 and shooting gold …[View]
111272042This is French chess player Alireza Firouzja, say something nice about him[View]
111273516The results are insignificant and what really counts is competing. Of particular importance are the…[View]
111273965Brits are european[View]
111273389So who's the Merseyside nonce?[View]
111244478Daily Reminder.[View]
111273506*wins the championship with a bunch of ancient misfits and kids*[View]
111270631>it's a number of teams athlete played for is higher than the number of years he played epis…[View]
111273067Australia and Britain hate thread: Wanna know why we hate ya Britain and Australia England you think…[View]
111273302Football Olympics: Starts tomorrow morning EU time.[View]
111272890Is he to blame?[View]
111269710I had to watch the euro2020 matches in the dawn: Now it's your turn, Western bros[View]
111263483Get in cunts. We are hosting the Olympics[View]
111270361Why do Eurocucks like basketball: But not American football? There's more money and roster spot…[View]
111272910Qatar 2022: Group F: >Argentina >Portugal >USA >Japan make it happen!…[View]
111267723Will India?[View]
111272945What is his legacy?[View]
111265602The single most important Greek since Alexander the Great is here, the next ten years are all gonna …[View]
111272048White head coach in the NBA: The white man wins again.[View]
111251557I thought Norwegian women were based? I guess not.[View]
111272381>wake up >feel shitty >remember England lost >instantly feel better…[View]
111272766Golf bro's.....: I have tears in my eyes, after trying for 6 years it's happened, I'm…[View]
111272278World Cup 2022 Qualification rounds: How goes your World Cup qualification, anon? 2/3 goals per game…[View]
111269685Croatia will put the famous Croatian inventor of everything, Nikola Tesla, on the euro coin.[View]
111265040/heem/ Schizophrenia Edition: heemvious: >>111255619 bjpenn.com secretly a drakethread News: …[View]
111269784Steroids wins.: Steroids wins.[View]
111272315Why does PSG always have such excellent jersey designs?[View]
111272366Is it true that he got his father murdered? that's really sad if so =([View]
111265895Thanks to Giannis a lot of Greek and Nigerian kids will want to become Basketball players: Watch Gre…[View]
111272189Mais comment il s'appelle? Kanté N'golo, N'golo Kanté Mais comment il s'appelle?…[View]
111271715This KO is for the Suns: Sean O’Malley spent too much time showboating in the octagon against Kris M…[View]
111268021Edgard Davids has been sacked by Olhanense (4th portuguese division)... Why black coaches always fa…[View]
111271919Based Sweden: Forever our greatest ally. Thank you for shutting up these cunts[View]
111271440At the end of the day booker is just gonna chill with his model gf who is richer than him while gian…[View]
111271343How come they only sponsor assholes? Novak Djakovic, Adam Scott, people you'd wanna stab at a h…[View]
111271376I want to get into the NFL, but the closest team here is the Seahawks, and Seattle is fucking gay. S…[View]
111270987Why are American blacks that arent his teammates hating on the Greek Freak?[View]
111265890How many?[View]
111271471Making a horse tiptoe sideways on music is not a sport. When will all sports involving horses be boo…[View]
111271554What does he do?[View]
111271283Will he be back?[View]
111271154Is it true?[View]
111261704FIFA 2022[View]
111269207Why do women celebrate so much when they are miles ahead? Do they not understand sportsmanship?[View]
111270678WHAT THE FUCK IS THEIR PROBLEM!!!??? Alaba is clearly a left back and midfielder, this comparison m…[View]
111269220How good was he in his prime?[View]
111262016He's going to finally win a ring in his 40s riding the bench of a superteam, isn't he?[View]
111264254Gylfi Sigurdsson Nonce Explained: Rumors are saying that Gylfi Sigurdsson is a nonce. Reportedly, he…[View]
111268958What went wrong?[View]
111270804What kind of money would he go for in today's transfer market?[View]
111267040Why Giannis did with the Bucks what Westbrook, Harden & Durant couldn't with OKC?[View]
111258168Sure, the Suns lost. But that is a good thing.: Losing this series, without Saric, is just going to …[View]
111270723Why couldn’t they break this one bros ?[View]
111267310has there ever been a physically dominate white basketball player ?: has there ever been an athletic…[View]
111258992Why is this lead so dangerous?[View]
111265092oh no no no: us-dykebros... is mission gold still on?[View]
111257283What does he do?[View]
111270419Fencingbros, who are we boying this time around?[View]
111269851It hurts Arizona bros[View]
111267924>You now remember when they thought it was coming home >You now remember they sperged out so h…[View]
111269288Do Scots now support English athletes in the Olympics?[View]
111265176>Discovery™ bought the rights to the Olympics in Swedistan >half of the events are paywalled b…[View]
111269413hey america: watch out[View]
111269567Giannis, KD, and Lebron are all better than MJ. Jordan played in era where he was versing plumbers a…[View]
111262362The 3 Kings[View]
111249375/nrl/ - Rugby League general: God, Family and the NSWRL edition https://www.nrl.com/news/2021/07/20/…[View]
111269061What the fuck is womens footballs problem?[View]
111269573Oh No No No... Not Again[View]
111263833OFFICIAL POST SEASON NBA POWER RANKING: 1. Kevin Durant 2. Giannis Antetokounmpo 3. Kawhi Leonard 4.…[View]
111269294The greatest debate[View]
111263377TOO OLD[View]
111267609You now remember Brazil.[View]
111263056How many?[View]
111266295/afl/: lygon street edition[View]
111263432*Solves BJJ*[View]
111256708*translates the name of your team*[View]
111260789Does anyone actually care about this anymore?[View]
111263789OFFICIAL AUS+NZ OLYMPICS GENERAL: GET IN HERE CUNTS Australian Team https://www.olympics.com.au/game…[View]
111268075Don't mind me. I'm just posting the exact moment /sp/ got utterly BTFO[View]
111242525The Next Generation: Every generation till now has had legendary players. The days of Messi and Rona…[View]
111261459/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Burnout Edition: >Lap: #2764 >Countdown to Goulash GP: w…[View]
111268897>lee just be taller faster and stronger man[View]
111268721Will this loss hurt his legacy?[View]
111267549NO ERA MANO[View]
111268724https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/olympics/57912266 >Showjumper Jamie Kermond has been expelled from Au…[View]
111224240/box/ - the art of pugilism edition: Thread Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7bOujGecBk Previ…[View]
111263421Who is your favorite Olympian athlete?[View]
111266026Olympics - Women's Football Day -2 Thread #3: USAwinslol got raped and will receive a paycut Ma…[View]
111265531>suck at men's football >suck at women's football…[View]
111268163Uh ohhh here comes BIG BEN ROETHLISBERGER[View]
111267719STILL the only NVP on the planet[View]
111266679Giannis is guaranteed to get this number retired by the Bucks Organization at this point, right? He …[View]
111265348Giannis Akumpo like 7ft 4 nigga better dunk[View]
111266100>can't even put the right sponsor on the jerseys The absolute state...…[View]
111257349What part of Wisconsin are you from, bros?[View]
111263141Post teams who's time is finally coming this year. I'll start.[View]
111265786how am i supposed to watch these[View]
111259156Why do London clubs act like they're billy big bollocks and have this sense of entitlement abou…[View]
111258274ITT nations that will never win their first WC[View]
111264356Olympics - Women's Football Day -2 Thread #2: USAwinslol is actually losing Matches >Great B…[View]
111257922What part of Hellas are you from bros?[View]
111265269Yes, very impressive Gylfi Sigurðsson... HOWEVER[View]
111257133The match /sp/ doesn't want you to know[View]
111264943One olympics, please. No seething NSWmen also.[View]
111262882>friends argue that suns winning the chip would be a fake win because it's still somewhat a …[View]
111263098>still a year and 4 months to go before the World Cup >after that it will be about 1 and a hal…[View]
111257810Holy crap... the Bucks beat: Heat without Dipo, Nets without Kyrie or Harden (in 7 games), Hawks wit…[View]
111263027We did it bros.[View]
111258265IT'S OVER: It's over.[View]
111262762It's been 10 days, when does the pain finally stop?[View]
111255619/heem/: heemvious: >>111250106[View]
111261933wish i could save him in some sort of time machine..[View]
111262269Olympics - Women's Football Day -2: Olympics started today. Didn't see a thread anywhere f…[View]
111246606Ohononononono https://twitter.com/marcusrashford/status/1417560450393329666?s=21[View]
111241762/cric/ - dying sport edition: Pakistan vs England t20 > PAK 67/2 (8.1 overs) Australia vs West In…[View]
111259329So who's winning next year?[View]
111261344just give them the toilet seat now[View]
111260274Olympics - Women's Softball Day -2 and maybe Day -1: Olympics officially started today with wom…[View]
111262838Why can't Norway into Summer Olympics?[View]
111263403your 2032 Olympic hosts: Are you ready for more Furry?[View]
111258187Who Lifts The Trophy First?: >NFL >owner lifts it first >NBA >owner lifts it first >…[View]
111263267Why won't they just let the man ride?[View]
111247607Is it the only sport with a true international and intercontinental following?[View]
111252748/afl/ - Round 19 waiting room edition: all times eastern FRIDAY JULY 23: Port Adelaide v Collingwood…[View]
111261357post images you cannot believe are real[View]
111260533Giannis secretly shoots shots at KD and LeBum >I would never go to a super team ... but this is t…[View]
111253566concakino /oro/ cup - chocolate bar edition: Costa Rica vs Jamaica Panamá vs Grenada Qatar vs Hond…[View]
111262681This is just the beginning: The Milwaukee Bucks will draft the modernized Michael l Jordan and will …[View]
111257665KWAB (KEK WHAT A BITCH)[View]
111257723lets be honest[View]
111257481Choke Fail: PRESS S TO SPIT ON HIS GRAVE[View]
111261710In the last 10 days, the good guys have won: Copa America Euro 2020 The NBA finals Things are finall…[View]
111257938What part of Milwaukee are you guys from? Oconomowoc here[View]
111257890Achieves more in less time, at a younger age, without a superteam, that MJ and Lebron couldn't …[View]
111262019Imagine letting someone called Child Porn 3 (CP3) win a title.[View]
111261964K N E E L[View]
111261362Oh NONONONO: https://i.stuff.co.nz/sport/olympics/300362813/tokyo-olympics-officials-refuse-to-rule-…[View]
111209252Olympics thread: What events are you most excited for?[View]
111257562what went wrong?[View]
111261736This is legendary status. Nobody can mess with Giannis at this point.[View]
111261752What's the appeal of watching this sport?[View]
111259176Why do black athletes always come clutch at the right moment? I guarantee if Luka played that game …[View]
111258827/nba/ fuck the greek faggot edition: Bucks are champions Cpmeme exposed again[View]
111257482I told ya so[View]
111261364Gannis: A loyal buck does not require breaking the saga[View]
111261517Don't care Won't read Eat my balls Bucks won in 6[View]
111257722fuck the suns: bucks are the best NBA champs since the pistons[View]
111258553Well done giannis however...[View]
111248336/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - I've Done Nothing Wrong Edition: >Lap: #2763 >Count…[View]
111258024Will Bucks fans burn down Milwaukee tonight?[View]
111257420Oh, hi CP3...[View]
111257951We won.: Hold still sun faggots. You're about to get fucked by the Bucks.[View]
111252925Giants @ Dodgers Gamethread: >vagiants 1. LaMonte Wade Jr (L) 1B 2. Buster Posey (R) C 3. Mike Ya…[View]
111260017What happened to Booker being the new, better version of Kobe?: Would Kobe have lost to a mediocre B…[View]
111261004> Adetokumbo is both a surname and a given name, of Yoruba origin, and meaning 'the king/crown/ro…[View]
111259614The Boston Celtics will be involved in a 2023 draft day trade. They will draft the next GOAT and tra…[View]
111260474Hehe NBA: >Tell me anon, how many did the suns lose in a row?[View]
111257495>Win against Lakers without AD >Win against Nuggets with Murray >Win against Clippers with…[View]
111257478Official Make Fun of Phoenix Bums[View]
111260690Why is no one talking about how this pussy got dicked by the Greek freak all series[View]
111260246When Giannis tried out for the role as Bucks star player he only had $11. When the team got their pa…[View]
111260390Post your reaction to Sancho, Rashford, Saka[View]
111257714I am Greek[View]
111258590WE would have won if AD was even halfway healthy.[View]
111260428Eat your vitamins and say your prayers brothers[View]
111256548why was it allowed ?[View]
111258048BUT BUT NO TALENT[View]
111265069There is nothing troll about this post. This is a legitimate question. Demanding more blacks (but no…[View]
111259131ITS DARIO SARICS FAULT: I gotta give credit to the BROTHA DEKWAN DEKANGG, janitor for the miluake bu…[View]
111252218Skillcucks btfo: Genetics Chads win again[View]
111260132Based Alex Jones[View]
111259407Why the hell don’t they do playoff style matches and ends with a final? That would’ve been epic and …[View]
111260020Honestly how can you hate Giannis? Besides racist /pol/tards Giannnis has one of the most humble bac…[View]
111260236Imagine losing to this king. Piss Paul on suicide watch >CP3? You mean CP0 right? >0 rings …[View]
111258417Already better than LeBron[View]
111260108>lightskin chads win again Even when a pure African wins he is light skin How do darkskins compe…[View]
111258425giannis was a poor immigrant shining shoes to support his family in Greece and now his an NBA MVP AN…[View]
111259903How much would they beat the Milwaukee Bucks by?[View]
111259991>NY Knicks(short for knickers) >Chicago Bulls >Milwaukee Bucks…[View]
111258836how much SEETHE is he going through right now?[View]
111259904Beyond getting bitched by Giannis, what does he do?[View]
111259512CP3: >He got BTFO’d yet again Haha[View]
111259182>MVP: Serbia >FMVP: Greece >biggest rising star: Slovenia ameribros, how do we stop them?…[View]
111257885>buckbreaking meme takes over 4chan >Bucks win the Finals Is this... meme magic?…[View]
111259717here there. /sp/[View]
111245465Olympics - Women's Softball Day -2: Olympics officially start today with women's softball …[View]
111259075>watch basketball for the first time in 15 years tonight >last two minutes of the game take 45…[View]
111259382The white man halts.[View]
111259040MVP: Congratulations to the real Bucks' MVP for the 2021 Finals, Scott Foster.[View]
1112588772022... IT'S COMING HOME!!![View]
111258785>play random >wins the whole damn thing and you guys doubted the absolute mad lad…[View]
111258689black coach FAILED AGAIN: 3/4 semi final coaches we black and they Failed How will enemy media cover…[View]
111259351greek bros wya[View]
111259350Milwaukee police scanner thread: https://www.broadcastify.com/webPlayer/9840 Get comfy lads.…[View]
111249623Twins @ White Sox Gamethread: Ober vs. Keuchel[View]
111258733We'll get em next year Booky baby![View]
111259064>in six games[View]
111257934Buck status?[View]
111258929Hey Giannis, you think you're gonna repeat?[View]
111250232NBA FINALS: Game 6Suns vs Bucks Gamethread: Game starts 9pm est Milwaukee Bucks Starters PG-Jrue Hol…[View]
111258746SUNS IN 4: ...straight losses[View]
111227364/nba/- My lakies editon: IMPORTANT NEWS- Game 6 in Milwaukee tomorrow OTHER NEWS CHI: Zach LaVine pl…[View]
111249989Chicago Cubs @ St Louis Cardinals Official Gamethread: >The Good Guys Trevor Williams (R) 1. Will…[View]
111257529I'm glad the Suns lost: The majority of their fans were illegals anyways https://www.youtube.co…[View]
111258324Did he make a mistake?[View]
111254944Why are the English pissed with Argentina because they don't have any BLack players in their Na…[View]
111258441ITT: Post footballers that did time in prison: On 20 May 2008, he was sentenced to six months' …[View]
111240023Based, finally football club I can support.[View]
111257445Another black Coach FAILED: How will enemy media cover this up , will skip bayless grovel and apolog…[View]
111254500/nfl/ general: NYJ:Jets get No. 14 pick Alijah Vera-Tucker signed FA:Report: Amendola still hopes to…[View]
111257874best player in the NBA is european: >50 points[View]
111257894*ring ring* He’s calling you /sp/[View]
111257878Cast the inevitable biopic[View]
111257692What's Harden thinking right now that Giannis has won a ring before him?[View]
111257621SPELL MY NAME[View]
111241714>yfw da deers win dan ba champions hip[View]
111256761Giannis Antetokounmpo may very well become at the GOAT level of Lebron and Michael Jordan[View]
111256468Will Chris Paul Die Without a Ring?: Looks like it.[View]
111255050Literally who can stop them?[View]
111254085Blew a 3-2 lead.[View]
111257505A shoe size from the Larry O’Brian trophy[View]
111257342/KWAB/ general: Post only KWAB here.[View]
111257371>it was 2-0 Phoenix[View]
111257363This was the most scripted sporting even i’ve ever seen[View]
111257269OH NONONONO: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/jul/19/euro-2020-final-there-are-better-ways-…[View]
111257243HES COMING HOME[View]
111222885Qui est-ce?: Well, who dunnit?[View]
111256495highly paid players from the biggest South American team just lost a match and got upset and began p…[View]
111228441Why is he so dislikeable?[View]
111257017Is Giannis better than prime Lebron?[View]
111245013Finals Game 6: Suns @ Bucks - Game 6 O/U 222 BUCKS -4.5 BUCKS -180 Who does /sp/ have on tonights ga…[View]
111251868I can now admit that he is the GOAT.[View]
111256839>This jacked buck slaps your gf's ass. What do?[View]
111256248SMALL CLUB[View]
111240938Games of the XXXII Olympiad - Tokyo 2020 Glory Thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QoodIsTZyNg L…[View]
111252975Tango will live forev-[View]
111234160This is going to be the shittiest and most soulless Olympics in modern times, isn't it[View]
111255219How do they qualify for the world cup? Will they be there next year?[View]
111246622>Runners are using Roids >Swimmers are using Roids >Bodybuilders are using Roids >Weigh…[View]
111256143Sha'Carri Richardson just helped debut Kanye's newest music. Guess that's what she…[View]
111255254itt: we write a statement on the racial abuse of Lewis Hamilton one word at a time >We…[View]
111238415Why do people claim this world cup was rigged?[View]
111255146Can he fix Boca?[View]
111255696It's coming home[View]
111250106/heem/ - Homosexual Voodoo Edition: Anthony 'Showtime' Pettis: >>111246001[View]
111247675VIVA LAS VEGAS[View]
111255192Why do people still insist on running onto the field of play?[View]
111219074Has Cricket any chance of being a popular sport outside the commonwealth?[View]
111228639eternal /trb/: old thread >Essential downloads: https://sortitoutsi.net/football-manager-2021/ess…[View]
111254306This is the percentage table of how much the national teams kneeled for BLM during the last champion…[View]
111246665Why do Filipinos like Basketball? Seems so random. Baseball or Soccer Football would make more sense[View]
111253553Why doesn't BIG3 get any love here? Where are all my fellow Ghost Ballers chads?[View]
111244861Post countries that have never won the Euros[View]
111251880Time to end all scholarships for student athletes: Now that it is legal for student athletes to make…[View]
111254741THE FUTURE IS WHITE and this man will lead the charge[View]
111250369/copalib/ - un giorno tristissimo edition: >Tuesdays Chicken 0 (3) - 0 (1) mouth (0-0) fluminense…[View]
111254253Why now? They've been playing in them for years now.[View]
111234887Will we ever win another footie cup ever again?[View]
111254129why isnt volleyball at least tennis tier: Its a sport thats widely played in a lot of countries espe…[View]
111253938>scores 50 goals per year against Helmut Kickers surrounded by world class teammates since 10 yea…[View]
111249798Hairy Kane: >Ball bounces off him and enters the goal >Is credited the goal and wins golden bo…[View]
111238878Name a better player than peak Ronaldinho: Pro tip: You can't[View]
111240460Why aren't men allowed to compete in artistic swimming? Aren't we supposed to strive towar…[View]
111228759/nfl/ general - TYBC edition: FA: Steelers sign Melvin Ingram to one-year contract FA: Jurrell Casey…[View]
111247760Anyone play any golf this week? Hit a beautiful shot yesterday on a quite difficult par 3 for an eas…[View]
111217176concakino /oro/ cup - no games today edition[View]
111238014Why ufc fighters don't look like this?[View]
111247773GAMETHREAD: PHILLIES AT YANKEES: Nola vs. German starting 7:05 Eastern[View]
111253488Miss the days when Paraguay was so good at football[View]
111246341By honoring Ronaldo, the media is yet again trying to divert attention from the great performers of …[View]
111233101messi could never[View]
111252182>Only one HR after the ASG: You can't deny that he's now exposed as just another averag…[View]
111234920Someone get me the phone: The based department will want to hear about this[View]
1112322712022 Qatar World Cup Rankings: Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys? Who is skilled and wh…[View]
111253054Can he fix Boca?[View]
111251732it was deleted? hmm ok more happy let's watch the olympics![View]
111252580WHY oh WHY did god let the bad guys win, /sp/? England could've not only won their first meanin…[View]
111246523/Point God/ general: Today I will remind them[View]
111252516When did NASCAR become fake?: >be me >grow up watching NASCAR >always believe it was real …[View]
111249097Why is he so underrated among Zoomers? Is it just seething Laker fans?[View]
111250253Just before the olympics start and we're flooded with tourists, let's have a thread about …[View]
111245057The first Olympic event starts in 3 hours. How hyped are you?[View]
111246013Why do they all of sudden shill for Zidane as head coach on every threads related to France? Are the…[View]
111248292World Cup winner 2022. Argentina runner up[View]
111246623USA v Sweden: Olympics Women's Football: First meaningful game starts in ~10 bongs. Go to bed n…[View]
111246987It will never be surpassed[View]
111251533OH NOOO…HE DID IT[View]
111251395Where has he disappeared? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPFfsOvc5JI[View]
111251463>he thinks it was my fault and i didnt deserve the win[View]
111251435heh...my boy......welcome.....back....[View]
111251409What are the best countries to live for a /sp/ports person?: Or it depends if you like hockey, socce…[View]
111244263What will be Barry Bonds' lasting legacy?[View]
111215179What do you think about this issue?[View]
111242727Look at what they did him[View]
111248368Tokyo Olympics Rooms are 190cm Tall: The clearance height in the Olympic village rooms are 190cm tal…[View]
111250212Name a better boxing fight[View]
111249473Who's the most powerful man in the football industry?[View]
111244254>The Balkan Cup was an international association football competition contested on and off from 1…[View]
111234138Why don’t you have fighters? No MMA fighters or boxers excluding British isles and Netherlands. I kn…[View]
111250450>The media already started marketing Jordan as the GOAT in 1993 when he only won 3 rings Seeing a…[View]
111080082/tennis/ - con artist edition: Hamburg, Bastad, Newport on Olympics in 8 days[View]
111249381Baltimore Orioles @ Tampa Bay Rays: The game is on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9hFlf_8…[View]
111240424What went right?[View]
111240653Smaller countries just simple not populus enough to produce a great national team. You need at least…[View]
111242030/copalib/ Freeres of America edition: >Tuesdays Chicken - mouth (0-0) fluminense - Hill (2-0) rac…[View]
111232429/147/ - Snooker Championship League: Day 3 of the Championship League! >Championship League 2021 …[View]
111246001/heem/ MJ is GOAT: MJ is GOAT edition. waterbykhabib.com thebaddy.com Nam Phan >>111242433 Ext…[View]
111247135>you now remember the age of rppney[View]
111234303Are modern day oil clubs like Chelsea, Man City and PSG really any less soulless than historical tea…[View]
11123782940 days on, still no explanation or any kind of medical clarification about what happened to Christi…[View]
111246505FRAUD: FRAUD FRAUD R A U D >F R A U D >R >A >U >D…[View]
111247514why is it called soccer saturday and not football saturday?[View]
111249571Olympics Day 1: >Softball Japan vs Australia - NOW USA vs Italy - around 11pm et Mexico vs Canada…[View]
111249567Tokyo Olympic /softball/ Japan vs Australia[View]
111249548italian mancini: here's my 'tutes bro southgate: *pikachu face* chiellini: problem? (every…[View]
111248238He was totally gonna save football bros, but those perfidious coward brits fucked it all up.[View]
111249264I had a dream where i was watching the 2022 World cup final last night. It was Italy - Argentina 1-1…[View]
111241465How the fuck do you cope with not one, not two but THREW lost WC finals while being a top football n…[View]
111223320HAPPENINNG: UK clown police arrest conservative Icelandic soccer superstar on falsified charges: htt…[View]
111219949Whats the most legendary, remembered etc sport team in your country? Here its the BRASIL DE 82, ever…[View]
111236068If you could participate in the Olympics: Which sport(s) would you like to participate in, /sp/?…[View]
111245947What will the A's do? Vegas or Oakland: The Oakland City Council today approved a term sheet fo…[View]
111239249>Cries about being injured constantly when absolutely everyone is playing hurt >Leaks stories …[View]
111247877Boston Red Sox vs Toronto Blue Jays Gamethread: Hatch whom edition?[View]
111247278/afl/: >half the country in lockdown due to chinese virus, will afl survive? find out here.…[View]
111238997Sancho is mandem from ends he’s bare relatable. Normal bloke https://youtu.be/CwtzUpCtWuA[View]
111248003Imagine all the 4chan passes he can buy with this.[View]
111240445why do women love this so much?[View]
111247823Cancelled by the end of the week.: Heard it here first.[View]
111247732>“You just cannot play football in this heavy wind,” the German went on to try explain. “I am con…[View]
111244381Do you think Ronaldo is seething because Messi is now mogging him in social media too?[View]
111240103How do you think he'll do in France?[View]
111247487Why have there been no Dutch star footballers from Indonesia, especially compared to Suriname which …[View]
111243523/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - MSC Edition: >Lap: #2762 >Countdown to Goulash GP: www.f…[View]
111246514Now that the dust has settled what do you think this crop of players will achieve?[View]
111244997Early Milwaukee Bucks Celebration Thread: https://twitter.com/OfficialNBARefs/status/141750156660147…[View]
111238837UEFA Champions League, Europa League & Europa Conference qualifiers thread: many matches thread …[View]
111238196do you know what do sixths of a minute and brits have in common? they're both seconds as in, th…[View]
111243263>losing to part-time nonces OH NO NO NO NO[View]
111229038/mlb/: CWS: Gavin Sheets delivers walk-off homer vs. Twins MIN: Mitch Garver homers twice in return …[View]
111247023Was it a first?[View]
111242793France is shit now: It all started with Matuidi retiring, he wasn't the best player of the team…[View]
111240090/180/: BETFRED WORLD MATCHPLAY DAY 4: Day 4 of the World Matchplay at Blackpool's Winter Garden…[View]
111237090France will win the 2022 World Cup.: France will win the 2022 World Cup. People are dismissing them …[View]
111244808You can only post ITT if your country won so many world cups that FIFA decided to just give you the …[View]
111230111Buongiorno lads[View]
111246364>ynr that penalty[View]
111242433/heem/ - CSO Only Edition: pettis: >>111237931 news: Take a shower[View]
111243196>tfw souless mercenary football is back: why can't we have Nations league like Rugby or Cric…[View]
111244253Fútbol tenis should replace football at the Olympics[View]
111245762Why is he scared of welterweights?[View]
111241905Yes, I think we are based[View]

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