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114350129Garrincha and Ray Wilson. Brazil x England, World Cup in Chile, June 10, 1962. Only two players prac…[View]
114369344Come on guys, me and CR7 are good friends, you should stop fighting like stupid manchildren you are …[View]
114364012>THIS is one of the best 75 basketball players to ever play the game in what fucking universe?…[View]
114370518Brazilian here You can bet on Vettori for the W[View]
114361282How badly did this break the Germbucks?[View]
114361447Why is Yernited such a bunch of cucks? Literally one of the best managers ever in Zidane is availabl…[View]
114366796/heem/ - Ha: haha: >>114362889 ha ha ha: https://youtu.be/9516PBus_60?t=153[View]
114369966How many grand slams tonight?[View]
114319032What are England's chances at the Qatar world cup?[View]
114363868He paid the ultimate sacrifice. He spoke truth to power and now they are crucifying him, chasing him…[View]
114364687Whats up with this guy?: Gets kicked out of PSV. Juventus buys him and sends him on loan to Sampdori…[View]
114361591*becomes Newcastle's manager*[View]
114366943>being a Mets fan instead of a Yankees fan >being an Angels fan instead of a Dodgers fan >b…[View]
114367037/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Downward Spiral Edition: >Lap: #3177 (bottas thread :DDD) …[View]
114271756Eternal Arsenal Thread[View]
114368582>not ONE even second played >already chimps out Just delete this club already.…[View]
114360769Why are their star players so bad at scoring goals?[View]
114351918So now that the dust has settled: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
114361578Reminder England had literally everything in their favour to win this tournament and STILL lost on h…[View]
114348421How mad are going to be mexicanos and españoles if he end up becoming the next argentinian GOAT?[View]
114367651What do the British call this position?[View]
114367296I want to get into football/soccer.: But I know pretty much nothing about it, at least a the profess…[View]
114342332Where's all my bowling bros at?[View]
11436250931 GAMES: what even is losing[View]
114366418Early Livershit cope thread.[View]
114331969give me 'the rundown' on America's pastime I only watch football (soccer for you i guess) so an…[View]
114346960Why, exactly, are they making the BBC, Sky Sports, Twitter, Rebbit, and Premier League executives se…[View]
114366642>Messi is finished >Benzema is one of the best player on the world right now. A mediocre Mess…[View]
114360883More games, more countries, more travel: Does European football care about its climate impact?: http…[View]
114358881Hey /sp/. In judo tonight my partner incorrectly executed a technique on the ground we were practici…[View]
114363191>0 G/A in World Cup knock-outs[View]
114347868Who can stop them?[View]
114362889/heem/ Stoned Edition: Previous >>114359899[View]
114347793You can't make this shit up[View]
114366704Why is this state so prone to choking?[View]
114362771Ronaldo would have scored it[View]
114339659Cristiano bros..[View]
114358239Post 'your' trophy collection.[View]
114364458Couldn't watch their CL match this week, they won but how did they play?[View]
114366169kojiro hyuga: Is he the ultimate bloomer some aspire to be? Something really weird happened to this …[View]
114364889/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Unfortunate FP1 Edition: >Lap: #3176 >Countdown to Coca …[View]
114364914How can other Germans club compete with them?[View]
114359975Do they have a chance, or are they going to choke in the Playoffs?[View]
114365861National League Rankings: 3 games into the Group Stages, here's how each country has scored poi…[View]
114360539Was he based or cringe? For me, I'm leaning heavily in the based camp.[View]
114364082Explain this.[View]
114362175Who's gonna win it on 24 Oct.?[View]
114343170>*cheats again*[View]
114349449They've been literal shit since they reached that CL final in 2013 so I'm wondering why th…[View]
114343840/copalib/ - fut de quarta edition: 21/10 games (GMT-3) >Argentina - Liga Profesional Argentinos J…[View]
114356206/surf/: Do you need to be vaccinated to enter a surf competition? https://www.news.com.au/sport/spor…[View]
114364467uh…: varane?[View]
114362197Anyone else believe he was referring to the Giants?[View]
114362716/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Hanging Out With My New Dad Edition: >Lap: #3175 >Countd…[View]
114360724>the muderer of Mou[View]
114358958/hoc/: /hoc/aniemi[View]
114360405So with Belgium being ranked the #1 national team, but also likely to split up sometime within the n…[View]
114363893Which Portuguese team has made the most profit in transfers?[View]
114361865Football is to chess like soccer is to checkers[View]
114326964/box/ BODYSNATCHER edition: previous >>114285662 >October 23rd ESPN USA Sky Sports UK Jamel…[View]
114359899/heem/ Poo Jitsu Edition: /heem/vious: >>114356089[View]
114343443>5-1: what part of glimt are you lads from?[View]
114361814So, he already peaked?[View]
114347930/nfl/ General - SBMVP Case Keenum Edition: KC: Travis Kelce (neck) remains limited on Thursday LV: H…[View]
114362239>Bruno injured Van de Bench bros, our time has finally come![View]
114339730Probably the most undeserving champions in history. More so than the Greeks in 2004. They played li…[View]
114344311Repeat after me. THE GOAT.[View]
114360146Galabros... Are we back???[View]
114356528/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Gordita Crunch 500 Live in Indiana Edition: >Lap: #3174 …[View]
114361489Forget Ben Simmons, Pic related is the most based retard in the league.[View]
114361383LET'S ROLLIE: Yall think he could win?[View]
114346616Powerful wow! What a great young fellow.[View]
114349241Which team would win?[View]
114342294Kingdom of Bahrain - Welcome to hull City AFC - Money and Investments - 2021 (HD)[View]
114361399For me, it's the Eredivisie[View]
114361293What is the best sports competition and why is it the Europa League?[View]
114361325actually have given up: edition >lukaku werner both died >dance of fate between tsu vs salah …[View]
114348846Show me a more iconic picture.[View]
114359845So, he's done?[View]
114343856Is this the most embarrasing moment of his career?[View]
114352731What does he do?[View]
114359457Japanese Pillow Fight League[View]
114357334the REAL debate they don't want us to have[View]
114361136Am I guaranteed to win?[View]
114349413*uses Newcastle United to sportswash their image*[View]
114360565L I N S A N I T Y[View]
114340341Which African teams will qualify for the world cup?[View]
114359896ITT: Dogshit sports networks/media[View]
114359673Spurs fans explain yourselves: How is it even possible for a club as big as Tottenham not to absolut…[View]
114357071/afl/: Kick it to Scoops edition[View]
114351266/cric/: the thread dedicated to the gentlemanly sport of cricket[View]
114344927>Team from fishing village in bumfuck nowherere faces the team from the the most historically and…[View]
114342169Why do Scots insist on watching football, a sport they fucking suck at and will never make a world c…[View]
114356089/heem/ - Cuppa Edition: previous: >>114352149 previous previous: >>114342556 thread them…[View]
114347264Why can't athletes just use their real heights? Saw Tyson Fury next to Jason Mamoa and he…[View]
114359643Uh? You guys told me he was a bust[View]
114358900>home team isn't wearing white[View]
114344909uhh... i beg your pardon?[View]
114355599Braves @ Dodgers Game 5 Thread 3: Get in here[View]
114338043THE EUROPEAN SUPER LEAGUE IS BACK: https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/16483571/european-super-l…[View]
114349652>mental illness is real and serious Just like that, Simmons is untouchable. No more criticism fro…[View]
114357741Are they even fixable at this point[View]
114344410The Arsenal of Italy[View]
114356508it's time for the entire world to step in and do something about every fucking sport hosted in …[View]
114356053/nba/: Clippers @ Warriors right now on TNT Curry currently going 'nanas[View]
114342950LUKABROS ARE YOU READY ?: A new era starts tonight[View]
114354939Caption this, /sp/.[View]
114358884LeBron James as one of the greatest 75 players in NBA history??? Are you kidding me??? Mr. 3-6 in th…[View]
114348821*makes playoffs[View]
114341587I don't get it Mexibros, why aren't our players getting better?: >tends to keep most of…[View]
114348441I’m putting a pony on the Blackhawks[View]
114342990Welcome to...[View]
114357619Think the Braves will just intentially walk him in the next two games?[View]
114353593How do you say Fat Fraud in Slovenian?[View]
114357100Kneel Horse fuckers.[View]
114320836Greatest mogg of all time[View]
114355216Browns Broncos: The Case for Keenum edition[View]
114356122Every year until they stop choking[View]
114349554Heem: Schaubs gon’ give it to ya (what) Fuck waiting for you to get it on your own,Schaub gin’ deliv…[View]
114335429In Britain, some social media influencers started a team called Hashtag United and they are working …[View]
114350223/nba/ general ~ dallas edition: news: hoopsrumors.com previous >>114345686 games: Dallas @ At…[View]
114348206I can't wait.[View]
114355514Bot 6th, 6-2 Dodgies. Barves are up the dreaded (3-1) on the series, how do u think its gonna play o…[View]
114352881Braves @ Dodgers Game 5 Thread 2: Dodgers lead 3-2[View]
114346807>Bustle Westbrook[View]
114355173>they did it. >they hoped? >yes. >rig it.…[View]
114353142Browns Broncos Game Thread[View]
114345633/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Albon aliv in COTA Edition: >Lap: #3173 >Countdown to Co…[View]
114353743He's gonna get fired by the All-Star Break, right?[View]
114351558Broncos at Browns: Case Keenum wife edition[View]
114352930I hate these cunts.[View]
114349755NLCS Game 5: Atlanta Braves vs Los Angeles Dodgers game thread: Braves 1 win from the World Series D…[View]
114348854What did he mean by this?[View]
114349424Flames vs. Red Wings game thread: get in here bros![View]
114351158What are food and drink prices like at your local stadium/ arena?[View]
114348597Denver Broncos @ Cleveland Browns #1: THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTY in about 1 and a half bongs or somefin…[View]
1143495318-2 Mavericks up Fluka Flopdick versus Trae 'Dick Hard as Ice' Young[View]
114345712How is MLB The Show?[View]
114350082Fantasy RB Advice HELP!!!: >Chubba Hubbard or Deonte Johnson as the running back for the buy week…[View]
114348298/hoc/: 20+ minutes of ice time edition[View]
114350483The average passer rating this season for black QBs has been 100.7 compared to 93.1 for white QBs. T…[View]
114345517***OFFICIAL*** TNF Denver vs Cleveland pregame thread: It's raining goats and donkeys, get read…[View]
114344981Can you stop choking in important games and drag down the Dutch coefficient in Europe? Even f*noord …[View]
114345686/nba/ general ~ BBB edition: PHI: Simmons skips workout citing back tightness and mental illness NOP…[View]
114344038>losing to an arctic fishing village[View]
114342556/heem/: Pussy,are you still there?Edition >>114339407[View]
114349739*uses Saudi Arabia to sportswash their image*[View]
114343794Who the fuck can stop them?[View]
114342075rashford: How many American athletes have a PhD at 23 while being full time athletes?[View]
114338448You may post in this thread: If your team has a positive all time record against EVERY team in your …[View]
114346757European sports >capitalistic, free markets, the one with more money wins. relegations (darwinism…[View]
114344104Is the Europa Conference just a punishment league? Having to travel to the arctic circle to play a t…[View]
114344859One of the most underwhelming generation of Brazilian players still dominates European football.[View]
114347049Unironically what was he thinking here?[View]
114323399photo of the century[View]
114348401SPECIAL: What is the Rock Austin of your favourite sport anon? The match both men need to win and ne…[View]
114346370>There are teams that have conceded a goal in the Europa League[View]
114343949base(d)ball: PROS: >almost every single umpire (the referees of the game) have their own wikipedi…[View]
114343986/hoc/: /undeadted/ edition[View]
114344772>tfw unstoppable farming the conference league IK OOK[View]
1143476276-1 Infinite Kek!: 68 KB JPG https://www.gazzetta.it/Calcio/Conference-League/21-10-2021/roma-confer…[View]
114347522/afl/: footy[View]
114346582Ronaldo fags think he’s the goat because he can jump and score headers when he plays like shit while…[View]
114341087Who's bigger in Milwaukee?[View]
114345526GOAT: Misi Retardo[View]
114340752Is this the worst shirt ever: > Lame blue > Basket ball logo wtf > Shit text upfront remi…[View]
114343472Benzema to spend 10 months in prison: The prosecutor's office just found him fuilty of facilita…[View]
114343044Most Soulful Madrid team[View]
114347563Let’s take you down to our on field reporter…: We have Lauren Frankenstein talking to Dogmeat[View]
114326169/mlb/: KC: Owns your azz[View]
114343690Laugh at AS Roma thread: >Roma >the eternal city >founded 753 BC >2,8 million people …[View]
114333575/nfl/: Press S to spit on this fraud conference full of horrible teams and fans[View]
114342109>my club plays in the Europa League[View]
114347362>Bayern wins AGAIN Why are Germans okay with them tearing up the Boondesliga?…[View]
114344682The perfect male specimen[View]
114345276What part of Bodø/Glimt are you lads from?[View]
114329489Who you got and why's it Paul?[View]
114346871Memes aside, how he as bounced back in his career from Man Utd > Sociedad > Snuderland is real…[View]
114345937Based or cringe?[View]
114338573Sad that he's scoring those kino goals for a shit team like Man United that will never win anyt…[View]
114342547heem: heem[View]
114346490S TO SPIT[View]
114341412Who's bigger in LA?[View]
114345144S TO SPIT[View]
114325087The never ending GOAT: what drives him after everything he accomplished? What fuels him to keep movi…[View]
114340157Who's gonna make it?[View]
114343868Vitesse: What part of Arnhem do you kerels come from?[View]
114343033Benzema: Will he win a prison tournament too?[View]
114343270JUST: How do you fix this shit?[View]
114340024/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Weeb Vrooms Edition: >Lap: #3172 >Countdown to Coca Cola…[View]
114331861/nba/ general ~ season opener edition: NOP: Valanciunas extension BKN: Harden and Irving not offered…[View]
114339775If Newcastle and Norwich played a game in New York City, do you think it would sell out?[View]
114342735Bring me back[View]
114344258spursfantv, disappointing results today[View]
114340041The great debate[View]
114344048How fucked in the brain do you have to be to support a team like Spuds? Seriously what in the fuck i…[View]
114343753Why are they shit now?[View]
114324871Does Jason Whitlock have a point here about Tom Brady and Kyrie?: https://youtu.be/RQ1dEISgcJc?t=370…[View]
114326773Here's your ambitious Newcastle project bro. Starts very well[View]
114340615>moving a league match to China The absolute state of France[View]
114344472>Three Lions on a shirt >Jules Rimet still gleaming >Thirty years of hurt >Never stopped…[View]
114325042How has this doping fraud not been caught yet?[View]
114344279how is this even possible that back in the days this man was considered one of the best in his profe…[View]
114344260based mou going for the newcastle job[View]
114343497>why yes, I support a big plastic club, how could you tell?[View]
114344071>eurovision 2020+1 >euro 2020+1 >100m >4x100m >high jump >nation league elite we…[View]
114343291JUST FUCK MY SHIT UP[View]
114343526What's going wrong with our season, Spursbros? How do we fix it?[View]
114339457/hoc/: >rags[View]
114342172Based twain was right: >Haaland exposed >Patson Daka 4 goals and mogs him >TSUUU clutch god…[View]
114331026/copalib/ - God I wish that were me edition: LIVE GAMES >Copa do Brasil Atlético Mineiro 4 x 0 Fo…[View]
114341355bruh: How is this fair to other countries?[View]
114343562Haha go eat pasta with your Green Pass![View]
114341512What did he mean by this?[View]
114340063Wat boots do u wear?[View]
114342843Who's the biggest fraud?[View]
114343331Uhm... I think we're back. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_6O0_0vpDo[View]
114343205CUPS OF THE ROSÉ[View]
114342428itt: your team's most famous supporter[View]
114310182Who was in the wrong here?[View]
114318542/seriea/ - Repent zoomer edition: CHAMPIONS LEAGUE MATCHDAY 3 >Tuesday, 19th October 21:00 Inter …[View]
114340472>part of the 'big 6' >has never won a premier league title >has only won 2 (two) of the old…[View]
1143405592021: I am forgotten.[View]
114342756Who's bigger in Washington DC?[View]
114340795£240 Million Pounds: 48 Combined Goals in 208 appearances. How does Dortmund keep getting away with …[View]
114342379Who's bigger in Boston?[View]
114337581English, simple as[View]
114342670Who is bigger in Philly?[View]
114340267'In my time it could never have happened that a young girl played from qualifying, like Emma Raducan…[View]
114342589Who's bigger in Charlotte?[View]
114341051Repeat after me, lads... puliSHIT puliSHIT puliSHIT puliSHIT puliSHIT[View]
114341666Who's bigger in Portland?[View]
114342637Who's bigger in Atlanta?[View]
114339407/heem/: Previous: >>114335687 >Javier Mendez: Islam Makhachev doesn't need a finish to…[View]
114339019Guess the player: Guess the player[View]
114342475Who's bigger in New York?[View]
114342435Who's bigger in Minneapolis?[View]
114337976How many titles you saw your National Team and club winning?[View]
114339651salah who?[View]
114341890Who's bigger in Salt Lake City?[View]
114342166*twink stick legs break down again* *catches coof* Make the pain stop...[View]
114329200Well /sp/?[View]
114335000>currently in the middle of MLB playoffs >they would rather talk about preseason/ early season…[View]
114341468Who's bigger in Dallas?[View]
114341514Who's bigger in Philadelphia?[View]
114341458The debate is over: Haller >>> Tapinaldo and Pessi[View]
114341556Who's bigger in Phoenix?[View]
114338137>best at set pieces >is not allowed to take them for club and country why?…[View]
114336485Who's gonna stop him this year? The Cardinals led by Gary Coleman? The Razorcakes? Get the fuck…[View]
114341435Lewandowski will win the Ballon Dor for 2020 and CR7 will for 2021 you read it here first.[View]
114340178What ABLs see in their nightmares[View]
114334922This sports thing sure reminds me of divorce![View]
114340928How my niggas feeling about tonight? I hope Baker comes back soon[View]
114332797Tatum shit the fucking bed HARD tonight >6/28 shooting LOL >'superstar'…[View]
114337761>United paid Borussia Dortmund a transfer fee of 85 million euros ($100 million) for the 21-year-…[View]
114337768THE KING OF NEW YORK 32pts 6 rebounds 3 assists 4 steals 1 block 52% fg[View]
114339667Did you participate in the Lazio Fan Token Launchpad on Binance this morning? I got 1.2 LAZIO (worth…[View]
114337551>wins 14th decima and brings the hexa[View]
114324245Is Ole afraid of how powerful they would be together?[View]
114339980>2000 4-4-2 >2010 4-3-3 >2020 4-2-3-1…[View]
114325760NFL México: So the NFL released the list of ONEFA (mexican college football) players set to particip…[View]
11433644011 games 0 goals 0 assists[View]
114338744Yeah, maybe the Super League's not such a bad idea after all.[View]
114337249every year the fav, every year a new choke[View]
114340091>the punisher of Portsmouth >the butcher of Bolton >the rapist of Reading >the destroyer…[View]
114337041Why were the Benfica players AND fans so subservient to the Bayern players yesterday?[View]
114334270Who the fuck can beat this?[View]
114338295>£75million >0 goals >0 assists German bros, how did you dupe Man Utd into buying this POS?…[View]
114324118>Running on pure luck[View]
114336352/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Alizee Edition: >Lap: #3171 >Countdown to Coca Cola 191.…[View]
114323111hello, refundesliga? i am looking for an immediate refund for this lion. he is defective when not pl…[View]
114334870Do Aussies have anything to look forward to in sports besides Lamelo Ball? Poor Aussies, on the brig…[View]
114335687/heem/: previous: >>114331204 news: Costa weighs 3000 lbs[View]
114324397>Bayern has scored 56 goals in 13 games so far this season[View]
114338743You now remember Saul[View]
114334514/hoc/: here's a new one[View]
114263263/epl/ - That Sandcastle United Feeling Edition: This weekend's results/fixtures: Watford 0-5 Li…[View]
114338918Well, /pol/?[View]
114336504/fpl/ into the trash it goes edition: aka early deadline edition >Lukaka injured (tfw can't …[View]
114327623>all 4 teams won Should they be given another champions league spot?[View]
114337075Ruby term: Guys what do you call a pass in rugby, where instead off passing it to the player next to…[View]
114329544Wladimir Klitschko: Why does he spell his name in German?[View]
114338699Why is the convention on Wikipedia to only list league apps and goals in the little box on the right…[View]
114318041What’s your honest opinion of the NBA?[View]
114336713who are the best team in the world right now? im gonna say pic related[View]
114338442If you don't support your local club then your opinion is irrelevant[View]
114336977Oh my god England what's happening here[View]
114331381Has he finally been unlocked?[View]
114329291Dolphins are trading for Deshaun Watson: It's over Tua bros...[View]
114338240So... he will go to jail or not?[View]
114335347We Messi Now[View]
114318179Ronaldo's record against Atalanta is concerning: 560 minutes played against Atalanta 3 goals 2 …[View]
114338534Ronaldo-sama... I'm sorry I sang that song. Please release my family... I humbly kneel to you[View]
114338368Do professional goalkeepers wear any protection for their bollocks?[View]
114324388Pissibros, i dont feel so good...[View]
114331984Nuggets at Suns NBA Season 2021-22 Opener: Nugs Jamal Murray Out Suns Dario Saric Out[View]
114335755ABU bros...[View]
114325845Post the most beautiful goal ever scored by your national team. I start with one that not only is, u…[View]
114338006Facts. The only manager in the EPL clearly better than Ole is Pep Guardiola. Yes, i rate Ole higher …[View]
114323967Ok guys, so I usually don’t watch soccer in my country, but decided to just find myself team because…[View]
114327422>Jorginho 21' (P) 57' (P)[View]
114337038why are we still here? just to suffer?[View]
114336930Watched the game and wow, what happened to LeBron? He looks so small and moves so slow. Is he injure…[View]
114337640Bros what is going on with Lukaku’s leg here?[View]
114326205/afl/ - footy only edition: This is a thread for the discussion of the Australian Football. It is of…[View]
114324326*saves united again*[View]
114330933Can they save baseball?[View]
114326356/cric/: T20 world cup Need a haircut[View]
114326052au/sp/ - Australian Sport General: This is a thread for the discussion of Australian sport. The T20 …[View]
114336961Remember when he threatened to slap a female reporter.[View]
114318689If no one cares about Bundesliga, why does it gross more than Serie A and La Liga?[View]
114330984I'M DONE: Hello sirs, I'm tired of being a Man United supporter. I need a new wholesome te…[View]
114329338Zion bros……[View]
114336090>Big Baller Brand wins again[View]
114321701/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - The Heroine Austin Deserves Edition: >Lap: #3170 >Countd…[View]
114325632Hi fellow CR Haters I'm looking for our dignity here[View]
114321313Sorry divergrass, maybe I'll come back when you get some analysts/pundits half as entertaining …[View]
114336181>concedes 3 goals in 4 minutes in your path[View]
114327314this will kill the sport of baseball[View]
114329754Why do people call him 'KD'?[View]
114327221Prepare for the white mans team to dominate[View]
114335664This is the face of white privilege[View]
114335486You now remember Alexey Smertin[View]
114335611Welcome to ___________[View]
114323289LA sports fans: LA is filled with the lowest form of humans on this planet[View]
114324130>wins 1-0[View]
1143356932nd half FC: >Score first Draw or lose >Concede first Win What was their problem?…[View]
114328489Pelicans @ 76ers: this will probably get 10 replies but fuck it[View]
114335483ITT post frauds[View]
114331204/heem/ - Pulling Up Edition: prev:>>114327463 news: heem bjpen[View]
114333731ATL @ LAD OFFICIAL GAMETHREAD 3 (NLCS Game 4): ITT: collar discussion. Barves country knows this is …[View]
114326498Ben semen: Next lebron james or just a pretty face?[View]
114335535Ole Out General /ole/: if we can blame him when theyre shit we can praise him when theyre good. Come…[View]
114335321>one needs the team to play for him so he can score tap ins in front of the goal with no keeper t…[View]
114326529Why was he only drafted 15th?[View]
114332014The Future: Of charlotte Of the nba Face of America[View]
114328368/GRITA A21/Ligma A21/: >Shit teams, shit games edition News Ame always wins TSUUUUUUUU does it ag…[View]
114324951Today we tie the series[View]
114331843/nba/ - WIZ WORK edition: Nuggets @ Suns right now on ESPN[View]
114334358>This will be the 2021 World Series And no, the Cheastros ain't it.…[View]
114333668>FIFA forbids players to expose religious symbols during games >Ney-Ney quits being 100% Jesus…[View]
114333739Name a worse sports franchise then the Toronto Raptors, leaf fags on suicidewatch. >Champion 201…[View]
114328132Houston Astros vs Boston Red Sox ALCS Gamethread: Game 5 Thread 2 Stream: https://mlb66.ir/[View]
114331448ATL @ LAD OFFICIAL GAMETHREAD (NLCS Game 4): New thread 5-0 Barves, bot 5th >Watch it live http:/…[View]
114305736/cfb/ general - UPDATED edition: >Wednesday (14) Coastal Carolina (6-0) at Appalachian State (4-2…[View]
114326695>You mad Alfonso?[View]
114318267/NFL/ - Vore Kyler Edition: IND: Reich slaps T.Y. Hilton with 'day-to-day' label DAL: DAL …[View]
114326951Say something nice[View]
114332676Audiokino in sports: Post your selections >Hello friends KINO[View]
114327212Who is the next Atletico ?: >constantly reaching Champions League knockout stages >constantly …[View]
114328604/nba/: Celtics @ Knights right now on ESPN Nuggets @ Suns at 10:00 on ESPN[View]
114329755*collects pension*[View]
114310291/copalib/ - bandwagon edition: 20/10 games (GMT -3) >Argentina - Liga Profesional Arsenal Sarandi…[View]
114327463/heem/ - What About Your Titty Edition: Bitch/Boy: >>114321542 news: >your gay >costa fi…[View]
114328327Atlanta Braves @ Los Angeles Dodgers NLCS Game 4 Thread: Braves lead the series 2-1 TV: TBS[View]
114331087>wild card >division series >'''''''''''''''championship'''''''''''''''' series >'''''''…[View]
114331011NFL fans, is it true Bill is setting up his son to take the fall for his destroyed legacy?: Kind of …[View]
114327648tfw you will never be a sports manager[View]
114321121Why isn't he playing?[View]
114327618Is he, is he....The One: sure looks like it.[View]
114321379Slapped 300 bongs on United coming back[View]
114324160Coquinha, go take it up in your ass man, all the time this discussion man, fuck, football is not onl…[View]
114329580itt: footy players that should be at mid table teams, but somehow always end up in big teams. >a…[View]
114318963Post WASHED past their prime athletes here[View]
114317688Ready to get raped atalanta ?[View]
114325898>put me back in coach so i can fuck up my shoulder more and make this a 23 point lose while the b…[View]
114320551/mug/ - Manchester United general: So, it happened AGAIN. We can blame injuries, we can blame fatigu…[View]
114328558>Ole's at the wheel[View]
114323760Aqua chads: What brand are you celebrating with tonight?[View]
114317610/nba/ general ~ vaccine for Kyrie edition: bucks beat nets warriors win over nets news: https://www.…[View]
114327051I think I realize I like the football so much because there are so few games, its like yea every gam…[View]
114325191He's the Might Guy of football. Messi is Naruto. Prove me wrong. You can't.[View]
114328065My Brewers: Daily reminder that my Brewers won, children. I’m a lifelong fan. Routinely run in Brewe…[View]
114321717/hoc/: undefeated edition[View]
114321986Houston Astros vs Boston Red Sox ALCS Gamethread: Game 5 Thread 1[View]
114321542/heem/ - CSO Only Edition: pettis: >>114316332 news:[View]
114322837MANCHESTER UNITED vs ATALANTA | MATCH THREAD #4: 1-2 Pasalic 15’ Demiral 28’ Rashford 53’[View]
114325097Benzema bros...: Our goal yesterday was not enough, Lewandowski scored as well today and so it'…[View]
114319371ok he's starting, we lost already man u bros[View]
114324380How does he do it?[View]
114285662/box/ El Terrible edition: Previous >>114251353 >October 23rd ESPN USA Sky Sports UK Jamel …[View]
114321472>The absentee of Atalanta[View]
114324479Apologize: >gets subbed in >ManU turns the game around…[View]
114318415BENFICA vs BAYERN - Official Match Thread: Bayern's coach is ded Maybe we have a chance after …[View]
114321553just as he planned: pretend to lost so we caught flags of pissi fans came back in second half with …[View]
114324333Stop celebrating[View]
114326587Oh, hi Virgil.[View]
114323073>2-2 >Another invisible game >Teammates have done all the work to bring the game level Time…[View]
114326172They won 1-0: They're still alive[View]
114324278B-but I scored 2 goals, why is nobody talking about me?[View]
114314015>bundesliga defending[View]
114319871what's he thinking?[View]
114322721What emotion is this expression trying to convey?[View]
114320642Noooooooo this can't be happening[View]
114325407What is the best beverage to drink when watching sports? I'm a Mountain Dew man myself.[View]
114324521>subs in >saves your team >gets none of the credit…[View]
114322924what does he do?[View]
114321411Get in here chads: > winning at anfield > winning at old trafford So, is this the power of EPL…[View]
114324421ITT we kneel for Twain and the TSUU[View]
114324189Sevilla: Can these shitter only play football against united? The just cost me a 5k€ win, fucking sp…[View]
114320517No I will not follow the league of Ireland (It’s barely even on tv) Yes I will follow man United an…[View]
114320097What part of Atalanta are you from?[View]
114321336Do you think he regrets leaving Halal now? Trading all the PR power they gave him, all the tap-ins t…[View]
114321032Pissi Cuckitini[View]
114324041What cleats/boots did you use when playing football?: I was always an Adidas guy: I wore Adidas F50’…[View]
114314593early celebration thread[View]
114326003penaldo could never[View]
114321274What does he do?[View]
114323568oh hey /sp/, you were just saying?[View]
114323733Messi bros this can't be happening[View]
114325057*scores a tap-in after his team is already leading 4-0*[View]
114325674People trashing Ronaldo in the match thread. Here you fucking go. This is Ronaldo. No touches with n…[View]
114320500This sums up my idol’s career: Messi owns Penaldo sadly[View]
114325707OLE could be sacked, maybe. Zidane or Conte to replace him: According to some sources (mainly me), l…[View]
114321520Officially a Real Madrid socio, now what?: >I don’t live in Spain >Grandfather who does inheri…[View]
114325509How do their teams run and press so much?[View]
114323709describe this man with a 4 letters word[View]
114323691*answers /sp/'s meme song with peak /strongmind/ performance* how does he do it every time bros…[View]
114320238TSU? More like POO[View]
114319988>Ole's at the wheel[View]
114318115MIDWEEK MATCH THREAD: Because there's more than just the Champions League on tonight. The other…[View]
114181709Motor/sp/ort General: 10 Years Later Edition: >Turnleft at Texas >WRC in Spain >WSBK in Arg…[View]
114324988>Official laugh at X club/nt (club/nt wins in the end) >I cant score!/What does he do? (scores…[View]
114325143has he finally unlocked United?[View]
114324639You had one fucking job.[View]
114324447*Blocks your path*[View]
114320233Can this norwegian dwarf fuck off already????[View]
114321533>FULL TIME: Manchester United 3 - 2 Atalanta[View]
114323584Why is choking so embedded in their DNA?[View]
114324455he did the thing again: you know who...[View]
114318278Chelski - Malmo Official Match Thread 1[View]
114324286post >yfw the serbanon Patson Daka shill was actually right all along[View]
114324307Phew.... thanks for saving my career again Ronaldo ![View]
114324295Who is the next Atletico?: >constantly reaching Champions League knockout stages >constantly l…[View]
114324073messi who ?[View]
114324249/kino/: WE'RE LUCKY, LADS[View]
114323883>shitalian clubs[View]
114323166FIFA football matches are scripted to make these 2 look good[View]
114320383AND NOW THE END IS NEAR[View]
114306411What's the best fictional sport?[View]
114323919OLE AT THE WHEEL[View]
114323849The agonizer of Atalanta[View]
114285169/mlb/ general: OUR TOP STORY edition: BOS: Red Sox going with Nick Pivetta in Game 4 HOU: Zack Grein…[View]
114323474Ele crava muito kkkkkk SIIIIUUUUUUUU[View]
114321358what are the chances that Penaldo will be playing in MLS by the end of the season?[View]
114319240Hold still, Sévillebros[View]
114319226Gabriel Agbonlahor.[View]
114319325He's shit[View]
114323330/Brr Brescia Calcio General[View]
11431980180 million pounds >80 million pounds 80 million pounds >80 million pounds 80 million pounds …[View]
114320699ready for a comeback?[View]
114323155>B Fernandes (p) 96[View]
114321974What the fuck is wrong with him?[View]
114322840IT'S HAPPENING: VAMOS[View]
114321514MANCHESTER UNITED vs ATALANTA | MATCH THREAD #3: 0-2 Pasalic 15’ Demiral 28’[View]
114317429Like it or not, it had soul[View]
114322466Fantasy Football General - Week 7 - /ffg/: Post advice/lineups/etc.[View]
114317851>expected goals[View]
114311222How do soccer players not break their toe when kicking[View]
114315626/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 Thread - Edd edition: >Lap: #3169 >Countdown to Coca Cola 191.634 …[View]
114314189/hoc/: unvaxxed edition[View]
114311320Remember the 2010 FIFA world cup, where certain teams (England) blamed the Jabulani ball for their e…[View]
114320311MANCHESTER UNITED vs ATALANTA | MATCH THREAD #2: 0-2 Pasalic 15’ Demiral 28’[View]
114316745>2 world cups but not with the same teams participating So this is basically confirming it as a F…[View]
114316332/Heem/: /Heem/ - Kino Zombie Edition It's up https://youtu.be/WEUq5K_K8qE >>114308933…[View]
114321526*receives the call from manchester[View]
114321392Ronaldo could go to manchester city but chose the united[View]
114320578*receives the call from manchester*[View]
114321481It’s the team[View]
114211234/cyc/ - general: RAMPA INHUMANA edition current and upcoming races: 17.10 Paris-Mantes Cycliste 1.2 …[View]
114312856Looks like only 2 other teams this year that aren't paper tigers. His chances of another ring l…[View]
114320762Ronaldo was the only good Portuguese: But he ain't good anymore[View]
114318304I CANT SCORE[View]
114318819I don't care about who will be the next Messi or Ronaldo. There is one question that bothers me…[View]
114316896Why hasn't any NBA player punched this faggot square in the face yet?[View]
114320776>players play shit on the pitch >manager gets blamed Nice ''sport''…[View]
114319948>Ole will actually get sacked bros....[View]
114320670Fuck Off: Honestly? Good. Get the fuck off the bandwagon you fucking casuals. It's high time we…[View]
114320821leaving this for when my boy jlingz bailed out Ole again[View]
114320741Why he cant score as he always does againts Luxemburgo?[View]
114292656/fifa/ - GOAT Edition: Post your teams, bros. Also is anyone watching the UCL?[View]
114310946Unironically noone rates copa over Euro right?: I hope its just shitposting from messifags[View]
114320490>Manchester United fears this[View]
114320488I'm a Man Utd fan and i'm laughing. Literally laughing. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.[View]
114320469 [View]
114319841Who is your favorite La Liga mouth breather?[View]
114319196are they trying to become new Norwich/West Brom[View]
114315345Why are so many people around the world Arsenal fans?: Asked me pa and he basically named these play…[View]
114318313MANCHESTER UNITED vs ATALANTA | MATCH THREAD #1: KICK OFF 20:00 BST, 21:00 CEST Team lineups in the …[View]
114313647Post your ideal team for 2022 Qatar.[View]
114314621thoughts?: seems to be a strikers reward[View]
114312869Steve Bruce crying: WAHHHH[View]
114317626god dammit why are we so fucking bad now? compared to us even ligue un looks like the pantheon of fo…[View]
114319830>eplel defending[View]
114313287How far can they go in the CL this year? They're pretty gud[View]
114311527andy robertson is all hustle no technique plenty attitude limited ability prove me wrong tsimikas IN[View]
114318420Can someone explain to me how the hell someone can be shit for their club and great for their countr…[View]
114285002So in Australia, there's a rather strange sexual abuse scandal going on (more strange than usua…[View]
114307396We are like 50 years ahead of you[View]
114305520'When ive scored 10 goals against that team who had a drunk dwarf as a center back'[View]
114316435I'm 27. Is it too late to become a professional footballer?[View]
114319547'papa flo, I don't feel so good....'[View]
114303632Argentina the king of the continent: Se busca rival Europeo[View]
114319361Man U cope: If you are Ole out, just get out, visit reddit or yahoo answers. That conversation is OV…[View]
114304289Why don't the ultra rich arabs invest in Turkish clubs? They could buy muslim clubs that are pa…[View]
114313123Manchester United cheating to win tonight: >visiting Atalanta players awoken by fire alarm at 04:…[View]
114311446/nfl/ - unbannable edition: IND: Reich slaps T.Y. Hilton with 'day-to-day' label DAL: DAL …[View]
114316441FC Barcelona - Dynamo Kyiv Match thread: Time (CEST): 18:45 Barca XI: >Ter Stegen, Mingueza, Piqu…[View]
1143189702021 is the year when Bebeposting makes a comeback[View]
114318153Luis Figo: Why is he never mentioned in the GOAT midfielders debate?[View]
114310441>LeAirball >LeAnkle >LeAsterisk >LeBaby >LeBabydick >LeBald >LeBandaid >LeBe…[View]
114302221is this objectively the best time zone for sports? >euro games mid-morning and all afternoon >…[View]
114315294What population centers in the US that lack a single team from the Big Four Leagues (NFL, MLB, NHL, …[View]
114313856Messi has played 180 minutes for PSG in the league (equivalent to 2 full games), people acting like …[View]
114285151>this youngsta from Dortmund will be different! Honest m'lud![View]
114300323webm thread: >your sport will never have as much sovl as south american footy why even live? http…[View]
114312835Pay respects to the honourable, dignified Steve Bruce.[View]
114316729I'm sorry for doubting you based Twain[View]
114313921How long do you give him?[View]
114298339Why is VAR always in their favor? Is it because most of the UEFA members are from France and England…[View]
114316096If premier league is the best league in the world how come their teams keep getting btfo by your Spa…[View]
114311619Should the NFL step in and do something about this team?[View]
114318440How did he end up in MAN U: He's norwich city sub tier player[View]
114313103Here's your club rebrand boss[View]
114318444after these embarassing displays, we can all agree this is the REAL Bundesliga[View]
114318063I just bet everything on Man Utd to win and Ronaldo to score[View]
114313086I still love him guys...[View]
114239388/bundes/ - farmers league edition: /bundes/ in eurober sub-edition now that the super bayern have wo…[View]
114317150TRACK CYCLING: 2021 UCI Track Cycling World Championships 20–24 October Velodrome Couvert Regional J…[View]
114317986Vardy bros: We're underrated again Meanwhile shit ass players like Kane and shitford and nigbu…[View]
114314870Argentina is mixed[View]
11431561729’ 34’ 56’ 75’ (p)[View]
114317389Bayern's coach has felt indisposed today, and will remain in the hotel in Lisbon tonight, thus …[View]
114297223PENALIONEL PISSI (p)[View]
114199426/ffg/ - Fantasy Football General: Time to get serious.[View]
114313513Djokobros... will we ever get the GS record at this pace?[View]
114312062NFL killing braincells: should this sport be banned? its literally turning people into retards. i fe…[View]
114314585Basketball and ice hockey has started again[View]
114301562literally me[View]
114316792Early laugh at fraudnaldo thread![View]
114317835ready to rape fake inter Milan[View]
114314262The 5 season wonder and counting: Is underrated by the media for being Muslim and looking like a cav…[View]
114310695/nba/ general ~ big 3 edition: bucks beat nets warriors win over nets news: https://www.hoopsrumors.…[View]
114316086Newcastle owners already hate the fans[View]
114312656no wonder he's moving, he's being made to give up all his pens and goals to messi because …[View]
114316368Did that look like a nearly 9/10 performance? All I saw was Mbappé all over their defence, scoring t…[View]
114316334Why isn't some billionaire actively buying as many 90s sports cards as possible and then destro…[View]
114313229Ole's at the Wheel:: Delusional anons edition.[View]
114315148I don’t think this semen slurping sport is for me…[View]
114313098Who is his European equivalent?[View]
114312175>Russell Westbrook[View]
114315510M-I-C-K-E-Y: M-O-U-S-E[View]
114316407What went wrong? How do you go from being the top league in the world for several years to MLS tier?[View]
114312927Is there unironically any Ball player in activity better than Giannis Antetokounmpo right now?[View]
114315455>You now remember, Messi humiliated Pep because he banned his Cola consumption >At one point, …[View]
114313816the state of the bundes: is this actually a bigger farmers league than ligue 1? their 2nd best team …[View]
114316768How many sitters missed today?: M8DSW[View]
114316652Give me freedom Give me fire Give me Champions League teams or I retire[View]
114313553I swear on my mother, he's becoming good[View]
114316026Sports on tv today: What are you watching, what's on bros?[View]
114316210who can stop us this season >inb4 pep[View]
114310071BOSS: BOSS[View]
114308933/heem/ - PSO Only Edition: paulvious >>114305516 news:[View]
114315729What a shitty timezone[View]
114300411*Wins ballon d or* Who can stop him?[View]
114311615Prime Wanderlei Silva was a MAD MAN[View]
114315971NBA posted their top 75 list: well /sp/?[View]
114311195Could he beat up AD in a 1 v 1 fight?[View]
114313545The Fraud Duel: Who will be exposed harder in a real league? Will Donatello stays in his comfort zon…[View]
114311885/mls/ general - BEST OF THE BEST edition: >Wednesday, 10/20 Atlanta United vs. NYCFC, 7:30pm Cinc…[View]
114289672Vardy: >sterling >welbeck >rashford >lingard >alli >sancho >saka All favored ov…[View]
114309390Return to football, pls respond: Is it an incredibly stupid idea to return to gridiron football at 2…[View]
114312277Chiesa bros..how many tonight[View]
114314138havent watched nba in over 3 years but tuned in last night and holy shit its so fucking boring. id r…[View]
114311971At what point do major clubs realise that these guys are running a marketing scam?: I hope >your …[View]
114315436*Yn ennill cwpan y byd 2022*[View]
114310043tick tock moldova[View]
114315290How many for my idol tonight ? He’s not facing Newcastle this time so I’m kinda worried tsubros…[View]
114315246That good feel when your team already played and won and there are more football games to watch toni…[View]
114312279/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Sidetracked edition: >Lap: #3168 >Countdown to Coca Cola…[View]
114313481name a more aesthetic sport[View]
114314713These hands, they do not shake![View]
114313320Whats next for his career[View]
114293299Why are their teams so bad ?[View]
114314063Non-penalty goals Messi - 654 goals in 940 games Ronaldo 653 goals in 1083 games[View]
114291010/seriea/ - The Schizo in Black edition: CHAMPIONS LEAGUE MATCHDAY 3 >Tuesday, 19th October 21:00 …[View]
114311156Where did it all go wrong ?[View]
114310085Boston hoes maaaaddd[View]
114314336How many?[View]
114314551>it's not my fault if we sold Daniel James the only player who could play right wingback bec…[View]
114306593the only thing that is holding him back is Mbappé[View]
114312250ITT: meme players that you wish your club would have kept: >le come from bench in 89th minute and…[View]
114313595HOW MANY TONIGHT???[View]
114314033From where that bullshit about +1000 goals came from??[View]
114311389It's not even a good haircut...[View]
114310582TORRES SMASH[View]
114299032>Miss the penalty on purpose so messi dont get the hattrick > Le Benzema win the ballon d…[View]
114302635Post yourc lubs Breast Cancer Awareness Month kit[View]
114312784OH NO NO NO MESSIBROS[View]
114312112Overmars & Vd Sar confirmed GOATS? Fuck /sp/, you guys told me we we're a one hit wonder. …[View]
114302464Nets vs. Bucks NBA Season opened game thread #1: Get in here, the game already started.[View]
114313199Don't ever underestimate the GOAT.[View]
114301608>stadium speakers starts blasting 'jump around'[View]
114310710>PSG 3 - 2 Leipzig, Leipzig dead last in their group with zero wins >Ajax 4 - 0 Dortmund, 2nd …[View]
114312766Steve Bruce leaves Newcastle United by mutual consent: bruceballbros... not like this...[View]
114300353/afl/ - no edition edition: please discuss the sport or don't[View]
114301594/bbl/ - Big Bash League general: This is a thread for the discussion of the Australian Big Bash Leag…[View]
114312045What's his fucking problem?[View]
114312417How many today?[View]
114312756Is Jordyn Huitema an /elite/ football athlete?[View]
114312597>Belgian police are in search of a Brugge supporter wanted for plastic littering after last night…[View]
114308328Would Vitesse Arnhem win the MLS?[View]
114300351No golfer has or ever will be as great as Tiger. Best record. Best performances. Fearless. Tiger is …[View]
114312364lmao poverty franchise, imagine having KD, Harden, Griffin & Kyrie just to be dead last in the e…[View]
114300053Who will win and why?[View]
114312245christianbros....: how does he do it?[View]
114312203*runs away like a bitch after losing* Lmao what a balding beta Why do people love this guy when his…[View]
114293171/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Finnish Khans Edition: >Lap: #3167 >Countdown to Coca Co…[View]
114308921What went wrong?[View]
114309205You thought you could take a 3-1 lead?[View]
114301542Michael Schumacher will never recover :([View]
114310233What was that weird couple of years where spanish clubs dominate the champions league all about?[View]
114298634Lucho Diaz[View]
114302305/nfl/ general - CeeDee Smile edition: DAL: S Damontae Kazee arrested on DWI charges NYG: Report: Ton…[View]
114300417For me? Personally I like to spell Atheltico Madrid with a 'H'[View]
114311256>Hey Rich, you heard back from any trade partners? I just got fined $1.4M dollars man.…[View]
114302586Braves celebration station. I know the game isn't over yet but get the fuck in here Braves warr…[View]
114295628Messi was the only good Argentine: But now he ain't good anymore[View]
114295717>he doesn't own his team[View]
114309644He's going to be the downfall of the Lakers this season, isn't he?[View]
114301214Welcome to _________[View]
114309241post based sportsmen and other chads of sports[View]
114310683Kneel.: MJ was already retired at lebron's current age. Lebron had already been in the league f…[View]
114306777No refunds![View]
114298732/nba/ general ~ practice editon: bucks nets opener 7:30[View]
114310628Oh no no no[View]
114304586wtf cris collinsworth used to be cool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WC8Elk1LRjs[View]
114309243Pressure... from Thomas off the edge, Eli Manning... stays on his feet... HIGH DRIVE INTO LEFT... BA…[View]
114301177NBA is on tonight, how low will the ratings be this season?[View]
114302998/GRITA A21/Ligma A21/: Amewinslol edition[View]
114279357/copalib/ - ajjja el perrito edition: >SCHEDULE >Argentinão 13:30 Platense x Rosario Central 1…[View]
114308170Houston Astros vs Boston Red Sox ALCS Gamethread: Game 4 Thread 2[View]
114306766Warriors at Lakers Gamethread: Opening night tipoff in 20 minutes Klay Thompson remains out, James W…[View]
114309506kek what bitches[View]
114304862Braves @ Dodgers Thread 3: >the absolute state of puke jackson and the 'fans' who left early edit…[View]
114286238Still seething[View]
114305516heem: wmma dog fight edition[View]
114304893you are in charge of replacing this bald fraud: who do you pick ?[View]
114307966Mike my wurse they're winning the Champions League[View]
114306710Soon: Soon.[View]
114305928/hoc/: up up down down left right left right b a[View]
114307506>Messi What did the FAA mean by naming a waypoint after him?[View]
114308167Boston Red Footwears vs Houston Spacemen: shitpost edition[View]
114304738>leaving a PLAYOFF GAME with 2 innings to go The absolute state of these '''fans'''…[View]
114306556Why is donatello such a pussy? https://mobile.twitter.com/fandelchavit0/status/1450581081485451266…[View]
114302051Houston Astros vs Boston Red Sox ALCS Gamethread: Game 4 Thread 1 Saying 'Suck my dick' live on fox …[View]
114303420What is the point?[View]
114305667>They left? Begin the rally.[View]
114307304Can we start to believe in the hexa again or is it too soon?[View]
114304156Mickey Mouse frauds[View]
114303834Could they realistically choke?[View]
114301571Who’s this weeks Grudens Gridnder?[View]
114298157What the FUCK is their problem[View]
114306750Mo Salad, I kneel...[View]
114297332>tapin >pen The state of Messhit TSUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU…[View]
114303914Dana White's Contender Series Gamethread #1: Falcao appears to be beating Barnes 30-27 towards …[View]
114303367>Doyers are gonna get swept by the fucking braves[View]
114306557The superteam that never won a ring. Press S to spit[View]
114302520Just more 10 goals and that Pelé fraud will be left behind[View]
114303196/hoc/: ethan edition[View]
114269830/cfb/ general - WEEK 8 edition: >Wednesday (14) Coastal Carolina (6-0) at Appalachian State (4-2)…[View]
114303740>doyers spent half a billion dollars to lose to a team that was put together 3 months ago Enjoy …[View]
114300369Is he in the right?[View]
114304739Is he injured or suspended?: I hadn't payed much attention to the NBA. Why isn't Kyrie pla…[View]
114303136Matt Amodio: Was he elite?[View]
114301262/heem/ DANA WHITE'S CANTENDER SERIES SEASON 5 WEEK 8: /heem/vious: >>114292328 CARD: Jonn…[View]
114305349Is 100% efficient 30% of the time[View]
114300434Who is this guy again ? I've seen his 'wanted' posters everywhere but can't reme…[View]
114305045>puts two playoff games directly opposite each other on TV What the fuck is MLB's problem?…[View]
114301873ATL @ LAD [NLCS Game 3 OFFICIAL GAMETHREAD]: 5-2 ATL. Bot 5th >watch it live http://dudestream.co…[View]
114304235>that was a nice attempt Kylian, but from now on leave the penalty duties to me !…[View]
114300421What are the chances of Zenith winning this match? They're the best team in Eastern Europe aren…[View]
114303549*destroys energy drink farmers*[View]
114301918VINICIUS: Right now, better than Messi. https://youtu.be/B2Bg7IpIeso?t=165[View]
114303570Poop Shartiola[View]
114303524Why the refball?[View]
114302893i cringed hard when i saw the bahston boys casted in this, but matt and ben were great in this. ben…[View]
114298285im thinking we might actually not be back milan bros: heh atleast we are playing CL right[View]
114301893He’s going to save the 2020s.[View]
114302800What did Messi say?[View]
114299183Which team is he going next?[View]
114256744Why is this sport still alive? who is holding it up?[View]
114302771For me, it's Teaonui Tehau[View]
114298435WELL WELL WELL[View]
114302333I’m doing a research report on sports in 2020. Who won the NBA finals in 2020? Who won the World Ser…[View]
114292230what place from Tiraspol are you lads from?[View]
114264676/147/ - German Masters Qualifiers: The baize man marches on. >Dates: 18-26 October >Venue: Cha…[View]
114298774RIP lions: Worst qb ever. In this thread we don't laugh at the lions but mourn for them. Gawd D…[View]
114301010ITT: your region, your religious confession and your favorite team >me >Ontario >Dutch Ref…[View]
114298187How do you pronounce 'EXPOSED' in your language?[View]
114291515/nfl/ General - Jackie Mahomo Edition: BAL: Ravens announce LT Stanley will miss rest of '21 CL…[View]
114301557How do you say 'exposed' in your language?[View]
114301741>*wins two different finals in the same summer*[View]
114298530Atlanta Braves @ Los Angeles Dodgers NLCS Game 3 Thread: First pitch soon on TBS[View]
114296427/pug/ - PSG United General: So, it happened AGAIN. We literally can't blame anyone but the play…[View]
114296675>the city of everyone but City[View]
114297285How can other tournaments even compete in terms of kino?[View]
114297179>I wish I was playing Eibar[View]
114298566>the team with the most social media followers wins the game I don't think this semen slurpi…[View]
114300841Mo-sama... I KNEEL[View]
114292328heem mma ufc bellator rizin bkfc topdog: >>114286972[View]
114299891>jogo bonito is dea-[View]
114300933When we in Kansas city We walk out in the parking lot And yell FUCK THE ROYALS and start swingin and…[View]
114299565>Nashville has a soccer team[View]
114275526>less talented than Messi >more successful than him What went right?…[View]
114300050This is going to be the best world cup of all times mark my words[View]
114291895OFFICIAL FC PORTO X AC MILAN THREAD - CHAMPIONS LEAGUE EDITION: Don't be a retard and watch Pep…[View]
114299942It's official, Messi only turns up in Argentina and UCL games now. We can't stop winning M…[View]
114298862Someone have a webm ?[View]
114300401Why did Kevin Nash take England's Euro 2020 loss so personally? Did it trigger some memory?[View]
114291530is he mentally ill?[View]
114294954>the man 'mountain' >because he just stands in one place Heh…[View]
114299415Miss me yet[View]

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