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137156234smile if you've won SEVEN (7)[View]
137148652THEY. ARE. SERIOUS.[View]
137154463I'm from Brazil but I love João Felix so much, he is so beautiful and talented, he looks like a…[View]
137145359/cfb/ - Future SEC champ and Playoff team Edition: CFB Playoffs Rankings Nov. 28, 2023 1. Georgia Bu…[View]
137148473>manages to get a point in the Champions League group stage BENFICHADS, I KNEEL!…[View]
137142355this is an unfair advantage![View]
137140428>Rodrygo's father confirms via social media that Messi was racist against his son Ummm Pissi…[View]
137152226/LigaMX/ /ligma/ Quarter Finals: Today León vs América San Luis vs Monterrey Tomorrow Puebla vs Tigr…[View]
137156056Big if true[View]
137153214website ratings are a joke, people have to stop using them in discussions[View]
137143880/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Freedom from the Great Satan Edition: >Lap: #6727 >Count…[View]
137147957/nba/: previous >>137135522 news: NOLA: CJ McCollum Expected To Return On Wednesday DAL: Vegas…[View]
137150953/foobawl/ - formerly /nfl/: >tfw foobaw LAC: Staley: ‘Possibility’ Joshua Palmer returns this sea…[View]
137153877the smallest team in history[View]
137082499/mlb/: PREVIOUS: >>136976685 ATL: Levi Walker Jr., Atlanta Braves' 'Chief Noc-a-Homa…[View]
137152669Copa Sudamerica my obsession. Se viene la tercera[View]
137150422/hoc/: Last Stanley finals edition Bit of a boring /garynight/ subedition[View]
137152876garnachobros... they're making fun of us[View]
137143156heem: heem last thread >>137136168[View]
137148781He flat out rejected Pep and City's soulless escapades to play for his boyhood club. Scenes.[View]
137149427Is Reed Sheppard the best player in college basketball?[View]
137144616/copalib/: perro fresco edition >schedule who cares >previous >>137131318…[View]
137149757Predatory movement of Ronaldo, pass execution of de Bruyne, off the ball movement of Ozil, spacial a…[View]
137126145>team needs an equaliser/winner in the dying minutes of the game >that player that attempts a …[View]
137142035For me, it was Merlin's[View]
137151525Nihon University is disbanding the most successful college football team in Japan's history aft…[View]
137151854You now remember the time Tua Tagovailoa got extremely sleepy[View]
137140384>postponed prey for venezuela[View]
137137397/epl/ - still in europe edition: robbedcastle sub-edition ACKlisson sub-edition my Yanmar United FC …[View]
137150326>casually drops the first 70 point game since the 60s >kneels it out instead of going for the …[View]
137141756Sevilla - PSV Eindhoven: Currently 1-0 Sergio Ramos[View]
137141648/hoc/: Habs Edition[View]
137054986/bet/: Post picks, analysis, and everything related to sports betting Previous >>136963825…[View]
137149977I was born in a small village...[View]
137149885What does he need to do to start?[View]
137144385Real Madrid VS Napoli - Match thread #1: Real Madrid: (4-3-1-2) - Lunin; Carvajal, Alaba, Rudiger, M…[View]
137147274>oh nooo what a tight game i wonder how it's going to end[View]
137149590UNITED CAN STILL QUALIFY: UNITED beat Bayern Poonich (ez) > gala and copenseethen draw…[View]
137146039You can't refute him[View]
137144883Hi /sp/[View]
137143942>Messi a racis-........... APOLOGIZE[View]
137148430how do my turkish mug bros feel tonight?[View]
137145454Yanited can technically still qualify: >Bayern beat Copenhagen >United beat Bayern >Copenh…[View]
137148383Why is he so likeable?[View]
137148299Was his arm in an unnatural position?: Well was it, nazis?[View]
137148457The best player in the world right now[View]
137144056Apologize: You doubted him.[View]
137148687/cfb/ We should give the CFP National Championship Trophy an actual name: I'd name it Natalie a…[View]
137148663/147/ - Snooker UK Championship 2023: No time to pounce edition. >https://www.snooker.org/res/ind…[View]
137148566https://twitter.com/EHcomps/status/1729969148954861649 He's the Georgian Grealish, not even clo…[View]
137148447*completely falls into a black hole off the face of the earth*[View]
137145896They're back, and they're better than ever. Be scared, shitty. Be very scared.[View]
137144869>bayern munich >beating this[View]
137148194How did Mayweather take the W against a guy twice his size?[View]
137146725When was the last time you faggots played sports IRL[View]
137135522/nba/ ~ curry game winner edition: previous >>137133170 news: ant got hurt[View]
137147939Ladies and Gentlemen, your Primeira Liga leaders. Good night. >cope, seethe, dilate and look up, …[View]
137145392Benfica vs Inter: 20 bings in Awaken at the fourth match[View]
137147559apologize to SIR Kai Havertz[View]
137142576Eternal Arsenal Thread[View]
137144890Precisely WHY did They Remove the Best Shot Stopper in the World?: They would've easily qualifi…[View]
137147499BOSS... it's time for my paycheck for that pen[View]
137147126Who is the GOAT female athlete?[View]
137144761Eat. The. Bugs.[View]
137147336NBA history: Which NBA season had the most KINO-GRIT-SOVL and why was it 1980? >fightan >handc…[View]
137146887what's he thinking right now?[View]
137093665/bundes/ - bundes in Europa edition: >new Huhnion coach subedition >Tuesday 21:00 Doofmund - M…[View]
137137724Rodrygo isn't elit-ACK[View]
137146439*motivates your opponent*: what is this spanish retard doing?[View]
137146340This didn't age well[View]
137144087Dear Erik,[View]
137146844Ekstraklasa: Please watch our league[View]
137143577What did he do?[View]
137146440>Uber Eats[View]
137133837'Messi isn't the GO-ACK'[View]
137146170I was told Sevilla were saving their energy to win Europa League once again What happened?[View]
137145873Farmers League[View]
137145284eFootball 2024: >Konami actually managed to improve a lot since the disaster that was eFootball 2…[View]
137126554Consider this[View]
137138333Is this the most humilliating football moment ever? >fans spend all year abusing and bullying you…[View]
137145998But really, what does he do?[View]
137144610what's the point????[View]
137143674man u vs gala thread 3: 3-3 potential all time /mug/ on the horizon here united need to win or theyr…[View]
137145309He's still shit fuck off[View]
137112648Golf General[View]
137140703manchester city is the only club to turn down messi and pissnaldo[View]
137144840>there are no good black goalkee-[View]
137139654/nfl/ ~ desean jackson retires with eagles: news: PHI: DeSean Jackson retires as a Philadelphia Eag…[View]
137131119This league is only the most popular becuz it's the only euro league that's based out of a…[View]
137130167/cfb/ Playoff Rankings Edition: CFB Playoffs Rankings Nov. 28, 2023 1. Georgia Bulldogs 2. Michigan …[View]
137143558>Because there's more than just the Champions League on tonight[View]
137144647Liverpool sisters nobody can stop us winning the europa league now[View]
137144673Champions league coverage is unwatchable whenever this guy is on screen[View]
137143071>Poonana: >70 million great British pounds[View]
137144743how many tonight?[View]
137138739Say something nice about the future spanish ballon d'or[View]
137144205it's shit[View]
137137827ynr: Why did Messi stop chipping? It can't be because of age since he stopped doing that around…[View]
137138226First thing that comes to mind?[View]
137077694/box/ - Is told Benavidez is a Brit edition: Previous >>137053832 >December 2nd DAZN Michae…[View]
137144625Can he fix united?[View]
137144566Why do they concede so many goals?: Clearly scoring isn't a problem anymore.[View]
137144369They got rid of De Gea and paid 50 million for this guy. Let that sink in for a second.[View]
137143714/mug/ - Manchester United - Galatasaray: 3-3[View]
137125159When martial arts were created, people used WEAPONS to fight. Even in fucking Capoeira people used k…[View]
137099087/147/ UK Snooker Championship 2023: >Monday, 27 November 19:00 GMT Mark Selby v Mark Joyce Jack L…[View]
137144289I don't know how many times I've asked this before but... HOW IS THIS BALD FRAUD STILL EMP…[View]
137137392Why is baseball called The Show?[View]
137144133say its with me lads: BALD...[View]
137140073I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
137142281MAN U VS GALA THREAD 2: 2-1[View]
137141373>Garchando Cuckitini: what does he do?[View]
137125043Why haven't they produced at least one decent footballer?[View]
137140322The GOAT Volleyballer: Giba... Respect![View]
137138865Floyd 'Money' Mayweather EXPOSED: Floyd's actual middle name is Joy, but he loves to call himse…[View]
137122433/seriea/ - Il TORO dalla Torre Annunziata is back edition: SERIE A MATCHDAY 13 >Saturday 25th Nov…[View]
137137337/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - MILF wives Edition: >Lap: #6726 >Countdown to Bahrain GP…[View]
137141345>drugs >knocked out a player with his knee during a fight on the pitch >headbutted some fag…[View]
137139996GS v ManU: Predictions?[View]
137100830what is it with sudaca players and tattooing the most random shit on themselves[View]
137131318/copalib/ - Vegeta edition: >Relegation battle Vasco 2 - Corinthians 3 | 63' Colón - Gimnasi…[View]
137049479Eternal Arsenal Thread: Kai Guys Vindicated Edition[View]
137139410It’s over[View]
137111352What is the best sports league in the world?[View]
137140440OFFICIAL GALATASARAY v MANCHESTER UNITED MATCH THREAD 1: 'Welcome to the Hell II: Waterworld.' 30 ye…[View]
137138569what should be done to fix this shit sport?[View]
137138809when is VAR getting axed? everyone knows it only exists to rig matches[View]
137137764>epl, bundes and ligue 1 are all led by a spanish manager What happened?…[View]
137141826CART visuals > F1 cars (aside from the 96-97 Williams)[View]
137136628Josh Giddey underage allegations: So is this Ozzie going to prison or what?[View]
137140607What he mean by this.[View]
137134370/hoc/: /hersch/[View]
137141171/f1/ bros, we are so back[View]
137140961Gymnasts have earned the right for toilet and drinks breaks[View]
137140944Which one of these two Mexichads would you rather pick a fight with? https://strawpoll.com/PKgl38e49…[View]
137122846celtic bros...[View]
137138152Bellingham vs Zaire Emery: UK vs France Next GOAT midfielder debate. Who do you have /sp/?[View]
137135524So it happened AGAIN[View]
137137953Ideal Striker: Rules: only CFs (no Pissi, Penaldo), one player can only be chosen once >Movement …[View]
137139263The Malice at the Palace is the most collective Based, High-T moment in Ball Sport history: No bulls…[View]
137135757I know one gay rapist and one choking midget who could never[View]
137125654Redpill me about boxing. Is it good for self defense and building confidence?[View]
137137300Breaking: VAR referee involved in PSG-Newcastle game has been suspended[View]
137128383>bandwagons all German clubs in the UCL what is this cuckstomer behaviour?…[View]
137126637And the KWAB of the night goes to....[View]
137139133>Vinicius career ending injury[View]
137138516>DAZN went from 150€/year to 240€/year >They act surprised when football's audience is at…[View]
137131700who won?[View]
137140233i told you it's corrupt for years: why does /spuh/ never listen to the treble winner??[View]
137123988/cric/ - test match edition: STUMPS 1st Test, Sylhet, November 28 - December 02, 2023, New Zealand t…[View]
1370792471994 FIFA World Cup Thread: Post pictures and discuss this world cup.[View]
137133521Why was he so excited to draw against high school kids?[View]
137125548What happened to their MORE THAN A CLUB good guy image?[View]
137129055/cbb/ ACC SEC CHALLENGE EDITION: Some of watch in november. Eat my ass. There are games before march…[View]
137129328Brazil's New Jersey looking like crap[View]
137076846/mls/: Western Conference semifinals edition Kansas City Sporting @ Houston Dynamo starts 7:00 PM ES…[View]
137138511>0 goals in 8 Premier League appearances >5 goals in 4 Champions League appearances Is the Pre…[View]
137127829Man C, Man U, Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea, Liverpool. Big 6 were lined up again. Immovable.[View]
137128988Did he deserve this faith?[View]
137139746so did this guy single-handedly destroy Tottenham mentally? They've not been the same since[View]
137133833/nfl/ general- true script edition: DAL: The Cowboys have yet to beat a team over .500 MIA: Jason Pi…[View]
137138027Why did he hate Norwich[View]
137135740Club all time 11: Can any other team compete? Maybe only Milan and Real Madrid. Consider there are n…[View]
137139362For me, its Joao Felix[View]
137122865OFFICIAL BARCELONA V PORTO MATCH THREAD: Match starts in 5 bings[View]
137130659Say something about mexicos best player[View]
137134099if this man fails to win the ballon dor in next 3 years, then it will forever prove that FIFA is a c…[View]
137137138That's right I'm bringing it back[View]
137138094Consider this[View]
137122937>his team hasn't already qualified to the next round of the UCL Ngmi…[View]
137137448Bald fraud[View]
137118205The French are selling a book retracing all of their biggest losses & fails in sports: It's…[View]
137138537>levels to a second division team in Japan KeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkK It was right that you came to…[View]
137128889King of the North will SAVE Everton[View]
137132452how do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
137127103Why is UEFA like this?: In most leagues it's not a handball if the ball deflects off a player…[View]
137138202The GOAT.[View]
137109855Why are they so soulless compared to Brazil?: Brazil: good looking women, technical players, charism…[View]
137130210Is investing in EPL clubs a good idea, if they dont even make it out of the CL group stages?[View]
137137842MANUre lads: How are we feeling about today?[View]
137138070>not a single good CL match tonight[View]
137138019>just hoof it to the big lad >he virtually scores every time…[View]
137118980SO IT HAPPENED AGAIN: They just can't beat the Anglo bvll[View]
137138042tapinsisters? our response???[View]
137136411UEFA League: Updated from yesterday's results. Looks like the Big 3 are starting to pull away…[View]
137131358>17 goals in 17 games for club >10 goals in 9 games for country >niggas think he's don…[View]
137134980What did Marco Reus mean by that?[View]
137128623*solves the handball rule*[View]
137137464oh nonono /mug/bros.. how do we cope?[View]
137124278/afl/: hump day 'fee is on foreign flags behave yourself[View]
137121431MIDWEEK MATCH THREAD: Because there's more than just the Champions League on tonight. Six fixtu…[View]
137117659/epl/ - the table edition: >Saturday 25th November Manchester City 1-1 Liverpool Burnley 1-2 West…[View]
137123866/f1/ - Relentless Formula One General - YOUVE JUST BEEN STROLL'D Edition: >Lap: #6725 >Co…[View]
137126589I don’t think I’ve ever hated a club as much as I hate PissAssGay[View]
137136288*breaks every record*[View]
137135576what a retarded gimmick[View]
137126201>another year without UCL ASSJHASSHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHS[View]
137131883/heem/: Mods killed old thread for some reason edition[View]
137135970What was even the point of PSG signing this bloke?[View]
137128616What was the most KINO sporting event in history /sp/?: Nadal cooking Federer in 2008 was pretty epi…[View]
137135805Mike Tyson is the most overrated athlete of all time[View]
137135568>has the ball in the clutch >throws it away >misses wide open shot Hmm...…[View]
137135543/nba/ general Light it up! Edition: News NBA.com[View]
137133170/nba/ general SKIP Edition: News >NBA.com[View]
137135171moments before disaster: french goalkepper giving tactical advice to the italian coach before being …[View]
137124006/hoc/: Corey perry bangs bedards sloppy wet mess and fills her with his jizz edition[View]
137131718/hoc/: Soilers Edition[View]
137134054I want to bet on Duarte winning against Garcia on Saturday, I have never lost a sports bet before an…[View]
137130421/nfl/ overrated bum edition: News:[View]
137119258/Heem/ - Dismemberment edition: Previous: >>137112895 News: 'Adam' was the name police gave to…[View]
137131853TYBD: Have you thanked him today?[View]
137131038/nba/ general JJJ Edition: News NBA.com[View]
137110904>Santi Gimentez is currently the top goalscorer in Eredivise and is just 2 goals away from breaki…[View]
137132493Somehow the Royals manage to be more pathetic than the White Sox >The current bullpen projection …[View]
137118018This is the worst final a Frenchman could ever dream of. Anyone but them for fuck's sake.[View]
137126474He just needs more time right?[View]
137131049What's next for Francis Ngannou?[View]
137128398/hoc/: That's right, it's time for another FLAMES thread[View]
137119296insane stat[View]
137119563/copalib/ - Relegation Kino: Basco or Curintcha? also >Boca info https://www.promiedos.com.ar/ h…[View]
137121105/nba/ general HIMMY Edition: News NBA.com[View]
137126532Oil teams spend more on bribing refs than buying players nowadays[View]
137125863/heem/: El Cucky Edition >>137119258[View]
137125718>1 goal and 1 assist APOLOGIZE spee[View]
137127170Further proof that: >He isn't half as good as France Mbappé >he can't play without o…[View]
137130289ITT: Sell Outs[View]
137126227/nfl/ thread title go here: If I post news I post it here. Why the long face, Tim?[View]
137116331/cfb/ - d2 quarterfinals edition: News: google dot com[View]
137126695How is he considered a good coach?[View]
137129801The olympics are a bunch of stupid non-sports with corrupt judging and officiating. Everyone changes…[View]
137129342psg just became the first football club to release a cookbook: will you get it?[View]
137122565Totally equal scenarios.[View]
137121979Get all his rookies while you can. They will be worth more then Jorden's and LeBrons's com…[View]
137108286Can we literally get rid of this stupid fucking field goal kick shit? Just have the game be only tou…[View]
137128346Who was in the wrong here?[View]
137128003Something happened post World Cup in the Atletico locker room. We just don't know what it is ex…[View]
137128072Has it really ruined the modern game?[View]
137092037Show me a better goal.[View]
137126769murder them on sight, this should be the kristallnacht of the footballing world[View]
137127715El benchGOD[View]
137126556buhahahaha: only two teams out of the group stage overrated sheik league[View]
137098239Scolari after 7x1: >Brasileirão 2018 winner with Palmeiras >Libertadores 2022 finalist with At…[View]
137127509Best keeper itw la[View]
137127496what is he thinking right now?[View]
137124730Why is he so shit?????????[View]
137111906Wtf, how did Argentina beat Israel in 1926 If Israel started in 1948?[View]
137127040Notice something?[View]
137127269Now that the dust has settled, what did Salah mean by this?[View]
137116090Eurobros... wth >Dubai is reportedly set to become part of Euroleague, top European basketball co…[View]
137127030They are winning it: I'm betting on this horse.[View]
137125809>2 own goals Oh nonononono HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA AHAHAHAHAHAH ahahahHhaahahah…[View]
137126482*ruins football*[View]
137121844Manchester City v RB Leipzig Match Thread: KO: 20:00 Man City XI: Ortega, Walker, Dias, Haaland, Gre…[View]
137124787Is this the biggest KWAB moment in sports history?[View]
137126851>'The VAR team's decision is final! It is a penalty against Wolves'…[View]
137123129Kino incoming matchthread.[View]
137126675>Kylian Mbappé 90+8' (P)[View]
137126602The bad guys won[View]
137126167It's all so tiresome[View]
137125093OFFICIAL PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN v NEWCASTLE UNITED MATCH THREAD 2: 0-1. It's happening again for P…[View]
137126514APOLOGIZE: *wins champions league*[View]
137121541/nfl/: Thread edition[View]
137122683BENCHWARMERS: bencho in disguise[View]
137121245what sport is this?[View]
137121454How many today?: I’m thinking zero (0) which will prove he’s a fraud once and for all.[View]
137119975Bet u dont have world star singers in ur club, heh[View]
137125626>losing to poocastle[View]
137121120This logo used to instill fear and doubt into millions every Sunday. Oh how the mighty have fallen.[View]
137125329There hasn't been a good champions league since 2019: Prove me wrong[View]
137125101What does he ACTUALLY do?[View]
137096357How is it possible for one city to be so bad at every single sport?[View]
137121663OFFICIAL PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN v NEWCASTLE UNITED MATCH THREAD 1: A defeat for the Magpies in this cla…[View]
137078606Is the first pick in the NFL draft the worst qb this season?[View]
137121187Do you consider athletes who were born in one country, but play internationally for another to be tr…[View]
137123799The only man that could make PSG /strongmind/[View]
137124782how many players you usually play?[View]
137123928The Nordic Beasts[View]
137122247https://youtu.be/QkvxiTEhNsM?si=o4z3dBw86ddRGRtf ADIDAS™ AND QUATAR AIRLINES™ PRESENTS A FRAUDULENT …[View]
137124606The NBA has become hard to watch because the players are so unlikable.: Basketball by nature is such…[View]
137124679>Nurmagomedov is the greatest of all ti- Never fought a Filipino[View]
137118343Inventor of Basketball died: James Naismith (NAY-smith; November 6, 1861 – November 28, 1939) was a …[View]
137113621Paintball: Imagine an alternate reality where Paintball gained in popularity over the years and beca…[View]
137124545more of a champions league club really[View]
137119662Official NFL Channel (American fatball). >Most viewed videos are from the halftime shows[View]
137122936What is the evolutionary cause for being a fan? why do thousands of men descend to giant viewing are…[View]
137124344>I don't support the underdog even if they aren't a rival and i don't have a bet a…[View]
137116358How come players can't score free kick goals anymore?[View]
137124104benvenuto in Rossoneri[View]
137059003/biathlon/ - Winter Sports General: Pride before the fall edition >Sun 26.11. 09.00 Nordic Combin…[View]
137100769How many stabbings?[View]
137103346/hoc/: If you guys are so smart whats the answer?[View]
137118920Does anybody else see the stupidity of this so called 'sport'? In no other sport does one single par…[View]
137123572s o v l[View]
137108153and indeed there's historical precedence for sports teams names being temporarily changed for r…[View]
137122901What do you do in his situation without looking mad?[View]
137123722He makes me proud to be Somalian![View]
137119701Oh, the weather outside is frightful TSUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU[View]
137115490/f1/ - Relentless Formula One General - Winter Edition: >Lap: #6724 >Countdown to Bahrain GP: …[View]
137123116Football is fake general /FFG/: Football is fake general[View]
137115594>No Formula 1 for 3 months[View]
137122557imagine if he cared about football[View]
137114671England 2024[View]
137122414New Koundé fit just dropped[View]
137121264What game will you watch?[View]
137112718Please, germoney U-17. Destroy those argies cheaters.: they are braggin now too much.[View]
137112987FIFA U17 World Cup: Semifinals today Argentina vs Germany at 9:30 France vs Mali at 13:00 all times …[View]
137113722Ready to get raped, Espanholitos?[View]
137122002Why are scots like this?[View]
137118754Did the rigging start from this moment?[View]
137120617If the French top 14 rugby league has 26 games a season, why can’t the NFL?[View]
137120178He is not a fraud, but the equivalent of a camper: A camper can kill with awp, ak47, deagle or knife…[View]
137118380This image truly speaks volumes to my soul...[View]
137079678/seriea/ - 1-1 Victories edition: SERIE A MATCHDAY 13 >Saturday 25th November 15:00 Salernitana 2…[View]
137117602Why did we call him one-dimensional? >Can score with his right foot >Can score with his left f…[View]
137112301/nfl/ Cynthia: Things happened in the NFL[View]
137121544>international break again next week[View]
137119837Will any Asian nation ever win a World Cup?[View]
137099052/nfl/: >They simply lucked out again! S-Seriously bros!![View]
137110168His father killed himself at age 14: You now feel sorry for the best QB in the NFC North.[View]
137120202Should this be allowed??[View]
137112680/nba/ ~ blowout edition: previous >>137104857 NBA: Historic night for LeBron: currently leadin…[View]
137116968/cric/ - cricket: cricket[View]
137118493again fucking germany, AAAAAAAAAAAAA[View]
137115041Chud moment: Bayer Leverkeusen fans hold up banner that says “there are many types of music but ther…[View]
137114505>all of their forwards combined had scored 1 goal between them until two days ago >biggest inj…[View]
137119118Venezia bros... we're coming back[View]
137120242Anyone watching?[View]
137115889Freekick range - Ronaldo v Messi[View]
137119997>Continental break[View]
137096469when the spanish arrived in central america they found a sport similar to football being played yet …[View]
137119316How many gøls today versus RB Leipzig?[View]
137118959Happy Albanian Independece Day: They're gonna win the Euros.[View]
137116180>reminder that we will win the treble again this yea--ACKKKKKKKKKKKKK[View]
137110780tfw you an astronaut and threw 4 picks and still beat da burrs[View]
137099537Summer vs winter olympics: Which do you prefer? For me it's winter[View]
137118806Argentina is TREMBLING[View]
137104836/copalib/ - olanzapina o menino ta mal: Sosa edición Estudiantes pathetic Boca Pathetic San Silencio…[View]
137106103It's a golden age for American chess. We're on track to have 3 players, maybe 4 in the Can…[View]
137112895/heem/: onegirlies im excited for ONEFC[View]
137098168Which is the better sports nation?[View]
137116357Pick one[View]
137032700/chug/ - Chelsea United General: So, it's happening AGAIN. We can blame injuries, we can blame …[View]
137119002are you applying?[View]
137118735Will UFC ever have a KO like this?![View]
137101860How do you fix this?[View]
137118639https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHwVBirqD2s .[View]
137110546>too intelligent to throw egg shaped ball to player on same team.[View]
137115430>wake up >poorway is still a irrelevant frozen who cheats in winter sports and fails to qualif…[View]
137099620Is this accurate?[View]
137110015*loses by 44 points*[View]
137118225lazio shakhtar milan neither feyenoord city psg neither[View]
137104584Pure SOVL[View]
137069024/cyc/ - general: shameless Avocado posting edition Current and upcoming races: 16.12 - 25.12 Vuelta …[View]
137116716>loses 5kg in one single game in thy path[View]
137099991Is he the most complete player in the world right now ?[View]
137104473/afl/: https://www.afl.com.au/albums/1067846/aflw-2023-media-the-w-awards[View]
137117720What the fuck is wrong with spaniards?[View]
137104507Theoretically is impossible to achieve perfecti-[View]
137115806the greatest of all time[View]
137096870/epl/ - another emery edition edition: >Saturday 25th November Manchester City 1-1 Liverpool Burn…[View]
137105592City spent 570m for the squad on the left. United spent 700m for the squad on the right. Which is be…[View]
137107092F1 is a fucking joke.[View]
137116108Consider this[View]
137105863/bug/ - Boca United General: So, it happened AGAIN. We can blame injuries, we can blame fatigue, we …[View]
137094569how am i supposed to like football if i was always picked last in p.e?[View]
137117148how's the bunker coming along?[View]
137115775Man Uniteds away record to Galatasaray: >Played 3 >Won 0 >Scored 0 did somebody say 'Bogey …[View]
137115268Why did this guy get sidelined after he won the World Cup with Argentina?[View]
137111575How the fuck is our defense so good?[View]
137112642Countries that will never win a world cup: >Mexico >Peru >Honduras >Chile >El Salvado…[View]
137101856/cfb/ - My Hennies :) Edition: Delaware Blue Hens will be moving to FBS starting in 2025 and will jo…[View]
137114402Conmebolbros, let's enjoy our last hours as the champions of all the FIFA national team tournam…[View]
137116169Ohtani could never[View]
137111527messi won the world cup with this lol[View]
137106064WITHOUT LOOKING IT UP: guess who won the 2012/2013 bundesliga[View]
137115452This webm makes brown people seethe.[View]
137110990>COACH IUH JUST CAINT[View]
137104418/f1/ - Relentless Formula One General - 2023 Year In Review Edition: >Lap: #6723 >Countdown to…[View]
137114435how do you call armswrestling in your country ? we call it skandenberg[View]
137101859CFB D3 Playoff Edition: UW-LaCrosse 56, Aurora 35 (LaCrosse will play North Central (ill) in the Qua…[View]
137112124The _____ man marches on[View]
137112249/NFL/ general - Simpsons edition: Lol burrrs won 12-10[View]
137113066can anyone explain this phenonmenon? argentina(2022) >total shots(on Target)=100(47) >shots pe…[View]
137113001Is Mexico the 4th super power in America?: or is it Chili and Colombia? Chiled 2 stolen cups by Jadu…[View]
137099910*buck breaks the sky big 6 in your path*[View]
137113836Do clubs from your league pay other clubs so they play their best against potential rivals?[View]
136915857/american talents/: Game edition We play the might Trinidad & Tobago on the road in the Concacaf…[View]
137113042From an objective point of view, CR7 is a way better player than Cristiano Ronaldo[View]
137113027No Eibar?[View]
137105864/HAP/ Formerly /Heem/: Prev >>137095710 Powerslap.com/casting shop.bjpenn.com[View]
137102719How far will Los Blancos go in the CL?[View]
137112693/nba/ general Hoes mad Edition: News NBA.com[View]
137104857/nba/ - Game of the Year edition: Wizards vs Pistons Trash vs Garbage A legacy will be defined tonig…[View]
137111604Post absolute frauds I’ll start[View]
137104240have you apologized to Sir Marcus Rashford MBE yet anon?[View]
137110861Bears @ Vikings gamethread: Burrs moment edition Vikes lead 10-9[View]
137111325The Vikings lost to Justin Fields FUCKING LMAO[View]
137104384/NFL/ general - fugettabout it edition: Frank fired again[View]
137111872>your 2024 super bowl teams[View]
137110860Bears at Vikings Official Game Thread $???: Bears - 9 Vikings - 10 Bears blowing it.[View]
137105374Official /burrs/ Victory Thread: I know it's early, but get in here bros! We did it! We actuall…[View]
137110400>gives bad teams a fair chance to improve >teams that are well run regardless of how much mone…[View]
137111016What went wrong[View]
137093116/cric/ world cup champions: against the odds written off inspirational[View]
137111551WE GOT ELKO: Suck it, losers[View]
137047140Based or incel boomer rage?[View]
137109891Vikings/Bears Game Thread: Bears - 6 Vikings - 3 Hope - lost[View]
137099050/nfl/ fuck refs: refs suck and the panthers fired their HC over a manlet bust[View]
137109290What are your cringes sports fantasies?: I daydream about being an NFL safety at 5'6 200lb and …[View]
137110134The absolute pinnacle of zoomer mentality.[View]
137107499Vikings - ShitCongo #2[View]
137109517/nfl/ general: Literally unwatchable product edition[View]
137104121/nfl/ general: 72' Miami Record Still Unbroken[View]
137101656>still the best twelve years on[View]
137103153Ancelotti is coming to Brazil, right?: https://www.goal.com/en/lists/brazil-real-madrid-carlo-ancelo…[View]
137098541Football Injuries: why are football* injuries seemingly getting WAY WORSE? in the 2000s we had concu…[View]
137106424Bears vs Vikings Gamethread #1: >bustin fields[View]
137107191Where do you prefer to watch your sports?[View]
137107555Ronaldo: Sucks[View]
137095144>Arsenal are top of the league[View]
137104017>Futurism caught Sports Illustrated publishing AI stories — with fake author profile pages and al…[View]
137107208The Cowboys WILL win the Super Bowl.[View]
137105422/MNF/ Bears vs. Vikings: Bears are winning. Score : 0 - 0 kick off @ 8:15[View]
137095710/heem/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jc1vhXjJuw fights this week >>137091342[View]
137106508Who are some bald athletes?[View]
137105966Why do we hate Real Madrid customers again?[View]
137015446/FPL/ - Abandon all hope edition: The Prem is back and I don’t know what to do with my flailing team…[View]
137105577IN 30 MINUTES: >IN 30 MINUTES[View]
137103843Why are football fans so racist?[View]
137097468>above average English player who wasted his prime years at a mediocre, mid-table club is already…[View]
137098420The brazilian league is currently in a process EPLfication.: We are getting ahead of other leagues i…[View]
137101099>There's many music styles - but only two genders[View]
137080432So it happened AGAIN: It's not funny anymore. He is an actual fraud[View]
137105920UFC should hire Tang Kai: He's a legend in the making and would beat Islam Makhachud with super…[View]
137100589Messoy could NEVER #MyGOAT[View]
137102871>shitrona >Scatalonia >Pathetico Yup, >we are so back…[View]
137105537Underrated GOATs?[View]
137102467Awful that[View]
137102340Why does /sp/ hate him so?[View]
137095237Why are english fans like this?[View]
137100234KWAB How can he ever recover from this?[View]
137104889What are Man U thinking here?[View]
137094767/nba/ ~ eternal eMVPiid edition: previous >>137088951 news: ATL: Hawks’ Jalen Johnson Out At L…[View]
136768590/wfg/ - Women's Soccer General[View]
137089343/copalib/ - Ficou acordado até tarde secando o Bocão? Edition: Its another red team vs green team ye…[View]
137104001Why do the refs hate them?[View]
137099017According to sudacas, this is a tasteful memorial for the victims of the Chapocoense crash.[View]
137084489My Lineup for Galatasaray vs. United on Wednesday: Thoughts? >rashy suspended >casemiro suspen…[View]
136961467Sport webm thread. Any sport welcoom.[View]
137100131Girona - Athletic Bilbao: Starts in 30 minutes. >Jornada 14, Girona(1st before this tour, 34 poin…[View]
137099256>biggest accomplishment is being compared to England[View]
137095435Realistically speaking, who can stop THIS in the 2024 Copa America?[View]
137097327>hits the TSU after scoring the greatest ever goal: how will Argensimios and Pissi ever recover?…[View]
137097563/f1/ - Relentless Formula One General - Old Hockenheim Edition: >Lap: #6722 >Countdown to Bahr…[View]
137103284Next 5 games: >Valencia >Barcelona >Alaves >Betis >Atleti They are dropping at least …[View]
137102846Is it cringe to buy something like that as an European?[View]
137071056Spot the fraud[View]
137096855>it's been 88 years how much longer must we wait?[View]
137094650Arteta: “Lionel Messi is the most influential player ever in the history of football. We have never …[View]
137093596/hoc/: Iggy edition[View]
137099700OFFICIAL FULHAM v WOLVERHAMPTON WANDERERS MATCH THREAD: Cottagers versus Wolves for midtable Monday …[View]
137095218We MUST stick together![View]
137099198How well does he have to do today and over the rest of the season to save his job?[View]
137100501For me it's Edson arantes do Nasçimento da silva junior pernambucano do santos Du guimaraes 100…[View]
137097321Is he the GOAT?[View]
137096034what would he have to win this season to be given the balon d'or?[View]
137066915World cup champion Emiliano 'Dibu' Martinez[View]
137089103>it's a flop but nobody will pinpoint him as one due his anglo surname…[View]
137097676You will watch our league.[View]
137098628>Argentina still cries over this: As a Dutch chad I hope they can one day win a legitimate World …[View]
137099036/NFL/ - QBR Rating Edition: Is your QB attractive?[View]
137094534/180/ 2024 Paddy Power World Darts Championship Tour Card Holder Qualifier & Draw: The Paddy Pow…[View]
137097472for real[View]
137100744>to smart too play in a poacher position like Haaland >scoring more goals than penaldo's…[View]
137072070what's their fucking problem? they've never been this bad before.[View]
137078089why are argensimios like this?[View]
137097572The GOAT.[View]
137075762Is cheerleading an sport?[View]
137095717/dreem/ formerly /heem/: heemvious: >>137091342[View]
137046001Why is women golf dominated by east asians?[View]
137095937>only accomplishment of the last 500 years was la classico[View]
137081319my 70 year old dad is watching NFL games instead of watching Brasileirao Last night he watched sever…[View]
137100772plays once every two months: still makes brownoids and eurocucks seethe the goat[View]
137100657Monday night programming: Great job of the broadcasters to program Al Nassr and Girona on a Monday a…[View]
137088475/cfb/: >Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are …[View]
137099251ITT: overrated players[View]
137092793The best strikers this season so far: What do you see?[View]
137100437>Madrid gets away with it yet again I wonder if this guy also badmouthed Valverde's family…[View]
137096825>4-6-0 >6 midfielders >No strikers >Spain 4 - 0 Italy Greatest NT ever.…[View]
137100178Girona v Athletic Bilbao: Kickoff less than 30 minut4s from now. The Catalans, surprisingly top of t…[View]
137100092Does /SP/ have sports related video game ads or players, press or stadiums shilling video game stuff…[View]
137099738/afl/: missed messages edition[View]
137099566Americans buy Carlisle United: So it happened AGAIN! At this rate, only Non League clubs will actual…[View]
137076768>Cricket? Sorry, football is our new main sport.[View]
137094627National cups aren't serious tournaments. It's literally about RNG whether you are born in…[View]
137099081How dogshit is boxing since it can't move on from its glory days? The idea of anyone being bett…[View]
137094081Sinner can win a Grand Slam tournament in 2024, prove me wrong[View]
137099352Daily reminder that this team got eliminated in a group with Vitesse Arnhem, and NS Mura[View]
137095123Consider this[View]
137067651What do soccer goalies do when the ball is on the other side of the field?[View]
137023516Why do people watch college football? It's like watching minor league baseball it's just o…[View]
137085196Frauds: Post Them[View]
137032802/147/ Snooker: >Live now: Afternoon session Table One - Mark Allen v Ding Junhui Table Two - Mark…[View]
137090901>best NFL coach is italian >best premier league coach is italian >best la liga coach is ita…[View]
137096384/nfl/ later Frank: We've lost another Reich[View]
137098297Is this a horrible bet? I personally believe sports are all about momentum and the donkies have them…[View]
137080981HOW DID YOUR TEAM DO TODAY?: >Iggles[View]
137098668Das Rite: Watching Ohioans seethe is food for the soul. https://youtu.be/457chIOVpxg?si=wic2LlN11qj…[View]
137098666Penn State Offense: Who will Penn State hire as offensive coordinator after the dismantling of MSU? …[View]
137093428ere are my favourites to win Euro in order: 1. France 2. England 3. Portugal 4. Spain and the rest a…[View]
137095175>calling the ref a bellend is yellow card worthy is it fair?[View]
137098584Leave El Bencho to me...[View]
137097804Who is the greatest long snapper of all time?[View]
137072805>MotoGP >Davis Cup KNEEL[View]
137087616game of the decade[View]
137095934this man would be irrelevant if Messi was the one that was 3 years older >2004, messi wins copa a…[View]
137098338>Chelsea are looking at making two or three first-team signings in the winter transfer window to …[View]
137091984*most Kino celebration in your path*[View]
137092595I would take absolutely anything that comes out of this man's mouth as gospel He's literal…[View]
137095388god damn zoomers don't appreciate the best player in history because they saw him limping on 2 …[View]
137097571/f1/ - Relentless Formula One General - Best Mexican in F1 Edition: >Lap: #6722 >Countdown to …[View]
137078502How do you actually stop the ogre?[View]
137095982>guaranteed to not finish in the top 16 with the points deduction and points gap to those teams …[View]
137097520PROBLEM, Leipzig? :^)[View]
137092470/f1/ - Relentless Formula One General - And Now we Wait Edition: >Lap: #6721 >Countdown to Bah…[View]
137093621Dravidian excellence[View]
137097137today is girona's second test, they failed the first one, will they hold fast?[View]
137096759Consider this[View]
137067784/epl/ - basque bull edition: rip terry venables subedition >Saturday 25th November Manchester Cit…[View]
137096185Ynr Spanish International Marcos Senna who won the Euros 2008 and ranked 11th in the Balon d'or…[View]
137095963What are the most legendary stadiums you dreamed of playing in as a child? personally San Siro, Bern…[View]
137092820/nfl/ - the Broncos will win the AFC West edition[View]
137081195>you now remember jose mourinho[View]
137096337https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHwVBirqD2s .[View]
137083390Is it time to admit they're based and the chad sudacas?[View]
137070448>2021-22 season >get eliminated in an ECL group with Vitesse Arnhem, and NS Mura >cope that…[View]
137089177>tfw another week without /mug/[View]
137095815Chuddies worst nightmare[View]
137095705will he make it to 2026?[View]
137095699ITT: Coaches who should be put out of their misery[View]
137091342/Mick/ formerly /heem/:: >>137082169[View]
137093956November manager of the month.[View]
137095382A THOUSAND CAREER GOALS: The King. The Protagonist. The GOAT. Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro…[View]
137093966What went wrong?[View]
137093941What the point of being a soccer fan if you don’t think your team can “win it all” each season? Real…[View]
137092680The whole world does his celebration: Day after day in all field of sports the actual goat get his r…[View]
137073760NBA players that dont deserve to play: Fuck this midget he's never going to win a championship …[View]
137086570/broncos/ bunker: get in here, lads. we're memeing our way to the owl this year.[View]
137094907Remember the hyping the Sharties gave this kid, then he turned out to be hopeless? KEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK…[View]
137093865Do you like knifefights?: Three games remaining in the Brasileirao[View]
137088951/nba/ general westANUBIS Edition: News NBA.com[View]
137094506He's on an entirely different level[View]
137094378All memes aside, were Spurs ever really title contenders?[View]
137076475why are they all so fucking bad[View]
137076868Only in England.[View]
137076011/afl/: THE thread to discuss the Australian Football League, as well as the VFL, SANFL, WAFL and to …[View]
137038444/bundes/: Samstag 20.30 Fortuna Düsseldorf - FC Schalke 04 rest is irrelevant lol[View]
137072089>be british >sing a funny banter song at a football match >get arrested Does this happen in…[View]
136943166Fantasy Football General - /ffg/ - Week 12 Edition: post waiver advice, trade advice, bad advice, he…[View]
137082744Liga and Serie A = tactical strictness, pure futbol with ball playing teams, many old fashioned play…[View]
137087189Is being an american football HC the most stressful sports job? You have to pick one after another …[View]
137058576/cric/ - how did india lose the cwc edition: shitjeet missing rank 1 coping[View]
137075638OFFICIAL BROWNS vs BRONCOS GAME THREAD #1: Kickoff in 10 minutes[View]
137090433/nfl/ General: My team sucks[View]
137086193Can Cro Cop still be considered GOAT tier if he got KOd by Brandon Schloob?[View]
137046537Poohio Shart University: KWAB[View]
137081144remember:: it doesnt matter how much you cry, you cant change the reality[View]
137075996/f1/ - Relentless Formula One General - Group Dinner Edition: >Lap: #6720 >Countdown to Bahrai…[View]
137088653What does he do?[View]
137070394Carolina Panthers (1-9) @ Tennessee Titans (3-7)[View]
137090651Chargers vs Ravens: 10-13[View]
137082170Broncniggas... I'm starting to believe[View]
137085294>gf away at a girl's trip to Jamaica >chowing down on a wawa buffalo chicken hoagie >d…[View]

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