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/sp/ - Sports

Displaying 665 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
106337449/hoc/: fuck gary edition[View]
106324784/nba/ - LeChicken Edition: Lakers BTFO Celtics BTFO DORT game winner[View]
106334940Say it ain't so[View]
106333537/tugão/ - For The Cú-Efficient edition: LEAGUE MATCHDAY 21 OF 34 26th February >Vitória SC【20:30】…[View]
106340941Who let this sack of shit be captain?[View]
106340880Dana White is shilling Virtual Reality: When Dana says VR isn't a joke, maybe you should take h…[View]
106333562/f1/ - Relentless Formula One General - Fan of Gimi Edition: >Lap: #2118 >Countdown to Allahu …[View]
106334497fucking useless faggot[View]
106340197PSV bro's, what went wrong?[View]
106336126Good afternoon How do we fix this shit[View]
106325781/nfl/ general: FA: Raiders release Tyrell Williams, clearing $10.6M SF: Lynch: I really believe Garo…[View]
106336337AC Milan - FC Red Star Belgrade: Europa League 1/16 game thread[View]
106339326Why so serious?[View]
106339140>All Russian clubs already kicked out of European competitions >Only 1 win between them in 26 …[View]
106334483Eternal Arsenal Thread[View]
106338889official laugh at >lester thread: >2-0 TO SLAVIA PRAHA 2-0 TO SLAVIA PRAHA >2-0 TO SLAVIA P…[View]
106319388/seriea/ - Football Suicide edition: CHAMPIONS LEAGUE ROUND OF 16 1ST LEG >Tuesday, 23rd of Febru…[View]
106338397>slipping to slavia praha Never change leicekeks[View]
106335260MANCHESTER UNITED vs REAL SOCIEDAD (4-0) | MATCH THREAD: Kick Off 20:00 GMT This is on and you’re g…[View]
106336261Wtf, you guys told me this was shit. All these games have more soul than UCL[View]
106333202EUROPA LEAGUE THREAD: Matches start in 40 bings.[View]
106324147Baseball world rankings: Is this the worst world rankings system out of any sport? how the fuck did …[View]
106333658*ruin the game in your path* heh nothing personal[View]
106323229Alisson's dad just found dead after diving in a river in Brazil bit rough after his awful perfo…[View]
106338843*beats your overrated Premier League team*[View]
106335945/golf/: It's the World Golf Championship at Concession golf club in Mexico >Leaderboard Does…[View]
106333831Arsenal vs Benfica - Matchthread: Game starts in 10 mins[View]
106338661Post based club hymns. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2etPUmHUbs[View]
106338577For me, it's Divine Deablo[View]
106332063Heh, mon mec, Rabiotingz, il a juste besoin de plus de temps[View]
106331846>The Führer of Fuenlabrada[View]
106336143World's best coach, Steven Gerrard[View]
106336236>struggles to defeat the worst Benfica since 2008 Joke of a club[View]
106333379I like baseball baseball makes me happy. I look forward to spring training begin. When my team hits …[View]
106336828Ladies and gentleman, your new Fergie, Wenger, and Mourinho[View]
106329766457 days until we win the Champions League[View]
106325853/hoc/: WILDIN[View]
106326208Is Liverpool cursed? Alisson's father drowns: Van Dijk ACL injury then Klopp's mum dies No…[View]
106315916what went wrong?[View]
106337123>tfw you think the game is at 9pm >and finally it's at 7pm so you miss it…[View]
106309867> THREE LIONS ON TH-- OH NO NO NO NO[View]
106337146>Disappears against River[View]
106337078NFL teams would even make better footie kits than their sports actual teams.[View]
106337047When did they start to suck?[View]
106336564It happened again[View]
106330260How many today?[View]
106332896Team of the Season...: So far in the top 5 leagues in 20/21[View]
106332897Fixed Fights and Fraud Organization: Shogun =Fraud Wanderlei= Fraud Fight me[View]
106336188Apologise: >He's the baby Pep[View]
106310089Name a goalkeeper more deserving of a ballon d'or[View]
106335169IT'S COMING HOME, LADS![View]
106254797Eternal Arsenal Thread[View]
106336043Bruno Fernandes (C)[View]
106330325/reem/ formerly /heem/: >>106325750 News: /heem/ wants cruz to win[View]
106335668>argentine league[View]
106317809>20 wins in a row after this weekend APOLOGIZE[View]
106326207I unironically think they still can go through PSG. I rate their chances about 5%. They were shit ye…[View]
106331251The two GOATs of the NFL and there will never be anyone even remotely close to their level.[View]
106330324Daily reminder that Arsenal is the most pathetic of the so called 'big clubs'. Even Totten…[View]
106324983Is it really that crazy to think I could hold my own 1 on 1 against Luka Doncic?: He really does not…[View]
106335389Come home, J.J.[View]
106335142/UFC/: Who y'all got?[View]
106335143Was he World Class?: Realistically speaking, just how good was he before the filthy macaco ended his…[View]
106306239Why is this even a debate?: Ronaldo 765 goals + 223 assists Messi 726 goals + 304 assists[View]
106333798xG bros...[View]
106334804>track limits[View]
106333081Which tournament is more competitive?: The Euros or the WC? Which tournament is the best do you thin…[View]
106319527Real Madrid in big games this season: • 3-1 vs Barcelona. • 2-0 vs Atletico. • 1-0 vs Atalanta. • 2-…[View]
106328916What's the ideal scenario for him to move to either of these 2 franchises?[View]
106334152what is Argentine international Adolf Gaich looking at?[View]
106333810heh: heh[View]
106333439Can we petition due to change their mascot to angels? Duke is a Christian university, so why can…[View]
106318444Will /sp/ be watching the De Jong bowl?[View]
106327767Is mister L'jarius an upcoming star in football, can he dethrone Brady?[View]
106290909Who'll be the next new team to win the world cup? Will a team outside of Europe or South Americ…[View]
106332997Repeat after me : IT'S[View]
106324859How has Travis Fulton had 320 MMA fights, 75 boxing matches, and no signs of CTE?: https://www.youtu…[View]
106324617/f1/ - Relentless Formula One General - Nepotism Edition: >Lap: #2117 >Countdown to Allahu Sna…[View]
106299022/tugão/: LEAGUE MATCHDAY 21 OF 34 26th February >Vitória SC【20:30】Boavista 27th February >Fama…[View]
106328364/biathlon/ - Winter Sports General - Falla Edition: Langrenn: https://www.fis-ski.com/DB/general/eve…[View]
106326511/fedcel/ - 2006 edition: ITT we reminisce about the good ol’ days before Rodge’s dominance ended in …[View]
106333007This shit showed up on my feed and God I think it's so satisfying to burn hours watching disc g…[View]
106333003JUST https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/feb/25/derby-takeover-silence-and-mounting-debts-how-…[View]
106332928Why haven't they won more than 1 title the last 21 years?: I mean Tottenham has been a top team…[View]
106319121This club is the real killer of the Bundesliga. >Poach up their competition's coaches and pl…[View]
106332391*does nothing*[View]
106330885>One time during an away game the opposition's fans had been relentlessly mocking Coppens fo…[View]
106332467How do we fix the epl?[View]
1063266244 (FOUR) Time Winners of The FIFA World Cup.[View]
106326940What went wrong?[View]
106306117this shithole will host the olympics in 2032[View]
106330518well, well, well, what do we have here...[View]
106316487Outside of Bayern, this league is Eredivsie tier. Its absolutely embarrassing the gap in quality you…[View]
106324414for me, it’s American Football[View]
106329321If your club doesn’t have Bruno Petković on their radar you scouting staff and sporting director is …[View]
106331505Does /sp/ feel sad knowing that we're finally witnessing the end of an era?[View]
106331986I want to see them in EPL and for other leagues to rot[View]
106332146/sp/ help me out here... what's this guy's name again?[View]
106306838England BTFO[View]
106299196first day here, why do they obsess over germany so much?[View]
106308553Rank them.[View]
106311414How long until he gets rid of him?[View]
106330680>But Ozil has so far failed to score or create a goal for the Turkish giants, who have lost three…[View]
106331837*wins the 2021 ballon d'or*[View]
106310676They are getting promoted AGAIN ffs. What can we do to stop this? Is it time the Prem was turned int…[View]
106331213Are you gonna eat a W today /sp/?[View]
106320533no chance he even makes the playoffs next year[View]
106330781M'üller: You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like[View]
106311236fixed barcelona[View]
106330063India vs England, 3rd Test in Ahmedabad - Day 2, Thread #3: England 112 & 80/8 (28.2) India 145 …[View]
106330790Stop us. I dare you.[View]
106320858>this kills the jordancel and ends the debate once and for all While MJ was getting swept by the…[View]
106315223*passes sideways*[View]
106321344Nooo you can’t call it soccer it’s football you play it with your feet[View]
106314772>el eliminador de elche[View]
106319773For me, its Barcalona Forward Messi.[View]
106317788misremembered /sp: Weird memory holes /sp related I thought Gabrielle Jesus played for city around 2…[View]
106316556For me, it's Quim[View]
106330659Hey guys, I heard Tiger Woods is getting set to play golf again. But first, he needs a new driver.[View]
106313684Prove me wrong[View]
106330635Based: any other examples of pure baiting in sports?[View]
106309405I wanna go back https://youtu.be/pRpeEdMmmQ0 https://youtu.be/WTJSt4wP2ME[View]
106318525What was he thinking in this exact moment?[View]
106322402Post your favorite kits of all time.: Love these kits threads, always fun to see what everyone likes…[View]
106330422What the fuck happened to this guy?[View]
106325750/heem/: werdoom volkov edition rozenstruik vs gane next previous >>106322602[View]
106320226IT'S OVER[View]
106330187Uefa Confirm England As Sole Hosts For Euro 2021[View]
106328533India vs England, 3rd Test in Ahmedabad - Day 2, Thread #2: England 112 & 1/2 (1) India 145…[View]
106259332/cyc/: Brambilla edition UAE Tour this week 02/22 Stage 2 | Al Hudayriat Island - Al Hudayriat Islan…[View]
106320086Well /sp/, are you a match going supporter, or an internet football nonce? I've had a season ti…[View]
106303874The face of New York basketball: Apologize[View]
106325016>wins with a pirate-themed Florida team Nothing personal, Peyton[View]
106328029>What’s losing? I forgot how to lose. Please teach me the way that i lose…[View]
106316359What's his fucking problem?: >search Tobias Stieler >several pictures of him red carding …[View]
106326652India vs England - 3rd Test Day 2 Matchthread: >Feb 24 - Feb 28 England 112 India 99/3 (33 ov) Da…[View]
106324626/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Aldi Nord Are Nonces Edition: >Lap: #2117 >Countdown to …[View]
106327330What's stopping you from becoming a world-class curler, anon?[View]
106306381/biathlon/ - Winter Sports General: Oberstdorf is Go Edition Langrenn: https://www.fis-ski.com/DB/ge…[View]
106309964Why is it so rare to see a good crosser these days? Everybody wants to cut inside even the fullback.[View]
106318076>only like 1 of the Champions League ties is competitive going into the 2nd leg justify this shit…[View]
106325418au/sp/: /nrl/ /afl/ no australian flag no entry[View]
106326780press s to spit on this shit team: how many ucl trophies less would this corrupt shit team have? yes…[View]
106316427>refballing against atalanta why they do this?[View]
106327219What the FUCK is their problem?[View]
106324650Did Ali get cucked? His son looks nothing at all like him.[View]
106319830Owen Hargreaves is English[View]
106312733What name will you suggest, /sp/?[View]
106319173Brady will not retire because...: He loves winning, still has a lot left in his career, and he loves…[View]
106256231/box/ Dance party edition: Previous>>106240742 >February 27th DAZN USA Joseph Parker vs Jun…[View]
106319122Washington Football Team: >people unironically want to change this simple, dignified, distinctive…[View]
106321138/cric/ NZ v AUST t20: Matchie here[View]
106320142Why is he laughting? Why so smug? https://streamable.com/f5ch3x[View]
106316947Real vs Atalanta game thread[View]
106307340I can't understand why the French NTs, even at the youth level, are so black. Don't the Fr…[View]
106322684I bet my entire life savings we will never see LeBron hang out with this retard again after he tears…[View]
106318639>show man in the worst pain of his life >Happy Holidays! Pics like this?…[View]
106313697That's some bullshit, I lost my rent money betting on the israeli team.[View]
106311078Is he autistic?[View]
106319422why?: and does /fa/ approve?[View]
106314835Why LeFraud James rated above Tim Duncan? Tim Duncan was a far better defender, his offensive numbe…[View]
106323594/hoc/: big dick hokkei clubs edition[View]
106322602/heem/: magomed.com/magomedov >>106319058[View]
106311951/nfl/: Let it rip[View]
106314934>2 goals and a pre-assist >top scorer of the year so far across the entire world apologize ho…[View]
1063183054 losses how can we fix them?[View]
106325140legit who can stop this manlet nigga ?[View]
106318574How do we fix this shit: >Currently 2.5 good teams in the world >One of the biggest and riches…[View]
106320769does anyone actually like this guy in the nba? he has all-star numbers, but nobody gives a shit, his…[View]
106321882Retards want to change NBA logo to kobe: If for some reason the logo ever gets changed, only jordan …[View]
106312758Is Tiger Woods still elite?[View]
106325143>defensive striker[View]
106313717Get fucked, britbongs[View]
106323462>that third away game Someone is going to get exposed.[View]
106322601/nba/: NYC Pizza and Cream Cake[View]
106319130What the hell did you trade Jay Buhner for?[View]
106305649>0-2 against Brady in the postseason >worse passer rating in Superbowls than Sexy Rexy that GO…[View]
106323747LeWashed: He's too old to dominate anymore and needs to consider lowering his salary to get car…[View]
106322168Why couldn't brady save him?[View]
106323389bully gonna get you[View]
106315044/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Actually Not That Strong Edition: >Lap: #2116 >Countdown…[View]
106321156/hoc/: flames are elite edition[View]
106317434*bores everyone to death with their tippy tappy football*[View]
106319537>park bus >lose Why do people praise this hack so much? His team is eventually going to choke …[View]
106321496Top 10 current white basketball players 1 jokic 2 doncic 3 vucevic 4 sabonis 5 porzingas 6 Hayward 7…[View]
106312647APOLOGIZE: To the first and only NVP[View]
106320356Oh, hey Tiger. Sorry to hear about you finishing 2nd in the GOAT debate with 3 less majors, now that…[View]
106312942/nba/- Craptor edition: Raptors suck. Leafs btfo[View]
106322600How many complete matches did you saw of this man?: Me: 1. Nigeria 2-1 1994 WC 2. Greece 4-0 1994 WC…[View]
106319058/heem/ heem man soon edition: >>106314001[View]
106309932India vs England - 3rd Test Day 1: 3rd Test (D/N), Ahmedabad, Feb 24 - Feb 28, England tour of India…[View]
106316017So, where does he rank all time? #2? #3?[View]
106321560Daily reminder that Arsenal is the most pathetic club of the so called 'big clubs'.[View]
106321354how does spee cope[View]
106320736Ireland deserved it.: Let's be honest. Who the fuck wanted to see fucking Ireland in a World Cu…[View]
106318278>all their 3 teams lost How do we fix il calcio italiano, amici?[View]
106317979/hoc/: I love takis[View]
106320567ANYONE KNOW HOW TO WATCH THIS IN THE US?: it's not showing on ESPN Plus[View]
106320479>run call at 3rd and 8 >run call at 3rd and 9 >deep pass call at 4th and 1 >deep pass ca…[View]
106320435/USWNT v Argentina/ - She Believes Cup: USA 1-0 Argentina (Rapinoe '16)[View]
106318610Put some respect on Zidane's name[View]
106319742Will he ever get the chance to break Sam Snead's record?[View]
106314001/heem/: elbow edition previous >>106308997[View]
106298568already at 43 goals in the champions league this season who can stop our mercenaries?[View]
106318556This can't keep happening, wasn't VAR supposed to stop this kind of shit??[View]
106314299OFFICIAL MONCHENGLADBACH VS MANCHESTER CITY MATCH THREAD 1: >Monchengladbach Who cares >City E…[View]
106314747did you know? Crespo now is working as a coach for a mid table br club[View]
106312797Is football a coping mechanism for them, to allow them some creative freedom in their lives?[View]
106269218Who can stop him?[View]
106318492¡Hala Madrid![View]
106317745>can't score against a 10-man italian side Where did it go so wrong Realbros?…[View]
106318039Will the uefadrid alliance ever come to an end?[View]
106309568>mediocre in normal matches >absolutely clutch in big games Is he the anti-Ronaldo?…[View]
106313773Just a few more hours: Until we end halals season.[View]
106311101/hoc/: Young Clod edition.[View]
106316262>VAMOOOOOOOS Simple as.[View]
106311862MIDWEEK MATCH THREAD: Because there's more than just the Champions League on tonight. Six games…[View]
106315064Atalanta vs R.Madrid thread: wheres mah boi edition[View]
106311671TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v WOLFSBERGER AC: Starts in 30 bings. Spurs team info in pic related.[View]
106316928Pep Guardiola's coat.: Pep Guardiola's coat.[View]
106316934sports feels >ywn play dead ball era when tickets were cheap, it was still amateur, and ballparks…[View]
106316309*wins copa america*[View]
106311038I miss him so much it hurts[View]
106316836>makes city elite Makes you think, doesn't it?[View]
106311376Why would texas hate the best football team in its state[View]
106316537Poor little black boy[View]
105949693/mls/ general: Say something nice about Major League Soccer[View]
106314506My lil Lille doin' sum[View]
106308089post /ourguys/[View]
106316304He cute[View]
106313145How do we fix this shit?[View]
106260678/bundes/: *comfy bundes in euro bear edition* upcoming: >MONDAY 22/02 2nd /bundes/ 20:30 SpVgg Gr…[View]
106312511miss me, /spee/?[View]
106315910Who else not watching both horrible CL games here? Turned off Halal after the red and City after the…[View]
106292259/seriea/ -: CHAMPIONS LEAGUE ROUND OF 16 1ST LEG >Tuesday, 23rd of February 21:00 Lazio - Bayern …[View]
106268337/mlb/ general: broship edition: NYM: Mets officially bring in Kevin Pillar on new deal BOS: Red Sox …[View]
106310210The NFL extinction of the mobile quarterback[View]
106314624>world's top scorer since 2021 started >already La Liga's top scorer again…[View]
106313656both leagues are in the shitter right now, underperforming hard. who do you think will win? for me, …[View]
106312835where is Higuain now[View]
106278244/copalib/ - green uprising edition: Pre-Libertadores 1st Stage this week > 22/02 Liverpool (URU) …[View]
106315169I miss it bros. Just want it back[View]
106315011Opinions about the 20 year old Russian ski jumping talent Kristina Prokopieva? Personally thinking t…[View]
106308376/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Haw Haw Edition: >Lap: #2115 >Countdown to Allahu SnackB…[View]
106313705It all comes tumbling down tumbling down tumbling down. Where did it go so wrong, bros?[View]
106271664Has there ever been a better team that Real 2013-2017?[View]
106312159Barca vs Elche in an hour. Place your bets[View]
106314737>the eviscerator of Elche[View]
106314311Memes aside, why Man City's performance in UCL is so bad? Every season, they look unbeateable i…[View]
106299907Ok, I admit there's a chance it's coming home soon[View]
106314555Sports-Related Mandela Effect: I swear Melo was in this pic before[View]
106314088What game are we watching tonight? I'm thinking all the hype is in the Atalanta/ Madrid game[View]
106313305*Solves Celtic*[View]
106314418'Comminuted open fractures affecting both the upper and lower portions of the tibia and fibula bones…[View]
106305894Ki Sung-Yueng scandal: >South Korea and Swansea legend Ki allegedly forced his junior players to …[View]
106314032Barcelona - Elche thread 0-0 as it is. Post halftime slags[View]
106313688Say my name: Goaatland[View]
106308997/heem/ - Thiago Silva Edition: https://www.bjpenn.com/ https://www.heem.com/ https://topdogfc.ru/ ht…[View]
106294821*solves football*[View]
106313914Are you ready Halalcucks?[View]
106313846>promising start >impending debacle Why does it keep happening?…[View]
106313253Easy 5-1 tonight[View]
106305619Neil Lennon: Celtic manager resigns with side 18 points adrift of Rangers: https://www.celticfc.com/…[View]
106313576The fact that this motherfucker -- Martin fucking Braithwaite -- wears number 9 for Barcelona is the…[View]
106312896jokes aside why is he so immune to being #exposed?[View]
106312660I miss the old José[View]
106312995Rivaldo: where do you rank him in a list of Brazilian legends? does he make top 10?[View]
106305791Why did Paul Scholes became a GOAT-player post-retirement?: He was never considered to be among the …[View]
106311992How many tonight?[View]
106311911Fans. Do you miss them or do you prefer games, races, events without them? Post some webms too[View]
106293086/nfl/ general - Days of the Past Edition: DEN: Report: Justin Simmons likely to be tagged again DAL:…[View]
106291909Why are Tottenham so shit when they have the best manager of the 21st century?[View]
106312930Oy vey[View]
106303480/nba/ general: Denver Nuggets vs Portland Trailblazers[View]
106312473We will lose.[View]
106304821Update on Tiger Woods’ condition from his Twitter account[View]
106305032Why hasn’t Federer been the best player in the world since 2007?: His dominance ended in 2007-8 (Wim…[View]
106311613Golfers you want to see get into a serious automobile crash: Post them[View]
106298584Take over a team and after 2 months fuck LELiga leader in the ass Based? You name it[View]
106312546/cbb/ College Basketball: Xavier Sneed edition[View]
106312251For me, it is Lionel 'The Flea' Messi.[View]
106310987Who wins in a sport debate?[View]
106310230The Spanish players with a strong bond to Catalonia, who want it's independence, how do you thi…[View]
106310595Get rekt bongs: hahahahhah seems no one want to play for your shithole anymore[View]
106299158>wins the super bowl for the 7TH TIME >gets piss drunk (WITHOUT A MASK) on his yacht and throw…[View]
106312067The Tiny Tyrant[View]
106272881Why can't Germans deal with the physicality of the English game?[View]
106301449Real Madrid 1 billion in debt: this 'club' has kept the residents of Madrid poor with all these loan…[View]
106307253Take me back[View]
106306748It’s over: Neil Lennon resigns as Celtic manager after disastrous season. Celtic were on course for …[View]
106311891Is there a more elite diver in football than Salah?[View]
106309139His was better than Cristiano's.[View]
106291643Daily Service Announcement: Fuck Tom Brady: >Spygate >Deflategate >Tuck Rule >Refs gifti…[View]
106308241Are you ready for Thiago-Kabak partnership?[View]
106311631Tom Brady is ENFP[View]
106307673VAR is the best thing to ever happen to football: VAR is the best thing to ever happen to football. …[View]
106289974today he will prove the world he's world class[View]
106297777*outpasses you sideways*[View]
106308286Post your favorite kit of >your national team: I'll start us off, for me it's Brazil 19…[View]
106309663ultimate tier list you just cant disagree :))[View]
106300257this man had insane strenght in his legs, probably the most powerful soccer player in history from t…[View]
106310399GET IN VAMOS[View]
106310740are there any weird ass leagues streaming full games on youtube? preferably football but anything go…[View]
106310725Messi within 9 of Ronaldo in the all-time no-farmers-allowed list[View]
1063093506-3-1: What are the tactical advantages of the daring 1-6-3-1 formation? What is the philosophy behi…[View]
106269499/147/ - Snooker Players Championship 2021: /147/ - eternal edition After our all too brief holiday t…[View]
106310101People like to label Pep Guardiola as a fraud but the true biggest fraud in football right now is th…[View]
106304635/hoc/: colten retiilou edition[View]
106289073Tom Brady has proven that an elite pocket passer still beats a Run Option Mobile Quarterback. And al…[View]
106290476Who is your favorite German athlete[View]
106307020M..Messi? C-cristiano?[View]
106299197IFFHS WORLD'S ALL-TIME BEST CLUB GOAL SCORERS https://www.iffhs.de/posts/958[View]
106310464*out-GOATs you*[View]
106291123today we bury those fascists, follow your leader![View]
106310393the greatest quarterback of all time who changed football forever[View]
106305398>literally get points for missing[View]
106306788Fedcel bros...: Federer’s dominance ended in 2008... He hasn’t been the best player in the world at …[View]
106309684>VAR gets introduced a couple of seasons ago >Lel Liga teams immediately start shitting the be…[View]
106299383/cric/: Who will win the pink ball test beginning in a few hours?[View]
106304104Final score: Jack 18 Woods 15 you NOW remember when Tiger was le GOAT. In the end, he wasn't ev…[View]
106305371Surely Danas sick of this douche calling him out why doesn't he put him in the ring with Franci…[View]
106307975India vs England, 3rd Test in Ahmedabad - Day 1, Thread #2: England chose to bat England 93/7 (35.2)…[View]
106309692Who is your favorite Swedish footballer? Mine has to be Isak Alexander[View]
106297110Thanks for the support, /sp/[View]
106298324Robert Lewandowski is now officially the 3rd best CL goal scorer in history, having surpassed Raul. …[View]
106290778Rodgers bros...: He had to buy a ring because he didn't win one.[View]
106309322Fan Controlled Football: Johnny Manziel Takes off https://youtu.be/vKjnEmubMOA[View]
106308947>Nadal's career prize winnings equal $124 million >Messi made that much in 18 months…[View]
106298714>lame-ar What does he do?[View]
106299270OH N-[View]
106305232Why can't black boys compete?[View]
106306941ITT racist NBA plays: Post dunks, blocks, ankle-breakers, steps-over, winner/loser pictures etc... A…[View]
106303818heem: spidersilva.com prev>>106300020[View]
106305868Is the Mourinho 3rd season meme real?[View]
106293914The NFL should add 8 more teams[View]
106299002How would you react if Giroud posterized you in a goal?[View]
106307187wtf: >this is Barcelona's defense https://twitter.com/i/status/1363442097265737732…[View]
106298161/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Robari Kubica Edition: >Lap: #2114 >Countdown to Allahu …[View]
106305243Cauliflower ear wrecks OU faggot Spencer Jones: >record scratch >freeze frame >Yup, that…[View]
106306400What the FUCK is their problem?[View]
106308169It's not fair bros: tfw no atlantic schooners[View]
106284695/afl/: 7 days until practice games 23 days until the season starts 226044 is the supercoach code…[View]
106296660>can only score against Quattro Fromaggio 1945 and AC Pepe della Cazzini wtf but /sp/ told me he…[View]
106306472India vs England - 3rd Test Day One: >Feb 24 - Feb 28 England (2.5 ov)3/1 India ytb Day 1 - Sessi…[View]
106301963ITT: Based Athletes[View]
106286391Individual sports vs. Team sports: IMO, there is no comparison in difficulty. Individual sports just…[View]
106292254Post funny athlete names[View]
106303051What the FUCK is their problem?[View]
106306964How do you fix the NBA?: How do you stop the NBA from becoming a glorified freeforall pick up game /…[View]
106306394poop fraudiola[View]
106292433Are they the world's football team?[View]
106241394how does it feel knowing that the greatest athlete to ever compete in the history of professional sp…[View]
106303910IT’S UP: https://youtu.be/aQvoKn3Pp1s[View]
106305472/wnba/ general: For me, it's the Chicago Sky[View]
106253153Has there ever been a bigger collapse than leltic? >main rivals relegated to 4th tier >nearly …[View]
106303647Overpaid footy players: Was going through an old soccer book and saw this chart. Thoughts?[View]
106292915>Australia, Qatar pull out of 2021 Copa America - CONMEBOL You know what to do sudacas, invite Me…[View]
106298307Chelsea are going to win the league next season, it's so obvious.[View]
106295399>devout Christian >refuses to wear new safety harness cause he's too much of a man >di…[View]
106297983*sigh*... so its up to us to save Spain's honor, AGAIN[View]
106298132Why would texas hate the best football team in its state[View]
106299392How do we fix this steaming pile of shit?[View]
106293027UCLA Runner cut from school track team for alleged homophobia and racist comments: >In the video,…[View]
106305672>Klopp starts to lose >Anglos make fun of Germans and their league >meanwhile Tuchel is sta…[View]
106305729/sp/ - Sports: /sp/ - Sports[View]
106261569/biathlon/ - Winter Sports General - Nordic World Champs Edition: Langrenn: https://www.fis-ski.com/…[View]
106305057Who are these clowns target audience?[View]
106299552/FATnaldo thread: Discussion about diets, obesity, exercises, Herbalife and Hypothyroidism[View]
106289987It’s our chance /s / and /turnleft/. We are being given the opportunity to name a NASCAR race. Since…[View]
106299885*saves Chelsea*[View]
106298485*deserves ballon d'or in your path*[View]
106300428>Federror will be 3rd on the all time Grand Slams list soon Feels good desu Fuck that Swiss fraud…[View]
10630072376ers @ Raptors Game 2: starts in like 10 b*ngs >raptors vanvleet, bembry, siakam, powell, anunob…[View]
106287241How come Man United dominated England totally for 20 years?: It's like there was no competition…[View]
106301515/hoc/: I love coconuts. I love the Buffalo Sabres.[View]
106277374OH N-[View]
106297678>*best side gets humiliated by the 5th best team in the EPL* what's the point of this garbag…[View]
106304322>narrowly missed the trees but still landed in the rough, will be interesting to see how Tiger ge…[View]
106304489How can Tiger Woods have had a car crash if he died in a helicopter crash last year?[View]
106304317F...: ...inally https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/feb/23/neil-lennon-on-brink-at-celtic-with…[View]
106296839PORZINGIS TRADE INCOMING: where should fraudzingis be traded? we need a team before LUKING gets impa…[View]
106296305Makes u think[View]
106287438Hey my name Isco Real Madrid future[View]
106299183Press S to spit on their grave[View]
106300800Hey /sp/[View]
106285613Champion league winner since 2008: >Barcelona >Real Madrid >the team that eliminated Barcel…[View]
106298594barca's best signing since....?[View]
106298555Do you collect sports trading cards?[View]
106303435You now remember Fuzzy Zoeller[View]
106296681Is this consistently the most boring team in existence? Every relevant game of them is a slurpfest[View]
106298670Morecambe FC: SHRIMP CHADS ON THE RISE[View]
106300543This two nations are basically the same both have great, great players that do amazingly at club lev…[View]
106298617Press K to kneel: K[View]
106298910It is objectively impossible not to be aroused by this man.[View]
106300609disc golf thread[View]
106298933what does he excel at?[View]
106303791There's so much negativity here on /sp/ especially in regards to athletes when they get injured…[View]
106304001Does anyone else want to practice sports and got tired of shitposting and replying to blabber posted…[View]
106292414Oh shit...: What’s their new name gonna be /sp/?[View]
106295909Belichick: Why did he drive away Brady? Will Belichick win another SB without Brady?[View]
106302266>cry in public >gf dumps you in a week Even if you're a millionaire athlete…[View]
106294398Giroudbros... how many tonight?[View]
106298945Apologize. SAY IT! SAY IT![View]
106290764How do I convince this pollack to love me and to sit on my face bros?[View]
106300020/heem/: News: /heem/ is here to stay Previous: >>106292326[View]
106302449Why doesn't spee rate him?[View]
106296071The era of manlet basketball is coming to an end: The league is transitioning to position-less baske…[View]
106298159Tiger's leg here.: AMA[View]
106299075For me, it's Liverpool[View]
106301796yo i just remembered griezmann's fortnite dance in the final[View]
106291106>3 of the top 5 basketball players in the best NBA conference are white How did everything go so …[View]
106292503/NBA/: Can anyone stop my wizkids from winning the east this year?[View]
106301386>Worth a billion >Drive a Hyundai[View]
106301138>no skid marks >no brakes He’d finally had enough. .…[View]
106293731What the FUCK is this guy doing?: Should he be placed on suicide watch?[View]
106298943S: >Bayern 4-1 Lazio (without Mueller, Gnabry, Pavard..) >Crvena Zvezda 2-2 AC Milan >Grana…[View]
106302239Kansas vs Texas game thread[View]
106293309Lazio - Bayern Matchthread: 21:00[View]
106292576/hoc/: oh no no no no no edition[View]
106301106https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AKpPkzzDrM How can you be so abominably blinded by seethe and cope …[View]
106299422This is the best paid coach in the world. Say something nice about him.[View]
106297716>this is the best that Moorland has to offer K E K[View]
106300625BREAKING NEWS: Eldrick Tont 'Tiger' Woods passed away from his injuries[View]
106296804How can this guy possibly be the GOAT of American sports? He's barely even an athlete, he liter…[View]
106298815WHERE THE FUCK IS THE CHIRINGUITO THREAD https://youtu.be/bH4jnD3fXJE[View]
106292326/heem/: Dern BJJ edition previous: >>106286913[View]
106143100Eternal /trb/: Messi is finished threads rapidly killing the thread edition >Essential downloads:…[View]
106270308/tugão/ - Jogar o triplo status: ACHIEVED Edition: LEAGUE MATCHDAY 20 19th February >Boavista【1-0…[View]
106297699For me, it's catenaccio[View]
106298170How do we fix European sports[View]
106297964el cholismo es perder un dia y mañana lo mismo THE PUPAS IS BACK[View]
106293056Qatar and Australia pull out of Copa America: >Qatar and Australia will not compete in the next C…[View]
106297497>another le liga team bites the dust[View]
106273460If they win a world cup, they will be the most insufferable winners.[View]
106287019Simple GOAT test: If you're team can win without you. Then you're not GOAT.[View]
106298340IT'S COMING HOME: >England thrash Northern Ireland 6-0 >Scotland lose 2-0 at home to Port…[View]
106290048/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Daft Punk Edition 2: >Lap: #2113 >Countdown to Allahu Sn…[View]
106298125What went wrong, LeLiga bros?[View]
106288708>2002-04 - Leeds >2004-08 - Newcastle >2008-10 - Aston Villa >2010-15 - Manchester City …[View]
106297391*solves football*[View]
106298035What the fuck is his problem?[View]
106297794The Great Filter.[View]
106297863Atletico Madrid will never win until they change their logo to a bear eating the fucking apple >w…[View]
106280314Who are the top 3 oceanic athletes right now[View]
106297651>runs in straight line[View]
106296027OFFICIAL CHELSEA VS ATLETI MATCH THREAD # 2: 0-0 Second 'alf on now[View]
106291255PREMIER LEAGUE & EFL MIDWEEK MATCH THREAD: Because there's more than just the Champions Lea…[View]
106294371>Loses in a sport that nobody gives a shit in the rest of the world[View]
106297126it's over, they didn't even get to play on their pitch IT'S OVER[View]
106293203Why did Arsenal leave Highbury?: Why did they choose to move to a expensive and soulless stadium tha…[View]
106296895Florida QBs faceoff in Fan Controlled Football Game https://youtu.be/1sVGCrKI5zM[View]
106288425>2013 >picture Manchester United winning its 20th league title >wins it with guys like Rafa…[View]
106296949What does he do?[View]
106292548>my sports team loses >all the lads make fun of me >my sports team wins >they hold their…[View]
106296372Why do we even have to play before the semi finals? We should be seeded. This is downright insulting…[View]
106252811If you support a La Liga club other than Real/Barca/Atletico, do you actually believe your team will…[View]
106283006Worst sportsmanship in history: For me lads? Most prime example is McKechnie's reaction to an a…[View]
106291571Ronaldo bros..[View]
106295046Just hand us the throphy already: >Mia san mia[View]
106293258RIP second best golf player after Jack Nicklaus[View]
106256610It's shame /sp/ didn't exist when this happened, it had so much meme potential. >German…[View]
106296268US government back at it again. What happened to Tiger Woods this morning is yet another example of …[View]
106288852>barcelona wins >wow pedri is the new iniesta best young midfielder >barcelona loses or dr…[View]
106295589Bayern Munchen and Novak Djokovic ruin sports. Why are good teams and athletes with absolutely no pe…[View]
106295995>it's athletico vs chelsea game[View]
106275558which hockey team should i support?: new to the sport and there isn't a local pro team for me t…[View]
106295971>Yes yes well done done Tiger well done Tiger, however...[View]
106295135/nts/ NBA Top Shot General Thread #1 Genesis: NBA TOP SHOT GENERAL #1 Hey /sp/ noticed we didn…[View]
106292701Official Atletico Madrid vs. Chelsea - Match Thread 1[View]
106294454Be honest, who did you like more?[View]
106295547NBA Pre Bubble Player Tier List: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PlqYw4rqJY&t=41s Kinda funny t…[View]
106293658>multiple leg injuries and currently in surgery damn[View]
106288702What the fucking is happening with this save?[View]
106294827WELL WELL WELL[View]
106291476ITT post plays to dab on the manlets: manlets, don't get offended, we're just joking…[View]
106293330Can Sevco break the old firm monopoly? It's been almost 40 years since another club won the Sco…[View]
106280177All Time QB Pyramid[View]
106259861How to fix football/soccer >5 points for a win >2 points for a draw with goals >1 point for…[View]
106292689Champions League Conference thread[View]
106291809Why don't they have an NBA team?[View]
106293482>literally playing gm mode irl These are the most based sports executives…[View]
106290279What game are we watching tonight then? Athletico/Chelsea seems more meme-worthy, but I can see it …[View]
106293193F: https://twitter.com/stevengregory/status/1364290898985541634[View]
106293092AD... please.... come back.....[View]
106293052What have you been doing while waiting for spring training to start?[View]
106288930Thoughts on neymar's basketball court?[View]
106283276How was this guy in the cover of madden ?[View]
106279039>Serie A >only 3 teams won the last 20 seasons >Bundesliga >1 team won 15 of the last 20…[View]
106279815Was the kid disrespectful or did he have a point?[View]
106292117What went wrong for Mourinho's Chelsea in his first spell at the club?: Chelsea won back to bac…[View]
106288396Lets laugh at Germany[View]
106292033I can't be the only one who see it[View]
106277307>FC Barcelona[View]
106278760/nfl/ general - MONUMENT TO MAN'S ARROGANCE edition: LV: Rapsheet: Carr in Raiders' plans …[View]
106285039/hoc/: I accept your concession[View]
106292223you now remember me spee[View]
106286913/heem/: cant wait fo jan to rockhold le cringe anime guy news: marvinvettori.it[View]
106292107What is the best goal song in football? This is Porto's song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KV…[View]
106288847>Nadal is considered a french open baby >this guy isn't considered an australian open bab…[View]
106282592PSG has to be the most SOULLE-[View]
106279617How do you say the “white man marches on” in your language?[View]
106289709>we have Geoff Shreeves on the sideline to give us on up date >well Martin, it looks like a m…[View]
106291858Dk metcalf in high school: He's a big guy[View]
106291638>both GOATs are plastic surgery Chads: how do intactlets compete[View]
106285718Why do people pretend players that aren't the quarterback are relevant? They are all more or le…[View]
106291875>suh, stamkos and howard finally win their first ring in meme pandemic tournaments >Buffon sti…[View]
106290919>ronaldo supports upcoming talent >messi didnt even pass the ball to dembele when suarez was a…[View]
106273100/seriea/ - VAR'D edition: >Friday, 19th of February 18.30 Fiorentina 3 - 0 Spezia 20.45 Cagl…[View]
106289700>single handedly destroyed Liverpool[View]
106291344WC 2002 had the potential to be the best ever, all the big teams had world class players, prove me w…[View]
106279836Why sports of yesteryear would you like to see more of? For me, it's jousting.[View]
106219362/bet/: previous: >>106164708[View]
106291213>jumps very high[View]
106290101Lille Olympique Sporting Club.[View]
106255066why do fans have such little respect for him compared to Jordan or Brady?[View]
106286982Which 3 do you take?[View]
106275783Why are americans so bad at tennis now? They only have 3 players ranked top 50[View]
106280653What do you do in this situation?: Also, there was a French anon that had a good poker site where yo…[View]
106290568How does (((Orel Grinfeld))) get to ref a Lazio game tonight against Bayern?[View]
106280408is Manning the real GOAT?[View]
106290839Jamie Richard Vardy The greatest Premier League striker to ever live[View]
106274267Where would sports management be on the tier list?[View]
106288538EFL CHAMP: Fed up of plastic shite can we talk about an actually good league for once? 4 of the top …[View]
106281195name ONE flaw[View]
106290428Who is your favourite BAME athlete?[View]
106290598>mouth breathes all over you >flops and dives all over the pitch screaming like a little bitch…[View]
106290371Did you guys see the game last night?[View]
106276324is he a hall of famer?[View]
106274830what the fuck[View]
106285690How do you feel about his retirement?[View]
106289927The fallen Messi lmao[View]
106280063>Lads, it’s Tottenham What did he mean by this?[View]
106287648Should Football in the Olympic Games stop using U-23 teams?: I love the Olympic Games, especially Fo…[View]
106268666KEK: OH NONONONONONO How pathetic can you get?[View]
106283555/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Daft Punk Edition: >Lap: #2112 >Countdown to Allahu Snac…[View]
106275331What should Englands squad against San Marino next month be then?[View]
106277487If Tug of war was brought back at the olympics or became popular again: Which countries would uniron…[View]
106276351What meal do athletes eat before the big game? I usually go with a light snack of steak and scramble…[View]
106288881Is there a sport with more psychopaths per capita than in cycling? What is it about cycling that att…[View]
106279557>german fraud out >based slippy g in y/n? for me it's a clear Y…[View]
106287260German Proud vs Argentina Chad[View]
106282938We all know Tom is by far the GOAT QB (twice), but who is #3? Peypey or Montana? Peypey has the stat…[View]
106271964Why algerians don't claim Mbappe: Like they do with Zidane or Benzema Mbappe's mom is alg…[View]
106274228Why don’t we have a sports ball version of decathlon?: It will be a Kino Olympic sports where teams …[View]
106277325Does your country's league offer a captivatingly close title race? Germany Yes[View]
106278125>leaves schalke, they get relegated >scores to redeem himself after criticism for the Porto g…[View]
106287255What's your 100m time /sp/[View]
106287320What's been going through Mr. Kraft's mind since seeing Tommy win his 7th ring in his firs…[View]
106288542Who are we watching tonight and who are we rooting for?[View]
106279114>tried to get into premier league today >never watched soccer >choose to root for brighton …[View]
106280937would you watch an anime series based on eintracht frankfurt season from this year?[View]
106280684>creates the whole scoring opportunity >leaves Haaland in a 1 on 1 >Gets absolutely no reco…[View]
106285531Now that the dust has settled: Has Brady surpassed Manning yet?[View]
106288317>abolish the cringe world cup >bring back the kino confed cup I solved international football…[View]
106283194How do they make those many?[View]
106287248Pro Fighter gets trolled: https://twitter.com/TheArtOfWar6/status/1363882998408609793 Dude shouldn…[View]
106283839Tracy McGrady= Goat Build: The next nba goat will have a T Mac build >6’8 >athletic >shoot…[View]
106283992Does anyone else think he's overrated?: He just came off an MVP season and I think he deserved …[View]
106283082/cric/ - the cric: there is no cricket on[View]
106287456Reminder that what happened in Tampa Bay could have happened in New England >Gronk cheap and doab…[View]
106279577r8 my haka: r8 my haka[View]
106275997Will we ever get another Steelers / Cowboys Super Bowl?[View]
10627174423 mph = 37 km/h So who is better?[View]
106283072/heem/ - remember edition: Previus: >>106280115 Stipe > Jones[View]
106286842Now that the sand has settled, what's the verdict?[View]
106286022what's he thinking right now[View]
106285550he was actually kino[View]
106286426“wanna smell my fart?”[View]
106286365ITT: football pics that don’t make sense: .[View]
106283254>Football is over, no combine >ChuckHoop literally gets worse by the year >Divegrass loves …[View]
106285947leave LeBron to me[View]
106285518Who can stop them at this point?[View]
106285396The NBA fears this man[View]
106278399Where did he go?[View]
106277464Dan Smith, BYU[View]
106284773Champions League Final: Is this like the Super Bowl of soccer? Excuse my American analogy pls be nic…[View]
106283391It’s official saints bros he’s done: He’s now in copper fit retirement league! Winston area has begu…[View]
106284629You never doubted him, right bros?[View]
106268741Post the greatest moments in /sp/ history. I’ll start with game 163 of the mlb when the Red Sox, Yan…[View]
106272694Why do Americans care about college sports? Like, it literally blows my mind that there are grown as…[View]
106283898Why do professional basketball players never show sportsmanship?: I never see basketball players hel…[View]
106284171was it kino?[View]
106273290/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Alfa Romeo Edition: >Lap: #2111 >Countdown to Allahu Sna…[View]
106283226And /sp/ is sending in...Mahoney?![View]
106280115/heem/ - Tony lost edition: Get over it Tonycels edition. Previous: >>106276231 News: Curtis B…[View]
106270697What the fuck is wrong with Bleacher Report?: What the fuck do the two soccer mutts have to do with …[View]
106274777Minor League: I only ever see americans discuss the major leagues with no mention of the second/thir…[View]
106280176Don't mind me, just on the way to the Euros. Bet you forgot we qualified :)[View]
106282675Stephen A Smith: kemba walker playing like trash,tatum and brown regressing >IT BE BRAD STEVENS F…[View]
106274371>fenerbahçe goes full cope mode >blames the refs >blames the federation >blames beinspor…[View]
106281620Any big games coming up?[View]
106282579>Have never lost to second-division Holstein Kiel in the Pokal Are >we the greatest German soc…[View]
106282304400 days since the first kneel, and racism still hasn't been defeated. What went wrong?[View]
106266000/nba/- 2k edition: ORL: Nikola Vucevic posts 37-point, 12-board dub-dub DET: Saben Lee plays well in…[View]
106270903Superspikes are making athletes break records. So why don't they admit it? https://amp.theguard…[View]
106279517MLS Unleashed: Reminder that if MLS lifted its crippling wage cap, it would almost immediately becom…[View]
106281800Post defenders who are better than Maguire[View]
106280630Duke vs Syracuse game thread[View]
106277012>Brady >LeBron >Hakuho >Djokovic >Messi >Khabib >Phelps Have you ever stopped t…[View]

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