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95465712Oh they're all dirty wee fat fucks, and they're two faced slimey cunts, They should be bur…[View]
95461376/cfb/ run out of relevant pictures Edition: Just laugh at FSU and watch TTU/Zona[View]
95435547/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Bidding Edition: >Countdown to Singapore GP: www.whenisf1on…[View]
95462547GET UP GET UP[View]
95429598If he wins: If he wins the world cup is he official the GOAT? or he only needs to win the Euro 2020?…[View]
95463132/box/ OTTO edition: Previously >>95458913 >Saturday September 14 ESPN Tyson Fury vs. Otto W…[View]
95451906Our year[View]
954615834 5 1 or 4 3 3 sp?[View]
95461375Leave Khabib and Ferguson to me[View]
95458913/box/ - are tyse edition: Previous >>95430466 >Saturday September 14 ESPN+ Brad Foster vs. …[View]
95459930>tfw american hours and no football on /sp[View]
95461814For me it's Edinson Cavani[View]
95460652OFFICIAL UFC VANCOUVER GAMETHREAD #7: Main card (ESPN+ now) Donald Cerrone vs. Justin Gaethje (live …[View]
95462905Can he fix Philippine basketball?[View]
95457710What was his legacy?[View]
95442024Post your national team rival[View]
95459986> dominates your league[View]
95458935/cfb/ Evening but not Late Night Edition: Florida qb is dead and so is their season >LSU on suici…[View]
95460990What is the /sp/ equivalent of pic related?[View]
95447114Which part of Norwich are you lads from?[View]
95460842>0 (zero) minutes: Where do we do from here?[View]
95460710digits for Gaethje. Cerrone is gonna look like this again[View]
95459188OFFICIAL UFC VANCOUVER GAMETHREAD #6: Main card (ESPN+ at 8 p.m. ET) Donald Cerrone vs. Justin Gaeth…[View]
95447433>Fuck it, Aguero down there somewhere[View]
95452037/hoc/: ha ha poland edition[View]
95453748/Turnleft/: Xfinity @ Vegas Rhino Pro Trucks Outfitters 300 7pm est pre race show 7:30pm est green…[View]
95453589Dodgers @ Mets Thread: LA 1. Joc Pederson (L) RF 2. Max Muncy (L) 1B 3. Matt Beaty (L) 3B 4. Cody Be…[View]
95448604Iowa vs Iowa State: Iowa is at Iowa State and the game starts in FOUR MINUTES. Broadcast is on FS1.…[View]
95452319America: for me it's >America's over the top stadiums[View]
95456831JUST teams/clubs. Any sport counts.[View]
95457977OFFICIAL UFC VANCOUVER GAMETHREAD #5: Main card (ESPN+ at 8 p.m. ET) Donald Cerrone vs. Justin Gaeth…[View]
95430466/box/ - Leave Fury To Me edition: Previous >>95416346 >Saturday September 14 ESPN+ Brad Fos…[View]
95453519>American footballers aren't very g-[View]
95454033/cfb/ Jamies' Spaghetti Edition: Time to watch UVA beat FSU Also: Iowa-ISU still delayed >AS…[View]
95447980/NFL/ General - Based Kraft edition: No updates because y'all know what it is already. WEEK 2 T…[View]
95448690>PSG ultras on suicide watch kek[View]
95456808OFFICIAL UFC VANCOUVER GAMETHREAD #4: >Main card (ESPN+ at 8 p.m. ET) Donald Cerrone vs. Justin G…[View]
95409374/ffg/ - Bruce Arians edition: NE: Report: AB accuser meeting with NFL next week SEA: Tyler Lockett r…[View]
95457662LA FC vs another team from MLS 1-1[View]
95454518Who are the best Packers fans?[View]
95454394Give me a reason why a team who finished in the top 15 shouldn't play at least 3 or 4 other tea…[View]
95455475The next BR prospect...[View]
95447348Is he going to be the youngest ballon d'or ever?[View]
95457111adonbilivit: So is the MLS this much of a joke?[View]
95451152Do Tua and Fromm come out? If given the choice, who do you take?[View]
95445117Barcelona vs Valencia[View]
95455357UFC FN Cerrone Gaethje Gamethread #3: Augusto Sakai Edition: ufc.tv mma.reddit.com[View]
95443704The League is Ours: AHAHAHAH PEP YOU will always walk alone[View]
95445876>dominates EPLEL >goes to barca >permabenched >goes to buyern >permabenched whats nex…[View]
95452429/cfb/ summertime lover edition: >Bama 31 SCAR 13 >USC 17 BYU 17 >UCF 38 Tree 10 >Arkansa…[View]
95449498red bull bros worldwide, how are you holding up? german division here, we comfortable lead the leagu…[View]
95453396Provide me ufc vancouver stream links pls[View]
95455785The jannies of college football[View]
95395504/rug/: 8 days to go lads. M10 CUP Week 6 >Thurs 12 Sep 7:35 PM Waikato v Hawke’s Bay, FMG Stadium…[View]
95453298OFFICIAL UFC VANCOUVER GAMETHREAD: >Main card (ESPN+ at 8 p.m. ET) Donald Cerrone vs. Justin Gaet…[View]
95451219This is a J 'King of Brazil and the Algarves' J thread. Flamengo winning 1-0 against Santos[View]
95453277UFC FN Cerrone Gaethje Gamethread #2[View]
95454298RIP Hearts: Remember when Hearts looked like becoming genuine title challengers? What went so wrong?…[View]
95451487/cfb/ afternoon sleepy: >ND bootybalsting NM >Bama collapsing, Saban to be fired soon >UCF …[View]
95450948MATCH OF THE DAY THREAD: MOTD is scheduled to start in 30 minutes on BBC One. It is highly likely th…[View]
95389821/tugão/ - BOOMER EDITION: >Vitória FC- SC Braga 13 SET - 20:30 SportTV >FC Famalicão - FC P.…[View]
95452579Is it finally Liverpool's year lads?[View]
95450868UFC FN Cerrone Gaethje Gamethread #1: CHAMP SHIT ONLY ufc.tv mma.reddit.com[View]
95453061-: Rugby ? More like R u gay lmao[View]
95452637Should he take Kane’s spot in the NT?[View]
95445743>player A scores goal >'What an assist from (player B) !' Name 1 more onions, fake-knowledge…[View]
95450827Gladiator (2000)[View]
95450019Brazilians aren't cu-[View]
95452171This guy is a clown, has he ever built a good team from scratch? Always goes to the safest choice an…[View]
95432607/cyc/ - Vuelta a España, Stage 20: La Vuelta ciclista a España 2019 Stage 20 Arenas de San Pedro - P…[View]
95445247'Now I will play each matches as if I played them away from home.' What did Nerman mean by this?[View]
95444815Pittsburgh Pirates @ Chicago Cubs Official Gamethread: >Pittsburgh Pirates 1. Kevin Newman (R) S…[View]
95447275holy fuck Atletibros We got too cocky Now we’re bottling our lead[View]
95442630/hoc/: What's next?[View]
95451963LET'S GET THIS SHIT STARTED >south carolina[View]
95440846AMERICAN FOOTBALL OF MEXICO COLLEGE BALL: Sup, havent been able to do threads lately Pumas cu vs Agu…[View]
95451865Ngubus done right. Post them.[View]
95450918MoTD: Today was the best day of football in 2019 Who watching Match of the Day[View]
95445114Barcelona vs Valencia thread: still no messi, but suarez makes the bench >Barça : ter Stegen - Ne…[View]
95449591Does Ray Hudson ejaculate while on the job? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TP74zX5JZM[View]
95449523/cfb/ Tennessee is a winning team Edition: >Bama 14 SCar 10 >Stanford 7 UCF 21 >USC 10 BYU …[View]
95447381I'm gonna tell you this Ngubu is actually not a brainlet pacebaby Better than Dumbele and Vinic…[View]
95446758This smug son of a bitch is living his dream as a mascot for a football team...why aren't you?[View]
95450185is he actually good or what?[View]
95450047Leave Juventus to me.[View]
95445145how do we fix this pile of shit[View]
95437977HEEM: One morerun at the strap, brother news: yoelromero.com[View]
95448281*ties 1-1 against Watford*[View]
95450370Yes, it's me. Mashallah to you as well. I might need another 300 milions in winter....[View]
95446252I’m Now a Liverpool Customer Again: It’s official, with City’s loss at Norwich I’m jumping back on t…[View]
95442303Friendly reminder that Pep Guardiola has NEVER won a league title without the strongest squad at his…[View]
95442125>the spanish speaking world is the best at basketball >the spanish speaking world is the best …[View]
95450038NY Sports: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ewIw3_udr8[View]
95446516Gonna be a good game[View]
95448978> Win the National championship > 'We're World Champions! .…[View]
95448793Ansu Fati is just the next vinicius lads, he WILL NOT become the next Messi. Trust me.[View]
95449814E X P O S E D X P O S E D[View]
95443333This is his redemption arc.[View]
95447775/cfb/ UCF Natty Edition: Second Round of Games >Bama at SCar >Stanford at UCF >USC at BYU …[View]
95449316Why does he wear the armband?[View]
95447013That Liverpool Feel: Let's celebrate Liverbros >imagine not supporting glorious Liverpool FC…[View]
95445552>pep exposed >atletico exposed >JJ exposed Good week lads.…[View]
95437521/bundes/: You could have prevented this if you weren't such a lazy peace of shit.[View]
95448863PLEASE, somebody sack Nuno. This fucking fraud is ruining the careers of Rúben Neves, Diogo Jota and…[View]
95448245Most competitive league in the world: Out of the top 8 leagues in Europe (in no particular order) : …[View]
95423307/heem/: 28 and counting edition[View]
95447823>he rates Lel Liga titles We will only play our B-team in the league in order to focus on the UCL…[View]
95448559Ladies and gentleman, your Primeira Liga leaders. Goodnight.[View]
954424184-0 > 6-3: Franchise QBs who have a perfect Super Bowl record and never chokes in big games.…[View]
95445716poop poopdiola has pooped his pants![View]
95446029What do you think of Coomer?[View]
95445462lmao: >world class[View]
95447991/nfl/ general - Multi Purpose Facilities Edition: TB: Arians on Howard: 'He can play a lot bett…[View]
95445188/cfb/ afternoon edition: What are you watching?[View]
95446288>Gazişehir Gaziantep 3-0 Besiktas A P O L O G I Z E[View]
95447507/clen/ - Offical Canelo fan club: >Saturday Nov 2 DAZN Canelo vs some old alcoholic Russian guy…[View]
95447699We did it lads. We finally won the league[View]
95436554/NFL/ General - Buttfumble Edition: TB: Arians on Howard: 'He can play a lot better' NYJ: …[View]
95447147It's over[View]
95444908/abl/ bunker thread: It's another Liverpoowinslol episode IT'S NOT FAIR[View]
95441782Facts: College Football is better than NFL[View]
95447304>le 19 year old prospect man[View]
95444581ring rings ring[View]
95447306*speeds up towards the premier league trophy, right after taking a shortcut for the champions league…[View]
95443941Exposed fraud. It's literally Liverpool's year[View]
95447257La Liga: Kino[View]
95439394SAY MY NAME[View]
95446417What happened to him?[View]
95447108ITT: Ways you would cheat in sports: I put tennis balls in my bat. I have held the home run record f…[View]
95444659Time to apologize and suck his dick[View]
95447020Leave Liverpool to me.[View]
95446811PUKKI :DDDDDD[View]
95446819>nights are getting colder tick tock soiboi scum also why are winter sports so much more entertai…[View]
95444888now that the dust has settled they're the 2019/20 Premier League champions, aren't they?[View]
95445456how do you say the e-word in your language?[View]
95442403>8 games, 14 goals & 5 assists Yeah, I know our league is shit still not bad…[View]
95443848Well done Neymar... HOWEVER[View]
95444419/tlf/ - That Liverpool Feel: I know it's early and Norwich still haven't beaten Man City b…[View]
95445439*disappears for the next 96 hours*[View]
95442640cursed teams[View]
95445501My name is Tyson Fury: And I crush cans.[View]
95381129eternal arsenal thread: tomas edition[View]
95446523I say old chaps, shall we watch rich old men drive sports cars in circles while strangely dressed pe…[View]
95436916Can this actually happen?[View]
95440903/LaLiga/ Real Sociedad vs Atletico de Madrid: >Sociedad XI Moyá; Zaldua, Aritz Elustondo, Llorent…[View]
95440549tick tock man shitty are you ready to get pukkied?[View]
95361919/fpl/: /fpl/ edition[View]
95440425\lucha libre\ general: This is the official lucha libre general. Anything WWE related need not apply…[View]
95441010Sancho: This teenage mutt is Bundesliga's best player currently. Why hasn't Shitty, Farca …[View]
95444108Who is the greatest striker in the world right now, and why is it Pukki?[View]
95442941He makes Joao Felix look like Jesse Lingard[View]
95445796Where are the fans?: Why the fuck are there never any city match threads, they have no fucking fans.…[View]
95445867>Why yes I must rest my best player for the top game against Shaktar Donesk Fucking fraud…[View]
95444685What's going on, big guy?[View]
95445587You're in a Game and this man slaps your defence's ass. What do you do?[View]
95445668Ladies and gentleman, your Premier League champion. Say something nice about them.[View]
95443178>be me >orthodox Jew >big soccer fan >seethe every time Salah scores a lucky tap in goa…[View]
95445591Miss me yet?[View]
95445504Is he, dare I say it, /ourguy/?[View]
954372382 minutes left. Are you ready to apologize?[View]
95445368SAY MY NAME[View]
95445436Press S to spit S[View]
95445429well, well, well........[View]
95445415where is the chink customer now?[View]
95445404Well well well[View]
95445390Well well well[View]
95445388>9 players unavailable >still beat the Champions…[View]
95442013/cfb/ - AP Coach of the Year edition: Who you got today lads?[View]
95445088our year la[View]
95443483>exposes not only an entire league, but his own shit club too >shags his own sister >e-spor…[View]
95443404OFFICIAL NORWICH CITY v MANCHESTER CITY MATCH THREAD 2: 2-1. No, really. Brace yourselves for the co…[View]
95418830jlingz: My boy jay-o he......was out with three (3) of his friends.......i was there too....they and…[View]
95436644He's already warming the bench![View]
95444866B A L D[View]
95440746*shits on the bench*[View]
95439691/comfyrama/ PSG vs Strasbourg - Match Thread: PSG: Navas, – Dagba, Diallo, Silva, Kurzawa – Verratti…[View]
95433224Why are they so good at ball sports? Is there a biological explanation?[View]
95444254one hundred and twenty million euros[View]
95440146That Liverpool Feel thread: >14 matches won on the bounce >5 straight wins so far this season …[View]
95442634/hoc/ - angry bulju edition: TOR: Leafs ink Mitch Marner to 6-year contract PHI: Nolan Patrick might…[View]
95443770Bunker thread: So, it happened AGAIN. We can blame injuries, we can blame fatigue, we can praise Nor…[View]
95444189>best player in world >0.09 goals per game…[View]
95421042Two big nations who can't stop underperforming in football. How would you fix them? Also, Polan…[View]
95443517LGTSS >the absolute state of Freienbach[View]
95444137>made the girl come round and go low >Now I just call her Kanté what are some other narsty foo…[View]
95443843/sp/ee: >ultras[View]
954436742019–20 Premier League Champions[View]
95439715Me and my friends argument: I think that Cricket is a superior sport to american football and that i…[View]
95443209Why are you still watching the premier league /sp/? Because its competitive and there isnt a clear w…[View]
95440326OFFICIAL NORWICH CITY v MANCHESTER CITY MATCH THREAD: 5:30pm kick-off. Norwich: Krul, Byram, Amadou,…[View]
95443180>wins your heart[View]
95425536Alliances in sports: Post teams that are allies/friends[View]
95439739AMERICA WINS!!!!!: 87-74 beatdown, take that you Polish bastards![View]
95431084Would you rather your college team be elite at football or basketball[View]
95441162>His team was founded in the 20th century[View]
95439325Why is he so shit against Serie A defences? I thought he was mean to be the best player in the world…[View]
95441990Its our year lads[View]
95438918How do you go from this...[View]
95442809Which athlete, who has never been charged, are you most sure has committed multiple violent rapes? F…[View]
9544265214 goals in 8 games, are you ready Genk?[View]
95442651/hoc/: bergevin edition[View]
95431424/hoc/: imagine posting early threads lick the goddamned bench you loser[View]
95436672/cric/: Eng: 294 & 116/2 Aus: 225 Eng lead by 185[View]
95442361*wins treble*[View]
95180985/mls/ ft. /ayy/ - Another March to the Sea edition: No one made a thread lol sub-edition >Sábado …[View]
95442300I know it's early, but fuck it We did it bros! After so many waits of waiting we won a premier …[View]
95442283Imagine not only being BALD but also a complete and utter FRAUD.[View]
95436752Just a thread for people to congratulate the champions of Europe on another comfortable 3 points[View]
95441904OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO![View]
95429782/cfb/ - kansas is back edition[View]
95433889Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
95441603>Neymar Sr. sell your son on the Red Light District[View]
95441246How many will they score against Barcalona?[View]
95440957For me it's the Sportsman's Sport.[View]
95440509yep, im thinking we back[View]
95438111>the cruncher of crystal palace[View]
95425537>there are people here that never saw his country lifting a wc How does it feel?…[View]
95437989*makes /sp/ seethe*[View]
95438464What did he mean by this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZRRXYwIcsE[View]
95433017Real Madrid vs Levante Official Match Thread #0001: Starts in 1h and 18 minutes.[View]
95428373/afl/: Stop dying cunts, BrisGODS will be put to the ultimate test tonight[View]
95425790Tough choice for Leo.[View]
95439595>the buccaneers of barcelona[View]
95436268Wolves vs Chelsea thread: Kick off 15:00[View]
95431223Virgil Van Dijk: Is he the best CB in the whole history of football?[View]
95438054What's the star position in the rugby? The equivalent of football's 10, the genius, the be…[View]
95436122OFFICIAL MANCHESTER UNITED vs LEICESTER MATCH THREAD: 15:00 BST >De Gea, Wan-Bissaka, Lindelof, M…[View]
95436088OFFICIAL 3PM KICKOFFS THREAD: Five top-flight fixtures this afternoon with some big names involved: …[View]
95440517This is Oluwafikayomi Oluwadamilola Tomori, canadian-english prospect. He scored today. Say somethin…[View]
95429985>you now remember no gf[View]
95440529C O L O S S U S[View]
95440522>mfw I thought Arsenal had a chance this season but Chelsea are still good with goat academy tale…[View]
95440446yeah, I thinking we are back[View]
95437889Tottenham Hotspur vs Crystal Palace: 15:00 BST Spurs: Lloris, Aurier, Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Rose…[View]
95427340What was /sp/'s opinion about peak barca: How much did they make you seethe[View]
95440355for me, it's Aaron Juan-Bissaka[View]
95437574So how does your girlfriend feel about your passion for sports?[View]
95438860>well I used to play it, we call it here soccer, it's never worked out as well in the united…[View]
95435326Big brained players[View]
95426825/nrl/ - Super Saturday Finals Edition: >Melbourne vs. Canberra 5:40pm at Marvel TM PTY. LTD. Stad…[View]
95385619/seriea/ Thread - Of Course I watch Serie A, is the best League, how do you know Edition: 3 Giornata…[View]
95433742Hamilton - Celtic Official Thread: Hamilton - Celtic KO in 15 bings[View]
95432677CAM OM IGURLAND[View]
95439570why cant he defend?[View]
95422989If you were a top tier footballer, why would you live in any other city than Paris or London? They’r…[View]
95437917Are you gonna watch Nerman getting booed for 90 minutes today, /sp/?[View]
95439272What went so wrong?[View]
95431763Does anyone here do some form of physical activity? I've taken up running recently. It's f…[View]
95431460snooker 147: this is the one[View]
95428123Nobody can stop us. Undefeated season here we come[View]
95433869Manchester United's teenage striker Largie Ramazani. Will he become a superstar?[View]
95417623/hsfbg/ hs football general-FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: What game are you going to tonight? Why /hsfbg/? So…[View]
95438501what's my fucking name /sp/?[View]
95432305/FIBA/ Basketball World Cup 2019: Cucksification games USA vs Poland playing for the 7th spot Serb…[View]
95436343How did they fall so hard? 5 points in 6 games Also a general /jupiler/ thread I guess[View]
95434667What do you think about E-sports being one demonstration sport in Tokyio Olympics 2020?[View]
95419437Are weight classes just manlet cope?[View]
95436854>performs like shit >still gets to be a starter spee be seethin lool bow down to the zoomer ch…[View]
95438498Yeah, I'm thinking he's based[View]
95438028He is Korean[View]
95428027QUARESMA Ballon D´OR: How the fuck can you have this much talent and not win a golden ball. https://…[View]
95403124/fs/ - Figure Skating: 11-14 Sep - JGP Russia http://www.isuresults.com/events/fsevent03111898.htm I…[View]
95434656Daily reminder that England is the Joke of International Football: ...and they did this one year ago…[View]
95422972wHAT WENT so horribly wrong for him?[View]
95427129NFL Tierlist: The current state of each team[View]
95428164I BELIEVE: Who will be the first non UEFA/CONMEBOL nation to win a WC? Memeing aside, i think we hav…[View]
95427785I miss this nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
95437419Most butifel skater edition ISU CS Lombardia Trophy 2019 ISU Challenger Series Bergamo / ITA 13.09.2…[View]
95427237Is he the worst multiple champion ever?[View]
95359394/bundes/: yeah I'm thinking we're back edition this week Rüsseldorf - WOB Shareholders - E…[View]
95437176Haha: Marley and me[View]
95437179How good was he in terms of PL midfielders of the era?[View]
95433868Sadio Mané is the GOAT[View]
95419755Who is your favorite sports host? For me, it is Joy Taylor.[View]
95434061Slipping to Lelverpoop: kek never change cuck castle[View]
95429321>[Team] IS THE NEW WORLD CHAMPION OF [Sport] . . . . . >only Americans play it…[View]
95436848Is there a bigger pleb filter in all of football?[View]
95436913seriously: and it's an inflated 24 team euro now. shame on you auld allié.[View]
95428391/marble/ - Marble League: The final event of pre-qualifiers for the 2020 Marblelympics is here, as w…[View]
95425729Why do leafs do this?[View]
95433631Liverpool vs Newcastle gamethread: Starts in 50 bings (12:30pm)[View]
95409472>the Patriots are going to win the superbowl again THEY CANT KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH IT…[View]
95434430Why FIFA Allows to switch nationality before Senior Teams?: I see a lot of Youngster representing a …[View]
95435545>watch sport >it's good[View]
95421548is he playing for france because he was afraid of the competition in the german NT? even now he woul…[View]
95436627/NFL/ General: JIMMY EDITION PART 2 TB: Arians on Howard: 'He can play a lot better' NYJ:…[View]
95409666FYI that literally unironically 98% of the american population has no idea what the FIBA world cup i…[View]
95436342He should come to seahawks[View]
95429479Muh boi LMingz ...[View]
95429314cric - The Cricket: Tim Paine Ashes Retaining Captain Edition England 294 all out & 9/0 lead by …[View]
95428710/NFL/general JIMMY EDITION TB: Arians on Howard: 'He can play a lot better' NYJ: Le'…[View]
95436055>4th matchday >liverpool is already 5 points clear…[View]
95429418How does he do it?[View]
95434402>mfw casuals tell me Benzema isn't the best 9 in the world[View]
95433462How much are they going to lose by today?[View]
95419123/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Singabore Next Weekend Edition: >Countdown to Singapore GP:…[View]
95433613OFFICIAL LIVERPOOL v NEWCASTLE UNITED MATCH THREAD 1: The first PL game since the international brea…[View]
95435534/mug/ - Manchester United general: So, it happened AGAIN. We can blame injuries, we can blame fatigu…[View]
95428924pave him a credible path to a ballon d'or[View]
95407939Can he fix Brazil?[View]
95433493ITT: Post the worst football match you have ever seen: For me it's Sporting - Benfica 2017/18 …[View]
95434511OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
95434449EXPOSED: based Benzema[View]
95434274for me, its Mason Greenwood[View]
95426838Whats next for his career?[View]
95433029you now remember Eden Hazard[View]
95434018Are there other sports where fans dislike the GOAT? Pic related[View]
95431557/hoc/: bulju[View]
95433860The GOAT country Haters will seeth https://youtu.be/SB0P3wPJxck[View]
95433924OFFICIAL FULHAM v WEST BROMWICH ALBION MATCH THREAD: Two of the top six in the Championship meet thi…[View]
95408564/mlb/: CIN:Nick Senzel (torn labrum) out for 2019 season CHC:Yu Darvish strikes out 14 over six scor…[View]
95423524Why is he so hated?[View]
95433665Why is she so awful[View]
95433608>he's a janitor >on the internet >on an anime imageboard >he does it for free >h…[View]
95433012>£375,000 a week the new BOSS[View]
95433297Based, Logan is already dead[View]
95431709ITT: semen slurping results from various sports: This was supposedly from two of the ''''''''best'''…[View]
95374900/nba/ - Soft ass nig edition: 'People coming to my house and spray-painting on the for sale signs ar…[View]
95433113for me, its Robyn van der Pierre[View]
95429227/cric/: 5th Test, ICC World Test Championship at The Oval Sep 12-16 England 294 & 9/0 * (4 ov) …[View]
95432766https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHTX4i31rBw OI MATE YA WHICH PART OF BRITAIN ARE YA ?[View]
95425805>he rates pre-VAR players >he counts pre-VAR statistics >he recognises pre-VAR trophies…[View]
95430406Why didn't it work? Was it a bad idea?[View]
95427333Beach Soccer World Cup Groups: USA getting on group A with the home team (Paraguay) Group B and D wi…[View]
95425603With such a stacked team, how come they never won any title since 66?: They have to be the most unlu…[View]
95430182>>give me $1.6 million for my business >no >>he raped me is this the future of sports…[View]
95426380BRAVES@NATIONALS GAME THREAD: The fight for the NL East continues[View]
95431713>tfw rapidly becoming the JLingz of the family[View]
95429693Why is this team so fucking bad?[View]
95431497/hoc/: ON TIME and BASED edition[View]
95431392/hoc/: rags fans wipe standing up edition[View]
95431427/hoc/: go knights[View]
95428580/hoc/: Pucky the Whale edition[View]
95399513Who are the 5 greatest athletes in the history of your country?[View]
95430603Red pill me on the Canadian Football League[View]
95431180Daam Lomachenko's wife look like that?[View]
95430846Sergio Ramos: Sergio Ramos[View]
95421346why are white people so good at this sport?[View]
95429716Who is the better goalkeeper?[View]
95427706will we ever see anyone better?[View]
95430528Does anyone knows this brand or model of bike?: Im getting offered this bike, for 200 bucks, in my s…[View]
95416346/box/ - The Dream and updated schedule edition: Previous >>95359417 >Friday September 13 DA…[View]
95422729>Will have 3 pro sports teams >Only major industry is gambling and tourism and even that is ta…[View]
95430345Significant singles tennis titles (majors + masters + tour finals + olympics) Nadal: 55 (19+35+0+1) …[View]
95429786/cfb/: Chaddon Slovis Edition: News: Kansas really fucking did it[View]
95430277High Five: The lady here in the Michigan hat and her high five antics are great. https://youtu.be/U0…[View]
95424600ITT overrated teams: they were the PSG of the 2000s, bought 137 players and barely reached a CL fina…[View]
95430002EY stollers u got ur ass prepared ? its seacocks time[View]
95423614Lol, they never told me English people liked football.[View]
95393493/cfb/- college football general: A 57 team playoff or else edition[View]
95429553did you play sports for your highschool back in the day? what is the experience like? I feel like I …[View]
95427788Turn Left: Trucks @ Vegas World of Westgate Las Vegas 200 9pm Est on FS1[View]
95372339Comfy Pre Colombia Vs Venezuela Thread[View]
95427121>Football isn't rigg-[View]
95426317Dodgers @ Mets Thread: LA 1. Joc Pederson (L) RF 2. Max Muncy (L) 1B 3. Matt Beaty (L) 3B 4. Cody Be…[View]
95426053>That's my Quarterback..[View]
95420934/cric/: Lyon destroying the English hope[View]
95428925Post sports eras you took for granted I’ll start. Hate them or love them, the Heatles were fun to wa…[View]
95428590/hoc/: >laffs[View]
95415523What if this guy won the Euro[View]
95405277Why is Portugal so much better at ANYTHING football wise? -Best player -Best coach -Best league -Bes…[View]
95427664Name my band, spee[View]
95424616/nfl/ general: BAL: Andrews, Ingram, Hollywood all questionable HOU: Keke Coutee (ankle) good to go …[View]
95424442>watching a cricket match >score is 240-177 >see bets >holy shit, 240 is winning and hav…[View]
95428296TORONTO YES![View]
95428333Last night Geelong Cats 13.10 88 def West Coast Eagles 10.8 68, MCG Tonight Brisbane Lions vs. Great…[View]
95423312/heem/ caged goobster: bjpenn.com https://www.countdownmma.com/ old thread >>95419707[View]
95421635>Galatasary >Not one Turk what did they mean by this?…[View]
95421562atheletes literally no one dislikes[View]
95421670Bruno Fuchs[View]
95427662What the fuck is his problem?[View]
95424377What position you lads reckon West Ham will finish this season in the EPL?[View]
95427301It’s just a fucking game. It matters for absolutely nothing in the world. No one died. No one is goi…[View]
95427533Is he a bust?[View]
95413956/cyc/ - Vuelta a España, Stage 19: La Vuelta ciclista a España 2019 Stage 19 Ávila - Toledo 165,2 k…[View]
95426439Slipping to New Castlel: kek never change cuckpool[View]
95425989Hola, Los Lakers o El Heat?[View]
95409869the best wc in years to come: just admit it qatar 2022 will be the best wc we are going to see in a …[View]
95426792Kershaw is useless.[View]
95423742Pittsburgh Pirates @ Chicago Cubs Official Gamethread: >Pittsburgh Pirates 1. Kevin Newman (R) SS…[View]
95426769>it says here you're a fan of multiple teams, and in the same league no less. Care to explai…[View]
95422608Oh my... How time flies...: …To think all those players are born in mid-late 90s. We are witnessing …[View]
95425336What's the best football uniform that no longer exists?[View]
95426711Why didn’t Khabib tap here?[View]
95426779>GO OJ! GO! page 10, here i come![View]
95424263Are there any actually likable athletes these days? It seems like every elite athlete is a jerk in s…[View]
95405376Dutch are becoming a force to be reckoned with: Pic related are the Dutch U17 team. They won recentl…[View]
95425447If you only follow one sport, you don't follow sports.[View]
95418031Will you cheering for the only white country to win Euro 2020?[View]
95423842For me it's the Choncago Balls[View]
95405737Say my name.[View]
95421489OFFICIAL NFL UNDEFEATED TEAMS THREAD: You may only proast in this thread if your NFL team is undefea…[View]
95422748If the manager was given a guarantee not to be sacked, how many teams could pull off the 19th centur…[View]
95422496/hoc/: training camp has begun preseason games start next week hockey is almost back, lads[View]
95424156>the maulers of melsungen >the grinders of gummersbach >the lurkers of leipzig Why can…[View]
95422470What is their end game?: Trades away Landry Jones (WR), Kenny Stills (WR), Laremy Tunsil (OT), Kiko …[View]
95423375A thread died for this[View]
95418196tick tock, uefalona..[View]
95425409>*makes the best posts on /sp/*[View]
95420795Is he a racist?[View]
95420193What if he wins top scorer in La Liga? Will he be hailed as the new Ronaldo?[View]
95424141Indian Football: Will India ever have a good or even average football team? Considering how the Indi…[View]
95423288>one year ago pic related was just a twink who spent his summer vacation at FC Porto's coach…[View]
95425232Bands FC: For me, it's Bands FC[View]
95418792Why must we suffer?: >if Blyth /Sp/artans fail to beat Southport on Saturday it will officially b…[View]
95405179Is there a bigger fraud in world football? Two World Cups before fucking colour television was inven…[View]
95405702Why are they so unlikable?[View]
95424639Zoomers vs Boomers: Who would win?[View]
95422979HALP: How do i stop browsing /sp/?[View]
95422308Watching the women's world cup with /sp/, the Barca and ABL seething, Federeddit losing to Djok…[View]
95423440Why only people who have never watched Pelé play say he was a fraud? Incredible, every time I talk t…[View]
95415664Introducing the BBC: BangBros Submitted $10 Million Naming Rights Bid for Miami Heat Arena >Thing…[View]
95419057dirty cheating wops[View]
95403988Post your team's Ngubu[View]
95414116/LaLiga/ is finally back sub-edition. >Upcoming games 13.9 RCD Mallorca vs Athletic Club 14.9 Re…[View]
95418652/nfl general: cat edition: News: Cat teams sucks lol[View]
95422947Has Dwight Howard become the most underrated NBA player of the current era?: I've seen people c…[View]
95422624/comfyrama/ 5e journée - ENCULER edition: Match threads and discussion.[View]
95423941Argel Fucks: Argel Fucks[View]
95422598NCWFL: At long last the Northumberland Womens County Football League returns! >upcoming fixtures …[View]
95423829you are now aware that there was an english man who won 2 ball d'ors[View]
95420162why did he do it?[View]
95423589Why yes, I do believe that Bundesliga 2 is the best league after EPL. How did you know?[View]
95423254>Why yes im part of my local st pauli fanclub >how could you tell?…[View]
95414633Lads, it's Tottenham[View]
95419615Was it kino?[View]
95421872OFFICIAL DERBY COUNTY v CARDIFF CITY MATCH THREAD: EFL action resumes with two teams in the bottom h…[View]
95419707/heem/ Dana white and Bj Penn: UFC.com bjpenn.com previous>>95410957[View]
95423180Post edited football team logos here: Be creative and edit logo from your favorite football/basketba…[View]
95417029>“We might not be friends because we’ve never shared a dressing room together but I always see hi…[View]
95411023Seriously what the hell happened to this guy? Is he on drugs?[View]
954210702011/12 was the best Real Madrid side of all time: Jose Mourinho's, that is. Just had poor luc…[View]
95422416it's 4-2-3-1 and 4-3-3 meta, lads[View]
95419659I miss him lads...[View]
95421696Tom Brady: Tom Brady[View]
95405903Why were the Giants the Patriots Kryptonite? Brady had Randy Moss and numerous weapons yet got shut …[View]
95422517W h o l e s o m e: Also >NBA >USA got reverse cucked by frenchies…[View]
95412977/hoc/: new edition[View]
95416722American Airlines Arena renaming: What sports would be played at the Bang Bros Center? Whose numbers…[View]
95422461Why did mouyes shit on 19th century football? It looks fucking kino[View]
95417482Stay away from girls anon, and never kiss them, or you could end up letting your whole team and fanb…[View]
95422140>just realized Danilo & Alex Sandro are back together at Juventus Based. God bless them…[View]
95411818OH NO NO NO HATERS MAD: https://streamable.com/9zwed[View]
95421814For me it's Zizou.[View]
95415594/afl/ Semi Finals: RIGHT NOW Geelong 7.3 45 vs West Coast 5.5 35 Tomorrow Brisbane vs Greater Wester…[View]
95421932Bruno Guimarães[View]
95412036Apologize: Apologize[View]
95421705The absolute state of this stream: Explain this, portugal bro not a replay, the entire match is stre…[View]
95420298Sterling, Kane, Sancho: How good is this front three in comparison to other NTs?[View]
95088420Motor/sp/ort General: THIS WEEKEND >NASCAR Cup and Xfinity at Darlington >Indycar at Portland …[View]
95421292What did he mean by this?[View]
95421289Ladies and gentlemen, the new starting quarterback of the Carolina Panthers.[View]
95416759Are Norwich city about to lose the biggest defeat in prem history? Could they finish this season wit…[View]
95421088Do you support this team?[View]
95414343How /sp/ rates 24 year old Belgian Striker Boli Bolingoli Mbombo?: He currently plays in the Scottis…[View]
95406565the fuck is wrong with american jounalism? https://deadspin.com/dipshit-nfl-reporter-exposes-his-ent…[View]
95417471Is Australia the most pathetic sporting '''nation''' on Earth? We're only good at pakipaddle, a…[View]
95417253>Real Madrid in the NBA? Florentino Perez has asked for Eastern Conference spot 'The other teams …[View]
95418958/cric/: Smith century looms again[View]
95407532>*grabs you*[View]
95404962For me, it's Jan Koller[View]
95406009What went wrong?[View]
95420504/sp/ humor thread: Let's give a /sp/ humor thread a try. Post anything sports-related that make…[View]
95418835we all know she is lying, right?[View]
95417667One basket world cup, por favor.[View]
95419558ITT We post athletes with autism: Athletes /sp/ can relate to[View]
95414635*makes /sp/ seeth*[View]
95413252For me, it's Kike Hernandez[View]
95415193*wins the competition*[View]
95420034For me, it's Vegetarian Lions, from Equatorial Guinea.[View]
95359417/box/ boxing related edition: Previous >>95267380 >Friday September 13 DAZN SkySport Devin …[View]
95410957heem: spidersilva.com previous>>95402196[View]
95418900Are servs white?[View]
95402174TYBC: TYBC[View]
95418760This is Andrew Russel, Southampton, England born Hong Kong international team football player. Say s…[View]
95409770Should national team matches, the world cup, and the olympics be required to be broadcast on free tv…[View]
95419238The autarch of Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija[View]
95417774Jets General/Bunker: How do we fix this shit[View]
95405146/nrl/ Finals week 1: >Tonight Roosters v Rabbitohs 7:50pm >Saturday Storm vs Raiders 5:40pm Se…[View]
95405523You are given full control of your rival team as owner and GM for 24 hours. How do you tank their fr…[View]
95400245/cric/: best marsh edition[View]
95409355>And they scored a touchdown. Game over. Thanks for watching.[View]
95402404/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - RIP Vettlel Edition: >Countdown to Singapore GP: www.formul…[View]
95410531Who was the greatest Big Guy in basketball?: Shaq is the obvious choice[View]
95399000>tfw new glasses >will probably never play sport again…[View]
95414844My boy Jayling...[View]
95406065Join CONMEBOL[View]
95416528vroom vroom vriiim vram vroooom boom boom tschkatchk vrooom boom tschkatchk[View]
95416454GRrRrRrRrA TA TA MY BOY J L I N G Z[View]
95410452What the fuck went wrong[View]
95413645What sport can I play if I am 260 lbs, 5 '10, have mild cardio (I hike about 5 miles on the weekends…[View]
95411097/nfl/ General - Uncle Rico the Savior Edition: >NE: Report: AB accuser meeting with NFL next week…[View]
95413599yo, lets talk ski helmets. I hate traditional ski helmets, im looking for a full faced one, pic rela…[View]
95412734>Awwwww the Carolina Panthers?![View]
95413424>Why yes I record all of my sports teams games on Tv to watch after work with no spoilers, how di…[View]
95415201/FIBA/ Basketball World Cup 2019: Semifinal edition Spain vs Australia 95-88 Argentina vs France sta…[View]
95388541Welcome back![View]
95396743Sancho: How on Earth is this mutt so good?[View]
95413749>Texas' season ended week 2 go easy on them sooners[View]
95399540Is he overrated?[View]
95415645>Into the net, into the net, italy has scored, fabio grosso Which commentary language do you hate…[View]
95416134Tyson Fury v Otta Wallin: Who will be watching this? Any predictions?[View]
95406268QB Tier List: They are ranked based on how much I would want them going into the 2019 season only…[View]
95415885Why is this allowed?[View]
95413066/cric/: >Sept 12th-16th 2019 5th Test, ICC World Test Championship at The Oval England 271/8 * (8…[View]
95407903OH HE'S HURT[View]
95404036Remember Andrés Iniesta?: This is him now. Feel old yet?[View]
95405378>American sports have great pari-[View]
95414448Alternative International XI:s: Post your thread for alternative XIs. Benelux, Yugoslavia, Czhecoslo…[View]
95415355**OFFICIAL PRO /SP/ORTS TROPHY POWER RANKING** >1. Commissioner's Trophy >2. Olympic Gold…[View]
95415787the superbowl goes to seahawks[View]
95403030You now remember: Florence Griffith-Joyner (1959-1998) just because lol[View]
95415687please support my team: support my team[View]
95415601/afl/ Finals: /afl/ Finals - Gatorade Edition >NOW Cats (45) vs. Eagles (35) Half Time @ The MCG …[View]
95371851/afl/: >Letting the thread die overnight Not happy m80s[View]
95412856Man this guy will tear up the NFL this year. he was already fucking shit up in his first game[View]
95388240This man literally held a team talk when his team was close to winning their first PL title ever. He…[View]
95411562Are other nations even trying?[View]
95396323/fiba2019/ garbage sorting rounds / USA vs Serbia gamethread #1: 30 bings nesikankink del medalio…[View]
95411109TNF Bucs @ Panthers Gamethread: Late 4th Quarter (2 min warning) 20-14 >overrated MVPs edition…[View]
95413513GOOD BOY[View]
95412851Philly philly would’ve worked[View]
95387342Does /sp/ have any famous friends? Not talking about a fan pic, I’m talking about does /sp/ have any…[View]
95411776*Wastes two timeouts and that costs him the game* what exactly was going through his head?[View]
95403867Why is my team always like this?[View]
95413088VAR: Four incorrect decisions fail to be overturned in Premier League: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/f…[View]
95404762What sport has the best fanbases? E.g. actually dedicated, not a lot of s0is, not plastic, not cring…[View]
95400235/cric/ - pic unrelated edition: 12 SEP 2019INTERNATIONAL TEST MATCH SERIES - DAY 1 OF 5 England Firs…[View]
95405270/hoc/: Germans are nice and cute and I like them also hockey[View]
95412148>Black QBs are ba-[View]
95395045We will be raping the NFL this year and there is nothing you can do about it[View]
95410608this game in a nutshell[View]
95411955>4th and 1 >be 6'6 245 lbs QB >be a decoy and not even touch the ball instead of just…[View]
95412459*gets relegated*[View]
95411794Delhomme, Testaverde, Moore, Clausen.. Scam.[View]
95412320Is it time for the NFL to step in and do something about this shit?[View]
95408030Is he the kawhi leonard of NFL?[View]
95411944He's done.[View]
95411582>out indefinitely with mono So there is no question at this point. The Namath curse is legit…[View]
95411060PANTHERS VS BUCS: SCAM NEWTON ADDITION: Watch Carolina give him a huge extension.[View]
95411797>getting blown the fuck out by Jameis Winston Was it autism?[View]
95411702I'VE BECOME SO NUMB[View]
95411243*blocks your path*[View]
95411257>Listen Moreno...I don't care what those greasy bastards threatened you with...it will be no…[View]
95410255Bucs @ Panthers game thread Gay edition: >Matt Gay lol[View]
95405101/nfl/ General - the Commissioner Edition: MIN: Stefon Diggs absent from Week 2 injury report BAL: Ma…[View]
95409911who wins?[View]
95403907Twenty years ago the second greatest goalkeeper of all-time and current best goalkeeper in activity …[View]
95409302Pants Bucs: Elder Scrolls Edition[View]
95410162Reminder of what happens when soccer players try playing real football[View]
95405943What the fuck is even the point of this and why are so many otherwise (seemingly) rational men obses…[View]
95409984Burrs celebration thread: I know we're a few days off but get in here Burrs Bros. We did it! 1-…[View]
95406881>he actually believes antonio brown raped that negress Why though[View]
95409343Bucs Celebration Thread: I know it's only halftime, but get in here, bucsbros, we did it! 1-1 a…[View]
95405687Orioles @ Dodgers Thread: Game is on FOX for some reason Hill vs Bundy LA 1. Joc Pederson (L) RF 2. …[View]
95409268>Vegetarian Lions FC[View]
95407459Bucs @ McCaffrey: DELAYED EDITION[View]
95403786/hsfbg/ high school football general week 3: Where are you going this week? Why /hsfbg/? So we can d…[View]
95389034/ffg/ - Calvin Johnson edition: Before asking for advice, post >league size >scoring For ten m…[View]
95408328Is he based or cringe?[View]
95396526Itt kino crests: post them[View]
95393017/mlb/: Doggie doos edition >LAD 3 BAL 7 >BOS 0 TOR 8 >ARI 0 NYM 9 >MIL 7 MIA 5 >WSH 6…[View]
95404270Multisport clubs: FC Barcelona plays; >football >basketball >handball >volleyball >ic…[View]
95407420Bucs @ Panthers game thread - Singing in the rain edition: Game has been delayed with 8 mins left in…[View]
95402471ITT: Ronaldo circlejerk: Post your saved pictures in your MESSOY BTFO folder[View]
95403611Why is NY Sports radio so shit?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1wUIsFzKBE[View]
95407491/cric/: Eng: 271/8 Aus: yet to bat[View]
95403295Bucs @ Panthers: Starts soon. Keep pounding bitches![View]
95405582Newcastle & Sunderland: >massive fanbases >the last time either of them won the league was…[View]
95389197Does Kobe Bryant hate little girls?[View]
95400471YANKEES V TIGERS GAMETHREAD: Happ V Boyd Sabathia V Turnbull[View]
95362196jlingz: Showing em what's what...... that's what.......but what is that......the what beco…[View]
95405933Would you take the Bang Bus to the BBC, /sp/?[View]
95392098will we ever see someone better?[View]
95399092sup cracka[View]
95403079is he the GOAT penalty taker?[View]
95367024kino jerseys: Any sport counts. Post em[View]
95402196/heem/ - Anthony Armand 'Tony' Ferguson Padilla edition: >news: Not long now till anthonymmad arm…[View]
95406078it's 4-2-3-1 and 4-3-3 meta, lads[View]
95403823Literally who can stop us?[View]
95388057There are any Bayern Munich pepes the frog?: Please post them.[View]
95402872Chicago Cubs @ San Diego Padres Official Gamethread: >Chicago Cubs 1. Anthony Rizzo (L) 1B 2. Nic…[View]
95402593apologize: https://twitter.com/FloydMayweather/status/1161152088711131136[View]
95404684World record holder: This mild mannered, middle class white boy has held the Triple Jump World recor…[View]
95405570This enrages and confuses the non-American.[View]
95387531Antonio Brown Releases post-sex video and more: https://twitter.com/LionTQ/status/117183236415210291…[View]
95395377breaststroke: I'm 19 years old, and I swim breaststroke since 2015, now I reach 43sec in 50m, I…[View]
95404210Chicago sports general: Who /Chicagofan/ here? My cubbies are gonna win the World Series right befor…[View]
95403424This is supposed to be your 'Greatest Champions League player ever'? Half as many goals last CL as a…[View]
95383968What does he do?[View]
95389272my boy jayling....[View]
95405002Is it degenerate to play golf and like it?[View]
95405132/nfl/ General - Mahomes Magic Edition: KC: full practice for Mahomes NYJ: L. Bell mri negative NYJ: …[View]
95401415/hoc/: Benning edition[View]
95400048Good night sweet prince: F[View]
95404246Rangers, you know that you will be porto'd so why don't you just give us the win already?[View]
95400802*jizzes on your back*[View]
95402661/chess/ Chess World Cup 2019: Anybody even watching it?[View]
95405038Do they have the best Youth Academies in Europe?[View]
95385939Oh my... How time flies...: ...To think most of these players are late 90s[View]
95396672No Messi no problem[View]
95404595Why yes I do believe billionaire (((owners))) should have the right to purchase old historic clubs a…[View]
95404385>Their goalie never won the FA cup with a broken neck Manchester City had the most legendary goal…[View]
95386065Will England win Euro 2020?[View]
95403048itt comebacks you will never forget[View]
95398050Why are black people so bad at basketball?[View]
95403973Footy kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyrLoqqM0bI[View]
95404758Good night, Sweet Prince: Pic related is Vicente Calderon Stadium today, former Atletico Madrid…[View]
95403552Has there ever been a player who collapsed in ability so much and so quickly than Tomas Brolin did w…[View]
95397733What is he planning? What kind of stunt does he have up his sleeve? >Gareth Southgate says Englan…[View]
95395006/nfl/ General - RETARD Edition: KC: Mecole, De'Anthony to split Tyreek's snaps? NE: AB to …[View]
95402559ITT: Messi circlejerk: Post your saved pictures in your PENALDO BTFO folder[View]
95395510/cyc/ - Vuelta a España, Stage 18: La Vuelta ciclista a España 2019 Stage 18 Comunidad de Madrid. Co…[View]
95390454Fuck Europe: Since an overwhelming majority of Brits voted to leave UEFA without a deal, which footb…[View]
95314628/copalib/ - perro perrito edition: football discussion & dog pics[View]
95400828Who is the greatest female athlete in the history of your country?[View]
95395713>you now remember Barcelona[View]
95391427what is the most popular sport in your country?[View]
95400823What will they discuss?[View]
95403570What did they talk about?[View]
95403483Did your city ever have an NFL team? Me? Yes we did in the 90s. They played in NFL Europe though.[View]
95403268ITT: GOAT penalty kick takers: I'll start with Graham Alexander. >56 penalties scored >4 …[View]
95403235serious question: why do so many athletes ruin their bodies with shit tats, piercings, plugs etc now…[View]
95399638why are they doing this[View]
95403661>mfw ABLs chatting shit again[View]
95403069Do you ever watch curling?[View]
95398008hi spee (:[View]
95398102BASED: or cringe?[View]
95403127>season ending kiss Why are coastals so frail?[View]
95393867WNBA: So who you got in the WNBA playoffs, anon? Me? I'm cheering for the Storm. A gritty team …[View]
95401924How would he do in the NFL?[View]
95402284Remember when it was cool to support Italy or Brazil as a kid? Nowadays it would be embarrassing to …[View]
95393923So let me get this straight, /sp/: This baboon >throws furniture off a 14 story balcony nearly k…[View]
95383194How do you not get metoo?[View]
95390854pes 2020: what does /sp/ think about pes 2020?[View]
95402699>Ronaldo is better than Messi because Eder scored and Higuain/Palacio didn't Is there a wors…[View]
95396022/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Midweek Madness Edition: >Countdown to Singapore GP: www.fo…[View]
95400102Tom Brady: MAGA: Every game Brady wins sets back race relations 10 years. Prove me wrong,[View]
95395237GOOD MOOOOOOOORNING /sp/! Just wanted to remind you that we’re another day closer to Boavista FC (ye…[View]
95402330You now recall the existence of Alexander 'The Eastern European Messi' Hleb.[View]
95283404/fs/ - Figure Skating General: Alyona edition 11-14 Sep - JGP Russia http://www.isuresults.com/event…[View]
95398116/heem/: >>95394000[View]
95402206>i use to play soccer (football) you know.[View]
95401709Do you think if you had a girlfriend you'd have a more positive opinion of mainstream sports?[View]
95401648Guys, I mean... What if he didn’t do it? https://youtu.be/xAMgvTpd0To[View]
95401744sepp blatter[View]
95400373>without him, his country wins the CA >with him, can't beat Peru Is he the cancer of Braz…[View]
95401467I WANT MY FIFA 20 NOW >:’O[View]
95355104OH NO NO NO NO[View]
95401497ok which of the 20 teams in the epl winning would cause the largest amounts of butthurt both irl and…[View]
95401317>Burnley midfielder Danny Drinkwater will be out for two weeks after sustaining ankle ligament da…[View]
95401588it's our year la[View]
95400613Best forward in Europe with the biggest trophy in Europe :)[View]
95401438Why yes, I'm a fan of the Washington NFL Football Team, how did you guess?[View]
95394277/hoc/: >jet win cup[View]
95401273Welcome to the SF, abo cunts[View]
95401078Is this the precise moment Messi ended his career?[View]
95394929KC: Mecole, De'Anthony to split Tyreek's snaps? NE: AB to play Week 2 unless the NFL steps…[View]
95389233Post cute twinks from your national team and/or club[View]
95389267>wins soccer world cup >will win basketball world cup >will win rugby world cup Are they th…[View]
95385168anyone still amazed this happened?[View]
95390562dude 9/11 lmao[View]
95400916Holy shit, its actually happening[View]
95386105Why does Southgate persist with this brainlet?[View]
95377141How do we fix Mexico? Why are we doomed to be shit? Why such a big nation with such a big love for f…[View]
95384899Cristiano Ronaldo ages like fine wine[View]
95381932Why does he make /sp/ so angry?[View]
95390302What are your Top 3 GOATs for different sports? Football 1. Pele 2. Messi 3. Di Stefano Basketball 1…[View]
95394305Is home field advantage real or is it just a cope for fans to feel like they're a part of the a…[View]
95400463Grand tour winners without the time trial stages Name in bold = the winner changed[View]
95395271147 snooker: what is TRUMP thinking about?[View]
95397367/cric/: How about another joke, England? What do you get when you cross a mentally ill autist with a…[View]
95399346will we ever see someone decline harder? if so how would you handle it? and why is it poorly?[View]
95399754Womens Champions League: Tick tock, the Gunner Girls are coming. 90 minutes until you die.[View]
95390188This is Demba Bamba, the hottest prospect in French Rugby. Say something nice about him.[View]
95390762How do we fix the two leg system[View]
95397231PARTE MÉDICO[View]
95382660/FIBA2019/ USA basketball dies on 9/11: BOOMERS vs CZECH now[View]
95398299I miss this little nigga like you wouldn't believe.[View]
95394590Both pacquiao and mayweather can beat this man. Granted, he's got skill but only on the floor a…[View]
95396352how do you go from this....[View]
95385800Soul vs Soulless[View]
95397553Please stop comparing Gerrard and Lampard to Scholes. Thank you.[View]
95397910Brighi: Brighi[View]
95389871Kobe is based as fuck[View]
95394000/heem/ - Vacations Gooby Edition: Previous: >>95390038 bjpenn.com Poirier wins the rematch…[View]
95397862FIBA World Cup 2019: This is it, the end of American supremacy in basketball, the world will forever…[View]
95391269/nrl/: Footy tomorrow.[View]
95390249For me, it's the Madrid Rosas RB[View]
95397014I have insider info that Bolt has been confirmed to have doped, watch the news later tonight[View]
95392262Chicago Cubs @ San Diego Padres Official Gamethread: >Chicago Cubs 1. Tony Kemp (L) 2B 2. Kyle Sc…[View]
95390156please support my team[View]
95396647What happened?[View]
95395802/cric/ 5th test looms: Ashes[View]
95365248Mount Rushmore of each sport: Association Football >Maradona, Messi, Pele, Cruyff Basketball >…[View]
95396849Pedophile General /FS/! -What if the USA wins the 2022 world cup?: Get in here boys we're talki…[View]
95396168Athletic legacies acrosss several generations and sports: >Zacharie Noah (2 February 1937 – 8 Jan…[View]
95396564When is he coming back?[View]
95390829How do we fix Brazil and Italy?[View]
95396363>picker sixfield[View]
95396341Italy or Ireland? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_Xxclcxk7ok[View]
95396082>Be French >Wake up >Type 'France Euro 2019' on Google, press Enter >It'…[View]
95385197/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Basically /fs/ Edition: >Countdown to Singapore GP: www.for…[View]
95392007Some say he's still waiting on a hard count...[View]
95395827Yo! Brady.[View]
95390027>Mavs failed to repeat >turned into a laughing stock >Warriors failed to repeat >turned …[View]
95373302/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Lego Edition: >Countdown to Singapore GP: www.formula1.com …[View]
95383710Cric: cric Shall be looking forward to the day's play Shan't be cooming[View]
95371981DAILY REMINDER[View]
95391844Current World Cup Champions: >Football: France >Cricket: England >Rugby: Ireland (in a few …[View]
95286292/rug/: 2 weeks to go lads. M10 CUP Week 6 >Thurs 12 Sep 7:35 PM Waikato v Hawke’s Bay, FMG Stadi…[View]
95393399Tries to trademark Taco Tuesday: Is denied is he retarded[View]
95391516He signed with the Patriots? Activate it[View]
95381746Here is my car , thoughts ?[View]
95389632Does England possess the best Youth Academies in Europe?: I can't name one country that produce…[View]
95390695/nfl/ General - Smeth Edition: LAC: Mike Williams (knee) DNP Wednesday LAC: Lynn concerned about WR …[View]
95381891top 10 anime comebacks[View]
95393788Football: Going from >this membership-based club represents this culture, city, political views o…[View]
95391270what did he mean by this[View]
95394275/hoc/ - General - High Intellect Hockey Discussion: Will the remaining RFAs be signed in time? The l…[View]
95394265/hoc/: food edition[View]
95388809/hoc/: image limit reached edition[View]
95390038/heem/ - friendship edition: bjpenn.com >>95384960[View]
95370883pulisic wrong fifa rating: the player ratings for the upcoming fifa 20 game were released. how is th…[View]
95392590LeRoid and Antonio 'I'm gonna tear your pussy down' Brown: where LeBron? I thought Antonio was …[View]
95388697Que gol é esse?[View]
95393587*destroys your dreams*[View]
95392507We are approaching levels of *BASED* previously thought impossible.[View]
95389944ITT: Post jailed footballers: Just remembered Aleksandr Kokorin (and also Pavel Mamayev) are current…[View]

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