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104185706/cfb/ - Iron Bowl Edition: In Progress: #1 Bama 22-14 #22 Auburn #3 Clemson 31-0 Pitt #20 Coastal Ca…[View]
104187033/box/ - Joyce vs Dubois: >November 28th ESPN+ USA BT Sport UK Joe 'Juggernaut' Joyce vs. Daniel '…[View]
104161230PLEASE, watch our league[View]
104174542/hoc/key is for everyone[View]
104170480/180/: LADBROKES PLAYERS CHAMPIONSHIP FINALS DAY 2: Day 2 of the Players Championship Finals will se…[View]
104143795/copalib/ - the real cup edition: Libertadores and Sudamericana today, second leg next week > Ri…[View]
104169986/rug/: MITRE 10 CUP Congrats to Hawkes Bay, tasman and LT THE RUGBY CHAMPIONSHIP heh AUTUMN NATIONS …[View]
104182226The Benevolent of Benevento[View]
104182787/box/- Comfy Joe Edition: Previous >>104167017 >November 28th ESPN+ USA BT Sport UK Joe 'Ju…[View]
104186890Should roids and other physical enhancers be legalized in sports? It is not like they don't use…[View]
104186499Ladies and gentleman, your Primeira Liga leaders. Goodnight.[View]
104132483/147/ - Snooker UK Championship 2020: The UK Championship is one of snooker’s most historic and pres…[View]
104186310Is that thread AGAIN How do you say bald fraud in your language?[View]
104175727/seriea/ - In Benisvento >we trust edition: 9th Matchday >28.11. 15:00 Sassuolo - Inter 0x3 1…[View]
104186437OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO[View]
104185573Who can stop this man?[View]
104186337Is anyone surprised anymore?[View]
104183644>Ded again[View]
104176528EVERTON v LEEDS UNITED: Ancelotti v Bielsa with both playing 3-3-3-1. Should be laughs. 5:30pm kick-…[View]
104177109What’s the consensus on federico Chiesa?[View]
104174555/sp/, pay your respects to the biggest football legend that died this week >nicknamed “King of Pr…[View]
104182381/cfb/ - 'No Girls Allowed' Edition: Okay guys we had our fun with Vanderbilt, the game's over, …[View]
104183295Boca vs excursionistas [women's soccer]: https://youtu.be/3-MnaiOHdM4[View]
104178424Based German Humor 2bh[View]
104185605Vendee globe: Alex Thomson and the batmobile retired. Ouch. Photo is of the old 2012 boat.[View]
104183071Is it worth start watching NFL once this guy joins a team?[View]
104185077do you prefer the people on the left or on the right?[View]
104181969I miss them, guys.[View]
104163574did he deserve it?[View]
104176641/cric/: Talk about cricket Matches loom[View]
104167504/nfl/ General: ATL: Julio Jones (hamstring) officially questionable DEN: Jeudy (ankle, Achilles…[View]
104184683PRAISE BE TO:: The Exterminator of Eibar The Gang-rapist of Getafe The Osama-Bin-Laden of Osasuna Th…[View]
104182827If he didn't stick to Real Madrid for his entire career people would probably call him the best…[View]
104168476>crying your heart out because some Spic cokehead who you never met's health finally caught …[View]
104177727I've officially decided to become a Manchester City fan as of today.[View]
104151735/cyc/: A bit slippery edition In news: >Denmark gets a new continental team - Mads Pedersen and B…[View]
104176050People need to stop talking shit about Liverpool. We are still the League Champions and you should s…[View]
104183012he's back[View]
104183746>played his whole career in monkey league and is considered to be the greatest of all time How?…[View]
104170684Ok spee, let's settle this once and for all: who is the GOAT, TSU or Pissi?[View]
104183460>any other sport >retired stars play meme games for charity and for fun >boxing >everyon…[View]
104169182>NOOOOO you can't put us in the 13:30 saturday slot scheisse dumb brits >fucking bt sport…[View]
104167017/box/- Slow and Steady Edition: Previous >>104160907 >November 28th ESPN+ USA BT Sport UK J…[View]
104183445ALABAMA VS AUBURN IRON BOWL GAMETHREAD: So how many points will Auburn lose by? 30? 40? Also F for S…[View]
104179044Wtf is his problem??[View]
104176418>€999m in debt >highest paid coach in football despite him having no real track record nor doe…[View]
104183329Is he the biggest lolcow of the decade?[View]
104176285/EXPOSED/: ITT: We post overhyped players who have been totally exposed. All sports welcome, I'…[View]
104161443>we >us >our…[View]
104180373For me, it's homo neanderthalensis[View]
104180803what does he do?[View]
104182981http://www.youtube.com/shorts/0_7-1v8u9Tc Haaland or CR7? Whos the next musical prodigy?[View]
104172778Well well well[View]
104182766Is he the Kevin Nash of the NFL?[View]
104180314/cfb/: Meme Program Edition: News: roastie kicked a ball like 30 yards[View]
104180344I grew out of football. Just like wrestling and MMA except it took a little longer.[View]
104181236>Start watching Premier League game >North American commentator…[View]
104179121>assbala what does he do?[View]
104181703>game starts >actually no wait, we need to kneel for this terrorist organisation in yank land …[View]
104016396/epl/ - WE'RE BACK, BABY Edition: >this weekend's results / fixtures Newcastle United 0…[View]
104181835What do you think of the League of San Marino? It seems like a comfy competition.[View]
104180758well that meme ended quick huh[View]
104105469eternal /trb/: old thread >>104000836 >FM 2021 (OUT NOW!): https://www.footballmanager.com/…[View]
104181416Have you taken the Bielsa pill yet, /sp/?[View]
104180430I just bet my mortgage on them beating united, am i fucked?[View]
104155727/nrl/ - Rugby League general: Grand Final edition >what's on? Wigan Warriors vs St Helens RF…[View]
104122114Show me a more iconic goal.[View]
104180729fact: a tournament won in your own country does not count. as it is automatically rigged from the be…[View]
104166309/nba/ general - WISH LIST edition: TOR: TOR wants Boucher to be 'everyday contributor' CHI…[View]
104180855MEN BTFO[View]
104180782Chad tier - Play for a top team, win top trophies, defer to some shitty side for your twilight years…[View]
104179130I'm not crying you are crying ;_;[View]
104179653Will we see somebody take Derby's 11 point record this season?[View]
104178108/cfb/ General Saturday Football Edition: GAMES CURRENTLY UNDERWAY >11:00 AM #4 Ohio State (4-0) @…[View]
104171868How many will he score today?[View]
104175063The fact that we're talking about this thing every single weekend multiple matches per day mean…[View]
104175173>Klopp and Poop both experiencing mental crisis’ Well well well[View]
104179821HAHAHAHA: Did you see that kickoff from the girl??? It was so fucking pathetic!!! And she had a hold…[View]
1041773860 goals in 2 games: Is the hype over?[View]
104172295Liverpool v Brighton Thread #2: Upside down edition previous thread >>104170377[View]
104165296What was the best player from world champion countries that you saw play?: In my case they were ... …[View]
104157270Ultra-low IQ: This was Maradona's fault for handballing the ball into the net Low IQ: This was …[View]
104169945What if a player removes a shoe and throws it to block the ball that's about to enter his team…[View]
104179553>“How do the British people say it? You have to show it on a windy night in Stoke. Today it is no…[View]
104157934What do we think of this, /spee/bros?[View]
104177894>Jurgen Klopp: 'Chris Wilder says I am selfish. I think all the things he says shows he is selfis…[View]
104178978what the fuck???[View]
104179304Reminder that we’re still the reigning champs since the memeflu season doesn’t count[View]
104168095/heem/: smif edition https://nextufc.com/ blaydes got the coof[View]
104178094>synthetic leather boots[View]
104158424A tournament between these would be epic[View]
104157587Why did he do it?[View]
104178601Fuck this ilusion[View]
104173970We’re all here watching sports while the rest of the world is living their lives.[View]
104158445ITT: Images that makes brits seethe and cope[View]
104178044Well done Kopp, well done However[View]
104173461He's gonna do it: He's gonna win the PL isn't he[View]
104167304/cfb/ - BEAVERS edition: Upset alert: #15 Oregon falls to based unranked Oregon State[View]
104177258How do we fix this shit? And no, fucking the daughter of the owner won't help.[View]
104177292Ok, /sp/, it's time: time to finally pick the one true GOAT, this time theres no going back, ei…[View]
104175009The bomber of Burnley[View]
104170526f1/ Relentless Formula 1 General - Saturday At Sakhir Edition: >Countdown to Sandbox Grand Prix: …[View]
104174437Manchester City vs. Burnley[View]
104157257Whats your favorite player /sp/?[View]
104176658Is he the Gigachad of football?[View]
104177360WELL WELL WELL[View]
104177343>wins the Heisman and leads Notre Dame to a national championship Nothing personal, kid.…[View]
104168289most based athlete ever ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-M3x-eZpV8&ab_channel=HouseofHighligh…[View]
104162995Will these two old fossils break 2 milli?[View]
104172565OFFICIAL 3PM KICKOFFS THREAD: One game from the PL at the traditional kick-off time today: >Manch…[View]
104166121/cfb/ - 'His Smile and Optimism: Cancelled' Edition: Ohio State-Illinois cancelled, more cancellatio…[View]
104171095Actually very based[View]
104174200>it's a goal >no, wait, VAR check...it's not a goal >later >player makes sligh…[View]
104176874>Mogs the entirety of football players https://youtu.be/xnps1VXBmNw[View]
104167614uh, bros?[View]
104140269/bundes/: *explosive edition* upcoming: >THURSDAY 26/11 /bundes/ in /el/ 21:00 Bayer Leverkusen -…[View]
104175517La Liga?: >newly promoted Cadiz is eight positions ahead of Barcelona >Cadiz Squad Value: $42m…[View]
104176544This is Jesse Marsch. In one week he will be reunited with Haaland and coaching Borussia Dortmund. S…[View]
104174261Was not aware of such a photo DESU.[View]
104176259you now remember mauricio pochettino at spurs[View]
104176043Today is not just any day: Alianza Lima is going to B. For the sake of peruvian soccer, Alianza must…[View]
104131451When was the last time the best player in the world had blonde hair and blue eyes?[View]
104175806What did mou yell /sp/?[View]
104175782*solves football*[View]
104174520The biggest big match in the EPL now >London Derby >Mourinho vs Lampard >Mourinho's cu…[View]
104174879What rules are in place stopping footballers getting their dicks out during a match?[View]
104175404>Why yes, I support Tottenham Hotspur. What gave it away?[View]
104173735Well well well...[View]
104175449What time is the fight tonight?[View]
104167762How professional football players from 80s-90s could get away with being considered the best of all …[View]
104123155I wasn't even wrong. A giga manlet would never make it in today's game.[View]
104173107You now remeber thomas brady[View]
104173890Why do people still blame VAR when its clearly that absolute brain dead moronic English refs who are…[View]
104173509Our son will smash Chelsea tomorrow[View]
104172314Where the fuck did this guy come from[View]
104174383>the general hellbent on complete annihilation of the opponent >the tap-in maestro obsessed wi…[View]
104174078YOU CUNTS OWE ME 110 QUID[View]
104174729/hoc/: Norway can fuck off[View]
104172146Minamino is Japanese: Don't even need to wait til the game ends[View]
104169809Would something like this happen to Messi?[View]
104137880/seriea/ - Fraud Edition: Europa League 19:00 LOSC - Milan 1-1 21:00 Cluj - Roma 21:00 Napoli - Rije…[View]
104169729today the downfall begins[View]
104173856Okay so now that we've established there's immense matchfixing going on to the point where…[View]
104173952What Run is Most Like a Turkey: Hello friends and family. Which of these run routes looks most like…[View]
104173617>Countdown to Sandbox Grand Prix: www.formula1.com (Scroll down for all session times) >Other …[View]
104157215What are the implications for the psyche of a nation when their national hero is a cheater? Is this …[View]
104173559seriously, what does he do?[View]
104173538So this is the power of the Jomon race[View]
104170519/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Cleaning Edition: >Countdown to Sandbox Grand Prix: www.for…[View]
104168525Football is magic: Without football, there are no reason to think about them Football made them popu…[View]
104172949Lewis HAMILTON is the best ever, simple as. He was destined to be, LEWIS is #BLESSED![View]
104166645you now remember Tom Brady[View]
104167545Post your favorite athletes sp Pic related[View]
104165808>Sepp Meier >Thomas N'Kono >Edwin Van Der Sar how the fuck where these 3 chosen as nom…[View]
104170202muh exhaustion: so i wondered why its only always eplel coaches (and fairly enough tuchel from PSG) …[View]
104149825/fs/ Figure Skating NHK TROPHY THREAD: GRAND PRIX OF JAPAN NHK TROPHY IS ON ladies starting now http…[View]
104172320*Scores* How is he so good lads[View]
104170377BRIGHTON v LIVERPOOL: 12:30pm kick-off. BHA: Ryan; Veltman, White, Dunk (c), Webster; Bissouma, Gros…[View]
104166464What went wrong, /sp/?[View]
104171881Minamino is Japanese[View]
104171704Aus bro reporting in, Any of you city slickers do body boarding or surfing? Me and my mates grabbed …[View]
104170912>So I was thinking, whenever I scored a goal, she'd (mom) show it to the whole town >so n…[View]
104150866The great debate.[View]
104170544OFFICIAL READING v BRISTOL CITY MATCH THREAD: EFL Championship action this lunchtime sees early lead…[View]
104170274America, explain this right NOW![View]
104169049Is this your GOAT?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yg2BOEV4nHw[View]
104156719Zlatan doesn't play for AC Milan, AC Milan play for Zlatan.[View]
104164188Celtic bros..[View]
104125493/biathlon/ - Winter Sports - Season Opening edition: >Thu 26.11 10:00 Alpine, Womens Parallel Gia…[View]
104170044/rug/ - >tfw Tasman won edition: COPA DE OUTONO DAS NAÇÕES >28/11 13:00 País de Gales x Inglat…[View]
104168272/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - I Have Always Hated Bianchi Edition: >Countdown to Sandbox …[View]
104164210>Press X to pay respects[View]
104161095/mls/ general - SEMI edition: >Scores matchcenter.mlssoccer.com >News mlssoccer.com/rss-feed b…[View]
104170243>zoomers never watched matches when the CL had soul[View]
104162502/wnba/: Get in here WNBA bros[View]
104167478Maradona: 2 goals in UCL: Son: 17 goals in UCL[View]
104163041>soccer isnt popular in the most populous countries[View]
104155617/cric/ - the cricket: South Africa 42-1 (4.3) vs England[View]
104117434/bet/: protect the 0-0 edition[View]
104076483/rug/: MITRE 10 CUP Finals >Friday 27th Nov 19:05 Hawkes Bay vs Northland, McLean park, Napier …[View]
104158114ITT: Kino sports photos[View]
104155636What does /sp/ think about an all blonde XI? Would they be any good?[View]
104159348Khabib vs prime Mike Tyson: Who wins in a bar fight?[View]
104162914Are freaks of nature the future of sports?[View]
104145518No, seriously. How the fuck do you fix this?[View]
104169017>11 years ago today Where did the time go?[View]
104162241>2 best sports in the world >fans of both can't appreciate each other Why can't we g…[View]
104146730(((ESPN))) Undermining a possible white Lamar Jackson: Does this surprise anyone? Why not just give …[View]
104149145Which of these teams should I root for as someone new to soccer. My other teams are the Spurs and of…[View]
104164394Isn't it funny even 100 years ago soccer was for females?[View]
104161970heaven is waiting for you, Diego![View]
104166477You know what they say[View]
104166770What the fuck was his problem?[View]
104165751Heh, nothing personal washington football club[View]
104166939Do you reckon that he was Top 3 midfielders of the modern era. The guy was a fucking genius and you …[View]
104161378/heem/ - ALLAHU AKHBAR edition: previous: >>104154239 bjpennis.com[View]
104167972In 2020: Maradona died Kobe died Tokyo Olympics died[View]
104158582/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Writers On The Wall Edition: >Countdown to Sandbox Grand Pr…[View]
104165406when mbapee raped Argentina https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Rhjrm1jFAI&t=489s&ab_channel=M…[View]
104108167/cbb/ - College Basketball General: Season starts today. Today's Top 25 Games: #4 Virginia vs. …[View]
104167529TEH LULZ SEX 2: 4 TEH LULZ LOL - LOL YUH[View]
104160431/NFL/ General: ATL: Julio Jones (hamstring) officially questionable DEN: Jeudy (ankle, Achilles…[View]
104164276Can you guys tell me about Flamengo ?[View]
104166215is he actually thankful /sp/?[View]
104167075>tfw GOAT has become a mainstream term and is now getting constantly overused by mainstream cultu…[View]
104165097How come Mayweather out-talked McGregor during these press-conferences? I thought McGregor was suppo…[View]
104160907/box/ - America Edition: Previous >>104129316 >November 27th DAZN USA Daniel Jacobs vs. Gab…[View]
104167046/box/ - The wait is over edition: Previous >>104160907 >November 28th ESPN+ USA BT Sport UK…[View]
104166907Thank GOD I won't have to stay up late this year to watch these shitty meme teams and their shi…[View]
104145821/nba/ - Thanksgiving Edition: TOR: TOR wants Boucher to be 'everyday contributor' CHI: Bul…[View]
104162704Real talk, who would win in a fight?[View]
104166189KWAB: >brady hasn't thrown a successful deep ball in a month K W A B…[View]
104164557/cfb/ - 'DUDE FOG LMAO' Edition: Fogbowl in Corvallis Vandy fielding a female kicker tomorrow Saban …[View]
104163757Got the axe back again !: GO STANFORD ![View]
104158894Why do young, rich and famous athletes buy prostitutes so often? Rooney, Ronaldo, Maradona, those fr…[View]
104147325If they classify to playoffs, what are the chances of them just keep the Football Team as their name…[View]
104158990This kills your patriarchy. Also, she’s cute in the has’nt-gone-full-on-dyke yet mode[View]
104158985The Match: Champions for Change[View]
104162108Henry is a communist???[View]
104165321Favorite female athlete? For me, it's Spanish triple jumper Fatima Diame.[View]
104142499Maradona thread #2324234: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHn1_QVoXGM[View]
104162341Is Lewis Hamilton right?[View]
104159938Meanwhile in soccer[View]
104156088Post the most iconic jerseys in football history[View]
104165046How long until he's back in NE? They need each other.[View]
104164419>famous past football player dies >suddenly everybody talks about him never change /sp/…[View]
104162099/cfb/ general - fuller edition[View]
104149249ITT Maradona Best quotes: >'EEEEEEEEH EEEEEEEEH EEEEEEHHH EEEEEH...' >'Con el perdón de las da…[View]
104157108Should Argentina retire number 10?[View]
1041558982078 World Cup: Since becoming a superpower, it was only a matter of time before FIFA would award In…[View]
104011131Motor/sp/ort General - Wincest Edition: on sunday * MotoGP – Algarve * Trans Am Championship – Road …[View]
104159057The Question: Is your native sport as exciting as baseball and football?: >(Asked at the United N…[View]
104158902Brady VS Mutthomes: Man, this is a battle between whites and mutts. I hope the mutt gets injured and…[View]
104149107/hoc/: Famous Gary Edition[View]
104163824>First female in a Power 5 game is solely a kicker like all soccer players do >She also mainly…[View]
104160053What's his name again?[View]
104159033Why is this guy rated so highly? The highlight of his career was beating England in a friendly and h…[View]
104160273>knocked out Uruguay from the WC >knocked out England from the WC >knocked out Germany from…[View]
104160186ITT: Sportsmen Quotes: Or '''sports'''women quotes[View]
104163544anyone know where i can watch rosado v jacobs free?[View]
104159744FACT: Sports fandom in US is worse than otakus in Japan: Apparently in America, it's socially o…[View]
104152053How are Ronaldo and Messi so far in front ?[View]
104156893Why are East African countries so irrelevant in football? They like it as much as West African count…[View]
104160663Para meu amigo Diego. Deste é Estrada para o inferno[View]
104161625Erling Haaland - Believe in Me - Welcome to Corinthians | HD[View]
104143196Was Johan Cruyff better than Pele and Maradona?[View]
104159015Both in their prime, who do you want on your team?[View]
104160919They are elite again and on the path of glory[View]
104161992MLB Power Pros 2021.....: I want it. (;_;)[View]
104152707/180/: LADBROKES PLAYERS CHAMPIONSHIP FINALS DAY 1: The strangest ever season in PDC darts comes to …[View]
104161991>he's got prototypical size[View]
104158682Alvaro Morales: is making Argies seethe as we speak. Press F[View]
104156259/cfb/ General - Football Friday Edition: ITS FRIDAY FOOTBALL TIME HERE'S TODAY'S SLATE OF …[View]
104162063>His azure and white striped shirt was displayed in the National Football Museum until it was res…[View]
104161813Does the smell in the locker room is breathable ?: I mean, we all know how our favorite sport (footb…[View]
104149518I saw both. I watch football since the 80's. Ask me anything.: For me is almost a tie, but at t…[View]
104161981ITT: Based youtube channels[View]
104160521Argentina, yo...[View]
104161200Press S to spit on his grave. Reply negatively to this thread if you love sucking dicks.[View]
104161495moubros, are you ready to get SOLVED this weekend?[View]
104158222What are your favorite traditions in sports?[View]
104157868CRYSTAL PALACE v NEWCASTLE UNITED: Woy v Bruce. Fascinating. 8:00pm kick-off. CRY: Guaita; Clyne, Ca…[View]
104160473For me, it was Diego Maradona's other handball against USSR at the 1990 World Cup https://www.y…[View]
104154239/heem/: pereira edition https://nextufc.com/ live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzEI8aX3d_Q&f…[View]
104157612ibrahimovic in the CL 120 games, 48 goals thomas müller in the CL 119 games, 46 goals[View]
104161177Future GOAT??: Start of potential Ballon d’or charge??[View]
104147532Rest in Piece: We'll be missing you[View]
104129316/box/ - P4P #1 edition: Previous >>104097660 >November 27th DAZN USA Daniel Jacobs vs. Gabr…[View]
104158307THE WINNER AND STILL CHAAAAAMPIOOONNNSSSS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fr8vCysx22I[View]
104153749Wayne Rooney new Derby County manager: Wayne 'Eeeeerm' Rooney is the new Derby manager for…[View]
104154344You can only post in this thread if your nation will be present in Qatar 2022.[View]
104159366How come these dudes don't support their local teams? Like why does Benfica get 60,000 people b…[View]
104160223How many full and oficial matches of Pelé have you guys watched?: This is the only one of Santos tha…[View]
104153439the emirate of >France[View]
104147691Why doesn't team USA win every gold medal? I thought the NBA produced the best talent yet they …[View]
104149042/nfl/ General - Stafford Is Elite At Everything Edition: WAS: J.D. McKissic only has 2 targets, Gibs…[View]
104140449The Blundershitga will never produce a historical GOAT like Maradona >inb4 Cuck Muller, a tap in …[View]
104136307Which football fans are considered plastic? For me it’s Chelsea[View]
104159940What a fucking mess. Why did they even bother anons?[View]
104152369UEFA seeding world cup 2022: Thots?[View]
104157665OFFICIAL BRENTFORD v QUEENS PARK RANGERS MATCH THREAD: A West London derby from the EFL Championship…[View]
104159652For me, it's Cristiano Ronaldo.[View]
104156261/cfb/ - Black Friday Gameday Edition: 12:00 PM 13 Iowa State @ 17 Texas ABC Matt Barrie, Mike Golic …[View]
104139927would anyone even care if he died? apart from brazilians of course[View]
104147333RIP Dean Marsden[View]
104157045What did TSU mean by this?[View]
104158740>Joleon Lescott accidentally joins Spanish fourth-tier side Racing Murcia three years after retir…[View]
104155214f1/ Relentless Formula 1 General - AlbOFF Edition: >Countdown to Sandbox Grand Prix: www.formula1…[View]
104139774>Oblak >Kolarov >Savić >Milenkovic >Vrsaljko >Pjanić >Modrić >Rakitić >Dz…[View]
104141809No player will ever be loved as much as Maradona[View]
104158160Official Palace v Newcastle match thread #1: Lineups to follow[View]
104156965how would they do if you transplanted them into the current era? Would they have a similar ranking t…[View]
104158097/hhg/ - Hobby Horse General: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JTB7m_VRzs&t[View]
104154998This reff red cards you after you barely made any contact with a player, how do you react?[View]
104157917For me it's Lev 'the black spider' Yashin[View]
104157203Fat retard guy found dead[View]
104155475holy SHIT that is fucking dire: how did this even happen? makes clubs like barca and arsenals curren…[View]
104157614You now remember Marouane Chamakh[View]
104157009Does anyone here have any experience fencing? I've been looking to get into a new sport/activit…[View]
104153309Conte is a fraud[View]
104157682Now that the dust has settled, how was this manlet able to rule football in the 80s? What made him s…[View]
104154340Gronk >6'6 gigantic frame >Insane athleticism >Played in the NFL for the Patriots >…[View]
104155999This is so disrespectful.[View]
104157336REAL MIERDA = NOT #1: 4 out of 5 experts agree that their ancient invitation-only (world series anyo…[View]
104156047https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/football/55095825 BBC showing the '86 england vs argentina gam…[View]
104150339The greatest debate ever[View]
104155619What's the difference between Maradona and Messi?[View]
104133535>Thanks Diego Thanks.. Thanks for what?[View]
104122705>invents football >invents rugby >invents cricket >invents tennis >invents golf >i…[View]
104157046It’s not up for debate anymore. This man is undeniably based.[View]
104155956Aside from England and Mexico which nation with a huge population is a complete failure at football?…[View]
104145798/dcg/ - Dallas Cowboys Genera: So, it happened AGAIN. We can blame injuries, we can blame fatigue, w…[View]
104152451Golden Era of Premier League Quiz: Name these Premier League legends from 10-15 years ago[View]
104156523Who do you got /sp/?[View]
104146936Do zoomers even care about teams: When I moved to the states from Spain i realized that alot of the …[View]
104155881Neymar: 28 years old now, Was his career a disappointment or did he live up to expectations?[View]
104098573/cfb/ CFP top 25 revealed edition: CFP Top 25: 1. Alabama 2. Notre Dame 3. Clemson 4. Ohio State 5. …[View]
104152260What bets should I place tomorrow /sp/?[View]
104156048Why does this league make Spanish and Germans seethe but not Italians?[View]
104155037what is he thinking about?[View]
104149958Can he revive Maradona?[View]
104111892the fuck? absolutely no class from these guys today, wtf, no respect for a guy that died and a count…[View]
104154601Can anyone explain me why the French league is worse than leagues like the Italian, german, english …[View]
104154734>be maradona >be on drugs >not perfomance enhancing drugs, just drugs >still play bette…[View]
104143626When we start making memes from this Pic?[View]
104142561>there is people in ths board that don't know how big was EL DIEGO The only people more popu…[View]
104151996/cric/: Basedtralia beats India Based Zealand beats Windies[View]
104146443Based or Cringe?: >Andoni Goicoechea - nicknamed the Butcher of Bilbao in the UK - made a challen…[View]
104154585Based? or nah: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSFUy_hWt20[View]
104147775This is reddit as hell but I laughed anyway.[View]
104146818how can buenos aires have this many medium/big-sized clubs so close to each other?[View]
104147314Wizards superteam by 2022 Screencap this retards[View]
104152884/f1/ Relentless Formula 1 General - New and Old edition: >Countdown to Sandbox Grand Prix: www.fo…[View]
104146637ITT: uniform sales man[View]
104153228Scandinavian XI: Would thwy have a shot at winning the WC?[View]
104131639Anton Ferdinand is doing a new BBC documentary about the racism incident. Will John Terry be cancell…[View]
104128413>Mario Kempes shitting on Maradona on his death Why would he hate him?[View]
104048080what does he do?[View]
104147610/heem/ - CSO Only Edition: previous: >>104139919[View]
104146691Trash: This motherfucker does NOTHING each and every year and still gets his dick sucked but stat re…[View]
104150385How can one athlete be so based[View]
104154186When will they learn?[View]
104153318that's settled then[View]
104133687Whos next?[View]
104142792ITT: objectively good guys in sport: magnus carlsen[View]
104149619ITT: We imagine past iconic sports moments as they would have happened in 2020.[View]
104140937Campaigner of the year: Based[View]
104147156this season is getting cancelled, isnt it[View]
104143955>That'll be 135 million dollars, plus tip[View]
104118915ITT : Post soulless teams[View]
104144401Who is this guy and why is the British media covering his death like he was some kind of prime minis…[View]
104142319/mls/ general - THANKS edition: >Scores matchcenter.mlssoccer.com >News mlssoccer.com/rss-feed…[View]
104142239Is the most successful English player outside of the 1966 team?[View]
104137625/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Loicence Of Noncing Edition: >Countdown to Sandbox Grand Pr…[View]
104121186yes, he was a good footballer but he was also a cocaine addict, a cheat and a communist all in all I…[View]
104150803You now remember American legend and Newcastle star Denadre Yedlin.[View]
104145876>win the NFC East the first year after changing the name If this happens will we legitimately hav…[View]
104148765>We >Us >Our…[View]
104133365Why yes I support a PL Top 6 team.[View]
104151050/cric/: Australia v India New Zealand v Windies[View]
104151589Where does he stand in the GOAT midfielders discussion?[View]
104146263How would you feel if you knew that your greatest rival saved you from disappearing?: https://www.th…[View]
104145488why is the NFL trying everything they can to stop their perfect season?[View]
104151115Say something nice about them.[View]
104149848/cric/: Pitch invader edition >what's on Australia vs India New Zealand vs West Indies (rain…[View]
104150979Maradona with Corona[View]
104143340Napoli tonight https://youtu.be/mrIjx-v63AQ[View]
104149472He comes marching towards you on centre court incensed and with a murderous look in his eye, what do…[View]
104148659So with the Giants having two consecutive wins...: How do we really feel about them this season, spe…[View]
104148369/cric/: Australia v India New Zealand v Windies[View]
104139307What did he do right that Pogba couldn't?[View]
104149143Arsenal USA SOCCER: Will he save the USMNT? It's about time we gotten europa League goal scorer…[View]
104139502/hoc/: Thanksgiving edition >no games today[View]
104145790Behold, your NFC East division leader...[View]
104133604/nfl/ General - Happy Thanksgiving edition: BAL: Player included in Ravens new positive COVID tests …[View]
104145939If there is one thing that we can genuinely all agree on, is it that this is the worst top tier prof…[View]
104146327Is there unironically anything comfier than football on Thanksgiving? How do other countries come to…[View]
104148296NFL thanksgiving day POWER RANKINGS: 1. Pittsburgh Steelers 2. Kansas City Chiefs 3. New Orleans Sai…[View]
104141221>spurs are actually good now[View]
104132843/cric/: OH HO HO HO So Much Cricket In The Next 24 Hours! I Am Hyped! 11 hours away: Australia vs I…[View]
104145603will I ever make it back to gridiron football?: I am at my physical prime. I was training hard for a…[View]
1041466022020... I'm forgotten. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCksdXAldYk[View]
104145112Fuck Alex Smith.: That is all[View]
104139734What if he gave a shit?[View]
104139919/heem/ - heem everyone even yourself edition: Previous: >>104133473 bjpenn.com twitter.com/jai…[View]
104147211The Detoilet Loins have won 1 (one) playoff game in the 54-year Super Bowl era: The Detoilet Loins h…[View]
104144454au/sp/ - that's it: afl nrl nbl a-league fuck cricket[View]
104143904why do zoomers only care about raw numbers without taking into consideration the quality of opponent…[View]
104146768>plays WR in college >not drafted until third round >converts to RB despite only 33 career …[View]
104145768BOSS, I NEED PAYMENT[View]
104145185Football died yesterday.[View]
104146426ITT: Dumb sports boomers failing to use outdated technology[View]
104146501I DONT WANNA PLAY ANYMORE https://twitter.com/adamschefter/status/1332128632790282240?s=21[View]
104146435Did he unironically get the Cowboys to overperform as a team? Was 8-8 their actual ceiling?[View]
104146014Post you earliest sports memories: I was 4 and the World Cup was local, he was so happy to score tha…[View]
104145590Hey guys what's going on[View]
104145351The greatest football player of all time taking a picture with a black fan[View]
104145405A quick reminder: To all the pathetic no lifers who are spending their thanksgiving laughing over a …[View]
104145435>Suffers career ending injury >Team is shit >Comeback >Goes to the playoffs How far will…[View]
104145934Oh hey Jerry![View]
104133830>i have to put up with my team being constant relegated and fighting for mere state championships…[View]
104145481Worse qb to ever throw a ball[View]
104122312/nba/ general- High School Edition: SAC- Hassan Whiteside has agreed to a one-year deal with the Sac…[View]
104145218Hol up hol up: We dem Boiz[View]
104143953>Kehrer: 37M >Paredes: 45M >Gueye: 30M >Diallo: 30M >Icardi: 50M 192M for players tha…[View]
104145104It won't, trust me.: I dunno how, but I'm 100% they won't do shit in the PO, they wil…[View]
104145330Post here if your team has 16 home games: Hi /sp/[View]
104145410Won't stop /sp/ from laughing at us. I'd laugh at >us too. This team really is that emb…[View]
104144388After all will be said and done, who will go down as better qb? Be honest.[View]
104145412HOL UP[View]
104145390>he thought we wanted to win in a season without our elite qb kek[View]
104132461>Hates England watches English football: Cant think of anything more cucked to be honest[View]
104142991Redskins 17 Cowboys 13 End of the second quarter[View]
104145174Oh, hey Dallass.[View]
104132166/fpl/ - Fantasy Premier League: Give me a Zaha replacement that isn't Jota lads. Just not feeli…[View]
104136091I see there are many countries that come on this board so I’ll ask you guys what the general opinion…[View]
104143511Pelé > Maradona: >b-b-but Jairzinho outshone Pelé in 1970!!! JAIRZINHO (a striker): 7 goals + …[View]
104141668Man utd got hacked: Manchester United are being held to RANSOM for millions of pounds by cyberhacker…[View]
104143034Memes aside, what went wrong?[View]
104143075Why they stopped making kits for top teams? They were actually great in 80s[View]
104137917Only team in European competitions (UCL and EL) that didn’t concede a goal.[View]
104144335FUCK MARSEILLE 13 in a row[View]
104142948OFFICIAL Washington Football Team vs Dallas Fuckbois GAME THREAD #3: Previous: >>104139065 …[View]
104133574Europa League: Europa League[View]
104143750Two good World Cups with Argentina One good season with Barcelona (didn't win the league) Three…[View]
104134238Riots at Diego's farewell https://www.ole.com.ar/maradona/maradona-incidentes-avenida-policia-_…[View]
104134573>bong '''banter'''[View]
104108498/copalib/ - tole tole is back edition: Libertadores and Sudamericana ro16 this week 25/11 Independi…[View]
104137196If he died, would anyone outside of Brazil even give a shit?[View]
104140240Anglo robots will never understand[View]
104141780I'm tired Wobbie...[View]
104137569OH NO NO NO[View]
104141709How do the English feel knowing that he is more relevant in football than all of England's tota…[View]
104142120>you guys enjoying my clinic?[View]
104139065Washington Football Team @ Dallas Cowboys: NFCE Kino is on the menu. Kickoff in ~50 bings.[View]
104140969ITT: Post Judases and other sporting traitors[View]
104141382Washington Football Team @ Dallas Cowboys:[View]
104138244OH NO NO NO wheres the psv shitposter. Where my nigga at?[View]
104138006Why are they so retardeds?: Why did they give such a ridiculously short time to fire Maradona when t…[View]
104139025Why are the bongs still seething after all this time?[View]
104141336Armando Anastasio, a Neapolitan player of Rijeka named after Maradona, scored an own goal against Na…[View]
104124580Why Maradona is so overrated?: Do you see this is the record of the all time legend? He was just the…[View]
104136866Maradona's farewell Gamethread: Chimpout edition: streams https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHn1_…[View]
104140733>baseado y locopillado[View]
104141423Why is one person allowed to dictate the outcome of a match? Fuck referees.[View]
104139112Why is it always these 2 teams every year?[View]
104137096don't know much about this guy. is he ok?[View]
104129349Share /strongmind/ mindsets: >Haaland lives up to that mantra. His life is tailored to maximize h…[View]
104119569Napoletani are crying in the streets right now https://youtu.be/PwT3JGbBfQs[View]
104136885Based Moment[View]
104141654>still in his prime while maradona died at 60[View]
104141559was it intentional?[View]
104137925Now that Leltic are finished embarrassing themselves, how many will we put past Benfica Rangersbros?…[View]
104133882The .700 Club: Week 12 Comfy Thanksgiving Edition: You may only post ITT if your team is one of the …[View]
104137674TOTTENHAM VS LUDOGORETS: Get in here for this guaranteed THRILLER![View]
104115349Where were you when Diego Armando Maradona, considered one of the best football players in the world…[View]
104140093I am watching the tens of thousands of people waiting for the card with Maradona's coffin on th…[View]
104139489John Penisini: >John Penisini[View]
104137603What did they mean by this?[View]
104140510>he supports a club Unless it's your friend playing at the club it makes no sense. Why would…[View]
104138618A great time to be a celtic fan[View]
104134797>The Beautiful Game[View]
104094482/bundes/: *bundes in eurober edition* *comfyrenz sub edition* >TUESDAY 24/11 /bundes/ in /cl/ 21:…[View]
104137655Was 1994 Nigeria the best African national team of all time?[View]
104139635What is he thinking right now?[View]
104139896Is he the heir to Maradona?[View]
104139961The Menace of Molde: The Menace of Molde[View]
104133473/HEEM/ - THANKSGOOBY EDITION: www.bjpenn.com Continued from >>104126279[View]
104132027anyone got the lucas moura instagram story where its a bunch of marvel characters bowing to a cross?[View]
104126021/hoc/: You're all retarded Edition[View]
104131029imagine being butthurt after 40 years over a goal, utterly embarassing https://www.dailymail.co.uk/s…[View]
104137570Dinamo is the only club in European competitions this season to not concede a goal in 3 matches. Din…[View]
104138878>it’s almost 2020 and I am forgotten[View]
103960971/cyc/: Losing religion edition >589 days till the Copenhagen Grand Depart >Jakob Egholm (Denma…[View]
104137289texans @ loins[View]
104124418The great debate[View]
104139040Just heard that the legendary Manager of Dorados de Sinaloa died. Please F him for respect.[View]
104133262Happy Thanksgiving to us /sp/![View]
104138283Will Pele's death give more impact than Maradona's?[View]
104131253already better by all numbers than Maradonna ever was. Prove me wrong. Protip you can't[View]
104138749What's /sp/ opinion on Hames?: How can someone make an entire career out of one single good mon…[View]
104138744Is this qt gonna do well in golden state[View]
104131437hahahaha what? even my midget gf is taller than him[View]
104130044The influence of football is truly astounding. Our president and the fucking pope made a statement o…[View]
104138284ArgentiMutt takes photo with Maradona's corpse: Funeral worker is FIRED after taking a selfie w…[View]
104138141It's been a day now. If you're gonna pay tribute to the dead, at least spell her name righ…[View]
104138106He's finished.[View]
104138026RIP in pieces, sweet prince[View]
104137533>loses against some Poortuguese fishermen Leicester can realistically win the Premier League, the…[View]
104136589*wins Europa and Champions League in 2021*[View]
104135513has cody got thr best chest tattoo on a ufc fighter?[View]
104132986Who’s your favorite female athlete? For me, it’s Nancy Panagiotopoulou Andritsopoulou.[View]
104137741>take the ball by the horns[View]
104128337/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Maradona Edition: >Countdown to Sandbox Grand Prix: www.for…[View]
104135493TEXANS @ LIONS THREAD 2[View]
104132630Daily reminder that maradona was a cheater and his only accomplishment was a lie[View]
104136758do you remember kim?[View]
104136689>zero (0) nominees from the USWNT Why is Fifa so racist against Americans?…[View]
104119032How good would he be in the modern game?[View]
104132330leaked photo of Maradona's corpse[View]
104128156>Andre Villas Boas asks FIFA to retire all number 10 permanently in all football teams in honour …[View]
104126271/heem/ coomer edition: prev >>104123464 news >>>/pol/ bjpenn.com retardedfaggot.com…[View]
104136202Noooo Mascherano, what are you doing??: You're not supposed to do that![View]
104136316*outlives Maradonna*[View]
104135911Italians confirmed white: The Maradona's gens expands and make its way throughout Italy.[View]
104130381Reminder that Maradona fiercely supported Maduro in Venezuela.[View]
104131045Throw 1 item on Maradona's coffin.[View]
104135440rip in peace maradona[View]
104133649Really makes ya think[View]
104129193What did he even do?: One world cup and two serie A titles? Underwhelming, Ramos is a more prolific …[View]
104108976So now he is the best ever alive?[View]
104132888Texans vs Lions Game Thread and Thanksgiving Special: Get in here fags[View]
104133520Cha Bum-kun is Korean.[View]
104126164Maradona: >giant black ribbon on argentina's white house[View]
104135117For me it's Dieg O'Maradona[View]
104133097Saying goodbye to the GOAT[View]
104126279/heem/ - CSO Only Edition: previous: >>104123464[View]
104132678*blocks your path* Nothing personnel, Milanbros[View]
104129775Why is Löw so stubborn? He literally has Bayern team available minus Lewandowski, Pavard and Davies.…[View]
104107120Look how SOULFUL Keanu wholesome Chingus 100 this is!!! Americans will NEVER know this feel :)[View]
104134695I don't believe it[View]
104131885>OOOO EEEEE YAAAAA[View]
104129107>hurr durr Anglos are all seething Nope. You just wanted to make 50 Anyone But England threads, y…[View]
104134073Goodnight sweet prince[View]
104134090incidents at Maradona's funeral: https://youtu.be/wHn1_QVoXGM[View]
104116156/seriea/ - Diego eterno edition: Champions League >Match Day 4 of 6 >24/11 21:00 Lazio 3 - 1 Z…[View]
104134007ou can only post ITT if your country will be present in Qatar 2022: Effortless qualy so far. Future …[View]
104132158>wOooOoOOOOoooOo where's my sticky WOOooooOoOoooOoo[View]
104128739Do messoy and penaldo still own a bit of self will to decide to play a friendly match in the mud to …[View]
104132122You now remember Jesse Lingard[View]
104129081One last time...: TE QUIERO DIEGO![View]
104132420>scummy on the pitch, cheat >mafia connections >30 months doping ban >denounced his daug…[View]
104133311>has sex with other men[View]
104130462PURÖ SOVL[View]
104133268>an important footballer dies >'B-BUT PELE, WHAT ABOUT PELE?! T-TALK ABOUT PELE PLEASE! DON…[View]
103959481/tugão/ - shame edition: Shame on us all too subedition, letting a thread die before even reaching h…[View]
104125537/nfl/ general- Chief Sneed Edition: ATL:Julio Jones (hamstring) gets in limited practice CIN:Gio Ber…[View]
104131344Name me ONE (1) thing in which Maradona was better than Pelé: By which I mean a football-related thi…[View]
104132942Is it possible to play soccer, professionally, while under the influence of cocaine?[View]
104133032DE WANNA WONGA[View]
104132994>Tyson will get destroyed in the first round[View]
104131884What are some sports reporters that should only appear in writing and audio?[View]
104130965Not even with Ali's death[View]
104119322What is it about this country which makes /sp/ seethe so viciously? The levels of obsession are rall…[View]
104132188which sport has the sexiest regulation uniform?[View]
104112998>Argentina president decrees three days of mourning following Diego Maradona’s death – as all sch…[View]
104131471>When the seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the …[View]
104132412>a fucking star[View]
104129392who is this?[View]
104132361>feeling sad over a guy who kicked ball for a living[View]
104066630/147/ - Snooker UK Championship 2020: The UK Championship, sponsored by Betway, is one of snooker’s …[View]
104130922Now that Maradona left and Pele has health problems, could we say that the best footballer alive tod…[View]
104132168What board should I get? 6'0 guy[View]
104131747What’s he telling Reagan,Thatcher, and Chavez in the depths of hell right now?[View]
104118707What do you think about this player?[View]
104131841>YOU SEE, DIEGO...[View]
104129703CALM DOWN: All right all right all right Everybody settle down! In light of this very heated thread …[View]
104129371>Maradona chea- oh.. wow.[View]
104130346Can he save Liverpool's season?[View]
104122494Jesus christ England Pay some respect, stop being so mean[View]
104129634ITT: Players with a power level higher than their body could handle[View]
104123575/nrl/: https://www.nrl.com/news/2020/11/26/nrl-2021-draw-magic-round-easter-and-anzac-blockbusters-r…[View]
104124415Why can't our boy ronaldo be #1 in Italy?[View]
104121607Based or Cringe?[View]
104128054Why is the country that created football awful at playing it?!?: At this point I sort of feel bad fo…[View]
104131475who do you think will win the 2020/21 champions league?: For my part, the favorite will always be an…[View]
104131121Clemson is scheduled to host Pittsburgh on Saturday, which is the last scheduled home game of the 20…[View]
104131248Now that Maradona has passed away: Which would be the most tragic death of a sportsman? I'd say…[View]
104124779The great debate[View]
104129506>Perhaps the most famous episode is that of the match in the mud of a disastrous pitch in Acerra,…[View]
104130643AC Milan fan here. Nicolas Pépé as been linked to AC Milan as a potential signing for the January m…[View]
104129633Maradona: How could a professional player be so un/fit/?[View]
104130208i was born in 2002... (18 yr old) and i never saw MARADONA play a single game so i dont care that he…[View]
104124891can we have a Diego funeral KINO thread? is this sport related enough for the degenerate fat fucks? …[View]
104120529Why doesn't he just do something sexual with a girl publically?[View]
104120821I can't go out because there are funerals everywhere what the fuck[View]
104117632Maradona was a coke addict, child rapist and had kids everywhere he refused to pay for. Why are you …[View]
104128902Maradona = GOAT: https://youtu.be/Np1zODg5cqc?t=216 The chess GOAT agrees Maradona is the GOAT.…[View]
104130954Who is the Pete Evans of your sport?: Well...[View]
104118426Kobe’s death was way more impactful then that cheating South American crack head Maradona[View]
104130145MARADONA BEST QUOTES: ITT we post the most inspiring Maradona's quotes. >I think (George W.)…[View]
104128558>7:1 was 6 years ago[View]
104115488These are the unanimous 4 GOATs in the history of football: How would you rank them?[View]
104129757His degenerate behavior was his downfall. S. England was robbed.[View]
104130238>b-b-but it was Higuain's fault[View]
104123399I've been watching Argentina vs Germany 86. Maradona is overrated af.[View]
104130747For me, it's United City Football Club[View]
104130754/church of maradona/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knRo_1xrJ2A[View]
104130512KINO I N O[View]
104130480Alvaro Morales: >claims Maradona was a junkie >played soccer while being high >cheated on d…[View]
104126985>england's greatest >lose to Atlanta…[View]
104129845Diego Maradona dead at only 60: Now that the dust has settled, was it the cocaine or the overweight?…[View]
104129980>Merseyside and London allowed fans back in >Manchester not allowed because of their cuck mayo…[View]
104130262Athletes who deserved to die before Maradona[View]
104130196*Blocks your path* 'Oh hey, its me, give met that CL ticket.'[View]
104130167The GOAT[View]
104122314why is this toothpaste obsessed with Maradona?[View]
104129098>Maradona is a cheater >W-we d-don't like cheaters! >Meanwhile...back in 1966 https://…[View]
104125751What do you think will happen with the hosting of Euro 2021? It was supposed to be hosted across mul…[View]
104128513Who killed him?[View]
104125394Hallo ya Germany pays condolences to fallen Held Maradona for dying. We are glad he embarrassed inse…[View]
104125482RIP D10S[View]
104120528>Le no sticky man What did /sp/ mean by this?[View]
104129468*Blocks your path*[View]
104125379where's the fucking sticky? F[View]
104129493Deschamps better Blacklist every player from this club: They're all shitters/over the hill fagg…[View]
104123676Rashford to be given 'special' award by BBC: >England and Manchester United forward Mar…[View]
104128878How badly will they lose today?[View]
104119093au/sp/: >https://www.thecricketmonthly.com/story/1239729/aaron-finch-has-got-a-bloody-great-job C…[View]
104120503/cric/: LIVE John Davies Oval, Queenstown West Indians (11.2 ov)60/0 New Zealand A West Indians chos…[View]
104128547Now that Maradona is gone, can 'they' get over it and go back to winning titles?[View]
104129064Why do Anglos do this?: >HE HAITED THE ENGLEEESHH!1!1!1!!1 >AND THEETS’S WHY HE ISN’T THUU BEE…[View]
104127709What’s the point?: Imagine paying for a glorified sparring session[View]
104128490>still seething over a 5'5 Manlet outjumping you 4 decades later Lmao what a bitch…[View]
104128303Barcelona's 1978 scouting report on Maradona: PLAYER REPORT: Diego Armando Maradona GRADING ASS…[View]
104129141RIP the best Gay football player of all time: https://youtu.be/9TXMNmdTYhM RIP Maradona[View]
104128959There won't be anyone like me: For all those who do not understand football and what is to leav…[View]
104098957/mls/ general - PLAYOFFS?! edition: >Scores matchcenter.mlssoccer.com >News mlssoccer.com/rss-…[View]
104128377RIP the greatest argentinian player of all time. you will be missed.[View]
104113881/heem/ - bamhole inspection day at AKA edition: previous: >>104103808 https://www.tapology.com…[View]
104121927The debate is settled[View]
104121762What did he mean by this?[View]
104125709British media is all calling him one of the greatest ever. They admit he scored one of the greatest …[View]
104110681Bongs are seething.: Post that webm when your cunt BTFO england.[View]
104127511This is the real Ronaldo: The other one, the fraud, his name is Cristiano. Do not be misled, especia…[View]
104128233Who is their most famous active player?[View]
104097660/box/ - P4P edition: Previous >>104075819 >November 27th DAZN USA Daniel Jacobs vs. Gabriel…[View]
104108081/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Multilingual Edition: >Countdown to Sandbox Grand Prix: www…[View]
104128024When will it surpass Premier League in popularity?[View]
104125641Chances that Tyson forgets where he is and murders Roy Jones Jr on Saturday?[View]
104127703tyson vs roy jones jr: nice '''''fight''''' you…[View]
104124380ITT: /elite/ manlets[View]
104122942This picture is dangerously based.[View]
104122027How hilarious will it be when they loose to the Football Team™ tomorrow?[View]
104123966Now that the dust has settled, what made him the most overrated football player of all time?[View]
104122074The drama continues[View]
104126195>player scores goal and VAR is checking it >commentator is confident that it's offside wh…[View]
104119331Hello ya Japan pays condolences to fallen Hero Maradona for dying. We are glad he embarrassed island…[View]
104127112Hes really gonna go soon bros: hes had bad health the last few years, is 80, and apparently doesn…[View]
104126780I have to pretend I give a shit about Maradona dying at work tomorrow. I don't know anything ab…[View]
104122778Now that the maradona issue has come up, I think we can bring up this question. When argies think ab…[View]
104114231>there football legend dies >they only talk about ENGLAND huh?????…[View]
104119878absolutely seething[View]
104123724ITT: Players that will NEVER be the people's champ[View]
104120437/ccg/ - Colo-Colo General: So, it happened AGAIN. We can blame injuries, we can blame fatigue, we ca…[View]
104113613I wonder how brits cope with the fact that Maradona alone is bigger than the entirety of their footb…[View]
104123971Did somebody die today, /sp/?[View]
104119764>cheater >drunktard >wife beater >communist >drug adict Why should I care again?…[View]
104121635Imagine how /sp/ would have reacted, would have been a crazy day.[View]
104123464/heem/ rob champ soon 2021: >>104113881[View]
104120121he makes me proud to be a manlet :)[View]
104121050How many kilos did he snort throughout his life?[View]
104124451What will /sp/ be like on day he dies?[View]
104120893Fucking happening in peruvian soccer: One more game lost and Alianza Lima goes to the Liga 2. It…[View]
104115740/hoc/: >rags[View]
104110726Most Overrated Player of All Time: >you now remember when this guy was getting memed as GOAT in t…[View]
104125692Athletes who got stickies: ITT: we post late athletes who got a sticky[View]
104118797/nfl/ general: BAL:Ravens vs Steelers game moved from Thanksgiving to Sunday IND: Colts place DeFore…[View]
104123589I've lost all respect for him: I thought he was a class act but I guess it was all bullshit.…[View]
104125458The biggest team siblings in a nutshell: Coincidence?[View]
104124917Protagonists of history[View]
104122874>these fucking thanksgiving nfl games great not only do i have to visit in-laws but i also can…[View]
104122875How do you think he's feeling following the news of the death of Diego maradona? If any argies …[View]
104122187The eternal debate: Baseball or cricket?[View]
104124849When is the NHL gonna start back up, boys? I'm getting antsy[View]
104117636Can he fix Inter?[View]
104122850>my dream is to play the world cup[View]
104122286M-MARADONA-SAMA!? I kneel! Post kneeling athletes[View]
104119802'Good evening Anon, I'm Police Constable Smith. May I come in? We believe you attended a footba…[View]
104120441Ok this guy was actually based[View]
104112661>5'5': They never learn.[View]
104123552I heard a famous soccer player died today. I’m sorry to hear that, soccer bros. I don’t know much ab…[View]
104119979>throws a game losing int: >refuses to shake your hand wut do?…[View]
104120077Lions Thanksgiving Game: I’ll be home alone tomorrow for Thanksgiving due to covid as my friend who …[View]
104124161Pep signed Lewandowski at Bayern Munich on a free[View]
104121018I wonder how brits cope with the fact that Maradona alone is bigger than the entirety of thier footb…[View]
104123897>pound for pound rankings[View]
104119658ITT: We remember by far the most iconic sportsman to die in 202: Nobody could come close to this man…[View]
104119070>press S to spit and make Argies seethe.[View]
104123509Hey, Argentina..[View]
104123409Which of these games would you rather watch one : Montpellier x nice Frankfurt x mainz Getafe x real…[View]
104116123> Not even 2000 condolences /sp/ is truly dead.[View]
104122066What exactly did Maradona accomplish apart from cheating his way to 1 WC, that makes him special?[View]
104114312How come nobody cares that they won?[View]
104116829>Crying about someone who never even knew you existed Imagine being this pathetic.…[View]
104122824>goat dies >goat retires it's been a long day…[View]
104119105Lewandowski = Raul: It has happened.[View]
104117098How are they feeling right now?: Maybe zoomers don't know what Diego means to this city.[View]
104121864Suddenly I feel all right And it's gonna be so different When I'm on the stage tonight[View]
104117581Oh dear oh dear oh dear[View]
104118996>can't even score against russian farmers LOL[View]
104117117Why don't people in England appreciate Jadon Sancho? https://twitter.com/GraceOnFootball/status…[View]
104122617Any WAL predictions for 2021? I think Devon still has enough gas in the tank to sweep the finals. ht…[View]
104122370ITT: Rebranding Ancient Sports for the Modern (White) Man[View]
104101250/nba/ general - Who has the best team? Edition.: SAC:Kings don't match Hawks: Bogdanovic to Atl…[View]
104116794Oh boy I can’t wait to watch the glorious club Auckland City play at the Club Word Cup[View]
104122211He's not longer in this world but now he is a legend F[View]
104119215What’s the cause of death?[View]

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