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100684718>I rate Matić[View]
100682520Brady, Jordan, Gretzky, and Ronaldo would be the Mt. Speemore of GOATS[View]
100681160You have to shoot 100 penalties, 1v1 a Goalkeeper: How many are successful? (goal) How many do you m…[View]
100681654Post the top 5 greatest players from your country 1 - Ronaldo 2 - Ronaldinho 3 - Pelé 4 - Neymar Jr.…[View]
100683113It's finally happening: Just accept it. It's over, ABLs. You lost.[View]
100684589O'RANGERS CELEBRATION THREAD: I know its only been four events but get in here O'rangers b…[View]
100680354What went wrong?[View]
100684161>all the VAR decisions go their way >they still can't beat relegation fodder Kek.…[View]
100658709Wow look at that midfield, Torreira, Valverde, Bentancur. Wow look at that forward Maxi Gomez. W-We …[View]
100679271>Team A gets 1% more points than Team B >Team A 'wins'…[View]
100667789Why did this guy choked HARD between 2009-2013 ? Is he useless without Rooney and Modric ?[View]
100679047Literally just posting to remind you Liverpool are current English, European, Super cup and World cl…[View]
100684343APOLOGIZE: >WADA appointed a special investigator, and subsequent analyses of Russian urine sampl…[View]
100662577For me, it's Dinamo[View]
100680068I thought michael jordan was super competitive. Why didnt he respond to the GOAT?[View]
100678155where did he go, /sp/?[View]
100674839/heem/ Jannie is a faggot edition: Previous: >>100672887 news: >Whorechata 'Built-in excuse…[View]
100670268Could Fergie have saved this United team?[View]
100681635EVERTON v SOUTHAMPTON: 6:00pm kick-off. EVE: Pickford, Coleman, Mina, Keane, Digne, Iwobi, Gomes, Da…[View]
100680501Don't mind me, just the GOAT checking 'em.[View]
100673723QUESTION. can the barcelona B and real madrid b teams get to the fist division? what a meme league[View]
100670504These are the best teams in the world right now: Thoughts?[View]
100681346Bournemouth v Tottenham: Another Mourinho '''''''''mast…[View]
100677439/heem/: winning streak edition. Don't post in a thread that lost the story and the fight. Wishi…[View]
100682865Will Milan sign him permanently? Can he Make Milan Great Again?[View]
100674438Well /sp/? How do they?[View]
100683418>England finally has a good generation coming up >All for nothing because these two shitters n…[View]
100666873>last minute goal[View]
100669687Minamino: What is his function?[View]
100683178OFFICIAL TONDELA VS FC PORTO THREAD: TONDELA: Babacar; Moufi, Philipe Sampaio, Yohan Tavares e Ricar…[View]
100668932Give me the lowdown, /sp/: Are Millwall fans actually all they're hyped up to be?[View]
100676440/hoc/: This place is dead all because of a seething chinaman[View]
100676800Nikola Vlašić: Seriously though, he already surpassed Russian league. I would say he surpassed it a …[View]
100681661Chads always wins[View]
100676019/afl/: Geelong v Brisbane at the SCG, 7.40pm AEST GEELONG In: S.Simpson Ou: J.Steven (managed) BRISB…[View]
100682626Who will win the golden boot? https://www.strawpoll.me/20547854 https://www.strawpoll.me/20547854 ht…[View]
100681364Is Liverpool the most overrated side of all time? City scored more goals.[View]
100677053>when you Deut the Raum and plebs are too dumb to understand your genius Most revolutionary playe…[View]
100663828>2 seasons in Dortmund 8 goals >1 season in premier league 8 goals…[View]
100682613>squad numbers higher than 29[View]
100680947How does he do it lads ?: Still better than Penaldo with 39[View]
100674847>I’m not somebody who posses for girly magazines oh and btw I don’t think it was girly magazine I…[View]
100676689The secret footballer: >The Secret Footballer is the pseudonym of a former Premier League footbal…[View]
100680549Will Benzema end his career at Real Madrid?: Let's debate. https://www.strawpoll.me/20546713 ht…[View]
100681864FIFA takes full control of VAR in letter to member associations: Fifa has sent a letter to national …[View]
100681551Leeds United vs. Stoke City: No match thread? Watch Bielsa choke here. http://liveonscore.net/soccer…[View]
100679906Remember that time the Astros cheated?[View]
100678663Who's going to win the 'finish above the other' trophy?[View]
100681723it's been a year cuckvory cucks: I miss International footy[View]
100675661was this the begining of the end for buyern hunchen? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMR0FVquejg…[View]
100678712Tell me about Pique, why does he still wear long-sleeves in the hot and humid Catalan summer ?[View]
100676061/AFL/ ROUND 6: Round Six Thursday, Jul 9 STADIUM (NETWORK) EST LOCAL Geelong Cats vs. Brisbane Li…[View]
100673212/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Tactically Implimented Flu Edition: >Countdown to Austrian …[View]
100676599/Uni/ ManUtd general: Best squad we've had in years Edition[View]
100676183How do Pep's players return from injury so quickly?[View]
100679230Hey guys it's me PuliGOD, just wanted to remind you I'm shittin on you niggas[View]
100672163You know remember Roy Keane at Celtic[View]
100668644>captain is a striker >keeps bitching all game long…[View]
100681019Ole at the wheel[View]
100680560Itt: When does he sign with MLS[View]
100680866The thinking man's GOAT[View]
100672996Why this fraud rated again?: Messi/Ronaldo way post prime still mog this notorious loser[View]
100671180who can stop them?[View]
100665752Virgin zoomers talk about 'muh 7-1': Millennial & Boomer CHADS talk about KINO France - Croatia …[View]
100680530Since August 2015, Dimitri Payet has created 28 more chances than any other West Ham player. He left…[View]
100679326How stupid are people?: Do the people protesting this image not realize it is a portrait of a real i…[View]
100659384/nrl/: >The hottest property on the NRL open market telephoned Brisbane coach Anthony Seibold on …[View]
1006648941st test England v West Indies: 1st Test, West Indies tour of England Eng 1/35 WI yet to bat bit of …[View]
100656454what did they say?[View]
100679167/blades/: Get in here Bladesbros I'm feeling we're gonna get a cheeky Europa spot, who sho…[View]
100678117/Chels/: This is unironically a good read https://www.reddit.com/r/chelseafc/comments/hnh9mn/the_fut…[View]
100674911Why can't EPL superstars handle ChadLiga ?[View]
100677889Atalanta: Can they win the champions league?[View]
100671933>supposedly the best young midfielder in the world >Couldn’t save Brescia from relegation Ah…[View]
100678409https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53226659 >The most interesting football clubs in the United …[View]
100678525ITT: Athletes that you like only because he's hated by many people[View]
100678754OUTCRY SHOWTIME SPORTS DOCUMENTARY: So did he do it?[View]
100678529The first Korean player in FC Barcelona is dead[View]
100676988Wake up Paris, its all over[View]
100678130Why has this schizoid not become a regular?: he sounds like he's 2 seconds away from a heart at…[View]
100672694>Attack is absolute garbage, Not even top 30 in europe: >Solve it by making madrid defense the…[View]
100670543Why can't he score anymore?[View]
100496296Eternal /FIFA/: Japanese Messi edition[View]
100670317Remember when we could make fun of liverpoop? How do we ever recover spuh?[View]
100674895/heem/ - Mike Perry Edition: Previous: >>100672887 https://themaclife.com/[View]
100663723Best Coach of your country?[View]
100671979How can Piqué be so based? With a fucking downhill bike he arrived today loool Bicicleta de descenso…[View]
100676854Le based man[View]
100675911*Conquers Europe*[View]
100674836/heem/ - MasviCHAD edition: Previous: >>100672887 Jorgemasvidal.com Twitter.com/mackenziedern…[View]
100671341>player's nickname is the name of an older player >the younger player ends up playing at …[View]
100673740>richest team in country >control of large portions of media and justice system >cant even …[View]
100661249It’s been 6 years...[View]
100671946/hoc/: Canada edition[View]
100672783/afl/: loins vs peelong tonight Geelong v Brisbane at the SCG, 7.40pm AEST GEELONG In: S.Simpson Ou:…[View]
100670493>goes invisible at home vs the 10-men last placed team who is now confirmed relegated He’s finish…[View]
100669206Realistically, how much time do they have left as the Washington Redskins? Also American capitalism …[View]
100670299Son is Korean: Minamino is Japanese[View]
100674065Why do only a few white countries have a form of 'football' where they use their hands?[View]
100657032When did NBA players become so based?[View]
100672887/heem/ - Paulinho Edition: Previous: >>100669669 twitter.com/jairbolsonaro bjpenn.com twitter.…[View]
100672537Will Canada ever be relevant in any sport? Even their nba finals win was a joke[View]
100668005What's the most OP formation and why is it 3-4-1-2?[View]
100672403HAXBALALLALALALALLA: JOIN https://www.haxball.com/play?c=R2alD20mM4o[View]
100674361say something nice about up-and-coming superstar, bebe[View]
100585957/LigaMX/: Pecas Edition >Fucho is back, Copa Telcel & Copa GNP por Mexico as pre-season >N…[View]
100672276Where will /our guy/ go now?[View]
100660705This is England footballer Eberechi Oluchi Eze[View]
100667982Is this true? Has the inability of American sports to come back destroyed the American delusion of e…[View]
100671906/mls/ orlando city inter miami game thread: florida derby get in here and watch this tournament befo…[View]
100671848what does he do nowadays?[View]
100671082is he going to be a starter in the next World Cup?[View]
100670058Messi has THREE non-penalty goals against the top TEN of La Liga: What went wrong?[View]
100670746DAS RITE[View]
100666137/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Molested Edition: >Countdown to Austrian GP 2: Electric Boo…[View]
100651884Well, well, well...[View]
100633140Mountain Climbing General: Poop Everest edition: >This year, 28,000 pounds of human waste was rem…[View]
100661788Who was the bigger scumbag?[View]
100669669/HEEM/ LOSING The Story Of The Fight: PREVIOUS >>100663945 Usman is done Aldo is done Romero w…[View]
100663256These are the LEEDrs of the championship: Say something nice about them :D[View]
100659302/afl/: >The VFL season has been abandoned. Clubs informed today after Victoria's return to l…[View]
100659395Is Muay Thai the most based martial art? >No unrealistic shit like flying roundhouse kicks like …[View]
100671198ITT: We suggest the new name for the Washington NFL team. Please keep the racism to an appropriate m…[View]
100672531Can someone explain to me the logic in bandwagoning only the most popular or winningest teams? I mea…[View]
100671531WTF I love basketball now: >To me, basketball isn’t just a Jewish sport because of our history wi…[View]
100648284What is the most popular Premier League team on /sp/?: I want to do a poll to finally figure out whi…[View]
100670986Barcelona Transfer Policy since 2015 >Antoine Griezmann $132,000,000 >Martin Braithwaite $19,…[View]
100589455/cfb/ general - PROBLEMATIC edition: >collegefootballnews.com >bleacherreport.com/college-foot…[View]
100665707>Seethe about a player >he scores 5 minutes later…[View]
100669348Take a look, y'all: IMG_4346.jpeg[View]
100672268Rate my parlays 1/3[View]
100670786The most alpha athlete in history[View]
100556916/copalib/ - pick your fighter edition: fulbo when - estaduais returning slow but not steady - Ecuado…[View]
100666563Sportsman Stephen Jackson: Okay /sp/, when I say BASED, you say BLACK MAN BASED[View]
100671543Name their new team name /sp/[View]
100670560Is this?: Stephen A. Smith in the St. Elmo's Fire music video from the 80's? https://www.y…[View]
100670420press S to pay disrespect to the most useless, pointless team in the top European leagues[View]
100671193>spend anywhere from 1-6 hours sat on your bum getting deep vein thrombosis before a big game, or…[View]
100669771>inverted wingbacks[View]
100668471NEW NEW NEW NEW https://youtu.be/mMMaep3ZK-8[View]
100667447What would your 3 pitch mix be? 1. Knuckleball 2. 4-Seamer 3. Sweeping Curve[View]
100671063Report: Washington Redskins to remove Native American imagery: >WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — A new repo…[View]
100632707/bundes/: *relegation edition* *ulle sub edition* >MONDAY 06/07 /bundes/ relegation 20:30 1. FC H…[View]
100662781For me,it's Fotbal Club FC FCSB[View]
100668092>team loses >immediately falseflag as opposing team's fan posting factually incorrect and…[View]
100667844ITT: Athletes who browse /sp/[View]
100664857>anus farti[View]
100670178MATCH OF THE DAY THREAD: On BBC One now. Running order: BHA/Liv, ManC/New, WHU/Bur, SU/Wol; CP/Che, …[View]
100641432Probably the worst transfer ever made. >100+ million euros >14 matches >1 goal >no matc…[View]
100663410Just how good was Luís Figo?[View]
100667475Barcelona - Espanyol: Last match was a tie Espanyol is dead last in the league, but they'll try…[View]
100669805This is beyond humiliating. I'm tired of underachieving year after year. Gone are the Carbones,…[View]
100663945/heem/ - naughty naughty edition https://nextufc.com/ previous >>100658730[View]
100669648Well, well, well[View]
100650897how did he do it?[View]
100666541BRIGHTON v LIVERPOOL: 8:15pm kick-off. BHA: Ryan; Lamptey, Dunk, Webster, Burn; Stephens, Propper, G…[View]
100668935Best players in the world: For me it's Mohamed Ghaly[View]
100624888/box/ - Canelo Edition: Previous: >>100571465 >Tuesday July 7 ESPN Jose Zepeda vs Kendo Cas…[View]
100667041bald fraud[View]
100667451Could some of the MMA anons here rate these strikes for me?[View]
100667915Why is /sp/ handing his decline so poorly?[View]
100666445mario retardy: mario retardy?[View]
100665565tfw we will never see millwall will in the prem[View]
100668698Thoughts on him?[View]
100665954you JUST can't beat my big brain side. I also have Koller on the bench in case we need a late g…[View]
100662257I found a way to make Belgium win International Trophies.: There, now Belgium has 2 WCs and 2 Euros.…[View]
100667181Getafe - Villarreal: Match for a spot in Europe next year! Get in hear lads[View]
100656043>25 days since he scored from open play[View]
100664823how are we any different to /r/sports?[View]
100664137Is Rabiot elite?[View]
100651383Serious question. Why did nobody better buy this guy if he's actually this good? He wasn't…[View]
100654231If you could eliminate one sport from history, which would it be?[View]
100660195The Spanish Wenger[View]
100664945I'm just getting interested in football. Who do I support?: I started watching all the matches …[View]
100662523Will France get a good coach someday?: would you imagine if argentina won the game on the last world…[View]
100666727*runs fast*[View]
100663381hello, we are the first american league back to playing, please watch the game tonight between orlan…[View]
100667523>the city of brighton[View]
100664711PREMIER LEAGUE MIDWEEK MATCH THREAD: Four games tonight: >6:00pm Manchester City v Newcastle Unit…[View]
100667485>daydreamed again about scoring for >my team[View]
100661402Football is a white sport: Both the GOATs are white[View]
100665213Best Pep/Mou quotes? Do the quotes enhance team performance? If so why? If not, why not? If you…[View]
100663672Make it happen[View]
100646291*mogs americans out of the world cup*[View]
100667225goal of the decade[View]
100662510MFW the eagles win the superbowl[View]
100666582'Mufc could become the first team in Premier League history to win four straight games with a margin…[View]
100665915Cursed Images[View]
100666893What was the score again?[View]
100664499Club World Cup 2021: Anyone know any more about how qualification is going to work? From what I…[View]
100654729/seriea/ - ouch edition: Matchday 31 >Tuesday, 7th of July 19:30 Lecce 2 - 1 Lazio 21:45 AC Milan…[View]
100666223You'll never have that, you'll never have that! 13 prem titles, you'll never have tha…[View]
100666108The '''goats''' played for stacked teams in Lel Liga[View]
100656342>Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 30 goals in all club competitions 10 times in his last 11 seasons …[View]
100666057If portugal had won its group, they would face >russia >croatia >england >france Do you …[View]
100664980Newcastle v Man City match thread #1: Manchester City: Ederson, Cancelo, Zinchenko, Otamendi, Stones…[View]
100655594>loses possession trying to be Messi[View]
100662237/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Boomer Back Edition: >Countdown to Austrian GP 2: Electric …[View]
100646991Country that aren't meant to win the World Cup: Post flags of countries that will never win a W…[View]
1006627876 YEARS AGO, TODAY: in this thread, let's post like the 7-1 match had just finished[View]
100656274Just saw Pulisic's heatmap from game today[View]
1006615108th July 2014: Today I will remind them[View]
100665485Balancing World Cup Qualifying: >UEFA (55 nations) >UAFA Union of Arab Football Associations (…[View]
100664854Hey Liverpool Fuck you[View]
100664825Why can't he handle ChadLiga ?[View]
100663425/180/ - PDC Summer Series Day One: DARTS IS BACK. Is /180/ back though or will it only being on PDC.…[View]
100664695Are you ready Europe ?[View]
100662328>Literally the only good defender in his league >Brits aren’t used to see quality defending so…[View]
100655167How does this man from Croatia make all of /sp/ seethe so much?[View]
100664343I want to FUCK Giroud[View]
100664985For me, It's Ronaldo (fat).[View]
100658730/heem/: blowjobpenis.com[View]
100569674Who are you rooting for in the Luxembourg T20I Cricket Trophy? For me, it's Koninkrijk België[View]
100660915I can't bet on UFC in France, but I really want to, what do? Can I go through a proxy and prete…[View]
100664741Derby vs WBA match thread[View]
100661387Your Attention Please: This season only, Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro has managed to score 29…[View]
100662994fuck sterling[View]
100661329>There’s a few players in the squad that we absolutely do not want there. >They’re not there t…[View]
100659296Thoughts on ESPN Radio's new lineup? It's looks like an absolute disaster. >Keyshawn, …[View]
100664041Are you ready?: .[View]
100660452Virgil van dijk: Say happy birthday to the man mountain lads Premier League Champions League Club…[View]
100640876AND SOOOOOOOOOO[View]
100660329/cric/ - kino is back edition: Fixtures: 8-12 July England v West Indies Venue: The Ageas Bowl, Sout…[View]
100664166Garret cole is a beast! https://youtu.be/RC3_vekJoLg[View]
100661808Who to support?: Planning on going to Colombia soon to study Spanish. Who do you Colombia bros recom…[View]
100663566Is he actually elite?[View]
100648231You now remember Mario Götze[View]
100664013tfw i watch international football and mock the shit out of countries that fail regardless of how fa…[View]
100658872>visit America >go to MLS game >sit in supporters section >somebody hands me one of the …[View]
100659599RIP ALEX PULLIN: Goodnight sweet Chumpy mods pls sticky[View]
100658395>Dortmund titles with Pulishit and Dumbelel >1 >Dortmund titles with Sanshit >0 ?????…[View]
100660693Local Players Only: >Football clubs are now only allowed to register players born within a 50 mil…[View]
100651575Are you ready for Brentford FC to become a Premier League club, /sp/?[View]
100662343>why yes I never rated Pulisic, how could you tell?[View]
100658710/heem/ - Black Excellence Edition: News: Fights saturday aljazeera.com[View]
100663375i wish this never happened so Messi could've BTFO brazil in maracana[View]
100657815Does anyone at all actually support them?: Are MK Dons fans even real?[View]
100658470Ever see pets turn on their owner?[View]
100655110Which do you consider the bigger club?[View]
100662080>Pulingz >Werner >Ziyech >Havertz >Chillwell To celebrate the return of Chelsea as le…[View]
100656976Who are some athletes who have perfected their sport?[View]
100655148Should Cristiano go back to Manchester and retire?[View]
100661911Explain to me, right now, how anyone can honestly call this a men's sport.[View]
1006454633 more wins until we get what we deserve[View]
100657682Mexican league overlays fan webcams into the stadium Based or cringe?[View]
100661522They don't stand a chance, do they?[View]
100652992/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - 2023 is the new 2013 Edition: >Countdown to Austrian GP 2: …[View]
100658366What did the official do to LVG?[View]
100658066Hes going to be the best SOCCER player in the world. He IS a PROUD AMERICAN[View]
100582274Biggest meltdown in sports history?[View]
10065440426 goals: Still 8 games to go 35 years old He really is the GOAT[View]
100648995>just chillin' and waitin' for my Balloon Door[View]
100656892/hoc/: Today I will remind them[View]
100654012Who's your favorite player to come to Besiktas? For me, it's Guti.[View]
100654300Post cucked images. I'll start with pic related[View]
100658475Reminder that the GOAT is white and football is a white sport[View]
100640318>Perfect height (183cm) Iberian master race >Owns a horse farm that breeds stud horses >Pro…[View]
100659700>Vinicius at left wing and Mendy at left back >can't tell which is which in the final thi…[View]
100654762/seriea/ - OH NO NO Juvebros edition: Matchday 31 >Tuesday, 7th of July 19:30 Lecce 2 - 1 Lazio 2…[View]
100649868Is he the worst keeper in the premier league?[View]
100566881/trans/ Mou out Edition: Barcelona forward Antoine Griezmann's struggles at the club could give…[View]
100659610Post your kornheisers.[View]
100647588Should the colours of Brazil's football jersey be changed? >Adoption of football jersey by J…[View]
100659956>https://youtu.be/MYayZXqP5x0 do it mutts, get /ourguy/ in there.[View]
100659225What if MMA, but: -no weight categories -no mouth protection -no gloves -no illegal moves (other tha…[View]
100660055Why do you watch fake sports when you could watch the real thing?[View]
100659928Naruto=Ronaldo >early identified as a bit of a bellend >slowly becomes the best in the world …[View]
100654662I want to brutally slaughter every supporter of this club[View]
100642148Literally who can stop them?[View]
100659409This is a 10/10 meal in the NBA[View]
100659746i’m putting together a team[View]
100649177is there a curse about calling someone the new messi?[View]
100656155are they finally back ?[View]
100652774What does the average high school football team looks like in your country?[View]
100645750Are midfielders and defenders just failed forwards? I can't imagine any kid thinking >Wow, b…[View]
100656719heh... my boy jose... he just needs a little more time..[View]
100657185/heem/ - Recycled Edition: p>>100652798[View]
100658641you're not a big club in england if you aren't in the top10 of english international produ…[View]
100658405...Artest is in the stands![View]
100656007I was an athlete in the best shape of my life. Then Covid-19 nearly killed me. When I woke up, I was…[View]
100658018the goat?: why hasn't he played elsewhere?[View]
100656211Pats fans when Cam Newton throws his third pick.[View]
100656187>board filled with American sports threads can someone please remind me how many American sports …[View]
100654807are they, dare I say it, back?[View]
100657272Kevin De Groine[View]
100655791>dropping points to midtable shitters Fair enough they were away from home but still, drawing aga…[View]
100657548Why the mutt Mexican team looks more white than the French and American team?[View]
100648976Is he better than Girpoo?[View]
100657484>”it’s a men’s league”[View]
100656919>Canadians really think they have significant cultural differences with America…[View]
100657161First Covid Homer and Yankees news https://youtu.be/V_fThUQt25I[View]
100654795Why juventus has this trash coach?: Whats the reason to waste an amazing team and players with this …[View]
100654409>tactics are literally just cross to Vardy until he scores[View]
100656654How the FUCK does Bill O'Brien still have a job? Not only that, but he's gotten MORE power…[View]
100652948For the 5th season in a row, Aubameyang reaches 20 league goals.[View]
100533235eternal /trb/: Previously in /trb/: >>100426872 >Essential downloads: https://sortitoutsi.n…[View]
100652798/heem/: heem - eardrum strikes edition https://nextufc.com/ previous >>100647038[View]
100642685Oh God...why[View]
100547823/fpl/ - Fantasy Premier League: galaxy brain edition[View]
100653081When did you realize USA are the new Belgium?[View]
100656566Why yes I did name my daughter Olympia Lightning, how could you tell?[View]
100573066/nba/ - Thunder vs Raptors Championship Edition: SAC: Muscle Watch: The Marvin Bagley Edition NBA: N…[View]
100656403Literally /ourguy/[View]
100640550/nfl/ general - half a billion edition: KC: Mahomes receives $477M in 'guaranteed mechanisms…[View]
100655070Why does he only show up against 10 man Milan and Bologna sandwich?[View]
100649271Are you ready for Unlocked post Vamos Benzema?[View]
100653819was he in the right?[View]
100646497>Aston Villa Women sporting director Eni Aluko feels a target of 30 per cent of leadership roles …[View]
100654328>team starts losing >streamer gets mad and turns off the stream…[View]
100655328*scores against your team*[View]
100653042I fucking hate him. He's a good player but he coasts far too often throughout the season unless…[View]
100655260Here's a magic trick: I will now disappear Tsu![View]
100655189why wont they stop fucking with this old man and just let him retire in peace[View]
100646608If Man United sign Kane, they’ll win the league next season. You know it’s true[View]
100655097He's finished.[View]
100655085End of an era?![View]
100648253The semen slurping state of the Championship: what the fuck is their problem with broadcasting games…[View]
100655021we're still on bros[View]
100652138Are they back? Is Arteta a genius?[View]
100650654>man city are the true champio...[View]
100654705I fucking hate football.[View]
100653817heh... jlingz rocking that winning haircut...[View]
100651257GET IN HERE CHELSEA CHADS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUSqKe5JGk4[View]
100647816/CHAMP/ - MIDWEEK: Big massive huge games in the Championship this week. Pretty much everybody in th…[View]
100652010/seriea/ - RIP Ennio edition: Matchday 31 >Tuesday, 7th of July 19:30 Lecce 2 - 1 Lazio 21:45 AC …[View]
100626803/tugão/- For you edition: Gameweek 30: 03/07 >Santa Clara 0-1 Marítimo 04/07 >VFC 2-3 Paços de…[View]
100653936*scores from open play again*: How does he do it?[View]
100649165Since LA is being ravaged by COVID, are they getting pity championships like Boston, New York and Ne…[View]
100604150Eternal Arsenal Thread: Pascal Cygan edition[View]
100650673White Messi[View]
100641750Is Anthony Joshua a roadman?[View]
100653550>you now remember Del Piero Post athletes that were GOAT tier in their position yet are underappr…[View]
100650245I made a thread a few weeks ago detailing how, because Cristiano Ronaldo had essentially become the …[View]
100653359Say hello to your next GOAT.[View]
100652481For me, it's Viking FK[View]
100652189Here's your bright new english prospect, bro[View]
100650537ARSENAL v LEICESTER CITY: 8:15pm. ARS: Martinez; Mustafi, Luiz, Kolasinac; Bellerin, Ceballos, Xhaka…[View]
100653125'Come anon, we got enemies of America to destroy. You in?'[View]
100648694This is the official logo of the Kosovar cup.[View]
100647067/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Startup Penetration Edition: >Countdown to Austrian GP 2: E…[View]
100647038/heem/: p>>100637414[View]
100651938*scouts for cute boys to sign*[View]
100645540Now that the dust is settled, and Mahomes gets 510 mill for 10 years, what does Dak hold out for? Je…[View]
100652564Brave. Stunning. Powerful.[View]
100647763Do Germans really think their NT is good with those 3 bums?: Is that the best they can do? Overrated…[View]
100603996White to play and win: Still no takers?[View]
100648532Please watch our league next season[View]
100651106Why are Americans overrating this fraud ?[View]
100648211LEED: Leed[View]
100646989Relegation FCN-Ingolstadt: Official Matchthread for the first leg of the relegation from 2nd to 3rd …[View]
100651479in their last 5 matches, giroud scored 3 goals and Messi 1[View]
100651382/pulisic/ thread: Imagine never rating Pulingz in the first place, top fucking kek[View]
100640106Fox exec announces NASCAR viewership on their networks up 8 percent: Dying sport no more[View]
100651434Is he the ultimate American athlete?[View]
100645231/hoc/: fuck vegas edition[View]
100650124American Jesus Christ[View]
100650440Another week, another chance for you to apologize[View]
100651445How do they get back here?[View]
100651194Is he still good?[View]
100646616Will the Warriors return to their 2015-2019 dynasty status these next few seasons?[View]
100651258AND DON’T COME BACK[View]
100648631WATFORD v NORWICH: Yeah, this is on. 6:00pm. WAT: Foster; Femenia, Kabasele, Dawson, Masina; Capoue,…[View]
100650045CRYSTAL PALACE v CHELSEA: 1-2[View]
100650993Why does he need Neymar to perform?[View]
100622897/seriea/ - Summer Crisi edition: Matchday 30: >Saturday, 4th of July 17:15 Juventus - Torino 4-1 …[View]
100648439>the great debate Who is the biggest flop?[View]
100649997>works hard for the team >pulisic gets all the praises…[View]
100649807/weak mind/ general[View]
100647231Why was drogba considered the strongest player in the premier league? When he looked like that.[View]
100646307is he the worst manager outside the top 6?: >lost 9 to 0 > shithoused wins against sub-par tea…[View]
100646521Indian Super League: The Indian Super League has announced it will be reducing the cap for foreign p…[View]
100650052how do you say his name?[View]
100648471CRYSTAL PALACE v CHELSEA: 6:00pm kick-off. Woy v Fwank. CRY: Guaita; Ward, Dann, Cahill, Van Aanhol…[View]
100648127Bad pass is the reason why the Kardashians are famous: Actually 1968 Buffalo Bills and the game was …[View]
100631423Post professional athletes who are/were 100% doping. I'll start: >bolt >phelps >all ma…[View]
100649084What team is this? I don't quite recognize this strange kit[View]
100649623Is he /ourguy/ ????????????[View]
100646564What happened? Oil is crashing and he suddenly decided to pump money into Chelsea again?[View]
100649528Post a pic with more IQ than this, I dare you[View]
100649690*ahem*: Presenté sans dialogue[View]
100623463Redpill me on Real Madrid[View]
100645748Domestic National Teams: What would happen if national teams were only allowed to select players fro…[View]
100647166You get one superpower that you can use towards your sports career. What power do you choose?[View]
100649514>Is this even a championship or is it just who's the healthiest at the end? That's what…[View]
100639123Van Dijk can easily be the GOAT defender: What he needs to do?[View]
100632627Why do Europeans and Americans alike don't seem to understand this moment? What's so confu…[View]
100646244Jermaine Pennant: You now remember Jermaine Pennant.[View]
100649069Thoughts on Seung Woo Lee?: the ''new messi''[View]
100647968Someone, please help us. We were supposed to be the chosen ones.[View]
100649051>muh big brained regista, you just don't underst... BTFO[View]
100648922Patrick Mahomes top moments https://youtu.be/uzuiegtpL38[View]
100646642Imagine being Canadian: >Cold >Discount USA >Shit at Olympics >Shit at Football >Your…[View]
100640538Why's this guy seemingly so forgotten nowadays?[View]
100637821Will they ever come back to the PL?[View]
100648505Manure BTFO[View]
100645312one havertz please[View]
100647286genuine question: why are blacks so good at sports?(mj, pele, barry bonds, muhammad ali, jesse owens…[View]
100630938Why has Klopp never appeared on the sidelines in jeans, since he came to manage in England? What is …[View]
100648006Is he the whitest Brazilian player?[View]
100641262ITT: Dead Careers[View]
100643338Why did anyone think that it was a good idea for the PL clubs to favour EU players over players from…[View]
100646370Top 4 Race: Alright /sp/ which two out of these four are making it into the top 4? https://www.straw…[View]
100641539How will Messoy recover?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09PEs0Z40MQ[View]
100645930Can Russia do better than World Cup 2018?[View]
100647389Th greatest ever EPL side: THE RESULTS ARE IN /sp/ergs voted in a poll conducted by me, the topic at…[View]
100645985Romulus & Remus[View]
100607496Itt: post players that are the usual stereotype of his country. Post the most japanese-looking Japan…[View]
100647489What is your most hated team in the world? A team you would do literally anything to see dissolved. …[View]
100647592/ourguy/ Jr Smith is ready to ruin lelbron legacy: Based inside jobber Jr Smith will provoke another…[View]
100646630Did you say... finished?[View]
100647396What’re you doing with YOUR life, /sp/?[View]
100646498>2020 >i am forgotten[View]
100640904>Highest paid Athlete in sports history What are Soccer ahem im sorry 'Football' players even doi…[View]
100642316/nrl/: TEAM LIST TUESDAY[View]
100646254>some guy said the n word at a non-league match a year ago >caused the player to have severe m…[View]
100647142and to think he wasn't even in his peak here jesus, barcelona games were had so much fun, so mu…[View]
100643292>STOP HAVING FUN!!![View]
100626329>ITT your dream 3 man pitching rotation and 1 closer 1. Phil Niekro 2. Randy Johnson 3. Roy Oswal…[View]
100640604How mad will Brazil be if he qualifies for 2021?[View]
100637906/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Extended Calendar Edition: >Countdown to Austrian GP 2: Ele…[View]
100637414/heem/- 'rona edition: https://nextufc.com/ previous >>100633090[View]
100645883*wins euro 2008*[View]
100638769I'm biased guys?[View]
100634574> finish 5th > Scum fans start with the insufferable 'we're back' > City UCL ban over…[View]
100646666Is it true that every country that follows association football outside England has no sporting cult…[View]
100646602Favorite Sports shows: For me it's Nepotism and Wingo[View]
100635432*buys for $924 millions of players since he took the liverpool job*[View]
100644206What's going through her mind right now? She's gonna get at least half of that $500mil if …[View]
100646480How is our quirky journo doing nowadays? Last time I heard about him, he was doing some unwatchable …[View]
100637683Badges that scream lower league side[View]
100639775What if your team signed Guendouzi?[View]
100632307Is Kabaddi a sport?[View]
100646410what was happening here[View]
100635718Duncan was better than Kobe, Kobe just got more hype because he played for the Lakers, and also beca…[View]
100646120Meet Benoit Paire, the most autistic Tennisman in the world: The most based retard frenchman of all …[View]
100631124What was the point of this? >Marketing and jersey sales It's not like RM didn't do enou…[View]
100640488>crystal palace >based in the blackest and most ethnic part of london >watch crystal palace…[View]
100646140Will Wigan Wiggle their way out of this?[View]
100645839Patson Daka: What's next for the future GOAT? I'm sure he'd tear bundesliga with 23+ …[View]
100631292explain this, euros[View]
100635108Heidenheim - Werder Bremen Relegation Final: 20.30 lets do this Werderbros[View]
100645465Wow, its so big: Should league seasons be viewed as simple sections, with end of season overall lead…[View]
100632536ITT: players nobody wants to admit were shit[View]
100643845Is he dare I say /ourguy/?[View]
100638568Get in here Bremen bros[View]
100645655Will he replace Kane as England's main striker for next years Euros?[View]
100645258Why is he incapable of scoring from open play?[View]
100605265/sp/ Summer 2020 Roster poll thread: Summer 20 starts on July 17th, 3 stars on the shirt soon Rememb…[View]
100644765Should Ole get punished for tapping up? Also why buy Ake?[View]
100645446Who is the Jannetty?[View]
100643129what sport is the easiest and most fun to play casually when you're unfit?[View]
100614876/League of Ireland/: How do we fix this shit?[View]
100639472What do you think of Harry Kane?[View]
100633979Will USA be a top nation of football (soccer) soon?: They can, and is not as dangerous as the nfl fo…[View]
100644663I'm bloody buggered, Robbo[View]
100644635According to Wikipedia Messi has 727 official goals but everyone is talking about how he just scored…[View]
100644569>Why yes, I think Messi is better than Ronaldo. How could you tell?[View]
100628899One thing that's confused me about American sports ever since I moved here a year ago is how un…[View]
100638570>eliminated because of away goal rule >no fucking fans at the stadium Poor club…[View]
100641004Based football ads: Post them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TL4LEfRr1TI[View]
100639227Has there ever been a more depressing, mediocre club? They literally never do anything of note. Just…[View]
100642585Patrick Mahomes breaks the nfl https://youtu.be/Zanft4UtZrg[View]
100644404> Biggest contract in sports history 'Better let a jew get rich off of it by posting tweets'…[View]
100639705I present the new confederate flag[View]
100635615Is getting foul'd part of his plans?[View]
100631563realistically what sport if i (18) dedicated my life to right now could i win an olympic gold medal[View]
100642908/heem/: burger edition https://nextufc.com/ previous >>100641044[View]
100639373/hax/: https://www.haxball.com/play?c=R2alD20mM4o Join lads[View]
100640854is it actually this hard to get into the NBA?[View]
100642883What position does he play, r/nba?[View]
100641641Why is /sp/ handling his decline poorly?[View]
100641044/heem/: perreira edition https://nextufc.com/ previous >>100637414[View]
100641923What the fuck is their problem?: https://www.sporting.pt/pt/noticias/clube/comunicados/2020-07-06/co…[View]
100636550>mahomes >10 years a slave[View]
100641368>anus farti[View]
100638280>Simeone: 'VAR is fair with everyone. If Real Madrid get more penalties it’s because they attack …[View]
100640958Why was there never a succesful F1 driver? Do they even know how to turn right? Jokes aside they don…[View]
100642452Post your favorite Jew sports star: for me, it's Shahar (the former wrestler)[View]
100642428OFFICIAL Lil Wyte Album Power Rankings: 1. Still Doubted? 2. Lil Wyte (2018) 3. Doubt Me Now 4. Phin…[View]
100642259If cancer was a person it'd probably be Pic related[View]
100634042EFL LEAGUE ONE PLAYOFFS: Who will be playing at Wembley next Monday for the chance to make it to the…[View]
100626425Is he the most famous American athlete of this generation?[View]
100641860Why are there so few black catchers? Can't remember one in the majors since Johnson[View]
100638363UCL(*): Place your bets https://youtu.be/9PFmxnMNOSo?t=656[View]
100633499Herr Kloppo: >He hasn't bought the limited edition Klopp Erdinger yet How can one man be so …[View]
100641443What did the British Media mean by this?[View]
100641771i made it[View]
100634947>you now remember Barca having UNICEF on their jersey, rejecting kit sponsors and acting morally …[View]
100632542ITT: Post a team's most SOULful kit: Pic related is peak ChelSOUL[View]
100640456What is his potential?[View]
100622594They will finish their careers as #1 and #2, despite neither being pure strikers. Jokes aside, we ac…[View]
100638887Tick tock, soccerfags[View]
100600714You Zoomers will never realize how BIG Brazil was: Between mid-late 90s to 2010, Brazil was literall…[View]
100626660le freekick once in a while man[View]
100623629Has there ever been a more decisive, clutch and versatile centre back? By the end of his career he m…[View]
100640662In Republican Trump América, Black Player claims he victim of racism and kneels in protest In Democr…[View]
100644050/Heem/: bjpenn.com[View]
100606413/nfl/ FREEDOM edition: NFL: NFLPA proposes 80-man rosters for training camp DET: D'Andre Swift …[View]
100640110>go to school in norf >one black kid in the class >he supports arsenal…[View]
100637517Have you watched a game of Turkish Wrestling?[View]
100637388CHELSEA 2000/01: Actually gonna coom[View]
100639204Why did he suck the soul out of the Tottenham squad?[View]
100634347TITO NO![View]
100632884Neymar is better than Ronaldinho: Change my mind[View]
100639392>got himself bombed out at Arsenal What the fuck is this guy's problem?…[View]
100633203era penal: The number of penalties I see are getting ridiculous, most are not even a clear foul. Pen…[View]
100637029Patson Daka: What's next for the best young striker playing in Europe? Zambian goal machine is …[View]
100640059Do you get it yet? Everything you love in sport will be ripped apart in front of you.[View]
100622840>not even making the Europa League qualificiations in a league of 10 teams AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA…[View]
100639998>softball >balls are hard[View]
100639635>Spain dominates football for an entire decade >from winning the world cup and euros to Real m…[View]
100639971>scores the winning goal >makes the last save of the match after the goalkeeper got injured…[View]
100630601When did Brazil lose its SOUL?[View]
100639450BOSS...: ...I'm going to need a raise.[View]
100637794TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v EVERTON 2: 1-0[View]
100638982You can only post ITT if your favourite sport has resumed major competitions NOT SO FAST AMERICANS[View]
100639222How JUST are they right now?[View]
100639165sup /sp/: sometimes when i'm having trouble sleeping at night, i think about dave krieg waking …[View]
100634396Does the average American even know who he is?[View]
100632459You may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like[View]
100620698Because everything has to be about black people[View]
100638898Patrick Mahomes 10 year contract https://youtu.be/Zanft4UtZrg[View]
100637591ITT: Most soulful CFB rivalries[View]
100631925Who is better?[View]
100634103When is Zabit Magomedsharipov gonna fight again?[View]
100638579The last hope of the Norf[View]
100637839TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v EVERTON THREAD 2: 1-0. Pickford's still shit and Lloris is chimping out at …[View]
100633357/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Ancap Edition: >Countdown to Austrian GP 2: Electric Boogal…[View]
100635477TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR v EVERTON: Mourinho v Ancelotti. 8:00pm kick-off. TOT: Lloris, Aurier, Dier, Alder…[View]
100636953Roberto Di Matteo: Is he the final managerial trump card?[View]
100637408Heem: Bjpenn.com[View]
100633090/heem/: News: Masvidal is about to heem the Nebraskan boringfest. Masvidal and Izzy will be cover in…[View]
100629701Name a more iconic moment in /sp/ history[View]
100635253Most SOULful stadium in the premier league: Prove me wrong[View]
100626523>On your knees cracka[View]
100636708Who was in the wrong?: >I WANT TO GO HOME, LET ME OUT, I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! https://www.…[View]
100636319What went wrong?[View]
100635135Why Bahia?[View]
100636040Since their teams are playing against each other today, who's the better coach?[View]
100628446So how long are people just going to keep playing along with this?[View]
100636164Oh my god...it's gonna...cooom home...aauuugh...oh god it's coooming hooome auuuugha..... …[View]
100628189Why is he so shit now? He's only like 30 for fuck sake. Why can't he just hire a hypnotist…[View]
100633971In 2021, Lampard will become first English manager to win the PL.[View]
100629062Name a bigger manchild than DT: https://youtu.be/30rksyQixHw[View]
100605830Is it ever okay to bandwagon support a sports team? Even in circumstances like relocation?[View]
100631405Why didn't he just Uber?[View]

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