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108271599TONY THREAD BITCHES: #ChampSHitOnly NameOne Way Khabib Beats Tony[View]
108265322Hongcouver edition: The real pathetic franchise is Vancouver. >Cupless despite 50+ years of exis…[View]
108267916What do they do anymore?[View]
108265028he's going to win the ballon d'or this year, isn't he?[View]
108272089If this guy grew up playing handegg, he'd be the greatest QB of all time. He'd be like a …[View]
108272079do you think these things exist in real life? underground street tournaments where small time player…[View]
108267177He's a fortnite player now.[View]
108269581is it soulful for your club to have had points deducted because of a match fixing scandal?[View]
108269011What's the point of players protesting to the referee? They literally never change his decision[View]
108265541The Great Boomer vs Zoomer Debate.: Explain your choice. https://www.strawpoll.me/45254111 https://…[View]
108269291Why is Asspain so obsessed with Neymar?: All the news in pic related are on the front page of Sport …[View]
108152574/epl/ - Almost Over Edition: This weekend's Premier League fixtures: >Friday 7th May Leicest…[View]
108267277Why did NBA fashion go from cool rapper inspired fashion to gay twink hipster?[View]
108266871FULHAM v BURNLEY: A win for the Clarets at Craven Cottage and the 2020/21 Premier League relegation …[View]
108270410/box/: Previous >>108264640 >May 15th DAZN USA Sky Sports UK Joshua Buatsi vs Daniel Blenda…[View]
108267936/heem/: #thereapsurrection edition Wake up Jizzrag news at Anubis.com heemvious >>108264484…[View]
108270781Juventus died when they changed their logo to this abomination.[View]
108270603I'm thinking about hosting boxing tournaments. Anything I need to know?[View]
108257130Luka the Don general[View]
108270381you now remember Fabio Rochemback[View]
108270413We're rooting for them next season, right spee?[View]
108264640/box/ phenomenal athletes edition: Previous:>>108253033 >May 15th DAZN USA Sky Sports UK Jo…[View]
108269723On behalf of Ole, I accept.[View]
108268149Euro 2020: Discuss[View]
108253789How the fuck have the Cowboys managed to hang onto the 90s for 25 years?[View]
108269844Oi, why is this chap so rubbish /sp/?: Veul? He hasn't won a race in a century now mate, comple…[View]
108260591say something nice about englands new national shirt[View]
108267763Could they even beat Floyd under any circumstances?[View]
108260734We are going to destroy them.[View]
108269547Post your clubs 21-22 kits[View]
108265439>that grown man who brings a baseball glove to the stadium >the fan who tries to start the wav…[View]
108267305Who has the higher IQ?[View]
108207618/147/ - World Seniors Snooker Championship: Coverage of the 2021 World Seniors Snooker Championship …[View]
108269186>Well weve lost again lads but at least we can blast the tunes now[View]
108265556/f1/ Relentless Formula 1 General - Choosing What To Kneel For Edition: >Lap: #2424 >Countdown…[View]
108257478Serves him right.[View]
108260380could it be that his IQ isn't that high[View]
108269074What's he pointing at /sp/?[View]
108258045Imagine thinking Mbrapp will ever touch Henry in his prime[View]
108268079Explain Vieri's career to me[View]
108268898The return of the King.[View]
108264866Post your club legends: For us, it's Savio Nsereko.[View]
108268225Oh hey /sp/[View]
108264469Have you ever played a sport against someone who ended up becoming a professional?: How did it go? I…[View]
108262649Can we just dissolve this waste of space please?[View]
108262586Is Camavinga any good? Literally never heard of him before today but now apparently Real Madrid and …[View]
108262197OOOO EEEEE AAAAAA[View]
108267241Why did Juventus waste his career?[View]
108229266Soo now we got a caller.. uhh, anon from /sp/, go ahead anon[View]
108260347rppney: OH NO NO NO NO[View]
108264484/heem/: Dustallah Ibn’Poiriyah edition news at topdog.com jairheemsonaro.br heartletveira.taptostrik…[View]
108267920So is this guy a top-league level manager or not?[View]
108267699Will Mahrez get a Ballon d'Or if Man City wins the Champions League final?[View]
108251828Is an horse trainer a cheat?[View]
108262059RIP Deano >An ex-footballer, whose body has been found four days after he went missing, was a 'ge…[View]
108266224Rank: european countries by odds of winning the next Euro. You are not allowed to rank England first…[View]
108267376is there a co-relation between hair and sports performance?[View]
108262782What is it with brits and doping? Are any of their athletes actually clean? Running the exact same s…[View]
108265425Why won't they let him leave? He's taken them as far as they can go.[View]
108266474>4.23 40 >33 225 reps >11' 9 broad jump > 39' vertical 4 super bowls MINIMUM…[View]
108266825There are actually people who think Bolt wasn't doping[View]
108260605What went wrong with his career?[View]
108267086Tuchel: Keep that young man happy. First off, he's insanely talented. Second, don't let hi…[View]
108265568Clubs that everyone considers big but in reality are not[View]
108260210What was his problem?[View]
108265601Hey /sp/[View]
108261209Is there a player that is better physically all-rounded player than him? >fast >strong >tal…[View]
108258971vintage matches: now that the game is dead, have you been rewatching games from the 70s, 80s, 90s? w…[View]
108266102>rainy La Liga[View]
108254542Sheffield United's Oli McBurnie (allegedly) filmed beating up gobby teenagers on the street htt…[View]
108263933Why are you so mad about Lewis Hamilton?: Why can't you acknowledge that he's the goat of …[View]
108252171*wins copa america*[View]
108266096Dollarumma to Juventus, CONFIRMED: Thread about italian football, particularly aimed at that alban*g…[View]
108259130Kek: Countries that have won the Euros that no longer exist > Soviet Union > Czechoslovakia …[View]
108254967You now remember Massimo Ambrosini[View]
108257611Penaldobros...: WTF? He told me was going to come back better, faster and stronger, but he can'…[View]
108263719Imagine if Europeans cared about Handegg[View]
108253333What does he do?[View]
108258791I thought white people couldn't run fast?[View]
108264153(F)ernandes: >On Thursday, in a Europa League semi-final with Roma, Fernandes converted his 20th …[View]
108259344Is this the most powerful underrated duo ever?They literally won everything and keep performing ever…[View]
108265643>gets sent to serie b twice[View]
108251964>reddit hates him >/sp/ hates him The age of Punished Ronaldo has begun...…[View]
108257019/hoc/: yes[View]
108257155/hayne/: Get in here lads Discuss the rugby and NFL superstar ITT Latest /Hayne/ news: >Hayne str…[View]
108264917What's he up to these days?[View]
108262754The best Euro of all time[View]
108260418/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - If I Could Turn Back Time Edition: >Lap: #2423 >Countdow…[View]
108264546What are the students who tried to be the professional sports star but failed do: in your count?…[View]
108253033/box/ EBANIE BRIDGES EDITION: >>108245044 >May 15th DAZN USA Sky Sports UK Joshua Buatsi vs…[View]
108261264/heem/ - Biggest Heartlet Edition: Prev: >>108258068 NEWS: May 15...we find out![View]
108260721I don't watch the Italian league. Apparently Spurs want him. Someone tell me about him.[View]
108263827[spoiler]Alabama Wins it all again[/ spoiler][View]
108264298What’s next for Pirlo once he’s sacked?[View]
108263678Today: I shall remind them, just in case[View]
108263716OH NO NO ROONEYBROS...[View]
108263064Miss him so much[View]
108261981The future owner of Man United, do you like him?[View]
108243869/nfl/ general - Future HOFer Edition: FA: Richard Sherman in talks to return with 49ers PHI: Eagles …[View]
108264031Is there a Jim Cornette in your favorite sport?[View]
108239864problem, /sp/?[View]
108259893for me, its la liga the only exciting league left[View]
108263042>semen slurping I like this description very much[View]
108261025Who’s gonna be the one to break Devonta Smith in half?[View]
108251548What is his philosophy?[View]
108259483Why aren't you watching the greatest football cartoon in existence /sp/? https://www.youtube.co…[View]
108263589Mom's day[View]
108243712/cyc/ - Giro d'Italia stage 3: Giro d'Italia (2.UWT) Stage 3 Biella - Canale 190km Startli…[View]
108256243>Think, Leo! Barcelona has held you hostage! Kept you locked away and never let you travel the wo…[View]
108254175>6th golden boot in 5 years in 3 different leagues Who can stop her?[View]
108263264We've got to do something to actually help these boys ;_; it's fucking awful https://www.b…[View]
108262515>englel https://twitter.com/PokemonNewsUK/status/1391742780645519362…[View]
108262533On October 14, 2020, after a two-year hiatus during which Adu worked as a youth football coach in Ma…[View]
108256490Despite being the wire-to-wire #1 seed and going to (and winning) the Super Bowl, the 2009 Saints ar…[View]
108252260ITT: Minimalist badges[View]
108258624Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the faith.[View]
108248399How did Saunders Fucking lose!? He was outboxing Canelo the entire fight! I had Saunders winning eve…[View]
108256466So this guy was brought into Juventus to help them win the Champions league but instead are on the b…[View]
108259586Messi is GOAT.[View]
108256245Does your club have an American player?[View]
108261756Monza is /ourguys/ official team. What do you think about Silvio being back to Serie A in style?[View]
108262002Imagine if Avstralians cared about Soccer.....[View]
108259429? nope, all good here[View]
108261450Tactics in football: The manager of Brøndby IF, who beat the league leaders 3-1 last night used a ra…[View]
108259161is it time for Arsenal to go back to English?[View]
108245532Yao: How good was he?[View]
108249787/seriea/ - Freefall edition: >SERIE A - MATCHDAY 35 MAY 8TH 15:00 Spezia 1-4 Napoli 15:00 Udinese…[View]
108255355why don't you accept the 30 goals that I scored against the dockers' team in the port of S…[View]
108259228In retrospect, should the FA have hired Roberto Carlos for the NT job?[View]
108253779For me, it's the best team in the American National Football League, Washington Football Team™[View]
108255995>1 team wins 90% of all races >half of all teams can't even win a single point Who design…[View]
108249629Your honest opinion on CRIS PENALDO?[View]
108258068/reem/ formerly /heem/: heem all brazilians at all times[View]
108246412CHIRINGUITO: HOLY SHIT HAHAHHAH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WOE9DbZYtM[View]
108260166What are the haters going to do when Pep completes Citys set of trophies by adding the CL and they f…[View]
108228137Can any Brazilians describe to me what that night was like?[View]
108255549He doesn't seem so good to me anymore now that I realize the worst manager of all time rates hi…[View]
108260019is he the dark horse of PL keepers?[View]
108253196For me it's /semen/[View]
108259074Swedish basketball club Magic M7's legendary Earvin Johnson[View]
108260252Can he unjust himself? Atleti just need to win their remaining 3 games.[View]
108247292is it really justifiable for a professional fighter to quit because of such a minor injury?[View]
108253650/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Déjeuner à Monaco Edition: >Lap: #2422 >Countdown to Ple…[View]
108260138Karsten Warholm: Will he break the world record? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZV6hLxc_xco…[View]
108252776/cric/ - They're Home Safe Lads Edition: FIXTURES >2nd June 2021 10:00 pm England vs New Zea…[View]
108259056/afl/: anyone else like footy?[View]
108256447>watching sports >2021[View]
108258296>First and probably last Sammarinese to win the now known Champions League >First and probabl…[View]
108259487ITT post your favorite sports memes[View]
108175054/comfyrama/ /UE/ /ligue1/ - Ligue 1 Discussion éd. Derby du Nord: Ancien/Older: >>108102915 --…[View]
108251665Between Werner, Hazard, and Pirlo, who would you say was exposed as the biggest fraud this year: Fee…[View]
108259282Bob 'The Cheater' Baffert: https://www.bloodhorse.com/horse-racing/articles/250027/medina-spirit-tes…[View]
108257850why does Hamilton win every race[View]
108251495Just had my tickets to Finland-Denmark at the Euros refunded: Might as well KYS myself now. Possibly…[View]
108259155Mr Europa League: what do you mean we can't play fc pizzaarelli every week?[View]
108243875/golf/: Happy Sunday from Quail Hollow, leaders tee off in about 30 mins On Golf Channel now until 2…[View]
108211858/nrl/ - Rugby League general: Always Kicks The Field Goal edition >GAME 1 Manly-Warringah Sea Eag…[View]
108258413He’s borderline retarded, isn’t he?[View]
108213396Eternal Arsenal Thread[View]
108258606>accidentally brings man united back who the f can stop him next year after he gets harry kane in…[View]
108256920What team will he collapse next?[View]
108253163Welcome to Tigres Cristiano[View]
108254994Why is it so easy to manage in England?[View]
108230319If they fight today who wins?[View]
108257410Imagine if Brazilians cared about Soccer.....[View]
108257557>my work here is done[View]
108255684/heem/: /heem/ bjpenn.com famousburger.com.br >>108246504[View]
108252338Is this the end?[View]
108252008>The EPL is soulle...[View]
108257776LET'S GET THIS SHIT STARTED >suns[View]
108252460LOOK AT THESE DUDES[View]
108254790>dared to be great >gets exposed or >stays in comfort zone >gets exposed which one is wo…[View]
1082565192020-2021 Nerman season >25 games (league + ucl) >9 losses >2 draws >14 goals (5 penalti…[View]
108257619*WINS COPA AMERICA 2024*[View]
108250583*pockets ronaldo*[View]
108225293/mlb/: BOS:Bogaerts goes 3-for-4 with two-run homer vs. O's TEX:Gallo homers twice in wild vict…[View]
1082574522021 NCAA Men's Lacrosse Tournament: Bracket is in. Rutgers and Loyola both selected.[View]
108257332Is he overrated?[View]
108211632>their best football player plays for German club Is there more cucked country than Poland?…[View]
108248956wait what this is real? I thought this was some new mls logo or something. what were they thinking?[View]
108245026Chicago white sox vs Kansas city roylels: HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY EDITION CWS SP: Lucas Giolito RHP …[View]
108246551/nba/ general - Stop it edition: News: GSW - Steph puts up 49 in three quarters WAS - Westbrook ties…[View]
108254907Imagine if Americans cared about soccer, they would dominate with their superior genetics.[View]
108256404* wins america's cup*[View]
108255154Picture that ends every Ronaldo/Mesi debate[View]
108248504>get promoted >be shit >get relegated >collect parachute money >get promoted again …[View]
108256331Why did the Bulls get a 30 year old slavic dude when they're rebuilding[View]
108252185BREAKING NEWS[View]
108246504/heem/ no defense edition[View]
108255968Roma Roma Roma. Core de 'sta città: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=214DjEBtKlE We are back boys…[View]
108253826Sunday Night Baseball Thread: Philadelphia Phillies vs Atlanta Braves Just started.[View]
108207161/copalib/ - reject modernity edition: This weekend > 8/5 Ceara (1)-(0) Bahia (Copa do Nordeste fi…[View]
108253390What do you call this move in Uruguay?[View]
108255203Messoi x Penaldo weekend update[View]
108255892Yiiiiiii yabadaba soooo dundundundun: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=E1AWN-ZqGGQ[View]
108255223>levante next week!!![View]
108247706Why is there anti-Ronaldo VAR agenda against him? He got plenty of goals disallowed for no reason, e…[View]
108253417Bros how could this happen to the GOAT?[View]
108250267Can someone explain to me how do you have the top scorer of the league in your team but still manage…[View]
108250502When will big clubs stop falling for the 0 experience manager meme?[View]
108250043What does he do again?[View]
108253722>last game of the season >eibar[View]
108249741*ruins your sport*[View]
108251801>why can't we play FC Grazzie Ragazza every week?[View]
108247990Dodgers @ Angels Gamethread: Bauer vs Quintana 1:07pm first pitch >doyers 1. Mookie Betts (R) CF …[View]
108247685How will he fair in the Europa League next year?[View]
108254355He is going to DESTROY Europa League[View]
108104321/bet/: tourist mug edition previous- >>107973824[View]
108254103who mogs?[View]
108253814Why is nobody talking about this?[View]
108250123/TurnLeft/:Goodyear 400 at Darlington: >First Stage winner: Truex…[View]
108232889Valencia fans protesting Peter Lim.[View]
108247935This happened[View]
108253094>teams have like 5 kits these days (including Michael Jordan £500 limited edition) >these two …[View]
108250236Juve bros...[View]
108247912/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Another Vivien Edition: >Lap: #2421 >Countdown to Pleb F…[View]
108244823/hoc/: hoc is love hoc is life but hoc is not for everyone[View]
108246525/heem/: /heem/ FUCK COMMUNISM edition >>108236194 previous[View]
108251018MATCH OF THE DAY 2 THREAD: MOTD2 starts in 20 minutes on BBC One. >Running order: ARS/WBA, AST/MN…[View]
108251236Borna Sosa CAN'T play for Germany!: Because of the Swiss national team, UEFA and FIFA have tigh…[View]
108219125Is Tom Brady the biggest fraud of all time?[View]
108235557Comfy Klassieker thread: Come in, vrienden[View]
108248349ITT Refballing clubs[View]
108249936Welcome to...[View]
108238406Name one sport more boring than pic related[View]
108252050>die fünfte >die sechste >n'est pas des grands equipes >europa league!!!…[View]
108251810Burak Yilmaz: Why doesn’t he get recognition outside France? Like none at all. Is it because he’s Tu…[View]
108245044/box/ Ring was Too Small Edition: Previous >>108233602 >May 15th DAZN USA Sky Sports UK Jos…[View]
108239521/fpl/ Fantasy Premier League: Fernandes (C) edition[View]
108237479One of the biggest clubs in the world. Here's why... 1) We created the english football league …[View]
108237177Can we do it? >60 injuries in one season[View]
108244434Pittsburgh Pirates @ Chicago Cubs Official Gamethread: >Pittsburgh Pirates Tyler Anderson (L) No …[View]
108251279>Wasted his last years in comical amatuerish project[View]
108251195>tfw you've been here long enough to remember when we used to be a Ronaldo board…[View]
108250011What the fuck was their problem?pp[View]
108249646>Ronaldo will be playing in Europa[View]
108210891Why? Fucking why?[View]
108251063Why will the Blundershitliga be the only top 5 league without a different winner?[View]
108223529But /sp/ told me black goalkeepers are never good....[View]
108241147/TurnLeft/:Goodyear 400 at Darlington: >Darlington Raceway 3:30pm/et, Sunday, May 9 Green flag: 3…[View]
108244673German international, Matt Hummels[View]
108248823Me cago en Dios se nos escapa la Liga, como copeamos Real chads?[View]
108250088DERBY POINTS DEDUCTION INCOMING: >Hours after securing their Championship status in a nerve-shred…[View]
108231682>”my mate actually plays for Blackpool. Well, he’s had his trials and is waiting to hear back, bu…[View]
108249979S: hahahahahhahahha[View]
108246455? seems okay to me.[View]
108236515>Pompey bottled the playoffs AGAIN How the fuck do we fix this team?[View]
108242052Welcome to PSG[View]
108248611There is no way fucking Seville will overtake Real in the league table right?[View]
108245224Save it quick[View]
108211703/nfl/ general - Still Offseason Edition: FA: Richard Sherman in talks to return with 49ers PHI: Eagl…[View]
108247466Real vs Sevilla match thread? 0-1[View]
108248059>Tyroneball, Boringball and Handegg: Why?? Just kick the ball and the world will love you[View]
108245360/seriea/ - Killer of Serie A edition: >SERIE A - MATCHDAY 35 MAY 8TH 15:00 Spezia 1-4 Napoli 15:0…[View]
108249581>Do you know why the yankees always win, frank? Uh...they don't?[View]
108247642>*wins lel liga in your path* nothing personnel kid[View]
108249486Let's get this shit started >Pirlo[View]
108243311Why don’t Premier League and Scottish League merge to become the UK super league?[View]
108244648>Bruno Fernandes (p)[View]
108241548>As happy as I am to see two English teams in the Champions League final - let's not pretend…[View]
108238480concepts: what's your favourite badge concept? doesn't have to be from dank norris obv but…[View]
108248114RELEGATED AGAIN[View]
108235747how good was guardiola's barca?: >be man united >play a solid game >still get absolute…[View]
108245340Hard work: >Hard work >Hard work >Hard work >Hard work >Hard work >Hard work >H…[View]
108248549Post YFW: /sp/erges actually though Bayern, PSG and Barca/Real would not win their leagues. Seems li…[View]
108245666How would Conte fair as United coach given that he manage to unlock every single reject.[View]
108246168WE. ARE. BACK.[View]
108248200Where is he going next?[View]
108243986How many?[View]
108209202Will they choke the final?[View]
108243973ARSENAL v WEST BROMWICH ALBION: If West Brom don't win at the Emirates, they are relegated: off…[View]
108246442OH NO NO NO BOG SIM: >le 'never gets relegated' man >gets relegated…[View]
108230196How do we make boxing more entertaining?[View]
108233477For some reason Germans are brainwashed that this is a good thing because this is 'good for the nati…[View]
108242501>The Bundesliga isnt entertaining[View]
108247774>clinch CL spot for his team[View]
108247421>not into UFC at all >friend tells me the first few had no rules and were brutal >go and wa…[View]
108243616/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Suicide Hotline Edition: >Lap: #2420 >Countdown to Pleb …[View]
108247695TSUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU: Juve 0-1 Milan[View]
108246841>press button to win[View]
108247371Any hope they will take off?[View]
108246893They hate him cause they ain't him Name a better mascot. Protip: you can't[View]
108247232Boomers are crying in my country through social media because ESPN is showing Zverev Berrettini inst…[View]
108245686I hope he gets KO’d as unlikely as that seems. He’s terrible human being imagine siding with this se…[View]
108246835https://youtu.be/VKNasCG04dA RCF v Switzerland - Gold Medals - LGT World Women's Curling Champi…[View]
108187311>NBA is universally considered the most athletic American sport >This year's MVP will be …[View]
108242419He should win a ballon d'or[View]
108243266The NBA is a Balkan man's sport now[View]
108236194/heem/: Previous: >>108227745 >Khabib suggests Islam Makhachev vs Gregor Gillespie https://…[View]
108243075Premier League XI of the Season: Literally try and dispute this https://tiermaker.com/create/premier…[View]
108239733what the fuck happened here?[View]
108242595If they fight today who wins?[View]
108244796>does nothing Why Spanish media hypes every La Masia player. They haven’t prosecuted shit after X…[View]
108244386JLingz bros... what went wrong?[View]
108233787EFL LEAGUE ONE FINAL DAY MATCH THREAD: The final 12 EFL regular season fixtures will be played this …[View]
108245393/seriea/ - Levitating edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUVcZfQe-Kw >SERIE A - MATCHDAY 35…[View]
108222637/nba/ general ~ sage edition: news https://www.hoopsrumors.com/ previous >>108191835[View]
108242561/Eliteserien/ AKA Watch our league: The greatest league in the world starts tonight. If you enjoy hi…[View]
108231582Why do you gamble on sports?[View]
108235046>Here's your Tuchel upgrade bro[View]
108245677Undefeated on the biggest stage: GOATs[View]
108244147>man like greslish looking likkle peng jheez When will he return?[View]
108224276*solves boxing*[View]
108245070Villareal is having a meltdown.[View]
108244299Sunday Wells Fargo Championship Thread: Can Rory win it? Coverage on Golf Channel now, CBS later.…[View]
108244039Whether Lille fags like it or not, pic related is going to inevitably happen. There will be a slip.[View]
108242320How does she do it?[View]
108243866Another American Phenom[View]
108239274(F)ernandes: How does he do it lads?[View]
108205098/seriea/ - Gol di Gagliardini edition: >SERIE A - MATCHDAY 35 MAY 8TH 15:00 Spezia 1 - 4 Napoli 1…[View]
108233666/wsl/ /wundes/ /wwg/: Today is the day for women's football as we're gonna see important p…[View]
108240305WEST HAM UNITED v EVERTON: Can the Hammers continue their CL push or will the Toffees halt it? 4:30p…[View]
108230352I'm seeing more diversity in the NBA lately in the form of white players. Is the NBA becoming p…[View]
108244483What do you call this pose?[View]
108189221Idc what anyone says, baseball is kino[View]
108242534>Ramadan Horse >Dopes during Ramadan[View]
108244359any spain bros care to explain??: any spain bros care to explain??? what happened here???[View]
108244828/hoc/:: Mother's Day edition[View]
108232145/afl/ - Bane v Fred edition: Bulldogs v Carlton - HAPPENING NOW Brisbane v Fremantle - HAPPENING NOW…[View]
108231938/hoc/: bonaqua[View]
108233602/box/ The British bums edition: Previous >>108230407 >May 15th DAZN USA Sky Sports UK Joshu…[View]
108243245Post your clubs 21-22 kits And rate pghes[View]
108218529Why do the portuguese run the world of sports?[View]
108244364For me It’s Boris Bandov[View]
108233174it's 2012 all over again chelsea bros[View]
108239785Amxbros.....It's not happening[View]
108243848Bayern Munich: In all seriousness, it has gotten to the point now where it’s just utterly ridiculous…[View]
108241507So, how many more weeks will Ole keep the job now? Surely he bought himself at least 2 more weeks, r…[View]
108243885>I am crying tears of joy rn. I was wrongfully sentenced to death. They took me to prison to wait…[View]
108244048>Bruno Fernandes (p)[View]
108241138why do these keks have a ship on their logo? Manchester is a landlocked city[View]
108242553Penalties? They should count double[View]
108241104Low IQ no.10: >Runs fast >Shoots wildly >Runs fast >Crosses wildly >1/10 shots goe…[View]
108243936After last night, its decided that boxing is the most boring garbage on earth.[View]
108241308Get this man to sign a contract. Give him Maguire's wages. He deserves the best contract possib…[View]
108228164>yfw the semen slurping spectacle of >boxing[View]
108243399He thought that Saunders would beat Canelo: Is this a big story loss or what?[View]
108233848WOLVERHAMPTON WANDERERS v BRIGHTON & HOVE ALBION: Could the Seagulls secure their PL status for …[View]
108238617Werner with another assist to beat ManCity: Pulisic De Bruyne Havertz How does the Bundesliga produc…[View]
108241667/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Edd Straw, The Semen Slurp Edition: >Lap: #2419 >Countdo…[View]
108231342>That was an episode of Bundesliga, /sp/. They show you who the winner is at the beginning of eac…[View]
108243247For me, it's the Totti family[View]
108233627Bubba gonna beat him: sweethands will beat cinnamon man[View]
108242950Could city or chelsea beat blooming in the altitude of la paz?[View]
108236342Which smaller league should i watch. I watched EPL since childhood but im getting tired of it. Im c…[View]
108236232/heem/: Lets go Do Bronx edition[View]
108228053The Irish man defeats the britbong[View]
108235080ASTON VILLA vs MANCHESTER UNITED | MATCH THREAD: Kick Off 14:05 BST >Martinez, Cash, Konsa, Mings…[View]
108236264/heem/: Do Bronx edition Previous: >>108227745[View]
108240015>Bruno Fernandes (P)[View]
108232604how can one man cost his team so much every year[View]
108241802it's over miedemabros[View]
108242168Bald Slip: >MU will win until the end, Citeh will lose until the end Will they?…[View]
108240323/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Post Race Edition: >Lap: #2418 >Countdown to Monaco GP: …[View]
108240696Hamilton, I kneel before you[View]
108238782>canadian drivers[View]
108239294Bruno Fernandes (P)[View]
108235207Remember me?[View]
10823800527 years later, I still rejoice[View]
108240558Is conceding a goal part of his tactics?[View]
108237998you now remember the 7-1 squad[View]
108240235Tottenham Hotspur: Are they a big club?[View]
108236097For me, it's Oxford United.[View]
108224359Same league CL finals are the most boring shit The bigger team will always win It will be no differe…[View]
108239939>Bruno Fernandes (P)[View]
108231633TIL Luis Suarez and Thierry Henry are the only players to win the Golden Boot without scoring a pena…[View]
108238347americans are getting out-cowboy'd by us[View]
108239491Why can't they win games without refball?[View]
108204707/bundes/: *Herzlichen Glückwunsch FCB !!! Aber kleiner Beigeschmack : Wenn man sieht wie ihr jubelt,…[View]
108210965If Chelsea wins the CL and France the Euros he unironically deserves to win the Ballon D'or[View]
108203698/cyc/ - Giro d'Italia stage 2: Giro d'Italia (2.UWT) Stage 2 Stupinigi - Novara 179 km Sta…[View]
108233675Welcome to ______[View]
108236048/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Gran Premio De España MEGATHREAD™ #1: >Lap: #2416 >Count…[View]
108235658Can't hear you /sp/tards. I warned you but you didn't listen, Vlahovic is the hottest youn…[View]
108232910Which of these 2 would you rather have in your team?[View]
108231624ITT Pleb filter players: Post pleb filter players[View]
108230416>gotcha hat >GOTCHA HAT ANON how do you respond?…[View]
108222888José Adílson Rodrigues dos Santos is a retired Brazilian heavyweight boxer. His nickname in Brazil, …[View]
108236049/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - CodComedyTJ Edition: RACE THREAD >Lap: #2416 >Countdown …[View]
108231748Oscar Schmidt is the only Tyroneball player that is in the Hall of Fame without having played in the…[View]
108173198post ultra rare photos of famous footballers bonus points if they make me laugh.[View]
108227745/heem/ - boxing is dead edition[View]
108234829/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Pre-Race Edition: >Lap: #2415 >Countdown to Siesta GP: w…[View]
108223830just had 8 pints of magners, a bottle of tesco vodka and a large portion of cheesy chips with extra …[View]
108234244I made a /sp/ meme. Im sorry.[View]
108233029I can't hear you[View]
108235228He's a genius: The only reason people will even question it is because he's black >Blac…[View]
108232343>nearly perfect in cup finals >constantly winning trophies >lulls the rentboys into false c…[View]
108235214What are some examples of players getting what they deserve?[View]
108229836Why do you refuse to rate him?[View]
108234772Where are all the threads laughing at me today /sp/? I can't see any[View]
108225053England has no idea what's coming. Do they?[View]
108232206/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Siesta GP Sunday Wake Up Edition: >Lap: #2414 >Countdown…[View]
108234609He's back baby <3[View]
108221355Sweden - Russia semi final https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmWY9PzV6h4&list=PL_Fr_yXnOHvhSaeiIri…[View]
108233392Kobe Bryant: admit it, he was the most kino apehood basketball player ever, and i don't even li…[View]
108221546Sweden: is good at hockey.[View]
108233132/pickle/ - The Pickleball General: /tennis/ is dead Long live pickleball Picklechads... assemble!…[View]
108209012What if City chokes the title away. It’s still statistically possible[View]
108230407/box/ - REMATCH WHEN? edition: Previous >>108228188 >May 15th DAZN USA Sky Sports UK Joshua…[View]
108231405do you need some talent to play this or just to be a freak of nature with blood full of roide?[View]
108231134He's just not that good: >Robbery vs Lara >Robbery vs GGG 1 >Outboxed by shot Kovalev …[View]
108233676Are you looking forward to the Olympics /sp/?[View]
108231855Breaking: messi has won the champions league and the la liga[View]
108225907ITT: Post poorly aged sport images[View]
108233320Does he have a lot of Andean ancestry? He looks more Peruvian to me than a regular Argentinian[View]
108227300Canelo vs Saunders fight thread #5: Official thread K-Poop not allowed[View]
108233184what can Pep Guardiola even do against Tactics Tuchel?[View]
108171249/cric/: Village cricket edition[View]
108223954UFC GAMETHREAD #8: Rodriguez vs. Waterson[View]
108228472Thus guy's fights are faker than WWE[View]
108215409*wins the double*[View]
108221951/afl/ - SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY edition: Today's games: Hawthorn Hawks v IGGS @ the MCG - 1:10pm A…[View]
108228211MUH GYPSY MAGIC LOL[View]
108227817>AND STILL... KEK[View]
108226285/hoc/: r.i.p. Don[View]
108221459For me it's Minn United[View]
108217569/ligamx/: Playoffs Saturday Atlas 0-0 Tigres ‘6 Santos vs Queretaro 21:15 Sunday Leon vs Toluca 1…[View]
108214590/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Reutemann Edition: >Lap: #2413 >Countdown to Siesta GP: …[View]
1082223511 - Ayrton Senna 2- Ronaldinho 3 - Giba (Gilberto Godoy) 4 - Fatnaldo (Ronaldo Nazario) 5 - Oscar Sc…[View]
108229913Now that the dust has settled, can we agree this is the only fight to make. >Biggest Fight In Com…[View]
108218730Dodgers @ Angels Gamethread: Kershaw vs Bundy 6:07pm first pitch >doyers 1. Mookie Betts (R) RF 2…[View]
108229218Boxing fans, explain yourselves: >40 minute walkout >Canelo having a close fight vs some rando…[View]
108228241Is boxing the most boring combat sport in current year? Imagine paying for that, a non-ppv UFC event…[View]
108230466/box/ - The missing compilation edition: Last >>108228188 >May 15th DAZN USA Sky Sports UK …[View]
108228188/box/ - Leave Saul To Me: Previous >>108224870 >May 8th DAZN USA UK Söyl 'Clenelo…[View]
108229794Nuggets have huge blown leads in the last 2 games: Although without tons of starters, the nuggets st…[View]
108230033So women are tougher than boxers?[View]
108205390how does he do it?[View]
108226370Who should be our 2 starting CB on Copa America?? Diego Carlos (Sevilla) Marquinhos (PSG) Felipe (At…[View]
108227038Post your club kis for 21-22 season[View]
108225349City will win the UCL final against Chelsea[View]
108227250Should this be considered an attempted genocide by the Texas authorities[View]
108228926What are some braindead athletes?[View]
108229315CANELO WON!!!!![View]
108225746Canelod dead: Canelo's aura is off. He's gonna lose. I'm sorry[View]
108228630Mcgregor, Mistavel, Saunders. The robe is cursed.[View]
108227772>>>/gif/19809548 >this is the video that started a chain of events that put Leicester Ci…[View]
108227192Canelo vs Saunders FIGHT THREAD #5: AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas 70,000+ fans in attendance.…[View]
108224969/box/ - motivated edition: >>108216423 >May 8th DAZN USA UK Canelo Alvarez vs. Billy Hoe Sa…[View]
108227994You can take the britbum out of britain, but you can never take britbum out from the brit[View]
108224870/box/ - GYPSY MAGIC edition: Previous >>108216423 >May 8th DAZN USA UK Söyl 'Clenelo…[View]
108223926/Heem/ - Box edition[View]
108209252Which of one of these is the SUPERIOR spread for toast before Saturday footy?[View]
108225992Canelo vs Saunders FIGHT THREAD #4: AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas 70,000+ fans in attendance.…[View]
108226331/hoc/ Bulju dominance: McDavid 100 points watch[View]
108207370Tick Tock Euros[View]
108207327/cfb/ - College Football general, Golfing Saban edition: Tune into this Delaware/SDSU game, SDSU is …[View]
108215349>American Athletes[View]
108220492/hoc/: send our Canesies :) your energy[View]
108222847We got too cocky, cowboybros...[View]
108222972Canelo vs Saunders FIGHT THREAD #3: AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas 70,000+ fans in attendance.…[View]
108225072/Our Guy/: Does he have a chance against Canelo? >A video of Saunders in his Rolls-Royce taunting…[View]
108225757>Alex Cora was involved in the Astros sign stealing scandal >he's manager for the red sox…[View]
108190747/mlb/: OAK: Manaea takes no-hitter into eighth versus Rays STL: Flaherty throws seven scoreless, hit…[View]
108216423/box/ - Lone Star Showdown edition: Previous >>108211597 >May 8th DAZN USA UK Canelo Alvare…[View]
108222817Canelo vs Saunders FIGHT THREAD #3: AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas 70,000+ fans in attendance.…[View]
108224117Bo Jackson: He is the greatest athlete of all time. Nobody else has ever been a top tier player in t…[View]
108196589Imagine if americans cared about soccer........................................................[View]
108213074>chokes at the end of literally every single season what's his problem?…[View]
108223936>Canelo Álvarez >Canelo >Can…[View]
108222234UFC GAMETHREAD #7: bobby knuckles edition[View]
108195216This guy would be the face of the NBA if were black. >Similar assists stats to high profile midg…[View]
108221974Who was in the wrong?[View]
108222152UFC GAMETHREAD #7: #thelisarrection #onefinalrun lisabros[View]
108216548boston red sox at baltimore orioles: hello?[View]
108212444could they go invincible next season?[View]
108219550Canelo vs Saunders FIGHT THREAD #2: AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas 70,000+ fans in attendance.…[View]
108221683/afl/: Quiet Saturday night in edition[View]
108191835/nba/ general ~ press F: NOLA: Zion broken ring finger on shooting hand. out indefinitely but hopefu…[View]
108221356>Are ya winning, /spee/?[View]
108215687Chicago white sox vs Kansas city roylels: CWS SP: Lance Lynn RHP 2-1, 1.82 ERA, 29 SO VS KC SP Dan…[View]
108220826UFC ON ESPN 24 GAMETHREAD #6[View]
108221314Seriously Yuro fags explain this: >Same team wins every year (Bayern 9 in a row) >Beg for pari…[View]
108217453Maryland vs Johns Hopkins Big10 Championship Men's LAX: https://sports24.stream/tv/v?id=btn…[View]
108213932Who's winning this?[View]
108209192What is this expression trying to convey?[View]
108219759He is the painter, we are the audience.[View]
108209780Rooney era: We are only just entering the Rooney era. Prepare yourself /sp/[View]
108210533How do people say English football is shit when: In the Champions league >We've had English …[View]
108219556don't mind me, just on my way to another last page finish[View]
108220824UFC GAMETHREAD #6: #thelisarrection[View]
108209060Undisputed best manager in the world, I kneel. Watch as Chelsea run away with the PL title next seas…[View]
108215910Super Bowl bros. Are Europeans right about this?[View]
108219319UFC ON ESPN 24 GAMETHREAD #5[View]
108214263Top 5 most famous athletes: 1) Ronaldo 2) LeBron 3) Messi 4) Brady 5) Federer[View]
108215991How did Messi get away with this?[View]
108114501/kit/ - Kit Creator General: previous >>108062703 https://fifakitcreator.com[View]
108196314/fpl/ Fantasy Premier League: Steve Bruce Edition >Leicester 2 - Newcastle 4 https://www.theguard…[View]
108216794That time neymar dressed as a monkey: >The video 'Kong', by Alexandre Pires, was supposed to be a…[View]
108216239Canelo vs Saunders FIGHT THREAD #1: AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas 70,000+ fans in attendance.…[View]
108216740latino temprament: >chad with a latino temperament knows trophy's in the bag >wants to wi…[View]
108196665/afl/ Round 8 - SHOWDOWN EDITION: >Friday, May 7 Richmond Tigers 9.9 (63) def. by Geelong Cats 19…[View]
108205377What went wrong?[View]
108217883UFC ON ESPN 24 GAMETHREAD #4[View]
108214185Why Bahia?[View]
108218431Remember the fan man incident?[View]
108212370Bolton Wanderers will be in the champions league within the next six years.[View]
108214110Mr Abromavich sends his regards[View]
108215970AGUEROOOooo... oh[View]
108216997>'Skateboarders' are now considered Olympians[View]
108212039Today: I'll remind them once more[View]
108206406Where do you see him in five years?[View]
108205182>where was my (p) >I dont feel good >xaviniesta where are you bros to carry me…[View]
108208369Official Manchester City vs Chelsea match thread 3: 1-1 Aguero and Pep making sure the title race st…[View]
108216573UFC ON ESPN 24 GAMETHREAD #3[View]
108217575ALLAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RHwLfNH9nzc (starts at 3:15) >A kni…[View]
108153809/tennis/: Previous >>107978364[View]
108211621Boxe > All confirmed[View]
108213233ITT post things that are hotter than Messi's chest.[View]
108204901>Barca >Bayern >Man city How has he made a career out of taking the easiest job available? …[View]
108209742>*wins Ballon d'Or* Heh, nothing personal[View]
108214260WORLD LEAGUE: W o r l d l e a g u e![View]
108216350Will UEFA throw them out of the Champions League?[View]
108215268UFC ON ESPN 24 GAMETHREAD #2: Megan's here Heems are here[View]
108210220What’s next for him?[View]
108211597/box/ - The Fall of Saul edition: Previous >>108188083 >May 8th DAZN USA UK Canelo Alvarez …[View]
108211470/hoc/: jlmi[View]
108215323Who is better pulisic or rashford[View]
108206412Ok but seriously imagine if Americans cared about cricket[View]
108214822Is it their year?[View]
108215749Amy Bockerstette will make history as the first person with Down syndrome to compete in a national c…[View]
108214015Itt: Brutal /sp/ moggings[View]
108213535Wtf, lads? Is the fire actually fucking rising?[View]
108211717So where’s he going, /sp/? He’s done at Tottenham.[View]
108209061Press K to Kneel K[View]
10817155610/10 kits only.[View]
108212938MATCH OF THE DAY THREAD: MOTD starts in 25 minutes on BBC One. >Running order: MNC/CHE, LEE/TOT, …[View]
108210838most based fighter to be fan of?: For me it's pic rel[View]
108213623UFC ON ESPN 24 GAMETHREAD #1: Starts in twenty No our girl[View]
108206724guess the player[View]
108208741LIVERPOOL v SOUTHAMPTON: The restart of the Reds' CL hopes? 8:15pm BST kick-off. LIV: Alisson; …[View]
108209349>93% pass accuracy Say hello to the new Xavi.[View]
108213782>eibar last game of the season[View]
108205522This is why soccer will never be popular in America: Soccer's system only allows pay to win tea…[View]
108214726Suck my dick Glazers https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/may/08/manchester-united-lose-200m-tr…[View]
108213990Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Mbappe and Haaland are all finished so which one of these is the best player…[View]
108214084Juventus Ladies are Champs! /wsg/: Women's soccer has a bright future.[View]
108214344Is there anything wrong with dynasties do they help the game or harm it[View]
108210795/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Manlet Rage Edition: >Lap: #2412 >Countdown to Siesta GP…[View]
108208240this man is two goals away from breaking the bundesliga all time goal record. he has two games remai…[View]
108208908What was his name again?[View]
108212366So this is the power of fan ownership...[View]
108195151Which “Golden Boy” flopped the hardest?: The Golden Boy is an award that is given by sports journali…[View]
108206647Pittsburgh Pirates @ Chicago Cubs Official Gamethread: >Pittsburgh Pirates Wil Crowe (R) 1. Adam …[View]
108199026Why has Roberto Di Matteo failed as a manager after he won the Champions League with Chelsea?[View]
108214009Bald fraud[View]
108214004How about another choke?[View]
108212873Is he our greatest sporting achievement in the last 30 years?[View]
108213902Jlingz bros.... will we make it to the CL....[View]
108205157Final solution to Semen Slurping Sport.: >Game is 60 minutes. 30 min Each Half. >No draws …[View]
108208789what went wrong?[View]
108212926Could we not bring up BBC in every thread of every kind of sport. It’s childish[View]
108213748Well done, s0mple, well done, HOWEVER[View]
108210105tick tock city[View]
108211643HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA: https://twitter.com/aguerosergiokun/status/1391121393610371073[View]
108210029/heem/ - Drawl Edition: previous: >>108205609 news: Dana was here[View]
108209106KNEEL to the Taktikfuchs: this based madlad has only gone and done it AGAIN[View]
108213384>Better than Everton, Villa, Arsenal and Tottenham Are they the new Big six member?…[View]
108171920Eternal Arsenal Thread: DANIEL EK EDITION[View]
108209328A true gamer[View]
108209416how the fuck do we fix this shit: Today on sawker: >bayern munich win their 9th bundesliga in a r…[View]
108210104Georgetown vs Denver Big East Championship Men's LAX: https://sports24.stream/tv/v?id=cbss…[View]
108212585who was in the wrong here?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EskNRw1NxmA[View]
108207120What went wrong?[View]
108209599If she wins gold, she will single handedly destroy all the trans tolerance that has been built up ov…[View]
108210033Hey Baldy, I'll be taking that Champions League...[View]
108186145/nfl/: oroty edition[View]
108211508/lmhg/ - LeMickey hate general: LeMickey will never win a real ring.[View]
108188083/box/ - Mestizo edition: Last >>108179407 >May 8th DAZN USA UK Canelo Alvarez vs. Billy Hoe…[View]
108209584How dumb must he feel right now? Does he realise how embarassing this makes him look?[View]
108194354/hoc/s favorite team edition[View]
108209462Confidence is a preference for the habitual voyeur of what is known as... (Parklife!) And morning so…[View]
108206461How come such a mediocre player is a captain of the EPL winners and CL finalist? He is really Stoke …[View]
108210862>yfw da bears win da superb owl[View]
108210330Where were you when the official YouTube account commented on DT's latest rant on AFTV?[View]
108204449/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - My Harem Edition: >Lap: #2412 (because we had a split threa…[View]
108204029>wins farmers league again[View]
108206115/turnleft/ - Xfinity Series @ Darlington: Allmendinger on the pole Coverage on FS1 https://www.mrn.c…[View]
108206985Redpill me on this lad, /sp/, seems to me he can't stop scoring Will he get signed by a bigger …[View]
108210130Must be nice to have a rich dad.[View]
108207698Imagine if Germans cared about NBA[View]
108206200Your honest opinion about DT?[View]
108205609/heem/ - Champ Champ Edition: previous: >>108194624 news: You're mad right now. I know yo…[View]
108209966PEP IS BALD: PEP IS BALD[View]
108209986AND STILL[View]
108209961Machester City you said?[View]
108208697Why are most footy matches utter borefests? Whenever I look at highlights of matches prior to 2007 t…[View]
108209774*solves football*[View]
108208958Why you hiding, Pep?[View]
108209609>tfw he drives poop into suicide[View]
108208462post your clubs[View]
108206090What does he do?[View]
108205303*throws for 5000+ yards and 48 tds in the 80s* This nigga was at least better than Brees and Farve.[View]
108206108The Special One.[View]
108209071Just a reminder that bad guys always win: That’s how reality works[View]
108208924what's next for him?[View]
108209040how do you say bald choker in your language?[View]
108206392>yes im not gonna pass to you[View]
108208863Leave the Champions League final to me.[View]
108208393City v Chelsea: 1-1[View]
108209076TAKTIKS: Jeez man, City look like shit desu[View]
108209057Werner with another assist to beat ManCity: Pulisic De Bruyne Havertz How does the Bundesliga produc…[View]
108208998Argentinian choking another game.[View]
108209034Cahmooooon. Kick the fockin' bol.[View]
108208953>When you realize you're not winning the UCL[View]
108208873>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Manchester shity…[View]
108205063Ladies and gentlemen, your La Liga champions[View]
108208535When was the moment you realized soccer was the official globohomo sport intentionally made to not l…[View]
108206863Official Manchester City vs Chelsea match thread 2: 2-0 City CAMPEONES[View]
108208029Euh sir, can I have one Eibar, one Elche and one Eastern European farmers please?: Is he already for…[View]
108204064>Bundesliga >Bauernliga >Bayernliga…[View]
108206948For me it's Oakland Roots FC[View]
108196790>here's your Highbury Stadium, bro[View]
108208032>Leave the Uber Eats Ligue Un to me Has there been a more JUST career?[View]
108207774Now that the dust has settled.... did they?[View]
108199672>tfw relegated[View]
108206489Imagine if Swedes cared about Pesäpallo[View]
108203892Post yfw The Age of Rooney has only just begun[View]
108206459Imagine if Asians cared about real sports[View]
108203502Even if you are the greatest of all time, there's nothing you can do to recover from this humil…[View]
108205254>tfw Eibar, Elche and Huesca are going to be relegated this season[View]
108206683Scum. Hope he enjoys getting benched by Gosens and playing with Ilkay's, Emre's and Rudige…[View]
108196229/biathlon/ and /t&f/: Oldhag trying to qualify for the Olympics stream https://www.nrk.no/sport/…[View]
108203994bayern 'celebration' thread: Herzlichen Glückwunsch FCB !!! Aber kleiner Beigeschmack : Wenn man sie…[View]
108199061Is this a big thing, is this guy any good?[View]
108207364Why do powerlifters have the worst ugliest bitchass squats in all of fitness??[View]
108206022Why is spee handling his decline so poorly?[View]
108145870/147/ - World Seniors Snooker Championship: Coverage of the 2021 World Seniors Snooker Championship …[View]
108206101German international, Matt Hummels[View]
108204162imagine if girls cared about sports: like if they just dropped the whole 'we need to be respected ju…[View]
108200836Imagine your Quarterback NOT looking like this: how do you even live?[View]
108163190/copalib/ - Jacaré Edition: > 7/5 Dep. Tolima (PER) vs Emelec (ECU) This weekend > 8/5 Ceara (…[View]
108206478Name a better final day relegation in recent years. Any of the teams could have been saved[View]
108205177>Dest >Ilaix Moriba >Araujo >De Jong >Pedri >Ter Stegen >Mingueza >Lenglet w…[View]
108203878Name a more competitive top 10. Protipp you can't[View]
108204201Official Manchester City vs Chelsea match thread 1: >City Ederson, Cancelo, Dias, Laporte, Ake, M…[View]
1082065971. g3[View]
108205220When are they going to ban this cringe shit?[View]
108202768>El Classico[View]
108204679inshallah brothers: Allah is on Chelsea's side[View]
108195752Any new match updates on BBC Black Bulls Osnabrück?[View]
108188165How does this tweet from Connor McGregor make you feel?[View]
108204978Shalom niggaz. Just a quick question. I've bought a bike two days ago, to be at least a bit fit…[View]
108200946>Leeds will burn out like usual[View]
108206059Lucky day![View]
108204683>scandinavian curling girl with a tight butt and braided hair starts screaming 'hard, hard, harde…[View]
108205717getting a yellow card for taking your shirt off would you keep or remove this rule?[View]
108205635How is this possible ?[View]
108205550Imagine if Americans cared about soccer Other countries would ban us to make it fair for them[View]
108200580Imagine Europe would care about Egg Ball[View]
108204504Why don’t premier league and Scottish league merge to become the UK’s super league which would be in…[View]
108180146/rug/: SUPER RUGBY AOTEAROA Final >Saturday 8th May 19:05 Crusaders vs Chiefs, Orangetheory Stadi…[View]
108204681>gayern münchen wins the bundesliga >literally nobody cares >only 2 threads mocking this wi…[View]
108194624/heem/ - CSO Only Edition: pettis: >>108191936[View]
108188766Fedor: was he good?[View]
108205006oh no no no[View]
108155872/tugão/ - unlocked edition: Congratulations, Sporting subedition 5th May >Maritimo 【0-1】Gil Vicen…[View]
108205055How about another choke, /sp/?[View]
108203103Vermont vs Albany America East Championship Men's LAX: https://sports24.stream/watch/albany-vs-…[View]
108205444UCL final preview ?[View]
108202329uh oh... turns out /our/ guy haaland is a racist there is no other choice but to cancel him now[View]
1081999043PM KICKOFFS THREAD: One game from the PL at the traditional kick-off time today: >Sheffield Unit…[View]
108186705Manchester City vs Chelsea Pre Game Thread: Kick off in 15 bongs[View]
108201657Is he going to bite them today or he will play for his old teammates?[View]
108198716>'Not my problem!'[View]
108205101Barca 0 - 0 Atletico: I don't think this semen slurping sport is for me lads[View]
108204693> Doesn't rate Croats Why is he so racist?[View]
108198360LAUGH AT DERBY COUNTY: Derby County are a shameful club, and here's why... >Worst ever top f…[View]
108160726/seriea/ - * edition: >SERIE A - MATCHDAY 35 MAY 8TH 15:00 Spezia ?-? Napoli 15:00 Udinese ?-? Bo…[View]
108199965Barcelona v Atletico Madrid: No thread for the game that might decide the spniash league?[View]
108178793/bundes/: *crapsburger sv edition* games: >Friday 07/05 /bundes/ 20:30 VfB Stuttgart - FC Augsbur…[View]
108203667Imagine being braindead enough to watch handegg, basically just a 4 hour CIA psyop of interracial co…[View]
108199605imagine if americans cared about soccer..[View]
108201936/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Señor Marko... Edition: >Lap: #2410 >Countdown to Siesta…[View]
108199375IT'S COMING HOME: It's coming home lads[View]
108174700Should footballers do war chants before matches?[View]
108202887What did they mean by this[View]
108190164SEVEN (7): SEVEN (7)[View]
108189260When did you realize USA will soon be top 5 in Soccer[View]
108202946Post top athletes[View]
108191472>mfw some piece of shit Mexicans start chanting homophobic slurs against players in the middle of…[View]
108203099THE ENG-CREDIBLES: which one do you pick[View]
108201873Howard Webb married this german cutie[View]
108201983hello darkness my old friend i've come to talk with you again[View]
108197086Comunicado Oficial: We are not backing down. https://www.realmadrid.com/en/news/2021/05/08/official-…[View]
108177755Now that the dust has somewhat settled... Was it roid rage?[View]
108194457*solves football*[View]
108197899The absolute state of modern boxing[View]
108202923Ifkgbg: IFK suger[View]
108203121>the absolute state of this 'team' >schalke…[View]
1081956197:30 >leeds vs tottenham 9:30 >dortmund vs leipzig 10:30 >atletico vs barcelona 12:30 >m…[View]
108197937/Östfootball/ More good camerawork edition: We're now on week 4 of the Austrian (American) Foot…[View]
108182033Is it finally coming home?[View]
108200609WELL WELL WELL[View]
108198653CAREER OVER: https://twitter.com/PSG_inside/status/1391007912785555462 OH NONONONONONONONONO…[View]
108202514>Derrick Rose: I don’t know what consent is >Jury: Really? Wow you’re free to go…[View]
108201695Why are long-hairs so much more AESTHETIC?: Please read the title for more information on what I int…[View]
108182417https://youtu.be/O3lNfOMNp3c?t=482 >Got your hat! LOL[View]
108199016Imagine if Americans cared about Soccer[View]
108188522Sumo: based or cringe?[View]
108201114Morecambe vs Bradford city: Shrimp chads checking in[View]
108201286Reminder:: If your 'GOAT' >chokes in decisive matches >has been historically humiliated severa…[View]
108202068Unstoppable G.O.A.T[View]
108197963Early laugh at Rooney and Derby thread: S[View]
108200537What footy match are we watching today?[View]
108200503DORTMUND vs. LEIPZIG: Will Dortmund make it into the next CL?[View]
108181932Why don't they care about Ice Hockey?: They literally invented the sport. But they are no brits…[View]
108196039What makes LOSC such a SOVLFUL team?[View]
108200025EFL CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL DAY MATCH THREAD: The regular 2020/21 EFL season concludes this weekend, and …[View]
108196046LEEDS UNITED v TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR: Will Spurs' CL dreams be dashed at Elland Road this lunchtime…[View]
108196694Guess his IQ? Also players with high IQ![View]
108198125>gives ball away constantly >ball watches and doesn’t track any attacking runs heh nothin pers…[View]
108200987Imagine if Germans actually cared about these sports[View]
108181141>Support your local team[View]
108176945/cyc/ - Giro d'Italia Stage 1: Giro d'Italia (2.UWT) Stage 1 (ITT) Turin - Turin 8.6 km St…[View]
108198207boomers are laughing at the state of boxing while in reality football and other sports should do exa…[View]
108194564why would you go to mexico at age 28???[View]
108196401pay debnts[View]
108199133/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Quali In Spain 2021 Edition: >Lap: #2409 >Countdown to S…[View]
108195493this may surprise zoomers, but chelsea were the underdogs in this champions league semi-finals[View]
108200380>6 added minutes Derby bros I dont feel so good[View]
108164682/HAYNE/: the most electrifying general in /sp/ history returns /nrl/ /nfl/ /rug/ all invited get in…[View]
108200149Imagine if Europeans cared about handegg[View]
108180746It's not unlikely Mayweather loses. Logan has a massive reach and weight advantage. One lucky p…[View]
108198432this fucking gypsy ruined his career all by himself kek[View]
108184973Derby vs Sheffield Wednesday: Who is going down, lads?[View]
108199996Was he just desperate to get into a new relationship before his ex-club?[View]
108199246Wait… he had a beard transplant too? Kek[View]
108199694I thought he solved football? wtf did /sp/ lie to me again?[View]
108195907EFL CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL DAY MATCH THREAD: The regular 2020/21 EFL season concludes this weekend, and …[View]
108199629Its over[View]
108195088This man needs your power today to stay in the Championship with Derby. Help by replying to this pos…[View]
108198905.: .[View]
108192687/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - Robben Edition: >Lap: #2407 >Countdown to Siesta GP: www…[View]
108190565>football 'athlete'[View]
108195866FC BAYERN DEUTSCHER MEISTER: today we win yet another bundesliga meisterschale[View]
108180363How can yuroturds even compete??[View]
108182192>tfw not poor but my newest copy is FIFA 13 >currently trying to win the FA Cup on Legendary w…[View]
108176715Would any team be dumb enough to buy him?[View]
108197869Less gooo: 2 hr until the big match[View]
108193732He is the greatest footballer in the history of the game, and we are all incredibly lucky to be livi…[View]
108197729How do sportspeople deal with the relentless taunting that comes from the spectators?[View]
108196852Answer me this /sp/ How can you be so disgustingly ugly yet be so rich you can afford an entire foot…[View]
108197305Wtf happened to him?[View]
108196668Starlight starbright Make Von miller die or retire tonight: You are not worth the salary of an Orang…[View]
108193140I’m sick of past generation. I hope Nets, Lakers and Warriors fail. Bucks vs Nuggets final[View]
108179116>'ConCACAf' champions league >Only 1 (ONE) MLeLS team This is pathetic. How do we fix my littl…[View]
108190108How many today?[View]
108174822How can such a small country with miserable weather, where people only eat fish fingers, be such a d…[View]
108181680Social Media Sports Following: Here we look at the most reddit sports/teams. r/nba 3.9 million membe…[View]
108193322/afl/ - Crisp Edition: Saturday Night Footy North Melbourne v Collingwood at Marvel Stadium, NOW Mel…[View]
108196098What sports related opinion outs one as a chud?[View]
108191685/heem/ - Diego Sanchez Training Edition: What went wrong, /heem/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mY…[View]
108182766FOOTBALL DEFINITIVE IRREBUTTABLE TOP TEN POWER RANKING: This is objectively the best 10 players to e…[View]
108183536Are front kicks the most effective kick outside of leg kicks in a actual fight?[View]
108183159Money Mase and Puligod.... I kneel.[View]
108180407more than a game[View]
108196137Please watch our league[View]
108196011/nrl/ - Rugby League general: Super Saturday Continues HALFTIME Cowboys 8 Broncos 12 Sunday 2:00p.m…[View]
108185903Can we do it this season?[View]
108192621/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - SPAIN? GP Saturday Morning Edition: >Lap: #2407 >Countdo…[View]
108195600Miss me yet?[View]
108190607Who is the most intimidating driver in formula 1[View]
108184549/nrl/ - Rugby League general: Chin Up, You Aren't Ben Hunt edition >GAME 1 Canberra Raiders …[View]
108190014Hand egg is on tv!: Did you know that the Spring league is on? https://www.thespringleague.com/…[View]
108181596Smart/intelligent players: Has there ever been a footie player so above the rest of his team in term…[View]
108193215La Liga Title Race: >win today >hand RM the title, unless they slip up >lose today, give at…[View]
108191936/heem/ - Nigerian's Nightmare Edition: previous: >>108188668 news: Martin wants Nate…[View]
108190891what went wrong?[View]
108188746/hoc/: >who wins the 2021 Stanley Cup? poll https://www.strawpoll.me/45244263…[View]
108178564Kane/Son/Bale: Was there a better front 3 in the PL last season? In the world? Every time I saw thes…[View]
108194272Which league is considered the best from America? Mexican (liga MX), Brazilian (série A) or Argentin…[View]
108190333Rodgers isn't leaving GB: Literally every sports outlet is ignoring this shit like it never fuc…[View]
108190906>Might reach Kareems unbreakable record >4 chips, 10 finals apperances >Numerous MVP awards…[View]
108190744was it innocent or was he paid off?[View]
108183504Why did the league try so hard to push him out?[View]
108178246Why is there such an anti german sentiment against this guy?[View]
108184203/afl/: super saturday edition Gold Coast v St Kilda at Metricon Stadium, 1.45pm AEST Greater Western…[View]
108176320Arsenal bros, when Arteta is sacked who would you like to see[View]
108191859/nba/ general - Low IQ edition[View]
108192153never forget most of us are here to be cynical and shit on sports because we love them and love to a…[View]
108188048no chance he ever makes another finals let alone wins another wring[View]
108188668/heem/: Herb Dean edition Previous >>108187060[View]
108187872/nba/ general ~ celchimp edition: previous >>108179336[View]
108190275LET'S GET THIS SHIT STARTED >portland[View]
108187868Is there anything we can do to get Diego away and safe from this fucking retard?[View]
108191290The image that ended boxing[View]
108184084tim wener[View]
108189870I’m still in disbelief that this happened.[View]
108178423The Rugby World Cup qualifying format makes me want to vomit.[View]
108186620Dodgers @ Angels Gamethread: Urias vs Canning 6:38pm start >doyers 1. Mookie Betts (R) RF 2. Core…[View]
108190348>4th no hitter this year wtf i thought batting was supposed to be getting better, not pitching?…[View]
108190720> soccer is the biggest sport in the worl- Oh no no no no no, not so fast europoors. Looks like n…[View]
108186099Boston Red Sox vs. Baltimore Orioles: 5/7/21 Play ball[View]
108181762/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - COMBATIENTES! Edition: >Lap: #2406 >Countdown to Siesta …[View]
108178459Legendary games with SOVL: 10/10 final https://youtu.be/9PFmxnMNOSo?t=656[View]
108189662Did they see a rat or a raccoon?[View]
108185589Will they ever become good in baaketball again?[View]
108167721S-soccerbros...we got too fucking cocky... https://youtu.be/BDMM-WMYIDE[View]
108187898Is AD Injury Prone?: Seems like he's injured more often than his teammates.[View]
108189567Cristiano Pulinaldo[View]
108189681so, im a member at the aac and i have been wanting to learn golf. My dad has won multiple amteur and…[View]
108185357Reds vs. Indians: The Bottle of Ohio 1 hour rain delay Wade Miley 3-2 2.67 ERA vs. Zach Plesac 2-3 …[View]
108184448Futsal championship 2021: Who else watching this Superior version of soccer[View]
108185133Toronto Blue Jays @ Houston Astros: Friday night baseball - get in here boys![View]
108183346/hoc/: the other hockey thread[View]
108172811The German federation just now claimed Sosa from Croatia, only several months after taking Musiala f…[View]
108176041How will Euros and Sudacas cope: Pulisic will win a World Cup and Champions League before Messi and …[View]
108187060/Bellator Gamethread/: Heem Edition: >Main card (Showtime, 9 p.m. ET) Juan Archuleta (135) vs. Se…[View]
108188514FUCK THE DH[View]
108183892/turnleft/ - Camping World Truck Series @ Darlington: We /throwbackweekend/ now Nemechek on pole. Co…[View]
108183706NATIONALS V YANKEES GAMETHREAD: Corbin V Taillon[View]
108183737Chinese football clubs: Southampton Wolves West Brom Birmingham Reading Inter Milan Valencia …[View]
108183854You now remember Amauri.[View]
108179407/box/ Horse edition: Previous >>108170124 >May 8th DAZN USA UK Canelo Alvarez vs. Billy Hoe…[View]
108179336/nba/ general ~ 1st edition: LAL: AD '50/50' against portland GSW: Bell signs 2way NBAG: mexico gets…[View]
108171851Why’s everyone team Paul?: Isn’t this like if a college soccer player pantsed Ronaldo or Peter Parke…[View]
108169115What the fuck went wrong[View]
108184316>it’s soulful because it’s bad[View]
108185046/heem/: just bleed smellator edition[View]
108187063>no https >card is a carrousel that doesn't even focus on the current fight What kind of …[View]
108185324*blows it at the end of the season*[View]
108175677*wins the treble in your path*[View]

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