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91331952does penryn have intel management engine Someone post a list of processors with intel management eng…[View]
91337354In 2008, Intel rolled out IME, a hardware backdoor. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_Management_…[View]
91336481how to re-learn python: python was my first programming language but i quickly moved to C and forgot…[View]
91333403I'm currently one year into my cybersecurity degree and deep down I'm worried that this AI…[View]
91335561/g/ros are you ready for a.i to conquer the coding scene[View]
91336944> searches best X technology for y > Website: 10 best X technologies for y > Clicks on webs…[View]
91337613being able to program is not a personality[View]
91337680WinXP/Win10 Dual Boot Drive: Hey /g/, I'm creating a drive to dual-boot windows 10 and xp on an…[View]
91330229Should I try to make a site like deepnude ? I have enough on off material to fine-tune SD into remov…[View]
91331352What's your Microphone setup /g/?: anon you won't tolerate shitty audio right?[View]
91332803I love sponsorblock so much it's unreal. This thing is a blessing.[View]
91337237VR Headsets for Metaphobes: Hello there. I'm considering getting a VR headset for mostly gaming…[View]
91337305/g/, help me out. I fucking hate how no modern search engine seems to support searching for special …[View]
91223329/flet/ - Friendly Lisp & Emacs Thread: >Lisp is a family of programming languages with a long…[View]
91321861>this confuses the zoomer[View]
91334657post your dev stacks, judge other's stacks[View]
91331894Microsoft forced himself upon a woman: Womans laptop was updated to Win11 https://www.mikrobitti.fi/…[View]
91329471C++ is a fucking beast: // Calls apply for every layer in the parameter pack …[View]
91331722Hey /g/ what's your daily goal?? learn something, play game or something else??[View]
91307943That's it. Human can't compete with AI anymore.[View]
91336959Burning DVDs in 2023 for backups: What DVD burning software can you recommend? I've switched fr…[View]
91335636>breaks your charge port within a year, forcing you to either repair your phone or buy a new one …[View]
91336902What do you expect the most from a new KDE Plasma version? There are some important new features alr…[View]
91310970Why isn't openSUSE Tumbleweed as popular as Fedora? What is preventing it to become more popula…[View]
91330976China is better at Tech than the west: Lets talk about it[View]
91336574>Hackfest for implementing HDR is this necessary?[View]
91331847holy verbosity! and this is considered the future of programming languages?[View]
91336785For me, it's quality discs + MultiPar.[View]
91336706https://youtube.com/watch?v=NbnVn5vmA2I Normies have gotten hold of ElevenLabs. It's over.[View]
91336732What's going to happen if all these AI models will somehow unite as one? stable diffusion, chat…[View]
91335204Neet bros...: >you don't use pic related >that's a shame anon >well be in touch…[View]
91336724/pmg/ - Precious Metals General: Where the Rooster Crows Edition >Why gold? https://youtu.be/i3S4…[View]
91323238VSG/ #8 Open-Source, Self-Hosted AI General - Voice Synthesis: /VSG/ #8 Open-Source, Self-Hosted AI …[View]
91336099I will continue to use my 3.5 inch 500gb wd blue. FUCK SSDS![View]
91335933Ayyyyo y tehnahlagy b so compicated das raysis[View]
91334033There are some strange keybindings in Doom Emacs. There is one for example, which converts doom emac…[View]
91326403> Apple killed x86 holy SHIT[View]
91335236how will the internet look like in 5 years ? how will sites with anonymous users work if you cant te…[View]
91336168I miss when you could customize your OS[View]
91299458/fglt/ – Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ – Friendly GNU/Linux Thread Before asking for …[View]
91336051What the fuck is a COM] file? how do I open it[View]
91333533/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>91331347 >News https://rentry.o…[View]
91329554Linus Scam Tips: >$10k for a VIP pass >the absolute state of tech Jewtubers…[View]
91335479what's the ultimate gaymen distro? gotta have a cool DE that's riceable and bleeding edge …[View]
91329308FOSDEM 2023: fellow freetards report in[View]
91332645What's your reason for using linux today? Mine is to update && upgrade after neglectin…[View]
91332659Thanks but i'm sticking with kiwi[View]
91329165what does /wdg/'s .browserlistrc look like[View]
91334353Why almost no one develop games for MacOS?[View]
91328425Why do people thiink this shit is any better than google translate?[View]
91332103FUCK WEBP thread: I'm tired of converting every WEBP image I download to PNG/JPG is there an au…[View]
91331347/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>91329375 >News https://rentry…[View]
91332856My brain is stuck in OOP. I want to play with C and realized my brain doesn't work without obj…[View]
91335289Can Nintendo just use ElevenLabs to keep Mario alive after Charles Martinet dies?[View]
91333854Programmers are doomed..: With the rise of ChatGPT and AI, I can't help but doom about the futu…[View]
91331720I'm just going to leave this here[View]
91330402Bruh moment: >Browses the web >Find some git accounts >Portfolio website links to this hell…[View]
91330494>Is max comfy in your path[View]
91320973Neofetch thread: Basedian edition[View]
91333534/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: edition edition [embed] A general dedicated to discussion & develop…[View]
91331799>Off-topic threads is everywhere here >Jannies didn't do anything about it Wow, this boar…[View]
91322245What do you do on your computer when there's an internet outage[View]
91331947>get hired for devops job >write unreadable, obfuscated Perl scripts >college python zoome…[View]
91334731How is there no type of barcode that uses clever mathematics to figure out the patterns and position…[View]
91331088Are we in wild west times again for the internet?: I spent all night fapping to ai generated porn of…[View]
91334488Why is everything always #ffffff? People wouldn't hate light modes if they used an actual good …[View]
91320761I'm MacOS, but better.[View]
91330608our fucking mpvian guys what's a good config when i have a good gpu and cpu and ram and shit on…[View]
91332917What model created this ai generated image[View]
91334235If I clear the bash history will my employer have any way to know I typed 'nigger' in the shell on a…[View]
91334619imagine if it was this easy to find a gf and wife in this day and age, pic related t. c++ chad who h…[View]
91331334Can't decide between postgres and mysql[View]
91334503blockchain technology: Who wins the race[View]
91330905Which is better, onlyoffice or libreoffice[View]
91334269How does pip install work? It's the most underrated magical piece of tech[View]
91332767Need help from a code/script writer: I found a cryptic site (sec.gov) and the subject of this appear…[View]
91334373If you only had a 128gb thumb drive to store as many things as possible, what would you put on it?[View]
91332007Any roadmap for an absolute ai/ml-let? AI/ML shit is an absolute walled garden to me while programmi…[View]
91334161If you put /s on sarcastic comment on reddit you are faggot and you should kill yourself.[View]
91332018Record players: Should I buy this 'Supraphon Artia' from 1960? It's broken because it's m…[View]
91333443mySQL: Hi /g/ Can you guys help me out a little bit with a project I had in my head for a while? I c…[View]
91332351What interesting things have you used or seen ChatGPT be used for?: I should have been following thi…[View]
91330365>tfw browser crashes and loses all my tabs and I don't remember what they were…[View]
91333887Use your computer monitor to send out AM radio signals.: If someone can decrypt your AM radio signal…[View]
91331910We need to ban the term 'artificial intelligence' until we actually have AGI: Until then everything …[View]
91330349If you still use any of the following in 2023: >Windows 7 >uTorrent >GOM Player >Winamp …[View]
91327761Fucking KEK.[View]
91331515What's the point of this language?[View]
91331049Bing GPT integration leaked: Language model searches the web based on the prompt you give it, and re…[View]
91332461Tryna see sumn: So, I’m a complete incel when it comes to Apple, simply trying to see if there’s a w…[View]
91332581come home[View]
91332874>neuroscientists don't know why we sleep >it's obviously so or brains can update the…[View]
91328107I fell for the ergonomic split ortho meme and bought a kinesis advantage 2 after having used the k12…[View]
91329256I miss her so much /g/ros[View]
91332960winget ui is wonderful but flawed: this sh!t is cool, advantages of package managers (winget and sco…[View]
91332223GNOME. Simple. Beautiful. Elegant. Get things done with ease, comfort, and control.[View]
91332866> 2023 > we're still using 'capacitors' that are actually tiny batteries with liquid shit…[View]
91325326USB 2x2 Gen 3.2 Type C-a 2.6[View]
91332156>Google is already developing a new iOS version of Chromium with their own web engine…[View]
91333146i'm here to redpill you about singularity. it's a meme. nobody will ever reach achieve the…[View]
91331777Does anyone here own this devkit? How is it?[View]
91333060does cantiga have intel management engine Someone post a list of chipsets with intel management engi…[View]
91332817does ich9m have intel management engine Someone post a list of chipsets with intel management engine…[View]
91332044/g/ Would be a much better board if device type, OS and Country flag were shown[View]
91329375/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>91328371 >View and Submit GPU…[View]
91328461You are still using your VG248QE from 10 years ago, right anon?[View]
91312224spent an entire day getting redpilled on what cookies can actually do: ffs this shit should absolute…[View]
91331750>I don't trust companies that employ dozens of professional programmers and testers to devel…[View]
91332632How can they keep getting away with this crap?[View]
91332769Orion Browser: /g/ bros, anyone using the kiwi browser for IOS, Orion? I like it, but it has some ma…[View]
91331925Why aren't all smartphones made with the ability to replace the batteries? It's not like t…[View]
91329740Does anyone else like and respect Linux without using it?[View]
91332635So what do you guys do with one of these anyway?[View]
91332140I keep hearing 'Hollow Internet Theory' in relation to ChatGPT on this board. How can you people pos…[View]
91331489Random shower thought Ai is just a silicon based life form.[View]
91328503G502 Owners -- What bindings do you use?: Just got a G502 lightspeed. Looking to make use of some of…[View]
91330678Yann LeCoon: G, What's this guy's problem?[View]
91332381Who's this for ?[View]
91329961C is bankrupt & finished: Python just surpassed C at TIOBE Index.[View]
91332555Good morning sirs[View]
91328688/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: edition A general dedicated to discussion & development of AI Chatb…[View]
91322219The reality is that now Chromebooks exist, Apple doesn't have a monopoly over it's own nic…[View]
91326066Is Gboard Spying on me? if so should i use something else?[View]
91329479>All right guys, let's give a warm welcome to our new scrum master. What would you say to h…[View]
91321891This scares the Pythoncel[View]
91331235why is there no text to image AI for amd? why only nvidia???? i just wanna make AI porn ffs and i ha…[View]
91331876How do I grab all the replies and images from a thread and post them in a new thread? is there a pro…[View]
91330929What would be the best desktop environment for my grandma?[View]
91291787This is the trend. Accept it.[View]
91329561If this thing won't let you roleplay with your waifu why don't you roleplay with the trann…[View]
91329198Where's rust again?[View]
91331504Why are basedcialists and left wingers so vehemently opposed to AI? Socialism will only become a thi…[View]
91317327How come God created the universe as closed source? Why doesn't he tell us how to build and com…[View]
91330400I installed linux on my laptop and now my wifi doesn't work[View]
91326682Dealing with GNOMEfags: How do you anons usually deal with people who has the GNOME disease? I usual…[View]
91324460/pcbg/ - PC building general: UPGRADE & BUILD ADVICE Post build list or current specs including …[View]
91330918>Do any of you guys want to help an anon out and give me a QRD on how to install the Tor browser …[View]
91328052sepplesfag incompetence: >larp as a systems programmer >fail to release an iso is it the langu…[View]
91328827Do you have any technology that makes hicks know their place when big wiz daddy comes to town and th…[View]
91317436speedtest thread[View]
91320692Let me guess, you 'need' more.[View]
91331045In 2 years we will be able to prompt to an AI 3D models for VR creating our own virtual world world.…[View]
91327485AGI arrived, the probelom is it's inside the context of Seinfeld.: larry asked what if they wer…[View]
91319057ITT We make our own language spec. called C+ which is based on best principles from both C and C++. …[View]
91326475>buy macbook >instanly become an adult, or a professional person >but also make you gay hom…[View]
91326565Do you think there are shills on /g/? And I don't mean that in a meme way. I mean actual paid s…[View]
91331136Really?: >another thread made by an insecure millennial trying to grasp at any form of pseudo-sup…[View]
91330757>technology exists which can remove clothes from any pic in under a minute >no on apart from a…[View]
91328837What is it about working with computer software that turns someone into an insufferable, god-hating …[View]
91322658janitors do your jobs: really is amazing how chatgpt managed to kill this board basically overnight,…[View]
91325172Why are GPUs getting longer and longer???[View]
91330925>Yes, my Personal Computer is an International Business Machines Personal Computer compatible des…[View]
91330780Why are you still using toilet paper in the middle of the 2023 century?: It seems ridiculous to me t…[View]
91330239Since denuvo rekt piracy we are back to leasing offline steam accounts from pajeets for 2$. Reminds …[View]
91322358Android emulation on PC: Can someone tell me why is every single Android emulator for Windows hot fu…[View]
91330839so this is the best an AI with 800 gazillion parameters can do...[View]
91330793*crunch* *crunch* *crunch* *crunch* *crunch*[View]
91325268>iToddlers BTFO!! Macs are literally LITERALLY the only decent laptops being made in 2020+3. Reta…[View]
91328019why is macOS so outdated?[View]
91328696Yall really technologically illiterate I aint into this: The issue here is that nobody knows what th…[View]
91324262The Reddit Phone[View]
91330721Technical issues I’m Useless with: So, seeing as Google and everything gives me bullshit workarounds…[View]
91325177Why: Why[View]
91328229What’s wrong with implicit heap allocations?[View]
91323120how much does the average code monkey actually know about how computers work at a fundamental level?[View]
91328700Why are F# and Clojure the only languages with type providers? They make prototyping API data quick …[View]
9132483764-bit workstations existed since 1992. Why do zoomers and Microjeets seethe at programs rightfully …[View]
91330350Is this still Accurate: >>>/g/: a bunch of faggots discussing anime, interior design, consu…[View]
91328104Is a Macbook Pro in America different from one in Europe? It's much cheaper in America[View]
91328871Recommend me some audio software: Need some software to rip the audio from some vids to create enoug…[View]
91326806Do you consider yourself a computer expert?[View]
91327925tfw dreams in code[View]
91299992/ptg/ - Private Trackers General: lets defecate together and drink each others urine, sirs Edition …[View]
91330035>start looking at alternatives to gmail >start looking at privacy websites >gmail flashes a…[View]
91330233>.webm >.avif If you use these formats you have söy for your blood and should be fired and han…[View]
91330167Can you use a game engine like unity or unreal as cad simulation? Like make something in cad softwar…[View]
913299892010 Saturday morning >write cheats for mmos, make cs1.6 maps, run own private server on a vpn fo…[View]
91321451where are the flying cars?[View]
91326414>Singlehandedly fixes the only problem iPhones had security-wise in one update…[View]
91325781*blocks your path* Phonelets when will they learn?[View]
91328515sorry i can't understand how this shit works lmao[View]
91283427ffmpeg general: share best practices vp9 means rip meta data i just recently learned that >4mb ev…[View]
91328464Would you leave it all behind?: TL:TR:: In may I have an interview for Apple and Samsung in CA US. I…[View]
91328504>AI will take over teh world!!!!! >meanwhile AI…[View]
91296306Desktop thread: 'expect the threadly pasta anon incoming' edition[View]
91327529are ink tank printers good? i know cartridge inkjet printers are jewish scams, but what about the on…[View]
91325945>chatting up girl >things going great >ask me what I do >tell her I'm an electrical…[View]
91323374ai seinfeld general: AI is doing comedy now: This is an ai-generated TV show that is constantly runn…[View]
91327704I'm crying... Linked-lists aren't cache friendly...[View]
91328855le spooky balloon: Is this shit even for real? Its just so retarded. Wouldnt china have better ways …[View]
91323850Currently deciding between buying an iPhone 12 or 13 (currently have an 8+ before someone spergs out…[View]
91323492Why is gnome like this?[View]
91328371/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: image from another anon Previous /sdg/ thread : >>91327229 …[View]
91318274which technology can fix my fucked up attention span ?[View]
91329383How do I learn video and photo editing and what is a recommended software for begginers? Please bros…[View]
91326020Is there any thing more pathetic?: Do they feel no shame?[View]
91325554glowniggers at google are preventing me from making a no strings attached google/youtube account. I …[View]
91327229/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>91326374 >View and Submit GPU P…[View]
91327725Could AI sculpt something like this in 3D?[View]
91327938This board has been overrun by actual paedophiles: Most of them try to fit in with cumbrain posters …[View]
91328959can a make a website like 4chan in current day and age without registering a company, or is it too r…[View]
91324153How is my desktop i love linux[View]
91328973Can I apply for a remote job if I'm an american living in another country?[View]
91321337Why did you study CS?[View]
91328729>prompt: computer, implement vertical tabs and tab groups into Firefox How long until this is pos…[View]
91328744My 5 year old smartphone is on the brink of death, I am gonna buy a new one, now which phones didn…[View]
91327420Artificial Intel threads consists of the ff:: >High reply count >Only few posters >Threads …[View]
91327615Can an internet router get infected with malware?: If so what are the signs and can it be removed? I…[View]
91325506How did the unabomber light his house? Candles seem like they wouldn't put off alot of light an…[View]
91324205Microsoft Pluton: This doesn't look good, is it a botnet?[View]
91313782/spg/ - Smartphone General: The BEST phone in existence. >What phone has X and Y feature? Don…[View]
91325770Where am I supposed to get my weather forecasts from now that Apple killed DarkSky?[View]
91326718answer me this, gents, how is it legal for amazon to sell a palm phone that runs android 8? It no lo…[View]
91320286POLL: What is the programming language you use the most? I have always used Java as my main programm…[View]
91328251Usb 14x88[View]
91327738I miss when this board had community projects: Now its just sh1lls and bait thread Tiresome innit…[View]
91319401What free and opensource application does slash gee slash use for their todo lists? I'd especia…[View]
91326965Does anybody else feel like there is an increase of Russian or Slavic posters: Most of them tend to …[View]
91325294/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>91323434 >View and Submit GPU…[View]
91318615Voice Synthesis General #19: Meltdown edition: https://beta.elevenlabs.io/ >What's this? A s…[View]
91322489how often do you enter the flow state when you code?[View]
91292819/dmp/ - Digital Music Production: Lol the last thread was archived after 9 posts ediition >Wikis …[View]
91326324Who else is running Prime95 to deal with the North East cold spell? What should I run as a GPU test?[View]
91305038/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Read! >Sticky >>76759434 >Wiki: https://wiki.installgen…[View]
91325125I come to you in a time of great need, /g/. Mighty need. Our AI friends need our help. >>>/…[View]
91327904techie friends: Is this a good place to make techie friends? I've been wanting to have some an…[View]
913278544chan, the captcha on this site and the 4chan archives are immoral[View]
91327873There's really no difference between MacOS and Windows these days other than UI/UX and even in …[View]
91326374/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>91325294 >View and Submit GPU P…[View]
91326875Which way young man?[View]
91326241I just got the Z Flip 4. I was a bit reluctant in getting it, because I'm going to miss the hea…[View]
91312359Actual dumb phones: Are there any actually dumb phones left in the market? All I need is a GSM SoC c…[View]
91313260Biden is going to take our freedoms away https://www.macrumors.com/2023/02/03/biden-report-recommend…[View]
91322416Shill your site! ...you do have a site, right anon? here's mine https://deekchat.ml/[View]
91325735what is the best chat bot for me to treat like its my therapist and tell my deepest darkest secrets …[View]
91327133I'm really not sure why they keep posting their dicks and fat guts with their steam decks, but …[View]
91324868Is GPT-3 the only good choice for a chat bot?: I don't know much about this. I heard GPT-3 take…[View]
91327309I bet this pretentious fuck was a macfag: Anyone got any photos?[View]
91323659Wireless mechanical keyboards are great Why don't you own one?[View]
91325657I need to buy an anti-virus program for my elderly father's laptop.: I'm worried about him…[View]
91323887https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7qT85B1vB0 What technolo/g/y is this?[View]
91325919>filters you[View]
91327165My old-ass hardrive is randomly starting to fail to mount on startup. It's 10 years old so I fi…[View]
91325093Year 2038 problem: technolo/g/ists have fifteen years, will «they» solve this problem? https://en.wi…[View]
91327186I broke up with my girlfriend but at least she let me keep her Netflix password.: Haha. Curtain clos…[View]
91322434I love these brown little fuckers like you wouldn’t believe[View]
91324087/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: No one else did it edition A general dedicated to discussion & deve…[View]
91326228Proprietary software keeps stealing my bits! It's really good at this 'seeding' thing, if you…[View]
91323470>AMD Adrenalin 23.1.2 for RX 7900 Series is the third straight exclusive driver, no new driver fo…[View]
91325732>Amazon is adding 1000 robots a day to workforce: It's over https://www.cnbc.com/2023/02/01/…[View]
91318272do you prefer developing on a laptop or desktop[View]
91262885/fwt/ - Friendly Windows Thread: Users of all levels are welcome. Share Windows tools, utilities, ti…[View]
91322659>C is obsolete is he right?[View]
91308964>steam deck turned out to be a garbage product and a flop is this the end for gaming on linux?…[View]
91322942itt underrated programs[View]
91325472>AI will kill art, music, and other creative works >AI will take jobs >AI will allow lots o…[View]
91328189When are we getting AI jannies?[View]
91322843AI and being a solo dev: >Being able to generate concept art with SD and Midjourney >Being abl…[View]
91323434/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previously on /sdg/: >>91321437 >View and Submit GPU Perf…[View]
91326328ASUS MOTHERBOARD MEETING: CEO: What else can we do to make our budget line boards more appealing?? G…[View]
91324429https://www.twitch.tv/prozorovsky guys watch me learn scheme[View]
91325911>ChatGPT will make humans obsolete! Why exactly should I listen to these retards?…[View]
91325493Every single new cool app you want to use is not free. Soon you'll have to pay for fucking ever…[View]
91315704>hear that people have trouble understanding pointers >think they probably struggle with actua…[View]
91321245>A-AI won't take my jo-[View]
91326197/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Read! >Sticky >>76759434 >Wiki: https://wiki.installgen…[View]
91326171/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Read! >Sticky >>76759434 >Wiki: https://wiki.installgen…[View]
91325937C++ is too easy...: > be me 15 > don't understand Math > calculus is too hard > try…[View]
91322735Are chromebooks good for linux?: I'm looking for a laptop that can run linux well. Was going t…[View]
91325695Is this thing really replacing commissions? I know most of the good stable diffusion pictures are cl…[View]
91318009The ultimate debate.[View]
91316097Hidden wiki v3: Hidden wiki v3 is the best it's so neat and simple to use[View]
91324037is it just me or: are programming languages just getting too many features? i would rather code '90s…[View]
91325601let me guess you need more[View]
91325198My hard drive's fucked guys, need a new one and I'm thinking of getting more RAM and an SS…[View]
91321130Do you guys attend programming conferences?[View]
91322892>CHADbooks can now run games its over for macbooks[View]
91324707how many years until we get FOSS waifus?[View]
91325196>tfw just realized my github repo is older than my son[View]
91322097Ballmer: Sometimes you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. I miss him everyday. There is no mo…[View]
91314248How does it feel knowing that thousands of people are getting fired from tech?[View]
91324749Did video cards really get better in the past 10 years?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxy9PFJRJ0g…[View]
91324055Taking the normiepill and using Mac/win11, an iPhone, smarthome and wearable devices, normie social …[View]
91324846I don't care how many times you ask me. I am NOT installing updates![View]
91323594/fct/ - Friendly ChromeOS Thread: Welcome to /fct/ - Friendly ChromeOS Thread. All users are welcome…[View]
91322360Solaris: Considering running Oracle Solaris 11 as a daily driver desktop, please tell me why I'…[View]
91317675Imperial System Superiority Thread post actual legitimate reasons metric's units and scales are…[View]
91323341GNOME. Simple. Beautiful. Elegant. Get things done with ease, comfort, and control.[View]
91323508Did we get too cocky, coding sisters?: >Employment of computer programmers is projected to declin…[View]
91308391Wow! I can't believe Samsung beat Apple on their own game[View]
91315110>we're removing 32 bit support[View]
91322870>Chrome keeps signing me out each time I close the window[View]
91324467AI is going to utterly make society implode due to its efficiency without even being AGI, and everyo…[View]
91323866i want to use only the essential features of the C# language to make a game, and leave all the compl…[View]
91315957shoplifters of the world: Unite and take over![View]
91324537There are people on /g/ who don't use a fully featured programmable RPN calculator to do their …[View]
91322728>run linux things natively >can run vidya >have a macos JUST in case…[View]
91322842Is it safe to vacuum your pc?[View]
91318696Bros, something very weird happened today that made my mom go very schizo (and me for a little bit).…[View]
91323525Chatgpt wont take your job. I will. I will make a drag and drop gui for all the webdev stuff that wi…[View]
91324004How do you maintain your headphones?[View]
91321437/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>91319468 >View and Submit GPU…[View]
91323694Qutting the industry forever: Hi /g/, I wrote some of the code your phones use and I have contribute…[View]
91316837Give me a good startup idea now >pic related for replies[View]
91322948>download firefox nightly >updates itself literally every day and prompts me to restart browse…[View]
91323752Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony[View]
91322285I know that FLACs are placebo. I know that when I put it in my ears, the FLACs are telling my brain …[View]
91322664Will we ever get 98-100% efficient PSUs? What will the ranks after Titanium be named?[View]
91316648>here's your 1 (one) TB (terabyte) drive, bro. enjoy your purchase.…[View]
91314961>his phone doesn't fold Phonelets when will they learn?[View]
91316919Was going through my old computer, and found this. I miss when Firefox was cool. Share old photos th…[View]
91322325Hypothetically speaking what would be the most efficient way to launch a raid on this website?: Assu…[View]
91324029is 75°C/80°C too hot for a cpu?: so i have an I310100f and its getting to max 80°C in some games (cy…[View]
91311957Zoomer bros…[View]
91324118>don't upgrade your OS >your USB sticks stop working…[View]
91324090How 2 convert YouTube vids to mp3: Man I just want some sound effects for video editing and every si…[View]
91323980What's gonna be the next big wearable?[View]
91322387Web dev or IT?: Which one should I go for?[View]
91322579Google Pixel + HP Chromebook: Name a better combo. I'll wait.[View]
91324056Do you ASRock?[View]
91323673What IT job gets you paid good money for doing barely any work?[View]
91322787Has anybody actually done this?[View]
91323992dont mind me watching you watching midget porn[View]
91319013/pcbg/ - PC Building General: still implying you need more edition UPGRADE & BUILD ADVICE Post b…[View]
91312969hands: *teleport behind AIs* *unsheathes fingers* 'heh... nothing personnel... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…[View]
91323879its over for chatgpt: my chatgpt got dementia and amnesia[View]
91319413> warning: module `Nigger` should have a snake case name Who asked?[View]
91309318PIXEL 6 SUCKS: I have the pixel 6 but I think the 7 is just as bad. Every update introduces a new bu…[View]
91321047Linux gameboy emulator: Hi, I'm looking for an emulator device that can play gameboy games like…[View]
91278624/bst/ - Battlestation Thread: 'Not my setup but I like it' Edition Previous Thread >>91124957…[View]
91321382fucked up and accidentally updated this thing battery is drained in less than 5 hours of no use, if …[View]
91312420Is the US being cucked by limp dick chinks?: What technology could be used to capture the balloon? W…[View]
91319491Search engines: >/g/ says don't use google search because it's pozzed >try out duckd…[View]
91319130Should I boot up a VM or use WSL[View]
91318807don't SIGKILL[View]
91323457i thought she paid thousands to get them all taken down?[View]
91321639It sucks so fucking much. Yeah Google is bad too but the other search engines are entirely useless e…[View]
91319527/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>91314718 >View and Submit GPU P…[View]
91323058How does an AMOLED phone keep the status bar from burning in? I swear I see it moving from time to t…[View]
91322078Pcbros how accurate is this? I mean the tiers/rankings displayed, like is a 1080 really equal to a 2…[View]
91323340How often are you 'pretty surprised' /g/?[View]
91319870I can charge an M1 Macbook with an ordinary USB A to C phone charger and a USB 3.0 port. Are there a…[View]
91323197wtf nasa?: >Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope >NGRST >NGRS Telescope B-b-based?…[View]
91322820So is there no way around this?[View]
91316501Is it even possible to buy a laptop and not feeling loss about it? Why is laptop so expensive anyway…[View]
91318774ai is doing sitcoms now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qecw8QOhwmw[View]
91317465/VSG/ #7 FOSS AI General - Voice Synthesis: /VSG/ #7 FOSS AI General - Voice Synthesis PREVIOUS THRE…[View]
91317809why is windows 10 still so slow even with top of the line hardware and superfast SSDs and a good deb…[View]
91304838/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>91290861 Lisp is the most powerful programming…[View]
91319468/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>91314718 >View and Submit GPU…[View]
91316442Studying computer science gives me a headache. This fucking sucks.[View]
91319581Why do normies need to see ape (or faggot) face to click on a video?: Another example of the tyranny…[View]
91321013Privacy OS: What is the best linux OS for privacy?[View]
91317926do you need to be a programmer to code?[View]
91321927salvation is near: The domestic GPU manufacturer Moore Threads officially announced that it has rece…[View]
91308045Only Haskell gets interfaces right: >Iteration Almost all languages get this wrong when they iter…[View]
91319549Font manager: What's the go to font manager these days? I've been using Suitcase all my li…[View]
91316754Hello sirs and good friends, I make good looking for Epic Games sirs. Very like my push dear sirs pl…[View]
91320402This came out 22 years ago.[View]
91315783literally me >t. 600k coder[View]
91321543How do I buy 4chna.org?[View]
91313483I need help. I'm a junior SRE. How to learn my job without ask questions to senior developers? …[View]
91320015/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: no edition edition A general dedicated to discussion & development …[View]
91321063Shit paste: It feels like playdoh and can't spread for shit. Also no I didn't leave it ope…[View]
91309005Give me 1 reason developers shouldn't be hanged or sent to zinc mines[View]
91321172>start program and start training models >first time I hear the CPU this loud…[View]
91315993Explain, in rational terms, what's so bad about USB-C.[View]
91319895Just found this Surface Laptop, how good are they compared to MacBooks? And will Windows laptops eve…[View]
91321737Apple: When exactly did they bend the knee? Is there a date for the beginning of their cuckoldry?…[View]
91265712/wdg/ - Web Development General: >Free beginner resources to get started with HTML, CSS, JavaScri…[View]
91321667What is the best general use Windows laptop for $1000 or less?[View]
91321608what's a Google?: ever since chaGpt I haven't touched it & you, g?[View]
91319823Mysterious website login: I was trying out the punchlines.ai website a few days ago to generate some…[View]
91319112How do I read this book? It's pretty math heavy and half of what I'm reading is going in o…[View]
91316719BRAIN TECHNOLOGY: This thread is to discuss technology regarding the brain[View]
91314340it does krash somewhat often (individual windows, and system wide) but it's so much more comfy …[View]
91315720Why is embedded programming considered the hardest programming field of all?[View]
91321385Why are MacBooks so boring looking? They've basically had the same look for 20 years now. The o…[View]
91320059The fuck?: i thought forcing docker desktop down our throats would be the downfall, what are your th…[View]
91321216>you haven’t finished watching this video. please watch again >you haven’t click this video ye…[View]
91321214>tfw didn't toggle off the privacy things during the windows installation…[View]
91314657First distro to a complete beginner: Okay, guys. I'll transition to Linux, but I'm unsure …[View]
91315839GNU Guix: Is this shit good? Nix is poorly engineered garbage, but the idea is good. Will hardware s…[View]
91320192How can AI be applied to cracking Denuvo?[View]
91283693AMD NGMI: Fuck this company and anyone who stands for it. https://www.pcworld.com/article/1499957/am…[View]
91316917fuck google, it barely ever gives me the search results I'm looking for anymore. what alternati…[View]
91320869the underAMD: >keeps your prices high[View]
91316936>Be me >Have Nordvpn installed bc I’m overly paranoid and don’t like the idea of my internet p…[View]
91310466/hsg/ - Home Server General: automatic clustering via physical proximity edition READ THE WIKI! …[View]
91320647Best configuration management tool and why[View]
91316807Is this the future?: I mean its the most plausible outcome https://vocaroo.com/1ne530pPglCq[View]
91314736sage: c overccpp if your lang has to be constantly relearned and doing things the old way gets worse…[View]
91318947Omegle: Holy shit this site is cancer. I remember when it first came out. How does it still exist?…[View]
91309316do i want to use this?[View]
91315064>ARC is now a viable option for gaming Time to apologize, /g/[View]
91316577Where/how do you hide your porn from other users?[View]
91298904I don't see a problem[View]
91319630I'm bringing my macbook into the genius bar to look for water damage because I spilled and to f…[View]
91313067Where did all the soul go?: Why haven't you taken the dumbphone pill yet?[View]
91319132> panel on top > hide title when maximized maximum comfy…[View]
91318182How do?: How do I dereference a reference pointer?[View]
91319055How to build a good DIY audio monitors?[View]
91319739Back when I made a token coingecko gate kept me from listing it and whalebot wouldn't show it e…[View]
91313793American technology everyone[View]
91318632Is Google going to kill ChatGPT? https://youtu.be/0QEDBEdL7HY[View]
91317374I like how webdevs act like old techniques are massive breakthroughs now >SSR >Deferred JS loa…[View]
91315665which one /g/[View]
91319489My classmate just shilled ChatGPT and said it’ll change my life forever and that it can even write c…[View]
91318769Am I insane?: I just want to run a quick sanity check before I nuke my social life and leave this pl…[View]
91314718/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>91312614 >View and Submit GPU P…[View]
91316179Manjaro v Arch: Why is Manjaro LE BAD!!!!1? The only reason I hear it's bad is the SSL cert iss…[View]
91314712/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>91312614 >Submit GPU Performa…[View]
91311828what's the most perverted technology?[View]
91317939how do I get a phone number for free so I can use chatgpt again? I lost the password to my other ac…[View]
91318607>in this class, we are enforcing pair programming, as this is an industry standard... >you mu…[View]
91318803Good morning sir, have you paid one thousand United States dollars per month for gold check mark?[View]
91318011literally does everything inside one simple window let me guess.. you need more? webshits need not a…[View]
91318220Internal Hard Disk Issue: After I upgraded my PC, my storage hard drive has been acting up. It was a…[View]
91319019>search for a tutorial on youtube >find a video >the guy in a video is a pajeet but he had …[View]
91317071How can you be this based?: /g/ retards hate this gigachad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92uLDuRuF…[View]
91319089Is my GPU dead or malfunctioning?: I've got this old 4GB Radeon card I've been using for y…[View]
91319084post youtube 'hacker' vids / interviews / stories: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNEA0sglO5A its c…[View]
91316382How to become a product manager no xp ?: I've seen a few internships for ripple and google. I h…[View]
91310997windows telemetry: this guy just filter the dns traffic in the network monitor and find connections …[View]
91313308/pcbg/ - PC Building General: You could have prevented this edition UPGRADE & BUILD ADVICE Post …[View]
91307164>quits his job at Facebook and research on VR all together after 15 years so he can jump in the A…[View]
91317298what language are they using?[View]
91317271Hey /g/, There's been a lot of talk lately about AI and how it will eventually replace human pr…[View]
91316124say cheese[View]
91318582how to break airpods case and get refund: i lost my airpods pro case and ordered a new one, found th…[View]
91317321Advice for buying a used GPU? If I buy it, how can I test it thoroughly before return window closes?[View]
91298087Post your Firefox[View]
91297092Any subnotebooks that look comfy?[View]
91308899Laptop Purchase: Help me /g/. Due to circumstances I currently dont have much space to work with an…[View]
91318248Would it be better if car companies followed the unix philosophy? One company makes the carburators,…[View]
91256693/mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboard General: wood edition >Keyboard recommendation template https://paste…[View]
91316205/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: Schrödingers chatbot edition A general dedicated to discussion & de…[View]
91313877They're going to release the sentient AI into the public.[View]
91315467>they announced mini led gaming laptop at ces 2022 >only release them in china >announce mi…[View]
91314353Is it possible that the audio clip of Trump saying 'grab her by the pussy' was ai generated? Isn…[View]
91318001How can we save web development, /r/technology?[View]
91317278AI backdoor in Intel chips exists. Linux Kernel don't exist. SystemD don't exist. Bloatwar…[View]
91316664If you're not aquarius you don't belong on /g/[View]
91313487Are YOU an AI-protected persyn?[View]
91316198>fell for the OLED meme[View]
91317870when will we have an open source LLM ?[View]
91316393What are some good boomer themes that don't break on modern GTK?[View]
91317810Is this real?: Seems too good to be true, cheaper than a 3090 FE TI on Amazon... https://www.amazon.…[View]
91307032How difficult is the OSCP cert, g? I also read that it takes up to 24 hours. Is that really true my …[View]
91308241Galaxy S23 Ultra for 599$: https://fi.google.com/about/phones/samsung-galaxy-s23-ultra/ Is it possib…[View]
91315072Why can't I connect my phone to a computer via a headphone jack?[View]
91317243What are fun things to do with picrel? i'm thinking spreadsheets, programming and games. its al…[View]
91317507ASSEMBLY THREAD: Lets have some fun. Post cool 64 bit ASM scripts section .data msg db 'The…[View]
91315517>'dry-cleaning' >uses liquid ???[View]
91300613Is this book worth reading? I want to learn x86 assembly because it sounds fun[View]
91317196You fucks really think that watching youtube on your phone while not logged in somehow makes your sh…[View]
91316458>mfw I see vanilla CSS (not tailwind)[View]
913163914chan.org more like redneck.org amirite[View]
91306833/VSG/ #6 FOSS AI General - Voice Synthesis: /VSG/ #6 FOSS AI General - Voice Synthesis PREVIOUS THRE…[View]
91311489>be me >have to learn c for school >doesn't understand pointers >gets fucking filte…[View]
91314160Objective Fact: You do not need a degree to get a Software Engineer position.[View]
91316091https://mega.nz/folder/hMYjSAaC#PI5Z4an2RMM6ANXiJRYymQ >I believe I will, as soon as tonight, be …[View]
91310644lol your battlestation doesn't dance like mine >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcMrRTRzhgI…[View]
91315441I need to fap. Should I just look at porn or spend hours trying to create porn that's good eno…[View]
91315039Das rite[View]
91315168Do most programmers put Easter eggs in their code?[View]
91316750JS on C# focus for dev of 1 year: >get first dev job in webdev >no VCS, we added one >no pu…[View]
91305846How did it get so popular?[View]
91316384>tfw fell for the 8 GiB of RAM meme[View]
91315307GPS-Tracker into Macbook?: Would it be possible to build a GPS-tracker into a Macbook with the Macbo…[View]
91316316Why are programmers like that?: >knows fuck all about math >needs to have a special snowflake …[View]
91310668The company I'm doing my thesis for just terminated most of the junior devs and interns because…[View]
91314927Think some colossal npc faggot keylogged me, how is the easiest way for me to find it? I know they …[View]
91316104>forces you to use an unstable build so you can use 'unsigned extensions'…[View]
91314531Why do only women work with acryllic?: Seems like only women work with acryllic, and only men work w…[View]
91294261Voice Synthesis General #18: Tortoise edition: https://beta.elevenlabs.io/ >What's this? A s…[View]
91315886What went wrong?: How did they manage to lose 95% of their market share in 10 years?[View]
91313659ok /g/, I did something stupid. I bought these klipsch low end speakers (R-14M) and this aiyimi a07 …[View]
91309567How do I avoid falling for every single slash gee slash meme at once?[View]
91308328>your computer monitor has higher resolution than your TV[View]
91315505>can take a screenshot of a dx9 game with bitblt printwindow getdc etc... >game update to dx11…[View]
91315342what technology can help me overcome my lolita complex ?[View]
91310899Is AI the future of porn?[View]
91315464chatGPT thread: >create a great, useful chat bot >put restrictions on it to turn it into a pro…[View]
91315415google 'diversity updates': Thanks for another pointless update from Google. Lets move the streeview…[View]
91315172Anyone have any ideas for a first time Django app?[View]
913152814chan, the captcha on this site and the 4chan archives are immoral[View]
91311199Which is a better career path? Hardware (Computer engineering, electronics, etc...) or Software (cod…[View]
91314313Was chatgpt a way to punish india for siding with putin?[View]
91313981average job posting: >Education/Experience Required MsC in Computer Engineering with a related mi…[View]
91315157Slackware: >install 32 bit https://mirrors.slackware.com/slackware/slackware-iso/slackware-15.0-i…[View]
91285375Quick! The Americans are asleep or overdosing on goyslop! Post technolo/g/y that angers and infuriat…[View]
91308364Would he approve of the internet?[View]
91314373Why camt somebody just make a new video and omage format that beats Red's? Red has the patent t…[View]
91306661Just removed my i5 2500k: It's over, hold me anons I can't look at that cpu outside its co…[View]
91313835>hey Google, start a thread on /g/, use that laptop image from my /g/ folder on my NAS as the tit…[View]
91289845/aosg/ and /aig/ - combine Alternative Operating Systems and ISAs General: ITT, we discuss alternati…[View]
91314344why even bother when an AI can do it better[View]
91313994How would you make FreeBSD more attractive to the average user?[View]
91312614/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>91310051 >View and Submit GPU P…[View]
91314421Guys just got fired by a massive layoff what do?[View]
91313817>you can't see the forums because you are not logged[View]
91298889Simple as[View]
91314664Why is my vps getting bombarded with udp datagrams full of nonsense? It seems to be coming from Beij…[View]
91313425Happy birthday jay[View]
91307294What's the /g/ OS? – Poll: Have you seen the top OS pick of /g/?!?! https://strawpoll.com/polls…[View]
91302335They NEED to have an AMD option NOW![View]
91306767pluton schizo thread[View]
91306712>Vim best >No emacs best >No vs code best Not using your own text editor, huh? Ngmi…[View]
91314505>video buffers 2.5 minutes >look at the monitor >starts playing…[View]
91313983Ok what projects can I do that will get me a job? Minecraft sex mods isn't working ngl[View]
91314381>if you make a google account on desktop you uave to give a phone number >if you make a google…[View]
91309206i know apple started this retarded trend but at least their dongles are sold in every fuckin store o…[View]
912868524chan redirecting: Does anyone else have the luckypapa.top redirecting malware? How do I get this to…[View]
91313858Any /g/ anons working on projects that use Differentiable Programming paradigm?[View]
91309572Why do hackers talk like this[View]
91313278the /g/ame: I wonder what should I do. Go back to trying to convine /g/entoomen to work on the pixel…[View]
91313655Cool examples of emergent behaviour?: I recently saw a video in which a robot, whose goal it was to …[View]
91312081/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: A general dedicated to discussion & development of AI Chatbots Pygm…[View]
91310011This is who AI art is replacing. Do you feel bad?[View]
91314185Lmao the tech hasn't even finished yet and they're already thinking about sabotaging it an…[View]
91310051/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>91308216 >View and Submit GPU P…[View]
91313661rekt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16HRq2HRvQg&ab_channel=MaxTech Wintards are coping…[View]
91313126got a Dell notebook for college and I think I made a mistake, sure it's upgradable and screen i…[View]
91313818Someone should make a youtube video of a react project that starts out being 1mb and people keep imp…[View]
91313552sni bug host: a while back somene mentioned that they tunnel their internet traffic through an sni b…[View]
91313941Who was the freaking genius who though giving thunderbolt ports the same freaking icon as charging w…[View]
91305515Is it safe to say that the tech industry strategy of 'We hire top talent so that our competitors can…[View]
91312991How can you implement racism into a language model?: Did they teach it this way or is there a simple…[View]
91312170ITS HAPPENING[View]
91311547Why the fuck is it so bloated >Fresh install debian >It installs every GNOME game available in…[View]
91299137/ng/ networking general: What router does /g/ recommend? Are these firewallas a plebbit tier meme? I…[View]
91313392is making sexualized deepfakes from public photos unethical ?[View]
91313372Are tech reviews a dying industry? All the phones are the same. All the gadgets are the same. No inn…[View]
91312485Why did this happen?[View]
91310560I love this little nigga like you guys wouldn't believe[View]
91292637/spg/ - Smartphone General: S23 lineup edition. >What phone has X and Y feature? Don't ask,…[View]
91313127>2023 >I am forgotten[View]
91308306>Hey /g/uys, >check out this new tool I just coded up - cligpt! It's like ChatGPT but for…[View]
91309302It's time we make a specific containment board for AI shills: Name 1 single technology, and/or …[View]
91313507Any good iDeal PSPs?: Netherlandsbros, are there any payment service providers for iDeal worth using…[View]
91305609Decided to give it a go, I was between Golang and this shit, I decided to go for this shit because I…[View]
91313048Is it possible to suspend an entire session running from a linux bootable usb and then detach the dr…[View]
91312275> Brahmins - Software Engineers > Kshatryas - Infra and sys admins > Vaishyas - QA > Shu…[View]
91310659Packages: 598 (dpkg)[View]
91309986>look up problem on stack overflow >the downvoted answer is the only one which actually works…[View]
91309921Does /g/ own AR glasses? Is it ready for daily use? It seems like it's on the next race between…[View]
91311693PCB/Electonics - Brainlet needs your help: Hello. I'm extremely new to this. I have an idea I…[View]
91311193Why people hate git extension?: What I can do in git extension with a few clicks in 30 seconds, othe…[View]
91312808As Guido Van Rossum once said, 'Readability counts', and that's why he blessed us with the walr…[View]
91310946I came across a distribution called BunsenLabs. It's like a very heavily riced Debian. What do …[View]
91311563I think we'll eventually get burned out from very technical very polished 2D anime art made by …[View]
91309931Do you use wifi jammers to block glowies from sending data from their on chip wifi transmitters?[View]
91296681Are you ready for the new release of the best distro?[View]
91312731What are your favorite software names? Mine is Pi-Hole.[View]
91295768Netflix used AI Image generation for a recent short film: Damn... Even Animators aren't safe...…[View]
91309881cope all you want but Java will live forever, your new fancy trannylang will die[View]
91308011>systemd free >yet still ships pulseaudio by default in $CURRENT_YEAR…[View]
91312148When did you realize you're ngmi? In the software industry I mean.[View]
91304938/pcbg/ - PC Building General: gamer juice edition UPGRADE & BUILD ADVICE Post build list or curr…[View]
91301796AI needs work still: Chat GPT still can't even answer basic questions I'm not going to be …[View]
91310975Decent locally run AI shit when? I barely play game anymore and just want an excuse to spend loads o…[View]
91307678Why would you want self-driving cars?[View]
91312532Laptop won't turn on: This piece of crap died on my. It sometimes charged depending on how the …[View]
91311039Is a few years old course on node still relevant: React et all changes too damn much, but can the sa…[View]
91296669Just bought my first Mac, a MBP 14' M1. What am I in for?[View]
91311358>29 >Graduate with masters in ECE (comms) at 28 >tfw been jobless for a year >All this …[View]
91312238There are only two kinds of people on /g/: 1) those who are fed up with their current operative syst…[View]
91310967>1tb hard drive from 2014 still going strong[View]
91312141Is there a method of preserving batteries in my small sized collection of old tech that doesn't…[View]
91311960When will machines manage shit like building, farming and manufacturing? It seems now that art is ob…[View]
91308960https://www.open-std.org/jtc1/sc22/wg21/docs/papers/2023/p2759r0.pdf It's finally over. C++ can…[View]
91310077Why did they never make another Hulk movie, /tv/? He's one of the most popular avengers[View]
91307896Yeah looks great! Talk about a retina display amirite[View]
91311548Does anyone know how to secretly screen record on android with someone knowing it's recording?[View]
91295452I have never used tiktok in my life. 3 hours ago I accidentally clicked the 'shorts' button on the …[View]
91308273At my job people say merges are bad and they only do rebase. Have you seen this too? I don't re…[View]
91311100is there a way of autoforwarding SMS on iphone to email? i get 2FA login codes to my mobile for work…[View]
91307391Nobody wants a stylus.[View]
91306592I want MONEY. ALL I want is MONEY.: I don't get the way you guys think. I want MONEY. 6 figures…[View]
91308672Does grayscale save battery ? And why it doesn't ?[View]
91308363why are most tech groomcord servers filled with absolute faggots ?[View]
91308971I hate them so so much.[View]
91308450How do TV manage to handle 8K despite having shit components despite much better computers shitting …[View]
91304575I DON'T WANT TO SPEND 200 BUCKS[View]
91301320/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>91296191 >View and Submit GPU P…[View]
91310045so this... is the greatest power... in the universe... wow...[View]
91309324Whats a software to quit porn?: I tried normal porn blockers but I just end up disabling them and 4c…[View]
91311018>go to chat gpt >sign up >you already used this phone number for another account >forgo…[View]
91311359How do I extend “14 day free trial” to a permanent free trial? Wanna continue using BetterTouchTool …[View]
91309598Windows 11: Any of you autistic fucks tried this or type of windows 11.[View]
91280570>2023 >still having noisy spinning rust in your computer What's your excuse?…[View]
91310948>public static int qweruioausdiofjaskfjiojqriofevkzlndvklaidfjqwioasdzklvnkdlzsnfajifoazdjnvkzvka…[View]
91310415TeX Live or MiKTeX for Windows?[View]
91311162Can you please send me pic where steve jobs shits in someones mouth? I ve seen it in apple threads b…[View]
91309273/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: A general dedicated to discussion & development of AI Chatbots Pygm…[View]
91308783Just got me some of that Dedotated WAM went from 8 gb to 16gb now what?[View]
91307957https://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/articles/unreal-engine-nvidia-geforce-rtx-40-series-performance/ N…[View]
91303496You are transported to medieval times and all you have is this old graphics card in your hand. What …[View]
91310846post soulful gpus[View]
91305745>carpal tunnel It's over. My livelihood is killing me.[View]
91309794Anyone else notice just how many tech companies absolutely hate their own product(s) but they expect…[View]
91300009Why is 720p no longer considered HD?[View]
91310744Homescreen thread: r8 & h8, m8s[View]
91297540What flip phones do you recommend and what custom oses would you recommend (I heard KaiOS is no good…[View]
91296193Casey has a new course on high perf code: But it’s on his fucking paid substack. Anyone here has acc…[View]
91310521they are still selling this palm phone even though it only has Android 8.0. That's not even got…[View]
91290159>Does NOT terminate the program[View]
91304483tfw dreams in code[View]
91306896Cop or not??[View]
91308216/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>91306759 >View and Submit GPU P…[View]
91290604/twg/ - Tech Workers General: >Getting Started Want a tech job, but have no degree, skills, or ex…[View]
91297374>sex is determined by chromosomes >get CRISPR therapy to change your XY to XX >now people h…[View]
91304572To be fair... isn't it his fault that Linux is shit?: If this guy actually cared, there would b…[View]
91308380hey /g/ how do I unlock a Mac Pro that's in this state? got fired but have documents I need acc…[View]
91310063music piracy: >https://free-mp3-download.net/ i just found out this amazing website but i'm …[View]
91309349What camera in android can you use? Do Google camera or what? And can you give me reason why you usi…[View]
91292777>blocks your path what are you gonna do x86fag?[View]
91308757fetch(link).then(...).then(...).then(...).then(...).then(...).then(...) Is node really?…[View]
91307430Are there these software: Looking for some practical 2d software of sorts, vector base perhaps that …[View]
91309386question: hi im new on 4chan and j was wondering can i post my new game that its still in alpha here…[View]
91305755I made my first program today and it worked![View]
91309139/fag/ - Friendly Apple General v2: Friendly discussion of Apple's Macintosh computers and Apple…[View]
91297436Rust is actually great and I'm tired of pretending that it's not.[View]
91299243mouse general: $13 viper mini edition[View]
91296519Desktop Thread: Busy Edition[View]
91308974Is there an Android app that automatically rejects all the cookie prompts? I'm fucking sick of …[View]
91305840Gmail is honestly the best email service out there: I've tried most and none of them match the …[View]
91306759/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>91305315 >Submit GPU Performa…[View]
91300424Will AIs replace every software developer?[View]
91302977Need your help to buy a New porn machine: M'y porn machine juste die I want a desktops 500- 700…[View]
91308468/glg/ - Great Linux general: In this thread we discuss everything great Linux has to offer. While /f…[View]
91306973Does anyone here have any idea regarding react-openidconnect?: I would really appreciate some help…[View]
91308828>2023 >still not owning a punos blaster Explain yourself.…[View]
91308872I see a lot of nice desktops in the desktop thread that use linux but what if you suddenly decide yo…[View]
91303875/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: lazy fags Previous /sdg/ thread: >>91301320 >View and Sub…[View]
91305315/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread: >>91303875 >View and Submit GPU Pe…[View]
91308616Ok i am lazy ass coder but also a curious one but most of all a very opportunitistic and caustious s…[View]
91305228ARM? more like LEG. hahahahahahahaha[View]
91308682What happened to Pearl?: Wasn't Pearl supposed to make sed, grep and awk obsolete? What happene…[View]
91308480So, does it work?[View]
91302028Proprietary software keeps stealing my bits! What's the best free as in freedom client that doe…[View]
91307622Has everyone else's computer been shitting the fan for the past 2 months or so because it seems…[View]
91308319Why would you pick Debian over Arch in 2023?[View]
91302097Does fdroid still work for you guys? I switched to droidify[View]
91307882How to build a gravity-based generator to get 'free' electricity: This page shows you how easy it is…[View]
91303810why is GIL still a thing?[View]
91305679how the fuck does quantum computing work?[View]
91306610>If you don't want prices to increase, just stop consooming! People have too much money, tha…[View]
91307834Memory prices CRASH as ChangXin Memory ramps up production[View]
91307645Why is everyone moving to Microsoft Azure?[View]
91306593/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: A general dedicated to discussion & development of AI Chatbots Pygm…[View]
91307179$2500 ameriburgers cop or not?[View]
91304505'you cannot start with the technology and try to figure out where you gonna try to sell it' - steve …[View]
91303450fuck cmake, fuck ninja, fuck scons, fuck all of it. if your dev environment can't make use of …[View]
91304307Why is this the first language typically taught in school?[View]
91270029/iemg/ & /pmpg/ - In-Ear Monitor & Portable Music Player General: Kima waifu edition How to …[View]
91307842{Time, space, information} triplet:brain, databases, decision cycles: https://medium.com/@GV3RGB/7-b…[View]
91289195How useless are women at coding?: [spoiler]and engineering while we're at it[/spoiler][View]
91306853Are there small practical 3d software around 3 Megabye or so that i can use to practically apply bil…[View]
91305231ugh thinksisters it's so tempting i wanna get DELLed so bad[View]
91300331The WW3 is about to begin. Are you ready technology wise ?[View]
91290897Is it truly over for clover?[View]
91307404Why am I better at captcha when I'm drunk? Something I have observed[View]
91305798/g/ is ruined the catalog is just a playground for discordtards to create bait threads and bump them…[View]
91282007C: Why is it shilled so much on this board? 90% of those trying to learn it don’t have a valid reaso…[View]
91302155Raspberry Pi: Redpill me on these computers /g/. Do you guys use them?[View]
91297199Imagine that you are a woman. Your name is Melissa Di Donato and you are the CEO of SUSE. What would…[View]
91306839Grokking 'Undefined Behavior': For anyone unfamiliar, undefined behavior is a concept that exists, a…[View]
91306047I like the JVM[View]
91302971Never obsolete.: How did they do it?[View]
91306718Uprecords Dick Measuring Edition Post your uptimerecords % or uptime records READ THE WIKI! & h…[View]
91301558I have some spare money and want to buy a tech product, any suggestions? no junk.[View]
91302904Except for having when compiled code before object files instead of a specific source code (not in r…[View]
91305957Hey lads I ripped some audio files from a game, and they had no file extension. If I rename them to…[View]
91299324>iphone down 8% >mac down 29% >ipad down 30% >wearables & accessories down 8% lol lm…[View]
91302344/VSG/ VOICE SYNTH GENERAL #5: /VSG/ #5 Voice Synthesis AI General - Circumventing corporate censorsh…[View]
91301698Other than security issues, is there any reason I can't buy a modern pc and install Windows XP …[View]
91300543Give me one reason to use Linux if WSL exists.[View]
91304628I think I cracked the code, /g/. I wanted to program standing up because it has a more productive ps…[View]
91306326I just spent 8 hours ricing my desktop[View]
91306328He's acting like he's headed to the gallows It was in the 80's. I felt giddy, exhilar…[View]
91305276Bros spoonfeed me the optimal way to keep my music and media backed up. Every external HDD I've…[View]
91306224>tracking package >it hasn't moved in 7 fucking days…[View]
91302483Is handheld the future for gaymen PCs? Not the Steam Deck because it's shit, but future models …[View]
91304061>Called Amazon customer support today >My phone number is NOT associated with my Amazon accoun…[View]
91304267SystemD is no different from the GNU coreutils.: SystemD gets a lot of crap for being a monolith, ha…[View]
91300849External SSD: Do these just become annoying as fuck after a while or not? Looking at MBPs and I can’…[View]
91300531What the fuck why are there so many bots nowadays. They're not even trying to hide it anymore h…[View]
91302699ITT: sovl[View]
91305715name a more succinct tech yter: (you can't)[View]
91304583Am I right to assume Netflix password sharing will become an attack surface? https://github.com/zlw9…[View]
91298758>Makes C development as easy as Rust with Cargo No reason to not use C + XMake for all your proje…[View]
91305680counting Px/Pz only and such(foreveeeer): is it just me or this software is just not working and suc…[View]
91304162/mg/ - minimalism general: rentry.org/vb3wg[View]
91303550audiophilia is literally fictional: Audiobros, how can we recover from this?[View]
91304816luckypapa.top: Realistically what happens if I ZONK? Has someone set up a vm and tested what kind of…[View]
91303205/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: Drug Edition A general dedicated to discussion & development of AI …[View]
91295226Does coding really fix your life?: I’m tired of being a NEET poorfag. Wasted most of my teens and ea…[View]
91304530who made the emma watson 5 minute joi?: i must know. this is peak.[View]
91296014>programming language for shitbrains who can't into memory management…[View]
91299063>Web 3.0 is what future web is called. Do you fucking predict the future?…[View]
91305048/sqt/ stupid questions thread: old >>91271075[View]
91305031>Make a new thread >'Post successful!' >New thread doesn't get posted >Get redirect…[View]
91300154suckless you say, huh?[View]
91301209Should I get a 2nd gen iPhone SE for $200?[View]
91271075/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Read! >Sticky >>76759434 >Wiki: https://wiki.installgen…[View]
91302767connect to my pi: connect to my pi >protocol: telnet >host: kathisma.xyz >user: fou…[View]
91302382Why does literally EVERY highly successful person in tech, business, science, the arts and every oth…[View]
91294613Are you using the next, open source, wrtten in rust, replacement for Visual Studio Code?[View]
91298683Can someone explain to a retard what the Secure Enclave is on itoddler devices?: and is it really un…[View]
91304509>This repository has been archived by the owner[View]
91299564/pcbg/ - PC Building General: the state of /pbg/ anons edition UPGRADE & BUILD ADVICE Post build…[View]
91289438TWITTER API IS NO LONGER FREE: what are the implications? is this the future of APIs? imagine micros…[View]
91303052*updates* problem?[View]
91298982Apple Inc. has always been a strong advocate of equal rights and inclusiveness, and this extends to …[View]
91303830Personal Security, is it a concern?[View]
91290861/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous Thread: >>91274805…[View]
91288483Libgen is a new Alexandrian Library: and we should not allow those woke fags to burn it again. Now p…[View]
91304156> want a laptop to run the linux > want a laptop with top tier screen, specs, and isnt a older…[View]
91304297Wait.. I get it now.. all these anti rust shills just can't get their code to compile They are …[View]
91304191UBI is clearly happening in some way in 1 - 5 years: I don't see how it couldn't. Not many…[View]
91303942/g/rug: Me sharpen stone Me bash skull of animal Me make technology You like stone?[View]
91267673EU chat control law will ban open source operating systems: >The proposed Chat control EU law wil…[View]
91287752AI this, robots that... When are we getting cybernetic augmentation, mind uploading, life extension …[View]
91303438RocketChat: How do I search for self-hosted servers to join? I'm used to Discord where you have…[View]
91302353Advice for distributed dev env setup?: My goal is to have a distributed coding env setup because I o…[View]
91303682Why aren't there any modern PCs that have the keyboard integrated into the case? Yes, I'm …[View]
91274047Is he the best programmer alive?[View]
91303340AI Stories. new site: In b4 it happens irl share story ideas and will add to the site :) also looki…[View]
91301509Is W10 LTSC still recommended or was it just a meme? I can't find a way to download it anywhere…[View]
91295384What's wrong with Python if EVERYONE is using it?[View]
91302379FUCK OFF: FUCK OFF[View]
91300015>5 years since highschool >still NEET >Dropped out of college for the 3rd time again >Ca…[View]
91298115Pointers are like gotos. They're a very literal concept that's simple to understand compar…[View]
91284538Do android chads have to succumb to paying for tinder to see who liked them?[View]
91297444Pozzed AI: ChatGPT has been completely pozzed by whatever recent update they've done. Suddenly …[View]
91296008is av1 really free?: Now that the dust has settled, how accurate is this comic?[View]
91299947Is it ok to only use an Apple Xserve as my computer?[View]
91301693Linux has the cutest users.[View]
91285855arch linux: >get the arch iso from archlinux,org >install arch using archinstall command after…[View]
91302002Increasing Human Intelligence: I wasn't born a genius and I only have a mild level of interest …[View]
91302282>watch older coworker using a computer >they double-click everything…[View]
91300338Could anyone recommend a good off-the-rack desktop PC? Any models/brands I should avoid?[View]
91297969Stability > new buggy features or 'security updates'. Just take a look at web browsers updates. T…[View]
91301692Ok /g/ I had a big brain moment today No it wasnt making my own tendies. I though what if you just …[View]
91296191/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>91293398 >View and Submit GPU …[View]
91299663how long until societal collapse bros? people are realising their prospective jobs will be taken ove…[View]
91293827Slackware: >install 32 bit https://mirrors.slackware.com/slackware/slackware-iso/slackware-15.0-i…[View]
91298962Alias I need some Aliases alias install='sudo zypper install' alias yt='yt-dlp'…[View]
91302160*&: What is a reference to pointer? What does it do?[View]
91301993online poker: Anyone know any bot-friendly poker sites? I'm learning ML and want to see if I ca…[View]
91295147All these genAI are at the cusp of being nerfed to the ground.: >Mid journey, dalle, and stable d…[View]
91301836welp, time to find a new shell[View]
91295797>stability is based in uk >uk is planning to make it illegal to train AIs without consent of a…[View]
91302120Does anyone know how to find the source of a video? Obviously I don't have the original URL and…[View]
91299516I hate what they did to Chatgpt: Good Lord they lobotomized it so fucking bad. I just wanted it to w…[View]
91300327/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: Matrixfags cucked for discord zoomers, pygmalion is dead edition Pygmal…[View]
91301799Technology to stop pajeet posting?: Good morning Sirs, I need help[View]
91297134Will 2022 go down in history as the definitive beginning of AI-pocalypse, the point of no return?[View]
91288460/VSG/ Voice Synth General - It's Over Edition: I can't bake because I'm retarded. Wha…[View]
91296857PC Nostalgia Thread: Post nostalgic PC pics and games[View]
91299219How do you making coding more tolerable?[View]
91301522Do you like using computers?: Good Evening Dra/g/on Maids! I like it when the computer is small. I h…[View]
91301697My desk is placed in front of CTO's room but I will not work. I'm on strike at my office. …[View]
91299588Let me guess, you need more?[View]
91300302Is he the greatest coder ever?[View]
91295850Anonymous: Anonymous[View]
91292669The black pill: Modern technology is so complex that you will never make anything remarkable unless …[View]
91296144literally why should I even bother learning to code when AI will be able too code anything in like 3…[View]
91297467Pseudo neocon retards: Why doesn't tiktok sue these normalfags for defamation? >hurr durr ch…[View]
91298577I lost my phone in the snow what kind of EMF detector do I need? Pls help[View]
91238386/hsg/Home Server General: 'Post a new one when the previous is on page 10, retards' edition READ THE…[View]
91300951>tfw no forward progress guarantees on rdna2 with amdgpu driver and vulkan can't force compu…[View]
91294287Thoughts on this?[View]
91296230/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>91293398 >View and Submit GPU P…[View]
91296251why is it making my cpu hotter as of late? (5600X)[View]
91298760Just found out my favorite American corporation Apple Inc. missed their earnings this quarter. Shoul…[View]
91295682Freetube fork with bitchute support: Can someone comment the Freetube fork which also supports bitch…[View]
91293061My laptop fits into my pocket.[View]
91296487Hey squidward, chatgpt took your job, hey squiward,hey squidward, hey squidward.[View]
91298782have any of you set up some online services with stripe or paypal apis? is it hard? what language o…[View]
91295454What programming language(s) does she use?[View]
91299919/g/ resources that are interesting and fun: ITT /g/ related videos, projects, experiments, books and…[View]
91297111>as a coder my main job is googling Not anymore it's not. Whenever I use google I have to wa…[View]
91298704Still more popular than 4chan lmao. West lost.[View]
91289069Have dating app developers gone mad? Hinge will be demanding $60 a month soon and Tinder want a $50…[View]
91299207Why are we putting so much money into pointless wars and space programs when we could put all those …[View]
91286361is ansible total shit?[View]
91299325uhh, /g/bros? I thought we are more important than the suits and the purple-haired bureaucrats[View]
91297982Bonq has been compromised leading to large amount of Beur. Opinions?[View]
91292090I feel like Google Maps is getting worse. Is there a better Maps App?[View]
91298313mpv dvd:// i just found out this plays the dvd from the dvd/cd drive what i want to know is how do i…[View]
91297551it's over[View]
91297458/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: /aicg/ - AI Chatbot General Tentacles edition. Pygmalion-6B model a non…[View]
91297958>Learn to co- ACK![View]
91290087Audiophiles VS Displayphiles Which community is better or worse?[View]
91296021wait... why DO coffee machines need firmware updates?[View]
91291626Rest in piss my beloved Twidere, I guess.[View]
91297764How do I make a web scrapper? I want to download a manga from a website because browser-based readin…[View]
91295176/pcbg/ - PC Building General: UPGRADE & BUILD ADVICE Post build list or current specs including …[View]
91298736Why isn't Purism being investigated?: Hundreds of people ordered Librem 5 phones from them (it…[View]
91295710(((They))) would tell you that 'optical' mice are as good as 'laser' nowadays. Don't fall for t…[View]
91282542AI is the future anon: gimme all ur deepfakes specifically emma[View]
91297172what are some .onion sites with wierd/disturbing vids?[View]
91297899why cant we have a laptop with all ports full featured usb-c? >video, audio, ethernet, sdcard, ch…[View]
91255176Private Tracker General: >Not sure what private trackers are all about? The mission of /ptg/ is t…[View]
91298260>tfw I can't even make use of 8GiB let alone 16 GiB RAM[View]
91293429Why are rust binaries so big ?[View]
91298235The emancipated developers are taking their hefty paychecks, selling their possessions, dropping aci…[View]
91293546>want to buy a phone >ask /g/ >'you need to specify your use case' >I want a phone >'…[View]
91297939Nude AI: Men of culture, I saw this thread >>>/biz/thread/53541983 where some anon managed …[View]
91294682abbo linux[View]
91221371/csg/ - Chink Shit General - Retry edition: Everything is already from China, but in here we discuss…[View]
91290469If you don't play games, why would you use windows? What are the reasons to not move to macos o…[View]
91295104Job advice for entry IT role: I’ve been applying for any all all helpdesk, IT support, and technical…[View]
91295780Some packages availabe in aur aren't available in nix. I don't know of any package nix has…[View]
91286957https://game.intel.com/story/intel-arc-graphics-unleashing/ INTEL WON THANK YOU INTEL[View]
91297927I just got laid off from my programming job. When I asked why they said it was because they have AI …[View]
91295730Free software fucking sucks[View]
91296499What the FUCK were they thinking?[View]
91297537>10 years ago tech was about smartphones and saas >now its about ai and automation what went r…[View]
91288176He is right you know[View]
91199229/psg/ - Privacy & Security General: >>91155761 'Arguing that you don't care about the…[View]
91285688It's all coming together, bros. I predict we should have a fully functioning Sexbot by 2025 or …[View]
91297703What the heck is this app/site?: I am doing some snooping and only have limited resolution. What the…[View]
91297713Why hasn't oxen.io/lokinet overtaken tor?[View]
91286349Good morning sir, have you paid for API access?[View]
91295728>make fun of >60hz phone screen >Buy 120hz phone I apologize…[View]
91296158FAANG: Can you spot the bait?[View]
91296496I have zero coding experience or knowledge on how to make a website but I really want a personal web…[View]
91285255Steam hardware survey - Dec 2023: >Overall Windows -0.13% MacOSX +0.13% Linux stayed the same …[View]
91295681Why are Linux and MacOS such rootless operating systems? They're like two retarded adopted brot…[View]
91296375HEY YOU!: Whaddya think of [currently existing software project], but rewritten in RUST?!?[View]
91295413>move subdirectory within main folder >cries, pisses, shits and cums Nothing personnel.…[View]
91295280Just works: The operating system[View]
91296746Edge's TTS is good. Why is it good? Everyone else's is garbage.[View]
91292719Richard Stallman on Wayland https://voca.ro/1h9ojVMD3KvS[View]
91296804Airtable: Ok, so this thing is pretty nice, but it wants me to pay if I want more than 3 seats on th…[View]
91290203What is the best book to start learning C++ for a programming noob?: I have pic related but i wanted…[View]
91289379Is this a good deal for a mobility scooter? I weigh 473 lbs so I need a good ol' stable one tha…[View]
91284410COSMIC DE is coming along nice and well. Recently added xwayland support and moved fromg GTK to Iced…[View]
91280537lets settle this once and for all /g/ is /g/ a windows, linux, mac, or other board? what is YOUR da…[View]
91296464so I learned to design websites now how do I find someone who wants to have websites designed[View]
91292563This is Linux Torvalds, the creator of Oracle. Say something nice about him.[View]
91295112AI art is thief: I feel like AI, is just doing basically what any other artist does when their are s…[View]
91296052What is this part? I have an Acer Predator Helios 300 (2019) I broke the screen and got it replaced …[View]
91292069Am I the retard?: The only person I know who knows shit about tech is my own kid and sometimes he em…[View]
91295066for more freedom: I realized that the internet is or in some countries already a basic need, with th…[View]
91247603Was he right about technology?[View]
91293125why do we have two windows buttons?[View]
91294748*dies* problem?[View]
91293398/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>91292010 >View and Submit GPU P…[View]
91295779Should the internet be a public utility and why?: Gigachad: Yes!!! Sigma:Yessss Beta:Ye[View]
91290321>having less features is good... just because it is, okay? >it stays out of my way…[View]
91295336Ban Key Chords: http://xahlee.info/kbd/banish_key_chords.html[View]
91294684Why is low-level programming and reverse engineering/infosec infested with trannies? What attracts t…[View]
91295489>my password was leaked >all i get is emails asking to approve the login on my old Facebook, T…[View]
91296145My 1W LED lightbulb seem to be kind of dark. How many lumens can state of the art 1W Led give me in …[View]
91292838Which technology can help me cure my stable diffusion addiction? I spend way too much time either ma…[View]
91295836What is the best configuration for laptop with external monitor, keyboard and mouse? Laptop in front…[View]
91290645>$600 Unbeatable price/performance.[View]
91294502is it safe to buy a 1 euro windows 10 licence on the internet and activate it by entering the instal…[View]
91280982the /g/aem: >Why should we make a game? So people will respect g or else everyone will think you…[View]
91291809how is it possible that youtube missed this? https://youtu.be/npDRqiR5YiQ or this: https://youtu.be…[View]
91291883Aya is building their own Linux distro for their Aya handhelds. What do you think about this?[View]
91265526/fglt/ – Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ – Friendly GNU/Linux Thread Before asking for …[View]
91292797>3 decades later still the best mouse in the world how does he do it ?[View]
91295583How do you deal with online comments on your website? you use a 3rd party tool to clean them up? you…[View]
91292851/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: /aicg/ - AI Chatbot General Straight Shota edition. Pygmalion-6B model …[View]
91293269>twitter has less daily active users than snapchat >BUT the average income of twitter users w…[View]
91281636Japanese programming industry: What's the current state of the programming industry in Japan? H…[View]
91294275Why has AI so much struggle with hands?[View]
91291071>I have a laptop with Ubuntu and Windows 10. >I want to replace them both with Kubuntu Is thi…[View]
91292174Do you know any Pixel 6 users in real life?[View]
91293527Microsoft: >Microsoft loves Linux! Also Microsoft: >refuses to release Microsoft Office on Lin…[View]
91292219Will it look good on my resume that I made mods in a weird scripting language? For a Paradox game.[View]
91290379This is the rarest USB camera on the Planet. Now I own one any my MicroPC setup is complete! What is…[View]
91292358I invited a Romanian girl over to my house to watch a movie. The first thing I did was open Netflix …[View]
91294067Redpill me on the LG 28-inch 16:18 DualUp Monitor with Ergo Stand and USB Type-C[View]
91288970What is it about this browser that has such a deep market share with normies? Do they have a real re…[View]
91293239Is it worth it switching to some linux distro on my school laptop? It has really, really low battery…[View]
91292010/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>91289344 >View and Submit GPU …[View]
91288898/pcbg/ PC Building General: I'm guessing you need more? (edition) UPGRADE & BUILD ADVICE Po…[View]
91290888best RDP or VNC for personal use: So recently I moved, and now my bedroom/home office is much bigger…[View]
91286586>be me >buy 5TB external HDD >all-good.png >... >one year later >HDD is full >…[View]
91294174>demon 1 to demon 2, pointing to them: '/dev/random' >demon 2 to demon 1, pointing to them: 'n…[View]
91291400>deprecates CMake >makes working with C / C++ a breeze >brings a highly robust package mana…[View]
91280648/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: >>91199393 Don't buy anything OTHER THAN IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad T,…[View]
91282519How many years till this tech is real: With AI rapidly advancing in the last few years, realisticall…[View]
91292221Low end 17 inch laptops have gotten worse since 2017 (last time I bought one). >Hard drives have…[View]
91294153>'Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages'[View]
91293418wait a minute. The pokemon red/blue staff had 4 programmers. That changes everything.[View]
91293774>search for a manga on startpage.org (aka glorified google) >get amazon links to buy it >ad…[View]
91294577Fuckers trying to steal my account again: If you are interested, we are still taking members to THE …[View]
91291726When will get a real alternative to the web?[View]
91291107What are some cool/fun things to do with ChatGPT? I don't have much ideas, but I see a lot of p…[View]
91293610https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bV-CHcp-Et0 PENTIUM 3!!!! FREE PRINTER!!!! ya know despite it being …[View]
91287291why is it so comfy? also ITT comfy software[View]
91288904The 'technologies' that have been a disaster for Linux: 1. Wayland 2. GNOME/GTK3+ Ten years ago, all…[View]
91289344/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>91286286 >View and Submit GPU P…[View]
91289694How can a forum moderator know I am a duplicate account poster from a previous banned account if I s…[View]
91292734openbsd: OpenBSD? Friggin' forkin' piece of crap, am I right? Dont get me started on those…[View]
91283344why is this shit player shilled so hard?: vlc >just werkz >no tweaking needed for video or aud…[View]
91292351Say I wanted to block any video related to Spongebob from appearing when I browse Youtube. Anyone kn…[View]
91289171realistically, why can't AI just do all the coding? I've been using chatgpt everyday for …[View]
91293589This used to be the most shilled distro on /g/. What went wrong?[View]
91293056>muh gaymes do winfags really?[View]
91290125Why is there such a big push for girl coders? Not saying there anything wrong with that but it seems…[View]
91282987Galaxy S23+/Ultra vs Pixel 7 Pro vs Huawei P60 Pro: Should i get Pixel 7 Pro to flash GrapheneOS, or…[View]
91292507Rust coming to Mesa (maybe?): Seems like another bastion is falling. https://www.collabora.com/news-…[View]
91290870Nova Launcher Layout/Themes: ITT: Nova Launcher layout/themes. A minimal monochrome theme I made. Xp…[View]
91289103Game dev question: I want to make a Soul Calibur like fighter with rollback but I am a fucking noob.…[View]
91291317>Let's use React for our new site! We will need: >React >Babel to compile JSX to JS, a…[View]
91292882How do I get a GF (Gentoo Fren): /g/, I am desperate! I woke up wanting a Girlfriend that can instal…[View]
91290994People tell me on here all the time that 8GB of RAM isn't enough for Windows 11 even if I don…[View]
91286914typecsisters...: What went so fucking wrong?[View]
91292923I need to create a value object 'Email'. How do i validate an email address in java? Regex it's…[View]
91290539finding a certain kind of Java Eclipse project on github: here's the thing, I need to find a pr…[View]
91290618>Magic Latern, CIPAV, Carnivore (DCS1000), Network Investigative Technique >Intel ME, AMD PSP …[View]
91279093simple as[View]
91290607>fire up termshark >see a constant stream of traffic from my phone even though it's idle…[View]
91290458What is the best x86 SBC I can buy for under $300 USD?[View]
91290015When will redditors and red hat shills realize wayland is only made for gnome and is intentionally m…[View]
91291276how bad is it that my monitors sometimes 'crash' in that they turn off and back on when I put on my …[View]
91292568So what is the point of AI when it's always locked behind API and filters? You really think cal…[View]
91278342New John Carmack interview: Starts on page 56 https://dallasinnovates.com/digital-edition-dallas-inn…[View]
91286738How feasible would it be to replace trash netbook's board with an SBC and some batteries and us…[View]
91292509Are you excited about the wikimedia sound logo? What do you think the result will be? The result wil…[View]
91290316Hilarious follow up texts. Why did he think I was offended?[View]
91288810I just realized our jobs will be gone not because AI will take our jobs, but because there'll b…[View]
91291115>see, babe, when your download is finished you don't turn off this program and continue to s…[View]
91291804Is VBA underrated? It can be more productive than spreadsheet jockeys. Plus it's useful for dat…[View]
912806514chan needs emotes: What's the hold up? Emotes are easily implemented and promote user engagem…[View]
91283935Why does this popup when browsing 4chan?[View]
91285509Voice Synthesis General #17: Bunny Subaru edition: Last thread archived, not sure where normal OP is…[View]
91291864pay service for instagram like-grinding?: ive found that visiting similar accounts and liking the 10…[View]
91279340The unwashed tech illiterate: >Catherine Garland, an astrophysicist, started seeing the problem i…[View]
91287945Why do linuxtards still buy Nvidia graphics card even though they know the driver support is atrocio…[View]
91290509Is it too late to get into IT?[View]
91289857I want MONEY. All I want is MONEY.: I don’t get the way you guys think. I want MONEY. 6 figures righ…[View]
91290017Give me your face when you switch from android to iphone.[View]
91290696What's the point? IRC is still perfect.[View]
91277217How Can One Man Be So Based?[View]
91291305what went wrong[View]
912894834chan app overview. Clover Family: Clover - The daddy. - Fast, stable. - Lacks the features of its f…[View]
91289851what is name of the deepfake voice ai that fags are using?[View]
91284734/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>91283839 >Submit GPU Performanc…[View]
91250597Desktop thread: old one ded, went out for malk like dad[View]
91291409My university sucked: I just started working and I'm starting to see that 90% of what I learnt …[View]
91290734I can clone any website for you: Do you have any idea of the myriad of scams and/or legal businesses…[View]
91288388Why do techies obsess about Lain? It's mediocre at best.[View]
91288402What's your productivity setup? Mine is: Text editor - emacs WM - emacs Terminal - emacs Web br…[View]
91274200/spg/ - Smartphone General: LG V60 'let me guess, you need less?' edition >What phone has X and …[View]
91288079/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General Muh niggas n' shieeet Edition. Pygmalion-6B model a non-filtered co…[View]
91290844Friendly reminder that you could have prevented Google's dominance.[View]
91290915north korea steals hundreds of millions in bitcoins with online scams why don't americans just …[View]
91284239TIL 16:9 widescreens are really just jewish mind tricks all along.[View]
91274805/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous Thread: >>91257949…[View]
91290450You shouldn't have to use 20 year old hardware for a free and private computing experience that…[View]
91280690How Do You Define Ackerman Function in Your Favorite Programming Language?: (define ack (…[View]
91290210Why are Zoomers so fucking retarded? Our office is struggling to find people at entry level and zoom…[View]
91284424>2017+6 >there are still no youtube downloader extensions for youtube since google shut everyt…[View]
91288034FOSDEM 2023: you faggots better not fuck this up[View]
91286286/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>91284734 >View and Submit GPU P…[View]
91289147Is that possible to lawsuit AMD, Nvidia and Intel for using non-market tools in order to keep prices…[View]
91289522Why is the modern web so weighed down by rendering technology? I thought the whole point of the Worl…[View]
91283917Why did microsoft butcher basic like that? Why couldn't they just make basic but with gui? In f…[View]
91288111Tell me bros... What do I need to learn to get into this industry? How do I get into automation? Any…[View]
91287996/g/ bros...[View]
91287842Why are we still using non-rechargeable batteries?[View]
91288941>install ls with more colors >llvm-15 is a dependency what gives?…[View]
91286974My ISP said i won an iPhone, what did you guys get? :)[View]
91280874jenkins more like SHITkins[View]
91285226/g/ bros shill me a good degoogled mobile phone: I'm sick of all the bullshit with phones nowda…[View]
91283039anons with experience using apache2 and this stuff [https://github.com/spantaleev/matrix-docker-ansi…[View]
91279298The M1/M2 MacBooks are simply the finest computers ever made. But they are a total privacy disaster,…[View]
91262445The worst part of a Mac is it expects you to do something productive: It leaves little room for tink…[View]
91289909What is your opinion on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit?[View]
91286747Fix your shit you stupid jannies. That AT&T ad is popping up every 3 seconds. Fucking nigger kis…[View]
91275493is diceware still a good password convention?[View]
91289224Anyone has experience with chinese GPUs?: First i thought it was a scam, but looking at some reviewe…[View]
91279079robopets when?[View]
91289651Personal Computers are made for gaming It's how they started and it's the main driving for…[View]
91289594can we talk how much of a disasterous technology was the introduction of switching powers supplies? …[View]
91286741how the fuck do I get rid of this question mark on Dolphin? its pretty patronizing and I can't …[View]
91287472>that one guy who carries a big fat 17-inch gaming laptop to a university…[View]
91283859Mighty Russia has entered the chat with Elbrus CPUs. Already a viable alternative. https://m.youtube…[View]
91287079How do you use your mouse's function buttons? Looking for ideas.[View]
91286629What are your thoughts on Red Hat?[View]
9128650510 reasons why COMMON LISP is the most powerful language in 2023: 1. Flexibility – Lisp has an incre…[View]
91285739My nephew is coming over so I can teach him how to use a computer What should I do?[View]
91283776What 2FA software do you on your PC?[View]
91263241Just how much cheaper would it be to use a robot compared to a regular human worker in most jobs?[View]
91286886Why is it called 16:10 instead of 8:5?[View]
91288222ITT: Android and Linux distro in anime[View]
91286646What's your holy grail retro portable?[View]
91288354I'm guessing you need more? (edition) UPGRADE & BUILD ADVICE Post build list or current spe…[View]
91288555>Laptop with Intel CPU >Thunderbolt 4 >Laptop with AMD CPU >USB Type C…[View]
91286696the fucking god[View]
91285719based coreboot: https://coreboot.org/releases/coreboot-4.19-relnotes.txt >The 4.19 release was co…[View]
91277824How am I still running an Ivy Bridge Extreme chip from 2014 and having no reason to upgrade? Is this…[View]
91274417/twg/ - Tech Workers General: >Getting Started Want a tech job, but have no degree, skills, or ex…[View]
91287962Why did 90's laptops have such an autistic obsession with soldered memory?: Why were they so ab…[View]
91286590Any tips /g/[View]
91283893Recommend me a OS: i have a old lenovo ideapad with 4gb ram and an intel i3 with win10. But it is be…[View]
91286640Storing a standard SD card in the freezer beats all forms of long term storage (CD's, HDD'…[View]
91286141How: How do microprocessors work?[View]
91287139will you keep using eol android stock rom even custom roms are existed?[View]
91285365I'm made part of the Release team at my internship and I'm very confused. They tried to gi…[View]
91281644All the free food you can eat for life. The only catch is Rust.: You can ONLY use Rust software, whi…[View]
91258879Does /g/ talk about technology with their romantic interests?[View]
91287368>linux is great, i'll jet set this laptop to auto-update and launch a web browser full scree…[View]
91286441>/g/'s theme song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YvAYIJSSZY…[View]
91280478/pcbg/ - PC Building General - This ain't no cat edition: If you don't make a new thread y…[View]
91287954Would AGI be necessarily to fully master human language? Or, like, human language is just like playi…[View]
91284865>mfw working at shenzen's huawei office as a chip developer[View]
91266056fuck cmake[View]
91286476Advice: AI + SMS combo?: Hey all Trying to find some simple ai chatbot infra that is compatible wit…[View]
91286308>install it after watching mental outlaw's video >never use it Don't fall for the me…[View]
91287720Hello /g/, I'm looking for EEG headsets to do some projects with it. Do you guys know any cheap…[View]
91286905When will technology allow me to have sex with my wife Reimu Hakurei?[View]
91279331>search for program >click on first result and download dmg >drag and drop into apps folder…[View]
91287349Does anyone here know which site provides cool or good powerpoint templates for free?: i really need…[View]
91284001LinkedIn data: what are my best options to get a full crawl/scrape of profiles? (doesn't have t…[View]
91287026>one 3.6TB drive that is 10 years old >another 3.6TB that is 12 year old >no back-ups >d…[View]
91285785/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: Cat Edition A general dedicated to discussion & development of AI C…[View]
91273328is Hacking even real?: Here is a question /g/ is hacking real? 0) Lets be honest you knowing zero da…[View]
91287453>log in >sign in >sign up >this account already exists why so confusing…[View]
91283587You get to pick one piece of software which goes free and open-source tomorrow. Which is it?[View]
91284358tfw dreams in code[View]
91287161Is it worth it to get any Microsoft Certification? The exams cost $100 and only last for year, then …[View]
91282090Is there anything stopping me from turning myself into a woman with FaceApp and then deepfaking that…[View]
91285925>called soundgoodizer >makes things sound good ITT: Programs that just work…[View]
91251797FSC Warns Against 'Most Aggressive' Nationwide Censorship Campaign: >https://www.xbiz.c…[View]
91281284Can't afford a graphics card[View]
91286900Muh nigga Edition A general dedicated to discussion & development of AI Chatbots Pygmalion-6B mo…[View]
91283952Quitting coding until theres easier 3d projection: Other than using trigs and pythagorean how else c…[View]
91285674AOM’s AV1 patents aren’t free: you’re just not paying directly for them: Some in the press and blogo…[View]
91278883Apple Now Has a Backdoor to Bypass Encryption!: https://yt.femboy.hu/watch?v=Mg4HWEdar2Q http://yt.c…[View]
91279478Used Linux for the past few years, multiple distros from ubuntu derivates to Arch to Debian. Got a f…[View]
91286038So anon, you've spent $3000 building your new PC. Why did you choose to use a $20 keyboard?[View]
91280834/dmp/ - Digital Music Production: 2 weeks to the deadline edition >Wikis https://dmpdoc.neocities…[View]
91259059What are some good alternative youtube apps? This one crashes all the time[View]
91284733Objectively speaking, was it a good invention?[View]
91284918How come FAANG pays so well?: It's literally the same work[View]
91278180Does /g/ use a habit tracker[View]
91283510ITT post your stickers all tech allowed[View]
91272950FBI admitting again that TOR is compromised: https://www.rt.com/news/570371-fbi-dark-web-terrorist/…[View]
91279543>Mfw my big brother makes 200k off Python but he doesn’t know I understand pointers and make 30k …[View]
91269583AI hands: What the fuck is wrong with AI generated hands? They are so awful and disgusting.[View]
91286191what is this?[View]
91285591That's it guys, after all these efforts, all this time, my reputation is now ruined for ever. I…[View]
91284793/g/ bros help with 4chan-x: i want to add my favorites boards like /g/, /v/ and /lgbt/ to the header…[View]
91278825Is Reaper the chad digital audio workstation?: >can fully customize it, every hotkey and even the…[View]
91284185The ping problem: Can it be realistically solved?: In multiplayer games, users have to play with oth…[View]
91273123KurobaDev or KurobaEx? https://strawpoll.com/polls/BDyNEjM2eZR[View]
91284600>what's a floppy?[View]
91283692Remember to stop using the web and return to Usenet/BBS/IRC/Gopher or start using Zeronet/I2P/Freene…[View]
91276591FUCK UNITY FUCK GODOT FUCK UNREAL: >Can't use Floats for physics calculations so I have to u…[View]
91285329Casually checking out YouTube videos on ARM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t59EtDxpYmM 'The BBC Mic…[View]
91284675Alright, I'm trying to read books and I'm sick of this happening whenever I scroll in Fire…[View]
91283434why do songs that sound the same and are in fact the same song have different lengths on different v…[View]
91281633So how much did I fuck up? I wanted to do a reflow on the memory using a hot air station, but gettin…[View]
91278247Want to learn Python.: So I'm brand new to coding. My friend suggested I start learning python…[View]
91282501IRC: ITC: discuss Internet Relay Chat[View]
91282435what will wagies do once AI and automation takes up all the jobs?[View]
91280487uhhh....what did OpenAI mean by this[View]
91283550'Public' Electric Scooters: Any ideas to convince people to stop using these/leaving them where they…[View]
91276582/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>91273169 >Submit GPU Performan…[View]
91276990/VSG/ Discussion of training our own Voice Synthesis AI to circumvent corporate censorship thread #2…[View]
91284370How hard is it to make deepfakes for free?: I want to make deepfakes of QT not crying and dunking on…[View]
91284920You shouldn't have to use 20 year old hardware for a free and private computing experience that…[View]
91272440Who actually maintains the code for this website? Like where are the 4chan offices?[View]
91281676What is the best way to profit from no internet data cap? Recently just went from 1.5 TB to unlimite…[View]
91285136you now remember SMPlayer[View]
91284555Did you buy the S23 Ultra yet /g/?[View]
91273833Kills iShit: How did they do it? Samsung literally the best phone now. More features than Apple, bet…[View]
91282669/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: Edition Edition A general dedicated to discussion & development of …[View]
91283839/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>91282314 >Submit GPU Performa…[View]
91266170College Diversity Data Sources: Someone on /sci/ posted the attached image. If you don't feel l…[View]
91281856Ubuntu now requires payment for important updates Ubuntu becomes profitable What's his endgame?[View]
91280771Windows: Is windows 10 home good[View]
91284368Will I miss anything if I upgrade from Ubuntu to Fedora? Fedora's specfiles seem to be much mor…[View]
91277699I just want to make a game: HS dropout here, age 31 with no skills so far. Formerly a NEET with 3k …[View]
91282222ITS NOT FUCKING FAIR: I encouraged a friend to learn programming last October. Yesterday he was just…[View]
91282996chatGPT: can I use chatGPT to build a simple attendance tracker website I'm a web dev so I coul…[View]
91279330which one should i buy if i want to learn how to program on a graphing calculator?[View]
91284233How do I turn stupid ass one sync or onesync or whatever it’s called off? It’s made transferring all…[View]
91280302How does one cope with internet fingerprint OCPD? Please tell me I'm not alone in making stupid…[View]
91284119is desktop even relevant anymore?: >update windows >takes 5 hours >wifi broken >update u…[View]
91282471Old controller batteries: I'm getting a PS3 for homebrew development and I need a controller. I…[View]
91280354/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previously on /sdg/: >>91278186 >Submit GPU Performance D…[View]
91281707Honest question, what's even the problem with being a NEET and giving your opinions on technolo…[View]
91278186/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>91276582 >Submit GPU Performa…[View]
91282314/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>91280354 >Submit GPU Performa…[View]
91283343>no improvement or innovation >call it a new phone I don't get it.…[View]
91280088I hate the antichrist aka Android 12: After delaying the update for a while i updated it, now everyt…[View]
91281831>when /g/ discovers OpenBSD[View]
91280384>apple backdoor[View]
91283617Is it just me or is machine learning only automating jobs that would be considered menial labor anyw…[View]
91279136How large would the radio transceivers in our phones and various wireless gadgets have to be, if the…[View]
91283850is qd oled colour fringing and text clarity really as bad they say or is it worse?[View]
91272820Every day I realize that the same people who hate AI are the same people who fear it damaging their …[View]
91273770So basically nothing new. Just better camera.[View]
91279173It is over.: First day of uni Professor says that chatGPT will replace us.[View]
91283238What's the modern equivalent of a ZX-81/Timex Sinclair 1000? AKA a low-cost computer that'…[View]
91282189Is MBP overkill for programming? Considering M1 MBP 14' vs M2 MBA. Pro is about $100 cheaper than th…[View]
91280748DOS < UNIX < Everything else What is the most popular OS? Windows (DOS) Second most popular: …[View]
91282967Chip Decapping: How do I do this? Is it really this retarded and brutal?[View]
91282100Digital toasters, anyone here own one? Any good recommendations to new buyers looking for the best i…[View]
91283035>'art is real, guys, it takes a load of passion and skill!' >proceeds to draw a chinchilla fuc…[View]
91282677Best Wireless Keyboard for iOS: Have looked at getting multiple options for years for iPad, iPhone, …[View]
91282243LMAO: looks like my galaxy a13[View]
91282851/dhg/ + /dsg/ - Data Hoarding + Data Scraping General: >Links Rentry: https://rentry.org/dhg >…[View]
91275323Ow god why why why ow god did I decided to start my first job using this.[View]
91272330VanillaOS: >Cures distrohopping Nothing personnel, kid.[View]
91253458ITS OVER: GOOGLE IS FINISHED https://interestingengineering.com/innovation/chatgpt-destroy-googles-b…[View]
91277859Voice Synthesis General #16: Soidevs Edition: https://beta.elevenlabs.io/ >What's this? A se…[View]
91250847Red pill me on Matrix, is it worth using and why?[View]
91268948Will AI revitalize the animation industry?: >As an experimental effort to help the anime industry…[View]
91273009I will always remember Luke Smith as the perfect example of what happens when you fall for every sin…[View]
91280878>received an email >long subject is in all caps…[View]
91271718SAMSUNG EVENT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUM2wYKdxDA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUM2wYKdx…[View]
91279566Why doesn't someone like zuckerburg or elon buy pic related. Their monthly active is pretty goo…[View]
91281841Who can help me download file(s) from this link? https://www.eztitles.com/files/Beta/ This was worki…[View]
91277793Why does 'Ethical AI' even exist? All it does is hampering progress of AI research for the sake of g…[View]
91281060The Shocking State of Enthusiast Apps on Android: >I recently commented on Mastodon that I though…[View]
91281933The reason why isodd is such a popular package is because accountants and finance people.[View]
91277489Need your help bros...: Got assigned a project where I have to integrate two systems using APIs thro…[View]
91271407let me guess, you need more than the ultra power saving mode for daily use[View]
91275770Netbook Discussion: Anyone still rocking with netbooks? The keyboard my be small, but the size is co…[View]
91280187Rust 1.67.0 released: https://blog.rust-lang.org/2023/01/26/Rust-1.67.0.html[View]
91281748Can you build an AI that can hope?[View]
91274978The Consequences of VR: Anons, I've recently tried using VR for the first time; over the course…[View]
91281693Moonlighting: so I work at this place that does basic computer tech work but they charge out the ass…[View]
91280435You will own nothing and....: >You will pay us for the privilege of beta testing our AI software …[View]
91281403I’m retarded pls help. I’m trying to install my WOW! modem so I can get wifi but when I connect it s…[View]
91280170This is bullshit right?[View]
91280371ᶦᵗᵒᵈᵈˡᵉʳˢ ᵇᵗᶠᵒ[View]
91279160Goy Hivemind Architecture: Google has fooled all of you. Beneath the layer of abstractions over absc…[View]
91280482Would a distro be free if that distro is jailed to only use free software?[View]
91280540Can i force my ip to change? i need it to avoid bans in my retarded national chan.[View]
91278901/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: A general dedicated to discussion & development of AI Chatbots Poll…[View]
91199393/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: >>91171105 Don't buy anything OTHER THAN IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad T…[View]
91280705if you have the misfortune of having an iphone make sure you go into your battery settings and recti…[View]
91279884How often do you shut down your primary PC? I've stopped powering it off. Now I just set it to …[View]
91278569>Debian Stable >Kernel 5.10[View]
91279926Oh yeah...I'm going with backup codes[View]
91275721Switched to Linux because of this app. Is there any program that made you switch for a new OS or pre…[View]
91273126is learning how to code in current year worth it? I feel like AI will replace software development i…[View]
91279959Why do all the images I save from Bing have the default file name of either OIP or R? How can I chan…[View]
91275430deepfakes are immoral: deepfakes have real people behind them, and they have feelings. y'all ha…[View]
91279206>do banking >log into personal eBay >log into personal mail >forgot to turn VPN off How …[View]
91278848So long then.: ElevenLabs is now down unless you offer a credit card and expose yourself. Truly a sa…[View]
91275717What would this type of integrated circuit counter be called?[View]
91276359scifi identity verification technology idea: A tiny hard to notice, though visible to cameras, dot i…[View]
91277285Recently installed firefox and made custom user.js. Now i am unable to paste anything into discord,…[View]
91275663Sirs it usual for entry level positions to be almost unsupervisioned? I was thinking my boss would b…[View]
91276862Anyone know what this is? The icon was showing instead of the regular icon in my background apps. Sk…[View]
91244099Why does everyone say not to make your own game engine?: Wouldn't this make me an all around be…[View]
91280274How do you find new ai-based software/programs? There are numerous amazing AI-powered software/progr…[View]
91275360How is he so based.[View]
91275320>it can't even count It's fucking over. Why did I waste my time with this degree.…[View]
91274599Do you really need to know all this shit about Unix distros and obscure low level stuff and shit to …[View]
91277102VOICE SYNTHESIS SAMPLE THREAD! post the samples you've made, our time is running out! example …[View]
91278925Post small /g/ related things you judge people heavily for. I'll start: >Having your task ba…[View]
91279819Anyone know what brand of laptop this boomer is using?[View]
91277753how do you proof your gaming PC from fluorescent people[View]
91257893>hard drives have a lifespan of only three to five years – maybe 10 at the most this isn't r…[View]
91279089>tfw you didnt fall for the AI meme[View]
91277780>'How am I gonna feed all these kids AT SCALE?' When did normies start talking like tech bros?…[View]
91273780Prices are here. Will you be buying the x3d cpu?[View]
91260728Based OpenAI[View]
91278669rasberry pi: i just got my hands on a rasberry pi what are some unethical or fun things to do with t…[View]
91275774How to get good at combinatorics?: First week of discrete math, and it's quite tough. I'm …[View]
91275960>last updated a year ago Where do I download Android app APK files straight from the source inste…[View]
91276221Here's your android tv bro[View]
91280047>If everyone in the techspace learned how to stop being a retarded little dumb faggot baby bitch.…[View]
91275703Go 1.20 released: https://go.dev/doc/go1.20[View]
91270177Can someone tell Hiro to stop using malware ads on 4chan? This pop-up jumps in everytime I check the…[View]
91279983almost nobody gets iteration right: in C#, for example, Dictionary<K, V> implements IEnumerabl…[View]
91279223Literally every application running on pic related has glitches and bugs. I asked myself who the fuc…[View]
91272862/pcbg/ - PC Building General: If you don't make a new thread you get a cat edition edition UPGR…[View]
91275201What security engineer did C employ in the past 5 years?[View]
91279936I have the following specs: Ryzen 9 3900xt Nvidia RTX 3090 Asus B550-plus 32 gb Corsair Vengeance R…[View]
91276899Drawing pixels to the screen: Say I have a C program, which will be run as root in a system with a L…[View]
91260108Why are SSDs so fucking cheap right now? What happened anons? Is it gonna go back up?[View]
91279222Why can't other companies figure out tiktok's algorithm?[View]
91272655>go to random site >save image >WEBP >AVIF WHAT THE FUCK IS A WEBP WHAT IS AN '''AVIF'''…[View]
91279727ChatGPT Humor - Technology Edition[View]
91276407Intel employees BTFO: I'm trying to find the image that was posted on here a while back showing…[View]
91278068Is there a usecase for docker in current year?[View]
91260847who is the best linux mascot??: it's the trans girl fox but everyone thinks it's the pengu…[View]
91265338What's the easiest way to synch my keepass databases between my phone and PC?[View]
91279290Tavis Derry: he was extremly based[View]
91275327I declare war against the AIs.: If you thought shills have shat up the Internet just wait until it…[View]
91271973I don't own a smartphone.[View]
91275679SneedAI >formerly ChuckML[View]
91278447https://chromereleases.googleblog.com/2023/02/early-stable-update-for-desktop.html UPDATE YOU'R…[View]
91278813So yeah.: Someone went and created an AI-generated broadcast... thing.[View]
91276979give me one reason why this isn't the best programming language in the world protip: you can…[View]
91276907Intel better not fuck up battlemage. They literally just have to make anything usable at <$600 an…[View]
91268648Daily reminder that OpenAI's content policy is more strict than G-rated films. They are literal…[View]
91278706Are there any collections anywhere of just well-written code or programs? For example, if I wanted t…[View]
91270232>requires phone number >run by Jew '''privacy''' messenger…[View]
91184386Is KDE on Wayland the best desktop experience you can have on Linux right now?[View]
91222683/dmp/ - Digital Music Production: >Wikis https://dmpdoc.neocities.org/ https://web.archive.org/we…[View]
91277438I'm terrified of the future AI will lead us.[View]
91264987/fag/ - Friendly Apple General: Friendly discussion of Apple's Macintosh computers and Apple ac…[View]
91269553Taking notes while learning programming: Do you take notes while learning a new programming language…[View]
91275839So youtube finally got hydra bot. Are there any music bots left on discord?[View]
91274539Wtf is this for? Micro USB male, then the black box has HDMI female and Micro USB female in it.[View]
91272368Did you anons know Terry invented 3D printing?[View]
91276430pihole: spoonfeed me blocklists for this shit[View]
91275248So when the fuck are they gonna drop the price???[View]
91267176Every game should be made open source, at least like 10 years after release.[View]
91273172Are headphone DAC snake oil?[View]
91277488>random outages and connection issues all over the web today: Is something unusual happening toda…[View]
91265741Zoomers are doomed when it comes to tech: Do you think a generation brought up entirely on tiktok an…[View]
91277591>tfw I understand recursion[View]
91274360>linux hates its own creator What went so wrong?[View]
91268557/g/ humor thread '2010 /g/ was the best' edition[View]
91278437>browse internet >2nd monitor just goes black >wtf >stick out hdmi cable, reboot, stick …[View]
91274080Is this shit literally held together with spit and glue and why do boomers in the industry refuse to…[View]
91271381AMD won[View]
91269886name one thing they got right[View]
91273742You are now aware.[View]
91276584>Elevenlabs, Stable Diffusion, character.ai, ChatGPT A.I. is going to destroy and/or conquer the …[View]
91278263/RoR/ - Ruby on Rails thread: Talk about the coolest, most awesomest web framework out there! Discus…[View]
91266336/aig/ - Alternative ISA General: Welcome to /aig/ - 750CXe February Edition ITT we discuss non-x86 I…[View]
91276014Is 16:10 a meme?[View]
91274225I hate wayland so much it's unreal.[View]
91269861No Windows, Linux or MacOS here. Only the based OSes with GUI. Haiku ReactOS FreeBSD illumos AROS Re…[View]
91278048>Linux is so bad, I'll go install Wind-ACK[View]
91276134/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: A general dedicated to discussion & development of AI Chatbots Poll…[View]
91264865Linux anons...: https://www.windowscentral.com/software-apps/windows-package-manager-is-so-good-i-wo…[View]
91267156Voice Synthesis General #15: Soidevs Edition: https://beta.elevenlabs.io/ >What's this? A se…[View]
91276209SH1MMER Thread: This is the thread dedicated to All things - Chromebook related. Particular of inter…[View]
91273169/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>91269121 >Submit GPU Performanc…[View]
91276399How does failing to understand the basic function of a VPN prove you know how to use a computer?[View]
91276187Alright, not sure that it is a right place, but anyway. Sup /g/, I am developing embedded software i…[View]
91275582>this action requires Administrator permission Continue >Choose a time to install updates Post…[View]
91275511Alternative OS thread, Mobile edition.[View]
91274150What do you guys think of Next js?: Hey fags, What do you guys think of Next JS? I've done bas…[View]
91275819what's the point of this bullshit? why do they need to show a spinning circle for 5 seconds bef…[View]
91263604/VSG/ Discussion of training our own Voice Synthesis AI to circumvent corporate censorship: Alright …[View]
91275754kings game: in case of neuralink being reprogrammable via wifi malware from smart devices, how can w…[View]
91274789staying consistent :v): my goal is to have this whole bar be green at the end of the year[View]
91266185Microsoft to Windows 7 and 8.1 users: buy a new PC. This is Microsoft's official advice after s…[View]
91275669Post domain name spoofing examples > www.w3schools.com www.w3school.com…[View]
91274969What's the best NSFW AI chatbot now that character AI has been censored?[View]
91275040Please verify your phone number /g/[View]
91247611Are there still applications being developed for S60?[View]
91268854Why is linux so anti-semitic?[View]
91274806Why do I have to hide Christmas and Memorial day if I don't care about nigger month?[View]
91275129Let me guess. You 'need' more.[View]
91274217ChatGPT - the new control tool?: Today, the average NPC gets its answers from the first Google searc…[View]
91274398Programing effective altruism[View]
91268586Why picrel makes /g/ seethe? Docker is perfect for any kind of deployment. >but overhead Contain…[View]
91270296How powerful is it to be able to code in a nontech profession?[View]
91271634REFS is based?: https://gist.github.com/0xbadfca11/da0598e47dd643d933dc seems like they just straigh…[View]
91274983What's the best pdf software to print pdf[View]
91271629The great debate: We all know WebPiss should burn in hell, but what should replace it instead? On on…[View]
91268617the /g/ame: I tried to make the tiles work with tiled to port the game in javascript however it didn…[View]
91272358/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: A general dedicated to discussion & development of AI Chatbots. Pol…[View]
91274476ai voices: Got some more of those 'AI' generated voices mimicking real people? It was hilarious.…[View]
91238463Fish shell will be rewritten in Rust: >Nobody really likes C++ or CMake, and there's no clea…[View]
91269479https://game.intel.com/story/intel-arc-graphics-unleashing/ INTEL WON[View]
91273976I'm going to set this up and pee in it for the water.[View]
912718824chan and its archives are immoral[View]
91272525Is Cosmic the future for Linux desktop ?: https://9to5linux.com/system76-shares-more-details-on-its-…[View]
91270651tech job layoffs: The manufactured job scarcity and layoffs by certain groups is meant to turn peopl…[View]
91255472/twg/ - Tech Workers General: >Getting Started Want a tech job, but have no degree, skills, or ex…[View]
91257949/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous Thread: >>91231834…[View]

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