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70233717>>70229583 How do I obtain 8.1 for a new installation? Is it sold and downloadable anywhere on…[View]
70233305>Paying exorbitant prices for a phone with a fucking dent in the middle >All the Chinese compa…[View]
70232685Hello, 4chan do you know any repositories or chat room.[View]
70231817How do you even write entire games in assembly?[View]
70233645hey smokers, drauga1 here[View]
70233617>We want the 'I sit 4 feet away from my 65 inch TV' audience[View]
70232526is there any point at getting excited over computer hardware anymore? parts get better, but the comp…[View]
70232603redpill me on a 'computer information systems' degree. Is it shit compared to CS? it's accredit…[View]
70232448How do I improve on this?[View]
70233377Remember to fix your posture Thanks[View]
70232546Homework Help: I am having trouble with this fucking networking lab and have no idea what the fuck i…[View]
70232887Is there an app that lets you prevent other apps from connecting to the internet? Sort of like a fir…[View]
70224388What's the ThinkPad of phones?[View]
70227544Failed technologies[View]
70233165Why does everyone shit on Economic degrees? Everyone I know who majored in Econ got a job right away…[View]
70233045Game performance and compilation time improvements in Visual Studio 2019: they finally used ryzen cp…[View]
70232900rate my set up[View]
70227171Oh no no no no[View]
70232496Guys, I need help to win an argument: https://www.strawpoll.me/17642797/r[View]
70232246So, anyone here wants to talk about 3D printing? What are you doing with your printer?[View]
70232890Anyone wanna talk about FANETs?[View]
70230483Brainlet here, what does the future of CPUs look like? Is die-shrinking a dead-end? Does moar-cores …[View]
70215917Surface Pro 6?: Are Surface Pros that good? I was thinking about getting one to replace my age if la…[View]
70225791When did you realise that /g/ is nothing more than a board for LARPers who haven't made a singl…[View]
70230405FUUUCK: >be me, study Computer Science >today was second day of 4th semester >Told myself t…[View]
70232545Has anyone tried the Pimax 8k headset? Thoughts? I'm one of the 1% who actually loves VR and sp…[View]
70232698What's an easy voice synthetizer for music that isn't as complex as vocaloid?[View]
70232413Is there any benefit to using Debian Stable (9.8) on an old laptop or desktop? I was told by someone…[View]
70227119GOOGLE IS BRINING LINUX GAMING: ALSO AMD HARDWARE. So is linux dead or alive still for most /g/ user…[View]
70232518comfy webdev: (defn func [] (println 'hello world')) func() -> 'hello world'. def func: p…[View]
70223410/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Example gaming …[View]
70225549/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Users of all leve…[View]
70232569What does the back of your mouse pad look like, /g/?[View]
70227556*defeats your dataset of millions of pictures*[View]
70232260>sharing screen for interview >type 'n' into a text field >autocomplete pops up >nigger …[View]
70229457There are only two good programming languages C and Java. Everything else is a dumpster fire of bad…[View]
70232357How come only Japan get's the best grounding system?[View]
70230152RAM is so expensive, why not just use an SSD? You can get 1 TB for $100, imagine having 1 TB of memo…[View]
70225847Hey kid, wanna learn C++?: Admit it, this was you at one point https://youtu.be/31HfP81oWDI[View]
70225591Everybody wins when our data goes to big companies. Services are personal, searches are more effecti…[View]
70228700Am I getting the hang of this programming thing?[View]
70229597Why do ML developers all think they're hot shit? What they do isn't that much more impres…[View]
70232335Learn CS at home: These websites any good? https://teachyourselfcs.com/ https://www.learn-c.org/ Wha…[View]
70231041ITT: ꜱoyboy technology[View]
70230682>not writing your own hooktube wow that was real hard[View]
70231202What's google plan with Stadia in south america? pic related is my internet.[View]
70232258> https://youtu.be/5hb-hZdLc20 Yeah, I think I'll stay away from openSUSE…[View]
70231825My Windows Phone died so I switched to an iPhone. Is there an equivalent to Live Tiles where I can s…[View]
70231558What is the best display type to watch anime on /g/? My laptop screen is TN so it's shit for im…[View]
70225805Is it unethical to use deepfake technology to put myself into porn?[View]
70232193>desktop games with android ads >this is the future thanks based google.…[View]
70230640If you can't say the GNU/Linux interjection from memory you don't belong on /g/[View]
70226286https://www.barrons.com/articles/amd-stock-google-cloud-gaming-deal-51553010253 > Morgan Stanley …[View]
70230066Reposting because I fucked up and posted on /v/ The thing with video is that a frame cannot be compr…[View]
70226143What can I do with this?: This is a Kobo eReader with a broken screen. It sports a 1GHz ARM processo…[View]
70228846who here /paranoid/?: >plug brand new flash drive into my computer >spend rest of week worryin…[View]
70230454Holy fucking shit: How did i not see this shit, AMD was savage as fuck in 2011-2015 https://www.yout…[View]
70228099How will it be?[View]
70207774Desktop Thread: This One's Getting Deleted For No Reason Too Edition.[View]
70231340Anonymous: An I retarded? I apply a good amount of force trying to open this thing, but the latch ba…[View]
70222141Clover thread. New update just released. How do I unhide threads?[View]
70229266Help me understand.[View]
70228648>Be Australian >ISP blocked 4chan at DNS Level >Try to change it to cloud-flare >HUAWEI…[View]
70226910Is this the true power of diversity?[View]
70217506/spg/ - Smartphone General: ZTE Axon S Edition If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your…[View]
70231178Should i buy a curved monitor?[View]
70228272Which VPNs don't glow in the dark?[View]
70231554How do u make AI to understand text context?[View]
70205879What's the real appeal of reddit? Really, I can only see it as a giant hugbox. It even makes Fa…[View]
70226931Just became a programming bootcamp member. What is this on the toilet ceiling?[View]
70230603>Don't even need magnet links or sketchy mega uploads >Download directly from Sony How do…[View]
70229090>Stadia runnig on Linux and Vulkan Did Google just actually save Linux gaming?…[View]
70227408what in THE FUCK is bump order? how is it different than last reply? are replies not bumps?[View]
70228534Brackets: On which team is /g/?[View]
70230050Just messed up my 3rd coding interview in a row I feel like my brain just fucking blanks and get fuc…[View]
70219383Dumpster Dived Old Windows XP Machine: Found this beauty in a bin. The icons you can see on the desk…[View]
70227809IM FREE: finally after a series of failed attempts and desperately trying to enter the industry join…[View]
70229922>distro is pronounced arse >logo is a fat guy why would anyone use this garbage…[View]
70224667You're given 2 week to develop 'something small but useful'. What would it be?[View]
70227973TECHNOLOGY JUSTICE: what a relief 4chan is blocked in my country. just knowing that feral legally in…[View]
70230493imei repair: Hello I'm not sure how much of a faggot I am for asking this question but I'…[View]
70229343Technology is evil Man lives to CREATE AND DESTROY in time both needs will be filled by ROBOTS >…[View]
70230494It's over guys ... no hope. No matter how hard you try, it keeps getting worse. Every. Single. …[View]
70229623Is AMOLED screen's PWM eye strain real or it's a boogeyman?[View]
70228016SuperCollider, Csound and Textual Music Produtction Environments General - /SCATMPEG/: Hello and wel…[View]
70222752Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.[View]
70230869What really makes indians to have such garbage english to a level where it causes physical pain?[View]
70210684/mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboard General: 'Who needs modifiers anyway?' edition Buyer's template: ht…[View]
70227039One big text file vs lots of little text files?[View]
70219390ITT: post female anime characters as if they were Linux distros: Satanichia: OpenBSD[View]
70227462How many people have Apple murdered at this point with their iBombs?[View]
70230709>Seagate Nytro Enterprise 15.36 TB SSD >$6114.99 I need this…[View]
70226309Not writing a ncurses based command line video editor? I am editing 1920x1080 video on a t400 with a…[View]
70225286>Release code as GPL >Don't provide Makefile/compile instructions…[View]
70225437What is the most innovative new software of the last 5 years?[View]
70228963Mobile vs standard Internet privacy: Which Internet access is more private: mobile Internet access (…[View]
70226235GOOGLE GDC THINGY: googlg thign lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUih5C5rOrA GET IN HERE????…[View]
70221665Let's get real, what is some technology for weapons safety?: DNA linking AI that recognises non…[View]
70224495Why does every developer and their mother use Electron when this exists?[View]
70227561VPN info New to VPN's but wanna build my own at home to keep all my traffic secure can someone…[View]
70225952So i have this dilemma Do normal people study computer science? I want to study it, but not if Its f…[View]
70227168Powershell: Redpill me on Powershell[View]
70228781Why haven't we got an IRC 2.0 or replacement protocol yet? All the current year retards are bei…[View]
70228871How to disable your ad blocker: You know, in case you forgot. https://www.foodnetwork.com/site/how-t…[View]
70227710Hey /g/ tell me about your tech job. Mine is primarily mainting a shitpile or an rails application. …[View]
70226379What’s a /g/-approved replacement for Windows Explorer?[View]
70227941Phones as Desktops: Can modern Android phones, with their USB-C ports, work easily as a desktop comp…[View]
70229937Oracle Problem: Seriously, one of the biggest issues of blockchain is that it can not get off-chain …[View]
70228717iem cable question: since there's no iem thread up, just have a quick question... So over at /m…[View]
70229873Hey /g/, I just got made head of my works new PC wholesale department but I don't know prices, …[View]
70228129Which of the big tech companies does /g/ hate the least[View]
70229816A new dope project: DO NOT care about any piece of shit saying the price of this project! Can't…[View]
70229211>Fan from 1060 breaks, and it's the loudest shit I can hear in the entire house, it works bu…[View]
70227757How do I actually get Lineage OS..? My phone is in a completely vanilla state, so what do I do, do I…[View]
70229683Customize Phone: Hey /g/ I want to customize my phone as much as possible. I tried to find somethin…[View]
70229460>we need to show this in our friends in the industry anon, make sure every single image in the pr…[View]
70229332What are some boomerware tools like the ones by NirSoft?[View]
70208913ITT: >your language of choice >your text editor >your fetish I'll start >Java >n…[View]
70229165Gnome font dependency shitshow: https://www.archlinux.org/packages/extra/any/gsettings-desktop-schem…[View]
70228757>Last commit - April 2018 Cjdns is so dead at this point. What's the next big meshnet softwa…[View]
70228414So I use Arch but never felt the need for the AUR(there's probably less than 5 programs I need …[View]
70229130Why would a company make a streaming console when internet outside of japan, SK, and top 1% america …[View]
70229162Google working on Netflix for Games: Streamable console-quality cross platform gaming platform with …[View]
70227942Esport sock: I just found a kickstarter from some guys who want to creat a 'gaming sock' Don't …[View]
70226222How is this legal?[View]
70223385/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Create a parts list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Learn how to bui…[View]
70228373what specs do i select to play AAA games?: $439.20 Ryzen 3 2300X RX 570 4GB 120GB SSD 8GB DDR4 Gamin…[View]
70219230redpill me on BSD: I'm becoming more interested in OpenBSD as my desktop os. Those who use it,…[View]
702273043D Printer: hey /g/ First post, so I'll keep it simple. I want to get a 3d printer but don…[View]
70227606Booted Linux Mint after not using a Linux dist for about 9 years. Fucking mouse doesn't work lm…[View]
70222757Christchurch: Wait a minute... I'ms not so goods with technologies, but how could he live strea…[View]
70223791Delete your Whatsapp account: Now![View]
70228282Hi /g/, For a few month now my Facetime has this weird and extremely annyoing problem: A friend of m…[View]
70222173/dpt/ - Daily Programming thread: Python edition What are you working on, /dpt/? node *previous = …[View]
70228707theirs three major manufacturers of HDDs today: wd: riddled with bad QC and high prices seagate: rid…[View]
70227570> on google images >search up google >literally one of the first things I see lmao alright …[View]
70226012>can't even compress multiple folders into multiple files without going out of your way and …[View]
70227896Current discord banwave? Is anyone else experiencing large amounts of people in some communities bei…[View]
70227407Shadow of the Tomb Raider gets RTX and DLSS patch. Looks exactly the fucking same. https://www.youtu…[View]
70225061Firefox v66 is out. They fixed the light and dark theme title bar colors.[View]
70226124Is this a sufficient undergrad course for mathematics+computing? https://www.suss.edu.sg/Eservice/Pu…[View]
70227555Software to track metrics for a Lean Startup? Hello, I've been trying to find an Open Source So…[View]
70228209Been today to some little town in southern Poland called 'Nysa' for business, took advantage of my p…[View]
70228194Remember fix your posture[View]
70223369Anyone here working as freelancer (infosec/pentest/dev) ? I'm a zero work experience brazilian …[View]
70227754seriously, how do I get my site to the top of google?[View]
70228067>Coworker comes back in my office >'You know who Queen is, right? What are your favorite songs…[View]
70228081what would you do with this 50 bucks smartphone to modify it? I was planning on installing LineageOS…[View]
70227350G'day lads so I used to be pretty into computers and just dinking around on them but I'm w…[View]
70227437how do i get my ar5b95 atheros network card to work with gentoo after install? why does the network …[View]
70226976How in the hell do you go from this...[View]
70221258When watching porn a lot of tube sites have pop unders like pic related. They want you to install an…[View]
70224885Russia bans online insults lol. Get ready for worldwide internet censorship https://www.themoscowtim…[View]
70226777RIP HARDOCP: https://www.hardocp.com/article/2019/03/19/goodbye_hardocp_hello_intel/…[View]
70227572>no pin/pass set on android device >security->encrypt >not prompted to enter pin/pass …[View]
70226951The Internet is Freedom? lol: The irony is people believe the internet is freedom lol HELLO I AM SOR…[View]
70227267Isn't the main secret reason about streaming the fact It can't be pirated? Isn't this…[View]
70227281>$1,500 starting price >5400RPM HDD as standard BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…[View]
702274962 year IT degree: I am about to start college, seems to me and I've seen it said many times tha…[View]
70227459What kind of hellish network have I even conjured. I have a desktop and a PS4 connected to a router …[View]
70226446TECHNOLOGY CRIMES: Is Facebook Live TECHNOLOGY or POLITICAL? Is TELSTRA technology or Political? He…[View]
70225941Where can I find an up to date version of PartitionMagic?[View]
70224590Help me please: Hi, I want to buy a gaming laptop, yes I know... anyway I have a good reason for thi…[View]
70225561Genode: Today's a great day to try Genode. https://genode.org/news/sculpt-as-a-community-experi…[View]
70226687Make the most botnet IoT device you can think of, one feature per post. I start: Uses its speakers a…[View]
70225168Does anybody recognise the brand of router this screen belongs to? The router has no identifying ma…[View]
70226314OH NO NO NO NO NO![View]
70226902What is Linux?: Can someone please explain it once and for all? Is it a kernel? Is it a OS? Is it a …[View]
70225234>this kills the boomer[View]
70225976whats her name, /g/?[View]
70218931Who thought this was a good idea?[View]
70221380>*changes color*[View]
70225406/Certs/: Which certs are worth getting after getting a CS degree Pic unrelated[View]
70226579Seattle: I Don't Know How to Go to College: >Any Seattle Gentoomen here? I don't know h…[View]
70224971It's coming (and ALL of THEM are VERY afraid), boyz.: https://wccftech.com/atari-vcs-apu-upgrad…[View]
70225642>we've reached point where ISPs and websites in general are so intrusive that VPNs are a req…[View]
70226231ccleaner: What do you think about this piece of software?. Is there a reliable open source alternati…[View]
70226340How do <<they>> figure them out?: Honestly, how do those state sponsored hacker figure z…[View]
70226778What are some /g/ approved streaming services in english and/or german, tx /g/[View]
70226186>even more restrictions, like programs unable to turn off wifi >enforcing SAF (scoped access f…[View]
70226054HELP: I have an interview tomorrow for a .NET job and I need the quick rundown that will let me bull…[View]
70218658Nvidia 'giving' GTX 10xx owners raytracing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfyBtGXU41I…[View]
70226577So this....is the power of game streaming...[View]
70217915well /g/?[View]
70225727>slowly ban free speech online globally >people don't riot because VPNs exist >at some…[View]
70222726Does /g/ ever have e-scooter threads?[View]
70223502Dolls are technology: What are the best looking, performant doll?[View]
70226219>shits itself on updates >bloated ass 'desktop environment' if you could call it that >init…[View]
70225413Compiler Backdoors: Remember to compile twice, once with a trusted compiler and once with an untrust…[View]
70218221is it true that headphones can do this to your head?[View]
70223767How difficult is it to break into someone's Linux box? Hard mode: the person trying to break in…[View]
70225458F91w vs W59: Wich one Why I have a W59. I like it but I know 91W is the legend[View]
70221436Why is everyone pushing 4K screens on laptops when Retina Macbooks are around 1440p/1600p and they a…[View]
70225411Urbit: What the fuck is this thing? Scam? Vaporware? Art project? Who here has actually run this bef…[View]
70226274Monitoring: I'm trying to learn more about monitoring tools used in server administration, sinc…[View]
70222827Xiaomi is the best chink manufacturer. You can’t prove me wrong.[View]
70222004How did they associate my real name with my email address? I never entered them together.[View]
70226154Does this guy actually know what he’s talking about, or is he just another shill?[View]
70222768'''inventor''' of the web: this asshole keeps appearing on media as the FUCKING INVENTOR OF THE WEB,…[View]
70225068Antergos: Install it. This distro is pretty fucking good.[View]
70226107I have a knack for ripping websites and internet content, regardless of source or what have you. Is…[View]
70223934Windows 7 replacement: What is closest thing to windows 7 that I can get on my PC in 2020? I'm …[View]
70220831Nvidia AI turns sketches into photorealistic landscapes: https://techcrunch.com/2019/03/18/nvidia-ai…[View]
70225874Why all the hate? It's actually pretty good alternative of chrome and firefucks desu[View]
70223178I passed my C++ class.[View]
70225887is using dwm as a window manager peak producitvity? Like, its so fucking small but i get shit done. …[View]
70225416How do I into systems programming?: So this is it. I've been using Gentoo every day for 2 years…[View]
70225882So if I got a new phone and I have added my iCloud to it.... and my old iPhone was used to re-downlo…[View]
70217075Could ISPs in the United States legally do this sort of thing, block websites that are perfectly leg…[View]
70225320>accidentally told coworkers about the time mom gave me a blowjob And this is why IT shouldn…[View]
70223487Dangerous precedent. 4chan is not 8ch. It's closer to reddit now if anything.[View]
70224951How representative are your first CS classes of what a career is like? I'm a chemical engineeri…[View]
70225545how come you need to installed the program called 'everything' to be able to search non in…[View]
70223863>Arch Linux + i3-gaps[View]
70223847How do we stop chads from taking over our tech jobs? my work just hired a new system admin and he is…[View]
70225287What does a comp sci phd do, /g/? I'm a retarded science bab, so I have some idea what CS at t…[View]
70225461Say it with me >$2000 CREASE MACHINE[View]
70189354INTEL BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezyTaUnXJkQ >The ENG sample we saw at CES had been in…[View]
70225156By 2030 the vast majority of posters on this board will be renting their workstation from cloud prov…[View]
70220370>1937+82 >Linux still doesn't have a functional file explorer…[View]
70216037/g/ BTFO[View]
70224122Did I nuke my Radeon VII?: So I tried that washer mod because Radeon VII gets thermonuclear. Stupidl…[View]
70223758Where were you when Inturd DED?: https://www.techpowerup.com/253835/amd-cpus-immune-to-spoiler-vulne…[View]
70223419Redpill me on 5g /g/[View]
70224936Why do normies use shit like this?[View]
70224240>tfw your crush doesn't know how to slow down a YouTube video at 20 years old >tfw she ha…[View]
70225267Tech related wallpapers.[View]
70225101Post your speed and country.[View]
70225158>Error: You forgot to solve the CAPTCHA. Please try again. >You must wait 4 minutes and 54 sec…[View]
70223799> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=183323 > 15 years since first request > stil…[View]
70205047new /bst/ thread bendy desk is gone now[View]
70216899The Best Proprietary Software: I think that would be MS Office. Thoughts?[View]
70206504What was the biggest IT fuckup at your place of employment?[View]
70220751What are some packages you have had trouble compiling or never managed to compile? For me it's …[View]
70221158You build yourself your little castle. 'I've got my hardened linux.' 'I can't get a virus.…[View]
70221444Daily reminder that AMOLED or any OLED is trash and microled is the future.[View]
70223073Signal >needs phone number to register >AWS infrastructure >messages are stored serverside …[View]
70221802You should make a 90s style website.[View]
70222148Help: >be me >run small web dev and marketing agency >clients are so fucking frustrating an…[View]
70223472Hello /g/, what do you think is the best way to learn LLVM? >inb4 llvm bad Then what should I lea…[View]
70201745/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Users of all leve…[View]
70219997Does anyone else have severe OCD? It's maddening. >sneeze >some of it gets on my expensiv…[View]
70218966SSID: Best ssid name is... ?[View]
70224639I'm at the end of my tether /g/. I'm trying to use Qubes because I wanted to try it out. E…[View]
70224513ALL HAIL MICRON, NEW KING OF SSDs: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/micron-2200-pcie-nvme-ssd-specs…[View]
70224611Is there any alternative for an iPad Mini? I'm searching for a device with an 8' screen and 4to…[View]
70219841spotify ads: I've tried a bunch of hosts file to block the ads since they updated spotify but n…[View]
70220656Unsuccesful sync: Anyone else getting this? Several of my accounts have been getting numerous of the…[View]
70224066Kotlin: give me reasons to use it instead of java in Android[View]
70223367can't use a website im too stupid: you can't buy tickets from vietnam airlines. you can…[View]
70222184you *have* riced your browser, haven't you anon?[View]
70213324Google disabled my account for no reason. What are my chances of getting it back? I filled out an ap…[View]
70208036Is it the WORST possible time to start a CS degree?: The market isn't completely saturated yet …[View]
70223707Tell me the list of things you hate about 4chan technical wise. for me theres >ads >recaptcha …[View]
70220786>use React to make front end >use Node/Express to server side render your app >use Docker a…[View]
70222561>All OS suck now >ISPs won't stop jacking up their prices >ISPs now going back to pay …[View]
70224278Gimmie ignorant laptop stickers.: >me >be libertarian >go to liberal uni >got a few righ…[View]
70207444Which functional programming language is best for game development? I am fully aware that they might…[View]
70221841can somebody confirm that the youtube search filter 'sort by' doesnt work at all? I doubt this is ac…[View]
70210396I have a super computer for three (3) days. what should I do[View]
70224255Tech Help: So this is my laptop at the moment. I've been having a problem where if I play a vid…[View]
70223214Grim classifications on Imagenet roulette: >ImageNet Roulette regularly classifies people in raci…[View]
70213894Eh: Notch is still better. There's a reason other companies are copying it over the hole.…[View]
70220566Lenuvo legion Y7000: Is this a good deal for 700 USD, /g/? >15.6 in 1080p 60hz display >Intel …[View]
70224217What is the meaning behind this photo? I honestly forgot.[View]
70222225???: Guys help my machine is running windows but I'm pretty sure I installed gentoo. Wtf?…[View]
70218703What happens to all of the deformed ones near the outer rim?[View]
70221356We've been using proprietary software for decades now without any problems. When and why did yo…[View]
70204745SAY THE LINE, /G/!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mC5AiUgq2Zg[View]
70222725rx 580: which one of you AMDrones shilled me this fucking piece of crappy hardware? It literlly turn…[View]
70223942Do you guys think its worth getting a few years old plasma tv? Im looking for a cheap 40-46 tv with …[View]
70221011>get a new computer (on sale, so cheaper than building own) >comes with W10 like all these thi…[View]
70223839As a suckless user, i think A.I and cars are bloat.[View]
70223480alternatives to Imgur?: I use put.re and imgbb.com What about you anons[View]
70222481Science with a bit of tech companiez: SpaceX CERN NASA Calico What else[View]
70216061OOP: Forget c++ vs c or c++ vs java or go... What does g think of OOP as a paradigm?[View]
70219249Difference between a modular and normal psu?[View]
70222634What are my options in terms of software dev jobs if I can't stand to do frontend bullshit (esp…[View]
702228832019 Flicker Thread (Windows Taskbar): Do you ever say to yourself.. Gee whiz.. why are the icons on…[View]
70223510What the fuck is this sorcery? >A fully interactive, realtime, and modern text-based browser rend…[View]
70221403Top: soul Bottom: soulless[View]
70223523https://youtu.be/34K8YJOMDRY >real-time cinematic running at 30 fps at 1440p on a consumer-class …[View]
70222307When soemone hacks your fornite account: 4chan ?[View]
70223224is he right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9c0-ZC-4-E[View]
70223457Scripts disappeared: All the scripts I had on violentmonkey disappeared, last update was 03/11 did a…[View]
70199827/ptg/ - Public Tracker General: Superior Anime Edition >Not sure what public trackers are all abo…[View]
70222943Okay /g/ I cant find any fucking help what so ever so I'm relying on you guys despite me knowin…[View]
70211284Australian ISPs ban 4chan and 8ch: It's literally happening right now, most likely as a result …[View]
70222514What are some good active IRC channels that I just drop by and chat like the Good Ol' Times™ Mo…[View]
70223398ello /g/, i watched interview with so call 'ethical hacker', can someone explain me why this thing e…[View]
70222969Becoming an ibull: I want to get an iPhone and iPad after having great experiences on friends device…[View]
70221638razer beef itt: why does /g/aspie.bat prefer these overpriced wireless logitec alien egg looking thi…[View]
70213907/pcbg/ PC Assembly General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Example gaming bu…[View]
70222750How to avoid the mobile botnet?: What's a good Android fork that still supports normie apps lik…[View]
70208893Why are Windows and Android OBJECTIVELY the best operating systems on the planet? Apple fags need n…[View]
70210954Is Vim worth using as a coding environment or should I just stick with VSCode?[View]
70222457ITT old software that aged well[View]
70212858Is compsci even worth saving at this point?: > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S20NcDLF_t4 > t…[View]
70221833My iPhone apparently has an incorrect 'activation policy'. A previous carrier sent Apple the 'wrong'…[View]
70222587ITX: Wow, why hasn't silverstone release a front PSU version of the SG13[View]
70222523What does /g/ think of this dude?: https://www.youtube.com/user/kaihendry This dude promotes suckles…[View]
70219567Why is this a thing[View]
70220539Anyone still use Yahoo?[View]
70220706What's a cool unique device or gadget you can get for under 200 bucks? One of the best emulatio…[View]
70186099Gimp sucks: Since gimp sucks i need to use something like PaintDOTnet since its actually usable- any…[View]
70215906What is your favorite font for programming?[View]
70222180Waifu2x upscaling tool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVPrFU6_SEA[View]
70213766PURISM IS SJW HONEYPOO: This is what youve been supporting when you buy the Librem 5. Puri.sm is, wa…[View]
70220399>He's not an accountant: OH NO NO NO NO. Imagine having to work with basedboys doing retarde…[View]
70220108Any other huenigger here who couldn't post for a solid while?[View]
70220616Reading through old unix documents, it seems like gnu just took liberties in plastering their shitty…[View]
70221753Is there any reason to try and write an os i mean windows basically has a monopoly and Linux has a b…[View]
70221944I love 4chan. It is the exact opposite of the discord and reddit normistanery. At the same time afte…[View]
70219615Modern computer life - troubles: How fucked is modern computing in lörs opinion? -there is no 32-bit…[View]
70219638This cup holder requires 100 MB of proprietary botnet software, Windows and a Razer Cloud account. I…[View]
70221923the final software solution: >german >born in south america to emigrated german parents >wa…[View]
70220878>muh 2500k >rtx 2000 series = bad >AMD has better loonix support >da jews >windows 10…[View]
70220560Is vtk actually used by anyone?: And are there any other alternatives? As part of an investigation c…[View]
70221365I have an old HTC m7 I want to use exclusively for Pr0n and 4chink. What ROM should I use? I was thi…[View]
70222199FACEBOOK LIVE TO BE BANNED FOR UNAPPROVED USERS: article: https://www.newsroom.co.nz/2019/03/18/4940…[View]
70218488>new zealand teen faces 14 years in jail for sharing mosque shooting video online RIP New Zealand…[View]
70219801i don't have friends: I don't have friends to talk about programming and informatics, what…[View]
70220697why aren't you bang gang /g/[View]
70221636Using vmware player to run multiple vms. Do I have to install drivers and everything?[View]
70220104Do you use snapchat, /g/?[View]
70221482I have been thinking about why I like forth so much. I don't think it has to do anything with h…[View]
70220836Spam alert (?): I don't know how, but i been blocke from this page for spam (www.montereyinstit…[View]
70220476Are ultra wide monitors a meme?[View]
70218370Stop fighting over which distro is best. We're all in the same family. Peace and love.[View]
70220500Live feed cam building: Hi fellas. How feasible wouls it be to build a small live feed camera? Eithe…[View]
70220847what's the worst that could happen if you allow a site to run whatever JavaScript it wants (pro…[View]
70217584I have to give a tech-related presentation tomorrow. Anybody know any good tech jokes that I could u…[View]
70215749Will we ever get RISC-V desktops, laptops and phones?[View]
70220589can I assume the array only contains positive integers? >Yes Alright, can I assume everything fit…[View]
70218048WE ARE FUCKED!!![View]
70220662How excited were you when long file name support was added?: it made organizing the memes possible…[View]
70220479How is there not any alternative or nothing new to the internet?: wireless mesh? nope long distance …[View]
70220239What's wrong with Gigabyte?: I always hear people talking shit about gigabyte and was wondering…[View]
70220583Where should I start if I want to code? Also, If I was terrible math student in high school would I …[View]
70220992Which search engine should I use /g/?: There are so many choices[View]
70215046What colors and fonts do you use in your terminal, /g/? Pic related is my setup, using Fantasque San…[View]
70219184>first job as programmer >happy and nice first month >ship day >fuck loads of bugs >s…[View]
70217414Have you been using it?[View]
70212400/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Last thread: >>70204270[View]
70219531>that Comp sci fag who’s flunking Calc 1 that shows off “le epic java method!!” they made (read: …[View]
70211391This frightens and kills a modern software developer.[View]
70219440GSoC: What does /g/ think about pic related? Anyone of you who ever got selected? How was the experi…[View]
70215359>tfw 5 months into CS meme degree and still can't program well I don't know what else t…[View]
70220765Why is Google indexing less and less websites?: Found this gem on yandex image search of all places,…[View]
70210625How much space your Windows10 take on your hard drive?[View]
70220663Job Hopping: People with actual tech jobs get in here How often should you do this? >start work i…[View]
70220165AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!: WHAT THE FUCK???? I thought linking up my microsoft account would just make…[View]
70219251Chinese phone slowing internet/stealing information: Hi, I own a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 that I purchase…[View]
70220594JC Appreciated Thread: Name a better teacher. Didn't think so. https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
70218632How does CamelCamelCamel not get labeled as a bot and banned from Amazon?[View]
70217412the absolute state of Google how much money did they burn on G+? billions?[View]
70214076Have you ever used a Yikes!?[View]
70217340Could I afford to live in NYC with a CS degree right out of college?[View]
70216284YLYL - /g/ humor bread: 'Damin it I broke xorg.conf. AGAIN. I don't understand WHY he married m…[View]
70219988would it be possible for me to sign up to a newsletter with a fake email address, and have all mail …[View]
70219991Is hiring Chinese and Indian coders a good idea? Do they steal code? Will someone different than who…[View]
70219632Got an interesting one for ya. Just got a car wash(not sure if that has something to do with it) but…[View]
70220152Jetson Nano: https://www.pcworld.com/article/3368942/nvidia-99-jetson-nano-developer-kit.html >ac…[View]
70219522Be me Full on retard but a bigger coding retard Wants to be a hacker man and go to jail Any advice?[View]
70216618>internet goes down due to political culture/censorship/cyber attack Wwyd?…[View]
70220217Shill me some good DAP, i was thinking about buying pic related, but it is too damn expensive in my …[View]
70219274Myspace loses all content posted before 2016: Thank God https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2019/…[View]
70217198VirtualBox or pirated VMware Workstation?[View]
70215285>luxins.net What is this shit?[View]
70220203I still use Netzero[View]
70207553Sexdoll general: When are you getting yours? Myself, I'll be ordering next week.[View]
70217907IP location from torrent leecher is White House /Kremlin[View]
70220015Sup /g/: So I got a question about smartphones. I busted my old phone am and currently am borrowing…[View]
70213744C++: Why isn't any other language even close to being as good as this one?[View]
70218461Daily reminder[View]
70195023Creator of Homebrew makes less than minimum wage: Got blacklisted by Google too, what an idiot…[View]
70219379Are there AIs creating youtube channels? A lot of times I'll see trash click baity channels tha…[View]
70218915What would computers be like if the mouse was never invented?[View]
70215559Amazon BTFO: NJ bans cashless stores. https://www.sfchronicle.com/news/article/New-Jersey-enacts-la…[View]
70215293Used macbook pro help: Looking to get a used MacBook pro. Is there a year that is better than others…[View]
70217824It's been 4 (four) years since it's official release and this wonky cunt still randomly de…[View]
70219269tell me what external hard drive i need: what terabyte external hard drive should i get? i'd li…[View]
70215459programming: whats a good programming language for a beginner? :0[View]
70217991What does /g/ use to backup their drives with? What do you store it on?[View]
70219263>Finish copying >Randomly pull the power cord Fuck you Stacey and FUCK the IT department…[View]
70214235Chromium-based Microsoft Edge download link is now live: >link only works for Microsoft employees…[View]
70208320Github thread, post and rate[View]
70219237Future graphics card speculation: How do you think it will pan out? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
70219145Reminder this exists: https://sucklessg.org > no bloat > no botnet > no brainlet* (have to …[View]
70212121Decentralized chans?: So in the wake of the meme shooting, we /pol/acks have been discussing the pos…[View]
70216540Dubs decide what distro my home server runs: Currently running OpenBSD but need something that has m…[View]
70218015Browser Bread: Hi /g/, Is there even any reason to use a browser to avoid the big-data mongrels? I…[View]
70217632any moonrunesfag? I wanna write shell script which uses pixiv api, can you help translate, thank you…[View]
70218006Is it possible to take out the mounting bits from intel cooler without destroying them? I bought som…[View]
70193311Mouse thread: Post your mouse . Just bought this. Red pill me.[View]
70218319A wise man once said: Windows, GNU/Linux and Android are OBSOLETE.: In response to >>70208893 …[View]
70213286Is AMD just dead?: Literally couldn't put out a single good card at any segment and get owned b…[View]
70217461/g/ what are your thoughts 'bout this one?[View]
70218390HELP!!!: Decided to clean work pc, because of lot of noise, took off cpu cooler, clean and put back.…[View]
70210962Does /g/ use a VPN? Will VPNs become obsolete one day?[View]
70218860They should make websites in black and white.[View]
70218622im about to do it, /g/ im going to 'upgrade' to win 10 from 7. what's the best way to un-fuck i…[View]
70217166A neighboring business to where i live is 'recycling' a TON of computer stuff: Laptops Desktops Peri…[View]
70217830you jelly?: Operating System: Kubuntu 18.10 KDE Plasma Version: 5.15.3 KDE Frameworks Version: 5.54.…[View]
70216811woah, OpenBSD looks like THIS?[View]
70215929lol imagine if she was harmed[View]
70218248ITT: /ourguy/[View]
70218392Could a macbook pro A1226 be refitted with modern internals? Are there any motherboards that could f…[View]
70218404anyone here on this board not a basement dwelling neet? I need a fitness watch recommendations - all…[View]
70218108ITT: We post fringe technologies**[View]
70218127daaaaaaaaaaammmm, KDE looks like THAT?[View]
70218312Network unlocking an old Alcatel: Sending my current phone in for repair and need to use something i…[View]
70214759Have trouble starting Age of Empires 3 Asian Dynasties. Please halp: Hey anons, so my friend has rec…[View]
70215478How can I contact a Police Department for a cybercrime?[View]
70214269Is he still at Google?[View]
70213642How do I get into IRC fellow Anons?[View]
70217266This will take away your job: >implying this won't take away your job https://www.youtube.co…[View]
70202840/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Previous thread >>70191367 >Read >>51971506 >GNU/…[View]
70217013Most tech career related questions are about programming, but what is it like being an UI/UX or a We…[View]
70211085>32 cores >64 threads >250W TDP >4.2 GHz >80MB Cache >64 PCIe lanes A decade ago,…[View]
70217291Do you miss it anon?[View]
70214419Decentralized imageboards: So to create a decentralized and robust forum with decentralized moderati…[View]
70212355how to make Tor safer apart from disabling javascript?[View]
70217640Why did Delphi fail?[View]
70214830Did studying/working in CS kill video games for you? It sure did for me. At the end of the day i wa…[View]
70217177can anyone tell me why my cpu is so frickin hot? i just got it.[View]
70217726Is there a solution to OLED burn in?[View]
70216420WTF: okay this is usage with only 1 tab active !!?? wtf??? where should i go ??? how the fuck you ch…[View]
70215940What went wrong?[View]
70215928>TFW Electronics is hardest course in CS >labs space is small, and prof is threatening to thro…[View]
70210991What went wrong?: Tried switching to it from Chrome, but it's so slow and still resource heavy.…[View]
70216842If the technological singularity finally happens and an ascended unstoppable artificial intelligence…[View]
70214355Automatic toiletry based on proximity sensors appreciation thread[View]
70215817ZeroNet: Have you used this network? Is it safe? Is it a meme?[View]
70217078LOCK HIM UP: FACEBOOK UNDER CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION: Facebook's secretive data-sharing partnersh…[View]
70217606Hey /g/! I saw a post in /an/ and if you want, you could investigate the situation. >>2966130 …[View]
70175414What is your hacker name?[View]
702166044chan is blocked in Australia, what the fuck is this bullshit? I'm with Telstra and changed my …[View]
70214805Hey anons type in your email and password in our database and we'll tell you if you've bee…[View]
70206359/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: Previous Thread: >>70183806 Don't buy anything OTHER THAN IBM/L…[View]
70215188/r/ oneliner that downloads tor and runs persistently exitnode[View]
70211504>See Matebook Pro X >looks good >on sale in Australia >check faults >giant list on re…[View]
70193745OUR BOI FLOENS RELEASED CLOVER 3.0.2 ! UPDATE RIGHT NOW https://floens.github.io/Clover/ ![View]
70217391Kek 4chan /b/ has been blocked on cellular networks in Australia since NZ shooting[View]
70217201Holy shit, it does feel like having sex. Thought /g/ was memeing.[View]
70217347Need to get CASP in a short amount of time because contract BS. What is your favorite brain dump sit…[View]
70216654Brave shill: Huh interesting. I didn’t saw any brave browser shill today.[View]
70213837Interesting...anyone know what do?[View]
70213159What does /g/ think of this book?[View]
70215078I need help y'all. I'm not extremely well-versed on computers, and I need assistance picki…[View]
70207648CPU Die Solering: Why is this a special thing now when it was a standard thing pre-Z77 Ivy Bridge…[View]
70214547i need your opinion /g/. this image was generated by a program i am working on to render plaintext a…[View]
70216895My chair is garbage: I've used this chair for about 1-2 years, the first 6 months the cushion o…[View]
70214324How good was XP: Was it really one of the best, or is it just the nostalgia talking?[View]
70213528Is django /g/ approved?[View]
70216908Install Vivaldi.[View]
70216946Whats your guys recommendation on encrypting an USB drive? Or should i just find some low tier passw…[View]
70193776/spg/ - smartphone general: If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what ca…[View]
70213952is it time to just kill myself or is there a way out?: embedded software engineer here got into an i…[View]
70215076why would anyone expect data to always be there safe?[View]
70210901People claim $120 is too much for this mouse. I say that's pretty cheap for literal perfection.[View]
70213175ITT, BEST distro you have have ever used[View]
70214890Being judgemental: So let me get this str8 If this guy didn't have a lisp and sound like a duck…[View]
70196249why haven't you switched your DNS to yet? do you not care about privacy?[View]
70214747extracting data from old data tapes: last thread 404'd Hi again /g/, I'm the guy who had t…[View]
70211358So how come record players didn't scratch away the vinyl? How come the micro-ridge doesn't…[View]
70214800GNOME 3.32: GNOME 3.32 finally supports proper fractional scaling, or does it? https://www.phoronix.…[View]
70212057I wanna fuck KDE Plasma[View]
70216271>my vagina when he has a usb drive on his keychain[View]
70214652>he uses linux unironically[View]
70214984Short term internet: Will be based in the middle of nowhere in the USA for two months in the summer …[View]
70216258>decide to throw some old shit out of the drawers >find my old Nokia N97 >heh >charge it…[View]
70207688What was the purpose of the first program you wrote?: And what did it do?[View]
70205414>'anon, why did you name our router 'Lain'? and why is our servers named 'Aimi'?'…[View]
70215874Hey, let's say I deleted my Debian partition and am now stuck in grub rescue. Tried rebuilding …[View]
70216102I hear more noise than usual from my external HDD the moment I scroll the webpage on corporate sites…[View]
70211684im a roblox programmer: so im a roblox programmer im pretty much superior than you all norm web dev…[View]
70215679W-What do CS students work as? Is learning data structures, some algorithm courses and a few program…[View]
70215185Thoughts on Xiaomi Notebook Pro? >15,6 >Intel Core i7 8th >16G ram >256GB ssd >GeF…[View]
70215322Can someone explain to me how this is better than an install button?[View]
70203600I don't get the hype.[View]
70215922What is the an/g/roid's best option to browse twitter accountless?[View]
70188733Discord has won now that Mumble is a dead project: >last updated 2017-01-27 >official site has…[View]
70213218I get the feeling that 2019 is going to be the last year that the internet is 'free'. What zeros and…[View]
70204953Tutanota or Protonmail?[View]
70209486few ryzen 2 features: 1) New memory controller with partial error correction for nonECC memory 2) De…[View]
70214967Hi /g/, I've recently been given the opportunity to create an 'app' (iOS, Android and a respons…[View]
70198013/hpg/ /esg/ - STAXchad and Headpeasant General: You will never ever be free from this hell edition. …[View]
70213115>good products not always wins. sometimes bad products wins too. Windows is a prime example of th…[View]
70213514>S3 Standard Storage >First 50 TB / Month >$0.023 per GB only $2 for 100GB of storage? how …[View]
70213239What type of screen damage is this?: My son says he dropped his phone at his mom's house this w…[View]
70212395is there a free way to unlock icloud?[View]
70209504we're fucked[View]
70213735Anime/Manga related tech thread![View]
70214574Proper DAU here.: Just installed Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS from a USB on my ThinkPad T60 with ATI graphics …[View]
70215403Linkedin?: Does /g/ think Linkedin is important or useful for devs who want to keep up with potentia…[View]
70213600I'm lurking companies for a job. Small company because I want /comfy/ Found one and I'm c…[View]
70214655Does not activating Windows have any real disadvantages?: I know you'll get a message in the bo…[View]
70214404YT fucks up filters to better censor the NZ video: All filters fucked up because of reasons.[View]
70211091Firefox ESR: God tier web browser: I don't use any extensions, configured with user.js. daaaamn…[View]
70211226/wt/ - Watch Thread - Archie Edition: This thread is about the appreciation of watches, as well as t…[View]
70204648Is Pale Moon the comfiest web browser?[View]
70211977How do we end the smartphone menace?[View]
70214795Name idea for clothing store management system.: I need help getting a cool name to use in my new st…[View]
70213439OWL RATE GUI-Z, HOUSE IT GO IN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ioGZmorL8c[View]
70201133Your biggest tech secret?[View]
70214356Is this useful https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/dev-essentials/[View]
70211705Anyone know where to get one of these? I've done as much searching as I can. As far as I can te…[View]
70207530When will the flat meme die? What's the next evolution in design?[View]
70213881I want to test of this smart house meme and automate lights, heat and security in my house? Where do…[View]
70214410Microsoft releases Application Guard extension for Chrome and Firefox | ZDNet: >Microsoft release…[View]
70214156monitor with easy source switching? >two fuckin computers >one hdmi, one displayport >play…[View]
70211857Fucking when? I've been waiting patiently for MONTHS. Just release the fucking thing already an…[View]
70210210Was he good or just a meme?[View]
70213265dwm's about page: >'Because dwm is customized through editing its source code, it's poi…[View]
70210685usb cables: usb cables are technology discuss usb cables r8 h8 masturb8[View]
70200067How does it make you feel?[View]
70213997>Learned to code >No original ideas of my own >Every day I have to bring other peoples idea…[View]
70213733I am starting a new C++ job What would be a good 2 week project to work on?[View]
70213412Anyone got a guide for ripping bluerays? Preferably one from a private tracker like Pass the Popcorn…[View]
70212370What's the deal with NTT Docomo outside of Nipponland? It's possible to use a phone if you…[View]
70213941E-Book Readers: hey /g/ I have read the wiki article for e-books and was still left with a few doubt…[View]
70212203So /g/ Will you live to see it?[View]
70213008Hey /g/, just finished assembling my battlestation, what do you think? Additionally, post your own m…[View]
70202889Should gigabit internet be a basic human right?: Without caps of course[View]
70205369>firefox cant even remove text from the URL bar if using a local file as a custom home page you t…[View]
70208845The time to be alive is now.: >Ryzen 3000 series, zen2 processors blowing shiltel out of the fuck…[View]
70212361>current year >rooting your phone It's time to get some answers https://www.strawpoll.me/…[View]
70207222Solus 4 is out: https://getsol.us/2019/03/17/solus-4-released/ https://getsol.us/download/…[View]
70212224Freetarded software thread.: Why is cuckcuckgo the default search engine in icecat if it doesnt work…[View]
70212812>16GB memory >enough[View]
70213638Who is the worst group of programmers: My vote goes to the WordPress community. Every single plugin …[View]
70213883What's a 0-day exploit /g/? Where do you find it? How do you sell it? Do people actually buy it…[View]
70207273>brazilian national news >'deep web' explanation >imagine that the web is a carrot Top this…[View]
70210994Samsung A7 is it any good?: I'm looking for a phone that isn't overpriced, and this is wha…[View]
70213755>Using troff/LaTeX in 2019 Why arn't you using WPS Office /g/?[View]
70212550I am going to fucking called it here that external gpu will be the thing that's going to kill a…[View]
70210913Am I the only one who likes Edge? It used to be kinda slow, but that got better and it has all the b…[View]
70212197how do i eliminate all traces of my identity as it pertains to the internet and my personal use of i…[View]
70211919Are cheap 75hz monitors a meme? I'm not a 'gamer' but I've heard that the increased refres…[View]
70211569Do you save webpages for offline viewing? The cloud won't always be available[View]
70212247Which notetaking program does /g/ use to store their notes?[View]
70205727/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Example gaming …[View]
70213149How does the OpenAI text generator work?: How does the OpenAI GPT-2 text generator work? Is it just …[View]
70213485Colemak'd laptops picture thread![View]
70193373iem: T2's and T2's Pro are currently on massdrop https://www.massdrop.com/buy/tin-t2-iem…[View]
70212181What's your excuse for not using it /g/?[View]
70213357post lock/home screens[View]
70209957Tixati 2.59 is out!: Changelog https://www.tixati.com/news/[View]
70213376How to I move to Colemak?[View]
70212416Wang Shangkun was 17 years old when he made the fateful decision. Shortly after the illegal surgery …[View]
70212156>tfw I haven't even started print('hello, world!'), WTF WHY[View]
70212376Colemak or DVORAK?[View]
70212647not sure if technology but i need help with youtube , need to know how to ban certain musicians(word…[View]
70212935How long can you spin a blu ray disc before it breaks? Is this any different from the amount of time…[View]
70211006just bought a mini sd card with 64GB for 9 bucks. how good of a deal is this in 2019?[View]
70198739Is it time to replace VGA projectors in thousand of school and offices or are they still good enough…[View]
70210824i hate webdev how do i fix this shit[View]
70212648WWW: World wide web is a cancerous, normie-infested botnet. Where can one find refuge? What are usef…[View]
70200297> No more PulseAudio / Alsa > No more systemd > No more distros > No more 20+ conflictin…[View]
70211696Tinychat: I want tinychat to go down, and stay down. How do?[View]
70212375How to audit?: Longtime lurker/scraper here. /g/, how the hell do you skim through the code of [inse…[View]
70210810Google up to their old shit again: I bought an app from the Google Play store recently to download T…[View]
70207172Has anyone noticed an actual dent in their skull form wearing headphones all their life I've be…[View]
70212679Anyone here using Clear Linux? I was thinking of giving it a go but was wondering if anyone has trie…[View]
70206358So this is the power of Apple[View]
70211216Found an exploit in an app: I am not a nerd or anything so I don't know how this works. I found…[View]
70208240>the 2019th year of our lord >still no 1080p upgrade am I stuck with this awful backplate for …[View]
70211191Xiaomi thinks this is OK Sneaky toothless chinkie winkie[View]
70212539>The first one was to use what wass called a fixed program computer, and this would be a computer…[View]
70208329what distro can you put on a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ to use it as an everday PC?[View]
70207029iPhone lost to new king of smart phones: What is your excuse now?iPhoneFag? The new galaxy is better…[View]
70204270/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Last thread: >>70192155[View]
70207323Is it good yet?[View]
70208801>accidentally left USB drive in my pockets that had .pem key I never backed up >put pants in w…[View]
70212053Need some arduino help. How do I get the push button to activate a method/function?[View]
70205373Circumstances might force me to switch over to Win10. So, tell me /g/, how bad is it really?[View]
70209951so this guy was a total faggot and his 'invention' was stupid and doesn't really help anyone it…[View]
70198589How do we stop this cancer from spreading[View]
70210763Is the possible existence of a worm or virus or any sort of malware that once infected any piece of …[View]
70210651>he dosen't use colemak[View]
70212027antiX: >called antiX >half of images come with X How is this supposed to make sense? Also, por…[View]
70211906xxHash: POGCHAMP[View]
70210184So essentially they're going to shut down the internet 2.0, does this mean we go back to intern…[View]
70211447Is it just me or does youtube search started shitting itself lately? Searching by upload date stoppe…[View]
70211784Henlo /g/, what type of portable generator could power a desktop computer for at least 6 hours of ti…[View]
70211751daaaaaaaaaaammmm, UNIX look like THAT?[View]
70207189Where it is the best to live as a programmer?: Hello guys, I'm wondering what is the best place…[View]
70209127Windows 10 Taskbar: So I remember someone on /g/ claiming that you can make the Win10 Taskbar comple…[View]
70208593What the fuck is this? Web development is such a cluster fuck this days with all that new meme frame…[View]
70211611AMD Vega 56 4k RAYYYTRACING: Why are we not talking about this more? Where are all Nvidia shills to …[View]
70206744how the fuck is facebook a monopoly?[View]
70210544OK /g/. Say I had to back something up and I needed my great great grandchildren to see it, say 150 …[View]
70211659Mesh Network: Doing a project, does any one know a good mesh network software that is open source, a…[View]
70201951>tfw all the best tools are non-free how do I cope with this feel?[View]
70209184>accepts full blown ad tailoring >gets surprised when it works, and complains about feeling vi…[View]
70210715Son, why didn't you like the funny picture I posted on facebook?[View]
70211296>updates >breaks your theme and extensions nothing personnel, kid…[View]
70211528extracting data from old data tapes: last thread 404'd Hi again /g/, I'm the guy who had t…[View]
70208427Does this actually do anything?[View]
70200300RIP: The developer of the best windowsphone app (metrotube) died at 33[View]
70211406>Windows 10? No thanks, I don't use proprietary software.[View]
70210168Are these 'Green Cell' batteries safe? They seem to be sold by a Polish brand, and are available via…[View]
70211144Which one of these would be better for gaming?: I'm about to get back into the master race sinc…[View]
70210862Iridium or Pale Moon? What and why?[View]
70210626>Linux gaming[View]
70210008New token listed on Bitmax: Does anyone hear about DOS Network? A friend of mine introduced this pro…[View]
70210130Wtf is it lagging so much on xiaomi mi4c?[View]
70206915Why is Waterfox the best fork of Botnetfox?[View]
70208695Okay, /g/. I'm fed up with your pleb shit C and Java and React. I'm not falling for anymor…[View]
70209031Why aren't you using Pizza Hat Linux, /g/?[View]
70210550This kills the Pajeet.[View]
70207729Huawei Matebook X Pro: Welp, I pulled the trigger[View]
70210800On target f-for Q3.[View]
70210197>friend gifts me udemy course >its a pajeet…[View]
70210746be me in 2012: building my first pc alright just a 2600k and sapphire 7970 6gb 2019: pc OCed and st…[View]
70208890>need camera or flash in an emergency >your stock OS phone refuses to work >third party app…[View]
70202169rock, paper, scissors: I made this experiment with my neural network, trying to predict the player n…[View]
70210333>2011 >I don't know anon, you shouldn't be cheap when it comes to phones. All these …[View]
70210044>it's a Google thinks a Vespa is a motorcycle episode fuck reCaptcha and fuck Google…[View]
70209502tfw normie cousin gives you the thinkpad you got him for christmas because he bought a macbook that …[View]
70210594>'Did you name your variables niggers and jews again? haha so funny anon'…[View]
70209747ramnode: Is Ramnode any good? Seems a little bit too good to be true...[View]
70208231Should I get it?[View]
70207976No matter what i do i can't get to like anything about IT[View]
70209734/EMF/ how do we block the wavelength jew from litterally damaging our minds,/po.. i mean /g/ is ther…[View]
70210405>today it's impossible to do mobile dev only without being a web dev monkey slave as well wh…[View]
70203041Is anyone else stilll excited about the Pinebook Pro? https://vimeo.com/323328316[View]
70208661Why does Samsung insist on forcing their own garbage bloatware instead of using stock google shit?[View]
70209461blockchain/decentralized imageboard possible?: suppose i wanted to build a 4chan that cannot be take…[View]
70206684Hey /g/ I decided to install Linux from scratch I will propaply regret it pretty soon already, but I…[View]
70204975Post your code and be judged.[View]
70209414Where were you when the missiles hit? How many family members and friends did you lose? Were you pre…[View]
70209859when will the gaming PC/console die?: Years ago, I thought consoles would pretty much be a controlle…[View]
70209412How do I get into programming C++ anons? I'm a lazy guitarist but I want to modify Sauerbratens…[View]
70203924/g/ approved books: What are some /g/ approved books? I'm looking for some new reading materia…[View]
70208286I'm still on gmail but changing to a more secure one would require so much effort[View]
70204352Most useful computer science classes?: I'm going to take a few CS classes on the side and I was…[View]
70202485Describe your average day, /g/. Mine is pic related.[View]
70203592Why are iPhones like this?[View]
70208218Why do I need an ISP. why cant i just connect directly to a websites server?[View]
70209385Are these a meme[View]
70200542Is free software a communist alternative to capitalist proprietary software?[View]
70209812how do i convert a .png to a .yaml?[View]
70208597What do you like to drink when you program, anon? I like drinking coffee![View]
70206839Can someone help me see pictures at sankaku again? I am using firefox and I disabled all the scripts…[View]
70209629Is there an opensource obd2 app?[View]
70172007/mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboard General: /mkg/ - ÜberBaller Edition >Buyer's template: http://p…[View]
70206535I still don't know if this whole video was done as a joke or not. He was giving, what seemed li…[View]
70207348Has anyone ported this to non-Pixel devices yet? Seems incredibly useful for blocking robocalls.[View]
70208228>20XX >Still not cute robot companions Technology has failed us…[View]
70208722What's the best version?[View]
70206473>Be Microshit nigger >Announce 'office for mac' >Only implement half the features >Lmao …[View]
70190120What's one thing you wish someone had told you or that you knew before starting your CS degree?[View]
70196915Okay, fa/g/gots, convince me to buy a CRT. Why should I buy one of these dinosaurs?[View]
70209268what are some good algorithms books for absolute retards?[View]
70209420Netflix hacked: During a period of March 16th to March 17th, my Netflix account as signed in to from…[View]
70205483Mfw I realize that I am too dumb for advanced programming and just pass exams[View]
70208152opinions on the new waterfox logo?[View]
70208511TempleOS Game Development: Are there any Linux environments that are as easy and fun to make and mod…[View]
70209157Anyone have experience disassembling a Car and Driver Bluetooth FM Transmitter or any chink knockoff…[View]
70203017extracting data from data tapes: last thread 404'd Hi again /g/, I'm the guy who had the d…[View]
70201794Installed slackware. What should I do next?[View]
70207812why does no alarm or let you turn all of them off at once instead I have to manually turn them all o…[View]
70209046Operation darknet: Is operation darknet still up and running? Sites Re starting to pop open masse. …[View]
70209030>Google Earth lets you view aerials from different years only lets you see streetview from curren…[View]
70181704/wdg/ - Web Development General: >I am going to make it and you are going to make it too Edition …[View]
70199563ITT: Chad programming languages[View]
70206055Post 'em[View]
70207188Where's the best place for a programmer to work?: With a CS degree but no work experience besid…[View]
70208569Needs experience to get experience: >while boomers hog all the experience…[View]
70207488ASIAN GIMMICKPHONES BTFO: https://www.cnet.com/google-amp/news/forget-the-galaxy-fold-and-huawei-mat…[View]
70207904Ballmer did nothing wrong.[View]
70204849YouMayNotSortByTimeUploadedBecauseItMightHurtSomeonesFeeFeesTube.con https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
70207234>be me >create a scam app and upload to google play >shitload of kids download it >earn …[View]
70208532Doesn't advertising like pop-up videos on your smartphone use up a lot of data and contribute t…[View]
70208514Does your boyfriend use an iphone?[View]
70203436People are fucking retarded.: Okay, so where is the actual evidence that 5G will fry our brains or b…[View]
70208251New Emacs distro? I found this, written by the same guy who made the Emacs doom-modeline (used in D…[View]
70208433Youtube filter: When will youtube recent video filters work again ? I am guessing it's for the …[View]
70183806/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: comfy edition Previous Thread: >>70169046 Don't buy anything OT…[View]
70201971RPCS3 madmen completely BTFO'd Inturd out of the relevance/existence: https://rpcs3.net/blog/20…[View]
7020783118 year old appearing in court for SHARING THE NZ SHOOTING VIDEO ONLINE: >A 18-year-old man will …[View]
70206354Wha is this program doing?: var p={ x:1.0, y:1.0, get r(){ …[View]
70206163Crux, Fedora or KDE Neon?[View]
70202628I only use my index and maybe middle finger for typing (thumb for spacebar only). how the fuck do I …[View]
70208042Which Lisp should I learn /g/?[View]
70203987>he doesn't have a whole house surge suppressor with EMI/RFI filtering for his expensive gam…[View]
70208168Hey, /g/ I work in a hospice unit and there's a huge amount of old photos and college year book…[View]
70208179purism: what is the opinion of /g/ on puri.sm laptops? i personally feel theyre overpriced for the s…[View]
70203384C++: I want to start to learn programming and about computers in general. Are skillshare lessons on …[View]
70200535What's the best gaming UPS? I mostly play FPS and some action/rpgs[View]
70202671FizzBuzzJazz: From 1 to 100, write a program that prints 'Fizz' if the number is divisible by 3, 'Bu…[View]
70206946If I use a service that is under-par for long enough, will it eventually evolve into something worth…[View]
70207417devilish: >download torrent >close torrent client immediately after it finishes downloading…[View]
70207983Headphone Jack: So, I have a broken pair of headphones. At first, it started out as the headphone.. …[View]
70198080Fact: Ubuntu is the only distro that is anywhere near to being ready for desktop use.[View]
70207564How are the tech monopolies detecting the Mosque Shooting video exactly visually?: Is there a way to…[View]
70205157What do you /g/uys think about Lydia?: Is she just a autistic code monkey or does she actually have …[View]
70207776What are we doing for Stallman's birthday?[View]
70207886Any good wireless speakers? I see a lot of speakers on the market but I don't know if it's…[View]
70207424Can't get apply to work correctly when creating properties: function g(){ console.l…[View]
70207804Windows ME and Vista weren't all that bad. Most problems people had related to poorly written t…[View]
70205637How do you make money online, anons?[View]
70207498Is this ad about technology still considered satire in this day and age? https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
70206989ITT: we act like linux man pages[View]
70207040Best Graphics Card: Howdy I'm currently looking at three really budget video/graphics cards rig…[View]
70206456windows randomly opened up a script with a key showing: so basically my windows just randomly opened…[View]
70205541Since he was a member of CDC does that make him our guy? His handle was Psychedelic Warlord.[View]
70206658Thoughts on gaming latops? Pros: >Powerful >Often upgradable Cons: >Expensive >Heavy …[View]
70207063Does anyone know any ways of disabling os verification with a managed Chromebook that blocks dev mod…[View]
70207008>5G antennas must be no more than 500-feet apart What the fuck is the point? Might as well use wi…[View]
70205730>Naming your personal assistant AI after a videogame character[View]
70207075Strange noises through my headphones: This is a strange one but I was just laying in my bed listenin…[View]
70206520How do I increase my IQ and stop being a brainlet: I want to be a good code monkey[View]
70205995How do I learn wordpress: Any suggestions?[View]
70205120Is Gentoo really hard to install for a beginner like me who only used Mint?[View]
70206383gibe docker stats: What is /g/ runing on docker?[View]
70207144Ive been caught by a few viruses at least one maybe more stored in ROM then hooked to both a hard dr…[View]
70177405/g/ approved monitors: What do you look for when buying a monitor? TN, IPS or VA? If you're som…[View]
70160576Why haven't you learned how to use the most powerful piece of software out there?[View]
70205949I was thinking... Everyday there are billions of devices that spend HOURS idle. What if we construct…[View]
70204666Does Kali make any sens wheI don't hack (yet)?: Trying to learn some Unix shit[View]
70206041/sens/: Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence thread. Update: 3 years to Resilient Mouse R…[View]
70206869RTX BTFO'd https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nqhkDm2_Tw[View]
70205225Is Manjaro really that bad? It runs faster than Ubuntu on my craptop.[View]
70201098Do ANY of these things fucking work without constant fidgeting?[View]
70206788so what's the current state of custom ROMs? I'm getting of stock's shitty permission …[View]
70205938Why does nobody care about the 25th anniversary thinkpad? >better hardware >same classic keybo…[View]
70200569A lot of people have upgraded their old thinkpads with new processors, motherboards etc. Post your s…[View]
70206575Stock Photo Shit: How can I filter out all of the damn stock filter image sites that keep bloating u…[View]
70204446A reliable source tells me that Gnome 4 will be made using electron. You heard it here first.[View]
70201537AMD poorfags btfo by Linus https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SEszLdXMMu4[View]
70206450Why women do this?[View]
70206275*blocks the competitors' path*[View]
70203999Why does it use a shitty atom processor instead of an 'm' processor or even a 'y…[View]
70204548Lads, why aren’t you buying Huawei routers?[View]
70205560How come Europeans don't have balanced 240v power?: The American split phase is objectively sup…[View]
70205569how do i soundproof my room? ive checked some local music shops and they are all way overcharging fo…[View]
70205947>non-ionizing radiation causes cancer[View]
70202502Why does /g/ hate self taught developers?[View]
70206349Spring boot aplication: if you want to see web aplication with spring https://youtu.be/Nd4WAYqdVVg…[View]
70206222How can I create an image board same as 4chan? It is for a private project that I would like to expo…[View]
70206050I fell for the iPhone meme and I regret it: I bought an iPhone 8 for $450 in January because I had a…[View]
70204074UNPOPULAR OPINION: online advertising is actually a great thing. Most websites are alive only becaus…[View]
70203005Be honest, macfags, you'd get one if you could afford it.[View]
70203632AMD: our products are not susceptible to SPOILER: https://www.amd.com/en/support/kb/faq/pa-240 >W…[View]
70204728How you'd call the job of a guy who restores ad and mail passwords, and fill reports all day?[View]
70200772So I see you're using Gnome. I use KDE myself.[View]
70206040How to succeed in computer science and technology?[View]
70203401C: Hey faggots I am a brainlet tying to learn C and I am having a hard time doing this: Read a seque…[View]
70205294I was looking into solutions which allow you to process sound (guitar in this case) with low latency…[View]
70197634>Windows 7 is here to stay I have never been this happy.[View]
70184487ITX: best itx case coming through[View]
70203819>Chrome uses too much RAM! >proceeds to make alternative app using Electron Javascript '''code…[View]
70186292ITT: Post the worst garbage you have ever been forced to work with[View]
70176320Desktop thread - Windows & Mac OS edition: Linux pedos make your own thread.[View]
70203957PipeWire is a project that aims to greatly improve handling of audio and video under Linux. It aims …[View]
70195272Be honest, was he really that great a programmer?[View]
70204905Arch is shit. Did a fresh install. Updated via pacman. Screen went blank. Had to force reboot after …[View]
70205707whats the best tech related job you can recommend? easy entry/ low training/ etc[View]
70204016Why are you helping to fund the development of this actually viable Windows alternative? Are you goi…[View]
70198539Which is the most secure Linux distro? Specifically (of course if there are other secure distros ple…[View]
70175795/csg/ - Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on AliExpress, Banggood, eBa…[View]
70204735The Inter was Ruined by Web2 Phone-Posting BRATS: You know the ones; they've never paid more th…[View]
70205612Is there a good tutorial out there if you want to get good at using the command line? Both Windows a…[View]
70205428samsung galaxy A6+ (plus): I need your advice /g/ > samsung galaxy A6+ Is this a good idea? I nee…[View]
70204940>be me >my phone was a hand me down from my dad >ergo, it has his icloud account >decide…[View]
70197403So now that Oracle went fuck you pay me money and Micro$oft is trying to be a good guy do we welcome…[View]
70205383If you can't at the very least write a fizzbuzz program, you don't belong on /g/. >B-bu…[View]
70203006>nobody has ever made a calculator with a history you can undo or delete certain calculations…[View]
70198523Did t swift actually say this?[View]
70203722Google Fi: How is it? Verizon is fucking me up the ass with random fees and data costs and the $10/G…[View]
70199873Emoji 12.0 Now Available for Adoption: http://blog.unicode.org/2019/03/emoji-120-now-available-for-a…[View]
70204156hello /g/ new fag here, should i install kubuntu instead of xubuntu?: i'm not sure about kubunt…[View]
70204355Python or Haskell? Help me decide, /g/[View]
70204937So I finally decided to give Fedora a try, boy oh boy, this reminds me of suse for all the wrong rea…[View]
70204805i need an antivirus: I need a powerful and free antivirus.[View]
70201572I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
70203711How does it feel using a bloated torrent client, /g/?[View]
702040294chan Marketplace: Best flea market finds for PC parts: What did you guys find in dinky flea markets…[View]
70199143CRTs for retro use: Can you find good retro use CRT monitors from anywhere anymore? Was all of them …[View]
70202816Why do you hate web capitalism?[View]
70201520Is mesh networking a meme? Thinking about mesh network for my new place. About 2k sqft (2 story spli…[View]
70201033Which one are you upgrading to? +-- MODEL ---+- Cores -+- USD -+ USD prev leak + |Ryzen 3 3300 | 6 /…[View]
70197731Password Manager: Does /g/ use a Password Manager for every account? Is it a good practice to only u…[View]
70203024The Great /g/ Inquisition of 2019: Prove that you belong on /g/ Give us ONE (1) example of a time wh…[View]
70202894>He still uses Windows 7 >He still uses cash >He still uses HDDs >He still uses combusti…[View]
70204618instal gento[View]
70204577Are bug bounty programs a meme? Can you actually make money of this shit? Any experiences?[View]
70204436salseforce developer cert: Where can I get torrent or dumps. thanks anon[View]
70201937Sup /g/ my PC has been having black screen crashes non stop lately, build is pic related and PSU is …[View]
70203827Choosing a new laptop: I´m deciding which laptop to buy Thinkpad e580 or Dell Inspiron 5570 Any opin…[View]
70202669/g/ you have to help me. I've hard-rebooted my computer like 5 times in the past 2 hours, tryin…[View]
70204443What if I want a certain function in GIMP to perform a certain operation in a cli script in Python? …[View]
70197400/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Example gaming …[View]
70198777>yo, bill >yeah >where should we put the print screen button on our new thinkpad? >I dun…[View]
70203546Accessing Git from PATH Not Working: Does anyone here know what could possibly be the reason that wi…[View]
70202291Does anyone here actually own this god tier GPU?[View]
70203622Would you build your own OS?: Have you ever thought about making your own OS? What about using the l…[View]
70203450Post how you look like when you use your favorite os[View]
70204231What the fuck happened with the gnome team between gnome 2 and 3? They went from a fully functional …[View]
70203429chrome is the fastest browser on android: But 'hurr durrr' its botnet Firefox and brave browser are …[View]
70203696Is there a way of connecting to the onion network without the tor browser bundle? I don't want …[View]
70192155/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Last thread: >>70183625[View]
70197598What is stopping us from achieving photo-realistic video games? Crysis was released in 2007 and feat…[View]
70202449>get new motherboard, cpu, ram, graphics card, and case >uninstall graphics drivers >instal…[View]
70202876Should I expect a newly build PC to be able to start with only an m.2 drive in? Put some old compone…[View]
70199523What do you think about the Via browser? It came with my rom, but I don't know if I should repl…[View]
70201077well /g/ what you achieved ?[View]
70203524What's the best gaming printer? Pic related, mine in the lower left[View]
70203693Old tech you can still buy new. For some reason people still buy these for server, when there are c…[View]
70198022People on /v/ seem pretty adamant the Epic Game Store is botnet, but Steam isn't. What say you,…[View]
70198890Google Home: Can you do ANYTHING with this shit? Like most /g/tards, I would've never touched t…[View]
70203683Why does it take ages to delete a file on gnome3?: Honestly how can you fuck up something so simple …[View]
70202171File Manager thread: best file managers (console and gui) for linux? i've been using thunar (o…[View]
70201728noko: So i'm currently moving and throwing away boxes upon boxes of shit i hoarded for years, m…[View]
70199129>So let me get this straight... you work for free to produce software that already exists? >Y-…[View]
70202428PC monitor use in consoles: Hey /g/ , at the moment I’m playing console games, do you think it’s wor…[View]
70195506Building a new gaming rig soon, have about $3500 saved up for this venture. Can someone give me an h…[View]
70202512What is the cheapest way to make a personal website with SSL? I have a domain and bought some SSL sh…[View]
70200653Autism: Yes please: Why :( We need one decent distro. Stop this madness please :([View]
70202722Terminal Customization: Share your fonts and color schemes, /g/ents, and rate others'.[View]
70199931How do i lower even more ram usage on android? I sucessfully managed to disable google play services…[View]
70195910/g/ humor thread: Ballmer edition[View]
70202687Hi, I'm new to hard line tubing, what causes the tubing to warp like this at the ends? I alrea…[View]
70202333>thinks he's smarter than everyone else because he installed arch/gentoo + a few packages, m…[View]
70202931GOD DAMN IT[View]
70196607I want to use this for my ryzen 2700x. I run renders for extended periods of time like 20+ hours and…[View]
70198032Does IBM still make computers? >pic not related[View]
70203305Cashing In On Free Warez: Hey /g/ - long time lurker. Have some stuff I got for free due to circums…[View]
70200607I just bought a laptop with a fresh windows 10 install. What are the best things to do to it in orde…[View]
70202706Desktop thread: Minimal edition[View]
70196269Redpill me on this[View]
70203048is it any good?: evening lads, anyone here happen to know if this thing is clean or is it cancer inf…[View]
70201585Fluke Multimeters: Show me your fav meter on the job...[View]
70195450How many of you went back to Windows after trying Linux?[View]
70202514Why did Microsoft drop the beautiful Aero Glass in Windows 8+?[View]
70200671Your opinion on rugged laptops g?: And which one is the best between Toughbook and Dell's ones…[View]
70154444Audio General vintage or new gear what do you have? what do you want? stuff you had and sold etc ple…[View]
70201633laptop or desktop limited space: quick question guyz im in the middle of either buying a gaming lapt…[View]
70197870Windows 8.1 fricking up my ssd: Dear /g/ What do?[View]
70202717>mfw arduino cable management Cables are killing me. Always a lose connection somewhere. Always t…[View]
70201112http://www.visualmasm.com/ What do you think about this 1 man project?[View]
70196424What are your go-to programs to install after fresh Windows install?: do you go straight open source…[View]
70200263What is your opinion on KDE, /g/uys?[View]
70193106why arent you using devuan linux yet in 2019? >debian >no systemd literally the best OS afte…[View]
70196713Brave: What is /g/'s thoughts on this ?[View]
70191367/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Previous thread >>70182553 >Read >>51971506 >GNU/…[View]
70198682I feel like a fraud: >be me >study CS >pass my classes with very average grades, sometimes …[View]
70197577Fuck Google: If you want an Ad free YouTube on Android, download and install YouTube Vanced https://…[View]
70184744/bst/: last one died.[View]
70202263Flutter Hummingbird: are you ready for the future of web development. with the new flutter framework…[View]
70186728>when /g/ finally recommended something good I used to browserhop on Android so much until I used…[View]
70201923Certifications General: Would it be stupid to study for the CISSP and the CISM at the SAME TIME? I …[View]
70199765Do you use Ninite to install most of your shit after a new install of Windows? Any better tools that…[View]
70199655Two more weeks and the last version of Windows XP finally gets is plug pulled.[View]
70201926NO NO NO NO NO: Ryzen wasn't supposed to do this! Stop buying AMD![View]
70192230Happy Birthday RMS!: Richard Matthew Stallman (RMS) is now 66 years old. Happy GNU/Birthday![View]
70195865Anybody in the U.S Army working IT as their MOS? If so, what is it like?[View]
70196236What Linux IDEs can beat Visual Studio?[View]
70198140How do I as a tech illitrate learn to write smart contracts so that I can have a job in 5 years? Wha…[View]
70201774Impressive computer ricks: How to impress girls with tech? This is what I usually do >Windows key…[View]
701828264chan injects something into images: See: >>70182163[View]
70195919Linux: Saving file and compiling in one command: Say I'm running a program in a text editor. I …[View]
70199581I'm putting together a website for people to upload videos. Very simple low res videos for stre…[View]
70201870Ham Radio & Shacks: When the SHTF and preppers come out a peeping, who's gonna be talking..…[View]
70201122How many times have you used the command prompt or the PowerShell[View]
70198276>mfw I just accidentally used the command dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sda I meant to type '/dev/sd…[View]
70200202besides becoming a tech wagie, how would i use my above average computer knowledge to improve my fin…[View]
70201011Redpill me on E-Book Reader: I just bought a Kindle Paperwhite for 30 bucks 6th generation Am I stup…[View]
70199261Google vs Microsoft: Who do you trust more with your personal data? Who can you trust more with your…[View]
70193537Is my Athlon X4 845 bottlenecking my gtx 1050ti?: Yeah yeah I know FM2+ is old as hell but the carri…[View]
70201432are there any good enlightenment themes available. it's a good WM but fuck it looks ugly[View]
70185854Is this projection realistic?[View]
70201299youtube layout: how do i get the current youtube UI? I changed something long time ago by inspecting…[View]
70196923is it possible to explain the GPL in simple words to a brainlet?[View]
70195314Extracting data from old data tapes: Hi again /g/, I'm the guy who had the data tapes that I wa…[View]
70196764what is the best assembly and why is it z80 assembly?[View]
70196766>same battery life as day one almost a decade later, no replacements required, not even so much a…[View]
70200058So Fedora obviously focus more on gnome than any other DE, but to its spins with xfce, kde and such …[View]
70189008which wos better?[View]
70194811What's his problem?[View]
70200874I bought a Rasberry pi 3 b+: This thing is the perfect CompSci machine for college and it has Minecr…[View]
70200781>log in to a website >'stay logged in' is disabled >browser doesn't save password >…[View]
70198907Why do they have such terrible customer support and generally unoptimised hardware?[View]
70199137The sad state of font rendering on Linux. https://pandasauce.org/post/linux-fonts/ Where were you wh…[View]
70188866>I'm an adult. >I can buy whatever I want. >You're the child for criticizing my a…[View]
70200193I-Is 1080p in a 27” monitor a bad idea?[View]
70199797Is this accurate /g/?[View]
70198602which format type from yt-dl offers the best resolution to bitrate ratio? i know 1440p is the chad y…[View]
70182718/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Users of all leve…[View]
70199235Hi, is it possible to charge something like this with a phone powerbank? THANKS[View]
70189859why doesn't windows or any standard linux file manager have a field that displays the size of a…[View]
70197287/g/ is it good for tech companies to finally leave Android and Microsoft? https://www.businessinside…[View]
70197087Spacemacs: the perfect editor[View]
70199742Dynamic typing is just 'I don't need to clean my room because I have a perfect memory and know …[View]
70176127ITT: post nostalgic tech and other posters guess age[View]
70198017>Welcome to the botnet.[View]
70199183What kind of degree do you need for designing CPU/GPU architectures?[View]
70198832what's yours?[View]
70199406>He use any programming language other than Python, JS, and HTML5+CSS[View]
70199875What's the ideal form to learn anything IT related, /g/? I'm always thinking about how to …[View]
70196345C 2.0: What really needs to be in the real successor to C?[View]
70185633Crytek Showcases Real-Time Ray Traced Reflections in CryEngine on RX Vega 56: so what nvidia will pu…[View]
70199251I'm (considering) applying to a first programming project. It'll be an internal thing for …[View]
70188145>his hosts file isn't 36.2 megabytes: It's like you HATE privacy.[View]
70197526dumb phones: Anyone has a good modern dumbphone to recommend me? I'm currently using this piece…[View]
70177545[ptg] - Public Tracker General: public tracker royalty edition >Not sure what public trackers are…[View]
70198697Hello /g/ has anybody out there tips about window cleaning robots . Do you own one? Which one would…[View]
70193618UPS & shitty electricity: For the past several months, two of my PCs have been crashing simultan…[View]
70197866How else could the mosque crusader have streamed his footage?: As it stands his video lasted 17 minu…[View]
70197345reminder that GNU/LINUX has the best fonts of any OS >osx hahaha >windos bwahaha where were yo…[View]
70198746So I just got the new Nokia 8.1, and I have to say so far it's awesome. Android Pie has so many…[View]
70194858arch is better than gentoo change my mind[View]
70191584Why do Apple products have such utter shit build quality?[View]
70191452Bash scripts: Why is it so hard writing bash scripts. I tried to write a bash script and even writin…[View]
70196562Can anyone explain why /g/ is obsessed with WinRAR when 7-Zip works as well and is totally free?[View]
70197966https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/ any good?: Looking for a VPN that does not log anything. Any…[View]
70198489why put rgb in a pc?: why everyone is doing that?[View]
70195668Tell me why I shouldn't use godot to make non gaming GUI software.[View]
70195854Want and need advice for a new phone: Hey /g/. About a year ago I decided for the first time to try …[View]
70198397>Adobe Flash Player is required to watch this video.[View]
70196405cant seek small video: cant seek when video is small, is there a way to fix this?[View]
70195458What do you guys think about Roko's Basilisk?: I found about that thought experiment a while ag…[View]
70187942Why hasnt llvm replaced gcc yet?[View]
701961724chan is fucked, I don't care amymore! Discuss pointers in C++[View]
70196205Worth it? I love my steam link but really want to stream my whole desktop not just Steam...also real…[View]
701962724k @ 120hz or 1440p @ 144hz? For gaming and overall PC usage..[View]
70197470How do I change my external IP address? Have already tried ipconfig release / renew, nothing. Tried …[View]
70197019>be me >newfag >cs student >new internship offer at big corp >ohmygodmoney.jpeg >g…[View]
70197126Why do display panels use red-green-blue and not red-yellow-blue?[View]
70192583Huawei matebook X pro[View]
70197417when you send your ipad to apple because the screen has scratches do they just replace the whole thi…[View]
70189430What did terry think of Java?: Did he ever mention Java during any of his livestreams? What did he t…[View]
70190435Subwoofer thread: only girly man don't have subwoofers[View]
70195200Who uses FreeBSD and why?: Ive used Linux for years personally but im curious about those who use BS…[View]
70194795Has /g/ created anything of note?: What is our legacy?[View]
701961484chan is tracking so hard ?: https://cloverchronicle.com/2019/01/30/avid-image-board-user-newly-disc…[View]
70192384inspect element, customize sites: how do I force the changes I make through the 'inspector' permanen…[View]
70195444/g/ is unwriter larping?[View]
70189306/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Example gaming …[View]
70194671my 2500k still works give me one good reason to upgrade i just play warcraft 3 and csgo[View]
70197165tech things that make you angry: >when the website is too lazy to program a progress bar, so it…[View]
7019510310% of a Millenium: I used to use Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Dreamweaver, Sony Vegas, etc. etc.…[View]
70197219Why can't this piece of shit - and all of its forks - into 144hz on any Linux distribution? Fir…[View]
70196002>see youtube video about X technology topic >the title is in complete english >the descript…[View]
70194271Is it safe to use my Macbook Pro with intel core i9 in the freezer? I don't want my i9 to explo…[View]
70190343Imagine using an OS on which you can only install half ot all softwares just to get hipster cred[View]
70194851QUEST: Change your IP 100 times per hour to 100 different IP addresses, while they are all in the sa…[View]
70191432It was so easy to start a successful online business in 2000s to early 2010s even if you're dou…[View]
70179064Non-Botnet Browser Thread: So let's set some foundations: Chrome and Chromium are google botnet…[View]
70183277What the fuck is wrong with audophiles?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wX65iSZTI7E This is a fucki…[View]
70191059Is this sweaty Jew our guy?[View]
70193309Why the fuck does this exist? Is there any appeal for workstation users - using two power supplies a…[View]
70199135Can anyone tell me what this is called in English?[View]
70194692This is what the city of Los Angeles would look like in November, 2019, according to the movie Blade…[View]
70197357>This workplace is a SAFE space! >The fact that people have to obey the law of the land is not…[View]
70196825Are driver updates a meme? Has anyone ever actually gotten any use out of them? >usually just di…[View]
70196039google fiber when? im tired of having internet worse than sandniggers how does microsoft expecr us a…[View]
70184945>no classes >no inheritance >no constructors >no annotations >no generics >no exce…[View]

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