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79895247Flash Player EOL: Flash Player has been discontinued, but is there a way to still use it? Some old w…[View]
79894945Alright /g/, give me your best wm/de NOW NOW NOW NOW![View]
79896665Is pic related a 16:10 monitor or is it 16:9?[View]
79897617Is there an open-source alternative to Synthesia? If not, I'm thinking of making my own. Sounds…[View]
79895568Verizon FiOS eastcost BTFO!!!: Everyone on the east coast of the us has less then 1mbps upload speed…[View]
79896930How does it manage to make /g/ seethe with so much rage?[View]
79894242i can barely code but i still got into a good uni with CS as my major is there any hope for me to g…[View]
79891439How is Bill Gates able to think at such a high level if he admits to using drugs (weed) as a teen?[View]
79896904Why Window 10 is ugly?[View]
79891699What's the point of Xfce these days? LXQt is lighter, MATE has more active development, and KDE…[View]
79894915What do you think? https://wiki.kobol.io/helios64/intro/[View]
79896074>firefox used to be a slow, single processed, insecure piece of shit under pic related >but su…[View]
79894039What does it mean?: Arch has a spear head/A logo because it's the edge. Gentoo has a (sort of) …[View]
79873717/bst/: battle station thread[View]
79894393How much ram did you have when you ran your first vm?[View]
79896027someone make gs good sites general ive got some kick ass sites to recommend[View]
79876913/hsg/ - Home Server & Data Hoarding general: Tidy cable management edition: Discuss data hoardin…[View]
79891374Do you guys have any experience with these prebuilts? Does anyone know how easy they are to upgrade?…[View]
79896118fxbros, what mode is this called?[View]
79896625Who is the creepiest tech YouTuber?[View]
79896807Is pentesting a viable career choice? Should I major in cybersecurity? Is ethical-hacking a legitima…[View]
79896727Hey cheeseheads, I'm replacing my 43 inch samsung shit screen with a 55 inch lg cx, my problem …[View]
79892909How do I buy something from the internet without glowies tracking me?[View]
79894280Unstable GPUs: Why are these things so unreliable? I am currently using an RTX 3090 and getting cras…[View]
79894749what is spacevim and why would i use it over vim or neovim?[View]
79887263/arg/ Android Root General: Deleting the stigma edition >What is rooting? Your phone is a Linux d…[View]
79891066https://www.teamgroupinc.com/en/news/ins.php?index_id=151 THANK YOU DDR5[View]
79894662https://www.sony.com/electronics/interchangeable-lens-cameras/ilce-1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
79896223What programm do you use to read/sort manga on PC and on your smartphone? I tried CDisplayEx, it…[View]
79895096I'm over the brave honeymoon period. I'm dropping it since brave ad system is a slow proce…[View]
79891201privacy tools and friends: do you friends talk to you on apps like signal and element, but not to ea…[View]
79894740How much of the UNIX philosophy is deprecated?[View]
79896232Browser thread: Shill some browsers for me, /g/[View]
79896362Pc parts: I am building a pc soon and i need a selection of parts have around $1,050 any ideas?…[View]
79896327El nuevo link de la The Hiddent Wkiki: The Hiddent wiki es un buen lugar para empezar a adrentarse e…[View]
79893472Is ClamAV still a good anti-virus for linux?: I know there are probs better but all hype about Clam …[View]
79890441I need a lightweight distro for my potato Laptop (1GB Ram): Tech-Anons, suggest me some lightweight …[View]
79896186asd: asdasd[View]
79895496ITT post software that doesn’t have good or any alternatives that’s FOSS[View]
79870505oh boy! the girls and I got a package... whatever might be inside? I hope I can trust Reimu with a b…[View]
79883275what does /g/ prefer, freebsd or gentoo and why? (no trolling this is a serious thread)[View]
79895656Do you use Caps Lock? Me never[View]
79887333Eclipse Forum: Alright, which one of you did this?[View]
79895955>was rebooting my pc >windows forcefully updates even tho i have the no update settings enable…[View]
79896170My Asus Rog Strix G G531 GT will not read the hard disk, even when i am in bios: I suspect this may …[View]
79890566Discord is broken: My faggot friend wont switch from discord and I'm a faggot who refuses to in…[View]
79895166Has anyone made a open source digital midi-compatible synth that allows as much (or more) controls a…[View]
79883197Windows 7 chads, which updates do you recommend avoiding when installing it?[View]
79881970How do I learn Blender with no prior modeling or animation experience? And I mean actually learn it,…[View]
79895977Linux: Linux users since 1990's[View]
79894255this situation tho: > Helping aunt > turn on laptop > startx > cringe anime wallpaper …[View]
79884744Apple is bringing back evolution and the survival of the fittest: Imagine having heart issues and pa…[View]
79895927auto updates are a good thing, especially with web browsers. don't listen to retarded mongrels …[View]
79884621How come in 2021 there are only 2 web browsers?[View]
79895117>like working in Assembly because tism >tfw will never find a job for it pain…[View]
79895694>Hello friends >Mouse click as loud as gunshots >Light mode on IDE/text editor >Yellow c…[View]
79892855Is putting a recursive call inside a for loop bad practice when making stuff? I can't think of …[View]
79895435Is there any point learning C++ while Golang exists?[View]
79891911[In 1902] Wexford Bull Ring, Ireland【AI Restoration】: https://youtu.be/xgoNPbg1ICU [In 1902] West Br…[View]
79894169i just did my first virtual machine... Now what?: so recently my father and i we were reparing a com…[View]
79882259was the internet worth it?[View]
79889203would i therotically be able to sder a vga connector onto this?[View]
79892417This is bullshit: Finally got https for my site and they just straight flagged me for no fucking rea…[View]
79894539Pi NAS: I'm planning on building a NAS with a raspberry pi 4 and a 1TB sata SSD connected via t…[View]
79895156space age tech thread: ITT we post cool tech rarely featured on /g/[View]
79894860>Geforce 256 DDR: 128-bit memory interface >Geforce FX 5950: 256-bit memory interface >Gefo…[View]
79890636Based. Fuck standing desks: >The overall results showed that, for Complex Attention, seated perfo…[View]
79891880Ecosia: Is this thing legit?[View]
79869191computer and girl[View]
79893358Why the FUCK does 8 keep printing if it's an even number? Pls help I am newfag and I can't…[View]
79891218How do you filter /pol in /g? What keywords do you use? I'm just sick of paranoiac schizoids s…[View]
79894528Got a spare one of these babies laying around. Should I try and sell it off to put towards a current…[View]
79879820Vim: Any vim customization ideas /g/ ?[View]
79894712How does WhatsApp make money without ads and free services?[View]
79894419Got hacked: I knew this day would come, but on my day off *wipes tears*.[View]
79894017is it useless right? RIGHT?[View]
79892359> /g/ hates apple > /g/ shits on apple hardware specifically > “we want linux on pic relat…[View]
79893378Is Xen Zen, /g/?: What are the pros and cons of running a Xen hypervisor as a daily driver? Running …[View]
79894729Hobbyist Burnout: Hey /g/, I need some advice. I enjoy making hobby projects, but the more I work on…[View]
79884059>open firefox >see this[View]
79880578left or right[View]
79893150>my company just decided to remove all Pepe emoji from our internal Slack what's going on br…[View]
79893010>your password must contain a lowercase letter, uppercase letter, a number, a symbol, a roman num…[View]
79894538Best Korean glowies pwn numerous Western hackers: Apparently even cybersecurity “professionals” run …[View]
79890598fediverse questions: i have a simple webhosting (php mysql, no server options) what are advantages o…[View]
79893430windows will never have this much soul[View]
79894353i',m new to webdev trying to learn js, can someone please explain to me what exactly is eslint …[View]
79894311Learning math or programming first for AI/ML?: Hello /g/. I want to learn machine learning and compe…[View]
79892985People with proficiency in building websites - could I please get some resources on building a websi…[View]
79890812Hacking together a language: Does anyone know about good resources to learn about writing a programm…[View]
79893667Why don't you follow the 3-2-1 rule for backups, Anon?[View]
79893405What makes Xiaomi so good? Are they the next Samsung?[View]
79892313How fucked is the world if TSMC just up and gone poof along with all it's manufacturing equipme…[View]
79872889So you can just request to Google to blur your house on Streetview and they just do it?[View]
79893759So if I spent $1400, what am I even getting with this? What in Chrome OS even requires specs of this…[View]
79892276What programming language does God use?[View]
79891088Any computer engineers here? What do you actually do once you get a degree? Because I've been t…[View]
79890806What is /g/'s opinion on Snapcraft?[View]
79891158Is there a way to run X window managers on Windows ?[View]
79867630With their powers combined, can they take on the Adobe empire?[View]
79890383How do I do things the Red Hat Way?[View]
79891051>Use DisplayPort >1.2 or 1.4 doesn't matter >144hz 4k monitor can't go down to 60…[View]
79891937Is there any point to having HDMI 2.1 on a 4K/60 display? I'll be shopping around for a new TV …[View]
79883516when will linux support gaming?[View]
79891063What's wrong with 320kbps CBR MP3? Why would there always be a /g/ anon convincing me to switch…[View]
79893523if youre on ubuntu, how do you go back to w10?[View]
79892325I spent over 1K on a 13' laptop that I have never used cause I realized I hate laptops.[View]
79890774>Issue number #124 >Replace `whitespaces` with tabs >Since whitespaces have connotations ab…[View]
79892890Why are pajeets such retards? They ask the dumbest shit in my class, have bad posture, look ugly, an…[View]
79892144Is there literally anything an average person (ie someone who knows enough about computers to use go…[View]
79892817>We want the Gen Z Audience Why do website developers do this? Why do companies that handle money…[View]
79882078when will graphics cards be available[View]
79888658What's the purpose of Docker?: Can you just use traditional VMs?[View]
79890482Low Spec Gaming thread: Low spec gaming Tested using: Dell Latitude e6230 (2013) i5-3340m @ 2.7GHz 8…[View]
79858663/ptg/ - Private Trackers General: >Not sure what private trackers are all about? The mission of /…[View]
79892719so dad bought some gps (instead of using smartphone with map app for some reason) and i gotta update…[View]
79891221Firefug redesin: So, what do you guys think abut that firefox proton redesign, I hate it like I did …[View]
79889663Why is linux so bad at binary compatibility? I find it embarrassing knowing Linux boomers knew this…[View]
79892015When will they release Visual Basic 7.0?[View]
79892828DIGITAL DEMISE: What will happen to your digital self after your death? What about your internet acc…[View]
79891329What do I do about this? I have a spare PSU lying around. Will I fry it if I clean this connector an…[View]
79888594My phone won’t let me get a google account because my number and email is apparently invalid despite…[View]
79890248It's obvious that uncompressed lossless sound is the best, but how much does DTS differ in qual…[View]
79889672Are laptops a meme?: I wish there was something ergonomic and portable.[View]
79892163https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT211900 >Medical devices such as implanted pacemakers and defibr…[View]
79889732Hey, /g/. I need help with iframes. No matter what I try (yes, I Googled it), I can't get the…[View]
79880099MacOS is garbage and I do not respect any dev who is happy using it for work: My employer forces me …[View]
79890247I don't see screen tearing with an uncapped frame rate or running under the refresh rate.[View]
79891425Programming language for robots: I want to create robots and AI, but I know nothing about programmin…[View]
79890199im too old and too low iq for /g/[View]
79892408Is the average consumer CPU designed to withstand 100% load for hours (with average but sufficient c…[View]
79892456How long before mama su brings us friendbots: I want a deep long lasting friendship with an object I…[View]
79888585why haven't they made a good linux os yet? like just copy windows or something...not a single …[View]
79891843Anyone else on older versions of Android despite having updates available? Google Pixel here.[View]
79869219/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Users of all leve…[View]
79889972Any other Brave users see this?: Just found this. It just states that some organization manages this…[View]
79891434>b-but Intel has faster transistors bro... this shit's becoming pathetic…[View]
79887383IT EASY TO SOLVE: im enumerated every partiule of universe 1. generate/declare a random order of th…[View]
79889645are you ready for the future of displays? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ky-t00ubcU0 E Ink shows C…[View]
79883976MCM (multi-chip module) GPU is gearing up for a big 2021 reveal: https://www.tweaktown.com/news/7750…[View]
79890903CPU: you guys are running +20 threads on +5GHz, right?[View]
79889638Why is there no Distro where every: package that you install is statically linked ?[View]
79890743Terry Footage: Just found out about God’s chosen programmer. Pls dump any notable video moments.…[View]
79891893>ram starts beeping[View]
79888781How do you avoid the stupifying effects of your cellphone takimg over all your free time. your turn…[View]
79884702Battlestation thread: kino edition[View]
79890558Hello /g/ members, I hope you can help me with some questions. So I want to switch from Windows 10 t…[View]
79891026I can understand traffic lights and road stuff as they are developing self driving technology. but w…[View]
79887850How often do people actually switch over from Apple to Windows and vice versa?[View]
79891610Blender: Blender my M3 button barely works but the scroll wheel works fine. I rebinded all the M3 st…[View]
79891358https://youtu.be/uBSspnFl93w why does it sound so bad?[View]
79890105Proctortrack: How long will it take until they implement this for home office use? I dont want to lo…[View]
79885530what /g/ memes did you fall for? I'll start > f-91w > used chinkpads > pmp/iem > …[View]
79888800What happened to drop down terminal? They were cool once.[View]
79887365Void Linux Thread: New install of Void. Really enjoy it but I'm having problems signing my cust…[View]
79887351What did your setup look like in 2001? What OS were you running?[View]
79891314Post gimp circle memes[View]
79889171Discuss the most based distro ever.[View]
79871412How often do you or should you upgrade to a new laptop?[View]
79886186Raspberry Pi: /b/ fag here. Why does everyone adore these? They can't even run an n64 emulator …[View]
79885290Hey /g/, I got a fuckton of computers from a dumpster, (everything shown, but also a ton more deskto…[View]
79886172Can I get a job at Best Buy with a CS degree but no references?: I'm hopefully going to be grad…[View]
79889392YouTube algo keeps recommending me pirated episodes of JRE: The algo always pushed (at least to me a…[View]
79888545I miss him, bros...[View]
79890736>He doesn't know that Mozilla is big corp You know that Verizon and Facebook are like the bi…[View]
79889178need sound tech help asap: bought pic related- zoom h6. is there any way i can record a video using …[View]
79889515any tips on ricing ubuntu 20.04?[View]
79890275I installed linux mint: what do I do now[View]
79882147Why aren't you using Debian?[View]
79886372How easy is getting a job at Google?: I dropped out after I fell for the associate's meme, and …[View]
79881311/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous thread: >>79871749…[View]
79883390Why's this one little fish make our jannies and shills seethe so hard?: Be they Winjeet, iToddl…[View]
79890515Why is everyone so angry in this place, there's no playful banter like in the other boards jist…[View]
79888293How can one pair of earbuds be so based?: I had a bunch of earbuds and went to the store to try all …[View]
79887673I fucking hate pic related.[View]
79889033Hardware acceleration on GNU/Linux: Browser video hardware acceleration now available for X11 withou…[View]
79890049Are there any full-disk encryption APKs for Samsung Galaxy devices? I'm using a A10E (U.S. rele…[View]
79886902Studio 24C 2x2 USB-C Audio Interface: Best Mid Range Audio Interface for Guitar? In terms of what…[View]
79888336What's the best gmail alternative?[View]
79888070>mfw I can afford a new sbc[View]
79890287Is sre a good job? What's career advancement like? Seems inferior to swe.[View]
79889517heye gentoomen, been a while i have found myself in need of a new laptop because the battery in mine…[View]
79886275/g/ podcasts: What are /g/'s favorite technology related podcasts? I have a ton of non-tech pod…[View]
79885159What is the best way to wipe your SSD and phone flash memory? Preferably remotely.[View]
79889941Shalom goys, When and where would Haskell be more appropriate than Scala?[View]
79889829Is the Cypriot right, /g/?[View]
79889453computer won't power down: What causes this behavior? I can't put it in hibernation or sle…[View]
79883491sup /g/ just booted up my raspberry pi for the first time, already installed htop and changed my wal…[View]
79886869How come no matter how perfect and logical code is, there's always some bugs? That doesn't…[View]
79886771how do you keep 'bad' content off an anti-censorship network: starting a decentralized ano…[View]
79888624So how dumb/smart are the guys in the video /g/? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJJy6VJvSCk…[View]
79888682ups backup: As long as your not updating a computers bios or anything like that is there any real da…[View]
79889208are there any embedded super light weight OS for smart phones? even the most dejewed Android is 100x…[View]
79886636SeaMonkey.....: This browser is a glitching, retro looking pile of shit. Don't even bother with…[View]
79888045What linux distro would you recommend for minimal hassle? A long time ago I used to use debian on an…[View]
79885627Org-mode thread: I've only been using org-mode for less than a year, and recently I started to …[View]
79887101I would gladly pay $5,000 to have a new type of internet installed out to my house. somehow. somethi…[View]
79888708Normiebook having to tell dumbfucks not to run malicious shit in the devtools lmao[View]
79889233Any guys work in DevOps field? How did you transition into that position? I am a developer and want …[View]
79885693T.V. Screen cleaning SOS: I have a Samsung Q70R tv and my son has drawn a small line across a part o…[View]
79886920what distro do you think she's using?[View]
79881682How do I make edits like this? >implying it's not real[View]
79869102Is the GPL communist?[View]
79887928Gave win 10 a try in a vm to see what WSL Ubuntu is like. Holy shit how do people put up with this s…[View]
79889413I have a 2080ti and a 3070. I want to sell one of them cause I don't need two. Which one should…[View]
79888792whats a gnu/linux distribution which does not have a terrible package management unlike arch, does n…[View]
79880371Why does /g/ hate webdev so much? its not like web developers are gonna take your job if you are not…[View]
79881468lets have a real discussion, why they pushing it so hard? why do they justify the use of telemetry? …[View]
79886794>tfw seeing how much CAD software licenses cost I thought Adobe's licensing were bad but thi…[View]
79888279holy fuck: >go on freelancer website >99% is pajeets scrambling over each other for $5 to make…[View]
79881087BRAVE: Downloaded it 2 days ago and can already tell it is way faster than Chrome. So why are you st…[View]
79884512Things that make /g/ seethe >within 3 years wayland will be default on all DEs except some autism…[View]
79887997Apple has won.: Q: Can the US government or Apple spy on my OS X MacBook Pro and if so, how can I pr…[View]
79889024ABSTRACT ALL THE CONCEPTS: Why must corporations abstract every single fucking object to the point w…[View]
79887630Techlet here. How is it that one could make a duplicate app with stolen source code? I wish there we…[View]
79888651Anyone tried Kakoune? What are your opinions?[View]
79888877this youtuber is taking requests of songs to recreate in openAI jukebox https://www.youtube.com/post…[View]
79886924geo map software: What's the best Google Earth alternative? I wanna fuck around with a 3D map o…[View]
79886090'there are absolutely no bugs on debian! it is the most stable OS!' >install LibreOffice on flatp…[View]
79874664>company switches to Discord for all internal affairs >big meeting, everyone's suited up …[View]
79881910I'm done with their gender/diversity/blacklivesmatter political agenda. How can I get rid of Go…[View]
79886717Alternative Phone OS: I would like to replace the default android OS on my LG G6 with something less…[View]
79888125How can I edit coronavirus out of Hogan's Alley? I like these cans, but I don't like the f…[View]
79887663Actual Internet Anonymity: Is there any actual way to keep pic related and his friends from spying o…[View]
79875580Why aren't you using a Microsoft Duo dual screen mobile?: White man, come home.[View]
79885691finally a C alternative that isn't a meme. Why haven't you switched yet, anon?[View]
79880354fucking sad man: >be me >begginer in linux >friends of mine basically tormented me to hell …[View]
79885701Return of the king[View]
79886282I will never go to windows ever again: Fuck your damn edge beautiful battleroyale trash games I give…[View]
79887893[breaks pin on insertion][View]
79884291is it dead?[View]
79879142Why haven't you switched?[View]
79885236>shitty europoor cookie notices why is this shit still a thing in 2021[View]
79887430Should i buy a 3060 ti? i have a 1050 now. also what are the brand tiers? not that you really get an…[View]
79886616nftables Configuration: Maybe I am retarded but I can't figure this out. How do I configure nft…[View]
79887918Not being privacy conscious: Just realized that not using privacy focused software is the same thing…[View]
79887568Monitor question: Can my Intel CPU and Nvidia GPU work with a FreeSync monitor?[View]
79886001>shut down computer before bed >get up to pee in the middle of the night >computer's t…[View]
79887047Why do Google Services require constant access to my microphone, camera, and body sensors?: Why do t…[View]
79886753>a tree is a list of lists[View]
79884902Self taught engineer here: Been in the field a few years, but feel like I am lacking a lot of fundam…[View]
79883059image management: name your favorite image manager and why; I'm looking for something to assist…[View]
79887520What’s the best (or most promising) gaming laptop(s) below $1000 if you had to narrow it down?[View]
79885703My Documents: ITT: we post a screenshot of you 'My Documents' folder with number of files, subfolde…[View]
79882933ITT: Animals and technology[View]
79886919hows that mining rig coming along /g/? https://www.tomshardware.com/news/the-fastest-rtx-3080-mining…[View]
79887327Based. Fuck standing desks.: >The overall results showed that, for Complex …[View]
79883037Hi /g/ I am a European, who usually and almost exclusively frequents /biz/. I have had an idea. Is t…[View]
79887195it gets worse everyday how do they do it?[View]
79884473Is AMD ever going to bring back Ruby?[View]
79883130Why is old GNOME so much more customizable than modern GNOME?[View]
79884149What's the relation between C# and .NET? Is it like Java and JVM?[View]
79887345Question for hi tech frens: I have a 58” sharp roku tv I would like to use as a monitor. Looking to …[View]
79887315the shura of legend..[View]
79882031What's your excuse for not using a desktop as your main computer?[View]
79881814react vs flutter: i need to pick one for my greenfield project. 1) which is more performant? 2) whic…[View]
79886742Work Devices: Im curious what /g/ has been issued by the boss man for work. So lets see what you hav…[View]
79869383>headphone jack >camera shutter >21:9 >close to stock android with little bloat The most…[View]
79873373RX 5700 / 5700XT: It took AMD nearly a YEAR to release drivers that work even remotely correctly for…[View]
79886173what would you say is your greatest strength, programmerchan?[View]
79880528When will RISC-V save us?[View]
79884834This it a shit post, IGNORE IT!!: It would be awesome! I always shit post when I am drunk and this w…[View]
79885241Anyone else is fed up with domain hoarders?: It is utterly impossible to register anything decent on…[View]
79881486where can I host anti-semitic videos? gimme youtube alternative[View]
79883576How can non-physical code/software control/communicate with physical hardware?: My question is: When…[View]
79886648>Using Gnome >Can't switch from HDMI to DP on monitor without unplugging the cables >S…[View]
79886029is there a downside running this from its own container in the browser? like audio quality or someth…[View]
79871794mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboards General Split keeb edition >Keyboard recommendation template https://…[View]
79886478Has anyone ever waxed a touchscreen? I just waxed my windshield. Its smooth, feel frictionless, and…[View]
79856154/pmp/ + /iemg/ Portable Media Players + In Ear Monitors General: Find Your Endgame, Achieve Balance …[View]
79885741>sucklesses libzahl >worst performance then just using GMP >BUT GUYS AT LEAST ITS LESS BLOA…[View]
79885759Mexico here. This is the top selling case in my country. What do your cuntrys builds look like?[View]
79882203How create 'NEW THREAT' page with PHP MYSQL: How create 'NEW THREAT' page with PHP, or how create ne…[View]
79882463My preferred linux variant is exclusively determined based on the criteria of which one has the most…[View]
79885550The iPhone lineup’s average selling price recently hit an all-time high of $873 burgerbux How do the…[View]
79885602CyTube: Easiest way for streaming .mp4 files?: >inb4 that's something a fed would ask (repos…[View]
79884935Does a single good ebook/document reader for linux exist? Foliate can't read a damn .mobi file.[View]
79883324Why aren't you mining for crypto right now? Even an old ass RX 480 can make you ~1.50USD a day.[View]
79883769Is there anything good out there to replace my aging Kobo Mini?[View]
79886195Firefox is starting to scare me. Also what kind of shit product launches with a limit of 5 aliases, …[View]
79882571>there are anons on /g/ RIGHT NOW using this distro Just stop.[View]
79885307GNOME superiority thread (rap edition) I just got my weeks workload done using Fedora GNOME in Wayla…[View]
79871561He pronounces 'char' like Charmander.[View]
79885072List 5 features that you find most important in a video player and in an image viewer.[View]
79886111Windows phone question: Hello frens. Can i jailbreak or put android on a windows phone? I had a Sams…[View]
79881298Join the Yggdrasil network! >what is the yggdrasil network? It is an IPv6 mesh network that allow…[View]
79885088Which none systemd distro should I install?[View]
79883844DDG BANGS: share your bangs !4ch g !ud {buzzword} 4chan ! post'em[View]
79883771Browser standards must die!: Do something right for once and sabotage browser standards. Electron af…[View]
79884750online courses: >there are tons of free/cheap online courses teaching how to make shit what'…[View]
79874754/pcbg/ - Personal Computer 'Building' General: >UPGRADE ADVICE Post complete specs including moni…[View]
79874787Best Linux Distro for desktop use? If it makes any difference, I'm planning to use Davinci Res…[View]
79878362>how tf can we scam the scammers? is it possible to either refill these little shits with my chea…[View]
79885252/bst/: battle station thread post your battle station (that you currently have)[View]
79876578>create repo >master branch is now named main Americans are mentally ill…[View]
79884638Out of morbid curiosity, given your position at your company, what is the most destruction to societ…[View]
79881186Is PC building the modern version of building a hot rod? Am I that cool for building a PC?[View]
79871086This scares the webshitter.[View]
79886302how come /g/ is 49.5% gaming, 49.5% software/computer programming, and 1% technology that's act…[View]
79880423Help i'm retarded: why the text function is returning undefined[View]
79880756ITT: BCIs: Discuss brain computer interfaces. Will you get Valve's consumer-grade gayming ones …[View]
79881977IPHONE JUST LOST ITS CONSUMERBASE: Kek. Medical workers are adviced to not use iphone 12 because the…[View]
79883485What's it good for?[View]
79882735>trannyfox is cucked >chrome cucked and glowing >brave is shills >opera is chinked >T…[View]
79883662Good evening my fellow comrades, Tonight I have a very important task for all of you, Im in my quest…[View]
79881805Let me guess, you need more[View]
79873009What do you think about Wayland? I'd like it to come on OpenBSD, looks like a perfect match. If…[View]
79878900Will it be a worthy successor to CentOS?[View]
79880076is it a meme or not?[View]
79881885Parabolic Listening Devices: Do these work? Could a neighbour across the street (few hundred feet) w…[View]
79867549How do self calibrating CRTs work?[View]
79880088How do I get into Usenet? Is it only piracy and pedos nowadays, or can you get actual conversations?[View]
79884941>you live in the decade where LCD will finally die[View]
79879089Bros how do you think the world will be in five years technologically speaking?: Will there be an es…[View]
79884411Are code reviews literally a meme ? I hate how it's pushed everywhere in 'best practice' but I…[View]
79870915The internet is fucking dead: Ever since Telegram cucked and Parler (which was supposed to be it…[View]
79884588how insecure is it?[View]
79882845Laser Mic: Are they super expensive/easy to use? Can you block them from being used? If you thought …[View]
79878406linux program to control what binaries access internet?: linux program to control what binaries acce…[View]
79884109So lets say the internet shuts down and you are all smug because you have 30TB of porn on your hard …[View]
79879479redpill the tech illiterate: Hello, /g/. Maybe it's time to make a move. Sorry for the lust-pro…[View]
79883320What's the most anonymous browsing extension that also isn't slow as fuck? I've heard…[View]
79884352I think I did it /g. > Been at current company half a decade > From the start working on some …[View]
79878139>mfw people recommend Linux for old machines when Windows 7 Lite ISOs are a thing…[View]
79884306>care about privacy >don't have google, facebook account, use custom ROM >get very sic…[View]
79884219Is it as good as /g/ says it is?[View]
79874615Molly: Molly is a FOSS version of Signal. Features: - F-Droid repo - Passphrase lock for internal st…[View]
79882224How do you convert .webp images to .jpg or .png so you can post them on 4chan? >Google search …[View]
79865798>Removable battery, has expansions up to 10,000 mah >Great camera for a phone from 2016 >Ha…[View]
79882676Learning Linux is fun: So I just created my first ever bash script. I'm learning to create alia…[View]
79883897Why do you hate free money?[View]
79875316>Buy a Raspberry Pi 4 >Install Raspbian >Mount my network drive >Go to add files >Can…[View]
79881137Source code leak?: found this on gitlab, seems legit? https://gitlab.com/fromdownbad/zendesk…[View]
79877548Github humor thread: It's been a while since weve had one[View]
79882797BOOX or other?: I want an ereader that supports ePub / PDF and note taking...however I'm not ov…[View]
79884058Certificates from Online Courses: Do i get certificates that i can put on my resume or appear in my …[View]
79882040*makes every programming book useless* nothing personal[View]
79883583I've never done this before. Is it necessary to take out the keyboard/touchpad/upper parts when…[View]
79862582why don't you use palemoon? >not a resource hog >no rust >no spyware >no trannies o…[View]
79879463I'm prolly gonna install Manjaro today, just wanted to make sure whether or not I need a vm for…[View]
79883500Why is it so bloated?[View]
79882199fresh install of linux mint cinnamon 20.1, it's preddy comfy, my laptop feels faster and it doe…[View]
79872885Angular: What do you guys think of Angular? Good framework to know for front-end career? Difficult t…[View]
79883484want to browse the web? here are your choices.[View]
798831464chan statistics: Sup /g/, I was wondering, is there any statistics about how many posts per 4chan t…[View]
79882703What are they capable of?[View]
79870894>jewtube now wants your ID to watch mature videos kek[View]
79879644So I made a computer with a radiator the size of god. It's an 8086k that's sitting at 32c …[View]
79881089>google 'essential sysadmin certs' >everyone recommends something different so where…[View]
79879143Hey /g/ I am going to mod my casio f91w with a skmei 1123 display . do you think its possible to put…[View]
79877381If Ubuntu were to ditch GNOME, which one do you think would become its main DE? Unity: Probably the …[View]
79882283>tfw I finally understand what a monad is it's just a way of composing functors that would n…[View]
79883351https://twitter.com/reduzio/status/1353754595437248512 What does this mean from a programmer perspec…[View]
79861495Please tell me you don't use KDE. GNOME is the only deskop for getting work done.[View]
79882909Should I buy an oscilloscope on ebay?: I'm fucked if I buy an oscilloscope from a chink on ebay…[View]
79882886How to survive being after leaving wagslavery? Been trying to make games, website for content. Thin…[View]
79866440As a newer programmer, I want to know why C is prefered by so many people as a beginner language and…[View]
79877448Why would you use linux when you can just run ubuntu in Windows 10?[View]
79881168What the fucking point in mern stack and react.js? My employer wants me to convert to this from LAMP…[View]
79880003What's the /g/-approved /comfy/ laptop? >X200 w/ libre/coreboot + (upgraded battery, IPS s…[View]
79881359Why does Malware always affect windows-based computers? Hackers always used some unpatched vulnerabi…[View]
79860757List of things that sucked about windows 10: Create a list of what's wrong with windows 10…[View]
79882398Open source is a cult. Github encourages people to open their source. If someone can establish trust…[View]
79858821Are Android tablets worth it in 2021?: Has any one of them beaten iPad?[View]
79879861>pioneered ARM development, and forces Intel, AMD, and nvidia to spend billions on ARM R&D to…[View]
79880900>own pre M1 Macbook Pro >first lecture of the year >go sit down not far from a group of cut…[View]
79882694Hi! I live in an apartment which is way to expensive for what I am getting, but the worst thing is t…[View]
79881542Net Core: How is it different to Java? Is it better or worse? The jobs on the market with this stack…[View]
79882358Finally bought a new router because the one provided by my ISP was absolute dogshit. What are some s…[View]
79882177My case's screws won't thread anymore(the problem is with the hole, not the screw) and my …[View]
79882691Best bang for buck VLOG cam?: Any recommendations? Pref under $500[View]
79878407Surf browser: Is it a decent browser or just stick to chromium or Firefox?[View]
79880466SSD: Is 256GB SSD enough paired with 1TB HDD for programming nowadays? I will install OS and Visual …[View]
79881459Does anyone else feel like monitors actually looked worse after 1080p+ resolutions? I found my old 9…[View]
79882400Hello /g/ I bought some new PC parts, flashed bios, installed the pieces but when i tried booting th…[View]
79878455Archlinux boots to grub command line.: Im a complete linux noob and i followed a tutorial by some In…[View]
79881866amiga 1200: hi i recently found an old amiga 1200 what are some cool things to do with it?[View]
79876650Is it too late: Tech peeps, I'm 35 with a couple years experience with autocad If i complete …[View]
79877528What's the best deinterlacing method (in terms of quality, not encoding speed) as of 2021?[View]
79882131Wait A McFucking Minute: What about this: >Have a big enough SSD + (Optional) massive HDD. >Sp…[View]
79881725How do a trackpoint in thinkpads work? I've always seen them on these laptops but I've nev…[View]
79877004Distro Overview: Is there a clean website or thread where I can view the benefits of a distro. Such …[View]
79878124Do /g/ I've quit every social media website i was ever a part of I've quit all message a…[View]
79875324Why is everything done via the terminal in Linux?: I use MacOS for 4 years now. I used the terminal …[View]
79881706What are the threats to 4chan as a website regarding its lifespan? Is 4chan pretty much immortal unt…[View]
79881544I like it.[View]
79878149I got an iphone 12 mini how do I sideload a 4chan app bros whats the best one[View]
79878864Emulation: Why can my computer handle n64 emulators with amazing speed, but slow down and stuttter w…[View]
79797036/aig/ - Alternative ISA General: A general for the discussion of all non-x86 ISAs (RISC-V, SPARC, m6…[View]
79881573How do you guys deal with Linux lag? Whenever I'm running an app that takes a decent amount of …[View]
79881533Sd card won't let me delete files on it: I haven't done anything that would fuck it up and…[View]
79877189>MATE is a community continuation of Gnome 2 >doesn't include the BASED Crux window borde…[View]
79871338>I use Arch btw[View]
79881377>watching tutorial on literally any software >tutor keeps moving the cursor randomly to the rh…[View]
79880848Is Wifi 6 a meme?[View]
79881327How do I avoid working for a software company that makes NPC toys?[View]
79871749/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous thread >>79865262…[View]
79880829Some tips about scripting/malware-making?: I want to start making scripts or malware, just for home …[View]
79875133Why is there still no good (read: user friendly/simple to use) alternative to Discord?[View]
79879604what went wrong?[View]
79879484/vrg/ - VR General: In this thread, we discuss everything related to Virtual Reality, from headsets …[View]
79877561Where do you sell your 2080Ti for maximum profit?[View]
79881034Is there any good detachable laptops that are cheap?: I wanna run arch on a detachable laptop/tablet…[View]
79880444what are the best software and resources for backing up your files and folders?[View]
79880507>email >slack >messenger >text messages >phone calls >video calls >notification…[View]
79877862how would you get a internet signal in the middle of nowhere?[View]
79873035https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nI2e-J6fsuk Asahi Linux is a project and community with the goal of …[View]
79871694Toughts on youtube vanced? Is it just more stable newpipe?[View]
79880811Where do you find these data sets? How do journalists access them?[View]
79876925[In 1984] Apple Macintosh Promotional Video - with Bill Gates【AI Restoration】: https://youtu.be/h_kM…[View]
79874624Xperia Compact is back Edition. If you're requesting purchasing advice, please provide your cou…[View]
79877334What do I replace it with >inb4 why are you using chrome retard[View]
79874913Amazon Kindle: My family is getting one of this for my birthday. Can you use it without an Amazon ac…[View]
79880312What are your favorite Android apps? Your personal choice of music player, gallery app, torrent clie…[View]
79875574Will there be driverless vechicals by 2030? How about full electrical by then?[View]
79879336Monitor/Display Thread: Are art displays just a meme? If you have or rent a calibration tool, is an …[View]
79873055It is so unreal how AMD decimated Nvidia's biggest generational leap.[View]
79878405What does /g/ think of ZohoMail?: Botnet? Fairly decent? If not, what's a decent provider?…[View]
79867289> started with manjaro > went to fedora > debian > gentoo > arch > ubuntu > min…[View]
79879215Device: X220 Distro: Linux Mint Cinnamon or XFCE?[View]
79878315The Shillings, Distro Version: Post: >current distro / os >list of cons >list of pros / why…[View]
79879681ITT The worst Tech Podcasts on earth I'll start[View]
79878169For those of you that work IT, what was your starting salary after you graduated uni?[View]
79878291Amiga: here is modern: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minimig but why dont have a microchip version o…[View]
79880238Wagecuck here. My job consists of updating store item prices. The item lookup numbers and prices are…[View]
79877685Fuck Phones: Do any other /g/tards not give a flying fuck about phones? I have zero interest in muh …[View]
79880134Which robot wife model will you choose?: (pic very related)[View]
79872709>not having a static ip you will never have the comfy feeling of being a burden on your isp…[View]
79869282Why Are Tech People So Often Communists?: How come tech enthusiasts on forums like this are always s…[View]
79879755What's your excuse for not using a desktop as your main computer?[View]
79877370Why can't Element (Matrix) copy Discord's UI identically?[View]
79876898Differences between programming languages: What's the best? Which one will get me a job if I am…[View]
79877271So I've tried it and seems like the rumors were true. It is the most secure, reliable and fast.…[View]
79851415Unpopular opinion: wristwatches are for hipsters and consoomers: It's an outdated piece of tech…[View]
79879155Thoughts on the FiiO M11 I'm on the market for a DAP. Is the FiiO M11 worth getting?[View]
79876221Usb 3.2: Ive got 2 ports available. I know its insanely fast but what can I do with them? I dont hav…[View]
79860657What is the patrician choice for a mouse intended for office use these days?[View]
79877708/ig/ - Image Board General: Image boards are technology! This general is for the discussion of image…[View]
79876744Are there any good surround sound/amps on the market that I can hookup my turntable and my tv to?[View]
79876367>learn C++ >lesson about local variables lifetime >feel bad when variable x dies at the end…[View]
79873058Durov literally reinvented they way messengers work. This, pic related unironically is chaddest mess…[View]
79879537I'm going to sell my laptop and upgrade my desktop, fuck 'mobility' I never used my computer ou…[View]
79873699How to save the 'middle era' of pcs /g/? There is a gap in our computer history, PCs from around 199…[View]
79878409Show us your Courage, anon, leave the Google botnet and let's earn money together![View]
79878084Idiot Tells: What are some quick ways you can determine if someone emailing you is retarded? I'…[View]
79878016Any advice for an anon trying to pass CompTIA A+/N+/Sec+?: Sup /g/, Im looking to add a cert or thre…[View]
79878489>Error: Corrupted file or unsupported file type. how do i fix this /g/?…[View]
79879121wait i switched to arch n this might acc be peak comfy, got a 3080 and couldn’t get it to work on de…[View]
79876971>seamonkey devs purposely breaknoscript and request policty friendship ended with seamonkey frien…[View]
79877694Would it be a good idea to list my projects involving weeb stuff?[View]
79877953Is it any good?[View]
79877589for me, it's xvid[View]
79872611Why is everyone raging about functional programming ? It it just hype of the day or is it legitimate…[View]
79877678C++20, why is it still not being used anywhere? Modules create big improvements in compile times and…[View]
79876292Hey /g/ I'm looking for a bluetooth device for my PC and I'm wondering if those cheap usb…[View]
79876541post market os: i bought a pinephone and it comes with post market os and it is the most displeasant…[View]
79874314>tor browser >actually disable tor >the fastest browser and cleaner browser I ever used wow…[View]
79875654host a node and it won't be a honey pot if you host a node, you can guarantee that not all node…[View]
79861232Vivaldi: Vivaldi - white man browser of choice? Advantages: opera like ui, multiple good features, h…[View]
79876534Be me: >In a comfy tech design class >Teacher is chill >Few pajeets but they are quiet >…[View]
79875140Free speech online in 2021: The best free speech apps left out there for messaging/social media are …[View]
79860951/sqt/ Stupid Questions Thread: >Read the sticky: >>76759434 >GNU/Linux questions >…[View]
79873030hello /g/entoomen wondering if you know of any good free courses with modern vulnerable VMs for OSCP…[View]
79847505lets have a real discussion, why they pushing it so hard? why do they justify the use of telemetry? …[View]
79873517Can we have a thread to share useful /g/ resources? e.g. charts, guides, interesting/useful website…[View]
79877460Does /g/ recommend any hosting service? Something that respects muh freedumbs and privacy. Decent 'h…[View]
79866566Is it a pipe dream to learn programming at 30 yo? How do I even compete with 13 year old zoomers who…[View]
79836107/wdg/ - Website Decrees Gowron - QAPLA OR NOT edition: >Beginner Roadmap and Guide https://github…[View]
79872107>you will never again enjoy programming like the first time[View]
79875221Next time you want to complain about pajeets taking your jobs, think of this post and check your pri…[View]
79866583Name 10 websites you visit at least once a week that aren't owned by Google Facebook Microsoft …[View]
79877585Is this browser recommendation a meme or is it actually very /g/ood ?[View]
79877731What went wrong?[View]
79876421Hi lads! I just bought this multiple socket and wondered if the little metal stick highlited on the …[View]
79874897https://ethicalsource.dev/blog/oes-announcement/ >The creator of the Hippocratic License, an ethi…[View]
79875094Good fucking lord is this thing terrible[View]
79876357iPhone 12 or S21.. Which one do I get?: I honestly can't decide, I'm stuck because I use i…[View]
79876998This is the worst application I've ever dealt with[View]
79877046So I need to start learning Python for my job. Have zero programming experience, a little bash scrip…[View]
79877313this guy is literally jesus reincarnated in the 2000s and you cannot prove me wrong >often portra…[View]
79874908I want to clean out all the dust on my pc and I don't have one of those fancy small air blowers…[View]
79876902>krashes >kan't render fonts konsistently >an executive who can see thumbnails in file…[View]
79875356Rust generic function: Any rustaceans here? Need help with a generic vector! struct GenericVec<T…[View]
79871950IRIDIUM BROWSER: The current version of Iridium makes it UN-FUCKING-USABLE ON ALL FUCKING DISTROS FR…[View]
79870135Looks like we have a winner, boys.[View]
79873569Boomers: >Boomer asks you to fix the router again because they forgot the password >tells them…[View]
79876057What's the point of filtering threads if they still appear on the catalog? I don't wanna j…[View]
798723322500kbros... were finally going home[View]
79873273Retard here, can you install and use Linux Arch with a basic understanding of programming?[View]
79876887>DAC / amp >AIO >gaming >mechanical keyboard >podcast microphone…[View]
79876140How can I scrape Amazon's store website?: I need to scrape it about every two seconds to look f…[View]
79874467Protobuf appreciation thread[View]
79875905The guy who gets shit done .... On the street hahhahahahahhah[View]
79870711This and arch are the only distros you should ever consider for 100% of use cases Change my mind (yo…[View]
79875933GDK Broadway is the final redpill: GDK Broadway is GTK but on HTML5 background. This is personally m…[View]
79875278Hell: >have to login to VMware Horizon >to work remotely on the shittiest product in my career…[View]
79875402Worth? Is there even any phone better for this price? Will the Chinese OS spy on me?[View]
79875333Credit Cards & 4chan ads: https://www.coinsbee.com/en/Mastercard-bitcoin https://www.prepaiddigi…[View]
79876410> lxde > classic and lightweight > comfy > takes you back to simpler times Stop gnome v…[View]
79873250where can i design a basic website while being completely anonymous? i tried using fake name, preapi…[View]
79876773Bluetooth Speakers: I need a bluetooth speaker for my living room, sometimes I will bring it along w…[View]
79872341do you use a case on your phone? if so do you opt for a bulky otterbox for protection or a slimmer c…[View]
79874551Thunar: https://9to5linux.com/xfces-thunar-file-manager-gets-split-view-file-creation-times-and-more…[View]
79875304What's the best internet browser I vote Opera Used to Firefox but they blew it couple years ago[View]
79875566moving android app data: id like to transfer the Signal app from my old phone to another, Signal cur…[View]
79876361Has any machine passed the turing test?[View]
79875921Interview questions: I have an up coming digital forensics interview. Whats some good advice you got…[View]
79870251Pi 4 or NUC for a seedbox ?[View]
79875657Inventive scams: Give us all the examples you were scammed through technology and digital means. Vid…[View]
79874456Post things that you misunderstood when you were still a noob. >didn't realize the differenc…[View]
79875550What percentage of 4chan's post are bots?[View]
79874724So how do you make emacs usable on Windows?[View]
79875206Lets code together #2: /lcg/ #2 So this is coding thread general number 2, post your favourite open …[View]
79859545/hsg/ - Home Server & Data Hoarding general: Discuss data hoarding and other home server project…[View]
79874568Taiwan ministry says TSMC will prioritise auto chips if possible: https://www.reuters.com/article/us…[View]
79869407What does /g/ think of electric wheels?[View]
79874241Tell me what you think of my new computer[View]
79872876please for the love of god let the rampant apple shilling end[View]
79874133Daily reminder: > if you can’t install Linux from scratch > if you can’t write your own packag…[View]
79871552Let me guess, you need more?[View]
79875376hey g im new to Pcs and i want to learn more about their inner workings. where can i learn more?[View]
79873829How does /g/ sync its passwords on multiple devices?[View]
79807469/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: Don't buy anything OTHER THAN IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad T, X, and W/P Serie…[View]
79869335Is Vim the greatest text editor ever created?[View]
79856255What do you think of Gab's IT team? Do these chucklefucks know what they're doing?[View]
79875912SQLite concurrent writes: https://www.sqlite.org/src/doc/begin-concurrent/doc/begin_concurrent.md I …[View]
79875964what does /g/ do with unallocated RAM?[View]
798758733-2-1 rule: What's the superior option for the off-site backup?: >Encrypt and upload to an o…[View]
79874581Uninstall your botnet BIOS[View]
79874755Do you whine about it just so you can feel smart on the internet? Does 60-80MB of RAM really matter …[View]
79873489did anybody ever use one of these? was it just malware up the ass or did some russian/brazilian actu…[View]
79875877IT EASY TO SOLVE: im enumerated every partiule of universe 1. generate/declare a random order of th…[View]
79873637Let me guess, you need more[View]
79872325Anon, why aren't you on Matrix? You aren't a d*scord user, are you?[View]
79873516>i only use vim to look cool on /g/[View]
79872989Is it safe to install chrome on linux?: Chromium is dogshit slow because snap. So is it OK to instal…[View]
79873466comfy: Any ideas for making this comfier?[View]
79874394>been programming for almost 10 years >still don't have a single personal project…[View]
79872798Brave debunked: Braves major investor includes Peter Thiel whose company (Palantir) has been tasked …[View]
79875588Retard here, I'm thinking of trying Linux Manjaro. Should these be enough to run a vn and manja…[View]
79852828/fag/ - Friendly Apple General: Friendly discussion of Apple's Macintosh computers and Apple ac…[View]
79874229monero on Losedos™: i find it impossible to mine on windows. lots of stupid errors like 'program not…[View]
79869575>tfw failed the CompTIA 901 in 2017 and haven't studied computers and gave up ever since …[View]
79874896It's been 9 years since luke vansihed the pajeettube: He was the best guy to ever grace proprit…[View]
79869897I'm afraid to search math/CS topics on youtube because I don't want to hear broken english…[View]
79871040Should I spend 350 on this?: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jlafleur/ready-model-100-portable-…[View]
79875012Pine Phone: Any of you lads using the pine phone, mine just arrived today and I'm putting ubunt…[View]
79872113Are we in a cryptography crisis? >>79855691 >Give it 5-10 years and any cryptography based …[View]
79872122Calibre: Is there really no better choice to manage and convert ebooks around than this piece of blo…[View]
79866799What's the point in 16GB? Do you naturally use that much or is it all for gaming applications?[View]
79874243Flatpak is finished: https://security-tracker.debian.org/tracker/CVE-2021-21261[View]
79874702Why is Java like this, /g/?: >:-([View]
79872617do you even use any forums / imageboards outside this shithole or any other non-mainstream websites …[View]
79872978Cloud storage for photos on smartphone: I've been using samsung cloud for photo cloud storage f…[View]
79871796Is it worth putting effort into learning assembly before C/C++?: Title. i'm a freshman in colle…[View]
79871653>i3 tiling window manager what a piece of shit[View]
79869469>he cant chroot into a minimal linux filesystem on his android and run servers, proxies, tor etc …[View]
79869724Why do AMD CPUs have so much more L3 cache than intel. Ryzen 5 3600 has 32MB but i7 10700k haa 16MB.…[View]
79872426What are these?: I've had these boards for years, I can't find any info or schematics onli…[View]
79874159What does /g/ think about Mysterium and other decentralized VPNs? Are they good or not?[View]
79871177>windows xp/7 aren't coming back ever again[View]
79870976does /g/ ever make anything useful with 3d printers, or is it all just dragon dildos?[View]
79843444/spg/ - Smartphone General: OnePlus 9 Pro Edition If you're requesting purchasing advice, pleas…[View]
79871436Is Arch sending me a message?: The first time i've installed it, i tried multiple times with An…[View]
79873091What distros do they use?[View]
79871303Is it worth it?[View]
79873522>order a pair of new HD560Ss and a E10K dac/amp >they sound the same as my m30s Audiophilia i…[View]
79871241How do I stop spilling stuff on my keyboard[View]
79867810Where do I go from here ?: I've used Gentoo for a few years and have realized that it isn'…[View]
79869856The Truth about Brave Browser: A lot of faggots like to spread fud and lies about this browser, so l…[View]
79873710Whats the deal with Mo-Cap?: Why isn't there amature grade motion capture software? Blender is …[View]
79872112RSS: how does RSS work, like how do I use it?[View]
79871999I work late night shifts as a security officer with decent pay but it's boring as hell. Is ther…[View]
79873495>trying kde again >*krashes* >keeps reverting my changes and randomly breaking >panel gl…[View]
79873992G where can we discuss consensus algorithms: and general data science hackery concepts without being…[View]
79873024Craigslist General: Post the weirdest tech things on your local craigslist. NWI, this old DEC mainfr…[View]
79868941>technology board >the only technology discussed is computers and computer programming lmao.…[View]
79846095/wxp/ - Friendly Windows XP/2003 Leak Thread: Old thread: >>79777579 This thread is NOT for ge…[View]
79862954Just Apply, bro: Roastier Recluters: Nop[View]
79871801What are some good macros I can setup: Wat are some things I can automate with a key press?[View]
79873126Why do people keep shilling this retarded meme?[View]
79867778Piracy site except shitty on purpose: Let's assume I'm mentally ill and want to archive/sh…[View]
79866584literally nobody reads them[View]
79857350/hpg/ - headphone general: end game edition post your end game[View]
79873270Qmamu: The first private Search Engine has been developed in India and ready to be launched on India…[View]
79867359/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >UPGRADE ADVICE Post complete specs including monitor >BUILD ADV…[View]
79872482'Hey dad, when I grow up, I wanna be coder in Ruby.'[View]
79869695How dificult is to hack shit like the pentagon and NASA?[View]
79872738>i5-6500 >8gb ram >gtx 730 4gb >512 gb ssd + 500 gb hdd >full sized case and 650W pow…[View]
79870079tfw 16gb RAM usage on idle[View]
79870415How often do you clean your PC?[View]
79873072Maybe we should install gentoo sometime...: jkjk i know girls don't like it.. unless...?[View]
79871139dvice on displays for digital instrument cluster: Need some help from you galaxy brains >own mk3 …[View]
79872840LIVE LINUX DISTROS: CONTEXT: I would like to run linux on a virtual machine on my windows desktop so…[View]
79872947Nokia 5.3: Is this phone good?[View]
79866441Web hosting: How does web hosting work? I see all these small web hosting businesses, how do they pr…[View]
79870288Hyundai: >Looks good >Not much bloatware >Cheap >Easy to upgrade Why haven't you ta…[View]
79867109Whats the /g/ approved alternative to WhatsApp?: What's the /g/ approved alternative to whats…[View]
79872877/ig/ - Image Board General: Image boards are technology! This general is for the discussion of image…[View]
79872586i have a phone screening tomorrow, what do[View]
79866323Lectures: > Went through the sticky > Saw this course > Literally free stanford course >…[View]
79871788Return of the king[View]
79870718Lads, I have a pristine Thinkpad T61 with Win2k + a bunch of modernization updates installed. Do I k…[View]
79870957what graphics card should i upgrade to?: been using a nvidia geforce gtx 960 for as lng as i've…[View]
79872693thoughts on the gpd win 3?: the dock kinda sells it for me. portability and then bring it home and d…[View]
79867614Old Thing Good, New Thing Bad: Post pre-2010 tech you still use. Retro tech enthusiasts of every kin…[View]
79871935Is there way of downloading Windows Movie Maker now?[View]
79869101Where would you go if 4chan(nel) went offline?[View]
79872177What's an open source video editor that isn't complete garbage?[View]
79872203Anyone got tips on using phpBB I just set up my my first website Im not a very good programmer but p…[View]
79866989>open ISA (POWER) >open firmware (u-boot) >open source software (Linux) https://microsys.de…[View]
79843877/emg/ - Friendly Emacs/Lisp General: >General Emacs resources https://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/…[View]
79855859Why is the retro computer community full of so much onions?[View]
798694958k TV: Is it worth it? I can't even get normal HDTV where I live. Why do I even want that?…[View]
79870786>Not Based On Arch Linux Whats wrong with you?[View]
79862645Audio General: The most knowledgeable and experienced audiophiles on 4chan post here. Need advice? H…[View]
79871558windows isn't an operating system: its a bootloader. a bloated, overly complex bootloader that …[View]
79872072Is it possible to hack a web API?: Say there's a service that requires an authentication key fo…[View]
79854070Protip: if you're not posting from a new M1 MacBook, you are a faggot.[View]
79868221Replace yay with paru!: Will you?[View]
79865426/cspg/ Computer Science Plus General #1.2.8: Learn how to program with strong foundations. Previous …[View]
79863208Librem 14: is it worth it at $1500?[View]
79864878>look up ‘information technology entry level jobs’ >Bachelor’s degree required, Master’s highl…[View]
79870767Windows Live: Soul.[View]
79871467What goals does Intel need to achieve in order to be successful in the GPU market?[View]
79849741Actually based and misunderstood. People who hate Java are brainlets or college freshmen.[View]
79870072How do start with robotics as a hobby? Should I buy a beginners kit or what? Seem lost trying to fin…[View]
79866721If you’re so good at programming, why haven’t you built an app and become a millionaire yet /g/?[View]
79870025Redpill me on sway[View]
79871181why is the arch logo a triangle being shadowed by a fat man[View]
79870872Hello, /g/. I want to make a SHIT TON of money, but the only skill I have is programming. What'…[View]
79870550>2021 >blackberrys are literally not designed to operate in a year outside 1990-2920 >imma …[View]
79867565cent browser: why no one told me this existed? it's chrome on steroids >muh botnet shut the …[View]
79868265>tfw no OS waifu How do I make her smarter?[View]
79870967What jobs is ai replacing/what jobs do you think it will replace soon? sorry for pic unrelated[View]
79868189Back in the 80s,what kind of technology was the household of a high income family typically filled w…[View]
79870260https://www.theregister.com/2001/06/02/ballmer_linux_is_a_cancer/ 2001: Microsoft calls Linux cancer…[View]
79870267Why do you still care about 'free' software, /g/? Why do you think companies should be obligated to …[View]
79871189Why do only intelligent people like myself use this distro?[View]
79868188It seems that Rust is already on its way out. https://opensource.zalando.com/tech-radar/ HOLD — Tech…[View]
79866582Instant windows update for some intel driver when using US vpn?: Anyone knows what the fuck this is …[View]
79870533IPFS: So how should I go about actually using IPFS anyway? Is their a plug-in or something?[View]
79870617>try to run a program >computer runs away Why is Windows like this?…[View]
79870552AirPods: Why do people buy these literal pieces of shit? Apart from the fact that they work well wi…[View]
79870303>drag youtube url into mpv >it doesn't play wooooooooooooooooooooooooooow…[View]
79870595Is there a tech company more vertically integrated than Samsung?[View]
79867636Youtube bots r bad: What's up with these bots spamming vaccine videos with these weirdly 'coded…[View]
79870875which one is better for video games /g/ i9 10900k or 5950x ? or 5900x will be using a 3090 because…[View]
79869764How do you guys handle 'choice overload' with Linux? I find myself with so many options I never actu…[View]
79868207Which Linux distro is the most BSD like ?: I'd like to use one of the BSDs but the software sup…[View]
79870196snip snapp :) Haha Snippy snap :-D[View]
79868466When do we get our trad robo wives?[View]
79868469>star count of my repo goes down by 1[View]
79867282Why do some mice have turbo buttons? What are they for?[View]
79870581someone leaked an openai api key please someone fuck them for no releasing the model[View]
79862026Discuss this technology[View]
79868202wtf is this temp? Dont seem possible[View]
79865262/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>79860235 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
79869806Is this a good upgrade from a samsung s8 plus or should I get an iphone 12?[View]
79869573Is there any way of seeing a private instagram without following and without downloading viruses?[View]
79870268You ARE using KDE with Wayland, don't you?[View]
79869317So this is the power of tranny software[View]
79870174>truly, we are the microsoft windows[View]
79866981>mfw fell for ryzen meme[View]
79870123People going crazy on Github[View]
79860742Python2 is finished: https://pip.pypa.io/en/stable/news/[View]
79870252I have never selected this option on purpose.[View]
79866594Are we there yet?[View]
79865332gcc niggers, exblain this: >spitting shitton of vector instructions because le optimization gnu i…[View]
79870158I gotta say, fellas..I like what I see[View]
79869240Here's your PPC based SBC[View]
79857575Why is it such a brainlet filter? It's pretty much the only Linux distro aside from Ubuntu with…[View]
79867409Why were they more privacy conscious in the 90s than today?[View]
79869645What is the best 4k monitor with symmetrical bezels? Size doesn't matter[View]
79866474it's not that bad, it's very early on and experimental, it's not final[View]
79824082/arg/ Android Root General: Rooting Challenges Edition >What is rooting? Your phone is a Linux de…[View]
79868984Why are their products so fucking good?[View]
79869479What software would let me re-write a credit card or an ID card with a chip? I wanna use my old card…[View]
79866043what's the ideal windows taskbar?[View]
79863690when did you realize that this the final redpill that would end your distrohopping nonsense? >Rel…[View]
79868687I lost by discord 2FA codes[View]
79869613Board tourist here. My dog knocked a full bottle of water over on my work laptop. I laid it flat, ke…[View]
79848624/mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboards General: mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboards General Moonlander - edition >K…[View]
79833594/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
798684603070/3080 TI or SUPA WHEN?[View]
79869544Is java ok for a 2.5D fighting game?[View]
79865900hardened gentoo users, what security related setup are you using (are you using wayland instead of X…[View]
79867652/comfy/ retro /g/ thread[View]
79867485General Fedi: where does /g/ goes for their fedi fix? Most instances are shit: - edgy zoomers - peo…[View]
79869433Weird website file: Their is this weird website that downloads a file which appears to be some sort …[View]
79869374Hey girl, are you a Java compiler? Because when I proposed a Date, you said I wasn't your type.[View]
79857894What features should a Programming Language have? Light and concise syntax, overloading, variadic fu…[View]
79869236Good laptop nowadays: What's a good laptop for under a grand?[View]
79865692Are they actually bad or is it just a meme?[View]
79863385>he uses shutdown instead of hibernation or hybrid sleep[View]
7986886816GB RAM is a total meme. The most my system has used (windows 10) with chrome running and arma 3 ru…[View]
79865494Opinions on Golang?[View]
79868138What actual uses are there for cryptocurrency/blockchain technology outside of finance and get rich …[View]
79868100someone has experience with content delivery? lets say i want to deliver a 2 hour video to 10,000 pe…[View]
79860220Is it true?[View]
79866896Prove you're not retarded: Write out how the Diffie-Hellman algorithm would work with RSA encry…[View]
79867171post your css[View]
79853988RTX 3060 are already in gaming laptops. It’s not even February yet. How does this make you feel?[View]
79866540What's the solution to this?: https://www.makeuseof.com/linux-vulnerable-to-malware/ fairly nas…[View]
79861234Perfection. Thank you GNOME devs.[View]
79864255What's your favorite tiling window manager for beginners? I've been using KDE most of my l…[View]
79868808>Arch without being shit >Free (as in freedom) >Planning to switch to BSD because the Linu…[View]
79864985Do you support robosexuality, the love between a human and a robot/android? As robots become more an…[View]
79860962Speccy Thread: .[View]
79866319Is this bend radius bad?[View]
79868595My boomer parents want me to get a real job. I told them that I'm on my way to become a develop…[View]
79867467Lets code together: /lcg/ #1 So this is an idea for a coding thread general, the OP posts a pic with…[View]
79858390I thought 4k 27' would be useful for things. Little did I know how bad scaling is in general.[View]
79868245why is 3D modeling technology so stagnant? CAD/nurbs software has basically been the same shit for t…[View]
79867204share your filters /g/[View]
79866398The future of human interface devices: What do you think will the future of humans interacting with …[View]
79868395Maybe it's time to leave...[View]
79866189Rejoice India!: > HEADLINE: As Adobe Flash stops running, so do some railroads in China https://h…[View]
79868041As an interesting aside, some in the audience thought Ballmer was drinking honey during his speech. …[View]
79849145/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Users of all leve…[View]
79867894Unix is an April's Fools Joke: We looked at Multics and designed the new system to be as co…[View]
79866475You now remember this was a 'thing' and you immediately start LMOA'ing at Pozzarella tet again.[View]
79865726It's Sunday, 9 p.m. and some guy from work is bothering my ass with emails. Not that I would ev…[View]
79866304All technological progress leads to centralization/concentration of power. Perhaps the best example …[View]
79866633Now that 8gb is obsolete for more advanced users, how long will it take for 16gb to be obsolete as w…[View]
79868355Host your things.: Use yggdrasil-network, the better version of cjdns.[View]
79864468Non-systemd distros: Let's discuss distros without systemd. My instincts tell me to avoid syste…[View]
79866318is this guide a meme? or will this really set me up to get a programming job?[View]
79863444>mfw anglos are starting to use libre/gratis in english[View]
79863403what went wrong[View]
79866377I opened a 8-9 years old .zip file and Windows Defender instantly recognized that there was a trojan…[View]
79864027>nooo you can't just say you have nothing to hide!!! that's not an argument ok?…[View]
79867457>i915 hung out of nowhere again[View]
79865769So this is the power of Linux autism?!: Starting version 257.2-1-arch /dev/sda3: clean [FAILED] Fail…[View]
79865696how do we save the internet? some ideas: bring back personal websites (built from scratch) ditch the…[View]
79863635I disabled IPv6 on my network[View]
79866148Can you help me to diagnose web problems please. How can i monitor what is causing the problem? I se…[View]
79864215Is mbp 2012 still worth it: Im a broke college student in the shitty part of europe and i fucked up …[View]
79864600Borland Delphi: Is this still used anymore? Back in the day, I had a lot of fun with this. I am a …[View]
79867585why does he shill apple?[View]
79844039What alarm clock are you using?: (If you use your smartphone for this you can fuck right off)[View]
79866846mpv.net vs VLC for windows ?[View]
79856107what's the biggest public fuck up in tech?[View]
79863006/g/ Myths: ITT: Tech Myths. I'll start: > 'Gamming' advertised products are good…[View]
79865387How do contributors of free and open source software make money? Do you work on it after your 9 to 5…[View]
79864798Proper way to Install PHP on Linux?: What's the best way to install PHP on Linux? I know OSX us…[View]
79865134What is the best distro to configure and use custom kernels on? >inb4 Gentoo One that does not re…[View]
79862091Projectors: Itt discuss projectors and related topics I'm currently thinking about buying pic r…[View]
79867116What are good free IMAP email providers? on gmail almost all usernames are taken, outlook is too lon…[View]
79858398You know that the Chinese have been LEGALLY spying on you since January 20, don't you anon?[View]
79865283>grabs your 64-character long encryption password through the hidden camera installed in your roo…[View]
79864327redpill me on julia /g/, should i learn it? is it really that fast compared to python?[View]
79864908Human cloning and brain transplants: Trannies have been shown to have a nonfunctioning moral compass…[View]
79860285Name a single reason I should buy Ryzen instead of Intel?[View]
79864853Why do people pirate software in the Year of Our Lord 2021? Why is DRM not a solved problem yet?[View]
79864373Arizer Solo 2: Is this the best portable/home use vape? Does the oven last long? Best tech/bang for …[View]
79865835Daily remember that unless you're using an OLED panel, blue blocking software does nothing for …[View]
79862498This faggot finally leaving: Press S to spit https://www.youtube.com/post/UgwVg2Y_aSxmUlr38vF4AaABCQ…[View]
79850521What is /g/ opinion on eink reader Do you own them[View]
79865121Ram configs: PC came with a single 8gb 2400mhz stick of ram. I can buy another stick of 16gb 2400mh…[View]
79866837I fucking hate gpg so goddamn much It's an overall convoluted and bloated mess from the 90s tha…[View]
79863007Is buying the previous gen worth it?[View]
79864391What this called?[View]
79865707I'm using pic related. It feels so retro. Is this even safe to use?[View]
79852991How the fuck do they justify charging $400 for $50 worth of storage? I swear, if android weren'…[View]
79866499I'm a 3rd world webdev monkey who does freelance. Recently I've landed a gig which is kind…[View]
79866006any reason to use Firefox containers other than to have multiple accounts working in a single window…[View]
79865025How do you browse /t/ wothouse exposing yourself to porn?[View]
79863644Vanilla Chromium us about to become more secure & less bloated after march 15.[View]
79864527What's wrong with people who use Edge on GNU/Linux?[View]
79844555Is there a programming language easier than Python? I'm extremely low IQ and I was able to lear…[View]
79866459DISM: DISM /online /enable-feature /featurename:NetFx3 /All /Source:D:\sources\sxs /LimitAccess…[View]
79862003how did pajeets get software to the state that even hello world is written in webshit/electron? does…[View]
79866064Is Mullvad the only VPN that doesn't require personal info like an email address?: I want to bu…[View]
79866029>Finally got this bad boy blinking the lights I want. Feels good bros.…[View]
79866303Where to get IEC standards in PDF: Hi, IEC standards are hidden behind great paywall. Where to get …[View]
79857737OK, so last week I met a guy who'd just made $275K by selling a systemd exploit to a private bu…[View]
79856895What is the saddest story in tech history?[View]
79858929The size of Bitcoin blockchain is currently around 300GB. If the blockchain is a record of all trans…[View]
79866111I don't account for 'accessibility' when developing a website. I don't give a shit that a …[View]
79864102Why is big tech almost non-existent outside of the US and China?: What are the economic mechanisms r…[View]
79866115Simple outdoor IP camera that just streams video in mjpeg or h264/h265? I don't want any cloud …[View]
79857495Why did the VR meme fail????[View]
79864968KDE users won't see the bug[View]
79863799intel dishwasher: Intel wins AGAIN. AMD BTFO. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lt9y38V-MHw…[View]
79865556What has happened to bromite? Last release was 28 days ago.[View]
79862105I recently was decommissioning some older hardware for work and got to keep 18 OEM Dell ssds. Does …[View]
79865507The more math and statistics I learn, the more I realize how retarded the average programmer is. Mo…[View]
79856521Is there a big increase in gaming performance if I keep my OS on my gen 3 NVME instead of the gen 4 …[View]
79865500>LG dropping out of smartphone business. >Samsung abandoning Android in smartphones in favor o…[View]
79858703Why does it make /g/ seethe with so much rage?[View]
79863947I'm a windows fag but I gotta be honest, gnetoo with i3 looks pretty comfy. Are the keybinds ha…[View]
79865455Give me reason why (You) need more than a 4core 8 thread cpu with integrated graphics without it bei…[View]
79861984Deepin Linux: Holy shit, how did chinks do it? I decided to try Deepin in a VM just out of interest,…[View]
79865448Please name an open source software that shows both system temperature and drive SMART status (and o…[View]
79860774Why are Macs and other Apple products so popular in Japan?[View]
79859488give me a reason reason to not use windows 10 a new powerfull pc[View]
79861527Fucking help me: So i asked if a gaming desk was good yesterday and you guys flames me for choosing …[View]
79865330Ehm. Excuse me guys. I've set up mah vm on azure remote machine. There is a socket for public c…[View]
79819693/fwt/ - Friendly Windows Thread: Users of all levels are welcome to ask questions about Windows and …[View]
79865220Buy AMD.[View]
79864770Roblox Development: Been thinking about getting into this to supplement my income. Is it worth getti…[View]
79860235/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>79851710 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
79858922Whats the best software for GnuPG?[View]
79862558Just a PSA: turns out these are not standardized so don't mix and match them between PSUs. I ju…[View]
79864861I have an old pi. I need it to run 10 different endless shell scripts when the device boots. Some n…[View]
79859768Haskell: Why is it so superior to everything else?[View]
79855009>save image >find out it's a FUCKING webp…[View]
79861321Linux Kernel 5.10.10: Has just been pushed to the Arch Core Repos! Upgrade NOW to ensure you are L8s…[View]
79864216what is a good graphics card match for an intel core i5 10500? are bottleneck calculators bullshit?[View]
79864810Do you use anything to lock programs on linux?: Starting tomorrow im going to be homeless so im doin…[View]
79859086why can't big companies succesfully launch new tech?: >stadia >youtube spotify…[View]
79864092dear /g/, please recommend an easy to configure and reliable vpn service for a tech illiterate usin…[View]
79842085Hmm Arch is dying, what now? https://lists.archlinux.org/pipermail/arch-dev-public/2021-January/0302…[View]
79850131/g/ humor thread[View]
79860434Modern flat designs suck ass and are a major step backward.[View]
79857607Is it just me or is water cooling look absolutely fucking ugly? I've never seen one that convin…[View]
79864329unix philosophy in game development: is this possible?[View]
79864685saas: Ok so, free software people (and others) say software as a service(saas) is bad a saas is basi…[View]
79862261List of things that suck on Windows > List of things that suck on Loonix >…[View]
79863986Has anyone set up a helium hotspot? Is it worth doing with the newer RAK2? There are about 8 of them…[View]
79864363>Pirate movie from YTS.MX >delete movie after watching it >somehow end up with less space o…[View]
79858414ITT pointless technology[View]
79864566based: https://git-man-page-generator.lokaltog.net/[View]
79858978THIS WEEK IN KDE[View]
79864394>have massive deadlines coming up for my PhD >done next to nothing >get setup at the PC aro…[View]
79864465>3090 >i9 10900k have pic related is there any neat things it can do besides just gayming ? …[View]
79862130Easy hosts based adblocking: On android you can find applications like adaway that edit your hosts f…[View]
79863659saw a flux thread here a while back and now I can't go back to blue light. It hurts my eyes.[View]
79862738Touch controls vs phyisical buttons: >taps screen accidentally and skips to next song…[View]
79864195Why people never think about these options?: Once i did a freelance job for someone that needed to c…[View]
79859750how do you sync ur shit?: i have been using syncthing and its amazing[View]
79860549Which Linux distro do they use ?[View]
79858460Does anyone know snowdens opsec protocol?[View]
79860693epiphany to soon have webextensions: >A browser based on webkit will now add web extension suppor…[View]
79861414>Idiot teacher/class tutor sends broken link that looped me through ads on shady sites How likel…[View]
79855991>little brother desoldered my capacitors[View]
79862836What the absolute fuck has happened to Google?: What's up with these links with malicious redir…[View]
79861944Prove you're not just a code monkey: Explain the Curry-Howard correspondence in less than 500 c…[View]
79847892Linuxfags, which is your favorite DE and why? Also justice for my nigga Unity[View]
79860001What technology is going to change the world as much as computers/internet/smart phones have?[View]
79862103Dear /g/, how the fuck do I harden my Android (virgin no root access)? My desktop serves me well wit…[View]
79862352What do you think about delta chat?[View]
79860149Which Distro is the most compatible with older packages ?: No I'm not that schizo that always c…[View]
79861412Transfering data from a software to another pc: I've been using TVpaint for work, had access to…[View]
79846717Being completely unbiased. Totally objective This stuff is total shit. Everything about this laptop …[View]
79861479>be me >get rejected from data hosting startup that just opened >go online and leave terrib…[View]
79863220As a noob linux user, what are some specific useful things I should learn after I get a good grasp o…[View]
79859584Why does doing this correlate with being a bad software dev? Is it a lack of conscientiousness?[View]
798614532x2GHz with 1024KB L2 cache and 0MB L3 cache OR 2x1.5GHz with 256KB L2 cache and 2MB L3 cache Both o…[View]
79857818Beyerdynamics Restock: Does anyone know when these are restocked? Most sites says somewhere between …[View]
79862072Fitgirl repack: Fitgirl repack is a GIRL and empress who cracks denuvo games for the repacks is also…[View]
79862570What does a good opsec look like? i want to be 100% untracable. Currently thinking: VPN > VMware …[View]
79860990What's the current list of /g/-approved e-mail hosts/providers? Can be paid, preferrably withou…[View]
79856617Discord: Why is there no good alternative to discord? IRC is too primitive to build a community on. …[View]
79862556>a hello world example >it runs locally[View]
79860092'Only two remote holes in the default install, in a heck of a long time!'[View]
79859433sorry lads but gentoo is just isnt it the package manager is amazing but the packages it offers are…[View]
79860353there needs to be open sourced tax filing software and there needs to be such NOW >file by mail …[View]
79863016fellow de/g/enerates, show me your most *based* reply/thread you have seen on /g/[View]
79862694Teach me how do I make a word2vec from scratch.[View]
79856723Why is this shit allowed?[View]
79859297AI chatbots: So guys, I've heard that it's now beginning to be a thing, so tell me, how do…[View]
79838753/bst/: Battlestation thread! Post pics. of your setup or steal some from reddit, we don't mind …[View]
79837375Desktop rice/aesthetic thread?[View]
79858107ITT we try to get FreeBSD developers to fix an IPv6 memory-corruption vulnerability that was first r…[View]
79848007Post your JAV collections.[View]
79857367you will use systemd, Wayland, GNOME, not change default theme and wallpaper and you will be happy[View]
79859464Are you looking forward to Sun Valley? (Do you think Microsoft will actually finish it?)[View]
79862069How much do I miss if learn exclusively learn Python and not java or C++[View]
79843161Kuroba: why is it not updated anymore?[View]
7986124910 minutes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ScHI1cbkUv4[View]
79862189Anonymous credit cards: Masked credit cards vs prepaid credit cards vs crypto credit cards. Which on…[View]
79862194Is it worth the 300 dollar plus 35 dollar a month just to get a gpu?[View]
79858899Hi anons, i am still using TrueCrypt for my bad goyim data but as time marches on i need to update t…[View]
79861254Sup faggots! I am going to buy i5 10th gen, 8GB ram with 512GB SSD laptop. Can it handle Gn*me smoo…[View]
79857563Would Plan 9 and Inferno be successful if they didn't pull the plug?[View]
79860626/WST/ - Workstation thread[View]
79860815redpill: The Unix philosophy is just about simplicity, you can still build big programs, but only wh…[View]
79859362Neuralink and drugs: Do you think that someday neuralink will cure the mental illness produced by dr…[View]
79856650reverse wget: I need to download something in reverse order. I know it's possible but I don…[View]
79859218html5: grant access to browsing history[View]
79858805How long until manufacturers other than Apple offer laptops with ARM processors at cheaper prices? T…[View]
79857089Fuck Rusr: Why the hell do people unironically use Rust for embedded shit? >all sample code from…[View]
79861553is he right? https://odysee.com/@RobBraxmanTech:6/Beating-Big-Tech-at-Their-Own-Game!-(Solutions-to-…[View]
79860578How secure is MEGA? I've been thinking of moving all my shit (personal documents, programming p…[View]
79859074[In 1946] The TRIAL of Pu Yi, The LAST EMPEROR of China! 【AI Restoration】: https://youtu.be/r8xrgmPA…[View]
79861333Multiple addresses, one mail: I just saw that protonmail allows for creating different mail addresse…[View]
79860639What's his endgame?[View]
79859274The REAL reason we don't like systemd is because it was an attempt to forcefully remove our cho…[View]
79854743Ready for Microsoft to take the helm at the Linux Foundation?: Ready or not! Ahhhhh hahahahahahaaaaa…[View]
79854953>filters 99.9% of: IT EASY TO SOLVE: im enumerated every partiule of universe 1. generate/declar…[View]
79848105Why couldn't you do what he did?[View]
79859711Before 2.0[View]
79859034Arch is ded: Void Linux FTW.[View]
79858938MSI Dragon Center keep switching my PC to power saving mode when I just want my fans to be quiet usi…[View]
79858359will this work[View]
79845815Why does /g/ hate VS Code? It's really easy to customize it to your needs, while still having d…[View]
79856418Servo is the last non-pozzed performant browser engine. Don't believe me? >blink made by goo…[View]
79859765I feel zero need to use my tablet, laptop or smartphone at home, and spend all my time using my desk…[View]
79855805This is how you pick a web browser.[View]
79857665What are some meme languages?[View]
79860600Futurama gadget thread: Post some fancy futuristic gadgets that you have/find[View]
79857290Why are people choosing Signal over Telegram?: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2021/jan/24/is…[View]
79860393it is a good init system.[View]
79840814What is it like to work in tech in Japan?[View]
79860050Firewall: So /g/ I'll make it simple for you. Pfsense or OPNsense?[View]
79860192The entire planet is now using a google account, and probably the average person has at least 3 acti…[View]
79857593Why do all Linux users crossdress and/or eventually come out as trans? Is there a correlation or a c…[View]
79859982g_child_watch_source_new: terimte -e cat .xinitrc >> IMPOSIIBLE to fuCKING DO. It just spawns …[View]
79857337Today is the Webp appreciation day: Today is the Webp appreciation day, lets all thank god and googl…[View]
79851710/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Previous thread >>79843987[View]
79859539> 2 fan 2070S > 950$ What a joke. I hope you miners choke on an anchor.…[View]
79860064botnets? privacy? Three-letter Agencies? fuck it, I'm going back to chrome.[View]
79850713The government can decrypt SHA256.[View]
79859771If my hw breaks or malfunctioning i send it to the manufacturer HQ demanding them to wire me the ori…[View]
79858909Why isn't /g/ moderated? >>79854070 >>79858805[View]
79842850>Windows 10 is scanning and blocking pirated games now So, Windows isn't even good for gamin…[View]
79853195BSD bread[View]
79859615How do you read epub on ipad for free without ads?[View]
79854135So are we just gonna be in a world of 'Mid-range GPU's cost $800 now and you can't fucking…[View]
79858508How do i protect myself from br**ser fingerprinting? All user agent spoofers have only old versions…[View]
79854491>undervolted 100mV >prime95 recommends you run the stress test portion on default settings for…[View]
79859085why can't you add fingerprint encryption alongside password encryption in the year of 2021?[View]
79856976my cock is tingling should i fap or switch to debian? honestly with all these distros i dont know if…[View]
79858945This has to be a meme right?[View]
79816168/hsg/ - Home Server & Data Hoarding general: Discuss data hoarding and other home server project…[View]
79857908We're already in hell: >tomorrow I will have to login to VMware Horizon and work remotely on…[View]
79848775I told you, anon, to not use this distro.[View]
79859072Pc battlestation thread: Post your finest battlestation[View]
79857995>use tor for some blocked sites >ISP cuts my access off and tells me not to use tor >makes …[View]
79859149https://youtu.be/sdrus8zmRLc How will iToddler even recover now?[View]
79856986what does /g/ think of lib caca?[View]
79854274real time ray tracing without special hardware https://cntechpost.com/2021/01/21/huawei-demonstrates…[View]
79856588Stallman BTFO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUB0GSxrRUE[View]
79857789Does anyone happen to know what the law is on UK url's being simliar to government websites? Su…[View]
79858088Switched from furryfox a week ago and holy shit I'm having a blast. >fast and easy to use …[View]
79858746so what is actually happening here? is it a meme or are they actually try to advertise here since t…[View]
79855641KDE Desktop Thread: Post your sweet KDE setups. I needs inspiration. No Brucefags.[View]
79856606how to be productive 101 > do NOT rice your desktop. Use default wallpaper or solid color. >…[View]
79856417This is your office now. A standing desk and a hammock. You will sleep here in this tiny room and ne…[View]
79855819What is the best alternative to Chromecast: I need to bail from FAANG how do you stream to TV withou…[View]
79846185/sqt/ Stupid Questions Thread: >Read the sticky: >>76759434 >GNU/Linux questions >…[View]
79858733What's the coolest flip phone, the one with the most features and things you could do with it?[View]
79858416urbit ~ anyone using this?: seems like a good community building here. I've been toying around …[View]
79833237Why do people use CRT's in 2020: I've seen alot of people using crt monitors in 2020 as a …[View]
79856256I get paid $50/per hour for plugging in computers and monitors. Don't even have a degree or any…[View]
79857143smartphones: god its so good how did we ever devolve into soulless buttonless bricks of glass[View]
79858069why do you keep arguing about operating systems, distros, desktop environments, etc. why can't …[View]
79851705so how do I find my first clients to make websites for? I'm fine to work for very little the fi…[View]
79857525https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ay-gqx18UTM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToFgYylqP_U WINBLOWS 7 F…[View]
79856094How do you use technology to do the will of God?[View]
79842646/ptg/ - Private Trackers General: >Not sure what private trackers are all about? The mission of /…[View]
79853906>Debian devs got mad that they were told that their distro is a pain in the ass to install How wi…[View]
79845120What is the correct way to browse 4chan?[View]
79855011you people told me this was safe: but somehow kapersky its saying it got hacked and my data got leak…[View]
79856793crt tv identification: at a local retro gaming store i spotted these mini crt tvs and haven’t been a…[View]
79832789Why is systemd bad?[View]
79851266Hello /g/, your resident audiophile here, ready to impart with you, NPCs, my higher intellect. I jus…[View]
79857929VA panels: I'm thinking of getting a VA panel but a lot of people I've asked have recommen…[View]
79856012Graphic tablet: I'm about to take the leap and buy myself a drawing pad. What /g/ recommends? …[View]
79855228>tor browser >security level: safest (says javascript disabled) >go to about:config >sea…[View]
79853796Is this the most based browser?: >fast >supports js well enough to shitpost >not a chrome …[View]
79851481>build quality of a macbook >approximately resembles a macbook from a distance >ships with …[View]
79857366So... what the hell are computers doing while they're starting up. And I mean they have to do t…[View]
79851069windows XP rice thread: show me your best windows XP set ups[View]
79857568Will SSD storage drives ever become cheap? I need to replace my 6TB HDD since it sounds like a train…[View]
79856829/g/'s good YouTube channels: What YouTube channels does /g/ recommend[View]
79849679/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >UPGRADE ADVICE Post complete specs including monitor >BUILD ADV…[View]
79855815>tfw failed the CompTIA 901 in 2017 and haven't studied computers and gave up ever since …[View]
79856980I bought a pair of these and it mutes the ambient noise in my head when I wear them (airpod pros). W…[View]
79856349Post your login screens. what kinds of greeters is everyone using these days?[View]
79856819How did NZXT fuck up this bad?[View]
79853993Which VPN is /g/ approved?[View]
79848294Is the custom build meme finally dead in 2K21? https://pcpartpicker.com/list/w7bzGq https://www.dell…[View]
79854138I ended up getting an nzxt case. Did I fuck up?[View]
79857414Its surprisingly pretty good[View]
79857090so apparently i shouldn't use id3v2 for flac. Well, what do i use to add metadata? Is there a c…[View]
79854438hey /g/ back in 2011 I got into a big car crash and I have been in a coma for a long time until seve…[View]
79855794If Systemd was written in Rust it'd be far more maintainable and easy to contribute to without …[View]
79854673what is the best single board computer?[View]
79854715Nvidia's ARM acquisition has high chance of being blocked: Japanese newspaper Nikkei's Eng…[View]
79856044How do I into simulations?: I don't really give a shit about being an autist, I just want to be…[View]
79855275/g/ what is some cool tech bullshit i can buy, i need to consume a product immediately[View]
79850563I am willing to put the time and effort to creating a deepfake of some Olivia Dudley porn if someone…[View]
79857191https://www.asus.com/Laptops/For-Students/ASUS-Laptop/ASUS-BR1100C/ https://www.asus.com/Laptops/For…[View]
79857186>Blue and green switches don't click at all, they feel like some piece of plastic is broken …[View]
79854880Whats hidden in the image? Can you find it?: Whats hidden in the image? Can you find it?[View]
79856583I want to learn more about decentralization on the internet, how to create services and dApps that w…[View]
79856494What happens when we achieve AI? I mean artificial general intelligence, not meme machine learning. …[View]
79853089When using youtube-dl, how do I avoid getting my IP soft-banned from downloading videos indirectly f…[View]
79854046Frog retard here, what makes the linux distros different?[View]
79851242>Imagine not using brave browser in 2021, come on guys it's even got IPFS…[View]
79854379>find cool gamedev math 3 hours long fundamental video >Open the video thinking it was a girl …[View]
79854551Slimy Printer Companies: >Every printer company, at every price point, releases unreliable garbag…[View]
79856969>Gamedevs and software devs spend months optimizing before releasing/updating their product >W…[View]
79856737Can we stop with discord threads? Every day there is some retard complaining about it.[View]
79853281Why is learning this so vague and difficult: I tried an arduino uno and didn't want to use thei…[View]
79843351What does /g/ think of GrapheneOS? Do you think it offers significant advantages over more vanilla A…[View]
79847249Redpill me on NixOS.[View]
79855114what's the best alternative to this? DDG?[View]
79856613Vanced: Has youtube vanced been audited? Anyone actually log in to vanced microg?[View]
79849208Librewolf vs Brave: Which of the two would be better, and why?[View]
79854343Any reason to encrypt a drive with Twofish, Serpent, Camellia or Kuznyechik?: Or are they memes and …[View]
79856449once covid 21 ravages the world even more so could a 3090 be worth 5000$ or more ?[View]
79855356Is sysadmin a meme?[View]
79851557I'd love to try a browser other than Firefox but there's no option but for Chrome. Can…[View]
79856129Is there any actual use for it in 2021?[View]
79856238Will this be ok?[View]
79856225when will they start asking us quantum whiteboard algorithms questions?[View]
79832275Bitchute censorship: Yep, /g/ was right yet again.[View]
79856015Why is it so shit for streaming? >Netflix wants to display everything in HDR, which means that if…[View]
79855818FYI faggot prof in this video for yt version removed In case anyone wants it the archive got it http…[View]
7985518133 years old here. Just amazed at how far internet speed has come in the last 20 years. I remember d…[View]
79854509Forging messages: How do you forge messages (edit your conversation transcripts)? Is it possible to …[View]
79856082why I should learn go?[View]
79853571Huh, what do I have here? Some kind of new experimental technology, for sure...[View]
79852990>All Chromium builds will be Un-Googled Chromiums after March 15th THANKS YOU BASED GOOGLE…[View]
79854913Hey boys, never even browsed this board before. What's the best way to enjoy kino on the big sc…[View]
79855858Decentralized VPNs: Are they a meme, or is there something of value? Pic related, learned about it f…[View]
79854506Is it true that the tech industry is like Dilbert comics?[View]
79855292I caught myself thinking about how PDAs were a cool idea and wondering what happened to them when I …[View]
79855696Copying about a tb of movies over to another removable drive, why does it have 100% usage on one dri…[View]
79854400Why do all you linuxcucks hate exFat? It's open spec now, because M$ wants it to be good, has n…[View]
79854567It's over guys. The magic from the internet is gone. All that's left is this wasteland, th…[View]
79854057in common lisp you can write programs that write programs have you guys tried making something usefu…[View]
79852461Pre-build: decent price, for what it is ?[View]
79855628don't mind me, I'm just helping high iq MATH chads get work done[View]
79853821what to do if i like Debian/Ubuntu's stability and less 'cutting edge' but also like the speed …[View]
79855579Questions regarding Desktop cooling: High, I wanna get a new PSU to support a new GPU I'm getti…[View]
79849974>filters 99.9% of self taught programmers[View]
79844906What does /g/ think of Transhumanism?[View]
79833511Redpill me on C++[View]
79853747IPO when???[View]
79853872shitting self: DUDES, and apology MY Kyocera FS-1041, it ate the paper, i cant pull it back, its stu…[View]
79842474/cspg/ Computer Science Plus General #1.2.7: Learn programming from scratch with strong foundations.…[View]
79851175why do you buy cheap explosive PSU like EVGA and Corsair?[View]
79819602/pmp/ + /iemg/ Portable Media Players + In Ear Monitors General: the chinkiest edition This thread i…[View]
79853823> Making around 80k as a programmer as a 26 year old > Feels good > Talk to my other progra…[View]
79851427Someone please help me.: Hi, i'm trying to have access to my cellphone (Samsung Galaxy J1 ace) …[View]
79855032Which books does /g/ recommends besides The C Programming and SCIP? I looking for books about good p…[View]
79854757haha, what can I say? It just werks.[View]
79850537OK /g/ Everyday for the past month I've seen people shilling for Gopher and Gemini in various t…[View]
79853895EMERGENCY: Need to watch movie: My Brave browser stopped streaming HBO max and I have to watch some …[View]
79854814What are the best ways to continue to learn and grow as a tech worker? >Side projects / Self-lea…[View]
79850842Linux Mint Cinnamon: is Linux Mint a good Linux distribution for what i do? my work is programming (…[View]
79833843Does Chang Ever Stop Trying to SSH Into My Server?: Are these people ever going to stop trying to br…[View]
79842175oldest smartphone on /g/: must be the one you use as a 'daily driver'[View]
79818681/hpg/ headphone general: EARSPEAKER edition What are you listening to? What are you wearing? Buying …[View]
79853482Have you ever known any chads who were tech enthusiasts?[View]
79850973How in the fuck do you get a gpu now? best thing i seen is a gtx 1080 founders and it's still p…[View]
79853433I was watching one of my favorite Twitch streamers and unexpectedly she made a jab at 'tech bros' Sh…[View]
79852868Why is this allowed?[View]
798544803D Printing :3: What do you make with your 3D printer /g/?[View]
79844696nobody can explain this meme[View]
79847053hey guys any others bros who started using linux after watching mr robot? i used ubunto once before …[View]
79850871Backdoor in every device: Just found out that Iphones and Androids are cucked. How can I safe myself…[View]
79851028what is /g/ using wayland or X and why?[View]
79854443Software: If you gave me the advice to create an application to satisfy any of your needs, what kind…[View]
79851778Before Musk: >signal? i have nothing to hide schizo After Musk: >gotta install signal now!! Pe…[View]
79849288Is this still the premier freetard video software??[View]
79851378so this is the power of snap..[View]
79853485>Just send a full body scan to amazon bro[View]
79854376So this...is the power...of GNOME...[View]
79852961Tox, matrix, and chat in general: Tox for more personal chats, matrix for bigger groups?[View]
79846641what the FUCK is going on[View]
79853621Moore’s law is dead. Komey’s law is emerging. Cloud and virtualisation is the championed solution. Y…[View]
79848757Do you prefer glossy or matte monitors?[View]
79854366>tfw deploy my first Spring web app to AWS Say what you want about Indians and what not, but this…[View]
798521342x2GHz with 1024KB L2 cache and 0MB L3 cache OR 2x1.5GHz with 256KB L2 cache and 2MB L3 cache Both o…[View]
79855177Why are there no independent payment processors?: Why are choices limited to Visa/Mastercard/Discove…[View]
79852277Programming Self-Cringe / Idiocy Thread: We spend enough time shit-talking other programmers here. A…[View]
79847795/cyb/ + /sec/ general: Cybersecurity & Cyberpunk General: The I waited for someone to make it bu…[View]
79809182Death of original websites: Are these two cancers the reason no one is creating original content on …[View]
79843635old junk: Sometimes I just miss the overall feel and design of older hardware and software. I am sur…[View]
79850856Why is Rio stacking and not tiling?[View]
798516211.Create python DoS script, the script will must create 40 async tasks by each thread(the num of thr…[View]
79853899>>79845269 >be a fat smelly neet >watch RMS >'oh my god he looks disgusting just like…[View]
79849845What's the oldest piece of hardware you still use REGULARLY?: Mine would probably be this SATA …[View]
79851123Don't use Sway. Use Hikari. https://hikari.acmelabs.space/[View]
79848658i just bought a controller for stadia and it's asking me for my wifi password. why does a video…[View]
79853802>one of japanese restaurants where you get served by robots opens where i live >mom and siste…[View]
79847710why americans use old style shit circuit breakers?[View]
79851773>wait 1 month for the computer part delivery >damn, when it arrives i will code >never code…[View]
79847550If your OS is Linux, you are __________[View]
79840980Curly brace on same line or new line?: I always put curly braces on the same line, but tempted to st…[View]
79851633Fuck Arch It made me stop distrohopping I can't stand using any other distro anymore It strippe…[View]
79848014Which is the gayest CS/IT sector to work in and why[View]
79847182OPERATING SYSTEMS: What's your primary operating system, /g/? https://www.strawpoll.me/42499924…[View]
79850767embedded chads... is this any good? i'm a complete retard without an engineering background. i …[View]
79851280Thoughts? Non smart tv: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/samsung-65-class-be65t-h-led-4k-commercial-grad…[View]
79850048>tfw the captcha is how google is tracking your 4channel posts[View]
79852106How accurate is this film to being a real comp sci student?[View]
79853176Hello /g/. >I got a new PSU along with a RTX 3080. >I managed to nab the last one on stock. …[View]
79850671Best basic free video editing software?: Just need to trim/cut/paste scenes but W10 Video Editor can…[View]
79852311Give me a non-meme idea for a Decentralized App it seems that this space has room to grow to 1000x ,…[View]
79853077i have email A and email B. the one i'm trying to fix is email A. somehow I have made 2 emails …[View]
79850936Considering realistic physical limits, how much improvement can Nvidia come up with in terms of perf…[View]
79847807/g/ Torrent Client Thread: Anybody used this torrent client? I have a new FreeBSD set up and wanted …[View]
79852947s21: looks like a literal 2014 meme about the future[View]
79852363>studied 10 years to program games >every day excited to learn new things with opengl and c++ …[View]
79852245Does anyone find software as a service as cancer and feel like people who rely on SAAS are digitally…[View]
79844080Why do you guys care about privacy so much? As long as you have a tape on the webcam why do you care…[View]
79848678In the world of rolling release Linux distros, software struggles to survive against rapid library u…[View]
79848479>use Tor Browser >still have unique fingerprint is this normal?…[View]
79852756I have triple monitors (3x1080p) but want to view 4k video and game in 4k even with the bezels. What…[View]
79820211/fag/ - Friend Apple General: Friendly discussion of Apple's Macintosh computers and Apple acce…[View]
79851172>Remove features the user-base enjoys >Add rounded corners Job done.…[View]
79852737arch is better than gentoo[View]
79852016Recent books in Javascript? Preferably in color?[View]
79838491>He fell for the OLED meme OOF[View]
79852364Freelancing: Anyone have experience with freelancing? How did it go?[View]
79852033Mechanical keyboards are fucking meme: it makes my finger feel exhausted and its clacky noisy shit, …[View]
79851989Sorry if this asked everyday anon but what's the best FREE mail service out here? I used cock.l…[View]
79848296If you have the technical prowess, give me one strong reason why you aren't starting your SaaS …[View]
79848794What distro has the largest abundance in software?[View]
79848970Good Sites #11: Compilation so far: www . goodsites . tech Submit good sites that should be on the l…[View]
79849755Now what?[View]
79844006Router Thread: What is your router setup? What anti-botnet advice would you be giving to people with…[View]
79848780am I set for the next 10 years unironically ?[View]
79851429i've been working on a project that works sort of like a 'cable scrambler' but for li…[View]
79847373My Dad wants me to start a computer repair business to stop being a NEET. I've only ever built …[View]
79849840convince me to give up lisp i have an open mind[View]
79851945Oi: >if i can arch i can gentoo Ja oder Nein?[View]
79843987/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previously: >>79835995[View]
79851298Looking for UI / UX designers: Hi I'm a design student and I'm looking for UI / UX Designe…[View]
79850334VPN a meme?: sup gtard´s, is VPN really a meme? Im trying the express VPN free month, but how much …[View]
79847283Why you not use the most secure on the planet?[View]
79850282What happened to evie launcher? It just disappeared from the store and the company isn't saying…[View]
79845269Why do you need privacy?[View]
79849396is there a way to see all the accounts I have created with my gmail/outlook address? I want to grad…[View]
79850074Why use any distro besides this right here? It's literally the most just werk distro. I couldn…[View]
79848880Return of the king[View]
79850681Whats an easy tech job i can learn to make decent money?[View]
79851082Looking for UI / UX designers: Hi I'm a design student and I'm looking for UI / UX Designe…[View]
79850929Why is the audio so garbage when I speed up the video? ffs it's worse than the Youtube player.[View]
79850553LITEON Premium DH-16AFSH-PREMM1 Is this a good drive or is it a maymay, specifically for burning PS1…[View]
79849006Is it possible to install and fully update a Windows system without internet access? This will be ma…[View]
79850828>delete jewgle account >1 week later, recaptcha is failing most of the time why this site uses…[View]
79849983In todays world, technology companies that offer services and products to casual users are either me…[View]
79848467Best web hosting with PHP support: I need it for a class. I might also need MySQL support but not co…[View]
79850227>we're looking for people who have a passion for [boring shit]! how the fuck do i get a job,…[View]
79830558PinePhone: > estimated dispatch mid February 2021 > $199.00 Why are there no PinePhone threads…[View]
79839207I have decided to quit the 'internet': I will still use it to download programs I want or anime epis…[View]
79848761[Devuan 3] [Chmod] Issues with System-Wide Permissions: I had run Lynis, a system security hardening…[View]
79846491NSA NSA how to prank the NSA !: Nice idea to fuck with our favorite agency.[View]
79850409I am a big stinky loser: https://pastebin.com/8E9A4v6F Imagine actually spending you're time on…[View]
79850224anyone here fuck around with crypto mining? is there a way for it to actually be profitable at home?[View]
79845856Luke Miani calls out /g/ in latest video: >'I would like you to go out and find a similarly porta…[View]
79846753Best hacking / cyber security books: Hello friends, newfa/g/ here. Recommended books for learning ab…[View]
79849672Image Hash Alteration Prevantion: When i go on to a 4chan board Archive and insert image into the Im…[View]
79848846Monitor thread: Hey /g/, currently looking for a 4k monitor, Budget $500-600 I've been out of t…[View]
79850205T-this just appeared on my captcha...[View]
79849458Who thought this was ok?[View]
79846870>Chrome 88 has been out for 2 days So where is the ads people were talking about? uBlock Origin s…[View]
79848790>looking for housing >have employer's references and everything ready, squeaky clean cre…[View]
79850050Unclassified DIA memo: the DIA is purchasing your cell phone data to get around warrant requirements…[View]
79844561Who the fuck writes these retarded articles? https://medium.com/swlh/5-ways-to-replace-if-else-state…[View]
79846357Photoshop is shit Gimp rulles: So I decided to pirate photoshop. wanted to make a simple shitpost me…[View]
79849503we have all the technology we need to remove the charging port from phones wireless charging im sure…[View]
79848625Ok, now I learned gradient descend. How do I make Tay?[View]
79849933Why do I dislike the web so much? Why do I dislike it when I know so little about it? Why do I dem…[View]
79849322how much space do i need above my head for VR? im about 6'3'. I have a 6' by 6' area,…[View]
79848809Why is he so based ?: >Fucking Eric Schmidt is a fucking pussy. I'm going to fucking bury th…[View]
79848026Is it unironically the only decent Linux distro that Just Werks? >inb4programs It comes with a De…[View]
79849456/g is the most boring with the most repetitive content I have ever seen.. almost the same kind of th…[View]
798482032x2GHz with 1024KB L2 cache and 0MB L3 cache OR 2x1.5GHz with 256KB L2 cache and 2MB L3 cache Both …[View]
79848397Considering 3nm processors are going to be hitting the market next year, how much further can things…[View]
79847983Hello /g/eniuses, this is my first time ever on this board and I wouldnt have come to you if a frien…[View]
79844132Why do people think .rar files save space? You need at least twice the storage space to extract the …[View]
79848085I currently have a 500mb/sec optic fiber plan but I don't have a cable and I get like 250-330mb…[View]
79849362RISK V: is just hello world of CPU[View]
79831355Just changed from chrome to firefox was it a bad idea?[View]
79845917The Four Horsemen: alright /g/ all 4 of these companies have committed some of the worst atrocities …[View]
79848892Writing software: What are some good Microsoft Word alternatives for Linux[View]
79849178IT EASY TO SOLVE: im enumerated every partiule of universe 1. generate/declare a random order of th…[View]
79834241i don't understand this program and i hate it[View]
79814786Wayland thread: https://arewewaylandyet.com/ Just switched to full-time Sway. It just werks.[View]
79847562Why does Windows have the best trackpad software? Linux, drivers are non-existant and no easy way to…[View]
79846372so rust is a tranny language but what does /g/ think about python?[View]
79848569Water cooling a PC is a meme[View]
79846139Software Piracy Is it still safe to pirate software on windows? Maybe it never was, but I used to pi…[View]
79844646Why are all technology products advertised as 'RGB' and/or 'Gamming', absolute shit?[View]
79848812Leaving fanatical arguments behind, facing the facts, what are the advantages/disadvantages of each …[View]
79846409>Oh, so you like programming, anon? You know, I'm somewhat of a coder myself. For instance I…[View]
79846158Internet censorship: I used to think most stuff that was uploaded to the internet was there to stay …[View]
79847397does this violate gdpr?[View]
79845751I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe.[View]
79847174What does CMake offer over Meson?[View]
79846206>yfw you introduce your normie friend to Github and he's only been using it to store pdfs an…[View]
79842099/pcbg/ - PC Building General: Ryzen can’t do 60fps in a 13 year old game edition ATTENTION: >FOR…[View]
79822879what air cpu cooler should i buy?[View]
79832094To be honest, after some time >you stop using Arch 'for the memes' >you stop using Arch 'to lo…[View]
79838297/g/initgeneral, new init system /g/init is coming: Welcome to /g/initgeneral. /g/init is a new inits…[View]
79837439what am i in for?[View]
79845862Big tech censorship: How can we combat big tech censorship when so many people applaud it? >Swit…[View]
79844779How many of you actually contributed something to a free software project?[View]
79848579Will you join the space force? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPDKIgYqo7s[View]
79841260THIS WEEK IN KDE[View]
79834245/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread Users of all level…[View]
79847574I got a 6800 xt instead of a 3080: I've taken what I found, i'm fed up with lurking the fe…[View]
79834461What's some programming thing you think you should know for your level of expertise but you hav…[View]
79846735How can I get good at computers?[View]
79847035Why isn't systemd-nspawn used more compared to Docker and Podman?[View]
79841937ITT: post a technology you hate[View]
79829858/mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboards General: /mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboards General HHKB - edition >Keybo…[View]
79842271>the year is 2021 >gnome is lagging behind windows by 23 years what went wrong?…[View]
79814792post your rigs, /g/[View]
79844536Which terminal emulator do you use anon, and why?[View]

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