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/g/ - Technology

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72750181Hey /g/, my knowledge of technology could be compared to that of a rather intelligent toddler. Whene…[View]
72740845SSD disk drives suck: 󠘁 ▶ These things have an atrocious failure rate. I bought a brand new name bra…[View]
72716962Lightning connector in 2019: Why[View]
72748052I wanna make my phone screen feel smother, kinda like how new phone screens feel like How do I make …[View]
72741759Why do GIMP and LibreOffice run like shit on Windows, but very fast on GNU/Linux? Is this intentiona…[View]
72741817/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>72735682 Haskell is the language of choice for…[View]
72750313https://www.pcgamesn.com/amd/vega-radeon-image-sharpening >AMD “will consider adding support” for…[View]
72748413AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA What the fuck. How do I fix this? All my fans are working and the cas…[View]
72747335Why do you hate me /g/[View]
72748380What are the best in-ear earphones that money can buy?[View]
72747652ANTI-RMS Media: Why are they after him, Anons?[View]
72745480Imagine... just imagine for a moment not owning one of the most innovative laptop/tablet hybrids eve…[View]
72749005What's wrong with this peace of technology? Why do you hate it so much?[View]
72745868wot pythagorean theroem?: programing a 2d space flying game. the 2d flying can scroll all directions…[View]
72747015do you agree with the sentiment of this comic /g/?[View]
72748152Is golang any good?: Hey everyone, just wondering about your experiences with golang. Is it any good…[View]
72749831>he doesnt have a dynamic ip adress iplets[View]
72749828Which speech assistant is better? Alexa must be pretty good, if Siri will answer questions addressed…[View]
72749638Is the AWS developer certification worth getting? I'm already an employed full stack developer,…[View]
72746521OS general: Just installed Ubuntu for the first time. I've used Windows and macOS in the past. …[View]
72737142/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Users of all leve…[View]
72745918Best mouse under $50USD? Hey there /g/ents, I'm looking to buy a decent budget mouse. Are there…[View]
72711711/mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboard General: /mkg/ Zoomer Edition >Buyer's template: http://pastebi…[View]
72748547E-Textbooks: looking for textbooks for class where is the best place to start looking online?[View]
72744205How do i change default xterm font size on this thing? I've tried the usual method with both .x…[View]
72748506War on Broadband: Comcast is trash. Charter is trash. Help me overcome my ignorance. Fiber optics is…[View]
72748542What has Stallman accomplished lately?[View]
72748299>battery has more voltage after it's unused[View]
72744849when would you pass by reference instead of a pointer? Pointer inline uint64_t FIFO::UpdateIndex…[View]
72744937>terry and satania are both on the sticky Thank you mods We don't deserve you Please forgive…[View]
72744904left or right?[View]
72748209What starting salary can i expect to get in computer science? How much do you make like 2 years in?[View]
72748683is it possible to make telegram bot that will route internet traffic? I want to bypass mobile opera…[View]
72748528What's the max MBPS download a NEET could utilize, assuming hes the only internet user in the h…[View]
72743598>Just found out recently i love programming >Already a 23 yo boomer (24 in january) Just give …[View]
72748525What do you guys usually use your laptop for? I'm in college and find myself using my desktop 9…[View]
72748442>he doesn't use a thinkpad with linux for dev >he doesn't use ltsc for gaymen, media…[View]
72745363why torrents always slow down at the very end? it's always 90%, 93%, 96%, 99% and then it start…[View]
72747509How can we use technology to reduce the power of governments: How can we use technology to reduce th…[View]
72747546>95% meeting/bureaucracy >5% programming Why didnt someone warned me about sotware development…[View]
72747821What's the general consensus of silent clicks? How do they feel and are they durable? Would you…[View]
72740317Why don't desktop computers have built-in UPS?[View]
72747508I found this gpe at a yard sale last week but idk what kind of card it is. Any ideas?[View]
72748142reallly makes u think....................................................[View]
72744026PiTablet: I'm gonna do it /g/ I'm gonna build my own portable Linux machine. I only need t…[View]
72731261/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Previous thread: >>72711304 >Read >>51971506 >GNU…[View]
72747936Do I need more RAM for my desktop to run smooth with lots of 4K tabs open in Chrome?[View]
72747689I've been playing around in brainfuck and I'm writing an interpreter for it. I want to exp…[View]
72747677Help /g/ Hard drive machine broke: So over the weekend, my cousin's dumbass German Shepard brok…[View]
72747225Should I switch from .me to .org: I recently found the .org version of my domain was available inste…[View]
72732771>Download file >Woops, you reached the quota! >Make an account goy! >Install the addon, …[View]
72744370What are some practical applications for drones?[View]
72746074I don’t understand: It’s a brand new build. Why won’t it turn on? It was at least turning over with …[View]
72747718Silicon Valley/Big Tech Cringe Thread: I'll start[View]
72747853Phone Charge thread: What's your SoT and total time off battery right jow? Partial charges pls…[View]
72747834rms BTFO[View]
72743856What's the best language for my purpose? I'm a normalfag who just writes python cause it…[View]
72743688Scala?: What are your guys thoughts about scala? Or would you guys recommend using kotlin over it a…[View]
72745899Pinetime: Finally a non-botnet smartwatch: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonevangelho/2019/09/14/me…[View]
72747724I wish i could just pay someone to teach me the basics of programming[View]
72733370/hpg/ - Headphone General: What audiopedophile memes have you fallen for this week, /g/? How to requ…[View]
72740607What is the oldest piece of technology you use daily?[View]
72746295Anyone else here tried to go a week without muh internet? I kind of want to give it a try.[View]
72740459>own 6 of these >got all of them for free >place them all over my house >curse Zionists …[View]
72743353I think we can all agree that the free software movement needs to better itself. I have an idea of h…[View]
72747283Who the fuck is gonna buy one of these now that VRR TVs work with nvidia cards?[View]
72746799What's a good way to protect my phone from drops without a bigass rubbery case? I have a oneplu…[View]
72733528guides thread: post more of these[View]
72747415Imageboard Software: Looking for recommendations and alternatives to vichan and LynxChan. I plan on …[View]
72741554Help me choose a laptop guys My requirements are: >15,6' screen >best resolution possible >…[View]
72741412/pcbg/ - PC Building General: ATTENTION: Graphics card prices are excessive by historical standards;…[View]
72739344CCNA: Is it really worth it to buy used a r/s stack to practice for the CCNA? I was just planning on…[View]
72743689public class AbstractClassNounBase{ public static void main(String args[]){ //Let's /g/o[View]
72743965>He uses the Linux Operating System and trusts it, despite not paying for it…[View]
72745677>be 30-year old Qoomer >believe some anonymous post with a particular tripcode is some governm…[View]
72707127DURGASOFT Thread /dst/: Celebrate DURGA Sir edition Let's talk about the great things Durga Sir…[View]
72747303what does /g/ think of collecting old hardware? I have a brand new o2 system from 1990s era in box j…[View]
72747016should i?[View]
72746603I can't even make a proper navigational bar on my web project. I don't wanna use a framewo…[View]
72745134Can GNU+Linux be saved from normiedom?[View]
72745443>mod creates a new (joke) sticky >fucks up part of it >he deletes it and creates a new one …[View]
72746512CS Degree vs diploma: >go to university >Teacher does a nested if string comparison instead of…[View]
72737401this is why we can't have nice things (for long)[View]
72745434Monitor placement: I've got a regular 24' 1080p as my primary display, and then this huge ass 4…[View]
72745113>mod makes a joke sticky >forgets the links to the catalog and the rules, and the code tags …[View]
72746378why is it so satisfying to build programs from the source code?[View]
72746238Guys help, my pc says my display isn't compatible with 4k 60. I'm using display port to HD…[View]
72746698does /g/ make money on internet[View]
72743084How do I mix the aesthetics of Brave with the privacy of a browser like Iridium or ungoogled chromiu…[View]
72745598https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vhh_GeBPOhs Here's the thing about Ballmer. The man had some se…[View]
72746802Strategies for defeating Pajeet and Stacy: >Durgasoft Java Devs >Fascist Indian Sysadmins >…[View]
72724606GPU showdown!: Open: https://webglsamples.org/aquarium/aquarium.html Set fish size to: 1000 Upload y…[View]
72746245Have you forgotten her, /g/?[View]
72745609Does anyone use one of these?: seems uncomfortable as shit, unless you're wearing a wool coat o…[View]
72733952Damn they kinda cute tho[View]
72745262what the hell am I looking at? I'm scared to click[View]
72745446How to stop starting projects in multiple languages at once? It's a fucking disease. I'm s…[View]
72740066>having more than 100 packages installed[View]
72745081Intel Bankruptcy Proceedings: They should be starting in about 4 months.[View]
72746563GET IN HERE TRANNIES: >Rust programming language: Seven reasons why you should learn it in 2019 h…[View]
72741024Anyone else think this was apples biggest let down in years?: AFAIK the only changes are >0.5 inc…[View]
72745234Based or retarded: I work as a manager for one of the banks in my country. I make up to 4.8k after t…[View]
72746379psst all hitachi ultrasounds are vulnerable to zombieload[View]
72745419When did you realize it's all just luck?[View]
72741787Lenovo: Living nomadically but miss desktop and tired of phonetyping, I walked into Best Buy yesterd…[View]
72745371>Think of a cool project to make >Get started >Immediately start talking myself out of it …[View]
72745106I rarely use ebay and I'm looking to buy a cheap 2060. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NVIDIA-GEFORCE-…[View]
72741489Homescreen thread[View]
72745105bruh is Apple on crack?: Why are they throwing vegetables at their fucking shitphone? It's not …[View]
72743396Is the branch predictor algorithm hardwired into the chip, or is it microcoded instead? I've as…[View]
72745921what is the best 4chan app for android???[View]
72745613/spg/ - Apple Smartphone General: I'm Opening A Dispute On My 9T Pro Order and Buying An Apple …[View]
72741488What programming language did jesus use to make the world?: C and x86 Assembly[View]
72744928Logitech K120: Is this the best cheap keyboard? How does it compare to the keyboards used on ThinkPa…[View]
72745840>iPhones cost more than android pajeet shit but are somehow worse Is this what retard incels actu…[View]
72745584>wasn't made by a pedophile[View]
72743695so apparently the new denuvo is very intrusive? Why the fuck does it have to be such a tax on system…[View]
72745074Did jannies really shit themselves that hard because of a single autist? What the fuck?[View]
72745517I got a job doing kernel work with a reputable company. It all worked out /g/entoomen[View]
72742767why is there no neo fascist OS[View]
72720360/fwt/ - Friendly Windows Thread: Welcome to /fwt/ - Friendly Windows Thread Users of all levels are …[View]
72733909Looking for a silent keyboard: I've tried the Logitech K380 (which is said to be 'virtually sil…[View]
72743642Welcome to another video from explaining computers DOT COM[View]
72743303https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8XKrwaUZVA >durga soft security addition >https://boards.4ch…[View]
72744815I miss him already bros[View]
72745297:D https://youtu.be/-NYdRCONwbY[View]
72745004Mods, you have one job left.[View]
72744973FLICKER Nagoor babu Sir edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0A7pYvqMSA Hello friends. Do you e…[View]
72744334Corporations are creating chaos in Free Software Community: >Microsoft and Google embrace Open So…[View]
72744718The year is 1999 and I'm a paranoid normie fresh from a NBC broadcast, and I'm freaking ab…[View]
72742697we dur/g/a now?: so RMS is a pedo, we're replacing him with pooinloo instead of our lord and sa…[View]
72739982You can now stop calling him a pedophile, thanks. https://stallman.org/archives/2019-jul-oct.html#14…[View]
72744742Can we stop taking free software seriously now[View]
72742294A new era has began for /g/[View]
72743339Just bought an xps 13 9370, did I fuck up? I was considering an X1 carbon but the white colorway fit…[View]
72732088why are usbs so annoying to use: you use a USB once and then its like you have to re-format your ent…[View]
72718694Super Mario Odyssey now running at 60fps on Switch Emulator: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbL2otf…[View]
72738619Richard M Stallman is going down. The blue checkmark people are already on his track.[View]
72744433Searching for a cheap mobile data provider :(: So I'm visiting NYC tomorrow and I made myself t…[View]
72742624What's the point of massive storage disks again? I barely use any space...[View]
72714876/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Curry Edition What are private trackers? Google it. How do I get in…[View]
72744129Along with the phone tablet and laptop upgrade ,which are shipping soon based one their own SBCs. Pi…[View]
72742421So now that Apple entered a phase of stagnation before eventual decline, does this mean that Samsung…[View]
72740286What does /g/ do when they buy used/refurbished laptop? Is a factory reset and DBAN enough? Do you d…[View]
72740223exe > package managers: -download from any place, including developer -can match file hashes -can…[View]
72743618http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRzEhLm3-hc&t=2m31s Here, have your privacy using our proprietary…[View]
72740769/g/ humor[View]
72742752I don't like Mtg Arena and I want to make my own Mtg game online. It's copyrighted materia…[View]
72742329What's the best remote desktop access app?: Sick and tired of TeamViewer's bullshit What…[View]
72739197Qute Browser: >The Lightsaber of browsers. Everything else is merely a clumsy blaster. The threa…[View]
72742782Thinking about getting a used thinkcentre I found one and it says that the max vram is 1gb So can I …[View]
72736408Am I a dumb boomer for shutting down my PC every night?[View]
72745285why did they remove this sticky?[View]
72745075Terry is not technology. It's no different than posting Chris-Chan on /v/, mental illness e-cel…[View]
72744104Where do you think you are? This is /g/. We are not retarded. We know how to use a VPN. We can flood…[View]
72744149itt: we write a congratulations letter to nagoor babu for his recent victory on /g/ one word at the …[View]
72743020Remember to defrag your drives![View]
72742243The /g/ Wiki: http://wiki.installgentoo.com/ /g/ is for the discussion of technology and related top…[View]
72736716Simple Man Looking For Desktop Speakers: I just want some decent speakers for desktop pc use for mov…[View]
72725442/spg/ - Smartphone General: Still Waiting For My 9T Pro To Be Shipped Edition If requesting purchasi…[View]
72736952Well, would it work /g/?[View]
72709971/mlg/ Meta Languages General: Welcome to Meta Languages General Here, nobody really cares about your…[View]
72741008i want to work in info sec, but don't know where to start. i tried starting with java, but deci…[View]
72741383So, I tried to copy all the files i found on my sisters computer to a usb, install on mine, and run …[View]
72742217Is a headphone jack in phones still necessary in current year?[View]
72742991So He was A Larper All This Time: This lazy fuck had all the time in the world behind MIT's saf…[View]
72740780What is the best book on C++ i want to read only one book on the language, but i don't want it …[View]
72742808is there a website where you can input an intel processor and it shows you all the vulnerabilities i…[View]
72742630*blocks your path*[View]
72741642Abandoned Nestle Disc Games!: I made a backup of my discs that came with my cereal! Consider this a …[View]
72742627I'm okay with the indian guy but please post back Terry in the sticky :([View]
72742304I haven't been in /g/ in a couple of years. Why RMS is not in the sticky anymore?[View]
72742835BOSS Linux: Install BOSS[View]
72742715Ok /g/, can wish.com products be trusted? I am specifically referring to the Senn ie800 IEMs on ther…[View]
72742812Hey /g/ How do you circumvent ISP IP ban? hard mode: No VPN and TOR[View]
72733675Whats the best phone to buy right now? P30 Pro? S10+?[View]
72734632I have installed Debian stable on a laptop that I will use for university and general daily use. Wou…[View]
72736012>buy new monitor for writing code in portrait mode >text looks like shit >look it up >a…[View]
72740029Y'all mind if I dream in code?[View]
72742612Glad you popcorn lungers are finally getting banned IRL[View]
72737865What's his fucking problem?[View]
72735960Left-handed /g/: How do other left-handed people deal with it? Do you put your mouse on the left, or…[View]
72742532/g/ humor thread[View]
72736692>this kills intel[View]
72740010how botnet is rainbow six siege[View]
72742393>mod gave him sticky[View]
72721552/g/uts: can I get uuuuuuuuhhhhhh one /g/uts thread[View]
72742245I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
72741254Japanese Web Browsers: post 'em[View]
72735670Permanent Record - Edward Snowden: How many of you will actually read it? How many of you actually c…[View]
72740580How do you measure lag input in your head?[View]
72742271Absolute mad lads they did it![View]
72737620Why all the hate? Is it because it's popular on reddit?[View]
72738569Do you think Chad has updated from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10[View]
72737231I moved to Germany recently to study. I know downloading shit is illegal and I can be caught easily …[View]
72741636Brunen /g/: Reee! Why won’t my new build start?![View]
72741983Cars are Tech.: (pic related) is Mercedes latest concept car. Apparently it, 'takes the nearly 120-y…[View]
72742098Why is my chinkshit and wallpaper plug filled with posts about some random neckbeard fuckin kids? Wh…[View]
72734734How many GBs of RAM are necessary to a man to live with dignity[View]
72742027How to make distcc max out all threads on the remote PC?: Host: 2c4t @ 4 jobs Remote: 2c4t, doesn…[View]
72740936what is the best flash drive for the money?[View]
72737227/bst/ - Battlestation thread: >ctrl+F >no bst Post, rate, hate…[View]
72735046Convince me not to buy it[View]
72728706>install gahnoo slash linecks >reboot >see this FUCKEN' DROPPED…[View]
72738126Possible to have multiple installers on one usb?: Was curious if it was possible to have a good set …[View]
72738410whats is Steve Ballmer's biggest contribution to tech?[View]
72738710nice job security web devs![View]
72739391/g/ what is a good phone for android development?: So I hate using emulators, they are slow and shit…[View]
72741131Hey guys I just invented a unbreakable encryption.Heres how it works:1.you write a code book which c…[View]
72740515Alternative to Google Calendar: What calendar program can I use across both Linux and Android? Prefe…[View]
72732410>Brooo, you weren't supposed to dereference the null pointer, dumbass.…[View]
72741276>my phone charger has coil whine I seriously fucking thought I was developing tinnitus. How the F…[View]
72741376Please help I forgot my pin code for my gionee m5 and I dont know what to do please help!!![View]
72741548ITT: Programs that make windows suck less: >everything >winamp.... it really whips the llamas …[View]
72740391Is there any fun website you know where everyone can edit the html and mess around with the code? If…[View]
72739411Anyone else fucking love SpaceX?[View]
72739625Making music with programming: I really like music like that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnhM1N…[View]
72740753What websites should one visit to get good profiling (risk scores, credit ratings, discounts)?[View]
72741241lol wtf is this have people stare at you because youre an ugly nigger in vr? why the fuck would i …[View]
72734087>4.59 x 2.41 x 0.48 in Perfect[View]
72735682/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>72729226 Lisp is the most powerful programming…[View]
72728211Kickstarter is Unionizing: https://slate.com/technology/2019/09/kickstarter-turmoil-union-drive-hist…[View]
72705444/wdg/ - Web Development General: Cool kids only edition Previous Thread: >>72665580 >Free r…[View]
727398885g is dangerous and is affecting your cognitive abilities already[View]
72739583What's the point of this?[View]
72742936Why is suicide considered 'wrong'?[View]
72741084Why are there no quality 4chan apps like Kuroba for Windows tablets?[View]
72740349Forgot Windows 7 Password: I was traveling and its been months since I logged in and cant remember m…[View]
72740953C++ is literally just Java lmao I thought this was the best language?[View]
72733571/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >How to assemble…[View]
72739690Just a cute little friendly reminder to defrag your hard disk drive.[View]
72735765What are your thoughts on the TCL programming language? Is it worth learning to interface with sqlit…[View]
72740615Was around 2011- 2012 the best era for PC building? >2500k >560 Ti >Rose How other eras ca…[View]
72738287intermittent copying of files to/from flash drive: I just bought a 64gb flash drive, but notice that…[View]
72730300i am solo coder how can I learn git in non annoying way? Why is it better than just making backup co…[View]
72739691>using any other language than ASM/C/C++[View]
72729575>Not using CRT monitors: >2019 >Not using a CRT monitor What does it feel like to be a brai…[View]
72738164What's that junior? Why yes, I use Debian stable for my hobbies and work, how could you tell, l…[View]
72699092/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: Asuka Edition Previous thread: >>72667239 Don't buy anything OT…[View]
72738562The state of Linux gaming in 2019 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGXEXjCr81U[View]
72740402these privacy claims are getting out of hand[View]
72738510Userscripts for twitter: why do none of the image downloader scripts work when there is more than 1 …[View]
72739988Gallium nine: I was playing some Assassin's creed II. Was mostly in between 60 and 40 fps with …[View]
72740278what headphones for quality planning to use them for when I trip on a plane: if you have any other r…[View]
72734536Alt+f -> Haiku -> no result Let’s start a new Haiku thread! Latest news: https://www.haiku-os.…[View]
72736775Redpilled Browser?: Hi /g/! First time posting here. I need your help to chose a good uncompromised …[View]
72735204why aren't these kind of minilaptops taking off?[View]
72739192can someone please buy this book and turn it into a ebook thank yew[View]
72711229Latest AMD Bios update boosts gaming performance: Intel shills seething and on suicide watch.[View]
72737350Is techmoan in decline? He looks ill.[View]
72739917where can I get leetcode premium problem for free?[View]
727390671080i crt media server recommendations: I recently got a SONY XBR910 1080i CRT television for $20 of…[View]
72736591OH NONONO[View]
72737668Of course I compile from source, how could you tell?[View]
72739811Mark Zubercuck: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-facebook-cryptocurrency-france-german/france-and-…[View]
72738901This is the ideal Unix. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.[View]
72738668>wuh browser, iToddlies BTFO, wuh distro, Intel on death watch, email, how to code typical /g/ i…[View]
72735418Where's the best place to find password dumps?[View]
72739685distcc[2401] (dcc_build_somewhere) Warning: failed to distribute, running locally instead[View]
72734783Looking for a silent keyboard: What is the loudest keyboard you can buy today? I want maximum dB whe…[View]
72739597Why yes I understand that, unlike images, videos above 1080p is pointless due to the human vision sy…[View]
72734823External Butterfly Switch Keyboard: What's the closest thing to an external butterfly switch ke…[View]
72736327When I browse 4chan I occasionally get redirected to scam pages. What caused this? Is this due to br…[View]
72737198Anyone here use Lineage OS? I'm using a Redmi Note 4, not experiencing any problems or anything…[View]
72732991Is this /g/ approved?[View]
72730920I want to apologise to someone who browses this board. A couple of years ago I was studying Physics …[View]
72738366>'Power on' >'Battery low'[View]
72728875in 2008+11 i am forgotten[View]
72732604Arch Linux or FreeBSD for desktop use? I’m a college student.[View]
72735164How to manipulate E Scooters?: Hey, what is the best way to manipulate/destroy E-Scooters from Tier,…[View]
72735024do mobile phones on a cell network share IP addresses across the network at the same time, like a VP…[View]
72738188Are you a Communist if you use Linux?[View]
72736719/g/entlemen, your opinion on Wireguard?[View]
72738529I want to use arch on my thinkpad that i use to do schoolwork. is this a fucking terrible idea or wi…[View]
72739090>4th time laptop has 'broken' in the last 6 months >1st time total black screen with nothing …[View]
72731539Now that Discord is locking thousands of accounts everyday and forcing users to unlock their account…[View]
72738825neofetch thread anyone?[View]
72733023getting started: >https://privacytools.io >https://prism-break.org/en/ already started: >ht…[View]
72732727>Lineage OS 16 & gapps >11gb How could we let it come to this?…[View]
72733927Goddamn it: https://www.forbes.com/sites/daveywinder/2019/09/14/apple-iphone-11-shock-as-security-ex…[View]
72726056When will nvidia release Ampere?: Is it worth the wait or should I just get RTX 2060s?[View]
72736969BILL GATES[View]
72735798>use visual studio code for a few months >fuck up my install while drunk yesterday >hmm, ma…[View]
72735272Second-hand parts: What kind of things should I look out for when buying second-hand computer parts?…[View]
72729748>friend tells me his pc randomly stops working >take off side panels >see this went to a fr…[View]
72736955https://jami.net/ Anyone heard of or uses this service?[View]
72729670Could you pass a first round Jane Street interview?: 1.There are 2 boys and unknown number of girls …[View]
72734254Can't they just leave the poor man alone? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7463107/MIT-…[View]
72735571What's the most important timezone, online? What should it be? Should there be a universal int…[View]
72735285Alternative to Synergy?: Sup /g/. I am seaching for an open source alternative to synergy wich requi…[View]
72716208can someone please post that picture with rust vs cpp decompiler differences on the same program? ne…[View]
72737396Just got me a new laptop with Windows 10 installed, can anyone point me to a guide on how to remove …[View]
72735977what's with dorks and these types of phone cases?[View]
72738401>2015 IPC >garbage interconnect, hacks and workarounds for crap CCX >hi cache latencies: Bu…[View]
72737196Algorithms: Is this book /g/ approved? >great expositional style >historical background for mo…[View]
72738355What's the best phone on the market that has a headphone jack, non rounded screen corners, and …[View]
72728400>And now after traveling the globe i have finally collected all 7 lenses time to make my wish, s…[View]
72730845Just install Clear Linux for God's sake, anon![View]
72736649usb 3.2 gen 2x2: Name a worse naming scheme than the USB 3 family. Protip: You literally can't.…[View]
72733999Image download on 4chan: Hey /g/ I need to save all the pics posted in a thread here, what easy tool…[View]
72737538>Pi 4 >15W >doesn't need a heatsink >AMD X570 chipset >11W >needs a heatsink…[View]
72736090anon, are you schizoid programmer?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schizoid_personality_disorder…[View]
72735308what are some truly exciting technologies to look forward to in our lifetime?[View]
72735422What to do with an autonomous robot: Tell me /g/[View]
72737489>go to website >video starts auto playing…[View]
72737080Whoa whoa whoa big fella.....you ARE using BSD on your MacBook Air with Retina Display, right?[View]
72731622browser games: Idk if this is specifically a /g/ topic or a /v/ one. But its tech nevertheless. Is i…[View]
72736351>muh freedom[View]
72732992Why it' so fucking slow?[View]
72737744Who decides if you have a dynamic IP? Do you call up your ISP and they set it up for your account, o…[View]
72732033Just bought my first thinkpad: Which distro should I use on it? The adaptive touch keys don't w…[View]
72737077>Brand new iPhone X vs iPhone 11, which would you rather? I need to upgrade from my 5s. Should I …[View]
72736288Do you think ai companions will make life more bearable?[View]
72733264Summer 2019 GPU Buyer’s Guide: What did you think?[View]
72736667>Astrophysicists >Multiple Macs Explain this /g/.…[View]
72734963is this case good?[View]
72737376Me programming[View]
72732227>windows restarted my computer during the without permission again[View]
72731407What's a good debugger since OllyDbg doesn't update their website anymore?[View]
72724022>here's our video player! >oh to use it? You have to memorize hundreds of keyboard shortc…[View]
72728587/g/ humor: classic edition[View]
72730512Encrypted Messaging: Does an app exist on android for encrypted group chat that's not completel…[View]
72736777Yes, I use my rig mainly for gaming, how could you tell?[View]
72733340Can you actually do useful general computing (that isn't just adding new forms of coin transact…[View]
72735919V language: Is anybody keeping track of this? Thoughts? Concerns? Seems kind of cool to have such a …[View]
72728498How can I watch something using youtube-dl+MPV while also saving the file to disk? Specifically a st…[View]
72736211MPV - Gibberish non-english fonts?: Hey /g/, been using mpv for months now and have never had an iss…[View]
72714656/csg/ - Chink Shit General: CHINK SHIT GENERAL - TWO CHINKS, ONE CHINK EDITION In /csg/ we discuss t…[View]
72735021Are the branch predictor algorithms hardwired into the chip, or are they microcoded (shipped as firm…[View]
72726139How do we solve the Management Engine problem? There is an equivalent in practically every CPU you c…[View]
72731216iPhone Appreciation Thread: I had the iPhone 3gs then switched to Android for the next nearly 10 yea…[View]
72722410/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Consider Trisquel edition. Users of all leve…[View]
72731595Wasted my time Building a Useless App: >build music streaming website with audio visualizer >t…[View]
72732127So what calculators does /g/ use?: Here are two that I own.[View]
72734862Android Custom ROMs: I own a Blackview P10000 (MTK6763) the phone is decent for the price technicall…[View]
72735711Is this a good upgrade from the e10k?: I can get it for a decent price, gonna pair it with my HD 598…[View]
72732678Any of you faggots have any experience with developing USB devices? I own a couple of STM32F103 dev …[View]
72735564>enter website >start getting a shit ton of popups asking me to install questionable software …[View]
72735883razer kraken 7.1 v2 sound problems: Alright guys, i have a kraken 7.1 v2 and i was experiencing low …[View]
72735535echo 'exec bash' >>~/.bashrc && exit[View]
72735629The file on the left is 51,8 Mb The one on the left is 57,6 Mb Witth such a significant quality diff…[View]
72729226/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>72722566 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
72735073The only good reason to use Brave: I was thinking of renting a cheap server, installing Brave on it,…[View]
72726085THE MADMAN ACTUALLY DID IT: The Commander X16 is up and running. David Murray has pulled it off. htt…[View]
72735352ODROID-GO: anyone owns one of these badboys? what are your experiences? is there any use for them be…[View]
727335725G will literally kill us all.[View]
72711960/gst/ - Good Simple Tech general >Wtf is /gst/? A general for appreciating the good, cheap, simpl…[View]
72731399Random Question: Do you guys know an app that restricts wifi to specific apps? I have a couple of ap…[View]
72733228how the fuck do i get unity back, or at least something that works like it[View]
72732274Imagine Thinking Years of Experience Means Shit in 2008 + 11[View]
72735332Any tips on C or C++ libraries for streaming video in standard formats? LibVLC doesn't seem par…[View]
72733082What happened to beige computers /g/? Why did they move away from this classic color?[View]
72733613Tf windows deleted grub again I nuuu I formated my arch instead of thumb drive mum welp :,( y tf som…[View]
72730812How much ram are you using right now?: How much ram is in your personal system and how much of it ar…[View]
72731929what's the correct way to manage python dependencies[View]
72732334Newfag here- want to learn linux CLI and shellscripting: Can anyone post some resources- other than …[View]
72729186Steve Ballmer: Steve Ballmer[View]
72732617Are all filesystems flawed?: Is the concept of files/directories flawed? Should any reasonable file…[View]
72733187so i tried firefox and it's slower than chrome: it takes 2 seconds to load images when I can ju…[View]
72730180qinkwei: when are they actually gonna die (at least in markets outside of china?)[View]
72734179What does /g/ think of WireGuard? I am trying it rn with Mullvad on my macbook. This is mullvads op…[View]
72732424Bedbugs and electronics: Hi /g/, I own a laptop, personal computer, cellphone, as well as expensive …[View]
72710560Is it true we're close to a state similar to 1984 in terms of surveillance?[View]
72728710What is the /g/ approved ink printer?[View]
72733848Installing windows 10: How do i install windows 10 on a MSI Z390-A PRO LGA1151 i followed the guy st…[View]
72728027Mozilla Firefox is not a good browser anymore: firefox based browsers are dead. It has really crappy…[View]
72719912Is there a more recent version of pic related?[View]
72730645>4k niggas be like[View]
72734507Tech IPO bubble: If all these tech companies lose money, it means they're selling their product…[View]
72733833If windows just works why do its shills keep telling me that fixing its issues is as easy as turning…[View]
72730061Why should I use Lineage when /e/ OS has better support for newer devices AND is more privacy focuse…[View]
72731740>Turn on 25 year old Compaq Armada laptop >It can still hold one hour of battery life.…[View]
72733481Should I get the ROG Phone 2 or Black Shark 2 Pro?[View]
72727124Install Gentoo(in her bum)[View]
72734151iOS logs how many times you've listened to a song: the crapple botnet is real![View]
72734271Any way to rip .mp3's from Amazon Prime Music? I have subscription for offline playback but the…[View]
72733769https://www.techpowerup.com/259084/techpowerup-gpu-z-v2-25-0-released Post your GPU-Z[View]
72734204Mercenary: >I have worked on a couple of different projects ranging from webapps to development t…[View]
72729708Post your coding setup[View]
72729497Is it good yet?[View]
72733635What's the best language for my purpose? I'm a normalfag who just writes python cause it…[View]
72732643how hard is it to provide decent release notes?[View]
72725446Where did it go wrong: 2010 >Wikileaks was releasing data exposing corruption and scandal in cor…[View]
72732235Desktop wallpaper/background thread[View]
72731660Really makes you think[View]
72731082Best laptop screen size for programming/webdev?: Getting a VirginBook Pro like pic related. I norma…[View]
72731983https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QT8OBJwNH4s >Person throws out iMac because the HDD failed Are Ap…[View]
72724181I work at a cellphone retailer, and we always get Samsungs back because they’re just so shite. Just…[View]
72729518Was Douglas Engelbart from the future?[View]
72730915how do stay private online?[View]
72730000Now that BSD is the official OS of /g/: which flavor are you going with? I myself chose FreeBSD[View]
72726837/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >How to assemble…[View]
72728182>Hey anon have you seen my new raspberry[View]
72718493/hpg/ - Headphone General: What audiopedophile memes have you fallen for this week, /g/? How to requ…[View]
72730896Hello. Im the retard in charge of maintaining 14% of the entire power supply of Ontario and 85% of G…[View]
72732520rahakott: is this bitcoin wallet good/safe? https://www.rahakott.io/[View]
72733240The internet ruined my relationship: http://youtu.be/4-MNA5QyHjc[View]
72730413CentOS vs OpenBSD: help me plz[View]
72733073Best service for sniping auctions on ebay?: Is there something that can just add $5 on the highest o…[View]
72724665Is this the end of Tech Bubble 2.0?[View]
72722937finally deleted this SHIT out of my life: >chatting with a friend about how social media can be u…[View]
72732386What does /g/ think of Andreas Olofsson?: > founds adapteva > runs only kickstarter campaign t…[View]
72726746>wanna get some autocompletion in vim/neovim >here's all this shit you have to configure …[View]
72722759Battlestation general /bst/: post em if ya got em[View]
72717724Yep...the core i5 2500k...now THAT was a CPU[View]
72729329Should I learn Java programming if I want to be able to hack time?[View]
72725625You do run your own firewall don't you /g/?[View]
72731733Twitter Crackin’: https://youtu.be/8v2AFiPvQPo I followed everything the uploader said to be 1337 bu…[View]
72725612What does /g think about Iphone 11 Pro?[View]
72730394What did he mean by this?[View]
72726659*sight* what could of been...[View]
72732233So... It iphone 11 unironically the best buy right now? The only advantage Android had over iphone w…[View]
72727993are vpns worth it?: im just a normal fag, should i really be concerned about my safety when using th…[View]
72732071Good Mastodon Instance?: What's a good, neutral Mastodon instance that won't ban me over s…[View]
72721732How hard it is to get a software job in the Netherlands as an English speaker? I plan to go there to…[View]
72729652>Anti-Putin politician facing Kremlin raid uses drone to fly hard drives away before government o…[View]
72732173>The most important thing in programming is naming Do you agree /g/uys? I do…[View]
72724607Why does Intel support and encourage dysfunctional families?[View]
72731163What's the best language for mathematical computation?[View]
72720811What is the best free online source for learning c++?[View]
72728947So this guy is just a straight up nonce huh?[View]
72726978Hey guys nice to e-meet you, I am taking a class in technology in the law and while I’m not tech sav…[View]
72727474Chair Thread: What chair do you use at your battlestation?[View]
72730067>ITT: GNU-tubers[View]
72730734Sirs it is worth to learn the c program in 2019?[View]
72726252what are some good (faster) alternatives for raspberry pi?[View]
72717099How did India become programming superpower?[View]
72730682Should I make a spanned volume with a 1TB HDD and a 4TB HDD?[View]
72731217Android messaging Recently noticed when I text some people my texts send in a blue bubble and I can …[View]
72729628My phone broke. I am gonna get a new one from T-Mobile tomorrow. Should I get the Google Pixel 3a?[View]
72730397Apple Watch 5 vs. cheap 3: Should I spend the extra money? And do I really need the cellular model?…[View]
72730567Where's the best place to get password dumps?[View]
72730247Based or cringe?[View]
72730138Sorry if this is a stupid question, but what software does one use to type code in?: I’m a complete …[View]
72727117>little sister found the loli folder[View]
72730157Is iPhone Actually the Smarter Choice?: >The True Cost of the iPhone https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
72711304/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Previous thread: >>72690174 >Read >>51971506 >GNU…[View]
72717733Find a flaw[View]
72731063Windows folder organisation help: Hello, I have a folder full of music on my desktop, and another fo…[View]
72727178negros, share a function, script or alias. here's mine, backup a file. > fbu() { cp $@ $@.…[View]
72727626>tfw born too early to be true tech nomads Imagine this -RV powered entirely via solar power -RV …[View]
72730156What Tech can We Make to Counter Influencer Culture?: I am willing to dedicate a good portion of my …[View]
72729412Is he right?[View]
72729276Why is he singing? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sJUDx7iEJw[View]
72729554Samsung: Redpill me on their quest to become the king of logic chip manufacturing[View]
72730183Did you buy a Touchpad during the fire sale?[View]
72715799How do you explain to people why u use Linux?[View]
72730673Hey /g/ ! Did OP do guuud? or did he goof'ed?[View]
72719356Sorry, Linux, there's a better OS in town.: >no system d >no vacation style treatments …[View]
72730333Borderlands 3 Benchmark: AMD reigns supreme, once again. Just look at those horrible Nvidia frameti…[View]
72725633>be me, IT guy >work for city that got new cruisers fitted with fancy GPS >basically this G…[View]
72729668Who here doesn't rice shit i cant be assed to fucking mess with i3 it just werks out of the box…[View]
72730457can somebody tell me how to stop this fucking VM thing in chrome from running all my scripts twice??[View]
72710448WHY 3 CAMERAS?: Holy shit this is so stupid. Next iphone will have 4 cameras, one that can xray you.…[View]
72729343uhh excuse me what the nigger fuck faggot is this shit? I hit F5 after drinking on a friday evening…[View]
72729727Whats the thing on ur phone called that puts the things on ur phone, on the tv. Whats that function …[View]
72728566How often do you actually use dynamic programming? Give some examples?[View]
72730245I have entered the rgb game Personally, I'm impressed, don't have to keep my lights on an…[View]
72728073Is there some type of usb keyboard that you put directly over/on a laptop? I fucking hate normal lap…[View]
72725587Innawoods Battlestation: I've got a large amount of undeveloped land that I'm planning to …[View]
72727672I'm a really drunk Korean IT nerd living in this shitty country and I just purchases notion.so …[View]
72729637Chinkwei and Jewgle BTFO: Apple is the greatest tech pioneer of this era.[View]
72729903Favorite Dark Themed IU?[View]
72728230Beware of Maxoulfou: Be careful of the ''dev'' named 'Maxoulfou' he is stealing content from other p…[View]
72724333Just found out americans don't even have contactless payment yet The fuck? Even in my 3rd world…[View]
72709395what is the closest modern equivalent we have of CRTs?[View]
72729838DNS servers: Is DNSCrypt worth it? If it is, what are your recommended servers /g/?[View]
72721687Binary passwords: Could they be a good idea? They could be something easy to remember, like a birthd…[View]
72728103>Windows 7 >microsoft.net kernalbase dll problems >new applications won't start…[View]
72729430when did you realize, sticking to the oldest technology you have, never upgrading and going online f…[View]
72729853C: Yo this language sucks I miss C++ so much[View]
72729040ITT: programs that help you understand how to do things in a programming language >hello world…[View]
72724745How would you physically social engineer your way into a tech company with around 150 workers, which…[View]
72728705What does the average linux user look like?[View]
72727796Books: Which books does /g/ like?[View]
72726714>uni paid me $150 for a 25 minute talk on software vulnerabilities aka /g/ opinions[View]
72729571What kind of certifications should I get if i want to wage cuck in IT[View]
72726936Install Manjaro.[View]
72728150what if you linked the computer cooling system to the house cooling? or like toilet water in the bas…[View]
72727646>Windows is very unstable >Gnu/Linux is very unstable How do people manage to 'break' their OS…[View]
72727776has anyone found that larger displays reduce productivity? ever since moving to a 50' OLED, i feel l…[View]
72722444Xfce: What's your excuse for not using Xfce? >Lightweight, highly customizable, you can even…[View]
72712182>age >distro >why you're using Linux Go.…[View]
72698563best language?[View]
72725394https://blog.codinghorror.com/why-cant-programmers-program/ Is it still relevant today? Am I really …[View]
72728457Just put a huge scratch on my laptop lid. I’m thinking about covering it up with some stickers. Why …[View]
72729119>My friends just told me they don't want to hang out with me anymore, because apparently my …[View]
72714776Xiaomi Mi Band: Should I get one, guys? I wanna track my pulse, count steps, adjust my sleep[View]
72728745Battlebots: 2 hours guys[View]
72729100https://medium.com/@selamie/remove-richard-stallman-fec6ec210794 >they are trying to cancel stall…[View]
72728979I’m unironically only good at making music. I’m trying to learn JavaScript but it’s super challengin…[View]
72721968Found these on the trashyard. What exactly am I looking at? Lighter is for reference.[View]
72726554In search of a good openBSD book: Is this still up to date?[View]
72725285wall street: Would a CS degree get me a decent job at wall street since most of its algos these days…[View]
72728208Is there bias to call this while in mystery signals game world?: Best words to desk in scientific jo…[View]
72723932Best 24-25' 1080p 144Hz 1ms monitor?: Hey there /g/ Please help me find THE PERFECT 1080p gaming mon…[View]
72726142So, how exactly to trick YouTube algorithms to display your video in Recommended?[View]
72728261how the fuck did this garbage get so popular ?[View]
72727264Are the branch predictor algorithms hardwired in the chip, or are they microcoded instead?[View]
72728366Best pre-compiled packages desktop distribution?[View]
72722566/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>72718713 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
72725946>be wagie >work across 3 different departments >literally do the work of 4 people >have…[View]
72728298I need help think of a project. I'm willing to try anything new. I'll do web dev, desktop …[View]
72712496GNOME 3.34 has released! Do you like GNOME? Will you try this release?[View]
72726757>Dr. Pavel, I'm DVD.[View]
72728284>have to work on senior engineering project for a company >group members aren't even resp…[View]
72727896Interview prep: So I got my first real interview since i graduated 3 months ago. This job is a great…[View]
72710850Homescreen thread[View]
72726912Windows activators are shit: >Clean install windows from MS >Asking for product key >Provid…[View]
72725993>bought an unused og pixel online >phone freezes within one minute of usage >Seller no long…[View]
72717736Would you ever add cybernetic enhancements to your body or mind?[View]
72724404Embedded programming: I'm trying to learn C so that I can do some embedded programming on STM32…[View]
72722276>check out note 10 reviews on youtube >every review is shilling the phone >pic related is l…[View]
72723363tablet/laptop: My cheap laptop is starting to fall apart and I caught myself wanting both a laptop a…[View]
72725561here I just coded a search engine visible here http:// I come to you, to have ideas…[View]
72726679I FOUND A BUG IN JAVASCRIPT: What do now?[View]
72727383Install Clear Linux[View]
72719440Do you judge people by the phone they own?[View]
72726104Is my phone being tapped?: In the middle of the phone call I heard some kind of a beep or something …[View]
72717375iPhone 11, brought to you by thinking only 30% more speed is enough to switch. iPhone 11, brought to…[View]
72715864why cant this shit be broken?[View]
72727529Looking for a new gpu(used): Hello /g/ I need a new gpu as my gtx 770 2gb just isn't cutting it…[View]
72727128What GPU should I buy?: I have $475 saved up. Should I buy a 5700 XT(and if so, should I wait for th…[View]
72712697>just compile from source bro[View]
72708311I miss forum culture.[View]
72726126Is this any good, /g/ents?[View]
72725174Keyboard help: Hey guys. Looking for a specific kind of gaming keyboard. It needs to have... >Mx …[View]
72723717>turn in programming assignment to teacher >only use one comment >// good code is self-docu…[View]
72715301old PC's: What makes using shitty PC's so comfy? There's something oddly gratifying a…[View]
72727445Audiophiles are mentally ill.: your golden ears are just phantasy, faggot. CHANGE MY MIND[View]
72727219What DNS does /g/ use?[View]
72704854Post your results: >Devuan Wtf ok https://distrochooser.de/en[View]
72726563How to make the jump to a job from being self taught?: Been programming primarily in C for about 3 y…[View]
72727169samsung 4k monitor: Im thinking about pulling the trigger on the samsung ue590 monitor for £180, but…[View]
72722126Remove Richard Stallman! https://medium.com/@selamie/remove-richard-stallman-fec6ec210794 https://tw…[View]
72724408never backup'd my disk what's the /g/ way to do that for the first time?[View]
72726972>login on my Google account >remove my old phone number >add a new phone number >decide …[View]
72721902US is losing the 5G war to China: >Japan and Australia are virtually the only countries that agre…[View]
72722265Why is image organization software still stuck in the 90s? What happened to that cool zooming image …[View]
72722045Just got a MS Sculpt as a gift. Is it as good as they say, ergonomics-wise? I'm trying to avoid…[View]
72726934Rate my planned build /g/: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/XddBgw Some notes: - I haven't owned a…[View]
72722280>do something stupid >get ransomware >whole disk is encrypted >had no backup >ranso…[View]
72725060>youtube does a new thingy >you cant fucking move the video bar, the whole fucking video scree…[View]
72722881>No updates for 51 years What the fuck are the devs doing??[View]
72724995So I'm about to stop being a NEET and get a job programming job, how do I come across as a norm…[View]
72725482Banking apps on Custom Roms: Is there any way to install banking apps on a custom rom without root a…[View]
72724564Python: Imagine using a dynamically typed language because muh speedy deployment, only to suffer at …[View]
72723364Battery icons shape perceptions of time and space and define user identities: New research from Cass…[View]
72725043I had an argument with someone about privacy on the net. Theoretically internet provider Uses Google…[View]
72725203>kali linux[View]
72720304do you use anti-static bracelets when you build a new pc?[View]
72724687Best introduction to digital circuits: Is it pic related? Post other suggestions.[View]
72725371Programming drugs: What're the best drugs for programming ? Obviously adderal, speed, cocaine e…[View]
72720715GNOME 3.34 Released with “Drastically Improved” Responsiveness: https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2019/09/…[View]
72724736how do we keep winning amdbros?[View]
72721450>last week >Dad: 'Anon why my computer got slower? I even upgraded the RAM' >Me: 'The hard …[View]
72723442Why does mobile internet on my phone load images and webms faster than my home wifi?[View]
72726448Please tell me there's some way around this bullshit connections thing. I want to setup a busin…[View]
72723791The most expensive infrastructure money can buy: Hello /g/, what's the most expensive internet …[View]
72724858What in the actual fuck? I have just discovered that for three months the Youtube subscription has b…[View]
72720573PCBG building general: Thread question: where were you on 9/11 2001? Guide for noobs, follow this ht…[View]
72724584aws solutions architect: i want a part time job but i don't wanna move my ass from my dorm room…[View]
72725875Actual discussion: Memes aside, considering how quickly my Galaxy S10 depreciated in value I am seri…[View]
72721468Manjaro vs. Mint Which one would you recommend for a beginner as first distro?[View]
72725133Size/Resolution ratio: hostile fucking reminder, nerds[View]
72725720>boomers: don’t give out any personal info on the internet >also boomers: HERES MY MOTHERS MA…[View]
72716182help me[View]
72713984White or Black headphones?: Which color should I get for my headphone?[View]
72725562wtf is this error? All I want to do is query data from a large CSV file and I've tried everythi…[View]
72723903ITT: weird things you do with technology. Rituals, superstitions, habits you know are detrimental, t…[View]
72723937What happened?: https://www.pcworld.com/article/3114544/fujitsus-dram-killer-uses-carbon-nanotubes-f…[View]
72725466oh why, oh why, oh why,: is there no Alpine or Pine in the manjaro repo's?[View]
72724159You have 420 seconds to explain to the incel clown why you won't write your own forth in assemb…[View]
72719389DEEP WEB THREAD: I want to go on some 'cool' deep web sites, post some onions.[View]
72724426i just got a new phone oppo fucking chinese piece of dog shit everything i do, it ask me to agree to…[View]
72723463Truly Decentralized WANs: Are there any implementations of truly decentralized WANs? Think a system …[View]
72722788Better Android QR readers?: I've been using Obsqr for quite a while because its straight-forwar…[View]
72719101So i found a laptop for college Did i do okay for my price range? i was looking for around $300[View]
72705855>notice my home server is making more noise than usual >someone found the nonstandard ssh port…[View]
72721555How do you organize your images and notes on the computer? I don't like the idea of being tied …[View]
72723182battery life minded phone: Why don't smartphone makers focuse more on battery life when making …[View]
72724054How to make .mkv files show thumbnail on windows 7? I've seen some proprietary software only be…[View]
72724872Did you preorder yours today?[View]
72724794Tecnology: Someone knows the modified booth algorithm please if you're kind enough to explain i…[View]
72724008I've been diagnosed with early-onset alzheimer's and I want to record all my thoughts and …[View]
72705253Post your personal sites /g/ https://cow.vg[View]
72723090Archive.is: Is it fucking up for anyone else? I archive some boards 24/7 and haven't been able …[View]
72722376my OS stopped responding so I restarted my computer, except it beeped with a black screen. I think t…[View]
72721840What are /g/ thoughts on this technology? Is smell the next frontier for VR? Please serious discussi…[View]
72724285>tfw no thunderbolt 3 on your thin and light[View]
72723919Laptop manufacturer ditches Windows: https://www.techrepublic.com/article/huawei-selling-matebook-la…[View]
72715227i need to add more memory to my system but keep reading about how quad channel is bad and stresses o…[View]
72719230why haven't you removed stallman yet?[View]
72720968If your GPU doesn't have integer scaling technology, it's shit[View]
72723024I'm wanting to use a tablet I was given as a chatbox since my computer is a shitbox that can…[View]
72722959I've been diagnosed with early-onset alzheimer's and I want to record all my thoughts and …[View]
72721700Hey fags, what do you think of DNS over HTTPS? Is it really anonymous? Or does Cloudflare know what …[View]
72722867Small software companies: >tfw my boss just guaranteed me a pay rise of at least 15% per year if …[View]
72723605Python Image Library = PIL = Poo In Loo >be Britain in the 19th century >import PIL…[View]
72715880>my classmate saw a thumbnail of Taimanin Asagi in my recent files before I could erase the histo…[View]
72723965Programming socks thread. Gay edition.: What Linux distro do you love?[View]
72720060>order monitor in australia on the 30th of july >listed as in stock on the store >email a d…[View]
72723923Favorite Mobile Device Thread: Call me a fag or whatever but this is literally the most pleasing pho…[View]
72722786>install Gentoo: Alright /g/, I am sick of Debian which I used for so many years on laptop. I am …[View]
72721760I'll take it[View]
72721532Finding work with math involved: Does anyone on /g/ have experience with searching and finding unlik…[View]
72717540What are your thoughts on 8-bit boomer's new autism project, the Commander X16?[View]
72722343My application to study graphic design in the college that I wanted got accepted, the only drawback …[View]
72715705Help me find the right distro, /g/. I'm a wintard and I've had enough, I want to try Linu…[View]
72722839Was using a JVM and dooming users to having to buy phones with shittons of memory while not yielding…[View]
72713664do you tech nigs have this? what do you do to deal? I realized I have it because it got worse, the…[View]
72723711Making money with a bot: Hey fa/g/s, I'm a writer for a website that pays me $1 per 1000 page v…[View]
727209764chan programs for pc: Are there any programs like clover (for Android), but for windows? I'm s…[View]
72722049>turn on pc >mfw every single fan whirs at max capacity for 1-2 seconds what the hell is this?…[View]
72719858Good news fellow SBC fans!: The Pi 4 fixed all the audio issues and it no longer sounds like crap. A…[View]
72717273was gifted this. should i buy a 9600k or sell this mother board and go for an amd 3600x?[View]
72720283>Rolling release but way more tested than Arch and company, with a ton of ways to make it safe if…[View]
72723257Is a rasp pi 4 enough for simple computing work? Basically LibreOffice and web browsing.[View]
72716491>what, anon? why the fuck you don't know Lisp?[View]
72713624um, iToddlers?[View]
72722577Which one should I become, a programmer or a dentist? strawpoll.com/c6h88efc strawpoll.com/c6h88efc …[View]
72722125I have Straight Talk Wireless' unlimited plan on my phone. I use this for my internet too, and …[View]
72720247Can I disable individual RAM Chips?: My X1 carbon keeps blue screening with a different error every …[View]
72721531I am looking for a quad core Thinkpad below 500€. What is the best place to look for good as new one…[View]
72723011>muh self driving cars >muh ai >muh simulation theory >muh drone deliveries >muh bmi …[View]
72708057Israeli MITM fake-cell tower op got busted: https://www.politico.com/story/2019/09/12/israel-white-h…[View]
72722961Can anyone who pays a few bucks to buy my profile data see what information the data brokers collect…[View]
72721864Alright, now that the iPhone 11 was revealed whats an older but good iPhone to get now? 8 plus? X?[View]
72719712Why don't you use tabs to indent and spaces to align?[View]
72721378I want to stop using cloudflare. I need tls sertificate and ddos protection. What else?[View]
72722873Viber mystery please help: Relative of mine created a Viber group without him knowing. He is befuddl…[View]
72722770Which is a better career option, to become a programmer or to become a dentist?: Dentist or programm…[View]
72722622Best laptop/tablet convertible 2k19: Do any of you guys know whats the best laptop convertible that …[View]
72718600Give me reason not to like Visual Studio Code[View]
72709549What's the hot shit microcontroller Dev board of 2019?[View]
72721972ching chong spyware: HOLY FUCKING SHIT GUYS my xiaomi band came and the instructions tell me to inst…[View]
72722658Smartphone Shopping: What is the best phone to buy, ano sept. 2019 - categorized based on price clas…[View]
72718713/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>72712155 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
72719168Why is captcha enabled by default? There are better ways of preventing spam and abuse that don'…[View]
72692729720p: But why[View]
72722441They’ve come for Richard[View]
72722273yes this is dog[View]
72720383Retail: >go to Best Buy >Buy a laptop >pay 40% more shekels than its worth does anyone else…[View]
72721039I am a legitimate retard: Why the fuck does it not write the time and date to the file? Its just wri…[View]
72722153How did they fuck something as easy as notifications up?: How did they fuck something as easy as not…[View]
72717858Will computer programmers eventually die out? WIll AI replace them and thus, ironically, programmers…[View]
72722042qbittorrent on my spinning rust drive with 100s of torrents would take minutes to open and be consta…[View]
72721323Digital whiteboard: I use a whiteboard a lot for planning, but it sucks to share and gets too small.…[View]
72717586Plasma 5: What does /g/ think about Plasma 5, specifically, compared to GNOME and XFCE?[View]
72721816>Fix Steam service vulnerability that allowed appending data to system-owned files lol…[View]
72721781Not too expensive bluetooth soundbar for TV: i'm looking for good but somehow inexpensive sound…[View]
72720152Redpill me on Vim: Tell me why I should use Vim over my current, preferred editor of choice™[View]
72718545Remove Richard Stallman: https://medium.com/@selamie/remove-richard-stallman-fec6ec210794…[View]
72717770Is he based?[View]
72721640LinuxOS, or more correctly just Linux (originally 'Linus'), is an open-source, windows-like operatin…[View]
72720879Chair technology: This is the average/most common office chair size in the US. You're supposed …[View]
72719310/privacy/ - privacy general: getting started: >https://privacytools.io >https://prism-break.or…[View]
72717924why do people even buy iPhone?: lmao people actually buy iphones sure they have better device integr…[View]
72720099Sennheiser HD 599: Anyone else have this? Is it good and should I buy this?[View]
72718251This is the new king of /g/. Say something nice about him![View]
72709569>systemd 243 upgrade broke hardware acceleration >Xorg broke after mesa update Jesus Christ, t…[View]
72712071Uber vs organized labor: Are the forces of labor and technology diametrically opposed and doomed to …[View]
72720021are windows phones viable in the year 1488 + 531?[View]
72710428You recommended this shit to me and it's draining battery like crazy. Fuck you /g/.[View]
72719903Who dares challenge her?[View]
72720182>no /fglt/ >Inb4 no tech support For the past two days I have been getting black screens that …[View]
72712291If functional programming is a more superior paradigm than procedural programming, why are C and Rus…[View]
72721083Can a HS dropout get a programming job? I can do fullstack webdev (PHP or Node), basic C# and some x…[View]
72721121idk why it's a meme that you can't sell software that respects one's freedoms. >di…[View]
72719886Kyro 2 gpu: What cpu should I pair with the gpu[View]
72720162Im seaching for a new Laptop. A 700€ Budget. Im thinking about a ThinkPad E595 and a memory upgrade …[View]
72718756best free IDE? inb4 emacs or vim[View]
72721084retro computing enthusiasts look like this? some freak accident of interests and chad genes here, lo…[View]
72715487Which is the best server/desktop distribution?[View]
72720957HI, Where do I find cheapest deal for new (or used like new with proper warranty) deal for galaxy no…[View]
72718974>programming in C[View]
72720773Which one is better/safer for desktop/work/home server, Testing or Sid? I've used stable for qu…[View]
72715786Backups save your life: What do you use? How often?[View]
72720928Is there any other internet archive solution (in which users can submit URLs) other than Archive.Is …[View]
72698954/spg/ - Smartphone General: APPLE WON If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country a…[View]
72719195Hololens: Will this ever actually be a thing?[View]
72718891hey, /g/ i just want to know if any of you work on nightshifts? how would you survive without your …[View]
72719997OH NO NO NO NO NO NO >$53 Xeon almost matches 9900K in gaming when paired with a 5700 XT https://…[View]
72711722Can someone give me a quick rundown on who this is?[View]
72719311AMD allows the RX400 and 500 Series to use Image Sharpening after driver update. Vega support still …[View]
72719286How can i hide my internet browsing/traffic from router monitoring software? M: Is it possible to do…[View]
72717989Where do i buy minicomputers and mainframes from the 60s and 70s?: Ebay is way too expensive and all…[View]
72709249what's his legacy in tech?: what's his greatest contribution to any industry?[View]
72720115>$65/mo for 50mbps connection >And 1tb data cap >Test speed in the middle of the fucking ni…[View]
72713375What set top box do you run with your TV? Or do you just use a smart TV?[View]
72692798you fuking clowns are so stupid. you pay 800 for: not at least a 1080p screen in 2019 4Gigs of ram 3…[View]
72713811>Nintendo DS or PSP? >PS2 or Xbox? >Windows XP or MacOS? >Ericsson or Nokia?…[View]
72719227Do you root and run a custom firmware on your Android? Which one? I'm using pic related.[View]
72714940Question. Which is superior for encrypting DNS, dnscrypt or DNS-over-https? I currently use dnscrypt…[View]
72720292You know you are getting old when you start buying the same model of peripheral when they break, ins…[View]
72720234Internet Social Dump: This is the Internet Social Dump. It is like a trash bin for internet, where y…[View]
72719671Im planning to build a new PC and long story short; CPU candidates are atm 3900x or TR 2920x. 3900x …[View]
72718887>You go through all of the CS degree learning about run times, data structures, cool algorithms l…[View]
72710393chairs: looking for an ergonomic chair what's a good buy?[View]
72673073/bst/ - Battlestation Thread: Old thread >>72640453 You know how these work.[View]
72716164clover os or qubes os: hey /g/ i'm not too experienced but i playing around raspberry pi 3 and …[View]
72719827hey /g/uys and /g/irls I was wondering if anyone knew how to (to put it in simple terms) unlock a lo…[View]
72718177ummm whhat is the point of having 2 different standards. It's literally the same thing[View]
72716127What is this? I know it’s not for Ethernet but could it be for anything else?[View]
72713264Why are you not using the best distro there is?[View]
72711603X570 Aqua: https://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/X570 AQUA what is this pornography[View]
72719692im part of a creative team and we were looking at the technology development process for a project w…[View]
72718132THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF TECH: This is what happens when you let basedboys, womyn and minorities in cha…[View]
72718164Are all the JavaScript kiddies basically reinventing the wheel with their retarded frameworks and el…[View]
72716417What is this ???????[View]
72718578>wastes your electricity for no reason[View]
72713696Technology was a disaster for the human race[View]
72715879Why does /g/ hate the R programming language so much? It's a functional language that is amazin…[View]
72718556Building a new pc and need advice: So I'm about to assemble a new rig. I'm wondering is th…[View]
72715166WINTARDS BTFO https://www.neowin.net/news/microsoft-has-broken-the-start-menu-and-desktop-search-wit…[View]
72719008>uses windows >never ctrl+f in his code, just keeps scrolling >codes as much as possible be…[View]
72717382I'm using a Hidden Markov Model to generate fake poems based on a training set of Robert Frost …[View]
72713594'Funny' release notes: >work in a job where I often interact with the IT development de…[View]
72718594Hey /g/, it's Linus[View]
72718350okay am i retarted? im trying to learn lua and i cant even get to the point of installing it. how th…[View]
72718966So /g/ Liquid Spark or JDS Atom?[View]
72716435whats stallman up to these days?[View]
72716711He taught billions...[View]
72718503>'mom, im deleting your ssh keys'[View]
72718719Why yes, I am autistic, why di you ask ?[View]
72712155/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>72706941 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
72693666Yes, I am mentally retarded, how could you tell?[View]
72711379/pcbg/ - PC Building General: ATTENTION: Graphics card prices are excessive by historical standards;…[View]
72699327/hpg/ - Headphone General: What audiopedophile memes have you fallen for this week, /g/? How to requ…[View]
72718368Why do you continue to write spaghetti OOP when you can use Chad functional programming?[View]
72694876/fwt/ - Friendly Windows Thread: Welcome to /fwt/ - Friendly Windows Thread Users of all levels are …[View]
72716359Is Stallman about to get #MeToo'd: https://medium.com/@selamie/remove-richard-stallman-fec6ec21…[View]
72718327Would you trust a neural network?[View]
72717595Right...: >he needs a distro other than Ubuntu >he needs a DE other than GNOME >he needs a …[View]
72713050>youtube-dl requires ffmpeg to put audio and video together Why isn't this packaged together…[View]
72718198Wow, /g/. I had no idea old cellphones were that huge. How did we even manage these? I bet you could…[View]
72718236>sink to receive asynchronous callbacks Should I be fucking worried? Why did they misspell 'Sync'…[View]
72709910What can you do in Linux that you can't do in Windows 10?[View]
72715722Shoutout White-shoes: Shoutout White-shoes[View]
72716098>falls 50% after you buy it terrible investment desu[View]
72709013This is what you get with freetard software[View]
72713774Is Internet installer a /g/entoo job?: Is being a wire monkey a good way to jump into IT? Or is it a…[View]
72717948What are some sites that build a PC for you, and don't overcharge?[View]
72714705What are the IT jobs with the most free time? I know it's cliché but I don't really care a…[View]
72710727What is the best text editor for learning python?[View]
72711414/crt/: Hey /g/, I fell for the CRT meme and bought one (pic related) for less than $3 at a local thr…[View]
72717303Redpill me on this.[View]
72717604Room thermometers are technology. Which one is the best one?[View]
72717463Why are the menu items disabled REEEEEEEEEEEE[View]
72717666Are SD-Cards the new Floppy Discs?[View]
72716755what do I even do with this many cameras[View]
72716188https://medium.com/@selamie/remove-richard-stallman-fec6ec210794 When will roasties leave tech?[View]
72716458What's the current best mobile CPU vendor in the mid-high range?[View]
72716322Now that the dust is settled: Was Holochain a failure or a sleeper revolution that will soon™ btfo b…[View]
72709566Indention Style and Spacing.: So, what's your style anon?[View]
72716680Long story short the industry I work in just took a massive dump. I will have time to learn new ski…[View]
72715416What's it called when an LCD screen has pixels which are bright but not stuck? I just replaced …[View]
72716557is this a good choice for separate root partition in a ssd? any experiences?[View]
72715559Thoughts on web GPU? https://webkit.org/blog/9528/webgpu-and-wsl-in-safari/[View]
72716890Google Photos: >after 5 years this bug is still present as Google only disabled the gorilla/chimp…[View]
72716346So what technology do you ride?[View]
72715304>American retards don't unwrap their optionals[View]
72716956Windows CE: Is the jornada 720 the best windows CE device out there? I had one as a kid and it was a…[View]
72716716So I guess removing the headphone jack didn’t help anything?[View]
72715337FLOSS translator for Firefox: It's 2019, and I can't find a translator that isn't own…[View]
72716586Why is this allowed?[View]
72715363i hope you like it, remember im ur friend https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnsGWN7PBKc[View]
72715795Hey /g/, any js fags here? I'm trying to deobfuscate a heavily obfuscated js file with 2k+ line…[View]
72716639>no 1440p dropped[View]
72711657Well, at Least I've got CentOS[View]
72714832would you be worried about police confiscating your phone? i have absolutely nothing on mine[View]
72714712Here's your 1ms 144Hz IPS gayming monitor[View]
72714591Why is it impossible to get a coffee brown color in RGB components?[View]
72713918forth bread: This is what python programmers look like to forth programmers. You look body positive.…[View]
72691511/privacy/ - privcacy general: getting started: >https://privacytools.io >https://prism-break.o…[View]
72716118Stop using this shit: >At work >Having to dig to figure out how dumb webserver no one uses any…[View]
72714052File System OCD: >have fresh install of OS >use computer for a while >get antsy because fil…[View]
72716088any programmers who dabble with 3D renderers here? what are the modern state of the art rendering ap…[View]
72716026hello /g/. I'm trying to model a four way stop sign using concurrency. So far, I've create…[View]
72715680Oh fuck This will be some great technological mayhem[View]
72706107Computer Workers of the World: Dearest computer workers of the world, I ask for your eyes. Around u…[View]
72700016FUCK LINUX FRAGMENTATION: Fuck Linux fragmentation, because of muh freedoms we've got now 6 gor…[View]
72714192I need a coupler to connect two serial cables together. Both of them look like pic related - female …[View]
72712324>Picked up by PCMag, Microsoft’s new KB4512941 update has decided that causing CPU usage to spike…[View]
72715803What download manager software does /g/ use? I avoid torrenting my nowadays, but find that my spotty…[View]
72714390How is Tor through the Brave browser? Is it better or worse than just setting up Tor like one tradit…[View]
72715345Why so many websites tell me to user their app to browse them? that takes space on my phone, why can…[View]
72714692A couple days ago, a tech from Comcast came out to check out our shit to make sure it was working ri…[View]
72715629wtf i turn off everything on windows 10 that i can and it still snuck an update in to fuck up my dua…[View]
72715260What is the best option for a monitor if I have a PC with: - CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 - Mem: 2x 8GB, 3200 -…[View]
72714143So what's the deal with HTML-based video streaming, /g/? When I download some of those streams…[View]
72715078DPC Latency Thread: Your DPC latency is under Audit! Quickly post your DPC latency results. Ryzen o…[View]
72709529>Code artisan[View]
72715077Which trigger words were used to get Tay to say racist shit?[View]
72702658/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Users of all leve…[View]
72715437>I hope there will be some iPhone11 left when mom drives me to the store…[View]
72703204New iPhone's 'trypophobic' design disturbs people with a fear of holes: https://www.c…[View]
72713840>icloud >only 5 gb free[View]
72712080is this the best laptop?: https://www.newegg.com/p/1TS-000E-0DDH7?item=1TS-000E-0DDH7 > Lightweig…[View]
72711827silent fans pc: sup lads any recommended silent pc fans? my current ones are so loud its damn annoyi…[View]
72714988Has 4chan reached its peek? Why hasn't it scaled to millions of users?[View]
72713024The cringe is real https://youtu.be/ZGeWNR8CWnA[View]
72711524>Samsung = bad >Chinese phone with backdoored processors and full of spyware = good what is wr…[View]
727135965g question: It's it just fear mongering when people say 5g can harm an unborn child? In statin…[View]
72710935Why are Russian programmers so good?[View]
72712891What if i am just a neural network?[View]
72714786Is there anything more ridicule than privacityfags? Believing that just because he doesn't uses…[View]
72688499/ptg/ - 'it's time' - sarek: reddunce btfo edition >Not sure what private trackers are all a…[View]
72713990So I bought a Lenovo T420 for about 115$. i5 2520m, 8gb ram. I removed the hard drive, and added my …[View]
72706822I Work For lBM: Alright assholes, listen up because I'm about to go dark as fuck and there…[View]
72710989Windows 10: new update, new trouble: https://mobiili.fi/2019/09/12/windows-10ssa-uusi-ongelma-kaynni…[View]
72709659Thank you Firefox&Cloudflare. :^)[View]
72711633Xperia 5: This nigger long yo[View]
72708681C Lang books, guides, journals, videos, etc.: Hello /g/ anons! I want C Lang books but where do I fi…[View]
72713408Why can't they compete with China?[View]
72713253Headache-inducing work stories: >Working at tech support at a company providing online services a…[View]
72708891Why are Chinese sellers so eager to avoid disputes?[View]
72713892Leave 4chan if your `hosts` file is smaller.[View]
72714403So... How fucked are you if you dont have a college degree and you want to work in IT industry?[View]
72711920What are your favorite chromium extensions?[View]
72710569NEETs, no excuse now: >Have you worked with [redacted] professionally? Yes (professional neet for…[View]
72714234Linux mint sucks. Randomly just freezes for no reason, complete freeze to the point only holding dow…[View]
72713400Corsair Dark Core RGB scroll wheel: Hey guys I broke my mouse scroll wheel. Its Corsair Dark Core RG…[View]
72713017Game engines are technology.[View]
72712608Google's Voice to Text on any windows application: Hello fellow /g/entoomen so I got new job wh…[View]
72702010Browsers: Chad checking in.[View]
72711957>fresh Arch system >install kde plasma + sddm >open system monitor >1000 processes runni…[View]
72707801Is LInux supposed to feel extremely frustrating?[View]
72689915/csg/ - Consumerist Squandering General: CHINK SHIT GENERAL - TRIGGERING TITLE EDITION In /csg/ we d…[View]
72711926Botnet: Give me one (1) good reason as to why I shouldn't embrace the botnet.[View]
72712709>Hey Anon, this is HR Chad. We noticed you haven't completed the online mandatory workplace …[View]
72709306Give me some basic Java tasks, or better a place where I can find them[View]
72714154Looking for a new gpu(used): Hello /g/ I need a new gpu as my gtx 770 2gb just isn't cutting it…[View]
72713534Can a good samaritan share the link to the introduction page for the CCNP course on Netacad? The lin…[View]
72711261ITT: wifi tech support stories: tfw wifi has been down >call wifi tech support >'have you trie…[View]
72710799Is GoDaddy the single greatest webhosting company of our time?[View]
72709055Is there really not any way to extract just the monitor from this thing?[View]
72711132ORDER! ORDER! This is the Vim vs Emacs vote. The question proposed to the parliament of /g/ is: 'Is …[View]
72711228>'Minecraft: Java Edition now requires OpenGL 2.0'[View]
72709019Browser Nanny Totalitarianism: Download a .zip from a website. Browser starts screaming about >T…[View]
72713265This shit is fucking retarded, the fact that there are hundreds of programming languages is retarded…[View]
72713584Pi crypto: Pi is a cryptomoney being developed rn. You can earn it (without having the app running) …[View]
72710852Do you massage your monitor to get rid of backlight bleed/glow? If so how often?[View]
72710796C# considered harmful?: Why is C# considered harmful? Is this legit or is cat -v full of shit?…[View]
72712047>browsing mini pcs on ebay >i3 from 2014 >2gb of ram >32gb ssd >125 USD They're …[View]
72707481>get new ubuntu pc >attempt to install wine >depository is depecrated >E: cannot find fi…[View]
72713151>os: windows 10 >editor: vim >shell: bash >browser: Firefox Rate my software choices…[View]
72712166Corrupted SD Apps Wont Delete: My SD card corrupted and my apps that were moved over to the SD got c…[View]
72710368>install gentoo >comfy asf hobby distro >recently starts working >45 days without updati…[View]
72711724the only Apple product I have owned and loved. What's the modern equivalent? I don't want …[View]
72711787Mimi has gone to shit, so bloated and laggy Omnichan won't let me add my Chan pass (says connec…[View]
72710403>website uses .org >mfw[View]
72709987What went wrong?[View]
72713183I just bought Samsung T5 portable SSD, what's the best filesystem for it? By default it comes w…[View]
72701138Does /g/ go to any programming conferences?[View]
72711864libGDX: Is libGDX any good? https://libgdx.badlogicgames.com/[View]
72712159How do I feed information about myself to as many Big Data and Predictive Analytics systems as possi…[View]
72703124This book is terrible to read, why is it recommended? I have read pure math texts which are far more…[View]
72712585Why do people still say Snapshit is better than Exynos?[View]
72712476Just got my CS degree and want to start doing Linux full time. After buying my WOW Computer, Linux …[View]
72707402Have you made any compromises when trying to protect your privacy or do you go all the way? There…[View]
72698128Why does no one use lisp? Been learning it recently and at some point it 'clicked'... I drank the ko…[View]
72711518Can someone tell me where I can see what IPs and proxies I am connected to via Tor Browser? The rece…[View]
72711485Apple is innovating again[View]
72710909>boss has me practicing generating Machine Learning Models with public datasets >Just followin…[View]
72712172New Simjacker vulnerability exploited by surveillance companies for espionage operation: AdaptiveMob…[View]
72711361Why is this the best phone ever? what makes it so special?[View]
72710094>iPhone cameras start spinning[View]
72708538Alright /g/, settle this once and for all. Which GPU is the superior purchase? 5700xt or 2060 Super[View]
72711919anyone here run their cpus without a fan on the heatsink? Should I be worried? My g4560 is at 35-36C…[View]
72709759I FUCKING HATE PHP! Why do i need to roleplay as a linux sysadmin and compile gazillion of stupid pa…[View]
72710306Is the subscription to datacamp worth it? They're on sale now, 99 dollars for a 1 year subscrip…[View]
72711736I have spent entire vacations working so I can upgrade almost all of my PC parts, now it turned out …[View]
72709456I used to work construction and my terrorist watch got at scratched up. Any fixes?[View]
72711337*cringe* Haha fellow nerds XD Let me point out there's an easter egg in these ones and zeros, b…[View]
72706941/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>72702597 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
72708557What is the pay like for programmers? Is it good? How much are you expected to make?[View]
72707131Is learning Vim worth it? I'll be using LaTeX a lot in the future but besides that my text edit…[View]
72711436HTC gave up on VR: https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2019/09/htc-vive-cosmos-vr-we-have-the-price-relea…[View]
72710561What is /g/'s recommended antivirus?: What is /g/'s recommended antivirus?[View]
72711495Why do they keep doing this? First they've removed iGoogle, so I had to make my own homepage wi…[View]
72706957Was it really appropriate for Google to post this today?[View]
72710209/g/low in the dark: Is even possible to have truly private technology? Mac >use Apple products …[View]
72710783'Hack' Android: Hi /g/, my mother just broke her smartphone. It is a OnePlus6 because she is based. …[View]
72711125best browser: i saw a thread but edge is better than chrome. is that real or just making fun of chro…[View]
72710216Should the roles be switched around or is everything where it should be? Who would chose to be on yo…[View]
72710179Why laptop makers don't put a second, slim battery behind the display to get way better battery…[View]
72709989*logs your posts and ties it to your secret google profile* keep identifying the signs and cars goyi…[View]
72707663>boss asked you to create a Cmake file I didn't sign up for this shit…[View]
72710564convince my nigger 'friend' that google is shit and duckduck go is better, btw he also says that the…[View]
72710133Digital Declutter What's your setup/devices/etc to minimize the mindless use of technocrap?[View]
72710633ABBA: And that's it, the final nail to Intel's coffin.[View]
72711096>the state of dlss: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yG5NLl85pPo >tldw >speculated the imple…[View]
72706796Which one's the best? And why?[View]
72710916/g/ goes /x/: Post obscure, spooky, weird or omynous tech related stuff. Pic related has been solve…[View]
72710719Identify this keyboard layout: Trying to identify what kind of layout this might be. Has anybody see…[View]
72700151Why do flash drive transfer speeds nosedive so hard as time passes?[View]
72708114I have a job offer as a Java/SQL developer, should I take it? (Been a NEET before)[View]
72695874numpads or gtfo: if you don't use a numpad daily, or don't even have a numpad, you are a m…[View]
72708256Should I become a dentist or a programmer?: https://www.strawpoll.me/18629479 https://www.strawpoll.…[View]
72703928How 'free' is Xubuntu?: I see this recommended a lot here. I'm not so concerned about publishin…[View]
72710689absolute brainlet wants to learn grey hat hacking tips: >grey hat hacking is when a person attack…[View]
72708522this meme was made by windows gang: imagine having to learn command lines to use a computer[View]
72710700>Configuring Windows updates >Do not turn off your computer. >turn it off anyways…[View]
72704785Why did Golang failed where Python succeeded?[View]
72710247Do you really need 1080p on your phone? I still think 720p looks great on a 6.1' screen! As long as …[View]
72696476Apple hate thread: Remember when Apple used to make good, innovative products with new features that…[View]
72710402Anyone know a good book on the history of modern computing? The development of C, Unix, DOS, and eve…[View]
72705551Best antivirus software of 2019: Going to reformat, just want to see if I have any unwanted parasite…[View]
72685412my friends: IT JUST KEEPS HAPPENING https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2019/09/weakness-…[View]
72692803IPhone 11 camera[View]
72707524Opinions on the new iPad?[View]
72696857Why the iPhone 11 is Pure Garbage (PRO): >Why the iPhone 11 is Pure Garbage (PRO) https://www.you…[View]
72707437anyone using treadmill when programming and shitposting? Is it worth it?[View]
72707074I'm planning on picking up a cheap, used, Zotac GT760 solely for the HDMI audio. Thoughts?[View]
72702504Post your theory: Also how much would an iPhone have cost in 80 BC?[View]
72708153I bought a new ubuntu PC. Should I change it to Windows or just stick with this piece of shit I don…[View]
72709860cookies: How do you manage them and block shitty ad cookies but not break everything else?[View]
72707676>4/64GB >No fingerprint sensor >1792 x 828 fucking LCD display >Gigantic notch >No te…[View]
72706306Favorite Language? Least Favorite Language? Why?[View]
72706355is Java dead?[View]
72696515this piece of shit broke again, any videos i tap on say 'Content not available' god damn fucking fre…[View]
72710144How do u have a personal website using github?[View]
72709672Linux = Corporate cuckoldry[View]
72699965Name one good piece of Java software that isn't Minecraft or Runescape.[View]
72710011I have a .pdf file who has 0 left and right margins, i.e. the image in the header covers the whole w…[View]
72698874>buy 4k TV >heard about plex so much and how everyone uses it to stream their stuff with it …[View]
72709950what's the best android browser?[View]
72704902Which web browser should I use?[View]
72709963a good book for learn c++?: pic unrelated[View]
72709952I don't know where to post this, cause there is data to be evaluated: >Has it happened to yo…[View]
72704671So i just got linux and well, I had to use a ppa for the first time. Any other surprises I should kn…[View]
72709794If you were to reinvent a current distro logo/default picture, what would be your choice? >This w…[View]
72700735Why did normies have to ruin gifs?[View]
72690174/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Previous thread: >>72665078 >Read >>51971506 >GNU…[View]
72707044Where do I go after this book?[View]
72707113My laptop just got rekt. What should I buy. I wanna buy something that is completely unjewed[View]
72699096>rip off Mate 20 Pro design >copy S9 specs >$1200 >2019 YIKES…[View]
72708931Hey /g/, I was wondering what the advantages of using Gentoo over the other GNU/Linux distributions …[View]
72705072Is it really that bad?[View]
72709525Alright /g/, are tgere any techblogs that arent massive shills and generally worth my time?[View]
72708137Is it worth getting into microelectronics?[View]
72695520BEZELPHONE 11 oh no no no no no no[View]
72707582>You DO run your own Lightning node at home, right anon? How do you respond…[View]
72701091Fill in the blanks /g/ _________ ____[View]
72693659Are you ready for Google stadia Anon? I am ready, and I'm also ready to throw my console and ga…[View]
72704482Inspiron 3780 CPU temperature spikes: I just got a new laptop and its performance is troubling me. I…[View]
72709296Should I send him a tip?[View]
72708177Why the fuck do you need 200Mb of free space to update an app that is 10Mb? Android is such a piece …[View]
72705163>why, yes i am a senior programmer[View]
72696736its over in Asia: https://nypost.com/2019/09/11/asian-customers-not-impressed-with-apples-new-iphone…[View]
72702045>this kills the applefag[View]
72709179>called in tech support of my newly bought dish washer >couldn't explain what nose the di…[View]
72707775woah, so this is power of the best IDE on the market huh?[View]
72697129There are people alive today who have never used Windows 95 Let that sink in for a moment.[View]
72707055Here’s a list of distros that wouldn’t even boot for me from USB avoid at all costs Void Mx Linux Ma…[View]
72706405What does /g/ think about Utopia?: Just read about this, and I'm interested, but curious. Is t…[View]
72707591What does /g think about MacBook? Is it best laptop ever created?[View]
72701116Do we need an alternative to Unix?: Lots of operating systems have been following the Unix way of do…[View]
72707404Redpill me on amazon kindle books I want to buy my obscure chinese mangoes on amazon but ofc want to…[View]
72637354/iemg/ - In-ear monitor general: My target is better than your target edition. How to request advice…[View]
72705992For me, it's Clear Linux ;)[View]
72708041get an interview as system administrator get a tour in the IT department i dont wanna ask them but …[View]
72700640Apart from /g/, where do you get your tech related news from?[View]
72644492/mkg/: no /mkg/? /mkg/ gergo edition >Buyer's template: http://pastebin.com/33S1gVkG >Whe…[View]
72706572Anyone using it? How's it compared to Chrome?[View]
72708290>company uses scrum[View]
72702689/pcbg/ - PC Building General: ATTENTION: Graphics card prices are excessive by historical standards;…[View]
72708793Do you wear programming socks?[View]
72706618is it time for an upgrade?[View]
72701383I honestly can't fault this card: 1660ti for $439 AUD Literal runs max settings ultra over 2ghz…[View]
72701273Here is your Linux phone, bro: 15 mm think[View]
72707541>dubs decide if i get pic related or iPad pro 2017[View]
72708432Linux Mint or Xubuntu? Which is the least spyware? Which is the most reliable? Which is the most sec…[View]
72700129When would you EVER need 8k video resolution?[View]
72705456why do these folders need to exist?[View]
72706054What are some good resources for learning parallel programming?[View]
72702614Computers: Any tips on solving PC issues???[View]
72702349>just upgrade your CPU bro its totally worth the money ya sure a 30 percent increase is worth al…[View]
72703339Mom found the precompiled headers[View]
72707805Adversarial machine learning: How did anons make Google show pictures of black people when one searc…[View]
72708148when aliens tell you that capitalism is bad and then tell you you have to adapt to capitalism, then …[View]
72702361>Developer: 'One of the biggest things keeping us from porting to Linux is that there are so many…[View]
72704319How long will it take for Android OEMs to copy THIS? About the same amount of time as it took for t…[View]
72707979Is this enough to stream 4k sports live? What about 4k gaming streamed?[View]
72706350clouds?: Could you recommend a cloud solution? So I went on a botnet hate some time ago, i even have…[View]
72704149The Pixel 4 was leaked today and no one on /g/ is talking about it. Let's change that. I'…[View]
72706513Content aggregator: You ever noticed that no one has really made a worthwhile content aggregator? Th…[View]
72702829What’s the deal with Gen Z and Snapchat? I am 24 and the only “social websites” I use are Youtube, F…[View]
72685917/edc/: post what you carry around in your backpacks and shit[View]
72706608How do i extract images from pdf with no compression without photoshop? I have pdf scans of books. I…[View]
72705066OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO[View]
72704533so when will headphones be regulated?[View]
72705439first they came for the bank tellers then they came for the cashiers now they're coming for t…[View]
72706916Ok /guys, it's time for a serious talk. >Inb4 serious talk on /g Why is Qualcomm unable to c…[View]
72706870God..What the fuck were they thinking?! Jobbs is rolling in his grave probably.[View]

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