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/g/ - Technology

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84670946Some advice on how to go about using Pfsense on a portable workstation.: I have a portable workstat…[View]
84667465i got one what can i do with it?[View]
84663168Mousewheel: What's stopping it from becoming omnidirectional?[View]
84658781Do people actually care about how a motherboard looks? Shouldn't form follow function?[View]
84670648>blurs your shit[View]
84670738Web dev for beginners: Hello /g/ I'm learning Html, Css and JavaScript but I still being a begi…[View]
84670386Tell me /g/, what is this file manager called?[View]
84668082you're interviewing with Jonathan Michael Blow for a job at his company Thekla Inc. Blow asks …[View]
84665354So this piece of crap stopped working after a couple months. Any suggestions for a mouse that's…[View]
84670561FOSS gamedev thread: I made this on blender using only FOSS tools (material maker, krita, armor pain…[View]
84670172So I just read the proprietary malware section of the fsf site. The whole thing. Shit is fucked.[View]
84669733Should people be made to learn assembly before any other programming language? Note that I'm no…[View]
84667445What is going on here? Founder calls it Backrub. Consultants change it to Google. Founder calls it …[View]
84667845Gentoo is 10/10 and no one can prove me wrong: All the people here who installed this flexible Linux…[View]
84668820XMPP server: Let's say I want to have a chat with my friend. For that I need a server in Docker…[View]
84669048>makes their products unnecessarily convoluted so that you have no choice but to call support…[View]
84637676/spg/ - Smartphone General: Value Edition If you're requesting purchasing advice, please provid…[View]
84670395Does Teamviewer respect my privacy? Are they keylogging me? Why is this free?[View]
84668230AI / ML porn collection categorisation: What's up /g/ haven't posted here in a few years h…[View]
84669577What do they mean by this? They've said snipping tool is moving for ages now. Why? They aren…[View]
84664715ITT: we post our NextDNS/Pi-Hole stats.[View]
84670048So this shit is blowing up all over twitter rn. Apparently DOT COM made a new channel update??[View]
84668915I know this not a tech help board, but I've been trying for a month now and I can't manage…[View]
84651853Is Rust the best general purpose language to learn in 2021? Is there anything seriously wrong with i…[View]
84665662>Packages: 3241 (emerge)[View]
84668453OHNONONO we got too cocky chinkbros: >China can't lead in chipmaking inb4 seethe zhangs belo…[View]
84668891How do I build a bot to buy a PS5 when it comes back in stock? I refuse to pay $1k+ for one.[View]
84664271Read Phone Storage on PC with Broken Screen: A friend of mine has broken his phone's screen and…[View]
84663110Is Steamdesk any good?[View]
84668687daily reminder that sepplesniggers have to memorize useless trivia like the differences between the …[View]
84667107Manjaro i3 vs Arch?: Should I install Manjaro i3 Community or do a fresh Arch install and setup i3 a…[View]
84667386what's up with people trying to sell broken gpus at retardedly high prices? and my all time fav…[View]
84665615Holy Based Unity: Why did no one tell me that Unity is still a thing? The most redpilled and based d…[View]
84650321Firefox v95 released to stable December 7, 2021: This looks to be a pretty beefy update security-wis…[View]
84667920You DO write variables like this. Right, anon?[View]
84669580whats the current state of parabola openrc edition? does anyone use it? is it functional?[View]
84666177Why aren't you using the superior Linux distribution yet?[View]
84660210Old books about technology that still hold up[View]
84666675Why do people hate flatpak?[View]
84669400Android distros for x86_64: Anybody tried any of the Android distributions for PC? What's the b…[View]
84667381What's the best download manager? Ive been using Internet Download Manager for years and wonder…[View]
84667631Gaming pc thread: In desperate need of an upgrade and just came onto some money. please give recomen…[View]
84654891Minecraft: Is a turing complete programming language[View]
84655100/aig/ - Alternative ISA General: Welcome to /aig/ - Tiger edition ITT we discuss non-x86 ISAs from t…[View]
84668009Are there any open source projects that haven't been infested with leftist globohomo types?[View]
84658818Why aren't you a software dev, anon?[View]
84668345Can I mine while gaming?: I've noticed my hashrate drops and the temp climbs up slightly. Is it…[View]
84666820What's a good PC microphone? Just for voice chat while gaming. Too many choices on amazon and I…[View]
84665472>debian is 'comfy' https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Web-Browser-Packages-D…[View]
84663660MATE DESKTOP: I'm happy there is active development for the Mate Desktop, for example wayland s…[View]
84660173Return YouTube Dislike: What do you think of this extension? Is it a botnet or not? https://returnyo…[View]
84667994What's with all the anti-NFT shilling lately?[View]
84664311Is it actually good? I want to switch from chrome to firefox[View]
84664807smart home: >be me >your parents want a 'smart home' >they ask me to help them >shit …[View]
84668376Android App Piracy: What are best apps with Premium/Ad-free mods? So far I have >Crunchyroll …[View]
84667192Come home white man[View]
84667575reading the TOS: who unironically reads the TOS[View]
84666114Designated Manifest V2 Sunset Paranoid Screeching Thread: >>84647927 hit bump limit. Is this t…[View]
84668159why haven't you read this book yet, /g/?[View]
84666993I'm writing forum software in Rust with a bunch of nerds because it'll run the Kiwi Farms …[View]
84668504The next big technological revolution has been created by a schizo black man. https://www.youtube.co…[View]
84666085What is the key to writing clean code?[View]
84659257I'm about to build a $2k PC, and I'm considering Linux for it. I've been a Window…[View]
84668346How come I haven't seen anyone shilling Pop!_OS for like a month? You /g/ays wouldn't shut…[View]
84666342Post a nice thing /g/ show you: for me https://github.com/zerodytrash/Simple-YouTube-Age-Restriction…[View]
84665818What's in it and how Indestructible is it ?[View]
84666396We fucking did it Reddit, the next generation Playstation is officially running Gentoo.[View]
84667956>please enter your phone number to verify your identity[View]
84663182FACT: The lambda calculus is all you need. It's the ultimate programming language.[View]
84667153I don't know if I should focus on front end or back end, I know a little bit of back end (java)…[View]
84667663CS graduate: Just finished my last CS final. Any advice for someone about to start working? Is it wo…[View]
84627295/hpg/ - headphones general: Last thread died. How to request purchase advice: >country >budget…[View]
84667780Software development is so fucking easy.[View]
84668120Will replacing VPNs with Gateways get me fired?: Blackberry came out with a new network security pro…[View]
84666554Can I easily switch from a tiling wm to an xfce DE in one go?[View]
84665498Let's see those media player setups[View]
84654642Redpill me about pic related /g/. Will it be comfy for main desktop usage? >inb4 muh cuck lime-s…[View]
84664448best frameworks for each field post & rate em out of 10 web: front end: react typescript back en…[View]
84667899So he is the king of /g/..[View]
84667497Trash can: What do we think of it? Is it bloat? Can or a bin?[View]
84665303HAPPENING: /pol/ is installing Fedora WAGMI >>>/pol/351263986[View]
84666232Is there any real reason to get a 'professional grade graphics card mobile workstation' fo…[View]
84666495> same fucking thread for a week straight[View]
84667345I would recommend Python if you wanted to double your opportunities (including income) while reducin…[View]
84666502What's /g/ opinion about smartwatch ?[View]
84662984Recommended apps[View]
84665426How often should you update your pc?[View]
84667056is this bait?[View]
84658678What's a good budget-friendly NVME m.2 for my 5600g? I've been looking on Amazon, scan an…[View]
84667178Chatroom software with obese american women?: You know those tv shows, 90 days to fall in love? Basi…[View]
84657587are there any good video editors that aren't premiere, vegas or memesolve?[View]
84643448>i5-4690K >1070[View]
84667073A State of U i, y x2 fast square root in a long! B Green Red & Blue Wanna play Quake together? …[View]
84665185FX6300: Why does it refuses to die? >After a long hiatus in the overclocking world, AMD's FX…[View]
84665509Do I have to start in frontend? I find frontend incredibly boring and would do anything to be in bac…[View]
84663109Pinephone cont.: >>84654399 I maked an thread yesterday about PinePhone, but i fell asleep bef…[View]
84666032>elegant code[View]
84663338What do you think about standing desks? Have you ever used one?[View]
84666299What happens if you install more than one linux on your computer?[View]
84653622/pcbg/ - PC building general: >UPGRADE & BUILD ADVICE Post build list or current specs includ…[View]
84665884Why yes, I do pick my Desktop Environment based on how fuckable the mascot is.[View]
84663973It's super messy. I bet it's a clever front-end developer conspiracy to keep themselves em…[View]
84656135>pacman >PACkage MANager[View]
84663329Any state can potentially intercept and read your https traffic between you and a server, thanks to …[View]
84661670Today I used youtube without ad blockers and literally is worse than porn sites.[View]
84666717got one of these for free, using it for goypass now so i have no excuse whatsoever to run microsoft …[View]
84666294>moto g4 plus[View]
84637871Is it possible to de-program myself from pirating the stuff I want to just buying it like a normalfa…[View]
84665255GLambdaMXiR: Agent GMR.. Come back.[View]
84658926who hacked it?[View]
84648861/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Before asking for…[View]
84654815Why is Linux adamant at following Unix conventions even where it doesn't make any sense? >bu…[View]
84666353Thinking about buying a VR sex thing for myself for Christmas. Which would you get? Fleshlight La…[View]
84666522botnet initialising…: > plug in ethernet cable > fans start spinning faster…[View]
84663898/aocg/ - Advent of Code General #27: subliminal messaging edition previous thread: >>84661150 …[View]
84666408I am currently working in a warehouse for minimum wage at 29 years old in the UK I've decided t…[View]
84666125Why can't GnuPG use asymmetric encryption for encrypting files? It's retarded.[View]
84660646Talk me out of buying an iPhone: >be semi normal fag >all friends and acquaintances have iPhon…[View]
84665894Would you do it?[View]
84657203it's up https://o3de.org/download/[View]
84666052>land of the free >amateurs can't transmit encrypted radio >but hey, the feds are allo…[View]
84664911Subpixel rendering: >turns text into rainbows nothing personell[View]
84656367I FUCKING KNEEL! >inb4 malding leftoids cry about musk being too rich[View]
84632556Desktop Thread: Old one reached bump limit.[View]
84666068$ pacman -Ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss boom community/go…[View]
84662623>paru -S yt-dlp-git >it needs 131 haskell modules to compile WTF…[View]
84662929Stable/secure DNS provider? (no query limit): Title says it all i guess, preferably with some adbloc…[View]
84662928Why is Japanese technology so much better than Korean?[View]
84661069Just ordered a G9 odyssey. What am I in for? I used a g7 for a few days (and liked it) but I've…[View]
84658445Is a nationwide high-speed rail system in the U.S. feasible?: high speed rail systems are technology…[View]
84644577e reader thread: what devices are you guys reading on? post and discuss[View]
84665702> So all your microservices share the same database?[View]
84665781why aren't you using unity yet, anon? it is very sophisticate[View]
84665780Pro Display XDR: I need a new monitor, thinking about getting the Apple Pro Display XDR, but not sur…[View]
84663713Standing Desks: I am looking to buy one of those fancy motorized sit standing desks. Any recommendat…[View]
84661114Based Android Apps Thread?: By the phoneposter, for the phoneposter. Tell us your favorite android a…[View]
84665044I finally installed Gentoo with custom kernel and with wifi working :)[View]
84657319What's your username on your PC? Mine is 'user' and I feel like a npc[View]
84652968Can anyone here fix a corrupted .dat movie file?: I was hit and run two days ago and I got my camera…[View]
84662849Anyone else remember being able to browse the web inside of the File Explorer of Windows back in the…[View]
84656053If 40x Apple M1 chips are connected together: it will be monstrously powerful chip https://www.techr…[View]
84658023what keyboard does /g/ use? for me it's the k120[View]
84665139Would a motherboard like this be worth it?: Posted this in another thread, I just wanna hear your th…[View]
84665349Is this the pinnacle of motherboard designs?: There is nothing missing that I can think of on this m…[View]
84659837>just joined a MANGA company >they’re reimbursing me for any productivity-related purchase up …[View]
84661439Mac users, are these points valid or are they just a retard?[View]
84664079installing freeBSD[View]
84655850what's the point of rust when you can write performance common lisp code that's safe by de…[View]
84664821What GNU/Linux distro should I install? Note: Gentoo is not a viable option.[View]
84641861Stop with C, thank me later.: The language is powerful, sure, but archaic. Possibly irredeemable and…[View]
84647927So will you still use chrome?: > uBlock will stop working in 2023 Will chrome based browsers like…[View]
84663430I fucked up and responded to an Indian tech recruiter who was barely fluent in English. He said ther…[View]
84664580Can anyone help me with C#?: I need to make a simple program that has a crossroad, two cars, two tra…[View]
84657063Virtual Reality: Seems like VR, AR and Metaverse will be the future of mankind in the next years. Wh…[View]
84664679Hello, fellow white people. I want to get cheap STUDIO headphones. That means they are supposed to b…[View]
846630623:2 displays are the future.[View]
84664767Well, madarchod? Where is the explanation?[View]
84664430Ulefone phones: Are all of them have spywares? Been wanting to get one of those rugged phones that c…[View]
84659330Can someone link me to guide on how to setup a local storage server? Like network filesystem or some…[View]
84649949Why isn't the dark web more popular amongst /g/entoomen? Do you all secretly love glow in the d…[View]
84663298/vp/ here. What's the best phone/iPad for playing Pokemon go? Bonus points of it's actuall…[View]
84659262give me your best color schemes. i plan on leaving Darcula, but everything else just seems worse[View]
84660879If AI people become real enough, would you fight the ones who abuse/kill them?[View]
84664169Faststone Alternative for GNU/Linux?: Faststone Image Viewer is one of the best software I had ever …[View]
84664040DAILY REMINDER FROM EMAC MAN Xah Lee is correct, Tiling window managers are pure soi: His workflow i…[View]
84658030what are the long term ramifications of an entire generation having a direct backdoor to the ccp ins…[View]
84662489I've read as a brazilian that exist persons that earn R$21k (USD3.740) with certain certificati…[View]
84663948How does an autistic sperg pass an interview? I'm not good at looking people in the eye while t…[View]
84657377You heard the man[View]
84663159r/place clone: A few months back an anon made an r/place clone that sucked ass. It loaded in the bro…[View]
84658020How do I know if I'm too dumb for IT, programming etc? Are there any reliable free IQ Tests onl…[View]
84663996Smart contracts: When I first heard the term I asked myself 'who the fuck would think that letting p…[View]
84661348how do normies use this absolute fucking garbage piece of fucking shit? I downloaded the pc app and …[View]
84662060I wanna upgrade from my galaxy s9 to the pixel 6, should I instead wait to see what samsung, xiaomem…[View]
84653415Fedora - The 'perfect' daily driver: Fedora is a nice balance of stable and up to date packages. No …[View]
84662940LCD wipes are a scam. After 10 days your smartphone starts cleaning itself.[View]
84662382just went on omegle video, after a few mins i got connected to someone whose camera was a list of so…[View]
84660836How do you binge watch TV in bed for hours without back discomfort? I'm thinking of buying thi…[View]
84654129Do you program your own stuff? Your own webbrowser, for instance?[View]
84661058Why aren't russian making botnet for MacOS users? It's a known fact that they are retards …[View]
84662312I have five years of experience now using many database and web development technologies that are wi…[View]
84663487How do you deal with incompetent team members?: Ever had a software dev team member that is just fla…[View]
84655660Can fbi decrypt encryped storage?[View]
84662810Why are DevOps such larp?[View]
84657984What's a good starting point for Linux? I've played with VMs in the past and just built a …[View]
84660648LiNuX iS sO sEcUrE https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/hackers-deploy-linux-malware-web-s…[View]
84663407hi, I know 0(zero) things about technology but would it be possible to cook up something like this h…[View]
84660389I'm looking for a SONY TV but not OLED because this TV set will mostly be running a news channe…[View]
84660266>getting paid 10k to give away a vulnerability that could make the company loss millions What is …[View]
84659157Why the fuck did my boss pick an obscure, completely fucking undocumented library for this project? …[View]
84659057>systems weeder course uses C and C++ >i barely remember either I'm going for the classic…[View]
84663191bitches trying to hack my microsoft account[View]
84655096/hsg/ - home server general - clusterfuk edition: READ THE WIKI! & help by contributing: https:/…[View]
84662335what was the cause?[View]
84651913is FOSS socialism[View]
84661150/aocg/ - Advent of Code General #26: cniles seethe edition previous thread: >>84654824 >Adv…[View]
84661116Now that the dust has settled, what went wrong?[View]
84659988Why don't you learn Rust, anon? >memory safe >as fast as C >expensive >immutable va…[View]
84659808>the distro you got recommended >the distro you use https://distrochooser.de/en/#…[View]
84661822Is their relevancy waning? Does this company have any value outside of brand recognition anymore?[View]
84657545Why won't windows 7 recognize my internal wifi network devices from my laptop? I installed Ws7 …[View]
84662205samsung galaxy watch4 classic: anyone has this bad boy? is it good? is battery life really only arou…[View]
84657294change all my downloaded music from mp4 to mp3 using VLC.: I have afterwards been told that that was…[View]
84660854I'm a brainlet, anyone with more IQ than me can explain to me why music sounds better, no matte…[View]
84661661Explain this one /g/: https://www.inclusivecapitalism.com/our-advisors/steering-committee-co-chairs/…[View]
84662293Jon Blow: He's onto you faggots[View]
84658276C++, C#, Java, Python.: Can I get a breakdown for what these individual languages are typically used…[View]
84657438Wasn't repealing net neutrality supposed to fix this?[View]
84641687/wdg/ - Web Dev General: Birds & Mice Edition! !! >Free beginner resources to get started wit…[View]
84660872Dual monitor setup: Just got a second monitor and need setup recommendations[View]
84660597noob programmer thread: feel free to ask any question here relating to coding interviews and/or actu…[View]
84651261/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on /g/? Previous thread: >>84641641…[View]
84660419How do I get into robotics?[View]
84660230ITT we talk about operating system designers[View]
84644895CRT: Crt appreciation thread? >Indestructible >Reliable >Just plain cool…[View]
84657739Is Sandisk the most reliable microSD card brand?: Regardless of the size and speed, what i want is l…[View]
84661269can i record high quality audio in a web-browser ? such as a web version of audacity where i can rec…[View]
84651771Can I download some Sam theme for my Samsung phone?[View]
84659711As a customer, am I allowed to ask for a tech support agent that actually speaks my language or woul…[View]
84655411Getting a job in tech is impossible. I'm going to be working minimum wage until I die. t. aspir…[View]
84657760can duckduckgo be trusted?: are they not as private as they say?, also are they manipulating search …[View]
84650808If software engineers make like $300k/year why do they have such ugly gfs?[View]
84659164I know a minimal amount of coding. What is the coding equivalent of doing 100 push ups everyday?[View]
84659967need laptop: hey /g/ my laptop has recently died. it was an hp pavilion 15 and it worked well until …[View]
84660861>storage guy has an autismo rage every time someone needs to extend a disk…[View]
84656322Monero: So, can someone explain to me what makes Monero different from other digital money?[View]
84657419/ESL/ - Electric Shower Lovers: Post your electric shower heads in this thread. Bonus points for sho…[View]
84660310>tfw your spicy bait makes a youtuber go viral[View]
84660010I brought my work computer home but it’s ethernet only. I tried using the xbox wireless adapter and …[View]
84651315>oh my Zsh![View]
84650429If you're in a western country that banned Huawei from telecom infrastructure, your LTE or 5G N…[View]
84659680>be me >have parents over dinner >dad wants to show me some stupid lights for my living r…[View]
84658364why does qt need to be in a faggy dialect that doesn't get interpreted correctly by editors whe…[View]
84658053>Do not speak negatively of your current/previous employer Why do they care about this shit?…[View]
84654282>CPUs can be 241w because it's faster so who cares >GPUs can now be 320w because it'…[View]
84650162We don't deserve this beautiful font...[View]
84654074Would you recommended it ? If so, for what kind of tasks ?[View]
84648528Use IRC[View]
84659695Advertising companies need to boomer-coup already: Do internet advertisers really wonder why people …[View]
84657000Has anyone tried this? Did it work?[View]
84659699How many /g/ threads will I be able to keep open at once after I install 48gb of ram?[View]
84659911BasedInOuterSpace chip: BIOS Based In Outer Space chip[View]
84654824/aocg/ - Advent of Code General #25: nostalgia edition previous thread: >>84648807 >Advent …[View]
84657796C# bros we got too cocky[View]
84658453Correct 128GB ram kit for the 5950x CPU?: I am building my first PC strictly for work, I don't …[View]
84655838When will the chip shortage end? It's getting sillier still. Retailer listing dozens of lappy m…[View]
84657211Are women open-source?[View]
84657569I won't install anything recommended here.[View]
84659551/* * Your warranty is void. Or vaild, probably? * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead S…[View]
84659342DISTROTUBE IN DA HOUSE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYtdqwkZNPs im a baller shotcaller im an ar…[View]
84656779flame wars on /g/ for dummies: >Say 'x' language is shit and 'y' language is better >Say dist…[View]
84659421Linuxsisters... I don't feel so good...[View]
84658925L m a o[View]
84656357How do you keep your shit clean, /g/?[View]
84656361You vill trust official binaries and you vill be happy.: So, this is the future with Rust??[View]
84653682how is this allowed?[View]
84659041What's the best tile alternative? Used to use their trackers but now that they've been bou…[View]
84658977I feel dumb: I had a crappy bug that I spend an entire day trying to fix without issue. I was trying…[View]
84658542If you still use Windows at this point, you clearly don’t respect yourself. That entire department i…[View]
84654268What can someone with knowledge of BASIC, FoxPro and Fortran do nowadays? My mom was a computer syst…[View]
84657516Why is it so hard to find a gaming laptop with 2 GPUs and an optical drive: Shit is fucking impossib…[View]
84649375>Casually makes C++ & Rust irrelevant Nothing personell kid[View]
84657371Recommend me a smart watch under 200$: I've been looking at the Garmin Venu SQ and some Xiaomi …[View]
84654399i got a PinePhone and i maked this thread with it. AMA[View]
84656391Post your results. https://browserbench.org/Speedometer2.0/ May the best browser win.[View]
84653882Help me out. I bought wireless earbuds and this power bank has a weird hole that doesn't connec…[View]
84658479Is it possible to use a modern OS without internet access?[View]
84652823Post shittiest looking websites: What is this old shit? http://kclproductions.com/[View]
84656876Jesus Christ, when will this game console start selling?[View]
84656633After years of not using Firefox I decided to give it a run again after all the recent shilling and …[View]
84650788I just wrote my first computer program[View]
84658361As a product manager when I die I want all the devs to be at my funeral and lower me into the ground…[View]
84651823Are there any downsides to void linux that are not of political nature?[View]
84649086PIECE OF SHIT: >2850 packages installed >more ram usage than Ubuntu/Arch with the same DE >…[View]
84657864what the fuck is going on why are the servers around the globe shittying themself at the same time?[View]
84656519Do white cock worshipers use Linux?[View]
84656333Best iOS browser?[View]
84658084What's a good backend dev entry level salary in Germany after leaving university with masters d…[View]
84656174What is best , fast and most effective and powerful scripting language?[View]
84657941/g/ in shambles. And yes, she means graphics cards.[View]
84628511/fwt/ - Friendly Windows Thread: Users of all levels are welcome to ask questions about Windows and …[View]
84650803Game Architecture / Game Programming, Maybe General, Maybe Not: I've been struggling with the a…[View]
84656442How do i learn C? Any resources you guys suggest?[View]
84651727What's the most flex shower head you've encountered? I'm looking for one with led…[View]
84656619How do we stop planned obsolescence? Isn't better to improve software more frequently than maki…[View]
84656820Quantum Computing: do you wanna talk about quantum computers, anon? i am all ears for you. so long …[View]
84657720>be /g/ >push for open-source for 20 years and make an infinite amount of free online tutorial…[View]
84647608Linux: hopeless?: So, Linux. Can it be modernized to a level that makes it somewhat competitive at l…[View]
84651871Which OS is better, Debian or NixOS?[View]
84640326Instant Messaging Thread: Let's talk about instant messaging. We have: 1. Matrix - slow and bug…[View]
84657373Blender 3.0 AAA 3D test: Decided to take an old mesh from a months ago and retexture it and create n…[View]
84648872Redpill me on KAX17 and Tor: Clickbait or serious threat?[View]
84657104>product owner >stakeholder >burn-down >velocity >grooming >blockers >'waterfal…[View]
84657056Where did the time go?: Sorry if this is a dumb question I'm a little stoned I use Opera GX an…[View]
84643798Why does nobody seem to understand the point of lossless audio and just goes on about how it 'sounds…[View]
84656781accidentally left university VPN on: >connect to school VPN in order to access JSTOR for research…[View]
84654425The Yesterweb's hypocrisy: https://yesterweb.org >Claims to support a decentralized web, cla…[View]
84655479But let me guess, you 'need' more?[View]
84655903am I cool unixoid if know linux ricing masterrace? what kind of job is right for me?[View]
84657053Cybersecurityfags, how do I access an intranet?: My company has a Wide-area network to connect every…[View]
84655067Wtf, is this true? What else would a CS grad do?[View]
84647922half a million have installed return youtube dislike by now[View]
84655791Is there an efficient way to version control for my own projects that only I work on? I am having a …[View]
84650989Whats the most paranoid schizo cyber sec setup for total anonymity?: Redpill me on daily driver setu…[View]
84650019>error 256 installing GOG copy of VTMB >seamless and easy installing Deus Ex >Had to edit a…[View]
84652382How can I get background YT play on my phone without paying for YT premium?[View]
84656541>software programmer >not an 'engineer' What gives?…[View]
84653375Will Linux shells ever catch up to LispM technology from the '80s?[View]
84655779Can a downloaded corrupted file infect the computer before i click and open it ?[View]
84641392/mkg/ - Memechanical Keyboard General: Superior Topre But Not-Topre Keyboard Edition >Keyboard re…[View]
84654620Encryption thread: Unironically paranoid delusional and I have trouble sleeping because I imagine my…[View]
84654778I stopped being a consoomer and now I don't have any programming project ideas >tfw falling …[View]
84653796Cheapest Prepaid Phone in US For Minimal Use?: Need a prepaid phone that: >Is cheap as hell. >…[View]
84645773What is the best calculator app?[View]
84654902Torrentchads just can't stop winning: Also, who in their right mind would buy a movie off YouTu…[View]
84652288Do people still buy Apple products?: Iphone is garbage now other than the camera, it feels like hold…[View]
84648830What's wrong with it? besides being a botnet[View]
84654474Wtf is this? DRM? It's supposed to be a fucking billing statement. I thought pdf format was som…[View]
84653945Cheapest Domain Service: What's a company that sells domain names and hosting that: >(1) Doe…[View]
84655059where can i download the cracked version of ripcord? i don't pay for software[View]
84655959Everything is down. How am I supposed to consoom?[View]
84654543whats going on? im also getting a browser error status_breakpoint[View]
84654277Gentoo ... but for embedded: Gentoo has a lot of features that would be beneficial for running a gen…[View]
84649492>renders Linux desktop irrelevant heh nothing personnel kiddo[View]
84655698Hello /g/irls Every time I look up lyrics for song this shitty genius.com website always makes the r…[View]
84651659i'm constantly having to rely on google and cheat cheats to do basic stuff like array initializ…[View]
84654478LCD is best.: Give me one legit reason to use any display tech except LCD. >inb4 OLED burn in …[View]
84655586Qt creator IDE: What is your opinion about Qt creator /g/?[View]
84655583Alexa alternative: Are there any alternatives to Alexa that are FOSS? Mostly just for timers when co…[View]
84655519the fascists are at it again this year, pals why are they using santa's hat? didn't they l…[View]
84654690CHUD: What do you think of CHUD? Did you ever use it back in the day? I remember adding CPU.pref to …[View]
84645107why is C++ not used in webdev backend? it helps you save on webserver expenses with high efficiency…[View]
84654122Background Check Tech & Employment: Is there any website or technology that will allow any citiz…[View]
84652776redpill me on partitioning what is the fastest for hard drive on a desktop or headless server, with…[View]
84654552Placebo or does it actually help with privacy? Fingerprinting and rumours of hardware backdoors in c…[View]
84655420>finally finish PC build >install linux >first thing i do is load up the external hard driv…[View]
84654203>huge company wide outage in northern Virginia impacting 90% of company >mfw I left work early…[View]
84632810/iemg/ + /pmp/ - In-Ear Monitor & Portable Music Player General: U-shape edition This thread is …[View]
84654749i may have just bricked my laptop: >laptop is 5 or 6 years old, battery now lasts 20 minutes if i…[View]
84654655Discord is adding a subscription feature similar to twitch and youtube members. You DID start a disc…[View]
84648942How do I get better at Vim?: Is using hjkl instead of the arrow keys a meme?[View]
84650219Next-generation IDE by JetBrains https://www.jetbrains.com/fleet/[View]
84651538Umbrellas are technology. What umbrella does /g/ use?[View]
84655128when did you grow out of linux and install windows, anon?[View]
84652164I'm a substitute teacher and GeForce now isn't blocked by the school network Should I tell…[View]
84651427hello /g/. I started a thread in the past about how I work 40 hours a week in my IT job and I was pu…[View]
84652746/g/uts: >Go to work so you can afford nice things[View]
84654709Max GPU temperature?: [[Skip all the way down if you're not interested in the backstory]] So, a…[View]
84651199I got a portable power bank for my laptop and it’s really loud. It has a fan to cool the unit, which…[View]
84653416Is anyone aware of any open source software that supports changing LED options in peripherals and ha…[View]
84631120*makes programming bearable* why haven't you taken the dudelmao pill yet?[View]
84652953Has anyone got any idea how to put windows on these bad boys? Smart Table 442i - I've seen peop…[View]
84631266How does the internet's physical infrastructure work? and curiosity about Internet Undersea Cab…[View]
84647318How do I quit games, /g/? I tried all sorts of methods and I just seem to be coming back to them. I …[View]
84651435god i fucking hate webdevs: you fa/g/s are the reason why almost all software are shit. why the fuck…[View]
84654169Django: Should I learn it or is it a meme? I know nothing about phyton btw.[View]
84646378What technology will help me quit porn?[View]
84653091Apple is like a sh*tty Chinese company: Apple is the equivalent of Chinese companies lying about the…[View]
84648972Dark net marketplace smart contract: Memes aside, what the fuck is stopping one of you nerds from de…[View]
84653803What can I do to contribute to the acceleration of Web3?[View]
84652774Filtered by a fucking clock: Hello r/technology, I'm installing Gentoo and it's really not…[View]
84649193What are your thoughts?[View]
84652237So when is this rotten cunt of a web sight going to add emoji support?[View]
84653932I HATE programming this is the last semester I'm letting them play with me like that[View]
84651944Dual monitor setup is still better than ultrawide if you’re not a nonce gamer, yes?[View]
84639832when is gnome 41 and the gnome software store coming to void linux[View]
84652116What jobs can I get with a Computer Science degree that don't require coding?: I'll recap …[View]
84653130>escaping systemd relatively easy >escaping pulseaudio harder, either use another bloatware…[View]
84653488Is there any technology capable of defeat Delta P and it's consequences?[View]
84644243Seems like the framework of phones. My current phone has lasted a long while but I broke the chargin…[View]
84653739How long until an AI can be fully integrated and take full control over these robots[View]
84653917Crux: Any anons try/run crux? Is it nice? Is it borked? Whats the sitch? Thanks.[View]
84652368>compiled binaries aren't open source[View]
84649137Why aren't you using a touch keyboard anon?[View]
84651976RAW to NTFS: Hello, guys, so how to convert raw to ntfs without data losing?[View]
84649441Imagine if smart contracts weren't meaningless bullshit that can only be used for scams and gam…[View]
84649257>muh competition is good >muh 20+ platforms each with exclusive content Can we all agree that …[View]
84653347>Play world at war and black ops 1 every day for years with over 200fps >Suddenly only getting…[View]
84649654what's the best typing tutor with a graphical representation like pic related?[View]
84653585isn't human consciousness just a dopamine focused ML algorithm?[View]
84653656has anyone programmed while on this stuff or done any /g/ related shit?[View]
84652481I have new laptop but the screen is too glossy. Can I use 3000 grit sandpaper and water to take it …[View]
84648807/aocg/ - Advent of Code General #23: genital crab edition previous thread: >>84640256 >Adve…[View]
84653497Whatever happened to TrueCrypt? It was everyone's top recommendation for encryption software so…[View]
84650337*clicks* *clicks again*[View]
84653395What is the best way to handle interviews where your interviewer is a bitter midwit? You know the ty…[View]
84646959/ufglt/: Welcome to /ufglt/ - Unfriendly GNU/Linux Thread. Before asking for help, remember that we…[View]
84653392Post youtube programmers with schizophrenia: I'll start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlYyIe…[View]
84650604How do I learn a new programming language without getting rusty in my old ones? I have heard of prog…[View]
84648577>got a IT specialist job at this company which is branch of a big multinational company >they …[View]
84651604I want to start writing a blog, I know it's old-fashioned but I don't like websites like T…[View]
84648388what does /g/ think about itx cases?[View]
84652736I am currently working in a warehouse for minimum wage at 29 years old in the UK I've decided t…[View]
84646321> Apple[View]
84652422> ELI5 Gentoo simp/hate/meme/redpill/bluepill[View]
846531812022... I am forgotten...[View]
84651262Passing GPU to QEMU help: Whenever I launch the vm or try to cat video rom from my 1050ti I get this…[View]
84652340Friendly reminder that they can't ban it if it has no motor. Keep paying those vehicle taxes, f…[View]
84653085You can't possibly fuck up a plain html error page, I thought. Well, I guess you can[View]
84652879Saw this gem today on my recommended: Youtube wtf get this bizarro shit out of here i dont know what…[View]
84622752>nearly a decade of usage >still going strong…[View]
84651209Is this chink spyware? I want to degoogle one and use it as two things >a phone >an RSS aggreg…[View]
84651939All OSes are garbage and make our life worse. Windows is unusable mess of Cortana, Defenser, Edge. L…[View]
84651445MOTOKO programming language: Why doesn't /g/ embrace the MOTOKO programming language? It's…[View]
84648681Does the drive activity light also blink on linux all the time?: I just debloaded my windows machine…[View]
84650391Cloud phones?: Having a phone with virtually no memory, and a minor CPU whilst having a massive batt…[View]
84651349Why do programmers think the average user wants to download and compile a github repository for some…[View]
84652672Fedora Kinoite: Is it good? Or should I use default Fedora?[View]
84652639ITT: post /g/ opinions you had in the past, but no longer hold. I'll start: >minimalism is g…[View]
84652412How important is an audio interface+mixer for my microphone?[View]
84651067Protection against data corruption, hardware faults and cosmic bit flips?: Is there a way to protect…[View]
84642307/pcbg/: >UPGRADE & BUILD ADVICE Post build list or current specs including MONITOR: https://p…[View]
84649171I'm a Business Informatician and I need a thesis subject /g/. Give me your best (or worst)![View]
84651014Did you remember to XMP?: Post memory speeds. 48GB DDR4 @3600 on 3950X. (Also, what's the lates…[View]
84652387Are there any AI projects worth talking about that are not based on ML? Is it all ML?[View]
84647722Why did they abandon it?[View]
84648770Should I learn c++ or go for: >ease of finding a job without IT degree (not necessarily cybsec, b…[View]
84648676Can I mount my home directory in RAM on boot, and save it to the disk on shutdown? The entire home d…[View]
84648632Should I learn Go or Rust? I'm bored and wanna mess around with a new language.[View]
84646064How would /g/ handle a robbery?: >It's dark out >You're walking home >Alone >Y…[View]
84648401I torrent all my games. how do I know that they include crypto miners on it?[View]
84645410/g/ Ubuntu Flavors: /g/ what is the best Ubuntu flavor?[View]
84645745How often do you reinstall your system? I am currently in the process of fully reinstalling my Windo…[View]
84651650Were early hackers based or cringe?[View]
84647456His workflow is unironically better than any of your gay rices. http://xahlee.info/linux/why_tiling_…[View]
84648415>Why I Edit My Source Code, NOT My Config File[View]
84651597>just wait a few months[View]
84649545Lately this shit came to stores all over my country. Macros per 100ml Kcal 61 Protein 10g Fat 0.2g S…[View]
84644712Photon powered computer with lifetime warranty: https://pdfhost.io/v/PeYNWIGbE__g__Low_Power_Devices…[View]
846509414G routeur: I am looking for a good 4G wifi router with sim card like this one https://www.amazon.fr…[View]
84651498Secondhand stuff.. before or after xmas? Looking at picking up an xbox and some DJ decks secondhand,…[View]
84616248https://yesterweb.org/ >The Yesterweb is made up of netizens who acknowledge that today's in…[View]
84649260>C is not how the computer works I keep hearing this but what does it really mean? Computers are …[View]
84648020rms and I have been discussing sci-fi. Here's a list of recommendations he sent me[View]
84646978MacBook ports are failing[View]
84640690I hated this shit[View]
84634338/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Read the sticky: >>76759434 >GNU/Linux questions >…[View]
84650763>programming related youtube video >thumbnail has 4chan memes or straight up screenshot of 4ch…[View]
84648450Stack OverFlow Developer Survey 2021: Object Oriented bros? Procedural bros? Did we get too cocky?…[View]
84650642why haven't you taken the xfs pill yet anons?[View]
84650304Shitware where you can guess how it works by looking at it: Provide more examples of shit implementa…[View]
84650621Is it appropriate for me to ask if any of the other candidates they're interviewing are referra…[View]
84644250r8 the diy sub I built. It's made from 3/4' baltic birch, the baffle is doubled up, and houses …[View]
84650909Office 2019 Updates Offline: Where can the offline installer files be found for office 2019 updates?…[View]
84650657Fuck your complicated curves and your 'performance' benefits. Properly implemented RSA has been prov…[View]
84650819>Hetzner now provides IPv6 only dedicated servers It's over... https://www.hetzner.com/news…[View]
84646584you agree with Ross' take on the linus steam incident https://youtu.be/yxuLaylHmfE it's ma…[View]
84650783Premium packages piracy: Do you know of a website that hosts premium packages?[View]
84648844The state of Crapple and chink tech[View]
84646362Linux Distros For a dummy like me: What's a good Linux Distro for beginners? I've played w…[View]
84650377Cheap Android as a Tiny Server: Is there a cheap Android phone that can be rooted/custom ROM install…[View]
84643306What is the designated /g/-approved guide on writing a self-interpreting Lisp?[View]
84650489rare flags: newbritishcigarette here are rare flags legit or just script kiddies?[View]
8464939432-Bit for new macOS: I got a new MacbookPro (2020) this year, which has Big Sur 11.5.1 and I can…[View]
84650394>you need an Intel 8th generation or later to upgrade to windows 11 >but using a Celeron x6200…[View]
84650242>artifical intelingence and machine learning Why not just say machine learning…[View]
84649784I use dwm on my desktop and I really love it everything just werks. But now I'm force to use my…[View]
84647864>Hi anon, before we interview you for the software developer position we'd like you to send …[View]
84634519Why don't we invent exoskeletons that allow us to experience VR like we are actually there? By …[View]
84646336So this is the power of linux[View]
84648359Desktop PC attached RAID controllers: What happened? In 2004-2010 there was somewhat blooming indust…[View]
84645846What the FUCK are NFTs?[View]
84649844I found a very interesting C-like language that you can simply do anything using it, its called The …[View]
84649120Mattress tech/reccomendations: I've had a couple of shit mattresses over the past decade, what…[View]
84650176>boot into my win10 partition to install win11 >see low disk space >use windows' stora…[View]
84646811>combining tabs with the address bar Any Chrome/Firefox forks that do this?…[View]
84633163uhhh i thought that thing was supposed to be superior? what happened applesisters?[View]
84650092Sepples fanboys STILL can't refute this: https://yosefk.com/c++fqa/index.html[View]
84642443YOU WILL WORK IN ZE PODS AND EAT ZE BUGS: https://www.red-dot.org/project/flowspace-pod-54208…[View]
84649559TOR vs I2P vs ZeroNet vs Freenet vs Lokinet. Which one do you use? Which one is the best?[View]
84642012What's the most impressive software system in existence?[View]
84643805What is the best FOSS software for drawing anime girls? I want to switch to Linux but I need to know…[View]
84643534Github project no.1 >created by Indian Github project no.2 >created by Indian Github project n…[View]
84634094FOSS to avoid: Let’s make a good source for foss to avoid. >Mozilla Firefox Poor code quality,…[View]
84647267Are UPSs for non-servers a consoomer meme? If you only have the occasional brownouts, is it really w…[View]
84644522KNEEL before the king![View]
84645366You have to admit... he was a good-looking man.[View]
84647896I'm about to quit my job because it's so detrimental to my career and mental health, manag…[View]
84646449Reminder that all SD cards, flash drive and eMMC internal storage use garbage silicon without any he…[View]
84647604This shit makes it impossible to avoid smartphones. How do I remove Google from my life?: I have an …[View]
84649616Good Morning: Good Morning sirs.[View]
84648994:(: >hear about Americans in 2021 going to Microcenter or somewhere similar to pick up GPUs at MS…[View]
84647208Why do SJW plebbitors hate Web3? Is this a paid campaign against DeFi?[View]
84648153/g/ vs TKL keyboard[View]
84640076Now that ublock is malware where do we go, bros? https://portswigger.net/research/ublock-i-exfiltrat…[View]
84641641/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/ Previous thread: >>84637355…[View]
84648867Fingerboxes are technically tech: I've been trying to find a nice fingerbox but I hadn't f…[View]
84643615Looking for a better search engine: I'm looking for alternatives to Google. I've already t…[View]
84647583that rare pepe shit from a few years back was the spark that ignited the flame of NFTs. What are som…[View]
84647971Anyone finally getting optimistic about the future of repairable tech?[View]
84647400after factory reset, how do u completely wipe a galaxy phone? some website says download an app with…[View]
84639239muh nut neutrality: Why aren't people freaking out about actual censorship? Verizon has been nu…[View]
84642103Pen and paper is the greatest technology. You should try using it as much as possible.[View]
84647302Is this true?: Is it?[View]
84647078How many solar panels + storage batteries are needed?: Would it be feasible in 2021 to have a van or…[View]
84643033Anime & manga tracking: what do you guys use for tracking what you've watched/read? i don…[View]
84644178Since I kind of have give up on making games alone, I rather focus on making art and find a programm…[View]
84643982I need a change in my life. Is Safari for MacOS a good browser? If I want to use it, how do I improv…[View]
84647175Someone in another thread told me I could run debian without systemd so I followed the instructions …[View]
84637884You're making a Linux distro, what's it got? >SystemD or no? >X11 or Wayland? >DE…[View]
84644909What would /g/ do if they lived on a boat? How would you power your ThinkPads long enough to program…[View]
84647598stdints in C89 #include <limits.h> #if USHRT_MAX == 65535UL typedef signed short int16; …[View]
84645836What technology allows me to take 1 proton from a mercury atom[View]
84645729What the fuck is DevOps?[View]
84648130Linux unironically needs a desktop made in Java. Would secure more devs than any current abomination…[View]
84644946Wired vs Wireless: Without autism, can i distinguish audio difference?[View]
84647471My Linux desktop PC isn't perfect but that's okay. I will still keep using it.[View]
84646878>tfw you have never owned a smartphone[View]
84647906What’s the best pentesting Linux distro and why is it BlackArch?[View]
84647902As I close my eyes, I feel it all slipping away. The good times are gone forever. We can never go ba…[View]
84646351Software Engineering is a bait degree in Brazil? What do tou think about It?[View]
84642748Why is learning to program so hard?: Anons I want to learn to program but every intro to programming…[View]
84646726CS grad: Is working 9-5 something fulfilling? I’m about to graduate but I can’t imagine sitting at a…[View]
84633037Planned obsolescence features in modern smartphones: >non-user-serviceable battery >non-expand…[View]
84644272Let me guess, you 'need' more.[View]
84645079ITT: /g/ scams: ITT things /g/ pretends is important to know such as Linux and IPv6. I have never on…[View]
84645555The shit state of Web 2.0: A lot of what we consume on the internet is moostly text and images. Ther…[View]
84646101Will apple ever let other browsers run on iOS?: Currently every third-party 'browser' on i…[View]
84645926Is there software to 'upscale audio'?[View]
84638138I've tried to join two Discord servers lately, and both of them required me to give my phone nu…[View]
84647150WebExtensions working on Epiphany: Note: Majority of extensions do not work at all. Yes the devs kno…[View]
84642823My name is Giovanni Giorgio, but my friends call me Giorgio.[View]
84642342how do I learn bash[View]
84640178Come home, white man...[View]
84644495TV’s: How big is too big? I have a 65” in a ten foot wide room. Is this thing too damn big or is it …[View]
84638875I bought a Huawei Matebook 14S. Really nice laptop, with one annoying problem - the fan stays on all…[View]
84640307Whats the best browser for this? Brave? Firefox with a custom profile? Safari? Why is it so hard to …[View]
84647105You thought you killed us, but we're back in the money. Ask a millionaire anything![View]
84647338what are snaps? what benefits do they offer? what are their disadvantages?[View]
84643883Is there a tolerable Linux community somewhere: After being fed up with Microsoft I defined to give …[View]
84644246TypeScript is JavaScript for diversity hires.[View]
84646902Small Group of Insiders Reaping Most of the Gains on NFTs: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2…[View]
84641804what went wrong?[View]
846392481366x768: >1366x768[View]
84632939Why Does Linux Struggle With Desktop OS?: Why does the Linux dev community and Linux desktop user co…[View]
84643233Imagine showing today's computer hardware to people 20 years ago and then having to explain tha…[View]
84646113umatrixbros... how are we holding up?[View]
84647155CompTIA A+ for a 36 year old too old?[View]
84646802take a penny leave a penny: post keywords you've been asked about during an interview. i'l…[View]
84647085Bear computer with lifetime warranty[View]
84643278Stop Python Hate: Guys, stop the python hate! Python is a good language, and we should be accepting …[View]
84646886Mobile Homescreen thread: Let's keep things interesting. >what do you use for adblocking? …[View]
84645322/aocg/ - Advent of Code General #23: internal server error edition previous thread: >>84640256…[View]
84646887>how it feels to use parabola gnu/linux-libre openrc edition with your own build of dwm…[View]
84635380Bill Gates set to leave 99% of fortune to charity: >Bill and Melinda Gates plan to leave $10 mill…[View]
84645580>2018+3 >still using uTorrent Explain yourself…[View]
84646839I don't get it. I get Vue and Angular: Make element style it give it logic put it on HTML. Simp…[View]
84646483Is there even any need for FP64 math in GPU's outside of academia? Who needs more than seven de…[View]
84619888/hsg/ - Home Server General (i have aids edition): READ THE WIKI! & help by contributing: https:…[View]
84644771How good’s your ad blocking, /g/? https://d3ward.github.io/toolz/adblock.html[View]
84644776How well does your Main Language place /g/?[View]
84646619Wireless display, two or more computers share one display, conventionally you need to unplug hdmi to…[View]
84636651Why is it the more you move up in the ladder of IT jobs the less work you do? Literally all I do aft…[View]
84637933How to unpoz Windows 10: I don't want to have niggas spying on me but Im too retarded to use li…[View]
84644843NEW XKCD[View]
84646331Iphone: >Best luxury high end phone What went right ?[View]
84640217how do you make yellow phone case clear again?[View]
84643716So /g/, do we live in a simulation?: No, not like a computer simulation that normies typically think…[View]
84644388How to use tvvm-themes?: After seeing some glorious tvwm desktops i decided to give it a try myself.…[View]
84644702>he seeds[View]
84642159>just use linux bro[View]
84643470First time using YTDL, why is it so fucking slow, is there any codex or anything I can use to speed …[View]
84645571Is there a specific order in which to read these books?: Or do I just buy all 4 and jump in? Are th…[View]
84641198They claim they can clean the garbage pacific patch in 5 years. realistic or total BS?[View]
84633028Let me guess, you need more[View]
84643107Bros, im within a year of finishing my associates in mech. engineering and idk if it's somethin…[View]
84645997when did you realize that coding is in fact pretty limited in what it can do besides manipulate data…[View]
84644104what's the best program to tracking and planning personal projects? I have a ton of shit I want…[View]
84644400Why the fuck is computer vision so hard. I've spent days trying to get head tracking working a…[View]
84636032linux is going to win: I asked some students at the CS department at Columbia what fractions of unde…[View]
84637400>Interviewing for a 45k programming position >I’m the best programmer I know Yeahh I’m just n…[View]
84632084debian... i'm home.: literally the best distro[View]
84643535>floating point number[View]
84642929first day on Arch[View]
84643694High GPU prices are a good thing. Gamer NEETs and cryptocucks are a negative externality on the econ…[View]
84640376So why don't you make your own zombies, /g/? https://youtu.be/5Rp4V3Sj5jE[View]
84643375>https://anvaka.github.io/greview/ddia/1/ thoughts?[View]
84632003java: Can we get a java learning resources thread?[View]
84641206IPS bros...we lost[View]
84645337How do I create custom touchpad gestures on Linux[View]
84645269What's the best computer to use for digital art and video editing? Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, an…[View]
84640533Microphone Thread: Post your microphones /g/ Currently just using my Corsair HS70 microphone. In the…[View]
84644943I think the reason you don't get viruses on Linux is because it's fucking impossible to in…[View]
84625485Windows Key: Why is this allowed?[View]
84638842DUGA: discuss[View]
84643499what are some small to medium-sized python projects that a python noob could contribute to to gain e…[View]
84644551There's so much trash out there in the app market that finding anything worthwhile requires sif…[View]
84643346Why aren't tech geeks not as interesting as writers/musicians? Serious question. Even smartest …[View]
84643824Excel: Do you know Flickchart? It's a site where you can build a ranked database of movies usin…[View]
84644565Rainbow is technology, rainbow bend the light without the need for a lcd screen, the future of virtu…[View]
84627534>he fell for the infix meme[View]
8464441378Station Dev Beta: I will continue the thread: >>84593506 Hello again, I'm really happy …[View]
84643610Flickchart is a site where you can build a ranked database of movies using repeated 1-on-1 compariso…[View]
84643623Hello sirs how make dub check system to execute the codes sir thank you[View]
84641599That gaming notebook is bait? I will only play minecraft and program. How many years using him in th…[View]
84643119Ada worth learning or is it officially dead?[View]
84643218coomer optimisation: do any programs exist that let you select images or videos, and it displays the…[View]
84639018Alright retards what's the best music player? pic most definitely related[View]
84640256/aocg/ - Advent of Code General #22: plenty of fish edition previous thread: >>84635559 >Ad…[View]
84643283How to con a dishonest john?: Anyone know how I can track someone down using two fake phone numbers …[View]
84623956/CRT/ - Colgate Ray Tube General: This is the new CRT thread[View]
84643518Wagie getting a little ragey in his cagie? There's an extension for that: https://www.youtube.c…[View]
84642885Reminder: if the terminal was actually better, we'd still be using MS-DOS.[View]
84643117Maxed out multi-screen autism: Okay /g/ hear me out. Suppose, someone would be insane enough to dump…[View]
84643606what's the best upscaling software around?[View]
84643553Recommend a programming language for a retard: I'm a huge retard[View]
84638546Is it still possible to get malware just from visiting an ad infested website without ublock?[View]
84642936>You want to view this web page? Here's the stuff. Now build it yourself.…[View]
84638892I'm afraid I can't do that dave[View]
84641272The start menu is a huge fucking meme that doesn't exactly nothing useful. I'm sick and t…[View]
84641562Now that Blokada is dead. Are there any other iPhone apps that will block ads in ALL apps? So far al…[View]
84641738How is Ubuntu considered the best 'justworks' distro when: -the LTS releases have very obviously too…[View]
84638560What are better ways of error-checking return values other than wrapping them in if statements in C?…[View]
84622534/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Before asking for…[View]
84643139The age of ETH mining is over. The time of the gaymer has come.[View]
84639845funny yelling webms: Look at this shit. Look at this STUPID BULLSHIT. 'Restarting in twelve minutes …[View]
84643162Recommend me a monitor that I can use as a vertical secondary display please Merry Christmas :>[View]
84643167Seasonic Titanium Fanless TX-700: this fucker is fanless, 80 plus titanium certified, AND outputs 70…[View]
84641360What's the second book she is holding up?[View]
84643153how G protect her privacy online¿[View]
84641611>remote worker >scrum master thinks we're slacking if we can't get done with 100+ LO…[View]
84642478>you will program in html and you will be happy[View]
84640364Nuclear Energy: >constant media hit pieces targeted at both sides of the political spectrum Why d…[View]
84641215Why did the elementary os dock not evolve? It remained with that simple white bar thing[View]
84641001https://www.blender.org/press/new-patron-member-decentraland/ Industry keks keep losing to blender. …[View]
84641913>Big O >computational complexity >SOLID principles >Domain Driven Design >Test Driven…[View]
84642452space heaters are technology: Discuss space heaters. How does /g/ keep their cucksheds warm and cosy…[View]
84640219Imagine your government cucking you so hard you can't buy the best value monitor on the market …[View]
84641692Okay, so I'm finally fucking sick of the current monopoly of Youtube, Twitch and Twitter. I…[View]
84639201Is there any reason not to own an explicit domain name? I'm about to buy one right now that I…[View]
84639934Quantum computers: People actually believe this exists lmao[View]
84632050Perfect OS aesthetic doesn't exi-[View]
84642754The Linux Barnum Effect: yeah im probably too high for this but... doesn't a problem with linux…[View]
84641793Malware development: How difficult would it be to develop a program that just completely wipes the d…[View]
84642296keyboard layout thread: share your custom keyboard layouts that you have optimized for programming. …[View]
846408512HU EoSD hitbox patch on wine: ive tried preloading the dx8 dll but it didn't work anyone got a…[View]
try:     stuff except:    continue 
8463204512900k beats the 5950x at compilation times: it truly is over amdbros[View]
84639692>casually makes Arch & Manjaro irrelevant nothing personell kid[View]
84640957smartphone recs and root: I've had my smartphone for 4 years now and it's starting to show…[View]
84637951So this is the power of durga sir...[View]
84634138You have 0.000421 picoseconds to tell me why I shouldn't keep using openSUSE Tumbleweed as my d…[View]
84638636What's the /g/ approved enter key shape?[View]
84636015DevOps Thread: Allot of programmers on this board, where are the DevOps chads?[View]
84635040So whats up with Brave? Is it a good browser or not?[View]
84642300Why did it flop?[View]
84631225I want a minimalist distro for a shitty 10 year old laptop.: Is Alpine a good choice? Ubuntu is kind…[View]
84641540How do I get into the GNOME Circle?[View]
84638910I don't know how to git clone.[View]
84640948about to switch to this piece of software what am I in for?[View]
84642122WhatsApp Data Recovery: I have a need to recover some deleted WhatsApp messages from an Android phon…[View]
84642128Htf do I remove this widget?: It doesn't do anything. I uninstalled Google and most of its shit…[View]
84639195How does an image-generating GAN (like neuralblender.com) generate images for abstract terms? I unde…[View]
84641109>debian: you can run debian without systemd! How exactly are you supposed to do that? This is rem…[View]
84641781Must have tech books.: I already have pic related. What other tech books should I get for my library…[View]
84641496Why does it look so globohomo if it is open source?: I thought open source software was supposed to …[View]
84639378how do we make the internet like this again[View]
84641911Furniture is technology. What is the most comfortable lounge chair? (pic unrelated; notice how much…[View]
84638653Lads, is it even feasible to convince people to use other services when one has so many of them buil…[View]
84640205too many jobs: how do I work 10 jobs at once so that I can make 1.2 million per year?[View]
84636338Are CLOSED BACK headphones better than NOISE CANCELLING headphones in terms of QUALITY and FIDELITY?…[View]
84641091come home, we have everything you need[View]
84617119/ptg/ - Private Trackers General: >Not sure what private trackers are all about? The mission of /…[View]
84634842Arch vs Alternatives: I will need to install some OS on a new laptop I'm getting in a couple of…[View]
84636377Why can't you just tell me which one's the best? It used to be obvious.[View]
84638390>tfw finally getting over imposter syndrome after 13 years of programming professionally at FAANG…[View]
84641238>so far had to fix sound, right click not working, volume keys not working, and clock skew >no…[View]
84638221>No HDR Why should we take this OS seriously again?[View]
8464085012 Gigabytes of VRAM?: >The RTX 3060 has more VRAM than a 3080 >This is an outrage, what can p…[View]
84637196>install KDE >freezes for 20 seconds 5 times a day >half of the 'features' don't reall…[View]
84637068Thinking of picking up a formuler z alpha to watch T with mytvonline 2 app, but I have no idea on wh…[View]
84640757How is GNOME so good bros? How do they managw to be so much greater than Apple and Microsoft ? http…[View]
84638487Never go to CS University/colege. Dont waste your time and money for glamourized youtube tutorials a…[View]
84640682>recommends skidrow reloaded I guess that would be it for an image of 'based' melanin-enriched /…[View]
84623267Is Protonmail safe?: https://youtu.be/8Ppl62Bl9RE why are zoomers and glowies afraid of this guy?…[View]
84641161>the peak of web browsers[View]
84634646Desktop Thread: How do Desktop Thread's make you feel, anon?[View]
84640922where do I learn about 3D modeling? terminology and such. i also need a good file format to use for …[View]
84636805/g/ flag: Pledge allegiance to the official flag of /g/.[View]
84638809>mom relicensed the repo from GPL v2 to GPL v3 or later[View]
84637299OH NONONOONONO HAHAHAHA https://github.com/linuxmint/Cinnamon/issues/2465 @ Cinnamon bros, we can…[View]
84636845Blazor C# vs plain javascript + html + css + $BACKEND_LANG: Any blazor bros here? How would you desc…[View]
84637355/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/ Previous thread: >>84621758…[View]
84637950Why don't we have more devices powered by muscles anymore? For some reason I trust these device…[View]
84603633/wdg/ - Web Dev General: >Free beginner resources to get started with HTML, CSS and JavaScript ht…[View]
84638635According to Distrowatch these are the 50 most popular Linux distributions of the last year. Discuss[View]
84638648it gives me trypophobia[View]
84632784how do i debloat my mac running catalina if that matters[View]
84638152Why do people use mac minis as web servers?[View]
84638694Do you guys have any idea why quantum computers are shaped like this? My only guess would be that, g…[View]
84629611/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >UPGRADE & BUILD ADVICE Post build list or current specs includ…[View]
84635798Can I learn it in vim?[View]
84640349Element: List off some homeservers without the cucked email verification or registration disabled. …[View]
84640340what went wrong[View]
84640068International colleagues: What's your experience working with other nationalities in the indust…[View]
84640216How much free disk space should you have on your machine at all time? I usually start cleaning up ar…[View]
84639352Are Helium miners a meme?: Has anyone ran one of these miners before? Were you able make your money …[View]
84639737New to programming here. how to get better at solving problems. is it a natural thing or does it tak…[View]
84639229Is the end finally nigh for IPv4? It sure feels comfy to be running dual stack right now.[View]
84637065Question: I have a work computer and home computer. Right now I use a switch to switch between them…[View]
84638719/g/ humor[View]
84637344I bought picrel, what am I in for?[View]
84628067What is the best php framework?? I used pic related and I hate it. there's gotta be a better ph…[View]
84634046sup /g/oys, just librebooted a stiinkpad t500 should I just slap lubuntu 18.04 on it and call it a d…[View]
84638373I was in love with a girl from the office. She is a data scientist. Unfortunately I revealed my auti…[View]
84636168>archinstall this makes the manual archfag installer seethe[View]
84639049Are there any languages that transpile into JS that are not utter shit? Or is modern JS actually nic…[View]
84635651is there such thing as a phone app that scans open wifi networks and saves them for future use? pref…[View]
846377964chan is one of few last websites where you can talk with people without registering phone number or…[View]
84636700Well, /g/?[View]
84637555>BUT MUH BLACKS BRO!!!![View]
84637336>bought a new laptop >few months later >play some webm on 4chan >suddenly the audio star…[View]
84638991What happened to mantle? I thought it was the future.[View]
84633400Web 3.0 is pushed by hyped cryptocurrency zoomers and retarded boomers right? There is no way that t…[View]
84637911Gnome desktop paradigm is easily the best one on the market since it's the only one that was de…[View]
84635830There are people on /g/ who use their phone more often than their PC[View]
84633303Mac OS is shit, Linux is better: I'm tired of hearing that Mac OS is 'Linux that just werks'. T…[View]
84609092/mkg/ - Memechanical Keyboard General: Modularity Meme Edition >Keyboard recommendation template …[View]
84639305sleep mode on windows 10 desn't work: hey, i have an issue with sleep mode on my old laptop wit…[View]
84638835a friend of mine is giving me pic rel (Xiaomi mi air 13in) because he bought a new laptop. I use a l…[View]
84636458time for that monthly browser restart + restore session[View]
84635559/aocg/ - Advent of Code General #21: out of memory edition previous thread: >>84631318 >Adv…[View]
84636997/aig/ - Alternative ISA General: /aig/ where you at ITT we discuss non-x86 ISAs from the past (6502,…[View]
84638003/auto/ - Self-powered computing thread: Reject the hand that feeds you. Thread for using computers w…[View]
84633883Books that made you a better software engineer: Pic related. Unironically[View]
84637090itt based linux apps[View]
84635741Sometimes I think that I am only person in the world that doesn't know React.js[View]
84624862you cant buy anything anymore: just put a preorder on this, valve made handheld UMPC running KDE pla…[View]
84638163elf symbol relocations: i do not understand what / why / how the relocation section is used in elf f…[View]
84634505What is Docker and why is needed by people ? Please explain it to me like I'm pic related.[View]
84638394>Powered by IBM >Powered by a passionate community >Has a professional and/or commercial up…[View]
84634943>python is batteries included! >lacks a built in function for a basic mathematical operation s…[View]
84633956Why are PC cases black and white?: Why the case itself is either black (most common) or white (rare)…[View]
84596479bst thread: is this the new battlestation thread? should i steal an atm machine?[View]
84634897>confusing GB for GiB in two thousand and twenty one anno domini I seriously hope you guys don…[View]
84630961> found an algorithm > it's in python > all vector operations are fucking 'list compre…[View]
84630197Hey guys. Could you tell me what caused this effect?[View]
84635672GIMP: This is the worst program ever. Most unintuitive shit I have ever experienced. When I was teen…[View]
84636661shill me a browser with vertical tabs which is not firefox or firefox based[View]
84637775>someone at seagate gets paid to browse reddit all day while you codeslave away when did you take…[View]
84637700>Linux users only have 1 app for updating all their apps >meanwhile I have 4 apps for updating…[View]
84637652Why is the web only bloat and spyware? Will the web ever be clean again? Why can’t companies just se…[View]
84636957Is this just a gimmick?[View]
84636732So my kid just thought it would be super funny to YEET my fucking smartphone into the bath water. So…[View]
84631613http://yesterweb.org/: >mfw when a pro-”user-owned” webiste links to discord Explain yourselves y…[View]
84637501alpine vs void musl witch one is a better server os? I want to use void, because it has a more softw…[View]
84635940how do they detect different areas? also, I bet you can't beat me https://www.google.com/doodle…[View]
84634805would AMD be doing better if they still had their own fabs?[View]
84636313In normal times, my laptop is usually cool when using linux and gets hotter when using windows. But …[View]
84637155>installed fedora 35 >wayland by default >the system feels laggy, not much responsive >…[View]
84636144Does anyone here have a classic Mac computer to test something for me?: preferably 68k and not an em…[View]
84636110email client: https://spyware.neocities.org/articles/thunderbird.html so uh, what do you guys use?…[View]
84634188Linux From Scratch: https://linuxfromscratch.org/ literally the only option left[View]
84633888>3D printed suicide pods now legal in Switzerland >you WILL get in the pod if your productivit…[View]
84631741Is there literally ANY useful 'smart home' products? why the FUCK does my fridge need a screen on it…[View]
84631379Is it safe to watch porn on my work laptop if the company VPN is turned off?[View]
84634962My base M1 is faster than my desktop. Why did retards on 4chan try to get me to believe that it woul…[View]
84633690its cute[View]
84635243Could this board handle an 8 core cpu well? Bought it for 60 euros 3 years ago[View]
84637390Where can I buy a All In One Linux Computer?[View]
84637101Yes anon, I use linux without gnu bloat. GNU bridge trolls seething under Stallmans bridge[View]
84633636Simple freeware video editor to teach kids (from 8 to 12) some basic editing techniques? I work at a…[View]
84637228>tfw technological midwit[View]
84636292Dr. Gadget here: and I come to you on a mission of mercy. Cease your illegal use of unauthorized gad…[View]
84634476How do i get better at programming? Do you guys have any book recommendations? Tutorials? Advice or …[View]
84637140>tfw this days everything I do for work is done on a remote servers that I connect via RDP or VNC…[View]
84637041hi, can you run my code? is there anything wrong with it? https://pastebin.com/4geFrqaX[View]
84635275>Finally got my first IT job >only took me four months of pounding the sysadmin bussy Well I …[View]
84621758/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, chads? old: >>84610133[View]
84628839How long until the Tech gravy train crashes? this can't be sustainable.[View]
84612105Is the Oculus Quest 2 Worth it at All?[View]
84633076Why did Perl die out as a hacker language?: Back in the late 90s and early 2000s, Perl was the prefe…[View]
84636339Just ordered a SeaSonic 850W prime ultra titanium super duper 80 plus++ whatever for 400 koala bucks…[View]
84634370what technology makes you happy?[View]
84636273apache blacklist advice: i run a small server with apache2 on linux. does anyone know of a gui that …[View]
84631538/g/uys today I opened up my laptop to put a new RAM stick in the empty slot. It went well but now so…[View]
84633444Is it possible to just replace explorer.exe with a different software? I'm sick of how slow it …[View]
84635666very sus company[View]
84634942Software dev here. How do I prevent this from happening to me? Were they all filler hires, or actual…[View]
84635763What is the designated /g/-approved guide on writing a self-interpreting Lisp?[View]
84636808snow compvter[View]
84612168Trying to do simple tasks on Linux Lol: It’s up lol >still can’t open directory management as roo…[View]
84636369You do use Open Source Social Media right /g/? https://truthsocial.com/open-source/[View]
84626129Any idea how to improve battery life on OpenBSD? I only have 4 hours, but on gentoo I have 8, I…[View]
84631672Endeavouros bros... we fucking won...[View]
84633945job advice: should I accept a job as IT support at a retail store? It would be my first job post gr…[View]
84620685suicide capsules: https://www.exitinternational.net/sarco-suicide-capsule-passes-legal-review-in-swi…[View]
84629854If I install Garuda will you make fun of me?[View]
84631012/stuck/: This morning my home PC was Stuck on POST screen, it never did that before. Went to work an…[View]
84633657>mom turned off the home server[View]
84616066/spg/ - Smartphone General: Content consumption edition. If you're requesting purchasing advice…[View]
84631305Signal: /g/ays, is it bad? is it good?[View]
84634133my samsung (((smart))) tv wont stop trying to spy on me[View]
84625724>'anon i think you're very cute, Tell me how's that computers job of you?'…[View]
84632561Looking for light entertainment: Names some genuinely interesting /g/ youtube channels! Language doe…[View]
84634748Can someone explain the nvidia driver meme? I install them by typing in 'sudo apt install nvidia-dri…[View]
84633759Digital noteblocks: Anyone have recomendations for alternatives to the remarkable? It's basical…[View]
84633872So, I've just noticed that on my Android I can no longer take pictures messaged to me from an A…[View]
84632163How come the very best terminal only runs on Windows?[View]
84633946How to secure PC against omniscient and omnipotent beings?[View]
84635625>work part time on accounting in a big company >employees waste dozens of hours manually downl…[View]
84635355What happened to those old init loading screens with the polished graphics that showed up when you s…[View]
84626696What does /g/ think of the C++ epochs proposal? http://www.open-std.org/jtc1/sc22/wg21/docs/papers/2…[View]
84633649>Be fanchise owner for McDonald's >New application came in from McHire >Email address …[View]
84632076>compiling my kernel for the millionth time, trying to get right clicks on my touchpad to functio…[View]
84629265Friend of mine is looking to get her boyfriend monitors for Christmas and is asking me for some advi…[View]
84632798>call you on zoom nothing personnel kiddo >https://www.vice.com/amp/en/article/88ggy3/ceo-feel…[View]
84633010>buy laptop >greedy sellers dont even give me an activated windows version and have to pay 10…[View]
84624303>all the stability like ubuntu >all the newest packages like arch >dnf is awesome huh, why …[View]
846353044chanx reply order: Is this a new update of 4chanx, ordering comment replies directly under the orig…[View]
84627475new pc since 2011: how did I do fuckers[View]
84632672Help with laptop: I'm poor and I bought this laptop (IdeaPad Gaming 3 15 - Shadow Black): AMD R…[View]
84633164>have old Toshiba ivy bridge i5 laptop with 1366x768 screen, cheap sata ssd, and 16gb ram (upgrad…[View]
84635044>FTC stops american company from monopolizing chink market why are americans so retarded ?…[View]
84632119Techlet here: Recommend me distros that look and feel like Windows[View]
84630611You may not like it, but this is what peak aesthetic looks like[View]
84632498come home /g/[View]
84634191>send my gf a dick pic >get a video on youtube recommended 'how to do penile enlargement'…[View]
84633930CIA Niggers[View]
84629020I'll install Fedora 35. I am migrating from Windows 10 to Loonix. Wish me luck![View]
84628536is this literal absolute garbage the best video editing program freetards can make lmao[View]
84634700Can someone tell me model of this laptop: I need the exact model of this laptop, tried to look for i…[View]
84627972suckless kernel: why do they stop at coreutils and init systems? all of it seems pointless if you ar…[View]
84634582can't install new dac on windows 7 [no drivers] muh machiene is obsolete[View]
84628598Youtube-dl: Is it just me or Y-dl is slow as fuck? It used to download 1 or 2 hours videos in half a…[View]
84629775Xah Lee is correct, Tiling window managers are pure soi: His workflow is unironically better than an…[View]
84631596Is KDE superior to XFCE?: I have been using XFCE for the past 5 years on my laptop, since I heard KD…[View]
84630940Vizio refuses to release the source code for the GPL'd software they use. https://www.zdnet.com…[View]
84620594Drew DeVault: Linux desktop needs a paid commercial distro: Is he right, /g/? https://drewdevault.co…[View]
84630715I’m new here does /g/ hate AirPods?[View]
84634204AdamJ WSUS clean WAM: https://community.spiceworks.com/topic/2140056-maybe-wam-wsus-is-not-longer-fr…[View]
84632581Deno is awesome. Ryan Dahl is a genius.[View]
84633556What are you hoping for?[View]
84631318/aocg/ - Advent of Code General #20: Brainlet filter edition previous thread: >>84629335 >A…[View]
84622454Metaverse Property: >Digital Land in Unreleased Metaverse already selling for millions Is this an…[View]
84633775is linix an OS or is it just a kernel?[View]
84629353Minimalfags, what router do you use? Also thread for security cams and other useful stuff with cheap…[View]
84570240/dmp/ - Digital Music Production + /g/ makes an album: >Where do I start? What DAW should I use? …[View]
84625114>casually makes Manjaro or running real arch irrelevant nothing personell kid…[View]
84633366What's the best lagless DP/HDMI to VGA adapter i can buy for my CRT? I got this trinitron monit…[View]
84633696/g/, Galaxy Fold 3. Anyone here have one? Been thinking about buying one for a couple of weeks now. …[View]
84628676MECHANICAL KEYBOARD EMULATOR: im using it https://github.com/hainguyents13/mechvibes but is: 1. elec…[View]
84630186STOP: Buying all the i pad mini’s for you or your children, to watch your blacked porn on or jewtube…[View]
84620103have you met a single biological female that has unironic interest in technology in general, and is …[View]
84627241POSIX shell: How do I get `cakes` at the end to print the correct number?: The while opens up an inv…[View]
84631750Open Firefox history: Shift+click on a month. Post the number of tabs you open per month I’ll start:…[View]
84628364behold the new never obsolete, the new sandy bridge, the best all around cpu available. yes we all h…[View]
84630904Why does Android store passwords unobscured, in plaintext??[View]
84626676Is Perl the easiest programming language?[View]
84633208Furniture is technology. What is the most comfortable lounge chair?[View]
84629235Anyone think there will ever be an imageboard run on IPFS? And if so, why will it suck?[View]
84630730Not sure which board to ask this, but how dangerous is this laser engraver? My brother bought this c…[View]
84632942Are there any tutorials on Java simple enough for a 100 IQ retard?: I tried to wrap my head around t…[View]
84631726i wish i had autism then maybe i'll be able to enjoy programming god i hate being a jack of all…[View]
84626994I intentionally set scroll direction to swipe down to scroll down on my distro and remove the GUI el…[View]
84619875/comfy/: post tech (hardware/software/whatever tech related) that is comfy and based[View]
84628679My mom for some reason has that mac with the 5K panel with magnificent colors, I don't know how…[View]
84628436Google maps: I know /g/ isn't too fond of google (and for good reasons might i add), but can we…[View]
84632569Windows 11 promises start menu customization!: https://www.windowslatest.com/2021/12/03/closer-look-…[View]
84624012Recently, i have come to the revelation that avoiding the goto statement like the plague may be a pr…[View]
84616609/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Read the sticky: >>76759434 >GNU/Linux questions >…[View]
84631431how come no one did reverse engineered bear computer[View]
84631102I like GNOME. Unlike KDE, it doesn't attempt to be a cheap Windows 10 imitation, and it runs fa…[View]
84629658I'm tired of the homogenization of the internet. Every site types the same and has the same mem…[View]
84628485// vs cc: For private chatting which do U use and why. Wickr or chatcrypt ?[View]
84628557Z Flip 3 or S21 Ultra: Serious question, which one should I get? I know that the price doesn't …[View]
84627111thoughts? is it really better than React Native? will Compose render it pointless?[View]
84632546are you keeping your frogs safe: frens? should we keep our frogs on the blockchain so people cant st…[View]
84630079CS major: What does it take to be an above average CS college grad?[View]
84629460Does Mac M1 spy on you?: So we know Intel ME and AMD PSP can both be used to backdoor your system, b…[View]
84629631why is this on an open source syncing program's website[View]
84631890$599 sennheisers or pic related?: why the used prices of these so expensive anyways? theyre one year…[View]
84599695Desktop Thread: Old one is on its deathbed.[View]
84631387What did Saint Nick put in your boots today, /g/irls? Or have you been naughty and got shafted by Kr…[View]
84622680An internal FBI report reveals how WhatsApp and iMessage happily hand over users’ data to the Feds, …[View]
84623874let me remind you that he didn't digitally sign that pdf cause it's impossible on linux wi…[View]
84632299AdamJ Clean-WSUS: https://community.spiceworks.com/topic/2140056-maybe-wam-wsus-is-not-longer-free A…[View]
84627147Compiler writing and language development research: How do I write my own compiler for a Lisp? I wan…[View]
84628246Why does it take 26GB just to change system settings on macOS?[View]
84631667Applesisters, Linuxnonces... not like this...[View]
84628694Is there anything really amazing now? All modern 'tech' things look kinda boring for me.[View]
84623795Apple AirTags Being Used by Thieves to Steal Cars: https://www.iphoneincanada.ca/news/apple-airtags-…[View]
84626707>less features than ASIO >more latency than PulseAudio why do macfags like this again?…[View]
84631778/wg/ Watch General: If you could have any watch, what would it be? For me, it might be this pocket w…[View]
84627887what's the excuse for linux's terrible battery management[View]
84620283How long until programming will be regarded and compensated similar to flipping burgers? Every new f…[View]
84629170Microsoft edge is the best browser right now: v[View]
84629640Why: is every new piece of commercial software worse than the previous iteration? I'm confounde…[View]
84630939Is it safe to use free WiFi if I'm osing sonly HTTPS and encrypted DNS?[View]
84631330Video playing in browsers: Hello /g/ can someone explain how the advancements in video technology ov…[View]
84624989You don't need more[View]
84631450E-readers with expandable storage?: Anons, are there any that support >= 64gb sd cards, or is it …[View]
84629311Just bought these: what would be a correct order of reading for a beginner?[View]
84631113Assmas tiem again: What would you get a bunch of for a bunch of not so tech friens? Thinking of like…[View]
84620943ITT: Industry cringe[View]
84628015Unlike Linux, on Windows all software, libraries and even drivers are packaged in a portable, self-c…[View]
84631474while(result != ERROR_SUCCESS) { result = try(); }[View]
84631316How do you do fellow kids?[View]
84624017Data Saving Browser: Name a better data saving browser than Opera Protip: You can't. >Native…[View]
84628809$ systemctl suspend-then-hibernate This command corrupted my ram and now BIOS wont start. I'm g…[View]
84630418Ham radio's: Does /g/ know anything about ham radios? Can any anon point me to somewhere I can …[View]
84627385>company called facebook >collects facial data for the metaverse >company called intel >…[View]
84628305Bought one and now i need to know what all i can do with this new hardward now. I figure a smart ano…[View]
84628836Shadow sites: Does anyone know any sites like Sci Hub? I'm curious about what kind of sites pro…[View]
84615931/cumg/ - Cooming Utilities & Miku General: >Links Wiki: https://coom.tech/ Git: https://git.c…[View]
84627375What's the comfiest device for watching TV in bed?[View]
84627598Is C the most lindy programming language?[View]
84628285How do you actually start and understand programming?: what do i need to learn to be good at it, i …[View]
84627936Why the fuck do you need a sim card for ANYTHING. I feel like this should have been replaced by some…[View]
84619732why is windows so fucking incompetent with the most menial tasks[View]
84630833Realistically how often do peoples phones get hacked? Is it really easy for someone with coding and …[View]
84626503Forgotten tech brands[View]
84618651Choose 2 to protect you, the other 6 will try to kill you.[View]
84627391How much free space should you leave in your C drive? I have only 60gb left and I want to install a …[View]
84627967How do I extract metadata from an image on linux?[View]
84629870pic related now works on linux https://www.protondb.com/app/218230[View]
84616102The US Military's upcoming IVAS system, a real life HUD for infantry, is apparently Windows bas…[View]
84628802books as a technology suck for learning. Why does /g/ praise them so much? I just learned dijkstra a…[View]
84630496>get banned on 4channel.org >somehow also banned on an entirely separate website called 4chan.…[View]
84624452The fuck is this icon/thumbnail even supposed to be[View]
84622434Real ESRGAN: https://github.com/xinntao/Real-ESRGAN/releases Waifu2X is old news, Real ESRGAN is whe…[View]
84629335/aocg/ - Advent of Code General: Big boy edition previous thread: >>84625189 >Advent of Cod…[View]
84626952Fedora is the best distro, it just works both me and my bf use it[View]
84625977The day these money farms are banned, is a good day: I am counting down the days until Eterium goes …[View]
84628684What do you /g/enltemen think of MX Linux?[View]
84624795PowerShell: >what if C# and Perl took the worst parts of each respective language and had a retar…[View]
84624407you guys dont know anything: you dont even know how to iterate through an array without praying ther…[View]
84623453>sudo apt purge k3b gwenview dragon-player firefox-esr >Ok fine no problem >sudo apt autore…[View]
84627560I hate my phone; It assumes I am dumb, want consent for shit I have no choice but to give and isn…[View]
84621878wine is piece of shit. if you're developer you should just do a linux port[View]
84626722/aig/ - Alternative ISA General: Welcome to /aig/ - /aig/ is dead edition ITT we discuss non-x86 ISA…[View]
84628981Is the Valve Index worth it in 2021?: I want to be able to play vrchat in linux. Does anyone have ex…[View]
84628998Will we ever be able to print a tooth? I am currently having dental problems and I know that replaci…[View]
84625564How safe is the AUR: Don't be a batshit crazy schizo 'OhH EvERyTHIng hAS mALwARe eVeRyOne iS ou…[View]
84619425So, he has just proved the fact Manjaro being a useless piece of shit and Mint just werks. Wish some…[View]
84625189/aocg/ Advent of Code General #18: intersection edition previous thread: >>84620890 >Advent…[View]
84615460what do programmers on /g/ think about speedrunning? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjge1bVobN0…[View]
84628899What's bad about these?[View]
84626623What is the best non-backdoored way to encrypt an Android phone?[View]
84624107why is font rendering in linux so good?[View]
84627139i bet not one of you g fags can do this in tmux[View]
84627996>crypto bros...: >I thought cryptos was meant to be our middle finger to the gubmint and feder…[View]
84624477Where the fuck are all the jobs?: Graduated with a masters degree in software engineering specializi…[View]
84625153Waterfox: Literally just a deprecated version of Firefox ESR.[View]
84626241which architecture does not have a backdoor in it and also is cheap[View]
84627828Networking and Systems A.dministration: I summon networkfags and admins once again. Are there more t…[View]
84626884any soon-to-be CS grads here? how is your job search going? this shit is killing me, i've had s…[View]
84627121Why are the brightest minds in Tech Indian?[View]
84628616>bought a samsung android device >doesn't support lineageOS >can't find an open s…[View]
84628422buyfriend.moe: basically a buyf/a/g site that tracks items on Amiami and Mandarake and sends email n…[View]
84627603So we all know about crt fags, but what about plasma screen fags?[View]
84628374Can an algorithm measure intention, confidence, mood, just by analyzing keyboard and mouse usage?[View]
84602178/fwt/ - Friendly Windows Thread: Users of all levels are welcome to ask questions about Windows and …[View]
84627465Should errors be written in third person or in first person? Which one is the less pozzed? > prog…[View]
84608811/iemg/ + /pmp/ - In-Ear Monitor & Portable Music Player General: Anechoic edition This thread is…[View]
84623274Why does anyone who do real work with Linux uses Ubuntu?[View]
84617989/pcbg/ - PC building general: >UPGRADE & BUILD ADVICE Post build list or current specs includ…[View]
84624521Why would anyone need more than one monitors?[View]
84628002How do I get youtube-dl to work? Im using windows and downloaded the .exe from github. Also I have p…[View]
84627171how do i start learnig swift? i'm a somewhat experienced programmer, i know my way around varia…[View]
84628158Deepin Desktop Distro Dispached (& Debut!): So Deepin released a new point release. They said it…[View]
84628038As technology advances and updates are constantly implemented stronger hardware is required to run …[View]
84627211does linux have an image problem?: rather than donating to open source projects, should people inste…[View]
84624946Is there any good sites/apps I can use to scrape phone number data of people in a city? My bands doi…[View]
84625924You will be upgrading your Focal Fossa 20.04 LTS to Jammy Jellyfish next year won't you anon?[View]
84623201DEAD HARD DRIVE AAAAAAAA: Made a post a couple days ago about my 10TB hard drive failing. I moved ab…[View]
84626889do you also feel called out by this?[View]
84627462Any tips on how to cure an imposter syndrome? I feel like I've cheated my entire career and it…[View]
84627279The notch is the bravest invention since the Ouya[View]
84627716So what kind of bug is this? Race condition?[View]
84627610can you try to break this website? i'm trying to learn. https://deekboard.ml/random[View]
84618959>vrtoddlers btfo[View]
84625934so google has their own in-house programming language that is putting a focus on speed (Go). So why …[View]
84625939Blackpill me on bitwarden.[View]
84626439Can't wait to order one[View]
84627106When will photoshop get a pepper brush?[View]
84623213how do we make crypto truly decentrelesed? crypto is mostly mined by corporation and chinks how do w…[View]
84603650How do you manage your doujins? How does the folder structure look like?[View]
84622347LTT Linux daily driver challenge issues: https://github.com/glibg10b/ltt-linux-challenge-issues/blob…[View]
84624364How does this shit REALLY happen?: Why is it so common for people to get their Debit card compromise…[View]
84625901Okay, now seriously, do you guys believe that those 'glowies' or whatever you call some unspecified …[View]
84615465Every modern computer has a backdoor: For Intel, it’s called the Intel Management Engine. For AMD it…[View]
84623548Don't mind me. I am just programming C++ inside of a VirtualBox VM on my mac because open sourc…[View]
84613768What is wrong with IceWM: Is there something wrong? Why it is not among the 'big' desktop names: KDE…[View]
84625997>auto-inserts their own buy now pay later button into every purchase page >microsoft edgelords…[View]
84627116whats the best way to architecture library platform code so that its easiest to port to different pl…[View]
84618142Unity was the peak of Ubuntu, you can't deny that this doesn't look good.[View]
84625587Why are most GNU/Linux distros out there based off of ubuntu/debian instead of something else like r…[View]
84623938Android game dev: anons ive been itching to make an android game for a long time. I have a lot of so…[View]
84617781i want to get rid off this shit and its bloatware processes forever what's the best alternative…[View]
84623379/auto/ - Self-sufficient computing and technology: Reject the hand that feeds you! Thread for using …[View]
84626382is newer tech better tech?[View]
84613035how come that out of all terminals, the one made exclusively for windows is the best one?[View]
84626377what's the best filesystem?: what's this f2fs? i have never even heard of it[View]
84625181Essence OS: I kinda like this. Very interesting ideas. https://media.handmade-seattle.com/essence An…[View]
84611889>your mass increases if you go too fast >your length shortens if you go too fast >can'…[View]
84625182Checking wife's phone: Dirty whore had a enough of my tiny cock so she found another one to use…[View]
84626303Unicode Design Choice Question: Why is the first byte of a 4-byte Unicode character 11110xxx? Why no…[View]
84624650i want to fire everyone on my team: they are all fucking retarded and are CONSTANTLY raising pull re…[View]
84625374how do we stop him? the terrible shit he creates all become widely used for some reason he cant keep…[View]
84625412I need a new printer: I need a new printer that doesn't need a fucking account or goddamn inter…[View]
84625929>check Pop!_OS/System75 team on github >literally Rust tranny in it memes are true…[View]
84624454I just landed a junior sysadmin gig and I have no experience whatsoever. What shit do I need to lear…[View]
84622331Why does NSA get the biggest Haxx0r skills?: How come people with most skill unironically WANT to wo…[View]
84623561ITT: aesthetic tech[View]
84625761Never thought I'd see the day where laptops with GPUs are cheaper than desktops with GPUs[View]
84622474>build server >connect server with the Files app >instant access to all of my desktop docum…[View]
84626012This is a machine of drawing triangles with 50 million pixels per second, regardless of if they have…[View]
84624191Is getting a Ph.D. in Computer Science worth it?: I am finishing my Masters this semester and I have…[View]
84625782Meta: how is Zuck going to do it, I mean just the 3d-worlds? GTA V needed 500 million and many years…[View]
84618307Welcome to the future, chromeshits. Manifest v3 is here: It's not just adblockers. MV3 is wreak…[View]
84623397help me bash autists: `cmd=$(echo '$line' | awk '{print $1}') val=$(echo '$line' | awk …[View]
84624331domain name registrar: I want to register a domain name. Any domain name register suggestions? Shoul…[View]
84621151Is hyper threading still a thing in 2021?[View]
84622756Longbjarne is looooooooooooong.[View]
84624802Need career advice. Do junior devs/devs in the UK really earn very little? Im currently a QA earning…[View]
84621238Open Firefox history: Shift+click on a month. Post the number of tabs you open per month I’ll start:…[View]
84617816How can I get a gf who is a programmer?: Without dating online?[View]
84617831PowerShell Thread: You're looking into DevOps right, anon?[View]
84621727Can we fork unicode and remove the graphical emoticons?[View]
84624184How much of a retard am i?: I got a gt 730 and put it in a old ass dell Should i try to rebuild it i…[View]
84624185Found out some frogs are using my software even though it's only in English How do people figur…[View]
84625877cybernetics general - internet of living things edition: does anyone know any synthetic telepathy al…[View]
84624357>ruined ZFS >ruined Solaris >ruined VirtualBox >is a massive weeb…[View]
84624655Are there any laptops running with....: An i9 CPU, 2 GPUs, and an optical drive? Does such a thing e…[View]
84621334user hostile bullshit: reddit forcing moblie browser users to download the app vesion when logged of…[View]
84625068Annoying MPC issue: Why does MPC-HC BE make a copy of my video file before playing it and give it so…[View]
84625145leetcode: i have completed 500 leetcode and still cant pass a google interview[View]
84624192I make 6 figures working on software for sex toys. Ask me anything.[View]
84623555ultra wide: I fell for the meme and I won't even get mad if make fun of me now.[View]
84622289How do we solve passwords, /g/? I'm partial to having a single remembered password to an email…[View]
84623487Thoughts on MVC architecture within .NET?[View]
84620718Fedora or Ubuntu/PopOS?: First fuck off Arch btw trannies, you'll never be a real woman. That …[View]
84625151>stutters nothing personnel, kid[View]
84621313>Malware is any software intentionally designed to cause disruption to a computer, server, client…[View]
84610546>gnome is unoptimi-[View]
84623357Can loops, conditionals, and function calls each be implemented using only the other two?: Consider …[View]
84621980Is there any way to recover pictures I deleted from my phone a year ago? I'm going to give this…[View]
84619045Why is searching for music still so difficult in 2021? You can find the source of almost every pictu…[View]
84622726FOSS tuning software: Are there any FOSS alternatives to tune your car? All of the major tuning soft…[View]
84623680Name me ONE difference between your linux distro and anothers and why it's better that isn…[View]
84624570T'is the season /g/. My mobile provider is trying to push me a new mobile plan with a phone and…[View]
84624202You and your gal are down the beach and Chris is explaining in your path. How do you approach not lo…[View]
84623526where do i buy insta followers: not for me[View]
84621472>programming is just if statements and for loops[View]
84622212/g/ thinks Microsoft's revenue depends on Windows: You are deluded if you still think Windows g…[View]
84620969Minimal Spec thread: >ram >gpu >cpu >SCREEN res…[View]
84620225How to wipe an SSD in a dead computer?: My computer died, cannot turn it on any more. Have to send i…[View]
84621973Idling at above 1w should be illegal: Just realized my furnace idles at 10w and my tankless idles at…[View]
84620890/aocg/ Advent of Code General #17: Previous thread: >>84616249 >Advent of Code is an Advent…[View]
84620129The real reason you see a lot of trannies in tech: Coding requires almost no physical effort. Everyt…[View]
84623791Freedom as in freedom fries: I don't like the Chinese and the Mexicans trying to steal all our …[View]
84618412FX 8320 vs i7 4770: Hello /g/ents I've been wondering lately if I should go back to my old FX-8…[View]
84619861We have the technology to walk on the moon and split the atom. How do we still not have the technolo…[View]
84617357>GNOME devs are retarded and GNOME is oversimplified >KDE is a bloated unusable mess with terr…[View]
84616607the /g/ memes are true aren't they?[View]
84621877ban all online classified ad listers and ban the common man from reselling anything without both per…[View]
84623935>As a Software ENGINEER, you'll be part of our mighty ENGINEERING department with a lot of b…[View]
84609794my license ran out today, what alternatives are there? with how office is tied to their services ins…[View]
84622709>why yes, I hooked up my pc case front panel to 220V, how can you tell?…[View]
84623974Raspberry Pi OS x86: Let me guess; you '''NEED''' more?[View]
84616998ITT post examples of planned obsolescence[View]
84623643Do you donate to any F(L)OSS project(s)? If so, which one(s) and why? Me, I donate to Artix Linux an…[View]

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