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74456083https://www.androidpolice.com/2020/01/19/opera-predatory-loans/ >Opera reportedly has multiple pr…[View]
74458038https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1610199 It only took a little over a decade, but it loo…[View]
74451635What did Google mean by this?[View]
74459304Is there a tool that generates a map of binary data? Image related[View]
74458669>stalls out of nowhere WOOOOOOOOOW CAMANNN DUDE[View]
74455901Infograph tiem ? Infograph time ! Technology only !: Lets share those nice infographs because learni…[View]
74454805Can technology predict crime?[View]
74459062Ampere is coming Hold me amdbros[View]
74458709/g/ is bloat, change my mind[View]
74458417Ok, so what you think about new stable edge? I'm testing it right now and son of a bitch is fas…[View]
74458782Cheap Keyboards: Hello /g/ I need your advice. Today I have noticed my keyboard has a serious ghosti…[View]
74458139Have $2k to spend on pc (have graphics card already). what buy?: So far i have come up with: - i-802…[View]
74452369>8c/8t zen2 cpu >rx 560 tier igpu performance >500gb nvme SSD >1080p IPS screen >HDMI…[View]
74456482Does anyone here have any experience with the military arms industry, specifically the software side…[View]
74458471What to do when you need something like this but you don't trust chinks with technology?[View]
74458666my keyboard die after 5 years: should I buy Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Cherry MX Brown or there's som…[View]
74459014>[...] the NVMe SSD that comes with the Xbox Series X could end up sporting a controller modeled …[View]
74455006/Speakers/ general: A general for all things speakers, from high end audiophile boomer insanity to b…[View]
74455277Can someone explain why the fuck calculus is required for a computer science degree? I have to take …[View]
74442863Are CS degrees worth doing?[View]
74440413/pmp/ + /iemg/ - Portable Media Players + In-Ear Monitors General: Anon's first setup edition T…[View]
74441904Admit it, the only reason why you wouldn't buy an OLED TV is if you are poor. >burn in Burn …[View]
74457314We Got the China-Only Huawei TV!: We Got the China-Only Huawei TV! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X…[View]
74448199>You will never work in a 1980s era office[View]
74456989>tfw don't enjoy programming anymore[View]
74457872what is the most pajeet language?: https://www.strawpoll.me/19272610[View]
74458167Is block chain the biggest meme?[View]
74457049Aizoban: manga reader: I opened a thread on this software yesterday. Someone asked me if it was bett…[View]
74451445How often do you replace thermal paste ?[View]
74434156/hwt/ - Hostile Windows Thread, First Edition: Users of all levels are hurl abuse and faggotry about…[View]
74449486> * listens to you fap * Why do normies buy these things?[View]
74456941Is Apple really not safe?: If Edward Snowden was right about the Apple backdoor, why is FBI still 'p…[View]
74456673Should i buy a PDP 11?[View]
74456364How easy would it be to train a modern computer programmer to use one of these old hunks of shit?[View]
74458525how the fuck do i power this shit if no graphics card actually has hdmi 2.1??? should i just return …[View]
74458507Does anyone have any info on this Line bot? I can't get a command list for it[View]
74456030How much RAM should a PC have for rendering and video editing? My home PC uses 16 GB which is fine f…[View]
74455038What is /g/'s editor?[View]
74458097having issues with windows 10?: hey guys i recently moved from windows 7 to windows 10, and im retar…[View]
74456887program to make planes/test engine?: say I wanted to make my own model planes from scratch is there …[View]
74441911What's the appeal of this programming language?[View]
74456435OnePlus 7 Pro Edition If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what carrier …[View]
74452499You should be able to solve this.[View]
74457408I thought it was memes before but now that bill Nye is shilling it I'm starting to have real do…[View]
74451327Friendly Reminder: If you're not archiving properly, you may as well format your hard drive tod…[View]
74457549I so fucking hate Dropbox: Basically we have to use Dropbox because there are older employees who us…[View]
74456064Was this thing a gimmick or would it have had a better future than the pi if popularity picked up as…[View]
74452676>get vr headset >oh shit you can watch kinos in vr >try watching some vr hacked version of …[View]
74458103Why has this brand been shilled so hard recently? Are they good laptops? https://youtu.be/jUQwAwv2C_…[View]
74457083https://pi-dns.com/ Are these faggots trust worthy?[View]
74450736OpenBSD edition[View]
74458021>tfw you fell for the oled meme[View]
74450867NEON Samsung's Human simulation: https://youtu.be/ODucR4xum_4 surely this will not be nearly a…[View]
74457834hey /g/ what is this on my laptop screen? Looks like 2 dead pixels but there's a short line abo…[View]
74452608We reached critical mass[View]
74456154Currently watching...: >mfw I've been baited[View]
74454097internship: do you need to have an extroverted personality to get hired? wtf are side projects supp…[View]
74455862Hey I found a bunch of these tapes at the swap meet for free and me being curious and interested by …[View]
74456432Torrenting slow: I have an isp that is known to attack users that torrent. So i wanted to disable se…[View]
74456488How to crap an image quickly in Ubuntu?: I'm just trying to crop one simple image in linux and …[View]
74457723What the fuck happened?[View]
74455337Is using a VPN for anonymity and security a meme?[View]
74456355peasant or patrician choice? which one do u get anon?[View]
74444239/ptg/: Day 45345 of redtard downtime edition >Not sure what private trackers are all about? The m…[View]
74453363https://cocaine.ninja has been dead for a while now. What are some good anonymous file hosting servi…[View]
74457018app: Hey /g A python noob here. I need to create an app that will analyze excel sheets. The idea is:…[View]
74457318Is this legit or botnet?[View]
74445629/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: /sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread >Read the sticky: >>519715…[View]
74455804>all these incels mad that girls and pajeets are being shoehorned into engineering They just make…[View]
74450224watermelon mousepad[View]
74451043What's /g/ opinion on tech related tattoos?[View]
74454476I'm trying to get into C++ but it's really hard. How do you guys suggest becoming better a…[View]
74454572I told the recruiter i know react interview is an hour away, last time i touched JS is 8 years ago i…[View]
74451731What modern technology would you take with you into the wilderness?[View]
74443799Actix drama: > I had some argument with some people and one of them told me not to use rust …[View]
74452320The forth programming language is 1 kilobyte.[View]
74453503im a hiki NEET with endless amounts of free time. What should I program??[View]
74456333Thoughts on Metasploit? Seems to be strange and undisclosed installation requirements, apart from th…[View]
74446541>Wise open sores speaker and figurehead Bryan Lunduke whom I've followed for years makes a v…[View]
74456773Bourbaki BTFO's engineers: How will they ever recover?[View]
74456756Well do it then, bigot.[View]
74456738>X200 thinkpad starts crashing once a day or every other day >clean it with compressed air (es…[View]
74454339wtf man are you forced to use this if you want the latest intel microcode or is there a means of dis…[View]
74455174is it worth it even having a smart phone considering how fucking bloated and locked down they are?[View]
74452717hello /g/rim room, can anyone tell me how to access the secret darkweb video upload service on this …[View]
74455970It's always fucking something huh Anyone else have some shitty PC building experiences? > Bu…[View]
74453352Switching from Windows 7: I've used Windows 7 forever, and now that Microsoft has killed suppor…[View]
74456086My nvidia gtx 760 works like fucking shit on KDE arch linux. Open source and nvidia drivers. I als…[View]
74452598Imagine being so utterly poor that you can't even afford to use Safari, the world's best w…[View]
74455474If zero-g exists then how does one 'drop' a screw in it? You literally can't answer this. https…[View]
74408958You switched to the new Microsoft Edge right?: chromium[View]
74439384/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Users of all leve…[View]
74449668/g/, do you use 4chan(s) in private tab or not?[View]
74456188https://twitter.com/FanlessTech/status/1218587408222040069 https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/a…[View]
74455705What is the next big innovation in tech likely to be? VR seems to be meme that is constantly pushed …[View]
74452785Scientists Are Generating Oxygen from Simulated Moon Dust: https://gizmodo.com/scientists-are-genera…[View]
74449736Thoughts on wireless mice?[View]
74455013Do I still need to worry about using Containers when browsing on Firefox if I already have Cookie Au…[View]
74455952You can still get Logitech G102's shipped for 20$ from AliExpress. Why the fuck use anything el…[View]
74452139>Buy a Razer Chroma 6 years ago >Dies suddenly >Oh I’ll get a Deathadder Eliteo from Cuck …[View]
74455913I'm in my third year of Electrical Engineering. Which spec is the best job wise >VLSI >Em…[View]
74455937>tfw /g/ has been trying to make C look like it's for trannies so their job positions keep h…[View]
7445495864-core CPUs and 1 TB of RAM: >2020 >still no simultaneous dual boot…[View]
74454689/g/nons, the fuck is the real definition of GNU? is it really 'GNU's Not Unix' or are we missin…[View]
74455290This stupid faggot broke the mimetype recognition in python3.8 and specifically in Ranger. Anyone kn…[View]
74455836>2000+20 >still no official androidQ lineageos It's dead guys…[View]
74447615What does /g/ thinks about flutter? Is it better than React Native?[View]
74455448What are some cool things you can do with a rubber duck besides niggerlicious shit[View]
74438862/spg/ smartphone general: Burgers logic Edition >If requesting purchasing advice, please provide …[View]
74454733been thinking to go to the I.T college, but i don't really now what to go. I mean, i pretty lik…[View]
74448146Algorithms: Whats your most favorite sorting algorithm? >Also Python is for NPCs who can't c…[View]
74454583There's NOTHING 'redpilled' or 'cool' about using shit and piss and vomit in your computer. Sto…[View]
74455222Why is this allowed?[View]
74449943How could internet realistically function without ads as it is today? Could masses be able to afford…[View]
74454405reminder that this is no longer scifi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sa52TWoUFCk transhumanism is …[View]
74422177knock knock apple[View]
74453173Text-only distro: Lads, I have a comfy old netbook and an dopamine addiction. Are there any text-onl…[View]
74454717If Microsoft loves Linux, why does Windows 10 fuck up dual booting with Linux?[View]
74455091Why is it so underrated?[View]
74455041What to do with an 8MB USB drive: I bought a chink'd 1MB USB flash drive, and it turns out they…[View]
74452048Who /hacker/ here? >Milwaukee heated jacket >oem 2000mah cost $30 and runs for 2 hours, max …[View]
74454664are motherboard manufactures getting out of hands?[View]
74449405Which 6TB 7200rpm HDD would you recommend? To store media (I do music so I need tons of space for sa…[View]
74454400What's the best way for a NEET to teach himself how to become an ethical hacker? Asking for a f…[View]
74447197is there such a thing as too much technology?[View]
74452637Imagine being so utterly poor that you can't even afford to use Safari, the world's best w…[View]
74449583it was fun while it lasted. time for underground houses in the middle of a desert. https://twitter.c…[View]
74452250hard drive storage: I need a storage media that will last 100 years. Will dots on a piece of paper s…[View]
74452597Why the FUCK hasn't this been standardized into a single connector yet?[View]
74452350>PlayStation 5 GPU Is On Par With GeForce RTX 2070 Super Graphics Card https://gamerant.com/plays…[View]
74454499Yo can anyone help me with SSD for music production and video? I like this setup: OS and programs: 2…[View]
74454275What’s the point of learning this?: Sysadmin anons can you please explain why anyone other than you …[View]
74416658/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: Previous thread: >>74373580 Don't buy anything OTHER THAN IBM/L…[View]
74448530*OOPSIE* *OOPSIE* *OOPSIE*[View]
74449863pls advise: I will be pooping in approximately 2 hours What technology should I be using on the mast…[View]
74454427questions on possible lenovo flex laptop purchase: Looking to pickup a new laptop soon, preferably i…[View]
74453680AI waifu simple project: Would it be possible for AI girlfriend that you can talk to but has a perso…[View]
74448536Louis absolute serene commentary will leave a lot of butts itching on /g/[View]
74454603Do you still print things out because you refuse to any form of technology that can spy on you, thus…[View]
74452121Now that the new MS Edge is out, is it time to finally switch from Brave, brehs?[View]
74452914How can apple shills be so insufferable[View]
74454360Keyboards with this feel?: I had a Lenovo g4xx notebook with this kind of keyboard and really liked …[View]
74451171hey Cniles, riddle me this:: if >foo += fuu; is the same as >foo = foo + fuu; then why isn…[View]
74453849>buy gaming monitor >turn it on >dead pixels >return shipping is $40…[View]
74449854I GOT HACKED: 30 minutes ago my brothers Origin account changed name from “TheShadowPizza” to “TheSh…[View]
74454166Lenovo is the most retarded company on Earth: Who the fuck moves the Control key?? I will stab each …[View]
74452775hello /g/ here is a public virtual machine. have fun http://seafour.pro:6004/[View]
74453805Is there some technological reason why things have 420 gram quantities, or is it a marketing thing f…[View]
74453078What went wrong with Windows?: This piece of shit Windows 10 actually slowed my computer down. In Wi…[View]
74452260What is the best FOSS password manager for Windows?[View]
74452128Does a keyboard like this exist /g/? It would be ideal for me, since I'd like a smaller keyboar…[View]
74451007What is the best laptop for learning to code? I must CONSUME.[View]
74451965Anyone else enjoy the simple mechanical nature of watches..[View]
74450847it really do be like that[View]
74451572/UMPC/: What is the best UMPC?[View]
74452096Would technology evolve without '''video gamers''' ?[View]
74448638how many passwords can you remember?[View]
74442660OH NONONONONONONONO amdbros hold me[View]
74433128>2010 'oh god were running out of addresses >2020 still not fully deployed. it was a meme all …[View]
74449752If you think Chrome is slow, go and try vivaldi. I think it has something to do with their shitty im…[View]
74450462My wife used to use Adobe Illustrator some time ago, and she's a very light user. She uses it j…[View]
74453242Why weren't videotex (and similar systems) as popular as the Internet is today?: Aside from the…[View]
74453330Let's be honest, most of you still live with your parents and are NEET losers or have dead end …[View]
74453334Captcha codes: Every comment here is like downloading a file off a site, except its way harder than …[View]
74449148anons what terminal emulators r y'all using? Any suggestions? Currently using st, but sorta wan…[View]
74451970I fucking LOVE: my used gaming laptop. Daily Reminder: You are not required to play games on your ga…[View]
74452129I consider my master password strong, sitting in the 30-35 characters range. The password logs you i…[View]
74451074Do you Baidu?[View]
74452712why do all handheld consoles have IPS screens? The screen is so small, you will never be close enou…[View]
74451935Would you give up technology for a gf?[View]
74451699Just a reminder that AMD is getting another 20% raw single core perf boost, 30% dual core boost with…[View]
74448275emacs is bloat[View]
74452760Static Typing is Fascism: Static typing is the Hitler of programming No free expression allowed Type…[View]
74447672What anonymous email do you recommend? I need one, I just registered on cock.li but my passes aren…[View]
74452838Outlook spam filters collapse: Anyone else using Microsoft Outlook experiencing the problem (in the …[View]
74452747They don't make websites like they used to. *sip*[View]
74446613what was that small piece of software on github or anywhere else that changed your exp using a pc fo…[View]
74451194>run Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on a ThinkPad L590 >'official firmware update' popped up in gnome-softwa…[View]
74446819What happened to 3D televisions?[View]
74445858When did you realize he was right? Every thing he preached that would happen has happened.[View]
74452246The Rust drama is a Microsoft ploy: I know this sounds crazy but hear me out: 1. Embrace: Microsoft …[View]
74451422So /g/, I have these fuckers as neighbors who always put their music at high volume and I'm fed…[View]
74452368Is there a guide for buying DAPs/Cassette Decks?[View]
74446048Days without a security flaw: 0: Seriously, since this year started, I feel like there's been a…[View]
74451621I'm almost ready to go full on tech-weeb. I've been researching, and VM-ing on-and-off for…[View]
74452234how much does it cost to create a site like Amazon? My friend knows hows to make a website and said …[View]
74451674Can someone explain this for a brainlet? http://thecodelesscode.com/case/76[View]
74449170Don't mind me, just being a giant clunky piece of shit[View]
74441982Google: I don't understanad why /g/ hates Google so much. >Products are genuinely useful for…[View]
74450398https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkB-eRCzWIU 'These days more and more people seems to be migrating t…[View]
74437928TOR: How is TOR a tool that is not riddled with backdoors like everything else? Isn't it obviou…[View]
74445580Imagine if Windows 7 had been 'the last version of Windows' instead of Windows 10[View]
74451776How does one use 4chan on their phone? Also what the hell is this?[View]
74451390F1 in terminal: Guys, I need to use F1 in Ubuntu terminal to open help in a program but when I click…[View]
74452054Why does every other laptop get this wrong?[View]
74449522Aizoban: manga reader for Android: It has been not available for over three years. It has been repos…[View]
74450518Is this a crypto scam?: These guys are saying US Air Force will use their crypto-nodes to filter cor…[View]
74449167Hi /g/ I need some recommendations For a school project I have to make a stick with sensors on, the…[View]
74450943anyone tried the new edge browser? why would you use it over chrome?[View]
74451499Chromium: Where does my data go if I use chromium? What about PaleMoon? If Chrome sends data to Go…[View]
74450718How overblown is Ai?: How many jobs are set to be automated this decade? Cars are likely so literall…[View]
74451232fstab musings: I have several internal drives, but only /, swap and /home are in my fstab. All the o…[View]
74451784>internet shminternet[View]
74451609Good job qBittorent![View]
74446929/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Why even study edition? What are you working on, /g/? Previous …[View]
74450096Since Windows is not opensource: Could you not just add/remove/change os functions using a hex edito…[View]
74449952>Still haven’t renewed https certification >Website still has padlock…[View]
74450566Are there any websites on which to practice SQL injection?[View]
74450732Debloating your computer: What is a good way to debloat your computer. It used to run fast but now …[View]
74451060been out of the loop for a while...: what's the current best 'decentralized communication packa…[View]
74451070Audiophile Speaker Retardation: what speakers do you use /g/? Im waiting for these to arrive. I also…[View]
74444513What the hell am I supposed to replace this piece of crap with?[View]
74444674Should this thing be revived?[View]
74448843Does a processor just have ALU, and have seperate memory banks and RAM? Is a CPU just A processor + …[View]
74428394Palemoon is the best browser in 2020.: -palemoon = secure, no telemetry, fast, based on the GOAT fir…[View]
74391614It’s better than linux. >Better performance; Less resource intensive >Laptop runs cooler >…[View]
74445889Revert to IRC?: The internet has gone too mainstream we need to go deep under again[View]
74449908UK /g/tards. I've been with Sky for going on a decade, and I'm paying thirty quid a month …[View]
74443075Kali Linux: getting into netsec reddit told me that only noobs install Kali, so I tried using it fro…[View]
74442028What things do you miss about old YouTube (2005 - 2013)[View]
74450541high frequency traiding popularity: So /g/ I do not know if its due to youtube algorithm or if this …[View]
74444141How are you planning to delay installing Windows 10 on your PC? Is Windows 8.1 an acceptable stopgap…[View]
74447125Has anyone ever ran into corrupted zip files after archiving thousands of files? What's the lik…[View]
74448952stop assuming 1 program language fits all projects: every language has it's pros and cons for j…[View]
74450600Back the fuck up: Wow I love spending months uploading my shit to the cloud. Is there seriously no o…[View]
74450606Kino Workflow: >Arch >i3 >Ranger >Vim >Qutebrowser This is the patrician's too…[View]
74436454I triggered John McAfee on Twitter by telling him to stop using Gmail. This was his reply. Is he rig…[View]
74450208radeon adrenalin is still buggy: Where the issues come from, the driver or the driver software?…[View]
74449665How much math do I need to know for electronics engineering?: as I suck at math, I was wondering how…[View]
74447406electrical engineering careers: Do any of you have a career in EE? I'm trying to find a job. I…[View]
74449590This is macOS, the world's most powerful desktop operating system. Say something nice about it.[View]
74439999is Clover Kill?: Ive been using Clover for years, its always worked flawlessly. The last few weeks I…[View]
74447592Does anyone own a 3950x with Noctua dh15 fan? How noisy it is? Planning on finally moving from my ol…[View]
74450350Tried to warm my Steinberg CL-1 gently in oven so paintjob would stick better However,,, melted :( N…[View]
74447157mpv: Didn't see an mpv thread. Don't have the standard OP either, deal with it. How do you…[View]
74443040Redpill me on Blockchain: Is it really going to change our society or is it just a meme.[View]
74450674You know, I prefer Apple's approach to tech: Just release it once and when it's ready for …[View]
74450348What is techmology?[View]
74447789>I'm a self-taught civil engineer! I design bridges in my spare time but I learned everythin…[View]
74450221What is the advantage of having more female programmers? Will it make software more cute and intuiti…[View]
74449083why do drop shadows make everything look better ui-wise[View]
74442235I will be honest - I have mad respect for this guy bringing the free software movement to the attent…[View]
74443884Do you even root your phones anymore? Honestly, I have no need to anymore.[View]
74448131What's the best Markdown editor?[View]
74450075So is this actually enjoyable?[View]
74448663What is the obsession with “handmade” tech? >handmade >mostly amateur but a few high quality …[View]
74448161recommend me wireless earbuds: I tried the tozo t10 out but the sound quality is honestly fucking at…[View]
74443693/bsd/ - Berkley Software Distribution: Get Help™ Edition >Where do I start Anon? Pick your poison…[View]
74449481We all know the pitfalls of OOP, but what about it's benefits? Where does OOP really shine?[View]
74446503SpaceX about to destroy a rocket and abort in-flight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhrkdHshb3E…[View]
74444209Why do code monkeys do this?[View]
74451813any technology to make me happy?: i’m left with my imagination and it’s gotten to the point where my…[View]
74444090cpu-z thread: post your e-peeni scores[View]
74448001X.org fags: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=XDC-2020-Options-Outside-Poland …[View]
74447947Ubuntu kills the newfag: >newfaggot's first board after /pol/ is /g/ >newfaggot hates ani…[View]
74448091What's his name again?[View]
74443667Why should I use BSD if it crashes even on old thinkpads? If it can't work properly on 7yo lapt…[View]
74434502what are some /g/ approved game engines?[View]
74449431Internet Explorer comeback: What if instead of keeping messing around with Edge Microsoft revived In…[View]
74449576What is a brainlet friendly way to learn more medium-to-advanced programming concepts? I am doing we…[View]
74448088why isn't there a word editor that lets you open/edit multiple documents in one file?[View]
74449622Windows Media Centre: Name a better aesthetic[View]
74441687Choose your fighter[View]
74449178What did he mean by this.[View]
74444617X.Org's XDC2020 May Abandon Poland Conference To Find More Welcoming European Location: https:/…[View]
74445127https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X089oYPc5Pg Why don't you have a Pro Display XDR monitor, /g/?…[View]
74445460Will they ever fix their broken, built-in apps?[View]
74449432Why doesn't iTunes just give you an ability to automatically grab all the album art?[View]
74449671Anyone try briar for messaging?[View]
74445943>lightweight >fast >no GTK3 bullshit >no flatshit theme bullshit is Trinity desktop the …[View]
74442233Is Nim any good?[View]
74443919Finally a working Newpipe release, download it here https://github.com/TeamNewPipe/NewPipe/releases…[View]
74448866>Woman applies for Tech job: >Gets a job offer after one face-to-face interview >75k starti…[View]
74448519Diablo 2 Gods: Diablo 2 mods have the ABSOLUTE BEST tools to RolePlay a D&D God. Prove me wrong…[View]
74444354Which version of Firefox are you using? Stable, Beta, Nightly?[View]
74448551Any way to make a smartphone actually useable as a temporary Desktop replacement?: So I can do usefu…[View]
74447007Why is it so comfy, bros?[View]
74437510nVidia Killer THIS YEAR!: What the FUCK are we going to do now, bros!?[View]
74447594wch distro wud u fk[View]
74447460>Take my eyes off Windows 10 for a few seconds >Hard disk activity LED starts flashing…[View]
74448688have you shot up your thermal paste today?[View]
74448246/g/ opinion on open source sofware?: Do you use foss stuff? In your opinion what free software is ac…[View]
74446190Recommended wifi ac device for linux?: What wifi device would you guys recommend? It's a pain t…[View]
74446060day in the life of microkeks software: >wrote quick program on my windows shitbox >want to see…[View]
74446890Are there not any good drive enclosures or are people just retards that cant take care of their driv…[View]
74446506Which one do you prefer, /g/, 4chanx or dollchan?[View]
74448627Build-A-Rack Challenge: Here is the scenario (i swear to god this is not homework). >Assume you h…[View]
74438524>your most expensive tech purchase >do you regret it hard mode: no PCs, phones, cars or anythi…[View]
74446417/vdg/ - Void Linux General: >What is Void Linux? A light distribution of GNU/Linux that is indepe…[View]
74445620Is real OOP basically the same as real FP? selectGreaterThan: value ^ aList select: [:n| n >…[View]
74446814AI and ethics: I have to write a 100 page thesis about Artificial Intelligence and ethics related to…[View]
74446858Prevent screen burn-in: All of my monitors suffer burnin from the OS taskbar and/or web browser- OP …[View]
74443496Python vs Shell: What do you prefer for automating tasks? Python or your system shell of choice? and…[View]
74447931Tech Companies:: Why do they always push sodomy and perversion on people? I don't see the conne…[View]
74442661Font rendering thread. What's the /g/-approved way to get sexy font rendering?[View]
74444906Are the extra 500€ = 555$ worth it? I need iShit for work (mobile dev, freelancer)[View]
74448122Is this okay? https://youtu.be/HoCthqTLaV4[View]
74438240/pcbg/ - PC Building General: Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >How to build a PC h…[View]
744472152.4 ghz Game Console stuff: Bros I'm having a retard issue and hoping a few other people on /v/…[View]
74444396How you prevent loss of data?: I always work in a dropbox folder. All my documents, pdf, code (not f…[View]
74445739>be me >boomer dad watching youtube on TV >video about China hotel >first introvert hote…[View]
74447487Was early-mid 2000s the golden era of technology? Also nostalgia thread[View]
74445781Here in Yurop I have unironically seen politicians and bureaucrats using Macbook Pros. ALL governmen…[View]
74442430He doesn't have a used gaming laptop: He has a used Thinkpad with only 2 coars[View]
74446497are foldable laptops literally the future? >way bigger screen in same form factor >can use in …[View]
74439391Does he give legit advice?[View]
74447674We should keep some humans in jobs that will be taken by robots because human knowledge can be irrat…[View]
74447815social media and business thread: So I have to return a favor for someone and get him some extra cou…[View]
74446735What languages are needed to program a dildo machine? I'm thinking something closer to the meta…[View]
74445624What kind of professional skills should one possess before considering if they ought to purchase one…[View]
74446097Why are all SFX power supplies so shit? They're all low quality made in china chink shit instea…[View]
74442168What went wrong with Windows?: This piece of shit Windows 10 actually slowed my computer down. In Wi…[View]
74446851So you're saying there's not a single good motherboard under 100$ for pic related? Bullshi…[View]
74447453Hey /g/, one of my co-workers was wondering how to connect a cardo Scala headset and one other thing…[View]
74445583Is there any way to bypass the OTP verification for Netflix? I have infinite access to CC's tha…[View]
74444410TempleOS biopic starring Daniel Day-Lewis: how many /g/ users would see it? we are testing the water…[View]
74443845without a doubt, the best 4chan app[View]
74446842>old man trapped in a computer >creates for himself a cute virtual gf how far along are we fro…[View]
74446289Xbox wireless controller PC reciever repair: I have a USB wireless xbox 360 controller receiver for …[View]
74444349What's the best possible tech branch to specialize in corporate environment in EU? I have knowl…[View]
74443785Linux Torvalds got ZFS all wrong: https://www.realworldtech.com/forum/?threadid=189711&curpostid…[View]
74447118Can /g/ recommend me a work monitor please? It needs to be below 800 bucks (tax reasons). I would pr…[View]
74446848The biggest lie on the internet: Really Google? 34 million results in .6 seconds? Amazing! Except th…[View]
74439316Best Exercises for new Programmers: what r some good sites on wich i can find beginner level program…[View]
74446184How do I configure Yubikey 5 NFC to generate TOTP codes right? What do I need to select in yubikey p…[View]
74420543Why is software made before 2001 always so aesthetic?[View]
74442756>$6,0000 minimum for Mac Pro >big selling point is expansion PCIE slots >they sell PCIE pow…[View]
74444577>it's free as in freedom! not price Be honest here. Once the source is out, it's out. I…[View]
74446365>let foo = bar[View]
74445916Why archived.moe is down[View]
74446536It’s “GNU+Linux”[View]
74437504you have less than or equal to ten seconds to justify your freebsd hatred without mentioning the CoC…[View]
74445118The forth programming language is 1 kilobyte.[View]
74444000I'm so happy: Thank you /g/. I mean it. With GNU/Linux, i discover my computer again. It's…[View]
74426701Retro Handhelds: Do any of you have retro handhelds? Most of the modern Chink ones use a JZ4760/JZ47…[View]
74446099I put a Raspberry Pi 3 inside my mechanical keyboard: It's comfy and saves space. What cool DIY…[View]
74438080/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous: >>74433370[View]
74444741whats a good alternative to foobar on android that has queueing functionality (i.e. select 'pla…[View]
74445998just bought an asus vivobook 15. how do i remove the botnet? yes i am infact a poor thirdworlder.[View]
744454412 factor authentication Yubico: whats your opinion on this method?[View]
74445211Say something nice about him[View]
74445653Post cases for £40 or less, Looking for an ITX mATX[View]
74446031I'm looking for a new tv that can also be used as a monitor 100hz 4k low input lag it's a …[View]
74445027Huawei P30 pro help: A family friend from China got me a Huawei mate P30 pro. I cant seem to get any…[View]
74444900>Case has a bright flashlight light that can't be disabled why do they do this…[View]
74445849https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=XDC-2020-Options-Outside-Poland so trannies …[View]
74443759Why are certs even a thing when they wont help you get a job?[View]
74445864Mechanical Keyswitch Ranking: Rank the mechanical keyboard switches you've tried from best to w…[View]
74438823And you thought the big 4 were scary >What if a stranger could snap your picture on the sidewalk …[View]
744154672020: Goodnight Rust: It's only been two weeks but the signs are everywhere Rust dropped suppor…[View]
744444894chan iOS Apps: I tried The Chan and Fortune but none of them let me save images. Is there more opti…[View]
74445398Are desktop-optimized kernel patches just a meme?[View]
74441644How do you like new power shell?[View]
74445301why, yes, of course I use ghidra. how could you tell?[View]
74443504>2020 >still no good image editor on Linux fuck this gay earth…[View]
74445115CrystalDiskInfo 8.4.0 released: Added MegaRAID SAS (PERC 5/6) support (https://github.com/hiyohiyo/C…[View]
74442120going to build an art station: I'm planning on self publishing a comic and offer limited editio…[View]
74442868Oh shit RustBros: How will we ever recover?[View]
74437757Vibrations espionage: wtf is this true? how do I protect myself from it?[View]
74443498How do runescape bot clients work?: I know java, by default, build jars with debug info which makes …[View]
74445152Vanilla k8s, Rancher or Openshift: My company is about to introduce this meme technology and frankly…[View]
74444579Void Linux: I haven't updated Void on my Thinkpad x230 in months, around 8-9 months actually. I…[View]
74445000>one library to do thing >maintainer is AWOL >no pull requests are being merged >hundred…[View]
74439355/obsdg/ - OpenBSD General: >OpenBSD https://www.openbsd.org >Following -current https://www.op…[View]
74443239>Warning: Altering clock frequency or voltage may damage or reduce the useful life of the process…[View]
74444835yeah.. its dark[View]
74441116So... is it based or reddit?[View]
74433350Are smart lightbulbs worth it?[View]
74430882What the hell happened to the Japanese PC market?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbh1XP4kCT4 It…[View]
74443600Switch to Windows 10 or stick with Windows 7?[View]
74442919>TFW some of my friends and family store their passwords and other sensitive data on the cloud.…[View]
74444651mfw bourne shell is literally bs[View]
74442328Ive had the dm42 for about a year now and I love it. I've had experience with the HP 35s and 50…[View]
74431060The Linux desktop is about to update with new features: Desktop system of the Linux is finally havin…[View]
74440626What went wrong?[View]
74442995Why is Youtube so trash despite being owned by Google? >Have to unsubscribe one by one >Super …[View]
74444650Opera browser: Hi /g/, honest to God not shilling here but why is Opera so based? I enjoyed the inte…[View]
74444590>look for embedded jobs >most require JS, PHP, SQL, React and Angular >mfw…[View]
74429458We're being ID'd, /g/.:
cat /etc/machine-id
74444001old OS installers: anyone know where I can find ISO installers for old OSs, win xp/vista/7 and old m…[View]
74442643Modern Amiga hardware: I know these things are overpriced, useless pieces of shit. But fucking hell,…[View]
74438697Go ahead anon, go try out some other distros. I know you'll eventually come crawling back.[View]
74441558/g/ YLYL: ylyl /g/ edition[View]
74434644>tfw you finally go full SSD[View]
74440154watermelon mousepad[View]
74421048/hpg/ - hard peepee general: why there isn't any hard peepee thread up edition[View]
74443608Is TheNewBoston the best YouTube programming tutor?[View]
74441919What VM do you use? I tried VMware and virtualbox both sucks. Image unrelated[View]
74437381Why are SFF PC's not mainstream? Big boxes beneath your desk make no sense, at least not in mos…[View]
74441905Will gaming TVs save us from botnet '''smart''' TVs? This beauty right here is $3.7k but it doesn…[View]
74442739iphone 7 plus activation lock: Need help passing through activation lock without previous owners hel…[View]
74431454/ptg/: >Not sure what private trackers are all about? The mission of /ptg/ is to promote the lowe…[View]
74442733How do I prevent my security cameras being hacked: How do I prevent people like this anon in >…[View]
74443955Facebook apologises for rude translation of Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s name: https://www.scmp.com/n…[View]
74441186Years of using a smartphone and resting it on my pinky has changed the resting position for my pinky…[View]
74442353>Looking for engineering jobs >Most of them are soiboi JS/react call themselves engineers Are …[View]
74438604Active Directory dabs on GNU/Linux: Everyone talks about the problems of using GNU/Linux as a deskto…[View]
74438037Well, /g/?[View]
74437959Oh, by the way l use Arch™[View]
74439151Going to take the Lisp pill. What dialect is best, and is it compiled or interpreted, I've seen…[View]
74443437js: What are some good books on modern javascript development? I'm searching for something like…[View]
74443743Xiaomi lel: Xiaomi related talk. Phones, IoT, overall love, it can be anything.[View]
74439880>tfw no seL4 with Qubes OS architecture Is there any point in going on, /g/? How am I supposed to…[View]
74440986I don't think Linux failed because of freetardism and GNU philosophy. I think Linux failed beca…[View]
74421536/bst/ 2: electric boogaloo: last one hit img limit postem, lads 'n' ladies[View]
74442387I build my PC around a GTX 780 and i5-4670K in Q2 2014. What would the equivalent successor for my Q…[View]
74440471Cretique my new modification[View]
74434444>website uses javascript to load text and images[View]
74424895Post your Github contributions anon. No cheating![View]
74440277What makes old desktop environments so aesthetically pleasing compared to what we have now?[View]
74437936Windows XP with Classic Theme[View]
74439124Laptop sticker thread: show us your stickers[View]
74436698trackball: lads my wrist is really starting to give me pain, whats the recommended trackball?[View]
74430502/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: /sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread >Read the sticky: >>519715…[View]
74443273What APP does /g/ use to manage multiple monitors in windows? Is pic related acceptable?[View]
74442140Why the fuck are screens on modern cell phones 10x better looking than most computer monitors?[View]
74441104Why is OSX still a thing when we've had 10 iterations of windows?[View]
74433634Edge <3 Firefox: https://twitter.com/MSEdgeDev/status/1218329212068585472[View]
74441127https://www.cnn.com/2020/01/15/tech/ai-job-interview/index.html Have you run into one of these AI as…[View]
74442681>forced diversity hires won't hurt companies[View]
74442979Should one buy a mechanical keyboard? What are the advantages over standard logitech shit?[View]
74443126https://devblogs.microsoft.com/directx/dev-preview-of-new-directx-12-features/ https://microsoft.git…[View]
74411440Let see some analog[View]
74443095Next Gen Apple Phone / Tablets will not have port for wired charging: Wireless only using proprietar…[View]
74442597People think that programming as a job is hacking away as fast as you can at the keyboard, coding li…[View]
74440452How much more does software engineering pay than computer hardware engineering? I'm one semeste…[View]
74434244What is the new system programming language?: Is it pic related or still chad C?[View]
74438373i managed to drop my phone into the mud during a storm and now the headphone jack dosent work. the p…[View]
74437658edc thread: For I have become meme, destroyer of female attraction[View]
74442993Is getting the RHCSA/RHCE worth it?: I want to eventually head towards the DevOps path. How useful w…[View]
74440907You have a room for rent. A fellow comes to apply. You interview him. He begins to tell you that he…[View]
74438409Why is it expected that if you're studying CS in college, you MUST have personal projects if yo…[View]
74440414I fell for the STEM meme: EE frens, which path in semiconductors should I choose for a happy life wi…[View]
74437734Deluge vs Transmission: The great debate[View]
74442419I know this is the Mail, but it is being reported in multiple sources. Seems a bit...odd. Record hig…[View]
74440423>Intel GPU Have you guys heard anything about these? What do you think?…[View]
74434071I would like to buy a machine with an m68k, Z80 or 6502 processor to learn assembly language in real…[View]
74441400How difficult is it to write your own web search engine (+crawler)?: is this just impossible to do, …[View]
74436927The moment you realize high level programming is a meme: I can do most productive stuff with bash sc…[View]
74442584What's the real difference between a TV screen and a monitor anyway? I always thought that moni…[View]
74433172What speakers would /g/ recommend?: Title says it all. What speakers are best for my desktop?[View]
74441209Have not bought a TV in nearly a decade, who are the players to look at in the low end of the market…[View]
74442257Dark Web: Anyone have any thoughts on the Dark Web. Stupid question, but if anyone as any interestin…[View]
74441921are all cmos batteries 3V? whats the lifespan of a average cmos batterie? does it drain power despit…[View]
74441536What's Chrome OS end goal?[View]
74442303Anyone know of some good wireless earbuds that are less than 100$ and sounds good? I don't want…[View]
74440553When will we replace HTML completely? My body is ready for a new internet.[View]
74441249What's the Large Hadron Collider/CERN running on? CentOS?[View]
74436359Opera 12.15 Source Code General: Source Code: https://git.teknik.io/Zero3K/presto Patches: https://g…[View]
74440453Would it be possible to say, make a website into a .torrent and have a client that could view that? …[View]
74440029will there ever be a 4k tv with no 'smart tv' wifi-app bloat? I just want something to pla…[View]
74437688How do you pronounce .exe? Ee ecks ee, like it's an acronym? Eckse, for Executable? I always pr…[View]
74440609Sort it out, /g/[View]
74439389First time on /g/, give it to me straight guys: Is it possible to get a decent job if I get some jav…[View]
74441511Do normies even care about laptops and desktops anymore? Outside of gamers and office wagies do they…[View]
74441951Twitter notifications and personal settings keep resetting themselves: Is this happening with anyone…[View]
74439650ZFS saved my ass: for the first time in my life, a drive failed and ZFS caught it because of a check…[View]
74437210Presenting your next home server: *slaps top* this little baby can fit 5 of your HDDs with 4GB ram i…[View]
74440490Why is Windows so creepy?[View]
74440440You're out shopping for a brand new laptop /g/, what brand do you choose? Lenovo's are com…[View]
74441268>rejected again Is it even possible to get an entry level tech job anymore?…[View]
74441385>it's free as in freedom! not price Be honest here. Once the source is out, it's out. I…[View]
74439502vim cream[View]
74433517What's the best editor for C/C++ on Linux?[View]
74434551how viable is BSD in 2020 for desktop use? last time i used it hardware support was pretty bad. have…[View]
74436588tell me about OpenBSD[View]
74433963No mpv thread yet? Let's change that!: Download: https://github.com/stax76/mpv.net/releases Tip…[View]
74441143the monkeys are all over the fucking place[View]
74439838How do you use technology in a way that improves your life beyond that of the average western normie…[View]
74439640Yay or nay on Devuan? Fork of Debian which uses OpenRC. XFCE default.[View]
74440792Frame Breakers: Would you have wanted to be a frame-breaker in the 19th century? These zealous indiv…[View]
74440519What's his digital workflow like? Considering that computer beneath his desk is running Windows…[View]
74439837So, let me guess, they are going to shit all over everything again with '''updates'''.[View]
74440922KUROBA: Why cant I open a deleted thread in my browser again? Why are the archieves still fucked? Ar…[View]
74440617>3 hour battery life what went wrong?[View]
74440674Spoiled zoomers should shut up about tech being expensive you entitled fucks[View]
74440030>All of your sins are forever posted on the internet for eternity. Is there even a chance your on…[View]
74433423I miss it bros[View]
74437966If I take a gaming laptop to a business meeting, will it look weird?[View]
74438473The forth programming language is 1 kilobyte.[View]
74426576Recommended Windows 10 software? I just fresh installed it[View]
74440324Got a dell optiplex with a 4790 and 8gb of ram today for free today... so, did this.[View]
74440170What's the state of AI in 2020?: When is the movie 'Her' going to be real?[View]
74440233Can ANNs be programmed onto FPGAs? Why is it not done more?[View]
74440208What is the best backend for gnome twitch: ?[View]
74439735>X.Org's XDC2020 May Abandon Poland Conference To Find More Welcoming European Location >…[View]
74432472Would you be open to getting a Linux based smartphone after a bit of polish? I need to ditch my iPho…[View]
74438517Holy fuck. Kotlin is higher up than Ruby on the PYPL index now, right next to Typescript. It's …[View]
74440169literally what's the point of college anymore?[View]
74436687THANKKKKKK YOU AMD: I love your drivers and the spyware needed to keep them updated :^DDDDDDDDDD…[View]
74435878Make this technology go away. I can't take it anymore. I never want to see it again. I'm l…[View]
74424511What job can I get with an associate's degree in computer science? I'm gonna be done after…[View]
74438281mirroring of the laptop's display to the TV: does Linux more specifically Elementary OS have an…[View]
74439823i want to become a programmer / hacker but i am retarded, what do?[View]
744368322000Ghz? Is this legit?[View]
74439923/fct/ - FedoraChad Thread: If you ever wondered why Fedora gets beaten in benchmarks versus Ubuntu d…[View]
74438255Doesn't using non-mainstream application/technology make you more stand out and trackable? Why …[View]
74407070/pmp/ + /iemg/ - Portable Media Players + In-Ear Monitors General: Four IEMs of the Apocalypse editi…[View]
74438292>tfw cant stop distro hopping Anyone else in the same boat? I just get bored so easily and want t…[View]
74438082>selling item on ebay >prospective buyer messages to ask if i have the original receipt Why? W…[View]
74438687How do i create a pdf file for free?: And have it on 4channel?[View]
74438949Recovering pictures: Hi, is there a way to get picures on facebook back you deleted a long time ago.…[View]
74432551>I switched to a non SystemD distro and I want to get rid of pulse audio too (no more red hat in …[View]
74438662ecdsa by Default: Why is this shit the default ssh key now ? 521 bytes, is the CIA basically in my …[View]
74392730/hsg/ home servers general: Home server thread NAS is how most people get into this. It’s nice have …[View]
74438501>tfw too retarded to install any distro more complicated than ubuntu or mint…[View]
74438544What's up with normalfags rallying against facial recognition?[View]
74436637yes /g/ tell me again how 8gb of memory is all you need. this is just a couple of web application ru…[View]
74439358How can I get started with Machine learning/AI?[View]
74436553What search engine should I use?[View]
74434703How would you make AI for RTS?[View]
74438041How can I run Mac OS without buying a $4000 fuckbook?[View]
74438599Upgrading CPU + Mobo, same Windows 10: Hi /g/ I want to upgrade my PC with new cpu, mobo & ram (…[View]
74424537i5-2500k bros report in[View]
74432549What do operating systems do after 'graduation'?[View]
74437858I want to write a book, what's the best technology to do this? Is markdown okay? It's non …[View]
74428713Who's at fault here?[View]
74435919post your phone home screen[View]
74438960P=NP: Where the fuck is it motherfucker?[View]
74438729Why are there almost no yellow phones?[View]
74429601Just bought pic related, what case do I put on it[View]
74438815what's your reason for discussing libre computing here: What's left of the internet and co…[View]
74437484>look at programming tutorials online >most of them go through syntax, working with files, and…[View]
74419951KDE looks like this in 2020?: Wow... Amazing...[View]
74438639Pandoc: Is there a way to look for a specific command in Pandoc markdown and grab the parameters/con…[View]
74434371Is technology making our lives better or worse?[View]
74437663I need a 4chan alternative OR I NEED some way to get around THESE STUPID FUCKING CAPTCHAS. These Cap…[View]
74436355Decent free VPN?: Hi /g/, I need a free VPN trial to use for the next two days. I've already us…[View]
74433040>Ruby is gonna be the next big lang wait and see! >Objective c is gonna be the next big lang w…[View]
74435585has technology gone too far?[View]
74438291>white guy tries to present himself as an expert >gets schooled by a woman and an Indian man M…[View]
74437318Wtf US army? goddamn free loaders everywhere..[View]
74434294what laptop for around 1000 dollars would you recommend for internet some downloading and occasional…[View]
74437590We have a database that already in 500GB in size and we expect it to grow at least to 1TB soon and t…[View]
74435552>low-level architecture class >combing over object dumps and reading assembly instructions …[View]
74435091VPN: What's the /g/ recommended VPN? is pic related any good?[View]
74438257Are these worth getting?[View]
74438183Anyone got an extension or script to restore the old google look?[View]
74437969ciscuck here, on faggot tracer, I can ping from a wireless laptop to a wired PC on another network b…[View]
74425961>start learning C >all the tutorials are just basic 'download the text editor, get the compile…[View]
74435887What's a good VPN I can use on my Android phone and PC? I'll be out of the US for a few mo…[View]
74436700>feel for the learn to code meme[View]
74437823>Trying to make a windows live usb using the dd command >Had to redo it a few times since wind…[View]
74437626Cheap data redundancy: >external hard drive takes a shit (starts up, clicks a few times and shuts…[View]
74436897Bill is getting old.[View]
74433370/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Last thread: >>74422766[View]
74437994Excuse me but let me interject for a moment: But what you're describing as Samsung or Intel or …[View]
74437739Why doesn't google need a phone number for confirmation when I create a new account using andro…[View]
74437906Connecting arduino mysql: Even the punjabis can't help me with this one. Does anyone know a way…[View]
74437888I know you guys arent personal tech support but I'm at my wits end here I just cannot figure ou…[View]
74435877Why isn't other browsers support bookmarks tags? and how do you guys manage your bookmarks with…[View]
74437831If you would have to implement a service which supports versioning and reviewing similar to wikipedi…[View]
74437783sup /g/: why is vlc such shit?[View]
74436204Microdrive.: Microdrive.[View]
74435671>be me >still use Redmi 4 Prime I bought in 2016 for 140€ >have a 1080p IPS display in my p…[View]
74427993What would you do instead of software engineering/IT?: If you went back in time would you still work…[View]
74437478People that mess with scammers and post it on youtube. So i know they use a virtual machine and hav…[View]
74435751Why is technology so unfriendly towards gloves?[View]
74433757/g/ Approved Tech Documentaries?: What are some good /g/ documentaries to watch, in relation to tech…[View]
74433849what the fuck is the difference[View]
74436524why can't there be like one language that you can extend depending on your needs with different…[View]
74437511Haven't updated my web browser since June.[View]
74434255Is the «workplace diversity» bubble finally popping?[View]
74434202* ahem *: >fuck zfs >fuck oracle >fuck cddl…[View]
74417633/spg/ - Smartphone General: Huawei P40 Pro Edition If requesting purchasing advice, please provide y…[View]
74429175So this is what the PS5 looks like? Why not just make an ITX build lol?[View]
74437124>people use icons on their desktop Why? Just use your start menu bro[View]
74434115How come it's so perfect? Literally a perfect piece of technology.[View]
74434509The end of Rust, the rebirth of C: It turns out masturbating all day about Safety[TM] nets you two t…[View]
74412299/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Users of all leve…[View]
74420296How do you clean your keyboard g?[View]
74437280Does performance of shitty iGPUs make any difference in modern browsers? I'm trying to upgrade …[View]
74435808Was the internet better in 2006?[View]
74436498/g/, What should I replace my Ubuntu laptop boot image with?[View]
74429052why does the linux filesystem have to be so confusing compared to windows?: IMO this is the real rea…[View]
74428319TVs >cheap >large >great picture quality >BOTNET >SMART TV SHIT >forced to agree t…[View]
744353142020 is the year of the BSD desktop 2020-2029 is the decade of the BSD desktop Fuck GNU, fuck Linux,…[View]
74431909>1995 >Some guy makes a useful program from scratch in his spare time, throws it up online for…[View]
74433332This just got installed right in front of my house...WTF is it?: Should I be worried?[View]
74436718Dose any one use XPS vs PDF? Is it Microsoft only? Is there a maker/viewer for linux? Does anyone ca…[View]
74428361What is the actual reason why most major distros go with Gnome?: I have heard several reasons: >t…[View]
74436385How can I get a piece of the AI pie?[View]
74436949I´m still using this ancient 10 year old monitor. Bought it on 2010, released on same year. What do …[View]
74436455So I caught a lineman installing Verizon Fiber in front of my house. I soon learned however that thi…[View]
74434523Vivaldi lies: How is this legal?[View]
74436207The biggest lie on the internet (not this specific search just in general)[View]
74435976What does Ubuntu even do?: Let alone Mint Linux. I installed Debian and it runs flawlessly. It has a…[View]
74430572Why is Bose so hated among Audiophiles? Their headphones sounds pretty good? Am I missing something…[View]
74421529/wdg/ - Web Development General: >Beginner Roadmap and Guide https://github.com/kamranahmedse/dev…[View]
74436262Tech RAGE thread: >4chan images actually load noticeably faster on my secondary Windows XP Pentiu…[View]
74432296let me guess you 'need' more[View]
74435287/g/ like /gays/ you are gays[View]
74419481Start rolling, you lazy faggots.: I'll do this now. Give me 5 Minutes.[View]
74427121Are You Happy at Your Job?: Do you work in the tech sector? What do you do? Do you like it? How are …[View]
74434984What's the best self hosted cloud storage software? I want to have the convince of google drive…[View]
74432247Do you love old machines[View]
74436287what are /g/'s thought on this? blockchain email, apparently. https://mulamail.io/ not a shill …[View]
74434570What Youtube channels are you following for technology, that aren't posers?[View]
74421568What's with people and flat design? It looks retarded, why is it so popular?[View]
744310092020 and still not the year of Linux and it never will be. Why? Because Devs are retarded. It feels …[View]
74436149What would you do with this qtπ? 12', Pentium III M 1.2GHz 512MB. Currently thinking about connectin…[View]
74427552/pcbg/ - PC Building General: Assemble a part list >https://pcpartpicker.com/ How to build a PC …[View]
74428790Based and redpilled cooler[View]
74433962Can I customize windows 10 without bugs like I can customize linux? I mean like custom fonts, colors…[View]
74433666Which muh cloud service do you use? I use pic related.[View]
74435880headphones: audiophile thread, ill get it started favourite drivers open or closed back favourite pa…[View]
74435673Should I private my GH repositories? I'm little afraid of someone stealing my project, even if …[View]
74433085how come no one has used code to make things happen in real life? like coding an app where a snake p…[View]
74435820So if there's watercooled CPUs, watercooled GPUs, and even watercooled RAM, why isn't ther…[View]
74432599Turkish hackers attack Greek government websites [DDOS]: The Greek National Intelligence service was…[View]
74435741Is it true /g/ hates machine learning because it's too hard for them?[View]
74435654Any good vids, articles, books, etc. on multithreading or concurrency that you could recommend?[View]
74432252headphone general >Looking to buy Sony WH1000XM3 >First pair of high end headphones >Wtf te…[View]
74434388[RPI - friendly]: Hello /g what kind of language would you use if you had to create an app working …[View]
74434034How do they know I look like this?[View]
74434251Are FPGAs expensive to buy and program?[View]
74431720why is this piece of shit country so behind everyone else when it comes to technology?[View]
74435503>no update in 2019 Is Yamamoto dead bros?[View]
74434009What is the best keyboard /g/entoomen?[View]
74433144>linux kernel is like 30+ million lines of code is there a light weight version of linux? or coul…[View]
74431818what do you think about wireless earphones ? bought pic related and it's kinda comfy[View]
74433612Graphic Card upgrade: I have a 1050 and its time to upgrade init, what graphic does /g/ recommend? I…[View]
744326185G: So this is why they're really deploying it[View]
74434497SeaMonkey 2.53.1 Beta 1 released: https://www.seamonkey-project.org/releases/seamonkey2.53.1/…[View]
74420659What is it like to listen to music in an audiophile setup?[View]
74435192What's the best laptop for running Hackintosh with MacOS Catrina?[View]
74430543I'm no expert in compression algorithms, only have general knowledge of how they work, and ther…[View]
74432186/ptg/: REDtarded BTFO edition >Not sure what private trackers are all about? The mission of /ptg…[View]
74433382what android launcher do you recommend for the /comfy/ experience ?[View]
74432731Bwahahahahahahaha... hahaha.. ha.. ahh... ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha yukyukyukyukyuk hahaha[View]
74434807>1300$ >85% screen to body ratio: LMAO[View]
74429650Why JS is best language out there? It just basically owns Front End of the whole web and now just sp…[View]
744283054chan project idea: Version control system!: I am designing a new Version Control System. It will be…[View]
74432776Desktop Thread: Post em[View]
74431160Our hardware has been getting exponentially better over the years. Then why the FUCK has software be…[View]
74430866goodbye bose[View]
74432363>pay us money so we can spy on you What is the name of this business model?…[View]
74420980Explain Rust to me, I don't get it. >Is it as fast or about the same as C or C++ >Is shit…[View]
74434425>Common Lisp >actually not that common[View]
74433091>finally get GB internet >wifi adapter can only transmit 72mbps Should i buy a PCI adapter or …[View]
74431129where did all the NEETs on /g/ go? did they all get jobs? this place doesn't feel bustling and …[View]
74433922what were the best and what were the worst devices you've bought in the last decade?[View]
74433037Interesting websites thread: Share interesting websites you've found. Here are some of mine: NU…[View]
74429437What am I not seeing here?: $195.50 for a used mouse and several bids. Is it all the little speed ho…[View]
74434248HP Omen 15: Really pleb question here, but is the HP Omen 15,good? I need a new laptop and this one …[View]
74433870wincucks btfo: If windows is so good, then how come arch linux has working bluetooth drivers for my …[View]
74433888Satoshi Nakamoto: Who is xhe?[View]
74429887Silent computer cases. Is this just a meme? I've looked at so many cases but there doesn't…[View]
74423118The return of C: So now that Mozilla is going tits up and taking Rust with them, it's time to r…[View]
74431174https://www.vpnmentor.com/blog/report-pussycash-leak/ 'We were able to access Pussycash’s S3 bucket …[View]
74431191Why is Kuroba so shit? Like half of the features are broken in really bizarre ways and it loads imag…[View]
74417085What can we do about the problem of e-waste /g/?[View]
74427278>taskbar decides to render above everything else randomly[View]
74432984Why are you not using the most advanced operating system /g/? Are you too much of a brainlet?[View]
74429199What is the best flavor of Ub*ntu and why is it Xubuntu?[View]
74426658So what workloads would actually benefit from 64 cores aside from virtualization?[View]
74432254Recommend me a good fp book: I've been trying to get into fp lately, but every article/book tha…[View]
74432513>git clone something from the AUR > makepkg -si >building fails >first need dependencies…[View]
74433571How long until scientists develop real human-level machine translation? **So that I can shitpost on …[View]
74428666I learned japanese language on N2 and now I want to learn some programming language! Will it be that…[View]
74431920Rootkits, Malware and shit: Is there a surefire way to know whether you have or not a rootkit instal…[View]
74432134Another one bites the rust: https://github.com/actix/actix-web https://words.steveklabnik.com/a-sad-…[View]
74424631>how to tell a new model turd is coming out soon[View]
74432056Is linux desktop on the verge of extinction? How do we combat the freedom hating ARM and iToy menace…[View]
74432633Pop!_OS or elementaryOS? don't fucking reply to me if you are a suckless drone[View]
74433554Is there anything inherently unique and valuable to the technology behind Chainlink?: If it has thes…[View]
74433615Is Thor real: Like a web or smn idk or there is but it’s not thor[View]
74426012Is OpenPOWER the future /g/?[View]
74431704Are you exited?https://www.patentlyapple.com/patently-apple/2019/12/samsung-is-aiming-to-start-mass-…[View]
74426305windows 7 tribute: windows 7 tribute thread, R.I.P the best one.[View]
74429221Why are Europeans such fascists?: If Apple wants to use its tried and tested lightning port, that…[View]
74433168is windows 10 botnet?[View]
74432413BIOS Logo: Post your custom bios logos[View]
74429757https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7y5JQwHSzh8 >Using inferior Premiere Pro garbage instead of based…[View]
74433044W3C Privacy Community Group: https://privacycg.github.io Just launched yesterday. No sight of Google…[View]
74422766/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Old thread: >>74417545[View]
74422514bsd general OpenBSD edition[View]
74431494Arch vs. Gentoo: Which one do you prefer?[View]
74422207mozillabros, is he correct?[View]
74431845I've been struggling with how to answer this, because it's going to sound almost exactly l…[View]
74427283Apple nerfs the Airpods Pro with the latest firmware update. Taken from rtings.com >Update 01/10…[View]
74426362Why does Timmy look through all my private photos?[View]
74428757better times[View]
74431536Is it legal to simply format the hard drive and install the LTSC version every time it expires: Its …[View]
74427468Git Branching Is Going To Kill Me: I'm so mad right now. I've been managing a git reposito…[View]
74429754>install parabola >refresh-keys >pacman -Syu >/var/cache/pacman/pkg/djskajfkgkskfnmt unk…[View]
74432003What would be the *least* efficient way to draw a circle using your programming language of choice?[View]
74432265Hi /b/. I learned how to easily write graphical applications. Here's my github. I wanna write a…[View]
74428587World's top Go player just resigned because machines could best him but Chad chess players cont…[View]
74431111How do we efficiently fight this plague?[View]
74430793How the FUCK do I get an IT job? Is Comptia stuff worth it? Will the CCNA help me at all? Every piss…[View]
74430554Google service took a turn on the worse: https://www.theverge.com/2020/1/17/21070871/google-favicon-…[View]
74419667Stallman lost: It's over, the GPL is falling out of use and there's nothing rms can do to …[View]
74431940You don't 'need' anything faster than dialup. Prove me wrong /g/[View]
74432158how do i unfuck this?[View]
74385281/mkg/ mechanical keyboard general: nmb blacks is the keyboard equivalent of the female orgasm editio…[View]
74432277I spent all my brain power learning c (gave up before pointers) when I should have learned javascrip…[View]
74431769App needs photo verification. Problem is, my phone is shit so I cant even try with it, and dont have…[View]
74406164Fuck AMD Fuck you: https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/eo6om7/looking_for_some_information_regardi…[View]
74431678Curious Cat: I'm not going to ask for any links but remember those late 90s early 00s obscure s…[View]
74431054why do American programmers make so much money than programmers from other countries? they make 10 t…[View]
74432041I have been programming for 5 years in java and I just realized I don't know how to program a d…[View]
74432104We should make Windows users wear these so civilised people know who to avoid[View]
74432005Stealing information before encryption: Anyone have information on technologies used to steal messag…[View]
74428322Here's your computer bro. Now code me something cool in java with that[View]
74429380Browser benchmark battle January 2020: Chrome vs. Firefox vs. Edge vs. Brave: https://venturebeat.co…[View]
74430589Thinking of getting one of these: LG 32UD99-W (729$ , 746€) Size 32' Resolution 3840x2160 Refresh Ra…[View]
74431753win 3.1: Anons, why does it have so much SOUL?[View]
74427513Why is KDE so overrated and why do people shill for it constantly?[View]
74427617>As first reported Monday by KrebsOnSecurity, Microsoft addressed a severe bug (CVE-2020-0601) in…[View]
74430229Alright /g/, Let's get one thing straight. C is a fucking _monstrosity_ of a language. No buil…[View]
74431294What type of monitor is better for non-gayming purposes? 4k or 144hz?[View]
74428164What is your favorite Linux distro?[View]
74431429show me your gnome workflow. i'm trying to switch to it from i3wm and everything is so uncomfor…[View]
74431104>2020 >she still isnt using brave[View]
74430588How come does Tesla have the biggest market-cap with the industryst worst auto-pilot technology?[View]
74426594WiFi Security: On Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, BSD, and Mac OS your wireless client will automatica…[View]
74431113>literally deaf boomer >buys £800 player to listen to 128 cbr mp3s…[View]
74431246Comrade Stallman wants all software to be free, none to be proprietary, none to be written by the so…[View]
74428573For me, it's Athlon FX[View]
74407618/csg/ - chinkshit general: ?? edition In /csg/ we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao…[View]
74428687Can you make a lucrative career out of reverse engineering? Can you eventually compete with crazy FA…[View]
74408248> old woman came into my store yesterday to buy $1050 worth of iTunes gift cards We questioned he…[View]
74430821The field of AI is exploding right now. Will there be another winter coming? I just wanna know /g/…[View]
74426370I want to be a Google employee so bad.[View]
74422853>Launcher >Music Player >Video Player >File Manager >Gallery >Navigation >Image…[View]
74430277EasyWP: Anyone else on NC's EasyWP? Managed wordpress hosting. I decided to go for their cheape…[View]
74430512is there something better than webm.lua or is that as good as gets?[View]
74429706VPS hosting providers: I'm tired of giving AWS $100 per month and want to migrate my servers to…[View]
74430463First Living Robot: https://www.uvm.edu/uvmnews/news/team-builds-first-living-robots Ready for biolo…[View]
74417429/ptg/: Frens Edition >Not sure what private trackers are all about? The mission of /ptg/ is to pr…[View]
74402207Collapse OS: Thoughts on this? https://collapseos.org/ Basically is a post-apocaliptic operating sys…[View]
74425753post your irc list anon[View]
74429515>'Sir! We have a serious bug that needs to be fixed right awa-' >'ssh, no talkie until I had m…[View]
74430440Crypto though question: Let's assume I want to generate a bitcoin private key by picking a rand…[View]
74430264Any Excel pros bought this or heard anything about it? Is this just entry level spread across 72 hrs…[View]
74424300rust: remember cniles, you may win today, but the war is ours[View]
74430159Is there a way to make a video file that is actually just multiple videos?: Without quality loss or …[View]
74428099/speakers/: Why do Italians like Monitor Audio so much?[View]
74429655>2020 >Only a few FP languages are barely acceptable for webdev >It's JVM…[View]
74427419Steve: >I've had this ration before and this cordial alcohol is incredibly rare, I'm go…[View]
74428913Has anyone here used Hadoop before? I've recently learned about it and it seems pretty useful. …[View]
74429345what's the fastest way to get started with Python? I want to use it with Apache Spark and Tenso…[View]
74410643/fwt/ - Friendly Windows Thread: sers of all levels are welcome to ask questions about Windows and s…[View]
74428359Starting a new career path. I wish I had learned all this 15 years ago when I had the chance.[View]
74428801Does phaser use vanilla javascript?[View]
74429593>he doesn't have the firmware for his mouse on hand at all times to brag about on /g/ Tut tu…[View]
74426020>he uses wannabe-unix instead of real unix Explain yourself.[View]
74413050/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: /sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread >Read the sticky: >>519715…[View]
74427425Cable management tips?: I run a small hackerspace/music production studio in my apartment. I have an…[View]
74430432Thinking about designing a phone, anyone know any useful resources on how to build a prototype.[View]
74427625Can video games be technology? Are there any video games doing cool shit like supposedly pic related…[View]
74421767Can somebody please tell me the appeal of iOS over android?[View]
74427787Very Important Thread: Let's talk about the programmer IQ distribution < 70 Low Life Expecta…[View]
74428363How do i fix this problem? I've tried updating my driver Dns server Command prompt Checked my L…[View]
74428621/g/ is not my personal helper but if you can i will be grateful. I bought a gtx 750 ti to put into m…[View]
74427301>taking part 2 of a 2 semester programming course >thought it would be the professor I had las…[View]
74424944>CS degree Cringe, code monkey for life >IT degree Based, sysadmin position fresh out of colle…[View]
74423825I know /g/ loves to be contrarian, but how could anyone actually like GNOME??[View]
74427385 . [View]
74419340Vlc is perfect: I don’t care about mpv something. It has terrible GUI[View]
74428723IT 'jobs': Sysadmins are the janitors of the tech industry[View]
74427975do you dream in code /g/? dreamlets need not apply[View]
74426073ITT widely used terrible designs pic rel, If you want to make it assymetrical, make it visibly assym…[View]
74427768AR contact lenses are looking realistic this decade >A new Silicon Valley startup is trying to bu…[View]
74428657How do you make something like this? https://slimedrippings.tumblr.com/gamefaqssort#_=_ And is it po…[View]
74421659I can't wrap my head around this. They're using it at work and I can't into reading t…[View]
74427577>use small taskbar buttons On...or...off?[View]
74422509IT BEGINS: Do you still think that CS degree was a good plan?[View]
74391102/dst/ - desktop thread | show off your rice: Previous thread died >>74363610 things to include…[View]
74426287lua: is it any good? should i learn it?[View]
7442681116 inch macbook pro sucks ass: cons: keyboard touchbar touchpad integrated ssd pros: almost borderle…[View]
74416191Alright, let's do it, boys. >DSM-5 diagnosis/diagnoses >favorite distribution I'll s…[View]
74414558anybody own a raspberry pi 4 here? how is it?[View]
74424710How do you all come up with interesting personal projects to do and blog about? Sometimes I really g…[View]
74421159do you nerds actually use linux at home or is it just a meme[View]
74427045Why you haven't installed it yet?: Listen, you lowlifes who will never amount for anything. Ins…[View]
74428267so I fucked up and got a K series chip with an un overcloakable motherboard: anyone know a cheat mot…[View]
74427749https://www.semiaccurate.com/2020/01/16/large-layoffs-at-intel-happening-now/ WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…[View]
74417181XFCE switches to CSD by Default: 'One of the major UI changes that we announced for the 4.16 cycle w…[View]
744227632020: One Browser, One Project: it’s over /g/. Take the chromium pill. It’s fucking comfy. Stop worr…[View]
74425840Windows 8: Was it technically superior, but hard to learn?[View]
74427208BSD ravaged GPL[View]
74427927Why won't you show me your source code, anon? Nothing to fear, Nothing to Hide.[View]
74427478how much do you really understand about computers?[View]
74425903Hi, I've been working on a project that some of you might be interested in. It's a little …[View]
74426895Could I get an entry level helpdesk job without certs?[View]
74422863/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous thread: >>74417545…[View]
74427820hello /g/lorious gentlemen, i come here with a simple question. How do you keep your energy high dur…[View]
74427615https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=intel-gen7-hit&num=4 WEEEEEEEEW…[View]
74427658Social, thought provoking questions for /g/: What went right? What went wrong? Who was in the wrong…[View]
74418128What an exploding Tesla looks like (hundreds of laptop batteries): https://youtu.be/y5xKCzdhAC8 Lite…[View]
74408643Previous threads: [ https://archive.rebeccablacktech.com/g/search/text/%2Fcyb%2F%20%2Fsec%2F/type/op…[View]
74420277Can I trust .iso by gen2 from tpb?: /g/, will you allow me to download windows 10 ltsc from tpb? I k…[View]
74427405If ECS is so good then why is everyone using OOP?[View]
74423457OCaml: is OCaml worth learning? Ive always heard that whitebeards and niggers use functional but it …[View]
74422850/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous thread: >>74417545…[View]
74420005Magnificent: Magnificent[View]
74422846>using windows[View]
74419344Why is replica and these other AI chatbots so retarded and repititive? Is there any AI chatbot which…[View]
74427390>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQMuxNiYoz4 Explain why people are asleep to this.…[View]
74426276>pirated install of excel just disappeared[View]
74425724Dead websites that didn't even make it. Post 'em. https://cybergrotto.com/[View]
74420330Rust imploding: https://github.com/actix/actix-web Apparently so many trannies got mad when they rea…[View]
74426547AI Learning: I’ve stopped drinking and want to do something interesting and productive with all this…[View]
74413348Software Unprofessionalism: When and why did software become so unprofessional? From Microsoft'…[View]
74426488I'm sure all you /g/ anons are respectable career men in the booming world of tech. Lets have a…[View]
74426631In 2 days I am joining an IT firm as an intern, one of the task that I have to complete in order to …[View]
74425045Why did Nvidia stop releasing cool little tech demos? I remember downloading everything they had wh…[View]
74424069Tiling window manager thread. I am using i3wm for a few years but I wanted to try AwesomeWM. What ca…[View]
74427011got an internship interview for the first time in my life. what the fuck do i do guys? it's sch…[View]
74426261why haven't you taken the suckless pill yet anon?[View]
74421031/pcbg/ - PC Building General: Assemble a part list >https://pcpartpicker.com/ How to build a PC …[View]
74427004What is the /g/ choice for a phone mount for cars? I've bought several from Best Buy, and they …[View]
74426959Why? Yes, I never compile my software. How could you tell?[View]
74425984how long would it take to learn how to code a crypto trading program, if i have absolutely zero expe…[View]
74424636EMACS STARTUP BUFFER: Hi guys, I'm 'making my own emacs' starting from a vanilla install. I use…[View]
74416875Worst Software logos of all time: I'll start (yes this is real and current)[View]
74408411The PC gaming market doesn’t matter.[View]
74426619>I can't use timestamps to prove I created a meme because you can alter them in Linux What t…[View]
74426864So, for OS and search engine sake, Qwant and QubesOS seem to be pretty based. For encrypting traffic…[View]
74422891GNU btfo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1Y7O7Xin9c[View]
74421592input field: 'find x' google results: page 1 full with SEO and adds, impossible to find anything use…[View]
74407538>walk into room >see this poor girl slowly dying in the ground what do?…[View]
74421634IT Break Room: This thread is for Information Technology workers currently on break; NEETs and weebs…[View]
74426402>me? Im just using adblock whilst refusing to donate to any of the services I use for free…[View]
74426344>floor function >it looks like stairs what did they mean by this…[View]
74422807Stop using Linux and just submit to mass surveillance, it's for your own good. We have to spy o…[View]
74425646Anybody here use a mesh network? My dad just got pic related to improve my shitty internet connectio…[View]
74425568Tech Appreciation: ITT we post something we love no matter the hate. Pls no h8 I love the apple mag…[View]
74421833Atomic Library 2.0: New version is done. What do you think? Any feedback or advice how to improve th…[View]
74423997Well /g/? Is it worth all the hype?[View]
74421186Did any one of you guys own an HD DVD player?[View]
74421660now that the dust has settled, which style is superior?[View]
74420906>still 1050ti >scared looking for a job again because AvPD…[View]
74411711https://www.anandtech.com/show/15412/nvidia-cuts-price-of-geforce-rtx-2060-to-299 https://www.nvidia…[View]
74424695Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Unity Desktop: >5 Year LTS >Unity Desktop like Terry Davis used >Getting t…[View]
74422002>Got a new printer for our cash office at work after last one blew up >The old Toshiba 4690 OS…[View]
74417855why this shit is so fucking easy yet so fucking hard?[View]
74425744Bypassing premium walls?: /g/ I've been away too much time from this topic and I was wondering …[View]
74424607Windows 10 S Mode[View]
74425883Have you ever tried to make your own mouse or keyboard /g/? Have thoughts about what you would imple…[View]
74422244How do I increase my IQ to become a programming better? I don't want to be a brainlet code-monk…[View]
74425864Don't call yourself a programmer: I did it lads. Finally quit my job writing code and got my fi…[View]
74423080I use sizer to move the windows to center and MaxTo for organizing the windows how about you guys?[View]
74425778anyone else too good for TN monitors? I refuse to do any computing on a TN panel[View]
74418861>Write 0 code and move around 5 lines in a doc file >Force yourself into the contributors list…[View]
74425738Godot release candidate: https://godotengine.org/article/release-candidate-godot-3-2-rc-1…[View]
74404117does /g/ use an audio interface?[View]
74422632can't you think of something better than this fucking thing? These things are so wobbly and pro…[View]
74421349>be me >just finished CS degree >living in poor Balkan country >first job making 500 buc…[View]
74419949How does MMO even work, can't you just send faulty input and fuck up the game?[View]
74424061I'm looking into starting a career in programming websites and I need help getting started I wa…[View]
74421669Jeesus Christ can Intel do anything right?[View]
74423004sup /g/: why is vlc such shit?[View]
74418068When will they be releasing affordable mid-tier graphics cards? I've been using a 750ti for lik…[View]
74422768/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Previous thread: >>74417545 What are you working on, Anone?…[View]
74422925Now that the dust has settled, where did everything go so right?[View]
74423431C++ learning sources?: Because of where I work, I am mainly a Java / Typescript 'programmer'. I know…[View]
74425354does /g/ know a method to acquire a value based on what is visually seen on the screen? i.e: define …[View]
74422528I want a sticker printer for making custom stickers. What does /g/ suggest? >> inb4 kys zoomer…[View]
74421972How to become a NASA Programmer in the 60s: https://youtu.be/z4cn93H6sM0?t=0m55s [Open] >'It was …[View]
74421765>Windows 7 end of support >Reluctantly install Windows 10 >'HI I'M CORTANA USE YOUR VO…[View]
74422845/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous thread: >>74417545…[View]
74423134Context menu key: Does anyone actually use this key? Under what circumstances?[View]
74410053>4chan got emoji support before VP9, av1, webp, flif, or avif 🪂🪐🪀🪁🩱🩲🩳🩰🪕🪔🪓🩸🩹🩺🪑🪒…[View]
74424373ITT: We pretend to be HackerNews[View]
74420878>fully replaceable cpu and gpu is this worth getting? i always hated the idea of the cpu/gpu dyin…[View]
74416510>2020 >he still isnt using ad nauseam[View]
74422463How much to contribute to GitHub to get a job?: I plan on starting to contribute to GitHub every day…[View]
74421538Captcha: How do we solve the clover problem[View]
74421190Now that the dust has settled, why did Ryzen flop so fucking badly?[View]
74421297Why toaster technology not improving to give us more delicious toast faster? Toaster technology not …[View]
74423579Mulan: I just stumbled upon this new chinese programming language and I want to try it. Anyone know …[View]
74423343Can't get a clean loud enough audio file. Trying to create podcast for YouTube: using H5 ZOOM w…[View]
74424582Is rbt dead? Fuck, now that warosu search function is not working how am I supposed to check what’s …[View]
74424518>he fell for the programming socks meme[View]
74417515Trump blocked sales of 7nm UEV machines to China.: They had a meeting with the Dutch Prime Minister.…[View]
74421296Just accept the facts: >use only windows since 98 so Microsoft and NSA has had my information sin…[View]
74421410What are your thought on the firefox preview for android /g/? It's supposed to be a non-dogshit…[View]
74410918>work for a healthcare IT business >main product is an old, antiquated billing software design…[View]
74373580/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: Previous thread: >>74319935 Don't buy anything OTHER THAN IBM/L…[View]
74421968Does such a thing exist?: Is there a portable docking station for really tiny barebones computers li…[View]
74423356Is there a way to use my PC from different rooms in the house at the same time?: > Put gigabit et…[View]
74420657Russia's 'most popular search engine' Yandex is branded 'creepy' after test…[View]
74423218Can't find a decent phone: I'm looking for *) a flip-phone *) without google or other spy…[View]
74420619How difficult is it running a server (full time on a spare computer) for a source game? I have some …[View]
74422665>can't see the volume slider That's some great design, Google.…[View]
74419245another day wasted shitposting on /g/ instead of learning programming[View]
74423461Has the programming industry jumped the shark? Every architecture in the hot new companies seems to …[View]
74423506So how hard is it to fix a Google Pixel 3a XL? I left mine at a repair shop a few weeks ago to get t…[View]
74411331>he’s not using the best browser available right now very sad desu[View]
74415808systemd is a perfect representation of the Unix philosophy. Prove me wrong.[View]
74423159What are some good microcontrollers to be programmed?[View]
74422113>windows 10 >turn on battery saver mode >2 hours remaining >turn off battery saver mode …[View]
74418145I am losing all hope of becoming somebody respectable I do nothing all day I am not interested in an…[View]
74423092One copy of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Bionic Beaver plz[View]
74423017Wifi was a mistake. It lowered the floodgates so that every moronic boomer zoomer noobloseridiot fag…[View]
74422869CTF recommendations: Just wondering if anyone has some good CTFs to recommend. I've done Most …[View]
74422262Post your vim colorscheme: i'm looking for a light version instead of dark (i work mostly in na…[View]
74416586/g/ I hope you're getting ready to apply for 9front's Google Summer of Code projects[View]
74415364https://www.zdnet.com/article/mozilla-lays-off-about-70-employees-including-senior-staffers/ So maki…[View]
74417545/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous thread: >>74409015…[View]
74420739How about learning COBOL?[View]
74422759THE ULTIMATE HTPC EXPERIENCE: Title kinda misleading. My family is going to replace the TV (probably…[View]
74422704online polls: Is there an alternative to strawpoll that keeps your anonymity and is immune to voting…[View]
74421360Mate DE on Debian look differently than on Ubuntu: Howdy, /g/entlemen, How the fuck do I get my Mate…[View]
74421929What's /g/ opinion about Endless OS?: https://endlessos.com/ Is there any educational instituio…[View]
74410332Mainstream adoption of non-x86 platform for portable computing: Is it reasonable to expect that by 2…[View]
74418253https://twitter.com/CoolerMaster/status/1217729609829158913 OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO A…[View]
74422093WHY ARE THESE STILL SO EXPENSIVE?!?!?? When is the next generation with higher capacity coming out s…[View]
74422085Doing one of Google's Captchas >See my street on there Give it to me straight bros, am I re…[View]
74412784C language: Is there any point in learning this? What would you even use it to make?[View]
74418538Tech that causes /g/ to sperg out: Tech that causes /g/ to sperg out[View]
74421514Golugle: Hands up /g/, hand over your personal infos. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLjht9uJWg…[View]
74418507American technology >A device that allows people to empty a portion of their stomach contents in…[View]
74411231No mpv thread. Lets change that.: Download: https://github.com/stax76/mpv.net Tips and Tutorials: ht…[View]
74421534Why do i never see anyone talking about this? An air cooler they claim outperforms AIOs with 'thermo…[View]
74417346is changing as urgent as they say?[View]
74420261Have you installed palemoon yet: -palemoon = secure, no telemetry, fast, based on the GOAT firefox 5…[View]
74417171Intel mass suicide: https://twitter.com/CDemerjian/status/1217976686588964864 >Large layoff begin…[View]
74421528'upgrade': It's a downgrade if I've ever seen one[View]
74418001>retarded boomer teamlead doesn't understand that programming requires concentration and kee…[View]
74409623Whats /g/'s opinion on water cooling: Is it good or is it just another fucking coonsumer fad?…[View]
74416775What's a good free file scanner software? My tiny ssd is clogged with god knows what and I need…[View]
74409326Name one flaw.[View]
74420731Reminder that whenever you even mention a gutmann pass, some alphabet agency spook will promptly re…[View]
74420917What is the best or /g/ approved Linux distro nowadays? >no new install when a new version releas…[View]
74418593MalwareBytes: What does /g/ think about it? Do you use it? Have you paid for it?[View]
74421389What site could he possibly be describing?[View]
74419425Why isn't it more popular? I never hear any significant problems with it.[View]
74400165/wdg/ - Web Development General: >Beginner Roadmap and Guide https://github.com/kamranahmedse/dev…[View]
74419950Did I fuck up ? I paid 749.99$ at microcenter for a EVGA RTX 2080 SUPER Last week[View]
74420856Which software gives you the most nostalgia? MSN Messenger will be always in my heart, its the memor…[View]
74413967The OS/2 Thread (including ArcaOS and eComStation): Welcome to The OS/2 Thread. OS/2 is a revolution…[View]
74418556windirstat post yours I just updated from two sata 500GB samsung 860 evos to a m.2 1TB 970 evo plus.…[View]
74420702>So which distribution of Linux did you say you use? Well?[View]
74420002just bought pinephone and pinetab.[View]
74417638try to answer this![View]
74414652Fire Extinguishers: Hello friends, I'm looking for a fire extinguisher, specifically, a 5lb CO2…[View]
74412147Thoughts on the NEW google search results page? URL at the top since it's the most important th…[View]
74411876EU wants all phones to have the same chrager: Did I just wake up in 2010 or something? I genuinely t…[View]
74413002>Apple says the proposed regulation would 'stifle innovation' and be disruptive to 'consumers' Th…[View]
74411246Srs question, why are normies so obsessed with laptops? Is it so they can put that shit in a cupboar…[View]
74420753so I'm using a VPN because I don't like my isp seeing my traffic. I have a doubt, though. …[View]
74409762Press F to pay respects F[View]
74420419What is currently the best lightweight download manager? I've always been using Jdownloader2 on…[View]
74420414Python thread?[View]
74413588.>he fell for the power bank meme: LMAO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFVtjcSXUXE[View]
74420595Do you trust free public WiFi?: Would you connect at an airport? A Wendy's?[View]
74419872>have internal data drive >windows equivalent of D:/ >have to enter sudo password alongside…[View]
74417227Will green pcb and copper wires get outdated?[View]
74417064How much money would hitler donate to ubuntu?[View]
74414365Open-source Programs worth reading: Which open-source C++ programs are worth checking out to read th…[View]
74420422/mac/ - Apple General: Discuss Apple products, software, programming languages, operating systems. W…[View]
74419895/blazor/ - the react/redux/next and vue/vuex/nuxt killer: Damn, I am impressed![View]
74419776I wonder what kind of interface this ui was designed for thanks google[View]
74419101>tfw IoT saved C it's literally never going to die, why haven't you learned it yet?…[View]
74420338When did you grow out of your Microsoft hating phase?[View]
74420093>use both chrome and firefox assiduously >open chrome today >can't go back one page wi…[View]
74419650are you ready for the future /g/? https://blog.mozilla.org/blog/2020/01/15/readying-for-the-future-a…[View]
74412546Theres nothing wrong with coding for 15 dollars an hour: It's okay to code for 15 dollars an ho…[View]
74419106How come people born in 1904 and earlier access social media?[View]
74406982Why are kids abusing thermal compound?[View]
74413882/pcbg/ - PC Building General: Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >How to build a PC h…[View]
74417349This is new ubuntu 20.04 dark theme.[View]

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