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87021359WHAT IS THIS CANCER: Anyone else on mobile getting video ads?[View]
87026146I like Python but CPython's speed concerns me, what can I do about it?[View]
87023319how do we make fix the gender gap in computer science? ideally, it should be 50% men, and 50% women[View]
87025442This is the first coffee making machine in my life and I'm over 30. I'm so excited. When w…[View]
87025718why are people in the tech community and especially on IRC so pedantic and toxic when questions are …[View]
87025455Power strips, surge protectors, and UPS are technology. I want to buy a nice, fat, 8-hole power unit…[View]
87025039Tell me again, why do you need a tiling window manager?[View]
87017664>have AMD card >your mouse cursor randomly turns into a comb…[View]
87014829/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >UPGRADE & BUILD ADVICE Post build list or current specs includ…[View]
87012557>Just reinstall the OS bro[View]
87023807yes I'm a filthy iPhone faggot but what the fuck is going on with wakarimasen? I'm assumin…[View]
87025416I sacrificed 1.4 nanoseconds access time for easier typing and readability.[View]
87024882GP106 die classification: I was recently talking in the intel discord and someone had shared a pictu…[View]
87022630>*destroys your favorite homebrew OS* >heh, nothing personal kid…[View]
87025012I was making a javascript game and it broke out of fucking nowhere... if odds I try to fix it, if ev…[View]
87019815How the fuck do you turn this on? Google does NOT want to answer this for some fucking reason. Googl…[View]
87023609What is /g/'s choice when it comes to the base OS of a.container?[View]
87023269scratch programming language: scratch is good for beginners[View]
87023343You have to click twice to change volume now: Why[View]
87026998>Consumes 6 watts in standby with no load[View]
87018048>Replaces 3rd party trackers with their own >Pushes ads via OS notifications >Bloated and …[View]
87026952WebAssembly: I have not been looking into WebAssembly a lot. But recently, I have been seeing more a…[View]
87023765I hate modern software[View]
87023673>firefox now blocks wakarimasen by default top kek, this fucking retard with his retarded ads whe…[View]
87019872For me? It's typescript[View]
86979822/bst/: battle station thread[View]
87026651Why are external drives so expensive compared to internal drives?: You can easy use an external tool…[View]
87025969Anyone else absolutely loathe the term 'coding'? I know it's really stupid to complain about bu…[View]
87026607is Intel ME really spying on me right now? I'm on Arch linux, not Windows 10[View]
87015517P-Core E-Core: I still do not get the point of P-Core E-Core big.LITTLE architecture[View]
87025855Room G99: So what do you think was in room G99[View]
87021668Youtube Vanced Now Serves Ads: Youtube Vanced Now Serves Ads It's ogre[View]
87022852AdGuard co-founder Andrey Meshkov on Firefox MV3: Firesisters, we fucking won. >Firefox will soon…[View]
87013979Is bash best programming language ever created?[View]
87024027Why did VR never really take off? It had potential[View]
87024126OK, boomer, give me a list of operating systems that I can actually run on a modern hardware.[View]
87025985>buy an old netbook with WinXP >battey dies on boot >install tiny core >battery lasts an…[View]
87024702Code in C[View]
87026248What are some computing problems/solutions that are very analogous. I'm taking a course or comp…[View]
87016259US fears China may have ten exascale systems by 2025: >https://www.theregister.com/2022/05/20/us_…[View]
87011198post words that pseudo-intellectual half-wits use to appear smart[View]
87023932I clicked a retarded link on /v/ Then it started playing a scene from married with children with a l…[View]
87017737HP released a new laptop for developers. It uses Pop!_OS https://hpdevone.com/[View]
87023017What the fuck? That's borderline niggerlcious[View]
87025658can someone help me with not understanding something? i want to design applications for several diff…[View]
87020139If a UI was taken from today and dropped into the 80's, do you think they would find it impress…[View]
87025904im thinking about selling stocks for crypto without kyc: like a website. you pay in crypto and i buy…[View]
87019300>Linux is free if you don't value your time Bullshit, if you set it up how you like you save…[View]
87024716rate my purchase: 500 bucks for an ideapad 3 with ryzen 7 5700u, 16gb ram and 1tb ssd 2280 screen is…[View]
87024437Hello frens, Just curious if I am getting railed by my boss. SO lets discuss our technolo/g/y relate…[View]
87020458This is actually getting pretty fucking good.[View]
87017127>trans sister[View]
87025110NVIDIA Security drivers: They brake my old games. How important are they really? As far as I underst…[View]
87023180What is this shit?[View]
87024700Is it any good?[View]
87019688What is the bitrate of your Opus files?: Doing a survey for those who use Opus https://strawpoll.com…[View]
87024815>2x 140mm up top >1x 120mm in the back >2x 140mm on cpu cooler >2x 120mm in front >1x…[View]
87012017/gdg/ Game Development General: Welcome to /gdg/ - Game Development General This thread is intended …[View]
87023298Post your unpopular /g/ or general tech-related opinions here.[View]
87020830Big Tech is going to kill the Internet as you know it: All old sites will be forever removed from th…[View]
87024298i always wondered was dailymotion a serious contender to youtube in late 2010s?: but this is just my…[View]
87022880Else While Chads: Where are you?[View]
87024794>Wastes 40% of the input power as heat[View]
87021908what's the deal with garuda linux: i thought it looked cool but i see a bunch of people saying …[View]
87025295Is it a problem on my end or are you guys getting this too sometimes for these past few days?[View]
87025237Programming Challenges: In This Thread (ITT) /G/ Recommends a simple program, and builds a simple pr…[View]
87024956Winampfags on suicide watch.[View]
87024692Remidner that viruses can install themselves via poisoned cookies and ssl certificates and that if y…[View]
87022909How much math is needed for coding?: pic related[View]
87025081Laptop for CS: What's a good laptop for CS major? Does Apple Macbook Air M1 still offer the bes…[View]
87025040vlang thread: What's your opinion about V?[View]
87021666Will the apple M2 finally be able to compete against x86 in workloads that aren't heavily hardw…[View]
87023062Fascists: Why aren't you using the Hierarch-array? If you're using 8bit ascii, just load u…[View]
87024482What's the point of using a tiling WM when most modern DEs offer windows tiling as well? You ca…[View]
87022174POS and thermal printer printer thread Why do we still use inkjet or laser, when superior tech exist…[View]
87020743Arch appreciation thread: I've cheated on her. I've distrohopped far and wide. I've s…[View]
87021191Never use Shitjaro: Fresh off of running archinstall and I just want to say never i your life ever e…[View]
87024658Hello /g/! I'm looking for a flip phone with KaiOS, since I live in Europe I don't think I…[View]
87018241>manifestv3 ??? just dont update[View]
87017668> shits on your 'high' salary > shits on your '''programming paradigms''' > shits on java …[View]
87022349These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 115: https://blog.nightly.mozilla.org/2022/05/20/these-weeks-in-firefo…[View]
87013465AV1 / JPEG XL: Post this thread every day until Hiro gives us what we want[View]
86982491/csg/ - Chink Shit General: >IMPORTANT: >***CHINA IS STILL IN LOCKDOWN SO YOUR UNSHIPPED AND S…[View]
86992818/mkg/ Mechanical Keyboard General: FL Esports CMK98 arrival edition >Keyboard recommendation temp…[View]
87022730Have any of you actually ever met a linux sysadmin? They unironicallty know less than the average ar…[View]
87021140Let me guess... You need more.[View]
87023499Newpipe bros. How do you change the order of these icons. I remember I was able to do it before like…[View]
87023720When is the best way for me to have a phone number without having to sign up with a big provider? Is…[View]
87017974Why is this so comfy[View]
87023666How easy is it really to get started in programming? I've learned basic python syntax, the basi…[View]
87023156>be logitech >make a product that's amazing >never make anything of value since…[View]
87023558is signal a psyop to catch criminals?[View]
87018026Can we get an EDC thread going? I like seeing other people's cool shit that I'll never be …[View]
87021459Should you encrypting your disk?[View]
87023692Just finished reading this book. But I don’t understand how to code something good as quake3 or linu…[View]
87018762give me your one billion dollars website idea.[View]
87019189Laptops for CS students: I'm transferring into a 4 year university for Computer Science in the …[View]
87023123What's the most effective combination of filter lists?[View]
87023852Hello g, i have a question, two days ago my monitor started showing a flickering white line at the b…[View]
87022301Linux DEs are pozzed. Stop using Linux DEs and go back with VESA only[View]
87021475Mozilla shares how it plans to implement Manifest V3 in Firefox: https://www.xda-developers.com/mozi…[View]
87022339l+ratio: l+ratio[View]
87022582Yooo, wtf is this bullshit??[View]
87015562why are zoomers like this[View]
87023605if a block this ads and domains i am save ?: if a block this ads and domains etc i am save ? look up…[View]
87016584>coworker starts ranting about OOP again[View]
87023632I need to unlock Huawei P30 pro factory reset protection. I do not have a nano memory stick. Can s…[View]
87009340/sqt/ – Stupid Questions Thread: Read the sticky: >>76759434 >GNU/Linux questions >>…[View]
87015874How do we combat caste based discrimination in the tech industry?[View]
87021873Lucent's 'Inferno' - amazing Lucifer-related technology from 1997: Several years ago I was admi…[View]
87021925mic: What is a good mic that can be about 3-4 feet away from me? It seems like Blue Yeti and similar…[View]
87023437What does it mean another program maybe editing the same file...[View]
87019490You don't need expensive phones.[View]
87023272How to fix firefox for android being slow: Did you try Firefox for android? Was it so fucking unbear…[View]
87022556>Computer used to be a title given to humans https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer_(occupation)…[View]
87012978post programs that survived the span time of time[View]
87020117>already over 25 >hate math >absolutely garbage even at the most basic of maths >don…[View]
87018359so i dropped out of high school when i was a senior and never got around to finished my ged, threw a…[View]
87022834Does /g use VR headsets? If yes how good does the valve index work on Ganu/Linecks? inb4. Gaming is…[View]
87011804How you holding up sandy bridge bros?[View]
87023077>The internet is mankind's most powerful communication tool but we use it to spread the bigg…[View]
87023065>wanted to make an apu icon pack >cant because krita has no crayons…[View]
87017900>want to install linux >you have two options >butter smooth screentearing or stuttering scr…[View]
87022776Can I get double internet speed if I plug a wifi adapter into my desktop while using an Ethernet cab…[View]
87021671>Posting from your IP range has been blocked due to abuse: Yesterday my piece of shit phone was w…[View]
87018655Is KDE already usable on Wayland? I want to use it, but I don't want to use X11 abandonware.[View]
87006937Have you convinced your normie friends to use better messaging apps?[View]
87022170Fucking E-Ink: So I kind of want to preorder the SC1452-GHA from them but fucking Christ. Gotta buy …[View]
87022624Mental Outlaw: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PV6DfSypV-Q bros help a /biz/nig out what did he mean…[View]
87021973MOOT HELP US PLS[View]
87012578Programming: MB-Air 13“ M1 16GB vs MB-Pro 14“ M1 Pro 16GB: I will start my masters in CS with a spec…[View]
87022172>higher track density Just accept it. SMR is the future.[View]
87021016I'm finally home...[View]
87022072Recently my win10 pc updated, and the bottom row of keyboard. Stopped working. I have to type with o…[View]
87019935is this good for playing AAA games at medium settings @60fps?[View]
87008086>You travel 10 years into the past and leave your current computer at your former self's doo…[View]
87011763>patented, copyright and trademark rights 'Intellectual' '''property''' was a mistake…[View]
87018390north korean ip address: sup /g/entlemen i was scanning north korea's subnets for port 80 (beca…[View]
87014225Who the fuck fell for this?[View]
87022194intel e-cores are bad: intel e-cores are bad wtf is wrong with intel i just refund my cpu and all ha…[View]
87019659When did Google straight up start delisting static websites? Search results are worse than useless, …[View]
87021826Should I install KDE? Installing plasma-desktop is less than 70mb in packages But I don't want …[View]
87020920Fuck The Odin Project: For the first time as a long life Microsoft Windows user, I'm being trea…[View]
87019654Do you know anyone who still uses dial-up?[View]
86984592Desktop Thread: previous, actual one: >>86953474 pray it will not be getting deleted now…[View]
87015828You don't need this.: What you want is Vim/Emacs with a good directory structure. Something a z…[View]
87021730You were right, /g/... I must return my Razer Blade due to Software and Hardware issues ;-;[View]
87020297Why is Apple's design philosophy so rare?: If you think about it, most of the time you buy a ga…[View]
87021690Do you want to become a CEO?[View]
87017367Function Hoisting: it's time to settle this, /g/[View]
87021132Shitty VPS problems: I tried connecting to my shitty VPS today and the fucking thing is locked on a …[View]
87019031Why do only the most incompetent get promoted in tech jobs? Some of the best workers I've ever …[View]
87021525In 2020, there was talk of YouTube banning hacking channels. I had unlimited Google Drive storage t…[View]
87020798Is ARM the future of processors? Why is it better?[View]
87021367Is it worth being a c++ freelancer for a 2nd/side job[View]
87015172What is this bee and how do I get rid of it?: This is in my Windows 10 search/start bar now. I know …[View]
87019856I'm a beginnerfag Is Swift a meme language?[View]
87013903This man, simultaneously, discovered calculus and thought the universe wasn't a deterministic s…[View]
87018239why aren't you a GNOMER yet? it's SIMPLE it's BEAUTIFUL it's ELEGANT[View]
87017135Firefox will adopt adblock-killing Manifest v3: https://www.theregister.com/2022/05/20/mozilla_opens…[View]
87021547>all smarthomes are ba--[View]
87020586/hsg/ - Home Server General READ THE WIKI! & help by contributing: https://wiki.installgentoo.co…[View]
87020856Cheap Storage: Which of these 12TB drives would you get for storage? I just noticed 'Pending Sector…[View]
87017110What are some techs that can raise your IQ?[View]
87020346I got suspended twice on twitter in like the span of 3 days: What's the best alternative to it?…[View]
87003531/spg/ - Smartphone General: Galaxy 'it just werks, also bring back this notch' S9 edition. If you…[View]
86984369/emg/ - Emacs and Lisp general: Ask your M-x doctor edition >General Emacs resources https://www.…[View]
87015447How good is your opsec?[View]
87020597Devilish thread?: > Be me >Selling all my rtx3080s on facebook marketplace >Faggot wants me…[View]
87009277Firefox UI history: This was the best[View]
87016500What are some good fields Tech workers can pivot to after they get laid off?[View]
87018444Golang: I accidentally signed up to do a project in this shitlang and now I want to kms. Holy shit i…[View]
87020788>Try installing Linux distro /g/ recommends. >Breaks some how. >Try installing another reco…[View]
87019718ITT godtier software[View]
87019447what happens if you use starlink to talk shit about elon musk[View]
87017651Why are torrent sites like this? The first few results dont even have 'king' or 'hill' or 'of' or 't…[View]
87017305You should ALL be using 42' inch monitors minimum. There is no excuse anymore.[View]
87015511qrd on turing model: >imagine your computer is a cute anime femboy >imagine she is eating the …[View]
87001369/wdg/ - Web Development General: >Free beginner resources to get started with HTML, CSS, JavaScri…[View]
87020349God bless Google: Google was going to end legacy Workspace accounts but decided to let us keep using…[View]
87020164Can we all stop pretending that multi-monitor setups are useful or at all desirable in a personal co…[View]
87019226what the FUCK are these cunts problem i swear every other fucking update they roll out fucks things …[View]
87018808Anyone else prefer IPS over OLED, even in 2022? I don't know what it is but there's just s…[View]
87018975https://www.consilium.europa.eu/media/56086/st08722-xx22.pdf Feels good to be in Europe. >Posted …[View]
87009067Can human brains solve the halting problem?[View]
87020306Yfw you don't deskcheck: You do have a custom program for slow running your program and deskche…[View]
87011699Why do Lunix devs care so little about audio?[View]
87017115Samba Web Client: Why don't any open source web clients support Samba? Plenty of WebDav, FTP, e…[View]
87002558/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >UPGRADE & BUILD ADVICE Post build list or current specs includ…[View]
87016329RTX 4090 comes with a built-in PSU: You cannot make this shit up...[View]
87018203are the gpu prices finally normal? what should i get as an upgrade to my 980? looking to spend aroun…[View]
87019158Are there any trustworthy tech reviewers/enthusiasts on youtube anymore?[View]
87011774What in the fuck: Something needs to be done about this this is fucked[View]
87017985Are keywords and operators the same? Are all operators keywords? Are all keywords operators? Depends…[View]
87016733I just got mogged by algorithms in a code interview... tell me bros... does leetcode really helps me…[View]
87013803>rewrites operating system in Rust It's over, C++ chads...[View]
87018396What the actual fuck is this? You're telling me microsoft is starting to promote shit in the SE…[View]
86999875how do I succeed as a programmer wIth ADHD?[View]
87015620Company revenue red flags: >Hiring freeze, they only replace people that leave the company >Th…[View]
87017056What would be profitable to 3D print?: I am too autistic for a dayjob, I recently got into 3D print…[View]
87017272You still using modern graphic OS?: There is no need to have bloated OS stupid interface to do simpl…[View]
87018763Why isn't vidya open-source (free/libre)?[View]
87019194I hit my screen with a whiteboard: and it healed a portion of dead pixels. If I punch the fuck out o…[View]
87018037Sit down to code: Spend 3 hours browsing the internet instead[View]
87016434This board is being datamined by Chinese and Japanese insect firm[View]
87018843>'Hey, for security you should enable 2FA on our multimillion budget service ' >the only optio…[View]
87019259Best metal detector on the mid range price? I dont know anything about them but my old folk saw a gu…[View]
87018926Necesito un hacker[View]
87012372>HDR youtube only works on Edge seriously?[View]
87019131What happens if you memorize every leetcode problem[View]
87012905>get to 3 rounds of interviews >HR ask why did I leave my previous job after 1 year >”the c…[View]
87015775Will Apple BTFO Meta with their MR headset? >Apple Silicon >Micro OLED >Eye and face tracki…[View]
87017820>regular expressions no one unironically uses them right?[View]
87018346Solar Power Bank Thread: I need to get a solar power bank here soon for an extended camping trip out…[View]
86997171/tjg/ - Tech Jobs General: Workplace stories. Advice on how to progress in your career. Ask and give…[View]
87017264How do I learn hacking[View]
87018076Opinions on liquid metal thermal compound? Are they overrated?[View]
87019012Lg k92: I hope the Chinese child laborer who made this piece of shit phone is burning in hell[View]
87013912I tried studying CompTIA's A+ 1001 stuff for the past month and despite that, I have failed my …[View]
87018236I'm gonna do it.[View]
87017163What’s the best phone I can get for €400 - €600?: Camera quality is important to me Should I get an …[View]
87017706Is Google tech = shit?: Dart, Go, Kubernetes etc..[View]
87009455i3 or dwm: Which one do you use and why?[View]
87016003freedesktop.org: based or cringe?[View]
87015563Is it worth learning and using habitually?[View]
87015641Everytime I reinstall Windows I ended up needing the same list of essential software. I have most of…[View]
87015041#OpenToWork in LinkedIn: Yes or No?: I graduated recently, and I would like to signal I am open to j…[View]
87017436Name the skin tone: Can we give decent names to googles new skin tone colors? Like if I google “hair…[View]
87017932Should I buy the samsung galaxy a33?: Basically i'm looking for an upgrade on my iPhone 7 but I…[View]
87017172let me guess you 'need' more?[View]
87018213Which way /g/?: Webdev -relative job security in current year (potentially replaced by Pajeet with …[View]
87017787>update system >firefox won't launch cause missing libraries in specific versions because…[View]
87016834Anthony Young was fired from Linus Tech Tips due to 'aggressive behavior towards Linus' wi…[View]
87017402Crts Monitors are perfect and we should make new ones[View]
87015992What's the best web browser for a complete retard like me who likes to keep 80+ tabs open?[View]
87017644How come there haven’t been huge iOS viruses that fucked up peoples iPhones? Apple doesn’t mean bull…[View]
87016879Browser: I've been looking to replace my current browser /g/. I use Edge, and I am looking for …[View]
87015469Why can't we have computers like this? I wish I was smart enough to make a build like this.[View]
87016169UBlock O? Local Forecast Will Not Load 'Error': Hey UBlockOrigintards, My Firefox homepage is my loc…[View]
87015830That's a big LED[View]
86974066/hsg/ - Home Server General: /hsg/ - Home Server General READ THE WIKI! & help by contributing: …[View]
87016174Where can I learn about scripting so I can pwn noobs in video games?[View]
87010729This retarded shit is absolutely useless unless you're doing some extremely low-level calculati…[View]
87016859Nobody told me SSH, rsync and optiplex servers were peak comfy[View]
87005514Anon, you can solve this in less than 10 code lines... r-right?[View]
87016225>THrE deCAdEs oF BIarY coMpaTibilIty >needs to run programs in compatibility mode and there…[View]
87015654why do we have to read source code from top to bottom? im tired of moving my cursor up and down[View]
87015812Is Elon Musk the biggest inventor of this century?: Thanks to him, people will be able to livestream…[View]
87013797Why did they do it? What went wrong?[View]
87014600solved: personal computing has been solved let's not waste time anymore, go work on something e…[View]
87010313What technology you use for school and coding bruh?[View]
87017112>thanks for 9th interview for junior java guru position, Anon... We will keep the in touch!…[View]
87016160what's the best alternative to Hacker News?[View]
87016346What is it about 10-years-old processor that makes them so attractive? AMD FX processors (Bulldozer …[View]
87013576I just upgraded to Firefox 100: ask me anything[View]
87008649/rg/ - Router General: For all your home networking needs. Do you use intrusion detection? Are pfSen…[View]
87016730opinion on tablets?[View]
87001832ITT godtier software[View]
86991234/hpg/ - Headphones General: Pruned edition Request Template: >Location >Budget >Open or clo…[View]
87015369Wait I thought C++ programmers were primarily manly nerd men?[View]
87015203>add eax, 0[View]
87016150Pepe bonzai buddy: Someone posted an application here I saw a few weeks ago where little Pepes walk …[View]
87016943Wiring and Programming help needed: So I don't have a clue about electronics really. I've …[View]
87015710Best VM app?: I'm trying to emulate Ubuntu 20 on VirtualBox but it takes like 5 tries for it to…[View]
87013934Is jetpack compose worth looking into and will be a formidable alternative to XML, or is it just a r…[View]
87013680Is technology still making the word a better place?[View]
87016600I just switched from Gnome to Mate. What do I think of it?[View]
87009296I miss this little nigga so much[View]
87016464What is a good scanning program for windows?[View]
87016644media cataloguing: any good alternatives to media cataloguing sites like rateyourmusic and goodreads…[View]
87016022Look at what this A.I had to say about is humans[View]
87014183It's called doing version control on your updates and embracing containerization. The modern an…[View]
87015791How to turn these into useful products?[View]
87013204Why has nobody created a modern editor based on the ideas from these two? I'm thinking written …[View]
87010133why's it called pepsi max if it returns the soda pop with LESS sugar?[View]
87014082How do i stop my Wikipedia obsession? I know it's crap but i keep going back[View]
87015353You simply can't find a free alternative to this.[View]
87016354>casually uses 350MB idle without gui[View]
87013012is it worth paying 2500 usd for a webdev bootcamp?[View]
87016449Please sir give me job The needful will be done I assure you[View]
87016375>My phone is dead >Buying a new phone came to me as a wasting of money even though I have a un…[View]
87016115What monitors do I get for gayman? Up to $650 budget, I already have an amplifier that can handle 2 …[View]
87015007Why do you care?: If you dont use Linux. You dont care about Linux You dont know anything about Li…[View]
87013569What's is the silver thing on the walls?[View]
87014546hey everybody me Muta: Muta is 30yrsold, catering his appearance and content to teenagers and intent…[View]
87013067Why did they kill off powerpc?[View]
87011802>Windows executables are... le BAD!!! Because they just are! When you download software for Windo…[View]
87014229Its so ugly[View]
87015334>holds laptops back for almost a decade Why did they do it bros?[View]
87015554The absolute state of LGR: Söy overload.[View]
87015005What do I do to be good at estimating deadlines? Any tips?[View]
87015391what's the difference between rendering in big engines like unreal / unity and some basic tutor…[View]
87015766If you run linux and use something like this you've missed the point.[View]
87015867QR/Aztec code: Is Aztec code the same to QR code? And why QR code is more popular than Aztec code?…[View]
87014484Lmfao. I know, I know. But for the first time in years the ad during a youtube looked neat. I wanted…[View]
87014464why doesnt krita have crayons?[View]
87015540>work at at architectural firm >50 year old boomer on a conference call next to me >talking…[View]
87015450>Honey, it's time for your monthly recompile[View]
87012792When did you decide you were going to be a programmer?[View]
87012871Why does an init system need to have a whole office suite?[View]
87014078Programming for Women: A Linguistic Understanding: Hello /g/, Our names are Robert Ècila and Alice T…[View]
87014083not good enough but still the best candidate: >tasked with documenting a bunch of systems that ha…[View]
87015616Samsung's MST was based. Do you use it or NFC payment?: >Your bank hates any sort of magneti…[View]
87013757so this is the power of Systemd...: stuck like this for 2 minutes and is that a typo? WTF[View]
87012212Daily reminder to take some time off the computer and go enjoy life with your bros[View]
87007319/dhg/ + /dsg/ - Data Hoarding + Data scraping General: >Links Rentry: https://rentry.org/dhg >…[View]
87013368why does mx linux always stay on top on distrowatch?: is it faked? i have heard nobody say they use …[View]
87014452How did python become the language of choice for machine learning?[View]
87012681mass adoption of smart phones ruined everything[View]
87010519Will HDD prices ever get down?[View]
87014977How long will the fedora fame last?: You'll hate it once everyone likes it, right?[View]
87010846wireshark: I started using wireshark (tshark) but it's all IP addresses, I know that sounds ret…[View]
87014534>tfw blockchain is mark of the beast I was reading this patent Microsoft was granted back in 2020…[View]
87005366Why do I hate programming?: >love math >love physics >love technology >utterly DESPISE…[View]
87013985Case-sensitive search WONTFIXED by chrome developers: Firefox still has better find in page. Jewgle …[View]
87013702Which program is the better one?[View]
87012696Huawei firmware private keys: Found some private keys on reverse-engineered Huawei firmware. What do…[View]
87012640redpill me on this feature, firefox bros.[View]
87013940>streamlink to mpv i sleep >mpv youtube videos link i sleep >mpv local videos i sleep >w…[View]
87005713/dpt/ - daily programming thread: prev >>86994030 what are you working on /g/?[View]
87014709what’s are some IT certs for an average IQ person? ones that’ll pay me some decent shekels.[View]
87014979What's the best terminal based OS? TempleOS is unironically really fun, and I've been look…[View]
87014640hi /g/ I've been interested in building a personal digital library. I've collected almost …[View]
87012324>we will stay in touch, Anon[View]
87014431Please help test this so we can access le private networks like .clos and .dafy https://github.com…[View]
87008688I've been learning x86asm this past year and I've gotta say, [spoiler] its incredibly comf…[View]
87014906Best way to scan and clean up Comics?: Or manga. Any tips, software, anything.[View]
87014890What’s the best phone I can get for €600?: Camera quality is important to me[View]
87012647Get with time, boomer![View]
87012939why won't the retards at microsoft sit down and rewrite this piece of bloated slow shit vs code…[View]
87014851What are some good private e-mail providers that don't do encryption themselves? (like tutanota…[View]
87003660Judaism is the C of religions, Catholicism is C++, and Protestantism Objective C. Islam is certainly…[View]
87010678I want to administer an electric shock (of at least 70, and up to 120 volts) to myself through two e…[View]
87013632Need some advice for learning Data Structs, Algorithms, Functional programming and related: Hey /g/ …[View]
86998207>nvidia has removed all of their old demos depicting attractive females https://www.nvidia.com/en…[View]
87013719I wanna ask you guys about the comparison of Iphone xr vs Xiaomi K40. Which is better in terms of pe…[View]
87013799>Daily programming thread: more like daily cringe pedo loli thread, ask any good question they st…[View]
87009643Windows Powertoys Run: Find a flaw.[View]
87012421>never obsolete >4c4t >been in space >overclocking only limited by your ability to cool…[View]
87014563Help me please!: Hi, a few days ago they hacked L'accoun gmail to a friend of mine. from there …[View]
87008082Good general scripting languages?: So far I've tried bash and perl (Neither of them hit the spo…[View]
87012457Why do blue wavelengths particularly make me feel so uncomfortable? I constantly have to walk around…[View]
87013952I know this is strange to ask but I've had this recurring dream for years now where I'm on…[View]
87013432If your website blocks access over tor/webhost/other commercial networks it is SHIT. i understand so…[View]
87012103the cheapest standalone drum sequencer now[View]
87014026PC cleaning / routine maintenance thread: I have pic related. The removable filters are nice but ho…[View]
87010331Do you stop charging at 80% to save your battery life?[View]
87010548why do they all want you to use (((The App)))[View]
87013312post a website/software and your feelings on it >Truth Social[View]
87012284is the build quality on the t480 and newer chinkpads really that bad? they still have magnesium roll…[View]
87008691how often should you upgrade your computer?[View]
87012393>genuinely interesting and informative video what the fuck happened to /ourtard/ bbc sisters?…[View]
87013617>far more powerful than the top 500 supercomputers combined What could we do with this kind of co…[View]
87013327It's been 3 days already...: K1? Cheese? Anybody? We can them fine, but we also need to be able…[View]
87011951I'm 18 years old. Is it too late to become a software engineer?[View]
87000308its just works and not bloated shit i use this with runit system Initialization and lxde[View]
87012342>forgot to rename my temp variables nigger and tranny before submitting my code…[View]
87012348>Old version being gradually phased out, commenting disabled through A/B testing >New version …[View]
87012731Where can i report someones phone number and email to scam-spam services??[View]
87013670For storing scans of documents do you prefer PDF files or images in folders?[View]
87013664anyone have any book recs on mentoring/coaching a new developer? i'm an RPA developer, and have…[View]
87013603Tech was forever ruined when people without assburgers entered the workforce.[View]
87012050ratpoison: do you use the ratpoison window manager anons?[View]
87012250Uninstalled Kaspersky for obvious reasons 3 months ago. Tried BitDefender. It's shit. Even Exc…[View]
87012066I just realised I had my 570 RX in a PCI slot these last two years I replaced it (with a 3060 ti) be…[View]
86999244>You will never get paid six figure salary in America[View]
87013288Do you think there will be a cyber pandemic?: If so, how are you getting prepared for it?[View]
87013459The weak and the faithless find no deliverance: Have you /g/?[View]
87011872>apply for a remote position where i live 4 hours away from the office >interview implies its…[View]
87011826Blender: This thing here... its too confusing for my minimalist KISS brain but is the only viable so…[View]
87012778>make bait >frogpost in op >get (you)s >read and get excited from people responding t…[View]
87007928Emacs is the best editor.: Why aren't you using Emacs, anon? Are you a bad developer?[View]
87012847>crashes >logs it heh.. nothing personnel…[View]
87008177Why can't I get a cool gmail name everything is taken[View]
87012036Okay /g/, I figured out a solution to the normie file transfer problem. Why don't the non-normi…[View]
87010965Which is the best C# IDE?[View]
87012904Are mesh networks a viable solution to piracy,torrent, and copyright crackdowns?[View]
87012941How to show the FPS counter in Firefox 92+: In Firefox versions 91 and below, the recommended method…[View]
87012943Its All Gone: the new link marines attaching ourselves to one of the biggest 'down bad' groups in h…[View]
87008832How would the programming language version of this look?[View]
87007001>emerge gf[View]
87012441i, as a linux user, want to be violently raped by touko chan. thank you for reading my blog.[View]
87012278Can i charge a laptop with a usb charger? I have an insya laptop, normal charging entry is fucked, 2…[View]
87012700Lmao iJeets are finished[View]
87004951Stop using spotify, build your own library: >Buy picrel for cheap (usb cd drive) >buy some sto…[View]
87012669>fast >modern >stable >secure >featureful >lightweight >breaks the chrome and f…[View]
87010855Help pls: >be me >buy pic rel deathadder essential v2 >not bad >not even 2 months use an…[View]
87011732What is the most minimal but still usable (not like tiny core) linux/bsd setup for desktop?[View]
87011574>2020+2 >still no top comment replies view i fucking hate this piece of shit '''vanced replace…[View]
87011172>Enterprise Favourite >Used on 'over 3 Billion Devices' (mostly bluray players and MC players…[View]
87011918https://twitter.com/GabrielSassone/status/1527404712970047492 Mesh shader almost doubles performance…[View]
87010038The technology repeats itself!: Why is history repeating itself? As can be seen in the picture, exa…[View]
87010148How much more advanced is China than the West in AI and Robotics?: ExRobot.ai has developed Humanoid…[View]
87011823>Yes, I do have my only monitor in portrait more, how could you tell?[View]
87010103Does anyone actually use this shit? The search results are trash.[View]
87006744>the whole web revolves around this one extension made by some random guy How does this make you …[View]
87012344CDs were. CD players were bulky, unfit in your jean pockets, heavy and were an inconvenience. Why di…[View]
87011643Danger Sidekick 2: I really want to buy one of those things simply for the rotating screen and becau…[View]
87012323>Job post >Non-english nation >Is in english regardless >Entry level >Requires 5+year…[View]
87005477>Macbook Pro >boot macOS. Cool. Dead silent. >boot arch. Battery drops by 90%. Fans whirr i…[View]
87012290Living in the age of botnet: Firefox is totally controlled by the Defense Department and Chromium i…[View]
87011599GTX 1630 4GB GDDR6, comes out on May 31st: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/geforce-gtx-1630-specs-…[View]
87003089software that scares you the most: for me is fdisk, its not even a contest. i hate it.[View]
87012234Do internet moderators have more power than they should be? the censorship in websites are really ge…[View]
87010443Is /g/ smarter than a 5th-grader?[View]
87010007China will dominate tech by 2024: Here's just our physics curriculum: >CM Treatise on Analyt…[View]
87009856i saw a video of geohotz coding and this guy is typing at lightning fast speeds. how can i get on th…[View]
87006496/dhg/ - data hoarder general: Discuss storage tech, data hoarding, curating and backups. >Do you …[View]
87000199what the FUCK is this?: >hint: Using 'master' as the name for the initial branch. This …[View]
86985274Why cant apple make a decent desktop os?: Lifelong windows user here(fuck win 10 though). I recently…[View]
87011626When are they gonna make a modern flip smartphone with SD card capability, headphone jack, and USB-C…[View]
87011314I have an egg cooking machine, rice cooker, electric kettle and a microwave at my office. What other…[View]
87007576Anyone else getting filtered by this shit? let s: str = 'fuck'; It's a string slice and doesn…[View]
87011239/tws/ - Wireless Earphones General: This thread is for the discussion of wireless earphones for thos…[View]
87011998ITT examples of extravagant technology that don't solve any problem[View]
87011113Why do most people buy rpi and only use it for hosting as a server? Don't see many people bothe…[View]
87002207My company wants me to do help desk despite me being devops engineer: Does this happen in your org? …[View]
87011950Mongo: Is my database encrypted if I use the free version of Mongo? What does the 'Encrypted' in the…[View]
87001922We all agree this is peak retardation from a CS perspective.... right?[View]
87004034FFMPEG should have been a library first: How did such smart people make such a dumb mistake? There a…[View]
87011695Work laptop is getting upgraded and management lets me choose between a model with an i5-12500H and …[View]
87006201>command + c on mac: copy works flawlessly >control + c on linux: copy failed and the program …[View]
87011541Does anyone else use two desks for a vertical setup? For me, I use two desks to setup a vertical mon…[View]
87011376Daily and friendly reminder most VPNs are operated by CIA and that Cloudfare and other DNS services …[View]
87011370How many hours you spent a day to learn to program?[View]
87011336>Better build quality >More accurate >Feels much nicer to use. Why have you not taken the …[View]
87011021Anyone know about bumper cases for mobiles? Do these types for phone cases restrict signal or fail t…[View]
87011220For me, it's emacs[View]
87011063Is Tech really a meritocracy or is it just as full of nepotism as other sectors?[View]
87009826Best image viewer on Windows?[View]
87008971Hey, anons, new to /g/ and I have a quick question for you guys. I got these Surface Headphones 2 re…[View]
87006055>I WANT to lose all my data[View]
87007835*cures your browser hopping*: Web-browser, advanced e-mail, newsgroup and feed client, IRC chat, AND…[View]
87000006>new job uses java >start in a week >have never used java before how fucked am i?…[View]
87009792The great Bill Gates uses Android Galaxy ZFold3. Why don't you?[View]
87011209Wikipedia made me mentally ill. With all its lies and propoganda. You can't escape it as all se…[View]
87009345VPNs that arent dead: >buy pass >powertripping j**** bans you for a month for '''furry porn''…[View]
87010677>learn about ipfs >cool >hear about this blog that's supposedly hosted on ipfs >'Wh…[View]
87009059Why is Firefox text rendering so shit?: Why is it so bad?[View]
87011022#include <unistd.h> int main() { while (1) { fork(); } } I ran this on my phon…[View]
87007612Have smartphones peaked?[View]
87010941hey anons, what's going on with GPU power draw increases? GTX 980 draws 165 watts GTX 1080 draw…[View]
87010917i'm trying to put my socket.io project on my public domain, to learn how to use socket and how …[View]
87008525General State Of US Cyber Security: So I'm completely ignorant when it comes to coding, scripti…[View]
86999666Embedded Systems: I'm thinking of getting into Embedded Systems Engineering. Is Arduino a good …[View]
87008121>You can't illegalize encryption! >The idea isn't even logically sound! >Encrypte…[View]
87007852What are the odds that all modern computing has intentional backdoors?[View]
87009984Oleg Losev: This guy created the first LED Say something nice about him https://en.wikipedia.org/wik…[View]
87008632Is 256gb enough for a phone in 2022?[View]
87009685I come to you with a curse /g/. This curse is that I am FORCED to use a Apple iPod Touch 6th Genera…[View]
87006566He founded the 2nd largest company in the world at 20. How did you waste your twenties?[View]
87002838Do you use full disk encryption? Why or why not?[View]
87010203Wirth's law: >check out this new piece of technology that will make your computer so much fa…[View]
87004763Do you love VLC?[View]
87010879CherryTree vs Zim They're very similar from what I've seen trying them out BUT >cherryt…[View]
87009144mpv uses the tranny CoC(k): What video player should I switch to now that mpv uses Coraline Ada Ehmk…[View]
87010439What is the easiest and noob-proof(est) ide on lincucks? I'm using i3 on endeavourOS, and I wan…[View]
87007931Comfy Job Thread: ITT we post comfy g jobs[View]
87009260Why would you make 3 raid 5s and stripe them together? Are there any benefits to this setting? Why n…[View]
86987175why does /g/ hate discord?[View]
87010655Windows 11 is shipping now: >What do >What's gonna happen >Am I gonna be ok >My pee…[View]
87010652>errors during downloading metadata for repository >404 >cannot download all mirrors alrea…[View]
87006239My phone lit up on its own in the middle of the night again[View]
87005336Who uses Plan 9?: Why does it seem like Plan 9 is the bottom of the /g/ iceberg? I feel like somethi…[View]
87009860Can /g/ recommend me a little spycam? Something nobody would notice, 720p, about 24h continuous film…[View]
87006992unlimited google drive no more: fuck google thread[View]
87006244hey /g/ what's a good programming language I can use to get back into programming? not python, …[View]
87009800https://www.strawpoll.me/46055809 how often do you update?[View]
87008841Serenity OS King working on a new programming language? https://github.com/awesomekling/jakt[View]
87010022Should i get a pc for graphic design/illustrations or a laptop and for how much[View]
87008643Help a brainlet please: I'm trying to calculate how long it would take to brute force a 10 digi…[View]
87009532Decentralized anything will never work: Decentralizationism has the same essential problem as commun…[View]
86989866/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread Before asking for …[View]
87009120Freetards fear him[View]
87009918feds can plant cp onto your laptop drive if it's not encrypted[View]
87008557Upgrading laptop to SSD: I'm stumped. I have my new SSD (samsung evo 870) plugged into my lapto…[View]
86988687/gdg/ Game Development Genera: Welcome to /gdg/ - Game Development General This thread is intended f…[View]
87003745Speakers: Post speaker/HT related questions. I’ll start: I currently have a pair of Elac Carina BS24…[View]
87009440/G How long does your earphone cushion last[View]
87008729How broken is too broken?: What's the limit before you stop repairing something and replace it?…[View]
87009799Can any kind soul here help me?: My company wants me to research how to make payouts with Klarna. Al…[View]
87001471Comfy WFH thread: This thread is for comfy WFH chads only. Share stories and experiences about being…[View]
87009177>beer computer[View]
87008561is he right? should I really not get a portable air conditioner?[View]
87007194Can anyone recommend a good book that serves as introduction to artificial intelligence and machine …[View]
87009126I have a 32' monitor and I need to turn down the resolution from 2560x1440 to 1920x1080 to record my…[View]
87007655/jrg/: >company makes 200k per day >pays 2k to outsourced workforce in india and latin america…[View]
87009431>why do you use C++? >'i like the syntax'…[View]
87009238Let's appreciate the new captcha for being faster to solve, less botnet and filtering redditors[View]
sudo pacman -Syuuuuuuu
87009399Decentralized anything will never work: Decentralizationism has the same essential problem as commun…[View]
86987184is it possible to have a decentrilised social media?[View]
86998698What beverage do you consume while programming?[View]
87008017mouse with vim: Do you use this?
set mouse=a 
87008266Tricky syncing operation: I have a folder on a NAS containing a huge pile of actively seeding torren…[View]
86984866Why are you still using (((4chanX)))?[View]
87004704Okay…hey what’s up! Didn’t see ya there! We’re going to be doing something a little different toda…[View]
87005962New Atni Bot Maeusre: I was rdaenig a trhaed aoubt 'bionic reading' and smoe anon pstoetd smcraelbd …[View]
87005443Any DevOps here? How would you describe your day-to-day routine?[View]
86987578/sqt/ – Stupid Questions Thread: *Growing edition* Read the sticky: >>76759434 >GNU/Linux q…[View]
87009187What's the best calendar on Android, Windows and apple?[View]
87008448Why yes I am a gigachad[View]
87006457>being a developer is a great choi-[View]
87008345is the internet fun for you do you enjoy the time you spend on the internet[View]
87009113>accidentally hung up on real technical support because I thought it was an indian scammer Anyone…[View]
87005552Thoughts on YouTube?: What does /g/ think of YouTube (overall) in its current state?[View]
87007730What is some software that protects democracy?[View]
87006073>I'll pay you $1000.00 to release another update for Windows XP and another $2500.00 if you …[View]
87007799P = I * U: Take PC power supply 450W powered of - draws 0 watts Short pwr cable (to ground), without…[View]
87006538>did a CS degree because I heard it payed well >3 years in, decided I would start contributing…[View]
87008685P2p search: Can anyone tell me where to go to get a program like Kazaa or Limewire used to be? I wan…[View]
87005536I bought a toy camera the other day at the thrifts …google 'instant print camerà for kids' and have …[View]
87005363>this is what billions of dollars in investor money is going to programmers really are societal …[View]
87007721If a program is open source but has millions of lines of code, how do we know it's respecting y…[View]
87008454>supported for over 2 decades.[View]
87008528Decentralized anything will never work: Decentralizationism has the same essential problem as commun…[View]
87003937If I buy a raspberry pi, place it inside a case and then I place the case inside a box wrapped aroun…[View]
86999719Lets say, I have an ancient netbook with 1Ghz single core CPU and 512MB of ram in an area with limit…[View]
87001406>he doesn't use implementation of bionic reading in his software[View]
86994571Why does google keep giving me jfif picture files? Like webp wasn't enough, what is this?[View]
87004072Is it worth building your own game console?[View]
87006843SSL: How do I create certificates for my client app that I’m testing the requests using postman usin…[View]
87005912I want to be a NEET: Yes hello /g/ay bros. I work at this shithole of a startup in cucknada. They ma…[View]
87008053Can we have a /g/ nostalgia thread? What do you miss most about older tech?[View]
87007776so if I were to move /home to another partition, should i create a 'home' directory in the…[View]
87007754So you guys just shout “bloat” at everything you don't like?[View]
87008054I'm going to be honest /g/, I really like these things They make me feel appreciated[View]
87001488I FUCKING HATE APPLE Everything they do is wrong. Everything they do makes things worse.[View]
87005286Self-restraint software: Yesterday I timed how much time I spent lurking this hellhole. 6 hours. Fuc…[View]
87007842i want to travel the stars blyat: whats a good laptop that I can enjoy playing space engine on? chea…[View]
87005490>made scripts and everything with ssh and rsync with ranger to push and pull files to my own serv…[View]
87005751>hey >yeah? >that list they gave us of everything that pisses them off about having to chan…[View]
87006991>Google is recommending me news about the real reason high schoolers in Japan wear short skirts t…[View]
86995501How many hours do you work every day at your tech gig?[View]
86993105Why hasnt technology been able go solve this yet?[View]
87007777Look to your left. Now look to your right. Would it surprise you to learn that half of this board vi…[View]
87007855Building a Computer in [CURRENT YEAR]: Usually every decade or so you could toss down for a high gra…[View]
87007429What keyboard is this[View]
87005247>https://git.kiwifarms.net/KiwiFarms/ruforo Behold the future of forum technology…[View]
87000392good js book to get started? preferably one with exercises[View]
87007621take the healthcare pill, bro[View]
87005317What's the oldest piece of tech you still use? Basically anything that most people would consid…[View]
86985477ITT technology memes that kids these days don't understand[View]
87004084>Literally just works >no slow snaps >a functional and highly customizable DE >no bloat …[View]
87007122Cloud certs n shit: My company offered me a free az-104 exam. Should I take it or do AWS solutions a…[View]
86980417/ptg/ - Privates Tracker General: >Not sure what private trackers are all about? The mission of /…[View]
87006291Do I do it?[View]
87006148I fucking hate crypto fags who call themselves 'devs' because they copy and paste code in 'Solidty' …[View]
87007235Is it humanly possible to statically coompile gtk3 with my application in the year of our lord 2022?[View]
87005803Today is a notable day. I've now been a professional, well paid enterprise and consumer softwar…[View]
87007233How wasteful are github releases? The ones with the .zip .tar available Say I fix one function and n…[View]
87000775KDE: currently a faggot using gnome 42 on arch, i hate the app layout grid thinking of switching to …[View]
87004313How to flash Nokia 130?: Have any of you flashed a Nokia before or anything of that kind? Where do I…[View]
87007257are there any real programmers here? how do you guys tackle big projects? and i mean really big, lik…[View]
87006410CRT 'repaired' itself: Plugged in this bad boy after a long sit in the attic, and it initially was f…[View]
87003804DOJ Greenlights White-Hat Hacking: >The Department of Justice today announced the revision of its…[View]
87006585Out of curiousity I just specced out a current mac pro with similar ish specs to the computer I just…[View]
87006506>back to debian 5 years later >still have a problem on deleting meta-packages I can't tak…[View]
87006823pregnancy tests: these are technology, which ones would you reccomend/use also, does everything need…[View]
87007132Thinking of building something like pic rel. Been trading the btc crash. Starting to get screenburn …[View]
87007013I accidentally taught my phones autocorrect the word “niggerball”. How do I unteach it this word?[View]
87005496Is there any good alternative to AI Dungeon? We all know what happened with it and I'd like to …[View]
87005222>Search engines today only ever return SEO fluff, it's gotten so bad that people are startin…[View]
87005898How can chip shortages be real nigga just melt some sand tf[View]
87002699Apple have done it again![View]
87006597firefox, 10 years which is about how long it would take to clear my history[View]
87005907Brainlet here. Bros, is there a way to open and/or extract an incomplete ISO file? I downloaded this…[View]
87004705How the fuck do you compile for mac M1 (ARM) architecture on Linux? Are there ARM virtual machines t…[View]
87005056Touchdown. On paper? Un-[View]
87003254The most powerful code magik ITT:
87006168Why are computers good?: Switched to computers because of a 'programming' job, which is apparently t…[View]
87003129What are /g/'s approved operating systems?[View]
87003724Is there an app with the quality of Apollo for reddit but for 4chan instead ?[View]
87000958predict Lovelace RTX card performance: >4050: somewhere between a 2070 and a 2070 Super >4060:…[View]
87004333I want to switch to Mate. Please convince me not to.[View]
87002623I want to go full on linux but can't, /g/, help me: I play games sometimes which is the biggest…[View]
86999895>Beats every ricer to setup to a pulp: Use Emacs for the ultimate computing now.[View]
87005949RSS Feed General - Friendly Edition: What are you currently following?[View]
87005938What do people outside of tech even do?[View]
87006056With VM and VDI tech improving so much, I hardly touch baremetal anymore so I'm curious what ot…[View]
87000548Firefox Celibacy thread - stay away from competition: Using firefox is the last defence we have agai…[View]
87003805I hove ~$300 to buy some book, give me something worth a read. Currently I'm considering: Clean…[View]
87006152Why does every video filmed before 1950 feel like it's on 1.1x speed?[View]
87004721Just upgraded from a trusty FX-8350 to a Ryzen 5 5600G. Life is great lads.[View]
87006195backdrop-filter in Firefox Nightly: Support for backdrop-filter has been added to Firefox. You can t…[View]
87003265AI: yea I'm killing myself when this shit hits the shelves link: https://youtu.be/yCBEumeXY4A…[View]
86999619brainlet here what was this movie's message about the use of technology?[View]
87005400Programmers need more math: >Are programmers biased in terms of spending more time writing code t…[View]
87004650>usb c port 3.1 data transfer only what does that mean? what kind of adapters can I use with it? …[View]
87004683Are there any full computer ad/content blockers that you can use instead of relying on a browser ext…[View]
87004833I have a Lenovo T500 I've had since about 2010, and among its many other network/usb/display po…[View]
87005214https://ctemplar.com/ctemplar-is-shutting-down/ ctemplar is shutting down if anyone cares[View]
86996787How do I get good at this shit?[View]
87002677Alright /g/ bros...: Is this ready for production or is it just a meme distro?[View]
87004861I graduated high school then got a professional certificate in databases from my local community col…[View]
87005851Why do people still use linsux when openbsd is so much better[View]
87005584What is the ThinkPad of phones? I would just say an old BlackBerry as they have removable batteries …[View]
87004686Any cool front-ends for YouTube? That help you manage content in a more effective manner. I have so …[View]
87005789I bought 5 of these They better quadruple in price in a year[View]
87005228>be a mac user >open a program >program opens in a window how will they ever recover?…[View]
86998255Microsoft has gone too far this time, antitrust lawsuit when?[View]
86994030/dpt/ – Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous: >>86985237[View]
87005237You dont need anything more.: Perfect phone Perfect shell Perfect battery ( lasts more than 12 hours…[View]
87005176damn, this new M1 iPad Air with the funny pen and the cellular modem is pretty tempting... when do y…[View]
87003547OFFICIAL /G/ CURRICULUM THREAD — POST THE REST: Physics: >CM A Treatise on Analytical Statics A T…[View]
87005298Just delivered my /g/ related dissertation today, /g/[View]
87001735>try to learn some Lisp >an idiomatic FizzBuzz in Common Lisp looks like this (defmacro super-…[View]
87000783How to make programming fun again?: In the early days when I was learning programming , it was reall…[View]
87005043wtf is this: why is firefox suggesting weather.com when I'm clearly looking for the bookmark th…[View]
87005208How can I determine if I'm blacklisted?[View]
87005229Can anybody recommend a good book that serves as introduction to artificial intelligence and machine…[View]
87004892>Want to buy raspberry pi 4 >Go to official website, says starting from $35 >Click to buy …[View]
87004998which dividers should i get for the binder in pic related /g/? >1. paper dividers with pastel col…[View]
86998815Clown World: >senior developer >have to farm tasks to juniors >have to talk to executives a…[View]
87005033Expensive mice: Meme or not?[View]
87003762What went wrong?[View]
86999797Are desktops dying out?[View]
87002648serenityos: >0 authored commits in 2 weeks why did andreas betray…[View]
87005042What's the easiest way to get some opensource street-cred? Can I just pay some pajeet to fix so…[View]
87005032Please, if any laptop manufacturer is out there, use some kind of ergonomic laptop keyboard that doe…[View]
87004168Why are you all like this?[View]
87002823How do you feel about the fact that all your good-looking peers have respectable high-paying jobs no…[View]
86999402WTF is a 10x Developer?[View]
87004776Netbooks: Any good modern UMPCs? I've seen a lot of cool custom PCs with the framework mainboar…[View]
86996278Is This True?[View]
87004475If desktop GNU Linux is so great Why come I can't just install every application made for it? …[View]
87003335What the fuck is this? There's some random folder with wordlists in my Chrome cache files >i…[View]
87004527Chair tech: What if the secret to a good posture when working isn't on some expensive chair, bu…[View]
87001279I want to learn a fun and interesting programming language I don't give the slightest fuck abou…[View]
86988213/iemg/ + /pmp/ - In-Ear Monitor & Portable Music Player General: This thread is for the discussi…[View]
87001000Dalle 2: >ai should replace unfulfilling/dangerous/boring/unskilled jobs so that people can move …[View]
87003720overheard at the office >Hey, did you check out that python package? Do you think we could use it…[View]
86997806Do you customize your tech equipment?[View]
87002287why is wifi like this?[View]
87004365Is there anyone who still does Overclock?: It seems all the chips now are being sold at the clock li…[View]
87002348What anime do gamers like more[View]
87001199*ruins your favorite browser* >'In 2018 she received a total of $2,458,350 in compensation from M…[View]
87003894Software Businesses: How do you make money writing your own software? I've written open source …[View]
87004191System Analysis and Development: Tl;dr Is it too late to get into computers when you're already…[View]
86994275The new 1060 6GB of this generation just arrived! I now understand why amd being open source is a b…[View]
86999143What is your preferred podcast player?[View]
87001146What are some programming power words?[View]
86998189fuck you[View]
86997046/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >UPGRADE & BUILD ADVICE Post build list or current specs includ…[View]
87001258often simulated, never replicated[View]
87000780I miss old Java days: >Java2D >Swing >Java4k's scene >JOGL vs LWJGL wars >Eclips…[View]
87002036Would you say keyboards are getting a tad bit too expensive?[View]
86999985Brave exposed: the so called privacy friendly browser sends requests every few minutes sending small…[View]
87002195This shit is still 'phasing/cooling/correcting/stacking...'. I'm going to survive impending WW3…[View]
87003694Last Reddit ‘AMA,’ Bill Gates[View]
87001495>Code reviews of coworkers with Math Degrees >Code reviews of coworkers with Physics Degrees…[View]
87003646linux for niggers is not an ubuntu frok anymore: https://canonical.com/careers/diversity/identity it…[View]
87003555/g/ time is worthless.: Daily reminder that /g/ time is worthless. 15 usd on steam is more expensive…[View]
87002074>it’ll never be year of the Linux desktop[View]
86996343Why do chans suddenly disappear?[View]
87003564516 kilobytes[View]
87000050This used to be a meme What happened[View]
86997680Middle fingers to all HR in this industry.[View]
87002849>Linux who uses that >i use Unix[View]
87003014Change your life https://distro.moe/[View]
86999165They offered me to switch from C# to Go/Python. Is it worth it? Which language should I choose?[View]
87003453DPRK Operating System of choice is Windows 7: I thought they were linux chads. Why have our youtube …[View]
87000614>rust? go? JavaScript? Haskell? >no thanks, for me it's the LISP language family…[View]
87002144Win 11 @ 95%: What am I in for?[View]
86999419>You need to know JavaScript to get thumbnails in your file ficker[View]
87002835help i have no sounds in the editor even gui messages with sound are silent >LogAudioMixer: Error…[View]
86999131THE ABSOLUTE STATE: >we begin to explore exposing lightweight interactive content on the Windows …[View]
87003327>graduate with tech degree >consider getting forklift certified am I doing goofed?…[View]
87003040just updated my light bulb[View]
87001177>literally all apps are running on java virtual machine what a fucking joke lmao…[View]
87002936>build new pc >everything comes on and works as expected... >except 3 fans don't turn …[View]
87002222You better watch out guys https://www.gamingonlinux.com/2022/05/developer-of-popular-noise-suppressi…[View]
86982392/spg/ - SmartPhone General: If you're requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country…[View]
86998105I wish I get to review tech products and can afford to do silly projects. But I just don't want…[View]
869970591 B is 2^3 bits 1 KB is 2^10 B 1 MB is 2^20 B 1 GB is 2^30 B base10lets dont belong on /g/[View]
87000332I have a quiet exotic problem maybe one of you guys could help me to solve it. I have a Robotron Eps…[View]
86999977Windows Phone 8.1 is the best mobile operating system there is. >no crapple or google shit >al…[View]
87002789computer processes be like >i yield[View]
86999630Do operating systems feel bad when I run them on a Virtual Machine?[View]
87001145What's the alternative to trannyfox?: >Formerly known as Master Password…[View]
87000329https://www.macrumors.com/2022/05/17/apple-airpods-pro-amber-alert-lawsuit/ OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO …[View]
87002467>encounter a bug >cant reproduce im scaredybooboo bros help…[View]
86999929Why is this board so hellbent on proving to eachother how much of a normie they aren't? Its lik…[View]
87002098What is the most racist Linux distro in existence?[View]
86998642Download Google Chrome browser: >Browse with the power of Google With Google apps like Gmail, Go…[View]
86997443>2022 >the human body still hasn't been datamined and reverse-engineered…[View]
86993630Microsoft Edge beta rips off Firefox tab design: What the fuck is happening? First GNOME, then safar…[View]
86995835(respond (case text (cyrillic 'slav man bad') (chinese 'china man bad') …[View]
86999340Performance enhancing drugs: Can THC and alcohol be viewed as performance enchanting drugs in tech? …[View]
87001313Debrided OS systems true or fake: is it true that some firms edit their own operating system like l…[View]
87001354Win 10 boot loader question.: I have a Windows 10 rig that keeps black screening right as the login …[View]
87002213im going to do it https://github.com/manilarome/the-glorious-dotfiles[View]
87000455Need some help. I can't even boot up the Linux os I wanted to change from the start. I don…[View]
86995162how the fuck is anyone finding CRTs anymore? My dad threw away all four of them that I had saved yea…[View]
86982704Plan 9 really is a brilliant unix derived os > private namespaces > everything (really) is a f…[View]
86999524Coffe: i spilled coffe over my notebook. Its not much and let it dry for an hour now. Can i turn it …[View]
86986803/g/ btfo[View]
87000584Gmailnator dead: > https://gmailnator.com/ Is it dead bros? Anyone have an good alternative that …[View]
87001889I am no longer banned. A new development for Windows 11: https://www.theverge.com/2022/5/19/23128319…[View]
86993732Is it worth it to get a 4K BD player? Since I'll be spending so much between the OLED and the H…[View]
87001760Company answering machines: >thank you for calling our shitty company >press 1 for an oddly sp…[View]
86998919Thank you for accepting me to your special group; can I get some help friends?: Hello, my name is Fr…[View]
87000298>Windows 8.1 Enterprise with OpenShell installed on my main machine, also no antivirus because th…[View]
86999734>this is the extent of the work the 'hard working' boomers in the IT business did https://www.you…[View]
86999046WHAT THE FUCK I installed arch linux a few days ago, again HOW THE FUCK If somebody tells me the com…[View]
86979506/wdg/ - Web Development General: >Free beginner resources to get started with HTML, CSS, JavaScri…[View]
86988928What IDE does /g/ use?[View]
86999145say hello to the head data scientist at google AI[View]
86994885>didn't study CS >didn't learn C/C++ >didn't learn linux >didn't lea…[View]
86999058https://youtu.be/B7sLnmlZ-kU?t=341 5:41 >Monero on the other hand, is mined mostly by CPU's …[View]
86999496does it make me more or less of a chud if i sell my gayming PC and use my thinkpad exclusively?[View]
86998187I know Python, now what[View]
86997730>run my code >parcel works >until one day it doesn't >remove the package.json file…[View]
87001144OEM WIndows: Is there any way to trick OEM Windows into working on a new computer? I don't want…[View]
86999873why does 4channel not work right in firecuck? sometimes it takes forever to update threads and posts…[View]
86998747What is the highest paying entry level job for someone with a master's degree in computer scien…[View]
87000219Can your Linux distribution come with the following features, as they are useful for development …[View]
87000501How do I find plex shares? The /plexshares went invite only[View]
86999806How do you plan software before building it?: Unironically whats the very first thing to do before a…[View]
87000788>I'll pay you $1000.00 to release another update for Windows XP and another $2500.00 if you …[View]
86999885I've got JBL earbuds that are malfunctioning. (That's what I suspect) The symptoms are ran…[View]
86998830Why is LibreOffice still incapable of this simple feature?: Dual-column footnotes have been a thing …[View]
87000619Which types of projects should I put on my GitHub as a back-end developer? I mean, my projects doesn…[View]
87000134Emacs: Can the shills explain why this piece of software is better than popular IDE and text editors…[View]
86999399I really miss the old sony: https://youtu.be/aXigeeOmeV8 Why Sony is not releasing linux for playsta…[View]
87000156Can someone send me a cock.li invite at vjaazgwccf@tempmail.dev[View]
86997397How many hours can you code before burning out?[View]
86998770Why do retard normalfaggots that haven't spent a second doing anything related to programming a…[View]
86935303/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: >>86922499 Don't buy anything OTHER THAN IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad T,…[View]
86999588WINRAR = THE BEST: >B but muh 7zip is just as gud No it isn't, there is a lot of times where…[View]
86999038Why are mobile browsers so bloated? Literally >= 150MB download every time there's an update…[View]
86995812We're inside a videogame: Daily reminder that: >Universe has a const MAX integer value to pr…[View]
86999314Soundbars: Any terrible downside? Assuming they have subwoofer + three channels. I'd put one u…[View]
87000325How does the wiring of this Viessmann heat pump make you feel like, /g/?[View]
86991374What's your take?[View]
86996004Please show some love to my Rust web framework: https://github.com/chubek/samovar It does not use C…[View]
87000269which is better practice to pass as a parameter to a function >database object >object's …[View]
86996604>A mainstream Indian Newspaper dedicated a full page on creating password manager on Linux I…[View]
86999930What are some cool things you can do when it comes to IoT? How do I turn old and spare phones into s…[View]
86998634/g/, convince me that USB OTG is useful for anyone but pajeets that are too poor to own a laptop.[View]
86993511>250 million units sold, making it the best-selling phone of all time Okay but was it actually an…[View]
86998456hi fellow 4channers!: i was just wondering why aren't you guys using Edge? haha it's based…[View]
86999869How can i show mplayer above ALL other windows: Hey there, I'm working on top top top top top s…[View]
86995610>phones getting bigger every year >search bar is still at the top >chrome also removed the …[View]
86999693Is it still slow and laggy?: did they fix the slowness and lag?[View]
86977734The king is back[View]
86997644Reading is OBSOLETE due to TECHNOLOGY: Is She Right? https://www.masterhowtolearn.com/2021-01-30-wh…[View]
86998834Do you worry about missing out on things online while you are asleep? During the 6 hours per 24 hour…[View]
86999514Who will win the quantum race? For me it's IBM: Quantum Gate: IBM (Eagle, 2021): 127 Qubits Rig…[View]
86996305has technology ever made you this happy?[View]
86990473Holy shit...: It's perfect[View]
86997421Why Did Gateway Computers Fail?[View]
86998548>I've got four words for you.[View]
86998933A new hope: Today marks the day I shall listen to the voice of the saint named Stallman. He insist u…[View]
86999100Ultrawide vs Dual: Which one, and why?[View]
86997717Are you safe from Spyware?[View]
86982244Does your PC have an uninterruptable power supply?[View]
86991925are you a multicolor or a transcoder?[View]
86999457How do i make 10 000 dollars in one month with my coding skills[View]
86996890Firefox developer admits core design is fundamentally broken: https://robert.ocallahan.org/2007/10/i…[View]
86998233how do you think he did it /g/?[View]
86998145A11Y in the US: Is it illegal to not care about accessibility concerns in the United States? Like, F…[View]
86999288Any automated tools to spam employers with job applications? HR is using AI to reject applications, …[View]
86996726This kills the cloudfag.[View]
86996690if armshit is so good, how come the fastest armshit cpu by crapple can barely handle an ancient deca…[View]
86994457>hear tornado sirens >try to check radar on my Linux computer or rooted 6 year old Android pho…[View]
86991596'Overzealous DMCA is a plague on humanity' - Elon Musk https://torrentfreak.com/elon-musk-overzealou…[View]
86999089water spill damage: What do i do if i had water poured inside of my computer? I have a 2 year old ga…[View]
86997943what can we do about the uglification campaign?[View]
86997616I want removable battery back[View]
86997621My micro sd card refuses to let itself be formatted. It has thus far claimed itself write protected,…[View]
86985450You will run sfc /scannow You will run chkdisk No there's no better way.…[View]
86997288GNOME changes its logo after 34 years![View]
86997473Cars: If these self driving cars also offers too jack me off I would buy it[View]
86988450Are these real advances compared to C? https://harelang.org/blog/2021-02-09-hare-advances-on-c/[View]
86998765(proclaim '(optimize (safety 0))) (read (the truth cnn))[View]
86993252Stick a fork in x86[View]
86994491>ios >settings >reduce motion…[View]
86995954Hey I browse /g/ for half a year now. Things I found they get trashed or defended so blindly on /g/ …[View]
86994828What software suites do you have installed?[View]
86998439>here's your soldering iron bro[View]
86997414This board is so helpful :3. Great alternative to stackerflow desu[View]
86998344Holy shit microsoft shills are literally pointing a gun at this guy to get him to shill c#, he'…[View]
86993510He's 100% correct: https://www.zdnet.com/article/microsoft-guy-mozilla-should-give-up-on-firefo…[View]
86996415What vr headset would fellow /g/ recommend? And is it worth getting now or wait.[View]
86998520>oh? You dont want windows to automatically log in with the last logged in user if it doesnt have…[View]
86996850What are some good books on metal treatment? Basically about making metals stronger? I'm lookin…[View]
86996157What are some good, easy projects I can do to pad out my portfolio for job applications? What langua…[View]
86995836I pulled the trigger on trying out 2 jobs and Im going to try to see how long I can get away with th…[View]
86997803ping www.google.com[View]
86994987Why do dumhphones still have removable batteries? Wouldn't it be cheaper to make them with one …[View]
86998279Am I a pleb for not liking Unix and Vi/Vim syntax? Most of the times that I have to use them for my …[View]
86995441LIST OF DEMANDS: >jxl support >vp9 support >av1 support >opus support >mp4 container …[View]
86993544You only need these two languages[View]
86993002so i got this one macfag friend i finally convinced him to try out linux and after a month he came b…[View]
86993914so /g/, why is rust such a bad language?[View]
86995678Worth upgrading iPhone 6s to iPhone 12 or 13?: I'm at the point where I need to replace the bat…[View]
86990023>dad works for a tech firm >Various pajeets work for his team, both stateside and in pooland …[View]
86996601What Hypocrisy: > Go to install supposedly '''free''' GNU/Linux distro, Debian > It refuses to…[View]
86988992Need two monitors guys.: The best: 1080p IPS 24' 1440p IPS 27' Thanks bros![View]
86997303Should I install Fedora i3 Spin?[View]
86997035Would TempleOS make a pretty cool app on mobile?[View]
86990257remember proto-reddit?[View]
86991919Firefox sisters...: It's over[View]
86991225Laptop General /lpg/: Useless shit edition What are you using? How do you like it? Anything you…[View]
86997507Why does the font go low res when I export from word to pdf? It's baskerville ten pro, which I …[View]
86995850mobile phones ruined everything[View]
86993300The Chads phone[View]
86997622Why is 4chan the only successful imageboard?[View]
86989302opinion about this?[View]
86992979A raspberry pi in a little box wrapped around in faraday cloth! Do I have privacy? Tell me about the…[View]
86990822So you're telling me, you need more?[View]
86997572Is Thsi True?[View]
86995023So I got the iPhone 13 today and the stupid fucking white bar won’t go away on YouTube videos in the…[View]
86996858How to automate desktop tasks that involve pointing, clicking and waiting for results? Is the techno…[View]
86994699BlackPhone... come back...[View]
86997520I got sided to work with a designer woman that doesn't know anything but ask me questions so fa…[View]
86992520Let's settle this once and for all. Which Windows version was the best? https://www.strawpoll.m…[View]
86989387Is anyone else sick of working from home? I have no reason at all to leave my house now, so I barely…[View]
86992220> hey, i...is that a Thinkpad you are using? I really love those, a..and I noticed you are using …[View]
86997195why does my computer slow down if I leave it on? is there any way to prevent this. I tend to leave m…[View]
86996893Got The Job: >19 >Landed technician position at local MSP >Working here for about 2-3 month…[View]
86988945Post some good schizoware[View]
86996461Hahahaha. I love watching these fucks seethe. >aggressively sitting and reporting anything that …[View]
86997070What's the best calendar app that I can use on apple and Android?[View]
86997177Why can't I change the fat panel size of gnomes top window panels? Why can't I right click…[View]
86995498>2.5' portable hard drives Why don't you like them?[View]
86995910/cag/ - certificates & certificate authorities general: you are running your own certificate aut…[View]
86991311Mic setup for secret recording: I need to secretly record a conversation between myself and multiple…[View]
86986313/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >UPGRADE & BUILD ADVICE Post build list or current specs includ…[View]
86996743Firefox adoption of manifest v3. Well it was a good run bros.[View]
86993221Why is no one using Session?: It has better privacy than all of the other e2ee chats out there like …[View]
86994965The flyback transformer is failing on this so it stays on for about 2 minutes then shuts off. The on…[View]
86989850China will dominate tech by 2025: It's true and you know it.[View]
86996880/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >UPGRADE & BUILD ADVICE Post build list or current specs includ…[View]
86995058Uhh bros? You told me AGI was a reddit meme[View]
86996839Have any of you learned sicp for fun[View]
86992560Which Linux distribution has the largest community?[View]
86995567I believe that Adblock is wrong.: I believe that Adblock is immoral. Free content is usually only fr…[View]
86988452Quit the botnet: What would you download if you only have 10 days left with internet before the big …[View]
86991793How did this got through quality control?[View]
86996013I can't unsee this fat fuck[View]
86995771Why hasn't someone made a pepe/wojak booru yet? With tags and stuff?[View]
86996536hell yeah[View]
86994020who the fuck thought it would be a good idea to make these so fragile?[View]
86991054What a good distro normies and trannies don't use? Thinking of going to kisslinux[View]
86995217Mozilla involved with NSA Backdoor 'Extended Random': Eric Rescorla, the co-author of the Extended R…[View]
86996316>going through old computer shit >find a seal package of 3.5s >rip that bad boy open >li…[View]
869825984chan Improvements: How would /g/ improve 4chan? I've been thinking about this a lot and I thin…[View]
86994436Reminder to enable your firewalls and add rule exceptions depending on your needs. Don't let th…[View]
86994188What is the best software to use for backups of your computer?[View]
86996218Queen’s Comp Eng (Software Stream): How’s comp eng (software stream) at Queen’s (Kingston)[View]
86987203CREEPY OS: There's NO FUCKING WAY, on this earth I will ever set up any email or banking or any…[View]
86981850What's the best web server for anime? Plex is a pain because of naming requirements for seasons…[View]
86994769Janny appreciation thread: /g/ jannys are actually refreshingly on point and good. That logical thin…[View]
86995137the new frontier of posting: >someone here made a popular Roblox game called 'The Booth Plaza' wh…[View]
86994666Android was shit and is still shit in 2022: It tried Android after using no smartphone for two years…[View]
86994996Are cloud jobs comfy?: My company offered me a free az-104 exam. I need to escape cum desk hell righ…[View]
86991615Why aren't laptops colorful anymore?: It's always the same black, gray, or some obscure sh…[View]
86989664>interview 6 candidates for a senior developer role >none of them know how database sharding w…[View]
86994329Locating the source of a WiFi Signal?: Anons i've been 'war walking' to hopefully stop being a …[View]
86995710Are there any good off-the-shelf RockBox players? I don't want to keep buying old tech.[View]
86975396Terry's OS had zero security protections. Watching videos of him apparently 'BTFOing MIT Nigge…[View]
86995153whats better git or emacs[View]
86992450SATA cable color: What is your favorite SATA cable color? I only like yellow.[View]
86993216KDE users will see nothing wrong. I tried KDE for the first time and it was horrible[View]
86995593If any of you work or are affiliated with Okta, FUCK YOU![View]
86994775How will /g/ cope when rust gets added to the linux kernel?[View]
86988952Build your own internet?: >2015: The Internet is Free Speech >2022: All major platforms engage…[View]
86994892> recompressing all jpeg files on a site into webp > original files gone > many such cases …[View]
86993268Germans gamed the Twitter system[View]
86995139Are there any techpreneur here who own a startup company? Can you tell us how you started it and how…[View]
86992503i love this fella so much it's unreal[View]
86990387Game Site Name: What is the most 1999 name for a game website? Like an old school flash games site f…[View]
86992718Why yes I play any game I want on linux on my nvidia graphics card that came out 5 years ago at max …[View]
86994309>Cancel seeding[View]
86993404Computational Paradigm: Have you embraced the Computational Paradigm?[View]
86993997speedtest thread: dab on poors edition - post em[View]
86989567Where's the source code of Pluton?[View]
86991869what's the best antivirus and why is it windows defender[View]
86991132AC: So anons, before summer comes and once again before you all start complaining and flooding the b…[View]
86993742Today's storytime: Some kid from my school bought a laptop from me because his broke down >h…[View]
86994315found a gigabyte ga-h61m-ds2h at goodwill today and it freaking works. gonna pop a 2500k in it and u…[View]
86994013Which way, white man?[View]
86992448Why aren't you using Devuan?: It just works and it is all you need[View]
86984655Why are x264 movies larger in file size than x265? Yesterday some people told me x265 is better.[View]
86994105OH MY GOD JOIN OUR SHITGORD SERVER: No Go away fuck off[View]
86994715i can't find my f91w watch[View]
86992413>>Apply to sys admin job >>interview went really well >>ran into a problem with on…[View]
86993986Which one, /g/?[View]
86992461How come wttr.in is the only website that can accurately tell what city I'm in?[View]
86991328Hey /g/ Since you are loonix wizards, I was wondering if you can recommend me a lightweight distro t…[View]
86990279Is using Windows 7 in 2022 a retarded idea? >want to make windows 10 look like windows 7 because …[View]
86992219FVWM: redpill me on picrel. right now I use bspwm but fvwm has built in menus and the pager module…[View]
86994161Challenge for /g/: Name something /g/-related that you hate, and say something good about it. >HA…[View]
86992158why you not the most chad operating system?[View]
86993212[FLAC]: Which software or C library do you use to split a file like side1.flac into multiple flac tr…[View]
86990908Why is Computer Science full of midwits and trash?: How come they are not studying the following? ht…[View]
86992471>the more I use my desktop the more ram windows use on idle and subsequent boots…[View]
86993615>Get paranoid over choosing your location in the OS installer >Pick another country with the s…[View]
86993638is this the perfect programming language?[View]
86993893You guys said Ubuntu was 'bloated' but this is the same as a Debian install with newer eve…[View]
86991571what went wrong? is it finally over? it gets worse and worse each year[View]
86992397>Install Linux >Covid shit starts[View]
86985237/dpt/ – Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous: >>86973719[View]
86991624I start as a Junior Linux Systems Admin on Monday after spending the last 6 years in the military. A…[View]
86983933/rg/ - Router General: For all your home networking needs. Do you use intrusion detection? Are pfSen…[View]
86993519Secret user extension: https://www.dephormation.org.uk/?page=81 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ schizos…[View]
86976354Does anyone else hate that Linux is becoming more mainstream? I feel that mainstream adoption is act…[View]
86993637Why would i use any NAS software instead of just SSH and rsync for my NAS with only 1 drive?[View]
86990600Well, /g/?[View]
86993211I set up picrel and immediately DDOS'd my server[View]
86993415So I went to my local rural walmart today after my asshole cat chewed through my Ethernet cord, and …[View]
86993338wayback machine: can i use this to look at someone's fb account few years back?[View]
86993127What does gee think of Sam Altman[View]
86990122Things Are Getting Rusty In Kernel Land: https://hackaday.com/2022/05/17/things-are-getting-rusty-in…[View]
86992917Is this disk still good? I've been having some problems with it lately, but i don't know i…[View]
86990167Android Emulator: Is Bluestacks still poz? I just want an android emulator to be able to play my shi…[View]
86993263>talk about basic programming stuff to a person from a non-tech company >get invited to a job …[View]
86993259National bank hit by ransomware trolls hackers with dick pics[View]
86992017why haven't you bought the single best computer ever made?[View]
86991649Back to the future: Apple must make a M1 computer on a PCI-e card that allows to run M1 software sea…[View]
86992869what does /g/ think about this man?[View]
86992325How come there are certain distros (Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSuse etc..) that can be booted with SecureBo…[View]
86989826tech jargon: ITT we talk about made up subjects in made up jargon >I finally made a working LISP …[View]
86991630How to analyze javascripts? For example, recording scrolling of the page. Pic related doesn't w…[View]
86990199How accurate is this?[View]
86990827I no longer use Tomorrow. I am a Yotsuba B man now.[View]
86988845>lightdm uses the wrong screen resolution again God I hate this stupid piece of shit. Never had t…[View]
86990215>newer chip ruins your stellar product[View]
86992362>tfw need to buy a new phone[View]
86990133windows 8.2[View]
86984431>1080p >blue ray >x265 >movie length 2h The size of the movie is 2GB. Is that normal?…[View]
86991969Should I enabled AMP on my blog? What are the upsides and downsides?[View]
86989904He.... uhmfppfpfpppp *screaming with mouth shut with duct tape*[View]
86983320There's hope for us /g/! https://nationalpost.com/news/world/first-commercial-brain-computer-in…[View]
86992372Good HDDs for offline backups: I currently have about 10 Terrabytes of content which I want to store…[View]
86991521Which one do you use, /g/?[View]
86992145How safe can you be?: I've read a lot on the /g/ wiki regarding all the measures that an indivi…[View]
86985586New Task Manager coming to Windows 11 next week.[View]
86990757Consider the following: >love technology >be webshitter >use vscode and windows at work …[View]
86988765HWiNFO64 Thread: Post Specs Just upgraded from Ryzen 2600 to 5600 recently[View]
86979810Based AMD[View]
86985449Golang : what's good/bad init?: What do you think about golang /g/? And why do even the boomer …[View]
86971962Stop it now![View]
86992004Phone UI thread: >Your phone >Your cont Here's my phone, it's unusable for most peop…[View]
86991601Why are OSINT threads not allowed on /g/?[View]
86985825what brazilian technology are you most hyped for in 2022 ????[View]
86990126What does /g/ think of the dead internet theory?[View]
86989770Avg User Thread: Post the average user I'll go first >Kali…[View]
86985546Remember what they took from you.[View]
86991084Manifest v3 in Firefox: Recap & Next Steps: https://blog.mozilla.org/addons/2022/05/18/manifest-…[View]
86986758GNU is Not Unix Image Manipulation Program ToolKit[View]
86991586Come home white man[View]
86987946>he doesn't own the entirety of the debian archives in a read only format.…[View]
86989255>I try doing X on Y >X crashes >look for the error code online >get angry and uninstall …[View]
86989810Is scrum master a comfy position?[View]
86991274Why don't the people at unixporn make an install script?[View]
86971257/tjg/ - Tech Jobs General: Workplace stories. Advice on how to progress in your career. Ask and give…[View]
86987531Wait a minute... Why does it need a whole other cable to plug it in?? Why can't it just get its…[View]
86956644/mkg/: >Keyboard recommendation template https://pastebin.com/n220xk9V >Where to buy keyboards…[View]
86989603Sup /g/. I got an Exynos galaxy s7 which i run with an unofficial LineageOS 19 ROM, but it runs like…[View]
86988257The world only ever needs C and JavaScript programmers. All the rest is trash.[View]
86990017Should I give up on everything else and become a webshiter?[View]
86989267>only phone thats standing for your freedom >/g/ ignored it The Freedom Phone was our only fuc…[View]
86988900>Microsoft Windows changelog: hundreds of improvements based on user feedback (too long to list h…[View]
86988988Has anyone here tried to connect the Raspberry Pi keyboard to a Windows PC? Did it work fine? Would …[View]
86990766Rubber dome keyboards: They're actually pretty good! Why did you lie to me, g?[View]
86990817Laptop Performance Singularity Coming: Prices on laptops have been pretty shit. I just want a budget…[View]
86988802>find torrent of rare bonus features ><1 availability >spend months seeding the parts I …[View]
86988556How to get Excel for free: My retarded coding class is requiring me to have excel. I can't use …[View]
86987585Is IceWM the easiest WM to edit config?[View]
86990679hey fellas, is using spare smartphones to make passive income still a viable option in 2022?[View]
86987161it. just. works.[View]
86990400Ctrl + F has saved me from reading so many pointless books[View]
86982794Do you pronounce it 'data' or 'data'?[View]
86985583the actual state of everything: Android was the only somewhat usable os left for handheld devices. N…[View]
86989673Hey /g/olums.: Have you ever been proposed to? (rhetorical question) What are some engagement ring r…[View]
86988704Getting my shit pushed in: Call me a nigger and help me fix this code because my boss read an articl…[View]
86988217Do you really trust RMA when your drive fails? How do you know they're not stealing your data?[View]
86986789You use this shit?[View]
86990100what do you think about this drum sequencer?[View]
86975987/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >UPGRADE & BUILD ADVICE Post build list or current specs includ…[View]
86987438Why are many software engineers between 35 and 40 years of age forced into early retirement?[View]
86985262I have moved from a regular human trailer into living in a horse trailer so I am getting faster as t…[View]
86989828hello /g/ my friends, what is the best antivirus that I should be using please and thank you[View]
86988557Using monday.com as a database: What do you guys think about using monday.com for my datalayer? I…[View]
86990127>will randomly turn on your camera/unmute your mic after updates >will randomly remove your ba…[View]
86987928whats better cisc or risc[View]
86985447Is there any reason to use ext4 in 2022? Why woudn't you use something more advanced like picre…[View]
86984665i3: This stuff is ridiculously complicated lmao who uses this?[View]
86988778>Who's Bigger?: Where Historical Figures Really Rank is a 2013 book by the computer scientis…[View]
86989949SECRET TECHNOLOGY (((THEY))) DONT WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT: For me, it's SuperMemo + SuperMemoVim…[View]
86989484Let me guess you need more?[View]
86983184returning this trash: what in the actual fuck, not even a week and my left click feels like trash, t…[View]
86989570>download windows 11 >start setting up the ui >can't dock task bar on the side I alrea…[View]
86976846Windows 11 22H2 could be with us this time next week: Holy friggin crap this is so cool https://www.…[View]
86974753/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread Before asking for …[View]
86989235Let me guess, you “need” more[View]
86989601What is the best way to learn what a javascript does ('reverse engineering' it)? Is the developer to…[View]
86987468>it took c++ over 40 years to get a fucking contains method on strings. support for splitting st…[View]
86984718Why do they keep making toaster-style hdd docking stations? I was searching for a 2-bay hdd enclosur…[View]
86988357Gnome user here. Should I switch to KDE?[View]
86985630alternative water heating: Im going to move to the countryside with my family, and the place where w…[View]
86986813Is proprietary software more secure?[View]
86989477I miss him, /g/aylords...[View]
86987329>log in to work >it's that time of the year where we do MOCK INCIDENT shit for the worst …[View]
86989203I still use youtube-dl: I still use youtube-dl, despite it being abandonware and capped at around 80…[View]
86989335is maintaining a travel vlog with 10k on fb worth it: i've recently started a travel vlog page …[View]
86980214> be me, charter spectrum customer > internet goes out momentarily, regularly for months (1 to…[View]
86984351I have a CS degree and can't get a programming job. I'm just gonna try to start off as a s…[View]
86988265I miss Heroku like you wouldn’t believe[View]
86989236What does /g/ think of laptop stickers?[View]
86987017Teach us something useful about technology, practical, trivial, pontificating, or profound - whateve…[View]
86984965places to learn x86 asm?: where are some places/resources to learn x86 asm?[View]

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