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69402010Should I get pic related or a flip phone?: I browse the internet on my phone but can give it up for …[View]
69409784Programming class @ community college: I have two options: A) take an online programming class with …[View]
69409992getting a programming job without a degree: is it a meme? how hard is it? have any of you done it?…[View]
69408843Why don't you use it /g/?[View]
69411397Is the rx580 worth $150? No gayming, only work stuff.[View]
69410172You know what’s a meme? A linux desktop environment. Oh and yes, I am a linux system developer. No G…[View]
69411257C code - how to do it: Halp plox. Mein code did not print out anything on Linux command line. Do I …[View]
69407969>Make a great laptop >Name it basically identically to one of your existing products >It…[View]
69406170Pay toilets are nasty, and ought to be illegal. Those of us who are not poor can afford the price, i…[View]
69405103Goddamn. Gaming laptops are UGLY[View]
69411391Is ICANN a monopoly? If it is, why is no one taking it down? If it is not, what other domain registr…[View]
69408623Portfolio: I've trying to get some attention to my work so I can be more 'hireable'. I've …[View]
69411251Linus torvalds uses a Microsoft run operating system: >microsoft owns redhat >redhat makes fed…[View]
69411219when is the best time to buy SSDs?[View]
69410960What software/ set up should I use to get into PIC programming?[View]
69410421DAMN, windows looks like that?[View]
69411151what sorta DPI do you guys run? I like to keep mine on the higher side.[View]
69408395How valuable are IT certificates: I particularly wanna know if they actually help people get hired a…[View]
69409839/cyberpunk/: I made my mindmap software have dark background and neon green text and nodes just to f…[View]
69411092Recently, newer images from panda have been causing HoneyView to glitch out on me so it's time …[View]
69391891Why do people have a tendency to fix things that are not broken?[View]
69410161whats the best Linux OS for a beginner for everyday use?[View]
69408853a philosopher reads about assembly: read along: http://www.int80h.org/bsdasm/#intro listen: https://…[View]
69409841>he doesn't manually test his programs There is nothing better than manual tests when it com…[View]
69408576>gnu stands for GNU's Not Unix >durrhurr we must follow unix philosophy Pick 1(ONE) fuck…[View]
69407410What can you tell me about Guile? GNU seems to obsess like a little schoolgirl to this language.[View]
69405403AMD 7nm APU: This kills Intel on the high end laptop market.[View]
69409175Which one, /g/[View]
69394417Linus tech tips[View]
69409125Speccy thread. >SSD RAID is NVMe. >CPU OC'd to 4.5GHz.…[View]
69410460Anyone know what brand of smoke detector uses this power connection?[View]
69386936/wdg/ - Web Development General: What's everyone working on? Previous thread: >>69351411 …[View]
69407076FUCKBOOK, TWATTER, INSTASHAM, GRAPPLE, GOGGLE - BTFO: A short sample of scientific information about…[View]
69406890A good amd cpu for the 1080ti?.: I'm new to all this and i don't know much about computer …[View]
69410248University for Computer Science: I'm going to university for Computer Science in September. Wha…[View]
69406717/HIBPT/ Have I Been Pwned Thread: Pwned passwords Check ludicrous passwords at https://haveibeenpwne…[View]
694103508K BAD[View]
69409456>2020 - 1 >still no android version[View]
69404787Why do companies always get away with undermining the competition? Microsoft pays to slow down Googl…[View]
69401270It's out. >https://store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey/Steam-Hardware-Software-Survey-Welcome-to…[View]
69408713bought a MacBook (see pic for specs) for like $750 so far this is perfect as an ultra portable unix …[View]
69395302Uh oh, looks like KDE krashed again... ===== Konqi CC BY-SA Tyson Tan (https://creativecommons.org/l…[View]
69402894Why is this man a hero?: Why does he have a sticky and what is TempleOS?[View]
69407873Thought I would answer some shit from the last thread, had to be away and I couldn't. ------ …[View]
69408140How does /g/ maturbate and how do they clean their cum? Also, what are your thoughts on Gigabyte…[View]
69407735Whats to stop a volunteer running a relay from seeing what shit your looking at? Couldnt someone set…[View]
69409437Is a Windows phone useable in 2019? I’ve been considering getting a Lumia 735[View]
69396579What do you think of the Librem 5 phone?[View]
69409976guts thread: Please share your computer guts and give constructive criticism when needed. Thanks fri…[View]
69394800/bst/ - BattleStation Thread: Begging for (you)'s edition.[View]
69382317/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Users of all leve…[View]
69403925Any anons that started 25+ and succeed in /g/ career? I want to, but I doubt it's possible to l…[View]
69409516>fractal clone for $20 i love capitalism[View]
69409218just had my corsair k95 keyboard catch on fire due to a shitty chinese usb hub that I bought that ha…[View]
69403096Is this new hackerman movie /g/ approved?[View]
69399727/hpg/ - Headphone General: >Requesting purchase advice https://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub >/g/ head…[View]
69409664old school aim: Does anyone know some old school style messenger that can be used now. im feeling a …[View]
69401030woke up today and I'm fucking 28: in a midcrisis /g/ (or hopefully thirdlife) Graduated with a …[View]
69408610>tfw the internet has lost its luster and now all we do is just shitbost on a chinese cardboard f…[View]
69408453I'm going to make Emacs clone with pure Common Lisp, SBCL based and distributed as ejected Lisp…[View]
69400942>le super cool kernel boss >le epic gamer guy >le enthusiastic hardware guy…[View]
69409471Free tech stuff: Free. Ever Friday 091175 4-8-0-9-0-5-6-9-4[View]
69407058I'm waiting: Give me ONE (1) good reason to install Gentoo.[View]
69398254Girls who code!: Why does /g/ have such a low opinion of women who code? Anyone who thinks women ca…[View]
69400000Install Windows 10 LTSC or never get repeating digits again[View]
69408972what is some technology I can use to easily organize and manage receipts?[View]
69409277Who needs linux besides pedos and commies?[View]
69407497I’m doing it bros. I’m taking the plunge. By the time you read this I will have smashed up my iPhone…[View]
69405558Need affective ways to break wifi passwords,help me /g/,poor uni student here[View]
69404573hello I run a gaming cafe ask me anything.[View]
69407865Resources to learn C# in 2019: I learnt Java OOP/MVC in college but have no actual experience yet. I…[View]
69402697/font/ - Fonts General: Fonts are an important part of user interface, so I made (I believe the firs…[View]
69406807Free Android VPN: So I want a free VPN for Android that won't sell all my data to the Chinese g…[View]
69406886I would like to work in cyber counter terrorism for the government. What should my ultimate study pa…[View]
69407317my male soiboy coworker argued with my boss about trannies: My male co-worker argued with my boss to…[View]
69408908Hi /g/ its Clement Lefebvre from the Linux Mint project. I have recently released Linux Mint 19.1. I…[View]
69403180/psst/ - Programming Safe Systems Thread: Continued from >>69394161[View]
69405733Is it just a meme?[View]
69408726dbpoweramp: I use it quite a lot to manage my music collection(cd ripping, taging, converting format…[View]
69403186ADATA makes the most reliable entry level SSD[View]
69408693Master Race: Hey guys can you rate my setup and beffie?[View]
69400107Whats the most underrated obscure linux distro?[View]
69407075What did /g/ think about this video? Is Elon just losing it or are we actually doomed? https://www.y…[View]
69408862Lambda Labs GPU Box: Anyone more experienced know anything about these? We have roughly ~$50k we nee…[View]
69400220If you didn't buy me that drumset I would still be alive[View]
69407609Is Visio really the best program for drawing network topologies and switch port maps?[View]
69408604/g/ what's the best backend language?[View]
69406302which pair of RAM should i choose[View]
69405641Write a hangman console game in less than 100 lines of code to prove you are worth it /g/.[View]
69405934>develop new phone >it's made out of 90% glass folded a thousand times and is thin as the…[View]
69407204Hello you, how much data you have on your customer base? Names, addresses, sex, age, sexual orientat…[View]
69408169Long story short, left computer on while I was at work. Came home and it was off. Turned it back on …[View]
69404411At least this guy isn't as cringy as Linus. Honestly, I think Eli is the best IT guy on youtube…[View]
69408023irl desktop thread: Hey /g/, rate my tablet computer :^)[View]
69407557#return true if a is greater than 3, and return false otherwise a = 5 if a > 3: return True els…[View]
69408175>company spies on me >couldn't give two shits because its on information I don't car…[View]
69389643What the fuck is going on?[View]
69406087EDC Thread: Empty your pockets /g/ Pic related, it's all I need to get through the grind.…[View]
69406624>pen testing class needs some kali live usbs with metasploitable and xp vm >professor asked us…[View]
69407062What is /g/'s opinion of pic related[View]
69407269Hey /g/ i want a new phone but I don’t want an iPhone or a phone using Android. What’s a good altern…[View]
69396501/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Previous thread >>69387953 >Read >>51971506 >GNU/…[View]
69404883Is this the biggest cope image on /g/?[View]
69405399Manlet PC case advice general: I'm about to pull the trigger on a mini-ITX case called Kolink S…[View]
69392748le reddit: Forums are technology. What does /g/ think of le reddit?[View]
69403350databases: What is the best way to protect passwords in mysql?[View]
69406692Project Stream ISA: Hey people. I'm wondering what the ISA for the project stream architecture …[View]
69407235What happened to the robot assistant hype? I never hear about that anymore.[View]
69407847Could you do it, /g/?[View]
69406306>on a discord server >some guys post screencaps of website pages with obviously edited text …[View]
69407008What the fuck Microshaft stop bloating up my laptop with cancer already[View]
69403139#10YearChallenge Do you still use decade long tech, /g/?[View]
69404778Hey /g/ I am going to be doing a presentation at my local LUG on the linux kernel coding style. http…[View]
69399777Firecock RIP[View]
69398745/pcbg/ - PC Building General: Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Example gaming buil…[View]
69401491>current time >not wearing an f-91w ISHYGDDT…[View]
69406711I'm 40yo never had a job and didn't go to school How can I get a 6 figure software enginee…[View]
69405406Really puts things into perspective, doesn't it?[View]
69407398>JavaScript ninja[View]
69407420>bitmap fonts store data in squares of 16x16 pixis but most letter occupy just 8x16 to the left, …[View]
69407018>New Technology File System (ntfs) >1993[View]
69407208Will there be another site like OPVA? The new ones that are based on forums are very inconvenient an…[View]
69402501I need a decent av receiver for pc audio amongst other things. It will primarily be used to power 2 …[View]
69407223WTF when did firefox become a botnet[View]
694056354G dumb phones: Since companies in the US are going to start killing off 2G/3G service at the end of…[View]
69403579Post cursed code[View]
69404950help: i found my old iPhone X in the closet today. but i forgot the password. is there any way to re…[View]
69405965Dupont connectors: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARAm0fJLib0 Why the fuck would anyone solder anyt…[View]
69405142all you need is busybox and tmux. xorg is bloat.[View]
69403828Soulja Boy Tech General /sbtg/: Apple tech >assembled in China Microsoft tech >assembled in Ch…[View]
69406907Ami got something[View]
69404525Red pill me on Clear Linux by Intel. Is it based? Is it the only sane option for Intel processors?[View]
69403722What does /g/'s 4chan look like?[View]
69406012Are there any good windows key loaders that aren't just malware? In fact, is there any good any…[View]
69406751>be me >fuck around for several hours getting cuck os x to install on my laptop >it boots w…[View]
69406081how to install ungoogled chromium help me please[View]
69405508I'm gnot a gnelf[View]
69404188>tfw stuck with a phone that's not compatible with Gcam for a year Are there any real altern…[View]
69401876Say no to EasyList and Fanboy's lists: Easylist/Easyprivacy/Fanboy's is a shady project ba…[View]
69405908>get called for interviews >theres always 1 or 2 chads and stacies amongst the other candidate…[View]
69397325What feature phone should I buy? I just want call and text. The ability to use a custom wallpaper wo…[View]
69406383Does anyone know a good way to simulate battery drain on android oreo, specifically on a S7e. Prefer…[View]
69400878>'Anon-san, you have so many paso-kon. You need to let some of them go.' Wat do?…[View]
69405906I recently bought some 4' strip lithonia lights that have bluetooth speakers in them, I figured…[View]
69406430how would you go about your own animated screensaver with .scr extension?[View]
69401466*fails to load/render your image*[View]
69387422What will the internet in 2030 look like when we're already here?[View]
69404421>memory that is not used is wasted![View]
69406216Which VPN is /g/ approved?: Looking at a couple (fuck nord) and trying to decide what to buy.[View]
69406195Decrypting file under unknown compression scheme: Here is a short, compressed and encrypted file, wh…[View]
69403615php: Does anyone know a good free php obfuscator or some way of safe php code protection?[View]
69405237the botnet has claimed another one.[View]
69406089amazon tech cringe/keks: post your best[View]
69406061GML being a language: would you consider GML to be a legit/decent language?[View]
69405401What tech do boomers use?[View]
69405134This is what Ruby coders look like in 2019.[View]
69399859/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: just be nice, ok? Previous thread: >>69389496[View]
69405862https://www.tomshardware.com/news/pcie-4.0-5.0-pci-sig-specification,38460.html >PCIe 5.0 Is Read…[View]
69405857wtf Firefox is way better than Chrome (on both desktop and mobile)[View]
69405750Good and Affordable CPU Cooler: Hey /g/, I plan on purchasing an i7 - 8700k cpu cooler and need to k…[View]
69404802I just switched from le Firefox botnet to Ungoogled Chromium because IceCat broke too much shit and …[View]
69404117Would it be possible for Facebook to develop an app that can pull up someone’s account by scanning t…[View]
69395084do you even de-bro ?: Step one: Escape the man cave Step two: lighten, brighten, soften Step three: …[View]
69400084I installed Ubuntu and it won't boot It's stuck at pic related The fuck do I do[View]
69400128How bad of an idea is it to host a website with Google cloud and use firestore for dB while only usi…[View]
69404815can i make my own browser incorporating firefox's engine? i don't mean fork, i literally m…[View]
69403532What is the best browser for a 10 years old punished and overheating computer? Firefox seems like i…[View]
69400902Has anyone on /g/ tried to do a completely silent PC build? Lately I keep getting irritated by fan n…[View]
69405284Which OS should I choose? This is my first time building a pc and I don't know much about OS. …[View]
69405355WTF Samdumb. You were supposed to save us from the memory cartel, not join them.[View]
69405438>we do not recognize the device you are connecting from, we need to ensure you are the owner of t…[View]
69399383NO NOT AGAIN, SHIT: error: mc: key 'Alad Wenter <alad@archlinux.org>' is disabled :: File /var…[View]
69402178Convince me to use it[View]
69402853Windows 7 VS Windows 10: Long story short, i need to go back to Windows. which one should i choose i…[View]
69405154Does being a computer engineer requires you to be good at math? Currently at senior high and planing…[View]
69405014mac toddlers ____[View]
69404374>June 2014 Jim 'Shitwrecker' Keller joins AMD >November 2014 AMD Stock at $2 Where w…[View]
69403310[GNU/Linux] How Do I Get Thumbnails To Show In Firefox?: I've been creating my own thumbnails w…[View]
69389241Debian can't handle the D: https://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/systemd-devel/2019-January/04…[View]
69403291Computer processor clock rates: I remember the 'processor wars' well–Apple and various Windows comp …[View]
69402374I hate arm shit devices like pi shit. But I still want a 0db computer to watch anime and emulate vid…[View]
69404896Windows 11 when?: Im waiting[View]
69401774>tfw now paranoid about a solar flare destroying all my electronics and data Is anyone else consi…[View]
69404805What's /g/'s preferred hosting solution?[View]
69402681How many of you fullscreen all your applications when available? I like to have my whole monitor to …[View]
69404748anons rise up: we or llegion[View]
69403987The absolute state of Linux users.[View]
69402804Should I learn C++ or C#? I am an intermediate programmer and I do programming as a hobby.[View]
69404591Hi /g/, is there a decompiler that is able to produce code that can be compiled again? I tried retde…[View]
69403511I need a new desk, a large one where I have a place for my computer on one side and for a mini works…[View]
69401818Specs: What are /g/'s specs? Bought this goodie for 200 dollars[View]
69404078Hello fellow Linux users[View]
69399214Personal details of almost billion people leaked on internet: https://www.wired.com/story/collection…[View]
69403808On the OS issue: So Apple and Mac are ridiculous, Microsoft is annoying with their updates, and Linu…[View]
69392947any career-having boomers here work with databases? I'm taking an intro dbms course as a part o…[View]
69403208*blocks your career path*[View]
69399999I'm using this How fucked am i /g/[View]
69401973ITT, list of software to avoid. I'll start: Anything listed on this website https://www.freedes…[View]
69404035How do we know 4chan isn't compromised? I'm not sure what kind of information of value the…[View]
69402827this is what programming in C feel slike[View]
69403747How can i hoard peoples data legally?[View]
69401828So basically tomorrow I am giving presentation about work I should have done, but I've made abo…[View]
69400640Which GPU is the best for making breakfast?[View]
69400627Use fish(1)[View]
69403049All the people I have ever met who have iPhones and macbooks are total brainlets. But that isn'…[View]
69402274>shares the name with a fake fighting board How is this allowed?[View]
69403191Sup g Are you ever feel a bit uncomfortable thinking about how overstated job market is getting in f…[View]
69401787I just installed Android P on my Zenfone 5 but I can't find the dark mode option. Does any of y…[View]
69403348Audiophiles, what's your headset of choice? Mine is finally dying and I'm in the market fo…[View]
69402079>Tim Cook pens privacy focused essay for time magazine: >http://time.com/collection/davos-2019…[View]
69401926Whats the most complicated application/service you've made? I wrote an automated Arch Linux ins…[View]
69398689whats the point of using a bsd I feel like you can't use anything but web browsers and terminal…[View]
69400397>he doesn't use the current best browser because he bought the muh botnet meme How does it f…[View]
69398660What should I install in my T420's mini PCIe slot with this M.2 adapter?[View]
69401661Windows music softwares running on top of Linux: Any ideas will everything simply work or will there…[View]
69393357How would you do this?[View]
69399103Alright... I think that wraps up the personality portion of the interview... One moment. >wheels…[View]
69400972>/g/ is obsessed with privacy >/g/ uses add-ons >add-ons have access to whatever you write …[View]
69402195Work/life balance in tech jobs: Why do people complain about lack of work life balance in tech? I lo…[View]
69402074Is it just me or is jewsoft windows 10 ltsb 2019 having hard time dealing with default apps of file …[View]
69403004Anyone actually testing the beta?: So Sonos claims they have the beta up and running for Google Home…[View]
69400034Holy fuck Bill Gates is standing next to me: What should I ask him /g/?[View]
69376977Infographic thread /g/[View]
69400543>linear 'programming' >exam is some spreadsheets >fail: nooOOOOO NO NO NO IT DOESNT BELONG …[View]
69398342Finally people are accepting LARBS is the smartest way to rice. What are you waiting faggots? Stop …[View]
69401830What are the tank, DPS and healer of the programming languages? Remember, they must fight in unison …[View]
69399893Just got this promotional email from Newegg. Looks like obvious copyright infringement to me--using …[View]
69397961open source as a business model: docker, hashicorp, coreos, and all those startups raising millions …[View]
69401971How do I stop being technologically illiterate?[View]
69402720Ubiquity Networks?: Research points towards them providing a good solution. Are there there other va…[View]
69402225Can we ban TN monitors[View]
69398881android-x86: is this a fucking meme?[View]
69396264I'm getting a TCL Series 6 TV. I'm really confused about HDR, I knOW there's 3 HDR fo…[View]
69402218is there anything good about KDE?: Why is it so shit?[View]
69400011What's a good alternative to FireFox sync so I can ditch Fireshit[View]
69402104I think i have found a great use for quantum computers, you just create all the possible pictures in…[View]
69402287Convince me not to use it[View]
69395854>calling programs 'apps'[View]
69398372What's the purpose of a VPN when they are all monitored by the feds?[View]
69401005what does /g/ think[View]
69402250>Sold my RX Vega 64 recently, guy told me it didnt work and bsodded and froze his system every ti…[View]
69402421hey, polfags! i heard you dislike linux cuz it's free? well, if you really want to pay for a fr…[View]
69401951Fucking mousefag zoomers https://youtu.be/bLjFe7Lzjs8[View]
69400192I forgot my pattern immediately after setting up fingerprint scanning thinking i could just reset it…[View]
69397236At which point can I call myself a 'programmer'?[View]
69401882opinions on gnome flashback?[View]
69398226R9 390X: New change for R9 390X? Loging for some new card but really dont know what to buy the rtx i…[View]
69399706>Try to install DOS on modern laptop >'Unable to control A20 Line! XMS Driver not installed' I…[View]
69402043Collection #1: Anyone have a direct link to Collection #1?[View]
69401897Desktop suggestion thread: All right /g/ i wanted to go desktop hopping for a long time and now i ha…[View]
69398092> Open Virtualbox > A bunch of icons and buttons look off > Check the version, pic related …[View]
69401749>step away from computer >fans go wild is microsoft stealing my data?…[View]
69399580Can I connect an e-ink screen to a tablet, like a Yotaphone?[View]
69399251Come on man, I realize you like Linux but that's no reason to insult people who prefer Windows …[View]
69399406Is there a speech synthesizer plugin for Fruity Loops mobile? Any other ways to sync speechsynth cli…[View]
69398061write a code that prints all prime numbers from 1 to 100[View]
69396650Is there a really good reason I should not pick up my buddies C49HG90 for $600? Besides it being 108…[View]
69400866Is this /ourdesktop/?[View]
69396872this is the future of web development: lol whos gonna need code[View]
69392117>two monitor vs. >one really big monitor[View]
69401626>browsing the world wide web >ever having JavaScript enabled That's gonna be a yikes fro…[View]
69401035Laptops are the perfect home server hardware. >Build-in screen, keyboard and a pointing device, n…[View]
69400521Im completely dumbfounded. I have installed hackintosh in the past and the installer found my hdd dr…[View]
69397243Notes are technology. What do you use for notes /g/? I'm looking for a notes app. I'm curr…[View]
69399011>referring to programming as 'coding'[View]
69400863if 2FA is insecure: what is the next best defence against a keylogger im also pretty sure if a keylo…[View]
69398494What innovative products have you bought recently?[View]
69395346Intermediate programmer here. How do I become master programmer?[View]
69387502No company that has used a functional programming language made it really big. Symbolics who were th…[View]
69399949What will you say when they finally declare bankruptcy and go out of business in 5 years max?[View]
69399824What the actual fuck Intel?[View]
69396859zen 2 and navi WHEN[View]
69400450I'm gonna do it![View]
69399288How long until jewgle closes this loophole?[View]
69399092is there a single board computer that has performance similar to current mid range or flagship smart…[View]
69400016ThinkPad p73 or Other? Txxx?: >ThinkPad p72? Lenovo, HP, or Dell? Will max out specs regardless. …[View]
69399451When will we finally have 100% solid state batteries?: Also ones that don't go up in your face …[View]
69397563Where do I start to become a programmer in C? I plan on become a developer for plan B.[View]
69390712Why does Apple hate freedom?[View]
69397010Is SICP meant to be difficult but comprehensive or am I just a retard? Been trying to wrap my head a…[View]
69395810>Daaamn.... unix looks like that?![View]
69399755Are we soon going to witness the fall of a tech giant?[View]
69376253g-sync/freesync/adaptive sync battle report This is the day, nvidia cards now ofifcially suport free…[View]
69400067so what's the deal with this series of books? they look like they were made for brainlets[View]
69389903what's a good idea for a Electron app?[View]
69400511>get new laptop with win 10 >remove hdd >put previous laptop's hdd with win 8.1 on it …[View]
69400281Best Kotlin Book: What would the best resource to learn Kotlin be?[View]
69399521Why does Windows hate me so much?: >Not using an SSD Can't I expect my PC to work properly w…[View]
69385586/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: Previous thread: >>69362213 Don't buy anything OTHER THAN IBM/L…[View]
69399432Android emulators: Hey there dudes. I was just wondering if any of you guys might know of some good …[View]
69400142Samsung Galaxy S10 spotted!![View]
69399306Shit Boomers Do: >Be Boomer >Connect cd stereo system to smart TV >Smart TV is connected t…[View]
69386092Is Gentoo a meme /g/?[View]
69374079We all know what the /g/ phone looks like, but what what a /g/ designed motherboard look like?[View]
69400045>Windows >literally NSA OS >Linux >systemD + Trannies >Mac >Faggots Im not ready f…[View]
69399459>is computer scientist >doesn't know how computers work…[View]
69390894What went so wrong with Firefox?[View]
69387646/g/! Tell me what's on your USB stick RIGHT NOW.[View]
69394418How can I get rid of this?[View]
69394161/psst/ - Programming Safe Systems Thread: Continued from >>69377749[View]
69398984NAS, storage etc.: I'm a data hoarder and I need some tips. - Currently I have four 4TB WD Reds…[View]
69397073Google Cloud - Virtual Machines: Hey /g/, I do matched betting for a living (https://en.wikipedia.o…[View]
69397186What does /g/ use to keep the dust bunny away? I live with a boyfriend that smokes and its kind of h…[View]
69394664/hpg/ - Headphone General: >Requesting purchase advice https://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub >/g/ head…[View]
69396443hack brief: an astonishing 773 million records exposed in monster breach: >around 140 million ema…[View]
69392922What do you guys think of Surface Pro 6? Or is there a better laptop alternative? or 'just buy a lap…[View]
69399222>cannot unmount /dev/sdc: target is busy[View]
69398903https://github.com/ossu/computer-science#core-programming This is a free online CS curriculum, they …[View]
69397269coding: Im using code.org for a school project. I'm in Intro to Computer Science. Can anyone he…[View]
69397859Is physics as much of a meme degree as cs?: What is the biggest joke of a degree? Both can be learne…[View]
69375829Why is Apple so focused on India?[View]
69389759Elementary OS: What do you /g/oys think of Elementary OS? Seems like a nice and approachable variant…[View]
69392026What's the best company out of these 3?[View]
69399196What is the best prebuilt gaming PC you can order online? I need a PC that plays games like Arma 3, …[View]
69398282Never thought I'd say this, but where can I get short (7-11cm, or 3-4' for bugers), firm, cat 6…[View]
69395461please help me /g/ bros: I know the rules say not to try use you guys as personal tech support but I…[View]
69398434Linux/vmare help: So like don't bully me or anything if I'm a retard for asking this but l…[View]
69394523Keyboard: Hey /g/. I just acquired this keyboard of some sort from an old relative of mine because '…[View]
69393550what went wrong with the internet (pic related)?[View]
69398870Recording Video and Audio from Screen Capture: Hello /g/, I've recently been searching for ways…[View]
69392025Why buy a 190$ RX 580?: Don't even try and tell me buying the used 1070 for 30$ more bucks isn…[View]
69395090why the fuck isn't newpipe working at all anymore? what's happening?[View]
69397499>he pays $300 for a 2 channel dac when he can get an 8 channel dac + 8 channel amp + room correct…[View]
6939676732-bit software, the end of an era: https://www.tivi.fi/Kaikki_uutiset/google-seuraa-applea-32-bitti…[View]
69398591I'm currently in a Data Science MS program. How do I position myself and build my skillset to c…[View]
69398355Why can’t displays cover the full visible spectrum yet?[View]
69397990I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY need a windows xp 32BIT installation, I don't care where i…[View]
69390660Meanwhile, on bizarro-/g/[View]
69398510Bareback your internet's asshole today!: >2019 >using a vpn or proxy >not barebacking …[View]
69397552PIA FTW PureVPN https://www.justice.gov/opa/press-release/file/1001841/download PIA https://torrentf…[View]
69395452Why have you not upgraded to R2R NOS DACs yet?: It's like you want to hear pre and post ringing…[View]
69398675Hey /g/, is Dragonfly BSD the best BSD?[View]
69398299Is there a viable way to scan a directory, find downscaled versions of original res images, and dele…[View]
69397661I'm looking for a small low-power consumption x86 based desktop computer, possibly an NUC or a …[View]
69395978Windows 10 LTSB is fucking with me: Thanks windows Half of my RAM is hardware reserved Have made no …[View]
69395241Data Analyst: I accidently fell into a Data Science role. Is this something worth staying? Ive never…[View]
69387032ITT: technology that improved nothing[View]
693946074U Server cases with dust filters: Are there any 4U cases with 3x120mm fans in the front and a dust …[View]
69398095>Nobody gives a fuck about ipv6 >the new beta steam client supports ipv6 to download vidya Thi…[View]
69388514systemd rust rewrite when?[View]
69398288What's the best smartphone?[View]
69386926/pcbg/ - PC Building General: Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Example gaming buil…[View]
69377213I thought you said AMD had good drivers. This is the most piece of shit software I have ever used i…[View]
69392974How often do you clean your computer /g/?[View]
69396308I declare jihad on your IP you godless infidel[View]
69389496/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Last thread: >>69380491[View]
69397871>mfw I fell for the ultrabook meme[View]
69397832Which VPN is best VPN? I hear about Nord the most[View]
69388517INTEL SURRENDER THREAD: What the fuck Intelbros AMD is already on 7nm what are we going to do? Delid…[View]
69397526Whose fault is the dumb meme trope where a robot or AI character in fiction says they'll 'commi…[View]
69397188Shit what the fuck, I accidentally dropped my motherboard. Do you guys think this is fixable????[View]
69395526Console CD roms: What CD rom does the Wii U use? I also read somewhere that they designed their own …[View]
69363190post your favourite powerplant[View]
69395164>just have a seat right over there anon >this will only take a second >we will scan your th…[View]
69397697>imagine being a mobile dev >imagine being a web dev >imagine using java >imagine workin…[View]
69394914It's unreal how polished this distro actually is. I can see why you hate it tho. It simply just…[View]
69391587Who's your vps provider?[View]
69397046>picture folder of my porn hoard has become an unorganized mess of tens of thousands of random im…[View]
69396890/hmg/ Hackerman General: In /hmg/ we discuss pentesting, ctfs, exploits, and general being a hackerm…[View]
69396583What do companies gain from shilling their languages?: We see them do it on here every day so how do…[View]
69394450A while back about 4 months or so a anon recalled getting raped in a what broke you thread. Can that…[View]
69397292>youtube auto-play looping two videos indefinitely again[View]
69392483You have 10 seconds to explain how to install a free as in freedom respecting non-botnet OS on each …[View]
69397283Yes hard drives...: FrIcKiN PoWeRSupPlY[View]
69394808Are you ready for Singularity /g/?[View]
69364467ıvılıvı mvnıvm nımıvm vını mvnımınvm ımmınvı mınımvm edition >Not sure what public trackers are a…[View]
69396649Tech Support: >switch to terminal based calendar calcurse >cant export to an ical file that go…[View]
69395668NAVI LAUNCHING IN JULY: http://www.redgamingtech.com/navi-announced-in-june-launches-july-more-power…[View]
69396040Is there anyone who can make a script that would automatically post images from a queue in a consist…[View]
69395165Looking to switch to Linux as my daily driver and leave W10 as a gay-ming only second boot. Balancin…[View]
69396790just delided my 6700k after like 3 years[View]
69396585I’m looking for an 85” for my incel movie cave. I’ll do some streaming, but prefer UHD blu rays. Wil…[View]
69393583>he bought an amd gpu[View]
69395721Ok /g/ daily thread to post news and articles to BTFO iTODDLERS[View]
69394596Why can't Intel use TSMC 7nm process to make CPUs?: Instead of being stuck with 10 nm ...…[View]
69396104When can I play video games on Linux?[View]
69383717archlinux + KDE literally windows 10 killer. proof me wrong.[View]
69395434/g/reetings, is it possible to transfer files from a Windowns (not a typo) system to a Linux/BSD sys…[View]
69396754How did web development fuck up so bad? Seriously the gvmt needs to stop this shit faggotry called j…[View]
69386190This is the future that Republicans want. /g/ has and will always be pro net-neutrality.[View]
69396510I'm going about developing my own wm (for personal use and learning), I'm looking for mini…[View]
69396478Is C# better than C or C++ because it's newer? Like, how a lot of people use C++ instead of C#.…[View]
69389381GOOGLE - YOU VIOLATORS OF OXYGEN - I SAID YOU ARE FINISHED: 'People will get frightened of travellin…[View]
69393225If we can't make human-like artificial intelligence, can we at least make animal-like AI? Like …[View]
69388646what are good cheap automatic watches?[View]
69395359Job Experience Thread: General IT Job experience thread? I just nailed a phone interview and was ask…[View]
69391094Will an AI waifu be invented in our lifetime?[View]
69396596>be pizza delivery technician >deliver to hotel room >lights and TV are off except one, com…[View]
69392675how small is PC market?: ive read some stuff over the years and it seems like its shrinking. I know …[View]
69395255right now seems like an excellent time to switch to a systemd-less distro. what is good for someone …[View]
69395783What is the Miata of technology?[View]
69378750desktop thread: test[View]
69396016>Wifi download is about 200kb/s >Move the antanae from 90 degree to 45 >it goes up to 1.4mb…[View]
69389286Satisfying Connectors: ITT: Most satisfying connectors Connectors that make you cum everytime you pl…[View]
69392979fug I forgot to charge my sneakers[View]
69396205Deepfakes: profit possibiltys in 2019: Just how far along are we brothers? i was having a perfectly …[View]
69394144Technology is cucked: >more people in technology industry >Less demand for techies >Using k…[View]
69394811Is Google trying to even fix this fragmentation of different android versions?[View]
69396285yo guys is windows 7 the way to go is it faster than windows 10 cuz windows 10 is using 25% of my sy…[View]
69395902why can't i disable history and cookie storage on the android version of firefox? i know ''priv…[View]
69393052>Women want inclusion in IT >Women with dicks end up riding that gravy train instead…[View]
69396107>tfw dropped out of computer science >pursuing raw unadulterated natural science like physics …[View]
69394966Kids today think that 'gif' is a video format and not an image format that has animation as a side f…[View]
69395189floats: Why do floats do this?[View]
69393862Replacing windows explorer?: I've fully moved onto ghanuu/luinicks from winbloze 7, but can…[View]
69395179protonmail: how many accounts is a single person allowed? they have a verification at the start of s…[View]
69396025The coverup is worse than the actual code issue isnt it[View]
69391176Who did he beg for a sniff?[View]
69390719My boomer dad wants to download music from youtube but obviously youtube-dl isn't '''user frien…[View]
69395922Why does /g/ have so many posts relating to video games this isn't a video game board guys.[View]
69395120Redpill me on Crypto texts: I need one good book, written by a gentile or a gook, that gives a good …[View]
69395683what’s preventing me from lying about having a bachelor in computer science from Slovakia on my resu…[View]
69391279I don't get it[View]
69392289Non-NEETS of /g/ Are you salaried or hourly? What time do you start and end your work day? I'm…[View]
69393702the average East-Asian man with a computer science degree[View]
69390085UI Minimalism: Post your favorite TUI or GUI applications that have a focus on simplicity, clarity a…[View]
69394200How do we stop technology from fucking over the common man? It was supposed to help everyone, not on…[View]
69385931WTF is this defualt DPI scaling in manjaro[View]
69395069I need your help, guys. Does Android have video player that supports floating RESIZABLE window, i.e.…[View]
69394837Inverted Colors: How do I set my monitor to invert like pic related? I'm running Debian on my T…[View]
69391705How to profit in the blockchain token business model?: I get it, the worth of a token is directly pr…[View]
69394123When does the waiting ends, bros?: I'm just tired of waiting ...[View]
69379740/iemg/ — In-Ear Memes General: The In-Ear Monitors General: Giant Killer Edition, where we purchase …[View]
69393600>le super cool hardware guy >le epic gamer guy…[View]
69392859With Poetterling and Linux kernel devs now openly attacking C simply for existing instead of blaming…[View]
69393724Any real advantage of using Nightly or Beta over Firefox?[View]
69387953/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Previous thread >>69373389 >Read >>51971506 >GNU/…[View]
69394442Early Android Q build has a system-wide dark theme, permissions revamp, hints at a 'desktop mode,' a…[View]
69388077Every Day Carry: EDC thread Rate and roast Optional: Guess age and occupation[View]
69385624reinstalling: how frequent does /g/ reinstalls their OS?[View]
69394048Who will become the most expensive woman in the world, Jeff Bezos' soon-to-be ex-wife or Dr. Li…[View]
69391805INTEL to buyout AMD lewl: https://www.techquila.co.in/intel-acquiring-amd/ this is hilarious ryzen f…[View]
69392820FACEBOOK HAS NO LEGAL RIGHT: to create pages for individuals. suck my dick zuck. these numbers you p…[View]
69393541Linuxbrew: Homebrew comes to linux (Windows Subsytem for Linux) Literally what is the point? I get t…[View]
69394824Did I say you could stop sucking?[View]
69394816Im looking for a laptop woth hdmi and vga ports in the 200$ range. Suggestions would be appreciated.[View]
69393982Crypto mining: I wanna build a pc for crypto mining so can anyone recommend any builds which arent t…[View]
69373269/bst/: rev up those battlestations[View]
69392740MFW: MFW[View]
69390750/hpg/ - Headphone General: >Requesting purchase advice https://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub >/g/ head…[View]
69394242Is GCN holding amd gpus back? I thought that Navi was supposed to be AMDs huge keap in GPUs, but fro…[View]
69394562Trying to buy a new ATX case in 2019: - LGBRGB lights/fans - No drive bay / 3 drive bays / non remov…[View]
69392864What kind of operating system and software do office norman's use? I don't want to acciden…[View]
69392484Slackware: does anyone use it? I don't hear much shilling here like Gentoo[View]
69390606What is /g/'s experience with libre/OpenOffice? I've been hesitant to switch from MS Word …[View]
69390214It deserves another chance.[View]
69384059Poor people can’t see the hidden text on this pic[View]
69394008DWM: Sell me on DWM guys. I wanna switch to it since I like C. I'm currently using i3wm since I…[View]
69391703Is there an explanation on why the hell windows needs to use all your RAM for over 2 hours to fetch …[View]
69393090>dumb phone[View]
69385559>pay extra 80$ to use basic ports https://www.amazon.com/HyperDrive-Type-C-Adapter-50Gbps-MacBook…[View]
69394003>Snapdragon 660 >flagship what was Blackedberry thinking?…[View]
69394150Some keys on my craptop have stopped working. Should I bother getting a replacement keyboard or just…[View]
69393118Welcome to Computer Science, where men want to be women and women want to be men.[View]
69393914fuck facebook: I wanted to delete an account on facebook but it turned out that they blocked it and …[View]
69394084>RTX 2080 is over $1100 after tax kill me[View]
69393655Eleaf ikonn 220w: I just took apart my Eleaf Ikonn to vinyl wrap some of the parts and after assembl…[View]
69365130/spg/ - Smartphone General: Nokia 6.2 Edition If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your c…[View]
69388119https://wccftech.com/intel-raja-koduri-neo-intel/ *DEEP INHALE--*[View]
69390616why is he so good at programming? it's not fair bros[View]
69391591C macros: what could go wrong?[View]
69393774Laptop: I'm looking for a laptop. I'll be using it for college and gaming, but mostly coll…[View]
69379135NINTENDO SWITCH OPEN SOURCE: It's the most important device of our generation. Why isn't /…[View]
69391163Is now a good time to build an AMD machine?: Now CES is over I'm getting impatient and want to …[View]
69392760Gayming console mechanics: How exactly do gayming consoles work? Are they anything like computers? D…[View]
69392575What happens if I make grub the default boot loader, then delete Ubuntu[View]
69390485location: i got a problem with finding someones name/addres!![View]
69393503Desktop PC necessary?: Convince me I should build a PC. I'm on the fence because I could just b…[View]
69393612Dark theme back in Android Q, my /g/s The sexy KitKat look back in the menu[View]
69390725who else /lineage/ here?[View]
69390710Redpill me about PureOS[View]
69387483i wish it still existed.[View]
69391098Lets compare E-peens: R15.0 post them[View]
69383271Name a Windows exclusive program and we'll find you a Linux alternative[View]
69390055Huawei MateBook D overheating: New pc, unboxed yesterday. After 10 minutes of cs:go, cpu temperature…[View]
69393084I recently got an asus laptop and the screen hurts my eyes badly. I've seen many people complai…[View]
69390691VPN Megathread: What vpn do you use and why does everyone shill this piece of crap?[View]
69389474The literal state of loonix gaymen in 2019[View]
69373887Justify your use of this OS[View]
69386860Any youtube channel form C that explains advanced techniques and its not a pajeet speaking? Nothing …[View]
69392149coworker is js fanboy: I just wanted to share this with you > coworker works with js, is js fanbo…[View]
69389614I miss him bros[View]
69391556Vega VII: >'C... Custom designs will be cheaper!' AMDrones on suicide watch.…[View]
69392842Help an autist out: I'm building a biophotonic panel, but I'm a retard and don't want…[View]
69392846Control Youtube with Bluetooth Speaker on Mac: Hey /g/, I recently got a Bluetooth speaker for my Ma…[View]
69390699Is it possible to add buttons inside my mouse so I can no longer hear that clicking sound?[View]
69391062Now that Bitcoin is dead, is RAM prices back to nominal again?[View]
69384667Favorite Part About C++: my favorite part about C++ is the zero-overhead abstractions how about you?…[View]
69387413i3+-DE? Serverfarm w/ no Legality relevant: >server farm with no laws, no ISP in my way, and lite…[View]
69385413Can't believe people are still shilling Navi and think AMD will offer $800 card for $250.[View]
69392751>On university campus >Large majority of students have macs I thought Apple had only 10% of ma…[View]
69387299Voice changing programs: How do I change my voice for online voice chats? Playing some games where …[View]
69391190okay g whats a good android browser because lightning is buggy af naked browser is uncomfy firefox i…[View]
69392236>girl i like likes me back >finally a chance to lose my virginity >hack her facebook accoun…[View]
69391141MassTagger: Can MassTagger be used to accurately count the number of posters in a Reddit sub?[View]
69389056Is it actually good?[View]
69391881I would really really appreciate some help with this as I have nowhere irl near me that can fix this…[View]
69392377cool retro tech thread: cool retro tech thread[View]
69390457Hey Gentoo fags! How do you pronounce your shitty distro?[View]
69392325>spend ages arguing about DE's and tiling WMs >when ctrl alt f1-6 is a godlike forgotten …[View]
69390741Just bought a Vega 64 to replace my 980 and upgrade to 1440p. Did I fuck up?[View]
69389025Thanks Oracle.[View]
69388062Head transplant guy cancels surgery because he got a hot GF and baby. DAFUQ? https://www.mirror.co.u…[View]
69378783Modern dumbphone thread: I want to go off grid for a while cause my internet addiction is starting t…[View]
69390517ok, this is epic[View]
69390191/speccy/: Speccy thread because I didn't see one in the catalog edition.[View]
69390884Set a folder to contain only folders, not files: My rationale is that it could prevent me from throw…[View]
69390317Why do chicks preffer using a 5 year old iPhone than a new android phone? They also only use it for …[View]
69390693It's not Lenono's fault: The product differentiation strategy of Intel's CPU is erodi…[View]
69390881Does any one why the C/C++ language doesn't allow the @ symbol?[View]
69388350Anyone else noticed we get more and more threads how Linux sucks with each new Windows update? Wow, …[View]
69391405bitrate: what is /g/'s autism like regarding bit rate?[View]
69389267LINUX BTFO AGAIN ZFS API is broken in 5.0-rc2 because of muh GPL licensing problems, devs leaving an…[View]
69391590Why have LCDs still not caught up to 15+ year old technology?[View]
69385610you jelly, faggots?[View]
69387773Alright /g/, I'm done buying Mac computers. My iMac bit the dust the other day after owning it …[View]
69388296Recommend me an itx board with integrated cpu[View]
69390805I'm planning on building a computer this year and am wondering if you guys think DDR5 ram is go…[View]
69386997Is it physically possible to type more than 80WPM on these pieces of shit? Only a few years ago Macb…[View]
69391386Did somebody say developers?[View]
69389117>tfw no software development job[View]
69388876>make a system >doesn't know shit about how they work https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7C…[View]
69391302How often do you distrohop and did you ever find an OS to stick with? Pic related is the one I choos…[View]
69390071What is this connector called?[View]
6938894219 16 82 34 86 11 04 21 07 44[View]
69391656Computer Science: hey /g/ I'm a britfag and I'm taking a gcse computer science course, but…[View]
69391243They see me copyin', he be hatin'.[View]
69391188When designing our new logo at Slack, we wanted it to reflect our vision as the final solution to th…[View]
69389604Got this off from some kid at the science fair. What should I do with, do people actually buy these?[View]
69387684AMD GPUs and Anti Aliasing: Is this something that AMD can fix with driver improvements or is it a p…[View]
69381268What are you waiting on, /g/?[View]
69387255When will you stop using windows placebo a.k.a Linux? https://www.zdnet.com/article/new-linux-system…[View]
69385594i have too many pictures and trying to keep them all organized breaks my brain. how does /g/ do it?[View]
69388690what do I uprade?: Ram 10gb Cpu amd 6100 Gpu 7850 2gb I never had an issue running a game until I t…[View]
69390680hey /g how do you deal with dents on your laptop? I am during projects and finals week at uni , and …[View]
69381003/hpg/ - Headphone General: >Requesting purchase advice https://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub >/g/ head…[View]
69389172>Gentoo is goo..[View]
69383962Explain Machine Learning to me as if I'm 13-years-old.[View]
69390570Yes goy buy Samsung like a good goy instead of huaw*i its not like we are dodging UN sanctions and f…[View]
69373300Spotify is kill: https://nuclear.gumblert.tech/ https://github.com/nukeop/nuclear/[View]
69390489Is adventure game studio any good[View]
69388913Is there a free as in freedom alternative to f.lux? I don't want to install a botnet.[View]
69389865Paid shilling: Where to become paid shill? I hear everyone talking about shilling, but I can’t find …[View]
69390215ASUS ROG Swift PG278QR: Picked one of these bad boys up, finally upgraded from 60hz for the past 10 …[View]
69380539Terminal is so pretty. It's so functional. Show me your pretty terminals. Stories about termina…[View]
69386251Is Void Linux good?[View]
69387568>your Intel CPU cooler has arrived[View]
69371487I was a longtime gnome user and recently tried xfce which I always remembered as one of those 'deskt…[View]
69384086>set nfs on fresh windows install following this guide http://dovidenko.com/2017/505/nfs-centos-7…[View]
69389603Having an e-date with my gf: GF is out of town and shee misses our movie nights. We usually watch st…[View]
69387977>*blocks your path* >*takes away your linux thinkpad* >*throws it in the trash* you think y…[View]
69390175postmarketOS: what do y'all think about postmarketOS? it's a linux distro for mobile devic…[View]
69383436Remember silk road?[View]
69389762hackermen: Outdated and vulnerable software for Windows 7? I am doing a hackermen presentation in cl…[View]
69390156Whats a /g/ approved email service that would work with clients such as thunderbird? My understandin…[View]
69385645Does /g/ use a UPS?[View]
69389170Hello /g/, Its 2019. How do you torrent safely? Im thinking about buying a VPN or VPS/Dedicated. Wha…[View]
69381663what email service do you use: and why?[View]
69382960Are DACs one of the great scams of the 20th century?[View]
69382637Serious question: Which OS do you use? https://www.strawpoll.me/17240800[View]
69383581How did we go from this....[View]
69389537DNS caching/forwarding: What software does /g use to cache dns queries? Just ditched dnsmasq for pic…[View]
69387818ARM thread: >Checks catalog >no ARM thread How about an ARM thread?…[View]
69387450Are Raspberry Pi (or microcomputers in general) clusters useful at all? I've seen videos online…[View]
69380515you must buy a smartphone to use as your sole device and can also use accessories. What do you choos…[View]
69389210Was reading about X-Keyscore. Is it truly possible to completely Internet off the grid?[View]
69389088Decent rootable Verizon Prepaid phone?: Sup /g/oyims. I'm looking for a decent rootable Verizon…[View]
69384843Why are the people in the tech community usually virgin losers? Im no exception[View]
69380645Reminder that the NSA is collecting a LOT of information about you: Your posts, the images you uploa…[View]
69389110>sophomore CS student >cant find a job as programmer >finally someone invites me for intern…[View]
69389157GNOME master race.[View]
69363837/font/ - The Official /g/ Font Discussion Thread: >implying there is a better font than pic relat…[View]
69385947open source support alternatives: >be me >I like this open source program (mplayer) >I woul…[View]
69388753whats the best for long term digital storage?[View]
69389316xnconvert. -- keep in mind i like low file-sizes and usually convert my images to small png files. …[View]
69382457to those who did computer science / engineering did you actually need a laptop? in lectures i prefr …[View]
69377885How does it feel to be an iToddler and lose 50% performance every year?[View]
69388750anybody here wish they were bluepilled? protecting your privacy in current year is hard.[View]
69385260First 5G Remote Surgery Completed In China: >According to local reports, the world’s first remote…[View]
69388852>tfw kernel is the only good part[View]
69389109Any one else notice how g gets extremely racist or misogynistic whenever polboys get to post? Admin …[View]
69384159Truth bomb[View]
69372533>linux has no comfy installers lincucks will defend this[View]
69380491/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Last thread: >>69371979[View]
69383385Where can I find a good quality CRT monitor? They're brought up as a superior option to LCDs, b…[View]
69387886MySQL or MongoDB: I have recently needed to create a database for a program I am developing. I am us…[View]
69384160*Paywalls your tech news*[View]
69372829Is data on your main drive worth $300 to you? Just paid 0.088 BTC for mine.[View]
69388625What does /g/ think of Nokia’s WiFi beacons?[View]
69388839The Ideal connector doesnt ex-: you may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like…[View]
69383517Best Value used GPUs: I need to replace my gtx 750 ti because of a second monitor I have looked up s…[View]
69385090The only distro that genuinely just works and keeps on working is CentOS with its default GNOME desk…[View]
69388718Are these a scam?[View]
69377675>sell stuff online that the government doesn't like >get life in prison + 40 years withou…[View]
69386163What went wrong? /g/: >8 YEARS OF DEVELOPMENT ™ >EXCLUSIVE TECHNOLOGY™ Sounds familiar? >BU…[View]
69388435Question: Anyone on /g/ know how most Of these Small electronic pressure buttons works? And if you h…[View]
69387934Hey /g/, I'm writing a Telegram bot for fun but I have no idea what I want it to do. Suggestion…[View]
69384320Would you fellas like to post suggestions for KDE themes/adjustments/quality of life improvements/et…[View]
69382593/g/'s thoughts on OS X[View]
69387066One Plus 6 or One Plus 6T?: ^ title basically and why you think the other choice is better pl0x…[View]
69376566Convince me to not buy an RTX 2080ti and an i9-9900K. I am not some poor poojeet, so is there a reas…[View]
69387779What is the all time GOAT of Cell Phone Case Manufacturers? I vote for Rhinoshield[View]
69383474You should try forth, anon. I tried forth and I really liked it. It's a pretty unique language …[View]
69386738Trash langauges: >javascript >C# >haskell >lisp and scheme >forth God Tier Langauges:…[View]
69386270why would I use linux when windows just works?[View]
69388339Anyone know a good java course on the interwebz? Already know C and assembly x64 but my java teacher…[View]
69388295Gentoo more like Gay too[View]
69386394Backend framework for a beginner?: I've been learning the flask framework to launch my websites…[View]
69342151/g/ humor thread[View]
69380934DerbyCon canceled: Will they come for Defcon next? https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/01/annual-d…[View]
69386493Coding?: I know /g/ is gonna go on full on fuck-this-thread mode, but how the hell do I begin to lea…[View]
69387574Ubuntu Sucks: Why does it seem to be designed to override the way you want things to work? It's…[View]
69386895Install Weboob[View]
69387728Is it possible to learn how to become a web developer while also being an alcoholic?[View]
69387191Upgrade PC: Built this in 2010, looking to play CS:GO, Overwatch, Pubg, what needs to be updated? ca…[View]
69386409how the fuck is he allowed to make such blatant shilling videos and still claim to be 'neutral' http…[View]
69379675Web Browser: What is the most lightweight browser /g/?[View]
69387411Anyone got an i7 8086 CPU overclocked? If so, can you screenshot it and post it please? Thanks![View]
69382145Anonymous: Fuck Evil Corporate Monopolies. I'm ditching all of 'em right now! /g/ should t…[View]
69387540Dictionaries bruteforce: This thread is made to help eachother to get websites or/and dictionaries f…[View]
69386341vm host os: i am going to create a usb flash drive for running vms with qemu+kvm is this a legit cho…[View]
69368488It's over AMD is finished. >14 core 28 threads >4.0 GHz base clock >5.0 GHz boost cloc…[View]
69386318SFC vs GRAFCET: Anyone how to tell grafcet and sfc apart?[View]
69384783U can't make this up: I don't know his country but I could guess[View]
69386557I don't get you people. People think I'm paranoid for using DuckDuckGo, but if you are so …[View]
69387245DuckDuckGo won: https://spreadprivacy.com/duckduckgo-apple-mapkit-js/[View]
69368556Are torrents only a boomer thing? Zoomers don't seem to use them, they're okay with buying…[View]
69379946Is this a meme?[View]
69384942Best Midi Keyboard in Australia for roughly 350 dollars? Preferably 61 keys.[View]
69379677>tfw no friend that wants to work on my autistic code projects with me[View]
69386760I was looking up chicks on the internet and found out that this image has an embedded file in it. Ca…[View]
69371497What happened to Anonymous, gee?[View]
69384969What's the best LED colour?[View]
69386927The only people using Windows on /g/ are Microsoft shills. Prove me wrong. You can't, can you? …[View]
69387063I'm struggling to justify the price difference between these two monitors The Samsung CF791 - …[View]
69383647Is it fine for me to leave my computer running all day for days on end?[View]
69386693Noob question: When a console doesn't receive more official support does it mean is it safe to …[View]
69386765Little computer[View]
69385770So I bought a laptop with SSD without HDD. It's only 256 GB(237 actually) and with OS it has a …[View]
69377900C++26...wtf: Are they even trying[View]
69386529>The Internet Defense League takes the proven tactic that killed SOPA & PIPA and turns it int…[View]
69379235/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Example gaming …[View]
69385422Please, explain me to me? I tried to watch Mandy way back when it was released, and I kinda knew it…[View]
69386652Hello /g/, guess who just ordered an rtx titan. That's right this guy. I was using a rtx 2080ti…[View]
69386595How does one get things delivered from the dark web? Since purchasing counterfeit items or narcotics…[View]
69385896Why are ISPs allowed to get away with all the fuckery? They throttle your speeds, sell your data to …[View]
69351411/wdg/ - Web Development General: What's everyone working on? Previous thread: >>69318428 …[View]
69385208what is the go-to solution for PASSWORD encrypting my files before backing them up on 'the cloud'? I…[View]
69386199I want to create an interface similar to this, but with git log. What should I write it in? Any tips…[View]
69377630Remember when cases looked good?[View]
69386469Is this outdated?[View]
69383083Why is every bit of legacy C++ written so fucking poorly. We inherited a bunch of C++ written in 200…[View]
69385723Hi i'm a brainlet around here and switched to ubuntu recently. Today i got an update on Discord…[View]
69385598Will c++42 become python?[View]
69384619Is the Toshiba X300 HDD really that loud?: So there was a deal on Amazon for an 8TB Toshiba X300 HDD…[View]
69362213/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: Previous thread: >>69333955 Don't buy anything OTHER THAN IBM/L…[View]
69386037Check out this epic fail fellow phoneposters[View]
69380419What is the most polished desktop and why is it deepin? >Inb4 Chinese spyware Literally FUD and …[View]
69386136Let's forget about business, productivity and other alienating shits. Among the bazillions of …[View]
69369155Is C just a toy language now?: Everything nowadays is made in a scripting language or if it’s old sh…[View]
69377887Why are these chargers so fucking terrible? >Only a year old >Disgustingly yellowed >Wire a…[View]
69384319Learning Java/Android/Kotlin: What is the best way to learn to create android apps? Cant find any go…[View]
69386041Best option for silent mice and keyboard? Best option for a graphics card for Q9550?[View]
69385336does clover force all connections through HTTPS?: debating in my head if i should use clover or fire…[View]
69385781Is it any good, /g/?[View]
69382412Has anyone got the source code for the wii or switches desktop envirnment? or is there anything else…[View]
69377938OOP vs Functional Programming: Hello /g/ how are you today? My question for today is this, I am taki…[View]
69384545is it possible to develop, or does there already exist a program for a computer or even on a phone i…[View]
69385183Recommend me a good Docker book. I need the basics for starters and a bit of info into more advanced…[View]
69382598Terry Davis once said. >Using Linux is like driving a truck with 20 gears. >Using windows is l…[View]
69385740Security vs Marketing: Hi /g/ Luddite here, when I connect to free wifi my norton/McAfee app (free a…[View]
69385669>he uses a package manager time to take the training wheels off, big boy…[View]
69380742what does /g/ use for listening to music: Finally have time to organize a decades worth of music. iT…[View]
69381828Is he the smartest person over at Linus Shill Tips? Is he /ourguy/?[View]
69383932This board may be a bit slow but it's one of the few without cuck and trap posts riddled throug…[View]
69383225this picture is from a TV show from 2005. what distro are they using?[View]
69379003Has /g/ finally woken up? Do you guys finally realize how mediocre Apple products are?[View]
69381095what is the best technology to cure low iq?: honestly it feels like i'm getting dumber everyday…[View]
69385455sponsored by sunfrower: >be me >be scrolling amazon for misc bedroom art >scrolling through…[View]
69379481any mobile devs on /g/? why is there no general for it?[View]
69384443>even ageing loss of brightness, gamma drift >uneven ageing burn-in How can anyone defend this…[View]
69385181Text Editors: Hey /g/ vim user here What text editor do you use and why[View]
69382682the tech bubble has popped[View]
69373389/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Previous thread >>69362714 >Read >>51971506 >GNU/…[View]
69371355Is there a shittier plug design?[View]
69384451>well president Trump we'd be happy to let you into our council of planets >just one thin…[View]
69384449>gets new GPU(GTX1070) >wants to give mining a go on some random altcoin >OCs my i5-2500k t…[View]
69385040*transcodes 128kbps mp3 into 64kbps opus*[View]
69383612Color accuracy/calibration: Do you care about color accuracy and calibration for your monitor(s)? Th…[View]
69383515Is Python to 'real' programming what Arduinos are to 'real' electronics? So, wha…[View]
69377953I really fucked up in infosec: So about me, i've been through hell. I've had all my life d…[View]
69384957smeared thermal paste on my cpu socket: I have an i7 4790, and it's been almost a year ago when…[View]
69379124Found a key-logger: So I accidentally found out that I had a key-logger on my PC. Don't know fo…[View]
69384744Spooky: You've just discovered the last physical copy of the Stuxnet worm locked securely insid…[View]
69384197are there any browsers or search engines that aren't botnet. I just want to escape bros[View]
69384216CSS? Most of the time I see jqurey or html never CSS, but it wouldn't surprise me. It's pr…[View]
69381050Absolute autism: DawnOS - http://gerigeri.uw.hu/DawnOS/index.html Not only is this done completely f…[View]
69384257>you can only buy this with crypto What could possibly go wrong?[View]
69381989When is the scientific discoveries and stuff learned from this thing supposed to trickle down to rea…[View]
69383795The Occult Technology of Power: So, did anyone end up finding the full book somewhere in epub/pdf fo…[View]
69383583why did it take gigabyte 6 years to release good bios for this? should i not buy motherboards that a…[View]
69380977Pfsense: When is this shit worth it?[View]
69384450Is using a directory buster like Dirb legal?[View]
69381063What programming language does /g/ prefer?[View]
69384075For me, it's CentOS[View]
69381483Serious question: Of what use is tabbed mode in tiling window managers? The main reason behind tili…[View]
69382987How would you organize 21996 / 15.1GB of images that you've collected from 4chan? Interested in…[View]
69383296I'm hoping you guys can help me. I recently signed a lease to an apartment that had 'inter…[View]
69384211What's the best way to ensure that my laptop shuts down when I'm away from it for more tha…[View]
69381911Make a guest user with limited privileges on my xubuntu OS Try using sudo command 'This incident wi…[View]
69345843/csg/ - Chinese Shopping General: /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on AliExpress, Banggood, …[View]
69382794WHOEVER INVENTED THIS CONNECTOR SHOULD BE SHOT: it's literally impossible to wire up[View]
69384117Check Image file format on iPhone 6: when i save a gif on my iphone, it doesnt move in the gallery. …[View]
69383927Tell me about your worst project deployments /g/[View]
69377737how do I block this site forever without an option to unblock? I'm serious. I need to get my li…[View]
69383706>site requires at least 5 third-party scripts to even load[View]
69374021/wm/dpt/ - Well-Mannered Daily Programming Thread: It's like /dpt/ but polite. Give it a try.…[View]
69383274>Google assistant informs me I have debt of $800 outstanding by reading my emails. >Google ass…[View]
69376324My roommate paid me $50 to pirate a bunch of music for him and burn it to CDs corresponding to the a…[View]
69365674manjaro safe space: what do YOU want, manjarofren? last thread >>69356264[View]
69383315Why are they our only sources for custom curry ROMS nowadays?[View]
69370658KDE: Is this the best desktop environment for Linux?[View]
69383751i wanna try freebsd. is it the one with the best hardware support? how about ryzen?[View]
69382395Apple's mechanical keyboard simulator: Modern cars have fake 'vroom vroom' noise! Let me introd…[View]
69365616how do I learn the ins and outs of loonix[View]
69383245Why on Earth would you want to share EVERY photo you take with another person?[View]
69383636>just use a vanilla Android bro[View]
69383539Are Macs the NPC's choice of computer? I cracked the screen of my Surface and need a replacemen…[View]
69380198Do you guys use any special structures and conventions for organizing/renaming files? I got pretty o…[View]
69382555Best receivers for audio only: I'm looking to upgrade from a 70s marantz receiver that needs so…[View]
69383398Disgusting PC problem: Hello /g/ was hoping any of you know something I or loads of other people on …[View]
69380835New EEVEE blog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OA7_jwk-dGc[View]
69383496>mom rebased the entire repo[View]
69372467now that palememe and firefox are (truly) dead... which browser should i move to?epic? opera?[View]
69374968ITT: we post items that confuse zoomers[View]
69383126Pics of your pc thread?[View]
69379117Without walls worms would crawl up your shithole and cockhole while you sleep. is this what you want…[View]
69377750Why hasn't Linus fired this fat manchild yet?[View]
69375729Renewable Energy General -/reg/: computer modding edition >Tutorial on how to add a Solar Panel t…[View]
69382967Why is it called a disk and not a disc which is short for discus as in the round disc?[View]
69381751Well /g/ what say you?[View]
69382245what's the point of running Linux as your casual OS nowadays? you can even ssh into your linux …[View]
69380468How to save the iPhone: make the apple on the back a touch ID[View]
69382658>windows xp was released 30 years ago tomorrow[View]
69382783hoarding: What are some signs of data hoarding? Keeping songs from albums you dont really like/liste…[View]
69381659tests and airplanes are technology autism test, let's see which board is the dumbest (jannies p…[View]
69380199Scissor Switch > Mechanical > Rubber Dome[View]
69382688>blonde German RedHat man bad >Systemd bad >Smelly fat Jewish free software man good…[View]
69382345sennheiser-employeeperks.com: guys someone pls tell me is sennheiser-employeeperks.com a scam or not…[View]
69380746Discord and alternatives: There are plenty of free IRC clients so all you'd need is extra media…[View]
69381825Does Orgone energy enhance the performance of my iMAC?: Assuming Orgone energy actually exists, let…[View]
69378781windows+tab: Windows key + tab is superior to alt-tab and anyone who says otherwise is a fucking mor…[View]
69382488I have a 1080p monitor but some games let me play in 2160p like Heroes of the Storm, why? And also w…[View]
69379960SQL inventory database: Sup. I am building a database to house inventory for an electronics store. I…[View]
69382561Will we witness singularity /g/?[View]
693802334chan Desktop Client: Whats a good desktop client for 4chan i enjoy using Chanu for browsing on mob…[View]
69377933god dammit these front cameras are useless.. do you honestly use this? in laptop? on smartphone? 'mu…[View]
69382164>le super cool gamer dude[View]
69382279Let's have a thread about ridiculous looking routers. Post your best. Do any of these antennas …[View]
69378893LLVM: Do you guys know how much useful LLVM is?[View]
69381952holy shit m$ can suck my fucking cock just got a new laptop but comes with win 10s so it's not …[View]
long john; //silver
69381035>Hey anon! What kind of phone is that?? >Oh it's a [Xiaomi, Huawei, OPPO, OnePlus, Honor,…[View]
69382184Abandoned Chatplace: Come join me in something that is far better than IRC rocketsnail.com/experimen…[View]
69377541You have a list of files: file1.jpg, file5.jpg, file9.jpg You need change their filenames so that th…[View]
69381225Is there ANY hope for apple?[View]
69380168>Windows 8.1 Embedded VS Windows 10 LTSB Which is cleaner & faster? I've had home versio…[View]
69381051GMS2 Help Thread: GMS2 is a pretty powerful 2D game development platform. (As far as I know you make…[View]
69358651What browser does /g/ use?[View]
69361351/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Users of all leve…[View]
69377369Need help anons! >Be me >In a normie business class >'Has anyone been on the deep web?' …[View]
69373899>no updates since November >no good themes >font loader needs botnet flash to work Oneechan…[View]
69381257Why would this not work, humor me. RAM assisted rebuilding of files based on plain text file contain…[View]
69378371Terminal Emulators: What do you use, /g/? I recently started using linux after getting a laptop and …[View]
69347347spent all day browsing 4chins aimlessly, instead of learning how to code, again.[View]
69380056Intel submitted an unsolicited takeover bid for AMD: Developing...[View]
69377361>wake up >sev 1 ticket assigned to me >get pinged by 3 managers three different times >p…[View]
69381159Why aren't you a tech mogul living in central america and literally paying 6 local girls to shi…[View]
69381474Freetards BTFO: Valkonen has implied in several mailing lists that he has become completely disillus…[View]
69380821SUSE, REL CoreOS, or what?: It's been a decade since I tried Debian. Windows 10 is pissing me o…[View]
69379403>code a GPU program >it's slower than the corresponding CPU program…[View]
69381498Why does everyone shit on Java?: I can't go anywhere without people shitting on Java (see pic) …[View]
69381524>https://www.accessnow.org/what-we-think-you-should-know-about-australias-new-encryption-bill/ uu…[View]
69379570why is it so hard to build a not shit looking HMI interface without shit software? it seems like the…[View]
69377732How does it feel to be an Android user and have to wait 1 year for a software update?[View]
69379569Why don't you use qt?[View]
69381084Which is the better monitor? Samsung jg50 or viotek gn27d? Thanks[View]
69381448Anyone here used this? Asrock x299 pro gaming i9 xe board?: Had a 'friend/acquaintance' recommend th…[View]
69381361xfce btfo[View]
69376183Am I too late, /g/? I'm already 20 years old and I haven't made any progress in becoming a…[View]
69380805Name a worse therminal than Terminology I'll wait[View]
69381275Homescreen Thread: Opinionated Edition Post homescreens and chat about reasoning for choices, avoida…[View]
69379897I just got a virus on my Android phone.is there any way to get rid of this ?? I'm willing to sw…[View]
69370425>Apple will have to wait for Intel to release its 5G chips, and this could delay the company’s 5G…[View]
69380999You should try the forth programming language. I tried it and I really like it.[View]
69373820GameEngine: Why is it hard from scratch? Has anyone on /g ever made one for hobby?[View]
69378243Early Coding Cringe Stories: >Be teenager >Decide to make simple vector in C >Use preproces…[View]
69377248/g/ truth bombs and red pills: MacOS is the only good BSD choice.[View]
69380563I always thought the Gentoo logo was like that water pokemon who looks like a heart. But what does t…[View]
69379431Brainlet here. I have a server but no monitor I can connect it to. Can I install or at least ssh/vn…[View]
69377749/psst/ - Programming Safe Systems Thread[View]
69380637Nvidia supports freesync through update today: https://www.windowscentral.com/nvidia-now-supports-fr…[View]
69378898Calendar: Whats the best way to sync a calendar with with someone elses account? What software shoul…[View]
69366712The Occult Technology of Power[View]
69376007CLI/TUI Bread: Post your favorite CLI/TUI tool, and tell mi frens why you like it so much.[View]
69376335Just heard the news. How can a guy who claims to know a lot about computer security get hacked?[View]
69378394Each Spotify icon on the touch bar on macOS is a ~600 KB PDF[View]
69378076Does the color of your RGB make any difference to temps? Like, I know that the meme is that they do …[View]
69378826Learn Python Quickly: I need to learn to code in python as fast as possible. Ideally within hours. I…[View]
69371979/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Last thread: >>69364551[View]
69379995hak5 opinions: What's everyone's opinion on Hak5?[View]
69380266Google, Facebook and Youtube Ads for Shopify stores: Is is worth the capital to start a shopify busi…[View]
69378011ITT share useful bash scripts you wrote. Following is mine, it downloads all webms from multiple 4ch…[View]
69369634/hpg/ - headphone general: >Requesting purchase advice https://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub >/g/ head…[View]
69378620Devious Programming Questions: What are some good trick questions that seem simpler than they actual…[View]
69379068What's your progrmaming attire, /g/?[View]
69380161How can it be so BASED? GNU BTFO![View]
69377408First time scanning in about 2 years.[View]
69375872>don't want to give into gsync tax for ultrawide monitors >choose cheapest acer 3440x1400…[View]
69379711Apartment security: I already have an old-ish extra dell latitude hanging around that I don't u…[View]
69377455>Destroys your computer[View]
69378321I know that the fuck is going on. You're using windows when should be using Linux Install Gento…[View]
69380031Dumbphone vs Smartphone: >desktop and dumbphone, no laptop it's the best combination. they…[View]
69380014Looking for some online markets.(serious people only, we can talk on something else.)[View]
69379133/g/ ive been been studying computer science and software engineering for 5 years now and im still ha…[View]
69379701p r i v a c y: What software do you use to protect your privacy while browsing the Internet? And bes…[View]
69353438Hello /g/, Incel here, So how long until we are able to emulate the feeling of sex with technology?…[View]
69371032the ABSOLUTE state of hackernews[View]
69376842>Fall for engineering meme because think you get to do sciency stuff >boring math.jpg At least…[View]
69379217fucking Samsung phones....: I have a Samsung Galaxy S8+ running android 8 aka Oreo. When browsing my…[View]
69379336Why is it that my old Android 2.3 Gingerbread phone seemed more capable and user friendly than these…[View]
69378102Yealink T46S HELP!: Can someone please tell me what this icon is? It is not just a missed calls icon…[View]
69372303what is the best alternative to shitty rxvt-unicode?[View]
69378981Are there any GNU/Linux distros with a BSD or plan9 userland. Or how would one change to an alternat…[View]
69376616The absolute state of so-called open source and free software: This is why people use MacOS. Never h…[View]
69376645Quick /g/, tell me what is your favorite build system![View]
69376647>get iphone 5c >reset it >previous owner apple id still in it >need his code to remove i…[View]
69379315What are some good monitors for a rtx 2070?: So i have a rtx 2070, but i also have a 1080p 75hz moni…[View]
69376453Rate https://nearphoto.000webhostapp.com/[View]
69379206ITT: tech cliches you fucking hate[View]
69365925Vega VII: >less than 5000 cards >no custom cards >AMD making almost no money on them https:…[View]
69377667i kind of miss these, no shitty front camera, and such[View]
69368823...like fiber optic?[View]
69377602how do I debotnet nu-firefox?[View]
69378117Will Apfel really dump lightning for USB-C? I thought their biggest profit margin was on overpriced …[View]
69377223Implement Euclid algorithm on FORTRAN or BASIC How am I supposed to do this? I fucking hate my prof…[View]
69374101Yo /g/. I've been running this beautiful high quality HP Compaq 8710w Mobile Workstation for ye…[View]
69373587What's the difference between LTSC and LTSB? are they the same thing? And why does /g/ prefer t…[View]
69378766Is quantum going to beign back peak IBM aesthetic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRaEvXF4YBg…[View]
69374644/hsg/ Home Server General: Run a server in your home and enjoy the benefits. What're software …[View]
69378584Sal couldn't figure out how to install Gentoo, making him tonight's big loser[View]
69378108What laptop do you use and why? Either for work, general use or both.[View]
69374017Which Linux distro meets the following criteria?: 1) No systemd bloatnet 2) No binary blobs 3) Very …[View]
69378579looking for a good desktop: was trying rainmetter but its a big meme it tries to be artistic instead…[View]
69377038What's the best way to learn all about gcc?: I've recently just into gnu/linux(debian+KDE)…[View]
69377577Am I retard for not gaming on linux: I've been dual booting for ages, and obviously I want to g…[View]
69378470What for you hate us /g/?[View]
69355692desktop/fetch thread: last thread >>69341018[View]
69370482MURDER BY NUMBERS - IBM SINCE THE 50S: previous thread >>69364995 SEE PIC - just 1 example - a…[View]
69376440Imagine having so few friends that you compile your own kernel[View]
69375901Friendship ended with youtube-viewer, whitey is my best fren now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ng…[View]
69375616>be on Windows >cloning git repo fails >filename collisions because of case insensitive fil…[View]
69378097So I tried my best to RTFM but how the fuck does this shit work? Trying to migrate from iptables to …[View]
69367388/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Example gaming …[View]
69377725best app for couples?: Couple's web app is down. It's been pretty much vaporware for a lon…[View]
69374961Post companies you predict will be dead in 10-15 years.[View]
69377864https://www.pentalog.com/blog/IT-ranking-world-top-developers/ Discuss.[View]
69375408Hey everyone! Lets point and laugh at the iPhone 11![View]
69375855I maybe have to get a 1-2k credit for the last half year of my studies, because I didnt finish in ti…[View]
69371216Taiwan's ITRI bans Huawei smartphones from network today: >TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Taiwan…[View]
69377683why is this board called technology if all you talk about is computer operating systems?[View]
69377111It takes longer to install/setup windows than for example arch! Change my view: By this I mean fully…[View]
69377739I really like the looks of apps that let you hide the UI elements and fullscreen the app, making it …[View]
69373477How the fuck did the public decide to accept this garbage? I'm running three programs (Telegram…[View]
69377146How is the whole of apple's design team and the Unicode consortium so retarded that not a singl…[View]
69375258Assuming I don't need much storage, is the raspberry pi reasonable for a home server? Mostly fo…[View]
69372913is it even possible to hide particular '''apps''' in lineageOS without disabling them or installing …[View]
69343001/iemg/ — In-Ear Memes General: The In-Ear Monitors General: Giant Killer Edition, where we purchase …[View]
6937529201010101: Anyone here ever successfully hack a Gibson?[View]
69376593Stop wasting your time and learn BASH SCRIPTING: Stop wasting time and start studying BASH Scripting…[View]
69376830Information Management System - save time: I want't to introduce some software I am working on.…[View]
69375428AMD may get bought out by Intel: Let's discuss this seriously for a moment. Is this even possib…[View]
69374323UBUNTU VS SLACKWARE: Should I install Ubuntu or Slackware on my old PC? Currently it has Lubuntu but…[View]
69377260Poettering advocating for privacy/Fedora spying: While Fedora devs discuss how to track users and in…[View]
69375897Shit, what new phone should I get out of this list.[View]
69376403how to fix this? let me guess install Gentoo?[View]
69376137suckless philosophy + Philosophy of the GNU = gpl licensed non bloat software[View]
69371899Computer science at school: Post your computer science school project in here. And no, don't po…[View]
69374876give me one reason why I shouldn't install openBSD right now[View]
69372812Any truth to this?[View]
69372497Does the FSF really support this Social Justice bullshit? Is there really nowhere to go, if you valu…[View]
69375793Does this shit have any sort of spyware when you using it?[View]
69376384I'm looking to build a Deep Learning server for research for as cheap as I can. We're work…[View]
69371492Current state of Firefox: Yesterday there was a thread about Mozilla employees quiting in droves. Fr…[View]
69362210This picture is a 195 gigapixel image. You can zoom into every person's face and every car…[View]
69376209Unreal Engine 4 blueprints resolutions: What am I missing? (Don't delete, send it to /r/ if it …[View]
69372022So apparently either /g/ or webdevelopment is a meme: >Be the creator of widely used/successful l…[View]
69374780Is Micro$oft Security Essentials the best antivirus for Windows 7, or should I get something else?[View]
69376189What does /g/ think about Q4OS?[View]
69370733http://us.download.nvidia.com/Windows/417.71/417.71-desktop-win10-64bit-international-whql.exe http:…[View]
69376504rooting a googleshit oneplus without reinstalling the ROM: only asking if its possible, not how. i c…[View]
69376719Objective facts thread: >the only reason you aren't using ungoogled chromium is that you…[View]
69373913I wonder what multibillion dollar deals has Linux signed lately...[View]
69375930Why don't they like computers?[View]
69375466if we could send smells over the internet, what would open source smells smell like?[View]
69374473Be honest /g/ you know you miss him. He created the computer and if it wasn't for him you would…[View]
69376388the ABSOLUTE state of web development: https://twitter.com/lavrton/status/1084885479928070148…[View]
69376491My fucking sides So I've been working for about 2 months on machine vision bullshit trying to i…[View]
69376167Marketing shit: what kind of shitty transparent marketing pitches have you ran into, /g/?[View]
69376166Upgrading my pc: I just ordered a gt 1030 and VGA monitor and Im hoping the gt 1030 can get to 30 fp…[View]
69376405Javascript | HELP | WebRTC (P2P): > caller gets stuck in checking state > callee gets stuck in…[View]
69367127Are we being raided by newfags? What is happening to /g/[View]
69370167When will Apple axe 5s and 6/6P?[View]
69367527Founder Curtis Yarvin aka Moldbug has left the Urbit co. Tlon: He says his work is done. It's n…[View]
69368542Is LTSC really the ultimate and patrician version of windows? I read that some people have issues wi…[View]
69362714/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Previous thread >>69350855 >Read >>51971506 >GNU/…[View]
69376182>We know everything about his porn habbits, because he didn't use Tor >We just got access…[View]
69375502ngl hes pretty funny: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jtgeQhPXXU[View]
69374804whats better 1x16gb 2400mhz or 2x8gb 2133mhz[View]
69373672When does a desire for privacy and freedom become Autism?[View]
69375123Baby retards first linux OS: /g/ approved recommendations for babies first linux?[View]
69374131This is the ideal desktop environment. You may not like it, but this is what peak productivity looks…[View]
69374261What's an OS that has a has an Windows XP feel but doesn't leave my computer virus infeste…[View]
69376015How much do I need to learn in order to become a Deep Learning implementation monkey (implement pape…[View]
69375497What are the best practices/apps to completely control the flow running under an android phone? What…[View]
69375227The RTX 2060 looks good. I'm currently on a GTX 980. I'm really torn between a used GTX 10…[View]
69373332linux users , what do you use for....: what do you use for opening .CHM & EPUB text files ??? ca…[View]
69375547If RTX means Ray Tracing Extended, did GTX mean Gay Tracing Extended? XDDDDD[View]
69373428>be me >install gentoo >go with openrc >follow autist proof hand book to install kde pla…[View]
69361685/hmg/ Hackerman General: In /hmg/ we discuss pentesting, ctfs, exploits, and general being a hackerm…[View]
69375685The boss of /g/: Hello / g / welcome to a thread of votes, today we will vote for the supreme head o…[View]
69375719I'm a retarded none programmer: Why doesn't googles wavenet have a UI? I'm a business…[View]
69373266How the fuck does this grown-ass man manage to take such retarded fucking pictures. Like every fucki…[View]
69373778can we have a good old Infographics thread?[View]
69372993B&H: So I think they just jewed me out of the two free games promotion for the 2080 ti. >orde…[View]
69368712Why do computer screens fucking keep getting wider?: Are modern users hammerhead sharks?[View]
69374025I want to become a bash scripting god.: What should I read or do?[View]
69373108qute ftw: I recently discovered qutebrowser which is like Firefox + Tridactyl / vimperator only it s…[View]
69375562C: what do you think about c? right now im learning to code in this programming lenguage and assambl…[View]
69371639My company still uses Drive and its bullshit: What-s the best cloud storage system in terms of >…[View]
69372249What's the best window manager?[View]
69375289Why is the laptop market so fucking garbage /g/ why doesn't panasonic sell their non-toughbooks…[View]
69372927Why does pic related have 4000+ employees?[View]
69375350So I bought this irulu walknbook, and I know someone that has the same model, he say you can connect…[View]
69371728I installed Temple OS What now[View]
69371999N-Body simulation: How would you go about doing it? I thought, C++ with CUDA and Vulkan Pic unrelat…[View]
69373776What's your favorite vector to spread malware?[View]
69372310>/g/ tells me 3:2 is the best resolution >get 3:2 screen >LITERALLY no videogames or movies…[View]
69372288>The Core i9-9990XE will be a 14 core processor, but with a base frequency of 4.0 GHz and a turbo…[View]
69371811am i really a faggot for using transparent terminals? i read some mean posts on desktop threads rega…[View]
69364902USB: Is the DataTraveler the most timeless and aestethic USB drive?[View]
69355219Whats the catch?: 1440p 144hz 1m/s response time IPS panel $399 Why is this so cheap?[View]
69374847>sip >AMD is finished[View]
69366227Why are you all using USB when PS/2 is clearly superior?: People bang on about how OLED is shit and …[View]
69374669I have about 10.5 hours of audio that I need to convert into text (it's a conference with multi…[View]
69374735Smart watches usefulness?: So i got an apple watch series 2. I wonder if there were any good apps fo…[View]
69374249Monitor suggestions: What's the best 1440p, 1-5ms Response time 144hz monitor for less than $40…[View]
69371091I want to make my own computer from scratch. I have some sand, a pickaxe and some soldering equipmen…[View]
69366304How do i ungoogle Android?[View]
69361001How do you dress for IT work /g/entoomen? NEETs and remote fags need not apply.[View]
69369838How many years do you think it will take for most AAA games to have Ray Tracing?[View]
69370169>11 hour day >5 lines of code >Do it again tomorrow…[View]
69373986600va Backup Battery for Vehicle Use: Not sure if /g/ or /o/... Someone's 600va backup died and…[View]
69360796Does Japan really has a monopoly on digital and electronic technology or is that just a myth?[View]
69371725Who the FUCK is buying a 50 inch curved monitor? At we at the stage in tech where innovation is just…[View]
69370827what browsers and search enginges arent bot net?[View]
69374474I have an extremely large radiator. So big that it must sit externally to my PC. The upside is that …[View]
69371401C has the excuse that it was invented in the 1960s, what the fuck is the excuse of golang?[View]
69365567old internet thread[View]
69373140Say for instance that i am a total fucking idiot for tech were would i start with learning[View]
69369567OP in the lit thread delivered.[View]
69364352Fuck off, I like LARBS. It's the best way to fully install arch linux, stop making fun of me be…[View]
69365614Apparently someone saw RMS at a Boston literature meetup? What the actual fuck? >>>/lit/123…[View]
69368333$70 1060 6GB: Yeah, I know his voice is like nails on a chalkboard, but this is a bit interesting. h…[View]
69373243Javascript code: I'll pay 0.01 BTC to anyone that explains how you extract the original file na…[View]
69372714Louis Rossmann is Going Insane: Half of his latest videos are about his cats. The guy has completely…[View]
69372718Can't seem to torrent with qbittorent using the Brave browser, any settings I need to change?[View]
69372661Who /ryzen/ here[View]
69373100Best OS: What is your definition of the best GNU/Linux OS? mine is >OS has only text based instal…[View]
69370143Will apple have to make an Australia only OS? How is this not going to be a complete clusterfuck? ht…[View]
69373510name a better AIB partner pro-tip: you can't[View]
69368389I love this language but everytime people talk about it its about muh frameworks for muh webdev beca…[View]
69370001USB powered monitor: Any idea on the MAh?[View]
69370842Where's the latest to get Windows 7 or 10 downloads? I had an old copy from my digital life whi…[View]
69372957ok cunts, my friends has shilled linux enough so that im going to install it on my unused computer (…[View]
69372904Why do you own and android phone if you never rooted yours, /g/?[View]
69372857Looking for a good email spammer / spambot; any suggestions?[View]
69371214>Apple Replaced 11 Million iPhone Batteries in 2018, Up From 1 to 2 Million Is this the end of ye…[View]
69372383Why the fuck am I spending 70% of my time at work on this piece of shit software? I just want to cod…[View]
69372599Brainlet who never posts on /g/ here. What exactly is the purpose behind 5g? My 4g speeds are fast …[View]
69369610How do I secure my OnePlus 5? I'm thinking >Root >Disable Google apps >Disable all st…[View]
69371981https://wccftech.com/intel-core-i9-9990xe-14-core-5-ghz-x299-lga-2066-cpu-rumor Talking about shooti…[View]
69365976SERIOUS QUESTION: What is that? I can’t for the life of me figure out what that is or what it’s for…[View]
69367307Best music apps for Android: I have music on my computer that I'll be transferring to my Pixel …[View]
69365368Small Office Computers Setup - Refurbs?: So my wife and I have a couple of medical offices with too …[View]
69367022Is a VPN necessary in 2019?: Are VPN's a meme? I bought one for a few months for 'protection' b…[View]
69372692How much memory does your system use at startup /g/?[View]
69371724CPU clock rate vs 'performance': I know a bit of Assembly, but I don't know enough to…[View]
69372669Windows 7 extended support will end in one year: So with the inevitable end of support of Win7 comin…[View]
69351384Jesus Fucking Christ if I see another god damn ooga-booga fresh off the fucking pavement nigger posi…[View]
69372663Will flashing TWRP, flashing a new rom and rooting a Xiaomi phone stop it from phoning home? Or is t…[View]
69367163Intel are doomed. DOOMED! https://fudzilla.com/news/processors/44939-raja-is-running-cpu-and-gpu-roa…[View]
69371849>Upgrade from Xenial kills the pc for unexplained reasons >Startups halt forever >GNOME WH…[View]
69372200I don't visit this shithole anymore, but: I was studying Google FuchsiaOS for quite a bit now, …[View]
69369028Where can my Assembly skills get me employed?[View]
69355221>this kills the iToddler post Satanias[View]
69364061Remember when graphics cards looked cool?[View]
69372047Windows, Batch file I have a for loop, creating files based on the 'i' value, and my 'i' is incremen…[View]
69371858/g/ I don't want to bring you down on this fine evening but 10gbps is still not standard for ho…[View]
69370077Arduino Programming: sup /g/uys i'm working on a school project using arduino mega 2560, and i …[View]
69372228Is it possible to be productive without living in the botnet? Seems like every 'free' alternative co…[View]
69369412What the fuck is the point of sound bars? Do they actually sound good?[View]
69370891Old compaq anon here, I was messing around with the computer, it seems it's keep refusing to bo…[View]
69371441> CPU idling at 30% > open task manager to see what's going on > drops to 5% Am I in t…[View]
69369133Natural disaster drone type stuff: I recently heard about drones during natural disasters than can p…[View]
69361454OnePlus is crushing Apple’s iPhone dream in India: >In 2018, Apple Inc in India witnessed the stu…[View]
69364551/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Last thread: >>69355426[View]
69371751You know, it's either Dennis Ritchie was secretly Indian, or C was made my indians and he stole…[View]
69368860Found an old PSP in great condition. What should I do with it?[View]
69367351Based VIA rising from the grave to destroy Intel[View]
69371762I could work on my programming skills! or do some webdev for college, or work on my 3D skills, or si…[View]
69369224Soon getting my first Thinkpad. Admittedly been an Ubuntufag(Specifically Budgie Lole) for a while b…[View]
69371362why does microsoft force me to log into their autistic cloud service whenever I try and save a word …[View]
69370931You can use 32GB memory stick on an ASUS: https://muropaketti.com/tietotekniikka/tietotekniikkauutis…[View]
69369063Wanna hear a funny joke? Linux can actually compete with windows[View]
69371425/btt/ - based terry thread: Based terry here Hello niggers. I am based terry version 1.0. I don…[View]
69371463why do I have to work hard to make Haskell work? GHCi is the most available platform to learn Haskel…[View]
69371044Vocaloids are technology: How long until 3DPD singers go broke?[View]
69371068What TV do you recommend?: I have a good monitor for the pc, and I would like to buy a good TV for t…[View]
69367593What does /g/ think of Indian programmers?[View]
69366812I have a shit ton of old laptops anons and I no idea what I should do with them. can I get some sugg…[View]
69369443what's your opinion of windows new dark theme?[View]
69353886tech cringe thread.: imagine being this retarded[View]
69371376It's over. https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/afyqcp/quietly_waiting_for_the_black_edition_6…[View]
69370814Whats a good book for basic bare metal coding?[View]
69370378Anyone else still stuck on 1709? I thought it might be because I'm a special snowflake with a P…[View]
69370880I already have a good webcam but what's a good cloud host for security uploads?: cheap or free…[View]
69368591Why the fuck does systemd make me need this uuid shit in fs tab what purpose does this serve[View]
69370562tl;dr CS major and I need advice on how to strengthen my foundation in CS and advice on what I shoul…[View]
69369932What fonts do you use?: What fonts in browser and system wide do you use? I can't make up my mi…[View]
69370986someone should make an 'automatic account creation' tool: >post my opinion in some disc…[View]
69370166Money for Answers w/o the Memes: Have BTC, How much money do you want /g/? If someone will answer ev…[View]
69368085I tend to distro hop, but I always come back to this. What's your poison?[View]
69369597>It used to take an hour to download a 24mb file >Now it literally takes seconds Is technology…[View]
69370435Why do iToddlers like not having any control over their devices?[View]
69369010Gaming desktop: What is a really good gaming desktop (no more than a $1,000) that you guys recommend…[View]
69370172Did any of you take some online courses to learn programming at first? Any 101 tier crap you'd …[View]
69368154for the mericans in this board, why aren't you getting free education while traveling on the se…[View]
69370849>tfw 2nd year CS student >mandatory course called Object Oriented Software Development >fi…[View]
69362454Apple’s COO Says Qualcomm Refused to Provide Chips for 2018 Phones: >Apple Inc. Chief Operating O…[View]
69370428>encrypting home but not swap ishygddt[View]
69370798How much can I trust chink shit like the half price 1060GTX's on ebay that are half as cheap as…[View]
69366670DAILY ANTI SYSTEMD THREAD: FUCK POTTERING EDITION >the current year is 2010+9 >and he still is…[View]
69368348/G/ TEST: A to B = 200 points C to D = 500 points 0xFFFFFFFF = 2000 points 0xFAGGOT = 696549 points …[View]
69365349> tfw /g/ neets are too brainlet to use this[View]
69370093Battlestations.: Post YOUR battlestations.[View]
69369755What can you do with a Macbook Pro 2018? other than cooking eggs with it[View]
69368910I don't know anything about computers, and I was wondering why windows computers seem to slow d…[View]
69365916Linux is for fat neckbeard retards with no life[View]
69370422Hey vir/g/ins, I have issues with installing windows 10 on M.2 SSD. Basically, i cannot fully instal…[View]
69368978What are the best browsers for storage/ram efficiency? I usually have 50+ tabs open (helps me with p…[View]
69369463>*fails to shutdown* nothing personnel kid[View]
69368224Can anyone help me(with indications) or make an program in assembly x86 that verifies if a number is…[View]
69366900Failed fibonacci question: I just failed a technical interview where they asked me to print and solv…[View]
69368256i fucking hate java: brainlet here, i hope you can help me. public class MainView extends javax.swin…[View]
69360467What browser is not botnet?[View]
69368644>tfw too dumb to install xmonad so install dwm instead[View]
69370242New to PC building. I'm tech savvy but never got around to building one. Recently came across s…[View]
69368427I use Windows 10. If i want to have the loonix experience i just ssh into my loonix server with putt…[View]
69368119Okay, look: there's no better way to put this; so I'm going to be honest with you all. I r…[View]

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