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/g/ - Technology

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69375729Renewable Energy General -/reg/: computer modding edition >Tutorial on how to add a Solar Panel t…[View]
69382967Why is it called a disk and not a disc which is short for discus as in the round disc?[View]
69381751Well /g/ what say you?[View]
69382245what's the point of running Linux as your casual OS nowadays? you can even ssh into your linux …[View]
69380468How to save the iPhone: make the apple on the back a touch ID[View]
69382658>windows xp was released 30 years ago tomorrow[View]
69382783hoarding: What are some signs of data hoarding? Keeping songs from albums you dont really like/liste…[View]
69381659tests and airplanes are technology autism test, let's see which board is the dumbest (jannies p…[View]
69380199Scissor Switch > Mechanical > Rubber Dome[View]
69382688>blonde German RedHat man bad >Systemd bad >Smelly fat Jewish free software man good…[View]
69382345sennheiser-employeeperks.com: guys someone pls tell me is sennheiser-employeeperks.com a scam or not…[View]
69380746Discord and alternatives: There are plenty of free IRC clients so all you'd need is extra media…[View]
69381825Does Orgone energy enhance the performance of my iMAC?: Assuming Orgone energy actually exists, let…[View]
69378781windows+tab: Windows key + tab is superior to alt-tab and anyone who says otherwise is a fucking mor…[View]
69382488I have a 1080p monitor but some games let me play in 2160p like Heroes of the Storm, why? And also w…[View]
69379960SQL inventory database: Sup. I am building a database to house inventory for an electronics store. I…[View]
69382561Will we witness singularity /g/?[View]
693802334chan Desktop Client: Whats a good desktop client for 4chan i enjoy using Chanu for browsing on mob…[View]
69377933god dammit these front cameras are useless.. do you honestly use this? in laptop? on smartphone? 'mu…[View]
69382164>le super cool gamer dude[View]
69382279Let's have a thread about ridiculous looking routers. Post your best. Do any of these antennas …[View]
69378893LLVM: Do you guys know how much useful LLVM is?[View]
69381952holy shit m$ can suck my fucking cock just got a new laptop but comes with win 10s so it's not …[View]
long john; //silver
69381035>Hey anon! What kind of phone is that?? >Oh it's a [Xiaomi, Huawei, OPPO, OnePlus, Honor,…[View]
69382184Abandoned Chatplace: Come join me in something that is far better than IRC rocketsnail.com/experimen…[View]
69377541You have a list of files: file1.jpg, file5.jpg, file9.jpg You need change their filenames so that th…[View]
69381225Is there ANY hope for apple?[View]
69380168>Windows 8.1 Embedded VS Windows 10 LTSB Which is cleaner & faster? I've had home versio…[View]
69381051GMS2 Help Thread: GMS2 is a pretty powerful 2D game development platform. (As far as I know you make…[View]
69358651What browser does /g/ use?[View]
69361351/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Users of all leve…[View]
69377369Need help anons! >Be me >In a normie business class >'Has anyone been on the deep web?' …[View]
69373899>no updates since November >no good themes >font loader needs botnet flash to work Oneechan…[View]
69381257Why would this not work, humor me. RAM assisted rebuilding of files based on plain text file contain…[View]
69378371Terminal Emulators: What do you use, /g/? I recently started using linux after getting a laptop and …[View]
69347347spent all day browsing 4chins aimlessly, instead of learning how to code, again.[View]
69380056Intel submitted an unsolicited takeover bid for AMD: Developing...[View]
69377361>wake up >sev 1 ticket assigned to me >get pinged by 3 managers three different times >p…[View]
69381159Why aren't you a tech mogul living in central america and literally paying 6 local girls to shi…[View]
69381474Freetards BTFO: Valkonen has implied in several mailing lists that he has become completely disillus…[View]
69380821SUSE, REL CoreOS, or what?: It's been a decade since I tried Debian. Windows 10 is pissing me o…[View]
69379403>code a GPU program >it's slower than the corresponding CPU program…[View]
69381498Why does everyone shit on Java?: I can't go anywhere without people shitting on Java (see pic) …[View]
69381524>https://www.accessnow.org/what-we-think-you-should-know-about-australias-new-encryption-bill/ uu…[View]
69379570why is it so hard to build a not shit looking HMI interface without shit software? it seems like the…[View]
69377732How does it feel to be an Android user and have to wait 1 year for a software update?[View]
69379569Why don't you use qt?[View]
69381084Which is the better monitor? Samsung jg50 or viotek gn27d? Thanks[View]
69381448Anyone here used this? Asrock x299 pro gaming i9 xe board?: Had a 'friend/acquaintance' recommend th…[View]
69381361xfce btfo[View]
69376183Am I too late, /g/? I'm already 20 years old and I haven't made any progress in becoming a…[View]
69380805Name a worse therminal than Terminology I'll wait[View]
69381275Homescreen Thread: Opinionated Edition Post homescreens and chat about reasoning for choices, avoida…[View]
69379897I just got a virus on my Android phone.is there any way to get rid of this ?? I'm willing to sw…[View]
69370425>Apple will have to wait for Intel to release its 5G chips, and this could delay the company’s 5G…[View]
69380999You should try the forth programming language. I tried it and I really like it.[View]
69373820GameEngine: Why is it hard from scratch? Has anyone on /g ever made one for hobby?[View]
69378243Early Coding Cringe Stories: >Be teenager >Decide to make simple vector in C >Use preproces…[View]
69377248/g/ truth bombs and red pills: MacOS is the only good BSD choice.[View]
69380563I always thought the Gentoo logo was like that water pokemon who looks like a heart. But what does t…[View]
69379431Brainlet here. I have a server but no monitor I can connect it to. Can I install or at least ssh/vn…[View]
69377749/psst/ - Programming Safe Systems Thread[View]
69380637Nvidia supports freesync through update today: https://www.windowscentral.com/nvidia-now-supports-fr…[View]
69378898Calendar: Whats the best way to sync a calendar with with someone elses account? What software shoul…[View]
69366712The Occult Technology of Power[View]
69376007CLI/TUI Bread: Post your favorite CLI/TUI tool, and tell mi frens why you like it so much.[View]
69376335Just heard the news. How can a guy who claims to know a lot about computer security get hacked?[View]
69378394Each Spotify icon on the touch bar on macOS is a ~600 KB PDF[View]
69378076Does the color of your RGB make any difference to temps? Like, I know that the meme is that they do …[View]
69378826Learn Python Quickly: I need to learn to code in python as fast as possible. Ideally within hours. I…[View]
69371979/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Last thread: >>69364551[View]
69379995hak5 opinions: What's everyone's opinion on Hak5?[View]
69380266Google, Facebook and Youtube Ads for Shopify stores: Is is worth the capital to start a shopify busi…[View]
69378011ITT share useful bash scripts you wrote. Following is mine, it downloads all webms from multiple 4ch…[View]
69369634/hpg/ - headphone general: >Requesting purchase advice https://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub >/g/ head…[View]
69378620Devious Programming Questions: What are some good trick questions that seem simpler than they actual…[View]
69379068What's your progrmaming attire, /g/?[View]
69380161How can it be so BASED? GNU BTFO![View]
69377408First time scanning in about 2 years.[View]
69375872>don't want to give into gsync tax for ultrawide monitors >choose cheapest acer 3440x1400…[View]
69379711Apartment security: I already have an old-ish extra dell latitude hanging around that I don't u…[View]
69377455>Destroys your computer[View]
69378321I know that the fuck is going on. You're using windows when should be using Linux Install Gento…[View]
69380031Dumbphone vs Smartphone: >desktop and dumbphone, no laptop it's the best combination. they…[View]
69380014Looking for some online markets.(serious people only, we can talk on something else.)[View]
69379133/g/ ive been been studying computer science and software engineering for 5 years now and im still ha…[View]
69379701p r i v a c y: What software do you use to protect your privacy while browsing the Internet? And bes…[View]
69353438Hello /g/, Incel here, So how long until we are able to emulate the feeling of sex with technology?…[View]
69371032the ABSOLUTE state of hackernews[View]
69376842>Fall for engineering meme because think you get to do sciency stuff >boring math.jpg At least…[View]
69379217fucking Samsung phones....: I have a Samsung Galaxy S8+ running android 8 aka Oreo. When browsing my…[View]
69379336Why is it that my old Android 2.3 Gingerbread phone seemed more capable and user friendly than these…[View]
69378102Yealink T46S HELP!: Can someone please tell me what this icon is? It is not just a missed calls icon…[View]
69372303what is the best alternative to shitty rxvt-unicode?[View]
69378981Are there any GNU/Linux distros with a BSD or plan9 userland. Or how would one change to an alternat…[View]
69376616The absolute state of so-called open source and free software: This is why people use MacOS. Never h…[View]
69376645Quick /g/, tell me what is your favorite build system![View]
69376647>get iphone 5c >reset it >previous owner apple id still in it >need his code to remove i…[View]
69379315What are some good monitors for a rtx 2070?: So i have a rtx 2070, but i also have a 1080p 75hz moni…[View]
69376453Rate https://nearphoto.000webhostapp.com/[View]
69379206ITT: tech cliches you fucking hate[View]
69365925Vega VII: >less than 5000 cards >no custom cards >AMD making almost no money on them https:…[View]
69377667i kind of miss these, no shitty front camera, and such[View]
69368823...like fiber optic?[View]
69377602how do I debotnet nu-firefox?[View]
69378117Will Apfel really dump lightning for USB-C? I thought their biggest profit margin was on overpriced …[View]
69377223Implement Euclid algorithm on FORTRAN or BASIC How am I supposed to do this? I fucking hate my prof…[View]
69374101Yo /g/. I've been running this beautiful high quality HP Compaq 8710w Mobile Workstation for ye…[View]
69373587What's the difference between LTSC and LTSB? are they the same thing? And why does /g/ prefer t…[View]
69378766Is quantum going to beign back peak IBM aesthetic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRaEvXF4YBg…[View]
69374644/hsg/ Home Server General: Run a server in your home and enjoy the benefits. What're software …[View]
69378584Sal couldn't figure out how to install Gentoo, making him tonight's big loser[View]
69378108What laptop do you use and why? Either for work, general use or both.[View]
69374017Which Linux distro meets the following criteria?: 1) No systemd bloatnet 2) No binary blobs 3) Very …[View]
69378579looking for a good desktop: was trying rainmetter but its a big meme it tries to be artistic instead…[View]
69377038What's the best way to learn all about gcc?: I've recently just into gnu/linux(debian+KDE)…[View]
69377577Am I retard for not gaming on linux: I've been dual booting for ages, and obviously I want to g…[View]
69378470What for you hate us /g/?[View]
69355692desktop/fetch thread: last thread >>69341018[View]
69370482MURDER BY NUMBERS - IBM SINCE THE 50S: previous thread >>69364995 SEE PIC - just 1 example - a…[View]
69376440Imagine having so few friends that you compile your own kernel[View]
69375901Friendship ended with youtube-viewer, whitey is my best fren now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ng…[View]
69375616>be on Windows >cloning git repo fails >filename collisions because of case insensitive fil…[View]
69378097So I tried my best to RTFM but how the fuck does this shit work? Trying to migrate from iptables to …[View]
69367388/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Example gaming …[View]
69377725best app for couples?: Couple's web app is down. It's been pretty much vaporware for a lon…[View]
69374961Post companies you predict will be dead in 10-15 years.[View]
69377864https://www.pentalog.com/blog/IT-ranking-world-top-developers/ Discuss.[View]
69375408Hey everyone! Lets point and laugh at the iPhone 11![View]
69375855I maybe have to get a 1-2k credit for the last half year of my studies, because I didnt finish in ti…[View]
69371216Taiwan's ITRI bans Huawei smartphones from network today: >TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Taiwan…[View]
69377683why is this board called technology if all you talk about is computer operating systems?[View]
69377111It takes longer to install/setup windows than for example arch! Change my view: By this I mean fully…[View]
69377739I really like the looks of apps that let you hide the UI elements and fullscreen the app, making it …[View]
69373477How the fuck did the public decide to accept this garbage? I'm running three programs (Telegram…[View]
69377146How is the whole of apple's design team and the Unicode consortium so retarded that not a singl…[View]
69375258Assuming I don't need much storage, is the raspberry pi reasonable for a home server? Mostly fo…[View]
69372913is it even possible to hide particular '''apps''' in lineageOS without disabling them or installing …[View]
69343001/iemg/ — In-Ear Memes General: The In-Ear Monitors General: Giant Killer Edition, where we purchase …[View]
6937529201010101: Anyone here ever successfully hack a Gibson?[View]
69376593Stop wasting your time and learn BASH SCRIPTING: Stop wasting time and start studying BASH Scripting…[View]
69376830Information Management System - save time: I want't to introduce some software I am working on.…[View]
69375428AMD may get bought out by Intel: Let's discuss this seriously for a moment. Is this even possib…[View]
69374323UBUNTU VS SLACKWARE: Should I install Ubuntu or Slackware on my old PC? Currently it has Lubuntu but…[View]
69377260Poettering advocating for privacy/Fedora spying: While Fedora devs discuss how to track users and in…[View]
69375897Shit, what new phone should I get out of this list.[View]
69376403how to fix this? let me guess install Gentoo?[View]
69376137suckless philosophy + Philosophy of the GNU = gpl licensed non bloat software[View]
69371899Computer science at school: Post your computer science school project in here. And no, don't po…[View]
69374876give me one reason why I shouldn't install openBSD right now[View]
69372812Any truth to this?[View]
69372497Does the FSF really support this Social Justice bullshit? Is there really nowhere to go, if you valu…[View]
69375793Does this shit have any sort of spyware when you using it?[View]
69376384I'm looking to build a Deep Learning server for research for as cheap as I can. We're work…[View]
69371492Current state of Firefox: Yesterday there was a thread about Mozilla employees quiting in droves. Fr…[View]
69362210This picture is a 195 gigapixel image. You can zoom into every person's face and every car…[View]
69376209Unreal Engine 4 blueprints resolutions: What am I missing? (Don't delete, send it to /r/ if it …[View]
69372022So apparently either /g/ or webdevelopment is a meme: >Be the creator of widely used/successful l…[View]
69374780Is Micro$oft Security Essentials the best antivirus for Windows 7, or should I get something else?[View]
69376189What does /g/ think about Q4OS?[View]
69370733http://us.download.nvidia.com/Windows/417.71/417.71-desktop-win10-64bit-international-whql.exe http:…[View]
69376504rooting a googleshit oneplus without reinstalling the ROM: only asking if its possible, not how. i c…[View]
69376719Objective facts thread: >the only reason you aren't using ungoogled chromium is that you…[View]
69373913I wonder what multibillion dollar deals has Linux signed lately...[View]
69375930Why don't they like computers?[View]
69375466if we could send smells over the internet, what would open source smells smell like?[View]
69374473Be honest /g/ you know you miss him. He created the computer and if it wasn't for him you would…[View]
69376388the ABSOLUTE state of web development: https://twitter.com/lavrton/status/1084885479928070148…[View]
69376491My fucking sides So I've been working for about 2 months on machine vision bullshit trying to i…[View]
69376167Marketing shit: what kind of shitty transparent marketing pitches have you ran into, /g/?[View]
69376166Upgrading my pc: I just ordered a gt 1030 and VGA monitor and Im hoping the gt 1030 can get to 30 fp…[View]
69376405Javascript | HELP | WebRTC (P2P): > caller gets stuck in checking state > callee gets stuck in…[View]
69367127Are we being raided by newfags? What is happening to /g/[View]
69370167When will Apple axe 5s and 6/6P?[View]
69367527Founder Curtis Yarvin aka Moldbug has left the Urbit co. Tlon: He says his work is done. It's n…[View]
69368542Is LTSC really the ultimate and patrician version of windows? I read that some people have issues wi…[View]
69362714/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Previous thread >>69350855 >Read >>51971506 >GNU/…[View]
69376182>We know everything about his porn habbits, because he didn't use Tor >We just got access…[View]
69375502ngl hes pretty funny: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jtgeQhPXXU[View]
69374804whats better 1x16gb 2400mhz or 2x8gb 2133mhz[View]
69373672When does a desire for privacy and freedom become Autism?[View]
69375123Baby retards first linux OS: /g/ approved recommendations for babies first linux?[View]
69374131This is the ideal desktop environment. You may not like it, but this is what peak productivity looks…[View]
69374261What's an OS that has a has an Windows XP feel but doesn't leave my computer virus infeste…[View]
69376015How much do I need to learn in order to become a Deep Learning implementation monkey (implement pape…[View]
69375497What are the best practices/apps to completely control the flow running under an android phone? What…[View]
69375227The RTX 2060 looks good. I'm currently on a GTX 980. I'm really torn between a used GTX 10…[View]
69373332linux users , what do you use for....: what do you use for opening .CHM & EPUB text files ??? ca…[View]
69375547If RTX means Ray Tracing Extended, did GTX mean Gay Tracing Extended? XDDDDD[View]
69373428>be me >install gentoo >go with openrc >follow autist proof hand book to install kde pla…[View]
69361685/hmg/ Hackerman General: In /hmg/ we discuss pentesting, ctfs, exploits, and general being a hackerm…[View]
69375685The boss of /g/: Hello / g / welcome to a thread of votes, today we will vote for the supreme head o…[View]
69375719I'm a retarded none programmer: Why doesn't googles wavenet have a UI? I'm a business…[View]
69373266How the fuck does this grown-ass man manage to take such retarded fucking pictures. Like every fucki…[View]
69373778can we have a good old Infographics thread?[View]
69372993B&H: So I think they just jewed me out of the two free games promotion for the 2080 ti. >orde…[View]
69368712Why do computer screens fucking keep getting wider?: Are modern users hammerhead sharks?[View]
69374025I want to become a bash scripting god.: What should I read or do?[View]
69373108qute ftw: I recently discovered qutebrowser which is like Firefox + Tridactyl / vimperator only it s…[View]
69375562C: what do you think about c? right now im learning to code in this programming lenguage and assambl…[View]
69371639My company still uses Drive and its bullshit: What-s the best cloud storage system in terms of >…[View]
69372249What's the best window manager?[View]
69375289Why is the laptop market so fucking garbage /g/ why doesn't panasonic sell their non-toughbooks…[View]
69372927Why does pic related have 4000+ employees?[View]
69375350So I bought this irulu walknbook, and I know someone that has the same model, he say you can connect…[View]
69371728I installed Temple OS What now[View]
69371999N-Body simulation: How would you go about doing it? I thought, C++ with CUDA and Vulkan Pic unrelat…[View]
69373776What's your favorite vector to spread malware?[View]
69372310>/g/ tells me 3:2 is the best resolution >get 3:2 screen >LITERALLY no videogames or movies…[View]
69372288>The Core i9-9990XE will be a 14 core processor, but with a base frequency of 4.0 GHz and a turbo…[View]
69371811am i really a faggot for using transparent terminals? i read some mean posts on desktop threads rega…[View]
69364902USB: Is the DataTraveler the most timeless and aestethic USB drive?[View]
69355219Whats the catch?: 1440p 144hz 1m/s response time IPS panel $399 Why is this so cheap?[View]
69374847>sip >AMD is finished[View]
69366227Why are you all using USB when PS/2 is clearly superior?: People bang on about how OLED is shit and …[View]
69374669I have about 10.5 hours of audio that I need to convert into text (it's a conference with multi…[View]
69374735Smart watches usefulness?: So i got an apple watch series 2. I wonder if there were any good apps fo…[View]
69374249Monitor suggestions: What's the best 1440p, 1-5ms Response time 144hz monitor for less than $40…[View]
69371091I want to make my own computer from scratch. I have some sand, a pickaxe and some soldering equipmen…[View]
69366304How do i ungoogle Android?[View]
69361001How do you dress for IT work /g/entoomen? NEETs and remote fags need not apply.[View]
69369838How many years do you think it will take for most AAA games to have Ray Tracing?[View]
69370169>11 hour day >5 lines of code >Do it again tomorrow…[View]
69373986600va Backup Battery for Vehicle Use: Not sure if /g/ or /o/... Someone's 600va backup died and…[View]
69360796Does Japan really has a monopoly on digital and electronic technology or is that just a myth?[View]
69371725Who the FUCK is buying a 50 inch curved monitor? At we at the stage in tech where innovation is just…[View]
69370827what browsers and search enginges arent bot net?[View]
69374474I have an extremely large radiator. So big that it must sit externally to my PC. The upside is that …[View]
69371401C has the excuse that it was invented in the 1960s, what the fuck is the excuse of golang?[View]
69365567old internet thread[View]
69373140Say for instance that i am a total fucking idiot for tech were would i start with learning[View]
69369567OP in the lit thread delivered.[View]
69364352Fuck off, I like LARBS. It's the best way to fully install arch linux, stop making fun of me be…[View]
69365614Apparently someone saw RMS at a Boston literature meetup? What the actual fuck? >>>/lit/123…[View]
69368333$70 1060 6GB: Yeah, I know his voice is like nails on a chalkboard, but this is a bit interesting. h…[View]
69373243Javascript code: I'll pay 0.01 BTC to anyone that explains how you extract the original file na…[View]
69372714Louis Rossmann is Going Insane: Half of his latest videos are about his cats. The guy has completely…[View]
69372718Can't seem to torrent with qbittorent using the Brave browser, any settings I need to change?[View]
69372661Who /ryzen/ here[View]
69373100Best OS: What is your definition of the best GNU/Linux OS? mine is >OS has only text based instal…[View]
69370143Will apple have to make an Australia only OS? How is this not going to be a complete clusterfuck? ht…[View]
69373510name a better AIB partner pro-tip: you can't[View]
69368389I love this language but everytime people talk about it its about muh frameworks for muh webdev beca…[View]
69370001USB powered monitor: Any idea on the MAh?[View]
69370842Where's the latest to get Windows 7 or 10 downloads? I had an old copy from my digital life whi…[View]
69372957ok cunts, my friends has shilled linux enough so that im going to install it on my unused computer (…[View]
69372904Why do you own and android phone if you never rooted yours, /g/?[View]
69372857Looking for a good email spammer / spambot; any suggestions?[View]
69371214>Apple Replaced 11 Million iPhone Batteries in 2018, Up From 1 to 2 Million Is this the end of ye…[View]
69372383Why the fuck am I spending 70% of my time at work on this piece of shit software? I just want to cod…[View]
69372599Brainlet who never posts on /g/ here. What exactly is the purpose behind 5g? My 4g speeds are fast …[View]
69369610How do I secure my OnePlus 5? I'm thinking >Root >Disable Google apps >Disable all st…[View]
69371981https://wccftech.com/intel-core-i9-9990xe-14-core-5-ghz-x299-lga-2066-cpu-rumor Talking about shooti…[View]
69365976SERIOUS QUESTION: What is that? I can’t for the life of me figure out what that is or what it’s for…[View]
69367307Best music apps for Android: I have music on my computer that I'll be transferring to my Pixel …[View]
69365368Small Office Computers Setup - Refurbs?: So my wife and I have a couple of medical offices with too …[View]
69367022Is a VPN necessary in 2019?: Are VPN's a meme? I bought one for a few months for 'protection' b…[View]
69372692How much memory does your system use at startup /g/?[View]
69371724CPU clock rate vs 'performance': I know a bit of Assembly, but I don't know enough to…[View]
69372669Windows 7 extended support will end in one year: So with the inevitable end of support of Win7 comin…[View]
69351384Jesus Fucking Christ if I see another god damn ooga-booga fresh off the fucking pavement nigger posi…[View]
69372663Will flashing TWRP, flashing a new rom and rooting a Xiaomi phone stop it from phoning home? Or is t…[View]
69367163Intel are doomed. DOOMED! https://fudzilla.com/news/processors/44939-raja-is-running-cpu-and-gpu-roa…[View]
69371849>Upgrade from Xenial kills the pc for unexplained reasons >Startups halt forever >GNOME WH…[View]
69372200I don't visit this shithole anymore, but: I was studying Google FuchsiaOS for quite a bit now, …[View]
69369028Where can my Assembly skills get me employed?[View]
69355221>this kills the iToddler post Satanias[View]
69364061Remember when graphics cards looked cool?[View]
69372047Windows, Batch file I have a for loop, creating files based on the 'i' value, and my 'i' is incremen…[View]
69371858/g/ I don't want to bring you down on this fine evening but 10gbps is still not standard for ho…[View]
69370077Arduino Programming: sup /g/uys i'm working on a school project using arduino mega 2560, and i …[View]
69372228Is it possible to be productive without living in the botnet? Seems like every 'free' alternative co…[View]
69369412What the fuck is the point of sound bars? Do they actually sound good?[View]
69370891Old compaq anon here, I was messing around with the computer, it seems it's keep refusing to bo…[View]
69371441> CPU idling at 30% > open task manager to see what's going on > drops to 5% Am I in t…[View]
69369133Natural disaster drone type stuff: I recently heard about drones during natural disasters than can p…[View]
69361454OnePlus is crushing Apple’s iPhone dream in India: >In 2018, Apple Inc in India witnessed the stu…[View]
69364551/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Last thread: >>69355426[View]
69371751You know, it's either Dennis Ritchie was secretly Indian, or C was made my indians and he stole…[View]
69368860Found an old PSP in great condition. What should I do with it?[View]
69367351Based VIA rising from the grave to destroy Intel[View]
69371762I could work on my programming skills! or do some webdev for college, or work on my 3D skills, or si…[View]
69369224Soon getting my first Thinkpad. Admittedly been an Ubuntufag(Specifically Budgie Lole) for a while b…[View]
69371362why does microsoft force me to log into their autistic cloud service whenever I try and save a word …[View]
69370931You can use 32GB memory stick on an ASUS: https://muropaketti.com/tietotekniikka/tietotekniikkauutis…[View]
69369063Wanna hear a funny joke? Linux can actually compete with windows[View]
69371425/btt/ - based terry thread: Based terry here Hello niggers. I am based terry version 1.0. I don…[View]
69371463why do I have to work hard to make Haskell work? GHCi is the most available platform to learn Haskel…[View]
69371044Vocaloids are technology: How long until 3DPD singers go broke?[View]
69371068What TV do you recommend?: I have a good monitor for the pc, and I would like to buy a good TV for t…[View]
69367593What does /g/ think of Indian programmers?[View]
69366812I have a shit ton of old laptops anons and I no idea what I should do with them. can I get some sugg…[View]
69369443what's your opinion of windows new dark theme?[View]
69353886tech cringe thread.: imagine being this retarded[View]
69371376It's over. https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/afyqcp/quietly_waiting_for_the_black_edition_6…[View]
69370814Whats a good book for basic bare metal coding?[View]
69370378Anyone else still stuck on 1709? I thought it might be because I'm a special snowflake with a P…[View]
69370880I already have a good webcam but what's a good cloud host for security uploads?: cheap or free…[View]
69368591Why the fuck does systemd make me need this uuid shit in fs tab what purpose does this serve[View]
69370562tl;dr CS major and I need advice on how to strengthen my foundation in CS and advice on what I shoul…[View]
69369932What fonts do you use?: What fonts in browser and system wide do you use? I can't make up my mi…[View]
69370986someone should make an 'automatic account creation' tool: >post my opinion in some disc…[View]
69370166Money for Answers w/o the Memes: Have BTC, How much money do you want /g/? If someone will answer ev…[View]
69368085I tend to distro hop, but I always come back to this. What's your poison?[View]
69369597>It used to take an hour to download a 24mb file >Now it literally takes seconds Is technology…[View]
69370435Why do iToddlers like not having any control over their devices?[View]
69369010Gaming desktop: What is a really good gaming desktop (no more than a $1,000) that you guys recommend…[View]
69370172Did any of you take some online courses to learn programming at first? Any 101 tier crap you'd …[View]
69368154for the mericans in this board, why aren't you getting free education while traveling on the se…[View]
69370849>tfw 2nd year CS student >mandatory course called Object Oriented Software Development >fi…[View]
69362454Apple’s COO Says Qualcomm Refused to Provide Chips for 2018 Phones: >Apple Inc. Chief Operating O…[View]
69370428>encrypting home but not swap ishygddt[View]
69370798How much can I trust chink shit like the half price 1060GTX's on ebay that are half as cheap as…[View]
69366670DAILY ANTI SYSTEMD THREAD: FUCK POTTERING EDITION >the current year is 2010+9 >and he still is…[View]
69368348/G/ TEST: A to B = 200 points C to D = 500 points 0xFFFFFFFF = 2000 points 0xFAGGOT = 696549 points …[View]
69365349> tfw /g/ neets are too brainlet to use this[View]
69370093Battlestations.: Post YOUR battlestations.[View]
69369755What can you do with a Macbook Pro 2018? other than cooking eggs with it[View]
69368910I don't know anything about computers, and I was wondering why windows computers seem to slow d…[View]
69365916Linux is for fat neckbeard retards with no life[View]
69370422Hey vir/g/ins, I have issues with installing windows 10 on M.2 SSD. Basically, i cannot fully instal…[View]
69368978What are the best browsers for storage/ram efficiency? I usually have 50+ tabs open (helps me with p…[View]
69369463>*fails to shutdown* nothing personnel kid[View]
69368224Can anyone help me(with indications) or make an program in assembly x86 that verifies if a number is…[View]
69366900Failed fibonacci question: I just failed a technical interview where they asked me to print and solv…[View]
69368256i fucking hate java: brainlet here, i hope you can help me. public class MainView extends javax.swin…[View]
69360467What browser is not botnet?[View]
69368644>tfw too dumb to install xmonad so install dwm instead[View]
69370242New to PC building. I'm tech savvy but never got around to building one. Recently came across s…[View]
69368427I use Windows 10. If i want to have the loonix experience i just ssh into my loonix server with putt…[View]
69368119Okay, look: there's no better way to put this; so I'm going to be honest with you all. I r…[View]
69369563>Set Windows DPI to anything smaller than 250% (they chose to make 250% the standard for some fuc…[View]
69369778Radio interference: Why is *everything* producing radio interference nowadays? It's fucking ama…[View]
69369822In what instances is quad channel memory a noticeable difference over dual channel?[View]
69368843Youtube animated thumbnails: Have animated thumbnails on youtube stopped working for anyone else? I …[View]
69369048>This kills the iToddler[View]
69369785https://www.asus.com/News/sM0xuUsZdoY7mp1z >ASUS today announced that its Z390 motherboards will …[View]
69369390I'd love to delve into our lord and savior Terry's devine OS, but I don't have a clue…[View]
69369805Is there an easier way to do this than an AutoHotkey macro or Selenium/extenison macro: Going throug…[View]
69369240>using h100i pro[View]
69369247>'so your resume looks good anon, and I think you will be a good fit for this company. There…[View]
69367915I tried Clear Linux: I tried Clear Linux today on an i5 with 4cores and 8GB of RAM. Clear Linux is a…[View]
69365402Can chrome be de-googled?: Is chrome really worse than firefox from a privacy standpoint if you thro…[View]
69365856/hpg/ - Headphone General: >Requesting purchase advice https://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub >/g/ head…[View]
69354059>install a bloated or retarded wm like i3, openbox, awesome, bspwm, herbslutwm, 2bwm etc etc >…[View]
69369562itunes: why is itunes so comfy?[View]
69369547Which is the best of current moderately priced 144hz monitors? General monitor thread? I've hea…[View]
69366854Install Debian GNU/Linux[View]
69368143INTEL LAUNCH 14 CORE 5.0GHz CPU (i9 9900XE): AMD BTFO ZEN2 BANRKUPT AND FINISHED https://www.anandte…[View]
69367026What's the difference between a kernel and an operating system?[View]
69362605What is my sexual market value as an underweight gentoo user vs obese arch neet?[View]
69367973Thoughts on this nigglet? I can't stand his filth being forced on my YouTube front page all the…[View]
69369283Small Phone: what's the best 'small' smartphone on the market atm? small = under 5.5'…[View]
69367326Hiya /g/ Not sure if this is the best place to ask this, but just wanted your opinion on something. …[View]
69368532FUCK4CHANX: >I've been using 4chanX for like 5 years now >noticed it got kinda slow, equa…[View]
69369214What cpu to buy for 2019: Disclaimer: this isn’t a “HEY GOYS WUT CPU SHULD I BUY??” thread. I know 2…[View]
69361457>>doing CS degree >>one ultra neckbeard in one of my classes >>in group project wi…[View]
69369113When the promised day arrives, will you join the superintelligent AI who wants to conquer the world …[View]
69364259>During the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week, we picked up an intriguing rumor ci…[View]
69368529What went wrong?[View]
69368628Xcode: Please help, no idea what I am doing. >Highschooler >Wants to make apps/code >Alread…[View]
69363541>he didn’t study ME or EE enjoy being outsourced[View]
69369106Microsoft OTS: What should I expect from Microsoft Online Technical Screen? Once I log into I will o…[View]
69368074https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/news/nvidia-geforce-rtx-2060/ https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/gefo…[View]
69367560is intel going to be fine with 0 CPU sales over the entirety of 2019?[View]
69368857>What's the best way to have people make affiliate accounts on my website? >Should I giv…[View]
693682531070ti Value?: Hey guys, I got offered an Asus 1070ti and $200 for my Klipsch speakers which I am as…[View]
69367864I actually like systemd[View]
69368340What employers will allow me to smoke the fine herb while I work? >inb4 that comfy neet life…[View]
69362942in awe at the size of this lad, absolute unit: so i just installed WinDirStat to see what was taking…[View]
69368135I got xubuntu on my little brothers chromebook and the little fucker wants me to show all of his nor…[View]
69368312What do you think of linters, /g/? Do you use them?[View]
69350731Intel. WTF are you doing?[View]
69368468What's your experience with hacker labs? I was looking for one in my city but there isn't …[View]
69368473Chairs are technology, what does/g/ use? I ordered pic related, Osmochair from Autonomous for $300…[View]
69364520>he pronounces it gif and not gif Pic related, let's see how smart/g/ is…[View]
69350855/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Previous thread >>69335892 >Read >>51971506 >GNU/…[View]
69364743Why does literally no one talk about the technology behind Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general, …[View]
69368117I'm trying to install kde neon with an existing encrypted home partition How do I set this up d…[View]
69359464>So, what is it that you do with computers?[View]
69368115Mark Zuckerberg appreciation thread. Rules: No shotposting, No flaming. You have to say something ni…[View]
69364995THIS IS WHAT A BANKRUPT IBM LOOKS LIKE: 'We've been advising the White House since Woodrow Wils…[View]
69367084>when you see an XKCD reference in the official documenation[View]
69367397RIP annotations[View]
69360595Zen 2: >Still can't get close to 5GHz >Minimal IPC gain compared to Zen+ >More expensi…[View]
69367081>try out Linux >need to use some stupid command prompt shit to do stuff >have to google to …[View]
69367023Why use Steam over: Thermionic or thermoelectric converters in power plants. I feel like converting …[View]
69367628python: what should a beginner in python make[View]
69367941I'm going to start teaching myself how to code using code academy. Python seems like the most r…[View]
69354620Dead browser walking: How long until Firefox switches to Chromium?[View]
69367724Brainlet here, can someone explain why this isn't working?[View]
69367890Windows 10 vs Ubuntu[View]
69366637/btt/ - based terry thread: Based terry here Have been working on cool website. Realized how to fini…[View]
69366975AHHHH I CANT TAKE THIS SHIT NO MORE BROS: >just wait for navi >just wait for zen2 IVE BEEN WAI…[View]
69367853Hey /g/, been hearing shit about Windows 10 being spyware, but what's exactly wrong with it. 8.…[View]
69367836Does youtube-dl.exe require a python interpreter? I don't have much experience with python, and…[View]
69362244Don't forget to degauss your monitor.[View]
6936676750°C: RAM be HOT[View]
69367819Why the fuck should a nigga ever pay for font?[View]
69354028Admit it, just like your battered mother, you always come back.[View]
69364759Are gaming mice a meme? I like having extra programmable keys, but I don't understand why you…[View]
69364257How can I get into analog programming ? My friend keeps talking about it and how I seem like I'…[View]
69360766Electromotor maintenance: Hello I work as a electro specialist in a small company and in order to ke…[View]
69366660So I have been trying to install this pos for about an hour. Work fine until I get to the fstabgen p…[View]
69362088I just switched back to Adblock Plus on FF after using Ublock Origin for a few years and ABP is bett…[View]
69365312what's the best and simplest way of buying hosting for an HTML page I've written? do servi…[View]
69345687Post-Cold War technological Stagnation: How much more advanced would we be in the Soviet Union never…[View]
69340448I need some unique virus ideas that's never been done before.[View]
69367114I have an idea for a really basic app that I can't find anyone has made. I want to make it myse…[View]
69360141Redpill me on this guy[View]
69366492Daily reminder you spend more time and wasting productivity trying to be keyboard centric than using…[View]
69358027/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Example gaming …[View]
69366305>download torrent >all the files are inside a .zip…[View]
69365989The cde desktop environment: I'm going to attempt to install freebsd with cde as my desktop bec…[View]
69366552Anyone have a legit brain dumps of N10-007 Network + exam? Brain dumps website hasn't released …[View]
69367322Statistics: is Statistics useful? Can you understand it without knowing integrals? Do you like R?…[View]
69367324how do you convert netflow v9 to ipfix?[View]
69366908userscripts/violentmonkey/tampermonkey/greasemonkey: anyone here writes scripts for these? i'm …[View]
69365866Building a VR World: Ok /g/, I want to build a Virtual World of something like a dvd store, where I …[View]
69363630Vega/Radeon VII/7: >if only they made Radeon 7 without HBM2 it would be so much cheaper How can y…[View]
69362930Would /g/ date this girl?[View]
69365327sorry bro, nothing personal. most people watch videos on phones now so we're going 18:9. mobile…[View]
69367188What do I study to become a game dev, besides calculus and computer science? What coding languages s…[View]
69365448>decide to give Rust a shot to see what the fuss is all about >error handling is literally the…[View]
69366718Do I need to discharge to shit to not die of electrocution: I dont wanna get fucking electrocuted li…[View]
69367136aerospike: someone know how to use this? really ppl i am here, i an losing the last hope[View]
69365277Build Your Own Lisp: Why haven't you built your own Lisp variant yet, /g/? It's a great wa…[View]
69367090need new phone: My phone finally completely died. It's an LG G2 and lasted me a long fucking ti…[View]
69366976Did you ever get bullied in school or by your own family for having an interest in computers? I tho…[View]
69365931Why did everyone start copying Apple presentations?[View]
69360338Does /g/ have any actual hacking experience? My only experience was when I hacked into my friends…[View]
69365968All throughout my life I've been mocked, humiliated, disrespected, and shunned by the entire wo…[View]
69365828Netflix with Mpv: Is it possible to watch some netflix crap wth mpv?[View]
69364809Are there any styles of low-level programming that aren't based on pointers/references, or is i…[View]
69366308What skills were you not taught at school, university or bootcamp, but turned out to be essential in…[View]
69361932Can we cure cancer by replacing cancerous cells with molecular machines?[View]
69365266>entry level position >bachelor's (required) >masters/PhD preferred >5+ years indu…[View]
69366386When did File servers become 'clouds'?[View]
69364296>8k is actively shilled eventhough 4k is still a meme end this world already…[View]
69361111Plot Twist: Her ugly ass could have done better.[View]
69365969Which type of people do you think are most likely to be able to program in forth?[View]
69338526Encryption in Australia: Australian government wants to make decryption of encrypted data mandatory:…[View]
69363718This kills the AMDidiot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TY4s35uULg4[View]
69365654>all code i write is complete fucking garbage >never finish tasks for the day fully god i…[View]
69366015What is the best (as in actually unlimited) unlimited Wi-Fi hotspot plan? Is there one where a cont…[View]
69362017/hpg/ - Headphone General: >Requesting purchase advice https://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub >/g/ head…[View]
69366198Clean your /home/: You don't want to be bloated, do you?[View]
69365813privacytools.io: What does /g/ think of these suggestions? Are they good? https://www.privacytools.i…[View]
69365386>implying pajeets know low level languages >implying their entire knowledge isn't python …[View]
69365975New build /g/ what do you think?[View]
69350128Reliable hard drives for storage: How to choose hard drives least likely to fail in the long term? …[View]
69365391what are /g/ approved smartphones?[View]
69365978Renewable Energy General /reg/: /g/reen edition >Videos for fossilefags, normies, newfags, brainl…[View]
69362162Job Thread: What tech jobs have the least amount of politics?[View]
69365956Are there any A E S T H E T I C memes with Terry quotes? If there isn't, there should be.[View]
69365176NFC: What could possibly be the technology behind this NFC chink ring and how can I read it with the…[View]
69365299What is the /g/ programming language of choice? As in based and redpilled without any basedboi normi…[View]
69363902Hey /g/, i have found a old computer here, and mounted this. But, i don't have any idea in wher…[View]
69364931SSDs: When did SSDs get so cheap? In the time I last checked, maybe 3/4 of a year, the price of 1TB …[View]
69365623Reminder: though /g/ is a tech sub forum, 4chan is an anime website. Posting anime, regardless of co…[View]
69361812Manual overclocking is so 2018: Why would you even waste your time manually overclocking anon[View]
69363300Any good IDE out there?: Since highschool I've been using Cuck::Bloats because it just werkd fo…[View]
69362438Do you make Patreon games?: Do any of you make Patreon games? Adult or otherwise. What type of games…[View]
69360577Have any of you ever installed ReactOS?[View]
69365223Errors 116, 117 and 141: Hate to be this guy. First thread here. I'm having random blackscreen …[View]
6936242697+10+1+12+35 = 155 total ratings for Linux on Windows aka GNU/NT: AHAHHAHHHA[View]
69363668Does anyone know a good, affordable art tablet for someone who's never bought one before? I don…[View]
69365304>30% of websites are unusable with desktop Firefox, because of Google's anti-competitive pra…[View]
69361278Which trackers/websites does /g/ use for their torrenting needs? Which are the best, and which are t…[View]
69360183japanese birb cooking spaghetti[View]
69363255I know these three programming languages very, very well: ________________________[View]
69365334Wanna start learning programming techniques and basics of 'hacking'...where should I start…[View]
69361068Let's test your problem solving skills, /g/. How would you go about writing a program that kill…[View]
69362321RTX 2060 AMP Review: >379 >Overclocked out of the box >Only small price increase over Found…[View]
69363436Jen-too or Gehn-too???[View]
69362695What fab node would the Terminator 'Neural Net CPU' been based on?[View]
69364699Alright /g/ I've had enough![View]
69365211>gaming/office chair finally broke after 8 years Where should I get a new one? I heard Ikea is fu…[View]
69364280Opinions on PhDs: Hello g, I've been offered to go for a PhD in the US once I get my masters de…[View]
69364900Making Money through Brave: Do websites actively implement Brave wallets for BAT? I'm just curi…[View]
69364978/g/, why does everyone think getting a high paid job in tech is so hard? > Get STEM degree, work …[View]
69363608Why does /g/ hate aesthetics so much?: Even tasteful lighting in a clean case gets shit on. How do w…[View]
69364553>YOU *CLAP* >HAVE *CLAP* >NO *CLAP* >HOME *CLAP* >HERE *CLAP*…[View]
69363996Do you guys know of any site where I can buy sex toys without my parents knowing?[View]
69362327I know you probably heard of the 'Wait for Navi' meme, but is there anyone here actually waiting for…[View]
69364704Alright /g/entoomen, what's the most cost-effective way to back up several terrabytes of data? …[View]
69331699/BST/ Battlestation Thread: Can't see one on the catalog..[View]
69364679*uploads this picture to facebook*[View]
69363383The British government can block as many porn websites as they'd like, but it's still not …[View]
69364187>install Linux >realize that it’s not an OS but a mere kernel…[View]
69363613/kg/ - Keyboard General: Considering buying a new keyboard, looking for inspiration[View]
69347807why do corporations still shill OOP?[View]
69364683>louis rossman likes to watch old fat men run around, then he likes to sniff their sweaty butthol…[View]
69349671Why the F U C K is this bullshit in my CS major?: What's the fucking point differential equatio…[View]
69364722check em https://www.pointerpointer.com/[View]
69363828Blokada Ban: Based 4chan banning Blockada users phoneposters on suicide watch[View]
69355426/dpt/ Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Last thread: >>69351476[View]
69361384does anyone know a good battery that could last up to 4 hours for this camcorder?[View]
69360062What was Jobs thinking when he left this fag in charge?[View]
69363201Does anyone know any lightweight rom for Redmeme Note 3?[View]
69364423I was cleaning out my PC and I got to thinking about a dust air purifier for the room. Are they meme…[View]
69331651/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: What are private trackers? Google it. How do I get in? Google it. C…[View]
69360268How do you detect electromagnetic radiation traveling through the air? I'm thinking mostly of …[View]
69353316As mods neither give a shit about ecelebs nor brand shilling anymore, let's start another one o…[View]
69363689/mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboards General: /mkg/ - 'I suck at making threads but I'll do it if I mus…[View]
69362683why does /g/ hate arch so much? it is actually the only distribution that handles my thinkpads track…[View]
69364195There must be a way to make a super optimized compiler without sacrificing simplicity: Right?[View]
69362391whats the point of vector fonts if i have to draw it in pixels anyways?[View]
69351920Chinese x86 CPUs to compete with Intel & AMD: >The Chinese government has been working with V…[View]
69340813/spg/ - Smartphone General: Where the fuck are the small phones edition If requesting purchasing adv…[View]
69363364Are oled laptops a meme?[View]
69360208>linux (lol) gaymes run windows binaries via the wine wrapper Why are linuxtards such pathetic cu…[View]
69363735DDR4 Ram Speed: https://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/AMD/Ryzen_Memory_Analysis/9.html There's no…[View]
69363728>Your web browser must have JavaScript enabled in order for this site to display correctly.…[View]
69360678RE:2 16GB VRAM required: Nvidia cards can't even play Resident Evil 2 on 4K lmao[View]
69361481Why does /g/ seem to hate Java and Java built websites so much?[View]
69363415Are Jetpacks a meme or could they actually work? I saw some but they all just could fly a few meters…[View]
69356329Budget is $1500. What laptop should I get?: What I’m looking for: >2 in 1 >fast boot up time …[View]
69358228Is there anything better than Clover out there? Please don't tell me Dashchan or Overchan, thos…[View]
69363638ML client recognition: I've been given the task to recognize clients after some of their fields…[View]
69362032This is the Peak of Western civilization[View]
69355523What's the truth behind the job market for CS grads? I keep hearing mixed things, where some sa…[View]
69361416What's the most I could upgrade one of these to make it as modern as possible? Are motherboard …[View]
69361266How do I install any sort of Linux or BSD system on an old arm tablet that has a bootlooped Android …[View]
69362366I love firefox and wish to support it but at work its total shit with an internal proxy server. It f…[View]
69361536In your opinion would an rtl-SDR be better than a cheap baofeng radio for listening in to campus sec…[View]
69356903Convince me not to use this browser, also what's a good alternative?[View]
69359753>spy movie >hacker of the team is a girl >she's young, sociable, pretty, and extremely…[View]
69362120What are some of the best standing desk setups and how do I get a proper heavy weight machine rigged…[View]
69362939Why is Python programming on Windows considered bad?[View]
69363331Ripping Blu Rays of different regions: Can I/how do I rip Blu Rays of a different regions onto my co…[View]
69362381It's actually really good.[View]
69358767What Google services do you use? Also, how bad it is if I keep logged into my Google Account all the…[View]
69361411Why are analog radios so comfy, /g/? Just look at this dial. It even has the names of the stations w…[View]
69362336Data Security: I come for your advice, /g/entoomen! We are a startup (details not relevant here), an…[View]
69363130Latest browser extensions: What are the latest and best Privacy orientated browser extensions that I…[View]
69362063Maus_Test (Enigma): I have prepared this and I need you to do it until the end. I just need you to t…[View]
69360069Can we have a thread to appreciate programmers? And I'm not talking about hello world and fizzb…[View]
69361137I ended up getting these headphones for free: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=0TF-0…[View]
69362991How does my build look? I'm looking to improve on it but not go too crazy in terms of price. I…[View]
69359890How comes Techmoan has a very basic knowledge of technology yet is fairly popular?[View]
69350369>Seagate will release 20TB hard drives this year, 40TB by 2023 using HAMR technology WD on suicid…[View]
69362353What is the /g/ approved alternative to peel remote? I just need a universal remote app for tvs and …[View]
69362435>use a tiling window manager >have a normal good-tier mouse with buttons on the side i use to …[View]
69362560Analog Clocks: it's 2019 why does anyone but pretentious hipsters still use ass analog clocks?,…[View]
69359874testing chrome emoji support 3.. 2.. 1..[View]
69362514What's a good hosting solution for a webmanga?[View]
69350543Why is this so shitty? I'm not asking 'what reasons are this shitty for', I'm asking why w…[View]
69362045YES. I tried your programming language the one called python AND IT MADE ME FEEL, LIKE A PIECE OF SH…[View]
69362376How difficult is to implment something similar to Google Duplex? I have been trying but I'm hav…[View]
69345230Terminal font thread: What's your favorite terminal font, anon?[View]
69361498What are the best/actual good quality 'too good to be true' chinkshit you guys ordered off…[View]
69355564Let's see what you got ramlets[View]
69358878Mire Thread: >in university lecture >pull out my Thinkpad 600X with NetBSD >girl next to me…[View]
69362240What's today's essential software?[View]
69345003FINE WINE I N E W I N E[View]
69358066Hey guys, I'm Karlie Kloss. I heard you guys were making fun of me? I'd like to know why.[View]
69361839DNS blacklisting 4channel.org So suddenly, one hour ago stop resolving 4channel. Went back t…[View]
69360687When did things for unix-like operating systems go so wrong?[View]
69351283>compilers today >overly complex code >full of assumptions and heuristics >all backed by…[View]
69360735Actual spaceships when? It's 2019 and we still don't have the ability to travel between st…[View]
69362036fuck winblows 10: ping google.com >Ping request could not find host google.com. Please check the …[View]
69357655>There are people who bought and paid full price for windows 10 why do these people exist? I also…[View]
69358856Heyo guys, what is best VPN out there and by that i mean: 1. Free 2. Unlimited 3. Secure In your op…[View]
69361847Why is he so based?[View]
69356273The Linux Filefinder: What is a powerful GUI tool that lists your files in you're HDD on Linux?…[View]
69351809/guts/ thread: didn't see a /guts/ thread. post em and rate em.[View]
69361925I have given up on discord: I have decided to not use discord anymore Now I'm using something …[View]
69361458>4channel doesn't automatically redirect to https worthless fucking jap nigger…[View]
69361158brainlet coming trough how do you stop russian hackermen from breaking into your network? how should…[View]
69348209Why the linux community is so full of boomers?[View]
69361813Does Google DNS servers blacklist sites?: $ host 4chan.org Host 4chan.org not found: 2(SERVF…[View]
69361442Can you run WSL in Wine?[View]
69333955/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: Previous thread: >>69314744 Don't buy anything OTHER THAN IBM/L…[View]
69358710>people are paying for this[View]
69359377How do I make the switch to totally free software?[View]
69361175working as a help desk: Hey friends I'll keep this short. I graduated from a mediocre Universit…[View]
69360401https://www.tomshardware.com/news/intel-f-series-9th-gen-processors-price,38434.html Intel losing th…[View]
69360949>install cli program >config 1000+ lines >500+ hotkey keybindings How the fuck does it all …[View]
69360420Stop playing video games.[View]
69352227What was the first code you ever compiled and ran.[View]
69360386ITX builds: how are the temperatures with these things?[View]
69357645registry cleaning: it seems useless but i still want to do it because autism any good software for d…[View]
69359867Philips Hue: What does /g/ think of Philip Hue? Have you tried it? I'm anticipating a bunch of…[View]
69356567>have a subscription for youtube as a nice way to support creators without having to watch ads …[View]
69359725Is Clojure just a meme? Or is it worthy addition to JVM and you could use it for some tasks that Jav…[View]
69359519>Forgot to say...Microsoft was embarrassed by Git. Everybody was using it in the rest of the comp…[View]
69354622If animals could code, which species would have the best programmers?[View]
69358503Perfect C++ style: 1) Use tabs 2) int foo(int x, int y) { return x + y; } 3) char* a; char* b; …[View]
69360899>alt tab out of game with steam in home streaming works better than native windows remote desktop…[View]
69361151>Not a single Adobe app is open >Activity Monitor OH NO NO NO NO HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…[View]
69360494>he doesn't like privacy[View]
69355283How do I get unlimited time? I don't want any more responsibilities. I just want to watch youtu…[View]
69360139Hiroyuki to get 2ch and subsidiaries back due to legal case: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jN4gXNA…[View]
69360998>program uses absolute install paths[View]
69357491>«The generic dilemma is this: do you want slow programmers, slow compilers and bloated binaries,…[View]
69356481Holy shit[View]
69360483What's the /g/ approved e-mail client for Windows in 2019?[View]
69357546what do assholes devops do? why do they pay so much?[View]
69362190/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: OP is dead edition Have a question? Read the DAMN. wiki or google i…[View]
69360902How do I search for a channel in the list of the IPTV provider when using Kodi + PVR IPTV Simple Cli…[View]
69352138/hpg/ - Headphone General: >Requesting purchase advice https://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub >/g/ head…[View]
69357319>the first thing people do after installing windows is disable/remove a good chunk of it's f…[View]
69358378>need to use vms on a laptop >try virtualbox >performance is dogshit >try VMWare® Workst…[View]
69360686Is Crossfire even worth it these days?[View]
69358532Another year another motherboard.[View]
69358917Phone font thread: What fonts do you guys use? Was looking to get a different one soon. Any suggesti…[View]
69359357Now that palemoon and firefox are officially dead... which browser should I move to? Opera?[View]
69359460Is PLS technology just a meme? Can't decide if I want this Samsung S27F350FH with PLS technolog…[View]
69358449The absolute state of Wayland: A Phone display server (SurfaceFlinger) has more functionality than t…[View]
69358489What (if any) custom ROMs does /g/ use?[View]
69356675What Virus is powerful enough to shut down all Facebook or Google?[View]
69358238why aren't there common standards for laptops so that you'll be able to upgrade most of th…[View]
69359327BLUE WAVE 2019: SHILL INTEL HARDER YOU STUPID SHITTERS https://www.amazon.com/Best-Sellers-Electroni…[View]
69346980You there! Post your audio player.[View]
69359309How does Youtube or any other online video streaming service ensure that files uploaded to their ser…[View]
69354404I was dumb enough to create a fb account using my real name, and a photo of myself. How do I delete …[View]
69357787Hi guys, I'm a second year IT fag who's getting back into uni in the upcoming semester aft…[View]
69356573Name a better browser. You can't.[View]
69360131Integrated USB ports in keyboards: Lads, Is connecting the mouse through an integrated USB port in a…[View]
69358946bug free feature complete no recent activity >lmao this project is dead…[View]
69359515Is there a ThinkPad equivalent to this setup?[View]
69359567Best privacy Linux: What is the best privacy linux distro and why?[View]
69359991How did he get away with it?[View]
69359566Hey /g/. Im trying to get more experience with securing networks and systems. I was thinking about s…[View]
69322830What monitor does /g/ use and why isn't it this one?[View]
69341026/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Users of all leve…[View]
69353226/g/ probably thinks people who need to freeze food should know all the intricate details of their fr…[View]
69357126What's a good x299 motherboard that isn't fucking ASUS?: ASUS is supposedly releasing new …[View]
69357830Lightweight non-autistic WMs: The great debate.[View]
69353546So I bought a new laptop, and installing Win 7 on it is impossible, and decided to go with Win 10 LT…[View]
69356649Why didn't he use GNU/Linux?[View]
69339240What is /g/'s opinion of pic related?[View]
69357600android emulators: what are some good android emulators? pic related and other popular ones seems li…[View]
69348873spics of /g/ what do you do for work?[View]
69358387>being such a fool to have yourself and living space surrounded by countless cables, wires, wirel…[View]
69356264manjaro safe space: what do YOU want, manajarofren? discuss[View]
69358859Threadripper 2 and future Zen2: https://www.anandtech.com/show/13853/amd-comments-on-threadripper-2-…[View]
69355012If your screen is more of a rectangle than a square you need to stop using computers.[View]
69342803What monitors does /g/ use?[View]
69359658>ugly >un-intuitive >makes you have a notification to check email >gets updated 2x a day…[View]
69357036Anyone else have this keep happening in Firefox? Sorta sus that Google might be pulling some shit.[View]
69358174You guys would not BELIEVE the amount of donkey porn I have uploaded to the Guardian's secure d…[View]
69359382Zen vs Skylake, the first TRUE IPC test pt 1 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3K02zTu_baY&feature=y…[View]
69356171what does /g/ think of this?: https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2019/01/software-patents-poised-to…[View]
6935894781% of all JavaScript on the web secretly uses your browser to mine crypto currency.[View]
69356950>systemd is bad because it's monolithic! >uses the Linux kernel…[View]
69356948is C the way to go?[View]
69330221/hmg/ Hackerman General: In /hmg/ we discuss pentesting, ctfs, exploits, and general being a hackerm…[View]
69359098What does /g think about bitmap fonts?[View]
69342982Sataniaposters BTFO: wtf i love apple now![View]
69350039Which is the better budget phone?[View]
69342500Question of old pc: What is the oldest PC you still use for some purpose, that could be anything rea…[View]
69350539I installed gentoo what now[View]
69351356I am so fucking tired of this headset. >Bricked during last update. >Dongle is fried. >Foam…[View]
69357524https://techgage.com/news/radeon-vii-caps-fp64-performance/ >We reached out to AMD’s Director of …[View]
69353569Can anyone tell me if I need to worry about eye damage while using a green laser that doesnt have an…[View]
69354772Can freedos play MUDs and use IRC[View]
69357641> Code reviews are contests to see who can cram as many design patterns into the codebase. > W…[View]
69358335Zooming past the wisdom: Do Zoomers know how to braid cables? What other things do you think Zoomers…[View]
69345884R E T R O: Modern tech is boring, post some sexy retro tech![View]
69358126What is the point of this browser?: If you check all the privacy options it break 4chan and youtube,…[View]
69325532MKG - Mechanical Keyboard General: Chinese New Year edition >implying people read the sticky…[View]
693553994chan and the greedy jewgook: >faggot gook makes the json api work 300 times slower >cover onl…[View]
69358461what's a good /g/aming laptop to play POE on a gnu/linux distro? I'm going on a month work…[View]
69357896If you have a router with a max throughput of 500 Mbps, but a gigabit fiber connection, does the act…[View]
69345683Why are they so bad at competition in tech?[View]
69355907What's the most future proof flagship smartphone out there that'll last 4+ years, receive …[View]
69357904How can the duopoly of AMD and Intel be broken?[View]
69357551Hey guys, I need some help. I live in Brazil, aka the most overpriced tech stuff in the world, and I…[View]
69357783Has anyone actually got a download link for eelo? and what phones does it work well with? It looks v…[View]
69338587What are /g/'s favorite programming interview questions? The ones you would ask if you were in…[View]
69357430Is there comfy task manager for Linux like Process Explorer? With colors, a lot of details[View]
69355951Patreon automation tool programming? Hi /g/. I make a living on Patreon, drawing animu teddies and m…[View]
69357153Hello mi frens, I ask you, is Go worth it? I'm bored out of my mind i want to learn something b…[View]
69357925Chad Coders Central: This thread is a space for productive members of society who have their shit to…[View]
69357490My hosting service just bumped up prices 50% and I'd like to migrate somewhere else. Do you guy…[View]
69352520I highly recommend the forth programming language. I've tried it myself and I quite enjoy it.[View]
69353424https://youtu.be/QM1iUe6IofM Well, is he right? Is OOP a meme?[View]
69357636Glossy IPS is bad for your eye health?: Hello /g/ I used a Dell flickerfree IPS glossy monitor for t…[View]
69357485>He is so boring >He doesn't even use Tor, because he has nothing to hide.…[View]
69340587What language do Illuminati programmers code in?[View]
69354779MURDER: frequency onslaught at human brains filled with magnetite crystals. FCC, IBM, ATT, Apple - a…[View]
69350822What does /g/ think of the Surface Pro?[View]
69351432Rate my elite gaming rig Its possibly the best harmony of parts in a build ever[View]
69357266>b-but muh based chinks fighting against the NSA: >The GO VPN app is offered by Talking Data, …[View]
69354845How do projects like kitty get any success with such a cancerous owner? Just look at the issues he i…[View]
69355301How do you cure yourself from burnout?[View]
69357367Terry A Davis classic Live stream: Hey /g/ I'm running a live stream that plays Terry's /c…[View]
69354815What is the best programming language for /g/irls, /g/?[View]
69357387nostalgic for the karaoke: hi / g / a few days ago I found my old karaoke discs I remember that I ha…[View]
69353490Surface: So i have this old surface tablet that's is basically useless so far i haven been able…[View]
69353685The Internet sucks: The Web Sucks It has enabled the global information exchange, mass surveillance,…[View]
69357081Setting up devices above you're screen: Do you use something like pic related for situationing …[View]
69356677>Basically Type-script JS but fast as fuck Oh no no no no /g/ btfo.[View]
69357002>Use for year on mobile ironically >Literally nothing I do shows up on Google What is wrong wi…[View]
69354951How do I become the next Elon Musk?[View]
69345137/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Example gaming …[View]
69354313what's some /g/-approved GNU+bedding?[View]
69355318Are there any A E S T H E T I C memes with Terry quotes? If there isn't, there should be.[View]
69356636>new email >Taco from Trello[View]
69354333Why does linux fail at basic features such as proper display scaling incl. text of applications? Jus…[View]
69356762Why is there no program like resilio/syncthing where a user can create a repository of files (with v…[View]
69355237Why is it so popular?[View]
69355909Can you name a more pretentious tech company?[View]
69356263so they just hack things together until it works?[View]
69350554do you think technology is having/will have a negative effect on society as a whole?[View]
69355196>website doesn't let you delete your account how the fuck is this legal?…[View]
69354375The most Aesthetic computer related stuff: Why can't we just slap a CPU cooler onto our Graphic…[View]
69356598*dabs on gaygle and hiroshigook*[View]
69355297objectively the best OS[View]
69349665Variable Planetary Transmission: Is this the ultimate in transmission technology? >better than CV…[View]
69354856Apple AirPower: How did they do it? How did they break the laws of physics?[View]
69351658Microsoft shareholder here. Microsoft is planning to replace their kernel with the Linux kernel. Jus…[View]
69352943>2019 >STILL can't decode DTS-HD and Dolby HD on my computer Do I seriously need to buy a…[View]
69353355What are these ports and why are they open[View]
69355414DNA discoverer James Watson loses honors over views on race: A New York laboratory has cut ties with…[View]
69354950Discuss elon musks NeuralLink: https://discord.gg/sYK6Y7[View]
69341401WSJ: Apple’s iPhone May Become Obsolete Like Walkman, Polaroid Camera: >If history is any indicat…[View]
69353801A $600 desktop will give you a Ryzen 2600, a Radeon 580, and 16gb RAM. The future is awesome. Hardwa…[View]
69354163>dislike Intel but need highest single thread scores[View]
69355267where can i get /g/ related stickers? for free. or $1 shipped. need something cool to slap on my lap…[View]
69355490Can I install Kai is on this good boy and make it useful again? Nokia e7 is my most expensive phone …[View]
69355066I can't seem to find an answer for this question anywhere. I have a home with 3 levels. I have …[View]
69355804Why can't any other tablets compete with iToddler?[View]
69355786RTX 2060: Do you guys think the 2060 will live up to all of the overclocking hype?[View]
69341018Desktop Thread: Cyan Edition[View]
69351996Reminder that IPTV is free if you're not a pajeet[View]
69352928Is the tech industry in another late 90's style bubble? Oldfag programmers please respond[View]
69354007I just installed debian and l fucked up by not getting a desktop environment and now lm stuck with j…[View]
69355650When I use a VPN I always only contact a single DNS server. I thought this was how DNS was supposed …[View]
69343398How does this make you feel?[View]
69349375forklifts are technology discuss forklifts[View]
69355416How long until there are centralized internet laws that have jurisdiction in every country?[View]
69351476/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Last thread: >>69347436[View]
69348825What's the best VR setup for a poorfag with a 290X? Mostly just for VRchat.[View]
69353219Safe Computing: Is there any tech that is usable in the real world that hasn't been gangraped b…[View]
69353312>tfw feeling when you are to much of a brainlet to understand regular expressions am I ever going…[View]
69352133Is it possible to setup a chromecast without using a spyPhone? When pluging it in it tells me to go …[View]
69353261i want to talk with the /g/ leader: hello, i want to talk with the boss of /g/[View]
69355051>No ad for you. You must have good Karma :)[View]
69352330How are those tax cuts working out?[View]
69351903AI game upscaling: /g/ are you excited about neural networks ability to upscale graphics and low res…[View]
69351612Google NEEDS Our Help.: they've started asking us to help them train their search algorithm bet…[View]
69352900Mono headphones: Why would someone buy this? What's their use case?[View]
69354785Would you rather: be happy with a subsistence living writing free software or be well paid in an urb…[View]
69352065What are the best soundbars & subwoofers? Post 'em here.[View]
69349600i have built my own encryption method which i believe is uncrackable, and it is 2.1563364e+93 times …[View]
69337479>be rich >buy stupid looking watch to show everyone you're rich Are watches the worst tec…[View]
69353978>want to learn nn >in order to use keras you need tensorflow >in order to use tensorflow yo…[View]
69352920is there a good quake/call of duty map editor on linux: I assume you use quake3 edit and some plugin…[View]
69338397The absolute madman https://www.techradar.com/news/amds-radeon-vii-graphics-card-dismissed-as-underw…[View]
69351832AutoPC/Carputer.: Motherboard recommendations for 12v portable computer Not a Desktop, Laptop or ph…[View]
69351788Professional Programmer Q&A: been in the industry (bay area tech) for around ~3 years, what do y…[View]
69353346looking for youtube channels about programming, webdev and anything that could be useful/interesting…[View]
69354329So I bought a SSD to replace my 7200rpm drive. Is its better to just do a new install on this thing …[View]
69354342Samsung Plans Mass Production of 3nm GAAFET Chips in 2021: Samsung presented plans to begin mass pro…[View]
69354331>Intel Inside™[View]
69343202Wacha getting?: Sales end tomorrow, /g/ Which GPU are you guys picking up? 2060, 2070 or a 2080? Or …[View]
69348027Is this true?[View]
69347718Fuck your javascript, basedboys. Worst shit ever invented. It cannot even do a simple input validati…[View]
69354110Is this good UI senpai?: Is it?[View]
69350274why is this still a thing?[View]
69353306Stop using Microsoft Windows.[View]
69351437Sooooooo good.[View]
69344607My coworker keeps playing TRASH CardiB on his Bluetooth speaker and im sick of it, ive already asked…[View]
69353634I hate Windstream: I fucking hate Windstream. So here I am stuck with one option for high speed inte…[View]
69353046NEC PC-98: A lot of people gush about the Sharp X68k, but what do you think of the PC-98? Was it red…[View]
693537244K LAPTOPS: I’m an Advertising Major looking for a new computer and I’ll be using Adobe shit quite a…[View]
69347555When is he coming back?[View]
69353132Networking - learning by doing: Is there any software which would allow me to test or model a home n…[View]
69351923It has been my dream to learn to code and everyday when i get home from work I just cant get myself …[View]
69350176What desktop environment is best, distro unrelated. >deepin[View]
69351622imagine being swayed by this pajeet[View]
69353593what do you think about C: C and assambler vs C++ and python[View]
69353610Does anyone know where I can find “the Chan” app? It was removed from the apple store and was my fav…[View]
69351886I got a BB 9700 that I use only to check the time, write notes and make calls. But is it possible to…[View]
69350315Lawl budget monitor company makes OLED erelevent: they use two LCD on top of each other one behind t…[View]
69351997SPAM: I want to sign up a phone number to receives all kinds of spam/telemarketers. How would I go a…[View]
69353347I unironically would buy a smartphone with 9x AA ni-mh batteries/18650 battry pack an a 6.3mm-1/4in…[View]
69353356>vpn for your credit card How secure is it? When buying semi shady shit is Privacy.com really tha…[View]
69352903175822 https://vocaroo.com/i/s1o9kQfE6WW4[View]
69352705is /sci/ leaking?[View]
69345435What are some of the best non-gaming mice?[View]
69353065IBM Quantum Computer First Commerically Available: https://techcrunch .com/2019/01/08/ibm-unveils-it…[View]
69344245hey guys, sorry but i gotta ask someone, google isn't really helping. why do i get 'error: conf…[View]
69350682Red pill me on Clear Linux. Is it the only sane option for Intel architecture?[View]
69349802help me /g/: >be me >own a vps >haven't used it for a month >login today >some c…[View]
69352307is there anything that can be done that when you google someone's name, shitty news about them …[View]
69352361Lookin 4 Tor links Boios: Gimme Dat dank shit I need to satiate the hunger[View]
69351420Microsoft is a joke: >Using Windows 10 >For no reason whatsoever, in the middle of work, Windo…[View]
69350602>intern at tech company >all the programmers are normies What the fuck I thought you guys said…[View]
69352777Reminder that this still hasn't been fixed.[View]
69347522Soon there will be no escaping it[View]
69349323What does /g/ use for backups? You... do make backups... don't you?[View]
69348573router thread: best router?[View]
69351859Is it good? I want to get into indie mobile dev. I know React Native is more popular but I like C# m…[View]
69352240How do I search for a channel in the list of the IPTV provider when using Kodi + PVR IPTV Simple Cli…[View]
69346870Renewable Energy General - /reg/: Rebooted from /rng/ - Founder's edition >Videos for Normie…[View]
69352587How to learn this shit program: Anyone have experience with BizTalk? Currently trying to create some…[View]
69352559thefaggotbay.nz is no longer reliable. Is GNUtella a good alternative? I'm on cuckbuntu.[View]
69351952Apple iPhone XR: Make room for color by upgrading your smartphone to the iPhone XR with the all-new …[View]
69352201I managed to install Arch Linux on a 60gb hdd I salvaged from a malfunctioning xbox 360[View]
69351635Can someone recommend a video editing program for Windows that I can use for a simple project? I jus…[View]
69351048>TFW my last semester just started >TFW after this I'll no longer have to use Windows on …[View]
69343589What's the problem with this language again? I suck as a coder I admit, which is why this langu…[View]
69341716It's over for intel: She said there's space on the die and they're going to use it. I…[View]
69351760Any good VPNss with free trials which are easy to rip off?: I'm from an authoritarian shithole …[View]
69351764> be me > do embedded programming in C > check API documentation online > see this > …[View]
69352158 [View]
69352079Microsoft will acquire Linux. And that's a good thing.[View]
69351841Anybody use IPTV? I have VaderTV right now, but it seems to crash a lot for me. Any other suggestion…[View]
69335892/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Previous thread >>69319139 >Read >>51971506 >GNU/…[View]
69351094Nuro Autonomous Food Delivery Bots: What does /g/ think about robots? These are operating in Phoenix…[View]
69320457Fluent Design: >wake up >windows has updated >see this what is your aesthetic reaction?…[View]
69351930hi /g/ i need to buy a cord for my computer so the screen is connected to the computer my computer h…[View]
69351646alcatell 5044r ROOTING: Is it possible to root this phone? > developer mode usb debugging on trie…[View]
69346296this kills the hiroshigook[View]
69351659Selling gaming stuff on classifieds: Do you buy/sell technology second hand? Have you ever noticed h…[View]
69335396/hpg/ - Headphone General: >Requesting purchase advice https://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub >/g/ head…[View]
69351714Are you a Hacker or Cracker scum, /g/? What Is a Hacker? >There is a community, a shared culture,…[View]
69351062Reminder nothing will surpass the internal combustion engine: Black gold liquid battery >>>…[View]
69351352>this >is >the >future…[View]
69351441>tfw i'll never be truly anonymous >tfw spied on >tfw personal information bought and …[View]
69349007There are people on /g/ right now using lame forks instead of the true uBlock Plus Adblocker: https:…[View]
69349870*AHEM* Stop overcomplicating this. >Should I install void/devuan/artix/whatever bs distro Just i…[View]
69349637Gentoo: Gentoo[View]
69351545So i have a case, and basically, if i want to win this, i need to give a proper definition of what a…[View]
69351517Why don't you buy used hardware/phones/laptops, /g/? Don't you know that a flagship model …[View]
69351100>be in EU >preoders for 2060 are up >$420 >literally the exact same price as the 1070ti …[View]
69345997can we trust apple regarding privacy or it's a meme?[View]
69346892Question: Why don't we store bits instead of raster images? Then when an image needs to be disp…[View]
69347436/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Last thread: >>69334703[View]
69350997Qubes outside the cubicle: Is this stupid? QubesOS so I have EDM distro VM for work, media disro VM …[View]
69345495Post your cpu history For me its >Some shitty A6 >i5 3340 >i3-4130T in a steam machine >…[View]
69345958zen 2 discussion: >3,7GHz base What went wrong?[View]
69349739I need an advice: When i was 9 years old or so i started to learn how to code and stuff. At first wi…[View]
69351134> Be me > edgy and too lazy to fix i3bar > instead of setting up my bar > run `watch dat…[View]
69349534are these recent 120Hz TVs actually 120Hz refresh rate or is it still the same old bullshit of proce…[View]
69351102I’ve been tasked with automating stuff in TFS with PowerShell (will be automating as much as possibl…[View]
69350561'I'm not a 'programmer', I'm a Turing Machine Engineer!'[View]
69349896What's going on here?[View]
69349440Lenovo is overpriced: What other brand is /g/-approved? Dell? I am looking for a good 14' laptop. Bu…[View]
69350342How the fuck are you supposed to make money if you make 'Free Software'?[View]
69347966business rule management system: Have you ever used on of these?[View]
69344265Windows 10 update: >install new Windows 10 update >all my settings get reset >half my progr…[View]
69340461What are the most employable languages? If you had to pick three, a scripting, a database one, and a…[View]
69351001What do you guys know about SAS? It's a service Southern California Telephone offers the FBI. C…[View]
69341426I've been wanting to pick up more hobbies aside from programming, thinking about getting into m…[View]
69336172>Zoomers have childhood nostalgia for YouTube, Minecraft, and iPads How do you feel about this?…[View]
69348536>linux (lol) gaymes run windows binaries via the wine wrapper Why are linuxtards such pathetic cu…[View]
69349524200mm Fractal case when?[View]
69350255Why did Hiro updated the JSON refresh rate to 30 seconds thus completely ruining any and all fast th…[View]
69338988Is Marisa free software?[View]
69350523I like bitmap fonts but they are so small on 1080p 24 inch monitor and truetype fonts are really blu…[View]
69347825ITT companies that trigger freetards: I'll start[View]
69349964Alright commanders im sick of not knowing where the fuck were going we need a new website based on p…[View]
69348562Shady AI crap in android: So I just got pie on my phone and noticed this '''smart''' battery saving …[View]
69345124How do de-spywarefy win10?[View]
69347046What happens if you put a Noctua fan on a fridge?[View]
69346585I'm making my own stack language: The optimizer and interpreter are working great. Now I just n…[View]
69318428/wdg/ - Web Development General: What's everyone working on? Previous thread: >>69249091 …[View]
69345570what can a 2019 cell phone do that you couldn't do 10 years ago?[View]
69350040Is it problematic to cool GPU conductors with copper heatsinks (applied with thermal pads)? Did a cu…[View]
69348960Whats the best guide for learning C#? I'm using this so far but I need some quizzes to go along…[View]
69323941IT'S OVER: for AMD[View]
69350412Why don't SSD manufacturers only make M.2 drives ad then sell M.2 to 2.5' adapters? Wouldn…[View]
69349773Aaaa Ubuntu... Du bist mein liebste Linux-basiertes Betriebssystem[View]
69350430Looking to upgrade from my S7 Edge to an iPhone. Should I wait for the new ones at the end of the ye…[View]
69350402any darwin based distros out there? pic unrelsted also posting this thread again caus last time it d…[View]
69344277>slower than a rtx 2080, same price What did AMD mean by this?[View]
69348919is the razer blade 15 good? thinking about buying one tomorrow[View]
69347717Is this still true? Is there any actual good reason to use .jpg on non-vector/animated images that g…[View]
69350120>The Cloud™[View]
69342543>Gnome gets out of your way What does it mean?[View]
69346098what, in your opinion, is the worst tech company? Not the most incompetent, but the most actively ba…[View]
69346450just get over it plebs chicklet >>>> whatever mechanical crap >silent >people with…[View]
69350107Is there any software out there that can sync one audio source by resampling it at a faster or slowe…[View]
69349885CD+G's: My roommate just inherited a bunch of money from his dead uncle and bought pic related …[View]
69342054REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVK4I63UgOw[View]
69345666How does Richard Stallman earn an income? He's 65, so he's eligible for Social Security. H…[View]
69348230Ray Marching: >he uses ray tracing, not ray marching[View]
69349403What's the best distro to learn linux commands? This local company I really want to join requir…[View]
69345618>Samsung Electronics (SSNF) shares fell sharply in Seoul Tuesday after the world's biggest s…[View]
69349390why aren't you using solus yet? it just werks[View]
69349314>oi goyim, here are the comments we'd like you to read >no need to read the hidden ones h…[View]
69347956Unquestioning Mass-Consumer Cattle Tier >Windows >Android (including Amazon Fire products) Non…[View]
69347397Is there anyway to make this safe?: Everyone says how unsafe C is. Is that because it gives the prog…[View]
69348893I got a Lenovo Tab 4 for reading PDFs and shit and as expected it's halfway filled with google …[View]
69349700> Teaching a course on data analytics > Students are allowed to choose any topic they want as…[View]
69331958Why did nobody manage to crack encrypted (non-free) broadcast TV channels yet?[View]
69342987How is this even possible? I did a clean reset and it installed me a fucking literally empty windows…[View]
69349230Guys, any idea on how could I use an old pc as a web server? Mostly for my friends and me to upload …[View]
69344200When will this finally replace taxis?: Can't wait for this tech to make all taxi scum lose thei…[View]
69349474Why does using this shell command output this string? $ echo $- himBHs I know that $_ outputs the f…[View]
69342942What email does /g/ use? Is protonmail good or is it a meme?[View]
69341011The hole punch camera is good: The hole punch is better than the notch. Because it sits inside the e…[View]
69347315Which terminal has the best rendering and features[View]
69349338What's a good site/source to train programming interview questions? I did a bunch of google sea…[View]
69344042Hey anon, that 'free software' you use sounds cool. But when you say that it can't be used to t…[View]
69349319Are there any A E S T H E T I C memes with Terry quotes? If there isn't, there should be.[View]
69344838The only programming language.[View]
69349128Why have you forsaken HTC?[View]
69348952>learn Ruby on Rails and other webdev memes >get remote dev position working at some Silicon V…[View]
69346523Why are they pushing the 8K meme already? 4K still hasn't completely replaced 1080p and they…[View]
69347147OK /g/, one line at the time, let's configure this Cisco 3560-CX switch. I will start enable[View]
69341613The most productive OS today: Winshitters can't compete. Linuxcucks are jelly.[View]
69347154BIRB and STALLMANE gnu/song[View]
69348890Whoa. So this is the power of LTE?[View]
69348875who needs kubernetes beside the top 100 websites?[View]
69347654microsoftWin2k: Why arent you using the OS of the GODS /g/???[View]
69337576OS-tans: post OS-tans, browser and programming tans welcomed[View]
69347294>CS student >get into conversation with some other student >he says he has to study 24/7 bu…[View]
69345392Does google really know everything I posted because of captcha?[View]
69345605>nemo disk write after a day 3gb >pcmanfm disk write after a day 20mb >nemo memory usage 2g…[View]
69345645that's a yikes from me[View]
69348577>Common Lisp[View]
69337543Hello /g/, the 2019 Winter Cup is one month away and it's time to do a board poll in order for …[View]
69344882>use Windows >have NoScript >use AdBlock >never run untrusted files >have access cont…[View]
69346385Okay /g/ what should I do with it, this is literally my first computer I had in my life and everythi…[View]
69340446why do people lose their shit anytime someone mention those sexbots?: I've seen a lot of people…[View]
69347275>he doesn't manually install and manage dependencies[View]
69342274I'm thinking of switching from my S9 to a Pixel for software support. I was hoping oneUI wouldn…[View]
69345356Why did it get so much hate when it's so much faster and easier on resources than Chrome?[View]
69347064so realtime raytracing™ is new physx™?[View]
69348219What are the long-term effects of living in a technological world? Are these mostly negative or posi…[View]
69347325is it risky to buy a Huawei phone now in Europe?: im afraid with all this bullshit going on that i m…[View]
69348052There will be no escaping the botnet.[View]
69346747What's their plan? Why do they want us to identify those things?[View]
69348055Hey guys, So I'm looking for a new laptop, but im strugging to choose one. I'm a music pro…[View]
69347776Google recaptcha identifies the images posted here: Google recaptcha recognizes what images are post…[View]
69346656Water cooled: future is here[View]
69340337>Author rescinds GPL licensed code from 'Geek Feminists'. >https://slashdot.org/submission/90…[View]
69347568>2019 >there is still no good image editing software on Linux, FOSS or otherwise s-s-should I …[View]
69347351>sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk[View]
69345481What do they even have to show for it?[View]
69346853>buy linus >instal >no work y?…[View]
69347610GoDaddy is sneakily injecting JavaScript into your website: OH NO NO NO NO NO https://www.igorkromin…[View]
69347243boken keyboad laptop: Gys, splt bee on laptop, left t a eek and some of they keys ae not ok, gvng be…[View]
69347063AMD vs. Micron: I have ~$50,000 to invest and am looking at either AMD or MU - which one is the bett…[View]
69347489Now that the dust has settled, why is NZXT the worst company in the world? >have to reduce price …[View]
69344616>switch to Linux >everything requires some crappy work around to work >many programs don…[View]
69344123>Apple introduces bold new feature >'Haha omg Apple is finished!' >1 or 2 years later >T…[View]
69347393Why is OpenVPN so confusing? They try to be everything, a client, a VPN provider, consumer, business…[View]
69347289So is synching keepassX databases on a cloud more or less secure than say using lastpass or bitwarde…[View]
69346706Currently trying to make a website. I want a slideshow which freezes when i hover my mouse over it. …[View]
69347253MUHH OLED BURNIN[View]
69346686>Why do I like C? Because I see myself in it. Gritty, raw, untamed and powerful.…[View]
69347184Lenovo ThinkPad X200 modified with AFFS Display Panel: This is fuckin perfect. https://www.youtube.c…[View]
69342703Firefox vs Google Chrome. Which is better? Let's settle things once and for all.[View]
69347098What's the best free software for calendar, to-do, planning, etc.? Bonus points for custom them…[View]
69345851>Microsoft - Telemtry >Google - Constant tracking across every app and service >Amazon - Tr…[View]
69343603What can I do with a 1GB SSD?[View]
69334703/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Last thread: >>69325881[View]
69345203mfw fucking sharp did it better than anyone years ago[View]
69344752How to ensure my copy of Linux isn't backdoored? I made a Linux installation USB stick on an in…[View]
69345849This piece of shit OS can't even play Battlefield 5. Why do people use this garbage?[View]
69345808What are some good ways to make money on the internet?[View]
69344867fine, the new chrome UI design with the default theme is tolerable, but i still prefer the old UI wi…[View]
69344184Three systemd vulnerabilities have been found. Two are related to memory corruption vulnerabilities …[View]
69344464Only pleb programmers don't care for or don't enjoy mathematics. Prove me wrong.[View]
69346582redpill me on your operating system winfags BTFO[View]
69346301How does a pleb like me get instagram verification code so i can standout[View]
69343432GMail is the safest and unrivaled...: This thesis was said by Piotr Konieczny, author of 'Why is GMa…[View]
69345968>be in the future >2032 >get home from a long day of work >'ah, time for sex with my rob…[View]
69344769Android nueral network: I'm currently working on a project where I'm trying to create a nu…[View]
69346251LG Q6+, any thoughts?: I'm such a basic android bitch :'([View]
69342809Hey you should try the forth programming language. It's pretty cool. I tried it and I really li…[View]
69345822How do they work?[View]
69345860Whatever happened to divx?[View]
69345320Just installed Brave and tried its Tor browsing. Is this browser just a giant fucking joke?[View]
69342502>Why do I like C? Because I see myself in it. Gritty, raw, untamed and powerful.…[View]
69343404Bought some NFC stickers to mess around with. Anybody got some nice tips and tricks for them? I…[View]
69346041Hey bros I'm taking an intro course to programming since i'm only hardware savvy so far it…[View]
69344028What is this thing?[View]
69341161/g/-approved music players?[View]
69344460>current year >PDF is still the mainstream e-book format instead of HTML why?…[View]
69344271Should i upgrade to ssd? or is still a meme?[View]
69344594>hop in voicechat channel in discord >buddy just put a new pc together and sounds like hes ann…[View]
69320287/csg/ - Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on AliExpress, Banggood, eBa…[View]
69335687https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/31/us/waymo-self-driving-cars-arizona-attacks.html based[View]
69340692big if true[View]
69343340hi iam new to PC, anyone tech savy here ? how do i stop niggerbook jews from sending me this unsolic…[View]
69337951Zen2 ES: 3.7 base/4.5 turbo: OH NONONONONO[View]
69343792>kdesu fucking weebs[View]
69344980Why does Python attract the most soi users out of any language?: Saw this guys post shilled to me on…[View]
69345407C++ Programming Question: Hey 4chan. i need to help a friend but my skills in programming are 404. t…[View]
69342005>be American tech sector >pour billions in China >skip 30 years >CHINA BAD MUH PATENTS S…[View]
69334536*dies on you*[View]
69342267>$ 6,300.00 are you fucking serious?[View]
69344940>install Linux on PC >Nothing works out of the box >spend all free time to solve bugs/error…[View]
69329285so these shit is on my street. how tear down for battery or just hack it to make my own free scooter…[View]
69338996Redpill me on this guy[View]
69342350Telephone companies are selling your real time location!!!!!: What does /g/ think about this? Was S…[View]
69337876I am becoming increasingly paranoid of the future of society. I try to live as close to the RMS expe…[View]
69341305>16GB is enoug-[View]
69342299is there any risk in buying an used card?[View]
69344912Is Windows 10 ltsb worth switching to? >pic unrelated[View]
69324488Audio /ag/ and memes: Daily reminder than XLR is patrician status[View]
69343537>2 months until NSA open source their reverse engineering tool Ghidra Will it topple IDA Pro?…[View]
69343461This kills the iPhone.[View]
69343750If you had a hundred dollars what would you buy /g/?[View]
69344644well yes i use Archlinux how did you know?[View]
69343396Hello anon, I fell for the meme and took computer science and still not good at programming, can…[View]
69344943intel fags be shaking: how wil intel fags ever recover? they just cant make good cpu at reasonable p…[View]
69343444Why are Apple such niggers fucking html5 not supported: They took out fucking flash which is god tie…[View]
69336401/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Example gaming …[View]
69343026keyboard tips n' tricks thread! >you can escape vim w/ C-[ or C-c >to swap your caps for …[View]
69344751What does /g/ uses for backing files?[View]
69344878Running 32 tabs is not an excuse to have 32 gigs of ram. Each website is a piece of software. Do not…[View]
69342611Resource light OS: What's the lightest possible linux/operating system possible? Looking for so…[View]
69344424>Just spent 6 hours trying to connect a fucking Bluetooth device to my 2 years old laptop >Had…[View]
69332640android thread: in which we reminisce about the good old days of cyanogenmod, talk about all the coo…[View]
69344025>these are the default alarms in the android clock app >jewgle expects and gives you only 30 m…[View]
69337874it's a weapon: see pic for info < topic of this thread. previous threads: >>69321346 …[View]
69341054>4chan's JSON API is now updates 300 times slower holy fucking shit, someone shove that fuck…[View]
69336530Notetaking: What does /g/ use for notetaking? Hi /g/, student anon here wondering what the notetakin…[View]
69344613>flatpak and snaphub[View]
69343356More speakers for 2.0 stereo music: Would it make sense to use at least 4 speakers for 2.0 music? Le…[View]
69342637brown nose man: I code in visual studio[View]
69334276Why is i3 so popular among normalfags?[View]
69342430My gf has an old lagitech x530 5.1 system that i want to use with my tv. The problem is as soon as p…[View]
69342621So what are the realistic specs to consider when aiming for a high-tier consumer VR setup in 3-5 yea…[View]
69343099>tfw you will find abandoned W10 i7 gaming rigs in 2040[View]
69341535Hello and welcome to tech deals! Are you looking for a place where you can shitpost endlessly about …[View]
69313476>node.js is compiled and way better and easier to use than python >Python is 350 times slower …[View]
69343862Clear your browsing data? I'm afraid I can't do that.[View]
69326287>chairs are technology I bought this hon nucleus for 90 bucks, is this a good chair?…[View]
69343976Poland charges Huawei manager with spying for China: https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/poland-charges-hu…[View]
693434662 days till the International Freesync Day Are you giddy with anticipation?[View]
69341638is gentoo a superior king on gnu/linux scene?[View]
69336182Functional Programming vs OOP: What is the benefit of adopting a functional programming paradigm rat…[View]
69343836connectin error: I get this error if I try to post from the native extension reply formula. I can on…[View]
69339860why do some people hate intel or amd so much? do you want a monopoly of one of them and no pressure …[View]
69338677Okay, bear with me /g/. What if... we create a Virtual Grandmother so that when our real grandmother…[View]
69343114EDC Thread: Show us.[View]
69341969Please buy iPhone XR, it's a very good phone.[View]
69335188Besides being written in Python, which i understand is not practical for desktop aplications, what a…[View]
69335229>buy iPhone >get fired by company[View]
69333511Redpilled Browser?: What's a viable alternative to this Soros-funded hunk of shit? >Chrome/C…[View]
69334366Rate my elite gaming rig Its possibly the best harmony of parts in a build ever[View]
69342888why modern web browsers are so ugly and bloat?[View]
69341410Who else here uses an operating system for everything? Linux as my kernel Systemd as my init Chrome …[View]
69342153when will we be upgrading from DDR RAM to TDR RAM?[View]
69343446Yes, I do use hackintosh, how could you tell?[View]
69343406Where can I learn how machine learning works and how can I implement it? I need it for my new projec…[View]
69337294Why is /g/ so unreasonable towards watercooling?[View]
69342399Why use are we still using GNU?: Here's my question /g/, Why doesn't Linux make its own us…[View]
69343246ford's sweaty robutt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1imWlr_PiPA BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR…[View]
69333556>$1,600 I fucking hate boomers so god damn much.[View]
69342972Petition to add Waluigis name to the periodic table of elements. Spread the word! https://www.change…[View]
69343234When I plug gpu on mobo I get automatic repair message: It started a while back where I got a random…[View]
69336030Why are computer science students in universities forced to learn useless things like algorithms and…[View]
69342279Let's be real, 5G is a meme. mmWaves are very high cost due to low coverage (500-1000 m2) and l…[View]
69342012How do you become a proficient engineer if studying isnt enough?[View]
69341856D-Did I install the botnet?[View]
69342219Is this peak programming language design?[View]
69342014Hey, /g/, I want to prepare for a solar storm in case all to nearly all tech is destroyed in the eve…[View]
69342678>2019 >i'm still using god tier Windows 7…[View]
693383264chan is slow: Any custom scripts for busting the CloudFlare caches on 4chan and 4channel? These 20 …[View]
69341761As a programmer/software engineer, what's a foolproof way to get a girlfriend?[View]
69328756WTF BROS ?[View]
69340943I always wondered what people meant when they said that they 'learned *nix/BSD/Solaris. What do they…[View]
69341295Technology behind Robinhood?: What kind of software do finance-based companies like Robinhood, (and …[View]
69341152TV evolution LCD -> LED -> OLED -> microLED[View]
69342292typeset thread: Why isn't your preferred typesetting program not just a program, but an entire …[View]
69338013>based satania poster[View]
69339125What videoplayer should I use if VLC is bad?[View]
69342373What's this arp spoof command /g?: K so I was browsing a thread and some random anon replied wi…[View]
69330209Now that the dust has settled: Was he right or wrong?[View]
69341435what is your preferred web browser of choice?[View]
69340674Why is there no standard for fanless case?: instead they are all proprietary[View]
69342303Laptops other than memepads: Memepads are always mentioned on discussion about laptops because: -muh…[View]
69342065Pc: Does anyone know what graphics card this is ? I cant find its specs or model anywhere . A friend…[View]
69340474How do you claim back your privacy without becoming a complete shut-in, /g/?[View]
69341893How waterproof is the average iphone: I work at a restaurant, and accidentally dumped a whole bunch …[View]
69341392are VPNs becoming more and more popular or is it just me? I fear that they'll get too much atte…[View]
69341354you must post in this thread if you know what this is[View]
69341675>No images >No videos >Text only Why are Linux shells so boring?…[View]
69319618What made Windows 95 so aesthetic?[View]
69338807>switch to Firefox mobile because fuck chrome and fuck google >takes multiple seconds (!) to e…[View]
69341433How do you deal with 'average' grades, /g/? For the record, I'm a 2nd year CS student…[View]
69340848I just made an account with pic related. How bad did I get memed /g/uys[View]
69333461Is ARM the future?[View]
69339593Are there any programming trick questions? For example: a piece of code will be shown to you, and yo…[View]
69340164Any of you fa/g/s try out server 2019 yet?[View]
69341624>he opted into increased browsing entropy with the do not track header[View]
69341363All of you have terrible PCs compared to me: Check out a real man's PC, none of you can even co…[View]
69339418WINDOWS CONSOLE SUPERIOR OVER LINUX: linux cannot even detect pressing of ALT button[View]
69339202Is Quantum computers a meme?[View]
69341204How do I know if motherboards are compatible with Zen? Is it safe to assume that any board I buy wil…[View]
69340968I need some help from nerds: I am attempting do that thing some people call math and think i may be …[View]
69341390So I see you're running Parabola you know I'm actually a Void user myself[View]
69338816What's your favorite stack language?: I want to make a compressor and a compiler for a stack la…[View]
69314105how do I make a program that counts to 100 using a for loop[View]
69340144what are some productive things to do with your pc besides coding?[View]
69340026any darwin based distros out there? pic unrelsted[View]
69322050Renewable Energy General - /rng/: 1st edition 2019 >Videos for Newfags https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
69338631>'yes, my laptop distro is ubuntu, how can you tell?'[View]
69339887How do you stop having too many tabs open in your browser?[View]
69339287International Space Station: Why does the inside of the Internation Space Station look like a shitty…[View]
69338870What's the best web browser?[View]
69323011Desktop Thread: New Desktop Thread make yourself a better person edition[View]
69340718Is a CS + Math degree strictly better than a CS degree? Only asking since I have always been good at…[View]
69335694https://twitter.com/pid_eins/status/1083700773714911232 Can poettering be any more of a cunt?[View]
69310659/iemg/ — In-Ear Memes General: The In-Ear Monitors General: Giant Killer Edition, where we purchase …[View]
69324109/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Users of all leve…[View]
69340515XML editor: what are some good XML editor? requirements: >free of charge, with no features hidden…[View]
69340650Cant believe this compiles in * #include <stdio.h> int main(void) { for(int i = 0;i < 100…[View]
69335797How do you choose a username?[View]
69333359Debian: Debian is literally the best distro >Older than gentoo or Arch >Can be minimal >Wik…[View]
69338951Restore filenames to 4channel images: How do? My harddrive is full of multidigit named image files f…[View]
69340530Do you guys watch/play anime in the BG while coding?[View]
69328148Microsoft hopes the end of Win7 support will bring in Win10 users: https://www.mikrobitti.fi/uutiset…[View]
69339565What is the safest and easiest way to use the internet and be completely anonymous from everything? …[View]
69337162Has anyone here used Clear Linux?: It's supposed to be minimalist and fast.[View]
69340540>Click on hardware review video >'Hey guys! What is going on?!' >Close video.…[View]
69338283Hey I want to give away my rs07 dher pking account to someone who may get good use from it. anyways …[View]
69336480So I use twitter for my job, and I would really like to know if there are twitter users here, and wh…[View]
69335469How does C++ programming work on Linux? I'm quite well versed in C++ programming on Windows but…[View]
69340298Is this still a broken piece of shit? I just want to ditch Premiere once and for all[View]
69339595if i cbf data scubbing my HDs, what size of magnet do I need to run over my HD?[View]
69339986this is mine now, white man[View]

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