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81154154> Optimizations are the buggiest component in both compilers except for the C++ component > mo…[View]
81154149Linux mouse settings suck: How do I disable mouse acceleration and increase mouse scrolling speed in…[View]
81149169Well, GNOME, it was nice knowing you. Dropped.[View]
81150281newfag here where do i start: wanna learn programming over the next 2-3 years where do i start…[View]
81155987>clean keyboard with clorox wipe >fingers no longer able to glide effortlessly from key to key…[View]
81154831Like it or hate it. LXDE is the best looking/amazing desktop. >You can change the panel opacity, …[View]
81155121Wireless adapter being shit: >Have wireless adapter via usb >Everythings going fine >About…[View]
81143077ITT: We are on HackerNews[1]. [1]: https://news.ycombinator.com/[View]
81153047>PC is making loud whirring noises >give it a few smacks >no more whirring noises Am I a ge…[View]
81154199>how do i contact mr, vincent Canfield?: >pls fix the emails[View]
81152687All right, can any of you wonderful people on /g/ tell me if there is ANY reason to get an AMD 6000 …[View]
81154994'forever pen': This is retarded and I want one, talk me down /g/[View]
81152145What's better on assembly/bytecode, relative addresses or absolute addresses?[View]
81150560Do you hoard electronics? Do you hoard data?[View]
81155108Javascript Game Question: I'm making a game meant to be played in the browser. It's a rea…[View]
81143929Have you enlisted for the next battle of users vs. corpos and their bootlickers?[View]
81155326Solar Energy: >Solar panel thread? Solar panel thread Today in solar: -Jack Daniels signs a cont…[View]
81154282Who makes better external drives, in terms of reliability and endurance? I don't care about pro…[View]
81155256So I've noticed that threads littered with off topic garbage won't ever be cleaned up but …[View]
81153200Will the proliferation of cheap HD/4K camera CCDs like Sony IMX series solve way more crimes than 10…[View]
81140232Is there any reason to buy desktops over laptops anymore? As we've seen for the past couple yea…[View]
81154200>Consumer products are not required to have warranties, but if one is given, it must comply with …[View]
81154902>trying to set up a simple html website >install apache server >router doesn't allow p…[View]
81154682This thing has been literately running for an entire day[View]
81149723/obsd/ - OpenBSD General: OpenBSD is a free and open-source, security-focused, Unix-like operating s…[View]
81153971Privacy in the 21st Century: Suppose a person goes full paranoid schizo and takes extraordinary meas…[View]
81155103Crazy how Chinese spies are becoming bolder and bolder. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2021/…[View]
81135807/hpg/ - headphone general: end game edition post your end game[View]
81150071Shortage: When will it stop?[View]
81151275AMD BTFO: AMD BTFO[View]
81153725https://rms-open-letter.github.io/: I'm not frequently on /g/ but what the fuck is this?[View]
81151339>https://iknowwhatyoudownload.com/en/peer/: Uhhh bros, what the fuck is this supposed to mean???…[View]
81119358share embarrassing technical interview stories to cheer me up[View]
81150879Where were you 10 years ago? Were you already browsing /g/? If so, how does this make you feel?[View]
81151838Why fonts so ugly on Linux?[View]
81154883Any fun learning VM's I can do for prepping for the Linux+ or other ideas? My exam is around th…[View]
81154846Just updated from FreeBSD + X + FVWM to Fedaora with BTRFS + wayland + sway (once I get it installed…[View]
81153026why doesnt microsoft just buy out linux[View]
81152166Do I get a cheap tried and tested T430, or a new fancy Ryzen laptop for programming?[View]
81154475I'm buying new monitors. My old monitors are 12 years old needs replacing and I like these new …[View]
81153677Anyone looking forward to upcoming 5000 series APUs from AMD? I have 4650G and I love it. But I coul…[View]
81147041In this day and age shouldn't Windows be on the A:\ drive?[View]
81152858are keyboard trays a meme?[View]
81151118done with iphone: have had 3 of these things the past 10 years im ready for something new whats the …[View]
81154052newfag here, i want to make one app but i dont know where to start, can you help me with a good free…[View]
81151070Typing Test: https://monkeytype.com/[View]
81153697Which phone should I get, /g/? iPhone X/SE or S10/S10e? The iPhones will last longer because of bett…[View]
81154529What do you guys think about Palatir? Are they really about to revolutionize how companies deal with…[View]
81153972Is cock.li down?: Essentially, I've just set up a cock.li account. I have tried to sent a messa…[View]
81153800I want tips how i should start programming, i made some visual novels bevor but dont did more than t…[View]
81148136Where my industrial tech workers at. Not worth it filled with boomers who don't know what a com…[View]
81143395/ptg/ - Private Trackers General: >Not sure what private trackers are all about? The mission of /…[View]
81153064/kwg/ - Kubernetes Working Group: Self-made Alchemists / 2nd Edition General for the study of Kubern…[View]
81142722just a new meme framework?: > js compiles to js[View]
81153392How is this phone going to turn out and how should i feel about it being chinkware?[View]
81150864Is there a way to add a three-button menu like android to the bottom of iphones? I consider swiping …[View]
81151877Is resizable bar a meme? Is it worth updating my mobo bios and vbios for?[View]
81144915/schizo/ general: paranoid schizophrenic general how are you keeping the glowies away today, anon? M…[View]
81153578Linux is like windows in the sense that it's an objectively superior mac os.[View]
81153912I used to work in an industry until I assume my phone was spied on: these professional spying progra…[View]
81153374Am I compromised? What do i replace this with?[View]
81151937Is being a software engineer a good idea if you want a long term career? I heard that you get pushed…[View]
81152960Android 11 swipe-and-hold for overview/app switcher is so annoying to me, /g/, how do I change that …[View]
81153501>John Warner Backus (December 3, 1924 – March 17, 2007) was an American computer scientist. He di…[View]
81153630Sup /g/ I made some shitty script so you can watch ylyl threads without the need to click and scroll…[View]
81153234My torrent client? #include <cstdlib> #include 'libtorrent/entry.hpp' #include 'libtorrent/ben…[View]
81146913/swg/ - Slackware general: /swg/ - Slackware general 15 coming soon edition >14.2 http://www.slac…[View]
81152575i got /g/ pilled. I got a mechanical keyboard, tried arch linux, darkmode everything, got interested…[View]
81151116LaTeX thread: I think I have fallen in love what are some good tricks to learn, or perhaps good refe…[View]
81134925Age restrictions and the internet: Besides very few places online and pornography, most things grant…[View]
81150947https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNQn--9xR1Q How can i make this? I cant find any help, and i wanna h…[View]
81151371For anons who work in data science field, what courses did you pick throughout college, or wish you …[View]
81153016>Windows botnet but not 100% true, since you accept 'spy on me' when you setup. It means you are …[View]
81151147Kodak thread: Why did they fail? At the very least they could have shifted directions to professiona…[View]
81153252What are the best technologies to cope with tinnitus?[View]
81135674Based Apple will kill discord[View]
81140834Can someone please explain this graph to me like I'm fucking retarded? I don't understand …[View]
81151457Indecisive Anon: Looking for $200 or below headphones that cancel out downstairs TV and chatter. Ri…[View]
81148628Android, bros?[View]
81140523What startpage does /g/ use?[View]
81150289WARNING: Never run weeb source https://github.com/sumneko/lua-language-server/issues/462#issuecommen…[View]
81152523is it possible (programing wise) to make a descentralized internet like bitcoin that rewards users f…[View]
81152933give me ideas on how to make money off the back of pajeet I see a lot of people acting as webdev mid…[View]
81146941Telegram prepares to be deplatformed by Apple and Google: They just released an 'uncensored' version…[View]
81152757hello, im a dumb intro cs student. im trying to write a userscript that listens for OS dark and ligh…[View]
81152852Now that we know RMS is evil it's time for a Linux minus GNU operating system. I present to yo…[View]
81133896speed test thread[View]
81150471I'm finally biting the (C++) bullet.: Hi /g/ Company has project in improving and expanding a c…[View]
81148893Fuck Google: HOW * Find your home on Street View by searching for it on Google Maps with your addres…[View]
81152278What should I learn in order to be able to develop custom ROMs for phones?[View]
81151514burnout: hey /g/uys it's a long shot but has anyone dealt with burnout? i'm at the point w…[View]
81151559>get hired by new company for random stuff like spreadsheets >only person on the team literate…[View]
81149233970M Pro3: I bought a pre built PC 3 years ago and it has an Asrock 970M Pro3 and it only supports t…[View]
81149793Good Earphones in Canada: Hey anons, I live in Canada and am looking for good earphones under $25. I…[View]
81150901Huawei app store infected with trojans: >buying Huawei tinanemen square massacre demoracy winnie …[View]
81139105Why are modern TVs so shit?[View]
81146665Why were the 90s such a magical time?[View]
81152220>even the newest OLEDs have a motion resolution of only ~300 lines with interpolation off we’re n…[View]
81152048Best Ethereum server: What’s the best Ethereum server? I bought a RTX 3070 to assist my RX 470. Usin…[View]
81149358Firefox: >practically unnoticeable in terms of cpu usage >nice design >nice colors >cute…[View]
81151548i have spent two weeks trying to complete this EE lab only to watch this clusterfuck unfold >kits…[View]
81147220/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Previous thread: >>81139316[View]
81151991I refuse to buy Apple and Intel laptops have just about pissed me off with poor cooling. What are my…[View]
81151395What happened to the soul in new technology?[View]
81151694>he's not running XP-SE ngmi[View]
81151462This is the kind of laptop I use.[View]
81151420rsync: How do I tell what rsync is going to delete in a remote dir if I use the --delete option? To …[View]
81149566How do I stop my employer from spying on me?: The work laptop they gave me is a lot faster than my o…[View]
81136687How do you take one of these fuckers out?[View]
81151696Ethereum server: What’s the best Ethereum server? I bought a RTX 3070 to assist my RX 470. Using Tea…[View]
81138343computer iceberg: https://suricrasia.online/iceberg/[View]
81113716/pmp/ + /iemg/ Portable Media Players + In Ear Monitors General: >Tacticool Edition This thread i…[View]
81149580fuck this place: this board is ruined forever[View]
81144001Help me find sense in Agile, /g/. Like, I understand iterative and incremental development and open …[View]
81149020stallman won get over it[View]
81140395What do I do G? Do I pay the apple tax and give in to the ipad with a keyboard hype, or do I play it…[View]
81147703Amazing how Microsoft managed to make the best browser after years of failure.[View]
81151006deepfake deepmind: It seems that scums with deepfake are increasing which is awful, but technology m…[View]
811509641st year codecel, how do I compare individual elements of a set?[View]
81150037recommend me a cheap scanner for college stuff[View]
81131315/mpv/: Installation: https://mpv.io/installation/ Wiki: https://github.com/mpv-player/mpv/wiki Manua…[View]
81118010Desktop Thread[View]
81150991Electron rapes my cpunny. How do we stop the electron cancer and force everyone write good applicati…[View]
81150540Friendly Elec SBCs: I am almost sold on buying the NanoPC-T4 as a kind of on the go computer and the…[View]
81143026Smart people join faang to help build massive surveillance. How do we normfags escape?[View]
81149979uh oh python bros, what do we do now, i don't think even asyncio can help us, was asyncio even …[View]
81151020Is there any software from North Korea?[View]
81151053Network service: what ISP service you prefer ?[View]
81131845/spg/ - Smartphone General: Nebecchi edition If you're requesting purchasing advice, please pro…[View]
81148886My work uses RemotePC to monitor us. What can I do to fuck with them?[View]
81146012my king ;)[View]
81142602Wallpaper general: Show me the abyss that stares back at you /g/[View]
81149630Hello guys, today we are going to install the Jihad operating system in Virtual Box using Gentoo![View]
81144144Every morning my pc with arch refuses to wake up from sleep mode i can hear the pc is on, but no sig…[View]
81150883Cleaning Amazon Fire Tablet: How do I clean the memory of this guy? I regularly empty out the downlo…[View]
81146996so ive read that these guys got bought out a few years ago by the chinese and are essentially just a…[View]
81148781What's the best GUI email client for GNU/Linux systems that isn't Thunderbird? I'm di…[View]
81150410itt: we post the most difficult programming language to learn[View]
81150489NPC bloatmax loadout: >GNU core utils >SystemD >Dbus >Linux kernel >Vim editor >A…[View]
81150072How does TV encryption/paid channel encryption work?[View]
81150453something very weird happened to me last night, on windows 10 I had my laptop next to my bed I had c…[View]
81150323you DO have the 14 second old scoop updates, right anon?[View]
81146993>password must contain: >Uppercase letters of European languages >Lowercase letters of Euro…[View]
81148774Looking to buy a budget keyboard: Yo, looking to buy a new keyboard on a budget of ~$50-100 but not …[View]
81141745Hack-proof door lock: Why the fuck hasn't this been done yet? >secret is stored on a secure …[View]
81145788Android dev: Is there a market for this? I want to learn something that could get me a job while I f…[View]
81150053What did she mean by this? https://archive.is/W6kOH#selection-1643.2-1643.12[View]
81147321You are losing up to 20% of performance by not using zram.: >allows you to (fully) use your ram s…[View]
81149468Thank you based Nvidia. With their newest driver I can finally do GPU passthrough without the driver…[View]
81148701Fuck can I do with this: https://everymac.com/systems/apple/macbook/specs/macbook-core-2-duo-2.0-alu…[View]
81148176Do you see the fun in GCC?[View]
81149133Where we code a complete game live on stream: If you ever wondered, why there's still no 'game'…[View]
81148276Why are there so many linux distros that are basically trying to emulate the Windows 95/7 model of d…[View]
81148860/hrg/ - Ham Radio General: Got a Ham Radio License or thinking about getting one? Get on in here! Fr…[View]
81137590rank & r8 https://tiermaker.com/create/programming-languages--32215[View]
81147926Yes, I've never touched Java, or any programming language made by Microsoft, how could you tell…[View]
81147872I have windows installed on one ssd, and Linux on another. I want to move the windows installation o…[View]
81149145Where can I get a USB compatible DVD player? If you're asking why, don't worry, I have a r…[View]
81144291Thoughts on Alpine as desktop distro?[View]
81149438Best Legit Music Streaming Service (excluding this POS ): Honestly, I don't care how evil the p…[View]
81148212How many of you /g/ents own a printer? What do you use it for?[View]
81149884What is the most secure form of online communication?: Im leaning towards torchat or some kind of ir…[View]
81149739whats even happening with scanners? back in my days people used scanners to scan paper documents int…[View]
81146511Whats the best way to build a website?: I have a domain, but want to build a solid looking website. …[View]
81148209Godot Engine: What does /g/ think about Godot Engine ? >open sourced >cross platform >supp…[View]
81142171>win 10 now has removed the local group policy and the registry key for letting you disable the s…[View]
81132373Why is this allowed? Surely there shouldn't be discrimination against iOS users when it comes t…[View]
81149147Now that intel is the underdog will they fix their processors?[View]
81148812p2p services make it so that your IP can be seen by people whose devices you are connecting to. You …[View]
81139943You have one post to explain why Brave isn't the best browser on earth right now.[View]
81149396Love and peace.: So I understand this right: 192.x.x.x is for smaller networks, 10.x.x.x is for larg…[View]
81146792based pajeet: fsf india's statement on rms: >https://fsf.org.in/news/board-statement-2021/…[View]
81144339Does anyone remember Animated videos on QuickTime before YouTube?[View]
81143893Shit Board: What the fuck. Why is every second comment about trannies now? There are a hundred thing…[View]
81133137Why do people still use their phone in the bathroom when it has dozens of cameras in it?[View]
81145864system76 is forking gnome for pop OS 2104!: Apparently they going to fork gnome and add a community …[View]
81149241was the gpu shortage done on purpose for nvidia to make a quick buck with geforce now? they even rec…[View]
81149207What are the best party movies?[View]
81145813I still don't understand jewish obsession with 5G Normies don't even use half the potentia…[View]
81146534Why the fuck do I have to get an 'NVIDIA Account' I just want to update my driver for god's sak…[View]
81149035Self-study programming: Did you learn programming all by yourself? How did it work out for you? What…[View]
81147671what is explorer.exe / danger[View]
81147970I'm not writing all that boilerplate for my typescript typeorm express app even once more.[View]
81147676some fuck keeps merging code without making the corrections i am asking for. how do i fuck with him …[View]
81148164They are using you: The words you type on the typing test sites are not random, they are chosen on p…[View]
81148944Ur in the club and this guy slaps ur gfs ass what do u do[View]
81145640What's a good free resource to learn mobile gamedev. I'm currently doing a major in CSE bu…[View]
81125310redpill me about brave. also brave vs firefox??[View]
81143563Debian on RMS/FSF: This Saturday we will know if Debian is still based or if it's confirmed the…[View]
81146396Windows 7, the final boss of Distrohopping[View]
81148676this is the only language you need to know[View]
81148266Whose side do you take, /g/? The feds, the hackers or the corps? https://www.washingtonpost.com/tech…[View]
81148684Neural Style Transfer on RMS pic: colab notebook can be found here: https://keras.io/examples/genera…[View]
81148353>2021 >excel still can't calculate the ratio between two values…[View]
81146785AMD 6800XT: Have you bought your coil whine generator yet?[View]
81147583does anyone here have experience using owncast? it's a tool for self hosted live streams.[View]
81144908Im 34 years old. Should I become a concept artist and illustrator for movies or a software developer…[View]
81146820Language suggestion: I want some advice regarding programming languages. I love shell, I am really c…[View]
81145378'node'.split('').sort().join(''): Opinions on Deno? The new deno company seems to be worth taking a …[View]
81113569/cyb/ + /sec/: Cyber security general CATASTROPHIC LEAKS EDITION: /sec/urity 'Shit just got real': […[View]
81131171Is goto based or cringe?[View]
81145134what's the level of /g/? any engineer/PhDs here? I have a question:as an entry level developer,…[View]
81146676why are these phones so fucking good?[View]
81147919>!!! Multiple package instances within a single package slot have been pulled >!!! into the de…[View]
81147572So this is the power of modern web[View]
81142208'Rust, not Firefox, is Mozilla's greatest industry contribution': /g/ thoughts on the matter?…[View]
81147982Hey nerds. Tell me how I open a Samsung phone with a pattern lock without knowing the code.[View]
81147381is this game engine worth learning ?[View]
81146447What's better, glossy or matte?[View]
81147282Typescript: How can there be people that don't use typescript. Recently I came across a react p…[View]
81147326>>81147161 >>81144896 Ok I am never buying AT products again. Thank you 4chan /g/ board.[View]
81139715Can I still get service for this[View]
81144516Some cunt on omegle said he was going to 'boot me' and my internet went down gor a while how the fuc…[View]
81147925A+ Certification Study material: Hi /g/, I'm looking to study and pass the CompTIA A+ Exam. I n…[View]
81144086Drain snakes: I just bought one of these for $12. It's made locally in Iran. Does anyone have a…[View]
81141718Do any of you manage independent websites of any kind? Is it actually profitable anymore?[View]
81147017The best way to get into IT is a computer science degree. It's the universal major for both hac…[View]
81147615JS Neural Network Lib: Im looking for a lightweight library for deep neural networks. I've look…[View]
81147681> this glowing nerd won the limited hangout lottery, the prize was a prepared cache of outdated s…[View]
81134747/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >NEWS Substrate shortage to affect all foundries >UPGRADE ADVICE…[View]
81147599Don’t be a pussy, use OpenBSD[View]
81147013best search engine and browser: hi I was wondering which is the best search engine and browser, whi…[View]
81147516god damn i HATE FRONT END[View]
81141103How does this look for a ho.emade pc setup?: Would this work? Would they all fit?[View]
81147181What speaker are best for high pressure near field listening? MOneye no object.[View]
81138499routers: what does /g/ use?[View]
81147415Coomsumer Thread: Post coomsumer screenshots.[View]
81145492who thought this was a good idea?[View]
81142069https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/P5_(microarchitecture) Kneel.[View]
81110469/obsd/ - OpenBSD General: OpenBSD is a free and open-source, security-focused, Unix-like operating s…[View]
81139316/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>81128613 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
81144061What should i upgrade first lads??: My computer is perfect for me the way it is, Does everything i w…[View]
81140308MX Master 2 is dying. What would be a good replacement other than MX Master 3?[View]
81132859Best alternative for Upvote/Downvote system? At this point it's clear this system doesn't …[View]
81146293new rossmann RTR bill vid: anyone want to sign a right to repair bill? you can btfo crapple and micr…[View]
81145142do I really only need html and css to make a website? i just want a website to host things for me so…[View]
81145768>accidentally extract something to the root folder instead of its own folder >press the conven…[View]
81146032>Americans are STILL fighting over a problem the rest of the world fixed years ago with consumer …[View]
81129730iToddlers BTFO: >iPhone users are blocked from 18+ servers, regardless your age How will they eve…[View]
81137306>Remote work is clearly working with existing tools >Boss now urging everyone to return to wor…[View]
81146379> our company uses AI Unironically they just use simple linear models to predict nothing. Why is…[View]
81144553is it any good?[View]
81145465What email service and client does /g/ use? disroot + neomutt here[View]
81145558how do i do physics programming: how do i learn to make a stable non clipping physics system from sc…[View]
81144925Now that discord might be bought by Micropenis and they banned nsfw servers for Apple users what are…[View]
81143195Does anyone have the thread from year(s) ago that went like: OP: What does /g/ think of Dyson Airbla…[View]
81146154What templates were used to create this website?: https://soge.finance/ Wordpress maybe?[View]
81146119>Ee What did Apple mean by this?[View]
81144857What does /g/ think about the Maxx desktop DE? I know that it is not competently open source but tha…[View]
81144825Someone greentexted this to me: >SCSI NVMe giving me heavy ishyggidiggy vibes. What does it mean?…[View]
81145729Why is electron so based?[View]
81144605Thoughts on KISS Linux?: Is it just a big meme? or is the freedom and modularity actually worth it?h…[View]
81144858Every Empire needs it's Colosseum: Any programmers out there wanna collab? https://www.youtube.…[View]
81145379Microsoft Edge Speech To Text: Is there any way I can get an offline version of this? I'm parti…[View]
81139194Name a better systems programming book. I'll wait.[View]
81138240>Reminder that instigating OR participating in flame/brand wars will result in a ban. Why does th…[View]
81144608Why, yes I use Ripcord on my desktop and cutthecord on my phone.[View]
81145206What are some communications technologies that we should bring back?[View]
81143960On learning C: Lets say I had to learn C. Lets say I wanted to do that by first reading a book. >…[View]
81144396is this accurate?[View]
81142036history | head --lines 20 1 exit 2 sudo apt install yakuake 3 exit 4 ls 5 …[View]
81142972Remember when you could just sell software that you made and make a living out of it? Who took this…[View]
81143539Hi /g/, i've been having trouble for months with this screen. It works flawlessly most of the t…[View]
81144896Okay so my audiotechnica m30x's broke 3 months after warranty expired and apparently they brok…[View]
81137167when did technology become so political /g/?[View]
81143318Keyboards Samsung tab S6: Hey guys Recently i got a job where ill have to move a lot and im thinking…[View]
81145053piece of sht software: fucking site just downloaded an rar to my pc, the file disappeared from downl…[View]
81142777AIO: Have you taken the AIO PC pill yet? Having an entire PC and essential peripherals integrated in…[View]
81139127>use the popular scripts/apps to make windows 10 more private >updates in a month and doesnt b…[View]
81124067/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: >Read the sticky: >>76759434 >GNU/Linux questions >…[View]
81144273Opensource = Costdown If we opensource our healthcare we could pay less to it. How can we opensource…[View]
81144877lost folders: I click on my other harddrive and a number of folders are missing. Anyways to get them…[View]
81135941Shells, shells, and shells: What uncommon shells do you use? fish, ksh, rc, PowerShell, something el…[View]
81140571>'Modern' programming language >No algebraic type system >No partial function application …[View]
81144161Windows NT 6.x Thread: Let's have a comfy thread about Windows NT 6.x while we can still enjoy …[View]
81144319whats a fair price for a 4k dell monitor on marketplace? i had a dell ultrasharp in the past and i r…[View]
81144601What do you use for your umask? i'm wondering what i should be using so i figured i'd ask…[View]
81143235I've had these Beyerdynamic DT 880 for about 8 year now, but recently I've had some issues…[View]
81142601Sorry for a homework question, but I'm getting desperate. Are there any examples of the followi…[View]
81140005DEX Thread: Comfy DEX thread! Post things you like about DEX mode and things that need improving! I …[View]
81144633Did anyone manage to build TDE on arch yet? There are custom repos for it but it never worked for me…[View]
81134841>GTX 1660 being sold for 900 dollars because jews are pushing more than 50 new (((cryptocoins))) …[View]
81139472is this a safe overclock?: Hey guys, I just changed 2 settings, all cores to 4.3 and voltage to 1.38…[View]
81125094What's the best?[View]
81143246If I scavenged a bunch of old computers and stitched their components together, could I build a gami…[View]
81136094@cdnchildprotect is uploading child porn to image search engines: And it seems that they are ignorin…[View]
81139592Music Player/Library for Windows: What's a good music player and library management for Windows…[View]
81143572Devs wanting everything to be super easy: Why do people nowadays need everything to be 'baby's …[View]
81140275Which VPN is based and which are a suck?[View]
81143530DevOps on the TOR network/Deep web using gitlab/github/etc... yay or nay? how to automate the build …[View]
81138680VPNs: Has anyone ever noticed that within the last few years VPNs have become more mainstream now? N…[View]
81143455Why aren't you using pic related? >automagically organizes >bulk edit metadata with eas…[View]
81143462modern webdesign: >slower >uglier >minimalist while being dysfunctional and the exact oppos…[View]
81143925quantum secure bitcoin: Tidecoin is the post quantum security Bitcoin. PoW only and can be mined by …[View]
81139359Is AI smart enough yet that I could give it 10 anime images I like and have it browse through the in…[View]
81143068Ungoogled Chromium and KeePassXC?: I recently switched to linux mint. I installed Eloston's ung…[View]
81140726desktop XD: KDE Neon, I wanted it to be based on Arch Linux but I played Ubuntu, so I touched it a b…[View]
81143529Post good servers/channels on IRC. I want a place away from Discord and botnet fags.[View]
81131661Is PHP really that bad. Why does /g/ hate it so much?[View]
81137238ITT pictures of happier times[View]
81143575How do you deal with impostor syndrome? I've been working on a few projects with some random in…[View]
81141234>have 1MB important file >buy 16GB flash drive >fill it up with the same file (16 times) …[View]
81143523Piracy: it's getting harder and harder[View]
81143172X based? X cringe?: Is X based or cringe?[View]
81143516Indexing whole sites thread: Obviously this is not possible if the site is giant, like YouTube or wh…[View]
81143205https://drewdevault.com/2021/03/19/A-new-systems-language.html Cniles, when will they learn?[View]
81143375Why do I keep giving money to China? because I need their products!: i purchased 4 power supplies fo…[View]
81136847There's a certain username out there, if you search it you will be able to find personally iden…[View]
81142517what is the fastest possible image hashing algorithm?[View]
81143422I'm trying to find that one site, i think it was made by the guy that made that Jenkins thing w…[View]
81141043I genuinely do not understand why anyone would use KDE in the current year.[View]
81141108tomorrow i will begin learning programming goodnight everyone[View]
81142854I want to get started in C++. What libraries do I need to know to do cool, useful stuff? Inb4 boost.[View]
81143275The Eternal Question: Does using Jewgle Ads, Facebook and Instagram to promote your business make yo…[View]
81140473E-reader thread: Question for owners: Do you use it for science and engineering textbooks, research …[View]
81141828Are there any drawbacks to having your PC run 24/7 with no restarts?[View]
81134922>bloats web development to the point of dysfunction forcing the industry to adapt a new technolog…[View]
81143190There is nothing more retarded than calling Linux GNU/Linux, it is simply a cope devised by the cuck…[View]
81141930technology thatll raise my self esteem? im so close to just lashing out[View]
81130773/ptg/ - Private Tummy General: >Not sure what private trackers are all about? The mission of /ptg…[View]
81140335Following Apple's line of reason to block NSFW chat rooms on Discord for iOS, shouldn't Ap…[View]
81142970Please give me link to the bigest TOR imageboard[View]
81136343Your top 10 apps: GO![View]
81142504I want to switch over to linux/open-source. Should I keep an additional pc running on Win10 for scho…[View]
81142867Technology memes / pop culture thread Post really funny unns No facebook shit[View]
81138110Will AI procedurally generated tattoo become more common in the future as AI technology develops eve…[View]
81140455How do I become an epic Hacker[View]
81130843/mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboards General Sega HTR-2106 edition >Keyboard recommendation template http…[View]
81142019I feel like i'm going mad, i remember somewhere seeing someone talk about making xml look clean…[View]
81126546I need your help bros: Bros 4chin is banned in my country ( only the NSFW boards. goverment didnt bl…[View]
81136210I'm sick and tired of how horrible the laptop industry is right now. How can I start my own lap…[View]
81135321System 76's Cosmic: New DE enters the ring[View]
81139781New to Python, but familiar with C. Which IDE is a good choice for beginners? What is your favorite …[View]
81128115what do you use instead of notepad? bonus points if opensource[View]
81140840Good certificates: Share good programming classes that award certificates. I'm trying to expand…[View]
81121380They can't keep getting away with it: The baseline model for the “new” MacBook Pro has 8GB RAM …[View]
81134255Windowsfag needs help with Linux: I just installed Artix, and I'm in the process of getting all…[View]
81142626K860: >superior ergonomic design for long typing sessions >PBT keycaps >scissor switches …[View]
81136260Enlightenment: I installed this the other day and i'm shocked no one here is shilling it so I…[View]
81142151Why didn't x86 desktops get cucked like ARM phones?: I mean locked and signed bootloaders, unsw…[View]
81141644>nvme drive gets down to 135MB >can't even load thumbnails anymore What is this fucking j…[View]
81141380what is the best back end for a website?[View]
81140969What happened?[View]
81141651Judea declares war on technology: C represents der ewige boomer, stuck in his old ways. Old, sick an…[View]
81141920holy shit... its so fucking ugly... how could anyone let this thing be happenin omfg does anyone eve…[View]
81138992Based or cringe?[View]
81142251should I save more money to buy a mac book? i only need it to test my web dev stuff on Safari.[View]
81141789What went wrong?[View]
81139063why can't iphone fags move files from device A to device B? Are they retarded?[View]
81141682Reminder if Kevin Rose didnt fuck up Digg in 2008 and then abandon it, Reddit would have never won t…[View]
81142003>fill in form on [website] to register >have second thoughts >close tab >1 week later g…[View]
81141675I was watching some LTT video and they acted like it was so terrible to use the 2 inch adapter cable…[View]
81131790What is the best imageboard open source software?[View]
81141525Job hunting: was i blacklisted by employers for flaking at my first job interview during the second …[View]
81141266Ask a Man who just Installed Arch anything![View]
81137607Why are Americans such apple cucks?[View]
81109337Does anyone have the Women Fizzbuzz image? I need it[View]
81134270Let's see those IDE aesthetics[View]
81133917>So if you're so smart and qualified, why didn't you attend Stanford, UCB, CMU or MIT, …[View]
81141483Let me guess, you 'need' more.[View]
81140053What is the most convoluted, inefficient way of reversing a string?[View]
81138856$uptimeAnon ... did i make it?: where's $uptime-fag? is he impressed?[View]
81139700What is your opinion on this? Is it really necessary for anything? Does it even work for their claim…[View]
81130758Ethical Software: What do they mean by ethical software? Is it related to free software in any shape…[View]
81135839what's the most based web dev stack?[View]
81140785But who gives a shit lmao[View]
81139271is there a guide how to debotnet this thing? i been thinking to buy one[View]
81134885Why the fuck do they put tech in everything???: Why do people feel the need to put technology in shi…[View]
81140878What distro would Tomo use?: And why wouldn't it be Slackware?[View]
81138748Reflections on Trusting Trust: This nigga tried to warn you almost 40 years ago. This entire industr…[View]
81138723Stop using Google.[View]
81140607Steganography: I found a bitcoin related picture back in 2016 at a thrift store in a frame, very odd…[View]
81137338A game that is 100% POSIX: I am the creator. I set it to free for a while. Try it yourself. Tell me …[View]
81140981>HTML and CSS2 is all you need[View]
81137219I need to create a website for my Uncle to showcase his artwork. What's the best way to do this…[View]
81141197Digital “HD” IBOC radio blows.: And apparently they don’t even sell the transmitting equipment any m…[View]
81139702I was thinking to open a PC/tech repair shop in my area since we have some kind of financial helps f…[View]
81137898Easiest programming language?: Just to know, i am bored.[View]
81140190>mfw looking at tiling window managers[View]
81136283What causes people to adopt inferior technology when objectively better alternatives exist?[View]
81060242/fwt/ - Friendly Windows Thread: Users of all levels are welcome to ask questions about Windows and …[View]
81139910Thinking of switching from AT&T to T-Mobile. What does /g/ think.[View]
81129876>intel officially dies F[View]
81138219How long does Verizon keep your internet history records?[View]
81120334Lets talk about controllers What are the best controllers? Your personal favorites? Most interesting…[View]
81139620Is the M1 the best cooled laptop out there right now? I tried to hate on Apple as much as I could bu…[View]
81137875// - Friendly Apple General: Friendly discussion of Apple's Macintosh computers and Apple acce…[View]
81139021should i just use windows with free software instead of linux: i was using linux for quite a bit and…[View]
81138266DOS was a terrible operating system, why did Microsoft buy it up?[View]
81138341Is it any good?[View]
81138484Goppher == me Pizza == FOSS software Dog == Propietary tards[View]
81133574HELP US /g/: SEND HELP WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?????? >>>/v/551769219 >>>/v/55176…[View]
81139915>join college's slack >head into the internship channel >girls posting about getting S…[View]
81136112https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4l4aeP02nc Opinions on Godot engine new vulkan renderer?[View]
81112791/csg/ - Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpr…[View]
81138864Who pays for the storage and bandwidth when I install a package on Linux?[View]
81139889the shield: y no luv for the Shield?[View]
81139941Technology was promoted to free us from the daily grind and have more free time to concentrate on le…[View]
81136400Looks like the guys at Arch don't know how to handle errors and neither limits[View]
81134005stop me from pulling the trigger on this bad boy. actually i need to replace my laptop, but i just n…[View]
81133870Why do you prefer emacs to vim, I have always used vim, not sure what i am missing out on.[View]
81139871>install arch linux >installing packages >a minor package fails to install and crashes wi…[View]
81136141Is there something better in the membrane department?: Is there something better in the keyboard dep…[View]
81135085Edge is officially dead today, with Microsoft replacing it this Patch Tuesday with a Chromium based …[View]
81130562Why did Intel lose its innovation and technological edge?[View]
81138713is HTML/CSS really the best way to describe a website/webapp? Would it be better to use something li…[View]
81115000/bst/ battlestations - jade edition: previous thread: >>81095775[View]
81139198Nextcloud/website loads fast on LAN and extremely slow on WAN(sometimes times out): I setup the next…[View]
81139335For many years now all of my headphones keep breaking after only about one month or so. I don't…[View]
81138911Do people still buy and use Desktop software or do they only use their phones and web-apps nowadays?…[View]
81118582Are screenless drawing tablets a meme? Why wouldn't you want a screen?[View]
81133331redpill: the linux desktop died with unity, it was the most cohesive linux desktop experience, now u…[View]
81138933Is ok to compile and install from source? LMMS last alpha release was on november.[View]
81138710ps4 is kill: well, after great effort i have declared that my old ps4 fat (replaced with pro), is ki…[View]
81128613/dpt/ Daily Programming thread: Old thread: >>81120354 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
81135865How do you protect electronics from a coronal mass ejection (a solar storm)?[View]
81135014Is yuki.la gonna come back? It was my favorite 4chan archive...[View]
81133773>daily scrum >have a blocker >told to figure it out What the hell is the point of the daily…[View]
81118859Why do old keyboard look and feel so much better than new ones?[View]
81131070Helo you have virus on your windows screen[View]
81137466Why does this cost as much as the eGPU that I want?[View]
81137439Looking to get a new 24ish inch 2nd monitor for gay men what do I need to look out for and what woul…[View]
81137153Truly Libre Phones: >Apple is banning all adult content >Android is google botnet Is it time f…[View]
81135672Hello. I don't normally use this, but I was wondering if you can all give me feedback on this P…[View]
81122672Fuck You: I've finally gotten around to try Plasma. (former footfag) It's the greatest DE …[View]
81129989why don't you noa how to install gentoo anon ? Even cute lolis noa how to install gentoo, you h…[View]
81137266How good is the GNU guix distro? has anyone tested it out?[View]
81137970>boot up old dual boot win 7 into Ubuntu for first time in years. 2016 install >want to instal…[View]
81138276I wish I could get loads of money with my programs and hacking instead of being a normie.[View]
81133239Rec me a used mac: Sup /g/ I want to get a mac and dual boot linux on it. Therefore I can use the ma…[View]
81136513>windows xp >open Pictures folder >spends 2 minute re-indexign every image and loading >…[View]
81138085What’s a decent cheap android tablet to shitpost on and play Genshin while in bed?[View]
81138449Why is nn backpropagation so fucking hard to understand[View]
81137165AMD or Intel for gaming?: I want to understand why is Intel more expensive than AMD, if from what I …[View]
81130635So this is the power of python?[View]
81132136Bitmap Fonts: Which Bitmap fonts look the best? Also, for programs that bitmaps don't look that…[View]
81132552/hrt/ - Honest Rust Thread: Since /g is full of borrow checker filtered out go/nodejs developers I f…[View]
81137820so Microsoft thinks its Apple now? this is chink level ripoff Xioami style[View]
81135776anon, do you read your distro user agreement every time that you open terminal?[View]
81138188is there any way to remove google search results from certain geographical locations? it would help …[View]
81137227>first interview with some roastie goes okay >aced the 3 technical interviews with 3 different…[View]
81121559Americans can't code: Americans can't code[View]
81138026Wikipedia need to get their shit together. >small map thumbnail shows pinpoint of location >c…[View]
81137158>phone vibrates >no notifications[View]
81137958>webmaster enables hsts >forgets to configure acme daemon to update certs why do people keep d…[View]
81134619>he does it for free >he is the janitor of programming…[View]
81133159> Videos are age restricted > Deleted a few days later What draws the line between 'Age restri…[View]
81134735Why do Slavs in tech act like arrogant angry monkeys? Do one thing wrong and they scream like crazy,…[View]
81133342Name some actually useful applications for smartphones that add value to your life.[View]
81137312laptop speakers: This thing pisses me off so goddamn much. It's brand new, only a couple of mon…[View]
81134141I have to conduct two back to back interviews in 15 minutes for a position requiring 10-15 years of …[View]
81098789AMD Ryzen 4 'Raphael' to include GPU. https://videocardz.com/newz/amd-ryzen-7000-raphael-to-feature-…[View]
81123680Windows NT 6.x Thread: Not a general because I'm not going to make this thread everyday Let…[View]
81134215Android Vs. Apple: Based Oregon, Ohio and Virginia[View]
81129634If you were only allowed to stick to 1 Distrubution, no vm's allowed no additional computer whi…[View]
81135036As brave is open source, could you modify it to give you BAT without actually seeing any ads?[View]
81136845RTINGS goes full jew[View]
81135415AMDbros...what went so wrong? I thought we were the good guys...[View]
81136758How is no one talking about this?: https://www.fsf.org/news/statement-of-fsf-board-on-election-of-ri…[View]
81135127What's the best old thinkpad for software dev? Although I love my x230 and xps 13 their both to…[View]
81137175>press X button on window >it actually just minimizes…[View]
81136445Can someone explain how binary works and how it gives us every positive number up to 2^n? Could a ba…[View]
81136911what's the point of paying over $100 for a motherboard? My PC is worth about $2000 and my mothe…[View]
81134481hey guys, is there a way to detect voicechanging software in a discord voice chat? we have pedo…[View]
81132917>1 >2 >3 4[View]
81135138>spend thousands of hours on a personal project (over the course of 2 years) with the hopes I cou…[View]
81132816What custom filter lists do you use? What are your settings?[View]
81136867Studying pentest: A webDev twitch streamer I was watching said that it's impossible to study p…[View]
81136914I love FOSS: I was gonna report two crash bug (retopoflow and GLTL export) on blender checked their …[View]
81135488Was social media a mistake?[View]
81133531Shill me your favourite IPFS websites[View]
81122163>$100 for a fucking mouse Justify it, I dare you[View]
81135616https://www.khronos.org/blog/an-introduction-to-vulkan-video https://developer.nvidia.com/vulkan-dri…[View]
81136036Do snaps/flatpaks have 'good enough' sandboxes, as in better than nothing for some privacy and/or se…[View]
81136227Is Mindball the whitest game ever?[View]
81133157I, a .NET/C# back-end developer, have been assigned to a Laravel-based project due to sudden loss of…[View]
81133855Legit programming homework for pay site?: Does anyone know of a legit website that offers programmin…[View]
81131691Best normalfaggot non-enthusiast phone?: Reposting from /spg/ because it's almost kill: Best no…[View]
81133256Which modern (2017-current year) phone is the most durable in the market? Can any upcoming phone hop…[View]
81133291It's finished Fedorabro, Fedora wants to adopt contributor Covenant as a new Coc.[View]
81122596Is Signal a Glowie Honeypot or Not?: Serious question. It seems to good to be true . >Featured pr…[View]
81135342Surface laptop pro: https://blogs.windows.com/devices/2021/04/13/introducing-surface-laptop-4-and-ne…[View]
81131347frontend is all i know, where next?: Hey, so im 26, employed since 18 in various frontend jobs, html…[View]
81136280what's up losers fucking nerds what kind of router should i get for my UniFi 6 Long-Range Acces…[View]
81130029IRC: Throw away your normie Discord and get on IRC.[View]
81131026post your browser extensions: i hope you have good ones, anon...[View]
81134402could the low powered, ancient 66mhz arm9 in the DS outperform the 50mhz ez80 in the ti-84 ce?[View]
81130599Why don't you use a cheap NUC for your day to day computing?: It's not like you do anythin…[View]
81134673God damn it! How many of my neighbours do I have to kill to get fast internet again!?[View]
81131149any good exercising apps? im becoming a fat fuck[View]
81135027Best low spec build possible: hi anons, i am searching for some feedback for low spec builds (specif…[View]
81134575YAHOO ANSWERS, CLOCK IS TICKING: Please help preserve yahoo answers before it is deleted! Requires v…[View]
81135993Does anyone here make money with software they wrote? SaaS or even ad revenue from sites?[View]
81133650Nice browser, retards.[View]
81135693What is the realworld difference between sata ssd, nvme gen 4, and optane when it comes to loading t…[View]
81135871How does /g/ feel about base stations? Waste of money? Or are they worth?[View]
81133000Cheap cost benefit laptop: Any recommendations? No, I will not buy a used thinkpad, I need good batt…[View]
81113217/wdg/ - Web Dev General: >Full Web Development Roadmap https://github.com/kamranahmedse/developer…[View]
81135648Do you like using a blindfold and trying out the accessibility features on your tech?[View]
81133680Headphone help: Hello, I'm from mu and I am looking for headphones. What would you recommend wi…[View]
81129982Company is letting me go soon. I'm gonna be homeless. I want to do freelancing while I'm o…[View]
81133062Our minds are so powerful it can create its own universe, its own space and time using imagination. …[View]
81129278YouTube Comments: Let us talk about YouTube comments. For the past few years, YouTube comments have …[View]
81132785Wtf is happening with the 5600X. Will it become the new 3300X?[View]
81131778How do I report Vega 8 has not proper multimonitor resolution support?[View]
81133676Ever since google introduced that annoying cookie redirect page I made a habit out of searching for …[View]
81131052OpenBSD... More like NoWIFI[View]
81132916So what do Arch users think of the new guided installer?: 'Arch Linux install media update now provi…[View]
81135128Hi , I wanted to know if anyone knows something to make a short wave radio (sw) with a stereo or, fa…[View]
81135316i leik computer[View]
81134271Unity Desktop Environment: Unity truly is the final redpill. Why did Canonical stop using this? Are …[View]
81132474Thoughts on hledger? I'm getting a job soon.[View]
81126822Powershell scripts: post your scripts that are impossible to explain to your coworkers i call this g…[View]
81134146Laptops: So i need a laptop for college since the pc's they have there are shit and i'm si…[View]
81125655Host your Hidden Services: >free reverse proxy >no port forwarding required >easy as editin…[View]
81133417so a while ago i read somewhere about paid/commercial emacs distributions. it sounds like such a wei…[View]
81130436What now itoddlers https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/1500005389362-NSFW-Server-Designati…[View]
81131831He's here to stay: not sure why no one has mentioned this, but the support-letter anons succeed…[View]
81132629So damn comfy >>Now all I need is Pop-Shell[View]
81129074Should I settle down for good here?[View]
81133888Ubiquiti setup: sup dudes i'm gonna go ahead and purchase my shit for my first ever ubiquiti se…[View]
81121714/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >NEWS Substrate shortage to affect all foundries >UPGRADE ADVICE…[View]
81133582mfw making games using FOSS: >Kubuntu >Godot >Blender, armor paint, material maker >GIMP…[View]
81130787>master -> main >slave -> worker >tranny -> she >Linux -> Android >C -…[View]
81134585is it happening?[View]
81132935Woman Moment: I don't understand why women are pushed into tech when a lot seemingly don't…[View]
81133188Etherium: ethermine.org always says my worker is inactive. How do I solve this? Using a RX 470 4GB…[View]
81134122Advice for newb: Anybody have advice on how to learn smartphone repair/ get certified as a smartphon…[View]
81132791Best way to develop code on android?: Ad free and open source preferred[View]
81129771Whoever the fuck says Node.JS is 'lightweight' is retarded. Hello world for C linked to musl commits…[View]
81132052Is there money in objective-c development? I would still mainly develop for Linux/Windows (using GN…[View]
81108149Any more /g/ kinos like this?[View]
81132154Why no new updates for Code? Even Atom is up to date even though nobody uses it. Is the maintainer s…[View]
81132781Can a software be permissive for based purposes but GPL for unbased ones? Like: >millitary can us…[View]
81133569>A Desktop PC >A Asrock x300 mini server >A 14-inch laptop >A 11-inch pad >A smartpho…[View]
81124914BSD: Give me one good reason why should I use this.[View]
81133491How do I get a list of all email addresses that have sent emails to me in Outlook? Most of the email…[View]
81112980/hpg/ - Headphones General: Orthodynamic (Planar) Edition How to request: >Location >Budget …[View]
81118808Chromium based browsers: What are good privacy settings or extensions to have for chromium based bro…[View]
81130196Latest leak of GNOME 41!: GNOME devs accidentally shipped the latest CSD redesign for GNOME 41 in on…[View]
81130268Windows server: Why would anyone ever use this? This is 100% absolute dogshit Jesus fucking christ…[View]
81132891>get free wifi anywhere you go: HOLD UP[View]
81132319The LMMS devs implemented my idea of an autotune but for the piano.[View]
81132776The basilisk collection (also known as the basilisk file or basilisk.txt) is a collection of over 12…[View]
81127435Is cryptocurrency and le blockchain here to stay? I will admit it makes implementing paymenets in yo…[View]
81132378Fax: I need to test something by sending a fax is there any way I can send a fax without having a fa…[View]
81127149There was literally no progress in software development in the last 20 years (aside from fucking neu…[View]
81132965The data stems from a semi-annual survey conducted in the US, polling 7,000 teens across 47 states w…[View]
81129559Why are you still not using Invidious?: Start using Invidious, an alternative frontend to YouTube. h…[View]
81132849How do I tune into Korean Central Television? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korean_Central_Televis…[View]
81132752give me access[View]
81131432which GNU/linux distro will help me attract females for mating ritual?[View]
81131554Anyone here that switched from tech to a completely different field like digital art? Are you happie…[View]
81127934Yes I have a 1366 x 768 display so what?!! It's not like the human eye can see 1080p!![View]
81130592>lg releasing 42' oled this year >will be sub-$1k Will this be the perfect monitor? Perfect si…[View]
81132589What did they mean by this?[View]
81131952Is it possible to put exceptions on GPL? Like: this program is copylefted and you have to respect th…[View]
81120546B-B-b linux is secure!!! cat <<\EOF > /tmp/sudo #!/bin/bash if [[ '${@}' = '' ]]; then /…[View]
81128915>there still isn't a data structure more efficient than the inverted index when it comes to …[View]
81130277Your waifu Her OS >Astolfo >OS X[View]
81132397Looking for the best headphones for casual listening: I’ve been getting into some decent audiophile …[View]
81132307Why are you /g/rills not using zram?: You can unironically use over 8 GB of ram and all your process…[View]
81090567/emg/ - Friendly Emacs/LISP general: Batman edition. >General Emacs resources https://www.gnu.org…[View]
81131131difference between artix base and base-lowmem: what is the difference?[View]
81131297This POS script just went and forgot all my settings. What's the best alternative?[View]
81130487Is 20 years the new upgrade cycle?[View]
81131807Going back to windows, FUCK linux. After 11 years im sick of this hobbyist kernel. I just want to pl…[View]
81130000So what exactly did they DO on these old computers? Why aren't there any files and programs fro…[View]
81130589gnome: Why is it so hated? As a new Linux user it seems pretty nice after customizing it. I'm …[View]
81127079Can someone redpill me on Emacs? My “understanding” is that it’s a “text editor” that can also do a …[View]
81118109Why can't people just use SQL instead of spreadsheets, and LaTeX instead of a word processors a…[View]
81127488How to get into a windows 10 computer without knowing the password/pin?: Long story short, a friend …[View]
81131742>apply for a job >don't really expect to get it but just fulfilling my daily quota of app…[View]
81130952Technologically speaking, what improvements does a 5.x kernel have over a 4.x or lower version ones?[View]
81125754installing gentoo for the first time, this is way comfier than expected- is this peak linux? anyways…[View]
81131500Still buying Intel.[View]
81131320The /g/ experience: >I'm gonna post an asian gorl so pajeets and 20 year olds with yellow fe…[View]
81115786You will own nothing and be happy: Any other examples of not owning shit you buy? Seems to be more a…[View]
81131588I just made the switch from vim to evil mode. How should I start customizing my emacs?[View]
81130533Salesforce: My sister keeps nagging me about this shit telling me to 'learn salesforce'. Apparently …[View]
81120508Are small cameras still worth it instead of a smartphone?[View]
81131408Friendly reminder there is nothing wrong in using a installer to install a distro.: Also, true archa…[View]
81131520>try to open .exe >nothing happens uhh, bros?…[View]
81128888why are you still using google?[View]
81131065How do you deal with anxiety when you use proprietary software? I can't shake the feeling that …[View]
81130812Massive fucking digital footprint: I fucked myself. I want to live the rest of my life mostly tech-f…[View]
81129284>Canadian child services or something got caught uploading illegal shit to an anime reverse image…[View]
81126251This man programmed an entire operating system and compiler, all by himself[View]
81131228>Foobar 2000 can't even find a single synced lyric for even a fucking Queen song (far from a…[View]
81131592How much can endianess difference create unexpected behavior in C? I'm reinterpreting an array …[View]
81120788Apple says it will send a witness to Senate hearing on app stores after all: Honestly, all in all wh…[View]
81129591I havent updated my Samsung A70 since I brought it 1 year ago, it keeps saying I should update but i…[View]
81131497shell script[View]
81129704How will psychedelics and technology be implemented as one in the future?[View]
81107407/spg/ - smartphone general: Play store edition If you're requesting purchasing advice, please p…[View]
81130686I want to swallow the AMD pill How backdoored is it compared to intel. Not at all? Unknown? Rather t…[View]
81128449Slackware 15 officially leaves alpha and enters beta with new Beta 1 release today.: COME HOME WHITE…[View]
81131133Do you think windows future is in good hands? Or do you think it will become more and more locked do…[View]
81129431gugle gud ducc bad: this has actually good results. why not use this. duckduckgo is the same botnet …[View]
81130730Whenever I connect my Huawei phone to my computer per USB my Windows Explorer crashes when I try to …[View]
81127551I wonder what it could be? I mean its kinda obvious.[View]
81126454>want to crawl tweets via python >oh I can use tweepy >I can get tweets by iterating throug…[View]
81129186Do you agree, anons?[View]
81084447/mpv/ - maybe this one will last more than 30 posts edition: Installation: https://mpv.io/installati…[View]
81131227I've been using this phone for a month now and it's still smooth, no slowdowns. Android go…[View]
81131147What did RMS actually do to piss of the trannies? Did he say something bigoted? All of this drama an…[View]
81130334ML, AI: What programming language and compiler is Machine Learning and AI compiled in? Is there any …[View]
81131123iPhone versus jPhone: So I recently got the new jPhone, and I'm interested to know how many peo…[View]
81128600Is /g/ still in support of RMS, or has it been overtaken by zoomer contrarians?[View]
81125719C++ questions for extreme professionals that care: 1. What is the real use case for lambdas? 2. Why …[View]
81130047So I left my phone (LG G6) to charge last night, unplugged it at 100%, then woke up to it being at 3…[View]
81121939What office chair does /g/ use? I'm thinking of getting a Herman Miller Lino, it looks nice and…[View]
81105942>No CoC and it's listed as a feature are all /g/ projects this based?…[View]
81129600RMS as... the symbol of FREEDOM: A hero can always break out of a pinch! https://odysee.com/@return-…[View]
81125375should I use tor as my default browser?[View]
81125892Linux is hated by game developers for the same reason the AR-15 is hated by liberals. It's ligh…[View]
81122739are cpu series of resisters?[View]
81122354The nerve these fuckers have to sell broken shit at MRSP prices...[View]
81130066>go to entry level software engineer interview >they ask me to print all permutations of a str…[View]
81129958Looking to get accurate experience with Gentoo/Arch management in a VM but it has an instant interne…[View]
81130641>when you set up your external hd as a backup device, multiboot, rescue disk and a retro vidyagay…[View]
81125986I left my vps unattended and running shit for 3 years, gimme some automagic commands for checking fo…[View]
81125565What port do you guys use?[View]
81126306Remember to seed properly everyday, anon.[View]
81128767Honest question. Are these things used by anyone other than refund scammers?[View]
81118023Friendly Rust Thread: This is a friendly thread about Rust Programming Language. Don't start la…[View]
81128196How cancerous is jewgle? Samsung didn't allow you to disable jewge kikery services[View]
81128256Anyone else here old enough to remember 'before the internet'? When I was a kid the internet wasn…[View]
81130316Intel on suicide watch[View]
81129070Zone-h: What is it actually under the hood?[View]
81128793the fuck is timidity?[View]
81129855I thought PDFs were supposed to look the same on all computers. Why do I see this fucking horrible f…[View]
81126313what software makes this luks decryption screen and how do I integrate it into my void install?[View]
81129630Cookie Policy Popup: How about we set a rule in browser preferences to reject all cookies so that th…[View]
81127809Torrents: Is downloading Torrents punishable? I remember using them years ago and my PC was infested…[View]
81125445Why do Americans say 'sodder' instead of 'solder?[View]
81114611Libre Office: Does anyone actually this piece of crap?[View]
81124209Script kiddie hate thread: Why do script kiddie shitters somehow think they're in the same game…[View]
81128938>email takes over an hour to arrive again Vincent please...[View]
81129745Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the new most-awarded post on Reddit.[View]
81129682P=NP 1P=NP 1=NP/P N=1 QED[View]
81129660>Bought a product >Satisfied >Sees another with better specs goes on sale >Obsessed abou…[View]
81113918/ptg/ - Private Trackers General: tracker that is hard to get into edition >Not sure what private…[View]
81123841Dumbphone: Anyone here taken the dumbphone pill?[View]
81129534OUR motherboard: Old thread >>81124962 In a few words, anon discovered that motherboards are b…[View]
81126468>People are discussing whether Adobe products are worth their price after a customer’s screenshot…[View]
81121668Every 1060 owner should be kissing their card every night before bed, be grateful for it in times li…[View]
81128468FBI arrest Texas man for attempting to blow up 'the internet' with C-4: >Seth Aaron Pen…[View]
81129492Can anyone here actually explain the difference between a Virus,Worm and Malware? I see them so inte…[View]
81129391Can someone break it down for me why he doesn't like MicroG and sees sig spoofing as insecure? …[View]
81110416Easiest coding language for woman to learn?: What language would be easiest for a woman to not only …[View]
81097725I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe.[View]
81129576https://helpx.adobe.com/premiere-pro/using/whats-new/2021-3.ug.html https://helpx.adobe.com/premiere…[View]
81129467Gnome: >Still not fixed.[View]
81129281itt: shit technology i start: >Surface arc mouse: >no scrollwheel >retarded one-button cont…[View]
81124736So what exactly is the internet? What is it made of?[View]
81126803Image metadata tags: We all know how easy it is to attach some common metadata, such as song name, a…[View]
81129013What are the best apps for Android TV? I'm using 'Smart Youtube TV' and it's working like …[View]
811293034chan postan on iBabby 2: yes I know I'm retarded for asking /g/ and having an Apple device, bu…[View]
81114596Linux Laptop: System76 vs Purism vs Custom Clevo chasis (aka laptop with linux) vs Dell XPS 15 w/Lin…[View]
81122909They can't keep getting away with it[View]
81124196Best portable monitors?: Anyone have any experience with portable monitors? I'm in the market t…[View]
81123975Join FSF: The social justice mob is not done, they now are trying to push proprietary 'ethical' lice…[View]
81129100When are they going to start censoring wrongthink results? I know Bing is a botnet but it's way…[View]
81129071how long did you study before working, which diploma do you have? was it worth it? those who have a …[View]
81117512Rms-open-letter No Longer Accepting Signatures: Apparently many signatories wanted their names remov…[View]
81126424>/g/ used to be a samsung shill, would love everything galaxy and hate iphones >now that samsu…[View]
81101787/cumg/ - Cooming Utilities & Mio General: Last threat died: >>81047362 >Links Wiki: htt…[View]
81128670Win32:Loic-A [TRJ]: trying to open low orbit ion canon and this happens[View]
81128357https://developer.nvidia.com/blog/nvidia-is-now-opencl-3-0-conformant/ NVIDIA supports OpenCL 3.0 on…[View]
81126094I want to spend money on some tech. What are some things that you have bought recently?[View]
81125389>volume control in bottom right >volume overlay is in the top left Why doesn't the volume…[View]
81122155R.I.P. 4chan: >I've seen posts you wouldn't believe... >Loli threads on every board …[View]
81126747For the audiophiles out there, what's the best audio format in your opinion? I'm gonna dig…[View]
81128535So this is where we're raked?[View]
81124521What do you guys like to do with your flash diskettes?[View]
81126414Is YouTube music the only good Spotify alternative?: Don't want to pay a subscription for music…[View]
81126387>sips Aaaaahhh, they don't make software like they used to these days. >sips…[View]
81125732GTK file picker thread: Why does this thing suck so much? It's frustrating to use. It lacks oth…[View]
81123483i can't install arch.[View]
81125289my washing machine just started sounding like a two stroke engine. I fear for my life.[View]
81124712P2P Decentralized social network: https://foxql.com/[View]
81125232>$350, chose next day delivery >6 months later, still haven't touched it can someone redp…[View]
81113132Can /g/ agree on this? https://tiermaker.com/create/programming-languages--32215[View]
81121732This thing came out in 2009 Was it ever topped?[View]
81128396Do /g/ use projectors at home? I want to show my desktop onto the ceiling and code when I lay in my …[View]
81127984what is the easiest mainstream programming language?[View]
81126436>the download indicator comes on for a split second on my phone randomly They got me didn't…[View]
81124556name 1 good p2p service/site/any shit, right now[View]
81118669Why can't I learn Java?: >Been on internet since I recall. >Wanted to learn how to code. …[View]
81120354/dpt/ Daily Programming thread: This is /dpt/, the best subreddit of /g/ previous thread >>811…[View]
81124838How do I learn to use a keyboard? My family's pc didn't have a keyboard. Just a mouse and …[View]
81127451shouldn't it be mrwho'stheboss?[View]
81127901Soldering: How’d I do for my first go? Feedback appreciated. Realize I need a brass tip cleaner and …[View]
81127339Schizo Tech Theories: HURD= Human UNmaking Directive[View]
81125478Why does he love proprietary software so much?[View]
81126764Hey /g/unts Anyone got an iPhone SE 2020? Would you give it a recommend?[View]
81127670Fedora - A professionally crafted distro funded by professional professionals target at professional…[View]
81121707I've unironically got rid of Windows (and will never come back) because of pic related.: Linux …[View]
81123015You, there! Yes, you! Review the last tech item you bought this instant.[View]
81127691i miss when websites looked like this[View]
81120595Red Hat: fuck trannyhat. don't use anything they work on. That means THE FOOT, systemdicks, nop…[View]
81123956OnePlus Nord N10 5G: >2400 x 1080 pixels, 20:9 ratio, 406 PPI >90Hz refresh rate >Kryo 560 …[View]
81127016Why can't the iranians get get their shit together? What the fuck are the u using, windows defe…[View]
81126698Is it bad to not have any side projects if you are already working as a developer? I’m too tired aft…[View]
81127338What do you think of DuckDuckGo? Is it a good search engine?[View]
81125844UG: *Compiles for more than 5 Hours*[View]
81127672Python: Why do people use Python? I was forced to learn it at school and felt limited, I was told to…[View]
81126900FreeBSD 13 is RELEASED!: https://download.freebsd.org/ftp/releases/ISO-IMAGES/13.0/FreeBSD-13.0-RELE…[View]
81127141>open firefox >see this[View]
81120830What the fuck?: Windows 10 doesn't allow you to use a local offline account anymore? I have to …[View]
81111671>pressing F5 on notepad.exe adds a timestamp holy shit what other technology secrets have been ke…[View]
81126073I am very dumb. what programing language should I learn?[View]
81113893>one week after interview and no email[View]
81122910Why do so many security professionals (who are genuinely knowledgeable about computers, not just som…[View]
81106345What calculator does /g/ use?: I myself don't use any applications, just fire up Python and cal…[View]
81126085>want to escape google >but almost all websites are linked to google, require a google account…[View]
81125110i started using 4chan since 2012. got down this rabbit hole due to the Jennifer Lawrence scandal. st…[View]
81099424/mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboard General: /mkg/ - Membrane Keyboard General >Keyboard recommendation t…[View]
81126642>graphics card became defective while not in use[View]
81125632I realized I now have around five hundred bookmarks, all uncategorized. What's the best way to …[View]
81125699Oh no Intel and AMD bros, we got too cocky[View]
81125004hello can anyone tell me some good channels on Rizon? where does the true chatting action happen for…[View]
81123600Are these good? Need a personal fan and have a dust problem, even with all the usual cleanup advice.…[View]
81114050>Technology put man on the Moon, will put men on the Mars, created prosthetic arms/legs, cures ca…[View]
81125852Private internet: Is there a way i can connect 10 computers with each other using ethernet cable an…[View]
81125737>looking at computers gives me headaches >looking at computers is literally the only skill I h…[View]
81124701MFW > Fell for the signal meme > have no frens to talk to..…[View]
81119676Help with Python: Hello kind code anons. Uber noob here. So basically i am trying to do a little qui…[View]
81122061GNU Jami vs Tox: Which would you choose and why?[View]
81125267OLED burns in when the sun shines on it: Jesus fucking christ[View]
81124693Porn filtration tech? I enjoy browsing 4chan in my downtime, but rather dislike coombait. What are …[View]
81123800I will have to carry a phone with me everywhere. How can I minimize harm? I'm thinking I'l…[View]
81123736ITT underrated projects that need more love from the community: https://github.com/snyball/Hawck Bas…[View]
81124057Gotta say, this shit on a raspberry pi is comfy. Next up, PfSense[View]
81113272https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAn_oiZwUXA THANK YOU NVIDIA[View]
81125364Can I get a cheap RTX card from XKeyscore?[View]
81120075Live next to a lovely park and would like to occasionally work there for a few hours, but my phone…[View]
81124468Are you telling me I have to run a full-fledged Chromium browser when I want to install one of these…[View]
81124988When was the last time you were tricked into believing something /g/? I use to think Linux had almos…[View]
81125309>>>(THIS THREAD IS ABOUT EVOLVING IMAGEBOARD TECHNOLOGY)<<<: -Invite based partici…[View]
81122919NEET CHADS, i-I-I... I kneel...: I fell for the cs degree meme. everything I do feels morally and/or…[View]
81125090/g/ anons, I need some advice. I've been looking at purchasing two home security cameras for my…[View]
81124217POV: It's 2012: And you're a linux user.[View]
81124937Schizo thread: Does windows and/or the mini OS running on modern CPUs have the ability to create an …[View]
81123546>be me >disassemble laptop >realize that it doesn't have much parts at all on board: o…[View]
81125135Is there any compelling argument as to why i shouldn't just use my ISP provided router? Pic rel…[View]
81125324>says bad word while talking with friend in phone >self driving car: 'changing destination to …[View]
81125032Is college a scam? Should I drop and teach myself?[View]
81111393> very reasonably explain to roommate that we have to take all the microphones out of our house …[View]
81123972PowerShell: Is power shell a meme , is it worth learning? >be me >learning cmd commands >ac…[View]
81116087We won! Cancel culture has lost, truth persevered! https://www.fsf.org/news/statement-of-fsf-board-o…[View]
81125211Topre gang?: Are topres the best keyboard switch money can buy? Can membrane really surpass mechanic…[View]
81121563>highdpiscreen (12.3in; 2736x1824) >200% scaling (default) >ClearType disabled It looks fuc…[View]
81118060So, is this a panacea for all your problems or does it have an Achilles heel?[View]
81124191How do I build my own programming language from scratch? Serious question. Picture mildly unrelated.[View]
81122842I own a Blackberry bold 9700 and it's just an alarm clock. I tried to download some dictionarie…[View]
81124982>mfw setting up an external hd as a backup device, multiboot, rescue disk and retro vidyagayme…[View]
81123989i have finally accepted that evil mode is peak text editor. Reaping ALL the befits of both editors, …[View]
81124865Realistically though, what if the corporate aggressors refuse to back down on the RMS and FSF fiasco…[View]
81123306Added new SSD to AERO 15 now fan is rattleing: How do you fix a rattling laptop fan without taking t…[View]
81115928https://www.openbsd.org/69.html 6.9 is out! Say something nice about it![View]
81124765This is a major Australian retailer. We're getting majorly dicked down under[View]
81124590Best place to get Windows activation key: New PC Building here, just wondering where's the best…[View]
81124748What are the best apps for Android TV? I'm using 'Smart Youtube TV' and it's working like …[View]
81124620I’m using the hidden Etherium address from my Blockchain (wallet) in the Teamredminer’s start_eth_4g…[View]
81079949AI Chads... I-I kneel... https://deepsukebe.io/en/asset[View]
81120912>my taskbar, browser search bar and icon are burned in on my monitor >its a 1080p 144hz tn gsy…[View]
81123541One's a curved VA panel https://iiyama.com/gl_en/products/g-master-gb2466hsu-b1/ One's a f…[View]
81124271does Tesla car record video of cabin in blackbox?: not in the bad way, but to improve the software f…[View]
81124366>the S in NPM stands for security[View]
81122221ITT: THINGS ONLY YOU KNOW BUT NO ONE BELIEVES: >CEO of google Sundar Pichai uses a Pixel runnning…[View]
81123516There is motion at your Front Door There is motion at your Front Door There is motion at your Front …[View]
81110598Post your boot time and DE >24secs >Guh-nome…[View]
81123221/mice/: looking at mice after my seven year old gamer mouse (razer deathadder v1) is finally dying. …[View]
81123850Are there really no archives during this time period that can be recovered? I know 4chan went throug…[View]
81118526Suck it, losers.[View]
81122940FreeBaSeD 13: Still No freebsd13 release. What's with this delay? RC3 is supposed to be as nee…[View]
81124080What technology will help me to reject this place in favor of my professional development?[View]
81123279How can I get back into an old xbox account?: I'm locked out of the email associated with the a…[View]
81115429What do you mostly use vim for?: I use it mostly for taking notes, studying and writing some paragra…[View]
81123327How would you convert a chord progression from the normal chord names into a roman numeral progressi…[View]
81119370WE WON /g/entleman Cancel culture btfo by the FSF https://www.fsf.org/news/statement-of-fsf-board-o…[View]
81123488>tfw just spent hours going through 3,700 emails and closing/deleting two dozen various online ac…[View]
81123082is it safe to use virtualbox now?[View]
81123597So /g/, I want to learn how to make hand/arm/leg robotic prosthesis, little robots (like link below)…[View]
81121630Where did it all go wrong bros?[View]
81121262Japan still cares: At what point it become acceptable to ship bug-ridden untested software? Is pic r…[View]
81122685>on my way to the doctor >see this >take it home >plug it in >it works My new second …[View]
81119069So what really happened to yuki.la? Is it dead? Are there any backups?[View]
81122042Is AutoLisp a good investment??: I'm thinking of learning autolisp and go for that niche market…[View]
81120277YAHOO ANSWERS, CLOCK IS TICKING: Please help preserve yahoo answers before it is deleted! Requires v…[View]
81123328Can you make your own QR code that's customized so you can sort've form an image out of th…[View]
81111275End of RebeccaBlackTech Archive: https://wiki.bibanon.org/News/2021-04-11_Desuarchive_Migration >…[View]
81121369Vapeguyver here, sharing another /g/entlemen's hack. How do you guys deal with poorly made cont…[View]
81121195whats the lightest version of windows 10 to install on an hdd?[View]
81112517what license do you use for your projects?[View]
81115724>have an RTX 3090 & a 240hz monitor >game runs at around 70fps on average >GPU load is …[View]
81122296>a monad in X is just a monoid in the category of endofunctors of X, with product × replaced by c…[View]
81123166I wish I never got into technology. Fuck my boomer parents for telling me it's a good thing to …[View]
81120187Statement of FSF board on election of Richard Stallman: https://www.fsf.org/news/statement-of-fsf-bo…[View]
81122602FOSS CRM Recommendation: He fellow /g/ays, I run a translation agency and I have around 35 steady cl…[View]
81122744>[PC-related hardware] has terrible reviews >buy it anyway >it's just fine and have no…[View]
81119607Here's your laptop bro[View]
81120416Ok /g/, I'm a Java fag. Does Java actually suck in 2021? Or should I migrate over to the C# eco…[View]
81120937Internet Money Meme: Anybody else fall for the internet money meme? Making a living completely onlin…[View]
81118065Is dart a good language? Is flutter ultimate way of developing apps?[View]
81122695Poor Folks Internet: Has anyone applied for low cost internet access before? Do they actually check…[View]
81120109What is the safest chat program in 2021 Is still wire[View]
81119820tech social media is just a fake psycho circle jerk: I'm searching for work, and I'm a bra…[View]
81117942What's the best way to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on iOS 10.3.4? Something similar to th…[View]
81120820Prophet Terry A. Davis: >'The Unix is an operating system, Anon. That system is our enemy. When y…[View]
81121636>install linux >can download every piece of random shit I find on every website with zero fear…[View]
81115804Do they use their own software?[View]
81121155>run 8GB of ram >everything is fine >chrome takes an extra second to start after awhile …[View]
81122549Help, /g/, currently i cant go full Linux in pc because some software i work dont work in any distro…[View]
81122548Typescript: And everybody involved in keeping this garbage piece of shit software alive should exper…[View]
81121616Compiling and Building KDE 4 in 2021: Hi. I want to know if anyone knows how to build KDE4 Plasma De…[View]
81121739>people actually likes, subscribes and taps the notifications bell[View]
81115387why is chrome so blurry on windows?[View]
81116812how can i hide threads with certain with ublock? i was looking at some examples and i encountered th…[View]
81121964Who is the imperator of Mars?[View]
81113812Why is this used in audio devices (especially high end devices)? There is distinct pitch fluctuation…[View]
81122284I forgot to turn of the VPN from the university and browsed a few porn sites. I have to use my perso…[View]
81119843What do you leetcode with?: What's the leetcode man's language of preference? >Python …[View]
81119285Why should i upgrade NOW from sata SSD?: At most i'll get 1-2 second faster windows loading or …[View]
81121815Why touchpad on windows is so shit? Even fucking freetards got it more right than '''precision''' s…[View]
81119388Is there a way to only use specific parts or 4chan x without installing it? I like the webm metadata…[View]
81116213are SSDs a meme technology?: >10 yo WD mechanical hard drive = 100% health >1 month old SSD =…[View]
81120323>single handedly makes C-niles, brainlets, autists, bootcamp-cels and self taughts seethe…[View]
81117712>copying certain combinations of 1s and 0s is illegal[View]
81119018Why is BitChute such a piece of crap?: Aside from the usual bad bandwidth, there are specific videos…[View]
81120794Has anyone tried frogfind.com yet? It lets ancient web browsers access modern sites even on computer…[View]
81116184The Tragedy of systemd: The Tragedy of systemd[View]
81120199GIMP Alternative?: What's a good GIMP Alternative?[View]
81120704Computer programming is probably the absolute most cucked beta faggot job on earth. I can't bel…[View]
81120559Women == good people of free software: Not the men who actually write it. >Consider that the rein…[View]
81119433Why do websites do this?[View]
811208564chan X: Is it dead? It hasn't been updated in 3 months even though it has some pretty major bu…[View]
81121162Im an /x/ poster and i figured you guys would know a little more about this. I saw this computer for…[View]
81120527>I installed pop os in dual boot with windows >It works fine for 2 days >One-day boot up pc…[View]
8112015520 years from now we will be nostalgic for the 20s >chip shortage >apple M1 and brave shilling…[View]
81121055If you had to test someone for a programming job, without personal information, not even language ch…[View]
81119552x86 bros I don't feel so good...[View]
81097926/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: >Read the sticky: >>76759434 >GNU/Linux questions >…[View]
81121485how do I hack radio waves /g/?[View]
81115574Host your Hidden Services: >free reverse proxy >no port forwarding required >easy as editin…[View]
81112702/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >NEWS Substrate shortage to affect all foundries >UPGRADE ADVICE…[View]
81107508Reflections on One Year as the CEO of Mozilla: >If we want the internet to be different we can’t …[View]
81116481HE'S FINALLY BACK!: >>https://www.fsf.org/news/statement-of-fsf-board-on-election-of-rich…[View]
81120303Anyone remember what was url of that free FTP server that was posted here? Lot of pdf books, porn, v…[View]
81119953i dont get it why cant this work normally? im trying to speed up a #timecode#, which is a dynamic te…[View]
81119629Why are Android phone so shit?: >Be me >Decide to buy from a reputable brand with good softwar…[View]
81117343Tired: so we have this project in university were we separate into teams and everyone gets a role to…[View]
81120439As someone from /trv/, I want to ask you guys what will happen to airlines when passengers get fatt…[View]
81105395I fucking hate the spreading dark theme cancer. I can't read any white shit on dark background.…[View]
81119381Help me: I would like to learn how to hack, like outlook accounts or instagram. Can somebody please …[View]
81111190ITT: laptops/desktop that should be inagurated into the hall of fame: Pic related[View]
81120409Compiling becomes illegal: Do you think it is conceivable that at some point in the future they will…[View]
81113951Is being a sofware developer actually a good long-term career choice? Looks like you are considered …[View]
81120438I'm in a systems design class this semester and this is the most boring corporate bullshit I…[View]
81120717What are some good rust books to get started with systems programming?[View]
81116713I miss this lil' nigga like you wouldn't believe: Post things they took from you.[View]
81115442we did it 4chan![View]
81113362What is the name of this ubuntu distro?: What is the name of this ubuntu distro?[View]
81119561If you don't feel like building your own computer and would rather get a prebuilt, what are the…[View]
81120538Enjoy your buggy mess goyim: https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/ps3-game-patches-have-reported…[View]
81120556It's only getting started...: If the advanced hardware is getting so much increase demmand is b…[View]
81117224share youre millionaire dollar app idea >iot poop analyzing toilet so you eat better food to eat…[View]
81116850Benefits of a curved monitor over a regular one?[View]
81115591/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>81109533 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
81097893Why do people use this steaming pile of shit? The syntax is disgusting, it's not strongly typed…[View]
81120255Tiliing manager suggestion: I am tired /g/ I really like AwesomeWM Still using it in almost stock co…[View]
81119059>https://madaidans-insecurities.github.io/firefox-chromium.html >it's 2021 >still no i…[View]
81117435anon, do you use a white operating system, right?[View]
81120206What's the deal with ink skipping? Why was it adopted? It looks horrendous.[View]
81119860>agile development[View]
81119518Let me guess...you need more?[View]
81119071I need a name for a new IT Academy for kids. Rules: >Name needs to be one word >Name can be ab…[View]
81109904What's the best controller for phone? Onscreen controls for emulation suck.[View]
81115623Amazon Kindle DRM: I just purchased a Kindle version of a book on Amazon and the only option was to …[View]
81119581any active and good replacement for discord that isnt gay: inb4 i got banned for being a transphone …[View]
81114442Its enough.: Windows 10 LTSC + O&O ShutUp10 enough for getting a debloated and privacy friendly …[View]
81116662Literally allows you to 'download more ram': Why you are not using zram, anon? I've set up my t…[View]
81119009Tablet Tech for creative purposes: How do Samsung Tablets hold up against the iPad? I feel like I ne…[View]
81117329Fedora 34: Anyone upgrade to the beta yet? Any major issues with GNOME 40 and/or Nvidia Xorg?[View]
81119669Linux is free, if your time has no value.[View]
81118210How hard would it be to make a ryzen motherboard compatible with coreboot?: How long would it take? …[View]
81118926Windows 21H2 getting a default terminal setting[View]
81118822How many practice job interviews do you do in a year? What do you tell companies when they ask why y…[View]
81119569Let's see your face /g/!: I've been reading the techical details of DeepFace, facebook…[View]
81119520whats the best tablet/laptop like hybrid just where I can install loonix on just lurking and reading…[View]
81119239Require public IPs to use key for SSH: Hello /g/, I am a linux noob I need your help. I want to setu…[View]
81117865Just wrote this absolute shit of a program #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #inclu…[View]
81119411Look at the devil's ears[View]
81117967Pro-tip: if the job listing mentions Java, turn 360° and walk away. No amount of money is worth this…[View]
81118997>software that makes software Lmao. Leatherman just made all you codefags obsolete.…[View]
81119036why the fuck are gifs still allowed on the internet? >constantly used beyond its intended purpose…[View]
81118283It's been exactly 60 years since the first man entered space. On April 12th Yuri Gagarin went a…[View]
81116143Piece of shit STILL DOWN: Is cock.li ever coming back???[View]
81118349I wish someone would make a fucking curved ultrawide OLED monitor with 2160p vertical resolution yet…[View]
81112083Why does everyone worship that faggot Linus Torvalds and that fat jew Stallman, whe we have this bas…[View]
81116998What's the best way to fix corrupted images and videos and what can you realistically expect?[View]
81117645RMS addresses the free software community: https://www.fsf.org/news/rms-addresses-the-free-software-…[View]
81118694Anything that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript.[View]
81117800arm is the future and NVidia has settled this fact.: And there is nothing you can do about it. Time …[View]
81114225Download porn from shell: I wrote a script to download videos from redgifs Link to script: http://0…[View]
81103002Why are boomers and older people incapable of articulating what technical problems they are having? …[View]
81116241What did you do on your computer today? Would it be more efficient to get those things done on windo…[View]
81114134Free Software: >GNOME 2 is loved >GNOME 3/40 is released >people hate the new interface …[View]
81108433Should console makers release 'high-end' versions of their hardware to better target PC gamers?[View]
81117593Is this shit worth trying? Upwork and freelancing general.: Where do you go if you want to earn some…[View]
81116748>No-Code Movement[View]
81071594/tpg/ - Thinkpad General: Don't buy anything OTHER THAN IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad T, X, and W/P Serie…[View]
81110201>fuckhuge aircraft carrier sized Monolith of an ATX case >no optical drive…[View]
81117630How to record a podcast on spotify on linux?: I tried OBS and firefox, then OBS and firefox within a…[View]
81118730You DO have a personal assistant during programming right?[View]
81117030>start programming >become autistic >people just arent pleasant to be around anymore >st…[View]
81118810is there any way to edit a ps4 save on pc? pic related. other than buying save wizard is there any t…[View]
81117932do you turn off most of your visual effects?[View]
81112985EVERYTHING IS FROM FUCKING CHINA Its impossible to get anything that isn't from there. Even pro…[View]
81118623Hacking the Government and NIH: How easy is it for hackers, state nations and actors to hack and ste…[View]
81109291oh come on[View]
81112086What music player do you use on Linux?[View]
81114495>applied at a company just to practice interviewing >no intention of joining them >they…[View]
81118160Industrial robot density ranking[View]
81104649/tg/ - Telegram General: Telegram is a free/libre instant messaging application. Downloads: https://…[View]
81106772Why do people use this?[View]
81111993ReactOS thread: Will this shit ever be stable? I installed it on a VM and it was a disaster. Like …[View]
81117762ctrl c ctrl v v v v...: oh my god i have to paste the same css link line in a lot of html files, is …[View]
81116218New logo of IBM GTS spin-off. Say something nice about it. >Kyndryl is a modern adaptation of two…[View]
81117727TSUCKS: >tmux sucks >byobu sucks >screen sucks >any trannylang multiplexer sucks even mo…[View]
81115842Do people really use a rolling distro as a daily driver? Why?[View]
81115955>B-but it's for free[View]
81116427why is this trash so expensive?[View]
81117160>check linkedin >Someone at NSA has viewed your profile…[View]
81113000>edge is using chromium engine (like most browsers today) >better than chrome when it comes to…[View]
81117687What the fuck has happened to comments on YouTube? Every single video labeled as 'YouTube Kids' = ev…[View]
81117584wtf is wrong with this card?: I bought an intel wifi card on ebay for like 6 dollars, and now that I…[View]
81117486Apple is overrated.: I go to an art school where Apple, the Mac and Steve Jobs get circlejerked to k…[View]
81110519>certain combinations of 1s and 0s are illegal[View]
81114411Golang: Redpill me on GO. I'm currently learning java and told a friend I wanted to go back on…[View]
81116828>graduated with CS degree 7 months ago >still no job how fucked am I? when does it start to lo…[View]
81117410so i have i3 10th gen 4gb and 512ssd running on windows 10 i use it daily for 10-12 hours charge it…[View]
81091739/hsg/ - Home Server General: /hsg/ - Home Server General Non-weeb-trash-edition Last thread >>…[View]
81117328How to install Dell Net Extender on Ubuntu: How to install Dell Net Extender on Ubuntu?[View]
81115438wtf asus: >get a tp-link switch >pc starts powering off when I use it >research >apparen…[View]
81116244How to fix that windows is not showing the preview pictures anymore?[View]
81108242Delidding the 11900k results in temperature lowered by 12 degrees: https://youtu.be/rUy3WcDlBXE…[View]
81101955post your youtube front page[View]
81103038>hack it to run a regular windows install >you now have the cheapest high performing small for…[View]
81113929Is this shit any good /g/?[View]
81115989What's the best way of saving normalfags from ads? Is installing an adblock together with anoth…[View]
81111670The internet hating the user thread: Why did the internet has grown increasingly hostile towards the…[View]
81116579What would happen to FAGMAN if a virus which sole purpose it's to install adblockers spread? I…[View]
81116665Is there a way for me to get both Linux and MacOS on my windows PC, and switch between the two I lov…[View]
81116342What VPN do I buy to spoof a euro IP? Looking for quality here.[View]
81113623/g/aylords! 4chan archival is in a state of crisis! what have YOU done to fix it?[View]
81102875Edge surpassed Firefox in popularity. Firefox is now 4th most popular browser. Is there a stop for F…[View]
81116524>your sitting at your computer >posting on 4chan >researching all the different browsers an…[View]
81112103>2021 >still no good powered exoskeletons what gives?…[View]
81116791how do you navig8 this hostile encounter?[View]
81116478Why aren’t you using Bitwig? Ableton is bloatware up the ass[View]
81107746So much for the return of your 'king,' Intcels[View]
81116433Does HDMI switch add significant amount of delay or reduce image quality?[View]
81116547Phone NFC: Is there some sort of adapter you can buy to add NFC to your phone? I just bought a Digim…[View]
81115343>the distro fragmentation and the lack of standard when it comes to the maintenance of such packa…[View]
81091559ITT software with no good replacement on linux[View]
81114133>Fan stops working making your $300 motherboard useless Nothing personal kid.…[View]
81115765This image really pisses me off. What is the meaning behind it? UNIX (and most notably Version 7 UNI…[View]
81115152Dodging the surveillance of NSA and the glowies: is there a technical way to 100% dodge the surveill…[View]
81114829Iridium is the best browser and you cannot convince me otherwise.[View]
81116224>when you set up your external hd as a backup device, multiboot, rescue disk and a retro vidyagay…[View]
81109400search '4chan', '4chanX' on Youtube >?! how can we fix this?…[View]
81113238are you tranny enough to work in one of these?: are you tranny enough to work in one of these?…[View]
81091102/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Users of all leve…[View]
81114602Why do GNUtards call Linux 'GNU/Linux' but they don't call BSD 'GNU/BSD'? Is it because of lice…[View]
81115205Best email service?: Hard mode: >Free >Tor accessible >Well encrypted >Won't/can…[View]
81103502How do I get my entire network to switch to pic related? They're all using whatsapp, and every …[View]
81112187crying and shitting myself trying to solve this >https://leetcode.com/problems/all-oone-data-stru…[View]
81115681How do we stop the big tech empire? Why aren't any of their competitors growing?[View]
81115503Laptop around £750, thoughts: Hey, looking to get (likely a refurb) laptop to play games (not really…[View]
81111378how do i delete this thing of desktop currently this is the only thing on my desktop and i want it c…[View]
81115856FUCK YES![View]
81115079i cant come up with app ideas: i just need to create some app so I can expand my cv. i got nothing a…[View]
81114338is there any alternative to this infinite bait? yea, i don't want to be dumb and lost touch wit…[View]
81111405ITT: we teach basic electricity to amerifats: since they don't understand basic grounding and t…[View]
81114740I’m using the hidden Etherium address from my Blockchain (wallet) in the Teamredminer’s start_eth_4g…[View]
81110844What were some of your fond memories of tech and programming during the 90's?[View]
81086416new desktop thread[View]
81108098Sataniabros... I don't feel so good...[View]
81114348holy based >youtube uncensored and w/o ads >soundcloud w/o the fucking pop up at startup >p…[View]
81111539555 timer in parallel: Hello Is this a bad idea? I have soldered a bunch of 555 timer chips in serie…[View]
81113365Recommend me a mouse. It seems every newish Logitech has the same problem with the clickers failing.…[View]
81114044foobar2000: >Been a while since I saw a foobar2000 thread Foobar2000 thread Share your setup and …[View]
81113748MY WEBSITE IS RUNNING: Guys my website is finally running, i hate that the solution was to chmod 755…[View]
81115017I need some help: Can you guys recomend books, videos, websites or any resource to start learning cr…[View]
81112364Do you use something like this ?[View]
81111632Is This The Fabled Windows Superiority?: Why does Microsoft still hold on to 255 characters for file…[View]
81114950I have gone full libre software, what do with my iPad?: I have not been using my ipad since I jumped…[View]
81115275Anyone here mastering zoomer repellent technologies to then shine on the niche? Common lisp didn…[View]
81115131shouldn't it be mrwho'stheboss?[View]
81106641Can anyone identify this programming language?: I found a program written in a really arcane program…[View]
81114963Is it normal you've never use a Mac if you're working in software industry?[View]
81113885Is nootropic doping a valid career strategy, software development-wise?[View]
81114280Help me choose one.: I have been distro hopping from a long time now, and I seriously want to stop. …[View]
81109824Help me out /G/ Im still learning how to not be retarded. Do you think its ok to install this progra…[View]
81113771Hey /g/ check this game[View]
81110974What website do you use to generate a tripcode?[View]
81114470Just realized that Windows NT = Windows NeuroTypical. If you're an autist and don't use Li…[View]
81112369What’s Android’s answer to iOS Business Chat?[View]
81101178Replacing my i*one 7: Have had an iPhone 7 for almost five years. The battery life is absolute shit …[View]
81109533/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>81104128 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
81111308how whatsapp got so big, popular and widely used what cause the push[View]
81112602Shell Autism: >get this set up >tmux randomly crashes when using scrollback >after which tm…[View]
81111761Is this shit worth trying? Upwork and freelancing general.: Where do you go if you want to earn some…[View]
81095775/bst/ - battlestations: another busy Saturday night edition[View]
81114102the only reason you would learn c# is to make money or is actually usefull?[View]
81112964how to stop the data exploitation google is caging upon me? i go to different websites and see the a…[View]
81102072MS shitlang 2: Does anyone actually use this shit?[View]
81111969Why does /g/ love this piece of shit so much? If you can't program in Assembly, you are not a r…[View]
81111276High CPU usage on Linux for video apps: Anything to do with video especially in browser (YT, Netflix…[View]
81113131What's the most secure messaging app?: I just came from /k/ and want to talk to friends about s…[View]
81114173Laptop repair question: I spilled water on my laptop the other day. I want to take it to a repair sh…[View]
81106403How am I supposed to sell software now?: >Alice vs CLS Bank: Software patents nullified >Oracl…[View]
81113757Do we have filters for this sht yet?[View]
81109982When will AMD switch to based and headache free LGA?[View]
81107466>Paying more than $50 for a phone[View]
81081045/wdg/ - Web Dev General: >Full Web Development Roadmap https://github.com/kamranahmedse/developer…[View]
81111265What glass frames tech experts use?[View]
81110743*takes away all your ports* *drops out*[View]
81106639Thinking about installing ubuntu on my macbook. Only concern is, is there anything I won't be …[View]
81113634hey guys i know this might be the wrong place to post this but i don’t know where else to ask for he…[View]
81098016/ptg/ - Private Tummy General: >Not sure what private trackers are all about? The mission of /ptg…[View]
81113442If AGPLv3 is so good why there isn't an AGPLv4?[View]
81111580What to code in Rust?: I want to learn the Rust language, but I can't find good sources. Rust b…[View]
81111573the fast reich is upon us[View]
81103557macos started to get messed up on my old mac and im going to install linux. give me a distro. id do …[View]
81113384This board is full of windows gamer fags who hate on Mac because Linux Tech Tips told them it doesn…[View]
81110976Browsers that protect your privacy?: Are there any browsers out there that don't prey on your d…[View]
81107243Laughing at mathlets: Anon, you do understand the mathematics of UMAP right? You're not just a…[View]
81110609Public Chargers: Do you use them or not?[View]
81112450i just hacked the government[View]
811095705TB or 10TB That Won't Quit: Hello frens, Hopefully I am in the right place. My current exter…[View]
81112869How do I know if an image is in its maximum quality possible? I want to start a collection of images…[View]
81108339Why aren't Refinement Types Mainstream still in this day and age?[View]
81109051Samsung Watch: Alright cocksu/g/ers I've been given one of these as a gift and I cannot sell o…[View]
81111169Learning Linux the Hard Way - Gentoo Linux: So, I've been a Windows user since birth, but I wan…[View]
81113022Cloud GPU Computation: I have a script making clips like pic related but it requires an nvidia gpu. …[View]
81110175Why do the new iphones hold their value so well used compared to samsungs flagship phones despite th…[View]
81108622How are people getting their hands on GPUs? I went to Best Buy to pick up a phone case I ordered for…[View]
81112446Logitech Harmony discontinued: >Logitech discontinues Harmony line of remotes >plans to suppor…[View]
81112714What do you think about foreign degrees? First of all there is this thing in the U.S. where you need…[View]
81101552Our salvation is here[View]
81112048ML, AI: What programming language and compiler is Machine Learning and AI compiled in? Is there any …[View]
81096880Rust doesn't have for loops: Yesterday while implementing my prime generator, I ran into a prob…[View]
81109601Can anyone help me find a torrent for CLion preferably the most recent version?: Ive been trying to …[View]
81111136How do you do not get overwhelmed by C++?: C++ is a maaaaaaaassive language that encapsulates in its…[View]
81105819>No CoC Can this language get any more based?[View]
81097326lobsters is now hn: lobsters is now hn have you taken the dogpill yet?[View]
81093303What would you add to 4chan if Hiro gave you the source code and told you to modify it? I'd bri…[View]
81109296/g/ My fucking mic finally shit the bed. Are there any recommended mic’s to replace this bad boy? I …[View]
81110140Porting the Godot Engine to the PSVITA: how would i go about doing this /g/? I know im going to have…[View]
81111950https://www.techspot.com/news/84789-latest-zhaoxin-x86-cpus-tested-what-china-closing.html So china …[View]
81109426spoofing gps on IOS: I want to spoof my gps for dating apps because I'm a giant faggot. Anyone …[View]
81109268Is there anyway to replace the default android UI with some X windowmanager like Window Maker or wou…[View]
81111913Has anyone gone from a .Net web dev to azure dev ops? Worth it to get certified? Pic related, cloud.[View]
81101686Any boomers here use a PDA? How useful were they?[View]
81111829https://c0abn554.caspio.com/dp/41ea5000fbf976aa336549ce913f?cbr=41ea5000fbf976aa336549ce913f I used …[View]
81101254Zig discussion: Ive had enough of rust-trannies shilling their gay language. instead Lets look at an…[View]
81111760https://videocardz.com/newz/nvidia-atlan-soc-with-grace-next-cpu-and-ampere-next-gpu-pictured THANK …[View]
81094623/hpg/ - Headphones General: Proper Edition How to request: >Location >Budget >Open or close…[View]
81103056Based China prioritizing PC production over macs[View]
81110875How many 6502's are in my house right now?[View]
81104634Best linux distro for blind people?[View]
81103195How do I melt these iron points without the proper equipment?[View]
81108604Remember the good old days when apple would just throttle the living fuck out of their products ever…[View]
81108698FAANG Cringe Story Hour: i graduated last year and majored in communications and fashion design and …[View]
81110766my quadcopter will not work im about to cry[View]
81111419I though the whole thing of rust users being degenerate was a joke...[View]
81109849https://youtu.be/SdxzvQG3aic Has anybody watched this video? Thoughts on it? Would you want an inter…[View]
81106761Wagie Tales: Anons working in tech (especially larger companies), how miserable is it to be a wagecu…[View]
81110620Do you get high when you code?: I'm not saying it makes me better, and I'm pretty sure I…[View]
81102968Is cock.li down? I can't access, it gives 'Connection to storage server failed.'[View]
81111211E-reader & Kindle general: Uhmmm anon you're running the book cover as screensaver option w…[View]
81109669Last blender crashes under kubuntu 20.10 using vega 8 graphics. Export to GLTF is impossible right n…[View]
81101753/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >NEWS Substrate shortage to affect all foundries >UPGRADE ADVICE…[View]
81103772What cool feature does your distro have, that windows doesn't?[View]
81091919/cyb/ + /sec/: Cyber security general: /sec/urity 'Shit just got real': [ https://pastebin.com/rqrLK…[View]
81103011/g/ Career Q&A: At what point/age should one switch from a technical IC role to a management rol…[View]
81107519Coomer Laptop: Going full coomer. What's a good coomer laptop? I'm thinking the UX482 or U…[View]
81110070>2 years out of college with bs in cs and ee minor >had 2 internships >3.6 gpa >not an a…[View]
81108431>95% of people pay $120 a year to access 256kbps music they don't own, like a glorified radi…[View]
81109325Based on the (based) archive, i found out that Satania isn't a mactoddler, but a /csg/ lurker M…[View]
81109264Chairs are technology What's the best desk chair for under $600? I'm moving to a college t…[View]
81106576Tech startup thread: What's your experience with/working at tech startups?[View]
81110828Is Halmak a meme?[View]
81110168Bros, is Freezer dead? Expiring tokens every 24 hours. Takedown notice for Deemix as well when tryin…[View]
81110107not into tech so help me decide should it be intel or amd for my new pc i dont play games use is mo…[View]
81110737>https://ghgcorp.applicantpro.com/jobs/ Would you be a sysadmin in Antarctica ?…[View]
81110358GNU Jami: Does Jami expose your IP like Tox does?[View]
81109304I need a new keyboard: I have a redragon kumara outemu brow and it does not feel good to type on. I …[View]
81110707I've been trying to write the smallest Fizzbuzz in Python that I can, I've gotten to 61 By…[View]
81110112This week in Rust[View]
81108620What is the point of Intel ME?: I'm struggling to understand how it wasn't seen as a gigan…[View]
81108841Which non unix/linux/OS are there that work well on ancient netbooks and desktops that have less tha…[View]
81109880How do I recycle phone rear and front camera modules? Do they have USB leads on the ribbon connector…[View]
81108832Hey /g/. Anybody know any quick lower security encryption for some files? Just for the porn stash. N…[View]
81104526What is your app idea /g/ we're listening[View]
81108634Is my score decent?[View]
81106251Should I sell my gpu?: I own a 1070ti, which could sell for $600 on ebay. This is a price 3x the car…[View]
81108321self-modifying meme or name-changing meme: The self-modifying meme or name-changing meme is the meme…[View]
81102345/pfos/ - Purely Functional Operating Systems General: Welcome to /pfos/ - the general for the discus…[View]
81108278Local Linux Repo: Has anyone hosted their own Linux repo? This would be nice for an IoT network segr…[View]
81108706>wifi card in laptop not working >needs drivers >get usb wifi dongle >drivers come on CD…[View]
81105547yep, the king has returned[View]
81104255Crytomining: Hora do I start mining? I have a RX 470 4GB[View]
81106988Lonely Swedish Man: Hey guys, I'm at my wits end, I suffer from autism which makes people disli…[View]
81092637jpegview: is this the best software avaible for images in windows?[View]
81105698bear mouse[View]
81109933server cloud: Does anyone know a program that can be loaded on a personal web server that can work l…[View]
81107165>Water boils at 100c. >Most people run their GPU at 85c. What is this?…[View]
81105626Will the Switch Pro Controller work native on Manjaro?[View]
81108760Are motherboard speakers based or cringe?[View]
81109124live boot usb not booting keeps throwing this error failed to open \efi\boot\mmx64.efi- not found f…[View]
81108427Blender with textools addon. ArmorPaint Material Maker 9 hours of work. All FOSS tools.[View]
81102155Why buy a stinkpad when you can buy this[View]
81108231Clubhouse data leak: Anyone got the Clubhouse leak magnet link? https://cybernews.com/security/clubh…[View]
81104884Some people have asked to remove their signatures from the letter against Stallman and the FSF, and …[View]
81109063Is it possible to become my own ISP?[View]
81108776What's the best system for playing around with custom modifications? I hear of LispOS and HolyC…[View]
81104128/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on /g/? Previous thread: >>81094475…[View]
81105411is rooting your android phone worth it in 2021? I just want to install some custom fonts and maybe a…[View]
81108679What is the best (free) way to create a new shitcoin? I have an excellent idea for a new meme coin t…[View]
81105620Why does the end of Windows XP support still generate such an emotional response. It’s like Microsof…[View]
81104810Who is most free (as in freedom)? Someone forced to use GNU/Linux or someone willingly using Windows…[View]
81108029>tfw no russian tomboy engineer waifu[View]
81109230Devlog: Are there video devlogs on YouTube? So far I only know about Ben Awad's dogehouse…[View]
81106729Linux Benchmarking: Happy Sunday all. I am looking for benchmarking software for Linux. Something th…[View]
81108913The truth about C: You faggots never stop with your shit about Cniles or the supremacy of C. The tru…[View]
81107245Why is Windows so large compared to even the most heavy Linux distros like Ubuntu? >backwards co…[View]
81107394I only gain hard ons for cpus: >be me >decide to do an experiment >if i cum while looking a…[View]
81104845router man: router man[View]
81108616The last telegram was sent in 2013. What year will the last email be sent?[View]

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