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/g/ - Technology

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78369028>It has to be done manually in real time by Charlie Quang, the inventor of computers. As punishme…[View]
78368369What are your favorite Pi 4 projects? For me, I use an aluminum case and run a script to make it a f…[View]
78348707Redpill me on dual-booting. Is it worth it? What are its advantages? What are its flaws and risks? I…[View]
78370456Dual Cell TV to be released next year: Finally OLED performance but without the burn in[View]
78366190name the best programming language in the world or i'll eat your soul[View]
78366518What's /g/'s opinion on this book? Is it worth learning assembly at all?[View]
78369084Why did Nvidia fuck up the 30 series launch so bad? What was different this time?: When the 3080 lau…[View]
78343701ITT: sites that used to be good and now suck dick[View]
78364867What are you spending your your six figures tech salary on, /g/? Buying more tech stuff/gadgets? Tra…[View]
78370420about the popularity of PCs for 'gaming': I'm feeling that the popularity of PCs for gaming is …[View]
78355339Now that they're banning the term 'motherboard', what should it's replacement na…[View]
78326821/fwt/ - Friendly Windows Thread: whistler IA-64 edition Users of all levels are welcome to ask quest…[View]
78366425Linux seems cool but i'm a gaymer. What do?[View]
78369876Is my idle temperature normal?: Is my idle temperature normal? 20c sounds a bit cold for a graphics …[View]
78368946could you technically make mind controlled typer by decoding the brainwaves with AI that gets traine…[View]
78365428Which password is more secure: 0000000000000000000don'tfuckinggoinmycloset vs $a+urd4y!911[View]
78370433At which point would you say dnsmasq is overloaded? I'm looking for a personal DNS server for m…[View]
78368968commodore amiga a2000 hd: how much is this thing worth? It has a hard drive and boots into the os…[View]
78356428I'm designing an AI, but I still need a name. What do I call her?[View]
78369383What media players can load yt videos AND playlists? The only reason I've been using VLC for th…[View]
78365062/cyb/ + /sec/ general: Cybersecurity & Cyberpunk: Inb4 'Cyberpunk has nothing to do with Cyberse…[View]
78369795He died in today midnight: Your thoughts?[View]
78369652Build an equivalent PC for the same price as the Xbox SEX.[View]
78370288The Gauntlet: You have to pick one Option 1 - watch Jensen fuck Su for an hour, full on weird ass As…[View]
78353516Why is TSMC unstoppable?: What would it take to stop TSMC? Asking for a friend in Israel.[View]
78368062Would it be a good idea to use a hash digest of a simple word as a password?[View]
78369977Electronic waste: How does /g/ handle their e-waste? I dropped my other surface tablet and the displ…[View]
78367544Winter computer usage as a home radiator: Are there any video benchmarks that would heat up the moth…[View]
78368446>4.6m pixels per eye >Face and hip tracking >Also finger tracking with knucklites Only 449$…[View]
78366003Where can I get free (preferably opensource) deepnude software? Cancel culture is going after it cal…[View]
78368130How do I access the marinara web?: Good afternoon fellow elite hackers. I need to access the cure fo…[View]
78368189What is your opinion on Gemini anon? Apparently, it does not even have a logo https://gemini.circuml…[View]
78369482Alright /g/: >old workstation still running Windows XP >need a Linux distribution that still s…[View]
78368460>hit win key >start typing >win10 says it doesn't find anything >shortcut is clearl…[View]
78353634Why are receivers so expensive?: Is a on sale $900 Marantz really worth the money? looks like it…[View]
78366868I need more storage[View]
78368056nerd fonts complete: Yo what the fuck is up with the nerd-fonts-complete package from the AUR?…[View]
78369022Books: General programming book thread Looking to learn design schemas and general ways to improve; …[View]
78362541>fall for the rx 580 meme because of /g/ >it's loud as fuck >it's hot as fuck …[View]
78348101why haven't they been sued yet?[View]
78367952How do i hack computers?: i really want to learn how to hack things and use java script stuff! This…[View]
78368420Wait, is this for real?[View]
78369197Redpill me on WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux).[View]
78367496What did hiroshimoot mean by this[View]
78367216Falcon Northwest PCs: Are they good?[View]
78367835What went so horribly wrong?[View]
78367285Self Serve Ads: Some of these self serve ads are pretty funny. How does this website generate them? …[View]
78358450Will youtube-dl continue its development in any other platform?[View]
78364903Samsung thread i guess: >be Samsung >be retarded >implement bloatware with every update …[View]
78350018Redpill me on gentoo, why should I bother with it.[View]
78362164I’m about to pay 24k for this amplifier. I’ve already went for a demonstration and was blown away by…[View]
78365131Do you use wayland or xorg?: i use xorg because some software i use stops working when i use wayland…[View]
78368545Marinara Web: Don't forget to bring your bread sticks with you when you go on the marinara web.…[View]
78366910dedicated sound card: do you still have a dedicated sound card in your pc? if so which one? Asus Xon…[View]
78355202It’s over. Apple beat Android.[View]
78357205this kills the $500 console meme: getting a console also doesn't make up for a PC so the real p…[View]
78367163Hey guys, my motherboard does not come with any of the m2 ssd screws, does anyone knows what type do…[View]
78361480I hate desktops, who else is a laptop chad here?[View]
78367461Is anyone here successfully dual booting Windows w/ Bitlocker and Ubuntu w/ luks on a laptop? I can…[View]
78356464/g/ animal threat: Post your coding company[View]
78367674I haven't been blow away by a tech demo since I was 16, I realizd how vapid and incremental tec…[View]
78361860will amd defeat both intel and nvidia by 2030?[View]
78365562what does this mean? is my hard drive dying?[View]
78368386>software ergonomics >intellectual property, copyright and laws Normies destroyed even the Com…[View]
78363666If you like this, you are a fucking bloattard.[View]
78367180I want to make games but I have no programming experience whatsoever. What language should I learn f…[View]
78368046>can get a used ThinkPad T420 (2011) for under $200 >used MacBook (13', non-retina) from 2011 …[View]
78368057Logging in to the marinara web.[View]
78367518>shitty low-tier IT job >friday >boss asked me to come to a social event after work >wou…[View]
783401834chan2 - Ideas: If you were designing 4chan v2 what features or changes would you give it? Here are…[View]
78364713I miss him...[View]
78364586What are some examples of durable, non botnet and actually useful pieces of technology like pic rela…[View]
78365882i'm the only one that can read code but cant do shit from scratch ?[View]
78362968Say Hi to Pooja everyone[View]
78363290What happened to graphics cards with soul?[View]
78364325For the past 4 years I've been paranoid about getting RATTED/hacked on my computer and thus hav…[View]
78367259anyone here know which one has better battery performance on windows 10? >Edge made by microsoft …[View]
78364056what went so wrong with 3dfx? what if they were still around to compete with amd and nvidia?[View]
78365026I'm building an application and I need a server that receives HTTP requests from the client, do…[View]
78367166Which smartphone color is superior and why? White or Black?[View]
78362322Only one language wears the crown. The rest are for peasants.[View]
78364285Why the fuck am I only getting 10 kb/s max on this torrent I know it’s not slow internet and I know …[View]
78365697>GUI-based IDE Virgin vs. terminal multiplexer Chad[View]
78365658how was the first compiler compiled?[View]
78366672PC Recs?: Howdy! Fresh to the board, fresh out of college. I've used macs my whole life and as …[View]
783668513080 Prices: Finally get a notification from the stock trackers I'm using to try get a 3080. It…[View]
78361356Article 13: What the fuck happened to Article 13? Did it get memory holed?[View]
78366900What keyboard does /g/ use on their mobile device?[View]
78360299>release pinebook PRO >it's utter shit >slow as fuck even for the most basic tasks suc…[View]
78367044i'm a software developer (fullstack basically) since over a decade and i hate people being able…[View]
78362670/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: old thread >>78351924 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
78361783>become web dev >salary is excellent and job isn't so stressful >can afford nice apart…[View]
78364081>hitting the print key without a printer being connected causes the entire system to lock up and …[View]
78365720Is it normal for your CPU to reach 100C by running synthetic stress tests on your CPU? It's one…[View]
78362044thanks for beta testing, cucks.[View]
78365076>mfw the YouTube polymer disable has stopped working Seriously, I hate this fucking new design. T…[View]
78365604any good engine for making a turn-based RPG[View]
78361275Hypocrisy: The entire FOSS development is done on a proprietary platform owned by Microsoft.[View]
78360923best built-in ad blocker? and if you still not using any of them why?[View]
78365012how do i justify installing windows 10 just for rocket league after all the crap micro$soft pulls ev…[View]
78362801link: https://twitter.com/pastebin/status/1309548015657476097 Why are some infosec people complainin…[View]
78366831Do you have enough RAM to compile 0ad in tmpfs?[View]
78363996Why did Google stop indexing Youtube comments: I hear that you used to be able to search for youtube…[View]
78366705Noob here. What is the difference bet service and systemd?[View]
78352156>writing code for free[View]
78362705Based or cringe?[View]
78365788ALERT! ALERT! ALERT!: reminder that if you use KDE, you should be using KwinFT instead of Kwin.…[View]
78366664Are high priced headphones a scam?[View]
78358258Convince me not to buy this[View]
78361200MPC-HC v1.9.8 is out!: https://github.com/clsid2/mpc-hc/releases https://forum.doom9.org/showthread.…[View]
78362495/pcbg/ - PC Building General: ATTENTION: >ZEN 3 TO RELEASE NOV. 5 >RTX 3080 IN LOW SUPPLY >…[View]
78365265Help me /g/: Hey /g/, I’ve been unhappy most of my time on earth, but, believe it or not, I have bee…[View]
78356349/spg/ - Smartphone General: 2.5 Hours SOT Edition If you're requesting purchasing advice, pleas…[View]
78361490mailing lists: Which mailing lists does /g/ subscribe to? For me it's the gnu emacs and openbsd…[View]
78365726RealNetworks: Dead company? What they do these days anyway? About as dead as Divx inc?[View]
78366388I need to change the thermal pastw on my chinkpad t430 which have a rectangular cpu die, which is th…[View]
78366337simplest way to symetrically encrypt text on windows: So my uncle uses windows and webmail. I want t…[View]
78362003>$300 for Quest >$20 for Virtual Desktop app And now you're able to watch VR porn wireles…[View]
78357041This Person Does Not Exist: How did AI get so good that it can produce an image like pic related, wh…[View]
78362931what is the most based and privacypilled messaging program for linux?[View]
78356219Any of you still use MP3 players?: Personally I do cause I live in a rural area and cell signal is p…[View]
78365078for the sake of it, what brand/model is this laptop?[View]
78366002starship: Maybe I'm just a retard, but why are these engines optimized for sea level again?…[View]
78358592My roommate just bought one of these and hooked it up in our living room. The remote control has a m…[View]
78364415>tinycore How usable/autistic it is? I'm thinking about fiddling with it and (maybe) use it …[View]
78364315Rust users will never have friends like C++ devs[View]
78360245Post CPU-Z Scores: 5.3Ghz, HT Off. Reckon Ryzen 5800X could beat it single core?[View]
78355951>installed latest kuroba >clicked on an image, a blurry img popped up >clicked again, nothi…[View]
78365646Remote rendering: What is the cheapest way to rent a remote windows pc using nvidia gpu? I want to r…[View]
78365360When you can finally stop doing tutorials and just start making shit?[View]
78365366Is this true?[View]
78357416Google play faggotry: >be me >playing music on the default app in background >want to go in…[View]
78365510MacOS Big Sur WEB-DEV Question Specific: Can you kindly indicate the border-radius: ?px of the new S…[View]
78361576Hello, i have a Toshiba SA60-743, but forgot bios password, what can i do ?[View]
78365750https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iB1TmB6DQTE Can u make a turing complete machine with an abacus?…[View]
78365307Hello g I want gold: Good morning. Friend tEll me about this forum so I post here now. I hear PCB bo…[View]
78363445What's a good way to achieve USB/hardware authentication/login on a distribution of GNU/Linux? …[View]
78362279how autistic do you have to be to drop $350 on a meme keyboard?[View]
78364851How to check is a VPN is 100% no logs ?: Yes, they say that on their website when you register on. B…[View]
78360192Can I order a domain name called 'fuckin.4chan.org' ?: fuckin.4chan would be the domain name contain…[View]
78364411Need tips regarding internet connection/providers: I've been thinking about changing my provide…[View]
78364016Normiebook: So Normiebook has too many normies but I don’t know what to use at work besides social m…[View]
78363777business idea: wallpapers only from loot boxes[View]
78363658are you a digital nomad /g/?[View]
78364738Is there any reason I shouldn't be using windows 8.1?[View]
78363867reCAPTCHA and privacy in general: When will 4Chan ditch the shitshow that is Google CAPTCHA and use …[View]
78361242Okay /g/, why don't you using Optimus Maximus keyboard? Did you too poor to buy one?[View]
78331528/dhg/ + /hsg/ - Data Hoarding & Home Server general: Discuss data hoarding and other home server…[View]
78363715Help me /g/tards: I was getting my nut on the unmoderated section of Omegle. All was going fine unti…[View]
78361288Why are images on 4chan loading so slowly when I have 400mbps download speed?[View]
78362944Based Igor shows Nvidia how it's done[View]
78364843Robocode: Totally new to /g/, figured I should just throw myself out here to see if I can get some g…[View]
78363489Redpill me on using a recliner/lazyboy at my desk instead of a miller aeron or something like that C…[View]
78364464How do you tell if your computer is a part of a botnet?[View]
78362441What's with all the Rust shilling going on? What's so special about the language?[View]
78358536post your command centers[View]
78362838>only firefox mobile supports ublock addons >but you haven't been able to long-press-save…[View]
78345510/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Slow Edition >Read the sticky: >>76759434 # >GNU/Linux…[View]
78360948Hi guys I have a Samsung Galaxy Young(Android 4.1.2) i noticed that youtube and google play store do…[View]
78362094How do you cope with the hardware backdoors on almost every modern system, /g/?[View]
78356419>be you >it's 2013 >be 14 years old and your father has bought you a new mobile phone …[View]
78358556Redpill me on System76 laptops. Are they any good?[View]
78360811VEGA VII vs RTX 3080: I just send 1400 for 2x Vega VII. Am i a retard? Here is my logic, Big Navi ha…[View]
78360629Just upgraded to a ryzen 3600 from an old i5-2500k. Also got 2x8gb 3200mhz RAM and did a clean forma…[View]
78363600What's a good leaf blower?[View]
78363663Icons of technological form and function: Tech related pieces that combine pleasing aesthetics with …[View]
78360630Thoughts on php 8? It looks pretty comfy[View]
78362373RakuAST: a foundation for Raku macros: With the development of an AST for the Raku part of the langu…[View]
78360546Hey, I am looking for a full disk encryption software. It has to be cross platform for easy access. …[View]
78363369>you can't tilt your eyes in VR can you?[View]
78359409LGA Vs PGA: >which one you personally prefer and why[View]
78359792How much longer will the x60 be able to run lightweight Linux distros smoothly? Honestly considering…[View]
78359677How do I become a rich techtuber like Austin Evans or Linus? I really like tech and think it would b…[View]
78363198Why do .net sites always seem sketchy as shit? I don't think I've ever seen a .net domain …[View]
78359033What did he mean by this?[View]
78360951DMCA here: Youtube-dl was just the start. Were coming for you adblockers next you thieves. You are i…[View]
78362263Fucking Windows: >disabled antivirus >it got enabled again…[View]
78341090Tell me why do you care so much about numbers, amount of cores and other stupid shit when a simple b…[View]
78360243With the new Ryzens coming out soon, will workstation users finally see a reason to move away from I…[View]
78361235Is it possible to reverse a dying li-poly batteries? Or should I just accept that it's going to…[View]
78354720What's the best fork? [spoiler]That you don't have to build.[/spoiler][View]
78362684BUY BIG BAVI[View]
78362248ever hit your computer when it misbehaves?[View]
78351924/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>78344501 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
78361363need a cpu upgrade: currently w/ an i5-7400 what cpu to buy that will last me another 4 years? pref…[View]
78360093Terry cooked me breakfast in a dream: In time, all these memories will be lost, like threads on page…[View]
78360638When did you realize that fiber optics is just 8T through fiber?[View]
78355693>second programming class at Uni >learn about classes, contructors, Javafx and shit >still …[View]
78360851What is the ultimate Linux distribution for a schizo?[View]
78357560/pcbg/ - Spooky PC Building General: ATTENTION: >ZEN 3 RECENTLY REVEALED; EARLY NOV LAUNCH >R…[View]
78361023How do u embed a freeglut window inside wxwidgets?[View]
78353508>gets around your little youtube-dl problem[View]
78360711What the fuck is the point of these? Why does Intel still make then if the Celeron and i3 exist?[View]
78327178Ryzen is IPC king[View]
78359951Why do laptop CPUs never have an IHS?[View]
78347711What do we do NvidiaBros? Our greatest generational leap just got dumped by a woman.[View]
78359954What are you going buy on xmas, g?[View]
78360810This is the best C++ course?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bYFu9mBnr4 AWOOO[View]
78361936I'm having a small problem /g/. I'm making a web app using Discogs API. I want to display …[View]
78361882Bear Panties: When will self cleaning clothing become a reality? Would you wear bear panties while u…[View]
78338701You know the drill[View]
78358126AMDbros... I don't feel so good...[View]
78359519Keyboard Thread:: Post you are keyboard[View]
78359358How many computers do you own and how many do you actually use? I just realized I own 12 computers o…[View]
78360080why is 4chan .org?? is it a humanitarian project or something?[View]
78361685ELDER SCROLLS CANCELLED: The elder scrolls is racist. Damnit tod why would you put racism into your …[View]
78358095>google.com >youtube to mp3 >download video…[View]
78359178Let's settle this once and for all: BRAM's good, old reliable, or the zoomers from NEOVIM?[View]
78360216Ask a Senior Software Developer anything.[View]
78353851Game Creation: I love games like the old Civilization, Colonization, or Master of Magic. If I wante…[View]
78361441Dude I installed Windows 10 because I was drunk and it was a terrible experience since I am using GN…[View]
78359922>implying any non-techie person uses a command-line tool as the primary means to listen to music …[View]
78350515RDNA1: So now that the dust has settled what do you guys think about the 5600XT and 5700XT cards? I …[View]
78359253The final boss[View]
78360090>dude we use technology but he told us it's evil >so cool…[View]
78350839>iphone >it just gets worse every year so what feature will apple make worse or remove next ye…[View]
78329357/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
78356338OK Let's just be honest here MacOS is the only OS that has no practical value whatsoever. If it…[View]
78357673on which news I should write an article? (not the famous news, but recent ones)[View]
78360241Pentium 4 Extreme Edition is the greatest cpu to ever exist[View]
78354640>flac >4k to 8k movies >cameras nearing 50 megapixels in image quality, if not more As form…[View]
78356245My tarot cards have told me that forth will be the most popular and successful programming language …[View]
78357817does AMD have an equivalent to nvidia's hairworks yet?[View]
78359483Is data science a meme?: How does one git gud at this shit? I'm a networking engineer but I fee…[View]
78351042If linux is so good, why do linux devs spend all of ther time attempting to turn it into macOS? Chec…[View]
78360143dead?: mpv without youtube-dl integration is just a hipster mplayer, I think it's time to go ba…[View]
78359064Do you find Slackware to be more difficult than Gentoo to set up ? Is it better than Gentoo ?[View]
78353282What are the advantages of using GuixSD?[View]
78358760>come back to g after some time >anime >perpetually horny >fearmongering never ends >…[View]
78352939What is the best email address format and why is it fullname@fullname.tld?[View]
78359101just noticed that youtube doesn't work from feedbro anymore[View]
78358413I bought an i5-9400f instead of the Ryzen 5 2600. How horribly did I fuck up? I didn't want to …[View]
78360597Okay, so I know how to install and set up a (non-autistic) bare metal Arch Linux installation. What …[View]
78359772iPhone 12 modules begin cracking: Why is it happening bros? I thought Apple was based[View]
78358960are there any good alternate youtube frontends?[View]
78355146>someone forked the lighting browser https://github.com/CookieJarApps/SmartCookieWeb treestyle ta…[View]
78359340gaming laptops /g/ uses: *disclaimer*: i've gone through the /g/ wiki, so please don't poi…[View]
78357908>it is the distant future, the year 2021 >elon musk has made nerual link >by merging with n…[View]
78360326Redpill me on Terminal Color Schemes: I like white on dark grey. >picrel is a few I've narro…[View]
78359553New iPhone: Is this Apple's doom?[View]
78360319You retards got it all wrong. The web should be GET API first (or something equivalent/better), lite…[View]
78360318LOL: Windows defender will not scan if the file name contains ' #'. I've renamed all four EICAR…[View]
78355030why haven't you taken the final mouse-pill yet[View]
78355108Is Userbenchmark any reliable?: I thought it was decent when comparing some cards, but i notice AMD …[View]
78360094'olol how to create a GPO user' 'olol you may click here': People are are so in a social box to ask …[View]
78360118Is it just me or these captchas are getting vicious lately? Did they change something on the site? A…[View]
78359045I just wanted to be a web designer and make pretty layouts for videogames websites for my school pal…[View]
78359021>unironically bought into the Google hardware meme literally everything they make is actual garba…[View]
78338175/fglt/ - Friendly GNU+Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU+Linux Thread. Users of all leve…[View]
78355684What is the git but for office documents? I want to track my edits with commit messages etc, and be…[View]
78359067why are notebook computers so comfy?[View]
78359868Firefox PIP: who the fuck thought making the PIP button the size of OPs mother was a good idea ? It …[View]
78359890Xmas is here: Welcome to Decentralized Cards, the first platform where artists can create their own …[View]
78358833>open source code is better in quality >incompetent developers who can’t find a job and have e…[View]
78355417Why don't we just use poor people as energy source? We'd solve the energy crisis and unemp…[View]
78356587ISP keeps sending me copyright notices for torrenting. Will a VPN stop them from knowing?[View]
78358143remarkable 2 e-ink drawing tablet, anyone used one of these? Opinions?[View]
78359092is 3950x going to be like 2080ti all over again when the new zen 5 processor is released?[View]
78355136So I have a GLS ES-57 Condenser and a Sharp SM58 Dynamic and I was wondering what kind of mic I shou…[View]
78359294i want to learn reverse engineering as hobby. i'm looking for some site with lessions (not rand…[View]
78358529Where can I find one of these at a low price?[View]
78358622why do people here hate the 8 bit boomer? i've been watching him for some years since his chann…[View]
78354598George Hotz: What do you /g/eeks think about geohotz?[View]
78344717have friends[View]
78350219What do you think of Adobe?[View]
78344522Would you trust a female computer technician with your computer?[View]
78346496Why are Huawei phones so good?: What explains the other companies' inability to copy Huawei…[View]
78358028I have been memed: After watching some dude here buy a shitty Intel motherboard to flash coreboot on…[View]
78354377Upgrading GPU: Is there any GPU worth upgrading to from the GTX 970 yet? Last I checked almost a yea…[View]
78358557>no halloween edition this year[View]
78355975Dumb phone recommendation: I just had an epiphany. The smartphone, even in its current incarnation w…[View]
78359138/g/ likes to get involved in flames wars a lot, but I'm going to propose something that I think…[View]
78357762Guts, naked edition. I got aerocools tor pro case which I am going to add a metal mesh front to and …[View]
78357957holy shit[View]
78342301/ptg/ - Private Trackers General: >Not sure what private trackers are all about? The mission of /…[View]
78351450What is the best air based cpu cooler?[View]
78344380Working on new 4chan mobile app. Which features would make you switch from kuroba/dashchan?[View]
78353768is it any good?[View]
78357052>2020 >Bluetooth headsets have absolute abysmal sound quality when used as headsets, i.e. as a…[View]
78358036Robotics / Coding Gift Ideas: Hey I was hoping to get your advice. My friend: 30 yrs old, married wi…[View]
78345840why the tf people keep buying amd, if the pins keep breaking wth little to no careless handling? it…[View]
78358348Pc case fan: I cannot for the fucking life of me find a 4 pack of fans. I’ve scoured long and hard f…[View]
78352779Should I switch from Logitech to Razor?: I've never had issues with Logitech mice. Is this a 4c…[View]
78357105help me please, i need a new windows for this PC, i will choose between 8.1 and 7[View]
78352547Notepad++: How could I live without this, how[View]
78356868https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/29971/Intel-Graphics-Driver-for-Windows-15-40- Intel 20.19…[View]
78356431Redpill me on '''clean code''' /g/[View]
78357379Was cleaning up my old folks home and found a radio reciever. Its a Kaide KK-9. It works spent some …[View]
78350375What type of person is still running Vista in 2020?[View]
78358551My Toshiba 1tb HDD is constant at 30°C no matter what. Is it safe to assume it doesnt really have a …[View]
78354652>collections >pocket >pinterest >save for later Why is humanity perpetually creating wor…[View]
78348395which font is this?[View]
78355096/ydl/ - youtube-dl general: Youtube-dl taken down with a unusual copyright claim(short read): https:…[View]
78356572>KOreader >Piece of shit that runs worse than the factory OS Any recommendations for shit to l…[View]
78353082AMD’s RX 6800 XT BEATS Nvidia’s RTX 3080 At Everything BUT…[View]
78358339Just recived free gf with included charger: int main(){ char what; std::cout << &what; } …[View]
78354852Bros, am I fucked? Did I just get pwned by the street shitters?[View]
78344195Rubber Ducking: >buy a literal rubber duck and talk to it about your code so you can realize your…[View]
78357005My Windows setup just werks. Give me one good reason to switch to Linux.[View]
78358153So yesterday i was hearin this is. Good board Hoax Trust to lololol SATAAAAAAN HAHA Its evil tough[View]
78356950>got a ender 3 3d printer late 2018 >used it almost daily >power supply died today. feels b…[View]
78355260AiO coolers are superior to air coolers. Air cooler shilling is nothing more than cope or actual pro…[View]
78355314I sure do hope none of you have fallen for the 'buy an optiplex' meme. Dell fans come with 5 pin fan…[View]
78357250desks and chairs: Desks are technology. Chairs are technology. Many of us now have great interest in…[View]
78357983Icecat 78.4.0: I cant believe i used to defend this browser,these guys tagged along on the latest up…[View]
78346628There is nothing more painful: >trying to teach the boomers at my work (including the owner) how …[View]
78354412CS20 vs CS6 vs CS5: What Photoshop is/was the best?[View]
78354744This might take a bit of explaining >Be me >'Woah this GPT-2 stuff is neat' >Wonder if I ca…[View]
78355956How will Intel recover from this?[View]
78355912How'd this shit even take off?: I actually don't want to learn this anymore.[View]
78354976PC advice: sup /g/, I dusted off my old desktop for the first time in a long time. It has some nice…[View]
78356728SSD TBW: What's the usual amount of writes/day do you usually have /g/? I just bought a new SSD…[View]
78353488Why is this dead?: This is a cool concept. Why did it die? Is there a better alternative?[View]
78354629why would anyone ever use this garbage?[View]
78322200/hpg/ - Headphone General - Cases Edition: Do you have a case for your headphones? Previous thread: …[View]
78357518Use Opera Browser: Use Opera browser.[View]
78352162>Series X Performance is similar to a rtx 2080 (according to digital foundry) Honestly the smarte…[View]
78357472The Intel Pentium D 925 is still a usable CPU. I just booted into Windows 10 with only 1.5GB of RAM.…[View]
78356895I just got a new phone after struggling along with pic related for a few years, and I’m honestly pre…[View]
78352792I'm triggered. https://twitter.com/DriftingJedi/status/1319791588336390144[View]
78351067/pcbg/ - PC Building General: ATTENTION: >ZEN 3 TO RELEASE NOV. 5 >RTX 3080 IN LOW SUPPLY >…[View]
78356267OS Design: Redpill me on the usefulness of learning to build operating systems.[View]
78357197tee hee[View]
78356318Alright /g/, how do you stack up? >wget https://cdn.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v5.x/linux-5.9.1.…[View]
78353321Is there a way to convert a mp3 to a youtube video?[View]
78348270>me: how much RAM do you need? >Chrome: how much RAM do you have?…[View]
78355475What is your experience with arch/gentoo linux?[View]
78355451Linux as Main OS: Alright /g/ give me a reason why I should switch to Linux as my main OS. I've…[View]
78353747Redhat is and always has been shit. It is cancer and even more so now because IBM. 'ate redhat …[View]
78356947I'll never forgive you for killing him, /g/. I'm not the only one that hasn't forgott…[View]
78351084Who here switched to a iPhone?[View]
78354856Youtube-dl source archive: here is a archive of all the source code of Youtube-dl and its related pr…[View]
78356381Any OLED fags around?: What do I set my Black Level at? I keep reading that I should put my PS4…[View]
78355691Reaper Appreciation Thread: Reaper appreciation thread I love Reaper, almost done recording a full E…[View]
78270125/cyb/ + /sec/ general: Cybersecurity & Cyberpunk: /cyb/erpunk What is cyberpunk?: [ https://past…[View]
78352615Element is a Honeypot: >mod abuse >doxxing >1/2 of the network is ran by 2 people Prove m…[View]
78356530>Thread closed >Reason: 'Bug' Is actually user error…[View]
78353272Are Python and C# possibly the worst languages ever invented?: >Python >so fucking slow its al…[View]
78353861This kills the Pythonista: [1/3][View]
78352610The worst operating systems ever: Why did vista deserve the hate. it was fine if you didnt run it o…[View]
78352892Do you actually believe the new zen will become king of gaming or is it more likely to be on par wit…[View]
78356362Fuck the music industry: Apologize. >>78355096 >>78355960 >>78352621 >>78351…[View]
78355960‘youtube-dl’ downloading software removed from GitHub by RIAA takedown notice: AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…[View]
78356224hey /g/ I need some help I have a bunch of SVG files I made in illustrator for a pixel art font and…[View]
78346158Should I use Stable or Testing in my debian install? How often does testing have any problems?[View]
78351217Why has there been so little innovation in the CPU market since Haswell?[View]
78356185/newpipe/: Never mind yt-dl, why did NewPipe fuck itself with v0.20? It's unusable ffs please g…[View]
78355957Hey guise has anyone seen my Macbook?[View]
78350879Apple Chad: I'm not gonna build my own PC only to have a bloated adware 'OS'. I'm not gonn…[View]
78353533I want to build a digital window. I have two levels of requirements, one of which I'm willing t…[View]
78354825Gentoo vs Arch: I can't decide if I want to use Arch vs Gentoo. Redpill me. Would my AMD FX 630…[View]
78351862What app is good to replace Google play music because those bastards decided I should have to pay to…[View]
78350467Is there a good alternative to this piece of shit?: Cloud-based/etc, not just 'use LibreOffice bro'…[View]
78352671What kind of sorcery does it use that makes it sound so much better than any other music player?[View]
78351082Cinnamon VS Gnome for performance?: Which runs better on integrated graphics/under heavy workload ci…[View]
78352550It's friday night /g/, why aren't you compiling a kernel? I use Arch btw.[View]
78354185Why are the polling stations computers so fucking terrible? Why do they all have giant punch screens…[View]
78311280Desktop Thread: whip em out boys[View]
78353739Post computer legends: 'The more you buy, the more you save'[View]
78354126Why is this bad again?: I tried switching to firefox because muh privacy but damn it is absolute dog…[View]
78354971help: i need some help , i don't know which of these monitors buy https://www.solotodo.cl/monit…[View]
78354604Thinking of making an account on this shit - what are the essential settings to change?: I've a…[View]
78354673How do I put movie clips in my YouTube videos? I found the clips I want on YouTube but they’re not a…[View]
78344871/spg/ - Smartphone General: Mi 10T Lite edition If you're requesting purchasing advice, please …[View]
78349042Why is Rust so good?[View]
78351616why is emacs so slow?: why /g/ sucks off emacs when it is so slow with evil mode, whereas vim with 4…[View]
78352946Using this as a PDA[View]
78354611>tried pushing a repo to gitgud.io >asks for my username and password >typed in the same us…[View]
78350189>grandma died >funeral via zoom call because of covid >shit's dull and taking long, so…[View]
78353689building a cheap high end PC: Is it even possible to make a build like this I've seen floating …[View]
78348681jesus fucking christ why does anyone trust c++ compiler writers to do a good job[View]
78353097Is this the future of Linux gaming?[View]
78348665Wallpapers are overrated. Just set it to solid black and stop worrying.[View]
78353664will you be buying the garmin e-sports fitness watch?[View]
78354071What is the future of big tech? When all of the old specialists will eventually retire and their num…[View]
78350615Going back in time: I want to live in the past. Recommend me the best obsolete software[View]
78339728How dependent are you on Google services?[View]
78327939/bst/ Battlestation Thread: No love for time[View]
78353821Mutiny on the Bram: the great VIM vs. ZOOMERVIM debate: Is it true? Is a fancy website really all th…[View]
78333922Why does Google want to know where all the chimneys are?[View]
78350043>he doubted self driving cars Where were you when /g/ got BTFO'd in a single day? https://ww…[View]
78352377Lex Fridman: have you seen this shit? an AI guy who's had some pretty interesting programming a…[View]
78353921>she uses glass cleaner to clean displays[View]
78353241You are now aware of how filthy your monitor is: Clean it you filthy animal...[View]
78353824Anons I am about to finish my first big project: It involves changing an internal service that sends…[View]
78350949Tesla Full Self Driving Beta has started to roll out. What do you think is the future of autonomous…[View]
78353786I got a job as a python developer, focused on instrument control and scientific programming. Should …[View]
78344672mpv: What config do I need to get quality at least as good as MadVR with NGU? I know you guys told m…[View]
78351534WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?? https://github.com/ytdl-org/youtube-dl[View]
78351712>dark theme >taskbar on top >firefox…[View]
78346099Audio rabbit hole: After putting together a 'hi-fi' system that cost about 8k I'm starting to w…[View]
78351316I recently noticed that my PC was running hotter than usual recently and decided on changing the fan…[View]
78349121Hey guys, I'm not a frequenter of this board but something has come up at work and I was wonder…[View]
78349889Why is the phone app the one app you aren't allowed to uninstall? Really makes you think.[View]
78351746home theatre technology general: >buy 'region free' uhp-h1 sony blu ray player >almost every s…[View]
78352845Is there a way to have my machine boot into windows 10 and then immediately boot into a full fat ver…[View]
78351331I've been using a set of pretty cheapo Logitech speakers for years and am now looking to upgrad…[View]
78347632Phone cases: Yes or nay? Personally I don't use them. They feel and look like shit. Maybe try n…[View]
78346896Fuck your gay autistic mpv fork. The original is still the king.[View]
78352433Hey /g/, I want to get a IT help desk job and I have a gap in my resume. “IT Consultant” looks a bit…[View]
78350081Living almost offline: So /g/, next year I'll be living without much internet for a few months,…[View]
78350261How much does it take to reverse engineer 5mb?: There is a software I want to copy (proprietary) and…[View]
78353013What's the best free email provider right now? It's time for me to make a new one and I wa…[View]
78350442PeerTube is a free and open-source, decentralized, federated video platform powered by ActivityPub a…[View]
78352756The state of Mozilla Firefox: Honey-sama, I yield.[View]
78349129WTF is wrong with Twatter? I am in the holy lands of the EU and I got an ad to vote for the USA?[View]
78331006jesus fucking christ[View]
78350524can a notebook be tracked?: Hi everyone someone stole my notebook I wanted to know if there is any w…[View]
78352344Here's your self-driving car[View]
78352094n00b here, can I use android without a google account?: What about whatsapp?[View]
78352543MOBO Testing: I’ve been buying computers on the cheap from boomers and stripping them for parts to s…[View]
78352533Unregistered HyperCam 2 is the pinnacle of screen capture software. There is nothing that comes even…[View]
78349229What's /g/'s opinion on pascal? Is it worth learning today?[View]
78352505youtube-dl taken down by RIAA: Have they met their end?[View]
78349245Can a smartphone really replace a laptop?: So, I had some piece of shit Lenovo laptop which last me …[View]
78351124Where can I find some information about what exactly goes on in the creation of 'graphic cards'? Not…[View]
78347907So I just want to start by saying that I am not under the impression that anyone here is a professio…[View]
78348521The only viable linux distro if you're not a jobless freetard[View]
78350390Are there any domain registrars that are committed to free speech? I've found that most of them…[View]
78351624it's: it's crazy how humans just invented computsrs...like boop and lotsa thinking and the…[View]
78350922Thanks Linus, now people will create the retarded myth that voodoo cards had 3 GPUs, when in reality…[View]
78352315Is making your own VST sounds from scratch the /mu/ version of programming in C?[View]
78350993Is there something better than ORG-MODE?: sd[View]
78352272Question: Retard here. Is e2ee PRISM-proof?[View]
78347435geohot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_L3gNaAVjQ4 >'hacks' playstation network to ruin the time…[View]
78350974Why overclock your PC when you just push the turbo button?[View]
78351897SWEs BTFO, PhD CHADS ONLY.[View]
78348403So you're telling me, if I accidentally rm the wrong directory, it's gone forever?[View]
78347489Why you keep building PCs where Series X already BTFO 90% of all gaymen rigs.[View]
78351919>mfw browsing the intarwebz with emsisoft + sandboxie + ublock advanced + greasemonkey scripts +a…[View]
78347477https://teachyourselfcs.com/: How legit is this guide?[View]
78351827I'm excited bros all I'm missing for my new pc is AM4 brackets for the cooler and gpu. I…[View]
78348905what is that connector called and what do i need it for?[View]
78351703I've passed the technical interviews and been invited for an on-site interview. What should I e…[View]
78347822>Windows 10 built in video player so what do you guys use?[View]
78347771Does anyone else miss DSL? It was the most kino broadband service: Here in NYC, when the power goes …[View]
78346318>Video paused. Continue watching?[View]
78344501/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: old: >>78336948 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
78351371Control My Lights JS Question: On Controlmylights.net put this in console but was not consistently s…[View]
78347080How is photoshop getting hacked year after year?: They have billions of dollars, why they can't…[View]
78349311Is OpenBSD best unix operating system for desktop use?[View]
78351420>2020 >Still using Gtk2 Why can't the boomers keep up?…[View]
78347849Discord unreleased stickers feature: they are cringy as hell and i really doubt they will release it…[View]
78349227Is Zim the best note taking software?[View]
78347813what's your goto weather program /g/?[View]
78349632>This is left as an exercise for the reader[View]
78349681Cellular data is still capped in 2020: >be year of our lord 2020 >cellular data still bought i…[View]
78350924Someone is redirecting all the ads section to his shitty meme IG account and nobody even cares[View]
78345026Microsoft now hiring engineers to work on upstream Rust: OH NO NO NO NO CBROS THIS CAN'T BE HAP…[View]
78344756what will the post technological world be like?[View]
78350894>daily driver[View]
78346914How to change my IP every 0.1s within a huge list for free ?: I write a python program but I need to…[View]
78350814/g/uts thread: post em[View]
78350457what a pretentious faggot[View]
78349104Hahaha what the fuck is this shit? I decided to upgrade from 68 to 82. I wished it would have been f…[View]
78331838Do I buy the 3070 or wait for the 3080 to be available again? also I heard the 16gb and 20gb version…[View]
78350362/firefox/: What are some up-to-date Firefox configurations? There was an infographic but I guess it …[View]
78350606Hey bros, I recently got a Gateway DX4200-09 for free and want to use it for fightcade. It runs ever…[View]
78349009how the hell do u navigate this shit? I have so many groups and hear so many fucking random beeps th…[View]
78350363>search for a video explaining some concept I can't wrap my head around >uploader is a wo…[View]
78350501I got a slightly spec'd thinkpad P15s with a good display and I love it. Excellent value for mo…[View]
78345786share your linux stories: >be me, transgender >computer is slow as fuck, opening chrome takes …[View]
78349328It took me more than half a day to implement this I am exhausted as fuck Still don't know how …[View]
78349756Laptop help: Which of these laptops is best? My employer is offering any one of these as a work lapt…[View]
78348613youtube-dl repo subject to DMCA takedown: HAPPENING NOT A DRILL FUCK https://github.com/ytdl-org/you…[View]
78348350why: why[View]
78350318Is interesting that programming is not considered a womens job, because back in the day number crunc…[View]
78348360Anyone use a 2-in-1 laptop as a daily driver? This 4 core atom is more than ample for daily shitpost…[View]
78350240So I remember reading recently that someone has mapped out all the possible walking routes in the UK…[View]
78350238Building a Streaming Box: Yo /g/uys What do you think about this? I work in a conference center and…[View]
78349250What are some good resources/books/labs to get good at Active Directory?[View]
78341100recursive shit is hurting my brain: So I don't know how, but I was able to make this recursive …[View]
78325945/mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboard General: Just buy a Leopold edition >Keyboard recommendation template…[View]
78350100VINCE RAMOS OF PHANTOM SECURE: Just heard of this guy and thought his story was p interesting >pr…[View]
78347287I have deleted my google account.[View]
78349125learn the difference[View]
78328764/wdg/ - Web Dev General: Reactive stream processing edition >Beginner Roadmap and Guide https://g…[View]
78348223To those of you who use desktops what do you do with it when you're done for the night? Do you …[View]
78346666Fastest, easiest way of making a gui?: Hello. I need to make some GUI software, but I don't kno…[View]
78347933I've downloaded some sketchy shit and I'm wondering, are there any antiviruses for free th…[View]
78348773huh, no wonder why you guys suddenly hate tutanota...[View]
78347699>Pirate game >Antivirus detects something >'It's a false positive don't worry :)'…[View]
78338688Why won't you at least give libreoffice a chance?[View]
78340637why /sci/ hates computer scientists?[View]
78345818what if nobody bought scalped gpus from ebay?[View]
78326333/cumg/ - Coom Utilities & More General: >exhentai downloaders https://github.com/KurtBestor/H…[View]
78348022friendly reminder to put your keyboard in the dishwasher (Without detergent) tonight[View]
78333104FOVEATED RENDERING: Will monitorfags cry pants-shitting murder when VR chads get a free 39% performa…[View]
78343092Is the Ryzen 5 3600 the new i5-2500K?[View]
78343786Why aren't you using I2P? It's good for torrenting[View]
78318501/wxp/ - Friendly Windows XP/2003 Leak Thread: Old thread: >>78264406 Guide and FAQ: https://re…[View]
78348097What is the pre-unpacked archieve for the Windows XP source code leak?: What is the pre-unpacked arc…[View]
78347755RIP Looniks Forgive me brothers but I had to ditch Arch after 2 years of usage, let me explain. I am…[View]
78349293Chrome: Oops https://vpnoverview.com/news/chrome-forgets-to-delete-user-data-from-google-and-youtube…[View]
78347155Ameripoors suffering from DOCSIS and DSL: What's your excuse for having third world internet co…[View]
78297504/emg/ - Friendly Emacs/Lisp General: The non-retarded op edition. >How do I learn Emacs? 1. C-h t…[View]
78345411/pcbg/ - PC Building General: ATTENTION: >ZEN 3 TO RELEASE NOV. 5 >RTX 3080 IN LOW SUPPLY >…[View]
78331964Ubuntu 20.10 Is Out: >https://releases.ubuntu.com/groovy/ Are we in the year of the Linux desktop…[View]
78347432Anybody know what app this is?[View]
78349085Why do client side decorations induce so much rage?[View]
78347374What productivity software do you use?[View]
78349050Stylus thread: Install https://github.com/openstyles/stylus Never let lizards from Google to influen…[View]
78348050You should think outside of the box, anon. Take a look at the mkroot project. They are very close to…[View]
78344962Cheat sheet posters: Does anybody have any up-to-date cheat sheets for linux commands I could use fo…[View]
78348201Is this a good Idea? been thinking about upgrading. im fuming because of framedrops in sekiro[View]
78345343Do you remember this boi?[View]
78342265redpill (or blackpill) me on Anarchy Installer: Is is botnet? Is it bloat? I already know it's …[View]
78348908WFH developers: I'm getting a new job that is fully remote, do you guys just partition space on…[View]
78339392DURGASOFT Forever: Real human being And a java icon Back against the ones and o's With the stre…[View]
78348663>2600k of this decade >just get 4k monitor and won't have to upgrade until we see quantum…[View]
78348673Rover: Why was he removed?[View]
78345119>use firefox >google translate won't play audio >google ngrams breaks css styling THIS…[View]
78339700What niche is this trying to fill?[View]
78348697Personal data stolen: Personal data compromised from past breaches (zynga, zomato, tumblr, ticketfly…[View]
78341803Speccy+neofetch /spg/: Post speccy and neofetch reports ITT.[View]
78345564pathetic https://www.igorslab.de/en/3dmark-in-ultra-hd-benchmarks-the-rx-6800xt-without-and-with-ray…[View]
78346303ITT: /g/ humor[View]
78347968why are VPNs free for phones but not for pcs? also what actually a good free VPN on pc if it exists?[View]
78345677b8: literally just made this low-effort piece of shit bait where should i post this thing to rake in…[View]
78345600>tfw fell for the 16gb ram meme[View]
78345327python binary trees: https://pastebin.com/EbjyLyH3 can someone help with binary trees in python…[View]
78345814No-takedown hosting sites?: Are there any file hosting sites that ignore DMCA takedown requests? Meg…[View]
78346559How to crack Adobe Illustrator without getting all the shit they put on torrent?[View]
783475654chan-x youtube api key: why is there no setting in 4chan-x to input your own youtube api key? the o…[View]
78347400Is the Windows window manager (DWM) more similar to X11 or Wayland?[View]
78345769When I code in forth I am like the rick and when you code in not forth you are like the jerry. Forth…[View]
78334239Chromium compile time??????: How long does it take /g/ to compile Chromium? What are your specs? Goy…[View]
78347858Memed into Rust: Ok guys, I surrender. It is time for me to take some hrt, pull up my programming so…[View]
78345197Fuck crypto literally made buying a graphics cards mpossible[View]
78346369>please use our botnet or pay for our botnetted program to view docx files…[View]
78347268The answers lie in the past - RSS general: fuck this 3.0 shit. your browser has become your biggest …[View]
78328309Facebook commits to Rust: The language has officially achieved critical mass[View]
78342713Is this code?: Found this image on Reddit, from https://www.reddit.com/r/Randonautica/comments/jetic…[View]
78346287nvidia good amd bad[View]
78344373So this is the power of Ganoo/Linux...[View]
78297021/pmp/ + /iemg/ Portable Media Players + In-Ear Monitors General: This thread is for the discussion o…[View]
78346952https://www.scaruffi.com This, one of the oldest website in all the web, is the best site in all the…[View]
78345373>'I'll make the logo' >He then proceeds to never post his logo…[View]
78346508Have any of you /g/irls managed to install linux on a fridge, microwave or calculator? If yes, pleas…[View]
78338491Why's Python Bad Again?: It's used to build extensive data managing tools like airflow and…[View]
78347280ITT: Confess your consoomerism: I buy things only to make unboxing threads in /g/, then I return the…[View]
78347201G.. guys, I don't think we are safe.[View]
78345380Apple is pro Slave, based: https://www.theinformation.com/briefings/a00dd8[View]
78346642Well /g/?: Well /g/?[View]
78345203I'm setting up a media server and I have just about everything I need to put it together. What…[View]
78342097please put all languages you know on the correct spot in the chart[View]
78347235ITT post technology in anime[View]
78343766Can you give me ideas for programs in Batch? I am new to programming and want to start with .bat pro…[View]
78317180>use cryptocurrency to avoid sketchy big banks >sketchy big banks adopt cryptocurrency This is…[View]
78338104Is Void Linux a Meme? What benefits does it have over other Distros?[View]
78345935https://youtu.be/s23GvbQfyLA?t=1529 F[View]
78346503iphone next year will be made in India: thoughts on how an iPhone made in India will be better than …[View]
78344056convinced wife to allocate a room in the house for my battlestation. post yours, i want insipration[View]
78345093https://github.com/muslayev/icecat-win64/releases/tag/v78.4.0 Icecat 78.4.0 is out boys, take your …[View]
78341351what am i in for bros[View]
78344050So once again the great, annual text editor poll begins https://www.strawpoll.me/21147387[View]
78346000is oneplus tv q1 reliable and fast processor?[View]
78344623Most secure email client?: What's the most secure/privacy oriented email provider? I've he…[View]
78346766But Apple is not so expensive :lol: Watch it ! An used iPhone 3G you can have it with 59$ ! WHILE t…[View]
78337643would /g/ watch porn in public with one of these?[View]
78345269I fixed it, /g/.[View]
78340201TOUGHBOOKS - worth?: /g/ I want to finally get a Linux machine to mess around with and do simple fun…[View]
78338440Computing for the New Era is here[View]
78346572Hyped up stream for weeks about breaking new records with his secret technique and taking the number…[View]
78342604Damn Scalpers!: Here I am, trying to get a great deal on an AMD FX 8350, and I see pic-related. What…[View]
78335956Have you taken the Fedora pill yet /g/?[View]
78345581TempleOS on the Raspberry Pi: Is it possible /g/?[View]
78340960>aussie summer >pc overheats yaaaaaay[View]
78342683Ricing Newb: >Fell for the GNU meme >Fell for the Arch Linux meme >Fell for the WM meme …[View]
78344313Offshore outsourcing : India vs Central/Eastern Europe: Anons, who worked with both what is veredict…[View]
78345402How do you make your own editor from scratch?[View]
78345770JustWait bros...How long will we have to wait for new GPUs[View]
78345623AMD single thread performance 5600X: Is single thread performance going to beat intel finally? https…[View]
78344040Anyone wanna buy a OnePlus 8T? It’s brand new but doesn’t work with my carrier. I’ll heavily discoun…[View]
78346259can someone explain to me how 4chanx on chrome based browsers syncs watched threads and other 4chanx…[View]
78342385Post your IDE color scheme: What is you're using at the moment?[View]
78342760Okay frens plz recommend me some free email services that do not collaborate with glowniggers[View]
78342177This font looks completely shit. Who designed this?[View]
78344542Feeling fed up: I been trying to do sum hacking and things of that nature I feel like quitting I’m t…[View]
78345861Microsoft QuickBasic 4.5 is the absolute pinnacle of IDE's.[View]
78342941This is such piece of shit software I cannot believe anybody likes it or even promotes it. I had to …[View]
78343555Rate this pen /g/[View]
78342221How's the day-to-day of a DevOps engineer?: Any of you /g/oys work as a (preferably remote) Dev…[View]
78342522slide phones were pretty cool.[View]
78341900What polling rate is my keyboard using?: For context: I'm using a Leopold FC750R OE. How much d…[View]
78343024If you're using anything else you're a jobless freetard[View]
78340823Laptop Thread: Post >laptop model (tablets also welcome if they run a desktop OS) >average ba…[View]
78344864Django: Why does anyone like using this messy framework. It’s so unorganized.[View]
78324068>study hard in stem, work hard, get married, have kids, then you'll have a happy, stable lif…[View]
78345454>A-are we the baddies?[View]
78344909I need a regex filter: hi I want to filter out any threads that do not contain whitespace, or just t…[View]
78344336The virgin function str.split() vs the CHAD globber ${name## *} ps: only high iq chads will get this…[View]
78341106nonstandard typing style thread: if you type in an abnormal way then post it[View]
78336445Are C users supposed to understand type declarations of arbitrary complexity like char *(*(**foo[][8…[View]
78345325I need to join two data sets before pulling the combined data set into a script. How would you do th…[View]
783437364c/8t or 6c/6t?[View]
78343642Do old people really cooperatively multiuser use this?[View]
78344789FUCK YOU JEWGLE[View]
78340533/pcbg/ - PC Building General: RIP autist edition ATTENTION: >ZEN 3 TO RELEASE NOV. 5 >RTX 3080…[View]
78342549The entire FOSS development runs on a proprietary platform owned by Microsoft.[View]
78341182imagine if this icon gets changed, lol[View]
78339509You shouldn't have to type your letters in order to form words, you ought to be able to hit all…[View]
78345013Its over: >can't fight off scalpers, literally no stock for months to come >20GB RTX 3080…[View]
78344076XDA Hate General: WHY THE FUCK IS STILL ALLOWED IN 2020[View]
78342947What Android ROMs are /g/entoomen Using These Days?: I just got back into the Android scene after ye…[View]
78343113So why did Microsoft go through the effort of porting the entire NT kernel to mobile devices? Couldn…[View]
78344907Functional-programming hardware when?: Why is every modern computer designed after the Turing model,…[View]
78342744computer engineering job prospects: realistically what is the chance if actually working in this fie…[View]
78342992>it's the year 2021 >America is now an autocratic state >laugh in joy as opposition ge…[View]
78344450Pay your respects here for this favicon sleep well sweet prince.....[View]
78337449i use arch, btw: AND IT'S FUCKING RETARDED > spend a week figuring out how to partition disk…[View]
78344566URLs for internal web applications: What's a good naming convention for internal web applicatio…[View]
78343714How hackers find exploits in operating systems? I doubt that it is reverse engineering because there…[View]
78332331>2815 mAH battery OH NO NO NO NO Applekeks[View]
78335930Why aren't you using 'Lineage for MicroG' anon?: The full android experience without the botnet…[View]
78339993Not inquiring about hacking services: Theoretically, how easy is it to hack an IG account with basic…[View]
78327160what are your essentials? i already got >Bromite for obvious reasons >Frost icon pack they loo…[View]
78344205Anybody got the mega link?[View]
78339545is technology being suppressed or is there simply a lack of innovation[View]
78343276What are some fundamental android apps? >blah blah blah phone poster, etc... stay on topic plz…[View]
78330477Unpopular text editors: Anyone here using an unpopular text editor for programming? By unpopular I m…[View]
78343041is linear PCM better than DolbyTrueHD and/or DTS-HD?[View]
78341777Will the RTX 3080/90 ever be available for their original prices again?: Been waiting to get a 3090 …[View]
78328468/guts/: Post your PC guts and let anons judge. Inverted case edition.[View]
78338598I'm designing an AI, what should I name her? I was thinking 'Emma'.[View]
78344443Have anyone here actually tried one of the paid online Durgasoft classes taught by Mr. Nagoor Babu? …[View]
78344432I currently own a s24b300 and I'm considering buying a new monitor because my autistic ass scra…[View]
78329908/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: >Read the sticky: >>76759434 >GNU/Linux questions >…[View]
78325776Margaret Hamilton is a Lie: You read articles about this broad and they make it sound like she singl…[View]
78343762How secure is bootcamp windows?[View]
78336948/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old: >>78326969 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
78334234I don't understand why anyone would want to use Linux on the desktop. I mean, I use it on serve…[View]
78344299Rx 6800 XT leaked performance vs etc 3080: >rx 6800 xt is meeting or slightly surpassing rtx 3080…[View]
78343542>BiG nAvI wOn'T bE cHeApEr!! Why do Nvidiots keep saying this right now? Is it just cope? Th…[View]
78342451What are some programming languages where lists/arrays are NOT treated like pointers? Hard mode: fun…[View]
78344034grug make typo error in config file. grug misspell fragment as gragment.[View]
78343591This one marketer won't stop spamming my customer contact form with 'SEO Optimization' and 'ret…[View]
78343518This Person Does Not Exist: On a scale of 1-10 how creepy is thispersondoesnotexist.com? If you don…[View]
78338208Help me automate my way out of this hell: Hello /g/, I work at a company with a shitty ticketing sys…[View]
78331072/spg/ - Smartphone General: Mate 40 Series edition If you're requesting purchasing advice, plea…[View]
78341296If you have to think about your text editor for even a moment, then it's not a good editor. If …[View]
78339800How to have a comfy as fuck Linux experience: 1: Stop Distro hopping after you find the DE and relea…[View]
78342108kubernetes: brehs how the fuck im supposed to learn this shit i just dont get it :([View]
78342320sup my windows historians when i was but a wee lad in 1995-1997 (i don't remember exactly) i re…[View]
78342501Google is testing shopping ads on Chrome’s New Tab page: >imagine non-ironically be using google …[View]
78335196Is Go a nice language to learn as a beginner?[View]
78343565technological venn diagrams[View]
78341712Is Anonymized DNSCrypt worth it?[View]
78342985what are some programs Blocklists that i can use to get rid of mainstream media channels videos on Y…[View]
78333382The Darwin/XNU kernel is and always will be the best ever created. Meanwhile, your 'alternative' Lin…[View]
78333968You did go to a Tier 1 University for CS, right anon?[View]
78343426Why in ubuntu I have to run the terminal at the same time of XAMP: Why in ubuntu I have to run the …[View]
78343070I want to read a book to learn C++, specifically C++19, or for whatever reasonable new standard ther…[View]
78341836Does anyone know where I can download a pre-beta copy of Microsoft sackOS?[View]
78324400Are home theaters a boomer meme, why not just get a soundbar?[View]
78337543who did it better?[View]
78342933Coding is like comedy: Bar timing, which isn't manifested in code (maybe as formatting?), your …[View]
78341904Search engine thread: >be me >have bing rewards >every time I search bing get like five cen…[View]
78343081> latest edition mentions several subr*ddits for keeping up to date with sysadmin work > doesn…[View]
78342625>he doesn't browse 3dtestosterone.net[View]
78338140JUST FUCK MY SHIT UP[View]
78340628Best alternative to njal.la?[View]
78331289>2.5 hours screen on time iToddlerinos... I don't feel so good...[View]
78342364I kinda want an iPad Air Is it good? Can it replace my PC if all I use it for are PDFs and writing w…[View]
78339898>be me >last semester at uni, graduating in the middle of a pandemic >applying for jobs fer…[View]
78339572I got an old iPhone 4 to do a specific thing for me (running an app for a robot called Cozmo) only t…[View]
78340620>yeah Im a CS grad, how did you know[View]
78339616C bros....[View]
78335469I am literally shaking nvidiabros[View]
78336123Is programming about encapsulation and abstraction? Or is it actually about manipulating electrons a…[View]
78340808F-Droid: >have to manually update every app because no auto update >doesen't mention what…[View]
78321130/ptg/ - Private Trackers General: >Not sure what private trackers are all about? The mission of /…[View]
78324640Is Winblows fucking serious?[View]
78341021Does anyone have the video of terry sharing some chips & canned nacho cheese with his dad? It wa…[View]
78340012whats the point of having 5 3080s in the entire world ? fuck nvidia fuck the leather man hope amd …[View]
78336909it feels incredibly weird that I use a machine where I do so much with, that in some way is me, but …[View]
78340295Privacy/Cybersecurity Programs: So how do you know that programs like O&O ShutUp10, BleachBit, a…[View]
78341998Data Leak - SSN full contact infos and patient history: Response is a privacy nightmare - cybersecur…[View]
78340690Why would someone want a raspberry pi clone with a 2 watt intel atom from 2016 on it? Would this wor…[View]
78336700What are some personal project ideas in C++, /g/?[View]
78341760I've never seen a good argument against computationalism / the possibility of sentient AI. >…[View]
78332284Do you actually buy stuff from LTTstore.com?[View]
78336318how does a wifi repeater work?: i dont get it, if its not connected with the router, how the fuck is…[View]
78337943My program does lots of std::pow(10, x) where x are doubles. This shit is slow as fuck. How can I op…[View]
78341544<insert list of devices here>: This is official linux kernel documentation in the year 2020.…[View]
78341623When was the first time you ever saw a computer? For me it was 1992 at a car boot sale in South Lond…[View]
78336980Anyone else still using CF here? These things are fucking indestructible. Also give a nice *clunk* w…[View]
78331176>the state of apple security[View]
78339417why indians are posting many repair gadget/technology on the internet?[View]
78339469/g/ linkedin group: Is anyone intereseted in joining a /g/ based linkedin group? Used for finding te…[View]
78338257Alright what am I in for?[View]
78338066Is bug hunting easier than reverse engineering? I have read 'Hacking: the art of exploitation' latel…[View]
78340219how to unlock a carrier phone (device carrier unlocker): I have all types of phone devices. apple. s…[View]
78339665want an apple watch but it's way too big for my wrist[View]
78339639>dpkg >apt-get >apt >snap >/bin >/usr/bin >/usr/local/bin >/sbin >/usr/sb…[View]
78337995building your own ISP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p52PY_cwIsA 3 questions: 1) Is this ever prof…[View]
78339311What are these squares? Using a tv as a monitor for fight cade. Is it the monitor or the pc? Can you…[View]
78327740>first week of computer science class in a high brow college >70% of the class doesn't kn…[View]
78340544What's the purpose of iOS changing uploaded file names. I remember it used to be that all files…[View]
78335253Alpine Linux might be a shitty meme distro, but I love this silence.[View]
78334298What's your excuse for having an iToddlerToy Pro when this exists? >clunkyy and uglyyyyy FUC…[View]
78339414if i need a cheap laptop why not buy a chromebook and install win10?[View]
78333850MacOS is almost the same as Linux with a good ricing, and you really prefer to pay for Apple? Damn i…[View]
78331698You have two months to become an employable software engineer. Which language would you learn, and w…[View]
78334442what should i use to download torrents[View]
78339650Win10 Customization: Konichiwa, /g/. I am wondering if any anons know how to alter or delete entries…[View]
78337743Books on programming: Hello /g/. What are some '''contemporary''' book…[View]
78339532/det/ Daily E-reader Thread: I didn't read any of the last 900000 threads asking, and I need an…[View]
78339874Are Sanwu laser pointers the highest quality from china?: Or are there brands that are better? For 2…[View]
78329775uhhhhhhh......... this thing is kind of garbage and slow................. what am I supposed to do w…[View]
78340584Noob question, can I use a power supply of 9v 1.5a for a system that takes 9v 1a or will it fry its …[View]
78337664Should I run a home server? What cool shit could I do with one?[View]
78340019Please, Please,Please, PLEASE don't buy AMD GPUs. It's not worth it, you'd be wasting…[View]
78335124What used laptops have the highest spec to dollar ratio? I've been buying Thinkpads about every…[View]
78338043>hackintoshes are dead!!!! ARM is the future!! Why do you dumb fucks say shit like this? Pajeets …[View]
78338327This is the current state of Google design You may not like it but this is what millions of dollars …[View]
78335240/pcbg/ - PC Building General: Qt trap edition ATTENTION: >ZEN 3 TO RELEASE NOV. 5 >RTX 3080 IN…[View]
78333372invincible passwords: I have discovered invincible passwords. What have you done zoomer? https://www…[View]
78339533So, I use this software to play my video files. I also use CyberLink PowerDVD 19 as a backup in case…[View]
78338511why don't Gmail show if emails have been seen or not? do I need to do Google's job for the…[View]
78324916Redpill me on Intel ME: Is it really a dangerous thing just like everyone is saying?[View]
78340129best way to do QA browser testing for a website? Last time I had to do this I was programming in Jav…[View]
78336939can we have a durga thread?[View]
78330304ITT We talk about the greatest programming language[View]
78339707Is pic related a sign of a good or bad coder?: https://www.strawpoll.me/21145982 On one hand, it lea…[View]
78333120How does /g/ feel about OLED TVs? I’ve been living at home since COVID started so I’m flush with cas…[View]
78339576What went wrong?[View]
78331172Is it a meme or not? We need a final verdict.[View]
78337098Quality advertisement.[View]
78339546>Start a website for making websites. >Contact a business with facebook page but no website …[View]
78339172>Apricorn Aegis Secure Key 3.0 Is it really secure? 256-bit XTS encryption doesnt sound very good…[View]
78337090>get Tab S7+ >runs all kinds of shit smooth >drawing is great >3 days into owning it, de…[View]
78335970unironically thinking of using this do i have to be a complete schizo to use this or is it actually …[View]
78335578Anons, it's pretty nice. Glad to be moving to a phone that isn't connected to the google b…[View]
78315548China won the quatumn race: >university professor now has a quantum computer that is a million ti…[View]
78336065>nvme storage >usb 3.0 flash drive >motherboard that supports usb 3.0 >still struggles t…[View]
78339148why do people want to see intel die so bad? You know that AMD will just raise prices if they are gon…[View]
78337869why is the market so big for this shit? is it good or is just that people trust microsoft[View]
78301236ITT: early 2000's phones with terrible gimmicks[View]
78335435Are specs really important? I mean, people buy Nvidia 3080 to brag about how they got one, it's…[View]
78337000Is it possible to port Flash animations over to Powerpoint?[View]
78334964Smartwatches/Wearable Tech: What's your take on wearables? There seems to be such a wide variet…[View]
78337446Rust bros...[View]
78336890>$149.00 >doesn't include a CD/DVD/Blu-ray/VHS slot >literally has the processor of a …[View]
78335811Yandex vs. Google, Bing, Yahoo: This is probably old news to many of you, but I very recently discov…[View]
78335066Big Navi BTFO Nvidia 3080.: OOF![View]
78334901How to learn embedded development?: I know projects are usually the way but my dumbass can't fi…[View]
78338205What will they do about the front facing camera in future? I don't think under display technolo…[View]
78337273Nvidiabros shouldn’t be feeling so good. If AMD can keep Big Navi in stock they win, especially base…[View]
78334238Why does Rust keeps winning?: And why does /g/ keep seething?[View]
78337953Raid my discord: https://discord.com/invite/gMBePbz[View]
78338302Question and answer: What is a user doing when he starts out on BSD But can't sell enough recor…[View]
78337502what is this shit. everytime i download games this list keeps growing[View]
78333303For anyone who has programmed with Curry, I have a question for you. Our group is tasked with coming…[View]
78337424Is there any software to open pdf files from the Linux shell ? I don't mean a terminal emulator…[View]
78333678ggplot2 is based: I’m never using anything besides pic related for generating plots again. It was we…[View]
78333887How secure are your passwords?[View]
78338034I've been trying to build my own raw HTTP packets lately, and I was looking some documentation …[View]
78329226How far do you live from work? How much time do you spend getting there and back?[View]
78322333/fglt/ - Friendly GNU+Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU+Linux Thread, Trisquel 9 Releas…[View]
78336404FaMProViSE: Fake Memory Protection Via Self-Emulation?: Would this work? >have computer with no m…[View]
78333059Unboxing thread[View]
78335255Let's face it. The web itself became a operating system better than windows.[View]
78337719Why do people use this over the faster windows 8 W10 >slow as all hell since like 1809 >even m…[View]
78335987Would NEETs exist without the Internet?[View]
78335667Reminder that video games are programs.[View]
78332804python3: Help /g/, I'm learning python3 and I'm following this book on how to code classes…[View]
78336694Is computer science worth getting into if you can barely do algebra?[View]
78335210Intel down 10% today: The fuck is Intel's problem? Down almost 10% today. It's ogre isn…[View]
78330390post cool FOSS logos[View]
78337258Alteryx: Does anyone here use Alteryx? I know it’s probably beneath most people who know Python or R…[View]
78335627a monad is just a monoid in the category of endofunctors[View]
78337120Google Drive Alternatives: Are there any good alternatives to google drive? I need to host lots of p…[View]
78336822Samsung is hosting a virtual event for their shitty mid-tier phone. >No login required >No ch…[View]
78336529emacs, pick your team: conditions: gccemacs /native compilation allowed (so slow spacemacs is not a …[View]
78336982iSH, an emulated x86 Linux shell, is now on the Apple App Store Get it before it's removed off …[View]
78336457hello fellow macfags, whats the best adblocker for safari? switching from nightly 84, i had hopes th…[View]
78330421I'm thinking of buying a second screen but I just can't think of a reason why I need it. …[View]
78335116>be me >Tech support help desk >End up getting sweet job as junior sys admin >Specifical…[View]
78335488I want new GNOME: but LTS comfy what do[View]
78336547CompTIA Cloud Essentials+: https://www.comptia.org/certifications/cloud-essentials Should I do it? I…[View]
78330097Existing dating sites/apps are trash. This includes Tinder, Badoo, OkCupid and other shit applicatio…[View]
78336778Is there anyway to bypass reCAPTCHA so that I can do my workload on Coursera. I use ungoogled chrome…[View]
78335383Hey /g/, can anyone tell me the difference between these two variations of the same card, I cant fin…[View]
78331977Why are pi-posters this stupid, bros?: >all of /g/ says not to buy this thing >buy it and don…[View]
78334793How does 4chan ip-range ban work? Is it automatic (i.e. it uses some sort of service database which …[View]
78336255Can someone explain how Lanczos works?[View]
78335345JavaScript was a mistake.[View]
78331676Never forget what they have taken from you[View]
78335239>have fun with your photos huh?[View]
78332601Redpill me on liquid metal[View]
78335884DevOps Discussion Thread: Are any of you guys pic related? I am and feel it was a terrible lapse in …[View]
78334063>quits tech and youtube just because some nvidia fanboys gave him shit pathetic…[View]
78335263Mozilla shilling Honey: Thank you Firefox, Very cool![View]
78325464What era of computers do you most identify with? For me it's 1999-2004[View]
78334225Why gentoo?: Why should I use gentoo?[View]
78336270Hey anon! Have you ever managed to run linux on a calculator? A fridge? A microwave? If yes, please …[View]
78332586which career should i pursue: computer engineering, science or information systems?[View]
78335976OP made a fucky wucky, what do?[View]
78334358what's your excuse for not using PowerToys?[View]
78335880Art software idea: Why nobody has made a good HD photo/3D renderer to pixel art converter? Seems the…[View]
78335875Go thread: Say something nice about Go, the best programming languge in 2020.[View]
78335879unboxing thread[View]
78335633Amp advice: Can anyone tell me if my Yamaha RN602 amp is under-powered for this job? It is powering …[View]
78331168Is he /ourguy/?[View]
78326969/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>78315589 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
78332113Urbit: Is Urbit the future?[View]
78333337How do you get motivation to study programming and technology? I used to love programming but now I …[View]
78335003>$90 7' AliExpress android tablets running kitkat get 1920x1200 IPS displays >$1,000+ 'profess…[View]
78334068It's over... Intel is bankrupt and finished.[View]
78334548go fmt: >enforces tabs[View]
78322798WHAT THE FUCK IS A MONAD???????????//[View]
78331346Is the 120 Hz screen a meme? I bought the Poco X3 based on the reviews and the hype saying the 120 H…[View]
78335366What up /g/ I got this pc off a friend for free and I just wanna make it slightly better at playing …[View]
78331509What's AyyMD's response to this beauty?[View]
78334979>open blank browser >opens network monitor >sees data are being sent to random server What …[View]
78330645Tor Browser has stopped: Aaaaaaaa, why is this crashing so many fucking times? I'll stick with …[View]
78335241What the hell is happening here?[View]
78325753int *p vs int* p: Ultimate question: int *p vs int* p AND WHY?[View]
78335107intel why: >be me >retarded neet >want to write os >try fucking around with mbr and bios…[View]
78334614IT'S OVER FOR CHROMELETS: >CVE-2020-15999 >remote code execution via buffer overflow >…[View]
78332422I only use Python: Tell me why I shouldn't.[View]
78334730/osw/ - Open-source Wellness: We'll post free and open-source software that improves quality of…[View]
78335040I need to know the name of this chrome extensions[View]
78333352Is this book a meme?: Obviously you can't 'learn' a programming language in one day, right anon…[View]
78330881>someone else works on your codebase >they use SPACES everywhere even though your entire codeb…[View]
78332345Why do you use technology?[View]
78334229the latest devopment in blowjob technology https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNhMDEh7hRY[View]
78334328Somebody has my laptop and I want to delete some files remotely, how do?[View]
78329185/pcbg/ PC Building General: ATTENTION: >ZEN 3 TO RELEASE NOV. 5 >RTX 3080 IN LOW SUPPLY >FO…[View]
78325959>daily standup >first 50 minutes coworkers talk about plants…[View]
78327695SINCLAIR ZX SPECTRUM: Was it the greatest microcomputer of the 1980s?[View]
78332267Is it true that it doesn't matter if you use vpns and private web browsers since the government…[View]
78334580How come phonecells are so uncreative? When was the last time you saw a phonetard create any OC? I g…[View]
78333457homeServer or cloud: I live in a 3 story apartment building occupied by only family members. We all …[View]
78330503>Uhm yes, sorry. Did you know that piece of software you are using is made by trannies? You'…[View]
78328033>tfw fell for the meme[View]
78331514Stockholm syndrome.[View]
78323515Why can't Intel into 7nm?[View]
78324358>gnome doesn't even support real screen savers nice desktop experience…[View]
78333856>be me >buy keyboard and vhs player from thrift store >vhs player eats tape and doesn'…[View]
78333905can someone post the picture of a pentium with 'just fucking do it' or something like that written o…[View]
78334151Can you get a good surround sound system for under a grand?[View]
78325941>much slower than electron based VSCode what the fuck and these are the best IDEs?…[View]
783316478-Bit Paperclip Guy: Opinions? Is he the most based of vintage computing YouTubers?[View]
78333428okokokok /g/ explain this to me when i open a terminal in my desktop environment, as like xterm or w…[View]
78333195How learn to code: Why code is so boring? Arrays, loops, who fucking cares?[View]
78330694why does quora give me cold shivers down the spine? is it the fact that they constantly reenable ema…[View]
78332965main: >git branch -M main You bet I'll do it.[View]
78333908what is worse for longivity, having your gpu run slightly hotter, or running your gpu fans constantl…[View]
78331520Your Friendly BOTnet: What technology 4chan uses to de-anonymise their users?[View]
78333512SAS - Statistical Analysis System: ----- Is it dead? Do you use it? -----[View]
78333779I don't know much about receivers. I'm looking at this Yamaha one that supports VRR, 4K120…[View]
78332117NVIDIA RTX 3070 3DMark Performance Leaked – Actually Faster Than An RTX 2080 Ti: https://wccftech.co…[View]
78333084What do I need to get into my old forgotten email? I have to reset some passwords but I can't …[View]
78332799Reminder that GNOME's file picker still doesn't have thumbnail view for some fucking reaso…[View]
78333253Reject modernity Embrace monky[View]
78331980Does coffee help being an IT guy?: >makes me head spin all over the place OCD >foggy, irritate…[View]
78333208On linux why doesn't every program drop to a low privilege user like apache does?: wouldn'…[View]
78330902Whats even the point of buying the best PC?: >4k its overrated.…[View]
78330572Where the hell did Hiro get these statistics from?[View]
78333455So boys, i found lil prodesk and i would like to keep it, how do i make sure it cant be tracked down…[View]
78328041based or cringe?[View]
78331459Linux chads,: What distro are you currently using? https://www.strawpoll.me/21142729[View]
78331553RTX 2060 Super or Radeon RX 5700 XT?: So on 10/3/2020 I purchased a computer from Digital Storm (inb…[View]
78333293Why are any kind of chrome based browsers god awful dogshit? With just this many tabs opened with th…[View]
78328388Do security retards realize how pointless it all is?: >be the illegal shadow monopoly that secret…[View]
78328564Intel Pentium D 925[View]
78329100why didn't Mozilla just create their own search engine when they had the chance?[View]
78326145Password keeping: Where THE FUCK should I keep my passwords? I don't trust password apps or ser…[View]
78333085Vintage Computing General: What the fuck is this thing? All I see is 80 Data Micro Q. Also vintage e…[View]
78330436Jesus fucking christ: This dumb news anchor bitch really said that gentoo is a hacktool. The logic o…[View]
78319937can 2 of you guys be my references?[View]
78332834Programming language for a scientist?[View]
78331734>uhm GNOME? No thanks, I need something that doesn't work but looks l33t…[View]
78331594what is the best non over price 'gaming' keyboards i can buy right now? i just want a keyboard that…[View]
78325385Take the green pill, anon.[View]
78316843Rage and Greentext Thread: >create and share a worksheet with customer and coworkers to collabora…[View]
78332070RTX 3080: >2020 >I am forgotten is this Nvidiats biggest fuck up ever? no one has one. the one…[View]
78332734Isn't Spyware technically a Trojan Horse? You download, say, Chrome, and it works as intended …[View]
78331590Do people actually like (((flat ui)))?[View]
78308080So my mom just gave me this pyramid rock and said it's supposed to protect me from the radiatio…[View]
78331690Hello anons of /g/ I come to you with a question. What temporary mail service do you use? Is there a…[View]
78322368Explain monads from your own understanding without copypasta or looking it up. Protip: You can'…[View]
78331295>insta-gone since launch with neigh a hint of them available until 2021 >”le PC Master Race” d…[View]
78332669Which motherboard is the peak of forward and backward compatibility? Must have; >SATA ports >…[View]
78322509Using Radios=Death in SHTF Involving Governments and Military?: Communication Lads, To my knowledge,…[View]
78331317ITT we post operating systems that have gone to space[View]
78330987Dead pixel thread: Bought a dell Inspiron 15 3000 nearly 5 months and now it has a dead pixel. Shoul…[View]
78332410>hes a <8gb vramlet in 2020[View]
78331934>that Java guy that uses streams and lambdas for everything[View]
78318475Dark Mode: It is criminal that dark mode isn't default in many websites. White background websi…[View]
78331780Glorify me on ARM processors. Which of them are compromised with ME type of shit, if any?[View]
78332328what's the deal with captchas on this website? it gets harder to solve all the time[View]
78328562Scraping Twitter: I want to scrape a list of Twitter accounts for images. Whenever any of the watche…[View]
78330701Approved Electronics: Can we have an updated version of this?[View]
78318483OH NO NO NO NO NVIDIA BROS..[View]
78315407Wait for Big Navi.[View]
78328809Bulldozer: Why did it go so wrong[View]
78331207B2B tech support gotta be the worst occupation ever[View]
78330497Quick, get in! The botnet will be here any second.[View]
78327416>Welcome to the company. We use Discord for our team chat.[View]
78328814Ereader or tablet for technical books?: Hi /g/, I’m just a humble software engineer slave looking fo…[View]
78328638Firefox to get option to manage optional extension permissions on about:addons: Firefox seems to be …[View]
78327934>build a rollable TV >use it for dumb gimmicks no one cares about >could've solved the…[View]
78324740So which is currently the best price/performance processors assuming you have to build two systems, …[View]
78328709its time for yearly text editor poll! https://www.strawpoll.me/21141520 pic related, results from la…[View]
78330156Does thermal paste become a liability if you don't clean and refresh it every so often or is it…[View]
78331217give me some good sites or forums, particularly better tor sites/forums, where i can contact or acce…[View]
78329811The rest is bloat[View]
78313742why aren’t you using Emacs anon?[View]
78328942/g/: the browser[View]
78328072Watch Thread: What watches do you wear/recommend? I'm looking into getting baby's first au…[View]
78331351>maga2020 Post the worst passwords you have ever heard of.[View]
78326280ITT: Machines that make interesting noise: Starting off with the obligatory[View]
78330399Why don't you use invincible passwords /g/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9rSqNzaZ1g[View]
78322847Elixir: What’s g’s opinion on elixir? I’ve never really done much functional programming before. How…[View]
78331439lmao this is the card amd was suppose to be afraid of?[View]
78329864tfw: Coding and stimulants are the only thing keeping you from killing yourself.[View]
78329585Based Apple filtering their customer base[View]
78330777>Er, I'm sorry Anon. But I'm just not sure where your 'Erection Simulator' software fit…[View]
78329633Why are there so many file formats in the genomic world? I can't deal with all these damn .vcfs…[View]
78318487When will code reach the point where I tell the computer what I want and it codes it for me?[View]
78308624camelCase or snake_case?: For python. What do you choose?[View]
78329894What is the most patrician form factor?: For me it's mini ITX[View]
78330894>coworker starts talking about myspace again[View]
78323898Mozilla Fears 'Collateral Damage' in Google Antitrust Case: Trannies fear the anti-trust h…[View]
78330767This time AMD will destroy Nvidia for the 10th time[View]
78328758c# question: Anybody with knowledge about C# here? Would it be possible to add instances of a class …[View]
78329207Looks like the 12 is twice as fast as Air: 1. Is this really true or is Geekbench flawed? 2. Why is …[View]
78319160/spg/ - Smartphone General: NUT R2 edition If you're requesting purchasing advice, please provi…[View]
78329948need good headphones: my shitty beyerdynamic mmx 300 broke for the 4th time already. im done with th…[View]
78324641What is the Thinkpad of Apple products?[View]
78319579Face it Nvidia Bros, we have lost: Navi 21 XTX(6900 XT) 80 CUS 16 GB of VRAM 2040 MHZ Game Clock, 23…[View]
78328436Feature Phones Thread: Which feature phones did you like use or like /g/ ?[View]
78329939all cases will have to mesh on all sides to handle rtx 3000 series or case manufacturers have to com…[View]
78326311GPT-3 BTFO'd by 0.012-0.013% parameter AI: https://www.infoq.com/news/2020/10/training-exceeds-…[View]
78330243>cock.li is down[View]
78325574So it seems some places in United States are powered by two 127v phases to supply their shower and h…[View]
78328676I have a question for coders /g: Let's say i have an idea for a software and I want to hire a c…[View]
78328173hi, could anyone tell me to which app belongs the triangle/straight plane icon? thank you[View]
78324833what the fucking fuck is this ?[View]
78330028basically past half year chrome has been givin me this warning when i was tryin to download some stu…[View]
78326263Hello /r/technology. Long story short, I got some shit dumped on me at work that's irrelevant t…[View]
78330062>2020 >still not mainstream Linux is a failure.…[View]
78313951/hsg/ Home Server General: NO EXCUSES TO GET A NAS EDITION https://forum.odroid.com/viewtopic.php?f=…[View]
78327462>build your own PC they said >it'll be easy they said >it'll take an hour or two …[View]
78327643What is the best Android emulator for PC? Why are they all being developed by Chinese?[View]
783288905600x leaked passmark score: >6 core cpu destroys a 10900k in single thread >Slightly lower pe…[View]
78328737Hey /g/, have you seen any job postings with emphasis or even mentioning WebAssembly? I took 2020 o…[View]
78328437>he's a multicellular organism in 2020. Lol how pathetic. Let me guess...you NEED more. Mul…[View]
78320667Mouse Thread: What is /g/'s favourite mouse? Any weird ones you've owned in the past? I ju…[View]
78320514>Buy a Laptop to consume media in bed in a comfortable way >Buy a Tablet to consume media in …[View]
78327264>Password: 123456[View]
78322778Is there anything bad to say about Grammarly?: Hey Anon! I Is it a botnet? Redpill me.[View]
78313555Honestly, what the fuck is this thing for?: It's >Terrible for coding - no apps, no easy ssh…[View]
78324083what technology would 4chan benefit from?[View]
78311845Xiaomi: How do they make pretty ok phones for such low prices?[View]
78328087does anyone even use the 2nd hdmi port?[View]
78328184Some people say the BSDs are better because they are singular OSs where userspace is designed togeth…[View]
78326007The failure of quibi: >be chinkoid allucinated by VC world >get 1.8billion dollars from your V…[View]
78328844true story: >be obese assembly programmer >want to go somewhere to work on my os >go to wen…[View]
78326060Hello? Based department?[View]
78323212I'm about to start learning how to code. Should I start in the Commodore 64 using machine langu…[View]
78322594Let's talk about routers. What do you currently use, and what would be the best to own?[View]
78328245best mouse to go along with it?[View]
78289815/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: Don't buy anything OTHER THAN IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad T, X, and W/P Serie…[View]
78329399What's going on with 4chan: Recently the back button on any mobile browser has stopped returnin…[View]
78329415Balkan music: What is your personal though on this kind of music? https://soundcloud.com/user-596374…[View]
78279812/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
78325611Why aren't you freelancing?[View]
78326721is there an application that lets me record the sound from a single program? like just recording goo…[View]
78321694Tell me why this is bad without using meme words.[View]
78327304>no point buying a monitor without free sync bro it’s 2020 >constant flickering and dimming/br…[View]
78327529Chrome.: >muh spyware If you use google, 4chan or youtube, your data is already collected >muh…[View]
78317344I was working on my computer and I guess it had charge still in it, despite being unplugged, because…[View]
78327884Examples of repulsive code: From the Build Engine: http://fabiensanglard.net/duke3d/index.php >Up…[View]
78328063voici un très vieux moteur mais je ne sais pas a quelle avion il appartient, tout ce que je sais c…[View]
78324369/pcbg/ PC Building General: ATTENTION: >ZEN 3 TO RELEASE NOV. 5 >Assemble a part list https://…[View]
78328672Adblock Nano is Malware: What does /g/ use now? I moved back to uBlock Origin, but even with all the…[View]
783271775G harmfulness: Ok so conspiracy theorists btfo and fuck all the dumb fucks saying that 5G Antennas …[View]
78313274/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: >Read the sticky: >>76759434 >GNU/Linux questions >…[View]
78326552Why do people buy Amazon Fire tablets? They're inflicted with embedded advertisments, affiliate…[View]
78328708>new pr >review code >see comment in between lines of code >code written by a senior de…[View]
78328170Is there a way to script overwrites on a 2-byte integer in WAV files containing a value of 65534 to …[View]
78324385FX-8350: What went wrong?[View]
78322041Anyone else here own a ThinkStation? Bought mine with a 1TB HDD + 16GB RAM for $180. It's prett…[View]
78328794What Are Current Ways/Techniques Of Data Mining?: What Are Current Ways/Techniques Of Data Mining? I…[View]
78326797Micro$oft Edge for NixOS: To install: $ git clone https://gitlab.com/zanc/overlays.git $ nix-env -i …[View]
78326695They be playing with us nvidia bros[View]
78323444What's the point of getting an ancient Thinkpad these days when you can get a consoomer Purism …[View]
78327908How do pajeetsoft shills justify this? There's not even a way to turn this crap off.[View]
78327428What's the deal with contrarian neckbeards and the belief that old fashioned bags are superior …[View]
78327892technologie: quelqu’un pourrais me dire a quelle avion apartient ce moteur en étoile qui n'a pa…[View]
78325456The only reason forth is not a popular language is that there are 6 million forth jobs on google tha…[View]
78327206(((First Advantage))): So I got a job at a major US tech company with a site based in Europe and the…[View]
78326035Doesn't it seem like personal computing has plateaued and so has the mythical 'bloating' of des…[View]
78320167so how problematic is it that microsoft is going to force the best-selling game in the world to be f…[View]
78319314Anyone else think the pace of technological change is too fast?[View]
78326677post linux packages[View]
78327886Need your advice. Basically, I want a light device that I can write on. I was thinking just buying a…[View]
78326361WTF jannies: Well, anon has too many hours at hand to shitpost, plus a fixation with gentoo and russ…[View]
78321089What to do with old broken phones?: Got all my old phones sitting in a drawer (i go through them oft…[View]
78326992>want a 24' or less 4K monitor for nicer fonts and windows >the only reasonably priced option …[View]
78326261*drops logiLDA.dll in your system32* heh, nothin personnel kid[View]
78325217So besides hype shit, realistically what CPU can operate with the 3080 and the 3090 at 144fps on 144…[View]
78323743Why do we hate Firefox again?[View]
78320078OH NONONONONONONONONO PGP BROS WE GOT TOO COCKY https://latacora.micro.blog/2019/07/16/the-pgp-probl…[View]
78322596>lisp is the most powerful programming language Said no employable person ever.…[View]
78327172Composing MIDI music using SQL and Relational pipes: If you like databases and SQL and have talent –…[View]
78324516>Sorry bud, no power brick in the phone box! >your USB A power brick won't work with this…[View]
78323218Ok brehs, I want an android emulator that allows me to set the location anywhere so that I can look …[View]
78323937so I missed out on the golden age of the internet (late 90s/early 2000s) and want to know if somethi…[View]
78326053can i make this show 'open video player' in the launch menu? don't want the gay pop up and that…[View]
78320363Imagine spending all your time improving your technical skills when the only factor that matters is …[View]
78321922What was the longest time period you went without formatting your PC?[View]
78316362OH NO NO NO NO!!! nvidia bros what's happening???? https://videocardz.com/newz/nvidia-allegedly…[View]
78325869Was the centralization of the internet a mistake?[View]
78282154VR Thread: are you enjoying your Facebook Quest 2 so far guys?[View]
78324092install gentoo btw: pic unrelated. arch user installing gentoo rn. wish me luck. what are you all up…[View]
78318650Opinions on Tencent?[View]
78326590The world would be a better place if AMD went bankrupt and Ryzen never came to exist. Think about it…[View]
78323565What exactly did Microsoft mean by this?[View]
78325773what technologies would you use to make a porn site?[View]
78325454What does /g/ think of idlemaster? Does it actually work?[View]
78268015/fwt/ - Friendly Windows Thread: win3.0 chess edition Users of all levels are welcome to ask questio…[View]
78315589/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous thread: >>78305237…[View]
78298587/wdg/ - Web Development General: Firefox Edition Last >>78274619 >Beginner Roadmap and Guid…[View]
78325770Excited for Linux on mobile?: Since I have a good browser, removable battery, command line tools tho…[View]
78326542How do I learn to hack?: So I've been watching Mr. Robot and been thinking about learning to ha…[View]
78326580>be you >study hard all your life >must be great at maths and science >do your best to s…[View]
78325228Google Pixel 4: Whenever I search for 'Best privacy focused phone' why is Google Pixel 4 always popp…[View]
78323501Introduction to Algorithms: How much difference is there between the 2nd and 3rd edition? Would I be…[View]
78326523who do you think got the biggest pp ? i'm voting jeremy[View]
78322090Redpill me on getting a decent home theater system[View]
78326396Old faithful[View]
78315240Is 4chan future-proof?[View]
78321927what's the point of hardware development? computers work fine as they are[View]
78283010In only a few years vscode beat out all the competition and became the undisputed king of text edito…[View]
78323609I've never done web shit: Boss says I need to make a 3D file organizer with js, react, and webg…[View]
78310854itoddlers will defend this[View]
78325048You guys might like this stuff, They were all bent up when I got most of them and I'm sure they…[View]
78324442Why is Bootstrap such a piece of shit?: >created project >entire background color dark gray …[View]
78326055Oldfag's here. Please explain to me what's up with Thinkpad brand? I see something posted…[View]
78325301I just flashed Android 10 on my 6 years old Oneplus One. What can I do with it now...?[View]
78325357Why didnt Microsoft do this from the start? Bing maps is garbage.[View]
78323020What's a good hard drive recovery software? I deleted all my good shit I've accumulated fr…[View]
78319010Computer-based sequencers are trash. Take the hardware sequencer pill.[View]
78316157Why would a computer technician want my desktop password?: I sent my desktop to be fixed because the…[View]
78323699I want to make a game and become a game developer but I know jack shit about programming, just the b…[View]
78318284I found something strange: Does anyone know what this is?[View]
78302443RIP Firefox: Google's payment is illegal. Now where will Firefox find the money?[View]
783190794c/8t is all you need if you've got the clock speed to make up for it.[View]
78325124expiremental Operating systems/Linux distros thread: let's have a thread with operating systems…[View]
78299275/mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboard General: >Keyboard recommendation template https://pastebin.com/n220x…[View]
78320546So, in the last 10 years, technology has advanced immensely in most fields (mostly for the worse for…[View]
78316631What are /g/'s favorite commands / scripts for Linux?[View]
78318164Why is Windows software so fucking unproductive? It's as if every tool (and the whole operating…[View]
78325329What is the feasibility of ultra long game key logger type virus or security attack. What if there w…[View]
78324150How can I make my program executable smaller?(If it is written in C) Pic unrelated[View]
78314975iBros..... iDon't feel so good...[View]
78323225My 2019 and PC, my 2019 MBP, pixel 3A, nexus 6P and Oneplus 3T, CHROMECAST (called eureka dongle on …[View]
78320664My Final Message: Why aren't compilers smart enough to recognize string message = ''; if(sayHel…[View]
78324012Send Help: Hi frens, another GPM retard I've left getting a local copy of the music I care abou…[View]
78305054Tech Dystopia General: Post tech dystopia pictures.[View]

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