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/g/ - Technology

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71989643please stop posting ipads[View]
71988870If dark themes are better for your eyes then why do most programs use a light ui by default?[View]
71989765>got a librebooted thinkpad >using security focused packages like vpn/tor and free software …[View]
71987796Single anon, looking for nice RAT to spend some intimate time with: I'm looking for a good RAT …[View]
71989936For me, it's CENTOS.[View]
71990093/theme/ - Colour Schemes General: Gib colour schemes for Vim/Sublime/Atom or your meme editor of cho…[View]
71946217No desktop thread? Desktop thread[View]
71984463Epic Games supports Blender with $1.2 million Epic MegaGrant: https://www.blender.org/press/epic-gam…[View]
71989658Any apple and pc experts out there?: I have an old hard drive from a powermac g4 and I want to recov…[View]
71988027where can i buy an rtx 2070 super[View]
71983274The absolute state of SpaceX genius: Have you booked your ticket yet, /g/?[View]
71986173*changes technology forever while still being barely known*[View]
71979086Kuroba discussion thread: Kuroba 4.5.1 is out! :fire: https://github.com/Adamantcheese/Kuroba/relea…[View]
71985617>https://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri-score Post your score.…[View]
71989640Shit people on /g/ need to talk about. Yumi is trash, easy2boot is way better, lets you have windows…[View]
71986010Dark Web: Anyone know any awesome dark web links?[View]
71987484What did Sandisk mean by this?[View]
71988704i haven't used a laptop in years and i just got a thinkpad and goddamn these keyboards are a pa…[View]
71989004So... who controls the Linux repositories? Couldn't entities like the NSA inject it with botnet…[View]
71989259This is better than most threads[View]
71984309/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Example gaming …[View]
71985546Totally normal Ryzen temps: >Idle 50c >Prime95 95c And they said Intel was the housefire.…[View]
71985507Does /g/ fuck with Django?[View]
71986969any /g/entoomen use one of these? can you share your thoughts and experience? I'm deciding betw…[View]
71986791Why do other languages even bother trying to compete with JS?[View]
71988811i use gentoo[View]
71988703post your drives and how many hours are on them[View]
71987150Kuroba is dead. Long live clover.[View]
71981347Wait for Zen 3[View]
71988604Who knew youtube was so based[View]
71988072notice: If this is you you should unironically commit Sue of Cyde, preferably commit Sudoku because …[View]
71988564Which one is objectively easier to program in?[View]
71987711Going away for a few days and won’t have much internet (intermittent phone data at best). This is th…[View]
71988540Toshiba Memory will change its name to Kioxia: What kind of name is this?[View]
71985577Smart home: I've been thinking about smart home solutions. On the one hand, seems awesome and …[View]
71982769What are yall listening to when you're hacking into mainframe? Apparently a lot of guys listen …[View]
71984853is the razer worth it? or am i asking to get fucked as soon as warranty ends[View]
71983090What mouse and keyboard do you use, /g/?[View]
71968075What can you do with a powerful PC other than gaming?[View]
71986466Social Mapper: Hey guys, I don't know almost anything about programming but I need to use Socia…[View]
71985607Do you switch your PSU off after you shutdown?[View]
71980071Which Linux for a newbie?: I've been using Linux for a short time before, but I don't reme…[View]
71987600I’m learning c++ for fun and I want to make desktop apps. Which api should I use for GUI/2d graphics…[View]
71988329Install KISS Launcher. They added a Calculator.[View]
71985654F-droid cucked: Fuck, now F-droid isn't an option anymore. What's left?[View]
71986602how come apt-get is not using https[View]
71987614Zen 2: Who the fuck buys this shit?[View]
71986486Redpill me: So I’m new to cybersecurity/programming stuff, but I really want to dive into it. I have…[View]
71987765# dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sda status=progress currently at 5.2GB of 111 Ask me anything![View]
719879924chan in real life ...: ... welcome to 4chan-like police !!! https://www.thebeaverton.com/2017/12/23…[View]
71988017No Tech: Imagine a world without digital technology. What would you be doing differently? What is so…[View]
71987485How the fuck can I move icons freely in a folder in Windows 10? (Like on desktop) In XP it was possi…[View]
71985193https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcUv-TzVWUc >HDMI is so trash it needs 3 separate connections to …[View]
71985518What was the goal of this? What were they trying to accomplish?[View]
71987516Razer Firefly: What does /g/ think of the razer firefly? there's actually a HUGE difference bet…[View]
71987404Blocking Tor and VPN: How can I prevent Niggers from using my site and posting nigerian shit?[View]
71985875Making disk images in Windows?: How in the stupid shiteating fuck do I rip a fucking DVD to an .iso …[View]
71982131Cars today are oversized computers, ones that are designed to be mechanically inaccessible to the re…[View]
71984702/zog/ - Zorin OS General: (from Distrowatch): The Zorin team have announced a new version of Zorin O…[View]
71984289Is there any way to force that gay shit youtube player to play at full quality always? It drives me …[View]
71984302NodeJS - seriously what the fuck: Okay g, i'm at a loss. Why do all these big companies use nod…[View]
71985116hello retard here how do i make my pc use a gpu instead of integrated i have an acer apire x1200 de…[View]
71985449>8 Tips to Speed Up Your Old Android: >1. Make sure all your apps are up to date! The latest …[View]
71987187why did they make him such an autist bros. turing was not this autistic irl. and critics ate that sh…[View]
71963537INDIANS ARE HARDER WORKERS: https://www.mercurynews.com/2019/07/19/korean-american-software-engineer…[View]
71986048I get a free Udemy account account from work. Are any of the programming classes worth the time inve…[View]
71987242I've been using GNU/Linux for a few months and I'm having this problem lately. When trying…[View]
71987149Need to reinstall GNU/Linux, but I forgot my USB key. Any options?: Alternatively, is there any ways…[View]
71986642Any chinesefags here? Or are you all censored out harrrooooo anyone there?[View]
71987354DEAP EEG dataset: I need DEAP EEG dataset for training my model. Can anyone please provide me the da…[View]
71986954What are some ways that one can torture a robot nigger?[View]
71983818UDOO Bolt: AMD SOC Ryzen V1605B 4c/8t - up to 32GB DDR4 - Anyone run ESX on these yet? Also, their s…[View]
71982506inb4 apple is cancer wtf did you expect: why is the jailbreak community so full of cancer now? tryin…[View]
71981376online/distributed storage: What's the cheapest online storage for backups? I don't want t…[View]
71984102Why was Terry hellbanned, /g/? It ain't right[View]
71986816Is it Linux or GNU/Linux?[View]
71984823What tech isn't Japan exporting to the rest of the world?[View]
71984665Where is the best place to get .edu email addresses with unlimited google drive storage? I'm wi…[View]
71986525If someone offered an all-in-one with a built-in power supply, and room for complete (mobo and GPU) …[View]
71986830A VR headset (box) compatible with a 6.7' Android devices? Got the Samsung A70 but the screen is too…[View]
71983641What new fuckery is this?[View]
71981259/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous thread: >>71973496…[View]
71986090cock.li https cert expired: what happened bros hsts was a mistake[View]
71982624You must pay tribute: >when your routers start demanding the sacrifice of your first born to work…[View]
71985004>find a promising open source project that looks useful >check out the open issues >respond…[View]
71983403Is there a way to get dark mode for Win7 without installing malware?[View]
71986200who said that av is useless for linux? today i downloaded a deb package from untrusted sources then …[View]
71984944>337 days later I'm forgotten[View]
71986008'Turn On or Off Use sign-in info to auto finish setting up device and restart apps after update or r…[View]
71985209Why haven't you upgraded?: it'll solve the wireless congestion problem, the fcc should out…[View]
71985621I've had the most perplexing troubleshooting experience today. I replaced a cable with one that…[View]
71958140Twitter has begun rolling out its ugly ass new Layout: >Log onto twitter >Everything's ch…[View]
71980362whats a good browser /g/ ?[View]
71979165Why won't the world upgrade to central air conditioning?: Mini splits are just a stop gag solut…[View]
71980451ITT non-electrical technology[View]
71985800g sign generator: >>71985180 #g sign generator.rb require 'open-uri' require 'j…[View]
71977238What settings do you use for the 4chan webm encoding? Mine are ffmpeg.exe -i in.mp4 -c:v libvpx-vp9 …[View]
71983664Trains are technology, train thread[View]
71985311EMP Generator: Can I disable a implanted chip with a charge of EMP?[View]
71985200>want to actually get good at programming >never code anything because an easier solution alwa…[View]
71980457What are the pros and cons of abolishing anonymous online commentating and use of aliases?[View]
71985265>you're watching cold fusion tv >*minimal techno starts playing* name a more kino tech ch…[View]
71985280Cracking Cable and Satellite receivers to turn them into PCs: Is there any scene for this at all? S…[View]
71984957Does anybody unironically use Deepin Linux here? Why would you trust a Chinese OS?[View]
71984314How much would it take for you to sell your face, /g/?[View]
71985406>2019 gen 7 >$2350au starting >ddr3 >300(!) nit ~70% argb or 400 nit ~60%(!) trash displ…[View]
71980520Who is /lighttheme/ Chad here?[View]
71984308Is this normal? How fucked am I? Completely stock settings, 1.46+V across all cores. I'm worri…[View]
71978314Unironically what era do you want to go back to?[View]
71984391Help cant portforward: Cant portforward on my router because i cant choose wan. Help please guys.…[View]
71982328Is Krita the best painting program for Gahnoo+Linux?[View]
71985198Do you guys have any budget open software house firewall recommendations for a security freak?[View]
71985084I hate how my Android phone manages thumbnails.[View]
71982053Does this mean that installing Steam is just as bad for your privacy as installing Chrome? Search 'W…[View]
71980095Redpill me on buying an old HP workstation. It is literally think pad of desktop world. I can get on…[View]
71980654C++ garbage collection: when do you think C++ will implement garbage collection?[View]
71985027Who the fuck thought that rounded images are a good idea as an update?[View]
71982909If Debian is the non official lesbian/yuri distro which one is for gay men/boys?[View]
71977114>he refers to a '!' as a 'bang' I seriously hope you guys don't do this…[View]
71950451/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: Chunky boi edition Previous thread: >>71913886 Don't buy anythi…[View]
71981855Programming is fucking boring, documentation is a chore, debug tools are all shit and I don't w…[View]
71984354Is he an Intel i9-9900K?[View]
71984531redditard breaking kde: Why does this faggot called ngraham keeps breaking KDE? It was getting fucki…[View]
71954547What's /g/'s favourite server hardware?: >IBM/Lenovo >Compaq/HP >Huawei >SGI …[View]
71983766post clever opsec no bully[View]
71970808Why is Linux so trash? >install manjaro >update everything and use it for few hours >screen…[View]
71983583Any good law books that focus on court cases/concepts in regards to technology?[View]
71949652/wdg/ - Web Development General: Web Dev General Previous thread: >>71920318 >Beginner Road…[View]
71980257/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Example gaming …[View]
71980132>crying wojak >chart >smug wojak >crying wojak with intel cap >crying brown wojak wit…[View]
71978957Internet Discussion - Is this shithole the last bastion?: in the early internet, forums and IRC were…[View]
71983182>18' - 1280x720 >24' - 1920x1080 >30' - 2560x1440 >24' - 3840x2160 >36' - 7680x4320 …[View]
71981102Nobody here uses FLAC, right? > muh archiving You're not a fucking library.…[View]
71979318This really says a lot about our society[View]
71981333Do you trust RDRAND?[View]
71982444What if someone made a search engine that only returns results from 2007 and earlier?[View]
71983697/ukbg/ - UK broadband general: Let's talk about our internets here. >What do you get? >Wh…[View]
71982263>no limit >download at maximum speed >free, financed by donations This is gonna go bankrup…[View]
71981292Clover: FLOOOOEEEEEENSSSSSS What the fuck are you doing with Clover? Are you selling our data?…[View]
71982830Google BTFOd by based naver.com: Still cant wait to replace it tho. DCinside is still shit, even com…[View]
71984168Mandatory 2019 /g/ Census: Salary: Title: Work languages: Hobby languages: Webhost: Location: Gend…[View]
71983388What kind of technology would a heart attack dart gun use? See video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
71980024Yoga Flex: Are 360 degree laptop hinges sturdier because they were built for more movement? Or is a …[View]
71983298>T490 [soldered] >T590 [soldered] >'lighter and thinner!' THE X LINE ALREADY EXISTS LENOVO…[View]
71978774how did he get away with it ?[View]
71981957when are personal computers gonna be able of rendering Toy Story (1995) level graphics in real time?[View]
71977641Why are there so many people who worship C++? This language is a fucking mess How can you make a ver…[View]
71978480If I delete a file from my SSD, do I need to overwrite free space many times to make it completely u…[View]
71979087NeoCities Thread: Show us your NeoCities sites or cool sites you've found. I just made this one…[View]
71982788I have a few specific questions for CS graduates struggling (or who struggled) to find your first jo…[View]
71983027Is 6g quantum machine learning the true future for smart cities[View]
71983537I want to believe[View]
71983119>His laptop has a mechanical drive in it![View]
71980488Printers are technology. Is there a SINGLE motherfucking manufacturer that's not a total fuckin…[View]
71983593Any members of the GD-8200 life here? I love a machine that can cave in a skull, control a drone, an…[View]
71983471Recent tech purchases that you are happy with. >Dell XPS 15 >Logitech MX Master 2S…[View]
71974436Intelbros........................................... it's over[View]
71983212What can i do with these? All screen are old, have broken screens, and batteries are shit. The desk…[View]
71977600is Java the be all end all best programming language to use if you want to develop desktop applicati…[View]
71982544>only 27tb write >96% life left why is SSD so shitty?…[View]
71980658Gotta clean my Intel Core i9 9900K ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero it got a little Dusty[View]
71980669is apple's botnet-ness on the same level as what windows 7 was? I feel like I could live with t…[View]
71982478Hey /g/, I am trying to bypass sms verification of an app without giving my actual number. Is there …[View]
71981512how does /g/ feel about being in a video game?[View]
71983001>2019 >not using DuckDuckGo Are you even trying?…[View]
71976012When will DisplayPort displace VGA and HDMI?[View]
71982457there literally isn't a better case for uATX[View]
71982122What is 4chans phone of choise?: What phones do 4chan like I heard u guys dont like iPhone[View]
71975145hur durrr: >it’s not linux, it’s the gnu operating system > gnu shash linux or gnu plus linux…[View]
71982528I have to buy new smartphone now I need in it: 1 stilus 2 booting from SD card 3 USB ports in count …[View]
71982070>5.0 GHz out of the box >32 Cores, 256 threads >64MB L3 cache (gamer cache for AMD fags) Wh…[View]
71979611If you're ever feeling useless, just remember that gold plated toslink cables exist[View]
71981920>Creates the most used and biggest OS ever, Linuxtards and GayOS users leech off its success Why …[View]
71982194is this the future, /g/? p.4chan.org/g/catalog[View]
71980780C: C is like a cockroach - it's small, ugly, adaptable, ubiquitous, and will probably be around…[View]
71980673I have just discovered fvwm, and God it's fucking comfy. It's easily the most lightweight …[View]
71982356What do YOU want from a cryptocurrency: I wanted to know what new things people want from cryptos.…[View]
71982363Purchase advice: Redpill me on Samsung galaxy A20 I was gonna get chinked again and get a Note 7…[View]
71976658>fresh CS grad >zero internship xp and no GitHub >applied to 5 junior developer jobs >g…[View]
71981460Will this man fix Intel? He saved AMD multiple times and helped them even made x86_64. He's the…[View]
71981206How does /g/ plan to deal with the expanding ALPR botnet?: Automated license plate readers have come…[View]
71975291Did /g/ ever like hackforums? Be honest I'll know desu[View]
71979145How do you make the jump from shitty command-line programs to cool ones? I've taken a few progr…[View]
71980088OK so I have different BSOD issues from a game so far I have removed and reinstalled my Game. updat…[View]
71944555/geg/ GNU Emacs General: * Wiki - [[https://www.emacswiki.org/][Emacs Wiki]] * Manual - [[https://…[View]
71980544Can somebody with a ton of money doxx you if they have your IP and know your ISP provider? Can they …[View]
71981730what feature do you think twitter should have anon[View]
71975119Korean-American software engineer claims discrimination by Intel managers of Indian descent: https:/…[View]
71980728How do we combat facial recognition l?/Thoughts?: China has already showed how it can be abused hell…[View]
71977715>/g/ shits on apple for selling overpriced weak hardware >libre tards want to sell you an anci…[View]
71981365Is this a rip off or a steal? He said original price best buy $1100 so the actual value of parts mus…[View]
71971165So there is nothing wrong with using VLC media player right? Am i missing out on anything (cause it…[View]
71972564intel BTFO: These are the most purchased items at the 4 largest computer stores in sweden.[View]
71977626How do you dig really deep into someones personal informations, if you want to find dirt on them? Le…[View]
71978714>observing photons with specific distributions in space is highly illegal cringe…[View]
71963129/fwt/ - Friendly Windows Thread: Welcome to /fwt/ - Friendly Windows ME Thread. Users of all levels …[View]
71973496/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>71969255 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
71979421whats your opinion on Midori Browser? have you tried it?[View]
71981130Leo Laporte: How in the absolute fuck do you go from a top tier Tech TV presenter to the main face b…[View]
71975464>buy a thinkpad >today it randomly shut down and when I try to start it it beeps 4 times and r…[View]
71974392what's the best c++ IDE for ubuntu?[View]
71978465>screen tearing on Linux STILL exists in 2019 How is this allowed?[View]
71980647The future of job applications: Dear Anonymous, Thank you for applying to Snazzy Co.! We appreciate …[View]
71974949WTF bros I tough technology is a boys club. I picked up software engineering to escape roasties, bu…[View]
71977502I need your experience /g/. I have a bit of experience with a few programming languages (guile/schem…[View]
71979142>Official 5+ GHz CPU thread >Post your OC, VCore, temps etc.. Clocklets need not reply in this…[View]
71979975Making a Swiss Army Flashdrive: I am a bit new when it comes to distros, Linux, etc. but I want to …[View]
71964505Back in the early 2000s all you really need was about 256MB of RAM and like 20GB of slow HDD storage…[View]
71978482Hey, I'm looking for some Ubuntu advice. I'm wondering how to make sure downloaded files (…[View]
71978036Brave. LOL.: Looking for a browser to replace chromebot on my phone. Decided to try Brave. Wtf is th…[View]
71962199Favorite youtubers: Who are your favorite youtubers /g?[View]
71973760What are some great /g/ approved YouTube channels?[View]
71980280I'm poor but I'm not AMD poor[View]
71960469>Actually has Vaseline on his desk What’s wrong with this guy?[View]
71980518Can I charge my Samsung Galaxy S9+ with Super VOOC safely and effectively? If not, why?[View]
71980242what exactly is the botnet?[View]
71980363>desktop for work, laptop for fun![View]
71980434Iridium Browser worth giving a try?[View]
71972468what are you fags using these days? pic semi-related[View]
71979811would being self employed for a few years look better to employers than having a degree? In the fiel…[View]
71977548Does anyone else have a stupid error measage about firmware on startup on debian? How to get rid of …[View]
71976903/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Example gaming …[View]
71979536What is he easiest way to get a cheap laptop/pc on the internet?[View]
71974435didnt know where else to post this but does anyone know what this is?: i found it out in a marketpla…[View]
71976911Are there any social media sites left that don't demand your real name, phone number, and scan …[View]
71969332Linux nostalgia thread: What was your first free operating system? How was it? Defunct distros are w…[View]
71973398Used Mining GPUs: What is /g/'s opinion on used mining GPUs? Is the risk worth the low price?…[View]
71974039CCleaner is shit: I always used CCleaner, just after they renamed it. The new install gave me the sa…[View]
71969998/mlg/ machine learning general: >Baby's first neural network (in less than 10 minutes) https…[View]
71969102What is the best image viewer for windows ?: the default one takes way too much time to load[View]
71974082How to avoid the EU-CIA: I want to make a website with free-speech in Europe, where should I host it…[View]
71973150Which one objectively provides better search results?[View]
71973215Why aren't you using JS?[View]
71963428Deepfakes put an expiration date on historical/archival footage: >historical footage that is trus…[View]
71977802cicada meme: now that the dust has settled, do we know who pulled this shit off and for what purpose…[View]
71972714I/Ocaust: Every single manufacturer out there is making sure you get less and less ports to choose w…[View]
71978992/g/ approved podcasts: any based and redpilled technology podcasts? all of the ones i've listen…[View]
71979478debian always insists to rewrite my drives with random data and I always say no if I always encrypt …[View]
71975810Why does /g/ hate Debian? Out of all the distros I tried(still haven't tried gentoo and probabl…[View]
71978938I just updated Firefox and this appeared pinned at the home page. Come the fuck on[View]
71979240>non-destructive workflow[View]
71976587Is the only way to regulate big tech companies now to break them up into smaller companies to compet…[View]
71974022any anons here use macbooks/mojave? can you please share some of your experiences, pros & cons o…[View]
71977402TP-Link is cancer: Anyone else have any experience with these piece of shit Deco MX wi-fi routers? H…[View]
71979320/lg/ Laptop General :: Best recommendation for a budget Vidya laptop that can do basic tasks and som…[View]
71965158/spg/ - Smartphone General: best phone edition If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your …[View]
71972757do you use su or sudo before you install packages? what command do you use to install packages? i …[View]
71975404rate my code /G/! ...} elsif($mem->[0]->{'type'}->{'name'}=~/\b(float|double)\b/) { …[View]
71971774Who here remembers the time when people masturbated on coffee internets looking at JPG galleries?[View]
71976396Microsoft puts telemetry in security-only update: July security-only updates contain telemetry. If y…[View]
71973299I see you've spent another 500 quid on trash woodsworth. On this side of the fence we use think…[View]
71962314Kuroba discussion thread: Kuroba 4.5.1 is out! :fire: https://github.com/Adamantcheese/Kuroba/relea…[View]
71965554Fedi Thread: Mastodon, Pleroma, Gab, there's so damn many. Which federated social media platfor…[View]
71978365Dead Simple VPN - new selfhosted VPN solution from the developer of dnscrypt-proxy 2: https://github…[View]
71977331are there services that will remove intel ME from your system for money?[View]
71976398Pirate Tor Brower: >implying they implemented mitigations for all of Firefox's botnet proble…[View]
71974248yo my /g/ niggas. what's a program you've wanted made but hasn't been made? i'm …[View]
71974052google drive bullSHIT: why is google drive such a shitty interface? seriously, what the fuck google,…[View]
71976738>connected thinkpad to atm terminal >someone approaches me >'hey man what are you doing?' …[View]
71967411Would a separated site, that looked exactly like 2007 youtube, be kino?[View]
71974273Now the question is did AMD play Nvidia or did Nvidia play themselves for not trying to be more comp…[View]
71977261Hi guys I’m taking a basic web design class over the summer and we’ll all be collaborating on a fina…[View]
71970528You know the new iOS 4chan app that just came out? The one that bothered to blur nsfw board images t…[View]
71977804Does anyone on /g/ uses pic related? How is it, any big issues or does it just work?[View]
71970338>get job as IT jr sys Admin >first gig feels good >everything using windows 7 still >on…[View]
71975440/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Friendly GAHNOO plus Linux thread. Users of all levels are welco…[View]
71977169>pull in to drive thru >yeah I'd like a- >WILL YOU BE EARNING REWARDS WITH YOUR APP T…[View]
71974271How good are Ryzen laptops compared to Ice Lake?[View]
71977277Does /g/ consider KVM a type 1 or type 2 hypervisor? Which hypervisor do you prefer?[View]
71976934Distro maintainers really do it for free baka[View]
71976803>just do a system restore lmao Why is Windows community so shit?[View]
71961250/hpg/ - Headphones General: How to request purchase advice >location >budget >open/closed/s…[View]
71977720Wireshark: What funny things you can do with wireshark ?[View]
71975608Project General: Morning lads. What are you working on? Im making a Raytracer in C. Pic related.…[View]
71974964Gook software engineer claims discrimination by Intel managers of Pajeet descent: https://www.mercur…[View]
71977128>installed fedora on my third hdd >specificly selected my third hdd for everything >overwri…[View]
71974785>google systematically slows down its services on other browsers than chrome, even on chromium-ba…[View]
71975000/g/ Career General: What's a good career path? I can't decide between Web Dev monkey or I…[View]
71977465Old laptop revival: The model is Samsung 300e4z/300e5z/300e7z, which I bought about 7 years ago. It …[View]
71970959>twenty years ago >have nightmares about monsters under my bed >today >have nightmares a…[View]
71966792honestly, what the fuck is the point of tests? i keep getting turned down for job interviews because…[View]
71976364https://blueapples.neocities.org/flowdocsyntaxint.html thoughts?[View]
71967216when will television finally die?[View]
71976091How's your code review going lads? https://developers.redhat.com/blog/2019/07/08/10-tips-for-re…[View]
71974695Explain why you need 1000$ to play manchildren AAA+ games[View]
71974087/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Example gaming …[View]
71975223Why is this a fad?[View]
71975747I love my Thinkpads because to me they symbolize someone actually taking their work seriously. Insta…[View]
71976607is it possible to make an operating system entirely out of poo?[View]
71974981What should i learn to be a pen tester?[View]
71975061> he puts wallpaper on his desktop > wallpaper > desktop > WALLpaper > DESKtop might …[View]
71976030What the fuck is wrong with this guy? Was terry right all along?[View]
71976103Making the best invaluable snipe bot: Sup nerds There's this cool site for pats like me called …[View]
71974561So what's the actual correct way of keeping a smartphone battery healthy? Some say 'Just charge…[View]
71962623/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Previous threads: >>71944494 >Read >>51971506 >GN…[View]
71976540>much CRT fags Reminder that a 21' eizo CRT was $ 4300 in 1995 so not an option for the average u…[View]
71973901DAAAAAMMMN Linux looks like this?! Windows shills on suicide watch[View]
71932447LinusTechTips: This is Linus' worst cringe by far and this photo will haunt him his entire life…[View]
71976106>close Edge >it's still active on task manager Why?…[View]
71974709how can i get malwarebytes premium for cheap? i used windows 7 with the free malwarebytes version fo…[View]
71974419is this the best computer apple currently makes?[View]
71972846Going on a 90 day hiking trip throughout South America, including parts of the Amazon. What are the …[View]
71972955Satellites are technology. Let's have a satellite thread. My favorite Satellite is Sputnik.[View]
71960636How's the Macbook Pro 2019 keyboard?[View]
71967634What's the death toll now?[View]
71970731even Apple interns use android. Why are you still an ipajeet?[View]
71978127/ptg/ - Private Trackers General: https://www.rutracker.org edition >Not sure what private tracke…[View]
71976019Configuration profile: So I installed Pandahelper and Tutuapp configuration profiles on my iPhone an…[View]
71974635Wow, a woman got us to the moon.[View]
71973647Just installed Ubuntu. It was pretty easy. I though you guys claim that Linux is supposed to be hard…[View]
71965672The Age of OLED is here[View]
71960939Old thread: >>71954532 https://aiportraits.com[View]
71971372Rust added to Android build system: https://android.googlesource.com/toolchain/rustc/ Where is your …[View]
71975308Hi, is it possible to run a Display Server as a file, or something? Cause i'm trying to launch …[View]
71975768how can I rice Debian Buster to look like original CrunchBang Linux? I don't want to use its su…[View]
71953690Can Linus TechTips be trusted?: Is this guy a good reviewer?[View]
71965821C++ is such a dumb fucking language. I just want a pointer to a method. What's a better languag…[View]
71975760Should i get this computer in second hand stores like eBay? btw i have only 400$[View]
71973576Why is learning to code so hard? There's 1,000,000 different languages and half of them are jus…[View]
71969393>he has icons, folders and shortcuts on his desktop[View]
71974442>keep buying new tech thinking it will fill the hole inside me >it doesn't fuck…[View]
71973871Does my rig conjure up feels of comfort?: 4-5 year old NZXT case but I replace hardware when needed.…[View]
71964233Can you still use a 386 for modern work?[View]
71971407I just graduated and every single developer job I find requires like 2+ experience. What do I do, /g…[View]
71974293Hey guys. So, I’ve been given a PC with: i5 2nd gen GTX 960 240 SSD 8gb ram Would this be able to …[View]
71971991Is C++ superior to C? Also can someone post the pic of Bjarne with long legs?[View]
71973143Microsoft Edge: The Chromium forklift of Microsoft Edge is actually a pleasant experience. It's…[View]
71969291>Slackware doesn't keep track of dependencies[View]
71975084I don't really have strong ties to Windows beyond the fact that i use Zbrush, Clip Studio Paint…[View]
71972614im retarded how do i learn python? im trying to take classes online but after talking to other peopl…[View]
71966663Let's say...: ...that computers hit a brick wall in the late-80s/early-90s, and for reasons no …[View]
71974942What decent OS is out there for phones? Im only looking for an easy-to-install OS that respects priv…[View]
71974938who /ArchHurd/ here?[View]
71965056Raspberry Pi: This is my first step back into tinkering! I studied basic electronics in high school …[View]
71972245The middle mouse click is going out on my G402 and I cant 3d model properly. I'm also too lazy …[View]
71971312serious question, Im a miserable wageslave and I want to change up my career and become a web develo…[View]
71974368How the fuck did we end up in a world where laptop displays have a superior aspect ratio over every …[View]
71951591reminder that this exists post the best meme coolers[View]
71970641Chromebooks: Does google just want to data mine my life or are these actually a good purchase if I j…[View]
71973799Best way to remove a password from an old .zip I've got with my homemade xp UI?[View]
71973797are there any crypto exchanges these days that aren't botnets?[View]
71972463Weekend /g/ rekt thread: Melted Apple Xserve cluster[View]
71974288Anything cool/useful that can be done with a Palm Zire Z22? They're so cute. :3 And post adorab…[View]
71974317>that face when my laptop is so old the CMOS clock was able to fall several minutes behind >t…[View]
71970052Does /g/ still use IRC?: Do you guys still use IRC in 2019? If yes, Why and what networks/channels?…[View]
71973767Technology Stagnation - Peter Theil: Is he right about the stagnation in every technological except …[View]
71972299Redpill me on Ada.: I am in love with this language right now. Haven't seen anything wrong, it…[View]
71970617So my LG G5 finally hit the bed, and I'm looking for a new phone. What are some good ones that …[View]
71971431/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Example gaming …[View]
71968822Is crypto mining still a thing around here?[View]
71973400Russia's Secret Intelligence Agency Hacked: 'Largest Data Breach In Its History': wtf…[View]
71973422I have over 12 confirmed bugs on at least three diferent popular FOSS tools.[View]
71972993>being reliant on technology Sucks to be cattle[View]
71973514don't use yandex.: don't use yandex, this nigger shit will show pedo results unfiltered. i…[View]
71971892Oracle: So, humans just want A.I. to feed their attention-ego enough so that when they deal with the…[View]
71973271Samsung Fast Charger for Powering LED Strip?: Hey. I need a '5 watt' power supply for a strip of LED…[View]
71971233Programming chairs thread: Post whatever chair you spend most of your time on. Anything welcome, bon…[View]
71970611Would you install a botnet in you're brain if it made you 10x smarter?[View]
71952428/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Users of all leve…[View]
71973156Miss me yet?[View]
71969255/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>71960673 Lisp is the most powerful programming…[View]
71958154How does /g/ organize their pictures?: How the fuck do you guys organize all your saved pictures? Sh…[View]
71968731>mfw he uses a thinkpad[View]
71970444Are 2 core 4 thread processors still relevant? Girlfriend's 2 y/o laptop ate a weiner and she n…[View]
71972451how does one port operating systems to different ISAs?[View]
71971367How can you hate based Apple?[View]
71969684Refrigeration: Refrigeration is technology. Why pic related is even legal? I have noticed that my …[View]
71971386/g/ needs to create a replacement for speccy anyone up for it?[View]
71970567I'm planning to upgrade from an X58 Chipset to that X570 AMD one... There are 2 Versions of tha…[View]
71972334What's the difference between z80 assembly and 6502 assembly? How's it like to go from one…[View]
71965667AMD sucks: Tried to build my computer and this shit happens while fastening the cpu cooler. Never ha…[View]
71971951Is there something about being abandoned (adopted) as a baby that makes you a good Tech CEO?: I wond…[View]
71969853have you been conditioned to go fully wireless for our smartphone future? if not it's such peas…[View]
71967069You use classic shell on 10, right?[View]
71972782Python: the most powerful programming language.[View]
71972229nom nom nom nom nom[View]
71971868why tf does this work perfectly fine on my android phone, but not on my computer?: https://www.vocal…[View]
71971614Why do you people have a problem with UAC? It literally prevents malware from running. Back in the X…[View]
71971689deepin is a Debian-based distribution featuring the custom Deepin desktop environment and associated…[View]
71972491I've been away for a while, but 4chan now displays convos in branches? I just realized it, is t…[View]
71966934Name your favorite linux distro: Looking to put something (probably Mint Cinnamon) on my home machin…[View]
71971563Order a 3700X on the 8th. Still waiting for Amazon UK to deliver. WTF AMD.[View]
71970271Are you fucking kidding me?: Radeon HD 6970 FP64 675.8 GFLOPS Radeon RX 5700 XT 50th Anniversary F…[View]
71968606I guess nobody buys Poozen 2[View]
71972357Simple question, i'm on win10 LTSB, is torbrowser + vpn enough to avoid getting tracked? what…[View]
71972302>have java installed for playing minecraft every couple years >updater recommends I just unins…[View]
71967304GIMP crashes if you try to copy paste.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSAzha2f27Y As u can see in …[View]
71968484What's a good book on learning game development with Python from someone who already know basic…[View]
71969050solus is a piece of shit >go to shutdown, it restarts the computer instead even though i clicked …[View]
71969470Are there any NAS appliances that are just x86 boxes that I can install whatever OS I want on them?[View]
71963163Business PC: ITT: We talk about cheap prebuilts and used business pcs[View]
71967581I have this set of computer speakers. I like them a lot and they look and sound great but all of a s…[View]
71971704I have improved the C syntax in a way that is not niggerlicious. Any nigger can make some nigger fea…[View]
71971106Mouse: What mice do you guys recommend? I have the G403 but the mouse wheel is broken on it by now,…[View]
71971190Do you agree?[View]
71972087If you are concerned that your programming is not minimal enough, you should try the forth programmi…[View]
71972050does watching movies with subtitles raise iq i want to become the best programmer[View]
71971541Using a phone in water: I have a friend who regularly uses his phone while in the shower and has rem…[View]
71967060>reinstall windows 10 >'oh boy, here we go again, let's get rid of all that crap' >ope…[View]
71969513iPhone App Thread: Just got an iPhone 8 after using android for over 7 years. Recommend me some base…[View]
71968197>paper is technology dot grid paper is white man paper.[View]
71971397Cursed e-toilet: Alright imagine this Everytime you have to use the bathroom, you must solve a captc…[View]
71969404i want wireless gaming mouse and keyboard[View]
71968951How do I make a lot of money in tech in Canada /g/?[View]
71966020Why is he an Apple cuck? doesn't even review android anymore[View]
71961847could there be such thing like pic related but with audio upscaling? that would be cool[View]
71970599h-hewwo, im a vaiwis :3c *ewases your amdin wights*[View]
71969229Math for CS: How much mathematics should I master if I want to get a not exclusively code monkey und…[View]
71971683>After the meeting, the man told a fellow interviewer that Intel shouldn’t hire Ryu because he w…[View]
71968230Is Ballmer a chad or a söyboy?[View]
71971505>Install Linux >Uninstall it FREETARDS BTFO, HOW WILL THEY EVER RECOVER? who else here /devili…[View]
71971488firestick: how do i jailbreak a firestick?[View]
71970265>be Winfag >decide I had enough, move out to Ubuntu >set it up just how I want it to >im…[View]
71969898Chromebooks are evil: Why did you buy a Chromebook? Do you regret it? What redeeming qualities do yo…[View]
71969237/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Example gaming …[View]
71967031Show me your IDE no vim/emacs ricers[View]
71971125What are some good cases to get in current year? Looks like NZXT has a damn near monopoly on the mar…[View]
71943696>Opens a package >Note on camera asks him to shoutout a soldier or some shit >Doesn't…[View]
71964676>that square camera bump with asymmetrical lens and flash locations this can't be real, can …[View]
71964817So I want to start coding because I'm bored as shit and have nothing to do. I'm also very …[View]
71969316Besides Librebooted Thinkpads, Gabriel Dropout and Jackie Chan, what are the best things u have lear…[View]
71963604Apollo 11: What kind of technology was Apollo 11?[View]
719698504 vulnerabilities to Logitech shit wireless protocols. FUCK LOGITECH , they wont fix all insecuriti…[View]
71971195after using I3 for a month i find windows to be the most cumbersome shit in existence. t. used XFCE …[View]
71969326https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnMRYwWF988 THIS KILLS THE CANON[View]
71970852should I learn to use i3 or dwm or something else? I already know tmux fyi[View]
71968933Why should use Linux?: I have dual boot. I have used linux very often in the past for nearly 15 year…[View]
71965055Discord in Terminal: Anyone here used Discline? Tired of the Discord botnet but still want to be abl…[View]
71955878Why did rechargeable AAs never really catch on in the USA?: Seems like alkalines and cheap coal shit…[View]
71967050Rolling release or release point, which one is the superior method for: Server Desktop use A mix of …[View]
71965255Why is it so fucking SHIT[View]
71916641/dsk/ general: Post desktops you can freely mire mine[View]
71970726All right /g/, my piece of shit cock sucking razer mouse is on the fritz right out of warranty so I …[View]
71960575AI Portrait thread but with artistic source material[View]
71965190NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER Benchmark Leaks: https://wccftech.com/nvidia-geforce-rtx-2080-super-gp…[View]
71967989Why does this key still exists?[View]
71932669Final Verdict: So what is /g/'s final say on Windows 10? can the telemetry be stopped? Will usi…[View]
71965765I posted this in pcbg but I need to get everyone's input on something. Why does /g/ insist on P…[View]
71967899The Botnet: is there a way to opt out of the Google/Facecuck/Microsoft botnet that doesn't invo…[View]
71965612Can you please stop fudding GNOME? It's our only chance of ever having a mainstream Linux UI th…[View]
71969980>Why yes, I don't buy hardware at release and let the early adopters suffer the agony, then …[View]
71968244So why is the installation wiki complete garbage? Why should I opt out of the comfy Windows 10 ecosy…[View]
71964502Whats wrong with Debian? hardmode: no systemd[View]
71968222When will 4chan support WebP?[View]
71967052Why should I switch to a OS that doesnt work?: PenguinfagOS makes it real hard to switch from Window…[View]
71966814ARE YOU READY FOR LGA1159?: i am[View]
71967828uwu: What is the best distro for a kitty? Puppy Linux? (big kek!)[View]
71969894Why don't you read Microsoft News?: Don't you wanna know what's gonna happen in the w…[View]
71969000Hey /g/ is a swollen battery dangerous? Can I still keep using it? What are the dangers? Its on phon…[View]
71969790Hey /g/, I am looking to purchase a new Ereader. What are the best options these days? I have an old…[View]
71964626What's the easiest coding language to learn?[View]
71968972>size: 9mb >size on disk: 109mb[View]
71965577Am I fucked?: This is my first time building a pc, I finished putting it together, powered on and su…[View]
71968586> Athlon and Pentium are now welfare-tier CPUs What happened? Why did AMD and Intel make their f…[View]
71965787Brains scale better than CPUs. So Intel is building brains: https://arstechnica.com/science/2019/07/…[View]
71967590For me it's the Thinkpad P50[View]
71965372Hello /g/, I got a ThinkPad T430 after my previous laptop broke. I used Windows 10 ever since and us…[View]
71967775What are some programming languages that will make me feel like a dragon from Heroes & Might and…[View]
71968312How do I only print the 'high' values in this dictionary?[View]
71968404http://www.goinfotek.com https://www.shodan.io/host/ practice[View]
71964831Hi /g/, My burglar alarm keeps going off at around 4:30 AM, but there is no sign of anyone trying to…[View]
71963858Is ray tracing a fraud?[View]
71949401Windows is the business OS: >go to virtually any organization's office >a sea of Windows …[View]
71968994why don't they just put the entire computer in the video card?[View]
71968732>opens cmd >makes text green >cd top_secret >cool.bat…[View]
71960673/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>71953022 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
71965931Prime day purchase finally arrived. I have a Noctua NH U12S off to the side already for cooling. Wha…[View]
71965838/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Example gaming …[View]
71967553ALL WORK AND NO PLAY[View]
71964030What makes an exceptional programmer? >an amd/nividia shitposting thread died for this…[View]
71963138How long will people stick with 7 after Microshit kills it?[View]
71968567uninstall gentoo[View]
71955971code challenge 1:30h to finish: well, I failed. How you /g/ solve this? James is a businessman. He i…[View]
71968824Tell me, you need more.[View]
71963547Prevalence of Autism in Tech: So why is autism so common in the tech industry?[View]
71965206SSD health: How long does this good ol' boi have left? I kind of want to buy a new PCI-E SSD fo…[View]
71963998I'm confused, it has zen 2 support or not? https://youtu.be/pdip5Hr8LLI[View]
71967766Static Shock-less materials: /diy/ here I figured you guys know better. What sort of materials are s…[View]
71962230Hi I just found an iPhone 8 in the train. I gave it to police and it's now back at its rightful…[View]
71966030I use openBSD and core2duo laptop. 2gb ram do most of tasks. I can listen music, programming and wat…[View]
71963778Falkon Browser: Is this browser unironically any good? Im trying to decide wether to use this or Vi…[View]
71968002Big health warning to all bros here So I find out just as I was about to buy some 140mm fans that so…[View]
71967384What is the best e-reader in current year? Kobo? Sony? K*ndle?[View]
71966579STOP DELIDDING YUOR CPUS!!!: De-lidding your CPUs is literally like circumcision. Violent, gruesome …[View]
71968255Remember when /g/ thought navi was bad?[View]
71967318/asm/: Learning assembly right now before I have to take it in the fall at uni. At my uni Assembly i…[View]
71966925I've started using 125% scaling on my monitor at work because it reduces my eye strain. Are my …[View]
71950764Compare Internet Speeds[View]
71967009Server for a game: >play a dead game >devs not liking me because of my political opinions …[View]
71956557/g/ > /biz/: Is Interactive Brokers good technology? Should I make an account? I just want to p…[View]
71967626>Never updated their computer >Never updated their Android How didn't they get a virus?…[View]
71964040Anybody here implemented zero-trust access? I'd appreciate it if you FAGGOTS could answer a few…[View]
71967531>You appeared in 1 search this week >IBM Logo see ya later neets, any minute now i will reciev…[View]
71948346/eg/ - exploit general: >>71948199 >>71948247 >>71948269 >>71948295 Sorry if…[View]
71941271/csg/ - Chinese Shopping General: Emergency thread. There's hasn't been't a thread fo…[View]
71956199Seething nvidia fags on suicide watch[View]
71965081Motorola Moto G7 Power or pixel 3a? other recs welcome.[View]
71966453Is social media good thing or bad thing? One good I can think of: introvertedness is not costly like…[View]
71962209White Man...will you join the Aurora OS revolution?: Open Mobile Platform LLC and Votron LLC, both p…[View]
71966570Google Reverse Image Search: Why is google reverse image search so shit now? It used to be better. …[View]
71940228What are some recommended youtube channels, /g/?[View]
71963071>Paying $70 for a higher digit in the name Glad I did not fall for it.[View]
71963912YouTube premium: This is just sad, they are literally investing on people's ignorance. They pay…[View]
71966253275w psu rx 570?: So I want to put a new gpu in this optiplex 9010 I've acquired, but I don…[View]
71967363>I do all the technical hardwork >fresh out of school program manager makes a PowerPoint out o…[View]
71955377Why are AIO Watercoolers a thing? For Enthusiast, go with an custom water loop, for anyone else, get…[View]
71927577Battlestations are GO - /bst/: Make Amiga Great Again edition[View]
71965236why we don't have a frugal computing general yet?[View]
71956937I just installed Ubuntu. Now what?[View]
71955625i'll bite. why do you mongoloids shit on this book?[View]
71966489>Get pi 4 4 gig >put one heat sink on processor >turn it on >shit needs more power to s…[View]
71959327iPad OS: Is iPad OS stable enough to recommend right now? How do you review it? Is it enough “deskto…[View]
71962008In Europe all CS students learn Erlang. Meanwhile in the first world we learn fucking python[View]
71943265I fucking hate java i can’t believe this is the only way to do this java programmers are fucking ter…[View]
71962370what's the programming language equivalent of violent shits?[View]
71965935Hey so I got the google Pixel 3, I'm wondering what I can do to install a new non data collecti…[View]
71962840How dead is SLI or NvLink?[View]
71966566best-movies(DOT)info/ is down :( any alternatives?[View]
71965810I want to build a seedbox/media server, what PC do you recommend me? Should I get a SBC? Please help…[View]
71955246It's literally the same shit.[View]
71942023What browser does /g/ recommend / use? >firefox - shit and made by cuck mozilla >chromium - go…[View]
71965968>wiped bios accidentally bruh[View]
71963353I have this i5 4460 Lenovo K450 with a 512mb 'graphics' card that can output HDMI. Its fairly stock,…[View]
71966224Is there a software that works locally on windows where you can search the context, name or source o…[View]
71965468deskktob thred: only 10/10 literally perfect desktobs allowed no weeb pedos allowed either[View]
71964879try/catch is fucking garbage, promises are garbage, JS is broken from the core. Golang is unironical…[View]
71965461Nanomachines, son: How much progress has humanity made in the field of nanotechnology? How much long…[View]
71961810post what vpns you use pic not related[View]
71965753Pig toilets: How about you simple minded fools take a break from discussing information technology a…[View]
71963879>talk shit in ssl chat >hear knocking on my door What do…[View]
71965537>Watch some random video recommended by the jewtube botnet algorithm >See this Why is this all…[View]
71962043/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Example gaming …[View]
71961077SMARTPHONE BUYING GAUDE: I have to buy new smartphone now I need in it: 1 stilus 2 booting from SD c…[View]
71961955>be SpaceIsrael >have a budget of $100,000,000 >fail a soft landing in 2019 meanwhile the r…[View]
71964310Not sure if this is the right board but does /g/ know what the best full set roms downloads are for …[View]
71963829internetfuckedup: So my phone is connected to my wifi, but the internet on my phone is not working a…[View]
71958113>bought a Udemy course on beginner JavaScript >the course is fucking terrible >instructor b…[View]
71964747What's the best RFID-blocking wallet, and the best everything-blocking phone case, /g/?[View]
71954533Which is harder? To program a rocket or a AAA game?[View]
71960993I'm done with Winshit: Redbull me on Hackintosh. Give me the truth. How stable it is? What work…[View]
71964983What's the future of IT Support /g/? If you're too dumb to go into software development, i…[View]
71942765How did you learn to structure and write clean comprehensive code?[View]
71965228I need a computer that can do basic shit like play music, type letters, basic photoshop stuff, but a…[View]
71965223I just lost one of ten brain cells i had left.... I've got both 612 and 701 and they need ampli…[View]
71959902>Chrome add-ons can't directly call executables What a bunch of horse dick.…[View]
71965204NonProfit engineering busines: I'm trying to start an engineering business. I was wondering if …[View]
71962341Does anyone have any experience hosting a Mastodon instance? I want to host my own for just me so I …[View]
71960685/seg/ - Stax Earspeakers General: “New Stax vs Old Stax” edition Making a separate thread since it’s…[View]
71956208So I am compiling gdb on my mobile, how are you doing?[View]
71963364How come TV manufacturers can't make a TV with a responsive interface and semi-decent DLED VA p…[View]
71961852Any good places to find pc cases by size? I've spent 3 days looking and can't find one th…[View]
71964708Where have all the Android alternatives gone? We used to be able to happily install Sailfish, Ubuntu…[View]
71964013Getting jobs in tech: Hey /o/, I’m trying to teach myself to code (JS, then moving on to python and …[View]
71950351What is the point of ReactOS when you could just run Wine on a minimal Linux base?[View]
71962617Search engine: I really love searx but it's so slow I also really love startpage but it lacks o…[View]
71953229Predicting control flow: Is it possible to predict which path the control flow of a program will tak…[View]
71963588I like lennart's gnome t shirt :)[View]
71963398Fix this piece of shit[View]
71956614/g/ community on urbit: I want to set up a /g/ community on urbit, anyone down?[View]
71961829Looking for some good advice here. I've been using Windows for many many years now. In the rece…[View]
71963629Is anyone more based/honest than Dave?[View]
71963272Have you ever felt discriminated against in the tech industry?: https://www.mercurynews.com/2019/07/…[View]
71962888are there any /g/ approved C++ tutorials/guides for complete newbies?[View]
71958345Best Search Companian for Brave Browser?: Alright you guys hooked me on Brave, what privacy centric …[View]
71944121FUCKING LAPTOPS: are all modern laptops shit? I'm not talking minor annoyances but I've be…[View]
71964248Why is it impossible to make your own top level domain? if i wanted to make a site with .poopoopeep…[View]
71951480How do you prepare for doomsday? Say in the next few months Trump accidentally launches a nuke while…[View]
71955808Fuck these pieces of shit and theyre laying in the streets and sidewalks[View]
71963531FDROID CUCKING OUT: What the fuck just happened fa/g/s??[View]
71954731Any tips for building a server?: So I was wondering if you lads had any tips on building servers? …[View]
71964191Clint here. Can any of you make me an ominous beeping app? I'll pay top dollar. I'd do …[View]
71963372Building an artificial portal: Hey /g/ Do any of you have any information in regards to building an …[View]
71961623Test-driven development: How do I know what test cases should I generate? How do I know I've wr…[View]
71959626>meet girl >takes her laptop out >webcam is taped based and redpille- >launches chrome…[View]
719623381 twitter tab open for half an hour: >1k requests blocked[View]
71934131IT'S OVER INTEL IS POZZED HOUSEFIRED AND BANKRUPT: https://www.amazon.com/Best-Sellers-Electron…[View]
71961165Will I make it?[View]
71957841What's the point of using C++ or Rust when you can achieve identical performance and safety usi…[View]
71960157Technology should cater to normies. If it doesn't then it isn't good technology. That…[View]
71962439WHY ARE PHONES SO SHIT REEEE: I just want solid battery life, a nice stock OS, proper speakers and t…[View]
71956397How come handbrake doesn't scale when going for more cores/threads? I should have like 300% mor…[View]
71963477zoom zoom zoom zooooom what technology do i use to embrace my zoomer identity[View]
71962694is it possible to train a drone AI to trace a /g/ lurking anon's IP and slingshot pizzas at her…[View]
71962813Do videos in 1440p or 4K look better than in 1080p on a1080p monitor?[View]
71963273is there an emulator for winxp that emulates one of the newer windows OS?[View]
71963225How do you like your eggs, /g/?[View]
71961792>want to google something embarrasing >open tor browser…[View]
71958470Rate my database design: I've designed a rather elegant inventory database to keep track of all…[View]
71963144continuing >>71962662 Tor, IPFS, VPNs, basically talk about avoiding censorship and maintainin…[View]
71946925Still rocking my FX 6300 and its working fantastic. Why do people say piledriver was bad again? Is t…[View]
71961344My adventure with linux started and finished the same day 1. zero system configuration options even …[View]
71962855>look under bed for the first time since birth to confront my fears >find a sony Vaio Can I us…[View]
71962640Best Linux distro for privacy/usability tradeoff?: Linux noob here, After learning about all the tel…[View]
71961367How long until CD becomes the new vinyl?[View]
71929496What are the most attractive cases in terms of being aesthetically pleasing?: Can you please post pi…[View]
71960747Hypothetically, how does one cause a PSU to fail in a way such that it looks like it was defective?[View]
71957686Do you think the fuckwits who make Firefox have this much confidence in their work?[View]
71961889Can you buy single rank ram separately instead of kit of 2x? separate is cheaper for me and will arr…[View]
71959877downloading adobe for chromium, select my os and version. adobe secretly selected McAfee to be downl…[View]
71960503How do I get good at programming? How do you stop from stagnating?[View]
71961653what's the best android internet browser?[View]
71962114Is the whole 'learning programming in uni is a waste of time' a meme or is there some truth in that?[View]
71949930https://f-droid.org/en/2019/07/16/statement.html How long until clover is removed from f-droid?[View]
71949743Just bought this. What should I expect?[View]
71961608Duckiesuckiego: Is this thing really good? It fucking downloaded a fucking porn app on my device…[View]
71957682FREE speech to text programs: Can you help me find FREE speech to text programs?? I know android and…[View]
71961127I am actually mindblown. Apparently this game is turing complete? This is the most intense nerdgasm …[View]
71930983/mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboard General: /mkg/ - High Profile Spherical Edition >Buyer's templat…[View]
71955546Do you think you will keep enjoying your computers in 20 years?[View]
71949044/spg/ - Smartphone General: Edisi melayu If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your countr…[View]
71958702PC Bricked: Hey I'm clearing the CMOS rn I did the jumper thing and am leaving the battery out …[View]
71957765Did I brick it?: I was installing a new cooler on my cpu. It was hard to secure, I was pressing dow…[View]
71960289is this the best linux laptop around at the moment?[View]
71944494/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Previous threads: >>71927246 >Read >>51971506 >GN…[View]
71960236Do u find it okay to have my passwords stored in MySQL database as password manager as long database…[View]
71957361/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Example gaming …[View]
71959574What is the best Fitbit?[View]
71957325RUST ABSOLUTELY BTFO IN US CONGRESS: https://youtu.be/CdiblVpSur0?t=12470[View]
71956817Microsoft Surface: Microsoft Surface[View]
71952086Void linux user atm. Im gonna give distrohopping another chance. Any distro I should try?[View]
71957784is the age of arm here?[View]
71955842It's tech related: Guys, I done goofed. I'm applying for college fresh out of high school …[View]
71953053>buy ryzen 3000 >Use boards older than x570 and your CPU doesn't post because of terrible…[View]
71956535Coding on a phone: I know this is a retarded thing to do, but I want to learn to code for Csound on …[View]
71961159>'Hey guys how do I do [exact thing you're looking for]?' >This question has already been…[View]
71960667Gonna do a fresh os install on my desktop, need help deciding between Fedora and Debian. I'm go…[View]
71954532https://aiportraits.com/# This is beautiful[View]
71953644Android Tablet Apps: who here uses an (android) tablet? what apps do you use? what do you use the ta…[View]
71961051Is buying used electronics worth the saved money?[View]
71958432Hey it's me, the anon from ZOOrin messup and nvidia Installing KDE manjaro, it's much smoo…[View]
71961022So I went on Dell's site, bartered a bit with a commercial guy and got a decent price on the XP…[View]
71957534>50 fps difference Shitel fanboys will defend this.[View]
71950040It just works.[View]
71951244>amd, intel, and nvidia fanboys keep calling each others products housefires >applel: hold my …[View]
71960112KDE Choice: Should i what choice at during KDE installation? I will use mpv. Not VLC shit.[View]
71959047FACT: If you need more than pic related for gayming, web browsing, computing, etc or ANYTHING else y…[View]
71958585how to become 1337 h4xx0r? how many thinkpads do i need?[View]
71934501Kuroba Thread: This is thread is for discussion of the imageboard browser Kuroba https://github.com/…[View]
71925721/fwt/ - Friendly Windows Thread: Welcome to /fwt/ - Friendly Windows 98 Thread. Users of all levels …[View]
71958357What could they have done to prevent this, /g/? Fix KyoAni's data problems.[View]
71959285how do you make money working at home? code monkey for hire?[View]
71958661Google too gay for me: How Botnet-ty is Aptoide? I'm trying to get rid of all Google shit on my…[View]
71954028Is is getting way too spooky. How the fuck does google know I was going to ask about borderlands? …[View]
71953022/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>71946815 Lisp is the most powerful programming…[View]
71958705taking the first part of the omptia a+ exam on Tuesday, should I be able to win it just from being o…[View]
71959355Need a KIKEless TV: I need a decent panel that can't kike my shit up. In other words I need A n…[View]
71959076Neural Processing Unit: https://arstechnica.com/science/2019/07/brains-scale-better-than-cpus-so-int…[View]
71952658buy Ryzen[View]
71958463/Fit/ness trackers and security: I'm looking at buying a fitness tracker to help me measure my …[View]
71959710Interviewing with an MSP next week. I only have a tenuous grasp what an MSP really is (seems just li…[View]
71957961Anons what gpu should I buy for my dell xps 410 system which has 8gb ddr2 ram with a core 2 quad q66…[View]
71927832/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: What are private trackers? Google it. How do I get in? Google it. C…[View]
71959077Anyone else have an RTX 2060 Super? I'm wondering how my unit performs compared to the norm, bu…[View]
71959251I fell for the prebuilt meme and the computer died after a few hours of using it. I'm assuming …[View]
71959106My connected monitor to my laptop freezes while watching videos, stutters, or straight up won't…[View]
71953862Microsoft Edge is ready for business!: You can now install microsoft edge on any version of windows.…[View]
71956404The greatest programming language of all time. Anyone can use it. Frontend, backend. The syntax is a…[View]
71948846Redpill me on thiccpad, why should i get this instead of other brands?[View]
71958515/MLG/ Machine Learning General: Baby's first neural network (in less than 10 minutes) https://w…[View]
71959260E-readers: What e-reader is best suited for reading converted PDFs? am I limited to the kindle?…[View]
71955754WELCOME TO WEBEX[View]
71957594Encryption with two different possible outputs?: Is it possible to encrypt a message with two differ…[View]
71957344Has technology made us cumbrains? How do we stop?[View]
71958875For those of you who use twitter and firefox, to revert Twitter back to normal permanently -Type abo…[View]
71953596/csg/ Chink Shit General: CHINK SHIT edition In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on AliExpre…[View]
71958302Laptop Spec Sheets?: I'm looking for a very in-depth diagram on the construction and the instal…[View]
71958437is the surface book 2 good for a drawfaggot?[View]
71949582Languages not used that much thread: What obscure language would you like to work with if you could?…[View]
71958442PHP Experts: echo _(~(chr(1.43e2).chr(1.5e2)))(); guess the result of this code without running it, …[View]
71958674/sftp/ - suck my trap penis edition: I used to like the ___ programming language, but now I use ___ …[View]
71958669How to deliver a tech presentation: I'll be a speaker at a local tech meet up. I know the subje…[View]
71951098Is this a terrible meme or are discord cucks actually screwed?[View]
71956707So I am considering learning Vim, my rationale is that I will be dealing with a remote server with o…[View]
71958207what buy?[View]
71957952I'm looking for a Mr. Anon Mr. Anon my name is Bill Walsh, I am with Time Warner Cable Investig…[View]
71955803True digital privacy is impossible: >excavate raw materials from the sea floor of international w…[View]
71954605Hello /g, I am an unfortunate owner of an LG G5 that while isn't bootlooping, it is flawed as f…[View]
71957333I am confused, I installed Zorin os 15 on ssd and its lagging...but now apparentlz less Im so confus…[View]
71957046ITT we make a website
71927363>be software engineer >call myself an engineer Why does this make some people seeth?…[View]
71957194What OS does (HE) uses /g/?[View]
71944292Do you seed?[View]
7195425130 year old retail worker here. Is it too late to get into programming?[View]
71956802I am here to inquire about the whereabouts of consumer oriented electricity containers of the solid,…[View]
71954863why does this crap still conects to so many ips with telemetry disabled? vscodium is the same do the…[View]
71953280/efpt/ - Excessively Friendly Programming Thread: Dearest Anon, prithee, reveal unto me thine codes.…[View]
71957458RIP Patrick Winston: Professor Patrick Winston, former director of MIT’s Artificial Intelligence Lab…[View]
71954925This is the dumbest shit I've ever seen.[View]
71952094any suggestions for a free linux vpn? i know it is better to pay for a vpn service obviously. i inst…[View]
71954426/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Example gaming …[View]
71955829>'Yes, Anon, please come in and take a seat...' >'So as you know, Anon, it's company poli…[View]
71918764amd market share in nippon is now 50.5%[View]
71950159Need advice quick on a new phone. If i have to pick between IOS and android id pick ios, if i could …[View]
71952158How would you use thermal paste on this?[View]
71953586>spent half an hour trying to find a non-indian tutorial for a Android thing video on YouTube …[View]
71955824irc channels: hey /g/. i miss IRC. a lot. like... its been prolly 25 yrs but I wanna go back. i want…[View]
71956431Every day carry: Empty your pockets /g/ and post 'em[View]
71954758>Lookup C programming tutorials on google/YouTube >LITERALLY 95% of them are by pajeets with s…[View]
71953810my bluetooth earbuds are finally starting to die whats the best replacement i can buy for <$50?[View]
71956708GNOO/Loonix sandbox: I need to run a couple of intrusive/botnet-esque programs on my machine (they s…[View]
71955558Help i fucked my shit up ordered a new gpu and shits way bigger than i expected, any way for me to m…[View]
71956444Hey /g/ , what does this book offer that other books on computers dont?[View]
71955665Good prebuilts right now?: drop some links to some decently priced prebuilts.(budget 500-600 looking…[View]
71955552Windows 10: Hey, /g/. I'm building my first PC soon. I've ordered all the parts today, but…[View]
71953222Time for Apple to dump Intel: >https://www.zdnet.com/article/time-for-apple-to-dump-intel/ >In…[View]
71956150How to catfish in 2019?[View]
71956673> https://warosu.org/g/ So what gives with the amount of shitposting in the archives lately?…[View]
71947475>pass the online coding tests >next round is a “video interview” where an AI will analyze my s…[View]
71952798memlets btfo: Are YOU a memlet? Explain yourself RIGHT NOW[View]
71955529FaceApp is the mark of the beast: ' ... to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads…[View]
71951705What custom rom does /g/ use ?[View]
71953472>Thinkpads have shit screens The Thinkpad r50p from over a decade ago has a QXGA IPS panel (2048x…[View]
7195624810 y/o toaster now capped at 3 fps[View]
71953357I've been doing some thinking lately and come to the conclusion that if a spyware-free version …[View]
71955792Arch encryption?: Should I standard install ArchLinux or encript? Will it make it harder for the glo…[View]
71955968Windows, Bluetooth:: >PC already on, bluetooth enabled >turn on bluetooth headphones: no other…[View]
71955994>Program for fun >Get a job as a developer >It's boring and stressful Why?…[View]
71953062>aesthetically pleasing >doesn't look like an alien spaceship Tell me why I shouldn'…[View]
71954779How do you bypass information harvesting forms like this one? What if it requires email/phone verifi…[View]
71955498Programming is essentially pic related. Prove me wrong[View]
71952322How TOR exit nodes can keep getting away with it?: If I undertand correctly when a website is reques…[View]
71953728why does twitter allow women to be whores while instagram doesn't?[View]
71939511Why aren't you writing a bot that trades stocks algorithmically and makes you rich?[View]
719472331903 banding: THE ABSOLUTE FUCKING STATE OF WINSHARTS https://www.eizoglobal.com/support/compatibili…[View]
71952775Best Custom Rom for Privacy?: What's the best custom ROM for telling Google data collectors to …[View]
71955647me retard, where learn python[View]
71953673Online compilers vs Local compilers: what do you think guys about online compilers? i think that tho…[View]
71954552>GNU/Linux >GNU+Linux Which one is it?[View]
71952595pic related: >retarted kernel[View]
71951873The 'just a kernel' meme is stupid, a kernel is a complete OS. All a userspace like GNU does is make…[View]
71955512IT Support/Analyst Jobs: Is it still a good field to get into, especially on the west coast USA? Or …[View]
71954712ITT: /g/ autism: What are some /g/ related things you like or do that are a bit difficult to justify…[View]
71949877Abolishing DNS: Say, just as a little thought experiment. Imagine that IPv6 never happened, and inst…[View]
71952462>sends the Linux desktop experience back several decades Hey didn't mean anything by it…[View]
71954514My 128GB flash drive only has 115GiB. Where's the other 4GiB?[View]
71950646>it is possible to get an IT job without a college degree? >of course! I have been coding sinc…[View]
71953500Everything is DOWN: >gnu.org DOWN >itunes DOWN >Ubuntu repos DOWN All right what the fuck d…[View]
71945574Hello /g/ So I finally decided to get off my ass and start learning some programming. I got an app …[View]
71942943/hpg/ - Headphones General: Fuck Takstar edition How to request purchase advice >location >bud…[View]
71951787>AYYYMD 7nm can barely compete with Intel's 14nm Can you imagine when Intel reach 7nm the wa…[View]
71953391https://youtu.be/Gk2PAnnc_Qo do people actually fall for this stupid bullshit? The comparison shots…[View]
71954897I made a copypaste that requires a lot of spoiler tags but I think there's a limit on the numbe…[View]
71940270Why aren't you running a phone farm and making $50k/yr?[View]
71942172>idles at 60 nothing personel gweilo[View]
71953263Intel NUC Competitors: I want to buy something like an Intel NUC, but I fucking hate Intel. What are…[View]
71940827Looking for a cheap 2.4/5ghz jammer. Any chink shit ideas[View]
71953510Which brand is better: ASUS or MSI in terms of durability, reliability, and overall? Will MSI help f…[View]
71942025Shaving technology was looking into double-edged razors and everywhere I ask dudes seem to recommend…[View]
71942288What the FUCK is this[View]
71954233Data-mining check in firefox?: Is there anyway to check to see if this addon is data-mining my brows…[View]
71951875charge theshold: what's the ideal charge threshold?[View]
71950232/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Example gaming …[View]
71953209Boomer tech: ITT: Boomer shit Amateur radio[View]
71947078>when you find out your ISP puts you through DOUBLE NAT godfucking dammmit…[View]
71950039Where were you when Hacker News praised 4chan as visionary? We won bois, the future is 4chan[View]
71952161For me, it's clear linux[View]
71952016Fuck thinkpads https://www.linuxtechnews.com/slimbook-is-offering-a-new-laptop-called-slimbook-pro-x…[View]
71948775Boomer programmers: Are they able to think clearly? Are they all devoted to legacy tasks that they l…[View]
71933457The 9900K just got a massive price cut, is now only £25 more than a 3800X and £75 cheaper than a 390…[View]
71952422are 4k monitors worth it?: or should i wait a few more years? they're about $200 atm used on eb…[View]
71953884How do I learn web development? Can someone point me in the right direction? I did the codecademy H…[View]
71953939What's the deal with all the boomer threads? At any given time at least a dozen threads on /g/ …[View]
71954042Why are people interested in technology that will shield them from scrutiny by organizations whose p…[View]
71951727How the fuck are you supposed to buy a decent USB drive when there's a mountain of trash floati…[View]
71948682Hey /g/ what is your favorite DE environment and why? OS don't matter (the aero/explorer on win…[View]
71951738>chinese vibrating heating function, skin like dildo seller calls you 'dear friend'…[View]
71953511Throw At Me What You Will, I Don't Care: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZiTr4hwHXI…[View]
71951685Machine Learning Meme: Frens, can you recomend me tutorial to learn machine learning? I know algebra…[View]
7194955727 years old neet brainlet here. Should I just become a code monkey? Was thinking of taking a python…[View]
71947333Why are there so many pissing languages? Why cant we just make everything in C or C++?[View]
71953508>'Designed in California' Explains a lot[View]
71953144Say something nice about him[View]
71953496Question about UTF-8: So I noticed as I was scanning a UTF-8-encoded text file for Unicode character…[View]
71947352SQL Appreciation Thread: We don't talk enough about SQL on this board. It may not technically b…[View]
71952214Playlist Debate: I need your autism-powered help /g/ I've never been a phonefag, but now I foun…[View]
71952061fuck winshit and macos[View]
71949957/g/- humour: /g/ - humour thread pic not related (too funny)[View]
71949657How do you make being a software developer sound interesting when going on a date?[View]
71949894So did the code quality gone worse after SJWs took over?[View]
71946815/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>71936799 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
71952978https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_GvOe1_UKs undervolted to 0.966V barely consumes 130watts clocked …[View]
71950018You need to wean yourself off the tit of the big proprietors.[View]
71949299>R7 1700x CPU >3.8GHz at 1.35v >rendering video, CPU utilization ~80% and CPU temps ~70c du…[View]
71952202Install Gentoo: It's not terribly difficult. Also, wizkids report ITT. Benefits of installing G…[View]
71949691What can I do with this cheap-ass piece of forbidden fruit?[View]
71950506Thanks to Trump and the tariffs on Chinese goods we will likely see a price hike on most laptops lat…[View]
71948045How do I permanently delete files properly so they can't be recovered no matter what?[View]
71952444https://aiportraits.com/# Not too long ago we were saying it wouldnt happen in our lifetime. Guess a…[View]
71946349>ryzen 3600 is the perfect perfomance/price processor for any non overkill retarded uses I love i…[View]
71950434>-16%: oh no no no[View]
71931737>NO RGB Builds Post non RGB/blackout builds, looking for some inspo[View]
71940119/rust/ IT'S HAPPENING !: IT'S HAPPENING ! Microsoft BTFO all current programming language…[View]
71950469how do i become 1337 h4xx0r how many thinkpads do i need[View]
71950100halp software: so my father ask me to develop a freaking software so he can track when people was in…[View]
71949168Fonts: What fonts do you fine /g/entlemen prefer to use? (Mainly for web browsing, but for other pur…[View]
71945810Paint 3D is nice. What do you think?[View]
71946426Anyone else going to run Windows 7 on their new Ryzens ?[View]
71950238are malware scanners still a thing? Which one is legit. I remember years ago the Spyware program was…[View]
71946615AMDrones will defend this[View]
71942775*obsoletes your piracy*[View]
71950050How the hell did RadioShack miss the entire 'maker movement,' like Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, drones,…[View]
71948696Now that the dust has settled, was XP a good OS?[View]
71946967What's the worst OS in the world? I'll start.[View]
71951921help me escape from my government[View]
71952010http://techrights.org/2019/07/18/lf-as-microsoft-isv/ Where were you when based Microsoft Chad'…[View]
71948146>Components don't always have the exact specifications they are marketed with Why is this al…[View]
71949924escaping from the ISP botnet: i'm stuck with pic related (an isp from brazil, the jewest of jew…[View]
71950830Pens & Pencils Thread: What are some kino pens? I'm looking for something that's hefty…[View]
71951190Anyone running this? Thinking of getting one as a present to myself[View]
71947815OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO[View]
71945830>Majority of the population don't know what the Web is beyond Social Media…[View]
71934557Should i start learning C or Rust?[View]
71951505I'd like to interject for a moment. What you are referring to as GNU/Linux is, in fact, IBM/sys…[View]
71944414Raspberry Pi Thread: Hello based pi users. Currently dabbling in Kali for raspberry pi. I noticed th…[View]
71944974How do I prepare for a software engineering interview (not FAANG)?[View]
71950966Hey /g/: I rarely come here as I'm quite busy with a cool project at work. I looked at my posit…[View]
71946880new to linux, send help: so i've decided to take the jump and go full linux on my laptop, tired…[View]
71950433R8: inb4 'no thiccpad, why bother?': t.newfag[View]
71950645>>71157886 you all laughed. you all refused to believe. you bought the hype. but I'm rig…[View]
71920318/wdg/ - Web Development General: Weeb Dev General Previous thread: >>71884025 >Beginner Roa…[View]
71933499Friendly GNU+Linux Thread, /fglt/: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Users of all level…[View]
71943686what music player should i use on arch? just switched from Win10 and have been using foobar for year…[View]
71951086Soo password managers... Are they even safe on Windows? I use windows for gaming and some tinkering,…[View]
71944307The Chinese are crushing Intel: Will sanctions save Israel?[View]
71948022I have downloaded - Windows.10.Enterprise.LTSC.2019.v17763.557.X64.Updated.14.06.2019.PreActivated (…[View]
71950025Besides Mac, didn’t Steve Jobs cause Apple to bleed money with commercial failures on his effort wit…[View]
71950300KDE is my savior: >trying to play Rocket League under Fedora GNU/Linux Cinnamon >native versio…[View]
71950218Thoughts on this bitch ass?: Who is this meant for, old people, or idiot zoomers?[View]
71950816Is access to Internet resources nowadays provided on a need-to-know basis?[View]
71950094>phone battery at 2% >plug it in >55% charging…[View]
71920927Honest VPN recommendation: Is VPN just a meme? It became extremely popular recently does it even wor…[View]
71947540/ipados/: A thread to discuss this beautiful OS that lets us combine efficiency and portability. Got…[View]
71946346Hackerrank/leetcode/etc/any other suggestions What is the best one if you want to get better at pro…[View]
71950293Would you test the tools of this system on your own computers network? Sometimes it seems as if ever…[View]
71946940NVIDIA BTFO RDNA is a better uarch[View]
71950348i use gentoo linux[View]
71947996When did tech entusiasts became pussies: Why the fuck do you care if CPU runs at 80c? if throttle po…[View]
71943798Only the truth[View]
71948588Why do people keep saying ryzen has amazing power draw? Seems pretty normal to me.[View]
71945307/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Example gaming …[View]
71949755hey /g/ i need some help lads. I keep wearing my apple earphones because they fit really well for me…[View]
71949966Keep your functions pure and your state immutable as much as you can.[View]
71949965why these trannys still not update fennec f-droid? there is important security fixes and they don…[View]
71947968>mfw trying to install that fucking wraith cooler[View]
71949775I have been coding for 3 years and I still can’t recall syntax by memory. I google everything and li…[View]
71940213Is buying a NAS worth it or am I better of building my own version with a raspberry pi or a small PC…[View]
71941288Functional OS general: A functional OS features rollbacks even at boot, atomic updates, pure package…[View]
71946771Why does 720p quality looks so bad? I just bought a redmi note 7 i like it so far but when i went to…[View]
71949835What's the best free fuzzer?[View]
71949745>You need at least 5 years of professional on the job experience. >We also want to start you a…[View]
71947810/g/nuCraft - Minecraft Programming Server: /g/entelments, it's time. I plan to setup programmin…[View]
71949613i know consumer shit is already rampant on this board, but i will try to make this a genuine discuss…[View]
71947644Welcome to Zombocom![View]
71948678>/g/, reddit and other tech forums are full of people having trouble with Ryzen Serves you right,…[View]
71946167arch problem missing files: I installed arch today and im trying to configure my VPN, which includes…[View]
71947437Is anything more comfier than spending the summer trying to revive some of your childhood technologi…[View]
71938454Terry A. Davis Video Archive: Does anyone have the complete 2007-2018 TempleOS video archive? The co…[View]
71946884is there a way to manually install a plugin in firefox? i copied the necesery files to the required …[View]
71939831why is this faggot popular: >literally shows himself copy/pasting other peoples code from stackex…[View]
71949345Who SPINNING CUBES here? https://youtu.be/Ban7wspkrNQ?list=PLb7YRKEhWEBUIoT-a29UoJW9mhfzjpNle[View]
71946728Best Linux Distro 2019, for desktop: well /g/?[View]
71946434What shit do you do without internet?: What kind of shit can you do when you don't have interne…[View]
71936893>search with Google >page I need is within the first 3 results >search with DDG >page I …[View]
71944913What went wrong?[View]
71948923what marketed retards think is happening >ha, you are too poor to afford ray tracing and dlss huh…[View]
71946136Not like this,aaaaa, how do I opt out of this MOBILE redesign?[View]
71932233Hey /g/ is it possible to create two transparent PNG’s who look like complete random data, but when …[View]
71946721>>71941792 >>71934756 >>71944821 This bullshit is NOT technology and absolutely st…[View]
71946719>Yes GNU-oyim, keep fixing my shitty distro and wasting your life essence on me. The more time yo…[View]
71913886/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: Surgery Edition Previous thread: >>71860314 Don't buy anything…[View]
71946464Linux is a server OS, bucko. Slay the dragon, clean your room, straighten your back and use a real O…[View]
71946086Bottlenecking: Im upgrading my GPU, getting a 2070 Super Will my I5-8600 bottleneck it?[View]
71943881https://aiportraits.com/ This is pretty cool /g/[View]
71948253Close to converting fully to ArchLinux: I have lurked here, made a few threads, read ArchWiki Instal…[View]
71945106I’m trying to become an obnoxious tech faggot. I already have wireless earbuds, a smart watch, and a…[View]
71947103Common Lisp General: What is your excuse for not having learnt the cutest language?[View]
71948476redpill me on Cloveros: is it worth installing on my main machine or no?[View]
71946141name your favorite JS library. hard mode: backend only libraries.[View]
71946425is this worth learning if you want to research reinforcement learning?[View]
71943796>2019 >he doesn't own a faraday bag[View]
71934756should have been a farmer: what's your dream non-tech job?[View]
71947307using VPN at work: hey gfags I need your help. I've been NEETing it up for 7 years but about to…[View]
71945443G what's up with black cyber '' and Trusona??? Pic related is the main rocket engine fuel valv…[View]
71945859VPNs are complete scams. If you violate the law, you will be found. Period.[View]
71947715Going back to windows: I've been using linux for 9 years Do you know how much time has been was…[View]
71947933>buy echo dot used for cheap to fuck around with and program some apps >get it home to set it …[View]
71947925why cant I buy a 4chan pass with BSV?: with BSV and moneybutton I could buy a 4chan pass within seco…[View]
71946572y'all ever just use arch with no DE as your main OS[View]
71947503How to make windows linux-like?: here's what I use so far: >cygwin >chocolatey >conemu…[View]
71945947I just asked my Google home how much a tanning bed costs and this was sent to my phone through a pus…[View]
71943669Sataniafag, this one is for you.[View]
71946738any free way to unlock the bootloader and root huawei phones?[View]
719461822019: AMD tries to beat Intel with TSMC's better process node, fails.: Intel laughs as it holds…[View]
71931881whats your hot keys to activate • email • browser • shell • editor you do have hotkeys bound to acti…[View]
71944190Daily reminder to install Gentoo, Zoomer. https://youtu.be/mGSy3_8QVTM[View]

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