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76185569How does resizing in media players, image viewers, photoshop work with images that don't have f…[View]
76190171irc: how to create an irc on a website? or encrypted chats[View]
76184597dwm or bswpm: I have never used a tiling wm but I wanna try narrowed it down to dwm & bspwm ive …[View]
76189944Is it a shit idea to get an unlimited data package for your phone and then tether it to your PC so y…[View]
76180216My youtube layout was overhauled today or just now, was yours? What's it like /g/? This shit …[View]
76185029Why no experimental CPUs? Competing on frequencies and core count is boring. I'd like to see CP…[View]
76188275Qutebrowser: Pill me on QuteBrowser please /g . botnet or not? firefox replacement ? Serious questio…[View]
76186200What is lua good for?[View]
76188534Graphics Card Help: Is there a massive difference between NVidia Quadro T2000 and the RTX series? I …[View]
76180303are programming bootcamps a meme? could I get a job out of a bootcamp without a cs degree?[View]
76180297To the Windowsfags: What would it take for you to try out MacOS? What features would it take for you…[View]
76184043What in the name of Satan could you POSSIBLY need more for??[View]
76176422are ergonomic chairs a meme?[View]
76189790Expectation vs. Reality thread: I'll start > Haskell > Expectation: bug-free, ultra-stabl…[View]
76188257planned obsolescence: Are there any phones that don't break in 3 years?[View]
76189127Why aren't you using Linux Mint?: >Caner-free Ubuntu. >Useful and good in house applicati…[View]
76172636RYZEN 9 3900XT - +300MHz base, +200MHz boost. RYZEN 7 3800XT - +300MHz base, +200MHz boost. RYZEN 5 …[View]
76172987/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: >Read the sticky: >>51971506 >GNU/Linux questions? …[View]
76188883> type python or python3 on cmd > windows store pops up > litterally better than installing…[View]
76188918Font guys, whats the best font?: I have two setups, one fedora one arch but i've never changed …[View]
76188615What is the most based and redpilled GUI toolkit?: For linux, of course. I don't prioritize por…[View]
76187504what does /g/ think of morphOS?[View]
76188369https://youtu.be/YrzkcvyIldo how is this possible ?[View]
76185656now, why should i buy headphones again?[View]
76188682So, apparently some hackers here in my country (Brazil), decided to exposed some politicians ID…[View]
76180246/ptg/ - POOrivate tracking generale: Private trackers are about friendship, caring and warmth. >H…[View]
76176887Is two monitors enough, or do you sometimes wish for more?[View]
76190460Dude I just want to play WOW How is a company as developed as Blizzard still vulnerable to this[View]
76186420best app to browse reddit with?[View]
76179039>2020 >not using VLC[View]
76188623Windows: >Everything literally just works. Hardware is well supported by the vendors. Varied hard…[View]
76186243Honeypot browser 9.5 has been released. bog.torproject.org[View]
76188726does it glitches shit for everyone ?[View]
76184832Just got DMCA'd for seeding a bunch of public torrents. What do I do to prevent future DMCAs wh…[View]
76188700Started using TDD and got more done in one day then I had gotten done in the past month. Is this a b…[View]
76185619Is Windows Ten really faster on older Hardware than Windows Seven? Is it worth an upgrade for a spee…[View]
76188367Braindumps: Yo guys. What are considered reliable sites for braindumps? I am taking the Citrix 1Y0-2…[View]
76188832why does it always do this[View]
76185570Is OpenBSD good and secure OS for laptop?[View]
76187848whats the best file extractor for android? been using rar but the ads are annoying desu[View]
76188630Wirecard: I work here and I want to warn you all. Wirecard is considered as Germany's 'Top Star…[View]
76186029Let's just be honest here MacOS is the only OS that has no practical value whatsoever. If it st…[View]
76186932>get bundled unwanted software after 'paying' for FL20 >keeps changing my homepage/…[View]
76177005Anonymous: What tech stack do they use?[View]
76188683What are the best resources for me to learn the C programming language? I want to start by something…[View]
76176594If you're gonna code, use protection. Haskell. The #1 name brand in secure statically typed cod…[View]
76188318GrapheneOS Recommended by Edward Snowden: > no NSA Corona-Spyware > hardened Android > work…[View]
76183963How is this laptop for this price /g/? https://www.otto.de/p/lenovo-l340-15irh-81lk00w1ge-gaming-not…[View]
76187403what's the point of VPNs when you can just use Tor?[View]
76188172OFFICIAL LINUX CERTIFICATION ON THINKPADS: >https://news.lenovo.com/pressroom/press-releases/leno…[View]
76187753What's the cheapest service plan for a smartphone? I barely use any data and I'm sick of p…[View]
76187401I want to use 4 computers and 4 monitors but only use one wireless keyboards+mouse to control all of…[View]
76186788How much math is needed for the extreme types of hacking like cyber terrorism? I'd guess thered…[View]
76188329>internet is down >suddenly have a burst of energy and desire to do something productive…[View]
76188348what are some based shell scripts?[View]
76186039>GPU fans died >too retarded to change the gpu heatsink >place the 2 pin gpu cable thingy o…[View]
76185455>Hello ma'am, this is Robert. I am call for the renewal of antiwirus today for you.…[View]
76188293To the moon: QR Code Technology[View]
76187859Best podcast app for android?[View]
76183513tesla: https://www.thedrive.com/news/33789/autopilot-blamed-for-teslas-crash-into-overturned-truck O…[View]
76185857Select-String -Pattern <regex> what the fuck was currysoft thinking…[View]
76185453What are the chances that a 5.25 inch floppy from 1983 found in an attic is functionnal enought to b…[View]
76187883AI program to repair old movies centuries of black and white videos become 4K color: Recently, the f…[View]
76187878Chromium Firefox.: Why Firefox developers do not use Chromium as a base for their Web Browser?…[View]
76186716Desktop thread[View]
76183558Stop using this bloated trash and install Brave instead[View]
76187397pain in the ass PowerPC thread[View]
76184220Best, Decent, Shit[View]
76186244Why does everything need a dongle? Why are there so few USB C devices? The few USB C devices I have …[View]
76187868Snakeware: new Linux distro with a Python userspace https://github.com/joshiemoore/snakeware…[View]
76186454I'm strongly considering to get into the Apple 'ecosystem'. I've recently had little brea…[View]
76173843Is this still the best email client in 2020?[View]
76186784How much GPU sag is permissible?[View]
76185737I decided to take the rustpill yesterday. Any recommendations for GUI libraries and other general Ru…[View]
76185257How do I replace the outdated Cat 5 cable on the right of this box?[View]
76153894/iemg/ In-Ear Monitors General: This thread is for the discussion of portable media players and in-e…[View]
76183363Lads, there's a new open source game in town. Fire up those compilers. https://github.com/elect…[View]
76187042This worth it?[View]
76180133if you haven't written your own compiler, you're an amateur.[View]
76174548What is a good alternative to YoutTube on desktop? Like NewPipe for desktop.[View]
76186252Hey anon what's the best music player for Android?[View]
76182234>NSA is monitoring your e-mail, phone calls, browsing history, and router traffic by default >…[View]
7618717520 years later....... i am ...... forgotten.....[View]
76186907'The webpack documentation is temporarily offline out of respect for George Floyd and the countless …[View]
76185652C# Thread: https://youtu.be/HJ_cfB77454 ASP.NET Core Edition.[View]
76187167does /g/ install hippo on their device?[View]
76183812/pcbg/ - PC Building General: Assemble a part list >https://pcpartpicker.com/ How to build a PC h…[View]
76186962how to get rid of LBC: hey, so i used LBRY a bit, uploaded a few videos and now i got 627 LBC. I wan…[View]
76186186Batteries are technology. How do I prevent my rechargies from bursting, leaking, or breaking? Had th…[View]
76178699But /g/ told me everything apple makes is overpriced garbage...[View]
76163864/wdg/ - Web Development General: bad meme edition >Beginner Roadmap and Guide https://github.com/…[View]
76186642>playing ArmA with a buddy, try to join the server that he's hosting >the firewall that h…[View]
76179891Your files ARE stored in your home - right, anon?: >he thinks there's EVER an excuse to use …[View]
76184679Mean-ranger? The new eCaravan range is just 160 KM, even the noblest electric car have a range of 62…[View]
76185256>.rar in a .rar[View]
76185493How do you download everything from a creator on yiff.party? Do you do it manually or did you make a…[View]
76185714Is Void Creator mentally ill? https://twitter.com/xtraemeat[View]
76178876Kvm of choice?: Is there one? i'm dualbooting and i have to use one video card when i boot into…[View]
76183621This mind-breaks the script kiddie[View]
76177322>be me >be machine learning PhD student London UK >develop model that has lots of commercia…[View]
76184562is it safe to use yandex?: considering jewgle reads and sells your data, does it really matter what …[View]
76181776How much should I spend on a PC to get started on CS? Building it myself[View]
76183623Is there any point learning python or how to code if you don't have a CS degree[View]
76184880What is happening? The whole internet seems to be lagging in Europe[View]
76184314What's the best headphones without Google/Amazon/Apple botnet /g/? Every good one seems to have…[View]
76183979Can your computer get malware from just visiting a web page?[View]
76186227Why is Leo Laporte such a virtue signaling douchbag lately? He's got actual trannies on his sho…[View]
76182591ui designer here, is having more than one font bad for a web application, system-wise?[View]
76180790Phone homescreens: You have 5 min to fix your homescreen and post it[View]
76182259/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: old thread: >>76176588 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
76184940What syntax and style do you use to comment your code? Do you regiment the comment content in any pa…[View]
76179576why is it such a piece of shit: >takes SEVERAL seconds to open after startup >takes up shitloa…[View]
76184544why does android never implement blur in the ui?[View]
76185470Memtest vs POST, XMP RAM: Is memtest a meme test? Or is POST a scam? Are my parts faulty (which one)…[View]
76185674For purposes of cryptography (therefore technology) to examine the Voynich Manuscript: Does anyone k…[View]
76184361does anyone here use non mainstream OSes?[View]
76185885>25 GB of .dll files[View]
761797824Chan client: If you a app for 4chan, what app are you using. I'm using Chan Burauza.[View]
76183540Home networking question: Anons of /g/, This might be a stupid question but can one Router be used a…[View]
76185593What do I do?: >Neighbor comes over for dinner >Sees me doing classwork on Fire 7 >Asks if …[View]
76184844Privacy on the internet.: How to completely erase your digital footprint? Which browser to use? The …[View]
76181503Which program do you use to create animated objects? I tried blender but its complete shit. Fuck tha…[View]
76180419Image board: I made an image board using typescript react elasticsearch tailwindcss. Pretty happy wi…[View]
76180474Just installed steam on my debian buster and now i see a bounch of connections in cef_log.txt is thi…[View]
76176674nvm guys, wsl2 is shit[View]
76181590>The software patent on LAME encoding library has expired, so now the LAME library for MP3 export…[View]
76179728Cheapest VPS for MySQL and disk space: I need to merge multiple 500G+ MySQL dumps, and my desktop is…[View]
76180531What Linux DE is best for tablets?[View]
76185297Eight Megabytes And Constantly Swapping[View]
76173950Is Gentoo really a meme or it is worthy of something?: LFS is unmaintainable and Gentoo seems the be…[View]
76184395Why some people are so against Arch? I mean it has the most informative wiki I have ever seen. I thi…[View]
76178221fonts.googleapis.com, typekit: >your browser fonts are sooooo ugly, anon. ewwwww. but don't …[View]
76180855>get mint because I hate windows 10 spying >gotta learn command lingo >gotta fuck with repo…[View]
76179687Do you use niche programming languages? Why or why not[View]
76182991How often does /g/ clean her technology?[View]
76181378Best notchless/bezelless phone? no punch hole or anything. I'm thinking of Mi 9T. currently hav…[View]
76184729Well, does anyone here use Arch for work? If so, how's the experience so far?[View]
76182370What puts newfags off trying Linux out? The type who hate Windows and really want to move on but don…[View]
76181352Thoughts on android alternatives( LineageOS, GrapheneOS, GNU linux mobile)?[View]
76184208why don't you use javascript anon?: >bloated it's bloated but you are poor, i'm no…[View]
76144741/ag/ - audio general: end of May edition post your own stuff be nice to others[View]
76184026Are there any privacy-oriented antimalware setups for Windows? Most antivirus/malware/3rd party fire…[View]
76180030What's /g/ take on chromebooks? just ordered pic related, all I really need it for is email and…[View]
76184478Manually modifying keyboard backlight color: Hey all I inherited an old Func KB-460 from a friend bu…[View]
76182995/aig/ - Artificial Intelligence General: Will /g/ be able to make an Amadeus clone?[View]
76176217I opened this program up and simply got chills. What a powerful piece of software[View]
76182790dev edition?: I don't understand the difference between ff and ff developer edition. Everythin…[View]
76184076New Monitor and/or GPU?: My monitor was showing these bandings when I turned it on today. They seem …[View]
76183609Be your own boss for real!: Jobs will be taken away from human again. Still believe that robots won…[View]
76183559>iphone mobile hotspot works on my ubuntu pc which i mainly use for porn >doesnt work on my wi…[View]
76173672Monitor General: What monitor are you using? Which are the best ones? >1080x1920 vs 4K >IPS vs…[View]
76181570>if clk'event and clk = '1' then[View]
76181314remember amd's K12 arm chip? yeah just look at this fucking monster right here[View]
76183752Werewolf Online P2P decentralized version: I just saw that mobile version of once popular party game…[View]
76183693Hey /g/ Not sure if this is where I should ask, but anyway. I've been trying to change the GPU …[View]
76170578What happened to phones with slimness as its selling point? Also post kino phones[View]
76176492*fruit loops*[View]
76180659ITT: malware that makes Linux literally placebo >Firefox, systemd, snap, chrome, gnome shell…[View]
76181268>public static void main... Stopped reading there.[View]
76180927I'm only jewish after all[View]
76182215Was it really suicide?[View]
76172596if only it was more user friendly it'll get more userbase but right now its just basically a li…[View]
76181714Can some of this board's resident Intel shills tell me how do I sign up to become a member of I…[View]
76183232What's the point of Rust again? If it's possible to send people to space using C, it'…[View]
76179694How does the brain store and access memory? Is the human brain technically the greatest ever analog …[View]
76183116>cable management tutorial >they never talk about SATA cables why do people do this?…[View]
76179061How realistic is it to make a living as a swift dev?[View]
76182147It runs on fiber. It will never be faster than fiber. Do you think fiber is 'revolutionary'? 5G is a…[View]
76181018so this is the power of intel huh[View]
76172676Switched from Linux (Debian) to MacOS/hackintosh about 6 months ago and holy shit this is so much be…[View]
76182091You ARE using a 100% free (as in freedom) distro which includes exclusively free software and follow…[View]
76175826Daily reminder that no matter how bad you think you are doing, at least you will NEVER be as bad at …[View]
76154317/g/ humor thread Post funny shit relating to /g/ or tech in general[View]
76175694Assemble a part list >https://pcpartpicker.com/ How to build a PC https://youtu.be/2lmfF0k2UcU [E…[View]
76181135I personally just do not like GNU/Linux as a desktop OS. That is my opinion based on experience wit…[View]
76182219Are dual monitor have a use or it’s only a consumer thing? two monitors shorten the life of a GPU?[View]
76181606Is there a point in learning more than one language?: New to coding, learning C++. Thoughts?[View]
76181724Who uses nested classes and private constructors?: Many senior backend developers and contractors I…[View]
76167131>Microsoft made an official OS-tan figurine. Why didn't I know earlier of these?…[View]
76179289noooo, old twitter layout is gone forever[View]
76179198>System starts failing to boot past grub >Get various unrelated errors >After randomly fuck…[View]
76181832Why exactly would you trust a VPN provider more than a regular Internet provider? What exactly makes…[View]
76182029Why is anything Kekzilla touches such an utter joke?[View]
76177099SNAPTODDLERS BTFO https://blog.linuxmint.com/?p=3906[View]
76180003I want to better my programming skills/knowledge. Are bootcamps a rip-off? I'd rather buy a bas…[View]
76181442>New hardware with more or less the same clock speed as old hardware Progress is over, isn't…[View]
76180996I saw a video on ray tracing and it looked exactly the same. Youd have to be a fool to pay twice as …[View]
76175151Windows cannibalizing Linux: https://devblogs.microsoft.com/directx/directx-heart-linux/ Embrace, ex…[View]
76178643If you had to learn one of these, which one would you choose? >gaiOS dev >Pajeetdroid dev >…[View]
76181819I have a question about overclocking for my CPU. So if I understand it right, the ring ratio must be…[View]
76178360Why is the GNU pwd 390 lines (https://github.com/wertarbyte/coreutils/blob/master/src/pwd.c) when yo…[View]
76180870home planetariums: is the sega homestar any good?[View]
76181350Ok guys, I swallowed the Cpill and want to got gud at the chads language now. How do I learn it? I h…[View]
76179530Protonmail or Tutanota? Which one would you choose? You can't choose anything else besides thes…[View]
76181170Am I fucked?: Joined a zoom meeting for a class and gave out the password to a zoom Discord raid ser…[View]
76176806Now that the dust has settled...: are you faggots still enjoying your Java phones?[View]
76181307can someone please diagnose my code and tell me why its not running?[View]
76177222What’s the point of riced Linux setups?[View]
76181217CCNA 2020 litterature/pdfs recommendation: So seems like im just gonna have a part time job and have…[View]
76177673Is Tox still spyware?: I'm about to deploy a Matrix.org server, because apparently that's …[View]
76181303What happened to my Google Chrome icon?[View]
76179820Sienna Cichlid - Navi 21: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=AMD-Sienna-Cichlid…[View]
76178937terminal color scheme: do you have a preferred color scheme for your terminal? I always thought gru…[View]
76174498Generalizing Monads to Arrows: http://www.cse.chalmers.se/~rjmh/Papers/arrows.pdf Comfy Haskell/ Fun…[View]
76179473I'm sick of these 'QC Passed' stickers everywhere. I get it, it's approved for use in Queb…[View]
76174773>uhhhh.......yeah, I.. human space flight was always (stares at camera) the goal, the fundamental…[View]
76178385At what age did you learn to (on a serious level) how to code? I'm 25 and after a couple years …[View]
76176588/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread:: old thread: >>76170522 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
76182520Hello there. What are some good tech youtube channels to follow? I'm a bit new to all this and …[View]
76182869Can't make 4chan posts but only threads: So I can't make 4chan posts as seen in webm. They…[View]
76179941Will the Android update problem EVER get fixed?[View]
76180275/erl/ang general: where my erlang joes at?[View]
76177348Who else is doing their free Google certification (equivalent of Comp TIA)? https://www.coursera.org…[View]
76180117>he uses shift instead of capslock[View]
76175042Just thought I would let you all know, the 1600 AF is back in stock for $105 shipped on Amazon.[View]
76171020Be honest /g/, what's the most expensive piece of hardware you've ever dropped or straight…[View]
76179663>Popularised GUIs, got ripped off by Microsoft >Revolutionized the portable music player, then…[View]
76180587is pc gaming overrated? should I get into it or is just a meme[View]
76180553Storage saving size > Total Storage size: Hey /g/ I've got a question I hope you guys can an…[View]
76157148Dev board thread: Post your boards, /g/uys[View]
76178359decentralized internet ideas?: I have an idea for decentralized internet. But making a thread to sha…[View]
76178653My 2015 samsung Galaxy s5 has better screen than my a20. The a20 is less vibrant, pixelated, and gra…[View]
76172536Recovering Lost Data: Hey, /g/, I know you guys are not tech support, but I really need help and do…[View]
76179802Are there any benefits to installing GNOME on Arch vs just using Manjaro?: I have used both and am c…[View]
76177879Would a Helicoid design fork for a Case/Cooler Fan?[View]
76179397Hey /g/ Not sure if this is the right place to ask I plan on recording myself reading a bit by the b…[View]
76180384delete_virus.exe: What's the last thing you had to use Windows for? Thinking of wiping my Windo…[View]
76179784Anyone know FOSS software that has some way to save/resume playback locations to/from a file? Lookin…[View]
76166734Is it worth sticking to a call center job? I have worked at this call center for about 16 months at…[View]
76171975Just bought a am3+ board from 2013 for ¥50. What should I do with it?[View]
76175132Which Linux distro would you recommend to someone (me) who's tech illiterate and has no idea wh…[View]
76178642Anyone using this? Looks like a botnet.[View]
76180097why doesn't someone make a new blackberry ahhhhhhhhhhhhh[View]
76180052I need an advice on waiting™ When is it a good time to wait for tech vs just buying? I've been …[View]
76173712/ptg/ - Private Trackers General: Soulless Edition >Not sure what private trackers are all about?…[View]
76179256DDR3-3200 or DDR4-2133?[View]
76174844What's the most based everyday use browser for anonymity and security?[View]
76179928Have you seen this 'Linux kernel developer workstation' series? What's your favorite one? Seems…[View]
76179040Why are so many fans still not using brushless motor?[View]
76178708I bought a DJI mavic mini for use to take videos of my roofing company's work, but when I went …[View]
76179430This is what perfection looks like[View]
76171068Thermal paste: How do you apply paste? What's the best way to apply paste?[View]
76179651a poor c# dev took this screenshot 30 seconds before killing himself. what could this mean?[View]
76176861How doable is it to make a present day PC in an older OEM case? I don't find any case on the cu…[View]
76179564hey /g/uys do you have any thoughts on fortran[View]
76179681rate my config /g/ (i also have dwm, if you happen to hate i3)[View]
76178314Let's make an imageboard from scratch, /geee/[View]
76178570What the fuck is wrong with zoomers?[View]
76176562Customizable android keyboard: Does anyone know where could I find a keyboard with a changeable layo…[View]
76178830What are your honest thoughts on anime pfp on github and stack overflow? Do you ignore them or take …[View]
76179182>m.jpg Why would an imageboard go out its way to reduce the quality of images? Is it just to save…[View]
76163073why is 16:9 trash still a thing 16:10 is objectively better in every way[View]
76178110BB Passport: >Best smartphone form of all time >Overlooked and yet to be replicated Aren…[View]
76178706Is this true? Does this mean I don't have to worry about Windows compatibility anymore?[View]
76173302Micro ATX anons, what case has the best airflow in your experience? I have to leave the side panel o…[View]
76162453My intro to programming course is with Alice 3. How fucked am I?[View]
76179171Dr. Angela Yu: Thoughts on her courses? I can't focus because she's too cute[View]
76176149Why does the /g/ call low quality products 'chink shit'? It's kind of racist, and personally mo…[View]
76154656/spg/ - Smartphone General: Redmeme Edition If you're requesting purchasing advice, please prov…[View]
76178055What is your opinion on gaming laptops /g/? Can a gaming laptop be worth its value when compared to …[View]
76177462I'm in love[View]
76176866anonymous came back and its more retarded than ever discuss[View]
76178167>install gentoo >boot it >it just doesn't wok…[View]
76175636>look up linux >he's not a colonel did /g/ lied to me?…[View]
76178953Terry A davis : the divine prophet: >After a delicious breakfast, you go to your cozy room and yo…[View]
76172162guess it's time to delete faceberg rofl[View]
76176318I still use Win7 with the default antivirus AMA me anything[View]
76178806reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ylyl ad edition[View]
76178169Ryzen 5 3600 3.6 GHz, 6-core or Ryzen 7 2700X 3.7GHz 8-core Which one do you pick? Do the cores matt…[View]
76174144yeah, AI is gonna take over real soon https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2020/05/walmart-employees-…[View]
76173754The Fold 2 looks fucking great.[View]
76178103what benefits do vm's have? does a vm at all affect if my isp can see me using tor?[View]
76173922What's /g/ opinion on godot?[View]
76171817C++ UI Library: Which one in your opinion is the best?[View]
76175797I've lived my life on 30 Mbps and am going to soon upgrade to 200. For those of you with even 8…[View]
76178508Does anyone actually use this?[View]
76178164Does PREEMPT_RT improve Linux gaming performance?[View]
76176923Tips and further reading on anonymity: Anyone got any good tips or book recommendations on how to be…[View]
76178033Are you guys ready for GPU-based coin miners in the browser? https://gpuweb.github.io/gpuweb/ https:…[View]
76171838Linus himself BTFO'd you: https://www.theregister.com/AMP/2020/06/01/linux_5_7/ Finally, fuck 8…[View]
76172298People Stealing Your Ideas/Projects: Have you ever had someone steal your idea/project at work or as…[View]
76173833How will hardware be made if all minerals are exhausted?[View]
76176995i find reading a book for several days to learn something not efficient is this a boomer thing?[View]
76161144Are ARM based devices that run full desktop operating systems the future of PCs?[View]
76176790How can I browse InstagramTV without an account? Is this possible?[View]
76177687Can i solve any leetcode problem with genetic algorithms?[View]
76174872Can't really google this so I'm asking here I want to see what's happening inside a p…[View]
76178210You should not have to participate in this normie bullshit[View]
76175632What do you do with your old tech? I just came up with the idea of using my old S3 as a graphing cal…[View]
76166164OS Tier list: Objectively the absolute tier list of the current state of OS with regards to the amou…[View]
76173991VOIP/Skype hardware and other services: I want to buy a dedicated landline type phone hardware for t…[View]
76178010>get a new mommyboard >disconnect from the internet every 30 seconds >install network adapt…[View]
76175428Is there even a reason to get one of these in 2020?[View]
76172489Remember the last time you were this excited for a software -let alone, an OS- release, /g/?[View]
76176609Who came up with this shit?[View]
76157824/fwt/ - Friendly Windows Thread: Users of all levels are welcome to ask questions about Windows and …[View]
76174089ITT technology things that zoomies today will never experience I'll start; https://www.youtube.…[View]
76173409I might just be a moron but I have no idea how to set this up no instructions were included[View]
76173870As a Britfag CS student (2nd yr) is it even worth applying to/contacting companies about summer inte…[View]
76177681/g/ YOUTUBERS: What tech youtubers do you watch? I'm tired of Linus faggotry and Facebook Engin…[View]
76166707>save an image on google images >go to post it on 4chan >unsupported file type >google k…[View]
76176696What translator program/website does /g/ use?[View]
76167678Hi, I have been using Linux primarily since 1997, and as my only OS since 1998. Some questions for W…[View]
76177087i wanna make an iPhone app, how do i do it?[View]
76174396linux sucks dick it's hard to install sucks to use unless you're a dumb cunt programmer co…[View]
76177451/gee/ I made a calculator app but it's a bit shit so far. Help me make it better. https://jsfid…[View]
76172004I'm not on any social media. I'm not on Twitter or Instagram because there is such a prece…[View]
76172271Machine learning: I have a friend who works doing AI, machine learning, deep learning research. I vi…[View]
76175573Hey /g/, I am studying for my final next week in a System Software Course and going through the exer…[View]
76173822why doesn't apple just make the imac look like this?[View]
76177439Want to make a cheapo Debian gayming PC /g/uys. Would pic related do?? It's a Dell T5500. Pl…[View]
76171498Hi everyone, I created an anonymous forum based on PHP and Redis, with a modern UI. It's runnin…[View]
76172287here's your drive, bro[View]
76176672Why aren't you using Indian Browser - 4G browser?[View]
76174899daily reminder to charge your phones: I'm on 64% right now.[View]
76173376Plan 9 OS: What went wrong, why wasn't it as widely adopted? Seemed like the perfect OS, and on…[View]
76173823So i asked /3/ this question but theyre a bunch of jerks and ignored me. Whats the best mouse for 3 …[View]
76177285how THE fuck are you suppose to pull on usb-c cords? Every TIME I pull on this plugged motherfucker …[View]
76176507Linux Mint 20 to not include snap by default: >In the Ubuntu 20.04 package base, the Chromium pac…[View]
76176700Why do VPNs on Windows consume so much CPU? is it because Windows is just a big mess? WireGuard on m…[View]
76175003>thinkpad has hardware whitelist fuck you for meme'ing to buy a thinkpad fuck you /g/ even r…[View]
76171473fuck this piece of shit[View]
76172005#define BSIZE 16777216 #include <stdlib.h> #include <stdio.h> int main(int argc, char* a…[View]
76171564I want to start programming. Videogames and such. Where do i even start? Help me /g/.[View]
76169046Is this an efficient manual palindrome checker in js? How could it be improved? Regex? function pali…[View]
76177080I have a db of 60 million tweets from the least 10 years, from the most popular hashtags, and a db o…[View]
76174628Have patience with me I'm a boomer. I'm interested in creating some websites from scratch,…[View]
76176793Heliprinters: 3D-printers are cool but they have only a limited amount of volume available. Why not …[View]
76173395PSA from an electronics manufacturer : Clean your new electronics! Always buy warranty!: It's e…[View]
76174610Fire hazard?[View]
76175643What are some exploitable backdoors in Linux?[View]
76176688Is it any good ?: Seeing as it is one of the few Netscape ancestors that's still kind of being …[View]
76173450Please tell me how I am supposed to learn security. I have been playing CTFs for a little over a yea…[View]
76167297Handheld TTY: >>76166231 >>76166871 >>76167199 ITT I'd like to open discussio…[View]
76169952https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccoOGfX9qxg https://old.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/fx89nh/nvenc_vs_am…[View]
76176235Scorn Xbox Series X Trailer Was Actually Running On RTX 2080 Ti GPU: https://www.techpowerup.com/267…[View]
76176211you would think by now that they would have enough data to know what a fucking car looks like[View]
76176385>getting headaches due to stress recently despite taking AD pills >started having severe brain…[View]
76170522/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread:: old thread: >>76164674 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
76173674Am I missing something?: These two ssd's are the same storage size and the same form factor, on…[View]
76171621>boot up Kubuntu laptop after not using for a while >apt-get update gives 404 errors >googl…[View]
76175829Mozilla: We've Got Work to Do: https://blog.mozilla.org/blog/2020/06/01/weve-got-work-to-do/ No…[View]
76166769Here's your PC mate[View]
76175100I am a brainlet What's a .cap file extension? I downloaded a BIOS update and they dump me with …[View]
76175483>Cpu Case, Cable mod and AIO are all currently in transit. >tfw…[View]
76173621My screen is dying[View]
76174328Why nobody ever discusses alternative browsers that aren't chrome reskins?[View]
76175835It finally happened, my old and trusty g400, after exactly 7 years and one day has started not regis…[View]
76174321ITT: necessary faggotry[View]
76174870Which one is correct, /g/entelments?[View]
76139573/csg/ - Chink Shit General: old thread archived somehow ! >>76127744 In /csg/ we discuss the c…[View]
76172779repost--stolen samsung s9: my samsung galaxy s9 was stolen last week, i deactivated it / suspended t…[View]
76169613anonymous: why is media so enamored with the idea of hakor man 4chan and anonymous, anonymous has fa…[View]
76169544How long would it take to write a complete operating system in Forth?[View]
76173422I hate browsers and this bloated web.: I hate browsers and this bloated web. How is it acceptable fo…[View]
76165371is dark mode a meme?: I've got a bit of an astigmatism, where bright objects in a dark backgrou…[View]
76175545make antenna for 902-928 mhz: I have these nextel direct talk motorola i355s, they are great direct …[View]
76155252New Desktop Thread: Install Gnome 3 edition.[View]
76168886>Whats the best way to get a programming job?[View]
76166358>linux is better because of terminal: why is /g/ so uneducated windows has this too[View]
76162958>PS5 has the fa..[View]
76172061>Sorry, that should not have happened. Guru Meditation. >What happened: could not parse websit…[View]
76174150How can I start with network programming? Also I heard about SDN. What is it and should i learn it?[View]
76175348What's the best file system? I'm thinking about getting on the btrfs train. I don't m…[View]
76170563Wow, guys! The new Macbook Pro can run Dota 2![View]
76158930Do you know how to touch type? What is your average WPM?[View]
76175243I am a science major taking EE tests: the feelings like: science: oh u must integrate this and that …[View]
76175230when the fuck are they going to launch it? it has been in development since 1997 and originally sche…[View]
76168295So, when are they bringing back CRT TV/monitor?[View]
76161609What launcher do you use on Android? Or do you run stock?[View]
76174767Yes, I have a msi motherboard and a 3600. How did you know?[View]
76173572Does the anon like Bluetooth headsets?: I have this Sony WHCG510 and they are pretty cool, they have…[View]
76174976COVID CAPTURE CARD: Anon. You've helped me in the past and here I am asking again. I've ex…[View]
76174678Give me your amazon interview redpills /g/: i have an interview next week for an sde position[View]
76170624>noooo just because something is open source doesn't mean it can't make money! all soft…[View]
761745544 1 14 3 15 15 6 5 18 Location: 4 1 14 3 15 15 6 5 18 Location Th1z is 4 1 14 3 15 15 6 5 1…[View]
76169779Who the fuck came up with this crappy design?[View]
76173583I'm seriously considering a chromebook for my next laptop. I've been using an x200 (libreb…[View]
76171810I'm poorfag Is this book worth the money?[View]
76171950Hi everyone. I like the technology, any recommendation about?[View]
76172956Buyers remorse thread[View]
76170763Windows XP below 1% and below Linux in May 2020. XP is finally dying. I know all the exucses, it…[View]
76173606Anyone else remember these?[View]
76170318Are there any benefits to maintaining a second physical computer over using a VM?[View]
76160058/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Users of all lev…[View]
76172071How do we stop Google before it is too late?[View]
76171841Best distro for GNOME?: I need a distraction free operating system, one that doesn't have defau…[View]
76173283Might be /sqt/ but could I do something like this with my laptop at home? Just have a network of pro…[View]
76172857Comfy shitbox appreciation: GTX 660 There are many just like it and although its not the newest or f…[View]
76166640What is your opinion of the goto statement? Do you ever use it?[View]
76168927Os: Why aren't you running Manjaro right now??[View]
76156374What is /g/'s controller of choice?[View]
76171138Does Ryzen 4000 CPU will work on B450 cheap set motherboards? Pic related is mine, and I'm wond…[View]
76173936JOE ROGAN AI: Thoughts on a JRE AI in the future? https://youtu.be/OA6Jfe5Uu6Q[View]
76170070Why are manufacturers pushing so many 8K TV models when there isn't any 8K content out there?[View]
76170537Ok I’m not /g/ regular but I have a weird story and no it’s bait and no I’m not trying to learn how …[View]
76173775>Windows? >Bro I love it >It's at the top of my list of favourite apps!…[View]
76168952new ads in W10: These can't even be disabled.[View]
76158956Java or C#[View]
76170688Gnome: Why would anyone use this gimped shit DE for tables?[View]
76173476Fuck IoT: Why do fucking bizcucks think 'Internet of things' is going to be so valuable? Who is goin…[View]
76172995I'm taking my CompTIA A+ Core 1&2 exams next week, what should I know? I have studied prett…[View]
76173456What are the major advantages (if any) of using Kali linux as opposed to a more mainstream distro (I…[View]
76164183Windows 10 is a virus: Attention all windows 10 users, be careful, windows 10 is pushing BIOS UPDATE…[View]
76136137How do they do it? Yandex is so much better than G**gle.[View]
76168518/pcbg/ - PC Building General: Assemble a part list >https://pcpartpicker.com/ How to build a PC h…[View]
76171772What do you loot from a Best buy if you only have 3 minutes and can only carry with your hands? I…[View]
76147125Post a calculator with a nicer design Protip: You can't[View]
76173362assess my enemies, turns out it was nothing...[View]
76167634My company just hired a webshit who wants to introduce pic related for no reason. Unfortunately peop…[View]
76170677what is the official /g/ distro for the GPU passthrough meme? Is gentoo a good choice?[View]
76172893>using a dynamically typed language[View]
76160712/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Boring Edition >Not sure what private trackers are all about? Th…[View]
76163294What's your minimum amount of storage you need on your laptop?[View]
76172457I can't get it out of my head. I need it in my life.[View]
76169459The min browser is the ONLY browser you need: >minimal and practical >built-in bitwarden and p…[View]
76167189Router general: Router general discussion thread. What are you using? Hardware, software. General re…[View]
76168993How do I learn to love programming?: Hello, anons! So, 2 years ago my parents forced me to study sof…[View]
76166381>close firefox tabs >open firefox tabs is this the memory leak? I have websites where I use a …[View]
76157202/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: >Read the sticky: >>51971506 >GNU/Linux questions? >…[View]
76171149Is Facebook the last traditional social network site? Is the future all App based crap like Snapchat…[View]
76168473gaming laptops: >i5 9300h >gtx 1650 >500gb ssd 700$, should I go for it? I need a new lapto…[View]
76163646There just something about discs that is, well, kino. Streaming or digital files don't give you…[View]
76168579red pill me on midori browser: I'm searching for a webkit based browser and found this https://…[View]
76164928Jamal general: >Steal new Dell Latitude from work. >Remove asset tag, serial number from botto…[View]
76169620Were you Team- or Team+?[View]
76172083RSS is for schitzos[View]
76170122>install noscript out of curiosity >every single website, without fail, loads at least 2x fast…[View]
76170766Automate clicking: Hi, I would like some help determining if this is possible and if so how to achie…[View]
76171947Is there a book that focuses on the application layer, on networking? Containing design patterns and…[View]
76166298/kindle general/: >buy kindle >it has ads on it >often there will be ads of shirtless men Y…[View]
76169802I'm sick as shit of everything I do on my computer being harvested in the form of information t…[View]
76170780Can anyone help me with my performance issues? All my rendering seems to be done by the cpu. as a re…[View]
76168697Business Intelligence: What is the best strategy in getting a job in BI that pays $100k a year? Whic…[View]
76170936How can you see a private instagram account with out having to make a fake account and hope that the…[View]
76162947is proton mail any good or is there something better out there?: also is privacy badger good? I hear…[View]
76166377BC BTFO by GC: >Rust doesn't have long random pau... He has to 'automatic' dealloc on a sepa…[View]
76168982Deepweb: I installed the Tor browser... What is the next step? What are the cool websites on the dee…[View]
76152207>they couldn't even cgi the thing to make it look like it really happened Are americans real…[View]
76169792>People love this distro >Other people call this distro unstable All memes aside, how is it? D…[View]
76171456https://www.asus.com/News/2gnwfyhu07nuckl0 https://www.asus.com/Laptops/ASUS-Laptop-E210MA/ https://…[View]
76168042Why yes, I use an operating system where graphics control is done by the kernel, because I think the…[View]
76169082Fuck Apple: > NEW Macbook > 8th Gen Intel > Fuck Apple…[View]
76163933what the hell is this 'catbox.moe' shit?[View]
76165352shit battlestations[View]
76169585DC Blackhole: Is anyone able to ping any DC IP's right now? The current time is 4:18 AM EST Jun…[View]
76167470snakeware v0.0.2: snakeware is a fully Python-based Linux distribution that's being built to in…[View]
76167918HOW DO WE FIX TECHNOLOGY?: Are we doomed to live in a conformist hellhole because people are essenti…[View]
76165676tell me about UML. what is the secret to its power?[View]
76168533>uhhhh.......yeah, I.. human space flight was always (stares at camera) the goal, the fundamental…[View]
76169576what happens when you try to delete the recycle bin?[View]
76169783what did /g/ think of this years Linux Sucks 2020[View]
76169810What is the best email service? >inb4 gmail[View]
76159525Open source computer: What's the closest I can get to a fully open source PC? Preferably someth…[View]
76170489>Literally a better dust catcher than a Dyson vacuum[View]
76164674/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: old thread: >>76157803 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
76167617VPN: so,.,im new to all this stuff and i would like to know if there is a free vpn thats useful, i w…[View]
76169257Does /g/ approve this VPN?[View]
76166924So trolling aside. Which is better amd or intel?[View]
76169056The 'rona will make open offices go extinct right?[View]
76167675workspacer: anybody tried this? works alright but its pretty barebones. i downloaded the source code…[View]
76169677What are the best durable earphones(not headphones) under £25? Don't care about volume control …[View]
76166109Software alternatives for GHUB and LGS: Okay anons, I'm fed up with Logitech's software in…[View]
76159594Is there really any reason to use rust over C other than syntactic sugar? >no format string vuln…[View]
76162271Social Media/Video Platform Frontends and Alternatives - Free Yourself from the Botnet: >Youtube:…[View]
76168258Any usage for a ps4 other than to catch dust?: This nigger has been laying around probably since it …[View]
76169654Next best thing after CRT: Okay so, just yesterday, I booted up SEGA Saturn, hooked it up the an old…[View]
76168127Why is windows so bad? Example 1a) Steps to take a screenshot: >Alt + printscreen >Search for …[View]
76163583Browser Scrolling: 78% of users prefer the mouse wheel. What's your favorite way of scrolling u…[View]
76167144I love my job as a Software Engineer: I expand the boundaries of civilization's progress. Why a…[View]
76169642Are good touch screen desktop displays a thing? t. just realized desktop touchscreen would be useful…[View]
76161520Can a self taught programmer ever be as good as sb. how studied CS?[View]
76168241Help: How tf is this possible? >If you go to any other program the test will automatically close…[View]
76167639Is the pinebook pro worth it for $200? I already have a desktop and a $800 normal laptop but it…[View]
76168489how to start making money: whats the best entry do thing i can do as a programer without degree to s…[View]
76161146more like this? (Maybe that have seen an editor and aren’t just google translated into english)[View]
76166675Now that my country has passed laws making web browsing history non-private, I need to completely re…[View]
76156825Why is gnome so bad?: What's the problem?[View]
76150668windows 10 with dark mode is best looking OS ever. prove me wrong >protip you cant…[View]
76168751Ok how the hell are the chinks shitting out app after app after app. Who the fuck writes all the cod…[View]
76165846If file systems were brightly colored anime girls, what would they look like? I'm mostly intere…[View]
76167865if I wipe the free space on my old hard drives with one pass, how long would it take to recover my d…[View]
76168337So after years and years distro hopping because GNU/Linux flavors are mostly memes I finally settled…[View]
76167679is this your average ganno+loonix user?[View]
76168974New PC: Guys I want to build myself a new PC, I must say I never had one and I live in spain, how mu…[View]
76168718Can someone tell me whether I need to buy the heat sink from the manufacturer for a Pcie gen 4 SSD? …[View]
76166043I'm interested in learning some C++ but what I'd like to see is some examples of what you …[View]
76166631Power Query: Why do I need to learn to code for data analysis if I can just use PQ?[View]
76166713How the fuck do people learn advanced SQL? I've been working as a data analyst for a year now a…[View]
76163795Any of you use a 3d mouse for DCC/CAD? What are your thoughts? Opinions seem to be that they're…[View]
76166933i decided to give brave a try, what should i expect?[View]
76167885Would it be possible?: Would it be possible to build a computer out of plumbing instead of circuitry…[View]
76149821/hpg/ headphone general: if you're going to make a general, please use the format edition reque…[View]
76161393Unpopular Opinion thread: You don't need to get rid of bezels. Screen size won't 'increase…[View]
76168050I have extreme autism pls help I keep hopping between Scala and OCaml for my projects I can't d…[View]
76167858Is there a way for me to test the overall amount of WiFi activity in an area? I have a suspicion tha…[View]
76168182guys how do i begin coding?[View]
76166169Help: can someone halp to start on progamming?? pls[View]
76168047COVID CAPTURE CARDS: Anon. You've helped me in the past and here I am asking again. I've e…[View]
76163806Something fishy is going on with ungoogled chromium: can't tell you exactly what but I can feel…[View]
761671824chan's vtuber: vtubers are technology. seeing https://www.4chan.org/banner-contest I am wonder…[View]
76166530I want to learn C at a professional level. What book should I read in 2020?[View]
76167539What's the best fully-managed network switch in terms of cost effectiveness? I use Linux for my…[View]
76162343/pcbg/ - PC Building General: Assemble a part list >https://pcpartpicker.com/ How to build a PC […[View]
76167358>hurr rust good because safe memory management Reminder that if you're using the heap, your …[View]
76167195is java really better than javascript for getting a job?: I've only seen it in /g/[View]
76165370So, I see you're running gnome.[View]
76164261What's the diference between FOSS projects and comunism?[View]
76158575OMG!The future is automation!!!: Many jobs will be replaced by AI, seems like I have nothing to deal…[View]
76167321Is there an easy way to run Windows or Linux on Samsung DEX? Do VM's work?[View]
76167118Is it time to go team red?[View]
76165732Should I upgrade to 10600k/10700k or wait another gen? I game at 1440p 60fps. Intel only because I p…[View]
76165928Post your preferred image viewer[View]
76163685Mysterious Russian watch: Ok so, my mum gave me this watch a while ago and I have no clue how to cha…[View]
76164539WHYYYYYYYYYYYY: When did the shit brigade come in here? It seems like a bunch of retards just invade…[View]
76162761HAHAHAH PS5 fanboys BTFO >PS5 going to have the fastest SSD *EVER* (even compared to PCs) not onl…[View]
76166641Every time Call of Duty pushes out an update it's like 30 gigabytes. I know they're not in…[View]
76166146HEyguys I just remapped my spacekey. ;It's now a shift key. Itmakes more sense, all of my fin…[View]
76166332Why do websites not load if I set my clock manually?[View]
76165028There is no way to split payments online. No api does this: You can't make split payments in a …[View]
76161480>advanced static typing system >OOP + FP >Full access to JVM librariesheir >literally po…[View]
76167018Trying to merge ogg files: Does anyone know a good/reliable program for merging audio files? A frien…[View]
76167010I don’t even use my laptop unless I have to now. And that’s just for certain software. I love this t…[View]
76163627isn't this fucking illegal if it does work? wouldn't the FCC have a huge problem with it?[View]
76166521does wine sucks in 2020 or not?[View]
76165391What do you do when you dont unit test anything but have gotten pretty far with projects? Does this …[View]
76163313This is how a real man uses computers. Whatever the fucking OS is, you just get the job done without…[View]
76167126What’s goin on boys. Just another wave of script kiddies and ddos bots shutting down websites with n…[View]
76166543How much longer do I have to wait for electrofluidic displays to become a thing?[View]
76165020¿Does programming make sense? How can a single individual compete against organizations? How can I …[View]
76165458Help connecting powered subwoofer: Ok, so I have a Sonos Connect connected to a AudioSource Amp 100 …[View]
76157097>The Falcon 9 has 3 dual core x86 processors running an instance of linux on each core. The fligh…[View]
76140782/mkg/ Mechanical Keyboard General: Battleship Grey edition previous: >>76113428 /mkg/ …[View]
76165525what did they mean by thís?[View]
76161958Whats the matter with skids taking over /g/: I dont wanna switch to reddit or /pol/ Can people fucki…[View]
76166216>hold smartphone upright >pull up 4chan on browser >touch it and let it slide downwards …[View]
76164719Why can't Windows do updates like MacOS?: See how MacOS does updates? >neatly organized upd…[View]
76165190Why is OpenBSD so dogshit slow?[View]
76166021Best languages for breaking into the tech industry??[View]
76162831is a refurb workstation that i can find on ebay (for like 400-600 euros) good for some gaming and ge…[View]
76166211Are liquid coolers that much more effective that decent aftermarket air coolers? I mean off-the-shel…[View]
76162475password manager for google chrome: I would use chromium or some non botnet browser but my only comp…[View]
76165436'Bi-ohs' or 'Bi-aws'?[View]
76165195What programming language could you use to create hard style techno?[View]
76158953Xiaomi: What's your opinion on the phone brand that is Xiaomi /g/?[View]
76165835>he doesn't use C# don't you know that its just a better version of cpp? they don'…[View]
76163514I am mad: I need to install Linux using a virtual box so I can use a Linux exclusive module but virt…[View]
76163022Is Firefox falling out of any relevance good for you?[View]
76161554when is the right time to harvest ripe computers[View]
76164579samsung phone help pls: my samsung galaxy s9 was stolen last week, i deactivated it / suspended the …[View]
76164315So I've got this charger for lipo batteries that requires a separate power supply as input. The…[View]
76163378Whose dick do I have to suck to get offical support Lineage support for the XZ1c. The fucking Xperia…[View]
76165804what are you going to do about this /g/?[View]
76159402make your own chart and post it here: https://tiermaker.com/search/?q=operating+systems have fun!…[View]
76154774Anything I should know before I install?[View]
76165664LOIC: anyone know where I can download LOIC[View]
76161890What is the best browser in 2020? I can't deal with Waterfox anymore.[View]
76163267Why the FUCK do people do this: http://mingw-w64.org/doku.php The only downloads offered are zip fil…[View]
76164522Vr on a budget: so I have a crappy gear vr sm-r323 now I want to play a game on my computer on steam…[View]
76165672I’m having problem with my computer the last few days randomly the internet will stop working them i…[View]
76165559Is there anywhere I can find a template .msg file without having outlook? Pls help[View]
76163020>youtube subscriptions >local news >global news >technology news >podcasts >comics…[View]
76158746How is this supposed to be more productive than using Windows10 and WSL? I mean what's even the…[View]
76164659How do you guys organize your external hard drives?[View]
76159258why is python so based?[View]
76165354Yes. I in fact do use MacOS for web development, Linux for hobby projects (usually made in C) and Wi…[View]
76164084Based or not based?[View]
76134820I just installed LTSC 2019: This is the most satisfying shit.[View]
76164257Flip Phone re program: So I basically have no programming experience. But I have this old burner fli…[View]
76161217>ahem. FUCK hcaptcha and google captcha. Their bot will be retarded, just like Google's one…[View]
76164043Behold the face of pure evil[View]
76164389It's the PPL redpilled?: Are copyfarleft licences like the peer production licence the only goo…[View]
76163775Would someone really use a samsung galaxy note at it's full potential? Who the fuck would want …[View]
76161382Looking to commit to a new desk chair without actually sitting in it first. Should I cop a Staples H…[View]
76162346ITT: obsolete tech that keep existing for some reason: I'll start with an obvious one.[View]
76163222/g/ approved CMR HDDs, blacklist of all SMR Drives: All Anons, Are you using CMR or SMR drives for N…[View]
76164981>have to work on new codebase >no tests >no readme >no static typing >no pajeet inter…[View]
76161533Is it possible to build a faster computer out of two older slow computers?[View]
76161946Chair jumping: You should be able to solve this. Well?[View]
76160291GNU+Linux is bloated.: Change my mind with rational argument.[View]
76148880When and why did you move to Linux?[View]
76164728VPL - Viral Public License: >https://viralpubliclicense.org/VPL.txt Is this better than GPL and M…[View]
76164345why doesn't apple just do this?[View]
76161200>Simply setting an image as wallpaper on your phone could cause it to crash and become unable to …[View]
76162920Ayo someone tell me how unlock this shit[View]
76157803/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>76152062 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
76163902Have you ever programmed a Tamagochi /g/? It`s cool![View]
76164272Privacy, Linux, OpenBSD, Desktop.: Is it worth it to use OpenBSD as a Desktop? Privacy is everything…[View]
76162088Add-ons to make this thing secure?: Yes, I know, true anonymity is impossible on the web, especially…[View]
76160103Are alt / anon accounts dead?: >make an anon Facebook >WE'RE SORRY, THIS ACCOUNT IS TEMPO…[View]
76159865what's a good alternative to: >google search >google maps >google drive >android…[View]
761626652 agents came to my house just yesterday posing as Jehovah's witnesses. They handed me the usua…[View]
76158381What is your opinion on Red Hat?[View]
76157987I'm making a 4chan clone just wondering what you guys think, you can make posts but not upload …[View]
76163061What the fuck ever happened to desktop assistants? The only ones I can find nowadays are Kancolle gi…[View]
76148571Firefox ESR: Why don't you use it, /g/ ? Aren't you tired being the test-monkey for Godzil…[View]
76162674Bought a new 32 inch 11 pound tv, realized most of my ceiling is dry wall where im at. Do you think …[View]
76133009/bsg/ post your battle stations: 16” MBP Springfield 1911 TRP Operator .45 ACP[View]
76162790Any cool ideas how to make money with this label printer or what can be done with label stickers ?[View]
76163238I just got here so imma just lurk aight? also how many of you fags use windows xp?[View]
761518012x8GB or 16GB?[View]
76162169How come my cheap $10 wireless mouse and keyboard last months of 8 hours a day of constant usage on …[View]
76161628We are given hours, a list of the number of hours worked per day for a given employee. A day is cons…[View]
76162821Is there any reason playing above 60fps on 60hz monitor(using freesynch technology)?[View]
76162730mw2 remastered on linux: Does anyone here tried the new mw2 remastered on linux? If so how did you…[View]
76163852Guys i need help. I reset my pc and now my audio isnt working anymore. I tryed everythinf. I uninsta…[View]
76162537is symbian still useful at all in 2020?[View]
76161026What's this text? ¬ª¬°¬¬©¬[View]
76161902What's the point of putting this test in an interview?[View]
76162900Anything better alternative to YouTube Vanced? I fucking hate their Brave shilling[View]
76163128Bromite: Is this the best android browser? or there are better options?[View]
76158968>almost no high end case has a 5.25' bay anymore What the fuck is this bullshit…[View]
76162547I need cheap DDR3: Hi, does anyone know where to get extremly cheap DDR3 unbufered DIMMs (240 Pin). …[View]
76162606Is there any type of duplicate 'portion' finder for images? I was just thinking, what the …[View]
761586278TB HDD = $100 8TB SSD = $1500 Will SSD ever match the price of HDD?[View]
76163310Is anyone on here a school CS teacher? Would you say it's a good alternative to retire to after…[View]
76160706intervies: >nicely done anon >you did exceptionally well >you answered all the questions …[View]
76163057Underrated design: How come new Nokia phones aren't more popular? I have an 8.1 and it's p…[View]
76161419ahem i'm working on basedsort algorithm it gona be fastest sorting algorithm ever i'll pos…[View]
76161893Why yes I do use Groove Music for Windows 10. It just works! :)[View]
76159922Poor Steve Wozniak...[View]
76161359Smart Watch: What's the best alternatives in the Series 3 price range?[View]
76153123Why so many think they can just become programmers???: It makes me very angry when I have to fix shi…[View]
76161973>snibs off your dangling references now what, seplets?[View]
76162902URGENT: Please send me links to malware ASAP. I need it for research. Preferrably malware that targe…[View]
76162465Is an AMOLED/OLED screen worth it? I feel like I would start dreading using my phone since everytime…[View]
76162749Commy Linux: Red Flag: Has anyone seen or used this crap?[View]
76161996Controversial Streaming Site Grooveshark Is Still The Best Thing Out There: Fucking hell I miss this…[View]
76154447/gpg/ Game Programming General: Vulkan Tutorial edition Previous thread: >>76017825 (i think,…[View]
76154528Tor has been mostly dead since the silk road was shut down, and is a confirmed honeypot. What's…[View]
76161698Can Microsoft be stopped? https://youtu.be/N6rRCEOFqsQ[View]
76162615phenomena — representation — rather than a model of phenomenon. Aspirations of Artificial Intelligen…[View]
76162650I want a nice mic set up for my job So far I am looking at this bundle: https://www.amazon.com/gp/pr…[View]
76159858>hurr door recursion bad: if you actually think this is worst than pajeet code you are so far gon…[View]
76162744opera factory ot1: so i buy this earbuds and the first time to i use the left earbud doesn't wo…[View]
76162544Any idea if it's possible to get solutions for the projects from aws academy? I need it for... …[View]
76162668UMPC thread: UMPC thread Discuss UMPC new and old.[View]
76160258auto channel selection is retarded: My wifi router seems to only pick the most crowded channels when…[View]
76153945Vertical mice: Have you used a vertical mouse? What do you think of them? I bought the cheap anker o…[View]
76162582Recommend me a monitor /g/ I've been using my 2 60hz 24' asus monitors since 2012 Wanting to ge…[View]
76150864What are good mouse that doesnt double/triple clicking after a year of usage[View]
76162572>CPU fan no longer working in dual channel[View]
76135272/wdg/ - Web Development General: Weeb Dev General >Beginner Roadmap and Guide https://github.com/…[View]
76151992>I do not care about somebody with a 80x25 terminal window getting line wrapping. >For exactly…[View]
76156639Anyone know a good android application for booru sites?[View]
76161099A durable micro sd card for switch: I want a durable micro sd card that could work with a nintendo s…[View]
76161790If you have to choose between personalized and not personalized ads, wwyc?[View]
76160911Free video editors for Windows?: I'm looking to put together some compilation videos of the rio…[View]
76155294Linux foundation is owned by Red Hat, Google and IBM Systemd is an unfinished CIA/NSA project It is …[View]
76160282DDR3-3200 or DDR4-3200?[View]
76162337I feel I need to do a single game on SDL/OpengL before I die.[View]
76158763What plogramming language I learn ?[View]
76159382>tfw can't adblock in-video ads: This guy did a sponsor plug not one, or twice, but THREE fu…[View]
76160785Is Internet Explorer really as bad as everyone tries to make out?[View]
76161565Hello /g/ I have a computer with a ryzen 3900x and an rtx 2060. I want to buy two monitors for it. I…[View]
76159670Razer: Get in here Razer bros. Rate my Razer + Linux Mint setup.[View]
76159628Redpill me on gentoo. Is this distro really just a meme, or is it actually good?[View]
76159154Should I buy a second monitor for work (I'm writing, doing research). Or is it a scam?[View]
76161809Does /g/ have any experience buying old networking gear off of craigslist/ebay/etc? I want to start…[View]
76161699I've never had a home theater pc but am thinking about getting one. I also would be using it fo…[View]
76153866Why can't C keep up with Rust?[View]
76161338Who /stay the fuck away from me/ computing here?: >sits beside your laptop >opens a coke, fiz…[View]
76161044Have you enabled DoH, ESNI and all these memes, /g/? https://www.cloudflare.com/ssl/encrypted-sni/ S…[View]
76161816Anyone got some resources on .NET concepts (interoperability, COM, DCOM)? I have a course on it and …[View]
76161551How much does your computer know about you?: I'm safe because I use a PC and my uncle told me t…[View]
76152757GNU+Linux must be the most user-unfriendly OS still in use. It's worth considering that /g/ jus…[View]
76161611What are the limitations of modern search engines?: What are the limitations of modern search engine…[View]
76160952Electronics Projects / Soldering: Currently making a GPS-equipped tracking unit for hiking. Has a ne…[View]
76161459Thermal Temperature Kiosk: Check out this technology for temperature screening for a office or resta…[View]
76161423There isn't a single god damn piece of technology that I hate more than fucking email. Impossib…[View]
76161452Hey anon, I've heard you dedicate a majority of your life to obsessing over computers. I'v…[View]
76161309/g/ btfo[View]
76159844How true is this? What's the best language for employment?[View]
76161179What did Google mean by this?: Why can't they denounce assault, destruction, and looting at the…[View]
76161422Street Shitters must be stopped: > Be me, contract to scrap some bullshit for somebody's sit…[View]
76161211Can't make myself program more than a couple hours a day: I am inherently interested and want t…[View]
76153964Daily reminder you will abandon whatever ''distro'' you're using now for real GNU/Linux sooner …[View]
76161218G-Guys, w-what's happening???[View]
76144998Intel Core i5/i3 are limited to 2666MHz memory speed on B/H motherboards https://www.gigabyte.com/Mo…[View]
76160574has anyone used php-gtk?: ive never built gui 'cept outta html and c# (point and click lmao) bu…[View]
76160838Apples doubles cost of RAM upgrade: >Apple has quietly adjusted the pricing for RAM upgrades in t…[View]
76160859Why does every VPN seem like a fucking scam? It seems like all the ones I dig into have had shady sh…[View]
76153836Comfy old internet nostalgia thread: Old internet means the era between 1995 to 2005. Zoomers with n…[View]
76159054What programming language has been used to design Space X Crew Dragon's UI? >inb4 is an Elec…[View]
761580064G Feature Phones which are not on KaiOS?: KaiOS is shit and we know it. What are other phones that …[View]
76161083I found basic soldering lessons on youtube /g/ I hope you like it https://www.youtube.com/playlist?l…[View]
76161069Let's say i want to create game or animation. Which program do i use? Do i need to know how to …[View]
76157713Telemetry is good, change my mind.: I love when freetards seethe when important software like Window…[View]
76158479Programmable calculators: I have never used one of these things. Are these like portable minicompute…[View]
76159123dragon, go for dock rgr *tap abort instead*[View]
76158473I think I need something to record my life outside of my home. is there a app that can stream videos…[View]
76160309Why aren't phones still beautiful?: I hate iOS and I even hate the new iPhone hardware. But eve…[View]
76151361/pcbg/ - PC Building General: Assemble a part list >https://pcpartpicker.com/ How to build a PC h…[View]
76157959Which Linux disto should I use if privacy is my main concern?[View]
76159522Video Recovery/Corrupted: anons, how are these video errors named? broken? corrupted? artefacts? an…[View]
76156349got a laptop from my grandpa who worked in IT. its a lenovo thinkpad x220. is it a good laptop? it f…[View]
76159463Best way to orient antennas when you have 4 antennas?[View]
76160671Why won't this thing tell me the technologies 4chan is using?[View]
76157274Why did we hate it again?[View]
76124424/mpv/ - mpv plays videos: Time to dump VLC and MPC-HC and to take the mpvpill. Installation: https:/…[View]
76149422Which UI philosophy is the best?[View]
76158799Facebook cucks: >Want to know your thoughts on facebook >Mainly the fact they have un-filtered…[View]
76158904>windows 10 context menu[View]
76157281>Google is evil[View]
76156944is there anything it genuinely does better than wangblows or lunix?[View]
76159941Is Mint a good enough prepaid service?[View]
76156277is lineage a meme?[View]
76156662Please stop whatever you're doing and start over: Why the hell does an update for a program req…[View]
76160091/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Users of all leve…[View]
76147620What vpn does /g/ use ? I heard people pay 20 dollars for a lifetime subscribtion but I've no i…[View]
76157657What's your favorite browser, /g/? For me it's Brave[View]
76155647Name a more kino processor.[View]
76159309Dragon docking: You have 10 seconds to explain why you aren't using a space certified operating…[View]
76152003How to become elite hacker: i heard from my friend tony from school this website has hackers how can…[View]
76159017What the fuck? the diversity hires at google actually made something useful for once[View]
76159150How long does /g/ spend on computer per day? I was surprised mine was this much because I work full …[View]
76159793If It is good for SpaceX/Nasa it is good enough for me too.[View]
76156740Justify why you'd need more[View]
76159104Literally why?[View]
76159130Why aren't you using 9front?[View]
76159087There’s a spectrum van outside I know it’s the glowies trying to remotely copy the contents of my ha…[View]
76158057A Master's in Data Science or a Master's in Software Devopment. Which would you choose?[View]
76157868how do you embed subtitles in a webm? I don't get it, it just doesn't work what am I doing…[View]
76156995Printers are technology right: I need to get a printer for my home office but I don't know anyt…[View]
76158815how do you express yourself?[View]
76152387>Overpromises, under-delivers >Tweets like a full-blown retard >Talked big in the beginning…[View]
76158259Anonymous first in Twitter trends. Hope for hacktivism?[View]
76158669I made gaem with meme botnet Flutter. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ml.fourinarow On…[View]
76159408where did you put your toaster sticker: where did you put your toaster sticker[View]
76158935PC is to go in an upstairs room. Options are gigabit powerline adapter or 5ghz usb wifi adapter. Wh…[View]
76157327when will based weed man launch a google/youtube alternative.[View]
76156912Has anyone else found themselves moving away from chan browsers Clover and Kuroba? The captcha diffi…[View]
76159179Lagdroidfags BTFO for once[View]
76147031I'm going to spend $ 51.99 on this calculator. Based or cringe?[View]
76158317NAS vs DAS[View]
76152509/ptg/ - Private Trackers General: >Have a question? Posting is free! Let's us know how we ca…[View]
76158341Special offer: 49.9% of /g/ will improve if you do this! NO BAIT: All major browsers are either (bli…[View]
76158954Do you like android x86? how is it for old pcs[View]
76154903Whats going on here?: https://twitter.com/UniverseIce/status/1266943909499826176[View]
76156653>From India >Top tags: Java Why are all indians developing like it's 1999? What's th…[View]
76146138/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Users of all lev…[View]
76155933I have a little bit of cash. Haven't updated my monitor in like 8 years+. Any suggestions under…[View]
76158507https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFwFJxCrThQ&feature=youtu.be This is my first gaming PC so I don…[View]
76157034How much Slackware is left?: Isn't this distro in danger? I mean, barely one guy is maintaining…[View]
76158721>work ass off writing shitty scripts and a little freelancing >not happy with pay >sufferin…[View]
76158536Sorry I abandoned my shit thread, but the program is xshogi >>76140174 >>76140846[View]
76158614Cheap projector vs cheap TV: Hey /g/, I wanna equip my weekend house with a screen. I'm more wo…[View]
76158281Value: Recently picked this badboy up from a mate of mine who was scrapping his old computer. I…[View]
76156818Just use your old PC as a NAS they said. >Minimum Hardware Requirements: >64-bit processor …[View]
76158413What distro do they use?[View]
76158284Can the cheapest 3d printer in the market print something like this? If not, then how much is the mi…[View]
76142961>University Group Project >'I'll set up a Facebook groupchat.' Oh, I don't use Faceb…[View]
76157538What's the point of radeon? >shit at games >less features >shit at productivity >pr…[View]
76156090Why is it so hard to make a video game sales platform? Steam works well. GoG works better. Epic just…[View]
76156127Does /g/ make any of their own tools? > Productivity > Timekeeping > Music > Game (makin…[View]
76151206What filesystem are you supposed to use for external USB drives that might hold files larger than 4G…[View]
76156055So how do you fight the final boss of having to memorize library statements? IPHostEntry ipHostInfo …[View]
76147318>pwned by a pavement gardener y'all niggas really should apply for Apple job openings becaus…[View]
76140284Are Japan, South Korea, and China top advanced technological countries?: Fucking Asians[View]
76147302Why is Musk such a hack?[View]
7615412865c816 Appreciation Thread: I feel that the 65c816 deserves to get more love. It's completely …[View]
76155728just got a new pc >infested with cockroaches >cleaned out with hairdryer >no gpu rate my se…[View]
76148824Is it a suitable replacement for Google?[View]
76153169Code, do you dream in it?[View]
76157491Rust: What's the point of people pointing out they specifically wrote their project in Rust?…[View]
76155875>Why yes I do browse the chan in the terminal[View]
76153720>Apple couldn't figure out how to make a wireless charger >just came back from Walmart, t…[View]
76156763Ordered one of these keyboards, people online saying ducky one 2 would of been better choice: How mu…[View]
76155241/g/ pet peeves: >people who use the word 'invoke' to refer to running an executable…[View]
76158048Realistic space cruiser: Not sure it is the right board to ask, but here goes nothing. I like the ae…[View]
76155727convince me /g/[View]
76158016/g/s guy?: We all know Wolfgang's Channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsnGwSIHyoYN0kiINAG…[View]
76152153oh no no no no hahahaha[View]
76157405Privacy: Is there any point to being overzealous about privacy? My brother is incredibly passionate …[View]
76157967Alright /g/, old phone broke and I'll have to deal with this chink thing for a while. Just did …[View]
76152906MACTODDLERS BTFO: Let's just be honest here MacOS is the only OS that has no practical value wh…[View]
76150874Why would someone use a hobbyist's imitation knock off of UNIX instead of actual UNIX?[View]
76152833https://bhavukjain.com/blog/2020/05/30/zeroday-signin-with-apple/ amazing code quality bros. this is…[View]
76157456Brave, Ice Cat, qtebrowser, Pale Moon and ungoogled Chromium are the only browsers which value your …[View]
76152062/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>76144631 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
76154584Why do people fanboy for billion dollar companies again?[View]
76155498K12 strikes back: AMD sure is full of surprises.[View]
76157574Im a sentimental sap that's all What's the use of trying not to fall I have no will, you…[View]
76153412Coding Assembly: I only knew Python and JavaScript and wanted to do some low-level stuff. I hate C S…[View]
76156562Why is everything so bloat: I honestly don't understand why people think adding bloat to stuff …[View]
76156879PaperWM: Why is paperWM the most comfy and easy to use tiling manager? inb4 muh rams[View]
76156850So there these tornado sirens in my town, i been looking on how to manually activate one for a while…[View]
76153547>7 years after introduction >no browser other that Firefox has fixed an exploit that allows an…[View]
76157432USA riots and technology: What do you think of this topic? Do you think government officials are tra…[View]
76157343Everyone keeps repeating muh bloat muh botnet, but does /g/ actually know what these two terms mean …[View]
76148232Do you make music with your computer?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCfn8P2kBXM[View]
76156375seriously /g/ why the hate?: does someone have the technical explanation for why people hate this so…[View]
76149590I just browse the web and play dota 2. Is Linux Mint fine for that or would you recommend something …[View]
76140285Name a product they make that’s worse than the competition.[View]
76157254Best phone cases?: Hey /g/ long time lurker first time poster kek, just curious what cool phone case…[View]
76157234Refurbished workstation for gaming: >having to upgrade pc >want to upgrade cpu >need to cha…[View]
76156631Is this the ultimate PC gaming Mac Chad setup?: >literally any Mac with Thunderbolt 3 >Externa…[View]
76149958Is it too late to learn programming at 25?: I want to change career. I've started learning Pyth…[View]
76157057Japan set to build the world's most powerful supercomputer: Could make Nvidia, Intel and AMD ob…[View]
76150384why no troff/groff: >writing application >simpler than latex >more expressive than markdow…[View]
76151890wireless earbuds: Are these actually any good? Would've you just drop them through the seams of…[View]
76156931>xbox 360 homebrew scene is dead and will never comeback because of old fat 360s getting RROD and…[View]
76155536Terry Davis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lltteLHfSkA[View]
76153828Is this what the average /g/ user looks like?[View]
76154797I was gifted a desktop PC that is not in use. There is only WiFi in my apartment. Will getting the c…[View]
76156490Why don't Americans care about electrical safety?[View]
76156424OG Macintosh Build: Was thinking about buying broken Macintosh 128/512K, gutting it, putting pc insi…[View]
76155419Can someone point me to where I should start with python if I want to go beyond the basics toward th…[View]
76155910Which one of you did this[View]
76156418Lock Screen Windows 10: I thought Windows 10 had similar behaviour as OSX, Ubuntu and other distros …[View]
76154997PC Build: Going for a new gaming build to last me a few years with the exception of GPU upgrades. Ho…[View]
76149748skip C++?: I've been playing around with python and web languages all this time and I've w…[View]
76155048He finished his Computer Science degree? Activate the Wuhan lab. Destroy the economy and close the b…[View]
76155461Imagine writing software and taking a shitty wage for a skill no one has just so software salesmen c…[View]
76151417>linux users take 15 minutes to change a wallpaper[View]
76151536>pacman -Syu vs >apt update && apt upgrade vs >xbps-install -Su vs >dnf update v…[View]
76155356I know everyone hates Windows 10 but I'm getting a laptop with it next week so I'm startin…[View]
76151112Do you use NFS for network shares, or SMB/Samba?[View]
76155937>developers developers developers developers[View]
76149087*burns monstrous amount of fossil fuels* this is not technology[View]
76140196/spg/ - Smartphone General: Note 20 (kinda) Edition If you're requesting purchasing advice, ple…[View]
76142288ZEN 3 DELAYED TO 2021: Meanwhile Intel's 7nm (equivalent to TSMC 5nm) will be ready in 2021, o…[View]
76155220touch screen monitors: Yay or Nay? I'm thinking about buying one for my new pc.[View]
76153127is it true that people under 30 don't know how to pirate their movies and music?[View]
76155899Group of hacking and ciber security \ grupo de hacking y ciber seguridad (white hats): Hi if you wan…[View]
76150956Where do they keep coming from?: The amount of shills on this board has reached another level recent…[View]
76154288Why was IBM so invested in linux since a long time ago?[View]
76155434DAW Thread: What DAW are you using and why? Any Renoise Retards out there? Any Bitwig Buffons? Any F…[View]
76153270>Motion was silky smooth on CRT at 60hz Why is it still not smooth for LCD at 144hz?…[View]
76154536Laptop battery upgrade: Hey /g/ I bought an Asus TUF A15 Ryzen 7 laptop with a 1050ti a while ago. I…[View]
76155611I'm learning how to code.[View]
76142500What Is My Purpose?: Arch - fast Debian - stable Ubuntu - easy Fedora - ???[View]
76154901CUDA C++: What's everyone's opinion/experience actually coding with the CUDA api? Just fi…[View]
76155169tell me why copyfarleft licences aren't morally superior and just superior to GPL? I just chang…[View]
76153596XFCE vs OPENBOX vs i3 for an x220 ?[View]
76155711How do i save 2 tables at once in an SQL file?[View]
76153041Stickers thread[View]
76139075/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: >Read the sticky: >>51971506 >GNU/Linux questions? …[View]
76151913Can anyone confirm this is a spying device in my door?: I was leaving my place and there was light s…[View]
76143703Resolved: Python is a shit language, but significant whitespace is genius: It should be mandatory in…[View]
76146369Do you use Emacs for note-taking? I can't decide between deft and org-roam What do you use and …[View]
76150573Which is better, /g/?[View]
76155243How the fuck???[View]
76155185Sup /g/, I'm watching cameras of the Seattle protest on this site: > https://web6.seattle.g…[View]
76153330Oh look, it’s the best Linux distro with wsl2[View]
76148743Historical moment: T-30 minutes until liftoff https://youtu.be/bIZsnKGV8TE https://youtu.be/bIZsnKGV…[View]
76154676So i read some computer science fag arguing that they dont write code, they write algorithms and the…[View]
76152325I wanna get a Programming job. Anyone know what I should make for a portfolio? Is there any site tha…[View]
76153846NASA and probably SpaceX use Windows 10.[View]
76153486Network Engineering in military: What is the best military branch to commission from an IT perspecti…[View]
76154459>Buy 4K 43 inch LG TV for 299 >Great monitor >Buy 4K 32 inch monitor GAMING FULL EXPERIENCE…[View]
76154764*set as wallpaper* *crash your phone* Nothing personal, kiddo.[View]
76152765ITT : /g/ore[View]
76151936Tyrese and Winston show solidarity with their fallen brother by ransacking the Minnesota Apple store…[View]
76148164Why is AMD so far ahead of Intel now?[View]
76153016I know an ISP that assigns static IPs to their customers. Said ISP always assigns a /30 subnet for …[View]
76154492Where do you all buy computer components?: Looking to build a new machine and can't wait until …[View]
76154501My mate is interested in learning Python for a job. I've been tutoring him recently (no charge)…[View]
76154104Why does the All Star video remastered in 1080p looks so shit? It looks so much worse than it did in…[View]
76147307You ban all streetshitter IPs from leeching right?[View]
76150115So... this is the power of technology? When we will get loli-robots ai?[View]
76152629Do you think Covid will finally force laptop manufacturers to make decent webcams, instead of churni…[View]
76152940What's a good voice recorder for ambient noise?[View]
76118174Desktop Thread post ye old linux distrobutions[View]
76154237>Anytime after 2005 >he still uses air coolers…[View]
76152105Trying to do a fresh install on PC What in tarnation, has anyone ever seen such shit? I don't e…[View]
76152229POST YOUR HORSESHIT POINTLESS STATION: 4c atom 4gb 64gb w10[View]
76150760CS student here. What should I focus on to become an actual software engineer/computer scientist? I …[View]
76109005/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: Old thread: >>76092745 Don't buy anything OTHER THAN IBM/Lenovo…[View]
76153558Facebook: Hello. I want to ask help to anyone who knows how to know who is the Person behind a Faceb…[View]
76152048What does /g/ think of Randall and his game dev series? Pros: > Cons: >reddit humor At the ver…[View]
76153747What does online learning mean to the job market?[View]
76150339SpaceX edition:: >What OS are they using? >What software they are using? >What programming …[View]
76152042Can Rust ever be as elegant as Haskell?[View]
76153785ask me things about GNU/Linux[View]
76150672>I don't want it >But you can't have it Is there a bigger society fuck you than e-wa…[View]
76153240I know nothing about mobile phone technology. With that being said, why can't x86 architecture …[View]
76153555I want to buy a new phone, should I buy it factory unlocked or from a phone carrier?[View]
76152345>as an Apple user where were you when /g/'s idol TechShrek admitted he is an iChad in his f…[View]
76150674Is installing USB support for Windows 95 worth it?[View]
76153552Which e-reader will respect my freedom?: Have an old kindle but I'm looking to get something ne…[View]
76151616>SysAdmin Tips I am cs/ceng student(since 2014). I will graduate this summer >I want to be a s…[View]
76152748Why aren't snart glasses a thing yet? Even if they weren't 100% futuristic and they had to…[View]
76150882Deep house: Anyone know of any underground /deep house groups or musicians? I've really been lo…[View]
76146825Is he based, /g/?[View]
76151238>mom found the sudoers file[View]
76152272>Hey anon, remember the four words I had for you?[View]
76152251rdna2: With ps5 being presented next week, shouldn't we get mama Su coming with the RDNA2 as we…[View]
76152667Should I use it?[View]
76147500WSL 2 especially with Docker installed is fucking garbage. You're better off using Vmware and j…[View]
76147950Why won't micro$oft leave me alone?[View]
76153062>linux penguin >plan9 rabbit >FreeBSD satan >OpenBSD fish >Hurd boxes?…[View]
76151373web design: hello /g/ I got laid off of work and am wanting to start a freelance web design home-bus…[View]
76152738>he uses shift rather than capslock[View]
76145603Thoughts on MX Linux?[View]
76151042What TVs does /g/ approve of? My budget is $1200 and I’m looking for something vibrant and crisp[View]
76147646Why do boomers overuse the ellipsis so much?[View]
76144095how do i get this piece of SHIT to stop fucking saving images in fucking WEBP by default[View]
76145954HEDT thread.: How do you Justify getting a HEDT CPU Anons?[View]
76149177The only barrier between you and success is your attitude.[View]
76151750Imagine using Ubuntu for more than a year.: Why would anyone continue to use Ubuntu or Mint after th…[View]
76152243>It's a GRUB2 update[View]
76152419This is PHP, say something nice about it.[View]
76148748When will we have air flow optimized silent cases?: Right now they just recirculate hot air inside t…[View]
76150220Learn to Program?: What's a good way to learn programming/CS for somebody who is strong in math…[View]
76152357What’s a good budget tablet for emulating anything up to PS2-Wii games? I only care about raw power,…[View]
76152184Techno DJ/Producer here. I want to start doing live sets i.e. manipulating tracks as I play them. F…[View]

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