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/g/ - Technology

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82833341>remote jailbreaks your iPhone >Breaks KASLR >Achieves boot persistence How will iToddlers …[View]
82828986>the year is 2040 >every single appliance has a computer in it >provides minimal utility …[View]
82833295is it a good uni ?[View]
82832238Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Note 7 were peak smartphone design. I would pay a lot of money to get a phone wi…[View]
82833253winamp https://www.winamp.com/[View]
82832533audiophile fart thread: >be 40 year old audio*hile with clogged ears >pay for streaming servi…[View]
82830841>all mice with basic designs have only basic buttons >all mices with useful extra features all…[View]
82829707Laptop recommendations: My sister asked me for advice on which laptop to buy. She wants to spend ab…[View]
82831259Is there any old hardware you still use?[View]
82827728I have nothing to hide.[View]
82833005>be CEO of company A >make hiring agency company (B) >outsource all recruitment to hiring a…[View]
82826674>his phone has a large visible crack on the screen[View]
82823531HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! that's what those stupid fucks get for constantly making retarde…[View]
82831931I've always been a use-other-people-libraries all my life so far and was wondering about linux …[View]
82830900What the fuck are we supposed to do? I don't want to use anything Chromium-based, even things l…[View]
82823603How come the Segway never took off?[View]
82829601Union polygons: Anyone know an algorithm for unionizing two polygons with known vertices? Just like …[View]
82825605/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: (let ((previous-thread '>>82815587)) (format t 'What ar…[View]
82832872Microsoft Messenger: Who uses this app?[View]
82832185What would a 20 GHz, Octa core Pentium O look like?[View]
82823082Teslatards btfo: Geohot is Killin it https://youtu.be/hbLiehrC2DQ[View]
82830008ITT hard to swallow tech redpills: Windows XP is a shitty, fisher price-looking bloated win2k that w…[View]
82827902What's the best program for viewing and/or sorting my worryingly large anime image collection?[View]
82832614Microsoft Store Shitfuckery: So if any company can just make a DRM/rootkit that completely compromis…[View]
82830293Programming is fucking easy and learning languages is easy as shit. Literally the only languages tha…[View]
82831762Redpill me on CyberSec. Do you need to know about Cybersecurity to be a competent developer or is it…[View]
82830867Hey, /g/, why the fuck am I getting this message every few days when I turn on my computer? When I …[View]
82806673/spg/ - Smartphone General: XIAOMI NUMBA ONE Edition If you're requesting purchasing advice, pl…[View]
82830702does any of you /g/ niggers have any problems with removing the taskbar clock on windows 11?[View]
82830578Big internet companies have literally become the Nazis. If you work for them, you are a Nazi foot so…[View]
82832226Is VIM obsolete?[View]
82831495Finding a webdev job: What should be my next step to get a job /g/? I'm already know css, html,…[View]
82831005Does anyone actually own the 5950X? Thinking about getting it, but the encoding benchmarks, mainly x…[View]
82830978I have heard that mining cryptocurrency is not profitable. Buying seems to be the only way to get in…[View]
82828663prolog general[View]
82831946Are people just retarded? Plenty of people use javascript because they have to, that doesn't me…[View]
82829941He tried to warn us[View]
82831550IM GOING TO LOSE IT: Please help me stop this fan from rattling. One of my six fans, i believe the e…[View]
82831871Humidifier: Recommend some air dampening machination because waking up in the morning fucking killin…[View]
82817167Which shell do you anons use and why?[View]
82830322Anyone know If I can run this camera(and all of the ip cameras) without connecting it to the interne…[View]
82831567Is it possibke that Lutris/Wine/DXVK ignores the game selected refresh rate and instead uses the OS …[View]
82819654vim thread talk about vim, plugins, and vim plugins[View]
82831548why aren't there any ryzen 5 apoo's in stock are you guys doing bitcorn with these now[View]
82831518Outlook Customization: How on earth do I display certain hours on this gay app? Why would Micr*soft …[View]
82828143winfag here what image viewer should i use?[View]
82829370Firefox has already lost 50 millions https://data.firefox.com/dashboard/user-activity Mozilla's…[View]
82829829Is it really that bad?[View]
82831384How do I export a project from Unity so it outputs a single .exe file? I tried Inno Setup but it sti…[View]
82831211I have a really good startup idea that I think I can turn into a billion dollar company, and current…[View]
82830801How the fuck do I make this piece of shit discover my loonix samba share? It shows the server in net…[View]
82826381What is your favorite little-known technology gem? Something not many use or know about.[View]
82826820When was the last time you actually looked forward to new piece of technology?[View]
82829082Will free software still exist in 10 years?: Most normans these days only have a phone and these are…[View]
82826870install vivaldi[View]
82829469Hey bro, Chad here. Yeah, Chad from highschool, you remember me right? Sorry for locking you into th…[View]
82830280why is this hated so much? I know a thing or two about it, and it seems efficient to me. I'm no…[View]
82830911Cpu b is clocked 10% higher than CPU a CPU b costs 30% more than CPU a CPU b is a ripoff Except... w…[View]
82827506what technology does /g/ recommend for spying?[View]
82830996i have to use messenger: I have some bad news. I have to use messenger and there is no way around it…[View]
82829539Sup /g/ I have a 500 GB mechanical drive in my laptop, with two ~250 GB partitions. I'd like to…[View]
82830380Read Chan: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.deezus.pchan the only good and easy to …[View]
82829226my surface pro just broke down and it is not serviceable. What are some laptops with: > good matt…[View]
82820371Thoughts on the framework laptop? Is it just a meme?[View]
82828376Illiterate techlet here. Did I fuck up, /g/?: I was having issues with my internet cutting in and ou…[View]
82825683Is this mandatory for a (first) job in STEM? I've recently graduated from university and do not…[View]
82830441SVG in email: Why are there still exist email clients that don't support svg?[View]
82824895How useful is the tiobe index really?[View]
82827747Does coffee consumption aide in programming productivity and/or enjoyment?[View]
82830611My room where my PC is located is not close enough to the TV without running wires across the hallwa…[View]
82828168>he fell for the hebrew planned obsolescence storage scheme ohnonononono... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…[View]
82816293Is there a ms paint alternative but for linux? i tried gimp but i dont like it[View]
82830429How do I configure 4chan x to hide posts when I right click them?[View]
82829385ARM Unveils Flexible Plastic CPU: https://www.anandtech.com/show/16837/plasticarm-get-your-next-cpu-…[View]
82827350haskell: fucking niggers. not a single haskell thread. pretty sure i get the basic idea of functiona…[View]
82829932Is writing more code the solution to being/feeling like a Dunning-Kruger? How do you keep improving …[View]
82824950Time Crystal created using Google's quantum computer: Physicists managed to make a 'time crysta…[View]
82829810/g/ on collabvm: http://computernewb.com/collab-vm What is collabvm? It creates a virtual machine th…[View]
82819453dead man switch technology: How can someone as high profile as him get suicided without throwing oth…[View]
82830155Why are /g/ posters like this?: >yo dude I've seen infected PDF's on libgen it isnt saf…[View]
82828531manipulated packages: How can i make sure isp gives me the real packages? They could also fake the c…[View]
82829752Need help: sublime: I have made a java template for competitive programming, i want to make a keyboa…[View]
82802364ITT post software disasters[View]
82825230When Will YouTube Start Requiring Young People To Not Be On The Internet?: The Internet Is Filled Wi…[View]
82821058Let me guess, you need more?[View]
82830115Fortunately I do not need to interact with this shit, but why anyone in their right mind choose to d…[View]
82817385Stupid questions General: OK guys i have a complete meme degree and i want to start over and break o…[View]
82829149Pozzed of based?: Tell me what to think /g/, just learned about this engine, can't bother to do…[View]
82827508Search engines: Why is cuckcuckblow so shit, pic rel And what is an actually good alternative to Goo…[View]
82829849Best way for remote control: what are the best ways of controlling distant computers considering: -s…[View]
82824018Video Editing: I need to do some basic video editing. What free windows software do I use? Blender?…[View]
82829696So many browser choices, take me back bros...[View]
82828440Are there any free/libre implementations of the onlyfans model? My girlfriend has an onlyfans (call …[View]
82822178>your average Java™ developer[View]
82829656I have to create a new account on hackernews every time I want to submit anything because my current…[View]
82826825I feel so down /g/ my rival just got a job at rentech and I wasn't able to beat him.[View]
82824450I'm downloading macOS Big Sir as we speak[View]
82827668https://twitter.com/3dfxofficial >Voodoo 6 PCI >No motherboards have PCI slots in the last 5 y…[View]
82829216obey: obey[View]
82827393What are some obsolete technologies you won't let go ever? >rechargable AA and AAA form fact…[View]
82818265/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >UPGRADE & BUILD ADVICE Post build list or current specs includ…[View]
82828377this technology is not ready for replacing lag free wired technology. in fact this technology should…[View]
82823618look at that SOVL why can't smartphones do this today[View]
82828793What are some good resources for learning low level computer architecture like memory controllers, b…[View]
82821710What is a good way to get started with C# for enterprise stuff. Don't try to dissuade me from t…[View]
82827701>I think you have a code smell here... yes, quite pungent indeed...[View]
82825176I want out of the AMD Intel Nvidia triopoly are there any RISC-V laptops that run Arch based Linux l…[View]
82824447What are some nice rss feeds?[View]
82827947Ok /g/ redpill me on kotlin. Lately I see more and more companies using it as an alternative to Java[View]
82828883Floens is a nigger >But but kurobaex Holy shit cringe interface. Clearly made by a fa/g/got with …[View]
82826324bypass revel POS: Found a revel POS iPad in the dumpster behind a T-Mobile store. How do I repurpose…[View]
82828790If literally all technology vanished but we kept all the knowledge and experts in each field , how l…[View]
82823982Why is HDPI on any Linux DE basically unusable? 'le bad froot corp' got this working perfectly 20 ye…[View]
82827938just bought this for 580€ am I a retard ? Can still return it after using it for less than 14 days t…[View]
82824832Running NetBSD on rpi?: Are there any Anons running NetBSD on their Rpi's? Did you run into any…[View]
82828935Can you mix PWM and DC fans? I'm getting a bequiet 500dx which comes with 3 140mm dc fans, i ha…[View]
82828912What's up with all this wagecuck techposting recently?[View]
82825124I am a recent graduate with a degree in Information Systems Management I cannot get a fucking job an…[View]
82828392Farewell, Dante[View]
82824421What is the best entry audiophile setup I should aspire for without becoming one[View]
82814099qBittorrent v4.3.7 and v4.4.0beta2 released! Remove uBotnet now!!!: qBittorrent v4.3.7 and v4.4.0bet…[View]
82808984/sqt/ Stupid Questions Thread - No anime edition: >Read the sticky: >>76759434 >GNU/Lin…[View]
82824096Opera 12 (The last version before becoming a chrome fork): Was it actually kino or am I blinded by n…[View]
82823315Isn't it actually stupid to have a physical crypto wallet? You can easily lose it, it can get d…[View]
82822573I wish to return to an earlier point in time.[View]
82817544tiobe index for august 2021 is out >golang >ohnono java freefalling assembly getting traction …[View]
82826809>I am Bill Gates and this is my operating system. It has only one problem: that 99.999 percent of…[View]
82826926can any of you friends direct me to a KMS activator for 8.1 pro? would hate to get pozzed right when…[View]
82827300ILLUMINATION TECHNOLOGY: Do you have a headlamp? If so, what kind?[View]
82825314It's time to make a Brave decision and transition to a browser that respects your privacy.[View]
82825633What can I do with it?[View]
82828487>look up an issue I'm having >end up on Youtube video with a few solutions >cool, this…[View]
82827316Is there a decently powerful pocketable, repairable computer? I was considering the pinephone, but i…[View]
82826275Based Intel bribing Microsoft to get rid of all Meltdown-infested older CPUs. The Jews are right for…[View]
82827072Stack Overflow is getting spicy: You don't want to click that link Unless... >https://stacko…[View]
82820609Based Dell: They've done it again, built the best laptop money can buy, the Precision 7760.…[View]
82828282Choose a Ryzen 4000 series mobile cpu for me[View]
82824154Why can't Linuux play video games and Office / Adobe / AutoCAD?[View]
82827578Is 481,88 dollars a good price for a brand new sealed EVGA GTX 1070 Ti? I want to pair it with an i3…[View]
82826550bros I just can't fucking take it, every day some company comes out talking shit about how much…[View]
82827802/wtr/ - Web Thread: I really wanna know what's your best HTML + CSS project for this moment.…[View]
82825162Why is 4chan so bad by default? Why doesn't moot add things like better syntax highlighting? Su…[View]
82824475Why aren't you using a Dell OptiPlex GX280?[View]
82826439Switched my main desktop to Arch today and some of my games run better on DXVK than native Windows. …[View]
82827427>CS degree >3.4 years of work experience >still don't know how to code or program othe…[View]
82820275name at least five (5) things you do at your computer all day long: now.[View]
82822764my gf got me am amazon fire tablet for my birthday, wtf am i supposed to do with a tablet, ive never…[View]
82827173Here's your IDE bro >2.4GB of RAM[View]
82813785computers in 2030: By 2030 99% of people will only have smartphones but in the event you want a real…[View]
82825131Why should i use gentoo?: Why should i use gentoo over arch[View]
82823901I was asked to do the technical interview for a job opening for sysadmin at my company. The job cons…[View]
82823889uhhh how do we explain this one applesisters[View]
82827115the s10's camera is so shit bros. is there a way to disable sharpening and noise reduction on t…[View]
82826048What does /g/ think of Google?[View]
82827225https://videocardz.com/newz/nvidia-rtx-a2000-desktop-workstation-graphics-card-is-low-profile THANK …[View]
82827066Liquid Cooling vs Air Cooling (PC Edition): I am going to use AMD Ryzen 9 3900XT as Processor and RT…[View]
82819060>guys I will update Clover this weekend >said that two weeks ago Why is this faggot floens so …[View]
82823199Not only will this piece of shit bring a flood of retards asking the most trivial questions on Linux…[View]
82826250>Wifi Cable[View]
82823852New job homeoffice upgrade.: What shouldn't I buy?[View]
82818823Zoomers will never unstand what it feels like to leave your Sky digibox on this screen and listen to…[View]
82826386Anyone else noticed more and more sites shutting out VPN users? I tried using WWE Network, the Depo…[View]
82821366lIs shielded cabling really necessary? I'm stringing an ethernet cable between two houses. It…[View]
82793685/mkg/ Mechanical Keyboard General: /mkg/ - Pingmaster edition >Keyboard recommendation template h…[View]
82825443trying new things: Hi /g/ I am currently mining bitcoin with my graphics card. it shows that I am o…[View]
82824030Redpill me on this. Why it's so good?[View]
82822670Is it possible to get an empornium invite in 2021?[View]
82825906>Sundar Pichai is Indian >New Pixel 6 literally says 'POO 1' on it…[View]
82824063I hate the internet[View]
82811609How do you deal with a dickhead pajeet boss? Recent management change and re-org. Many indian peopl…[View]
82805076YOUTUBE-DL IS DEAD. WHAT DO WE DO NOW, /G/ BROS?: The updates have stopped! Did the RIAA scare them…[View]
82813423What's the best way to hide my porn folder in windows 10?[View]
82821613F-fill all my jacks senpai[View]
82826285>10gb exe installer >it extracts the actual installation files to a temp folder on C:\ >C:\…[View]
82819501/hsg/ - Home Server General: /hsg/ - Home Server General - tiny edition https://wiki.installgentoo.c…[View]
82822223No feedback in tech industry: Why are all companies like this? Here's my feedback: Anon, We wan…[View]
82819876I hate having to go to the bathroom. is there anything like a mini toilet i can carry around? is the…[View]
82825980Spreadsheets with solver: I need a spreadsheet application. I want to be able to optimize multivaria…[View]
(when (= month 11)   (setq (product-logo product) rainbow-logo)) 
82819976Hey, /g/uys. I'm pretty stupid. Can I get some help? So my problem is that I am trying to downl…[View]
82825504Canada's PC: '''' ''''''''' …[View]
82825952the absolute state of /g/[View]
82824477>life is a mess >apartment is a mess >mind is a mess >filesystem organised into folders …[View]
82822443Thanks for beta testing, RTX 20 series fags.[View]
82823999This PC is never obsolete[View]
82824620Please stop bullying us, iOS users[View]
82825514I owe 4chan a free pass: I once helped 4chan fix a vulnerability. Should I claim my position as a de…[View]
82818427NEED ADVICE, I'm having trouble learning programming and I reaally want to learn this shit, I j…[View]
82823904thoughts on working for these lads?[View]
82825468Was SoCs becoming so cheap to the point of them being dumb to not include in everything, a mistake?[View]
82815587/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: prev :: Thread prev = >>82808707[View]
82822852/g/ on hyperbeam: https://hyperbeam.com/i/KUE7Eo2n What is hyperbeam? It creates a virtual machine t…[View]
82823233Why does this piece of shit hang when I open 200+ tabs? Firefox handles 500 tabs no problem.[View]
82823482Burner Cell As Low Cost WIFI Platform: Is it possible to run your own apps on these? If so- it'…[View]
82820863We're stuck with it, aren't we.[View]
828236412 SSD Dual Booting: >have a gaming PC (windows 10) >have an older PC I use for work (debian) …[View]
82823535I got a CS degree and really liked programming, even though I was a low info retard who didn't …[View]
82824296Has anyone here ever found a good neural network text to speech web service or application? All I…[View]
82823705I want an emergency light that will turn on automatically when the power goes out. I already have a …[View]
82824668I'm still using a computer that is about 10 years old. what noticeable improvements would I not…[View]
82807896Yes, it's an LGR video in which he shows off another generic Pentium shitbox with Wolfenstein 3…[View]
82813295>work from home and flexible hours actually meant you have no home anymore and are on call 24/7…[View]
82823053Admit it, with firenigger loitering in the 2-3% market share, buying a mac and using safari is the o…[View]
82824398Cloud backups: I'm looking for a cloud service that will serve as a backup for both photos from…[View]
82818123/HARDEST PILLS TO SWALLOW/: ill start- iq is the hardest pill to take. never was good at math, medio…[View]
82822682SystemD is the first computer virus that has gone from cybernetic life to real life... eating brains…[View]
82820583I use Arch KDE ARM as my OS give me one reason to use Windows/Mac/Android/IOS[View]
82823658objects and classes were a mistake[View]
82820080If I never connect smartphone to the internet, I can get full privacy, right?[View]
82821318These look like parallel universes to me.[View]
82820339are thinkpads and casio F91W the comfiest technologies? what other technologies for comfy feels?[View]
82824427Mention Mac or Java >Pajeet spammers come flooding your thread. are they just cheap? They can…[View]
82819210Why are not more people using this DE? It is better than anything else.[View]
82821127Do I Try to Build it?: once i get a gpu?! if i'll ever get one they seem more rare than a DFS i…[View]
82823146> Be me > Open Visual Studio; nothing to do > Open Unity; nothing to do > Create a Gtk# …[View]
82824494I just finished a big project in my internship at FAGMAN. We've been working very hard on it al…[View]
82823698Best Custom List Filters for Brave Browser?: I'm getting some ads despite enabling Fanboy and U…[View]
82817191>i encrypt my usb stick with a 512 character password quantum resistant encryption cypher. just m…[View]
82819478the ACTUAL best browser: >not based off of jewgle chromium >not dependent on mozilla trannies …[View]
82824410but you're all obsessed with memes: http://dynology.com/[View]
82821897Configurability is the root of all evil: Every configuration option in a program is a place where th…[View]
82823989Fake Account Bot: The feasibility and challenges of programming bots fake account creation for diffe…[View]
82822626Is Khan Academy a meme? Can I use it to learn math up to precalculus, or do I have to get a good boo…[View]
82822193For me, it's Solus OS. Literally an independent system with the best looking DE (Budgie) and ot…[View]
82823525Extreme Burnout /infosec/: Anyone else tired of being in infosec as a career or even IT in general. …[View]
82823271Are gaming laptops worth it?[View]
82822513Unpopular opinion. Open-Source/Privacy phones aren’t worthless, but are unnecessary for most. The co…[View]
82822308What is the best language for financial mathematics?[View]
82822989How did Samsung have so much SOVL back then[View]
82822569Name a bigger meme.[View]
82820045RETURN OF THE KING https://wccftech.com/3dfx-interactive-acquired-jansen-products-returning-after-20…[View]
82819300SQ11 power bank: What kind of powerbank would I need to keep an SQ11 recording for 12 hours? Its ba…[View]
82821960Manjaro vs. Mint: Which is better for beginners?[View]
82822157Remember, Buy American, Buy Intel[View]
82823283https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carrington_Event What are the chances of this happening in this centur…[View]
82815094>2021 >11900k >8 cores >400W >14nm++++++++++++++++++++ >$500…[View]
82823695WeChat: Hello /g/. If I install WeChat on my smartphone (or other Chinese apps for that matter, like…[View]
82822754Retarded Hybrid Mobile Frameworks: I need the simplest most retarded cross-platform (IOS & Andro…[View]
82821840I need your help /g/bros. I noticed I have this shit running in my processes. Malwarebytes didn…[View]
82810079/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Users of all leve…[View]
82822069>mobile phones weighs around 200 gramms how do people carry it with them? It is heavy as fuck…[View]
82822511what is your loonix journey? Me, started learning on 2017 I've tried all the mainstream ones, d…[View]
82820695Is it gay for a man to have a huge phone?[View]
82811300When will 4chen take the .webp pill? It only makes sense considering that .webm is already supported…[View]
82818845Why boomers put 'dot-com' at the end of everthing?[View]
82822612Can you wireshark someone's ip off of discord?[View]
82822169i managed to scrape together $600. what are the best comptia certs to get? in order to at least get …[View]
82820156Is there any technology that can enable me to convincingly pretend to be another person who is speak…[View]
82821522Are any of you freelancers? How do you get clients? How does it compare to a regular job?[View]
82818576>Be me >Get hired by a major company as a data engineer >It's been over a month now an…[View]
82818883Jami GNU Package: tell me about this app anon[View]
82817975>oy vey, just give us your fingerprint, trust us its for your own protection…[View]
82822840Is Openbox any good for someone coming from DEs?[View]
82816929>tfw to stupid for vulkan[View]
82820870/csg/ - Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpr…[View]
82822635BTC wallet: If I were to hypothetically get my hands on the private key to a BTC wallet, how could I…[View]
82813808end of fastman: I have given up on technology. The pinnacle of technology is the smartphone. All a p…[View]
82818684>2021 >doesn't even have a 64-core processor Are these fagolas even trying?…[View]
82821465Admission thread: Another admission thread. We admit that we are actually technically illiterate in …[View]
82818774Some niggers glow in the light, Some niggers glow in the dark, So what kind of nigger are you? >u…[View]
82820779Are Intel CPU's backdoored?[View]
82814356Office chairs: Comfy office chairs? NO $2,000 CHAIRS PLS[View]
82810637Did you ever bough a mouse that lasted at least 2 years? share the brand and model with us. I don…[View]
82819611Basics of torrenting: I have realized paying for streaming subscriptions and music subscriptions is …[View]
82821053i launched a side project that has paying customers, what do I do now so I don't get sued and t…[View]
82822462When did you realise that the only way to maintain your autism and work is to use Emacs instead of V…[View]
82821727you NEED h266 or vp9 because ..... ?[View]
82807511SerenityOS >will never boot >will never boot out of real mode >will never have a native GU…[View]
82822335I got a lot of free time. Should I learn bash or Powershell? which is more useful? I use both window…[View]
82813635OOP is shit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QM1iUe6IofM What's /g/'s stance on this? This…[View]
82810564Is this shit actually good?: I'm using Kiwi browser and was working fine on mobile but the Dev …[View]
82815592What do you think of this browser?[View]
82819873How to further lower monitor brightness?: I turned it down with physical buttons all the way down, a…[View]
82813991Esge: It's pretty good. Switched to it on Windows and Android (has mobile adblock, bye Brave). …[View]
82822107What did Microsoft mean by this?[View]
82821452Why do people suddenly hate the Num pad?[View]
82814858Okay, so in another thread, there is talk about the upcoming image filetype called JPEG XL or .jxl, …[View]
82802357/wdg/ - Web Dev General: >Full Web Development Roadmap https://github.com/kamranahmedse/developer…[View]
82821926>Dad: what distro is that? looks cool >Me: Yeah it's Ubuntu >Dad: Boubuuntu? *laughs* …[View]
82820083Should I use Avalonia or Qt for a cross-platform app? Why?[View]
82818894it's very clear humanity failed at making non immediate GUIs, question is when will we leave th…[View]
82818633Resume thread: I made mine after https://github.com/enfiskutensykkel/cv: while I like moderncv more,…[View]
82821345Hidden cameras[View]
828192644TB hard limit for 2.5' TLC: >Daily reminder that we have topped 4TB with Samsung's 850 EVO …[View]
82821701should i add more noctuas?[View]
82823338Split /g/ in two separate boards [Tech vs Dev]: Shall we split this board into a tech board and a de…[View]
82821555what markdown editor do you use they're all so shit holy shit[View]
82818542First hour of using KDE: >EXTERNAL monitor is primary monitor instead of INTERNAL LAPTOP SCREEN …[View]
82820038What’s the point of this BSD?: What’s the benefit?[View]
82810742What would be the next physical format after blu-ray?[View]
82817672Enterprise in the Home: What wireless access points do you use to get quality WiFi all over the hous…[View]
82815028The perfect distro. Discuss Fedora Linux.[View]
82820776>*breaks for no reason* Nothing personal kiddo, should have bought metal frame laptop like Apple …[View]
82819540duuuuude gifs are like pictures, but, but moving[View]
82817929I hate these pajeets so fucking much. Since covid they are literally spamming their shitty 'edu…[View]
82820765how would employers look at you, if they find out that you write C++ in the C style (no classes, no …[View]
82818569Now what?[View]
82820334>Bias: >According to IBM: “Bad data can contain implicit racial, gender, or ideological biase…[View]
82819019When are GPUs going to be reasonably priced again?[View]
82821315Cars will be 10% more expensive due to new equipment and regulations: >+10% yearly inflation >…[View]
82821162gnu bros...: what went wrong?[View]
82817224Finally we are fixing the Linux desktop.[View]
82785220// - Friendly Apple Thread: >Hackintosh Wiki: https://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/Main_…[View]
82821011Should Nvidia sue AMD for bundling GPUs with their CPUs? Only because they call it an APU doesn…[View]
82818305What is your favorite version of iOS? For me it's gotta be 3.1.2[View]
82820263I have a gtx 1080 should I just stick to 1080p monitors for now? I don't see gpu prices coming …[View]
82820892ITT: post your mobile homescreen and your most used apps. >evie launcher >chrome >cx file e…[View]
82820940Dual boot + encrypted disks and parity: I am setting up a new PC dual booting Windows and Linux with…[View]
82818015> Be me, start at a small tech company of like 50 people at a six figure salary > Feels good …[View]
82820336I got this 1tb mSD card to be storage for a laptop with very little space and it's already havi…[View]
82820781what is the best way to listen to soundcloud music on your pc? the site is okay at best and the app …[View]
82819851Do you compress your archives? I'm hoarding tv shows, films, music, porn, games, anime, manga, …[View]
82820792what kind of roadmap would you suggest for someone who wants to build and program animatronics? I t…[View]
82817089why do so few laptops have the nipple?: it's so much faster than stupid ass touchpads. you just…[View]
82816524Heavy duty workstation laptops: Is there any powerful laptop with good thermals that is not a gaymin…[View]
82820203Why is the hour not good with timedatectl? The correct time is displayed at the bottom right[View]
82819747Grid is shit: How do I get my old Chrome back?[View]
82818710Simple laptop: Hey guys, I need a laptop for my studies. I'm looking at the m1 macbooks as I li…[View]
82820468ITT technology that is completely obsolete and nobody uses anymore. And no, the US military is not s…[View]
82820374what do i do?: so i got this message from winrar and my heart sank... do i actually need to buy a li…[View]
82812697laptop on toilet: >ITT: we discuss different techniques for comfortable laptop usage while on the…[View]
82818661Choose your weapon[View]
82817234I installed windows 8[View]
82818362>Dude lets start a project >Ok >Any good ideas? >Yeah lets do Y >Ok dude, lets start …[View]
82820260Hardware keys reprogramming: Hi /g/! Got this ds4 keyboard attachment that has hardware keys without…[View]
82818627Did I understood what they meant correctly?[View]
82819363I'm autodidactic: I have computers since I was 11 years old and I learned to give them preventi…[View]
82815566What does Proton mean for piracy? I can play my pirated games easily on Windows, but since Proton is…[View]
82818307What does /g/ think of the Budgie DE? I used it on Solus a while back and it was really fucking comf…[View]
82819002No desktop on devuan: I've booted into the desktop-live iso of devuan and whenever I try to boo…[View]
82820047CalyxOS vs LineageOS: which is better? im planning on getting a pixel anyway so thats not an issue…[View]
82818223Urgh, why do all the widgets look dated? You have to use custom stylesheets just to make it look hal…[View]
82817593Because anything else is just bloat[View]
82819027Can you imagine an ad like this being published today? >Apple: Sends other UNIX boxes to /dev/nul…[View]
82816963It's me >>82814093 again I FUCKING DID IT I've resoldered pause key and added pieces…[View]
82817404I love Java now[View]
82805742/osg/ - Offensive Security General - Damn kids, they're all alike edition: This thread is for t…[View]
82783317Clover: Has Floens fixed it as promised?[View]
82819526on average, how many bugs a day should a software tester report?[View]
82792454I was in prison for the past 5 years and our 3rd world shithole prisons don't have internet or …[View]
82819513Another Windows update: Another feature lost >theme colors no longer apply to start tile buttons …[View]
82818226What do you think about Solus linux? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solus_(operating_system)[View]
82819423Vin (nvim) bros, how do I make certain plugins only work on certain file types? Aka I only want my p…[View]
82815487The year of Linux desktop, finally.[View]
82818902Intel is now referring to their 7nm process to 'intel 4' https://www.hpcwire.com/2021/07/27/intels-n…[View]
82811522opera: Why do you hate this, its pretty good imho , didnt crashes unlike firefox or chrome[View]
82805779Mini TV Tuners: So /g/, explain why weren't these popular.[View]
82816146Anyone here use btrfs ustead of ext4? How stable is it nowadays? I like the idea of transparent comp…[View]
82815443So this is the power of the BSDs. An installer with no explanation of what any of the options even m…[View]
82818573Fucking knew it[View]
82813950ITT: Your first computer[View]
82818212What Wikipedia alternatives do you use?[View]
82818948what happened?[View]
82814942linux >wants to install an app >google [name of the app] ubuntu >check the horribly layed o…[View]
82816577Is it still total ass? I'm getting a new, spare laptop tomorrow and want to try it out. Is it p…[View]
82818096my technology habits unironically get in the way of my social life. I don't have any social med…[View]
82818813Is using alot of solder good?[View]
82816253What's so hard about this...[View]
82815067Lightweight Linux distribution: I'm thinking of going with Zorin OS Lite or Xubuntu. I've …[View]
82778681/bst/: battle station thread[View]
82818497Holy shit when y'all said Intel was Jewish I would laugh. Yeah yeah cute joke. It's no lon…[View]
82809166How would you redesign the web, from HTTP to HTML/CSS/JS to all the other Web standards. You do not …[View]
82816047elementary: the perfect linux distribution[View]
82818614>the year is 2021 >cryptocurrencies range between 500k-2 million lines of code what the fuck /…[View]
82771220/hsg/ - Home Server General: /g/ is slowing down and the average intellect of a lurker is going down…[View]
82818299Is this the best plan for becoming a millionnaire in tech? 1. Grind Leetcode 2. Get into FAGMAN 3. I…[View]
82817632open source ruggedised laptops: i'd blow my head off it'd make this a reality. the mnt ref…[View]
82817720is there a 'moral stance' for private tech companies/entrepeneurs? if so, where should it lean?[View]
82818003battle station thread weeb edition: comfy, controlled mess battle stations. 1/6[View]
82814282Box that records youtube: Is there a bluray or DVD recorder/player with or without HDD, that can rec…[View]
82817288I want to stop being a pussy and actually open up my 3090. What are the best thermal pad replacement…[View]
82814868>Linux >Bluetooth stack written in C >Doesn't work >Android >Bluetooth stack wri…[View]
82815430It's over windows bros, the year of Linux is here[View]
82816620is this possible?[View]
82815492Best long term photo storage?[View]
82817109why doesn't mozilla rewrite firefox so it runs on electron now since firefox sucks and they are…[View]
82806723The zoomer shakes in fear, angry and confused, at the sight of pic related.[View]
82817797Someone know the name of the xfwm theme[View]
82817315Running linux on Chromebook with Mediatek ARM processor: Sup /g/uys. Im trying to get linux on my Ch…[View]
82817149google chrome and subsequently all other browsers will hide the website URL by default within a year…[View]
82817072Why are chiclet keyboards hated so much?[View]
82817893>incognito mode >type a very specific phrase in a post on 4channel ('feeling burnt out from wo…[View]
82814997>have minor problems with game on steam running on proton >go to protondb >all the people …[View]
82813776>hey everybody >it's your BOI techstomper321 >and THEY FINALLY did it >Valve had DO…[View]
82802272Most retarded thing an IT coworker has said to you?: >code is shit and does a weird thing >fig…[View]
82816961BitCoin will replace TCP You watch[View]
82814109So when are we finally moving to 128-bit CPUs?[View]
82817849I think that only real computer chads get C or lower grade from IT classes. What do you think anon?[View]
82791983i don't think transparent terminals are that ebin anymore[View]
82815441is it a meme or is systemd really THAT bad?[View]
82817566CentOS vs Fedora vs Ubuntu vs openSUSE, which corporate Linux distro is the best, and which one is m…[View]
82788897When will we achieve this technology: Me on the right btw[View]
82817084Is the Ryzen 7 5800x good enough for streaming/editing?: As what the title says, I was thinking of g…[View]
82813955How much latency do bluetooth headphones carry? Can it be brought lower?[View]
82814502Rate my program/10: print('hello 4chan') try: YourAge = float(input('Enter your actual age: ')) …[View]
82817654Old Good New Bad: >Updated Firefox from 67 to current version because google drive refused to wor…[View]
82816868I have on year experience as a junior sysadmin, I used to learn a lot about windows and linux admin…[View]
82811649/pg/ - Perl General: Hello, welcome to Perl General! >Resources Best Perl Book: Programming Perl …[View]
82817549>Haha look guys linux bad used by trannies no software always crashes lo!!!…[View]
82798817Is golang worth investing time into?[View]
82817582Is there a model of these that don't fucking suck if you can't stick it up against a wall?…[View]
82815820Has a single meaningful scientific discovery come out of CERN yet?[View]
82814168I know you guys are the worst first place to ask for but usually the shit you guys create works. So …[View]
82816599For me? It's Verdana And you???[View]
82815034What is your opinion on this? Is it a schizo stuff or a real shit?[View]
82815615What happened to compiled HTML? It is probably the best ebook format.[View]
82815372>first day on the job >get passed 10+ year old giant ass bash script >cryptic af >worry.…[View]
82814708>web code monkeys think this is eldritch arcane knowledge. ITT : hardware supremacy…[View]
82784218/csg/ chink shit general: previous thread: >>82775644 news: >last thread was a complete sh…[View]
82817087Why is software development so fucking saturated? I thought there is a skill shortage and it pays 25…[View]
82817229All hale the greatest technology man has ever built.[View]
82807481/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >UPGRADE & BUILD ADVICE Post build list or current specs includ…[View]
82817245As much of a faggot as rossman is, he is right for once: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3roD8cK…[View]
82814913Thinkpad: What Thinkpad(s) do you have and why? I have a Thinkpad T450s because it was one of the c…[View]
82813908Oh shit, son.[View]
82817117Post computer accessorino[View]
82816185I thought W10 was the last one, guys...[View]
82815786You cannot refute Dave 'God' Ackley: Just look at how serious he is[View]
82814816Rcihard Stallman uses ________ as OS because it's ________[View]
82813194Orbit is about to become dirt cheap due to Starship. What kind of satellite would /g/ make?[View]
82815323I'm gonna install Artix on my laptop, because I want a minimalist distro that doesn't run …[View]
82816516>error: maximum authentication attempts exceeded for root from [INDIAN_IP_ADDR] port 22592 ssh2…[View]
82816671What are /g/'s thoughts on the 'Teach Yourself Computer Science' curriculum?[View]
82814268I'm stuck using a laptop which thankfully has thunderbolt 3. What is the general consensus on e…[View]
82816264What are the best domain sellers: I'm looking into buying a domain cheaply. Also what is a fair…[View]
82810772>friend in uni >'MacOS is a much better environment for dev than any GNU/Linux OS.' How true i…[View]
82810269Why is Apple software of 2020's made of swiss cheese like MS software of 1990's? How did t…[View]
82815760>USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 What the fuck, mang! This is fucking bullshit![View]
82816506Redpill me on Pixel Experience[View]
82806150tfw hardly anyone using RCS >tfw 'inclusive' 'art'[View]
82816303Tech Talks: Post Talks you would recommend to any software engineer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
82813370Am I schizo or does blocking third party fonts increase how fast web pages load? (Specifically bloat…[View]
82815827Imagine being a compsci grad in this day and age.[View]
82815396>you WILL NOT own ze computer hardware (except for ze cucktop with TPM required for ze Windowz 11…[View]
82815269Say whatever you want, but since I got this shit on my LinkedIn profile I've been receiving at …[View]
82811482Where did everything go so wrong for Java?[View]
82814151Can you do HTML and Javascript in IntelliJ? How does it compare to VS Code?[View]
82813598I'm thinking the end is near for the western civilization and I'm interested what tablet o…[View]
82816145Old flagship vs new midranger: Which is the better deal?[View]
82814754Opinion on Garuda Linux? A linux distro created by pajeets for gayming man[View]
82813325Why did /g/ lie to me?: Turns out we all had TPM 2.0 after all. Is this gonna slow down my CPU?…[View]
82764753/cumg/ - Cooming Utilities & More General: >Links Wiki: https://coom.tech/ Rentry: ht…[View]
82815389disk image backup: what's the best software for regularly backing up your laptop to an external…[View]
82812933is this book good?[View]
82815620I have $1000, what laptop do I purchase? I wanna mostly use it to code and emulate PS2/GC/Wii vidya[View]
82814086PlayStation 5 - 8 Months Later: I am about to order/book a PS5 and i only have this opportunity avai…[View]
82814968Am I Human?: could be huh?[View]
82814533>company policy is to never write tests >company has 'manual testers' >company has a cultur…[View]
82815812Passive Covert Location: Assholes, Newish Surveillance tech being utitilized. Search for Passive cov…[View]
82814520Is it okay If I try learning python and C at the same time?[View]
82813868So, this is the power of GIMP, right? Why is GIMP so fucking behind of Photoshop? There are many hig…[View]
82815111Would this design have been implemented if people weren't such pussies? https://en.wikipedia.o…[View]
82815207How does one language cause so much seething?[View]
82808707/dpt/ - daily programming thread: use lisp & see /emg/ for the latest tips and tricks previous t…[View]
82815512When going through a tutorial, is it better to take it slow, and ensure that you fully absorb all of…[View]
82807537How do I free some space? I barely have anything saved in this machine, the OS is taking this much s…[View]
82813289why is technology like this? Why do people blindly follow someone else's advice just because th…[View]
82806667/lg/ Lua General: If you could change anything in the syntax of LUA, what would you change? >hard…[View]
82812016ql: >tfw no dedicated MySQL serv >tfw no dedicated MySQL serv >tfw no dedicated MySQL serv …[View]
82807074Distro that just werks: hey /g/, I'm a windows retard but now I'm sick of it and want to l…[View]
82812916to all the adobe slaves who can't make a circle on GIMP[View]
82814498The browser debate: >see thread praising brave browser >replies: botnet! bloated! manifesto v3…[View]
82812396I miss Linux so much, but none of the 2021 distros work on my laptop[View]
82813335This is the end for Android 2.3.7 https://www.uusisuomi.fi/uutiset/us/73c75e61-82a2-4dc1-8a8d-02eae0…[View]
82812995Imagine being a manlet[View]
82813990If there is thunder should you unplug your PC or just turn it off? What is your course of action her…[View]
82804388UNIXfags BTFO: Date: Thu, 26 Nov 1992 16:01:55 GMT From: tk@dcs.ed.ac.uk (Tommy Kelly) Subject: HELP…[View]
82811898current PC build: fags on /v/ are crying and telling me it costs too much https://pcpartpicker.com/l…[View]
82811910Which of these processors is more powerful? mainly for warzone gaming which is cpu intensive or so.[View]
82814609Am I paranoid thinking They're stealing ideas/code/etc ?: The best app or software, for project…[View]
82814615Do SSDs last until 20 percent wear (80 percent health) like a smartphone battery or do they last lon…[View]
82808730GrapheneOS: Who here uses GrapheneOS? I've had it for almost a year now and can't imagine …[View]
82806334words cannot describe the disappointment I felt[View]
82812773What Addons does /g/ have on her web browser!? Bypass Paywalls Clean for reading news! Dark Backgrou…[View]
82812870Help me identify RAM: I'm looking to buy a 2nd hand PC, but I need to identify the RAM in this …[View]
82814527>buy pic related >start using it >writing data, all seems good >try to remove it >its…[View]
82813799is there any third party software or tool to fix hdd's bad sectors? aside from windows's d…[View]
82813861is there some kind of program that can monitor an exe file or even multiple at once and list the act…[View]
82811849How will the move to IPv6 affect ib owners? Won't the trillions of IPs make it impossible to b…[View]
82812435>command, option, and ctrl keys keyboard binding on apple laptops is a mess…[View]
82811954Deep web Discusion: I'm going on the deep web again tonight Give me tips I'll be using tai…[View]
82812006How can I start learning frontend[View]
82809625red pill me why i would want to use a track ball mouse.: Some friends I know claim they used it for …[View]
82811668>tried to dual boot macbook >corrupted hard drive >lost all passwords stored in chrome Ple…[View]
82810660IT Meme: Should I do this? Can you even get a job with just a CCNA?[View]
82812161>Naaah man these aren't USB 3.0 ports I dunno what you're talking about >These are S…[View]
82811023Why is /g/ ALWAYS wrong?[View]
82814425What is the best distro for testing GPUs? Normally, i'd use arch or freebsd because it's t…[View]
82808510The great debate.[View]
82801234>performs worse than chromium >uses more resources than chromium >shitty ui since v89 >s…[View]
82802910/emg/ - Emacs/Lisp General: >General Emacs resources https://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/manual/em…[View]
82813854SSD Bit Errors: >Ex GF nudes SSD How likely is it that I will have bit flips in a secondary stora…[View]
82796390/ptg/ - Private Trackers General: >Not sure what private trackers are all about? The mission of /…[View]
82814093>buy mechanical steelseries keyboard back in 2013 >recently left CTRL key stopped working >…[View]
82812717twin frozr: anyone else miss these old graphics card designs[View]
82814079Why does it have so much SOUL? Why can't kuroba trannies compete even with nonstop shilling?[View]
82812823How the fuck do smartphones exist?: How did we manage to cram so much technology into such a tiny fo…[View]
82806254Why can't you just program in your language of choice and then let an AI turn it into machine c…[View]
82812702How can I access the VGA card's ROM fonts with interrupt 10h operation 1130h in protected mode …[View]
82812641Got a Google Wifi router + access points a few years back as a gift. Worked OK, but I'm fed up …[View]
82813988F# and functional chads, report in: Just wanted to let you know how based you all are.[View]
82810723Ooh men what a boner killer I've installed Ubuntu touch on my nexus 5 but it overheated my pho…[View]
82810972How do I get the best out of it?[View]
82813798It's fixed bros https://github.com/TeamNewPipe/NewPipe/releases/[View]
82813057is there a website that scans for scams?: >started looking for a job again >run into sites tha…[View]
82811723build 1 or 2?: build 1 https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Qv4yht build 2 https://pcpartpicker.com/list/3c…[View]
82812259What is the secret behind their success?[View]
82810392Virtual Machines: Currently my personal PC is used also for running multiple server/services. The mo…[View]
82812632Lightweight OS with easy to install WiFi drivers: I have an old ThinkPad with a broadcom chipset and…[View]
82813091did you prefer agile/scrotom before or after going remote bc of covid[View]
82812649re: OK guys i have a complete meme degree and i want to start over and break onto the scene for IT /…[View]
82813164How do you freelance and work for yourself as a software dev?: How do you go about finding clients a…[View]
82812634So what happened to the /g/ projects such as a Sneedacity, the e-hentai/exhentai alternative and the…[View]
82811366Is MEGA still the most economical option for cloud storage or is there a better option out there? …[View]
82812433>phone battery at 82% >restart >phone battery at 67%…[View]
82810323whats your phone password[View]
82810433Why didn't RMS develop his own Kernel so he wouldn't need to remember everyone the GNU+Lin…[View]
82813437Yo nerds: Whenever my brother brings his chinkphone near my router the internet an heros for a minut…[View]
82813552I am not in Washington DC yet for some reason on google on 3g on cellular my IP shows up as pic rel,…[View]
82812539Is the automate-a-remote-data-entry-job meme real?: Is the meme that you can automate remote data en…[View]
82811830Goddammit I'm so fed up with this piece of shit. I've been using Rust for almost 6 years n…[View]
82808241why don't androids every 'just werk'?[View]
82812966I've had a Windows Server for a year and I can't put up with it anymore. I'm also a t…[View]
82813085which one is the space bar again?[View]
82813387If there are 1000+ applications in a country for a single web dev position, does that mean we have a…[View]
82809075Budget Chromebook or Laptop for Senior?: Hey guys, T430 Thinkchad here. I need to get my mom a lapto…[View]
82766651New Desktop Thread - /DTG/: Desktop General (Zoomer Addition) If you don't like my Rice then d…[View]
82812387Software Engineering Career - G Advice Edition: Hi G, I'm an old-fart 30 year, just finished a …[View]
82808972Someone make this OS pls[View]
82803533My Ryzen 5600x has two CCXs and 7 cores. Is there a way to enable the full power?[View]
82806079Best laptop brands for budget laptops (non-business laptops): Opinions welcome which brands i should…[View]
82811122Honestly the most beautiful phone I've seen in the last 5 years. What prompted Google to take s…[View]
82812032worthless piece of fucking shit[View]
82806920>chairs you've had >which one would you recommend? Ergonomics is important, also reasonab…[View]
82811516How did old computer games draw their graphics? Did they do it on a per pixel basis?[View]
82812472Why is printing with Linux such a pain in the balls?: https://retrohacker.substack.com/p/bye-cups-pr…[View]
82806835AMD Radeon™ RX 6900 XT Graphics: faster than the 3090 costs 33.3% less more efficient you can actual…[View]
82807554Drills now have drm https://www.businessinsider.com/home-depot-fights-shoplifters-special-power-tool…[View]
82810640Internet Search Engines/Browsers: So for more than the last decade I have been using Google as my pr…[View]
82779725/g/'s Retro/Vintage Corner: /retro/, /crt/, /hdd/, /bigpp/ etc. Intel 8086 086tiny: Free (MIT L…[View]
82811284I've been interning in desktop support and 95% of our incidents are because some shit in outloo…[View]
82810235>did fizzbuzz with literally no experience How can college grads not do it?…[View]
82810951How does 4chan tell that you are posting from a VPN/Proxy. If I wanted to post on mobile data, how w…[View]
82807097We got too cocky OpenBSD bros SystemD has now infected OpenBSD too: https://lobste.rs/s/jx3cr6/initw…[View]
82810649I just ordered the 64gb one. Who else? Q2 they are saying. I wish I could pay it off now.[View]
82812188Remember, Buy American, Buy Intel[View]
82811041media player video general: Installation: https://mpv.io/installation/ Wiki: https://github.com/mpv-…[View]
82812023my bootable USB will not boot[View]
82804070Will Ruby ever be a suitable replacement to JS?[View]
82810809Redpill me on V1del Whats his endgame?[View]
82789800FIFA 21 just went open source[View]
82811814Raspberry Pi n00b just need advice: My Dad got a TV that runs off DC12V so he can take it camping an…[View]
82810481What's the best phone that's not a smart phone?[View]
82810035Anons, Clover for Android died when RECAPTCHAv2 was replaced. What have you been using in it's …[View]
82812168>had an old github account associated to a tutanota account >login today, asked for 2FA code v…[View]
82807155>steam already uses pipewire Pipewire is the future.[View]
82807502musl libc = based glibc = cringe Any questions?[View]
82811101what happened?[View]
82799287So this is the power of 'linux gaming' ... woah.[View]
82811775I'm looking for an OS that offers a complete distraction free environment. Ideally it would hav…[View]
82812028Is there/will there ever be a way to make GUIs that doesn't suck?[View]
82812022gg/DZQsaw4MKK g if you like to program, join 4ch's finest gg/DZQsaw4MKK If not you're ment…[View]
82809758let me guess, you need more[View]
82810415finally caved in and install vscode(ium): ain't as bad as I thought![View]
82803958Why does /g/ hate Indians?: Not only are they dominating programming they found the most startups to…[View]
82808609>be horribly bloated >be sponsored by a large company, still garbage >actively go against u…[View]
82809780Why is Fedora Linux the best?[View]
82791468Ok real talk for a moment. How the hell would one get their hands on a decent GPU in this day and ag…[View]
82809254Alright /g/ i want to try to strip the tiktok apk without permissions or the ability to copy my keyb…[View]
82810159Why are people so bad at explaining what a pointer is? Just say it's similar to a desktop short…[View]
82809731>newpipe >choose cool music >download in opus >play it in poweramp…[View]
82810727Best Meal Planning App: Whats the best meal planning app. This one is expensive and looks dogshit. T…[View]
82807462Linux 1%, 99% to go: >Linux has reached Microsoft on suicide watch, how long until they try to b…[View]
82807463This computer is still useful. Change my mind.[View]
82811291>use extension cable on my keyboard because it's got a fuckin 2ft long USB cable >connect…[View]
82810429If I buy 1TB Chinese msata SSD, am I asking to lose everything I store on it, or are they reliable e…[View]
82811401Anyone work tech for a super progressive 'public benefit corporation' like pic rel? Why[View]
82809794Anyone know what interview is like for developer with pic related[View]
82808326help me .... :(my wifi keeps disconnecting in ubuntu. I've been searching the whole day for a …[View]
82810722/SWEG/ - Software Engineer General: only post itt if you are a software engineer, or want to be a so…[View]
82806938So which OS has the best file picker?[View]
82809475Super Tux: WHAT WAS HIS FUCKING PROBLEM? Tell me. Whats his fucking problem? The fucking icon of Lin…[View]
82809776How does an individual leave a digital footprint?: Always been curious about this as I'm just a…[View]
82795305>2020 >still no reliable way to beat the stock market wtf is this shit. Computing gets twice a…[View]
82810266Take the Quadro pill, anon[View]
82808292What killed intel?[View]
82810603https://lists.archlinux.org/pipermail/aur-requests/2020-June/041193.html literally imagine i love a…[View]
82810975Time to party, sirs! https://youtu.be/kemivUKb4f4 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_95[View]
82810958Kuroba Dev version looking like that. Instead of 4 tiles per height I'm looking at 2 only. Trie…[View]
82807376ITT: based programs[View]
82810537Google’s time crystal discovery is so big, we can’t fully comprehend it: >https://bgr.com/tech/go…[View]
82731719/fwt/ - Friendly Windows Thread: Users of all levels are welcome to ask questions about Windows and …[View]
82805070JDownloader: >+10yo obsolete javascript turbo bloat spaghetti code that needs to update twice dai…[View]
82807147Wait for the Raphael™ APUs.[View]
82807416are there any interesting examples of git being used for something not related to programming? Like …[View]
82807171Want to learn to program: Do I do Java or Python?[View]
82808442AMD and Valve Working on Linux CPU Driver That Could Boost Steam Deck Performance: https://www.tomsh…[View]
82809570How do I create my very own isp?[View]
82808083there is nothing wrong with this[View]
82807960Monitor Arms for 3 monitors?: I've got an AOC Q27G2G4, an Asus VP279Q-P and an Acer S271HL. So…[View]
82810264>my internship exclusively programs in VB.Net[View]
82808208Crystal: What's everyone think of Crystal? Haven't seen much here about it, but I've …[View]
82810147Suspend issue: So I installed Fedora 34 on my laptop to try it out and I'm having a weird issue…[View]
82809038Why is FOSS bad?[View]
82806988ProtonMail : forensic decryption of iOS App: OH NO NO NO NO >ProtonMail is a full PGP end-to-end…[View]
82807757How often do you update your router's firmware?[View]
82798840has anyone used elixir for anything serious? what do you do with the language and how do you feel ab…[View]
82807956Website design every company wants: It seems like every single client just wants the same exact desi…[View]
82715503/aig/ - Alternative ISA General: >WIKI: https://wiki.installgentoo.com/wiki//aig/_Alternative_ISA…[View]
82805623What is better Opus or Vorbis?[View]
82808449Am I allowed to #archinstall or do I have to manual install to be accepted here? What is /g/'s…[View]
82809320I need a writing machine. It needs to be cheap, small, and comfy enough to write on. Basically a lit…[View]
82803351Is linux hard for normies?: Why it's such hard for normies to wrap their head about it[View]
82809275Install Slackware: >14.2 http://www.slackware.com/getslack/torrents.php >slackware-current htt…[View]
82806802most secure linux distro: Which linux distro is the most secure out of the box after installation?…[View]
82810072/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Before asking for…[View]
82790469/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Before asking for…[View]
82807253Dating for the privacy-minded: blah blah, none of us could get a woman anyway, but.. Has anyone foun…[View]
82809276Does /g/ even like Valve?[View]
82806242CalyxOS = antifa spooks: Just saw Mental Outlaw review CalyxOS and he mentioned how it comes with VP…[View]
82808380CloverOs: Is it daily driver material?[View]
82809982Whonix?: Whonix?[View]
82809522Install Runit: Install Runit http://smarden.org/runit/ https://artixlinux.org/download.php https://v…[View]
82806468>low on memory >things randomly crash so this is the power of ramlets.…[View]
82809832So have you adopted an old computer today and given it a new loving home? Using one right now to pos…[View]
82803569>lost bitkeeper kernel commits >every linux installation with dbus is personalized >poetter…[View]
82795727How is it possible this is the best the open source community has to offer in 2021? This is an ancie…[View]
82807092let me guess: you NEED more?[View]
82806754To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand FPGAs and VHDL. Which is why it scares so …[View]
82809699>Staxman: Who is stax76 and why does his programs get shilled here so often? Is it really just on…[View]
82807196How can I stop being a wagie and just make some passive income? Can I just set up wordpress blogs fo…[View]
82807647Can you feel the speed with fast SSDs? Where can you tell the difference the most? Or are they a sca…[View]
82807350Motherboard Manufacturers releasing Windows 11 Ready BIOS Updates with TPM/Secure Boot pre-enabled: …[View]
82809557Why are they so shit with their pricing practices?[View]
82808502Tech Jobs that pay well: what tech jobs pay the most, as in >$250k/year total comp. I know FAGMA…[View]
82808051Duolingo for programming: Is there an app/website that teaches me how to code with quiz-style questi…[View]
82802750Is developing an AI to detect and block child porn literally impossible due to legal conflict? How w…[View]
82808364>technical background (embedded/web/IT/cybersec/etc) >age & years of xp >net worth (you…[View]
82804379How the fuck do you *INDIVIDUALLY* change cursors and icons on Kubuntu? Why can you only change cur…[View]
82808864Daily reminder linux is all you need vr gaming and regular gaming, check >B-B-BUH MUH OCULUS use …[View]
82805198Blocking Youtbe in a LAN: I'm tired of listening to my coworkers listening loud music and they …[View]
82807639/iemg/ + /pmp/ - in-Ear Monitor & Portable Music Player General: wasting your money on crap edit…[View]
82803363/bht/ brave hate thread: Since brave-retards payed by corporate executives are making shill threads,…[View]
82807579Whats the best lossless streaming music service?[View]
82804912Why can't Pat Gelsinger defeat her?[View]
82807085erlang project ideas?: can't think of any personal projects that could benefit me in my daily l…[View]
82808223what is the technological reason why people are AGAINST vim tabs? If tabs and buffers are used the s…[View]
82806773What was the point of mouse weights? Wouldn't you take them out anyways? Another marketing gim…[View]
82808779i refuse to buy a new cmos battery[View]
82785262/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: >Read the sticky: >>76759434 >GNU/Linux questions >…[View]
82804577Recently started creating wifi audit tool Thoughts?[View]
82808103I'm using my pi4 as a tv, internet protection, internet filter, doorbell, multipurpose videogam…[View]
82749906MPV thread: post here your tips for mpv newbies![View]
82808117Trying To Find A Plex Server But For Comics/Books (Not Ubooquity): Okay so I read comics and mangos …[View]
82796619/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: (let ((previous-thread '>>82783060)) (format t 'What …[View]
82808594IDEs: Are they a meme? /g/ always claims they are needed for huge projects but no one on /g/ has eve…[View]
82807972>basedstemd for a noob that has no idea about init systems, what is wrong with basedstemd and wha…[View]
82797060If i switch to dvorak will I lose the ability to type in qwerty if i need to?[View]
82807840Which one of you pajeets made this based watchface? Also watchface general thread[View]
82805122Ryzen 5300U, 5500U and 5700U are pointless because...: Ryzen 5300U, 5500U and 5700U are pointless be…[View]
82806890Better working now or get a CS degree first?: I was offered to work for a small IT company with linu…[View]
82806415What is the best offline mindmap?: Hello /g/ Which programs do you use to organize your work/stuff?…[View]
82806454what is devops?: why do they have the highest salary?[View]
82803539would this make you stop using google ?: so ive intentionally blacklisted whole region , if this err…[View]
82796810VS bros..? Vim bros.. ? Emacs bros.. ?[View]
82806606Weird screws: How are these screws called? How could I remove them?[View]
82805164How Do I Cope?: I'm always paranoid, that I go into my file explorer and mess up some files (mo…[View]
8280516932 bit and 2038: >imagine living in 2038 >seeing old machines which display wrong data in some…[View]
82805543Does Gabe ever say something that isn't OBVIOUS or already have been said? Why does people keep…[View]
82805605Is it true /g/? Is Mint not a mature distribution?[View]
82807692Creating a tinychat clone with a twist. Does tinychat use a selective forwarding unit? Mixed video c…[View]
82807315What is the lightest vpn in the earth right now[View]
82802236Rust and Svelte will rule the world[View]
82804280According to this there are more RTX 3090s (0.37%) than all RDNA2 combined AMD Radeon is fucking tra…[View]
82807309How to ship a PC: Hi I'll be receiving a PC at some point from a friend building it. However I …[View]
82800892Internet speed + price thread: $20 a month[View]
82802990Who tf uses Windows 11 right now?: >windows 11 is litterally windows 10, but stricter system requ…[View]
82804750>Google's new mobile Soc for the pixel 6 is rumored to have speed equal to apple's a12 …[View]
82806178Unlike the inferior foot fetish/bootlicker featureless desktop environment known as nome desktop env…[View]
82804284Self-hosting vs SaaS: Honestly, is there a point to self-hosting and not using heroku, S3, etc to ho…[View]
82806155I NEED HELP AAAAA: >buy prebuilt 2 months ago >get this out of nowhere when I want to turn on …[View]
82806718Ay, I'm looking for a standalone video capture device that can take HDMI input and record it di…[View]
82806929Verifying myself on Matrix, vetese@aaathats3as.com: Hello Zaph, I am verifying our connection is not…[View]
82800338come home, white man[View]
82805462/g/uys it's Musk time.: List out all the things a brainlet should do to have a brain power like…[View]
82801409Imagine using not one, or two, but THREE (3) operating systems.[View]
82797700>Both cancelled: Is FLOSS dead?[View]
82804406is this worth it? >YouTube consooming >editing YouTube footage that's about it reasoning …[View]
82806765How big of a task is to switch email provider after years of using one and basically everything is c…[View]
82806429Computer broke I don't know how: AAAAAAAAAAHHHH WTF JUST HAPPENED!?!?!?! I was just using my co…[View]
82805641Microsoft added a feature to Windows 11 they call a 'red pill'. Think trannies will pressure them in…[View]
82806379What the fuck is up with all the stories of your gaming laptops dying in less than a year? Don’t you…[View]
82802204/hask/ Friendly Haskell/FP thread: Discuss Haskell and Functional Programming (FP) here. Resources:…[View]
82804909Linux as an Microsoft app now.[View]
82804638DRM in… power tools? What a time to be alive[View]
82805668have computer specs completely flat lined? I bought a new pc 3 years ago and it seems buying a near …[View]
82806710Linux btfo: If you use GNU/Linux, explain this: https://youtu.be/fzqnA793unc Protip: you can't…[View]
82803550I just found out a ThinkPad with an i5 uses less energy than a Raspberry Pi + a 1080p monitor. This …[View]
82806373When was the last time something happened to your computer that you couldn't properly explain. …[View]
82803419>2021 >i am forgotten[View]
82804616Admission thread: This is the thread where we all admit that we're kind of retarded and don…[View]
82806110Is it possible to make a script (in Python, PowerShell, or w/e) to detect folders in zip files and w…[View]
82805045Why you haven't taken the Mac pill, /g/?[View]
82805910Are there any good compile options that make browsers faster?: The browser is the OS. So how do you …[View]
82795763How long are you on /g/ ?[View]
82791121What are some exploitable soft backdoors in the Linux system?[View]
82805327Is it possible to make a browser suite that combines all the browser engine together to gain the adv…[View]
82802453/bat/ - Brave Appreciation Thread: >Why Brave ? 1.Ad-blocking by default. 2.Tracker-blocking by d…[View]
82803065My work from home office, in a difficult-to-plumb part of my house, has an existing CAT3 running to …[View]
82794451/spg/ - Smartphone General: Pixel 6 Edition If you're requesting purchasing advice, please prov…[View]
82804841you can't even change the default new tab page without an extension[View]
82805769Will we get this technology in our lifetime? Would you buy one?[View]
82806145spotify: How do I download Joe Rogan podcasts from this without buying premium?[View]
82792251CMD: Should I learn cmd and powershell or just powershell? Is CMD dead?[View]
82805528>In 2018, while working on our exploit for CVE-2018-14634 in the Linuxkernel, we accidentally dis…[View]
82806097Don't work for startups. Just don't. Working for startups feels like having low testostero…[View]
82803362I'm buying a new laptop and I want to make sure it's Linux-compatible. By this I mean most…[View]
82805705How does one pick a GPU with all these manufacturers? What is even the difference?[View]
82802802Question for /g/: What is the most comfortable Linux distro?[View]
82779182>Guys I'm am the new software architect >To write the new back end we use python >And …[View]
82806034What is the state of anti-paywall technology?: Something like https://github.com/iamadamdev/bypass-p…[View]
82802683For me, I only use the best browser, coupled with the best search engine.[View]
82805965Debian is so comfy bros. What comfy technologies do you use?[View]
82805233When is M1X or M2 coming out? I'm getting a new computer for work and I'd be an idiot to p…[View]
82782406simple as[View]
82801375Why don’t more phones have a ringer switch? Seems like something that never catches on despite the f…[View]
82803243what di I need to be a tv pirate?[View]
82805694Laptop gaming with integrated graphics, how much ram do i need?: For laptop gaming with integrated g…[View]
82803791Mojo Vision Lens: https://youtu.be/61QNTWE54QU What do you guys think?[View]
82804471The world's first website went online on August 6, 1991. It was about the WWW project and what …[View]
82804413>Start Windows >Earplugs don't work again, they play no sound, although they just worked …[View]
82805099Post typing speed RRNDJ[View]
82804632So has there been any Audacity fork with actual improvements? A ui update would be best but I can…[View]
82803904Is it true?[View]
82804873Any leak on Mi12 price ?[View]
82804860Need simple tablet for live music: soup /g/, I'm a musician and I wanted to get a simple cheap …[View]
82805083Imagine the AI technology 10 years from now!: Imagine the AI technology 10 years from now when you c…[View]
82805417I want to upgrade my hard drive: should I get a Samsung EVO or QVO?[View]
82803476What's the best VPN provider out there? It appears to me that every week or so, an established …[View]
82799803/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >UPGRADE & BUILD ADVICE Post build list or current specs includ…[View]
82803663Jamming mobile phones: Anyone have some info on how someone might hypothetically, jam a mobile phone…[View]
82798383>OS X is more intuitive than Linux >To unmount a disk, drag it to the trash can Pick one, Mac …[View]
82773259/iemg/ + /pmp/ - in-Ear Monitor & Portable Music Player General: NETWORK PLAYER EDITION This thr…[View]
82799626Why does it seem like they aren't attempting to offer any user experience improvements? The tec…[View]
82803498Browser: If you knew there was absolutely no spyware and it's all free software, what browser w…[View]
82792828Modern Object Pascal is COMFY as fuck: >simple language that compiles to fast native binaries …[View]
82796824Is there a single good Linux DE? tried XFCE looks like ass tried cinnamon looks like ass tried kde l…[View]
82798994Return to office: Has your /g/ job mandated a return to your wage cube? Did you obey like a good gol…[View]
82802123Open source calculator: I want to create an open source desktop calculator with a proper gui, tons o…[View]
82801370How the fuck is this thing staying up unnoticed?[View]
82803238What software/tech is used to make videos like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeQX2HjkcNo Or …[View]
82803956What is most cheapest laptop for games that You can reccommend?: That will run RDR2 or Cyberpunk 207…[View]
82803589Literally everybody owns a tiny supercomputer these days. Performance like that would have been unhe…[View]
82800995holy shit, you fags were not joking when you said you cannot draw circles in GIMP. jesus fuck, what …[View]
82797619Is he right?[View]
82801446Why does /g/ never discuss IT jobs? Networking, administration, or even tech support (as in interna…[View]
82801069The taskbar placed on the left should be the default. Also, Javascript is horrible.[View]
82804093I finally fixed the chrome 91 -> 92 broken gpu acceleration problem with nvidia. 1) installing pc…[View]
82803612Should I get an old mac pro? They're pretty cheap on ebay, especially for the amount of ram and…[View]
82803350Can we have more cases like that?[View]
82801593more convenience > better product: What /g/ doesn't understand well is the fact that most pe…[View]
82804407Is Java the best programming language ever created?[View]
82802326Oh No[View]
82802973I got my first job at 22 as a software developer, what now?: As the title reads, I got my first job …[View]
82802290Why aren't you using an R9 290X?[View]
82803574On which country are you and will you get arrested for pirate stuff for private use?[View]
82804463Lubing Kiwi technique: Got a 65% with Kiwis atm, what parts are worth lubing? I'm getting some …[View]
82804019hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha: >mongodb >MONGO db…[View]
82798428MORE CAMERAS: Every year it's just MORE CAMERAS. Why? Why haven't they done ANY work on tr…[View]
82803040Destroy my computer: So recently someone nearly stole my computer Needless to say i want to do some…[View]
82797359Help a tech noob out: Okay, so I need a little spycam, like the SQ11, to be able to record, without …[View]
82804249How to get promoted, QUICKLY in a shitty low wage corp with almost flat structure (micromanaging CEO…[View]
82804118Can I add 'testing open source software', 'contributions to the Debian SID operating system' and 'wr…[View]
82799645What is the /g/ certified folder tree / hierarchy for a NAS? There's a million bajillion guides…[View]
827978201MB: Have you taken the 1MB website pill yet? https://1mb.club/ Let me guess, you need more?[View]
82802862crux linux: why not crux instead of gentoo? i never see it mentioned on here and it's not very …[View]
82804076Hi /g/ what technology do they implement with the vaccines are we turning in to AIs? Are we losing o…[View]
82801364How it's even possible that even my grandma knows how to install this putrid shit? I have to fu…[View]
82803594Why do boomers insist that not having a numpad is zoomer trash? Computer keyboards did not originall…[View]
82799442Why do their websites (including government ones) feel like something straight out of the early 00…[View]
82801541Is clicking on the application you want really to galaxy brained for Linux users?[View]
82802420What were you doing in 2013, when Jewgle definitely killed the web?[View]
82801702What kind of tech do we see in this photo?[View]
82802592Help! my computer mouse is disgusting!: My old gay rubber and plastic computer mouse is frankly disg…[View]
82800894why did he do it?[View]
82798768I just upgraded from unix-like to actual unix. Now what?[View]
82803023Spending like 4k to switch to all apple stuff. I feel giddy like a school boy, will I be disappointe…[View]
82797426Is there anything as useful and QoL-improving as a pi4?[View]
82787158what distro do you use? a thread[View]
82803525Realme presents magcharger in case you missed https://youtu.be/ugDOP8mbhPI[View]
82801305Redpill me on MindGeek: Is it a good company to work for?[View]
82795426>great library >shit tier interface/UI I don't understand how anyone can enjoy using this…[View]
82792531What is the oldest technology you have that still works? Mine include: >1st generation iPod nano …[View]
82802546Email Alternatives: Is there a single email service that's not a botnet or honeypot?[View]
82784855Windows 11's strict hardware requirements cannot be bypassed: https://www.notebookcheck.net/Win…[View]
82801451Linux and everyday people: Yesterday, me and some friends were talking about Nintendo consoles and t…[View]
82789171does /g/ use a white or a black cursor?[View]
82801825why freetards hate this? so what it's not foss, it's still free. shouldnt freetards like f…[View]
82800610Do Firefox containers actually do anything?: I just found out about this feature, and it seems prett…[View]
82798197Is RetroFreedom any good?: Or are their machines borderline bricks? >https://retrofreedom.com/…[View]
82801616Lincucks: Why does this smug fuck think he's the greatest think since sliced bread? Like you in…[View]
82800784OPSEC Thread: >no google, facebook, steam or microsoft account >no smartphone, in fact, no pho…[View]
82801918i7 10700 clock speed issue? or normal?: ayup lads, hope you're all well. a couple months ago i …[View]
82793688>win 2k, xp, 7 program >fast, efficient, runs on anything, takes next to no resources. DOES IT…[View]
82795522/emg/ - Emacs/Lisp General: >General Emacs resources https://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/manual/em…[View]
82799636Why the fuck is insert here?[View]
82790900>outperforms everything >doesn't even get hot…[View]
82799920Tor Browser: >installs Tor because of 'muh privacy' >opens 4chin >'our servers th…[View]
82796303Surely there is a superior version control system compared to Git for a 10xer power user like myself…[View]
82802144gaming PSU trickery?: gpu caused system restart. after days troubleshooting I reseated PSU cables go…[View]
82802472what is the reason mental asylums moved online[View]
82799062So I guess freetard APIs are so awful that it's easier to bring Win32 (with no documentation of…[View]
82802474Android Email apps: K-9 got a face lift and now it doesn't look half as shit as it used to. Wh…[View]
82802565>$999 to browse the web: iTards are so laughable.[View]
82799221Mullvad: Is this any good. I looked in the archive and everyone was giving a thumbs up. Is this craz…[View]
82799003malicious exe file: Hi first time posting on /g/ because people here are tech savy and into computer…[View]
82798851What does /g/ think about OpenBSD?: Is it a comfy desktop OS as some people have said?[View]
82801105https://videocardz.com/newz/intel-xe-hpg-dg2-128eu-gpu-shows-up-with-2-2-ghz-clock-at-geekbench THAN…[View]
82802355what fucking retard thought it would be a good idea to have absolutely no indication for what apps a…[View]
82800878Best basic chinkphone?: Hey you fuckers A few years ago I picked up a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro on you…[View]
82776530/wdg/ - Web Dev General: Code review edition >Full Web Development Roadmap https://github.com/kam…[View]
82800749What Happened To Live2D Euclid?[View]
82793360Why C so hard to learn?: I look at this book and don't fucking understand what is written there…[View]
82801762How do you blur an image like the one below in photoshop?[View]
82801412how can I maintain my installation an configurations safe from any updating fuck up? how do I keep m…[View]
82801950Is it better to have access to physical older hardware or is an emulator / VM good enough? I'm …[View]
82798061HP Elitebook: Rate it or nah?[View]
82800607Pic related is an ECU from a Ferrari 360. What is this type of PCB called? The chips look like they…[View]
82802018>phone at 11% >turn it off >plug it in >(one shower later) >come back >phone is no…[View]
82801710bill gates: if only he knew[View]
82801350forgive the coomer post, but I usually despise when sites have javascript for their own bloated and …[View]
82800052Best book on how computers work?: and when i mean 'how computers work', i mean how they work on a fu…[View]
82792066Best 4chan app for Android: All of these 4chan apps haven't updated the captcha and I can'…[View]
82799677Better than Photoshop?[View]
82801176Does anyone play with custom i3 layouts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DZ8J8iJSJY[View]
82797189There is literally no reason to build a numpad into keyboards. Apart from the fact that most people …[View]
82801483Trainee at small tech company and I have nothing to do: my trainer is gone during his holidays and i…[View]
82794781let me guess... you NEED more[View]
82801605How does /g/ deal with backdoors in her hardware What measures does she take for security and privac…[View]
82798382Would Kobayashi praise your code?[View]
82799168Desktop environments with good HiDPI support?: Does anyone here with a HiDPI screen have any recomme…[View]
82799428dex explorer project: nice designs to copy: hello sirs i am working on a dex explorer website , doin…[View]
82798309I just transitioned from mac to linux. How do I get thumbnails working when uploading pics to 4chinz…[View]
82798451Is cherry mx blue good for programming?[View]
82797491DDR4 RAM Scalping: This weekend I had my eye on a Trident Z kit that dropped in price from $459 to $…[View]
82801016A guide to write modern and SECURE C, does it exist?[View]
82798916DIY CPUs when?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ih_D6OLzqo4[View]
82795833Based Dell: How do they build PC's so good?[View]
82800141Headphone burn in is real. Bass is much more tame and listenable.[View]
82794425>possibly the closest we'll ever get of a pi5 (or even pi6) >it has been released 2 years…[View]
82801028https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuZ3fodRnfE Anyone making 6 figures w/o a college degree? Is this gu…[View]
82797708I got like $80 burning a hole in my pocket. I have a killer PC with no real need to upgrade anything…[View]
82797108Microsoft highlighted this quote without even a hint of irony in their article showing off how '''go…[View]
82800929what is the best markup language for reports?[View]
82799675how do I navigate through buffers easier in vim? What plugins do you suggest?[View]
82799699Booted Read-Only, now doesn't boot: Got this after booting after a hard shutdown (holding power…[View]
82797857My password for linux root/user is: eee[View]
82798874How do I delete a folder that won't show up in the recycle bin but is clearly using up space? I…[View]
82798078Looking for VPN recommendations. I've been using Nord for the past 4 years, but with my subscri…[View]
82799313Okay /g/, need some advice for a non-Adobe video editor that I can use. I refuse to pay or even pira…[View]
82794272Brave: Name me one single reason why you don't use pic related ? It is definitely best browser …[View]
82796544Which smart thermostat isn’t spying on you?: Google forgot they were including cameras or some dumb …[View]
82797246Niggas be like >uses their phone for 5+ hours each day (average time an American uses their phone…[View]
82799781weak cellphone signal: Did cellphone companies turn down cell signals during covid? i cant say for …[View]
82800122Hey guys, I need input. As my first Python computer project, I'm planning to make a small progr…[View]
82799940Is that shit just low yield cope or is there any benefit for this kind of architecture on a desktop?[View]
82795464Want to self-study CS, r8 my plan: I'm gonna read the following books: >How to Design Progra…[View]
82799790What do you use for media server custom icons?[View]
82794217Tails: Is Tails OS the GOAT privacy distro? Thinking about getting it and checking the under layers …[View]
82800457Hey guys, Im overclocking my CPU - 3700X (yeah yeah its not the greatest whatever) Does the fact tha…[View]
82795941> Redis? PostgreSQL? MySQL? MongoDB? Cassandra? DynamoDB? > I don't know about all thos…[View]
82797677Retard here,: broke the keyboard on my thinkpad, how do i turn it back on without the docking statio…[View]
82797952What does it mean if a human being fails a Turing test?: Also, by the 'Chinese room experiment', if …[View]
82799959ps5 ssds: You've heard of EK waterblocks, now get ready for EK minimalist edition heatsinks (th…[View]
82797912Can /g/ give me the redpill on cross platform development? I want to make something for mobile, desk…[View]
82791845i hate it: should I? why or why not? it smells like ripe bullshit but I haven't used it enough …[View]
82799788I'm relatively new to Linux and after hearing all the bullshit about Windows 11 and Windows 365…[View]
82799924Linux market share https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Steam-Linux-July-2021 Acc…[View]
82800024Are you gonna get one?: That'll be $1000[View]
82797007frooze live in this position for minutes... :): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aj6-ASqhSEY…[View]
82799800>go on instagram >crop pic of annoying attention whores that go to my college >get burner n…[View]
82798258DLSS SDK release: https://developer.nvidia.com/blog/nvidia-dlss-sdk-now-available-for-all-developers…[View]
82784271>arrays are pointers >linked lists use pointers >git branches are pointers >disk files a…[View]
82798087>site is called StackOverflow >66% of their users don't know what's a stack…[View]
82787373/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >UPGRADE & BUILD ADVICE Post build list or current specs includ…[View]
82799316How do I get a new pin on my 486 CPU: Simply, it broke off[View]
82798041How can a machine archieve common sense?[View]
82798924File xyplorer tips?: Does anyone else use file xyplorer? Can I get some tips on how to get the most …[View]
82796588Do you guys think we'll see Slackware 15 this year?[View]
82798989Would you like to pay for a Cloud PC Service by Microsoft https://www.zdnet.com/article/microsofts-w…[View]
82796996This garbage that never works properly should be scrapped and replaced entirely with Wi-Fi.[View]
82798233How to visa into the us? Even student get payed $70k.[View]
82799143Why programming not feel good anymore? I used to feel like an elite hacker spending my freetime prog…[View]
82797971You were good son, real good. Maybe even the best.[View]
82797504>2021 >4chen still doesn't support webp…[View]
82798171You know, you can still find a taste of the old internet if you search for '[subject] blogspot'[View]
82798450>Confidential and Proprietary >Please call XXX i just bought this on ebay and i see this text …[View]
82795133Why cant they stop getting good? they know they can never keep up with Chrome. So what motivates the…[View]
82796787Has anyone made a Navi with their rpi4?: https://youtu.be/cx5S8pwM8L8[View]
82793982Where does a baby Windows normie like me even begin with Linux?: Yes I am so normie that Mutahar got…[View]
82797388What this icon means ?: I'm concerned it's a mallware/sapyware that was installed manually…[View]
82797310The Good Ending: >Steam Deck works >SteamOS takes off >developers switch to catering to Lin…[View]
8279214912 vs 13 vs 14 vs 15.6 inch laptop as a main college & library studying machine: Which one i sho…[View]
82796419Will you be upgrading to Windows 11, /g/?[View]
82797024Moment you realized that performance in modern CPUs+GPUs is artificially capped for a long time?[View]
82797490>10 minutes before BIG IMPORTANT meeting >sudo pacman -Syu >total Installed Size: 7 GB …[View]
82798395Gnome: Imagine hating something so elegant with great design[View]
82798712GLinux: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6bmGoy64v4 l-l-linux bros...[View]
82796315what's the best terminal email client?[View]
82795728So, turns out ProtonMail supplies user data to security authorities. User data also goes to law enfo…[View]
82797654Are you using the best license? GPL: http://giant-penis-license.org/[View]
82798153True of false?[View]
82796726post you typing speed: time 30 english 10k expert[View]
82797884can someone explain why and how APL is even on the most recent stackoverflow survey? how do i get an…[View]
82796409What's the 'best' AAA out there for general use/lightweight mouse?[View]
82762214/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: Don't buy anything OTHER THAN IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad T, X, and W/P Serie…[View]
82791948Is it just me or is Ubuntu incredibly comfy?[View]
82785148/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: >Read the sticky: >>76759434 >GNU/Linux questions …[View]
82797254Cloud engineer vs DevOps: What's the difference? Is the pay any different? Which is the best ca…[View]
82796860The true power of FOSS software.: Blender has a linux only bug where if you save, randomly it will m…[View]
82792218>2020+1 >still no decent overclocking software lmao so much for 'year of the linux desktop'…[View]
82797914Fuck this thing and fuck writing integrations for it[View]
82797542Is technology good for you?[View]
82789056HTML: What in the world happened to HTML ? 2021 try to download a web page >Takes forever >The…[View]
82789711Why isn't it more widespread?: Shouldn't it be a better alternative to torrenting?[View]
82795971>insert USB drive to windows >view a couple documents >done >click 'safely remove' >'…[View]
82790948Get rid of Bootstrap: Why people use this shit is a clue to me. If you reached the level of retardat…[View]
82797675Why is wayland?[View]
82795328Can't believe this is real. A non-pozzed YT alternative like it was back then? Also surprisingl…[View]
82796097What does the free software foundation do with the money it earns? I mean I like that they're f…[View]
82797090sup /g/ we good?[View]
82793238Firefox Users Drops Below 200M: https://data.firefox.com/dashboard/user-activity >Monthly Active …[View]
82797536>me updating the firmware on my 980 pro BIG shout out to Arch (btw I don't use it) for havin…[View]
82796478Small question about 4chanX. I want to filter something, but I realized that it can be used in legit…[View]
82782691>mfw I realized sudo isn't pronounced 'soo-doh' but 'soo-doo'[View]
82795764ThinkPads: ThinkPad thread ITT we discuss the Lenovo Thinkpad line of laptops. If you use one tell u…[View]
82796777android: Why can't I set the locale/language setting on a per-application basis ?[View]
82797338They use occult symbolism in video games: They use occult symbolism in video games the one eyes illu…[View]
82794238freetards can't fix anything: >reported on june 17th >youtube-dl STILL hasn't implem…[View]
82791695gnu is over: well?[View]
82778203how do you make friends while being a freetard? i'm so alone, but i don't want to sell my …[View]
82797065Fully switched over to Linux today, completely glassed Windows from my system. It's weird final…[View]
82797339>my school has a distro named after its mascot is this normal?[View]
82795245Dash button pt. 2 shenanigans?[View]
82795085give me a win10 torrent with an installer that's just gonna run straight from my pc without any…[View]
82796391the only distro 200+ iq people use[View]
82764609Try Xubuntu Core. It's the best lightweight and comfy systemd distro. >Xubuntu Core is a sli…[View]
82797207Konk wonders: Konk have question for web weavers: If jumble-string so good, why web weaver's ro…[View]
82793402NEW XEYES UPDATE: https://lists.x.org/archives/xorg-announce/2021-August/003101.html GET IN HERE XBR…[View]
82795783how can i find out which memory fab's cells are used by a particular SSD manufacturer?[View]
82791835https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=28015335 When did you jump ship? >inb4 I-I'm still usin…[View]
82796828I just found a strange website...: Is there anything hidden in this website ? http://hacker.tk I fi…[View]
82793527Why don't they just build a million dollar cluster to crack the encryption? >Theranos gave t…[View]
82792726gz-tards btfo[View]
82791595Are mechanical keyboards the single most overpriced peripheral of all?[View]
82791551it's over for gnomecels: GNOME's file picker issue is 17 years old. When Windows 98 was re…[View]
82796769what the fuck is QML men i can't get myself to comprehend this shit i wanted to create an app f…[View]
82796661>a fucking foot[View]
82796274Help me out /g/uys! I just got 120Hz monitor and now looking at MadVr it says 'Composition Rate 60Hz…[View]
82796492>tfw got filtered by vulkan[View]
82764779chatcontrol: >The EU wants to have all private chats, messages, and emails automatically searched…[View]
82795118Managing local music files: >on linux >want 2 batch-trim leading and trailing silence from mus…[View]
82783060/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous thread: >>82773885…[View]
82795814I don't get this meme, why is this the book to read? I've read some of it and so far it do…[View]
82796367>download package >import solution >solution.solve(problem)…[View]
82792999ummm google chads?[View]
82793951/cscg/ - Computer Science Career General: Let's get some career discussion going![View]
82793136two finger typing: at age 22, is it too late for me to stop being a chicken typer?[View]
82794464What's considered to be the first computer?[View]
82796242Redpill me on MindGeek[View]
82791504I love technology founded on the principles of free speech, independent thought and rejection of pol…[View]
82791292scooters: Why the fuck do these things exist[View]
82781402/ptg/ - Private Trackers General: >Not sure what private trackers are all about? The mission of /…[View]
82793090https://twitter.com/madebygoogle/status/1422228884121133062 THANK YOU GOOGLE TENSOR SoC APPLEL &…[View]
82796241They fear the fast, bloatless Rat: Ricers BTFO FootBloat BTFO Ktards BTFO WMcucks BTFO[View]
82796209guts thread[View]
82796046What the fuck is a 'DevOps'. My dad got me a job in it and I'm starting in a week. I looked it…[View]
82795095/pgg/ - professional /g/ general: I have no idea why my previous thread was reported. The software …[View]
82782849Phone thread: Post your phones desktop. We should call them phonetops[View]
82791882Best Mouse: What's the best mouse right now? Don't want wireless because I want precision …[View]
82792908>tfw web dev in western europe with seven years of experience, making 55k per year Literally live…[View]
82791728Awwww, you missed the spot again you poor bastard! Enjoy your phoneless wage evening cunt.[View]
82795994Erm did you like know that Steve Jobs did nothing?: Like dude it was all Wozniak, these Apple NPC…[View]
82794764my laptop has numpad[View]
82793175Can anyone recommend me a basic, preferebly gui based network monitor that will just listen and show…[View]
82786405How long until computer makers realize that 16:9 is the worst possible resolution for a computer? 3:…[View]
82795125>instead of fixing anything they just fork and fragment projects and communities >can't u…[View]
82791655Isn't it time you took the Xeon pill?[View]
82786058Rust safety is proven, seethe harder /g/: https://www.eurekalert.org/news-releases/610682…[View]
82795171What's something you used to flex on /g/ with?[View]
82795780Dedicated wam: >tfw no dedicated MySQL server I can't do this anymore bros, imagine pointing…[View]
82792361Have I earned the right to wear my thigh highs in public yet /g/?[View]
82793979/pst/ - Privacy Security Thread: Free yourself from the botnet. Share your tips, tricks, and resourc…[View]
82795740If you compile an opengl game for windows and run it in Linux using wine with Vulcan enabled, will i…[View]
82794559Transparent JPGs?: I shit you not, /g/, I just saw a JPG with transparent background (pic related). …[View]
82794277Why do the people who constantly shit on about customization and extensibility never use Firefox? If…[View]
82792293>start screaming/singing to myself and dancing the longer I program Anyone else?…[View]
82795032So I recently searched for A50 headphones on the web. This post isn't about that. The issue is …[View]
82794636Is Cloud worth it?: I just had this thought that local backups on different mediums won't help …[View]
82795603How would one go about making a cryptopunk NFT copycat that could earn me 90 million dollars per sal…[View]
82795637How do I install more ram into my penis, I've already got a hybrid cooling system and nobody ev…[View]
82795180Man, I love Linux.[View]
82793083Protip. Cheap. Light. Wireless. Good performance.[View]
827922774chan image hash: This is NOT MD5 hash So, wtf is it? for example, take the png in this post and run…[View]
82794941Sad tech story thread >be me >7 years old >super into computers and tech >family only ow…[View]
82795382Why does every single video player these days hide the progress bar? Am I the only one that constant…[View]
82780218/wxp/ Your daily dose of autism.: Important: Do not argue about repacked vs not repacked. This is a …[View]
82794071Does Anyone Have the /cyb/ Wall of Text?: It had a lot of great information but I never bothered to …[View]
82782587/femg/ - Friendly Emacs/Lisp General: >General Emacs resources https://www.gnu.org/software/emacs…[View]
82792035When you tell normies Windows 10 is spyware, they don't believe you. Because if you went on all…[View]
82791100How the fuck do I even comfortably write and develop software while using windows?! >pain to inst…[View]
82795058>printer shits the floor How would you react?[View]
82793489Very rarely, the power just goes off at home. Maybe because someone is messing with electrical grid …[View]
82790510Apologize, /g/:: Walk up to your (probably superior) Indian coworker and apologize.[View]
82792475wtf is this shit[View]
82795076Musk: Megalomaniacal Imbicile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-FGwDDc-s8 https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
82791359I think I'm going to buy this. What am I in for? >RTX3080 >32GB RAM >i7-11800 >1TB …[View]
82788573What do you think /g/?[View]
82794249>of course i can't affor... don't want a macbook[View]
82792800I miss it so much[View]
82791937>*Steals your 0.5GB RAM on 4GB RAM machine* What to do?[View]
82792793Do you FDE or containers? And why[View]
82782801I fell for the custom mechanical keyboard meme: Pic related[View]
82782814can I sync my iCloud account with GNOME Calendar?[View]
82794171What Linux distro does she use?[View]
82791496web desktops: lately i've been obsessed with these 'web desktops'. do you know of any other goo…[View]
82757372ITT we write a letter to stallman one word at a time. Posts with multiple words will be ignored. …[View]
82788458I need your help /g/: Which Linux distro should I choose? I primarily don't like systemd and an…[View]
82793264Alright /g/. thoughts on this router?[View]
82790571Emoticons: Now that GrandChase is back, I feel like using emoticons again to communicate with others…[View]
82793909PC speakers: >Elac Debut Reference DBR62 >Adam Audio T8V >KEF LS50 Meta which one and why? …[View]
82791231Any other anons here who went to CS univ and ended up liking maths more than anything else?[View]

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