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77161783Don't you just hate passive aggressive assholes who make a new thread to call someone out becau…[View]
77161594how come radio audio sounds so much better than listening to something from another source? wtf do t…[View]
77158630Redpill me on ThinkPads are they any good? I don't usually come here but I need a new laptop.[View]
77161401The absolute state of the color banding on Youtube.[View]
77162726so... this is the state of computer science... https://npm-stat.com/charts.html?package=is-odd&f…[View]
77162625>tfw too smart to use bsd in any hypothetical/real situation or even think about it…[View]
77162073is there any practical (read: not related to hipster vanity) reason to use older development tools? …[View]
77160778github/gitbucket contributions: >your age >github/gitbucket contributions >20 >pic rela…[View]
77162083How many mibibibs in a trilobite?[View]
77158188That’s why I use BSD: DragonFlyBSD 5.4 & FreeBSD 12.0 Performance Benchmarks, Comparison Against…[View]
77161726Do you need a (smart)phone in 2020?[View]
77150243What was your first programming language? Mine was C[View]
77160893webdev: Do you have a website? Could a kind anon offer me some resources, maybe books tutorials (i d…[View]
77160569Any other examples of people who got fired from big tech then went on to be successful public-meltdo…[View]
77156997sup /g/ What is the tech job market like right now? I have been managing a website for the last 5 ye…[View]
77162157Does this shit make life easier or more finicky?[View]
77132861Intel's Trade Secrets Leaked: 20GB worth of .pdf files describing Intel products in great detai…[View]
77161947/g/ uts thread: post your /g/uts here, and we slide slowly to page 10. Proper picture orientation op…[View]
77162148GCC sucks: Why isn't there a CCC - Cunny compiler collection?[View]
77161607nitroflare :(: Anyone know how to bypass the nitroflare download limit?? Would be extremely helpful…[View]
77160027So some strange lights started crossing the sky. Apparently it's Elon's Starlink. I heard …[View]
77161660The interview process is broken: >be me >be industrial system programmer >have 5 years expe…[View]
77159988Best Linux to install on a 2015 Retina Macook?: Are there any distros that have good trackpad driver…[View]
77161832I haven't posted here since 2013/2014...: Just got a new computer (windows 10)… how can I make …[View]
77160087BSD, the truth: 'BSD is a cuck operating system and running it is an embarrassment.' - Getindor http…[View]
77161861Pls help me with Bazel. Where is %{cuda_toolkit_path} defined here? github.com/tensorflow/tensorflow…[View]
77161094>furryfox >search for youtube downloader extension >download it and start downloading youtu…[View]
77161953fuck assembly. i hate assembly. the moment one thing makes sense everything else makes even less sen…[View]
77161330>doing some computer work for neighbor >need router creds >dude doesnt even know what a rou…[View]
77158753Let me guess, you '''''NEED''''' more...[View]
77158131240Hz monitors: are they worth buying today, or is it worth waiting for 360hz / newer / better 240hz…[View]
77155520How are your disks doing, /g/? >pic related >not good…[View]
77157488i386: Hey /g/uys i am clearing the basement and was thinking to trash my collection of old computers…[View]
77158052Has any Gentoo user ever programmed something useful ?: Is there any Gentoo user that programmed som…[View]
77156787best game development libraries for C++: Hi /g/ I'm a python cuck and have recently started the…[View]
77159908>computer suddenly restarts as if a ghost held down the power button >seems to be an annual oc…[View]
77159191>don't go on 4ch for weeks >start talking about some new interests with friends >go on…[View]
77160409why does 16gb ram cost more than 500gb NVMe ssd?[View]
77160402smile BASIC: So the 3ds has this coding app, smile BASIC. What exactly am I capable of doing on my 3…[View]
77161665Okamura Sylphy chairs: Aeron,Embody and Steelcase chair but half as cheap?[View]
77159165Why should I use Linux Mint, Pop-OS! or any other derivative of Ubuntu instead of Ubuntu itself Ubun…[View]
77161407So, you think you're a 'real programmer' huh? You think you're tough shit because you…[View]
77160828Why does KDE have to have retarded visual effects like a bouncing cursor or sliding menus? It looks …[View]
77154301for me it's the quadra 700[View]
77160331Pen No Work What Do: Sup yeh fuckin' cucks. Im a new fag, and I got this DELL Latitude XT3 and …[View]
77159658How much Internet does one 4chan post use?[View]
77161350Why do I need pulseaudio?[View]
77161091What the fuck?[View]
77161289let me guess, you 'NEED' more[View]
77160647Pinebook Pro: What do you use this for?[View]
77159911How important is using free software for you personally?[View]
77159877What is the point of 'secure' communicators if you can't trust your smartphone?[View]
77135992Stenography edition Previous: >>77114446 Ask questions about mechanical keyboards, get autist…[View]
77160464So all jokes aside, is this actually a good distro or is it just a meme?[View]
77151781How is Wi-Fi legal?: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0013935118300355 >Repeate…[View]
77160836Roku is technology: Favorite unlisted Roku channels?[View]
77157453Behold the Budget King: Poorfags of the world, rejoice! Your day has come. You can play vidya from c…[View]
77155233jard - new imageboard software: Deploy edition Greetings, I skipped this thread last week since I wa…[View]
77159572Is there a reason that people seem to prefer symlinking over hardlinking on the same filesystem? See…[View]
77159965>1.3v for stable 4ghz on a 2600 this is shit right also post your OCs fags…[View]
77160233What's the consensus here on the browser for mobile? is it chrome or...[View]
77158529whats better (safer, steadier) to run the phone on for normie? 1. newest android version (e.g. 10) w…[View]
77159260Why aren't you a data scientist yet?[View]
77157553SDR = Software Defined Radio: Does /g/ fuck around with SDR? I'm about to order one of those ch…[View]
77157638Leetcode problem: Number of Islands: Literally impossible[View]
77159785Is there anything wrong with buying refurbished laptops? help[View]
77159155why do you pretend to like linux i actually only use it since my hardware cannot handle any full os.[View]
77159161Dynamic DNS / Static IP at Home??: Who here dynamic DNS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i49krSTJ7x0 …[View]
77152718Why do people use Linux? >Freedom Every cpu has a back door every search engine, website and IP h…[View]
77159333Fuck google: >be me >reinstall windows cause it's creating problems >try to access gma…[View]
77157475Why aren't you using smalltalk /g/?[View]
77154101Are algorithms or design patterns more important?[View]
77159075AMD > NVIDIA: iNVIDIA had more success than amd with their 1000 series because people think big n…[View]
77157215Android keyboard: Which android keyboard do you use?[View]
77156631The G502 is a terrible gaming mouse but it's the best general web browsing/productivity mouse i…[View]
77156599I really can't imagine myself not using upstream software, that must be a sad life. >bug in …[View]
77153623Why isn't there a program that can find duplicate folder names (or similar names) and delete? I…[View]
77149550/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Users of all leve…[View]
77156382Absolutely based. >sane defaults >good security >polished >just werks >developed by p…[View]
77155585/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>77148634 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
77157759I fucking miss netbooks so much, /g/uys. They were comfy, compact yet thicc, and most of all, powerf…[View]
77159310the only reason I keep going back to MPC from mpv is subtitles download feature, I tried to install …[View]
77159400Is this service good for burner phone numbers?[View]
77159569Visual Basic Makes Me Feel Good: What is not to love about Visual Basic? VB6 and Visual Studio are a…[View]
77159474work from home - the globalization of services: are you prepared to compete with third worlders who …[View]
77154752Give me a valid reason on why Linux is not the default OS on every piece of public computer hardware…[View]
77155922This is literally the best distro I've ever used >rolling release >very stable >highly…[View]
77144507/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: >Read the sticky: >>76759434 >GNU/Linux questions? >…[View]
77155517hello /g/. i come to you in a great time of need. I am an MKULTRA affected person. I became obsessed…[View]
77155731EasyCAP on linux: Does anyone know good recording and deinterlacing software for Linux ? i'm a …[View]
77159361https://aomediacodec.github.io/av1-avif/ https://www.chromestatus.com/feature/4905307790639104 THIS …[View]
77150309Why do people still use Discord when Rocketchat and Element exist?[View]
77154733Are you proud of me g: this looks easy enough[View]
77159421Need help building CMS: Hey /g/, My father runs a clinic and need good management software. I decide…[View]
77156597I want to buy a Galaxy Note. Should I go for a Note 10+, Note 20, or Note 20 Ultra on preorder for t…[View]
77150263Daily KDE thread: Clipboard can't even clear texts anymore edition lmao why does /g/ shill this…[View]
77144835Desktop thread: Post your desktops /g/ bros! And don't post with a VPN please or you make my jo…[View]
77158181Bring up one thing that is not bloated except assambly: protip you can't.[View]
77155010The more experience I gain writing software in a professional environment, the more I realize just h…[View]
77159105Matrix overcomplicated and Discord is tranny-ruled proprietary shit. I was thinking: Why nobody is e…[View]
77156127How I sleep knowing that I run LTSC and it's not gonna randomly shit itself and die.[View]
77154215It is 2020, and I am... ... Still alive, somehow. I'm the SEARS of Electronics.[View]
77158651After seeing the success on Zen2 desktop CPUs and being very satisfied with my 3600, i was intereste…[View]
77159175Why doesn't Portland install some cameras: To catch the white supremacist agent provocateurs.…[View]
77150024/pcbg/ - PC Assembly General: ATTENTION: Many components are out of stock or price gouged. If you ca…[View]
77155593Why does /g/ have an Emacs general but not a Vim general?[View]
77157077RPi4: How does this little fucker hande AV1 decoding? Looks like no one has bothered to test it. I…[View]
77157864How come all the people that hate OOP are always FOSS retards making crappy hobby shit while the ind…[View]
77157607(((Diversity))) in Tech: >nontech company with a big tech department >have a chief diversity o…[View]
77158810Koding beverage general: What's the best beverage for koding and why is it peppermint tea?…[View]
77153804>Be me, CompSci college student >Summer class because why not I got nothing better to do and i…[View]
77158328Would upgrading my CPU give me a good boost i terms of performance ? i5 6500 non k Gtx 1060 6gb 8x2 …[View]
77156377What comes first, the Haskell programmer or the Haskell job?[View]
77156966New battery not charging: So I brought a new battery for my Thinkpad X220 but it's not working?…[View]
77151820Can i pair AMD RYZEN 5 2600 with a Gt 710 2gb graphics card?[View]
77158619Why does this phone even exist?[View]
77158119>Subscription based software[View]
77157900You really can't make this shit up. Why don't they just give it back? I really didn't…[View]
77142853Ancient technology: The Archimedes water screw was one of the most significant innovations in early …[View]
771537176 billion android users comprimised: Android is over and finished, how do Android users even deal wi…[View]
77144839What is open sores community and Richard foot fungus doing to help in the fight against COVID-19?[View]
77157211you can't hide: the entire modern cultural lifestyle itself is a botnet https://www.nytimes.com…[View]
77152732domains and sites: where do you register your domains? where do you host your sites (not at home)? w…[View]
77144217who the fuck is hiring these retards[View]
77147581Python: Why do you hate it?: Seems pretty nice to me[View]
77156591How do you encrypt your files on physical media and on the cloud?[View]
77146438Why is Mozilla using Firefox to push a political agenda?[View]
77154104I am so paranoid about technology.: I think I have schizophrenia or something, I always feel like I …[View]
77154876Let me guess... 'you need more'[View]
77157226Can someone tell me a good place to search a rom for a Chinese tablet? I have been searching for hou…[View]
77156782just accidently rm -rf'd my home directory with my only 4TB external hardrive mounted: >set …[View]
77156670How the fuck am I supposed to read this shit?[View]
77154771>be /g/, a technology board >but hate new technologies ?…[View]
77154456How do I block myself from 4chan and throw the key? I'm seriously sick this unproductive cycle,…[View]
77151748>Technologies that Europeans don't understand[View]
77155849Has technology gone too far?: Do you have more examples[View]
77156314neofetch thread[View]
77149360>https://youtu.be/LOU9Ea60Zzc so who won?[View]
77156860Are the new Snapdragon vulnerabilities something I should actually be scared about? What about older…[View]
77155929Why the fuck should I care about cyber security / botnet?: What's the worst that could happen t…[View]
77151374How does Docker work?: So I understand that Docker works as a type of 'layer' on top of the kernel. …[View]
77156206>He didn't buy a RX580 when it was 140€[View]
77155042What went so wrong?[View]
77156809Orientdb VS postgresql: What difference between graph database and relational database? Please expla…[View]
77156822does anyone know how to get rid of this button altogether? it annoys the crap out of me whenever i t…[View]
77153064Someone working on a winamp 'fork'? The source code for 5.7 got leaked a while ago... and maybe some…[View]
77151924/lg/ - Laptop General: The Vaio sx14 is the best laptop ever. Why no one on /g/ talk about it? >t…[View]
77153625Why is difference between them so small despite being 8 years apart?[View]
77145559Thoughts on thick padded fabric chairs like these? £80 and should last since fabric is more durable …[View]
77152655yellowing of the cases of your devices reminds of the years that have gone by already...[View]
77155962It's been nearly 10 years but it still sucks. When is Micro Soft going to release Windows 11?[View]
77156405I've been coding for the last 10 years with several languages (all of them high level) even if …[View]
77151915Who says the most interesting, intelligent things about technology?[View]
77156547Is there a software to help you make your code architecture of your solution? Like something beyond …[View]
77156089>code ninja[View]
77150907I opened the catalog and typed ctrl + f and found that there was not a thread for the forth programm…[View]
77151183I WANT TO LIKE YOU BSDS: BUT WHAT THE FUCK I've got two PCs: corebooted thinkpad and ryzen 2200…[View]
77149917/spg/ - Smartphone General: WTF Were They Thinking Edition If you're requesting purchasing advi…[View]
77149631What is the best backend language?: for things like webstore etc. ? should I go with python? Its get…[View]
77155182What is the IDE replacement for PCs? SD or CF?[View]
77135978/hsg/ - home server general: ctr+f hsg 0 results[View]
77155824GNOME, home. Least it was before 'they' fucked everything up.[View]
77152733Let's write a Haskell program together! I'll start: {-# LANGUAGE OverloadedStrings #-}…[View]
77153599Let's say I wanted to host a carbon copy of a porn site that has been dead since around 2005. W…[View]
77155889Thoughts on Otter browser? Its aiming to be a free software recreation of Opera 12.[View]
77150945Are mouse bungees technology?[View]
77150811what's stopping OEMs from going to Cannonical and saying >listen you fucks, each of us start…[View]
77152873What is that one brand that's just dead for you no matter what?[View]
77140098/fwt/ - Friendly Windows Thread: Users of all levels are welcome to ask questions about Windows and …[View]
77152897Do technology makes people stupid?[View]
77154366I am the Floppy of the modern age. But I do not flop. I am hard. I am Hardy.[View]
77155837Look for some free driver updates: Hey fellow 4chinz. I recently just bought a used Windows 7 laptop…[View]
77155608YOU NEED FUCKING MORE ???????????[View]
77150422Why couldn't paleolithic people invent computers?[View]
77155439Doesn bnc really provide better quality for CRT monitors? Is it just another tech placebo?[View]
77155385Locked out of my old email: I can't get back into my legacy yahoo.ca email, there is nothing im…[View]
77155500so I've been shitting on that 'contributor' of mine except he's totally fucking …[View]
77154165Getting job via network: Thoughts on this?[View]
77154518Shorter code = faster code[View]
77151349What's the point of protecting your phone with fingerprint, when your government already has al…[View]
77152374The Fedora boys just cannot go with the joke... https://www.reddit.com/r/Fedora/comments/i600sr/i_ma…[View]
77149738Anyone have any recommendations for a good value on a 10' Android tablet? Main priority for me is a…[View]
77151870Raspberry Meme Pi?[View]
77154233Why is OCaml so much better than other languages except Haskell?[View]
77155338>start literally every application I have at the same time >memory usage: 5.8/15.9GB Did I fal…[View]
77148634/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>77139987 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
77153764Effect of sudden power loss on LUKS partition: Let's say I have Fedora installed to an EXT4 LUK…[View]
77151845C++ is a clusterfuck: >/g/ loves to claim Java is a clusterfuck >but they also love to claim a…[View]
77154589durgasoft live stream sirs. durga sir is doing the needful sirs[View]
77145811What's the verdict?[View]
77151938My work gives me two laptops so I can have one in the office and one at home. During Covid I have bo…[View]
77155173what's a decent ARM SBC for learning the internals of ARM & RISC in general? I heard shit l…[View]
77150956cock.li: Is the cock.li email working for you? I get 'Connection to storage server failed' error.…[View]
77151166Alright /g/. Which programming language is the fastest and why is it C++?[View]
77137253uninstall GNOME, install KDE: uninstall GNOME install KDE[View]
77152667Reddit is bullying KDE again: Why does this keep happening, kbros?[View]
77148791Databases: Does this have any advantages over filesystem?[View]
77153910Piece of shit.[View]
77154671is it dead?[View]
77152976Chromium extensions: let's see what ya got[View]
77153694Does it still use unsigned repos? Or is it only when you choose their riced desktop? Is it safe?[View]
77154021why would you ever subject yourself to this steaming pile of horse shit? sure, xserver sucks too, bu…[View]
77150086/guts/ thread: motherboard didn't come with CPU bracket edition post yours[View]
77153355Can pic related replace email?[View]
77153369How to get hundreds of ONLINE alt members in Discord?: Is there way to get hundreds of ONLINE alt ac…[View]
77154544Ipod Classic: Hey everyone I've got an old Ipod Classic, 160GB. It turns on but it says 'U…[View]
77154465how much are the 3080 & 3080ti gonna be ? 799$ ? 999$ ? fucking jews.......................[View]
77153410Which is the easiest game framework: What's the closest thing to unity that is also close enoug…[View]
77145274Can you give me any sane reason why we have dotfiles and dotfolders? Because “it makes them hidden” …[View]
77152761Why are all coporate softwares open source now? Is it to reach singularity at a faster rate? If thes…[View]
77151179Are there any good FREE tts programs out there? To me it just looks like all of them are behind a ri…[View]
77152960For me, it's Common Desktop Environment[View]
77148872Why would an emulator be windows only? Couldn't you just compile it on linux GCC and have it st…[View]
77093016/emg/ - Emacs General Four Point Five: >Wiki https://www.emacswiki.org (Emacs Wiki) >Manual ht…[View]
77143733Halt and Catch Fire: What's your opinion on this show? Is it to naive and optimistic a view of …[View]
77150828Wtf: I thought this crypto stuff was supposed to be anonymous, why do I need to give up a picture of…[View]
77147833>extremely important payload >needs to be able to do its job quickly and effecitively >writ…[View]
77150562Separated Left/Right Buttons vs One-Piece Flexing Shell Buttons[View]
77140290ITT: we make a website one line at a time: I'll start: <html>[View]
77143076>use autistic software to 'save 10 cpu cycles' >wastes 100 brain cycles instead Why do you val…[View]
77151649So, I came across a mystery (at least to me) and its about this script that I noticed today, its pre…[View]
77152682Fuck rubber headphones: Why the fuck do these things exist. I don't know a single person who ac…[View]
77153785Was it peak laptop?[View]
77153103How often do you degauss your monitor /g/?[View]
77153722It's a very good browser and you guys just look for reasons to hate it.[View]
77146333AMD Already Working on RDNA3 and 4: Lmao, they know than 'big navi' will be a mess https://videocard…[View]
77152818Would you back me up before you gogo?[View]
77150366Why would anyone use this instead of Fedora ?[View]
77152193>What is your occupation Software Engineer/Developer/Architect >Where do you work Faceberg …[View]
77149167>hey isn't this grandpa's old 'computer', I wonder what's on it >it…[View]
77148734Has anyone here ever used slackware? Is there literally any point?[View]
77152955Best linux distro to use with a x260?: So i got myself a second hand x260 and i want to set it up wi…[View]
77144708>make a REST API >write some ajax to call the REST API and show the results to the user >re…[View]
77153227neofetch thread no macfags or wintards allowed (unless you riced)[View]
77152136>Another day using LTSC >Another day where everything is stable , easy to use and do my work w…[View]
77152946Reading literature on smartglasses/VR headsets. Is it practical?: Basically, I want to be able to li…[View]
77133593There will be consequences for the Tiktok and WeChat ban[View]
77152802How do I get to be as aesthetically motivated to study web development as I am to lift weights? Befo…[View]
77152410For me, it's Fedora: * professional developers * rock stability * 100% free as freedom, but you…[View]
77150425Slippery scroll wheels that cause your finger to glide along the rubber without gripping.[View]
77151073Cursed TTY: Have you heard of the cursed TTY? The last person who stumbled upon it became mad and co…[View]
77151640Just found my old Nokia, my first mobile ever when it released, is it possible to make it work with …[View]
77149536What fingers do you use to scroll on the touchpad? For me, it's middle and ring finger.[View]
77149348Ligatures: Why people are using it. They are everywhere and are unreadable. WTF I'm supposed to…[View]
77152368Romy by Facebookexperimental: What happened to https://github.com/facebookexperimental/rome Why is F…[View]
77149323What if I just use antivirus?[View]
77148222/glg/ - Gaming Laptop General: This thread is for the general discussion on gaming laptops, post you…[View]
77152381help needed: anyone wants to help me throw off my teachers garbage ass website that he posts our les…[View]
77150475Ip cameras: How the hell do you watch ip cameras?[View]
77152470If you were to build a payment system in an app, what would you use?[View]
77132823Online Forums: Do you miss the old online message boards from the 90s and 2000s /g/? i know a lot of…[View]
77145364Just got a Kobo Clara HD. Is the default OS fine or should I change to something like KOreader? This…[View]
77135592Video Player?: Please, give me quick answer: Which video player to install on Windows? https://rentr…[View]
77151192CPU/GPU History: What's your CPU/GPU History /g/oys? I haven't upgraded my PC in a long ti…[View]
77103330Is this man a programmer?[View]
77151931Have the processing capabilities of man made CPUs surpassed the brain of a fly?[View]
77143909Is there something similar to these micro laptops but with Linux compatibility? I've been thin…[View]
77152195>get 20 billion from faceberg for your application >literally just clone your old application…[View]
77150161Why don't you start a company: Imagine being a low level code monkey instead of a founder at ag…[View]
77148997How do I play my vidya while avoiding this pozzed botnet? It seems almost impossible for certain gam…[View]
77152162Do you write documents for unit tests or other tests? I was given a little project and I wrote a des…[View]
77145064Is there a waterproof laptop in existence?[View]
77148009Recommend me a lightwei/g/ht (RAM consumption) browser for desktop than can still render Google serv…[View]
77148371Red Hat Name Derivations?: I’m considering building my own version of Red Hat, but their trademark p…[View]
77139049What's the deal with the fanboy cult around this specific processor?[View]
77151951hello /g/eddit privacy issues aside, what is more secure? cellular data, or wifi? are both the same …[View]
77150622PureOS: What's your opinion on this?[View]
77149616How do you envision the future of social media technology?[View]
77147963is there any way to use a windows computer connected to the internet without the botnet? I hate GNU …[View]
77136075How do I install touhou 8 on gentoo? I have tried WINE, but it gives direct3d errors. I have tried r…[View]
77147085What the fuck happened?[View]
77146328Why does my keyboard get so dirty?: I don't understand why this keeps happening. I never use my…[View]
77148250Remember that app: That was going to tell everyone about crime in their neighborhood? It was shille…[View]
77148301Screen recording software: What kind of screen recording software does /g/ use? Looking for somethin…[View]
77148650Why the fuck should I care about cyber security / botnet?: What's the worst that could happen t…[View]
77144532ITT: useless technology[View]
77150713who is this guy?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N862MxDQAWQ[View]
77151389What is the hottest software right now?[View]
77151409>thought of a project- Liquid cooled RX 470 >started the project in mid March >got the las…[View]
77126038Post the first phone you owned[View]
77151035Keyboard Check: All I can find on this is that a similar model was I the Smithsonian. Anyone got an…[View]
77151199When did Android overtake iOS? Was using my wife's iPad earlier, and it just feels like a clunk…[View]
77144746About this video...: https://youtu.be/doM7cbN1sJQ I'm a noob who knows nothing about tech stuff…[View]
77151163What's your take on the Asus VivoBook 15 X571LH? Any current owners?[View]
77134009Are you ready for Gtk4?: Reading up on Gtk4 migration guide. > *breaking* no more gtk container …[View]
77145408shitty password's requirement thread: >password must be 6 characters long >password must …[View]
77147513Who were you when you first started? Who are you now?[View]
77150097play store alternatives: do you know any alternative to this botnet? >inb4 fdroid i mean an alter…[View]
77148478Longest Lasting Smartphone?: I know they're built to go obsolete, but surely there's somet…[View]
77148333ITT: Things you don't get ppl whine about in tech For example, camera bump. Just buy a phone ca…[View]
77148078I’m 90% sure I’m under some kind of surveillance by a 3-letter agency or similar. I’ve been down the…[View]
77146546Which motherboard manufacturer has the best UEFI interface and why?[View]
77139217What services do you self-host? If yes, do you share them with people?[View]
77150098prototype first run: so I made a youtube ai thingie thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftVqCs…[View]
77150236Anyone know how to find the email for a Snapchat account[View]
77149769Trannies in tech: why does the chance of you becoming a tranny increase with your level of tech expe…[View]
77144002What is your favorite language /g/? Mine is C. I fucking LOVE C so much bros.[View]
77150118what is (You)r excuse for not using pinephone with suckless SXMO https://sr.ht/~mil/Sxmo/ yet, anon?…[View]
77141360>applefag invited to PC troubleshooting contest as jury >he can't even figure out his own…[View]
77144062Why do linux developers feel themselves entitled to litter the $HOME directory?[View]
77148867I don't speak subhuman but it looks like Belarus just cut their entire population's intern…[View]
77146216Why do they call it the iPhone XS?[View]
77148431WEB SOCKETS Are they good? Worth making web games with? What kind of rate can you get? How many peop…[View]
77149636Why does it have to use electron?[View]
77146227ask a guy running CEMU at 60 fps anything[View]
77147524Websites are technology 4chan is not mainstream, >alexa score 4chan.org is #835 most popular webs…[View]
77149038Could you theoretically script something like mistplay and leave it running forever? Also would this…[View]
77149275Why does this trigger half of /g/? Does it remind you of the high school algebra class you had to re…[View]
77148895Hello and welcome to another LGR retro thang[View]
77144123FUCK iOS 13 AND FUCK APPLE AND FUCK JANNIES: >updated from iOS 9 to iOS 13 so I could use technol…[View]
77149742whats the worst language to make a computer program in? alternatively what is the worst usecase for …[View]
77148876Some questions about C++: 1) What will happen if I do not flush the buffer with '<< endl'? 2) …[View]
77148563Why do large programs take a long time to install?: Hey guys, I've always been qurious about t…[View]
77148790Daily Standup: Alright Ladies, time for our daily standup. What are you working on? Did you encounte…[View]
77147714Rise of VoLTE and fall of 3G CDMA/GSM: To all phone users, be prepared for the VoLTE. https://www.an…[View]
77120670/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
77149453WATER COOLED PC TRICK: >route waterpipe from shower to your watercooled PC >keep it on 24/7 …[View]
77148802Questions on Unix scripting: Lets start here: >>77145691 echo 'Display contents of a file' se…[View]
77148875Startup looking for members: Hey /G/ I've been working on my startup for over a year and I…[View]
77146820Responsive Design is a Mistake: Responsive design serves up extra code for displays that the user is…[View]
77149263I'm wondering if it's possible to recover a screenshot I accidentally deleted. Do operatin…[View]
77148152Best browser for Windows?[View]
77147207Is it possible to make AI learn on it's own by feeding it with massive amount of data using the…[View]
77146647Let's say your computer broke and you're stuck with a shitty laptop that had its bios bork…[View]
77148729Longest Lasting Smartphone???: I want a smartphone that runs for many years. Get it? Runs. Get it? P…[View]
77146835Rome: >https://romefrontend.dev/blog/2020/08/08/introducing-rome.html >Rome is not only linter…[View]
77145429Why haven't you taken the solarispill, anon?: >unix based >ui with SOUL >no freetard s…[View]
77149244>Using Internet Explorer in 2020.[View]
77148705Phone Charger Broke, Out of Options?: Do they make chargers for the Verizon LG G5 VS987 Silver anymo…[View]
77146989>decided to learn more about C++ after learning the basics >check out cppreference.com >cli…[View]
77147952MPV Shader hotloading: Anyway to load/unload shaders with a hotkey? I would like to use an anime sha…[View]
77141155Hi guys, I lost a job, I have savings to last me a few months, if I am resourseful I can go to 7-8 m…[View]
77149041https://github.com/intel/compute-runtime#supported-platforms >Intel Core Processors with Gen12 gr…[View]
77145675How do we systematically eradicate the Javascript developers once webassembly gets big?[View]
77144456Let's say I wanted to host a carbon copy of a porn site that has been dead since around 2005. W…[View]
77147591What is this?[View]
77131955/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Users of all leve…[View]
77148690What happened to these stores?: What is happening with Fry's Electronics? Almost a year ago th…[View]
77146700Low Spec Linux: running lubuntu on garbage specs in pic Anything I can do to optimize for faster web…[View]
77141737Is this the best way to watch all your digital movies, shows, anime?: >>buy a $30 rasberry pi …[View]
77139987/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>77135126 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
77149935Anyone else hate this odious little scrotebag? It really pisses me off when he starts talking about …[View]
77138858/spg/ - Smartphone General: Buy a 2019 flagship instead of a 2020 mid ranger edition If you're …[View]
77148113>import sqlite3 >import mysql.connector >import psycopg2 Isn't SQL a standardized data…[View]
77145044What are some things I can do to discipline my mind to code better besides code?[View]
77147801>gimped chip >plastic build >seriously bloated ui >1000usd starting price Can't wai…[View]
77148482There you go www.youtube.com###ad-action-interstitial\:1b[View]
77146905Uploading code to Github that isnt mine: I am doing a tutorial on the Keras API and alot of the code…[View]
77138822ATTENTION: Many components are heavily overpriced because of CoV related disruptions >Assemble a …[View]
77148345lagiages THEY hate: C, perl, FreeBASIC[View]
77147424TV decision: I've been wanting to get a new tv for a while now. And I'm really close on m…[View]
77148224I'm planning to buy a bare x220. Are the hardware good enough for light workload? What about th…[View]
77135571Microsoft Signals Renewed Interest In Windows With Latest Reshuffle[View]
77145027I have a client on AWS and nobody but me has an offsite backup of their website. Can anyone help th…[View]
77145191how can such a simple website still fuck it up so bad?[View]
77147961Hey /g/uys, looking for a laptop for my friend's daughter for schoolwork and Minecraft. I don…[View]
77148147Does it still use unsigned repos? Is it safe?[View]
77146940Did everyone just forget about zig? Honestly number 2 language next to holy c[View]
77136066>genderfluid phone trannies will love this[View]
77148001>be me >costumer service rep at Walmart >somebodys grandma walks in trying to wire money to…[View]
77147946What type of media do you think is best for data hoarding? Im looking the best solution to archive a…[View]
77144338He is ten times the cooder that Terry Davis ever was.[View]
77140067Snapdragon chip flaws put >1 billion Android phones at risk of data theft: >There's no wo…[View]
77139273Please /g/, give an idea for a cool project, I'm blocked here.[View]
77147441A company that makes podcasts for normies: Does nobody else see this? They're trying to moneti…[View]
77147774Sup /g/ been reading about law enforcement about its use of spyware and trojans. What I don't u…[View]
77143851Photo Viewer??: Why is the windows 10 photo viewer so bad? Half the time it doesnt work. Photo viewe…[View]
77147057does anyone here work in a SCIF?[View]
77147522Am retarded, how do computers work?[View]
77146555best javascript ide? would prefer to use ide rather than text editor like vsc[View]
77147765what does Nordvpn's cybersec do? is it spyware?[View]
77139264Firefox replacement: Ok, I've had enough. Ever since I updated to v.79, performance has been ab…[View]
77141654Is CS degree a waste of time? I've seen so many people who taught themselves a bunch of skills …[View]
77143758What does g think of vertical mouses? Will it hide the pain?[View]
77145813Why would anyone use C, C++, or Java when they could instead be using Rust, Haskell, or Scala? I ser…[View]
77140707Post impressive numbers[View]
77147165Should you use the same browser on both mobile and desktop? Do you really care about synchronizing h…[View]
77144387Is there a 4chan app that'll let me use 4chan pass? Tried Kuroba and Omnichan till now with no …[View]
77146292Did people really use these as desktop linux machines? What the fuck can you even do with 512mb of …[View]
77144212Currently running a Razer Blade 2017. The battery ballooned out, tried to replace it from an indepen…[View]
77145957>Warning: Password must be under 16 characters[View]
77135894what am I in for /g/?[View]
77146607Is there any way to run this on Linux without resorting to Chromium extensions? >inb4 use other m…[View]
77147012Sup anon Anyone know how to do a factory settings on a laptop that originally came with Windows 8.1 …[View]
77143213I just broke my Lian Li computer cases tempered glass panel ama[View]
77143841distro recommendation: looking for a lightweight (better if xfce DE) non-systemd, debian based distr…[View]
77105853ITT: 2000s chad software[View]
77146947what's your favorite android widget app for notes and stuff you want to remember? minimalistic …[View]
77146941Chris Titus chooses new DE.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cd84zlTmzq0 He's streaming to chec…[View]
77135050Can any of you hot studs get through my firewall?[View]
77140481deterministic password managers: What do you guys think of deterministic pass managers, like LessPas…[View]
77136908hey /g/ i know theres tons of ways to activate windows copy, but this got me curious. they sell life…[View]
77141447Invents an OS at age 22: Literally can't compete with this bros[View]
77145985Let me guess: you need more[View]
77146726Why do phones exist when we already have laptops?[View]
77139328Decent laptop recs for music production? My computer is dying rn and i need to do a lot of music rel…[View]
77146359https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/primary-password-replacing-master-password it's actually h…[View]
77143421nvlink future upgrade vs aesthetic now: If you guys had to choose between only one of these cards, w…[View]
77143887>Hinge >Designed to be Deleted! >I install it >I send 5 messages >It says I can’t sen…[View]
77120077Firefox Add-ons: Privacy Possum Neat URL uBlock Origin Decentraleyes HTTPZ Privacy Redirect[View]
77141336C/C++: >either extremely skinny or extremely obese pasty white dude in the tutorial >HEY GUYS …[View]
77144801What are some cool regular expressions?[View]
77124848What's the WORST desktop environment for Linux?[View]
77145872Code search: What's the best code search engine/tool for offline use? I'd like to have gro…[View]
77146039My white-collar developer career is going nowhere. Everyone else going up the ladder while I'm…[View]
77136055RTX 3000 series launching on September 9th: Confirmed by board partners according to GamersNexus: ht…[View]
77140591Why would you want to be in a ecosystem of proprietary software? Sure one of two proprietary apps ar…[View]
77134362Why do we still have to use our hands to control the computer? It's 2020, shouldn't there …[View]
77146092Yo bros, anyone got the intel leak?: If you do, please link it. I need it for a thing[View]
77138850Why are all phones waterproof these days?[View]
77145691Question on shell scripting in Unix: *pic is somewhat unrelated to my question I'm trying to pr…[View]
77144738I've deliberately trained YouTube’s algo to have decent recommendations. Last couple of days th…[View]
77146383Hey /g/, I'm looking for a remote Android GPS tracking and mapping app that DOES NOT require a …[View]
77131719Why is music software shit, /g/? Why isn't a Ryzen 3900x enough for music? >inb4 use x daw …[View]
77146245miss me /g/?[View]
77145955Has anyone here ever used that website? How legit is it? https://www.safelyopen.com Opens unknown ma…[View]
77146069>login to account >you forget your username or password :^) >request password reset >if …[View]
77146176Is it a waste of time?[View]
77145603>Find it annoying that popular program doesn't have notable but simple feature >Open issu…[View]
77144072can mods crack down on the stax fag already i know it's just random people trolling for replies…[View]
77145398A small U.S. company with ties to the U.S. defense and intelligence communities has embedded its sof…[View]
77145403Hey /g/, im trying to obtain the .m3u8 link to play this stream on MPV but every time i open the deb…[View]
77134046Apple ARM switch: Alright /g/entoomen, redpill me on Apple's switch to ARM processors. Based or…[View]
77143219/glg/ - Gaming Laptop General: This thread is for the general discussion on gaming laptops, post you…[View]
77145266AI story[View]
77143474I keep paper copies of my source code just in case all else fails.[View]
77142877nixers.net is kill https://nixers.net/showthread.php?tid=2340[View]
77138927Please tell me you always make sure to safely dismount your dongle after use.[View]
77135948Life hacks: Why didn't anyone recommend these life hacks here? They're awesome! https://ww…[View]
77144820What mindset do you need to program successfully? hard mode: no autism[View]
77142767Have you ever modded your Laptop, /g/?[View]
77141333Why they keep crawling my personal website? https://www.majestic12.co.uk/[View]
77144208What chair do you use? How do you like it?[View]
77143829>Starting new job doing QA >Can end up sitting around for hours at a time waiting for somethin…[View]
77145164What is the ideal tech setup for someone who has a job and isn't a thief but doesn't want …[View]
77143123Name one single good C++ library, I'll wait[View]
77115871/bst/: rate my cat edition[View]
77139443>2020 >trying to make a comfy minimal Ubuntu installation >go to Ubuntu's website to d…[View]
77135479Best browser check: I've made a spreadsheet of browsers, so you can decide what browser suits t…[View]
77144149Best Phone for Writing: Hey /g/, what are some good phones for writing lots of words? I am using mic…[View]
77138308This is peak UI >aesthetic >usable >clear…[View]
77141913>he doesn't have a wooden pc: >completely optimized for your own build >cheaper than a…[View]
77138895You fucks will argue over anything: Is it a scripting or programming language? So far, it seems more…[View]
77142491Why do you use worse than Retina screens?: Anon, you spend all day looking at the screen. Why do you…[View]
77140570/fwt/ - Friendly Windows Thread: Users of all levels are welcome to ask questions about Windows and …[View]
77143233Why do game companies make their own in house engines if unreal unity cringengine all exist?[View]
77106843new desktop bread: prev >>77076760[View]
77144053p.4chan.org: >you can NOT reply to a thread OR make a post without owning a pass whack. Kuroba i…[View]
77143107I found a Hitachi 42HDT52A plasma TV, but the image was snowy so I had to throw it away![View]
77136977how long before electric cars become actually cheap and affordable? internal combustion engines requ…[View]
77137439plc: So I graduated school in 'app and games development' and don't want to go to a college. So…[View]
77141933Fastest internet browser? Getting a new dell laptop soon with windows 10.[View]
77143598Do password crackers actually work on randomly generated passwords like P1kQ8sBnUm5pH2V like the kin…[View]
77141383Alright, /g/, redpill me here. Is Intel stock going to tank because of the leaks? I just bought $1,0…[View]
77126696How can imperative languages even compete?[View]
77143342Howdy /g/ looking for opinions on this project I've contemplated This camouflage pattern is mad…[View]
77142157Is there a decent AI voice chatbot out there to keep me company so I won't get dementia from so…[View]
77138241FOSS vs propietary: I'm starting to think a single top tier elite autist programmer can BTFO a …[View]
77142433cock.li sucks ass: cock.li email hosting sucks ass, every time I've tried to access my account …[View]
77141164Ryzen APU Chads: If you have a 2200g, 2400g, 3200g, or 3400g, get up in this thread and say whether …[View]
77142814I'm having a problem with SolidWorks FEA i tested the tensile strength of a cromoly tube and go…[View]
77135893Why is GPT-3 so racist against Muslims?: I'm shocked how hard it is to generate text about Musl…[View]
77140807domains and hosting: how do you get a domain and host your site without getting fucked over and over…[View]
77141926My life feels like LARPing sometimes: Hi /g/ents, I have this new found problem where m life feels l…[View]
77138429why every DE is trash[View]
77134816Hi g are ebook readers a meme? Never used one but am interested, want open one that can read pdfs an…[View]
77143141>Linux Tech Tips >99% of videos have nothing to do with Linux…[View]
77143220Winfags and there telemtary, my IP has a filter that stops Linux users data being collected.[View]
77142943Data Harvesting from Companies: So I was in an argument with a fuckin smooth brain today and they…[View]
77133631AMD 4.9GHZ!!!: https://www.igorslab.de/en/cracks-on-the-core-3-yet-the-5-ghz-sample-of-the-16-kernel…[View]
77143148Wayfire 0.5.0: >https://wayfire.org/2020/08/04/Wayfire-0-5.html >A stacking Wayland window man…[View]
77143044What is the bleeding-edge CMS these days? At this point, WordPress must be too bloated to be even wo…[View]
77142801Bitchute: how the hell does bitchute want to be taken seriously when you cant even use it for the mo…[View]
77128551Google has commitment issues?: Another one bites the dust[View]
77142932Is it true that people can hack into my phone if I have Bluetooth on?[View]
77140382What is this setup called?[View]
77140883How to get web dev job...: I feel like I've fallen for a meme - thankfully I didn't fork o…[View]
77142146Best Zipper: Hey /g/ whats the current best .zip compression software out there? i don't care i…[View]
77142081What went wrong with new gen consoles?: https://www.tweaktown.com/news/74076/the-medium-dev-brags-ab…[View]
77142895is dell latitude i5 4 generation withe 4 gb ram good for studying: is dell latitude i5 4 generation …[View]
77141142What is he holding in his hand? it looks yummy[View]
77141424why use kuroba bloat to browse 4chan when this exists?[View]
77141086iam working on a side project (music love) and i really need people to help with is so if any one ca…[View]
77142784How do you feel about how the computer replaced everything from your radio to a piano? It's a m…[View]
77141785>Tiling Windows Managers are not productive >Desktop Enviroments are not productive Ricing ret…[View]
77138535Why does nobody talk about this? It's light and easy to setup, and can look good rather quickly…[View]
77140343Why don't open source guys get together: and make a decent music player/video editor/Linux vers…[View]
77140429powershell thread: which is better? $url = 'http://www.example.com/file.jpg' $output = '$PSScriptRoo…[View]
77117381/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: >Read the sticky: >>76759434 >GNU/Linux questions? …[View]
77139433Is OLED planned obsolescence?[View]
77136818Researchers Make More Discoveries Around L1TF/Foreshadow - It's Not Good: Security researchers …[View]
77138715How do you organize your files between drives, /g/?[View]
77139337Desperation is about to turn into madness: I have been struggling for 4 whole fucking days to remove…[View]
77139025JS or PHP for backend?: JS or PHP for backend? I want to make a webstore or something. or something …[View]
77141642TDD, Where Did It All Go Wrong: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZ05e7EMOLM…[View]
77142319need help with SSDs: Currently upgrading video editing rigs for small production company, need to fi…[View]
77140747Why is the power gap so small? wtf?[View]
77141113where do you get your domains and where do you host your websites (serious shit, not hosting at home…[View]
77138460What do you /g/ents do for home security? What IP cams do you use? I'm looking into getting a c…[View]
77139392/glg/ - Gaming Laptop Genera: This thread is for the general discussion on gaming laptops, post your…[View]
77141949I dont care about drivers. I get to use dwm and pretend my ip dosent harvest my data[View]
77130069/ptg/ - Private Trackers General: pls sending me Invitings edition >Have a question? - FAQ https:…[View]
77139292Hosting question: I have 175MB of wedding photos I want to share with my family but I don't hav…[View]
77136997>the ass was fat why the hell would anyone need this much shit to plug in?…[View]
77141160Where did the /g/ame threads go?[View]
77142067you bought chainlink, right /g/? being involved and interested in new technology means you saw that …[View]
77122686Hiromoot lets you choose to add one new /g/-related board to the site. What do you choose?[View]
77139640Is the IT field already overcrowded? Was talking with someone of the Data Sciense team of the compan…[View]
77140482am i doing it right?[View]
77122303How do I get /vmg/ to show up on kuroba?[View]
77141683Cool linux software: Post GNU/Linux software you want to recommend to other anons. Like Q4Wine. This…[View]
77139421Only weaklings fear strength. Why are you so afraid of Brave Browser, /g/?[View]
77139961Water Cooling: so now that the 2010s are over, we can all agree that water cooled PCs are a meme...…[View]
77141573Do you believe there is a youtube mafia?: Do you think that there are groups of people who have ties…[View]
77141595What are the best bluetooth earbuds that balance quality and price? I'd ask in a headphone gene…[View]
771273742020 GPU releases: Will AMD actually be able to compete at the high end pc market? Will Nvidia once …[View]
77137966Linux malware: So I'm a complete noob with Linux, and I've been trying out kubuntu last fe…[View]
77129907Why is /g/ so fucking thirsty for jobs instead of focusing on the aesthetics and theory behind progr…[View]
77133258>imagine paying $999 for a plastic phone[View]
77120465/htg/ - Home Theater General: For the discussion of TVs, Soundbars, Speakers, AV Receivers, Set-Top …[View]
77141060FSF Heroes: >https://static.fsf.org/nosvn/videos/fsf-heroes/ >https://www.fsf.org/blogs/commun…[View]
77138395>data mining company >ad company that failed at every single attempt of expanding into other f…[View]
77141246Did bob's game ever get anywhere or is it stuck in development hell?[View]
77139012Which android rom should I flash on my phone? I don't want some chinks and pajeets looking at m…[View]
77139437>hey bro you have a samsung charger and the samsung charging cable by any chance?…[View]
771409124chan racist chatbot: When do you think 4chan autist could try to use gpt-3 in google collab to make…[View]
77137630Ampere Launch Dates & Specs: https://wccftech.com/exclusive-nvidia-ampere-graphics-cards-partial…[View]
77135774comfy visual basic thread: post what you got or anything you've made over the years classic vb,…[View]
77138633Data Recovery: Have a small drive that was quick-erased. Best file recovery software (windows or lin…[View]
77139729>muh Windows 95 UI If you love it so much why aren't you using OpenOffice?…[View]
77136858>wake up to my speakers saying 'nigger nigger nigger' in a text speech voice >Think i just lef…[View]
77137379What are the best cheap wired headphones? Is the sony brand a good buy?[View]
77139581My graphics card has failed on 109 separate motherboards. How do I stop these motherboards from unf…[View]
77134851This guy a real black hat hacker. He cracked president twitter. https://www.npr.org/2020/07/31/89781…[View]
77115508Users of all levels are welcome to ask questions about Windows and share their experiences. Tell us …[View]
77138142In a /g/ perspective, is this show realistic?[View]
77140485How do I make in thunderbird an automatic reply email to a certain address telling them to fuck off …[View]
77125315Why are all Ubuntu users moving to openSUSE?[View]
77136902How safe is 1Password and would you suggest someone who's not tech savvy to exclusively run it …[View]
77140350I am forgotten: I hate that there are no more cases with simple cutouts for fans. The current standa…[View]
77136293mp3 player: Best non-botnet mp3 player?[View]
77140341So other than SJW nugames and drudge apps, why are people on Windows?: I can't quite figure out…[View]
77137674/g/ Humor Thread: YLYL /g/ edition[View]
77140184Does anyone own or have owned Dell Optiplex 7010 SFF desktop? I need a quiet office PC to put in my …[View]
77140269>tfw I became Potty-Mouth Pete[View]
77136302What’s the best computer desk chair?[View]
77130858/g/uts thread: Just swapped out an arctic 240 for this kraken x53 so I can close the side panel. Hol…[View]
77117227rate his linux setup are the programs he talks about worth trying out?[View]
77140114MY ASS: Why doesn't Windows load the context menu entries asynchronously? Why doesn't Micr…[View]
77129621Is this a troll program?: Opinions[View]
77123441/bdg/ - bastest distribution general: > loads of software packages > bleeding edge > unbrea…[View]
77137564daily reminder to abandon nodejs in favor of more powerful languages such as OCaml[View]
77137799The University of Costumed Heroes: A video from the FSF: >The University of Costumed Heroes is an…[View]
77134863Toilets are Technology: So, /g/, why aren't you using a bidet (or any other toilet tech) yet?…[View]
77136926Offline Wikipedia: What is the best way to implement this in 2020? Installing Kiwix on Android e-rea…[View]
77135126/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: old thread >>77130294 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
77139948Why yes, I do write Haskell using NixOS on my ThinkPad, how could you tell?[View]
77133000rounding in python: >round(2.5) >2 Why does python round down instead of up at .5…[View]
77137988You lau/g/h....you loose[View]
77139408Are we going to see 128-bit CPUs anytime soon? Why or why not?[View]
77135922Shredders: I know jack shit about shredders. What’s a good one that will not be a commercial piece o…[View]
77137937Working hours on a laptop: Hey /g/, I'm used to work all day long on a dual monitor setup (at w…[View]
77138340xm0siulufost.com: Any one know what this site is? My adblock doesn't like it. It seams like it …[View]
77135201How does it feel Microdicks? Your entire operating system is just another tab to me.[View]
77138464Qubeschads rise up: >You have 4 seconds to justify your use of an operating system that is less r…[View]
77137644Bob Swan broke SEC law: https://www.barrons.com/articles/intel-ceo-robert-swan-bought-stock-51596837…[View]
77139011Shouldn't /g/ be splited between the CS programmer guys and the PC and phones consumers? But I …[View]
77131759>just buy a tempered glass case bro[View]
77136576my life sucks i wish i was a programmer and make big bucks but im too dumb[View]
77130024Why isn't there some sort of group trying to keep windows 7 alive? Considering how much love th…[View]
77138670Hitler opens a PR on your new cool GitHub project and fixes an annoying bug. What do?[View]
77135555my samsung galaxy s7 got run over by a bus so i need to get a new one what phone should i get?[View]
77131569Is /g/ full of trolls? Why do you shill KDE? It's a buggy unstable pile of shit. Why would you …[View]
77131753void: is pic related a good choice for someone that wants to learn the linux ecosystem and administr…[View]
77137285Free Software is a joke: This movement is alike to hippies. You can't expect people to work ful…[View]
77136110Any way to get rid of ads from twitter android app?[View]
77136978Full disk encryption versus encrypted partition/directory: Why one over the other? Realistically 90…[View]
77126059>just improve your skills bro >keep interviewing bro >spend your free time becoming the bes…[View]
77131197Wow, Arch users are actually kind of based. https://youtu.be/doM7cbN1sJQ[View]
77137923WTF is up with Bing search?: It regularly recommends malware as a solution to most windows problems.…[View]
77138451Post your programming socks.[View]
77136685My parents are forcing me to do classes bc they're tired of me being a neet. I was planning on …[View]
77124467/spg/ - Smartphone General: Phone of the Year Edition If you're requesting purchasing advice, p…[View]
77137424why is css so shit ? >how do I **~style~** this element in X way ? >ooh you can't do that…[View]
77134472Ubuntu is the final redpill. No matter how many times I switch distros or how long I use them, I alw…[View]
77136944Whats the best cloud storage? I was using mega but don't really like it[View]
77136820Give me one (1) reason you aren't using Tor right now.[View]
77094363/hpg/ Headphone general Gigachad edition: Request purchase advice >location >budget >open/c…[View]
77137466What the fuck is happening at Intel[View]
77136913Looking for a distro that supports full disk encryption during install: Also redpill me on the diffe…[View]
77126706just got my herman miller aeron. Is this shit supposed to squeeze your thighs and crotch area? Is it…[View]
77104766/fwt/ - Friendly Windows Thread: Users of all levels are welcome to ask questions about Windows and …[View]
77135673Animated Instagram Filters: Is there a way to create animated instagram filters using only Spark AR,…[View]
77136070So I found an old wallet.dat in one of my old DVDs dated April 2011. I remember some dude inviting …[View]
77137443Oldfags will appreciate this https://medium.com/message/networks-without-networks-7644933a3100[View]
77135929Urgent: Find a name for a secure computer[View]
77136057¿Why are Seagate hard drives so bad?[View]
77130427I can't download the JDK on windows because the niggers at oracle (yes, fuck you niggers) had t…[View]
77132756Bros should I take an elective on compilers? I wanna be a webdev lol[View]
77131394Thoughts? I've been recently getting back into programming after a ten-year absence (and C/C++ …[View]
77137177>laptop charger breaks >my computer dies >tell mom to get charger fixed >she takes lapto…[View]
77130977This was the pinnacle of smartphone design, /g/bros: and people just let it fade away because virtua…[View]
77133481What distros do they use?[View]
77132427what's the best web browser for android? they updated firefox and it sucks dick now[View]
77136592LibreOffice 7.0 Released As The Open-Source, Vulkan-Accelerated Office Suite: LibreOffice 7.0 has be…[View]
77133489AVX-512: >takes up 15% of die space >clock frequency drops 40% when even a single AVX-512 inst…[View]
77136011I have 4GB of RAM. Why should I use 64-bit software?[View]
77135634Is there a way to install Pixel DE on Linux Mint or LMDE4?: Like I said, is it possible? I can'…[View]
77134923a-XP | Portable Threadripper Workstation PC: https://www.mediaworkstations.net/systems/portable-amd-…[View]
77133266>KDE https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=82&v=5U9XQgf3NXI&feature=emb_logo…[View]
77124951/pcbg/ - PC Building General: ATTENTION: Many components are heavily overpriced because of CoV relat…[View]
77136759I'm looking for better alternative for windows media player. +1 if open source[View]
77135780https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6x8SAAk_J4c >buying an Intel laptop in 2020…[View]
77135086Do you look down upon non GNOME/systemd users like pic related?[View]
77131005hypothetical technology is technology: Would it be theoretically possible to build a semisolid gener…[View]
77134665Who spend all day at the PC?: my fucking eyes don't see a shit, I'm fucking blind. what to…[View]
77135141>fall for the LTSC meme >Boot it, install all programs etc >All good for a couple of weeks …[View]
77116098You have 10 seconds to explain why you don't use vertical tabs.[View]
77136301Retailer says Radeon 5000 series has higher failure rate than Turing cards: >https://www.techspot…[View]
77127589>buy (((smart))) TV >cant even play MKV I fucking hate this meme when will it die?…[View]
77136470The HAXXOR: >i looked at the cameras, and I was shocked[View]
77082467Based FOSS apps. Pic related. To add. Image pipe Signal / silence Simple email K-9 email Blokad…[View]
77136382helpdesk monkeys thread: a thread for those fellows who works as a helpdesk monkey, plugging etherne…[View]
77129644how do i stop this shit from happening on my new keyboard. this gross wear/grease shit on the kycaps…[View]
77132791god damn it /g/ what browser do i use now? i don't wanna give up my addons[View]
77127752Banning WeChat from the App Store makes iPhones 100% useless in China where everything revolves arou…[View]
77135288What does /g/ think about the Budgie DE ?[View]
77135916Opera GX browser: Is this botnet?[View]
77135795Programming is done at such a high level these days.... I feel like it's so much harder for an …[View]
77132918Bros... how come poop OS is so fast compared to the other distros?[View]
77129030GIF Hate Thread: How is this format still widely support in 2020?[View]
77135299>yfw windows 10 home users are beta testers for the LTSC chads[View]
77135603What's your opinion on: 1. AppArmour vs SELinux 2. ufw vs firewalld Would be cool to hear about…[View]
77135896Uphold is asking for my id. should I give it to them?[View]
77129882Sound cards: What's the difference between a sound card and a 'gaming' sound card?[View]
77135756Site spamming fake website links +18: A week ago, I, some friends and others, received several links…[View]
77130900Why aren't you using the best text editor ever made?[View]
77135166nested ifs: Why should I use the AND operator over nested if-statements? In my opinion, they're…[View]
77116794What does a sysadmin even do?[View]
77133851Decent MP3 players: I feel like I'm being DRM/proprietary choked. If you want to avoid Apple/So…[View]
77135190Google Chrome won't stfu on my app...: Could I get some help? Pic related Google Chrome says th…[View]
77134015What is stoping you from building your dream PC inside of a mini-fridge?[View]
77114446/mkg/ Mechanical Keyboard General: Lubed blacks edition Previous: >>77087760 Ask questions abo…[View]
77129129Why are people afraid of it?[View]
77134952Popular daily driver phones in US: Hello, anons. Sorry to bother y'all with stupid questions, b…[View]
77134183/glg/ - Gaming Laptop General: This thread is for the general discussion on gaming laptops, post you…[View]
77135511ITT: Older devices you looked up and have no clue why they sell this high[View]
77129046Google+ Class-Action Lawsuit: Anyone else get this e-mail? Google BTFO http://archive.is/0bj2V…[View]
77129478Merge /g/ with /sci/: Sci is pretty dead and technology has merged with science. I think fragmenting…[View]
77131047This was Firefox at it's peak.[View]
77129334https://nosystemd.org/ Why are you using a turbocucked pottering distro anon?[View]
77129768Sway or i3? Why?[View]
77129309how awesome is my compaq https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hKf1Cf4i_M&t[View]
77133281Hi everyone! >Follow up post part 2 after great feedback Lately I've been working on a color…[View]
77128237daily wayland schizo fud thread[View]
77135081based pajeet here we will be taking over tech in 2021 after china has its turn this year[View]
77131553Why the fuck is Cinnamon so heavy? It looks like a reskinned MATE desu[View]
77133968What's the best Linux distro to run and use entirely from a USB?[View]
77127568List of all majors English imageboards and used software. Which one do you browse /g/ ?[View]
77111241/wdg/ - Web Development General: Great success edition >Beginner Roadmap and Guide https://github…[View]
77131425Why doesn't he trim his nails?[View]
77132232Hard drive storage: Any recommendations for fireproof, waterproof storage that would protect a hard …[View]
77135016Are there any local chat rooms online that still exist?: I'm not looking for dating specific ap…[View]
77097015/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: Old thread: >>77051608 Don't buy anything OTHER THAN IBM/Lenovo…[View]
77130206I literally have to stop using it, because I tend to 'claw' and it's breaking my thumb apart. …[View]
77130294/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>77124860 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
77134731Why can't I just use /bin/sh as init?[View]
77134585Acid3 thread http://acid3.acidtests.org/[View]
77133404Why the fuck is the retard managing this shit refusing to let us customize the volume keys? NOBODY U…[View]
77131692Headphones for teacher girlfriend: I want to get my girl (teacher, going to be working remotely) a n…[View]
77130903Is LAMP a based web stack, or is it deprecated boomer tech?[View]
77129883I just ordered: What does /g/ think about it. The only negative is that it doesn't use a 18650 …[View]
77126621anyone starting to feel they are too low IQ for programming[View]
77132623Why do people still use OpenVPN when Wireguard exists?[View]
77134241https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ny2AQdPL-8A Tech Jesus says Sept 9th for RTX 30 series[View]
77133443Did other phones ever get this update or is it purely an apple feature?[View]
77132193DOH or /etc/hosts: I have been using /etc/hosts to block ads/trackers and general garbage, but using…[View]
77128658What alarm clock should I get?[View]
77134645Social media text encryptor??: So maybe this is super dumb and it's not feasable. I was thinkin…[View]
77129301ITT: we list good windows programs[View]
77132167best ereader: what ereader is best option? should handle kindle purchases and have wifi Are the kin…[View]
77133993Smart TV's: Does a smart TV count as an operating system?[View]
77126905So what's the verdict on the WH-1000XM4?[View]
77111068Science is obsolete: Hey /g/ I just checked with /sci/ and they said it's perfectly fine with t…[View]
77126806Are sound bars worth it? I'm reading in a couple places that they're memes and provide a b…[View]
77132006How did the government hack Sharyl Attkisson's computer /g/?[View]
77128972Who is John McAfee really? He is so hard to pin down. Is he an insider, an outsider, a rebel or what…[View]
77133587Installing windows on thinkpad: Hey /g/ My faggot wife needs a new laptop and it has to be windows b…[View]
77132025what disadvantage, if any, is there to using a DNS-based adblocker like AdGuard? If it works as adve…[View]
77124223Airport should working on having subsonic airplanes. It will be nice to have an airplanes that can f…[View]
77130342Should I get the 2020 iPhone SE or the Google Pixel 4a? Im switching from my pocophone F1 btw.[View]
77125281Will there ever be a keyboard that surpasses this?[View]
77133742so either something is seriously fucked or for some reason on windows you need equal empty space on …[View]
77133892>everyone's hiring bro most desirable positions are never listed publicly and are directly p…[View]
77131824what programming language are the cool kids learning these days?[View]
77133277what are your opinions on tryhackme.com[View]
77132371Blue ray writers prices: Why are some of them priced at 40$ while others at 500$ and there's a…[View]
77133530Please help: How to do my own youtube interface (like Invidous R.I.P.) with mp3 option?[View]
77126167we're in the greatest economic recession since the great depression, yet apple is somehow still…[View]
77125557Can't share certain files in Google Drive: Google drive won't let me share some eBook PDFs…[View]
77131503Didn't deserve all the hate[View]
77115011Finally, a laser printer without the botnet: now you can print all the currencies without being trac…[View]
77129429FSF Heroes: >https://static.fsf.org/nosvn/videos/fsf-heroes/…[View]
77131856Joplin replacement: https://github.com/laurent22/joplin/issues/1792 This shit is just fucking shamef…[View]
77130572cheap cam and mic: Trying to stream with my mates as a laugh and don't want to break the bank d…[View]
77132421Anyone word on when SSD's will drop to Pre-COVID prices?: I've been eye balling the 4tb ev…[View]
77125703How should a software engineer kill itself?[View]
77132542Any 4chan app or way to sync 4chanX thread watcher with mobile? I hate having to manually remember w…[View]
77130345I'm about to move this meme, what are somethings to keep in mind? And tell me some tips to conf…[View]
77127286Spotify force songs on you too?: I use spotify just because of convenience, however, no anyone else …[View]
77090830/mpv/ - /g/eneral thread: Installation: https://mpv.io/installation/ Wiki: https://github.com/mpv-pl…[View]
77129679What are your thoughts on Damn Small Linux?: Because to me it's based. Honestly my favorite dis…[View]
77133004Listening to Music on iOS: How does /g/ listen to its Music? Maybe through Nextcloud? or Jellyfin?…[View]
77129274Come home, white man.[View]
77129203What does /g/ think of laptop coolers? My work laptop gets super fucking hot and I was wondering if …[View]
77130827I want to learn to code but I can't stop larping on /g/ Which IDE and texteditor do you guys us…[View]
77131155What kind of chip is this? There's 4 of these in a bootleg Neo Geo multicart. It's a BGA N…[View]
77131381How much money do u theoretically need to make a crappy FOSS gamedev tool like GIMP or LMMS to have …[View]
77132924>the year is 2012 >anonymous does a thing >everyone: loses their shit >the year is 2020 …[View]
77132727How To Dodge DMCA's While Hosting[View]
77129070Intel® Memory and Storage Tool: This could be very useful indeed. Is this safe to run? What can I re…[View]
77132339Hello /g/. Can anyone here give me the story about this robot? I've seen it posted many times b…[View]
77131792Is camelCase A Cursed Syntax?: If you use camelCase for your functions and variables how will you kn…[View]
77132342pain when the fug is edge being released for linux[View]
77121701hey anons, i developed a torrent aggregator website called magnetfinder. check it out and tell me ho…[View]
77128404I'm in my 30's and have worked at Walmart for 10+ years. You don't have to tell me h…[View]
77129735just ate 3 weed brownies what should I program from scratch[View]
77134233I know this will be really vague but I was wondering if someone could help me out. My dad was lookin…[View]
77131552ampere thread?[View]
77131059flipper zero: why haven't you made a shitty kickstarter product to get rich quick?[View]
77131333What's his name, again?[View]
77127259I can't fucking deal with these fucking ads WORK WHY WON'T YOU??[View]
77131253Are these the same people with different hags?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jason_Scott https://en…[View]
77128377ITT: Shitbox components[View]
77122651Wysiwyg note-taking: What does /g/ use for taking notes with embedded images? I'm using Onenote…[View]
77131229>using Microsoft word >copying and pasting stuff between docs >want to close a document …[View]
77129350Enlighten me, /g/[View]
77124629Intels trade secrets leaked on the net: 20GB worth of Intels .pdf files describing Intel products in…[View]
77130677confess your sins, /g/[View]
77130986I'm having this issue where my keyboard isn't being recognized when I plug it into a compu…[View]
77130603How do you cope with shitty internet?[View]
77130067Why can't Google chrome text highlight different things like Firefox can (with ctrl+hightlight)…[View]
77130414I'm very stoopi an don't know nothin so here I am askin, what should/ could I upgrade on m…[View]
77130674Shalom /g/ Why is this the best language for finance?[View]
77128973Warm, Cozy, Lonely?: Why do we use these words for software? What is it about them that invoke these…[View]
77130048I shell out extra burger bucks for an enterprise hard drive and it's DOA. Pic related. I have n…[View]
77128519Did Hiro put in another bitcoin miner when I wasn't looking?[View]
77130655Minor data hoard: https://sdo.gsfc.nasa.gov/assets/img/dailymov/index.php How do I download this ent…[View]
77123596How do you cope with the fact that boomers who started programming in the 70s are probably more know…[View]
77127828How much will the fucking 3080ti going to be ?[View]
77129056Which one is better for learning networking?[View]
77127611>try out gentoo despite /g/ meme'ing it >it's actually great and just works Why did …[View]
77129639What exactly is not open source of it? > Chromium backed is open source > UI c++ backed is ins…[View]
77130204My laptop got a Trojan and i was uploading files into drive. Does the Trojan will invade the online …[View]
77128976The authentic KDE experience[View]
77124650Can you skillfully use the mouse with the opposite hand you normally use?[View]
77128262Cicada 3301. Their Actual Pubkey. Where can i find it, Key server seems to only listing fake ones a…[View]
77105781/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread, Zrythm edition. U…[View]
77128777Why doesn't this shit work on Windows?: It shows green bars when playing videos.[View]
77129827Arduino code: Hi mofos, can somebody suggest some code for sinewawe pwm that can 'change' amplitude …[View]
77124860/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: old thread >>77118111 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
77125292Still viable in 5 years?[View]
77129410Debian is a lot more stable then they say.: Anyone who says Debian based distros are prone to becomi…[View]
77127721head/gaze tracker tool thoughts: I wrote a tool based around head/eye tracking and am wondering if i…[View]
77129922should I switch to dwm? should anyone?[View]
77129750Why don't you use this /g/?[View]
77128768TOP FUCKING WHEEZE: FREETARDS BTOF YET AGAIN https://www.gnu.org/software/automake/manual/html_node/…[View]
77129796Anyone here daily drive a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip? What are your honest, unshilled experiences?[View]
77121741Considering buying a Macbook: The battery in my big heavy 2011 thinkpad just died and I am not going…[View]
77126329Best Editor: What is the best Editor to-date? Atom? VS Code? Code:Blocks?[View]
77125322I got a bloatfree 1gb version of w10 with the old start menu and explorer but it still doesn't …[View]
77129717DSM LCD Displays: How to keep them from drying out?: Hello, everyone. I just bought an absolutely be…[View]
77123533Poorfag thread no richfags allowed: In this thread we post our poverty tech I'll start: I bough…[View]
77114992>want to ban tik tok due to privacy concerns >sell it to microsoft cuz china bad murica good c…[View]
77129487but why[View]
77126946Do you remember when Maki was /ourgirl/?[View]
77124061Why are there no good tech news sites left? The Verge used to be the best but now they're just …[View]
77122502sup /g/ I got my first IT job as a civilian contractor working on base but I kinda wanna leave it fo…[View]
77129328Sup Nerds, /o/ fag here. Need some help on my old Dell PC: Ok Nerd fags, my computer has been runni…[View]
77124167Installing this for the first time. What should I expect?[View]
77127038Is this enterprise coding?: https://github.com/EnterpriseQualityCoding/FizzBuzzEnterpriseEdition…[View]
77118732Plan9 seems pretty based[View]
77127454tThoughts on Go: It's GO actually a good language to learn? Or am I getting bamboozled?[View]
77128799What's the latest meme buzzword tech to put on a resume that companies like to see, as a develo…[View]
77129282what's with all the anti-linux threads all of a sudden?: They weren't here a few months ag…[View]
77128553Coders please respond: Hello lads. I don't know where to post this but i figured /g/ would be a…[View]
77121759ITT: post things that were obvious lies in retrospect now that you are more tech savvy: The reason p…[View]
77124297Stallman, btfos this board from the sticky: Stallman doesn't give a shit about your Red Hat boo…[View]
77107060Why is Japanese internet stuck in the early 00s?[View]
77129163Music backups: Say someone made a daemon that listens on dbus for MediaPlayer2 messages (which spoti…[View]
77127671ALSA and PulseAudio enough?: Did not find the forum for basic questions, however, here it goes. I wo…[View]
77129141My first Python script off a tutorial!: I just followed a tutorial for a python script quiz game and…[View]
77128761Hi guys: I'm new here, can you show me around this place[View]
77127869How can poor nanami-chan even compete?![View]
77128927Too Naive Dealing with ISP: Is there any legal ways to defend myself from hidden fees charged by ISP…[View]
77128094What mobile phone grip does /g/ use?[View]
77122838What are they doing nowadays? I keep hearing progressive things describing they're becoming mor…[View]
77124404Has anyone here attempted to program something with Holy C?[View]
77123953This pic was taken from thispersondoesnotexist.com, but she looks a lot like Diane Neal from Law and…[View]
77124269Would this actually work? Have you ever tried something like this?[View]
77126789I hate it[View]
77126510What I am for bros[View]
77126630Why is Xubuntu the best operating system?[View]
77123862Just got pic related and I've been reading through it. It's heavily focused on 'degrees', …[View]
77107597/ptg/ - Private Trackers General: tfw no ptp edition >Have a question? - FAQ https://pastebin.com…[View]
77128366Who else is jumping ship back to Nvidia this generation? Superior raytracing. DLSS 2.0 onwards. Who …[View]
77128021How do people tolerate this piece of shit?: >Install ungoogled-chromium, which happens to be well…[View]
77110157>be in college >due to corona, have to file in your thesis online instead of physically bring…[View]
77126788What other companies offer great Lavalier mics aside of Sennheiser? I know of Rode, but they mostly …[View]
77128342Is there any alternative to android and iOS for tablets? Something more lightweight perhaps? I know …[View]
77128397>friday releases without a rollback script fucking retarded IDIOTS AT THIS FUCKING TEAM…[View]
77127656Why is literally every programmer in the Silicon Valley like pic related? How the onions trend got s…[View]
77122729Why do so many users of these two distros in particular always take shots at each other more than ot…[View]
77122410ITT useless technology[View]
77125341honestly why the fuck would you need faster RAM?[View]
77128364I wanna ask this in another thread. What are the final consequences of the Intel leak? It seems this…[View]
77127260what other /g/ related websites and forums you visit?[View]
77125094>that small preview which is glitchy anyway May someone please explain the how on Earth fosstards…[View]
77122747>still codes in C Lol you are like a little baby.[View]
77126164AMD Ryzen 9 4950X could boost up to 4.9 GHz: BTW, why amdfags are so cringe jesus fuck? https://vide…[View]
77113738Is Wayland ready yet?[View]
77126695How do we avoid tracking by stylometry?[View]
77123364My friend is giving me an old server with 50 TB and 64 GB of Ram. Whats stopping me from using this …[View]
77127251So on Monday the electric company is shutting off my power to do maintenance on the electric infrast…[View]
77124302>spend 1000$ on phone >it's the mid-low range option >'plus' version is no longer just…[View]
77123774>'Time to learn how to make my own engine!' >tries to make a triangle >'well maybe unity is…[View]
77125588Windows 10 The Complete Guide - 3rd Edition 2020: YES FINALLY ITS OUT[View]
77127365So, if I press this code button will I become a coder?[View]
77127528There are some genuinely smart people on this board. Why do (you) still browse this board instead of…[View]
77127864Car computer[View]
77107352>buy a $1000 (one thousand US Dollar) phone >have to live with the fact that you got the poorf…[View]
77107435>selling a product with forced ads >you're supposed to pay even more if you want the ads …[View]
77127636Did I just get cucked by google? My foobar thingy didn't work, nothing I could, no clue in the …[View]
77125753日本語 error: how am i supposed to read this shit? i already changed the locale to japan, but this popu…[View]
77126068How to fix this shit? Why google doesn't resize the page based on the browser size?[View]
77126217Resetting: My phone is so cluttered with useless shit that I just want to do a factory reset and sta…[View]
771255362020, I am forgotten.[View]
77125583I feel like a FUCKING MORON I wasted like 1k on this piece of shit Steelcase Gesture and it gave my …[View]
77125554https://www.chromestatus.com/feature/4905307790639104 THANK YOU BASED AVIF DEFACTO STANDARD[View]
77126382whats the best way to have a private DNS, free from ISP spyware and that shit? if its setting up my …[View]
77127420Let's see Paul Allen's GitHub...[View]
77115304Post your IDE color scheme: What is you're using at the moment?[View]
77123026IPS monitors are overrated. >muh viewing angles I have never come across a situation where I…[View]
77123929Would I be a dumbass to buy a B550 motherboard just to avoid the chipset fans on X570 boards?[View]
77121144First PC for 10 year old kid. Instead of smartphone/tablet. Core i3, 4gb ram, win10, internet off. W…[View]
77125534What was this site like in 2003?[View]
77127147What kind of security camera setup can I get that isn't FAANG'd and Mossad-pilled? Would a…[View]
77122986What changes should be made to make it better?: Just make it more lightweight and remove the bloat e…[View]
77124287How easy is it to get a programming job with the basic skills they teach you in CS degree programs? …[View]
77123852What is best underground punk operating system?: 20 years ago it was plan9 and OpenBSD.[View]
77122992>There hasn't been a mobile OS with any soul since Lollipop decimated the soul of old Androi…[View]
77125429How should I prepare for my google phone interview next week? I have no idea why they called me, I h…[View]
77125342how do i stop being a php virgin?[View]
77125620>here's your new phone bro[View]
77126513secure phone: Which new button phone without OS would you recommend me? I am looking for phone witho…[View]
77125550Power BI: Why is this piece of shit so slow and how can I optimize performance?[View]
77126047Would you like to see a new and improved operating system from Microsoft?[View]
77126984YEAR OF THE OPEN LINUX HANDHELD: We won freebros[View]
77122767The most powerful language in linux.[View]
77126757Why does this piece of shit block warez websites? I just want a non pozzed antivirus, not a judge. A…[View]
77126482When you are done for the day, do you shut your PC down, enter sleep mode, or just leave it running …[View]
77117083/pmp/ + /iemg/ Portable Media Players + In-Ear Monitors General: RETURN OF ZISHAN EDITION This thre…[View]
77115458when was the last time some new technology made you feel really good? what was it?[View]
77118470People that do not seed torrents are evil and should not be allowed to use torrent freely[View]
77126776When they say 'only 1 process per core' that's when you should look at them and say 'shut the f…[View]
77126124Is this guy an actual “hacker” or just a professional scammer?[View]
77122910I need to track pc usage + set up reminders after X time to take breaks per program. AppDetox works …[View]
77125606>cloud '''''storage''''' buy one of these, store everything important on a microSD card, take con…[View]
77124268After Effects question: How the FUCK do you get an image with a transparent background to show up as…[View]
77123969Is this unironically a good way to learn M68k ASM these days? Found one on eBay for $25 USD. Thing l…[View]
77121739How do you preserve your important data in a shit hits the fan apocalypse scenario? No internet, no …[View]
77106753Confess your technology sins.[View]
77119487Dial-up Internet: Remember dial-up internet? I unironically have nostalgia for dial-up internet. I u…[View]
77124548Does MacOS really offer better productivity?: Seeing so many saying that 'everyone' in the 'industry…[View]
77114261Post your speeds. No cheating :([View]
77101414Homescreen thread?[View]
77118004>one year after #cancelstallman >still flamewars on maling lists >still mutiny attempts Wil…[View]
77116419What does/g/ think of Manjaro?[View]
77117543Software in Windows 10 is superior: >notepad++ >mpv.net >Foobar2000 >SumatraPDF >Ever…[View]
77120110There is a deliberate disinformation campaign to conceal the original RGB values for classic windows…[View]
77121840Does solving leetcode problems make you a better programmer?[View]
77121363You thought you were safe: Thought you'd be safe switching to AMD, ARM, or POWER9? >Intel, A…[View]
77125581Applied Materials Says New Tool Breaks Chip Resistance Bottleneck: 10 GHz CPU WHEN? https://spectrum…[View]
77125516programming job: for those of you who got into programming/coding of any kind, how long did it take …[View]
77125465Getting interview w/o networking: I don't have a degree and I don't have software experien…[View]
77113260How did you guys learn to code?[View]
77110164Why can't linux automatically download updates?: When clicked it takes me to the website to dow…[View]
77119882Linux Mint: Seriously, why are you not using Linux Mint? Works out of the box, no need to spend days…[View]
77125093Any recommended resources to learn to use ERPs?[View]
77124986VM on V server: Hello /g/ i have a vserver running debian 10 and I want it to do different things li…[View]
77124859Chiplet GPU: There are rumors from the usual curry flingers about RDNA3 using chiplet architecture, …[View]
77122367>cinnamon is underdeveloped and can't keep up with gnome 3 >gnome 3 devs are racist and j…[View]
77124760Can AI replace human brain? Is it possible?[View]
77120642/rpg/ - Raspberry Pi General: A general thread for Raspberry Pi. Tell us what projects you made/pla…[View]
77109129What’s your excuse for not running an air purifier in your room that you spend 12+ hours a day in?[View]
77123366Why is it out of order?[View]
77124117Now that Google has killed one of its best products and quite possibly the best music streaming serv…[View]
77105613ungoogled chrome or firefox: which one of those two is more safe and sends less or no data. I use un…[View]
77121549Win10 Customizing: Hello /gee. I am using pick related, and I enjoy its functionality very much, but…[View]
77124898YEAR OF THE OPEN LINUX HANDHELD: We won freebros[View]
77108340INTCELS BTFO: https://mega.nz/folder/CV91XLBZ#CPSDW-8EWetV7hGhgGd8GQ Intel leak, archive quickly…[View]
77118111/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on today, /g/? Previous: >>77108361…[View]
77123652How do Hyperloop and Mars fags get away with it? All the fake hype with no results.[View]
77124673Devices similar to EW 112P G4: What other companies offer great Lavalier mics aside of Sennheiser? I…[View]
77123921where's /floss/? >where's /floss/? where's /floss/? >where's /floss/?…[View]
77123854https://youtu.be/N_xTvZCvuQ4 Sorry if this sounds dumb, but how do you made this kind of robots? Wha…[View]
77121063Is default Linux Mint with Cinnamon worth a shot on weaker computers?: I want to install it on a lap…[View]
77122265if you started programming because of money, you don't belong on /g/ you are pretty much a soul…[View]
77121957It's only a matter of time, what will the scandal be? What kind of sex acts?[View]
77119951ITT: We post our tech honestly, no bullshit edition[View]
77122944Why has the US stagnated so hard?[View]
77124130https://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-downloads https://docs.nvidia.com/cuda/cuda-toolkit-release-notes/…[View]
77123138>Studying data science tutorials like a year ago >Decide to read the news during break >Som…[View]
77119547/bsdg/ OpenBaSeD edition: Let’s do it again.[View]
77119625How many lines of code does a modern video game have?: Minecraft has like over 4 billion lines, but …[View]
77123770/g/uys is this possible?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=K9yXF47bRsw Can this really happen?…[View]
77123313Why does 4chan not have an overboard feature that would display different boards as one? 4chan fron…[View]
77120646How to stop my laptop battery charging?: To extend the lifespan of lithium battery, it should be sto…[View]
77123492What does /g/ think about this?: Is it a crutch? Has any one used it before?[View]
77123848Is Atom finally dying? You can't install packages within the editor or search in the website. T…[View]
77090479after watching a number of this guy's videos: it's painfully obvious why he's been fi…[View]
77123445Based or cringe?[View]
77098489/spg/ smartphone general: iToddlers BTFO Edition If you're requesting purchasing advice, please…[View]
77122815I'm building a friend's PC, is this enough thermal paste? People online say a single pea s…[View]
77123297The Great Debate.[View]
77116174Clover / Kuroba: Where were you when Cheese was kill? https://github.com/chandevel/Clover https://gi…[View]
77123514Wifi vs Ethernet for gaming: Fiber-optic is coming to my house and i need to choose a place to set m…[View]
77123649Let me guess. You 'need' more[View]
77121995Legacy devices wishlist: >Previous thread https://archive.rebeccablacktech.com/g/thread/76766138 …[View]
77099220I can’t fucking stand it anymore. This piece of shit is hot garbage. >works on my machine Shut th…[View]
77122275What is this: So im supposed to believe that an application that is basically a simple Image browser…[View]
77118271What's the consensus on Enlightenment?[View]
77122492You are secure and anonymous right, Anon?[View]
77121492>browse internet >reCAPTCHA everywhere[View]
77118353Does anyone not carry a cell phone? I'm thinking about giving it up.[View]
77121642Toshiba formally and finally exits laptop business: (https://www.theregister.com/2020/08/07/toshiba_…[View]
77089818/spg/ smartphone general: custom ROMs editions if you're requesting purchasing advice, please p…[View]
77114315Any of you dudes record music? I'm looking for a good budget microphone capable of studio quali…[View]
77121948Big Sur is just a GNOME's theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jT1RnyGJRMU[View]
77118598What two types of software haven't been mixed together yet? I want to become the next innovator…[View]
77114384Calculators: The best ones you have used: This thread is for discussing the best calculators you hav…[View]
77122799I bought this watch. Had it for about two weeks now. Pretty fun. But now what? What time am I suppo…[View]
77121919Programming jobs: >be me >be third worlder >apply to one (1) programmer position >get ca…[View]
77121879My landlord just installed one of these cheap shitty unsecure chink cctv cameras How should I go abo…[View]
77122863ampere bread?[View]
77118037If plasma TVs were so much better, why did they stop making them?[View]
77116458Printers: What's the best printer you can buy for printing out semi small/medium pocket size ph…[View]
77122486/g/ humor thread: I'll start[View]
77117455Are Apple products really bad ?: Let's face it : their products are great and this why I use th…[View]
77118961Why do all women in tech deal with imposter syndrome?: Has affirmative action gone too far?[View]
77121627What was wrong with it?[View]
77121788Well /g/, is it good?[View]
77122299Why don't the mods do anything about the 20+ Apple advertisement threads we get every single da…[View]
77120748Why are there no motherboard manufacturers outside of China? Doesn't anybody find that suspicio…[View]
77122687The real reason TikTok is being targeted[View]
77122434https://videocardz.com/newz/intel-12th-gen-core-alder-lake-s-supports-ddr5-memory >Added ADL-S DD…[View]
77108922C++ is nuts: >started seriously learning C++ a few months ago >slowly starting to lose my mind…[View]
77113064What went wrong?[View]
77117555>google-noreply >Your Rights May Be Affected >You are not being sued.…[View]
77122425is it possible to make a cute and funny 3D game only using FOSS programs?[View]
77117407What's the last thing you've purchased from pic related? For me, it's an iPod classic…[View]
77121671htmx: Has anybody here heard of htmx? It seems pretty based to me, and could be in future build in b…[View]
77122179Who uses this nowadays? Boomers and pedes?[View]
77122140Thoughts on the BAII Plus financial calculator?[View]
77122066So I'm publishing a proof of concept research paper on a novel AI model which I think has big p…[View]
77115245/pcbg/ - PC Building General: ATTENTION: Many components are heavily overpriced because of CoV relat…[View]
77115489I use 10€ keyboards and they always last me at least 5 years. I type 6 hours a day and use them for …[View]
77121123How far away are we from actual decent x86 emulation on ARM that isn't a total whore for system…[View]
77117201why do we need encryption on every page[View]
77117336Why do batteries degrade so fast in Android phones compared to iphones?[View]
77120657Let's discuss DNS servers. Which one is the least botnet? I'm tired of my ISP's DNS s…[View]
77117166What media center do you use inside windows? For me, it's Kodi[View]
77121366Looking for good online resources to strengthen my css flex-box and grid skills. Any Suggestions?[View]
77117826This is bullshit: How the fuck does the tv comapnies expect me to figure this shit out[View]
77117876This is Deepin File picker, GNOMEtards BTFO. Deepin and KDE Chads rise up.[View]
77118956midnight bsd: I think I have found it, the actual worst operating system to be in active development…[View]
77114979Does anyone record guitar on GNU+Linux? Let's say I have a hardware device like an AxeFX that I…[View]
77118174Guugle: The only way to destroy google is selling your soul to Yandex, getting social points in BAID…[View]
77116375Why is FOSS awful?: Software on GNU/Linux (not the kernel) never improves because developers are too…[View]
77117983Hey /g/, what is the best window manager that is simple and doesn’t break? Picture related[View]
77119218living room tech: Best tech setup for living room? I want to be able to play cracked Fifa on a big s…[View]
77118303https://iknowwhatyoudownload.com/en/peer/ guess using linux is working to hide my torrent downloads.…[View]
77113544Where were you when BIOS and linux were wiped off the face of the planet?[View]
77117488What browser will not steal all my fucking data and give me ads based on what I'm thinking abou…[View]
77119578Is 80 Plus White good enough for your average usage?[View]
77121089Big list of imageboards easily sortable https://socialwiki.top/wiki/Imageboards Enjoy >What is So…[View]
77118480China tells Apple to remove all cloud functions or face ban: Cloud functions China wants Apple to di…[View]
77106097>go to craigslist >computer parts >find the weirdest thing to can and post it here…[View]
77117669Is becoming a Web Dev worth it?: Any web developers here? Do you enjoy your job?[View]
77116300How is encryption possible in Linux?: If hackers can check the source to see how things are encrypte…[View]
77118311this is fucked: >order a bluray burner and the last copy of Planet Earth (2010) with sigourney we…[View]
77117834Hey /g/, I've collected over 140TB of pornography. This started as a hobby but I've starte…[View]
77119825>tfw no C++ but with algebraic data types and typeclasses instead of classes >tfw no Rust with…[View]
77121464I don't care about China knowing my personal information, why the fuck do you?[View]
77119237Help: I'm learning to use Unity and I have a problem with the code (I think). Does anyone know …[View]
77113885How do I stop apple spying on everything I do on my mac?[View]
77108470How do we indoctrinate the youth before they learn bad practices such as OOP?[View]
77117421Did he ever really like technology?: It just seem that Bill always saw Microsoft as just a way of hi…[View]
77120730who's ready for defcon CTF?[View]
771181392070 SUPER discontinued[View]
77110420there was no greater company to originate from massachusetts. there was no greater company, period.[View]
77120197This just came up as an ad on YT for me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZNEzzDcllU So, what are Go…[View]
77116257why the fuck is discord popular: why do people use this trannyshit?[View]
77113101what does /g/ think of Ccleaner?[View]
77115228Meme Organizing Thread: How do you organize your memes, anon? I basically use 'Everything' search an…[View]
77112709Here's a script that fixes Wikipedia: Also Metapedia and Wiktionary. Enjoy. // ==UserScript==…[View]
77118172>AMD sponsored title >port sucks major ass Why are they still trying to get into gaming?…[View]
77120534Replacement suggestions for a Fitbit blaze? Think mine is finally dying.[View]
77114561Linux Music Player: Which is the best music player on linux? And why?[View]
77117075I fell for the RTX meme...: waiting for 2060 to arrive how fucked am i?[View]
77114708hey /g/ros found this in the wall at my new apt what is it?[View]
77116440Volume Knob?: what's the cheapest way to control my computer's volume with a physical knob…[View]
77118017>toss macbook in the trash >iphone 11 max given away to homeless guy >new pinebook pro >…[View]
77117637what could have been: retro thread, what did you do back in the OS/3 days /g/?[View]
77117649Discord bad: I know not giving a shit about your Linux userbase is a meme but seriously why the fuck…[View]
77113789What should I do with my pi0w?: I have a spare Raspberry Pi 0w (pic related). I also have an audio h…[View]
77120156ampere bread?[View]
77118875>use scratch to rapidly prototype some shit >reimplement same shit in an actual programming la…[View]
77112413Firefox android just updated and BROKE ALL MY EXTENSIONS AGAIN! Do they actually want to kill themse…[View]
77117930Let's face it : their products are great and this why I use them. Makes itoddlers seethe >No…[View]
77119166rTorrent, Deluge or Transmission for my home server? A friend of mine uses Deluge but I see many peo…[View]
77119834Intel lmao: Streetshitters in charge of GPOOOOOOO Explains everything. https://www.notebookcheck.net…[View]
77118288This slays the Lisp virgin[View]
77119377I get how Mega folder got deleted but is torrent working for everyone? It stalled for me. magnet:?xt…[View]
77118918Google accounts: I'm trying to create multiple google accounts without using a cellphone number…[View]
77110733why is support for nvidia gpus such shit on linux? i really like linux, i want to use it on my deskt…[View]
77119450Flipper Zero: Jesus Christ. Just ordered this hacker gadget. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fl…[View]
77117833Why do you hate Python /g/? It's so comfy[View]
77119075>tfw no patterson daddy ;_; Why even live? Why is Patterson so 'unknown' to the public? He's…[View]
77118036What are /g/'s verdict on Sublime?[View]
77116927touch screen macbooks: How crazy would it be if the macbooks released back in march had a touchscree…[View]
77112313>try to run python file >'TabError: inconsistent use of tabs and spaces in indentation' Why do…[View]
77116510So...virtualization. I'd like to hear some experienced words on the matter. I've watched a…[View]
77113717what does /g/ think of internet archive?[View]
77117590I recently bought a new 2TB SSD to clone my dotard C:\ drive, and cloning was going ok, but I was hi…[View]
77117156Today i learned what's an ORM for![View]
77118063Clover: So noscript captcha works in clover again?[View]
77118251Why isn't there a distributed effort app? Example: If all users offered vehicles, to be driven …[View]
77117376>be me >X years ago >decide to start learning programming >/g/ told me that I should lea…[View]
77117643I want to build a website using a modern tech stack. I've got an AS in CS so I'm already e…[View]
77112764No, /g/, don't do it! Your warranty![View]
77118061Quit my tech job because immediate coworkers are liars and borderline retarded. I feel so fresh ^_^[View]
77118170Whats the best gacha/ mobile game atm?[View]
77117429are 4K monitors a cosoom meme like mechanical keyboards or do they actually improve your performance…[View]
77117437I need a based but cheap flashdrive: Under 20 pls. Need it for transferring stuff with good speed an…[View]
77113014BIG SUR IS HERE!: >“macOS Big Sur is a major update that advances the legendary combination of th…[View]
77113630Is a firewall enough to stop the spying done by Windows? Last time I asked this I got 3 answers: …[View]
77117778What is the name of this LCD port connector?[View]
77115907IR controllers with FLOSS: I'm looking at grabbing a 'dumb' IR controller to automate…[View]
77115447Hypothetically if I pirated CC how would Adobe find out? Would they be able to find out by checking …[View]
77117229> barely graduate from a no-name state school with. 2.1 > no internships > make 240k TC at …[View]
77108361/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous thread: >>77099829…[View]
77117600Sub 100iq brainlet here How the fuck do you use github?[View]
77109774Why does this man turn everything he touch into shit?[View]
77116344anyone know any good free VPNs?[View]

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