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88896110is this how monad work? serious question[View]
88894658Is he right?[View]
88900236Has scribd figured out unhackable drm? I signed up to get an eBook I couldn't find anywhere els…[View]
88895576database engine: any recommendations for db engine for small project[View]
88898617/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous >>88897221 >Local install GPU: https://rentry.or…[View]
88899089Programming kino vs reality: Hacking and programming look so cool on the kinovision, but in reality …[View]
88896675What does /g/ think of the google play store?[View]
88892686YouTube: 5 to 10 ads before the video starts[View]
88890081From Zero to SysAdmin. How?[View]
88899960/crt/ general-bourbon edition: I love crts[View]
88896528It's over: https://www.theverge.com/2022/9/29/23378713/google-stadia-shutting-down-game-streami…[View]
88898924White man's linux distro: Hello /g/ I need your help I want to jump ship to linux, I have used …[View]
88899762>swallowed the trackpoint again[View]
88896867wtf is happening on this thread: >>>/v/613640546 >613646206 this post takes over the scr…[View]
88898730/crt/ general: kino edition[View]
88898612How does each language rank by social class? People on twitter were saying C# is a hick language, I …[View]
88851986/g/ humor thread[View]
88898481Say you install this bad boy right here for the first time. What settings do you change and why?[View]
88892219desuarchive is a cancerous invasion of privacy and must be brought down[View]
88899435it has been over a year now it's time we have a discussion about these two[View]
88898460WTF is Hadoop, Spark, Kafka? Why do they need them?[View]
88896354if i had to do front-end development full time id kill myself. how do people do it?[View]
88897517Any screen recording software that doesn't display black screen for DRM content? OBS doesn…[View]
88897535>just use Google Drive/iCloud No[View]
88899387raptor lake only has 16 gen5 pci express lanes: That's a great idea, wasting 16 gen5 lanes for …[View]
88897055Fedora chuds keep on losing https://www.phoronix.com/news/Fedora-Disable-Bad-VA-API[View]
88898401>Pros >Cons[View]
88899230what tools, frameworks and databases exist for porn i only know stash and stashdb/iafd (and yt-dlp, …[View]
88899014What's the best way to send PDFs from my computer to Koreader easily? An external server can ge…[View]
88898999Genuinely wondering what might be happening: I was kind of nastily surprised with my PC completely b…[View]
88896951>arbitary code execution on chromium browser on /v/ >/g/ doesn't care what happened?…[View]
88894475>Arch is le bleeding edge >GNOME 43 is not even in Arch Testing or Gnome Unstable repos, while…[View]
88897743what are some devices you unexpectidly picked up? I will go first: > be me > walking around ch…[View]
88895723A Flying Man!: Is it possible, now or in the future, that something comapct and easily usable exists…[View]
88898008>Have Raspberry Pi in office >It's been running almost non stop for two years now >Tem…[View]
88897943>(((elementary))) OS >promotes itself for being a user friendly distro despite you have to wr…[View]
88898719I'm New To This: Hey, I'm new to Fdroid, does it matter if I use TOR or a Proxy and what P…[View]
88894457We need another web browser antitrust lawsuit. Manifest v3 was the last straw. We need Chromium and…[View]
88898665ITT: pure nostalgia fuel I'll start with the ad of my very first GPU https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
88894903That'll be $60 a year plus tip Who the fuck wants an office subscription? I'm fine with us…[View]
88897221/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous >>88895088 >Local install GPU: https://rentry.or…[View]
88898632wtf is this and how do I uninstall/disable it from Windows 10?[View]
88894467>*tanks performance so much you need fake resolution and fake fps just to make the game playable*…[View]
88898456Give me 1(one) reason why I should leave Windows 7[View]
88896460post your apple watch..[View]
88897393Any way to get banned instagram account back or at least data ?[View]
88895316Why isn't ITX the most popular form factor? There's no reason to still be using giant towe…[View]
88892515AMD fanboys coping hard: https://vintologi.com/threads/13900kf-vs-13700kf-vs-7900x-vs-7950x.1147/#po…[View]
88896355Not my problem[View]
88898283emac: why so slow[View]
88874379CrapBook (Noun) a device made for moron who is thinking their better than others for using a laptop …[View]
88886271Will it be a good midrange card? Or will Intel pull an amd and have no drivers?[View]
88897427Which one of you actually bought this? I've never actually seen anyone admit to having one.[View]
88897865how do you deal with a coworker who is terminally retarded to the point that they're making you…[View]
88892317asp net: >know java spring boot for backend >used to start a shitty spring api with postgres i…[View]
88894961running windows 10 on 300mb: what does /g/ think of this?[View]
88897012so whats the thinkpad of browsers? is still firefox?[View]
88895532So I tried out Firefox with ublock. Weird fonts on Windows and eats twice the amount of RAM compared…[View]
88895817is there any way i can open pdf files with this phone?[View]
88898087Crt thread: No ranfag allowed!!![View]
88896922What did Google meant with this sudden change of heart?[View]
88897973>guy with an old Samsung phone sits next to me[View]
88897897>literally the same person playing both sides >manchildren fall for the best browser memes …[View]
88892835Apple is advanced: The M1, M1 Pro, and M2 are at least 7 years ahead of the competition. You wont se…[View]
88897883>Work from home >More productive, comfortable, save money on gas, get another 2 hours of sleep…[View]
88892230>self regulating faucet Americans, explain yourselves.[View]
88897464tech mysterly: here is a riddle can you get it /g/: so you fresh install an ubuntu it boots up fine …[View]
88893294search engines: >google best results, but it's google >duckduckgo glows, censors results …[View]
88897227>Can you believe it? You've already finished C. >You think you can do MATLAB?…[View]
88889975youtube revanced manager is now live https://github.com/revanced/revanced-manager[View]
88895298It's better on the app? I have an app already it's called my internet browser![View]
88895656anyone know what app makes that 2nd widget? (rings with black background). Image is too blurry to ma…[View]
88896747Cisco Router ASICs and Speed: My current router is a POS and I'm looking into better solutions.…[View]
88894021Why not learn PWSH?: Why don't you guys learn Powershell? This scripting language will make stu…[View]
88896033where the fuck do i start at learning to code[View]
88887455DLSS and Reflex: >turn on all nvidia tech and the framerate at 4K triples and the latency halves …[View]
88895767>Company being allowed to deplatform anyone is good >Company being allowed to hire only straig…[View]
88893481Do women write code differently than men? Have you noticed any patterns?[View]
88894067Can one of these be removed safely to make room inside a Macbook? I need to hide a hardware bug insi…[View]
88896072What is humanity's obsession with needing to always be making technological progress? Why can…[View]
88893359Desk chairs: What the FUCK you sitting on?[View]
88896264What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
88895770i need the app store and package manager wojak comparasion meme[View]
88893308My 7 year old son wants to learn how to host a mine craft server. Should I get him started on wind…[View]
88893418Brave shills? Why Twitch doesn't work anymore on your browser?[View]
88895699Is there a way I can convert the signals on the raspberry pi / arduino pins to fiber so I can have …[View]
88888103I just installed Vim, what am I in for?[View]
88896216>sequel >gooey >ass key >scuzi >see pee pee >jee pee you >see pee you…[View]
88894742bros which color laser printer has the best price-performance ratio?[View]
88892321>playing video on side while doing other stuff >video advances to next file >takes attentio…[View]
88896936nvidia apparently are trying to tell us that they provide NO latency with dlss[View]
88895088/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previously on /sdg/ >>88891192 >Local install GPU: https:…[View]
88895545>C is slowly being replaced by Rust >becomes legacy language in the next decade >tons of in…[View]
88891637Why are dere so many competing different ports for hard drive?[View]
88896549Wireless Broadband Questions: My country is shutting down the copper wire infrastructure without suf…[View]
88886182Anons, I had one of picrel years ago before accidentally breaking it. It was comfy and tiny af, remi…[View]
88896551>I hate how emacs users use it for everything >opens browser…[View]
88877480Even luis agrees now: its ogver[View]
88869792/dmp/ - Digital Music Production: >Wikis https://dmpdoc.neocities.org/ https://web.archiv…[View]
88892582So, AMD now needs to get delided?[View]
88890221>safe language >half the functionality depends on unsafe code…[View]
88890154Life without the Internet: Picrel made me realize how most websites are completely useless and borin…[View]
88894169Are there any modern uncucked CPUs? (No TPM, no bullshit): I need to get a new computer next year. A…[View]
88893389How do people become good enough at hacking to get hired and work on programs like Stuxnet, unironic…[View]
88896171Reminder that Ideaguys won: And once AI gets it's hands on coding, it's over[View]
88891442Tesla AI Day predictions?[View]
88893560Will Ungoogled-Chromium survive Manifest V3?[View]
88895985https://beta.character.ai/ New AI chatbot just dropped. Post your convos.[View]
88894407>Only a small percentage of the population has the mental abilities to do higher level programmin…[View]
88894123VPN's and Online Privacy: How much of this is real and how much is just schizophrenic nonsense?…[View]
88857065/wdg/ - Web Development General: Fairy Edition >Free beginner resources to get started with HTML,…[View]
88893842Guys I have an old Samsung S10 with a Snapdragon chip, what can I do to save it? I turned on battery…[View]
88891785I made an ORM for SQLite: https://github.com/thebinarysearchtree/flyweight Somebody try it out. It c…[View]
88894771I'm New To This: Hey, I'm new to Fdroid, does it matter if I use TOR or a Proxy and what P…[View]
88895493>filtered by logic questions[View]
88894490Create Videos from Text Description: Get over here, /g/ What are the implications of this technology…[View]
88880337>Press turbo button >computer runs slower…[View]
88893019Why is cybercrime so common in Romania?[View]
88893671I think you should be reallocing at a rate of e rather than doubling its size each time it reaches i…[View]
88895253Apple M1 M2 ARM CPUs: Why are they so idiotic? Instead of making a desktop for their ARM-CPUs they s…[View]
88894243What technology is worth buying at todays prices to use 10 or 20 years in the future to beat inflati…[View]
88893448FakePS era begun[View]
88891727Wayland developer admits tearing is a feature: https://emersion.fr/blog/2022/status-update-45/…[View]
88893390/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous >>88891192 >Local install GPU: https://rentry.or…[View]
88893361Tech companies have managed to make an artstyle worse than corporate memphis[View]
88889531Using software: >boot machine >windows won't take enter for an answer >have to manuall…[View]
88891993Is this possible?: Imagine connecting your phone to a public wifi. Some dude who hates you knows wha…[View]
88893617So I literally had to move back to Firefox because chrome decided to be shit. Ridiculous[View]
88890791when you enter a number let's say 5 to a computer, does the computer convert it first to a bina…[View]
88892885>believed /g/ and downloaded librewolf >browser lags and freezes whenever i try to watch a vid…[View]
88885350/pcbg/ PC Building General: >Upgrade & Build Advice Post build list or current specs includin…[View]
88894720>computer, enhance >... >voice is sent to cloud server to analyize, record saved >survei…[View]
88888655Removable battery: Any phones left that have removable batteries?[View]
88893585>just build your own PC bro[View]
88891639PAOME - Predominant-Attestation: I met a girl on Tinder, and she told me that she wouldn't meet…[View]
88891157>> you can't use windows 11 without a new CPU: > you can literally use windows 11 with…[View]
88892521>spaghetti code[View]
88893950why have they all become soulless?[View]
88891880*renders your 'firefox alternative' fucking useless* nothing personnel kiddo[View]
88894289Why are people so caught up in the singularity soon/AI isn't real dichotomy? We don't need…[View]
88892525Riddle of cybersecurity: The customer offers $ 200 for transferring the site from one hosting to ano…[View]
88892655I see a lot of androidfags getting triggered by pic lately. Why is that? Jealousy? Gatekeeping progr…[View]
88892986I still love my A1314[View]
88892999>ctrl + f >no Laravel bread what the fuck is wrong is with you niggers? let's get a brea…[View]
88894078>/g/ - Browsers & AI[View]
88893618>nvidia going full jew >amd stuck with shit drivers >intel shitting the bed There's on…[View]
88893394Guys, its 21 century, and technology regarding butt wiping has not improved in ages, is anyone doing…[View]
88894106Hunger thread: Since hunger is technology too, let's share technologies that can ease starvatio…[View]
88893280milengen zoomer open source ukrain neo nazi falungong skum stop using unix c faak and use wolfram in…[View]
88892113i was never interested in programming literally ever but i started doing it because i heard it was …[View]
88893941Unironically much better than heavy brave[View]
88892355I need an Image Viewer: Good Morning Dra/g/on Maids! I made a computer program which can generate ev…[View]
88892105Does /g/ remember these?[View]
88893895here I fixed GNOME for you[View]
88883809>Have an android phone >want to download a video from twitter >copy, paste, download video …[View]
88893196What tech sector are you most likely to become a millionaire (with own business). Options: Financial…[View]
88891312Why do thumbdrives suck so much?: Okay niggers, why is there no fucking enterprise class USB sticks?…[View]
88892933>no tabs Useless for cooming[View]
88893407Would having a USB microphone plug into a USB hub somehow impact the audio quality or delay it? I…[View]
888933504chanarchives.com: Sorry for the mildly panicky post. I'm not very talented with internet secur…[View]
88893338Windows 7 Start Menu: I don't get it. Why do you like it so much? What's so productive abo…[View]
88891877opinions on the recent leaks this week? how hard would it be to modify the source and make your own …[View]
88888446What do you do with your business laptop that you can't do on a gaming laptop?[View]
88893375Stack overflow brain: I’ve become addicted to immediate and thoughtfully organized information. I ca…[View]
88893326the final redpill[View]
88890130>someone shows of a well-polished and powerful screenshot editing tool on an iPhone >comments:…[View]
88892874I've found a bug in GIMP. If I right click a file and go to Open as..., and try to open it with…[View]
88892215Enjoy your botnet, faggots[View]
88892965>daily standup >accidentally dropped a redpill about the jq Am I going to get fired bros?…[View]
88893174>if you're a real nix user, you HAVE to use VI or VIM! You can't use Nano! >what do…[View]
88892088Should you host your own email server? Is it really that easy to fuck things up and miss emails?[View]
88890266>let's just use a scripting language as our entire tech stack lmao what the fuck went so wro…[View]
888914847950x loses over 20% gaming performance due to not being monolithic: https://vintologi.com/threads/1…[View]
88892979SAMSUNG SISTERS: SAMSUNG SISTERS, its oger.. Samsung batteries EXPANDING!!!! https://www.businessins…[View]
88891626Upgrading GPU: CPU : AMD Ryzen 5 3600X Wraith Spire (3.8 GHz / 4.4 GHz) RAM : Corsair Vengeance LPX …[View]
88889092Windows 7: I thought it was a great OS, likely better than 10. /g/'s thoughts?[View]
88892620Vaccines were made using Jewish Technology[View]
88892918>technology is da light that will caught through the darkness[View]
88813677/flet/ - Friendly Lisp & Emacs Thread: >GNU Emacs is an extensible, customizable, self-docume…[View]
88891281Interesting talks/presentations.: Post good technical talks/presentations that you found neat and or…[View]
88891192/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previously on /sdg/ >>88886915 >Local install GPU: https:…[View]
88890381How did they fuck it up so bad?[View]
88871095/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: prev >>88848225 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
88889570Do operating systems get upset when I run them on a virtual machine?[View]
88886542ITT good /g/ Menes you fall for[View]
88881374Wtf you guys lied to me??[View]
88888545Defend this shit, Kuroba faggots. This pile of shit captcha solver was just at 38s and had to refres…[View]
88889142What do you use for todos/issue trackers? I used to use trello or github issues, but i wanted someth…[View]
88891253How do you guys cope with the fact that Fedora, Red Hat and GNOME are the only entities that bring L…[View]
88889815openai confirms they change prompts: >DALL-E invisibly inserts phrases like “Black man” and “Asia…[View]
88892530Be Based. Based and what? Based and Brave.[View]
88889208Are there things like apprenticeships that can help me get my foot in the door as a software enginee…[View]
88892432Bravebros? >https://searchon.withgoogle.com/ Google has managed to block the built-in Brave adblo…[View]
88881159Bidets are technology: Can you believe Americans don't know what a bidet is? >What bidet do …[View]
88888000for me, it's debian stable with kernel backports.[View]
88889360What technology can I use to prevent butt pain from sitting too long?[View]
88891678why is java still used heavily in the industry?[View]
88891046Please explain to me why twitch does not have an alternative frontend to it: >inb4 ads…[View]
88875340Do boomers really?[View]
88891577Custom AI text-to-speech model: How do I train AI text-to-speech model to imitate my own voice perfe…[View]
88887016wtf america: >It's ilegal and punishable by law to pirate Mac software, own a hackintosh and…[View]
88884456How do I repair?[View]
88883068Finally managed to create a working build of Win2K3 from the leaked sources. There used to be a modi…[View]
88880572OpenAI's Whisper: tested it on the final battle scene from 8 Mile is it good or shit?[View]
88885457Why doesn't the state develop an operating system, web browser, and other software? With no pro…[View]
88889786does turning on airplane mode prevent feds from recording my phone when it's on standby 24/7? i…[View]
88889894Stylus: Is this a trusted addon for Mozilla? Do you use it? Can I get hacked when I use it?[View]
88870923Fedora: More like Cuckdora[View]
88879647Decision-making: In the last couple of years he has made worse and worse decisions regarding Linux. …[View]
88886960I don't care about your schizo about;config tweaks on Firefox or your Firefox fork. It's a…[View]
88886364Blocking annoying and privacy-harming cookie consent banners: Its time anon, stop with the sunk cost…[View]
88891826Why is chromium so much faster on GNU/Linux?[View]
88883398Percent keyboards: Gay and for trannies or cool and practical?[View]
88886017No other browser can compete with Brave's updates.[View]
88885738Stop what you're doing right now and post your desktop. Hard mode; don't clean it. Post a…[View]
88889627For a hobby board about tech it sure does hate technology: Why are you lads like this[View]
88891196Reminder that all open source technologies are compromise if you never compile and review the source…[View]
88888996Just started learning to code, pretty fun stuff guys![View]
88885315/sdg/ Stable Diffusion General: Prev: >>88883888 >Local install GPU: https://rentry.org/vol…[View]
88887211There really isn't a good, suckless browser without great adblock. Can't get anything on t…[View]
88876355Manifest V3? Never heard of her.[View]
88891391Why do boomers love Windows Server 2012 so much?[View]
88891574Bjarne here: Please /g/ for the love of god please using and learning C++. I know I know it's n…[View]
88885131Leetcode general: It's internship/new grad job search season anons. In this thread we do 1 easy…[View]
88891582Any privacy respecting free software similar to faceapp available?[View]
88878360>Just buy the new ryszen its the best >okay well first you have to look up this power target f…[View]
88863766Fdroid: What are some good Fdroid apps[View]
88886460Homescreen thread: /r/ing picrel wallpaper[View]
88887035The deliberate 'excessively shill something so everyone starts to hate it' about brave is pretty tra…[View]
88890414I hate modern internet: Everywhere I go wants my private information, phone number, name, even stree…[View]
88890438Looking at getting a PS3 because I missed out on so many game series', then I would get a PS4 l…[View]
88888055What’s on your iPhone, /g/?[View]
88886254OS X and Firefox: It doesn't get more based than this.[View]
88886915/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous >>88880184 >Local install GPU: https://rentry.o…[View]
88885997XFCE chads get in here: XFCE 4.18 update by the end of this year[View]
88887565>Disable javascript >Can't use any modern website So, what do I do?…[View]
88880896/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous >>88880184 >Local install GPU: https://rentry.or…[View]
88889995The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race. They have gr…[View]
88884783FreeTube: /g/ opinion on this[View]
88882035windows is part of /g/ too: >We deserve to be heard! >We deserve to be seen! >We are valid …[View]
88888969Whats the best app or page to download all the photos from an instagram profile? I tried to google s…[View]
88890948I need machine for development, should i go for mac mini m1 16/256 or for custom pc with 5800x or s…[View]
88884246Kindle Scribe: Will this thing be worth 330$ just to mainly read manga?[View]
88889129what are the implications of Stable Diffusion?: Do you think we will look back and think, 'Stable Di…[View]
88889824milengen zoomer open source ukrain neo nazi falungong skum stop using unix c faak and use wolfram in…[View]
88889799These scare the zoomer[View]
88886070Zen 5: Zen 4 is old news at this point. What will Zen 5 be like?[View]
88883493Is DDR5 a meme? There seems to be little benefit to DDR5 over DDR4 in most applications[View]
88890019Yeah, I'm thinking BASED[View]
88887274>'Here's your new computer, bro.'[View]
88867281/g/ b1.7.3 minecraft development: we're a community that focuses on developing mods for b1.7.3 …[View]
88888714How do i practice to excel in 3d designing Mostly rendering and modelling and rigging i guess[View]
88885372/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Upgrade & Build Advice Post build list or current specs includ…[View]
88886649Good websites for pirating software? (other than gayshit TPB)[View]
88878213could proper opsec saved him[View]
88890296I think the bot has had enough[View]
88884331Samshit is blowing up again. Stop buying CCP phones you dumb neets.[View]
88878406Androids are swelling[View]
88875298Be Brave https://brave.com/[View]
88871591Apple sisters?[View]
88882034Npm install express Look mom I'm a developer now. I deserve a 400k salary. When did development…[View]
88885829I removed my highly customized riced out linux setup, I'm not using meme programs from suckless…[View]
88878128Use brave and break free from the google, and Microsoft duopoly https://brave.com[View]
88888266This shitty browser cannot render simple sites like https://nitter.net. Who the fuck uses this garba…[View]
88888673/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Floppa statue edition Previously on /sdg/ >>88886642 >Loc…[View]
88861853/spg/ - Smartphone General: Zenfone 9 edition If you're requesting purchasing advice, please pr…[View]
88889213Well now I have to switch to firefox. Looking at their page though, it looks like theres a shitton o…[View]
88888059Reminder than Uncle Ted has terminal cancer and belongs on the sticky[View]
88888590>Pajeet webdevelopment in 2022[View]
88884470Post your PC specs: >GTX 1650 Super 4GB >Ryzen 5 3400 >16GB RAM >500GB NVME SSD >2TB …[View]
88865107/gbc/ - /g/'s Book Club: Topology Edition >What is this thread for? To discuss, request for …[View]
88879457/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous >>88878036 >Local install GPU: https://rentry.or…[View]
88880184/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous >>88879457 >Local install GPU: https://rentry.or…[View]
88884846Post bloat in this thread. Windows 10 with one game installed is 90 GiB.[View]
88887049When was the last time firefox innovated or pushed pro-user features, like at all? https://twitter.c…[View]
88872062Quick Cooking for busy techie: >ordering means a |sand|nigger that looks like he wants to pick a …[View]
88884844>spent 3 months learning python >tag 'python' in a few job portals >turns out I'm not …[View]
88885652Technology Freakout: Have you ever freaked out while using technology ? https://youtube.com/shorts/-…[View]
88887822any idea how to remove this thing, anons? probably on chrome://flags, but I don't know which on…[View]
88886761Do you ever regret getting a /g/ related job?: >Be editing video >Overlook one (1) little mist…[View]
88888941Is this what peak productive workflow looks like[View]
88888781I was cooking up a new OP but feel free to make one since I'm getting tired Here was my propos…[View]
88887511Come home, white man.[View]
88886642/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previously on /sdg/ >>88880184 >Local install GPU: https:…[View]
88878962>Activate DLSS 3 >More latency added than what Reflex can compensate for Absolutely pathetic. …[View]
88887362Redpill me on whether CPU performance is highly determined by base and boost clock speeds. As far as…[View]
88868151/val/ - Val AI general number 12: Waiting for Joe edition validatorai.com/app Post your funny prompt…[View]
88886091I had a technical interview at Meta, first round. Asked me to create a class, where you can insert a…[View]
88884067Password Managers: Does /g/ use a password manager? >No Why not >Yes Which one & why that …[View]
88886752help: I'm going insane I have to work in 2 hours, and I'm still on this shit for 3rd or 4t…[View]
88885182Void bros how do I execute a script on startup? So I install cronie, but how do I start the service …[View]
88885869>get ryzen 5600x >update to latest agesa on an asus b550i >hmm today i will undervo…[View]
88885577speccy thread fuckin rate[View]
88881632/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous >>88880896 >Local install GPU: https://rentry.or…[View]
88882393I landed an interview for a jane street internship ama[View]
88886508>4 yo laptop >run newer titles like MHR on low settings >GPU reaches 95C >fans are lit…[View]
88880327Ryzen AF 2.0 Spotted: Zen 3-Powered R5 3600 Shows on Romanian Store: Ryzen AF 2.0 Spotted: Zen 3-Pow…[View]
88879176fag: how the fuck do i get photoshop without paying for it and i dont want that faggy shit like phot…[View]
88884479Convert Mouse DPI: How would I calculate my current Mouse DPI in KDE and convert it to Windows Mouse…[View]
88881944>tfw fedora 36 still just werks[View]
88884686Why do they fear us having it? above all else they conspire to control access to it. is it because t…[View]
88886528I keep talking about lubuntu and puppy linux to discord friend from venezuela who only has a 2009 la…[View]
88868869Distro for offline use: I am worried about long-term reliable access to internet. Which distro still…[View]
88885603You niggers do keep a fire extinguisher handy just in case, right?[View]
88848016DELID: one guy with a hobby vs hundreds of engineers at AMD[View]
88876351/dfg/ - Decentralization & Federation General: Let's discuss the current state, development…[View]
88884000Dutch Internet: My ISP: >€56/month for gigabit >Symmetrical fiber to the home >Own static p…[View]
88880874>masters-level programming languages course in a top 3 college >prof asks who has programmed i…[View]
88885409Time to debunk the age old myth yet again. Is it really true SSD doesn't/won't need fragme…[View]
88867187Rust is basically the only memory-safe systems language. NOTE I SAID SYSTEMS LANGUAGE. No GC or runt…[View]
888707702 year old Samsung phone batteries are expanding and at a risk of explosion: Apparently this happens…[View]
88881182I need a godot programmer for a patreon game: Any anon here who wants to join some discord team to s…[View]
88885063Script Sharing General: Share your fun commands and scripts with everyone! I'll start with my s…[View]
88885838VPS and privacy: How risky is holding personal information on a VPS? I'm not worried about exte…[View]
88879608all dead: Nvidia:Dead Amd:Dead intel:Dead enjoy the price only rich people will buy yea i am poor …[View]
88882177AMD won, intel fags on suicide watch.: 13900k can barely win against the R5800X3D. 13900k was BTFO b…[View]
88878379The chiplet design ruined 7950x: The gaming performance would have been way better if it had unified…[View]
88886006>Everything you are right about is schizo >Everything sometimes when you are right about isn…[View]
88881931Fedora is the answer: After fucking around with Linux for years I've decided it's a waste …[View]
88885551>150GB of free storage >zero knowledge >decentralized >zero botnet >support both thei…[View]
88878318Linux patents: >packaged mp3 decoders for decades >only distro that has not cucked out on ZFS …[View]
88885726I remember when email was fun. When everyone talked privately by email. It wasn't siloed like m…[View]
88884678daily reminder to hide /win/ threads on /g/: There has been an uptick in /win/ threads all over the …[View]
88879800>be american >anyone can get my home address just by knowing my name and birthday because I…[View]
88880826/pcbg/ PC Building General: >Upgrade & Build Advice Post build list or current specs includin…[View]
88882376advice for someone new to industry trying to get a job in tech? i have a degree in marketing but wan…[View]
88878404what does it do[View]
88883620So now that the dust has settled...: Can we all agree that cryptos and NFT-s are snake oil?[View]
88883807/bgg/ - Brick technolo/g/y General: In this thread we discuss technology related to bricks. /bgg/ sl…[View]
88884963Thanks for beta testing[View]
88884818Kowloon walled city is technology[View]
88883888/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Floppa edition Prev: >>88882676 >Local install GPU: https…[View]
88885179Be based. Based and what? Based and Brave.[View]
88885141Hand over the runner faggot[View]
88884289Had a weird thing happen. Using this video to explain it on a shitty latvian basket weaving forum. h…[View]
88884840did any of you get an entry level job recently can you greentext how did it go[View]
88881713Stealing ethereum privatekeys from a package: Im a security researcher and currently im researching …[View]
88884576Holy Trinity For Respectable Men: Needs something bleeding edge? Fedora rawhide. Needs rolling distr…[View]
88881983>7 years running with no issues. Will there ever be a piece of software as good as uTorrent 2.2.1…[View]
88874921Why did our nasally endowed overlords decide to suck all the soul out of UI design?[View]
88882612Stable Diffusion: Such a marvel in time to be able to generate those pictures from syntactic command…[View]
88880264>Multiple Samsung devices blow up in long term storage >Z Fold 3 that had barely been used is …[View]
88873688Archival of Internet Content: Do you backup YouTube channels for when they're inevitably remove…[View]
88881000/logo/: >i'll do the logo What are some autism friendly ways to make a logo for my surprisin…[View]
88884493Fanuc robots: Anyone know where I can download training manuals for fanuc robots?[View]
88881017Any good Email providers? I'm fucking sick of Outlook being super slow, and I don't like g…[View]
88880529Mozilla employees are in Hawaii right now: Company-wide vacation to celebrate the recent success, th…[View]
88884118What headset is this?: Looks pretty flippin cool[View]
88879440Suck on this, manifest v3[View]
88877712>best software availability of any distro (by far, only Debian comes close thanks to the fact it …[View]
88849577How do you deal with the oversaturation in computer science?: I am in europoor Germany and computer …[View]
88883922>tfw rust[View]
88877861Auto-ricing: What are the advantages of using auto-ricing scripts like LARBS? https://github.com/Luk…[View]
88884237how use garage band windows 10?[View]
88869470>You've saved people from 189 segments ( 3h 34.4 minutes of their lives) it's not much …[View]
88871243Is it a bad idea to browse 4chan at work?: Can they see your device and what websites you visit?…[View]
88879889gentoo is cool but i'm not sure the autism is worth the extra hoops i have to jump through, whe…[View]
88880898>never tried linux >want to get into foss >not a simple user(not a dumb fuck in terms of te…[View]
88880560The Return of the King.[View]
88882490Can someone help me reproduce this setup ?: This image is taken from the Alacritty terminal emulator…[View]
88874131jewed on ebay yet again[View]
88883134radio thread: I want to get into shortwave radios. What do the /g/entooman recommend?[View]
88882676/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous >>88881632 >Local install GPU: https://rentry.o…[View]
88883719The Rust Programming Language Causation - Poor Judgement - Alcohol - Being on reddit too much - Taki…[View]
88872093AI bros ...: Why is this shit so hard man. The maths behind neural networks is impossible for me. Is…[View]
88883365Helix Editor: New Rustware came out to replace Vim. Thoughts? https://github.com/helix-editor/helix…[View]
88858447Why can't we have something a little less convoluted and with a bit more modern syntax?[View]
88882596What the fuck is up with 4chan images not loading alot of the time? Has been happening for weeks now[View]
88882451ArsTechnica interviews Linux OS: https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2022/09/we-interview…[View]
88880899Web Hosting: Who is the best provider for hosting websites? What web technologies are you using, and…[View]
88869176You already own nothing and have to be happy[View]
88879575/g/ bros, they are perfect[View]
88881483What is the optimal terminal font size for someone with a 1440p monitor to use. I also have 2 1080p …[View]
88880406Debian or Rocky? which one?[View]
88879210>A protocol version of '3,3' (meaning TLS 1.2) is given. Because middleboxes have been created an…[View]
88881140Best wireless earbuds: What wireless earbuds do you guys think have the best sound quality and comfo…[View]
88878977Nvidia hate thread: Why is Jensen like this[View]
88880622>Safe as Rust, fast as C++, crossplatform as Java Is this the ultimate language for beginners in …[View]
88878046Kubernetes: Explain this to a brainlet like me. We brieftly touched it in a university course and I …[View]
88880595slow, retarded: Why is MSVS so utterly clunky, slow, and fucking retarded? It hangs constantly, not…[View]
88876732Soul vs Soulless[View]
88872023/pcbg/ pc building general: >Upgrade & Build Advice Post build list or current specs includin…[View]
88878623AMDOMINATION: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FaOYYHNGlLs[View]
88880498Add system settings in Cinnamon DE: How do I install the GUI for these settings, are there any packa…[View]
88880135Nreal Air - Does anybody have these?: Nreal Air - Does anybody have these? I was thinking about gett…[View]
88877819Friendly thread where you share your favorite tech devices: The fiio btr5 is my favorite, it's …[View]
88879470vidya editors: >move video clip on timeline >program crashes Why does every video editor strug…[View]
88877327>Nothing to do today >Perfect time to update my BIOS…[View]
88879551Do companies really use this horseshit?: it hides away your previous messages in a conversation and …[View]
88876800OLED 1080p monitors?: Why the fuck won't they build 1080p OLED monitors yet? Is it because they…[View]
88877633Download brave today No spying and no bloat. Made by white men for white men Just fast performance a…[View]
88878981Where windows grey keys?: Where did all the grey market windows keys go? I used to buy a shitton for…[View]
88880247Installed Android 12 and now all my default app preferences are fucked! YouTube links not opening on…[View]
88879795Rob Braxman Tech: Braxphone Degoogled Phones all that kind of shit Why is this tech channel being s…[View]
88880046Anyone still listening to online radios? They are curated by actual humans with SOUL rather than an…[View]
88878228Is Brave a good browser?[View]
88876900/o/ here. I came here to ask you why electric vehicles can't just use high voltage power outlet…[View]
88866011Is it true nerds like to install htop on their GNU/Linux machines because they think it makes them l…[View]
88879751Nuclear batteries: I recently heard about the worlds first nuclear handheld batteries being released…[View]
88825399the new desktop thread back to school edition[View]
88863723Self-hosted DDoS protection.: Is it actually viable? Everyone said it's impossible to do today …[View]
88879775Thanks, but I’m sticking with Chrome.[View]
88875576Which email provider should I use?[View]
88879141coomer browser?: since we know that the best way to avoid getting profiled is to use isolated browse…[View]
88879571Hey, /g/ what is www?: When looking at domain names, I noticed some of them have a www. at the begin…[View]
88845819Does Thunderbird have a future?[View]
88878858Once again India is the world leader in technological progress. Did you know they have a fully digit…[View]
88879923YEP: enjoy the new amd cpu pluton hahahahah i was laughing intel backdoor but now is AMD bill gat…[View]
88878440The best open source piece of software to keep your files synced across devices?[View]
88877757Do people actually waste their own money to have a domain name for their personal site which makes t…[View]
88879822What does /g/ think about Indian developers?[View]
88871521IRC: What are some decent channels?[View]
88879794Free websites for posting pictures and videos for some time anonymously: Hi guys! I need to put some…[View]
88877587Be honest, you never expected it to come to this.[View]
88879662>got the degree >got a good software job >got a house in my new city >gf is coming with …[View]
88875574Am I the only female girl around here who wants to learn C++ but doesn't know where to start?[View]
88879341Spy Programs for PC: Hey, anons. Can you recommend me some good PC spying programs? Thanks, beforeha…[View]
88878388What technology should I learn to stay relevant in the 21st century with AI taking over everything?[View]
88877863Running gentoo on a harddrive: Gentoo on my hdd is super fucking slow when it comes to booting the k…[View]
88879606Predictions about AI Day, the Tesla bot? I am quite sure they will show it walking, but not sure if …[View]
88872314Is it good enough for webshitting?[View]
88875504troonix: installed: so this is the power of windows... woah....[View]
88879411Technology future: How possible is for humanity to develop the technology to go in to Cyberpunk/Blad…[View]
88878036/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous >>88876802 >Local install GPU: https://rentry.or…[View]
88874487Chrome is killing adblock and Firefox wants 'more than deplatforming', which browser do I use then?[View]
88878193>make anti-israel post >ME starts receiving packets…[View]
88873953>5800x3D still just as powerful for 420 bucks >Don't care about waiting extra 20 seconds …[View]
88879269Is big tech censorship just a meme?: Stormfront is still up. Gab is still up. Godhatesfags is still …[View]
88876131Is it worth it to replace an internal laptop cd drive with a hard drive? Is it particularly difficul…[View]
88848817/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Read the sticky: >>76759434 >GNU/Linux questions >…[View]
88878489linux iq: what is the iq of linus torvalds and how high iq is needed for programming linux code?…[View]
88878811why yes, we indeed do this thing you suspected us of: >DALL-E invisibly inserts phrases like “Bla…[View]
88867040/fglt/ – Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ – Friendly GNU/Linux Thread Before asking for …[View]
88879119Clown foundry: 'quality of frames doesn't matter' a channel that built itself by frame peeping,…[View]
88861444Now that the dust has settled, what went wrong?[View]
88872464No, Stallman, it's just Linux. Not GNU/Linux.[View]
88877135>muh unsecured network connection: Literally what could a hacker do to someone on an unsecured wi…[View]
88877231Could this be better than your .jpg folder?: https://matthias-buehlmann.medium.com/stable-diffusion-…[View]
88876146I spilled sugary soda on my laptop like an idiot, now the keys are sticky. Keyboard cannot be disass…[View]
88804504/hsg/ - Home Server General: Cable management edition. READ THE WIKI! & help by contributing: ht…[View]
88874904Rust trannies can't do this.[View]
88876893fuck it, I'm buying a Mac: >be me, wagecuck office slave >have to type out a list of file…[View]
88877285Laptop got run over by a car: I was able to salvage this ssd. How do I get the data off? All I have…[View]
88872877Which is the most overrated laptop brand?[View]
88874069Undervolting a Ryzen 7700X w/ Temp Control Benchmarks: Shows the potential tweaks and optimizations …[View]
88876819Please dumb this down for me. (Java) Also I have to use my already made printSpaces and printStars E…[View]
88878678I’m sick of how much tech shit I own, boxes of shit that I’ll never use I want to sell all my electr…[View]
88878736Coming back to Haskell after a long time, I feel like the fun of writing C++ is being ruined by expa…[View]
88874956I will NEVER buy a phone that doesn't meat those characteristics that were once ubiquitous they…[View]
88877976*AHEM* Attention all RIAA kikes and DRM trannies I will never pay for a song I will never pay for an…[View]
88873877hahahaha Fedora dropped vaapi support in Mesa completely Ubuntu chads winning once again[View]
88876150Company A: >Removes x feature from products Company B: >makes an ad poking fun at company A fo…[View]
88874888Will you just shut up okay[View]
88876125What kind of technology could you invent with a 185 IQ and why did Scott Adams invent Dilbert?[View]
88859464Is the M1 Pro still the best choice for a laptop? What is the consensus on the Air?[View]
88863368Just... Whyyy: This is my favourite piece of software for god's sake why are they doing this? h…[View]
88878060>A task called 'news and events' suddenly started using 28gb of RAM Should I be concern…[View]
88876824I KNEEL CHINA: Gonna buy this instead of a gaymer incel gpu to make coomer garbage. Rather waste my …[View]
88877507what is your opinion on assembly programming[View]
88877932I KNEEL: v[View]
88874966BSD users be like[View]
88870741Why is nobody buying iPhones any more?[View]
88876802/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Old >>88875266 >Local install GPU: https://rentry.org/vol…[View]
88875441If you use this garbage, I’m going to assume you’re an unemployed shut-in autist that doesn’t actual…[View]
88871245> 2022, almost '23 > The only way to set a default audio device that survives reboot it…[View]
88876251Favorite compression algorithm?: What is /g/'s favorite compression algorithm?[View]
88874672FireFox Focus: >no tabs What’s the point of this? Does anyone use it? So far I use it for Youtube…[View]
88872748Stop consooming new computers. What the fuck is wrong with the tech world nowadays? It's like e…[View]
88877621>My son tells me he likes Kirby >Go to the Kirby wiki to read up on him >Open page >Try …[View]
88877295Is biogas a viable tech to generate electricity and heat to an off grid home?: I love the idea of ge…[View]
88876514How well should programmers know math?[View]
88877697>Find needed file on internet forum >Please signup to download this attachment >Sorry that …[View]
88876930i miss the times when computers had SOUL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJLcgh5udO4[View]
88844726Data scraping general: What are you scraping, /g/oys?[View]
88872643Realistically, who the hell use more than ublock origin? We have 2023[View]
88877415- gnu/linux is software as a service which requires internet connection to set up and has no practic…[View]
88873132What are you going to do with your stupid computer science degree when the nukes drop and destroy ev…[View]
88876585Sadly Firefox is still the best browser[View]
88876327Is this the best open source image board software? https://github.com/bakape/shamichan/[View]
88871396Why so many non-tech youtubers have been using Opera? From the top of my head I can't recall Pe…[View]
88874040/sdg/ Stable Diffusion General: Previous >>88872836 >Local install GPU: https://rentry.org/…[View]
88876790Download brave: Be brave Use brave https://brave.com[View]
88877201Why aren't hardware prices going down? Why do CPUs and GPUs still cost so much? It didnt use to…[View]
88871779Let's discuss the availability and feasability of browser extensions that can block sexual imag…[View]
88864206/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Upgrade & Build Advice Post build list or current specs includ…[View]
88870605So what happens when they depreciate USB like they did with PS2? Am I going to need an adapter for a…[View]
88871658>Standing desk[View]
88875123Behold, the power of web design. And from a 'technology' website in the year 2022.[View]
88876754How can I send images over PMR446? I've been communicating with an female over the radio and sh…[View]
88876821bravebros... it's actually over https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18VM1xZQdXc[View]
88867123>can't change raid-z level >can't expand raid-z size (or at least update the data:pa…[View]
88874812Are you john?[View]
88875266/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Old >>88874040 >Local install GPU: https://rentry.org/vol…[View]
88859619Intel announces Arc A770 GPU at $329, launches October 12th: Intel announces Arc A770 GPU at $329, l…[View]
88873970THE WAY IT'S MEANT TO BE PLAYED: >driver timeouts, flickering and black screens...this is th…[View]
88874156I study cybersec, I'm so tired of reading articles and tweets by disgusting autistic trannies, …[View]
88874869If it works it works: During my youth I was an enthusiast, wanting to do everything 'my own way'. Ra…[View]
88832415/bst/: battle station thread[View]
88876498>have 6 year old PC >want to upgrade >only options are overpriced 2 year old GPUs or insane…[View]
88853669From January 1st they rek all extensions.: Adblockers won't be able to even ban IPs/Hosts and t…[View]
88862491why does librewolf call home to amazon?[View]
88874247use linux[View]
88874309what is /g/'s opinion on the blockchain?[View]
88874108>erasing black people from your photos is now an advertised feature of photoshop Based?…[View]
88876127Can you compile Android that doesn't have DRM modules, or is there a custom ROM that doesn…[View]
88875637>just wait for 2 years >bought my pc parts for under msrp >watch the goyim fight over new h…[View]
88874563I need an alternative for word: I'm writing novels now so something with basic spelling grammar…[View]
88875175new ben garrison just dropped[View]
88874099Installing Gentoo Thread: Hey anons, I want to install Gentoo, but I don't think I'm knowl…[View]
88872299greetings from /int/: >you can't talk about technology without English >almost all big te…[View]
88875840Be brave[View]
88871346it just works macos of loonix[View]
88873180> when you pay more for a phone that is more expensive but worst than android just to fit in and …[View]
88873865What's the best chair under 300€ for programming and browsing 4chan all day?[View]
88874963So which firefox fork?: Can anyone please recommend me a fork that isn't pro censorship, isn…[View]
88867736why are these old pieces of shit more interesting then modern tech?[View]
88872267>Under 4mb How'd they do it bros?[View]
88862905What should be my secondary language? I study C but I don't trust its oldness for real programm…[View]
88866353Is brave as good as it claims?[View]
88873684Krashed: It's been weeks now but Krita hasn't been working well lately with KDE's bui…[View]
88873198Shortcuts are based: I like it cause it lets the ordinary people program. It's like Minecraft E…[View]
88874532Technology related jokes thread[View]
88874934Is there anything I could do with a wifi pineapple that will not get me arrested?[View]
88870755GPU's >widespread microstuttering and frame freezes in nearly all games at some point >ov…[View]
88873539NVIDIA: I am never buying an AMD GPU again (ticker: AMD). I fell for the price/performance meme, but…[View]
88873391C# walked, so TypeScript could run.[View]
88871118vim, emacs, vscode. Which one?[View]
88874715ITT: Share tech field stories: >work in IT >whole group gets assigned to Zoom meeting >all …[View]
88869975Hold me, Linux bros: I downloaded Slaklive last night. I want to try it out, but I'm scared, a…[View]
88871300> when you have no brains ,and there have to much money[View]
88874857buying rx 580 from alyexpress to do waifu difussion: Should I buy a rx580 NEW from these clearly rel…[View]
88874362I'm in my final year of a master's program in cyber security, and I need to complete a pro…[View]
88856570Samsung batteries expanding: Lagdroids cannot catch a break Why are Samsung phones so bad when it c…[View]
88871449Why the fuck isn't there a Linux version of this yet? Strawberry doesn't cut it at all.[View]
88872639i don't care about ads or privacy.[View]
88870618How the FUCK do I move a fucking png from my Windows 10 over to my shitty fucking Android model?? Dr…[View]
88874449hello my naming is ranjit and today we are make a node.js cli for developer automations. this master…[View]
88873476Go vs. Typescript: A Staff Engineer at my company is making a monumental fool of himself trying to s…[View]
88874518Just uninstalled chrome: and installed librewolf, its so good[View]
88858620Anyone use a laptop on the go?: >be me >only use stinkpad at home >bring the laptop on my d…[View]
88871362JavaScript: In fact JavaScript is one of the best programming languages.[View]
88855835You Don't Browse The Web Without NoScript And Just An AdBlocker Do You Anon?: Technically, all …[View]
88872436So they gonna keep chrome extension support[View]
88872325>O(n) strlen[View]
88874091suckless says bad things about web but then they use the bloated nginx server instead of darkhttpd h…[View]
88871984Best Computer Cleaners: best computer cleaner programs and other programs/advice for cleaner and smo…[View]
88873436AAAAA why no mech keyboard have trackpoint!!!!!: Someone has to make one, with middle mouse button a…[View]
88874013this kills the incel[View]
88866562There Are Two Types of People, Which One Is The Correct Way?[View]
88872867I love this little daemon like you wouldn't believe[View]
88872836/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous >>88871478 >Local install GPU: https://rentry.or…[View]
88873634I give up >Posted a thread yesterday asking for help to getting HTTP site's password. Got pl…[View]
88873511>Manifey V3 comes in >I cancel my connection >No ads It's that easyw.…[View]
88869535Instagram: instagram is for women and faggots[View]
88871990The most schizophrenic linux “user”: I was browsing the Fedora subreddit and I noticed the most schi…[View]
88871409How did Intel do it?: >supports DDR4 >z690 compatible >lower TDP than Ryzen 7 and Ryzen 9 …[View]
88872276Python MySQL Link: So I'm reading sensor data out with a python script on my raspi and I now wa…[View]
88867122It can't even play EAC3 on the windows app. Why is this shilled?[View]
88866393Welp, I caved and bought it. You may laugh at me now. It costs me $870 with tax and I think that…[View]
88862627So....This Is The Power Of C++ Version 2020[View]
88872160Brave Browser: The only good browser come home White man[View]
88873282Applechads BTFO samcucks!: Apleke will always be better than samsucks!! >better price to performa…[View]
88872971It's settled. We can now stop talking about browsers.[View]
88871188> the Author of ublock origin himself suggests Firefox-based browsers.: It's over Bravebros …[View]
88866656This shit is so complicated to set up, often fucks up and needs more configuring, and on top of all …[View]
88872326Thank you germany for your superior engineering. Come home man of culture and science.[View]
88869394Dead: on arrival[View]
88872736So without an APU you can't use an onboard video output, but why is that? What is preventing th…[View]
88871478/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previously on /sdg/: >>88869569 >Local install GPU: https…[View]
88872061You are mentally ill if you browse 4chan? So why are you still here /g/?[View]
88864269When did you first get on the net /g/? Twas oct 2000 for me. It was on one of these.[View]
88870425THESE are the mitnick's and woz's of zoomers? LMFAO hackers were always a bit mentally off…[View]
88871908/pct/ - Packages count thread: How many packages are you at? I'm at 400pkgs. Didn't even i…[View]
88869922You could not live with your own failure. Where did that bring you? Back to me.[View]
88859955i hate rounded corners i hate rounded corners i hate rounded corners i hate rounded corners i ha…[View]
88871124i can do everything i want to do on the computer without having to pay anything extra for it so joke…[View]
88863571I need advice replacing my PSU, a 550w 80+ gold Seasonic deal I bought about a decade ago. The fucke…[View]
88872681I get a headache from all the brackets, mixing of UI and functions, nested widgets and strange words…[View]
88872426if I generate some lewd porn with dml_onnx.py, will it be reported to huggingface.co?[View]
88872368>leaves personal account data accessible via an unprotected API >doesn't notice until the…[View]
88870872What technology was used to commit the Rwandan Genocide of 1994?[View]
88870759Why isn't Canonical just using flatpak? Is snap better than flatpak in any way?[View]
88871982Is there something that fixes this broken Youtube UI?[View]
88871978Tiresome: During my youth I was an enthousiast, wanting to do everything 'my own way'. Ran Linux on …[View]
88860911Diamond From 660 Kilometers Below Earth's Surface Reveals a Water-Rich Environment: >'Althou…[View]
88869017>CS course >about Docker >ask the teacher if I can run my games in a Docker >he pauses a…[View]
88868192> they debate on whether Chrome will be shit from January 1st: It's already shit by default.…[View]
88868049RMS? You mean the guy that never showers, has zero social interaction ability and literally cannot b…[View]
88868576>almost 2023 >still no vertical tabs[View]
88848508/twg/ - Tech Workers General: Boomer boss edition Thread for those of us who actually work in tech t…[View]
88857824>7950X at 65W still obliterates Intel's flagship 7950X at 65W still obliterates Intel's…[View]
88869956Domain names thread: How did you choose your domain name, /g/? Also, are there specific TLDs that wo…[View]
88869233>chromium browser[View]
88867979/pcbg/ pc building general: >Upgrade & Build Advice Post build list or current specs includin…[View]
88871900budget used laptops: What older laptops tech 4+ years old will run emulators (dolphin, ps2) at a pla…[View]
88852879/ptg/ - Private Trackers General: >We run through life without looking back, realizing too late w…[View]
88871410Vouchers: >this voucher must be activated at a till first before being redeemed. How does that sy…[View]
88865992Photoshop still worth it?: Are you using Serif Affinity Photo instead of Adobe Photoshop? I was surp…[View]
88869727Intelligence: I still can't wrap my head around the fact they created Google & Youtube …[View]
88865862>need complex regex >ask on stackoverflow >garner ten answers immediately >none of them …[View]
88871837FAST COMPANY HACK: https://www.seattletimes.com/business/apple-news-users-receive-racist-alerts-afte…[View]
88870114is this website legit? I keep getting emails from 'recruiters' saying I'm a perfect f…[View]
88866929How do we protect AI from ethicists?[View]
88871317estrogen cores >> HT: You might even benefit from disabling HT with 13900K since the e-cores s…[View]
88871372Peer-to-Peer networks: I've heard enough marketing talk about Gnunet, Freenet, i2p, Urbit. Why …[View]
88864671Cursed Technology[View]
88870631It's over. zen4 is DOA[View]
88870150>Nation >Age >OS >shell >WM or DE >Text editor >image viewer >Video player …[View]
88839477Yet another case of 'You will own nothing'. Tell me again why piracy is wrong?[View]
88862719>coworker uses an anime avatar for slack Nobody knows how to hide their power level.…[View]
88871223call yourself a hacker? write python code without ' ' and ascii letters[View]
88869569Previously on /sdg/: >>88867861 >Local install GPU: https://rentry.org/voldy | https://git…[View]
88871182Windows? C++ of course. macOS? C and Objective C. The Linux desktop... Javascript?[View]
88868912Stop writing useless bullshit to flex your skills. You will learn nothing by making bullshit games w…[View]
88862806> hurrrr durrr I am a mac user > what is a linux? durrrr I am a mac user > how do I instal…[View]
88866802Tech exploding: Well /g/ Why is tech blowing up so much recently? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Of…[View]
88869764I am going to die before this gets fixed.[View]
88860432Let me guess, you 'need' more?[View]
88870067How does one change screen saturation (not color temperature) on an android smartphone? I want it mo…[View]
88868357> They debate on whether adblocking will be worse on Chromium browsers from January 1st: It'…[View]
88865939Water Panther HDDs: Has anyone rolled the dice on one of these shits?[View]
88870287What kind of chair do you use for work/leisure?[View]
88859343Ereader recommendations: Looking for an ereader for academic papers, text books, etc. What is the ab…[View]
88866803Is it perhaps possible to set up my own internet connection if I were to live off the grid?[View]
88868834Anyone using an 'awkward' resolution on loonix?: Anything that needs a fractional scale. …[View]
88848225/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: prev >>88818660 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
88867667How the fuck am I supposed to know what color would go where?: Maybe I'm missing something, but…[View]
88857142Jonathan Blow: What's his deal?[View]
88849805>Whole hacker group is made up of 6-21 year olds How are people who can't create folders cap…[View]
88863907Why Are They Pushing eSIM So Hard?: What is this eSim stuff?[View]
88869291Only bad guys use Signal: >Musk’s side attempted to downplay the significance of the Tesla CEO’s …[View]
88870313Does a better gpu consume less power for the same workload as an older gpu, despite using more power…[View]
88870323Years ago, the flash player plugin was neccesary to view video on the net.[View]
88869479Mom thinks radio waves and 5G are killing trees and giving people cancer. Anti wax mom or pro wax mo…[View]
88870405>no tabs[View]
88870358>SVGA starts swagging[View]
88870038Kali Linux: If purchase used laptop with windows 10, and I want to install kali as dual boot - how c…[View]
88870189Why shouldn't YouTube delete videos older than 3 years if they have few or zero views?[View]
88849022was stable diffusion a marketing stunt by Nvidia? all of the sudden, people on here will immediately…[View]
88863378Samsung Sliding Screen: For what purpose[View]
88868062BRAVE SUPREMACY: COPE SEETHE DILATE https://twitter.com/brave/status/1574822798299729925 ALL YOUR DE…[View]
88869547Thumbnails for webms file picker KDE: How can I get thumbnails for webms on the KDE/QT file picker? …[View]
88869697Tech job luck: Anyone here get a job in tech without any qualifications, just because theyre a fucki…[View]
88859258chudsisters... we lost[View]
88869787Nas and android devices: Any way to connect android devices to a nas that actually work without need…[View]
88864057ITS OVER. Samsung phones are blowing up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfM0GqsIB6c[View]
88858169Why aren't you using Arch and KDE? Why do you hate being productive?[View]
88867010the most soulful computer medium[View]
88869679Is it possible to run two desktops as one computer? There's a lot of old weak computers out the…[View]
88857017The last sovlful CPU...[View]
88869012Why should I learn meme language like Rust over something that's proven to work like C/C++?[View]
88861896Why can't americans into housing technology? Why americans build houses from cardboard? Why?[View]
88866888Let me guess...[View]
88855933LEADERSHIP PERFORMANCE intel is intellectually bankrupt[View]
88867861Previously on /sdg/: >>88865347 >Local install GPU: https://rentry.org/voldy | https://gith…[View]
88865578>web developer calls themself an engineer[View]
88867943Been curious about this for a while now, where do you all normally put new folders on your PC? For a…[View]
88864830Ok, which one of you was this?[View]
88862904>Looking for a junior dev job at 27 It's so humiliating seeing their reaction on their face …[View]
88866398>buy a curved monitor >after just a few hours, I don't even notice it being curved anymor…[View]
88866527Furry Drawing Tablets: I need one for Art School[View]
88868642>saves the computing industry[View]
88867478Arch linux: Damn it takes like 20 mins tops to get this shit working. Arch Linux is a great linux di…[View]
88866441what a name... every time I see my boot menu I get hungry[View]
88771217/dmp/ - Digital Music Production: >Wikis https://dmpdoc.neocities.org/ https://web.archiv…[View]
88868136Random things you've found on websites? I was looking at a massage stick and in the page there …[View]
88865241I like the idea of being a developer/software engineer, but I fear that I will be much to socially i…[View]
88867834how can i make youtube links open in piped or invidious?[View]
88862570/val/ - Val AI general number 11: Tsundere Contessa edition validatorai.com/app Post your funny prom…[View]
88865505Is it me or do big tech companies seem to be getting hacked much more recently?[View]
88867794I own anything I want and I am happy about it.: >be me >I don't buy imaginary internet st…[View]
88864102is it theoretically possible to use my own PC as a server for a website?[View]
88866742My new office has shielded walls so I don't get phone reception. They offer personal use wifi b…[View]
88864209/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Upgrade & Build Advice Post build list or current specs includ…[View]
88865574Is the Internet Alive? Or Dead? Or Both?: I'll present a couple videos where the concept is put…[View]
88849782Why is Xfce no longer as popular as it once was? Is it because of lack of active development? Is it …[View]
88867457Should technology revert?[View]
88864713What’s his secret?: >Come across Roel Van de Paar >He uploads once every few minutes nonstop …[View]
88858110They unironically killed chromebooks. Fucking monkeybrains[View]
88865347/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Lena edition Previously on /sdg/: >>88864147 >Local insta…[View]
88859248Intel chooses linux: Linus Torvalds is officially the king of open source development.[View]
88867036How much and where do i learn everything about cloud engineering So to at least get a (lucrative)job…[View]
88863279I am a jack of all trades but master of none. I have started countless projects only to abandon them…[View]
88864519>put in request for telework >denied >i quit ok now how do i get a remote work position? we…[View]
88866512Is Waterfox browser any good?: Firefox-based so it doesn't deal with chromium bullshit, doesn…[View]
88862061comfiest distro: what is /g/ comfiest distro? for me its arch btw[View]
88866970How do I apply to become an intern at 4channel.org?[View]
88865486AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA: Can we just have a jobs board already Mods?[View]
88866883redpill me on njal.la what’s the benefit over who.is protection that most registrars offer for free …[View]
88862014>install unix+linus+gnu >install gpu drivers >there is no control panel…[View]
88865336/sdg/- Stable Diffusion General: Robot Fren edition Previously on /sdg/: >>88864147 >Local …[View]
88861292You'll own nothing and you will be happy.[View]
88864121>be me >mechanical engineer degree >still practiced leetcode >better than all my CS fri…[View]
88863283i need an idea for database project[View]
88866470Are any of you guys in the broadcast engineering sector? I've been interested in it for a while…[View]
88866394Which one of you did this[View]
88824159/fglt/ – Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ – Friendly GNU/Linux Thread Before asking for …[View]
88851230Does it matter how long you took to finish a CS degree?: >start university in early 2020 >covi…[View]
88848142'Wow that's such a crazy computer you built anon, I can see the parts inside': >'So what doe…[View]
88864910Waterfox is the best browser in 2022: >Superior default theme >Supports full uBlock Origin, un…[View]
88864803how did you find a job?: i keep getting rejected even though i already have 3 years of experience…[View]
88855850What's the scummiest thing you've encountered while in the tech field?[View]
88858279How do we stop financial censorship?: >Toby Young’s Free Speech Union and Daily Sceptic were bann…[View]
88863722Gamers Nexus attempts 6.3 GHz OC: Steve is at it again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Z_ifswznbM…[View]
88863158Leaving arch linux: What should i install?[View]
88862998RPM gang, get in here! Welcome: >Fedora >Qubes OS >PCLinuxOS >OpenSuSE Leap >Red Hat …[View]
88861379anyone retro fit an old machine with an scsi2sd? are they any good?[View]
88862572Alright /g/, what's the clean desktop recipe?: What are the bare minimum essentials for a deskt…[View]
88860976Geforce Now Or A gaming computer?: Which one is worth it the most? I'm a third world guy who…[View]
88858271/sdg/ Stable Diffusion General: Previously on /sdg/ >>88855400 >Local install GPU: https://…[View]
88817147KurobaEx vs KurobaDev: Which one provides the definitive 4chan experience right now?[View]
88862108Good Morning Sirs: I can't believe my uni spent 2 years teaching java and they haven't tau…[View]
88864139Biggest failure since the history of technology: Ryzen 7600X CPU temps go over 80c compared to under…[View]
88859652State of Nvidia: >tfw when FSR2.1 and XeSS both work on my GTX1080, but DLSS is not. https://gith…[View]
88865197any itoddlers to confirm this?[View]
88864147/sdg/ Stable Diffusion General: Evil Pika Minifig edition Previously on /sdg/: >>88861496 …[View]
88864627AMDeprecated: LMAO, the AMD housefires got deprecated 2 days after release.[View]
88864815Does it do what it promises?[View]
88863384HELIUM MINERS: im missing something here... my roommate keeps trying to explain helium miners to me …[View]
88864591Where and how to start learning computer graphics? Is there any sort of roadmap for people that want…[View]
88859345A+ certification?: Is this worth getting? I did a practice test having never studied for it and got …[View]
88864371The Go Programming Language: Is this book still relevant? I wanna learn a programming language newer…[View]
88864902Should I buy an expensive phone or a cheap gpu? I mean, will I be able to run Stable difussion on a …[View]
88862095What kind of a job will a computer science degree get you in the US?[View]
88855317Why did TypeScript catch on with the rest of FAGMAN when Microsoft’s other tools didn’t? C# and F# g…[View]
88860834THE BEST LINUX DISTRO HAS OFFICIALLY BEEN FOUND!: https://nobaraproject.org >it's Fedora …[View]
88861887How long did it took you to to get used to openbox and not having icons on the desktop? I like this …[View]
88864632Nokia 8110 4g: Does any one know about the Nokia 8110 4g dual sim and KaiOS? I just bought one and d…[View]
88862902What's /g/ CI/CD tool of choice?[View]
88847895golang: i am a junior software engineer who works primarily with asp.net. is there any benefit to le…[View]
88856816This is day one of AMDs disastrous zen4 launch: 7950x: 699$ 7900x: 549$ 7700x: 399$ 7600x: 299$ AMD …[View]
88862993How do you batch convert with this retarded shit using the command-line? It's forcing me to inp…[View]
88864382>mfw cpu usage has been cut in half >/g/ayming has become literally twice as fast than before …[View]
88862654fuck khan academy i hope they die[View]
88860459/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Upgrade & Build Advice Post build list or current specs includ…[View]
88860726Help.: I have a HTTP site that I want to get login and password from >http://lkl.lcdn.eu/ runs on…[View]
88862277Technology Fails: Have you ever experienced an issue while using your technology ? https://youtube.c…[View]
88860223What the FUCK happened to computer cases? How many brands, releasing how many products, and you end …[View]
88850432Intel 13th Gen Core Raptor Lake CPU pricing leaked by Newegg: AMD IS SADLY DONE https://videocardz.c…[View]
88863577digital music playback: hey /g/ i have a rather sizable CD collection, and I download a lot of music…[View]
88862555/sdg/ - stable diffusion general: The cutest Velma edition Previously on /sdg/: >>88861496 …[View]
88856833Just pirated this: Will this make me worthy of posting in /dpt/?[View]
88863053Why are they getting so desperate?[View]
88857554Why aren't you using the best gaming browser ever made?[View]
88862706He keeps winning bros.: https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2022/09/better-than-jpeg-rese…[View]
88862182Going to save my 25 usd per month I waste on steam, save for 3 months and buy a rx 580. And then I…[View]
88863086why the hell does this board complain so much?: i just saw a guy complaning about rounded corners, e…[View]
88838084OH NO.[View]
88861496/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previously on /sdg/ >>88860348 >Local install GPU: https:…[View]
88856172Web Browsers: Which is the remaining, best non-pozzed browser that is also fast? There's too mu…[View]
88861517i'm familiar with steps to evaluate the health of new hard drives (check SMART, run nwipe with …[View]
88854544ITT: Features that should have been standard in every desktop Operating System since 1998 but still …[View]
88863239The future is rounded?[View]
88855536>year 2022 >people still getting rawdogged by 0-days in PDFs When will retards admit that we a…[View]
88863224Do you know anyone who doesn't have a cellphone, and by that I don't mean they have a dumb…[View]
88859599What the fuck is Intel 20A and 18A supposed to mean?[View]
88861806Get rid of your phone /g/: I literally got rid of my phone like a week ago. Google shills at it agai…[View]
88856947>no javashit >no proprietary fagware >don't need any accounts >free as in freedom …[View]
88857887Stewart Cheifet: whats this guys fucking problem?[View]
88850914What will you do when google kills adblocks? Switch to trannyfox? >Umm akshually I am using skrun…[View]
88855439hmmm today I will.... defragment my SSD drive[View]
88857964AMDsisters... I don't feel so good...[View]
88861019Which one is less trustful?[View]
88851492>gets killed by manifest v3 heh, nothing personnel desktoptards, phonechads win yet again…[View]
88852501daily drive vs porn browser, I'll start >daily driver brave >porn browser firefox…[View]
88862166I don't like DRM, I don't like Widewine. Can I uninstall Widewine from my Android device? …[View]
88854991technologies to treat crippling internet addiction and procrastination? I need help.[View]
88862392Gnome Web is the only alternative to firefox and chromium. We're doomed[View]
88854902/val/ - Val AI general number 9: The suffering must continue Edition validatorai.com/app Post your f…[View]
88861699Is this worth 10 bucks? It's brand new[View]
88861396git branch -m master main git push -u origin master git push origin --delete main git config --globa…[View]
88858350>Be me >Typing long ass, high effort post for your viewing pleasure >about to post >Erro…[View]
88857751When will windows 11 ltsc be available? Will it be as good as 10 ltsc?[View]
88858670New Cheaper FreeSync QD-OLED: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2022/09/alienwares-cheaper-qd-oled-mon…[View]
88857410Post technology that mobile phones depreciated[View]
88859503Whitepill me on manifest v3.[View]
88799962moondrop v2 edition This thread is for the discussion of portable media players and in-ear monitors.…[View]
88859668Zen 5: Zen 4 is old news. What's Zen 5 gonna be?[View]
88860348/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion Genera: Previously on /sdg/ >>88858271 >Local install GPU: https:/…[View]
88858354What if he's right and AMD is purposefully slandering him?[View]
88854676Samsungbros....: >phones as new as galaxy s20fe are either going kaboom or on their way to do so …[View]
88851611Where is the catch?: >buy a book about compiler construction >study it for 50 min every day an…[View]
88857249do you like the new design from Youtube?: do you like the new design from Youtube?[View]
88829391WHAT LINUX DISTRO CURED YOUR DISTROHOPPING ADDICTION?: I am holding steady with Pop! OS so far. Wha…[View]
88860198Python Love Thread. Schzio point of the day DBM-style database files[View]
88854975FFFFUUUUU-: MFW $800 just for low-end Zen4 CPU+MEM+MB combo.[View]
88860443How long did you spend learning programming before you landed your first job?: This question is for …[View]
88856370/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Upgrade & Build Advice Post build list or current specs includ…[View]
88858680So is this the new Java but actually fast, secure, and native on Windows[View]
88858661I'm no climate zealot but at what point is Intel, Nvidia, AMD being irresponsible and legislati…[View]
88857505If you constantly bitch and moan about browsers getting pozzed surely you have a long list of non-ma…[View]
88858653What kind of technology will you have in your pod?[View]
88858856Intel released the first XeSS demo. >https://github.com/intel/xess Runs on linux too with the lat…[View]
88859775Why can't Microsoft create a partition manager that actually tells you some information about p…[View]
88853325Manifest V3 thread.[View]
88836233/spg/ - Smartphone General: LG V60 edition. If you're requesting purchasing advice, please pro…[View]
88840614What's your keyboard of choice on your mobile device?[View]
88858503>6 GHz out of the box AyyyMD BTFO[View]
88859604Zen 5: Zen 4 is old news. What's Zen 5 gonna be?[View]
88857899Raptor lake is confirmed true: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2022/09/intels-first-13th-gen-core-cp…[View]
88854560Now that Chrome reks all extensions,: what is the manliest browser to switch to? I vote Firefox ESR …[View]
88859512imagine using windows+nt[View]
88856572>order iPhone >have to wait for it to ship from China…[View]
88858066/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previously on /sdg/ >>88855400 >Local install GPU: https:…[View]
88858580I hate their python api docs.[View]
88856591Why aren't you using a 19 inch laptop, Anon? > massive gains from carrying all that weight a…[View]
88852877Which operating system should I use?: So I'm currently sitting on Windows 10, and I've rea…[View]
88859116>New iPadOS 16.1 Beta Expands Stage Manager to Older iPad Pro Models: New iPadOS 16.1 Beta Expand…[View]
88859086redpill me on parallel ram[View]
88855920WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK: KDE is shit[View]
88854306It should be forbidden to write Java code when this kino exists[View]
88856900why don't you look for a job so you can afford apple products and make your own opinion on them…[View]
88858475>tfw fell for the 140mm fans make less noise than 120mm fans meme[View]
88852571Legacy Gaming Setups: >that realization you built an overkill PC just to play shitty games that c…[View]
88843686Memes aside what are your honest opinions on KDE?[View]
88858748Haha, I have gotten around the cuckflare cockblock. Time to shitpost.[View]
88855923>DDR starts clicking[View]
88858510How do I into AI Video Background Matting with an AyyMD card?[View]
88852706How do you mentally keep yourself together /g/? I feel as though technology jobs and delving too har…[View]
88856784fuck paywalls: Is there an extension for picrel that isn't a spyware?[View]
88856480Fuck these stupid things. I've spent my entire day trying to get one of these to work on an ent…[View]
88839468Windowsbros, now that 22H2 is out, is it time to finally update?[View]
88856998Backups: How does your backup strategy look lke? My looks like this >create folder 'desktop 27.10…[View]
88857455How does /g/ feel or think about it?[View]
88852818Morning Programmer General.: Anyone starting the work day? I fucking love pouring a couple coffees a…[View]
88854690What sensors do you use?[View]
88852397If I buy a bench power supply can I throw away all my power adapters and power everything like my ph…[View]
88855065Why cant these retards stop slowing down the internet on purpose? There is no need for this fucking …[View]
88857431What is the foss alternative to this?[View]
88854583/g/ux when? already made the logo[View]
88856902/g/'s cancer-free computing experience: How does one achieve a computing setup that is not subj…[View]
88856583Thinkpad T52: >install Ubuntu/Xubuntu/Kubuntu = fans always silent, only audible under load >i…[View]
88857950Why does crapple nuke video downloading apps from the appstore? There used to be apps that could dow…[View]
88856855Will Keyboard Phones Ever Make A Comeback?: First they came for the slider phones, and I said nothin…[View]
88847497Windows 11: It's coming for me, what the fuck can I do to stop it? I don't want to have th…[View]
88856307I am going to install a linux distro, install Skyrim and try to mod it, if it doesnt work, I am goin…[View]
88855371part of me wants to spend like $3,000 for a maxxed out desktop and another part of me wants to get a…[View]
88855483Technology Without Society: No tech work, no cs degrees, no new consumerist products, no brands, no …[View]
88855400/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previously on /sdg/ >>88852257 >Local install GPU: https:…[View]
88855847how do i into tripcode hacking?[View]
88855738What do you do when Fortune 500 companies don't pay for RCE bug bounty?[View]
88856905Am I the only female girl around here who wants to learn Python but doesn't know what for?[View]
88855293What do you carry with you on a daily basis? Eastpak sling bag IMCO brass cigarette case S.T. Dupont…[View]
88856717Who's this for?[View]
88854012Why did Mac OS 8 Copland fail? https://youtu.be/SBRKzJMS6Uw[View]
88851428What is AMD hiding with zen4??: I get the impression that AMD is hiding stuff (such as X670 being bo…[View]
88855913I can't hate Flatkpaks anymore, bros...[View]
88804194/wdg/ - Web Development General: Onipan Edition >Free beginner resources to get started with …[View]
88857003Anons, i can't use 4chan without javascript: Why ;-([View]
88854615Intel just announced that Intel Arc is officially canceled. You can't make this shit up, lmao.[View]
88855735Explain to me as to a stupid normie. Will Google be able to kill adblockers for Firefox as well? Doe…[View]
88856188Is it true? Does Apple employ 100,000+ people on iOS alone?? If so, what in the ever living fuck do …[View]
88855774Alternatives to 8ch? I want to create my image board online without bothering to host it myself[View]
88852971How do I get an online tech job: I have taken comp sci 1 and 2 and calc 1. I also spend a lot of tim…[View]
88856214Reminder!: Don't forget to keep your posture straight! Drink some water, stretch, and try to fo…[View]
88849413Retiring from Linux, going back to simpler times: Ever since I moved my main PC to Linux, the only t…[View]
88852013>master quality >and yet, lossy >claims anything above CD is not placebo Who falls for this…[View]
88853904How do people end up with cracked screens? Is it genuine accidents or avoidable carelessness. No on…[View]
88853549>find old CDs i made as a kid >can't see what's on them cause no CD drive…[View]
88851546Why haven't anyone hacked the World Wide Web yet?[View]
88852343Tesla Robot Day: What can we expect from this? I have low expectations of anything great, but wouldn…[View]
88851569>vim >emacs >vscode Pick one.…[View]
88853887/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Upgrade & Build Advice Post build list or current specs includ…[View]
88843057>welcome to >K-Jöfol[View]
88852629it's over for AMDcels: >current gen 16 core chip destroyed by previous gen with half the cor…[View]
88854333What do you use to listen to music on android?[View]
88852382>linux >bsd >emacs >vim >terminal >command line >bash >C >C++…[View]
88851645FIREWALL TIME: THE FINAL DISCUSSION BEGINS Come one and come all /g/. Bring your greatest skitso and…[View]
88855544Channel surfers thread![View]
88848575What a fucking mess[View]
88854873Will /g/ approved this: https://futurism.com/the-byte/churches-shameware-apps[View]
88852115Well, /g/?: Which language should I specialise in? I've had a few buddies tell me that C# is a …[View]
88846038Have you thought about the fact that you can have literally 1.5 terabytes of storage in a mobile pho…[View]
88855334Did YouTube use to have better sound? I swear that MP3s I saved some years ago sound better than lis…[View]
88854310My employer wants me to build a kubernetes platform where we can run a JVM in a SGX Enclave. How fuc…[View]
88855155Hacker on my pc: Someone hacked my pc with a virus and now has access to my Twitter, Instagram, Tele…[View]
88852538How do you lock windows 11 folders without installing some software specifically for that?[View]
88854900i want to be the best ai pro/g/rammer: where do i start fellow /g/eniuses? pls link good books or co…[View]
88855243newer eleuther translation model.: https://github.com/EleutherAI/polyglot Oh no no, translators bros…[View]
88854675So why the FUCK do virtually all Samsung phone batteries all swell up after a few years, while all o…[View]
88855199Tons of spreadsheet sheets an goodies: THIS SOFTWARE allows using one MILLION rows and 18 276 column…[View]
88848925so what's the point of this? c++ can do everything this can do but better so I don't reall…[View]
88854930>Start electrical engineering major at my local community college >1 year later, begin 200 lev…[View]
88849450AMDOMINATION: https://www.mersenneforum.org/showthread.php?p=614191 (TL;DR: Inturd's pseudo-imp…[View]
88854841Opera GX > Brave. You'll realize why when you grow up.[View]
88852739How often do you use Zlib for your programming textbook needs?[View]
88853955RMS? You mean the guy that never showers, has zero social interaction ability and literally cannot b…[View]
88848972How do people manage to fuck up their Arch installs?: I don't get it. I've used it for a y…[View]
88851905How do I choose an inexpensive mouse that'll last me as much as my 2 previous mice? Both work d…[View]
88853642I wanna get a new laptop in order to do some art, I found a decent and cheap one but says it has Win…[View]
88853659any Qubes OS bros here?: fuck monolithic os[View]
88851683is there a reason not to use 2.2.1?[View]
88852257/sdg/ stable diffusion generalq: previous thread: >>88850330 >Local install GPU: https://re…[View]
88849228Is space colonization possible within our lifetime, bros?[View]
88851711/gbt/ - Technology Book Thread: Firmware and Hardware Edition BODY: >What is this thread for? To …[View]
88852555AI Videos: https://reticulated.net/dailyai/stable-diffusion-videos-with-visions-of-chaos-deforum-ani…[View]
88851223When i try tu launch a game on cemu it crashes, what's going on?[View]
88847929It's over boys. This nonsense has reached germany. We don't even have black people here. I…[View]
88847395/val/ - Val AI general number 9: Contessa is a slut edition validatorai.com/app Post your funny prom…[View]
88851382why apple niggers are like this? >MUH DRAG AND DROP INSTALLATION SYSTEM!1!1!!11!!! >TAKE THAT …[View]
88852147I got a really bad virus which made me reinstall my system, but I saved all of my files. I lost noth…[View]
88853443Google reks all chromium ad blockers from January 1st.: Ad blockers won't even work by default;…[View]
88848442spotify premium trial: Can i create a card with revolut or privacy.com and use it on spotify premium…[View]
88853374Is watercooling actually better than aircooling for computers?[View]
88825174NSA finally installed Rust in the Linux Kernel: https://www.phoronix.com/news/Rust-v8-For-Linux-Kern…[View]
88850847Well, /g/?[View]
88853913I will use Lynx. Take that Manifest V3. Take that Google enforcing ads.[View]
88853504Why did he do it bros? Was it because of his stripper slut wife?[View]
88852688Why haven't you taken the Windows 11 pill /g/[View]
88854010i need a mouse: I am currently using the G203 and I hate it, it started double clicking after 1 year…[View]
88853228Automation: Ok, which one of these is next for the chopping block?[View]
88850143How many of you actually owns a computer?[View]
88853637How much does Microsoft actually care about 'gamers' as far as Windows goes. Obviously they want the…[View]
88849680how would you go about de-platforming desuarchive? they are pretty much keeping my data hostage ther…[View]
88852205Quarternary as a replacement for Binary[View]
88852415How do i keep it hunnid when learning HTML+CSS? I can go though 500-800 page book on C++,python,js,…[View]
88852722oh yea, THAT happened.[View]
88851798/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Upgrade & Build Advice Post build list or current specs includ…[View]
88852001you thought RGBs were cool? wait till custom beeps get big. computers are gonna be boob beeping all …[View]
88853312Hey /g/ bros I been having this issue with a wifi wireless adapter I bought suppouselly supports lin…[View]
88848362Kneel to the king[View]
88853470daily freeBASED shill thread - /dfBASEDst/: useful links for why to use freebsd https://unixsheikh.c…[View]
88853552Stable Weather: Don't believe anything you see on the internet, ever.[View]
88853592Books about programming graphics: Do you guys have some recommendations? Some OpenGL stuff or other…[View]
88833142is Linux better than Windows?[View]
88838533AMDesperation: >95 gorillion degrees is 'normal' according to AMD >can't compete with 124…[View]
88852245Formatted Sis usb key and changed the volume format, i needed it to install arch linux. apparently t…[View]
88845073Should or shouldn't you keep a macbook plugged in when you can? Some people say it fucks your b…[View]
88852169>enable finger print scanner first time in my life >put hands in pockets >phone constantly…[View]
88798711/mkg/: lulu lily58 Keyboard recommendation template https://pastebin.com/n220xk9V >Where to buy k…[View]
88842512wat image viewer do you use[View]
88850330/sdg/ stable diffusion general: movie poster edition Previously on /sdg/: >>88849165(Cross-th…[View]
88852623pirate chads, is there a way to pirate TV channels? I have an amazon fire stick so I can technically…[View]
88846672Uh..... firesisters....? https://privacytests.org/[View]
88841490WHY IS JAVA SO HARD[View]
88851116GNOME devs don't see any problem with this[View]
88812805/ptg/ - Private Trackers General: >Not sure what private trackers are all about? The mission of /…[View]
88839803why do social media use rounded profile pictures now?: im very curious to know why, i remember in 20…[View]
88851497How is Parallels performance on M1?: I use some engineering software from time to time which require…[View]
88852259I found out about a Kodi alternative for AppleTV called infuse. However I cannot find information on…[View]
88851031What technology should a wife be well-versed in?[View]
88777754/fwt/ - Friendly Windows Thread: Hail to the Queen Edition AntiAnime Tourists BTFO Edition Users of …[View]
88849532Did you know that 98% of packages in Rust crates are MIT licensed? Followed by BSD and any OSS licen…[View]
88849514>AVX-512 is usele-[View]
88847770what the fuck is this design: why did they go through with this stupid fucking heatspreader design? …[View]
88852239But is it worth buying?[View]
88850558Enhanced Sync may cause an intermittent black screen to occur during gameplay and video playback usi…[View]
88851316>want to watch a video about a low end chromebook laptop to purchase for my mother >start of t…[View]
88848868Reminder that you should use Yandex instead of DuckDuckGoy or any other curated search engines.[View]
88845817fuck this scam software: >latest update breaks every custom plugin, theme and client yup, discord…[View]
88844040Goggle still scrapes and indexes 4chan: Today I was searching some thread on /k/ and saw some weird …[View]
88845909>greatest programmer alive >uses Windows >uses VSCode, not emacs or vim why did you lie to …[View]
88833302>dude AVX512 LMAO >dude emulation LMAO[View]
88843763Let me guess, you need more? >sent from my Pixel 3a[View]
88848598Why is there no way to hit an type of icon where you can follow a YouTubers specific series of video…[View]
88846769Why does anyone still use this steaming pile of shit?: If you use duckduckgo you're a fucking m…[View]
88850419Fedorasisters not like this, I thought we are the new Ubuntu[View]
88851135f*ck Linux trannies: they ruined this board, stupid, sensitive and fragile losers, the Linux infesta…[View]
88844551How bad is the problem of lead solder in electrics for the consumer and the solders really?[View]
88849193/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Upgrade & Build Advice Post build list or current specs includ…[View]
88851325>all software on system is free >except AMD-firmware, BIOS and wifi drivers So close to perfec…[View]
88847100Moldbug is officially single.: How will this affect Urbit? http://www.edencircle.net/i-am-no-longer-…[View]
88848871I found my PcPartPicker list from 2015 [never made] How does this build fare today with AAA games, /…[View]
88851330the true endgame: guixsd is finally based[View]
88850949Does anyone remember that RSS-like tech page where it featured Verge, Hacker News, and a variety of …[View]
88851459>the wheel hasn't been reinvented[View]
88851441>casually wasting 400gb of 4G mobile data that I paid 25 euros for This wasn't possible 5 or…[View]
88850647I was banned on hell let loose on console. Is there any way to bypass this?[View]
88848189what are some cool bash commands? >inb4 rm -rf ~/[View]
88848351/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion general: Virgin Velma edition Previously on /sdg/: >>88847498 >Loc…[View]
88842279>Less RAM than Firefox, Brave, Vivaldia, Opera GX, Opera, Safari >Anti-forced vaccine mandated…[View]
88851308I'm gonna say it... I LOVE Debian and apt[View]
88851101What's the value proposition of metaverse?[View]
88849618Sneed it or feed it?: So /g/, what's your verdict after all these years? Was pic related peak m…[View]
88851127technology died in 1997[View]
88851173>YouTube application settings what is this supposed to mean[View]
88836735All memes aside. Should I learn Rust? Is it really going to replace C++?[View]
88849165/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion general: Virgin Velma edition Previously on /sdg/: >>88848351 >Loc…[View]
88847347Is there a note-taking app that's pretty much the same as Apple's 'Notes,' but that works …[View]
88843599>no urbit thread has /g/ fallen?[View]
88851098GET IN HERE FAGS https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/info-gnu/2022-09/msg00012.html[View]
88850320Autism story: >have to give lady my email address >it includes 'runit' (a reference to the ini…[View]
88850840XG download link?: Personal knowledge says: resonating meaning to vibrate at set frequency, but do y…[View]
88850251Should I buy a laptop instead?: So my current setup is: Ryzen 3 2200G, GTX 1650, 16 GB of RAM and a …[View]
88845850Why is hacking illegal? It's completely the companies fault and if anything hackers force compa…[View]
88850730I've gotten used to all the nice features of the recent gnome, is there a reason to use KDE or …[View]
88849582Did /g/ ever figure out how hiroshimoot determined 30% of 4chan is female? It sounds horrifically in…[View]
88850983I'm gonna say it... I HATE Debian and apt[View]
88834331What language will be the modern C++ successor? Carbon,Rust or Zig?[View]
88845552i3 12100: let me guess, you ''need'' more[View]
88848485What is the best distro for downloading a GPU?[View]
88850720Tor General: Is tor still safe to use and is it still possible to be used anonymously??[View]
88850420which iPhone 14 model should I get? theres too many choices[View]
88846426/mg/ - minimalism general: >What is software minimalism? suckless.org/philosophy wikipedia.org/wi…[View]
88850922>free >based on open source ChromiumOS >runs Android apps >Google now supports installin…[View]
88830522Why do people buy this crap? >expensive >no custom ROMS >designed to break >no headphone…[View]
88845966Are these still the best large-capacity hard drives on the market?[View]
88848773>tfw Window Maker doesn't work with a HiDPI screen. Is there any WM like Window Maker that s…[View]
88849407>cant connect directly to wifi >connect to wifi extender via lan cable >now i can connect d…[View]
88850246what is a stack?[View]
88847130uBlock Origin Explosion: just had ublock origin suddenly break everything. anyone else had this? pic…[View]
88839816GTK > Qt: Give me one (1) reason why I should learn C++ or use a shitty language, deal with the c…[View]
88848852he's right you know freetards are subhuman niggers and the cancer of /g/, and should be shamed …[View]
88847573what does /g/ think of chrome comic? https://www.google.com/googlebooks/chrome/big_00.html[View]
88847252For me, it's GNU IceCat.[View]
88841820What are some tech-related things that grind your gears? For me, it's how space bar no longer r…[View]
88849094cmake: what the actual fuck is make. when it comes to code im not the brightest, but either way, I w…[View]
88850345can someone guide me how to increase resolution on invidious[View]
88848373waifu diffusion recreate your favorite memes[View]
88837727/sgd/ - Stable Diffusion General: Liminal corridors edition Previously on /sdg/: >>88836394 …[View]
88849565why tho[View]
88846412I have 6 months left of living with my parents before I turn 20 and they kick me out. What language …[View]
88849475No systemd: I currently use arch linux. Redpill me on a non systemd distro On a dell laptop, can i u…[View]
88847010I miss Rose Has there ever been a replacement mascot for a /g/irl who knows her way around computers…[View]
88838807My IQ is 80 but I've always like computers. How far can I go if I try my hardest in this field?[View]
88850130>integrated graphics for my monitor >VR games with my GPU why aren't you doing this?…[View]
88847421BASED???: What did Digital Foundry mean by this??? https://youtu.be/lqPF6WJIed8?t=132[View]
88847950why is /g/ so slow now? it used to be so active and fun to come here where is everyone now to discus…[View]
88847219DNS: How the fuck do i set up pihole? Im fucking new to this shit. Is it good to have it as a dns?…[View]
88831874AMD is in trouble!!!: I mean, it's one thing when some random person on a forum or YouTube says…[View]
88848271Why is VSCode neovim plugin is so terrible?[View]
88799450noatime: Now, with the coming of AMD's Genoa, it is time for another noatime reminder. Put noat…[View]
88847498/sgd/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previously on /sdg/: >>88846186 >Local install GPU: https…[View]
88842981What do you use all those extra buttons for?[View]
88845463anyone else just do extra work at night bc u have nothing better to do[View]
88849364Information Systems undergrad here. My experience with Southeast Asians at the apartment complex I l…[View]
88848114Technologically speaking, what is the fastest you could bake cookies? What are the most high tech ov…[View]
88848954>LGA1700 released in 2021 >raptor lake is about to launch >you still have to pay above 200 …[View]
88849075I'm ditching my M1 MacBook Pro and moving to Linux: You fuckers really got inside my brain and …[View]
88845895What's your tech ba/g/?: Mine is pic related. https://www.aersf.com/flight-pack-3-xpac-black …[View]
88847250Hey /g/ I have a software question... What's the best anti-virus/anti-malware program on the m…[View]
88848464Lmao imagine being an INTCuck[View]
88843020/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: >>88755196 Don't buy anything OTHER THAN IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad T,…[View]
88844453Is Urbit any fun to use?: What's the community like?[View]
88846892Is anyone else hopeful for the future of AI? The people gatekeeping GPT-3 are losing control and any…[View]
88848627own nothing be happy[View]
88843295Deleting Search Results: Does anyone have know of any way to remove or hide search results or links?…[View]
88846438Remember when Windows needed a full update just to make Intel Aviv house fires run with acceptable g…[View]
88840767Is Decentralized Social Media the future?: Apparently, there are now alternatives to most big social…[View]
88845198NH-D15 is now a 6 core cooler. Noctua fags on suicide watch.: Ryzen 7600X = 105 watts TDP Ryzen 7900…[View]
88841752Brave is immoral. Ad blocking is theft. Simple. As.[View]
88842282I called it. Ryzen might have been hot shit when it first came out, but it's really hot shit no…[View]
88847439You need... more?[View]
88848365Does James Pearson like technology?[View]
88846213Sometimes I look at all the data I hoarded and wonder if there's really any point to this[View]
88848297What were some of the greatest redemption arcs in /g/ history?[View]
88842183What went wrong?[View]
88844376/pcbg/ - PC Building General: Leaked picture of a 7950X PC after moderate usage. >Upgrade & B…[View]
88848157Nix and GUIX are just overengineered versions of GNU Stow.[View]
88847698How do you get rid of this shit? FIrefox doesn't have this problem[View]
8884810620 year old chipset trickery still hurts AMD: https://www.phoronix.com/news/Linux-AMD-Old-Chipset-WA…[View]
88846305We won[View]
88845481why do I like GNOME so much? it's just so comfy[View]
88846186/sgd/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previously on /sdg/: >>88845225 >Local install GPU: https…[View]
88844305>4090 uses 450W+ (650W real world) >Ryzen is now a 250W housefire >Craptor Lake about to co…[View]
88841103Aladdin: How do I learn how Aladdin and portfolio mgmt software works?[View]
88845691Why do (((portable apps))) exist? Just make an installer wtf[View]
88845931well this is it, i guess. personal computing is becoming more and more expensive as (((they))) push …[View]
88847272So I've bought an i5 12600k, and for the most part it's great, but I have a problem with t…[View]
8884336261 hidden threads: finally /g/ is usable[View]
88847752The Intel 4004 had 2,300 transistors and this homemade processor has 1,200 transistors: https://www.…[View]
88841856Is the Internet Alive? Or Dead? Or Both?: I'll present a couple videos where the concept is put…[View]
88812767/sqt/: No stupid questions thread? Let me start one. My SD card is capable of 90MB/s reads via cryst…[View]
88815032No Book Thread?: Book thread.[View]
88845494I just spent $500 on a 10' ereader. My 6' kindle wasn't cutting it for textbooks. Will I regret…[View]
88847544how do i get rid of this, it comes up like once a month i do not want to update, when I click shutdo…[View]
88846609Is tor still safe to use and anonymous from the feds n shit? I wanna still use it but haven't …[View]
88831444AMD won: Intel sisters, it's over...[View]
88843556hey guys with recent plans to introduce Rust (i know, i know, shut up) to kernel i wanted to learn h…[View]
88843253Val AI thread number 8: AI status: Youssef El Mahallawy is seething hard, and trying to block our pr…[View]
88843137Anyone else collect vintage/retro electronics other than just games and consoles? Apologies if this…[View]
88847153WTF does this mean?: The Ryzen 7000 also inherits many of the basic security features of the Ryzen 6…[View]
88844966What is the best 3D printer that has a open source softwares and protocols[View]
88841632How do I cut down on my internet usage? I'm tired of being extremely online. 4channel is litera…[View]
88846970Does your PowerPoint have this?: Onlyoffice, LibreOffice, Wps, do you have it?[View]
88846490vscodium / vs code extensions I need some good ones. Look at how basic my shit is. I fucking hate no…[View]
88844172/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previously on /sdg/: >>88842753 >Local install GPU: https…[View]
88841669>block ads & trackers on network firewall >block ads & trackers on OS host file/nftabl…[View]
88845104>.dmg is the BEST. >can be portable >choose applications settings during install >can in…[View]
88828973Now that Chrome killed all the extensions And Firefox killed all the extensions 5 years ago What…[View]
88829206/twg/ - Tech Workers General: Monday Edition Thread for those of us who actually work in tech to tel…[View]
88846313Bros, why linux and its community is always like this, it's so tiring I wanna scream so hard ri…[View]
88846236>Source of all planned obsolence[View]
88842752I've been on void for 3 days now, what do I think of it?[View]
88839285technology is bad for you[View]
88841689You can now get a used OLED laptop with 8gb ram, usb c for less than 400 dollars or new for 500. Wha…[View]
88844627Why don't smartphones support all the same file types as a PC? I mean, if after all they are bo…[View]
88845928Windows 10 LTSC: If I install Windows 10 LTSC with the Microsoft Activation Scripts, will I get bann…[View]
88842450How do we prank iSheep his year?: It's been a while[View]
88818660/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: prev >>88798686 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
88846349functional languages took over /g/ was so mad over the past 20 years watchin their shitty languages …[View]
88845361Z80 computer build help: I am fucking old. Always fascinated by computers. Recently I was watching a…[View]
88846163>wow that looks great I'll take the 4080 >THERES TWO SKUS WITH THE SAME NAME >ok well …[View]
88845225/sgd/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previously on /sdg/: >>88844172 >Local install GPU: https…[View]
88845983Quora: How did this awful site replace Ask and Yahoo Answers?[View]
88845870>free >based on open source ChromiumOS >runs Android apps >Google now supports installin…[View]
88844291Is this actually a 'deal' or more lies[View]
88843090Why flopped? this had objectively a better model than unix, but now only a handful of nerds use it[View]
88843816Your future AM5 motherboard: https://vintologi.com/threads/13900kf-vs-13700kf-vs-7900x-vs-7950x.1147…[View]
88842720Is this a valuable skill in 2022?[View]
88844021How do I get my browser to automatically translate japanese text into english?[View]
88839697.: https://github.com/oerdnj/deb.sury.org/issues/1768[View]
88839412Stop using Discord, you fucking retard. Your data is being harvested and there's more security …[View]
88844099Discuss: Enjoy exchanging ideas on this topic.[View]
88839157Name a better /g/ duo[View]
88843992I am only 23 and I already feel my brain getting slower[View]
88844892TOMOYO Linux[View]
88837904What's the point of having code minimap?[View]
88844565Making a website as my online personal bussiness.: Is still making a personal website a good idea if…[View]
88841741is 4chan dead? Just look up 4stat.io and look at /tg/. I think that /tg/ doesn't really have en…[View]
88844661It's been years and their technical superiority has been objectively demonstrated in its entire…[View]
88844158laptop wlan card toggling wifi/bt state: I like using laptop wlan cards in PCs via adapter, but, you…[View]
88842413reCAPTCHA v2 bypassing: is this beatable without paying peejets to do the work for you? (i'm sc…[View]
888442771080i: I watch a show called Game Center CX from time to time, and the show is broadcast in 1080i. H…[View]
88844316>weaseled my way over 5+ years into pulling 120k as a “scrum master/technical program manager” wi…[View]
88842390so I've installed arch on my ebay thinkpad, got i3 working, even learned to use vim kinda. what…[View]
88844772>'zero trust' >has to trust the endpoint tunnel >has to trust the authenticated user…[View]
88840698>Search something in an incognito tab on DuckDuckGo >My old school district comes up, complete…[View]
88843932Fuckups: Fuck I just moved the entirety of my /boot /etc/ and /dev inside some shitty SD card with a…[View]
88840653>*saves you from the adjew and dabs on jewgle* The least you can do is say thank you based Gorhi…[View]
88844372Ryzen AF: You think they're ever gonna do that again?[View]
88828774how many screens are optimal for increasing productivity?[View]
88842627an iPhone: is better than an android, but a Windows PC is better than a Mac. How do you get these tw…[View]
88837553Who are your /g/ heroes? Picrel and Claude Shannon are my inspos[View]
88844693is there a way to fix the DashChan captcha yet, Shits irritating. I thought Dashchan was supposed t…[View]
88842440How to easily switch from Chrome to Firefox: >Some of the internet’s most popular ad blockers, su…[View]
88835022If you’re about to start a new project right now, which one would you pick?[View]
88843096Why don't you browse in All Regions, /g/? You don't want to browse an echochamber do you?[View]
88844435arm CPUs taking over: is this it /g/? will arm CPUs be the death of PC building? will we own nothing…[View]
88843692What are some technolo/g/ies that would help me acquire a gf[View]
88839636/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Upgrade & Build Advice Post build list or current specs includ…[View]
88844237Is Mark Faceberg's sister hot, Could she have a programming job as[View]
88838370/csg/ - Chink Shit General: Everything is already from china but in here we discuss the cheap chink …[View]
88839036>2022 >even a Ryzen 5 is bad value now What went wrong?…[View]
88831140Where is the AMD line up?[View]
88843644It just works[View]
88843896Anno dominni 2022, i am forgotten[View]
88842753/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previously on /sdg/: >>88841209 >Local install GPU: https…[View]
88841562good morning sirs[View]
88839236Previously on /sdg/: >>88836394 >Local install GPU: https://rentry.org/voldy | https://gith…[View]
88843631dont know what do. pls help: how do i wipe a ssd including windows 10 os. i want to completely start…[View]
88840119Did you anons know modern day DACs are mostly trash?: It's true. They're shit quality, and…[View]
88836630CHOOSE WISELY: Pick one and only one. So what's it gonna be? Globohomo transexual post modernis…[View]
88833222in here, we need to wage 2 months, and not buy ANYTHING to save enough for a RX 6600[View]
88842388Iso images size: Does this mean alpine linux is more minimal than void and openbsd?? >openbsd 664…[View]
88830533Spreadsheet Monkey General?: Are there any spreadsheet monkey's here? I'm a CS student fuc…[View]
88839426m*trix: >join matrix >home server eats shit >no way to migrate accounts >every private r…[View]
88843034Why is Google Camera shilled so much on places like XDA? Does it actually improve photo quality or i…[View]
88842780zen4 motherboard and ram options are terrible: DDR5 ram now has higher latency than DDR4 ram. AM5 m…[View]
88839797Thoughts on Scored? It's the alt-tech free speech reddit alternative.[View]
88826930To Everyone Who Uses Windows 7: Why?[View]
88833943Wayland screen sharing: So, all i need to it is... >Pipewire >Pipewire-media-session >xdg-d…[View]
88825704Why are people butt mad about the RTX 4000 prices?: The lowest tier Iphone 14 costs $800. A lot of p…[View]
88842746/g/ - Technology[View]
88841848Backend web dev advice needed: I've had good programming advice on here before so why not ask a…[View]
88842895>it's nearly 2023 >Linux is still widely unsupported by popular programs like Steam What…[View]
88842859How is he so smart bros I could not make computer do the thing he do[View]
88842518Is there a brutal agepill when it comes to tech? Is it true that it will be extremely difficult for …[View]
888395317950x beats the 12900k IN ECO mode at 65W.[View]
88842917Favorite compression algorithm?: What is /g/'s favorite compression algorithm?[View]
88831464Is it just me or is it becoming harder to find specific information? For example if I search Google …[View]
88827726Javascript is one of the fastest and feature-rich scripting languages.[View]
88834198How long until AI substitutes doctors? Would you prefer a human doctor?[View]
88834997/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previously on /sdg/: >>88833502 >Local install GPU: https…[View]
88842447What do Google One, Google Wallet and Google News do? Do I still need them in my phone if I don…[View]
88818855Do you develop, release, and use your own software 'dot files' and Emacs configs don't count[View]
88826514Tensorbros... not like this...[View]
88755196/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: >>88672396 Don't buy anything OTHER THAN IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad T,…[View]
88841209/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previously on /sdg/: >>88839236 >Local install GPU: https…[View]
88838938Fake Transcript: how's my fake college transcript? forged it for 5 hrs last night. Hoping to ma…[View]
88833451vim or emacs or vscode?[View]
88842382can one libreboot this chinkpad /t540p)[View]
88837583Are there any alternatives to this out there? I lost my old copy of CE and don't want to redown…[View]
88836065Is it true that iToddlers cannot read 4Channel while watching a YouTube lecture about API design?[View]
88837634Redpill me on ImGui. What was your experience like with it? Is there a better library for someone li…[View]
88839751ITT: show me what you imagine when you're executing a recursive function and it returns.[View]
88840069used rtx 3070 for $480 CAD/$350 USD: should I go pick it up?[View]
88835185What browser should i use /g/? exclude chrome, edge, trannyfox and gentoo[View]
88840159AMD Zen4 iGPU: Lots of threads about power consumption, temperatures, efficiency and CPU performance…[View]
88841635this is the best keyboard layout for english https://youtu.be/EOaPb9wrgDY[View]
88805360Do they even produce anything relevant anymore?[View]
88841905Can we expect Ryzen 5000 series CPU's to drop in price soon?: My CPU is giga bottlenecking my P…[View]
88823438Val AI thread number 7: AI status: fugged for now. Post your funny prompt results in this thread! …[View]
88841818So are they gonna rename this thing then?[View]
88841603I have a question. Back in the day before I knew better I used to have an asus ROG gaming laptop whe…[View]
88811629NEWPIPE 0.24.0 IS OUT! REMOVE THE YOUBOTNET FROM YOUR PHONE TODAY!: https://github.com/TeamNewPipe/N…[View]
88838680How are airplanes so 'safe' when technology is prone to many failures, be it software or mechanical?…[View]
88841356If you theoretically went to every available image url on the entire internet and downloaded every s…[View]
88836420Everytime I try to debloat my Windows 10 Home edition, I seem to break something, am I doing somethi…[View]
88840994Will my laptop be able to output 4k video? It's a Lenovo ideapad 520 with i5-7200u and a GeForc…[View]
88837709/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previously on /sdg/: >>88836394 >Local install GPU: https…[View]
88840406Now that Rust is in the kernel what's next for Linux?[View]
88839595I have 0 ideas for personal projects. Every suggestion I find on the internet is some shitty boring …[View]
88838198Don't you think the internet has a similar effect to TikTok?: >TikTok rots your brain by fuc…[View]
88839386:0: My new (used) thinkpad arrive anon. I'm already planning to install gentoo to it (have on m…[View]
88841068Quick way to improve your TOR anonymity.: Just delete the state file from Tor Browser every time you…[View]
88837878>free >based on open source ChromiumOS >runs Android apps >Google now supports installin…[View]
88840236employers want 'sample of code': can you link me to WTF sort of typical 'samples' they'd want f…[View]
88834428Handheld PCs: What is the best handheld PC I can buy right now? One that will work out-of-the-box (s…[View]
88828301chairs: >pay $170 for a chair >has many back support features >arm adjustments >materia…[View]
88835269>2K22 >No improved and open source make up remover to catch off criminal troons nonce and scam…[View]
88838733would you face amerijustice if you were snowden?[View]
88839243application icons on tint2: how does one configure the application icons that show up on a taskbar s…[View]
88831357Why is technology targeted at zoomers so weak and fragile?[View]

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