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71055430i'm probably getting an imac sometime in the next 2 years: see pic related. i trust consumer re…[View]
71058800It's like he vanished from existence. What really happened?[View]
71056602Is KDEnlive the best open source video editing tool?[View]
71053665Do companies actually get caught if they use pirated software?[View]
71036909WE'RE FUCKED[View]
71040666Just how screwed are Americans?[View]
71059057need help: Can someone here tell me that based upon the list below,will i be able to run Adobe Photo…[View]
71057349trying to learn python recursive(functional coding): IQ 106 What are the chances to learn?[View]
71058993Forum development: I need help /g/. I would want to develop my own forum/imageboard frankenstein but…[View]
71048764I'm going home bros.[View]
71058289Is functional programming just a meme?[View]
71058366For Christ's sake...: >Am a brainlet when it comes to tech >Buy new 11.5 inch acer >Ha…[View]
71056399What were they thinking?: How can anyone possibly look at the addons manager on Firefox 67 and think…[View]
71057232The number of steps you have to do to draw a pixel today...: https://youtu.be/pW-SOdj4Kkk >if onl…[View]
71053238AirPods: why is this the only Blutooth pair of headphones that actually works well? I use them with …[View]
71055243What is the usefulness of using something like Powershell or Bash? What would be the reason for some…[View]
71057751Is Python worth getting into? Or has it grown too popular by this point?[View]
71056671why does /g/ like Lenovo so much what are you chinese?[View]
71053096Just bought an x220. Did I make a good choice?[View]
71050617bear computer[View]
71057052(((Wraith Spire))): >Have 2 PCs, one with a Ryzen 7 and one with a Ryzen 3 >upgrade the Ryzen …[View]
71056279Problems with MSI B450M PRO M2?: Almost a days ago I purchase a Mobile MSI B450M PRO M2, a Ryzen 5 2…[View]
71058104https://antergos.com/blog/antergos-linux-project-ends/ OH NO NO NO NO[View]
71056353Archaeological Web Exploration: > right now some antique www hypertext is about to vanish forever…[View]
71056951What does apple mean by this? I have a fucking unlimited plan.[View]
71055983Ok /g/ a few months ago (circa 8) i built a super cheap PC using an APU (model A8 9600) a cheap am4 …[View]
71056293How do the people who run private trackers not get caught?[View]
71029957rev up those battlestations[View]
71057621>go to website on mobile >has one of those ads that completely take over and you literally can…[View]
71056368Post ideas to take the west for father china.[View]
71048086https://www.apple.com/support/keyboard-service-program-for-mac-notebooks/ >hasn’t even come out y…[View]
71037700Any of you guys have a mini ITX build? Are there any downsides, aside from the obvious (internal spa…[View]
71056542Huawei will start to make devices without Google apps, they will likely fork LineageOS and add their…[View]
71056229Is there a reason why literally every programmer is a weeb? is it just faggotry?[View]
71057447Here is my problem with computers: The Chinese have a saying, 'A bowl is most useful when it is empt…[View]
71047673/esg/ Earspeaker, Inferior /hpg/ Headphone General: How to request purchase advice: Post 'Which Stax…[View]
71057609I am in my final year of univ. Should I invest time in learning actual technical skills or solving t…[View]
71055919So I have OK internet now. I use a VPN and get decent speed ( pic related ). Why can't I get to…[View]
71057253/ag/ - audio dildos general: Because I need an excuse to ask dumbfuck questions about putting togeth…[View]
71057909Wage Slave here: I need some new certs to impress my poo n loo overlords what is the go to braindump…[View]
71057632Why haven't you started using the language of the people RUST?[View]
71057791Anyone made the switch from Spotify to local music? If yes then how did you go about it? I've s…[View]
71056113What the fuck happened to the internet?[View]
71055434>antergos is dead: You know what time it is. https://www.anarchylinux.org/Download/[View]
71057702kinos for this feel? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMsp8WiBxzM[View]
71055626>install gentoo: install NixOS* what does NixOS offer that gentoo doesn't? >declarative c…[View]
71054766So is the windows kernel actually based on UNIX?: >I'll just leave this here ntoskrnl.exe…[View]
71056692What if they used fdroid instead and lineageos on their phones? cater to opensores market This is t…[View]
71055608Razer: Post your Razer products friends[View]
71056796why does consumerism feel good?: It seems to fill a void in your life but it doesn't really mak…[View]
71057623What's the best way to make an anonymous phone call? Buy a burner phone? Voip over VPN?[View]
71054046Electrical and Computer Engineering jobs: Finished my first year after being a NEET for 4 years afte…[View]
71056037Why aren't you using LMDE?[View]
71056641So recently my bank account was hacked competently enough that the false quickpay appears to have be…[View]
71048245Speaking of Linux kernel, how necessary do you think are low-latency kernel patches for audio work t…[View]
71057357constellation thread >>71051556 another cicada-type puzzle got posted, have any anons made pro…[View]
71054211I am giving up. I am free. I am just going to code exclusively in java, php, and python. Maybe I am …[View]
71055807Does anyone know how fucking retarded Trump is to blacklist and ban Huawei from doing business in th…[View]
71054578Brave Browser: I keep reading that Brave is just a meme, but no one ever explains why. I've bee…[View]
71054803/g/'s thoughts on SXM2 format GPUs[View]
71052541>wasting your evening after work on typing some code instead of watching movies, hanging out wit…[View]
71056563What's their endgame?[View]
71055645Anyone else have the search icon reappear on the taskbar next to the start button within a couple se…[View]
71054580Need a new router, suggestions?: Router has committed sudoku, looking to get a more 'up to date' one…[View]
71054043You can't turn off file sorting in Dolphin and arrange files like in Windows or Mac. KToddlers …[View]
71056906Be honest, you want a MacBook You just can't afford one[View]
71056328Switch to windows??: I just bought windows 10 to play a game with my friend and threw it into a part…[View]
71055841Come home, white man.: https://archlabslinux.com[View]
71048264Come home, white men.: https://mxlinux.org/[View]
71043959/spg/ - Smartphone General: Best Phone Edition If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your …[View]
71056922>unironically buying a chinkpad https://youtu.be/W9KYsmdjfbg[View]
710549724chan mysteries: So I was hoping you guys might help me solve a mystery and annoyance that's be…[View]
71056749What went right?[View]
71055443>>2009 Qx9770, Asus StrikerII Formula, 8gb ram, gtx 9800 >>2010 Qx9770, XFX 790 SLI, 16g…[View]
71056371Are there actually any hard and fast figures to show a significant performance increase from compili…[View]
71052274WWDC 2019 thread: iToddlers BTFO? >Speculation from ReviewTechUSA & Jarek Z https://www.youtu…[View]
71056649With Huawei dominating the news and major American tech markets reacting, is now the time to actuall…[View]
71056157>are you a cool person? >do you like smokey wokey the cigarettes like a man? >do you have a…[View]
71048717Did you know that by learning Flutter+Dart you can become a mobile, desktop and web developer all at…[View]
71054340How come none of the hundreds of chinese cheap mechanical GAMING keyboards have had an actual keylog…[View]
71051977Why would anyone use anything other than Ubuntu when working on Linux? Its basically a perfect distr…[View]
71053885Rest in Peace, Google. Banned because of the corrupt United States.[View]
7105286612 hours of compiling just to get a useable desktop and firefox on my laptop. I don't really se…[View]
71049092Come home non trannie man[View]
71052321Google storing passwords unencrypted: >Google storing passwords unencrypted Great codemonkeys. Hi…[View]
71054858>talk to friend majoring in cs >he doesn't know what an ide is >never heard of vim or …[View]
71054485Why shouldn't I get a masters in comp sci: Seems like a no brainer. Better pay and more interes…[View]
71056168When will US ban samsung? their phones are increasingly more popular lately. Americans should suppo…[View]
71055059What certifications are worth getting?: I know it depends on what you ware trying to work with, but …[View]
71053287236 days 23 hours 35 minutes 23 seconds: Since Microsoft will soon be killing support for the last g…[View]
71049171Why aren't you using Xubuntu? *sip*[View]
71055635Where do these free http/https/sock proxies come from? Are they from hacked computers?[View]
71050436iToddlers BTFO: >Apple releases brand new 13” and 15” MacBook Pros >makes big claim that new, …[View]
71055470>linuxfags when I ask them for their equivalent to MPC-HC + MadVR[View]
71055020I have a confession to make /g/. I explicitly qualify all data member and method calls with 'this-…[View]
71049323/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Last thread: >>71043217[View]
71055800what is the best 'picture in picture' solution ?[View]
71053594Freelancing: Does /g/ know of a good freelance job website? I got sick last month and had to spend a…[View]
71053661/Vivaldi/: Why aren't you using the best browser on all the internet?[View]
71054411I understand why GPUs are better than CPUs at hash cracking as used in mining. What makes FPGA and A…[View]
71052820Why are so many websites using captcha? Is it really necessary to check for bots constantly? To name…[View]
71054031What's the best FOSS Android Launcher /g/? I didn't realize Nova is proprietary until now,…[View]
71055580WebRender just launched but already killed chromiumfags. https://mozillagfx.wordpress.com/2019/05/21…[View]
71053295Looking forward to tech: what tech related thing are you looking forward to now? Something you'…[View]
71055391>I guess it just needed you to look at it.[View]
71053996Transfer vs. Read / Write Speed: So recently, I've noticed a lot of new SSD cards that come in …[View]
71053895https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PBqpX0_UOc >durr i watched a nazi youtuber spoonfeed me Arch Lin…[View]
71052521None of you actually bought a Huawei phone, right?[View]
71052497PC Building: What's your guys' tips on building a pc?[View]
71054950GuixSD ISO with Linux Kernel: Let's make a Guix ISO with the normal kernel, containing firmware…[View]
71054817he cute[View]
71051669>gigabyte messing me around for weeks when I just want to buy a few replacement parts >going i…[View]
71053849Cybersecurity and Tor Questions: >'On Tor, SVG is better than Javascript at revealing your identi…[View]
71051606>he pays for his windows OS[View]
71044503*randomly shits itself* *everyone blames you*[View]
71055238I bought a refurb hard drive and I'm transfering a 50gb file. My transfer rate is 150 to 172 mb…[View]
71053545Why is Google SO SO SO bad in designing their phones?[View]
71050569>Installs the May Update >constant BSODs >half my drivers stopped working > severe mouse…[View]
71051440Am I the only one who is disgusted with the current state of /g/?It's like /g/ has become a 'ec…[View]
71054681A little help /g/entlemen. I just got a job two job offers and I need some help deciding which one …[View]
71054966what if most network devices can communicate using secret protocols[View]
71054444>cant play games with my friends whats the point[View]
71054219>Install Ubuntu >Use it to download Windows 10 LTSC FREETARDS BTFO, who else /devilish/ here?…[View]
71053704So how exactly can MS stop providing updates to a Huawei laptop? Don't their updates work with …[View]
71053297tech careers: Hello /g/, I have never posted here before. I apologize for the initial blogpost but i…[View]
71053762Defeating Signal Strength Finding?: If there are people on a public wifi network who are able to phy…[View]
71054782>webm with 1 frame of satania, then after that the actual image/gif/webm so all itoddlers can see…[View]
71036110/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Users of all leve…[View]
71054914*breaks randomly*[View]
71052104How do I type a lowercase number? I remember using this Windows 95 system where you used shift to ty…[View]
71033310Why is Windows so hard to use?[View]
71051882Will Walmart actually be able to threaten Amazon in the cheap tablet market?[View]
71054227Week 2 of a software development job. Senior programmer tapping away with headphones in next to me. …[View]
71051556We are seeking like-minded individuals to join us. A payload is linked below. There are a series of…[View]
71053591I'm a manual tester for WFM: AMA[View]
71054712Give me one good reason why i should update?[View]
71053910How important is >muh power efficiency REALLY? Usually for the same performance point I can get a…[View]
71053017Which one is the most evil and dangerous?[View]
71054619So earlier I was thinking about how annoying it is to switch from my laptop to desktop to phone and …[View]
71054324So what is the endgame for tech jobs that aren't programming related (technician, network engin…[View]
71054334Has anyone had successful mp4 video repairs?. If so which program did you use. I recently used a rec…[View]
71054096>tfw zoomers are already posting about Windows 7 being nostalgic[View]
71054214Why does /g/ keep shilling Brave? Why would I want a Browser which is literally Chromium with a diff…[View]
71054436Terry Davis was right[View]
71052797Make your own custom prompt for the GPT-2 neural network at the site below and post results. https:/…[View]
71054123I hope i get to live to see advanced 3D VR AI Sex toys because i wanna bust a fat nut inside Aqua my…[View]
71049514>hurr durr Huawei is a chinese government owned company, unlike US tech companies!!…[View]
71051815advantages of Guile Scheme over Python: It's faster Will be JIT It's a lisp so no syntax E…[View]
71054138Hello my tech friends, this is my first post in here, and im seeking for advice, im planning on buyi…[View]
71050893What the fuck was the point of learning all of this shit? Got my trannybooted t400 with Qubes OS ins…[View]
71052973Android: How the hell does google think this is okay? Not even Naked Browser can't completely f…[View]
71053331how can I change browser fingerprint on firefox? Google does not allow me to use buster with jdownlo…[View]
71047595time to find a new meme, /g/yppos[View]
71053350ITT how to spot a virgin by the tech they own[View]
71053154Cenotaur, we're on adze.[View]
71054061>>71052814 Can you even tell the time on a clock you fucking monkey[View]
71053764Fellas, is it time to start hoarding DJI drones just in case?[View]
71051384REPUBLIC OF CHINA GENERAL /RCG/: THREAD #2 (2019.05.22) Trustworthy brands (no CHICOM or ISRAELI spy…[View]
71053587JavaScript TA question: I will be starting my Teaching Assistant position by the end of May. Basical…[View]
71050591Google Fuchsia: What happened to it?[View]
71052690>Be hs dropout, like 2012 >Frequent 4chan >Browse other boards but one day discover /g/ …[View]
71053073Download Snappy Driver aaaannnnd...: This shit keeps popping up.There is nowhere online that seems t…[View]
71052008You can say bye to the most based distro since 10 release, because they will ruin it with enabled Ap…[View]
71047410fuck I'm going to be a homeless: Anyone else cant into code?[View]
71053501Said I wouldn't update you again, but I lied: CWP Utilities 1.5: I've been working a lot o…[View]
71053781What is the best Kodi skin?: I'm a pretty big fan of Aura at the moment[View]
71046243>boss wants me to learn work-related stuff outside work time What should I do?…[View]
71050298To store music on my phone, which format is better Opus or Vorbis? I need help please.[View]
71034771Rip in piece, Jewdroid.[View]
71021092What are some Android apps that /g/ recommends? I'm looking for a music player specifically, bu…[View]
7104988114TB Hard drive for only £417, is this a good buy?[View]
71052218Opinion on smart cities? I think they'll revolutionize everything. Free 5G wifi, robots, eco/gr…[View]
71052749Any other fun websites for command line/script practice?[View]
71053497>the authentic linux experience: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBlFHuCzPgY[View]
71053036Personal Websites: How does /g/ create the perfect portfolio site? I'm an engineering student w…[View]
71052613Let's theoretically say that Linux is better. But does Linux have a calendar that lights up whe…[View]
71047956Intel server chips for 2021 PCIE5 and DDR5: https://fuse.wikichip.org/news/2336/leaked-intel-server-…[View]
71050048When will consumer CPUs get quad channel memory?[View]
71053405Post your Chrome extensions, /g/.[View]
71053460What are people so anal and zealous about closed source and proprietary being bad? Redpill me on ope…[View]
71052750Best VS Code extensions?[View]
71053183The bullshit I had to go through while organizing a software conference: >My team and I were cont…[View]
71044314KDE is the most based DE: You have 5 seconds to explain why aren't you using KDE[View]
71052769>changelog bug fixes & improvements[View]
71051915World changing tech-product: When the modern smartphone was made and became widespread, it changed e…[View]
71053311just what the fuck is the REST convention? it doesn't mean anything to me! i only know one way …[View]
71053274I'll never go back to Ubuntu/Fedora Everything is so easy to fix It just works[View]
71041669What is your SSID?[View]
71038931/ptg/ Private Trackers General: PTP demise thread >Not sure what private trackers are all about? …[View]
71052929Windows installation help: Hello /g/. I need assistance installing Windows 10 on a new hard drive. I…[View]
71053250Very Informative Article on Phone Purchases: I was going to buy phone and I came upon this article, …[View]
71052743>You have 30 sec to explain why this is 2019 and this keeps working like shit…[View]
71052610Will the 3700x be as good as the leaks? my head is going to explode[View]
71049372>be me >kinda feeling bad for using a pirated version of photoshop >I then install and try …[View]
71053085Password managers: Are password managers really safe? Are they safer than storing passwords in your …[View]
71051231Are there any viable alternatives you recommend to the following?: >>Google >>Amazon …[View]
71053034Why should I use systemd over some other Linux init system?[View]
71051732Huawei?: I just finished my BAsc. Computer Engineering. I got an offer in the same city at Huawei as…[View]
71047968How can anyone remain calm and start a family knowing the job market will be ruined by automation in…[View]
71051295ANYTHING WORTH IT? The communication company beside my work is throwing out dozens of working cell …[View]
71051294Was he /our guy/? >white rhodesian >wrote truecrypt >leader of international drug cartel …[View]
71052819What is the best software for ripping films on DVD/blu-ray to a computer?[View]
71052177>be me >go to coffee shops and universities and look for unattended Macbooks >scratch them …[View]
71050186chromebook arm v x86: so whats wrong with celeron chromebooks? i own an Acer chromebook r13, which …[View]
71052788>he doesn't position: absolute; everything to move every part as he pleases Don't tell …[View]
71052755Anyone got an ASRock motherboard?[View]
71052588HI I think this is the right bored for this. I'm currently a computer science student in my sop…[View]
71052309I have so much assignments and i keep coming close to failing, how can anyone stand studying?[View]
71052243Coding streams: Hi /g/ What do you guys think about coding streams? I personally began to stream my…[View]
71052510What could have or could be done better if it wasn't for some stupid reason?[View]
71051145Can I get some pointers as to how to clone this page using html and css? https://drawabox.com/lesson…[View]
71051258RustED: So this is the power of the rust community.[View]
71043395>12 cores @ 5Ghz >16 core @ 5Ghz later >Leaked benchmark 16/32 SMT @ 4.2Ghz Cinebench R15 s…[View]
71050575https://github.com/MatMoul/archfi: >this triggers the Arch nerd[View]
71049082I baked a laptop motherboard in an oven for a short while, it should still be safe to use it for coo…[View]
71052342What the hell is Windows 10 doing that it insists on using my hard drive so much, slowing everything…[View]
71043658Ryzen 3000: 12 core 5ghz boost confirmed Intel btfo[View]
71052361I tried doing Latent Dirichlet Analysis on my Plebbit comments and the results are pretty good. Topi…[View]
71052263Is it possible for a self-hosting OS with a UI to be any more minimal than this? >kernel has no d…[View]
71051392>The receiving TCP process places the data from a segment into a receiving buffer. Segments are p…[View]
71046901Is it going to be on FSF approved list? But i think kernel remains with blobs.[View]
71050714OGG or MP3?[View]
71050797Is low bandwidth internet instead of no internet actually good for productivity?[View]
71049818What's the best OS for a shitty Chromebook?[View]
71050715>tfw bought a 6600k late 2015 when I could have waited for Zen2[View]
71048758Why aren't there any good cryptocurrency prediction markets? I just want to bet on her death.[View]
71048949Can't decide between Ubuntu and Debian for my laptop. Heard Debian is struggling with CVES big …[View]
71037102AMD WON.: https://www.techpowerup.com/255755/after-a-4-year-leave-amd-rejoins-the-fortune-500-list O…[View]
71047834Apple introduces first 8-core MacBook Pro, the fastest Mac notebook ever -40%: It also plays fortnit…[View]
71048896Based Apple. https://www.apple.com/newsroom/2019/05/apple-introduces-first-8-core-macbook-pro-the-fa…[View]
71046657TV for PS4/5 and movies.: Guys recommend me a good / budged TV for games. My budged is around 1000-1…[View]
71048741The Hated One: what does /g/ think of him?[View]
71024847Baofeng thread? What's the best one to get? Completely newfag to this.[View]
71029470Fictional OS: ITT: post fictional operating systems[View]
71051023Hey /g/ its your local student here, wondering if any of you can figure out why this won´t work. The…[View]
71047252I'm trying to overclock this ryzen 2600, and looks completely stable at 3.95 Ghz undervolted by…[View]
71030046AMD says its chips are immune to crippling new vulnerabilities.: https://www.engadget.com/2019/05/20…[View]
71041742Desktop Thread Anime Edition: Post your desktops you degenerates.[View]
71044309Watch General: Normal Watches / Smart Watches / Fitness Watches Post what you use Post what you wan…[View]
71040456I want to make this a regular thread for a few weeks because I don't like google.[View]
71023530How to unGoogle?: Use Huawei phone, wow so easy[View]
71041670Why aren't you using firefox?[View]
71030875/hsg/ Home Server General: Home server thread Dead Weeb Storage Edition NAS is how most people get i…[View]
71048030EDC Thread[View]
71049749>use startpage >search for one thing >wait 1 hour >search for another thing, go to video…[View]
71049194Is FOSS a communist alternative to capitalist proprietary software?[View]
71051333>we live in a timeline where Amiga architecture isn't the standard…[View]
71050902Kek kid ou are so foolish for trusting these big cooprerations with your computers thats why I use b…[View]
71050114Help me pick optional modules: Starting a 12 month cs conversion masters in September. Which of thes…[View]
71050940>unironcally using COBOL OO People don't really do this r-right[View]
71049218I heard it is possible to salvage mu metal from a hdd, should I try this? I need mu metal for reason…[View]
71047768What the fuck did I download?: So I was meandering around, and I took interest in the artwork and de…[View]
71047395Does the 1st party iPhone charger (or the 1st party Lightning charging dock) trigger an 'unlock your…[View]
71049138come home non-schizo man[View]
71049670I fell for all the /g/ memes: >i bought a OnePlus >i use memedroid >i rooted my phone >i…[View]
71049109OH ONONONON https://antergos.com/blog/antergos-linux-project-ends/[View]
71043298le grumpy code man[View]
71049154BRZZ KRK KRK KRK KRK BRZZ BRZZZ Error reading A:\[View]
71039191can Julia dethorone Python?[View]
71049431Anyone here enjoying our beautiful CNCF community in barcelona?[View]
71049240UML: what's /g/'s opinion on pic related? Meme to please middle management or legit?…[View]
71050169>go to starbucks to shitpost on my t440p with Manjaro bspwm installed >qt sits down at the tab…[View]
71050004Leetcode thread: https://leetcode.com/problems/license-key-formatting/[View]
71048399Quick rundown on this guy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XW_h4KFr9js Having the ability to turn si…[View]
71050503what was it like to be part of the early warez/demoscene? it's the most fascinating shit I…[View]
71048469Weird image popped up on phone: I was bored, and moving to the edge of my Droid Maxx 2 menu. When I …[View]
71043404>open programming tutorial >strong indian accent >close video…[View]
71046288Flashlights of three brave men in Chernobyl.: Electricity is technology. So far Chernobyl miniseries…[View]
71044071Xperia 1: Phone kino is back on the menu boys! >OLED >perfect screen ratio for two apps to run…[View]
71045279>need to show someone something on my computer >realize they're going to see my desktop w…[View]
71047694>People selling their Huawei phones en masse in my country The ABSOLUTE STATE of winnie the pooh.…[View]
71049356Is DDG botnet or not? Can you give me a definitive objective proof?[View]
71047082So I have two options: I can get a brand new GTX 1070 Founders Edition for $205 today, or I can wait…[View]
71049819Why would Google ban Huawei anyway? I can fork Android and Install Google Apps from a zipfile found …[View]
71048653>best active noise canceling >great sound >30 to 38 hour battery life wireless >can also…[View]
71048334>use a product the way it was intended to be used >have negative experience, report on it >…[View]
71047649Question for 1 Gigabit speed customers: Hi all. Two days ago, I purchased and had 1 Gigabit speed fr…[View]
71046909What is the best website to teach you coding? There are so many on offer that it is hard to decide …[View]
71049964Is there any downsides to H.265/x265/HEVC?[View]
71049855Should I buy a 8GB RX570 brand new for $160 or a 4GB RX570 open box (30 day warranty) for $100? This…[View]
71046662This latest debacle between Google and Huawei has got me wondering, can Google really forbid Huawei …[View]
71046413What kind of music /g/ listen to for programming[View]
71049312Hoarding: Post ITT if you're a hoarder. Post what you hoard, what you store it in, and why >…[View]
71044554Can you see the difference /g/?: If you can you're monitor is shit and you should probably buy …[View]
71040426red hat, thanks: for: flatpaks, systemd, financing gnome, and a lot of wayland[View]
71048445I just acquired this server for free. What the fuck do I even do with this power, besides virtualizi…[View]
71043719> FX 8350 > Mainboard: ASUS M5A97 R2.0 > Stock clocks > Tried it with two different afte…[View]
71048292It really isn't that bad[View]
71048228>restart Apple laptop because Firefox is constantly crashing >have to wait 40 minutes for it t…[View]
71047077>there are people who seriously believe that PCs are better than Macs for music production…[View]
71047461/fatherlang/: The superiority of forth is evident. >speed >agility >grace >the syntax is…[View]
71041245What is your preferred LaTeX editor?[View]
71048061>blue USB 2.0 port[View]
71040189modern OSes are black boxes: >install programs would inevitably alters the state of system >un…[View]
71049366Is 4-way nvme raid worth the money?[View]
71040177RISC-V: Do you think they're going to be relevant 10 years from now?[View]
71041299/mpv/ - the /g/reatest media player: Installation: https://mpv.io/installation/ Wiki: https://github…[View]
71043198Someone please help: I woke up this morning to this. They knew my password. '... I infected you with…[View]
71043217/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>71037661 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
71045661Colour schemes: Light theme or dark theme? Any particular palette you prefer? Not just about coding,…[View]
71048809Ghidra: Is it worth using?[View]
71048382Based chinks will write their own market!: >here's your map service bro…[View]
71043773Is it finally obsolete?[View]
71048505Any Arduino or Raspberry Pi tips?: I am new to Arduino C coding does anyone know the best ways to le…[View]
71018780Are these a meme? Does anyone have one? What cool projects have you done with it?[View]
71046990What does /g/ think?[View]
71046410How to avoid the slow decline of performance and sluggishness over time?[View]
71048482What do i do to degoogle my new samsung galaxy s8? I am setting it up now. I havent connected to the…[View]
71047492>refuses to install Windows 10 because 'muh privacy' >uses an Intel® Core™ Processor Explain y…[View]
71045792Raid USB: I am new to the realm of raid. but I am experimenting. I have a question. Is it possible t…[View]
71047045Is the WRT54GL still the go to /g/ router?[View]
71047424I have an old moto x, and i want to know if i can use it as a server, for docs and to transfer quick…[View]
71042297>recently pirated some software from a source that people said was okay >scanned it with windo…[View]
71047808something like this that would be considered a regression to be fixed asap in any sensible operating…[View]
71048121Any way yet to detect the pegasus spyware?[View]
71048372Desktop Help: I upgraded my fans and tried starting the computer but it didn't start. One fan …[View]
71035076>He doesnt own an SSD drive in year 2019 What's your excuse[View]
71045413>AMD is about to win with Zen2 APUs Despite all the previous doubts, I'm about to buy AMD fo…[View]
71044836ITT: Shit /g/ says. >desktop environment is bloat[View]
71040307What happened to them? All their phones are stuck in 2008?[View]
71017568/tpg/ - Thinkpad General: Previous Thread: >>70979678 Don't buy anything OTHER THAN IBM/L…[View]
71048174hey goy, let's hack facebook[View]
71046747https://youtu.be/a8yXqsfXWcM Trying to pull off a big one here Jay[View]
71042427i-is Xiaomi next ??[View]
71047040CodeWeavers birthday promotion: So, the 'one version' (no support or upgrades, no phone support) is …[View]
71018903If functional programming is so good, then why isn't all software written with it?[View]
71041556When are we getting any information about this fucking thing? /g/ told me to wait for it instead of …[View]
71039583*randomly dies*[View]
71023288Whats your favorite programming language and why /v/?[View]
71043468Android thread: Does anyone here who uses Android actually like the OS? Or do you use it because it…[View]
71047689Any reason why /g/ can't make its own OS? Is it beyond your collective wit?[View]
71046431Dubs names my network name and what I flash onto my router.[View]
71046125Is DuckDuckGo really not tracking me? I don't want to use Google but I don't trust DDG eit…[View]
71046962Are antivirus still relevant ?: Hey guys just wondering are antivirus still relevant nowadays or not…[View]
71041015Why is everything blue these days?[View]
71047259Apple collapse: What was that article about Apple degenerating towards collapse? 'Apple is getting s…[View]
71038740>vulkan optimized game >vega vii gpu >ryzen still suck on gaymes Good IPC when?…[View]
71037129/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Create a parts list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Learn how to bui…[View]
71030878/csg/ - Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on AliExpress, Banggood, eBa…[View]
71047593EMOTIV: Emotiv. The computer to brain headgear interface- could it revolutionize the sexes? Could …[View]
71039400>net worth of $150 milliion >software is literally free how did he do it, /g/?…[View]
71044381Which is better for email?: Having a dedicated email program like Thunderbirb, or just using webmail…[View]
71047356Planning to sign up for VOIP.ms what does /g/ reccomend in terms of cli sms clients?[View]
71044423Razer: Razer thread Show us what you got senpaitachi[View]
71045794Wifi Thread: Is this legit? https://www.amazon.com/FidgetFidget-Signal-Booster-Amplifier-802-11b/dp…[View]
71046249i poured so!me evape liquide on !my laptop keyboard and now when i press a key, it !ypes two keys at…[View]
71044618Dvorak: I want to learn to type with Dvorak, though when I go into university, the computers won…[View]
71042770Telegram X or Telegram?[View]
71046621pls no bully[View]
71045899https://blog.mozilla.org/blog/2019/05/21/latest-firefox-release-is-faster-than-ever/ This destroys c…[View]
71041873AMD Navi at 399 USD and 499 USD: Told you Vega56 was navi all along but none of you believed it Enj…[View]
71039921Grabbed a brand new G502 at Walmart yesterday for $15 I guess there isn't a huge demand for tec…[View]
71046766Debian's installer used to default to 10GB for the root partition but now it dedicates 30GB. Th…[View]
71046734>16 core 5ghz Ryzen confirmed >Amd not effected by Zombieland >Zombieland reduces all intel…[View]
71042246>Google >In Charge of Quality[View]
71041306Is linux too user-UNfriendly?[View]
71041593Why is Chinese spying bad but American spying good?[View]
71044920false flag: meltdown, heartbleed, zombieload, none of them exist intel, and to a lesser extent amd, …[View]
71046544How hard is for a billion dollar company like epic to implement a shoping card?[View]
71044808tfw fell for the 32GB RAM meme: fuck, I should've got 64[View]
71043447why can't japan make their own tvs and panels? China capitalism was a mistake. Even after years…[View]
71045736Linux after Linus: Hypothetical scenario - Google becomes Linus' successor and takes control ov…[View]
71039669Is Silicon Valley kill?: Now China will stop importing $300 billion in chips from Silicon Valley and…[View]
71046325>has a bunch of old components like tons of ram sticks and a i7 3rd generation >needs to build…[View]
71046228ITT: we laugh at chinks and chinkshit users[View]
71040716Where did it go so right, /g/?[View]
71046377Hi all, Just a quick question (I hope). I recently dug out my Raspberry Pi B+ 512MB from about 4 yea…[View]
71044027What do we do with short attention span? I can't fucking read an article[View]
71040488I've fucking had it with printers: what the fuck g printer errors ink leaks replace these parts…[View]
71041321How do you backup your files? Y-you do have a backup, don'y you?[View]
71043609tfw 1.25volts @ 4.5Ghz haswell[View]
71041485What is /g/'s opinion on CRT monitors?[View]
71044197APU: What makes AMD so great at making APUs? Why hasn't intel come up with anything of the same…[View]
71046156Video Card?: What's the cheapest, quietest, most energy efficient video card I can buy that can…[View]
71035161Is there anything sadder than Linux users? I legitimately feel sorry for them desu. In any sort of d…[View]
71026235What is the equivalent to this?[View]
71045166Your daily reminder that you need to have a mental illness to become a good programmer.[View]
71030990/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Previous thread >>71017724 >Read >>51971506 >GN…[View]
71043211Daily reminder that iOS and Apple are still king. Cope more go*gle McDroid spyware fags.[View]
71043793problems with the joysticks of the nintendo switch: almost 15 days ago, I bought a switch. At the be…[View]
71041551Zoomers heart python. Python is the best because it is such a human language.[View]
7103952664-core Threadripper 2 when?: I want off this Intel ship[View]
71041833>Coding bootcamps Has anyone actually fell the meme[View]
71045609Why doesn't the CPU just turn its heat output back into electricity with a thermo-electric gene…[View]
71043540Amazon is currently restocking these fuckers, do you guys think they'll have the updated versio…[View]
71036383Would /g/ also hate them if normies didn't like them?[View]
71044975>megabit >megabyte >megaboyte…[View]
71041391when people die do they become cpu? pretty sure cpu's are your dead ancestors the laptop you ar…[View]
71043014>AMD is free of jewery unlike Int- Oh.[View]
71039667So uh my acer broke, lost all my 3d modeling, artwork, designing, and files of over 5 years on it.. …[View]
71044934radio: Anyone here know anything about radios? I want to have one in the kitchen and one in my stud…[View]
71042971What is the best gaming/performance OS for this rig: GPU: Radeon RX580 CPU: Q6600 RAM: 4 GB[View]
71043712Alright boys, been without a gpu for a while and away from the whole thing, whats this month's …[View]
71042386You only had to listen. t. AMD millionaire[View]
71012049/hpg/ - Headphone General: Pussy Wants ZMF Big Wood Edition How to request purchase advice: https://…[View]
71043766Welcome to the botnet.[View]
71044021who here running a nvidia 970 GTX?[View]
71019292Preventing the Collapse of Civilization: >Jonathan Blow - Preventing the Collapse of Civilization…[View]
71042474peripherals: Post your peripherals and we will rate each other[View]
71042968What is the best text editor for web development and how do I learn to use it efficiently?[View]
71043889Is this something I should install? It seems advantageous to block scammers.[View]
71044530hEy /g/ Am looking for a monitor. Can you recommend any good ones?[View]
71044335Whats /g/ think about that?[View]
71038878In order to obtain music, I've recently been doing the following: >listen to music >downl…[View]
71043354I'm gonna end my life today /g/ gonna hang myself with a computer chord to represent how I wast…[View]
71043626best alternative to pic related? (with actually difficult questions) Haskell/C++ are my favorite lan…[View]
71037337Imagine using this.[View]
71040802who here got a sonos system?[View]
71044047Google can't give its spyware OS to Huawei: pic related happening right now at Sailfish headqua…[View]
71039546>Gentoo user installs arch >Installs package >Ends up installing 14 dependancies Is there …[View]
71036858when did you realize taking the S.W.E.A.T. pledge was the best way to get the tech job of your dream…[View]
71036518>he isn't planning to import a $150 chinkphone and try out huaweiOS…[View]
710360902019 I am forgotten[View]
71042793how is it?[View]
71043934Redpill me on Guile scheme[View]
71042993240 volt 120 watt par38 halogen bulb: I've been looking for a fitting for this specific bulb fo…[View]
71040783Navi or vega 56? Using a 1440p 144hz freesync monitor. Was thinking about buying used vega 56 on eba…[View]
71005634/mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboard General: /mkg/ - Tranny Edition >Buyer's template: http://pasteb…[View]
71042015Who are more obnoxious iToddlers or Samshits?[View]
71038394>supposed to be some super secret to help whistleblowers and people who cant access the internet …[View]
71042008Is there a Plex alternative supports 2FA? I can't really understand how a company can release a…[View]
71042084Visual Basic 6 was perfect for beginner level programming, when you needed to just cobble together s…[View]
71043170How come the NSA is allowed to bake-in backdoors into internationally sold smartphones but the Chine…[View]
71037524>One conversation went like this: >Me: 'I hear people are complaining that these keyboards don…[View]
71038515so what browser do i use now? Every website i visit says firefox is out of date since that whole scr…[View]
71030330I want YOU to ignore chinese shill threads and support american companies[View]
71033234For me, it's Gnome[View]
71037661/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>71031064 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
71038045Well that was fast: Remember when blacklisting used to mean blacklisting?[View]
71041793what went wrong ?[View]
71038335So, I was trying to install lamp, using tasksel. Happens that this shit removed all other applicatio…[View]
71033951This sexy bitch turns Linux into a micro kernel when[View]
71035623Pinebook pro: Has the potential for a nice minimal daily driver, will you be buying one when it come…[View]
71028726iToddlers BTFO: https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/rosalindadams/us-china-trade-war-apple-huawei…[View]
71035115This guy breaks into your house and replaces your keyboard with a model m, what do you do?[View]
71028986Is there anything worse than an Archfag>[View]
71036255are they done now ?[View]
71041926Just finished this dumb shit, complete breach of privacy that you're forced to do.[View]
71034455rip Terry: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdYMA6hY_74[View]
71032579/spg/ - Smartphone General: S10+ sitting in the drawer collecting dust like a fucking retard - editi…[View]
71038448such comfort. runs morrowind with mods smoothly. No screen tearing not even on hd video. Only have 2…[View]
71041569Purge VB.NET: Seriously. The continued support for this language is teaching bad habits to people wh…[View]
71033835are >macs really better than pcs when it comes to audio production?[View]
71036196>ask google assistant where do I work >she answers correctly >I've never written where…[View]
71041080Watch General: Normal Watches / Smart Watches / Fitness Watches Post what you use Post what you wan…[View]
71042120How can this shit faster vanilla JS?[View]
71041246What's in your drive bay? Does your case even have them?[View]
71041411ITT times you were a hacker >at work >bored as fuck >bring WoW from home and try to play …[View]
71037026How do I learn pic related as an intermediate-advanced programmer? (linux btw)[View]
71040634What icon theme do you use?[View]
71023249Am I the only one using a dumbphone ?[View]
71041395What do you think?[View]
71041229computer based random number generators: name a bigger tech related meme I'll wait[View]
71041762Is this worth it?: https://www.amazon.in/FX505DY-BQ002T-15-6-inch-5-3550H-Windows-Graphics/dp/B07MSK…[View]
71041843>Be the whole /g/ fagbase >Chooses comfy text editor, programming language, neet life >Cant…[View]
71041696so what happened here?: did (((they))) shut it down because you could share your wireless connection…[View]
71040188Funny how true to life this list is[View]
71040937>be early 2008s >apple invents iphone from microsoft >the mainstream suddenly realizes wha…[View]
71032315RIP. for someone out of the loop, what did they do?[View]
71042814I go in the BIOZ and ensure that the disk's controller is enabled in the computer's BIOS m…[View]
71039672PLC Programming vs Software Development: Writing code is damn comfy. It gives you complex problems t…[View]
71041241What is the best browser ?[View]
71032417>graduated in 2016 with Bsc in CompSci >fell into depression and just gave up on life >2.8 …[View]
71040638Just bought a 2018 Dell G7 with the hexacore i7 and a gtx 1060 16GB ram They’re 1300 new I got this …[View]
71040182Watt Meters: Does anyone have experience with watt meters? I bought a Kill A Watt P3 but after a cou…[View]
71041632How are the cellphone providers in your country? >Gives job to literally everyone who gets off th…[View]
71041138Any ideas who keeps finding vulnerabilities in the biggest x86 producer that is also American and do…[View]
71039355Is PHP a meme? Could i learn it fast if I have familiarity with something like Java? I need a summer…[View]
71039579Job Interview: >be me >CS undergrad > Interviewer send me a check list asking the language…[View]
71040185What are the differences between the various BSD systems?[View]
71040183Hey /g/. I just bought a small house, and we are pretty much gutting it one room at a time. So since…[View]
71031400Graduating soon. Is it possible to find a decent development job in Vancouver, or is everything don…[View]
71041332Looks like its time to tune up the old firewall.[View]
71041108I have reached the point of my life where it is not worth the time any more to pursue anything else …[View]
71041288Why kinds of steps should I take to become a sysadmin? What sorts of jobs/internships help get me wo…[View]
71041082What does /g/ recommend for good lisp tutorial? My google results are always trying to make me learn…[View]
71037747help me out pls: i want to buy a decent gaming laptop and now im confused between these two : - leno…[View]
71032598Xperia 1: Phone kino is back on the menu boys![View]
71039483China is paying big bucks for global talent now: no more excuses for being poor[View]
71039714crestron: anybody have some experience with this? I'm starting their programming 101 course tom…[View]
71032985Why didnt you take the GNU Guix System Distribution GNU/Linux-Libre pill anon?: Do it anon.[View]
71031418Cheaper AI for everyone is the promise with Intel and Facebook’s new chip: OH NO No No No[View]
71039817Where can I discover tech blogs? I'm not talking about huge groups of people who represent a br…[View]
71040223Can you help me /g/? I'm an idiot and i get lost in my city fairly often without a compass. I …[View]
71037564Best way to code a digraph: which is the best way to do it on code? for example >star = blue >…[View]
71039009Not-Visio: About to construct a big project over the summer for grad school. All my undergrad work t…[View]
71037565this or the xps 13? GNU plus linux install[View]
71039757Whats the next step for a Java fag who wants to make a JVM project thats not in Java? Kotlin vs Sca…[View]
71040067I miss him, /g/uys.[View]
71020100Whatever happened to Anonymous?: I was a little too young to notice Anonymous when they were in full…[View]
71039427Publicnote - a website where you can edit other people’s notes. Interesting.: https://publicnote.co…[View]
71037606WHO SAID SIT DOWN[View]
71037640Who owns a shortwave radio here? If so what do you listen to on it?[View]
71038396Thanks for all of the relevant results bing![View]
71023965AHAHAHAHAHA, OH NEINEINEINEINEINEINEINEIN: https://wccftech.com/gigabyte-bios-update-pcie-4-am4-moth…[View]
71013355INTEL CHIPS HAVE LOST 25%...: in performance due to all these fucking vulnerabilities. And researche…[View]
71038804do you use a red filter at night /g/?[View]
71036249HAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA this is the peak Incel CPU long awaited by its' retarded fanbase. Marvel…[View]
71036904For me... Well, you already know, right?[View]
71040001Is this book any good?: and is it worthwhile to experiment with making a game engine before delving …[View]
71037855My god... it's BEAUTIFUL[View]
71035632If shit hit the fan with Chinaland, where would the MASSES of electronics come from?[View]
71038177Bluetooth 4.2+ on PC: Why can't I find a BT dongle of higher than 4.0 for my pc?[View]
71035875what are the best headphones to buy for ASMR?[View]
71039897Why did IBM choose to use the 8086 for the PS/2 instead of the superior 68000?[View]
71039891SSD speeds - Linux edition script taken from https://unix.stackexchange.com/a/480191 curl -L jott.li…[View]
71036364Using a Pentium I today: Would a Pentium I machine be usable with modern software? You would not be …[View]
71039904https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vabnZ9-ex7o Serious question, why is this music comfy when programmi…[View]
71039220Will Linux ever be compatible with all Windows programs[View]
71038500Jelly /g/? Yep i only buy the best of high end stufd[View]
71034090Huawei's boss: Activate the AOSP backdoor[View]
710397255G: hey /g/ whats all this yappin about 5G? please explain im a bit retarded.[View]
71034063Are these as good as they look?: My shitty Sennheisers finally broke and I have a budget of $50-100.…[View]
71039174>windows update gives me blue screen >trying every option fails, can only ever system restore …[View]
71016429Turns out Intel is the shittiest tech company in the world and has been for over a decade, but we…[View]
71037247ITT based books[View]
71030293>2019 >Not using an OLED display. >Perfect inky blacks. Literally no burn in two years as l…[View]
71036234Things that should be illegal: * Superfluous LEDs (small disk and power indicators are OK) * Case wi…[View]
71037789Does anyone know of any free tutorials/resources online for creating programming languages, specific…[View]
71039512What causes this to happen?[View]
71038386>>>/sci/10653499 Is a cellular automata general more suited to sci or g?[View]
71039412Game HD60 S Needs to be Connected to a 3.0 Port to function: So I bought an el gato cuz I wanted to …[View]
71035495How does this even make sense? I only have one firefox window open, with only one tab. Why are there…[View]
71034505what a fucking abomination: why is this allowed?[View]
71038929Is there any P2P software out there that's not a fucking botnet?[View]
71037994Wireless >Sends signal at the speed of light >Sends signal in a straight line to the computer …[View]
71036734I don't buy the hate[View]
71039142Should I continue to learn and use Vim if im working on webstack projects? Or is Vim more for shell/…[View]
71037383I have a Lenovo Tab 4 10. I want to put some porn on it and want to de-googlize it and disable the …[View]
71036630Does anyone know if there's some kind of open source firmware for DVR devices like DD-WRT? I…[View]
71038857Watch General: Normal Watches / Smart Watches / Fitness Watches Post what you use Post what you wan…[View]
71037027What freetards use to sync their bookmarks? >protip: They can't[View]
71038116How would one go about to set up a headless server that automatically records a youtube stream when …[View]
71038843just got a new phone and already installed the basics like YouTube vanced, clover and greenify but w…[View]
71010511/ptg/ - Private Trackers General: Hemorrhoids prevention thread edition >Not sure what private tr…[View]
71035782Terrible Desktops Thread You cringe you win[View]
71036878When will you take the Vivaldi pill?[View]
71037892So this is the power of open source[View]
71038458This is a picture of a game called KZ Manager Millennium. The original version was made in 1989 for …[View]
71030420Raspberry Crap: So I got one of these. The 3b+. And it's shit. Can't even run a 1 person …[View]
71037739Am i missing something or there is no reason to not use Pcloud over Dropbox? I'm currently pay…[View]
71036908Is that a Huawei phone sir? Step over here.....[View]
71038159Redpill me on Betternet. Do they have any issues like spamming your computer with botnets?[View]
71037627Why does nobody use libre GNU/Linux distros? It seems like distros like TrisquelgNewSense etc get vi…[View]
71035863Has there been any major new framework/tool for cross platform desktop development since electron ca…[View]
71036975What's their next move?[View]
71038091Why are there so many fucking models for every phone? Why not just have one model and just authentic…[View]
71038030Are there any good projects online to follow for getting better at css and html with the w3 code val…[View]
71032258Are there conspiracy theories and secret mysteries within technology and math?: We know it's a …[View]
71035443fang money: wanted to run some numbers by you guys. assume an average midcareer FANG salary: 180k / …[View]
71037889What is average starting salary for a programmer in the US? pic unrelated[View]
71036759BUG INFESTATION: Chinks have compromised /g/ and are spamming Huawei threads.[View]
71032320Convince me to NOT use: icecat[View]
71036599Linux Knoppix: What are your experiences with this OS? Good/Bad? Would you recommend it?[View]
71037312My code produces two diferent outputs using the same input in a for loop. Help.[View]
71030650Every distro that matters defaults to the Gnome desktop. In the eyes of the public, the foot is THE …[View]
71037820>mfw forced to use windows because linux can't into overheating well, fuck…[View]
71036016Could you in theory on the host machine have a game run at 120FPS and on the user end play at 30 or …[View]
71037315Chrome mobile has Dark Theme now.[View]
71037572Upgrade or Wait?: Thinking about upgrading my computer - is it a good idea to buy now, or should I j…[View]
71036907I realized something. As much as I dislike Tim Cuck, he was instrumental in getting dumb normies to…[View]
71037197whats the best flashgot alternative now that ff is ggggggay af[View]
71031064/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>71022335 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
71034885Have you noticed that these little cuck keyboards are starting to appear on desks across the US more…[View]
71035246peripherals: Post your peripherals and rate.[View]
71036976Hey guys, is this powerful enough to run DaVinci Resolve in 4k? I'm a moron and bad at tech so …[View]
71032341Intel Loses 5X More Average Performance Than AMD From Mitigations: Report: “Intel has published its …[View]
71033435FreeBSD: Why pick FreeBSD instead of Linux?[View]
71033033Another win for AMD[View]
71035902How hard is it to get a job if I get their associate certificates(Solutions, Sysop, Developer) but h…[View]
71035068Anybody wanna study shit?: So, i wanna study 2 holy languages (C and Haskell), 2 Tranny languages th…[View]
71033161If anyone's gone from an Intel CPU to a AMD ZEN 2 CPU on windows 7. How would you go about clon…[View]
71030754What went wrong?[View]
71034528Is this accurate?[View]
71035286Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB: Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB[View]
71036681>Build my first pc >Runs fine >install steam >next day can’t boot, loops Repairing disk …[View]
710365903DFX: When are they coming out with a new card bros? My Voodoo 3 is starting to finally show its age…[View]
71029905Redpill me on Kali[View]
71028620How will China retaliate against the evil American?[View]
71022229My next phone will be a Huawei: Got to support the underdogs[View]
71036710Oi /g/ Gimme recommendations for monitors that don’t cost a fortune. Preferably under 100 bucks pls.[View]
71031276>code artisan >programming ninja[View]
71035897AMD, take note when developing Next-Gen Enthusiast Graphics Card: >Virgin PCI Express 3.0 ×16 for…[View]
71035973Electron hate thread You can only post ITT if you have no electron programs installed[View]
71029686Intelets BTFO AMD reigns supreme once again https://www.tomshardware.com/news/intel-amd-mitigations-…[View]
71035970Here's your computer bro[View]
71033367What went wrong?[View]
71036566Well /g/ents, will it?[View]
71030751what is a ryzen 3000 cpu?[View]
71035603I have a Huawei phone, how fucked am I /g/ ?[View]
71035154Boot help: Anons please help, I had a dual booted PC with windows 10 on one side and Linux on the ot…[View]
71032998txmux, termite, urxvt or st?[View]
71036152when will the dream die?[View]
71032906I need a gigabit capable modem/router/switch combo Any recommendations on models that are Xfinity c…[View]
71034272I'm trying to spread the good word of UNIX in my school. What literature should I carry? inb4 c…[View]
71036301>NSA SElinux Support enabled by default[View]
71033454>study css for 3 weeks >get to flexbox >half of what I know about css is now useless…[View]
71029829Who else here glad that these heavy bulky things died out?[View]
71034933Having three 'buttons' is like having six arms and thirty fingers.[View]
71035479How did they get so big? Who even bought Apple products during the pre-x86 and pre-iPhone era?[View]
71030257Where are you going to go when they shut down all the sites you like?[View]
71036250I'm a venture capitalist analyst, my firm invests in software exclusively. Anyone have any que…[View]
71034966>IP protocol[View]
71035830My local Linux User Group just held its 18th anniversary. Say something nice about us.[View]
71033202Bookmarks: How do you save your bookmarks / URLs? Is there a better way than just dumping them all i…[View]
71015189Watch / Smart Watch / Fitness Watch general: Post what you use Post what you want to use Ask questio…[View]
71035829Should the browser cache be kept, or cleared between sessions?[View]
71030485Is DevOps a meme?[View]
71033362Which are your go-to guides when it comes to cpu/gpu OCing?: There's a lot of bullshit gravitat…[View]
71034127>want to donate to a small open source project >see this…[View]
71032422If /g/ is soooo good at programming, why aren’t you all creating your own web startups and mobile ap…[View]
71022633/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Users of all leve…[View]
71033205What have been the greatest technological advances that the United States has generated for themselv…[View]
71035410Fuck ROS and fuck my professor for giving a disgusting project where she removed random parts so tha…[View]
71033142Norton claims vim is a virus: >be me >long time vim user >even got it on Windows >yester…[View]
71032863email: what email service do you use?[View]
71030942Why things aren't easy as before anymore? Pig related[View]
71031925Most old games were written in C True or false?[View]
71035417how could we rid the world of tyrants with the aid of technology? seeing as they are eager to usher …[View]
71023906/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Create a parts list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Learn how to bui…[View]
71035365Hey /g/ I need a smartphone recommendation for my dad. It needs to be cheap and all he's really…[View]
71031765Anyone ever question or wonder where all the new tech or new inventions come from?[View]
710207875G kills trees: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcysZ65Mpp8[View]
71028661GOOGLE PULLS LICENSES FROM HUAWEI: i don't need to write anything, the screenshot is enough …[View]
71031939/g/ humor- oldfag edition[View]
71034707You are allowed to redesign the computer as we know it. What do you change?[View]
71033226What is the state of music production on Loonix?[View]
71034574How big of a shit show will a fully Chinese developed mobile OS be?[View]
71034923is there an open source software that lets you stream music to your own personal server to your phon…[View]
71033791>blows past your Tesla https://youtu.be/OGVpI9NXTbU[View]
71010542Who is your techfu? Mine is Ashley Carman from The Verge.[View]
71030959Windows 10 3rd party KMS activation: if you google how to activate windows 10 for free most of the s…[View]
71034403ITT: Must-have Linux packages.: Share yours, discuss, rant, etc. I'll start: >xorg-server …[View]
71032584Leetcode thread: https://leetcode.com/problems/longest-substring-without-repeating-characters/…[View]
71016476/iemg/ — In-Ear Monitors General: Luxurious Pear Wood edition IEM advice request template: >Your …[View]
71029917Redpill me on 5g: So why is Israel not using it, while it was deisgned there ? why are birds and tre…[View]
71034144i've been using adobe fireworks for the better part of 6 years now and i think it's finall…[View]
71034282*Ahem*: Fuck Intel Ryzen 3000 launch in within 2 weeks.[View]
71032938Fresh Arch install: So yesterday I did a fresh install of Arch with KDE plasma through Zen Installer…[View]
71027484>What is XMPP? Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) is a communication protocol for …[View]
71032225Me looking with contempt at the niggas that use xorg.conf in the year of your lord 2019[View]
71034000>he doesn't have all javascript permanently blacklisted across every website, only whitelist…[View]
71033793Hey son how's the job search going! Now I know it's pretty comfortable living here with yo…[View]
71031542why are java and python the most pajeet-tier languages? every person I see using these is Indian.[View]
71032367It's a UNIX system! I know this![View]
71034011>NSA SElinux Support enabled by default[View]
71012597Where did it go so right, /g/?[View]
71030143WiFi cards: How the fuck do you get these to work on Linux AND Win10? I've been looking for a w…[View]
71031716How react bois can even compete: https://svelte.dev/[View]
71033958https://github.com/neoclide/coc.nvim vscode electronishit eternally btfod[View]
71033128how can i use technology to get more pucci? maybe a robotic dick implant?[View]
71028553: Nothing can compete. Fuck /g/'s gay contrarianism.[View]
71024127Hi. Recently I have become infatuated with collecting as many web browsers as I can. I don't k…[View]
71031489Temperature sensor using a pt100 and arduino: I have to make a temperature sensor for a hair blower …[View]
71033776Did you guys know CCleaner has a new autoupdate feature to keep apps updated and reduce security ris…[View]
71029066>This triggers the /g/[View]
71031040Rate your country's internet service providers. Good: TekSavy Rogers Okay: Shaw Who gave these …[View]
71027129What DNS do you use, /g/?[View]
71032628>The miracle of Microsoft >smug pajeet[View]
71028597Mandatory improv classes: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-05-19/we-saw-lot-hysterics-and-crying-…[View]
71032961You have 5 seconds to explain why the FUCK you even give a single fuck if your browser its outdated …[View]
71032816Do the pirate kings still convene to set the piracy format agenda each year?[View]
71023516Bad desktops thread You rage you lose[View]
71031608Stop calling me a cuck just because I use software you don't approve of.[View]
71029130https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/design-visualization/quadro/rtx-8000/ Why don't you have 48GB of G…[View]
71032821I just reinstalled Windows on my T450s and for some reason it won't react to me pressing '…[View]
71032840nvidia gimpworks in full force: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7EGTTwosTM OH NO NO NO[View]
71029386How much do amdrones get paid, for spreading false information?[View]
71028226Cheap chinese smartphone and computer was a mistake >b-but the urbanite trash have the same right…[View]
71029469Say what you wanna say Firecucks blown out Honestly, I wanna see you be Bräve[View]
71032974Hey anons: Is this a good phone to test apps on? Can I install gentoo on it?[View]
71029589Help a wanna be gamer out: So I want to get a gaming PC. The problem is I don't know anything a…[View]
71032329If you died today, what happens to your collection of data? (Pics, videos, documents, etc.)[View]
71031222Which fun little commands are there in Linux?[View]
71032610Is buying a ps4 in mid 2019 a wise move I only care about GT7 and DStranding does it make a good med…[View]
71027051>incoming.telemetry.mozilla.org Wtf is this shit?[View]
71032651Why are robocalls so active during the weekday but not the weekend? Why can't they just leave m…[View]
71023764What could possibly make a couple of 1s and 0s worth 2000 US dollars?[View]
71032622Why do software engineers get paid significantly more than software developers? What's their se…[View]
71014850/odg/ - Optical Disc General: What do you use optical discs for? Resources: http://www.osta.org/tech…[View]
71031888What's the modern equivalent of DC++?[View]
71028769how to fix backlight? Perhaps if I open my tv...[View]
71028148I only buy high quality AMERICAN products so Apple and Intel CPUs. Chinkware such as ryzen and poodr…[View]
71030530XFCE 4.14pre1 released! https://simon.shimmerproject.org/2019/05/19/xfce-4-14pre1-released/[View]
71032179Not sure if it's the right board to ask but whatever. What's a good running app on Android…[View]
71031987>the current state of in(c)el[View]
71031742>tfw mounting network share with /etc/fstab never works so you always do it with cron job…[View]
71031931NO systemd: Linux distros without systemd If you want a good life without systemd, here's ... h…[View]
71026573Prove to me, using non-testimonial evidence, that there is a Chinese government backdoor. Spoiler: …[View]
71032039ITT we post wacky doodads[View]
71031573How do glow in the dark vans see what's happening on the screen? I heard they don't need t…[View]
71026773will julia dethrone python: and claim the throne as the global scripting language? if so, how do the…[View]
71029193>parents buy me a tablet >Lenovo Tab3 7 kill me…[View]
71026832Is arch with KDE a bad idea? I'm on gentoo with bspwm right now..[View]
71019111ITT: unnecessary tech[View]
71029004How do I learn GNU/Linux?[View]
71031679>made in taiwan is better than >made in china prove me wrong you cant…[View]
71026769What causes a video to become unavailable on pornhub? It seems that when I pause a video and then go…[View]
71022592which distro has the best ascii?[View]
71015301/mpv/ - the /g/reatest media player: Trans Pride Edition Installation: https://mpv.io/installation/ …[View]
71025467Man takes over MS HQ to get Windows source code[View]
71011034>closing an application in linux >ctrl+w >ctfl+f, q >ctrl+q >:q >super+q >alt+f…[View]
71031518I need a browser for Android where I can block cookies for just a specific site. Any suggestions? Th…[View]
71029980superior technology: >chinks now have objectively superior technology than americans (google) and…[View]
71029427Qwant is dead[View]
70992715/wdg/ - Web Development General: How was your week? Previous thread: >>70951010 >Beginner R…[View]
71029635How do we stop minable blockchain?: It seems like the crypto bubbles are here to stay, are there any…[View]
71022903finally, FINALLY, someone calls out pg's idiotic platitudes instead of licking his taint for se…[View]
71031210For the sake of argument, grant that I want an iPhone. What model optimizes for value for money?[View]
71032756what is /g/s vidya game of choice?[View]
71027910will there ever be recovery from this?[View]
71030642Nextcloud has become a botnet: > Unlike Dropbox Nextcloud does not offer off-premises file storag…[View]
71029894i3 vs i7: Is there a significant enough difference in performance to warrant the extra shekels? I…[View]
71022335/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old: >>71018120 What are you working on?[View]
71026731What is Sea Spider: >search Sea Spider realtek >no results except chinese sites >most ebay/…[View]
71030051Uriel was a retard: Uriel was a retard. He came to full zen that he himself is harmful and he killed…[View]
71030872Pascal *sip* yup that was a language[View]
70999340My computer runs like absolute shit now. Thanks intel![View]
71026869/speccy/ - post am: post speccys lads[View]
71029239What are the C ++ libraries that a good professional must master? What are the basic libraries in ea…[View]
71030723Bluetooth Speakers General: Currently own this one (Denon Envaya 250BT), I think it sounds awesome b…[View]
71017724/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Previous thread >>71006660 >Read >>51971506 >GNU/…[View]
71016813/csg/ the eternal chink shit general for chink shit enthusiasts: Dear Friend, In /csg/, we discuss t…[View]
71012002>new Thinkpads have soldered RAM and WiFi card[View]
71030223How we feeling today my bros ? Another cheeky 20% I feel.[View]
71024317FUCKING LMAO[View]
71020109/spg/ - Smartphone General: Gachimuchi Edition If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your …[View]
71023511Reminder that after Intel got cucked once again, it’s likely that this is now the most powerful port…[View]
71026044What would most likely be Nvidia's first Desktop SXM2 Graphics Card?: Over the years Nvidia has…[View]
71028055Embedded Systems / Robotics / PLC: >Imagine spending all of your day inside of a box working on s…[View]
71028705DEAL WITH IT: >desktop a small market for oversmart stingy white people…[View]
Car car = malloc(sizeof(Car)); 
710263325G CAUSES CANCER?: So the whole '5G causes cancer' thing is just western intelligence agencies tryin…[View]
71020524It's over intel/bros/: >The Performance Impact Of MDS / Zombieload Plus The Overall Cost Now…[View]
71028014Really? You're not on Instgram or Snapchat? Wait what? Not even on Facebook? What's wrong …[View]
71026574So is Korea based and redpilled now?: Korea government is switching to Linux because they are pissed…[View]
71029627brave?: is brave good or what? just felt like trying it, b/c i keep hearing mixed opinions about it.…[View]
71015427Is there image search engine any good /g/?[View]
71027661Can you guys recommend a torrent tracker?[View]
71011187>2019 >Safari on iOS still doesn’t have support for webm…[View]
71027374what is good keyboard for coding? I use cherry mx blue on cm quick fire and feel stiff[View]
71029553Nvidia GeForce Partner Program (GPP) is back: swedish retailer just published these Asus AREZ Radeon…[View]
71029915>pozzed Why is this /g/'s favorite word?[View]
71025077Recommend me a distro that's good for a craptop and that isn't super behind on current pac…[View]
71028144>update an app >it's way fucking worse than the version you upgraded from every single go…[View]
71007984>building your core identity on a brand Why do people act like this?[View]
71028439The Firecel seethes at the sight of this marvelous creation[View]
71029494Consistency?: Consistency.[View]
71027753Why are smartphones always such scams? >get a phone >within a year its battery life is at leas…[View]
71029464I've always loved technolo/g/y and this board, but now I'm too depressed to enjoy things l…[View]
710298042FA thread[View]
71028939>2020 -1 >you still need to suck google cock to post here, every single post moot pls…[View]
71029791What parcel tracking app do you use which is not a botnet?[View]
71028759>not using your shit [insert CPU here] to cook food[View]
71028889Are there any phones with a keyboard like this today?[View]
71027965Which subject should I major in?: >Secuirty >Data-analytics >AI I've 2 years to go In …[View]
71027790Help I spilled water on my pc. it didnt shut down or anything but I'm still worried. what do I …[View]
71028559How come phone responsiveness always turns to shit after a few months? Is it the NAND? Even expensiv…[View]
71028164[openbsd] as home server Hello /g Is obsd the most secure system for a personal home server. ( admit…[View]
71029528How do you keep up with tech?[View]
71026057I just updated Arch Linux. Nothing broke, everything works. Why do people use any other distribution…[View]
71028062Apple always wins[View]
71026561yo /g/ I just lost over 100 chrome tabs. is there a way to restore them when it doesnt show up as an…[View]
71026010How the fuck is Incel getting away with selling processors with broken iGPUs for more than fully fun…[View]
71026190>Oh boy, I wonder how Ubuntu's doing? >Might as well try the latest version on a test ben…[View]
71005818Pens are technology. Pen discussion thread[View]
71028751Why do you /g/tards keep choosing Furryfox when the true browser is Brave®: No other browser has bui…[View]
710291739900k: Some observations: Only the last three multipliers actually make any noticeable changes. Anyt…[View]
71028381Now that the matebook X pro 2019 is no longer coming, what is the next best laptop for professional …[View]
71028799Stopped for a week, blank spaces! WEED AND CODE: Bros, i love to smoke weed and fucking code, i tri…[View]
71028805Managing file metadata on linux? I've got loads of porn/music/movies and can't sort it pro…[View]
71028872I can't seem to get a straight answer for this question anywhere but I'm going to try one …[View]
71025770Spending hours trying to fix a bug in my code and having no clue why it happens or how to solve, sta…[View]
71023997What are some good/comfy youtube coding tutorial/learning channels /g/?[View]
71028316Moving from Android based device (LG G6) to iPhone xs Ive been using android based devices for the m…[View]
71026468What is the best Lisp? I have heard good things about Scheme especially SICP, but Common Lisp seems …[View]
71028187>stalled >checking resume data >an I/O error occurred >retrieving metadata Why dont I ge…[View]
71023596Rate my elite luxury gaming rig /g/[View]
71026457So QVO is 4x the price for twice the speed and better seek times? Is it worth it for people who want…[View]
71026224Alright so Ubuntu is botnet, whats the next step? What distro?[View]
71028575Pomf alts / file hosts: did they literally all die? what do you use now?[View]
71027237What's the point of needing to look through a program's source code when you can just read…[View]
71025149Based Trump de-googles Huawei phones: guess I know what my next phone is[View]
71026139Are external storages more safe than internal HDDs?[View]
71028432what is with this fucking 'X months ago' bullshit that has infested every site now? If I want to fin…[View]
71024278Where do we go from here?[View]
71025728Shouldn't I be going the skylake X proccessors for encoding x265 video due to their native AVX2…[View]
71028284Smart TV: Hello /g/entlemen can you please help me with choosing a new tv? Budget is 1000€ max, i ha…[View]
71027461What the flying fuck?!?! This new gen of Windows developers can't even get updating the fucking…[View]
71028279>Be CEO of Google >Get reduced to tech support for the Congress Man, Indians can't catch …[View]
71024972Screen tearing is for dipshits who buy bad hardware. I have 2 gb of ram and stream HD video with no …[View]
71027592security: How do you keep an iPhone secured from being either remotely or physically hacked? Latest …[View]
71027268Programming beats: Hey /g/, what do you listen to when you're cracking down some programming? D…[View]
71021916What is the best text editor for Windows? Is it VS Code?[View]
71027428What are the best VPNs?: Doesn't matter if they cost money or not. What are the best VPNs, anon…[View]
71025997It's over Huawei is finished: After Google's software ban, now comes the hardware: >Chi…[View]
71022942Forth is what peak software looks like. You may not like it, but that's the truth.[View]
71001225/hsg/ Home Server General: Home server thread Snuffed dead thread Edition NAS is how most people get…[View]
71027804>buy 65 inch TCL 4 series LED TV on the cheap >has roku built in asking for botnet access, don…[View]
71021950What are you doing on your computer, Anon?[View]
71027709Do you have any interesting habits that you've kept since your 'first'? My first computer had s…[View]
71026103Can I Recover Data in This Situation?: Hard drive crashed out of nowhere. I opened it up and it wou…[View]
71021470Opinions on open source hardware?[View]
71027258install zentoo[View]
71026464Share your comfy laptop stories: My laptop is my life. I use it to make a living, to learn, to make …[View]
71025588can I use QEMU to emulate 100% secure CPU[View]
71026126Hack: someone knows how to hack[View]
71026766Makin' the switch Yes, I am going to customize it (once I get it installed, no point bothering …[View]
71026958What's the cheapest Pc I can get to run dolphin and Cemu in 4k? I love my old Wii games, but de…[View]
71027550a plan for a.i.: O.k basically >reserve land and make water from particles to avoid economic coll…[View]
71023479I'm just going to say it.: There is nothing new to talk about with technology. Nobody is making…[View]
71027628Atomic Pi: is it good /g/[View]
71023266ITT: we complain about /g/raphic design[View]
71027155Why should I care about my privacy? If my phone were to get randomly searched all you would see is p…[View]
71010126/bst/ - Battlestation thread: Post, rate, hate[View]
71018514Great news new grads!: China is hiring globally.[View]
71022435Best motherboard brand: ASUS vs MSI ?[View]
71027405Your freefaggery has really taken over, huh? Even when you can run proprietary software and get its …[View]
71007039are Indians really good at computing/programming or is it a meme?[View]
71027376here we write a programm: https://paiza.io/projects/fNqSC9tIDIqCNNmFlrzEwQ?language=c[View]
71026618Are there any major female contribution to the field of computer science beyond that girl who invent…[View]
71025665If Zen 2 Is cheaper than Shintel is Shintel done for good?[View]
71023794Okay so what is a good distro for me to start with? does it really matter? I'm wanting to ditch…[View]
71015944vFuck you, /g/ You told me it was shit and to stay away because of shills Well guess what - those 's…[View]
71020514Witch version of the Python is better? Working on 3.7.3 and its feeling fine. Never tried another ve…[View]
71026210https://github.com/nigel/DiscordStorage Stop hating Discord, use it as a file server[View]
71026051code: does anyone know what this could be, or how to figure out what it means?[View]
71026584GNU/Void Linux: So... is it a meme?[View]
71026414Suicide by Stack Overflow: >Stumped on issue with Entity on .NET. My question on Stackoverflow is…[View]
71023279Why did they get rid of the Recents button on the navigation bar? Is an empty spot any better?[View]
71018756Should I buy the rift s, the vive, or wait? >inb4 valve index heavily backordered and pretty cost…[View]
71002546/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Users of all leve…[View]
71025230Are Duck Duck Go and Express VPN real services that prottect your IP?[View]
71020212Why can't their graphics division get their shit together and start competing like their CPUs d…[View]
71023460Found my old Nextel 8350i in a box. Still powers on and connects to WiFi just fine. But obvious Next…[View]
71024911Guys help me out here because I'm going nuts. I'm using a free program that transfers over…[View]
71025687What's your process for learning a new language or program?: I used to find one small problem t…[View]
71010902For me it's the Zenfone 6[View]
71024859so which mouse is the best?[View]
71026041in this thread bill gates is a nigger[View]
71025694Backlit keys ftw![View]
71026141>American internet I remember a thread from a few months ago where a South African anon was showi…[View]
71025049How important is clock speed when choosing a processor for the next generation of games?[View]
71021817Will the quality of his content go down now that he is in a relationship? I really don't want t…[View]
71023206I'm moving into the survellaince meta-state of the EU next week. What are the basics to protect…[View]
71024351Real question for once on this board. Do any of you know a very, very fast tts library? I do not car…[View]
71025407Posted from my Arch laptop[View]
71025606battlestation thread but no speccy thread? you all have looks but whats on the inside counts.[View]
71025843Redpill me on Padjeet Coders: Why are Padjeets a bad thing in general? Are they incompetent coders? …[View]
71025180Wahhhhh wahhhh me need media queries because my wittle pathetic phone cant handle your gigantic webs…[View]
71024047Vera Crypt: Redpill me on this. I've used TrueCrypt to hide my porn from my wife on the compute…[View]
71025608bad joke[View]
71024947did he deserve it bros?[View]
71003681Why is Intel's bullshit being downplayed?[View]
71025319tl;dr I had some spam email but it came from a real business. OK so I received an email with the me…[View]
71023554Do sysadmins typically look at info submitted in the 2FA code field after failed login attempts, at …[View]
71023828>*exploit behind you* heh, nothing personal, kid[View]
71024996https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1XJkBoQLuU: Is he blackpilled?[View]
71023144Why is making videogame so hard? You made a robot that can beat people at real life games why don…[View]
71023505I want to live entirely in VR /g/ What equipment/software would I need to use?[View]
71019803All (worthwhile) non-systemd distros are all shit.: unironically >artix >type pacman -Syu to b…[View]
71023089>RAM usage: 10GB >disable JavaScript >RAM usage: 1GB…[View]
71025420C++ bread Honk if you pay your taxes.[View]
71015257https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=mds-zombieload-mit&num=1 SHUT IT DOWN TH…[View]
71025175Home Security: I would like to preface this with the following: I did read the rules posted by the m…[View]
71018474whats the best low budget smartphone?[View]
71021037Google cuts off Huawei's access to Android to comply with Trump order: Existing Huawei devices …[View]
71024758What is the best gaming/performance OS for this rig: GPU: Radeon RX580 CPU: Q6600 RAM: 4 GB[View]
71012731Was Dvorak the Terry Davis of the 1930's??[View]
71023908How did the Chinese come to dominate tech?[View]
71025186How do you keep an iPhone secured from being either remotely or physically hacked? Latest ios and al…[View]
71012386ITT tech snake oil[View]
71022723some audio: post your listening tech no bully[View]
71023989>/pol/ and /x/ won't stop spamming their retarded fear-mongering nonsense about 5g I just wa…[View]
71023536I actually feel sorry for intcels at this point.[View]
71016303>decided to learn programming >after 2 hours realized how time was passing by…[View]
71024005question: What distro comes with a gf?[View]
71024929>why yes, I do utilise a dynamic tiling window manager >how could you tell?…[View]
71024057Saw John Wick last night and I wondering about these coins. There is no established conversion rate …[View]
71012076The new version of Udindu is pretty based. I think I am officially converted. They have polished Gno…[View]
71013127Post your favorite smartphone ITT.[View]
71024211>heyyyyy all you wonderful guys and ladies whats up welcome back to my channel, I'm XYZ back…[View]
71024199Fellas, I have a problem -- pic related. There HAS to be a better way to store all my bullshit cable…[View]
71023459Why doesnt this garbage load images after updating the repos?[View]
71021542SMARTPHONES: Did smartphones ruin life as we know it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAK51LoNrwo Yo…[View]
71023679>starlink provides free fast worldwide internet access >elon musk gains a monopoly over the in…[View]
71024497Hey so, i recently got into SDR and such things, i begun listening to my local Airport coms, but the…[View]
71019796>new phones have 12 GB of RAM Damn. I'm not a phonefag anymore(I stopped caring about these …[View]
71023319Is WebGL a meme? Does anyone actually use it? I have best intentions, but debugging anything in JS+H…[View]
71023655What sorts of part time jobs that are tech related could a cs student work while he goes to school?[View]
71022696Where the fuck is this 5G meme coming from? Is this an elaborate joke? people know the diffirence be…[View]
71023347>post 16 billion threads about apple products >zero bans treated with impunity >post a thre…[View]
71023919poorfag 6c12t bundle available: the ryzen 1600+mobo+cooler combo is $139. for a cheap entry level co…[View]
71023743My late 2011 MacBook Pro finally died so I am trying to decide if I want to replace the logic board …[View]
71018131What the fuck is wrong with SpaceX's videos? I want to see rockets take off and land, not hear …[View]
71024087lighting options: looking for lighting ideas for the power supply, i was considering opening up the …[View]
71014718Is the whole 4g/5g causes cancer a meme or is it actually real?[View]
71023893I have a P10 and live in Europe. What do I do now?[View]
71022682What's the best DVD copy software for Windows?[View]
71021971For the Android enthusiasts with 150+ IQ, how should I unlock the bootloader, flash a custom ROM or …[View]
71020972I have a problem with OpenGL that I've been working on for a couple hours and made no progress.…[View]
71022508Need advice from fellow freelance devs: hey /g/ i'm a freelance dev, i code ios/android/web bas…[View]
71022500how do we overthrow the tech giants[View]
71023192Dashchan extension: Is there a working dashchan extension pack? Thanks[View]
71023286What do those symbols on the box mean/represent?[View]
71017837Like pottery[View]
71022575kotlin (scripting): will dethrone lua, python and javascript[View]
71020442Huawei is kill: press S to spit on its grave https://www.reuters.com/article/us-huawei-tech-alphabet…[View]
71021734ITT: icons you use[View]
71023233/g/ books: For me it's Slingshot: AMD's fight to free an industry from the ruthless grip o…[View]
71020539>Start any CPU intensive application >((((Microsoft Software Protection Platform)))) suddenly …[View]
71023232What laptop is this?[View]
71022660What are the best web stacks for small/medium and large sized projects?[View]
71023098im not gonna lie, i like this program. ive been using it for years and didnt change it because it is…[View]
71018096Guess what /g/, I'm trying Manjaro. I always came back to WIndows, let's try out how it pe…[View]
71015849Is OpenBSD good OS?[View]
71022982Tool storage thread. Post your tools.[View]
71018524ARM lol: https://www.fourmilab.ch/fbench/ffbench.html[View]
71022786I want to make my own voice assistant. What am I in for? I'm a CompSci student and already have…[View]
71023077How do I force a specific command to change its font color to a specific one? Like, say... top | lgb…[View]
71022020When someone recommends me to abandon my high quality closed source software developed by actual eng…[View]
71022812How is open source more secure when any hacker can check its source code for vulnerabilities?: With …[View]
71020753/comfy/ programming: what are some good in-bed technologies for comfy programming? pic related I w…[View]
71017043What's /g/'s opinion on the GoLang ?[View]
710227624chan X Filters: Post your 4chan X filters (any board or field). This is my comments section. Pls no…[View]
71019974Daily Programming Challenge: >you finally land a job interview after 274 consecutive rejection le…[View]
71018772What is the best gaming/performance OS for this rig: GPU: Radeon RX580 CPU: Q6600 RAM: 4 GB[View]
71021547If you didn’t start coding in your teens, you will never make it[View]
71022729>A new vulnerability is found in Intel CPUs every week (which means it's probably been explo…[View]
71018282What am I in for?[View]
71019445Confess: CS major College edition[View]
71019888I'm strongly considering buying an nvidia shield for Christmas. I already know that it's a…[View]
71018215Why is everyone in the open source community such an entitled cunt?[View]
71022499What CPU can count from 1 to 100000000 the fastest?[View]
71009763Does anyone on /g/ actually watch this pseud? He seems to try real hard to be /ourguy/[View]
71014349Is this the chadest gpu of current gen? >can run most of recent AAA games on qhd with high settin…[View]
71019376What creatives things do you do with your computer?[View]
71020702I cant seem to use a proxy while tethering my phone to laptop without the desired site being redirec…[View]
71021229Why tho: Why are there so many versions of DVI??? Is there anything else retarded you can show me?…[View]
71022167Proprietary products can't be unsafe that's against the law.[View]
71022018*crashes and loses all settings* What's some garbage software /g/ memed you into using?[View]
71010038Thinkpads are now officially garbage: What to buy now, /g/?[View]
71022534I bought a new keyboard to replace my old one but for some reason i just like the way my old keyboar…[View]
71016965You can't refute this: Dual booting windows and Linux is the equivalent to going to vegetarian,…[View]
71017463>study CS (in eu) >people in my course don't give a fuck, half of them don't show up…[View]
70972057Desktop Thread: Olde One Hit The Limit: Stuck on Windows for the Next Day or Two Edition Cygwin stil…[View]
71022444how come cpus were so expensive back in the day?[View]
71012941>four consecutive years of one design blunder after another with regard to async/await >end re…[View]
71021074I need to use Windows 10 (not Windows 7) on a modren laptop for engineering school. I will have to u…[View]
71020124I have no idea how to code and I self teach me and after four years of doing programming I can think…[View]
70988832>buy intel cpu >it's fast as fuck >three security patches and four vulnerability mitig…[View]
71018120/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread - Cute Edition: Previous: >>71013480 What are you working on?…[View]
71021380>install Linux/Windows from USB drive >boots >no internet connection >'you need to downl…[View]
71007883Duplicate Image Finder: Can we talk about this kind of software? I've been using pic related to…[View]
71022173Daily reminder that if all software was open source we would have 6 Ghz 16 core RISC-V CPUs by now[View]
71020469Google Answers: Google Answers[View]
71022049My laptop won't recognize its internal hard drive. It doesn't show up in linux at all and …[View]
71020504I have an old, working, 1995 IBM Aptiva still running its original Windows 95, exactly like pic rela…[View]
7101873850 posts and i am going to whistleblow[View]
71011993Source code for ALL software should be released after 10-15 years >software that old is worthless…[View]
71018931A laptop should be as thins as possible without sacrificing I/O, cooling performance and battery siz…[View]
71018620https://make-linux-fast-again.com/ What would be the practical issues of using this? Let's say,…[View]
71021131you *are* using neo2 aren't you anon?[View]
71018868On linux, how do I avoid all intel security mitigations from the last several years? I don't ca…[View]
71021537Poor fag here looking for earphones under $10 Heard good things about some panasonic model but conf…[View]
71021785What would the perfect 4chan app look like in your opinion? I think Clover has the basic UX nailed d…[View]
71020381Is this program botnet? Is anyone here actually using this? github com/ramboxapp/community-edition[View]
71018886apparently 4channel, or cloudflare, or google itself had issues with recaptcha some minutes ago. did…[View]
71020371convince me to not install anarchy linux[View]
71014705AI kills (again): If an AI car crashes, who is to the blame - the owner of the car or the manufactur…[View]
71013039Why is their absolutely no good screen protectors for curved edge displays? They all only stick to t…[View]
71018561Convince me to -NOT- use Void linux.[View]
71016146/g/pills: Dark themes hurt your eyes Blue backgrounds hurt your eyes Tabs are superior to spaces Win…[View]
71014998How easy is it too put stock Android on the S10?[View]
71021419Haha wow if you use vim instead of emacs you are such a dumbo dummy dum. Oh wow I can't even im…[View]
71019685Shill me a phone, /g/.: I need it to trade crypto. And I guess make phone calls. Apple is Jewish and…[View]
71021501Okay bois, What is the best open source /g/ alternative to Pro Tools?: >inb4 'just use audacity a…[View]
71021209What's the best programming language ever created and worth learning?: besides c, cpp, haskell,…[View]
71021417where should i get started on learning to repair pcs, consoles and phones: anyone got any tips or yo…[View]
71021402/g/ I have a question for you about data privacy and the simple idea of botnets. Why do you insist,…[View]
71014760Password Managers: /g/entoomen, What password Manager do you use? Where do you keep your password da…[View]
71009083Why is there no startups capitalizing on the tiny house movement?: That's literally the next tr…[View]
71020711I'm going to buy my first smartphone Never have the need to use one, but now I need one for wor…[View]
71013913Hey anon, you do use Pleroma, don't you...? I sure hope you're not such a gigantic FAGGOT …[View]
71016309You HAVE converted all those cassettes with your childhood memories to a digital format, right /g/?[View]
71018261>make a defective keyboard with a near 100% failure rate >offers absolutely no added functiona…[View]
71021154>watching yify rips on my 300$ acer laptop using vlc living the life bros >inb4 MUH MADVR MUH …[View]
71020431Redpill me on common lisp[View]
70997991some audio: post your listening tech no bully[View]
71019490Why do you hate Comic Sans?[View]
71021036Wanna install Arch on another machine again, but feeling lazy. Ive found anarchy linux which seems t…[View]
71010158/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Create a parts list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Learn how to bui…[View]
71020521Huawei is Dead: >Google has suspended its Android licensing agreements with Huawei Technologies a…[View]
71018284Who here would unironically buy such a laptop?[View]
71016841>Be me >See Arch shills everywhere >Just assume it's a meme and difficult to install a…[View]
71019006I need a new linux system as a daily distro since I bought a new notebook and I want to start fresh …[View]
71020105you're using your computer on the internet you need to do something with your legal name or cre…[View]
71019460Why are Linux programs so barebones and push all the worth unto the user? The amount of hoops you ne…[View]
71017741This JS nigger wants to learn CS: I learned lots of stuff related to JS, all the shit from ES whatev…[View]
71018894Is IPv6 Botnet?: Someone explain please[View]
71015613Interesting links v2, personal detabase edition: The goog is serving us crap for their own benefit. …[View]
71013788Surely I'm not the only one who noticed it: When did google went to shit? I'm talking abou…[View]
71018170is unit testing a meme?[View]
71020211Decentralized VPNs: What is your thoughts on decentralized VPNs?[View]
71012564Icecat (the /g/ approved browser) -- Now available for winbros!: There is absolutely no reason -not-…[View]
70994973>a fucking leafblower on chipset: X570 motherboards will be loud like an airplane, mark my words!…[View]
71012350If you're not into overclocking and shit, does it really matter what motherboard you get as lon…[View]
71015936One mouse to rule them all?[View]
71015971Fuck Tranny Linux: I had to use Windows 10 on a machine I'm borrowing, and I'm pretty much…[View]
71019695Gaming laptop general /glg/: Post your gaming laptops and rate[View]
710145359front thread!: Running bare metal on a Thinkpad T420 and it’s great. Mothra is pretty usable and wi…[View]
71014027Razer: What are your thoughts on Razer products and the apple-like brand faggotry they tend to cause…[View]
71019160What the fuck[View]
71016919Why would anyone need a CRT monitor in 2019?[View]
71010251/spg/ - Smartphone General: K20 WHEN??? edition If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your…[View]
71018553I can fap to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5UTFEDfvWs[View]
71019278do you think he ever watched The Matrix /g/? this scene in particular https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
71017594Terminal music players: What's the gentleman's pick for a terminal music player? Preferabl…[View]
71019246Rockchip: Rockchip 3588 4 A76 Cores 2.4-2-6GHz? 4 A55 Cores 1.8-2.0GHz? Mali G52 GPU Fabbed on 8nm S…[View]
71012964Name 5 pieces of FOSS that are better than their proprietary competition.[View]
71017330Can someone sue them? this 'vulnerability' bullshit has no purpose other than crippling old products…[View]
71015079What Antivirus/malware do you use and why is it the best?[View]
71016286>Be me >Buy ThinkPad X230 >Slow as fuck on Arch with XFCE >Decide to install Coreboot an…[View]
71018212>mfw forced to use winblows because linux cannot into overheating better than winblows tbhfam its…[View]
71018922just got into linux and bash, i can write some basic stuff but dont really know where to begin with …[View]
71010125Name a more shockingly awful desktop environment than Gnome. You can't, by the way.[View]
71017727Type 101 for the death of Intel: Just one more week until Intel gets torn a new A-hole. ONE. MORE. W…[View]
71017106So I know nothing about TVs. Is now a “good” time to buy a high end tv or is there some big new tech…[View]
71007295there is nothing better for editing files in production. prove me wrong. vim fags need not apply.[View]
71018711Okay /g/, it's about time we build our own hardware. Post desired Laptop, Smartphone, PC specs …[View]
71018607>fell for the linux meme >laptop stays on a black screen after waking from hibernation >for…[View]
71013607I've worked as a full-stack developer for the last few years to pay my bills, but I've gro…[View]
70999989>imagine not using Arch[View]
71006864AMD EPYC Rome 32-Core CPU Specs Leaked: 1.7 GHz Base, 2.4 GHz Boost: no no no no no no no no HAHAHAA…[View]
71013914What's a good web browser for an old laptop with 2GB of ram? Pic related is what I'm curre…[View]
71015477oh god oh fuck: >ipv6 becomes widely used >isps assign each customer a permanent address block…[View]
71011584Anyone tried connecting their bluetooth headphone without pulseaudio? did it work? Void user btw[View]
71018497is there something like a vimium-styled drawing tool with focus on the use of a keyboard?[View]
70997888ITT we post tech flop[View]
71010910ffmpeg hardware accelerated transcoding: I have about 1.5TB of video that needs transcoded from 4k x…[View]
71015872are and botnet anons? > I don't wanna use my ISPs dns, too slow and def botn…[View]
71013609How are your improv classes going?[View]
71018454>Chad CS: >graduated top 10% of class at MIT >co-founder of ML startup, acquired by a FAANG…[View]
71012508How can I build an NPC that is capable of learning?[View]
71011473>people discussing cpu performances over games ffs, go back to r/gaming. If you wanna play someth…[View]
71016656Alright /g/, let's talk PRODUCTIVITY. What technology do you use to be more productive? Note-t…[View]
71001984https://youtu.be/IzrctyI5aIQ Holy shit >zen/zen+ can't even beat sandybridge >The absolut…[View]
71017243Ok /g/ I need a bit of help here Which software do you use for remote desktop connection. I have a …[View]
71015399>tfw no UI will be this kino ever again[View]
71006660/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Previous thread >>70991737 >Read >>51971506 >GNU/…[View]
71018031>*turn monitor a bit to the left* >*turn monitor a bit to the right* >*turn monitor a bit t…[View]
71013480/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>71008417 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
71010433What is the best CPU I can get under $1500 for encoding (Compressing) 200 videos in HEVC format as f…[View]
71016775Is Intel going to refund me 40% of the CPU by forcing me to disable hyper-threading to avoid their e…[View]
71014295DEAL WITH IT: >desktop a small market for oversmart stingy white people…[View]
71015221ITT technology that confuses zoomers.[View]
71017662What is /g/ opinion on cable roll?[View]
71016622RAT: Can someone tell me what's the best RAT software? Can someone post some guides on how to m…[View]
71013969Wheels are technology. Wheel disscusion thread.[View]
71014256Shamesung: Samsung fucking sucks[View]
71013166/hmg/: In /hmg/ we discuss pentesting, ctfs, exploits, and general being a hackerman. Resources:…[View]
71012423With the increasing (((internet censorship))), what files would you archive with 8tb storage? I…[View]
71016695What software is used to do this? I think MMR , however it looks like its linked with motion tracki…[View]
71014787Too based.[View]
71015633is gnome the only DE with good hidpi scaling? i'm jumping through distros/wms/dozens of configs…[View]
71015350>'Anon, why is our company servers has female japanese names? Who is Asuka?'…[View]
71003290What went wrong with Windows™ Tablets? What does /g/ use her tablet for?[View]
71016105This may be a question for /gd/ or /p/, but what can Adobe Lightroom can do that darktable cant do? …[View]
71015753give me a few reasons to switch from windows to linux[View]
71010924retro thread: felt cute, idk might part out later[View]
71011343Adobe software: Why does Adobe continue to charge up the ass for their software?[View]
71015341I use Brave: Ask me anything[View]
71016849What went wrong?[View]
71016078>In a given string of 0s and 1s , if you flip n number of 0s to 1, what would be the longest cont…[View]
71013190Does anybody else here still listen to CDs or SACDs?[View]
71013444>Here's our home theater, Anon! >It has a projector Why do people still buy projectors? T…[View]
71011588>drm free >actively supports and develops for linux gayming which should I support given the c…[View]
71016539>2019 >STILL not possible to have a USB drive that boots a persistent Linux and can be used as…[View]
71015826install gentoo[View]
71016762>pango >depends on cairo >which depends on pixman >which depends on gtk2 >which depen…[View]
71014059Why the fuck is the extension settings so hidden on this pos browser[View]
71012433How do I backup the contents of a USB drive to a hard disk drive?[View]
71013663If you were building a rig for the next generation of unreal engine 4 games, what processor would yo…[View]
71012551ITT: The dumbest fucking shit ever in Tech.[View]
71011844Do they force you to use OSX?: I have my own laptop but my boss told me she was gonna get me an appl…[View]
71015627How powerful should my CPU need to be to do basic editing/rendering in Photoshop and Premiere (Windo…[View]
71013962AMD giving partial PCIe 4.0 support to boards from 2017.[View]
71014339How bad did i fuck up, anons? I Should i keep it for spare parts or should i sell it to electronic d…[View]
71013984A friend of mine told me that using a black background on my computer strains my LCD monitor and the…[View]
71015516How can one browser be so powerful? You LITERALLY get paided for using it[View]
71002650Windows 10 QA: >*curry smell intensifies* how the fuck do you mispell 'udpates'…[View]
70997312/csg/ chink shit general: emergency thread, news 2 be posted[View]
71013413I have an old working computer similar to the one in the pic what are some good uses for it?[View]
70957004/iemg/ — In-Ear Monitors General: tuesday edition IEM advice request template: >Your Budget >Y…[View]
71013644>Microphone access for better ad experience[View]
71012400Preventing the Collapse of Civilization: Thesis: Software is in decline https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
71013425Old thread: >>71008417 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
71013448you are now aware that peak physical limit of mosfet processor speed was reached by intel 5 years ag…[View]
71011757>tfw born too early to be a multi-planetary cybercriminal[View]

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