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/m/ - Mecha

Displaying 90 expired threads from the past 3 days

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17634393what is the practical use of docking? i get that it's toy-friendly but from a combat standpoint…[View]
17626039/sm/ - Shadow /m/ Sub-Board: On today's agenda: 'The plan to overtake /m/, and have /sm/ reign …[View]
17627850It could go the Macross way with songs, drama, and flashy robot actions.[View]
17634363So... How would this play out?[View]
17625528This is a very odd adaptation. It eschews a lot of the over-the-top stuff that makes the manga so in…[View]
17608858/m78/ Thread: Mill Creek Thread: How you liking Taiga lads? >Ultra Pastebin: https://pastebin.com…[View]
17631921GETTER ROBO HIEN CHAPTER 5 DUMP: Gentle/m/en, it's been over a decade since this manga's s…[View]
17626579So is this just ultraman the anime or what? Kinda interested in watching it, what’s the verdict?[View]
17615542Robots that don't skip leg day[View]
17633699ITT: Aqua based mobile suits[View]
17633729Is Simoun considered /m/?[View]
17633373Which one?[View]
17628490somebody burnt down kyoani: lol I guess now they're really 'moe'[View]
17632679What happens to the crew of a ship when this thing shoots at it.[View]
17633202Anybody else feel like UC shot itself in the foot by making the OYW only a year long? Being the main…[View]
17622039[Over-Time] Dinoknight Sentai Ryusoulger - 17[View]
17628370>finish flieder bug >that ending Anno, what haven't you referenced?…[View]
17630328Shinji, you have to say the n-word![View]
17631697Considering how shitty the Gundam anime movies are, the Hollywood live action movie actually has a c…[View]
17593670Saw on twitter people are finally getting their copies of the Cyborg 009 bluray set. Anybody here go…[View]
17632450SD Gundam World Sangoku Soketsuden: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tQBGe78_0M Sunrise posted the f…[View]
17624179Gundam Battle Operation 2 /GBO2G/: Previous Thread>>17606520 THE GAME NOW FEATURES AN ENGLISH …[View]
17630805>Though Gunhed is not available on Blu-ray, an HD version can be rented or purchased on the Japan…[View]
17597187Full Metal Panic Thread: How much FMP merchandise needs to be sold before we get a final season or s…[View]
17623455Why are so many Zeta haters?: no really , what is wrong with all of you fucking contrarians??[View]
17626523/sgg/ Symphogear General: >Symphogear AXZ music MP3 https://mega.nz/#F!i14XnAZZ!q0i3rw0NcPitLp9uS…[View]
17628294As someone who watched both the first Aquarion and Evol and found them to be pretty fun, is Logos an…[View]
17623003So Hiroko Moriguchi is releasing a cover album of various gundam songs. https://youtu.be/oBpcxICf-xU…[View]
17627933Say nice things about your least favorite Gundam AU. >AGE was hella ambitious; had they not spoil…[View]
17624901Ultimo: Super fighting robot boys[View]
17614315Is Botsmaster the closest thing we are getting to Braves in the west?: I am dead serious, I was at t…[View]
17625546Just finished 0080: He was too good, bros. What the fuck.[View]
17629954/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #2124 - Please Waga Maou Edition: Previous Thread: >>17627694 >…[View]
17592451We don't need Mobile suit: Just gimme Wired missile[View]
17631252The more mecha you watch, the more you appreciate Gundam. True?[View]
17622613Remember Guilty Crown? Now you do, time to post and talk Guilty Crown mechs.[View]
17622198/prg/ - Power Rangers General #204: >Beast Morphers episode 8 preview: https://youtu.be/3udjOPA3e…[View]
17526134Code Geass thread: New Lancelot & Guren chapter out >Schneizel learned about Geass because Le…[View]
17629880So I never really read manga before, but I've just been getting into it I've already read …[View]
17625896Forgot how depressing early UC is, what’s some good hot blooded mecha to cheer me up?[View]
17630022I just finished up all the early UC gundam series. Is Victory worth watching?[View]
17627752I like robots: Do you like giant robots? Let us enjoy giant robots together Post the mecha that you…[View]
17620865Patlabor Artbook Image Dump: pick one I can share some art before I go sleep. If thread survives I’l…[View]
17625540https://youtu.be/NQbadSVXqXg it's like Evangelion but Evanyagelion nya[View]
17552572What's the coolest mech you've seen in a property that is generally non-/m/?[View]
17629557Do you love Gundam Barbatos lupus rex?[View]
17624931>Kou is able to damage the cooling system and force the unit to retreat >By attacking the shie…[View]
17613392Here's your Zero One[View]
17627702Area 51 invasion: Would you protect the base for murrica or help the Kyles clap the aliens buttocks?…[View]
17612886/kg/ Kaiju General: Previous thread: >>17597705 Godzilla vs Kong news soon at SDCC. Don'…[View]
17628786TFA = F91: Have you ever noticed how similar TFA is to F91? >bad guy is masked man inspired by th…[View]
17630042rescue toku thread: only if gogo v was real[View]
17623998This character was genuinely not that bad in the grand scheme of things, despite the author going ou…[View]
17624969This is the face of a man getting NTR'd[View]
17609878Kamen Rider fell for the female protagonist meme: Oh no.[View]
17622119/m/angaka lineage: Tezuka trained Ishinomori, who in turn trained Nagai, who in turn trained Ishikaw…[View]
17612219Why are you guys all so obsessed with this dumb bitch? Is there a more overrated character in Gundam…[View]
17620004The only competent zeon leader[View]
17627749No. It can't end like this. There are many mysteries to solve, so many questions to answer. I n…[View]
17621246At the gym right now. What's some good /m/usic to lift to? I'm currently listening to some…[View]
17612726>This is the last gundam series that wasn’t connected to the UC,past series or rehash of one like…[View]
17618874>Anon, you're up next! What do you do /m/?[View]
17621390I'm not going crazy by thinking that he and Miime are totally banging, right? Captain Harlock: …[View]
17630142The movie was nice but where's my second season?[View]
17620476How do I into mecha?[View]
17618794Are Tactical Dolls /m/?: The I.O.P.-built ones that G&K deploy on the 2060 battlefield, I mean.…[View]
17618837Not a huge animation fan, is there a faithful manga series of the OG Gundam anime ?[View]
17620866look at the honker on this dude[View]
17629323Gundam spotted at SDCC19[View]
17629747No more Zeon MG's?: Are we for ever bereft of ever getting future Zeon suits in MG form? The ne…[View]
17614644Here is what Kawamori needs to do for next Macross!: Kawamori should do a PURE SLICE OF LIFE Macross…[View]
17611633nadesico prince of darkness: nadesico prince of darkness why do people hate this? saw it for the fir…[View]
17628975Thought Experiment for /m/: The /o/tists seem to have an idea of the ideal 'drivers' car' to be…[View]
17627564Did we ever get confirmation on what happened to Uso's dad?[View]
17618482What was wrong with his plan?[View]
17617065Mech Combat: How realistic are mech suits? Would they be practical in combat or are they just anime …[View]
17624004What the fuck is this thing...[View]
17589706real life /m/ thread: real life mechanized warfare or fictional but possible m[View]
17613119Fafner 15th: Onomichi is in only a few more minutes away! Is everyone excited? What do you think wi…[View]
17627694/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #2123 - Valkyre Edition: Wanna watch the Zero-One presscon again? https:…[View]
17528083ITT: Obscure gundams[View]
17628677How will they BS Dragonzord a win[View]
17613565/srwg/ Super Robot Wars General #1668: ***READ THE OP BEFORE YOU COME IN NEWFRIEND*** Previous Threa…[View]
17623297Why do people continue watching Gundam even though majority of the entries are kinda terrible by the…[View]
17628152imagin-nation: Yasuhiko: So imagin-nation has just done an episode on Yasuhiko. Limited-time online …[View]
17624079This ending was beautiful, i want to cry now.[View]

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