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/m/ - Mecha

Displaying 111 expired threads from the past 3 days

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17469862Why was she such a shit pilot?[View]
17473231OH FUCK ALIENS ARE COMING >Something appears to have torn a hole in part of the Milky Way’s halo…[View]
17384321So recently JASON the ORIGINAL MIGHTY MORPHIN RED RANGER got into pro-wrestling. Thoughts? https://w…[View]
17356263Is he a good leader?[View]
17473546Meanwhile, at Castle Grayskull..[View]
17467482Post a WW2 vehicle and name their UC counterpart Panzer IV = Zaku II[View]
17474177Hawken: What went wrong?[View]
17475435XENO: Its /m/ right edition[View]
17475162https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJWV9-TRD1E the live action Gundam film has been leaked, guys. prett…[View]
17433739Anybody like Zoids Genesis on here?[View]
17473167/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #2079 - Kazumin and His Dead Friends Edition: Previous Thread: >>1…[View]
17469698left alive got a big update: also, front mission thread[View]
17475106Dose /m/ build garage kit or are you all snapshitters?[View]
17466120ITT: Mecha that literally do nothing in their shows: >Eva Unit 04 in NGE Only mentioned, blows up…[View]
17474312Do you like Infinite Ryvius?[View]
17466001Do you think if the live action Gundam film takes off it could potentially spawn a GCU of sorts? …[View]
17473071When does it pick up?[View]
17474921宇宙戦艦ニート: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upAZcvTbUK0[View]
17469163Say hello to Feddie with a few nukes.[View]
17455074principality of zeon thread: post best zeon[View]
17466578Dinoknight Sentai Ryusoulger 09: https://over-ti.me/releases/ryusoulger-09/[View]
17470316Why do so many giant robots use swords? Seems pretty dumb. Futuristic weapons need to use weapons fr…[View]
17461433Jesus Christ, Uso[View]
17474677High Macs Simulator (Gungriffon Simulator): Does anybody have the link to the English guide of this …[View]
174700690083 movie: Could Stardust Memory be adapted into a 2 hour movie? If it were up to you, what would y…[View]
17470390Thoughts on Cosmo Police Justy?[View]
17474597Starlink Battle for Atlas: Is Starlink /m/? Has /m/ tried it? The deluxe edition is on sale for $32 …[View]
17469978BattleTech Lore: I've read a couple of novels, but they always focus on some self-contained sto…[View]
17474454snake, your mission is to get into solomon.: and destroy the big zam.[View]
17474097where or what is the /m/ecca?: What is the 'mecca' of mecha? is it a physical place, like Gundam Bas…[View]
17462587Gundam Battle Operation 2 /GBO2G/: Event is so bad devs released 4 550cost MS Edition Previous Threa…[View]
17473905So, I watched CCA for the first time yesterday and I just don't get why they replaced Bertholch…[View]
17464470Buff Clan did nothing wrong[View]
17463109/ssg/ - Super Sentai General #780: Previous Thread: >>17446286 >Links for beginners: >To…[View]
17473539Virgin gundam vs chad Mazinger Z, to scale[View]
17470547Recom/m/endations: Can someone recommend me some /m/ to watch? Off the top of my head I've seen…[View]
17468952Most technologically advanced society in gundam: I think AGE takes the cake here. This is a timeline…[View]
17472654Minovsky craft can fly and hover. In the literature they mention that this is done by using the Eart…[View]
17466070Western mech: What are some western mech universes? Pic related is Leviathan.[View]
17463768I want to try the food and refreshments on the Argama[View]
17472440Where can I get good ZZ subs? The Daisuki ones[View]
17441664As a SEEDfag i demand a SEED remake.[View]
17452909Fafner The Beyond Info Time: Ok so 10 days left! I found this image through Twitter again and appare…[View]
17462671I have a very important /m/ related request. There was an image posted in a Tomino thread here, wher…[View]
17463485Post utilitarian and realistic mecha designs[View]
17465917Brain Powerd: How do you feel about Brain Powerd? How do you think it stacks up with Tomino's o…[View]
17472402Any other laserdisc chads here?[View]
17460146Bandai confirmed new Chaos God https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/05/10/bandai-and-warhammer4-…[View]
17472926Super Pilot: Who is the best ace in UC and why is it Jerid?[View]
17359340Since Megaman is /m/, I'm curious about what /m/ thinks of the various power ups that Megaman g…[View]
17443265/m78/ Ultraman General - A New Bond & Hope Editon: Last era: >>17415166 >Ultra Pastebin…[View]
17471051Browsing Amazon and saw this. I wonder if it has the OG opening song unlike the last release[View]
17467141Zaku II Appreciation Thread: So, uh. Just bust a nut to one of these big fellas. No buildup. Spontan…[View]
17472268Remember when Super Play wrote a 4 page review of Front mission: Gun Hazard and trashed it and gave …[View]
17467194Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway's Flash Movie: https://youtu.be/s7bMxkhqXho So given its over all …[View]
17472651>what did he mean by this https://youtu.be/irUNU5D4grs[View]
17445939>all these godzilla >no gamera where the fuck is he? what happened to the teaser?…[View]
17472316Medabot Smartphone Anime Unveils Title, Story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=263&v…[View]
17464990Zeta Gundam: This is my first watch, then Chars CA and eventually Unicorn. But... My suspension of d…[View]
17468910Robihachi: No robots but the ending of this episode...[View]
17471162The fuck is this, exactly? Jesus Christ, can we get some functional analysis going on here?[View]
17469004Why is Mewtwo wearing the Black Serena? Did Deoxys got kidnapped by Beheeyems or something?[View]
17471948Is he a Char /m/?[View]
17472153Post dental mecha to trigger m/[View]
17467617Were his interventions really so different to those of Celestial Being? Forcing both sides to cease …[View]
17469209ITT: Favorite gundams[View]
17470086Post your tiny headed /m/[View]
17459794Is there such thing as a Big Zam cult?[View]
17471830Build NEW WORLD- Grease New Form Revealed: Grease's new form images got revealed, plus the bad …[View]
17470845The Mighty Grand Piton: Would /m/ watch this? They are trying to get the funds to do a full series. …[View]
17433887A fact: this man had no Balls.[View]
17465868/srwg/ Super Robot Wars General Thread #1651: Why Do Ryus Have Too Few Good Pictures Edition: ***REA…[View]
17470312/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #2078 - It’s Not His Fault Edition: Previous Thread: >>17467867 …[View]
17466790So tell me /m/, why haven't you prayed to the greatest mecha god, Getter Robo yet? Are you afra…[View]
17464786Is there any horror grim/dark mecha stuff?[View]
17470965Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?[View]
17464023>full of candid and voyeuristic shots >no scene of Noriko on toilet…[View]
17469514Is this what Amuro would have turned into eventually if he survived Axis Shock?[View]
17463564Which one of the jobber High Admirals was the best one?[View]
17470440You groove, you lose mecha edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbTsghxSGgU[View]
17465528ITT: /m/ references[View]
17467530best char clone?[View]
17467749Why did real robot die?[View]
17461504Why not call it a... SwordDam?[View]
17459947>99% of his series features giant robots So does he actually find them cool or something?…[View]
17463613What /m/ stories deal with reactor mishaps?[View]
17432493Come join Neo Zeon[View]
17468664Dopp Wut Do: >You are John Johnson, dedicated Deikunist and Dopp pilot >You have found yoursel…[View]
17469652Is there any other /m/ OP that can top this?: https://youtu.be/GIYQsLqC2PQ[View]
17468716Animagear: Bandai's new IP. Hope it will spawn into something larger in time. https://www.banda…[View]
17468623Demonbane: Whenever anyone mentions galaxy-scale mecha that aren't Demonbane, you guys crawl ou…[View]
17463201is seed only popular cause it has good mobile suit designs?: like everyone hates seed and seed desti…[View]
17468336For all of the last few episodes of Zeta Gundam, Quattro stays put in the Argama's bridge inste…[View]
17463622>Turn A >G-Saviour >For The Barrel >MAD WANG 1160 Man, the Gundam franchise was overflow…[View]
17468360https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQ98hGUe6FM Was there ever a thread for this? Seems pretty relevant…[View]
17468682How did this series went from being so good to being so bad? The second season is utter trash, I can…[View]
17460128ITT: Cool retro designs[View]
17464325what is a good seinen mecha anime or manga that isn't NGE[View]
17456224Garo Gekkou no Tabibito: Looks like another Red Requiem to me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erJ3T…[View]
17465730Can a mech be non-technology based? What would be some good examples?[View]
17464865>a giant crossbow is the deadliest weapon in the IBO universe[View]
17467155Is STTGL the most powerful mech ever?[View]
17469414youll cowards dont even poop standing up[View]
17417878Finished watching Xabungle today and it was A BLAST. Might be turning into a personal favorite of mi…[View]
17467867/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #2077 - Ginga Edition: Previous thread: >>17466353 >How to get …[View]
17468008Im gonna go watch pic related This show was a shit rip-off of EVA or just Tomino bullshit?[View]
17468802Can this cancer and AIDS patient retire already?[View]
17468430Wouldn't dropping several nukes have accomplished the same thing that a colony drop would have?…[View]

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