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/m/ - Mecha

Displaying 83 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
18943184A thread for FUNNELS Post mecha that use those nasty little funnels that are such a pain in the ass …[View]
18951969>/m/ - Mecha >no Iron Saga thread Let's fix it, shall we? I unironically like Ratel seri…[View]
18938075/prg/ Power Rangers General #287: Those are some ugly looking fish Edition >Dino Fury https://www…[View]
18955000These guys are very good MS pilots[View]
18939770Why didn't the Gyan and variants see more use?[View]
18948405Lineart Thread: notice us /m/SV https://imgur.com/user/gundaml1neart https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/…[View]
18953920Gunpla/Plamo General - /gpg/: To keep the thread clean and civil, please report and do not reply to …[View]
18925316DUNE: New Trailer released: https://youtu.be/n9xhJrPXop4 Thoughts on the Ornithopters?[View]
18955659I can't believe nobody remembered Blueberry's birthday yesterday. Also, Roux Louka thread.[View]
18948864TIL Nagano and Kawamura cosplayed as Char and Lalah: On February 22, 1981, a gathering of Gundam fan…[View]
18942272Zoids: Zoids are now returning to having proper cockpits now along with another new anime.[View]
18949622Is Grendizer an actually underrated mecha or just nothing special?[View]
18955610GiTS SAC Blu Rays.: I'm making this thread to find out if the Stand Alone complex Blu rays for …[View]
18944404MBON thread: Gundam Extreme vs 2 XBoost update announced for arcade, will your mains be safe in futu…[View]
18952081So I am still mad that my favorite Gundam show got cut short. Is there any info out there, about wha…[View]
18947334I'm watching Gundam 00 s2 at the moment, and this one question keeps bugging me: Since Alleluja…[View]
18955423Are there any cool grim reaper themed mecha? For research[View]
18917426These are the most 'Gundam' Gundams.[View]
18953473You dare refuse my batchall?[View]
18955384Quick! Post mecha characters with cups in their hands![View]
18946188Does /m/ like Build Fighters or Build Divers more? Also includes Try and Re:Rise respectively. https…[View]
18950464Why'd he have to go, bros?[View]
18955271Can anyone recognize what show these were from?: I found this on a phone I had when I was much young…[View]
18951743MG Wing Zero EW Ver. Ka: Looks surprisingly good.[View]
18932339The future of UC: So G-Saviour is canonically the latest entry in the Universal Century. I just watc…[View]
18945932/srwg/ Super Robot Wars General #1808: Put mecha in the OP, please.: ***READ THE OP BEFORE YOU COME …[View]
18954620I've noticed an interesting trend with /m/ properties that get adapted into American shows, the…[View]
18954826Looking to get into Getter Robo, what order should I watch it in? Pic unrelated[View]
18953912>ywn live in a world where you can go backpacking across the world, but in a fucking Gundam Hones…[View]
18954396Mankind: ¿we are going to far o this is the way that evolution want us to walk with? https://www.you…[View]
18949242Zegapain: With that novel coming next year let's talk about Zegapain https://youtu.be/Il-qX6-z7…[View]
18952214/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #2506: Rider edition: Previous Thread: >>18949699 >How to get i…[View]
18948504Seed: So if two Coordinators had baby together would it be considered as a Natural or a Coordinator?…[View]
18951451What mech inspires the most dread/horror[View]
18953075Are any of the colonies in Gundam(or any other /m/ series) capable of creating rain and snow, or are…[View]
18953197What are some other mecha anime featuring robots with artificial intelligence? I've already see…[View]
18953547Are there any mecha shows that are similar to Malicious Wake or Hellsinker? Those games have crazy s…[View]
18849696Guyver: What killed intrest in Guyver? Advocacy keeping the translations from the general public or …[View]
18953159MSV Thread: MSV series thread discussing kits and what not https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJwBPfjkl…[View]
18850169Does /m/ discuss real mechs?[View]
18754195The time has come to settle this once and for all, and I'd like to have a serious discussion ab…[View]
18938932Is it wrong that I wanna see more Zeon made Gundams?: I know they have Issues with them but come on…[View]
18950612Love Songs and Mecha: Odd question, but what is up with older mecha shows using love songs as their …[View]
18932058ITT Designs so dated there timeless[View]
18941513Are there any mecha series about a pilot going AWOL?: Any series where a mech pilot abandons their a…[View]
18939485>check catalog for kaiju >all it has is stupid monster girl shit Let’s fix that…[View]
18950067PSO2 /m/ thread: Last thread: >>18921109 /m/eetup special. Guides and builds: https://pso2nagu…[View]
18926388/m/SV Season 21 'Resurrection of the Short King': >>18904084 Things are heating up in the /m/s…[View]
18948032The Undefeated of the East: Domon in God Gundam or Master Asia in Master Gundam. How many main char…[View]
18949530Darling in the Franxx: I think they should do an anime reboot based on the manga. It was just better…[View]
18949323Why did they stop at just one move? It's super popular in japan right?[View]
18948718ITT: post that one unfairly disliked /m/ series, that you will gladly defend to your last breath. I…[View]
18879177/otg/ - Other Toku General: Previous: >>18783405 >Dogengers (S2 Confirmed) https://drive.go…[View]
18949843remember when this was UC only[View]
18950273You know who needs some appreciation? Support vehicles.[View]
18945540Capcom vs Osamu Tezuka art show: https://twitter.com/CINRANET/status/1305816389630844929 Tezuka is /…[View]
18945200What am I in for?[View]
18944279Gundam Battle Operation 2 - /gbo2/: Age of Qubeley. Will we have a 650 MS as glorious as Haman-sama?…[View]
18936636Why haven't they animated it yet?[View]
18947735To keep the thread clean and civil, please report and do not reply to shitposters and spammers that …[View]
18942859ZEEK UC AU: >Episode 1 0079, Denim kills Amuro Ray and hijacks the Gundam, delivering it to the F…[View]
18951415What's the best instru/m/ent?: And why is it spanish guitars? Also background music thread…[View]
18941623Look guys its Sigma[View]
18949699/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #2505: Lost in a Good Book Edition: Previous Thread: >>18947234 …[View]
18950485Its almost impossible to find any discussion about this game online. Anyone have any good mechwarrio…[View]
18942677So it's safe to say he has failed to kill all life on Venus right?[View]
18950507wish this got the love live treatment where we get a new group every season too bad its only one sea…[View]
18945669>Ahh, Dom, or some use Rick-Dom... >Do you hear our commands? >No, we shall not abandon the…[View]
18945939Megatron Thread: All hail MEGATRON!!![View]
18917703I do not like it I'll give it five episodes but that was a bad first impression[View]
18947269About to go on summer vacation, what are some fun feel good shows? I started pic related and it…[View]
18943153what happened...[View]
18925287DaemonxMachina: Anniversary Update[View]
18947680Transformers citypop by Sagisu Shiro. Thought you'd all might like it. https://youtu.be/B59q2m…[View]
1894812530MM: This needs an OVA so we can see these bad boys animated come on bandai[View]
18947156Tobikage is coming for his English Home Release[View]
18936309Will we EVER get normal Gundam Breaker game again? I hate New and I hate Mobile even more. I just wa…[View]
18945885Arcadia of my Youth: I really enjoyed this movie, being my first piece of Leiji Matsumoto media that…[View]
18948144I really like Universal Century and am bored in quarantine so have decided to buy Gunpla. What shoul…[View]
18938243Why there is no Gundam game that plays like an Ace Combat[View]
18945408/sgg/ Symphogear General: More Symphogirls=Better Than edition >Symphogear XV+AXZ music https://m…[View]

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