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/m/ - Mecha

Displaying 53 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
20243900Code Fairy: Wow more Zeon wank but with cute girls? Bravo Bandai[View]
20248188/srwg/ Super Robot Wars General #2100: ***READ THE OP BEFORE YOU COME IN NEWFRIEND*** ***NEW THREADS…[View]
20239148Gunpla/Plamo General - /gpg/: ***READ THE GUIDE*** THE GUIDE: http://gunpla.buyfags.moe/ ***READ THE…[View]
20185778/m/ questions that don't deserve their own thread.[View]
20242659Why is nero such an overlooked suit?[View]
20240421Gundam/Mecha vidya: What are some of the best games and what would you like to see? >Would love t…[View]
20227734>one month since announcement >no new info Sunrise please...I don't give a fuck about Bui…[View]
20239889Gyakuten Sekai no Denchi Shoujo/Rumble Garanndoll Episode 2: ARAHABAAAAAKI[View]
20233953Eva x VOTOMS: Chirico is given one hour in the Evangelion universe. What would happen?[View]
20168808Space pirate mecha thread[View]
20243539Tomino on Brain Powered: It's been a few days and I don't think anyone has translated this…[View]
20217544Space Sheriff thread! Post your favorite beasts and moments and pieces of music and whatever else![View]
20222167Which Gundam / Tomino show made Dianna (Kihel) cry, /m/?[View]
20207492/m78/ Ultraman General: Neptunian Gawrt Edition: Official Site: [En] https://ultramangalaxy.com/ [JP…[View]
20244712ITT very /m/ appeal characters in otherwise non-/m/ shows[View]
20157119Fall Ani/m/e thread: A thread for Rumble Grandoll, Shikizakura, Muteking, Megaton Musashi, Sakugan, …[View]
20245987This new Spider-man mecha toy reminds me of something, but I can't remember what...[View]
20245426Hey guys, I've been trying to find an anime I watced as a kid. In the beginning there's an…[View]
20239433When you think about it. We are just giant mobile suits for these guys to jump in and pilot. So if w…[View]
20232390LEONARDO: Cute bipedal robot that can jump and fly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1_OpWiyijU http…[View]
20177996/otg/ Other Toku General: Flaming Superman Edition: Previous: >>20087988 -Check out nyaa/anide…[View]
20244270/srwg/ Super Robot Wars General #2099: ***READ THE OP BEFORE YOU COME IN NEWFRIEND*** ***NEW THREADS…[View]
20199827/prg/ - Power Rangers General #339: Hulk Hogan Edition >Dino Fury https://mega.nz/folder/cbomzb6B…[View]
20222786Metroid Dread suits: The art book has some fun concept designs. Also HUGE over there[View]
20234718Don't Believe Her Lies edition. Previous thread: >>20214504 Symphogear XV+AXZ music http…[View]
20139844Dougram thread, what was your favorite Combat Armor (outside of the titular star with no serial numb…[View]
20231339Gundam Battle Operation 2 - /gbo2/: Part of the Torrington Base Assault Squad, Galluss-K rolls out a…[View]
20242854Turn A Manga Chapter 22: In case anyone who's interested but hasn't been keeping an eye on…[View]
19990734This is Jin Kappei, the main protagonist of Zambot 3. Say anything about him.[View]
20225419AOZ Reboot Vol 5 Summary: Back with Vol 5 summary. As always not 100% as I do this late at night wit…[View]
20239777/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #2924: Spider's Deal Edition: Previous Thread: >>20237050 …[View]
20215886if i say 'what up my steel jeeg' or 'mah jeegfried', is that racist?[View]
20190390meanwhile at the /m/ animation studio.....[View]
20216504So much for 'never revisiting this part of Macross'. Kawamori you hack. Also, Delta movie thread.[View]
20240184/srwg/ Super Robot Wars General #2098: ***READ THE OP BEFORE YOU COME IN NEWFRIEND*** ***NEW THREADS…[View]
20239664COD: Infinite Warfare: Everyone hated this game but I thought it was the only good entry in the enti…[View]
20213445Is Linkin Park's 'Reanimation' remix album /m/? Shitposting aside, what are some other instance…[View]
20217637ITT: /m/ writes an episode of Exkaiser[View]
20240657i need help finding a show i saw on a other toku thread i saw a while ago the show had a some polic…[View]
20193432Macross vs Muv-Luv: How would the humanity of Macross fare against the BETA in Muv-Luv? Would VFs an…[View]
20235030Asura Cryin': Just finished watching Asura Cryin'. I thought it was mediocre and the chara…[View]
20234024What’s the deal with mini force? It’s power rangers but with little animal mascots? The suits have n…[View]
20218031LoGH: the Fortress v. Fortress season: IT CONTINUES[View]
20235173/sgg/ Symphogear General: Polygamy edition. Previous thread: >>20214504 Symphogear XV+AXZ musi…[View]
20238312Are the Gundam vinyl records worth getting?[View]
20238557SD Gundam GGen: Bros, don't you think that the next game could have original crossover plot lik…[View]
20237669Tomica Hero Rescue Force Episode 1:: https://nyaa.si/view/1445203[View]
20221858When will we get the final season of FMP?[View]
20153084YUUSHA THREAD: Previous thread: >>20059580 Thread about the prime example of Japanese children…[View]
20209896Unpopular /m/ opinions thread, go! -Toku Giant Robo was better than Imagawa Giant Robo. -Shin Tetsuj…[View]
20214883Hey /m/ Dodge this![View]
20228268/ssg/ - Super Sentai General #1089: Previous Thread: >>20214918 >Links for beginners: >T…[View]

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