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/m/ - Mecha

Displaying 90 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
19931036/srwg/ Super Robot Wars General #2009: ***READ THE OP BEFORE YOU COME IN NEWFRIEND*** ***NEW THREADS…[View]
19921694where can i read Gundam CCA High streamer?[View]
19915516Jaspion is the best metal hero.: I've seen all of them. Gaban, Sharivan, Sheider, Jiban, Winspe…[View]
19872381/m/ Drawthread: Happy RX-78 Day![View]
19929298What is the most hated show around here?: From what I've read here, it is Gundam Wing. 99% of /…[View]
19931807/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #2827: Reiwa Best Boi Edition: Previous Thread: >>19929880 >How…[View]
19914998Tactical Surface Fighters: we post TSF's around these parts, boy[View]
19894883KO Century Three Beast Warriors: Since these latest anime seasons have sucked for me, I've been…[View]
19921498As mediocre as Code Geass was, I loved this damn mech. The design is so elegant and badass.[View]
19918477What did Kawamori mean by Zero's ending?[View]
19927521What other media or art is there with this aethetic? Bio-tech Cyber Punk Space Opera? https://www.yo…[View]
19931895Favorite /m/ related endings?[View]
19930848Is it just me, or is the subject of Software/OS usually gets neglected when it comes to discussing M…[View]
19845326BattleTech: In this thread we discuss[View]
19924256Gunpla/Plamo General - /gpg/: ***READ THE GUIDE*** THE GUIDE: http://gunpla.buyfags.moe/ ***READ THE…[View]
19924648Gundam Battle Operation 2 - /gbo2/: The third Anniversary steadily approaching. An new update will b…[View]
19923940which mecha style do you prefer?: Bulky and Heavy suits or Sleek and Fast? I've been debating f…[View]
19921797Xeno Mechs: The Aliens are invading, post examples of truly alien mechs.[View]
19925665No Gainax in SRW 30?: Could the lack of Evangelion, Gunbuster or Gurren Lagann been a legal thing? …[View]
19927820Which one were your favorite, /m/?[View]
19929880/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #2826: Revi and Vice Edition: Previous Thread: >>19928570 >How …[View]
19906743Just found this Vintage Gundam on ebay Is it worth anything?MM[View]
19928570/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #2825: Decade/Revice Bros Edition: Previous Thread: >>19926174 …[View]
19925816Would have they won if they had team work?[View]
19916545What is the ugliest toku hero design?[View]
19927717Time of Eve: You guys watched it? I thought it was a pretty neat OVA. I don't think I've e…[View]
19926848/m/ novels: What are the best /m/ novels? I've started reading again and I'm wondering wha…[View]
19920005Are mobile suits painted with glossy paint? They're occasionally shown to be sparkling, are the…[View]
19914951Kamen Rider Saber - Special Chapter: https://izusubs.wordpress.com/2021/07/18/saber-special-chapter-…[View]
19916144Remember Kamille Bidan: this is him now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9l_4i57686g&ab_channel=C…[View]
19925951/srwg/ Super Robot Wars General #2008: ***READ THE OP BEFORE YOU COME IN NEWFRIEND*** ***NEW THREADS…[View]
19904511Why didn’t the Federation give the Byarlant actual arms instead of making 50 different rip off Zetas…[View]
19926174/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #2824: Brotherhood of T-Rex Edition: Previous Thread: >>19922589 …[View]
19920679/ssg/ - Super Sentai General #1060: Previous Thread: >>19915305 >Links for beginners: >T…[View]
19871542Digimon Thread: The next 5 episode summaries have dropped: https://withthewill.net/threads/25948/ Ep…[View]
19891935Wait... There are no UC characters of mobiles suits in this game? It's literally unplayable[View]
19904459Full Metal Daemon Muramasa: Best mecha eroge will be released in english. Release Date: August 24, 2…[View]
19925131Megaton Musashi: October 1st on air. BS Fuji, Tokyo MX. https://www.megaton-musashi.jp/[View]
19922817I was wondering if anyone had a copy of Andrew WK's Gundam Rock? I recently found out about it …[View]
19914824Why are American Robots so Fucking Hideous?[View]
19918081Cyborg 009 thread: July 19 is Cyborg 009 day Who's your favorite cyborg? What's your favor…[View]
19925229man, I hope this will be a good series https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdhWou9GR88[View]
19911114/M78/ Ultraman Thread - Brutally Murdering Kaiju With Smile Smile Edition: Official Site: [En] https…[View]
19920539Do you anons prefer scientist characters the main or as side characters?[View]
19920145Isn't it ironic: that in the best mecha movie of all time, the mecha aren't even that big …[View]
19922632What are your thoughts on Breaker Mobile and the Breaker series as a whole? Is there still value in …[View]
19923343Front Mission bros?: https://www.famitsu.com/news/202107/20227789.html[View]
19922589/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #2823: The Franchise Deus ex Machina Edition: Previous Thread: >>1…[View]
19923006/srwg/ Super Robot Wars General #2007: ***READ THE OP BEFORE YOU COME IN NEWFRIEND*** ***NEW THREADS…[View]
19922963Mobile armor appreciation thread[View]
199145052000-2010: What are the 'good' 2000s mecha anime shows and movies?[View]
19904473Anybody else watched this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtMusK7Bbd0 this was my first voltron as …[View]
19871442Favorite Zeon suit? For me, it's the Rick Dom[View]
19917169why is fa so awful in this?[View]
19923246/m/ is under attack! a red mobile suit is approaching... It's three times faster than normal![View]
19901111What's Amuro's haircut called?[View]
19913080Is Inspector Gadget /m/?[View]
19917337I just wanted to make a thread about gundam cockpits. What kind of cockpit do you like to see in ani…[View]
19911058L-Gaim: Anyone seen the contents of some of the lesser known artbooks? I always found the setting f…[View]
19873176/prg/ - Power Rangers General #329: Tenga Priest Edition >Dino Fury https://mega.nz/folder/cbomzb…[View]
19823598>really interesting and complex plot >awesome mechs >slow pace but consistently interesting…[View]
19908269>the gun it uses is so powerful, the recoil fucks up the arm after each shot >has a dedicated…[View]
19921162>Super Pilot? More like Subpar Pilot, I can't believe that you actually came from my loins, …[View]
19919529The Big 4 Mecha Movies: The Best Giant Robot Mecha Movies of All Time: The Big 5 actually because of…[View]
19912216/m/ books and novels: I feel like reading something with mechs in it, anything as long as its good T…[View]
19915480Getter Chapter 3 thread. Go![View]
19860928/mlg/ - Muv-Luv General: Yuuko-Sensei Edition >Anime Trailers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lju…[View]
19920922/srwg/ Super Robot Wars General #2006: ***READ THE OP BEFORE YOU COME IN NEWFRIEND*** ***NEW THREADS…[View]
19899975Post the hottest girls in Gundam universe.[View]
19912281Gundam Battle Operation 2 - /gbo2/: A heavy modified variant of the Jegan, The Prototype Stark Jegan…[View]
19918027where can i find a pdf or screenshots of this book?[View]
19913730I don't know half of these....Anyone?[View]
19915259Gunpla/Plamo General - /gpg/: ***READ THE GUIDE*** THE GUIDE: http://gunpla.buyfags.moe/ ***READ THE…[View]
19774991FUGA: Melodies of Steel comes out in July 29th: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbjXMMH0JzI Set in B…[View]
19910917Oh right, I forgot Fire Emblem is allowed on /m/[View]
19911725Crossbones and Astrays: Which series of suits do you prefer including all of their respective varian…[View]
19920705Will she be the one to singlehandedly destroy Amazon if they use a new cast for 3.0+1.0?[View]
19920684It's not always consistent, but I think G Gundam has the best visuals of any of the TV Gundam a…[View]
19917481The dick just makes it hotter.[View]
19920430How do people like Yasuhiko's non-Gundam mangas?[View]
19919447/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #2822: One of These Things Is Not Like The Others Edition: Previous Thre…[View]
19909716In the end was she really that bad?[View]
19920063Where there hygoggs at Jaburo?[View]
19903911Some pages from the G-Saviour manga have surfaced. Rare as.[View]
19906395New IBO manga: So what demon is this?[View]
19911316Was Jerid supposed to be a joke rival from the start? Or did Tomino actually want people to take him…[View]
19915305/ssg/ - Super Sentai General #1059: Previous Thread: >>19907980 >Links for beginners: >T…[View]
19919520AI Generated Mecha Art: Generate mecha art by inputting the description you want. https://colab.res…[View]
19917863/srwg/ Super Robot Wars General #2005: ***READ THE OP BEFORE YOU COME IN NEWFRIEND*** ***NEW THREADS…[View]

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