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/m/ - Mecha

Displaying 102 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
18578186POST UP LIL NIGGA[View]
18577080Worst /m/ girls: Post only the absolute worst[View]
18583003Would you: Fuck your dream wife inside this thing? Would it be considered NTR?[View]
18571361Full Metal Panic: >13 years between mainline entries >looks like shit Is there any hope for no…[View]
18580499Why is this show so hated again? It's about as average as it gets.[View]
18563547Am I getting memed by people saying this is the best Gundam?[View]
18574130So when they finally make that Seed movie, will they have the balls to make Chairwoman Lacus the nex…[View]
18575001Should more Gundam series be about PMCs?: I.e Private Military Companies that fight for hire, fighti…[View]
18573840Was Khyron ever this over-the-top in the original series or was it the localizers fault? Not that I…[View]
18581703Anyone have full scans of the Hobby Japan January 2020 issue? Or know where I can look?[View]
18581087At the end of everything, does Gundam Unicorn really matter? Its ending changed literally nothing.…[View]
18555331Garma Zabi Appreciation Thread- Part 4: 4th edition. Another week, another image limit reached.…[View]
18564013Legend of the Galactic Heroes (LOGH) Episodes 51&52 - Lost Pilot English Dub (w/ ENG Credits): L…[View]
18581668Mecha toys: Rate my mech taste.[View]
18580458Have you stopped Treize from destroying Earth today?[View]
18579163Watching through zeta for the first time and what the fuck is this bitch’s problem what a heel[View]
18580936Why they could not have happy ending? Over 50 episodes and we get fucking Shining Heresy[View]
18580676Space X Launch: Y'all watchin' this shit? SEEEET CONTROOOOLS TO OOOOUTER SPAAACE NOW FLYYY…[View]
18579878he should have used it!: think how powerful the gundam would have been?[View]
18559883>find japanese porn artist >he draw some nice big titties >check his twitter >it's …[View]
18576599Gunpla/Plamo General - /gpg/: To keep the thread clean and civil, please report and do not reply to …[View]
18580823Which show becomes the funniest with the Akibarangers replacing the main characters?[View]
18576364So /m/ Which one?[View]
18580574Discovered gundam after living in shit hole country.: I grew up in a shit hole with no Gundam. I hav…[View]
18574155/M/emorial Day: Since today is Memorial Day. How about we post pics of /m/ characters who died in co…[View]
18580158Does this tube thing have a proper name? It's in Vanquish, various shmups, Mass Effect is set o…[View]
18527291Muv-Luv General: >KimiMuv http://kiminozo.life/ >Muv-Luv Unlimited: The Day After Announced fo…[View]
18579169/krg/ Kamen Raider Ganerel #2378 Even Infinite Looks Better than This Edition: Previous Thread: >…[View]
18575557Toho puts you in charge of making a new Godzilla film starring Bagan as the antagonist. How would yo…[View]
18576516Aeolia Schenberg's plan for human evolution: Hadn't Aeolia Schenberg been killed by Alejan…[View]
18575987You know it's really weird that considering Mazinger Z is a big part of Japan, Europe and Middl…[View]
18553973I've set up my own haman specific folder and i want more[View]
18578635Why do people hate Macross II? I thought it was decent. What did it do so bad that banned it from ev…[View]
18574439Ive been thinking, do mechs even need legs with their jetpacks? Theyre a big souce of drag, and with…[View]
18579424Was it cancelled or did they really intend to end the series at episode 3? I enjoyed it, the charact…[View]
18575927>Nozomi/rightstuf would rather scrape the bottom of the barrel before they release anything SD Gu…[View]
18579160Wait so you're telling me this emo faggot just magics the Zeta on autodesk while he's onbo…[View]
18568354Shockwave guardian of Cybertron[View]
18575654Why did everyone hate Space Battleship Yamato 2202? I just finished it, and it was fantastic and bit…[View]
18577161Tuesday Night /m/edia!: starts in about six hours! tonight it's Vifam 11, 12 Johnny Sokko ep 7 …[View]
18568956Guys I'm having a bit of a midlife crisis. In not insecure about watching giant robot stuff but…[View]
18574571>First episode is better than 7 in is entirety[View]
18571283Alright /m/ it's time to make a life changing decision, Decadriver or Gokaichanger?[View]
18561391New MG Ver.Ka: New Ver.Ka MG next week. What's it gonna be? https://nextphase.bandai-hobby.net/…[View]
18566870The original Mobile Suit Gundam: Hello /m/, I come to you in a time of great need! I cannot find any…[View]
18574973/sgg/ Symphogear General: >Symphogear XV+AXZ music https://mega.nz/#F!mslXBKTT!cKifF2M0HFAdS3eXXo…[View]
18573438F91 looks good in white.[View]
18508005/m/ TTRPGs: Do you guys know any other /m/ ttrpg systems aside from Mekton Zeta? Speaking of, has an…[View]
18571942G Self mod.: Doesn't the G Self look so much better with an actual Gundam head instead of that …[View]
18576298/krg/ Kamen Raider Ganerel #2377 - Lancuage Bucthering addition: Previous Thread:>>18572744 …[View]
18577116Zeta sucks: QUALITY piece of shit compared to 007kino[View]
18573525What side stories would you like to see adapted in the future? I wouldn't mind some nice AU OVA…[View]
18548249/m/ plays Gihren's Greed: Admiral Tianem Campaign: Until I have a more stable set up for my cus…[View]
18574688The GGG fandom is dying, post memes to revive it.[View]
18574842How common were super modes before Transformers/Yuusha?[View]
18572156Due summer 2020. Seriously I can't tell which LBX that is based on. Anyways the mobile game its…[View]
18576199Keep your shit tier waifus I have my Khan Sarah McEvedy, Leader of the only respectable and logical …[View]
18563656Yet another SEED thread: I'm pretty certain after rewatching SEED and Destiny that Kira was mea…[View]
18408464robot girls z / kaiju girls thread post your favorate robot girl/ kaiju girl or crossover photos bet…[View]
18567138HGCE Infinite Justice: >It was a unit built by the Clyne faction based on the data that they seiz…[View]
18576121hey /m/ have any you guys been reading Heart Gear? Not as /m/ as it could be but just enough to be k…[View]
18570540Lunamaria is a whore[View]
18564263Crucifixions in toku: decided to make it a thread out of how common of an occurrence it is in older …[View]
18571163Dozle's Desire: Dozle survives the One Year War, how does this change the Universal Century? Ho…[View]
18572434So DID the Zentraedi wipe out all mankind on Earth? I've been rewatching Macross and I have to …[View]
18570066Monsha is now the MC of 0083[View]
18571333Why did Zeon drop colonies on Earth?[View]
18568143Why all the hate? I thought it was good.[View]
18570235/ssg/ - Super Sentai General #869: Previous Thread: >>18560080 >Links for beginners: >To…[View]
18574788a NEW build fighters, but...: Lets play a little game. you take the idea of the build fighters serie…[View]
185698271 year since gurren lagann lite came out[View]
18531373Sakura Wars: Are you ready for MORE Sakura? Because Sega sure is. https://www.gematsu.com/2020/05/se…[View]
18575470Do nips actually want Late UC or anything close to it?: Banrise said they plan to revisit Late UC ev…[View]
18563789Open ending is an ending which leaves the answer to the questions or story, however important, unans…[View]
18573301eureka seven thread: are the games good, and should i see the films?[View]
18572744/krg/ Kamen Rider General #2376 -Limit Break! Edition: Previous Thread:>>18569176 >How to g…[View]
18573652kuuga thread.: Lets talk about how enjoyable godai is as a main charracter.[View]
18566370Gundam Battle Operation 2 - /gbo2/: The prototype of the AEUG, the Gundam MK.III is ready for battle…[View]
18550937What happened with the ending of this show? It was pretty damn good until the very end where the end…[View]
18574652Battle Scarred[View]
18569632Should I try to endure through zz for her?[View]
18573742Giant Robo: This show is so good Top rated /m/ shows never disappoint[View]
18570963Gunpla/Plamo General - /gpg/: To keep the thread clean and civil, please report and do not reply to …[View]
18574144amuro? do you need to tell me something?[View]
18574554whos your favorate power rangers villianess mines eather nadira or kapri there realy hot to me for s…[View]
18574539anons, we have to take control of this board Combine into Bruticus[View]
18546943/prg/ Power Rangers General #267: Disturbed Zordon Edition >Beast Morphers Season 2 trailers http…[View]
18574016Got into power armor stuff lately, let's have a power armor thread[View]
18573881Name a /m/ series without directly saying what it is. >40% boring, 20% dumb, 20% funny, 20% cool…[View]
18573889When is the Patlabor manga going to be fully translated? I want to read it so badly.[View]
18569005>mecha villain group >is an outright reference to them why is this dynamic so good…[View]
18573042Always remember /m/: Sometimes we all just have to be thankful the people in our lives choose to tal…[View]
18570832/SGG/ Symphogear General: Birthday Wing edition >Symphogear XV+AXZ music https://mega.nz/#F!mslXB…[View]
18561758Victory Gundam: Finally finished Victory Gundam, and oh boy was that finale something. I really like…[View]
18571765Artbook thread: Nadesico Perfect Setting Materials http://bbs.cnmsl.net/thread-141492-1-1.html…[View]
18572957Recommendation Thread, Please Sage: Are there any 70s/80s Super Robot shows with a great overarching…[View]
18565889An experiment: Pick your favourite mecha series. Then pick one you don't like that much. Now sw…[View]
18569307Like him or not, he is the face of Gundam.[View]
18573136So what exactly is a Time Diver?[View]

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