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/fit/ - Fitness

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72940921Goggins vs wim hof: Who is more /fit/? Who has the better feats? Who gives the better advice? What…[View]
72940821This is my body these day Long hours job get me leaner by the years[View]
72923919ITT we post a picture of our gym[View]
72936762Why do people do this?[View]
72938265On a serious note, is there anyway I can heal physically from 29 years of lack of activity, being a …[View]
72939750>started lifting only at 22 >basically wasted my entire life up until 22 being completely sede…[View]
72926939I hate Ray Peat with a passion. This faggot kike who didn't even live long somehow managed to s…[View]
72938524Seriously how the fuck does this happen?[View]
72938718New science just dropped. Why are men such staminalets?[View]
72931865Has lifting changed your life?[View]
72941137Failure has been achieved, thank Hercules: My gymcelbros in Hercules, keep failing.[View]
72939063Lion Chasing Me: >heard that sprinting increases testosterone due to fight or flight > figured…[View]
72937668How do I increase my glutes? I'm stuck at the plateau for many months and I don't know wha…[View]
72940686i get pain in this every time i have a sip of alcohol. is it heartburn?[View]
72940473Cardio thread: I bought a rowing machine and I'm doing 300 reps every morning (10-12 minutes of…[View]
72940882Statements dreamed up by the deranged: 'heightened commitment to exercise' Laughable. Imagine not wa…[View]
72936290Ground beef recipe uses.: My only 3 recipes I use ground beef with are homemade burritos, burgers, a…[View]
72940489Is it rude to film while at the gym?[View]
72937652Should I be worried about this MRI scan?: I got it done some years ago because of a headache due to …[View]
72940701I literally cannot eat or I gain weight metabolism is real, I'm cold to the touch[View]
72940623give me some advice I am skinny (can't post pic rn am at school but kinda picrel) and weak idc…[View]
72939383I've weight under 120-130 pound the past 10 years. I gained 35 pounds this summer in 3 months. …[View]
72939462I drank roughly 1.5 gallons of soda today. I don't think I'm gonna make it bros[View]
72940399Screw keto: Its torture and makes me eat even worse. I can only do a few months before i fuck up com…[View]
72939320How tf do you get to swim 100 meters in a matter of weeks? I joined a swimming club thinking it wou…[View]
72935374Beginner routine help thread: Here's my current plan. I am pretty much an absolute beginner Day…[View]
72939751is there a stupider fit than hoodies with shorts?[View]
72936187My Theory on Optimal training.: I have a theory. “Science based lifters. Tend to be guys who’ve got …[View]
72939619How weak is too weak during an extreme cut? I don't wanna wind up in the hospital. Even though …[View]
72938146Well /fit/, are you SuperAgers?: Or just regular Normal Agers. Huh? You a N'Ager?[View]
72940049>be me, an idiot: >just inhaled food into my windpipe >felt weird sensation in throat >s…[View]
72940050Which one is it, /fit/?: Fit always says >stay lean to age like wine Yet being lean makes you lo…[View]
72940024Chef Pepe's late night thread: What did you eat today anon? How are your gains doing?[View]
72938248Local schizo forgot his meds and fell for the reps meme: I fell for the reps meme. As a DYEL-beginne…[View]
72936839What is most important tip to avoid weight gain as you age?[View]
72938003>sugar is making everyone obese[View]
72937317>the only exercise that will fix all your problems[View]
72939743You need more?[View]
72938974How heavy do I have to lift for the pain to ho away?[View]
72939862what do you do when you notice yourself backsliding on your workout/diet?[View]
72937715Are surgeries worth it?[View]
72937393>supplements? just eat real food bro![View]
72935280Anybody tried a low-med recreational dose of dextromethorpban in the gym? >lets you go beyond you…[View]
72918331Here's that 18-year-old I've been telling you about[View]
72931463How do I eat faster? I eat 5 meals a day and they take me around 30minutes to consume. (Don't s…[View]
72939152>the scientific lifter physique How can I prevent this? Should I just do a brosplit?…[View]
72938505How did Bryan Cranston look like good in BB for someone who doesn't take care of their body?[View]
72938946EU gyms are orderly, superior with hotter girls: Why the fuck is every US Gym so disorganized and a …[View]
72939664/fit/ anons who look like this: Would you let a cute trap rim your muscle butt and rape you anally h…[View]
72938476How does one attract 18 year olds in their 50s? 24yo here I need to prepare for getting old[View]
72939641>bulking >forget to eat for 16 hours so i end up eating everything in the same timeframe how b…[View]
72927931FPH thread: Fat person hate 2: electric boogaloo[View]
72931061Are powershitters incapable of doing anything without momentum?: I was looking up videos of of how t…[View]
72939257is it true your pp gets bigger with weight loss cause of less fat and better blood flow?[View]
72939339my bf is 115lb 5'10, how do I architectmode into getting him out of skeleton twinkzone and actu…[View]
72939472How to get rid of manboobs with excersize: About half a year ago I asked fit bros how to handle my m…[View]
72937429Why are pull-ups so much harder than chin-ups when they mostly utilize the same muscles? And will do…[View]
72928572What makes you feel full? It obviously isn't just calories. I've been eating at maintenanc…[View]
72939412Why gym?[View]
72938702I do bodyweight in the morning, cardio before lunch and weights after lunch. If I only have the ener…[View]
72929898Why should I stay natty in 2024? I've lifted for 1 year and still look DYEL. /fit/ and demorali…[View]
7293778980% of you don't know how to brace properly and that is why your lifts suffer.[View]
72935865How do you support your gym bros?[View]
72938986Why do men raise a better son than women?[View]
72939001I just took some before pics[View]
72938731Autistic reasons why you lift: I lift to become Batman irl so I can infiltrate child trafficking rin…[View]
72937703When is the best time to weigh yourself for the most accurate measurement?[View]
72938116Is it even worth it being natty in 2023? Between birth control in the water and plastic leeching int…[View]
72938357WHEN will powersharters learn???[View]
72938424RIP: How do i into Henry Kissinger mode?[View]
72935254Is it a good idea to start training martial arts? Have they ever helped you out in any way, like wit…[View]
72937948How do I develop an eating disorder?: I need to lose weight.[View]
72938164We should change the standards of 1/2/3/4 because anybody can take roids or bulk, reach it, and call…[View]
72938732>75% protein >less than half the price of beef jerky >cheaper than a premade protein shake …[View]
72933176Im a gym beginner and currently Im going pretty much every day (into my second week now, went 3 days…[View]
72937438“Muh stability”: Why do retards hate on functional compound movements in favor of impractical machin…[View]
72937903hey fit, My low back pain comes back every time I squat. Every time, exactly the same point, my low…[View]
72938526What's the right way to measure your penis, /fit/? And has lifting and a healthy lifestyle incr…[View]
72938206Hamstring Mobility Exercises: Does anyone have some advice on improving hamstring flexibility? I thi…[View]
72914736Monday's Indomitable Spirit: It's the start of the week again, take a deep breath in, hold…[View]
72931172How to reverse aging?: Just looked at the mirror today and saw 2 big ass wrinkle lines on my forehea…[View]
72936368Honest feedback thread: Am i ottermode or what mode is this? Also what needs work for next bulking c…[View]
72932137I love food. But.... I also want to be lean. What's a good fool proof, idiot proof, retard proo…[View]
72936523Extreme cutting: How many lbs can I drop eating 1200 calories a day and adding 2-3 hours of walking …[View]
72932500What are some easy healthy foods?: I know pic related, but what are some good easy filling foods?Sta…[View]
72938257Ok so after a full day and a half of staying awake at last I made the best fucking workout split. It…[View]
72921732Why do zoomers literally believe it’s impossible to deadlift without bouncing the weight off the gro…[View]
72938519brotip: You should be doing every exercise as fast, as heavy, as hard, and as intense as possible fo…[View]
72938127i went to the gym today[View]
72938272Reminder to please leave women alone at the gym when they are working out.[View]
72938212There's a guy at my gym that looks ascended ottermode, probably like 6ft2 190lbs, and he just d…[View]
72938247Is it normal at the gym for no one to talk to eachother? I've been going to the gym for 2 month…[View]
72932449Is Collagen really that good for recovery and rejuvenation?[View]
72937974How do you know?: How can you tell that you're recovered from your last workout and that your l…[View]
72936666Monday is just a big warmup for when the week truly starts next day, no serious lifts have ever been…[View]
72938120How long are your lift sessions? Back/bi's day, my shortest day, is taking close to 90 minutes…[View]
72931655do fitness trackers actually do anything?: I get that they give information like sleep and heart rat…[View]
72938041-maxxing thread: >built like picrel >6’1”, 170lbs since high school, can’t gain a single oz …[View]
72937213>makes your tricep explode in size heh, nothing personnel kid[View]
72937026How do I tell her this year I won't eat any of her christmas pastry, because I don't wanna…[View]
72937752Lifts to assist vertical jump? I’m tired of getting made fun of.[View]
72930865If you go to the gym you support fat shaming. The car is warming up, let's go.[View]
72933716Villano Fitness died at 29 yo: Idk if /fit/ knew about him, but this guy was a big deal in the spani…[View]
72929963What workouts will help me conquer my demons that torment me?[View]
72937501>can do chinups with lmao3pl8 >Bench 2pl8 >Have little twigs arms and skinnyfat body What g…[View]
72935847Which body type is ideal?[View]
72936823How come nobody called out 1STMAN?: The guy got 50k+ in donations for his streaming platform and end…[View]
72931851>Be me, 183.5cm >Go to check my weight, realise I'm really underweight for my height (62.…[View]
72937816what will happen: >be me >6'3 >169 pounds >(((skinny))) fat >decide to eat 1000 …[View]
72937348My 1 rep max for my OHP and squat are the same. How do I fix this? I do squats as often as I do OHP …[View]
72934562>Get PT >See her for the first time >Shes in worse shape than I am How do they get away wit…[View]
72937771I feel healthier, I'm stronger, my skin is nicer, my face looks better, and I get better penis …[View]
72934178HIT bros...: I need a few more days rest, but in my situation I do LISS and sauna 3+ times per week …[View]
72934851Went to the gym in the evening as a NEET: Here are my thoughts: >it's packed >it's …[View]
72937272Shoulder, possibly rotator cuff has been hurt for like 5 months. Can't do bench or press and on…[View]
729362414 Pack Abs: >Cut for the first time ever >Find out I have 4 Pack Abs WTF? This shit Sucks Why…[View]
72924485Meat Increases Longevity: >eat meat >build muscle >live longer >tastes great What's…[View]
72936966See you back at your plateau: >Autistically counts calories daily >Autistically counts reps …[View]
72935823For me? It's corn beef hash and eggs. The best preworkout meal[View]
72929405DO NOT ADOPT THE EGGS DIET: >Be me >Have 170lb Lean Body Mass for a decade >Believe I am at…[View]
72937579What if I just don't wanna eat proteins, or carbs or fats[View]
72937475Is mixing pre-workout, collagen, and creatine all together based or retarded?[View]
72933514You fell for the meme: Time for a little humility. Name a time you fell for a meme diet, supplement,…[View]
72937588>Put the slightest pressure of work on my knees >Can't sleep from the dull pain in the ni…[View]
72937521>shit posture when standing >walk with my knees always straight and extended making sure they …[View]
72935510>You have to hydratearino or you’ll piss calcium rocks chud Who writes this shit?…[View]
72937109Shoulders / Legs / Kettlebells: I need one of you chocolate milk-guzzling autists to rate this progr…[View]
72935671Is this enough for the back? I don't have a seated row or any fancy stuff Every exercise is two…[View]
72935422Are manlets just fucked ? I look like a child no matter what. No lifts change my proportions. Pic re…[View]
72934309The usual sir?: >Destroys your shoulders causing severe pain for weeks on end Heh the usual sir?…[View]
72935715examples of natty High rep vs Low rep training physiques??: Was wondering how Fast-Twitch Vs. Slow-T…[View]
72937001>been gooning since 15 >Norwood 3 at 25[View]
72936419GYM MUSIC: Post some gym music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWcDR00ooOY https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
72932883*mogs yogurt*[View]
72934084>converted my goon cave into a home gym we're all gonna make it brahs…[View]
72937142Bench 315: >bench 215 for 10 >210-220 lbs I'm p obese, I am 5'9 will getting a 315 b…[View]
72936087what is the best tasting and healthiest artificial sweetener out on the market? I'm fine with p…[View]
72936745How to get this body?: How to get body like him? Tell me everything I need to know (exercises, worko…[View]
72936742Suddenly his physique becomes completely unremarkable[View]
72936477You have failed your Squat Who will comfort you during your final breaths?[View]
72936594Anon was rude to me on another board - I cried. To cope, I just ate 6 KFC chicken thighs, 4 portions…[View]
72933311Tips for flunking a bloodwork exam: I want to get on TRT, been experiencing low T symptoms for a cou…[View]
72935618Standing here on solid ground, death is on my mind.: Looking for a reason to leave the world behind.…[View]
72936082name a more effective preworkout protip: you can't[View]
72934259Nobody actually lifts on this board, huh.[View]
72931664Life starts at 12% bodyfat[View]
72895942/fast/ - Fasting General: >What is /fast/? /fast/ is a thread for the discussion of all forms of …[View]
72936830I'm not a /fit/izen, but I'm going no carb in order to curb the unfun-ness of being T1D. I…[View]
72935648Steps to go from left to right? My goal is gosling mode. Cut or bulk first? 5'11 170lbs current…[View]
72936698>Should have just studied hard in college, go maximum nerd/cocoon mode, get a degree in Physics, …[View]
72935966>that post workout Ferrero Rocher bros.. somebody stop me..[View]
72934682NAC=SUCK: i took NAC for over a month and here's my opinion. I don't fucking know if it…[View]
72936067Grandpa is becoming too powerful: My 70+ years old, wheelchair bound grandpa started doing some exer…[View]
72936220just ohp'd 1pl8 for 10 woohoo go me go go go[View]
72934927>Okay babe,u see this guy complaining about having small calves >yeah >Instead of telling h…[View]
72932915what is the diet called that encourages meat and fat consumption and still allows you to eat all of …[View]
72933325Stay flexy: Stay flexy[View]
72936543you want low bf? you're gonna be hungry all day, there's no way around it expend more ener…[View]
72934347>been having a minor sinus drip >wake up this morning unable to breathe out my nose >throat…[View]
72936569>in gym, doing legs >im a big guy (for you) >roll out of the gym like the aforementioned b…[View]
72933436twunk mode: no homo but this kind of zesty lookin slurper is my goal body. what kinda routine (besid…[View]
72936015Is gaining 1kg a month good on a bulk?[View]
72936377I don't wanna do this bench set >205x10[View]
72931942Behold, the best looking keto shill![View]
72936533>2023 >I am forgotten[View]
72934833things dyels say: >you only need to go to parallel when squatting for a full rep! >benching wi…[View]
72936462Last Monday and Tuesday I visited brothels. I had freshly shaved my penis and pubic area. Cut myself…[View]
72936409Does sleep/fapping seriously affect your muscle building ability or is it just a meme?[View]
72936503What do you do after you reach your goal body but you're not living the athlete life you want?[View]
72934995>work out more >get hungrier and eat more how am I supposed to lose weight exactly?…[View]
72936174can (you) consciously lower (you)r heart rate[View]
72932858muscle glycogen replenishment question: Roughly how long does it take for muscle glycogen stores to …[View]
72932667Question thread: /sqtddtot/ thread Hulkamania bacon shoe edition[View]
72933042what is stress and cortisols role in fat gain, insulin resistance: read that cortisol can increase i…[View]
72936239What is the actual right way to cut as a natty? Last time I got to 58kg, 130lbs I had to literally 1…[View]
72936246/dgs/ general: Is there any magic pill or cream I can use to help restore sensitivity to my ding don…[View]
72935585Why does my heart pump like crazy after eating this shit?: Also feels like I have higher body temper…[View]
72935873will testosterone + mewing and jaw exercises help my jawline?[View]
72934083Genetics and Muscle Fibres: How much do muscle fibre types matter, bros?[View]
72934753Been doing pull-ups for a year every other day, but all of a sudden my hands started hurting this we…[View]
72935895bulking and cutting: why is everyone obsessed with it? bulking and cutting are for roidtrannies who …[View]
72933540Is zinc worth taking for vitality/load size?[View]
72929370>Is lowkey one of the best bicep exercises in your path Fuck Curls! Who needs em?!…[View]
72934887You should chase getting stronger not PRs.[View]
72935426I'm not giving one I am taking one I'm not taking any bodys. what am I[View]
72933611I do basically ZERO cardio outside of a 10m jog before my workouts. Will this affect my gains?[View]
72932663We're going to make it bros Believe in yourself and nothing can stop you from achieving your go…[View]
72924750Whats the cheapest, best quality protein for a poorfag?[View]
72935881they extract bull and horse testosterone to make the steroids you inject. this means you are natty b…[View]
72935728Is there a way I can get abs while working around pic related? Is it planks all the way?[View]
72935755This is what a man eats[View]
72935317>already shit cardio gets even worse when bulking why didn't you tell me to do cardio wtf i …[View]
72908078Natty Deer thread: Will boogie die before Christmas?[View]
72933435If steroids are so bad for you, how come Arnold Schwarzenegger has lived to be 76?[View]
72935678Why isn't there a supplement that combines ashwagandha, fenugreek, tongkat ali and all the othe…[View]
72935740My hips are too wide for a male. I got an hourglass figure[View]
72935528I'm buying my own food now, and I'm trying to eat healthy. Should I just order a bunch of …[View]
72932276>didn't peel my potatoes properly, thought washing them was enough >made chicken soup …[View]
729309654chan /fit/ bros, I just ate a Crunch Wrap and Chicken Quesadilla from Taco Bell with Spicy Ranch Sa…[View]
72932415>go to bed early at 21 >wake up at 7 without alarms >still tired and brain doesnt want to s…[View]
72931762Hard lifting didn’t fix my autism No porn are healing my autism more Cherish your dopamine recepto…[View]
72935136whats more hardcore, Muay Thai or Wrrestling?[View]
72935427>tfw my gym went bankrupt >tfw only gyms nearby are commercial gyms it's ogre…[View]
72921705/plg/ - powerlifting general: >programming advice? post s/b/d@bw+height >The official pastebin…[View]
72934519Train your upper back with wide grip rows[View]
72933469Is the toilet paper effect real?: When you lose the last bit of weight will it seem like it's f…[View]
72934661why do people want to live a long time. cant you see how ugly and decrepit this old man is? why are …[View]
72934241I'm switching back to a bro split go fuck yourselves[View]
72931083How do I enter Armored Titan mode?[View]
72932351Optimal female BF%: What's the optimal body fat percentage for a young human female? Convention…[View]
72933196Don't mind me, just killing and eating animals to stay fit.[View]
72931542Day 1 of eating a bowl of oatmeal a day until I stop being such a little fatty[View]
72926531>enter gym >Domain Expansion[View]
72928205Stopped eating pork for 6 months: So my muslim friend on Discord convinced me to stop eating pork al…[View]
72935059I'm not a /fit/izen but am going keto to make easier the management of a rare medical condition…[View]
72933065/DG/ - DYEL General[View]
72929583Jeff Nippard... More like Jeff NIGGER lol[View]
72933953how fucked am I for starting at 22? how big of a mistake was it to not start lifting at like 16?[View]
72930924Everyone should start their journey in the gym by building a solid foundation, ie. getting strong, a…[View]
72930742>Lifting >Single How is that even possible? The biggest difficulty of finding someone is the …[View]
729345243x8 + Top set of 3? Based or cringe?[View]
72933656My legs are really strong but my lower back is not. When I'm deadlifting, I'm able to get …[View]
72933798Stress, the ultimate gains goblin: STRESS REDUCTION THREAD Stress destroys your skin, gains, mental …[View]
72927092>the majority of /fit/ STILL doesnt train their neck lol, lmao even[View]
72934477>get halfway through workout >remember I'm a manlet and this doesn't matter >wan…[View]
72934282Ulnar nerve entrapment: As anyone dealt with pinched nerves? I have ulnar entrapment for about a yea…[View]
72933740I love this bodytype. This is the best physique for most people[View]
72933317Are you a male cardio bunny?[View]
72934336had my first workout today >watch david laid sex tape to get motivated >do zyzz pose in mirror…[View]
72934294So I've been rotating my cardio around before my lifts (you guys warm up before lifting, don…[View]
72930904Opinions? Thoughts? On ray peat[View]
72933425which part of the chest do wide grip push ups work[View]
72934007>did something like this without warming up >now my bottom left abdomen hurts when i laugh/cou…[View]
72933868I've been using these to remove hardened dental plaque for years and every time I go to the den…[View]
72931199Does this happen at your gym[View]
72932558h-HOW MANY EGGS A DAY????[View]
72932596>dick cheese >haven't coomed in a week though how is this possible?…[View]
72932746You have failed your Squat Who will comfort you during your final breaths?[View]
72932852Dietary fat makes you fat. Eat it minimally, enough for absorbing micros; eat mostly protein. Fuel y…[View]
72929418Is metabolism the most important thing in life?: How the fuck do people eat like this and say they’r…[View]
72931243I hate it: >zero sugar item >Read the ingredients >Of course, aspartame, sucralose and/or s…[View]
72933410>don't forget your morning coffee anon[View]
72933347Should people with long femurs who aren't powerlifters even bother with back squats?[View]
72932511I'm turning 30 which means I probably need to start warming up and stretching correctly. How do…[View]
72933642And just like that, the aesthetic of a generation of lifters has been ruined[View]
72932302There's always a bigger fish[View]
72932430Treadmills arent a joke: It's fucking -2°c and raining here and i can't go for a run. Been…[View]
72933564should I get another gym membership: i'm sick of talking to drunk whores at the bars but there…[View]
72932355Neck disability training to walk again will going to the gym help?: Laid in bed for over 3 years cau…[View]
729324811. ur cunt 2. how old were you when you stopped memelifting and embraced exercises for aesthetics in…[View]
72933224My zoomer doctor just told me I have Rizzy Weenis Ligma it's fucking over[View]
72928140Lifting black pills: People treat you differently when you're in shape and have muscles, and I…[View]
72930337How jacked would you get: if you just did pushup situp punching bag and running for a whole year eve…[View]
72923547has lifting helped you live life to its fullest?[View]
72931637just binged on potato chips and ice cream also had a banana with peanut butter it's fucking ove…[View]
72932831why do so many americans have diabeetus?[View]
729322005'11 is the perfect height 6' and greater is too tall and fucks up your health/hormones…[View]
72932656is running good for you[View]
72930051Headaches/Migraines: Anybody have any experience? What's the best way to get rid of them? They …[View]
72928563It's over[View]
72933057/DID/ General: It's almost DO IT! December What are your goals and how are you going to set you…[View]
72921274Is the carnivore diet based or cringe?[View]
72932065Achievable natty?[View]
72932118We know how anabolic steroids are used to enhance muscle building and thus make you stronger, but ar…[View]
72931093Rest Day[View]
72932497Upper body day: >Bench press >Rows >OHP >Weighted pullups Lower body day: >Squats …[View]
72932945Chewing gum: Any recommendations for low calorie, low sugar chewing gum? It helps me to not think ab…[View]
72932367Bros what weight should I be aiming for as a 5'6' to get a waifu?: Any tips or is it over?…[View]
72931898It's over.: https://nutritionfacts.org/video/does-a-ketogenic-diet-help-diabetes-or-make-it-wor…[View]
72932759>'700/500/1000 SBD' >low bar squat >sumo deaflift >excessive back arch bench great job o…[View]
72932756>tfw bench more than I squat Anyone else know this feel[View]
72930853HELP!: any special lifts/diet needed to achieve pic rel, need to get this beach body asap[View]
72930731How do I achieve either of these physiques?[View]
72931179Yoga, stretching and flexibility: ITT: post yoga or stretching guides or videos you can vouche for. …[View]
72931374guys im scared: im going to start going to the gym next month but im extremely inexperienced. not on…[View]
72932369>tfw will always be a 6'4 1/2 (195cm) manlet and will not make the 6'5 (196 cm) cut off…[View]
729316661 billion in cash or the chance to wait this table?[View]
72932610Squats 5x10 Bench 5x10 Chin ups 5x10 DL 5x10 OHP 5x10 Rows 5x10 AxBx[View]
72931940>eat 1 calorie below maintenance or sleep 1 minute less than optimal sleep >1RM goes down by 2…[View]
72930557I love losing weight. I feel so good anons![View]
72932424Natty or not: Bill maeda, idk if you guys know of him but he’s like 55 years old and does mostly fun…[View]
72931710Forget BMI. Waist/height ratio is the true fat measurement. 0.49 here[View]
72930681>Lots of protein >Little to no fat >Cheap Give me (1) one reason based in reality and not f…[View]
72929653yerba: are these bad for you? I've been downing 2 a day for the past semester to get school shi…[View]
72931096My best friend/only irl friend is very overweight (350+ lbs, 5'10'). I've recently got him…[View]
72932353I have covid and feel like I'm freezing should I lift today or wait until I'm better?[View]
72931362Are those EVA foam yoga blocks durable enough to be used as starting blocks in hammer strength machi…[View]
72932387So out of curiousity I had bloodwork done to find out my test levels. They're 6,19 ng/ml. But..…[View]
72927602Is mercury poisoning a real risk or it's exaggerated? I'm going to add sardines(not canned…[View]
72928533>21 >already having problems breathing Are the gains really worth it?…[View]
72927570How to have a dorito back.: Share your advice on growing a giant massive back.[View]
72931964Tall women (>190cm) owe me sex[View]
72930909Arthiritis or partial ACL tear or both?: Years ago now during COVID mania, I slipped on some ice whi…[View]
72931945Who was wrong in this situation?[View]
72931160How can I make my fragile twink body more appealing to hunky gay tops?[View]
72927679Should I do a PPL if I want to bench 225 in a month?[View]
72931000Do you really need deadlifts to get big as a natty?[View]
72931854Ketobros: Ketobros, how come everyone is still obese, I thought it was the sugars making everyone fa…[View]
72930324>knees: wrapped >elbows: sleeved >back: belted >torso: bench shirted >feet: elevated …[View]
72931845How the fuck do I fix this back?: I am already like 28 and 5'6' so I'm guessing im fucked.…[View]
72931697how i increased my height from 173cm to 176cm >173cm (5'8) barefoot in the morning >deadh…[View]
72928042What's the easiest way to workout forearms?[View]
72929481How the fuck does this even happen?: I’ve been at my lightest and heaviest weight in the past 5 year…[View]
72931102>loses bodyfat >jawline becomes visible >'HOLY SHIT MEWiNG WORKS!!!' why the fuck are zoome…[View]
72931723Why wouldn't it be optimal to work out almost entirely with chains? They give you the variable …[View]
729276356% of the American population be like:: >Yeah, I could win in a barehanded fight against a bear…[View]
72930145should i stop eating store bought beef jerky?[View]
72931625How: do I achieve this mode(the guy on the right)[View]
72914961Give it up /fit/, you've been called out on your bullshit.[View]
72931632Could lifting have saved him?[View]
72931611It's not a full day without icing my balls: This is just next level. Share experiences. No beta…[View]
72931423just SHAVE your fucking HEAD stop PUMPING literal mother fuckin' POISON into your body[View]
72931269Atlas Stones: How much does this mog? Seen it in routines and want to try, just have big medicine ba…[View]
72931501Showing up is half the battle.[View]
72917488Why are zoomers so fit? Has social media helped?[View]
72917141Which sport do you think produces the best bodies?[View]
72931233Regular lifting makes you a manlet: >wake up, measure myself, 6'5 1/8 inches >Go to the …[View]
72930254Are gyms becoming more popular? My tiny gym downtown is now super busy at all times and there's…[View]
72931268Are dumbbell routines effective?: I read somewhere that they weren't. For now, I don't wan…[View]
72924898Reminder that the FORCE IS FEMALE[View]
72930761IBD bros.. how are you coping. Are you able to make fitness gains[View]
72931077/fit/ be like >I lift and do cardio because I care about my health >*takes steroids*…[View]
72931183Fact Big muscles are nothing. You need to be strong AND flexible and that does not mean big muscles.[View]
72929972Mewing + weight loss: What y'all bitches think? 3 years process, I think I went from femboy fag…[View]
72926277Who is your fitspo?[View]
72925491Chick-fil-A has been hittin' real different lately[View]
72931092I'm feeling really good and strong, thanks /fit/.[View]
72930893Is this fair?: Im posting this here as I don’t post on any other boards and wanted others opinions a…[View]
72918929Jobs of /fit/: What are some /fit/ jobs? I’ve been doing tech support since I started college 6 year…[View]
72931039Why are zoomers the: /fit/est generation?[View]
72921205Post esoteric fit knowledge: >he doesn't know about clavicle posting >he doesn't kn…[View]
72930615How cure thyroid problem? losing gains: >Be me >19M | 6'2' | 128lbs >Apparently have s…[View]
72929244I followed the keto shills advice and now I'm in the hospital with ketoacidosis[View]
72931020>wide pelvis >high lat insertions[View]
72927538>Feel tired as fuck from cutting >Lazily but start poonching my poonching bag at home gym >…[View]
72930997Muscle gains, cardio losses: >gaining muscle in the gym >suddenly start getting out of breath …[View]
72929780Has anyone here tried the Vince Gironda protein shake? It consists of: >12 oz half & half …[View]
72926261What is the most important muscle for aesthetics, and why is it side delts?[View]
72923130Anything more than this is too much[View]
72930914Hard mewing: How tf do you do this? I've seen like a dozen tutorials but I can never tell if I…[View]
72928919push up thread: roll for last 2 or 3 digits champs[View]
72928722*is the most important muscle for aesthetics in your path*[View]
72928888What stretches do you do before and after your workout?[View]
72928692Most Embarrassing Thing To Happen To You In The Gym?: >gym girl slim thicc is hot but not outrage…[View]
72920767Natural Steroids: You don't need the needle anon pic related is my dinner All of this is less t…[View]
72930839I swear...: I saw the weights move by themselves.[View]
72928448What does 1/2/3/4 for reps actually look like: I've started lifting 3 months ago I want to get …[View]
72924879Do I need to roid for this?[View]
72930840i wish we weren't forced into the gains goblin that is sleeping you could so much more in that …[View]
72928185Heavy singles are best for strength and hypertrophy.[View]
72930393how the fuck do i leave this website[View]
72927957Tennis Elbow: Anyone one here ever had Tennis elbow, or tips on how to heal faster? It started 2 wee…[View]
72929263Dealing with hypermobility: I've been going to physical therapy for CTS. My therapist said she …[View]
72928407What does your gf or wife cook for you when you are bulking?[View]
72930242>small chest and arms >large shoulders >abs Is this the ideal physique? Is chest day a meme…[View]
72912237What melee weapon will lead to the most /fit/ physique? I feel heavier single-handed weapons like th…[View]
72929633What nutrient is missing from western diets that what causes people to eat to obesity? Even low carb…[View]
72929250>destroys your elbows >destroys your shoulders >destroys your neck No refunds…[View]
72930535Bros honest question: Does jelqing cause health risks or is it safe to do?[View]
72930531Why do I get the runs when I have to use the gas station protein shakes?[View]
72930241Hi guys, i was sick yesterday and today, after i woke up, i felt alot better. Should i lift? I want …[View]
72929737Concussion bros, how do you know if you have it?[View]
72924938Unironically what routine do I need to follow to reach this body type?[View]
72923415it's time we normalize gynecomastia. there should be no shame with men that have it. it's …[View]
72928945Drinking water during the night: >don't drink water before bed >awoken in the middle of t…[View]
72930095paging dr. /fit/: I've been constipated 3 times in a row. what's up with that, doc? got a …[View]
72920235new /fit/ waifu just dropped. Leanbeefbrappy is out, Squatever is in[View]
72929230It's cold outside Therefore I do not gym[View]
72930054occipital neuralgia from shit form: Alright guys, I was out the gym for about a month and came back …[View]
72927964CONFESS.: I've eaten 7 eggs today (so far).[View]
72929189Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
72929290How big do you have to be in order to not have to hide your power level and still be desired?[View]
72929103Anybody here dedicate their lives to exercise like David goggins?[View]
72927055FUCK B*sic Fit: >be me >closest gym happens to be that dogshit basic fit >be member there f…[View]
72930087Hey beautiful, just your daily reminder that being even remotely fit puts you in the top 1% bodywise…[View]
72928441anyone have a good alternative to gorilla mode nitric? Need a good no stim pre but nitric is impossi…[View]
72930023Does lifting stifle flexibility? Ive heard some people become less flexible as they gain muscle[View]
72927676>a couple weeks ago was dumbell benching 70lb dumbells >now benching 45lb dumbells feels heav…[View]
72928699How does /fit/ feel about honey? I'm thinking of what to put onto my oatmeal It is basically ju…[View]
72929877I'm tired of being obese and binge-eating: I just threw away all of my snacks. Chips, candy, so…[View]
729298262 years no progress: going on 2 years of lifting and i have no visible progress. Ive done everything…[View]
72929135Chef Pepe's ravioli golem has escaped: I need a hungry powerlifter to eat it. Any volunteers?…[View]
72926463Can someone post a decent routine for me to follow if my goal is ottermode?[View]
72929696Legs | Trunk | Arms: Legs, trunk, and arms. If you want to get bigger and stronger, pick one exercis…[View]
72928839Chewing Gum to Beat Eating Disorder: Hey /fit/, recently fell off hard and gained a fuck ton of weig…[View]
72929102How long did it take for you to get a girlfriend after joining the gym? Me: 8 months on the clock.[View]
72929771Isoluecine: Isoluecine is bad for you. It's probably in your pre-workout[View]
72928676/fit/: So strong I could lift a big chungus[View]
72928021What the fuck happened to me during my workout?: I went to the gym the other day and about 3/4 of th…[View]
72929572https://streamable.com/heoeka I thought I had an alright squat but my par path is really wonky. Why …[View]
72928877>18% body fat >belly protrudes, chubby face and average amount of muscle >8 months left of …[View]
72929565I have gained 15kg/33lbs this year and I still feel skinny as shit. At what weight do you start to f…[View]
72928166You lift for men.: If you lift for women why do you try to copy the guy who has a bunch of 'im strai…[View]
72928640>started lifting about 2 months ago >making pretty steady progress >can still only bench 30…[View]
72929422if dht is useless after puberty than why inhibiting it makes my dick go soft?[View]
72924588Don't tell me, you need more, right?[View]
72925762I'm not going to eat a lot. SORRY!!!!!! Hahahhaha!!! I'm never going to get fat! Hahaa!!!!…[View]
72927187Why do women do this pose?[View]
72926648HELP! Super slow progress on bench press?: I'm going 3 times a week, benching every day of thos…[View]
72927387insane random foot pain?: >just finished a core workout >stretching >suddenly insanely bad …[View]
72929016What the hell are these bumps on my arms and how do i get rid of them?: These appeared all over my a…[View]
72929303who else gives unwanted advice to people to waste their time and make them unsure if they’re doing t…[View]
72927480Why did he have to leave us, bros.... Miss him so much[View]
72926310meanwhile, in 60s /fit/: >negroes are allowed in the gym now let's learn some new techniques…[View]
72929277How much of a deficit for cutting: /fit/, how much of a deficit do you go into for a cut to avoid mu…[View]
72929078>Do 2 sets to failure >When in the first set you can do more than 15 reps you move up the weig…[View]
72927232If I eat this everyday for breakfast, can I just ditch protein powder?[View]
72926542>Tall nigga(6'8 has the same shoulder width of the dwarf(4'something Do Lanklets really…[View]
72927713milo of croton: this guy apparently lifted a calf everyday until it was fully grown has anybody ever…[View]
72925057>up my daily protein intake >starting having the most painful, wettest, most BURNING diarrhea …[View]
72927943>you should suffer for the sake of suffering, masochism le good lol what is wrong with this retar…[View]
72929015are height increasing heel inserts and shoes based or cringe for a heightcel? even if you pick up a …[View]
72925776Do you change your diet in winter to stay warmer?[View]
72928773Sports Injuries in your 30s: Should I just give up?[View]
72928908How do I cope about model tier guys at the gym?: I'm fairly dyel but getting there. People resp…[View]
72928236I think lifting gave me perianal hematoma How do I make sure this doesn't happen again.[View]
72926118are dry hands just inevitable if you work out?[View]
72928715What would /fit/ have done in this scenario?[View]
72915264Is ozempic too good to be true?: No sides? Now fat people will just be able to lose weight?[View]
72927850love this lil nigga like you wouldnt believe. Whats the catch?[View]
72928765I have to take a medication that increases my prolactin... how bad is excess prolactin for fitness …[View]
72928548How do I get a stronger core? I've noticed that my weak core is holing me back in a lot of my l…[View]
72927895I need to quit weed. I've been using it heavily for the past 6 years. I get disparate answers o…[View]
72925408Viriculture book: What happened to the Viriculture book? It had a ton of good information on diet, …[View]
72927824Stop exercising[View]
72928075>TFW gained 10 lbs over the Thanksgiving holiday How bad was your thanksgiving weekend in terms o…[View]
72928474>4th year of lifting >1-2kg potential of muscle gain…[View]
72927344Can I make gains lifting at mid intensity?: Or do you have to lift like you are going to die at ever…[View]
72925282Wait, so I been wasting my time doing cardio like a dingus!?!?[View]
72925132Fixing my sleep: It's 6PM today, I jost woke up and I'm tired of this shit, it's ruin…[View]
72925044/fit new years comic: What could SIR put in this years’ comic that is actually good? This year is ju…[View]
72926271Starting from Zero: Hello /fit/, first time posting here so you already know I'm desperate. I…[View]
72924567why do bodyshitters look so weird and odd compared to actual athletes? you can tell when a physique …[View]
72920023Which way, brown man?: Choose.[View]
72925985Is a daily beer and 5-7 whiskies with coke on Saturdays bad for you?[View]
72928319oxygen concentrators: If hyberbaric oxygen therapy works, couldn't using an oxygen concentrator…[View]
72907434'No carbs, only meat': Is the carb fad coming to an end? Even athletes are realizing that meat is b…[View]
72926694The dyel fears the canned fish eater[View]
72928282Did anyone else desire to jerk off completely evaporate after nofap? I don't even think I did a…[View]
72917616It's crazy that people can lift all these heavy weights but can't reach beind their back. …[View]
72927657Angermaxxing: >angry about a recent social situation >thinking about it nonstop >hit the g…[View]
72928191Fucked my right knee up and have 3 complex tears in the medial meniscus. I've done PT for 6 mon…[View]
72926354Femmaxxing: Hi, 6’2 100kg here. I was wondering what are good leg workouts to make ass and thighs st…[View]
72928126Cut vs Recomp: Need your advice fellow fitizens! I currently weight 230 pounds at around 30% bodyfat…[View]
72922797So how can I fix my physique? I'm a security guard at a factory so I barely have time to work o…[View]
72927908>just get lean bro! >end up looking scrawny with no muscle Is the 'just get lean bro' thing a …[View]
72921195Is natty lifting a meme?: I lifted for a full year and, like, nothing happened[View]
72925481i can't train brachiradialis on my right arm, why: I've have had this 'injury' on my right…[View]
72927678I have IBS but it's mostly controlled if I eat well. However, I have found that it gets trigger…[View]
72924803>develop exercise routine >manage to actually maintain it >feel better, lose fat, gain musc…[View]
72925774This 16yr old girl does a 42kg turkish get up Are polish people made of iron? https://www.youtube.c…[View]
72925037There's 1 guy making tons of threads on this board on a daily basis and literally none of them …[View]
72924476Can we put to rest the 'lifting weights is easier for manlets because work=distance+weight' That is …[View]
72924052Hey Bros, Back in 2012 I first came to this board, back when scooby was just getting huge. Back when…[View]
72902592Stupid question thread: Qtddtot Shear forces on the knee edition[View]
72926114Late evening workouts and sleepmaxxing: I have a high pressure job, for which I need to be well rest…[View]
72927345Melatonin: Do you take it? How does it affect you? Personally, I'll take it if I absolutely can…[View]
72896175Gym Enemies: The female receptionist[View]
72925941Overtraining experience: How tf do some of you guys train 5+ days a week? Sweetspot for me is about…[View]
72927430Hello frens, can I get a quick rate on my routine? I feel like I'm doing way a bit too much bu…[View]
72927753Why di'n't you tell me sardines are the perfect keto food? A good source of calcium. What …[View]
72924579Feel Good Gym Music: I’ll start[View]
72926699>tfw just got too fat to care about trying to lose weight How do I get back on track /fit/bro…[View]
72913767fph- fat 'people' hate: >ctrl f 'fph' >no results let's do this…[View]
72924971>lifting doesn't make women bulky--ACK[View]
72927458Low Temperature Interference: Hi so i've been losing 1-2 pounds a week this year. None of my li…[View]
72927496Grips for Deadlifts: How many should I variate with?[View]
72927181Why do I lift more at the gym? >be me >lift with a concrete barbell that's around 37kg …[View]
72926016Scott Herman = natty limit: He is the limit for non-enhanced lifters. And to be frank, who needs to …[View]
72925235My legs have well defined and well sized muscular yet I still never wear shorts in the gym because: …[View]
72926523*destroys your shoulders*[View]
72922961HOW: Is is possible this guy’s OHP is only 65x3? How can you be so big and still so weak? I started …[View]
72924258>drank 500ml of beer is it over for my gains?[View]
72924960does chronic high cortisol make fat loss more difficult or is that just cope people use: here that c…[View]
72924557Dick Bigger After Lifting: After lifting more consistently for 8 months, people now say my dick is b…[View]
72927370Eugenics real?: I men if i want my son to be great lifter i need to fing girl whose dad was great li…[View]
72927116Do I need to lose weight[View]
72923121Hello /fit/ please rate my routine. It's kind of a combination between SS and /r/bodyweightfitn…[View]
72924940>here's your elite lifting coach bro[View]
72924925how do YOU train legs?: I've put a lot of thoughts into my upper body routine and have been tre…[View]
72920054Opinions on Wim Hof? My co-worker told me about him and said his method makes him sleep better. I wa…[View]
72926807which one was /ourguy/?[View]
72923744Are fit guys more forgiven for their social fuck ups?: Let's say someone like guy on left says/…[View]
72910449What's the craziest shit you've ever saw in your gym? for me it was two kids fighting each…[View]
72923625Have you ever tried eating eggs the way the German bad guy in Duck, You Sucker does?[View]
72924817DMT is a PED[View]
72925499Is running a 5K the 1/2/3/4 of rooning?[View]
72926968Is this achievable natty?[View]
72925809Is it possible to reach a point where you can't cut calories anymore? I've been strugglin…[View]
72923905>go to physical therapist for back/neck pain and poor posture >she tells me I have the weakest…[View]
72925152Is quitting caffeine worth it, if I keep it less than 400mg a day per FDA recommendation? Any downsi…[View]
72926345I can't take eating eggs anymore[View]
72904841Exercises to cure bulging L5 disc[View]
72926194Sapiensbros…: It never began for us[View]
72926785When you masturbate with maximum intensity. The amount of time you need to recover from each session…[View]
72912702CBT - Current Body Thread: Last thread >300 replies[View]
72926183Why do old school bodybuilders have angled aesthetic chests while modern ones have round ugly ones.[View]
72922646>eats your flesh[View]
72926679Have you used smelling salts in the gym?[View]
72923322How do I get massive fore arms? I got a watch for birthday and it looks like shit on my twig lanklet…[View]
72901348pushup thread: You know the drill[View]
72919875>lifting for girls doesn't wo--ACK[View]
72918507How do I avoid look like right if I decide to take steroids? If I lose my hair, my life is over.[View]
72926287How do people jog in the winter? The air is so dry it feels like I'm desiccating my body from …[View]
72920509dunno man: compared to roiders sam looks pretty natty[View]
72926236Is cheese /fit/ approved food?[View]
72925581>Crush made out with her overweight manlet boyfriend in front of me >Think about that image ev…[View]
72926290Is this a decent starting routine? How long should I do it before moving to something more complex?[View]
72923145*destroys your lower back*[View]
72925417Is leg lengthening a W?: https://twitter.com/Malcolm_fleX48/status/1729327754640859281[View]
72925868Started working out last week. Today, I bought myself Tri-Creatine Malate. After reading up, I reali…[View]
72925663/fit/ peaked here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kf4rk8Lz5xY[View]
72925682/fit/ apps: Lots of crap on the app store. What are some no-BS, preferably free (though not strictl…[View]
72926110>it's leg day[View]
72926043How do I get faster: I walk to work and want to cut down the time by running mach speed[View]
72924458>tfw perma itchy anus[View]
72926049If you’re trying to roadmap your current fitness goals, your timeline should look like this: 1. Get …[View]
72925821Alex Eubanks done?: I noticed this dude got over 1.2 mil subscriber yet only getting like 20-50k vie…[View]
72925455>I'm fat because I'm poor! fucking what[View]
72922913This is the retarded kind of programm that the jew Mike Israetel sell for 120 $ Say something good a…[View]
72924531every time I lift, my stomach starts burning and i feel varying levels of nausea, even stuff like du…[View]
72923384Why you resting?: Im not resting[View]
72910513/fat/ - Fat Loss General: /fat/ - Fat Loss General Back on Track Edition >Who is /fat/ for? For g…[View]
72923287I am sick of /fit/ manlets with tiny T Rex arms telling me that 1 plate OHP is easy[View]
72925611What are the best lifts to strength my lower and middle back? I have this irritating pain my my midd…[View]
72923180Every single woman I've seen in my gym will come in, do this for 30mins then leave. What is the…[View]
72911756I seriously hope you manlets don't do this[View]
72925158What diet should I follow to achieve this physique?[View]
72925192Behold! The low carb meme guru: Listen to this goblin man, he obviously knows health better than any…[View]
72925402Cardio: why is it so boring?[View]
72919022What the fuck do I eat for dinner?: What are you supposed to eat at night? Eating carbs seems like a…[View]
72922565>lower back pain from squats I'm a beginner and I'm wondering if my core is just too we…[View]
72924516Exercising with a medium/longterm foot injury: I fucked my foot pretty bad and can't do my regu…[View]
72925098Another one bites the dust[View]
72923573how to fix lazy eye?[View]
72923275>drink protein shake too close to bedtime >have a stomach ache all night and can’t fall asleep…[View]
72923627Isoluecine: Isoluecine is bad for you. It's probably in your pre-workout.[View]
72924926Question for Midnight Lifters: Why do you do it? Aren't you tired?[View]
72922815Bros how do I get in to the routine of running: I want to lose my stomach fat but can barely run at …[View]
72923141Just deadlifted 100kg for the first time today. Last week I was just getting started deading 80kg. A…[View]
72923226Will you jump on roids/TRT if you're still lifting at 50+?[View]
72923048does anyone have any 3 days/week routine WITHOUT legs at all? fuck legs.[View]
72924115The king is back[View]
72923741are these vitamin supplements enough? im taking these daily, just chug & forget should I be doin…[View]
72923288how can I stop being addicted to gum: it gives me the shits and is becoming too expensive (thanks bi…[View]
72924051Anyone else mostly exercise for health/longevity? What do you do? Some ways my routine deviates from…[View]
72923899Have fun at the gym today anon!: Lift big ok?[View]
72919674I know you've all seen the video at this point. Did he deserve to get banned?[View]
72923684Can anyone explain why Brazilians are so much more fit than anywhere else in the world?[View]
72920711How would you define a healthy diet?[View]
72924396Is it normal for cardio to stop spiking appetite[View]
72924066Is this the fate of all roidfags?[View]
72924058Ate too much again[View]
72923519Chinese legalism may be the most /fit/ approved philosophy. It just about punishment and farming.[View]
72922873This is the body of a man on keto. This man has written 3 bestselling books on ketogenic diets, fast…[View]
72923616Insulin Resistance: What's better for reversing Insulin Resistance? Low fat vegan or low carb k…[View]
729237452024 will be my fitness year. I just know it.[View]
72923601>28 days of NNN >lifts all well below PR now >all my retention got stolen in a dream last n…[View]
72923778Is it okay do an arm & legs+back & chest split? I feel like it's the best way to utiliz…[View]
72922420whelp it's official, I have - dyslexic - dyscalculia - autism - ADHD - binge eating disorder -…[View]
72923757Going grocery shopping this weekend: What can I get that's not chicken/broccoli/rice?[View]
72923377when you stand straight do your arms fall straight or away from your body?[View]
72923505High rep push ups and squats for cardio[View]
72922937Fasting is fucking retarded.: > Be me. > Listen to fucking retards. > Decide on Monday th…[View]
72921757I don't want to be a bodybuilder, I just want to be ottermode. Two questions: A. Get away with …[View]
72923610>accidentally drank a half gallon of vodka >again why did i do it bros i know its not good fo…[View]
72923735normal person >squats to build quads >deadlifts to build posterior chain powerlifter >squat…[View]
72922052I'm kind of annoyed the gym is the only thing I've ever been dedicated to. I'm the ki…[View]
72923239high bar squat >fucks up the knees low bar squat >fucks up the lower back Heh, nothing personn…[View]
72921340Mike Mentzer was literally right about everything: This exercise has given me the best burn I'v…[View]
72923217Lost newbie here: For context I'm a 18yo, 70kg 176cm I'm skinny fat, and I figured out tha…[View]
72921553>sleepmaxing + nofap for 3 weeks >clear skin, hotter face, eye contact with chicks, mired all …[View]
72914874Can't hide the booty from me!: Hi, so I'm starting at the gym again tomorrow, and I'v…[View]
72916966post em[View]
72923533How many eggs do you drink with your protein shake?[View]
72921258dopamine detox - are they bs or real: readin into dopamine - serotonin interactions its very complex…[View]
72922825Am I honorable rice Greek ?[View]
72922773I do not feel RDLs in my glutes What do I do[View]
72919396>guy loses 175lb's in a year >starts at 340 and ends at 165lb's I'm not wrong f…[View]
72923330Is it ever worth for a normie to cut below pic related if my goal is just pussy? Or am I just a lazy…[View]
72918858>drink alcohol >enjoy life >take caffeine >suddenly can't enjoy life Am I doomed to…[View]
72923177What does /fit/ think of pic related?[View]
72923137I lift so I can be able to kill a man with bare hands It's because I was bullied and outcast in…[View]
72922958Gain Muscle I’m a 19 year old male, 6’2 and weigh around 180 pounds. I’m hoping to gain as much musc…[View]
72922947holy fuck: How can I lose 100 pounds in this 2024? >23-24 year old male >220 lbs >ideal 130…[View]
72922305This thing is just a gym but fun.[View]
72921080>be me, non lifter >do push ups a lot as my main exercise, can do 100+ in a single set >dec…[View]
72915387Why do so many tribal african men seem to have gyno?: I've realized tons of tribal africans wit…[View]
72920963I squated 285 and it felt heavy: The weight is getting up there where the novelty of the workout has…[View]
72914994Is he right again, /fit/?[View]
72921653I am 5’5 girl who weighs around 120-125 pounds. I want to lose weight around my waist and grow my gl…[View]
72922857Bulking recipes: Looking for recipes (or just ideas) for bigger meals like lunch/dinner pls They don…[View]
72921389MAGNESIUM: Just bought 400mg magnesium pills, which is the upper limit of what I should have per day…[View]
72918488>Yeah yeah TOMORROW im gonna change my life >easy peasy >Oh well okay this time for real TO…[View]
72922863Bros can i get a gf with this bad posture as a 5'6'?: Bros does going to the gym help with this…[View]
72922761At the gym touching in white women[View]
72919738Achievable natty?[View]
72922544Protein: How many grams of protein does per gallon of a milk jug have?[View]
72916957Crash dieting: I want to preface this thread by clarifying a few months ago I sorted my shit out, I’…[View]
72922804>day 11 of omad (minus 1200ish calories daily) >work physical labor job 11h a day 6 days a wee…[View]
72922296Can’t progress the deadlift: I have been doing fine until I hit 130 kg. First two times I only manag…[View]
72922741Why is it easier for me to get ripped in my early 30s than it was in my 20s. Made more progress in t…[View]
72915252Anyone noticing he's slowly getting more into HIT?[View]
72906905name more useless exercise[View]
72922448I understand why people in the south do this. It's literally an electrolyte thing. If you are s…[View]
72921397Yes she might be slightly overweight, but is she natty?[View]
72922570Alcohol health: I've got a health question. Say I drink 4L of strong beer in a night. I'll…[View]
72921383>buys $300 equipment >literally just thin metal sheets welded together Fuck y'all bitches…[View]
72921602I eat my vegetables because my mom always told me to. Simple as.[View]
72922402Workout routine: New gym goer here, Want to increase my physical performance, don't care about…[View]
72922308>rape fantasies are back lifts for this?[View]
72919649life starts 12% bodyfat[View]
72920265>sit down >immediate lower back pain how do I fix this…[View]
72920987What's a good calisthenics routine?[View]
72920307fitness dick in yo mouth: lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooo[View]
72921686>start doing exercises near a qt >she leaves and goes to a machine >it's next to the …[View]
72921257>I think benchpress is a cool exercise[View]
72919528Is sleeping 5-6 hours a day fine if I feel great: >start sleeping 5-6hrs instead of the usual 8 …[View]
72922061Why do online influencers think they know more than doctors and nutritional experts? Half of social …[View]
72922309was this nigga the original demoralizer? main site he frequented was a bodybuilding forum[View]
72919753Is eating carbs and walking a lot the secret to longevity?[View]
72922034>eat everything on your plate >starving africans would love to eat this…[View]
72922037The gym is a place.: Where people work out. But they work inside. Explain? (outdoor gyms don't …[View]
72922021>For some reason, I couldn't fall into sleep tonight[View]
72922102Reminder if you have this condition as a man you are made for taking dick >t. Kyphosis chad…[View]
72922192Achievable natty?[View]
72917872What routine should I follow to reach this bodytype?[View]
72921368Body Dysmorphia: How do you get an accurate self-view of your body? A few years ago I was lifting 6x…[View]
72922162'ocko on the 'log[View]
72918643Why does everything that gives you pleasure bad for you? What kind of a miserably hell-scape do we l…[View]
72911439My 10yo little bro wants to lift but I'm scared he's going to destroy something by being a…[View]
72921999How do I become fit like NJPW star Tanahashi when he was younger?[View]
72922000>2024 >not toe maxxing ngmi[View]
72912281Why is sugar from fruit considered good while sugar from everything else considered the devil itself…[View]
72919737Everything is a main exercise. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cE8aIDJ-T3k[View]
72915362Gynecomastia non-surgical solutions: Male hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone) has been known since the…[View]
72921280I havent slept a single hour. Should I still go for my morning run? It's 6 am and snowing outsi…[View]
72919986Clarence Kennedy programs: Have any of you tried any of Clarence Kennedy's programs? if so, how…[View]
72921866I've been losing weight for about a year. 160lbs. I have a core under this flab. How long until…[View]
72920830Anyone else imagine their pillow is a cute girl that loves them and that they live a long and beauti…[View]
72921882how do I become strong like Kiryu? Keep in mind, he was only 20 in Yakuza 0 and wasn't as power…[View]
72911349/HGG/ Home Gym General: /hgg/ actual - no Troll edition Something old? Something new? Something borr…[View]
72921490>Enters the gym >BREATH IN BREATH OUT >BREATH IN BREATH OUT…[View]
72921683the superior lifeform speaks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AsyqJODrrw[View]
72920836Is there a greater natural test boost than lesbian porn?[View]
72920112Hate against jews is up by 388%: How do I increase lifts? I've got rookie numbers. Does quantit…[View]
72921622>you did a one hundred pound death lift anon? i'm glad you're getting stronger but be r…[View]
72917525alright give me the non schizo-extremist version, what is a 'healthy diet'? No more than one sentenc…[View]
72919716why do you guys dislike squats?[View]
72921496How many standing ab wheel rollouts could you do?[View]
72910943/plg/ powerlifting genera: Kimcel shoes edition.[View]
72915149after being sober for 20 days, im going to drink around 14 beers tonight. how fucked am i? i dont ev…[View]
72918985>Stop eating fast food >Start cooking all my meals >chicken, meatballs, pasta, rice, steame…[View]
72917608Obese 21 year old: What the fuck do I do? I’m a naturally skinny person (skinny legs) but I overate …[View]
72921453>be fit,tall and handsome >teramog every subhuman when you go outside >exodia tier lifefuel…[View]
72919512>lmao 1pl8 OHP 5x3 IGMI[View]
72919445How do you feel when you see a man who is in better shape than you are? Do you feel inspired or jeal…[View]
72919167i need more testosterone how do i do it? i dont want small balls btw[View]
72921323KETO IS THE WAY: Source: This post.[View]
72918984so my buddy's havin a mid life crisis. Decides he wants to be a fire fighter. I said a fire fig…[View]
72921304>mommy bought me the ol' creatine monohydrate Now Xing NattyCity[View]
72921273>muscle ups >weighted dips >posing shirtless in the mirror Fuck I love being a lean Cali ch…[View]
72918922Daily reminder that being even remotely fit puts you in the top 1% bodywise and people DO notice tha…[View]
72921168How do I voicemaxxx: I want to scream like vidrel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEz53tLYxc4…[View]
72920920Is it better to go more intensely at the start of the workout and ease off towards the end[View]
72920903>former fat/chubby fuck >lose 40lb, feel good about my body for the first time in my entire li…[View]
72921146BJJ, Fitness, S&C: Why dont BJJ athletes take lifting seriously despite the demands of the sport…[View]
72919703Bread: Why do so many of you have a problem with bread? If I can fit in with my daily macros, what’s…[View]
72920954my calves are bigger than my biceps[View]
72918625>2 years into lifting consistently >suddenly every leg day recently I feel the sickening urge …[View]
72920284are nightshades bad or is that a meme?[View]
72920871/walk/ general. I haven't done an hour long walk since like two years ago and both my feet are …[View]
72920547What is the best routine or frequency to grow arms significantly?[View]
72919286why are kettlebell swings so amazing bros??[View]
72916943what's with all the hate for keto I thought keto + walking was good for fat loss[View]
72920919These are the losers telling you not to eat meat: Here's a txitter link because I know you like…[View]
72920877What will happen if I do 100 of these 3 days a week and lift the other 3 days a week with one off[View]
72920056steroids in austria - where to get them: its basically in the title, anyone who ordered some or know…[View]
72917745Thoughts on cheat days?[View]
72920400>started lifting at 22 Ill have a good body by the time Im in my late 20s Ill ALWAYS be known as …[View]
72920824>switched my cardio to bag punching at gym >look and sound autistic because of how much noise …[View]
72915797*gives you massive, juicy arms*[View]
72920071How do I get big shoulders?[View]
72916192I sure love sprinting -ACK![View]
72919118Metformin: frens, just start using it. I don't have diabetes btw Anyone with any experience wit…[View]
72920634How's my diet look guys? Anything I should fix? I eat these meals every day but meal 2-4 I…[View]
72898335The macros of a thin crust pizza are not even bad. Why is it considered such a junk food?[View]
72919911Are there any female bodybuilders that are natty?[View]
72919710Would my fast be broken if I drank one of these beauties?: Just curious to know what you guys consid…[View]
72914030This is a good photo rebuttal for those who claim one shouldn't lift if they don't have th…[View]
72909632Which martial art is the best?[View]
72919352Achievable natty? Also, fictional goal body/inspo thread.[View]
72920344I wanna be skinny: Been a fat fuck all my life. I have been losing weight for 2 1/2 months and I…[View]
72919410Let's be honest, the Tom Platz style was the best style to build muscle[View]
72912252>boosts test >boosts cognition, mood and motivation >suppreses appetite >no tar, smoke o…[View]
72913403ATHLETE Training General - /atg/ - First Ever Edition: A thread for those who play sports, and socce…[View]
72919845I used to think he was small, now I realize he physiquemogs 95% of this board[View]
72917831I benched 0.5pl8 today.[View]
72911964>He thinks CICO is a myth[View]
72913225How do I get over my irrational fear of getting a heart attack everytime I work out[View]
72919600I did 45 minutes of only push ups today.[View]
72909105Is Patty an actual midget lmao like what the fuck[View]
72919971Anyone take Holy Basil? I found this study that said the testosterone of rabbits went off the charts…[View]
72917246Barbell or Dumbbells for shoulder?: If you had to pick ONE shoulder exercise only for the rest of fo…[View]
72918888Do you guys ever buy food from Facebook marketplace?[View]
72918904>going in for an unnecessary ekg so i can take off my shirt in front of the cute nurse…[View]
72917566How’s your winter bulk going?: You are tracking your calories… right?[View]
72918611It's almost 2024 and his physique still undisputed.[View]
72917407>Ambition. Yes. Good frame...Yes. Insecurities about your height. You'd make an excellent ro…[View]
72916065Ascended ottermode: How do I achieve this as a natty? I've been lifting for 2 years but I look …[View]
72916406So how are carbs bad for you again?[View]
72919474Working out sick: Im sick. I went to gym today and failed 3pl8 bench cause of it (yeah im coping har…[View]
72918258How tf do i get bigger arms[View]
72917013why is working out and having a good physique associated with the right wing[View]
72915427i'm on 1 gram of DNP: AMA 4cvck[View]
72917152can anyone else constantly feel blood rushing in the back of their neck and behind their ears? every…[View]
72916543When did you realize that 1/2/3/4pl8 is DYEL territory still?[View]
72918838Is it even possible to get a gf while being obese[View]
72903706Feels Bar: Post-Holiday Edition: Bar is open, what will it be?[View]
72917670Calculating TDEE: I got really sick and lost 10lb, and had already lost 25lb this year 160 -> 135…[View]
72918461I did Triceps, chest, and shoulders yesterday: Going to do legs, back, and biceps on friday[View]
72918618Covid just hit me: Probably caught it friday night. I'm sleeping over 18 hours daily, barely le…[View]
72913176End of year goals? Wanna get to 2pl8 bench by new years, currently 82.5x5[View]
72918948People have been making fun of me for having big shoulders and a thick neck. I'm not fat, I don…[View]
72918047Do you guys specifically train abs or just do compund exercises and cut down to low bf? not sure if …[View]
72914931Stop training legs, sperg.[View]
72917325bros, I ate 90 grams of chips today[View]
72914288>squat >bench press >overhead press >deadlift >3x5, increase weight when you can do 1…[View]
72917112Does being fat change your fat distribution?: Does your fat come off differently than it went on? I …[View]
72909515Do I look like I lift in clothes?[View]
72917056>decide to start doing a few sets of abs after every workout >2nd day after lower body workout…[View]
72916888How much knee burning pain is acceptable/expected while cycling? >t. switched from running to cyc…[View]
72918350Are those 'McGill' style single rep pull ups worthwhile if you mainly do bw work and can already do …[View]
72918612I want to do standing ab wheel roll outs in my circuit but the sweat makes me slip Tips?[View]
72918132What exactly is it that attracts so many mentally ill people towards veganism?[View]
72917946Is this a good training program?[View]
72918546It's OHP day![View]
72915231Thoughts on powerbuilding? I'm going to check PHUL out, but not so sure about it[View]
72917789Thought about skipping gym today. Will do calisthenics instead. Thanks for reading my v-log.[View]
72918567For years ive been suffering from pins and needles in my hands/forearms after any activity that invo…[View]
72917286/tbm/ Testosterone Boosting Methods: List things that you do that increase testosterone. Do not lis…[View]
72918479I admit it: I say CICO doesn't work because I don't want other people doing it. The more p…[View]
72918369To go or not to go: Hello /fit/, So i am a fitfag a poor (=don’t have a lot of money) ectomorph one.…[View]
72916778>fell for no nut November meme >lifts are dropping significantly >no energy >nipples pu…[View]
72916873So let me get this straight. In order to lose weight you have to burn more calories than you intake…[View]
72917772Esoteric fitness: Give me esoteric fitness knowledge, redpills and unpopolar opinions.[View]
72917260is shampoo bad for your hair: besides hair loss, i mean does it make your hair dry, worsen hair qual…[View]
72913768how do you grow forearms without getting tendinitis?[View]
72915998Is it any good?: Beginner: Monday: Barbell Squats 2x6-8 + DB curls 2x8-10 Dips 2x6-8 + DB rows 2x10-…[View]
72918237Only have carnal relations once every two weeks: Otherwise your body will not have time to recover a…[View]
72917122>enter gym woooaaahhhooohhh oohhhh ... I'M WAKING UP. TO ASH AND DUST. I WIPE MY BROW I SWEA…[View]
72910734Is there an inverse of looksmaxxing?[View]
72918276Anybody here ever get their jaws fixed? I have a recessed mandible and moderate sleep apnea and my d…[View]
72917820How did he do it?[View]
72914557ITT: Supplements 0% of people need[View]
72916761Is 3 reps for 5 sets the same as 5 reps for 3 sets?[View]
72917698Does this routine look any good? PULL >Barbell rows 4x5 >3x8-12 Pulldowns OR Pullups OR chinup…[View]
72916770what shoes should I buy for the gym? I wear large insulated boots all day but it feels weird to wear…[View]
72914297Can I really get big from this shit or is it just a gimmick?[View]
72917839Form check thread: 405 trap bar deadlift for 12 @ 245[View]
72916952I had sex on sunday and today I have DOMS everywhere[View]
72917853Could you take Elon Musk in a MMA fight? Keep in mind this dude has fought to the brink of death on …[View]
72917935How many years of training do I need to reach this body as a manlet? I'm his height (5'6 1…[View]
72916093Is my /fit/ journey officially ending?[View]
72916621Funny how that works[View]
72912088>be me >enter gym, ready to do my squats >gym priest wololo's me >converted into a …[View]
72908641Are there any ways to get over being sick faster? I've been sick for nearly a week and it'…[View]
72909409Creatine and HAIR LOSS: Interested in creatine but I don't want to look like a Norwood IV pedo …[View]
72916199Cardio: What's the best cardio in commercial for fat loss if Im doing it on a leg/lower day? My…[View]
72917289>Lifting in my room >Doing rear delt rows >Going about the same >Spot my reflection in a…[View]
72916532Why should I do dips when I can do these (with weight) instead?[View]
72917339Americans be like 'Yes I do eat fruit'[View]
72917618not enough salt will kill you just as fast as too much salt can we stop the salt=bad meme.... your b…[View]
72917598Grew attached to gym bros and now thinking about relocating to this city for good despite being youn…[View]
72917466Who loves Turkey Burgers?[View]
72917474/fa/ + /fit/ = /fait/[View]
72916870When I have sex sometimes i bend my legs and knees to be in certain positions. Then my legs get so s…[View]
72915551Does glucose utilisation change as you go from fat to fit: been lifting again for about 4 months, no…[View]
72914731Freestyle wrestling: After gymcelling inconsistently for a couple of years I signed up to freestyle …[View]
72917335>Be me >Diagnosed OCD mega autist >Workout at a Basic fit almost entirely filled with black…[View]
72916507Insulin Resistance: >only low fat vegan diets cure insulin resistance in the long run >only lo…[View]
72916183>go to lower bf% >visible abs and serratus anterior >gf says they are ribs >have to show…[View]
72914327Baby Formula: >ruins your potential gains for life Why the fuck is this shit still legal?…[View]
72917158>buy 10kg of a new flavour of whey >it tastes bad i'm gonna fucking kms myself…[View]
72917250>Not using FitNotes NGMI[View]
72916730Psoture corrector: Anyone tried these. Legit or scam?[View]
72916785I joined my local gym to get a saucy older woman cougar to take my virginity, but I can't find …[View]
72916593>eating thyme honey during summer and oak honey during winter Honeychads wya?…[View]
72916861Which sport is better to get into, powerlifting or olympic lifting?[View]
72917015loose skin after weight lose: Are there any good ways to get a better shape? I lost 35 kgs since jul…[View]
72910679Any boxing anons in here? Has it helped you in getting shredded? What's your favorite style and…[View]
72914386I know you didn’t skip your workout[View]
72916892Who else enjoy working lifts that are the most weakest for you? I don't get the same satisfacti…[View]
72909097I love doing push ups[View]
72913819128g of protein per jug i weigh 125lbs[View]
72914784Can I get strong without gaining any weight?: I'm fairly new to lifting (been lifting for three…[View]
72909153How do I avoid getting the 'fighter shoulders'?[View]
7291675452 sets/week for hypertrophy: Does this finally prove that old school body builders were right and n…[View]
72911708What muscles does this work?[View]
72913227Do you plan on lifting your entire life?[View]
72915008songs: give me your favorite songs you listen to while lifting[View]
72912391How often do you run, /fit/?[View]
72916585Anyone remember these ads?[View]
72914477Well, /fit/?[View]
72915961Healthcare in the EU: Hello EU-bros. I have a physical condition that I've been trying to get d…[View]
72915276Wrist/Grip Strength & Hand Weakness: Good morning /fit/ I have trained the same way for my whole…[View]
72914222>30yo >6'2 >265lb >at least 25% bodyfat >lift thrice weekly >need 3XL jackets…[View]
72913366Is honey good for you?[View]
72912541Why do you lift?[View]
72914401How do I achieve Hasan mode natty?[View]
72913171If isometric exercises don't build muscle, how come loaded carries like you sandbag or keg carr…[View]
72912275What is the difference between steroids and TRT?: If my doctor wants to put me on TRT will I face th…[View]
72909253The yellow lab is the /fit/ man's dog >will walk/run with you rain snow and shine >eats a…[View]
72910935don't be a fastbald fastlard. intermittent fasting causes: >skinnyfat regardless of how much…[View]
72916141supernatural gym incidents thread: >the 45 lbs plates shrunk to coin size >they still weigh 45…[View]
72912784>pre diabetic >bulking is out of the question >have to remain a scrawnlord forever…[View]
72911521Martial arts fags actually think this will be useful in a fight lmao[View]
72913890I'm getting myself a gym membership later today. What do you recommend I do my first day there,…[View]
72912595Who started the myth that gymbros are bullies and that gyms are toxic places? The only mean people …[View]
72916139How do I achieve this body?[View]
72912764Is est over fur mich?: >turn 28 >Libido and erections gone >Mood tanked >P.E. AND E.D. t…[View]
72915561How bad is it that i have to use wrist wraps to bench 1.5 pl8s for reps? I have tiny fucking wrists …[View]
72915780What's your go too egg for extra protein boost[View]
72915279can chiros re set a dislocated shoulder[View]
72915871'McDonalds is goyslop' is a psyop: think about it for one moment. what is it that you find in a typi…[View]
72915673>if you don’t eat your entire pizza right now, im going to![View]
72914840Nice Hot Bath > Showers: Have you taken the bathpill, anon?[View]
72914056is it a waste of time to lift while sleep deprived?[View]
72910121>squats 500lbs[View]
72913822Mentzer: Was he right, or was he just a retarded conman trying to be different?[View]
72913429Post your last set face[View]
72912694I mog you[View]
72915559Nobody cares about your bodyweight ratios. Congrats, do you want a trophy for your muscle density ge…[View]
72910893This is 20 years of lifting[View]
72913511What went so wrong?[View]
72915313I'd rather go for athleticism and flexibility as a short person: Seriously, bulking like a body…[View]
72915379What the fuck do I eat for dinner?: What are you supposed to eat at night? Eating carbs seems like a…[View]
72915357are multivitamins retarded?: tell me if multis are based or not and which ones do you take and what …[View]
72913772How do I achieve this mode: Without roids[View]
72915138Is he rooning away from his problems? Where does his drive come from? Is it trauma induced?[View]
72912628What are your fitness goals for the holiday season?[View]
72913637ITT: truly unpopular opinions >upright rows are good for you >squat and deadlifts are useless …[View]
72914547>blood on the toilet paper again[View]
72912511Does swimming kill gains?[View]
72915038Do you workout more intensely in the beginning or end of your workout?[View]
72909404Who was the guy who ate chimp food for gains?[View]
72914941How bad does coffee mess with YOUR sleep? I drink a lot of coffee but I'm usually done before 1…[View]
72910850What's your skin care routine like?[View]
72911991What lifts fix this?[View]
72914812If you can make great gains going to the gym just twice a week, then why do people even go more than…[View]
72913894>shovel down food to the point where I feel horrendously sick, including lots of liquid calories …[View]
72912602OHP: >Literally 10x harder than any other lift Why is this? All of my other lifts are near or ove…[View]
72913804What should I do: My shape is like this at the moment, I'm already going to the gym but I'…[View]
72907376Show me your peak body This is my peak when I was meet and do nothing but training[View]
72914253>Greyskull LP Is it any good?[View]
72914229be honest bros: how late is starting at 22?[View]

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