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66810460Mental gains: Any way to improve memory naturally? Have a promotional test coming up in a month and …[View]
66809610only 150mg-200mg TRT a week: and recovered his hairline from norwood 3 or 4 to norwood 1. also lifts…[View]
66808736I had 160g of protein today[View]
66808807This is 1.5/2.5/3/4 to 2/3/4/5 Same bw 7 months apart. I would consider my genetics below average[View]
66809999How do I achieve this? And do not, I repeat, DO NOT tell me it's merely genetics.[View]
66810096Just did 1200 calories on the elliptical: Still feel full, what a fucking binge, can't outrun t…[View]
66804617CURRENT BODY THREAD /CBT/: Let’s see some fullbody shots ITT 184cm 81kg, cutting but not very effec…[View]
66807521cardio: how the FUCK am i supposed to do cardio besides running. >be me >live in the middle of…[View]
66808838>don't work out for 3 months >massive boners, great sexual endurance, want to furiously m…[View]
66808495Wtf is wrong with me /fit/? Yesterday I’d worked out, read a chapter, then went on a walk before bed…[View]
66808352...you can do horse stance for more than 3 minutes, can't you anon?[View]
66806705If you lift for anyone other than Óðinn your doing it wrong[View]
66798954Do you guys bully 35lb plates?: I think they are useful if you use 55lb plates, and often times they…[View]
66809370What is this body type called bros?[View]
66808644Fat Burner Supplement: Wondering if anyone can recommend a 'fat burner supplement' Reading an old b…[View]
66806519>watched Dennis >literally me[View]
66809088ITT: Exercises that do absolutely nothing[View]
66808562Whats a good amount of pushups for a 20 year old man to be able to do? Not the average, the amount t…[View]
66808305He is 74 and like this: What’s your excuse[View]
66809183I heard that going keto helps with yeats infections, I had a yeast infection on my scalp for a few y…[View]
66808835At what point does 6 pack arrives and how do you get a bigger chest?[View]
66809312Does anyone know the cause of pain in the blue circled part of my quad?: It is on the lower part of …[View]
66803065>use the hip abductor >hips still there wtf…[View]
66807834What do you think of this physique? Looking for general criticism.[View]
66809621Anybody else have a doming abdominal? I'm a guy so i didn't get it being pregnant. I have …[View]
66801376How do I actually get a six pack? >inb4 'lower your bf%' Skinny nomuscle people don't have s…[View]
66809560Fake or nay?: So I've been scearching about clen, and found some different opinions on this. …[View]
66806148there is something in under my skin between eyebrow bridge area i m gonna cut it with razor blade[View]
66794044What's the most /fit/ choice when it comes to alcohol? I'm going out tonight with a friend…[View]
66809416What do you think of this routine for my gf? Am I missing anything/should I remove something? Thanks…[View]
66808980ATTENTION ALL FITIZENS: At long last, I have done it. Many said, it could not be done. But I did not…[View]
66805204>loved having long hair all throughout my childhood >had nice thick shining light brown hair …[View]
66808401just ate a massive burger with fries,went walking and running earlier though i should be fine right…[View]
66809094Should I do cardio before an interview if I want to be fresh?[View]
66791519>Average /CBT/ thread[View]
66807515Gym choosing: Bros i'm torn between where to start: >gym near home (oldschool, compact gym b…[View]
66809098Every time i go to the gym i leave wanting to commit suicide and thats a shoot brother[View]
66808717Hey all. I'm facing a dilemma concerning picrel. I'm on a deficit (1900 cals/day) and this…[View]
66801828She was considered too far for modelling: What has the world come to. Her body is apparently fat acc…[View]
66806840Mogs your diet[View]
66797140sebborhoeic dermatitis: skinbros i need your help seborrhea, dermatitis, eczema, its all the same fi…[View]
66807747Should I be worried about my throat? It’s been this way for 3 weeks or so[View]
66807810>bench plateaus at 100lb I don't get it, man.[View]
66799044>lifting to anime soundtracks i srsly hope this isn’t you fit[View]
66808823I got into lifting because I sucked at sports as a kid. I was a sedentary nerd who played WoW all da…[View]
66807977Understanding Rep Ranges: Hey /fit/. Question. When benchpressing, I try to go for the 8-12 rep rang…[View]
66794108/plg/ - powerlifting general: post videos of your lifts >programs, stretching, bands, lift tutori…[View]
66808734gym rats: >that guy who animation cancels at the speed bag[View]
66797547Are you doing your workout before or after work?[View]
66808720How to build proportioned calves?: Have been doing 3x12 of standing and seated raises every other da…[View]
66806893What's your opinion on this cool iceberg I found?: What level are you on?[View]
66808112ITT: Perfect lifting soundtracks[View]
66808324Do women need to work as hard as dudes in the gym?: Do women need to work as hard as guys in the gym…[View]
66807615Only got about 4 hours of sleep last night and I feel so goddam sleepy, I’m at work for another hour…[View]
66803181I assume all people in the gym shower are virgins if they have pubic hair: I assume all people in th…[View]
66805297Cold bath: What's the optimal way to ease into cold baths? I often take super hot baths (remini…[View]
66808455Is it a bad idea to lift weights first thing in the morning on an empty stomach?[View]
66805196Take fin if you're balding NOW: I lost my shot at life by not taking the fin pill when I was 20…[View]
66806616>Oh my GAWD, Becky, you'll never guess who I saw on Tinder last night! >Ohmigod, who did …[View]
66807623What happens once you reach your 40s /fit/? There will be a point where you reach pic related. You c…[View]
66807648My concept 2 arrives today. Dubs decides what I name it.[View]
66807396Clomid: I went to have blood work done today to see where my test is and got to talking to my doctor…[View]
66805761Calum Von Moger: >Be wheelchair bound vegetable >your life is over >all you can do is give …[View]
66807841would you rather be bald or short?[View]
66806928Gym Routine: For all those trying to lose weight, what's your routine at the gym? Weight and th…[View]
66807718Solitary fitness.: Ultimate bodyweight rutine. Check it. https://jb2ft6gnw1.pdcdn1.top/dl2.php?id=18…[View]
66807326What the fuck is wrong with him[View]
66806542Guys how do I fix the skinny fat phase I am in now: I work out five times a week already. 30 min on …[View]
66807624Don't give up, anon.[View]
66807815Looking for CCW pistol recommendations. My requirements are: 1. 9mm 2. Mid-sized is ok 3. Integrate…[View]
66808065Would you marry a girl who got premature (early 20's) grey hair?[View]
66808053Does fighting get you laid?[View]
66808751>Actually, I'm only 5'11'[View]
66808826what kinda men do women like?: will women like me if i get so ripped i look like prime shawn michael…[View]
66809156Why shouldn’t I just get drunk all the time?[View]
66809260How do you kill anxiety and irrational fear? I feel like its destroying my mental health and lowerin…[View]
66809297>celebrate stupid holiday >BBQ with the lads >been eating super clean since christmas >d…[View]
66805862How to know if you're overtraining?: I googled and it gives some dumbass symptoms that could be…[View]
66806370Swimming: Today I was swimming in the ocean and realized I'm a poor swimmer and my arms lack an…[View]
66808206Is it too much to ask for a gigastacy musclefu tsundere zoomer gf that will choke me out?[View]
66806957is there a way to get a slim face by taking vitamins or supplements?[View]
66808039Got access to an olympic pool for 60 minutes tomorrow. I haven‘t swam/swimmed/swunk (whatever the pa…[View]
66796830I’m tired of everyone being mean to each other here. We should be building each other up. Being stro…[View]
66807929>Anon, you said you were going to lift this year! Get off /fit/ and hit the gym! >Wait anon, w…[View]
66807827I'm 5'6, and yeah, a fuck ton of girls won't date a shorter dude, people gonna have t…[View]
66806538I'm 6' and gone from 182 pounds to 165 but I still look like absolute shit. I'm 24 an…[View]
66807899Some buff probably roided retard just tried to correct my deadlift form. Told him muh forms are gay …[View]
66807614I overeat because I am bored and depressed: I then have to do cardio for 2 hours[View]
66807444How can I have a more active life style? I don't have anything going on for me (relationship, c…[View]
66807165Drinking after workouts: Does it affect your gains? Even say just a single beer with dinner or so?…[View]
66807182How to not feel like shit after waking up and needing 2 hours to get out of bed?[View]
668058734 soft boiled eggs 200g cottage cheese can of sardines 50g beef jerky 35g protein powder a few raw v…[View]
66805612How does this happen: Everytime I do push-ups my lats feel sore after and I don't feel anything…[View]
66806548what do you guys think of my diet: its healthy[View]
66806811>That guy that breathes out as he lifts the weight and in as he lowers it…[View]
66807408The ABSOLUTE Best Bicep Exercise: Hey /fit/, been running Oonga Boonga program for 3 months now and …[View]
66807565Thank you /fit/: Hey fit, I dont come here often; however, I would like to say thank you for the all…[View]
66807493I feel completely discouraged from getting fit because of my constant fucking tendon pains i feel wh…[View]
66803880When should I stop drinking caffeine so I can fall asleep at night more easily?[View]
66805282Whenever I enter the gym I try and say hello to the people working in the reception. Bur latley, the…[View]
66806782Let's settle this. If your goal is for aesthetics which is better: Volume vs. Intensity I would…[View]
66807008>breakfast >break fast >your body was fasting during the night and you break it wtf ???…[View]
66807420I'm 23 and I don't get morning wood or full erections, haven't since I was 14 or 15. …[View]
66806578>get isekaid into 1910s Europe >get drafted to fight How would you guys stay fit in the trench…[View]
66807391Nightwing-anon: Just wanted to let you know that I've found my way. Thank you for your help.…[View]
66778247Is olive oil a seed oil? And if so is it safe to consume it?[View]
66806112>start taking cold showers >in the winter >eventually start to like it >crave for the co…[View]
66806884How do I improve hamstring mobility?[View]
66804341the only food that compares to sardines is canned tuna. I'm convinced mercury poising is a Jewi…[View]
66803500Are you fit enough to survive prison?: Say you're thrown into a max security prison right now. …[View]
66806929Need advice for improving ohp. Plateaued at 67.5kg[View]
66806835Is Elliptical the best cardio machine?: >Doesn't fuck with your knees like running/stairmast…[View]
66807176Do you plan to keep exercising for the rest of your life or stop in old age?[View]
66806068is this physique achievable natty? if not, what about this physique suggests steroid use?[View]
66802222Were you fit on school?[View]
66805592Is PPL the best routine for natties?[View]
66777918Oversleeping: Is oversleeping an indicator of underlying health issues? Or is this just a meme? Is t…[View]
66805130How come you're not exercising in leggings?[View]
66803123/hmg/ - Healthmaxing general: In this thread we discuss everything related to improving our health. …[View]
66804271How much cardio can I do before it starts killing my gains?[View]
66806775>roiding for this.[View]
66805238What do???: >Be me >Lifting >Look like a femboy in body and face >The men in the gym try…[View]
66806524I am cursed: >work out for 3 months straight >making some noob gains >working out is now pa…[View]
66804050should i do cardio (running) on rest days?[View]
66795608ITT post lifting buddies[View]
66802375normal people watch sports and then get Pikachu face’d when someone finds out athletes are roiding l…[View]
66800779>wanna go to college >have no car or license because 23yo fuck up >would have to bike 9 mil…[View]
66805995Standing desk / exercise in office: I have to spend 10+ hours a day at a chair doing pic related …[View]
66805780I Love Lifting So Much: The only time I'm happy is when I'm lifting and I hate doing rest …[View]
66806557Too big muscles: I've always had big legs so I'm wondering is there a way to substantially…[View]
66804037Things in fitness that don't work. I'll start. Intermittent fasting.[View]
66805738I went to the ophthalmologist today >-3.25 on both eyes >-3 is 1/10 >i'm basically a s…[View]
66805793how to sleep?[View]
66790830No pushup thread?: Roll, you pansies![View]
66806183>binged on junk food after work yesterday >told myself it was the last binge >slept in bed …[View]
66791069How can I fucking compete when people like this exist?[View]
66806236Are BCAA supplements a meme? I take creatin, but that's it. And whatever else is in my protein …[View]
66806196I only eat chicken, fish, steaks with veggies. Maybe have a pizza every week or two. Is it healthy t…[View]
66804045Thoughts on vibrating 'Chairs' to help with muscle relaxation and faster/better food digestion for c…[View]
66806488I got a fit body: But my feet are still deformed What do?[View]
66803726I think dry orgasm is another no fap. i've been fapping my penis but without ejeculation for 4 …[View]
66795013She cute[View]
66803899Going to be ignoring lower body for some time as they're already very developed and finding pan…[View]
66802751What happens the day a dude like thor or Shaw shows up on the Olympia stage at 400lbs ripped[View]
66805659Okay so I'm currently 22% body fat. What's the fastest way without losing musslces too dro…[View]
66804262Dick trouble: I'm aware this type of thread gets posted all the time, but I can't find any…[View]
66805956chest supported bb rows: chest supported bb rows[View]
66804786what's the real way to get big legs? I want fucking tree trunks, brahs[View]
66805685DEREK FROM MORE PLATES MORE DATES HERE: why is his posture SO BAD https://youtu.be/oHne577RWaE…[View]
66803927Uneven jaw thanks to mewing article: I changed up my mewing routine after seeing some faggot article…[View]
66805470It’s $10 should I get it?[View]
66802131Is it really true you need to eat more protein when you're cutting vs bulking?[View]
66802927I take unattended shampoo in the gym: I take unattended shampoo bottles in the gym showers. I haven´…[View]
66805863/fit/ has mistaken me for this dickhead Elliot Rodger. It seems logical because Elliot also took the…[View]
66804694Is it bad to chase soreness every workout? I train chest 2x a week and every time I do I finish off …[View]
66804202Why do powerlifting competitions rely on human spotters to catch the barbell instead of just having …[View]
66794688Are carbs good for you?[View]
66805521is it good to do cardio on rest days?[View]
66796353I feel drained and tired after masturbating, but energized and motivated after sex which doesn'…[View]
66803498If I skip leg day, will I gain more muscle in my upper body when bulking?[View]
66799864Nipples: So I notice that men who are overweight tend to have broader, flatter nipples. Includes ski…[View]
66802950society: the paradox of incel/mgtow/redpill culture is that men want society to aknowledge their pro…[View]
66803266the problem with foodies/fatties is that they see food as entertainment, not fuel they think wastin…[View]
66804568My gym offers yoga classes. How do I go there without getting an erection and cummin my pants from h…[View]
66805443>be me >be a lazy piece of shit >think about row row >fight the power >do the impossi…[View]
66800643POST YOUR PR SONG DOGSHIT MIDDLE SCHOOL POWER METAL EDITION https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oct_j8n…[View]
66805364Fuck all martial arts. The only way to learn how to fight is no rules and no warning. Go rough up so…[View]
66804810Too fat to dip: I'm fat. Probably 34% bf. Bought dip bars today. I can't do any with full …[View]
66803914Are these a meme?: Planning on using these every morning on my walk in the woods and taking a 10lbs …[View]
66801671Hot water or cold water for cleaning under the foreskin? No soap, I know, but does water temperature…[View]
66801998MUSCLE MEMORY: They say when you lose a bunch of progress, that it comes back easier than building n…[View]
66800628When is Jason Genova gonna win his first Mr. Olympia? He deserves it.[View]
66805230What exercises solve the grip strength conundrum plaguing the modern man?[View]
66805195List every health application of Apple Cider Vinger: GO![View]
66803872it’s easier to be fit everywhere else but america i hate this country and want to leave not even wor…[View]
66804828Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
66803273It finally happened. I have no motivation to lift weights.[View]
66805090How much fucking water weight is it possible to have? I've been cutting at not kuch of a defici…[View]
66804165I keep breaking out in hives when i work out anyone else suffer from this?[View]
66804487Still losing weight: First time I ever became a fatty in my life, worked my ass to get it off. But e…[View]
66799759Elevated liver enzymes: Ok /fit/ I need your help Recently I did my bloodwork and urine testing. Eve…[View]
66802959Did you get more /fit/ after a end of relationship? Is this the secret for making it?[View]
66798804GREEK YOGURT IDEAS: What do you usually add in your greek yogurt to spice things up? I don't wa…[View]
66802028Rest days: Been lifting for a long time and I know the importance of resting but damn bros I just do…[View]
66804318What goy slop is /fit/ eatin today?[View]
66802457/fit - fa/ thread: Clothing advice for /fit/ male needed What kind of clothing will you guys be wear…[View]
66803063Will bodybuilders ever be this cool and mainstream again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zm_oyrdHugE…[View]
66799444My chubby gf kept complimenting my body when we were drinking wine sun bathing. She also handed me t…[View]
66804367Should I take HMB or it's bullshit?[View]
66797674I want alexander skarsgard's physique from the northman but, the faggot trainer put the workout…[View]
66794447Any good sources on how to eat and train like a Norseman?[View]
66802828Is that what a real man looks like /fit/?[View]
66795977Bodybuilders = Athletes?: Why are skinny twink runners considered athletes but not bodybuilders, /fi…[View]
66804201I've found myself at a wall when it comes to press ups. I can do 30 pretty comfortably, but not…[View]
66802277Going to 7 eleven, what drink and snacks do I get?[View]
66800087Is this obtainable natty and no homo?[View]
66792140Cbt: 5'9 99kg now (right) Used to be 131kg[View]
66803942Hot bitches: >The spandex'd out hoes walking by while I feel like I'm going to pass out…[View]
66803765Thanks: Been browsing /fit/ and reading fitness literature for almost 2 weeks now. Im keeping to my …[View]
66801762What is the best preworkout?: I was gonna buy one but don't know which is best. Whats the top 3…[View]
66804060Lifting Forms: What are some updated good resources/websites/channels for a beginner to learn proper…[View]
66802653Raw eggs: I was making French toast last night and shook the batter up in my shaker bottle and it ta…[View]
6679864250 days of no fap: no fap bros... what is this feeling[View]
66803475is this bullshit? Do people really do this? I’ve never known anyone to do a particular exercise ever…[View]
66803550i think cardio is the biggest conspiracy ever whenver you see instagram posts of people doing cardio…[View]
66801943What’s the closest you’ve ever gotten into a street fight and did your fitness level assist in you i…[View]
66800394aromatase inhibitors: I've been thinking of taking picrel for gyno but I'm not too sure. W…[View]
66802051I woke up and couldn't even do a single pushup. I never get affected by pollen usually, did pol…[View]
66803379so whats the holy grail for testosterone gains again[View]
66803411Afraid of heart attack: I'm deathly afraid of dropping dead in the gym (no pun intended), from …[View]
66802469Those of you who prioritize strength over hypertrophy what was your experience like? How did you get…[View]
66802689I drank 4 cans of diet soda today[View]
66803369My bicep veins are beginning to show[View]
66802377You do walk, right?[View]
66800335Could you eat a whole family meal in one sitting?[View]
66801056How do you log your progress? Lets say I do deadlifts Olympic Bar = 45 lbs two 45 lbs on both sides …[View]
66800352Anyone else conceal carry at the gym or while running?[View]
66800670Tips on hiding my hips[View]
66801679What mode Is this[View]
66801329Are those shoulders photoshop?[View]
66798966Explanation for esotetic right-wing bodybuilders: Hello everyone, recently I have been wondering abo…[View]
66803430>abs/pull >legs/push >cardio >repeat…[View]
66801668>chubby face from an extended bulk[View]
66801383What is this body type called bros?[View]
66801057I lifted with the same pair of socks on for about a week and now I have these on my feet. They don…[View]
66801094if they can do it you can to[View]
66802937>be me 10 years ago >19 years old >skinny and dyel >can't even put more than 80 pou…[View]
66802743Are free weights enough to reach your peak natty limit?[View]
66803993Let's have a thought experiment. When walking the streets, there is someone walking towards you…[View]
66804679Sexual health: It's been 5 weeks till i broke up with my loving gf because i was bored and feel…[View]
66801152DeenZ: you got them?[View]
66802688push pull exercise ideas?[View]
66801770Plant-based diet: I'm interested to try a plant-based diet for 1 month to see if it's a gi…[View]
668009615'6' Manlet gains 20 pounds. Looks like Shawn Michael's. 6'4' Lanklet gains 20 pounds…[View]
66792923/fat/ - '...and the Right Mindset' Edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For flour powered fatties who are …[View]
66800691>want to cut >decrease calories >lose like 10 lbs >stop losing weight Could my cutting c…[View]
66801454I don't work my back because I can't see it in the mirror so it doesn't effect my bod…[View]
66801245Is dieting really an eating disorder?[View]
66796389>homegym masterrace[View]
66802365cut or bulk?[View]
66800008How many days can you skip a boy part before you start to lose gains/muscle mass?[View]
66800561Why do I weight so little? > 19 yo male > 6ft, 155 pounds > I can bench 180 pounds and my B…[View]
66799926How do i fix this /fit/[View]
66798212How do you get a better pump?: I've read somewhere to take 3g of salt as preworkout, but I can…[View]
66793165DYEL GENERAL[View]
66801460how do i into 6'6 altai steppe warrior?[View]
66802210Whats a good /fit/ tshirt motive/logo/quote: My dad is a bored boomer and got a tshirt printer or so…[View]
66801387What are your thoughts about New Year Resolutioners at the gym? It's great for chuckling. If I…[View]
66801059>tfw you see an awkward fatass evolve into a strong handsome dude over time at your gym I wanted …[View]
66802127HEL ODEN: Godkväll grabbar hur tränar vi idag för mig är det tunga DÖDS lyft[View]
66797118bros how do i testmaxx: >ashwaganda >L Arginine is what im taking so far but i want to go deep…[View]
66800046>itt autistic gym/fitness shit that triggers you[View]
66795441Never forget[View]
66803213Can't get myself to study: I can't study for more than 2 hours a day. My brain literally r…[View]
66797820He was about 60 while filming avatar. Is he natty? looks better than Arnold at the same age[View]
66802270Coke addiction (unironically): so i think im addicted to coke and it probably hurts my overall healt…[View]
668021023 months into lifting, opinions?[View]
66801660Is manual work good for you? I lift boxes. They weight around 20-30kg. Can i get carildio gains as w…[View]
66802067>blocks your path What do /fit/?[View]
66802147*Cures your back injuries* Nothin personnel[View]
66800900What's the final verdict?[View]
66798683>been drinking a fuckton of water for years and essentially no soda >massage therapist is quit…[View]
66801381Huge rack[View]
66793695How many of you had success with looksmaxing[View]
66799443Whey protein Ingredients: Onions Onions lecithin Acesulfam-K Sucralose >pay 30 euro for a 750 gra…[View]
66799596why do people stare in the face of evidence and deny it? there is literally no reason not to use the…[View]
66801972i think i dislocated my shoulder blade[View]
66801724Instead of cooking dinner, i just ate a milka oreo chocolate bar and a bag of doritos[View]
66796326/fph/ - fat people hate: This is from today https://twitter.com/keemstar/status/1526397661695320064?…[View]
66799889Lmao, a Belgian standing on a soapbox was considered “full of muscle” in 1980.[View]
66801703please tell an absolute retard(me) how to count calories. whats the /fit/ go to app bros[View]
66801817arc trainer vs elliptical: I normally run about 10.75 miles in an hour on an elliptical burning abou…[View]
66800167fat faggot on a fast here. Does it ever get easier?[View]
66798450Best shops for fresh food to make healthy steady gains? For me? I'm thinking Ritchie's IGA…[View]
66801145I always wake up tired no matter what, checked for possible allergy, hormonal, deficiency, sleeping …[View]
66800251Realistically, what kind of cycle do you think she was on in '91?[View]
66798629Bros I thought it would be a good idea to volume spam triceps, my arms fucking hurt, I never had dom…[View]
66801466There are no good reasons to eat bread and pasta[View]
66801492what are some unusual ways to boost your lifts? smelling salt is common but what else is out there?[View]
66791168what vice are you abstaining from this week?[View]
66800198Is honey good for you?[View]
66796970>does nothing[View]
66800205ZMAs yeah or nah?: Wondering what other anons rekon? Is this the way?[View]
66799393>cant cum with condom on >cum within 10 seconds without why is my dick like this…[View]
66791621Is leaving my six figure FAANG job to become a commissioned officer in the military /fit/ enough?[View]
66798983The grappling pill: Let's say I take the grappling pill and only do BJJ/MMA/Wrestling for exerc…[View]
66801203>college dyels and fat chicks are starting to come in to my gym right when they open I'm pro…[View]
66801191smoking: is smoking REALLY that bad for you? i mean just like 2 or 3 ciggies a day. Backstory i rece…[View]
66800831/Fraud/ Running Tren + test for 2 weeks now. Want to lose belly fat get six pack. How should I proce…[View]
66799132if onions and onions products are so bad for you explain this? japanese body builders every day eat …[View]
66798720Self defense alternatives?: I got mugged by an unarmed man and would wanna know self defense alterna…[View]
66800710Home Workout Videos: Are there any good video series available on youtube or elsewhere that get a go…[View]
66800659Wtf is this should I take it? found it in my home. >t.brainlet[View]
66799122Will being vegetarian prevent me from making gains? What can I substitute chicken for?[View]
66800220Redpill me on calisthenics[View]
66796878Can I get a BF% estimation? 5’10 173, down from 245[View]
66795106Calculate macros and calories of homemade meals: Let's say I make stir fry, how do I know how m…[View]
66793796I've been doing this routine for a month and my lifts have been increasing, but I noticed that …[View]
66798419this kid i went to highschool with is famous on tiktok now he's 20 years old, 6'4' 310lbs, and …[View]
66800203Is muscle density a thing? There is a 6'4' 180 pound lanklet at my gym, but he looks like he…[View]
66800519What should I be eating pre workout and post workout?[View]
66799957Is cycling the mountains good for you?[View]
66800534Lifting heavy things hasn't made anyone like me yet[View]
66798559I am fat and that makes me feel ugly. The cut is progressing but it'll be many months until i l…[View]
66796561If you wanna look like an athlete, you gonna train like an athlete[View]
66799336This is what I'm working with. Call me a useless cunt & tell me what else I need to spend s…[View]
66799104My calves are so weak that I can barely do calf raises with 20 kg: And I can’t do single leg calf ra…[View]
66798537whats the hottest fit steroid girls?[View]
66759954starting martial arts: what is the best martial arts to start with? preferably for someone whos expe…[View]
66800261Is cider a good source of post-workout carbs?[View]
66798568Clomicalm: Is this like xanax for dogs? ... would it work for humans? Look bros I havent had a good …[View]
66795187>farting and bloated after eating yogurt its over isn’t it[View]
66797781Do you think genetics play a role in fitness? He is a WMAF hapa. I've never seen an AMWF hapa a…[View]
66800137Does /fit/ ask for a lighter burden or for broader shoulders.[View]
66797679>why yes, I do Arnold presses and Yates rows. how could you tell?[View]
66799468How do I get the small torso, big arms look?[View]
66800017Is this a good way to cut?: youtu dot be slash 4RHOFs2fcA4 For those who don't want to watch: e…[View]
66799191>went to my gym >hand shake and fist bump the regulars there >go over to this guy on a stat…[View]
66799997lift weights feel good thank you weights[View]
66795826>YWN have any muscle half as strong as the CHOMPERS[View]
66798455Today is monday. Are you starting the week with a good lifting session anon?[View]
66798143What will happen to me if I take 10,000 IUs of vitamin D every day[View]
66794617I spend $250ish on groceries every week as a single man. Mostly because I buy everything organic, gr…[View]
66786502What are the best dumbells to buy?[View]
66799608How can some people not figure it out: Get invited to some gay discord server from some old gaming b…[View]
66799644Felt something pop in my left lat while doing shrugs. And it hurts now. Did I just snap my shit up?[View]
66779047Ideal body: What is the ideal male body /fit/?[View]
66794741Help a tall fatass to get pussy: How does a 6'5 21-year-old lose weight and become a chad? I re…[View]
66796328Do you post your physique on social media?[View]
66799560If you only knew how much you can improve in a year you wouldn't waste another second.: GET TO …[View]
66796980what is with this boards obsession with testosterone when its just a meme women have abysmally low t…[View]
66797176Are these aesthetic? I want one so bad.[View]
66777318/wheyfu/ thread[View]
66797263Is this a good pre workout?[View]
66798916Is this too muscular for a girl?: Do you consider this being too much? Asking for a friend lol…[View]
66794029Post your fictional goal body.[View]
66794854This place always felt like a surrogate older brother. There were so many positive and helpful peopl…[View]
66799529how bad is 1 gram of caffeine a day[View]
66798902>pain day[View]
66798821People have a pathological desire to overcomplicate things: When it comes to diet you have shit like…[View]
66798800It's always the left shoulder that get's fucked up.[View]
66788344Ultrarunning Thread: Am I seriously the only runner here? If not, show me your shoes or something. W…[View]
66797956is /fit/ strong enough to survive an attack from a harpy eagle?[View]
66793619Best self defense martial art ?[View]
66798144gyno surgery: anyone here ever had gyno surgery? i'm really thinking about it since my mantits …[View]
66798353i’m an absolute skeleton- bmi 17, on vyvanse so no appetite, little time for exercise so i have atro…[View]
66795319I got skinny legs and weird hobbit feet. How do I fix this? What is a good lower body program for be…[View]
66798570Proove you're not a goy: >imagine being a goy and consuming slop..…[View]
66797743Post your /fit/spo. >Too much sitting has ruined my body. Too much abuse has gone on for too long…[View]
66798713Sorry American anons, It was over before It even started[View]
66797959Help what do I do?: TL:DR gym confrontation >doing hamstring curls >machine happens to be faci…[View]
66791824Reminder: For every gym day you skip, the demiurge grows stronger[View]
66787907how does fit afford food?: everything's so expensive and i'm trying to hit my 150g protein…[View]
66796600ITT: Post your physique when you hit 1/2/3/4. I want to see what I'm shooting for.[View]
66796877Overnight oats and phytic acid: If i soak and rinse oats with warm water + apple vinegar cider to re…[View]
66797420Need Some Advice: Hi /fit/ lost about 20lbs via heavy cardio over the past year or so and started li…[View]
66798113>that powerlifter who brings his own bench and bar to the gym because the ones there aren't …[View]
66797412Post the biggest animal you could take down in a fight[View]
66796529Now dust has settled, are blacks good for you?[View]
66795411Whey: I'm about to run out of my special Montenegrin whey protein powder. Living in the US, wha…[View]
66798579> and then he said, 'yes, I'm fat and ugly, but my form of fitness is powerlifting.'…[View]
66798441>need to study and work 14h a day >need to workout 1h a day >need to eat big >also need …[View]
66798531Cortisol: >saturday >big leg day >eat 60g protein 60g carb >go for a 90min run >avera…[View]
66795685Creatine PSA:: One level teaspoon of creatine powder is 3g, not 5g as most labels claim. Either use …[View]
66797512What hypertrophy program do YOU follow?[View]
66796490Will being a highschool biology teacher kill my gains?: I will possibly be working as a seconday sch…[View]
66797147ITT 'roiding for this'[View]
66798172I can 1x5 OHP for 250lbs, trying to grind out to 3 plate OHPx5. Any programs for specifically OHP? I…[View]
66797573How do I stop farting so much? Ever since I started lifting I've been farting uncontrollably. M…[View]
66797223Which martial arts / self-defense should I learn?[View]
66793869/fitlit/: post books. i am personally looking for recommendations on >sports anatomy >kinesio…[View]
66796645best subway sub for hitting my macros?[View]
66797225How should I prepare for going to the gym for the first time so that I don't make a fool out of…[View]
66794110I just ran 3.3 miles STRAIGHT[View]
66791463>Right calf is double the size of the left calf[View]
66795946My chest won’t grow: It’s my 5th week of lifting[View]
66797609Help I look like chad outside after lifting 8 years But I am still autistic af inside... I cannot in…[View]
66797539Kegel exercise: Best way to do Kegel exercise? I heard a lot of different ways to do them: on your b…[View]
66797554Is this fat or loose skin? Lost 40lbs[View]
66792734Symmetric Strength Thread: > go to https://symmetricstrength.com/ > input your stats > post…[View]
66797369Fromis_9bros... what did you do in the gym today?[View]
66796289gf advice and boast pody: We argue about height, face, frame, confidence, humor, etc. but the bottom…[View]
66796585This song helped me with my workout today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhHeGZoWl0g[View]
66797299Mires: Some people make mires. threads. Some complain that they get no mires. I never used to get an…[View]
66796754I lift because I'm i know I'm going to have to kill grown men one day.[View]
66797288Reminder to train your flexibility.[View]
66797184What do 100lb dumbbells compare to on the barbell? I can bench 100 for 5, I’ve heard some people say…[View]
66797235Optimal Routine: while fasting for 24+ hours?[View]
66793234What's the point?: Ill never look like this and i know it deep down life has no meaning if i do…[View]
66796938Bean Vermicelli: >low GI >vegan >easy to mix into any dish Why haven’t you taken the bean v…[View]
66796429Egg whites btfo: >We show that the ingestion of whole eggs immediately after resistance exercise …[View]
66794810>terrible acne scars on shoulders and still have acne on back >even if I make it people won…[View]
66796468Jason T. Genova: He’s made it. What’s your excuse, /fit/?[View]
66796105Is this achievable natty?: She swears up and down that she’s all natural and gets extremely offended…[View]
66796563Whenever I do seated cable rows I feel so good. My dick rubs on the front seat in a certain way afte…[View]
66796818BCAA: I just got this for free from MyProtein for putting in a big order. Is it a meme? Will it make…[View]
66796937I feel physically ill whenever I do something like a RDL or leg curl The tension on the hamstring ma…[View]
66796733Is this stuff for real? Like, wtf. why shouldn't I be eating like 3 servings a day. It's g…[View]
66795785How to avoid them?[View]
66796683> haven’t lifted in over a year > obtained the dyel body now How do I jumpstart back into fitn…[View]
66795317Achievable natty? If yes, then how so?[View]
66796220the only meat i eat i onions meat cause its the only one i can cook and actually make it edible[View]
66795229Costco muffins are a little over 600 calories each and I can't stop eating them. I always dig t…[View]
66796577Could lifting have saved him?[View]
66796216Imagine Counting The Bar: JUST[View]
66796459Lifting Forms: What are some updated good resources/websites/channels for a beginner to learn proper…[View]
66795655I found some protein powder that's best by date is 01/2018. If I use it will I die? It doesn…[View]
66795691what is the unironic looksmaxx workout?[View]
66796233Face Frame Height vs Physique: Men vs Women: Does Face Frame Height apply to women as well as men? C…[View]
66793713Just found out that there is an actual genuine creatine shortage, almost no one has it in stock and …[View]
66793803When did you relize that you were being lied to about nutrition by the media/society?: >be me …[View]
66794525Could lifting have saved him?[View]
66796259How do I get protein as a vegetarian?: Now that I'm eating way less food and going into fatty r…[View]
66790506Doctor says i might have shoulder arthritis. Its over for that arm bros. Until more happens. Now im …[View]
66794600>his gym doesn’t have a gym cat Cringe.[View]
66795798I'm skinny with low body fat but I have no visible abs at all. Like, some people have visible a…[View]
66795738Desired Physique: How long would it take for a 6'1' man with a good frame to achieve it? Curren…[View]
66788453I need a PPL routine that's mostly (or ideally, all) non-machine shit. Something with all the c…[View]
66796066Is this gyno?[View]
66796011how much should i chest fly?[View]
66795452What did the body-brain mean by this: >start working out >don’t eat fast food >literally …[View]
66795821ok bros where tf do you buy good quality equipment ? Amazon is plagued with chinks with plastic Sty…[View]
66793368what's the point in working out when I'm a 6.5 inch wristcel?[View]
66795209What lifts should I do to train for suplexes?[View]
66796007I work out at home and I have calisthenic rings and a pull up bar How do I fix my muscle imbalance? …[View]
66793312i'm gonna pinning after year and a half of lifting[View]
66795873Have you ever gave yourself a intramuscular self injection? Was it painful? Was it worth it?[View]
66795731>pull muscle >hurts a week later >can barely move I just want to be big. Why the fuck does …[View]
66795617>5'6 >Go from skinnyfat 120lb to 152lbs >A bit over a year and a half of working out …[View]
66795828Rope pull ejaculation: So 2 weeks ago I decided that sitting and aging into a disgusting body wasn…[View]
66795509ppl or ul split? whats better, what excercises should be done?[View]
66794655This is the real difference between 6'0 vs 5'11[View]
66793767i been using olive oil for chicken and butter for steak is something wrong with me[View]
66793409How to double the amount of pull-ups that I can do? My current PR is 15 reps, I'd like to get t…[View]
66795227Do 'rest days' actually serve a purpose or are they just there to make things easier on people? I…[View]
66795577Actual fucking tits on my chest[View]
66794360post why you lift ITT: 1/2[View]
66795252i took a rest month and my shoulder still hurts when i do any intense workout its over for me[View]
66794077Average Joe Natty Makes ZERO Gains: outside newb gains. You will get 3 months of gains when you star…[View]
66794925How the fuck niggas be eating 150g of protein a day at a calorie deficit?[View]
66794538>there are actual people calling this bitch fat anons back me up here the people saying that reta…[View]
66792596Is any good reason to exercise with a belt?: So I've been lifting for about a year sporadically…[View]
66788826Why the fuck are you guys so dogmatic about deadlifts? You act like if you don't deadlift you…[View]
66795469Did this guy fake his death or something how the fuck is he still putting out new content a year lat…[View]
66790976How do you guys do 5x5?: So when I post my lifts like 195lbs 5x5 paused bench people assume it is 19…[View]
66791782How come peanuts allergy didn't exist until the 80s?[View]
66795505How do you stay /fit/ if your lazy?: I wanna maintain peak performance but Im busy and sometimes don…[View]
66793614TRT & Hair loss: I'm 33 and started 150MG TRT this year. I have a full head of hair and bal…[View]
66794097>sick week[View]
66793064>mogs you how does it feel knowing you’ll never be as shredded as this zoomer?…[View]
66795256is it cringe to wear a singlet to the gym?[View]
66792895Can anyone help me reading those blood test results? >Total Testosterone: 810 ng/ml >Free Tes…[View]
66795337Back hurt: Hurt my back lifting from weighted pullups with belt overtime and this weakened it to the…[View]
66793516I’m 25, 5‘9 and my growth palates are still open! I can get original growth hormones from drugstores…[View]
66795152Is this a good routine? Been doing it for awhile now, and I've gotten stronger/more athletic as…[View]
66794921redpill me on crying: Is it bad for gains? Should I do it often or try to avoid it? I just started…[View]
66795142Clen vs caffeine: Ladies and gentlemen, behold my new protocol: week 1 - 50mg to 75mg caffeine per d…[View]
66792555They look cool.[View]
66789564How the brain heals emotional wounds: the functional neuroanatomy of forgiveness https://www.ncbi.nl…[View]
66785646What could be good gymbro names for philosphers or writers?[View]
66795289Recommendations on Starting Weight Loss: I have never made a post on this board ever so if you reply…[View]
66792528how would you design the perfect program for building the most attractive female body?: would it be …[View]
66794983Is it normal for your pecs to feel like frayed wire after exercising? Pic related is where I feel it…[View]
66795097what did he mean by this?[View]
66794798Head gains: You're not a headlet, right /fit/? Skull is everything. Imagine having a small head…[View]
66794797Does this look infected to you guys? People are telling me I need to go to the hospital but I don…[View]
66794631>3 sets of 8-12 >1 set to failure >tiny RoM, hundreds of reps >full RoM, extremely slow …[View]
66794837how do i get good abs? i feel like i'm already on the skinny side (been lifting for 6/7 months …[View]
66791704what looks off here[View]
66794375is this actually a good way to get fit?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3W8N7f3DAAY[View]
66794439Would lifting have saved him?[View]
66793670DYEL general bag em and tag em[View]
66794892Would the literal wagecuck soijack vr set make home cardio fun?[View]
66783332Peak performance. This is what women really want. Everything else is cops.[View]
66789545Weakness: I've been lifting for 3 months and can only bench 1pl8. How bad are my genetics?…[View]
66792790Would lifting have saved him?[View]
66794160/fafit/ - Manlet edition: Best clothing brands for manlets who lift? >t. 5'9 >160lbs Med…[View]
66793080>Working out at the gym >Someone taps my shoulder >Turn around and see it's a girl …[View]
66794808New fit banner proposal: Thoughts?[View]
66793221I WILL EAT THE BUGS: Lord Hagen demands it. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrV_GT8uBc0…[View]
66789809FPH: High Calorie consumer derision[View]
66792918took a break from lifting for college sports: Now all of the sudden I can deadlift my old PR for 5 r…[View]
66790686The endless stream of tranny posts on this board are made by bots they are designed to condition yo…[View]
66794024i lift for chubby anime grils. hbu?[View]
66794229good meal i got done with life guard duty[View]
66789154Is this actually possible?[View]
66793184These are the only exercise that I can fully feel in my chest. How fucked are my shoulders?[View]
66793140>tfw ate a whole jar of peanut butter with a spoon again[View]
66791089Been working out for 1 year and can only do 2 pull-ups: I have been lifting for over a year, doing S…[View]
66794485ITT:: People who skipped leg day.[View]
66793923I just ate two whopper combos and I feel like fucking vomiting right now[View]
66780058What do YOU eat for Breakfast?[View]
66794460Health Conditions: Have you ever been mogged by someone with a health condition, /fit/? Or do you ha…[View]
66794275post itt if wgmi >>66794287 >>66794288 >>66794289 >>66794290 >>6679429…[View]
66793910What is your preworkout meal /fit/?[View]
66793011I'm six months into lifting and there are zero results. I also don't manage to pass the 40…[View]
66793587Do any of you faggots work out your eyes? I'm looking for a solid routine to get like pic relat…[View]
66786986lets go[View]
66794062hello /fit/. noob here, please review my workout plan and tell me if its good or not. i want to lift…[View]
66792536I'm getting a new bed, how do I sleep max for maximum recovery? I know I'm a side sleeper…[View]
66794051>Fighting a mental battle to not eat 200g of wholenut chocolate what do I do heeeeeellllllpppppp!…[View]
66790110You do realize that you're destroying your joints, right?[View]
66791785Is he using roids/peds?[View]
66793168>Be me >Deadlift 350 for barely 3 reps using a trap bar >Decide to mix it up by doing Sumo …[View]
66793960Is oversleeping, like, 12h a day, good for gains?[View]
66790262I simply don't believe Bob Peck ever did a squat in his life, yet he had better legs than 90% o…[View]
66791971>Rickey B is gone eat zhe BUGS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrV_GT8uBc0 WTF did he mean by thi…[View]
66793993Niche /fit/ sports: What are some unknown sports that require you to be really fit? Pic related, ch…[View]
66791298Boron: Is this legit for test boost?[View]
66793751Hello /fit/. It's me. Michael Jackson. Just here to remind you all to keep training hard, you…[View]
66792195>clothes finally filling this feels so good bros[View]
66792274How to double the amount of pull-ups that I can do? My current PR is 15 reps, I'd like to get t…[View]
66784874/PLG/ - Powerlifting General - Recarb Edition: post videos of your lifts >programs, stretching, b…[View]
66790883Bad genes?: Went to the Orthopedist today, he says that my body is not made for weightlifting (very …[View]
66792580is this achievable natty?[View]
66793676>You’re not a real natty >What? >You’re not a real natty. Fitness of American Samoa, a lift…[View]
66781417this shit is 99 percent estrogen fuck[View]
66791166How are eastern-euro gyms?: Just moved to Moldova. Only ever worked out in Canadian commercial gyms.…[View]
66793704Does sugar in milk and dairy in general have the same issues as refined sugar?[View]
66790075Stop eating bread: Why haven't you stopped eating bread yet? The war with ukraine and russia is…[View]
66783252NoFap Help: I just want to stay on nofap bros, I feel so fucking good when I do nofap. I don't …[View]
66793638should i just switch completely to calisthenics since that's the only form of exercise i enjoy.…[View]
66791612Any vegan lifters here? What's your diet look like and what are your main sources of protein?[View]
66793586>mushroom tip day[View]
66793609I need to double my pace in the next 3 weeks, help me get as close as possible bros[View]
66792611What kind of water filter do you use?[View]
66792971Whatever happens bros, don't train your legs too much or else normies will laugh at you[View]
66764567/Fraud/ General: Cozy Saturday Come on in[View]
66793543>using a standing desk fixed my IBS and chronic constipation what are some other ways you've…[View]
66793514is swimming a good exercise after weight lifting >pic not related[View]
66793442What training plan can you recommend for someone getting enlisted and has to go through a BootCamp?[View]
66793078My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me? What's the best way to work up to these?[View]
66789136The skinnyfat problem, what's the best approach to solution? Cut or bulk first?[View]
66792562how do I get stronger biceps?: not necessarily bigger just stronger I curl 20KG dumbbells for 8 reps…[View]
66793293Water Fasting: My friend recently told me that he's fasting for a week, drinking nothing but wa…[View]
66792989Late starters: Looking for examples of body transformations a bit later in life. Preferably not some…[View]
66792092how the FUCK do i fix forearm muscle imbalance?: >hurrr stop jerking off with your right hand! i …[View]
66792858Dessert for gains: Sugar-free instant pudding mix! The milk gives you protein! Why didn't I thi…[View]
66790135Is Upper-Lower shit? Brosplit the way?: Kay, so I was at my boomer barber's and while talking a…[View]
66791863/hgg/: home gym recommendations/showoffs, go[View]
66793020>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YsGJz3j4os i was here when this was stickied, 11 years ago(so y…[View]
66791490>Saturday >did chores in morning and browsed internet >went to gym, lifted weights >went…[View]
66784672>permanently fatigued >low libido, hard to keep a boner >get testosterone levels checked, t…[View]
66791534Post your PR song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpRf2DqRoHs[View]
66789287Is getting lean worth it if I lose my breasts![View]
66790441Will chewing gum help me get a strong jawline?[View]
66792204>eat at a surplus of 3000 calories/day >lifts barely go up, creep up to 24% body fat >eat 1…[View]
66792882Every single time I go to the gym and flirt with girls they either scurry away or ghost me if I get …[View]
66786993What if one day you stumbled upon a notebook called the 'Dyel Note,' and on the inside, it says that…[View]
66790301Electrolytes: >feeling like shit during my workouts recently >realize that I haven't been…[View]
66792777in terms of health and usefulness:: what's the difference between squatting BW for reps or squa…[View]
66792252Every time I get a haircut they notice my hair is thinning and try to shill me this shit. I will ad…[View]
66790401Im cutting btw[View]
66786367>Meanwhile, at the /fit/ mental asylum...[View]
66788712How can I take the TATE PILL?[View]
66789291Gorilla mode: Best pump I've ever gotten[View]
66778436serious coffee thread: is life just better with it? is there any reason to quit?[View]
66792581Avoiding muscle loss when not exercising: I can't work out have to avoid physical exertion for …[View]
66788506Energy drinks: So what's the deal with energy drinks? Are they all bad for you? Are sugar free …[View]
66792496Form is king[View]
66792524Gym Music (but actually cool): Please drop your favourite North Korean songs below https://www.youtu…[View]
66792340>Now I know what you're thinking >Did he do 6 reps or only 5?…[View]
66789142I just want to have a six pack before I turn 30 why is this so hard reeeeeeeeeeee![View]
66792424Had a bad accident Nov. 2020 that torn my left ACL (repaired) and suffered a rare brachial plexus in…[View]
66791467Someone who bought the book and is willing to share?[View]
66788237I've been doing a 1100 calorie diet for two months now. Hit 25 BMI today, net loss of 8 kg, I…[View]
66785385Why do you lift?: I lift because society demands it of me[View]
66782777Cbt “my girlfriend just left me” edition Will anyone love me again? Doubt it! Fuck[View]
66785015/fat/ - Fat loss general.: Do It For the Ducks Edition. >Who is /fat/ for? For flour powered fat…[View]
66791764>read the /fit/ sticky >doing starting strength >only gym near me doesn't even have an…[View]
66791101Why does this board hate keto and high protein diets? I would think a fitness board encourages that …[View]
66789871Will green tea help my gains?[View]
66790168Can fasting 24-48 hours give you bad breath?[View]
66792083Frens...: I think I've caught the diabeetus.[View]
66791984>6 weeks into first bulking cycle >eating 3500 calories a day >struggling to eat the quanti…[View]
66791433Can't stop farting: Over the last few months I've been gassing it up all day. I heard some…[View]
66789681Is it possible to loose natty gains?[View]
66788633Does height matter in terms of getting /fit/? Or does it only allow you to get frauding ugly whores?…[View]
66790119I'm getting dressed and then I'm going to the gym. See you guys in a bit.[View]
66790054>hit legs really hard with squats, leg press, bulgarian split squats, and finally deadlifts >…[View]
66789011i hate being skinnt fat so bad bros. how much more lifting till i lose all my fat? should i focus ju…[View]
66791949Beat the zogslop chemicals: Toxic metal detox - covers mercury, cadmium, lead, aluminum, PFTEs, plas…[View]
66791530How much can you squat and deadlift /fit/? How many reps? Have any girls complemented your quads, ha…[View]
66788086This may be stupid but is there any way to grow more chest hair? Would like to go bear mode desu I …[View]
66791794https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrV_GT8uBc0 eat the crickets, dyel.[View]
66789476I asked this late last night but fell asleep like a moron, if i want to get in shape for pro wrestli…[View]
66784390Gym Motivation Thread. Post what motivates you to go to the gym[View]
66788846Gut health: Can we have a thread about gut flora and microbiota? What hot tips do you guys have? A …[View]
66789307Showing your body: How and when do you show your body? I live in the UK so the opportunities are ver…[View]
66784172Is buttermilk good for your workouts?[View]
66789961You autists try to make this shot way more complicated than it actually is. - Eat Healthy - Lift To …[View]
66780553I miss the early/mid 2010s online fitness community: It seems so fucking shit now. Why did it become…[View]
66791295Should you apply the easy peasy method to unhealthy foods (fried, sugary, etc.) or should you make s…[View]
66789071Stationary Bike: Alright lads, after 2 years of lifting and skipping cardio I decided to use an old …[View]
66788879What do /fit/izens think of my diet?: Hey /fit/, thoughts on my diet? I’m trying to cut weight, I fi…[View]
66791251How to make working out less enjoyable: I love working out, and that's an issue to me because I…[View]
66790786bros i am currently benching 72.5kg @ 3x6, how long do you reckon it’ll take for me to hit 2pl8s? :D[View]
66790216Making a program for my son in law: Reddit gave me absolutly ZERO productive feedback so Im posting…[View]
66790133>running usual 5k circuit around my neighbourhood >over halfway, slow down to walk an uphill s…[View]
66791244If you don't sleep outside, you are severely hindering your gains.[View]
66791412You're not going to let Karen from work out deadlift you?[View]
66785384>losing weight and keeping it off is possi-[View]
66789911Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
66790082How do I fix my neck, /fit/?[View]
66790356>23yo >190m >55kg bros, im gonna die?…[View]
66788617Anyone have experience dealing with these kikes: Has anyone ever had experience cancelling their mem…[View]
66787617ALPHA MALE MOMENT: >do door dash part time in the early mornings >walk into McDonald's wi…[View]
66791152Achievable natty?[View]
66791110Can you recommend me gym bag? My current one is a bit over 5 gallons and it's tooo small.[View]
66789405How far: How far is the closest gym to you? Closest for me is a 20+ minute car ride and I can't…[View]
66790543Weightlifting isn't just a men's hobby.[View]
66789447Firefighting as /fit/: Is firefighting a good career to go into that compliments a /fit/ lifestyle? …[View]
66790359How many grams of protein should a newbie to lifting consume? >well you see you have to calculate…[View]
66789028At the risk of ruining it for everyone else, here's my Chipotle meal prep tip: >place to-go/…[View]
66790784Wake up at 3 AM Pour acid on your eyeballs Smash your testicles with a hammer Eat pieces of broken g…[View]
66786916I went to the gym as i always do but today i couldn't even do 1 pullup. Normally i do 12 with g…[View]
66790717Seafood boil leftovers: My buddy spent like 600 dollars on a crab/shrimp/lobster boil over the weeke…[View]
66787355I just ran for 1 hour without stopping for the first time in my life. I don't really have anyon…[View]
66780276Calf muscles are purely genetic. You cannot convince me otherwise.[View]
66789576why are seed oils bad?[View]
66788668Have to poop every hour/morning.: I HAVE TO EACH SO MUCH TO GAIN MUSCLE AND I HAVE TO CONSTANTLY POO…[View]
66790317>there's people on steroids who didn't train nutrition maxxed I understand that you don…[View]
66787494ketolards are always in constant denial of their bad habits. We know 90% of health is determined by …[View]
66789831I might ngmi: So had some xray taken and have scoliosis or something... doc told me to not go to the…[View]
66787066Rope skipping: How do I program rope skipping to be useful to me? I think grabbing it and jumping fo…[View]
66789391How quickly does the body start breaking down muscles when hungry? I want to try intermittent fastin…[View]
66790027>Pick up a one handed object Bicep curl >Product I want is on the lower shelf Squat >Clappi…[View]
66789989burning in right part of adonis belt during squats: I was squatting 160KG for reps and all of a sudd…[View]
66790029Health benifits of DMSO?: Just currious.[View]
66789371are vitamins and supplements a scam?: ITT we discuss this possibility or lack thereof.[View]
66789078Why do I have to eat and sleep INSANE amounts just to not feel tired and light-headed at work? Serio…[View]
66789225/CICO/ calories in - calories out: fasting is retarded unless it helps you control calories. hit you…[View]
66789480How retarded is it to do incline bench press with only 1 dumbbell? I only have one that goes up to 5…[View]
66785442What PED’s does to a mf: >she’s 18[View]
66788900Why does my right ear have more wax than left[View]
66788629post your DAMN SCHEDULE!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFL1Z2TFJsI[View]
66789621deadlift alternatives?: i love deadlifts but keep tweaking my back when i do them. what could i do a…[View]
66789802Circuit or reps+sets training? https://youtu.be/NypjqrDtNq8[View]
66785863Fitness noob here: Is this a good workout routine for a noob? With a rest day between day 2 and 3. A…[View]
66787718/fit/itzen’s recs: Anyone have rec’s for mass/weight gain with my body type? 26/m/6’ 140lbs. Eating …[View]
66789535Does anybody have a good dumbbell only push/pull/legs routine that doesn't require a bench?[View]
66789018How many months to reach fightclub pit mode?: Thank you for your time[View]
66783881Whats the best sets to reps combo?: And why is it 3x10?[View]
66789544the power of GOYSLOP: Whenever I crave fast food, sweets or other bullshit, I just think of the word…[View]
66787847>this is what SS+GOMAD does to a motherfucker Are we to blame for what happened /fit/chads?…[View]
66788186>plateaud at 70kg bench[View]
667866712pl8 bench: If it takes a former skelly guy 12 months of lifting from scratch zero (can't bench…[View]
66789313Help me please I can't stop smoking. It's ruining my life and destroying every cardio gain…[View]
66789684Face gains: Friendly reminder you're probably NOT UGLY, you are average or even above average b…[View]
66790170What the fuck do i do to escape this curse? 20 year old receding like crazy even though i’m taking …[View]
66780181nofap: >have no sexual desire >not turned on by anything >can get hard but cooming is usual…[View]
66788651Whats so bad about this look? Its slightly better than just plain Tshirt and jeans?[View]
66787360pls gib feedback on my NOVICE program: im kinda a noob to programming so i need feedback A is back/l…[View]
66785591gyno thread: How bad is my gyno? I think I have a condition but I'm probably just fat desu. My …[View]
66787662Saw on normiegram that my friends went on a road trip without me, but I hit a new deadlift PR this m…[View]
66786772What's the consensus on sumo deadlifts?[View]
66784582Lard and animal fats: Are they making a comeback? Are they better for gains than olive/coconut oil?…[View]
66787765Should I workout if I have a cold?[View]
66785293/fit/ & /ck/ - Fitness-approved Cooking: Joosy Chikin and Rice Edition. Share your favorite /fit…[View]
66788737>y-YOU DONT WORKOUT?!? >you MUST HATE yourself haha i know i would >YOU MUST VALIDATE MY LI…[View]
66789264>fat guy comes into supplement store I work at >says he wants a protein powder to lose weight …[View]
66784635>tfw 23% bodyfat i look inhuman[View]
66789220Red pill me on vegetables. Do I really need them to get big? Aren't lettuce and grains like ric…[View]
66784806Gimme your Top 7 must-do exercises[View]
66789093Favorite Actor Workouts?: I want to know how actors prepared for their role so I can model my routin…[View]
66789090could I eat a single ostrich egg on a cut? would this be viable?[View]
66787668water/meal weight in or out?: I weigh 4-5 pounds less on an empty stomach, should I reach 5 pounds B…[View]
66789029Haven't been on /fit/ for years, do you guys still troll beginners into doing SS and becoming p…[View]
66789031A cat's purr has been shown to produce frequencies of 25 and 50hz which tend to promote bone gr…[View]
66786607>tfw you'll never be the 'hot gym guy'[View]
66788597I always bronod to the fatties at the gym to encourage them[View]
66788218Is this achievable as a natty? How long do I need to lift to look like this[View]
66786068Fittest guy in my dad's neighborhood dropped dead on a run. The guy was in a great shape, how d…[View]
66788733In your experience how true is this?[View]
66788711Why do /fit/ hates BJJ? It's a great martial art and way to get fit[View]
66788727Texas Method: Nothing starts a good flame war like mentioning SS, but what about it's big broth…[View]
66786841I started a cut the same day I quit smoking and losing fat is taking longer than usual. I am eating …[View]
66780515>check ingredients on a packet of bread slices >high fructose corn syrup >palm oil >soi …[View]
66787563How can I train my biceps with these? Like dips, for example. I have a home gym with barbell and dum…[View]
66784101Fasting For Trained Guys: /fast/ is just for fatties planning to kickstart a cut with an 84 hour fa…[View]
66783937Deutschpump General - Montagmorgen ohne Sorgen Edition: /DEUTSCHPUMP/ >was pumpt ihr heute? >w…[View]
66788304Dear /fit/, I wanted to ask you...: Do you DOMINATE the sidewalk, wherever you go? Do you force men,…[View]
667868236'4' Lanklet here! I started working out 6 months ago at about 158 pounds. I just weighed mysel…[View]
66788572im the biggest guy at my uni gym: but when i go to Gold's Venice Beach im smol again[View]
66774744Highg blood pressure and your ways to lower it?: What are your ways of lowering blood pressure? Got …[View]
66788566Ive been sitting like this except without back support and my abs are popping bros[View]
66787894Does anyone have a comprehensive, step-by-step guide for stretching and mobility? I checked the stic…[View]
66774414>200cal >20g protein >amazing taste Why aren't you eating these /fit/?…[View]
667810853 months into my turk cycle how do i look brehs?[View]
66785876>Have visible abs >Go to buffets and eat 5x what the fat people do >They glare at me with u…[View]
66787042What is this body type called bros?[View]
66767579Coomer stack: Does /fit/ take anything for Men’s health/sexual wellbeing? I started this stack a cou…[View]
66769400Influencer Beatdown: >hot E-girl >literally mogs 90% of the other male fighters How is justami…[View]
66787731Good morning anon. Le cookies are ready, would you like one?[View]
66788171>talking with a friend of my dad >owns a meat wholesaler who sells to restaurants in the area …[View]
66788060Diet/Discipline Advice: How goes it /fit/ Currently struggling with diet and discipline issues, and …[View]
66788269>I drink, sleep 4 hours a night, and don't diet but the KIKES took my gains I've been b…[View]
66782726>just keep doing it until you kill off all the nerve sensation in your hands >c-can't I j…[View]
66786407WE ALL GONNA MAKE IT: Couple years ago I genuinely believed that I was an incel, fast forward today …[View]
66785710>day 12 nofap, haven't watched porn in a year >time to study >open textbook >start …[View]
66785525>used to be a big buff motherfucker from working out consistently 4x a week for a year >depres…[View]
66786604Thank you for choosing CVS Pharmacy. If you're dropping off a new prescription, please state yo…[View]
66787627I been lifting for about 2 months. I can do 1/1.5/2/2 now. Why are my squat and deadlift shit?[View]
66785942Why are my upper abs bulging out like this? Is it a layer of fat? Or because I didn't work out …[View]
66785797>Martial arts >Dancing >Sports Which one is the best complement to lifting? I currently ru…[View]
66788138What is everything I can do to protect my hair before appealing to drugs?[View]
66778979Fruit: What's the verdict?[View]
66787883Long runs or HIIT? I've only been a distance guy, someone redpill me on HIIT and gift me a rout…[View]
66786291it's been 4 days since i tested negative for covid, why the fuck is my cough not gone yet[View]
66788041Any good spa routines? For any kind of purpose.[View]
66787982Lifting songs: Post your favorite lifting songs. This is my go-to weighted pullup song: https://yout…[View]
66785412How can you tell the difference?: A) Your ass jiggles because your relaxed glute muscles jiggle. B) …[View]
66786797>It don't matter who we are, what matters is our gains[View]
66785835Gays should have to use the WTF lockerroom with their lgbt buddies. I’m sick of being sexually haras…[View]
66781738This is the ideal male physique. >ex gymnast[View]
66776273/plg/ - powerlifting general: >powerjazz edition post videos of your lifts >programs, stretchi…[View]
66777564Is Starting Strength the only non-meme beginner workout?[View]
66782027>squat all the time for a nice ass >ass skin is horrendous, covered in acne and brown blemishe…[View]
66785278tfw you realize all baby formula is packed with seed oils[View]
66787104Salisbury Steak: The First Fad Diet: It has been estimated that as much as two-thirds of deceased so…[View]
66787547Hey bros, i'll probably get fucking told to kill myself for killing a thread for my own reasons…[View]
66787166hey guys, tired of being out of shape i started doing some half assed pull ups and push up when had …[View]
66787414Why am I always tired?: I feel irritated, how to fix?[View]
66786730relatively new to working out, would appreciate any feedback on my push pull split /fit/ kings push …[View]
66785038>another civil war breaks out in gym >separatists have taken control of all benches I HATE T…[View]
66786831>biggest guy at the gym comes up to me and my gymbro deadlifting >'it's not very often yo…[View]
66776752FPH - Fat Pe*ple Hate: Fuck biggers general[View]
66787394Why does this man want to give people diabetes, obesity and heart attacks by tricking them into eati…[View]
66784921why almost every famous fitness youtuber is on steroids?[View]
66787177how long would it take to put on 10kgs assuming a 300-500 cal surplus and a correct amount of protei…[View]
66785989What are some fun, social 'uses' for fitness? ie, social activities that are only really f…[View]
66787058how to get big glutes without weights?[View]
66787119To all of my aesthetic frens. Do you all eat 2g of protein per kg of bodyweight per day? Or do you s…[View]
66780884How do I fix this?: I’m tired of being a fat fuck.[View]
66786223Im 180kg/390lbs and my treadmill just caught fire, wtf do i do now bros?[View]
66787019Which are the healthiest nuts[View]
66769232Boogie is losing the weight, /fit/. Apologize.[View]
66786983if you count reps and sets you arent gonna make it just do until you cant do anymore[View]
66786261How does my workout plan look? do you think its trash and needs improovement or do you think its fin…[View]
66785067Sup fit, I've been away for a while. Last time I was here we were all going on about Jeff Caval…[View]
66786778Creatine makes my tummy hurt: They say loading phase needs 20g per day Now poop goes brrrrr[View]
66785491Barbell rows and weighted chin-ups: how many reps per set?[View]
66784425I stopped working out because the depression came back (6 months no running, no lifting). Today i pi…[View]
66786850>It’s SHITE being NATTY! We’re the lowest of the low. The scum of the fucking Earth! The most dye…[View]
66786518I’m 19: how do I take advantage of the fact that my testosterone levels are at an all time high whil…[View]
66786760I'm 7 months into training, I'm totally fine with my proportions and size but I'm wea…[View]
66786624I put body lotion in my ass before I knew I shouldnt have done that, will I get a massive infection …[View]
66786246I eat 400 grams of peanuts every day[View]
66780958Alcohol and fitness: Is drinking once a week going to affect my gains at all? I’m talking one night …[View]
66785274Skinny wrist: how tf do I get my wrist bigger n shit it’s thin as fuck and it looks weird because my…[View]
66786953How do i approach my gym crush whos a 6’2 muscled guy? If you were him would you be offended? I alwa…[View]
66786479You reckon you’d die if you put a 19g/21g needle in your forearm veins and let the blood pour out ? …[View]
66783679I'm literally juicing during my workouts. I bring 2 packs of juice ans just drink them througho…[View]
66786282Can i do heavy workout during fast? I will eat in about 24 hours. Will I lose muscle?[View]
66786083I always see a lot of issues with beginners and skinny anons struggling to find ways to put on weigh…[View]
66785879Mental health: How do I control my anger?[View]
66785640I'm thinking about switching up my program to include some more cardio variety. I used to run a…[View]
66786314I look good IRL: but when I take a picture I just look DYEL. why?[View]
66786338Can /fit/ open a bottle without using their hands?[View]
66782209do the impossible bros lift the unliftable[View]
66784739Really skinny 6'0 male here. I wanna remain skinny but not nearly as much as I am now. I weigh …[View]
66785458I think 2 years of depression and solitude made me dumber, what foods and training will make my brai…[View]
66783377Now wheat shortage is coming, what's the alternative?[View]
66784981Weight loss: Hi brahs. Just wanted to share my weight loss for the first time ever. A month ago I wa…[View]
66785636It's a /fit/ / /an/ crossover episode: So all of y'all dog havers do hammer curls and tric…[View]
66786080/biz/raeli here: got rekt recently in the crypto markets. decided to go back to the gym after a brea…[View]
66783681Twinkmoding rn but want to bulk up because I keep getting bullied when I go down the lake to fish. T…[View]
66783626How many chin-ups can you do?[View]
66785207My porn addiction is getting out of fucking hand: What do I do[View]
66785578never give up hope[View]
66785479Why even bother lifting?: Seriously? What's the point? It doesn't matter how big or how st…[View]
66785660cry of the manlet: Is there anything more pathetic than a manlet? Look at this lad right here. Got h…[View]
66785734My dad used to talk about all of the fond memories of his life and now that I'm his age when he…[View]
66787313How do 5’8 midgets cope with the fact that the bigger man always wins a fight? >just get a weapo…[View]
66785836Office workout: >stuck in an office job >feel like working out >fuck_it.jpg >heel rais…[View]
66785687Is 'maingaining' a meme? If you did it, do you recommend it?[View]
66784222when you accidentally open a second daily test boost thread in one day[View]
66777922Why do gymcells legit always do this?[View]
66785897>be me >go to commercial gym >see guys from high school at the gym >kinda assholes, and …[View]
66783036What are some /fit/ approved animes and mangas?[View]
66782660Addy general thread: So what's the final opinion on addy. Is it good for 'ADHD'? Is 'ADHD' even…[View]
66784495>/fit/ talks shit about Planet Fitness >Still gets mogged by Planet Fitizens But let me guess,…[View]
66782325>Fell for the dirty bulking meme.[View]
66785476Should I go on a cut? I started lifting like 3 months ago but I think I should lose weight[View]
66784522how do i get thisphysique[View]
66784466How do I unlock bear mode?[View]
66781095my only motivation is: that my gf like the smell of my sweaty nuts after workout she's obsess w…[View]
66785627how to get this physique bros[View]
66784769>finally achieving fitness goals, looking pretty good >only woman that talks to me is the gym …[View]
66784624Rate my routine: I’m copying Glenn Danzig’s routine from the early 90s Monday and Thurday: Bench Pre…[View]
66785103>approach the person standing at the squat rack >he is not doing any exercise right now >H…[View]
66783942Is there a supplement that regulates hormones in men? I noticed a lump on one nipple. I think it…[View]
66784608>browsing /fit/ catalog in public >quickly scroll all dumb fucking frogposter threads off scr…[View]
66760934This is amazing progress![View]
66782587Gynecomastia titties[View]
66785485>see a guy going for his max >no spotter >hes definitely struggling >quickly jump in and…[View]
66784637I am not white therefore I am not human: I am not white therefore I am not human[View]
66780476Ducks are nice[View]
66785182Been just over a year since I got my first gym membership. Started off rake thin. Am I out of DYEL y…[View]
66785306sexual health: so i somehow managed to pick up a girl at a wedding i was at. we raw dogged and i my …[View]
66784910can i put on 5kg of muscle mass in 3 months?[View]
66785062>have wound >first scab formed is disgusting, unholy, abominable >above skin level yet some…[View]
66784687Which one of you fuckers was this[View]
66784854Is balding really that bad?: People on here worry so much about hair, I’d you’re balding why not jus…[View]
66778849Am retarded how does OHP form work? Some say that some say so, am confused mates.[View]
66784578I get back pain from OHP when doing them heavy 5x5 but my back feels fine when doing them 3x8 to 12 …[View]
66784937Why don’t incels just try self improvement?[View]
66784586How to stop nordwooding?[View]
66784661>only enjoy working out, coffee, playing vidya and jerking off[View]
66784595Should I try dating apps as a man, if I'm not very attractive (probably slightly below average)…[View]
66784929post motivating images. Do not be discouraged by blackpillers wagmi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
66784891if i only do a few cycles, and then stop, how hard would it be to maintain the muscles created durin…[View]
66785023I've never had any allergies until this spring. My nose is itchy and my eyes are watering. Why …[View]
66783629Is kayaking /fit/ approved?[View]
66784281If I wanna get in shape for to train for pro wrestling, but don't have easy access to a gym, an…[View]
66782493Should I be going down this low? Her ass almost hits the damn floor.[View]
66774230/fat/ - Fat Loss General: Eat meat, lose weight edition. >Who is /fat/ for? For flour powered fat…[View]
66766839https://youtu.be/yAz_FMydG9Y /fit/ humor[View]
66784811Is coffee just not for me?: While I do feel energetic, my concentration gets ADHD as fuck and I can…[View]
66783242Is biking good exercise? Ive been biking multiple times a week for a while now (about two years) and…[View]
66784684/ing/ Injuries General: if you aren’t hurting, you aren’t working. share some of your favorite injur…[View]
66778678what are good supermarkets for lifters i personally go to winn dixie and publix[View]
66784199>my gf thinks I can have any girl I want >she keeps showing my pic to girl friends and saying …[View]
66780168Lifting for Date: 40 Minutes - Which lifts for the best upper body pump[View]
66776663What's your favorite curl? For me it's alternating hammer[View]
66783012>ello yewtoub[View]
66784462>mfw parents named me peyton gendron[View]
66751564/qtddtot/ - Questions that don't deserve their own thread: How do you find a doctor that doesn…[View]
66784335is 3x5 for stuff like OHP,Squats,Bench Press any good? or is the volume not there[View]
66784549Why can I easily press 1 plate but hardly pull 2?[View]
66784334'I never said I lifted, I said I went to the gym once!'[View]
6678292614kg gone, 10kg more to go i hate cutting and being fat piece of shit so fucking much[View]
66781527What's the best glute builder?[View]
66771746Didn’t see a cbt: Just got out of a 3 day bender. Yeah I know I look like ugly shit. This is gonna b…[View]
66776982This is literally the only tolerable board Rest are full of autists, faggots, and/or loser (this one…[View]
66782716do you think shoe weights are worthwhile?[View]
66784050Nick Bare: Does his wife know that he's not natty? Does she help pin him and scam his BPN custo…[View]
66782859How much of this can I eat before I die? Currently at one box a day.[View]
66783769I'm jacked according to my friends, random strangers in small talk assume i go to the gym when …[View]
66784299My back feels tired from pulling weeds from the garden for 3 hours straight, plus hauling heavy sack…[View]
66782406I haven't slept for 30 hours, but still need to go to the gym. Anything I can do to be more awa…[View]
66784306my favorite warm up[View]
66783898BrowMaxxing: Brothers, I am a browlet trying to browmaxx. I want to have a brow like a Neanderthal, …[View]
66781426I'm unironically the guy in the left side of this picture[View]
66784239>live in a big metropolitan area >want to practice crawling, but no space at home (no garden) …[View]
66784236Can I outlift 20% bodyfat or do I eventually have to cut?[View]
66783016There was one guy that posted that we should do this posture daily to repair our posture or our natu…[View]
66781128>been doing daily kegel routines religiously for 6 months >ejaculation still weak, and still '…[View]
66753437>running >kills your knees and joints >cycling >kills your fertility Literally WHY wou…[View]
66784052Does any type of exercise (cardio or building muscle) have any kind of link or correlation on increa…[View]
66783295'my back hurts' said the deadlifting squatter heavy lifting is not a question of IF you permanently…[View]
66776018Diet thread: Here’s my next 7 days, how’d I do?[View]
66782768Motivation: Post the ones that bring you back https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYW7xCxHSkA&list=P…[View]
66782456Bros, can I still cut down to 10% body fat when I eat this after working out? Just 60g ~ 220 calorie…[View]
66780630How the hell are you supposed to increase the amount of pushups you can do? I have always had the go…[View]
66782055Lost in Quantum Space and Time[View]
66783508average SS programmer: >monopolizes the only power rack in the gym >spends 20 minutes doing py…[View]
66772008LIVER KING before + after the 9 ancestrial tenants.: looks like natural progression to me. stop aski…[View]
66781577Pls tell me if i don't quit smoking cigarettes im a faggot[View]
66780643MOTIVATION/ENERGY: i get up at 4:45am every day to get to work for 5:30. I'm a solar installer,…[View]
66781157Lower back injury routine: Pulled something in my lower back so I can’t squat, deadlift, or do BB ro…[View]
66783519what's wrong with this physique? It looks odd but i can't say why[View]
66783719People talk about beginners gains, so where the fuck are mine? Are they even real? I've been wo…[View]
66781192I hit a 225 bench today for 6 reps so I cooked a nice ribeye dinner :)[View]
66779994>Martial arts >Dancing >Sports Which one is the best complement to lifting? I currently ru…[View]
66781699I just want to be loved: How much should i lift to have someone ? Since i was a baby nobody gave me …[View]
66782356Do squats or deadlifts hit glutes more?[View]
66781154>waking up at 5 AM >lifting 6 times a week >cold showers >cardio 3-4 times a week >dr…[View]
66782115Anyone else here nicehissmaxxing? Formulated in government labs to have perfect nutritional balance,…[View]
66782707Snoring: Is snoring is sign of underlying health issues like heart disease and poor respiratory fitn…[View]
66781382What is the proper way to do dropsets? Which muscle groups generally respond best? Best exercises?[View]
66780369Protein Pancakes: I am 5'10, 170 lbs. Trying to lose fat and build muscle. And I have been eati…[View]
66783253>finally decide to build muscle >trying to afford it in Biden’s economy I guess I’ll try again…[View]
66782096How fucked are you if you have rounded shoulders[View]
66783453Bros, my calves, they're so skinny. What can I do?[View]
66781928Eggs: /fit/, how do I up my egg game? I'm cutting right now and have about 100 eggs in my fridg…[View]
66782416Let me guess…you need more..[View]
66783254Tips on growing my chest? I try to hit it hard at least 3 times 4-5 sets each on a push day but I fe…[View]
66783148How am I supposed to eat that many carbs in a single day[View]
66782438My brother recced that I add this to my supplement stack. Anyone know if it’s any good?[View]
66781259its impossible to get 8 hours of sleep every day unless ur a fucking turboneet its over[View]
66780628I couldn’t resist bros[View]
66783178>Raises all your lifts by 10% in just 13 and a half minutes hehe nuttin personell kid…[View]
66782882what are the chances of fucking up my endocrine system if i run a cycle of sarms[View]
66782943200 lbs dumbbell club: How based do you have to be to use 200 lbs dumbbells? Any /fit/ lurkers that …[View]
66781469why are you not cocoa maxxing yet?: started drinking this shit with hot water a few days ago and hol…[View]
66783124Lost my hair in my dream bros, shit was terrifying.[View]
66782776I took too much iodine. I took a dropper and a half and only needed one drop. One drop is supposed t…[View]
66781884How do you bros do it?: Eating 0.8g/lb of protein is impossible without whey powder and still tough …[View]
66781728Fucked up knee: How do I train my quads with a fucked up knee? I used to be really into rooning but …[View]
66782686What lift numbers or limits usually indicate low testosterone?[View]
66782718Is it normal to have the veins like this?[View]
66770381Which is better?: Judo or BJJ? I'm thinking Judo.[View]
66782685Your gift is too great for me[View]
66782622>be me >sorta normalfag in college >go to house parties sometimes >look about 'average' …[View]
66782699Continue cutting or lean bulk?: Down 5 lbs in a month, should I continue cutting for another month o…[View]
66780696>1 month You are ready, right anon?[View]
66778544Heightmaxxing grocery list: Is there anything better/useless to use in my list? I did some research …[View]
66781674How do I train maui tai at home?[View]
66781915>ate steak every day >slept well >occasional 48 hour fasts >heavy lifting >have a goo…[View]
66782239Weight loss: I'm 318 lbs, 190 cm (6'3) and I'm beginning my weightloss journey. My go…[View]
66781406>mogs your intra workout blend costing $1.50 or more per serving >high quality carbohydrates r…[View]
66782338bench press variation thread: Is decline bench a meme compared to flat? Incline used to be my favori…[View]
66781256Intermittent fasting 16:8: Give it to me straight. Is there benefits in doing 16:8 IF if your goal …[View]
66782174Can I do hypertrophy now?[View]
66779775>6' 165 >somehow have abs and also a gut HOW DO I FIX THIS…[View]
66779154Personal Transformation: Thinking about giving lectures, ask me anything[View]
66781243Nightwing-anon: I am summoning you. Where are you? Do you still post here? I need reasons to continu…[View]
66781365>rips hole in your wall[View]
66782113Why can't I get rid of my belly fat[View]
66779176itt: transformations disastrous or otherwise[View]
66781657Post nut recovery: What foods or sups help for a faster recovery from nutting? My lifts go down for …[View]
66782075>skinny as fuck >weak as fuck >lift and GOMAD for 6 months >strong as fuck >fat as fu…[View]
66780692>train is always packed full of dyel faggots Is it smart to bike to the gym or will I burn myself…[View]
66780455I can't do a single pull up. What's the best way to work my way up to one?[View]
66781186Do you ever feel sad bros, seeing how much of your life you have spent wrapped up in bad habits and …[View]
66780557Posting a picture of a woman for your OP should be a bannable offense[View]
66781384Can you lose weight/fat just by walking everyday? When's the best time for it to burn fat?[View]
66780418WHY IS /fit/ SO ANTI-CARDlO!?[View]
66781897>enter gym >You got to pump it up >Don't you know? Pump it up >You got to pump it u…[View]
66781010Thanks.: Hi, just wanted to thank you all, in 2014 I was a fatass, and through all the /fph/ threads…[View]
66779171Do I have to avoid sunflower seeds too?: They have so much good stuff in them, do I have to avoid th…[View]
66779412What difference does protein timing really make?[View]
66779607>start doing zercher squats because everyone says it's the best for stimulating quads vs bac…[View]
66780963does anyone else only feel bulgarians in their glutes and nowhere else?[View]
66781042Does minoxidil fuck up your eyesight?: I've been using minoxidil for 3 months and for the first…[View]
66779385Jason Blaha Thread: The Monster™[View]
66781589Why do strong men look like poop bros?[View]
66780920What's the better way to consume one onion a day? I tried blending it with a cup of water. I gu…[View]
66780867gymthots keep looking at my ass from the mirror while I squat[View]
66776269How do I get a nice looking ass?[View]
66778043What's the 1/2/3/4 for running?[View]
66781108What should be the macros if I want to loose 1kg per week and not destroy the little muscle i have? …[View]
66780340No matter how big I get there will never be a timeline where she didn't cheat[View]
66778820>increased weight >felt sore for the first time in a while >feels good man Also what'…[View]
66781203tell me everything you know about grains[View]
66781177I just won't get thirsty: My piss is dark yellow and I'm still not thirsty.[View]
66778694How do you know if you have low testosterone? I went to a doctor and he told me no you are young and…[View]
66749247/hgg/ Home Gym General: Hammer Strength everything edition Post pictures of your home gym. Discuss e…[View]
66780881Don't sleep too much.: If you sleep 3 hours each night for a year, you will have an extra month…[View]
66778998Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
66778148I'm prescribed this stuff but I think it's taking a big toll on my heart. What can I do (o…[View]
66781131I am this close to buying a home gym: >no fap for 2 days >have to wear semi-loose jeans with a…[View]
66775524This is all you need to impress girls, granted you don't have the face of a troglodyte. Easily…[View]
66780350Is cycling good for building leg strength? Gas is getting expensive and I am considering a gas/elect…[View]
66778052>tfw 23% bodyfat >summer is here in 1 month it was over before it started…[View]
66781062If I lose 10lbs I'll be 10% bf[View]
66780143“I don’t pick up weights, I got enough weight on my back. I lift blunts, all day every day.” >loo…[View]
66775537>pic related has been known for 80+ years >ketolards gonna lard it up…[View]
66771687Who the fuck do I listen to[View]
66779199Does fasting for several days increase or decrease testosterone?[View]
66780250>6'2 >200lbs >175lb strict OHP >285lb bench >315 squat >425 DL >515 rack p…[View]
66772248How to get delts like this?[View]
66780788Motivational videos: you guys got more videos like this one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ri2F5bm…[View]
66778322Shitting blood every day on the snake venom plan: Hi /fit/. After seeing many posts here showing the…[View]
66776253Rotator cuff tendinitis: Has anyone else had this? I just started working out 2 months ago but injur…[View]
66777056Is this a Warrior Leg?: Or a gay alien leg?[View]
66780841Chest Day: It's chest day[View]
66779311squat: >tfw you can bench more than you squat I have been training for over a year, squatting for…[View]
66762105The Whitest Pill: the lookism model fails to distinguish between 'sympathisch' and beautiful people,…[View]
66780563/feels/ thread[View]
66779892Finasteride: It's just one pill a day anon...[View]
66756597My girlfriend, dog and I went hiking yesterday, it was awesome[View]
66780760I ate the goyslop >morning >eat breakfast with dad >order two McMuffins, pancakes and a has…[View]
66780422weight gain/ muscle gain: >be me this time last year >19 year old. 6 foot 2. 140 pounds. >d…[View]
66778974Is squatting good for you?[View]
66780270How you holding on wrisletbros[View]
66780400ROMANIAN DEADLIFT SHOULDER POSITION Should I pull my shoulder during the exercise downwards like dur…[View]
66774887What muscles does this exercise target[View]
66774812My dick has stopped working and I dont do any ped's Brought a girl 4 years younger than me home…[View]
66780312Training neck: I can see people looking at me like I’m a retard when I train neck. This is how I tra…[View]
66780568i do warm up in morning workout should i warm up for the evening work out too[View]
66780176Test cyp and Winny cycle.: I'm currently on week 5 of my test and Winny cycle. First time tryin…[View]
66777812How do you fix rib flare?[View]
66778430>he trains less than 6 days a week >he is above 15% bodyfat >he is below 6 ft >he makes …[View]
66780040Eating 'healthy': Can I just eat like, 2 pounds of 1 kind of vegetable a day? I hate mixed foods / …[View]
66775078Why don't you barefoot max /fit/? Hope you don't use shitty sneakers, unless you wanna hav…[View]
66774981Just took 1g and was able to pee in public toilet stall in presence of other men. Yeah I’m thinking…[View]
66779612Are 15' arms good for a 6'0 man?[View]
66778625Effective ppl based on what I have in my home gym?[View]
66779049what am I supposed to 'feel' from these? a 200mg pill doesn't do shit for me. I'll yawn se…[View]
66775953does it make sense to do the whole bulk/cut cycle as a natty?[View]
66776522Which body parts are easy for you to develop and which are hard?: Easy for me: Traps Abs Glutes Hard…[View]
66772877>harder to eat >takes longer to cook >contains the same nutrition are you a steel cut masoc…[View]
66780080sets per session (volume): mike israetel says 20 sets is the limit per session or some shit like tha…[View]
66779877>mogs the shit out of literally every other way to prepare rice Based beaners have done it again.…[View]
66780032What’s the current best premise protein shake? Don’t care about homemade shit.[View]
66776889fuck you lidl-shill these taste like absolute shit ass, i hope you get nigger aids[View]
66773041/fit/ benefits from Sauna: Does Sauna have any good benefits for getting fit? Can you help lose weig…[View]
66775514>shoulder infringement[View]
66774445Why do so many men have tits these days? Is it the birth control in the water or the something in th…[View]
66779689ARE PUSHUPS A MEME OR NOT?: Two sides of a retarded spectrum: >They are a staple for chest buildi…[View]
66777920Bezos: What’s his routine?[View]
66779682This roastie makes the most based HIIT and core workouts videos. Fuck the blood rush from that worko…[View]
66777748I made it bros (also motivational thread): Ladies and gentleman... We made it. I've been workin…[View]
66778545Bros... I fucking love this thing[View]
66778639what are the /fit/ness implications of consuming alcohol every single day for approx three months?[View]
66779709enough about GOMAD: how about 1/2 gallon of 1/2&1/2 Every 1/2 Days? HGOHAHEHD could this work gu…[View]
66779554Give it to me straight bros... Is it gyno?[View]
66778731Is this the best headphone to wear at the gym?[View]
66770192Dancing is the best form of cardio. Six months ago i started taking salsa classes and the confidence…[View]
66774333After 10 years of natty lifting I realized there's actually 0 noticeable difference between wha…[View]
66779511This is Lil Ryder AKA Soldier. Professional boxing coach.[View]
66778887Anon, do you train your flexibility? I have three objectives: learn the front split, the middle spli…[View]
66773309Cheapest way to get 3000+ cal a day?[View]
66778129Agemaxxing: >25/M >KHV I lift but I'm realizing that my looks are coming to come apart th…[View]
66775264how should i go about looking more masculine without super heavy muscle exercises and without additi…[View]
66769481Is sunflower oil somehow 'less bad' than other seed oils or do I need to avoid it too?[View]
66779261/gsg/ Goyslop general: What are you slopping on, bros? I could not resist and bought the fabled keba…[View]
66778597You will NEVER look big as a natty: Face it. The 'big' standard has shifted in the last few years du…[View]
66778562Am I /fit/?[View]
66779084What are the benefits of overhead press in a smith machine over doing it normally?[View]
66772089Doorframe pull up bar: do's / dont's: I'm thinking of adding a pull up bar in my door…[View]
66778728Recording Lift Numbers: How do you guys keep track of you reps and sets for each type of exercise? I…[View]
66777898What were some racist philosophers that were also fit? I wanna read some non-cucked philosophy and …[View]
66778755retard question BUT why female to men trans when they inject test they don't look as jacked as …[View]
66778961>he autistically prepares his meals instead of drinking mass gainers, peanut butter and boiled eg…[View]
66778269mental doping/nootropics: Hi /fit/, I wanna enhance my brain, any suggestions how? Currently taking …[View]
66778384The Pee pill: Month 4 : Matrix edition AMA: Hey frens. fourth month of drinking pee sometimes and ru…[View]
66778866Have you ever been crabbed for being fitter than your friends/family?[View]
66778772Are margaritas okay to consume if you are trying to make gains?[View]
66749776Running: Post your roons.[View]
66778711Are these levels really bad? Also what does it mean that the % free testosterone is out of range?[View]
66778470I am on a 0 carb diet and for first time in 20yrs my acne is gone.[View]
66775670What was the turning point for your fitness journey?: For me it was finding out about the magical ma…[View]
66778170What is the best brand of clothes to train in? I bought some under armor recently and the clothes fe…[View]
66778662LISS for OCD: This is just a thank you to the guy who suggested LISS instead of interval cardio a wh…[View]
66778487Where can I go to read fatty fan-fic cope shit like this? It really helps with my motivation and dis…[View]
66778565you're working the neck, right?[View]
66776848Fish replacement: Fish has lots of good shit and is an excellent source of protein but it seems like…[View]
66775017Does eating on small portions truly help?: Won’t you be eating the same calories at the end of the d…[View]
66777092How do you build these? That's NOT the serratus, right?[View]
66777061How is that summer cut goin' Anon? Are are cutting, right? You don't want get miried by wo…[View]
66778203What's the best calorie tracking app/site? I used MyFitnessPal years ago but maybe there's…[View]
66769768Sex drive after lifting?: Recently started a 5 x week routine for the summer but it's killed al…[View]
66778023I just realized I can do body weight leg extensions from these. Should I do them? I'm thinking …[View]
66777455Is this achievable natty?[View]
66777673Is this achievable natty? I've been working out three days a week for Jack.[View]
66776289What do you plan to look like at thirty?[View]
66776753>he doesn't shave his legs ngmi[View]
66777079What mode is this?[View]
66776141what happens if you quit sarms a week in? do you still get suppressed[View]
66777721Wtf bros I love science now[View]
66777843disturbing news hinders my workout i wish my gym didnt have TVs streaming news channels 24/7[View]
66771434>he consumes caffeine every day[View]
66776251I'm half assing abs but I'm still getting ab gains: Abs is the one body part I half ass an…[View]
66775715Is doing parcour a good way to exercise?[View]
66775930How to do serotonin detox ?[View]
66775776Is it possible for lanklets to escape skelly mode? People would still say I’m scrawny even though I …[View]
66772232Is this correct bench form?[View]
66776229squat stabilising muscles: how do i strengthen my adductors and abductors? do i really need to becom…[View]
66777676Is this an okay routine for a beginner? Rest day is either after day 3 or after a repeat of days 1-3…[View]
66775501Redpill me on Sumo Squat: Are they the superior form on squat? Doesn't fuck up knee, bigger glu…[View]
66773696why do energy drinks make me tired. i actually get amazing sleep if i drink one before bed.[View]
66768938Is it actually that much harder to build muscle if you're tall, or is it over-exaggerated?[View]
66776274>finally got to the point where my chest looks like how it did when I got a pump 4 months ago Bu…[View]
66775989Are you a protein type, a carb type or a mixed type? How does this affect what you eat and your lift…[View]
66777526Achievable natty?[View]
66777184Why do my shoulders 'pop' when I put my arms in this kind of position?[View]
66777415>last week get back into lifting after year of being sedentary >Few dozen chins + some curls o…[View]
66777344Why are you not going to bite this onions?[View]
66773697Why is this shit so inflammatory?[View]
66774836> be me > watching Simpsons with my daughter > shirtless Flanders comes on screen > poin…[View]
66777336who /MotivatedByRevulsion/ here? >post workout grocery shopping >Been hitting it hard this wee…[View]
66773742How do I get rid of the dark circles around my eyes? I sleep 8 hours a day and have no problem with …[View]
66776004>gym pirate hogs the captains chair How am I supposed to do my leg raises now?…[View]
66777053>start working out >always hungry >eat huge meals and hunger kicks back in after an hour …[View]
66777244alright /f/aggots let’s settle it once and for all, how much muscle mass can you actually put on in…[View]
66776973Zero confidence: I feel like I changed a lot in the past months, I stopped being extremely anxious a…[View]
66775021Tell me more about this 'dyel', why do you hate him so much? Is he in the room with us right now?[View]
66774937Can I fix my posture by working neck, ass, legs, abs, reat delts more or do I actually have to incor…[View]
66764521Am I robbing myself of gym friends if I go balls deep into a home gym setup? Do yall have any gym fr…[View]
66776827Most embarrassing gym stories: >be me >late night gym sesh >around 21:30 >walk into gym…[View]
66766542Phenibut thread: Anyone else take this, it’s the only drug I take, no weed or alcohol just phenibut …[View]
66773956Why are all professional strongmen so tall? Yet the strongest powerlifters tend to be within the ave…[View]
66774605What is this exercise called?[View]
66776996>can feel it in my back after the workout someone tell me how to do barbell rows anon…[View]
66776318This is all you need to impress girls, granted you don't have the face of a troglodyte. Easily …[View]
66771567>got drunk and ate an entire box of cheezits again how do you stop a snack food addiction…[View]
66774186Is it helpful to drink a protein shake before a thirty minute cardio session or is it better to do c…[View]
66775832carbs: how many grams of carbs should i be eating if im on a cut? does it really matter?[View]
66776740Bros... I think i found cheat code for growing calves while doing cardio Jumping rope, i think ill …[View]
66776654meme supplement or actually does something?[View]
66772802Eggs are now $4 a dozen in my area. Halp?: I was doing an egg heavy keto protein diet to lose weight…[View]
66776694This thread is to pay your respects to this majestuous animal. Nutritious, delicious meat. Biggest p…[View]
66775053>that post church workout[View]
66776612>How can i defeat this prime urges of craving women >I m tired of being a slave >I feel tha…[View]
66776180How much running would I need to do until: I'm no longer skinnyfat and if I would be doing no o…[View]
66776773Beginner volume: I'm 7 months in and my deadlift and bench are shit, is it a good idea to start…[View]
66772436How do I make my farts smell better?[View]
66774137Rest days suck: Is it really so important to have a rest day? I slept well, now sunday nothing to do…[View]
66775371wet dreams: does a wet dream break nofap? my dream was extremely sexual and i chose to coom down thi…[View]
66770083WTF antioxidations are UNHEALTHY?!: https://www.popsci.com/what-are-antioxidants-good-bad-enough-too…[View]
66776650It's simple: Try all the lifting programs until you find the one that actually works for you.…[View]
66751027Achievable naturally?[View]
66776388ITT we discuss back exercises: What's your tip for some godly back[View]
66775982What do you call these things you put your knee and feet into to lock them in place during an ab wor…[View]
66774795Back to the gym: So... I broke up with my partner and now I need to be /fit again. Advice welcome (…[View]
66776084>just started barbell training >find out ive been doing deadlifts wrong for a month >was ba…[View]
66769151feels bar is open: I'm pretty ashamed of not having had sex, not even a social life. It's …[View]
66775924I can bench four-oh-five[View]
66775936V-belt discussion: Besides a good diet and good genetics, what workouts are specifically for this? W…[View]
66774711The super huge guys are asking me to spot them on their heaviest sets even tho there are bigger men …[View]
66774567sore heart?: anyone still have sore heart after vax? i had my mine about 6 months ago and still can…[View]
66759944/PLG/ - Powerlifting General - GDE Appreciation Edition: Without you losers, the rest of us wouldn…[View]
66771947How many of these can you do in a row?: I can currently do 20.[View]
66773140What kind of squat variant is this?[View]
66776143>know I got a hanging shoulder for a long time >always try to fix it by consciously lifting i…[View]
66776145Is collagen a meme? What does it do? Should i supplement?[View]
66772723Sardines: Thoughts on sardines? I love these lil niggas[View]
6677520522 years old 8 week 5mg lgd only cycle what could go wrong?[View]
66771424what do, i'm 3 days into my 5mg lgd only cycle do i stop now and do pct or finish the whole 8 …[View]
66775774World Gym, Delray Beach.... home.[View]
66773490Booger eating bros… we got too cocky[View]
66773003Your core IS strong enough to do this, right?[View]
66775073I just noticed that one of my balls is smaller than the other. Is this bad?[View]
66768398I love u bros[View]
66772284How does it feel knowing you don't have a social circle like in pic related and you never will …[View]
66775213I am a fat fuck currently weighing in at 150kgs but was previously over 220kgs under a year ago. I j…[View]
66775571what's a good regime for someone who only has a bench and 2 dumbbells? checked the sticky and i…[View]
66774018/BCT/: Bodybuilding Comics Thread. Dump everything here, Anon. Funny, demotivational, everything…[View]
66775187I've plateaued for 15 years and now I'm 30: Started lifting when I was 15 years old in hig…[View]
66774902Can you guys grow these? I try different exercises but I feel like they hit every other muscle in m…[View]
66775680the government demands that i get evaluated by a therapist. which im fine with whatever, but can i t…[View]
66775171>this is considered /fit/ for normalfags[View]
66769688god fucking damnit bros. I just started lifting, I'm a 135 lbs twink beta bitch, never lifted b…[View]
66775422Can I achieve a good physique with calisthenics only? t. 56kg 174cm[View]
66775530should I make two sausage or three? cook three eggs or four? it's not like it's a PR day, …[View]
66775463my gut sticks out less than my bulge in sweatpants now[View]
66765731*claims natty*[View]
66775459I hit a 275 squat for 1 rep[View]
66772567bros i regret cooming how do i have better discipline[View]
66772960>Monday Push >Tuesday Pull >Wednesday Push >Thursday Pull >Friday Push >Saturday P…[View]
66775354What are some of the health benefits to eating 8 ounces of cream cheese per day?[View]
66773078Hey /fit/, I want to improve my jaw looks. By that i mean it should look more defined and muscular. …[View]
66773338what should my weight be if i'm 5'9[View]
66771561Is this toned for women? Is anymore unsightly?[View]
66774906/fit/ Sticky not working?: Does anyone read this? Is it still relevant? Should we have some intermed…[View]
66775129>Injured myself assembling ikea furniture Does this mean I'm not going to make it?…[View]
66772007ITT: we try to find a consistent way(probably a video game) to raise test by simulating being a winn…[View]
66774575Is there a reason why you're still gorging on carbs instead of eating one-meal-a-day low carb?[View]
66775154Why are people who go on a Vegan diet in current decade far more fatter than they were a decade ago …[View]
66773583How much do age, genetics and height affect someone's gains?[View]
66773716I just ate 1kg of fruit: Stay mad keto tards[View]
66771901Manlet fight to the death: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hA3aaP74ds0 Hee hee hee hee Hoo hoo hoo hoo…[View]
66774943How do i lose the bloat?[View]
66774935which one of you was this >take girl on a date to gym >lift to hard >shit pants…[View]
66773014Can you build muscle if you only eat like 1000 cals a day?[View]
66774939>The absolute state of western society. When you google a common problem among fatties, you get o…[View]
66767399How to cope with being bald?[View]
66773374Looks like my presses are starting to stall. Are these acceptable end-of-LP lifts? >63 kg press (…[View]
66773591Favorite curl variation? Also a tranny getting fucked has been on the catalog for 3 hours.[View]
66774423level with me /fit/. Is pic related the sort of body and Indian needs to acquire a 5.5 or 6/10 white…[View]
66772673Went running yesterday and suddenly the outside of my left foot started hurting. The side of the foo…[View]
66771038Just came from my ass and feel like killing myself from shame. Now i wanna make my life better. WHat…[View]
66770221Would an actual trainer (not his whore '''wife''') have saved him?[View]
66769039I wake up at 5 AM and train at 6 AM Is this Jockopilled enough?[View]
66774400Has anyone here ever taken an actual class/course at a gym? I'm home gym master race, but after…[View]
66773228A-am i gonna make it, bros?[View]
66770301my n words list all the effects you experienced on lgd 4033[View]
66774512>he lifts 6 days a week >he autistically counts every calorie >he lurks on a fitness image …[View]
66772370Post your best post gym toonz for relaxation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzmMB8dTwGs[View]
66759680Push up Thread: <19 roll again[View]
66773606>physically unable to sleep more than 8 hours >sleep 6 hours on average >tfw one of those p…[View]
66773348How can I build a well-rounded body with hip impingement? Can I replace squats entirely and just rep…[View]
66772231Twinkmoding rn but want to bulk up because I keep getting bullied when I go down the lake to fish. T…[View]
66770631give me one good reason not to juice: this negga is still kicking around at 74 despite juicing since…[View]
66773261I lack lots of dexterity and wanted to fix that before joining a martial arts gym. Are there any goo…[View]
66774057Has anybody here done DDP Yoga? My back and hips are super fucked and I wanna start getting in shape…[View]
66772590Happy bday I finally turn 22 today![View]
66772306how do I mix this shit? it foams too much[View]
66765287Who else here living /drugfree/?[View]
66772890Compression shorts based or cringe?[View]
66773703What do you think of my workout routine: Getting back to the gym in a couple of days after 2 years o…[View]
66771714Achievable natty?[View]
66769989Why do I need a big routine to get big? Can't I just pick up a very large and unwieldly rock ov…[View]
66771568The OHP took my back, i felt slight aching in it so stopped em. It's over for me.[View]
66773319how do I train to do this? https://youtu.be/Q-Y7oKPdV70[View]
66773052binge eating: help me out fit So i understand how bulking/cutting works in terms of calories protein…[View]
66773265Daily reminder, Why are all of /fit/ idols all dead and die earlier. Why is /fit/ so retarded it thi…[View]
66772381How the fuck do I make these taste good and not boring?[View]
66773446Bros, can I learn boxing from youtube?[View]
66762728/fat/ - Fat Loss General: WAGMI edition >Who is /fat/ for? For fois gras fatties who are working …[View]
66770532>/fit/ considers tuna in olive oil to be a “dirty bulk” food Anorexics have taken over this place…[View]
66766389webm thread[View]
66771061you CAN do a pistol squat, right anon?[View]
66768590>lift heavy >eat enough >sleep is shit brehs....…[View]
66757163FPH: FPH - Active Lard Storage ridicule general[View]
66773221we're all gonna make it bros[View]
66766712What's the best smartwatch for fitness tracking? I've been using a Fitbit Versa 2 I receiv…[View]
66773119i just went to my garage and worked out we are all going to make it : )[View]
66772917I caught the norovirus and I can't stop puking and shitting. All of my muscles feel swollen and…[View]
66773297should i lose weight? im 179 cm and 78 kg but i can see my abs and get decent reps with all the body…[View]
66771264Do I look like I lift?[View]
66759648Post your kryptonite /fit/: Mine is this. My grandmother who is in her 80's makes this each wee…[View]
66769906Same age as Boogie btw. Who will make it longer?[View]
66765570where did he go?[View]
66769174Shoe freedom: Im starting to run but it isn't to be healthy or to lose weight or anything like …[View]
66764478American nutrition: Why are they like this[View]
66764701How do i flexibility max?[View]
66772485This guy claims natty and low t. Thoughts? I mean if he used peds why would he spew such blatant lie…[View]
66771173>TFW penis inspection day at gym[View]
66769160Fellow endomorph manlets, how the fuck do you cope with the extreme difficulty of making our body ty…[View]
66770465help me quit alcohol: How do I do it bros? I train regularly, both gym and cardio but Iam also going…[View]
66772731why is whey so nasty i hate protein shakes they make me wanna throw up[View]
66772223in what fucking planet is that 16% bf? fucking bitch[View]
66769555How much can you squat, deadlift and hip thrust /fit/? How thick and juicy are your glutes? Do the g…[View]
66770856how do i fucking stop my legs buckling inwards while squatting 'heavy' im fucking dyel its not even …[View]
66772697How much time should one in the sun?[View]
66772908Right, I never thought I'd find myself back here after 8 years - but here I am. I let myself go…[View]
66774341Had sex without a condom with a girl I just met: She was on her period I didn't care because I …[View]
66770165How did you learn proper form? Youtube videos?[View]
66772505Aspirin Overdose: Hi anons I’m considering to take aspirin too much and jump off. I want to bleed to…[View]
66769068DEBATE: Which is more true: >A strong OHP carries over more to the flat bench Or: >A strong be…[View]
66760130This shit is too expensive now[View]
66772049Natty progress?: Is this good progression for 17 months of lifting? Am 18 and started lifting in Jan…[View]
66756459Why do you lift(un-ironically)?: I want to see why people here started lifting or still lift. I star…[View]
66772523What are some cheap, quick to cook and delicious lunches/dinners I can eat every day?[View]
66772053POV: You become known as 'the strong guy' at work.[View]
66767494When did you realise you weren’t going to make it?: >2 year of lifting for THIS…[View]
66770129>be athletic training assistant at community college >women come in to get stretched out …[View]
66765976Sorry I'm Late: Le cookies are ready :)[View]
66768162he claims 12-20 sets per bodypart is enough weekly volume. do you agree with the manlet chipmunk? he…[View]
66771248It takes less than an hour to get in shape if you're constant: >5 sets of 12 bicep curls tha…[View]
66771630>he doesn't wear picrel to the gym NGMI[View]
66768083Got th' vid and 4 days in still got a fever, am I done for?[View]
66770898Daily reminder that polyester is making you infertile. It is an endocrine disrupter. What is polyest…[View]
66772022we all know exercise makes you tall but what are the requirements for cock and ball size[View]
66771736isn't it interesting that to be who you truly want to be you in life you need to be a chad. cha…[View]
66770225I wanna get shredded, /fit/. I wanna look like Zyzz. I want to be a Greek God. I am in college and w…[View]
66768019Should I take it? What exactly does it do?[View]
66768714Marisa Miller 2017 vs. 2022: She did an interview in which she said she stopped boxing several years…[View]
66761768Current Body Thread /CBT/: Making an official once since the old one was too half-hearted and quickl…[View]
66770997Fat Psychology: Why do fats need to 'reward' themselves every time they do something like …[View]
66770697Can you get a 6-pack on a high fat diet?: Well /fit/?[View]
66771255What physique do i need to survive a mass shooting? >Cardio >agility for vaulting obstacles …[View]
66766725Tranny at gym ruined my day: >Go to the gym >start doing my normal workout routine >go to…[View]
66770878What mode is this?[View]
66770946training to run from security guards?: What would be the best training to do for running from securi…[View]
66767315>2022...I am forgotten[View]
66768043If you're not running an air purifier at home you're ngmi[View]
66771040>both eyes starting to get blurry How do I visionmax? Diet currently doesn't consist of any …[View]
66765749How do you prevent this? Started getting a small one on my bicep. I want to avoid any further marks.[View]
66770829Linguitic Muslce: What are some good lifts to build linguitic mucles? I've been doing some barb…[View]
66771381What’s an appropriate bench press? Is the bar supposed to hit your chest? How are you arms supposed …[View]
66756789/gag/ - gym attire general[View]
66771200>Always make fun of fat people with friends and family >they are either skinny engineering stu…[View]
66771420Why does the moshestream media hate fitness so much?[View]
66765525What's the ideal weight for a 5'10 man?[View]
66771114I just want to go to the gym every day and do the same routine. Is overtraining real or is it more o…[View]
66767680I just ran 2.7 miles STRAIGHT![View]
66771138Assuming a low/healthy weight, what body fat % would be ideal for a woman in your opinion? What is t…[View]
66758989YA LEG-DAY SKIPPIN'[View]
66771119Why do you lift?: For me, every weight is lift is to aid me on securing the existence of our people …[View]
667691814 weeks of lifting, still scrawny as fuck. What am I doing wrong?[View]
66770890Demodivation: Sorry I have some super demotivation right now and need help. I've done ss and al…[View]
66770073Jason Blaha Thread: Blaha Thread[View]
66770438How to immunemax?: I just got a fucking flu out of nowhere after not being sick for a year and a hal…[View]
66768387How many days a week do you workout?: And what's your routine? Just curious[View]
66767172Post people you used to think were jacked[View]
66770191How to unironically achieve this physique?[View]
66770575It is impossible to motivate me. I feel literally nothing and the gym doesnt help it. Im literally b…[View]
66770166need help bloatmaxxing: I'm 5'7' 327 lbs (not DYEL) trying to maximize my gains. I've…[View]
66752592that supplement that helped you with sleep.: What was it? I need it. I wake up like 2 times every ni…[View]
66768093Redpill me on no-pillow[View]
66768592I've gotten my first girlfriend and lost my virginity. Unfortunately, I'm really REALLY ba…[View]
66769732IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR HAIR DO NOT USE RAD 140: im on day 16 of this shit and my hair is FUCKED UP i…[View]
66769307Trap sizes: Hey can you guys recommend me some lifts for building up my traps without causing thar p…[View]
66768518Why are healthy fats so rare in nature? Pic related looks good enough but it has basically no fat. W…[View]
66769936>the most dangerous man on the planet >is DYEL Tell me again why you lift?…[View]
66770232Cable column freemotion: Bought a used freemotion cable column. Worked fine at the dudes house. But …[View]
66768489I fucking hate bench presses. There's nothing more disgusting than lying down in the dried-up s…[View]
66764763>Start cutting for the first time ever >220 lbs at 5'10 >lift weights early morning, d…[View]
66770092Would transitioning have saved her?[View]
66765299Keto and Vegan Diets: Why is America absolutely obsessed with unhealthy fad diets? I don't unde…[View]
66769491How to build bigger side delts and lower lats?: Bros how do I build absolutely massive side delts an…[View]
66764468form check thread: Been meaning to post these as I made them but I kinda ended up hoarding them so I…[View]
66750547Are you fit enough to join a revolution?[View]
66769934Changing from Calisthenics to using weights: Want to know if there is any difficulties or things peo…[View]
66765424What's the cheapest source of protein? My food bill has increased dramatically thanks to inflat…[View]
66769739what is the most /fit/ dog?[View]
66763087>6 Years for this Do nattycucks really?[View]
66763671So are oats good or bad for me? I like oat bran but there are studies on grains causing mental illne…[View]
66766808/cg/ - Calisthenics General: Back lever edition This general is about the discussion of bodyweight t…[View]
66769395If a supplement leads to less muscle damage from exercise and faster recovery, could the decrease in…[View]
66767455Trt: Can any anons on trt or who were on it in the past post experiences? My test came back at 478 a…[View]
66767273Any clues? It doesnt hurt exercising only when I stand for too long without moving.[View]
66766757Have you taken the honeypill yet, /fit/?[View]
66768994Generally speaking, you don't think of the 30s as being young. I've always thought of it a…[View]
66768092LIVERKING is most likely natty.: he made a good argument that there is no purpose to eat vegetables.…[View]
66769452Are there any 'legal' OTC shit that cuts fat/appetite or steroids in Canada? I keep telling my famil…[View]
66767275/DYEL/ general: post em[View]
66768789What the Duck is Tren: And how is it different from trt?[View]
66768774How to grow north african legs. Nothing I do works. Im on 400cal surplus, I do legs 3 times a week. …[View]
66767481NH latest video on lifting...: He is claiming lifting is what makes people respect you, etc This is …[View]

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