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62725708>do 1 set of 10 >its easy >rest 60 seconds >try another set of 10 >only get 8 reps …[View]
62731022Tips to make a meal more filling: 1) Drink 1 litre of water before eating.[View]
62729461I'm wearing 30's now, help me build stomach muscle.: I didn't realize you have to sig…[View]
62729550How do I find a good shrink: It's become evident to me now that I need some counseling to deal …[View]
62730268ass torn: >went to the doctor >doctor says I weighed 157 a year ago >currently weigh 173lbs…[View]
62730601Im tired of being fat: Any once fatties here that got /fit/? What helped the most? Tired of this bul…[View]
62728671ITT: brutal mog: Go[View]
62730873Do I bulk or cut: >6'2', weigh 172 lbs >Still have a stupidly high amount of fat in hips…[View]
62730307>bro you look like that pepe... >which one? >the sad fat one, with the mirror >friend 2:…[View]
62723670Daily reminder that ottermode is peak male physique[View]
627312894 weeks on keto, my ass is gone. is this normal[View]
62725739I literally lost 2 months of gains from gooning to porn. Don't become a gooner, it will turn yo…[View]
62728335>Be obese >Be 5’9’’ and 240 lbs >Decide to take up lifting again >I like lifting >Go …[View]
62730465I just did 50 push-ups, 50 sit-ups and 50 squats.[View]
62731218>Be me >have pectus excavatum >basically just looks like i have a big dent in my lower ster…[View]
62730526Is it possible to get so fat that your stomach covers your penis and testicles? If it's true, t…[View]
62729991Thyroid/iodine bro: Hey /fit/ im high and bored. I got very sick with a thyroid condition that retar…[View]
62729884Yay or nay?: Do you eat yogurt anon?[View]
62730638Newfag to lifting, the sides of my pecs under the armpit and the back of my legs are sore but the re…[View]
62730952What quick set of exercises can I do to get some pump going ASAP? I have a set of adjustable dumbbel…[View]
62729485When I was 5 years old I had surgery to correct an undescended testicle. I have checked monthly and …[View]
62730278>tip toe into the gym >'I EVEN KIDNAPPED ONE AND MADE HIM DO MY TAXES!'…[View]
62730459What mode is this[View]
62730189What is your favorite protein powder flavor bros?[View]
62728547Need it or keep it?[View]
62730669How to exit hank hill mode?[View]
62728024Protein Powder: Why are the tubs always fucking half full?[View]
62728526Do you do situps reguarly?[View]
62729776can one do chin ups / dips / push ups / inverted rows every day or would it be better to do 3 times …[View]
62730752Benching with the back?: I feel like my gains from benching are showing in my back and lats, not my …[View]
62730063Controversial idea but hear me out. I've done dry fasting for a whole week and supposedly its o…[View]
62726801Someone help me figure out a hypertrophy routine: 6'2 200ish. I've lost 60lbs since Februa…[View]
62730567Is this achievable natty?[View]
62727007How many pounds to gain in order to increase chest size?[View]
62728817Is it normal to feel more aggressive and masculine after eating a red meat only diet for a few weeks…[View]
62725930Is this a good glute workout for girls?[View]
62727591how can i improve my back, shoulder, and neck posture? my shoulders tend to roll forward slightly an…[View]
62726473How to raise HGH and DHEA (a precursor of testosterone) levels without injections: If you get someth…[View]
62730323Could you? https://youtu.be/tR9ka4_RFwI[View]
62730304>powerlifter claims he can bench 3 pl8 >he's so fat it's like a quarter ROM >the …[View]
62730147Not that I am going to actually try this but has anyone attempted a bodyweight calisthenics routine …[View]
62727627>need dairy to hit protein macros >gives me acne What do?…[View]
62729790Was this achievable natty for him? Part of me doubts that its possible to get this jacked on a onion…[View]
62729697/slm/ - Sleepmaxxing General: About to try to sleep max. Here is what I have: >Sleep before 11 fo…[View]
62728108Hypertrophy: What is the actual disadvantage of spending my first year at the gym just banging out a…[View]
62729481Coworker wont budge on price: I have 2 squat racks and my coworker is trying to sell me another one …[View]
62728585Reminder if your neck is thinner than your jaw you are not a man. You are breeding material and need…[View]
62729535Eating cake right now, bros...it tastes so good. I couldn't stop my self. I saw it and I needed…[View]
62729606Is it safe: To consume 4-5 eggs a day in organic butter. I do one meal a day Monday to Friday. I usu…[View]
62726755Is EC stack safe?: I used to take EC stack when I was younger, and it was awesome for weight loss an…[View]
62729744Is 500mg test and 50mg anadrol a day a good starter cycle[View]
62729409>there are guys on this board that lift to get girls[View]
62729320Feels good man: >be fat >decide to lose weight >start to see results >It's hard so…[View]
62728811How fit will a weighted jump rope and dumbbells get me if I start off with that? Goal body is prime …[View]
62729207>Wow looking pretty good anon ! >Thanks haha y-you too >you must go to the gym alot >nah…[View]
62727823Can a human handle Yujiro Hanma level of Test: Chapter 99 of Baki Dou 2018 has 2 doctors talking abo…[View]
62726759ITT pretend this is a thread on 4channel.org/fit: Hey guys, been using the gym lately?[View]
62728464Bf % estimate?: I want to look like this, how lean do I have to get?[View]
62729268How far can I get with dumbbells?: Long story short I was 4 months into lifting and I did get my lif…[View]
62729379pea protein[View]
62728038HGH in adults: Does it do anything? I'm pretty sure I stopped growing at age 18, so what will H…[View]
62728079How do I reach Huell mode?[View]
62726865perfect body thread[View]
62725911BACK: Post those V's boys and your favourite wing-builder.[View]
62726271Go to the gym: You know the drill bros. Just because it's Saturday doesn't mean you can…[View]
62727072turkesterone vs ecdysterone: wtf is the difference between these? can't find turkesterone anywh…[View]
62728875/fit/ Poetry Corner: a poem >There once was a surgeon named Keith >Who circumcised men with hi…[View]
62729154>Pay out the ass for a new gym >They hid the gains spiders from me during the walkthrough Al…[View]
62727594I fucked up after 3 years and smoked a pack of cigarettes.. now i cant breathe. help[View]
62716406How the fuck do I maximize my youth?: >tfw rotting at home while normies are out making memories …[View]
62727541Do girls like weenies or butts more? asking for a friend who is unsure of whether to invest more int…[View]
62727327Achievable natty?[View]
62726435I lift for my gf[View]
62729180How do I salvage this bros[View]
62722830People who were saved by lifting[View]
62726750Shooz: Do shoes really matter all that much when lifting? I wear running shoes like pic related when…[View]
62728234He unironically gives the best lifting info on youtube[View]
62726135>before bed every day >tired and really wanna go sleep >dont feel like eating 1 last meal t…[View]
62728779I know this really doesn't match up with the category but when I was 5 I had surgery to correct…[View]
62728010>Sigma males thread >Captain Levi[View]
62728532Do derma rollers work?[View]
62727242Creatine causes hairloss, prove me wrong[View]
62729082Tonal: Anyone have experience with pic related? Is it a meme, or can you actually run a program on i…[View]
62723791How the fuck do you make it easier to peel hard boiled eggs[View]
62717726/PLG/ - Powerlifting General - ARCHMAGE Edition: Post a video if you want form advice. >Programs,…[View]
62727319Was Mentzer a pseud? >lolbertarian >claims olympia was rigged against him >claim to fame is…[View]
62728922what mode was he in[View]
62722540Does anyone else exercise with the TV on or watching TV?[View]
62718356Okay, so I know from browsing this board that keto is bad for you, that much is clear from all the a…[View]
62701377Midnight /FPH/: Wow no FPH? I'm disappointed /fit/[View]
62724550Hey, lads. I dropped a 45 pound weight on my toe at the gym, pic-related. I’ve taken some Advil, out…[View]
62726882Being any more muscled than that is counterproductive[View]
62728344How much can Khabib lift on the Big 4?[View]
62727062Ok, apparently I have hypertension, am I fucked? I weigh 194 pounds and I'm a 5'11 manlet[View]
62728442I've been doing a lot of pushups these past few weeks and I've started to get a really str…[View]
62728623Saw tonight my onetis in a Bar again. I was to much of a fucking Incel weakling to talk to her. How …[View]
62725768Would you drink another man's semen if it gave you this body?[View]
62719635hmm I wonder what happened 12k years ago[View]
62718276People that lifting couldn't save[View]
62727250Leafy green veggies: How much nutritional value am I spewing by not eating that many 'leafy green' v…[View]
62726758would this physique get you mires irl?[View]
62728151Rate my Routine and any suggestions for abs / some more leg day exercises that I can do at home?[View]
62728482would sandows program actually make you stronger or give you his physique?[View]
62728214This guy has been roiding for 2 months and already mogs 99% /fit/ and he started as skinnyfat[View]
62709025Fucks up the gains from thousands of lifters during the 2010s. >nothing personal kiddo.…[View]
62712880is conor /fit/ approved? now that he has lost like 4 fights in the last 4 years reddit hates him[View]
62728412ITT: 2012 /fit/: >not doing SS+GOMAD >not squatting lowbar >not eating oats for breakfast e…[View]
62727894Has anyone tried monk mode? Is this sustainable in the long run?[View]
62727458Everyone always tells me I look depressed or pissed off 24/7 even when I’m not. How do I fix this wi…[View]
62727970>mfw see my no-pump skinnyfat body[View]
62728139SCOOBS: Was Scooby ever really natty or just Mr Epic Fraud the whole time?[View]
6272646110lbs away from 4/3/2/1: 405 dead 275 bench for 2 reps 305 squat 155 overhead press I should hit 315…[View]
62728218How much time do you spend in the gym? Is there too much time? I usually aim for an hour at minimum …[View]
62728306What body type compells one to react like this?[View]
62728159What's better, adding weight or doing more in your series.[View]
62727775Replacing Bench with OHP as your primary push exercise: Hello, I really enjoy the Overhead Press, a…[View]
62726047Best weightlifting shoes?: >have to spend $120+ to get a pair of decent shoes anyway >might as…[View]
62723123How much of a difference does going from 19% to 11% make to something like your face? Will it fix my…[View]
62728130What should I do if I'm currently gaining weight, but my face looks round and i can't even…[View]
62728119I can't believe I fell for the >'vegetables are bad!!' meme. Some are better than others, I…[View]
62727203Any of you Asians could translate what's written in my new dildo, i don't even know what l…[View]
62728001Back mogs you: What's his secret?[View]
62728067Will you get your son to lift? >chris heria and his 9-year-old son[View]
62727754How to stop being a LOW VALUE MAN ?: I recently start Wage Slaving after Losing my Business & re…[View]
62726056Symmetric Strength Floor Pull: Question: Do you think it's fair to enter your trap bar deadlift…[View]
62727847Ways to train around Weightlifter's Shoulder: Got dogshit PTs in my area. Aside from the usual …[View]
62727670Hair is everything: Brad still looks amazing after almost four decades[View]
62727238Onassis fitness: How /fit/ are these rules given by Onassis? I'm taking Judo lessons as he says…[View]
62727796>drink milk for pwotein >go brap and make poopy FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…[View]
62727680Tinder photo: Is this a good one?[View]
62726888Your life is 80% over by the time you hit 17 from a subjective experience perspective. The final 10 …[View]
62727720How does bench pressing like this isolate your triceps?[View]
62688828QQTDTOT- questions that dont deserve their own thread: Hi /fit/ I come to you in dire need. Looked f…[View]
62717375how do i lose my chubby cheeks bros[View]
62723633Oh no chud bros...[View]
62726968ITT: We discuss optimal diets and goals given an anon's heritage. 99.5% NW Euro, can't fin…[View]
62724293>the best American football player in the history of the sport[View]
62725275Are training bikes worth it? I was thinking of getting this one for 300euros. Pretty basic, but it s…[View]
62724808For me, its Andrew Huberman >get sunlight in your eyes first thing in the morning to set your cir…[View]
62720752CBT: Pajeet Edition: 6'2' and 202 lbs down from 210 lbs. How much more weight should I cut?…[View]
62723782Which is the better cardio if I’m trying to get from lanklet to ottermode, erging or running?[View]
62723286Most Attractive Athlete Type?: Lookmaxxers pay attention, what sport do you lads think produces the …[View]
62727280The only macro I track is protein: Does it actually matter how many carbs or fat I eat? If I'm …[View]
62727275Common noob question: So I've recently picked up a dumbbell at 25kg. My goal is to reach 75 rep…[View]
62725326fastest way to drop bf%: at 23.4% bf rn boys, whats the fastest way to drop bf even if it needs a fu…[View]
62726810Yes hello, is there a 'masterrace' body?[View]
62727147Haven't seen enough fren posting lately. How was your workout today /fit/ties?[View]
62726043So what exactly would be wrong with just eating minimally processed foods that actually taste good t…[View]
62726427How often can this guy make the same content daily before his popularity falls off?[View]
62718084MUSIC TO LISTEN TO AT THE GYM: I'm tired of listening to anime shit, I want to be a man. Give m…[View]
62727112I smell like shit, nearly pulled a hammy at the gym, bought a phone that doesnt work off a stranger …[View]
62725183How THE FUCK do you build discipline ?: Like seriously, how do you erase years of neeting, videogami…[View]
62724919Eating boar is steroidal?: Ive seen some posts over the fact that eating the tissue, and liver of pi…[View]
62710422Please save me: Fuck going back to office. I sleep less, work more, exercise less, eat more crappy f…[View]
62724596Post neck If your neck isn't as wide as your jaw what are you even doing at the gym?[View]
62705998okay enough of why you lift for your childish anime waifu. what primarch do you lift for? >childh…[View]
62725505Will RDLs help grow my glutes?[View]
62726644My cute indo gf dumped me bros: :( i miss her so much... im finally making strides and finally have…[View]
62718234/fit/alians are you seething already: no gym for no-vaxxer chuds. But I'm sure spending 20k for…[View]
62726030I don’t feel my quads when I squat or when I leg press. The only time I feel my quads is when I’m do…[View]
62721177I wrist mog all you mfs lmaooooo[View]
62726098Do u guys wanna know what I use?[View]
62726203I'm 30 years old. I'm overweight with zero muscle definition. I barely ever leave the hous…[View]
62725316What mode is this? Achievable natty?[View]
62721355Recipes Thread: I’ve been using this chili recipe I found on fit for 3 years and it’s the best damn …[View]
62725358why wont my fucking neck grow? My neck curls and extensions have gotten much stronger, but my neck s…[View]
62726568hello world[View]
62726610NOICE: Hey guys i was at the gym today and a guy asked me for a tip, he's asked me what he sho…[View]
62725955This guy has the perfect male body. it's so erotic and pretty. Jesus!! how do I achieve this mo…[View]
62724449Gonna make it thread: >Be me >Mom loves me >Mom struggles with weight ever since she reache…[View]
62725901What are some must haves for a home gym for big gains?[View]
62725598Best Home Gym Equipment Brands: Hey, /fit/, I want to buy some home gym equipment, but I'm not …[View]
62724664ITT: Famous athletes you could take in a fight pic related[View]
62724453Whats the best way to lose weight and not end up gaining it back later, /fit/? Personal experiences…[View]
62724480I tried and failed again to do a muscle up. I can do 14 pull ups in a row or 5 with 20 kg added, wei…[View]
62725714Sup /fit/, Ive been powerbuilding for 6 years and have Some decent lifts and a good physique. Im now…[View]
62726346tfw when PIP: Just pinned some tren a into my delt, cant even squat today the pain is so bad[View]
62713592Is it too late for me to become an Olympian bros? I heard about what happens at the Olympic village.…[View]
62724817NATTY SCOOB: Was Scooby natty? Or did he delude us all along?[View]
62725717how do i stay good looking even with clothes on?[View]
62723901How to achieve coomer mode?[View]
62723341>fix diet and get /fit/ >girlfriend now locks me in with her legs during missionary I think it…[View]
62725779Anyone else who climbs stuff at the playground as a way to mix up cardio? Gets me good grip strength…[View]
62722884Do you drink enough WATER?[View]
62720367did christ preach exercise and body developement? in some representations his bod looks sick af[View]
62725755Pre-Workout General - Gorilla Mode: Sup /fit/ Just started wanting to realize my potential and becom…[View]
62725668How do I get legs like that?[View]
62726033Brutal Mogging[View]
62724869supplements: post your strangest supplements[View]
62722944There's muscle girl bar in Japan. Are you going? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fncFOY7DWtk…[View]
62724172Self-Performed Gynecomastia: So, I've got Gyno and I am not paying 4k for someone to do it. I a…[View]
62722109how do i become him?[View]
62725460Bought a CAP EZ Barbell from Walmart and the packaging was terrible. Everytime I lift up the bar it …[View]
62723494Insecure loosers: Manlet is a state of mind and lanklets are actually the most insecure people on th…[View]
62723631Gigachad: Giga is actually a REAL person What the fuck bros[View]
62724913cardio thread: talk about your cardio routine here, i'm looking for inspiration[View]
62725470What is the most /fit/ pet?: And why are cats?[View]
62725525what pre-workout do you use?[View]
62725517>smartbells >lowering weights >watering calories >...…[View]
62723333What's the most useless exercise and why is it incline bench press?[View]
62725787Give me the scoop on sarms: Pros/cons? I remember reading some stuff awhile ago but don’t remember…[View]
62724533Light, water, and magnetism are the true foundation of health and fitness. Look east every sunrise, …[View]
62725198>only requires 15 minutes to get a full workout in nothin personal kid[View]
62722097/wbg/ - Water Bottle General: What water bottle do you guys own? I work in a corporate office or at …[View]
62722033*makes you puke*: nothing personal kid[View]
62725446DOMS so bad I can't bend my arms after first two workouts in a year: Feels good to be back bros…[View]
62724216From the information i gathered here. noobie gains can be achieved by basically doing anything, so w…[View]
62723015>I've never seen a thin person doing keto[View]
62721613Devilish things you did at the gym: >at gym with gymbro >doing diddlys >says he wants smell…[View]
62725331Why did I suddenly get pretty bad acne at 21 when I never had an issue with it as a teen? As a teen …[View]
62725088I summon the gym chads: I Finally got the selfsteem and courage to start working out. Ofc my body lo…[View]
62724962Sometimes when I cycle in the evening I have someone in front of me. And I can't shake off that…[View]
62724326Is arms day worth it?[View]
62724577>decide to cut down on masturbation >walk into gym >get a boner from watching a hot girl pe…[View]
62722309Name a better or cleaner energy drink: Protip: You can't. >CQ10 >Only 80 mg of Sucralose …[View]
62724934bros you lied to me steve shaw says stronglifts 5x5 is shit program[View]
62710181>Destroys you and your bodybuilding/aesthetics homosexual heroes[View]
62722620debate:: ¿who mogs who?[View]
62716817FPH: with wuflu edition: Post fatties with COVID fucking dying[View]
62723856What the fuck is this shit, my roommate invited me to go climbing and I did because I'd seen a …[View]
62722125Why is getting lean so hard?[View]
62720353AAAAAAAAAAAAaa: I'm doing a 100 km(60miles) bicycle trip for 8 hours now and i still have 27 ki…[View]
62724523man im going to get so fucking fat[View]
62723471Why does a single cup of coffee in the morning give me insomnia at night? Could my IBS be responsibl…[View]
62724738Strong but small: What rountine makes one strong but keeps them small? I want the skinny-strong guy …[View]
62723137ONEGAI MUSCLE[View]
62723730Is training each muscle group 2x/week optimal?[View]
62723971>1 mozarella >1 avocado >500kcal >20g protein cant believe people have a hard time eatin…[View]
62724341How much do I have to lift to become an olympic athlete?: Also is beach volleyball good for you?…[View]
62723722Why aren't you chessmaxxing, /fit/? It's the left hand path of cardio. Sharpen your mind w…[View]
62718440The virgin gym attire: >wired headphones >basketball shorts >ankle socks >running shoes …[View]
62720659Boogie death thread. start rolling faggots. dubs and Boogie dies this week, trips and he dies today,…[View]
62715402Getting Micronutrients and Vitamins on Carnivore?: Been thinking about going carnivore for awhile no…[View]
62724583Could you beat a fitness test for 5th graders, /fit/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlYAH-vtut0…[View]
62722615Covid 19 vaccine safe?: Hi fitfags, Would you take an experimental (((vaccine))) like the current Co…[View]
62723375I got male areola reduction surgery today. It hurt a lot. I had gynecomastia surgery years ago, but …[View]
62724354I only shit once or twice a week. How should I fix this?[View]
62723563How long can you dodge punches for before you get tired /fit/?[View]
62720706Pokemon go: Any one else on /fit/ play this shit? Gets me off my ass and walking 6+ km a day[View]
62721565I want to cure my fat fetish. This shit isn't 'high test', it's a misery. I know that I…[View]
62724272Rate my routine: Been doing Starting Strength for a month now but didn't think it was enough be…[View]
62717780Do I have a hernia?: Or is it just intestinal hypertrophy? How can I tell the difference?[View]
62717396/CBT/ Femanon Edition: This thread is for everyone but I know there are femanons on this board who w…[View]
62722340Started smoking again bc I'm a fucking retard. Cardio is fucked.[View]
62723918Lower Back Pain - Exercises and Solutions: Hey, /fit/. I'm not a frequenter on this board, but …[View]
62724075Why don't fatfucks just take DNP? Surely it would be a cheaper and safer option than to spend 1…[View]
62724015Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
62723984What are healthy fat sources? All the dietary advice I searched seems contradictory.[View]
62724033Neck training: This guy deadlifts around 700lbs and has the neck of a medicine student with 4 hours …[View]
62722186Anyone been here before? Seems like a dream bros. https://clips.twitch.tv/FrozenBoldGoshawkPeoplesCh…[View]
62718468female gaze: ever since I got /fit/ I've started noticing people stealing glances at me have yo…[View]
62720099let's get some stories going lads digits and everyone posts their gains experiences[View]
62723808Natty ways to accelerate gains?: Any natural foods or supps to increase test/accelerate muscle growt…[View]
62723942How ripped can I get from doing an atlas workout routine? Aka just holding a huge and heavy object o…[View]
62723945/wph/ - Weak People Hate: Weak People Hate! Basedboys and incels included. Post the nightmare of eve…[View]
62722728Fake or natty?: Claims natty but has only ever lifted a gay looking sword. He's juicing right?…[View]
62723560So this or swimmers is the GOAT natural body: Gymnists literally have better natural bodys than body…[View]
62723870Routine Rate and Help: Rate my new routine /fit/. Going to start Monday >Lifts Push Day: 3x10 pul…[View]
62719371Is he right about dumbbells chest flys?[View]
62719766Alcohol: Why does my gut always hurt really bad and I get diarrhea a day after consuming alcohol. Do…[View]
62723734To the big guys out there: Are women scared of you in public?: Have you noticed a difference as you …[View]
62720264Are plant-based alternatives good for you? I heard plants products are much healthier than their ani…[View]
62723128Hello anons I am currently dieting, cutting a shit ton of calories because I am an impatient piece o…[View]
62721202>only 17 >mississippi so eats only fried food, doesn't care about your meme diets >not…[View]
62723753wehn do i start to look like i lift?[View]
62721180Preventing hairloss: What the fuck is this shit i am 18 and hair line is receeding like this not fuc…[View]
62723695NoFap Day 5 and 21 Hours >Femboy fever gone >Public masturbation/sex fetish activated…[View]
62723427>walk into the gym >”I’m sorry Ms. Jackson, oooooh. I am for reaaaaaal.”…[View]
62718808>tfw snapped back going on 8 months with no end in sight: Don't squat or deadlift guys; it…[View]
62723585Low Test Problems: >tfw testosterone is too high for trt but low enough to feel like shit all day…[View]
62701573You've been warned.[View]
62722925is 6.7 inches wristlet? i'm a 5'5' manlet btw, don't know if matters[View]
62723514Is this achievable natty ??[View]
62721432Is GZCLP legit or just another meme program?[View]
62723424How can I lose weight?[View]
62721656And I'm the kind of person who's the type of a dog who would bite back.[View]
62722505>been lifting for a few months >Seeing good progress >Feeling good about my lifts going up …[View]
62723448Is Upper Lower split good? I need a solid 4x/week program brehs[View]
62702014would it be easier to bench 5 bars instead of 2 plates? because of the weight distribution is there …[View]
62718720post them also what kind of workout to achieve this mode[View]
62722341Is this aesthetic?[View]
62715136Best supplements to treat anxiety?: What ones actually provide relief?[View]
62722543>while you were hitting a PR at the gym, she was hitting a PR at the locker rooms Are you lifting…[View]
62722934What mode is this ??: Is it achievable??[View]
62723145while you lift for women, he lifts for that inevitable day of battle.[View]
62723093SARMs in gel capsules: I've came close to throwing up a few times taking RAD-140 because of the…[View]
62720011Diddly grip: I managed to get up to 3pl8 for 5 with overhand grip but cant go higher. I bought grip …[View]
62721499can i get ottermode without a training plan? right now im doing bodyweight excercises and running my…[View]
62721625What's better, adding weight or doing more in your series.[View]
62722521>Everyone keeps saying deadlifts are good for you >Don't have a barbell, but do have dumb…[View]
62722315Can you be a ottermode fit twink with a manly face???[View]
62717764Natural Hypertrophy: This is what he looks like without good lighting When did you realise nobody c…[View]
62722240You're stronger than a 15 year old... right /fit/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6ROxXMlrg4…[View]
62722544>just realized there is a half-marathon in my city in 6 weeks is it enough time to prepare? I…[View]
62721896I lift for him[View]
62709660EasyPeasy Method: Are there any good hackbooks for NoFap? This one sucks. >written by an ESL >…[View]
62721979I failed NoFap on day 14. I'm disappointed, but also proud that I got that far. Raunchy snaps w…[View]
62721250>no one gets sick from salmonella in raw eggs. the elites want you to believe raw eggs are danger…[View]
62722268>Covid self test came positive >still hitting arms tonight at the gym…[View]
62722013exercises that target this area?[View]
62720991Food Panels & Brain Diets: I'm looking around for a good food sensitivity test after I read…[View]
62708748How can I get this soldier body type?[View]
62718153>I will never mog every male in existence Why live?[View]
62721796TEECH me: NEET fag here. Just joined a gym. Planning to do weights 3 days a week. Have no idea what …[View]
62719973is it worth lifting as a 5'4 man or should i just transition.[View]
62720730What protein powder tastes the least like shit, bros? I've tried all the vanilla and chocolate …[View]
62716381/lg/ Leg General: >no leg thread[View]
62722001DISTANCE RUNNING: Best human workout. Endurance training should be 70% of weekly training imo Used t…[View]
62722185>he is not wearing female blouses outside of the gym to maximise his test cringé…[View]
62720497what the fuck does this mean[View]
62722172Why does everyone on here keep referring to me as he or him? My pronouns are she/her/hers.[View]
62718969>have athletes foot despite not being an athlete what in the f-[View]
62718715>work all day >go to gym late night >come home >sleep >wake up an hour later >vomi…[View]
62721454/afg/ - Australian fitness general: Late night gronks edition[View]
62721895Anyone deal with Auditory Processing Disorder? (APD): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auditory_process…[View]
62720846>you're supposed to deadlift 4 plates after only ~1 year of lifting >I've never seen…[View]
62720855>You eat HOW MANY eggs a day?[View]
62721666l-citruline: Is there a point in taking it on rest days?[View]
62722073Hey anon: I plan on drinking 10 raw eggs with whipped cream for dinner everyday.[View]
62721921Anyone got the next page?: It just cuts off. What other words of wisdom are on the next page?[View]
62717881ITT: your achilles heel: pic related[View]
62712316why the fuck does 72-year-old Niro manage to look bigger than pumped Zac Efron, who goes to the gym …[View]
62720262E+C prep for weight loss: Most of the literature is for a 20/200mg ephedrine/caffeine prep t.i.d. fo…[View]
62721789getting hot: and its consequences have been a disaster for my free time and time I can spend on my h…[View]
62721636>fat nerd >does not work >eats whatever he wants >plays vidya and anime all day >get…[View]
62721856Why even FACE when it's all about the lift lookismbros?[View]
62720291Is it possible to bench over 2 pl8s and have similar lifts elsewhere while looking like a totally sk…[View]
62720819>tfw 30 >Tfw feeling like i want to hit the gym again and become a hot trans girl before i die…[View]
62717636I love all you niggas and we are ALL definitely gonna make it. don't give up fitbros[View]
62665802/fast/ - Sisyphus edition: >What is /fast/? A discussion of intermittent fasting, snake juice fas…[View]
62721303I've got high blood pressure. If I stop adding salt to food, will that fix it? I'd still g…[View]
62720681>watch tv >see commercial for pizza, fast food, processed food garbage >want to burn down w…[View]
62721647>have sex >lifts go up explain[View]
62721475Olympic lifts: are they a meme?: I was watching the women's (lol) 49kg (lol) weightlifting in T…[View]
62720678>2.2g protein per kg >that's anywhere between 110 and 200g protein I'm sorry what? H…[View]
62721473Why can't we have this format in western gyms[View]
62719845Mire Thread General: Alright story time >be me >go to buy food at a place >person who I use…[View]
62721628You have order your wellness shoes haven't you /fit/? You'll never be well without them[View]
62721144Besides regular exercise, what are some things you can do to be happier and healthier, physically an…[View]
62720822Do you shave/wax your body /fit/? What parts?[View]
62721401Sigma Male habits: >Cold baths that can give you heart attack every single day >Nofap >Pure…[View]
62721160If most men nowadays are out of shape, only play videogames and watch porn then doesn't this me…[View]
62721450Hanging leg raises: Is 5 sets of 12 every other day (my rest days) enough or should I incorporate ot…[View]
62721110Practical shoes: Best (affordable) shoes for running/walking? Am going to walk alot and dont want to…[View]
62719924I'm dry fasting all this weekend: yes, I enjoy my baldness and my 14 types of cancer[View]
62720624how do i start to enjoy working out[View]
62717875>Not a single fat plus size body positive fat accepted person on this photo from the '70s Wh…[View]
62718548Project Kratos: Has anyone done this shit? is it cringe or based, and were the results good? is this…[View]
62717805'During fasting you should lift, otherwise your body will consider aminoacids 'fair game' as an ener…[View]
62720829>7 years later, I am forgotten[View]
62720570What are some /fit/ books?[View]
62721151Hey, /fit/ this is my workout routine I've been doing for almost 3 months straight. I go 4 days…[View]
62720738You CAN do a weighted pull up Right /fit/?? /f-fit/???[View]
62721116Please help me /fit/ I have 2 dumbbells (up to 55lbs max each) and work out at home so can't ex…[View]
62719084Heart rate thread: >'Jerome, Jerome, the metronome. I could play the piano by that heartbeat of h…[View]
62721022I can lose all weight just from fasting right? Or will i just lose water weight then stop? Help[View]
62714452Reactivating toes?: I just realized that ive never used my toes while walking, running or any type o…[View]
62712302Is working out three days a week enough? I want big arms but nothing crazy.[View]
62720918caolorie count: i hate counting calories with every fiber of my being. It is boring, stupid, and it …[View]
62720603Hiw tf do you become energetic? Like the guys who are jumping around coz they cant wait to lift weig…[View]
62718990Just woke up at 1 pm and cracked open the can of Monster Ultra Blue standing by my bed. Gonna eat so…[View]
62709463Depression gym: How do I cope with crippling anxiety/depression? I dropped out of school because of …[View]
62718138It's been 10 years. Have you made it? Have you failed and lost all hope?[View]
62719045If I want to be on nofap but doesn't want prostate cancer, is there a way to get rid of semen w…[View]
62720883Can you get effectively get past 1/2/3/4 with linear progression? I’m at 1/2/2.75/3.5 and still maki…[View]
62719430non-surgical nose jobs (using botox to fill in space) is the most retarded concept pic rel left is b…[View]
62693577/routine/ thread: Post your routines. Also, does anybody have that screen cap of an anon that sort o…[View]
62719851what is /fit/'s go-to gigachad playlist?[View]
62720722>he doesn't lift for his future nandroid: NGMI[View]
62718028i fucked up my prep (boxing). I need to get down fom 185 to 175 by time next week. Im 6'1 ish. …[View]
62696726/fgbt/ Fictional Goal Body Thread: I claim the Attack Titan[View]
62715883Why is it always like this?[View]
62719967Explain: >greatest strongman of all time >just 6'1 /fit/ please explain…[View]
62720475I'm balding at 19, my hair is falling out in the shower. Wtf do I do? I don't even have en…[View]
62719914SOON BROTHERS[View]
62717713Can I bypas klinefelter with pure will and lifting[View]
62720419Itt: we post body[View]
62719756>he doesn’t crutchmaxx Literally never going to make it. I use crutches every day and my upper bo…[View]
62720454>tfw skinnyfat >have to bear with a bulk and another year of having a fat face i hope it'…[View]
62719147My son is 4 and enjoys watching me workout in my power cage. I’m not saying to get him lifting or an…[View]
62720439must... secure... amazon... gf... to counteract... short... chinlet... genes[View]
62714809how to train glutes?: ik im pretty swole already tho[View]
62718701What Olympic sports do you respect? Most looks like garbage to me[View]
62719901Kettlebell deadlift: Can it replace normal deadlifts?[View]
62716691>fat goes to thighs >ass >love handles Why do I store fat like a chick? Wtf is gods deal…[View]
62717985Manlets cant do this kek[View]
62718218I need a 4 day/week split for a beginner bros I like doing SL5X5 but I can dedicate more time[View]
62719353Some of you are stronger. None - more attractive.[View]
62718043/fit/ expectations: >do a garbage powerlifting routine comprised only of compound lifts with no d…[View]
62719148Calorie counting is a meme[View]
62716510/fit/ do you ever just feel not all together? Like something is wrong but you don't know what? …[View]
62718417increasing time under tension tolerance for bracing: when I do squats, on the first set I can brace …[View]
62719966Did I just get my first mire?: I went out for my post gym run today, it's a really nice day so …[View]
62716147>Play video games for 16 hours straight >Lift for ten minutes (6 of which are rests) >Brows…[View]
62719730Clean your fridge. It's about time.[View]
62719812How do you cure ED?[View]
62718462I have a heart murmur, should I give a shit?[View]
62719794People who are drunk ht: Drunk people are mentally retarded[View]
62716348Individual training response: From the beginning of time, it was known that every trainee is differe…[View]
62717719AUSTRALIAN FITNESS GENERAL /AFG/: I swear to god janny you shoah the thread again and I will spam th…[View]
62718072Hi, where is the proof of someone building their calves muscles from weights in the gym? Thanks[View]
62718603Is rollerblading /fit/ approved? It seems fun, plus I want my tummy and ass to look good for my boy…[View]
62715443Just found out this is a grain, kill me[View]
62717377Alpha Destiny: Say whatever you say Alpha Destiny is one of the best youtuber out there to help you …[View]
62718976Followed /fit/ advice, did SS+GOMAD and now I'm a fat piece of shit.[View]
62719459Can I get yoked by December?: I've let myself go in quarantine. Current stats: 183 cm, 73 kg an…[View]
62719276Posting Body: >be me, 29 and inadvertently mog normies daily >'oh but when you turn 30 though.…[View]
62719605I strained my right pectoral...: While benching 245, and on my second set. The barbell was almost on…[View]
62719226Being 5'9 had destroyed all motivation to lift. How is it possible that everyone on this board …[View]
62719076NOTHING is more powerful than a good face with a strong zygomatic arch, strong fwhr, strong chin, po…[View]
62718088pic unrelated. I won't have access to weights or exercise equipment for like about two months. …[View]
62719488Vegan / Keto census: https://strawpoll.com/syjuzgfkq I wanna see how many people actually care about…[View]
62718691How it feel being lean?[View]
62719113I lost over 150 pounds and went from completely invisible to women to having them flirt and hit on m…[View]
62719305>tfw friends 4 year old brother was trying to imitate me when I was lifting in the back garden of…[View]
62718092Why women dont want to have flat bellies? If they really wanted, then they would eat proper amounts …[View]
62718255What lifts for this? Cardio?[View]
62716999has anyone tried this?[View]
62717830Losing my mind over this: I have had tonsillitis for 1 month now, and only 1 tonsil is swollen. It d…[View]
62716991We all gon make it brahs: >Do cardio >No lag behind fat when you move your limbs fast anymore,…[View]
62716674hiit workouts can i do bodyweight squats and burn calories? i can do over 50 pretty fast and my hear…[View]
62717061>Completely normal sex drive, increased massively since lifting >Book night away with wife …[View]
62719029Is lifting good for you?[View]
62708266Why is so difficult to quit porn compared to other addictions? How do you beat the demon?[View]
62711834ok, i took the fin/minox pill. took my first 1mg of fin 5 minutes ago. i hope i make it because my h…[View]
62714648Are these any good?[View]
62718782Hi Frens I have a question. In a combat situation which is more painful and disrespectful a backhand…[View]
62717368Quad Recovery for competition: I will be competing in Track and Field tomorrow, my vastus intermediu…[View]
62705240Let's settle this once and for all More reps or heavier weights?[View]
62715252The Case of the Coinslot: It's your first day as a personal trainer and you just finished renov…[View]
62718820Sets per week = meme?: Ive noticed a guy at my gym, he only does 3 sets for bench press, 3 sets for …[View]
62714741Uh... Bulk bros?: Just saw this on facebook, it reads: 'how they think we like them/ how we really l…[View]
62718256Achievable natty?[View]
62717034Do I have flabby arms[View]
62718681>tfw vertigo and dizzyness and can't exercise Any osteochondrosis bros here? How do you cope…[View]
62714797Should we make it so that 1/2/3/4 doesn’t count if you aren’t below 10% body fat?[View]
62714659How true is this? Do men who spend a lot of time at the gym end up alone or gay? If your goal is to…[View]
62707755/PLG/ - Powerlifting General: Post a video if you want form advice. >Programs, stretching, bands,…[View]
62718442>coof coof coof wyd?[View]
62718393What mode is this?[View]
62698294/fat/ - 404'ed for the Billionth Time Edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For hidden fatties who wan…[View]
62718471I am going to work out now. There better be something funny in this thread by the time I'm done[View]
62715548>WWE wrestler MOGS a /fit/ bodybuilder holy KWAB, no wonder you're all dyels and us wrestli…[View]
62718371How do you get a potbelly like this on 9% bodyfat?[View]
62718254I do 36 sets for chest/week, so 12 sets of chest every workout. Is that too much? I do benchpress, i…[View]
62718271What does it feel like to make it? And how will you know you did it? Will people start treating you …[View]
62715559This is the OP from the thread last night about the McDonald’s cheat meal. Just wanted to let you gu…[View]
62718083High carb high fiber starch based diets are optimal for everyone. The healthiest people eat high car…[View]
62712032Why don't more women aspire to this physique?[View]
62710857What does skinny mean?: This isn't my progress pic sorry, but I want to ask anons on /fit/ what…[View]
62715410How do I get this physique?[View]
62716743nightshift fucking me up: working nights for the last year is destroying me. i havent been to the gy…[View]
62716257Is it normal that you can just eat and eat and eat? I never seem to get full. I don't always ke…[View]
62716115noticed that lots of rockstars now have huge guts and skinny legs. is this what coke/alcohol/stress …[View]
62717241I've had enough /fit/. Fuck you all[View]
62716205Oh no no: If your lifting for women your doing it wrong[View]
62716357If you don't wear a 100 pound suit when you exercise or lift you are literally weaker than fat …[View]
62716507Do u spear ur lina? Gram for gram, it's the most nutritious food known.[View]
62717983>actual females browse 4chan Lmaoooooo[View]
62717734Why is everyone here so bitter? We talk about 'wagmi brah' then get bombarded by looksmaxx,incel,dem…[View]
62717931i cant fucking sleep i have to wake up in 2 hours to go to the gym. surely this won’t impact my gai…[View]
62710472>sand is literally $1 for 10lbs >/fit/ thinks fitness equipment is expensive >mfw I can get…[View]
62717373Why eat eggs when you can literally grow chickens for free and get more protein?: There's 13g o…[View]
62716919ive lost about 7 lbs since monday living off coffee, protein shakes and cracker bread. went from 19…[View]
62717389Does watching mukbangs help with weight loss? Would they encourage you to each more or help to cope …[View]
62717354I finish work in one hour and I’m going to stop at McDonald’s before jacking off multiple times. How…[View]
62717682>get fit >because I thought looking good would make me feel good >2 years later and 2/3/4/5…[View]
62717670Can I do ICF 3x5 instead of 5x5 but try and up the weight every session. I know what blaha says abou…[View]
62715118In your opinion what is the best source of protein?[View]
62716905any crunch members?: do you change clothes after a exercise? I don't.[View]
62715200What are the benefits of Breast Milk?: Is it better than Tren?[View]
62716801>chest doms[View]
62675678LOSE THE COVID20: People have been stuck inside their homes for more than a year now. Women are comp…[View]
62708299I've hit my natty limit: No matter how much weight I gain I can't build any more muscle or…[View]
62716144The end of the delray misfits: The delray misfits has officially been disbanded today. Bradford said…[View]
62717322will working out make me funnier[View]
62714435Would you trade your vision for $100 billion? you would never see again[View]
62716224Informal survey on anxiety and exercise: Do you workout? Do you do cardio? If yes, how much? Do you …[View]
62717313whats up with the niko porn spam? are we being raided. disgusting, but honestly nothing new. jannie…[View]
62715423Do not skip leg day[View]
62716342The city sucks for working out. Prove me wrong. All you can do is bike or lift in a packed gym. Ther…[View]
62716543HIIT THREAD: post easy to do hiit workouts also can i do bodyweight squats and burn calories? i can …[View]
62717160Were all gonna make it, right bros?[View]
62717133What the fuck are the mods doing?[View]
62714998How the fuck do I fix my male resting bitch face?: Not sure if /fit/ or /fa/ but I'll ask here.…[View]
62716770How do fat people exist when all you have to do to not be fat is literally don't eat too much? …[View]
62716176End the debate: Can Psych meds make you fat? Risperdone, Depakote Sertraline etc.[View]
62716350Are cavities /fit/?[View]
62716117Any tips on getting abs aside from eating at a caloric deficit?[View]
62714278How's it going cunts? I've got a 15kg dumbbell (pic. rel) to make do with until September.…[View]
62715942Is this body + boobs the best possible goal?[View]
62716909>been training for 2 years now >only can 1pl8 most of my lifts To be fair the gym was closed f…[View]
62716626>Extroverted possibly autistic gym partner keeps bringing girls in the gym over to meet me >Th…[View]
62713146A-am i gonna make it, brahs?[View]
62714908Does Big Rami mark the evolution of mass? Guys didn't really get that much bigger from the late…[View]
62716777how much weight should i start deadlifting and bench press[View]
62715186Can I give my gf estrogen to grow her tits and ass and make her hornier?[View]
62716747Do I have flabby arms?: I flexing hard af but still[View]
62716637I've got this weird trapezius insertion (I think) pain show in picrel, and I can't even be…[View]
62716465How do I achieve this body?: daily reminder he lifts more than all of us[View]
62713342Zyzz was sub 6' manlet: There are only 4 inches between your eyebrows and the top of your head …[View]
62711436Does just going out and walking a mile or two every day generally give you more energy? I have almo…[View]
62712698*calvesmogs you*[View]
62715933I am gonna make it[View]
62714903Cardio routines: Are there any good cardio routines like these to do in the morning alongside joggin…[View]
62716091Is this fatcep[View]
62714290Will rock climbing give me chiseled abs?: How is climbing/bouldering as a core workout? I pretty lea…[View]
62714794Who wants to explain why they like muscular women?: 1. They like physically fit women who don't…[View]
62716075Times you’ve mogged/been mogged >be fairly big guy at 6’0 210 >at pool party with friends >…[View]
62716183Is it normal to start getting overwhelmingly insecure about your body once you're starting to m…[View]
62716305I remember details from every day of my life from the past 10 years Why I don't remember from b…[View]
62716128has anyone elses balls gotten bigger since lifting? I never used to feel discomfort because my balls…[View]
62715046>two 8lbs dumbbells >two 10lbs dumbbells >two 15lbs dumbbells Is this enough for a woman in…[View]
62716320Why is 'Aesthetics' and 'Zyzz Legacy' used frequently as a cope for closet homosexuals?[View]
62715679Why yes I consume simple carbs: How could you tell?[View]
62695508/mot/ - motivation general: onassis edition[View]
62708165Based: You are improoving the CORRECT way, aren’t you /fit/?[View]
62709764Becoming vegetarian has fixed my life[View]
62712736Does your dick really stop growing at 18?[View]
62715719Weighted jump rope experiences: Anons, what kind of gains have you seen with weighted jump rope rout…[View]
62716015Fit Sit: Anybody with low bodyfat? When you sit, does your stomach still drop your aesthetic by 20 p…[View]
62693143People that lifting couldn't save[View]
62715871The only lifting equipment I have are some 20 lb dumbbells from over 30 years ago. Are those dumbbel…[View]
62714166Do you lose BF percentage by just eating at a calorie deficit and not counting macros at all? I run …[View]
62715387I lift to attract cute girls[View]
62713725>drink alcohol to drunkeness >want pizza Why does this happen, and is it good for gains…[View]
62713181increase bust size: /fit/ is it possible to increase the size of my breast by increasing the size of…[View]
62711793alright, i've about had it with these fucking zoomers and millenials. can a wrinklebrain out th…[View]
62715979I literally walked passed a meat head on gear today and he unironically said 'grug grug' as I passed…[View]
62714764how much ya pull up pt2: >>62706201 I'm back, turns out wakarimasen's archive doesn…[View]
62713461What’s on your plate tonight /fit?[View]
62715531Front squats or back squats as a main leg exercise?[View]
62714510damn - Greg's been called out for swindling people by Sean Nalewanyje. Selling a fat burner of …[View]
62715777>gf into fitness >refuses to work out with me >constantly talks about having planned to mak…[View]
62715518Are there anything negative about these?: Or are they the perfect /fit/ drink?[View]
62715249tea or coffee?: tea or coffee?[View]
62708077Semen retention: How are you holding up, bros? Day 35: Random boners have come back for me. I go twi…[View]
62712320Is this physique achievable? How?[View]
62711403>weighted dips[View]
62714839what poopmode am I?[View]
62713177Is overtraining really just a meme? I do 50 pull ups on my rest days and so far I feel great.[View]
62715645Hello /fit/: Hey guys I've been lifting for about 3 years and I think I look JACKED. Any tips o…[View]
62714130it happened again...: I don't know what's wrong with me. Can't my body/soul see that …[View]
62715554Fasting: Listen lads, I’ve been eating this big ass 1-1.5k meal once everyday and drinking water the…[View]
62710654Do low-carb high-fat diets really cure type 2 diabetes? >When we debate about whether it's p…[View]
62709465Does doing deadlifts and squats shorten the lifespan of your knee?[View]
62708155What music do you listen to when working out?[View]
62713528>1kg protein per g of bodyweight[View]
62715464How do people stay chubby/over weight?: It's so easy to stay in decent shape. You don't ev…[View]
62713965>be me >day 53 of nofap >insanely horny and social >don't even want to release, I j…[View]
62715235Do you think I'm too skinny for a guy?[View]
62715361Is this true? Is it all for nothing?[View]
62715381Meditation Rant - Again: -raises iq -improves pain & stress tolerance -fights depression and add…[View]
62715251will painkillers really kill my gains if I take it to prevent soreness?[View]
62714080Are fat burners useful: When used alongside diet and exercise?[View]
62683924Why do /fit/ white-collar professionals tend to do endurance sports over strength sports?: When you …[View]
62715165If I look like this at 25 is it over[View]
62713786>gym bro approached me and complimented my tattoo >tattoo is based on historical Christian sy…[View]
62714376Losing strength: About 3 months into this shit and I feel weaker. deadlift is going down and ohp is …[View]
62714441I'm taking fit's advice...just bought several tubs of this. It's gonna be cottage che…[View]
62676369Brutal mogging[View]
62715177Am I an Ape? (gym behavior): i dont bring extra clothes to the gym or shower after a sweaty workout …[View]
62710879OLYMPICS WEIGHTLIFTING: How are we going to enjoy the weightlifting thuis year? Anyone know of a dec…[View]
62713635/fit/ give it to me real. Am I gonna make it?[View]
62713895Is 5-HTP worth taking?: Hear it kills appetite and melts anxiety. True?[View]
62714480By how much increments should I progress my lifts?: I'm doing the /fit/ greyskull LP and I was …[View]
62715085How far can i push my boxing abilities with only this thing in my house?[View]
62705911Go to the gym: It's leg day in my house. What are you guys doing today?[View]
62714902Will being on TRT give you an alpha jawline?[View]
62715109How do I reach calcifer mode?[View]
62714952Why do I find muscular bodies gross? I just want to lose weight, I don't want to gain visible m…[View]
62715058>max out deadlift >brain fog, low libido, physical fatigue for the next 48 hours i love deadli…[View]
62713779is this kind of body realistic?[View]
62714114Is DHEA worth taking?: Is pic related a meme or does it actually help with testosterone?[View]
62713611>the more I lift, the more I am attracted to pregnant women Best lifts for this feel?…[View]
62714960vegans btfo: Look Basically I'm just not gonna eat the plants I know.... UGH I know..... I…[View]
62711708Erging or running which is the better cardio?[View]
62714781I will always be fat[View]
62714305How can you go from this?[View]
62710052Ex WeedBros: Bros that used to smoke everyday but dont anymore, how has quitting affected you? Are y…[View]
62714700What tricks do you use to resist the urge? I often find myself ordering a pizza or going to a super…[View]
62714310why go to the gym if a nigga that box for 6 months can beat up somebody whos 50 pounds higher than t…[View]
62713652Has anyone ever really been so far as decided to be Paul Bunyan? It just occurred to me that if I ma…[View]
62714805>The speech [The Strenuous Life] also reflected the American spirit at the turn of the 20th centu…[View]
62713767i smoked weed everyday for the past 3 years and now i look like this, how do i undo the damage[View]
62714744>mfw trying to explain to normies that bodybuilder training hypertrophy is easy as fuck compared …[View]
62694289/fph/ krumpin is overrated edition[View]
62714722>don't workout in two weeks (Lock-down) >feels like i lost 80% of my gains despite eating…[View]
62711833Tell me about your gym injuries and what you've learned... I would like to learn from your mist…[View]
62714572Lad...: Yeh gotcher breakin wheel, eh? Tommy said yeh hada been usin yer breakin wheel...[View]
62713143I want to look like these olympic athletes: Is it hard to maintain or get to it? You probably feel h…[View]
62713394https://youtu.be/i_t75QkIQfQ Apologize anti bug bros[View]
62696802Dorian Yates after 6 months of lifting. Achievable natty?[View]
62713795>Why yes I'm a sunbed user, how could you tell?[View]
62710809Is pic related achievable natty?[View]
62713832Sup /fit/, soon I'll be departing on a 500 mile bikepacking trip, my setup is very much niggerr…[View]
62714244how to get rid of depression /fit/ i lost my 6 figure job, don't know what i'm going to do…[View]
62714409Is reddit PPL truly as good as it gets for the natural lifter below 1234 and looking for massive bea…[View]
62711334>be me, 500 pounds >work out 3 hours a day, eat 1000 calories for 2 years >lose 350 pounds …[View]
62714350at what bf% should a woman stop dieting and start bulking?[View]
62713726I've just had the realization that media is now what the majority of us look towards for meanin…[View]
62712037Raw liver: I ate raw liver for the first time today. I plan on eating around 300 g once or twice a w…[View]
62708547How often should I shower for maximum hygiene gains and no its not every day so whats the correct an…[View]
62713903i ate a whole brocoli for muh gains and now I CANT FUCKING STOP FARTING AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…[View]
62712771cardio recommendations/ encouragements: For me its the stairclimber, what's your favorite form …[View]
62710371will i fuck myself if i fast while using these 3 meds?: i use mental meds but i want to fast to lose…[View]
62710833>Builds massive legs without squatting even ONCE heh, nothin personnel kid…[View]
62686191/fit/ girls irl: I finally found you a wife sweatie :)[View]
62709894Can lifting save him?[View]
62712014what do you workout in?: i usually like big baggy clothes cause i dont like pervs[View]
62710383Post-gym meals: Smoothie is a scoop, blueberries, coco powder Greek yogurt, and creatine. Topped wit…[View]
62705395Which is a bigger sign that someone is never going to make it?[View]
62694493>He doesn't listen to ASMR during his workout for an extra test boost…[View]
62713451>Start to get okay at chinups, can do 7-10 a set depending on how hard I went on the exercises be…[View]
62710552Any point in cutting?: Any point in cutting if you don't care about aesthetics? Does it resenti…[View]
62713637doms again x.x[View]
62713606Im gonna hit the treadmill so I can order a burger tonight to eat while watching kino alone[View]
62679626What did he see, /fit/?[View]
62709631>see 10/10 babe in apartment pool reading a book >see her get out of the pool, gorgeous body, …[View]
62711808Yay or nay?[View]
62712610I've got 2 pimples growing on my chest. Never had pimples anywhere beside my face before. I…[View]
62705177THE /fit/ SHOPPING LIST: -Bison -Chromium Supplement -Wild Sockeye Salmon -Garlic -Bulgarian Yogurt …[View]
62706385>go to the gym >w*men start taking creepshots of you…[View]
62712933Deadlifting from this position is basically just a leg press, not? The lower you go with your legs t…[View]
62692441CBT /continued transformation thread: Last one hit bump limit 10 months lifting now, 1st pic was 1st…[View]
62685357You do deadlift more than a girl right /fit/ ?[View]
62710930>Anterior Pelvic Tilt How do I fix this?[View]
62713105Shill me adjustable weight benches that aren't made of pot metal, I don't trust the listba…[View]
62713306Say you're literally living in a lab, eating 100% perfect food and spending all your time exerc…[View]
62712646Is smashing ugly bbw a sign of high testosterone?[View]
62711286Is it ok to attempt Deadlifts with a mildly impinged shoulder?[View]
62712727is it true that sleeping without undies is optimal for your testo production?[View]
62712031The only time I feel genuinely happy and loving is when I'm buzzed on a few beers. Should this …[View]
62712040Autistic nutrition: just started paying attention to nutrition and food labels and some of this shit…[View]
62712919I'm a white male and I do yoga[View]
62712952People who were destroyed by lifting[View]
62712809>tfw can't outlift mortality[View]
62712158i just shat blood[View]
62713019I'm new to lifting, would this get me decent gains? M - Upper body split 3x12 bicep curls dum…[View]
62711975is 200 g of protein a day bad?: I've started lean bulking and tracking my macros, as of now my …[View]
62712959>about to go to sleep >suddenly feel hungry do I fuck up my sleep or my eating?…[View]
62712438I WILL learn the muscle up and I WILL mog normies and dyels with it.[View]
62712958Does anyone know where i can watch/download bigorexia for free?[View]
62712350im booolkin: Why are so many of you eating till youre past full while bulking? Wouldnt you get clos…[View]
62707699does it work? buying some today and planning on taking 6 caps a day[View]
62710405Why can't I make gains? I'm starting to give up.. It's been a year. At first I exerci…[View]
62702544Is dancing a good way to get fit? Why isn't it working for her?[View]
62711218Is there any exercise for Jawline?: How the fuck does one achieve this[View]
62712034>makes you bald[View]
62711656Not having success with SSRIs or Adderall. Should I try St. John's wart or curcumin?[View]
62707539>wah wah wah i can't make gains because muh test levels What was that again /fit/?…[View]
62712677>cut down to the same weight I was a few years ago >stronger than I was back then >fatter …[View]
62712212how big a deal is counting calories if i burn a lot throughout the course of the day? right now for …[View]
62710883what is muscle fatigue caused by? and no don't tell me it's caused by lack of sleep or lac…[View]
62712484Scooby Vs Zyzz: a lovestory: >2012: start lifting in the gym >listen to Scooby and Zyzz; they …[View]
62712619Possible rotator cuff injury: Give it to me straight bros: I was setting up to do dumbbell skullcrus…[View]
62711739Why do lateral raises when these exist?[View]
62711710>Girl asked for my phone number >started flirting with me >turned her down and stopped resp…[View]
62710039Was young Alex Jones natty or not?[View]
62711872You CAN do a straight leg kick above your head... right /fit/? you are NOT a low flexibility /fit/ce…[View]
62711770How do I grow my neck without looking like an idiot in the gym?[View]
62703849/fit/ humor / humour: /fit/ humor thread, need some laughs guys and gals Incels not allowed[View]
62712392B bros[View]
62712240When was the last time you[View]
62710811Mogged by a QT: My deadlift got mogged by a teenage girl today. I'm starting to think there is …[View]
62712033>destroys you and your bodybuilding/aesthetics heroes... How do we cope aesthetics bros?…[View]
62712192Fat people disgust me.[View]
62710704>Swole >I can't do funny things like clenching my fist or look over someone anymore becau…[View]
62710596I have hemorrhoids in a spot that causes almost unbearable pain everytime I drop a duece. Cream and …[View]
62712149neck routine: what his neck routine and how can i achieve a neck like this?[View]
62711644How to do a muscle up? I can do 14 pull ups in a row or 5 with 20 kg added. Could probably do dips w…[View]
62712069Follice fitness: I have a full head of hair and my dad still has one in his 50s. The thing is, he go…[View]
62712019This is an incel board: Ever since I joined this board my physical gains have increased but my menta…[View]
62711366What was the hardest workout in your life? Pic related is mine, the final week of 531 BtM. This shit…[View]
62711329>don't work out >lose weight >work out >gain weight HOW…[View]
62711992who will win men ring's gold this olympic ? i think it's liu yang[View]
62699045>WaaAaaaAaahhhhhh It's SooSOOoOOSooo hard to gain weight! Honestly, (((hardgainers))) disgus…[View]
62711507REMINDER: That you cant be /fit/ if you take anti depressants and/or anxiety medications. Imagine ha…[View]
62711736>tell myself I’ll sleep when I’m tired >haven’t slept in three days Should I get checked for i…[View]
62711548are these pieces of shit safe? how doesn't the door frame break when you hang off it?[View]
62696531Why do I only ever see arabic men that are not fat and or swole? Same goes for the girls of other ra…[View]
62711662>Get vaccine >2 days pass >Everyone that got one said that they either have pain in the ar…[View]
62708494what is their diet and workout routine?[View]
62710275i flex my glutes at all times[View]
62710237How does one keep the brain healthy? All I know is to avoid heavy drug use, drinking and masturbatio…[View]
62709185hate long term diets wish there was a way to quickly lose fat without wrecking your lean body mass[View]
62709895Name a better exercise for ab development. Protip: you can't[View]
62705142>oi big man wanna go? U fink ur 'ard coz u lift weights? >They start walking towards you…[View]
62710382How do you reach a one arm pull up?: It's the one move I really want to hit but feels impossibl…[View]
62711547>noooo you can't just eat powdered lead and call it weight gain powder!!!!! >you need rea…[View]
62708856>lifting for 3 years >decide to finally get serious and not just permabulk >get a calorie c…[View]
62711566Drinking a protein shake right after working out: Is this a meme or does it actually help you get st…[View]
62710360>Be me >Get ready to go to Planet Fitness >Drink 3 protein shakes before workout >Start …[View]
62710425O'Hearn deniers explain. Mike has been in the public eye for over 30 years. Pictures of him hav…[View]
62711485>only 130 lbs because of endurance training >probably less than 12% bf because I have visible,…[View]
62709735Do you steal weights? Also do you tip?[View]
62710942True signs of high TEST? Whenever I walk past a female coworker with a nice ass my blood pressure go…[View]
62709409You ARE nourishing your Jing Qi and Shen right bros? Or have you let the cucked western medical para…[View]
62710960How long should I not eat after working out?[View]
62709616If he can get a gf what’s your excuse?[View]
62710486Is stair climbing a good exercise for the legs? I did it yesterday and my legs are burning today[View]
62710814>few years ago >Be me 16 >Discover I have recessed jaw >Start mewing >Now >My jaw…[View]
62709687Is it possible to achieve fitness AND big boobs? Or is that only possible through surgery or luck?[View]
62706949Are you a Fromega male?[View]
62711005How's my form /fit/?[View]
62710817how do I achieve this mode?[View]
62710725john meadows: this guy is so fake. you just know his clients are on a ton of drugs yet he's sca…[View]
62710195OMG HELP ME GET IN HERE I NEED HELP: What do i do?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?[View]
62710896Are aussie rows a good replacement for seal rows?[View]
62710910Squat-sexual: Y’all fucked me up. I thought it’d be okay to come here every now and then to shit pos…[View]
62710841Got a Crossbow machine: And I'm really excited about using it. My home gym is beginning to come…[View]
62707887When landing after a jump how should you bend your knees? Land with toes then give in a bit with the…[View]
62710770Bros how do I get better at dribbling. Also how do I crossover. Looking for a simple effective one t…[View]
62710334Is it possible to bulk and cut at the same time? Like use a cheat meal to bulk gains while cutting d…[View]
62710014Bros how do I learn to eat chicken properly? I love chicken wings and thighs but there's a lot …[View]
62707098The only Pre-Workout i need[View]
62710300Straight wrists/hand position for benching: Just watched a JM Blakely vid with EliteFTS where he des…[View]
62709609A sweet potato a day keeps the gains goblin away: >100 calories >Complex carb >Good fiber …[View]
62709173Is this attainable naturally?[View]
62709658Is it inevitable that you will become weak and frail when you get old? Or is it possible to maintain…[View]
627105354 times now I’ve tried to post and it says I mistyped the captcha but I did not mistype the fucking …[View]
62710414I eat 15 eggs. Every single day. What am I in for?[View]
62710385What routine to reach this mode?[View]
62710249is walking a meme excercise?[View]
62710252>first week cutting >eating at 500 caloric deficit >losing more than 1lbs per week Am I los…[View]
62708000Survey: >post body >how often do you coom (per week)…[View]
627066395'9' is objectively the best height: You can put on muscles extremely easy without looking like…[View]
62709971natty or fraud: is this dude natty or not, how long does it take to reach this? don't call him …[View]
62702447Going to a party tomorrow where I will take many shots and get wasted but I’m cutting though. How do…[View]
62707967EfrainFit: Does he mog you /fit/ ?[View]
62709958Im gonna go on a run today[View]
62703334if you think height matters, remember that the guy who played harry potter is 5'5[View]
62709578Vaccine Mandate coming to your country: Honestly seeing what is happening in france makes me think t…[View]
62707693im over 6' tall im ottermode muscular im stronger than 1/2/3/4 im wealthy and young and i love …[View]
62704325Imagine not fapping only every 7 days: You get a massive T spike you retards You feel like a beast a…[View]
62710138Workout: need opinion on this workout and a 1 to 10 rate guys[View]
62709475Zyzz was sub 6' manlet: There are only 4 inches between your eyebrows and the top of your head …[View]
62696048are people ever freaked out by your workout routine?[View]
62709545Serious thread, just want actual glute knowledge: I know, it's a cartoon. But using your best k…[View]
62706783So, whats your excuse?: This guy skips every leg day, is an olympian and has a top notch banging gf.…[View]
62708787>pussy pussy sex coom pp feel good hehe Is this all you faggots think about?…[View]
62709162What can a fat person do to make themselves look better?[View]
62708351Retards in your gym ITT: >be me >pull day >doing lat pull downs in small empty apartment gy…[View]
62709681I want her to sit on my face and hip hinge until my jaw breaks[View]
62709458>brap hogs[View]
62709142i will do an expiriment i go back to bodyweight training and jump rope and i will see if i lose weig…[View]
62708199I need a good 4 day/week split.[View]
62709689how can i hide my barrel chest? does bigger pecs help?[View]
62709484What is /fit/'s consensus on climbing? Is it good exercise, or just a way for pot smoking hippi…[View]
62701022whats the point of lifting with bad genetics being in the gym just reminds me of that ill never make…[View]
62708339bulk or cut? mommy said I look healthy[View]
62709621based /fit/: >attracted to women >start posting on /fit/ >realize some traps, if they put t…[View]
62709434Question: How the hell do guys doing a brosplit, who just do like 3-5 sets of Squats, Bench, Chinups…[View]
62709642How many psl(looks) points did lifting increase for you?: Bro's I still can't believe it, …[View]
62709136>been doing ss again since lockdown on gyms ended on June 1st >doing 100kg/220lbs squats atm, …[View]
62709154Usually how long does it take for you to start seeing actual results? I need to keep myself motivate…[View]
62708771How do I prevent swamp ass at the gym? I always leave sweat on seats when working on machines and it…[View]
62709499Routine request: I remember back in the 2010s there was a routine that was like this Monday - Squat …[View]
62707980>people say you lose all your gains if you stop lifting >be me >lift during ages 16-25 >…[View]
62709411I'm lossin some weight and I want to ask will I have a jawline if I have high cheekbone ? if no…[View]
62708443where is he now? how does he look like now?[View]
62707005Does the head weight you down?: Seeing as the head is supported constantly by muscles with no real e…[View]
62709235What's the best excersise to make my tackles more effective?[View]
62707964Is it over if I am having acne over the age of 20? Inb4 drink water Inb4 wash face[View]
62707380Is Phil Collen natty? He’s 63 years old and a vegan. He says that being a vegetarian/vegan and not d…[View]
62709276What's the weekly split for beginners?: Chest day, leg day, arm day etc help me bros. Not fat j…[View]
62680164>filters powershitters name a more based exercise[View]
62709031Post your zyzz preworkout videos/songs. § WAGMI § https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4hfzCKwVng[View]
62708571Obviously Zane didnt achieve this natty and no mortal could achieve these aesthetics other than Zane…[View]
62709157What mode is this?[View]
62708790>lifting bro decided to switch to swimming for a while >see him after 3 weeks, gains down mass…[View]
62708503Don't take iron pills[View]
62702320depressed anon: I dont lift for pussy. I am so depressed, boring and repulsive i dont even delude my…[View]
62707300You have to get eggy in shape with a gf: How do you do it?[View]
62704561A girl on discord told me that I look like a 6/10 and emoji winked. We all all gonna make it bros.[View]
62708608Snacks and lunches of fit: What is your go to quick and easy snack/lunch? Share the recipe! Picrel i…[View]
62695085>hey guys Derek here with moreplatesmoredates.com and we're taking a look at the Thunder War…[View]
62708060SEX HAVERS OF FIT: Mark my words and mark them well. If I can't have sex then nobody can. I WIL…[View]
62708125What song do you bench press too. I can’t bench unless this is playing https://youtu.be/yxxj73JCV4Q[View]
62708875How do i hit 1plate squats? I am trying since two years[View]
62705330Why didnt you work out today[View]
62708386question...I took some pre workout and creatine my friend gave me then went to the gym for the first…[View]
62705609How do I reach ottermode?[View]
62701031anyone else ex anorexic: itt tell your eating disorder stories > mfw memed myself into a relapse…[View]
62708807>get on steroids >still get treated like shit by the people that matter to me >start cuttin…[View]
62708363>on cutting diet >cook chicken >parents steal it…[View]
62708674coffee: you guys are fucked edition https://www.studyfinds.org/coffee-can-shrink-brain-raise-dementi…[View]
62707852The Ancient Greeks got fit by lifting and throwing dumbells made of rocks, running and jogging and l…[View]
62708195>leg DOMS: the pain feels so good bros, I don't want it to end[View]
62707450what's Ngannou's cycle? What's the best cycle to max out my fighting performance?[View]
62708742Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
62707607>friday - check >weekend - check >legday - done now iam having 1-2 beers and there is nothi…[View]
62708367>At the gym on a Friday? >He cant be serious! Ahahahah! Doe she not have any friends?!…[View]
62708359Is it unhealthy for a woman to be this lean?[View]
62705786Whats the acceptable bodyfat % for bare chest running?: Tried running without a top on a backroad, w…[View]
62708660If you haven't even reached natty limit with 14% bodyfat then you have no right to complain abo…[View]
62708321i did hold hands with a girl recently for the first time they are so soft and warm, they feel like m…[View]
62701883Anyone else drink two beers before their shower everyday? It really sets the tone for the rest of th…[View]
62708050/ARCHITECTING/ INFO REQUEST: Post all guides to architecting, going to build fertile bodies and get …[View]
62708382>start cutting >the idea of being shirtless in public terrifies me >eat whatever I want acc…[View]
62706462To straight male /fit/ anons who look like this, if you were offered $500 to have your anus fucked b…[View]
62707649>makes you bald Heh, nothin personnel[View]
62708260/DG/ - Dyel General: Post 'em.[View]
62708555>Got mogged by a literal wageslave from target >Slightly got aroused from it Am i gay or is it…[View]
62705335You will never be an Olympian w: Watching opening ceremony. Holy fuck every athlete is so fucking go…[View]
62708568>all my friends and acquaintances are settling down >I haven't even started doing the thi…[View]
62706264>be a skinny white boy >have a bubbly ass…[View]
627079491/2/3/4 is impossible: I’ve been stuck at 1/1.5/2/3 for years now. I know I’ve used up all my gains …[View]
62694956People who were saved by lifting[View]
62707923should i train only 1 arm until i stop looking like a coomer?[View]
62706588Have I made it?[View]
62700416Stop drinking it. You’re addicted to it. It ruins your REM sleep. You need it to get anything accomp…[View]
62708058How do I stop myself from becoming this? My chair's legs are wobbling and my abdomen is poking …[View]
62707161How healthy are vegan alternatives for animal products? They are plant-based, so they must be health…[View]
62706371/ect/ - eternal climbing thread: What grade do I need to free solo to get a gf like this. Real quest…[View]
62703754Are pickles bad for you?[View]
62707075Hey anon you work out right?: HAHA yes, boy I love getting my pump on in the morning with a fresh ho…[View]
62704465I can't permamently clean my acne. I saw dermatologist and he just prescribed me antibiotics wh…[View]
62707658>flex in the mirror >look pretty good >striations and definition hinting 6 pack >take pi…[View]
62707684Is it really important to 'shack de massels'?[View]
62707757I think potasssium deficiency made me retarded: literally took multis, magnesium, calcium etc and I …[View]
62707707>if you just want to be a healthy 12-15% bodyfat, you don’t need to track calories, counting calo…[View]
62707159What's the correct running posture if you have flat feet? Or is there no difference?[View]
62704122Getting on TRT.: I'm going for a blood test in a couple weeks to measure my test levels, I…[View]
62707673>NoFap Day 4 19 Hours 27 Minutes 53 Seconds >Femboy fever is back after not having any sexual …[View]
62696656/plg/ - powerlifting general: >vessel of the next generation edition Post a video if you want for…[View]
62707145I watch Maury Povich when I work out[View]
62703115I have been training for less than 2 months on a slight cut and today I ohp'd 50kg. Confident I…[View]
62682216GYM BROS..: I... I don't feel so good[View]
62707537>tfw love lifting and have been consistently going (- COVID and injuries) for 1.7 years >tfw l…[View]
62704139Its ok to not like exercise?: Im a bit chubby; I let myself go and I'm trying tobrecover and be…[View]
62703992People on /fit have been talking that this shit is superior to normal bread Redpill me on sourdough …[View]
62707497The supplement that saved /fit/[View]
62701697Spotting /fit/izens in your gym: sup bros? a thread on this page made me think that we could have me…[View]
62701393Wait, you discard your eggshells instead of blending them for free calcium gains?: > NGMI…[View]
62706333Creatine hair loss: Is is real or a myth? Probably getting a job in 2 months so I'll be able to…[View]
62705098missing anything good?[View]
62706216gained weight while in caloric deficit: Sup /fit/. I've consumed 750- 1500 calories a day and b…[View]
62706810Can a good physique actually make up for having a small penis or it least make the girl not laugh be…[View]
62706853Do boobs shrink when women lose weight?[View]
62707446>start paying attention to correct form >can barely work out now >muscles get sore from rep…[View]
62706742Is there any exercise that actually works to grow my biceps without any equipment? I heard bicep pus…[View]
62705354how to grow forearms, bros?[View]
62707187Do girls look at you in the gym? What do you do?[View]
62706112Can we take a moment to discuss how based buckwheat is[View]
62700718ITT we interpret our sweat patterns to predict the future. What does this mean bros??????????????[View]
62687286>eat only plants >be weak >eat only meat >be strong Why eat plants?…[View]
62706787What program do you do when you cut?[View]
62707215Quick question: What is the best kind of exercise for lower abdominals?. my lower abs are weak as fu…[View]
62705780I lift for a woman who lives on another continent, so that I make a good impression on her the day s…[View]
62704418When will they learn[View]
62706720Rate Derek facial gains[View]
62706995/fit/ History: When the British Empire was at it's strongest, its army trained old time strongm…[View]
62705647Is it gay for a guy to fix skin problems?: Remove moles/sun spots from your body as a male?[View]
62707045What if uncleposter is really a little girl who has an uncle into lifting she is trying to encourage…[View]
62704044how much ya pull up: i can do 3 clean form pull ups bw 91kg[View]
62704819What's the best routine for a wizard?[View]
62706573Shit normies who are scared to workout say: >I don't want to go to the gym and lift weights,…[View]
62704764>sleep naked >all day im horny as fuck >coom 4 times yes I know. What the fuck, sleeping na…[View]
62706996what do against hunger @ low body fat %? its getting worse and worse. are appetite suppressants the …[View]
62704138Is eating vitamin D the same as getting it from the sun? Do I need to do both to get strong bones or…[View]
62699908Post your staple workout music / playlist: No autistic music-shaming, it makes you look like a virgi…[View]
62706178>you will never lift enough to beat him 1v1 no items on final destination So why lift?…[View]
62705732Ignore the gay pose Why do I store fat like a bitch? Hips, Thighs and arse. Wtf[View]
62704031Meditation Shitpost - Coomers and Spastics GTFO: -raises iq -improves pain tolerance and stress mana…[View]
62706675Diagnosed with epilepsy in 2015. Neuro gave me Depakote 700mg and risperdone to treat fits, zero ch…[View]
62703345New gear: Post what you recently got for your home gym. Pic rel is >4x10+5kg steel >handles fo…[View]
62706657bulgarian split suqat: motherfucker those are hard and intense. the coordination. the burn. probably…[View]
62706293Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
62704668Every time I take 1000mg or more magnesium I get crazy watery shits. What's up with that?[View]
62705613Been doing lvysaur for a little over a year now. Where do I go from here?[View]
62705412my gym doesn't really have room to do farmers walks, anyone know any decent substitutes?[View]
62705687Is nofap for incels only? A lot of what nofap preaches (7day test spike, semen retention benefits) d…[View]
62703521>Gf is on a girls weekend away >Have the house all to myself >Already finished my leg day w…[View]
62704098Is it worth switching to free weights from machines? If you have been working with machines for seve…[View]
62705447Thoughts on this? I’m only going for the vegan supplement because whey protein worsened my acne[View]
62706368Is this enough for 99% of girls? Normies on twatter are cooming all over this guy https://mobile.twi…[View]
62700960>tasty >cheap >nutritious >goes with everything (especially sandwiches) >doesn't…[View]
62705516Millions of lifters train a lift/muscle group 1 time per week and make gains just fine Why is the In…[View]
62704053Texas Method: Thoughts on the Texas Method? This is the 4-day variation (recommended by Rippetoe ove…[View]
62702030How can I improve my body? Should I start running to get lean? I'm 6'1, 140 lbs[View]
62703695Is being allergic to onions based or cringe?[View]
62704922Ok guys. First time posting here. Sorry if I brake any rules but I’ll have this phone for a limited …[View]
62703441>just tried kefir it’s like yop that’s gone past the best before date. Do you guys really drink t…[View]
62701729>still taking SS seriously knowing rippletits is a literal coombrain who writes extremely degener…[View]
62703189could someone who’s powershitter maxed randomly change direction and recomp into aesthetic bodybuild…[View]
62704713Inanity Workout: Hello frens i want to start an insnaity workout, but im having trouble finding any …[View]
62705926i need to stop smoking i am attempting cold turkey stop smoke now. i went to dr for throat pain and …[View]
62703445they say u should do 10-30 sets for muscle group a week, but how many groups are there? and how much…[View]
62700631RALOXIFENE: Anyone have experience/luck using raloxifene to treat persisting pubertal gyno (natty)?…[View]
62705520whey isolate or concentrate ?[View]
62704114I just deadlifted 0.25 plates for one repetition[View]
62705766>do warmup sets >weaker on working sets What do? I train with high intensity and I need all th…[View]
62683814Diet - Carb Edition: The last thread devolved into a keto vs vegan shitfest. Let's talk about c…[View]
62704619Breathing with my stomach fixed my stitches while jogging. Anyone else? I can jog FOREVER even afte…[View]
62704455Crased or Binge?: I just broke into the overweight section of the BMI chart.[View]
62704303Bros I got a date tonight. I'm tall, wealthy, fit and shredded, but I still got a bit of autism…[View]
62704361After 1.5 years of laying on my bed and not doing much else, I'm still skinnyfat (chubby in the…[View]
62705584>there are people that mixes baking soda with water and drink it for 'purported health benefits' …[View]
62704373Im anorexic but really want to get into fitness, but eating is like work for me as i have to swallow…[View]
62700592Self Defence: I work alone at nights in my job, they've recently hired a new cleaner who looks …[View]
62705318>tfw mogged by granny is this achievable natty, fit?[View]
62697892>take l-arganine daily >works great, dick biggyer >take it today >feels spikes in my blo…[View]
62704276Man, KFC is fucking tasty. How can I stay healthy while also eating KFC chicken a few times a week?[View]
62704264Are kickboxing and wrestling the best combat sports to combine? Also is 25 too old to get into them?…[View]
62704657>rippetoe now encouraging his horde of squat warriors to rise up against the government wtf I jus…[View]
62705298*Walk into the gym*: Heaven helps the man who fights his fear Love's the only thing that keeps …[View]
62703788Career and gym: Do my fellow career anons sometimes have to sacrifice work performance to ensure you…[View]
62704016>woman dumped her boyfriend because he got dropped in a fight (that he won in the end anyway) Why…[View]
62704584I can OHP 1 plate (60kg) strict, standing, no cheating, for 8-10 reps But I can’t Conventional Deadl…[View]
62704006i never had sore muscles from overhead dumbbell press. i go to failure. within 8-14 reps is this no…[View]
62703300Does muscle burnout lower libido? I started exercizing at home and swimming this week and my sex dri…[View]
62705198Big box gyms: >be me >3 years ago >had been training at a competitive powerlifting gym sinc…[View]
62705052Is weed good for gains?[View]
62704607Loneliness is killing my gains[View]
62704600This is pathetic: >Try doing some research on connection between masturbation and short term chan…[View]
62705101What’s the natty limit for me if I’m 6ft tall and work out 6 days a week?[View]
62705150Went on the first date I've ever been on in my life yesterday. Went really well, felt really go…[View]
62705114Is it possible my back pain is from this exercise? I feel like it really strengthened my core/obliqu…[View]
62705079achievable natty?[View]
62704847What is /fit/s opinion on Jeremy Fragrance?: >jeremy i know youll be reading this! there has even…[View]
62703866Why is he so mean to Jesse?: What gives?[View]
62704714Can I just do RDLs (starting from the rack and walking it out) - if I can’t do a proper Deadlfit fro…[View]
62703921how does the calories in calories out model explain that 15% of bariatric surgery patients regain th…[View]
62701834How much do I need to lift or how many days of nofap until I don't have a fat fetish?[View]
62704605SARM Oral Liver Issues: Any non-biased information aggregation sources regarding SARMs, info that IS…[View]
62703530dietary 'science' / nutriology is the most disingenuous, intellectually dishonest shillshit in the f…[View]
62697053Literally me. I've tried a cold compress but they won't get a way. I get enough sleep so t…[View]
62701706Do you have your gym loicence?: How are you going to cope with the inevitable 'Papers, please' appro…[View]
62696489Are standing tables based or cringe?[View]
62704414>tfw your weight starts going up rather than down AND your lifts are tanking…[View]
62685810Who do you lift for?[View]
62704234The supplement that saved /fit/[View]
62703857>My friends >You lift for no one[View]
62704156What is best anti aging products for face ?: Sup fit fags besides derma rollers clay masks and vitam…[View]
62702938Neck isometrics: Are they an effective way to safely strengthen your neck?[View]
62703114Bros Ive been lifting for 3 damn years and visiting fit on and off But, somehow i feel like i haven…[View]
62703135>not going into neurogenic shock post workout[View]
62703455ABS HYPERTROPHY: HOW THE FUCK to make them grow, I have a morning abs routine: 2x 20 side crunch 2x…[View]
62699856Is this achievable natty?[View]
62703934Why was I born handsome instead of rich?[View]
62701529ITT: Classic /fit/ images[View]
62701188How apparent are supposed health benefits from different foods? I hear about people putting black pe…[View]
62703965Is tahini sauce the greatest bulking food of all time?![View]
62703998>almost 100kg difference between deadlift 1 rep max and squat 1 rep max Is this normal? Lifting f…[View]
62701756Is this Hank Hill ass?[View]
62702152How to get lean?: Let's say I burn 5000 calories a day and consume 3000 calories(without lookin…[View]
62703940AJ Soprano: Could lifting have saved him?[View]
62703962goal body: achievable natty?[View]
62703797I've been lifting for over 3 years now but i basically accomplished nothing and have awful lift…[View]
62703224Is it ok to skip squats if my calves are tight? It feels no matter how much I stretch I can’t keep m…[View]
62700970blaha: whats wrong with this guy[View]
62702992Purple bump under tongue: I didn’t know where to post this. Appeared an hour ago and feels swollen. …[View]
62693421how do i fix this?[View]
62693594Gen Z hate thread: I fucking hate gen z so fucking much. They have truly made the gym a worse place.…[View]
62701802Worst chest gap ever?: Look like tits even when they ain’t big at all[View]
62700399I have a job interview next Thursday. It's for an apprentice locksmith position in my town. I r…[View]
62703772a couple of days ago i saw someone who i wasn't supposed to see, and i mean mogged them so hard…[View]
62703765What mode is this[View]
62703696Best wipes for exercise equipment?: So I bought an elliptical and I love it. I've been wiping i…[View]
62696407>running 3x week >swimming 2-3x week >lifting 4x week >light calisthenics 2-3x week Is t…[View]
62702999Collarbone pain from bench press: Any other /callorbonepain/ bros here? I dont know what to do anymo…[View]
62698213Exercising feels HORRIBLE! Feeling tired is AWFUL, your heart rate going fast feels terrible and unn…[View]
62694776>barbell flyes[View]
62701587Women hit the wa-[View]
62703309Sup fit bro's? Im sorry for posting my subpar bod, but what should I do to make it look good? …[View]
62699292this is why you lift, so you can hard mog fag pretty boys[View]
62698671Are shrugs a useless exercise?[View]
62702459What am I supposed to do between sets?: Its not a problem if Im on a bench or some machine but wtf d…[View]
62699580>booked a spot at a muay thai class next week Im nervous bros[View]
62703397https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUArr1Xk5rk >benches 2pl8s like is nothing >no arch >barely…[View]
62702942Is there something wrong: With this position at the bottom?[View]
62703062Rooners GTFIH: How achievable is a sub 20 min 5K? What should I do to get to it? I hate running long…[View]
62703619what are some examples people who were saved by lifting?[View]
62703349does nofap actually do anything?: >tried it for a week >decided to see if doing the deed would…[View]
62703125Did we ever find out what was going on with Rich Piana’s arms? He denied that he used synthol (excep…[View]
62701796>it starts getting somewhat colder >get runny nose and cold symptoms how can I boost my immune…[View]
62703456I have anxiety, I've always wanted to get fit but I feel sick when there's too many at my …[View]
62703517Alchemy for healing: Not an ad but check out this vid: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wdYncaX_Tg0 And…[View]
62701495Foam roller: Redpill me on this. What is it good for? Only a half-assed self-massage for your back …[View]
62691135How is cheese not superior to milk in every way besides milk being faster to consume and maybe havin…[View]
62700530/fit/ What is the best sort of feminizing exercises for maximizing my estrogen femgains. I already d…[View]
62703395NEVER IMPROVE-posting is the most female thing you can do what group other than incels want society …[View]
62701808Trying to get my jawline back: So I used to have an insane jawline when I was younger, but now it…[View]
62703290why is the (((globohomo))) hell-bent on making milk seem like an unhealthy food?[View]
62703265>something hurts during a lift in a way that isn't DOMS >immediately stop working out for…[View]
62690500Where you at /fit/? Be honest. I'm somewhere between 7 and 8[View]
62698454What’s a good selenium, magnesium and zinc supplement?[View]
62700877Are these too tight on me?[View]
62701214Cheat meal at McDonald’s tomorrow. What should I get?[View]
62677185/fraud/ - steroids general: Proper OP edition Before asking your stupid beginner questions (yes, the…[View]
62699419>egg fatigue >chicken fatigue >milk fatigue >deenz fatigue it's all so tiresome bro…[View]
62703080How much sleep to become solid?: How much sleep should I get per night? I try to get 7 hours but tha…[View]
62702174Sure, people like Coleman, Cutler and Jackson are impressive and might even look somewhat appealing …[View]
62702438Time-tested NUCLEAR moggings[View]
62702969I have been lifting for 2 years and never done a cut before. So today is my first day of fasting but…[View]
62697563How much time do you think you should jump rope in a day for it to be worth doing?[View]
62702467HELP ME GET IN SHAPE FOR THE MARINES!: Hey bros, I already signed my contract join the marines and I…[View]
62701347>counting calories >always thinking about food, feels that getting some of eating disorder, ge…[View]
62693002Zyzz was sub 6' manlet: There are only 4 inches between your eyebrows and the top of your head …[View]
62681366>$1 >30g of protein Why the FUCK didn't you tell me about this sooner…[View]
62700623Most basic diet for nutrition?: If I eat only meat, beans and greens, will I be nourished properly?…[View]
62701988I peek without relapsing.[View]
62702211Started going to the gym daily about 2 weeks ago after years of never putting effort into health. 23…[View]
62694268Indoor cardio: Bros, I need some indoor cardio. I have zero room. Is it really just pushups? I don…[View]
62699081Do any real women browse this board?[View]
62702551reccommend a 5 day ppl routine for Aesthetics and strength: hi frens(pic related). help a bro out wi…[View]
62701628Uh, why is my weight going up bros? I haven't increased my intake.[View]
62701180Has anyone here gotten Covid? How was it? Did you lose your sense of taste and smell? That’s what I’…[View]
62702415Sup /fit/ chads. Im signing up to a gym with a swimming pool very soon as I want to get my cardio in…[View]
62702268What anecdotal experiences have you have with supplements? Ones that you've actually noticed to…[View]
62699722we are all going to make it.[View]
62702265What would happen if I were to eat only oats with water / milk and protein powder?[View]
62702240How do I achieve this mode?[View]
62701144/fit/ I have cracked the Da Vinci code, answered the million-dollar question, solved the century-old…[View]
62701768Stop eating. That's literally all you have to do. Just imagine this pepe every time you get hun…[View]
62702159The Misc. BB.com?: What happened to The Misc. I left the internet for like 2 years just to come back…[View]
62698535olympic weightlifting starts tomorrow. we watching it lads? https://olympics.com/tokyo-2020/olympic-…[View]
62702128>up from 10 pushups a day to 50 I love progress. Now for a good night sleep.…[View]
62700615Drank juicy before a roon and now my tummy hurts[View]
62701914Do you have to be really fit to beat a chimpanzee in a fight or can everyone take them on relatively…[View]
62701701What does he eat?[View]
62701497Hey /fit/uckers, two questions about weed. 1. Would weed be wise to use during muscle recovery, such…[View]
62701251Why do people want OTHER people to stop eating meat so badly?: I can understand going vegan as a per…[View]
62698254>muscle scraping >supposedly better than foam rolling for releasing muscle knots and tightness…[View]
62700009>”I’m natty” >takes supplements >uses protein powder >uses creatine >takes multivita…[View]
62700939Bros what is wrong with me, I can't fucking do an overhead press properly, my arms always end u…[View]
62698253>He listens to someone else that isn't athlean[View]
62695341>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8BGYhreaco&t=1s >the obesity epidemic is caused by repla…[View]
62701762does anyone sleep with their penis extender: my penimaster pro will be coming in a week. I've h…[View]
62700918>tfw no qt to lie on my chest now that my pecs are noticeably juicer thanks to noobie gains…[View]
62701831after losing 15-20kg i realized i have a fucking barrel chest it's over for a aesthetic v taper…[View]
62700382>want to do cardio >randomly pick a number from 50 to 300 depending on how i'm feeling …[View]
62700185Mires Thread - I Didn’t Recognize You Edition: It’s the height of summer and a lot of people are sta…[View]
62700810Boys is there any way to combat feeling cold after lifting? My hands and feet get cold and I shiver,…[View]
62701012Goal Body Thread: I'll start with the best /fit/ manga[View]
62700302>start working out after work >make friends with the guys at the gym >workout 2-3 hours a d…[View]
62700834>high rep deadlifts[View]
62701375Who do them fear the most?: The man who has nothing to lose? Or the man who has everything to lose? …[View]
62697840How the hell do I get to 140???: >be me >Tranny >lose 80lbs >get a tummy tuck >get fa…[View]
62701428I created this image and i hope you can save it and pass it on. It is the most important thing i hav…[View]
62699628are there any repercussions if I eat the same food every day?[View]
62698353Does anyone have any tips on how to center the weight on trap bar dl? I never get it right the first…[View]
62696965The weight loss experience: Former fatties please post your experiences to motivate me. What change…[View]
62701307Colorman: How symmetrical are you? Post em symmetricstrength dot com[View]
62701281The supplement that saved /fit/[View]
62700709Health Problem: Please help! I've had a strange condition for the last 4 years. I think I may h…[View]
62700904Lowering Weight And Increasing Reps: Hoping someone can help me with this but how should I designate…[View]
62699298Food allergies: > be me > Asian > 24 > had no problems with food as a child > could e…[View]
62699544Please, how I achieve it? I am truly prepared for the journey, but I don't know the path...[View]
62698312Sushi is not fucking 'fit' food: truly japs are worse than jews with this[View]
62690112https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8zBzE8JM0A /fit/bros.... (we) just got BTFO.[View]
62700767eat your bagels[View]
62694165Any boomers who started lifting ~30-35-ish and still made it? If I still have hair intact, is it a s…[View]
62700064Is this enough? >Bench 12-12-12 >Decline 12-12-12 >OHP 8-8-8-8 >Rows 8-8-8-8 >Squats …[View]
62697520Jeff Bezos: Rate Jeff Bezos physique He looks more muscular than a couple of years ago[View]
62697111The left feels more comfortable but begins to tear at my calluses and hurts like hell after every se…[View]
62699002>tfw cucklung (asthma)[View]
62697835How is my form /fit/?[View]
62700492HEEELLLPPPP!!!!!: I have similar nose and eyes as pic related. Can I outlift my face?[View]
62697653How do you guys stay healthy when using social media? I get the impression that being online, contri…[View]
62698899List one pro and one con about yourself: >pro: 7.5 inch pp >con : 5’10 framcel…[View]
62699651>presentation and essay due monday >havent started either lifts for this feel?…[View]
62700262FRIDGE MODE: Going fridge mode, Kylo Thicc style. Got any good tips? Thanks. Oh and fuck niggers, e…[View]
62700212>Got mired by old chinese ladies at my local Asian supermarket again Feels good man…[View]
62698635How to I gain weight on keto? I am too skinny but I started keto to see if I felt less shitty all da…[View]
62698335What diet and routine do I need to reach this body type?[View]
62699707I do heavy low rep compound lifts every day and squat 3-4 deadlift 3-4 bench 7 times a week i been d…[View]
62698106take the vaccine goy[View]
62695811How the fuck do people actually forcefeed themselves to get bigger muscles? I can’t for the life of …[View]
62699710They don't make clothes for fit manlets: Everything big is intended for tall people[View]
62697696Best heavyweight cotton brand Polo for slight gyno?: Waddup senpai. I've managed to work my gyn…[View]
62695762How many of you guys are at my gym wtf: Yesterday was a push day and there were TWO caricatures of e…[View]
62694090shaved legs: so do women like shaved legs on a guy or not? theres this tik tok trend going around of…[View]
62698608Uhh bros?? Why is my chest so shitty compared to my delts? It’s the ‘good’ side too[View]
62695680We need to come to a verdict: Are pushups better than dumbbell bench press?[View]
62697456Jason Bala Novice Program 2.0: thoughts on this program for a novice?[View]
62695489i have been doing hundreds of kb swings a day: my lower back / core feels tighter than it ever has a…[View]
62697798Vegetarian bulking diet?[View]
62697521What the fuck?: Based on my own personal experience, if you are able to do 30 push-ups with proper f…[View]
62698496Are they dyel now?[View]
62694925Why do you eat anything other than red meat, when there is so much evidence it is the perfect food? …[View]
62697641good morning bros time to get ronnied out[View]
62696476What is the male equivalent of this?[View]
62697415Get the FUCK away from my water fountain. I’m thirsty Get the FUCK out of the squat rack, I need to …[View]
62699230What is fits general view of masterbation and test levels. All the research I've gone over is c…[View]
62699280skelly general: How am I supposed to eat my meals in less than 1 hour???? I'm bulking and today…[View]
62699647Wow that's some real nice muscles you got there, fucking loser. Would be a real shame if I were…[View]
62699342Toddler Diet: Sup /fit/ I’ll keep this brief; I see the way parents feed their toddlers nowadays and…[View]
62698278Swimming is a better exercise for agility and strength. It's is highly underrated work-out for …[View]
62695095Can lifting save me if I am a chinlet?[View]
62698347>this angers the /fit/cel: https://youtu.be/yemivNet_eI?t=3320[View]
62697309>mfw cardio doesn't even burn that much calories >mfw eating less is much easier…[View]
62699016/run/ning general: Do you runners feel any mental benefits? Any anecdotes to support your belief tha…[View]
62699089I lift for Ulster[View]
62699416What’s their routine?[View]
62699379Sleep General: How have you been sleeping lately anon? Do you have any tips to help others who are s…[View]
62699246when your sugar daddy helps you with the squats after he pounded you all night >>>>>[View]
62692903I fucking hate my body, how can I fix it?[View]
62693562>yet again, got mogged at the supermarket[View]
62699251This is my first month in the gym after 9 months of just home dumbbell workouts and I'm making …[View]
62698529Gentle reminder that if you want to make it, you won't be 'you' but with a better bod…[View]
62697662The supplement that saved /fit/[View]
62698975Damn, I can get a dream body like this guy?? why didn't y'all tell me about this guy??[View]
62698957>do pushups and lift weights (2KG in each hand) for months >no result fuck this shit…[View]
62699077I ve made a workout routine plan as push/pull/legs and dumped all basic leg exercises such as squats…[View]
62697735Are jawline exercises a meme or do they actually work? Can you get a more aesthetic face just doing …[View]
62698837I'm part of a sports team and there are faster guys, with more stamina, that hit harder, that h…[View]
62691563Diarrhea: Have had somewhat bad diarrhea for the past few days. Now, it can be 4 things IMO, help me…[View]
62698649Guys, I just turned 21. I don't get it. I eat healthy, work out everyday, I serve in the Coast…[View]
62698659This is actually, unironically, what peak human performance looks like. The person you are looking …[View]
62698299Core workout for strength: I’m a skinny guy who just started lifting last month. I haven’t been work…[View]
62698432>she asked why i lift so much[View]
62697566What is /fit/'s favorite cheat day dessert?[View]
62698122Creatine and kidneys: I have what is considered to be chronic kidney disease. Overall kidney functio…[View]
62697155>Creates /fit/ >Couldnt save him self Sometimes its too late to save a man....…[View]
62697508how the fuck do I get my arms in this position I just end up choking myself and doing regular squats…[View]
62698656forearm pain: bros do any of you get forearm pain/discomfort from dumbbell lifting? my left wrist ha…[View]
62697539God give me strength i do not want to relapse again! I SHALL NOT BE TEMPTED TO COMMIT SIN AND FAIL M…[View]
62698174Is this achievable natty? i really wanna look like goku bros[View]
626832893x a week full body routine is objectively the best way to workout for natties, as our bodies need m…[View]
62698392Is this a smart idea?: I am 101kg at 180cm in height, I have completely let myself go. I have never …[View]
62696960Is eating 4 eggs every morning for breakfast good for you?[View]
62696270People who could have been saved by lifting[View]
62698331>be fat >have wide hips >lose the weight >hips are still wide because it was bone Do I …[View]
62698151/fit/ opinion on Baki Grappler: I really fucking love baki for the fact it is literally one of the l…[View]
62696981Don't work too much. If you work for 3 hours less each day you have an extra month and a half t…[View]
62695190What is reality?: How many of you has a decent body, Goes to the gym 4+ times a week, 2~Hour session…[View]
62691093Why cant I do it: I cant seem to do Rows and Deadlifts without rounding my back like a Cat. Getting …[View]
62694167Why do you eat red meat when there is so much overwhelming evidence that it doesn't do anything…[View]
62692139How do i achieve /patrick bateman mode/?[View]
62695220Does /BustMaxxing/ Work? Thoughts?: My gf is small, 5’2” A Cup tiddies and she has been taking tit s…[View]
62695978i weigh 100 kg now at 175 cm[View]
62697624>looking for a new gym >ask the gym receptionist if their gym is based or cringe >she doesn…[View]
62689877Why do you not take the massage-pill?: >speeds up recovery >loosens up your body >relaxes y…[View]
62696242give it to me straight /fit/ : do I have to roid to reach this level ? roiders in my gym all say th…[View]
62696533What's the best way to determine my ideal weight?: There's a few calculators out there but…[View]
62695697>I've realized I only want women to be attracted to me because I care what other dudes think…[View]
62695014I'm 6'4. I was 145lbs one and a half months ago, I'm currently 155lbs. Will I continu…[View]
62695384How can I get this soldier body type?[View]
62697674Osterine: Been thinking of starting a cycle of osterine Let me know you opinion and experience on o…[View]
62697492How do you build strong forearms for boxing? I spent the last few months working with kettlebells an…[View]
62692572Finasteride: I was just prescribed this stuff for hair loss. I’m 22 and thinning very badly. Convinc…[View]
62696865SUPPLEMENTS THREAD: What's the best type of Chromium for carb sensitivity? There's so many…[View]
62696102Water fast: I’m a 28bmi dyel and I’m starting college this august. My question is can I fast on noth…[View]
62694103The only tricep exercise that gives me DOMS[View]
62694901/DG/ - Dyel General: Gatekeeping is important. Today I will remind them.[View]
62696228>found /fit/ in 2014 >watched zyzz videos and got motivated >started lifting, eating big, p…[View]
62697276Let’s talk about BIA scales: So it seems the 4 electrode scales are reasonably accurate from what I …[View]
62696798>could only finish 3/4 gallon of milk today leave me behind bros... im ngmi…[View]
62693930Can’t lose weight because of weed munchies. Can anyone else relate?[View]
62691314Hello /fit/. I am morbidly obese, I weight 439 pounds at 5'11. I wear a CPAP machine to sleep h…[View]
62696975How do I into back?[View]
62696639Lost all strength: >leave gym in 202 cus lockdowns >all lifts except OHP were 300lbs+ >come…[View]
62692033I am 21, have been lifting for two years and have never gotten any signs of romantic interest from a…[View]
62696424how do you achieve this physique?[View]
62691909/sig/ Self Improvement General: This thread endorses both physical and mental fitness in order to pr…[View]
62695112I lift for him and so should you: >lifting for anyone else than mr George Lincoln Rockwell What t…[View]
62696303It's there somekind of incel to body building pipeline?[View]
62696785Does lifting weights cancels depression ?[View]
62697421Brazilian tranny goes to india, this is what happened: https://streamable.com/fw7lw0[View]
62697463Maybe not appropriate for this board but I know as well as a lot of you guys on here that working ou…[View]
62698108Gym Crush Problem: >Have gym crush >I started flirting with her and we got better relationship…[View]
62696642Balls getting smaller: Ok so my right nut is smaller than before and i don't know why, i think …[View]
62696491How 7ft CHADS deal with manlets in the nba: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIWSKssJP2E When will th…[View]
62697181my chest is too big, my lower ribs look like my first row of abs what should i do about it?[View]
62696858>Prolactin: 20,88 ng/ml[View]
62695804How do i get good gains? Do gym selfies count at +5 strength?[View]
62695995hello: Hello can you take Motrin when on testosterone? thanks[View]
62696760>Eat strictly 3 times a day >Either lose or maintain weight but feel hunger in between meals …[View]
62697085Could lifting have saved him?[View]
62694902The supplement that saved /fit/[View]
62685341This is currently the highest rated personal trainer in my local gym. Is personal training a meme?[View]
62694061Cottage cheese: Why aren't you eating it? > high protein and minerals > cheap > tastes…[View]
62696018>6 days per day[View]
62692564HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT: >eat less >do cardio It’s not that hard, fatties…[View]
62690730What is the dream body for most women? Or do they just want to be better than whoever is next to the…[View]
62693584Homegym Routine with limited Tools: Hi, I have a homegym with little Tools. I have a benchpress, a c…[View]
62696517What are some /fit/ approved recipes one can make quickly and on a budget? Open to suggestions.[View]
62696629rough..: >drink whiskey daily >pop xans >eat fast food >do a bunch of shit I regret ever…[View]
62695907TRT Results came in...: I just got my testosterone test results... I got 295. My doctor is willing t…[View]
62695314i lift for this froge[View]
62684627/plg/ - powerlifting general: >close grip bench press for overhead tricep strength edition Post a…[View]
62695613How do i unironically outlift an ugly face?[View]
62695802Exercises that fix posture?[View]
62691224You know what I’m just going to say it: If you’re not on steroids/peds you’re a fucking loser. Even…[View]
62696342if you're too weak minded just replace your addiction with less harmful addiction. it's th…[View]
62696567Lifting music thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPgy2d2Xb1A[View]
62696512Is sauerkraut (raw of course) /fit/ approved?[View]
62693446I just learned how to deadlift 1 plate Training at home with minimal equipment is very hard. Machin…[View]
62696399weighted pullup 1RM update: Good news, tried my weighted pull up 1 rep max and managed to do 2 slopp…[View]
62694029Rate My Routine, /fit/: I sometimes train abs and neck on rest days.[View]
62692439What is safer for rotator cuffs? OHP or bench press?[View]
62693963Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
62695248do you ever feel sick after a big workout ? it was deadlift day today & I feel pretty bad since …[View]
62695403>no blink day 4[View]
62696266I ran my best pace ever this morning :) 3.75km in 17 min :)[View]
62695167reminder that lifting won't ever help you be a better fighter in anything (boxing, mma, wrestli…[View]
62693703>tippytoemaxxing I have tiny calves that don't seem to get much bigger from squatting. will …[View]
62695831Is DHEA worth taking?: Is pic related a scam?[View]
62694385When is it ok to start using lifting straps for deadlifts? 2.5pl x3 and my grip is dying at the last…[View]
62695775How much do you think pic related lifts? I wanna get that swole some day[View]
62695465How do you beat the ultimate gain killer?[View]
62695879Is this a good full body split: What do you guys think of this split (slash “/“ means a superset) M…[View]
62695878achievable natty?[View]
62691733Femanons, is this achievable natty?: How to get that thick, juicy, bod with muscular undertones? Al…[View]
62695740berate me for skipping a sesh yesterday /fit/, for i have failed as a man.[View]
62694970>30-50 reps per set >meditative >actually feel like working out >body feels great >mi…[View]
62691661Will I have loose skin if I lose 100 pounds? How can I prevent it?[View]
62693260How accurate is https://tdeecalculator.net/ ? Do you put your stats as moderate exercise or sedentar…[View]
62695722>tranny raid >it's the same shit as always…[View]
626903383/4/5/6: How long would it take a natty who is already at 2/3/4/5 to reach this? How long if on gear…[View]
62695149How to make workouts shorter?: I rest like 5 mins between sets and my workouts end up being 3+ hours…[View]
62683628/nofap/ thread: how you boys holding up?[View]
62695393>he doesn't start every gym session by warming up his rotator cuffs It's like you want …[View]
62692803>be 6'3'' incel >skin pale as snow >got a small home gym before the rona loc…[View]
62695434day 11 of /noshit/[View]
62693894How does the Lunk alarm work? Does an employee at the front desk manually set it off?[View]
62695447is ice tea good for you?[View]
62695435Could lifting have saved him?[View]
62695113Would lifting have saved him?[View]
62695340>no matter how much i lift i'll never have a gf how much do i need to lift to successfully c…[View]
62695201Bros, why does Derreck look so unwell here?: He looked so much better like 3 to 4 months ago. Did he…[View]
62695396salt is more effective than lifting chalk[View]
62694372how to achieve this? seriously[View]
62695150>start lifting >gain weight ????????? I was 83.7kg before lifting and now 87.5kg. I don't…[View]
62694568METABOLISM MAXXING: How does one turn their body into a calorie burning furnace? I've heard car…[View]
62692316>leave fit for 4+ months because it’s fucking useless, full of homosexuals and incels >come ba…[View]
62676657FIT GIRL APPRECIATION THREAD #2: Reminder strong men like strong women and weak men like weak women …[View]
626947462021... I am forgotten[View]
62695166Post workout nutrition: for me? its a pint of whole milk and a tuna melt on 10 million grain bread…[View]
62694665Serious question are store-bought protein bars bad for you? Every time I eat them they always have a…[View]
62695037Anyone follow this awesome personal trainer on YouTube?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmhP8EewRrA…[View]
62695011What are the pros and cons of shaving your pubic hair?[View]
62694650>hit in the nose when i was little >have a big schnoz now >fearful of rhinoplasty since it …[View]
62694804Is it possible that some people just don't respond well to low rep routines? Been doing 3x5 5x5…[View]
62689155People say that this kind of body requires roids and promotes unrealistic body standards but the inf…[View]
62690278just lift bro[View]
62694088Is fast food actually bad for you or do people just eat too much of it?[View]
62689390Fitzens who eat the same thing every day, what do you eat?[View]
62692710>already started plateauing with bitch weights some of us were never meant to make it…[View]
62694438>ctrl-f >'pushup thread' >0 results PUSHUP THREAD LETS GO! DOUBLE OR NOTHING, TRI…[View]
62693913>urine occasionally smells orange fruity am I fucked? I don't feel anything else but I am wo…[View]
62688829*gives you the cheapest and most convenient protein* heh nothing personnel[View]
62688805Monkmode: Does meditation actually have some proven benefits on your health and well-being? I plan o…[View]
62694181Home Gym/Vaxx Gym: Hey /fit/izens, losing my thread making virginity here to ask you a serious quest…[View]
62691585I am about to hit 5years training landmark in one month. gonna be 29yo, 225lbs (100kg) 6'2(192c…[View]
62694099>be me >dyel >starts with 20lb dumbbell curls, straight back standing up >3 days in now …[View]
62690928pic I downloaded years ago, need sauce: I tried reverse image searching and the only result it gave …[View]
62693727Any fellow calorie autists fact checked IHOP? Pancakes and omelette seem way to big and delicious to…[View]
62692377Day 2 of no Caffeine: My brain hurts, like I feel my brain physically hurting. A bit to the middle a…[View]
62694322https://www.instagram.com/p/BffzE9gFzKR/ How much is the 69th Yokozuna Hakuho Sho bench pressing the…[View]
62685364Anyone successfully kicked a drinking habit or looking to? Post stories, habits, and general discus…[View]
62693782is there any correlation between drinking coke and being a manlet[View]
62693524Anvarol?: Anavar seems pretty based. Read the studies etc. When I was googling I found a lot of hit…[View]
62694315How do you get over sex addiction as an attractive male in today's society? Banging tinder whor…[View]
62694280My stomach feels fucked: My stomach feels like it's bloated even when it's not and I haven…[View]
62693804I lift for him[View]
62693990The deadlift is always an egolift. That is all.[View]
62694128The supplement that saved /fit/[View]
62694041How do I get back into erging? It’s been a half a year since I’ve actively used one and I find that …[View]
62688620Anybody here box?: Been researching how professional boxers train for stronger punches and the finde…[View]
62693593>the Chad NoFapper https://youtu.be/SKMLhPsIaHw[View]
62684346puffy nipples: how do i fix puffy nips bros[View]
62692271what do you do for recovery besides the obvious? I’ve taken up stretching recently, looking for more…[View]
62692887Does /fit/ do any skincare?[View]
62688865>chin up >still depressed[View]
62689920How do you pop your hip back into place? Hip feels halfway dislocated[View]
62693935Is Stephanie still on fit? Other fit girls are welcome to worship me aswell im in a good mood[View]
62689959When does cutting season end bros? Im pretty shure i dont have any more fat to lose since at this po…[View]
62691578is being good looking a better factor than iq for overall life success?[View]
62692734>trapezius freakishly bigger than deltoideus >never trained it knowingly Why? It looks like I…[View]
62692600Is biltong based?[View]
62688103What's a good 4 day bro split?[View]
62693833Jammers too tight on the thigh but too lose around the knee[View]
62693645how's your mewing coming through?[View]
62692859So you've got a new weight loss method for me?[View]
62693776Beta-Ecdysterone: Fake or it increases testosterone?[View]
62692566Wait, how can people afford to spend hours at the gym everyday while also eating like a family of th…[View]
62693618Upper/lower question: Guys on the upper/lower split, how many exercises and sets do you do on the up…[View]
62692863Thank God for this shit. If it wasn't for this shit I wouldn't know what to do. You just c…[View]
62692123small pecs are more aesthetic.[View]
62693498Metabolism pros: I'm 1'85cm, 90kg, fit body, on deficit since february but want to try som…[View]
62693300Absolute madman: >A man who blackmailed his daughter before raping and sexually abusing her over …[View]
62692430I wake up everyday at 6:30am, I used to be able to wake up before my alarm clock, but now I'm w…[View]
62691824Any of you lads know sites where I can watch for free? Looking to catch the lift events[View]
62692082How do I stop pissing myself femanon sisters?[View]
62691509my girlfriend said that she's too shy to fart close to me. It's destroying our relationshi…[View]
62693341should I just let my shoulders overpower my chest if I have garbage chest insertions?[View]
62693004post brutal moggings[View]
62690792*saves you from dyel dogma* (SAD, keto, fasting, veganism, big pharma) heh, nothin personnel[View]
62691084Gym story thread: Just happened today >doing some deadlifts >skinny kid in cutoff comes to nex…[View]
62693305first step coffee second step shit third step lift[View]
62692914Turkesterone restock working for anyone?: I've been refreshing the page for 30 minutes now and …[View]
62692801they say u should do 10-30 sets for muscle group a week, but how many groups are there? and how much…[View]
62692909>forearm tendonitis pain[View]
62692815>whispers: did you know anon drinks a gallon of milk every day? >8-O…[View]
62693816Do someone have a tutorial guide or something for ' how to get a traditional wife' . I consider driv…[View]
62692435>nobody cares about height bro >it's all in your head bro >I know 5000 manlets that pu…[View]
62684213Kid won't speak: >me 27 >My wife 37 Guys my situation is weird. I have a one year old son…[View]
62692869Don't skip mental health day bros.[View]
62691942cardio: What should I do for cardio? Swimming, biking, or running?[View]
62692955>more muscular than 95% of the population >25 yo khv…[View]
62692974Is 1 cup of spinach and 1 cup of kale enough for daily veggies?[View]
62693052I Hate Exercise?: When do I stop hating exercise? I've been heavy cardio basically every day bu…[View]
62677885FPH - FAT SHAMING EDITION: Share your best fat-shaming stories[View]
62691967Why do we lift? I mean, really in the modern world, being strong and muscular is not that important …[View]
62691827Why do people deadlift in the squat rack? Most of the deadlifts at my new gym occur in the squat rac…[View]
62692447becoming the peak of men: I will do 45 000 squats a day. So far i can do 4000 in a day;but I will st…[View]
62692900why does this shit make my butthole itch so much?[View]
62689889How long should I wait to go back to the gym after getting the 2nd COVID vaccine?[View]
62687777Fat cope: Can we get fat 'people' cope thread?[View]
62687387HSD-/hair skin diet/: Discussing the necessary supplements, etc to max these facets.[View]
62692779Stop eating bread: And I don't mean in some ketard stop eating carbs kind of way. I mean unless…[View]
62692841I am: the god of male aesthetics[View]
62691877>starting to perfect the roundhouse kick[View]
62692567>Be 17 >Lose 80+ pounds >Feel like I'm finally gonna make it >Start lifting at hom…[View]
62692102Is 2/3/4/5 achievable natty at 180 pounds?[View]
62692543should i train legs if they are massive as fuck naturally without any lifting? im scared that if i t…[View]
62689843My balls are really small, is this due to a lack of testosterone ?[View]
62691698>the stronger I get the more I want to be harassed by girls What the fuck, /fit/?…[View]
62689091Thoughts on the Hex Press?: Pic related[View]
62687016/fit/, the next generation of children is in big trouble. Imagine being born an estrogenic weak manl…[View]
626912755/3/1 Building the Monolith: anyone run the 5/3/1 monolith program? anyone get good results? >inb…[View]
62690253Why can't I have been born into a family of six-and-a-half-foot-tall doorway-busting chads? Why…[View]
62691025Indians are we.....[View]
62690940What a is a /fit/ activity I can do with my girlfriend.[View]
62691642It’s getting tough anons: Fuck I’m reaching breaking point here frens. Been working out consistently…[View]
62691901Need advice regarding along distance Bicycle trip: So I have been practicing a somewhat long distanc…[View]
62692394>have a home gym >be able to watch anime and cuddle with my cat inbetween reps…[View]
62689509i come back from early shift work, fap, sleep for 2 hours, go to gym, come back, eat food, jerk off …[View]
62691325Can you recommend me a good ab routine A tested/proven one if possible[View]
62691490Do you guys dry scoop your preworkout? Picrel is totally me dryscooping. I love dry scooping so much…[View]
62692107Mog thread[View]
62689202Mewing: This thread is dedicated to mewing, I have always wondered if it actually works to the exten…[View]
62690773Need help fasting.: Im watching this youtube video and its convinced me to fast. https://youtu.be/vh…[View]
62689398Should I check my testosterone status after months of almost daily kratom use? I was thinking of tak…[View]
62687665>go on bulk >put on fat and muscle >try to cut fat >lower calorie intake by 500 >end …[View]
62686615Good night sweet prìnce. Jason the spaniard genova has passed away due to haldol overdose.[View]
62688469grindset thread: I am tired of being alpha. I have come to realize alpha and beta are both coomer ti…[View]
62687478How achievable is this kind of body if you are 6ft?[View]
62692158>tfw no mommy encouraging your atlas lifts: you mirin, /fit/?[View]
62691447Is it possible to loose more than 2 pounds a week?: Hello anons I get that one needs to eat 7000 kca…[View]
62692109Going down the dark path: >IM GOING DOWN THE DARK PATH MAN I WANT POWER MAN >I AINT PLAYIN AN…[View]
62688535Searing pain inside shoulder: Yesterday I did OHP, lateral raises and facepulls and it all seemed fi…[View]
62692019Got my labs back.: What does this mean bros?[View]
62669872Cbt transformation and no flexing edition.[View]
62691886How long will it take for me to get from lanklet to ottermode?[View]
62691841The supplement that saved /fit/[View]
62691773Noob here - how many months away from /fit/ accepted?: How many more months until I look 8/10 for fi…[View]
62685117/sfg/ Schizo Fitness General: Itt: post unorthodox fitness tips you've found from anons on this…[View]
62690876Has anyone ever noticed how jacked SteveMRE looks? When he changes the camera angle to him eating of…[View]
62691270Favorite lift?: Mine is the underhead press[View]
62690130QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread I sleep for 8 hours yet I'm still e…[View]
62690648/architect/: I'm sure that most of us would prefer a girl shaped like right rather than left. T…[View]
62691030How much do I need to lift so that girls won't mind anymore that I am still a kissless virgin a…[View]
62687307fat cunt had enough: been a fat cunt all my life mother was very abusive abusive and gave me a serio…[View]
62690018BEST MEAT?: So apparently the labels of 'organic' and 'grass fed' don't mean shit. Grass fed ju…[View]
62685019What's a nice-looking ass supposed to look like for a man?[View]
62691740What makes losing weight so complicated for people?[View]
62686416Remember to age gracefully, /fit/ :)[View]
62691389moringa leaf: I there anybody out there that can give me QTR on this shit? if i do a search on it I …[View]
62691145How do I lose fat cheeks? I'm already underweight[View]
62691581I'm ugly and I lift: u mad blackpillfags? post your tinder screencaps to cope with me being sup…[View]
62691580exercise list for upper back and shoulder pain please i'm fucked up help[View]
62691557>there are people who believe in inner chest and upper/lower lat topkek…[View]
62689569BLACK GYM BROS...: I...I feel pretty good[View]
62689477Does facial appearance change in any meaningful way after 25 years of age? My face/expressions are v…[View]
62691537Post Charts: Prove you aren't a testlet or a DYEI[View]
62686329Cep thread: Post em boys[View]
62689145Nobody has ever loved me and nobody will ever do.[View]
62688980Ujfalusi Szabolcs: UJF UJF UJF UJF UJF UJF UJF[View]
62691316Can any of you fine gentlemen recommend a beginners indoor rowing program?[View]
62689715what was his biggest mistake?[View]
62690325Substitutes for exercises with no equipment: I read the sticky, my situation is that gyms are imposs…[View]
62689201Pushup thread: Roll away Wagmi[View]
62689965they say u should do 10-30 sets for muscle group a week, but how many groups are there? and how much…[View]
62690484>Walk into the gym >Speakers playing music >'For real niggas who ain't got no feelings…[View]
62688171Cheap decent running shoes: give me some options to try and find in my shithole, not a big runner 5 …[View]
62690251Am I wasting my time lifting natty?[View]
62689550How true is it that if you do more reps or drag on an exercise for longer, you will start losing mus…[View]
62690894at what age will MPMD die? post prediction. not even white women hit the wall this hard. does this a…[View]
62689546how to lose last 15 pounds: im a girl who has basically been starving myself… it doesn’t feel like s…[View]
62689625Top reply is a faggot that bases their life around quotes Middle is objective and goal-oriented Bott…[View]
62690973How do I Hecules mode? (Disregarding the penis.)[View]
62676577Well?: >It's so hot today anon >Take off your shirt anon heh >Yeah anon, show is those…[View]
62689479Assuming 8% bf, what should your BMI be when you hit 1/2/3/4?[View]
62689334>yeah dude you just pick things up and put them down and your body will grow does anyone actually…[View]
62689151Is this back angle not low enough for barbell bent over rows? I cant do Pendlay Rows because my leve…[View]
62689338should i bulk or cut?[View]
62690954Recommend me some useful complements/vitamins[View]
62690916mogs 99% of /fit/[View]
62690260I haven't come to this board for quite a while. It used to be called '/fit/ - Health & Fitn…[View]
62688338she's right you know. nobody like to be stared at by ugly people[View]
62679919Ultramarathon runners: This is actually unironically what absolute peak human performance looks like…[View]
62688222Fuck this shit its literally the only sugar i consume but i drink fucking 100+ oz of it everyday im …[View]
62686767Yall got any tips for stronger wrists?: Ok so I just found out my wrists have been a huge bottleneck…[View]
62659142/fat/ - Post OP pictures for future threads edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For adipose anons who wan…[View]
62687676>one chance at life >5'4 tell this nigga 'god' that i want a redo…[View]
62690703Larry Nassar: What did he do wrong? Pelvic floor therapy works very well. I’ve undergone some as wel…[View]
62690675Besides meditation, what are some fitness fads that are about as effective as placebo?[View]
62685407Recovering from Severe Injury: I broke my tibia, fibula, ankle, dislocated my ankle, and almost rupt…[View]
62689688Do you actually need a girlfriend to stay healthy?: There are too many benefits of being in a loving…[View]
62687345I finally got a girlfriend: Now what?[View]
62689375So this is /fit/'s endgame.[View]
62690368Squat Dips Chinups Anything else I need to a minimalist routine?[View]
62690218NO MORE NATTY CUTS: The next cut I do will be while taking at least 200mg/week of exogenous testoste…[View]
62688166>he doesn't fry in organic animal fat fed from a natural and seasonal diet…[View]
62688945He deserved what he got: >casual degenerate sex with thots >Tattoos >took drugs and drank …[View]
62689104Can I eat a lot if I do cardio and still lose weight? I'm tired of being skinnyfat >5'…[View]
62689328What else is there in life aside from squats, deadlifts, bench, ohp and pullups?[View]
62687098How do I fix this /fit/?[View]
62689893Chest routines: Hello bros, I am looking to get a chest like pic related. What is his routine? Also …[View]
62688779How low body fat do I need to get abs? And will getting abs get me a qt French gf?[View]
62690317How can I undergo a fecal transplant at home? I understand that insertion in the behind is needed an…[View]
62688723'WOMEN PREFER DADBOD' MEME BTFOD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LY8l_G4gdCU Women clearl…[View]
62688176Why does he make ketolards seethe so bad? What is it about him that does this[View]
62688728I;m 27 years old and probably lift more than you but I'm so shchizoidal and autistic that I wil…[View]
62689472/fit/ Self-Discipline Books: Over the years I've read several self-discipline books - some more…[View]
62689011Should I eat before going to the gym?: Do you guys eat before going to the gym? I've started go…[View]
62688642Is going to bed at 00:00 a good idea?[View]
62688239Is Sumo the only manly combat sport?[View]
62689047Does edging mean you fapped?[View]
62685474C A R D I O for a beginner.: Noticed that my heart rate intensifies with even the subtlest amount of…[View]
62689901Is pic related the best shoulder program out there?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSHII67kVQI…[View]
62687065stop looking at girls in the street[View]
62689224how do i gain weight /fit/bros? i'm so sick of being a dyel...[View]
62687577>Hey Anon what are you listening to? >It's kinda loud can you turn it down a little? What…[View]
62688877Do Americans really?: I noticed that Americans think that somehow, the human body starts falling apa…[View]
62689101Starting to jog: Want to start jogging. What are some tips that you wish you were told when you star…[View]
62688150you cannot prove me that this is not the best tl'dr diet in the world[View]
62689822how do u eat potato[View]
62689811>mogs 99% of /fit/[View]
62689798just do it[View]
62688848Someone I met at the gym says he donates blood as often as he’s allowed to - every few months - beca…[View]
62689605Hands free exercises?: Hey /fit I got tendinitis in both hands and won‘t be able to really grab anyt…[View]
62687925I'm thinking of quitting caffeine, bros. Should I? Please share your experience.[View]
62689548I need some advice: Would it be possible to lose 35lbs in 4 weeks? My plan is to do OMAD, no soda, d…[View]
62686958Do you tell your children to work out?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0zLfk471R8 Or if you don…[View]
62687871/fit/ approved bodyweight programs: what bodyweight program does /fit/ recommend? I have nothing at …[View]
62689014YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL FOR DOING IT NATURAL: Really Why do you care about being NATTY eating while bein…[View]
62688021Be honest: does your butt bounce when you run?: When you go for a jog, does your butt bounce? Be hon…[View]
62688449Why yes, I do PPL, how could you tell?[View]
62689524Is this the goat indoor cardio? I did some of this as a warmup and felt great afterwards.[View]
62689484When will I escape dyel mode? 3 months into lifting btw[View]
62685059I dont lift[View]
62687181Daily reminder[View]
62688549What happens in the olypic village? What do /fit/ males and females do there?[View]
62688604Hello, /fit/bros, recently, my doc said that I should start taking a med called 'zyrpexa', 5mg per d…[View]
62688382Food thread: Post your meal.[View]
62688808I just realized after 10 years of lifting that you’re supposed to squat down into your legs and stic…[View]
62686954Any swinfags here?: Today I did a 1km swim ( 20 laps ) freestyle in 23:24. Anyone know if this is a…[View]
62688627How do you grow bigger and stronger arms at home without lifting any weights? Is there any push-up v…[View]
62683722>he eats more than 2000mg of sodium a day[View]
62688244>bench is not aligned with the ceiling WTF WERE THEY THINKING[View]
62688667real world uses for being fit >becoming a yoga teacher >SNIFFFFFFF…[View]
62688915Gorillabros we got too cocky[View]
62688830Is dirty bulk sustainable in the long run?[View]
62682596Lockdown city bitch: As house arrest consumes us all we look to the freedom chads to guide us throug…[View]
62681672If someone is shorter, does that mean he/she need to do more reps to makeup for the shorter distance…[View]
62686632HPV: >mom told me her doctor told her she has cancer >some hpv shit >look up hpv >its so…[View]
62688652High Resting Heart Rate: Is it okay to train hard with a high resting heart rate, as a result of str…[View]
62688371>He thinks he is healthy because he lifts heavy weights at the gym and eats lots of protein Cardi…[View]
62688142When should I switch to an intermediate routine? I've been doing SL for 3 months now[View]
62686719I did it again, i snoozed. The bed was just the right temperature unlike the usual sweat inducing su…[View]
62688736m-m-maybe if i eat more i'll be able to get past my plateau... refute this[View]
62684231How viable is the Druidpill?: Living in the forest, surviving off nature and getting swole to defend…[View]
62667017Why are so many perfectly healthy children dying from Coronavirus?: Is there any common link between…[View]
62688581Do fat people have massive calves because they got fat stored down there or because they carry their…[View]
62688678How long do I need to lift weights, meditate and retain my semen until girls start noticing my raw m…[View]
62688708Can someone explain to me why I can’t do a bro-split with compound lifts at home? Example Monday - c…[View]
62683675Fuck Cutting: I will never cut again. I went from 6'2 225 to 195 and lost almost no fat in my a…[View]
62688617weighted pushups > bench press[View]
62688485Making do with limited space: >skinnyfat >depressed as fuck from the hoaxvid shit, used to at …[View]
62688515how to recover from cooming?: bust a fat nut in my sleep and now i have no energy and a really foggy…[View]
62688500Is there potential?: Or should i just transition?[View]
62688307>mfw cucumbers, bell peppers and tomatoes are actually fruits >mfw I haven't eaten a vege…[View]
62687314The only martial art worth doing for self defense is military close combat or something to that effe…[View]
62688460>overweight liar does keto >loses five pounds of muscles and water weight in a month due to hi…[View]
62688333Is this a good pull day routine? Deadlift is on the second pull day[View]
62686853What are the best stretches for kyphosis/scoliosis/APT? Any anons stretching for posture gains care …[View]
62688214Is this too tight? For gym[View]
62686744What is the worst thing about getting fit? For me its no longer being able to apply sunscreen to my …[View]
62688154>country wants me to get vaxxed >boss wants everyone to go back to the office >crypto crash…[View]
62683629GOMAD? DON'T MIND IF I DO![View]
62684746How is my form /fit/?[View]
62688109>tfw 100kg atg for 5 starting to feel easy we’re all going to make it bros…[View]
62688057Diamond David Lee Roth: I want to start a new workout and I really like DLR's Physique.Buff aut…[View]
62686531>1240 calories >already at 200g protein What the fuck do I eat? What do I do? Could I theoreti…[View]
62687710>last set of barbell rows >sharp pain in upper left part of back >can barely sleep because …[View]
62687882>Have scoliosis >It's not bad enough to qualify for a surgery >Bad enough to give noti…[View]
62687680/No-Fap/ is a fuckin meme: I used to fap only once a week, and as soon as I've started doing ca…[View]
62685665/sp/ is laughing at us again[View]
62683105DO NOT post about diet in this board until you have watched this video. >inb4 CICO >inb4 just …[View]
62687074>A good place to start is 10 to 20 times the recommended dose on the container is this nigga seri…[View]
62684726Wuflu jab, did you get it?: Hi all, Jw if you got the wuflu vaccine...? I live in the DC area and l…[View]
62679214Eating raw fish: So I have a freezer full of Alaskan halibut my dad brought me Will I die if I thaw…[View]
62687582haha: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYKk9IYxpTk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fo7uJgdMp7A…[View]
62687259you don't wear deoderant while working out, do you, /fit/?[View]
62687416if you are fat dont post your body[View]
62686741Fit ever had a dental xray or wisdom teeth removed? Any tips or advice? Fucking don't want a d…[View]
62687520>Wake up >Feel fatigued >Drink black coffee >Feel even more fatigued >Take a cold sho…[View]
62687536Is a high carb plant based diet good for you?: dont know man, the people seem rather cult like (and …[View]
62687408Is it possible to do a 3x5 minimalist routine with squats, ohp, dips, chinups, deadlifts, and still …[View]
62686698How much to cut if I’m 5’9 153lbs 20% bodyfat? This will be my first time cutting since I bulked up …[View]
62687381If you can do a pushup, does that mean you should be able to bench your body weight?[View]
62684364High Intensity Training (HIT), what is it and is it a viable training method for natties?[View]
62682651What would be a good routine for a sigma male such as myself?[View]
62675464Advantages and disadvantages of having Tom Holland's body type?[View]
62681861I'm about to go on a 3 hour walk as punishment for binge eating.[View]
62682637Everytime I drink coca cola I get this impending sense of dread and it brings back a flood of bad me…[View]
62683206Bicep curls >eccentric >concentric Which movement promotes more growth?…[View]
62686585>dislocated jaw while yawning What causes this? Are there any exercises I can do to prevent it?…[View]
62685323Post Yoga class experiences: and what's the best style of yoga to learn?[View]
62681533Anyone ever met a fitness youtuber?: I saw Derek at a pharmacist in Guelph yesterday. I told him how…[View]
62687102When did you realize the posters over 30 are all lying about their romantic lives?[View]
62685265>not addicted to porn >addicted to jacking off to girls IG that know me and flirt with me >…[View]
62685459Is it /fit/ to stick to your opinion no matter what? Or should you be willing to change your opinion…[View]
62686311I can't do push up more than 30 seconds how to fix this ?[View]
62686839Is working out arms 3 times a week enough to grow them?[View]
62686792kill the chinese[View]
62687261FitnessFAQs: Do you think this guy is natty?[View]
62687275>Die for Israel.[View]
62687172why is it hard to progress with pull/chin ups?[View]
62687234/WDYDT/ - what did you do today: >worked out >vacuumed room >studied maths >touched my t…[View]
62687309>He needs to lift with EXACTLY the same weight on each side.[View]
62687225Is daydreaming the biggest gain goblin of them all?[View]
62667012A Woman Ate 23 Bananas After Fasting 7 Days. This Is What Happened To Her Organs.: https://youtu.be/…[View]
62687142Gymcelled for the first time in a couple of weeks and now the morning after my whole body is sore. I…[View]
62687119>23 years old[View]
62686526Alcohol: When trying to stay /fit/, what do you drink to temporarily satiate your alcohol desire? I …[View]
62686602I took the finasteride pill and my dick stopped working, now I'm bald and have erectile dysfunc…[View]
62685321How to offset sodium: How do I offset the excess sodium in my diet? I am trying to gain weight but i…[View]
62682744Iodine: I promise I’m not a shill I just sincerely want to raise awareness. Since I was in my early …[View]
62683927Is fiber a scam?[View]
62685816Assuming a healthy diet and lifestyle, approximately how many Chicken McNuggets can I stuff in my fa…[View]
62686640I found this picture of me at like 165. What mode is this?[View]
62684372Is training to kill demons and protect the weak /fit/ even though 'scientists' claim demons aren…[View]
62683922>Be me >be doing hanging leg raises superset with side bends 5 x 12 >little baddie PT comes…[View]
62686376Can I cure scoliosis with a few well placed sledgehammer blows?: I don't wanna spend money on a…[View]
62686786Is working out your core 2x per week enough to develop a solid stomach area?[View]
62676702Fruit eat: Inspired by sv3riges anti-vegan videos, I'm going full fruitarian bros. Not a fat pe…[View]
62686747why does lifting make me so fucking angry all the time[View]
62683950I eat what I want, when I want[View]
62685500Is it ok to work out even if you are tired? I tried googling it but all I found were normie copes fo…[View]
62686622>Hey guys Derek here more hairline recession more depression.com[View]
62686669Im allready very attractive so i just want a routine to be healthy, happy and strong. This man i saw…[View]
62684862Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Blue Light Blocking Glasses Does this shit actually work?[View]
62680031OH NONONO NO NO /fast/fags BTFO: It is now a sign of male depravity. You're done[View]
62685972>lock eyes with a woman >imagine a lifetime together of dating, marriage, raising children th…[View]
62686030>train chest once a week goyim[View]
62686655Why is Quora so retarded about bodybuilding? I must have signed up some point years ago and they mus…[View]
62684580>gutmogs you[View]
62675173The supplement that saved /fit/[View]
62686578Is Rippedtits right about trap bars? Are they really the worst thing ever made? What if I am too s…[View]
62684870gamer chads only: Any other /fit/ gamers out there? What games you playing? You gonna cop the /fit/ …[View]
62683399>the human body is unironically made for running as long as possible I keep seeing this spread of…[View]
62686552What would be a good /fit/ routine for a 15 year old son?[View]
62686657>open the fridge and drink the goddamn gallon of milk now you twink[View]
62685609Quick cut: /fit/ I need a commando like diet that will maximize fat loss for 2 weeks. I need somethi…[View]
62686338>I sell the things you need to be >I'm the smiling face of your computer screen, oh >I…[View]
62685676>Sup guys it's Chuck from More Fucks More Sucks.com[View]
62686395How fit do you have to be a great bar/street fighter just by being strong?[View]
62682726this and some rice >>>>>>>>[View]
62686393post books regarding /fit/, i.e. on swimming/lifting/nutrition/running or whatever else[View]
62686197I love running but my ankles are fucked. Is there any substitute that provides the same feeling/card…[View]

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