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54497543Best posterior delt exercise?[View]
54504294ok /fit/ you got to 1/2/3/4 and you got a little buff but can you stop cars from moving with your ar…[View]
54503570Eat your damn vegetables[View]
54503149>Finish a workout feeling like I did absolutely nothing for myself >Wake up the next day with …[View]
54504365ive been lifting 3 months but am fat still help /fit/ :( you can see my bitch tits through a t shirt[View]
54504331Is going 4x or 5x a week too much? Office lady I work with are telling me it too much and I could in…[View]
54503466>fatigue from anxiety and insomnia >take caffeine >anxiety spikes and feeling of panic >…[View]
54501517My bench is at 45kg including the bar. I also tried the chest press machine and I could do 60kg. Now…[View]
54499896Which jump in height is the most important?: IRL height not online frauding. For attraction and lift…[View]
54503957Asthetic body: How would you improve this body? It looks perfectly asthetic[View]
54504112How do you cope with the fact that, if you have achieved exactly 1/2/3/4, your lifts are disproporti…[View]
54504018I've played this every day for a week straight and I'm still fat... what gives?[View]
54500197Recent PRs thread: I finally hit 3pl8 squat for 5 reps today, feels good as fuck. my squat has been …[View]
54500983>he tells people he goes to the gym >he tells people he follows a diet >he rejects sweets a…[View]
54502737>He can't run 10 km: So many GOMAD, SS, big muscles and shiet, but can't run an hour st…[View]
54495173“Lifting is for teenagers”: This is what a wagecuck online friend I play video games with online tol…[View]
54501603Suppliments: I watched a youtube video where they say suppliments can have dangerous things in them.…[View]
54496822Staying Focused: So I've recently starting going to the gym and everywhere I turn I see this. H…[View]
54501221achievable natty?[View]
54503172Would you consider this a healthy meal? It was why I ate today. 2 sausages, mash, carrots, cabbage, …[View]
54498867Is wrestling/bjj good for self defense?[View]
54502849Are you supposed to be sore after every workout?[View]
54503579Are fishsticks a good post-workout meal?[View]
54503776Guys, I'm nearly 28 and I still look like a kid, just a tired kid. How do I look more distingui…[View]
54503703>he doesn't eat raw garlic every hour and pretends to be a man You do eat raw garlic and tak…[View]
54501606What do you think of Simons weight loss transformation?[View]
54502599Based meal ?: Or cringe ?[View]
54503568if god exists then why did he made me an ugly manlet[View]
54489577/fat/ Happy Pain Edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For fatty mcfattersons who want to better themselves…[View]
54502635>Dude I heckin' LOVE lifting weights!!!! Going to the gym is the best part of my day…[View]
54498014>Only reason I lift is to self-mire myself Based or cringe?[View]
54501049Ohp sets and reps to increase strenght? I did pyramid 5x3 but it plateoud so hard i started to make …[View]
54502622Angion method?: Is it a bullshit meme exercise that'll ruin my already barely functioning (have…[View]
54490778I still can't believe that people this muscular were walking around in ancient times. These sta…[View]
54502823Farmer Walks: Does this exercise actually do anything? There's no ROM, no movement, the most yo…[View]
54502766Self-Loathing General: >have severe depression for over a year >cry 8 hours a day >literall…[View]
54493480Do you have what it takes to run an ultra marathon?[View]
545008095x5 ohp: Is 5x5 for OHP fine or do i need to do something else for the press? I do also lateral rais…[View]
54499138I just want to run a mile: 5’11” 230lbs, cant run more than 30 seconds without keeling over and dyin…[View]
54503315next leg up imminent[View]
54501718Don't show your face, but I'm looking for somebody at least 6ft tall with a 6 pack and pre…[View]
54500111Weight loss: My weight is currently 210 and for my height I’m 5’11 but I want to lose so much weight…[View]
54497819How many pullups should a Man be able to do?[View]
54501780LUL pushdowns how did the most used triceps exercise become pushdowns they literally do jack shit no…[View]
54503140GBR: How would you improve this routine?[View]
54501667Janny, the thread with the NSFW OP image I reported is still up. What's going on there, Janny? …[View]
54499987How do you count the calories in a meal someone else made for you?[View]
54502967>friend tells me he's been visiting a therapist for some time and she's really helped h…[View]
54498891So HGH makes your organs enlarged, which is why they have the giant gut, right? Is there anything th…[View]
54502814THE ULTIMATE BLACKPILL: >This only highlights how much more in shape Murr is >If he didn'…[View]
54502838Run until your kidneys fail.[View]
54502718>Going somewhere, Anon?[View]
54502653Have sex.[View]
54497633do you mog people at your local card shop?[View]
54502090morning > day > afternoon[View]
54501004Hayatatatacha! Lift! Push! It’s all in the mind If you wanna get swole, I’m sure you’ll find The lif…[View]
54501775>got stuck in a permabulk again[View]
54501758Has anyone tried this? What does /fit/ think?[View]
54502089is Goofy good for you?[View]
54502541Made it?: Ever gotten to a point of ”success” your closest dyel friends stop complementing your phys…[View]
54499562How do you go from left to right?: From having a flat, flabby ass to a perky, athletic one? I'v…[View]
54502589Just gonna grab a 45 bro[View]
54500806Anyone else here retarded or just me?: I didn't start counting calories, UNTIL I got single dig…[View]
54499706Transformation: Hey /fit/ rate my transformation.[View]
54501215Are white potatoes good food?: I've been making stews out of beef, tomato, garlic and chilies. …[View]
545002915'7 60kg south asian.: Just moved into a place with a gym in the apartment complex. How can I a…[View]
54502171is there a time i'm supposed to weigh myself? like in the morning before a drink of water after…[View]
54500825UNIRONICALLY is coffee good for you...when you are fasting 18/6? Does it break fast or not?[View]
54502218is Koffing good for you?[View]
54502253Is it possible to have a big physique like pic related, but still be athletic? Being able to run lon…[View]
54499065>John Cena at 19yrs old Did he have no friends and no job? a life of just working out 24/7? Did t…[View]
54502201What's the minimum muscle development required for a male to have long hair? >Also what are …[View]
54500764Why the fuck is my cardio so shit? I've been training since November and I still can't run…[View]
54500877who /nosupps/ here: ive been lifting for years and have never taken a supplement. feels weird going …[View]
54498496What's the funnest tricep exercise? Pushdowns get boring after doing too many.[View]
54499251>be me >takes a year of doing p90x and SS, super inconsistently, and a lot of youtubing (espec…[View]
54499974'My body was basically sucking energy from my muscles instead of from my fat.': Is veganism healthy?…[View]
54500126Is there any reasearch into race/ethnicity affecting diets It seems obvious that some ethnicities w…[View]
54500226Is being a fat fuck really a death sentence for dating (as in fucking), or am I just ugly? Im making…[View]
54491883How was the gym today, kings?[View]
54500908what is a good number for dumbbell shrug?[View]
54501770Herbal/Natty Supplements: ITT post stuff you recommend or dole out warnings for herbal supps. Pre-sl…[View]
54501744You know more people have started lifting in this board when everyone is complaining about squats an…[View]
54496916Routine critique thread: What do you guys think about this routine? Upper: 3xF Pull-ups 3x5 OHP 3x5 …[View]
54501483SLAP Tear: So I may have fucked up my shoulder; doctor suspects a SLAP tear but nothing definitive y…[View]
54500774>never took any supplements >hit a plateau in just about everything for 4 months >start tak…[View]
54499659It's socially acceptable to talk about your lifts to non-lifters? And I ask about it because it…[View]
54501290>I'm also a lifter btw, not sure if that matters[View]
54501198Plate is kg or lbs?: Hi /fit/ I've just moved house and started going to a spit and sawdust gym…[View]
54501142>Yeah, i eat high carb high protein, what gave it away?[View]
54501062ITT: Lost gains crew: This is a thread for all those who have lost their gains and recently started …[View]
54467646Martial Arts General /MAG/: Martial Arts General. Discuss fighting, training, etc. I'll start. …[View]
54500934is it worth lifting for girls if your face is ugly and you are still just a meal ticket for them at …[View]
54500672Sup, I'm a newfag on /fit/ I am 6'5' (195cm) and currently ~135 lbs (62 kg) at 19 years ol…[View]
54499325yo so the current casein i've been using (beyond raw iso-casein PM) for pre-sleep shakes is sup…[View]
54498565>be fat neet who can never under any circumstances be successful with nofap >attempt to use pu…[View]
54498960What do you use to knock yourself out after taking too much preworkout? It took me about 7 hours to …[View]
54499363Are we gonna make it bros?: I need something to believe in[View]
54497340Fat black guy at the gym (lifts bitch weight) wouldnt let me work in and actually yelled at me for a…[View]
54498667>stop squatting >work outs become more enjoyable…[View]
54498799I finally had the chance to lose my virginity to some girl this weekend and I turned her down. I wan…[View]
54500480College student wanting to get fit.: I'm 22 m 6'2 155 pounds I have a really slim twink fi…[View]
54500833>26 year old boomer >skinny 165lbs >6’0 tho, 6’1 with shoes, full head of dark hair and a v…[View]
54500451>People who lift discuss form, new movements, stats, and achievements and will post body >peop…[View]
54497683DB vs BB bench: Is there any point in doing barbell bench other than to egolift and show off? DB see…[View]
54499301how am i supposed to diagnose an issue ive been having with my shoulder. i need to figure out what k…[View]
54500641What are the most fun exercises for each muscle group?. Calisthenics or weights, it doesn´t matter.[View]
54500701I bet NONE of you candyasses are at this guy’s level of physical fitness. https://youtu.be/62gwaH18P…[View]
54500501Is there a way of calculating how much weight I need to lose in order to reach a specific BF percent…[View]
54497886This is the ideal body of anyone under 6’0[View]
54499646Cycling for cardio.: I want to do my cardio on a gravel bike, doing 20-40km at least twice a week. I…[View]
54500524eating with family: currently visiting home for a few weeks and after about a week of having family …[View]
54496676is it true that fat people tend to be better cooks?[View]
54500132>went to dinner with friends >told myself I would leave early to make gym >ended up stayin…[View]
54500144anyone else here had ACL surgery?: Had ACL surgery (bone patella bone autograft) 4 months ago. Today…[View]
54498821maxilla gains: what are some exercises to help grow the maxilla https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAZ4…[View]
54499731Cancelled my gym membership as I've decided to work out at home to save money and time. I'…[View]
54499342stretch marks from weight gain: I've developed a retarded amount of stretch marks since I'…[View]
54499944>Girlfriend (mtf if that helps) wants to take me to the Gym because I don't go. >Agree …[View]
54499513How do i get in nekomimi mode?[View]
54499841What's a routine I can do from my desk, bros I need something to keep myself occupied while /fi…[View]
54497306Did i do well, /fit/?[View]
54499661What are some good resources/apps/advice to learn the basics of fitness and working out? I have alwa…[View]
54494690>touch leg >feel violent pulsating on my left thigh for a few seconds before it dissapears …[View]
54490353Wife wants to workout: My wife has expressed interest in working out. She does Yoga, and used to kic…[View]
54498013Is it OK to gym while drunk? I don't mean 'sloppy-and-falling-over-drunk' but more 'not sober'.…[View]
54480322what advice would you give to your 18 year old self, if you could?[View]
54501555Daily reminder it’s all about the face. But yea keep lifting, tracking your macros and doing nofap …[View]
54497864Who else /empty/? >no interest in current events, girls, politics, anything >no goals, dreams …[View]
54499462deadlift/squats b2b: How much rest do i need between deadlifts and squats? should i do them on the s…[View]
54497342Is it possible to make it on rations?[View]
54497082How do you deal with the weight gain from this?[View]
54499606Seaweed and Estrogen: What is the redpill on /seaweed/? Found a study from 2005 that suggests seawee…[View]
54490475Peak Masculinity: >tfw you train your whole life and will never hit those proportions I'm no…[View]
544985678 years lifting weights and my arms won’t go bigger than 16 inches Is it because I’m a Manlet 170cm?…[View]
54497337Experiencing pain and your muzcles and dis aching and thinking 'go on go on'' and dis last two or th…[View]
54498384/fit/ 10 years ago Does anyone remember that fat guy that used to post himself curling 150lbs and wa…[View]
54499553>Be 6'6 >50 kg overweight >Such damaged self esteem I cant interact with people >E…[View]
54499433One lift a day Efficient?[View]
54497912Test and steroids: Is it worth it to take 1 or 2 cycles of test or steroids, such as does it have ne…[View]
54498209>be me >went to a party >costume party >decide to go as papa smurf >paint my whole bo…[View]
54498983How much weight can you lose in a extended fast?: talking about big numbers here, from 85kg to 70 or…[View]
54499113I had a wet dream and when I woke up I had coomed irl. What is the cause of this? I don't even …[View]
54498616Labrum Tear: Should I give up on bench press? Am I never going to make it?[View]
54497045Help FIT: Ex fat here Do I start gaining muscle by lifting and on maintenance cals or do I eat at su…[View]
54495848Is bratwurst a good protein source? It's always on sale here, delicious (I just mix it was saue…[View]
54499326Do you eat your own chicken eggs? No antibiotics, no pesticides, no AIDS[View]
54497473Drop what you're doing and do a single leg air squat NOW. Huh? You cant? Whered your 3pl8t squa…[View]
54496172>650 calories in 15 min Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that donating blood is th…[View]
54498386Whats up forum. What are the best body weight exercises for increasing mass? Won't be able to u…[View]
54495527Does running actually make you feel smarter?[View]
54498308>”anon, why don’t you eat one of the donuts your girlfriend brought from her work?? You can’t?? Y…[View]
54497440Snapped my shit up during bench press. Ton's of shoulder pain. I've took about two weeks o…[View]
54497601feels thred: > be me 6' 175lb lanklet > at work > 'anon go talk to newguy' > surebo…[View]
54490017Push ups > Any other chest workout: Do any of you shills actually fall for the bench press meme?…[View]
54497462Why yes I do take 10 lbs shits on a daily basis what gave it away?[View]
54497247Help: Noob Here. 5'7 225lbs, Fat Boy. While losing weight will i also Gain Muscle Getting Fit?…[View]
54497982Qwin Vitale - how did he do it?[View]
54498377How shit outta luck would you be if you ate 2 cups of butter (4 sticks) a day for a month?[View]
54498860Goddamn, who's the glorious retard that keeps replying with 'Im trans btw' on like ha…[View]
54497944>be me >Quit gym (more than a year ago) >Getting more depressed >Alcohol doesn't wo…[View]
54498416What's the consus on collagen supplements?[View]
54497250Is doing a set(s) every few hours a waste? (Powerlifting): Let's say you have a home gym and ev…[View]
54498566hey /fit/, I've decided that after 23 years of living I'm going to start going to the gym …[View]
54497639So if I'm skinnyfat and just want to build some muscle but be lean by May should I eat 2500 cal…[View]
54498088WHY THE FUCK AM I GETTING FAT? I lift, eat well (ja little over my normal calorie intake...) and all…[View]
54497046>tfw skinnyfat trying to bulk up >gain 15 pounds in 2 months because all my poor ass could get…[View]
54497127My family keeps making comments about my weight gain. My doctor even told me he was 'concerned' when…[View]
54493285Why is it easier to progress 3x5 than it is to progress 3x10 with a lighter weight? pic unrelated: I…[View]
54498269>You will never Deadlift 675 lbs double overhand without straps brother, you don't have enou…[View]
54497752I've Utilized a New Method of Protein Powder Intake: I've been consistently lifting for th…[View]
54498495Fat retards: I swear to god if i dont go to the gym anytime before 10am, i can wish a soot here good…[View]
54497237How I achieve Geese Mode?: I am working right now on making my own mafia and overthrow my town. Whil…[View]
54497732Sleeping in a cold room: is this beneficial for fat burning?[View]
54497443What kind of rep range and % of max should I be doing for hip thrusts? I started off a monthish ago …[View]
54497319STOP RIGHT THERE!: Arms straight out in front. How many seconds can you hold it pussy?[View]
54483520There's a new king in town[View]
54497370Firefighting: Any firefighters here that can help me prepare for the CPAT or firefighting in general…[View]
54494265Who here gifted with superior genetics?[View]
54498012Pain in areas you didn't work on at the gym?: Today I have a pain in my inner thigh even tho I …[View]
54491311Alpha male moments: >be driving down double lane road, early morning, still dark >truck beside…[View]
54497096i just signed up for the local Golds Gym here in Tempe, Az & on my first visit i went dressed in…[View]
54497282Best weight loss plan: Alrighty here's the thing I am 310lbs 5'11 and 19yrs old poor fag. …[View]
54497737>Masturbation before the gym I know this is bad but that not technically the muscles become more …[View]
54497734Any of you guys fast on your rest days during a cut? Thinking about doing it, but wondering how much…[View]
54496933Is this shit safe to use on cheat days for a healthy and fit non-diabetic male?[View]
54497474>do exercises like dumbbell pullovers >terrified of dropping the weight on my face…[View]
54495833I just got this book, forgive me if this is retarded but how do I read it correctly? am I supposed t…[View]
54497629Does anybody focus on all the stuff that makes you mad when you workout? I tried it tonight & fe…[View]
54495796every single natty who looks good can bench 3 plates marc fitt kinobody Maxx Chewning Christian Guzm…[View]
54496549What does a skinny, average weight non-lifter with a godlike wide frame look like?[View]
54495591Hemorrhoids from lifting Need help guys, been getting them on and off for the last couple of months…[View]
54495224Does /fit/ reccomend working out while high? Just ate a 200mg thc chocobar, but forgot I had chest/t…[View]
54496884mouthbreathing and forward head posture: how do i fix this /fit/?[View]
54495786>Just discovered a grey hair >I am 25 years old . Will getting /fit/ reverse this?…[View]
54497037Okay so I worked out for a year and gained 24 pounds and I think I didn't actually put on any m…[View]
54496705So I was reading a thread here last night on the correct posture for taking a shit and there was a g…[View]
54497415how do i get my doctor to put me on anabolic steroids? i want to be an earnest american hero for the…[View]
54497023>tfw the gym Israelis and the gym Egyptians show up at the squat rack at the same time…[View]
54495779Wake up at 3 pm: Tired? GOOD.[View]
54495567Starting a DNP cycle: Okay boys, it's time to finally get slim. Ill make weekly threads with no…[View]
54496503Would you still lift if weak men were considered hot?[View]
54487699Why does my body feel so good on a keto diet? Why does eating lot of carbs and sugar make me feel li…[View]
54485342>tfw tomorrow is OHP day[View]
54496913You aren't giving up anything when you quit porn because porn is evil and self destructive. Qu…[View]
54495407Goal body thread: only correct answer[View]
54496217Hit lmao 1pl8 for 5 reps on the press today Mfw have to hit the same weight for at least 5 reps tomo…[View]
54497241I need help anons, I've really let myself go and want to lose about 50-70 pounds. I've bee…[View]
54494630>be me >be 5'5 short stack >135 pounds >decide to slim down >spend 5 days a we…[View]
54495795what mode is this?[View]
54492945>he thinks he can make it despite being a wagie...[View]
54493862>causes mental impairment >swinging moods >freaking out and being mentally numb you gonna q…[View]
54495052/fit/ humor thread: Dump em all, memes/comics, everything[View]
54493648Does anyone takes magnesium here?: is it worth supplementing? I take it but I legit feel cold in my …[View]
54497130musik: POST YOUR ONE-REP MAX MUSIC GOTOS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jR0vRuZkxdw[View]
54496851First day back at the gym since 2014. I expected to see everyone doing PPL routines, or Full Body ro…[View]
54491025What’s my bodyfat percentage boyos[View]
54495542>chest day tomorrow[View]
54496428How the fuck do I lessen my ulcerative colitis symptoms? I haven't been able to workout because…[View]
54492283look at those yellow eyes from jaundice. he is dying.[View]
54496339About to hit up Wally world what groceries to cop if I don't want to spend over $50 but want ma…[View]
54493961Help me bros, what the hell do I do? Is it over? Should I just an hero.[View]
54496932I recently switched from SS to GZCLP and I've been really enjoying it except for one thing and …[View]
54496649How do i avoid S o Y? I noticed it was even in the bread so i bought a bread maker to cut out the ba…[View]
54496951It's time to spin the wheel of mythicality: FPH[View]
54496977Calisthenics vs Weights for combat sports & being skinnyfat: I've heard that Calisthenics b…[View]
54496768Cheat days: How do you guys deal with cheat days? Do you skip them entirely? I typically have a very…[View]
54491058Where should I place the bar when squatting so not to hurt my neck or spine. Right now I keep hurtin…[View]
54492317How do you guys deal with being sad? Thought today would be good but its not. >inb4 nice blog pos…[View]
54496891>Hey bro, I'm about to do leg curls. Mind giving me a spot?[View]
54493171Is it really wrong wanting to be not just better, but better than everyone else?[View]
54495767Is waking up early good for you?: I want to start waking up at 6am everyday and go to the gym before…[View]
544965735’7 137 pounds. 2/mo at gym. pretty good progress. want to get bigger and i need an actual routine. …[View]
54495423How is he so based?[View]
54496729Those of you that have 'made it': what's it like? Do you keep trying to improve knowing that yo…[View]
54495749I think Eric Bugenhagen is turning me gay. Is this normal?[View]
54495332mike israetel is a liar??: how the fuck does this bitch do 34 sets of ass/legs in one fucking workou…[View]
54493013Is there a single cookbook with simple recipes that perfectly cover every daily micros and macros fo…[View]
54496558What does fit think of my split Mon We'd Fri: Shoulders Tues Thurs: Legs Sat Sun: Rest[View]
54496557The VIRGIN 1 day lift 1 day rest then 2 days The CHAD 3 days lift 4 days rest[View]
54493702Mental health: I just wanna remind you that it's ok and healthy for men to cry and you don…[View]
54496392Continue The Story: >did you ever hear...the tragedy...of Rich Pianus the Sick? >.....no >I…[View]
54494972What is y'all favorite protein powders?: All the top rated protein powders always have around 3…[View]
54491377World of Wheycraft: Warlords of Gainor >Legendary bodybuilder and former Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwa…[View]
54495828Is it possible to gain muscle without fat as a natty?[View]
54495637chrith bumstead[View]
54486459ITT: worst gym experiences: This just happened to me now. >gymbro and I went for our usual post-c…[View]
54495035>diagnosed at 26 Am I going to make it?[View]
54495163How much raw garlic did you eat today? Y-you did eat your daily garlic right?[View]
54494764Im a terminator. A biotic machine. You cant handle my warm ups let alone my main lifts. I could curl…[View]
54495608>can't lift the eye floaters away[View]
54495380What is a right diameter for dumbbells handle?: I have options to get 25mm steel handles or 36mm rub…[View]
54494201Mental health general: Whats your take on the recent rise of incels and eceleb breakdown scandals? H…[View]
54493791How to wake up in time: Bros.. this has become a real problem in my life. I literally cannot get out…[View]
54495441Is fit GRAVITY-PILLED? Imagine the gainz on other worlds !!!!![View]
54496100Why the fuck is my cardio so shit? I've been training since November and I still can't run…[View]
54488550every guy with good body at the gym >does bro split,trains hard,1-2 misn break between sets,uses …[View]
54495089I'm tired and have a headache - should I go lift today?[View]
54489189Dwarf physique: I am 167 cm (around 5’ 6 I think). Because of this, I have decided to rmbrace my man…[View]
54489987How can I even hope to become a no COOMER?[View]
54494756Jeans size: What would be the jeans size of someone like Khabib at 5'10 walking around say 185 …[View]
54492276Training with only dumbbells for a couple of months?: I'll be in a foreign country in a few wee…[View]
54490492Anon, you do add veggies to your chicken thighs.. right?[View]
54485794is there really a chad underneath us all?[View]
54494078Should I mix this?: >Mass gainer: 1000 calories 250ml of milk and two scoops >one banana >P…[View]
54491258>tfw bruce lee look more aesthetic than 99% of fit >inb4 dyel (he still looks better than big …[View]
54495695Should I just stop fucking eating until I'm a thin boi? 6ft and 242 lbs atm. Wanna be like 180-…[View]
54492402What is the best I can do for combat practice entirely by myself? I won't have access to any ma…[View]
54495589What bodytype is this?: To me it looks like a curlbro with 20+% BF. Big arms with some chest develop…[View]
54492704>Leg press isn't a functional moveme-[View]
54493877raw milk: is it a meme?[View]
54495350how do I grow more cartilage between my joints[View]
54490508Which program for hypertrophy after ss?[View]
54494203XXO BOOM![View]
54492054/britfit/: Alright? Got 80kg bench for 4 reps yesterday Then gave 30kg dumbbell flat bench a whirl …[View]
54494535Don't forget to hold yourself back a little and show some restraint when acquiring those gains …[View]
54494420>did deadlifts today >didnt die[View]
54495516Why do some people lose their appetite and forget to eat when they're stressed/depressed/bored,…[View]
54492770>don't do SS, do the Greyskull Gladiator program i found on r/fitness! >do you know what …[View]
54492647Did you get to the 666 rule yet /fit/? 6 figs 6 feet 6 pack.[View]
54493739>tfw 6'0' manlet[View]
54493555GOMAD: So what is the verdict on this? I considering it something similar.[View]
54493241is this oil good ? just drinked a bit of it[View]
54494572Q) What inspired you to get /fit/? > Rocky Balboa ending the Cold War[View]
54493817Been eating pizza for 5 days straight now without hitting the gym because of the flu[View]
54494470meanwhile, on bizarro /fit/...[View]
54494177penis enlargement fitness: is it possible and safe to increase penis width and girth? I dont even pl…[View]
54492580Gf is doing Adele diet: How the fuck do I stop my gf from doing the Adele diet. She has currently lo…[View]
54492807Gramma found my fish oil[View]
54490769High quality healthy deodorant: I am looking to replace pic related, since I am quite sure it has a …[View]
54493165WORMCHAD OF GAINS: this year you get double gains but only if you post 'KEEP BENDING WORMCHAD' ITT…[View]
54494911>can finally do the double bicep pose >used to struggle flexing my lats but now I'm alway…[View]
54493706I have been doing calisthenic exercises for a week now. When will I get gains?[View]
54494684Former whales, how has your perception of life since you became fit?[View]
544945095x5 ohp optimal? I get the 25 reps in total but sometimes i cant get the reps in one set so i do mor…[View]
54494522Is it true that exercise can slightly increase your penis size beyond just revealing what was buried…[View]
54494598Songs you use to hit your PRs I'll start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTJaQb_-PSk&t=46s…[View]
54493984How do I stop being lazy? I want to walk at least 15 km every day to lose weight[View]
54493444How can I go Uruk-hai mode?[View]
54493045I've been on nofap and cut out soda and fast food for about three weeks now and I noticed I…[View]
54492310>nutritionist telling me to bulk >insecurities telling me to cut…[View]
54493412100kgx20: one of the strongest athletes in the history of the world explosive strength never before …[View]
54493761How do you guys do it? It's almost 6pm and I still need 2000 calories. No I won't drink mi…[View]
54492692Greyskull: What you guys think of greyskull? I like that there are only 3 sets instead of 5 like in …[View]
54487016TRT - lowering test: Fit pls help I’m 26 For the past year I’ve noticed I haven’t slept as well, my …[View]
54493941>”We’re not manlets, we’re 5’11!”[View]
54493990Unpopular fact: Walking unironically builds your Glutes and Calves muscles more than deadlifts and c…[View]
54493373Why did he call his program 'Ice Cream'?[View]
54492434/bread/ This is a fit bread thread, where kings post the sovereign of all carbs. What are you eating…[View]
54488569Teflon Pans practically turn you into a tranny. raise estrogen etc. but where can i and other anons …[View]
54490938Oh boy, I sure do love lower back gains. Said no one ever.[View]
54492392What's the benefits of straight bar deadlifts and back squat for the non powerlifters when ther…[View]
54493671/Insomnia/ support: is 5 hours of sleep everyday except weekends is a good thing? i have major issue…[View]
54488156why am i not gaining weight on 2400 calories a day[View]
54493950is it possible to get a good body without going to the gym? like just exercising at home?[View]
54486309/PLG/ - Powerlifting General: Microloading edition Approved Intermediate Programs for /plg/ >Bro …[View]
54488983>eat a ton of beans with my chicken and rice >have rancid farts and gut bloating Is this shit …[View]
54493639What are your go to spices for meats? This mine. Yum yum in my tum.[View]
54494036Why yes, I've never used moisturizers, sunscreens, lip balms or any other kind of skincare in m…[View]
54493835>Back muscles strain from doing deadlifts because im a retard. >Happened over a month ago …[View]
54492031Is DoomGuy mode achievable natty?[View]
54493966I would do this for weeks before deadlifting.: I’m not a kinesiologist but the reality is it simply …[View]
54489326Hey /fit/, today I´ll be covering a favorite hobby of mine, abstaining from masturbation.Not many ar…[View]
54486028Has getting /fit/ changed you for the better?: Ever since I hit 1/2/3/4, I don't move for peopl…[View]
54493831is wanting to be fit vain and futile?[View]
54493426Should i go full twink mode with long hair, tanned body and atheletic, very low bodyfat and shaved b…[View]
54493838https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwANQb4phH0 There is a disturbing amount of ''im missing o…[View]
54490435How does one get into Gilgamesh mode?[View]
54467844You do wear your squat diapers, right /fit/?[View]
54493363/fit/‘s opinion on Tae Keon Doe?[View]
54491615How do I shape this into something not embarrassing?[View]
54493369What's for lunch today boys? Deenz and 3 scoops of musclepharm here.[View]
54489462Is sleeping the biggest anti-/fit/ Jewish trick yet? Recently I've been sleeping 4 hours per ni…[View]
54493305lifting calluses: hey /fit/, I'm pretty new to lifting and have noticed that increasingly when …[View]
54489937When you finally make it will you remain humble and remember you lifted for no one but yourself. Or …[View]
54492414What are the best fitness apps: Hey /fit/ looking for a fitness app that can record my lifts and may…[View]
54492637is there any worse fate than being a skinny fat endomorph[View]
54492085So, I'm in college and me and my friends drink all the time and I want to know, if I just repla…[View]
54484845Rows: Wha'ts your heaviest weight on the barbell rows, /fit/ bros?[View]
54493063/fit/ is CrossFit good for building muscle?[View]
54488025workout music: >enters gyms >put airpods on >shuffle my playlist >'and I'mma love y…[View]
54493143Is he natty?[View]
54493177caffeine: How the hell do I stop this shit? I'm finally convinced that coffee and caffeine in g…[View]
54493205Sup guys Derek moreplatesmoredates.com[View]
54492914how to make it as an Ectomorph?[View]
54488153How much does he lift?[View]
54492721Curls For The Girls: I've noticed that regular curls feel different than hammer curls, but whic…[View]
54492097>working out >reading >creative endeavors (in my case, writing prose and poetry and making …[View]
54492563Fuck: >be me >skinnyfat why even live…[View]
54490127/fit/ guys who look like this: Would you mind getting your muscle butt rimmed and kissed by a cute d…[View]
54487441Take your god damn fish oil[View]
54492399Wait, so how long, on average does it take to get really buff just by working out?[View]
54491815What kind of routine should one follow for maximum assthetics?[View]
54492745Just Finnished my weights and my bike training it was 2 hours total what should I do for the rest of…[View]
54492609How do I get someone to check my form for Squats/Deadlifts? The gym trainers beat around the bush an…[View]
54491428>Hurt my leg falling down the stairs >Doctor says I shouldn't exercise for 2 months at l…[View]
54480586Sup /fit/ Say someone could neck curl his own bodyweight doing regular neck curls with lying on a fl…[View]
54488827>nofap >noporn >nopillow >noblanket >nomattress >cold showers >72 hour water fa…[View]
54492261Why, Yes. I wear shoes in the steam room. How can you tell?: God I hate that shit. Are feet not fuck…[View]
54492537Don't forget to hold yourself back a little and show some restraint when acquiring those gains …[View]
54491223>dyel >still outlift all the thots in the gym…[View]
54491607Gym + no fap + D vitamins = SUPER SAIYAN[View]
54491122>sharp chest pain and numbness in left hand or leg >sudden tiredness and shortness of breath a…[View]
54488871how in the GOD DAMN FUCKIN WORLD can you even let yourself get this fat? hello? fuckin red alaram in…[View]
54490712How do you deal with a Gym bully? I think some guy knows my routine and likes to workout near me but…[View]
54492061Anyone else who chews gum while working out? I find it to be pretty relaxing.[View]
54492403guys you know how we can do ''dick-ups' right. what if we do them with an appropriate…[View]
54491187oh you lift huh? name one muscle[View]
54491827why one day I feel great while lifting and I feel every muscle working and other day I don't fe…[View]
54492169>get in loser, were bloatposting[View]
54489295Does anyone have a starter kit, starter imagine for cooking? Spices, utensils, recipes, etc General …[View]
54492302>try to maintain meme 5x5 routine M/W/F >50/50 chance that all Olympic racks are being hogged,…[View]
54492147>Is the main reason you are fat Heh...nothin personnel[View]
54490387Abs insertions: Are these perfect abs insertions? Or they could even be better?[View]
54489428My right forearm has a slight pain. It used to only come when I curled heavy, but yesterday I benche…[View]
54490123My core is weak as fuck. What's a good routine I can follow everyday at home to strenghten it ?…[View]
54485518>every girlfriend I've ever had has turned into a turbo bitch when she learns I practice MMA…[View]
54490029When has being strong actually benefited you?: Anyone got any stories where their strength came in h…[View]
54490735No one has ever made it.[View]
544895903 month cut: What's a good 3 month suicide cut meal and training program for a 6ft4 230lbs guy …[View]
54490962What about red meat: Is it really that dangerous to eat red meat often. It seems that the studies ab…[View]
54491403What are you so afraid of, Anon? Hop on![View]
54491823Can I eat sandwiches every day and still be fit?[View]
54491144Is there a bigger gains goblin than alcohol? I woke up in a puddle of my own vomit on my kitchen flo…[View]
54489608How can i get to this mode ?[View]
54492006>When you switch from PEA protein to Whey Isolate & You passed your 1RM 50 times…[View]
54491636taking the neck pill: What are some safe neck excercises that involve weighed equipment,but that don…[View]
54489832routines for women?: a female friend asked me to make her a program to follow at the gym. she wants …[View]
54489280*ahem* *ting ting* attention everyone, may I have your attention please? BENCH PRESS IS THE MOST EN…[View]
54491900I stop shitposting on /fit/ and I became fat I thought leaving this board was suppose to help . I ne…[View]
54490594I feel I could probably double overhand 405 and over by now.: Been slogging it. Eryday. I did a set …[View]
54491845>look in mirror >see new vein >actually a stretch mark…[View]
54491183gym+bodyweight: what happens if I do an intense high-rep bodyweight routine daily,on top of going to…[View]
54491744What does /fit/ think of workout videos? I like them because they motivate me but most of them aren…[View]
54488185Our society puts harder standards on women than men. Men are rewarded for being fit, big, strong, a…[View]
54491361Why the fuck decline pushups feel easier than normal pushups? I thought they were supposed to be har…[View]
54486393>15 grams creatine a day who else in the same boat[View]
54490473Who else is going to queer night tomorrow at the gym?[View]
54491631Carbs: Why is it popular to shit on carbs? How are nu-males living with extreme hunger from little t…[View]
54486179I just swallowed a whole cucumber slice by accident and I can still feel it in my throat but I'…[View]
54490876I can only fall asleep if I masturbate. If I somehow fall asleep without, my body will wake up me up…[View]
54490583What muscles do I need to work on the most to reach Shadman mode?[View]
54487489>weeknight >finish work >30 minute workout >come home >smoke a joint name a better fe…[View]
54487884Do deadlifts make you SHORTER?: Guys this might be a meme but people on here keep saying it and I ge…[View]
54490115Bros, my upper body basically looks like an old Japanese man's , similar to the guy on the righ…[View]
54488102No CBT-Thread detected!: No CBT-Thread detected! 193cm 85kg 100 on benchpress since 2 weeks ago. Ho…[View]
54491572My pecs hurt :([View]
54491532>start drink preworkouts instead of coffee >typically $2 a serving, but i buy during sales …[View]
54490752why are boomer men addicted to hip machine[View]
54487541What way fellow /fit/ men?[View]
54491290Creatine affecting sleep?: Creatine affecting my sleep? Ran out of creatine a couple years ago and n…[View]
54490465are plant based diets really healthier than a 'normal' diet? discuss https://www.strawpoll…[View]
54490517Indian fitness video-needs tranation: I found a youtube video about an indian workout excercise,but …[View]
54489274>sleep perfectly fine 95% of the time >once or twice a month I have a night where I just can…[View]
54491069Nutrient Timing: >MUH Anabolic window meme. Are they any elements of your diet in which you take …[View]
54489366Burning calories in a sauna: I was in my local gym this day and after my workout I sat in the sauna …[View]
54491170>look in mirror >bellyfat is disappearing >feelsgood.jpeg >wear a shirt >feel it fuck…[View]
54490933>170 kg x 5 squat it's so close... i can feel it bros...[View]
54490055HELP ME: >march 8th 2019 failed at suicide >march 10th its a sign time to change >April 3r…[View]
54490765Why do my upper body muscles never get sore? I could workout shoulders, biceps, triceps everything a…[View]
54490299Skinnyfatfag here. Does minor gyno become hidden with lifting? (I’ll still lift regardless) pic rela…[View]
54490731This is a fit board ffs, can you all please stop posting fat fucks in so call 'high test' threads. I…[View]
54483170Does /fit/ choose sex or luv?[View]
54490734I been comin' here for six years, and for six years ya been stickin' it to manlets, an…[View]
54486129Oh god, I accidentally kicked someone off their machine. I asked him if I could work in between his …[View]
54487553Is being ''fitness'' youtuber better career than professional athlete?[View]
54489527*breaks your door*[View]
54479961Daily reminder that your struggle is body dysmorphia, and you're likely already better looking …[View]
54488988Water makes the frogs gay...: Boys I've come to realize that municipal water is basically estro…[View]
54488554Gymcel thread[View]
54489808>be anon >tired all the time >doctor looks at T levels >almost at the level of needing T…[View]
54487957What is your current gym routine anon?[View]
54485140it hurts bros ;_;[View]
54490325Hey /fit/, tryna bulk here, need a good calorie calculator. Google says 500 g of ribeye is about 145…[View]
54489174>tfw my 65 year old dad has a better hairline than me at 25 most of my friends the same age are a…[View]
54487217Lifting with asthma: I have started noticing that I have trouble breathing even when doing bare mini…[View]
54487125Imagine the mog: Imagine your thick Permabulk gf outlifting all the IG meme exercise bunny's. I…[View]
54488545How do I avoid getting a body like this?[View]
54489225Push Pull, no legs because I do kickboxing and my leg strength is good as it is, and don't need…[View]
54488336Has anyone made a good /fit/ spotify playlist?[View]
54490111Intensity and Volume: Jeff Cavill and Greg O’ Gallagher have made videos about the value of high int…[View]
54489558What does pic related need to become ottermode?[View]
54487433Hi everyone! I'm white cis male and I was wondering what exercises would make my chest bigger w…[View]
54485932How do i achieve this?[View]
54489861Is this the natty limit?[View]
54489974>fit loves to use iron weights >doesn't know sandbags provides more functional strenght t…[View]
54489176No appetite: I'm a 130 pounds 6 feet skeleton. I bulked and went to the gym for 2 months twice,…[View]
54485577What type of body do i need to fuck a girl like this?[View]
54489357fat shit here. 37yo, 6'2', following the sticky and doing around 1700cal/day. currently at 235 …[View]
54486386Post breakfast, fatties[View]
54487163Gym Autismo: Fellow /fit/izens, what are some autistic things you see/do at the gym? >howl like …[View]
54489633Dude... look at this they're almost the same size, yet mike is natural and rich wasnt fucking a…[View]
54489807Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
54488690I'm thinking of cutting for a while, but with eating whole chickens. Head to toe, so to speak. …[View]
54489671Push pull legs: C-can you guys give me a routine for PPL please? How many times a week? How many set…[View]
54489625>drink coffee >immediately gotta take a shit…[View]
54489584I got a barbell....in my ***** I got a barbell....in my ***** myyy barbell's gonna in the *****…[View]
54489034Is there hope for me, is there a point of gaining weight, could i become attractive? 6’5, scrawny 18…[View]
54483234Hi everyone! I'm trans[F2M] and I was wondering what exercises would make my shoulders bigger?[View]
54479223Why has there been a decline in masculine traits over the last century? Before men used to be tall, …[View]
54470895QTDDTOT: Saturday Night Thread: Ill start. Been lifting mostly SS/heavy for about a year now and am …[View]
54485653manlet cope general: >mfw 5'4 >no amount of lifting at this height will ever put me above…[View]
54489198will BJJ help me lose fat?[View]
54488573What muscle groups do women find most attractive? I love a good ass on a woman. What's the male…[View]
54489348>mfw time to do some smith machine squats I am the cog that fuels the contraption, without me the…[View]
54487453kittiy getting fit lol[View]
54489118Been having influence for whole last week. Today I woke up my nose not being clogged with snot, but …[View]
54488040>5'7'' >Will pay $50,000 for a gf referral Oh no no no no https://datejeffg.com…[View]
54488206Does anyone have experience with this kind of workout?: https://www.oldschool-calisthenic.ro/high-vo…[View]
54486684Side delts: How well does ohp hit side delts? If you can ohp a shit ton would that translate to big …[View]
54489200Wearing a knee brace today lads since I had a bad case of runners knee this morning this is my first…[View]
54483994CBT: NGMI edition: This is me after five months of lifting seriously, gym I go to is filled with jui…[View]
54481255Routine Thread: A Squat 3x5 (3’) Press 3x5 (3’) Deadlift 1x5/Power Clean 5x3 (3’) Upper Weakness 3x1…[View]
54487345Broke My Back: Broke my L1 and L2 a month ago, had to put 5 screws and 2 plates along L1-L3 to stabi…[View]
54483140What can I do to get all the gymcels out of my gym? Recently I've been seeing way too many of t…[View]
54488800>feel really good and shredded >check something on my phone, accidentally activate my front ca…[View]
54488944>anon what do YOU eat for breakfast >shitty coworker who eats fuckin fruity pebbles past child…[View]
54486191lifting with a full time job: /rant/ incoming How do I stay /fit/ while working a full time job? I…[View]
54487153ok which one? seed oil or a bit of butter[View]
54488700Natty Physique: Achievable natty ? natty thread please[View]
54482571How do I into Sasuke Uchiha mode?[View]
54488990how much muscle and strength will i use after i stop taking creatine?[View]
54487780>attempt new 3RM squat after about 60 hours of nofap >squat it 5 times instead yeah i'm t…[View]
54486782I am trying to change my workout program and prepared a program my own. Did I miss anyhing important…[View]
54481857is it over?[View]
54488868>tfw the gym closes early today so I won't be able to go today I guess this is goodbye, frie…[View]
54488571How 2 fug da gym brap hog?: pls help[View]
54482715Asian diet: Any asians online? What exactly do you guys eat? Seems that asians don't age and li…[View]
54488745What lifts should I be doing to have this exact physique? I already have the penis.[View]
54487925deadlifts: are they a copelift?[View]
54486458Nothing tastes, feels and smells the same anymore. It's like I lifted everything away.[View]
54485774Form Check: Back Squat: https://vimeo.com/391904993[View]
54487229Gym in the morning or afternoon? I read somewhere that in the afternoon is marginally better due to …[View]
54488773so im half a year into 25, im on track to get the education i did not get before since i was a retar…[View]
54488424You have your entire life to learn, but you only have once to reach your peak physical condition. H…[View]
54487074Hey guys, i'm pretty new to squatting. Am I doing this right?[View]
54483582No pushup thread? Pushup thread. Last two digits decides how many you punch out Weakfags gtfo[View]
54486073How heavy of a dumbbell can you bicep curl and how long have you been lifting?[View]
54485639What's the best martial art? I need something to teach me discipline and self-defense[View]
54488499getting /fit/ and Testosterone: So I've been reading a lof of studies and other sources about r…[View]
54483538Do you even log?: When lifting BB with 35lb plates at each side, do you log that as 70 or 35?[View]
54483447V Sit: Is this a meme or does it actually work? Better than sit ups? https://youtu.be/IUZJoSP66HI…[View]
54487340do you guys drink caffeine before workouts? what do they do for you? also do you drink energy drinks…[View]
54487779James Smith: What does /fit/ think of this guy?[View]
54488441How do I calculate my BF so I know how much protein I need before I cut[View]
54484194Why do powerlifters like metal music so much?[View]
54465617/PLG/ - Powerlifting General: Anime Edition[View]
54487335Sup fellas. Any vegetarian / vegans here to share experiences? I started working out again 6 weeks a…[View]
54487782Anyone know any good exercises women can do to reduce height?[View]
54488373Dl pain: I can’t tell if lower back pain is Doms or if it is something serious. Is there a way to te…[View]
54487166Does anyone else sweat a fuckload? Obviously I sweat when at the gym which doesn't bother me bu…[View]
54487126For my sanity I gotta leave you guys. See yall later, it was a good time. Lift heavy bros! And never…[View]
54483458How do we stop the K-Pop menace??[View]
54487824Is Darkshine mode achievable natty?[View]
54488300What did he mean by this?: Hey guys I'm worried about Boogie. >https://twitter.com/Boogie298…[View]
54487817Sup guys Derek moreplatesmoredates.com[View]
54461249/fat/ AAAAAAAAAA Edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For fatty mcfattersons who want to better themselves…[View]
54483028Well, it's pretty much official now: I'm a hairlet. My hair has been very slowly thinning,…[View]
54488080How do 'men' that don't work out live with themselves?[View]
54487265Trying to be more passable mtf tranny, 170 cm tall, 80 kg. Do you fit people know any good onions ba…[View]
54486700Breaking the habit: I spend approximately 80% of my waking day browsing 4chan, posting on discord, a…[View]
54488110What the hell /fit/!?!: I was a coomer with no ambitions other than fapping. I was horny all the tim…[View]
54486810How bear can you get 100% natty?[View]
54487931Wassup /fit/ Finally starting Gym today. What where you lot like before hitting the gym and getting …[View]
54486410Where am I on the fat scale ?[View]
54484796The wisdom of Epictetus is literally saving my life. I know stoicism is a huge meme here, but Discou…[View]
54486741Why do I feel so fucking tired the day after deadlifts holy shit All I want to do is eat and sleep, …[View]
54481432Distal Bicep Tendinitis: PLEASE! I need help. I have chronic distal bicep tendinitis. I started rock…[View]
544863313 month Plateau: Hi so my weight is 38 kg and my height is 160 cm ,I haven't been able to lose …[View]
54486794Don't bash your genes until you tried lifting: >Be me >oldfag 30+ >never did anything …[View]
54485979Reminder: if you think this body is twink you’ve got body dysmorphia[View]
54484606Imagine being so narcissistic that you waste time, forcing your to go to the gym and stressing your …[View]
54486609Are protein shakes bad for you in the long term?: Hi gymbros. Are protein shakes bad for you if they…[View]
54487318>tfw went to snap city at age 20 after 80kg deadlifting kill me pls[View]
54486869What would happen if i did OMAD or intermitted fasting 18/6 while still being in a calorie surplus o…[View]
54487571do you guys smoke meth before work outs because i tried it just before and i had the best work out o…[View]
54479194/fitlit/: What are you reading between sets, lads?[View]
54486682bench press injury?: Whenever I lower the bar, I habe a pain in my upper arm. Not just during bench …[View]
54487664>glute and hammy doms Suprisingly nice feel[View]
54487402Anyone have experience with pic related ?[View]
54482768I've been on finasteride for 5 years now, I'd be completely bald if I hadn't started …[View]
54487531First of all what your morning routine and why does it bot involve your workout? >430am out of be…[View]
54480632FPH / FAT PEOPLE HATE: inb4 >people >WRONG…[View]
544872925 months? Is this possible?[View]
54487109how do i get into track[View]
54486822legday: >why am I always irritated and aggressive after training legs? (m 18) haven’t been doing …[View]
54487309So I stopped watching porn but now I got addicted to chatting online with cute girls(and traps) and …[View]
54484186Neck Strength: Whats the best way to train your neck for protection against knockouts and CTE?…[View]
54487141Training with only dumbbells for a couple of months?: Is there a training program for dumbbell only?…[View]
54486910oh, so the only thing you do in your free time is going to the gym, huh?[View]
54479417So i hear alot that deadlifts ruin your aesthetic physique goals. Is this true?[View]
54487254redpill me on stomach vacuums. are they good exercise and what's the proper way to do them? btw…[View]
54486957This is how the average bodybuilder looks like.[View]
54487226Does anybody else have Trigeminal Neuralgia here? How do you cope?[View]
54485921fin causing sides what do: been on it for a year and a half first 3 months all good but then i start…[View]
54486388what foods have high vitamin k2?: beef liver has enough for my daily needs but 100 grams a day will …[View]
54486670We looked like this 1000 years ago without training, naturally now to look like this we need to hit …[View]
54484829Liver is making me fat?: Bros, ive been put on a diet 2 weeks ago, I do cardio 3 days a week with a …[View]
54486018>tfw 20 and about to get braces fuuckkk How do you guys react when you see an adult with braces?…[View]
54486481If your main goal is hypertrophy you do not need heavy squats and deadlifts. They are way too danger…[View]
54485096>No matter how hard I lift >No matter how hard I train >I'll always be a framelet How …[View]
54486853>be me >be born with fucked up spine (dextroscoliosis) >get an operation when i was 18 wher…[View]
54484869How to lose weight for a fatass 101: been trying to off weight but cant seem to lose more than like …[View]
54485316going to the gym during night time: I got used to it since a few months ago. Had to go really late i…[View]
54486917how's your training going? any setbacks?: >start taking lifting again, nearing some old PRs …[View]
54486314nofap: I cant stop coomingggg please help[View]
54486887In college this is my work out equipment[View]
54483675/fraud/ - who would have though the last thread would get deleted? edition Before asking your stupid…[View]
54484595New fag here and me and my girl and I are trying to start hitting the gym. We've been looking a…[View]
54484647Please help: /fit/ I need help. I'm straight up addicted to food and I can't stop eating s…[View]
54482732>do muay thai >stop doing muay thai >5 years later >itchy ass shins what do it itches ev…[View]
54482927>do bench, rows, lat pulldowns, anything that involves stabilizing my upper back >next day get…[View]
54484051how many of you do this?[View]
54481201Hey bro, I was using that squat rack. What do?[View]
54486216>tfw hairs going grey I'm only 27 and it's the beginning of the end brehs Does anyone …[View]
54486014>be powerlifter benching more than one plate >bmi is 26 >doctor tells me to lose weight Yea…[View]
54481331I'm 5'5, /fit/[View]
54486115We are the tund: This is it, you guys. This is the final frontier. When you run run go fast with fee…[View]
54485736Drinking on empty stomach: I have some beers every Sunday night, I haven't ate since 5 pm and w…[View]
54485859What grip width do I use on incline bench for more upper chest?[View]
54484050>Just got diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, meaning I can't lift ever again as it mak…[View]
54485956felt pop under bottom front rib. am i fucked?: will i never get powsi now?[View]
54486398A reminder to all days who preach mewing: you don't have a small jaw, you are just fat.[View]
54485155Be born with normal, decent looking face, inherit big ass forehead, why is it like this[View]
54486317Most aesthetic lift: What do you think is the most Kino lift? Not the best or hardest but the one th…[View]
54485982Inconsistency: Beginner here How is it possible for me to majorly struggle with my working sets some…[View]
54484637Food Addiction: How can I overcome my addiction to wrapped chocolates and other hyper processed food…[View]
54479889What are the top 3 exercises to lose belly fat in men?[View]
54485209is there a document that explains all the retarded fitness jargon, I'm trying to educate myself…[View]
54484086>picturing a hot acquaintance to finish that last set How is this legal bros?…[View]
54485536I'm giving up: That's it for me, lads. Did 6 weeks of 5x5 and this shit just ain't fo…[View]
54482887How the hell do you get your digestive system used to eating lots of veggies? i spent my entire life…[View]
54486039Clean Bulk: How do I bulk up past this mode without losing significant definition? Half a year ago I…[View]
54486052Does magnesium help when you have sore muscles?: Was wondering if my habit of taking a magnesum pill…[View]
54484333Not having properly visible abs (no myspace bullshit) means you should cut, regardless of whether or…[View]
54484822>lose 13 lbs >waist measurement stays the exact same…[View]
54485985Yeahh: PPL is the best workout routine ever formulated. I love it so much. Also I got your ass now m…[View]
54483835Is 2,000 calories enough to lose the weight?[View]
54481968>black guy with tits is there even any point in going on[View]
54485847How do I fix my posture? I've tried youtube videos in the past which actually did feel like the…[View]
54485001How do you get out of penis inspection day, /fit/? Last time they kicked me in the dick to test my c…[View]
54480133Why do you lift?[View]
54483543is metabolism a meme? people get so mad when I say it's all calories in calories out but just a…[View]
54484759i know that sleep is important and shit but how bad are occasional all-nighters for you /fit/? >t…[View]
54483282What is that feel of complacency after a lift called? How does one extend this feel?[View]
54485758I work 7a-4p followed by class 6p-9p. I know I must MAKE time for the gym so I ask /fit/ >5a-7a O…[View]
54485760how do i deload[View]
54484468So lets say I look like this. Is my body salvageable if I just eat less and walk more (I assume runn…[View]
54484559Bf% estimate thread: I'm about to start my 16 week cut and was wondering where I'm startin…[View]
54484229>He tips the receptionist but doesn't tip the spotters Do Americans seriously do this? I saw…[View]
54478226ONEGAI MUSCLE[View]
54485260How do I improve/increase my discipline?: Today I coomed, ate Wendy’s, and had a pint of ice cream. …[View]
54485280Tomorrow is the day boys: I’m starting the Mike Rippetoe beginner workout plan. One thing I couldn’t…[View]
54485467Don't forget to hold yourself back a little and show some restraint when acquiring those gains …[View]
54482115So guys, how do you when you're ready to move on from starting strength? How do you know when y…[View]
54483481I really want to take up a combat sport, but my parents have shot it down every single time. I'…[View]
54483686Cutting -1300/day: I've been doing it for 10 days. How long can I realistically keep it going? …[View]
54483445>open /fit/ for the first time in a week >first thread is a manlet thread with BBC posting …[View]
54481506We take positive criticism well! Plz rate us each and thoughts of our bodies![View]
54485269I've been following a diet exercising regularly and it all is going smoothly but i have a doubt…[View]
54485035*ruins your chances of becoming a sick kunt and stops you from drinking the elixir of gains, milk* H…[View]
54485051does cooming affect your gains in any way?[View]
54481509How do I get veiny arms? Is it all genetics? Only doable if roiding? Does cardio help at all?[View]
54460779everyone who looks good is frauding: everyone who looks like shit is natty. i can't tell the di…[View]
54484930Now that I have turned 25 what should I do since I am officially too old for fitness?[View]
54483654Acne: What causes acne? How do I get rid of it? Is it being overweight? Tell me what you know.…[View]
54484814I haven't deadlifted in 6 months. I was able to pull 3pl8 for 5 now i can barely do 2pl8 for 3.…[View]
54471353BRUTALIST OF MOGS: >size >height >tits It doesn't matter, post mogs…[View]
54484593>He doesn't pendley row[View]
54484522Damn, this shit's pretty good.[View]
54484808>exercise >afterwards everything is sore >the pain actually feels good >I start getting…[View]
54482961Is punching a concrete cement wall more efficient in increasing your strength than punching a punchi…[View]
54484695Anybody go to a chiropractor? Any stories? How much of this practice is bullshit? Thinking of visiti…[View]
54483305Hey /fit/. Could I get away with not changing up my lifts? All I have is my two dumbbells and beside…[View]
54483914So does this really work? I am skinnyfat and I am hoping to get rid of all the fat on my hips.[View]
54484692Why lift during a cutting?: Why even lift hard during a cutting if you cant gain muscle while cuttin…[View]
54483856Do you look fit at work[View]
54484006*ahem* FUCK salad[View]
54482319Otter aesthetics: thoughts?[View]
54483939>I will make it![View]
54484568Reminder that an actual retard has gotten stronger than a lot of the people on /fit/.[View]
54478521On average, how many times a week do you lift?[View]
54473479You climb right, /fit/? You do have other hobbies than just picking up heavy things, don't you?[View]
54484562>go out for jog >Knee fucking hurts now FUCKING GAIN GOBLINED…[View]
54484090How much would training legs help: I'm 6' 155 and I have a decent sized upper body, but I …[View]
54481789Avoid heavy squats and deadlifts if you value your health. The human body is not designed to lift hu…[View]
54483168Sprains: How long does it take for a foot sprain to heal on average? Bent foot back on a parachute l…[View]
54480434TDEE Calculator: What TDEE Calculator do you trust the most?[View]
54482621Porn/Masturbation Addiction: >be me >just looked at porn for 7 hours straight >even ignored…[View]
54483733drinking milk makes me fart a lot and get diarrhea. eating eggs makes me want to vomit. WTF IS WRONG…[View]
54482248How the fuck do you buy steroids?: I have no friends that do it and all the websites look shady af. …[View]
54482476Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
54467981What the point of girls putting makeup to go to the gym?[View]
54484338How to become that friend?: What lifting and exercise regimens do I need to follow to be /fit/ for t…[View]
54480974Fucking manlets, when will they learn[View]
54481981Masculine lingerie: How big do you have to be to wear pic related unironically? Is it something you …[View]
54484053kfc has surprisingly good macros: I mean i wouldn't eat it reguarly with all the soi, preservat…[View]
54474100Deadlift form check: Here's me deadlifting 90kg, I'm worried my back is too rounded but my…[View]
54483603Got made fun of for lifting: > 18 year old senior in my power training class > Was one repping…[View]
54481700>the wall also exist for ma-[View]
54483658Diet and Satiety: >25yo male >BF ~20% >164.5 lbs >Skinny fat It's been a week since…[View]
54483941Will eating well below my caloric goal hurt weight loss? I know it will affect muscle gains but what…[View]
54483783anyone have any good routines for max aesthetics? push pull legs? bro split?[View]
54481852individual strength standards: my bench is consistently the same as my squat. will this result in so…[View]
54482705>Feel like I've been leaning out >More vascular, less tummy >Friends all say I'm …[View]
54482457Found the nicest cutest art girl and I already know I’m gonna ghost and block her, can you guys help…[View]
54483082What's your favorite preworkout routine?[View]
54483581What's the best high protein yogurt for a bulk?[View]
54483827Is it normal for me to feel tired and unmotivated constantly when I excersise or do any sort of phys…[View]
54480269Been bulking for 4 weeks, why haven't I gained weight /fit/?[View]
54475046Why do people who roid lecture others about 'effort' and 'excuses'?[View]
54483773love you creatine[View]
54483231Does this stuff work or do anything at all really in general? and does it help with increasing size …[View]
54480725Anyone notice people treat you differently after you get /fit/? Some things I’ve noticed. Positive:…[View]
54453321how are you holding up today anon[View]
54483648>you didnt outlift balkanchad and kyriakos gryzzly in your first month of training. you are fired…[View]
54481791Every time I work out my mind always wonders about how arbitrary lifting is because it's all ab…[View]
54483274Exercising is bad for white men!!: 'White men who work out at least seven-and-a-half hours a week ar…[View]
54481130Should I go easy on leg days? My legs I feel are not proportional to my upper body. Should I go ligh…[View]
54483629How do I get a Shanoa gf /fit/?[View]
54483411If you cup a hand around your peck and still get a handful of jiggly does that mean it's possib…[View]
54481256>take my mom to hospital 2 years ago while being a fat fuck >all the cute nurses virtually ign…[View]
54482095If you could go back, and I mean way back, to the first time you were setting foot at the gym...and …[View]
54480856What is this body called[View]
54483290>22 >Vegetarian > I fucking love eggs >eat 4 a day, most days a week What do you think /…[View]
54482884What are anons doing for their neck routine? I'm just getting started and don't want to fu…[View]
54482588HEMA: Is HEMA a meme? Or is it a legit form of fighting? Is getting into HEMA just for larpers or is…[View]
54482458post workout wendys or raising canes chicken fingers? (after about 3 beers of course)[View]
54482466Today or Tomorrow: When you wake up to go to work, care for your children or whatever it is you do, …[View]
54481523possible to make it with wifey material foods?[View]
54482784I'm still fat[View]
54479947Have you ever talked to someone on the street while running?: Or maybe someone talking to you? I saw…[View]
54481107Greetings y'all I have decided to partake in the strenuous activities within the temple of iron…[View]
54482843Preworkout stack: Hey guys recently I have wanted to make my own preworkout because 2 scoops a day/6…[View]
54481830Daily reminder that jawletism is a disease and the only cure is plastic surgery[View]
5448207730 UFC vs 1 bear who wins?[View]
54482952Yo-Yo Sleeping / Trouble Getting Out Of Bed: For anybody here having experienced something like this…[View]
54482992Preworkout stack: Hey guys recently I have wanted to make my own preworkout because 2 scoops a day/6…[View]
54481607Sleep thread: Red pill me on sleep[View]
54482441Rate my dinner[View]
54477248>Come buy a box anon![View]
54482648What's the /fit/ verdict on juice cleansing? I'm currently in the process of cutting and …[View]
54480950Why do girls always do memeshit exercises?[View]
54482327My Meal Plan: So before you talk shit. This is my first ever one and I'm new to this. So here w…[View]
54481576>Went to the gym today lifting heavy weight after some years >Hear boys whispering behind me: …[View]
54478934>weightclasses exist for a reason! >the guy with more experience will win anyways! >lifting…[View]
54481436How do I make facial gains like this?[View]
54482749>natty How does he do it? How do I achieve this mode?[View]
54482486I just bought 10kg plate for my dumbbells: But I only wanna do bicep curls with 15kg dumbbells I…[View]
54480696Is it possible to meal prep with only cold and dry foods? I don't have access to cooking like a…[View]
54474979My head is shaped like a penis fit! How am i supposed to get girls when my head is shaped like a fuc…[View]
54482451Any proven health benefits to the reverse sit and pee method? It lets your junk dangle pretty good s…[View]
54481596Should manlets be excommunicated from society, being a bad genetic material?[View]
54482048I'm so happy I started my journey towards becoming /fit/. It's only been a little over two…[View]
54478184Food Audit: post something you ate/drank today. not a picture of a diet plan, not a meme, but an act…[View]
54470868Why won't my stomach fat go away? I lift 6 days a week, and eat under 1k calories a day. >in…[View]
54482429Mk-677: For the people who have tried mk-677, is it worth it for the price? Any negative side effect…[View]
54482365Do I lose my natty card if I take these?[View]
54479362SARMs: I want to do SARMs. I have 10 months of lifting expirience and gained 9kg of quality mass in …[View]
54482247I seriously hope you guys don't count the bar[View]
54477725Best martial art or self defence class for basic fighting skills asap: I used to door work (bouncer)…[View]
54478061Pornfree: Just found out that abstinence from porn is the same to mental strength as lifting is to p…[View]
54482303steroids for knee pain: I've heard you can use roids for pain in certain areas and i was wonder…[View]
54479200was he natty bros?[View]
54478174Vegan protein sources: Why did you lie to me, /fit/? You said I need meat and milk to get my protein…[View]
54482251Revival of lost cultural /fit/ness events: So anons... we all learned from Billy Madison that there …[View]
54481875Trap Bar / Hex Bar: Is the trap bar a meme or something actually useful for fitness? Should I add on…[View]
54481869If you can't do at least 5 reps you're not fit.[View]
54478619BOXING: Why do I give up when sparring?: I'm not a pussy, I can take hard hits and continue, an…[View]
54480890How does one achieve a Doomguy-level of bulk/fitness?[View]
54482109Noob here. Been following Jim Stoppani's 12 week program however his guide doesn't really …[View]
54482114I lift for him[View]
54481800Me strong me play ball in circle game: Hey fit, I want to work on my basketball skills. Out of all t…[View]
54481770Why yes, i do 12 rep How could you tell?[View]
54480631I am currently channeling my rage at falling victim to the fleshly pleasures of women into pure unta…[View]
54481917Avocados: Is it a meme food or good for bodybuilding? Was thinking of adding them to my clean bulk.…[View]
54481434>sup guys, this is derek moreplatesmoredates dot com[View]
54462036/CBT/ - no pump edition[View]
54478202This is the only exercise where by cheating it actually feels better, it feels so good in the back w…[View]
54477753pushups are extremely underrated: >training for 3 years >sick for past 2 weeks, i missed gym s…[View]
54481915how do i achieve fridge mode?[View]
54481480Does this accurately describe /fit/[View]
54472630Attention Whores: >Wears Yogas >Doing the absolute bare minimum work >Records everything fo…[View]
54481885How to achieve this mode? (Already Doom Guy height and genetically wide)[View]
54480746How based and redpilled were you today /fit/?: >Fucked my gf three times this morning >Made h…[View]
54481047>get back from leg day >fuck gf >unwind with an HEB sweetened sparkling water strawberry. I…[View]
54480334Does /fit/ keep a record of what they've eaten and how many calories it had? I like to keep a n…[View]
54481571*ahem* I would like to personally say fuck you to every crab bucket crypto kike that told me nofap w…[View]
54481018How much more til you fuckers stop making fun of my chicken legs? Been working them hard for a year …[View]
54481160hey /fit/ you might remember me from the polls I made but I was really wondering what your thoughts …[View]
54479020Made this thread yesterday but it died. What progress will I see if I change my 3x5 exercises to 3x1…[View]
54480315This any good?[View]
54479508What's your morning shake recipe?[View]
54478775/fit/ guys who look like this: Would you mind getting your muscle butt rimmed by a cute trap?[View]
54480893Proviron: Has anyone here used proviron?? thinking about using it but dont know if I should use it t…[View]
54481050Is this true[View]
54474359How will social drinks ever recover?[View]
54479277Hey /fit/ I run GSLP and today for my squats I should've done 5/5/+5 But I was tired for some r…[View]
54477868Tendonitis cure: Vitamin c and omega 3 rich foods, whole grain i heard is good too, what else? Hot o…[View]
54480319cursed image thread: /fit/ edition[View]
54481452What's the story on this guy?[View]
54480570What’s your guys hobbies you do have hobbies outside of lifting right?[View]
54480913Motivation: I was into being /fit/ back in highschool and I started slacking off in college. However…[View]
54474083lanklet: What the fuck is wrong with my arms? How do I go about to fix this? Help[View]
54480739what do you guys think of these polls on the board https://www.strawpoll.me/19401445[View]
54481280What are you so afraid of, Anon? Hop on![View]
54480279What does /fit/ listen to at the gym: >Argument with gf >3 Hours of sleep >Trouble at work …[View]
54479815>Why did I bring a notebook to the gym? Oh you see I’m writing a book: The Strongest Version of M…[View]
54480259FIT FAV PROTEIN: Sup mis/fit/s What's your fav brand of >Protein >Creatine ? Been lifting…[View]
54466361/nofap/: >you’ve already coomed 3 times and you’re cooming. You’re cooming! Bros I can’t stop. I …[View]
54481229WildFit Diet Program: Saw an ad for this before a Joe Rogan clip. Is it really just charging $1500 t…[View]
54477973Is this possible natty?[View]
54480653About to get back on the protein powder and hand my Natty card back in What should I cop from gnc l…[View]
54478336Grip trainers: Are these things a meme? I have pussy tiny forearms. I've noticed some improveme…[View]
54478727Since fatties are generally hated on here, what does /fit/ think about badlands chugs?[View]
54480938Natty non lifter here.: Do I look like I lift? What area should i improve? Should I hop on a cycle? …[View]
54478612Why: Why do I still look DYEL /fit/? 90kgs 189cm for reference Help me please desu[View]
54479171>boyish good looks >owns his own meat factory >sleeps in a faraday cage >keeps the compa…[View]
54480497Did I break keto?[View]
54465564>I spotted you. I spotted this gym and all your worthless lifts. I should have let Stannis mog yo…[View]
54467760Can I work on biceps every day?: I’m trying to get bigger arms and I only work triceps every other d…[View]
54480031>p-powerlifting makes you unaesthetic pic related is a powerlifter with a 832.5kg total why do tw…[View]
54475656are chiropractors legit: i thought chiropractors were quacks until i stumbled upon a videos of this …[View]
54477652>Suddenly crave a cheat day for the first time in a month or so >eat a lot of sugary and greas…[View]
54480772the single best lift you can do at the gym contract your arms at bottom and you got a rdl + row comb…[View]
54477590Has anyone here run a marathon?[View]
54478771ITT post /fit/ approved /tv/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUVJjwXQNiA[View]
54478947Mogs you.: >start taking photos in the lockeroom >mogs your bloating body even tho you lift mo…[View]
54477115>tfw Ate 850g pizza in one sitting today >Tfw haven't trained in 4 days because of the fl…[View]
54478460Roadwork vs burpees for fighting: What's better, roadwork or burpee complexes e.g. 100 in 10min…[View]
54480724>coming out of a cold >lift anyway >do the best I've done all year Am I gonna make it?…[View]
54480595Fucked up skin: My skin is covered in scars from me being an absolute dickhead when i was younger. A…[View]
54480708I can’t feel comfortable without twisting myself like a pretzel. Is this normal?[View]
54466407hafthor pulled 1058 raw: elephant bar, but still my gym partner still calls him 'the mountain' and w…[View]
54480280Disease vs gains: >get diagnosed with an aggresive case of influenza today >I'm talking i…[View]
54480498How do i go chimpmode?[View]
54480522were you ryan in school /fit/?[View]
54474482How does /fit/ feel about Jeff Cavaliere?[View]
54478073i can feel deadlifts mostly in my quads is this normal[View]
54476620Name one exercise[View]
54480510Why don’t you run? Do you really want to be stuck in a weight room this summer?[View]
54460914/fast/ - Simping edition: What is /fast/? >A discussion of intermittent fasting, snake juice fast…[View]
54480425Is Circus Lifting Acceptable: My numbers are >250lbs >5'9' 225lbs x 8 squat 135 x 10 benc…[View]
54479813Push up thread: Can you beat her, fit?[View]
54475583Accomplishments Thread: Post your accomplishments bros, no matter how small. Too much sad feels on t…[View]
54479070Goal body thread.[View]
54478539Right guy mode: achievable natty?[View]
54477240Ab wheel: Anyone use these before? I told my gfs bull that I was feeling self conscious about my bod…[View]
54480052broke nofap again... now my muscles look flat again i fucking hate porn[View]
54479562Does exercise make it so you digest food better? Because ever since I started exercising and went fr…[View]
54480261>be young arnold >go to local gym >WTF it's closed >break in and do your workout an…[View]
54480147Keep cutting or bulk? Also can I get bodyfat estimate? Thanks /fit/ Down to 170 from 240 btw[View]
54479032the strongest man ever was indian wreslter great gama. He lifted a 1,000 kilos rock and carried it f…[View]
54478287Does anyone have that meme picture of young topless muscular dude holding some old boomer by his shi…[View]
54475797I wanna make a weight gainer from scratch: >Retail mass-gainer powders are garbage. >Oats and …[View]
54479128>slept in again missed the 7am-8am quiet hours, about to go to the gym and it’s going to be an ab…[View]
54480189Best food prep?: What’s a week of food prep look like for you? Same stuff everyday? Variety? Rice? W…[View]
54478627Based Publix Meal Prep- Only way to make it: These are the greatest things ever developed Prove me …[View]
54478843have you taken the popcorn pill?: How can 4 cups of skinny pop and a little bit of pepper and season…[View]
54474430>ze cut is going well? >deploy the grandma…[View]
54478644Hey guys. I’m pretty new to lifting, only about 2 months in. I’m doing PPLPPLR and yesterday was my …[View]
54478710>he doesn't lift exclusively to classical music What are you, some kind of uncultured swine?…[View]
54480114Why does it kinda hurt when I use chest expanders for reverse pec decks? I changed it up from dumbbe…[View]
54474848NO PUSH-UP THREAD?: How could you weaklings? You all know the drill <50 double them[View]
54479514You should be going to the gym at least 5 times a week. >but muh 3 day program NGMI…[View]
54479972How do I get a body like this?[View]
54442730This is shocking: >didn't lift like for 1 week >muscles continue growing as if I were Dam…[View]
54479325>talk friend into lifting with me in september >he's hard as fuck to motivate >have to…[View]
54479900>he lifts x times a week >he doesnt do calisthenics every day fo dat der mindset and endorphin…[View]
54479673I balooned up from excessive drinking and fast food and I want to visit my mom in a week, what shoul…[View]
54478801>get offered cake >relatives get upset when I refuse…[View]
54479400I’m ready: I’m fat bro’s, I’m athletic but I have a terrible gut. I’m ready to lose it. Motivated by…[View]
54479892how much do I have to lift to get a sabrina spellman gf[View]
54476366What does confidence feel like? How much does getting /fit/ helps with it?[View]
54479330Started a mix of bodyweight and weighted routine a couple weeks back and cut my calories a little bi…[View]
54477649What does fit think of ICF 5x5: Can I do this without ending up looking like Jason Blaha? I’m on my …[View]
54479573how am I supposed to Keto buff? I started keto a week ago and I'm eating like 30$ of meat a day…[View]
54479143>he does quarter squats[View]
54474541The bar is open: It's sunday but we opened because some anons might need it Tell us what's…[View]
54478907Does body weight training really work ? how long does it take to see results ? I want to believe you…[View]
54476903How do you choose between all the thousands of routines that are out there? For the past few years i…[View]
54479702Is this achievable natty?[View]
54478259>that guy who yells 'I BATHE IN THE BLOOTH' before every set[View]
54473756how do you become confident?[View]
54479462Hey /fit/, I read the sticky, been working out for about a year, still feel I'm a novice. I…[View]
54476857anti rugby lifting routine: I will get a gym membership next month and I want to develop a body that…[View]
54479315Bro Motivation: My friend and I specifically compete to increase deadlift max against one another. T…[View]
54473287Water: >drink only water for 4 weeks >try some soda >the sugar and taste in your mouth is a…[View]
54478701I started lifting recently, and one thing I've noticed is that my shits have become more powerf…[View]
54473370Disk protrusion/herniation: Did anyone on here ever deal with a herniated or protruded disc? How lon…[View]
54479007What are you so afraid of, Anon? Hop on![View]
54477193What are you supposed to do with these things?[View]
54464765CARNIVORE - HOLY SHIT: Holy fucking shit. I don't know if I've discovered the holy grail, …[View]
54479117>day 2 of NOFAP I must keep pushing, my gains depend upon it[View]
54475298>stretch marks on biceps and triceps Whyyyy they are like 15-16 inches max, plus I'm cutting…[View]
54478555how do i achieve this mode?[View]
54470961>get fit >finally get date with girl >have sex on the first >ask if she wants to go on a…[View]
54479111tfw don't even remember the last time i fapped[View]
54477912>be 300 lbs >still get laid regularly Am I a chad? How much more chad would i be if i lost wei…[View]
54478237Not enough protein: What happens if you miss your macros on protein? Been struggling to hit the 1:1 …[View]
54468734Are there any magical ways of losing bodyfat without calorie restriction or exercise?[View]
54476752What's his routine?[View]
54479001What wake you up at 2:00am as per Jocko's prescription /fit/ ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
54478949ITT videos that pump you up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSHCwIXON9c[View]
54456770'ohhh no... I going...I going to imroooove'[View]
54463217Is it weird that I now feel superior to normies? I'm objectively more attractive, fitter, more …[View]
54477848reminder to my catholic bros that lent starts in ten days. get your sinning in while you can broys[View]
54456325Why do girls always do memeshit exercises?[View]
54477804>e is about to make it? >good, spread ze flu…[View]
54478203Reg Park 5x5: Complete beginner here, confused about how does the progress work on this. It says tha…[View]
54476909i am extremely worried. a week ago i started taking creatine supplements (5g/day). about at the same…[View]
54478429how do you unlock pic related? I bet he has never had a sad day in his life that didn't end wit…[View]
54477266Second breakfast: The breakfast of champions[View]
54477640You cowards have no idea what bulking really is.[View]
54476372I have a body-type like the guy on the left, I hate it and even slimming down to as much as possible…[View]
54478321>~15% BF >13 inch arms flexed >11 inch forearms flexed I didn't even bother measuring …[View]
54478587Am I measuring this right?[View]
54478438/fit/ I haven't worked out in three days. I have zero desire to talk to my hoes or invite them …[View]
54473073ONLY FOR /FIT/IZENS WHO OHP 1PL8 OR MOAR: Okay bros, how do you go from 1pl8 to 2pl8s on the ohp? Im…[View]
54478010PPL+Calisthenics?: Anyone here doing a PPL twice a week with one of the days being Calisthenics? For…[View]
54477838motivation or cringe: are connor murphy's videos staged or use hired actors? I want to start gy…[View]
54474488>Why,yes! I do in fact follow a bro split and hit each body part once per week HARD.How did you k…[View]
54477954Hey /Fit/ I tore my lateral meniscus in judo practice last week. What are some good cardio/HIIT rout…[View]
54477851Uni gym thread: Just transferred here. Anyone want to lift?[View]
54468319I want to be better, bros: Thread title >25 >5'9, 155 chubby >had two periods of being…[View]
54474335Which app uses /fit/ to track his lifts? Everything seems shit.[View]
54474171Why the female human body is so inferior, guys? This is ridiculous when you compare it to other spec…[View]
54472465>boyfriend pats you on the butt >you can feel how it jiggles Does this mean it's time to …[View]
54476483Background: Gastric Band The placement of the band creates a small pouch at the top of the stomach. …[View]
54477270Person in the squat rack is creating a non-euclidean line in the bar everytime he does a rep... God …[View]
54476531Don't forget to hold yourself back a little and show some restraint when acquiring those gains …[View]
54477554Why does the whole '2-4 weeks to break bad habits' works on everything but this dump of a place?[View]
54471328/fraud/ - who would have though the last thread would get deleted? edition Before asking your stupid…[View]
54472926What am I even supposed to bother lifting for now? I'll never kiss her or marry her or give her…[View]
54472376DAVID GOGGINS: Why does /fit/ hate him?[View]
54477963i'm 20 yro male and i'm 5'4 and 130lbs i want to get fit to feel good about myself bu…[View]
54477920Who can escape the reaper ?[View]
54476498AAAAAAH: I'm slowly about to relapse. I was original disciplined and lost 10kg. Then I was fill…[View]
54477568Steroids Made Me Gay: Ever since I started taking test E I’ve been jerking it to transies which is o…[View]
54475933Help a brother out.: It's time to move from newbie routines like GSLP? 99 OHP 135 BENCH 135 SQU…[View]
54477158Cutting thread: 2020 is the year I get fuarking lean brahs. The bulkan is over the cutting is going …[View]
54458903This exercise right here. Fuck this exercise right here. How the hell do you get stronger with this?…[View]
54473700Will we even see chads like this smash muscle into eachother ever again? https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
54475189PSA: Muscular gays are mostly steroid abusers: >https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3934…[View]
54468421https://www.healthline.com/health-news/how-labels-and-instagram-fuel-obesity >According to Cancer…[View]
54476535How can I work out my legs for running in a way that won't make my ass fatter than it already i…[View]
54476803>its leg day Time to have fun.[View]
54477347Cryo chambers: just another maymay or the real deal?[View]
54470102Why do old hags keep staring me at the gym and greeting me if we cross paths?: Imagine you achieved …[View]
54476085help me pick what i should buy thread get in quick[View]
54477583Ajvar: Why aren't you eating ajvar right now /fit/[View]
54477544Is this mode achievable naturally?[View]
54476414why is everyone on /fit/ so cringe and gay. 'thats not achievable natty bro, this is' 'roids, no one…[View]
54476303How do i get into this mode?[View]
54477582Cutting to Thelma & Louise Mode: What do you bros think? I cant lift for a while due to gains go…[View]
54477503Does fat and carb macros really matter if you're hitting your protein and calories numbers for …[View]
54474324>have horrible allergies >enter gym >perfume from gym thots immediately reeks havoc on my n…[View]
54477526>pull ups/ lat pulldown for width >rows for thickness…[View]
54477549>2020 >eating >not taking the no-food pill >eating huge amounts of women hormones like a…[View]
54449784How do I convince someone that cutting their sugar intake would be good for them? Pic related[View]
54477180>visit family recently >go to my parent's house, grandparents came to town >get the us…[View]
54477360Can I live on 100 dollars a year for food?: I'm fat so I can live on some of me.[View]
54468102You do bench more than her, right?[View]
54468759Fuck snowboarders: Fuck these cunts with a rusty ski pole >oh look at me im a snowboarder >i c…[View]
54477311This is why I lift.[View]
54474607This sittign all day is ruining my health. I sit at work, I sit at home, I even sit on my way to wor…[View]
54475447bouta finish this whole plate of baked potatos featuring 4 patties what am i in for?[View]
54477047>lost 10lbs in a week switching from protein shake to casein shake[View]
54477135ok /fit/ i need some help. Im 6'6' and 302lbs Im trying to get my diet in order, and I need to…[View]
54476452Why isn't there a single metric to determine skeletal size? Height is no good because a 188 cm …[View]
54477204what will happen to my gf skin if i hit her whit a bamboo stick?: ?????????[View]
54475380>edging in gym bathroom for test boost >accidentally go too far and coom Whoops…[View]
54470304/fph/ - Fat 'People' Hate: What are some lies fat people tell themselves and others?[View]
54477113Casein vs no casein before bed: Are there any studies comparing casein taken before bed VS casein no…[View]
54472575Things that piss you off in the Locker Room: >Street nigger singing his nigger jams out loud so t…[View]
54472746Neckpill: Been training for 4 months. Twice a week. 4 sets of neck extensions, 4 sets of neck flexio…[View]
54476791This is the body you get if you only do pull ups and dips for 2 years.[View]
54474392ragout pasta: my italian grandfather made me eat meat filled ragout with ((regular pasta)) while i…[View]
54474691When did you last cut your toenails?[View]
54473064Who was in the wrong here?: So I was in the gym yesterday. And this guy came up to me red in the fac…[View]
54475121>Wake up at 3 AM[View]
54476357What mode is this?[View]
54475000How bad is it to have 'unbalanced dumbbell': I found a good store, trusted store that sells 10kg wei…[View]
54476168I am a man, in my early 20s: So I just bought 10kg plate for my dumbbell. But I only wanna do bicep …[View]
54476419I will only eat once a day for a year. No lifting though, only cardio. I just want to live long. I k…[View]
54475081What's you average gait speed over 250 meters /fit/?: https://www.runnersworld.com/news/amp2942…[View]
54476529Is pic related a good replacement for protein shakes?[View]
54476681About to hop back on the protein lads is iso 100 still the bee's knees? Or what's currentl…[View]
54474149Anyone ever get golfers elbow? Pain on the inside of your elbow. It's fucking annoying, I'…[View]
54475901Lifting not allowed: Best real sport for all-around fitness, leanness, strength, speed, flexibility,…[View]
54475109Last night my girl came over and for the first time we tried oral. I kept having troubles getting an…[View]
54476306How are your sweat gains coming along /fit/? https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S…[View]
54476267Prepping for Deload: About to go away to the mountains for a week with my family, was wondering what…[View]
54476211By not beeing Vegan you're drastically reducing your chances of getting a GF: Personally, I eat…[View]
54466630What lifts are needed to survive as a mercenary in the Ukraine crisis?[View]
54475233Legitimately what is wrong with cumbrains?: They make the dumbest fucking threads on here just to po…[View]
54476072>be me working out in beautiful sunday morn >some dyel on bench >’oh good for him, working …[View]
54465860Music?: What type of music do you guys listen to at the gym? Here are some from my playlist. https:/…[View]
54476143Was he one of the craziest freaks ever?[View]
54474233tfw 1.25/1.5/2.25/2[View]
54472694You do date /fit/ women, right anon?[View]
54465725Are penis gains real or a meme?: I've seen some before and after photos, but the quality was cr…[View]
54473690Question: Will wearing sand filled vests and other sand filled accessories all day, help me build mu…[View]
54474548Will one pint of beer per week lower my test and kill my gains?[View]
54474888How do i achieve this?[View]
54476017>You will never be a rogue male lion, seeking his claim in the world, taking on insurmountable od…[View]
54460120Whatever i do, my left shoulder hurts[View]
54473750Could he have done it without gear? Same genetics afterall[View]
54475172What do they add in these that improves mood so good? This shit is legit better than alcohol for me.…[View]
54475639How much sun tan you have determines whether you're a glorious alpha chad or a pathetic beta vi…[View]
54474604i did some crunches for the first time yesterday and now my tummy hurts so much should I go to a doc…[View]
54474072Redpill me on mind musscle. Is it just a meme, or did You try it and had some serious results with t…[View]
54475640Post must read Fitness literature: Pic related[View]
54474367Just found out 45 lbs/ 1pl8 is 20 kg and not 25 kg. Turns out im a lot stronger than i thought lol.[View]
54472114Is it normal to become a little bit gay after you start gaining a lot of muscle as a guy?[View]
54474663Alright /fit/ story time. >Slam down a Scotch. >Be me -Aussie >traveling the states alone …[View]
54471868TICK TICK BOOM[View]
54470169Post your goal body: Is this body achievable without roids?[View]
54475801Here's Why 5 Foot Narcissists Own This World And Always Will: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u…[View]
54475486I'm thinking of picking up a healthy hobby. Swimming vs Gym? The only thing I have against swi…[View]
54475001>tfw eating less junkfood while also lifting harder >check my weight after two months >actu…[View]
54474903Hi can anyone point out how my body looks weird ? Everyone on places i ask keep mocking me, i don…[View]
54473126>muscles and my breast[View]
54475353>foreskin started to rip and stretch open from all the cooming[View]
54474595How's it going fellow bloatmaxxers?[View]
54471246Rate my gains on 500mg test e 16/weeks cycles. I COMPLETELY MOG ALL OF YOU FAGS.[View]
54473238Carnivore diet. The diet of kings![View]
54475113>he takes advice from people who haven't posted their body[View]
54473493Please help: Summer is coming and I want to lose my fat I’m not super obese, I have tons of muscles,…[View]
54474796GOMAD: I was not fully informed[View]
54474185Hi guys Not sure if this is the correct board or I should head on over to /diy/ But basically I trai…[View]
54475056Frankenstein's monster: Would've lifting saved him?[View]
54475007This kills the beast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6t3OU5rsR28&t=620s[View]
54474761What do /fit/? >hard workout >covered in sweat >go to locker room to shower then head to wo…[View]
54474882I got these marks allover my body (this one is on my stomach) Majority of them are on the left side …[View]
54471183What exercise exactly I should do to grow this part of the butt? I just want to make it rounder[View]
54474024post 5'11 kino[View]
54473713Universe 25: http://www.cabinetmagazine.org/issues/42/wiles.php >The Universe took the form of a …[View]
54469490>get lazy and start skipping workouts >get more gains than ever Lifting is a meme, it's a…[View]
54474388Heavy lifting is bad for your body.Heavy squats and deadlifts are way too dangerous for your spine.L…[View]
54473859Starring after a Break: Yo whats Up fellow /Fit/items, i got myself injured in the shoulder when ben…[View]
54471706/deenz/: Redpill me on sardines bros I've been eating these little things on rice for the past …[View]
54473008Have you ever had APT /fit/ Have you fixed it? How?[View]
54473739>When you realize that your gym crush works full time at 7/11 minimum wage job…[View]
54474424>tfw I'm going to prison for 4 years How do I survive as a non-criminal ytboi? What kind of…[View]
54474528Is this program any good? I like history and this seems cool in a 'old school' way (even if it isn…[View]
54472783Stop gymmin', start swimmin': You work out your whole body at the same time, and you don…[View]
54473232'Introduction (and Some Secrets) to Fitness and Health': •'Full Fundamental Nutrition'. >All esse…[View]
54472141>morning >buy protein powder, store it above cupboard >evening >try to reach the protein…[View]
54464646Is he natty?[View]
54473746Is there something like a good beginners routine for hypertrophy? Preferably FBW? Yes I know do SS, …[View]
54474197>At gym, midnight, gym's almost empty >Bench is up against a wall with a small gap >ha…[View]
54474342self love thread: Do you love yourself anon? How do you express this and if you are not, why? >fa…[View]
54472165Rate My Routine: >Biceps >Back Pic related Thoughts?…[View]
54471568SOY PILL: So does drinking Onions milk actually change or alter your Esteogen levels/T levels? I wa…[View]
54469343Gf says she doesn't like my new shirt...[View]
54472411Just ate FOUR extra nutella sandwiches... my workout is in like an hour, how much do I have to worko…[View]
54474231This happen to anyone else?: Started going the gym about a month ago. I go on every week day. The th…[View]
54472313Hey /fit/, I have three questions for you: 1. Do you drink alcohol at all? 2. If yes, are you drunk …[View]
54472127>tfw friend said he'd like to come to the gym with me >he's a short (5'6') and …[View]
54472498ppl vs upper lower 4x week: Help me decide, obviously ppl is gonna have more volume so in theory bet…[View]
54474194Reminder if you force... >Carnivore >keto >fasting >nofap >Veganism >nofap …[View]
54472574I have 16kg kettlebell, would doing 625 swings 4x a week (10k a month) be effective in burning fat[View]
54472915Girl confronted me at the gym for perving on her: True story just happened today >Be me >Gymce…[View]
54473732>What are you gonna order, Anon?[View]
54471855Hi fit. I'll give a quick rundown: >28, female, 6'1' (185cm), 160lb (72.5kg) >I…[View]
54472394>being natty in 2020 Do you natty cucks enjoy staying DYEL af???[View]
54472058Love it when I can be Alpha and BTFO sluts. Thank you /fit/ for changing my mentality towards thots.…[View]
54471048Hi /fit/ I have cancer and am posting this from a hospital bed (pic rel) How can I stay fit under su…[View]
54472971Ok /fit/, I need your help. Not for me, but for my brother. For reference, I'm decent build 6'1…[View]
54472400/sdg/- squat diaper general: What's /fit/s squat diaper of choice?[View]
54473998How do you lose fat on face, Ive got a skinny body but a fat head[View]
54472753Will taking HGH give me a 6-pack even if I don't lift? I'm looking to take something that …[View]
54471670>get physically bullied as a child by big kids. >GET BUFF as adult. >now I just get bullied…[View]
54469417You havent made it until you take a selfie in the gym: While showing some thot's ass on the bac…[View]
54472041avoiding lower back pain: there is a constant strain in my lowerback for a while now. I do calis and…[View]
54468211What happened to YouTube fitness channels? They all just seemed to die overnight. I want to watch Bi…[View]
54473294What's the best half marathon training program? I can currently run 12k.[View]
54472460I'm still the alpha: I for one second thought that my boss had hired a new Chad to my workplace…[View]
54472919/blood pressure general/: What is bp in the morning? 120/50 and im worried the diastolic is too low?…[View]
54473459leg day: I've started going to gym a few months ago for the first time in my life. Haven't…[View]
54467847What mode[View]
54473546Strength vs Endurance Training: Which is better bros?[View]
54473425Nurishment: Is this actually good for you? The sugar is way higher than a Coke[View]
54461432kitty getting swole lol[View]
54473421How much time until these bad boys finally pop out?: I know they’re hiding somewhere, I got Sundays …[View]
54473003I'm a leader of a boy scout group and we're going camping this summer. I've been task…[View]
54467590wake up at 11pm[View]
54471342JUST LOL IF YOU DON'T TRAIN YOUR NECK: Neck training is sooo important, it frames your face, so…[View]
54473290Skelly gains weight >has to make himself eat when he doesn't even want to and sometimes phis…[View]
54473257Whats your excuse for not surfing /fit? >gets you big lats and upper back and abs while being fun…[View]
54471503Fuck running a program. Ive made better gains in the last 3 months just doing whatever the fuck i wa…[View]
54473113Knee Pain: I do deadlifts and squats all throughout the week. I keep the weight in the center of my …[View]
54473234>be me >go to local gym >see fat guy >on treadmill >notice he lost some weight >ke…[View]
54472991Working out with a hoodie is horrible. I don't know how some of you guys do it. I forgot my tsh…[View]
54472807Am I salvageable?[View]
54468147This shit literally ended up costing me a knee surgery. Shit started as a 'click' sound in my joint …[View]
54472980Post your favorite lifting songs; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_r8xq9DFfs[View]
54472333>He can lift heavy >Yet cant even fight and has ZERO experience in a striking art laughing @ y…[View]
54470618I am a legit measured 5 11: And I am taller than around 70% of men I meet and almost every woman. I …[View]
54473086>165 lbs, 5'8 >19 miles of running and 94 miles of biking this month, haven't exerci…[View]
54462029how was your valentines day, /fit/?[View]
54470326Bros, how do I stop eating?[View]
54472721So I've been hitting the gym lately for them gainzz but I still look fat, I heard you can sweat…[View]
54468213>ay bro i was using that Wat do?[View]
54471457Are you confortable showing your shirtless body to other people?[View]
54472462>lost 15 pounds >still fat WHAT THE FUCK[View]
54472586PPL 2x vs PP 3x: yo /fit/, im currently doing PPL split 2x a week. im kinda getting tired of it. wou…[View]
54468880This is how I image the people making manlet jokes on /fit/[View]
54470058late growth spurt: I was barely 5'9 at 23, but my legs began aching at night and I thought that…[View]
54472403Flu gains goblin: So I seem to be sick with some kind of flu and can't go to the gym for a whil…[View]
54472212What part of my weight am i actually losing?: I weighed 82.4kg, 25% BMI body fat percentage, 177cm t…[View]
54472556How much jiggle is OK, and how much is too much?: Pic related.[View]
54469960>says your kung fu is weak and knocks your master to the ground in under 10 seconds wut do?…[View]
54472467>knock your friend out during sparing wearing full contact gear >he starts having a seizure …[View]
54472485ALCOLOL: how to stop the jew brehs 3 weeks non stop hammered each night its taken a tole on my body …[View]
54468860What are your /fit/ clothing problems?: Is it better to buy a jacket thats little bit too tight on t…[View]
54471539Mass gainer help: I recently started taking a mass gainer Holy shit boys I'm pissing out of my…[View]
54472284How do I bulk?[View]
54471865The more I work out, the shorter I look. Are there any way around this as an adult who is 5'3' …[View]
54468354What's the newest addition to your workout playlist? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAaEKOz6L…[View]
54471378What if...[View]
54471828/fit/, none of my shirts fit without looking too tight now. former skelly having put on 35 lbs. larg…[View]
54470604How much weight can I put on one side of the bar before it flies off the rack?[View]
54471883How to work out with heart illness?: Hey /fit/ Just found out that one of my valves is going to coll…[View]
54471316Encourage me: I’m really tired tonight please motivate me to hit the gym[View]
54471673>was the weakest one in middle & high school, never winning against anyone >suddenly beat …[View]
54471770Do u guys actually have a warmup and cooldown routine? Can u share it? My body hurts if I rush too q…[View]
54464019Anons of all nations join me in becoming the Appollonian ideal. We will overthrow the current corrup…[View]
54471906How do you guys manage to be of all ages and races, some of you are even trannies and femboys, but y…[View]
54471622if you're are currently using alcoholic substances before and or after your fitness routine/reg…[View]
54465593You're trying your best to keep your form while in the middle of a heavy deadlift and you see t…[View]
54460232is this possible natty?[View]
54471761Obviously most people are joking when they say they support Dan, but please stop. For our sanity as …[View]
54470348Does anyone have a copy of that /fit/ version of Old Town Road? I searched the archive but I cant fi…[View]
54471541/fit/ - Fitness? more like /fit/ - incels[View]
54468989How to prevent shrinking while traveling?: So my job involves a fair amount of traveling around to d…[View]
54465265ITT POST YOUR: Favourite lift/exercise Favourite muscle (for aesthetics) A piece of media you enjoye…[View]
54471538Is fat necessary for cutting if I already have an energy source from eating moderate carbs[View]
54469397No more liquor no more beer Being a beta is for queers Always shit posting on to /fit/ So a thot can…[View]
54465881Okay anons, what body types do girls actually like, I've heard a lot about not too muscular tal…[View]
54471247Any good frozen food items that can replace the slothy pizza I pick up at the freezer?[View]
54468241Someone coomed in the gym shower today. I didn't notice it until after I got in. I left it in i…[View]
54471495anyone work out for the sheer incentive of getting to the point of such juicy fuarkiness that women …[View]
54470175I see a lot of autismos on this site[View]
54468413How do i get into weight lifting without catching the gay virus: ?[View]
54471335whats /fit/ drinking tonight[View]
54470425Re: Workout Advice: Hello fellow Kekistanis! This is my progress after 8 months of fasting and daily…[View]
54453449/swim/: Hey /fit/, I need some help trying to improve my swim times. I've been swimming since m…[View]
54470153It’s that time again boys. Help me jab this into my thigh.[View]
54470920>one year ago my cardio wasn’t too good but I finished at least 6km races >skip cardio for one…[View]
54468116>You're laughing. You mogged those 3 DYEL new year's resolutioners and you're laug…[View]
54471092Fatty here, male 5’6 and 140 lbs so I’m around 30% bf if I’m being generous. How would a diet of lea…[View]
54469550Grip training general /gtg/: What else besides fatgripz (I got chink knockoffs but whatever) and iva…[View]
54452537Push up thread. Last two digits decide how many you punch out pussys and weaklings are allowed to pa…[View]
54470719What is your current 5x5 benchpress? For me, it's 245lbs.[View]
54470136I've noticed lots of dudes look more jacked in their 30s and 40s. Is it easier to make gains af…[View]
54469807>Saturday night >gym is empy apart from old cleaner >alone again Anyone else train alone a…[View]
54470132Clubbing is to0 DEGENERATE: After taking a break of 3 months, losing some weight and actually talkin…[View]
54470246There is great evil in the gym /fit/, I saw it within the squat rack.[View]
54470483my norwegian wife wants to start going to the gym. she's 5'11 and 160 lbs. any recommendat…[View]
54465899Running: When I run, I keep thinking how it puts stress and wear on where my femurs meets my hip. Do…[View]
54468686>wake up at 8.45 am >browse internet, drink coffee, do chores >read enjoyable novel >go …[View]
54469804>tfw I will never approach Louis Cyr natty: Powerlifiting is one of my hobbies but I'll neve…[View]
54469729What is your gainz goblinz bros?[View]
54468317>Only recommends exercises that will make you look like a sperg in the gym…[View]
54470793Don't forget to hold yourself back a little and show some restraint when acquiring those gains …[View]
5447057545cm arm, 95kg, I look like I'm made of steel[View]
54469320Does /fit/ play pick-up basketball?[View]
54462144How dose one deliver lethal punches on demand. I'm already a big guy, and can deliver knock put…[View]
54468072Does anyone else slap the muscles associated with a compound movement before a big set?[View]
54470528Help me, bois... I've been spiraling downward lately and especially hard this week. I've b…[View]
54468698YESYESYES: What does /fit/ think of Zanta?[View]
54465113>get built >people mistake my autism for confidence…[View]
54468962people at the gym who constantly chew gum: What the fuck is this shit? Do they actually think it wil…[View]
54469239Help: I want to join this gym near me. It's an absolutely badass gym. Its not one of these fagg…[View]
54470402>he dosen't blast metal while working out[View]
54470112PILCHARD GANG THREAD: Pilchard exclusive thread DEENZplebs need not apply, make way for the superior…[View]
54467503I hit the official 2 year milestone today guys. 5'9' 138>>>158 Watch out cuz i'm…[View]
54469588Any good youtube fitness channels: I rather work out at home i'm a beginner and kinda embarrass…[View]
54470404Anyone else have trouble eating fatty foods in the morning? Lately I haven't been able to get m…[View]
54467313Can you gain muscle while trying to lose a ton of fat?: Hi, I'm a grossly overweight woman, I…[View]
54470362Post mobility videos/routines. You do make mobility exercises, right /fit/?[View]
54460982HALP which sweeteners don't spike insulin? Stevia was supposed to be safe, but it made my blood…[View]
54469968My scale says...: I bought the Redover scale and here are my numbers. What would you do next? Almost…[View]
54468373alcohol: redpill me on alcohol[View]
54469730Redpill me on OMAD fasting: (No Canadians)[View]
54467882Are deadlifts worth the risk of fucking up your back? Is there any alternative?[View]
54467323Is coffee not good for you?[View]
54469743What routine do I need to get arms like DoomSlayer?[View]
54469885Finshed novice phase what intermidate program do I do: What intermidate program should I do after no…[View]
54469600Should I do this?: Day 1: 100 pushups, 10 pull-ups and Biceps Day 2: Shoulders and Triceps Day 3: Re…[View]
54470172Any of you an autistic gymbro? >tfw I started lifting and shitposting here as a meme >tfw it…[View]
54469481Routine for thin frame?: Has anyone with a thin frame (ie, wrists circumference < height/10) mana…[View]
54459101Is this parallel?: Hit 275x5, does this count?[View]
54469911Looking worse after beginning cardio: So does cardio kill your gains and make you fat or not ? /fit/…[View]
54470066Sardine bulk: Can i get some advice on a sardine bulk? How much can i eat a day?[View]
54469828My /fit/ gf has the protein braps again[View]
54470079Can tea replace fruits and vegetables???: i cant eat veggies. only drink tea. is it good replacement…[View]
54461119What's the most /fit/ career choice and why is it law enforcement?[View]
54469937Post your triceratops /fit/: what is your favorite tricep exercise? I love diamond pushups and dips…[View]
54469938Hey bros, is abdominal hollowing harmful? I didn't see anything about it in the sticky so I…[View]
54469995Post workout songs: Post 'em https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXEPi7cnJ08&feature=youtu.be…[View]
54469892>tfw in Sweden you can get arrested for being literally too swole https://theconversation.com/dop…[View]
54468477ITT: People Who Will Make It: You already fucking know what this thread is about post em lads[View]
54467236Wow, is a fit and athletic body enough in this day and age to impress women who have so much going f…[View]
54467687stuck in a vicious cycle: >train too hard, too often >get sick because I'm a genelet >…[View]
54468505HEME iron: How do you get your heme iron? I found out my blood cell count is low then I found out I …[View]
54469192What is best cardio for calorie burning? What cardio you do after workout? I personally run bike be…[View]
54459286QTDDTOT: Fuck cleans, should I do deadlifts again on Texas Method Fridays or Pendlay rows?[View]
54469212Alright my BROTHERS and KINGS I’ve now been working out for over a year and now I’m confident enough…[View]
54469488Pickle juice vs Brine juice: Need a check on that /fit/[View]
54464487Protein rich snacks: Anyone know of any high protein snacks to make or to buy? All the protein bars …[View]
54468707How do you avoid feet stank at the gym? especially when it comes to excercises like running on the t…[View]
54464061>Went through a very stressful month of January >Was cutting at 800 cal/day at the same time …[View]
54469200Are you even a man if you can't do 100 push ups in one sitting?[View]
54468139Don't you wish you could fast forward time or at least control your own time better? I've …[View]
54469096>he doesnt want ball gainz[View]
54468916Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
54469265So I got roasted for having spearmint him last night. Whats the best flavour of gum for a man?[View]
54448820>Valentine's day Why are you here?[View]
54468961Honestly what does the natty limit look like? Are most instagram weight lifters on roads? I've …[View]
54467435Did you do your prostate massage today, anon?: > The prevalence and extent of male pattern baldne…[View]
54469202Are you making pelvic floor gains?: If you arent training your pelvic floor you are a never going to…[View]
54463199Can we get a before/after thread going? I could use some inspiration[View]
54465174Hey /fit/, long time lurker, first time poster. I've been going to the gym since June (previou…[View]
54469135What are you so afraid of, Anon? Hop on![View]
54466836How to get over a bench plateau: >TFW been stuck at 3X8 at 160 lbs for a month > Can't do…[View]
54468655is skipping actually a good workout?: used to do alot of boxing when i was younger so i got really g…[View]
54467648I fapped again bros Eight hours of nofap is the best I can do[View]
54466942>tfw you rawdog a 5/10 slampig and dont even get to nut before leaving to go home and scrub your …[View]
54466286i am going to get jacked then im going to fuck bitches[View]
54468291Inducing Post Nut Clarity without COOMing: I only COOM about once a week but after I do I have an im…[View]
54468076can lifting save him[View]
54465487Started lifting and dieting a month and a half ago (pic related). Cutting limits gains, but high pro…[View]
54467100Is an ahegao shirt appropriate gym attire? How would people react if you did that? Can a chad get aw…[View]
54467655>fail gyms entry level fitness exam >For the second time Oh well, next one's in 4 months.…[View]
54442769Anymore proof that DL is the biggest meme lift ever?[View]
54467997I curl in the squat rack I OHP in the squat rack I shrug in the squat rack I do rows in the squat ra…[View]
54468735Can I live off meat dairy and eggs? Will I get all the necessary nutrients or would I need supplemen…[View]
54440560Should we all do plastic surgery?[View]
54463901post kryptonite[View]
54468351>Anon, you’re so awesome bet your gf must love you! What the correct response to these statement?…[View]
54465883In just 3 days, my toe went from this...[View]
54467571>the press[View]
54467555Will getting big muscles make you feel like an adult and make other people see you as an adult? I…[View]
54466127Has anyone here actually made it?[View]
54467073All ive left is school and the gym. The people i once called close friends have abandoned me. Despit…[View]
54468251Is it worth travelling one hour and a half to a park where there's some neutral grip pull up ba…[View]
54467720How does masturbation affect gains?: I remember seeing this same post here before but forgot what it…[View]
54468228I'm a flimsy white nerd. How can I keep my lungs and legs from killing themselves after going f…[View]
54438524/fph/ - 'Why You Eat So Much?' Edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6mMpE8AaA0 Someone posted t…[View]
54468084How to get good cheekbones ? Do I need to eat tough foods?[View]
54464893Heavy squats and deadlifts literally cripple your body and have no reason if you care for hypertroph…[View]
54462398Dance Thread: Has anyone here incorporated dancing into their workout? I heard practicing Jive or Qu…[View]
54468323'so what do you do anon?' 'I like to exercise' 'well that's not really a hobby silly. is there …[View]
54467617why dont they make a fast and furious movie with kyriakos and balkanchad ?[View]
54450479What are some good underwater exercise options, lads? Got a large swimming pool in the back and I…[View]
54468339Post Your fastest km /fit/ You DO run, right? Also post Your recent PR's just hitted 225 on squ…[View]
54467580Is this routine good? >Day A: Bench OHP Deadlift Dip >Day B Bench Barbell Row Squat Pull up…[View]
54466899Post your making it stories: >sold my pc and quit my vidya addiction >finally started going gy…[View]
54467439>small hair grows around my eyes/cheek and comes back in 2 weeks after I pluck (all of) it someti…[View]
54463986bros how do I pick up a girl at the gym?[View]
54468165>this man steps into the ring Just how fucked are you right now?[View]
54468002We have 1/2/3/4 for ohp, bench, squat and deadlift. But do we have a golden number for barbell rows?…[View]
54465381How do you go from this....[View]
54467008Yo I started playing rugby this semester and its going well. I'm a slow learner but I try to im…[View]
54467514Why aren't you doing their workout and diet routine to get those kangaroo gains /fit/?[View]
54468010How based is Scooby?[View]
54466101How long do I have to sit idly by while a tendon injury heals itself[View]
54467779You have failed the gyms entry level fitness exam for the second time. I'm sorry, but you just …[View]
54451772>this happens to you You got enough fit gains to stand up for yourself and make him stop? https:/…[View]
54467154Push up the thread you know the rules[View]
54466574I am trying to achieve a body like the one in the photos below and pic related. I need some advice o…[View]
54467846I've been fat for a few years now, eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted but the short-ter…[View]
54467818Just ate a 200mg thc bar, any reccomendations on what stretches/mobility excercise to do?[View]
54466622Have you taken the no squat pill yet? Just Bench and Deadlift[View]
54467759*Ahem* Fuck jannies[View]
54466230Did creatine give anyone Gyno too?[View]
54467087>that 30 year old guy squating 170 lbs at the gym[View]
54466933Tips for getting the most out of my gym visits?: Howdy anons, I've started hitting the gym mayb…[View]
54467445The Great Debate: Sleeping with white noise vs sleeping in silence[View]
54466029>But if you are the only, and you aren’t stuck in some real-world genocidal twilight zone, you’d …[View]
54435908/fraud/: /fraud/ - who would have though the last thread would get deleted? edition Before asking yo…[View]
54467263Chicken Troll: Oh, no! The notorious chicken troll has taken your succulent breasts hostage /fit/! W…[View]
54466990>reached 200lb bodyweight again[View]
54467107Was he natty bros?[View]
54467172Protein powder tip: My powder is very disgusting (cause it's not whey), and today I found that …[View]
54466875PPL+Calisthenics: Thinking of doing a PPL twice a week with one of the Push/Pull days being exclusiv…[View]
54467405I didn't listen. I didn't believe you. I thought I was being deceived by internet trolls. …[View]
54464394How does this even happen?[View]
54466176How does your body store and ration non-fat soluble vitamins and minerals?: I was just thinking the …[View]
54465074You guys know how on full body programs you do 5x5 of an exercise twice a week and 5x5 of another in…[View]
54463942Does smoking affect gains?[View]
54465829What will happen if I do SS+GOMAD while on hrt? t. tranny on hrt for two years[View]
54466464Are we being memory-holed? I could swear watching it last year in march and seeing Martins Licis win…[View]
54466979Are you taking your nutritional yeast?: The fortified b12 one[View]
54464288Anyone else chew and spit? >buy a fuckton of chocolate, nuts, cheese, pizza etc >chew it all u…[View]
54464480Am I balding /fit/? Is this the beginning of the end or just a normal recession at 24?[View]
54458639Body fat rate[View]
54467127Can someone post this full self improvement pic? I saved it but later realized I'm retarded and…[View]
54465474just swam for the first time, i did one length, then left[View]
54467009Day 13 on No Fap: How do I look?[View]
54466678How do I quit the liquid jew? It hasn't ruined my life but decreases the overall quality of it.…[View]
54467121>tfw cut is over and it's time to bulk and have energy again[View]
54463597Push ups. How long until I can do more than 20 without dying?[View]
54465772Serious question What's wrong with doing low weight and high volume routine? At this point, I…[View]
54466157I've been lifting for 4 months now. I do mostly hammer curls (and very, very few biceps curl) f…[View]
54466971Do you really need more than this?[View]
54457575I wanna look like this so much it hurts. How the fuck do you achieve this[View]
54457797Is the bugez right when he says you should focus on increasing a couple lifts at a time and workout …[View]
54465641Resistance bands: Can you reccomend me some resistance band exercises. I'm new to this and don…[View]
54466450mods are asleep: hurry and post before they wake up[View]
54463418>Why lift heavy weights, anon? Just run and do some pull ups. Mommy would hate to see you hurt yo…[View]
54465040How can I tell my testosterone levels without getting tested?[View]
54463752Is it cringe?: Is it cringe to do OHP in the squat rack? Asking for friend[View]
54466298Didn’t hit legs for a week and a half. Got god awful doms in my quads that lasted for 3 days. Does …[View]
54466795Are boons from grandfather nurgle considered natty?[View]
54460927NoFap jewish propaganda: Nofap is a meme. It literally doesnt affect you in any way if you dont touc…[View]
54464475Anyone know if these are in any order?[View]
54466582Naked: Is walking around nude good? Should I strive to be wearing the least amount of clothing whene…[View]
54465172Bulking without food: is there a way to bulk without eating much food i only eat salad and dry seawe…[View]
54465611Times you’ve gone ultra instinct: >be at gym >spotting guy squatting 3 plates >after 4th re…[View]
54466396Are ivanko grippers based got grip training or do I need more?[View]
54465702/kbg/: I've taken the kettle bellpill, /fit/. I've been alternating between swings, presse…[View]
54464775God fucking dammit bros I'm not gonna make it. I can never eat enough. I eat an 800 cal meal of…[View]
54464968>that 30 year old at the bench benching 135lbs[View]
54465209Do you as a nice big cup of coffe as your pre workout?[View]
54464335Elite level powerlifters look like THAT?[View]
54466343What are your thoughts on gene doping?[View]
54466310Best HIIT home routines.: >Lift consistently Looking to do HIIT Can anyone share their HIIT routi…[View]
54462080> blocks your path[View]
54466153What happened to him /fit/?[View]
54462892have to cough after drinking coffee?: I feel something is irritating my throat and I feel some light…[View]
54466213Calisthenics: What are the basic bodyweight movements I need to learn first to progress in calisthen…[View]
54464569>omg, stop staring at me you perv! >Babe(Chad) get over here quick…[View]
54465906How do I get rid of the fat under my arm?[View]
54465144Please no troll is there ANY way a surgeon would ever agree to make me a more narrow pelvis? It…[View]
54461894Give me a full body routine that can be run twice or thrice a week. Thanks[View]
54447983/PLG/ - Powerlifting General: RPE edition[View]
54464329How much money do you spend per month on food?[View]
54465558>that boomer doing shrugs from the flat bench[View]
54442479Do NOT do the Adele Diet: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7995681/Adeles-1000-calorie-…[View]
54464899Have a severe cold. Been drinking lemon and honey tea.: People have been telling me to add some cogn…[View]
54464074Does masturbation actually make you weaker and slower for a little bit? I spar in a few hours for my…[View]
54465949How much is a good barbell row? I just hit 100kg for 8 reps and I used to feel like it would be a hu…[View]
54464686Valentines day Incel Meetup: would lifting have saved these young involuntarily celibate lads?…[View]
54465832Working out with eczema: Go to the gym to lift, get sweaty, shower. Do Muay thai class, get sweaty, …[View]
54459457Why is low bodyfat% attractive in both men and women when it's not healthy? Literally every oth…[View]
54464669I just bench pressed 127kg for 9 reps. How much do you recon I could do for 1 ?[View]
54461097binch: How many of you can bench press 180kg? and how low did it take[View]
54452920mewing/looksmax thread: me age 16 vs now age 18 >how long have you been mewing? >has it worke…[View]
54465324Feels like i have an inguinal hernia, nothing bulging out or anything yet though. What do?[View]
54464897Red Bull 400 training: The Red Bull 400 is a 400 meter sprint up a ski jump, 40 degree incline at it…[View]
54464827Advice.: Workout advice for pull up bar. I'm a beginner, couldn't find any workouts in the…[View]
54463383Guys how retarded is this?[View]
54465390Is it safe for me to combine these three supplements along with applying 5% minoxidil twice daily ht…[View]
54465335>he doesn't have a salad for lunch how does it feel knowing you can't take, at minimum,…[View]
54464776Can I train with homemade concrete weights?[View]
54464241How much do you guys bench?[View]
54465035Bulletproof Diet: Bulletproof thread How do you get your calories if you're on Dave Asprey…[View]
54464786Proud alpha male moment thread: >pinning gear right now >big and strong lifter / boxer / jiu j…[View]
54462250Sleep supps: I have terrible insomnia. Give me some good supps for sleep that you think ACTUALLY wor…[View]
54463780How do I bulk, how do I not get fat and what supplements should I take when bulking[View]
54465213no mog thread? wtf: hope you guys have been doing your mog reps today[View]
54462316Whats your excuse for not surfing /fit? >gets you whide shoulders thin waist >gets you tan …[View]
54455200Ask Natty Deer - What about the next valentine? Edition[View]
54462473Damn guys, all those threads yesterday made me think that I may be wasting my time and unintentional…[View]
54464165I'm at kind of a difficult part of my goals. My lower body is too bulky and strong, my thighs a…[View]
54462894How exactly do our bodies lose weight?: I am curious about how the human body actually loses weight.…[View]
54460987Is height to women what big breasts are to men?[View]
54462423is 3x5 100 pound bench and 3x10 120 pound squat good for first month of an absolute beginner that ne…[View]
54464161Peak performance.[View]
54460252ITT main player characters[View]
54462038What brands do you like to wear in the gym? Nike, Puma or Adidas? Gymshark?[View]
54464918>be on lateral raise machine > 5'8 malnourished chav stares at me doing a set >Finish and h…[View]
54463650>natty >ripped >outdoor dweller stop being a gymcel, go boulder…[View]
54463680Are these a meme?[View]
54454339100 KG CHEAT CURL X 20 REPS MONSTA: https://youtu.be/IiU8Rgmya0I i was made for killing westoids my …[View]
54464810When did you take the neck pill /fit/?[View]
54459760>dream is to look like pic related >framelet it was over before it started…[View]
54463466What can I do to improve my stamina and energy? I can’t make it pass 3 sets without getting tired. I…[View]
54463450Since they say mind and body are one and same, what do you guys read for mental gains?[View]
54461845planning to go from 190 lbs to around 130, will loose skin be an issue and what should i do to avoid…[View]
54459478Are the side-effects of roiding really that bad? I'm a 28 year old manlet and still a tiny bitc…[View]
54464439Quads and we're all gonna make it[View]
54463489Would you hit that foodie booty, /fit/? >implying you wouldn't[View]
54464307how much you curling /fit/? for me it's 50lb dumbbells 110lb barbell 75lb preacher[View]
54464511Home workout: I can't afford to go to the gym so are there any home workouts or routines I can …[View]
54464072MK-677/Ibutamoren: Shill me MK-677 bois. Any anons here who take/have taken it? What were your exper…[View]
54462758Is creatine good for you?[View]
54463946Female pullin up: fellas, a girl is coming to my house rn at 3am. I always feel bad after the coom..…[View]
54464055R8 my pendlay row[View]
54463453Lads I'm going to do Nofap x fasting in hopes to cut my lower body fat and also break my immatu…[View]
54464379I've been fasting for about 23 hours now, so the last time I ate was last night. For optimal ga…[View]
54464348Lower back tension: bros I'm just starting out lifting, after a month of greyskull I've no…[View]
54464304obligatory fuark thread: post rare shavershians, no chestbrah though. Maybe some supaturk if youre f…[View]
54463821480KG/1058LBS unoffical world record raw: Eddie Hall on suicide watch, that record is getting destro…[View]
54461973Massage these acupoint , good for health,please share this video.: Cilck this link https://youtu.be/…[View]
54464248Motivation bread: You’re a king, and we’re all gonna make it.[View]
54463692So I'm just SUPPOSED to know how to do all the lifts in a routine, have perfect form etc? This …[View]
54463690knee pain: This is my second month doing stronglifts 5x5 and my knees hurt. Is this normal? Is it my…[View]
54463693Anybody here ever used viagra as a pre workout? How did it go? From what I’ve heard it’s pretty effe…[View]
54463959Is the dia too low?[View]
54460407ITT: GOAT lifting tracks/albums[View]
54457365A toast! A toast to fitness! Hear hear![View]
54463485Recently i started getting completely exhausted whenever i start working out. Not due to muscle fati…[View]
54464088Does getting /fit/ change your sexual desire?: Whenever I'm in a lazy phase where I don't …[View]
54461942Can I make serious strength gains using only dumbbells? What if I follow a modified SS routine with …[View]
54460939>you've just finished heavy squat >as you re-rack barbell, giving yourself a brief momen…[View]
54461904rate my program: Can I split a push-pull-legs-compound program with rest days and cardio? Reason bei…[View]
54459112This 'exercise' literally doesnt work anything and only sends you to snap city[View]
54457723I’ve been lifting for over a year now and I’m almost at 1/2/3/4. I feel great, and I’m finally cutti…[View]
54463924>I don’t workout, I train.[View]
54462081What motivated you today, /fit/ ?[View]
54463523Why would you want to be a bloatlord? There's nothing better or more impressive than people thi…[View]
54462525Is saturated fat bad for you?: I know there's a lot of new evidence suggesting that sat fat is …[View]
54463831Uneven Squat: My squat is uneven at the bottom. Help.[View]
54452202how many pull ups can you do in one set?[View]
54463099strength/hypertrophy programs: hey guys...i'm looking for a best way to build both muscle and s…[View]
54463174>decide to go jogging (got this route nearby that is pretty quiet with not many people being ther…[View]
54456518Guess my BF: Guess my bodyfat. 25yo 128lbs 5'7' Should I bulk of should I cut to 10% bf and sta…[View]
54459329Are there any pills to increase appetite?[View]
54462345Obligatory 'started too late' thread: How much progress could a normie realistically make in 3 month…[View]
54462188Bro I'm a competing powerlifter, I do concrete demo, and I'm a massively generically gifte…[View]
54458469>be big frame training to be powerlifter >see someone with slightly bigger natural frame >w…[View]
54456314*Domestic violence is one of the most common crimes of professional athletes, including football pla…[View]
54463137How do I lose my appetite?[View]

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