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/fit/ - Fitness

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58624231Spartantism: How can I apply Spartan autism to my training and nutrition? >Xerxes offers you to b…[View]
58626408How can I fully empty my bladder whenever I want?: It's really important regarding December 1st…[View]
58625922PowerLifting: I bet I get more pussy than you and knock you out as well. >post your bods…[View]
58621483SSRIs: Do any of /fit/ take antidepressants, and has it had any effect on your training? I got presc…[View]
58616093My sister's boyfriend looks like pic related. Lifting is his whole persona, it's all he ta…[View]
58622853What else are muscles good for besides picking up heavy stuff?[View]
58625916Are non-womenlets even worth lifting for /fit/?[View]
58625587anyone else getting candida around their lips because of breathing heavy while wearing a mask workin…[View]
58622293at what point is your brain so fried by dopamine that its beyond repair?[View]
58622812You now remember me..[View]
58626008>had a huge shake for breakfast, along with 6 eggs with lunch >get on the bus >stomach star…[View]
58625821am i fat?[View]
58618330Ground Beef: What's the catch?[View]
58625722MK677: Worth it? What does it exactly does? More growth hormone = better everything???[View]
58623765Is it possible to get a low bodyfat while losing minimum weight: Is it possible to get a low bodyfat…[View]
58625775Okay coombros, help me out, I took the plunge and bought all the sups in pic related so I could coom…[View]
58625389felt like i was watching a movie for months???: I ate some table salt, popped a multi with b vitamin…[View]
58623894how much zinc is a good strong dosage per day?[View]
58618562post your make it wife[View]
58625799Ideal body: I always liked JCVD's body more than other 80's heroes. He was never the bigge…[View]
58624780Post your goal physique[View]
58625562Functional strength: Has there ever been a moment in your life where you actually used your strength…[View]
58625696Any of you fags got over a lower abdominal strain? Green it. I've had this shit for ages.[View]
58624390This is why I lift[View]
58625466Should I get steel clubs or kettlebells?: I want to get a better grip and lats.[View]
58589763Is he the strongest natty on earth, /fit?[View]
58617411At what point did you become happy with your body /fit/? Was getting /fit/ as good as you imagined?[View]
58609809How fat are you, anon? be honest with yourself and us[View]
58623816Eat me: >”It’s okay, anon. It’s only 8 calories.”[View]
58625423Ich bin kein Saiyajin doch meine Schwäche ist mein schwanz #genkidama[View]
58623576Why is NORDWOOD I already balding?[View]
58621746>gonna try to detox from SSRIs >know that the withdrawals will hit me hard Any anons here have…[View]
58624838If my glute med and min muscles are underdeveloped compared to my max, should I do isolation exercis…[View]
58625254Best supplements: I'm about to order some caffeine for my eca stack, along with some garlic. Ho…[View]
58624588Is there any negative effect to splitting up running time? What I currently do is 30-40 minutes in t…[View]
58625040What is this mode?[View]
58620560>watch celebrity workout video >they're doing all sorts of whacky retarded shit that seem…[View]
58573331/FAST/ Make shills SEETHE: STOP EATING FATTY >What is /fast/? Fast is a thread for the discussion…[View]
58623564Whats wrong with my armpit bros?[View]
58624911carnivore diet: Why is it that everyone who does preaches this retarded diet is mentally ill?[View]
58623205>first time training shoulders >can't even do bent lateral raises sitting with 10lbs I r…[View]
58623712Is fish good for you?: Hello /fit/izens is fish in general good for you? I have bought some fresh ca…[View]
58624949I Need Help, Serious Help: I think I fried my brain with an abuse of porn consumption, bad sleep, an…[View]
58620174>be me >lift for a few years >achieve an amazing body >fit calls me dyel >girlfriend …[View]
58625064Fatty Tongue: I gotta lose fat on my tongue so I can get better sleep bros https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
58624878Undeniable harsh truths: W-what is the point of lifting hard like Scooby every day if a random veget…[View]
58621432protein powder: what is the best brand/flavor combo bros[View]
58624690At what point in your quest to become fit did you start to feel happy with yourself?: I lost like 45…[View]
58624437Where can I find a free stream?[View]
58622566>sorry infidel, this is a muslim gym, you'll have to pay the jizya tax to lift here what doe…[View]
58622425Is this achievable natty?[View]
58621532RUBBER FLOOR SMELL DANGERS: Does anyone here have more insight on the dangers of rubber gym floor of…[View]
58623334Why do people skip leg day?: It just seems dumb to me. Specially when you consider your biggest and …[View]
58623207Is there a cure for body dysmorphia?[View]
58622749Hey /fit/, my gf has long complained of sinus, inner ear, and mandible pain and says she has dealt w…[View]
58624808anyone ever deal with knee issues? recently went for a squat PR and at the bottom of the rep I heard…[View]
58622766What diet is best for gaining weight as a lanklet allergic to wheat? Pic unrelated[View]
58624518How do I avoid bulky, dry shits? I nearly fucking died yesterday and my ass is still in pain. I neve…[View]
58624635Bros, I'm bulking, my shits are too large and are tearing my asshole, making it bleed every tim…[View]
58623286which one is it for you?[View]
58616169Anon...Think fast!!![View]
58620900BRUTAL MOGS[View]
58623091am i an asshole: I complain to my parents that they gave me shitty genetics >manlet >wide hips…[View]
58619798who is't doth thee lift f'r?[View]
58624100run 100 miles[View]
58621816How do you not break your bones as a vegan? I've had several breaks already and I thought it wa…[View]
58623829is this true[View]
58606917soyboys rise up: >veganism is unhealthy meat is essential to us there is no such thing as a natty…[View]
58624111/fit/ approved kino: What are some /fit/ approved kinos to get you hyped and motivated when you need…[View]
58623027This is what the actual difference between 5’9” and 6’0” looks like.[View]
58624267Starting to work out, and I need tips on what to buy because I don't have hundreds of dollars t…[View]
58620849Whats the general consensus on hiit? Is it just a meme that fat people tell themselves to feel bette…[View]
58624140is he the new king of fit?[View]
58624285What areas do I need to train harder to get more aesthetic?[View]
58623730>he killed millions[View]
58618733>not getting paid whilst cycling what's your excuse /fit?[View]
58622120Anyone here ever tried DMHA or DMAA? Is it worth the price?[View]
58623179Progress thread: 2 months into cut. Should I keep going or start lean bulking? 6'1.5 203 left pictur…[View]
58619992NNN - No Nut November + nofap: Survivors report in! We're almost there.[View]
58623310sometimes i feel all the energy spent to gain vanity muscles is wasted. sometimes i want to be a far…[View]
58624050Am I high percent body fat?[View]
58622886Eva Phone Poster: How does his story end?[View]
58607680Its a literal nothingburger why are gyms closed?[View]
58620594Which type of Him-bro are you?: Well?[View]
58623266Alright /fit/ give me the run down on turkesterone[View]
58623966No more motivation: I lost her. I lost all my friends. I have literally nothing left. What do I do? …[View]
58623452Do you think this physique is aesthetic? Would you want to look like this?: Bare in mind this is at …[View]
58623013High protein healthy products: My aim is to lose weight and getting more comfortable with lifting, b…[View]
58623698Youre not disappointing Rich by eating small are you anon?[View]
58622007Fat loss/muscle gain: Could I lose fat and gain muscle doing OMAD? If I lift for an hour then eat ri…[View]
58622748With every weight I lift my neck gets tense. I have been going to a physical therapist for 9 months,…[View]
58622311Autistic shit you do when lifting: >only listen to fast and aggressive teen girl ASMR during my s…[View]
58620327Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
58623333I'm a powerlifter: Is calling yourself a powerlifter just an excuse for being fat? Powerlifting…[View]
58621705Solidarity makes /pol/fags seethe: ITT: express mutual respect and admiration to figures of /fit/nes…[View]
58620216> rema 1000 har tilbud på kanelgifler Hold mig brødre...[View]
58604752thoughts on 3 rep sets for strength building? Currently, I'm just past 1/2/3/3.5 and 3 rep sets…[View]
58622054How long can you run nonstop on a treadmill?: I only started running about a month ago. I can do abo…[View]
58623590They got me boys. 55 doll hairs down the drain. BRB gonna go neck myself[View]
58618384>bro you should totally cut, leaner people look better![View]
58617100OHP: What is the best rep range to progress OHP? My OHP is stalling at 24kg 3x5, I've tried do…[View]
58623326Protein absoption: Is it true that your body can only absorb so much protein in one meal? I eat most…[View]
58622500Can bread ever be good for you?[View]
58620354The Golden One coaching: Anyone that's above 1/2/ plates for upper body took his coaching? Is i…[View]
58621950Mentors: Why haven't you found an older guy at the gym to show you around and guide you? Don…[View]
58604509Itt: we pretend like we're normies >Don't worry guys, I brought snacks!! >Just in ca…[View]
58621496How doe's one reach goronmode?[View]
58621069How do i stop lifting with my back during the deadlift: Can I get some tips on how to stop lifting w…[View]
58619567How do you cure ibs? I tried everything Carnivore for three months Vegan for three months Dash diet …[View]
58620919I just spent £238 on supplements and vitamins, once gyms open I'm gonna hit a 2pl8 bench bros[View]
58622600DOMS: Give me some motivation bros I started lifting again today just doing 4 sets of bicep curls, 1…[View]
58620425>3x12 thrusters[View]
58619559Why are powerlifters so fat? Fat does not give strength, muscle does. What's the point in getti…[View]
58622369/glam/: Tell me why cutting while working out only glamour muscles isn’t the best strategy? At the e…[View]
58621438https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kaes3feWfXU >you mirin yeah 10 years later still mirin, i miss hi…[View]
58618957Im skinny and mediocre, my bench is 70kg 7 reps, if i eat more i might get fat, but on other hand my…[View]
58622871Sonalee Rashatwar: There's no other fat woman I hate more than Sonalee Rashatwar. >says it…[View]
58622249guys i am very self concious about my legs people grab my butt when i am in public and my legs look …[View]
58616491Why would someone be into girls who lift? it makes them look more manly and less cute. also why woul…[View]
58618627Best sets and reps: I always do 3 sets of 8 reps to any of my exercise[View]
58618159i live in florida & i see a lot of cougars fit like this on the beach most women my age (20s) ar…[View]
58622902Whats the most optimal time of the day to lift and why? I tried to get myself to lift in the morning…[View]
58614067calisthenics: >>58608869 last thread touch front lever edition[View]
58621194How to look like this?: I would die to look like this. How to earn this physique??[View]
58622761>gym bedouin stabbed the women again[View]
58621277>onions decreases test >meat decreases test >masturbating decreases test >not masturbati…[View]
58621695brain fog: how do you deal with the brain fog? recovered from covid and my focus is essentially gone…[View]
58622313Hair: How do I get it back? I'm 23. Literally not a single other person in my family has hair p…[View]
58619554Is creatine snake oil?[View]
58621230Why do my abs contract so hard during pullups? I finally managed to do a couple today and my stomach…[View]
58622333Cod vs Chicken SHOWDOWN CHICKEN >High protein >Dirt Cheap >Easy to cook >High omega 6 to…[View]
58619708Lifting for 20 years, here are my experiences: And they will be unpopular but fuck it: >Losing fa…[View]
58622362I had no sex in 2020, are whores worth it? I only had sex with my ex of 3 yrs. I just wanna fuck but…[View]
58618771>realize how aggresive have i become recently >remember ive been doing stuff to raise my T lev…[View]
58622514Anybody deal with acne from dairy and whey?: Going dairy and whey concentrate free from today. Prett…[View]
58622492Is breathing nitrogen healthy?[View]
58622486Post-Snack Clarity: I do light bodyweight everyday, and it sometimes gets to my head. Every other da…[View]
58621083can anyone provide a pdf with a more advanced stretching exercises than what the sticky offers?[View]
58616484/fit/ greentext thread: I’ll start: >be this morning >inna gym doing deadlifts >guy in his …[View]
58620254Anti-nutrients: How ubiquitous are anti-nutrients and how can I avoid them? I've done a little …[View]
58617430how do i achieve impmode?[View]
58621189The basics: I need to get the basics to existing in check. So far i have made these goals for myself…[View]
58620471>60 year old mike can beat up everyone on this board[View]
58617420i want to eat good food and when i obviously get fat, i wanna feel good about myself. how do i achie…[View]
58622116*blocks your path*[View]
58620128lifting didnt make it go away[View]
58620193Bros why does d3 make feel like shit. I just feel weird when i take it, anxious and just off. When I…[View]
58621983tips on getting my dick back?: I think all that fapping finally caught up to me. i don't know w…[View]
58617628Hardcore lifestyles / Workout Schedules: Saw some old modeling photos from a few years back where i …[View]
58621664Hey guys I think I fucked up. Consumed about 250g of protein today by accident, normally I'm at…[View]
58607717I'm going to fucking off myself if my acne doesn't clear up soon... >27 years old 'it…[View]
58621106making friends in the gym: I'm autistic and have no friends. Is the gym a good place to make fr…[View]
58595152body fat% estimate thread: whats mine?[View]
58620433My gym is closed, again.: I'm not going to be lazy this time though All I have is a 75lb bar an…[View]
58621982how do I train myself to get this physique?[View]
58621154Submarine Fitness: Sup /fit/ I'm in the Navy, and am a submariner. Going on a 7 month long depl…[View]
58615316Is there any way to make chicken taste less boring? I'm trying to bulk but getting this shit d…[View]
58620356Why haven't you hacked your genes and achieved myostatin inhibition? https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
58620932What's the best 60-minute daily workout routine?[View]
58617471>father 5'8ish >mother 5'7ish >somehow managed to reach 6'1 i was so close t…[View]
58588930QTDDTOT: Are there any roids that won't fuck with my natural Test production? I have a friend w…[View]
58619873Take the tan pill: To become a real chad[View]
58619985>Got caught stomping a turd in the gym shower If the person who witnessed this snitched do you th…[View]
58621248How frequently do you train muscle groups?: For most of my lifting history, I have trained my muscle…[View]
58621667EASY TO MAKE IT: >you want to make it don't you anon? >we'll then how do you want t…[View]
58621275For whom do thee lift?: are there any women out there worth lifting for? >inb4 lifting for women…[View]
58621339https://www.cell.com/cell-metabolism/fulltext/S1550-4131(14)00006-0 fatties rejoyce, you can literal…[View]
58619104I've been taking martial arts last year and I'm trying to get back into it solo in the qua…[View]
58619756Hi! First time posting here, not a fan of reddit. (ignoring any sexual posts) Me in pic. I'm ex…[View]
58616518No matte r how much i lift i will still have these fugly bumps on my upper arm. it's over[View]
58620763Why haven't you taken the hiking pill yet, /fit/?[View]
58621343is this true?: i shouldnt be doing squats and deadlifts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbqUy-pHPi…[View]
58619642How many of you hairlets wear wigs? Be honest.[View]
58621245>yes, I do chew and spit out carbs for taste and only eat meat >yes, I will make myself throw …[View]
58618079achievable natty? if yes what do?: I wanna look like pic rel, is it achievable natty (shoulders kind…[View]
58621040>dyel twinklet reps out 225x3 while i can only do 210x3 >all because hes 4 inches taller than …[View]
58619072>LP novice program tells me to do 5x5, then when stalling to do 3x5, then 3x3, then 1x3 >do so…[View]
58616536Magnesium/ supplement general: Have you taken the magnesium pill yet /fit/? I eat at least 360 mg ma…[View]
58620575Progress thread: escape skelly mode edition: >Ctrl + F = Progress >No results Been working out…[View]
58620605Fucked up after eating: Hey /fit/ I've had some health problems in the last year (hyperthyroid)…[View]
58620671Bodyweight leg workout: I missed my leg day at the gym today, but I still need to hit them. Could yo…[View]
58620769Mental fitness thread: Anyone else going full schizo lately? Started genuinely believing yesterday t…[View]
58620824/mag/ - Martial Arts General: walls of jericho edtion[View]
58616865How should a /fit/ person dress?[View]
58619611Daily reminder: If you lift for aesthetics, that's awesome If yo do it fo to be big regardless …[View]
58619627Heute habe ich mir ne Maske gebastelt die zu mir passt #niemalsantäuschen[View]
58616904Calisthenics: Gaining strength but no size, why?[View]
58616596Today is cardio day.[View]
58620165MTF workout: I'm going to transition and I want to get that dank trap mode body. What should I …[View]
58620490Strength and One arm pull up: I want to train myself to be able to perform the one arm pull/chin up.…[View]
58620558What are the benefits of eating placenta bros? can we get bigger dicks and body does it have high co…[View]
58619557which is the best protein whey brand to buy? I'm currently using myprotein £16 a 1kg, it's…[View]
58619147>take a nap >dream that I'm too tired to go to the gym >drink coffee, it gives me ener…[View]
58617725run 100 miles[View]
58619371I thought this 'sport' was already defending champion?[View]
58620305>squat as much as I deadlift (4pl8) how do I fix this?[View]
58620478how do i lift?[View]
58619981Electrolytes and feeling weird?: >supplementing with magnesium for a while >start to feel weir…[View]
58619418anybody have experience with phenibut?[View]
58620026Mom caught me stomping thr yard again N[View]
58620205should i cut my hair[View]
58620273whats your secret to success??: Mine are traps. My traps are stubborn af and refuse to grow- but i f…[View]
58615451Charles Bronson was 5'8 & managed to be the biggest chad that ever lived[View]
58616209what's the most a natty can lift while still being lean? could a natty bench 200kg for reps whi…[View]
58616249is yoga still gay?[View]
58620202it's time to................PR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…[View]
58608874Are you a member of the homegym master race? If not, why not?[View]
58618352i have puffy nipples but no gyno muscles and apparently losing weight helps that right? but im alre…[View]
58610720Roided females: Why?[View]
58618545bulk or cut: should i continue the cut or start bulking[View]
58619812>post body on CBT >get compliments >jack off…[View]
58619688Does this shit actually increase testosterone or is it just snake oil[View]
58619876How am I supposed to diet if each time I reduce my calories I have horrible headaches?[View]
58617578Bands: Are resistance bands just a meme? I’m just looking for something to do at home while gYmZ CLo…[View]
58619797Will this shit actually help me get jacked or is it just snake oil?[View]
58619496>get /fit/ >life still shit[View]
58619398My current workout: 3x8-12 dips 3x20-25 push-ups 3x10-12 pull-ups 4x20-35 bent-over rows 4x15 deadli…[View]
58618075>don't shave it bro!!! all men look better with hair!!! balding is a death sentence!!…[View]
58618438How do you approach a cute guy: There's this cute asian guy at my gym but he always has his hea…[View]
58618285What mode is this?: ...and why is it so smug?[View]
58619015This is my goal physique. He looks strong, masculine, and highly sexually potent. This is what I wan…[View]
58615131i snoozed again why am i like this... the bed is so warm and comfy...[View]
58609358>Go to /fit/ to ask about catholic workout songs >Go to gym and plan to look at thread later …[View]
58618199Leg day once a week: Have any of you had good results with this? Is one day a week enough? I feel li…[View]
58618877Ok seriously wtf. Just tried this for the first time. Background: fit, Army infantry, lots of stress…[View]
58616987how do i get a tummy like this?[View]
58611369Does your IQ have a significant impact on your ability to get /fit/?[View]
58606928/plg/ - Powerlifting General: Flexin' edition >How to The Press with Big Boy https://youtu.b…[View]
58619429I'm stalling @ 215 bench 1RM. How do you guys get past a plateau?[View]
58618646What is your ideal body?[View]
58610766Home gym: '24/7' my ass Any tips on building a home gym?[View]
58619541How should I put the weight down after a set of RDLs without dropping it? Can I allow my back to rou…[View]
58616540what would you boys do if you saw me at the gym? :P[View]
58618209If I lift weights, will other men leave me alone?[View]
58619279How long did it take you to get from a 50kg to 60kg OHP?[View]
58618999Why does everybody look like faggots now ? And its me or everybody is becoming more womanlike in the…[View]
58617814Anybody ever just mix creatine in their water bottle and drink it during their workouts? Seems much …[View]
58613704>welcome to /fit/ how tough are ya? I eat my OMAD at NOON instead of DINNER…[View]
58619096holy fuck guys when da fuk will my legs get thicker i look like a fucking bird what the hell i have …[View]
58616977Farmers Walks: Why are you not doing farmers walks /fit/?[View]
58619287Fit Christmas Gifts: I want to get my dad a fitness-related gift for Christmas. The only issue is th…[View]
58617524Vitamin B12 deficiency: >abused alcohol for the past 2 years >yesterday all of the sudden deve…[View]
58619154Any eurofag homegym anons here? Why the FUCK does everyone only sell 30mm weights and shitty 30mm sp…[View]
58617743What is the link between muscle growth and bulking?: Hello /fit/izens, I’m seeing more and more peop…[View]
58619138Me on the right ;)[View]
58617965Ever since I started drinking >2L water per day I have to piss constantly, it's so fucking a…[View]
58617075Safe stack? low libido but why?: I need some advice with the following stack. I feel pretty good, it…[View]
58619025What’s /fit/‘a estimate on muscle mass gained per week on 450-500mg/wk test cyp? Water weight gained…[View]
58618893>shitskins fucking in the gym shower again > they think people cant hear the check clapping ti…[View]
58618997Why do the glowies use this board as a dumping ground for images of underage girls? What is there to…[View]
58618896how do femcels compete?[View]
58612078GREG BTFO: Hahahaha it’s yo boy...Chris Jones If only he made a video like this about Blaha https:/…[View]
58617985What was his routine?[View]
58618887what the fuck 4chan: Recently got sick (about a two weeks ago), stopped working out and started eati…[View]
58618198>joker sets[View]
58618286I just broke a 7 day fast 36 hours in. How do I overcome this weakness? I keep telling myself how if…[View]
58618040Hypertrophy: I moved to 5 sets of 15 for hypertrophy, but I've been doing it for a few weeks an…[View]
58618580I used to be a nerd, played vidya 12 hours a day. Still do. But now i do sports and lift, and i cann…[View]
58578320Dream body vs real body: Let's see what you're working towards /fit/. Bleach may have terr…[View]
58618719I do not feel like buying things like gatorade. Do you think pedialyte + a little sugar + protein po…[View]
58617354BABY LIFE'S WHAT YOU MAKE IT CELEBRATE IT! This is a call for blackpillers on this board to shu…[View]
58616310Anyone else see Connor's newest stories? He's gone back in the loony bin for a week but th…[View]
58617104I stopped working out when the lockdown started in the UK, and I have got used to not working out no…[View]
58618756How big do i have to be, so i can wear a southern flag jacket outside and not have cucks question my…[View]
58608013mogmas: BRVTAL MOGGINGS THREAD[View]
58617586lifting music thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIjTFrPYC64 post songs that inspire you…[View]
58617872Anyone get hate at the gym?: Be Indian guy who is really muscular and strongest in the gym. Get hat…[View]
58589369Running General: Snow Edition Pastebin of general for you lazooks. https://pastebin.com/MfiJi4YV Cou…[View]
58618683Which is better: Gradual change or personal rebirth? Making small steps for the better every day wor…[View]
58618172Who else is having McBreakfast today?[View]
58614222incomplete (plant) proteins if you dont get bcaa and you only eat plant/onions protein will you get …[View]
58617417I supplement 25mg of zinc citrate every day. I eat 5oz of beef liver once a week. Will the copper in…[View]
58617997preworkout: Is preworkout worth it? What does it do exactly?[View]
58617910cut on lockdown?: >be skinnyfat >finally get my shit together and cut >skinny >decide to…[View]
58614187I’m too heartbroken to hit the gym[View]
58614646Is it harder to achieve a 4 plate squat or a three plate bench? Realistically could I get to a 3 pl…[View]
58616400do you think ronnie coleman could still put together a coherent sentence and walk to the toilet to t…[View]
58617932Mogged: It's over for manlets like the mountain, never even stood a chance[View]
58614291weighted push ups vs bench press: is weighted push ups inferior than bench press ? I want to remove …[View]
58617608haven't had morning wood in years: how do i fix this I've been lifting for a year now and …[View]
58615856Thanks for exposing them, bros: Evil has been defeated[View]
58617704Skin care: >2 liters of water per day >physical exercises >8 hours of sleep >no cigarett…[View]
58617143nothing better than post nut clarity..ahh no pussy tells me what to do i do whatever the fuck i want…[View]
58613339>making good gains >go barber, ask for a skinfade >fucks me up What do in this situation? D…[View]
58614239Ausfag General /AFG/: Gday lads Trained arms today What'd you cunts train? Also fark its hot…[View]
58618067Rate my vegetarian friendly 3k cals a day diet. I've even budgeted it for you poorfags out ther…[View]
58617739What's the best height for natty lifting? If you're too short you will look stumpy but if…[View]
58617956I've been told by several people I walk like I'm in the military. I have pretty good postu…[View]
58616365For which purpose, do you lift?[View]
58617164Yo /fit/ thanks for motivating me to get a gym membership. Hopefully in a while I won't be such…[View]
58616680/sleep/: Thread for all things sleep, oft overlooked part of fitness. I've always been a side s…[View]
58617265I'm inevitable[View]
58617422>report gym for not enforcing a mask policy >they get shut down for a week Wear the mask…[View]
58613591Don't tell me you forgot about the GOAT piece of equipment for all upper body gains, /fit/?[View]
58617708>that one time I measured the serving size of my PWO wrong and slammed 600mg of caffeine at once…[View]
58610961Goals: Post 'em[View]
58613856Why are fit, muscular guys always portrayed as villains in media? Why are they always defeated by av…[View]
58616890let's settle the debate once for all: are those useful?[View]
586168064 months gym and cardio. I think i made it frens[View]
58613818Jutpill: take the jutpill, it could save a chinlets life. Just manually jut your lower jaw forward.…[View]
58616814How do I grow a neck like Kimi's ?[View]
58616541Do you work out when you're hung over?[View]
58613906PPL or upper lower[View]
58616156How does one attain this physique?[View]
58617288You could not live with your own failure. Where did that bring you? Back to me.[View]
58611833How do I achieve this TRUE STRENGTH natty?[View]
58609386How to fix nerd neck?: Do neck bridges and pushing your head against your hands while holding head i…[View]
58614943Femanon here: I hate doing cardio but my friend is telling me that getting a dog will force me to do…[View]
58616864lets make a new anthem one reply at a time i'll start mister big guy[View]
58614968Raw diet: Pros and cons of eating only raw vegetables for a month?[View]
58616285Is it fine to eat chicken every day for 2 weeks?[View]
58616037For me it's blue plastic https://youtu.be/Ov66aRdwXKQ[View]
58616527What is the redpill for healthy looking skin?: This redness on my cheeks makes me look like a pussy …[View]
58615937Dumbbells: Does training with dumbbells increase your forearm size? Since I’ve been training at home…[View]
58617144>Walking down the stairs with my father, carrying stuff >Dad: What happened to the weak, skinn…[View]
58615930is this achievable?[View]
58617135i accidentally the entire garloid[View]
58617029>have to be skinny as shit to make my face look good >been eating a clean as fuck diet >dec…[View]
58615840What are your go to bulking foods?[View]
58614089At 6'4 with a very broad frame, would I be better off going strong-fat over ottermode?[View]
58616423Deload squats or deadlifts?: SS DYEL-fag here, 29 yo 175 cm about 85 kgs. As part of deloading after…[View]
58616415I can do like 2/3 chinups and 15-20 pushups, what do i do?[View]
58616861starting strenght a year into lifting: so i think i've fucked up boys. I've been following…[View]
58611476Is this achievable natty?[View]
58614558What is the lifting scene like in prison?[View]
58616753Red pill me on zma? Is it better to just get the individual vitamins from Walgreens or Amazon or sho…[View]
58615610Vegetarian /fit/: How to get fit while vegetarian? I will cut meat consumption to like once or twice…[View]
58610064thefinalredpill: >listen to your body[View]
58615624Has anyone worked out while using pure oxygen? I imagine the sets are better and that you can go for…[View]
58614431Thoughts on Trystyn Lee? Is he natty?[View]
58613602I took DNP and totally forgot that I already took a pill five minutes ago. I am panicking the fuck o…[View]
58615442Is the russian cheeseman our hero, /fit/? >chaddy Santa beard >obviously lifts and get his bre…[View]
58616368>walk into gym >I AM THE STORM THAT IS APPROACHING…[View]
58616373Roast me: Lemme hear what you weak /fit people think.[View]
58615789CHEAT MEAL.: how often do you have cheat meal? just had my first cheat meal of the month. am i gonna…[View]
58616489Does fasting clear acne?[View]
58616306Got pine pollen powder yesterday. What am I in for?[View]
58600541If I am a tall female (5'10) should I put on muscle and max out snusnu mode, or will that scare…[View]
58610846Does not cooming help gains?: Help bros with no nut do you notice any difference?[View]
58612872Reminder to go outside. Go climb mountains and hike through forests. Bath in cold rivers and lakes, …[View]
58614994>benched 1pl8 x 5 for 3 full sets for the first time in my life[View]
58616075post goal bodies[View]
58613092Alright anons, I gotta level with you, this post is gonna look and sound dumb but only you guys can …[View]
58615023How to avoid ballon type chests like pic related? Looks shit, not even talking about the disproporti…[View]
58616105>enter American gym >OH SAY CAN YOU SEE >kneel >get shot DOG BLESS AMERICA…[View]
58615640Cardiovascular: Sup /fit/ what is the best training for heart health on rest days? I try running but…[View]
58605824I'm gonna minoxidil the fuck out of this shit: How often should I apply? Was thinking about doi…[View]
58611866This is more of a health realted question. After maybe years or months I just this week noticed it…[View]
58614413What do you guys think about drinking beer, and smoking? Dudes like Norman Reedus drink a lot of bee…[View]
58612166bros whats it mean that my heart rate is consistently in the 110s?[View]
58615816What is a idiot proof chest strengthening program?[View]
58615033>some days can do 5 pull ups in a set >other days I do one set of 3 and can't get over th…[View]
58615029Recommend me a yogi > no women > no gays > no shitskins > no chuds…[View]
58615862What are the most IMPORTANT exercises i should do for a FULL body workout? Please tell me I'm s…[View]
58615095Kali Muscle: Whats the consensus[View]
58615751weightlifting shoes: Are these worth it or just a waste of money? I dont do olympic weightlifting bu…[View]
58612679>Scooby's body looks like sh-[View]
58611586Not-Horse Stall Mats: I was told that horse stall mats are toxic and shouldnt be used for gym floori…[View]
58613158>150g protein in one meal[View]
58604445I'm an 18 yr old boy trying to gain muscle mass (currently at a healthy 138 pounds at 5'9 …[View]
58611909Masks for working out?: The rule at my gym since they reopend has been that you don't have to w…[View]
58584948Are women above 5 ‘5 even worth lifting for /fit/?[View]
58614921after about a year of on again off again routines I'm gonna try to make a genuine effort to bec…[View]
58615403I got fat. Snake Diet?: Dear /fit/, After getting a job after being unemployed, and stress eating d…[View]
58614131>be me >fat ass my whole life >Turn 20 and decide to lose weight >Lose 50 lbs over a few…[View]
58615583Are ring pushups a good subsitute for benching if you don't have space for a bench?[View]
58611430Help: Is this a good deal? Does it matter if they are uneven and mismatched?[View]
58615055finally got those siips you guys were talking about, this is GREAT![View]
58611968Wie ich mich fühle wenn ich von einer Frau in Dubai Fotos schiesse[View]
58613349Take the hiking pill, /fit/[View]
58614559fuark: ive had the same damn haircut forever. can i grow it out and pull off the eboy haircut or doe…[View]
58611462ITT easy shit that makes all the difference: Anything that takes relatively little effort but has no…[View]
58611606Is GOOD coffee for you?[View]
58614934How can i stop my fucking shoulders from popping and snapping at every fucking movement? I also want…[View]
58605798How do i get rid of this white shit on my tongue? It looks bad and it makes my breath bad[View]
58612621>first time I have tried milk in 2 years >instant diarrhea explain…[View]
58615180Night eating syndrome: How do I deal with this? It's not to the point of binge eating, but at 3…[View]
58611629Name the exercises that only FAGGOTS do.[View]
58612995Which one is the most fit in this picture?[View]
58615163NECKPILL: can someone post the linus tech tips neckpill?[View]
58615193what are some exercises?[View]
58615103(mocking /fit/): How much do I have to lift to get a gf like this? >supermodel >world-class ac…[View]
58613791Cutting advice: Is it better to stop eating after about 7 PM and try to induce a mini fast until the…[View]
58613311How do I improve my lung function? Want to join the military but the doctor told me to fuck off. My …[View]
58602378Yes, Dad Bods Are Hot – Research Proves It: >>Personality over abs >Interestingly, some wom…[View]
58615141I developed GERD when bulking, i now have often as fuck shit like burping,bloating and sometimes hea…[View]
58614403Train Insane![View]
58613533do you have any autistic reasons for lifting? I sometimes imagine myself in a sword and socery setti…[View]
58612775Decide to watch one of my gf’s yoga videos that she loves so much >instructor appears to making …[View]
58612890I FINALLY DID IT: >Have always been pretty fat >Don't have any equipment or access to a g…[View]
58614967Hey /fit/ , you got any tips for where to shop for Olympic Plates and Barbells? Found a decent squat…[View]
58609425We know it makes you retarded, but does the regular usage of cannabis affect gains from lifting? Wou…[View]
58614491SL Dyel Progress: Thanks to the anon that introduced me to Stronglifts, a month ago I was a listless…[View]
58614920>finally start enjoying working out thank you squats[View]
58614730fasted running?: i ran 7k today and i realised that i didn't have anything to eat for over 12 h…[View]
58614422Will lifting help me become more manly?: I want to finally break away from modernity and return to w…[View]
58614108Sleep health: So I've struggled with sleep a long time cause I've been addicted to caffein…[View]
58611672Well that explains why her physique is in perpetual decline. She went v*Gan.[View]
58611562Hand grippers ?: does hand gripper do something other dumbbell or bodyweight exercises do ?[View]
58610409Singlehandedly destroys your life and fitness: >extra stress and anxiety why is it shilled here?…[View]
58599652What lifts do I need to be able to do this for 10 minutes ? The load is 165-170lbs. Is it too heavy?…[View]
58612593could they beat Miocic and Cormier in a street fight?[View]
58612365ginseng: ever try a ginseng supplement? how does it make you feel? how does it compare to coffee? wh…[View]
58614393ITT discuss plans/tips/techniques to get to 2/3/4/5 My stats currently are: OHP: 155 Bench: 250 Squa…[View]
58612636protein powder: lets talk protein powder, boys. what brand do you use? what do you recommend? how do…[View]
58614232Is this achievable natty? What routine would I want to achieve CHUD mode? I'm currently 5 foot …[View]
58614268When does LP run out?: I'm still making gains every workout 135/230/350/360[View]
58613482>bench press >don't own a boat[View]
58611778I’m going to start living in my own apartment in the next month or so and am going to fast until I’m…[View]
58610433Rate this man on a 1-10 scale[View]
58612068I love lifting: > Be sad > Lift weights > Feel happy > Be anxious > Lift weights …[View]
58613053I know that all gains can be got from barbell and dumbbell but my dad bought this shitty thing so ca…[View]
58610983is it possible to turn a /fat/ girl into a /fit/ girl in the longterm? or do they always revert?[View]
58610459FUCK this guy.[View]
58613022quick abs for my ex//exercises for swimmers: Hey bros, so I'm a swimmer and my pool is closing …[View]
58610549What body wash do you use? Any good recs?[View]
58613373>failing all the exams I thought I did good in >Doing better on the exams I barely study/try i…[View]
58613718Is this not the most insane hairline you've ever seen[View]
58609179Consensus on if tofu is good or not?: It has pretty good stats for lean bulking with 70 calories and…[View]
58608973Repent for saying he was fat and weak and subscribe to his onlyfans[View]
58610943run 100 miles[View]
58598906/feelsbar/ is open, whats on your mind /fit/?: Whatcha drinking tonight? How was thanksgiving? How a…[View]
58606086how to increase pull ups?: hello, I am currently stuck at 4 pull ups in one set and can't push …[View]
58609872I love doing pull ups[View]
58613246I put my cat on SS+GOMAD[View]
58613315Complete minimal-equipment home workout: This is a complete workout program (strength + cardio) base…[View]
58612589ITT: signs of a beta male: >doesn't shower at the gym after lifting definite sign of a small…[View]
58610172Smaller thighs: I have big muscular thighs due to genetics and can not put on proper pants. I am fai…[View]
58610269How tf do people do morning lifting sessions. I tried it today and I lifted way less, had shit recov…[View]
58610756Bros... I want to be a chad before is too late, I'm 26 now, I want to experience being a chad b…[View]
58613004How do I achieve dave 'the hammer' schultz mode?[View]
58613232Good eating.: So who here worked out like a beast to take advantage of a good meal this week?[View]
58612940>bulk >make strength gains but get a belly >cut >lose belly but lose strength gains…[View]
58612943Should I get a lower back support brace or a lifting belt for heavy squats?[View]
58612966How much do you think someone like Novikov eats in a day? I’m hard pressed to find a lot of strongme…[View]
58612743>Be me >Check weightbox >Fat >Work out and eat healthy >Dont check weightbox >Don…[View]
58612871Just because you're a manlet doesn't mean you can't find happiness. I'm 5'1…[View]
58610816ITT: ways /fit/ has changed you or your perception on things > Me a few years ago: fuck yea I…[View]
58601060Herpes: Hi /fit/ , long time shit poster on 4chan but my first time to this board. I think I caught …[View]
58611427Weed and bodybuilding: Let's talk about weed. It seems like every couple of days this topic com…[View]
58612782What do you do if you're built like this?[View]
58608367How can I stop mindlessly browsing this place and the Internet in general?[View]
58612058Did you close your rings today bros?[View]
58606537Do you have scapular awareness?: The scapula is the most important bone in the upper body, yet most …[View]
58612415Getting more defined cheekbones: Is there any way to work out the cheekbone muscles to make them mor…[View]
58611957Hotline /fit/: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vsZtCLMsevM >Fitness 8 >Diet 10 >Productivity…[View]
58611791Noob question: Is my routine shit? I started lifting in august doing this 6day PPLPPLX and it doesn…[View]
58612518Enough For Legs?: >Back Squat: 3x5 >RDL: 4x8 >Bulgarian Split Squat: 4x10 2x a week…[View]
58610267How long is rest between sets: is longer the better[View]
58611706Funny story from /sig/ My story from /sig/. You’ll get a chuckle. >so anon what have you done the…[View]
58609975Bulking season: >Don't worry Im bolking brah,it's bolken seeson When does it end? I…[View]
58608214Can you use testosterone on an “as needed” basis?: Thinking about buying pic related. Testogel, each…[View]
58612450>underdeveloped lower third and recessed maxilla it was over before it even started…[View]
58609821What are some common fitness advice you think are bullshit?[View]
58611561I don't feel anything when I do lat pull down machines, what are some back workouts that actual…[View]
58607277How do you keep a routine?: Sup bros >feel like shit for a month or so >find out i gained a bi…[View]
58612478>Gyms will stay closed for the winter >can't stop stress eating which all goes to my chil…[View]
58612426Has lifting help you achieve self actualization?[View]
58611798Im a male in my mid 20s and i have nasolabial folds of a late 40s person, or even 50s. I dont want t…[View]
58609151Its a mog or be mogged world.[View]
58610586What is /fit/s opinion on armpit shaving?[View]
58606782Is it safe to do whey protein only diet for a month? Im aiming to lose 10 kg till Christmas by doin…[View]
58610561Is salmon /fit/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYYf8cLUV5E[View]
58610941halfpoops: how to fix this? like ill do one log then the other one is like halfway and i cant push a…[View]
58610575What do you guys do when you feel intense dread and hopelessness?[View]
58612098Would it be very queer if I made that shirt a cutoff?[View]
58605338Do any of you have child-bearing hips and lift? IF you do post physique[View]
58606847Is this the most alpha leg exercise?: I dont get why squat is overhyped. Bulgarian split squats burn…[View]
58611734So back when I was fat I was looking for fat girls to lose weight together and have a nice bond, gue…[View]
58611764My sister came out as a lesbian and is dating this big build woman. I am living with my sister so th…[View]
58609316who else pulls their mask down under their nose while working out at the gym?[View]
58610891Is running for 25 mins with a heart rate of 185 ok? I'm 19 and pretty fit but i'm afraid I…[View]
58609026Is coffee actually good for you? I've heard that it reduces testosterone.[View]
58608672Nattycels: Is natty lifting a joke that everyone else is in on except me? Been lifting for 6 months…[View]
58610621Hey /fit/ do you coom before, not at all, or after a workout?[View]
58611799Nutrition/exercise for 77 year old: I helped grandma move into aged care today. The room next door h…[View]
58605309>62 years old >in better shape than 90% of this board How does she do it?…[View]
58611735How long until you recover from having overtrained and continued training for at least 3 months in a…[View]
58609271corona ruined my training, my job and my education, all my purposes in life, and that I've been…[View]
58608301How many /fit/izens would it take to defeat a trex? No weapons allowed. Only brawn.[View]
58610378Do you mind recommending a good abb wheel[View]
58610982Redpill me on meditation: I have an unusual panic disorder and I'm not willing to get into the …[View]
58605882>you cant turn fat into muscle >you cant be natty and build muscle and lost fat at the same ti…[View]
58610584Newfag here, is this a waste of time or is it worth following. https://www.docdroid.net/M5PgJSa/zyzz…[View]
58604202zoey andrews: can someone please explain this meme to me? is this a /fit/ inside joke or something? …[View]
58605151Liar company that sells false protein[View]
58611120How do I get my heart rate down to 30bpm?[View]
58609615>/fit/ tells me to stop doing strength training and focus on hypertrophy >Do hypertrophy for 6…[View]
58611098Are squats objectively the best workout?[View]
58611341Reminder: 90% of the people here don't even LOOK like they lift, let alone are remotely strong.…[View]
58611301What is the easiest certified trainer or anything similar that I can get? I dont want to take a 12 w…[View]
58606034reminder fitness is 98% lighting plus a pump[View]
58611081Deadlifts: So are you supposed to push the weight off the ground using your legs, or is your back/hi…[View]
58609107gained 15 pounds since yesterday: I ate a whole five pound turkey, a ton of mashed potatoes, and stu…[View]
58605809Is this ass enough to get female mires?[View]
58610306Muscle fatigue? Cardiovascular failure?: What do you do when you can no longer activate/flex this is…[View]
58610965What are is a good weekly exercise routine for building muscle?[View]
58605004women lift for a year to get these gains, why is womens fitness a joke?[View]
58610144is this actually work?[View]
58608065Are these good macros?[View]
58610528you build muscle while working out not while resting: if you build muscle while you rest explain peo…[View]
58604658Flex on Skype?: Any /fit/ bruhs do live flexing shows? Skype username is skypeeee647. Hmu[View]
58607543>went from 165 ottermode to 230 bear mode >more energy >more food >more strenght >hap…[View]
58609876Blaha: He looked good here[View]
58610770what happened to george leeman?: I know he went crazy and fell off the deep end. Had some sort of ab…[View]
58604931Dyel General /DG/: Feeling a little lethargic after all the Thanksgiving food. Need some motivation…[View]
58610719scared of heavy dumbbells falling into me: specifically dp overhead shoulder press how to deal with …[View]
58610807What's /fit/ up to tonight? Also pic related, it's tonight's shoulder routine.[View]
58610692Post physique: I need to bulk up a little but I’m almost there. Let’s see you all be honest with you…[View]
58608375What the fuck is an egg: Why would you eat an egg Egg stats (boiled mode): 7-13g protein 1.1g carbs …[View]
58610559Can one make it, without even realizing it?: >Be me in 8th grade >Have a qt 3.14 gf >Proble…[View]
58607635Shape rate thread: Rate me, I'll rate you[View]
58608935Do you mog the person you were last week?: Have you gotten fitter? Increased the weights you lift, o…[View]
58610454Is fasted cardio a meme?[View]
58609787how long does it take to go from 225 5x5 squat to 315 1rm squat??[View]
58610541Strawberrybro?: Where are you king? I miss you.[View]
58610023Body rate: Try to be as honest as you can.[View]
58610437shrugs/rack pulls/rows on leg day: I currently run a pull push legs, I do it six days a week. I’m th…[View]
58605406>spent two years in the gym taking advice from the local gym Chad >he told me to train legs tw…[View]
58608869calisthenics: neck gang gang >>58602211 last thread >>58585831[View]
58607326Natty or not, how good is Mike O'Hearns advice when it comes to training and nutrition?[View]
58606856Humour thread Lookists btfo edition[View]
58607926Should I bulk?: I want to lift heavy again bros but holy shit I was scrolling old pictures when I wa…[View]
58608919name a worse training fuckin automobile >knees hurt as fuck >if you watch netflix you slow to …[View]
58609980If I force myself to burp more, will I fart less? I’m tired of dropping ass while squatting[View]
58610217Is taking creatine a meme?: What's the difference with and without creatine? Is it a waste of m…[View]
58606160What is the cheapest meal prep for bulking?: I just lost my job so I need to develop a tighter budge…[View]
58610147>be having a normal day >become irrationally angry out of nowhere What the fuck is wrong wit…[View]
58610194I moonched again: It's the second time this week I hate myself This thing never happened to me …[View]
58604655Why can't anyone beat him in a debate?[View]
58606336WTB Stationary Bike: How do I pick a good stationary bike? Gyms are getting closed again, I have eno…[View]
58607613What are some substances that can calm someone down?: Preferably something I can sneak into coffee.…[View]
58609565>Be decent to good looking >Turn 24 >Suddenly get an exponential increase in the amount of …[View]
58607289core thread: how do i train core so that i dont die lifting[View]
58608778how long to achieve this starting from zero?[View]
58609062Does coffee lose its 'awakening and energizing' effects: If i drink 2 or sometimes 3 cups a day? Is …[View]
58609439>be me >be 5'7 >weight 200 pounds and have a crippling addiction to flamin hot Cheet…[View]
58608406Legs giving out: I’ve been running/walking everyday since covid hit and now my legs occasionally giv…[View]
58609797When did LP stop for you?: And when should I expect to stop making gains every 1-2 sessions?[View]
58600170What shoes do you wear to the gym?[View]
58609731whats happens if you eat 10 boiled eggs at once?[View]
58609230Thoughts on eating something sugary before a workout, like a chocolate bar or donut? I know caffein…[View]
58605789self improvement general: what little thing did you today to be a bit better than yesterday? >i d…[View]
58608394/addiction/ general: I'm addicted to several things all at once, and they all feed into each ot…[View]
58609573The gyms are closed and I have reverted back to sniffing ketamine and drinking cheap lager in my sho…[View]
58607824How do I keep this from happening?[View]
58607913>be me >wake up 430 am -- BAM energy >work out hard >low energy rest of the say >slee…[View]
58608317What to do during rest: What do you guys do during your rests? I just browse /fit/ and count down th…[View]
585989376'2 206 lbs If I fast my way down to 170 do you think my love handles/man boobs will go away?: …[View]
58608813Is this the greatest strongman of North Macedonian descent?[View]
58594876Gut health: What specific things are you doing to keep a healthy gut /fit/?[View]
58603379/mag/ - Martial Arts General: WSHH edition[View]
58607553almost 11 months of exercising, mostly calisthenics due to corona, what do you think?[View]
58607078Why does my body look like trash?[View]
58607297This nigga eating pop tarts[View]
58607044>last set of ohp >world turns grey and starts shaking…[View]
58608733How long can I last on a diet consisting entirely of alcohol, energy drinks and fast food? Does that…[View]
58608987I can't do lowbar back squats for shit. What is the front squat equivalent of a 3 pl8 backsquat…[View]
58606223/fit/ should I: A) Spend $200 on an 80lb pair of Dumbbells to complete my home gym Or B) Keep spe…[View]
58609247Tryppin: You guys ever try tryptophan before? How has it affected your gains?[View]
58598913are facetats /fit/ ?: should I get face tats? it seems like ugly guys can get girls way out of their…[View]
58603047Gainz thread: Realistically, how much kgs of muscle do I need to gain to get a decent back double bi…[View]
58608552Gym closure extended for another month[View]
58602050how do we solve the manlet problem? can you imagine being under 6'4 and having the absolute che…[View]
58603877dyel thread: dyel thread[View]
58601107What is the one lift you go apeshit in?[View]
58604995If you had to choose one What's better for boxing cardio endurance? Working up to running/sprin…[View]
58589275Fph: Fast is getting tough, I need some motivation[View]
58601535Who was in the wrong here?[View]
58608616/fit/ places to fuck? Also fuck jannies bros please help: I got this fucking slampig whore from the …[View]
58606120Weight gain tips pls: I know there's stuff about weight gain in the sticky but I need more help…[View]
58601691>doesn't shower at the gym after lifting definite sign of a small penis and low self esteem.…[View]
58607169flexibility: do you really need to do this painful shit to be flexible? https://youtu.be/Cb9c-dw2xd…[View]
58602487Why do people do THIS?[View]
58598999>Could put 10/10 athletic performances while being stuffed on cocaine >Meanwhile people on /fi…[View]
58608231yoga: I started doing a 30 day yoga series on youtube a few days ago and am discovering how incredib…[View]
58603319Its chest day.[View]
58608056if you do keto you are probably braindead: why do ketocunts insist on lumping all carbs together?…[View]
58607899Kettlebells: Anyone have a good source for proper form on kettlebell exercises? I've been worki…[View]
58606983Can you actually properly train while wearing a mask?[View]
58599192Is the art of manliness a good channel for self improvement?: >wood cutting >facial grooming …[View]
58605876how much should male weigh when benching 100kg at 6 feet hieght[View]
58603041The Try Guys are getting Buff!: Apologize now, /fit/ https://youtu.be/kU3tErybK0E[View]
58605871I was on Grindr and this guy claims to be natty Is he?[View]
58607846/fit/ recipe thread: What are some good /fit/ recipes? Chicken breast with rice is starting to get b…[View]
58607019MMAutists think weight doesn't matter: while in reality a guy like pic related would break you …[View]
58605410Are these things worth it? Do they improve your recovery?[View]
58607658I don’t want to eat today. I did not overeat yesterday and I am not craving food as I usually do. Do…[View]
58605646>Anon starts meme myProtein sells incomplete protein >Eddie Hall uploads this video: https://w…[View]
58606736>focusing on your bench instead of overhead press[View]
58606664>gym is empty >instantly got 100% stronger So, how did you guys found out you had a bankai?…[View]
58606505Australian Push Ups to Pull Ups: Can you simply train Australian push ups until you can do a pull up…[View]
58607534>listen to metal while working out >get mad for not able to finish rep >listen to 80s/90s m…[View]
58602145What is /fit/s opinion on shaving your pubes?[View]
58605028I'm going insane: >train for years of my life >put in countless hours and endure so much …[View]
58589393I fell for the 'just do compounds' meme. I bench 140kg for 4 reps paused, I can do 5 chins…[View]
58605962BMR: Does eating at your BMR guarantee fatloss, or does it just slow your metabolism down?[View]
58605567Light lifting?: Hey imbeciles , fat manlet here starting his journey and im just wondering. I have t…[View]
58602771you're benching more than a 154lbs dude.. right anon?[View]
58606742How do i achive this look? What does a person like this eat and how does he workout?[View]
58598933I hate it here. Why does a board devoted to fitness focus so much attention on physical traits that …[View]
58605711Post NEGATIVE motivation - things that make you want to lift because you don't want to end up l…[View]
58606605Fat: How much fat should I consume per day if I'm aiming for builtfat/bearmode? I generally jus…[View]
58606008how do i make my jewish gf addicted to sucking my dick?[View]
58606860Who else here 4/3/2/1?[View]
58605470Whats for breakfast /fit/?: 3 eggs, 1 red pepper, ~3-4 cups of spinach and a 1/4 cup of feta cheese …[View]
58607218I posted this before, but lost the thread bc retarded What are some good Catholic workout songs? Met…[View]
58605175>he doesn't have abs[View]
58600220Cigarettes really help surpressing my appetite. The downside is it costs too fucking much[View]
58605642How do you escape a chokehold on the ground? Is it possible for your neck to be strong enough to avo…[View]
58585831calisthenics:: handstand edition last thread doesn't count because it sucked[View]
58606642this board is a bunch of faggots[View]
58606960>that great overwhelming after-workout feeling is over and I'm starting to feel like a depre…[View]
58606913If I just started binge eating 24/7 from here on out, about how long would it take me to die?[View]
58605422Kinda embarrassing but: I fucking suck at push ups. I know what to do: get into a plank position, br…[View]
58606850where do you guys get your workout routines from? pic unrelated[View]
58596242/PLG/ - POWERLIFTING GENERAL: >Cat edition >How to The Press with Big Boy https://youtu.be/_3V…[View]
58603766Can someone explain whats up with Tom and Jesse? These 2 cucks have been training with 2 of the supp…[View]
58606480>tfw regular sunlight keeps my energy levels, mood, libido all through the roof. Feel like a horn…[View]
58605816necessary exercises to build an aesthethic body?[View]
58605656Roidcels BTFO[View]
58605701How do I fix this?[View]
58600646What’s this?: Hello fit, didn’t know where to ask. What is this bubble below my tongue? I went to t…[View]
58605737I give up: some exercises are simply not for everyone, almost a year of training and still can'…[View]
58606607Is bench pressing more difficult for taller people with longer arms?[View]
58605076Is this board /b/? If not, then jannies do your job and get rid of the fags who post straight up por…[View]
58606208Explain why you like lifting. What is it that you enjoy about it? Or do you even enjoy it?[View]
58594890when will this fucking bigot finally get cancelled? >hurr wearing masks bad >calinesthtics bad…[View]
58605006How to get this bod?: Im currently 65kilos and ~180 cm tall. What workouts to you think will help me…[View]
58604811How do I engage my pectorals? I sarted doing pushups, i get tired, but i don't feel the same mu…[View]
58604616Did you look better when you were fat?[View]
58602591Which one is the ideal, which is most based time, which is the worst? https://youtu.be/Xrp0zJZu0a4[View]
58599497confess to the fit wojak 'you are not an actual atheist, are you?' edition[View]
58604027I got a date next tuesday, and noticed my cock shrink due to my dirty bulking fat. How much fat can …[View]
58605094Wie ich mich fühle wenn ich von einer Frau in Dubai Fotos schiesse[View]
58605908favorite /fit/ youtube channels?: for me it's fitness feuds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8c…[View]
58603636What are your go to gym songs to get you amped? I've found myself going back to metal often but…[View]
58603778Is hummus and vegetable chips an appropriate snack to eat while on a cut?[View]
58604976Are sledge hammers, sled push/pull, and carry style workouts good for building/ preserving mass? Abo…[View]
58606113>got 2 da gym >Did 110 kg 3 rep squat,75 kg bench 5 rep and 100 kg 3 rep row >Went to bathr…[View]
58572905Adding weight to my squat is hurting lower back. I've had someone check my form and they said i…[View]
58601164Things i need to work on/im proud of: post em lads[View]
58604770>dumbbell lunges >mouth still dry[View]
58602418What's up the the sudden influx of trannies, homos and women? /fit/ has never been worse than i…[View]
58605250how do I do this exercise without risking crushing my boipucci?[View]
58604518how do you get better at jogging? i keep jogging but i feel an acute need to piss or shit.[View]
58605880Are mushrooms good for you?[View]
58605860Torn Hip Labrum: Anyone have experience with this? Doctor thinks I have one and I will likely need s…[View]
58605800>feeling demotivated lately cuz cutting sucks and work sucks >look at progress pics and actual…[View]
586054871234: What did you get first out of 1/2/3/4? Just hit 1pl8 OHP press for a few reps today.[View]
58605549U mirin bro[View]
58604325Triceps pushdown: Does going too hard on this exercise cause pain? Because I've been feeling a …[View]
58605595Natty or not ?[View]
58605691>*humiliate your local vegan*[View]
58605678Ever since I stopped drinking diet coke I've stopped being unreasonbly fucking hugnry all the t…[View]
58605025Half rack or full rack? Anyone know of any good Black Friday deals on equipment?[View]
58601890Anyone else have a personality change when cutting/bulking? When I was 20%bf I was nice, patient and…[View]
58604417Minimalism: I just removed everything i didnt need from my room. Went from having 10 000+ photos and…[View]
58604826Getting /fit/ helps you be social, but how does one be social and use their gains? How do you not be…[View]
58596161Do people get to 1/2/3/4 by doing stronglifts 5x5?[View]
58603669Uhh, bros?[View]
58605374Why do my morning runs suck: can't run a half mile in the morning. >regularly competed in 10…[View]
58605180i can bench 80kg for 1 rep. am i making it?[View]
58601417Could a skinny, untrained person, break through a wooden door? How many would it take if not? >yo…[View]
58604206Redpill on sprinting: To the right: German record holder in the 100m sprint, Julian Reus The the lef…[View]
58604772How to manage time?: I have always been a retard with time management, not only with lifting but in …[View]
58605048Dad is complaining of arthritis all over his body, was considering ordering him a THC/CBD and turmer…[View]
58602124how long does it take to turn pancakes into thicc as cakes?[View]
58604792How into Machamp mode? Also is he natty?[View]
58604373Fat loss for Martial Arts: So theres this guy who lives around my neighbourhood and he trained in Mu…[View]
58599954vintage mode: How difficult is it to look like this?[View]
58601693Good warmup for shoulders and abs?: I need a good warmup for shoulders and abs. I need to this befor…[View]
58604500Can people with a really low body fat percentage actually bleed to death from a papercut/razor blade…[View]
58595686Post your long-term goal body in this thread[View]
58601458How fast can you get a boner?: so this question popped in my head today and I decided to time myself…[View]
58604089Im 35 % bodyfat and im 5,5/10 facewise Will i look chad when im 8 % bodyfat ?[View]
58594891How do you build forearms?[View]
58592646/fraud/ general: She's back - old at 300 Before asking your stupid beginner questions (yes, th…[View]
58603356HUMOUR THREAD: ctrl + f -> no ht -> ht fuck captcha edition ready to bulk with the incoming fe…[View]
58604465I want to build a /fit/ back. How can i do that without a gym.[View]
58600215>wife and kids get in the way of his routine and diet >he strangles them all is he the ultimat…[View]
58599091Control over one's emotions: How do you attain full control over your emotions? If the answer i…[View]
58604563>start antipsychotics >not crazy now but gained 60 lbs Would you rather be obese or hear voice…[View]
58603481Strength/growth balance: I did basic compounds for about 4 months before recently switching to dumbb…[View]
58604543Why the FUCK do i keep stalling or even regressing in the gym? 2 weeks ago i did 2 sets of 35kg x8 d…[View]
58603052Calorie surplus: For reasons beyond my control, I only have access to work out equipment twice a wee…[View]
58603639>one chance in life >5'5 in sweden[View]
58604423>do keto >cortisol skyrockets >testosterone goes down >have way worse sleep >gain a l…[View]
58602521Has exercise given you mental gains? It hasn't worked for me as of yet[View]
58602233Purely to attract a female, should I work upper or lower more during the week? What will grow quicke…[View]
58601165Eggs, good or bad? Explain[View]
58601272Post your home workout routines while gyms are locked down[View]
58603566What's the most healthy BMI to stay at for best long term health?[View]
58597882The charges, officer?[View]
58603513Does the barbell row really do anything?: Seriously. It doesn't feel like it's activating …[View]
58604273Thanksgiving Mire Thread: I'll start >be me, home from uni >chopping potatoes in a tank t…[View]
58600977/scandibros/: Dagens planer grabbar?[View]
58601361>stopped smoking >stopped drinking >started eating clean >gaining weight (been underweig…[View]
58595875how the fuck do I get stronger erections[View]
58602305Got this. It seems that it just needs to be extended onto the doorframe. The problem is it leaves ma…[View]
58602618If youre naty and you love it clap your hands (clap) (clap)[View]
58603413What's the correct balance between High test Chad and not having a monkey behavior?[View]
58603938Neck thread: >inb4 compounds What are the best exercises for training and isolating the neck? Are…[View]
58601604I lift so this never happens to me[View]
58601396Can i get to 1/2/3/4 at 6’3 180lbs or do i need to gain weight?[View]
58599441Tips on achieving low bodyfat DYEL bodymode like pic related?[View]
58603431I think I have slight knee bursitis from squatting 3-4 times a week for almost 2 months as a total n…[View]
58603673Bulking: When people talk about bulking, I know it means eating more than your TDEE to gain weight. …[View]
58603255Online forum for throat sti: Guys, do you know some online forum with stories and such where people …[View]
58603172Is subway /fit/?: Whats your order >tuna sub, italian bread >lettuce, onion, jalapenos, sweet …[View]
58597753How much protein do you really need?: Can't you get away with like 0.5 g/lb of protein a day?…[View]
58603705What mode is this and how to achieve it?[View]
58602917Creatine: I never used creatine but bought some earlier today. Dude from the store adviced me to qui…[View]
58603329Does creatine illicit hair loss: I'm about to start dosing 5g everday. Have any of you personal…[View]
58603211Starting Strenght app: Is it worth it?[View]
58601595Adjustable dumbbells, worth it?: Bong here. I don't trust our incompetent politicians not to pu…[View]
58601676Keto: yes or no? I have to add that I’m not obese but quite lean and want to maintain my muscle mass[View]
58601101Do fitness apps that give you routines actually work? >dont want to go togym cause im insecure …[View]
58602464Keep working out guys >https://youtu.be/vNYLGGIaSqg?t=159[View]
58603532Say it[View]
58598079abs: what do you guys do for abs? mine still wont show i workout abs everyday :([View]
58603279Whats a proper bulking training program: Would 5x5 or 3x8 be good ? And what lifts do I mainly focus…[View]
58600450/ski/ Sking General - Cardiovascular gains: Have you ever gone skiing anon? How long did it take you…[View]
58603419adding volume to SL: what exercises should I add to which days? Does it matter? How much?[View]
58599799Ausfag General - Why do the jannies do it for free edition: Gday lads, fuck the tranny jannie cunt W…[View]
58599724Ausfag General: Gday fellas welcome to /afg/ Nuke Melbourne when? Whadya train today? Whats for di…[View]
58603123Is this article with the 'best ppl' routine legit? https://builtwithscience.com/push-pull-legs-routi…[View]
58602732How do alphas get motivated for leg day?[View]
58599429Expire protein powder: Found some protein powder Is this shit safe to consume?[View]
58600776would you stay /fit/ if you were to become a millionaire/billionaire?[View]
58601261should i trust this man?[View]
58602639>473 ng/dL testosterone >too high for TRT, too low for gains…[View]
58603009How loud are these? I'm thinking about getting one, but I live in a flat. I know they are loud,…[View]
58600752This is an evil liar company![View]
58600581Does /fit/ drain?[View]
58587196Are psychadelics safe?: Are they? What did he do wrong?[View]
58602161Calisthenics: Basics edition: Where should I start? What are some achievable goals to set?[View]
58601264eggs: i like to pretend they are pussy and eat them[View]
586010282-3 years ago I lost 80ish pounds and I’m down to the last 15-20 but Ive been stuck at this weight f…[View]
58601056What's a good exercise to substitute for squats on the SS b workout? I was thinking skull crush…[View]
58599839Looksmaxing: Give all your looksmaxing tips. >100 brush strokes for your hair like your granny sa…[View]
58602718*Ruins otherwise good fit youtube videos*: *Heh nothing personnel kid*[View]
58596448Today, a guy corrected me at the gym when I was doing pull ups, he said that I had to stick out my c…[View]
58600216>wake up >pour myself a cup of Coffee™ to start the day >sit at my desk >open /fit/ >…[View]
58599120How do you cope with losing your gains as you get older?[View]
58599350Is 5x25 pushups a lot?[View]
58599963Reaction Time: What are the exercises, both physical and mental, for improving reaction time? Trying…[View]
58601369>be me, 22 year old >bad sleep recently >last night slept 2 hours, woke up couldn’t fall b…[View]
58602329Feels: Got too motivated and over did it and overworked a muscle and now I cant work out for at leas…[View]
58602049HSPU broken blood vessels: Getting pretty comfortable at hand stand push ups. This happens to me eve…[View]
58599131Any tinnitus bros? I'm on like year 2. How do I stop from going insane in 5-10 years? I'm …[View]
58602103>slav >brown hair >king of manlets…[View]
58598807will reddit ever make it?[View]
58601813bruh... look at this dude[View]
5860046075 Hard: Has anyone on here ever done 75 day hard? From what I read it’s a mental/physical challenge…[View]
58602122What are /fit/'s thoughts: on this straight BEAST: my boy Aaron lambo?[View]
58601760Does methanol affect gains?: often after lunges im so sore i walk like a retard. I started putting i…[View]
58600702How to lift while cutting: Because the lockdown I went back to calisthenics and now I have to start …[View]
58598539why cant i have this?: Anons would life better for us in rural soviet russia. All I want is to just …[View]
58601256Should I be consuming a lot of protein on rest days: I usually drink one whey shake a day on my PPL …[View]
58599064Is Judo a good martial art or is it gay? I want to look cool like Putin :3[View]
58601843Is there any gyms that ban women from them yet?[View]
58597872I did a lot of dieting and cardio and managed to reduce my weight from 108kg to 76kg (I'm 180cm…[View]
58600357Smoke meth.[View]
58594073>been awake for 38 hours >just hallucinated seeing an upside down spider on my chest Is this…[View]
58600645who cawffey here?: that first cup of the day[View]
58601870Day 27 nofap - emotions are returning: Day 0-20 were primal urges, but I am now literally haunted by…[View]
58601002A fattie just left the house. Not my proudest night boys Also >will training full body three time…[View]
58600758traditions to boost your lift?: Before I hit a new PR or try to raise my max reps I do a prayer to w…[View]
58601129How to not look old even with grey sides? I'm going to be SSJ Blanco in 2-3 years. Hi do I not …[View]
58598969Injuries Thread: You guys ever had injuries that have fucked up your fit goals? How did you deal wit…[View]
58596361Do you need to be in decent shape for the military?[View]
58601508he's always been mentally ill why didn't the rampant steroid use, self abuse, inordinate n…[View]
58601436>well I would run 500 miles >and I would run 500 more…[View]
58601243does natty bacne at 25 mean you're high test? what are signs of high test other than test resul…[View]
58601379Do you sometimes pretend that you are sucking off a penis when you suck off a banana before taking t…[View]
58601382Is milk in coffee good for you[View]
58601015What's the MOST weight I can lose in 2 weeks? Assume I have the willpower of a God and can main…[View]
58594642Pendley Row Thread: >destroys your back Nothing personal kid[View]
58580394ideals thread: post yours[View]
58600543All-dairy diet: Can you live on nothing but whole milk and full-fat yogurt? It seems filling, easy t…[View]
58600199omad on pills: Ive started taking antidepressants, which have made me a mooncher, but i can finally …[View]
58599925Need suggestions for core: For some reason whenever i do crunches i feel the curve in my lower back …[View]
58600828How do I fix this? I want to reach ottermode like in next picture and ASAP, if possible in 2 months.…[View]
58601242>been doing physiotherapy for ~4 months, everything but my neck is good know >went for massage…[View]
58597543What bodyfat % was Mike Tyson?[View]
58599002Blackfriday: Poorfag here. What is some powder with numerous protein. Don't care about the tast…[View]
58600971Black Friday y'all! Where the whey deals at? Ooga booga nigga.[View]
58601168/fit/ sleep thread: is being awake 20 hours and than sleeping 14 hours a good sleeping cycle? This w…[View]
58596194Who is your lifting inspiration?[View]
58597386Steak: I just ate a 1 pound steak and I have zero bloating. How is this even possible? If I eat 1 p…[View]
58599818Reason to exercise: I used to exercise religiously for 2 years so i could be a good teammate for my …[View]
58600710TRT or NO TRT serious: Hey /fit/. I was wondering if you could help me with the decision of whether …[View]
58591392COVID BULLSHIT: Come here to vent about the fuckery that is going on in your country, state, whateve…[View]
58599764any good black friday deals on dumbells? Looking to up my game from just pushups since I dont have t…[View]
58599756You DO weigh more than 100kg right, anon?[View]
58599569is this high test?[View]
58595530>305lbs Jan. 18th 2020, 350lbs at heaviest in 2016 >176lbs Nov. 26th 2020 >no exercise, onl…[View]
58598681What are some natural ways to increase testosterone? I dont want to become an impotent freak whos ph…[View]
58600596why do so many men especially zoomers have gyno now? i see it through their tees and in the showers …[View]
58599270Does the couch to 5k actually work? I havent ran since HS.[View]
58592783Blaha: Why is Blaha able to Squat 600, Deadlift 650, but he can barely bench 315? How can a body tha…[View]
58599961Sleep: I feel a lack of purpose guys, and I feel enclosed in my house, I cannot see the good in the …[View]
58597991Will he give it a final hurrah for the fifth title?[View]
58600490this aint the gym for you lanky, turn back and dont let the doorway hit you on the head out[View]
58600222Juicer jacked: Yo fit i gotta get as jacked as possible in one month without steroids, whats the bes…[View]
58600149What should be done to bench rep stealers?[View]
58598759Ancient Greeks and dicks.: So I've been reading up on my literature and philosophy, starting wi…[View]
58598547Is being a Pokemon trainer a good way to stay fit?[View]
58589928Sleep: >weighted blanket >custom white noise mix (https://github.com/ashutoshgngwr/noice) >…[View]
58598542Achievable naturally?[View]
58599238progress thread[View]
58600125Are Cleans and Snatch’s good replacements for deadlifts?: I want to try a different hip drive moveme…[View]
58598269>why yes, squats and deadlifts are my primary focus, how did you know?[View]
58596980run 100 miles[View]
58590679i need your best infographics and screencaps: I need your best infographics and texts on how to get …[View]
58596054So how fucked am I with those stretch marks 93kg /180cm Will they ever fade[View]
58598530Stealing weights from Planet Fitness: They have so many and they’re a gay corporation. Realistically…[View]
58599800What do you feel is more important to having a gorgeous body, your body fat percentage, or the absol…[View]
58599500Thoughts about air bikes?: Any good? Should I just stick to my rower? Chain vs belt?[View]
58600255Is pushing/pulling with a tow rope a car a good exercise for leg day for ebin leg gainz? I'm th…[View]
58587899/mag/ - Martial Arts General: Mongol wrassling edition[View]
58600132Weights: Where the fuck do I buy weights? My shit city is going up a level in lockdown again, which …[View]
58597464Horse Stall Mat: I got a personal gym before the pandemic but never got a horse stall mat because I …[View]
58595948/fit/ survey: >Age >sex >height and weight >do you workout everyday >how many pushups…[View]
58594942What headphones do you wear to the gym? Any recs?[View]
58598484Does working out + looking good help with an office job[View]
58599178How big do I need to be before I can buy a belt without looking like a wannabe pansy?[View]
58594966Just admit it /fit you lift and all and your diet is on point and thats perfect but if you were push…[View]
58595703Barron Trump Jealousy Thread: >Rich >Tall >Autistic >Chad >King He has it all. He doe…[View]
58596671I love doing pull ups[View]
58594433CONVERSE: high top or low top for lifting?[View]
58597912How do I fix the deep purple circles around my eyes ? They are not bags it's just fucking purpl…[View]
58598951>You didn't binge eat this thanksgiving, did you Anon? Certainly you don't expect me to…[View]
58597199>be me >lift weights to get females >get fit >start dating gym qt3.14 >getting seri…[View]
58599881pos tonly best mires[View]
58598848Anime who had covid, did you guys still train? I feel really trashed and exhausted and can’t really …[View]
58591873Are pokesnacks good for you?[View]
58599169How to achieve Heracles mode?[View]
58599476This is fat?[View]
58598600how to avoid hitting my throat with the barbell when I clean?[View]
58598964Happy Thanksgiving, /fit/. I hope you spent it with your grandma.[View]
58599127>looks way harder than front lever >is actually way easier >free mires from normies Heh, la…[View]
58598134That feeling when cheat day is also thank sgiving day. Happy thanksgiving /fit/ frens![View]
58596064Increasing thy physical prowess shall take away time from increasing one's mental capacity and …[View]
58598549Is it safe to start a rad140/osta cycle with a moderate case of covid? I wanted to start it before b…[View]
58596401using this as dip bar: I have one that has straight handle but still elevated. opinions ?[View]
58595489ITT Post times people tried to sabotage your gains >Inb4 gym lockdowns[View]
58596458How do I fast for a long amount of time, starting now when I haven’t gone a day without binge eating…[View]
58592726I’ve decided to open up to fasting/keto/weight loss advice and will be saving the best advice I get …[View]
58595729How do I know if I have a recessed maxilla[View]
58598816How do i have sex without bussing and making the female buss everytime (semen retention): Tips on pr…[View]
58598615Low Test: What do you do if you genuinely think your test is low?[View]
58596984>gym is starting to enforce a mandatory spotter fee for all free weight exercises Thinking about …[View]
58598606Does anyone else feel like they're gonna coom while doing these? I feel like I must be squeezin…[View]
58595210HELP ME ANONS: Ok so i made a thread about 2 days ago and got some advice but i still feeling the sa…[View]
58598583Is it bad this part broke in my microwave?: There was a metal wall covering the little compartment I…[View]
58598533How do I calculate my TDEE?[View]
58596590Workout for me: Hello, two months ago I was a healthy 21 year old guy who would run, lift, do yoga e…[View]
58598346Which stretches will help alleviate chronic epididymitis? I can't be the only one who has exper…[View]
58597229Jawline looks fucking garbage /fit/bros literally how do I fix this[View]
58596443>eggs for breakfast >fish broth soup with veggies for lunch >leftover curry for dinner >…[View]
58598739After Thanksgiving body rate thread?[View]
58597041BJJ General: Relatively new (6 months in). No cauliflower ear yet but after rolling today my left ea…[View]
58596768Pic related is my achilles heel, how fucked am i?[View]
58591885How does a woman achieve a butt like hers?: What type of excercise and diet does she need to follow?…[View]
58597093anyone here dealt with tendonitis? how did you deal with it? so far Ive just been doing 25-30 x 3 bi…[View]
58595644>No can do, I got an 8:30 res at Silverman[View]
58598316Has anyone here gone /nosugar/?: How did you feel? Did you notice anything different?[View]
58592368Who's Lenny?[View]
58598397is steak good for gaining weight ?[View]
58597423are you guys lifting today or taking the day off?[View]
58598285Getting /fit/ helps you be social, but how does one be social and use their gains? How do you not be…[View]
58596746>natty lifting[View]
58597448/fph/ all bodies are healthy edition: Why do fatties cope so much? Can't they just admit they a…[View]
58598158Why are you guys so against wearing masks when you get to larp as Bane at the gym. It's pretty …[View]
58593542What does /fit/ think about the toughest man in the world?[View]
58596907More images like this. Post rare ones[View]
58598377Is it a good idea to train after a 20h fast? I started lifting about a month and a half with a 3x we…[View]
58597340Post thanksgiving bloat: Post pics of swollen stomachs from thanksgiving day feasts. Non-americans f…[View]
58598261How much do i need to lift to achieve this aesthetic?[View]
58595736I wonder what the first post on /fit/ was >>00000001[View]
58598320Should I give up on ever getting laid again and take the strength pill ?[View]
58597359getting jacked is too embarrassing: How to deal with the gazes of other people miring you. I feel li…[View]
58592723Would your life be better without lifting?[View]
58597324Lately when I drink with buddies I’ve been choosing whiskey but I’ve been finding myself blacking ou…[View]
58596785What's your favorite flavor of mass gainer?: I'm a double chocolate plus peanut butter kin…[View]
58594793>lift 1/2/3/4 >still look dyel >everything still small >dad still calls me skinny How mu…[View]
58597704Fitness takes over conversation: Thanksgiving made me realize that fitness has taken over my convers…[View]
58594041Is the lack of an impressive physique really the main issue for young men or are there stronger forc…[View]
58593216U mirin: Yeah u mirin[View]
58593299Is this possible natty?If so how does one achieves this?[View]
58594258Mental Health Fitness: How do I move past the bottom two? Is therapy worth it? I definitely have a d…[View]
58597738Well /fit/?[View]
58596925How much of a time span should I give to cut my fat out? I've been bulking since this February…[View]
58586983CBT in the morning: Good morning goddamnit. Happy Thanksgiving. Old one's near post limit. You …[View]
58597699>go to gym >only one wearing a mask[View]
58596586My household always has mung beans. Do these have any special properties, or are they just like any …[View]
58595985Since my life has went basically nowhere, I plan on joining the Navy next year. But I can barely do …[View]
58596693What is the most accurate activity tracker (preferably at a reasonable price)? I want to start runni…[View]
58594469lemme see your thanksgiving meals /fit/[View]
58597327I wanna gain some muscle cuz I'm dyel with no muscle at the moment Right now I weight 205 at 6…[View]
58597624How does one achieve this level of definition?[View]
58596585Fuck my hand: How do I lift with a sprained hand. I can’t do push-ups or other body weight exercises…[View]
58597402bros what is my bf%? need advice generally as well i lost 10 kilos over coronatine and this is the …[View]
58593010THIS THREAD IS A REMINDER: This thread is a reminder to all the fat fucks and dieters to eat normal …[View]
58591306>roiding for this thread: Post bad gear built physiques Pic related went to my HS and he started …[View]
58582791be honest with me /fit/: is there a worse fate than being a manlet[View]
58597629Cucked by covid: First it closes the gym. I can feel my body getting weaker. Then now it's cuck…[View]
58586402What mode am I? Ignoring any posts about sex. Recovering from Ana. 5ft4, 72kg[View]
58594575why does this board mock jocko and call him cringe and all that shit?[View]
58597113Using this as dip bar with something really heavy on the end: The handle is inclined but not bent li…[View]
58595540Oh yeah, I'm thinking I'm headed to GAINSville[View]
58597279>'detox' things are just another fad-diet with extra steps, right? Sup, I wanna know your opinio…[View]
58596300I lift for him[View]
58595609>Now hear this, defeatist, you are not wanted on my beloved /fit/ness board…[View]
58591013how was a fat, alcoholic, coked up manlet so fast and athletic?[View]
58587827Have you purchased your elevation soles yet, fit?[View]
58596296Guess what PR Ill be breaking in 4 days bros...: Cant wait any longer[View]
58573041>he doesn't do the exercise that literally makes him better at having sex…[View]
58597284MOTIVATION THREAD: Post before/after shots, results, your 500 matches on tinder along with profile, …[View]
58596868can I even make it while natty? Feels impossible...[View]
58597168Anyone tried this yet? Richfags? I want to know if it would further increase my gains. More lifespan…[View]
58592532This is 5.0% body fat[View]
58596065Gym masks: How much does it affect lifting? I’ve yet to lift in a mask (limited home gym) but I want…[View]
58595725/fit/: /fit/ as a person.[View]
58595019How do I actually get into weight lifting? I'm literally plateau on 95 lbs bench press and my s…[View]
58593441How can I make gains without getting fat: Doing SS+GOMAD for 1 and a half months now. Started at 120…[View]
58596219Why are all ketards without exception obese? No shit you’re gonna lose weight if you don’t consume s…[View]
58594964Just finished my workout. Who else here gettin /fit/?[View]
58594624>Look who decided to leave his cave! >Now anon c'mon, join us. You can worry about your …[View]
58596190Does anybody have a link to that very comprehensive article about foods and supplements for enhancin…[View]
58594796Memes aside, is bulking like a mukbanger a good way for a hard gainer to gain muscle, or will it mos…[View]
58591639What mode is this and how to achieve it?[View]
58594616I used to eat around 0.5-0.8 grams protein per lb of bodyweight. Im finally being redpilled on the …[View]
58593292Can I mix whey with Greek yogurt?: I saw a thread a couple of days ago about some Anon mixing Greek …[View]
58595460When will back muscle definition show compared to other parts ?: I can see my legs, biceps, triceps,…[View]
58591246Post yfw last rep[View]
58596254>38g of protein per 140g They can't keep getting away with this, bro…[View]
58596479warning to those wanting to make it: >warning I absolutely want to fuck everything including twin…[View]
58595858What's the point of building muscle if only gay men are attracted to muscles?[View]
58596380What mode is this?[View]
58594381Shoulder routines: Looking to add a day where i do only shoulder and delts workouts to see if that m…[View]
58595848Bros did you lie to me???: Is this really all you need to get mires?[View]
58589238why don't ketofags understand basic nutrition? Why do they call things like chocolate (high fat…[View]
58589400Gyms are closing again in 2 days[View]
58590902/plg/ Powerlifting General: >ThanksGainsing Edition The Powerlifting General, the strongest gener…[View]
58595869Broke thumb: I broke my thumb in a car accident. How can I keep my gains? I'm more concerned wi…[View]
58581609How do I stop binge eating?? I weigh 370 pounds I'm 24 My problem is binge eating and i can…[View]
58594590Is this true bros?...: If Africa and Eastern Europe had the same opportunties/facilities/funding we …[View]
58595161All exercises fuck up your joints and cause permanent pain. So why bother?[View]
58594404Weakest man in Montenegro[View]
58596026My phone kept ringing during my last conversation with God. So I kept praying for a miracle. Then on…[View]
58595599my tummy hurts :(: im a fucking idiot[View]
58593003Don't eat meat Don't eat animal products Eat seeds oil Don't eat saturated fats Don…[View]
58595292How do fix this?[View]
58595897wheyfu thread: femanons, why doesn't your body look like this?[View]
58594178Dancing: Does /fit/ dance? What are some styles you practice - on top of your weight training of cou…[View]
58591481>120 pushups due Monday >haven't even started yet…[View]
58594059Come on anon, eat up: It's Thanksgiving and it's time to give up your gains. Mom cooked th…[View]
58595638Hair Loss: Caffeine shampoo: works or is it just a meme? Also should I wash my hair everyday? I do e…[View]
58594688This may be a little bit autistic but what if you wore chainmail under your regular clothes and just…[View]
58595758KickBoxing live: So i'm practicing kickboxong, anyone wants to hangout Just looking for genuine…[View]
58593359Ancient Greece: Why do the Greeks seem so much more Chad than the Romans? https://youtu.be/9qIrMuqy3…[View]
58595510Conor murphy enlightenmemt fitness incel schiZo thread: LOOK WHAT CONOR MURPHY IS DOING[View]
58594494Why are they so evil, bros?: Their lies are truly diabolical. So evil, and cheap for a reason[View]
58595720Anybody know who this guy with the crazy Shoulders is ?[View]
58589714What does it mean if I get to muscle failure SOONER than I usually do?[View]
58593209What are some ab workouts I can do that aren't bad for my back like situps?[View]
58591440Why is this haircut so popular in Eastern Europe and the Netherlands?[View]
58595322Is peanut butter a fruit or a vegetable? It’s not a dairy cause it doesn’t come from a cow. It’s no…[View]
58595414who else ate way too much?[View]
58594983Is he the posterboy for /fitfa/or is being cringe being fit aesthetic? Also how'd you dress for…[View]
58589824Rice war: RICE WAR NOW[View]
58595215Is chicken good for you?[View]
58590242What's up with the fasting cult? Can't you guys just do things in moderation and not becom…[View]
58595240How I get a good posture?[View]
58593822I just can't fast. I nearly got hit by a car crossing the road unconciously today. Beside I thi…[View]
58594385>21in shoulders >30in waist Do I have potential?…[View]
58594337>BY THE POEWR OF KETOSIS! >I WILL DENY CICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…[View]
58594415Powerlifters are just fat fucks without the discipline to cut[View]
58594749I currently have the body type on the left: What's the use of lifting if I will up looking like…[View]
58595149Happy Dirty Bulk Day: Happy DBD everyone. Hope you ate lots of pie. I love you.[View]
58591584Brutal mog thread: He has been finally been mogged.[View]
58594540why are normies like this?[View]
58595029ngmi: >finally get from fat fuck to running 5k >run 5 times a week for 7 months >challenge …[View]
58594735Getting ready to leave for the gym before I go to work all night. Been a not-so-great Thanksgiving. …[View]
58593568How the FUCK do I get bigger hands/thicker fingers/bigger wrists? Will they get chunkier with bulkin…[View]
58592585Can you do it?[View]
58587281If you are 6 feet tall then how much should you weigh if you can bench like 2plates?[View]
58587039>post body in /cbt/ >no replies Is there a worse feeling?…[View]
58593666I've eaten 550 mg of sugar in the past couple of days Am I going to die What do I do[View]
58594342(((Low salt diet))): Heads up boys, eating low salt is probably worse for you than eating high salt.…[View]
58587155>farmer's walk >do it anyway[View]
58593050what's the average iq of a /fit/ poster?[View]
58592818i have a gf now time for me to leave this place goodbye losers[View]
58577416Buttworms: How do you deal with them? They are the biggest gains, sleep and digestion goblins[View]
58592618>bicep DOMS[View]
58593342is it any good?[View]
58594101Workout plan maker by equipment: Is there a good way to have a workout generated for you based on eq…[View]
58593346How rare is to meet someone who is +40 years old and still in good shape?[View]
58594504I weight the same as my mother. Who is in the wrong here?[View]
58594489Warming up: Anons, how do you warm up before lifts? what specifically do you do before days you work…[View]
58586750Protein powder general: Last couple days of black Friday sales to buy various cheap supplements lads…[View]
58585971Is pizza actually a good food to clear all your macros with? Not talking about the grease and sugar …[View]
58589850Take the beer pill: Chad drinks a lot. Only incels and weirdos are sober.[View]
58589853I've been lifting on and off for a while, just recently got serious about it. I'm slowly b…[View]
58591950None of these muscles burn when I do lat raises. I mostly feel it in my traps. What am I doing wrong…[View]
58591881Last time I thought about getting lasik was 5 years ago, has the tech changed much since then so its…[View]
58588875What's the best at-home glutemaxxing exercise?[View]
58590727I’ve been doing a coffee enema almost everyday for a few months. I think they work great, but are th…[View]
58589679hey /fit/ At the beginning of the month when daylight savings started I started getting up at 5:30 e…[View]
58587842>gym dog playing Slow Ride again[View]
58593588MUSIC AND HEALTH: How Does Listening To Music Change ones Psychology. We I Lose Or Gain From Listeni…[View]
58592620What mode is this and how do I achieve it?[View]
58591312anyone else clumsy? does lifting improve it? or should i do things like judo or?[View]
58593353How do I tell family members to lose weight?[View]
58588278I've aged 10 years in 4 years. Is this what stress and staying in bed does to you, how do I get…[View]
58593896This is a true healthy female tummy[View]
58587737Post brutal mogs.[View]
58572039How am I supposed to gain weight? I've tried almost everything but since I've cut sugar an…[View]
58593920why do you lift, anon? what got you started? what is your goal?[View]
58593877Why is all of the advice posted here for dudes trying to become skinny turbotwinks?[View]
58588939Any updates on this guys prison gains?[View]
58593473How strong do I have to be to beat someone to death with the 'stop hitting yourself' move? So that w…[View]
58588612The only reason I don't take steroids is because I don't want to lose my hair: If I wasn…[View]
58593648Is this achievable natty?: Pablo Popovitch[View]
58593156Lifting shoes brands: What are some good brands that make and sell lifting shoes? From what I can se…[View]
58582623What the fuck is wrong with vegans?[View]
58591837Can I build a strong chest just doing overhead press and weighted dips? Bench seems like such a stup…[View]
58592459I've started dating this girl that I really like (good personality, reciprocates the love) but …[View]
58591046Which brand has better(best) running shoes? Nike or Asics? All other brands are trash don't eve…[View]
58591944BRUTAL MOGG[View]
58589133What's /fit/'s choice of underwear?[View]
58561056/fraud/ general: Before asking your stupid beginner questions (yes, they are stupid), make sure to r…[View]
58591900Will Bodyweight Quarantine workout... work?: So I'm moving in to take care of my mom who has ca…[View]
58593287How to achieve body like pic rel?[View]
58593388Bros why do I feel my chest the day after pull ups?[View]
58592778Question to fellow EU bros:: Is there anything worthwhile getting during black friday? Not sure if i…[View]
58593199Aside from reading the fit sticky, what are some basic intro level resources for health and fitness …[View]
58576887Is smoking really THAT bad? Alcohol seems way worse in terms of consequences but everyone drinks tha…[View]
58592709>365lb bench natty @ 10%bf Why does he make /fit/ - Fitness seethe?[View]
58589966Don't mind me ...: Just an innocent picture of a fat american. Unless.. anyone has something ot…[View]
58592389Bodybuilder Finally Marries His Beloved Sex Doll: Which one of you autists is this? I know you'…[View]
58564818/fat/ never alone edition: For fatmancers who want to better themselves through meaningful hard-work…[View]
58591173/BULK/ General: Post your best bulking food for this bulking season Vid related[View]
58590015Adonis belt: How do I get an Adonis belt, /fit/? Compounds? Isolation work?[View]
58593170Do I need to be extremely obese in order for keto to work?[View]
58592681Does lifting stunt growth?[View]
58592915Kingpin mode: How to achieve the objectively best mode?[View]
58592309What is optimal testosterone level and how do you naturally raise it as much as possible?[View]
58592458>It’s another non-fitness thread made by an insecure fucking /r9k/ loser complaining about his he…[View]
58592992/fraud/ general: Before asking your stupid beginner questions (yes, they are stupid), make sure to r…[View]
58592957are excess carbs really that bad for you?[View]
58592085Shoulder warm up: Looking for the youtube video of the Finish fit bro stretching his shoulders with …[View]
58592376how gian weight?[View]
58592826Why yes I do take 10 lbs shits on a daily basis What gave it away?[View]
58592685Tfw too shy to go to the gym[View]
58584383Winter time social sports: Yes. I lift for women and friends. What sporty stuff can you do in the wi…[View]
58591965Attn lanklets: Never forget this 5.7 monster could destroy you in seconds[View]
58585638OK why the fuck does nearly all the fitness equipment in every gym I go to come from an Italian comp…[View]
58586821>lifted for like 3 months >still can only bench 70kg 7 reps still also skinnyfat im never gonn…[View]
58592386What did you just say about my legs?[View]
58592562>Search Youtube: Workout Music 2020[View]
58592472You pump iron but do you pump dick as well, /fit/?[View]
58591088Name a bigger gain goblin than shitcord and a gf.[View]
58590723Noporn: 4 days into noporn here. Am i supposed to not really have a libido?[View]
58590263I'm 6'1 like archer and 191 pounds- about 17 to 20% bodyfat Will I look like this at 171 p…[View]
58592313Did leg workouts make you taller?: >move to new state >start lifting >come back home >'o…[View]
58592347What's your skincare routine /fit/? I know a model who is told to get plenty of sleep and drink…[View]
58590625Tourist here.: Is being ripped and muscular really the product of just spending obscene amounts of t…[View]
58591949I will try: I will try to make the world a better place. Depite there being evil people in the world…[View]
58592089Did Arnold deserve to win the 1980 Mr. Olympia?[View]
58592243How many of you phaggot cunce were actually around during the Misc's peak? Feel like pure shit …[View]
58585798Where did it all go wrong?[View]
58590500>anon you look buff, if you show us your abs you can do anything you want with us what do /fit/?…[View]
58591912enjoy one of her comfy workout vids https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIVC2RtlQrA&t=314s[View]
58590642Workouts on an achilles injury?: I'm recovering from a torn achilles. I can't run or jump …[View]
58585177What does it say about society when we glorify women working on useless muscle groups like glutes in…[View]
58590834Redpill me on NoPoop /fit/, is it really benefitial?[View]
58591996What happened to that guy who confessed to running someone over in 1993? Someone (You)'d him wi…[View]
58591999How do I fix bad posture? especifically anterior pelvic tilt?[View]
58591990Abs/core work: Haven't done direct ab/core work in awhile on account of laziness and bodyweight…[View]
58589821>left side of left leg right below the knee hurts >can't run for a few minutes without b…[View]
58591775>”hey anon looks like that leg extension machine really worked”[View]
58590034is a good face necessary to make your body stand out?[View]
58574124Is failure good?[View]
58589466post transformation[View]
58591758So this is a gay hookup app, right?[View]
58591082Switching from pullups to rows.: I have been doing pullups (weighted) for quite a long time but the …[View]
58591162Now that the dust has settled, where's the lie?[View]
58591444Whoever created Heavy Metal and Lifting, deserves to be rich forever. Holy fuck this combination, I …[View]
58589647Where do you buy your shirts? My arms have gotten too big for my 3 favorite shirts. Please help.[View]
58586816Overtraining is a myth /General: Over training as a concept seems flawed. Surely careers of physical…[View]
58589871Greetings /fit/izens My parents are old farts (65+) and for christmas they want some sort of home ex…[View]
58589820Is bear mode possible natty?[View]
58590809How do I break my 'all or nothing' mentality? It's extremely toxic and it has crippled my abili…[View]
58589226How to bench without completely fucking up my body? For the life of me I just can't get it righ…[View]
58589170what are some things I can add to my protein shakes to add calories? Current recipe is just a stand…[View]
58590174Why does Shaw always make some lame excuses when he loses? In WSM 2019 he blamed a drop of sweat fo…[View]
58590561They closed down the gyms: They just closed down all the gyms in my country (Croatia) because of the…[View]
58591221How much do you wait to lift after lunch?[View]
58591045how can i get large arms forearms and legs like that ? is it just genetics or i can do something to …[View]
58590449Forearm pain: It hurts on the circled area, it happened from curling (I use an olympic bb). It start…[View]
58588237What do you guys think about a pescetarian diet? We often discuss carnivore, vegans, vegetarians, bu…[View]
58591048How do I know if the elbow tendinitis is from too much pressing (tris) or curling (bis)? It's t…[View]
58587959>tfw should been push day but stuck working out from home how are you holding up bros?…[View]
58589658>natty >get testosterone levels checked >higher than the natural range Thoughts?…[View]
58588971Chickens or Cows: Which animal is the eternal beast of gains? Price/protein ratio, versatility, milk…[View]
58590907/PLG/ - POWERLIFTING GENERAL: Westside edition >How to The Press with Big Boy https://youtu.be/_3…[View]
58583885Is wearing make up worth it if I'm ugly as a guy? Why is it only girls who are alowed to fraud …[View]
58581761Is stretching a meme or actually important?[View]
58589300How to minimize wasitng away?: They've closed the gyms for 4 weeks in my country. I have an ide…[View]
58589905am I cumming finasteride out?: as soon as I started balding I started taking Fina and topycal minoxi…[View]
58589239>gym owner caught me licking female sweat from the floor again[View]
58590951Right at the end of my first cut, the gyms shut down for 6 months and I couldn't train because …[View]
58583237/PLG/ - POWERLIFTING GENERAL: Know your Hoffs edition >How to The Press with Big Boy https://yout…[View]
58589338Good dumbell routine/plan?: Hello /fit/, I only have dumbbells, and no consistent access to barbells…[View]
58590656Why are my pecs so low on my chest? Any way to raise them a bit?[View]
58587529SYMMETRIC STRENGTH THREAD: I am growing in power...[View]
58590319How do you cope with having bad eyesight?[View]
58581531>nice chicken legs anon. how do they even hold your body up? c'mere sit on my lap lmao…[View]
58585841How to avoid fucking up your back during OHP?[View]
58588328low 2d:4d and autism: Daily reminder if you have a big dick you’re more likely to be autistic. It a…[View]
58590118For the past week or so, due to boredom, I've just been eating a fuck ton of food, like until i…[View]
58587336What’s a good breakfast substitute for Eggs?: They make me sick I hate them, but I admit they are g…[View]
58579208why women have stronger legs than men?[View]
58589659YOGA: Hey /fit/ I want to learn to do Yoga. But not the snake oil bullshit that a Blonde girl would …[View]
58585802I finally quit smoking and drinking, now working on diet and exercise. Is fasting 1-2 days a week a …[View]
58588909How /Fit/ Ruined My Life: >Fit Journey started >Unsure on where to start actually read the sti…[View]
58565441You are stronger than a girl, right?[View]
58589987Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
58590412>most of my calories from from fat (45%+) Is this too much fat?[View]
58584964All my life I've been eating PUFA[View]
58590123How to achieve this physique?: Dudes straight up leviathan tankmode[View]
58588748Jumprope routine?: buying a jumprope now that rona is crazy again. Where do I start and how do I pro…[View]
58565092You know how going NoFap for a week increases your testosterone (before going back down to normal le…[View]
58585499Mad bra?[View]
58577311The older I get, the truer this becomes.[View]
58581090how would you fix this in 6 months?[View]
58585049run 100 miles[View]
58588071>be me a year ago, fat depressed retard >can't fucking see myself in the mirror anymore, …[View]
58588756/sleep/ general I've been doing a lot of side sleeping lately. Is there anything I should worry…[View]
58587368Are chin ups good for building your biceps?: Or should I stick to curls and their variations? I can …[View]
58581693You DID walk today, right anon?[View]
58568569Mark Rippetoe DESTROYS calisthenics with FACTS AND LOGIC: https://www.reddit.com/r/Fitness/comments/…[View]
58589810>start stalking and chasing women as exercise and to increase my stealth >even abduct a coupl…[View]
58587416My only joy this Christmas is meeting my uncles and cousins and straight up mogging them. Not going …[View]
58587791>Be me >Run 1km >Literally feel like I'm gonna get a fucking stroke and die Wtf bros I…[View]
58588834Exercise has only made me more tired and miserable wtf am I doing wrong?[View]
58586820I will make it.[View]
58588048Daily reminder that isnt only about having hair or not, haircut also matters: Take care of your hair…[View]
58589432Could Lifting Have Saved Him?: I mean he was already was more athletic than 90% of /fit/[View]
58579870I don't understand when people say strengh training is different than hypertrophy. Your muscle …[View]
58589793>fell for the keto meme Thanks for spiking up my cortisol levels, as if nofap wasn’t enough stres…[View]
58589620I want to buy a metal bar from my local hardware store. I just need a bar and I will hang bags with …[View]
58588396>Cum >Weigh self[View]
58585045Anyone knows from experience how fast you build tolerance to caffeine (coffee). I started drinking i…[View]
58587828>be fat an unidisciplined >have genius idea to become disciplined >every time i do somethin…[View]
58588873My gym has gone full retard with mask wearing being required at all times now Do you know of any mes…[View]
58582971confess to the fit wojak[View]
58581805>he skips bone day[View]
58586761Low T General :(: How do I turn this around bros?[View]
58589200>gym staff found me pooping in the urinals again[View]
58589657kotomine kirei mode: how to enter /kireimode/ bros?[View]
58589208What’s the best routine for AssMaxing?[View]
58588347DUMBBELL FLYES: How is this thing different from a dumbbell bench press with neutral grip? I'm …[View]
58588615Does this shit work as a safer alternative to steroids if at all?[View]
58589049/fit/ should i lift heavier ?: i got 2 5kg dumbbells, these are my starting dumbbells i never bought…[View]
58587387why is running so painful and tiring and not fun? What if I do long walks instead of runs will i sti…[View]
58589132Fasting: Anybody here have experience with 1 day fasts every week? I think, theoretically, it is a s…[View]
58581629>tfw 5'9 manlet[View]
58587445r8 my PPLrPPL /fit please. Newbie to fitness here (2 months).[View]
58589146CASEIN: Is Casein Approved? Should I take it Before or After the workout?[View]
58588463What does a girl gotta eat to get my ass bigger? I'm pretty fit now from all the squats but I w…[View]
58586834I have acquired a bench, rack, standard bar, 425lbs of weight, dip bars and an adjustable dumbbell A…[View]
58588794Going to water fast tommorrow: After I drink and fill up my belly with the senpai tonight, I'm …[View]
58586709Best finisher exercise. Gave me a chest pump for 4 days straight[View]
58586128How do you guys deal with muscle imbalances? When i do squats I can feel my left glutes doing more w…[View]
58586886ITT:Things you should never do at the gym >Pic related Caught this guy being fucking retarded a…[View]
58587394How do I into Perturabo mode?: Look at those arms[View]
58570259Running General: Cold winds and rain Edition Pastebin of general for you lazooks. https://pastebin.c…[View]
58579921Can weed negatively impact your lifts? What if you eat edibles instead of smoking it?[View]
58586320I have worked so hard to become fit so many times, since i was 14 and i was overweight, i started to…[View]
58588074My gym is closing for two weeks what the fuck am I gonna do[View]
58587741Rock bottom: >even the apartment gym closed today because COVID >don't even have access t…[View]
58583615Mires thread. Here's mine >yesteday >changing my clothes after morning shift >a buddy …[View]
58582492Are abs mostly genetic?: I've been doing all sorts of ab workouts for the past 6 months and I c…[View]
58588362>go to uni gym >mog 90% of guys >home for thanksgiving >go to commercial gym at home …[View]
58587148I'm going to get some bloodwork done, gonna check free and total testosterone, as well as vitam…[View]
58586037Are fruits good for you if your prediabetic? The doctor says I should cut back on sugars but at the …[View]
58587805This isn't a day off because you get to eat lots of food anon. Make sure to get your workout in…[View]
58584240How much do I have to be able to bench press to do this?[View]
58588372SHITTY ARMS: I have an ez curl bar with enough weight to progress for a while. Would it be productiv…[View]
58588033Redpill me on this (supine bench): Waste of time or nah? It make my chest and triceps achy but is it…[View]
58587559I don't want to get old bros...[View]
58587059day 14 of my omad diet my weight went from 95 kg to 87 kg already i think mostly water weight my goa…[View]
58587672How is it that /fit/ has fph but also a fetish for 'high t' fat women?: Has anyone else noticed this…[View]
58585842Just admit it /fit you lift and all and your diet is on point and thats perfect but if you were push…[View]
58586306Don't forget it: It may save your knees. Maybe even your life. Don't listen to the fat cun…[View]
58583469Dry socket: Anyone here ever had problems with dry socket? Had my tooth out like 3 weeks ago, treatm…[View]
58587932I OHP 205x5 and bench 315x5 why do i still look like shit? I thought bear mode was real? Im 6' …[View]
58587904bros... it truly is all about the face isn't it?[View]
58587901Conor Mcgregor is selling a conditioning program: Isn't this guy notorious for gassing out as a…[View]
58586035Anyone else finding Nine Nutt a day November exhausting?[View]
58587223What are early ways to find out your over training: Usually I think then you start waking up tired a…[View]
58581399weighted inverted row vs dumbbell row: which should i pick anons[View]
58587820Sick: Lads, im sick but i really want to workout. What do[View]
58585517I don't squat or deadlift.[View]
58587521rate my routine: rate my home routine 25x4 glute bridges 25x4 wall angels 15-25x4 burpees 5-10x4 pul…[View]
58587742Hezbrah fitness routine: What's his program bros?[View]
58562152/CBT/ - DYEL Bathroom Edition: >catalog >CBT >0 results found Post bodies, routines, recent…[View]
58586884How do i achieve this mode?[View]
58585892Is there a point in bying an expensive olympic barbell instead of a cheap one that can hold like 200…[View]
58587505What is your blood pressure, /fit/? I went to the doc yesterday and my numbers confused me a bit; 13…[View]
58584264Have you attempted the Saitama workout yet?[View]
58586989Ice cream is my fucking kryptonite. What's your favorite low calorie alternative? I don't …[View]
58587211Natty deer thread: Will i be able to pull her?[View]
58587399Fixing a hunch? I think I have a slight hunch/rounded shoulders due to my chest being stronger than …[View]
58587179>are you eating oranges anon? >dont you know a single orange contains as much as 13 grams of s…[View]
58572749TFW got banned from the gym for mask complaints: fuck these frail beta humans[View]
58581172How the FUCK do I get rid of these stretch marks: I have them on both shoulders in the same place. G…[View]
58584111I'm Sick Of His Riddles /fit/: How does one achieve his physique, he just tells riddles wheneve…[View]
58587100how to make sure im not putting on a lot of bodyfat while bulking?: I used to work out when i played…[View]
58587149/movement general /: any movement bros ? thoughts in GMB movement courses?[View]
58583806Is this fat or skinny fat 66kg 6ft[View]
58585063Well, it's that time again /fit/ ...What are your thoughts about Charles Atlas' physique, …[View]
58582928I wish: I wish I was one of you natural skinny guys that have to forcefully eat till feeling sick to…[View]
58587011Mental Fitness and Training: Due to poor mental health I am getting insufficient sleep, I have given…[View]
58581835People you thought were huge before you started lifting[View]
58584941Chad but at what cost: Girls are attracted to me and I attained the confidence to easily pull them. …[View]
58585089>anon my 'ceps are almost as big as yours, you might wanna eat a little more...you don'…[View]
58586043look at this pic this is 1 year of natty gains, and it only slows down after that, major diminishing…[View]
58571672/bbg/ - bodybuilding general: >bad experiences edition Bodybuilding General (/bbg/) is for all th…[View]
58586880>My mother, she cook for me and she says Mariusz you eat to much! Heh[View]
58585664bodyweight home: I'm currently doing a homemade bodyweight split that's something like: Da…[View]
58582828Vitamin D: does vitamin D deficiency lower testosterone? How can I absorb safe and sufficient level…[View]
58585490exercises to get a tummy like this?[View]
58585595Why is this celebrated?: Man, what the fuck. https://youtu.be/RUQl6YcMalg You might have looked up f…[View]
58581253why haven't you taken the neck pill yet?[View]
58584998Is it just me or has No Fap been way less of a thing this year? It seems like no one cares anymore.[View]
58586029Farmer walk efficiency?: Had this faggy injury to my thumb the other day and now I can't do cur…[View]
58572367Maradona is dead: Discuss[View]
5858554790% of looking good is having low bf %. You can't be aesthetic and fat. That's why twink s…[View]
58583244why humans are the ugliest specie out there when it comes to getting fat. look at bears, bisons or a…[View]
58578404anyone here know stuff about collagen that can help me out? Im trying to get rid of my annoying as …[View]
58581918Is jujitsu really as based as jocko makes it out to be? Is it the ultimate marchal art?[View]
58583664Not too bad eh /fit/?[View]
58582515This is why I lift.[View]
58586400>tfw just bought my first set of weights i'm so excited to become the buff powerbottom that …[View]
58582122how the fuck do you consistently have the appetite to eat 4k calories?[View]
58585071Kyriakos on Bench: Anyone got a pic of grizzly sad and sitting on a bench in a gym with boxing glove…[View]
58586046My hips pop when I shift my weight side to side while standing, so like I'm pushing my hips rig…[View]
58586244man FUCK SS and SL holy shit squats 3 times in a week? fuck that shit I fell for this meme is there …[View]
58582646Jelly in sperm: Can someone tell me why do i get this in my cum? Pic related isnt me its never this …[View]
58585382I have a bar with 40 kilos of weight(half my bodyweight);should I replace my routine of 1000 air squ…[View]
58584843What is the natty limit for legs?[View]
58583011>tfw formula fed when I was an infant I'm ngmi, go without me /fit/. I'm just another f…[View]
58582666Signs of a DYEL: If you've complained of the following, this should preclude you from posting …[View]
58577341Why cant you faggots fucking get laid jesus fucking christ[View]
58583706Are home gyms worth it?[View]
58583768good or bad for T?: lot of conflicting information online[View]
58580889I see someone on /fit/ at my gym. I would say hi but I'm too autistic. What should I do bros?[View]
58584110I bought a pair of camo joggers when I was getting some new gym clothes but I've seen a few mem…[View]
58584500/afg/ ausfag general: sup ausfags, what are y'al eating? have those tranny jannies been deletin…[View]
58585835I take before photos when I think this is the time that I’m really going to turn things around. Then…[View]
58584875>always work out at like 3 am Does this affect my gains?[View]
58585320I picked up smoking to suppress my appetite. And I think I made a horrible mistake[View]
58582751Im gonna fucking do it this time[View]
58584436>tfw mogged by a stone[View]
58583742I'm a 5'9 manlet. Should I get these? They will make me 5'11, maybe even 6'0 if …[View]
58546201QTDDTOT: >check catalog >no QTDDTOT…[View]
58585667a reminder to drink water BUDDEH[View]
58579657Workout for Maradona today[View]
58585554Upper Back Exercises: What're the best exercises to build a defined upper back + traps? Prefera…[View]
58585565For as bad as it sounds, how many of you 'use' fat people as 'fuel' during workout? I started my fi…[View]
58585178What are the best seeds to get fit? Preferably with higher proton %[View]
58578348Yo this shit legit? Herd it raises test like dat dere[View]
58582138rate my body i never worked out a lot[View]
58584191Whats your daily portein diet like? i feel like i get 10 grams of protein daily how can i up it what…[View]
58583774If you can't squat 315lbs 5x5 you're a leglet. Prove me wrong[View]
58585404I've been biking 10 miles a day for 3 months due to work and my legs have gotten pretty strong.…[View]
58584521FACK these narcissistic all created whores. Our bodies are rot, but the putrid soul stinks stronger.[View]
58583915here's your ss + gomad bro[View]
58584733What is your unrealistic /fit/ goal?: What insane goal do you dream of achieving through fitness? …[View]
58584796OPEN UP THE GYMS OPEN THEM UP FUCK POLITICIANS FUCK DOGMA >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qgn4B2…[View]
58582919/fit/ music thread: Post some /fit/ songs that pump you up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjQolaeI…[View]
58582892Is Evan 'Girth Brooks' Rutledge our guy?: > Snatched 170kg, can prob get 180kg > Cleaned 210kg…[View]
58584078what's the best way to cleanly increase body fat? I honestly think chunkier bodies in a healthy…[View]
58582249Baller vs Budget - Swimwear: Swimchads, what would you do? >Buy the speedo gear: $48 or >Buy t…[View]
58585139You do use fishermans friend to keep your breath /fit/, right?[View]
58585184>Weighed in at 152 lbs this morning at 6'0 at 4K calories a day My lifts haven't droppe…[View]
58584569Reminder to reject spiritualism and pseudoscience. Supplements aren't magic. Try working on you…[View]
58583968TMNT Turtle Shell Thread: Monster Lats Thread Dear /fit/ I'm trying to get my Lats to show kind…[View]
58574369PUSH UP THREAD: Okay fags you know the drill x3 if 01-25 x2 if 26-50 dubs do 100[View]
58577397Post your PR Song[View]
58585027Eating food is a meme. Just drink bro[View]
58583703wanting to gain muscle: Heyo anons, I’ve always been pretty lean and skinny, but lately I’ve been wa…[View]
58585023Was slightly sick for the last week, Now i got a common cold. Can we get a conversation about what t…[View]
58578101What do you put in your shakes? Water, milk, coconut water? Fruits, vegetables, berries? I do 1 qua…[View]
58583298Whats the routine that will get me the most gains in two weeks[View]
58574694/cvh/ Coronavirus hate thread: Post stuff about why you hate COVID or how your goverment has screwed…[View]
58584760Alright /fit/, I've been doing mehdi's meme squat 5x5 program for a few months now, and st…[View]
58584234>weighted calisthenics Make it make sense. I mean, might as well just lift weights at that point,…[View]
58583275Hideous looking gyms: This tends to be even worse on big name gyms, but a lot of gyms >walk in gy…[View]
58584329>Height 5.9 >weight 145 on a good day but usually lower. > LEGS= disgustingly skinny I…[View]
58584297Are steroids the /fit/ equivalent to a pump and dump scheme?[View]
58582625Is this board nice to cute femboys?[View]
58583501How can I mimic working a job that burns a lot of calories while being a NEET? What if I did farmers…[View]
58578074How to improve grip: My grip is holding back my deadlifts extremely but I refuse to use straps How c…[View]
58581877charles bronson was 5'8 & was the biggest chad to ever live.[View]
58583860Saw a shooting star: >be me >gym is closed >losing motivation and feeling miserable >se…[View]
58583552Sorry if im not using this right. I just got here. Was watching pewdiepie fit fails and went to redd…[View]
58583273im training for gutsmode. how much do you think he squats/deadlifts? pic related[View]
58582938how to achieve shark mode?[View]
58583112bros ... why are my bones cracking constantlty ?[View]
58581336Just finished my workout, who else gettin /fit/ here?[View]
58575331calisthenics: weighted edition last thread >>58532533 https://youtu.be/3UpcWCf2eJc[View]
58582901Anybody else lift SOLELY to mog the libs?: >post body Done[View]
58583485What exercises should my girlfriend to do give her a bigger butt and smaller stomach?[View]
58582798What are some ways to fix my shoulder it's slightly fucked. I have been doing pulls and flys, b…[View]
58583534Sorry for low resolution I think I get it. It's all about his bitter nerd personality. Imagine …[View]
58579049>you'll never have legs like these why live[View]
58581116>another sleepless night I fucking HATE the lockdown so much. I can't I sleep unless I worko…[View]
58582717Is it possible to lose fat without fasting? I know we all fast for eight hours a day with we sleep, …[View]
58583888Is Kevin Mann the ultimate vegan roid rage! He's suing some YouTube channel for saying he faps …[View]
58581589SS: Does it really work? Is it a meme? What will I gain if I follow his program?[View]
58579105What mode is this?[View]
58577922>keto >fasting >psmf >le -500 calorie I just want to lose fat rapidly, without feeling l…[View]
58582403gym hat general: /ghg/ Post your gym hat bros[View]
58581199I literally can't remember the last time I had a solid shit: Everytime I poop it always comes o…[View]
58581344How one can increase their height?: I am 18 male currently 5'7. Every male in my family is arou…[View]
58581126What text should I put on my custom gym shoes? Small/top line 6 letters max, bottom/big 7 letters[View]
58582267Just finished a 5 day fast. I think this man may have saved my life.: It was much easier than I thou…[View]
58575383There are people on /fit/ right NOW who think Bugenhagen is natural LOL![View]
58553369/fph/ just got deleted Not on my watch[View]
58581077fit is scam: Why nobody told me getting muscular would fuck up my chances of getting laid? I've…[View]
58537698/mag/ - Martial Arts General: Welcome to the occasional general on Martial Arts. All martial arts ar…[View]
58573638Natty Deer: Are ASMR worth listening to before going to bed?[View]
58581889Trap Aesthetics?: >be me >was 190lbs+ during the summer >starting starving myself and eatin…[View]
58575542/PLG/ - POWERLIFTING GENERAL: >Unfucked OP edition >How to The Press with Big Boy https://yout…[View]
58583187TRE General / Questions Thread: Anyone got the sauce on Tension/Trauma Release Exercises? Have you d…[View]
58583098First REAL day at gym: First weigh in is 145 height 6 foot Wish me luck /fit/ hopefully in a few mon…[View]
58572486Now srsly, has enyone actually tried training like Bugez - picking 1 to 2 exercies and maxing 4-7 da…[View]
58575039Evolving Rep Ranges: Are they a meme? How could I set one up to progress my weighted chin ups?…[View]
58581932What country is the best at encouraging ita citizens to be /fit/? My guess is the US since a ton of …[View]
58580909Hamstring origin pain. Anyone had experience with this before. Sharp pain in the origin of my hamstr…[View]
58582451ACNE OH GOD OH FUCK: Bros help please god my acne is gone partially but my whole face is red and fuc…[View]
58582637Why does he still have DYEL body?[View]
58582420DMSA Unavailable, Help!: Hey /fit/bros, I just discovered I have a heavy metal problem by taking som…[View]
58579703Question to: Roiding fags, did you notice people treating you differently since you started roiding …[View]
58581656Redhill me on the ketogenic diet. Will I just get even fatter?[View]
58581763>be me > /fit/ inspires me to start working out about 4 years ago >get in great shape >s…[View]
58582473ITT- People who almost made it but threw it all away: I’ll start >be my friend >meet and click…[View]
58582359Why do i need to do anything other than squat and deadlift[View]
58580481What's the fastest way of losing bodyfat?[View]
58582172Routine Suggestions: Does it make sense to train with the routine of the physique you aspire to? For…[View]
58581522Sleep and waking: How the fuck can I wake up early easier? Ages 18-21 I woke up at 4 am so I could l…[View]
58581472Dealing with Tendonitis: Hey guys, I have been clearing some trees with an axe and recently develope…[View]
58582220Quarantine had got me fat. I think I gained ~ 60 lbs since the start. Now I feel like a fat and slug…[View]
58581345What do you feel is the most important focus of an individual's exercises to get a body like th…[View]
58572817I’ve decided to open up to fasting/keto/weight loss advice and will be saving the best advice I get …[View]
58581699Just made this gourmet chicken sandwich, stay small /fit/[View]
58578327Anyone in here do HIT training? Specifically, anyone whose NATURAL with average genetics? I’m curiou…[View]
58579045What's it gonna be?[View]
58581397Mental /fit/ness: Does you mental health decreases as you get older? I used to think depression was …[View]
58581105What are some good stretches before and after deadlifts[View]
58579998Can loose skin be aestetic?: It essentially shows you're a warrior who can overcome adversity…[View]
58580450Nobody ever answers on /ck/: Best beef heart recipes? I'm new to organ meats. Last time I cooke…[View]
58581790>hit plateau >get gf >breakup with gf >use post breakup feels to regain motivation to br…[View]
58574200CHORIPAN: based or cringe?[View]
5857835350 years today: say something nice about /ourguy/[View]
58580515What program should I do to allow me to dual wield long swords while wearing full plate armor and st…[View]
58581743shorty or nah: this dude ripped, good /fit/ aesthetic goals. based channel too. dont really give a f…[View]
58581749Low Testosterone Correlates with Delayed Development in Male Orangutans: >Male orangutans (Pongo …[View]
58580564Can I burn fat from high rep low weight dumbbells? I.E 20 LB dumbbells[View]
58580344Anyone else enjoying mogging faggots not wearing a mask? They ALWAYS put it on when confronted. Some…[View]
58581690how many scoops in a turkey?[View]
58581494Shoulder has been hurting when i lift. Should i back off of upper body or continue. Don't want …[View]
58580706humans have been real silent since kasper came out https://youtu.be/9FKu6YkQvzE[View]
58563137>calories don't matter >hormones determin weightloss/gain pic related is Jimmy Moore, ket…[View]
58580902>be me >1st semester at Uni for Engineering >Been home for the whole semester save the firs…[View]
58580562> randomly get mild gyno in my leg pec > shit kinda hurts > go see doctor > pop off my …[View]
58580350Opening up the hips: I’m doing pic related a couple times per week and it’s really exposing a lot of…[View]
58567564have you taken the inclined bed pill yet, /fit/? >improves glymphatic drainage >reduces intrac…[View]
58578067What lifts are you doing for your soul?[View]
58575408Girls like booty too: I’ve heard they like forearms and abs, but never butt Is this real?[View]
58581437When I tell you to bust, bust. Ready?[View]
58576420I'm turning 30: Do you think is it possible for me to achieve a body like Tom Brady (god bless …[View]
58578258Why the fuck are weights so fucking expensive? If people the world over are majority fat fucks and o…[View]
58577927Sexual Health: What can I take it do to turn me into a hypersexual mad man who wants to fuck everyon…[View]
58569673God I hate these weak willed soft ass fucks[View]
58574264Mire thread: Qt next door was mirin' again in the elevator[View]
58580675Hit my first weight loss milestone today 20kg: >Stopped drinking >Stopped smoking weed > St…[View]
58578745>*is the chaddest album to listen to while working out* hehe, nuffin personnel kiddo…[View]
58577713Bulking: I'm bulking for the winter[View]
58580299>lifting 8mo >eat big, +800cal a day over TDEE >set db bench today, 40lb 5x10 >look up …[View]
58578739is this the ultimate cardio machine?[View]
58581190You get $80 a week.. Put together a sustainable diet and some hygiene products so bubba doesn't…[View]
58578328Was this justified?[View]
58569802Dyel General /DG/: Need some motivation, post ‘em.[View]
58559025Anyone else feel they've missed the opportunity to live the party lifestyle? I'm 22 and wo…[View]
58581021Easy Step-by-step guide on How to Flirt with Chicks at the Gym (Will work 100% of the time): >bri…[View]
58577748Im a skeleton and i am trying to gain weight. I have particularly thin wrists and skinny neck, how m…[View]
58581043Golden Era: Post only the best.[View]
5858035950th anniversary of Yukio Mishima's death: What was his routine?[View]
58577661>Always had shit endurance >Hate running and how long it takes >Been going for short 1.5km …[View]
58577611Energy: I find myself exhausted after workout. How is it that people feel 'energized' after exercise…[View]
58576486/Vegan/: who vegan here? vegan bros general. lets talk about why meat is fucking evil. fuck carnivo…[View]
58580582I'm currently on a cut and am cooking pic related for the fam tomorrow: Tofurkey. Zero fat and …[View]
58580658Probably gonna buy my I.F meal from McDonalds. Any good meals to get that will fill me up all day? I…[View]
58578451Fit Humor: post em boys[View]
58580151is elliptical trainer the best indoor cardio exercise?: >pic related It can be done indoors in a…[View]
58580298What type of bag do I need?: I want to buy a bag pack for the gym. I want to store in bath towel,pai…[View]
58577487What happened? He looks like a homeless drug addict with muscles.[View]
58580335>videos are way too fucking long >has 0 personality Why does anyone even care about american s…[View]
58573534best natty beginner hypertrophy program?: old thread got deleted[View]
58580024Hey /fit/ how the fuck am i supposed to lose more weight? Ive stalled at picrel and despite eating 2…[View]
58577439/fitcooking/: For break and lunch at work I eat the same thing almost every day >2 cups of white…[View]
58580188i usually drink water with my foods but when my mom buys this shit i can't help it i lose it an…[View]
58580391Hit a 180lb OHP today[View]
58580037run 100 miles[View]
58578460mixed-grip bench press is the most based lift in existence[View]
58580370Now that the dust has settled, is pic related the ultimate jew?[View]

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