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/fit/ - Fitness

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70430806>try to lose weight just to get laid >realize that I have a butt ugly face well fuck it im sti…[View]
70431061>it’s cutting season and the ketoschizos are back at it Just eat less, retards…[View]
70431389Anyone had any experience of Lorcaserin?[View]
70431367is this program legit?[View]
70429753TASTIEST /fit/ RECIPES: do you know of any tasty recipes that are low in calories and possibly high …[View]
70430982The Italian government is preparing a bill that will prohibit the manufacture and sale of synthetic …[View]
70430960Cool muscles bro, but what's the most impressive thing you can do? ... Oh, a sumo deadlift...? …[View]
70431185Very dumb question, did anyone hear about testosterone injection by retirees (70+)? At least they d…[View]
70431210is lactobacillus the future?[View]
70420828Post memes you fell for: >abs are made in the kitchen not the gym Reality: >abs are made by tr…[View]
70430688Why /fit/ not exploring peptide treatments? Some of these show real promising results for angiogenes…[View]
70416368/FPH/, no kitty it's my this is my pot pie edition[View]
70430972Any consumption of white/refined sugar is pure gluttony and indulgence. Only sugar you consume shou…[View]
70431050Staying fit on the road: I just accepted a job where I will be traveling 100% of the time. Sometimes…[View]
70430389What’s your shrug 1RM? pic is my food i eat it every day[View]
70427159What would happen if I stopped squatting and deadlifting, or doing any leg exercise for that matter …[View]
70430291Is a 3 day full body routine bad?[View]
70429514Any truth to this?: Are fat guys more feminine?[View]
70430993Whats /fit/ opinion on Filip Grznár ?[View]
70430058is boxing/kickboxing any good for fitness? not in a competitive way, just sparring, i don't wan…[View]
70430143Stomach vacuum back pain: Whenever I do these it hurts my mid-lower back. Also not sure I'm doi…[View]
70430907I get insane pain here (especially my left arm) when doing hammer curls and incline dumbbell curls, …[View]
70430922Achievable natty? hes 6'2 200lbs[View]
70430857>8pm >No more food for the day >Probably won't sleep til 4am anyway The gains are grea…[View]
704296503 cheat days?: >on a cut >40 days, no cheating, super strict diet, cooking all meals, seeing g…[View]
70426828Peak /fit/ fashion[View]
70427911rate my breakfast /fit/ takes around 15 min to make, and i feel like its good on protein and calori…[View]
70429812karate: why do you guys have your arms so low in stance and why do you not tuck your chin? your spor…[View]
70430011I started lifting at 19 so I can fantasize about being able to beat up my childhood bullies and bein…[View]
70424923Death Fasting and home made saunas: What are your thoughts on death fasting? Basically, the idea is …[View]
70426864Americans be like: >TIME FOR BREAKFAST![View]
70429806Kettle Bell Swings: are these any good? Do they help build muscle and burn fat simultaneously? How m…[View]
70408508QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own Thread: Should I cut or bulk as a skinnyfat? I…[View]
70430019I’m fresher than all you motherfuckers[View]
70428344If you think that the low-bar squat is the only way to go you are part of the Rippetoe cult. If you …[View]
70427072Let me guess, you need more?[View]
70429473>bogdanoff he's doing it >he's cutting? >make his mom bake yummy cakes everyday…[View]
70430561Tweeked my back. Feeling a pain while breathing in and out. How serious is it?[View]
70430541Which one should I get? I don't want a treadmill (hard on knees) or bike (hurts my ass).[View]
70430464What does /fit/ think of Gregy ?[View]
70428370Who knew that Ben Shapiro was so thick?: How do I reach Ben Shapiro mode?[View]
70429347Did he inspire you to lift?: People claim He-man was a violent toy commercial, but the show was very…[View]
70428516detox thread: How do I clean my system of THC? I'm athletic and tall but weigh a lot at the mom…[View]
70430522GZCLP: Thoughts on this routine? seems too easy no?>[View]
70424277Itt: blessed /fit/ images.[View]
70427172Do you guys like Planet Fitness?[View]
70425102Hip Thrusts: The Overhyped Glute Builder for Attention Seekers?: lol alright, /fit/, gather 'ro…[View]
70425548Is cycling actually a terrible way to lose weight? I heard it's massively inefficient[View]
70428021Lifting for aesthetics is the only thing that makes sense if you're not a colllege/pro athlete,…[View]
70423130>Fasting >OMAD >1 hour jogs >Shedding a whole bunch of fat This feeling is... Indescriba…[View]
70422830Which is better?[View]
70430148What's the best hour to go the gym if I want to evade zoomers? But I don't want to go too …[View]
70430080>start bulking >body fat increases Woah woah woah hey hey what's going on you guys didn…[View]
70430136>straight male >claim to (((psychologist))) that I’m a trans man >I identify as a man but d…[View]
70426324Does the gym have any rules about being shirtless? What's the least amount of clothing I can g…[View]
70429819You. Yes - YOU! You are going to make it. I don't care about your problems. I don't care i…[View]
70429822How fast can arms grow having never been isolated before?: My arms did not respond to compounds very…[View]
70426514/CAT/ Cat General: Post your cat here /fit/[View]
70429744Anyone else feels evil when lifting? It fills me with negative energy and I have a bad mood for the …[View]
70421400Any of you ever encounter retrograde ejaculation? Is it totally over for me? what are /fit/'s p…[View]
70413889Monday's Indomitable Spirit: It's the start of the week again, take a deep breath in, hold…[View]
70429118Is Jack Hanma the most /fit/ fictional character ever? >Born skinny but with incredible determina…[View]
70425405what does /fit/ think of purple yams? (Ube): I love these fuckers. baked with some butter and salt. …[View]
70429783No ylyl fit wtf[View]
70429660'Health Clubs': How are rich guy 'health clubs' different from normal gyms?[View]
70396688Home Gym's Holy Grail: You LITERALLY don't need anything else.[View]
70429201All yall niggas out here talmbout WAGMI I'm jus out here finna bulk on WAGYU[View]
70427676is this shit considered a pre-workout? it has b vitamins and magnesium, any irish boys here?[View]
70414894what was your best interaction with a girl at the gym[View]
70426761>That post workout beer[View]
70428362Let's go hit the gym anon![View]
70429247>only gym close to my house closed because they were forced out by the landlord >only 2 other…[View]
70425888I'm taking this today. First new supplement I've tried in years and years. What should I e…[View]
70429502When do you guys start cutting? Is it true that you don’t build muscles unless you bulk ?[View]
70429252Just got this, magnesium, zinc and B6. Will it break my 1/23 fast?[View]
70425792Why did this fashion trend die?[View]
70417860About to go to boot camp: I'm joining the marines because I don't really have a future pla…[View]
70427497Let's say you're completely fasted, then work out, hard. In a day or two you'll be so…[View]
70429284It occurred to me that I’m not much different than the things and people I hate in this world. Who a…[View]
70428145How bad is 508ng/dL for a 25 yo male who's been a NEET for 7 years and just started lifting? My…[View]
70428674Why do niggas still make money selling programs? >hit all (relevant) muscles twice or thrice a we…[View]
70429332Any tips for a vacation workout? Not likely to have any equipment at all.[View]
70426539I want to go from 340 pound fatass to Greek God: I want to lose weight I just turned 18 I'm 6…[View]
70428744/fit/izen of /fit/ that got rid of man-tits, do they come back the moment you're gaining back s…[View]
70428939just pull-ups bro: > no time for gym If i do 4 x max pull ups every second day will I build muscl…[View]
70428325How concerned should I be about the health consequences of toilet plume?[View]
70427958How do I report some guy at Planet Fitness jerking off on the gym equipment and not wiping? He'…[View]
70428019>fucks your thyroid >makes you fat >gives you cancer Why are you still eating this garbage?…[View]
70427001Does coffee on empty stomach really hit harder?[View]
70426131>kettlebells are for wome-[View]
70427885How do I get this big?[View]
70428937What did you name your biceps?: My left bicep is called Rick and the right one is Morty.[View]
70427039What are your thoughts about P90X?[View]
70418669First cycle as a beginner: Looking at doing 400mg/mL test e for 12 weeks, physique is pic related. A…[View]
70425035wish they had one of those at my gym[View]
70428783Pinched nerve help: I’ve pinched my ulnar nerve in my left arm. I get tingling in my pinky and ring …[View]
70427510> cucks your glutes out of work on every single exercise in existence HAHAHA rien de personnel m…[View]
70428672>enter gym >do 1 (one) singular deadlift rep at 100% >leave let me guess, you need more?…[View]
70425871do you guys think if I lift hard enough God will give me a prime Denise Richards like wife[View]
70427701Realistically if I mostly strength train and go bulk mode for like 10-20 years, can I have a physiqu…[View]
70427731Fitness King: Who is the undisputed king of fitness?[View]
70426315Well, /fit/? Which one are you?[View]
70403447I don't want to bulk bros ... I wish. I could just gain muscle mass from training[View]
70425138Are oats good or bad?: Are oats good or bad as a carb source? Or is this phytic acid stuff blown out…[View]
70392212/cbt/ - Current Body Thread: Let's some stats Bench: 105kg one max OHP: 65kg one max Squat: 125…[View]
70426499Are low fat products a meme? Talking about the 0.2%/1%/1.5% milk, yogurt,..[View]
70428265going to quit coffee rn so i can feel a better high from it in a month when i relapse[View]
70428478Can i still hit the gym if i have a fever? I usually go lift 4x a week and run 2x, but i'm curr…[View]
70427787Finding a routine: Whats a good routine that works well with intermittent fasting and such. Im busy …[View]
70427400I did a push workout yesterday and don’t feel very sore today Did I do everything wrong? I did flat …[View]
70428480>that retard who is overtly obsessive about good form[View]
70427189How do I increase my vertical jump /fit/?[View]
70428453Can I just pick out exercises from a book?: I downloaded a couple books from zlibrary and I could ju…[View]
70428364what happens when you take l-citrulline and hit the sauna? can this be fatal?[View]
70425551Feel like a midget at 5'8: I went into the office and somehow everyone was brutally heightmoggi…[View]
70427939I have a problem with nutrition, I need help: Hi /fit/, i'm a 5,11ft/140 pounds So i've b…[View]
70427819O fug: >come back to the gym after 3 weeks >Feel like I'm going to throw up after one set…[View]
70417556/plg/ - powerlifting general: >programming advice? post s/b/d@bw+height >The official pastebin…[View]
70427766experiences with this? is it true its a cialis light? is it really a penor power sup?[View]
70425631Redpill me on walking, does doing say an hour of walking every day actually make a difference?[View]
70426156Redpill me on MHP-T: What do I need to know before trying? Will I actually see results from this?…[View]
70427678I fucking hate working abs. I'm trying to get a stronger core so I can squat and deadlift heavi…[View]
70425810Is the problem with 5x5 the lack of volume or the exercise selection?: What would the result of a 5x…[View]
70420258/fig/ - female improvement general #20: american healthcare edition >pastebin https://pastebin.co…[View]
70427681Scienc knows everything: Oh really? How many calories does 1 push up burn, then? Nobody knwos the an…[View]
70426185CICO slander: Why can't you just admit that the human body has a lot of complicated metabolic f…[View]
70427102Wouldn't massively bulking in one go then cutting be more efficient than bulking and cutting in…[View]
70426516I hate squats so much bros...[View]
70427516It's a good day to be fit: >tubs of cottage cheese were on sale for $0.99 instead local groc…[View]
70424304How to flush bulk shits?: I can't flush them. Each morning whenever I take a shit there's …[View]
70420380>be lifting >having a great workout >in the zone >suddenly remember that one time my sis…[View]
70427418Alright you guys win. I'm taking the neckpill. You can have all the muscles in the world but if…[View]
70427494>Weighted Dips[View]
70424080anybody else make 'eggnog' as a tasty nutrient dense snack?: >tall glass (maybe 10-12 oz) >add…[View]
70427129What to do to get this body[View]
70427226Meal prepping: Is this the only way to truly make it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJsdyaY7rF8…[View]
70425478Do calories make you fat, do carbs make you fat, or does fat make you fat?[View]
70424798Rare Zyzz Thread: Post your rare Angel Zyzz images[View]
70426457achievable natty?[View]
70426227my neighbor just fucking killed his cat because he felt like doing it. how can lifting help me in th…[View]
70426830Balancing rucking and running: My run times are shit, how do you guys do it? I was thinking I'm…[View]
70423912Will rectal ozone therapy improve my health?[View]
70426973ADHD at gym: how do i even begin I forget stuff in the brink of a moment, my tech induced and porn a…[View]
70423017This cute girl won men's 60 kg class at a Japanese arm wrestling competition. Say something nic…[View]
70426323What the fuck even is the difference between whey, casein and creatine? They're all protein but…[View]
70425140U mirin brah?[View]
70425193I hate eating so much it's unreal. I can barely reach maintenance calories, how am I supposed t…[View]
70426719Pub food: How can a small bowl on mostly unseasonad chips be 90% of my daily calories intake? It…[View]
70425201Is Gatorade /fit?: Or is it just a meme? Give it to me straight lads[View]
70422236REDPILL THREAD: Post fitness redpills >reverse curls are a forearm compound >super sets and gi…[View]
70426933Do you really need to sleep 9 hours a day?[View]
70426716increasing wrists size and bone strenght: is Schoolboy's training routine the best?[View]
70426833At what bodyfat % do my nipples not stick out[View]
70426776How much cardio can I do before it starts killing gains?[View]
70426037If I lose 20 more kg + bench 2pl8’s will I finally become a non virgin?[View]
70426831Can I take Creatine with finasteride?: I’m on fin, if I start Creatine would it start to make me bal…[View]
70426193when girls starts randomly groping you is it a sign you are starting to make it? i still dont have a…[View]
70426787I lied: I eat zogslop and inject to bulk, swallow DNP to cut and eat healthy for maintenance[View]
70426337Post obscure fittubers who inspire you to train: For me, it's Gurami. https://youtu.be/qnnADjBU…[View]
70426241>saves your cut >decreases aromatase Heh, nothin personnel…[View]
70423428/fit/ters, what exactly are the long term consequences of using laxatives nearly on a daily basis? A…[View]
70425155how do i get big biceps like this guy?[View]
70426626>still no lat: >still got a gut >still dont care >still gonna kill it tomorrow again…[View]
70426496Gyms: Hi /fit/ bros. I'm wondering. Why would anyone go to a stuffy gym full of meatheads when …[View]
70426512Had car accident injury in November. Shit was pretty broke up. Details are irrelevant other than I g…[View]
70426495tearing my calf muscles: >lay flat >slightly contract my calfs a bit >fucks why is life so …[View]
70424962Please tell me that cutting becomes more bearable: It has only been a week and I have lost 8kg (from…[View]
70421804What's weird music on your gym playlist you would be embarrassed if others around you heard it?…[View]
70424233Is sleeping on hard surfaces better for muscle recovery?[View]
70425760I think my hairline is rising (not my picture but similiar) I'm 28yo and there isn't a sin…[View]
70423358>dyel person tries giving you tips/fixing your form how do you handle this situation? today this …[View]
70424592What foods do I need to eat if I want to be fit and vegetarian?[View]
70425777how many scoops of this would throw me out of keto? srs concerned about the sugar not carbs[View]
70412213Face vs Body: Let's Settle the Debate, Fellow Gen Xers!: Hey there, grunge-lovin', flannel…[View]
70410648Quintessential lift for zoomers?: For gen X it was bench press and bicep curls For millennials it wa…[View]
70425646> having a bench grip any wider than this You didn't actually bench it…[View]
70392471>32 >6'1 200 lbs, pretty strong >good jawline, big chin >make plenty of money >h…[View]
70426126Some roidtranny just had the audacity to comment on my form[View]
70425918ITT: /fit/ diets[View]
70425015The duality of fit[View]
70425814Besides lifting and diet, what else can I do to make sure I age well? Pic related Nick Bateman is 39[View]
70426021i watched porn instead of lifting today.[View]
70407078Literally impossible to peel. How am I supposed to eat 36 eggs a day when at least 50% of them comes…[View]
70419408Do you suffer from any rare conditions, /fit/?: Carpal boss here (pic is not my hand). Appearently i…[View]
70425823>went to the gym for the first time >saw an interracial couple going in as well I couldn'…[View]
70425719How /fit/ to train to lift a forklift?,: Pic related I'm training for a competition How to li…[View]
70423324Remember him: He was my fav lifting youtuber. Do you guys know what happened to him?[View]
70425077i lift for griffith.[View]
70422663Do you work on your glutes or did you get filtered and got scared of looking like a fag?[View]
70423903can fit survive 2 ramadans?: https://www.timeoutdubai.com/ramadan/ramadan-dates-two-ramadans-1-year…[View]
70424010>Decide to cut >Start eatting less carbs >Weak, lethargic and dizzy all the time Bros, how …[View]
70416978Aminoacids: Is it wrong if I get all of my protein from chicken and eggs? Do those have enough amino…[View]
70424889Do movies ever inspire or motivate you to lift? Usually any kind of cowboy or samurai film does it f…[View]
70424830>he goes to the gym alone >he doesn't socialize with anybody…[View]
70424499When will the madness stop??: Just do RDL or some shit. How do you even unrack a smith machine with …[View]
70424415Why is this happening to me?: All of a sudden I stopped eating one day, and went 72 hours without fo…[View]
70425637intensity: I worked back yesterday. Usually, I perform barbell rows (3x10), bent over barbell rows …[View]
70425170Does anyone else work out just to fill hours in the day? I've given up idea of benefits or happ…[View]
70425603pls be in london[View]
70424710>be me >gym dudebro >love working out and getting swole >go to gym every day >lift he…[View]
70424615>Feel weak >The shoulder hair is back >Plucked it and benched a new 2rm…[View]
70422995What the actual fuck is the point of this angled dip station. For fucks sake I hate my gym so much. …[View]
70424187Making progress[View]
70424251How do you avoid being a gym creep?[View]
70425521Can you 1/2/3/4? If you can't, are you trying to get there by doing the lifts? Or do you waste …[View]
70424033self-claimed bodybuilder on tiktok[View]
70417237How to deal with an overweight Gf: >took full control of my GF‘s diet a week ago She looked real…[View]
70423159I've seen these threads before but I always appreciate the anecdotes. Those of you who have gon…[View]
70423486how do i cope with the fact that im going to have tons of loose skin once im lean[View]
70423946I'm an oldfag (browsed /fit/ from 2010 to 2013). I remember oats was a big thing. Is this still…[View]
70423101How much cardio do you do per day?[View]
70424433Gym mischief stories >doing cable crunches on the cable machine >some 9/10 stacy comes next to…[View]
704237353d printed stomachs: will they be more effective than bio stomachs? will humans be able to survive w…[View]
70421522How to get shoulders and chest like this?: How do I get a chest and shoulder like this without joini…[View]
70424827how do i get fit while sitting 10+ hours per day?[View]
70414562FINALLY HIT 3 PL8 SQUAT!!!![View]
70423970Do you ever 'yearn', /fit/? Is there something in particular that keeps you going day after day? htt…[View]
70423413Why was Ricko Piano always saying sweet potato is the best carb source if now a days people are sayi…[View]
70421197Is it worth working out?: You can lose weight by eating less, they will solve aging by 2040, and whe…[View]
70424942This 15 year old zoomer claims to be the Tom Platz of abs. He natty or juiced?[View]
70424516Is this good dietary advice?[View]
70419771I'm going to try kickboxing, should I swap my lifting to the tactical barbell program? Has anyo…[View]
70424245>that guy who has been 'cutting' for like 10 years now, but has NEVER managed to get lean, and ha…[View]
70424535Cardio Thread: LISS vs MICT vs HIIT I've been doing MICT 3x weekly on the rower for the past 6 …[View]
70424807brutal mog thread[View]
70424441So do kegels actually work or is it just a meme?[View]
70424731WTF BROS: I went to the gym for the first time in months and my posture is fixed now. Why didnt you …[View]
70422865Hey guys, very low bf% and still no visible abs, what should I do?[View]
70421334>cutting >poops are especially sticky, smelly, and generally disgusting Why is this happening …[View]
70422872Does drinking juice make you fat?: Redpill me[View]
70419841daily workouts: I have been doing 30 pushups, 30 situps, and 50 squats every morning. I am wondering…[View]
70422782Zoomer packed gym today?: Is today a holiday or something? I go to the gym at my normal time and it’…[View]
70419988Kidnap 100 people: Forced them to lift weight. Steroids too. They can't leave until their combi…[View]
70424136Is ZOA any good or is The Rock working the audience?[View]
70422736Is the stigma against steroids overreacting?[View]
70424124You DO have a morning stretch routine, right?[View]
70424396How do I achieve this mode?[View]
70424394Are low fat products a meme? Talking about the 0.2%/1%/1.5% milk, yogurt,..[View]
70414925Why are so many zoomers taking steroids now?[View]
70423859Push up thread[View]
70424335Will buckwheat tea break my fast: 'sup, /fit/. Started fasting recently (not a muslim, just coi…[View]
70419012Can cardio be good for glute growth?: Which cardio is better for glute growth? High resistance exerc…[View]
70414800Are you the /fit/ member of your social circle?: If you go out in public, is it obvious you're …[View]
70423979>at gym >see sluts filming themselves in skimpy outfits >they bend over stretching >don…[View]
70424147Do you just wave it around? Swing it against a wall?[View]
70421867Trying to bulk at 6’4 185.: Just started a bulk. Lifting everyday and eating about 4,000 calories a …[View]
70424118Rate my meal[View]
70424052>Pick up dumbbells >Start doing curls >Buff dude shows up out of nowhere >'Can you feel…[View]
70421428The gym lesbian tried to give me form tips today[View]
70421062What injury is this?: Was doing deadlifts and halfway to my training max I felt a sharp pain in my b…[View]
70420305Grocery store thread: Post your list[View]
70424121>gym necromancer summoned Rich Piana again[View]
70424028Wtf is this?: My GF has a bunch of it and puts it in our coffee. I know what amino acids are. What m…[View]
70423681I almost never touch alcohol or fap anymore because my gains and their protection have become an eve…[View]
70422941>at work >talking about how jalen hurts can squat 600 >co-worker says that isn't that …[View]
70422039Reminder: ~DB bench is better than BB unless your powerlifting ~You should be drinking 6 to 12 raw e…[View]
70422287>anon you don't have to workout, watch a movie with me >i brought you some cupcakes, it w…[View]
70423094What are some /fit/ activities outside of weightlifting to actually use my strength? Not trying just…[View]
70406456Butt exercises for Hypertrophy: Two questions: >how is my butt atm? >how do I grow it? I do sq…[View]
70423949I've started doing pull ups every other day, and my hands fucking kill me every time. How long …[View]
70423575How do you guys deal with the demoralizing campaign/posts that happens here?: Legit curious. Sometim…[View]
70422112It's barbell row day.[View]
70415590Why do I have such big arms as a girl and what can I do to make them smaller: Yes I know I’m a nig a…[View]
70422257what the fuck are kegel excercises? is it when you clench your butthole? cause that's what i…[View]
70423453Do you consume any media about fitness? I am reading a /fit/ Isekai called Dungeon Athlete.[View]
70422082Is this the natty limit?[View]
70422879it's over...: (expendables 4)[View]
70423299This bitch is roiding right? She has great fat tits too[View]
70422338Fanamo: when will this be reality? https://youtube.com/watch?v=kf_kUmDIsK4[View]
70421411never touched a barbell in his life, still mogs this whole thread, it's over for gymcels[View]
70421832Okay let’s settle this: Why the fuck would I leg press or do the hack squat when I squat? Also if I …[View]
70422550Upper Back and also Shoulders Exercises Tier List: pic unrelated formulating a new gentleman split,…[View]
70418188Does NH have good programs?: So has anyone tried a program from NH and got good results? I am thinki…[View]
70423414MIRE THREAD: post mires you've received recently >Be me >Have tomboy childhood friend who…[View]
70422890Are high rep body weight squats ever worth doing?: Especially if you're doing 3x5 of 'real' squ…[View]
70420337Are SARMs actually legit or do I just drop $500 on a roid cycle and pin instead?[View]
70422911/fit anime Fat kid gets rejected and decided she is who he will lift for. Approved?[View]
70423449just started attending muay thai/boxing classes. i feel like im getting played though. the guy who r…[View]
70410386>dies from salmonella[View]
70417428How is your deadlift going?[View]
70421430>start skipping again >feels completely fine >do it for about 20 minutes, barely fatigued …[View]
70419918>1 year of lifting >can only bench 65kg Should I just quit?…[View]
70422778Would I get kicked out of a gym for not having a top on?: I've never been to the gym. I've…[View]
70422091gym fragrances: what frag do you wear to the gym? just picked up this and im loving it[View]
70422699Does keeping your balls cool help increase testosterone?[View]
70421703Caffeine tolerance doesn't exist if you take it on an empty stomach[View]
70422654>miss snatch 5 times, 3 min rest between attempts >finally make it >add 10lb, 1 minute rest…[View]
70420014>meanwhile in the /fit/izen bomb shelter[View]
70420519Who had the most aesthetic physique?[View]
70422510Anyone else get a job from being /fit/? I was having a late night gym sesh last night and after spot…[View]
70421801What are some good back exercises?: No esoteric shit or deadlifts, since I don't have a barbell…[View]
70422760>lift >wake up groggy, tired, hit snooze repeatedly >take week off >wake up refreshed, n…[View]
70421947Increasing run time while building significant muscle: I fucked myself, /fit/. I am supposed to incr…[View]
70421258proper way to use inversion table: i am visiting another country and theres an inversion table in th…[View]
70421772Antibiotics destroyed my gut microbiom[View]
70422545What are some good gym outfits? I want to expand my gym wardrobe beyond the boring tank/shirt and sh…[View]
70422652I just like it bros[View]
70414917CICO bros...Not like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXoZxcVXre0[View]
70418577why do teachers who say pinning test le bad never know about aromatase innibitor?[View]
70422506what is it going to take for me and half of this board to wake up one day and actually start putting…[View]
70421631Turkey Pot Pie: Is it good for you?[View]
70422016I’ve been lifting for nearly a year now, I have a solid enough strength foundation and I’ve decided …[View]
70422405Derminator 2 vs Dermastamp for hair regrowth: Is the Derminator 2 even worth it or is a good dermast…[View]
70419004Biceps bros.....[View]
70411623i have wide hips should I just kms?[View]
70420327Dude on the left isn't even in achievable natty[View]
70415083The new keto fad is not drinking water. Are you going to join the death cult?[View]
70421673is kayaking /fit/?[View]
70422151I thought I was strong, but yesterday I was raped in my dream. 4 futas (a tall muscular amazonian, a…[View]
70420384I started benching 200lbs for reps today, big W for zoomerbros[View]
70422070Physique: what we thinking boys 6”4 73kg 19yo[View]
70419979Forgive me if this is a retarded question, but I\m genuinly curious What would happen if I lifted in…[View]
70421979TDEE: What’s the best way to find out my maintenance calories? I’m going on a cut in a couple of day…[View]
70419521take the lean pill, /fit/[View]
70421644Do you faggots actually think this isn't achievable naturally?[View]
70416525Retard-Proof Routine, find a flaw.[View]
70421806>Cutting for summer >My stomach grumbles so loud coworkers can hear it How do I get it to stop…[View]
70421866is this kind of fasting retarded?[View]
70409068Liking fat women isn't based or high test. it's disgusting and you should kill yourself. …[View]
70421770What are some ways you motivate yourself to lift? Do you have any specific thoughts you think? >m…[View]
70419614I'm 165 at 6'2, what should I clean bulk up to? Workout 5x a week, work a physical part ti…[View]
70421647do you have to be chubby to gain muscle? i am too fat, i want to get leaner. but i also want to gain…[View]
70410074I'm so fucking sick of cycling. Is there anything like it that where you can travel and exercis…[View]
70420903I fucking hate eating 1500 calories a day i hate it I hate it I hate it. Eating 1500 calories a day …[View]
70421632Is GOMAD a meme? Is it true that consuming excess calcium will leech it from your bones and male you…[View]
70419556I've plateaued and not losing weight at all anymore, what fucking do. I'm eating less too …[View]
70419872>can only do 30s of planks[View]
70421509What the HELL is his routine? I listen to his theme song and carry myself like him but I wont fuckin…[View]
70421086My 2.5 kg of whey isolate arrived and it's going to expire on 05/2023. I blame the jews (still …[View]
70416975So is cardio bad for you?[View]
70420226~3 months in, how am I doing so far? Also shoulder fucking hurts[View]
70417657You know, I never thought of the 40s as being very young, but people in their 40s do look a lot youn…[View]
70419892Shredding Strength Loss: How do I stop fucking losing strength on my shred? 225 bench to 205 in a we…[View]
70419676Floor sleeping: >lay on the floor to fix my back pain and aches >eventually take the floor sle…[View]
70415556Rate my form.[View]
70421585Human anatomy is subhuman: Humans are literally the limp-wristed s0is of the animal kingdom: >upr…[View]
70414633*blocks your path* Your muscles are useless in this situation[View]
70418276I accidentally broke my gf nose. Should I apologize and pay a doctor to fix it or just act as if not…[View]
70411658'Glow Up' advices: How can an ugly Fatass become such a CHAD in such a short amount of time?[View]
70419618>tfw i skipped my first workout ever[View]
70420807What's a good program to follow after graduating PPL?[View]
70419674>creative ways to keep yourself on your diet So fed up with my lack of self control. Seriously I’…[View]
70421409is it normal that my face puffs up every time I drink coffee? It's extremely uncomfortable, as …[View]
70421393Who do you lift for?[View]
70421271When was the last time you took a rest week?[View]
70420220Gynecomastia: Has anyone here had gyno? How did you find out that you had it and that it wasn't…[View]
70419367Different approaches to fatigue types.: How to differentiate between CNS fatigue and joint/tendon ty…[View]
70420853STROKEMAXXING: So trying to come up with a meal plan and need some help. The point of the diet is to…[View]
70414690Good fucking morning Did you start your week by hitting the gym?[View]
70419061Dumb shit you've seen at the gym. This actually happened just today >some guy squatting >…[View]
70420239Why does nobody seem to OHP at Anytime Fitness? Plenty of dudes with decent benches but nobody does …[View]
70420968>see social media posts about muscle growth and weight loss being impossible, gyms are a scam, ta…[View]
70421226Collagen Peptides: >Buy Collagen peptides powder to skinmaxx >Smells like ass just like protei…[View]
70421181I can run a 5k in 24 minutes and just benched 2 plates for 2 reps but I still look dyel and fat[View]
70419981Is this DYEL?[View]
70413333This is what America used to be all about.[View]
70419685I have naturally big-ish/veiny forearms but I want to make them even bigger, even better. How should…[View]
70420402>be pre pubescent kid >have recollection of my pediatrician saying I'm short for my age …[View]
70420560I lift because I want to fuck my highschool english teacher so bad[View]
70421041>be me >have huge calves >calf raise 225 pound barbell on my back for 20-30 reps for no pro…[View]
70417604>start eating high fiber diet to avoid sugar spikes >start having insane gas issues and break …[View]
70417855Cat on roids: I want to put my castrated cat(malé) on TRT because hes getting bullied by my girlfrie…[View]
70418477If rice is le bad like ketolards say, why are asian people so slim?[View]
70418070>live in bongland for 4 years >returned to burgerland 2 weeks ago >old fashioned oats are n…[View]
70419136Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
70418452It's OHP day![View]
70420670How many pushups until I'm strong?[View]
70419702Tuna diet: >Experimenting with macro friendly foods and snacks >Discover I like Tuna >Like …[View]
70420622Is HGH worth it if you can get it cheap?[View]
70420679I’m looking for a sb dunk low pro from my when I was younger. I had it around 2010. It’s a similar c…[View]
70420658Post pics of people who you used to think were jacked or absolute units.[View]
70414899What ashwagandha brand is the best? What are your experiences with it? Also what supplements are gen…[View]
70420578> late 20s > nothing is fun > think about things I would do for fun > literally not o…[View]
70418311*solves the obesity crisis in your path* In 20-30 years, only developing countries which can't …[View]
70420372Breakday Pain: I am taking a break day today to ensure I dont rip myself to shreds or dislocate some…[View]
70410831/fig/ - female improvement general: >pastebin https://pastebin.com/SQiesNNy Previous Thread:>…[View]
70419452Lifting in kgs is easier than lbs: Europoors cheat on all their lifts. Their 1/2/3/4 is significantl…[View]
70415332Are non stick pans safe to use at <200 Celsius?: Is this blown out of proportion or are these pan…[View]
70420280Someone fill me in here. I drank one of these yesterday (we got a case of them for cheap) and now my…[View]
70420129I'm switching to Arnold split. Fuck you. I already closed 4chan when you're reading this. …[View]
70420120I finally reached 1/2/3/4. I’m so happy with myself Normies and newfags fuck off.[View]
70420029How the FUCK do I stop being a little bitch about what other people think and just go to the gym and…[View]
70416790Positivity/Self-Appreciation Thread: If you see this thread, I want you to look in the mirror and fi…[View]
70418761Day 16 in a row, today. Hope you all make good gains as well[View]
70418150>enter gym >The Death I Deservioli starts playing…[View]
70419255How good is my physique? I'm natty btw[View]
70419727I don’t like green food[View]
70415895>finish set >look at phone >finish set >look at phone >finish set >look at phone …[View]
70418979Where's the natty steroids?: Hello Mr 4chan, you're a famous hacker. Please get me natty s…[View]
70419880what are the best versions of these bros: pushups situps and jumping jacks[View]
70417115So I've been doing body weight workouts for a couple weeks now, I think I'm read to start …[View]
70418610No matter how much you self improve, there will always be retards richer than you without any effort…[View]
70419302Share your thoughts on this book anons Also help me find the best pdf online for optimal reading[View]
70419456Do you look jacked in a t shirt?[View]
70416547why is my right arm more defined than my left[View]
70413856No Fap day 80 something: Closing in on three months no fap. Pros: >Inspired me to quit video game…[View]
70419591Right now I'm taking L-Arginine and Creatine, what other supplements are worth it?[View]
70417702What does creatine actually do? And is it worth it?[View]
70419152How do we know for sure he isn't juicing?[View]
70414407How the fuck can I be iron deficient[View]
70418609Have you noticed that time goes a lot slower when you're cutting? One week of cutting time is l…[View]
70417647the fatty anon that used to post his body everyday here with weight since december he might have sto…[View]
70418352Lentil Batman Diet: Hey guys, I have some exciting news to share with you. I lost 1kg over the weeke…[View]
70400885>6 grams of protein in one egg Wow, what a waste of time. Why not just eat a greek yogurt instead…[View]
70417884I broke my left ankle two weeks ago. It was a spiral fracture to the fibula. My leg has been immobil…[View]
70413969Is it over ?[View]
70419205Rotator Cuff strain: I'm recovering with some rehab exercises and I'm almost 100% but I…[View]
70419364Podcast recommendations while doing cardio? I'm having trouble trying to find a decent podcast …[View]
70416351Getting lean is easy just drink coffee. Btw does coffee hit harder on an empty stomach[View]
70419323Saw my first Indian at the gym today: He was in some denim shorts, a black hoodie, and sandals, whic…[View]
70417916Help`?: I stepped over some guys barbell at the gym to fetch a plate, he gave me the stinkeye and st…[View]
70418663It's over white bros....: How could Chad compete with Chadjeet... wtf bros.... It's over f…[View]
70418812whats a good eastern european routine i can try? like where they roll around with a kettlebell or wh…[View]
70418009Do you plan to keep working out into your old age?[View]
70410044>humans that forgo eating (fasted state) have increased perception, heightened senses, all to hel…[View]
70418923Lads, is it gay if I spend several minutes just oggling myself in the mirror with a pump and maybe l…[View]
70411886Assulamu Aleikum fellow /fit/izens. I hope Ramadan Mubarak upon all my brothers. I have a question c…[View]
70418688How do you improve memory(stop being forgetfulk)?[View]
704162611200 calories is all you need[View]
70414893>mogs your gymcel physique having never touched a weight before[View]
70416728Girl I like wants me to be her gym buddy: I've never been to gym. I only do push ups and work o…[View]
70416656>*saves your gains in times of financial crisis*[View]
70418814>mogged at the supermarket again[View]
70418658>there are multiple anons that prefer left over right[View]
70414887>want to bench 3pl8 first time since injury >Ask a guy i barely know to spot me >He does th…[View]
70418631New gym: Hi /fit/ Last year I discovered the gym life after several years of playing videogames as m…[View]
70413190What do you think about Zyzz? Is he worthy of being a fitness legend? Is he a worthy role model?[View]
70416216Is this roids or genetics?[View]
70418532Double Dipping: >do my regular chest day workout in the morning >a few hours later realize my …[View]
70418882Body Fat calculation general: Could you please calculate my bf by sight? Thanks in advance. Feel fre…[View]
70417519I cannot wake up untill i lift something heavy and my heartrate spikes up and i start to sweat, befo…[View]
70418310Is OMAD bad for your gains?: does OMAD make you lose gains? Or it's just excess fat from being …[View]
70417184ITT: Underrated cardio[View]
70418855I grew up in a power lifter freak family and I'm extremely jaded due to my belief that anyone w…[View]
70418079Best day to include Farmer's Walks?[View]
70418681>shoulder day[View]
70418100Can't Train: yo I had laparoscopic surgery ten days ago and can't train. I was doing BJJ 4…[View]
70418743Sometimes we get knocked down, but we get up again. Because NOTHING is ever gonna keep us down.[View]
70418786tfw doing weighted dips and pullups for the first time after only doing bodyweight[View]
70418714I work out 5 days a week at home exclusively. I spend the weekend in the gym drunk dancing like a go…[View]
70416407Is 7:26 a good mile for a 5’8 20 year old male[View]
70417502Best lifts for bigger triceps?[View]
70418650Too much muscle is unaesthetic.[View]
70416752Pullovers.: Speaking about pullovers, what's the difference in muscle activation and stretch wi…[View]
70418630>Lifted until my hands started shaking It's a good feel.[View]
70417190>american show >some kid having breakfest before school >orange jews, waffles with sirup, e…[View]
70415110Update from yesterday per a request anon The walk in clinic says it wasn’t a hernia. It was a groin …[View]
70414218Name a better male African American physique: Pro tip: you can’t[View]
70417322how long do you do PPL and what comes after it?: brosplit as a natty? tell me guys[View]
70418286Hi /v/ Started to gym about six months ago. I’m seeing results, but for the past month or so I’ve be…[View]
70418243*fixes you*[View]
70418410rate my diet and workout plan, been doing it for the last 2 months >wake up around 8am everyday, …[View]
70417071>feel pressure in upper left part of the chest I loved you all anons Goodbye…[View]
70417838>try to post that I'm a skelly in a thread to ask for diet advice >it autocorrects to sme…[View]
70417617>Brain department? Yeah it's muscle here, we're gonna need some glucose and oxygen, sta…[View]
70416761Who else uses gymnastics rings? Also ring discussion.[View]
70417675I know I'm late to the party on this but I would like some advice. I was watching the older bug…[View]
70416205How does one go from picrel type of body to having muscle mass but no fat?[View]
70413395Boxing or judo - 27 year old guy with no experience: I've been working out at home for a bit bu…[View]
70413684>6in wrists as a 6’3” male It’s actually so over[View]
70416849No sane person should ever want to look like this. Shit just looks terrible. Stop pretending this is…[View]
70417347Fruits are overrated: >basically sugar >which means it increases insulin If your eating this…[View]
70416693>the guy who plays music out loud on his phone speaker[View]
70415687Ok seriously is this just retards on /fit/ who have no idea what they're talking about saying y…[View]
70404806/plg/ - powerlifting general: >Hero Registry edition >programming advice? post s/b/d@bw+heigh…[View]
70418063This still hasn’t been debunked: >muh sodium >muh cholesterol >muh sneed oil Tell me how m…[View]
70415850I have lost 45 lbs: And 2 pants sizes I'm still fat But I'm getting skinnier and lifting w…[View]
70415977I have to give a senior capstone presentation in two weeks, should I lift an hour or two before I gi…[View]
70416687be glad youre not a cripple or bedridden or sick or deformed: this motivates me often. i may not be …[View]
70417472What was his routine?[View]
70416955How's this workout plan bing AI came up with? Workout A: Barbell bench press: 3 sets of 8-12 re…[View]
70417104Vacations ended in my country, the zoomers are back in the gym. Time to change my schedule again.[View]
70417938The sun is fast fallin' beneath squares of glass The light in the gym, the place to gain mass P…[View]
70417062apparently weed is poisonous now? https://canadiancentreforaddictions.org/cannabis-poisoning/[View]
70416258>225 for 3 flat bench >225 for 5-6 on incline What gives?…[View]
70415781post brutal mogs[View]
70409306Does anyone train flexibility? Why do you do it? Should everyone do it?[View]
70417030I'm sorry, I just.. I need a break from workouting[View]
704163542PL8 BENCH: I did it. Brothers, it is a good day.[View]
70412740What do you guys do when you are at gym minding own business and theres a bunch of cute younger girl…[View]
70416777I have synovitis in my wrists so I can't do weights or any exercise involving wrists for a whil…[View]
70417547Will a wristband prevent me from getting any more pain when doing wide grip bench press? I'm a …[View]
70416572Skateboarding: How does /fit/ feel about skateboarding[View]
70417318Do you decompress your spine after a workout?[View]
70416923Making Bachelor Chow: I'm lazy. I hate cooking. What is everyone's go to mass produced 500…[View]
70410404You can only pick one, /fit/. Which one wins?[View]
70410071>wrist size is smaller than 7 inches[View]
70414374clen: I'm getting on clenbuterol t. 6'1 193 pounds[View]
70405819Why do you lift?: >that guy in his 30s who thinks lifting heavy objects and getting jacked will h…[View]
70416757Skinnyfat: I am skinny fat, not really that skinny because I lifted for a year but still not big eno…[View]
70413468What is /fits favorite cheat meal? For me it's Little Caesars pizza with ranch dressing and Bur…[View]
70403986What's the verdict on cooking oil, can I consume it without moderation?[View]
70415366He defined a generation. How has Zyzz affected your life?[View]
70414903Is his advice legit?[View]
70407829/fat/ - Fat Loss General: Fatty contest will return edition >Who is /fat/ for? For blobby boys an…[View]
70412816curling forearm pain: After I release the weight on standard or preacher curls I get sharp bone pain…[View]
70415668/fit/ in a nutshell[View]
70415011Where the hell is he? I miss him, I hope he's okay[View]
70416337Weigh journey: > be me in 2014 > 6-2 230, in great shape. Olympic weight lifting and CrossFit(…[View]
70416382boogie now mogs 100% of all the people on /fit/ also haters will say this image is fake[View]
70406359How do I shouldermax bros?[View]
70411605How much should I trust online reviews for gyms? I'm trying to find a gym I can start going to,…[View]
70415731How do I find a muscle mommy[View]
70415490COVID and arthritis: Bros...after almost 2 years, I think it might have been covid that fucked me ov…[View]
70408653fish oil: legit or scam? cap or no cap?[View]
70416134Only have two small-ish dumbells (25 lbs each), can I turn into a beautiful otterman by just doing h…[View]
70415010Wait these fucking things kill you if you eat more than one a day?! Why isn't this shit written…[View]
70415908Finally found a doctor to put my onions ass on TRT in this socialist hellhole. I had 2.10ng/dl, 3.10…[View]
70414225Post your stack: vit d - 5k a day (i am low af 24ng/ml (60nmol/l)) k2 mk7 - 100mcg fish oil (500dha/…[View]
70414279Tea talk why do girls Think tattoos are /fit/?[View]
70405669Push Up Thread!: Last two digits are the amount of pushups you need to do.[View]
70416446You SUFFER by STARVING yourself while HE eats WHATEVER HE WANTS and then he KICKS YOUR ASS and RAPES…[View]
70405411>the most unfunctional muscle Why even train it?[View]
70415686Anyone else who 'made it' feel completely empty?: Anyone else who 'made it' feel completely empty? E…[View]
70415329No longer fat, now what: During lockdown I went from a chubby fag to a fat fuck (for European, not A…[View]
70398191You can only work Three muscle groups for the rest of your life: Which ones do you choose to maximiz…[View]
70416491How can one develop similar strength to that of a manual laborer? I’m talking about that all day lon…[View]
70412668Is it haram to kiss your gf while working out at the gym together? My girlfriend is really child-lik…[View]
70415756Veganism: >Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, gi…[View]
70415519manlet glowup: For the manlets that got fit, did it change anything for you guys? Did women apprecia…[View]
70414901>friend shows me a post-workout selfie (no homo) >jelly, mirin' hard, tell him as much …[View]
70414016Is the ab machine at the gym just a meme?: Give it to me straight lads[View]
70414563What is the ideal weight for a 6'2 male? I weigh 200 pounds right now[View]
70414323150lbs 5’9 15% bf - cut down to 10-12% or lean bulk/ eat at maintenance?: Went from 162 to 150 from …[View]
70415998Is this a good routine?: Day 1. Bicep curls. 4 sets of 10 reps. Back rown. 4 sets of 10 reps. Day 2.…[View]
70412608Icing the testicles: Is it a meme?[View]
70412030she does jiu jitsu at eddie bravo's 10th planet too.[View]
70412871Diabetes: Today I took the blood glucose test at a pharmacy (fasting) and the result was 101. The pr…[View]
70412180Who here fasting?[View]
70411932can someone post me a natty 1 year transformation[View]
70412968Poorfag exercising: I'm a poor skelly Skellington who can barely affor two meals a day but I wi…[View]
70413798For 5 >Deadlift 100kg >Bench 80kg >Squat 60kg >OHP 45kg Any one else imbalancemaxxing?…[View]
70413437>tfw visionlet >have about -2.25 astigmatism >can't ever make eye contact with other p…[View]
70415873How does one /bara/maxx?[View]
70415255can I get a healthy,durable, aesthetic body just by Sprinting? sprinting A LOT and HARD. I get liter…[View]
70415013he dropped another one[View]
70415745You’re a dyel faggot: And I mog you[View]
70413121How to make pooping less painful: I have changed my diet to have a lot of protein in it as I am cutt…[View]
70414449can you build an aesthetic physique with just calisthenics and dumbbells?: could I achieve picrel mo…[View]
70405306I read visual novels on my laptop between sets and roasties keep judging me[View]
70415218I drink 3 40 oz Mountain Dews from the gas station every day. If I cut these out, how much fat/weigh…[View]
70411195/fit/ness progress thread: Hard gainers edition[View]
7041315426: Without suggesting surgery, what lifts can get me out of this ugly mode? Almost obese, just hate…[View]
70413957Rich Piana: .[View]
70414208This is a joke right? You're not seriously risking your back for 2inches of ROM?[View]
70406840is it normal for my beard to get grey/white spots at 36? I grew up doing a ton of drugs and drinking…[View]
70414178Hey guys, John here. Just wanna say how proud i am of you all. Keep those gainz coming and and i hop…[View]
70415077I quit caffeine and soda because it was fucking up my energy levels. Now they're back to normal…[View]
70414304Does having kids improve lifts? How do I fathermaxx: Will having kids boost testosterone? Improve li…[View]
70414447You can develop every muscle group to aesthetic perfection, but there's no way to footmaxx. You…[View]
70412235y'all seein this shit? Soooo many people boutta get WIPED: I can't even get this detail fr…[View]
70409143what in the power of xenu is this man taking?: Longevity boosting thread - best tips to age as good …[View]
70414524Do you not get bigger doing crossfit?: I've been doing crossfit 4-5 days a week for around 9 mo…[View]
70413142Forbidden exercises thread: >Weighted Prince Albert dips[View]
70413357>you can make it too, but only if you....[View]
70414693depression and falling off wieght loss goals: i dont know bros but if i start playing video games li…[View]
70412792Gym twice a week: Hi guys. I can only train twice a week. What program to use? The goal is just to b…[View]
70413567Why do I look like a fat middle schooler at 25[View]
70413309Debunk it[View]
70414788Hay fever: >always sneezing due hay fever >take meds and wake up well next day >eat eggs fo…[View]
70412894Puerto Rican looking for training buddy: Metropolitian area, pic is me, yeah I'm fucking a weak…[View]
70405012How the fuck am I supposed to drink a gallon of water a day? I tried donating plasma like the minori…[View]
70412267brutal heightpill (manlets do not enter): so I was in the bus and we came to a stop and people start…[View]
70414205Martial arts: How do I start with Martial Arts training at home? I'm doing some push-ups and ca…[View]
70412636>attempt 3 plate squat for the first time >grindy af rep, truly a fight for my life >feel r…[View]
70413796If I look like this at 25 how over is it for me? No, I don’t shave my body hair[View]
70408446Is it possible for a wamin to get swole without losing feminininity?[View]
70414097Roid Rage: Johnathan Majors is another case of Roid Rage. What to roidtrannies get so angry so quick…[View]
70409216Modern physicians are gross: Why are doctors and medical students the most unfit, unhealthy disgusti…[View]
70414216How to make mental fitness gains?: Do you make an effort to push yourselves outside of your comfort …[View]
70413953ITT: machines you feel retarded or embarrassed while using Pic related, full crunch machine[View]
70414141/plg/ powerlifting general: deadlift edition >programming advice? post s/b/d@bw+height >The of…[View]
70414026Is Yuri Boyka mode achievable natty?[View]
70414065>see a muscular and qt girl at the gym >instantly think to myself 'I wish she had a cock' Wtf?…[View]
70413607What’s a systematic approach to stop binge eating/cheating on your diet?: I’ve come to the conclusio…[View]
70406754Low Fat Diet: People who look really good tend to avoid high fat intake /fit/ told me this was brosc…[View]
70414285prices are insane: >economic recession >everything 2-3x >my salary is the same, boss whistl…[View]
70413846/fit/ series/movies/docs/anime: what are you brahs watching thats keeping you in a fit mood? for me …[View]
704097155'9 here Can I get buff enough(natty) that a 6'2 guy(who's natty and has never been o…[View]
704137016', 196ib, early 20s. Started lifting in December, 5 days a week doing 8-10 sets for 10-20 reps…[View]
70404822best mma for weak people: > 5 6 (actual, not claiming 5 6 while being 5 2) manlet , small joints,…[View]
70411870Gym Rape Thread: Post non-consensual acts in the gym[View]
70411747Post Journals: Who else keeps a journal? It's great not just to track your progress but you can…[View]
70413470What’s the social aspect of the gym like? Good place to make friends and meet girls or not?[View]
70405712What's your kryptonite?: Binged a whole package of double stuf oreos again[View]
70413920Why wont she get off the squatrack its been 30 minutes[View]
70396122/FPH/, the classics edition: Just came back from a 5 am walk at my local park and I saw a beanbag be…[View]
70412896should i get into kickboxing?[View]
70411831Blood glucose: Can pedaling for half an hour raise (or lower) blood glucose?[View]
70413604Any tips on having a slightly not as ruined body? I became a fatty and because of this transgression…[View]
70412635Gym twice a day: Does hitting the gym twice a day rewards more progress if i want to build more mass…[View]
70355575WHITEPILL THREAD: Whitepill Thread - Serenity Edition >anyone can start lifting, you don't n…[View]
70412272Turns out I live within 14 minutes of the Five Nights at Freddy's creator and my wife's bo…[View]
70412526Why do cardiofags have such pathetic bodies? They look like they could break with one fall.[View]
70412105Uninstalled Glovo[View]
70390918REDPILL THREAD: Post fitness redpills >reverse curls are a forearm compound >super sets and gi…[View]
70413473>learn that humans are actually pretty high in calories and protein >they are literally everyw…[View]
70412966In what world would anyone but a woman need to replace a barbell squat with a dumbell squat? What is…[View]
70387319does a squat count if it’s not ass to grass?[View]
70413295what's this machine called?[View]
70413454haven't been working out long but wanted to lean in with a cardio heavy regiment first before g…[View]
70410124>developed eating disorder at 13 in response to my obesity (150 lbs at 5’4”) >restricted my ca…[View]
70405925Candy whey? Doesn't seem right.[View]
70412802Parallel squats are more than enough for leg gains. ATG squats are unnecessary and gay, it looks lik…[View]
70412674What's the legitimate way to get the cloth shot out of my body? I only took 1 dose of johnson…[View]
70411863How do I achieve this natty[View]
70412254This literally used to be considered fat. My how times have changed[View]
70413043I keep getting swole, all my clothes don't fit especially my dress wear I think it will continu…[View]
70408839>you walk by a guy recording in the locker room >he says 'touch me and watch what happens' wha…[View]
70412739will you be able to defend yourself in this situation anon? you dont want to be caught lackin like T…[View]
70412478Why /fit/ not exploring peptide treatments? Some of these show real promising results for angiogenes…[View]
70413114A poem.: Oh, there's a group of folks, they don't believe in calories They think they…[View]
70412612/fit/ has been so slow today: Wat gives?[View]
70411878How likely are bitches with bodies like this to get fat later on ?[View]
70412878Why should I take fitness advice from you?[View]
70412837>clean and jerk[View]
70412794Can someone redpill me on what nuts I should be eating? Pecans? Walnuts? Peanuts? Pine Nuts? Hazelnu…[View]
70412807How to regulate intensity?: Here's the deal. I'm autistic as fuck so I smoke weed before I…[View]
70408307Can girls with this body type even get a nice ass just through working out alone?[View]
70412075Natty or Juice?: Post, vote, and debate on who’s juicy or natty attainable here instead of littering…[View]
70412851Eric Hites: What happened to Eric Hites? He hasn't posted on Strava since 2019.[View]
70408436How much does lifting help with girls: Give me examples of how much lifting affected your dating res…[View]
70410448Is GOATmode achievable natty?[View]
70411191>make female hinge profile >meet my competition > >80% of them are skinnyfat faggots wit…[View]
70411987Does getting fit really help with chemical imbalance based depression? I cannot take anti-depressant…[View]
70409522>completely destroys your cut[View]
70411635It's not about the progress you made. It's about the number of attempts you've made. …[View]
70409285Natty: I swear this is this board's idea of what peak natty looks like, kek Unironically post y…[View]
70412305Need to get jacked quick without meat: All the protein I have at home is as follows: Turkey Peanut B…[View]
70412231Being /fit/ is actually optimal living. >1 year ago, 140kgs of fat. >Go outside women don…[View]
70401441>need to talk to a girl at the gym for X reason >they all look at me likes this (if they even …[View]
70412077When exactly did bodybuilding judges decide that their competitors' skin was supposed to look l…[View]
70412112Homemade recipes + protein powder: Post your recipes below, preferably easy to make stuff. I heavily…[View]
70411199i want to learn to structure my workouts where do i start? i currently have alternatives for each ac…[View]
70403103Can mental powers be worked out in the same way as muscles?[View]
70412427Can you take down a 600ib man?[View]
70407305Is natty?[View]
70404831>Zoomer leaves their gym bag next to a piece of equipment in some sort of attempt to reserve it w…[View]
70411955Frame and height are everything. Lifting is merely an accessory to genetics. Nothing you ever do in …[View]
70412163this is what the hardest puncher in history looked like was he dyel?[View]
70407538Truly functional routine: Let's be real here. For those of us who are interested in FUNCTIONALI…[View]
70412012I'm skinnyfat at 13% bf This is why you should lift[View]
70408085Can i see abs at 15 percent body fat?[View]
70411833I’m a healthy weight with a reasonable body fat percentage, and I’m fine with my body. Why aren’t yo…[View]
70408736>be me 15 >178cm 55kg twinky >go on incel forums where I’m told I should be big and muscul…[View]
70411735Foam rolling: Is it kikery? If it works, why?[View]
70410406whats his secret?[View]
70409240how do I get male ballet dancer body? they have low body fat and toned-tight muscles but not in the …[View]
70410248Iodine: How do I get plenty of iodine in my body without supplements?[View]
70398548Why do meat-based diets work better than plant-based for getting fit?[View]
70408030This man is 23 years old.: This is your reminder to NOT DO STEROIDS![View]
70411650>send text: >girl replies things are just so much different now that i'm quite fit. push …[View]
70411143What is the best clothing for all martial arts? No naked/toplessbootyshorts response plz[View]
70411204/fit/ fashion: you guys know if you really want to be aesthetic you need to have a good wardrobe as …[View]
70411315A healthy adult male has single digit bodyfat and a huge belly.: >lean gut mode >easily attain…[View]
70408099How can I deadlift without hurting my hands? I know I can lift heavier despite being a beginner at t…[View]
70408288Should I take supplements on my rest days?[View]
70411068Starting my 60 hard tomorrow boys, wish me luck![View]
70397437>that preworkout blunt[View]
70411158are you a leg day skipper?[View]
70409992Fitness Dilemma: I currently have 50lbs powerblocks and an adujstable bench, the problem is that I…[View]
70408124What is the best way to not put on weight during a 5,000 calorie cheat day? I am about to head out t…[View]
70410145After all, were humans born for endurance/long distance running or walking and sprinting (HIIT)? Why…[View]
70411766>met a girl at my gym >thought we really hit it off >realized later she gave me a fake numb…[View]
70406081What are the downsides to an (almost) all stew diet. >red meat, lentils, and broth for protein …[View]
70409682Is it possible to achieve this aesthetic as a 21 year old man?[View]
70409316>James Gandolfini washed down two orders of fried king prawns and a “large portion” of foie gras …[View]
70400253Sexual Health: If nofap causes the penis to shrink due to penile neglect, then in the reverse edging…[View]
70411152i bought a big boxing bag like this one in picrel, and some gloves... what do i do now? any good vid…[View]
70408177Thoughts on these muscles?[View]
70411720my gym nemesis hasnt been at my gym for 3 weeks now... it feels so empty to lift without him, like i…[View]
70409368What's with those days at the gym where everything just seems super easy? You can go way harder…[View]
70409580What mode is this?[View]
70411355Can you ask girls for their number at the gym?: Dating apps are terrible. The only place I regularly…[View]
70409191Gym Horror Stories: hey /fit/izens, are there people at your gym who are disgusting, yet intriguing?…[View]
70409559>Welcome to Wendy's, what can I get you?[View]
70409042/fit/ you seem like the best board to ask. Who do you think would win a fight between 100 random pos…[View]
70409283When you cannot expel farts through your anus you expel those farts through your mouth.[View]
70404646Who’s participating in the Sunday Squat challenge? My PR is 315 for 8(low-bar)[View]
70411063>74% of men below the age of 30 say that women find obliques unattractive on males >only 15% …[View]
70408684Achievable natty?[View]
70411136Don't fall for the bulking meme bros[View]
70410118I started lifting at 33. I had tried lifting before in my early 20s, and I am doing better all over …[View]
70408500Toe exercises: It has come to my attention that people are actually able to move their big and pinky…[View]
70410159Every single sunday: Of every single week. I can't help but binge.[View]
70408903How you holding out, fellow Muslims? Are you working out before or after Iftar?[View]
70410964>look in the mirror >look OK >take a selfie >look like shit >take a mirror selfie …[View]
70411133You look like you buck break men: https://www.menshealth.com/health/a36450733/does-creatine-cause-ha…[View]
70411120Welcome home: After 3 month break from reality I just returned to the gym. Completed my first week. …[View]
70410623>listen to one song on repeat to pass time faster during LISS. This work for you?…[View]
70399517>35 years old >haven’t been to a gym in 10 years >5’11 >140 lbs >10.5” biceps >14”…[View]
70410916>didn't work out for 4 days >physique deflates why is it like this…[View]
70407831Useless shit.[View]
70410247Hatfield Squats: Anyone here do hatfield squats? I recently bought an SSB, and today while doing sq…[View]
70410968Will I make gains if..: … I do 3 sets of planks everyday?[View]
70409793Urban Exploring /fit/ Survival Tips: I'm planning on exploring the underground tunnels beneath …[View]
70410033How to mix sprinting, lifting, and long distance running?: I currently sprint and lift twice a week,…[View]
70410948how the fuck did I bench 210 for 5 reps Wednesday night but tonight I could barely hit 215 for 2[View]
70408096anyone got those funny protein powder names[View]
70410372Let's talk sóy: I made tofu stir fry with additional sóy bean sprouts and for just 250 grams of…[View]
70409532Is weight lifting a form of cardio? Could I just aim for low weight high reps in place of cardio? Re…[View]
70410714Now that the dust has settled...: ...was he just a snake oil salesman?[View]
70410694browsing this board means you're never gonna make it[View]
70407424I sold all my crypto and finally realised my dream of building a large shed at the bottom of the gar…[View]
70409206I fucked up hard today: I fucked up hard today, I will switch the gym tomorrow: >cutting hard …[View]
70406487Dumbell or barbell lifts Which does /fit/ prioritize and why?[View]
70407350I like your muscles: No homo. Ok maybe a little bit.[View]
70410569>chest supported crunch[View]
70409913Rate my cutting plan: >2 large whole eggs cooked in 1 tablespoon of coconut oil (220 kcal, 18g fa…[View]
70399679/fig/ - female improvement general #18: early Saturday night edition >pastebin https://pastebin.c…[View]
70410420Was editing vid for my yt when i realized i have disgustingly unbalanced arms, my forearms are about…[View]
70410153Zottman Curl: NH bashed them in his forearm vid today He is a complete retard Zottman curls rule Th…[View]
70409845what do you think he could bench, squat and deadlift here?[View]
70409574>the gym emo starts bulking[View]
70409823My 1 week transformation: From 76kg to 71kg, then from 71 to 76kg, each in only 6 days Why did i do …[View]
70407725Does anyone laugh between reps?: I do, I never fail a rep if I laugh.[View]
70410008What's your excuse?[View]
70410018Costochondritis: Anyone here dealt with costochondritis? Came home Friday after a heavy chest/should…[View]
70409203Basic super effective routine for skincare? I took an online quiz and took a screen of the products …[View]
70409455How do I into Firelord Ozai Mode?[View]
70409061I did the girl exercise today... Infront of the entire gym and I feel no shame Gotta get those joosy…[View]
70408742Is this realistically achievable natty?[View]
70408776Where is the giga brain lifting discussion? This place is okay for shitposting. Reddit has weightroo…[View]
70409407Peanuts: Strogenic or not?[View]
70409158Whats the name of the swole youtuber who always scream rhymes about gym stuff? he wears a bandana i …[View]
70409192bouldering: Is bouldering based? I went to a climbing gym for the first time and the climbing commun…[View]
70407459ITT: God-tier lifting albums[View]
70407807Im balding from steroids but I dont want to lose all my gains. Fin and minox arent working. Do I lea…[View]
70408178>Start getting fat when entering college, to the point where I'm borderline obese >Decide…[View]
70407791The most successful people pretend that their lives are better than they are to convince other peopl…[View]
70409224>See a woman be only be able to lift half what i can >only been going to the gym for 2 months …[View]
70401793Inferred vs red light?[View]
70409160What’s a good nootropic either a stack of individual ingredients or an already made one I can use to…[View]
70378540For me, its musclegirls.[View]
70408251yes or now?: now that the smoke has cleared, what is the general consenis among fitizens on turk? is…[View]
70401050/fit/izens, do you have any phobias? how do you overcome them?[View]
70405262Recommend me some workout music. I usually listen to hardstyle or zoomer TikTok music like 'spit in …[View]
70409026Ders a l-limiiiiiit: Why do you skinny fucks think there's a cap to muscle >ya, there's…[View]
70408384Gee I wonder why an overpriced gimmick franchise gym where nobody makes any gains is failing, wow...…[View]
70408540Skipping Legs for the rest of the year?: I have a ton of fat to lose, enough that it will take me th…[View]
70408621I have been permanently banned from /fit/[View]
70407262is mental energy a thing? if so how do you increase it? my physical energy seems fine but lately I c…[View]
70408918People who are naturally big vs roidtrannies: I mean, it doesnt matter how much pic related blasts t…[View]
70407955>MUH STRENGTH LOSS WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH shut the fuck up mr sharty pants, CUT DOWN…[View]
70408504>aldncasdliufneawoifio83973jlk';l;lk;klk;l;lk ;l;l l[View]
70406372Anyone on this shit? I got a prescription for it but I need to have diabetes to have insurance pay f…[View]
70407764If this is my current body, how over is it for me?[View]
70408823Imagine the smell[View]
70408813Rate my program /fit/ Day 1: Warm-up (5-10 minutes of light cardio and dynamic stretching) Squats:…[View]
70408453how to achieve a physique like King Von? im trying to slide, the block is hot[View]
70366320/fast/ - fasting general: /FAST/ing general >What is /fast/? Fast is a thread for the discussion …[View]
70408450So is this a massive scam or have people here noticed benefits? I don't get enough greens so wo…[View]
70407473How's your summer cut going anon? Post tips to avoid losing gains on a cut[View]
70405146>get air fryer >spray canola oil on do people really do this ? it seems to defeat the purpose …[View]
70400095should skinnyfats with big gut but small arms bulk or cut?[View]
70377507/Fraud/ - Kaskade & Deadmau5 Edition: Kx5 edition Noob/first cycle questions: https://www.reddit…[View]
70402839post mogs[View]
70408669>that pre workout ambien[View]
70405990LeanPill: 20% Body Fat vs 12% Body Fat Notice anything?[View]
70404710ONEGAI MUSCLE![View]
70407944how do you muster the courage to buy steroids online and inject them? it seems impossible to me I wo…[View]
70408583New chapter of the /fit/ LN just dropped[View]
70407002creatine: >gives you more instant energy >makes you stronger by allowing to train harder and l…[View]
70405165/sips/: Anyone tried post-workout sips? There's nothing like it[View]
70406493>ketotards think this is a balanced and healthy meal[View]
70399960Thoughts on back extensions? What do you do for lower back? Mostly to avoid pain.[View]
70406850How do I increase my pain tolerance?: picrel[View]
70406204I desire the Width and the Girth.[View]
70403544Is worth doing planks as a fat nigga? Will it make my belly dissapear faster? I am doing 30s every…[View]
70408272Is it really worth it to live forever?[View]
70408020Training for endurance?: How exactly do I train for muscular endurance or hypertrophy I guess? I bas…[View]
70407599is this normal progress: >first time I 'benched' 2 pl8 was close to 6 months ago, and less than 1…[View]
70408145how much cans of sardines do i need to eat for muscles? t. Broke grocery worker that steals cans of …[View]
70408207eating too much sugar on a cut?: Instead of carbs while cutting, this time I have been eating cookie…[View]
70407607Nothing you do in the gym has any real world utility or usefulness. >Muh labor If you work a phys…[View]
70407497Is soccer good for you?[View]
70407892>go outside and see people staring at me >think they mirin >they're actually disgusted…[View]
70408228I just want to lift.: But you guys mock me.[View]
70408171>watch YouTube video about doing muscle ups >guy claims if you can do 10 you should be able to…[View]
70407785/fit/ breakfast: What are the best /fit/ approved breakfasts for longevity and muscle-building? Do y…[View]
70407014>its not roids guys, i swear. its just carb cycling[View]
70407886jackie chan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3Ztya2CrO4 How does /fit/ rank jackie chan athletic po…[View]
70406037HIIT cardio the same day as weight training: Will it slow down my gains?[View]
70406906homegym max bench weight: i finally took the homegym pill but ran into an issue looking for a bench …[View]
70406762When you have zero motivation, have nothing to live for and you've lost all hope for the good t…[View]
70407984Okay fit I need to figure out fitness related career / job, that will give me fulfillment and enjoym…[View]
70408090Inspirational lyrics for the gym thread: Post lyrics that give you the strength to push harder durin…[View]
70406344Meat allergy?: I quit eating meat and my acne cleared up. Now whenever I eat some meat I'll get…[View]
70407592>go to gym >see my face in mirror >existential crisis…[View]
70408028ITT: Lifts that always humble you: >I yield![View]
70406358>Guy benches 140kg >Yeah decent bench bro >1k followers at best >Girl benches 70kg >O…[View]
70407498I am already dead: >eat whole beetroot today >poking pain in the side after 6 hours or so ummm…[View]
70407930Literally the best resource for beginner lifters, and easily the best workout tracker. https://www.…[View]
70406942Violent heartbeats?: I was cuddling with a girl last night and she told me that my heartbeat is real…[View]
70407614my bf% hovers around 22-23% i cant fucking seem to get it to lower. Even eating less isnt working - …[View]
70405456Hey /fit/, can we decide once and for all who was in the wrong here?[View]
70407500>does nothing[View]
70403163training routine: bros is dis routine okay, got this from an instructor basically have to rotate eac…[View]
70404461I can do 20 bodyweight diamond pushups per series, what should i do now? Should i go for >20 push…[View]
70407380Could not doing tren have saved him?[View]
70407219Fuck Bulgaria for inventing the best and most horrible quad excersise[View]
70404804>switch to brown rice >feel like a fucking GOD why the fuck havent you guys told me about fibe…[View]
70407596Pick your fighter[View]
70396071/fat/ - Fat Loss General: Fatty contest is dead edition >Who is /fat/ for? For blobby boys and gi…[View]
70406544Elbow bursitis: Should I do something about this, other than resting, ice, compression, elevation?…[View]
70404707redpill me on turmeric powder[View]
70407324my fucking erectors won't grow....[View]
70407405losing weight question: question /fit/ started lifting/exercising a month ago. 6'2. started at …[View]
70405014Which of these is your ideal?: Specify if you mean >for yourself if you're a man >for you…[View]
70401834To Be a Man: What are the virtues and values of masculinity in your eyes, /fit/? How can the lot of …[View]
70400985/bar is open/: Come on in anon and take a seat. Fresh keg of choccy milk has just been changed. >…[View]
70396839Should I give up?: I've determined that weight loss is impossible for people like me. I exercis…[View]
70406534It really is that easy huh?: >sit around all day working >come home to sit around and play vid…[View]
70406920how com boxers usually only do push ups and crunches for strength?[View]
70406787DYEL: >what went wrong? https://youtu.be/iPtxiNtBY-M[View]
70407571It's simple anons, if he can do it so can you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mbp0DugfCA[View]
70407486Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
70407371Where do you fall /fit/[View]
70406638>mfw throwing away a trusty old CoC 1 gripper cause I became too strong for it…[View]
70403268Does anyone else have that dad at their gym who's always looking to pick fights? But as soon as…[View]
70406185Is this whole show a roidtranny allegory?: Makes me wanna roid desu[View]
70407491DYEL ROCK CLIMBERS BTFO: Powershitter chads reign supreme![View]
70406660What happened to all the magnesium glycinate threads?: 2 days ago saw a few supp threads. What happe…[View]
70404807What's the craziest diet you've ever heard of? For me it has to be those extremely low cal…[View]
70407426>he doesnt isolate abs[View]
70405916>18, 160 lbs, 5'10', 110 bench My last post here before I begin lifting, will post an update…[View]
70407357Pretty please advice the nooby: Every single website gives different advice, one tells you to do cru…[View]
70399323I’ve been using a penis pump and a stretching device for about 3 months now and am noticing signific…[View]
70402542Why are we becoming shorter, ameribros?[View]
70407254>saves your cut[View]
70405176>Pain in lower back for 3 months >be advised to do pic related >pain immediately goes away …[View]
70380343/run/ - Roon general: Previous: >>70343918 >Advice for new runners - Build up speed and mil…[View]
70397457can you eyeball the protein in this meal? i went out for a friends birthday today but i dont think t…[View]
70406773Calorie counting is a such a meme, literally just eat enough protein according to lean body mass and…[View]
70406984Best tasting protein powder?: Every time I drink protein powder, I gag. But this fairlife shake has …[View]
70406426is protein powder a meme?[View]
70381117Stupid questions thread: /qtddtot/ thread Stop spamming the board with your autism and ask it here…[View]
70404134How do you resist the urge of not eating sweets, chocolate, candies and others junk food?[View]
70406070is maingaining a meme?[View]
7040048530+ fitness: Where my 30yr+ fitizens at? How's your lifting gains going? And more importantly h…[View]
70405219>can be achived naturaly >not even the natty limit >makes women wet >makes power shitter…[View]
70405030Itchy crotch while running: I’m trying to get a bit of cardio in but my crotch is really itchy after…[View]
70404472Why are somatotypes discredited here? Even a blind man can see that men with thick humerus and big w…[View]
70404091AC joint injury: Anyone else fucked up their shoulder? When I do presses my shoulders click and I ig…[View]
70405980>be me >have shitty heart + smoking >2-3 months after starting lifting, my heart starts hu…[View]
70403042Would it be a smart idea to just eat whatever and do resistance exercises so that my caloric surplus…[View]
70402557>the gaggle of 14 y old girls are doing their meme exercises near me when I'm lifting again …[View]
70404345Are there some push exercise you can do that don't involve putting lots of pressure on the wris…[View]
70405997How do you cope with losing gains and having to restart from nothing?[View]
70404203Everyone says that I look huge in person, but my pictures always look like shit. How do I fix this?[View]
70405216What are some essential books for making it? Fit / health / philosophy etc. related.[View]
70403082Overrated. >Fights in a weight class that he shouldn't have been in. He's only being te…[View]
70404229What are the absolute best (or the single best) excercise I can do to tone the muscles of the inner …[View]
70401244>be you >no terminal diseases or handicaps >not using your body to it's full potential…[View]
70404923Cumstacked: >60mg zinc >400mg selenium Gonna creampie a busty blonde BBW…[View]
70405301Is this achievable natty?[View]
70405700Milk: Is it good for you?[View]
70396220What's the most dangerous type of workout?[View]
70404635Female co-worker texted me this. Have I officially made it?[View]
70402773Pitt sniffing: It might be good for you fit[View]
70406181Planet 4/20: Why lie?[View]
70402655>stopping strength[View]
70404727i hate this shit, what a disgusting looking lift[View]
70404431David laid in his early days: Achievable natty?[View]
70405945if you are not consuming all 4, then you will never get peak gains.[View]
70404297how do i deal with long neck? mr sam hyde [AKA as we all know, GOD HIMFUCKINGSELF] says decent postu…[View]
70403723High reps, low weight: Everyone says this doesn't work for weight loss, but why did it always w…[View]
70400863I would just like to point out to people that the squat (and deadlift) are not necessary, and in my …[View]
70404336Everyone dying suddenly: because they're trying all sorts of fucking stupid diets. Carnivore? J…[View]
70404165what are some good abs exercises that won't waste your time?[View]
70404391There's a reason he keeps getting away with it. He has ridiculous training, and even those he t…[View]
70403601Is this really 1 year of lifting starting from skelly?[View]
70401662You heard the man.[View]
70402939Reliable pump method?: What is the best way to get muscle pump as fast and as strong as possible, in…[View]
70384835I have this shit and want to kill myself[View]
70403989Wow, is there really that much protein in corn starch? That's got to be why she's doing it…[View]
70405056showing off FITNESS gains: i bought hinge platinum (59.99). im ready to show off the body i worked f…[View]
70404420Those of you who do squats and compound lifts using barbells instead of dumbells How does it feel to…[View]
70400750Compacted: I weigh basically 190lb I am a midget goblin (5'5'). Plan to get limb lengthening t…[View]
70402334David Goggins will power: I'm curious if there are actual studies/techniques to cultivate such …[View]
70404650Could lifting have saved him ?[View]
70396453>Cutting for summer >Body is always making a grumbling sound…[View]
70401655>pull this out of my pocket >put on some Phonk, Memphis rap, or Screamo >make sure to play …[View]
70402688day 20 and ivan still lifts only 200 kg everyday it's over. no progress no gains how can he imp…[View]
70397917Why do people bother with separate leg days when squats, Romanian deadlifts and maybe calf raises co…[View]
70405092Is there ANYONE on the planet who can beat him at arm wrestling?[View]
70401970Did-........ Umm.. D-did th-umm..... Uhhhhhmmmm.. Did they? Exercises to be able to DB press a perso…[View]
70404858Zercher: Who is Zercher[View]
70395322/plg/ - powerlifting general: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1iF_oHYuWQ >programming advice? po…[View]
70404467Deadlift: Sub or Power Through?: I hurt my back deadlifting a little over a year ago. Bulged a disc.…[View]
70404514Safe exercises for a cracked rib ?: I broke my rib yesterday, what upper body exercises can I do (ma…[View]
70402677how the fuck do i fix this shit? this skin feels slightly bumpy but i cant pop it like regular acne …[View]
70404590>bulk >women ignoring >cut >women less ignoring…[View]
70395739How much you OHP?[View]
70396874I love when 'hardgainers' fall for the dirtybulk meme and get fat: while the obese probably do lack …[View]
70398906If there utility in eating different kinds of proteins or are they all the same for mass gain?[View]
70404252What are the best exercise that would make me lose my big fat tummy? Outside of cardio, that’s it. I…[View]
70402090>/fit/ is full of people who 'snapped their shit' deadlifting or squatting >i have never met a…[View]
70401015What does /fit/ do for prostate health? Any of you ever experience retrograde ejaculation? >half …[View]
70399210lost 40lbs doing CICO and I'm trying to lose another 40lbs (goal is 200) but for some reason I…[View]
70404392BOOGIE2988: HE HAS DONE IT[View]
703979161152.5 kg total WR broken!: Roidtrannies seething and coping[View]
70399508Rate my stack. I think it covers all the basics[View]
70402604Need a simple program for hypetrophy training: I’ve been fuckarounding at the gym for the last 2 mon…[View]
70403293Does keeping your balls raise T levels? Are there any other health benefits? Serious question.[View]
70387195Who do you do it for /fit/: I do it for her[View]
70400331Why didn't the have problems with loose skin in the 70s and 80s?: Did their high rep low weight…[View]
70398418Just found a decent bike off of craiglist and bought it. Was planning on using it to get to the gym.…[View]
70402562*heavy breathing* *2 second pause* GOOOOD FUCKING MOOOORNIINNNNGG GODDAMNIT[View]
70374182/fph/ 14 year old heart attack edition[View]
70398441ITT post pics of someones body that you thought as big before and is actually achievable natural[View]
70403941Can you give me the rundown on sleep hygiene?[View]
70403995>people say things get better and easier the more you do it >bike every single day multiple ki…[View]
70402485Why do manlets roid? It honestly looks ridiculous.[View]
70403828Low test HRT: Has anyone ever used Optimale for a testosterone check? I've been feeling pretty …[View]
70402806Leg press, leg extension, lying leg curl, seated calf raise. Let me guess. You need more?[View]
70393184Just learnt about this man's story and i must ask. Is there any way to prevent schizophrenia? I…[View]
70402293Cutting: Is cutting any healthy, even when you do it natty? I mean not going from a fatass to a heal…[View]
70395411why do mma fighters, despite having top tier nutrition and training regimens, still have physiques o…[View]
70403318Do you agree with alan thrills top 10 exercises? >front squats >deadlift >cleans >roon …[View]
70403414Does untreated epilepsy cause porn addiction?[View]
70402218alternatives to kroc rows?: been doing them for a while and I been stuck with the heaviest dumbbells…[View]
70403344I ACKed my pec minor I think while doing weighted dips it hurts a bit when flexing in a specific way…[View]
70403407Being a coomer is literally stealing your gains. i haven't ejaculated since last year. Stopped …[View]
70402436Have you ever fought anyone at your gym? And I mean not an actual organized martial arts fight, but …[View]
70402680>stop taking finasteride for a month >DHT up 10% >Testosterone down 20% I felt more concent…[View]
70402442I've been working on a farm for a few days and my forearms and hamstrings are pretty sore from …[View]
70402609How do you fix this?[View]
70402637How can I tell if I have a groin strain or a hernia ?[View]
70400088ITT: Top tier physiques[View]
70402730Cardio: What kind of cardio do you do? In a week i go for two 10 km rides and then on the weekend I…[View]
70403277*fixes your back*: not necessarily the quad stretch part, but if you can get to the point where you …[View]
70402216What are some bodyweight exercises for strength?[View]
70402896im going to gym lata[View]
70403204Gym culture has become so gentrified and gay because of zoomers (my generation unfortunately) that I…[View]
70393562FtM Transanon Here, does 'skinnyfat' advice apply to me?: I'm trying to avoid looking like picr…[View]
70400785Is there a lot of difference between being 17% Body Fat and 12%?: .[View]
70401043Exercises that only you do: >kneel on shins >place pad on lap >rest 50ib dumbell on each l…[View]
70401378Alcoholism gains: This is a rhetorical question because I'm not like this but in theory could a…[View]
70402277Am i cutting to fast?[View]
70401092how do i shred fat the fastest: basically the heading im just under 5 feet, 56.5kgs My workout routi…[View]
70400291Just wanted to share my gains, think im preety fit, I don't really wanna go beyond that becouse…[View]
70395269Italian Food is the Healthiest: High protein, high carb, low to moderate fats (good fats like olive …[View]
70403049David who? Peak aesthetics is ow Deven Fagan[View]
70402080Is bullying /fit/?: I was raised in a very tolerant and respectful environment and growing up no one…[View]
70401889There's nothing wrong with using a beard to compensate for chincelism[View]
70402411Juji & Tom: I miss them like you wouldnt believe brehs[View]
70375307Has anyone tried the corn starch hack for bulking >healthy source of carbohydrates >calorie d…[View]
70401101Guy lost 20kg/44lbs in 1 week of water and dry fasting: Guy went from144 kg to 124 kg in one week of…[View]
70402508I’m so weak it hurts: 22M 135lb Just recently started going. To the gym following the first workout…[View]
70389387Fit Accomplishments: What was the last notable thing you've accomplished /fit/? For me it was m…[View]
70402720>zercher zerchers[View]
70402391i will never look like zyzz as a natty[View]
70399667Cant outlift the autism: >finally got big enough to have some confidence >make new friends be…[View]
70402533Why born-female don't just git gud? Maybe if they practice harder (like men) they wouldn't…[View]
70402294>22 strict pull ups in a row YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEA CREAM OF THE CROP[View]
70395327Cold Water Therapy/Immersion: Who's getting their dunk on? Do you enjoy it? How long do you soa…[View]
70402014Overhead holds.: Biomechanicly speaking, how to properly hold weight overhead, for maximal strength …[View]
70402309mouthguards: When I lift to failure I often grind my teeth hard. Has anyone with the same problems t…[View]
70400500i cant decide if i want to do strongman and rugby or strongman and wrestling, any thoughts? i compet…[View]
70401016Weird problem: If i have weird heart issues that get better when i take 400 mg riboflavin pills.... …[View]
70402321Is Tom's physique achievable natty? If yes, how do I achieve this as a mouse?[View]
70402254Plyos as GPP: Since plyometrics train basically everything, is it possible to use low intensity, hig…[View]
70400914Rate Body Height:180cm Weight:68kg[View]
70402091Hey /fit/. Help me make a better PPL program!: I have been going to the gym for 6 months now and I h…[View]
70400549>eat good all week >eat junk on the weekends How many of you do this?…[View]
70395049>cures literally every disease in existence and helps burn fat why don't more people talk a…[View]
70401456Thoughts on new Murphy?[View]
70401619there must be something to this. how does the direction you face during sleep affect you? have you h…[View]
70398584Steak: Is it good for gains?[View]
70399018>cures your depression and improves your life[View]
70401918gains are made in the kitchen: gotta eat big to get big brah cmon wachu eating today[View]
70401713-30 lbs by July 1st: I am currently 5'6' 200 lbs. Male. I HAVE to lose 30 lbs by July 1st. Pr…[View]
70401998Usually I never get sick except for when I'm taking creatine. For some reason that shit makes m…[View]
70400382>lifting almost 5 months >glutes still look like shit…[View]
70397787how to meditate?: whats the best way to do it frens???[View]
70401601>enter gym >Loneliness has followed me my whole life >Everywhere >In bars in cars >Si…[View]
70392964how can kratom help with my fitness journey?[View]
70401266>supplement thread >guy recommends iodine >all post recommending iodine are deleted >I …[View]
70400818How do I mongolmaxx /fit/?[View]
70399541Fellow 5'9 manlets, how do u cope when girls taller than u stand next to you? I personally cons…[View]
70400202Why are retards so addicted to the pump? Muscles are made from resting, not by pumping. They'll…[View]
70401715Thoughts on glucerna? It at least tastes great. I am using it how its recommended. As a meal replace…[View]
70400567Leg Press / Machines: So, some bodybuilders like Wong Hong actually use leg presses when /fit/ and m…[View]
70401425I'll play some video games (a game called Ender Lillies), go the gym (Back+ Biceps, not my fav …[View]
70400242Post your streak: How long have you managed to keep to your routine? What kept you on track when th…[View]
70401495eating clean is way too hard when you're surrounded by goyslop 24/7 portion control is easy for…[View]
70398026Is the guillotine bench press a viable upper chest builder compared to incline bench?[View]
70398886Can I still fuck hot fit women if I'm overweight?[View]
70401011My doctor has officially banned me from all leg exercises until I complete a 3 month physical therap…[View]
70401182are you ready to get your chinpo back?[View]
70383136Is it healthier for a woman to be overweight or underweight?[View]
70400499Decided to try this 0 calorie jelly since my pre workout has always been 2 slices of toast with jam …[View]
70400860Sleep gains: >tfw insomnia Any supplements for sleepgains/dreammaxxing? I’ve already tried melat…[View]
70401209Goyslop is literally making you UGLY[View]
70397195>/k/ has an emblem >/biz/ has an emblem >/g/ has an emblem Here is my nomination for a /fit…[View]
70400177Striking is for fags. Wrestling is, and always has been, the superior martial art.[View]
70400760'Show Muscles': Why do dyels love repeating this shit? Saying things like your muscles won’t help yo…[View]
70390401If CICO is so easy, why do its pushers always use drugs?: Steroids, HGH, clenbuteral, I guess now GL…[View]
70400543>most important muscles for strength >most important muscles for speed >most important musc…[View]
70398793What lifts to achieve this physique? It's my goal body[View]
70398358I'm looking to join a martial arts gym but i'm unsure as to what martial art to follow. i …[View]
70400598Immediately falls over: My left leg can't do pistol squats and can barely do Bulgarian split sq…[View]
70400608Push up thread.[View]
70396519i just discovered that dominos pizza is actually pretty healthy for you, and ideal for both cutting …[View]
70398144Hello, is there any way I can improve my body? I think it's too good looking already but I…[View]
70395232What mode am I?[View]
70400490This is a realistic Greek statue (i.e. a statue not based on the Greek 'ideal' body but the body of …[View]
70400708When did you stop linearly progressing? Name program, height, weight, lifts Starting Strength 5x5 5…[View]
70398923>cheap >vitamin e rich >good protein >some carbs >good fat >B vitamins >seleniu…[View]
70399429How do I fix anterior pelvic tilt[View]
70397849Anyone notice that smokers and alcoholics who never stop or have a fear of the drug negatively affec…[View]
70383704Redpill me on these things. How bad are they REALLY?[View]
70400349How viable is the “make a fit gf out of a fat girl” strategy? I matched with Carribean girl on bumbl…[View]
70400324How long should a gym session be?[View]
70400229How fat are people where you live?: >Manhattan >Whites & Asians thin >Overt Jews, black…[View]
70391685>enter gym >see this what do?[View]
70399916Biking: Is it good for cutting and losing fat if I ride 5 miles a day? >Calorie deficit >Stil…[View]
70399654Is Calisthenics for larpers?[View]
70373229>the whale >binge eats >15 candy bars >soaks pizza in ranch >dies What’s your worst…[View]
70398969Why eating healthy feels so gay ?: >Got some plaque on my Widowmaker artery. >Need to eat low…[View]
70395360This movie broke me. Seeing Brendan's portrayal of this grotesque 600lb 'man' just broke me, H…[View]
70399854Goo goo gaga: Bloop bloops 3x10 Zip zips 3x10 Rooty tooty 2x8 Glubb Glubbs 2x8 Yam Yam 1x5 Bow wows …[View]
70400038>be me >do rooing >seat scrapes the fuck out of my coccyx >shower after >water touche…[View]
70398858Confidence isn't some emotion that people are too stupid to unlock, it's the end-product o…[View]
70383835I'm not the only one who can do at least 3 pull ups on this board, right?[View]
70398002Is non-alcoholic beer good for gains?: >complex carbs >water Seems kinda /fit/ to me desu. Why…[View]
70398485Will I look good if I cut?[View]
70399174How much am I actually lifting?: I've worked my way up to 50kg on a T bar row like this (not th…[View]
70395774>Being stuck around the same weight during two weeks My motivation is dying.…[View]
70398207What mode is this bros?: Going to keep cutting until defined abs[View]
70399608>massive imbalance between fapping and non-fapping arm do you start fapping with your other hand?…[View]
70398315I lift to impress DMT entities[View]
70390680Well boys I fucked it. Slipped a my L5/S1 real bad and can hardly walk. In some of the worst pain of…[View]
70398084You might not like it: But this is the ideal male body to attract women.[View]
70399350I've been fat as fuck for over 7 years even though I've been lifting weights. My BMI is 32…[View]
70395625>buy cheap dumbbell bars >shit chrome plating peeling and giving me splinters all over the pla…[View]
70392247Why aren't you sleeping in the squat rack for ultimate gains?[View]
70399070Squats will destroy your knees Deadlifts will destroy your lower back OHP will destroy your rotator …[View]
70398569guess my bf%[View]
70398832Forgive me[View]
70396930My mum bought me a massage for my birthday and I laid there for 30 minute bored, it didn't do a…[View]
70399131being fat, an advantage?: 1 kg body fat has 7,700 calories in it which will keep you alive for 4 day…[View]
70389048/fig/ - female improvement general #17: No plans? Edition >pastebin https://pastebin.com/SQiesNNy…[View]
70399151>250lbs >aesthetic body, result of years of training, diet and cycles >mogged by a 150lb ji…[View]
70386564bros...I'm so fucking scared of squatting[View]
70398649am i doing something wrong: every day usually i would hit abs by doing 3 sets of 30 situps. today fo…[View]
70398341>edged for 10 hours straight and skipped all my meals[View]
70397809>makes you love training legs >teaches you proper technique…[View]
70399355Just watched WWZ anons And kinda thought about that Which bodyparts would be the best to train and w…[View]
70399331I lift so that I can be at an optimal MotoGP weight (I'm 5'10 and 140lbs)[View]
70399294bros, you told me you couldn't become big from bodyweight. wtf[View]
70395679What haircut do i get to boost testosterone the most?: So apparently if your hair is too long it act…[View]
70387797/The bar is open/: Come on in anon and take a seat. Fresh keg of choccy milk has just been changed. …[View]
70397941Advil kills your gains and liver: It’s over… https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/18461099/[View]
70396107>*saves your prep meal*[View]
70395846Does working out and test increase fight depression?: Working out regularly from what i understood i…[View]
70397373Women Owned Gyms: Does anyone go to a gym that is owned by a woman? I do. It's a pretty normal …[View]
70399096Do you go to Raves?: why do so many lifters go to raves? Like my friends never want to go to rap con…[View]
70399087What stretches do you do?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOdtb2BhmFA I'm thinking of adding t…[View]
70398891Is dadbod just a different word for skinnyfat or does it mean slightly overweight but with muscles u…[View]
70398462how do I achieve this body?[View]
70398412Fir approved?[View]
70396669What to look for when picking a new gym: I'm looking to switch gyms. I'm in a big city so …[View]
70397178why are there practically no men in the fat acceptance '''movement'''? I think I've maybe seen …[View]
70390884Is it true that it's harder for redhead guys to look /fit/[View]
70396445>women pissing themselves on a 500lb deadlift[View]
70396765>sneeze >fitbit adds 10 steps[View]
70396135>At the gym doing bicep curls >I can see all the varbies checking me out in the mirror >Tel…[View]
70398689Is it true you need protein supplements to gain muscles while exercising?[View]
70397400>Stop taking SSRI after 4 years >Estrogen levels drop, test levels effectively increase >Su…[View]
70397265>ate 2 entire batches of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies along with an entire gallon, yes ga…[View]
70390381>*permanently fixes your depression without drugs* nuthin personnel kid…[View]
70397700Can a woman still exercise if she's pregananant?[View]
70397612bros how the fuck do i cope...i even heard this shit may also make me infertile[View]
70398411Motivation: post pics or videos that motivate you to keep working out, keep getting better, bigger, …[View]
70392791overcoming porn addiction: down bad bros - when does this get better? I was addicted for 10 years to…[View]
70396898>Need to lose 20 lbs in 9 days: How do I do it?[View]
70391997what does /fit/ use for a gym bag? I got pic related for christmas and it's fucking torn at the…[View]
70398403Jannies this post is discussing obesity which is related to fitness so please no ban How can obese p…[View]
70397837how to cope with the fact that my father is obese and take antidepressants and anxiolytics for over …[View]
70397147leg day sickness: I feel like throwing up on leg days. What can I do about it? I tried eating, I tri…[View]
70392216powerlifting is just ego lifting nobody will ever convince me otherwise[View]
70397920https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQVU2usyC7U What are the best lifts for making gym girls not care th…[View]
70395009what routine would you do if you looked like this?[View]
70396988Who told all these copy paste gym teenagers to start going to the gym?[View]
70397184What's the best cutting food and why is it carrots? >delicious as snack >extremely few ca…[View]
70397638How do I become a surfer bro? I wanna quit my office job, grow my hair out long, and just hang ten a…[View]
70396936>Gorilla have a bigger skull than us human sisters i dont feel so good[View]
70397774onion: >eat raw onion for the first time it was like dying but localized to the back of my mouth.…[View]
70397726Aside from lifting, how do I age gracefully? Pic related, Nick Bateman is 39[View]
70395506at what point do ass workouts just make you look like a deformed goblin? pic related probably cant w…[View]
70397447I trained to actual failure today and it was intense. I was seeing stars after i was done and could …[View]
70397639How much would you guess Leo weighs in this pic?[View]
70397079Sleep: Anyone knows how to stop waking up at night? Any experience with that issue? I don't rea…[View]
70396083cutting and caffeine: > be in deficit > quit caffeine over a couple of days > go up 5 lbs…[View]
70396594im a fat guy and recently ive been walking a lot and now my anus burns almost as if i fuckin shit ou…[View]
70397063Cut Diet: First image is 257 lbs, second is 229 lbs[View]
70396251How can these legs squat 520 lbs. at 149 lbs.?[View]
70397192Is walking around with heavy armor a good workout: Should I try it?[View]
70397800>SNAPPED my back recently >Can barely do bodyweight squat, cant deadlift (used to squat 200kg …[View]
70397772it's over: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLNfr6ofwrk[View]
70397745when will we have bionic intestines?[View]
70395046Do most roiders end up being mentally ill? I mean, look at the Rock. He is clearly losing his mind[View]
70396095Who will be the next fitness influencer to die? My take: Noel Dyzel (obvious) Jo Lindner (heavy on g…[View]
70397497Going to the gym tomorrow after a long time worth of calisthenics (pushups, pullups, etc). Give me t…[View]
70396192How do I make my voice deeper?I wanna sound like a brutish ogre[View]
70396933I'm about to start a snake juice fast. What should I expect?[View]
70377078CBT - Current Body Thread: Fat fuck edition[View]
70396363>be me, doing cardio at PF today after shoulders >white lady with a gaunt face like T2 Sarah C…[View]
70396857uhhh muscle ups - how did you do it?: 69', 165 lbs I can do 18 pull ups and at least 8 chest-to-bar …[View]
70395534How's your cardio looking boys? Let's get some cardio flexing in here for a change. I…[View]
70395353Benching without a spotter: I know it's not safe, but what if it is literally impossible to get…[View]
70393514Should I eat cow heart?: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/05/100517111910.htm[View]
70397278>1/3 of parmesan is protein by weight Why aren't you eating parm chicken as postworkout, /fi…[View]
70395611Don't forget to wash your chicken with soap today before cooking it.[View]
70397279Is lard based?[View]
70388198have you ever unlocked a level of intensity in the gym that scared you, made you worried about not b…[View]
70396957Supplements help.: I'm trying to put togheter a supplement stack and would use some help. I don…[View]
70395589went to /r9k/ because someone linked to a fatty's thread there and I hit 'return' at the bottom…[View]
70395865Low energy when in kcal deficit. Go for PPL low rep and PPL high rep ? ?: I'm doing a moderate …[View]
70397144I will never be a buff, 600 lbs, 5% body fat, 8 ft tall green giant: Why live?[View]
70386476Do zoomers have better bodies than previous generations?: People in the old days didn't go to g…[View]
70397177I'd love to drink 4L of this shit each day but I also don't want to piss 15 times a day. W…[View]
70392306My arms look like shit How much volume is enough, how much is too low? After 3 - 4 months I started …[View]
70395127Awkward /fit/ moments in public: I got caught doing push ups at my offic job, shirtless, by a female…[View]
70394624why do women lift?[View]
70397121>walk into gym >I fuck a bitch, then fuck a man >I don’t need girls I use my hand >I sea…[View]
70397120>Nooo you cannot clean your theets with salted water >you have to use the fluoride paste which…[View]
70393843Do gym bros envy other guys with better physique more than gym thots do to prettier girls? > Be m…[View]
70393802*blocks your path with yet more roider cope and tired content: Nothing personal kid[View]
70389763What lifts should I do if I want to scare women?[View]
70396685Dear ketolards, if carbs bad how come we evolved to think that they're incredibly delicious and…[View]

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