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/fit/ - Fitness

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50852344Training split: What is the best muscle gaining split for you guys ?[View]
50836820Showering before bed instead of after you wake up is the preferred method, right? >oils replenish…[View]
50850512I hate vegetables.: They're bitter and nasty. I'd rather avoid eating the majority of them…[View]
50849219>skelly fag >start working out, for a few months, gain 10 lbs fuckyeah.jpg >go on vacay for…[View]
50840195Roiders look way better than any natty alive,What's the point in natty lifting anymore?: It…[View]
50851562Does running/cardio help you lose fat on belly/places other than legs?[View]
50850424(Not a troll) 6ft. Is this fixable within heavy lifting and dirty bulk? Have to look decent in time …[View]
50849558What's your craziest gym story?[View]
50851889redpill me on rollers what's the best roller to roll the front and side of your quads?[View]
50851465First time going to the gym: Gonna sign up for the gym tomorrow, any tips? currently at 6'1' 20…[View]
50848708What are you doing tonight /fit/? I already lifted ...[View]
50846058how long and how many times do you lift per day /fit/?[View]
50846530How often should a healthy male ejaculate?[View]
50851607Someone please tell me to stop being such an instant gratification seeking faggot and to get on with…[View]
50849360What is the best form of Cardio: Vote for your favorite[View]
50850524>tfw vomit from trying GOMAD[View]
50849665What do you eat for your one meal a day, /fit/?[View]
50843237How do i know when to cut or bulk?[View]
50851497>height 1”08 >weight 12.1 lbs LMAO ducklett…[View]
50851466I want to create for myself a small weightlifting room to keep myself /fit/. Under the house prefera…[View]
50850962I wear ear plugs in my ears at the gym i dont wanna hear music or anyone else just me and the weight…[View]
50850811>tfw sugar daddy has a yacht This summers gonna be lift U fags lift and get nothing why even have…[View]
50850174The only thing that motivated me losing 20 kilos and getting /fit/ is that i have a 19cm with 15.5 c…[View]
50845706BMI is bullshit.: Let's play a game/fit/. It's called BMI is bullshit. List your weight an…[View]
50851079> he doesn’t have a lifting bag he carries around the gym I do this. In my bag I have: > Head…[View]
50846240Do you guys shave or trim your pubes and balls??? Shaved my balls for the first time, usually I trim…[View]
50848478>strength training why do people fall for this meme? i see thees hoodie wearing gymcels deadlift…[View]
50848203How do I make reflex gains?[View]
50834750/fph/ - UwU edition: >ctrl f >no f~h WHAT????…[View]
50851062Why yes i solely lift for women, what did possibly gave it away?[View]
50847992BJJ or Boxing? Which is the intelligent white man's choice?[View]
50850792I just had a relapse and had 6 oreos with a glass of milk[View]
50849899Is cardio or lifting more important during a cut? I'm on a cut for the next month to go from 20…[View]
50844552Any oldfags here who can give advice to an anon in his mid 20s who’s trying to make it?[View]
50849329>stuck at 190lbs for the last 5 months[View]
50849209Are my arms disproportionately small and how do I fix them?[View]
508507041 day at the gym: Took the calisthenics pills and I'm loving it. I still feel like I'll ne…[View]
50850870Anybody here use pine pollen? Saw it recommended in a thread earlier and I wanted to hear some thoug…[View]
50847214workout headphones: I need some recommendations for workout headphones. I tried earbuds, but those k…[View]
50850756popeye: was he a shill for big spinach? i think hes pretty based[View]
50845190Single Leg Squats: Does anybody else try doing these? I'm working on my progressions towards do…[View]
50850560what do I do if I need pizza every day. 1 large full pizza will work but realistically I need 2 to f…[View]
50848473Deadlift stalled: I've been doing 531 (((BBB version)for about 6 months and my dl is stuck arou…[View]
50812209Baldcel general: How you doing fellow baldbros?[View]
50845676Recommend a diet and a routine.[View]
50850450Rate ma workout Also ppst yours, fagget[View]
50850023Is a pull up dip bar the best first investment to buy for a begginer?[View]
50849816Everything but upper body is ultimately a meme and only done to appeal to gay men in hookups. A guy …[View]
50846947Am I making it[View]
50852390I just wanna rave: I just want to try it once. I want a hot, busty, 20 year old babe with short shor…[View]
50850065I've tried eating a pound and a half of boiled chicken, pound of oatmeal, and a gallon of milk …[View]
50849852/fit/ job thread: Want to be an emt any anons with this job that could give me tips? Do I need a spe…[View]
50836796What should I focus on to start with to look good?[View]
50847788Yohimbine+arginine for sex gainz: Shout out to Yohimbine for getting me laid this morning. Been taki…[View]
50850251What do you think of my program?[View]
50845662How to reach mortal kombat 9 shaolin mode? Is liu kang natty? How to get a mortal kombat 9 ninja mod…[View]
50849967Can someone explain to me why inclines add so much fucking extra work? Like it's insane, runnin…[View]
50849548What are some good strength-building exercises for leg day? >inb4 leg press machine…[View]
50847661IG fitness girls who arent in shape[View]
50846740Besides fitness what can one do to age gracefully[View]
50849562EVERY SINGLE TIME ANONS: >be me benching lmao2pl8 for reps today >notice qt3.14 miring hard …[View]
50849801Sup /fit/ novice skelly here. Recently moved into an apartment with a gym with no plates, only machi…[View]
50841156/plg/ powerlifting general: Muh feels edition[View]
50843244Bench Press Accessories: What are the best accessories to increase your 5 rep bench press? >inb4 …[View]
50848530What’s keeping you from making it, /fit/izen? For me: >cheez it’s >maximum 5 hours of sleep a…[View]
50849094no sugar, no equips, no bitches: I have been making alot of plans to get into shape, im going to sta…[View]
50848676There's always a bigger fish.[View]
50848882What is /fit/ up to on this fine Saturday?[View]
50849588Will 100 burpees a day (10x10) be enough to lose fat and put on a little bit of muscle? I’m out of w…[View]
50843486>at work: indoor >go home: indoor >at gym: indoor This can't be healthy right?…[View]
50843483Do you change your gym routine when there are hot girls around?[View]
50848368recovering from illness weight loss: Do I have a poor bone structure or do I just need to pack on so…[View]
50849473Does /fit/ have any tips on managing joint pain. My knees, and elbows almost always hurt whether I…[View]
50844957Weight Lifting at home: I want to start weight lifting to help with the weight loss but I have aome …[View]
50849383Eating raw meat again. Cooking this is slowly morphing into unthinkable action. Been doing this for …[View]
50849428>2011+8 >not drinking a gallon of goats milk a day (GOGMAD)…[View]
50843564How the hell can shaolin monks be so skinny and still be able to do amazing shit with their bodies? …[View]
50847305How come my chest feel so fatty? I don’t have full-on manboobs since my chest seems to have definiti…[View]
50847263Switching Rows for Face Pulls?: My main movement for back is weighted pull ups and the archer pull u…[View]
50848256My goal physique, how do I accomplish? Inb4 >Play football >Be 6'2 and Dutch >Buy link…[View]
50838267/fat/ glutinous gluteus edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For mentally ill binge eaters who want to bet…[View]
50849108I've had some kind of congestion for several days now and my ears have been stopped up so I did…[View]
50845961Is it best to do cardio with elevation at a lower speed or no elevation with your max speed? I tend …[View]
50849078Are there any anons in Green Bay? If so what gym do you go to? I'll be out here for the summer …[View]
50848357>out with gf >guy who absolutely mogs me in height, hair, face, jaw, build, and style >feel…[View]
50847402Is BJJ a meme?[View]
50846532i can chug protein all day with no problem but at soon as i consume some carbs with it, the protein …[View]
50848680How do I achieve peak health through diet?[View]
50848859What are you supposed to do when you eat out at a local restaurant and can't see the nutrition …[View]
50832090Brian Shaw: Hey /fit/, I wanted to know how you guys feel about Brian Shaw. To me, he seems like a b…[View]
50847229How do you guys keep doing no fap and lifting consistently? I am addicted to porn and I have no frie…[View]
50848811When do men reach peak physical appearance?[View]
50846673Is this achievable natty? Jason Momoa[View]
50841544Is fasting healthy for your body?[View]
50846805we argued and she doesn't respond boyos, it's been over a week since I sent last message s…[View]
50847025How is this legal? 100g of product gets these numbers.[View]
50848409girls love short dudes that can hold their weight also 5'6-5'10 is the best height range f…[View]
50848533How do I unlock Iggy mode?[View]
50842243Is this dude the most based man or am I going lose all my gains if I hop on fasting/omad lifestyle? …[View]
50847946I came across an interesting progression scheme that's supposedly been used by Polish athletes …[View]
50848598>been on a 4 week holiday >supposed to be having a great time >all I can think of is it…[View]
50848207Heihachi Is Your Final Endgame Goal!: Let's Be Honest! This is exact you want to be in your eld…[View]
50842160What the FUCK is his problem?[View]
50846929Fertility: Bros, I finally made it from the very bottom, got fit, got a good job, got married to an …[View]
50842408Are round glutes based on fat distribution rather than muscle mass? Is it harder for men to get one?[View]
50847042how long until he burns out[View]
50848014I'm going on a trip to Ghana for around 4 weeks soon. My house over there is several miles away…[View]
50845188How do I Jon Snow mode? Also, will watching the GOT finale on Sunday give me extra gains or lose gai…[View]
50845944Hello fit. I wanted to ask for help because the suicide thoughts are raging but i won't let the…[View]
50845934who here kratom pill?: advantages: >natural >relaxes your body and mind >gives you energy a…[View]
50847705>stops roidceling and constantly stressing his body by gymceling >looks 10 times better and li…[View]
50846698Are all antioxidants the same? Is eating dark chocolate the same as eating berries?[View]
50843272>gf tells me how safe she feels when shes around me Is this making it?[View]
50845958>not doing neck exercises it's aesthetic and a strong neck helps you absorb punches to the f…[View]
50843383mewing: I'm 21, have an overbite, and sleep apnea (due to being fat most likely and yes i'…[View]
50841959form check[View]
50838637How much do you pay for your gym membership?[View]
50844955This is unironically my dream physique What kind of routine and diet should i do to achieve it?[View]
50847576how the fuck do you get enough protein? on a good day i get about 50 grams, but tdee calculators say…[View]
50818108Running General: What did you run today? What are you training for? No lying now.[View]
50837936Which one of you was it? https://www.calcuttanews.net/news/261065511/gym-masturbator-caught-in-the-…[View]
50847679>tfw born a pooplet How do I fix this?[View]
50847451What are the building blocks to a healthy lifestyle?[View]
50836765RIP: F[View]
50845580>coworkers start talking about lifting[View]
50846976Has getting /fit/ increased your intimidation? Are people intimidated by you?[View]
50846474Do my nipples look weird?[View]
50847226Is olive oil gains goblin? What kind of oil should I cook with if any at all[View]
50846956Hold me, bros. I haven't been able to lift properly for a couple of months. I would get these r…[View]
50847266So if muscle is created by time under tension, why is working out for 6-8 hours not a better idea to…[View]
50847397IM SO HUNGRY Its nearly 12am and im still hungry![View]
50847336What percentage of people out there who are heavily involved in fitness training are also running so…[View]
50847126How fucked am i? Is it worth trying? (5'3', 100 lbs)[View]
50847026D-Aspartic acid and Fenugreek How much do these help my natural testosterone production?[View]
50844191Redpill me on oats, /fit/: All my life, people have talked about the benefits of eating oatmeal for …[View]
50843750>perfect combo of protein, carbs and fat Why haven't you taken the burger pill fit?…[View]
50847112fear of undereating: I am trying something new and weird to me, I am going for a jog each day that i…[View]
50843519are you a chad /fit/ https://tall.life/height-percentile-calculator-age-country/[View]
50846607How do I get this body[View]
50845576>eating tons of vitamins >getting ~8hours of sleep every night >going to the gym 4 days a w…[View]
50844007Is it beta to use this?[View]
50844982Is this achievable natty?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uVuSqiA88EE People always tell me that the …[View]
50842247I am aware that much is to condemn about my appearance but I've been mewing for the past 3 mont…[View]
50846438profiting off of being fit: since im enjoying it, im thinking of making money off of it share with u…[View]
50845184Are you fat? How will you become not fat?[View]
50841824Is /fit/ a state of mind and body or just body?[View]
50845991Are pheromones a real thing? > mfw feels way stronger when there's a qt cardiobunny next to…[View]
50845493Newfag needs advice: Hey, i'm new here as you can see. I've been been doing sit-ups and pu…[View]
50846516Are these things worth a shit? I know there are places that make really strong ones, how jacked/stro…[View]
50846666recent wrist pains (2 weeks now) when doing pushups, dont want to start losing my physique any tips?[View]
50844196I got a terrible fever suddenly, do you guys know any tips or tricks to get well soon? My throat is …[View]
50841338How do I get arms like Gordon Ramsay?[View]
50840912How do i get the kind of physique sam hyde has? I am 6’3 so i am almost as tall as him[View]
50846383boost libido: lately the past few months i have noticed that my libido isnt as high and when i fap m…[View]
50846428what kind of body is the most attractive to women? Ottermode? Strongfat? Strongbuilt? What is the ge…[View]
50846399Gonna go shopping @wallyworld in a few hours What should I get for protein?[View]
50843156Walking: I got multiple people saying walking doesn't do anything for getting rid of fat. Can s…[View]
50845537I've tried everything. core work, ankle mobility, groin mobility, cardio before, deloading, bod…[View]
50841917is this a good routine or no? the idea is to keep the overall structure of original SL, while reduci…[View]
50844118>look in the mirror Who's this ugly mother fucked? >look on the mirror Who's this ha…[View]
50842594What's the best way to get extremely fit for boxing?: I want to be able to punch endlessly for …[View]
50845964Summer routines? Anyone?[View]
50844940What would you do if one of your favorite social media personalities/influencers got exposed as a fa…[View]
50841253>tfw immune to blackpill psyop posts why do most of you instantly believe every discordtranny9k i…[View]
50845037Fast and Slow Fibers: Retarded question I suppose, but who will mostly likely have the most muscle, …[View]
50840164There is in international fair in my city and convicts are selling alligator and kangaroo hamburgers…[View]
50841363Quitting Bad Habits: So, I too often indulge in pic related, but I do attend martial arts classes 3 …[View]
50844067I got ac separation in both arms one’s really severe still I suffer no pain and can hit the gym with…[View]
50845617so how do i get this super sexy body?[View]
50845596>tfw rear delt doms[View]
50845341how do i get out of 1pl8 ?[View]
50842777I want to quit caffeine forever. Is there any supplement that will ease the pain?[View]
50845587What mode am I? Obv I need to cut more. Sorry I’m advance for the lighting.[View]
50844611What am i supposed to eat besides tuna, egg, chicken and oatmeal to not feel like starving when i wa…[View]
50844113Im about to make some burgers. Should i cheat a bit and use beef mince or just use chicken breasts?[View]
50843373Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
50841864I pretty much get tendinitis that lasts for weeks whenever I workout. Even if I'm getting enoug…[View]
50845294So these fitness watches are basically just fapping trackers?[View]
50845519/fit/ pushup thread russian roulette edition: Do it on your own responsibility This is the game, ano…[View]
50843749>OHP is a good mass buil-[View]
50845431Exercise recommendation thread: So everyone basically does the same ab routine, but what do you nutt…[View]
50845261What is this? I have read it may be heat rash or an allergic reaction to something. started working …[View]
50845273why should i not continue to bulk if im getting stronger?[View]
50845285Results thread: >be me >be fat >about a year ago had 47 inch waist >shot up to 51 from a…[View]
50844174Do you think there's gonna eventually be a 'gamergate' to fake nattys? shit it getting fucking …[View]
50845255HIIT, weight loss and biking: Hey /fit/izen, I'm wondering if it would be beneficial to start d…[View]
50844531i've lost nearly 50lbs this year (since mid february) and i'm approaching ottermode tier i…[View]
50844923Hey so recently my left leg has been hurting like a bitch whenever I try to stretch it and bring it …[View]
50844687I usually rest both days on the weekend, but I'm considering starting to play tennis again for …[View]
50842307gusy I jsut took 4 docops of pic rellated an I gonng t[View]
50842489Should bodygoals be unattainable to keeps us forever striving ?[View]
50845010How do I get this guy’s traps?[View]
50841247Mogged by TV show host: >Being an experienced lifter is realizing that Terry Crews looks like an …[View]
50842304I'm 24 years old 5'11' 180 cm 70kg and I'm thinking about leg lengthening surgery bec…[View]
50844190>bench 185 >body weight 155 >can’t do 15 push ups how is this possible?…[View]
50842521Sleep: What is your sleep routine? Anyone here use eye masks? I am someone who finds it difficult to…[View]
50836859where are you at on the chart bros?[View]
50842305Arnold gets dropkicked in South Africa: https://youtu.be/1ZpFhwJ4eGM?t=33 WTF BROS[View]
50844319/smol/ lifts thread How are your lifts coming along? I deadlifted 185 pounds last week, squatted 140…[View]
50844286Eating Disorders: Why anyone told me that gym and fitness lifestyle entails Eating Disorders ?…[View]
50831863Confess: Father I have sinned. Today I indulged in the hopped jew.[View]
50844214This dude ate and trained like The Rock for 33 days, all he managed to do was drain his bank account…[View]
50844304What's your favorite tasting protein shake? I see Maxx Chewning using this and it looks tasty, …[View]
50831587Natty Deer Thread: Ask the Natty Deer anything.[View]
50835415How do I go from this to hot? Or even average[View]
50841586No legs 5/3/1 ?: Broke my foot doing Muay Thai. How can I modify 5/3/1 to no put stress on my foot d…[View]
50844237Can I make it?: Is this embarrassing to send to a girl im talking to? She wants a shirtless pic. I …[View]
50844480What's on his mind, /fit/?[View]
50829102Who you call daddy?[View]
50840454Sexual Health: How is your sexual health? What are you doing to promote good sexual health? I use co…[View]
50844105Be honest /fit/, how much progress can someone make with Calisthenics alone in one month? We can fac…[View]
50843736Is this a fine way to lose weight? >'I would try to eat as few calories as possible. I knew if I …[View]
50843670Do you ever demonstrate your superiority at the gym? For example Here's what i just did today …[View]
50843295how good is pic related for muscle gain and simulatenous fat loss?[View]
50842291Is it a meme or does it actually work?[View]
50832692Symmetric Strength Thread: Who here /untrained/?[View]
50827701/fast/ - #443 - i want to go fast edition: What is /fast/? >Fast is a thread for the discussion o…[View]
50839871Oversized T-Shirts: How would oversized T-Shirts look on a muscular body? Just saw pic related and w…[View]
50838948I want to take up cycling for cardio gains but i cant get over the fact that helmets look so terribl…[View]
50843925Injuries: I got ac separation in both arms one’s really severe still I suffer no pain and can hit th…[View]
50842531Woman perfect body = Don't over-eat and use your bicycle more often Man perfect body = Adopt a …[View]
50841265First time abs are starting to show in years. How fucked are they?[View]
50843796Are fitness watches actually worth it? Thinking of getting one:[View]
50843875Help: So how do I structure my bulk to fix this? I got tested today for bf% through bodpod. I wasn…[View]
50837139Post your recent mires that made you feel like you made it, I'll start. For a bit of backstory …[View]
50843793How into Carmack mode?[View]
50843148Left or right?[View]
50834602Feel like I'm going to kill myself soon should I go to the gym? It's 10pm.[View]
50822004How legit is he?[View]
50841827/bloomer/ general: One day you'll look back on these times and know it all worked out Keep goin…[View]
50839387Do girls go to the gym on saturdays? What time do they go? Thinking about going and not having a fuc…[View]
50842201Fuck. Ever since last summer my goal has been to reach 80kg before this July. But I'm not sure …[View]
50829582Wireless Earbuds: What earbuds do you use when lifting or doing cardio? I'm looking for a new p…[View]
50843251I think going to the gym is making me cockeyed. I don’t know if it is because i stare at a fixed clo…[View]
50842447Popping in my shoulder: Lately when I bench or do push-ups I have a popping like a tendon or somethi…[View]
50843081Resistance Band Pull-Apart: Do you literally Do This EVERY SINGLE Day!? (WORKOUT OR NOT)[View]
50842983Teeth hygiene thread. White supremacy edition: Share your oral hygiene routine. How often do you bru…[View]
50843067Should I train back and shoulders separately?: Currently I do back and shoulder lifts on the same da…[View]
50842237Imagine training your whole life, lifting weights, doing sprints, getting a black belt in martial ar…[View]
50843029>Can't get my β-Hydroxybutyric above 3 nmol/L even when fasted[View]
50840165recipe thread post recipe images[View]
50841221My doctor prscribed me 1 mg of Ativan before bed so I can sleep a little better at night but I'…[View]
50841367ITT: Amazing Lifts People Are Too Afraid to Try: >Incline Deadlifts…[View]
50840962Have you forgotten your king /fit/ ?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfOMmnts1zU[View]
50822498You have exactly 8 seconds to explain why you haven't taken the calisthenics pill yet.[View]
50842818how long did it take you to achieve your dream body? When I started, people told me I'd see goo…[View]
50841883How is he so weak and yet so able to absolutely destroy anybody on this board or anybody in the lift…[View]
50839129Hey /fit/. I have a question that relates to my new job. I used to work pretty minimal stuff like in…[View]
50840788Do any of you lads box? I'm doing a white collar boxing fight, I'm learning boxing on m…[View]
50842232>mfw my gym is always empty during fridays and saturdays[View]
50842186is snake diet a meme ? does it actually work for fat loss (from obesity) if an healthy diet is kept …[View]
50842246>run on treadmill >do leg extensions >go back to running on treadmill >do leg curls I do…[View]
50812522/fraud/ - steroids general: Welcome to /fraud/ steroids general. Join us on discord https://discord.…[View]
50837743Am i out of the dyel pit?[View]
50841600Weight gain but no weights: taking a job that requires I sleep in the dorms over night so no leaving…[View]
50842037If you lift and do a shitload of BJJ will this physically prepare you for anything? After doing this…[View]
50840581Why is Ryan Gosling associated with /fit/? How are movies 'Drive' and the new 'Blade Runner' connect…[View]
50841607How do I get this guy’s traps?[View]
50842077girls love short dudes that can hold their weight also 5'6-5'10 is the best height range f…[View]
50842099>tomorrow is leg day[View]
50842075How do I get this guy’s traps?[View]
50841885Im a 5'5 99lbs male. What should my diet and routine be to achieve a physique like pic related[View]
50840598How much can I do in 45 days: I am currently short (compared to Americans), overweight (BMI of 25.4)…[View]
50831113/swoleleft/ general: NAZI'S STAY OUT https://melmagazine.com/en-us/story/meet-the-leader-of-the…[View]
50841984Anybody here have advice while lifting on Accutane? Just recently started and everytime I squat or …[View]
50841842How long to attain this physique as a natty?[View]
50834294>gym NPC keeps clipping into the squat rack mid-set[View]
50841745>watching youtube >ad pops up >'I know you know the story of Aladdin' >'Long ago a beefy…[View]
50840119>Anon is in the kitchen. Let's see what he's eating for dinner!…[View]
50841670Cheated on my diet: is it all over bros? I ate 3 bowls of cereal w milk and a bagel with cream chees…[View]
50841636I didn't go to the gym and didn't count calories and grams of protein for a week. Should I…[View]
50841578What foods does /fit suggest when on a cut? Especially meat and veggies[View]
50841580What's going through his mind?[View]
50840668What is, 'the big 3' for aesthetics?[View]
50828005Alright fuck it, i am tired of being a lanklet skeleton. I'm going to fucking dirty bulk and li…[View]
50841429Do I need to start doing curls?[View]
50836548/Bulge/ General: Dudes ok I'm going for the 'complete package' here Microdosing viagra for a st…[View]
50832800do women need to workout?: the ideal male body is strong. the best way to achieve it in the modern d…[View]
50840403how do i get as strong as Gurami?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJLHi6ldVcQ https://www.youtube.c…[View]
50841680Why does it feel impossible to feel a burn or a pump on my shoulders no matter how much weight/inten…[View]
50841673Living with gluttons: >be me >Eurovision today >normie shit, but you know what that means! …[View]
50841558BRUUUUUUHS https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0003347207000565[View]
50841538>Pecs finally big enough that when I relax my muscles I can grope myself and it feels like I…[View]
50841066What's the best confectionery for dirty bulking?[View]
50830607Farmboy strength: Today, we had some farmboy-type guy in BJJ class. To cut a long story short: BJJ d…[View]
50829663How /fit/ are the most special of special operators?[View]
50840594How do I get taller? Any help accepted and praised. Caloric surplus, I think, is a must.[View]
50834726>captain sparklez is bigger than you Guys wtf I thought he was a Minecraft youtuber what happene…[View]
50839786Shopping List: Going to the grocery store first thing tomorrow. Help me list the things I should get…[View]
50841160Losing the natty virginity - tbol cycle: I'm gonna do it bros. I'm 21, been training natty…[View]
50840421Gains: How often do skinny DYEL people ask how to be like you? What do you tell them usually ? i o…[View]
50838037Phimosis: So I have a little of phimosis, not that bad but still annoying How do you treat it? I…[View]
50840948Every time I do a sit up my tail bone feels like its being hit with a hammer how do i fix this?[View]
50830869Are you finally stronger than your old man? Can you take him in a fight?[View]
50832366/plg/ Powerlifting General: It's Barq's Edition >Eat a ton of protein. Squat heavy. Pus…[View]
50840238how to achieve this?[View]
50841049How do I stop being stiff?: I want to make my movements more fluid, some people told me that I'…[View]
50841020Are you beachbody ready yet /fit/? Only a few months left of summer, i sure hope you did that summer…[View]
50841052Anyone here made diy power hooks? They are too expensive for their purpose so im thinking about maki…[View]
50839749Vegan Gods Thread: Post your best vegan beasts. If only more people went vegan we'd finally be …[View]
50836835/fit/‘s thoughts on Rowing?: I rarely see rowing mentioned on here despite its benefits, except the …[View]
50839854Free weights triceps?: What are some good free weight exercises for the triceps?[View]
50823833Is chiro worth it or a scam?[View]
50836720How do I remove my nipples?[View]
50837781Electrolytes: Redpill me on electrolytes I cant stand gaytoraids[View]
50838651Sometimes depression hits hard and I don't do anything productive during the day. Then, just be…[View]
50836384Friday night feels: How’d the week go bros?[View]
50840019How do I stop jerking off?[View]
50836471Is there some real progress pictures from water fasting or is just the new meme? not talking about t…[View]
50837842What are your rest days like?[View]
50836801Is this too much 2 hours before the gym? >5'7' 158lbs low carb today until this feast befor…[View]
50834861when did you understood that it's all about the %BF[View]
50834496How do I masturbate off memory/imagination: Hello /fit/, I'm in a bit of a predicament, I canno…[View]
50840604okay guys, i used to train calves 3 times a week with relatively weight and strict form, after like …[View]
50807113Pic related[View]
50830964Do You Hit Below Parallel On Your Squats?: Don't lie, do you? MegSquats released a video and I …[View]
50840641BRUUH how could they do our boy alpha like this[View]
50840452I notice that most guys style their hair to the side. What do you think about simple short 'ceasar'…[View]
50825606What's the natty limit when it comes to delts? Is this achievable?[View]
50840596>roiding for this when will roidcels learn ?[View]
50840406In terms of health and fitness, what's the worst common disability of not making it? https://ww…[View]
50836647How do you guys handle lack of motivation and intensity?[View]
50838580My muscles bring unwanted attention. How do i cacoon my muscles during the hot summer months?[View]
50840239BOXING: ive got my first bout ( boxing fight i can win trophys for) today any anons got any tips?…[View]
50837368>Just threw up after eating too much, wasted an entire dinner How the fuck did you skinny anons g…[View]
50837204Bout to smoke weed for the first time - what should I expect.[View]
50837274how bad is eating 5,000mg of sodium a day?[View]
50839397So i made a thread about how i needed to gain weight a week/ week and a half ago. I am 6'3/190c…[View]
50840385Is putting creatine in a cup of tea ok or will the heat destroy it?[View]
50834435>I only wear this at the gym because it is SOOO comfortable tehee[View]
50836817Idk how much longer I can go lifting depression: Lads it's been several years now. It's ge…[View]
50836595>28 y/o >3/4 of family already dead from chugging whiskey and stuffing cigarettes down their t…[View]
50840215Neck Gains: How to attain this mode?[View]
50840043What mode is this?[View]
50839993GOMAD - alternatives to cow milk?: I want to give GOMAD a try but there's only homogenized milk…[View]
50839447All right, which one of you was this?[View]
50839059How are you supposed to stay safe running at night?: I've run hundreds of times in my middle cl…[View]
50839781Do I have asthma: Nearly everytime I run, especially when it's humid, I have trouble breathing …[View]
50839136>that guy who gets outrun by soccer moms and grandpa's[View]
50836774>mfw a söy drinking beta male cuckold with a receding hairline walks into my store and requests a…[View]
50839380Im slowly getting closer to 1/2/3/4 plate and Ive begun thinking about other goals once I can do all…[View]
50839208make fat losers great again: /fit/ i need help. i am fat and ugly, just hit the mark of 110kg for 1m…[View]
50832019Would a purely raw milk diet be effective for weightloss? I recently moved to idaho and have access …[View]
50839559At 39% how much body fat is it possible to cut in 12 weeks[View]
50833851Day 1 nosmoke day 10 nofap: I've never known pain like like this the gnawing hunger in the back…[View]
50838073how do I improve my sexual health?[View]
50836772does drake really have fake abs?[View]
50839709Muscel Boi: Ricardo Memes Never Die[View]
50839740God damn /fit/ I feel amazing. I've been basically a slob for years. I've always been skin…[View]
50839719I am a weak willed beta fag, I used to be stronk, almost Chad levels of stronk, but i let myself go …[View]
50833096Does lifting reduce your dex at all? >mfw have trouble holding pens normal way after lifting…[View]
50839524Yelling when lifting: Okay so I'm new to the world of lifting. My friend does deadlifts at the …[View]
50837385Is it possible to be physically fit and active into your 70s and 80s? Or are we all doomed to to be …[View]
50839610Steroids: Pic related but not him. So I went boxing yesterday, been doing it for a few years, enough…[View]
50834208Lexx Little is 18 years old and looks like this. How did he do it?[View]
50836969I've been wrestling for almost four years now and been lifting to try and get my body ready for…[View]
50826166This is quite literally the perfect male.[View]
50838206What do you guys do for chest? Ive only been doing close grip pause bench for a long while and I can…[View]
50839575>good weight for my height >have a big head that makes my body looks skinny please kill me…[View]
50837703Stronger than Willpower: Have any of you found that you use something stronger than willpower to ach…[View]
50831695Post your latest workout session and critique others'[View]
50839491Will drinking lots of milk give me strong bones and make me taller?[View]
50830429Why did Aerobics die?[View]
50836745I want to start working my fat body out but I don't want to go to the gym. Would it be retarded…[View]
50838030Carbs in vegetables: How are they different from refinded carbs?[View]
50837392The last beer. Cheers[View]
50839336>start working out >make decent gains >break my arm >take some months off but resume to …[View]
50839372Push-up thread, you know the dealio[View]
50838488What the fuck even are back muscles?: Seriously, it's like as soon as I started working specifi…[View]
50839019Whats an impressive ohp? For 10 or 12 reps[View]
50839049>no money for gym at the moment but need HIIT workouts for cardio and body exercises to gain musc…[View]
50838762what is SS+GOMAD, yesteray I posted here and got 2-3 replies with that and the search results don…[View]
50838819I have been overweight much of my life, in the past 2 years I have gotten in great shape. My top 4 a…[View]
50836919carnivore diet = higher test: since virtually all plant-based foods have phytoestrogens i think im g…[View]
50838388Besides onions, garlic, sleep, and putting ice on your balls how do I boost test without pinning it?[View]
5083914166 Days for New Habits: REMINDER that forming a new habit doesn't take 21 days, but on average …[View]
50839145Muay thai is just kickboxing with elbows but is it good for street self defense situations? Everythi…[View]
50827237damn, alcohol does THAT to your body?[View]
50837393Post em, guess the lifters weightlifting practice.[View]
50837773Conditioning vs exercise: What's the difference? How does someone do, say, 150 pushups or more …[View]
50799477Post wrists[View]
50834047I'm curious: Are the mods of /fit/ as /fit/ as the anons that post themselves here?[View]
50838622Natty or not? 5 years[View]
50836785>friday night gymcelling[View]
50830821How do I unlock big manly beefy forearms?[View]
50833676why are you still sipping the bean Jew?: don't you know that high-dose caffeine suppresses your…[View]
50836596As someone who can't go to the gym because it's busy 24/7 with uni and job plus needs to w…[View]
50838382Is coffee worth drinking?: Why? Why not?[View]
50837799Feel like puking during leg training: Almost every time I train legs, I get a horrible feeling in my…[View]
50837366Why is he obsessed with power clean and jerk?[View]
50801729Has anyone here ACTUALLY done a month or + of nofap? I don't care about studies pseudo-science,…[View]
50837745show me the natty limit[View]
50838034Is it acceptable to reward yourself with 2 of these if it's a good lifting day?[View]
50838047Is there anyway to not be fat and still drink lots of alcohol? I eat pretty healthy, stay away from…[View]
50836573Who here /snusman/? Its my favorite pre and post workout[View]
50837479I don't have room in my apartment for a squatrack, so I want to do front squants and get into p…[View]
50833079What's the 1/2/3/4 equivalent of pull-ups?[View]
50837293My 600lbs life Friday night kino: Join frens https://cytu be/r/jewsdidthis[View]
50834474What's yours sickness recovery protocol? Usually if I get a cold, I'll take three months c…[View]
50829745/fat/ You're going to do it. You're going to make it.: >Who is /fat/ for? For mentally …[View]
50821081/fit Success stories: Any making it stories of meeting your oneitis / ex that broke up with you /ran…[View]
50836889Post your half blood prince lifting secrets. I do dumbbell rows with a 30-45 degree back angle inste…[View]
50837525Callus hand thread Go[View]
50834667Why are women obsessed with having muscles and lifting weights instead of just cardio[View]
50836272Why are so many celebrity roiders dying all of a suddent? I mean they're rich as fuck so they c…[View]
50836046Are arm days good or are they a meme? Also post your arm day routine.[View]
50834203Summer coming up boys: What are some /fit/ approved swim shorts?[View]
50835512Anyone here experienced the keto diet? How fast/easy is the fat loss? Do you gain your fat back once…[View]
50829493is deadlift a meme exercise?[View]
50836186I fucked up: I thought that deadlifts were a lower back workout and I started lifting exclusively wi…[View]
50835826going to mexico with a friend, is it still possible to stick to my ketogenic diet or are carbs inevi…[View]
50837292When did you realize vegetables are shit and fruits are better? Reminder that tomatoes, bell peppers…[View]
50837134why do the strongest people in the gym look like shit? i go to a college gym and i swear the people …[View]
50837119ITT: Fit memes: Ok Guys. Enough with the charade. Has anyone ever gotten legit advice on /fit/. I…[View]
50832918Three Month 'Transformation' - Rate and Comment: I've been lifting for the past three months an…[View]
50835565Going to the gym for the first time, any tips? Homegym 6 mo[View]
50837008Sup /fit/ go check your target out for 4 packs of quest bars for $3.98 each. Pic related - I cleared…[View]
50836586>hit a pr, afraid to eat alone in a restaurant... How do i get over this fear?…[View]
50836590What's his routine /fit/?: He says focus on one to two exercises max but I can't find a ro…[View]
50834331Anybody else pretty much stopped training their legs? I only do it like once every 2 weeks now. My l…[View]
50833682>tfw you made it Y'all gonna make it too lads[View]
5083549693 Yates was the peak of body building.[View]
50835085Is coffee worth drinking?: I've been drinking it for a year now because it feels like I'm …[View]
50836771Post your routines and help other anons: Post your routines and help other anons. Am I missing somet…[View]
50832501That guy at the gym: >that guy who uses wired ear/headphones in the gym.…[View]
50830542Can this be fixed?[View]
50836714am i gay for getting hard when watching men lift weights >im a male[View]
50836637day 6 of nofap here, how should i spend my day of heightened T tomorrow? im thinking i wont sleep so…[View]
50835627Im an alcoholic thats quiting tomorrow: Im scared[View]
50835275Onion juice: Does this shit really boost testosterone? I remember they did it in avatar (not the shi…[View]
50833470Is there anything about fitness that is real? Can you get any results by natural lifting?[View]
50834677OMAD not working: ive been doing OMAD for the past couple of months, and it always shown me good res…[View]
50831422What are you cucks eating for breakfast today?: I’m eating oats and yogurt, same as every day. Yes t…[View]
50836343Best food for cutting?: What good do you like to eat when cutting?[View]
50835101I am an absolute weak skinny-fat soiboi faggot. I just started lifting, is there even hope for me? I…[View]
50836386OMAD: What all do you eat for OMAD or what advice do you have for people going on OMAD[View]
50835271You may not like it, but is the strongest man in the world.[View]
50834756How does it feel to know that i mog 90% of you incels? Especially the coping fat fucks that think th…[View]
50832171>Friday night and friends want to go out drinking >Lifting on Saturday morning Has anyone made…[View]
50833186>you get 90% of potential gains by taking it easy at lifting 3x5 at 6-70% at 1 rep max How true i…[View]
50835487Finally something that DOESN'T kill your gains[View]
50834710I have a 10kg kettlebell. What should I do with it?[View]
50836265Hello, /fit/. I started lifting 3 months ago, and now I've decided to start supplementing my da…[View]
50834858Nuts general: Peanuts are the niggers of the nuts. You cannot refute this.[View]
50832982Why the fuck am I so tired all the time /fit/? I am currently kinda overweight bc eating lots of sh…[View]
50835375Is this normal?: /fit/ I just got an apple watch series 4 and heard the underarmour app is great for…[View]
50836065Would 3x10 not be better than 5x5?[View]
50835094Accomplishments thread: >just hit 1pl8 squat and 40kg on the OHP after a month Post your accompl…[View]
50833155if I do cardio will I cease to be skinny-fat?[View]
50835320What does /fit/ think of the One Punch Man workout? Enough to become the strongest hero in the unive…[View]
50832786Redpill me on aspirin[View]
50835137Living with Arthritis: I'm only 21, but just got diagnosed with Primary osteoarthritis in both …[View]
50835493IMPORTANT INFORMATION I see a ton of fags talking about NoFap, its 'benefits', and 'inconvenients'. …[View]
50831790Training Schedule: How many times a week should I go to the gym to get this body?[View]
50833242How does one into Yoga? I got shit flexibility and a lot of free time for a while so thinking about …[View]
50831537Post dyels trying hard to fit in/Cringe thread.[View]
50835619No memes or anything. What is this called? I want one but idk what is it[View]
50834588If I'm currently fasting 16/8, would pic related be a good idea? If so when would be the best t…[View]
50833245>there is absolutely no way to grow your wrists, it's all down to genet-…[View]
50834605Can skinnyfat achieve this in 5 years without drugs [spoiler]and have time for social life[/spoiler]…[View]
50835129Just consumed two (2) of these disgusting Bacon Ehh & Cheese croissants from Dunkin Donuts. How …[View]
50834796Are there any drugs that help with fat/weight loss that aren’t bullshit?[View]
50835591/Bicycling/: Who rides a bicycle around here to mog on virgin-joggers? Do you just buy one from Wal-…[View]
50834007tfw catch yourself nosebreathing by deafult[View]
50834957is /fit/ no wipe: who here is no wipe[View]
50831593>finally attain 2pl8 high bar squat >happen to find several videos advocating the superiority …[View]
50833617hi /fit >be me >180.5cm (5.11, inb4 manlet) >been cutting for 6 months now >used whey th…[View]
50834672Form Critique Thread: Felt like shit today, form suffered more than usual. >215lbs/98kg 5x5 >2…[View]
50834307Baldingcels of /fit/ what kind of diet/supplement/product you use to grow hair density?[View]
50833832>high protein >contains lots of calcium, vitamins >tastes weird at first, but once you get …[View]
50835075>Haven't smoked a cigarette in more than two years >even when I was smoking, I only did i…[View]
50834758Why are palm and coconut oil so hyped?: They don't seem to have any advantage over canoli oil (…[View]
50831297I haven't had junk food for almost 20 hours. Quick, what is something tasty I could eat to avoi…[View]
50827730>that post-workout pint >that post-workout nut what are some post-workout rituals you live for…[View]
50833220What are three MUST workouts?: The workouts that are superior in every way and are CORE[View]
50835127hey /fit what kinda foods can you eat heaps of when on a cut? I sometimes (especially after workout…[View]
50832275>put belt on >get it tight >feels good on almost every lift >can brace your gut >lie …[View]
50831690Friendly reminder: Putting heavy things up and down doesn't make you a better fighter https://w…[View]
50834697What mode is this and how do I achieve it?[View]
50824236>strength training doesn't build mus-[View]
50831905do bloatlords think they look good ? how can they be so deluded[View]
50834064Do you have a gym rival? Tell me about him/her. I did have one, but I just found out that he ended h…[View]
50834720Is this what rich piana meant when he said cardio?[View]
50829175>35g fat >65g protein Is there a better bulking snack?…[View]
50834276Is squinting, among with the neckpill, the ultimate redpill for facial attractiveness?[View]
50830399Upright Rows: So I know these are supposedly the big bad rotator cuff killer to be avoided at all co…[View]
50829838Motivation thread.: Lets dump.[View]
50832360Do you jerk off to gym thots in between sets? https://twitter.com/heleneargy/status/1129370995087822…[View]
50830197What was the latest compliment you got /fit/? >6 years ago >girl compliments my big forearms w…[View]
50834537Casein: So guys is casein necesary, also i heard it has many more side effects then positive ones…[View]
50800037The Running Pill (TRP): >builds your aerobic fitness >increases your stamina and endurance …[View]
50834379GOTTA GET THOSE GAINS, BRUH! What was the weirdest place you had to eat your gainz meals, /fit/?[View]
50833058Pushing a car?: Is pushing a 1 ton car a good workout if i cant afford gym? is it helpful if i can d…[View]
50832717Exertion headaches: Keep getting them brehs. How long should I let them recover before lifting agai…[View]
5083317861 kilos of weight 185 centimeters of height having this shit only on my belly rest skinny af consid…[View]
50831594trying to lose weight my calorie goal for each day is 1500 if i eat nothing today then 3000 cal tomo…[View]
50830695coffee: >black coffee >no sugar is that bad for you?…[View]
50832937How long till I got visible neck gain results? srs[View]
50831425If eggs are really a complete protein, then surely a human should be able to live on nothing but egg…[View]
508334365x5 for bulking, 3x5 for cutting. Agree or disagree?[View]
50831295Private hormone testing in UK: Few questions for anyone who's done it before 1- Which services …[View]
50807161Gladiator Diets: >/fit/ on suicide watch let this be knows that ketotards and carnifags are low …[View]
50833121Whats a good 5 day routine? I like nsuns volume but hate autistically swapping weight every damn set…[View]
50833428Does this guy still lurk? Our genetics our extremely similar and i want to look like im carved out o…[View]
50827029fit grill thread: post 'em, lads[View]
50833677Fruit tower thread: Post them[View]
50829982Pre-workout: Is this too heavy to eat 2 hours before workout?[View]
50833306>that guy that comes every day to the gym but never makes any gains[View]
50829272I'm doing everything right and I'm still not losing weight. I'm eating lots of fruit,…[View]
50831831Are steroids for low IQ people?: https://youtu.be/qELlhoe9Nb8 Just watch video related, that's …[View]
50833448One arm dumbell OHP: My right shoulder is significantly weaker than left and barbell ohp becomes wei…[View]
50832424Hey fit, what do you say about my bod, is it ok, do I have to lose more weight? I'm 1,78 m tall…[View]
50833468Anyone have experience using the Hepburn Method?: Doesn't seem like enough volume for aesthetic…[View]
50828009Occasional overeating is just as beneficial as fasting for resetting the bodies hormones[View]
50825615Is it easier to build muscle the second time around if you've already done so before? For examp…[View]
50830888ok so I finally look like I lift, now what?[View]
50826040What's the 1/2/3/4 equivalent of rows?[View]
50829870Thoughts on Jason Genova?[View]
50830750How do I develop this zone (circled in pic) to be STRONGER? It's weak and very soft. If someone…[View]
50833102I don't smoke. I don't drink. I don't do drugs. I don't have pre-marital sex. I …[View]
50829314>mfw watching the gym manlet jump to reach the pull-up bar and do dead hangs as a giga cope…[View]
50831845I crashed with my bike and fell on one of my front teeth. I already had it checked out by a doctor. …[View]
50832753Why aren't you doing rings Anon?: Why does /fit/ never talk about the most god-tier of all exer…[View]
50830961Any tips for mind muscle connection? I have days where i go to gym and I feel my muscles working, I …[View]
50831657What does Natty mean?[View]
50830502What the fuck do you do when you get to the point in your cut that you no longer can recover at all …[View]
50833154Whats with powerlifting?: Hey /fit/, I'm relatively new to this board and have been browsing it…[View]
50823280Your gains goblins: >depression >weed >allergic rhinitis >low self-esteem…[View]
50827021why do people shit on pizza if it's actually a great source of protein and carbs? I had 2 large…[View]
50825356Run through your shin splints, muthafucka[View]
50820937>internet bodybuilders claim deadlifting 200kg is easy, and that even women can do it >Hardly …[View]
50816307I don't smoke. I don't drink. I don't do drugs. I don't have pre-marital sex. I …[View]
50831500>wake up >feel extremely hungry >go to make a bowl of oatmeal (1 cup, some peanut butter, t…[View]
50832922OHP is the best lift. STOP BENCHING[View]
50832358How many heads are you? >tfw 7.2 heads[View]
50831155How do I into this mog?[View]
50830294What are the most and least popular lifts at your gym?: At my gym pretty much every guy does squats,…[View]
50828585Let's have a fitness watch thread. Personally I use the Apple Watch Series 3. Thinking about up…[View]
50828101/fph/ chunky wunky wobble slob fatty boom batty blubbernaut edition: let's hate some fatsos…[View]
50829271Finally bought an electrical razor. Fuck clean shaving[View]
50829730Why do ketards love this shit? I havent had butter on anything since i was like 10 and i almost puke…[View]
50832604will lifting bring you from left to right /fit/[View]
50831896COMPETITION: Anyone here has done a powerlifting competition? What was it like? Do you recommend?…[View]
50830594things I regret not doing: >deadlifts >curls and reverse curls >tricep isolation/dips >d…[View]
50830972which one of you anons was this? https://twitter.com/heleneargy/status/1129370995087822854?s=21[View]
50828905Lifting shoes: What shoes do you use? I currently squat and deadlift barefoot but want to buy some. …[View]
50829172Ive always had a 6 pack ever since i was a kid thanks to genetics but now im starting to lose my abs…[View]
50832311Is there a safe space for me to learn boxing/muay thai? Every gym i go to has this macho culture (I …[View]
50829828>6'0 200lbs >still feel like a twink What do /fit/?…[View]
50825881Hey powerlifters. The only lift that matters is the one you don't compete in.[View]
50831038>be me, pretty out of shape >used to be kinda fit >got lazy and lost any real meaning in li…[View]
50823264High stress jobs and fitness: How do you stay healthy and keep a good diet and workout regime if you…[View]
50831436had two teens come to the gym today, normally there is no girls there or they hide in the girls sect…[View]
50829478Simple fucking question: How to I eat more? I am skinny as fuck and feel sometimes sick after eating…[View]
50829831Cereal: What cereal do you guys eat?[View]
50832105>step into the gym >I just want you to focus on my love >just focus on my…[View]
50832013i trained hard and my brain feels catabolic, how to prevent this without losing other gains?[View]
50830984Is muscle strength decided by your genes?: >Be me, 18 year old skinny faggot >Exercise regular…[View]
50830524I see this shilled everywhere. Is it any different than buying minox/finasteride pills for 50cents f…[View]
50831385Guys Im doing everything right and I'm still not losing weight. I'm eating lots of high pr…[View]
50830968Hihg-T Music!: Share three or less, don't spam https://youtu.be/ABX0ELBe3rg https://youtu.be/rM…[View]
50831766Realistically how bad is cocaine for gains?[View]
50826047keto/paleo is objectively correct: > be 5 years ago > believe keto/paleo is natural > get i…[View]
50806130/plg/ - power lifting general: >I'm 300 wilks and I choke myself to sleep, do I have potenti…[View]
50831746AMP Citrate: Allright faggots so I recently got some AMP Citrate and started adding it to my shitty …[View]
50831108Is this a good machine?[View]
50829562What anime boy do lift for? Mista.[View]
50830556How do I get rid of this brown scar spot on my right shoulder/back? I've had back acne for 2 ye…[View]
50830224How long do I need to quit chewing tobacco before my leukoplakia on my gums goes away?[View]
50830495First intermediate program: Sup yall, I'm looking for an intermediate program after 1 year of l…[View]
50830608>Stop Jerking off for 2 weeks >Hair on Chest, Arms and Forearms grow back thicker and fuller …[View]
50829795Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
50830939>it’s bicep day[View]
50829733How much do I have to be able to lift to be happy?[View]
50830970can I go to a thai massage of squat, lower vertebrae relief? thinking about doing it. I know that t…[View]
50830767You dont think walking is an exercise, right Anon?[View]
50827739I literally can't stop eating like shit. I have no problem working out, I have no problem runni…[View]
50828724should you keep a program if you are fucking bored by it (4months in) yet still making gains ?[View]
50830674Is it a bad idea to train on your rest days when doing ss? I wanna do some pushups, pullups, leg rai…[View]
50829970How much better would my life be if I were tall?[View]
50830116How swole were you when you realised passing judgment on others is a sin and a result of insecurity?[View]
50828839What is your mbti type and ohp/bench/squat/dl stats? ISFJ and 50/65/120/140kg Pic not related[View]
50829977The real gym Maxed Chad: Fee days ago there was a meme about gym maxed chad and incel friends. Basic…[View]
50819243/nofap/ general: Ok guys I contracted a epididymis inflammation about seven weeks back after I relap…[View]
50830720How do I get more sleep? >work 8-5 or 6 desk jockey job >somehow exhausted despite doing nothi…[View]
50827716Why do zoomers do this in the gym?[View]
50830930>that guy who doesn't rerack his weights[View]
50830690I'd literally give away all the gains I made in the last 10 years just to be happy for once[View]
50830872Do you still workout when you have major DOMs or do you rest? At what point do you say 'I've pr…[View]
50830778How big do I have to be to pull of a Greek nose?[View]
50830906DAILY REMINDER: don't forget your most important training[View]
50825769boys i need help since march I've dropped 25 pounds with keto My question is - where do I go fr…[View]
50830865I've lost some mobility in my shoulders sice I starting working as a craftsman, I can still do …[View]
50829138Endurance: How can i build up endurance in about 1.5 Months when i am not much of a runner/swimmer? …[View]
50829622So /fit/, I started training muay thai some months ago and I can feel that I am progressing quite fa…[View]
50830588Shitty Gym Excuses: So what is your excuse, /fit/?[View]
50830374Not downplaying his motivation and keen understanding body building... But you can’t tell me that Ar…[View]
50830666Hey anon can you spot for me?[View]
50829070>its another humble brag thread[View]
50820657Two plate ascended Demi-human master race thread: post how and why you can bench 2 plates for reps t…[View]
50829869>go to gym >do deadlifts >come home >shark pain in lower back…[View]
50828515So a bowl of porridge has only 111kcal but is quite filling! So I'm trying out a modified versi…[View]
50830557>cut >feel shit because lifts are going down >bulk >feel shit because body looks bad…[View]
50821274Never went to GYM: This is me currently. My friend ( gym fanatic ) says I have very good genetics, I…[View]
50830333Why haven't you gased the coffe jew and taken the yerba mate pill yet /fit? >steady boost of…[View]
50826992>fix my diet to autistic levels of healthiness >about a month in, stop wearing deodorant >w…[View]
50828838Coffee: Is this shit supposed to be good for energy when going to the gym? Do you drink coffee anons…[View]
50829022Knees hurt: My knees hurt 24/7 It's an aching pain which is exacerbated when I run, or place an…[View]
50826333So this girl I slept with just texted me and told me she found out she had Chlamydia. How can I get…[View]
50818186What's your uni gym like?: Do you use it? Or is there a better option? Also general uni thread.…[View]
50829704What are the best dirty bulking foods?[View]
50829198How do I know that I'm more fit than the average countryman?[View]
50827348Best Pre-Workout/Whey Protein -- Recommendations?: I used to drink a full scoop of C4 before my dail…[View]
50826171>you can only absorb like 40g of protein per meal >you can absorb an unlimited amount of sugar…[View]
50829765Taken the MMApill yet?[View]
50828473Full body training or split to get that good old strongman strength ? !!!WARNING OPINION DOWN BELOW!…[View]
50829820Post your favorite cheat meal.[View]
50830093since the 2016 plebbit invasion the number of no fap fags has increased way to much. how about u fu…[View]
50817568ITT: Kryptonite[View]
50829448What routine will allow me to do this?[View]
50826975Stop looking at a screen and get some sleep gains right now, anon[View]
50824903What can we all learn from this?[View]
50826705>2019 >doesn't feed his brain using gravity…[View]
50829614>dat preworkout mire >dat preworkout song >dat preworkout sipp >dat preworkout strutt …[View]
50826882>ohp in the squat rack[View]
50820650What’s the most ridiculous tattoo you have seen at your gym?[View]
50829629Holy heck guys who would've thought. Are we really this behind on nutritional science? Who hasn…[View]
50829628DIET: Ok can someone please give me a retards guide to diet? Pretty clueless about what I should be …[View]
50829602Bow down to the new king of /fit/ FUAAAARK https://clips.twitch.tv/WittyPhilanthropicLadiesGrammarK…[View]
50824473My knees are fucked. Is swimming/pool exercising a good alternative to running?[View]
50827813How has lifting affected your sex drive?: Do you see any difference in your sex drive since you star…[View]
50825584The hell is this lump /fit/? Only on my right wrist, and is definitely workout related since it went…[View]
50825009I fucked up and gained back about half the weight I had already cut for a judo competition and I now…[View]
50827550Hernia: After continuously lifting one year 6 months ago I had some pain in my stomach area. I went …[View]
50824891How do I lose belly[View]
50828677From beta cuck to alpha: I need some help to get stronger so i can get out of my cuck status. Do you…[View]
50826389Does masturbating affects my testosterone levels?[View]
50829330Arm rate thread: How's my arm?[View]
50828708yummy yummy Mac in my tummy[View]
50811105What are some good and productive things you guys do in your spare time? I feel like when I’m not at…[View]
50827504NoFap Autism Storytime: Don't really know where else to post this, I've seen nofap threads…[View]
50827513What the fuck is the appeal of fasting? Does that shit even work? Don't you just build up fat q…[View]
50826019>Turn vegan for cost reasons (ethics too but not so much) >Discover incredible recipes >Mus…[View]
50829369trap bar deadlift > barbell deadlift its superior[View]
50827568Going to the store. Need anything /fit/?[View]
50827649Can i do a sort of inbetween bulk where i dont pig out completely like on a dirty bulk but dont have…[View]
50829163Omg he looks like a disney prince /fit/!!! https://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/814nmb/ive_lost_a_…[View]
50829276Fasting while bulking: Recovering skeleton here. I've been reading a lot about the benefits of …[View]
50812753heart health: >80bpm heart rate >borderline 'poor' bpm >not fat >lift but don't do …[View]
50825920Ideals thread: Post your ideals/inspiration, rate others[View]
50822540>18 yo >5'8.3'' I- it's possible to gain at least o-one more inch, r-right…[View]
50824211Body hair general?: Does trimming your body hair makes you leaner?[View]
50810472QTDDTOT: >get home >normal day >stomach gurgles >bad >sounds like shaking a water bal…[View]
50827815Anyone else train 2 times a day? >Love my Olympic lifting >Also love Judo (Only been doing it …[View]
50827112Anyone have recommendations for buying resistance bands? I'd like to get a set but everything o…[View]
50812148/fit/ tunes: WE ARE FIGHTING DREAMERS[View]
50828944Is it good doing both MMA and high volume lifting? I went to my first MMA class and it has been the …[View]
50829004Has anyone managed to complete building the monolith? Volume seems rediculously high. Thoughts on th…[View]
50825440>start taking antipsychotic drugs at 21 >be 5’8.5 Any chance my growth is stunted?…[View]
50819521/fat/ /fph/'s playground: >Who is /fat/ for? For tequila loving gordos who want to better th…[View]
50827648Is GTG-style, high frequency low intensity routine better for pure strength gains than a more standa…[View]
50828227What’s your favorite workout day: >mfw it’s bench, curl and deadlift day on Greyskull LP So /fit:…[View]
50828916Hi /fit >be me, cutting >Had breakfast and dinner, both was reasonably sized >only 1100 cal…[View]
50828914Fit's consensus on fasting, intermittent or otherwise: What are your guys' thoughts on fas…[View]
50826522why is ricardo milos more popular than prime zyzz[View]
50823830Nofap lmao: Imagine actually believing that nofap has any physical benefits lmao[View]
50827541If you aren't dedicating one of your chest days to chest dips and tricep dips I feel bad for yo…[View]
50828374How long did your gains take to go away when you stopped working out?: 1 and a half months in..belly…[View]
50826298Have you stretched today /fit/? What have you been working on? Been doing deep stretching every day …[View]
50828373Can’t make gains because I’m scared of my body’s reaction to food. Large meals fuck me up. Hell, me…[View]
50828500I've recently been seeing a lot of progress in terms of strength but I don't know the most…[View]
50827820Diet help: Im trying to lose weight as it stands in 220lbs I'm trying to at least lose 20lbs I…[View]
50819019What are some ways to fix Pectus excavatum? I'm underweight according to BMI scale, but I also …[View]
50828490Every time I work out OR take a really hot bath I get the most tremendously uncomfortable and slight…[View]
50827671What bodyfat percentage is he at?: Goal body thread, I know this guy watercut for the photos and tha…[View]
50825204How do you feel after knowing you've been lied to this whole time?: Cooking meat actually DECRE…[View]
50822310Can I become super saiyan with this?[View]
50821524You're not a cumlet, right /fit/? I certainly shoot way more than the average, my gf can never …[View]
50828378>doing tricep pushdowns, minding my own business >hyperactive manlet shows up >'Yo mind if …[View]
50825021so guys i just achieved 1/2/3/4, finished up with ohp today and did 60 kg 1 rep! i havent had many e…[View]
50827321I need help /fit/: Ok so long story short I’ve decided to make some changes that I’ve been meaning t…[View]
50828329Is it possible to get rid of gyno? My body looks like shit after lifting, bulking then cutting for 1…[View]
50822074How safe are these doorway pullup bars? I was thinking of getting one, but I dont want to break my n…[View]
50825410catecholamines and fat burning.: Thoughts on this? Catecholamines reduce triglycerides in your fat c…[View]
50826852ever since I've been binging protein for my bulk I can't help but whiffing my effluvia Can…[View]
50827056Negro caps in the gym: Do americans really wear baseball caps in the gym? Especially these with extr…[View]
50825721Redpill me on artificial sweeteners, how do they have no carbs and what do they do[View]
50826359>22 >stretch marks[View]
50827581/Shakers/: Who else /cocktail shaker/ here? >Tried and true shaking mechanism >Stainless steel…[View]
50827863ITT Post your fridge[View]
50826142What are some good exercises for working out your ass?[View]
50822747CROSSFIT FEMALE UPPER BACK how the hell do the crossfit WOMEN get upper backs like pic related? >…[View]
50827003How does /fit feel about the juul?[View]
50826399>Oh look who finally decided to leave his room! >Hey anon, show us your abs!…[View]
50824744Haven't fapped in 31 days. Going for the 100 day no masturbation challenge. So right now 31/100…[View]
50794675God teir mires: Mire thread Post your personal favorite mire >Be me >Walk-in down the road wit…[View]
50825236GYM?: Made it big as of Monday. >25 yrs. old latino >US Navy Reserve vet >ex-web developer …[View]
50805986One word. Incredible.[View]
50826621Handicapped Fitness: Is overcoming a disability or handicap to become /fit/ considered a Chad move?…[View]
50821812Anyone here like Alan Thrall? https://youtu.be/VIu3fD2V_B8[View]
50826292Do muscle stimulizers actually work or are they just a meme?[View]
50827179Now be honest with me, how many of y'all are considering a vegan lifestyle since it has now bee…[View]
50827413Don't drink baking soda. Snake juice is harmful.[View]
50821044Would Having A Kid With A /fit/ Girl Improve Your Son's Odds At Being Jacked Too?: let's s…[View]
50825369Only a few calories left, how should i make the most out of it?[View]
50821334is squats enough to get a nice round ass?[View]
50827284How do I get /fit/ without going to the gym? I live in the mountains, right in the middle of bfm, so…[View]
50824691Why the fuck does my head violently itch after I get warmed up?[View]
50824354Why is it that fatties can't lose weight or struggle with it. I find it easier to not eat at al…[View]
50825729how /fit/ do you need to be to unironically rock rick owens in public?[View]
50826988>tfw you get in shape while your ex got even fatter[View]
50824937darebee: Are darebee good workouts? They seem like bullshit[View]
50826201>That post workout boof[View]
50825230>2019 >food science STILL not advanced enough for simple, healthy way to get macros/micros …[View]
50826876>Sees new athlean x video >”Bench Pressing is” >oh god oh fuck >”NOT Killing Your Gains”…[View]
50825485What percentage of /fit/ can lift this properly?: >173 lbs >2.37 inch diameter handle im guess…[View]
50826665>Only time i feel good is when i'm lifting heavy weights >Otherwise hate life and want to…[View]
50824931NAMECALL THREAD >Post a workout/session/challenge and a random name >If you see your name in t…[View]
50822121BECOME ALPHA: I made a playlist for my workout with alpha affirmations with the help of some girls o…[View]
50823429Ironman: One of these might be coming to my home town, I’m wondering if anyone here has done them. B…[View]
50823670So whats the point of this shit?[View]
50825737When im bulking do i have to eat 1g per bodyweight every single day or only on certain days?[View]
50826185Are you a regular at your gym? I tend to switch between gyms every workout. It's perfect for me…[View]
50826240Serious thread, /fit/. I have a problem with my right shoulder. If I relax both shoulders it feels …[View]
50826217thank you: Hey fitizens I just wanted to say thanks, I'm still pretty skinny and still not sati…[View]
50824887>be me >lift 6-7 days a week >around 1900 calories a day, still eat like shit though >ge…[View]
50824506>tfw unironically started lifting because of baneposting[View]
50822288>Lift for 2 years >Still dyel as fuck 5x5 SL is a scam…[View]
50818443Ive been prescribed anti depressents and some of the side effects include weight gain and increased …[View]
50821691Are tattoos /fit/ approved? Or do fit people look better without any ink?[View]
50822951Post cheat meals. Sorry for the bad picture quality: I ate two slices before I could post this.[View]
50825799After years of being on /fit/ and bashing not only s-o-y boys, but just onions in general, I've…[View]
50824748Admit it, you cannot get gains while still looking good. Training for strength is an ENTIRELY differ…[View]
50825407>be depressed after a long day of work >friends were occupied so alone all day >take off my…[View]
50825991I'm not going to have access to my gym for the next year and a half. What can I do to keep maki…[View]
50808236Fph: /fph/ /f~h/ fat “people” hate thread. Based “Based people poster” posters edition Getting obli…[View]
50825963Are these boys peak natty?[View]
50825748Hunger suppression: Hey Fags, I have been a FIT lurker for quite sometime. I was woindering, what ty…[View]
50825891Man why the fuck is leg day such a taxing day, I never even get a good workout in and my legs are un…[View]
50817762Alright /fit/: 1-10 how gay are you? I'm a solid 0 because I'm not fucking gay.[View]
50819354Can you get jacked on a 4 day routine and if so, which one?[View]
50824994Are you running at LEAST 15 minutes a day no breaks? That's the MINIMUM the human [spoiler] chi…[View]
50825695Newbie gains: Are newbie gains for each muscle group or is it a hormone thing where you use it or lo…[View]
50824961im vegan[View]
50825580Bodybuilding Competing: Have any of you ever entered into a bodybuilding competition? What was the e…[View]
50825205Is this roids?[View]
50825439I'm asking you for the last time /fit/? Should i take this or it is just snake oil? do you take…[View]
50820550What are your favorite meals for bulking?[View]
50823693Hey /fit/. I'm going to be doing a training thing so I can get into a camp in 2 weeks, and I ne…[View]
50823038How are you suppose to drink water while lifting? >mfw try to keep as hydrated as possible but s…[View]
50825130dad says he won’t drive me to the gym tomorrow[View]
50823181Fuck Alan Thrall.[View]
50824052Is it easier to over train the more advanced lifter you are? What are some symptoms of overtraining?[View]
50823720anyone ever tried lifting w/o caffeine?: did it work? :O[View]
50822782>outlifts you[View]
50825001Small lats make you look like a boy. get large lats to make you look like a man[View]
50821932Sarms: Im 19 and been taking 12.5mg ostarine and 15mg cardarine for 2 weeks now to cut for summer bu…[View]
50824402Stronger but getting smaller: Lately my lifts have either jumped a little or a lot but I feel skinni…[View]
50822152Best cheese for keto bulking?[View]
50825224TDEE activity level settings: intermediate lifter here, I can rep out 1/2/3/4. Fairly muscular, but …[View]
50824947/fitmusic/: Post your favourite workout songs/albums and give a score out of 10 to others.[View]
50824379Thoughts on protein sparing modified fasts(PSMFs)? I've done both PSMFs and standard water fast…[View]
50819952>tfw doesn't matter how much i lift I will never Outlift My scars >tfw can't talk or…[View]
50824954Which one fucking is it Jeff?[View]
50822383Form Check Thread: Squatting, pls advise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9lLOrjNx5g&feature=yo…[View]
50824886>Not drinking goat milk[View]
50819698>bite your tongue so hard you still feel it a day later any /alpha/ bros know this feel?…[View]
50823817Morbidly Obese: Previous fat fuckers of fit how did you loose the weight and what is life like being…[View]
50822360Plz help: Found this in my child's room anyone know what this is??? Drugs? Sex toys????weapons?…[View]
50813295>omg that guy didnt re-rack his weights!!![View]
50823802>bought treadmill >run 0.32 miles I'm taking a breather, but I plan to get to two miles t…[View]
50824490Specific and General Knee Issues: Hello, I injured my knee years ago and it seems to get better and …[View]
50824320Diet help: So, I my family is going out Friday night to Olive Garden, Saturday we have a wedding and…[View]
50819211Boxing x BJJ: What burns more fat, boxing or bjj? I'm trying to decide on a martial art to star…[View]
50819699What the fuck do i do[View]
50822907eye health: How many of you don't have glasses? I have very weak eyes -7.5diopters needed in bo…[View]
50821753>bench more than my stepdad Fuck you, Rick[View]
50821390The biggest redpill and the only redpill that exist when it comes to lifting is pic related. Make su…[View]
50822105How many days can you go without lifting before you lose gains?[View]
50815675/fit/ good feels thread: Post good feels here lads, lets get some positivity flowing on this board. …[View]
50818144My 5'7 girlfriend just told me she wants to achieve a 300lb 1RM deadlift. Is she going to turn…[View]
50821377does weed rob your drive: or is it just me? i been smoking for a week for sleep aid and i literally …[View]
50823295post you rest day face[View]
50819805I'm a skelly amateur table tennis player in dire need of a stronger upper body. Will nuts, chic…[View]
50817422Strength and Conditioning: Sex: What lifts transfer the most towards rough sex? Off the top of my he…[View]
50811925Activities outside the gym - Sports, etc.: Do you do any physical activities outside the gym, such a…[View]
50824328>That fatty who thinks he's strong because he can bench 2pl8x5 >Still can't bench hi…[View]
50820010How long do noon gains last? For the first time in my life I’m taking weight training seriously and …[View]
50824200Question about Protein intake.: We all know you are supposed to eat 1-2 grams of protein per pound o…[View]
50824139Made my own bac water last year. Is it still safe if its been in the fridge?: I have a half vial of …[View]
50824226>tfw dropped pl8 on pinky toe[View]
50823327Guess height and weight: Title[View]
50819060What determines vascularity? Some days my arms are super vascular, and other days not so much. Is it…[View]
50823525Anyone have a good week split for everything twice a week except for abs and calves which’ll be dail…[View]
50816987>100kg 1rpm on bench >65kg 10rpm on bench Will increasing my 10rpm give me better hypertrophy …[View]
50801325>tfw full blown slav male >25 years old >tfw have the slavic hairline Who else cursed with …[View]
50823263>semester over >weather heating up >losing drive to lift everyday >rather sit in my loun…[View]
50820462The /fit/ Egg General: >Post egg meals >Japanese eggs are best in the world, we organize ship…[View]
50823540What is the most /fit/ milk to drink? For me it’s whale’s milk.[View]
50816510Personal trainer stories: Please share interesting PT stories from yourself or anyone you know…[View]
50820504Diet&Recipes: Lets share our diets and recipes Improve them, get help or simply look what other …[View]
50821488Went to doctor, tells me blood pressure is good, going to get gyno taken out this summer. >finall…[View]
50818256Intermittent Fasting & Keto: I am enlisting in the Navy, so I need to be training for bootcamp. …[View]
50823206Lets say willpower was of no object. What is the best diet one could eat?[View]
50823271A possible cure for spermatorrhoea(medical science): After trial and error I Have laid down the foun…[View]
50811853In this thread: Brutal mogs only[View]
50802487/fast/ - #442 - theres no turning back now editon: What is /fast/? >Fast is a thread for the disc…[View]
50822070>get fit >feel fat who else?[View]
50821824Gym bitching general: ITT we complain about our gym’s >Tfw all the dyel newfags take all the dum…[View]
50822615Who wants some?[View]
50818736*OHPs your deadlift and OHP combined* nothing personnel kid[View]
50823051Why does /fit/ have a negative bias towards pasta? If it fits your macros then what's the probl…[View]
50823049>gains are finally back[View]
50821484why fit argue about which is the most usefull martial art for real life combat if they always use fi…[View]
50822964think i'm gonna try lifting anyway: so hi. i got a bad calf cramp in bed last night, and it…[View]
50822068>day 5 of nofap >finally benched 135lbs 4x4 >now watching bikini hauls on youtube What is t…[View]
50820809HOW MUCH DID HE LIFT???: how much do i have to lift to be able to kill 40 men with an axe? how much …[View]
50822828Best routine/exercises to become a Pro-Wresler?: Specifically in Japan?[View]
50822120>was doing great on my cut and pump >give in to temptation and drink 16 beers last night >h…[View]
50812757Does going to failure matter more than weight? Like drop sets for example. I obviously won't be…[View]
50818661If I eat 900 calories a day, will I go into starvation mode and cling to all my fat?[View]
50813980Redpill me on natto: I fucking LOVE natto. Tried it for the first time in Japan, been hooked ever si…[View]
50819544/routine/: post em I go to failure on every set. I often prolong the agony by very slow negatives an…[View]
50820347Apparently HRT stops baldness[View]
50820627Do you guys have any research on cholesterol in diet? Should i eat it? Should i be afraid of 'transf…[View]
50821452what would theoretically happen if i ate 1000 calories in carbs and fat and 1000 calories in pure pr…[View]
50822227Cardio: What do y'all do as cardio? I really wanna add cardio but I'm scared of dropping m…[View]
50812559This shit is so sweet its undrinkable[View]
50810387>taking fitness advice from this man never gonna make it[View]
50819719GOALS: What are your fitness goals for this year? How close are you to achieving them? For me, it…[View]
50819733ITT: lifts only you do, and why others should do them too. >cambered bar close grip bench press R…[View]
50822299who /summer leanbulk/ here?[View]
50821817How to get big beefy forearms[View]
50820445Tfw on 900mg test per week Weight has gone from 180lbs to 196lbs in a mere 4 weeks. Yup. I'm m…[View]
50820962>bicep and triceps DOMS at the same time[View]
50820285How deep is too deep?[View]
50821262Caffeine: How scary is caffeine? I don't feel dependent, but it's hard to be at 100 withou…[View]
50806958>approaches you >YEEEEAAAAP wat do?[View]
50819882Fat disturbution: >Its all stored in my gut and butt Its not fucking fucking fair…[View]
50820046>look like shit >bulk for a year >look like shit but big >cut for a few months >look …[View]
50821513Help me /fit/: Want to get myself into shape but all i have is one kettlebell (12 kg/27 lbs) What sh…[View]
50818500Anybody care to give me a tldr on body recomposition programs? My professional nutritionist says it…[View]
50821571Does /fit/ own rings? Any things I should look out for when purchasing some? Looking at these at the…[View]
50821745i used to be a fatty weighing in at 115kg and am not at 83kg, 6'2 and i got here doing OMAD. Qu…[View]
50820872Is it safe to assume that girls with big boobs have strong back muscle and fitness?[View]
50820770Being fat and lifting heavy is like a fat chick that has big tits, it doesn't count.[View]
50821273Good evening /fit/. Any good exercises to train forearms you have had good experience with? My obj…[View]
50819743How do I achieve this mode[View]
50818934morning routine: What is the best morning routine to stay /fit/?[View]
50821494So apparently it's possible to follow the superior vegan lifestyle and still get fucking buffed…[View]
50817347Lanklet problems: >be tall lanklet >legs look like sticks >cant grow arms to save my life …[View]
50821395Sarms, about to start first cycle of ostarine? Tips/advice on cycles/experience[View]
50816555/swim/: Does /fit/ swim?[View]
50821148Ok guys i looked through the sticky and im ready. I have five months of nothing to do so i wanna go …[View]
50818355https://youtu.be/cLliT_hYtn4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcAPU6paCxo Should trans athletes compe…[View]
50820837/fgbt/ : Fictional Goal Body Thread: How much does he lift?[View]
50821215I'm very sick, have a fever and a cold. Should I continue my workout? Or should I stop? If so h…[View]
50815076what do I do if I cant lose weight. I eat healthy every day. starve. exercise 2 or 3 times a day. no…[View]
50806954i just ordered one of these bad boys how many inches can i gain in a month? does jelqing work too an…[View]
50814269Has anyone here been a legionnaire?: Can you offer tips on how to ensure being accepted?[View]
50821187Nofap: I am gonna start my nofap challenge, can anyone tell me if the benefits are real or just an i…[View]
50820916I need a good pair of wireless headphones for lifting, mid range so like £30-£50. My last pair of Op…[View]
50820940>want the health >not the attention Closing in on my pre-bulk goal weight, and women are glanc…[View]
50818032Are these good for glute hypertrophy?[View]
50817844What is /fit/‘s favourite hand lotion?: And why is it pic related?[View]
50818347How do you cure body dysmorphia ?: A will back I post my body on 4Chan. I asked what mode am I ? The…[View]
50820726why is it so easy to get an army pump but impossible to get a chest pump or leg pump for me. I did a…[View]
50815961Binge Eating Disorder: Does anyone else struggle with this eating disorder? I'm ok during the d…[View]
50818589Does anyone take CBD oil to help with pain and inflammation?[View]
50817659Thighs Too Thick smh: Yup, you read that right. My thighs are too goddamn thick, potentially because…[View]
50819189>only get mired by fat gay guys It's better than nothing, I guess[View]
50819128Has anyone here used yohimbine HCl before? Is it effective? What brands would you recommend??[View]
50816601Are somatotypes real or not?[View]
50820669can I just cut faster by fasting for 1 week while only drinking 3 scoops of whey per day?[View]
50816230>Drinking onions milk in 2019[View]
50820104any medfag on /fit? been cutting for 6 months now I sometimes have pain in the red region, the kind …[View]
50820277Whats an ideal/good weight for a 180 cm 5'11' male?: Whats an ideal/good weight for a 180 cm 5…[View]
50820535>cmon son, lemme show you how to use this old gym equipment >removes clothes…[View]
50817035I can only bench press 40 kg (88 lb) including the bar[View]
50816609>4(Four) threads about hairline/balding lets make it 5(Five)[View]
50820023Are all you need for big arms OHP + bench press + caloric surplus?[View]
50820207Sleepytime: Had a fucking shit time trying to sleep yesterday not sure what the fuck is wrong with m…[View]
50820274>alpha as fuck >mogs the fuck outta every jap in town >fit as fuck name someone more chad t…[View]
50809155Do i look like shit? Been working out for 6 months w/ proper nutrition and its just so...underwhelmi…[View]
50815545*blocks your path*[View]
50820235How big is the risk of hypogonadism from a sustained calorie deficit?[View]
50819041tfw took 40 mg of zinc >Decreased libido >Low apetite >Sperm count even lower than before F…[View]
50820137I have a feel my spine is fucky: Looks a bit... too curved[View]
50820053my girlfriend can't sleep at night, too much energy i'd suggest her lifting but are there …[View]
50819154To all you pussies on here bitching about your jawline, at least you don’t look like this kid. Lol[View]
50819046Feeling good about my gains. Getting big. Feeling stronger. Gonna get there in no time bros[View]
50814369Is over training a myth?: I'm a skelly who wants to ascend humanity so on top of my regular gre…[View]
50819806Encouragement Boomer: Some fucking boomer started going to my gym and constantly encourages me to pu…[View]
50817070>start mewing >suddenly can breathe trough ne nose again in the morning huh, how bout dat.…[View]
50818275SOCIAL GAINS How are you guys managing to still go out to parties and enjoy whatever drug you peopl…[View]
50819337how do you delete a thread?[View]
50818274Is he the most aesthetic natty of our generation?[View]
50818545Fast food and lifting?: Anyone here lift heavy but still eat shit like fast food and pizza? Can I do…[View]
50815040>mfw hitting the gym has changed the women i like All i want these days are girls with power and …[View]
50815666What kind of tattoos would a bodybuilder get?[View]
50819413>Dad and brothers all 6'+ >5'9 and wear 28 length jeans I could've been 6'…[View]
50818181>your height >your weight >daily protein intake Go…[View]
50813637/VEGAN GENERAL/ aka baldy/pol/honeypot: /news/ Piers Morgan is laughably hypocritical >https://w…[View]
50808600Bodybuilding vs Powerlifting: Bodybuilder: >Girls want this body >Can actually climb a flight …[View]
50819457Clen: Not gonna post in /fraud/ cause I don't use real steroids. Have had negligible results fr…[View]
50798342Grills on /fit/, which body type do you like best?[View]
50819638Ive been lifting for around a year now and my strength has hovered around the same level ever since.…[View]
50818477Working /out/: Besides my ivanko gripper what could I do to keep my gains while camping[View]
50813800Barbell Rows: Okay /fit/ so which one is it? Half the internet says I should be doing barbell rows l…[View]
50813089what were they thinking?[View]
50816830Is punching a hole in the wall a good way to show off my gains when i have a girl over? Like i prete…[View]
50818604Supplements: What supplements do you take? Red pill me on vit K2? Is it the answer to stop heart dis…[View]
50813150OMAD and weightlifting: Hi Anons. I feel better when I only eat one meal a day. How the fuck can I m…[View]
50816876Booze & Gains: How do i stop drinking, faggots? Should I even stop drinking? Does it really hurt…[View]
50817633Stretch marks: Got loads, depressed about it. Is there a legit way to cure them? otherwise i'm …[View]
50818435Is he right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2h5odfasHg&[View]
50813135>hey bro, you mind taking a pic for my insta real quick while i still have a pump? your response?…[View]
50818557Tall workout gear: Im a tall fella bout 6'7 220 and cant get tall workout clothes anywhere does…[View]
50806579/fat/: We're all gonna make it bros edition >Who is /fat/ for? For rotundos who want to bett…[View]
50817049NATTY LIFTING MEME: I have folded my brethren. I’m injecting 200 mg of test cyp into my ass and ramp…[View]
50817531redpill me on mastic gum[View]
50817468>tfw ibs-c how do I cope my stomach is in constant pain almost every day of the week, unless I ca…[View]
50818615Hey guys, young guy here looking to get into fitness. I’m about 130 lbs, not really heavy or anythin…[View]
50817429Non-Soy non-whey Protein?: Anyone have good recommendations on protein powders that dont have onions…[View]
50803507>with my buddy at the gym >hes a skinny manlet >never done bench press before >tell him …[View]
50817594>Not joining the 1000lbs club with 333.33... lbs squat, 333.33... lbs bench, and 333.33...lbs dea…[View]
50805476veins showing prominently naturally how do you induce vascularity naturally? thanks[View]
50817318>be 5'6.5 but in pretty good shape >working out like normal at my gym, chest day >hitt…[View]
50818694When a farmer wants to fatten up cattle and create intramuscular fat, what does he feed them?[View]
50817937Why don't people just drink water instead of coffee?: I'm not sure if I'm allergic to…[View]
50818476Do you rerack weights and wipe down bench, or do let the staff do it? It is there job right, so what…[View]
50815547How come gladiators were so fit and strong?: They trained a shitload no rest no off days and they at…[View]
50818090How bad is sugar while bulking?: Is it really that bad? Currently on a bulk and trying to keep fat b…[View]
50818400What would it take for you to give up on yourself?[View]
50817248improvement: how do you better yourself every day? besides going to the gym, is there anything else…[View]
50817823how do i fix this[View]
50816349Thoughts on my arms after 6 months of working out?[View]
50814764Lifting weights literally doesn’t do anything. Either you’re genetically big you’re genetically sma…[View]
50818043>cutting >losing strength on weighted pull ups Why is this happening? If anything they should…[View]
50818019What's the deal with this? >12 days into Nofap >start pissing in sink or shower >utte…[View]
50809971Is there an actual biological reason why males are dumber in their younger years? Just a trend i’ve …[View]
50817965Rate my diet: My diet > drink a cup of hot tea, beef broth or chicken brot. > Hit the road for…[View]
50817338Is it scientificaly possible to have big juicy forearms with smoll wrists?[View]
50815844What's the best way to to bulk from a Skelly on a budget? Milk or protein powder? It'd be…[View]
50813881How do i run, walk and jog with proper form? I havent ran since i was 10 when someone said i run lik…[View]
50812551Why do people here make fun of fat women when it's objectively harder for them to lose weight?[View]
50815941decided to go to the gym after a year off, was only able to do 135lbs for 4x5 how can i calculate my…[View]
50817419Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
50816954>Both lifting and doing Martial arts >Some days, have to lift before going to Judo training …[View]
50812205>watching amateur porn >see fat lard with beer belly getting his dick worshiped by qt >mfw …[View]
50817650/nohomo/: What you doing /fit/? Post deadlift record to keep it /fit/ related.[View]
50814633Whenever I exercise my chest, I end up feeling DOMS in my upper chest (red in pic related). What exe…[View]
50814911I've been sick for a week and I feel like shit. Haven't worked out. Before that I worked o…[View]
50815814Its over[View]
50814003Anyone else have Jude Law hairline?: I’m only 23 and my hair has looked like pic related for past 3 …[View]
50813734How can I be so big and yet so lithe?[View]
50817060Pic unrelated, but is it OK to lift every day without taking a break? Or will it not do anything/har…[View]
50817131Are there any kind of benefits on nofap or is it all bullshit?: If you go 90 days and beyond, do you…[View]
50814906Okay lifting is going great, but how do you get over that crushing feeling of social isolation?[View]
50815956Hello I'm a New faggot to gym and bodybuilding. I have problems with drug use which started to …[View]
50815962>everyone is planning on going on a grad trip soon to the beach >I'm still in semi bulk/f…[View]
50813589Is this a meme or a good source of protein to eat daily?[View]
50815525Is it possible to be sub 10% bf and look big in clothes as a natty?[View]
50816382Targeted aesthetic gains? Post your >age >sex >favorite male body parts I'll start …[View]
50816645What the ideal frame/body type for rocking /biz/ outfits, i don’t really wanna look like ronnie cole…[View]
50805661You can only bulk using 5 foods, what do you choose? Assume an unlimited quantity of food and water,…[View]
50816328First time posting here. Hey /fit/, the doctor put me on a low-sodium low-cholesterol diet so I don…[View]

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