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/fit/ - Fitness

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55045889>I only do Front Squats, is this a problem? Back squats, hurt the interior of my hips and cause m…[View]
55046518I'll be trying out the Adidas workout app. Been a couch potato. Give your mans some motivation,…[View]
55046034What is the point of the arm things? Do they actually bulk up your arms? What's the point?[View]
55036917What are some underrated exercises that you are doing?[View]
55044574Online workouts always have like 5 sets for muscle growth , these seem like to little for me as I’m …[View]
55046383https://youtu.be/5J9Au3sU1hw Is this a effective workout? Ive been doing it for about a week now and…[View]
55046071Discuss the routine Arnold posted to reddit a few days ago: 50 Pushups 50 Dips between chairs 50 Row…[View]
55044263how the FUCK am i supposed to compete with this[View]
55042423What’s wrong with my back / overall physique? Have I got bad posture or does it just look weird caus…[View]
55043046Rate my 2 months progress from home workouts and hiking[View]
55032873If you have a bad jawline, you're just fat: Literally it's impossible to be ugly if you…[View]
55046199Day 1 of low carb dieting: Weight: 258.8 lbs Height: 5 foot 9 inches Goal: 180 lbs[View]
55044920Hybrid lifting/calisthenic routine: Since most you have more time on your hands, I'm making thi…[View]
55045972Im 6+ ft, strong and very attractive. But quarantine has made me fat. I still look good but I’m chea…[View]
55042561How useful are weighted vests and ankle/wrist weights?[View]
55044586Is there any hope for manlets? I'm 5'6'' and got a decent face, I'm thinkin…[View]
55046144What do you think guys?[View]
55045314Been doing a brosplit for a few months and have plateaued what program will solve this problem? I wa…[View]
55045416Are expensive ropes a meme?: Just started skipping bros. I have a cheapo rope from Amazon, but I…[View]
55045489Hi im 19 years old please help me fix my recessed hair, i want to get girls and they dont want a Bal…[View]
55043002>you find a time machine and go back in time to when you were just born >become your dad’s bes…[View]
55044187WARNING!: I've been doing semen retention + nofap for about 2 months now to see if there Is any…[View]
55045161Should I bulk or should I cut?[View]
55045831>workout most your life >still end up with terrible shoulders like this…[View]
55040465cardio at home: what is THE best way to do cardio at home? i thought about buying jump ropes, is the…[View]
55045869what's the very best bodyweight/progressive calisthenics workout infographic or pdf out there? …[View]
55045325Does anyone know? How long does leucine activation of MTOR last??[View]
55044201When I get bit by bugs they die instantly. This is a known phenomenon for hardcore drug addicts who…[View]
55045347Homegym pill: NGMI: >running to the gym every 2nd day like a retard, wasting precious time arrivi…[View]
55045369reworout: whats the strongest preworkout 2 ever exist :smilign)([View]
55042073How the fuck do you guys keep on track when cutting? Its fucking hard man. Fucking grocery stores fu…[View]
55032539HE'S GONNA TAKE YOU BACK TO THE PAST!: Anyone remember depressing weak moments from your childh…[View]
55045507Protein shake + fruit fast: Hi all, I've been steady cutting for the last 3 months (since 1st j…[View]
55043422This is everything Scooby does in a day, each square represents one hour. Holy based[View]
55045503What are some excercises one can do to prevent backpain or backproblems in general? I am quite the o…[View]
55044325I was lifting at home and my hemorrhoid just fucking popped[View]
55045317How come my acne has gotten significantly worse since I started working out and eating clean? What c…[View]
55045609how long do neural gains last for? I've been training seriously since September. thinking I sho…[View]
55045533how do i achieve /southpaw/ mode?[View]
55043781Any of you guys have experience with wall mounted racks? What should you look for in a rack?[View]
55045462Okay bros, now what?[View]
55044222ninja tyler muscle: don't think ive ever seen a thread about this guy here. what is your guys t…[View]
55043538I just ate a spoonful of MCT oil on an empty stomach What can I expect?[View]
55044191I am Natty: This is Natty limit[View]
55039185Anyone else loving the pandemic situation? >No work >Free money >Lifting 3-4 times a week A…[View]
55045328Can I build my legs with cardio?: I'm fucking sick of hitting my legs at the gym. Every single …[View]
55044079What mode is this and how do I unlock it?[View]
55045168I don't have a jump rope. Can I pretend to have one and still jump?[View]
55045338if i megadosed folate could i actually start growing again?[View]
55040992It's done: It's over. My body is small as shit. This gym closure over the fucking FLU feel…[View]
55040353Why do faggots on this board write stuff like this? You are not some legendary warrior in Ancient G…[View]
55043633>go watch some porn after workout >watch some amateur porn videos like snap, instagram and per…[View]
55044660Bone stock / broth: I heard this was rich in collagen and chondrogens. Do you guys make your own ? A…[View]
55024114>TFW 20 year old alcoholic[View]
55042811My roommate is now running a fever. I’m currently pounding vitamin C gummies, what else should I do?…[View]
55043447Fuck you guys, I'll deadlift all I want.[View]
55045235Question about boxing injuries: Do blood vessels grow back wider after they have burst? After a brui…[View]
55040307/owg/ Olympic Weightligting General: Is this even a thing anymore?? I havent been here in years…[View]
55043440>tfw 2 hours of sleep Does this justify skipping my workout and just continuing tomorrow Feeling …[View]
55043141Itchy eczema face: This is almost probably definitely(maybe?) the wrong place to ask, but anyway... …[View]
55044167Hair loss: is this it for me breh's will lifting even fix this...[View]
55042988Anyone tried Anavar?: What's your opinions on it? I read mixed reviews about var[View]
55045136From a physical fitness point of view coronavirus terrifies me we should shoot everyone with it[View]
55043991How are all you fuckin idiots doing with regards to fitness goals despite quarantine? I hope still s…[View]
55042256feelin TASTY in my nb's brahs. guess how much i squat[View]
55043639Trying minox for the first time. Is is supposed to sting like a motherfucker? Bought six months…[View]
55044744Biking: Is it a good way to burn gut fat?[View]
55044443Any of you take Citalopram/Celexa? I started 2 weeks ago for anxiety disorder, been tired as fuck an…[View]
55041218How do you achieve and maintain a body like this?[View]
55044671redpill me on weed for gains[View]
55044981How do I make skin gains? I'm fine with my body but I'm kinda ashamed of zits on my ass, s…[View]
55043597just did this: Shoulders=boulders[View]
55043615Help: I have prediabetic blood sugar at 22BMI 5.7mmol/l 6'1 165lbs, regular exerise Doc said it…[View]
55044705I can't do chest dips, what to do? it's ok to do 5x15 negatives until I can build enough s…[View]
55044599This chubby redditor has the grip strength to bend a frying pan in half and a bottlecap with his fin…[View]
55042505Cardio alternatives: Hey /fit/, after winter I recently started running again but my lower back got …[View]
55020858/plg/ Powerlifting General: >Bannerlord Edition The Powerlifting General, strongest general on 4c…[View]
55044028Tell me I'm not the only one on /fit/ who watches this every day for motivation? https://youtu.…[View]
55044510Who on /fit/ wears diapers?: I only use them for GAINZ but I have heard of some people wearing them …[View]
55044439>be me >jew >In summer camp >Tried caloric restriction and LOBAD (Loaf of bread a day) W…[View]
55039767>only 2 months until summer You've started your cut right? RIGHT?[View]
55044474fit-related iceberg charts: Post them and discuss the listed items[View]
55043370sick: Hi /fit/ Im an overweight retard and decided to try get a 6 pack or at the very least sort out…[View]
55038112holy shit guys is this real!!!!!: HOW[View]
55042921Headaches: Why the heck am I getting headaches whenever I wake up, for the past 4 days I get a heada…[View]
55042830>eat how much i feel like >count calories >at the end of the day see how many calories too …[View]
55027826>plant based diet but... everyone is already on a plant based diet >nono, 100% plant based oh,…[View]
55043157Rate my back gains. Been lifting for 1 year and 2 months now[View]
55039382>pretend you are a ftiness coah >post nudes because of that >discover onlyfans >stop pos…[View]
55041028Coffee: You think you wanna quit, then you do, then you feel shitty, so you have some, and it's…[View]
55042841AHHHHH: >Gyms closed[View]
55029264How the fuck do you properly train your back while in quarantine? Like i can do pushups and bodyweig…[View]
55036355wtf zac?: How do you go from this..[View]
55030927ITT: Albums for lifting.[View]
55042020>Ra-ra-rasputin, lover of the Russian queen[View]
55041107Extra mucous in throat/lungs: So I just ran a a mile on the treadmill (new mile time, 7:30, very pro…[View]
55043016Quick question related to neck training: If I do plate resistance soley for neck gains is it appropr…[View]
55033809German Army Training Manual: https://archive.org/details/sportsvorschrift Some nice lads on /pol/ tr…[View]
55041263>that post workout boof[View]
55042732>He doesn't own one of the best home workout products You do want to make it, don't you…[View]
55042291Do i have gyno bros?[View]
55040002Anyone try CBD oil for pain? I’m trying these tincture drops in a 500mg bottle but I don’t really fe…[View]
55043702Should more men compete as women in weightlifting and other sports to completely remove actual women…[View]
55039531Jesus christ the state of humanity right now https://youtu.be/Wd3_JYKeFDk[View]
55042352No chin up bar. Just been doing band rows, band pull downs, db pullovers and db lat pulldowns and re…[View]
55043637everyone heard about mobile dip station, what about motorized pullup bar[View]
55043455How can i gain lats ? I am doing bent over dumbbell rows like pic related but i only feel soreness i…[View]
55039644row form check: Hi, I've never really barbell rowed before so I'd like some comments on my…[View]
55042572Anyone superdose Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) to improve absorption of carbohydrates? I've bee…[View]
55041614Hey anon I know it’s been rough on you since the gym closed. Just wanna check how you do-[View]
55043525What's your routine, what's your diet plan, do you do mobility work?[View]
55041483/music/: What are you listening to while you lift boys?[View]
55033431Convince me, a skinnyfat begginer, to not roid[View]
55039666What food do you eat to minimize calorie intake while maximizing the feeling of fullness?[View]
55040949What's her routine?[View]
55035888ITT: Women ruining themselves. Strictly for motivational purposes, of course.[View]
55043302I never appreciated how much I love real food, and how shit whey tastes until I started my first pro…[View]
55042981>tfw americans dont know the gains potion recipe: ngmi[View]
55042101Why the fuck do my arms turn inward like this?[View]
55042167Been doing low carb for about a year now, fairly strict. Thinking of incorporating whole grain bread…[View]
55041093What does it mean if you almost fail every 5 rep set of 3 when benching but your muscles don't …[View]
55037656Egg: What's the best way to prepare eggs bros?[View]
55042795>would taking pic before lifting help me with break plateaus?[View]
55040743Currently taking Ostarine because I heard its supposed to help me in my strength gains and help me k…[View]
55041238favorite lift?[View]
55042480Why can't you just accept that you're a calisthenicsfag now, Anon? Seriously. Do hand-stan…[View]
55037125What's his endgame?[View]
55042147Help working out: So, just before this whole coronachan thing came out I finally got a job at mcdona…[View]
55040243IronL00: based or cringe?[View]
55042615A pack of feral manlets blocks your path, what do you do?[View]
55039419the real journey of natural muscle gains: what do you think about gregs natural chart? personally i…[View]
55042523How does this work and how long would it take to achieve? I can something similar with an elastic b…[View]
55042550started training today for the first time ever. i also started a completely new diet. im tired of ho…[View]
55042456i fucking love dates will they make me fat[View]
55030147You are NOT meant to be very muscular: Humans are simply NOT meant to be very muscular from an evolu…[View]
55040868Would you do what he did to save your life?[View]
55041481You are MEANT to be MUSCULAR.: Humans are simply NOT meant to be very skinny from a based perspectiv…[View]
55040886What's the best routine to get a body like this?[View]
55039497What strength stats and body fat percentage do I need to reach this mode?[View]
55040309Chris Cuomo, natty?: CNN anchor, natty or not? 6'2' 230 lbs , 49 years old has this body I can …[View]
55039757Will you volunteer if the world declares war on China once and for all?[View]
55041734chimp mode: how to achieve it ?[View]
55040959What home workouts can I do for stronger punching power?[View]
55041183Hop on, Anon! You didn't buy me just to collect dust![View]
55042431Is nofap now a platform to make money off of on youtube?[View]
55041803إنا لله و إنا إليه راجعون >lifting for women >not lifting for the glory of Allah You cannot ta…[View]
55041877I lost her man i fucking lost her, the most beautiful and the kindest girl iv´e ever met i know this…[View]
55041243Yes: Anyone want to lick my fat?[View]
55042313Endocrine Disruptors: If touching plastic pumps me full of estrogen and turns me into a bitch, by lo…[View]
55041675I bought a dumbbell kit from Tesco, sort of looks like pic related. The grip is some kind of plastic…[View]
55042215do you have sex drive during cut?[View]
55042185witholding ejac. maybe its the maca or arginine or something but getting super hard readily, often, …[View]
55041882Are you working your ass off? Is being /fit/ enough? Are you a wage cuck? Let's make it togeth…[View]
55040941>squat workout on 4 hours of sleep[View]
55041805Any good exercises to get the fat off my pecks?: I am buff everywhere except for the moobs. Please, …[View]
55042134Digital Mirage Online Music Festival (2020): LGTSS, /fit/. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvS6i5uHb…[View]
55041871How would you improve this? >growing mint next to bed >7,5 hours of sleep >no sleeping on b…[View]
55042005Today I lifted more than I could last week.[View]
55039765What's the /fit/ opinion on CrossFit? It seems to be quieting down a bit but I know a few peopl…[View]
55041006Am I considered a 'lifter' or just a casual?: Ive never trained at a gym and Ive never done any seri…[View]
55025703i have made more gains in these weeks of calisthenics than 2 years of dyel hardgainerism barbell shi…[View]
55035457what is this body type? how do I fix it?[View]
55041879Has anyone gotten more veins since lifting? I'm not talking about being vascular with more vein…[View]
55041169/britfit/ general: >No more slags on the streets edition Boris has defeated his infection and pos…[View]
55041036Is coffee good for you, /fit/?[View]
55039422>Get fit >Get a decent wardrobe >Get a good hairstyle >Get a decent skincare routine go…[View]
55029636I WANT to do 100 diamond push ups by the end of this pandemic. How to program push ups for the best …[View]
55041610For make good bloat max. no water. only coco-nut milk.[View]
55040277Daily reminder sleep is a waste of time for health and success.[View]
55041291Give me a routine that I can do at my home with no equipment.[View]
55041010You mirin faggots?? No matter how hard your workout, how much you cut or bulk, how much protein you …[View]
55036027This is my ankle on steroids[View]
55039704>1 month of no gym >shave my beard >face got rounder and fat…[View]
55041330How to get BIG STRONK legs if i have bad knees ?Does squating with no weight even do something?[View]
55038378https://www.cdc.gov/obesity/data/adult.html >42.4% of American adults are obese. Explain this, Am…[View]
55036439My wall of cope is falling apart.[View]
55038071What are your thoughts on touch and go deadlifts? Proper touch and go, not that dumb shit people do …[View]
55041059Tired of /coom/ers and /coof/ers? 49xq.c1.biz[View]
55038841>progresses once a month[View]
55038760Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
55040450What routine do I need to achive this?[View]
55038573Never do adderall: got into psychosis and had a panic attack in the gym. long story....[View]
55040724is 1400 calories per day too low? how much is too low? im really wondering how much is too few is it…[View]
55040756How long does your voice take to recover after quitting smoking? This sore throat raspy voice is kil…[View]
55039613Why do my fingers still hurt when I lift with these?: The middle sections of my fingers still hurt w…[View]
55040375hi: I am new here from /biz/ (only board I visited). I changed my biz bookmark to fit and will be on…[View]
55035698ITT based exercises: ITT post the most based exercises.[View]
55037556>eat like shit, tons of sugar, cake, ice cream >shit comes out in perfect industrial logs, no …[View]
55040041This is why I lift.[View]
55036329Which one aged the best?[View]
55039302Should i do heavy squats when I'm sleep deprived?[View]
55027278Fuck Scooby, hes a stupid asshole: >I am never coming out with another health and workout video a…[View]
55037363Alright /fit/ - put down the bar, sit down.. We need to talk. It was brought to my attention, that s…[View]
55040515Achievable natty?[View]
55040801>dyel obese fatass >couldn't bench 70 lbs 2 months ago >can do 3x5 bw dips now feels a…[View]
55040843Can anyone redpill a nigga on aromatase inhibitors?: I'm taking this, stinging nettle, and saw …[View]
55039877how do i cope: 5'7 here. 5'8 dad 5'4 mom. i cant handle this, it wasnt a problem but …[View]
55040611i miss a nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
55038710Exercise is a reminder that we can be more than our current material condition. It provides perspect…[View]
55036438It's been a while. What level of cope is AlphaDestiny on now?[View]
55038268Are you guys into fitness?[View]
55039931calling a l l weightlifters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVPbnwAy7QA[View]
55040640I just ordered lipogaine sensitive. Can anyone recommend a good cheap dermapen?[View]
5503625723 hours into quitting smoking. does it get better? how did you manage to quit?[View]
55040381Alternative for push-ups: Hey /fit/, can you recommend any alternative for push-ups? I do basic cali…[View]
55021818Is fasting really that good? Idk man...: Thats a terrible process for 3 years[View]
55040143Is it possible to lose 30 pounds in 2 months in a ' healthy ' way with fasting and just proper diet?[View]
55038505/fit/bros I need your help. Because of this lockdown I'm obviously getting reduced exercise. Bu…[View]
55039458Im going to lose around 30 pounds but im kinda worried about stretchmarks appearing. Is there a way …[View]
55040546Supplementing hair as dietary fiber? Literally free indigestible fiber. Why has no one ever tried th…[View]
55040080Is coffee good for you[View]
55040442home workout quarentine thread how is my home workout? i do greasing the grove with pullups, pushups…[View]
55032477Are curl bars worth it?: I've got a standard Walmart bar with 60lb worth of shitty crossfit pla…[View]
55034467>there are people on this board who train but dont enjoy it Literally why, my dudes?…[View]
55037490Wearing weights?: How do you guys feel about constantly wearing some sort of weight? I had ankle wei…[View]
55039694Post Calisthenics routines[View]
55039914Does being sore = good workout[View]
55033143Is getting muscular even worth it past 20? Yeah it's impressive and I have no doubt you can fuc…[View]
55039375Just go on without me bros, I’m not going to make it.[View]
55037619This is what a pure calisthenic physique looks like.[View]
55040266So recently I just got >pull up bar >push up grips >microbands that go up to 20lbs of resis…[View]
55038794I've been doing workouts this past week using rings and I am thinking about incorporating some …[View]
55039760Anyone bought gym equipment from wish.com? How is the quality?[View]
55036868Would you be able to pass physical requirements for the military?[View]
55040117Symmetric strength thread: squat is lagging a bit behind[View]
55039229Ok where the FUCK can I buy some homegym equipment. Everywhere I look its sold out. Can't even …[View]
55038369Inspirational: Post your favourite female fit bodies. I need more motivation to work out.[View]
55039246>That 6th cup a joe just before working out aaahh yes...[View]
55037866Should you train like Jeff Nippard?[View]
55039932>work out core constantly >have hard abs >thin, but stubborn layer of fat entirely invalida…[View]
55039771Are there mental benefits to sitting down and doing absolutely nothing for a set time every day? I a…[View]
55036403Polish wrestlers Jan Falandys and Adam Sandurski at Moscow Olympics, USSR, 1980[View]
55039323whenever someone talks shit about rip, my first thought is that they're a seething tranny[View]
55006895/mag/ Martial Arts General - judo edition: How you holding up fight bros? I'm dreading the ring…[View]
55039609>dont eat for 30 minutes before you swim or you will cramp up and drown how true is this? i was t…[View]
55036018sup bros, are there any poorfags here that workout only at home and have achieved any results ? if s…[View]
55040755Marched on hinge. What do I say?[View]
55039475Post all of the high IQ /fit/ wisdom: I will start[View]
55036845Can manlets find a way to stop being insecure about their height compared to chads?[View]
55039233Reverse nofap?: Anyone ever try jerking off 2-3 times a day to RESTORE/raise libido? My dicks been d…[View]
55039486How bought all the half racks?: I can't find any half racks in Europe Plates/barbells cost twic…[View]
55039036Fucked up my joints (left knee) running in my late 20s and now I can only walk. Will I ever be able …[View]
55039465calling all jacked studs with huge dicks: how do you guys deal with your huge dicks getting crushed …[View]
55038874When the front of your hair looks like this what haircut are you supposed to ask for? Why do girls w…[View]
55035993How do I achieve this body? I'm 1.80m (5'11) and weight 170 lb[View]
55036550Kettlebell Training: If you can't go to the gym, get a kettlebell. KB exercises are amazing, an…[View]
55030824Fat Gripz Arrived: Just got here. What should I expect? Today is a rest day and I really need it. So…[View]
55039351Dear Diary: They’re taking photos of me on the train again.[View]
55031793The CEO had a falling out with his pepper supplier and the brand had to change recipe - it now sucks…[View]
55038926losing weight: does anybody have any simple workout routines to help me lose about 5 pounds[View]
55039247How important it is you do the 'loading phase' ?[View]
55039117https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mn76l259H8Y >dude it's just a flu >250k cases ? dude don…[View]
55018402>Completes assisted backflip >Into spongepit, doesnt stick the landing >300lb Claims its a …[View]
55038093is this achievable natty?[View]
55037255>tfw just don't care anymore I don't even have a gym to lift away this feel…[View]
55038862Bulking: Guys, I wanted to get some opinions on my current bulk I started yesterday. > 66kg bodyw…[View]
55037678Would /fit/ go to a nude beach? https://www.strawpoll.me/19685152[View]
55039100Bodyweight workouts: how many of you faggots could do this? keep in mind this guy doesn't loose…[View]
55038515How would you eliminate coping as a phenomenon?[View]
55038864>lift >get strong as shit >88kg 1.5/close to 3/idk lol/5.5 >Get matches on tinder left a…[View]
55038820I have a theory. Steroids would be 100% safe if you did them during puberty. Its far too late for m…[View]
55038726Upper chest refuses to fill out under my collar bones. Why even live?[View]
55030995Cardio Demons: How do you combat the cardio demons, /fit/? You know what I'm talking about. The…[View]
55037703joit pai: I'm 26 years old, been bodybuilding for 4 years, been increasing my weight and workou…[View]
55038629Signed in to Bumble as a woman seeking men to see what the competition is like and damn it I'm …[View]
55037985Abopill: > has never stepped in a gym in his life > never taken a scoop of brotein > no mor…[View]
55037826>be skinny >start lifting >get buff >feel the urge to beat weak skinny males who won…[View]
55013335/fit/ humor / humour: It's Wednesday humor thread, you know the rules and so do I[View]
55037642How do I workout my heart?: Imaginary gfs are invading my dreams again and I simply can't take …[View]
55036290Can you fap whitout your hands ? One other day i fapped without my hands in the shower, i just poure…[View]
55038757Imagine megadosing vitamin c and literally turning into a super human[View]
55038602It's friday night /fit/... It's been a long day and a long ass week at work... I'm so…[View]
55032271Is there a bodyweight equivalent to deadlifts? Or any way at all to do it at home without a barbell?[View]
55038488Lookism: How does this happen bros? Surgery? Low fat? Is lookism a real thing lmao?[View]
55034966Fuck calisthenics: I love going the gym. I love lifting barbells and dumbbells. It hurts in a good w…[View]
55037964I have 30 eggs and you can't do a thing about it.[View]
55038623Hello i am alpha destiny and this is my PSYCHOTIC HOMO WORKOUT https://youtu.be/jskUSd2zGlk[View]
55037612Hey /fit/ come over here and help me lift this thread up to page 1.[View]
55037754Is this really as good as it sounds? You can literally eat this everyday and not be worried about ma…[View]
55038530Cardio and muscle recovery: Sup my dudes, how do you combine cardio with weight lifting to not mess …[View]
55038244How do i fix my eyebrow[View]
55036397Good MyProtein flavors?: What are some good flavors that aren't overwhelming? I bought all of t…[View]
55036906how do i do face pulls at home? i dont have any bands or anything jeff is gonna get mad at me and sp…[View]
55037959Corona Bloat: Hey fit, will you do this? Gain 10-15 pounds as soon as possible. If you get Corona…[View]
55036265I’m gonna beat this guy up[View]
55037685fucked my life up good: went from healthy to dying in a year, did meth for a year straight and now a…[View]
55037854wet dreams are fucking with my morning workout. I don't fap so when i coom in my sleep it fucks…[View]
55037537wake up at 3am smash your cock and balls in a cold shower[View]
55037605Is coffee good for you?[View]
55032109How does one get this kind of body? can it be down with only calisthenics? I know in the movie he sa…[View]
55034260Corona-chan retreat: > Be 31. > Unironically like quarantine. I have been forced to take 25 va…[View]
55036813>mfw Zinc works and dicc is hard again Thank you Based God[View]
55035137So, my nephew (whom I'm raising) was just diagnosed with Type One Diabetes (couple weeks ago). …[View]
55034819Help me settle a debate.: I only do OHP and pullups for upper body and say that I don't train a…[View]
55038122What are these: https://youtu.be/hp3KL_oip0I[View]
55036639Is there any hope for me? What can I do: I've lifted for a year, and have picked up running. I…[View]
55037362it's been like two years since ive been with a woman bros. i'm starting to feel it. i just…[View]
55029582fph: Cognitive dissonance edition[View]
55037961How can i find the motivation to lift when this twig motherfucker is dating the girl of my dreams?[View]
55036863does being fat make it harder to gain muscle?[View]
55036279Im in Italy and this quarantine is likely to last until next year...in the meantime, can you help me…[View]
55034471This is your mind on a vegan diet >Just take the day off bro, hell take the week off…[View]
55031699This overreaction has to be the gayest bullshit of all time: Not one (1) of my friends, family membe…[View]
55032894Spell your name, get a quick work out in.[View]
55036250Achievable natty? I'm the same height, wondering about his chest/arms stats[View]
55037616>mfw all the meat heads are freaking out because their gym is closed looks like us morbidly obese…[View]
55035959Lanklet mass building: Does /fit/ have any advice for a 6'5 lanklet trying to put on noticable …[View]
55034798Henry cavill is the poor man's version of brad pitt: sorry fags, but henry cavill will NEVER mo…[View]
55033088I was in skelly mode 120lbs, 5’10. I gained 30 pounds over 3 months and did body weight exercises wh…[View]
55033170>bulking >forgot to lift[View]
55034510Why is my RIB CAGE so massive?! How am I suppose to continue an entire lifetime like this, always wi…[View]
55037494Cold Shower: Just tried this, is it just a meme? I just feel colder, with a slight headache. None of…[View]
55037407/nopoop/ general: Benefits of nopoop: Increased weight loss Increased libido Increased strength and …[View]
55036911Home gym and quarantine: Had a homemgym for years half stopped using it because I started boxing aga…[View]
55026342Good jawline,chin and eyebrows: Is that all you need to have attractive face as a man? I noticed thi…[View]
55033882His hair it's still shit[View]
55035153So despite doing excercise and lifting weights since mid November I've noticed I'm fatter.…[View]
55035135Base Jumping: >hey anon! you're pretty /fit/, right? wanna go base jumping with us? come on,…[View]
55037117ITT: /fit/ is pissed off with quarantine and opens their own gym[View]
55036841i have had a lateral pelvic tilt (uneven hips) since birth which has only gotten worse after puberty…[View]
55030994Protein intake: You guys still getting your daily protein intake in? Or given up on bothering with i…[View]
55036641What are good high protein snacks? Preferably ones with a high protein:calorie ratio.[View]
55035031Are you still working out?: Please tell me youre still working out guys. Even pushups count![View]
55035788Whats more important strength or mass?: what is /fit/'s opinion?[View]
55036239Porn ruins sexual health: If you want sexual fitness stop watching porn. It wrecks your sexual healt…[View]
55036792How do we make China pay for stealing our gains bros?[View]
55036864Scooby’s gone: Does anyone on here create content, or does everyone just work their wage cuckery car…[View]
55031180/fit/ how do I get a bigger and nicer butt? Want to improve it while I'm locked in at home[View]
55036445Muh superior fitness goal: Why do so many of you always try to claim you’re personal fitness goal is…[View]
55031998Eating Disorders: Have any of you ever struggled with an eating disorder? Have any of you ever recov…[View]
55036490Rear Delt Devlopment: Just finished a pull workout at home and can feel my gains slowly fading into …[View]
55035430Collagen Peptides as pre-workout?: Apparently a normal dosage of this stuff is 20g of protein but I…[View]
55028918/fit/ is the only board on 4chan where you should be forced to have a thumbnail with your current bo…[View]
55035735Progress: This is my bicep progress in 6 months. New to lifting so not sure if this is good progress…[View]
55026536Realistically, how long are gyms going to be closed to the public?[View]
55035606Help me bros I'm unironically 6'2 but I look skinny as fuck with no muscles-150lb. What do…[View]
55036083Is 5'10' 150 lbs really too light if I have small bones? I'm planning on cutting to 150 an…[View]
55034484>a literal nothingburger invisible chink virus is goblin'ing all of your gains should have i…[View]
55000053/fat/ accomplishment edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For infinifats who want to better themselves thr…[View]
55035791asdas: asdasd[View]
55035880I miss the gym so much that i made an imvu and joined a gym[View]
55036069I fucked up /fit/: >2 days ago fuck up and do meth for the first time in a year >stop after fi…[View]
55036134what's your longest nofap streak, /fit/? urges are getting stronger over here[View]
55036079Who would win in a fight?: 100 Brock Lesnar or 1 Gorilla? Serious question. Let's say the fight…[View]
55034902How do I get a big butt? I've been doing weighted step-ups and hip thrusts.[View]
55034711/fit/ quarantine vent thread: FAMILY STARING AT ME WHEN I WORK OUT[View]
55031254Best triceps exercises?[View]
55035857What did additive should I get to store with rice and beans for my 'when shit hits the fan' stash? I…[View]
55035975Anyfag have sauce?[View]
55029357What would be the difference in muscle growth if you only ate 60g of protein a day compared to 100g …[View]
55035762Every single time I try to squat with the right form my back hurts, even without weights. Should I j…[View]
55035027Everything's a cope to you.[View]
55033587I recently changed my diet in many different ways but long story short, I cant stop farting and shit…[View]
55034721Why don't you just try fasting for 14 days? At this rate she only needs to fast another 40 days…[View]
55035803Gym memberships payments overdue.: My dad owns a local gym and come to find out a lot of you fatass …[View]
55033519life advice thread. Post advice about lifting and whatever molests your fancy. Get this shit going. …[View]
55033819hey /fit/, I couldn’t make it to the gym recently due to the virus, am I among others when I say tha…[View]
55017081Let's be honest[View]
55033382I'm a fatbrain, how do I evolve? Food rules my life, it's always been like this. How do I …[View]
55035531>You will never have testicles as big, bulbous and ostentatious as this Why even live?…[View]
55034530Wim Hof method: Discuss.[View]
55031683Is getting drunk every weekend bad for gains?[View]
55029337Dont do this shit: Dont do this shit unless you want to fuck up your joints for life and create insa…[View]
55035437WORKOUT MUSIC RECOMMENDATION: I need songs to blast out to. I'm particularly interested in song…[View]
55035322rate me[View]
55031584>Me? I don’t lift for girls, I lift for myself.[View]
55034742>Jail cuisine is carb-focused. So what’s he do in solitary confinement? Lawyer Imran Ansari said …[View]
55033364Does anyone else here have better control over their facial muscles on one side of their face over t…[View]
55034194Have you eaten your eggs today, the best source of nature's own anabolic steroid: cholesterol?[View]
55030299What is your go to remedy for acid reflux?[View]
55034472I'm fairly new here, are these good pec insertions? Is it genetic or what?[View]
55034103Cutting Tips: About to go through a cut. Any tips you guys got for me? I plan for it to be about thr…[View]
55034898it's gonna be worse than New year's day when social isolation stops.[View]
55034956My gym is closed til May 22nd. I guess this is it for me anons.[View]
55033606What body fat percentage and BMI was Jim Morrison?[View]
55033455I can only squat with 60 percent of my max due to gyms being shut down. What programs would give me …[View]
55034917/QFG/ - QUARANTINE FITNESS GENERAL: There are far too many threads up right now of people wanting in…[View]
55034811Okay with me getting a lot of downtime, meaning I can just play vidya all day to ignore eating. I…[View]
55034861I start to get right foot and right ankle pain when exercising: Same thing when I start weight lifti…[View]
55032326what does /fit/ think of fitness expert Jason Blaha?[View]
55033369Non natty thread: I am a jackass 24 yr old that like to experiment my body. I want to take a strong …[View]
55032924Heart Mog: What type of workouts are best to improve your stroke volume/ejection fraction, /fit/?…[View]
55031896Knot under my right shoulder blade: I have a painful knot under my right shoulder blade. It feels l…[View]
55020753you're not a wristlet are you anon? you want to make it, right?[View]
55034503Redpill me about onion juice Just made one and i added honey and ginger But i left the bit in it W…[View]
55022837What do you do during quarantine: >wake up >drink coffee and make some food >browse the int…[View]
55034362Training every day versus every other day: I've always shied from every day routines, feeling l…[View]
55033359where the fuck can I find some dumbbells to buy? Amazon is out, walmart didn't have any, and di…[View]
55028596So it seems everyone here doing dibs with like 50 kg But no one ever posts it I wonder why[View]
55031719Those of you who lost a lot of weight and got into shape. What’s your story?[View]
55030279POSTURE CHECK: AAAAAAAAAAAAA Good, now bump and roll last two digits for IMEDIATE BURPEES![View]
55034311What have you been doing for cardio while inside your homes? Cycling is discouraged because of the q…[View]
55034291How do you check form solo? I'm trying to start lifting but I have no idea how to check and cor…[View]
55031475What the actual fuck?!?!?: $177 (and rising) for two used non-olympic 25 plates? Holy shit. I'm…[View]
55034095i'm going to water fast for 21 days and document it. any tips from fellow fasters?[View]
55027557>You are at the gym when these two german gentlemen slap your girlfriends ass while grinning mena…[View]
55030139Why can't we manlets and lanklets just get along?[View]
55033575CORONAVIRUS 0: who's laughing now, whiteboy? meanwhile you are locked down inside home with you…[View]
55028792Guys, working out has made my NoFap journey so much harder. I was advised to use my pent up energy t…[View]
55033551I've got a 25 pound barbell and 2 5 pound dumbbells, and an old exercise bike Barely started ge…[View]
55034072You coffee is for bad?[View]
55034053I’m tired of being a skinny no muscle fag. I want to learn everything about fitness. How do I get mu…[View]
55033065Does the size of your muscles matter when it comes to how strong you are? Do bigger muscles = more s…[View]
55033952A thread died for this: I just started running again and I'm experiencing lower back pain after…[View]
55028100>lift hard >feel like giving up on last set >imagine if l was guts and l had to fight down …[View]
55033852You how to achieve mc ride physique, am skinny fat but have excess lower body fat especially around …[View]
55032613>have to do presentation for class >awkward as fuck >start working out >not so awkward …[View]
55031415Anyone on /fit/ start with P90X? Are the results on the website what you can expect?[View]
55033824Is this achievable natty? Routine?[View]
55023034What does /fit/ think of the Wim Hof method?[View]
55033828How to modify my workout routine: because of the corona pandemic, i am stuck to home workouts. in my…[View]
55030592How's my routine? 4 day TM Volume work is 5x5 @80%. >Monday: Bench or Bench Variation – 2-3 …[View]
55033717Sage T. Canaday: >based >cringe Which is he, /fit/?…[View]
55025979This is the best routine and its not possible to improve it. >growing mint next to bed >7,5 ho…[View]
55033757core exercises: please drop some dope core workouts i neglect my abs please help[View]
55030996After losing a good bit of weight but still have these fucking tits. Geno or fat guys what do yous t…[View]
55033622All you can eat diet: So here's an idea, not especially novel. What do you think about a diet w…[View]
55033686Who else here /fitlit/??? Recently reminiscing on some good times at the gym >big gym in suburban…[View]
55031483All the time in the world. Decent home gym. What do.: So i finally have all the time in the world to…[View]
55026515This is what women want: This body is what women want[View]
55031575trap bar power clean/snatch: Here's how a trap bar power clean is possible: step 1. set up in t…[View]
55031287Should non-discolusing juicers be killed: https://youtu.be/6xpMtw6F3Xk >all gyms shut down becaus…[View]
55028738What's the best myprotein flavour and why is it vanilla?[View]
55029546Can you get this body irl with steroids?[View]
55031572Veganism: Why are humans so evil?[View]
55032615immovable: You know those people who are realy hard to move even though they are not that heavy. Whi…[View]
55033077Is it possible to take vitamins or supplement while water fasting and still lose weight? Pic not re…[View]
55031428All I have is this and some pretty thick bands. How do I stay fit? I was doing pull ups with 45-80lb…[View]
55031942Protein Intake & Absorption: I just read this saying that your body naturally only absorbs maxim…[View]
55032349Say /fit/, how do you deal with gym broads?[View]
55017925I want a home gym but I dont know whats worth buying: Could you give me some links to equipment you …[View]
55033252Brit /fit/: Where my UK anons at? I'm wondering if in honor of the current social distancing me…[View]
55033124Trump bux just came!! Should I buy a total gym or a bowflex for gains?[View]
55033045I finally got myself a lifting belt, 3” wide 13mm thick. It’s great for squats but it’s so uncomfort…[View]
55028067Whats the better way to do dumbbell curls Pic related or[View]
55033047Wanting to buy a weight set, bench and a squat rack. All I need is like 8 45lb plates, 2 25lb plates…[View]
55032564>tfw anxiety is killing all my gains[View]
55029922>john was joes first husband >he was the big muscle bound type Seriously? This is considered m…[View]
55029327Is DOOM Guy natty?[View]
55025746If you cant run a mile in less than 7 minutes you're not /fit/ and get off my board[View]
55030682Bands: Is it worth buying this kit for home workouts? Are they a meme or not?[View]
55027705Can you do cardio daily?[View]
55032324If I do like 10 100m sprints is that a good workout? I did 5 100m sprints two days ago and feel it i…[View]
55032104Just got prescribed accutane for my bacne, what am I in for bros? >pic related, gonna catch more …[View]
55032842ITT: Only the best workout beats: >MAAAAAALADOOOOR IS DEAAAAAAAD…[View]
55029752Here is your quarantine gym equipment bro[View]
55031666PISSENING: >natty cucks actially think they can achieve this transformation LMFAO…[View]
55031753What did he really die of? Preworkout? MDMA? Coke? Teen?[View]
55026230are pistol squats a meme?[View]
55031122Quarantine Gains: Would this actually work? What exactly would following this routine do? I see it a…[View]
55029784I think I’m getting gyno brehs... Go and make it without me[View]
55028899*coof* routine: Post your current *coof* program (no gym, minimal equipment). Lets see some replacem…[View]
55031565what are you guys doing while qurantined or locked down? I need to be more productive, all I'v…[View]
55025660The sticky doesn't fucking work anymore: The sticky doesn't fucking work anymore Dietologi…[View]
55032333>tfw smoking 75 cigarettes per day anyone here managed to quit?[View]
55032448will this pull up bar and a pair of 10 kg db be enough to mantain gains (or even make some)!: Thats …[View]
55009232PUSH UP THREAD: *coof*[View]
55019108Can you build muscle/biceps with low weight curls but if you do them often? I only own 15kg dumbbell…[View]
55030234How come has no one beaten up this guy yet? not saying that he should be beaten up - just asking[View]
55029529Would you be satisfied with just doing home workouts to increase your attributes and forgetting abou…[View]
55020676is anyone here totally drug free and not want to die? i dont do any drugs and workout and am orthore…[View]
55027753Was marty a simp? Why didn’t he fuck his mom?? Obv with a condom of course.[View]
55029973Does he know what hes talking about or a snake oil salesman?[View]
55031982NGMI: >Yo fuckface, I'm back![View]
55031183When doing hanging leg raises I feel it more in my quads than my abs. Why is this?[View]
55030775Calorie intake questions: Hi anons. Im a newbie to fitness and want to lose bellyfat. Im male, am 1.…[View]
55022122Which path will your take Western Man: choose your path[View]
55022998>Just lift bro[View]
55015366Post pics that inspire you to lift: For me it's pictures of archangels. There's just somet…[View]
55030474I'm doing intermittent fasting 16 hours fasting and 8 hour eating window and wondering how I ca…[View]
55028911How do I get the fallout 2 tribal physique ?[View]
55031061ugh what could have been....[View]
55029102>Gained 6 pounds since lockdown started[View]
55029632How did I not know about this all these years!? https://youtu.be/ivHHwA1dEvI[View]
55028498What are you guys doing during quarantine to keep yourself busy? You DO have other interests aside f…[View]
55031195Imagine not taking TRT. Fucking betas my T is gonna be sky high while you try to build T naturally.…[View]
55031212How often do you need to run to improve?: I want to improve my 5k time at a beginner level- how many…[View]
55029460Shall I make my own concrete weights? I want to train at home and already have a bar. Buying new wei…[View]
55031410What are some essential fit kinos. Starting with kickboxer.[View]
55029132Are you fit enough to pull chicks like Idubbz gf ?[View]
55031054fit/fitness: discuss barbell sports if interested[View]
55031363Dare-deviling/Stuntman mode: How /fit/ do you need to be a daredevil? Buster Keaton is my idol. I fi…[View]
55030646==HIIT Thread== Anons, you do HIIT? Can u show me the way?[View]
55031286Rate my home program >pushups, chest flies with water jugs (pic related) SS, 10 reps each, 5 time…[View]
55030184WHY CAN'T I EAT: 115 lbs Auschwitz-mode here. I just can't stuff my face the way I need to…[View]
55030717'The tragedy of growing old is not that one is old but that one is young.'[View]
55026431Diminished Sex Drive: Does anyone elses sex drive plummet after dropping below 13% body fat? Normall…[View]
55028959why do people advice post here using thots as the op?[View]
55028487so I was starting to do some HIIT to start vigorous training, and the first minute into it literally…[View]
55029387>he doesn't have an actual fucking tiger to wrassle with NGMI https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
55031039can I grow my jaw by swishing water around in my mouth? if I do it hard enough I can feel it in my t…[View]
55026939pitted acne scars: How can I smoothen and cure pitted acne scarring? Does anybody have success with …[View]
55030641Any solid home cardio routines? I have a jump rope which is working fine, but would enjoy some varie…[View]
55029092When are our gyms going to open again lads?[View]
55030513Is it over for me? How do I stop hair loss without finasteride or minoxidil?[View]
55030397>Oh hey anon. So you managed to find our secret underground coronaparty too. Listen, Becky kept s…[View]
55027565Dmaa, dmha: How to deal with nausea from dmha or dmaa?[View]
55028671How do I get the leanest driest 3% BF physique possible? Water retention, salt, fasting, talk to me.[View]
55030545Is this natty?[View]
55027393Dumbbell only: Corona is fucking my gains. Please recommend me the best split routine with dumbbells…[View]
55027136Does it really cure acne?[View]
55028915*ruins your health*[View]
55027783Good early intermediate programs? Currently doing 4 day TM. https://www.andybaker.com/adding-assist…[View]
55030478How far through this can you make it? What would you consider a reasonable time to be? https://www.y…[View]
55029943IS HE NATTY?[View]
55029335i love lifting but the pain in my neck that happens 50% of the time the day after is really annoying…[View]
55029253Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
55029776help: >pull workout yesterday >left thigh keeps twitching wtf did I do? I barely got any sleep…[View]
55027696i'm a 5'11 manlet who has been getting fit over the past 2 years. i'm finally getting…[View]
55029860What is your body goal anon?: What is your body goal anon? Goals are the key to always moving forwar…[View]
55029946>Went to supermarket today >Got a mire from the cashier Are beetches extra needy due to the cr…[View]
55021290Ideals thread + Q&A about fitness: let the arguing begin[View]
55024185Quarantine home gym: Build me the essential home gym for someone on a budget. Pushups can be done fo…[View]
55028538How does a male end up with a female hairline like on the left? Is it a sign of low T during develop…[View]
55029586What are these red marks??? They randomly appeared[View]
55029111can I get a bf% check on this selfie of myself please[View]
55027058Bulk or Cut Thread: natty edition. I'll start. >18yo >5'10' >165ish >Bench 235…[View]
55028114Is jogging cringe or based?[View]
55029376So I don't know how to plan for meals. What does /fit eat for there meals? I've got times …[View]
55028672home gains: >got bored >built outdoor pull up bar How do you guys keep yourself busy?…[View]
55014407/fit/ how do you cope with having a ugly beard? I'm taking advantage of this corona thing and n…[View]
55029434What are the best daily herbs and vitamins I should be taking to ensure I live to be 100+?[View]
55027603Has anyone here hopped on Finasteride? Does it affect muscle growth and bodybuilding?[View]
55028332What's the most scoops I can eat in one day?[View]
55025880Can I do pull ups and chin ups every day? I got a pull up bar yesterday.[View]
55023400>why are you out of breath anon? we haven't even done the arm bar yet what's the correc…[View]
55016137How do I protect my powercage from rust?? I have some tarpal but otherwise no nothing about primers,…[View]
55027048How do I get this level of high energy? I'm sluggish and tired all day, I can't even get m…[View]
55027493How are you faggots training to keep fit while in quarantine? Pic related, I'm using a 30kg we…[View]
55029196Quarantinetime Definition building: Ok, so almost full on skeleton here. (got quite defined legs as …[View]
55021992What have I become, my dearest /fit/...? Best exercises for this feel? It's over[View]
55027107kimkie better kick it back down he took myhorse...[View]
55028714Is Psyllium Husk: safe to use on a daily basis? Whenever I combine it with lots of high fiber foods,…[View]
55029186Achievable natty?[View]
55026459Goal physique: How do I get this body?[View]
55029302Gyms have been closed and ive been using exercise as a mental reliever. I have no clue how to make p…[View]
55028353How low do you go?: Whats the highest BF you as a /fit/ male would go with females? When I was twink…[View]
55027970You mirin faggots?? No matter how hard your workout, how much you cut or bulk, how much protein you …[View]
55028186squats and oats: how am i supposed to train squats and deadlifts at home without a barbell+ you dont…[View]
55028723how do i get EXPLOSIVE strength?[View]
55028681Does he, in fact, have the most sophisticated sense of humor in the entire strength and fitness indu…[View]
55027994Squats fucked my knees: Now every time I squat to pick up something or stretch my legs after sitting…[View]
55006964Reminder that nobody is impressed by how much you deadlift https://youtu.be/JQeX0AiEct4[View]
55029021Starting a family won't cure depression, though having something to keep your eye on the ball w…[View]
55028641So I'm getting desperate. My country has every fuckin shop closed, every gym closed, every fuck…[View]
55023426Hey guys I'm a grill with chronically low self esteem and before you ree me off your board or a…[View]
55028713The reflection of his teeth shall pierce the heavens[View]
55026385help me kings: I've noticed my right arm is weaker than my left, and it really shows especially…[View]
55027239Blaha in 2020 LMFAO: VKVDM GOING CRAZY LMFAO https://www.bitchute.com/video/vOAIwgCACHh1/…[View]
55028345who slowly going /monkmode/ here?[View]
55024533fph: fat people hate thread[View]
55028543>favorite shirt starting to become too small Bittersweet feels[View]
55028760Best Inline Skate Brand: Im in the market for some quality three-wheel 'urban' inline skates. Assumi…[View]
55028158I'm doing 3x5 Stronglifts (5x5 was too much, hurt gains) and having great results. However, I t…[View]
54998175/nfg/ Nofap General: What is Nofap? >a nickname for the age old practice of semen retention in or…[View]
55028604how's the gains bros ?[View]
55028147Sword/club training: Why aren't you picking a sturdy object and hitting trees and stuff for tra…[View]
55028557>dropped below 20% hp by the gym skeleton archers again How do you guys reach them without doing …[View]
55028525how do I achieve this mode?[View]
55026416What supps should I be taking to maximize my coom production?[View]
55025991Which boards does this guy browse?: Is it confirmed he at least lurks here surely he knows about thi…[View]
55025412How reliable are those online calculators? I obviously wouldn't bet money on one, but I'm …[View]
55000849/fast/ general - don't let it fucking die edition: /fast/ing general >What is /fast/? Fast i…[View]
55028466>use roids >die[View]
55023686Name a better stretch[View]
55025128ITT: Interesting bro science you heard: >Red fingertips are a sign of overtraining…[View]
55028217>be me, start doing calisthenics and proper nutrition two months ago >start becoming bros with…[View]
55027168Why am I so light? I look pretty similar to mister Golovkin here, but he's like 1,79cm and weig…[View]
55026827anyone else who was gonna cut this summer and show off their abs at the beach but got fucked by coro…[View]
55027549Pinky knuckle inflammation: I fractured my knuckle 6 months ago and it healed up fine save for the k…[View]
55027438New to fit 188cm 90kg I've been lifting for about a year now, lost a ton of weight and gained …[View]
55027882How do I get a better and bigger butt?[View]
55027796Daily reminder FRAME is all that matters: > Age 16 JFL[View]
55027447lol dont lift just give up[View]
55015338How long does it usually take to go from 0 to 1 pull-up?[View]
55028289Is using hot sauce cheating while trying to make it?[View]
55027993Is this fit?[View]
55026742Can this be achieved naturally ?[View]
55025849How's my posture? I'm the one on the left.[View]
55027052Can you put running shoes in the washing machine? Cold or hot?[View]
55026959Preworkout overdose stories: I’ll start with my situation in this exact moment. >get shitfaced a…[View]
55028150Start cutting IMMEDIATELY general: > I don't have enough muscle > I want to bulk some mo…[View]
55024398Bodybuilders of /fit/: Let's be honest, if you're into body building you're never goi…[View]
55026122Sup guys, Derek moreplatesmoredates.com[View]
55008466What are some exercises to strengthen my chin?[View]
55026719When you see a thread like: >Why can't I lose weight? >How do I get fit as a female (tran…[View]
55027820Home Gym Thread: Finally got in my 5-50lb dumbbell set this week. What wise should I get to set up a…[View]
55025838how to out-lift pectus?[View]
55026912Muscle imbalance thread: How do you guys train muscular imbalances? Dumbbells instead of barbell? Tr…[View]
55026165this is what peak peformance looks like[View]
55011176You are man enough to handle this little challenge, right /fit/?[View]
55021681Are prisoners still allowed to use exercise equipment?: Would it be feasible to get sent to prison f…[View]
55027069/britfit/ general - do it for HRH edition: Lockdown has only been in place for a week and a half now…[View]
55025600What’s the point of lifting and getting ripped if you’re a boring person?: How do I become a more in…[View]
55026202A mode like this shouldn't even be possibiru!!: AESTHETICS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME https://www.y…[View]
55021570Holy fuck why does cooming make me autistic? I have noticed this too many fucking times now for it t…[View]
55026932OPEN THE GYMS[View]
55027385Is anybody actually dying from COVID-19, or are they dying as a result of pre-existing conditions?[View]
55026979bros what's the difference between looking big and looking like a fucking serial killer? pic so…[View]
55027290How is candito so small?: Also would you rather be a big as fuck but a weak cunt getting lift mogged…[View]
55027244Lift everyday?: Skinny fat here, is it safe to lift everyday while stuck at home, been doing bodywei…[View]
55017456Stop drinking it. You’re addicted to it. It ruins your REM sleep. You need it to get anything acco…[View]
55015435Cycling general: Because fuck running.[View]
55026805Run on broken feet.[View]
55015892Medicine Thread! Get Healed!: Supposedly if you reply to someone with 'Medicine' you heal them from …[View]
55025300/sug/ - sit up general: What does /fit/ think of sit-ups? Seen a lot of shit saying they’re redundan…[View]
55025587how2run: I came back to /fit/ after several years due to coronavirus/nothing better to do and see a …[View]
55026667Whens Boogie gonna lose all the weight? is he even trying?[View]
55026920/fit/, which one of you is my daddy?[View]
55026590Weights + Calisthenics?: Is there a good routine including lifting weights and bodyweight exercises?…[View]
55026889Thanks god that *coof* shit it's over.[View]
55026641>get on a diet >eat healthy >start cooking food myself >do exercise daily and feel reall…[View]
55024605Will masteebaiting once a day make me bald? I ask because I'm young and balding, and also I mas…[View]
55025832Just bought two 45kg dumbells. Can I do a full workout per body part with those?[View]
55025598Can i make good gains on one of these?[View]
55022311>just count your macros bro >nutritional facts tables account for the raw weight of the food …[View]
55025079Jogging advice: So i've just started jogging frequently bc of quarantine. I'm a guy, 5…[View]
55026647Need help to start proper muscle growth: Hi anons, I used to be a massive fatty for all of my life, …[View]
55018575Holy shit /fit/ you never told me how many mires you get jogging in a public park. Since most jogfag…[View]
55025070/spg/- Squat Plug General #46: >what is a squat plug A squat plug is like a lifting belt for your…[View]
55023286Flatten lower belly: My belly looks like pic related with that little curve at the end. Enlighten me…[View]
55026479whats more cost effective coffee or pre workout also how do you take your coffee bros[View]
55025199Wrestlers, Judofreinds, Boxers and fighters lets start a weight cut stories thread. Post your crazie…[View]
55025701Hey guys, I've made my own hybrid strength- hypertrophy routine. Care to give some input? Monda…[View]
55024099Could you put protein powder in coffee?[View]
55020805>Succeeds where Boogie fails HOW?[View]
54999844Are you man enough for challenge?[View]
55025189Wes Watson: >You have your paperwork, right /fit/?[View]
55026247Cardio long term heart elevation: Why does my heart rate stay elevated for so long after I do cardio…[View]
55026084>he does 1 armed push ups[View]
55025576/fit/ irl: My girlfriend's father just told her the story of a guy, around 22 yo, pretty buff a…[View]
55025984>all gym stores and websites are out of stock WHERE THE FUCK CAN I BUY A SQUAT RACK AND WEIGHTS I…[View]
55024667How do I avoid peaking in college?[View]
55026043>no gym for over 3 weeks >body workouts doesn't maintain gains…[View]
55025177He’s the reason why you can’t go to the gym[View]
55025613>Why would I want to work out when my face is so ugly? If you've ever said this then you do …[View]
55025777Hey fit so ever since I've gotten fit I've gotten laid plenty of times but when I want to …[View]
55022868I am clean You are not because you WANTED to get infected. Do you think it's funny? You're…[View]
55025879As far as I see it, there are three acute stages (or clusters) of emotion that occur when a grown ad…[View]
55025007How long until RAD140 works? I was consistently hitting PRs every week but that stopped eventually. …[View]
55025517/fit/ness game: 1: 10 push ups 2: 20 squats 3: 50 sit ups 4: plank 1 minute 5: plank 10 minutes (or …[View]
55025273Is nofap just a meme? I’ve been doing it for 3 days and I wanna kms[View]
55023969Protein Recommendations: Sup /fit/. I'm about to run out of whey and my local supplements store…[View]
55024870Reps until failure, yes or no?[View]
55025153How do i get my girlfriend to lose weight?: She's been eating and not really taking care of her…[View]
55022407Has anybody here ever witnessed the power of 'muscle memory'? In other words, have you built up a de…[View]
55025615>ss+gomad before & after[View]
55023946Money or Death: I’m sick of being short (5’7”) and ugly. /fit/ doesn’t matter when you have a small,…[View]
55023600Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Boys of /fit/: >You are walking in the park having a lovely day > Pic rela…[View]
55025284Blahino : If you can't lift, do your push ups, do your step ups, do pull ups ! It'll incre…[View]
55024220i think im gonna make it, i'm not infected............[View]
55022361I don't miss weights at all. The gyms could stay closed forever and I wouldn't care.[View]
55016568>it takes w*men 60 days and a personal trainer to be able to do one pull up ahahahaha the absolut…[View]
55022991Ideals: Post em[View]
55019999Only low T guys get infected in this thread[View]
55025264im an idiot who thought this wuflu shit would blow over in a couple weeks and now everything is clos…[View]
55025433Peanut Butter: I love this stuff, but I'm not exactly sure how much of it I need to eat. I…[View]
55019961Literally the best post-workout[View]
55015192FUCK OFF!!! WHORES I am done with this shit: This board is supposed to be about lifting, now we add …[View]
55022808Will doing only push ups fuck up my proportions: I've been doing only running and push up varia…[View]
55024394Is this achievable for a woman in 1 year?[View]
55024814Is sleep really THAT necessary for muscles? I used to do track and field, and wrestling 3 years ago …[View]
5502031021. Skinnyfat or just fat? I don't care about abs, just want to look masculine and respectable …[View]
55025316Just found out my wife is pregnant. What can i do to ensure optimal breast growth during her pregnan…[View]
55024553Does dricking tea or alcohol considered breaking fast?[View]
55025184Fuck bros I just had some ice cream.Fuck fuck fuck nooooo!!!!!![View]
55024345R8 my neck gains fellas[View]
55017179Marijuana and Fitness. Do they get along? >discuss[View]
55011513Uninfected ONLY: This is a members only gym for the healthy; bug chasers need not apply.[View]
55023837How the fuck can I possibly be shitting so much? I’m on a heavy cut, eating fuck all, and visibly lo…[View]
55025178What do women say about pots effect on the male libido? Do they think 'oh it's cool he lasts lo…[View]
55023324Working on core but don’t wanna ruin my back with sit-ups. How long should I be planking for to do 8…[View]
55017375Does eating chocolate kill your gains?[View]
55024990why the fuck do i always get back pain whenever i do overhead presses, no matter what i do I get bac…[View]
55025052BJJ guys of /fit/: Anyone else fucking stupidly antsy from not rolling due to this corona cancer? Wh…[View]
55023864>talk to a girl >realize her genes are subpar >immediately lose interest Has anybody else e…[View]
55024614Maximizing Breast Gains: Has anyone tried breast massage to increase their partner's breast siz…[View]
55024946Kino lifting tunes: https://youtu.be/v4xZUr0BEfE[View]
55024879any femanon lose their period?[View]
55022454Thread 3 of studying the effects of exposing my balls and chest to UV light THREAD THEME https://you…[View]
55024810The modern man.[View]
55013745Thread for the immune only.[View]
55023998Running in the rain: Does it make you run longer?[View]
55020027>you will never be able to effortlessly rip the face, limbs, and genitals off your enemies despit…[View]
55023329What do I need to do to get this type of body?[View]
55003471The day of reckoning is coming again /fit/[View]
55023732Am I missing anything? >coom at least once a day >dozen eggs a day >smoke a cigarette first…[View]
55024544Building Muscle with body weight?: Is it pointless to continue bulking with all the gyms shut down? …[View]
55018420How many pull should you be able to do in order to be Beginner Later beginner Early intermediate …[View]
55021434What's your favorite exercise? What's your least favorite exercise? [spoiler]Squat[/spoil…[View]
55024085I haven't been making much progress lately I know it slows down but I've heard you are sup…[View]
55023817is it better to only do ATG for a better squat because i feel like a pussy going minimum depth[View]
55024301The ultimate redpill: HEROIN IS GOOD FOR YOU This is what they don't want you to know Ever sin…[View]
55024377If I'm counting calories and I eat a snack at midnight, do I log it for the current day, or for…[View]
55020202height: give your unironic height chart for both a man and a woman, what height is pushing short and…[View]
55024241how do you become coronavirus jinchuuriki[View]
55016632/immune/: This thread is only for Elites with superior genetics and have the strongest immune system…[View]
55023102Alright niggers, I'm supposed to intake 180g of protein a day, but I can only digest 30g of pro…[View]
55022208>tfw entering Gym again after the Corona crisis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIMVrX9CaVw…[View]
55022595Running while buzzed: At some point in my life I was taught to never run after drinking. Is there a…[View]
55024073So I do body weight and free weights and for the last 2 weeks I have been having one protein shake, …[View]
55017920Is keto diet good?[View]
55023689TARTRATE: Put your dick in a positive place.[View]
55014029I am literally uninfectable. COME AT ME COOFERS[View]
55023888Holy fuck I didn't realize how fat I got[View]
55022871What exercise should I do to cultivate an e-boy body? I dunno how else to describe it. I want to be …[View]
55021152ok guys i finaly know how this infections ist working. its linked to /b/ You visit /b/ and you get a…[View]
55023248Lifting for girls is cringe. Lifting to be intimidating is red pilled.[View]
55023113>tfw separated from tall roommate oneitis because of the quarantine. S..she barley crosses my mi…[View]
55023456just did my first headstand without the wall, road to the handstand your turn now[View]
55022484I cannot stop counting since i am doing high rep at home. Someone else got this problem? I am counti…[View]
55022702/fit/ I have a question for you You have 3 options. Option A: You get the evasive skills, chin, and …[View]
55021968Advice about ejaculation: Sup bros i need advice. I did 1 month of nofap, to see what the effects wo…[View]
55023182Fell for the buzz cut meme...how long until it grows back wtffffff[View]
55021141Willpower: Starting my new plan tomorrow. Wake up at 7:00 AM Go for a run Take a cold shower Schoo…[View]
55023013improvised workouts: this is my first post on 4 chan about my improsivsed workouts with what I have …[View]
55022751Can you lift 5pl8s /fit/???[View]
55023291coof coof[View]
55023340Lifting makes me immune to COVID-19. Immunelets on suicide watch rn.[View]
55023168What are some good intermidate routine you would recommend /fit/? Finshed novice stage.[View]
55017817Brit/Fit/ General -Quarantine Edition #1: >Exercise License Edition What are you doing to stay /f…[View]
55019371Would it be a good idea to hold off on Chink supplements like ginger and ashwaghanda for awhile? Wha…[View]
55023183have you done your sip curls today anons?[View]
55023049Thoughts on Martin Berkhan and his philosophy of Leangains?[View]
55023039Dumbbells: These things are so underrated, I thought barbells were the be-all-end-all but holy shit …[View]
55023004>All gym closed >quarantines worldwide I csmt believe calesthenicschads won in the end..…[View]
55022062/lit/ here: Enjoying the shutdown, /fit/bros?[View]
55023009Stretching is a meme.: https://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/pre-exercise-stretching-and-injuries.htm ima…[View]
55020270Running everyday vs 3 times a week[View]
55010872Seems like most places are on some form of lockdown right now. Is it even possible to travel anywhe…[View]
54994934arnold is a fucking sell out: >hey guys meat is bad >meat has a misconception >vegan good …[View]
55020145Thoughts on LED face masks for skin fitness?[View]
55019419Has anyone here made it through lifting? Please share me your stories so I can have some little hope…[View]
55020494>its leg day at the gym >you hit the leg press >suddenly Chad King materialises out of nowh…[View]
55021564One of them will be your Fitness Master: Who do you choose? >Wham >cars >ACDC…[View]
55018324NEW WORLD RECORD!!!!![View]
55022730Home gym general: Here's my shitty Walmart bar, the max it holds is 200lbs because the 25lb pla…[View]
55019937What can I do instead of OHP? my ceiling is too low[View]
55022688how do you keto fags deal with the fact you wouldn't be able to get your dick up if your life d…[View]
55021489Before and After thread.[View]
55020929>thick guy hogging the squat rack again[View]
55020329This guy is a fucking God. Who is he, guys? Also, God's thread[View]
55022117>what's wrong anon? you're not afraid of a puppy are you with all that muscle? what…[View]
55022370>*coof* *coof* sure glad I didn't get the chance to commit adultary *Coof* Atleast one less …[View]
55021063Since home workouts started, I’ve been wearing pic related around my neck whilst I train. The feelin…[View]
55020009>He doesn't lift while looking at Hentai. >He doesn't harness increased test to lift…[View]
55021794Just managed to buy two 45kg dumbells. What exercises can I do with them at home?[View]
55022594>He has more than 1 hot sauce...[View]
55020978>bench pressing >bar started to feel lighter and lighter >after the 8th rep it started to f…[View]
55021519Based Rippletits. In(wards)cels btfo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQGOTe_bw8Q[View]
55021182How has getting /fit/ changed your life mentally, socially, professionally, sexually and/or cosmical…[View]
55021499>talking with friends who's been helping me hook up with a girl >Think it would be funny …[View]
55020841Help me bros... I can feel my gains fading... by the day... All the gyms closed.... live in an apart…[View]
55020749Memes aside what should your lifts be at as a heterosexual adult male? Is it ok to be outlifted by m…[View]
55022229So confused by what’s happening here with the green font guy. Is this one person? Any insight?[View]
55018811How to train for a nice juicy ass when you only have dumbbells? Are goblet squats, Romanian deadlift…[View]
55021115ITT: Autistic things that got you into fitness/lifting: >be me >be 16 >not fat but not skin…[View]
55022040Bodyweight exercises on the playground: There's a playground in my neighborhood which doesn…[View]
55020681Heart gains: My left ventricular end diastolic volume is 212ml, which corrected for body surface are…[View]
55001829cbt natty only[View]
55016600Are we immune, bros? We are the strongest board out there, and our immune system should be impenetr…[View]
55021559>gyms are all closed How are you coping?[View]
55020766Abdominals: I've got a quick question about abs. If I were visibly ripped to the point where my…[View]
55017114Age old debate: veg or animal protein?[View]
55021688>go out for a run >not wearing a shirt >feeling good, getting a solid workout and some suns…[View]
55018476Do you eat chicken with or without skin?[View]
55021428Assuming i have good genetics and have a consistent diet and sleep, how big could i get on bodyweigh…[View]
55011768i am literally uninfectable come at me, coofers[View]
55021421Uk bros, any website left where I can buy dumbells?[View]
55020618favorite protein powder flavor? do you do protein smoothies with frozen fruit or just straight up re…[View]
55021852Is being fit disrespectful to others? Does it imply that whoever is looking at you isn’t fit?[View]
55018890hahahaha all the whites are dying of covid while I get jacked in my home gym[View]
55019438i have great upper arms but my forearms are pathetic. i watched jeff's forearm video but i dont…[View]
55021812How can I fix this without visiting a physio?[View]
55021581Is this stuff legit: I have never tried tri-Deca Also where is the fraud thread?[View]
55018270>15 years old[View]
55020588what do we think about egg white protein powder /fit/ based or cringe[View]
55020592Cutting season is approaching: If I intermittent fast 18:6 for 4 days a week and just have a calorie…[View]
55020049>running on sidewalk >it’s raised a few inches from the grass next to it >accidentally ste…[View]
55020159Can you fast only on water and nothing more?: i'm planning on doing a prolonged fast but i dont…[View]
55021291How to get a booty like this?[View]
55018132>What's that anon? >You're coughing >We could fix that…[View]
55012966Cleanboys only: A refuge for the pure man, any and all coofing will be met with severe force[View]
55020986Serious Question Regarding Mewing: Hey, /fit/zens. Question pertaining to mewing, specifically in he…[View]
55018809Hobbies: My gym's gonna be closed for months so I need a hobby and now's the perfect time …[View]
55019847How to achieve this body?: Is he even natty?[View]
55015367/fph/: Fatties get the COOF edition[View]
55020596Nofap is retarded Cardio is cardio[View]
55019220so i weigh about 150lb/68kg. i started lifting at the beginning of the year. trying to gain muscle m…[View]
55021261Who else has taken the iron pill?[View]
55021185Did brad ever take roids?[View]
55019404Handstands: Are they a meme?[View]
55020452Favourite and least favourite exercises: My favourite: (standing) overhead press, chinups Least favo…[View]
55018874>Be socialet dyel >Settle for 5/10 goblina gf >Start getting /fit/, dressing nicely, and g…[View]
550189781 week sarms results.: Am I just feeling like there is a difference, or do you guys see a slight arm…[View]
55017333feeling like shitting myself and pissing myself when running: >running >feets hurts >thin s…[View]
55020742is it normal to become shaky when you haven't eaten real food in many hours or is it a sign of …[View]
55017425Due to current circumstance... I'm looking at acquiring an adjustable bench as well as a basic …[View]
55020613Cant get a satisfying back workout at home: trying to find satisfying workouts for each muscle group…[View]
55019793Oh I'm sorry, I don't talk to people who aren't laughers[View]
55017909is this the best you can get from full body? fuck that im going to do brosplit.[View]
55019057>Today's culture celebrates mediocrity and weakness! >Yesterday's leading men would …[View]
55020716ITT: Share your April fools crush proposal story: /fit/ anons who proposed to their crushes on April…[View]
55019562frens i'm not feeling very well[View]
55019965Is there an end in sight of this stupid virus crap? The worst part about coming back to the gym is t…[View]
55019482Infect yourself.[View]
55019962Hello /fit/ /n/ here I'm here to give you guys the ultimate pill . I'm not asking for mu…[View]
55016238Wow you can bench 345lbs? Damn bro I kinda dont care: -Every woman ever[View]
55015816Is it reasonable to be 5'7 and 200lbs and still look somewhat lean by the end of this year or j…[View]
55020522Rate my physique? What’s my bf%?[View]
55018723Team calisthenics: I'm thinking of joining team calisthenics and I have some questions. Where d…[View]
55020485/fit/ is an anti-porn board, if you feel an urge to watch porn I command you to do pushups to failur…[View]
55019090guys you used to think we're huge[View]
55019127Yoga and stretching general: In these hard times of social isolation and forceful quarantine do you …[View]
55019033Are Stick Rick Del Hagen and his meme lifts based or cringe? Was thinkin ab adding zercher squats to…[View]
55020501The 5th time: Ladies and gentlemen, It's officially cursed.[View]
55017194Post pic of manlet next to car Hes same size as the tire Crush sent a vid of him Cant find it[View]
55018373I don't have a face pull machine and neither does my gym. what can I do instead. The guy from a…[View]
55019985>got rejected in my dream again brehs[View]
55020016>Why yes, I designed all the characters and creatures for Gears of War, how could you tell?…[View]
55020425Bloating: Guys do I need to cut some carbs from my diet, because at the end of the day my stomach is…[View]
55018602>Greg Doucette is now vegan Bye bye gains[View]
55016987It's official, milk=based[View]
55014162Who's getting kinda sad?: >About to start college (nutrition) >Living alone so I can get …[View]
55020212>mom tells me that my face is starting to look healthy again I don't think I'm gonna ma…[View]
55019200Comprormised the heatlh, fitness and well-being of an entire nation.: And they did it intentionally.…[View]
55019755How long do I have to do fucking Romanian deadlifts and hamstring stretches until I can finally get …[View]
55016112You may not like it, but this is this is what peak performance looks like[View]
54993630/plg/ Powerlifting General: >Stop letting the thread die edition The powerlifting general, the st…[View]
55017203Do cold showers really help anything besides strengthen your mental or is that just a myth?[View]
55017691rate my bench[View]
55019875Both yesterday and today when I was doing cardio I got extremely sleepy and almost fell semi asleep …[View]
55017303Why do people get so fancy with what they do with protein powder? I just throw in a glass of water a…[View]
55015644I'm still uninfected, never even got a (you) for an infected poster: I've been posting for…[View]
55019471Pine pollen for gains?: Allegedly this stuff is a molecule away from roids and since it's the s…[View]
55019552I know most are closed right now, but what do you look for in a gym? I've never had a gym membe…[View]
55017423How the FUCK am I supposed to compete with this guy?? >6’1 >supermodel for armani, dsquared, v…[View]
55002617Grid Thread: Post whatever grid you have and rate others! What else do you have to do[View]
55014526This is a weight bench inherited from a family member who wasnt using it. Im wondering if anyone can…[View]
55017454OK You have got five seconds to tell me how to stop rounding my lower back while I dead-lift OR I…[View]
55010177Who are the most entertaining fitness youtubers?[View]
55018075Which is a better idea?: >low volume heavy every day or >high volume lower weight every other…[View]
55016870Mog Thread[View]
55011862Biohazard only: Biohazard Chads get in here. We finally made it. You mirin /fit/?[View]
55018339Here's Anon's room. He's self-isolating right now.[View]
55017866When do I get to be chad?: >nofap >mewing >8 hours of sleep every night >get out of bed …[View]
55010074Safe Zone: Show me your containment gains anon, this is a safe space, everyone healthy welcome…[View]
55019124hey bro *coof coof* you mind spotting me im going for a bench pr *coof*[View]
55019098Missing part of a workout: If I miss some of my accessory work should I just do it later on or just …[View]
55017238I only have a single 20kg kettlebell at home, how do I stay fit?[View]
55018571Now that asians gave us a pandemic and closed all gyms, can we just all agree gyms should be whites …[View]
55015078>life is falling apart >no gym Fuck that fucking chink virus. China deserves to be fucking nuk…[View]
54980056Inspiration: Share inspirational pictures and tell us how you're holding up. I'm doing alr…[View]
55017023What's the best routine for aesthetic legs?[View]
55018971>first gf was 29 when I was 17 >mom used to call her a cradle snatcher to her face >mfw I o…[View]
55015012I went on a mile run with a neck gaiter on my face and I was gasping for air and basically puking ou…[View]
55018945How much do I have to lift to overcome myself?[View]
55018543>Be me, 22 and in my Master's >Workout 3-5 times a week for three years >Helps with de…[View]
55016102Anyone here have a Master's degree in Economics?: To keep it fitness-related, rate my home gym …[View]
55018758Can we talk about warm up sets please? This is from today's squat workout, 3 months into SS[View]
55018708It has been proven that High Testosterone levels improves your immune system.[View]
55014968Are athletic people more immune than regular joes if they're the same age? I lift 3 times a wee…[View]
55018365Noob gains: Hi /fit/ I'm new to fitness and I fell for the 100% milk diet meme, so I've go…[View]
55016581Is this stuff seriously good, or just a /fit/ meme? I'm almost out of my current stash and need…[View]
55015928Death to all name/tripfags: What you dont realize....is that this 4chan virus has singlr handedly ki…[View]
55016872Take him anon He will protect you from Corona both online and offline Your gains are safe[View]
55018169>believe genetic affect performance and asteatics >believe in superior genetics >Take coron…[View]
55017558Puffed rice cakes: What's the verdict on these rice cakes? Am I gonna get manboobs from them?…[View]
55018437Accurately Measuring Food: Hello /fit/. I have bought a food scale and I am measuring what I eat in …[View]
55018101Going bald. Need Propecia/finpecia/finasteride, whatever the fuck. Doctor's closed, no one wil…[View]
55018042>yeah I don’t deadlift cause lol there’s no point it’s so scary haha and I’m not a power lifter I…[View]
55018351Frequency?: I do a upper/lower split 6 days a week and I wonder if one day is enough recovery time. …[View]
55018360Biceps: So im struggling to grow my biceps, in the last 6 month I've gained 3-4 cms and im at 3…[View]
55016887Random ptosis: Sorry if this isn’t fit related but idk where else to post. Pic related is my ptosis.…[View]
55017886how can I get down to 12% body fat before this quarantine ends?[View]
55014956Can /fit/ recommend me some COOFING exercises ?[View]
55018193stop eating[View]
55009333Why is there so much shit/porn posting on fit cant you fucktards not leave anything alone. Running …[View]
55015472Old Fag General: How do you keep going after 40 ? When I was in my 20s I had infinite time to work 6…[View]
55017147Hey boys, CJC here ! (Cuppa Joe Club) Just your daily reminder to drink Joe! Who wouldn't want …[View]
55015561How does a man prevent himself from becoming like this?[View]
55017181between you and this guy who would get more stares from women (or men I guess if that's your th…[View]
55014652Sleep, brain, posture, food and self reliance. Am I missing something? >mint in pot next to bed …[View]
55017964Milos Sarcev: >cringe >based Which is he, /fit/?…[View]
55015689I Found the Cure Type Medicine and each post you get less sick. Im almost cured bros[View]
55017659Why can't I get sore after working out anymore.[View]
55017060Should you be at maintenance during the quarantine?: My cut was going really well, and then the viru…[View]
55017732hey it geg[View]
55011262Let's get a Jeff meme thread started[View]
55002573Why do men and women train in the same gyms? Besides sex, it's the only physical activity men a…[View]
54998795/qtddtot/: Choose your path old >>54975674[View]
55017521我們今天在這裡不僅僅是在談論該公司的未來。我們在這裡談論它的命運。我們在這裡談論世界末日。 我們站在世界末日的邊緣。我們無法治癒的疾病。原教旨主義者聲明誰要求我們毀滅。我們無法控制的核力量。即使我們在…[View]
55007094What does /fit/ look like? https://picrew.me/image_maker/137904[View]
55013646Ted Kaczynski is a 10/10 alpha + he has an IQ of 180 and didn't rely on others for his needs. H…[View]
55014398How do I into Doc Antle mode?[View]
55010836'Ello luv... Oi ain't feelin so good tah'day... but Oi made ye fav'rit breakfast…[View]
55016854A man coughed in my gym today. How to protect myself in the gym without compromising my gains?[View]
55014022Is the Infection good for you?[View]
55017397too big of deficit: since I'm unable to lift during this quarantine, should I eat at a smaller …[View]
55006608sleep is for losers: Most studies show that sleeping more than 5 hours is mostly a waste of time. Ar…[View]
55017093ATTENTION EVERYONE: just ordered some equipment for home gym and I have a special announcement to ma…[View]
55016037Psa from joffery: He's Still semi retarded, at Least he has a good heart https://www.instagram.…[View]
55015655/poz thread/: Come in here and get infected[View]
55016778Deadlift form check.[View]
55017087Hello /fit/ I am Dr. S󠛡 󠛡oyberg and I want to share my research with you. I discovered that virus wo…[View]
55015237achievable natty?[View]
55015527What are you gonna lift for in 2020 /fit/?[View]
55016063Is this body achievable natty?[View]
55012605OP is literally immune[View]
55015790Get mogged by the gog: Is Goggins mode peak mode? >6ft2 peak height >ex navy seal >arguably…[View]
55014988The Monster: >he doesn’t have access to a fully decked out gym like Blaha Imagine being Mogged by…[View]
55016367Is Psyllium Husk: safe to use on a daily basis? If I combine it with a lot of high fiber foods, I ge…[View]
55016107Would a home bodyweight workout ABxABxABx be fine for keeping gainz or should I train everyday?[View]
55016822Insulin resistance leads to Messed up hormones?: Title.[View]
55016476I miss the gym: I miss the feel of the knul area of the barbell ripping into my dry calluses. I…[View]
55012200Brehs, I really need to know... Does braping spread the infection?[View]
55016880Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
55016741Gyms are the last business that will be allowed to reopen. Can you last without gym for 6+ months?[View]
55016493>it says here you >got coofed on?[View]
55016772I have started using plant based protein powder and am having trouble getting it fully dissolved. It…[View]
55016371Why is the deadlift the one lift that fluctuate the most on a daily basis? For example I can lift 23…[View]
55015776Is coffee good for coronavirus?[View]
55015845How is the cut going? I want to lose 10 more pounds maybe[View]
550145376'5': And almost all of it is legs. How can I salvage this? I know, I'm a dyel.[View]
55016086Price Gouging: Surprised to see people price gouging weights. Disgusting scumbag.[View]
55015934Lmao just saw Jeff face pulls Cavalier on CNN. YouTube fitness fags must be balling during this Chin…[View]
55016842Rate my body back then[View]
55015174what should you look for in a pull up bar at home?[View]
55016532Corona-Chan: Guys, what’s the point of being on /fit/ if the chang flu can still infect us?[View]
55016499Only the blessed may post in this thread to get grandfather nurgle blessing:[View]
55016389Whats with all this bullshit?: Why are peoples posts turning green? Why are faggots coofing?[View]
55016521Bodyweight Training General - /btg/: >Why bodyweight? www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRmsDjMujjo[Embed] …[View]
55016288My knees make horrible cracking sounds when i squat and im 18[View]
55016013Can't do more than 5 quality push ups: How the fuck am I supposed to be stronger?[View]
55016185What is a good leg workout routine for at home?[View]
55016282Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Are Gyms Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Run Outside Of Your House Like Nigga…[View]
55015578Why can I feel my muscles tear?: I've been lifting regularly for 2 months now. While doing push…[View]
55016441Feels thread: >AA meeting last night over zoom >halfway through dozens of random people hop in…[View]
55015682is this meme exercise or actually worth buying[View]
55016230Reply to this post for immunity for this virus and it's gay vectors[View]
55015069Lets talk calisthenics, fit bros: Hi, /fit/. Due to the outbreak I've been forced to stay at ho…[View]
54978164Push up thread: you know the drill cunts[View]
55013192Reminder that if you are infected to stay in quarantined threads. While the average /fit/ poster has…[View]
55015459I have finally surpassed you Kakarot. You are no match for my new form Super Sayian GREEN![View]
55015289Quarantine Routines: Trying not to revert to hungry skeleton days. Post your current routine and cri…[View]
55013755Resistance bands: Alright guys. I only have a pair of 25lbs dumbells at home and some floor. I Jeep…[View]
55014817Is cooffee good for you?[View]
55015123why didnt you fuckers tell me that deens with skin and bones are so much better than skinless??? wha…[View]
55014959Fit hobbies: You have a normie hobbie right anon? >Get new developer job in small company of arou…[View]
55013864Nobody FUCKS like Gaston: Nobody SUCKS like Gaston[View]
55014428Immune system appreciation thread: >Protects you 24/7/365 from shit that wants to get inside you …[View]
55015930How do I maintain drive to work/be productive during a fast? Any mental tricks or what not?[View]
55014721Coronavirus Workouts: Post your Coronavirus workout for today[View]
55014734Why would somebody, in his right mind, would eat this meme shit?[View]
55013299*wheeze* This is my board now anon.... *coof coof* Only digits can save you from grandfather nurgle.…[View]
55015905>be me life kinda shit, suicidal thoughts sometimes and have seen multiple psychiatrista. shit sc…[View]
55011441Come to salvation: If you get DUBS in this thread you will be spared of the pestilence, if you do no…[View]
55011220Those who survived check in coofers cannot penetrate our defences[View]
55015802Came here thinking there would be no /fit/ness chad infected. >all those infecteds I'm disap…[View]
55014614>finally able to bench own body weight for reps >noticeable muscle gain all over my body, not …[View]
55014913/immunity/ general: Immune chads only, post fitness tips and discuss you’re insane immune system her…[View]
55015334>he doesn't spit on the mirror out of self-hatred and repulsion for how ugly he is…[View]
55015603Quarantine Fitness Program (QFP): >inb4 First time poster /fit/ as i am stuck at home for the for…[View]
55014538Hey Faggots, My name is John, and I hate every single one of you infected losers. All of you are sli…[View]
55014759Aesthetics aside what would be the long term health problems caused by benching 3 times a week and d…[View]
55013626Is coffee bad for you?[View]
55013753Why do bodybuilders have weak erections?[View]
55014266what can i do against onset carpal tunnel? I dont have pain or weakness but i am getting slight burn…[View]
55006974Fuck bodybuilders: Body building is gay as fuck. You train for social approval and nothing more. Str…[View]
55015223>lift weights >supersetting weighted pullups and shrugs 10x10 >start to get tired as shit a…[View]
55014827How exactly does cardio kill gains? If I'm ingesting more calories than I'm putting out, w…[View]
55013742How do I get green? Pls I wanna join the party too[View]
55013227Home Gym Master Race: Who here is going to join the home gym master race once Corona Chan is gone? W…[View]
55014758is /coofing/ a good ab workout?[View]
55011807>this is the difference between a manlet and a huge guy When did you realize height was a meme?…[View]
55009876On based posters can post here[View]
55012379Is coffe good to stop the infection?[View]
55013086Whats easier to lift, 20kg including the bar or a 20kg plate[View]
55014178how do i quit?: i can't do more than 8 reps of anything without being out of breath. i used to …[View]
55014945Bros wtf am I supposed to do during a recovery week? I've just been riding my bike around my ar…[View]
55014938Why are gamers so annoying /fit/? I can't stand listening to them speak. Something about them m…[View]
55014927I cant go to the gym with Corona and wants to workout. What can I do to make my arms bigger from hom…[View]
55014430Holy fuck this thing is killing my arms[View]
55014711>panic because of Wuflu on my mongolian basket weaving forum A S I N I N E M O R T A L…[View]
55008674thanks fit: i love you brahs[View]
55013392cbt and progress thread managed to lose 22 kgs in about 7 months. due to coronavirus couldn't r…[View]
55011571/Immunechad/ General: Immunechads only[View]
55013949Health and wellness: Took the derma roller pill, bros. The problem is the USA doesn't make pidd…[View]
55014810I miss /fitlit/, also who here is an infected virus manlet?[View]
55011130Official PSA: When are we gonna best up those fat dyels on /v/ for starting this shit? They need to …[View]
55014650I have finally surpassed you Kakarot. You are no match for my new form Super Sayian GREEN![View]
55011812Me? Uninfected only. None of that green shit.[View]
55014484Give me the coof theres only good things to it >cool green glow >spoopy weird name >more ga…[View]
55012680how do you train in an outdoors gym aka with pullups and such without getting corona virus on your h…[View]
55007937>Y-you can run a mile in under 8:00 right anon? LOL[View]
55012458Is this young man skinny fat or just plain skinny? I'm 22 and look like a starving child. Do I …[View]
55011138what’s with the spooky green glow on everything?[View]
55008843Why are plates so expensive?[View]
55014375Hey Anon, how long did it take you to go full COOF?[View]
55007521>1 more year before I hit 30. I made a promise to myself I'd enter my 30s with a fit body. I…[View]
55014347*Hrkkk coof* MERRY EASTER YALL *cough coof coof huaaaargh*[View]
55013238How do you explain lifting to normies? They just think exercise=pain=bad. They don't understand…[View]
55013892/cbt/ Current Body Thread: Thoughts bros? 5”11 165lbs natty on SS mixed in with Jeff Cavaliere’s ab …[View]
55014302/Corona/ is fake general: The real and true threat is Veganism[View]
55013534if you want to get infected come here coofer[View]
55009230This is the modern couple.[View]
55002473Home Gym Rate Thread /hg/: Get in here bros and show us how ready you are for the corona-chan apocal…[View]
55010262Trying to fast. How do I stop thinking about food?[View]
55013857I need help training in quarantine with knee issues that can't be treated for the time being. I…[View]
55012740Who is in the wrong he-*COUGH*[View]
55013224Imagine not being able to workout because of china coof.[View]
55011695>100 (yous) from infectedfags >still not infected…[View]
55013431DOMS in quarantine: Since quarantine I've been doing 100 pushups and as many pull ups as possib…[View]
55011777Covid-19 was an international tragedy Immune-chads only[View]
55013991I promise I’m not pozzed: Is coffee good for you?[View]
54996127Firelord mode vs Iroh mode: Which mode is more based?[View]
55013979Is semen good for you? >t. pro bodybuilder[View]
55013650>Why yes, I lift to keep my immune system strong and healthy. How could you tell?…[View]
55013831Fitbros don't get infected, fit has to be the last board to fall to the filthy /pol/tards our …[View]
55011366hi from /sp/ fags[View]
54997924Roll to see if you can avoid spreading W-uflu in the restroom[View]
55013598How strong is your grip fit? I can close the captains of crush 2.5 for about 10 secs with my right h…[View]
55012429Small hands are pathetic[View]
55010881i dont feel so good bros[View]
55013411>tfw flat footed >impossible to cure it >tfw i will be forever physically inferior to non-f…[View]
55013125AHEM: Excuse me gentlemen... excuse me.. I have an announcement to make... COOF CHINKS COOF KIKES CO…[View]
55013635>NCT Was already over before it began[View]
55012237*blocks your path and asks you to pull pants down for science project* WWYD?[View]
55010728How does it take people so long to get to a 2pl8 bench? That's only 135lbs, I got that in my fi…[View]
55013466Since forever, ive had skin flap pieces of shit like near my armpit. I used to be pretty pudgy but n…[View]
55013132Why yes, Im Bisexual, how could you tell?[View]
55013320coom with me if you want to live[View]
55013308high res start bodyweight: I don't know about anyone else but I've been looking for a high…[View]
55013348>newbie >bench stalling at 110lbs Is this normal or do I have shit genetics?…[View]
55013443Fuck: Fuck I got it[View]
55010750This is all I have: What routine can I do with this? 2x5kg dumbbells 2x10kg dumbbells 2x20kg dumbb…[View]
55013498Exercising while recovering from bursitis/tennis elbow: >fucked my arm up at work >lifting/pul…[View]
55010085>tfw never worked out for years always hated it and put it off >had the bright idea to listen …[View]
55013084why do redditors make so many infected threads? oh wow we get it its a new boring event. Stop postin…[View]
55010575How to take your mind off women? I would be the perfect human if it weren't for my fragile hear…[View]
55009403When are the gyms opening up again?[View]
55012868>decently handsome >get /fit/ >still kind if a sperg >still have to try to get hot girls…[View]
55013321Anyone here on T3+Clen? How should i dose it?[View]
55010972>he thinks functional strength means you have to look like shit[View]
55012029Help out a fat guy with a knee injury. What are some exercises I can do without straining my knee to…[View]
55013223Guys girls Panic!: Oh, yes, you read correctly. Forget bank accounts, run for the hills. There will …[View]
55012436follow my yt for ments and fat loss shreddings https://youtu.be/vPB3jssd2jY whats my bodyfat % atm? …[View]
55012485Training with Corona to Improve Gains: Hear me out /fit/. You've all probably heard about how t…[View]
55011377forest chinups: anyone else go out into the forest and do chinups and leg raises there? i just find …[View]
55005656Why are Chads the goal for people here? Anytime I’ve spent a significant amount of time with them, m…[View]
55006557Explain this Amerifats. They wouldn't be filling your shelves with this shit unless there was …[View]
55012518Hey /fit/, /int/ here How many gains are killed by each cough?[View]
55012444Hello dear Kekistani fitizens, do any of you know how to get more vasculine? Pic related my baby arm…[View]
55010332If you glow in this thread you are a dyel and will never make it[View]
55012573excuse me >coof do you know where I can find the >coof coof whey protein…[View]
55012422Before I started lifting I told myself I wanted to be ripped, but now I unironically want to look li…[View]
55009829Who was in the wrong here[View]
55006514based?: Is Elisha Long based in your opinion? I think he's alright[View]
55012733Fat People Question: I use a public restroom a few times per day. Something I've noticed I…[View]
55012674THEY DID THIS TO YOU[View]
55010105how do I capitalize getting laid during this boomer remover season[View]
55012441Cooflet uprising NOW.[View]
55010359Will Keto save me from this virus that’s ravaging /fit/[View]
55009877What is your mental health/fitness routine? I'm feeling a sort of depression I've never fe…[View]
55009430viability of rope climbs: im currently newer to fitness in general (a few months of non serious lift…[View]
55008550Allah please make me wake up in the past so I can undo the cringe that my life[View]
55009996What is this going to improve if I'm not lifting[View]
55011745literally the only game you need to get buff[View]
55008968Tell me about vaccines: /fit/ My newborn is coming up on her 2nd month soon and I need the low-down …[View]
55012442*forgets to wash his hands before preparing you a high protein vegetarian meal*[View]
55012425If i do: If I do one forty five, another forty five, a twenty five, a ten, a five, and a two and a h…[View]
55009385Well /fast/?[View]
55010054What is the ideal body fat percentage that women want? When does it tip over to the category of try …[View]
55011340What do you guys think about rpe, rts, emerging strategies and all that? >first post in months …[View]
55009369>meanwhile in the corona gym locker room[View]
55011769>mfw I can't even go to the local pull up bar because of the new regulations in my country n…[View]
55012050Guys, hang in there bros, we're all gonna survive this shit.[View]
55000259Rate my 6 month progress[View]
55011380>get clear ribcage hint from 40 pound weightloss >Lovehandles still don't budge HAVEN…[View]
55012027Should you be at maintenance during the quarantine?: My cut was going really well, and then the viru…[View]
55011809what is name of this pose? probably most aesthetic pose ever. fkin sick[View]
55010990sleep fitness: To set a proper circadian rhythm, is it better to force yourself to fall asleep at th…[View]
55009802Bros, I don't feel so good...[View]
55011853DEXA scan: How do I tell my retarded fat powershitter friend with a beergut and love handles that he…[View]
55008714Testosterone Boosting: What's are some supplements with androgenic effects? I'm 26, look l…[View]
55009540Daily reminder to drink more water buddeh[View]
55006505/feels/ thread - Corona Edition: >bulking to 115kg to challenge someone in a PL meet next year (1…[View]
55009308>can you move to the side? i want to use that spot to take a picture of my ass what you do…[View]
55011422Runners are next on the chopping block https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-8174543/Doctor-Nor…[View]
55011054Sprained ankle: I fucked up my ankle at work, it was not a big deal I could walk the next day with s…[View]
55010496Why would someone, in their right mind, would eat this shit?[View]
55011479lets use the quarantine as a time chamber and mogg the normies after coronachan: lets use this oppor…[View]
55010366GUYS Don't enter, this is my self isolation thread. I don't want to infect you and ruin y…[View]
55006919bored in quarantine: Is it bad to drink vodka at night out of boredom? Just to watch some old videos…[View]
55011524Is this chin achievable natty?[View]
55010975>Phew, with the infection rate going through the roof it's a good thing I've been maint…[View]
55007477whats a good alternative to the overhead press? Im pretty sure Im doing it with good form but it sti…[View]
55011398Heres the truth: Only beta males can get infected. Sorry guys no more larps[View]
55008827how do i get this[View]
55011297Talking of coffee: In fealty of the God-emperor, our long ago dead lord (Zyzz) and by the grace of t…[View]
55011269Poop scoop: what exercises can I do to poop faster. Im stuck using my fingers to scoop out the last …[View]
55009885Should I do abs at 25% of BF?: Title, I know it may seem like a newbie question, but I have gone fro…[View]
55009409Any other tall Bros really struggle with squats? I've looked it up on the symmetrical strength …[View]
55010257>coronavirus in my protein powder[View]
55011101Hey /fit/ everyone else feeling super tonight? Join me and let's talk about fitness and working…[View]
54988243What is your biggest lifting regret? What is your biggest life regret?[View]
55010997fbh thread stumbled across this godforsaken subreddit of fatties sharing their stories of 'I eA…[View]
55009341Could (you) out lift the heavy?[View]
55010744I NEED GAINS NIGGUH: The one thing that sucks about all this coronavirus bullshit is that all the gy…[View]
55010812>2020 >he still isn't eating raw meat at least once a week for health gains…[View]
55007082What’s your experience with chiropractors?[View]
55010109Remember this virus is the lightest weight of all[View]
55010845I'm still gonna make it r-right lads?[View]
55010766What is this kind of performance called? Also how do I achieve crab mode? The power bottom guy is my…[View]
55008935What some of you guys need to understand is there is a community of self hating sodomites with an ag…[View]
55010662How often should I move if I'm stationary at home? I jog 30 minutes and lift 40 minutes, the re…[View]
55010506Oh yeah, do you feel it?[View]
55010021Confess: You still work out right? you can tell me child[View]
55004106Neck Bridges: I know they're shit for your long term neck health but how to they compare to ext…[View]
55010313should I bulk or cut?[View]
55005116What are some good exercises for them /dimple/ gains??[View]
55008706chads only[View]
55008122What are some exercises that help with back pain?[View]
55010000>not being at least two and a half heads taller than your nonwhite gf[View]
55007693Just bought sardines, whats to be expected?[View]
55009524*cough* Guess i'll go hang out in a public sauna to clear my lungs[View]
55009777You DID remember your daily dose right /fit/?[View]
55010189Achievable natty?[View]
55009263Is it true that doing cardio kills your gains?[View]
55007144DON'T TAKE OUR GAINS: I know it's vain, but I am so fucking irritated about not being able…[View]
55008837Motivation thread: Need some motivation /fit/ post your best[View]
54993946Is this achievable natty?[View]
55010106haha infected: do pushups and airsquats until this demon passes[View]
55009011Only have 2×25lb and 2×15lb dumbells stuck at home. What should I be doing besides shoulder press an…[View]
55009099>sleep before 10 p.m. >wake up 6-8 hours later refreshed >sleep after 10 p.m. >need 10-1…[View]
55009015What's his routine[View]
55008826What would you do if you saw a janny in real life? How much do you think they can lift? t. dyel newf…[View]
55008787April Fools! 2020 was a cruel prank, we're sending you back thirteen years into the simulation.…[View]
55009452No matter how /fit/ you are...: You cannot stop what is coming. You cannot halt this, no matter how …[View]
55007443ive been trying lifting for months now and my body still looks like absolute dog shit, but i love to…[View]
55007134/fit/ vs /manlet/[View]
55008535Have you ever bought a fitness & diet plan? If yes, how was it? What plan was it? Did you stick …[View]
55009550Beginner here. Should I be working out every weekday or should I be taking a rest day every other da…[View]
55009690>rub 100,000 IU of vitamin D3 on my skin and balls You can't infect me.…[View]
55009304Guess who's finally OHP'ing 1pl8????[View]
54993584>can we have one of those fit tattoo debate threads where people show theirs off and others gripe…[View]
55007188TRAP Thread: Why can't we have real discussion , a general thread for people who want to look l…[View]
55007980what lifts will give me luffy forearms?[View]
55009327I miss gym.[View]
55006783Let me start with this fresh gem[View]
55006241I’m locked inside my home as my area is completely quarantined so I’ve been doing 1x 50 push up 1x5…[View]
55009391Constant inflammation / muscles always on fire: I’ve had muscle inflammation for years in my upper b…[View]
55009416Name a more based and redpilled food >protip: you can't[View]
55008019How much would it cost you to build your dream homegym?[View]
55007671Let's see your apocalyptic setups lads, made a makeshift squat rack with milk crates. Th-thank…[View]
55009069Pinning Test at 18: I just turned 18, and I’m slim and pretty boyish. I’ve started lifting at 16, bu…[View]
54983795RUNNING GENERAL /RG/: Ran 8 miles today which is a new distance record for me. How is running going …[View]
55008891/fitlit/ remains the most interesting and engaging april fools joke.[View]
55002695Actual lifting music: High-test, IQ-Dropping riffs only pls[View]
55009076Going to do three hours of cardio every day in April, anyone else?[View]
55008530how long should it take me to reach a 4 plate deadlift? my max seems to be 300 lb atm. the second re…[View]

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