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/fit/ - Fitness

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57529041>be me >been working out and eating right consistently for a while >actually looking better…[View]
57500635Fat People Stories: /fph/ is all well and good, but it's time for the return of /fps/ for old t…[View]
57529380>0 matches on tinder after weeks Alright boys so obviously women arnt for me. Is bloatmaxxing wo…[View]
57529154unhygenic butt issue: whenever i do squats i feel my butthole thats stuck together with my shitty as…[View]
57526320Ways to keep trying to become /fit/?: Every time I try to become /fit/ I give up in the first couple…[View]
57528486r8 me. what should i work on?[View]
57525380I have very poor fat distribution and this is the first time i done proper cut so i dont really know…[View]
57527645The cycle of the improover[View]
57525289does >>>/fit/ mew?[View]
57528437Most people are spasmodic and intermittent. If they tend talk to you about their plans, you'll …[View]
57527633What the fuck do i do to not look like shit i tried everything.[View]
57527359R8 my gym routine: I was doing PPL at my old gym. When I joined this one, I was asked what my goal w…[View]
57528552will fasting actually stunt growth? I dont see any big reason why it should[View]
57525344Anyone sick of the bulk/cut cycles? I just can't bring myself to start that shit all over again…[View]
57503443What percentage of the ugly people are just fat?[View]
57526736I lift for her[View]
57522153Redpill me on potatoes: Are them any good or just wasted calories?[View]
57527792How many weeks did it take for you to go from 1 full ROM pullup to 2?[View]
57524363What da?: Hey /fit/ What do you call this phenotype?[View]
57528455Why do I get stronger when I take a week off from lifting? Past two weeks I've only gone on the…[View]
57528652Hypothetical: There is a device introduced that can change anyone’s body to look like whatever they’…[View]
57528043Went up 3kg over the weekend didn't even eat much more like normal.[View]
57524483Supplements & gym membership should be tax deductible, prove me wrong.[View]
57528592what do you do for core strengthening? I’m not strong enough to dragon flags yet but I’d like to get…[View]
57527260>jar of olives for dinner again[View]
57525390Does Exercise wear out your body?: Is this true? What if you just moderately lift daily, and occasio…[View]
57528155/fit/ I had a dream...... >be me in the gym >doing biceps and legs for some reason >look i…[View]
57528397Anyone else notice since you got more and more fit more women are starting to look angry/irritated a…[View]
57524522where was /fit/ when apple fitness+ absolutely BTFO gyms? say it with me... >THANK YOU BASED TIM …[View]
57527859Cheat days: Are cheat days a meme or actually legit? Will I fuck up my gains completely if I have a …[View]
57527447Have I ruined my body forever ?[View]
57526859>cutting to sub 10% bodyfat >obese relatives are inviting me around for a Sunday roast how th…[View]
57527610What mode is this?[View]
57526176how into Julian mode?[View]
57526437Heyo! Does anyone have any ideas on what this type of bench is called? What kind of exercises to do …[View]
57527246Does it make any difference if I do 5 sets of 3 instead of 3 sets of 5?[View]
57527591hemorrhoid general /hg/: Alright lads, how the fuck do you get rid of these things? is it possible t…[View]
57521924Nobody will post in this thread[View]
57526501Pursuit of The 6 Pack: ITT discussion of diet and/or routine you have used, are using or intend to u…[View]
57526549I'm a 5'4' male and when I was doing 1400 calories a day I lost 2lb a week (zero exercise)…[View]
57527908I miss rich[View]
57525848>tfw ordering an impossible whooper[View]
57527646All my friends are stronger than me despite them never going to the gym or exercising[View]
57527118Have gained 40 pounds so far: I am 5’11” and used to be 130 pounds. I started lifting and eating mor…[View]
57527300Isekai /fit/izen: What happened to this? I miss these threads bros......[View]
57527064>fat coworkers start talking about fitness[View]
57523308Absolutely FUCK lifting without creatine I recently spent a few months without it and the experience…[View]
57509725/PLG/ - PowerfulCope General: >I could be that strong if I bloated and trained for it and changed…[View]
57527220How to get from 1pl8 ohp to two pl8? How long does this take? Ohp seems to not be anywhere near as r…[View]
57521575ausfag general /AFG/: Australian generals on all boards edition What’s going on lads?[View]
57523524>>TDEE says I gotta eat 280g protein a day Is there any difference between eating all of thi…[View]
57520719Do you need a spotter at the gym /fit/?[View]
57523444rear delts limiting my bent over rows. what am I doing wrong?[View]
57520192Cum: Cumming is fitness I recently discovered how to get rock-hard on command, anytime. Now I want t…[View]
57525930Vitamin DEEEEEEEEEEEE: So I decided to take a Vitamin D3 supplement starting last week. I don't…[View]
57526481Made it natty[View]
57526365OnlyFans: Redpill me on the OnlyfFans situation, can buff dudes make bank with their bodies or what?…[View]
57526861> first gym day if the week tomorrow I can't wait![View]
57526361who do you lift for?: i lift for the Batman[View]
57526533does /fit/ like morrowind? i mean it's literally about making enough gains to kill gods[View]
57527305does this stuff actually help with making you feel better?[View]
57517801/fph/: No /fph/? Seriously guys?[View]
57526399GOMAD: exists Chubbyemu: It's free real estate.[View]
57518145How do you respond to people saying you're /fit/? Webm relates[View]
57527243>1 year of gym >went from skinnyfat to a lower-than-average dude with more muscle than fat, at…[View]
57526142I just can’t stop eating I like to eat I do cardio and have a bit of muscle but I’m 5’11 (rip) and 2…[View]
57524649Give me legitimate reasons why I shouldn't dump 20K on Limb Lengthing Surgery right now[View]
57523592how impressive is this 2-year natural transformation?[View]
57527054You'll never make it if you don't leage this place.[View]
57525190Is it degenerate to want to be a hairless muscle twink?[View]
57525811What's the ideal weight for a 6ft tall guy??[View]
57525588Brain gains / nootropics general: >'Hey anon, I heard you are really smart, can you help me make …[View]
57526758What do you all think of the X3 bar?: I've only read about it online, but this looks like some …[View]
57526693Post transformation[View]
57526390>add some onions while cooking eggs for a breakfast, just to try something new >get buckloads …[View]
57525403Just sleep the hunger away[View]
57526689Loose skin: used to be a FAT lad, now i have strong/kinda thicc legs and very fat+weak upper body. I…[View]
57524832Is milk really that estrogenic?: Sometimes if I’m 100-200 cals under my goal and I’m still hungry go…[View]
57526765learning what muslces are responsible for each movement (lats pull elbows back, mid traps retract sc…[View]
57525773Is this fo real?: http://dailybuzzlive.com/semen-allergy-hospital/ I mean what kind of genetic deade…[View]
57504887/qtddtot/: Questions that don't deserve their own thread.[View]
57525312Running?: I don't need to lose any weight but I get winded quicker than I would like and ideall…[View]
57495016Has a woman ever hit on you at the gym?[View]
57524868Maintaining weight loss: The longer you maintain weight loss, does it increase the chances you’ll ne…[View]
57526565Jump rope/skipping thread: So I listened to fit again a few weeks ago, got a skipping rope and learn…[View]
57526247>cutting >sleep 12 hours a day >wake up 15 million times to piss >entire body is aching …[View]
57526404Get tall: Are there any exercises to get taller? I am 170 cm, i like my height but would like to be …[View]
57525253why havent you taken the calisthenics pill?: >absolutely based and redpilled >no gym membershi…[View]
57525290How did blaha get away with larping as a mercenary: Does he just completely ignore that phase? Has h…[View]
57522503vegans help: Is it common to feel good for your first month then bad after starting a vegan diet? I …[View]
57526045If 1/2/3/4 is intermediate. Whats the intermediate bicep curl max?[View]
57526052Is it ok to take 1 serving (10 mg) of creatine everyday? Am I still natty? Stats: 80 kg and 184 cm O…[View]
57515686Is having wide hips worse than being a manlet?[View]
57514913/FIT/ CENSUS 2020: Another year another census: https://forms.gle/2fG8Z6SSPGFKn5YP9 Please reply as …[View]
57525958Have you ever had a 'fuck it' moment? How long was your 'fuck it' moment? I…[View]
57520296>gave in and ate potato chips /fit/ you will design my punishment exercise…[View]
57523221Hypothetical: There is a device introduced that can change anyone’s body to look like whatever they’…[View]
57520823How to deal with fear of confrontation?: I often feel anxious when I'm in social situation and …[View]
57523130how do i stop disassociating? im losing myself bros[View]
57515181Home Gym: Post your home gyms. Mines pretty comfy[View]
57519373who's mogged?[View]
57525815Is vanilla gay ? Should I stop adding it in my shakes ? I've already stopped basedmilk cuz I he…[View]
57505788Starting Strength Hate Thread: Post amazing bodies created by this program.[View]
57525767Is it too late to get fit at 27 ? Shouldn't I have been developping my muscles while I geew in…[View]
57525454Hey /fit/ I'm new to fitness and I can't even do a single push up. Im 6 feet tall and weig…[View]
57523069How the fuck do you bulk your arms up?: Hello, so I get that you have to put some weight on in order…[View]
57525548Do girls like biceps vein?: And how to get it?[View]
57524498Need help: So I’ve gotten complaints from my boyfriend that whenever I do leg day at the gym and com…[View]
57525164The worst mog of all is the self mog.[View]
57519901wait Elliot is black? what is this Mandela effect shit, I honestly had never realized.[View]
57523621I've always had insomnia, since forever. Working full time, in school, as a NEET. Always, I…[View]
57512651Diagnosed with Klinefelters IT'S OVER[View]
57525433>do calves raises >feet start to hurt like after doing a 15 km walk what am i missing?…[View]
57520392/fit/ combine: How many times can you bench 225lbs? >17 reps[View]
57524355can't find anything that tells me how much core workouts i should be doing? I'm currently …[View]
57525156Lonesome: will people want to be friends with me if I'm fit? I know its pathetic but God dammit…[View]
57523148>walk into 1900s gym >mfw belly toss stations all full…[View]
57522882What we lifting to tonight lads? What do you usually lift to? Alice in Chains and Death Grips are th…[View]
57525054Alcohol: Im in need of help anons I've been thinking about drinking alcohol tonight, can anyone…[View]
57524606Health Vs Mogability: Is it worth giving up Mogability for health?[View]
57525112/run/ - running general: Bigfoot edition Couch to 5k: https://www.runnersworld.com/uk/training/5km/a…[View]
57522759Why dont i ever feel my chest activate?: Newbie lifter here. I do pushups, i do chest flies, incline…[View]
57525021>tfw you write 1350 in your calorie book[View]
57520236How do I get rid of boomer feet?[View]
57523979I’m 5’8 and bmi says being 124lbs is “normal”. Why does anyone care about bmi?[View]
57521536Strongman: Hey guys, I wanted to get into strongman eventually. Does this line of progression sound …[View]
57522995Power went out at gym: Just me and some random grunting bro doing our routine. Literal heaven.…[View]
57524272The gym owner caught you mogging his ottermode son and stealing mires, so he called in security and …[View]
57523702>dude screaming trying bring 225 up from barely parallel.[View]
57520862Redpill me on artificial sweeteners.[View]
57524788How does this make you feel?[View]
57524722why did he do it?[View]
57524091hellos /fit/ i am 6'1, 195lbs. my end goal is to become a freaking monster, huge enough so peop…[View]
57522972Sarcoplasmic vs Myofibrillar hypertrophy: Alright fuckboys I've got a thread for you. In theory…[View]
57523641How do I pack 3500 calories in 3-4 meals/day without filling up on carbs? I usually get 200ish grams…[View]
57521499Can I even fix myself?: This picture isn't me but is what tier of man boobs I'm dealing wi…[View]
57523373Cage vs half rack: What are you picking for your home gym? I've only ever used a cage, do you s…[View]
57522763Any females on /fit/ have a good at home workout program?[View]
57523658does Keto work or is it just a meme? how about snake diet?[View]
57522727>tfw post-workout munchy box Is there anything more based than a post-workout munchy box??…[View]
57524526can we ask health questions here? what the hell are these bumps on this guy's eyes?[View]
57522175Is it true that you can train your abs simply by laughing?[View]
57519059i am a 18 yo 59kg/167cm 130lbs/5'6 male, I'm on fourth week of SS. i was supposed to squat…[View]
57524157what meals does fit prepare?[View]
57521760Gut health general: Do you watch your daily fiber intake, /fit/? How much do you take, and what rat…[View]
57523788How worried do I need to be about corona? I live with my parents btw[View]
57523483Building Forearms: What do for big forearms?[View]
57523753Bros i can't stop ripping ass: Ever since i started taking protein shakes i can't stop. It…[View]
57524262You are meditating daily for brain gains right bros?[View]
57524093self hate for motivation: How do I turn the bad feelings into self hate so I can use the self hate a…[View]
57521422What's the best way to flatten my stomach as a guy?[View]
57521617Is it time to introduce gender segregated gyms?[View]
57523887Protein Intake: >How much protein do I need a day? A lot of you say 2g/kg a day One article says …[View]
57521408Working around Injuries general: post your own injuries and ask for help/advice Need help guys. I…[View]
57522633will this kill my gains?: i eat at maintenance, track calories, lift, and run will drinking one glas…[View]
57522955Fuck Marine Boot Camp. I went there 165lbs and 13%bf and I came out 180lbs and like 16% body fat. FU…[View]
57520739Today I did 100 snatch grip deadlifts with 185 pounds, AMA.[View]
57523862You ever just stop yourself and realize how much of a retard you are? My 5 year high school reunion …[View]
57523208Does masturbating really cause hair loss?: Can any anons attests to this? I must know, I don't …[View]
57523586Is it a bad idea to eat your OMAD for breakfast?[View]
57522548How to fix skinnyfat: I want to stop being skinnyfat and be lean with a bit of muscle. I went throug…[View]
57519103should i cut when starting a program?: im 5'9 175lbs lardass currently on a cut. is it a good i…[View]
57513053Does anyone have the link to pic related youtube video? Also disastrous transformation thread[View]
57522192Having dedicated arm days: I'm looking for some opinions. I'm doing a 4x a week Upper/Lowe…[View]
57520795Glyphosate in Oats: Reminder to ONLY eat Organic Oats, Oats are notorious for collecting a MUCH larg…[View]
57522352>tfw finally benched 1 pl8 for reps i have never been able to do this, thank you /fit/…[View]
57523292MEAL RATE THREAD: Rate my meal bros Beans Fajitas with gravy Big ass spoon of natural peanut butter…[View]
57521032anyone here /ruck/?[View]
57523532Getting noided: Just bought my first 200mg of cypo test and am gunna do by first cycle in a month or…[View]
57517326VR fitness is the future: https://uploadvr.com/oculus-move/ > Move was revealed towards the begin…[View]
57520954How bad is alcohol for gains if we're being realistic. Is it just CICO or does it affect recove…[View]
57506272What mode is this?[View]
57520650How do I stop feeling jaded toward people? It all look so vain yet I know it's absolutely neces…[View]
57516306Non-metal, non-faggy-EDM workout music.[View]
57523409If I'm cutting on 2200 cals can I eat 1100 calorie meals twice a day[View]
57523404New to this fitness thing How do I prevent getting stretch marks on my thighs ? They have been gro…[View]
57522040got sick and only done bodyweight workouts since. back took the worst. after recovering, my workout…[View]
57522836Achievable natty?[View]
57521645Shit normies say: Post them. >friend wants to look like Thor >thinks steroids are a meme (the …[View]
575157836'0 guys, at what weight did people stop calling you skinny?[View]
57522144why are there 4387 different programs online to choose from? Can't the fitness community agree …[View]
57523159ANONS PLEASE HELP... anyone know how to get rid of non-diabetic neuropathy? My hands and feet have b…[View]
57518337>Slowly but surely going back into lockdown Glad I bought a home gym[View]
57520312>wanted to loss 10 kg, gain the 10 kg Seriously i really want to kill myself, im 90 kg now 170 cm…[View]
57521749Is this achievable natty?[View]
57522326What does it feel to get and maintain 10%bf?[View]
57522126Six pack: How i get 6 pack? I know i have to cut to certain bodyfat % but what exercises actually bu…[View]
57522022>tfw home gym >tfw not effected by lockdowns >tfw gains will be secured for years to come I…[View]
57522962Past a certain age, if you lack experience, is it just impossible to learn things like breakdancing,…[View]
57522745help me with my form desu: squats- https://streamable.com/k0in9p bench- https://streamable.com/qm06…[View]
57521386ITS OHP DAY[View]
57519778I'm scared to do OHP and squats because the wrist position looks scary and uncomfortable. I…[View]
57514084Is he at the natty limit?[View]
57522508Who here has a serious, time-consuming job? With your workout included, how do you not feel like you…[View]
57519503What is it like to take a scoop if dark energy? It's horrifying, dangerous, and very very loud.…[View]
57521024> Be me > Ontariofag browsing Facebook marketplace looking for used fitness equipment because …[View]
57521165>brain mogs all of /fit[View]
57522695/afg/ ausfag general: lunchtime legends & after dinner durries edition what's on the menu /…[View]
57521077What’s the point of lifting if you don’t have Mediterranean features like black hair, brown eyes, ma…[View]
57521013>tfw your frame is too wide and tall and thus you are too heavy... and you will never be as fast …[View]
57518457Walk into gym: >Everbody dance now >dun dun dun dun >Everybody dance now >dun dun dun du…[View]
57521885Angus MacAskill - The Scottish Giant: > 7'9 > Tallest non-pathological giant in human his…[View]
57521934'Very good, nice set of squats, young man'[View]
57519814I'm an obese man whose balding and doesn't lift. I give people advice on /fit/.[View]
57514584>Just did 125 kg deadlift two times >Couldn't even lift 110 kg last week How in the fuck…[View]
57522261When losing fat/cutting does your stomach feel softer?: Currently cutting down to 12% bodyfat from 1…[View]
575211686'3 155 shooting for slight bulk, but i want to remain relatively thin to show off my good fram…[View]
57520076Are there any benefits from taking hot showers? Just took a hot shower (45°C, 113F in burgers) and m…[View]
57519638Does this really happen?[View]
57522173Who else >feast&famine Cutting here? >faster 24-48 hours >eat maintenance of meat and v…[View]
57497808Is this achievable natty?[View]
57518379Tired of shaving my face every day.[View]
57514447I can't stand this phenotype. Why do I see so many of them nowadays? Can they be saved if they …[View]
57517881Red pill me on buttermilk >9g of protein in picrel[View]
57514273Tendons: Why do tendons take so long to heal with eccentrics? What is happening to them?[View]
57519168Pull ups: What's the secret to progressing quickly on pull ups other than doing a lot of them, …[View]
57518176>i'll start tomorrow[View]
57518286/Fraud/ General: what the fuck is up where my hgh bros at. going on 4 months of various generics, o…[View]
57521241Bulking Makes My Stomach Upset: When I bulk I can’t stop farting, especially during my workouts. Tod…[View]
57521824Skipping Monday's SS Workout, what do?: Apparently I've got a pinched nerve in my back - w…[View]
57519289>blue lives matter Cops are gym bros to too bros.[View]
57521757ITT: gym boomer stories: >working out as usual >some boomer is using his phone on the stair ma…[View]
57513462I love milk bros but i hear it lowers T what do[View]
57521255My mum noticed my newb gains :D: Been now 5 or 6 weeks in the gym and my mum saw me and noticed my a…[View]
57520928Burpee Thread: Let's go lads.[View]
57519061why is improving cardio so much harder than strength? two and a half months of c25k just to be able …[View]
57513641180cm - average height. A male with this height is 5/10 on attractiveness scale. 99,9 percentile is …[View]
57518541I have cancelled my gym membership due to corona, found a homegym with minimal equipment but enough …[View]
57519469Do I look swole in this shirt /fit/?[View]
57520358Am I on track to end up like the right picture if I keep cutting? Down to 220lbs 6’2” from 260ish. I…[View]
57521461What mode is Tyron Woodley?[View]
57519710>knocks you out, along with your aesthetics, bodybuilding, powerlifting, and weightlifting heroes…[View]
57517804How much does drinking influence your gains? Can you still get juicy if you train hard and eat well?…[View]
57518688Music you workout to: Post your favourites https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otF6rsQIuMI https://www.y…[View]
57520086QTTDOT - Filip Edition: I consistently hit my protein and calorie goals but consume a quite a bit of…[View]
57517476What would be the ideal body type for a 5”4 male?[View]
57520361My thighs have good volume, but the shape isn't that great, do I just keep squatting till it im…[View]
57520929How long have you been /fit/ Also post routine[View]
57520262How flexible are your legs /fit/?[View]
57520971'Woke' Doctor: My primary care physician is very 'woke' do you think I can convince her to give me t…[View]
57520997>was supposed to FUCKIN CRUSH the workout >spent half the time skipping music fuck my life dud…[View]
57519094are kettlebells just a meme?[View]
57518244so im reading starting strength and rip says when you miss the last rep or two of your last work set…[View]
57519800REFERENCES: I need Asian fitness 'models'(?) As a reference for my art, bodies like this are pretty …[View]
57520983not sore after heavy workout: Just recently returned to lifting, let myself get fat. My routine is 5…[View]
57520349how /fit/ to carry wife across threshhold.: how much do I need to lift to carry my future wife acros…[View]
57520632post your dinner boys: scrambled eggs with cabbage & yellow bell pepper chicken breast marinated…[View]
57518578how do i fix bad posture?[View]
57520573How does this make sense?: Taken from /fit/ rules >Images and discussion related to dieting, exe…[View]
57518944is it possible to check my nutrient levels? and my vitamins?[View]
57518432Hand grippers: Does /fit/ recommend hand grippers? Which type and which weight should you start with…[View]
57520450Do you lift while fasted? Not talking about 24hr+ fasts, but recently I've been waking up not e…[View]
57516297At what weights should you look at getting assistance gear like shoes, belt, wraps, knee sleeves ect…[View]
575197434chan's Alignment System: It took me a good amount of researching each board to create this. Wh…[View]
57515910Brand new to weight lifting: what program would you advise starting with? How do you know when you n…[View]
57520051Poor fag home gym: $5. I can curl it, row it, etc.I can trim the amount of water up to 30kg. Anyone…[View]
57516355I have very poor fat distribution and this is the first time i done proper cut so i dont really know…[View]
57520554Trying something new because I see a lot of negativity on this board. Post a pic of you and I’ll say…[View]
57520657ugly cries seem to work[View]
57518460>Be me >Have slight pubertal gyno without puffy nipples >Chest looks STACKED even though I …[View]
57516583How to achieve left?[View]
57517937Dietary Guidelines: So when I google what percentage of your diet should be protein, I get 12-20%. T…[View]
57516362Which vegetables are the best for health and gains?[View]
57515695I love you guys. We’re all gonna make it lads[View]
57517512a house full of /fit/ and /lgbt/(hm & y) goers, what happens?[View]
57518155If you do not have abs you are FAT. FAT YOU HERE THAT??? FUCKING FATASS.[View]
57510537Why do people keep saying that running ia bad for the knees? Are they just fatties coping or are the…[View]
57517774Progress: Started training october 2018 Some pics from february 2019, some from today got a few ques…[View]
57520136Redpill brainstorming, /prefics/ thread 4/7: Previous thread >>57504628 Hello, /fit/izens, I h…[View]
57519947When the FUCK are the gyms going to open again in Cali.[View]
57517517stiffness: has anybody improved body stiffness? i have a lot of stiffness around my shoulders, chest…[View]
57515287why the fuck do white women not know how to diet for shit? especially during the pandemic. skipping …[View]
57518896is this for fucking real? am I really burning 1200kcal extra calories a day just by walking my dog …[View]
57518982Does your gf mire your gains when you take your shirt off in front of her??[View]
57508426>he’s still trying to loose weight and benchpress for killing his gyno Give me one good reason wh…[View]
57519424Soo, I'm in the middle of getting my shit together after being a piece of shit so I want to see…[View]
57518096What muscle is this? I'm guessing shoulder traps, quality is absolute shit and his muscles look…[View]
57518375You DO have other hobbies that aren't lifting...right anon? You are expanding your horizons RIG…[View]
57517919Could it be possible to be low test even though you build muscle fast?[View]
57518207Am I going to get bigger hands lifting? t. handlet No but seriously does using your forearms wrists …[View]
57518552I'm a fucking bum. A lazy, fat, disgusting bum.[View]
57519816How do you handle faggots who don't re-rack their weights?: I think a harsh talking to is neede…[View]
57515577Is heavy cream good for you? I'm drinking 1 cap / day to help reach my 3000 kcal goal.[View]
57508545How do I fix this in 1 month: I have 1 month to become skinny. I keep failing at fasting Keep failin…[View]
57518339Liquid diet: day 15: How's the diet going /fit/?[View]
57518935>tfw you gotta shit but you tryna finish up your sets[View]
57519468Not a day goes by that I don’t wish I was black[View]
57517771When was the last time you trained your Rotator cuff /fit/? Would be a shame if it snaps.[View]
57518698Do I need rows if I do pull ups?: Did a good few pull-ups yesterday, and have Dom's in my lats.…[View]
57515085/bbg/ Bodybuilding general: Statue edition[View]
57516813Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
57519593Brutal mogs only.[View]
57519350Thomas Inch dumbbell: Anyone on /fit/ ever lifted one? I really want to build up to having a crack a…[View]
57518357why barbell deadlifts feel so much more alpha than trap bar dls?[View]
57514314you may not like it, but this is what peak male peformance looks like i am able to do 17 dead hang p…[View]
57519002How do you maintain muscle, as opposed to building it?[View]
57518399>go to gym for leg day >4th squat rack got stolen this month from the gym…[View]
57505519Who's the biggest guy you've ever met in person?[View]
57517385I keep failing my diet. In 6 years I gained around 25kg's of pure fat. I went from slightly abo…[View]
57516958I fucking love beer, /fit/ What do?[View]
57515707/lazy eye/ General: how are things looking for you brothers? Share experiences, anecdotes, tidbits a…[View]
57518815Schedule general: Do those of you who workout in the pm use preworkout? Can you sleep? Say I get off…[View]
57518869You're harvesting your own natural protein, right, /fit/?: Wild turkey I blasted yesterday, now…[View]
57519141aren't you gay yet? wtf[View]
57518690Road to recovery: Hey /fit/, Any /abused/ and /emotionallyrecovered/ dudes/dudettes on here? Short …[View]
57519008running killing gains?: is this just a powerfat cope?[View]
57518586I gained weight again[View]
57518930Since the start of September I've gone from 248 pounds to 231 pounds. How much of this weight l…[View]
57518877If i dont have sex(the Majesty of celibacy)and then do this for 5 days will i lose my unnecessary fa…[View]
57518191/fit/ BTFO'd: why kys with workouts when you can just buy this? https://www.roanyer.com/index.p…[View]
57512350Soy foods.: Does onions really lower testosterone? too many articles are fighting with each other ov…[View]
57516724i love rice cakes with peanut butter and banana: For me, it's rice cakes with peanut butter and…[View]
57518204what mode is this and how do i unlock it?[View]
57518595>eat >take a fat shit[View]
57517276This is fucking it. I've had it. /fit/ House when?[View]
57517129What exercises can you do to target your adductors as a man? I was unironically kicked off the addu…[View]
57516478>DMAA Fuck Phenibut Is DMAA the true chad powder that makes you more assertive and alpha?…[View]
57516578/sexmaxx/: When is the best time to have sex, related to when one does his workouts? Do I get a T bo…[View]
57515788>scoliosis it was over before it even began[View]
57517473hunch-neck remover: is this video a meme or is it actually somewhat true? it definitely feels like …[View]
57517406>sub 8 gymcels actually think that lifting heavy will get them a gf Meanwhile chad just has to ex…[View]
57518358>rona hits >my powerlifting gym owner says 'fuck that' to lockdown restrictions >just cover…[View]
57505549CBT: locked up since July: All I have is a pull-up bar and the fainting will to resist my ex-fatty a…[View]
57517238What body fat percentage do you need to look like this?[View]
57517210How do I achieve Jerry mode?[View]
57516504>lose weight >can finally see my dick when it's flaccid…[View]
57512254I am starting to think the muslims had a point about alcohol. It’s easier to have none than to have …[View]
57516842Does your program suck?: Are you a beginner? >Yes Are you pressing 3 times per week? (Bench pres…[View]
57517332Starting Ass: I want to have a comically large ass that can mog any grill. here's my plan that…[View]
57517131Started lifting for a month and shoulders started to hurt. Haven't been able to lift for a week…[View]
57512423Bros am i balding, my dad’s side has god tier hair while my mom had shit tier. I am only 18[View]
57517200Down 21lb in the last month (213 to 192, 5'9) I see progress on the scale but I see no differen…[View]
57517566I fucked up: I rode a bike for the first time in years today. I rode around 8 miles. I'm fuckin…[View]
57517495>drink a bottle of that pre workout beta alanine shit >get the best workout of my life with mu…[View]
57516871Burning sensation in left trap?: I have this burning, stinging pain in my left trapezius sometimes, …[View]
57516837Body fat % estimate?: I'm trying to decide whether it's worth getting a proper six pack or…[View]
57517897how do I achieve Tom mode?[View]
57517550How to gain self control? I really want to become a noporn adult but i just can't push myself t…[View]
57517273>'POPCORN IS AN INCREDIBLE SNACK FOR CUTTING!!!' >*blocks your digestion* FUCK YOU GAY DOUCHET…[View]
57514666Genetics for bodybuilding: How do you know if someone has genetics for bodybuilding? I mean, what ar…[View]
57516945I've been doing starting strength for 6 months AMA[View]
57512571How long do you bulk for?[View]
57516815Do legs grow quicker than upper body? I skipped legs for years, so now I have a big upper body and s…[View]
57516524Post location and cost of two gains birds. BC, Canada - $16.34[View]
57509174Women in gyms: Whats the most retarded thing youve seen cuntoids do in a gym?[View]
57513971>go to spinning class >been there for 2 months now >started when everyone else started afte…[View]
57509861What went wrong for Vegan-Gains? He used to make interesting Vegan content and a a top activist. Now…[View]
57517580I think I fucked up my knees Been hitting the gym for about 7 months (excluding the rona off time) a…[View]
57514531Tell me again why you aren't deadpressing?[View]
57509457Are you guys arseholes in real life or just on the internet? Even when i come on this degenerate of …[View]
57515457is there any problem in doing no-equipment workout(like push ups or whatever) instead of lifting wei…[View]
57517502>you're over 5'10'? Damn bro. . . >I know it's real tough for you lanklets, bu…[View]
57516176Races and colors aside, my quads are starting to look like left when I want them to be more like rig…[View]
57516378ITT: autistic /fit/ related things you do >Lift a 20 pound weight while I'm taking my mornin…[View]
57517171>whenever I exercise I feel this rush of adrenaline all over my body and I can't breathe and…[View]
57504664Well /fit/, what do you think of these women's desired male bodies?: https://www.reddit.com/r/F…[View]
57517405Mike Israetel says that all you need for recovery is 0.3g of fat per lb of bodyweight per day. Is he…[View]
57513591>lifting >not training masseters Start chewing gum and basically everything you eat untill so…[View]
57514790Is he at the natty limit?[View]
57515635Is this achievable natty?[View]
57517008This is unironically the exercise that burns the most for me. Everytime i'm done with it, i fee…[View]
57513582>start bulking >shit 5-6 times a day[View]
57515230>be me >stop weight lifting >stop trying to gain weight >stop counting macros autistic…[View]
57513198Redpill me on this goblin[View]
57516298Bycicle thread Sup /fit/itzens. Do we have any anons that are into cycling? I started getting into …[View]
57516959Do look like what I weigh: I'm 5'10 135 in pic related. I know I'm small but I have s…[View]
57517100Do I need steroids for this?[View]
57516688which is best?: >endurance >speed >strength from what i recall endurance is what gave human…[View]
57517094/fit/ is invested with pedos seriously if you are one of these guys who posts this stuff, stop mastu…[View]
57517051>start working out >immediately start farting smelly farts constantly WHY DID NO ONE SAY THIS …[View]
57515417>be me >go to the gym >someone's in my power rack…[View]
57510308How's my routine look? Trying to balance strength, aesthetics and performance.[View]
57516319Epsom salt bath: Is this a meme? No evidence that it does anything but somehow it feels better than …[View]
57515403>glute doms[View]
57516925Enter haum jim >She saw ramona flowers and felt so empowred by a movie made in hollywood its sad …[View]
57516259Madcow 5x5: Can someone please redpill me on Madcow 5x5? It seems as a less grueling intermediate pr…[View]
57514154yoga as exercise general: A place to discuss the wonderful world of hatha/kundalini/vinyasa -esque f…[View]
57513807Does lifting cure loneliness[View]
57516507Stuck: For the past year or so I've been consistently losing weight, at about .5-1 lb a week, t…[View]
57513820will taking ritalin kill my gains?[View]
57485628/fraud/ general: General steroid thread I'm doing a cruise on 250mg/week, starting to get very…[View]
57516707How do i achieve this mode?[View]
57516564Best body is BS: Listen faggots, your body is the best body. If you are fit enough to life 1/2/3/4 a…[View]
57514071Looking for program: Just finished Blueprint to Mass, looking for another bulking program that is 2 …[View]
57516748I took some fat during lockdown, what's the easiest and fastest way to cut?[View]
57515589fuck why is there so much conflicting information about lifting? The more I research the more confus…[View]
57516625Actual fitness advice thread. 4 months ago I started working out as a skinnyfat skelly, I am still …[View]
57514555no breast tissue, lean but still puffy nipples? should i cut them open when there puffy as they seem…[View]
57515595>powerlifters are all fa------- https://www.instagram.com/p/CDD27pzjMs7/?igshid=liag9fkcykee…[View]
57515888I hate being in a community, like uni and work, the meaningless interactions I have with people just…[View]
57516657Exercise induced Hairloss?: >19 >get into lifting heavily with a group >make good progress …[View]
57516113Listen up you lil shits >have diarrhea for a 1 >next day parents blast up my phone telling me …[View]
57514898What type of routine do I need to get glutes like this? I’m 5’10 and 155 lb but I don’t look like a …[View]
57515292>He hasn't started photosynthesizing for infinite gains LMAOing at the state of you animal c…[View]
57516189Will it fuck up my recovery If I do 1 hour of cardio on SL rest days?[View]
57516260For the past 6 months, I have not exercised at all, but pretty much every night I've been able …[View]
57516006should I arch my back on an incline bench press?[View]
57515628What protein powder is the best fit? I'm lactose intolerant so whey is out, is collagen any goo…[View]
57511531>180 cm >79 kg >Technically only barely a healthy BMI >My gut is too prominent for my li…[View]
57512259how do i achieve this body?[View]
57514198Why haven't yall taken the Centaur pill yet? Btw I can't lose my fucking love handles if m…[View]
57515496>cool shower makes my body look more aesthetic as the skin tightens up around my muscles from the…[View]
57515153how many types of supplement pills can i take daily before it looks as if im only pilling my way to …[View]
57514632Kettlebell: Any of you train with kettlebells ? Is it a good investment ?[View]
57514908What lifts do I need to realistically be able to beat Coldsteel the Hedgehog in a fight?[View]
57515015>get body shamed by parents as a kid >insecure about everything >22y old train first time w…[View]
57515622so i got a boxing bag, what should i practice on it? i dont have any boxing gloves, so my knuckles w…[View]
57514875Realistically how strong should a 6'2 175lbs lanklet with below average genetics be after two y…[View]
57515918>back/hip pain >go deadlift >back feels better…[View]
57514354How many sets do you do: ..for >OHP >Bench >Squat >DL 3x12 all the way, any other 12rep …[View]
57515814Give me your /fit/ dinner recipes.[View]
57515981CUTTING: OKAY, i'm tired of looking like shit. gonna cut now. I'm gonna keep doing SL as i…[View]
57512875How many eggs do you eat every day?[View]
57489890What would you different if 19yr old again: I'm 19 now and I want to capitalize on other mistak…[View]
57514558leg lengthening will fuck up your proportio-[View]
57515642>over 6 months of no gym and counting >gainz melted away doing poverty ass calisthenics t-the…[View]
57509927Hip and Shoulder stretches?[View]
57508416LARD: Hey /fit/ is lard a good fat? I use alot of butter and coconut oil, but I like lard as it…[View]
57515600>mfw grandpa is more buff than me[View]
57515042If I do GOMAD + resistance band workouts can I look like the engineer. How do engineer mode natty?[View]
57514315I just squatted 147.5 kg for a beautiful set of 5.[View]
57514312Itt: We make this guy ad script[View]
57515148>*attracts old people like sugar attracts bees *[View]
57512033ITT: Faces of /fit/[View]
57512472How do I measure my body fat?: I only have tape, but my neck is abnormally wide and I have big traps…[View]
57515188How do you deal with soreness after leg day?[View]
57515374Best home workouts for weight gain?[View]
57513672deltoids: Is having protruding roung shoudlers a genetic thing? take Chris' delts for example, …[View]
57514511Rich Piana died 9/25/2017 Who here is doing an 8 hour arm workout on his death day in his memory?[View]
57512641What's the final solution to the ketard problem plaguing this board?[View]
57514577Does zero sugar soft drinks really spike insulin, is it just a myth or happens on an individual leve…[View]
57515276ITT we settle it once for all time: Db rows kneeling vs standing? What do?[View]
57512372R.I.P Zyzz :(: I just have found of the death of you die. On youtube on night time when I see your v…[View]
57513097Test results: Got my bloods done and my test is in the 300's. I am buzzfeed tier. Don't th…[View]
57515106Is it possible to escape this ratio: I have a big head. Big skull. Whatever. My shoulders arent that…[View]
57513159ok, so i'm looking at ways to lose weight, eat less, ect ect. how much protein I eat is a conc…[View]
57514501Should I get the Travis Scott meal for my post workout?[View]
57515066is potato good for lifting[View]
57515034im going to purchase zinc and vit for my low test (doc said around 300) is 25mg zinc too strong of a…[View]
57515056As a 22 year old male made of straw with hollow bones like a bird, will HGH make me taller /fit/?[View]
57513652How to lift away loneliness anons?[View]
57514975are friends gains goblins?: >be me >just chilling on a saturday >wanna get a juicy workout …[View]
57514662>2 months lifting >2 muscle groups each day 4 times week >600 cal deficit >25% bf Whe…[View]
57506861>tall big people: >longer reach >longer limbs to run faster >larger organs >larger td…[View]
57512705>Be 5'7 manlet >Buy elevator shoes >Walk around being 5'11 >Mfw it's like…[View]
57513315Been lifting for 8 months seriously and nobody notices shit: Lifts keep going up, but friends dont e…[View]
57513047Were people more good looking before ? Even in my family, one of my great grand father looked like a…[View]
57514882>those oly larpers all decked out in lifting gear who squats 3pl8 1RM at most and exclusively c…[View]
57514880What are some oblique exercises where it’s not extremely easy to cheat on form? Every time I do bicy…[View]
57514845I want to start gym but im anxeious as fuck. IM skinny as hell but i have soccer player body. I want…[View]
57513457As a 5'8 heavy big boi, how do you act like a genuinely nice guy without girls thinking you are…[View]
57514590Ugly: Body Fitness aside, does anyone have any tips for accepting that you’re simply an ugly cunt? I…[View]
57514399hello bros, is my 3 months progress since the first time Ive ever been into a gym normal or am I doi…[View]
57514616100% natty: Thoughts?[View]
57514124Whey AND Casein protein shakes?: Been exercising for close to two months and I've paid attentio…[View]
57513816He has a wife and a daughter. this is pure negligence[View]
57514169achievable natty?[View]
57507248Barbell Medicine: Should I take the RPE pill? I've done some GSLP but seems too meme-y and also…[View]
57513902/GOAL BODY/: /GOAL BODY/[View]
57514188Is it even possible for Asian 'men' to make it?: Asian women are more likely to be living with white…[View]
57514452This is the ideal male body if you aren't mentally ill[View]
57514236pulled, strained or overloaded this one again. How do I stop this from happening? cant turn my head,…[View]
57513891>tfw no gf to help you stay /fit/[View]
57514423My upper arm gets really sore when I lift it up and gets even more sore when I do a press motion wit…[View]
57514222Do you agree on this? Nippard says that if you want to look big and muscular these are the groups yo…[View]
57512731Which one would win a boxing match: a samurai, or a Roman legionary?[View]
57510558Apps like Stronglifts: I like the Stronglifts app but don't like that I can't customize ex…[View]
57514243Fit Appreciation Thread /fat/: Post stuff your thankful for, post recent successes or reaching goals…[View]
57514204>January 2020 >67kg >Ripped as fuark, can see my abs >Face gains -- strong jawline, chee…[View]
57511126is it wrong to be naked and/or pee briefly in a open hotel pool shower like this?[View]
57514210Marine Collagen: Does anyone here take it? Why? Did you do anything for you?[View]
57514158I feel HORRIBLE after yesterdays workout. My muscles AND joints hurt, I feel sick, bloated but also …[View]
57512848fag here, how do i get a bigger ass without getting muscular thighs?[View]
57512648Why aren't you eating Honey Pre-workout /fit/: 1. Honey is a superior source of antioxidants. 2…[View]
57497250Podcasts: What podcasts does /fit/ listen to ?[View]
57514113What are the best ab routines? I have been neglecting them since I haven't really found one I r…[View]
57511567Ashwagandha: is it legit or just another meme? took it for about a month or so but didn't reall…[View]
57508725>been fasting/snake diet for three weeks getting good results >start noticing more and more ha…[View]
57513635Hybrid Supremacy: IT IS LITERALLY GENETICS! Unless your ancestor was smart enough to breed with Nean…[View]
57509071Workout routine suggestions: dieting sucks: >5’8” 210lbs. >been dieting for three months. Stu…[View]
57513017Once and for all: /fit/ exists for 12 years now. How many of you actually, objectively, made it, wit…[View]
57499635give it to me straight: nofap yay or nay[View]
57498882Do women even like bodybuilders anymore? Feels like attraction to buff guys went extinct since 2015.…[View]
57512732getting /fit/ and antipsychotics: I've been taking abilify (anti psychotic) for 6 years now and…[View]
57513851Phenibut.. Is it worth it? I read a lot of positive stuff about it, but also read it's addictiv…[View]
57513866>grinding out last rep on bench >get it up half way and it stops >my heart freezes in my ch…[View]
57511808resist consooooming: how do you resist consoooming when you get the urge to eat?[View]
57511581>only good value, high protein yogurt on the market. like $0.44 each on sale at costco >has so…[View]
57513614Have you taken the blue pill yet /fit/ ?: guaranteed to give you a better pump and raise test have …[View]
57511511Sleep can't be that important for gains: so long as you get in high volume in the gym and eat e…[View]
57513436Post body[View]
57512374Red-pill me on FASTING. First meal 10AM Second meal 2PM Third Meal 6PM Is this a good fast? For a st…[View]
57513557How much should I weigh? I'm 183cm / 6 'tall and weigh 100kg / 220lbs, I've been sede…[View]
57513758/fit/, what are some good supplements to add to my protein shakes? I like to pre-make 10x shaker bot…[View]
57513489Things dyels say: Things dyels say I’ll start >this is why I lift *pic of whore* >can someone…[View]
57513460Ted Kaczynski BTFO'ing roiders: If you coping hedonists combined /fit/ with /lit/, you would ha…[View]
57512562I love being tall, white and skinny: its cash[View]
57505108Lift life crisis: Why do I even lift? Everything i do is creepy. Im just trying to be nice. Why is e…[View]
57511214>trying to do nofap >see this shit every time I come to /fit/ >a BLUE board What the fuck …[View]
57513711/hairfraud/ general: Where my hairfraudster bros at? Translplants, fin, dut, minox, that RU shit, an…[View]
57508363Natural treatments for depression?: I come to you guys in hopes that you guys are educated enough to…[View]
57513150>85-year-olds can't be rippe-[View]
57513079What can I do to salvage my gains while I recover from broken ribs? I can’t even do bodyweight squat…[View]
57500786play rugby[View]
57512308I keep hearing people say that swimming is the best form of cardio as it works the entire body and i…[View]
57508842Why do I like horse faced girls so much bros?[View]
57513671Endurance: I need to build up endurance quickly for an upcoming indoor football match between friend…[View]
57513649How can i improve my mind gains? memory, perception, etc. what foods to eat and what exercises to do…[View]
57513638why is db bp so much better than bb bp?[View]
57512078What's your social gains routine?[View]
57513431since everybody is at home nowadays, explain this![View]
57513285during corona i have regressed back a few years out of boredom, i started smoking weed agian , heavi…[View]
57513344I feel like I looked better before I lost the weight[View]
57513093Does number of meals matter or can I just OMAD? Does it matter if I eat carbs, meat, eggs or veggies…[View]
57513024Weight loss: 5’8” and 231 lbs. First time posting here but I’ve been lurking for a couple weeks. Re…[View]
57501826How do I make eye gains bros[View]
57513375Do you get mogged by a 75 year old, /fit/? I sure as fuck do[View]
57512980>Had a dream about cuddling with my high school crush >Haven't thought about her for year…[View]
57512634How much must I bench to earn the right to be loved?[View]
57507416Bad Genetics & Delusional People Thread[View]
57512132Squat shoes: I have just bought squat shoes (Adidas Powerlift 4) and they feel great, very stable an…[View]
57512307Sleep gains: What are ideal sleeping patterns supposed to look like?[View]
57513218Is this achievable natty?[View]
57513010Did a woman ever approach you with romantic intent? If yes then you're at least a 7/10[View]
57512767It should be criminal how gyms are still closed. >protests are cool >casinos are open >bet…[View]
57512842are you a fat fuck?: well, why don't you take it off?[View]
57510027Ausfag General /AFG/: Gday lads[View]
57510400how do i know how much weight i should start off with when i first start lifting? what happens if th…[View]
57511162Anger: Why am I having such difficulty controlling anger impulses? I just explode at the most mundan…[View]
57512087is there anything more freeing than diving?: >vertical movement almost like flying >cool and c…[View]
57512808How retarded would be doing PPLPPLx split while going first three days for strength (low reps x high…[View]
57513027Working on losing weight, but is this gynocomastia and scoliosis?[View]
57512398I got a boxing bag, what should i do with it besides practicing punches? I don't have boxing gl…[View]
57511809Anyone can help a buddy with this water fast planning: I need to lose a lot of weight, i know i wont…[View]
57504434Is this body type the best overall for strength and combat?[View]
57512807I got this 'digital therapy machine' off eBay a while ago (I think it was like 8 USD) and it actuall…[View]
57511784How much do I need to eat to keep up with the Texas Method?: I'm assuming a lot.[View]
57496840Is it true that charm & personality can be trained just like muscles?[View]
57512978Ideals thread: incel edition[View]
57512607Glutes for the Sloots: I need help /fit/. I have horrible posture because I have absolutely no muscl…[View]
57510260What is the best sleeping position for muscle recovery?[View]
57505700/fat/ - she probably has some extra skin but feels better going this direction edition: >Who is /…[View]
57512892do people get scared of you if you turn into a massmonster: I just want to leave humanity behind, be…[View]
57512280how do i get good at freestyle swimming? i struggle to breathe while doing it[View]
57511595>Be ausfag >Go to shops >See Instant Noodles >Health Star Rating: 3.5/5.0 >See Cheese…[View]
57511858Pulling Pallets: Is this good for leg gains? I keep my back straight and retract my shoulders so I f…[View]
57510964Since men have steroids, is there an equivalent drug for women? Something that makes them not be so …[View]
57511888thoughts on this kings?[View]
57512636>tfw girls always comment how their wrists are bigger than mine[View]
57477803/C/:calisthenics general: VVVVVVVVVVVVV SIT edition https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calisthenics *****…[View]
57511217>benched 56kg 5x5 today a 6kg improvement from the last 2 weeks i'm progressing again!…[View]
57512215Foam roller: Quick redpill on these? I use it on my pecs, biceps, and triceps[View]
57511677I AM BUCKED UP[View]
57512305Carrots = Collagen: >provides your daily Vitamin A an Collagen requirements which keep your skin …[View]
57510978Acne Scars: I recently turned 21 and that's too old to have acne, how can I get rid of acne and…[View]
57510419How do I stick to a workout routine with adhd?: Also is there anything else I should be worried abou…[View]
57508685Sugar: >raises estrogen levels >rots teeth >is the number one cause of obesity So /fit/, w…[View]
57512376Restless Legs: Any other anons here with this curse? Personally have had it since 15 years old... ca…[View]
57506563Liver fibrosis stage 1, how bad is it? Got diagnosed a month ago, did a Fibrotest. TGO (AST) was hig…[View]
57506185I got into a physical fight with my boomer dad and beat him up pretty bad. I still went to the gym a…[View]
57509137I’m nikocado tier in terms of food addiction and am currently having a mental breakdown so I’ve stoc…[View]
57510860Neck Training: What's the best way to train neck, /fit/? I do BlowJobJob, so it feels like my n…[View]
57509857Does eating increase or decrease your will to live?[View]
57504075What is your post workout meal of choice?[View]
57512293Final set songs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgHK0XXkEEs&ab_channel=TemporaryVideos…[View]
57510627How good is this physique?[View]
57511286>Last person leaves >Finally have whole gym to myself >'Now I can release the limiters' …[View]
57510219do slampigs ruin nofap gains?[View]
57511599DIP I DIP YOU DIP: But seriously, why does he heave such a hard time following rules?[View]
57511910What is the best time to do fitness activities?[View]
57511261If I ate nothing but drank my TDEE in protein shakes everyday would I stop shitting? If so, how long…[View]
57511471Kyphosis: Hey lads,does this look like kyphosis to you? As soon as I come back home from uni I'…[View]
57511764Bro's what the fuck am I even doing with my life.[View]
57510416Is this actually a good exercise for chest and lat development? It feels so wrong when I try do it[View]
57510652How do I achieve Uncle Iroh mode?[View]
57511916I hate being in a community, like uni and work, the meaningless interactions I have with people just…[View]
57502475Genius or nah? >buy 3$ pair of nice work gloves >cut fingers off >have dank unique and styl…[View]
57511151Would you still lift if you had a good-looking face?[View]
57507563Lower back fucked: Went to snap city three years ago. Does this shit work? I will kill myself any da…[View]
57509063Making women get in shape: Yeah, it’s another one of these threads. How to get a woman to lose weigh…[View]
57511674ITT post what you’re eating right fucking now: no cheating[View]
57509829How would you hide this hair line?: Details. https://imgur.com/a/dMaPrY2[View]
57509963How do you deal with depression while cutting? Especially fasts or very low calorie diets[View]
57509747What should I do /fit/: I suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder and it has made my life a living…[View]
57511374>tried nofap several times because of low libido and difficulty getting an erection >always fa…[View]
57511711When you ugly you know that you have shit social life cuz you ugly. But when you've been called…[View]
57501882Milk is bad for you. It gives you the shits.[View]
57510547Whats my prospect after breaking my wrist? Am i fucked for lifting?[View]
57508732Why is this allowed?[View]
57510845>Pass the dumbbell bro[View]
57497600why lift if it's all about the juice?[View]
57510378How do you guys cope with being fat at work? What do you do if your coworkers catch you looking at t…[View]
57511469tips on purchasing equipment for outdoor lifting? wanting to invest in my own rack, weights, and ben…[View]
57509906Serious question?: Is there even a point to lifting if you're not norse white?[View]
57511343Don't give up bois. Matter of fact, give me 25[View]
57504372Fit Music: Thread about blood pressure rising, adrenaline triggering, nostril flaring tunes. Those t…[View]
57511364POST YOUR WORKOUT MUSIC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sK5NIiudT_o[View]
57508854High volume: how big/fit can you get with high volume training? I know most of /fit/ are strength ze…[View]
57509001Just found out Nose Picking and Lip Biting causes cancer: I have so many years to catch up on and ha…[View]
57511294What is the best or funniest or most memorable reaction you've gotten from a fEMaLe discovering…[View]
57511244>we ain't had nothing but chicken for three stinking days[View]
57510481>just lift, even if you're ugly, girls won't hate you for your fa-…[View]
57503213i got jumped at the gym today somebody hit me in the head with a 20lb dumbbell and my head has been …[View]
57511072Ab Routines: what do you do for abs, /fit/?[View]
57509868my wife is insecure that her lips are not fat enough. what do? (besides punch her in the mouth ofc)[View]
57511119Bloatmaxx thread: I lift for the sole purpose of absolute moggery Every set, every rep i grind trou…[View]
57508244How did I do for tonights dinner /fit/izens?[View]
57509377/fit/ Cooks: What are you eating or cooking anon? Just finished cooking this piece of flat iron.…[View]
57510561Lads how did ya'll start progress in snatching/ doing clean and jerks without braking your spin…[View]
57510963Post Actual GOD-Tier Lifting Songs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7ZEEymq0DQ&frags=pl%2Cwn…[View]
57488770Side profile thread: I mog desu[View]
57508826I have a round belly with a hairy chest. How do I get big ass arms to go with them? I know bicep cur…[View]
57510870post GOD TIER lifting songs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YC8NmE3H-zs[View]
57509998Should I go on TRT? I'm in my early 40 and always depressed and severely lacking confidence. Or…[View]
57510793I am the gym autist: >Get in Gym half hr late cause rotation ended late with the evaluation, have…[View]
57510408Creatine Monohydrate: Which brand of Creatine Monohydrate would you reccomend /fit/ ? does it matter…[View]
57508280Drinking soda is more pleasurable than masturbating for me.[View]
57510680>first week back in uni >more than 50% of women are labdwhales Can they be saved?…[View]
57500616Chicken Appreciation Thread: Unironically a godsend for bodybuilding. A ball of meat that poops out…[View]
57510281Assuming Mel gibson is 5'10 - what do you reckon his weight would be? Like over 200 lbs?[View]
57508991> tfw there are people on this board who still lift for women I thought you wanted to make it /fi…[View]
57510638Redpill me on HVT and HIT: Which one is better generally? And more specifically for a beginner?…[View]
57510062>be me >doing OMAD >doesn’t eat enough for lunch >feel like shit when I gotta go to slee…[View]
57473446/mag/ - martial arts general: Karate BTFOs Muay Thai edition[View]
57510300What did /fit/ achieve today: >tfw just squat 2pl8 for reps for the first time ever Its not much…[View]
57510461Thank you, /fit/.[View]
57509769best breads to buy?: i recently been buying 647 multi grain bread since it's only 40 calories p…[View]
57510129The Nod: You guys ever notice how bros that are regulars and serious about lifting always give each …[View]
57505653>deadlift hamstring tears compilation[View]
57510287Part of being a weight chucking hate fucking freakbeast or just a man who commands respect is the wa…[View]
57510121what should I give to my grandma to slow her aging? I'm currently giving her creatine and omega…[View]
57498068/OWG/ Olympic Weightlifting General: Let's talk about the Stanch and CloobyJooby[View]
57507623Workout Buddies: How'd you find yours?[View]
57510055GOMAD: Can I do GOMAD with only Choccy milk because I hate regular milk[View]
57509463>go ice skating with sister >expect to have fun, learn something new >skate for awhile, not…[View]
57501475How do you take your coffee, /fit/? For me, it's black.[View]
57509412all the muscles in the world won't make up for what you're lacking genetically . . . talen…[View]
57506421Does soy sauce increase estrogen or is it just soy milk?: The Japs have been eating it for years so …[View]
57499735post your ideals[View]
57508781How much do you think Lebron could 1 rep max deadlift?[View]
57503173Reminder that incline walking/hiking is the best cardio. >low impact >no muh knees >even fa…[View]
57508260GYNO: Any bros here got any input or experience with gear related gyno? I've regularly ran AAS …[View]
57509350>tfw can only workout by myself >been neglecting cardio because have to go to the park or my a…[View]
57507536I need to achieve pic related in three months. I'm currently close to anorexia. What do I have …[View]
57509722> only 23 > almost totally bald > tfw will never get prime teen puss again Should I commi…[View]
57502750GF lack of deepness (no pun): GF doesn't want to go below parallel I told here it's pointl…[View]
57509052Rate his physique: Does he look like shit for his years lifting? Is this what happens to every natty…[View]
57509022Intermittent fasting is just a fancy term for maintaining a consistent intake of calories[View]
57509720Liquid Diet: Day 14: How's the diet going /fit/?[View]
57496610>tfw ever since i started lifting i got attracted to thick and borderline fat women >really in…[View]
57509487How do I make myself depressed? Every time I’ve gone through a depression my lifts get noticeably be…[View]
57499814/plg/ - pressbloating general: /PLG/ - The Pressbloating General >EAT TO GET YOUR PRESS UP EDITIO…[View]
57509582does cyanidin 3-glucoside actually work? Seems like some body building blogs really shill it[View]
57507092If you do not have abs you are FAT.[View]
57505087Redpill me on weed: Give it to me straight /fit/. Does it really lower testosterone?[View]
57509266Is this ottermode?[View]
57507825/fit/ will defend this[View]
57508900Hello, Last time I did push ups, I got a terrible back injury. At least, the injury coincided with m…[View]
57508819sleeping twice a day to work out twice a day: To sidestep over training, can I increase weekly volum…[View]
57504682What's the fastest way to recover after injuring your back?[View]
57507332FLOW STRENGTH: >today at the urinal in the gym >have flow envy cuz the guy next to me had a d…[View]
57505503Is this achievable natty?[View]
57508543Daily reminder that bodyfat is everything Look at Chad Pitt when he is fat He look a chinless incel[View]
57509230competition+a job for retards: 0300 wake up, 0400 done with brekky and going to gym, 0700 done with …[View]
57509311Strength after cutting: Bearmode here I'm finally going to cut, and because I am impatient I…[View]
57506233Energy drink addiction ?: How do you (help your overweight little gamer brother) wane off energy dri…[View]
57506891>move in with parents to save during rona >200 pounds, 5'11 >Trying to lose weight …[View]
57507985All my roommates are degenerate pot heads. They smoke every fucking day and I can smell the shit in …[View]
57508380ITT: we post pics of ourselves and other guess what our big three lifts are. Pic is me, been lifting…[View]
57506356Do big muscles give you credibility and respect even if you are a retard?: Example: this fool is a T…[View]
57509088Yep, fucking 285 pounds of muscle. Just look at me, man... mmm. You ever seen this much muscle on a …[View]
57506235What the fuck /fit/, why do they taste so good?[View]
57501037Any Vasectomy Chads in the House?: >Be 27 >MGTOWpilled >Have LTR and sidehoes, but never ge…[View]
57507220what am i in for?[View]
57508952>She's dead. It's done[View]
57508431Planks for weight loss?: 225 fat fuck. Do planks really help with weight loss, if so how can I do th…[View]
57507070Lifting is no longer enough of an escape lads. What do you do when your job is shit and your home li…[View]
57508973What overdeveloped muscle group on a women is your fetish /fit/? For me it’s the arms, it’s like ins…[View]
57504639Cutting, cravings and You: On a suicide cut to get dat shredded dickskin look, how to deal with crav…[View]
57503761NATTY OR NOT?[View]
57507189>return to /fit/ after almost 2 years to laugh at some memes >people are actually recommending…[View]
57508064Thread for sharing your transformation. Here's mine[View]
57508849For me, it's Aleksey Torokhtiy.[View]
57505477If I ever have a son should I blast him with HGH?Also will him working out during puberty actually m…[View]
57499791Pec appreciation thread: PEC appreciation thread. Have you been making sPECtacular chest gains /fit/…[View]
57507171How big/strong do you need to be to fight an attacking dog? Also, what techniques would you use to n…[View]
57505462Hey /fit/ bros how the fuck do I make my wrists wide and manly[View]
57507169barbell bench vs dumbbell bench: is there any point in doing barbell bench if I can bench 100s for r…[View]
57508669Now that's a pre-workout I can get behind.[View]
57488490Barrel Chest: Is it possible to use barrel chest to my advantage? I dont have any conditions that ca…[View]
57504545Ughhhh: Another 7 day fast? Am I gonna end up dying? Maybe I'm doing it all wrong, perhaps I sh…[View]
57508065Anyone else has 0 problem bulking?: Like I started bulking a month ago and I lift more weight every …[View]
57508024i signed up to go to the gym at 4:30 tomorrow and am so fucking scared: i am neetcel and havent been…[View]
57507421are you supposed to eat dinner before or after workout?[View]
57506589what % of your bodyweight do you squat?: >squat/bodyweight = % I'm at 143% for 5x5 right now…[View]
57506383No steroids, just 36 raw eggs everyday. Take the egg pill[View]
57506621>Thanks to touch starvation the extreme cortisol levels in my body have hampered gains by nearly …[View]
57507800Is he counting my plates or looking at my cheeks? N-no homo[View]
57507972Does breeding increase testosterone?[View]
57505537Anon you look like a challenge: >I have been looking for a challenge for a long time Anon Do you …[View]
57505102Goals: What are your short term (end of year or next few months) goals, /fit/? Mine are >300lb ax…[View]
57506251/ems/ general: weight cucking buy your time back based germans: http://wiki.ifs-tud.de/biomechanik/a…[View]
57507249Shoulder pain from pushups: I have been doing a lot of pushups recently and found that pain in the f…[View]
57507689how many more kgs do I have to lose before otter mode?[View]
57502636vegans be like >God gave humans muscular endurance and high strength capacity to pick berries and…[View]
57504358I cant handle my lower back anymore. I threw it out last night from a fucking nightmare. How do I fi…[View]
57507553>he reports threads for free >he does the job of jannies for free >jannies do it for free a…[View]
57507475Achievable natty? What type of lifting numbers would I need for this look? Bench press,overhead pres…[View]
57507748it's my cheat day and i ate little more than 3 thousand calories AMA[View]
57500156Chad Calisthenics vs Virgin lifting: Why haven't you faggots taken the Calisthenics pill yet? I…[View]
57507419What exercise should someone do if they want to do this to people?[View]
57507376Question for you anons that don't use shampoo: How do you combat dandruff? I can't go four…[View]
57505959Sup Guys: Derek, More Plates More Dates. Today we’re talking about Greg Doucette: Natty Or Not I kno…[View]
57502522I sleep once every three days, and i only get 4-6 hours of sleep when i do. I tried taking melatonin…[View]
57505958Is starting strength a good program or not? I’ve seen so many mixed answers here that now I don’t kn…[View]
57506659I recently finished a 5K in under 19 minutes, but when I get my blood pressure taken it's alway…[View]
57505457How much finger strength is necessary to pinch someones flesh off? Could pinching someone's for…[View]
57503328I do I fix this. It’s gotten better but still here. Could I just keep training my vote until it goes…[View]
57498640Chad names for your son to ensure he grows up /fit/? David John Clive Arthur James Cuck/beta names: …[View]
57483507At what point will you have 'made it'? For me, it's when I get a tomboy gf to work out with.[View]
57504628Redpill brainstorming, /prefics/ thread 3/7: Previous thread was a massive failure, kek. Hello, /fit…[View]
57507003Anyone visit Snap City in the past? How long was your stay? What did you do to[View]
57504390Does your gf/wife mire your gains??[View]
57487511/fast/ - You can do it! edition: Please read and watch the videos before posting >NEWish Snake Ma…[View]
57505986Can I get a body like this without push ups and pull ups?[View]
57506178Fitnessin': Grade my chiseled body.[View]
57499528Which type of row promotes most lat growth/makes you wider?: There are so many types. Pendlay row, y…[View]
57495529What are some ways to become accountable to exercise? My doctor recommends it as I have low test. I …[View]
57502361>came to /fit/ in 2013 with aspirations of being a natty bodybuilder and living the Zyzz/Jeff Sei…[View]
57505426Are the ram ranch songs the perfect music while getting fit? notthing is more manly than manly man …[View]
57504785Any tips on building arms similar to pic related? I’m a skinny bastard running PHUL (on my first mon…[View]
57505668How do you grow massive traps?. Also how to achieve this body natty?[View]
57505093What's the best way to loose fat as a non-DYEL?: Not asking for magic tricks for weight loss, I…[View]
57506160catsup distrobution: Honestly you people laugh at fat people, but are you really honest about how yo…[View]
57505279do you mog the guy on the left[View]
57506726how important is carbs in a strength only purpose ? should I prioritize it over proteins ?[View]
57505059Bought a Total Gym XLS for $50 lads. Did I waste my money?[View]
57504893>come back to the gym after months of lockdown >SHE never came back Lifts for this feel?…[View]
57506106What're you listening to, anon?: post best albums for blasting in the 'iron jungle,' as dwayne …[View]
57505595Guys the veiny arms are cool and all but my veiny forehead isn't. How do I go back?[View]
57500057“You vs you.: An endless fight” - CEO of chads[View]
57500343>3 sets of 8-5 reps >increase weight when 8 reps is easy, then start new weight at 5 reps Is t…[View]
57496343What is this body type called?[View]
57502705What are the best exercises for raping women? Should I focus on pure strength or would I have more s…[View]
57505374>Do not try and bend the spoon, that's impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth...…[View]
57505680How strong are your wrists? Are you able to hold a sledgehammer from the middle of its handle parall…[View]
57506013Is it smart to train the rotor cuff muscles (esp. upper back) independently? Or does that just lead …[View]
57504514>can't get boners over women anymore >whenever see an attractive one online think 'F…[View]
57503919Testoterone and colesterol: This is a normal level of colesterol and Cholesterol has something to do…[View]
57505026How do I lose stubborn belly fat? My body’s pretty fit but this belly fat won’t go away? Any constru…[View]
57504761No Pump = No Muscle growth?: I have to wrap my shoulder pretty tight when doing chest and shoulders …[View]
57501506Had my bloods done and I have high cholesterol. What do? Will be retested in a few months.[View]
57497644>Doing triceps pulldowns >left triceps feels sore and acidic, but not really burning, more a g…[View]
57506147hi /fit/[View]
57505671For how long do I have to lift to attain this body naturally?[View]
57506078Best powerbuilding routine?[View]
57504289Is skating for pussies?: Do any of you skate? And if you do and are jacked, did gains interfere with…[View]
57505925I cry when angels deserve to die: will calisthenics get me the same body as naruto? >pic related…[View]
57504563Never enough: >look in mirror >see all my flaws and get mad at myself for not being good enoug…[View]
57504781Lean bulk: Is lean bulk a meme? I'm a former fatass that lost weight and now looks skelly but I…[View]
57505612What up mother fuckers. What are your guy's favorite PR songs or the 'go-to' when you need need…[View]
57505557Has anyone run Jacked and Tan 2.0? Just want to see if it's worth my time. If not, can someone …[View]
57495404Energy Drinks: Pros and cons of these niggas?[View]
57499561/fph/ Attention-Seeking Landwhale Edition[View]
57505377My first bulk has begun.[View]
57504640Ride wife Life good Wife fight back Kill wife Wife gone Think about wife ... Regret[View]
57503860>why lift when it's all about the face and low body fat[View]
57505345Lift for women = NGMI: Reminder that the vast majority of retards on this board lift for women. Even…[View]
57504953THIS LINK COVERS THE FOLLOWING TOPICS: - Proven, effective exercise routines - Diet - How to lose…[View]
57504056Shoulders are fucked to the point where I can't bench or ohp anymore bros, anything I can to fi…[View]
57504281It's all so tiring bros...: Things I've heard people say about fitness and nutrition recen…[View]
57503968I hate being in a community, like uni and work, the meaningless interactions I have with people just…[View]
57494274Corona progress thread: June 10 - Sep 15[View]
57503095how can I stop being a onions boy?[View]
57502349MOGGING THREAD: post routines that Make you impossible to mog[View]
57503575What's fitness culture like in the south?[View]
57505069THIS JUST IN: >Local man guillotines himself with homemade bench rack >What's up with the…[View]
57503722leangains: how solid is this guys advice? he's got me training semi-fasted with BCAAs, carb ti…[View]
57504584Women weaken legs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ownUn9pQfk Is it true? Do women weaken legs?…[View]
57504973foundation: I keep seeing people mention foundational strength and building their foundation before …[View]
57501586Is it possible to get lean without lifting? Let's say someone does a 500 deficit to lose weight…[View]
57504969>coworker called me hot stuff again, grabed my ass cheeks and pressed me against the wall all the…[View]
57503479Protein time frame: Is there any truth or is it complete bro science that your body can absorb only …[View]
57504561My deadlift has been at 480 for a month. Any tips for progressing?[View]
57503139Is ice cream keto friendly? really want some haagen daz.[View]
57502857Bulking on bread: Is it bad that i eat about 6-7 slices of sourdough bread everyday? It's just …[View]
57501193can i completely replace barbell bench press with dumbbells if i only care about size? I can't …[View]
57504123Just got pic related, any advice on a good beginner routine? I have a decent bmi and can do more tha…[View]
57502868Whats a good haircut I can get that isnt a faggy zoomer fade or modern trend? I fucking hate the loo…[View]
57497914does honey contain added sugar? or is it the same as ingesting the sugar from fruit and such?[View]
57503495Fill in the blank: Not gonna make it if you __________.[View]
57500427Anyone elses dad completely mog the shit out of them to this day?[View]
57502628I need your opinion fit. I want to be an officer in the airforce. I'm a computer engineer and 3…[View]
57503181Looking DYEL as a Natty: How strong do you have to be as a natty to look like you lift in a t-shirt?…[View]
57504470What happens if you eat McDonalds every day for an entire month?: I'm talking straight McDonald…[View]
57497218diet thread: rate my cutting diet bros[View]
57504290>mfw no strength left for last bench rep[View]
57504398ITT worst gym stories >Shout nigger through clenched teeth as I break benching pr >Black boome…[View]
57491305/CBT/ Bear mode edition: last one is dying lets go bears[View]
57504053What's the point of these round ball grips? Are they any good compared to standard thick grips?[View]
57503368Tobacco: Redpill me on tobacco I smoke once in a while but try to avoid it, I haven't bought an…[View]
57502853How can one man be so /fit/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gccBGjSLc08[View]
57503667Question for /fit/ I have a busy schedule so I work out when I get the chance. That means I will oft…[View]
57500376Redpill me on chili /fit/ I love the shit, what's the catch?[View]
57504272/fit/ are u aware on Ginastica Naturale? I use it for bjj training. Thoughts? https://youtu.be/gwWk…[View]
57502381ex-fatties, how much of your past do you acknowledge? Now that I'm /fit/, I'm thinking of …[View]
57504018>try squats >lower back fucking hurts >fuck it barbell rows >even worse >ok then lets…[View]
57493150>tfw I’m diagnosed with literal autism Is it over for me bros?[View]
57503620hey bros, ive had some cold/flu synmptoms all week, but i went to the gym anyway. is this based or c…[View]
57496095this is what all your hardwork is for[View]
57503695I seriously hope everyone here has taken the deenzpill[View]
57502142Will blood pressure return to normal after quitting MK677?: I've started doing MK677 14 days ag…[View]
57483714FIT...How do you make your coffee????[View]
57501847Need bigger wrists. How?: pic rel[View]
57502823Is dancing a good way to burn calories /fit/?[View]
57503917Tore my shoulder again: See you in 6 months[View]
57501640how good is pic related for cardio? do you get strength too? in what ways does it train you?[View]
57500157About to get in a fight: Hey guys, so I'm about to beat up my brother-in-law, he's having …[View]
57503563Please tell me you /cottage/ right?: >not eating 8oz cottage cheese per day >not getting easy …[View]
57497356I've been lifting for 3 years, am 167lb 5ft10 could I get my abs to 'pop' even more than this? …[View]
57503645how many proteins can i get if i swallow my own cum[View]
57484103/fat/ The Other Extreme Edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For the spiritually thin who want to better t…[View]
57503362God I fucking love coffee, lads[View]
57498958Take the Islampill: >most manly religion >warrior jihad spirit >obedient trad virgin wife …[View]
57502065Ok, i managed to get a gf. Now what? How do I mantain this?[View]
57496372Girl i just met send me this? What kind of lift do i need to fuck her? She is a muslim Indian girl,…[View]
57496385How does my bikini body look?: Hi! For most of my life I've struggled with my weight. It didn…[View]
57503364I wanna be fit and I want lots of cunny I don't care about clever, I don't care about funn…[View]
57502968bulking and cutting: >cut down to 12% and lean bulk >cut down to 15% and recomp >cut down t…[View]
57503204Show klinefelters examples: Examples <----[View]
57501350>will never be able to looksmax fully because I can't get contact lenses in…[View]
57499445Another day, another double double yolker You do only consume double yolked eggs, right?[View]
57499852>tfw still cry when thinking about Zyzz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mws4CX-kF2A…[View]
57500799how to build a thick neck: don't say headbang to grindcore[View]
57501720are rest days a meme? i usually work out every day, weights during the day, and cardio in the evenin…[View]
57477383QTDDTOT: Come ask your stupid questions and I'll answer them because I know things but I don…[View]
57501608>start bouldering as a khv ocd bulking lad this week >have no friends. Double my dose of antid…[View]
57501955why is the gym thots always the biggest whores? and how do i end up fucking many gym thots as possib…[View]
57501405/SG/ - Soya General: Let's have a discussion about this great plant and all its health benefits…[View]
57497481My best friend is getting married out of nowhere on December 11th, I need to lose 40 kilos to look l…[View]
57503106how do I obtain this physique?[View]
57500478what do you think his routine is?[View]
57501867>enthusiastically shake up my protein mix >walk down to the gym with a smile on my face, could…[View]
57502892Ideal bf body thread[View]
57502843How do i break the mental limit?[View]
57502172I just ate half a chicken.[View]
57495421What steroid cycle do you recommand for my physique to look like zyzz?[View]
57502914Why bother lifting if you’re a wristlet?[View]
57499671I threw my electrolyta balance out with too much magnesium: how to recover?[View]
57499243What are some things you can do to become better with your left hand at things? I try climb with jus…[View]
57500028ITT: people you used to think were big[View]
57501545Gf losing weight: >gf been having body image issues >after years of feeling bad herself she de…[View]
57502751My dad has 8 inch wrists and my mom has 7 inch wrists. I have 6 inch wrists. Was i adopted /fit/?[View]
57500630>dumb bells[View]
57501118Been lurking this board for two years. Working on my foundation. Getting the most out of my beginner…[View]
57502243How do you do your runs after squatting? I had a retard moment after pushing my max on squats, and r…[View]
57501344what the fuck is his problem?[View]
57502634B-bros: He's not even hiding it anymore[View]
57502523>first week back to the gym since March Sore as Hell, but it hurts in all the right ways. It’s go…[View]
57500234Is this stuff any good?[View]
57494864How am I supposed to consume psyllium husk? It tastes slimy as fuck.[View]
57501897Anyone still follow this femboi?[View]
57502567Make sure to get your free $3k if you've ever used uniswap[View]
57498317When did this board become infested with lookism incels?[View]
57502184I'm scared of doing squats: What if I do them wrong and snap my legs?[View]
57502347'Do you know many people (former clients and friends) I know who were doing 'planks' that triggered …[View]
57501024For me it's Skyr[View]
57501846Weighted Pull-ups, progressive overload with barbell curls, and bench press is all you need for big …[View]
57498358Zoom: Hey I was wondering if you gentlemen would be interested in lifting together via zoom. I'…[View]
57501779What muscle should I work on to make work easier.: I do lots of bending down, getting on my knees an…[View]
57502115How to get buff like this? Should I convert to Islam?[View]
57501974How's this looking lads?: Share any relevant information boys![View]
57492050How healthy are these really? Do they raise cholesterol?[View]
57499909it's time. you're either in or you're out kid. you're either the top or the bott…[View]
57500670hex DL > conventional DL front squat > back squat decline bench > flat bench What other boo…[View]
57501504Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
57501337Swole: should i cut or keep bulking?[View]
57500229I was stretching out then all of the sudden i see this, is it wrong of me to take a video or? Not su…[View]
57501611OHP really hurts my right elbow at the start of the press at the bottom. seated dumbbell press doesn…[View]
57499160Back thread: How long till I have a nice back bros, any advice other than more fork put downs and do…[View]
57492892How to replenish what i lost from jerking off: Hey, I’m starting to do nofap after being addicted fo…[View]
57498048what kind of program do you think this bish uses?[View]
57501154Share your favorite full body work out routine for intermediate lifters. 2 or 3 days a week preferab…[View]
57499489Natty or not?[View]
57500235What are some lifts to improve my leg strength?[View]
57499235Ghost Bulk General: Post your ghost bulking stories and questions here! Anyone got any tips to turn …[View]
57501336What's the way to a speedy recovery after tweaking your back?[View]
57494792New to lifting and nutrition, but a great cook. I thought I could swap cooking tips in exchange for …[View]
57501217>try sleeping 7, 8, 9 hours a night >always wake up feeling miserable >incorporate Siesta™ …[View]
57501086Now that I'm eating real food it's actually hard to hit my calorie goals. 100g of broccoli…[View]
57500387What lifts to become less autistic?: I thought that getting big would make me less anxious and awkwa…[View]
57501047>peope tell me to drink water even if im not thirsty >chug down like 1 liter >feel like shi…[View]
57500710I hate being in a community, like uni and work, the meaningless interactions I have with people just…[View]
57498303How has the coronavirus impacted your health and fitness?: Have you decided to go back to the gym ag…[View]
57499576Redpill me on GOMAD and JOPBAD.[View]
57500744>mom said she's going to stop buying me protein powder if I don't get a job…[View]
57495921Coffee Poops or Sex, which feels better to you /FIT/?[View]
57500772Which popcorn is the best cutting snack? Is it pic related?[View]
57497695CURRENT STATE OF /fit/: So the current state of /fit/ is like an Offtopic garbage dump and no one is…[View]
57494726Aside from genetic freaks, is it ever possible for a girl to be very fit AND busty? Asking for a fri…[View]
57500243How do I stop my ass from getting sore and irritated from sitting in a chair 8+ hours a day? I swear…[View]
57498741I do a barbell % based workout meant to build strenght. It's based purely on bench and squats. …[View]
57500709So I am slowly on the road to /fit/ness after years of abusing my body. I have lost roughly 32 pound…[View]
57497544Is this achievable natty?[View]
57500539What are some practices to calm the mind that you have in your daily routines? I feel like theres wh…[View]
57500532Mind health: What healthy foods are good for boosting memory and iq? did math & many brain reps …[View]
57500544poopanons adventure: This is a continuation of this thread: >>57487712 I did a large shot of o…[View]
57500373How do you deal with racists in your gym? I'm stuck in my homegym until Corona is over but I do…[View]
57499723Bros I need your help I have a shoulder injury and I cant diagnose it. When I work out chest and the…[View]
57498444Does my arm look dead?[View]
57499121What is the likelihood of me getting brain damage if I’m only doing light to moderate sparring in bo…[View]
57498821on getting things done: lack of motivation is caused by apathy and 'depression' 'depression' (the ty…[View]
57500362Pain: I went on a long streak of being %100 on point with diet and then added working out, been lift…[View]
57498324How come all gymnasts have shredded physique and muclebound bodies? the gymnastpill might be the so…[View]
57500096this place is a cancer in your life. why do you keep coming back to this shithole?[View]
57500304ultimate ab exercise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9Z69irCZX0 this video shows why dragon flags …[View]
57499019My BMI is now officially no longer in the overweight range. However, my belly is still very round an…[View]
57498543I have one hour before dentist's appointment to fill 4 cavities. Quick workout now or after?[View]
57499569dumbell next to workdesk: I'm thinking of having a single dumbell next to my home pc so I lift …[View]
57499248>maxing out on ohp >after a few sets sit down for a rest >notice the outer half of my right…[View]
57491006/fit/ Census 2020: https://forms.gle/dPjrxvghLytodCym7 YEARLY CENSUS IS HERE. FILL OUT THE QUESTION…[View]
57499029Strontium and Testosterone: Anyone tried supplementing strontium and felt better or had higher test?…[View]
57497100Are there any legitimate reasons why every man shouldn't start injecting testosterone once they…[View]
57495489How much do I have to lift before I can fuck the shit out of her?[View]
57499205Where do you buy fitting clothes?: I have a problem: i can't find jeans or trousers that would …[View]
57499044Is it possible to get a six pack by not exercising and generally being able to eat what I want?[View]
57499589Remember the 'How I Met Your Mother' Episode where Barney gets fat chicks on a diet and routine and …[View]
57498884Be me: Uncut foreskin but can't pull my foreskin all the way back. I don't see the issue w…[View]
57499010big pecs will never help you accomplish anything irl. they're just a muscle group that exist to…[View]
57498002got into a playful wrestling type shit with a guy and basically his tactic is putting elbow and fore…[View]
57491874What bizarre vanity motivates the varbie?[View]
57499641I was doing 8 kg dumbbell rows. Then I came to know that my form is totally wrong I wasn't doin…[View]
57494682How to be attractive: If your unattractive, grow a beard to hide half your subhuman face and squinch…[View]
57499425Are 3 sets for pussies? I train every muscle group twice a week, and am doing heavy w/low reps, wit…[View]
57499636I lift because it takes a strong man, mentally and physically, to step up the plate another man left…[View]
57487946/PLG/ - Powerlifting General: >Fat Fucks Edition Eat your way to victory. >How to The Press wi…[View]
57490853is it true that long-distance running is an anti-evolutionary trait that opposes short distance spri…[View]
57492093Most Important Topics: •'Bulking vs. Cutting': Muscles, obviously, aren't made from 'calories',…[View]
57498329What's your gymbro like /fit/? Can he/she/it outlift you? Do they lift up your spirits? Are you…[View]
57495233Rate this routine /fit/ I think this might be the Best looking 4-day template I have ever seen.[View]
57499529how much does greg doucette make?: look at this videos, hes rich as fuck lads also her woman spends …[View]
57499406Holding breath while sleeping: Sometimes happens that when i'm in a lighter sleep stage (usuall…[View]
57495997Stalling hard on squats: >6'4 lanklet >long arms, long torso, long legs, long penis, long…[View]
57488170What country has the best cuisine for muscle growth?[View]
57495666Is it wrong to catfish girls on Tinder?: Basically I'm a genetic deadend, so all the gymmaxxing…[View]
57499401Have my first session with my blood boy this weekend? What should I expect? How should I feel?[View]
57499400Manlet, Gigantic Wife?: Should a 171cm (5'7') manlet buy a tall gigantic wife to fade away his …[View]
57499290>Tfw wristlet Why live?[View]
57499292Sick of everyone here lifting for a girl, lifting for their future wife, etc. I lift so other men on…[View]
57498619BUILT FOR BBC[View]
57499268Greg Doucette: Anyone try his coaching? Seems knowledgeable[View]
57492495I wanna start my first steron cycle but I have an intense and irrational fear of needles (hence why …[View]
57496708If your posture isn't this perfect, you aren't even trying[View]
57498826Do women care how much I can lift or just how I look? I feel like girls who lift could appreciate t…[View]
57497354T Levls are at 306: Wtf bros. What do I do? I have wrestled for hs and college. I lift. And I also h…[View]
57499129what do you lift for /fit/? i lift for turkish women and building a family[View]
57493196/AFG/ Ausfag general: what is the best gym and why is it plus fitty?[View]
57493045fit will unironically make u super vain: i literally can’t go past any sort of mirror, lake, or refl…[View]
57495581I just catched a cold Help me heal fast Any foods or things to do ?[View]
57495225Im 6 ft 4 and feel like a manlet: I always felt like king of the world but a couple weeks ago I ran …[View]
57497628Is talking to women the best appetite suppresant?: Whenever I'm flirting with a bitch in real l…[View]
57492101How does /fit/ cook his chicken?[View]
57498165I hate being in a community, like uni and work, the meaningless interactions I have with people just…[View]
57496521whatever happened to gzus1?: any old miscers remember him? no life sign in 3 years https://www.insta…[View]
57498977why u post online? why would u care about any otther person expect ur family and close friends. they…[View]
57498880/BBG/ - Bodybuilding General: Bodybuilding General (/BBG/) is for all things related to bodybuilding…[View]
57496564That boi needs to eat some meat[View]
57498816FUCK BROS i should have listened, weight loss without stregth training causes lose skin shit[View]
57498079>ate 2 plates of dinner again it was fuckin risotto bros[View]
57492437dog forced me to take the cardiopill and it feels great[View]
57498341Was he the most based bodybuilder to ever walk the earth /fit/?[View]
57498544>took a 12 minute shit >see this[View]
57498483PSA for /fit/: To those still dealing with closed gyms or looking to build your home gym, check if y…[View]
57498033>mfw getting known as one of the regulars at the gym who everyone talks to or at the very least g…[View]
57498607Disappointed: I didn't go 100 percent when lifting today. FUCK FUCK FUCK IM SUCH A FUCKING DISG…[View]
57494054so how many calories do these 2 motherfuckers have each? been cutting for 17 weeks, almost 9% bodyfa…[View]
57497467ITT autistic /fit/ related things you do >always wait in front of the gym in my car for my gym gf…[View]
57497823>gym rapist used the twink without cleaning him again[View]
57494063Need help fit: So I have a big problem but first the backstory. I woke up this morning covered in sw…[View]
57493884/nht/ - Nicotine Hate Thread: Fuck smokers, fuck vapers, fuck chewers, fuck snorters. All forms of n…[View]
57496259>sleep: sleep is the most powerful fat loss tool >cant eat when your sleeping >not hungry w…[View]
57484803So, how many Kiwi fruits have you eaten today anon?[View]
57494154WHAT THE FUCK IS THE PROPER HUMAN DIET: Apparently I need a bunch of essential vitamins and other sh…[View]
57496973That guy: That SE asian guy who looks like pic related and does 20 super sonic alternating arms on t…[View]
57494292Does /fit/ take cold showers?: Are there any benefits?[View]
57491258Are there any books that would make me feel more motivated with the lift? Non-meme serious recommend…[View]
57491661>getting mogged by no CGI Thanos >/fit/ pick one…[View]
57481235>coworkers start discussing fitness[View]
57496633poopie problems: /fit/ what's the point of eating more if the only difference is that i'm …[View]
57498077>the human hand ltierally evolved to be made into a fist to fis-fight others >/fit/ is so wimp…[View]
57496406It is a known fact that over developed legs that rub together when you run are gross. I'm bangi…[View]
57498281Lighter weights and pump: Do you guys get a better pump from lighter weights? I understand the test …[View]
57490135how true is this?: how true is this?[View]
57497759how do you >gay4pay i wanna do it but i dont know where to start? any tips?…[View]
57493731>”Anon, your chest feels so hard and tight, do you workout??” What do /fit/??…[View]
57492868Any way to get flouride out of my water?: Heard filters dont do shit.[View]
57496229Anybody else is a good looking, tall chad man that works out too but still has shit social life? I k…[View]
57496893SexyBack: SexyBack is literally the best self esteem improving, walking in public like a chad song h…[View]
57492691How to achieve the Mishima mode?[View]
57497340so, I have possibly hurt my back due to poor form, or I have hurt tendons/muscle due heavy/too heavy…[View]
57495583Nicotine Addiction: How weak willed do you have to be to stay addicted to nicotine? >never smoke …[View]
57492055Redpill me on booze /fit/. Is it okay to drink it if it fits into your daily calorie limit and you…[View]
57488772does intense exercise/training age you faster?[View]
57497389These two sunddenly stop in front of you and offer you to come with them for some deadlift sesh and …[View]
57496683Milk: Okay /fit give me the rundown on milk. I see articles saying it's androgenic, estrogenic,…[View]
57495857Overcoming Isometrics: Have any anons ever trained overcoming isometrics? Have you found it helpful?…[View]
57493674>fitbit strap broke again Are my wrists too big or are Fitbits just cheap crap? Pic related, my w…[View]
57494988stretchmarks n shit: hey /fit/, getting really bad stretch marks on my upper hamstrings, this starte…[View]
57496470IF YOU CAN'T DO 30 PULLUPS IN ONE SET YOU ARE NOT FIT So how do I do more pullups? It seems lik…[View]
57492566Is this achievable natty? How?[View]
57497538Why even bother killing yourself at the gym and getting swole if you don't look like Maluma?[View]
57489607https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRyr7XXJxPc Whats the minimum deadlift to not be considered trans?…[View]
57492641My coworker's brother just died in his sleep after a bike ride. What's the best heart rate…[View]
57496260How do we drill it into asian people's heads that they're ugly and not white. Some of thes…[View]
57495642Walking while sedentary: I walked for four hours yesterday and then again today and while I'm n…[View]
57496288What am I missing anon?: 24y with mild but recurring acne. -2x wash morning and evening with cleanan…[View]
57494490>so today I’m going to show you guys a regular trip to the grocery store >I like to get maybe …[View]
57496042>lifts don't make me feel good anymore >the mires don't make me feel good anymore …[View]
57497567>They are not, ahm, 'manlets'. They are children. And it's YOUR job to teach them. Are a tea…[View]
57493770>'Wow anon you're so strong, do you work out?' >No.…[View]
57496837>be doing concentration curls >Curling 24kg for reps, no cheating (can do the same stood up fo…[View]
57497414The Gym Toilet: STOP SHITTING IN THE GYM TOILET![View]
57497407ITT: times when /fit/ was correct: >read on /fit/ that sleeping naked raises T >sleep naked …[View]
57492673Tips: I have like 15 mins to work out before work... any tips for my body type[View]
57492342Any late starters? What are some tips besides roids? Can we still make it?[View]
57495562How much slower is bench press progression in general when you are on maintenance, compared to when …[View]
57497454You spent 300 dollars on mediocre protein shake?: Good.[View]
57494982TO ALL THE NEGATIVE LOSERS IN HERE: SHUT THE FUCK UP!! I cant stand you kinda people with this half …[View]
57489647who do you lift for, /fit/? >pic related[View]
57495706wtf? you guys were right about brian shaw[View]
57496382Pseudoephedrine: I tried 240mg of pseudoephedrine (4 pills, 1 after 1h of taking last pill) before w…[View]
57496104Hey Anon remember that one time you didn't wipe off the machine you were using?[View]
57496264How long to achieve this physique natty? It's the most optimal look to be honest.[View]
57496557/GBG/ Ghost Bulk General thread: Post your ghost bulking stories and questions here! Anyone got any …[View]
57496946How can you overcome the more debilitating ADHD symptoms (Procrastination and boredom) without the u…[View]
57493251Spartan Shape: Ladies and Gentlemen I’m wondering what advice you all have to get into legitimate Sp…[View]
57489856Hardcore Preworkout: So I just used my first Hardcore Preworkout Booster: - Sick fucking pump - Bloo…[View]
57494514Am I balding?: Should I just take the buzzpill?[View]
57495968What is the overall greatest gym outfit a cardio bunny can wear? For me, it's the long sleeved,…[View]
57496776is it bad to do lots of different types of exercise yet hardly ever walk? will it fuck up my muscle …[View]
57495623Dragonslayer: What PRs do I need to reach to lift the dragonslayer and use it effectively? What styl…[View]
57495038Why do you get /fit/ bros?[View]
57481543work out shoes: >he isn’t working out in airforce ones ngmi[View]
57494049H-how many scoops of protein powder per day is too many?[View]
57496395/fit/ will defend this[View]
57491195Is this the perfect height for an extremist chad bodybuilder?[View]
57495085Lost my appetite for anything. I still eat food but literally nothing feels good to eat anymore[View]
57496200>that point in a cut when you start waking up hungry I'm only on day 4 out of 50…[View]
57494639I hate being in a community, like uni and work, the meaningless interactions I have with people just…[View]
57496118Is omega-3 fortified milk redpilled?: It has all the benefits of milk but also offsets the saturated…[View]
57493679>pure CICO down 70lbs >have been stuck at 200lbs for a month despite calories hovering at 1500…[View]
57495169orange juice: best source of sugar will cure brain fog, help you focus and give you more energy try …[View]
57495909When did you realize that powerlifting isn't a real sport and a total waste of time?[View]
57494774>mfw I realize you don't truly look like you lift until you hit 3/4/5/6 FUCK, boyos. The rid…[View]
57494855Is anyone else finding it hard to stay positive at the moment, knowing that the world won't be …[View]
57495298Vibration plate: What do you anons think about vibration plates? Any benefits or just a gimmick. I u…[View]
57495058>300 net calories a day[View]
57491572What is the secret to get your lower abs to look like Connor's? Not only him, but guys like Arn…[View]
57495097i am living out of my car rn. tell me what is the cheapest meals i can make that i can still have ga…[View]
57495507>start lifting >noticeable test boost >suddenly respond to /fit/ tomboy memes Im scared to …[View]
57490549I feel like it's a bit weird, but ever since I watched HxH years ago I decided that I wanted to…[View]
57493060/fit/, how many pull-ups should I be able to do before I can call myself strong? I can do 15 after 6…[View]
57495497arm overload: bros, how much weight increase a workout for biceps using progressive overload? consid…[View]
57465288Post ideal bodies.[View]
57495522what is a /fit/ related profession a 28 year old doomer can get into to save his miserable existence…[View]
57483239/FPH/ - Fat >People Hate: I don't see one in the catalog, lets fucking gooooo[View]
57488559> casts a spell of weakness on you What do you do?[View]
57495162I slept really good tonight but despite that i still feel tired. 7 hours or so. What do?[View]
57495493are sit-ups a meme? are they good for anything?[View]
57494950>attempted 24 hour dry fast >gave in at 17 hours and had a glass of water >I now weigh the …[View]
57493698If you masturbate before working out do your lifts feel weaker or stronger? Mine get stronger or we…[View]
57492366What's your origin story, /fit/? What made you start lifting? For me, it was the moment when I …[View]
57494466You gotta sleep like an athlete to be an athlete: For gains and good dreams type: 'No more reps Jeff…[View]
57489115Fix My Leaky Anus: Hey /fit/ how do I fix my leaky anus? For as long as I can remember I can never q…[View]
57493790A newb compliments your progress: I never got past intermediate PRs when I fell off the wagon. I hav…[View]
57488566How big of a scam are these?[View]
57495048Good Magnesium: What’s a good magnesium supplement to buy. Nothing crazy expensive just a good one t…[View]
57494630why do crossfit women always have the same blocky soap-bar abs and how do i, male, get them? don…[View]
57493774Rate my bulk meal[View]
57494161I lift for her[View]
57485725Rate my lunch, /fit/. The tea is green and the oil is olive.[View]
57494544any good recipes for high protein/nutrition meals that don't taste super bland (getting sick of…[View]
57493690What's the maximum amount of muscle you can handle on a woman before you start accusing her of …[View]
57494510I keep losing: Please help. I keep losing to vtubers when I try to out-perform them during their RFA…[View]
57493987QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread I'll start. What advice would you g…[View]
57493490How do you handle insecure people who belittle, mess with, and try to embarrass you? These two guys …[View]
57492807How do I achieve this mode?[View]
57494847There was once a dream that was Abs. You could only whisper it. Anything more than a whisper and it …[View]
57494832lifts to get this mode?[View]
57494587>mfw last rep[View]
57491986will i heal faster if i eat more red meat? is there actually something wrong with eating mostly meat…[View]
57493918I wonder what the wagie working cashier thinks of me getting a gallon of whole milk every 2 days at …[View]
57490733What nuts yall eating tonight boys? >inb4 nuts=balls haha[View]
57490867>want to squat >eczema on my inner thigh, arms and neck >dry skin which hurts to bend, touc…[View]
57489793I fixed my diet, started lifting, getting sun, got short and long term goals, have frens and I know …[View]
57494055I am out in the boonies and only have dumbbells. What exercises/training would be best for a beginne…[View]
57480500>have to go to work meeting >boss says the work wifi has been used to access an extremist web…[View]
57493308Ryan Hall 'The Wizard': I just found out about this guy yesterday and already watched all his videos…[View]
57484759/BBG/ - Bodybuilding General: Bodybuilding General (/BBG/) is for all things related to bodybuilding…[View]
57493213Calisthenics vs Gym: Moments ago I read that when the gym I go to reopens, it is going to force ever…[View]
57493433>why lift[View]
57492250What are the benefits of BOPAD (Bag of popcorn a day)?[View]
57492396thank you guys for teaching me how to introduce protein into my body without getting fat. i know thi…[View]
57484997When should one get a lifting belt?[View]
57494133>training for the ballet, potter?[View]
57487351Lifting is fun: Anyone else think lifting is fun and wish they could do it more than 3 times a week …[View]
57491514who's been shilling this shit on here recently? I just ate a piece because it has high caffein…[View]
57494036Is lifting to audiobooks the ultime /fit/pill?[View]
57492283Okay I'm lifting, running and cutting calories but i want to be athletic. What can i do to incr…[View]
57494202>forget to wash face with 2 different face washes in the morning >get painful pimples in a mat…[View]
57494261cardio is for gay: why dont you faggots stay sub 10% body fat year round? i seriously hope you guys …[View]
57493192Post-weight loss metabolism: Is getting obese a surefire way to fuck up your metabolism for life, ev…[View]
57486802Deep Ideological Motivation Thread: We all know core ideological foundational motivations outweigh …[View]
57493588Quitting Caffeine: 14 days here. Still feeling a bit down, but I'm not giving up. Anyone quit c…[View]
57490413Eye bags: I have eye bags, are there any changes that I can make in my daily routine to make them go…[View]
57494001How do I know when to up my weight for an exercise?[View]
57494052Are massages good for your muscles?[View]
57487854how many wide grip pullups can you do /fit/? be honest[View]
57487180GF Getting Fat: Over the course of the few years we’ve been dating my gf has gained probably 30ish p…[View]
57489407Why don't you do Yoga and a martial art along with yours lifting, anon?[View]
57490891So it's only my second time going to the gym in about 6 months (thats half a year in metric). W…[View]
57490941how do we save him[View]
57493216HOME GYM THREAD: Post home gyms. Now is the perfect time to invest in a home gym.[View]
57493889>tfw I only Lift so when I kill myself, I don't look fat and gross to my family when they pu…[View]
57493248Best way to make homemade dumbbells?[View]
57493266Vitamin D Zinc Fish Oil Magnesium Ashwagandha What else is needed?[View]
57493090Training for a 3 month piece-rate job: Hey /fit/, in about 7 months, I'll be spending my summer…[View]
57491215Greyskull 4 day split: I'm thinking of running a 4 day split with one lift per day using the ru…[View]
57491834Been having some arm pains in this area. What can I do to prevent this?[View]
57491489Is there room on /fit/ for us thicc bois?[View]
57492007Been running a pretty modified 5x5 (because of limited weights for squats and DL) since June, here…[View]
57493014What hobbies besides lifting do you guys distract yourselves with to avoid eating too much when you…[View]
57491932How many nervous smiles do you get from women /fit/? I think women are afraid of me. Some woman rece…[View]
57492346This, planet fitness and YMCA are the only gyms in my area. What is my best bet?[View]
57491420How the hell am I supposed to get proper nutrition from shitty American food? I can't find a di…[View]
57492472music thread: in the zone edition https://youtu.be/9ALWEnUwVxE https://youtu.be/ZIwzRkjn86w https:/…[View]
57481993/fit/ HumorThread: .[View]
57489091>Women's attraction varies with their menstrual cycles. For example, heterosexual women pref…[View]
57493149How do I achieve Batman mode??[View]
57493056What's the natty limit when it comes to arms?[View]
57493000I'll take a gallon of milk[View]
57490467sorry incel chuds your stupid 'gym' won't save you when real Chads with proven functional stren…[View]
57491304How bad is drinking a can of Rockstar every day for me?: I run, lift, eat mostly healthy and drink a…[View]
57472553why did clint work out he had HEIGHT FACE FRAME,, this doesn't make sense to the lookism brain.…[View]
57487182you're absolutely favorite exercise[View]
57489639lmao weed: >day off of work >sleep in >wake up do what you want for a few hours >nice we…[View]
57474071>smoked and took so much weed and lsd in college that the endorphin from a toigh exercise gives m…[View]
57486914Is this achievable natty?[View]
57483394What is this mode and how do I reach it?[View]
57487712>suddenly starts to look fat >haven't taken a proper shit for a week >stomach aches I…[View]
57490556he bulk[View]
57492661How do I achieve Wizard mode?[View]
57491105When I do curls with the EZ bar, I get a pain in my forearms on the inside portion that runs to my p…[View]
57488330Kinobody: anybody use his programs? How is it?[View]
57491858best cheap healthy fats: i always struggle with getting fats into my plan, what're the best and…[View]
57492414My bone structure is so wide I can’t be slim no matter what, little fat but still thick there is no …[View]
57492382Looksmax: What do you guys think of those guys on Looksmax me?[View]
57492459Deenz: For me, it's Mediterranean style[View]
57481416Starting Strength vs Greyskull LP: Guys which is better for long term progress as a recreational lif…[View]
57490006How many lbs of fasting do I need to reach bradley pitt mode?[View]
57478306how would you solve the obesity crisis in America?[View]
57492340Im scared Boys[View]
57492162Your dad speaking: Anon please tell me you have enough meaningful shit going on in your life to not …[View]
57490297Hello, I’m looking for some advice. I’ve cut down since last March from 215 to 161 doing keto and li…[View]
57491728Curiosity: What do you listen to when lifting[View]
57490053twinks: why do you do it?[View]
57490621migraine from weight training: Started doing more weight training about 3 weeks ago and up until thi…[View]
57489953What do you wish you had known when you started working out?[View]
57491804Would 1/2/3/4 be enough to let you win a boxing match with a Skaven clanrat?[View]
57485437>just have confidence bro[View]
57489282read this quickly before faggot mods delete: women you are in long term committed relationships with…[View]
57490648Posted this last night but I don't think I was specific enough in my questions. Aside from core…[View]
57491288>560 DL >350 bench >450 squat >180 OHP My are my shoulders so fucking weak? What is a 10…[View]
57491081If I took DHT blockers for about a year would it do any permanent damage to me? Would it impair my t…[View]
57489252NASM Personal Training: I’m taking the exam in 3 weeks. Has anybody else taken it and how did you pr…[View]
57489573Can't fucking eat enough: I don't know what to do. I'm trying to bulk but I can barel…[View]
57490793Why does my right shoulder hurt when I bench press?: Or overhead press. Just one shoulder. Hurts. Wh…[View]
57491350Hey yall, how many calories should I eat to gain muscle? I'm standing tall at 5'8' and wei…[View]
57487398Why didn't you lads mention you have to use blender for this piece of shit?[View]
57488450Tinderbussing: Am I the only one who just rides the bus with his phone showing, obviously swiping ri…[View]
57487841Pssssst: Hey kid, 13g of protons[View]
57490155Why is leg day so hard? Do girls have it easier?[View]
57483045How're you holding up, /fit/?[View]
57489540Mire thread: Grope edition. People seem to think its normal to grope you when youre /fit/. >be at…[View]
57490708Why does /fit/ seethe over this guy?[View]
57491099bulk or cut?[View]
57489723What's the best electrolyte supplement?[View]
57490842need big natty chest: 2x a week: 5x5 incline bench LP 3x8-12 weighted dips 3x8-12 flat DB press 5x15…[View]
57490996How do you guys warm up before lifting? Do you just go straight to lifting? I usually jog on the tre…[View]
57491185Hey guys. I just made a YouTube channel and I'm trying to get views. I talk about SARMS and fit…[View]
57490848>takes away from womans pussy monopoly >much cleaner than real roasties because no chance to g…[View]
57491077Why do some guys do yoga instead of Qi Gong? Qi Gong is basically like yoga but without all the gay …[View]
57485512Best strength training regime for boxing?: How many times a week should I workout? Is a bro split go…[View]
57491056>he thinks sugar is bad for you ngmi[View]
57488708Redpill me pls[View]
57490627How would you fit a 3,213 calories per day diet?[View]
57483868what if I only did OHP and no other exercise?[View]
57489104Are deadpresses the most based exercise to have been discovered in the last decade? Works the should…[View]
57487510My body: What can I improve to reach Greek God mode.[View]
57490717Substantial skeletal muscle loss occurs during only 5 days of disuse: >Results: Quadriceps muscle…[View]
57490508Is stopping from fapping completely and cold turkey realistic for guys who doesn't have any opp…[View]
57468217What do small girls eat? Never see them eat much at least not the 2,000 calories normal people eat.[View]
57490502Heya fit, I'm just starting off trying to get more fit. All I have is a 4.5 kg dumbbell is it p…[View]
57480723Does anybody else feel like they're too smart to lift? Everytime I enter the gym I see a bunch …[View]
57489929Ok its sounds Stupid but here we go. Iam Asthmatic as Fuck, thats why i lift, its pretty the only sp…[View]
57488519Why dont my abs get sore?: I have a really weak core so Ive been trying to do ab exercises until fai…[View]
57489925I cooked an entire chicken but maybe undercooked a little. My stomach has been aching all day[View]
57473940CBT: The only thread were people really post body. Post stats, rate each other and ask questions …[View]
57483250hi /fit/[View]
57490223Put yo hands up, im robbing yo ass: >Aye bruh dont move, dont move or I shoot.... >All I want …[View]
57490311BPC-157: Anyone have experience with this? Dose, length of use, side effects, effects with other dru…[View]
57490029kino is back on the menu boys https://youtu.be/vHWkFNjH-Yg[View]
57484267American Obesity Rate Reaches 42%: It's over. The west is lost, it's just waiting for the …[View]
57484934>just have confidence bro[View]
57489381Since dumbbells are sold out everywhere, should I just buy bags of sand and use that instead? I got…[View]
57489834Ok then, When I was a teenager, I was so insecure, and all I wanted was sex. Today I would consider …[View]
57489108Is pic related a meme? I have been putting this coke shit in my coffee for a year and have literally…[View]
57489716Get rid of hip fat: For some reason I can't find anything online so I'm coming here I…[View]
57482072Greg Doucette: Whats the consensus on this guy?[View]
57486432How to get dumbells up without hurting myself: I do seated overhead dumbell press with 55lbs/25kg, b…[View]
57471317Why are there so many w*men on /fit/ all of a sudden? Fuck off back to Instagram skanks.[View]
57489432>fucked up my achilles >cant run >its been 2 fucking weeks should i see a quack?…[View]
57489310You lift it but do you live it, /fit/?[View]
57488711steroid muscles = fake tits[View]
57483499Post brutal mogs: Jaw edition[View]
57487638am i builtfat mode yet?[View]
57485333Zyzz insider here. Dumping some hidden zyzz gems for ya sick cunts[View]
57489152>When gorgon thots are doing squats and you have to avoid eye contact by using the mirrors…[View]
57489160I look nordic as fuck German Prussian ethnicity[View]
57486553/fraud I'm a powerlifter with usually low bf and a 600dl and a 480squat and a bench. I have a …[View]
57489451Do onions products really promote estrogen? are they really harmful for muscle growth or is it just …[View]
57485350Is this the key to maximize gains?[View]
57489378how can you possibly say that powerlifting is a 'sport of you against you' when there is clearly a c…[View]
57489303Mind to body connection: Schizoid thread. Explain ways to connect the mind to the body, or to '…[View]
57488488What is more /fit/ and based? Dominating an amazonian nordic gf or being pegged by a petite latina g…[View]
57486929Arms won't fucking grow: My arms won't fucking grow, i went to the gym all summer but i ha…[View]
57484451stop drinking alcohol thread: Stop drinking alcohol It's killing you It's killing your ga…[View]
57488499Normal weight: Is 84-85KG a good weight for a 188cm male? Pic unrelated[View]
57485775Is it fine to enjoy chips and soda if I stay within my calorie limit for the day? I would get a smal…[View]
57482546Are slow reps useful? Been doing lots of body weight and was wondering if busting out slow pull-ups …[View]
57488913Where can I go with only 1g/kg of protein?: I only have one kidney so i have to spare him, and not t…[View]
57467080Post your kryptonite[View]
57487327I didn't realize how important a full head of hair is until I started balding. Now that I'…[View]
57488470Trap thread: Post your traps bros[View]
57489004I'm literally too pale to have good definition. I used calipers and I'm 11% bodyfat but on…[View]
57487774help me fit: I am tired of being an ottermode, what can I do ? Stats: ~174lb, ~16-17%bf, reached 1/2…[View]
57487715/fit/ pornstar names: What’s your /fit/ pornstar name? Mine is Beef Fibers Inb4 sleek chris[View]
57488349>been eating uncooked oats my entire life i've been doing it wrong my entire life??…[View]
57488661Hovering at 12% body for the last 6 month: >Used to be fat >Now lean >Skin is super saggy …[View]
57485919What are your favorite high protein breakfast recipes? I'm tired of eating the same shit. When …[View]
57487725HELP: what shaving machine do you guys have/recommend? something to trim my beard and chest hair, i …[View]
57485915Genetic failures: Should you just give up if you're a babyfaced ectomorph manlet?[View]
57486590Higher cholesterol -> higher testosterone?: My testosterone increased by 200 ng/dl in 3 months bu…[View]
57488307Do neck curls[View]
57488804i thought it was a meme, but he actually did it[View]
57488608why do I not feel sore anymore after workouts or DOMS. I am doing PPL 6 days a week and lifting heav…[View]
57485714Omegle: Omegle is pretty based for social gains is it not? >QTs who will show boobs >No fear o…[View]
57486492As a beginner is it enough to just improve your strength on the main compound lifts?[View]
57488632What are some fit approved jobs? I work on a pot farm, make good money and use my muscles daily[View]
57488392>He can't wear a kynodesme lol imagine undergoing such humiliation…[View]
57488539SHOULD I STILL USE PLASTIC???: Hi /fit/, is it worth it to buy all my cups, containers, and water fl…[View]
57488233Wich are the most interesting specimens at your gym? I have >The 60 yo pawpaw who can OHP 2 pl8s …[View]
57488054Is this natty at BMI 25?[View]
57487529Mental fitness time Does anybody have a good free IQ test I can take? preferably one that has logic …[View]
57488237What is the best protein powder brand for price and quality?[View]
57486814How do I maximize my armwrestling ability by the 8th of october? I need to beat my boxer friend, got…[View]
57487326>20g protein >400 cal/bottle when are you going to take the basedpill anon?…[View]
57486465Olympic weights: Is $1.4/lb a fair price for weights? I know a guy that’s offering 45s for $63…[View]
57488008Mongolians General /mg/: Why haven't you started GOMAD and horsemanship? Don't you want to…[View]
57487464beginner advice: what is the best advice/redpills you can give to a beginner? not just in lifting bu…[View]
57487468What is my body fat percentage and what can I improve on?[View]
57487799Overtraining is a meme.[View]
57488268High Intensity Training: I'm trying to write a program based on Mentzer's principles. I…[View]
57486902Is this possible natty starting as an adult?[View]
57487341How do I stop wasting my life away?[View]
57487929I want to talk to someone sexually so baaaaadddd, and i don't know whhhyyyyy[View]
57487953Alternatives to Weight Plates?: I was given a weight sled but I'm too much of a poor fag becaus…[View]
57485659What bf% is this[View]
57484343Redpill brainstorming, /prefics/ thread 2/7: Previous thread: >>57469735 Hello, /fit/izens, I …[View]
57486162Blackpill is the biggest cope: Just because it's pessimistic doesn't mean its true or make…[View]
57484786this doesn't work[View]
57487984I have a rough time being able to actually eat enough every day, so what meals/ingredients are your …[View]
57487516Why thighs are starting to hit each other, /fit/ What do I do? Is this normal? Skinny all my life, s…[View]
57475224/plg/ Powerlifting General: The Powerlifting General, the strongest general on 4chan. Committed to g…[View]
57483942Manlet: My dad is 6’4, meanwhile I am 5’8 anyone else experience this? Mom is 5’0 btw[View]
57479989If, theoretically, something like this were to happen to you, how would you recover?[View]
57485546If the fatty would just cut, hed be the true heir[View]
57487838do farmers walks really train all the muscles in your body? could i get a jacked chest back and legs…[View]
57485698LA fitness: is it worth the price? Also what are some good gyms in the Manhattan area? Planning on m…[View]
57487121/rme/ - “Roast Me” Thread: Post body and get roasted[View]
57484431Was he natty[View]
57482604What is the minimum weight for someone who is 6' not to be called mr. skeleton here?[View]
57487017I fucking hate the imperial system[View]
57486408Buy my freaking training book t. greg doucette[View]
57486468Is it healthy to take a nap in the middle of the day(about 3pm where I am) or should I wait until ni…[View]
57487243>staying over at cute guys house >says he’s making hamburgers for lunch >he pulls out groun…[View]
57486674Im feeling sick What should i do to heal fast ?[View]
57485679Mire Thread: Finally got asked if I was single today when I was walking out of the gym, but it was b…[View]
57479976Cutting is easy, but getting muscles is hard. Cutting and having muscles is even harder Fatties don…[View]
57486461My bench has been stalled for months, should I just buy his bench program? I've never spent mon…[View]
57486199Realistically speaking, is this achievable natty?[View]
57487198What should I eat to help with strengthening my back?[View]
57482042U mirin' brah?[View]
57486293What mode am I?[View]
57482976What mode is this and how can I look like him?[View]
57486526How do I reach this mode?[View]
57484588I hate being in a community, like uni and work, the meaningless interactions I have with people just…[View]
57487156the chad afrikaaner vs the virgin faggot englishman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzqbJ2W4T8Q the…[View]
57485471Is this body impressive?[View]
57481128>Carnivore Diet What do I think of it?[View]
57465696/fast/ - Stop Eating Editiom: Please read and watch the videos before posting >NEWish Snake Man I…[View]
57486242>kidney failure in powder form Why do people take this shit?[View]
57479728>body starts biologically dying at 26[View]
57486284>2020 facepulls are forgotten I WILL REMIND THEM[View]
57486925How long do exercise bikes usually last? I'm thinking about buying one used, but the model was …[View]
57486921>Of course I buy the fatty and cheap ground beef. If I want it lean I'll just drain it.…[View]
57486600Hey /fit/ how do i start keto properly? Lost 50lbs this pandemic and i still need at least to lose 5…[View]
57485737is taking your meds good for you?[View]
57486152Being /fit/ only makes you more attractive to other men.[View]
57486783Fuck the goverment: I've been hit with another 8-day lockdown because my family, who i have bee…[View]
57483953Help me improve my plan?: Hey /fit/, 26/M/5'11' and 195 lbs here. Been fat all my life, lost fr…[View]
57486658Spooky Gym Skeleton: Ok /fit/ Trust me on this one I'm not larping honest to god >Be me >…[View]
57482475How much do I need to deadpress to get a cute white gf(male)?[View]
57483081Is it High T to like thick girls?: Our high T hunter-gatherer ancestors’ ideal female body was pic r…[View]
57484491Fat piece of shit accountability update thread.: Just providing an update. Its been one week since b…[View]
57473293Both of Arnold's sons Remember: there is no gene for hard work[View]
57483368is running a mile 3-4 times a week with the goal of lowering my time good enough cardio? So right no…[View]
57482408Hobbies: What are your hobbies besides lifting? i am thinking about trying new things and meeting pe…[View]
57486483I love you /fit/, it feels like we are all a big family, with all the banter, sometimes helpful or n…[View]
57482690How do you approach hot girls in a normie gym? Pure Gym for UK or Planet Fitness USA.[View]
57486393Running Shoes: I've got a super high arch, what kind of running shoe would work best for me? i…[View]
57483750You include your chess ELO in your PRs right anon?[View]
57486134What music does your gym play? Can someone tell me why a lot of gyms blast shitty pop music containi…[View]
57485276is this achievable natty?[View]
57483922swimmers of /fit/, do you shave your body when you go swimming?[View]
57486259>calories is calories Is this a meme? I been eaten lot of 600cal/100g nut mixes for days now and …[View]
57485535Back sleeper master race anyone? Side sleepers get out[View]
57486089Has anyone ever bought a large machine for the home like a Precor AMT? I'm gonna just never go …[View]
57484966TRT and HGH to keep hormonal system at peak performance Meditation to decrease cortisol and improve …[View]
57482249one day a bubbling silly funny girl will rescue me me from my mediocre and lonely life just like man…[View]
57485083Is coffee bad for you? I have like more than 18 cups a day. (3 scoops of instant mix times 6 mugs t…[View]
57484641cbt: i send this pic to a girl and she got wet[View]
57485974Why have you assholes been keeping the deadpress a secret from me? Why don't you want me to mak…[View]
57476487Ridiculous bodies: Post Ridiculous bodies[View]
57482661Can I get a six pack from doing just crunches? My knees are fucked unfortunately so I can't do …[View]
57484736Sucralose and artifical sweeteners: Since they are contained in most protein powders, how bad are th…[View]
57483203>be me sedentary meet, barely lift more than once a week and Jack off once a day with babby weigh…[View]
57476995Post your brofessors aka the person that got you into lifting[View]
57485910>there are people with high bicep inserts reading this[View]
57485896I could really do with a sipp...[View]
57483371>be on a 1500cal cut for the past 11 months >always hungry >too fatigued and weak to move e…[View]
57485784Remember /fit/, don't give up until you've tried lowering your bodyfat and a haircut[View]
57473358How do i get more energy and feel more 'alive' ?[View]
57485788lifting the pain away: >decide to go to gym to lift away the crushing feeling of perpetual loneli…[View]
57484747If I have birthing hips should every day unironically be upper body day?[View]
57484928Don't mind me, just prolonging your lifespan https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2020/09/bodybuildi…[View]
57482246Could you beat basketball player in a fight /fit/?[View]
57485009Is incline walking the most based form of cardio?[View]
57485669Can I have a root canal done without a post?[View]
57481752I lift so I can get pic related as a tattoo without looking like a total faggot[View]
57484087>pongo knows the way human, come with me if you dont want to perish[View]
57485529Is this guy a schizo?: >doesnt give a fuck about what others think >outstanding in his craft …[View]
57485465Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
57483338Shin pain: Hey /fit/, I'm out of shape as fuck. Like, I can literally count the number of times…[View]
57484684daily reminder /fit your weights wont save you now[View]
57482045Belly fat: What did you do to get rid of the belly fat finally? So I was 230 pounds. Did keto and t…[View]
57485033Best resistance band-based 'home gym' solution? Particularly for someone working from home in a seco…[View]
57484365/fit/ snacks and food: Why didn't you faggots never tell me about roasted chickpeas before? …[View]
57485252Why is my fucking squat so shit, last time i got 5X5 on 200lbs now I can't get more than 2 FUCK…[View]
57481725I fucked up. I bought 2' diameter plates and my bar is 1'. How tf do I use them? Am I just fucked?[View]
57485382Devilish Tactics: >Be me >Pretty sure I have a minor allergy to eggs >Still eat them anyway…[View]
57482482There are no excuses to be a fatty forever January 27th -> September 10th Gyms closed from March …[View]
57485347Tooth fillings: How bad is amalgam? They say it's not harmful but still leaks FUCKING MERCURY I…[View]
57473136Which workouts to do for Israel's destruction?: I am Lebanese and will fight against Israel, wh…[View]
57480246daily reminder: according to god, this is literally perfect[View]
57484146Brothers, how could anyone feel bad when they are living healthy? I've been eating healthy and …[View]
57479031yoga as exercise general: A thread for discussing modern yoga as exercise done for fitness! Yes you …[View]
57485062Are battle ropes meme shit or actually beneficial? How would you incorporate them into a workout?[View]
57484228Do girls care about skull size?[View]
57484984>Anon is weird. He is extremely fit but he never talks! I don't even know if he has friends…[View]
57479907I bet he got a fuck load more pussy and was a fuck load more healthier on the left[View]
57483553How much of success in fitness is attributable to genetics?[View]
57484185How do I avoid ever seeing the doctor again?: Shy of just dying, what are the changes a guy could ma…[View]
57483593What happened to the world? Why would you ever be proud to be unhealthy?[View]
57482622Reminder: There is already a cure for aging: >In one short-lived mutant strain of mice, the mTOR …[View]
57484693Should i worry too much about height? i'm only 5'11 and im not sure what to do about that[View]
57484528>CICO? fasting? keto? >lol anon what even is all that stuff >I love you like a bro but I th…[View]
57484784So I live in Mi-shit-gan and our governor, Gretchen Shitmer, just allowed gyms to reopen in the enti…[View]
57468957Is coffee good for you?[View]
57479558Why lift when machine is immortal? Do you fags even into skitarii-mode?[View]
57481607>ꜱoy bad[View]
57478918Goals: What are some goals you have? Fitness and life related.[View]
57483913Universal Fitness Thread: Hello /fit/izens, how are you? This is my favorite board so I though about…[View]
57483085New in gym: I have been training for a couple months now but in a home gym of my father. Now i am go…[View]
57479509>Have home gym in garage >It’s been 110 F for weeks >Too fucking hot to workout…[View]
57478757What is your hobbies Anon ? >Fitness But Fitness is under other on 4chan not hobbies Defend yours…[View]
57484496ITT: post PR breakers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EV-bDK_aipw[View]
57477388Overcoming Fatigue?: Alright /fit/ I’ve worked out for a few years but I’ve always struggled greatly…[View]
57482797>tfw 6'1 165lbs/75kg >still fat wth? Where did I go so wrong guys?…[View]
57478485Camping filters the aesthetic lifters You know this[View]
57483695There's hope for manlets afterall: >Be me >Personal Trainer get client 25 5'5' skinn…[View]
57484196CICOniggers lose 1lb of '''fat'''a week LMAOOOOO What a bunch of losers. I just dropped 10lbs of bod…[View]
57484388Been doing phraks greyskull program for a month and a half after a long break from lifting for break…[View]
57475467Thanks you all anons on fit: I was lurking /fit today and got huge slaps of reality one after the ot…[View]
57479291/r9k/ and /pol/ get out: /r9k/ and /pol/ get out[View]
57483861is this achievable natty?[View]
57484137>3 weeks back into the gym >Back to OHP 135 for 3x5 reps >Back to benching 225 for 3x5 reps…[View]
57484233Tfw I went to the gym for the first time today had had no idea what I'm doing. Im a skinny ecto…[View]

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