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60052149Any jump ropers here? My feet are incredibly sore after incorporating lots of jump rope for cutting.…[View]
60051521loose skin: im drunk sorry if this is retarded i was fat as fuck 200lbs by 12yo 265 at 16yo am 6…[View]
60046187Noticed there were no Derek threads: /ourguy/[View]
60048840Beef vs Pork: Which does /fit/ prefer? I want to add a different protein to my diet other than chick…[View]
60017290How do I stay /fit/ as a nurse?[View]
60051440How does one Russiamaxx?[View]
60051617What should I do about athletes foot? My mom bought me something with clotrimazole but I think it mi…[View]
60050031Daily reminder to drink more shit water BUDDEH[View]
600483301st world cucks: If you live in a 1st world country, what is keeping you from being the best person …[View]
60049080Rate the short shorts: I spent twenty bucks on these and the only problem is there’s 0 dick room, wh…[View]
60047582food: im fuckin hungry bros[View]
60051715how can one man be so based?[View]
60049093Is increasing your bench press from 315 to 405 in less than a year achievable naturally?[View]
60051074How to evolve from Otter to bear form: Just started working out with a friend, he is currently in Ot…[View]
60040412CBT broken english edition: yes hello, I am 188cm in tall, 6' 2, and weighing 95kg, is about £2…[View]
60049277Gym addiction thread: >finish chest/Back/Bi day >rotator cuff very sore but tomorrow is schedu…[View]
60051458Vshred: https://youtu.be/Qg84UW4F6rU[View]
60050621What kind of shampoo/bodywash/deodorant/cologne does /fit/ use? I'm 21 and in a life long use…[View]
6004485121 years old Free T: 199 ng/dL Total T: 307 nd/dL E2: 21.3 pg/mL LH: 2.21 (range 2.1 to 10.9) FSH: 0…[View]
60051049shit myself doing squats again[View]
60048717My friend's dad slipped his kneecap so far out of joint that it nearly sliced his femoral arter…[View]
60051333ITT: Lifting inspo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tL58NYANps&t=39s[View]
60050450Can working out support a heavily sedentary lifestyle on the long run ? as in are there any /fit sof…[View]
60051247The Posture Redpill: >be me >looking in mirror >see that I look like shit and think I have …[View]
60048068Should i drink coffee/energy drinks before my workouts? I focus on lifting and gaining weight so a s…[View]
60051312My neck periodically gets really fucked up(pulled muscles), it's actually a pattern by now and …[View]
60049203What’s the better way to train as an intermediate lifter? I’ve gained a ton of weight and I’m way st…[View]
60050736Eat more healthy fats while on a cut: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6567160/ Fats fro…[View]
60050931I can't sleep more than 4 hours at night. But, I sleep at afternoon another 3-4 hours. Will thi…[View]
60048627COVID 19: So have any of you had the magic bubble boy disease where you can have ANY symptoms or NON…[View]
60042627SARMS: Do sarms work? what is /fit/s hive mind opinion on them?[View]
60045557This is what I eat every morning. What is the most /fit/ breakfast a man should have?[View]
60050762>be me >not even thirsty >yet head starts to ache a little >CONSCIOUSLY think 'my head a…[View]
60050777Motivate me to do push-ups. I feel like it, but I'm not motivated enough.[View]
60047555Are deadlifts/squats necessary to get big?: Sup /fit/ I'm gonna be honest with you guys here, I…[View]
60050278What's your typical post workout meal? Here's mine. Garlic onions chicken, painkillers (us…[View]
60045512how long does it take the average person to progress from 1pl8 to 2pl8?[View]
60034311Fph: anti-fat bias: Local hambeast posted this on Instagram. Obvious cope but I thought I’d share…[View]
60048246Fucking hate my body Suicidal over it[View]
60048992rate my routine pls: Beginner, 1 month in, 5'9',134lb, ~13% body fat Goal is aesthetics/otterm…[View]
60045124what are some cheap sources of protein?[View]
60042262/bbg/ - bodybuilding general: Bodybuilding General (/bbg/) is for all things related to hypertrophy …[View]
60050160Home Gym: Alright guys. im taking the home gym pill.. Anyone have any recommendations on bench press…[View]
60050164What’s the best equivalent exercises for the golden 4: OHP, Bench, Squat, Deadlift.: What’s the best…[View]
60042703>am jacked >tell everyone who asks I don't work out…[View]
60050000Pls anon how can I become happy? I cant live like this God I cant live like this How do I stop this…[View]
60036001What did he do?[View]
60048488Beauty standards are so unfair: All females have to do is have big tits naturally or get implants. W…[View]
60045000Dips machine for Home workout: Okay, i have a very limited budget AND space. I can only choose betwe…[View]
60048017just hit 145 bench press: just waited to share some positive stuff and I am pretty happy with my pro…[View]
60048831is GZCL a meme? Should I drop nSuns for it? nSuns volume is fucking nutty[View]
60043539>btfo all other ab exercises Nothing personal kid[View]
60047116If you book an appointment with a specialist to get a diagnosis for something and the specialist cha…[View]
60049890salad thread: salad looks like another cheap and versatile emergency meal lets make some high test s…[View]
60049801What can I do if all I have access to is a shitty open gym?[View]
60047969Finasteride and Watery Cum: Started finasteride recently and have noticed that my ejaculate has beco…[View]
60049032Is this achievable natty?[View]
60048741Is Testogen worth it?: Has anyone noticed much of a difference with it, or weird side effects?…[View]
60047101Rep ranges that make you want to kill yourself: >10 sets of 3 with 60 second rest on squats…[View]
60049513Can type 1 fibers produce hypertrophy? Essentially I'm asking if high rep training can still yi…[View]
60048825Splitting leg day: rn my leg day routine consists of: >deadlifts >squats >leg press >leg…[View]
60044775Vegan test levels: Holy shit I watched this more plates more dates video. Veganism destroys your tes…[View]
60049701Macros and cutting: Alright bros I've cut weight by a lot before by going 290 to 179 in about 1…[View]
60047934>Be me >5'8' >103 LBS >Eating ~2500 calories a day >No weight gain How do I eat …[View]
60048204Today was my last time eating fast food and drinking alcohol.: Wish me luck guys.[View]
60047423i realized something: More pain in life gives us more chances to grow into better and stronger peopl…[View]
60049246Do you ever feel high from popping melatonin or am I just a light weight?[View]
60049126is viagra worth it?: i dont think i have typical ed probably just death grip. what are your experien…[View]
60049527activate your almonds[View]
60047606How do I achieve this physique[View]
60046407Compression gear and fat/water loss: >run every other morning >lose water weight each run >…[View]
60049412All of my poops have been ghost poops ever since I cut PUFA out of my diet.[View]
60045416...it was 12,000 again please make it stop[View]
60049283you might not like it but this is what peak male performance looks like[View]
60046054whats this guys deal?[View]
60046997Is training to failure a bad thing?: I'm in argument with some faggot twink redditor who insist…[View]
60048994>NOOO you cant train to failure!!![View]
60046825Most Aggressive Colors for Preworkout: Just read about Baker Miller Pink. Apparently this specific c…[View]
60047376Can you have visible obliques or an adonis belt at 14% bodyfat if you get your abs big and thick fro…[View]
60047353I still don't know why should I take magnesium[View]
60049128https://www.reddit.com/r/LadyBoners/comments/lspbu3/_/ upvoat jason genova swoldiers[View]
60044598Pectus Excavatum: Any pectus bros here? How is your chest looking?[View]
60046726I wish I could give some of my gains to my parents. As I get older as become stronger and bigger, th…[View]
60047356Stupid question: If big traps and delts are a sign of steroid use due to those muscles having more a…[View]
60043552Are you cutting for Summer yet? The world is opening up again. Time to get lean![View]
60048074What mode is this?[View]
60047031>If you don't respect your body, ain't nobody going to respect you…[View]
60045705What is the point of lifting if you ain't fucking beautiful[View]
60048823>when anon says you should start powerlifting[View]
60046607Do you Lift Weights with your friends?[View]
60045933Why are females so mean?: Moved to a new city and my apartment building is full of people my age. I …[View]
60048121>someone skipped leg day[View]
60048523Do you guys run up stairs?: Not as a workout, but just in general. Like, when you come upon a flight…[View]
60047270Did you Join the Making it Motivational Cult These fuckers had me hooked for 3 years[View]
60048540Believing in Jesus and fitness: Will lifting for the son of god and rejecting heretical modern takes…[View]
60046902Hey /fit/ - this is my first time posting here. I'm 34 years old and have been running 5K'…[View]
60030510Post your body[View]
60048345Achilies tendonitis, how do I prevent it coming back? Fat ass here, I got it a year ago after finis…[View]
60047261Where are you on the hierarchy, anon?[View]
60044626>party upstairs waking you up at 4:30? >GOOD…[View]
60045759Is a +180 lb weighted pull-up achievable naturally?[View]
60048292Getting Stronger: What are the first 5 steps in getting good? >pic unrelated[View]
60045832Ab Exercises: Currently at 13% BFP but my stomach still looks flabby. My current goal is a six pack,…[View]
60045623Hey boy I see you have been working hard on them glutes[View]
60047286plateau: so i heard you are going thru a plateau?! well, you better go even harder that ceiling cant…[View]
60042112>one shot at life >17cm wrist how to cope with this…[View]
60048064Hey /fit/ someone keep shilling me this this. Is it any good?[View]
60045542>tfw hair is starting to grow back around your temples, nanox, fin, microneedling are actually wo…[View]
60047415Fuck APT: >be me >do heavy squats and deads >do RDL & GHR >do ab rollouts >do hip…[View]
60046421Is this achievable from skinnyfat?[View]
60037213What's the point of lifting during lockdown? It's not like anybody is going to see your ga…[View]
60046742Had a “fuck it day” >Chilliquiles >Chips >Two Chicken Sandwiches >Two Egg Rolls >Be…[View]
60044990Is this a good routine /fit/?[View]
60047712the only time i feel good is when i am working out and for a little while after... after that nothin…[View]
60040885BACK THREAD!!! i believe all you need to build a good back is the weighted pullup or chinup. just pi…[View]
60047512soi is actually good for you[View]
60047226>50g of protein in one day[View]
60030246How fucked am I /fit/. is it even possible to fix this[View]
60047413What exercises do I need to do to get an ass like Chewbacca[View]
60046040Are endocrinologists going to give bigger TRT doses to muscular men who suffer from low testosterone…[View]
60044152JoRobe the tiktok guy whose posted here a lot is trying to lose weight. What are chances he makes it…[View]
60047148The future: Psychedelic research[View]
60046910Is 3 days a week enough?: https://www.ironmanmagazine.com/heavy-duty-mike-mentzers-most-productive-r…[View]
60046958Injury Thread: /fit/ bros i rolled my ankle while running yesterday. immediately felt pain and stopp…[View]
60047320Help me out /fit/bros: Every day I think about how fucking fat I am, even though I'm fairly ski…[View]
60047315Love this guy: He's the best fitness YouTuber, too bad he releases like 5 videos a year or what…[View]
60010392Vitamin Stacks: Post and rate vitamin stacks. >Multivitamin >Cod Liver Oil >Ashwagandha …[View]
60045868Read through the sticky, I have a couple of questions: 1. Should I split my cardio and weightlifting…[View]
60045948guys i need your help im fit and i have a booty, i hate it, it looks like shit, i have the same body…[View]
60036334/Confess/ - Thursday edition: Confess your sins.[View]
60041872Balding?: Is this balding or a 'mature' cope hairline. Im 23 and im afraid of taking jew drugs to ke…[View]
60043830pasteurized milk good or bad: bros?[View]
60047064I've been on a hard path of IMPROOOOOOOVING the last year or so. Some days I just find my brain…[View]
60046338Fat?: This is a fat/chubby body right?[View]
60042958How can I get this.: T. 5,7 balding at 21 spic[View]
60045219went tanning for the first time today, very based, felt really good and warm, improved my mood too -…[View]
60046020Thoughts on hybrid cut/bulk cycles? Need to finish first cycle (500mg test e) in about 16 weeks to …[View]
60045504Guys I fucked up... I went out and bought a pizza last night. But I didn’t eat any. I put it in the …[View]
60044537At 27 years old, if I treat my scoliosis with chiropractic and stretcheswould it increase my height?…[View]
60046285My blood work test results are in: dr. says im at risk of diabetes do i have to stop drinking whiske…[View]
60046837Deltoid DOMS how much weight did you have on could it be from cable rows gone way up high and did I …[View]
60046174>friends who only lift once in a while decide to come with me to the gym >Happy to change thin…[View]
60044995BRUTAL MOGGING: >the virgin yayoi Hiroyuki nishimura whos a Anime imageboard owner >the CHAD J…[View]
60046761Do these things actually work or are they just rubber ball gags?[View]
60034769What is your: >height >height you claim on tinder also does anyone else just eat carbs for bre…[View]
60044588what to do with too much milk?: Fuck /fit/, i really screwed up. I bought way too much milk last tim…[View]
60045317Anybody else here lost in their self-improvement journey? >be 25, recovering depressed virgin …[View]
60046648Turkesterone is a waste of money meme right?[View]
60043885Is it even possible to compete against Chads? They have: >More muscle than you >Better looks t…[View]
60046602What are some unorthodox exercises?[View]
60043399Tried no-fap but got horribly depressed thinking about getting a goldfish soon, how do you guys keep…[View]
60044967Should I break my diet and have a cheat day? I've done a good job over 10 days, and lost about …[View]
60043310to my family and relatives im THE muscle man to /fit/ im a dyel skinnyfat that cant even bench 2 pla…[View]
60045666Show me a photo that says you lift without saying it.[View]
60044322Legit concerned: Hey /fit/ I had a question about something I've been experiencing that's …[View]
60046511I hate boomer but he's at my gym, literally meatsacs that are in my way. >did 50 minutes of…[View]
60046526if you dont do cardio: they you're mental, seriously if your legs and feet are fine, i would be…[View]
60045960Retard Newbie Here: If I eat at a deficit part of the week and eat at my maintenance calories + high…[View]
60045615Am I doing something wrong: 77kg (left) to 72kg (right) over 3 months, goal is 65-66, I want to be o…[View]
60044474Train every body part at least twice a week[View]
60046092is keto bad if I want to cardiomax?[View]
60045781I think I fucked up today bros, I forgot to tip the gym receptionist after I finished my workout. Do…[View]
60043558Post dish ideas. Bonus point for bulking food.[View]
60045916Strength sap: every once in a while ill get a day where i just feel weak as fuck and can maybe do li…[View]
60046012what's a good calisthenics routine? pic kinda related[View]
60042274How to unironically return to monke: It is well known that in order to develop higher brain function…[View]
60038702Sigma fitness: I want you all to know that I could EASILY get to 2/3/4/5 if I wanted to. Cardiovascu…[View]
60038605ITT: most based Greek yogurt recipes: Post any of your most fit combos and ways you use Greek yogurt…[View]
60044214>when someone on /fit/ tells me I need to do squats and deadlifts[View]
60040046Every single /fit/izen is dropped on a deserted tropical island and told that only the last man stan…[View]
60045639What does /fit/ think of coach Greg?[View]
60039164Are gyms in your cunt open?: - Germany - no[View]
60043016I coomed at the gym on accident: Well /fit/ I fucked up bad >be me, fat to fit journey >4 mont…[View]
60045845I think I've found a way around my 'tism lads. I'm good looking (thanks mum) and ripp…[View]
60042609BUTTERGATE: They are poisoning the fucking sacred foods! Is nothing safe from these fucks? Palm oil …[View]
60044970Yeah I eat a balanced diet. I balance my lack of carbs with extra fat.[View]
60040633Thrill Of The Fight: Does /fit/ ever play this? Besides legitimately sparring or grappling IRL, this…[View]
60045558Help: >avg height >pretty much no fat >no muscle >skinny what do?…[View]
60031167Was he correct?[View]
60044505Things /fit/ refuses to accept: >it doesn’t matter what you eat as long as you get all the basic …[View]
60045553Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
60042306>Guy ask how much sets I have left >Told him I have 2 more >Actually still have 3 more sets…[View]
60035433Why is it believed that our hunter-gatherer ancestors were lean and muscular, whereas hunter-gathere…[View]
60041996ROUTINE THREAD: is it a good idea to do PPL but instead of a leg day i just do squats on push days a…[View]
60042922Is this balanced diet for cut?[View]
60043834to distract ourselves from the homoerotic tension of this mens-only fitness board, let us regale in …[View]
60043996How do I make my brother walk faster?: I have a 3 year old brother and we walk in the forest pretty …[View]
60044000what's their routine?[View]
60045367/trt/: Discuss all things test here. My question is as a rule of thumb what age should a man start t…[View]
60044430Is CBD and semen /fit/ approved?[View]
60045177When did you realize lifting is all mental? I spent 10 mins today pre workout visualizing me lifting…[View]
60042772Losing fat while keeping muscle: Ok /fit/, how do I lower my body fat % while retaining my muscle ma…[View]
60043732>be me >123lbs >6'1 what do?…[View]
60040509Shakesphere: Anyone here use this shit? Does it really clean easily(ie. just rinse it with water and…[View]
60045170When did you start noticing that thighs and feet were the most beautiful part of the human body?[View]
60040343After three years I finally benched 2pl8 bros... those of you still struggling you can do it![View]
60041177how many extra mg of pseudoephedrine should I take to make it equal to one dosage of regular ephedri…[View]
60045184How do fat people have the time / money / energy to eat & drink more than one meal a day?[View]
60041788Why are you not climbing stuff? Stuff like climbing walls, trees or parkour, what good is muscles if…[View]
60041029I’m new to eating healthier /fit/, can you guys rate my salad? What else should I have added or take…[View]
60041693>2015 >see short guy >think nothing bad of him >2020 >start browsing fit >suddenly…[View]
60043687Who's your favorite fitness blogger?[View]
60044812>nooo you can't just do a low carb diet, fats are bad, you'll die of a heart attack etc…[View]
60044790I was always very serious about body hygiene but never shaved my dick cause I thought that would be …[View]
60045149I'm going to the gym for the first time today. What should I be doing? I'd like to do uppe…[View]
60042393how to improve cardio without me fucking gassing out?? jump roper and jogfag here, doing cardio work…[View]
60032785GOAL BODY: Post your ideal body, what transformation you're working towards[View]
60032723Are you confident enough about your body to go on an undie run with half naked 18 year olds? Back wh…[View]
60044869How do I gain his physique?[View]
60039515So went to eye exam and they put this eye drops in my eye and now everything is blurry and bright, w…[View]
60021738suicide tier bodies: post suicide tier bodies[View]
60042898sleep is the biggest challenge >go to bed in time >still takes 2-3 hours to fall asleep WITH m…[View]
60040249L-Theanine: Any experience with L-Theanine? Does it improve sleep, mood, energy, etc like the claims…[View]
60044161is this there a bigger cope?: >this nigga skipped leg day >ok, but lets see your legs…[View]
60029242/fast/ general - Jesus is God Edition: >>60028984 good stuff mate >>60028967 1lb/48 mig…[View]
60044193What kind of lifts should I do to make sure I don't end up like [Mr.] Potato Head?[View]
60044169tell me the truth about growth hormone during fasting[View]
60044868How tf do I stop sweating from my ass: Every fucking workout. just a big ol sweat spot right on my a…[View]
60039893How do i reach Freedom mode?[View]
60043862>be me, DYEL >not even hit 2/3/4 yet >routinely get compliments from coworkers and piers th…[View]
60042501I hate you fat people I’ve never been fat before and I understand it’s probably tough but I still h…[View]
60044697Is your country requiring vaccination against the chink flu?[View]
60044308I’m trying to start lifting, and I figure it’ll be easier if I trigger a montage. I keep listening t…[View]
60043648I believe there may be a psyop related to this man going on on this board currently[View]
60042543If I always just take my vitamin D with my morning eggs do I have to supplement K2 with it or nah?[View]
60043396I do not lift: Three times a week a go hiking on a trail nearby On the way down I do a half run beca…[View]
60044517based mike o'hearn making greg doucette seethe[View]
60042956Take the Sauerkraut pill >low calories >LOADED with nutrients (considered a superfood) >pr…[View]
60044479>1800 calories a day >had a dream about a sandwich specifically it was just a white bread sand…[View]
60040877right bicep way bigger than left. wut do[View]
60041258Vitamin D: So lately i've been reading a lot about vit D and apparanetly is very important in a…[View]
60044380Food/Cooking: What are some peoples go-to meals, do you switch it up weekly or eat the same plan ove…[View]
60043102Sorry boys, this is what peak performance looks like. You'll never be this big and you'll …[View]
60043678/RAW/ - General: Discussion of (mostly)raw animal foods and natural health in general - chicken hear…[View]
60043262What are some little known tricks for bulking? I'm trying to gain weight and I don't want …[View]
60043579Is 3 x 12 retarded or nah?: I am doing the first PPL routine I found on Google images and it's …[View]
60044165All advice is appreciated: >Ive been going to the gym for a couple months now, I see a difference…[View]
60044054This is the ideal body for manlets. Try to prove me wrong if you like, but we both know you will fai…[View]
60043530Oatmeals breakfast: How do you prepare your oats every morning, /fit/? >100g oats >10g chocol…[View]
60040581can you give me quick rundown on how to loose body fat eat less more cardio etc...[View]
60040300Will eating this instead of Cinnamon Toast Crunch every day really make me stronger?[View]
60042363Why don't roiders just go for muscle implants? They clearly don't want to go through the a…[View]
60043643Daily reminder that there's no point in lifting if you're under 6'0''[View]
60032664/PLG/ - Powerlifting General: >Go rub rippletits puffy red nips wrong time edition Starting Stren…[View]
60043527Favorite Muscle?: What's your favorite muscle, in terms of looks or aesthetics? Personally, I f…[View]
60043880I had a bad fall on ice doing while attempting what I can only describe as an Xgame flip. Came down …[View]
60043807Dr. Jekyll Liquid Pump Shot: Has anyone tried this before? It seems like a meme, but if it works it …[View]
60042507what kind of butter and and cooking oils are healthy for you?[View]
60043841athleanx be like: jeff cavalier the type of nigga to not use a fork when he eats cuz he doesn't…[View]
60043542Would taking huge doses of e and test turn me into she-hulk? Will I gain Amazonian super powers? I w…[View]
60042615>forgot to activate my almonds before workout[View]
60038134Hypertension/High Blood Pressure: Any anons afflicted by hypertension? What have you found as the mo…[View]
60040139Oh so I just realized how clueless and ignorant fit is: So you are all just DYEL or something trying…[View]
60041989>50g of protein in one day[View]
60042076You are eating plenty of vegetables every day, aren't you anon?[View]
60042211Mushrooms: Are mushrooms a /fit/ snack? >Negligible amount of calories >Decent amount of vitam…[View]
60009558/fph/ - John Burk fat shaming edition: Fat people are disgusting. https://youtu.be/Q5aCzBOlb4I Old …[View]
60043639Is roach mode achievable natty[View]
60043653So you can lift heavy huh? But can you jump high? That's something that's actually useful …[View]
60041523how do I achieve this natty?[View]
60043012>gym bully smacked me around the back of the head while i was deadlifting again…[View]
60041374HELP: hello I’m very overweight and have been walking around 1-1.5 miles everyday to start. Can anyb…[View]
60043406Hi /fit/ I know this definitely isnt the place to ask for medical advice, but I am moreso looking to…[View]
60037030>eats breakfast, 300g of cottage cheese, one banana and one apple >one hour later eats rice wi…[View]
60038391Is mate good for you?[View]
60039573>oh hey arnold *eats burger* on your second heart attack and surgery huh *sips soda* maybe if you…[View]
60041245Natty bodybuilding: Is such a thing even possible? I have a 300 lb bench but i still feel and look s…[View]
60042435How much time do I have left?: All I ever eat is chicken, eggs, potatoes, butter, and on a rare occa…[View]
60043165NECK THREAD POST NECK my neck is 16 inches unflexed[View]
60043045>tfw was gifted 3 kilos of walnuts[View]
60039657Is 3 sets of 10 actually ideal or do we just do that because it sounds good? Is there a more efficie…[View]
60034358>can never lift away your literal autism[View]
60029161What MBTI type is the most fit?: Always related to the NT's but does my love of fitness contrad…[View]
60041509>snowed in first half of the month. Gym is canceled. >snow finally starts to melt, fall on ice…[View]
60042423how does skating burn calories? doesn't it involve less motion than walking? i failed high scho…[View]
60029663The gym finally reopens but as you're trying to get in you see protestors out in front saying t…[View]
60040750>less than 3pl8 DL >bar already rolling wtf bros I don't wanna change grip so soon…[View]
60042654If sugar is bad cause it spikes your blood sugar levels would it make it okay if you ate very small …[View]
60043119have you ever added creatine to coffee?[View]
60042497If you've always been fat, you would do best on a low-carbohydrate diet.[View]
60042966Any (good) fitness personalities/content creators who used to be genuinely fat and now are shredded?…[View]
60041607Is it really possible to gain muscle on a calorie deficit?: I'm 5 foot 10 inches 165 lbs. Can I…[View]
60039894>a man stands in the gym > you know he is immense power > he tells you he will either grant…[View]
60042728ITT : Natty ways of enhancing your anabolism >Sleeping more >Taking naps, preferably just afte…[View]
60042174Help me bros: I went to the gym for the first time yesterday, and some guy started taking pictures o…[View]
60042458How do I hit my upper chest better? It looks like shit. I try to target it with inclined dumbbell p…[View]
60042098>be me >autistic and fat NEET >decide to start lifting again after reading a bunch of moti…[View]
60040384>drink from cow >eat from cow >eat from fruit tree 99% of nutrition covered, with 100% enjo…[View]
60039996Vitamins etc: Over the last couple years I've tried tons of various vitamins etc and none of th…[View]
60041302barbell: Which rogue bar should I get for my garage? I bench 245 and deadlift 315... nothing more no…[View]
60037963Pro’s with solid advice: He’s a bit monotone but he speaks truth[View]
60007522What's the best fighting skill to learn so that I can do this?[View]
60039308I fucking hate dips I'm so sick of doing them[View]
60041828smoked cod liver appreciation thread: >Officer! Help! >I need some healthy fat gains immediate…[View]
60041145Shit diet: My diet consists of: Processed everything, processed meat, almost no fruits or veggies, j…[View]
60032946how do i achieve david laid mode?[View]
60039850I'm going to Costco, what would you buy?[View]
60041198/fraud/: Cruising on a gram edition Before asking your stupid beginner questions (yes, they are stup…[View]
60039793When does the urge to binge eat stop after recovery from anorexia? I've gained all the weight b…[View]
60024493You guys were right. He did/does browse fit/lit https://youtu.be/V40s9deHg1A?t=520[View]
60041726'You don't have to lift today. You should take it easy, it's been a stressful week.' 'One …[View]
600408162021 Fat Loss Epidemic?: >media pushing term 'Long Haulers' >people who have long lasting coof…[View]
60034230Will cardio steal ny gains?: >Workout in the morning >Go to work from 6pm-10pm >Deliver foo…[View]
60041663Recovery: All I want to do is workout, how do I speed up recovery after lifting hard in the gym? I’m…[View]
60041526Is this achievable natty?: Well?[View]
60040925This is what /fit/ should aspire to be https://youtu.be/L3eQejUDu6E[View]
60041944is this achievable natty?[View]
60040404Why devote so much time to a body that is only fleeting and will be gone when you die? As long as yo…[View]
60040709Can you please stop with the sugestive images? Fapping and porn kills your gains[View]
60041197does testosterone help getting muscle?[View]
60041531Back squats VS Front squats: Hated front squats at the beginning but holy fuck they are so much supe…[View]
60040022Just losted 5 lbs.. Bench goes from 220 to 200... Should I stop cutting?[View]
60039447do squats increase testosterone? worth doing cuz i dont do them at all desu baka[View]
60039871The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be d…[View]
60023927Do fit guys generally only like fit girls? Ive always shut down hooking up with very fit guys becaus…[View]
60040961Ear more: Im skinny fat or dad bodish. Been lifting heavy (for me) compounds for 3-4 months, and bee…[View]
60041431>1 year of lifting >still no bicep vein Forearm vein came pretty quickly but when I look at my…[View]
60035743>Start lifting >7 months later >I look like shit. Compare my progress to other 6-8 months p…[View]
60041700>jerk off before gym >shitty workout session >jerk off after gym >shity jerking session …[View]
60039468How do I into Bagel Boss mode?[View]
60041684Anyone else here HATES training biceps? Only curl variation i like is hammer curl, everything else i…[View]
60036707Is there any point in lifting if I'm 5'5,bald and ugly?[View]
60031123Help: Will gym help, or should I kill myself? 19 yrs old[View]
60041318You do eat the shell, don't you Anon?[View]
60040771Sup /fit/? I travel a lot for my job, which equates to about 2 months out of the year spread out rel…[View]
60041100Working arms for Bicep growth?: Hey guys, I've been lifting for a bit and never really trained …[View]
60040752Is protein powder and creatine supposed to taste like dollar store hot chocolate mixed with warm cum…[View]
60040047how much creatine are you guys supplementing? is 5g everyday with evening oats good?[View]
60039782Modified stronglifts 5x5: I'm gonna add chinups, dips, inclined benching, and curls to strongli…[View]
60032880What does /fit/ think about pic related?[View]
60036827Guys! Guys! Maybe I found a cure for baldness https://tmdocclusion.com/2018/07/14/more-on-hair-loss/…[View]
60040790Anytime Fitness: Recently moved, thinking about getting a membership at pic related since its a coup…[View]
60035591what is the best supplement for joint health?: im thinkin collagen or glucosamine but i dont know mu…[View]
60035018How do I stop getting blisters?[View]
60040239Derek, the natty king.[View]
60040845Hi guys , it me: Got new gee eff[View]
60039804hey /fit/, I've lurked for years but now I've been hitting the gym every day the last week…[View]
60040923gyno vs loose skin: which is the deadliest curse?[View]
60035993The Perfect Beginer Routine[View]
60039611is 4am a meme or is there something to it[View]
60040742Workout Plan Advice Needed: Hey bros, skinny fuck here trying to put on some muscle. Can anyone plea…[View]
60037550powefull: imagine where you would be if you be now if always made the right decesion if you always l…[View]
60040862-7.5/-6.5 myopic, practically blind without glasses will the eye training meme works for my eyes ? i…[View]
60038673>For me, it's the Pendlay Row[View]
60040342Anons please rate my progress https://www.reddit.com/r/progresspics/comments/lsat4h/m2561_200lbs_18…[View]
60039073Is refined flour good for you?[View]
60036492>zinc >black pepper What else? For test[View]
60039134How the fuck do i get rid of fat biceps/arms? I’ve been lifting for months.[View]
60039375What do you take? Looking to start lifting hard and taking some supplements to help, especially beca…[View]
60033791Will someone please tell me what this meme is based on? It sounds based.[View]
60014551You know what, I'm just going to call it at this point.: He's /ourguy/. Officially. inb4 s…[View]
60040110why we lift: i lift so that one day malnourished third world children like bradley martyn can escape…[View]
60040759When the need hit thy glute[View]
60040021How much is too much cardio? Joint health?: Gyms closed, working from home office, nothing to do in …[View]
60033414How do I make my 'these things' bigger[View]
60024597/cbt/ Current Body Thread - Post shower edition[View]
60040694Imagine using your entire body to swing a 45lbs compact hammer to strike a tire over and over, build…[View]
60040188I have previously cycled and gotten to about 6'1 210 9%bf That was about 4 years ago. I have no…[View]
60040269Are firefighters, seals and soldiers stronger than /fit/ bros? Pro question: Why are there so many o…[View]
60040603>age range: 18-22[View]
60040498Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
60039359What are some good exercises to combat slouching?[View]
60040458I ate maintenance again today. At least I won't gain weight this way, but I really want to lose…[View]
60037598Isometric holds is enough for forearms growth?: anons rate my trainning and share your trainning of …[View]
60039030BOOM! a weighted pullup pr 30 kg x 8 at 92 kg bodyweight Cut is also going well. https://www.youtube…[View]
60037397Is there a way to estimate how much weight is gained on creatine? I've been cutting for a few w…[View]
60040323>go for daily 1.5 miles run in the morning before work >go for daily 3 miles walk after work …[View]
60010503/cal/ calisthenics: Are you doing daily calisthenics workouts? This general is about the discussion …[View]
60036883I am a 25 year old “male” whose testosterone was recently measured to be 250 ng/dL. I don’t know wha…[View]
60040147What is best in life?: Quick /fit/. What is best in life? And why is it blue skyed Mongolia?[View]
60039778Knee sleeves: Is using these things a crutch? I mean they sure as fuck take pressure off of my knees…[View]
60040247is it true that chewable multivitamins are better than pills because some pills don't digest?[View]
60037701How long should I wait to take a cold shower after working out?: Hello. I tend to take a cold shower…[View]
60035221My local gym is closed indefinitely. The lockdown killed it.[View]
60037660WAGMI: Just got the results, your fellow stem-fag fitizen passed all his goddamn exams. YEAHHHHHH NO…[View]
60039916How to lean bulk?: I’m currently in a cut right now but when I start bulking again, I don’t want to …[View]
60037674Is SS or SL enough for women? I'll be coaching my gf on our home gym and haven't decided y…[View]
60038817>year and a half as a light alcoholic >develop irregular heart beat AAAAAAAAH WHAT THE FUCK DO…[View]
60039822Reddit.com/r/progresspics/comments/lsat4h/m2561_200lbs_180lbs_20lbs_weight_loss_progress/ frens pls …[View]
60035210wtf is wrong with r*ddit?[View]
60037801Lifting almost 24 months. Do I mog you[View]
60039759>Why yes, this is the best way to build bigger, stronger abs[View]
60039887Thread for helping with flexibility and loss of function in day to day activities. Have a question p…[View]
60037236gyms closed: is starving yourself a good way to lose weight? i don't go out at all and the gyms…[View]
60039840NO TIME TO BULK[View]
60039589Have you ever lost much strength on a -500kcal cut?[View]
60036210What's a decent job for a fit man who doesn't want to be a subhuman desk worker or a subhu…[View]
60037966What a time to be alive...[View]
60038354I'll take a gallon of milk[View]
60036815unironically used to think this was the most impressive physique ever dyelism is a hell of a drug[View]
60039145Missed 1 plate OHP in front of everyone today[View]
60037917Thoughts on meditation?[View]
60031184*Makes you more aesthetic than any other exercise*: That’s OHP for you[View]
60037415Is it better to swim in Ocean water?: This Sunday I'm planning to swim in the beach for once, H…[View]
60038367my deadlift is 75kg 5 reps. i do em 3x5, as long as i keep doing em with right form i probably wont …[View]
60037898Do you take frequent walks /fit/?[View]
60039446Hand gains thread: Measured my hands today and found out they are 7.25' long at 6'1'... basical…[View]
60029382Why does oatmeal get shilled on here so much?[View]
60020978Fair Skinned People: So, Summer is coming up, hopefully Covid free, and I’d like to avoid getting bu…[View]
60039210Fit Foods / Meal Prep General: Carnivore isn't working out so I'm just gonna go with a sta…[View]
60038336Can someone explain the bulk/cut meme to me? I’ve been only working out for 3 months. I see you guys…[View]
60036132massaging chest to get rid of man titties: does it work?[View]
60037877/DISCIPLINE/: I plan on doing pic related this saturday since i have a week off work. Has anyone don…[View]
60037417I’m going to be near a mcdonalds today for the first time in months. Give me a food challenge that I…[View]
60039201Anyone here ever tried a wedge pillow, at least for use of congestion when laying down and even poss…[View]
60037884What's the closest real life thing to badger milk?[View]
60038087Bulk length: How long should I be bulking for? I’ve been consuming a regular jar of peanut butter, 6…[View]
60038318>middle toe bigger than big toe[View]
60038740Is mind muscle connection important for hypertrophy?: Thoughts? And does it make a difference if you…[View]
60038664>mogs your physique[View]
60029939Besides Anorexia Nervosa, what is his routine? How do you make your torso look like that?[View]
60039081Every since I started cutting I've been feeling the cold more and it means I can wear comfy shi…[View]
60036558Can I drink Coke Zero on a fast? I’m planning to do a 1-2 week fast and I need a crutch[View]
60036144why can't I bounce my left bicep? when I try I just end up flexing my tricep and lower forearm[View]
60038375how to dress in a /fit/ way?[View]
60038566My girlfriend always looks at me like I'm a weirdo when I weigh my food and record the calories…[View]
60037569WHEY: Isolate or Hydrolysate?[View]
60038340What mode is this[View]
60038261Belt placement on pulls: How do you faggots wear your belt for conventional deadlifts? When I bend d…[View]
60037212>ywn be the best in the world[View]
60038209>pistol squats >kicked out of gym and cops called…[View]
60037938What are you doing to get away from ngmi mode?: I want to make it bros, we all can make it but not a…[View]
60036300Fuck I hate this guy and his stupid opinions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjQaexiRqJQ >Either…[View]
60036596I can't sleep for more than 5 hours no matter what I do. I've tried cutting back on screen…[View]
60031244How many of these do you do /fit/?[View]
60037953is gut health a meme? how do you know if yours is good and how would you improooove it?[View]
60004909/Fraud/ Fit is dead addition: Le reddit post for the youngsters - https://www.reddit.com/r/steroids/…[View]
60037614How do you take care your your poop quality?[View]
60038138So after being a lazy slob all of last year during corona and only going to the gym like 3-4 times p…[View]
60038542NECK THREAD this is takeo spikes the big neck man My current neck training i do everyday Neck Harnes…[View]
60038447TABATA: Who here lurks but never exercises? Consider Tabata. 4min/day.[View]
60037316>/fit/ Rule 1: NO PUFAs[View]
60038359what routine will make me look like this?[View]
60035416In the future the health problems of my steroid abuse will be fixable or will be the least of my pro…[View]
60037137>one shot at aesthetics >Born with pepperoni nipples Just end my misery.…[View]
60037291Yeah I have a balanced diet. I balance my lack of carbs with extra fat.[View]
60036898>eat plain oats >mom starts complaining that I'm eating oats for no reason >mom buys …[View]
60034305Why are lanklets so cocky?: Why are taller men so cocky? They seem to always think by sheer height t…[View]
60036153This guy claims natty. He is 5'11' and 235lbs, is that even possible?[View]
60035406ausfag general /afg/: This is a /fit/ness thread to give Australian specific tips on local gyms, spo…[View]
60038104458 total test 69.1 free > 19-year-old fit Is this good, I know I'm in the normal range but …[View]
60035829remember, a healthy weight is any weight where you can do: 15 chin ups 40 pushups 1 pistol squat eit…[View]
60030754>had a hemorrhoids for 5 months now >dont wanna go to a doctor because ill have to spread my a…[View]
60037850Best back exercises >DUMBELL EDITION Gyms are cucked and closed, I only have a pull up bar, dumbe…[View]
60037922All this lifting and healthy eating and my brain still fucking SUUUCKSS. Fuck OCD.[View]
60034039What are the best macros for gains?[View]
60036693Weird grinding sound from knee when squating. Is this normal or I'm gonna die?[View]
60033543So I've been doing OMAD (One Meal A Day) dieting and just realized how powerful my disgusting p…[View]
60031567Pressing the big boi: I bought this 106lb (48kg) kettlebell, my goal is to be able to clean and pres…[View]
60037679what does it mean you owe the world nothing?: what does it mean you owe the world nothing? I used to…[View]
60037664ITT only the most based routines[View]
60037759does this like look good? do i need to cut what should i do?[View]
60036927>50g of protein in one day[View]
60035419Serios Question. How many guys here got into lifting to get woman? I feel like its only make it wor…[View]
60035851Can I get a bodyfat % estimate? Stats: 5' 10, 177 pounds, 18 Lifts:140kg bench, 50kg chin up, 8…[View]
60035199What is the reason why you lift? I just want to make my girlfriend extremely self conscious. Last ye…[View]
60037031Mental game- how to squat without architecture?: So I was struggling through squats this morning onl…[View]
60037605cutting stack: I need to get strong as fast as possible. Getting fat rn so I'm planning a very …[View]
60032841Pushing human boundaries: If there was a program using modern day medical knowledge to create the mo…[View]
60037425Can I make it bros?: do I have time to get /fit/ for the summer? I have been going to the gym since …[View]
60034951>he doesn't drink maggi as a source of protein 18,6 protein per 100ml and 116 kcal…[View]
60028124Post BRUTAL moggings[View]
60037392Anyone else feel like this?: >All day everyday everything is going fine >Sit down and me heart…[View]
60035178How do you get your calves to not bother you running? Is it just a matter of running more and gettin…[View]
60037199Bros my familys cat is 4.8kg and the vet says he is overweight, he has started sneezing blood someti…[View]
60036800For me, it's oatmeal mixed with low fat yogurt.[View]
60037174NECK CURLS /// MEWING: Whenever I do neck curls, it forces my jaw to unclench and I can feel my top …[View]
60032008Is this possible?: Is this type of transformation possible natural?[View]
60033891>gf needs to lose like 60 lbs >only wants to do a 'juice diet' How the fuck do I do that?…[View]
60035140NoFap Question: Is 'Semen Retention' worth it in the sense of boosting gains and muscles mass while …[View]
60035147I can't believe my mom stooped so low...: My mom called my doctor and said to him 'What's …[View]
60029705How long would this realistically take to achieve.[View]
60036302Wtf do I do?: I did some autistic muay thai kicks in my room and accidentally kicked the sharp end o…[View]
60035486sup guys Derek from more plates more dates today I'm gonna talk for 30 minutes about this new c…[View]
60031415Porn addiction/ NoPorn: How to overcome porn addiciton? I can go fine without fapping, it’s porn tha…[View]
60033638why lift for years when you could just read for hours and get the same result?[View]
60036661can you obtain good physique without doing deadlifts, squats and benchpress?[View]
60036775>came to /fit/ at 17 >changed my life >went from shut-in loser to social circle and sex …[View]
60036336How's the self improvement going, bros? I just did 15 mins bathmate while chugging fetus wrappi…[View]
60031924What happened in ~1980?[View]
60030913Recovery: New to getting /fit/ and I feel like death after working out. I have muscle soreness every…[View]
60036054Is this Acid Reflux/Gerd/coffee allergy??: >dry dog bark like loud cough >nothing comes out …[View]
60035876/fit/, does anyone here have that screencap of the anon posting about how his girlfriend drank his c…[View]
60034494Hey guys , it me: I’m back , biggir then ever[View]
60031060>100+kg feels like 'paperweight' to my hamstrings >discovery it accidentally by trying one of…[View]
60034671What mode is this?[View]
60034960How big can you get with 8 Months of calisthenics and how do you achieve it?[View]
60035307Exercise out of depression: Has there ever been a bigger meme and lie in the fitness industry?…[View]
60036513Push up thread: Roll assholes[View]
60034357>be me at gym >never miss a day >hate mask never wear it over nose and never wipe down mach…[View]
60034932>never work out a day in my life >depressed, angry, generally bad mindspace >lift a weight …[View]
60031965Why do mexicans have the best bone structure? Why are they so wide? Why do they all look swole as fu…[View]
60035383How does a middle aged woman keep a figure like this?[View]
60034382Rate my assisted pull up system[View]
60028279Hip tendons: I've had pretty bad hip tendon pain for the past 3 months even with physical thera…[View]
60033899Starting TRT: Im thinking of starting TRT My plan is to take around 150 mg of testosterone a week fo…[View]
60035245Is this good bulking food?[View]
60036048Need some appropriate lifts for this feel Girlfriend only wants to hangout so we can 'cuddle…[View]
60034018MIRE THREAD Let's goooooo[View]
60036070which diet was better USSR or US diet?[View]
60036032I live in an urban area and can only run on pavement. My knees always hurt afterwards and I sometime…[View]
60030105Anyone got any tips for getting rust off?[View]
60029785Imagine training for years in boxing only to get your ass kicked by some 400lb American who looks li…[View]
60032479Redpill me on Kratom: Can anyone redpill me on kratom? Thinking of trying it, heard it was good for …[View]
60034846remember to eat your kefir and fiber[View]
60031951What mode is this[View]
60031995Is there a fitness routine that will help me completely stop caring about women? It's like I do…[View]
60027598What’s /fit/ ideal diet for longevity? Keto Plant based? Or a combination?[View]
60035560Should I seek medical attention?: >be me >Bruised my ribs 8 days ago, slight pain but I don…[View]
60035605Delray Misfits server?: I used to be in a Delray Misfits server that I got the link to on here. It h…[View]
60033036HOW DO I STOP MASTURBATING???: i've tried everything, I want to stop and every time I do it I f…[View]
60035427Is this achievable natty?[View]
60030169When did people realize the spine should be straight when lifting?: Like did the Ancient Greeks unde…[View]
60035050Are there any excercises that cure social anxiety?[View]
60033930ONCE AGAIN /FIT/ LIES TO ME: Why did you tell me to eat muesli and oats when I could have had pizza …[View]
60035049Fear the old snooze Ever since i started snoozing this week, it began with something innocent like j…[View]
60034925I cannot fucking lose weight bros. It’s over[View]
60033386>meat is bad for you >carbs are bad for you >fruit is bad for you The hell I supposed to ea…[View]
60034762>Workout in the evening/night first time in a looong time >Usually workout in the morning >…[View]
60033863I’m a fatass: any tips for weight lost o almighty /fit/?[View]
60034915>walk into the gym >DO YOU THINK YOU'RE BETTER OFF ALONE >DO YOU THINK YOU'RE BET…[View]
60033692How can one man be so based?: >lotgar friends >700lbs squat at 44 >used to fraud the system…[View]
60034903can you german hang?[View]
60031687I am a targeted individual I know that one of you here has been following me to and from the gym eve…[View]
60032881Anyone else notice that beating your meat after a leg workout is way better? It feels more real and …[View]
60034941>buy two of these >costs like 3 dollars each >you got parallete bars for cheap >you get …[View]
60032157Reddit: the fitness equipment.[View]
60034416Reishi's limits as a nootropic: Reishi for stress and boredom. Is it healthy?[View]
60016242You wake up tomorrow to find that you are the president of the United States of America. How do you …[View]
60027232lifting albums[View]
60019190Cardio bunny: Show me you best cardio bunny pictures! I'm trying to show some nice cardio bunny…[View]
60034474hello i am making this thread while holding 11kg in my fingers as static. quite difficult when you g…[View]
60034141How much cardio is too much?: Me and a few buddies are planning to go bike riding pretty often durin…[View]
60031534>be me(Canada fag) >gyms close down in November >feelsbadman.jpeg >typical fallout(lazy,…[View]
60033538Should I go to the doctor?: They have been this way for a long long time I think for as long as I ca…[View]
60030175reminder that if you drink protein shakes, you are a faggot[View]
60032033Why didn't you save him?[View]
60012501>wake up >Browse 4chan >Go to gym >Come back >Browse 4chan There must be more to life…[View]
6003219223.0 BMI Trying to get from 160 to 130 to lose my fuckin fat gut and floppy man tits but can't…[View]
60029205I would you say the Air Bike/Assault Bike is the best form of cardio to do to burn the most fat, kee…[View]
60034306>The Press™[View]
60029895Why do you even lift?: What's the point of lifting when the only thing that matters is cardio? …[View]
60034023Gyms Closed Anons: What can I do with calisthenics that will work out my lats?[View]
60032688How many calories should I eat a day if I don't want to be a skinny bitch?[View]
60031510Is there any point in lifting if you have micro dick? 5 inch erect. 2 inch flaccid.[View]
60022107you did listen when i told you not to take the kike vaccine right? if not then welcome to sterility…[View]
60030176Just ate 10 fish oil pills[View]
60031891It’s. over.[View]
60024194>drink one of these bad boys on my rest days this is okay r-right /fit/?…[View]
60018682/fit/ humor / humour: Wednesday humor thread my dudes, get in here. Except for incels, incels go bac…[View]
60033329Gynecomastia: Best way to get rid of the man boob? I've been lean, fat, fit, tried various diet…[View]
60032890Is a 360 lb + bodyweight weighted dip achievable naturally?[View]
60029105now the dust has settled was he in the right?[View]
60033322/fit/ male makeup for the gym and athletic activities: What color eyebrow pencil should you get if y…[View]
60033557Bad Day: Had a bad workout today kings...[View]
60030535>this guy walks up to you and asks your gf for bobs and vagene what do?…[View]
60028401does the average south korean has a better physique than the average man on rest of the world?[View]
60032757Sup anons, what blender do you use for your shakes and smoothies? I need recs I want something that…[View]
60032839Could someone link the mooooove YouTube channel please?[View]
60006886What is the most beta martial art you tried?: And when you realised that shit was garbage? Mine was …[View]
60031483Why are ABS so sexualized/appreciated?: Why is it that ABS are so popular among both men and women? …[View]
60031856Post your Age, Height, Stats General: >25 years old >210 pounds >6 foot 3 >Live in a ci…[View]
60028849So I have been doing the 100 push up a day challenge for about a week and change now. I have been ab…[View]
60030854Ate another box of girl scout cookies[View]
60031668What’s the most amount of non liquid calories you think you personally could consume within 24 hours…[View]
600298444.5 weeks into microneedling with 1.5mm once per week and 5% minox twice daily. appoximately same ha…[View]
60030868lifting at home: want to start lifting but can't afford a membership due to being a student. Is…[View]
60029115I’m trying to enlist in the military. I’ve been training from scratch for months now and have made g…[View]
60030539Positivity General: There’s a lot of negative bucket crabs on /fit/ nowadays so your only allowed to…[View]
60031157How do I cope with having a bird chest, mine is like pic-related but its just in the middle, will li…[View]
60029233PUSHUP THREAD YOU GAY RETARDS YOU KNOW THE RULES also post your favorite movie :)[View]
60032614Always remember that confidence > muscles[View]
60025328Seriously who else lifts just as an excuse this drink this? Everybody say thank you to the best most…[View]
60033006>coworkers talking about how they physically can’t stop eating sweets[View]
60031908Fat fuck on a cut here Today i ate 100g of 0% fat white greek yoghurt, 5 boiled carrots and 200g of …[View]
60030254how the fuck do people drink this shit? Just tried their $3 sample packet and it tasted like watered…[View]
60032840How do I make my ex achieve this mode? She was 5'9'', 100-110 lbs when we were togeth…[View]
60032765Hey everyone, my name's OP and I want to introduce you to my friend anon. He's a faggot tw…[View]
60026011I'm starting a 60 day waterfast today. I'm morbidly obese, the anons on here keep telling …[View]
60013833/PLG/ - Powerlifting General - drink your milk II: **IF YOU WANT FORM ADVICE, POST A VIDEO** Importa…[View]
60032629https://darebee.com/programs/spellbound.html Are you a wizard?[View]
60032289Raising T: Blood place tells me I have level 300 testosterone which apparently is on the low end of …[View]
60031578What daily routine gets a body like this?[View]
60031542What is the largest snowball a normal human could push?: I calculated the weight of the snowball in …[View]
60023735>he says he is /fit/ >he doesn't have abs…[View]
60030372Poor fit meals: POST EM >310 calories >21 grams protein ready in literally 1 minute, throw …[View]
60031330Do you weigh more than the average American woman?[View]
60030983Why do dead lifts and squats kill the rest of my workout?: Recently I just started not doing dead li…[View]
60029604I'm a 270lbs hikki that has never lifted and lurk here for hours a day.[View]
60030585Lifts/cutting advice for this feel: >3 year dry spell >last/only gf was a highly manipulative …[View]
60030803The bench press is our cross. Rep for Jesus.[View]
60032267you wouldn't do it, right /fit/?[View]
60028834Is there a drug or supplement that makes you stop being hungry/stops you craving sweets?[View]
60031850is there anything more low IQ than being fat? if you are mentally weak enough to get fat how can you…[View]
60031588im squatting and OHP tues, daeds on thurs, and bench on sat, amongs other accessory lifts. i play ho…[View]
60028844>be me after cardio with lifting buddy >he wipes his sweat with his shirt, exposing his abs …[View]
60031718how do i unlock this mode?[View]
60031899Cycle advice: So I am getting ready to run an 8week cycle of RAD140 when it gets here next week at 1…[View]
60030849Accuracy: What's up /fit/? I was wondering about the accuracy of some of the cardio machines at…[View]
60031591How much milk do you eat daily?[View]
60031757I have no gains except in previously unused muscle groups and I can hardly do ten pushups. What do?[View]
60029903anon,you keep your mouth clean right? what is your routine and what products you use for max teeth g…[View]
60024305Could you eat all this within 90 minutes?: I get ravenous after a squat/deadlift session but I don’t…[View]
60030826The Meta: Fitness aesthetic meta is to first get fat, sit a lot with your fat rolls stacked until yo…[View]
60029304Intrusive thoughts: Hey everybody, having a weird realization leaving the gym today. I have consiste…[View]
60031280I just want to settle down with a woman, preferably a single mother, with a triple digit body count.…[View]
60026580I’m about to kms, cya kings.[View]
60031512I don’t want to be an Armlet no more. Armlets unite[View]
60014501No QTDDTOT thread to post in: Does anyone have experience lifting when sick/feeling shitty? had dest…[View]
60031263Calve raise thread Last two digits is the number of calve raises you do PER leg. Full extension slow…[View]
60031426HETEROSEXUAL ASS-GAINS THREAD: How the FUCK am I supposed to build an ass when no man in my family o…[View]
60030972>Go to gym >Workout forearms >Leave…[View]
60030477I’ve done yoga for a year now that I can suck my own dick[View]
60025842is it true that my body can only absorb a max of 35g of protein in one meal period? is it a waste to…[View]
60030949>Walking down escalator at store >Fat bitch who works there turns around and says 'Excuse me, …[View]
60030900Ideals thread: Ideals thread time. You know the drill, post em up and rate others.[View]
60030318where is a reliable place to buy ephedrine? premade ECA stacks are overpriced when 2/3 of the ingred…[View]
60030273Does anybody know how to get that ''chicken and broccoli''?[View]
60030648Who else aims to be a /fitgrandpa/ here[View]
60008660/feelsbar/ - Tuesday blues edition: 'Afternoon anon, can I get you anything? How'd your wo…[View]
60029216mire thread: Post recent mires brahs. >tfw post body in current body thread >anons mirin askin…[View]
60025420What are the best exercises to cope with being a manlet?[View]
60031010Is Pre-Workout a meme?: Wouldn't it be much cheaper to drink Coffee before a workout instead of…[View]
60029594It’s been years, but I finally understand, “don’t lift for women”. >I bust my fucking ass gettin…[View]
60030909hey /fit/ ive got a bit of an issue. I'm 18 and have had several encounters with girls that cou…[View]
60028104Can you do more pull-ups than her, /fit/?[View]
60024219What do I do if I know exactly what to do (Fasting 2-3 months) to achieve everything I want in life …[View]
60022181Media that makes you wanna lift: ITT we recommend/post shit that pumps you up HARD. Got a show/anime…[View]
60021003/fit/ humor[View]
60030561>start cutting >feel colder than the penguin who lives in the fridge and hides when you open t…[View]
60026361He finally went full retard, guys...[View]
60028965Gym routine: Gym every day or every other day?[View]
60030368What mode is this?[View]
60030252>train till I can’t physically move the weight >hit my macros perfectly getting lots of prote…[View]
60030673You gotta eat big to get big, c'mon Don't be a bitch[View]
60030549You guys don't actually do steroids....Do you?[View]
60028497Will lifting help me get HQNP girls? High Quality (HQ): Physical Attractiveness Good Facial Ratios G…[View]
60030144>weigh over 300 pounds >something suddenly clicks one day >lose 120 pounds in a year, on tr…[View]
60029724How do I achieve this mode?[View]
60030369>5lb protein whey I bought taste like shit I-it's not fair bros...…[View]
60028125/fit/ logic: If you cheat on your side chick with a one night stand, did you also cheat on your main…[View]
60024515What’s the best way to drink milk?[View]
60029118can you get a body like this just from bodyweight workouts?[View]
60021211What's the point of calisthenics? The beginner-intermediate exercises, like push ups, pull ups,…[View]
60029614>go on no fap relapse >go on a diet fuck it up >get my sleep schedule together ruin it t…[View]
60028574How do I upgrade my money gains? I'm almost 25 and have never had a job that pays more than 40k…[View]
60025304CBT thread: Post your bodies and rate eachother[View]
60026984Should you still lift if you're sore or let it rest? Does working through it impede muscle grow…[View]
60026921Is weed good for gains: Dude weed[View]
60028859Forearms: I think arms need to be uniformly developed. A big bulging bicep with a skinny forearm is…[View]
60027185SARM info thread: I have previously cycled and gotten to about 6'1 210 9%bf That was about 4 ye…[View]
60029122Guys is something wrong with me? I’m 5’8, 154lbs currently and I want to be a body builder. I’m tryi…[View]
60027490What's his routine?[View]
60027776Is this achievable natty?[View]
60027969>been bulking on unnecessary 4000 calories per day for years >still havent got fat how…[View]
60015682Suicide Tier Body: >24 years old 5'10' manlet >pencil thin limbs that are the size of a 7…[View]
60027422how many people are posting on /fit/?[View]
60027457hate I FUCKING HATE how nerd culture has invaded and raped the blender bottle industry. GFUEL and ot…[View]
60025347Anabolic supplements?: Are they legit? Will they give me cancer?[View]
60029425Sauerkraut juice: Please tell me you retards are probiotic maxing[View]
60029661How do I get a fit twink BF?[View]
60006841What's your spirit animal /fit/? For me it's the whale shark.[View]
60025958How many years of lifting to reach natty limit?: 3? 4? 5? Currently having been lifting for 2 years …[View]
60029322>Look in the mirror >'Whoa, lookin' good!' >Take any sort of picture or appear in a pi…[View]
60029708Why do ultra conditioned bodybuilders today look so much flatter/less separated than how they did in…[View]
60028089Me on my way to making it to ottermode.[View]
60021768Does anyone else feel like caffeine doesn't affect them very much? Is this normal ?[View]
60028447Anyone got overwhelmed with the sheer number of lifts out there as a beginner: I'm starting out…[View]
60029475Is he gonna make it?: are we gonna make it ?[View]
60028643Is this wristcel or normal? I’m 6ft[View]
60027975You are more fit than a french HIV positive homeless man, are you /fit/?: https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
60029420Anyone else flat footed? I am and I believe that's why I've been getting knee pain these p…[View]
60023135/fit//an/imals: Animals with huge muscles or doing sports. Preferably not photoshopped.[View]
60029412Is he fit by /fit/ standards ?[View]
60028534Is it ok to just avoid junk food and eat schnitzel with porridge?[View]
60028810On any given moment, over half the top threads violate this principle. /r9k/ can fuck off back their…[View]
60029387Guys halp: guys guys guys /fit/ halp plz So I did deadlifts for the first time today just doing 1 pl…[View]
60028449Vanilla: Why are you using vanilla flavoured protein powder, anon?[View]
60028228Turkey: Is Deli Turkey a good choice of turkey?[View]
60027509i yanked on my hair because i got it stuck in between the plate when i was doing neck curls none ca…[View]
60027560What's the best type of gum or gum brand to chew to get Chad Jaw gains?[View]
60028894reverse body dysmorphia: How do I unlock reverse body dysmorphia bros? I mean like the fat guys who …[View]
60028552How do I steer my wife to gonad shape[View]
60029268Can I be fat and fit at the same time? Do I have to lose weight first to get in a good shape (strong…[View]
60018783Why is it that when I look at my old friends on Instagram, they all look more attractive than me, wi…[View]
60028714Designing my workout for my goal?: So my goal is to get down to maybe 14 percent bodyfat. I am 18 pe…[View]
60025154How the fuck does one acquire dumbbels in Ireland: I'm trying to find some decently-priced (ide…[View]
60027588how to regain lost strength and power.: Over the past year-years i've noticed a loss of power, …[View]
60026949Why the fuck does apple shaped women disgust me so much. Not even a cute face can make up for it.[View]
60022001>inexpensive >high in protein >low in calories >nutrient dense(zinc, selenium) >taste…[View]
60026612What kind of strenght training would you recomend for a cop? To be honest, I'm an eastern europ…[View]
60026723What's the consensus on these? Will they kill my gains?[View]
60005704Can I be curvy?: I want to be curvy like this lady or at least curvier than I am now. I have sad hip…[View]
60026177Why are people like this? You don't have to lift or have even basic med training to know this s…[View]
60027484>there are people on this board who take rest days Have fun losing gains…[View]
60028676Deli meat: did i just FUCK myself over by eating deli turkey meat[View]
60023533Is it possible to max the ACFT? Surely someone who is deadlifting 365 is not able to run a 2 mile in…[View]
60028071I’m very skinny. I was going to the gym for a year and was bulking, but I haven’t gone in a few mont…[View]
60027233Gyms are fucking closed. Due to that I decided to do this basic Calisthenics routine to keep up my g…[View]
60028517my posture: I'm doing some exercises to fix my posture, they don't strain much, but should…[View]
60025112>the average SL 5x5 enjoyer[View]
60028123Post your ideal fitness bf/gf[View]
60024912I've started using exercise in order to self-harm. If I overdo it, it brings me great physical …[View]
60026568push up: >no push up thread[View]
60027576>finally worked up the courage to kill myself lets do it bros, there is nothing here for any of u…[View]
60025981how do you stay so skinny? He's 130 lbs[View]
60026357Have you done lazer on your legs fit? thinking about doing it for this summer would feel so much bet…[View]
60028250A Chinese man who has lived to the age of 150 is about to reveal the new superfood that will be all …[View]
60026094Your tought on laxogenin?: Have anyone ever tryed this product? Some people compare it to oxandrolon…[View]
60025959It's the 3rd day in a row of making awkward eye contact with this one girl at the gym, we just …[View]
60028111Need /fit/ Advice: I'm skinny fella and recently I've got a lot more free time in my life …[View]
60025949How to get the Swimmer Body?: What are the best exercises/routines to replicate the Swimmer Body wit…[View]
60025518Gym mentors: Anon, why haven't you asked that older guy at the gym to spot you? Don't you …[View]
60026900Can you get at least reasonably ripped with a single 35lbs kettlebell? MMA gym closed in october, we…[View]
60027380What’s their routine?[View]
60027732What probiotics are you eating? How often?[View]
60025696Getting a test at an HRT clinic this week: How do I make sure my levels are low enough to get treatm…[View]
60027280Bench for homegym: What is a really good bench for my homegym? Amazon offers tons of benches that cl…[View]
60027464>Eating my breakfast in the shower, 250g of bacon and 8 eggs >Sit cross legged under the cold …[View]
60026775>still not summer yet >still cant go to my local train, pop my top off and roon in the sweet s…[View]
60027874what are some good brands for colorful athleisure joggers to look like a chad in the gym? I got some…[View]
60025818Workout Headphones?: What are the best headphones for working out? But also general use. Over ear pr…[View]
60027416Sleep gains: Any anons use a weighted blanket ive read they help sleep but want to know if anyone on…[View]
60026336waist trainers and...: Okay, this HAS TO be addressed. I've been going to a new gym, a body bui…[View]
60026390Hot baths vs cold showers: Lets settle this once and for all. Both allegedly improve circulation bu…[View]
60027687Just woke up and realized I hate women. Lifts for this feel?[View]
60024829Am I doomed to attract twinks and cougars? I used to he a hipster and got jacked ironically but now …[View]
60026197Let's settle this shit once and for all, no more games. Is the sugar found in fruit bad for you…[View]
60024482It was 6 000 000 calories today...[View]
59996549MMA > Lifting: >OU football player Spencer Jones picked a fight against a guy with a decade of…[View]
60027137>binge ate a bunch of mcdonald's on a cut >got diarrhea within 30 minutes >weighed mys…[View]
60024555Cutting season: It’s here. Are you putting in the work?[View]
60024504Why do I have to pee so frequently?[View]
60014974You see someone not wearing a mask while working out which is in clear violation of the mask mandate…[View]
60026672The ceilings in my apartment aren't high enough for me to do OHP with my barbell.[View]
60024309>NoFap Less productive >Fap More productive Explain…[View]
60024281>About to hit the gym for the 8th day in a row Later virgins[View]
60014452/fast/ - fasting general: >newbie edition What is /fast/? >A discussion of intermittent fastin…[View]
60027222Obese? Good Balding? Good 5'7? Good Low IQ? GOOD[View]
60026363We're all gonna make it, brahs.[View]
60024389What happens if I lift hard but I don't eat enough calories to gain weight?[View]
60023570What shoes do you lift in?: Where'd you get them and how much did they cost?[View]
60025799any1 else just put a serving of whey in a glass of milk and stir it instead of blending a shake bc b…[View]
60024603>arm day[View]
60026146how much do I have to lift for furry girls?[View]
60026823Favourite type of row? Single db > chest supported > cable > t bar >>>>>>…[View]
60025747Can anyone recommend me a good beginner home workout?: hey /fit/ I lurk here occasionally and read b…[View]
60026828Doing jiujitsu and judo every day. Also lifting 5 days a week, but I'm worried about over train…[View]
60025795/fit/ decorations for your home gym: Hey fit, I finally managed to put some money aside and make a g…[View]
60026912Which rep range does pic related muscle group respond the best to?: From a squat POV. From your exp…[View]
60016749You HAVE been thoughtmaxxing, haven't you?[View]
60026429I weight around 53/56 Kg and i'm 5'6, i was always skinny for my whole life, but recently …[View]
60024234>tfw fit due to sports, mainly basketball >legitimately good at basketball, could've been…[View]
60026118To maximize my weight loss, should I lift and do cardio or just cardio?[View]
60026433My mind keeps blanking out Like i am playing a board game or something and i completely forget every…[View]
60026545How to stay hydrated in this clown world?: Tap water goes through rusty sewer pipes, and bottled wat…[View]
60026581ZOOMER GYM MUSIC: any zoomer metal? I listen to shredwave and stuff but I need new music https://you…[View]
60025627Nerve flossing/gliding for carpal tunnel syndrome (adds more pain the day after): I've been doi…[View]
60026101I've didn't smoke for a week and it wasn't that hard. I can manage the cravings, but …[View]
60023951>50g of protein in one day[View]
60021709>Grow up a lard-ass >Mocked my entire life >Get into university >Decide I want to remake…[View]
60026398gym music: >walk into home gym >ich' ni san shi go-ha-n https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
60026521>I lift so I am invulnerable to people's mock I am a clown irl, a real clown I love fun, bei…[View]
60022307If you don’t glute mog women on a daily basis then are you even trying?[View]
60026516Vape mail ban: https://vaping.org/press-release/using-covid-19-congress-bans-usps-vape-shipping/ wtf…[View]
60025006Are these bad for you?: are there any cons of these zero calorie drinks like C4 or bang? Would I sti…[View]
60025699How exactly does yoga make women’s bodies look better? I want to redpill my gf on yoga because I wan…[View]
60026224>yfw losing strength on a cut At least its only another 7 weeks...[View]
60025485I did it /fit/ I've gone to snapcity And not while doing exercise I'm waiting to be picked…[View]
60025546TaySocial: https://tinderbiohack.com/biohack Could this actually work, guy seems legit like he knows…[View]
60023996https://youtu.be/BuRTQXWKII8 Derek moreplatesmoredatesdotcom utterly btfoing carnitards[View]
60025254This website has some of the most bullshit articles[View]
60007540/fat/ - Disappointment edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For fat left behind siblings who want to bette…[View]
60026002Front Squats: I'm trying to learn how to front squat and I think there's something wrong w…[View]
60004830What got him to work out /fit/?[View]
60025936>Have been joining all kinds of running challenges on Strava >Don't join the BLM challeng…[View]
60025894natty?: throwback right here, real OGs will remember. chris jones from physiques of greatness. was h…[View]
60025914>mfw FINALLY figured out ideal pull up form dead hang, pull down shoulder blades, and at the top …[View]
60022804How should you keep your shoulders when you deadlift? I worry i might damage em someday cuz im unsur…[View]
60024547Anyone else have this issue ay the gym after taking a piss, no matter what I do. Shaking, jumping, p…[View]
60024007sleeping right after eating / workout: is it bad to sleep right after you eat? after i eat, i usuall…[View]
60024354Are these bad for you?[View]
60024302>yu tellin me you go 2 weeks without tranin legs? >thas horrible stayvun…[View]
60023250>be me >started weight loss journey in January >haven't eaten anything sugary or drank…[View]
60024763>there is an idea of a Derek Moreplatesmoredates, some kind of abstraction, but there is no real …[View]
60024220Do Lards Really?: > calories don't matter when you're losing weight…[View]
60024468>be 5'10 >started gym 4 months ago >went from 149 lbs to 163 is my weight gain reasona…[View]
60023818Birdy bulking[View]
60024073I lift so I can bully the children I work with. Why do you lift?[View]
60023946Is this considered ottermode?[View]
60023461If I cut1000kcal a day for say 3 weeks how much of that is lean mass approximately?[View]
60025513ITT Internal Martial Artists and Yogis: Bros I like working out my muscles and sculpting my body to …[View]
60022598do you have cheat meals?[View]
60024176How to Develop a Thicker Physique: Nah. None of that fat ass booty stype shit. Im talking Kratos God…[View]
60024060Managing body hair?: Is it /fit/?[View]
60024026What up my chooms[View]
60020692dat whey: Where does everyone get their whey? It used to be easy to tell what was on sale on Amazon.…[View]
60024143Anyone have the version where it shows the actual good bodies of gymmaxxed incels?[View]
60024804Is fruit healthy?[View]
60025173Is honey good for consumption? I eat a toast with natural PB & honey everyday, not alot but yea,…[View]
60025270What would you add here?[View]
60025062>see new dyel guy at gym the last couple months >check his notebook while he's taking a p…[View]
60022964Are torso rotations a meme exercise?[View]
60023875Music Thread: Post music you use to break PRs[View]
60024664Anyone else feel kinda blurry at night? I know it's not a novel concept to get fucking tired lo…[View]
60022237Bros I think I fucked up my knee from weighted pullups. I can do any kind of squats fine so don…[View]
60025140What are you having for dinner fit? >dry aged rice with cultures for microbiome gains…[View]
60024443Fatigue while cutting: Anyone else get really tired while working out on a cut? Halfway through my p…[View]
60024934Achievable natty?[View]
600247351. why are boys hitting puberty earlier than ever in history? 2. is it a bad thing or a good thing? …[View]
60020431NECK thread been training my neck everyday for 6 days now, definitely seeing some growth https://www…[View]
60024004meditation: is meditation paramount as far as living a /fit/ life goes? if so, how may one best go a…[View]
60024967Cardio Powerful: Yesterday my resting heart rate was 90bpm. In the evening I decided enough was enou…[View]
60024956Sleep head sack thingy: Anybody own one of these? They seem like they are awesome for sleep gains. T…[View]
60021760Rate my bulking snack[View]
60024869I made my secret recipe again today at lunch, wrapping fries with bacon and then dipping them in a c…[View]
60023860>As part of her recovery, the Hollywood-star-turned-lifestyle-guru said she was on a mainly 'keto…[View]
60024184How can I get a girl who is rich and good looking and how can fitness help?: How can I get a girl wh…[View]
60020850Make pea protein taste good?: Trying this stuff for lent but it taste gross. Tried mixing it with oa…[View]
60019277Eggs: How does /fit/ eat their eggs? I typically eat 4 eggs, cooked sunny side up or mix em into an …[View]
60024742this pain is so intense, is so great. being is complete suffering, nothing good can happen.[View]
60022062Are tanning beds worth it? What about for guys who can't get sun normally (apartment dwellers, …[View]
60023446>woman in the gym asks me how to lose weight cya losers[View]
60024539What is your bf% right now? In which bf% did you get the most positive attention from girls?[View]
60021871>Not using weighted barbell rollouts to have more defined abs at even higher bodyfat levels…[View]
60023358>be 125 skinny fat skeleton, alcoholic degenerate >Decide to get it together and start lifting…[View]
60023249It was 10,000 calories today... How do i stop this bros[View]
60017853>Oh, you eat meat? >Guess you cum a less than can fill a thimble and your T levels are rock bo…[View]
60005301/fit/ manlets, are you strong enough to have an amazon gf?[View]
60022951are NFL players unhealthy?[View]
60021260I realized that food is not expensive, I'm just poor[View]
60023182>you will never be this masculine What's the point? How can I even begin to compete against …[View]
60023985>bread >olive oil >ham >cheese Stay away oatcels, only cardioChads can have this for bre…[View]
60023382How do I achieve this physique ?[View]
60022093>romanian split squat[View]
60024178LOL!!!! Maskies BTFO[View]
60022213What individual athlete do you consider to have (or had) the best of both strength and cardiovascula…[View]
60023407What do you guys think of during cardio? Usually I think of stupid shit and fantasies that probably …[View]
60023954Is this mode achievable natty?[View]
60018236Is an FFMI of 18-19 with a bodyfat for 13% good for someone who has been lifting for 7 months and is…[View]
60017598Why am i so attracted to the idea of becoming like Guts when i know his life is eternal struggle and…[View]
60020530PoorChads assemble: Why buy monster when you can buy 3 of these with the same money? Post your favou…[View]
60023989Is HGH a key ingredient to leaving humanity behind?[View]
60023638why does netflix keep pushing this movie[View]
60023926If you don't have at least 23 ffmi you are not carrying a little bit of fat because it's n…[View]
60023795Running shoes recs: Can you rec me some running shoes /fit/? I run all kinds of distances, usually l…[View]
60020377How big are your arms flexed fit? How big do they have to be before normies will notice? Also what …[View]
60023306i fucking hate squats: what else can i do for massive tree trunk legs i dont have a leg press machin…[View]
60023546Would you recommend this diet to your kids?[View]
60023728When will he open the gyms?[View]
60022540Best exercise for personality?[View]
60022513Have you guys ever seen a fit person use a Fitbit?[View]
60007744>childhood fat that's impossible to get rid off Sigh[View]
60017850Nutritionist says pizza is better for breakfast than most cereals.: https://www.wbaltv.com/article/n…[View]
60023562Love Handles: How do I get rid of them? What is the /fit/ approved method? >inb4 don't be fa…[View]
60021810GROW SIR EEEEE SSSS: What does your grocery cart typically consist of /fit/ ? Mine is pic related…[View]
60023636Bad thing happen It actually good[View]
60022472What am I supposed to get /fit/ for?: I’ve been fasting 72s and doing cardio for a bit and the the o…[View]
60023563What are the actual advantages of being a tall (6'2+) lifter?: Feel free to comment advantages …[View]
60023500Has lifting helped your mental illness issue or made it worse? How do you deal with the problem of …[View]
60021853Best bulking foods to pick up at Costco?[View]
60019466For me, it's oatmeal mixed with low fat yogurt.[View]
60022106Have you been /walking/ today, anon?[View]
60018463Thread for old farts only, people below 30 not allowed >34y >lift for 10 years >no great ph…[View]
60022036Daily routine: post your daily routine >dumbell biceps curl 3x12 >bent-arm lateral raise 3x12+…[View]
60020086Hemorrhoids It hurts to poop and sometimes there's blood. Should I just get the surgery, bros?[View]
60023204delta 8 thc: anybody try this shit? from what i hear its like cbd but can actually kind of fuck you …[View]
60021664Guys I missed the >>60000000 >>59999999 GETs, what were they about??[View]
60023337How do I fix muscle imbalances fast and effectively?[View]
60023388Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
60023262CONFUSION: Is covid as bad as it seems? I have family members with prexisting health problems on bot…[View]
60021596C*rdio programming: How should I program my peloton sessions? I lift ULxULxx, can I just do 3 days p…[View]
60022719is OMAD best for cutting? seems way easier for tracking purposes, and fasted cardio is kino or so I…[View]
60014109Symmetric Strength: post 'em https://symmetricstrength.com/[View]
60023150Recommend some good personality exercises and if I start now is it possible that I can achieve perso…[View]
59990532cbt: cbt - narcissist edition >6'6'' >increasing…[View]
60022716ppl leg lifts: bout to start my workout and doing PPL. only have a rack, bench, barbell, and some fr…[View]
60020077Do you think the other angels are mirin' him?[View]
60021428Which one of these should I eat for dinner?[View]
60023158Rehab and Preventative Maintenance Any anons have weird pains or injuries that dont seem to go away?…[View]
60023042>be me >Day 4 since quitting porn >Also doing nofap >Random urge to finger my asshole W…[View]
60019976I eat 170 protons per day, is it too much?[View]
60023062What is pre-workout like?: I've never taken it before because I'm scared of it. Are there …[View]
60020551how bad is the vaccine for us fit bros: im concered about my health regarding the vaccine containing…[View]
60023029>tfw fucked it up[View]
60021900Why do I never get bicep DOMS??? I always lift to failure[View]
60020894what is best bicep workout[View]
60018436Mire thread? >gfs mom touched and complimented my big arms How should i respond(im very autistic)…[View]
60021879Can you tell by someone's face if they lift or not? I lift for example..could you tell?[View]
60022461Any exercices to improve my kneeling before trying to join the US military?[View]
60020222Routine R8 Thread: r8/h8/b8 Full body routine I'm tryna make based on the equipment I will have…[View]
60021980how much can you build up by training at home with your body weight? push up pull ups sit ups squats…[View]
60022712Is metabolic confusion/carb cycling the real deal or a meme?[View]
60022008Mixing lifting and running: I just recently started doing my workout routine again. Essentially it…[View]
60022701>that feeling when you rerack every plate properly and theres an equal amount on either side…[View]
60022670Push-up thread: No push-up thread? Push-up thread. You know what to do.[View]
60019596did you ever pee on a run ?[View]
60019389How do I achieve this mode?[View]
60022071You get to choose your country's national sport. Every P.E lesson in school will consist of th…[View]
60022430How do I get stronger faster than someone else: How do I workout to improve faster[View]
60020994i won't ever be beautiful. but i think if i go bloat and build lots of strength and muscle, i c…[View]
60022368My 2 day poo(4 meals - I'm intermittent fasting) nearly clogged the toilet, wtf? I typically po…[View]
60021106How to get better at fights: How do I get so good at fighting pic related doesn’t ever happen[View]
60022144serious question paranoid about cardiac arrest normal or nah: used to box and exercise like mad when…[View]
60022022Any swimmers here? What's your routine and how often do you go?[View]
60022126I get so irritable when someone calls me on the phone when I'm working out. Especially if they …[View]
60012180Is 3/4/5/6 achievable naturally?[View]
60021051Can fixing anterior pelvic tilt gain me some more height?[View]
60019549Is this gyno or not? Will it go away if I lose weight?[View]
60021420I just had a beer for lunch (company shit) Can I still workout afer? Half buzzed. Is there a point…[View]
60020351I really love Missmaxinestriker's videos. Learned a lot from them. She knows what she is talkin…[View]
60020993How hard is it to get your hands on HGH or IGF-1?[View]
60021912Uphill sprinting challenge.: I am training my cardio by sprinting up the same hill, with the goal of…[View]
60020698Yeah guys cut it out. How many of you gained weight over lockdown?[View]
60022153Do Lards Really?[View]
60015001What does the natural human body look like /fit?[View]
60017837eyes: are there any exercises for eye health? for correcting eye sight etc.[View]
60021833Who is this guy? I keep seeing him posted all over this board and I don't get it[View]
60021983Is this achievable natty?[View]
60013736Does he look like he lifts?: Is this man really “untrained” like Incels claim?[View]
60021948How is your digestion? This list here helps with getting the no wipe monster size ghost turds.[View]
60011523>be running >starts to gas at mile 2 >suddenly remember a line from anime >autistic mo…[View]
60021843>leg DOMS[View]
60021148Leg extensions hurt my knees, what do?: I am a neet btw idk if that matters[View]
60021010two weeks ago some biz dude shared his tutorials for profitable fb ads, do any of you guys still hav…[View]
60021849Learn me on TRT: I'm 31. I want to start TRT for gains basically. Pretty sure my T levels would…[View]
60019714seriously /fit/ whats your go to gym outfit? dont really care about showing off the gains I just wan…[View]
60019078>50g of protein in one day[View]
60021817I'm 6 weeks into my first cut, eating 1400cal per day in 2 meals. I don't seem to be suffe…[View]
60020043/Nose Health General/: Sleep is vital. If you breath through your mouth when you are sleeping, you w…[View]
60017677If you have small balls you will never make it.[View]
60021387>takes me one hour and a half to perform 3 compound exercises[View]
60007438Reminder: To not fall for women or their tricks[View]
60021700/bbg/ - bodybuilding general: Bodybuilding General (/bbg/) is for all things related to hypertrophy …[View]
60021579i absolutly hate this pairing, if both are fat its whatever, if the girl is fat its ok the guy is cl…[View]
60021318if you're under 5'5, you have no excuse to not be able to do straddle planche at least[View]
60021376i fucking hate cutting so fucking much[View]
60019196Don’t want to live anymore bros[View]
60021293How much protein can be digested per meal? Let's settle this once and for all /fit/[View]
60019347What is the proper lateral raise form?[View]
60021573>tfw lifting on full bowels[View]
60021187What am I doing wrong?: Hey /fit/ long time lurker, first time poster here. This will be a kinda lon…[View]
60019651Daily reminder - God sanctions the rule of the Manlet. David was victorious. Genghis Khan - 5'5…[View]
60019131Do anti-inflammatorys kill gains?[View]
60021488The only gym I can afford right now is planet fitness. If the choice is between dumbbells (up to 100…[View]
60013031Does this increase or decrease test?[View]
60021136>tfw have eczema[View]
60020975Brazil nuts anyone on to this shit?[View]
60020535Can I get /fit/ by working in construction and eating a lot of take out? I hate my current job becau…[View]
60020774I have previously cycled and gotten to about 6'1 210 9%bf That was about 4 years ago. I have no…[View]
60017005wired of wireless headphones for the gym? I prefer wireless[View]
60019728Based skyr thank you for the gains[View]
60011477Aging: For the 30+ bros, when and how did you first noticing the differences?[View]
60018390how would you even begin to fix THIS kind of body?[View]
60018755It’s embarrass how hard. I mog /fit/ Just Give Up[View]
60020855do you wear your pants at waist height or hip height? which is better for showing off gains?[View]
60021115Going cocoon: Turbo manlet here. 167cm and almost 90 kilos. I will cocoon mode. Keeping gamer friend…[View]
60018045is there a muscle women shouldn't exercise or exercise too much ?[View]
60019295>be studying in school library >suddenly start feeling like complete shit >headache, nausea…[View]
60019625Tank tops?: I was looking for some cool t-shirts on Zalando and came across some tank tops on sale. …[View]
60019802Sexual stimulation: i decided 1 month ago to quit porn, it wasnt really an addiction but i still did…[View]
60020787I NEED HELP I have a serious internet addiction I spend all day watching youtube, tiktok and now lis…[View]
60012100Olds in the gym: Just a friendly reminder. If you are 30+, get out of the fucking gym. Either buy a …[View]
60020959>be me >145 6'1 skeleton >Go to powerlifting gym with bro >Meet owner for a day pas…[View]
60018455Morning Shit General: How many trips does it take you? >Breakfast and first coffee >first shit…[View]
60020243Let's settle this once and for all /fit/. What's the best form of cardio, beside swimming.[View]
60018256Now, that the dust has settled, lets settle this for good now. Lard or butter?[View]
60013298BBQ Sauce: I just jerked off and now my hand smells like BBQ sauce. Haven't had bbq sauce or su…[View]
60020720If my test is at 500 will I see results with test injections? Also how the do I find it? My doctor w…[View]
60018480What do you think of just doing dead lifts on legday if someone lifts to looksmax and nothing more?[View]
60014172ausfag fit: This is a /fit/ness thread to give tips on local gyms, sporting events etc and to give g…[View]
60014667when that needle hits your glute: 200mg of tren ace right into my ass while listening to https://www…[View]
60011264>once again, Mr Anon, how many eggs do you eat per day?[View]
60020496Does anyone else feel like weight loss wasn't worth it: I lost around 80 pounds in the last yea…[View]
60015481how do i achieve this blood pressure mode?[View]
60011455I’m doing the keto diet. Would it ruin ketosis if I have a pizza once a week? And if that would brea…[View]
60019879Is it possible to gain 7kg (15lbs) of mass in 4 months ? I used to weight 75kg (165lb) and was notic…[View]
60018713how to make meals for caloric deficit bur still have energy to train and run daily please some quick…[View]
60020270Pain in right shoulder when and after doing pushups: Hello guys, I'll start off by saying I…[View]
60017723would you like to improve your digestion?[View]
60019102This is your friendly reminder to stop eating PUFA: 1. In good health, especially in children, the s…[View]
60017958small servings of -high fodmap prebiotics -fermented foods probiotics (kefir, yogurt, sauerkraut k…[View]
60020005Anyone here who overcame this problem? Had to pull wisdom teeth some months ago(fuck evolution). It…[View]
60018556>More muscular i get >More confident i get >More i look after my hair, clothes, and always …[View]
60020257Gym Etiquette?: For a while I have been doing calisthenics and dumbbell stuff at home, partially bec…[View]
60018955Should I avoid training legs that much if I have wide hips?[View]
60019440Is it possible to look like this in my 30s?[View]
60001448MOGGED - law enforcement edition[View]
60020054How to maintain low bf%?[View]
60008215/hair/ general: /hair/ - The general for discussing hair health, instead of having constant balding/…[View]
60019101i heard that working out too much can make your face look leaner but that may have been false as i s…[View]
60002004Anon, you ARE ensuring proper recovery by cuddling your gf every night right? You wouldn't wan…[View]
60019657>might have the coof NOOOOOO MY GAINS[View]
60019881My hatred towards normies is what's fueling me[View]
60019670should I warm up for weighted chin ups? and if so, how should I warm up?[View]
60011865Have you ever left from a gym because of being bullied?: I am a lanky guy about 6ft 180lb and I was …[View]
60019153Which muscles should I isolate ?: Is there a particular muscle I should do isolation exercises with …[View]
60016872Raw eggs: Should one drink raw eggs from the supermarket? Or do guys who do it buy it directly from …[View]
60019866Test & Sex Partners: Do the benefits of sex for test production (which are best maintained with …[View]
60014335If your workouts last longer than an hour and a half you're being inneficient.[View]
60016399Any exercices to improve my kneeling before trying to join the US military?[View]
60013319Hip Abduction Machine: Does /fit/ use this?[View]
60015362Who was in the wrong here?: https://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/maskless-gym-patron-allegedly-a…[View]
60015662>Tiger Woods might die >meanwhile HE is eating happy h-he's gonna outlive us all isnt he…[View]
60019175I realised that I lift for women. But there is no women so I stopped lifting :/ Where do I find wome…[View]
60018374tweaker calorie surplus diet??: I take vyvanse, a type of amphetamine, for diagnosed ADHD. it keeps …[View]
60019597How much weight could you put on a barbell before it just snapped when you picked it up[View]
60017131I'm the only who do this at the gym: some people mock me and say 'I believe I can flyyy' then a…[View]
60016970If you don’t wake up with eye crust and a raging hard on , then you’re not on enough TEST[View]
60018855One Punch Man: What are /fit/'s opinion on the One Punch Man workout? 100 push-ups 100 sit-ups…[View]
60017402>woke up 15 minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off AHHH I FUCKING HATE THIS SO MUCH LET M…[View]
60016697amogus: amingis WAOW O: O: 0:[View]
60017412I'm going to the gym tomorrow and i'm gonna try lifting for the first time. Any tips? Will…[View]
60019483ive put on quite a lot of weight from lockdown. i am naturally a skinny boy, but now im getting kind…[View]
60019401/fit/Donald’s: Obviously McDonald’s isn’t a fine dining experience and I’d never work there, but the…[View]
60019465Just quit cigarettes: They don't do anything for me and I don't feel a good high that weed…[View]
60018232Can I put this in my hair?[View]
60018954Eat buckwheat[View]
60010604This is why I lift[View]
60015018How can I quickly lose 60lbs? Here’s where I’m currently at: >210 pounds at 5’10, was 138 this t…[View]
60019097In the morning if my face is a little puffy, I'll put on an ice pack while doing stomach crunch…[View]
60016593Most /fit/ presidents: It has to be JFK.[View]
60019181Getting through doms as a ~240 lb fat guy: So, picture unrelated. Doms, it really fucks me up. I hon…[View]
60019135i didnt really workout since i began my weightloss journey, i just managed my eating habits and ate …[View]
60006880Can these help me reach max gains within my mind?[View]
60018898Any mild scoliosis bros do lifting? Is it dangerous to do squats etc if you have mild scoliosis?[View]
60016011>wrist size 6.75 inches >Height 5'6 Is this alright for my height or am I fucked…[View]
60017631christian bale put on 100 pounds of muscle in between the machinist and batman begins. he had 6 mont…[View]
60018599So these are the things I've tried: Cico: didn't work Keto: didn't work Vegan: Worked…[View]
60009732>greg doucette claims to be natty here[View]
60017311I got scurvy: Google says I have ‘scurvy’ How fix??[View]
60018729I am releasing it The official markp training routine You train everyday with this routine with a f…[View]
60016341>do 250 crunches everyday This is pointless right? At a certain point, the number of reps I'…[View]
60017003Bros you have to start drinking psyllium husks. I've been taking 1tbsp in the morning for a wee…[View]
60018062>1583 i don't believe this[View]
60016772Does losing weight increase your squat and deadlift?: It sounds dumb, but if you're losing weig…[View]
60017869is it as retarded as it feels to do multiple accessories targeting the same muscle in one day?: so i…[View]
60016482Gym clothing brands that are actually good and aren't just online thot marketing schemes?[View]
60016858>tfw underbite Anyone here get surgery to correct their bite?[View]
60017579> that preworkout snus ඞ[View]
60017414redpill me on BLOATMAXING[View]
60014427What do you consider 'making it'?[View]
60016674I just want visible abs and slightly bigger biceps. That's literally all I want. I've been…[View]
60016728What’s the best belt for powerlifting?: They there anons who do deads and squats, what belt would yo…[View]
60014976>26 >Testostorone levels of 297 >Woman doctor says it's fine >Tells me to stop drin…[View]
60015466Anyone here ever let themselves go after years of working out and being fit? I’m genuinely scared on…[View]
60014489How's your cut been going?[View]
60015459high protein meals you eat regularly: i read the sticky through so hopefully this is ok: what meals …[View]
60017715>Anabolic window[View]
60017478High test: >big jaw >big shoulders >big adam’s apple >wide face >long ring finger …[View]
60016408Anyone ever tried swinging?: I met a fellow gym bro. We started talking and sharing pics of out wive…[View]
60017946What do i run after 'the bridge'?: The 8-week bridge program I've been running ends t…[View]
60015297Hey /fit/ After years of depresso, I'm taking fitness serious. I'm a fat fuck. (317 lbs a…[View]
60017367PLANK THREAD: this thread goes very hard love from Kazakhstan last 3 digits decide how long you do i…[View]
60017846Form Factor Fitness: >keeping fit needs huge elaborate equipment >expensive infrastructure and…[View]
60016012How do I do sit-ups without my legs flying the fuck up. Possible solutions/alternative?[View]
60006803Cardio Thread: Let's talk about Cardio! What kind of Cardio do you do? What is your Goal? Do yo…[View]
60017010Need a wide frame: When did ur frame stop growing boys only[View]
60004423Mire thread: >Online gf told her sister about me >Sister demanded to see a picture >Said I …[View]
60016784Fuck pct we blast nonstop[View]
60016989Name my band, /fit/[View]
60015051Why does fit only care about shitty personalities like the more plates dweeb and zyzz who has been d…[View]
60015114I am skelly 6'0, 130 lbs. How will I look if I start eating more and running 5k 3-4 times a wee…[View]
60012001Is planking just a meme? Or are there actual benefits to this exercise?[View]
60016305What the fuck do you fat fucks fucking eat?: As an experiment, and kinda as a reward, I worked out t…[View]
60015718How to program deadlifts on PPL?: So I’ve been running a push pull leg split for a couple of months,…[View]
60017193Do I have to count calories on a cut? Why can't I just eat a little bit during the day and go t…[View]
60016815I bought some avocados, they're a little bit smelly and discolored. Are they still OK?[View]
60016109Slow cooker recipes?: Once again I find myself valuing /fit/'s opinion for some reason. Just he…[View]
60016507Calorie: How do I incorporate more calories into my clean diet?[View]
60016376Squat bar hurts: Why does my upper back/neck area where the bar sits hurt? Am I just being a bitch o…[View]
60016382>Work out extra hard one day, push my lungs, hit PR's, etc, sweat, breathe deep, muscles bur…[View]
60009026/FIT/ progress thread: Escape from skellyland edition 11 months progress since I started working out…[View]
60015456>need to eat atleast 1.5k calories per day >burning 1.5k calories through exercise in a gym in…[View]
60015376I’ve been lifting for almost 3 years now and I always taken one of these pills before a workout. I’v…[View]
60016882Lost 14kg thanks to you guys: Started going to /fit/ in November. Dieting and excercise helped me si…[View]
60016449Fuck: What do I have to work on[View]
60007761How to fix ADHD? Help me bros, i cant even focus on lifting[View]
60013627Anyone have a good thirty day ab challenge for someone at 12% body fat? (According to DEXA but bette…[View]
60014293Who was in the wrong?[View]
60015865How do I get my gf to lose weight[View]
60013966if you take creatine after this, you are literally retarded https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/article…[View]
60015805how do I lose weight?[View]
60016709My Zone and Evolt scan body scanners for body fat: are they accurate?[View]
60010356Has anyone made an AI tool that can estimate body fat percentage form pictures yet?[View]
60016290What would happen: If I just quit my job and began 24/7 training for the eviction. And when they cam…[View]
60016072>pull tendon in ankle >stop training legs for 3 weeks >can feel myself getting weaker >s…[View]
60015700Any fatties who tried to get fit but just gave up? What's the reason? I was 120kg in 2015 th…[View]
60015713What the fuck? Do I have body dysmorphia? Am I delusional?: I just took pic rel in the mirror, immed…[View]
60015702What if I only do weighted chin ups for 2 weeks ?: My lats has always been lacking. Will probably do…[View]
60015994show me the greatest, widest frames known to man.[View]
60015356Seriously this needs to stop: >uncle posters getting more bold Wtf. I agree with the other thread…[View]
60015056>go to the gym three times a week >about an hour in >my ass is SWEATY as hell >go to the…[View]
60015527>enter gym Ba-da-ba-da-ba-be bop bop bodda bope Bop ba bodda bope Be bop ba bodda bope Bop ba bod…[View]
60013712Diet: Considering becoming GigaChad by going on keto diet.[View]
60012958am i going to fuck my back or is it ok[View]
60013568Have you tried /nowipe/ ?? If so what benefits have you noticed? I’m thinking about throwing out all…[View]
60012817why am i so fucking weak?: i have been training since september 2018. here are my lifts ohp: 3 reps …[View]
60009161The 4 chaos god champions of /fit/: Pick your champion. I think Connor Murphy is best pick as Slaane…[View]
60012966At a certain point of obesity, does your skin stretch out so much that you'll never, ever have …[View]
60004566I'm not gonna make it.: My weight's not going up. My body isn't looking any different…[View]
60012803What is the best way to take out two decades of anger?[View]
60012988Dinner: >omad >2 low carb tortillas and roughly 1 chicken breast, hot sauce for variety. Less …[View]
60014442>gain 10kg on my bench press >capital gains tax takes 3kg away from the next session…[View]
60011093how much would i have to weigh at 6'2 to achieve this mode?[View]
60014750Thoughts on kaatsu bands?[View]
60013161How bad is drinking 30 Budweisers /fit/? I have a 30 pack in my fridge at the moment and I am not su…[View]
60015653bodyweight champion?: > protein > cardio > fasting > bodyweight (push-ups, situps, etc.)…[View]
60015248>be me, fat fuck >browse 4chan, usually /b/ >see /fit/, assume retardation >visit, actua…[View]
60013530Colon importance: I fucked up. Cancelled my gym membership. Thinking of moving to a different state.…[View]
60015556Check em[View]
60015542>Tfw you have shitty ab insertions[View]
60012457Which is better: Working out daily or working out everyday?[View]
60015406PUSHUPS: PUSHUP THREAD Levitating Edition You know the rules, so just roll already.[View]
60015352Anyone here deal with this pain?: Anyone here ever deal with PFP?[View]
60014565Mass-Gainer Powders: So /fit/ what is your guys opinion on super mass-gainers? I take the one in pic…[View]
60010542I lift so I can cosplay as Doomguy.[View]
60004900What workouts can Improve my sexual abilities: What workouts will help during sex . Is there anythin…[View]
60011638An adult male should weigh over 200 pounds[View]
60013200Alright, which one of you lads was it?[View]
60012935Brain fog affecting energy levels, which medication is the cause.: I've been experiencing serio…[View]
60013331Planet Fitness: Has anyone here been to a Planet Fitness? Is it really as bad as people make it out …[View]
60013740Red-pill me on metabolite training.[View]
60015054>when I'm bored I got to the Instagram of fitness models and say 'nice progress...but lets s…[View]
60011639Anyone on a Bulgarian-ish style routine? PRs every day makes lifting so much fun and only focusing o…[View]
60014867>tomorrow is cardio day[View]
60014509When did you realize: That rest times are a meme and its about how many difficult sets you do, not t…[View]
60014296What foods does /fit/ avoid to lose weight?[View]
60012777Fixing rounded shoulders/forward head tilt: How do I fix my rounded shoulders and forward head tilt?…[View]
60014578Does ketchup kills gains? Or can I incorporate moderately into my daily diet?[View]
60012329Anyone try the lemon-a-day diet? You eat a whole lemon every day. It’s supposed to help with weight …[View]
60003870Can you train abs every day?[View]
60011612This is Larry Lawton after 11 years in prison where he worked out a lot. Is this the natty limit? I …[View]
59993043QTDDTOT: QTDDTOT Normally I expect to gain 1 lb a week give or take. People who take creatine see an…[View]
60014041Triathlon Training: Anybody know good resources for triathlon training? I'm looking for a prog…[View]
60013725Someone buy my old home gym https://kansascity.craigslist.org/spo/d/kansas-city-complete-home-gym-se…[View]
60010843Unflavored whey protein what do you recommend?: Seems like you can't buy this shit in bulk from…[View]
60013333How do I bench more while losing weight? I'm 156lbs benching 110lbs, is it possible for me to g…[View]
60008173Just bought a 30lb kettlebell. Did I just fall for a meme, or can it help me stop being a fat body?[View]
60008478Newbie here. How do I get over the feeling I'm not doing enough? I get exhausted after ~30min. …[View]
60013049Black women eye raping you: /fit/ bros do you face the same problem? I wish other women would give m…[View]
60011044Home workout help: What should I do for back and abs today? I have a power cage, ab roller, oly barb…[View]
60012914order 66 on philion: jason genova's physique in his prime > philion[View]
59994465/PLG/ - Powerlifting General - drink your milk edition: **IF YOU WANT FORM ADVICE, POST A VIDEO** Im…[View]
60013998just took 12 fish oil pills[View]
60012851Has anyone gotten any results from solely using resistance bands on work outs?[View]
60013971This is the longest I've gone without fapping bros. I actually feel better, more energy to do t…[View]
59982528Sex health general: Men with PE shift from their parasympathetic to sympathetic nervous system more …[View]
60009649stronglifts 5x5 shit?: hi fit I am new to lifting and I wanted to start doing a program and everyone…[View]
60010704Do females lurk on this sub? Or larp as gymchads?[View]
60004066'h-hey anon, wanna spot me on my max squat attempt?'[View]
60011600Is a 24 hour low intensity set for 1000 reps theoreticaly good for you?[View]
60009864Is fat strength real?[View]
60013717How do I find straight gym friends? This is the third time I’ve met someone who seemed cool at the g…[View]
60013695What does fit think about my macros? This is a bit less than 1300 calories for today so far. Am I go…[View]
60011918>start eating tons of oats, bread, tortillas, etc. >gains skyrocket without changing routine M…[View]
60013763So anon. Not building muscle? Or feeling overly stressed?: Take magnesium glycinate. At least 300mg …[View]
60011561Who are the gym jews?[View]
60005991Hang 100 seconds, win $100: Would you pass the ultimate /fit/ test?[View]
60012116Should ab exercises be done daily, or every other day?[View]
60013340Is this true? Why do fitness YouTubers each giant meals if the maximum threshold is so low? Does exe…[View]
60012285/fit/ needs to be split in two: We need one board for ACTUAL fitness and one board for everything el…[View]
60005904>another porn relapse Do I just cut my dick off at this point? I literally felt possessed. I didn…[View]
60013455Why does chipotle always run through me like laxative[View]
60012920>200,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 KG being realistic, is this possible natty?…[View]
60013375Is 26 too old to get somewhere in boxing? I'm 20 atm, have a few years experience in boxing, an…[View]
60013471>Do squats >Have to leave the gym because of my raging hard-on Why does this keep happening??…[View]
60012907How viable is something like dirty cutting? Like I keep my calories under 1700 cal but it's jus…[View]
60003169>get invited to rich girl's birthday party on a sailboat >everyone gets to the deck to da…[View]
60011186Hey guys, started a diet a month ago. Been eating consitently in a rightful manner. 400 grams of chi…[View]
60011816Are calisthenics more than just a meme?: I was a long distance runner in high school, and I eventual…[View]
60009788how often do you go to failure?: are you regularly going to failure in your workouts? If so, why?…[View]
59998686There are certain sports that just seem to attract DYELs I've never seen a strong skateboarder …[View]
60013194Explain what creatine is and does like if you had to explain to a 16 year old who hasn’t been in sch…[View]
60013296Heart Health: What's the best diet, routine, cardio, etc for optimal heart health? I want my he…[View]
60012143Strongman General - Autistic Stone Savant edition: **Everyone can do strongman just pick up heavy ro…[View]
60013211>walk into gym I SWEAR TO GOD, ALL I DO IS CASH OUT (ALL I DO) AND IF YOU AIN'T A HO, GET UP…[View]
60009577Whats some god-tier lifting music? No rap please[View]
60013151Is Vshred good or is it biased bullshit? Has anyone tested their programs?[View]
60010241Name a food that you absolutely despise the taste of but eat anyway to be /fit/. >I’ll start Avoc…[View]
60013115Rest Times: What's the ideal rest time between overhead press sets for hypertrophy? What about …[View]
60011500Suppose I do NOFAP for 30 days What kind of benefits and side effects should I expect? Is the test b…[View]
60010523Symmetrical Strength, Facepull Central: JeffCavaliereAthleanXDotCom >Elite Rotator Cuff You merel…[View]
60012970Three weeks of bulking clean and I am already tired of my disgusting farts. How do I prevent/relieve…[View]
60006454/RUN/ - RUNNING GENERAL: Who's /chillyrunning/ atm? Couch to 5k: https://www.runnersworld.com/u…[View]
60011342How do I get this mode??[View]
60012072High calorie/protein choices for acid reflux: i have acid reflux and most foods that i need the calo…[View]
60010617https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j60KdMFwRGY This random boomer in an electronics store lift-off dead…[View]
60000363Male sperm counts BTFO globally: oh no no no, spermbros, did we get too cocky? >Scientists are co…[View]
60010830Are you including probiotics and prebiotics with your regular meals?[View]
60012680Lower Back Stretches: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21_tIsm1H0o what do you guys think of this str…[View]
60010314HEMA is a REAL sport for REAL WARRIORS[View]
59994809/fast/ ascended monk mode edition:: What is /fast/? >A discussion of intermittent fasting, snake …[View]
60012543Psychologically forced gains: Have wife. Is pregoanate Take her out to eat daily. Order something …[View]
60012203>there are people here that really think if they had eaten more when they were teens they would b…[View]
60010231How do I start going to the gym: Is there a gym that teaches me to use the machines and stuff. And t…[View]
60009613Assuming one large pizza is 2500 calories, how many calories would need to burn a day to be able to …[View]
60010310Have you taken the boron pill yet, /fit/?[View]
60011349Hard to count calories when eating out. Had a 500 cal omelette this morning. Eating nothing till lat…[View]
60011682Say that I workout one day then get 5 hours of sleep that night rather than my recommended 7-9. Have…[View]
60012044Are smart scales a meme?[View]
60008186I'm a pussy and gave in to the mental health meme as a last ditch effort to avoid offing myself…[View]
60003710/lunch/: What’s for lunch fit? >ribeye + fried tortilla[View]
60009970I'm super skinny. I'm 24 but look like 15 ( check image). How can i gain muscle faster? Is…[View]
60011195Is yoga actually useful for anything when it comes to fitness or is it just a meme for IG thots?[View]
60010881I am leaving this board forever. Bye faggots.[View]
60007531Started BBS in july last year and I'm already plateauing: A double bodyweight squat seems furth…[View]
60011426No4chan Challenge No.1: Tried nofap and noporn for some time, but this site's still draining al…[View]
60010521Anyone have experience with jeff cavalieres program? Worth? Wanna get on a good athletic level, work…[View]
60009524who inspires you to lift?: for me it's bladee[View]
60009670>He still drinks coffee >drinks Take the beanpill. I have a bag of dark roast next to my desk.…[View]
60011951Mfw I figure out I’m taking 800 mg of magnesium a day: >taking vitamins every day >take 300 mg…[View]
60011128How do I get this mode?[View]
60007575I believe I have the genetics to achieve this with 4 more years of lifting and dieting, but idk what…[View]
60007719What's the consensus on Vince Gironda's steak and eggs diet?[View]
60007729Creatine - before or after workout? Also Soul v Soulless thread[View]
60010695My triceps been really sore these last 3 days. does that mean it was a good workout? Or do I have in…[View]
60011461Just do it - Nike: >be me >not Fit, educated, or rich >lol just start working out, get a de…[View]
60010890ran out of creatine. thinking of getting whatever's cheapest, does brand matter at all?[View]
60005672RU-58841: Anyone ever use this shit? Fin started giving me Gyno[View]
60008908Is it possible to get through your 70s in good health? A friend of mine said his grandparents were a…[View]
60009634Hilarious and epic![View]
60010246Melatonin bros NO NO NO NO NO[View]
60011498add whey protein?: Just use whey protein with the same workout routine and grow muscles? I do runnin…[View]
60011474What are some Life Changing workouts i can do at the gym?[View]
60008844How many months of the year do you have a defined clear 6 pack in outdoor sunlight? Are you a warrio…[View]
60011220meditation: is meditation paramount as far as living a /fit/ life goes? if so, how may one best go a…[View]
60000431about 1800 calories and 180 protein per day, should i eat some peanut butter in addition so i can ge…[View]
60010598is there anything worse than cutting as a manlet? I have to eat like 1900kcal, that's what lank…[View]
60011297What's the best preworkout and why is it kratom: >used for milennia by asians to stay on ric…[View]
60011347Circus/Monster Dumbell Press: You have exactly 51 nanoseconds to justify why you don't incorpor…[View]
59997904Where can I get a female version of this?[View]
60009728Sugar While Cutting: I am trying to cut, and I had heard that it is important to limit sugar intake.…[View]
60009826How am I supposed to make any kinds of gains when my neighbors never shut up so I can get some sleep…[View]
60010661Does this stuff make estrogen go up: Been drinking it for last 2 weeks can’t drink regular milk Make…[View]
60011135How is pendlay rowing 65 kg for 5 reps intermediate?[View]
60004330Based rippetoe - leader of secession movement[View]
60008508Lyle Mcdonald absolutely decimating Mike Israetel and his training advice https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
60009789If you sleep after 11pm and/or wake up after 7am yngmi[View]
60011210Fake Natty Fraud Claim Natty Sell Supplements Make millions[View]
60005522What's your personal philosophy when it comes to drinking alcohol? I'm not talking about t…[View]
60009230Can someone pls upload the /fit/ preworkouts? The sex offender one makes me kek[View]
60011024>tell my body to go on keto >eat 50g of carb to confuse the keto >mfw…[View]
60010819So much anger my brain feels like its going to explode: Im totally losing it,how do I feel good bros…[View]
60007227batman doesn't train legs, as shown by his home gym[View]
60010717Skynnyfat here, I want to fix this shit. I have dumbells, a barbell, a stationary bike. I did read y…[View]
60010500Anyone here got shitty ab genetics? How to get lower ab line to show at 11 bf% with exercises?: I…[View]
60010090Made some huge immunity gains when I had started doing yoga and being vegetarian because of trying c…[View]
60009081Gym music thread: >Walks into Gym >ALL YOUR ATTEMPTS TO MURDER MY SOUL! >MURDEEER!!! >MU…[View]
60006407im looking to start muay thai. tips? also is group training a good place to look for social contact?…[View]
60009036Smelling good in the gym is /fit/: discuss: discuss[View]
60007559Manley thread: I’m 5’7 and I absolutely hate it. How do I cope[View]
60008039I know there’s a lot of skinny fat and soft bodies around here but fuck. Are you guys really that au…[View]
60010539Does flexibility really hurt running?: I mean I can see how something like elhers-danlos syndrome wo…[View]
60009316how do i get my vitamin D levl checked[View]
60009643remember there are other aspects of health besides exercise and diet. i got an air purifier, humidif…[View]
60010173Gluten: Anyone quit gluten? How did it affect your strength & energy? I noticed my stomach often…[View]
60010263Is working out 6 times a week a bit too much? Trying to lose weight and build muscle, but mostly mai…[View]
60009584Salt: What does /fit/ think of salt?[View]
60009252>be me >be fish ><> wgmi…[View]
60008829Thoughts on supplementing L-Arginine ?[View]
60007633I can't stop browsing this board in between sets[View]
60010359>broke the nofap on 2nd day for like 10th time in the row[View]
60008899Spring is here: Go outside[View]
60009854Upper back muscles sore after standing for 10 minutes or sitting without back rest: How to fix…[View]
60010240Realistically, is this body possible with enough discipline? Or does it boil down to genetics?[View]
60009999Discover /pol/, spend all my time there >become redpilled Discover /biz/, spend all my time there…[View]
60010270im on my weight loss journey and i have lost some weight. but i still prefer loose clothes. every bo…[View]
60007469I'm going to have to wear this fucking mask at the gym into 2022, aren't I?[View]
59993875>gym twink has a gf[View]
60009921What’s the best routine to stay out of the gym as most as possible while making great gains for a no…[View]
60002839Has getting /fit/ made you attracted to a different type of woman? How do they respond to you?[View]
60010017Are Quaker oats' nutritional info wrong: Now pardon me if I'm being a brainlet, but accord…[View]
60006994Guys whats the point of nofap and semen retention if i just coom it out during my sleep a couple of …[View]
60010081ashwagandha - ksm66: What's your experience w/ ashwagandha? What is a good dose? What effects d…[View]
60009904Hey guys , is me[View]
60007773SUMO VS CONVENTIONAL: Settle this now. Sumo Vs Conventional.[View]
60009757Is Karl Ess /fit/ approved??[View]
60007354/fit/ recipes thread: Been a while since we had one. >1 cup of freshly squeezed lemon >2 tabl…[View]
60009203I FUCKING HATE DOING BARBELL CURLS: alternate workouts for the same results?[View]
60009889>Worked out for a year >Still can't do pic related When will I be able to do supine flyin…[View]
60009800Grow grow grow: Can you all pray for me to grow taller? Thanks.[View]
59998779Redpill me on meditation and breathing exercises Are they really beneficial or just some Chink voodo…[View]
60009065/fit/ humor thread: Immune from curses edition. Anyone who tells you you must reply or suffer conseq…[View]
60006589what muscles does this use? i can barely budge a 70kg i want to know why i am so weak[View]
60009309>gyms closed due to lockdown >park where I do my workouts now has legging wearing thots cummin…[View]
60010680what do you think of women wearing clothing like this to the gym? is it acceptable?[View]
60009177Strategies for exercising in the cold: I don't mean outside, but when your actual living space …[View]
60009022Are diarrhea and megafartz a sign that I am eating too much protein?[View]
60007030Hill sprinting: So today instead of going for a chill run I decided to so hill and flat terrain spri…[View]
60009725>walk into gym >I shoulda been a cowboy, I shoulda learn to rope and ride >wearing my six s…[View]
60008962>Need a protein powder drinky >Smell shaker >doesn't smell like the rancid cum sock of…[View]
60009610how obvious is it that you're currently on a cycle? how bad is face bloat, etc? just want to be…[View]
60008611/fit/izens what's a good treadmill?: /fit/izens what's a good treadmill to have in your ho…[View]
59995177What are best lifts to fix shitty posture?[View]
60008895Me on my way to making it to ottermode[View]
59993714What music do you lift to?[View]
60009325Starting again?: I am starting to go back to the gym today after about three years of being a lazyta…[View]
60007831Coomer here: Can I still do vigorous exercises every day despite cooming multiple times a day to var…[View]
60009274How do I fix anterior pelvic tilt? I've tried glute bridges, dead bugs, leg raises, not sitting…[View]
60007750Why is soda/pop so bad for your body?[View]
60007046Nerve flossing/gliding for carpal tunnel syndrome (adds more pain the day after): I've been doi…[View]
60003207Did Gucci Mane take steroids in prison? Or is his transformation 100% natural[View]
60005633I mog the shit out of anyone on this board, how many of you can say you deadlift 600lbs? I thought a…[View]
60009008>he isn't ballmaxxxing NGMI[View]
60008824High test thread: High test thread >he doesn't wear this in the gym NGMI https://hypnotubest…[View]
60007994this MOGS the gymcel[View]
60003788Home gym general: Home gym general Post your covid setups[View]
60007497Touched my peen again until I came. Why do those leg spasms feel so good?[View]
60004296>*kills your rotator cuffs* huh, nothing personal kid.[View]
60006510I just can't fucking bulk /fit/, no matter what I do. I'm still a 70kg scrawny fuck and my…[View]
60008838NICE FORM POTTER[View]
60007710How am I fucking up: I run 50k a week. I do crossfit 4 times per week. Why am I still fucking funny …[View]
60008082My friend told me that his cousin trained 70 days every day with NO REST DAY, for a boxing match aga…[View]
59973594Glasses: How big of an impact do glasses have on a man's attractiveness? Is it worth it to get…[View]
60007035Ok, you can lift heavy huh? But can you actually use your body? Can you frontflip? backflip? Can you…[View]
60007341how do wrist wraps help during a squat? I squat (lowbar) with a fairly narrow grip and some anon tol…[View]
60008644How much protein does the body actually use per 1g consumed?[View]
60006378*blocks your path*[View]
60004576Experiences on iodine supplementation: Has anyone here tried supplementing iodine and if so how is i…[View]
59984982is weed good for you?[View]
60007677Eretron: So I had this question on my mind and I felt this board was appropriate to ask it Does this…[View]
60008445Flexibility: Let's talk flexibility for a little bit. I have two questions regarding it: - Can …[View]
60007368How do I tell if I have serratus anterior muscles or just ribs? What are they supposed to look and f…[View]
59988209>I had another 12,000 calorie day. I just dont want to be fat anymore, bros…[View]
60007300Best HIIT (High-intensity interval training) exercises? I'm fat and just started the 5x5 SL pro…[View]
60006661I’ll better be building some muscle beneath all this fat I’m gaining How check? 6'2 80kg 3300kc…[View]
59994525/Fph/ - too fat to fight edition: Fat people ruin everything. No /fph/ so creating one.[View]
60007436> balding > yet no beard growth Is it over?…[View]
60008421How long to get /fit/: Pic related is goal body from another anon. I am relatively genetically gifte…[View]
60007934How do I get swole without giving off insecurity vibes? I want to get muscular, but nearly all of th…[View]
60007669is this good for a 3month ish lose workout? i had near nothing muscle[View]
60005315home workout general: i see you all crying about not being able to make gains or not being able to m…[View]
60007520Reminder that you will be punished for coin slot posting not by jannies, but by karma[View]
60006620Bench: >struggling to bench 135 a month ago >start benching every day with a few sets of 2-5 r…[View]
60006772/Pectus/ general What is pectus excavatum? Pectus excavatumis a condition in which, instead of being…[View]
60007799Abs survey/thread: >How long did it take you to get abs >What workouts did you do >how long…[View]
60007672>All this fucking beta coomers spamming sexual imagery in their OPs CEASE…[View]
60007343I NEED FUCKING HELP /fit/ PLEASE This is my story and the reason why I need help: >I am 32 atm wi…[View]
60004748They are never going to reopen the gyms are they?: All these gains... will be lost in time like tear…[View]
60006629anyone else check the bar between sets in case someone stole a plate to mess with you while walking …[View]
60005677why the fuck do i get injured before i have to go to bootcamp?: what the fuck, it feels like God is …[View]
59986681/fit/ webm thread: I'll just be posting girls doing various exercises. Maybe you can learn a th…[View]
6000407872hr water only fast: Will doing the 72hr water only fasting shit kill me? I just completed my first…[View]
60005849will cumming affect my gains?[View]
60004614How do you stop sugar addiction? inb4 stop eating sugar[View]
60007053Protein: If I mix picrel with milk, am I getting the correct protein intake or do I need another sou…[View]
59991379/feelsbar/ - Monday evening feels edition: Hey anon, what'll it be? Anything on your mind? Happ…[View]
59991684What caused the massive decline in testosterone over the last 50 years?[View]
60006644as a beginner with shitty cardio system how long,far and often should i run/jog to get better health…[View]
60005424Is this achievable natty?[View]
60005824UnironicalLy: How do I straighten my peepee?[View]
60007523Ingrow nail.: >be fat cunt >want to be thin >get really bad ingrow nail every single time a…[View]
60007448What are some push and pull excercese one can do with dumbells and a pullup bar? Push: pushups, squa…[View]
60005524How can I isolate rear delts?[View]
60007313>the average amount of ejaculation contains around 252 mg of protein. >inb4 dick doesn't …[View]
60006166/homegym/: poor student here. I have 500€ available to build a home gym. is it enough for the basics…[View]
60007395meme excersise or a legit way to prevent injury? i've heard people say you should do knees over…[View]
60005895>Gym keeps banning people for stupid shit with no warning >Ban for taking off their shirt >…[View]
60006448Is this the best cutting food? high in fat, high in protein, low carb and low calorie. Does /fit/ li…[View]
60003695Face Height or Frame: Which is the most important out of the BIG THREE?[View]
60004426Beatsaber for weight loss: How to you /fit/ people rate beatsaber as a cardio workout? say an hour o…[View]
60007138is it ok to look like shit after a year of lifting if you've been getting stronger[View]
60005231>oats >honey >peanut butter >boiled water >almond milk >2x daily Simple as…[View]
60006752People call me skinny or light but I look kinda fat.: What type of body do I have? Why do I look lik…[View]
60006412Bad thing happen It actually good[View]
60004062I removed a braintumor about 3 years ago, which led me to get interested in getting my health better…[View]
60007158>want to eat healthier and lose body fat >college installs a candy vending machine on my floor…[View]
60005085You're not letting your gainz get stolen by Gengar, right?[View]
59994234Fuck your pushups thread time for a burpees thread[View]
60007142I would like one ticket to not being able to move my head. My preferred timeslot is the next four d…[View]
60000653Fucking dandruff: So I don't really know where to post this but I guess here will do So I learn…[View]
60006995>go on a date with girl >really into her and think it went great >get ghosted >go to gym…[View]
60003448> that preworkouterino snus[View]
60006190Is wearing a beanie at the gym based or cringe?[View]
60006590Is dark chocolate a good source of fats?: Recently bought some and been adding it into my oats since…[View]
60006672Dose for appetite loss?: It seems this is the most potent OTC appetite supressant.[View]
60003598How do you like your cados /fit/?[View]
60000591if spinach is a leaf and a brocolli is a flower then they dont replace each other, right? are you ea…[View]
60002701What's the most effective way to increase body waist ratio?[View]
60005321I miss the gym :([View]
60006583>dips expand your frame Is that true?[View]
59989186/fat/ - Loose skin edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For chubs who want to better themselves through me…[View]
60004267diet: i do sport every day, i'm going to the gym since 18 years old (28 now) and still look lik…[View]
60005860HMB is this a good or a bad thing?: Its the supplement that reduces muscle damage the most by far.…[View]
60004485How can I look more like 90's anime?[View]
59996317When will someone invent a pill for men that eliminates sex drive WITHOUT affecting testosterone? At…[View]
60006503Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
60004560is this achievable natty?[View]
60006492>HGH will grow every single one of your organs... >... except the penis Cursed universe…[View]
60005596>enter gym >ENTER CHADren[View]
60006368Losing weight during cutting but bodyfat percentage looks the same. Why? Help me bros.[View]
60006466just ate 8 hard boiled eggs[View]
60005246Coomer here: Can I still do vigorous exercises every day despite cooming multiple times a day to var…[View]
60005376I've been drinking an average of around 5 liters of beer a day for the past 7 years or so and h…[View]
60000561How do i fix this shit? i've tried everything. How the fuck do you chads lose weight[View]
60004346Has anyone here ever quit drinking completely alone and through willpower? I'm trying to do it …[View]
60006176Im doing it this time, im going to be serious, call me a fat fuck but im doing it. Im gonna make it,…[View]
60005792Flex a 'Cep: How can someone so fat have so little muscle?[View]
60006235What do you think of this workout plan? Note that I'm not looking to put on any weight because …[View]
60001199>that first sip after a long workout session Is there a better feeling? What's /fit/'s …[View]
60006002What is the best pickled eggs recipe?[View]
60005190How to become a Gigamonk: How do I become like pic related? >>62461772 Strategies and starting…[View]
59995950>he hasn’t taken the starchpill Why starve yourself with low metabolism? “ In 1963 and 1964, expe…[View]
60005932Is PHAT split good? How much volume I need?[View]
60003663BOOM! another pr on weighted pullup https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xx5upFRVJsQ[View]
60004824I want to try OMAD for a week. what are the benifits if you aren't already a fat ass?[View]
60002865Vitamins: Every morning I take all of these at once on an empty stomach: 100mg Caffeine 24mg Ephedri…[View]
60005478Help, got very sick after taking this for the 1st time: So I bought these supplements today and trie…[View]
60002581>nutrition thread >someone mentions thermodynamics…[View]
60005816>Last March, at 225 could easily at the end of a workout 3x12 bodyweight chest dips, or do 7 whil…[View]
60005960Home gyms: Post home gyms Look at this lovely dungeon of mine[View]
60004497prove ur a /fit/ Chad Me in the middle[View]
60005813How to avoid back pain after deadlifts?[View]
60005542anyone else slap themselves during a workout? or shout at themselves? self-hatred is the only thing …[View]
60002848Is this the biggest gains goblin?: >don't mind me, just stealing your gains…[View]
60002727Why do I get gyno nips when I wake up in the morning?[View]
60004611>tfw you’re the only circumcised guy in the gym locker room Is it possible to grow a foreskin…[View]
600015102 months progress[View]
60003365If there's one sentence which I hate the most in the fitness sphere it's that 'working out…[View]
60005664meme excersise or a legit way to prevent injury? i've heard people say you should do knees over…[View]
60005337Bicep day? Every day![View]
60004326Does anyone else here have pectus excavatum? https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/pectus-e…[View]
60002094>tfw wristlet Is it hopeless?[View]
60004982>...Fake natties all over the gym... You'll be one of them, sooner or later...…[View]
59998298Fish oil: yes or no?[View]
59996993>try the “Flat Soda for long distance running” trick >get the worst stomach and abdominal pain…[View]
60004368reminder that there is no significant evidence that PUFAs are bad for humans, compared to the mounta…[View]
59994884slutty gym attire: would you be ok with your wearing this to the gym? at the risk of sounding like a…[View]
60004549Do you have any autistic reasons for lifting? I want to get big and simply get away to another count…[View]
60005131I hurt my ankle by being a retard and doing an excessive number of jumping jack. What are some sitti…[View]
60002795Is is better to be short or bald?[View]
59994032Is Rogue worth the price? I'd have to pay $10 more just for the brand name Rogue over a kettle…[View]
60005310ITT things that trigger fats: >TFW when you tell a fat person you are fasting…[View]
60004051Vague as fuck BMI: wtf is my BMI I put my measurements in the navy calculator and it said I had 0% b…[View]
59999658My daughter wants to get into gymnastics, but I'm scared she could get abused by a male instruc…[View]
60005271Probiotics General: I figured I'd make this thread since probiotics and their effects seems to …[View]
60005000Does working out before sex make sex better?[View]
60005191Calorie deficit risk: Does being on too high of a deficit for too long cause harm to gainz if I stil…[View]
600051165 /fit/ guys with hatchets vs 1 800 lbs bengal tiger[View]
60005239>started running again after months of smoking/drinking and no cardio the sub-zero temperatures a…[View]
60005018how many sets: is 4 x 2 too much, I've upped the weight on my dumbells to 10kg and my arms get …[View]
60004586>modern bodybuilding[View]
60002435How often do you eat high fodmap food?[View]
60004622If you lift for validation from women you are a pathetic little bitch, a disgrace. Weak desperate lo…[View]
60003539All fake boobs are disgusting, I don't know why women fall for this meme[View]
600033125'9 169 lbs here been cutting and lifting for 2 months should I maintain now or keep cutting??[View]
60005012>time to get back to gym finally >take creatine >start to feel like shit on way to gym >…[View]
60002310Can I cut without using whey protein ?: I'm 5'5 65kg. How many chicken, eggs and milk. Sho…[View]
59992551What's stopping you from getting shredded rn?[View]
60004636*taps cuppa*[View]
60002193Stop Eatting Tuna: This shit lowers your energy and libido by a shitton if you take more than the re…[View]
60004460The day UK gyms opened again[View]
60004879>based Uncle Chad destroys another cuck thread with non-stop cunnyposting >janny takes an hour…[View]
60004861Today's a rest day No work either I already did 80 pull ups and coomed 7 times. Have a nice day[View]
60004191What is your workout plan for today? What exercises? How many reps and sets? What are your short and…[View]
60003204How to prepare for Testosterone blood test?: I finally got a testosterone test coming up and I want …[View]
60001954you DO take a turmeric supplement, right /fit/? It's great for your joints after big lifts.[View]
60004766why would anyone want the after? facial hypertrophy related[View]
60004098fucked up: 1000kr (100$) and my pride on the line. I put some money on a bet for an upcoming arm wre…[View]
59995420What sport represents peak athleticism: Well /fit/? Which sport is it? For me, it’s mma[View]
59999562>plate warmer is broken again[View]
59996876Dental health: I've been overbrushing all my life and drinking around 2 cups of coffee a day. M…[View]
60000964>what do I do? >I walk[View]
59996327As a borderline obese hikikomori who has just started eating only canned meat delivered from Walmart…[View]
60003833I started lifting today: Not much hope but let's see if I can remove these hips[View]
59999424Will I get my ass beat wearing this to the gym?[View]
59989457I miss my gymbro... ;_;[View]
60004343>neighbours saw me pumping iron with a luchadore mask[View]
60003715Are calisthenics really that much of a meme if you start adding weights/weight vests? I find it so m…[View]
60003888I'm going to give up masturbation and pornography for a year, I started yesterday, 22/02/2022 I…[View]
60001178IS IT possible to show off gains on social media without coming off as cringe? How do u display that…[View]
59999988Hey /fit/, I want to learn a martial art. Digits decide which one I pick up.[View]
60003700WAGMI KINGS: >be me >Be doin dem weighted chins ya hear >Did 30lbs for 2 sets of 6 then wen…[View]
60004083Can you fuck up your shoulder if you do 3 reps with this hellish machine? Said shoulder is untrained…[View]
60003869Want to build muscle: Gyms are closed, but I have a set of 20 lb dumbbells and a piano bench. Is the…[View]
60000974Very nice, now lets see Paul Allens delts[View]
60001483For me, it's oatmeal mixed with low fat yogurt.[View]
60003552>start going to a new outdoor gym >become friends with the fit chicks there and spend my lower…[View]
60004027Anyone knows tfw during a workout?: >have a good and productive workout >basically almost done…[View]
60003996>see girl with a fat huge brapper wearing sweaty leggings >basically eating that ass eith my e…[View]
60003882Does anyone else really struggle with motivation of just GETTING to the gym? Like once I am there I …[View]
59996289Why do people fall for memeteachers who clearly abuse steroids and gobble up their fad diet advice a…[View]
59998680sauna bros?: want to stop being a manlet? sauna. want to make it to 100? sauna. want to do cardio wi…[View]
60002431Why does /fit/ believe that your genetics don't affect your weight or likelyhood of being obese…[View]
60003150Routine Critique: 4 Day KSC: >Mon: Bench Intensity + Press Volume Bench 2x3 Press 5x5 >Tues: S…[View]
59998736Has anyone tried tonal?: My parents are considering getting one and i would love to try some of the …[View]
60003752I have a red bump on each of my asscheeks. I think they might be hemmorroids, but I'm not sure.…[View]
60002068Nicola Sturgeon's announcement thread: Bros, are they re-opening gyms in Scotland anytime soon?…[View]
60003241Are dips really fucking bad for your shoulders or am i a pussy? Whenever i do dips it feels unnatur…[View]
59998968Pain Killers: It's says not to have more than 6 in a 24 hour period. That's just there opi…[View]
60001833Forced Cremation: I wanna be so big I cannot be physically buried. I will have to be forcefully crem…[View]
60003038how do I cut, I want to lose waist fat but my body stays at the same weight all year no matter what …[View]
60003263Started megadosing this shit 5g daily and I'm having the most foul fishy shit ever what do bros[View]
60002166Overweight anons i need your help: I really need your help fat/anons/! What are some bodywieght work…[View]
59999452>>6000000 gorillion jew get[View]
60000443BANEMAXXXING: Getting /fit/ + hot is only part of game. It's not easy, but doable for anyone wh…[View]
60002914Diet advice: I am pretty fat (probably like 23 bmi), I want to cut fat but I also don't want to…[View]
60001986Now that the weather is getting nicer and the days longer I want to spend more time in the forest. I…[View]
60002673Powershitter cope: I swear people only shill SS or other powershitting routines because it's ea…[View]
59991749How many calories and protons should you eat per day to look good ottermode?[View]
60001291Oh no... Autisticbros... We lost.[View]
60002549You ngmi if you browse any red 4chan board[View]
59999042Philosophically, how would you refute this /fit/? Personally, it is true pure physique will not auto…[View]
60000924Hey /fit/: How do people catch up to long running shows? I don't think I have it in me[View]
60002661>did bicep curls to finish my workout on friday >pinky and ring finger are tingling since then…[View]
60002844>you meet a fit thot & start dating her >you are talking about gym >'you do have some a…[View]
60001074Worth it?: Its really cheap[View]
60001466cooklet general: Whats your lads go-to recipes? I'm getting well and truly over chicken breast/…[View]
60002586I have no gf. I have no friends. I only have you bros. We all gonna make it guys. Keep on going. Nev…[View]
60000018Boogie dies NOW[View]
60001550>Vaccine passports for gyms are already a thing in Israel Look to the jews, my fellow /fit/izens,…[View]
60001574Metabolic syndrome: How the fuck do you fix metabolic syndrome? Cutting is just pain the ass. I don…[View]
60002338Don't mind me just breaking several female records as the first transgender female weightlifter…[View]
59998033/fit/, how do I fix a sleep schedule? Would it be best for me to a.) lose sleep in the short term by…[View]
60002167>dont eat carbs >make everyone seethe for some reason…[View]
60002243If you take fitness/fit/ - Fitness seriously and you don't have shredded, visible abs then you …[View]
60002769Favorite chicken marinate and seasonings: All that meal prepping, anon you must make sure it has act…[View]
60000149Yoga has been ruined by the internet. People with no credentials and zero understanding of physiolog…[View]
59999034I'm thinking of starting a keto diet because I've been drinking and getting fatter in lock…[View]
60002700Why do calf workouts when you can just get real fat for 1 year and then have big calves for the rest…[View]
60002568> The Yoruba people have the highest rate of twinning in the world, at 45–50 twin sets (90–100 tw…[View]
59999919the burning sensation a clove of garlic gives is literally the plant doing bio-chemical warfare agai…[View]
59992094So I saw this guy that roleplays as Illidan when working out by turning off the lights and putting W…[View]
60002545>see woman starting to approach similar weights to you during her workout…[View]
60001502Squats makes my knees hurt. What can I swap them out for? t. Newbie[View]
59994725“Gym this, gym that” where do you plebs live that gyms are even open? I live in Los Angeles, gyms ha…[View]
60001269Any reason why I shouldnt be doing 10 or more sets of biceps curl (both hammer and supinated) on my …[View]
59999133I'm already happily married. What workout do you recommend?[View]
60001731How do I straighten my dick??[View]
60002016You are training your mind AND your body right anon?[View]
60002187Wife cucked you? Good Diagnosed with cancer? Good 5'6 and balding? Good[View]
60001784Skipping sets on madcow 5x5: I just started madcow 5x5 after stalling on SL. Can I skip the sets wit…[View]
59999859Won't exercising lead to hair loss as it boosts testosterone?[View]
59991489Anyone taking finasteride? Do you have any side effects?[View]
59983233/Fraud/: /fraud/ - The Comeback https://www.reddit.com/r/steroids/wiki/index has some outdated shit …[View]
60002408Hairline Health: >slick hairline back >see this Is it over? I’m 25 but it’s been this way sinc…[View]
59999689Can you do it?: Be honest /fit/, can you lift your ass on one arm?[View]
59996127Fatfuck here So I got a Spin Bike as a gift. Me and my wife are not very fit and we want to use it. …[View]
60001718CBT Lanklet edition. Started in January. 178cm Dunno weight but started at 55-60 kg i think. No pump…[View]
59996481why do women do memeshit exercises?[View]
60000901Protein shake: Might be a bit gay but does anyone else like to shove the banana up their ass before …[View]
60000675working out in sleep: anyone else /fit/ enough to be working out even when they are sleeping? i do s…[View]
59999065ausfag general /afg/: What the fuck is his problem edition? This thread is for discussing australian…[View]
59999521Yukio Mishima: What was his training routine, /fit/? And is it still effective?[View]
60002098REMINDER TO FOLLOW A PROGRAM AND TRACK PROGRESS: >mfw I dont need a program! Have fun being stuck…[View]
60000013>>59999999 >>60000000[View]
60001682Am I gonna make it brahs?[View]
60001461Strats for quitting this shit? I started smoking last year because I thought it looked cool. Now I j…[View]
60002049Are my stretch marks faded as much as they ever will be ?[View]
60002009Eating on a recomp.: How much should you eat on a recomp? My RDI is 2400 calories and I try to eat r…[View]
60000935>50g of protein in one day[View]
60000562/jump/: Need to get better in jump rope. Need cardio. Do you guys count or do you just time it?…[View]
60001703Are there any good body workout routines that can replace an intermediate level at the gym (1/2/3/4 …[View]
59997531anyone else act out autistic fantasies in their head when lifting to motivate them? for me it's…[View]
60001782whats your technique to fix your sleep after weeks/months of fucked sleep schedule / insomnia ? I sl…[View]
59996968>Accidentally Scheduled 3 rest days back to back I had no choice. I’m very busy throughout the we…[View]
60001655Hang on bro's. One day the gyms will open again. Untill then I need you to stay strong. We…[View]
60001678eat eggs, lift: this was one of my best shapes. I used to eat 10 hard boiled eggs after each workout…[View]
60001632upper lower or PPL: i havent been progressing properly on UL, i do ULxULxx i try to put more emphasi…[View]
60001507Crop tops: Why arent they more popular bros?[View]
60001225How do you do your dips /fit/? weighted, unweighted, front, back, 3x5, 5x10.. what's your favor…[View]
60000010We all gonna make it[View]
59998937>OHP with a wider grip than necessary >try narrower >way easier Wow form actually matters…[View]
59995710Manlet beats the fuck out of 6’4” Chad: LMAOOOOOOOOO https://twitter.com/UnnecRoughness/status/13638…[View]
59996372what do i do man? i’m 21, been a crippling alcoholic since i was 15. i majored in the wrong thing in…[View]
59991760WHERE WAS THE SIR COMIC THIS YEAR??: SIR have you left us?[View]
60000934How to attain this physique?[View]
60000362About to minmax after liftin for around a year >Lift Monday, Tuesday, Wednsday, Friday, Saturday …[View]
59998574Daily sugar intake question: Hi All, I’m cutting at 850-1k deficit daily. I am lifting 7 days a week…[View]
60001067Am I being JOO'ED if I spend my money on this?[View]
59999316How fast can build muscle as a skinny fat manlet (5 foot 7)?[View]
60000866>oh hey arnold *eats burger* on your second heart attack and surgery huh *sips soda* maybe if you…[View]
59996146/r/bald: the happiest place on earth[View]
59995278Low-Fiber Carbohydrates: I’m currently bulking on a 3,000 cal/ diet with a 50/25/25 macro ratio but …[View]
60000921How long can I maintain 700 calories for? Day 3 so far. I am trying to limit my carbs while focusing…[View]
59995949Is tuna based?[View]
59994736Tattoos: Is there anything more vain and retarded? Also, they look even worse if you don’t even hav…[View]
60000609Best fake natty stack?[View]
59999401/Fit/ fat humour work out edition Fresh OC lads, witnessed at my local this morning. Good on him for…[View]
59991321anyone else here trying to become the iceman?[View]
60000189Just turned 18 b: 275 d: 440x2 s: 370 H: 6'1 BW: 185-188 im going for a 300 bench this year …[View]
59999139Hey guys, I've been lifting for 6 months (pic related) and have been doing mostly squats and de…[View]
59998547Whats his endgame[View]
59997890Wait... so jelqing and shit actually works? https://time.com/2139/add-inches-no-really-men-can-make-…[View]

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