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/fit/ - Fitness

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51675218How do you deal with libido gains /fit/? Since I started working out I want to hit on anything that …[View]
51674267I hope I see that girl at the gym tomorrow[View]
51672646shit form: When im doing OHP my head goes towards my right shoulder. Also the barbell gets tilted to…[View]
51675205How do I force myself to sleep on my back? I cant stop sleeping on my stomach and I wake up with pai…[View]
51674950How can I get myself to the gym?: Anxiety holding me back.[View]
51673488Parents are fucking stupid: >news on TV talking about orthorexia >Father says I'm possibl…[View]
51671136How do you develop “lower lats”? I’m all teres group Pic related, /fat/ 25 more lbs to go. Hoping t…[View]
51675235Best plan for woman?: Looking to go from ~28% bf to 20%. Diet is pretty healthy but I travel a lot f…[View]
51675499How do I stop eating while still being productive at work bros. Help my life is falling apart.[View]
51675485/Fit/ sports thread: I'll begin by saying throwing is 100% the most chad sport What are your fa…[View]
51674894>deadlift max day >forgot headphones[View]
51675073Should I still eat a lot of protein even on days where I don’t go to the gym?[View]
51674243Do you have any autistic reasons for lifting? >mfw gotta be ready for hand to hand combat when I…[View]
51674756>be me >stop lifting for 2 years >lose all my muscle >move where I'm a literally a …[View]
51672158Can you get fit by just swimming?: I cant join a gym for the next 2 months and I have free time and …[View]
51671514Lower Back Pain: So /fit/, I have a problem. I'm a literal 30yo boomer who has lower back pain,…[View]
51672801Is there any real drawback to poaching chicken nutritionally? It tastes and feels far, far nicer to …[View]
51670250Another wrist cope thread: >I love you Anon, even if my wrists are thicker than yours >Dumped …[View]
51675023Brutal Mog[View]
51674655Barbells are a meme: Tell me anon, are you: >an aspiring bodybyilder >an aspiring powerlifter …[View]
51674373Hey /fit/, have you tried taking double dragon pills? they've made my bench shoot up from 2pl8 …[View]
51674140/fit/‘s opinion on biking: I have some knee problems and am unable to run much anymore - I was think…[View]
51671453What's wrong with Tsuu's upper body?[View]
51673849That guy at the gym: This literally happened 2 weeks ago at the gym. I truly wish I was making this …[View]
51674929Is it better to be fit but autistic or fat but socially excellent and successful? Lets say you have …[View]
51673612How much do I need to exercise to never die?[View]
51674835Good luck, /fit/: Pay attention to where the scoop is in your new case of protein, /fit/. >Scoop …[View]
51674588I'm feeling fat and lonely and I wanna start lifting: I am a 27 year old man, with a Medical De…[View]
51673732Back on /fit/ after 2 years: What changed faggots?Whats new? Whos the king of fit? I havent been her…[View]
51674081/fit/-approved books?[View]
51674641Are there any male only gyms? Fuck gym thots[View]
51674665How do I prevent getting nauseous after lifting?[View]
51669904I miss him so much guys...[View]
51674216Does getting bigger lats really make your shoulders look bigger as well or is it just an illusion?[View]
51673076Notice: Sunday is cheat day: Its my cheat day today brehs suggest me what to get? 1. Carls jr 2. Dom…[View]
51674654Did you gain confidence from becoming /fit/? Or did it not pan out so well?[View]
51652981/fat/ - stop eating trash edition: For fat fucks who want to better themselves through meaningful ha…[View]
51672532I have body dysmorphia[View]
51673494MaxRack: Anyone ever had to deadlift in one of these? I guess it's like a souped up smith machi…[View]
51672826What happened to him? He used to be a real alpha male, lifting big weights and talking about Bearmod…[View]
51671147So what's the deal with cutting? Is the best I can expect really to just maintain my lift numbe…[View]
516711832 months of training for a single pull up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1haqkkVTtI >'we'…[View]
51674251How do I cope with acne scars and just being unattractive in general? Also, does my head shape look …[View]
51672944The Chad CICO[View]
51672823How did you go from dyel to a fitizen? how are you suppose to progress from curls and squats at home…[View]
51673480Redpill me on powerlifting programmes like the Texas method.[View]
51673653Massage therapist touched my dick: Anyone out there familiar with massages? I’ve gotten a few in my …[View]
51674215I lost 25lb (220-195) without even realizing it in September-November by just eating one huge mcdona…[View]
51673463Is Jay Alvarrez /mode/ achievable naturally[View]
51674294Does /fit/ believe in the power of visualising muscle growth during and after weight lifting? For in…[View]
51674164What songs do you listen to when you lift? For me it's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZdKVTyA…[View]
51674272what do i do if I’m non stop tired? Like totally fucked. The only time i feel slightly awake and whe…[View]
51672765why is prison fitness the best workout. just pushups, dips and pullups.[View]
51673963bulking or cutting: my nwords! i have a quick question, want some opinions i have been cutting for a…[View]
51669053give me good 4day split hypertrophy routines beside PHUL[View]
51670369Is coffee good or bad? Worth drinking?: It seems like 80% of the human population drinks coffee but …[View]
51674196How did you get your perfect bf% anon?: What cardio, how long, what diet, current bf%[View]
51666749>tfw the gym roidmonster is causing earthquakes again[View]
51673534Can someone explain reps and sets to me? I'm supposed to do 3 sets of 8 reps and adjust the res…[View]
51672902Bros how do I do 5 x 8 - 12 calf raises and actually feel it without putting 500 lbs on the bar? Is …[View]
51671872Judge my program: Intermediate Aesthetic Focused 4 day workout program[View]
51670697Minoxidil application: So I know you generally should apply 1mL to the affected area, but what if th…[View]
51666933my parents are saying i dont need to eat alot of protein since ive been going to the gym and they wo…[View]
51674032Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
51671901>It is impossible for a natty to separate strength from size prove me wrong…[View]
51672019>finally get somewhat fit >improving my life step by step >feels good men >still only l…[View]
51672148Ashwagandha: I just received the ashwagandha I bought. What should I expect from this supplement?…[View]
51670893Need advice from runner anons: I just failed week 5 day 3 of the Couch to 5k program The jumps from …[View]
51671781What does /fit/ think about milk?: >GOMAD stands for a gallon of milk a day. It's a simple w…[View]
51644073Bicycle: Why did no one tell me outdoor biking was so fun ? It's literally the only form of car…[View]
51672509Lifting numbers different for people: Does the size of a person have any relation to how much they c…[View]
51673380>I am natural. Red-pill yourself on genetic differences between humans.…[View]
51670863>Not eating meat >Not eating your natural diet I hope you don't do this…[View]
51673631>if I don’t get exactly 219g of protein, I won’t gain any muscle mass >*chugs chemical “protei…[View]
51668351Alright /fit/ I’m going to eat an entire pizza.[View]
51673681Should I eat less calories to fix my cut?: I fucked up and ate like 2300 cals yesterday when I shoul…[View]
51672004achievable natty?[View]
51670832I’m doing a one day water fast (not eating any food, only drinking water). How do I fight food cravi…[View]
51670351Alright so i'm doing my first session of SL5x5 tonight, what should I keep in mind?[View]
51673564-Reminder that you shouldn't Cut and Bulk unless you're too fat or a bodybuilding competit…[View]
51670730Strong chimp: Ok. We know chimps are ridiculously strong and what's more they never worked out …[View]
51673340Are these a meme /fit/? Are they decent for practicing being terrible at pull ups in private?[View]
51669851/fit/ decides my workout for today: roll a dubs and decide an exercise 3 x 0-20 8 exercises top repe…[View]
51673602>you need to eat before lifting or else you won’t have energy[View]
51671954>smoke weed to relieve back pain ocassionally >cutting >couple of days in >feel like I…[View]
51671771A handsome twink smiled at me while I was doing my squats again. Missed me with that gay shit.[View]
51673290>get into lifting few months ago >tell nobody >see aunt for the first time in a while >…[View]
51657316Yall need to understand this[View]
51673375>Feels depressed even after intense exercise I literally cannot get relief from anything anymore…[View]
51672357My gf told me she wants to start going to gym with me. She already looks good but how do I make her …[View]
51672436Is yoga helpful for lifting? https://yespornplease.com/v/540605442[View]
51672146In what order do you load a bar, /fit/?[View]
51670588any chance I'll find a hot anime loving gf at the gym?[View]
51673096Tips on quiting soft drinks and what to substitute it with ?[View]
51668694/fitfeels/ tfw no gf edition: >be 28, white guy >9/10 face genetics >7/10 body according to…[View]
51670793How do I do this without putting my floor and walls in danger?[View]
51672456Advice for Knee injuries: Any advice for training legs with damaged knees. During childhood I suffer…[View]
51669437how does your personal diet look like? what do you eat every day? >how much brotein >carbs …[View]
51673073>try to do 10 pull ups >reach 9 at best >do some sit ups to strengthen abs >get 10 perfe…[View]
51672635How possible is it to achieve this naturally?[View]
51673265Am I going to die /fit/? Food allergies and being a skelle have pushed me to this diet you see here,…[View]
51672636Lifting to cope: I'm mad at someone. I really wanna go to the gym right now and lift some shit …[View]
51670215If you're worried about longevity and long term healthy, is being big and strong healthy? I am …[View]
51668901The fitness red pill you don't want to swallow People who take steroids and train properly on t…[View]
51671023swimming on 'rest' days?: I've been doing the Ripptoe starting strength routine in the sticky f…[View]
51670082>yeah I lift for strength, how could you tell?[View]
51669068Do you take meds or do some special exercises? I don't want to have fucked joints in 30 years. …[View]
51673108Don't forget the jam[View]
51670830how do I make myself shit so I can lose more weight before my weigh in tomorrow?[View]
51667837Are pants like that actually more comfortable than looser fitting pants or are femanoids memeing us?[View]
51672709Any opinions on p90x? I just attempted to complete the plyometrics vid and it kicked my ass. I was s…[View]
51673006>2015+4 >not sunning your balls ngmi[View]
51672815Bulking on coconuts: Thoughts? These are like a dollar each and have pretty good macros. Eating one …[View]
51672379Right side of my face(jaw/cheek) is more pronounced.: Because I chewed with exclusively right side o…[View]
51669146Plant based diet is literally the healthiest diet you can do. Top NFL athletes like Tom Brady and Le…[View]
51665875We're getting back on track bois! I'm aiming for more than 9 days this time.[View]
51671078>why yes I only do SS, how could you tell?[View]
51672701>doing bench press >add a slightly heavier weight to get PB for 5x5 >pull arms down >sho…[View]
51672837Can I get some help /fit/: >6'2' (190Cm) and 215 lbs (97kg) and 18y/o Yeah I know I'm t…[View]
51671879Question, if I quit halfway through a workout, would it be bad to finish the rest later in the day? …[View]
51671624My girlfriend says I look great and she gets that I’ve been spending so much time at the gym lately.…[View]
51671992What program are you running at the moment anon?[View]
51667495How important is jaw gains? Do you shave to show your stronk jaw or is beard/stubble a better look?[View]
51672755In order to restore balance, and to challenge the legendary god dragons, the celestial guardian, the…[View]
51671334inner pecs: how do you avoid getting circle shaped tits like in left pic? i want nice inner tits lik…[View]
51672580what kind of pump do you guys wear at the gym?[View]
51672476How big do i have to get for women to find me attractive?[View]
51671965How does one achieve Snorlax mode?[View]
51672514my fordyce spots and PPP are almost not noticeable today: dunno why, maybe because i ate this super …[View]
51670689Got a ganglion cyst in between some wrist bones. Not like pic related, as it isn't visible. Hur…[View]
51669591Why are we balding /fit/?: 'Although balding is typically associated with advancing age, an increasi…[View]
51672468I need some very affordable bulking diet that is not eating mcdonalds everyday I cannot gain weight …[View]
51672236>Just hit 2pl bp after 4 months of lifting: what do now boys[View]
51672053>Smallfat >Person of size >Infinifat >Fat as a race >People in larger bodies…[View]
51672314Is it possible to upright row 140 kg natty ? https://youtu.be/idMt2cf1B-w[View]
51665103>tfw cold shower in the morning[View]
51670021Obesity: Port Mortem: Ultimate Fat Shaming Edition https://youtu.be/8jn67tdEGY4[View]
51644680Most Asthetic Anime Physique: What is the most asthetic anime physique, and why is it Ken?[View]
51672037Evil Porn Nightmare: This is the same anon from >>51665861 After falling asleep i was haunted …[View]
51672151Finally able to do 25 push ups, struggled to finish 10 a month ago. Skellys rise up.[View]
51663778GMO: Why does everyone act like GMO is poison? Is it not a good thing to be able to modify crops/liv…[View]
51671151Is Lon'qu /ourguy/? >always wants to be the best >can kill any man >terrified of wome…[View]
51671289how many calories and proteins is there in a teaspoon of pea nut butter?[View]
51645635/plg/ powerlifting general: Feierabend edition[View]
51665953Post fiction ideal bodies[View]
51671984I only eat chicken and pizza, and sometimes eggs only for breakfast though. I have eaten the same t…[View]
51669777Give me your most powerful cutting diet, /fit/[View]
51670375Have you taken the weebpill yet? Japan has some of the healthiest people on the planet, why are you …[View]
51671739how do i breathe in a correct way while performing overhead press?: >do overhead press, 40 kgs ab…[View]
51671798AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH: Crashed my estrogen. Took way too much of my AI, turns…[View]
51671919How the fuck do i meal prep OMAD to lose fat? My cutting calories are 1893. My macros are 189g prote…[View]
51671001.: how is my body looking atm and what should i start doing at the gym (second week at gym)?[View]
51671202>day 3863 of starting strength[View]
51670530Just passed 40kg ORM Bench Feels good man[View]
51667478How to make social gains as fast as possible ?[View]
51669651>jumped rope yesterday after many years >my legs are now killing me worse than when I do heavy…[View]
51668545I AM Fitness Youtube[View]
51658669The Mog King: Who currently holds the Mog King title? Surely there must be one that can't be mo…[View]
51667706Need an indoor exercise bike Can anyone recommend a specific one price range 100$-200$ Thanks.[View]
51671056I’m 6’3 and 185lbs, how much weight do I need to put on in order to stop looking so damn skinny?[View]
51671274How to get a more chiseled face: Like Volker Bruch? I have fat cheeks. Currently at 15.5% bf so I kn…[View]
51665190Supplement Thread: What supplements are you taking to max out your gains?[View]
51670275DOMS. Earning rest days. High variation in workouts: For some reason...I never feel content taking r…[View]
51671387How do I learn self-defence ASAP? I'm kinda scared that my ex BF will try to assault or rape me…[View]
51671446Can one become /fit/ by heavy bag HIIT alone or will I need to throw in more running/cycling and lif…[View]
51665595Peak female form is large boobs and hips with defined musculature. This is a “bigger is better” situ…[View]
51671408>Lifts going up slightly >Still lost two lbs because of stress and being crazy busy What do t…[View]
51670655Anybody here who suffered Body Dismorphia Disorder got over it? Feeling real low, to the extreme of …[View]
51670559Brehs, I need some suggestions for swole-friendly t shirts. What make/brand is good for us ripped Ch…[View]
51669602Today’s workout: For its >Legs >Shoulders What are you doing today, brother? Don’t forget, y…[View]
51671003Bros how do I do 5 x 8 - 12 calf raises and actually feel it without putting 500 lbs on the bar[View]
51668924Fixing pelvic tilt: I already do all the necessary exercises to fix my fucked lower spine. Is there …[View]
51670693Your deadlift is supposed to be higher than your squat?: Your deadlift is supposed to be higher than…[View]
516706352 SCOOP FAGS BTFO: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5828430/#!po=1.06383 >It has been…[View]
51670019How much better is a 6 day PPL than a 4 day 531?[View]
51669315DAE have cold weather demotivation?: I'm a weirdo who likes it when it's hot and humid. We…[View]
51666438fuck leg day[View]
51669347/Fish/ General: With out fish you will never make it. You are literally stuffing your mouth with hor…[View]
51670633>be me, texting with some chick who wants to suck my dick >feel good, decide I'll do 4 da…[View]
51669854Finally it's here, time to break some PRs[View]
51669077>mfw i just reached LMAO 4PL8 hip thrust. What does it feel like stalling on your concentration c…[View]
51653422/fat/ - yes i am edition: For cheeto chasers who want to better themselves through meaningful hard-w…[View]
51670788You have been visited by the Melvin of beta cuckoldry. You will be cucked by chads for the rest of y…[View]
51665280This might be a stupid question, but is it possible to become stronger than a chimpanzee? With stero…[View]
51669831>should i start smoking to lose weight?[View]
51667039Seriously, who use this shit? Only exercizes i can think are russian twist and pullovers.[View]
51663737You can’t spend all your time lifting anons. What are some /fit/ hobbies you do to occupy your time …[View]
51666982Recently started going to the gym but how the fuck do I eat about 2700 calories a day?[View]
51666570u mirin ceps?[View]
51670346Rap Music for PR: Rap seems to pump me up more than any black metal or techno. What do you listen to…[View]
51670584How effective is IF?: I’m a 225lb fat fuck trying to drop down to 180lb. Is this going to effective …[View]
51665725So what's your opinion of SS? You think It's the best for beginners? Also put in what you …[View]
51666188Gastric Balloon: sup /fit/ and /fat/ Had a gastric balloon in for a week and a day, down from 180 lb…[View]
51669598What to do on keto: Fucking damn bro. I have a digestive disorder that only allows me peace when I e…[View]
51670482Accident webms: Yesterday I saw the webm of a nog getting guillotined by his bench, I need more webm…[View]
51667447Has anyone done 5/3/1 boring but big variation? If so, how did it go[View]
51651140Why haven't you stopped drinking soda? You DO want to better yourself... right, /fit/?[View]
51670133I look way fatter than 19%. >Be me. >Be 32/M So last year I got up to 24.9% body fat even thou…[View]
51670313I'm a normal fit looking guy. I want to be fit instead of just looking fit. Is this workout ok.…[View]
51660239I masturbate regularly (once a day if Im not having sex) and im still making more gains then you. Wh…[View]
51670361How can i train for strength and size without really caring for aesthetics? My ideal body is super f…[View]
51666607too heavy to start working out?: hey, /fit/. I'm 5'11' @ 229 lbs. I plan on starting with …[View]
51670289Anyone else like dressing like a jackass for the gym? If not, what else do you wear?[View]
51669685>some fat to fit or ugly to qt article is posted >quite a lot of comments saying they were bea…[View]
51667541Do you care about all the chemicals you put in your body through food and plastics ? Which ones do …[View]
51670042So, I lost a shit ton of weight, now I'm skinny fat. I ride a bike lots and do a lot of cardio …[View]
51664416What's his routine?[View]
51669960natty test boost: Does sex increase test or should I stay faithful to abstinence?[View]
51667137>tfw I will go to the gym with my mom today and teach her the basics of strength training It make…[View]
51668468>why yes we exclusively train Calisthetics , what gave it away?[View]
51669291What does /fit/ think of John Meadows?[View]
51669986What’s the best programme for intermediates?[View]
51665566Tell me about the first time you felt like a chad, /fit/, how was it?[View]
51669183How long would it take for me get this body?: I'm a manlet, somewhere around 5'7'…[View]
51669336Thoughts on full-body strength training 3 times a week and high volume calisthenics on the off days?[View]
51659038I've been researching on how to not get the gymcell look when you train. Some conclusions I hav…[View]
51670056Does anyone have any recommendations for getting rid of this fucking bacne? Also rate my back please…[View]
51669133How can I stop saving anything for the way back?[View]
51661651>eat me*t >be told your diet is bad time and time again by science, doctors and countless peer…[View]
51669628what type of body will you expect someone to have if they only train >chest >back >shoulder…[View]
51665404Real Talk Hour: You don’t need to lift a lot of weight if you aren’t competing to maintain a sexy ae…[View]
51661733General Tso: What are the pros/cons of eating General Tso's Chicken every single day?[View]
51667818/BDDM/ - Body Dysmorphia General: What is your ideal self, /fit/? Photoshop away your flaws[View]
51666685just failed 116 days of no porn forgive me bros.[View]
51669521>on OMAD >hunger waves roll in >ride it out >happens again after a while >ride it out…[View]
51668260Hi fit, So I've got quite a serious problem. And I think that problem is one of the biggest hur…[View]
51667354Divorced warehouse worker you'd meet at any local bar or professional fitness coach for 20 year…[View]
51667632Recommend me one of these fuckers.[View]
51669212Hey guys I don’t really go on this board, mainly stick to B but I figured you guys could give me the…[View]
51669256>that girl that only works out late at night[View]
51669270God i love monster juice so much[View]
51664882Who is the mog king and why is it Denis Cyplenkov? >9.4' wrists >destroyed Devon Larratt 6-0 …[View]
51668379damn, did roman soldiers really look like that?[View]
51669681Is Naruto Running a better form of cardio than regular running?[View]
51668831How fit do i need to be to pass US Marine bootcamp with a fairly high score? (And get accepted there…[View]
51665424What does it take to become a top strongman? How many years of lifting?[View]
51660695Best supplements for Men Libido?: I miss the ROCK HARD THICC erections of my youth[View]
51668568Should I get my own catamite to increase my free test levels?[View]
51667813>be me >5'9 >used to be 215lbs >lose 30lbs pounds in 2months before hitting the gym…[View]
51663234post your most hype workout song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyEvZw1rtYs[View]
51669406Footwear: I used to wear flat shoes for weightlifting. But as I transition to cardio I am finding my…[View]
51667152Is this the natty limit?[View]
51669392Can I consider myself 5'7'(170)?[View]
51665924Will gentle walking and yoga help me lower my body fat percentage and gain muscle lol[View]
51659445How am still fat at 170lbs 6ft ?[View]
51664424How much does getting fit improves your looks in a 10 scale number? Like getting ottermode, how many…[View]
51668780Just had this post workout. 20g of protein 350 cals in a pint. Ben & jerry's btfo. Also po…[View]
51668938>be skinnyfat >start bulking and lifting >Get fat >Lifts do not increase at all ???????…[View]
51668726is the smith machine really that bad?: there were some faggot kids today at the gym hogging all the …[View]
51668288100g serving: 186 calories 35g protein Why are we eating chickens instead of horses?[View]
51667450How do I fix my joints? Im in my early twenties and started liftting a year ago, doing only compound…[View]
51666547does this work?[View]
51665380How much could the average Neanderthal bench?[View]
51663877Drawthread: Colored Pencil Edition: >ITT: post body and I’ll draw it Original poses and non blurr…[View]
51668502Sup havent been on 4chan for 2 years now, what happened to >isley >supermong >adie >nat…[View]
51665276What's your favorite fast food restaurant for bulking?[View]
51657420Weekend fph to get us all through[View]
51665077Cocaine and Curls: So /fit/, what's your view on cocaine and lifting?[View]
51668830Can we have one of these threads? General motivation Post your progress brahs How long did it take…[View]
51664922Is this actually the result of 3000 situps a day?[View]
51668504Redpill me on based lent.[View]
51667530Eat your god damn vegetables: Dear Ketards/Carnitards, No, you're not special, and you're …[View]
51666335anyone else who looks around themselves at other people when resting between sets?[View]
51664614What is the best way to get fit with type 1 diabetes?: I am a type 1 diabetic. I am trying like hell…[View]
51668607im faster than you[View]
51668184>mixed grip overhead squats[View]
51668533Cut strength: How significant should strength loss be on a cut? I'm 189cm and started at 92kg. …[View]
51667066Keto Plateau: Hey vros, I'm 1.83m and I've been doing keto for 2 months now and I lost fro…[View]
51662905It is safe to take horse protein?: My family bought some horse protein that nobody uses. I was going…[View]
51664048>still looks like shit Is it even worth it brehs[View]
51667205Does anyone remember this tripfag? i was here back in 2013. Is he dead? Is he still lifting?[View]
51667961Does lifting train endurance?[View]
51667482>read all about ECA stack >fooking nice >want to order it >ephedrine is illegal god FUCK…[View]
51668159>tfw mom is a gains goblin Tell her I'm getting bigger she laughs and says no.…[View]
51668199>84kg >189cm tall >decently strong >still look like shit and kinda fat…[View]
51666223>dude masturbation/porn is unhealthy, just have sex instead >sex is actually more unhealthy th…[View]
51668022Zyzz was the king of /fit/ and dance, are you even trying for the next festival?[View]
51665851>fell for ig meme >every pic i upload 50 likes all FUCKING MALE >feels fucking gay fuck u /…[View]
51666156When did you guys realize making it was a meme and youll never be like zyzz? How to cope with being …[View]
51667842Severe eye pain after heavy squats: Hit a new squat pr yesterday and my head was really red and unde…[View]
51666608>that guy who uses bumper plates for every exercise There's no fucking reason to use them fo…[View]
51667694I don't look like I lift, even though I do (intermediate for squat, deads, OHP and chin up…[View]
51664762>that one guy that still does upright rows and behind the neck presses[View]
51667805What's the deal with BCAAs and should I take them if I am lifting regularly? If so, which ones …[View]
51665679Who else here on LOBAD? (Loaf Of Bread A Day) I get so many nutrients and fiber, you wouldn't b…[View]
51666415>Still worshipping zyzz in 2019 Never gonna make it. In todays times you need the body of gigacha…[View]
51665038Exercises to lower endurance?: Hey, /fit/, I'm looking for some exercises to lower my endurance…[View]
51665297Any downsides in doing bench press at 90 degrees? When i do this instead of the regular way, i feel …[View]
51667723Is the Texas method a good programme for an intermediate lifter?[View]
51658774Boomer molests gymcel: Molestation or just a god-tier mire? What would you do, /fit/?[View]
516675355/3/1, Madcow or TM?[View]
51666470Thinking of making this my final day on earth, what should my cheat meal be, /fit/? Might be worth a…[View]
51665888Crossfit isnt really that bad guys. You all just go to shitty cross fitting gyms. Typical crossfit …[View]
51664713What do you eat at your college dining hall to get big?[View]
51664993Daily reminder that despite what disgusting fat bloatmaxxers tell you fat is estrogenic and that the…[View]
51665195Red pill me on water.[View]
51667234i know low calorie high protein diet for building muscle only works with novices, but where's t…[View]
51666584>/fit/ only cares about form, not function Imagine having big muscles, but get winded in 1 minute…[View]
51665340Post cool fitness equipment[View]
51666754Do you think I can get big with these terrible genetics? I can't even get my calves to grow. He…[View]
51661320Questions that don't deserve their ownntheread qtddot: I drank a bunch of beer should instill e…[View]
51666674>enter gym >lick it up, now slurp that shit down…[View]
51656931how much does frame matter in strength training? Are there any studies that show people with bigger …[View]
51667007>told myself when I finish losing weight I will eat an entire pizza that day >can’t even finis…[View]
51665180Has anyone on this god forsaken board prepped for SF?: What split/program did you follow? Obviously …[View]
51665601Why do I only feel it in my hams, quads and glutes when I do high volume deadlifts? When doing heavi…[View]
51664917How to get rid of this bit of fat?: Have been swimming every day for over 30 mins (like legit swimmi…[View]
51666468What kinda of exercises should I do for cardio day? Is running good enough or should I add some cros…[View]
51658305ITT:: Drugs where the positives outweigh the negatives[View]
51665861FUCKING DAMN IT!!!!!: It's really hitting me hard now. I just spent hours watching some crazy s…[View]
51664543What are some workout routines to get over the woman you were going to marry breaking up with you[View]
51665709Are triceps dips, db french press and pushdowns enough for the triceps? i do them at the end of my P…[View]
51666427Proper shrug form?: So anons, I have a couple of questions about shrugs since I have a really thick …[View]
51665630Didly form check: give it to me straight bros, am I going to snap my shit up?[View]
51666426How much do i need to lift to have cunnys look at me like this[View]
51665462Top 5 cut foods: >Meat >Cheese >Nuts >Greens >Onions…[View]
51653782Im 29 year old and still have acne like if i was in my teens, i have been making good gains the past…[View]
51663605I need to lose like 11 pounds in 3 weeks. What do your bros recommend? Fasting? crossfit?[View]
51665893How I do this: So I’m 400 pounds and there’s no gyms in my small town what’s the best diet and worko…[View]
51665023Guys I’m tired as fuck please motivate me to hit the gym tonight[View]
51666163Is what this guy did safe or good? https://www.sciencealert.com/the-true-story-of-a-man-who-survive…[View]
51663842How often do ya'll train your grip strengh? How much you grippin?[View]
51665089halloween is coming up give me tips on going jojomode[View]
51665922Anyone gotten their wisdom teeth taken out? does it actually affect face shape? If so whats the chan…[View]
51666119shin splints: Ive recently started cross country practice and my shins hurt very badly and I think i…[View]
51666117I want a bigger squat: I can’t seem to grow my hamstrings they just feel weak and my legs in general…[View]
51664986>going on a date with a cute girl >have always struggled with erections because of anxiety …[View]
51663954Lots of people want to talk about belts. lifting shoes, wraps, ect... butt no one ever wants to talk…[View]
51664658how bad is sugar? my doctor said I need it for creatine to work[View]
51662923>cheat day: Live a little[View]
51652750SEAL Team Six/DEVGRU: >elite fitness >elite marksmanship >elite demolitions skills >eli…[View]
51654444Whats a respectable number of Pull ups?[View]
51665015Need some cut advice /fit/ I don't feel or really look overweight but most bmi systems i use pu…[View]
51640992what do you listen to while you lift?[View]
51663532>use thinner bar because my hands are small >thought it was the same weight >was actually d…[View]
51665266Have any fitizens stopped alcohol completely? What changes did you notice over a period of time?[View]
51656141Mirin thread: How about a miring thread? >went to the beach with some friends and gf >talking …[View]
51664982Best time to get blood test for testosterone levels? Online it's showing that the test can be d…[View]
51664012Am I based or cringe?[View]
51664999Is the force-velocity curve real?: Over heard an aspiring personal trainer talking about the force-v…[View]
51665669STRONGEST BICEPS IN THE WORLD: https://youtu.be/Bv80aTOv9lI[View]
51665071How do i recover my spark? I remember doing 200 push ups every morning before before going to work,s…[View]
51664088What workouts/diets would you anons suggest? I'm 5'9' and 170 lbs.[View]
51664379Daily reminder that Zinc Picolinate is the best form of zinc there is[View]
51665547Did Larratt walk in knowing he would get absolutely destroyed?[View]
51665479Went out to eat with friends and had some chinese shit and doc greens food and didn’t eat too much, …[View]
51663888ive been doing 4 day stretches of nofap for over a year, recently during the 4 day stretch when I li…[View]
51664663Just finished chugging 2 cans of bang. Should I call 911??[View]
51661879Posture: What have you found most effective in correcting/maintaining good posture? What I'm cu…[View]
51664512> 9am: 2 slices of bread + honey > 12pm: 2 slices of bread + honey > 3pm: 2 slices of bread…[View]
51662288Name a better preworkout than Bangs.[View]
51664771>mfw a twink enters the gym[View]
51665004I just drank a gallon of water in 20 minutes and now I'm salivating like crazy Am I going to di…[View]
51663186Im 20, still a gymcel, and dont know wat to do. Started lifting at 14 now its literally the only thi…[View]
51664402Why is it so difficult to have a torso like this? Is it just having perfect skeletal symmetry? I can…[View]
51664365FUCK CHAD I don't give a fuck about how many women they get or how charismatic they are. No wha…[View]
51663084whats the best meat to eat for gains[View]
51665031When do I take my protein shake before or after my exercise?[View]
51663990What's wrong with my shoulder/collarbone?: My collarbone points out above my left shoulder, but…[View]
51665101>he lifts the barbell instead of marchines![View]
51660897These are SO fucking cash[View]
51662523Khabib: What isn't his routine? From what I know it's just a lot of push ups, dips, pull u…[View]
51658084Push-up thread: How about some push ups on this lovely morning? I'll be doing triple![View]
51663466So I'm a beginner fitizen and has been doing mostly home excercises. I've been doing pullu…[View]
51659584Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
51665006Was squatting after being off for a week and my lower back was noticeably tight/hurting. I never rea…[View]
51661837Iron Pill: There used to be these iron pill videos on YouTube that would motivate me to lift like no…[View]
51664715Am scared bros. I’m 20, about 20lbs underweight and I can’t get hard. I’ve been under eating for a…[View]
51664222To Clarify: In summary, cardio is good for simply slimming down? (Obviously with proper eating habit…[View]
51664871my sister always used to make fun of me because i 'spent too much time' working out atm i look the b…[View]
51659701How /fit/ feel about tubes?[View]
51663772>Saps your blood >Vectors for diseases that can kill or hamper your life Is this the ultimate …[View]
51664609Is Geralt's body achievable natty?[View]
51664665>wear white tee shirt under my button up >fold the sleeves of the white tee shirt up so it mak…[View]
51663531Which areas of the world have the most in shape and muscular men? homo here with a grindr app[View]
51664343What is the worst diet you've heard of lads? One of my mates eats 1KG of mince (unseasoned) and…[View]
51661422>TFW fell for the permabulk meme When did you realize after a certain point of bodyfat there is n…[View]
51653768I miss him bros... ;_;[View]
51659916Can a briefcase hold my gym clothes? I usually work out at lunch in the campus gym. Anyone got a goo…[View]
51660784Does getting married ruin your body? For example, Nick Jonas has been married for 7 months. Here…[View]
51664355I started lifting and eating right about a month ago and now I'm literally horny 24/7. I don…[View]
51658536How much do you OHP?[View]
51664277I'm a man, slightly overweight, and have curves in all the wrong places. Like other than my fac…[View]
51664199Shoes and foot pain. I bought these new balance shoes and wore them around for a week. They felt unc…[View]
51664255https://youtu.be/Vl_sRAim8WE >If you don't have sex and you don't like your job, then y…[View]
51663617>Imagine not being able to enjoy eating dessert, candy and sugar bombs for an arbitrary body fat …[View]
51661126I guarantee that when he's off camera he does workouts right out of Arnold's Encyclopedia …[View]
51664141Day 3 of 30 on Six Pack in 30 Days app. Had a bit of a headache but still powered through[View]
51663141Teeth Gainz: >whitening toothpastes >whitening strips What's the most cost-effective way …[View]
51662461Why is this so much harder than doing chin ups?[View]
51663109Which creatine would you recommend me to use and why[View]
51663290Are grip trainers for forearms a meme or what?[View]
51663236Is there anything worse than being a skinnyfat faggot?[View]
51661460>be at the gym >squat day >summer break zoomers in the rack next to me >they’re just fu…[View]
51664117Ever since I started lifting I became obsessed with it. Once I started seeing changes in my physique…[View]
51663932Why fit always seem to cope hard when discussing bodyweight? I mean, some of us don't want to l…[View]
51663991injury cope: dislocated my shoulder for the 4th time today, was doing ohp. im going to need surgery …[View]
51663884>manlets at it again[View]
51663557I know whey can be mixed with gelatin to make pudding but what about pre workout? Creatine wont work…[View]
51658249How do I achieve this body brehs[View]
51662632what can I do to not eat so much after a meal?[View]
51661408Does this really work /fit/? Doing a max of 3x8 for each exercise doesn't seem like too much.[View]
51651658Night time reminder that this is what normies think of us, bros 1/3[View]
51662738Are pro golfers the peak of human performance? I like watching sports in part because I like to aspi…[View]
51663850HIGH TEST SHITTERS ONLY: greetings my high-fiber brothers, how is your stoll looking today?[View]
51662727Ok good for a cut meal? > beans > carne asada shredded > pico de gallo…[View]
51663760Show me the female natty limit.[View]
51660023Are Milk and Eggs Good For You?[View]
51663752Noob here. Shoulder hurts whenever I try increase the weights on my bench press.: What the fuck do I…[View]
51663750>that old guy at the gym that watches you workout and gives you unsolicited advice…[View]
51663426Mental power fitness: Did anybody took meditation here seriously to the point were any of you guys c…[View]
51649588This is more impressive than anything in powerlifting or strongman[View]
51659975Penis straightening: Bros, I need some advice. My dick curves down to the left. It's not very p…[View]
51662900>why yes I get my protien from onions milk how did you know?[View]
51662639I don't know wtf just happened: I was prepping to hit my max on deadlift for 2 what I usually d…[View]
51663553I just do one arm push ups, pull ups, isometric deadlift, front wall push, L sit pull ups and 15 min…[View]
51663431If you have: > donated to a twitch streamer > gone further for a female friend than you would …[View]
51656537Daily reminder 12-15% bf is the most worthwhile bodyfat as a natty and anything less is gymcel cope[View]
51663500Sika Strength Program: Been following the boys and the podcast for a while now and was wondering if …[View]
51634443CBT thread, other one is filling up. Rate[View]
51663028What happened to Nick Jonas, /fit/? Does getting married automatically reward you with a “dad bod' p…[View]
51662718When did u realized that bodyweight mixed with isometrics is as good as weight lifting?[View]
51653509Alright /fit/ redpill me on MJ and T: I keep finding various articles and youtube videos linking stu…[View]
51663045i broke my middle finger help: the doc said i will remove the metal thingy in 10 days. now im doing …[View]
51663225I've been devouring that shit raw for several days now all the good things you said about it be…[View]
51655643>just lift bro >*10 years later* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH…[View]
51661995Can I get nice biceps with just 30 lb dumbbells and doing dumbbell curls?[View]
51662580Did getting fit help your psoriasis?[View]
51662759What does the average woman want/find attractive?[View]
51649860>Be me: >Never smoked >Never drank >Never did drugs >Always worked out >Only d…[View]
51662669>gym thot is moaning during lifts again[View]
51663190>implying you have to lift to be fit Don't even lift weights, just do: >pushups >pullu…[View]
51662536Calisthenics workout for people without a gym?: Well /fit/ it looks like I'm gonna be away from…[View]
51663087What will happen if my daily diet consists of only whey/casein powder and canned Stroganoff?[View]
51662883Is pushing a wall while squating a good alternative exercise for the legs?[View]
51658651Can finasteride stop this from advancing? Can it grow back? I’m using Rogaine but I’m sad as fuck. D…[View]
51662020who here got this shit?[View]
51663036>get heart rate taken >49 bpm >tfw How are your heart gains coming along /fit/?…[View]
51662292Have you taken the dollar steak red pill for gainz?[View]
51662594you haven't made it if you dont look like this[View]
51660687How the fuck am I supposed to know what kind of conditioner I have to get for my hair. I am finally …[View]
51662925Is there any point in eating simple carbs aside from as fuel immediately around a workout?[View]
51659466Why yes, I listen to anime OP's/ED's/ and Nightcore while lifting. How did you know?[View]
51662737Does bodybuilding really make you stronger in fights than normal people? I mean Ronnie Coleman can…[View]
51662306Workout Help: Please vote /fit/ bros! I'm eating an entire Dominoes two topping pan pizza with …[View]
51661179What supplements increase test if its below normal beside d3 and zma?[View]
51661674When will /fit/ realize that constant bulking and eating above maintenance just to chase bench/squat…[View]
51662855Sexual Health Thread: Anybody try Bluechew for preformance anxiety related ED? Does it work? Mods, p…[View]
51662895do you have anger problems, /fit/? what are your worst moments of anger?[View]
51662590>he cleans equipment after he uses it How to spot the gymcel 101[View]
51660221I eat 3000 calories worth of potato salad a day and I still can't gain weight. I'm 27 and …[View]
51662143Roiding vegtard btfo once more: Remember that deadlifts suck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DuLJmE5…[View]
51662321I look like the one on left. Do sloped shoulders make you look like a manlet with a huge long neck?[View]
51658987How would you feel about this man if he mired you on the street[View]
51661570how much protein is there in a large cheeseburger? >google 'one cheeseburger protein' >result:…[View]
51662002Whats the point in even eating carbs on a cut?[View]
51662722ITT things /fit/ didn't warn you about: Anyone here develop BDD after starting to lift? How do …[View]
51662141>gym 5 mins away with bicycle >have terrible anxiety and confidence issues >i know it woul…[View]
51614520/MAG/ - Martial Arts General: I find it interesting how some thoughts about martial arts differ here…[View]
516576334chan Elite Cup Day 2 Gamethread: Hi all, in two short hours day 2 of the 4chan Elite Cup will start…[View]
51660019>Weightlifting huh? >*SSSSIIIIPPPPP* >Yep, back in highschool I could bench 300 lbs no prob…[View]
51652575how important are back squats for olympic weightlifting? can i get away with doing just front/overhe…[View]
51658058Shadow boxing: What do you think of shadow boxing if I want to get somewhere with boxing? I can…[View]
51661843Is pic related a safe way to store my barbell when not in use?[View]
51662302What are good face exercises to give a more rugged and masculine appearance?[View]
51661620/fit/ and /fa/ at the same time: How do you guys conciliate being /fit/ with being /fa/? I fear that…[View]
51661945I got disgnosed with scoliosis: Will this affect my lifts? If so, what should I do to avoid any prob…[View]
51662240Basis of fitness: Anon's i need your help to loss weight (BMI 26) and gain weight. Do you have …[View]
51655237>first boss of fitness is also the final boss of fitness kino[View]
51661690Is this attainable natty?[View]
51662100i want to bulk up, it's so fucking hard. i'm eating like a motherfucker and i'm losin…[View]
51659811Hi - should I cut or bulk? I've been reducing for more than 2 years from 94kg to 71kg now. I fe…[View]
51661952Is this chest fixable? Any specific exercises I can do to fill in the space in between or am I just …[View]
51647574That guy thread: >people who use shakers as water bottles[View]
51661985> everybody who looks like anything are doing them gramps Was this anon on a random thread dareis…[View]
51661727>The gym? No haha, I just go for a run every morning[View]
51659661Can I achieve this body natty? t. 5'11 DYEL[View]
51661399Why do naked old men stay in the gym locker room?[View]
51661809Eat at maintenance or bulk and cut cycles? Which camp wins[View]
51661739i lost all my weight because i was intensely sick for an entire week. i'm like 58kg for 174cm n…[View]
51660681New anon trying to get /fit/ here, what diet would you recommend for someone just starting to exerci…[View]
51661832I eat a stick of butter a day for keto, that's it is this good or not? What are the pros and co…[View]
51661001How come I see fat or completely out of shape motherfuckers constantly fucking chicks, but meanwhile…[View]
51658804ITT: Weight loss inspiration[View]
51660334Who do you trust more for health an fitness advice?[View]
51661199/devilish/: >be me >ate a big pasta dinner and tomatoes dont agree with me >go to the gym …[View]
51661403Is 15 minutes of freestyle dancing listening nightcore anime mix, a good cardio workout?[View]
51661189Lower Back Issues: /fit/ I’ve been working a security job at a retail store and it entails standing …[View]
51661228how the fuck do i do stomach vacuums? do i keep em in for 10 seconds or do i do reps?[View]
51659825>started a beginner routine 2 months ago >lift 3 times a week >now I love it so much that I…[View]
51660393Is it ok to take finasteride without consulting a doctor first? I did a blood exame in january and e…[View]
51658840one month of pull ups and push ups, pls rate.[View]
51657820Why tallness even a healthy trait aside from societal norms?: I see this many times, 'Give your chil…[View]
51661073>tfw hardgainer is there a worse feel? >inb4 eat more you'll get fat…[View]
51661150What's a good weight for a weight vest? Is 20 lbs enough or too small? 40 lbs?[View]
51660734how often do you guys shower and when?[View]
51661251what do you think his routine is?[View]
51652609skinnyfag here, how do you fags eat more than 2000 cals of healthy food i need to eat around 2300 to…[View]
51657336What is the most fat loss/muscle sparring diet out of keto, intermittent fasting, and fasting?[View]
51661347I fucking did it /fit/!!!!: I FINALLY BENCHED 195 FOR A REP!!!!! I am so fucking happy. I know it is…[View]
51661225I lift for KyoAni studio today...[View]
51660950Pushup mfing thread ![View]
51659282Anyone else here wake and quake? >tastes better than monster >optimal caffeine of 250mg >bu…[View]
51656313who created the infinifats and what is their plan?[View]
51660776/fit, how can I beat depression?: Been depressed for a while now. Had a shitty upbringing and been d…[View]
51659078/SEX/: Hey there /fit/ I hope this is /fit/ related because I finally made it because of you and now…[View]
51661026Impressive, very nice. Let's see Paul Allen's gains.[View]
51661020Is this a sensible pace for a cut?[View]
51658592Hey fit, hello: First time here cause decided to get fit. So where should I start?[View]
51660374What is his secret? Nigga is almost 60 and he used to chug gallons of booze every day so he should l…[View]
51661061Ex mound of human flesh: I’ve recently decided to get off my ass and lose weight. I started at 260lb…[View]
51660067Please give me alternatives to dips for a fat man.[View]
51661047General Mills is trying to save cereal: Press S to spit on cereal's grave https://www.cnn.com/2…[View]
51658278shits too fat: guys help I'm stumped, honestly have no idea what to do. here's the situati…[View]
51660044>tfw daily testicle tanning[View]
51658709so i’m going to the gym for the first time, and i’m wondering if there is an app that i can use to b…[View]
51659747good feels: >been going to the gym routinely on SS >mfw my arms are getting less skinny >mf…[View]
51659961Around what weight do you start looking ripped in clothes? Im 6’1 165lbs and am starting to look in …[View]
51659112How do I into Jay Alvarrez /mode/? All the girls at campus are talking about him and calling him hot…[View]
51660164So bros, I’ve heard that beating my dick after a workout is bad, is there truth to this? What I hear…[View]
51660528Keto while working out?: 185 cm 95kg 18yo I'm working out 3 days(MonWedFri) and on Thursdays ca…[View]
51660013How dificult is one arm pull ups and how many can u do?[View]
51658622Sperm count: I went to go donate sperm and I found out I had a sperm count of 2mil per ml, the avera…[View]
51659991Wardrobe question.: Would wearing sweatbands like the untimate warrior at the gym make you look cool…[View]
51658385i started working out today and i wanted nice abs so girls can say nice abs and and they told me do …[View]
51660494>Strength is the only thing that matters in this world. Everything else is just a delusion for th…[View]
51659900Can you build muscles at home with no equipment?[View]
51659117How reasonable is this for someone not on steroids? https://www.t-nation.com/training/1000-rep-arm-…[View]
51658716How to make sure you age like Yoel Romero?[View]
51660079Fuck.: Tfw when drinkin, smoking cigs, weed and totally fucked after 2 years of sobriety and muay th…[View]
51659035>the autist with his gallon jar of water please tell me you don't do that…[View]
51659015At what age past college is getting fit meaningless? When is one's prime over?[View]
51653255What I learned from NoFap is that every man is born with a superpower. That super power is sexual en…[View]
51644085Wait is this correct for OHP[View]
51658162I do bodyweight exercises 3x a week, push ups planks slow deep squats and bridges. My legs and abs f…[View]
51659855>be me >weightlifting newb >local public gym (the one the football team uses) >literally…[View]
51659985Tfw I carry all of my fat in my hips and my chest like a woman. Cruel world[View]
51660145Vegan strongman beat by a bodybuilder: Where's your god now viggers? https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
51651927Horny after working out: After I go to the gym, I get so fucking horny. Every picture of a girl make…[View]
51658641I did some squats and push ups yesterday and I’m very sore. However, I also have shortness of breath…[View]
51660082Due to lack of sleep and very bad sleeping habits for the past month, I developed erectile dysfuncti…[View]
51660012What’s the best routine for an intermediate to increase their big lifts?[View]
51658466Stop. Deadlifting. Right. Now. Son.[View]
51659100How should I program kettlebells into my strength program? >I do gs variation with weighted chin …[View]
51659146>Start trying to eat 100g+ of protein a day >Feel even more exhausted than usual I-Is this a g…[View]
51659606post biceps[View]
51659262Beer Belly: Help me /fit/. I have always been tall and slim and it didnt take a lot of time in the g…[View]
51655194How to get good at chin ups? I can do dips easily, but chin ups are always hard[View]
51659806Wide Shoulders, narrow waist: Is this objectively the best physique?[View]
51658783quitting coffee: Will quitting coffee (daily drinker) improve my Testosterone level, since i wont pu…[View]
51659688is crossfit really a meme?: i'm considering joining the crossfit gym in my city. should i just …[View]
51657764So, why is hydrolyzed whey protein so hated when you can get it for the same price as isolate and it…[View]
51659813Rhabdomyolysis from doing CrossFit 'butterfly pull-up' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-KxFT626FU D…[View]
51657714>So you are telling me you have eaten over five eggs a day for two years?…[View]
51656999Is ensure enough: Alright old thread is dying. Here’s a recap >In the hospital with heart rate in…[View]
51659690Have you sunbathed today anon?: I hope you didn't miss peak hour to maximize vitamin D3 gains N…[View]
51656178Good base to start with?: Wanting to get into lifting at home, only have dumbells and a Mat that I u…[View]
51659375Does Keto make your brain process things slower? I've been wanting to try it out, but some peop…[View]
51649845R8 my physique. I've been on steroids for 3 years.[View]
51657248can you sit down on your ass and get back up without using your hands, shins, or knees? If you can w…[View]
51657662Anyone workout shirtless in the gym? I’m not particularly ripped or shredded but I still workout shi…[View]
51656726I NEED HELP PLS.: Going to purchase a year subscription to a local gym in 2 months. I know absolutel…[View]
51659472***WARNING***WARNING***: Attention /fit/ !!! Do not drink semen for it's high protein! I just g…[View]
51657303If you had to choose between sticking to either barbell or dumbbells for the rest of your life, whic…[View]
51659377I don't care if you don't like me everybody wants to fight me[View]
51658642How do I into this mode?[View]
51659290Is there any point to bodybuilding other self-approval or approval of others?[View]
51657046>People that young you thought looked absolutely jacked[View]
51659059After coming home from the gym today for about 10 minutes I saw a visual hallucination in both eyes …[View]
51658795Is there something wrong with me? It says I'm low bodyfat but I still have a gut that sticks ou…[View]
51658858>he adds two scoops[View]
51659159How do I stop people from mogging me, besides not leaving my apartment?[View]
51659260Overhead press leverages: what are the best leverages for OHP lads?[View]
51657298Rip Gym Bro We lost another one[View]
51658607quick question about protein Yes I did read the sticky, and I ctrl+f'd my way through all the p…[View]
51656426Who's got an eating disorder?: I think I've hit rock bottom. I exercise after every meal (…[View]
51658433>he fell for the whey meme instead of casein[View]
51656815Tell me why I shouldn't get a backpad and fill it with one gallon soda cans filled with concret…[View]
51659043this no life spammer needs to be stopped[View]
51658831I go on holiday in two days and I want to keep my gains without having to go to a gym. What are some…[View]
51657901How the fuck do I build muscle on my rib cage? I've been bulking on every part of my body excep…[View]
51659021HOW THE FUCK DO I COUNT MY TDEE: What the fuck counts as moderate exercise and im a student wich is …[View]
51653066chest hair: im 19 with a decent physique going to a pool party soon. do girls my age like a little b…[View]
51658965about to begin my cut on ostarine ask me anything[View]
51657166Jesus fucking christ. I was snacking on lots of raw broccoli yesterday, and today a few hours after …[View]
51655579For those who did steroids....how did it feel? I’m ready to give in at this point.[View]
51658830best /fit/ t-shirts? I'm really digging into superhero shirts like batman or superman.[View]
51657963do you think this board has a positive impact on your life?[View]
51653305>he doesn't flush out his ears regularily[View]
51655596Is /nopoo/ a meme or does it actually work in giving you /fit/, luscious hair?[View]
51654056Some guy who I’m friendly with and have known for a while has apparently said shit about wanting to …[View]
51651472>Get the benefits of cardio without doing any exercise >Detoxify body/skin >Improve recover…[View]
51657589>Try to lift >Person comes without asking and 'spots' >Basically takes over the exercise …[View]
51658555Does this work? Also feel free to talk about posture correcting excercises[View]
51630652What's your most attractive feature???[View]
51658173My nose started bleeding way too often lately, one nosebleed every morning and about 1-2 during the …[View]
51656613What weekly weight gain do you shoot for on a bulk?[View]
51656510The best body: Who has the best body in canon[View]
51658435Rest days: How often do you take a 2-3 rest day, I try it about every 1 or 1.5 months[View]
51657157while on a cutt should i eat a calorie surplus once a week/10 days: so that my metabolism keeps gues…[View]
51658421>when your shirts start feeling tight around the chest again can fit recommend some quality gym s…[View]
51650670Calorie surplus is a myth: Lol at anyone who believes a calorie surplus is required for building mus…[View]
51658359How come very few if any people ever do power cleans at the gym? It works so many muscle groups yet …[View]
51658217stories about narrowly escaping death at the gym: This happened to me 2 hours ago. >load up a max…[View]
51658323alright lads here is the updated manlet and lanklet cutoffs (backed by google) so you see we have a …[View]
51658350Srs. How do I get a body like this? I'm a 6'4' lanklet. I'm pretty fast though.[View]
51657847Does the shortest person in a picture ALWAYS get mogged?[View]
51651983am i ottermode?[View]
51657757There's something that bothers me. IRL outside a gym, in my town the most common body is a skin…[View]
51657828>tfw you look around the gym and for the first time you realize you're the biggest guy there…[View]
51658112What was the most JUSTED you’ve ever been in your life?: I just hit my heaviest post college at 237.…[View]
51655932HxH gave me Autism: Does something like nen exist in real life? What is it based on and do you anons…[View]
51657522>poorfag >cheapest source of protein I can get my hands on >40g serving size, 20g of potons…[View]
51651788>you shouldn't starve yourself to lose weight, eat at least 1800 calories…[View]
51658029Bros help me,in army everyone told me i'm fat but all my friends tell me i'm skinny.Who is…[View]
51654025Help /fit/ I fell for it >All you need for abs is heavy compounds >Abs are made in the kitchen…[View]
51641443stats thread: Who post on /fit/ ? >Age : >Sex : >Country : >Years you've been lift…[View]
51657530how much am I holding myself back by only using dumbbells at my home gym: I live in a tiny flat with…[View]
51657961Hypothetically, if someone with acromegaly started doing a 100% raw carnivore diet... what would hap…[View]
51656465Is a 100 lbs weight vest enough for hitting my natty limit with bodyweight?[View]
51656411Embarassing E-stat thread: >Lift for a year >1.5/3/2/3 >Chickenleg mode despite following S…[View]
51655406Has fit taken the Armstrong-pull-up-program pill yet? Man broke the world record for pull ups twice,…[View]
51646033post mires and mogs[View]
51655475General reminder that if you only lift for girls, ngmi: ALL YOU FAGS OUT THERE WHO LIFT CAUSE YOU JU…[View]
51653606Confess your gym crimes anon[View]
51657605Is this achievable natty?[View]
51657598Training Around an Injury: >Starting to get /fit. >Going to MMA gym 3 or 4 times a week, lifti…[View]
51657468Are you content or pleased with your physique?[View]
51653241Quitting Thread: This is a wholesome thread for support about shit that you need to stop doing. Post…[View]
51656755Is this a healthy body?[View]
51656608Skinnyfat transformation: This nigga is selling a lie. https://skinnyfattransformation.com/success-…[View]
51655662are lentils a good source of protons?[View]
51657293Meme marines: I was considering joining the marines and I met with a recruiter yesterday at the loca…[View]
51657463Stuck in a rut: >stopped working out consistently a few months back due to getting a new job and …[View]
51657045>I’m so glad I could lift 225 pounds of my chest 5 times...[View]
51656235One vegan beats two meat-eaters: /fit/ told me that vegans are weak and veganism is retarded. Surely…[View]
51656248What makes this fat 5'8 manlet so special?[View]
51657318How do you begin your /fit/ journey when your goal is to lose some weight and get lean? I did it a y…[View]
51653351GLYCINE: Do you take it? Is it a meme? What are your experiences with it?[View]
51654073i'm gonna curl so fucking hard today you guys don't even understand[View]
51657244What do I do to get a body like this? This is my current goal body. >based sawyer…[View]
51657265should i be doing calisthenics daily?: pushups chin ups crunches ect ? i lift weights should i just …[View]
51655733Do you ever regret taking steroids? Don't you sometimes feel you look a little 'too much' or wo…[View]
51651753>run 5 miles >do 400 squats and pushups >5 days a week >become world champion boxer Why…[View]
51652187Did i fall for the SS meme? 5'7, 130lbs Been lifting for 6 months B: 140lbs S: 295lbs D: 115lbs…[View]
51656725Do I have potential?[View]
51656930>skipped the gym last night to get a haircut >the new cut looks like shit >now doubly depre…[View]
51654787Is chewing nicotine gum good for weight loss? Trying to lose weight here and I know nicotine cuts ap…[View]
51655775Is there a reason to do more than 12 pull ups if u work for strenght and hypertrophy or should i jis…[View]
51651342david laid does nofap confirmed[View]
51653286You can literally see when he started using roids.[View]
51655452>Gymnasts dont even touch weig..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Mgnjcqx124…[View]
51656467Workout Schedule: Hey /fit/, what do you think of my workout routine? Monday: Legs Tuesday: Pull Wed…[View]
51656587What is best bulking diet for an anorexic girl?[View]
51656309remember to go for a run today![View]
51656742What mode is this /fit?[View]
51655637Sleep: What are some of your tips for a better nights sleep? I've been starting to wake up agai…[View]
51652862What time of day do you workout Anon?[View]
51656708Why yes I listen to 6ix9ine while hitting my PR, how could you tell?[View]
51654774Is this achievable natty? How to into Thad-mode?[View]
51655235what do you listen to at the gym anon?[View]
51653931Time Frame: Should i start lifting during highschool or after? >mfw new to this shit[View]
51651590Day 2 of 30 on the Six Pack in 30 Days app[View]
51656349>Completely drains your energy, strength and endurance in even the smallest deficit. Nothing pers…[View]
51655793Has anyone here had this problem, hyperlordosis, hyperextended back, anterior pelvic tilt, etc. What…[View]
51656597How can I lift a larger bellow chin area I can only fit 2 finger[View]
51655686>butthurt janny deleted the thread Did I hurt too close to home with genetics you nerd?…[View]
51654559Skellies/skinny guys hate thread: I hate skellies more that I hate fatties. Why? Fatties are AT LEAS…[View]
51654599Do I really have to clean the machines after using them? Do actual men do this???[View]
51649929Henry Cavill: natty or juiced?[View]
51654756Unless I go on my toes I can't sit in a third world squat position without falling back. Even i…[View]
51656234Fat acceptance general. Thoughts? Thin privilegge, fat shaming etc. Pour your opinions on me...[View]
51655589How do you throw a punch /fit/?[View]
51655149I’ve been doing sit ups wong my whole life[View]
51654206>the chinese lady who lives in my house replaced my creatine with msg >be me >go away for…[View]
51654657>become a gymcel and go bearmode, girls love it[View]
51655665>Bro, I need to use that bench right now[View]
51654114I am a skelly thats trying to gain weight and i unironically cant control my hunger since i started …[View]
51632005>Currently in the hospital for heart rate in the low 30s >BMI of 22, BF% of 24 (5’10 male 155l…[View]
51650751Shhh: >it's a secret[View]
51655278>am 28 >can't grow a beard >baby face >my back and forehead are full of acne >as…[View]
51655996In this thread post Loli inspiration that will make you work out.[View]
51650764how many times a week do you hit the jim?[View]
51655801Burned out on my session tonight lads Didn't sleep enough.. Anyone else having a shit one?[View]
51650836DYEL stories: Post your stories about DYEL or inexperienced lifters[View]
51655723>36 years old >Still skinnyfat >Literally never made it And it's too late now. I'…[View]
51654837Mike Israetel's Physique: His physique is just so strange. He's like a really lean fat guy…[View]
51655337did getting fit help your cold approach game?[View]
51652542Why its so hard to get big guns as a natty: im stuck at 16 inches flexed with a crazy pump, on creat…[View]
51655878How do you know when you are eating too much?[View]
51653146Just started going to the gym Is lifting belt a must for doing even very light {less than one plate}…[View]
51655560Anybody have reverse body dysmorphia? I think I look good but in reality I look slightly different …[View]
51655743/fit/, just fixed my sleep schedule changing my workout time from 12am to 5am. the pumps I am feelin…[View]
51648714All girls in my uni campus are going crazy over this Jay Alvarez guy. How do I into Jay Alvarrez mod…[View]
51655460>III. Get a wife who didn’t take P-pills when she chose you: the pills ruin her ability to tell w…[View]
51652119DEVILISH THINGS YOU DO TO YOUR FAMILY: >be on creatine >tell my mom im on steroids and i may d…[View]
51653881I have been on a keto diet for around 1 month. Today I broke. I just ordered a large pizza and devou…[View]
51650312Push Up Thread: How come there isn't any push up thread /fit/? Double it if you got under 50, d…[View]
51631182what made you want to get /fit/?: was there a defining moment that made you start exercising and lif…[View]
51650844Is this achievable natty?[View]
51654398I'm starting this today because I've been hitting a hard plateau for months now and I can…[View]
51655227>can only bench 85 lbs 3×4 What do I do? Help a skelly out[View]
51652486How do I achieve Ezra Miller's chin?[View]
51653866Eating Healthy: Hey all, I've never really cared about what I ate but recently my doctor told m…[View]
51650965>tfw gym thot looks me in the eyes when walking by at the gym[View]
51655053what would the effects of replacing all bread in my diet with eggs be?[View]
51655277How do I stop being a cumbrain /fit/??? I just want to do productive things and stop thinking about …[View]
51653257>Went on a date last night >Not sure if anyone saw my post on here last night >Literally ha…[View]
51654123Is callisthenics good when paired with martial arts? I feel like it would help with manoeuvrability …[View]
51652749Is this possible natty?[View]
51654371I need help: I want to quit masturbating but I can’t. I just went 5 days without doing it but I acci…[View]
51652854CREATINE CAUSES CANCER: https://www.webmd.com/cancer/news/20150416/muscle-building-supplements-cance…[View]
51655167Yes i do mix calisthenics, weightlifting, martial arts and cardio for the most optimum results, how …[View]
51652827I want to start going to gym but my body is fucking awful. I have very small chest and arms and am b…[View]
51651898>Start gaining weight and putting more size on my legs >Balls pushed out to the front and bulg…[View]
51654955Fat days and skinny days: Hey guys, Wondering if any of you guys have days where you think you look …[View]
51653287Did he start roiding?: Looks like it to me. His arms didn't look like that just a little while …[View]
51654788Can't believe it's almost been 2 years, bros ;_;[View]
51654779buzzy feeling: So does anyone have experience with a buzzy feeling in your body, arms, tinnitus in t…[View]
51640199Questions that don't deserve their own thread thread: QTDDTOT: best girl edition: My lower on t…[View]
51654928>'Ha you gay. What a weak ass' >*Scooby appears behind you* >'I'm gonna rip your ass o…[View]
51652950Skinny-fat dweeb here. I don't want anything crazy, I just want to look good naked. How long to…[View]
51654278What was the most JUSTED you’ve ever been in your life?: I just hit my heaviest post college at 237.…[View]
51654888Feeling like life is on pause?: Becoming a workaholic the past six years has meant the slow creep of…[View]
51650982It’s over for haircels and power lifters but short kings can still make it RISE UP[View]
51653302Phrak's GSLP: What is this board's opinion on reddit's beginner routine? I dont see i…[View]
51652331People you used to think were ripped[View]
51635308How to get DIO physique?[View]
51653930AlphaDestiny is stronger than you: It’s time to apologize https://youtu.be/6pdokoa9cuw[View]
51653135What do you think her routine is?[View]
51652271Fit Demographic: >>51641443 The demographic of /fit/ since today was a rest day and my supervi…[View]
51654753Help me bros: Alright so I'm new to fit but I've come to you guys for some advice. My fami…[View]
51654737Yall ever try edging?: Been beating off roughly 5 hours a day most days, massive increase in weight …[View]
51654125What do you guys think of that latest fitness trend? Holding in your poop so the fecal follicles acc…[View]
51654471Couples at the gym: cringe or based?[View]
51650752Where do I even fucking start...: Im soon turning 24 and I dont want to look like this anymore. Im …[View]
51650413That's it lads I'm done with alcohol. >haven't drank in 7 weeks after reaching bor…[View]
51654641Can you be this strong naturally?: Ok, so here me out. You will probably not believe this no matter …[View]
51652462>be me >newbie >be last shoulders/chest day >could only OHP 55lb. for 6 reps >be me t…[View]
51654138Bros I have a problem >be me, 24 yo average joe >get out of engineering school >get a job …[View]
51650510Post Workout meals: Hey /fit/ let’s see you post workout meals.[View]
51653751SARMS General: SARMS (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) Currently sort of legal. >be me …[View]
51653376Why is this shit taking so long to blow up in the U.S.? I wanna be able to buy this shit without bei…[View]
51652747All day my legs have been aching on and off like I've been working them out, but I haven't…[View]
51651815Post your day, my keto ritos[View]
51641790/motivation/ Post pics that inspire you to be an Übermensch[View]
51652566Be honest with me is being at shredded bf even worth it?[View]
51653761>he doesn’t bloatmaxx >he doesn’t want to be the most intimidating alpha in the room >he ea…[View]
51654042>Physical strength accounted for 70% of attractiveness >Physical Strength, leanness and height…[View]
51646329ask a brah that raised his test levels to 3x previous natty levels 2 months post cycle anything.[View]
51653918Wearing headphones/earbuds in public makes you look like an anti-social coward who is afraid of peop…[View]
51648986How do people have the time to eat healthy and lift? I'm a NEET and I feel like I don't ha…[View]
51653521Imagine this beast running at 44 km/h to you how would you stop him?[View]
51653184Phenibut use: Anyone tried working out on it? Results?[View]
51651066Can't lift for 6 weeks what do I do now[View]
51651464Any lifts to lower my endurance? I'm trying to reach a point where even breathing physically ex…[View]
51652180Is my gf fat?: Is my gf fat? Also BF estimate.[View]
51653333Those who go to the gym are ridiculous, throw away cars and use bicycles.: Exercise at the gym is un…[View]
51652670Flat assed femanon here. Will SS give me a bubble butt and a desirable figure? I don't intend t…[View]
51652036Hey, /fit/ my living situation recently changed. Is it possible for me to gain 13lbs of solid muscle…[View]
51653133>just had a dream where i was /fit/ >actually felt the power and strength of my bod >looked…[View]
51653123>6 foot tall >decent face >want to get swole but cursed with being a slav which means my bo…[View]
51652980I'm gonna do some political canvassing for an upcoming election. It will be 4 hours in the supe…[View]
51651272what should I do to be Aesthetic?[View]
51651956Running music: Hey Fit I've exhausted all my running music if you kid give me any it would be g…[View]
51652304anyone found any success with 'natural' ways of increasing test?[View]
51652178Ever gotten pussy from a nurse or massage girl for free because of your body?[View]
51651120advice: Do you guys know any exercises that are good for building and defining chest but relatively …[View]
51649208/McG/ Manlet cope General: Post lifts, height and coping methods.[View]
51650554This is my 6 month back progress left is 2 months. And right pic being the 6 month[View]
51652780Thyroid issue: Redpill me on thyroid issues causing obesity. Even doctors say CICO works 'unless you…[View]
51638809*makes conventional deadlifts obsolete*[View]
51646851>Be skinnyfat >A healthy portion of my fat goes to my chest >Have nice, obvious moobs becau…[View]
51652785Should I purchase and Inject igf-1?[View]
51639128/fph/: It's /fph/ time. All naysayers stay out, look at pic related and see how dire situation …[View]
51652071Preferred mode?: Armbro Goron vs Twink Zora[View]
51651578Howdy /fit/, I'm a man that's going to have weak, limp-wristed arms my whole life, AMA[View]
51651400Fucktards: There are people on this board, right now, that don't even lift, nor do they have an…[View]
51649347Now that the jannies have banned the /sig/ threads, do you think it's worth the pain and suffer…[View]
51648475Extremely Weak Humans: I'm sure I'm gonna receive flame from some skelly's, but I…[View]
51652347Best Diet and Routine for Maximizing Muscle Growth: Anyone have the best diet and routine for maximi…[View]
51651951Am I making too slow progress at the gym?: I’m doing greyskulls lp and I feel like I’m not improving…[View]
51652146Can you do stomach vaccum?[View]
51652445Ausfags, where do you get your chicken breast? I normally just get a few kilos of it from the deli a…[View]
51651867What evidence is there that suggests deadlifts are harder to recover from?[View]
51652345>why yes, i do take cold showers. How did you know?[View]
51648733>started liftan 6x a week last year, often twice a day >gains through the roof >in February…[View]
51648565This guy is a complete fucking hack. Machines based cardio is bad because it allows you to lean over…[View]
51652369Redpill me on spinach, boys[View]
51652151grace > strength > aesthetics[View]
51652183What should i change my fitbit daily activity settings to?: Pic related, im in my 230's in lbs …[View]
51651017What do you think the body bodyfat difference is between these two photos, and which is the more aes…[View]
51651275How am I doing /fit/? 7 months into a 1 year goal do I have potential? how can I improve on this?[View]
51649015Will lifting make my voice deeper? Vocaroo related https://vocaroo.com/i/s1jzF7SXwn5n[View]
51640545/fat/ - just eat less edition: For cheeto chasers who want to better themselves through meaningful h…[View]
51635306If lifting for strength is unironically not a meme, why are the casual dumb gymrats with no training…[View]
51647861Has lifting made your life in check?[View]
51650365Genius muscle supplement: I realize it’s probably a bullshit shill supplement, but one of the traine…[View]
51650045What is the peak body you can achieve by doing indoor bouldering? Is it just back and triceps?[View]
51648933How much would lifting help in fighting wildlife?[View]
51646738Hey /fit/ how does this image make you feel[View]
51651743is Chad Flexington natty?[View]
51651477I woke up and my foot hurts when I walk but I didn't have any injuries or visible swelling? Wha…[View]
51650783Hope do I get rid of face fat? I think I have fat cheeks from improper swallowing or some shit Mike …[View]
51650404Help... I recently signed up for a gym but social anxiey has been holding me back. My friend said sh…[View]
51651731What up /fit/izens, what are you eating/doing on A FFFFFRIDAY NIGHT? For me >gobble down pic rel…[View]
51651583Is IIFYM 100% effective for body composition? Or do 'healthy' foods like vegetables/lean meats actua…[View]
51651654bro split feel like more work than 3 day stronglifts/starting strength: am i doing it wrong? I'…[View]
51649624Manlets, how do they work?: One thought crossed my mind while washing up after lifting today: If mid…[View]
51647677The new rules: >LISTEN UP, MAGGOTS! >For every time you use the bathroom you will do 10 pushup…[View]
51650473>he ruins his cardiovascular health, his skin, his penis, and mental health for some temporary ga…[View]
51649433What scientific evidence is there to nofap? All I get from searches are anecdotes, memes, and reddit…[View]
51644311how to lower resting bpm: >hanging out at tennis club after todays games >brad pulls out his l…[View]
51649205>how much do you lift anon A group of girls asked me this at work today and before I could answer…[View]
51649869Why are mother in laws so against fitness? My wife and I went back to the US to see her family >A…[View]
51648102>That guy who sits in the sauna fully clothed[View]
51651430Was doing some squats for the first time (returning to gym) and my sternum hurt really bad and is a …[View]
51649003What did you guys do for bigger arms? Bonus if you post a pic[View]
51649551Retard here. New to the bodybuilding app but what the fuck does a set of 5/10/15 mean? Like on my th…[View]
51641921>Yfw this average russian chick outlifts 98% of /fit/[View]
51650011What's the closest real-life equivalent to hiking to the top of a distant mountain and training…[View]
51649863How do I increase my max reps for push-ups? I'm currently able to do between 21 and 23 push-ups…[View]
51646134Who else cums while doing muscle ups?[View]
51646771Bros. Can anyone fucking tell me why there are people who drink, smoke, do drugs, eat like shit, sle…[View]
51651065yes i work as a cashier and handle receipt paper frequently, how could you tell?[View]
51643834only chads eat this.[View]
51650914I want to die my body is horrible: In september I was at 184lbs and this morning I was at the doctor…[View]
51650028Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
51644684>Tfw 90% of /fit/ have never even heard about Zyzz Feelssadman[View]
51650866What was your excuse, today?[View]
51651107Meat and Cheese diet: I've been eating nothing but meat, cheese, and occasional peanuts for the…[View]
51648822>5'11 adult male >Lift 3x a week and do cardio every time I'm in the gym >Eating …[View]
51650864Cracklings as Energy Snacks?: When you go on a long hike, the sort of hike that will make you very s…[View]
51637116/fraud/: Up the dose. https://www.reddit.com/r/steroids/wiki/index[View]
51650405Calisthenics bulking: Hey /fit/, I'm 18yo, always been tall and never had much muscle, only wha…[View]
51648303Meal prepping: Hi /fit/ I’m gonna start meal prepping but don’t know what to cook. Will go out later…[View]
51650897What’s the best outcome a person with bad genetics can expect from weightlifting?[View]
51649816>be at work >some little fat kid calls me big man Was this a mire or a diss?…[View]
51640692bulking is harder than cutting, cutting is as easy as breathing, but bulking requires you to go out …[View]
51649828If I'm going for leanness and health, what split is best for a white male in his mid 20s, inter…[View]
51647340What’s in your fridge?[View]
51649340Mog thread: I feel mogged by my dad >He 6 foot, I'm 5'4' >He was 200lb at my age I…[View]
51636020/fit/ paints: https://aiportraits.com input a /fit/ related person post results[View]
51650377is roxy being satirical[View]
51650572Why do we have to harass women on their workouts, /fit/?[View]
51649696What's the most efficient exercises that help accelerate the process of losing my love handles?…[View]
51648873How good are Fitness24Seven? Is it true they don't have squat racks? Any other gyms for <$30…[View]
51647834If I lose weight and work out I will be pretty right?[View]
51647175What body fat percentage is Messi? This is my goal %[View]
51650154FUCK JANNIES: Oh you will always be Doing it for free Oh you will never be Compensated monetarily Sp…[View]
51646839I will never have his face, but how long will it take to get this body if natty?[View]
51650307>be me >random kid starts making small talk, don't want to be a asshole so I respond with…[View]
51649497What even is making it[View]
51650178What's the verdict on bug meat? Not a vegan btw[View]
51650277How to increase testicle size i think mine might be small[View]
51649814describe your gym's 'creep': >sits on machines for hours >presumably has five wheyfus …[View]
51650427NO PLEASE MAKE IT STOP NONONONO: >noodle arms >decide to lift >3 months in >walked in pu…[View]
51645231>bulk for a few weeks >cut for a few weeks i cant stay consistent i cant choose between both w…[View]
51648097Does anyone else feel like lifting has become a chore? It use to be something fun, the highlight of …[View]
51650249How do I get into gymnastics as an adult? Just as a hobby.[View]
51650409>Manlet >20y old >Growth plates haven't closed yet. How do I fix this /fit/ bros. Help…[View]
51639318>go to gym >pretend that the mirror is a one-way mirror with Nazi scientists on the other side…[View]
51650367Booster seat law for manlets: Imagine being a manlet and not having the balls to rope yourself…[View]
51642510Finasteride: Finasteride >gives you your hair back >makes more testostorone flow around the bo…[View]
51650334Noob looking for advice: So I fucked up and didn't realize my gym is closed all next week. I…[View]
51648546I can only go to the gym on Mondays and Wednesdays (I also do calisthenics). I eat a large surplus o…[View]
51649791Not Enough Sleep: I fucked up. Had a good workout, but I'm only going to get 4 hours of sleep b…[View]
51650131Hello /fit/, how do I flatten my chest? I am unsure if it is due to gyno/me skinny fat or not but my…[View]
516491605/3/1, Madcow or TM?[View]
51649044Anyone else have Eustachian Tube Dysfunction and have to deal with it while working out? Shit sucks,…[View]
51649710what do you do /fit/ when you've seen something scary and cant go sleep? im so tired but i cant…[View]
51641938How do we end the calisthentics meme? Im sick of skinny fuckers who do nothing but push ups or burpe…[View]
51650033making it: What does 'making it' to you? Can you see yourself making it?[View]
51640237Conan the Barbarian has legit the best training scene/music of all time https://youtu.be/oNkrjMixxSA[View]
51646351>Try whiskey for the first time >Instantly puts me to sleep Convince me to not have a small gl…[View]
51648567Brad is someone who is a point below the Chad. Post examples of who you think is 7/10, or the Brad.[View]
51645828>Not as fat as a lot of others yet they look much better than me (5'11 190lbs) >But someh…[View]
51649528would this work? i'm worried about my lack of bone gains[View]
51648419will someone tell me how to fast? i am 18, skinny. noob gains, around 12% bodyfat. i am interested i…[View]
51649389Doodoo retention is bad for your health it releases toxins into your system. How do I get rid of doo…[View]
51649681>start nofap like a year ago >start becoming more social >more confident >day 30, never …[View]
51648732fit, Should I lift with an ankle injury? Hurts a bit and is a little swollen. I was going to squat, …[View]
51644174>that fat co-worker at work that talks about when he used to lift and have a six-pack…[View]
51647161>this guy walks up to you in the gym and tells you to step outside what do you do?…[View]
51649670DEVILISH THINGS YOU DO TO YOUR FAMILY: >be on creatine >tell my mom im on steroids and i may d…[View]
51645995Are rats the new superfood?: Rats are the new superfood. One 300 gram rat has 648 calories and 63 gr…[View]
51641343>Why yes I am doing calisthenics, how could you tell?[View]
51649543Balding brahs ...: Really worried I'm going bald fellas, any advice!? Will I be a baldlet forev…[View]
51645671How much sleep did you get last night?[View]
51649540>noob guys join the gym >all skinny as a toothpick >all they do is cardio >never even to…[View]
51645917>he consumes more than 90g proteins a day[View]
51647464Does anyone here have any advice for Adrenal Fatigue? Is it real? How do I fix it? I looked it up an…[View]
51643999join me in the hajj and you will hit all your macros, inshallah[View]
51645811Are lentils incomplete proteins?: if I take 200 g of lentils and 100 g of rice a day[View]
51647893Best fighting stype for fighting wifes son. >Be me lean and tall but have lost to smaller in the …[View]
51648981Finally got my bathroom gym set up. Really pleased with the end result and just wanted to show it of…[View]
51649047Friendly reminder: If you even consider what females care about, not only are you not gonna make it …[View]
51637260I tried anons. I really did try. Lifting for myself simply does not work. Lifting for girls is point…[View]
51649052>Day 50 of nofap >Do 10 Muscle Ups >Get a M A S S I V E dopamine liberation >Scream like…[View]
51646184/thatguy/ general: >that guy that mean mugs the grunting dude that just set a new PR >that guy…[View]
51646364>spills your spaghetti nothing personal, kid[View]
51647864>girl at the gym touched her butt when she looked at me what did she mean by this?…[View]
51647979Natty ?[View]
51646628>tfw post workout cocaine lines[View]
51649166How do I know how many calories is in my food? Sure I can Google it, but how do I actually know?[View]
51647100>went outside and dug the pop-tarts out of the garbage today[View]
51647172Seriously though Bros IS THERE ANYTHING that can increase height? I'm 18 please tell me i can s…[View]
51644003Which is worse for the waistline?[View]
51649119Nick Squintman >claims 6’4 >is actually 6’2 >constantly squinting Is he a fraud?…[View]
51645422i find it hard to go to the gym at all anymore, it's been months and i still havent increased a…[View]
51646742What right does Arnold have to put his name on a strongman competition when he's a bodybuilder …[View]
51647463How do I achieve this physique?[View]
51648593Going to the grocery. I’m currently cutting. What should I buy?[View]
51632284Homeless Gains: sup /fit/. 23 years old and officially homeless next week. I have no degree and work…[View]
51647680I'm going to make a home gym for powerlifting. Is a non-rotating barbell good? I don't pla…[View]
51648636Power Rack For Home Gym: I currently have a shitty and dangerous half rack and I'm looking to g…[View]
51648930Is L-Citrulline worth the money?[View]
51636395Autistic Gym Habits: >put on the Pacific Rim soundtrack >pretend I’m a giant robot lifting bui…[View]
51648811Why the fuck are these so difficult to improve? I've been progressing on all my lifts just fine…[View]
51648286Hi guys i know im a fat fuck and want to get lean (15% bf more exactly) , i weighted 130kgs at 6ft7 …[View]
51648485>guy claims he is 6'2'-6'3' >I'm 6'1' and I'm visibly taller than him…[View]
51648790Fraud I need your help: Today I've got the worse anxiety attack I ever had, I decided I need to…[View]
51646637Fit jobs: Hey fit, ive been working out for 2 years and you guys changed my life. Im looking for a f…[View]
51646734If you actually live a healthy life; good diet and exercise every day, isn't it actually good t…[View]
51642661Any hairy anons have tips for trimming chest hair? I don't necessarily want to remove it comple…[View]
51647460Do u even train neck?[View]
51646623How do I get a back like this? Barbell rows and weighted pull ups?[View]
51647016Highland Games: Anyone here compete in any Highland Games? I want to start, as it turns out my famil…[View]
51648554is this guy going to update his youtube channel?[View]
51647686>As tall as, if not shorter than his gf >Thin hair/receding hairline >'dyel' >Worked as…[View]
51646936Do I even have a chance?: >thin shoulder frame >long neck with no traps >not fat enough t…[View]
51647293How much steak should i eat in one sitting?[View]
51643890>Can't lose weight >Parents keep buying me junkfood >At work people keep bringing in …[View]
51647308>tfw the feeling of getting stronger[View]
51642943When did you grow out of the defeatist and ultimately pointless crab mindset?[View]
51633882Mire thread: Share your miring stories[View]
51647023Tell me it is so, coffee-o: I only drink about a litre of water per day, usually it's a bit les…[View]
51648082What's fit's opinion on Andros ?: I see a lot of raving for this stuff but it's hard …[View]
51646918What supplements are and aren’t worth taking?[View]
51637638Is it possible to look like this without resorting to drugs?[View]
51647311Jogging technique? How do you breathe so you don't die? Please help.[View]
51636816WHAT WILL YOU ACHIEVE IN A YEAR?: >finish university >get a job >lose 70lbs of fat or until…[View]
51645930>What are you afraid of, Anon? Hop on![View]
51647800His name was Columbo not Columbu. Columbu is not even a real name.[View]
51645471PPL vs Full body: Hope that all /fit/izens have a great workout this Friday, or a nice rest day. Is…[View]
51647623How bad is r*ddit for stuff on lifting/fitness? This place has gone to shit and eightchin fit is dea…[View]
51646807Sup /fit/ I have a fun run and i'm wondering what would be the best training for it? I would pr…[View]
51644601Whats the point of counting calories if I can't accurately calculate calories burned through sp…[View]
51647630Is anyone else /fit/ but doesn't wear tight shirts/muscle tank tops. I can't be the only o…[View]
51645487wow you're 100kg? but you look like you're 80kg: What's happening here anons? I swear…[View]
51644968Let's talk about scalp massages: Is this shit legit or a waste of time? I've been massagin…[View]
51647642How do i achieve this? >thread[View]
51646363>lifting for girls >2019 I shiggydiggy[View]
51644503If you could only do 3 exercises for the rest of your life what would those be?[View]
51647493https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NyJPgBUREw Here's a guy who deadlifted 500 kg giving tips how …[View]
51645325Advice: Something Is off, dont know what. I' am not very experienced so.. Any advice?[View]
51642258apologize Charlie is really hurt by people making fun of his legs https://youtu.be/xKeOc0TzygQ 2:25 …[View]
51641678How do I into ChapoChad mode?[View]
51643071How close are you to achieving your ideal body?[View]
51646964(5’11” 37 BMI 270 lbs) I’ve been eating 1500 calories a day as I’m trying to cut. I’m scared that ma…[View]
51642999Snake diet: Am I supposed to train while fasting? Im talking about that snake diet where you dont ea…[View]
51647090You know how easy it is to be chad? Stop overthinking Be in the moment. Use body language Its that e…[View]
51647006>got a stomach virus >constant diarrhea >unable to eat anything >stomach pains for most …[View]
51645564Squatting thread: Roll for squats you weaklings, consider this mine (and triple it)[View]
51646819Has anyone seen my /fit/ Italian BF? Last seen 2 weeks ago. Me and him we supposed to drink hot choc…[View]
51646966What's the difference between OMAD & interminet fasting?[View]
51642391What mode is this?[View]
51646431Possible muscle strain: Yesterday I was benching 5x5. I was about 3 reps into my 2nd set and wasn…[View]
51643484skinnyfat: How do I defeat skinnyfat-ness, /fit/?[View]
51646455what do i do if I’m non stop tired? Like totally fucked. The only time i feel slightly awake and whe…[View]
51646723how to get rid of acne bros?[View]
51640635Why yes, I listen to anime OP's while I lift Why do you ask?[View]
51646947what do /fit/ ?: > started lifting again last week > of course got severe muscle ache like it…[View]
51645035Friendly reminder that a 'pl8' refers to a 25kg olympic bumper plate, meaning 1/2/3/4 is equal to 70…[View]
51644162The body of the weightlifters is the ULTIMATE body.[View]
51644887Simple question for you all; what’s your numbers in the big lifts? (SBDOHP)[View]
51646880Order those traits: From most to least important in a mate for long lasting relationship: *Intellig…[View]
51644302How do i get my gf into lifting?[View]
51644025/fit BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73SXX0w4eY8&t=686s[View]
51639292Is this achievable natty?[View]
51642531I noticed I become more stupid the more I drink it: My mental health, sharpness deteroriating my wor…[View]
51646674>The gym manlets are arguing again >One pajeet mogs the other and laughs at his form >Uhhh …[View]
51643594>oldest brother, 5'10 (me) >middle brother, 5'11 >youngest brother, 5'10 at …[View]
51646441Did Tom roid for this? He’s a manlet and movie Bane didn’t use venom like the Mexican comic book Ban…[View]
51646526What time do you usually start training? I usually train after my job, around 8pm[View]
51644210How the fug are you supposed to squat like this (high bar) with non-weightliftng shoes? I have conve…[View]
51640015How do I go this mode?[View]
51641026At what age did you realize that lifting for aesthetic is gay and a martial art is the true men choi…[View]
51646188I'm working out Mon-Wed-Fri. I'll be on vacation the coming week, and back 10 PM Tuesday. …[View]
51645774Redpill me on cold showers: Are they based or not? I've been taking only as cold showers as pos…[View]
51645801>be me >lifted for 3 years, regarded as a strong guy by friends and relatives >be on cuttin…[View]
51623072Femanon here. How do I achieve this body without injections?[View]
51633916Skyrim Gains: How do I enter Skyrim mode? Which program do I use? How much does an Orc deadlift? Are…[View]
51636989What causes Brain Fog: What are the causes of brain fog, fatigue, and poor concentration? Also, what…[View]
51643002Is this good progress?[View]
51644480U mirin?[View]
51646109So since I have an extra free weekend coming, I've decided to take an extra rest day so I'…[View]
51645263>265lbx5 deadlift >grip is already slipping Should I just kms?…[View]
51644621>be 182.5 cm >getting an ID document >they ask me to put my height >put 183 cm because t…[View]
51644727>about to hit 1rm on bench >the Horn of Helm Hammerhand sounds in the Deep >one last time…[View]
51645899Give me your most powerful cutting diet, /fit/[View]
51644189Did people start to treat you different after you got visibly jacked? For me, I notified service peo…[View]
51644591Ahhhhhhhhhh When will the mires go away[View]
51645105I started stronglisfts on monday, finished the first week. Right now I can bp 140 lbs but I can only…[View]
51645128A little background: currently in high school, about to start senior year. Was a fat fuck my whole c…[View]
51645885I wish I could workout endlessly till the end of time without ever taking a break[View]
51644936since i started doing more ab work, creatine and whey i look like guy on the right thanks /fit i loo…[View]
51645493>left rotator cuff got fucked while doing pullups >can't even do push type exercises now …[View]
51642168Do most of muscleheads have a body dysmorphic disorder?[View]
51645025>tfw cheat day[View]
51643790Is this natty[View]
51645344What can I expect from Maca extract? I took 5000 mg 1 hour ago and the only thing I'm feeling r…[View]
51645762Ab/Core strength: What are the best at-home exercises for building serious abdominal and core streng…[View]
51645527Does anyone have any good chalk recommendations or is it all the same?[View]
51643641>used to go to the gym with gf >can't stop thinking of her every time I go now RIP my gai…[View]
51641113are these good???[View]
51645150>the planet is getting hotter >can’t hide my skinny arms >people bitch about my wearing of…[View]
51645531Looks like a Muscleboy banger is back on the menu boys! https://youtu.be/bVBgRya-K_4[View]
51645334Deadlift gains: Why is it that my deadlift is the only lift that decreases a lot when I dont do it? …[View]
51645067how the fuck do you stop binging: I feel like im slowing down my cutting progress so hard by getting…[View]
51639021What are the perks of being muscular and pretty?[View]
51644135Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
51643289Ideal weight: I'm 5'5 and around 130lbs. Is this ideal for my weight?[View]
51613097/PLG/ - Powerlifting General: 'high reps for hip abduction' edition ITT: bench press, squa…[View]
51645226would I get bullied at planet fitness if I bought a bottle of this to the gym and sipped it between …[View]
51645304>tfw get so scared when I read about heart problems >tfw have BMI over 30 >tfw even fit car…[View]
51644846>be me >be over at gf's place >sexytime.jpg >fuckin her from behind >notice mirr…[View]
51641004How long did it take you to reach 1/2/3/4 for 5 reps?[View]
51644576At what bench weight do you become 'strong'? As in not /fit/ power lifter strong, but stronger than …[View]
51645050Should I really cut out carbs, sugar, and dairy? Joe Rogan said I should only eat protein and health…[View]
51637569Bought one of these because I don't know how to cook for shit. Can anybody recommend some recip…[View]
51643137Any exercises for sprinting? When I was younger I would run faster than everyone(including people ar…[View]
51619350/fast/ - #466 - Keep It Up Edition: What is /fast/? >Fast is a thread for the discussion of inter…[View]
51642427That face: With all the juice and pills available to get your body at 80 years old. How do you preve…[View]
51643501What are my gaining limits when lifting at low bf%?: I'm 5'8'' and weigh 150lbs.…[View]
51642840Asian 5'7 62kg What should i do to get bigger arms? It feels like my arm isn't getting big…[View]
51644279>dad walks in to room with guest >”and this is anon, he’s really into fitness stuff haha”. Wha…[View]
51644594How do I, as a male, get a body equivalent to this?[View]
51644465if you only do one stretch ever, do this!: 1 Standing Hamstring Stretch Stand tall with your feet hi…[View]
51643242Nectar of the Gods in the early morning...[View]
51641948It truly is the summer.: Every other thread is a 'mode' thread. 400lbs fucking losers all …[View]
51644525Jacked off last night. You know when you jack off and your toes curl and your legs straighten becaus…[View]
51642918Has anyone here had success with getting rid of skin moles without going to some jew doctor? I heard…[View]
51644128Show me your home gym: This is mine. It's in my workshop. I use it ~3 times/week, depending on…[View]
51642136Free design anyone?: Sup /fit/ I'm in my graphic office bored as shit. Does anyone need a logo …[View]
516442875/3/1 BBB: Have anybody done 5/3/1 BBB? What were the reuslts?[View]
51644294Grocery store shoes: My dad is going to send me 50 dollar Meijer gift card for groceries coz I'…[View]
51644216How do I get a body like this?[View]
51643829>why yes we exclusively train Calistethics, what gave it away?[View]
51639264>Anon, why are you wearing your shirt? its blazing hot, take it off. I want to see your abs What …[View]
51642065How do I train my body for sexual performance? Virgin btw Pic related is my current physique, stren…[View]
51638497>One should find his death while he can still call himself a proper man. We Strongmen are not lik…[View]
51643015Is he natty?[View]
51644105Old WW2 'HEALTH GAME.': Old WW2 nutrition game.[View]
51643904can't go to gym because broke but i have some 5kg dumbbells and my house. how do i become /fit/…[View]
51640499G-guys... the hardgainer myth is real. There can be up to a 2,000 calorie variability for two guys t…[View]
51643378Wtf is wrong with my belly? I ate a bigger meal like 4 hours ago and started my workout 1.5 hours ag…[View]
51641656How do I know Im doing alright at gym and that I will grow eventually? I dont want to be one of thes…[View]
51642906>Muh lifting Physical fitness is good and all, but what are you doing to improve your mind and sp…[View]
51643496Hey /fit/, I could use your help. I'm an extremely fat guy, and I've had enough. I'm …[View]
51643835Having a problem with weightloss: I used to be 94 kilos and i lost 17 kilos and now I'm hard st…[View]
51639723Do any of you /fit/izens get mucus regurgitating up to your mouth when you exercise? IS there a way …[View]
51627011My transformation.[View]
51639735How do you know when you made it?[View]
51643786*ahem* if you're not sipping a cuppa while lifting you're ngmi[View]
51643625Does this actually do anything for abs?[View]
51643722>that faggot boomer hoarding 5 stations at once[View]
51641620Tasty snacks don't count as meals? You don't count the calories and macros from pic relate…[View]
51643461Cheapest way to build a lifting shed: Hey /fit/, I'm moving back out of my parent's house,…[View]
51641950is everyone on here chasing the zyzz body? i just want a bod like this. considering it was achievabl…[View]
51643593Hey I have difficulty breathing and standing straight after my first day in boxing in a while (ive b…[View]
51629492Can any boomers confirm?[View]
51640054Yeah bro I workout: How do people like this take themselves seriously[View]
51639848I spend TOO MUCH TIME IN THE GYM to finish my routine. Help me cut it a little smaller (also any adv…[View]
51640073Tanning: Any anons here /tan/? I know its bad for you but I have to have a full body tan for strippi…[View]
51643499For me it's Nature's Bounty[View]
51643491Mobility Routines: Hey /fit/ I have absolutely trash mobility, what are some good routines to increa…[View]
51636308>Think I'm 5'7' >Measure 5'6.5' I can't take it anymore. Just kill me alre…[View]
51643393Are these calfs natty?[View]
51643008When will test decrease?: I'm 24 and I fap to porn 10 times a day and heavy squat everyday…[View]
51640985Gay ultranationalist writter: How do i get this sort of build?[View]
51640950>short muscular guys[View]
51637807>running shoes aren't good for leg da-[View]
51643079Best pull day for overall back strength and growth? Current pull day: Deadlift 3x5 Rows 3x5 Lat pu…[View]
51642890If i'm still in low 100 weight for my core workouts, should i stick to a routine more like SS o…[View]
51642123>vegans can't build muscl-[View]
51642878Is this achievable natty ?[View]
51643003On 4th day of nofap and I'm horny like there's no tomorrow just want to fucking bend and s…[View]
51641555Did SS: Are my legs getting too big compared to my upper body?[View]
51642622So I've been going to the gym for a year. I asked a girl out and she said I was too big i.e. to…[View]
51633992How to get a physique like this?[View]
51642795What kind of gains can I expect from working landscaping ~2 weeks a month? It's more endurance …[View]
51638692Reminder: Do not breed with womanlets. You will doom your kids to be manlets. Will Smith bred with a…[View]
51640053are there any benefits or disadvantages to working out in extreme temperature conditions. For exampl…[View]
51641915Muscle cat: How to train with muscle cat?? Do it easy or just normal?[View]
51641110Post workouts or stacks? are they bullshit? I use pre workouts because my job is a bitch and after w…[View]
51642355Am I doing too much weight on my volume sets (5x10) if I have to rest like 10 minutes between each o…[View]
51640740Will I burn more calories if I use my brain more?[View]
51634975>35 years old >still sound like a 14yo whose balls haven't dropped yet Phone calls are al…[View]
51641876/vitamins/: Is any of these ingredients (and gram doses) harmful?[View]
51640298Weird head pressure: How can I ask for a CT scan/MRI without the doctor telling me to fuck off? Feel…[View]
51639689Rate my routine fgts Push Bench 3x6 OHP 3x5-6 Incline dumbell press 4x6-8 Lateral raise 4x10 Accesso…[View]
51605319Cbt: Other one is past bump limit (also too many of (((them))) if u catch my drift) Can u do this?…[View]
51638485Day 1 of 30 on the Six Pack in 30 Days app. I read the sticky, changing my diet (removing fast food …[View]
51642507How much protein you get from your own titties milk ?[View]
51641645My morning starts at 5:30 am either youre there or youre square[View]
51642177Accomplishment thread: Post stats and recent accomplishments >5’10 184 lbs >New bench 1rm 300…[View]
51640373>How long have you been lifting? >How many times a week do you lift? >How much cardio do yo…[View]
51640718>2 months of lifting >no progress at all >realize that it might be my diet since i eat shit…[View]
51639258I usually lift Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. I'm pretty busy tomorrow (Saturday) so I think I…[View]
51624820PUSH UP THREAD: No push up thread? for shame, /fit/, for shame. Anything under 50 is doubled, dubs h…[View]
51641279How does sodium work? I can feel like death, but then I pour a little bit sauce on my tongue or drin…[View]
51635144Is this snake diet shit the most retarded meme? >For years the standard advice to lose weight on …[View]
51642308Just came back from the gym: I feel like I'm a new person, my mind is so clear and my body is s…[View]
51640137Preferred bulking foods: For me, it's yakisoba.[View]
51640103Navy SEAL Fitness: How /fit/ do you need to be to pass BUD/S? And is it the most physically challeng…[View]
51641031How i look maximum?[View]
51641615Did SS for 6 months.: I went from 6'2 120lbs to 250lbs in 6 months.[View]
51641437Went out last night lads. Drank a bit but constantly thought about my gains. How bad is alcohol for …[View]
51641500Is having a goal of squatting and deadlifting 200kg and OHP, benching and Barbell rowing 100kg an ac…[View]
51638093I know the workouts of every famous boxer short of canelo, fury, wilder.[View]
51642092>at work >lift up some heavy stuff >coworker ask if i need help >no, can handle it on my…[View]
51637779Bending over outside the gym: You dropped your pencil. No one else is around. Do you bend over like …[View]
51638262is it worth to live as natty ?[View]
51639392Post /fit/ approved condiments: If you never tried a legit horseradish sauce your father and uncles …[View]
51639455How much weight do you move during an average workout?[View]
51641841Why is nobody talking about the merits of starting strength anymore? What happened to /fit/s holy gr…[View]
51641835Never skip neck day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoEdmzO881Q >everyday is neck day is she a /…[View]
51641260Small nip jealousy thread[View]
51641753FULL BODY: Are full body routines the best you can do as a natty? Beginners should do fb so they lea…[View]
51639201Who else /sleep deprived but still killing it/ here?[View]
51639070Chest lacking behind: Why is my chest so fucking bad compared to my back? I train it equally but the…[View]
51640198his height is 5'10-5'11. What you think is his weight and bf% here?[View]
51624481You don't have body dysmorphia, do you anon?[View]
51641248Any pics with exercises instructions?[View]
51641128>quit caffeine >horrendous headache for days >sleepyness max >much better sleep after he…[View]
51639864Being tall is thw most fucking unfortunate fucking genetic GiFt you can have. I have trained for 6 m…[View]
51633104Could I get pic related naturally?[View]
51637335How much $ would you pay to have this body right now? For me, 50,000$[View]
51637873>Mom cancelled my WoW subscription and wants me to start going outside and working out…[View]
51637769Hello my negro fitizens My wrists are 6.1 inches in their narrowest point. As im getting bigger and …[View]
51640435Why are virgins so attracted by squats? Chad does a bit of high rep bench and curls and his cardio i…[View]
51639380Why wont girls talk to me?: I gained a good amount of mass and shredded to where im somewhat big and…[View]
51639690>haha just like 8 days a week and eat 200g of protein per and only 400 calories per day…[View]
51641339Just started lifting a few months ago and women are already mirin[View]
51639768>Wake up sick >Sore as fuck throat, feeling like i got a fever >Take some tablets, feeling …[View]
51641376How the fuck is 5/3/1 supposed to work?[View]
51639214There is currently an ongoing conspiracy to trick young men into focusing on making their chest musc…[View]
51636106Hes 45 year old and strong as an ox imagine how strong he would have been at his prime and blasted f…[View]
51639235Would you consider experimental neurosurgery as an option to cure habitual overeating, or is it just…[View]
51641204Need advice: I want to get swole as fuck, is there a workout that maximizes gains?[View]
51640183Can you get the majority of your protein from pic related? I have a pretty crappy diet, I eat a lot …[View]
51640302PSA: This is the ideal male physique: If you want to be bigger than this you are mentally ill.…[View]
51640258How do you push yourself to eat more? I'm ultimate skelly and the tips I got was to eat more bu…[View]
51640538>Be me >Anxious af >Lift but still anxious >Feelsbadman.jpg >Wake up 5am next day …[View]
51638559I can only do 5 reps of dips. Should I kill myself?[View]
51640637Gain goblin: Is my family being gain goblin? >Everytime I cook mom says I cook way to much and wo…[View]
51639655What are they, /fit/?[View]
51640049Is there any cure to permanently cold hands? Girls think I’m a corpse[View]
51640247How fit do you need to be in order to be a street fighter? What about to start throwing sonic booms?[View]
51640601>stop deadlifting >do things like power cleans, hang cleans instead >lower back pain gone c…[View]
51640067how in the fuck am i supposed to actually cope with lower back pain? i have two bulging discs and a …[View]
51638095>Just got dumped by girlfriend I have two choices: Be a bitch and stop making gains or fuckin lif…[View]
51638234How do I get over wrist tendonitis? How do I keep working out with it to not lose progress? Am I eve…[View]
51640401Help: I’m a 400 pounds fat guy right now but in high school I had the body of a Greek god and played…[View]
51635199Thinking about going to the gym twice a day, once at lunch, once in the evening. Currently doing PPL…[View]
51638449Are grip trainers just a meme[View]
51640177Neck?: Should I start neck training?[View]
51639793I've lost 100 pounds. Down from 364 to 264. Im still a fat fuck but I aim to not be a fat fuck.…[View]
51637481Does anyone here know what your pecs would look like if you don't do upper chest or lower chest…[View]
51635418How do I fix this?: I want to get a full and blocky lower chest. But I've got this deep V in th…[View]
51640140/oly/: Will he hit 480 total at this years worlds?[View]
51636770This isn't funny: How would /fit/ solve tan lines by wearing t shirt etc. Could working out in …[View]
51638767Am I making it?: I've been posting a lot here recently asking for specific advice. I got active…[View]
51640012This angers the bodybuilder.[View]
51632594is it possible to hit 1pl8 OHP by the end of the year? i started in april at 35kg x 4. now im at 45 …[View]
51639650Please help! The cravings are too much!: Still have another 3 weeks of cut, then maintenance through…[View]
51639077I'm obese(5'10 and 230 pounds) and wanna start weight lifting. I don't wanna give mys…[View]
51639357Heat intolerance since getting fit: Hello fellow fitizens. Has anyone else noticed heat intolerance …[View]
51638646How can a drink be so based brehs?: Go drink some water right now anon.[View]
51638953Is he right /fit/? Can you get stronk and fit by just doing push ups, pull ups, and running? (With a…[View]
51638666Experiencing pain here after benching: Hurts where the cyan circle is. Is this bicep tendinitis?…[View]
51639891What supplements besides ZMA, onions (not s*y) and garlic are essential for natty testmaxxing?[View]
51638269Overcoming Stressors: Let's discuss a topic that invariably affects all of us at one point or a…[View]
51638063There will never be a man stronger than him[View]
51639880Anyone from chicago wanna chill and lift sometime? Since i moved out here for school i haven’t made …[View]
51638320>start lifting again after years of not >4 weeks in, weighing 160lbs >deadlift 135lbs to 28…[View]
51638600>get bullied by /fit/ >stop skipping leg day and start taking lifting more seriously since I…[View]
51638594>accidentally did dips instead of chinups on pull day because I was on autopilot mode give it to …[View]
51637800Why do big fit men fast?: >Jocko >lean 230 pounds, Navy Seal, trains Jiu Jitsu and lifts heavy…[View]
51636429Are the metcon 5 good for powerlifting?[View]
51627079/fat/ - The Exorcist edition: For cheeto chasers who want to better themselves through meaningful ha…[View]
51634432Is it possible to have a perfect back with just dumbbells and a pull-up bar?[View]
51639269Finasteride: My hair started thinning a year and a half ago and last month I got a finasteride presc…[View]
51638625R8 my routine also routine thread: Monday: 5x5 Bench 3x8 Incline Dumbbell Bench 4x8 Tricep Pushdowns…[View]
51638965Lower back stiff from squats: Anyone else get this? After I squat sometimes my lower back will feel …[View]
51639351Can we please have a new rule of not posting any suggestive female pics in thumbnail ? This board is…[View]
51638395>tfw recently admire my legs in the mirror more than my abs Haha I'm still straight right?…[View]
51634695ok seriously, how many eggs do you eat every day and how many do you think are alright to eat?[View]
51639297/fit/ comics: Post all the /fit/ comics you got pls. I lost my folder.[View]
51635100addicted to running need help.: I'm addicted help me. I average about 28 miles a day. Thats a w…[View]
51637346I need to do 60 pushups in one motion.: And 50 situps in under a minute for PT. What is the best way…[View]
51637291I have none money and no cash. I own two fifteen pound dumbbells. Can I get big beefy strong man if …[View]
51637197What's my next step to take my physique to the next level? 6'0 220lbs 25 years old Virg…[View]
51626255How do I achieve this mode?[View]
51638871Struggling a bit looking for some advice: Been feeling pretty good about my progress, lost about 80l…[View]
51639184>why yes, I do take BETA-alanine. how did you know??[View]
51628479take the horsepill Horse Feed Supplement, 2.5-lb tub Ingredients Gamma Oryzanol, Creatine, DMG, Vita…[View]
51638541You did 5x10 facepulls after your workout today, right /fit/?![View]
51635773>yfw when you finally reach 1pl8 OHP I made it bros I finally did it[View]
51638548Why don't you look like this?[View]
51638349What mode is this, /fit/? And is it achievable naturally? How do I unlock it?[View]
51638388Is this routine alright for a girl? Any suggestions? A Deadlifts 1x5 / Barbell rows 4x5 3x8-12 Pulld…[View]
51638992recovering from a surgery a month back, how do i make that area stronger. it hurts there when i walk…[View]
51638677Hey /fit/ do you have anything for someone planning on becoming a pararescueman. I've been doin…[View]
51636843Been taking Celexa for 10 days and I feel nothing so far.[View]
51636895>If you are getting bigger, someone else is getting smaller. >if someone else is getting bigge…[View]
51637966Zincpill me bros. Will it turn me into the gigachad that I want to be? Also I've lost the urge …[View]
51637321How am I supposed to get huge when I'm broke and the only gym in my area is expensive as fuck? …[View]
51637319Useless gym: I started gym like four or five months ago to gain muscle and lose weight. Now I am thr…[View]
51638457Any recommendations for vitamin d supplements?[View]
51636677Is this part of my leg supposed to hurt after squatting?[View]
51638303>be me >have a composite filling on side of front tooth >accidentally pulled it out while f…[View]
51633382>got in my first real fight ever 2 days ago >guy choke slammed me into a chair and I feel fin…[View]
51636120Just bought some maca powder Is it worth it?[View]
51637246I'm building a team...[View]
51638335Anyone here play? It's really good cardio. You end up doing stupid shit like wing chun punches …[View]
51631706>get fucking /fit/ >girls start spilling their spaghetti around me Oh how the roles have rever…[View]
51636224/running/: Run thread. Post your first race time and best race time. >2018 27:14 5k >2019 21:5…[View]
51638493That rich piana meme: Can someone share that meme of rich piana with a poem that says he lives on l.…[View]
51638013My libido is pretty much completely gone. Am I low t?[View]
51638379is it possible to be ottermode without working out?[View]
51637084H20: How much water is too much im drinking 3-6 litres of water a day is that too much?[View]
51636732many I know and work on oil rig (on the sea and on land) is a fucking monster with big muscle they …[View]
51633451Pictured on the left, NFL player Antonio Brown, 5'10 Pictured on the right, professional fitness coa…[View]
51636013Calf Training: Is there anybody here that had actual chicken calves and somehow managed to get them …[View]
51638184mfw eating one sweet potato doesn't give me diabetes: Help. I finally quit eating keto today af…[View]
51637898Has lifting changed how you view other men? Do you sometimes find yourself looking at other guys at …[View]
51634763Why do Olympic lifters say they're more athletic than powerlifters? What metric are they using?[View]
51633986I am a complete subhuman: Average mandible length in men: 6.25 inches Mine: 4.5 inches Average wrist…[View]
51623104/fit/ btfo[View]
51637605Females and Physical Fitness Requirements: Sure they're weaker, but they're also less inti…[View]
51637814Is nofap worth it, what are the benefits from abstaining from porn and cumming? I know each one has …[View]
51636949Please fit help me out I need a workout routine and don’t know where to go and don’t have time to ch…[View]
51634949What sarms help with tendon recovery? My minimal research points to Ostarine and Nutrobal. Does anyo…[View]
51637617Are you a creatine responder ? how do you find out if you are one?[View]
51635853Bacne: I can't seem to get rid of those fucking spots on my upper back, does anyone have any re…[View]
51630353The Cheater/Fraud Mindset: >Using aimbot and wallhack is no big deal since all that matters is wi…[View]
51633710ITT: hottest /fit/izens of all time: ITT we post the best looking /fit/ posters of all time.[View]
51637504>durr how do I unlock this mode >hurr achievable natty >blurr what lifts give me this body…[View]
51637753There was a shooting in the parking lot of my gym. I was about to go out to my car when it happened.…[View]
51637452Going for drinks tonight with a cutie, should i talk to her about the gym and my recent PRS?[View]
51637541Lunch mealprep for work: What's the simplest, cheapest way to meal prep 5 lunches for a work we…[View]
51637404What routine to mimic this body, but be natty?[View]
51637482I've lost my mojo: I had a good streak, I went from lifting 65 pounds to 155 pounds in a year, …[View]
51637712eels: She wasn't into you, she just thought you were suicidal and was trying to be a friend.…[View]
51636427If the building you were in had a fire, would you be /fit/ enough to survive? If I were a kyoani emp…[View]
51636579If I do this for 30days will i me like the photo??[View]
51637629Guys I just got into the vip section of the hottest gym: S N A P. C I T Y. It was nice knowing you. …[View]
51626367I'm building a team[View]
51637622friendly reminder that you haven't made it if your torso doesn't meet these proportions[View]
51637071hi /fit/, first time posting here during the past month I had pain about halfway down my rib cage, w…[View]
51637388How does one become a ham planet: I really want to know, how do you get yourself to this state? I kn…[View]
51635896When did you realize the skinny guy running on the treadmill could destroy your 4~5 plate deadliftin…[View]
51636509Does keto actually work or is it just a meme[View]
51626197QTDDTOT: Ask stupid questions.[View]
51637212Do I need roids for this?[View]
51636700Fight Advice: How would someone untrained (assuming it's urgent) prepare for a fight? Said pers…[View]
51637047How do I go this mode?[View]
51637011What is more impressive being Tall and ripped or being short and ripped?[View]
51637272Anterior Pelvic Tilt: When I lay on my back, my belly becomes flat or even curved in, but when I sta…[View]
51636821How can i shrink this muscle?: i dont know the name of the muscle yet but its in the area this pic h…[View]
51637257Should i replace a meal with this? Im trying to loose weight and stop being a fattie. I got 2 fuckin…[View]
51634209/run/: Just bought a Garmin and found out my cadence is really low. (156 average spm). This is from …[View]
51634285Don't mind me just passing through[View]
51635830Weed and bodybuilding: Hey fit, im an 18 year old recovering drug addict, im 2 months clean of cocai…[View]
51637054I can literally beat the fuck out of anyone on this board. You guys are all pussies...[View]
51635486is cycling a substitute for leg day? if not why do cyclists have such big thighs?[View]
51630543Why does everyone out there recommend the low fat diet, specifically have only 10% of your daily cal…[View]
51636820Legs: Is working out legs a waste of time?[View]
51637064What's your favorite fitness? Also I just realized I used the same tongs to put raw chicken on …[View]
51634595reminder, when you squat always go down slowly then explode back up[View]
51635178KYRIAKOS GRIZZLY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjnV4Mcz9lk[View]
51635550Why yes I am bulking, how could you tell?[View]
51634425Can I still gain muscle if I count the calories weekly and not daily?[View]
51623705ITT things ugly gymcels say >I don't lift for women. I lift for myself.…[View]
51632618so i have worked out for one year and i can only bench 142 lbs what do i do? im just so sick and tir…[View]
51636398Keto bros, post your diets for today Felt hungry today. This is the most energy I've consumed i…[View]
51636053Help me figure out what to do next /fit/[View]
51636190Cardio with stiches.: Just got a few stitches from doing some yardwork yesterday. Safe to go do some…[View]
51633801The only reason why I want big pecs is because i like to pretend theyre boobies and that i can be gr…[View]
51630357SEX STUDY: Women’s Sexual Desirability Ratings of Men (scale 1 to 9): Built: 7 Toned: 6.9 Brawny: 6.…[View]
51636127bodybuilding stuff you'vre incorporated to other aspects of your life: hey /fit/, so it has bee…[View]
51631617SPLIT: What is the best split and why is it upper lower?[View]
5163089130 year old boy here and new to lifting. Is SS a good starting program or are the memes true? What o…[View]
51636538Why yes, we listen to anime OP's and Nightcore while we lift Why do you ask?[View]
51636690Is this achievable natty? Also, routine and diet pls[View]
51634923/fit/, just heard back from the doctor- my growth plates haven't closed yet. I'm 18, 5…[View]
51636462someone recommend me a good non-brosplit 4 day split please. preferably heavier on the body building…[View]
51634111Do you believe lifting has made you more of a narcissist?[View]
51636548I'm trying to help my gf with her routine, is there any women focused program better than this?[View]
51635481Healthy Peanut Butter Pie Recipe: What do you think about it, guys? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
51635165>Too fat to bulk >Not enough muscles to cut What do i do?…[View]
51636442I got starting strength but haven't done the exercises yet. i'm afraid of bad form. where …[View]
51635128would it be safe for someone at 18 bmi to do a 3 day fast? I have an auto immune disease and I heard…[View]
51632076Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
51636323>get on couch to 5k while bulking >legs get massive in just over 5 weeks Wtf /fit, I thought c…[View]
51636251>Why yes i lift with bad form with a hunched back ego lift and do half rep only…[View]
51634820haven't benched in over 5 years and I just threw up 185lbs 11 times. Do I just have good genes?…[View]
51635822/Apps/: You do use apps right anon?[View]
51636082>drink coffee >anxiety kicks in and feel tired all day vs >drink green tea >feel focuse…[View]
51634825what are some good alternatives to running in the morning? i live in texas, so even in the morning i…[View]
51636118Mandela Effect... /fit/ Edition: Franco Columbo or Columbu? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Franco_C…[View]
51634630Anyone have experience picking out one of pic related for a home gym? Considering https://www.walmar…[View]
51624951I made it! Now I’m moving to /biz/ Thanks guys. Anavar King,[View]
51634543Impressive. Let's see Paul Allen's gains.[View]
51631606Mewing is a meme. I've always breathed through my nose to the point my parents would wake me up…[View]
51635965What are some workouts I can do to make my asshole tighter? Theoretically, could I get a very weak h…[View]
51635851Beyond Meat?: What is this shit, and why are so many restaurants pushing it?[View]
51635957Alright, lets see if maybe it was just because I posted late. Old thread is here: >>51625249 …[View]
51632012Hi, it's me again. This time I seared the meat for that extra flavor[View]
51635465Protein Snacks: What do you guys eat to get extra protein in? Or do you just eat a lot of eggs?…[View]
51635618I think i just had a had low blood sugar after training: During very intense training, I suddly got …[View]
51635921>be me >nofap day 3 >have a night out with the lads >get home >decide to go on gonew…[View]
51633588>drink protein shake >gag reflex gets triggered >spend next thirty minutes feeling like I…[View]
51622063ITT: We post the most fucked physiques[View]

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