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68489903Am I going to be better than everybody else if I start going to the gym at 6 am?[View]
68489485/ng/ - Nootropics General: post & discuss noots >where can I get noots pglchem bromantane.co …[View]
68489028I lift for them[View]
68490654do women care if you have good quads?[View]
68488750Cholesterol: You can get plenty of cholesterol on a vegan diet. Just eat fats! You can produce your …[View]
68490926headphones for lifting: can you recommend me some good wireless headphones pls?[View]
68488059Is it unnatural to be attracted to muscular women? It's impossible for women to become 'built' …[View]
68488636Reminder to never touch thermal paper receipts[View]
68488712Why aren’t you taking NAC?[View]
68488782My gym just go one of these, good cardio? It kinda burns my muscles like pullovers[View]
68487511What is your body count?[View]
68488038This is my goal physique? Du i need to be a manlet to get it or is it possible natty as a lanklord a…[View]
68490302All those roids to get mogged by Ethan Decline[View]
68488763Is there any point doing body weight pull ups past ten reps? Should I just start adding weight?[View]
68489543What would you say is the biggest fitness meme of the decade?[View]
68484272Redpill me on buckwheat[View]
68490549do I really have to become fat adapted before doing an extended fast if I dont want to lose a shit t…[View]
68488451Is it bad to take Ashwagandha daily? I do. I love this shit. It chills me out and gives me really go…[View]
68488436>didn't eat for a whole day to prepare for that nice dildo ride session >No libido whatso…[View]
68489460Can you combine lifting and calisthenics? t. Retarded newbie[View]
68484760I thought lifting was supposed to fix this: >24 >don't drink/smoke >haven't mastu…[View]
68490208This was considered buff in 2003[View]
68488919Explain to me why fruits are healthy if they have so much sugar in them[View]
68490254>5'10 >135 lbs >Get confused with every guide because I don't understand a lot of…[View]
68490012Starting to take shape[View]
68489082I want to lose weight faster. It feels like it’s taking too long. -43lbs since July 8, but it’s not …[View]
68489638My work out plan will consist of pull ups, dips, weighted push ups, and barbell squats. I WILL make …[View]
68489716griplet here. What's the most efficient way of increasing gripstrength? Right now my grip and f…[View]
68485640Reminder that no one on /fit/ can do a SINGLE pistol squat.[View]
68490174What body type is this called and how to achieve it?[View]
68489904Is wholewheat really better than white bread?[View]
68488618what's the catch? a bowl of this with milk is easily 60+ grams of protein with minimal added su…[View]
68490259>got measured at the gym today >171cm >64kg its over. my growth plates are still open, but …[View]
68487353Based or not? Is this mane correct in the right way of eating?: If he is correct how much quantity o…[View]
68487408Working out builds discipline how are other ways to build self discipline[View]
68489814been going to the gym about 6 weeks now and trying to sort my diet out. 5'4 55kg how's thi…[View]
68478489I-is this true bros? I do train pull ups at home btw[View]
68483408The iron never lies: What does /fit/ think about this quote? 'People may come and go but 200 lb…[View]
68485988>too much muscle, looks unnatural and ugly >t. girls I asked about this image Are we mentally …[View]
68488940>gets girlfriend >stops lifting What did he mean by this?…[View]
68487804The acne hell: How i get rid of this? Everyday that passes i feel more and more in my back, i shower…[View]
68487630Bored /fit/izens, rate my workout: Help a brother out! If I use progressive overload, adding weight …[View]
68489792Are leg extensions bad for your knees? My family has shirty knees so I'm wondering if I should …[View]
68487389Will you ever leave this website? What has to happen for you to leave 4chan behind you for good[View]
68489841Lifting didn’t fix this for me[View]
68490002Is it possible to get a 186 cm tall /fit/ husband who looks like this when you're a dickgirl to…[View]
68485943I will not give back bread: How bad is white bread really ? Staple for most meals in eastern europe …[View]
68489899Brain Fitness: My first question is >Are you gay?[View]
68489801Final diet plan: Is this anon correct? It's a sample diet plan for you to eat foods separare eg…[View]
68488888just crushed up some caffeine pills and snorted them and this shit is like walmart coke you fags nee…[View]
68472534If cybernetic body parts became available at the consumer level would you get them? What would you g…[View]
68481037Spirit of Zyzz lives among zoomers[View]
68484793>be fat >want to swim more >rashies are too dorky looking even for me >too embarrassed t…[View]
68485206Cursed physiques thread: Post the most cursed of cursed physiques and quit posting the same 6 cursed…[View]
68489139>smacked my balls with my phone on the torso rotation machine again[View]
68488671The Delray Misfits.Remember the good times of /fit/[View]
68488841could you take him?[View]
68489663How to stop eating: >always around 15-17% bf >cut down to 12% bf to get lean at least once …[View]
68489124Going to the gym: You guys want anything?[View]
68488106What are your favorite arm exercises?[View]
68489565Based or Goyslop?[View]
68489349Will I realistically see any improvement from 100 pushups, situps, and squats per day?: I'm a l…[View]
68488657What do you do during rests between reps? I post my penis on blue boards[View]
68489358If i don't eat goyslop and sugar i don't feel happy.[View]
68484896how much do you have to lift to be able to physically subdue prime chris chan?[View]
68489221Go big or go home.[View]
68488412Should i do cardio while bulking?[View]
68485101memes aside: Is actually söy bad?[View]
68489076>seated rows[View]
68489041shitty pic quality, but how do I improve?[View]
68486961Seeing doctor tomorrow to get test: What am I in for? My regular doctor is making me see a urologist…[View]
68488647Young Jamie Edition: POST BRUTAL MOGGINGS[View]
68486497There are people on this very board that unironically believe this dude doesn't know anything a…[View]
68482485Is it better to have someone much stronger than you or someone with a similar physique as your gym p…[View]
68488600/fit/ would call this dyel[View]
68487628Which way, manlets? Be buff or smoll?[View]
68486610How much sleep is needed per night?[View]
68487495>I jerk off before every workout[View]
68486614What other supplements do you take apart from proteinpowder and creatine (if you even bother with th…[View]
68488523How many if you actually stretch before lifts. A boomer came up to me at the gym today and told me i…[View]
68482591>speedruns the pec building process[View]
68488577>gym is my only way to cope other than the range how much gym is going to be unhealthy?…[View]
68488710Don’t want to build upper body muscle: >powerwalk on treadmill for 1 hour, 5 days a week. >bu…[View]
68484447I can't do 1 pullup, and struggle to do 1 negative pull-up Should i just rope myself? >inb4 …[View]
68487685You wake up tomorrow in this body. What’s the first thing you do[View]
68488665>Zyzz >Misc and /fit/ were fun >Hodgetwins >Scooby >Frank Tank >/fit/ had decent …[View]
68488632What are THE BEST trap workouts for skinny mfs like me?[View]
68488607Bruh, what are these insertions[View]
68469361QTDDTOT: underpaid wizard101 employee edition[View]
68488302are bulgarian split squats and calve raises enough for legs?[View]
68487374How are you calculating the amount of calories burned during exercise? I'm using an app to trac…[View]
68485361Macros for skinnyfat?: What should my macros be? Have been training for a while and use to go gym a…[View]
68479393literally the best cardio in the world that builds your wrist & ankles while also upping your se…[View]
68488466Is gyno even real?: Every poster I've ever seen who claims gyno is actually just fat.[View]
68488494Do you measure neck at the bottom or at the adams apple[View]
68487338Whey gives me horrible diarrhea: How do I cope? It's really hard for me to eat enough protein a…[View]
68487705Why is the first rep on the bench press always the hardest? It feels like my shoulders are going to …[View]
68480411ITT: Healthy foods normies think are unhealthy[View]
68481611this is unhealthy because...?[View]
68486453Could lifting fix me? I’m 24 NEET FRIENDless virgin with no car[View]
68485413I'm 19 but I still look pre-pubescent: I'm sick of getting asked for ID everywhere I go . …[View]
68488262Let me redpill you on iron. /fit/ seems to think that the more iron the better, which is wrong and c…[View]
68462977post lifting albums[View]
68487919>destroys your shoulders[View]
68488198You are sheltering crossfitters in your gym, are you not?[View]
68488187https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRCuzdHvmZI Post Go To PR Tunes[View]
68487507Lower body > Back muscles > Shoulders > abs > arms Cope + seethe[View]
68485713How Common Is Steroid Usage?: When I see random buff dudes in public, are they most likely on steroi…[View]
68487904Forget jawzrsize and chewing gum: mdma all the way im not even tensing my jaw here lmao[View]
68486133Red pill me on ayurvedic medicine. Are spices, herbs, oils , and etc really medicinal?[View]
68486655>i come to this board to look at female asses only[View]
68486408Why are you like this /fit/… don’t you have some empathy???[View]
68481977Chicken breast or chicken thighs?[View]
68487936Hormones for dummies: Low test + High est = femmyboy Low test + Low est = sick/diseased man High tes…[View]
68483930Training for the 80s-90s pop cardio aesthetic? I really want my gf to have this look, what sort of l…[View]
68485180Day three of covid, I feel like shit and I already lost 5kg (11lbs). For those of you who have exper…[View]
68455060What is the male equivalent of yoga pants? Something that effortlessly showcases and enhances the ph…[View]
68487655My eyebrows have been falling out for 2 and a half years now. My skin is always dry and itchy My li…[View]
68487793>tears your shoulders right from their sockets at high weight[View]
68487771What muscle groups give you the most weight?: Back? Legs? Which one?[View]
68480209Boogie has gone from 600 lbs to under 400. He’s going to make it. Apologize /fit/.[View]
68484904/ng/ - nootropics general: post & discuss noots >where can I get noots pglchem bromantane.co …[View]
68486533I practice judo and in a couple of occasions my sensei and my mates pointed out how I was shaking du…[View]
68485770/fit/ goes to a bbq: I got invited to a BBQ. At first I declined because I am in the middle of a cut…[View]
68487639Stretching Exercises: Anyone have any webm's or infographics on good stretches? My wife wants t…[View]
68485896I like to drink mineral water[View]
68487556Quitting Jew pills, question about wellbutrin: I've been weaning off klonopin for a good month …[View]
68487436Is it high test to like horse faced women?[View]
68477906Whats the best shrug? Barbell? Dumbell? Smith?[View]
68487388Fasting AND lifting: Was about to post a pic of a Boutine LA thot but let's be on topic. Been …[View]
68468372Loving yourself: Hey, anon! I'd like to hear your story on how your life is going atm, especial…[View]
68484252I swear to god my penis shrank bros how do I reverse it? Is it because I stopped giving a fuck about…[View]
68487078>enters gym >does one set >leaves >refuses not to elaborate…[View]
68486978Neck: Best neck exercises? Need a monstrous neck. No cost to great. >Picture for attention.…[View]
68487000>be me yesterday >didn't lift for 2 weeks cause job stuff related >my lifts didn'…[View]
68486068At what point did you realise belts were cheating?[View]
68453820>female at the gym said hi to me Post mires[View]
68486734lizzo mode: How do I get fucking HUGE shoulders like this?[View]
68485690Chinmaxxing: Any chinmaxxing routines? I want a big strong chin Also post your current chin[View]
68485287Sleep and gains: I can only sleep 5 hours at night. My workouts are not so bad but I feel like I…[View]
68486434>ending weakness[View]
68483785Haven't exercised since last Saturday due to a cold/flu. How badly is my body fucking up right …[View]
68483598>gym crush, gym idol, and gym nemesis are all there on the same day[View]
68484710How often do you train abs?[View]
68486855Is this correct? Woudn't this give you a fuck ton of colesterol?: Docs say no more than 6 ounce…[View]
68454035How long will it take me to reach ottermode through calisthenics alone?[View]
68486403>pc gamer >prefer everything vanilla rather than modded…[View]
68485877Deadlifted 200lb for the first time bros,: Did a 3x5. DYEL numbers I know, but still pretty happy we…[View]
68483841>be my grandpa >served in Korea in the navy >was stationed on a submarine >apparently h…[View]
68487030Can someone post a decent calisthenics routine please?[View]
68470194Still fairly new to gym, when I do chest exercises like a bench press I feel like I’m just working o…[View]
68486322Ass underrated when it comes to 'muscles that females are attracted' ?: I have seen a few guys who w…[View]
68485908>Lose weight (20 kilos): >Even uglier >Weak and thin jaw >Huge head >Light bulb head …[View]
68486804Why does this feel so nefarious and deliberate?[View]
68485939RIP Coolio[View]
68486222I have never gotten a pump in my biceps[View]
68485468It’s 5:40AM: HOW DO I SLEEP LIKE THE DEAD????!!!![View]
68481635Lower back issues: Today I squatted with 84 kg and felt my lower back get really stiff and tight. I …[View]
68486648Diet is so freakin easy. Deenz and beanz That's literally all you need. Cheap as chips and perf…[View]
68486592how can i take shits regularly? Like shitting 10 minutes after breakfast everyday or something like …[View]
68484420It's MyFitnessPal the end all be all of fitness apps? I want to be able to just pay outright fo…[View]
68486390what does this guy actually do for a living? >has a mexican flag in pfp >said picture is on a …[View]
68485267Preventing Knockouts Building Neck Muscles: Is the strength of neck muscles the only thing that real…[View]
68485587>100+ years and hundreds of billions’ worth of psychological and medical research >still no cu…[View]
68483853Will cardio eat my muscle?[View]
68486357Tiktok fitness: So I'm looking for this thing and it was at home resistance band type deal, kin…[View]
68485391how bad are these small candies for gains: if i only plan to eat one a day ?[View]
68484783Do these actually work or is it just another get-jacked-quick scam?[View]
68481566Imagine getting back-mogged by a woman[View]
68486016How important is it to work neck? What workouts should I do?[View]
68484882I literally have no time between work and study. So this is what I can do: 10-15 minutes in the morn…[View]
68485968Put your knee sleeves in the wash, they fucking stink.[View]
68485474Can watching porn during my work out improve my gains? Or will I just fuck up my testosterone[View]
68486069Are you shave or no shave? What about arms[View]
68485857Uh.. what the fuck? I was lifting for years and basically making no progress. Ever since I got diagn…[View]
68453052CBT/rate thread: Finally getting some compliments from the girls I sleep with.[View]
68482561I will lose weight without doing any cardio because being out of breath sucks.[View]
68485782so is tea good or bad? i thought is was good until i came here...[View]
68482483I did it boys. I finally did it. Through your help and guidance, I was able to shed 50 pounds in les…[View]
68485812>take a week break >turns into a month break I'm glad muscle memory exists.…[View]
68485230Fit/lit: What're you guys reading? I'm currently reading the vision of the anointed.…[View]
68485945>gymcrush was glancing at me at gym >Before that i was deadlifting lmao 5.5 plates in front of…[View]
68481892>be me >not you >bulking >9 PM >only 1800 calories after lifting >feel like I…[View]
68485538Improve beltless squat: My max backsquat is 190kg with a powerlifting belt. But without a belt I…[View]
68484184>Thigh DOMS[View]
68485542I'm thinning :(: I'm 36. My mom says I've been thinning gradually since I was 25 and …[View]
68485427Magnesium supps: I thought this shit was supposed to improve sleep, i took it last night along with …[View]
68484016help him /fit/[View]
68482376sup /fit/ been doing SS 5x5 for a few months now, just wondering if I should continue or change rout…[View]
68483279Is cholesterol bad? Always see people say 2 different things about it[View]
68485466Glutes Amnesia: I struggle with glutes activation and i think it hinders my progress in a lot a exer…[View]
68485638post your gym playlist right fucking now[View]
68485250nofap day 25[View]
68484592What lifts could fix this[View]
68483359>be me >manlet >see guy at the gym even shorter than me >he's super lean so he look…[View]
68484808Post the best SARMs. I’m a zoomer who wants gains[View]
68484585>Was making decent strength gains for a while >Eventually started feeling burnt out and low en…[View]
68484855Being a former fatass has its benefits: > tfw you have tree-trunk quads and meaty calves just fro…[View]
68481420Lifting albums[View]
68485309I like fasting I like feeling hunger I like when my belly is empty I like feeling fasting high[View]
68484886What makes whole wheat bread or whole grain bread or whatever better than white bread? What kind of …[View]
68484495>go to work at 8 >leave work at 3 >by 3:15 I'm in the gym When am I supposed to eat? L…[View]
68482406>gains goblins arent real...[View]
68485119Fitness related murder: If you could kill anyone strapped to a chair helplessly, who would it be? An…[View]
68485219Whats an appropiate rate of swimming,for a man such as Myself who is a master of the seed,if I swim …[View]
68481942Everything I know about lifting I learnt from him. He's been dead for years yet his family keep…[View]
68483370My stomach: My stomach is making Mario Bros noises, what should I do?[View]
68480685>the 5'8 girl stares at me while i'm benching LMAO2plates[View]
68484197hey /fit/ I am a 5’8.5 male with pectus excavatum. I have always struggled to gain wait. Over these …[View]
68443340Ctrl+F = no mire thread >go to wife's female coworker BD party >sit at table with 2 cowor…[View]
68481902Hottest gym tips: >took ritalin as a party drug >no effect whatsoever >remembered my keys,…[View]
68483108Wtf is going on? He died over a year ago but his channel is still pumping out multiple videos a week…[View]
68482094Why do normies hurt themselves constantly trying to exercise?: Why do I constantly see people I know…[View]
68483281>roiding for this >spending years obsessively lifting weights and training for le boxing >a…[View]
68482326Decided to actually write down my gym routine instead of coming up with it in the moment and I’m sur…[View]
68483952noobie here, when I do pushups my right shoulder feels kinda weird. It doesn't hurt but it like…[View]
68481891What muscles do I need to workout to be able to do this to man?: I feel like it would be the ultimat…[View]
68483582I overworked my pecs so now it looks like I have manboobs[View]
68484842>start lifting >now I have large upper abs and no lower >start doing lower ab exercises …[View]
68482564Is 1 hr of lifting 3x a week enough?[View]
68482810Will doing random sets of push ups every day to get a pump mess with my gains/recovery?[View]
68484958skinnyfats do this skinnyfats do that imma juss get a fucking lipo bruh no cappuccino no bullshit[View]
68477281Only OHP, No Bench Press: What kind of physique would I have if I went down this path?[View]
68482841/fph/ fat people hate: >no fph >p edition…[View]
68482898Let's end this mystery once and for all. Is eating 4-5 of these a day unhealthy or not? the big…[View]
68482706>saves your gains >increases your appetite >makes you sleep >makes you relax >extra C…[View]
68484108Longest streak of daily exercise?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhvgI-D6FVY&t=91s Is it advan…[View]
68470353Routine Thread: Thoughts? Post routines[View]
68484706Red pill me on gym crushes[View]
68474601What exercises do I need to do in order to get body like this /fit/?[View]
68482977Do long hot baths help muscle recovery? More importantly, does it run the risk of fucking anything u…[View]
68481429is judo safe/worth it?: ex-wrestler here who is considering taking up judo as a fun outlet. I don…[View]
68483644What are some Sneed tier lifting albums?[View]
68476348I'm in my early 20s and have horrible self esteem and confidence. I'm getting into lifting…[View]
68483489Thoughts on my Fizeek[View]
68481020>bulking with the current food prices[View]
68484426L-Carnitine / ALCAR: Currently taking Acetyl L-carnitine (ALCAR) on a cut, hearing lots of good thin…[View]
68481200Daily reminder this amount of muscle is all you need to impress normalfags. It's also healthier…[View]
68482723So why exactly is it a bad idea to try to bulk using fast food?[View]
68482791How can you learn to love yourself if every woman rejects you? Never been in a relationship let alon…[View]
68475784Is tobacco good for you?[View]
68474446Daily motivation[View]
68484118Weight loss question: Alright after 2 years of overeating I’m trying to make a change, weighed mysel…[View]
68482725Is alligator meat healthy? How about reptile meat in general? I am curious to know if alligators and…[View]
68481713ITT god tier bulking foods: post em[View]
68483422I don't want to cut anymore. I want to eat a lot of food again.[View]
68475010Adult Happy Meals: As an adult, is there a benefit to getting a plastic toy while hitting all your m…[View]
68482921Does fasting increase testosterone? If so, how many hours should I fast ? Should I also stop drinkin…[View]
68474033Why is protein powder so popular? it isn't hard at all to hit daily protein requirements from a…[View]
68479543the king of /fit/[View]
68483629Sugary Cereal for Dinner: Bros… was on YouTube and I got this ad. They had the nerve to tell us to g…[View]
68483734i need helps lads. i went on a cut and conditioned myself to feel sick whenever food was placed near…[View]
68483535Lifting 5x a week?: I am a NEET with nothing better to do, I want to lift 5 days a week (or even dai…[View]
68482542Does this shit work?[View]
68483476It's time for your daily reminder that sumo doesn't count.[View]
68479674Looking for the /fit/est fast food: Is Chipotle the only option?[View]
68483468If you could eat any one food in the gym of all time ?, what would it be and why ?[View]
68469009is there something like cycling but not cringe can take me far, good exercise, fun, but not filled w…[View]
68481688lifts to help with Gouging fighting?[View]
68483007What are workouts that would get Neanderthal build? What diet restrictions. Chest and arms definite…[View]
68479549Breast Gains: My wife and I are really into fitness. She is also into swimming and is staring to tak…[View]
68481962anybody know any good lifting albums[View]
68482502Why does sitting hurt so much the day after doing squats and is it a good thing?[View]
68481286Why do us balding bros have to suffer like this? I wouldn't wish balding on even my worst enemi…[View]
68456957What US state is the most /fit/ and which is the least /fit/?[View]
68482214is he right?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58tfkGdOVVA[View]
68482721What should i train to climb k2 by next month?[View]
68479622How to into julian mode?[View]
68482622how do i fix my fucking butt wink bros? i love squats but i cant even get to parallel without my low…[View]
68476293Can't Gain Weight: >6'2' >150lbs >3,000-3,500 calories/day >200g protein/day …[View]
68482069Last rep face[View]
68481562Motivation Thread; Vegeta Edition https://youtu.be/6hp27JeCf4c[View]
68475633ITT: Unhealthy foods that everyone thinks is healthy[View]
68478616Miss Universe - Perfect Ass?: This is Miss Universe after her skirt accidentally fell down To me th…[View]
68481912Is Marmite/Vegemite /fit/ approved? Asking as an American[View]
68482470I had one of those shitty workouts today[View]
68479177/cycle/: >buy bike >ride bike for the first time since i was a wee lad >get a fun cardio wo…[View]
68482578I'm on day 3 of no binge eating while making dinner. I think im gonna make it boys. Also what …[View]
68481592>tell people I'm 180 cm tall >in reality I'm only 179 cm tall >never been caught…[View]
68481898So I got a real scare this week. Thought I got one of those. Sonar checked and it was nothing, most …[View]
68481246Yes I watched the Joe Rogan podcast how could you tell: Have anyone tried this shit? Did it raise yo…[View]
68482045Best COVID Recovery Regimen?: This cold or omicron or whatever isn't shit, but I want to get ov…[View]
68481868How do I learn to cook /fit/ approved meals? Share some recipes pls[View]
68481575Are supplements a meme?[View]
68481637I'm FUMING: This fucking dyel personal trainer in the new gym I'm going to keeps playing m…[View]
68478961just what in the FUCK am I in for, bros?[View]
68476459What causes obesity?[View]
68481176Looking for farmer anons to help me out please: Looking to grow and raise my own food. So far I…[View]
68479859Holy fuck! Why fo I feel so good? My mood is off the charts and I feel awesome despite being on a cu…[View]
68482235Sarms: Sarms sources[View]
68475435Been following what the /fit/ sticky said; weightlifting. Never lifting before. Hit a month of gym m…[View]
68482213Is this kind of bald spot normal? I'm 20 and my dad is bald too but not my brother who is right…[View]
68475976Does having a sticker system for workouts help with consistency?[View]
68480921Chin fat: How do I get rid of chin fat and a weak jaw? Are there any exercises that can help? I neve…[View]
68481322Will lifting help me go back in time and fix this mistake[View]
68481160Request Source On Unknown Body Builder: Just a quick question: Does anyone know who the fella in the…[View]
68481087Anyone else do drop sets but always start each set with the heaviest weight until you hit rep failur…[View]
68481076Redpill me on water intake. Should I go for a set quantity per day no matter what? Until pee is almo…[View]
68481495Who else is werewolfmaxxing[View]
68481989Pit Pull hahahahaha[View]
68481793What workout routine would you recommend for someone like this Inb4 >lust provoking gif https://y…[View]
68481937What would fix him[View]
68479583Wherefore doth thou lifth?[View]
68480552i failed a 1RM deadlift yesterday and stopped lifting after that. so that i could try again in 24 ho…[View]
68481370Why haven't they invented a fighting style to defeat fat people yet?[View]
68480699this is the ideal male body you may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like[View]
68481730The right side of my trapezius started hurting after a pull-up sesh (not DOMS kinda pain) and it…[View]
68479498What would you do if some British journalists tried to confront you on the health dangers of your di…[View]
68480579ITT: Exercises you only do at your gym and no one else I've worked out for 9 years, went to may…[View]
68459773just found out i'm pregnant, what should i eat for the next 9 months to make sure i have the mo…[View]
68479935Making some energy bars for cardio-heavy days. Anyone have good /fit/ recipes they'd like to sh…[View]
68480441Is it gross that I just throw these in the trash can in the bathroom? I hear that these are bad for …[View]
68479097How do you do nofap or semen retention if you are bisexual? It feels like an impossible task. What c…[View]
68481289So if you ingest oxidized omega 3 from a supplement you are just effectively ensuring more inflammat…[View]
68479727It's not fair bros: >incredible buzz >tastes amazing >every true bro at the party glad…[View]
684807861 year progress report: 1 year ago I weighed 365 lbs I now weigh 240 lbs. I lost 120 lbs in one year…[View]
68481244i cannot afford rent i cannot afford my car insurance i cannot move my right leg without severe pain…[View]
68480053I fucked up: >got shoulder impingement >recovery time can take up to 6 months. >can't …[View]
68480268Whats an appropiate rate of swimming,for a man such as Myself who is a master of the seed,if I swim …[View]
68481387When does arm size become 'too big'?? I'm currently at 16 inches cold flexed and I think anythi…[View]
6847976475 HARD: Why haven't you started yet? Do you want to become the best version of yourself or do …[View]
68479051Is it true that sit-ups damage your spine or is that a myth?[View]
68480924NO. CARBS.[View]
68479469Protein farts: Am I the only one who enjoys them? You know you hit the protein goal for the day.…[View]
68480244Should you bench with dumbbells AND barbells, or just with BB alone?[View]
68480794Poor diet: Hello, I'm a retard who watched /fit/ for too long and now I want to try as well, I…[View]
68480804Are you ready?[View]
68479791Carnivore diet: This seems like it is working[View]
68480932>the only people who ask about rep ranges for building muscle are 140 pound DYELS who don't …[View]
68480131Cleaning a Home Gym: What do you use to clean your workout area? Dusting a powdercoat squat rack is …[View]
68480516Should I get a squat plug? Pros/cons?[View]
68479779Eye health: How do I avoid this shit? Happens everytime I train legs.[View]
68478182>just ate a whole bag of salted peanuts of 300g[View]
68474413fph: fph - comic sedition[View]
68479966This is how I know your home gym smells like ass[View]
68480777Thoughts on the 4x4x48 challenge?[View]
68480574SS GOMAD worked a little too well[View]
68476041>tfw missed the anabolic window[View]
68479316Hey there f/ellows I need your help. Tl;dr I need to lose 20+ lbs in two months. Starving is off th…[View]
68480808NO CARBS[View]
68480634this is why i lift[View]
68480591Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
68480719Hey guys, it's Francis!: What's been up with Boogie2988 as of late? He looks good! This pi…[View]
68466374Worst gym transformation ever: From a cute twink who gets any girl they want to a bald meathead. Wha…[View]
68480087Inner Thigh Pain during Squats: I've been feeling pain on my right leg's inner thigh durin…[View]
68480388How do I make peace with my DYEL past? I was so weak, scared, stupid and made so many mistakes bros …[View]
68475267Who do you bet your life savings on?[View]
68475812>have corona 2 weeks ago >go back to training afterwards >feel a cold coming after trrainin…[View]
68478944>all those ments lost, like tears in the rain[View]
68478814>start having sex >urge to lift completely gone What the fuck happened? I've been consist…[View]
68480142skate: just a meme or real, even long boards riding[View]
68478450>gives me doms every single time even with a silly 5kg dumbbell why are my obliques so sissy…[View]
68479135>one chance at life >balding at just 31[View]
68478551How long have you been here? Why not leave this site and make yourself happy? For me i've been …[View]
68480120Anon, what is best in life?[View]
68478391>mogs your meme gay powders in both quality and price[View]
68480219Things that motivate you: Every time I dont feel like lifting, I remind myself that Ive never ever r…[View]
68466341/fat/ - fat loss general: >Who is /fat/ for? For ambling ambuloceti who are working towards a bet…[View]
68476400what is the vdv secret routine?[View]
68478340You also train your mental mind right /fit/?[View]
68478326How come no one is swole at this place?? It filled with rooners and fatties…[View]
68476510Berlin bros: I’m in Berlin solo til Saturday, any of u lads wanna lift with me or go clubbing thurs/…[View]
68477868best martial art to defeat a methhead?[View]
68478807Why is there so much shilling against vegetables? Its been long established they are good for you an…[View]
68479729I don't want to be a meat eater anymore. Any natty ways of changing my biology?[View]
68479292Am I missing out not doing DLs?: Are they really necessary, provided your routine covers everything?…[View]
68478865How can I make it as a 23 year old unemployed college dropout bros?[View]
68478072Which way, manlets?[View]
68478480Post Bodybuild Meals: I’ll go first[View]
68478690do you think anytime fittness will be open after the hurricane my mom wont let me leave the house …[View]
68479364First Gear Cycle: Hello friends, Im new to gear. I got my hands on (Testo med P 100)testosterone pr…[View]
68478296>lift on a cut >happy with abs and lean muscle >bulk >stop lifting >get kinda fat …[View]
68478659>nice boxing skills and 3pl8 bench bro >*tears you limb from limb* how do MMAfags, BJJ cucks a…[View]
68477219its ogre /fit/bros: Kikeflix made chinese cartoon about our sekrit incel meme, wat do? https://www.y…[View]
68479738What are the major differences between boxing and kickboxing? Would you recommend one over the other…[View]
68478845>be me >be doing [insert any barbell exercise here] >weight i've been working with is…[View]
68479084>start training arms directly 3x a week >get a ridiculous amount of mires after 3 months…[View]
68466601are swim briefs simply the superior choice when you go swimming or to the beach as a man? >perfec…[View]
68473427Did bonesmashing destroy my face?: Girls say I look like Richard Ramirez now Also rate my physique. …[View]
68478537DrMikebros...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etWNI2Q1Zqs&t=204[View]
68479541how fucked at my blood test results? ex heavy alcoholic 29 years old, already working on the GGT (fr…[View]
68478014how the fuck do you eat 180g+ of protein a day[View]
68479323Arnold presses are literally a gift from God, nothing feels as good as Arnold pressing[View]
68463440Tomboy Tuesday: It's that day again Anons, post Tomboys to receive free T. boost and motivation…[View]
68476461How do I know the calories of something if it isn't packaged with that information on the back?[View]
68478640Why is the biceps such a little shit of a muscle that demands so much attention in exchange for minu…[View]
68479128i just drank 3 leters of beer how do i stop being alcholic loser[View]
68477814Were you a late bloomer? Is that why you need to be big and strong as an adult?[View]
68470058Gymcel lifestyle: anyone go through this? >be incel virgin >no social interaction whatsoever …[View]
68475283What's the most Chad star sign and why is it Saggitarius? A reminder we're the most /fit/ …[View]
68479307Routine Search: Hey guys, I'm looking for a specialroutine that was made by an anon. One the on…[View]
68477471/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Are these guys legit? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Whey-Isolate-Protein…[View]
68479044Is it worth getting a lifting coach?[View]
68474665Lanklet dyel hits lmao 2pl8 (me)[View]
68476544>lifting for 30 minutes, 6 days a week[View]
68475546Gym Karen: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
68477950I'm a NoFap(but more essentially no orgasm MGTOW), straight edge, and keep a clean diet. I don…[View]
68470472Do you need to chase a pump to build muscle? Roiders at my gym tell me that I should basically only …[View]
68475420Old Fart Thread: Dedicating a thread to the geezers still lurking this shit hole (30+) Right now I l…[View]
68475072lies you fell for: >just eat nothing and do pushups dude[View]
68477182Wut do I do?: Mom gave me a bloody nose and a swollen eye. Shes a cardio kickboxing instructor, and …[View]
68478529>when your qt work crush who you've never talked to apart from the introductory meetings set…[View]
68474948Is it true that steroid abuse can cause breast cancer in males? Do you frauding anons regularly chec…[View]
68477530Rdls getting stale. What are some good alternatives? Deadlifts are too taxing.[View]
68476717the leanpill: once i become lean i will finally be attractive r-right? or rather the most attractive…[View]
68473674nofap day 24[View]
68477694/sp/ is too retarded, /tg/ is dead lets see what the most intelligent board on the chins thinks; did…[View]
68474573How bad is a beer for you? Can I drink one on my cut if my calories allow it?[View]
68478630I just had 2 Big Mac meals[View]
68477841Cut or maintain?: 18M, 6'1', 165lbs I've only been lifting and watching calorie and protei…[View]
68478678If I never get morning wood does that mean I have low testosterone? My lifts are progressing and I’m…[View]
68474140is there any benefit to burning yourself like this in an attempt to build pain tolerance? how do you…[View]
68478629>be me >starts working out a lot >went down a few pounds >no diet whatsoever >notice …[View]
68469423BJJ For Self Defense: No matter how much muscle I have, I will make a fool out of myself if I ever g…[View]
68469515You literally have no excuse.: Start lifting. NOW.[View]
68478388>decide I need to lose weight >get a job where I work 10 hour shifts and don't have many…[View]
68475003NEED TO GAIN WEIGHT: Hi I am a 5'10 girl who weighs 120 lbs I desperately need to gain weight I…[View]
68478438>Barth recommends 350 mg or less per day is best for athletes because levels greater than 500 mg …[View]
68478246how to increase your 1rm >step 1. do your 3 rep max for 2 sets >step 2. do your 1 rep max for …[View]
68477799Perfect bulk and cutting meal don’t exi- /fit/ bros… it not fair…[View]
68475631has anyone else used cocaine as a pre work out before i have and it was fun but i passed when i got …[View]
684775981 year progress report: Thoughts bros?[View]
68472469Seriously /fit/. How can I last longer in bed? Working out is 95% showing up. You don't really …[View]
68475002trying to change my life :| feel like i spend too much time wasting time doing nothing. Feel like i…[View]
68477869How tf do you find energies to workout?[View]
68478281>eat big to get big[View]
68475940ayo, anyone else getting a sharp slightly painful feeling when then clench their fist palms down, th…[View]
68473458How to stay fit in the upcoming snowpocalypse as a yuropoor?[View]
68469558How does /fit/ afford dating? All my hinge and tinder dates want to go to KBBQ and Sushi and it gett…[View]
68478040Bone smashing vs bone pressing: I used to rest my left cheekbone on my hand during class, my facial …[View]
68477955>185lbs 1RM bench >dont bench for a week because of wrist pain >first day back >rep 45lb…[View]
68477744Is this supposed to make you feel ill?: I got this recently as I'm an extreme dyel lanklet that…[View]
68477057How does one achieve this aesthetic?[View]
68475823Is not being able to grow a beard a sign of low test?[View]
68462523>did 4 hours of cycling instead of veg out at home >come back home >have this strange good …[View]
68477908>listen to your body[View]
68473842Last Rep Face: ITT: Last Rep Face[View]
68475837Routine Rate: I'm thinking my routine may have a bit too much volume. I was able to pull it off…[View]
68475952>minor AC tear >tear heals >ongoing clavicle pain for over 12 months after >the affected…[View]
68477602>pick [Any lift] >add [Crossfit] to it >snap city rate increases by a thousandfold…[View]
68476579Just saw another guy do lmao 3plate bench at the gym.2/3/4/5 just isn't that strong to people w…[View]
68476280Is dnp worth it?: i don’t care if i die, i’d rather be dead than have this stomach fat, should i tak…[View]
68477086Was Bruce Lee a dyel?[View]
68477678>in gym >hear 'Drawn into the backdrop here You could fade, you could fade away' >shed a si…[View]
68475408How can you fix him without Chemical intervention[View]
68474078What do you think about carnivore diet? Is it worth trying?[View]
68474390Why doesn't the body have any kind of signal to tell you when to stop eating?[View]
68477422Is this good or bad wtf?!: Sorry for posting this on phone but this is scaring me. I just noticed my…[View]
68477525How to show my body? I have acquired a good body after a few months of lifting but it only shows if …[View]
68476848How to into julian mode?[View]
68477399would my biceps grow if I did curls spread out throughout the day? like what if I did a set of 10 ev…[View]
68465349>he lifts for pussy >women want picrelated…[View]
68477252I would greatly appreciate any weight gaining tips: Does eating faster help if you're trying to…[View]
68469214>just lift bro[View]
68471789is this achievable natty?[View]
68475526How to work these: My lower abs are seeing significant gains but I can’t seem to get the same develo…[View]
68476660I figured out how to beat anxiety[View]
68474605/fit/ humor thread: /fit/ humor thread LETS GET THIS BREAD[View]
68477028I told you guys…: I told you guys it would happen soon, but look, it’s happening now! Women are beco…[View]
68476361SS: >he feel for the starting squat meme[View]
68473602What happens if neither viagra or cialis work?[View]
68476332Why bother lifting when its all about the face?[View]
68473937>dismally tired during the day, can't get anything done >can't sleep at night event …[View]
68475130>Girlfriend miscarried >Asks me how I feel say that it’s just a shit situation >Get off t…[View]
68475478Struggling to lose weight: Ive been trying to do OMAD for the last week and its fucking impossible. …[View]
68475088Did lifting make anyone else a narcissist? Is this new or has the Chad in me been unlocked? My gf sa…[View]
68474523This is all it takes to impress normies[View]
68475817Should I ever use soap for washing my ass or is water enough?[View]
68474799lo and behold, God's greatest gift to mankind! >wants to gain weight milk is anabolic in na…[View]
68467997explain PUFAs: what is so bad about PUFAs? saturated and trans fats give you heart disease and incre…[View]
68476425>19 years old >all I do is rot in my flat all day when did you realise you weren't going …[View]
68474073I fucking hate cycling bros >arrive anywhere sweaty >risk of it being stolen by engineers and …[View]
68476122>get mired even though i'm DYEL and still have a long way to go what do women mean by this?…[View]
68476405>major trapezious DOMS[View]
68473470How do you know when you hit your genetic potential as opposed to just hitting a plateau? lust provo…[View]
68476279Achievable Natty?[View]
68476071>flex arms >look muscular >relaxed arms >look like I've never touched a weight in …[View]
68474700How do I scarymaxx? I don't want women to be attracted to me or men to admire me, I want them t…[View]
68462747What vegetables would be in /fit/ garden? >Broccoli >Carrot >Onion >Potato >Tomato…[View]
68473382>20 grams protein in one sitting[View]
68475670What are the big lifts? Big 1, 2, 3, 4, 5??? How many are there, and what are the lifts in particu…[View]
68463872Better overall: Squats:Back or Front? Front work quads, core, hit the posterior chain and require gr…[View]
684624506 days into water fast. Thinking about refeeding after day 7 with a juicy steak that'll keep me…[View]
68474978is this achievable natty?[View]
68476034Got my first freestanding HSPU today: Been training this all year. Just wanted to celebrate.[View]
68474997>that pussy who warms up before lifting[View]
68472984What's the best diet for peak erection hardness?[View]
68475004>chicken breasts were $1.99/lb last year >are now $3.29/lb here in Denver REEEEEEEEEEEEE MAKE …[View]
68475973According to CICO tards, 500 calories from protein will make you as fat as 500 calories from sneed o…[View]
68475969How fucked am I?: I just ate the whole thang![View]
68475899Big or hot?: Is it better to be physically intimidating or lean? I’ve been low body fat before and t…[View]
68474286obesity: I just realized that I am no longer fat but clinically obese. I am 5 feet 7 inches ,22yr,an…[View]
68475862How do I regrow the hair loss from the keto(hairloss) diet?[View]
68473890What is the absolute cheapest way to hit 330g protein on a cut?[View]
68473342Daily reminder to train glutes Without fail, every girl I've been with said they love my ass an…[View]
68475609What is a fraudulent compound that will aid in recovery? Will just pushing more test work? Thanks ni…[View]
68475542Finally quit alcohol: Ive been a moderate drinker since I was in my late teens. I'd usually get…[View]
68474687Theoretically.: If i were to give a guy head while he does this but dont finish him off, would that …[View]
68475613I'm gaining weight at a faster rate since I started lifting compared to when I was a lazy slob …[View]
68473247can't feel my triceps working with these[View]
68474398just had my first day in the gym: My goal is just to get stronger and maybe look better. Im thinking…[View]
68475596>he fell for the goyslop being a meme meme[View]
6847302322 year old Roider: Holy shit that nigga balding https://youtube.com/shorts/HAsemyRhNj8?feature=sha…[View]
68470234Both of these people are actual retards. These people just want to ruin our gains.[View]
68472590How many cigarettes should I smoke per day?[View]
68473119does salt have calories i spam that shit on every meal[View]
68470092Soda addict here. What am I supposed to drink throughout the day besides water?[View]
68473629>mfw 1 litre of milk and 2 hours of direct sunlight a day[View]
68474206Is there anything more pathetic than cowardly crabs in a bucket natties who seethe at roiders for be…[View]
68475064Month 2 of my bi daily jaw punching exercise. Facial symmetry drastically improved after incorporati…[View]
68472269What the FUCK am I supposed to do with these proportions[View]
68468052Just got diagnosed with ADHD: How much will amphetamines fuck with my gains?[View]
68471747What is the ideal female form?[View]
68472426>turbomogs your chicken breast[View]
68471741So how do I become a bad ass? Not a meat head...not a guy skilled in one thing but super good at it,…[View]
68469281What is the absolute cheapest way to hit 230g protein on a cut?[View]
68471359Will this stuff boost test or is it a meme?[View]
68473693How long did it take to hit your natty limit?[View]
68474901Can you squat 280lbs?[View]
68473970>go on a cut >don't lose weight >don't gain muscle What kind of hell is this…[View]
68474162Just a reminder: Nobody here knows what they are talking about. Not the Carnivores Not the keto peop…[View]
68471075How do I milkmax when I'm lactose intolerant? I've seen stuff about basedmilk having good …[View]
68471169>Hey anon, catch![View]
68471940You have one week to lose as much fat as possible. How do you do it?[View]
68472494I lift for mammamia[View]
68472033what weights do you buy?[View]
68471208I remember reading here that caffeine drastically decreased blood flow to the brain. Would that expl…[View]
684746942030 is just around the corner, i hope you will be keeping chickens for eggs or milk your own cows/g…[View]
68470447>cock mogs all the ricecels in the CCP gym[View]
68474590the board is full of faggots[View]
68474508Anyone ever dealt with prenatal diastasis recti?: Got a new client with prenatal diastasis recti and…[View]
68473717If you train for aesthetics: Why do you not follow German volumetric training? It skyrockets muscle …[View]
68474603someone told me the secret to get max strengh as a man is: >lots of coffee, high-rep snatches ,cl…[View]
68473453Richard Cooper is the king of /fit/.[View]
68470715proof that getting /fit/ does not necessarily make you happy[View]
68474534Why do I drop around 2kgs of waterweight when I sleep 9 hours but not when I sleep my normal 6-8? An…[View]
68470558>10x10 muscle exercise[View]
68449791/egg/ - eggs general: who /eggpilled/ here?[View]
68474274The process of adaptation is amazing. Fitness is literally just forcing your body to adapt to extern…[View]
68471356Physical gains are nothing in the long run. One day your body will start to degrade, and your spirit…[View]
68474307abductors and cycling: does cycling work out the abductors? 'It targets your quads, glutes, hamstrin…[View]
68474423What the fuck is this Kneesovertoes stuff? Is it good for my knees? I can't squat without havin…[View]
68472406Will this happen if I lift?: I dont want to risk my health just to have a better looking body[View]
68395229/cbg/ - Calisthenics/Bodyweight General: This general is about the discussion of bodyweight training…[View]
68474110Is getting supplements for all essential vitamins worth it? Has it changed anything for you? I could…[View]
68452550is it really this easy to impress normalfags?[View]
68474277How do you set-up a good skincare routine? what products do different skin-types require, how much, …[View]
68473815Is it possible for someone who has been a fatty for there whole life to reach their physical peak?: …[View]
68474252i love you guys, we all gonna make it ive made a list couple years ago and i managed to fulfill almo…[View]
68473538How do I gain confidence to go back to the gym, bros? Literally to autistic to have the balls to go …[View]
68474197I feel bad for people that are fat from childhood, and don’t hold it against them. I find people tha…[View]
68469159Top Speed: Anyone have experience in getting fucking fast? I am 32, just started playing Australian …[View]
68474092What are the best substitutes for wallnuts? I eat them with my breakfast but they are way to high in…[View]
68472714>lower volume >didnt even up intensity, just did less >start making gains My body is fuckin…[View]
68472131>gets flat >oh you got a flat? Probably just bad luck >gets flat x2 >you're probabl…[View]
68472733How do I stop this bullshit from happening?[View]
68469721exertion headaches: anyone here get exertion headaches? one day, i squatted and was getting near rpe…[View]
68473662How do you deal with post-gym fatigue, folks.[View]
68472136How do I get a flat chest without plastic surgery?: I've been down the road and back at the gym…[View]
68471435>mfw donating blood when I’m currently running a deca/test cycle[View]
68471171Is this truly the only non-meme supplement?[View]
68473649Is it a good idea to do yoga or stick to weights and cardio?[View]
68473086>go on a diet for a few months >2000 calories or less while cutting >suddenly noticing a lo…[View]
68473385Alcohol: Can you be /fit/ if you drink alcohol most weekends but everything else is on point?[View]
68473061i been seeing more zoomers at the gym are they even really working out or are they are to hangout[View]
68473518dreaming state: Can dreaming at night help with fitness? Is there a point to not getting woke by the…[View]
68471131/fit/ Women: >4chan laughs about trannies BTFO women in competitive sports >also bitches about…[View]
68471878Bros... I miss /fitlit/...[View]
68465981Gymcels can't fight: how do you cope with the fact, that a random manlet that trains muay thai …[View]
68473351OK. I took the pink pill.. now what[View]
68472998is this exercise basically just a cope for guys with mobility thats so bad they cant hold onto the b…[View]
68473366im fat fuck trying to lose. so far ive lost 20 pounds. i would appreciate some tips or advice on los…[View]
68473144protein question: I can't really get a firm answer from my fitbro people. I'm 285 ~5'…[View]
68473158>bisexual girl tells me she wants to lick my abs all night long at a party >ask her if she has…[View]
68473285I'm sick of squatting: I'm burned out by squatting after hitting 295lbs for reps. Is there…[View]
68450501What happened?[View]
68473270>be me >walk into the gym >it’s full >walk up to the receptionist >I say excuse me …[View]
68472751Realistically speaking, how hard is it to do sled pulls with an big rig 18 wheeler truck? Can you ju…[View]
68472752Is one set of pullovers enough?[View]
68467903daily reminder this is all you need, Cranemode is the end of all lifting[View]
68473137rotator cuff injury: top of right shoulders always hurt at the top of a overhead press. do I need s…[View]
68471256This is the body of one of the greatest sportsmen to ever live. This is what peak performance looks …[View]
68471557How can I bulk without losing stamina and still remaining relatively 'light on my feet' or…[View]
68472556How the fuck do i get more angry? I feel as if i am too meek and this is interfering with my endeavo…[View]
68467657I get mogged by the zoomers at my gym[View]
68472620can adderall help make IF easier or does it not really have any correlation? im on 20mg a day and i …[View]
68464520Is calorie is an unit of energy then why wouldn't heating food up make it more calorie-dense?[View]
68472883Anyone lift while baked Personally i really enjoy when its a good sativa strain helps me focus more …[View]
68470061friction blister: I have a blister forming on the bottom of my foot and have to run, jump rope, and …[View]
68466363Is BTS mode the actual ideal form? Every girls seems to love them…[View]
68462364Fictional goal body thread: Post em[View]
68464846>is superior to barbell OHP[View]
68472720wait, I was changing clothes in the gym and my buddy laughed at me for wearing boxers and briefs: He…[View]
68469085I need a routine and I can’t figure it out.[View]
68472725I hate leg day while im working out but i love leg day after my work out when my legs hurt xD ![View]
68472185I really wanna live in a van would I still be able to make gains? I think with getting a gym members…[View]
68472313Why do I hate squats and deadlifts so much? All upper body exercises I enjoy, more or less. But all …[View]
68472584Abnormal weight loss: Semi fasted (around 300 calories) for only a day and lost 2.3 kg I know it pla…[View]
68472050>the leanpill isn't real br-[View]
68471695>life begins at 10% body fat[View]
68471906lower back fat: im tired of running and dieting just for the love handles to never diminish Im not e…[View]
68468746>reject modernity embrace masculinity video playing in the background >drink a dose of caffein…[View]
68469999Are bugs the future of protein bars and powders? Let's hope so ! Would you replace whey with c…[View]
68471414Sore throat: >eating food feels normal >swallowing anything liquid, even water, milk or my own…[View]
68472430Was forced to get a braccine is there anyway to undo anything it may have altered?[View]
68472242>*gives speech* >'there is no zyzz' >*5 seconds later* >'im fawking zyzz' the fuck was t…[View]
68434832getting a thinner waist: my current diet is abit high in protein and lower in carbs (mostly salads a…[View]
68471863Pseudograins: Pseudograins like buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth, etc. are the most disgusting fucking to…[View]
68471944Hey /fit/ feeling kinda down here's the story >Be me >Fat my whole life >Turn 17 and …[View]
68471924Is there any point in lodging if you’re under 6 foot?[View]
68472240Wait are you supposed to tense the muscle while you move it? I thought that was the point of the mov…[View]
68471725>Are you going to the gym Uncle Anon? >Wait for me to change out of my PJs and I'll go wi…[View]
68472076New machine wat do?: Sup fit. From biz but need to get in shape for bull market. I'm 185lbs and…[View]
68465737How to fix this? No. I won’t roid[View]
68468285Give me a program: Can someone suggest a 3x a week full body program? I need as a novice and I don…[View]
68471324>Dirty bulking is le bad[View]
68469883I live in the countryside. But it is dark, cold, and wet almost all the time. What exercises are ava…[View]
68472115E-Boy Haircut at work: I've recently been styling my hair like Pic related when I go out social…[View]
68471836You're taking your ZMA before sleeping r..rr...right??[View]
68472081MWFS .20cc of Test. What else are we doing to maximize gains?[View]
68470760How beneficial are sprints for heart health? Really health in general. I shoot for 30 second sprints…[View]
68470477>gym is going to be empty tomorrow >New Yorkers afraid and move back home after invading our …[View]
68471443why is getting abs so fucking hard (as a natty)[View]
68471432Reminder that if you're a lonely loser/virgin on here, so long as you are on 4chan, you will ne…[View]
68471129I ignore single moms and fat women. What lifts should I do?[View]
68463982At what point does exercise become excessive? People lose respect for you if you go to the gym 5-7 d…[View]
68471522You didn't get aesthetic in time for beach season this year, but at least you'll have time…[View]
68467330I'm going on a rock climbing date soon. How do I not disappoint my girlfriend who is obsessed w…[View]
68471455Signs of low T: >he can't smell his dick, balls, and asshole when he squats…[View]
68471603Which one of you was this?: https://youtu.be/540VB9atWBc[View]
68467472/fph/ fat adventure edition: Old thread hit bump limit[View]
68470704Literally take the glycine pill: 1. Testosterone isn't really active in tissue, DHT is 2. Testo…[View]
68471610What was the average physique of ancient warriors such as Spartans and Romans? Were they jacked like…[View]
68469292your sign to get a buzz cut has arrived.[View]
68471486Melatonin: Do these things really shrink your balls?[View]
68467760>When Cus died prime Tyson lost his interest in boxing[View]
68470025Leg Press + Romanian Deadlift with Dumbbells is a better combo than Barbell Squat and Barbell Conven…[View]
68466200>Yes, I'm a vegan. How would you tell?[View]
68468325>Decide to lift after years of fighting sports >Bodybuilding it is >Isolation lifts with ju…[View]
68467257Scott Herman: >short, straight to the point videos >no clickbait I dont know what he is doing …[View]
68471636relationship weight: Two yrs ago was 150 lbs and cut due to calisthenics. Now 195 lbs and soft bodie…[View]
68470857LOSE WAIT YOU FAT FUCK >hit the gyms >lift the weights >stay in shape >marry rich chads …[View]
68466685how the hell am i gonna reach 180g of protein per day[View]
68471413Alright, so what the fuck. I've recently been reading that the body can only digest up to 50g o…[View]
68471569>2 weeks of no exercise because of school and other bs >hopped on the bench and cranked out 8 …[View]
68470530How good does the spin bike rate as cardio?[View]
68470696>be me >smoke weed from age 20 to 23 >quit from 23 to 25 >smoke weed again from age 25 t…[View]
68466284>4 years of lifting >complete dyel >zero muscle >pathetic lifts >low iq >no skills…[View]
68470801Big leg muscles but can lift shit weights?: Help me understand this. I have short manlet legs that a…[View]
68470392at what bodyfat% will test naturally be the highest? is it the same for muscle growth?[View]
68455996veganbros... not like this: >Once-Hot Fake Meat Sees Sales Slide on Price and Being Too ‘Woke’ …[View]
68470740Give me one reason I shouldn’t perform home gyno surgery.[View]
68471304how can i stop food addiction: it has been really harming me, recently i got a job and wasted most o…[View]
68469365How do I manage to stay on top of my studies, and remain /fit/? I don’t want to fall behind on my cl…[View]
68471013I suggest you eat the rice.[View]
68470651My roommate thinks that the EPX 7i treadmill would be a good treadmill to replace our half-broken ol…[View]
68469303>be natty >tell everyone i'm on gear anyways…[View]
68471265> It's a good idea to completely exclude one of the three macronutrients from your diet beca…[View]
68465556Should I Take Anavar At 22?: I just learned that Anavar makes your dick bigger. If this thing could …[View]
68469933Lifts for carrying/shouldering my GF: I'm 5'5' (manlet, I know) and my gf is 5'10' M…[View]
68469208>lifting for about 1.5 years >160lbs, 5'6, went down from comically obese 200lbs >340l…[View]
68467931I want to cut carbs but still eat like carrots, broccoli, and fruit Is that even possible?[View]
68469794Please do the needful sirs: and very kindly DO redeem the answer to the question of what the fuck th…[View]
68469764Is 15% minoxidil worth using? What would be the side effects and how might it affect my fitness?[View]
68465363how to fix this: routine suggestions? literally never hit the gym and planning on doing it for the f…[View]
68466077fit jobs: how many of you are working with something that requires physical activity? or work at a g…[View]
68470211>first week of diet >lose like 10 pounds >next 3 weeks of diet >literally nothing what f…[View]
68469841/fit/: I’m 136.7 and 5’6. Should I bulk to 160 or cut to 140 after a bulk to 145?[View]
68470402Does anyone here use DMAA? Is it worth using? Drop your best knowledge about the drug[View]
68470603I just kicked my punching bag as hard as I could and my shins don't hurt. I haven't been d…[View]
68468759Why is this not a good source of protein? Eggs have protein, mayonnaise is made out of eggs, but som…[View]
68467373What happened bros[View]
68470803I was trying to relax my muscles as much as possible while mantaining a good posture and I found tha…[View]
68467351Best supplements in market now >creatine >whey >multivitamin >fish oil…[View]
68470149I've been trying to gain weight and things have been going well, but today I had a heavy lunch …[View]
68457130Leanpill thread: Post before and after pics of guys leanmaxxing. Even being slightly overweight can…[View]
68469328Vegans can't gain mu-[View]
68468326How do I stop obsessive thoughts and rumination it’s been happening to me my whole life and I can’t …[View]
68470300Nightime workouts: Give me a stuff to do. I am alone and drunk. Pls no pressing, done that yesterday…[View]
68466227>lifting for women in the year 2022 https://youtu.be/y7CotPtRz7M Lift for yourself king.…[View]
68470292Do skull crushers and tricep pull downs work the same part of the tricep? Is it pointless to do both…[View]
68469141are fat people(talking 350lbs plus) just have an aura of pure greed and selfishness to them? someon…[View]
68469710Why don't you implement running into your workout routine? Treadmills and Stairmaster are not c…[View]
68468973Who else here 20+ percent body fat and completely stuck? Four years of lifting and this is where I a…[View]
68469909my palms can't handle it anymore: I lift 6 days a week and my palms are hurting so fucking bad …[View]
68454775Reminder: You quite literally cannot argue with research >https://rexmd.com/learn/benefits-of-no…[View]
68461953Post fit blackpills/truthpills >80% of what makes a body look good are shoulder width, muscle ins…[View]
68465191>does nothing[View]
68469746>CARBS ARE BAD!!!!11 why are fitness people so insufferable regarding carbs? they act like THEY G…[View]
68467256Greetings from /a/, Is this actually a good exercise?[View]
68468832Onions: Anon, you are making sure to eat your onions.... right? This study finds that: >A number…[View]
68470119/fraud/: dead ass fucking general keep the thread alive you dickheads edition bonus; swastika ecstas…[View]
68470000>start lifting >enjoy lifting >spend the rest of the gym day thinking about lifting in a co…[View]
68470012How would you 'improve' this bulking protein shake without adding any additional carbs[View]
68467489>have to eat 2,000 calories a day to gain weight >can't have dairy because stomach >ca…[View]
68469510>working out for a while >finally set up a garage gym >still look dyel though >never use…[View]
68468606Are these a meme?[View]
68464843From the new toss that just dropped. Is smoking good for you /fit/?[View]
68467789ITT: Broscience you actually believe: Dry foods give more gains than wet foods. If meat is too moist…[View]
68466133which fucking part of a burger is junk food? is the bread, the meat, the cheese, or the vegetables? …[View]
68469823How do I fix my forward neck.: I look like a gremlin[View]
68462251Life is the biggest party you'll ever be at: When you're not at the gym, remember to enjoy…[View]
68468185>food combustion determines how fat you get lmao you guys are fucking retarded…[View]
68468084This is the second time in a year that I've developed elbow tendonitis in both elbows. First it…[View]
68467678you DO jump rope right?: it's such a time efficient way of burning calories it's also fun…[View]
68453506/plg/ - powerlifting general: >King of fit >programs, stretching, bands, lift tutorials https:…[View]
68458192You will never outlift your genes.[View]
68468458>he actually fell for the wisdom tooth extraction meme congrats nigga you just cucked yourself fo…[View]
68469033Can someone seriously please, PLEASE for the love of fucking god tell me what this type of seat is w…[View]
68469599BPC-157: Where do I buy this stuff? Also, have you used it with success?[View]
68467549>load creatine >tongue muscle pump >keep biting my tongue because it's bigger now owch…[View]
68468400wtf is repetitive strain injury and why can’t I move my arms[View]
68469057What's your inspiration to be fit? >inb4 zyzz[View]
68469030>5'11' >220 lbs >weak AF If my goal is to lose 40lbs to be 180 and have a good lean ph…[View]
68469178how much calories does sugar free xylitol gum has? i just chewed 4 of them, should i be worried?[View]
68465503Your fear of injecting is why you aren't winning in life. Your hormones are being fucked around…[View]
68469426i look exactly like the left pic and thought i had gyno . what should i do to lose as much weight a…[View]
68466450This achievable natty or..[View]
68468879why am I skinnyfat?: According to my doctor, I'm in the normal weight (142lbs) for my height (5…[View]
68468367Do a long run: >feel great while doing it >Feel good by the time I finish >Remember that I…[View]
68469035I thought getting joint pain when you get older was a meme, turns out its a real thing.[View]
68469045Alternative for enemas on leg day?: I've got stick legs because I always get the shits when it…[View]
68468447>roiding for this[View]
68469167First time doing meal prep (picrel). I’m on a cut so my goal was low calorie high protein high fibre…[View]
68469187HELP!: >whenever I try to exercise get out of breath really easily >it's so bad it often …[View]
68469125I have lost so much weight ever since I came to this board 6 weeks ago Call me a faggot all you want…[View]
68468637Have I taken the dirty bulk too far? I'm a powerlifter[View]
68467028>significantly taller than both my parents >significantly more body hair than my dad >can…[View]
68465358I need a battle plan: >be pretty strong and tall >freak injury during a football game >leg …[View]
68469017Carnivore diet: Jit bussin fr fr on god[View]
68468283Good evening. Today marks 3 weeks of accomplishing all my daily goals without fault. I feel like a b…[View]
68468943The chud baby will enjoy the domesticated weed and be happy our be aborted[View]
68466179>that guy who spent 500 bucks on SBD sleeves, a belt, socks, and wraps hogging the rack for the d…[View]
68468858One arm gets more tired than the other when I train and I don't know what to do, any advice?: W…[View]
68466650How do you deal with large nose pores?[View]
68466454Jumping In Place > Calf Raises[View]
68462776What's the weight ratio of you/girl required to pick her up and fuck her in standing position …[View]
68467612Worth Getting a Bench?: Okay, really basic question here. When I workout I put on muscle really quic…[View]
68455034hyperhidrosis (sweaty hands): does anybody else here have this? how do you deal with it? makes my ha…[View]
68466849What are your preferred ways to workout your forearms using dumbbells? I’ve been trying this(supinat…[View]
68455476I don't want to start finasteride, is dermarolling enough?: I don't want to use pharma dru…[View]
68468165best shampoo for hair loss: herbal essences Bio Renew. you guys probably think that i'm trollin…[View]
68466579How to deal with faggots in the gym? I've noticed among the regulars there are large numbers o…[View]
68468008I just now dumped short because of this board[View]
68466732I look like this I want to be as thin as possible while also gaining muscle. Currently my intake is …[View]
68467146Cities vs countryside living: which is healthier?: I'm listing my personal pros, feel free to a…[View]
68468234Alright let's hear it, smash or pass?[View]
68468296how do I get fit like him in my 40's?[View]
68460410How to achieve Zulu Mode as a white guy?[View]
68447344QTDDTOT: QTDDTOT - cutie dee dee tot edition[View]
68462816Is it really that bad?: Ok /fit/, be honest, Is it really that bad? or just propoganda? I have ~4 dr…[View]
68465886>fail a lift (only got 4 reps with 315 on bench instead of the 5 or 6 i wanted) >randoms in th…[View]
68464589>Be fat >Totally invisible to women and low-selft steem. >Lose 20 kg and look like i lift …[View]
68467593Lifting on antibiotics?: Has anyone here continued lifting while on amoxicillin? My doctor said it…[View]
68466882Actual lifting redpills: >linear progression can and should be done all the way to the end >th…[View]
68466985How to get jacked?: As a complete beginner to lifting, what are some good ways to start? And do ya…[View]
68468105Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
68467712wait. you're supposed to grab the smooth part of the DL bar?????? been doing it wrong o.o[View]
68468081Swole: Month 4 of my eating disorder. Dropped 40 pounds. I don't eat most days. Getting swole a…[View]
68463420FIX YOUR CYRCADIAN RYTHM NOW RETARD: TL;DR for the blackest niggerest gorillas among you why? -decre…[View]
68467904>Achilles tendinitis on both feet >Shoulder pain but it's not even impingement, so I have…[View]
68466948Fat ppl have zoom meeting for feelings: You are all invited to this loverly zoom meeting at 2pm CT.…[View]
684677851000 days of walking 10,000 steps a day.[View]
68465993Rate my routine and diet: Monday-Run 1 mile. Do lots of heavy ass squats. Go medium on overhead pres…[View]
68463281I lift for madre[View]
68454107has anyone tried working out on LSD or other psychedelic drugs? If so what were your results?[View]
68464919/fraud/ General: édition de l'oncle iroh[View]
68467528>The 30 year old incel millennia telling me I shouldnt workout in my gymshark drip Just lmao…[View]
68467506I seem to have dropped 4 pounds in about 5 days, am I dying?[View]
68465148can gyno 'cure' itself?: friend of mine is a plastic surgeon and he's been telling me about pat…[View]
68466219Imagine unironically being a braindead ketolard LMAO[View]
68467188What are some manly, constructive ways to get into shape without hitting the gym? I'm about to …[View]
68463517ITT: Meme Exercises: I'll start[View]
68465854>5'9 >24 yr >225lbs >can only bench 155lbs >no gf >virgin >make $14/hr …[View]
68465104>Is the most effective exercise for chest gains[View]
68464026Drip Bayless Mode: When I was in college my idol was Rich Piana. After some years and two bilateral …[View]
68467060Thoughts on Noom to not be such a dumb fatty?[View]
68463723Are there any real physiologic benefits to lifting early in the morning compared to rest of the day?[View]
68464202Ultra high volume: Has anyone experimented with high volume or ultra high volume training? How have …[View]
68463633I lift for them[View]
68465461Why aren't you barbell one arm clean and pressing?[View]
68465715>do dips one day >next day it feels like I got shot in the middle of my chest with a 12 gauge …[View]
68457188TKD/Marital arts thread: Any TKD practitioners here? Also, martial arts thread. High brown belt in T…[View]
68466527>His motivation for lifting is 'Spite'[View]
68464584>21 years old[View]
68465186Is Eric's wife a female architect?[View]
68465667When did you grow out of the powershitter phase, /fit/? For me, it was 22 when I realized no one gi…[View]
68463651Why do people do shoulder hurting dips when you already have 0 pain decline press?[View]
68466719The fuck lads: I was away from gym for 10 days as I was extremely busy with work and now my bench ha…[View]
68466795How to make lats bigger?: I want the nice V-taper when chicks see me somewhere[View]
68460729Hey guys I really need help with my run. I have a PT test for work Wednesday where I have to perform…[View]
68462844cat gainz goblin: >ran out of wet food but order some >cat is upset with only dry food but wha…[View]
68466028Sleeveless tees: yay or nay?[View]
68465732Do I have to roid for this?[View]
68466147I bench in the squat rack because it has safeties and I go to failure. Is this okay?[View]
68466305>Yes, I'm a meat eater. How would you tell?[View]
68466655How do I train while hiding my power level?: How do you lift heavy rock while still looking like a c…[View]
68463981Rich Piana Tribute Thread: Others may have been greater. But no one Beats him when it comes to react…[View]
68465593Russia Hate Club: As silly as it may sound, this meme made me come back to lifting. Tune is cool too…[View]
68464638>have corona for 1 week >go back to training when it subsides >workout goes well >next d…[View]
68453898Is this physique obtainable natty or is Tate roiding? He claims natty[View]
68465499MY WRISTS HURT WHEN THEY TWIST: its been 1 week, what do?[View]
68460927>tfw cutting >tfw hungry choose both[View]
68464816Weighted push ups: My plan is to do weighted push ups with a 20lbs vest on. My 1rm bench is about 18…[View]
68462511I'm so fucking bald: And i'm so fuckin ugly I looks EXACTLY like picrel Is it over from th…[View]
68466434I fucked up my shoulder and wrist bench pressing. They keep making popping noises and obviously in p…[View]
68465861Riding my bike hurts my taint and inner thighs, what do?[View]
68465822I've started lifting three weeks ago and never experienced muscle soreness: Is that normal? I g…[View]
68462541is DDR unironically good for fitness or is that just a meme[View]
68463367>lift consistently for 4 years, 4x a week >2/10 face but i genuinely like my body now, it give…[View]
68466032Im not familiar with any “roids” and the impact they can have on your health and lifestyle, are sarm…[View]
68457121>walk into the gym >see this what do you do?…[View]
68458630Newfag to roids: Complete newfag to roids. I know brand names and shit, but how to properly cycle, w…[View]
68458682he just can't strop winning can he? also what's his routine[View]
68461623How do you cope with the knowledge that you'll eventually grow older and start deteriorating, b…[View]
68465823What is the best personality type for being fit and strong? I'd argue ENTJ are probably the mos…[View]
68465955Can I cut to a low BF% by eating almost nothing and drinking lots of alcohol everyday, while still w…[View]
68460138/fph/ Built-Fat edition: Finally some OC[View]
68464227Daily reminder.[View]
68451674Hamza has a mental breakdown over people who recommend anime: https://youtu.be/9LSsY7jPG_g This guy …[View]
68465973>Got such a ridiculous bicep pump on my last set that I was unable to get a boner for 4 hours We…[View]
68462482>Bench 4x8 >Decline 4x8 >OHP 4x8 >Rows 4x8 >Squats 4x5 >Curls 3x12 Is this enough …[View]
68464726Day 1000 of 10k steps a day[View]
68465178you are now aware of your tinnitus[View]
68465786Would you take advice from someone smaller and weaker than you?[View]
68462935> caught a nasty cold What do? I can't work out nor leave the bed cause I'm exhausted…[View]
68459301What happened to hair loss general and skincare general?[View]
68465604I just found out that milk gives you cancer and I've been doing GOMAD for 4 fucking months[View]
68465720Prostatitis or weak pelvic muscles: I saw picrel in a thread here yesterday & it interested me b…[View]
68464707Tips on sexmaxxin: What does /fit/ do to practice sexual stamina? In case you remotely have any idea…[View]
68465688Neck pain remedy: What are some fast neck pain remedies /fit/ bros, I've slept in shit position…[View]
68456011Why does /fit/ make fun of crossfit when it's literally lifting + sport?[View]
68463730This thing just turns my night into delirious sleepy mess while keeping me awake.[View]
68463599>never feel any pump on my pecs >they always feel sore later at home Am I doing something wron…[View]
68464066>360 then walk into gym >I AM THE ANTIPOP I'L RUN AGAINST THE GRAIN TILL THE DAY I DROP s…[View]
68464353Can I really get abs by doing 5 to 8 hours of sit-ups daily?[View]
68452056nofap day 22[View]
68446261I lift for mein Kaiser Reinharto[View]
68454785You're chroming up, right anon?[View]
68463963Can't lose weight even though I eat little: I have been eating way below my BMR for quite some …[View]
68463988Weighted Push ups: You may not like it, but this is what ultimate Push exercise looks like. >natu…[View]
68460622Weightlifting gloves: Why do these trigger /fit/ so much?[View]
68465145Exercise variations: Good and Bad?: In terms of variations, which ones do you find to be pretty good…[View]
68464901This is what I ate before training[View]
68464352This is my dad at age 63. How does he look?[View]
68464332>having the body of a healthy adult male is unrealistic and you can only achieve it if you’re a h…[View]
68464851Is it possible to gain more muscle mass during a cut?[View]
68461742Best Excercises to grow chest? Are incline and flat bench enough or should I also do cable and dumbe…[View]
68464672>GYNO >Autism >Klinefelter syndrome I never stood a fucking chance bros…[View]
68464783Fat: >talk to friends about diet >they tell me to eat more fat >fat balances your hormone …[View]
68455602Does taking vitamins or working out make you hornier?: Not even a bait thread. I've been liftin…[View]
68464911Daily reminder to train glutes Without fail, every girl I've been with said they love my ass an…[View]
68463636vitamins: >2022 >not eating animal vitamins…[View]
68464804Acetone breath during exercise?: So when I'm rooning and get past about 5k or so, I get acetone…[View]
68464737An argument in favour of bulking big (>800+ calories): If you start with a bodyweight of 80, and …[View]
68464874how much sodium and potassium do you eat on a day? >me: 1.4gr sodium and 6.7gr potassium…[View]
68464869Are you ripped enough to get into Heaven?[View]
68461986Does being touch-starved kill gains?[View]
68464458Pregnenolone: Just got put on this cuz all my hormones were pretty shit. What's everyone's…[View]
68464699I had a really good workout today: >Got up at 6:30am, it finally cooled down here. Nice 63f morni…[View]
68462262i am leaving 4chan forever cya guys. Follow my lead if you want to make it[View]
68463490Does Drake follow bro split or ppl?[View]
68462963Why the fuck are my top abs slightly visible at such a high bf %[View]
68457410How bad is a bowl of pho going to kick me out of ketosis? My craving is immense![View]
68462777>eat 700 cals >stomach basically feels empty How the fuck am I gonna cut…[View]
68463061I can't even do a chin up. How do I build myself to be able to do them?[View]
68464356Feeling ill: Why do I feel ill the day after working out? I feel really lazy, beaten and it feels li…[View]
68462697For fuck sakes[View]
68437759/run/ - Roon general: Did you run today, /fit/? previous miles: >>68406042 >Advice for new …[View]
68464384/keto hate thread/[View]
68463048Is StrongLifts 5x5 good for you?[View]
68462926>'I just do some push-ups once in a while haha it's just genetics I swear!' >'Liar! You a…[View]
68464336Picrel natty according to le Jew tube video: How https://youtu.be/tGUMW1AfniE[View]
68463459>guy coughmaxxing in the rack beside you[View]
68463225>34 >married >kids >software engineering job >sit at desk all day >webcomic as hob…[View]
68463275/fit/ food thread Anybody have suggestions for a high protein pasta sauce?[View]
68464092Post Your Supplements: I remember reading something on here a couple weeks ago about taking 3 OTC me…[View]
68462455As beard hrowth is related to test, are men who can grow a beard more likely to pursue a /fit/ life?…[View]
68462524Why has 'grinding' and 'hustle culture' become such an integral part of modern fitness culture? I ju…[View]
68463925HYPOTHETICAL: You have a 2meter x 2meter space to lift for 2 hours every day, what would your routin…[View]
68461303>the /leanpill/ isn't real, it's all bullsh-[View]
68463947>slow and controlled reps >mind-muscle connection…[View]
68464093Why is nobody talking about this pill?: see this thing at the gym, ASSAULT AIRBIKE ELITE, nobody us…[View]
68464035Bros I think it's well established that polyester isn't the best for you. (Toxicity, hormo…[View]
68464038I just ate a breakfast of homemade sweet potato hashbrowns fried in lard, home cured bacon, cage fre…[View]
68460473Anon you've been acclimating yourself for this winter with cold showers haven't you? >…[View]
68463583What are the reasons for day to day weoght fluctuations when losing weight?: If you're on a str…[View]
68463820>Wanted to be a prettyboy >Forced to lift because I'm ugly and balding >Feel shame as …[View]
684621781.5 years of lifting and I have nothing to show for it. i must have the worst genetics[View]
68447531/fat/ - fat loss general: Archived redpills edition >Who is /fat/ for? For large lazy lards who a…[View]
68458823>calf DOMS[View]
68462949Cardio: How should I integrate it as part of a 6 day PPL? All I want is to have better heart and lun…[View]
6846194524: How would I unironically salvage this or is it too far gone? I’m giving myself 2.5 years to see …[View]
68460255Any anons here suffer from chronic prostatitis? How do you deal with this shit? I need to pee all th…[View]
68460804TAKE THE DEADBEATPILL: >Young and good face? Grow hair out like jesus, always wear flipflops, ge…[View]
68462172So I'm on the dole with no car (working on it) and IGA is my local grocery store - how do I bul…[View]
68459739>finish set >reps weren't divisible by 2 or 5…[View]
68460616Body cleaning: Been (plastic) loofah gang for a while and trying to eliminate the evil plastic in my…[View]
68463571This is a qualified respected nutritionist in modern society[View]
68463352how do i get a body like eric striker?[View]
68463305Did your social life become better when you became /fit/? I have no friends, except my wife. I lost …[View]
68462687SELF DESTRUCTION OCTOBER: hey guys,instead of doing those memes challenges like no fap november,why …[View]
68460184Alternatives to Barbell Squat?: What are the best alternatives to the good old barbell squat? I love…[View]
68463524Is there a way to fix body dysmorphia? Before working out I was aware of the fact that I wasn't…[View]
68463131Natty or roided?[View]
68434735The secret to achieve big booba as a woman is become fat then lost weight, like this girl did?[View]
68459715has anyone recovered from binge eating here? what did you do?[View]
68461828Beginner to the gym, are there any exercises that I should remove or add to my upper-body workouts? …[View]
68462576I have failed: >be me work in investment banking >pulling an all nighter >piece of shit fi…[View]
68463252will america ever solve obesity or is it impossible like anything in this country being fixxed[View]
68463115Is saiyan mode achievable natty?[View]
68463124Why wouldn't i want lower libido all the time? There's no point thinking about sex or fema…[View]
68459376How long did it take you to realise that full body workouts are completely useless for bodybuilding …[View]
68455253will you eat bugs for gains when cattle farming gets outlawed?[View]
68461329i have a tiny dick and even smaller balls. the balls are above the dick also. the balls hand down ar…[View]
68462119What do you imagine when you're going for PR?: When I was in HS I just imagined myself going su…[View]
68462650Bajiquan?: How do I look? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wO2ikFWs3Q[View]
68462636my ass: Okay fit bros, I used to think that I have hemorrhoids and good news is that I don't. I…[View]
68462473How do you keep up with dieting for bulking with the soaring food prices?[View]
68462832>Satin pillowcase >1mg Finasteride and 2x 1ml Minoxidal daily >Consider Dutasteride is you…[View]
68459940Could you beat him, /fit/? https://youtu.be/LmDW81tO-mI fight starts at 09:40[View]
68461236If my scalp is itchy around the base of the hairline/and temples does that mean I'm losing hair…[View]
68458969This is what I lift for anyone who says otherwise is coping[View]
68460428What body fat% is this? My body perception is so fucked that I legitimately can’t tell anymore.[View]
68462392This is the routine I've been doing for the past couple of months, I only have dumbbells that g…[View]
68461725Is it true that fitness (with weights) ?[View]
68462594When do you start counting your fast? As soon as you finished eating a meal? Or when you actually en…[View]
68462555have you ever accidentally mog someone i did for the first time and i feel amazing lmao[View]
68461292Progress Thread: I'd like to see everyone's progress. Post body stats with time frame. Fi…[View]
68462111muricans are the least fit in the world who would have thought[View]
68462242can America ever beat the obesity crisis i mean Europeans have been good at fighting it or stalling …[View]
68462452hmm which store is better for food aight i only live next to 3 stores aldi, winn dixie and publix i …[View]
68460676ITT: Kryptonite: I'll start[View]
68449819Ideal female physique thread[View]
68462417I trained hard today, bench, ohp, flyes and lat raises, I will get stronger, whatever it takes..[View]
68460496Sensory deprivation during lifts: I already wear ear plugs (not headphones) in the gym to avoid list…[View]
68455422What is causing this?[View]
68462342>Pendlay Rows[View]
68461811How fucked am I /fit/? I'm 24,is this still salvageable if I see a dermatologist or should I st…[View]
68462203if epsom salt wasn't meant to be drinked why it comes in milk carton? checkmate[View]
68456328Why are girls legs so long?[View]
68461681Roughly what bf% is he[View]
68461291I feel really dumb and fat when I'm outside exercising , how do you get over this feel?[View]
68458570How true is the stuff they say in this anime? >don't do OMAD or you'll gain weight >…[View]
68460359Have you noticed women giving you sex eyes or looks of attraction the fitter you got? Fuck man women…[View]
68461570I still have to workout today[View]
68462014Whats the best routine for a manlet?[View]
68461002Why is this happening?: So I pretty much lost both my appetite for food and sex drive and these both…[View]
68461349I’ll give it 3 more years of self improvement. If things don’t change I’ll kill myself[View]
68461728are u a chad? do u make redditkeks seethe when u lift?[View]
68460126I deadlifted 94 kg (207.2 lbs) for 7 reps today. It felt good, but made me really fucking tired afte…[View]
68461741How to into julian mode?[View]
68460594Is picright ottermode or dyel?[View]
68461563>lie in bed all day >feel tired >exercise and walk 20k steps in a day >feel full of ener…[View]
68460924Could I transform my body from thid with strictly calisthenics ?[View]
68460044Am I fucking up my joints or strengthening them?: I've been incorporating rucking into my routi…[View]
68457733Is doing 6 sets of bench too much?[View]
68445008Anxiety cure: If I don’t manage my chronic anxiety I’m fucked. It’s like I’m always in flight or fig…[View]
68461654What do you wear while lifting anons?: What is your go to attire for the gym. For me it's a wif…[View]
68459998Nofap: give it to me straight: What kind of gains have you lads gotten from nofap? Longest I've…[View]
68461579What’s the weird bump on my lower back?[View]
68460236/SAUNA/: Welcome to the sauna. Here we discuss rest and relaxation in relation to fitness. >massa…[View]
68461266>Be me >But Pumpkin Pie from store >320 cal per slice, 44g carbs per slice so 2 is still un…[View]
68461290>tfw you can't lift away the autism https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8FqG5DBM_o…[View]
68461165My debit card was stolen so i'll have no money for a couple weeks. So i have to fast. I might h…[View]
68451445Which of the extinct megafauna are you fit enough to beat in a fight?[View]
68459872When Did Climbing Become So Pozzed?: >be climbing gym in California >offer a setting class for…[View]
68460321What's his routine[View]
68461414Exercises for Aesthetic Back: What's a good routine for an aesthetic back? I'm at 217, mo…[View]
68461443>his abs and obliques don't protrude from under his shirt Ngmi[View]
68461157You wake up in this body. Anytime you try to by TRT or gear you are blacklisted from the store, Wha…[View]
68459494could i do reverse dropsets?[View]
68459880Just ate a bowl of beans, had two eggs and a plate of broccoli for dinner. What are you guys having?…[View]
68460919Thoughts on Lifting Vault: 'Hello, today Jamal just broke the world record again for plowing my wife…[View]
68461357Studies say that sex doesn't really burn that much calories, but I assume that's under the…[View]
68460163Is it OK if you separate the cardio you do in a day from your actual workout? I like to do all the r…[View]
68460576Bodybuilding competition: What are some good exercises to target key muscle areas for that aesthetic…[View]
68460871What should I do once I am satisfied with my strength and my physique? I am getting pretty close to …[View]
68460170>burn through shoes in 6 months >still pay $120 for fucking sneakers Why are runners so fucki…[View]
68456532Old school bodybuilding: What do you guys think of people like Eugen Sandow (pic rel) Are their rout…[View]
68451054>How’s the dirty bulk going? so far so- *BUUUUUUUUURRGGHHHHHH* oh man sorry been absolutely crush…[View]
68461227How to change collarbone/clavicle slope?: For example I have upward sloped clavicles, but would pref…[View]
68461018>Yeah, just do some pushups and touch your toes in the morning.[View]
68459718Sauna pill me bros: What’s the benefits? My new gym has one and a pool! I love the feeling of a post…[View]
68460531CICO is kinda retarded to be honest and I an going to prove it with FACTS AND LOGIC.. If I eat nothi…[View]
68459509Forgive the shitty editing, can anyone help with this? So when my arm is extended normally, no pain…[View]
68460807What suppliments do you take and do you have a good reason to do so? >D: I don't get enough …[View]
68460495Best lifts to unlock based, trad, italian mama gf?[View]
68460705No one ever told me how OVERPOWERED it is to have a gym in your building. I've been inconsisten…[View]
68460395Is a woman injecting estrogen and progesterone comparable to a man injecting testosterone? This woul…[View]
68458646Is peanut oil as bad as sneed oils? My intuition tells me that it shouldn't be as bad since you…[View]
68459697I lift to proudly wear this guy: What do you lift for?[View]
68460624heart pain: >Lift heavy, so heavy I'm straining neck muscles >Heart hurts for days after…[View]
68459386>stops you from lifting for 2-4 weeks what do?[View]
68460625Advice on Weighloss: Hey /Fit/ I'm not a regular on this board but I recently decided that I…[View]
68452725Ginger is better than steroids: Ginger is Anabolic as fuck[View]
68458340So how do I fix this?: I feel like they are too flabby and don't want to get gyno[View]
68460275>go to the gym 5-6 days a week >build muscle, able to get strong consistently >eat a good a…[View]
68459654>barley any protein >hurts your stomach and gives you hot farts for the rest of the day…[View]
68459111>nofap minute 1[View]
68458835How serious do you have to take nutrition if you don’t want an absolutely insane body? Like, if I ge…[View]
68459656Got drunk before my workout again[View]
68459990How come nowadays you see more and more bitches with this posture? It’s unappealing as shit.[View]
68459334How do i get my hands on this body[View]
68459976Do you do neck bridges? Are they safe? I started doing them recently and I frickin love them[View]
68457685Will lifting and getting in better shape make me more confident and assertive in social situations?[View]
68459695Can body building/aesthetic physique offset pic related? how have bald bros here dealt with it? I…[View]
68458005Discipline is not a real thing: You either do things like working out because you enjoy it or becaus…[View]
68459511Should I rotate heavy bench and heavy ohp on PPL? I like benching more and can bench 200lbs for 3 re…[View]
68459480>be depressed >run a mile >do heavy squats >shower >day 9 nofap >drink whiske…[View]
68448853Is training 6 days a week too much? (PPL x2 and rest on Sundays)[View]
68459726can we get a diet thread? what do you guys eat? personally i hate chicken but i eat it anyway with v…[View]
68458073Why do they fear the zercher?[View]
68457592rate my split Monday: leg curl + RDL calf raise x2 lateral raise + db shoulder press machine reverse…[View]
68454684How to get whiter teeth?: I tried Hydrogen peroxide 3% not really doing much[View]
68457331Motivational Quotes Thread: >in b4 'you're a faggot' or some shit I am making a spreadsheet …[View]
68459755>do squats >spinal erector near my left shoulder-blade starts to get random aches when I get o…[View]
68458491How do you guys get your fats for cheap? I've looked into nuts but the majority of ones that ar…[View]
68458900indigestion from tren is real[View]
68459845Any other massholes here? Where can I get cheap eggs, and why are they so expensive now[View]
68459404How many of you guys have had a hydrocelectomy?: It's been over half a year for me now, been do…[View]
68458328is red meat bad for you?[View]
68458360Is juji's wife in charge?: Tom never posted shit videos like this. I miss him bros...[View]
68456469Why are fitness bros usually so into greek mythology and the general aesthetic?[View]
68459205Prevent Vommiting?: How do you stop yourself from throwing up at the gym? Everytime I push myself I …[View]
68459751Did I fuck my hand up somewhere? Flexing my thumb towards my hand shows this line through my palm pa…[View]
68459760Just read Healthy Carb Cookbook for Dummies What did I think of it?[View]
68457357Bad Sleep: If I keep a a strict diet and workout, but refrain from good sleep, how much of my potent…[View]
68444368Testosterone and Sexual Preference: >get new stressful job >notice signs that suggest that my …[View]
68459667>I powerwalked >down to that pile of gummy bears and back >I should probably set the pile o…[View]
68434683/fraud/ General: Saturday chill steroid discussion[View]
68459370Anyone have experience with weighted vests? This piece of shit is a fucking deathtrap. When it'…[View]
68458385Okay /fit, redpill me on raw eggs. I've taken to drinking two raw eggs in a glass of chocolate …[View]
68458618Do you wear tights when running? If not, would you like to try them?[View]
68459559You guys were right, exercise really is the best antidepressant. I legitimately got upset the one ti…[View]
68459523What's your most autistic /fit/ habits?: >watch OPM this summer before going back to uni …[View]
68456364I wish I never got into lifting: I think I might unironically have body dysmorphia now. Even with th…[View]
68456977Just to keep you updated what our big idol has been doing this sunday. Still having a nice blonde at…[View]
68458500Rich Piana's 'Real Food' supplement: Anyone tried this? A mixture of complex carbs in a powder …[View]
68458624>girl uses machine before you >the seat is still hot…[View]
68458915Retarded shit you used to do: > literally for around FIVE YEARS OR MORE did 2-3 sets of one of 4 …[View]
68448740I unironically said the word 'goyslop' in a real sentence to my acquaintances today[View]
68456908>been liftting since 18 >am 27 now >can only bench 165 should i just give up?…[View]
68455072What do I eat to shit once a day?[View]
68459106Everyone I see is old, fat, and/or ugly: >follow 4chan's advice >touch grass >everyone…[View]
68458890Is 35 too late to gain muscle?[View]
68459237Take the leanpill bros!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73_ORmRc_vo[View]
68453109/FDM/ - Fitness Dark Magic General: ITT: Post your fitness forbidden knowledge I'll Start >S…[View]
68458552So many foods have carbs, onions, paprika, cheese, all fruit. What do you even eat to low carb? Eggs…[View]
68458604How did Lou lose this?[View]
6845914180 lbs+ dumbbells > barbell[View]
68447914/fast/ - Fasting Genital: Generic Freak Edition ITT we discuss our fasting related goals and support…[View]
68459029If I IF 20:4 for weight loss (minimizing muscle loss) can I eat more calories (not a lot. Just sligh…[View]
68459038Spandex retards: This shit is okay yet I get kicked out for wearing my Spiderman suit?? https://yout…[View]
68452948What are your thoughts on mixed-grip deadlifts? I feel like I tend to see people get hurt more with …[View]
68456798Is your ass and back suppose to be sore after having sex for the first time ?[View]
68457417Bros i am starting muay thai this week but i want to start lifting to compliment this I'm a bit…[View]
68458127>buy these >add a bunch of eggs and scoops of protein powder >now have protein fluffy cakes…[View]
68457942How do we know coffee or caffeine isnt bad for us? Doctors literally used to recommend smoking[View]
68458741Tell me about your meal prep, /fit/[View]
68451311Do you guys do competitive sports?[View]
68454381>Keto causes extremely low testosterone https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/0260106022108307…[View]
68458795>saw a naked old man in the changing room drying his ass with the hair drier in the gym changing …[View]
68458341Things total retards say /ttrsg/ general: > yeah bro I do dips and pullups for my upper body >…[View]
68458482420 and lift?: I smoke a joint every night before I sleep. I’m average build, 5’9” / 170’ish CM and…[View]
68456582Smoking Weed: I've got a bit of a cold right now, tonsils were swollen yesterday but much less …[View]
68450179Monday's Indomitable Spirit: It's the start of the week again, take a deep breath in, hold…[View]
68457669Limping with no injury: I have what looks like a limp, but I'm not in any pain. I can sometimes…[View]
68453050Millenial sisters... How do we cope about the fact that zoomers are better in every possible way?[View]
68457487Give it to me straight, can you look good natty without creatine? It makes a hell of a difference fo…[View]
68450930/fph/: Fat People Hate - Eating compilation edition[View]
68454952Is It a really nutritious fruit, pra os It a meme[View]
68457135OH NO NO NO: Greg Douchebag is attacking our guy again[View]
68457698How do I unlock this mode?[View]
68457078Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
68456559bulk-bros, how to cope with low appetite?[View]
68453162Where can I find form-fitting clothes that show off my gains without cutting off my blood flow?[View]
68457462>bulk without going to the gym >lift on a cut Why yes I do do this every year…[View]
68455793At what age should you give up on keeping /fit/?[View]
68454210I have literally never once seen a woman working out in a bra and leggings: At my gym women wear hea…[View]
68445369whats the official: official pokemon of /fit/?[View]
68456503are you fit enough to defend your family in front of a murderous bear?[View]
68454177What is the fastest and safest way to lost 15kg of bodyweight ?[View]
68450609Do prisoners actually know what they're doing or do they just compensate by being able to worko…[View]
68456659Is Topical Minoxidil a SCAM?: Topical minoxidil does go systemic! in comparable amounts to the oral …[View]
68456955Could you survive as long as he has?[View]
68455396I will now lose weight[View]
68455666I've been having benign twitching all over my body for several weeks now. No other symptoms. Do…[View]
68458072flexmaxing?: I'm at my work from home desk often and I often get the urge to flex muscles that …[View]

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