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/fit/ - Fitness

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55105408Neck: How do i get cured of torticollis[View]
55105955>trap doms[View]
55101395/fraud/ Steroids General - Off Season Bloat Edition: Before asking your stupid beginner questions (y…[View]
55104236How do I get strong enough to do shit like pic related, muscle ups, one hand push ups, etc etc[View]
55090993gym stories ITT: I’ll start >be me college freshman >big guy (for you) thanks to playing rugby…[View]
55104863Why are women so attracted to this body type?[View]
55105720sea salt (~15g) for sodium banana for potassium is my diet fucked, /fit/? I take multivitamins tho …[View]
55103207Why are normies so put off by exercise? Every other day I do sprints in the park on top of my liftin…[View]
55102274>did 17 burpees >2 days later still sore how tf people do this shit?…[View]
55103874What's the ideal female body type? If you're a grill into weightlifting what should the id…[View]
55105684Total gym: Has anyone used this long term?[View]
55104798Do you play sports?[View]
55105014My circulation is cut off doing bicep curls, while I do bicep curls with my right arm on my left arm…[View]
55104846DAMN! Tara Reid looks like THAT?![View]
55102174What a faggot[View]
55105347Lifting music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSW2zeM3yLU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MV_3Dpw-B…[View]
55104505Rate CJ's Gains: What do you guys think of /fit/ CJ?[View]
55105291Am I going to die?: intermittent fasting the day before doing hiit in the morning (3 times a week) s…[View]
55105277RIP Rich Banana: Random as fuck but I legit shed a tear after pushing myself hard af on the bench th…[View]
55105015>listen to /fit/ >break the filthy coom habbit >gigachad.jpg >kikes and trannies trying …[View]
55097597Why even bother with strength training? Why not lift for aesthetics and look good? No one cares abou…[View]
55102931What's your gymbro like /fit/? Can you outlift them? Are they lifting up your spirits during th…[View]
55104509Looking for advice: I've been meaning to get more into exercise, and well now seems like a bett…[View]
55104351Food for Gains: What do y'all think of my supper? Good for gains?[View]
55104775Why in THE FUCK aren’t stores like Walmart, Target or other big superstores that are still open that…[View]
55103951How do I get a nice thicc ass in these pandemic times? Do girls like an ass like this?[View]
55103017How to get endurance?? I’ve started to run and I’m actually quite fast for a bit, I can run a 6 minu…[View]
55103823Lifting every day is too hard for me. I can barely get up in the mornings. Cooking also sucks and is…[View]
55104692What did you have for dinner?[View]
55096028Is this natty? apparently transformation took 8 weeks.[View]
55105124I don't even lift weights and my chest is as big as this guy, why do I have to have BIG ASS RIB…[View]
55103972What's your home glute workout like /fit/? Keeping yourself plump and juicy for the grills once…[View]
55100906>Be me >'Depressed' >Try to kms >Fail >Try to get /fit/ and change my life …[View]
55103304You are the prize[View]
55104790I've gained 3kg since the beginning quarantine. Bros, I'm not gonna make it...[View]
55104906>American gyms dios mio[View]
55102117Does anyone else feel uncharacteristically tired or drained since going into lockdown?[View]
55104848how to reduce stress? i want to play sports but i have no friends. what do?[View]
55104744Have sex: Yes, have sex, degenerates. While you indulge in such base activity, while you spill your …[View]
55103860THE TRUTH: God you fitness FREAKS disgust me. We all know there's only one true way to find hap…[View]
55104766Is Charles Poliquin A Quack: Seems like somewhat of a pseudo intellectual who just takes stacks of d…[View]
55104214Fat hate thread.[View]
55102153Take the bloatpill.[View]
55100525Post songs that always give you a second wind. https://youtu.be/q6GyTBVAF4w[View]
55104280Is it over?[View]
55103931>injure left thumb ligament two months ago >hurts like shit pushing heavy with it, cant go to …[View]
55101198I'm in need of pictures for my corona gym, so toss a wanker your motivational mems.[View]
55104395Social Maxing without Dumb Normie Shit: I'm neurotypical enough to be able to act as a fake nor…[View]
55099037/Corona/ home workout thread: Gyms are closed, here’s my home workout thread to cope with the incred…[View]
55103599if i get big enough can i stop crying?[View]
55103351>haha look at that faggot over there >he cant even run at 16 mph like we're at >i bet …[View]
55098443Any fitizens with Bowel Diseases?: How do you cope with it? What's your disease? How does it af…[View]
55104460Bodyweight CHAD here to save you from the Chinese virus[View]
55097430You are NOT meant to be very muscular: Humans are simply NOT meant to be very muscular from an evolu…[View]
55104200Had to clip off a callus on my hand because the skin was peeling off and bleeding. I'm so fucki…[View]
55098327>hemorrhoids >stomach always making loud noises >skin itching after shower >no energy …[View]
55101129how to fix my body: I'm skinny as fuck like a stick figure tried eating but didnt help rather I…[View]
55103582>imagined play fighting with my nonexistent gf again >she jokes that It’s unfair because my mu…[View]
55103622Finasteride: Anyone on this? How common are the sides? Test destroyed my hair and I don't want …[View]
55101854stronger after 1 month break: how the fuck does this shit work? all my lifts have gone up since i st…[View]
55102268kek, imagine being this guy[View]
55103799Natty needs help: What workouts should/can I do to improve my physique? The reason my stomach looks …[View]
55104180>was about to sign up for local mma gym >bought a standing bag and gloves after it closed >…[View]
55102815Daily reminder that sumo deadlift isn't real deadlift: That is all[View]
55103970Just bought two 45kg dumbells, should be arriving any day now. What exercises can I do with them?[View]
55101975>haven’t done deadlift in years >try it today >can easily diddly 4pl8 for reps >now my s…[View]
55102547Post liftan tracks/albums, lookin for something new[View]
55103356>gf breaks up with you GOOD she was a leaching gains goblin, as well as an emotional drain. You n…[View]
55103976corona or a case of the lazyfuck?: Holy shit guys, I went for a run an hour or so ago, a proper run …[View]
55098654immune to drugs: >epinephrine and caffiene does nothing for me, even at 1.5x the recommended dose…[View]
55103397This is why we must lift, comrades. https://truthout.org/articles/incarcerated-anti-fascists-report-…[View]
55099778How long can I go healthy fasting without zi snake juice?[View]
55101184What is the point of being big if you cant fight? Even a thailand femboy trained in muay thai can b…[View]
55101569best places to go for bodybuilding: Sup /fit/. I'm looking to move somewhere after this corona …[View]
55102308Things dyels say: >I sure wish the gyms would open. >I don’t have a home gym.…[View]
55100390Roll for gyms to be open tomorrow.[View]
55102998/Fit/'s Effect on your Brain: >denounces porn for the damaging effect it has on your dopamin…[View]
55101719Anyone else on no shave for lockdown? Grow that powerful beard out.[View]
55102205Anyone bake? I’ve been making protein oat cookie things since I’ve been stuck home all day. they’re …[View]
55103596Am i the only one here that have been fat and fit like more than 10 times or 15 times in his life? I…[View]
55093210Using amphetamines for weight loss reee: im a fatass. my goal is to slim down about 15-20 pounds. a …[View]
55103797I miss the gym: I miss hearing powerlifter bros drop their weights and scream I miss staring at thi…[View]
55103547Has working out cured your depression? it didn't cure mine. I even got a gf and had sex.[View]
55101895>were all gonna make it make what exactly? what is 'it'?[View]
55101362I'm trying to fix a treadmill belt and it keeps losing alignment (going diagonal) on the front …[View]
551035585'10' - 6'1' is the perfect height: Fight me[View]
55100836what can be improved?[View]
55100562What's the best exercise of all time and why is it the Jefferson Deadlift?[View]
55092040What kind of guy do buff girls like?[View]
55103242If every man watched him there would be no simps and women wouldn't be validated constantly by …[View]
55085026>makes you feel nauseous and retarded the next day heh, nothin personal…[View]
55102091fat for satiety: why do people say that fat doesn't satiate you? I've been insanely hungry…[View]
55086699>that guy at the gym that asks you to spot his 80kg benchpress[View]
55103360Hey fans: Do you like my sickening movie poster?? Feels cold[View]
55103571Anon, why did you not lift for me yesterday?[View]
55095894when are they going to open gyms again I can feel the atrophy[View]
55102662>go through insta profiles on gym location >half nattys being praised like they are gods gifts…[View]
55103473I just saw a ghost[View]
55100475>I love a man who rows, just look at his Latissimus Dorsi[View]
55086077Maximizing testosterone: >noporn/nofap >daily exercise (calisthenics and running) >daily su…[View]
55102765>Been here a month now, waiting for the gyms to open, getting softer. Every minute I stay in this…[View]
55101885how to out-lift reality?[View]
55101072Imagine not cooking your own meals.[View]
55100725sigAnons /fit/ & /sig/ mega.nz archive: FINALLY! I've got my ass up to finally update the a…[View]
55103202How do you find motivation to exercise regularly? I haven't been consistent with exercise for m…[View]
55095726Is the rowing machine all I need to gain? Seems to cover all muscles[View]
55100241Accurately calculating caloric need: Has anyone figured out a better way of figuring out what a surp…[View]
55102053How do I stop wasting time and learn to dedicate every minute towards working, learning or self-impr…[View]
55102895Will i lose size in forearms now that i am cutting[View]
55100557Beer: Could low alcohol beer (2-3%) actually be a good intra-workout drink? It is mainly carbs so ca…[View]
55101654is mewing a meme or it's actually works?[View]
55087813Why did God made me go bald in my 20s, /fit/? I can't even look myself in the mirror. Everytime…[View]
55101409https://www.2knowmyself.com/5_Reasons_an_angry_face_makes_a_man_more_attractive https://www.2knowmys…[View]
55084639Man general: What are some good qualities for a man? Ill start : be jacked[View]
55100889I recently bought some dumbbells and have been using them to work out. Best workouts I've ever …[View]
55102768What groups should I be training and what exercises should I be doing to be able to pull off this ma…[View]
55101552>grug pick up heavy rock >set back down >do every day for long time >now grugette want m…[View]
55092402Ramadan Fasting: What are your thoughts on Ramadan fasting? Should I start fasting like them Muslims…[View]
55102226Dogs Are Workout Equipment: Anybody else been lifting their resident gains gnome now gyms are closed…[View]
55096991how do i achieve the low bf% dyel physique natty?[View]
55097438I've been doing 100 goblet squats a day with a dumbell to try keep my legs active, wasn't …[View]
55101033Are you guys doing calisthenics during this quarantine and if so how’s it going, what kind of exerci…[View]
55098490Lads how do I build a bigger neck at home? I'd like for it to appear thicker both front-on and …[View]
55099387What do you eat/how do you stay productive in your studies on a cut?[View]
55101721the thing i miss the most is martial arts, it was the only physical touch i got aside from petting m…[View]
55099343/fit/ 2000 years into the future: >nigazons leaving their slime on the bench again…[View]
55101750When did (((they))) take over examine.com: Was a great website for research backed supplement & …[View]
55099688How to make creatine hcl taste better: Any recommended ways of mixing creatine hcl shits so sour w w…[View]
55101566Is this a god tier hairline?[View]
55102419ITT we congratulate those who made it Congratulations ![View]
55095553chronic dyel hardgainer autism muscular dystrophy: >lift for 19 months >never skip gym >alw…[View]
55099217Are resistance bands a meme? Any good brand that isn't chink? Thanks in advance[View]
55098797I don't take back what i said about Thrall He's still a shit coach, and about 80% cringe, …[View]
55102242Thoughts on hand-stand push-ups? Been doing them as part of my quar-routine. How many can you do?[View]
55092733does drinking coffee cause anxiety in you?[View]
55101065'powerbuilding': is there a such thing as 'powerbuilding' as a natural? if so, w…[View]
55100320the more i lift the more i want to have unprotected anal sex with milf's[View]
55098569Fit people hate thread: How does it feel knowing your whole personality is essentially how much weig…[View]
55098982anyone here experienced snapping triceps syndrome? how you deal with this? it surgery only option to…[View]
55086810What training do high school wrestlers do?: Is it just loads of bodyweight stuff or something else? …[View]
55098578Ok guys I need answers. It's been long enough!: I've been on this board for nearly 6 years…[View]
55098582Why do you lift?[View]
55099358Did fasting make me fucking bald?: Around January I decided I was tired of being a fat fuck and lost…[View]
55101301Anyone else blend food? I hate eating so I started blending food on my first bulk and it was a succe…[View]
55099963Well anons I think this is it. Lost 35 pounds and now way 143 pounds. I’m 6’2, so that makes me unde…[View]
55098083What is the best haircut and why is mid long hair ? It have been used by every martial culture on ea…[View]
55099119Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
55095795just did 35 pushups![View]
55093662Rate my Carnivore body[View]
55099765/nofap/ help: Boys So I woke up this morning and signed onto work and was super horny because I hadn…[View]
55101107How do you carve knerling in your thumbnail for hook grip? I try to do it with a nail cutting scisso…[View]
55100819How are fitizens ready for mask lvl restrictions? Post your anticorona masks. Pic related, it'…[View]
55101487Boogie2988 is living proof that literally ANYONE can make it. You have no excuse.[View]
55099884>start watching porn again after many years of abstinence due to retards telling me to stop >r…[View]
55100602A beer will make you look more manly which adds like 30% to the overall aesthetics of your appearanc…[View]
55101248Hot Tea?: I have started boiling a kettle and bringing it into the gym with me. Just pour it over th…[View]
55101274cbt : Current body thread: Cbt current body thread[View]
55101224Out of the way. Kettlebell Chads passing through. Don't hurt yourself picking up our kettlebell…[View]
55100675Running is for pussies and cardio is for faggots. Also you're not a fish you don't need to…[View]
55101100What are you afraid of Anon? Hop On!: Budget edition.[View]
55100329>Natty? Bro, I'm natty all day. Natty lights and natty logs. You know what I'm saying? …[View]
55095970Home workouts? Haven't worked out since my last gym visit before the shelter in place hit washi…[View]
55101012You don’t need a gym: I’m here for all the men out there that need a strong body https://youtu.be/Zm…[View]
55098683What made you finally decide, that you should start lifting?: >always felt sorry for myself >n…[View]
55087724SS is objectively a huge fucking meme[View]
55097176how the fuck is it possible to fast and be at a deficit? I can't do anything. I am supposed to …[View]
55098706>My feel when i decide to start being /fit/ because of this Movie[View]
55099946>be peak bowie >live off only cocaine, milk and chillies >weigh 95lbs at the height of 5…[View]
55099425Brahs i think i made it This girl don’t believe that this is by body lmfao[View]
55099605how worried are you about the fact manlets are now getting jacked and rising up[View]
55100708KEEPING FIT THROUGH CORONA: ok listen up fuckers, even if the gyms are closed indefinitely, that doe…[View]
55099327Why is he such a crybaby? >buuhuu working out and dieting is so hard >buuhuu I can't have…[View]
55099152Danberu: Is tofu good for you? Or is it just estrogen in a block[View]
55097551i sit all day at a desk, i get don't go to a gym, i also have a back pain. what are some good s…[View]
55100438how to get this physique? also goal body thread[View]
55100577what the fuck bros my hair thinned out like crazy but my hairline and crown are intact and I got bab…[View]
55100432>I love a man who deadlifts, just look at his spinal erectors[View]
55100447Being /fit but liking Thicc chicks: Why do so many of us (including me) like fat/thicc women? Starte…[View]
55095123pushups: so guys... i can do like max 7 pushups.. is this bad? i mean i do them slowly and full rang…[View]
55097158Look how fucking old Rip looks. This hit me fucking hard. Age pill is BRUTAL[View]
55100219>sweetened whey proton >flavored creatin >sips…[View]
55100388at what age does performance peak?: i guess it depends on the exercise. you may become your best at …[View]
55097697What's his routine? Also, /fit/ animals thread[View]
55099323Gym attire: During these difficult times, what would be the acceptable gym attire for the lucky amon…[View]
55099917I got a question for some PT's or anyone with medical experience. So I've been trying a n…[View]
55099371Who /18:6/ here? What do you usually eat after breaking your fast?[View]
55099466Is it possible to have their body just by playing basketball?[View]
55100195>proud I could finally do 10 pull ups >watches AthleanX >'NO YOU MUST GO ALL THE WAY DOWN! …[View]
55098909Why do I get so tired after eating? Don’t most people feel energised after a meal? I eat a single bo…[View]
55099846I have weird goals and I don't think I can do everything at the same time I was doing strength …[View]
55098351Stop eating breakfast[View]
55098856What are other common household items that I can put in a backpack to make bodyweight exercises hard…[View]
55100033>last meal at 7pm >first meal at 2pm tomorrow >eat whatever the fuck I want >lose body…[View]
55097359Hey boys, CJC here! (Cuppa Joe Club) Just your daily reminder to drink Joe! Who wouldn't want t…[View]
55098513It is healthy donate blood like 30 min after lifting?[View]
55097321Go vegan: Now![View]
55099873>get to the gym >the equipment is still mad at me what do I do on days I have to skip gym…[View]
55099080140 Pound Limplet: im 6 feet tall and have wrists thinner than my cock. and i found the easiest way …[View]
55097439Is SS the Loomis of /fit/?[View]
55098365I need help making a muscle building diet plan without bulking. Was going to go to a nutritionist bu…[View]
55098132Would you go to a military institute knowing what you know now if you knew you’d come out an absolut…[View]
55090004>Julius Caesar Trained, Swimmed, Drilled, and sparring with his Legionnaires everyday BareChested…[View]
55099081Chul made it. We're all going to make it.: https://www.instagram.com/p/B-t--IdFzPJ/?igshid=3k11…[View]
55099149How long did it take you to hit 2 plate OHP?: 1 year 7 months here.[View]
55089999POST YOUR HOME GYMS: This is my home gym. Can use it to squat, bent over rows, curls, bench, shrugs,…[View]
55096441How much water a day should I drink?[View]
55098487Diastasis Recti: anyone have this? anyone fixed this? thought I had a hernia, but the doc let me kno…[View]
55099496Is this safe to consume?[View]
55098785Just realized Corona gives a whole summer to bulk HOMEGYM MASTERRACE BABBYYYYYY LETS GO[View]
55099361This young female is going bald at 24. What happened?[View]
55098386you may be /fit/ but are you /fa/?[View]
55098927>tfw gym is clos- ALRIGHT FAGGOT. We get it. The gyms are closed and it sucks but that doesn…[View]
55099175>coom after a streak >get a bald spot and a shit ton of dandruff the day after >happens eve…[View]
55097596Combining hypertrophy and strength: Been lifting since june last year trying to do both hypertrophy …[View]
55095527The only fitness equipment I've been able to get my hands on is a 90 pound boxing bag and a shi…[View]
55098615Have you managed to monetize your fitness?[View]
55099244Why yes, I dedicated half of my youth to lifting heavy objects, what gave it away, dyel?[View]
55099209Christian Lifting General /CLG/: Christian Lifting General Thread Post Questions, Comments, or Conce…[View]
55086200/fraud/ Steroids General: All test you buy online is legit edition. Before asking your stupid beginn…[View]
55092149Which mode should I choose?[View]
55098601How to get rid of this shit?[View]
55092136I CAN'T STOP PEEKING: Bros, I'm at day 2 of NoFap and I can't stop peeking at porn or…[View]
55095799anyone else have the problem of not looking like you lift when youre not lean? i looked great when i…[View]
55098635How to train your mind?: Meditation? Books?[View]
55098769U mirin', brah?[View]
55097819Cupboard Foods: Any suggestions for food that I can store in a cupboard with no refrigeration or coo…[View]
55097132High rep low weight: So due to the gym being closed I'm stuck with a 10lbs barbell and 45lbs of…[View]
55095104>water with ice >eggs, oats, nuts >sauerkraut/ pickles >hard cheese/ fish/ liver >oni…[View]
55098153HIIT: (You can skip this part if you want) Injured my wrists a while back, hurts especially in the m…[View]
55088341JUMP ROPE/SKIPPING ROPE THREAD: do any of yall actually do 'tricks' or is /fit/ standard jumping mas…[View]
55098376Left vs right: I'm a right handed person and also my right foot is the dominant one, then why i…[View]
55093233Alright guys, one of these threads.[View]
55098491>gym closed >still had the gall to charge my credit card might do a chargeback…[View]
55098212>qt receptionist called me sir today it's fucking over bros[View]
55087510Do women feel pressured by giga stacies in the gym?[View]
55095358Why are strongmen giants and olympic lifters manlets?[View]
55095810How do I achieve this physique?[View]
55095389is playing with swords (wood bokkens) /fit/? thinking of buying one. J-Just until this lockdown is o…[View]
55098254redpill me on potatoes: My dad always shames me when I eat potatoes, he says they're carb fille…[View]
55096830ITT: Weird shit that shouldn't happen but does anyway: >fast 16-24 hours >have more ener…[View]
55096215bulk, cutting and recomping: so let me get this straight >above ideal weight, below ideal bodyfat…[View]
55098341I need help making a muscle building diet plan without bulking. Was going to go to a nutritionist bu…[View]
55097534/fit/ approved haircuts: Which are the best haircuts for men? I'll start with the Caesar haircu…[View]
55098277One short question. If someone said that he bench 2pl8. It means that he bench 2pl8 total or 2pl8 o…[View]
55095925Is gelatin jello with grug berry good for you?[View]
55096822>tfw gyms won't be open for at least a year[View]
55096766Does alcohol kill your gains?[View]
55096202How do I increase testosterone naturally bros?[View]
55097696Anyone else cutting during quarantine? I am doing make-shift workouts with resistance bands but will…[View]
55095937Can lifting make up for you being an autistic manchild that other adults run circles around and laug…[View]
55095904What's his back routine bros?[View]
55097736Is Sungazing good ? im in my balcony doing it so i dont know if i should stay here or gtfo[View]
55098003Starting to work out: Due to the new Coronacation, I've decided to actually work on myself. The…[View]
55088413Brutal Mogs[View]
55091438/nut/ general: Nutrition general Here we expand on: Nutrition philosophy Organs and their reactions …[View]
55094251/zzz/-Sleep General: Alright bros, I'm fascinated by sleep and how I can optimize it for fitnes…[View]
55090211/fit opinion on pork?[View]
55095528is it true that one arm push ups are dangerous and you shouldn't do them? I saw a video on twit…[View]
55096500My gym closed. Iam in a small mom and pop gym by an ex-soviet olympic lifter and had the keys for th…[View]
55098080>the virgin full-body regiment >the chad leg day only [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l…[View]
55098084If you can't jog due to your ankle is doing pic related for 1 hour with light weight as effecti…[View]
55097876>Julius Caesar at his 50 runned, trained, swimmed, drilled, everyday with his legionnaires barech…[View]
55095950One ticket to Shredcity please: Is this a good form of cardio? Also PS4 owner here, should I get a s…[View]
55094959Pole /fit/: Anyone here do pole? Best exercises to do in quarantine to maintain strength for when I …[View]
55097109Sup cunts. My dick don't work no mo because I've been watching big anime tiddies for two d…[View]
55097605How do i cope with being 5'6?[View]
55097316I think that I used to be stronger when I was weaker. Particularly when I was a skinny little boy. I…[View]
55096624Containment bodyweight routine: So with all this virus stuff and no access to gyms what's your …[View]
55082688Let's be honest, gyms will never be open again. A year from now we will be lucky if we are even…[View]
55096948This is why I lift[View]
55093583How many of you punk bitch motherfuckers are actually sticking to a fucking MILITANT routine on lock…[View]
55083728POST BODY FAGGOT[View]
55096938Saw yesterday thread on pol. basicly it was all about corona and how we should eat some vitamin C an…[View]
55096829Mental fortitude: How can I train my brain like I train my body? I want to become incapable of feeli…[View]
55095115post your cutting progress: im at 15% bodyfat right now desu[View]
55094682push up bread: yknow, the usual. Under 50 add 50, dubs doubles, trips triples.[View]
55096935How to become a monster: IS there any paranormal/magic/supernatural way to become stronger faster? I…[View]
55088809ITT: post meme exercises: decline clapping pushups[View]
55097308Dem feels: Dem feels make cool meme out of this[View]
55097155Is this achievable natty?[View]
55095374goal body thread: post goal body[View]
55094453Current goal thread? I'm at around 15% body fat right now, and my biceps look like any other ye…[View]
55096664>Can't lift tinnitus away Go make it without me /fit/, I'm a lost cause…[View]
55095822Is it gay to have a picture of your goal body hanging up in your home?: Is it gay to have a picture …[View]
55096125If I wanted to get TRT but not sure if I'm low enough test to get it would drinking nothing but…[View]
55090575What's the deal with protein powder, bros? Why does it cost so much? I can't imagine the f…[View]
55096489Rate my quarentine setup Also let's see yours[View]
55094688In 2012, this was the hottest woman to ever exist. The sheer immaculate balance of sexual femininity…[View]
55080978/cardio/ bros, what's a good time for a 5k? got back into running last week cuz of rona and fin…[View]
55090432Getting Gay from working out: Since i started working out every day (3 years now), i always get a ra…[View]
55077045this should be enough motivation to exercise today[View]
55094739What do you read between sets Anon?: Personally I'm finishing this. Great points to include in …[View]
55096736How do I become GGG mode? Eat horse meat 6x a week? I already do boxing and punch a lot of things.[View]
55089209Is is autistic to lift for my oneitis? She’s 17 and wouldn’t date my now cause I don’t have my life …[View]
550966455'11 and 3/4 vs 6'0[View]
55094943going to the gym was the one thing I looked forward to every day and now i can't even do that[View]
55095683What are the negative effects of marijuana usage? Most negatives seem to focus on chronic abuse of m…[View]
55094067Life just doesnt feel right without it[View]
55096419How do i achieve this body?[View]
55096191Why?: Here's a list of things you can do to your body via surgery: >change gender >change…[View]
55092361>tfw I fell for the SS+GOMAD meme[View]
55095402this board is just boneless /pol/. thoughts? pic related, this is the supreme master race of nuts. n…[View]
55091962i had an autistic outburst at my local park today >gyms closed >go to neighborhood park >b…[View]
55095016/fit/ webm thread[View]
55094054What's the worst muscle group to get DOMS in?[View]
55091603Chick fil A ??: I’ve eaten chick fil a in quarentine probably 4-5 days a week for the past 3 weeks b…[View]
55095786How to achieve this: Any ideas No roiding[View]
55095840If you had a trap bar, 2 adjustable dumbbells and some weights, what 5 or 6 day a week program would…[View]
55095308/fit/ redemption thread: I hate all of you. Redeem yourselves. Post something funny.[View]
55095643It's been two whole weeks since I lift me a weight...and already I'm startin' to get …[View]
55095569How do I achieve this heavy muscular build?[View]
55092852>this is your brain on steroids[View]
55095772Why hasn't /fit/ gotten on the Frank train yet https://youtu.be/cFlEaoCpT2k[View]
55095739Why is it that some old people are completely normal and high functioning while others need someone …[View]
55095622Gotta maintain form during lockdown[View]
55094477>my inzer belt arrived in tampa, florida >my courier is trapped here in my country and cant go…[View]
55095704>179cm is there any point in me even trying?[View]
55094529Post some moments you've been proud of yourself: Today was a shit day /fit/ but I still pushed …[View]
55075905Post ideal male and female bodies:: Post your ideal male or female body itt For women muscular with …[View]
55095198What would you do? I didnt weigh myself for 2 years. Second last time I checked I was 113-115 kilos.…[View]
55095635What do you guys usually do after a HIIT-workout? Walk around the room? Sit down? Straight to stretc…[View]
55093442Hydration thread: How much h2o do you have in a given day? Does it vary if you're bulking or cu…[View]
55093599What's the best fighting skill to learn so I don't get wrecked by large men?[View]
55095122Is it autistic if I use my bed for bicep curling? corona got me fucked up I just need to lift some s…[View]
55092285What are the top rated collagen supplements i can buy? Or make? Any help anons?[View]
55093331Drink Honey[View]
55095083>half a chapter dedicated to jelqing Should I start? I didnt know Bronson was a Jelqer…[View]
55093470/FIT/ Thoughts on Qigong?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwlvTcWR3Gs I have been doing this every …[View]
55095382can i crush caffeine pills and snort them? instead of swallowing whole pills? what effect will it ha…[View]
55095057Is 700 calories a day too little for a cut? Asking for a friend's[View]
55095194I pulled a muscle in my back getting out of bed. I have gained weight so fast my body has no idea wh…[View]
55070780QTDDTOT: How much is 10g of citrulline malate? The bag didnt come with a scoop.[View]
55090157Kane in 2001 was peak shape and performance: Is this possible natty?[View]
55092757How to get a core like this??[View]
55092628Where do you buy your T-shirts, fit? I can't find a pleasing cut anywhere.[View]
55095073Is milk really bad for you?[View]
55091112>he doesn't listen to Chapo Trap House while lifting why you not helping the revolution bro?…[View]
55093314Why don't people like carbs? Carbs are for energy, proteins are for rebuilding cells, and fat i…[View]
55093823High Test. moment: I stopped fapping to porn and hoes, after I gained the self awareness that I WOUL…[View]
55094460Achievable natty?[View]
55094966friend help: How do I fix him[View]
55094695Dumbbell Shoulder Press: I usually do sets of 110 ohp and recently hit 135 for the first time. I hav…[View]
55092377>it even fights the covid19 Seriously, just how based is this micronutrient?…[View]
55090944You don't have to lift.[View]
55093326What type of bed or mattress is best for sleeping in for health? Is sleeping on the floor bad for yo…[View]
55094102Quarentine: Ive been treadmilling every day for a month and starving because I hate pantry food and …[View]
55080307CICO is the truth: >hike on carbs 'Feels good, but fuck, I'm fat. I should fast.' >hike o…[View]
55091725Have you started going after girls who also lift? I just want a cardiobunny not an amazonian. Is i…[View]
55092566how do i achieve this form[View]
55091519if you suck at running, add calf raises after your run thank me later[View]
55094473Is coffee good as a preworkout?[View]
55093856so sugar is only bad for fatties right?[View]
55094589Fivearms: Post forearms boys, and your favourite forearm workout Heavy shrugs for me[View]
55094539Obese 6'7' hunch-backed monstrosity here. How do I fix my fucking back? I can't do the exe…[View]
55093615drinking water temperature: I've read a lot of articles saying that drinking water at a certain…[View]
55093045>that hobby jogger who says he 'runs' but can't even run a sub-20 min 5k…[View]
55093613How do I fix muscle imbalances?: My right shoulder is much bigger and more defined than my left. The…[View]
55094362>he doesn't wake up at 5 am every morning to run at least 5 miles[View]
55094203SPAM: I can get huge on only SPAM?![View]
55094309ABS: I'm like at 20% BF, and I already want my abs to at least show a little. I'm already …[View]
55094105ITT Coronachan Daily Defense Stacks: >Non cucked multi vitaim >B complex supplement >10,000…[View]
55094370Best dumbbell exercises for muscle growth: All the gyms in my city are closed due to quarantine and …[View]
55083927What's /fit/s beginner philosophy reading list?[View]
55093846I lost all my gains..... pray for me?[View]
55093164Anyone familiar with rotator cuff issues? I do drywall, paint and some wood work for a living. The m…[View]
55088485>sleeping more than 4 hours a night >not using that extra time to workout more and get ahead i…[View]
55093317Bigger arms: How do I build massive 18' arms?[View]
55093779Your daily HOME workout: Here is mine: Hindu squat: 100 reps Chinup: 30 reps pullup: 15 reps pushup:…[View]
55092025Just looked myself in the mirror, I look small as fuck after just 1 month of not lifting kek. Bodybu…[View]
55086308Is Honey Good for you ?[View]
55093505I'm a horrifically fat fuck at 20 stone atm after long term immobility and alcohol abuse. Tryin…[View]
55090803How can vegans improve their image?[View]
55089142my life sucks. how do I fix it? >inb4 read the sticky I have been lifting for two years. life did…[View]
55084857/fit/ humor thread Gonna dump my folder, some good shit in there Feel free to join[View]
55093584Any easterners that have tried these? How do they taste? Are they made in some Ukrainian toxic waste…[View]
55092937Chin ups and push ups every day?: I've recently started to do plenty of sets of these exercises…[View]
55089360Enjoy it faggots https://anonfile.com/h603Uamdo7/Greg_Doucette_-_The_Ultimate_Anabolic_Cookbook_pdf…[View]
55093342BROS MY BODY IS LOPSIDED WTF When I look in the mirror shirtless, standing up straight, my right sid…[View]
55092007Home Gym Master Race: >tfw I just bought a home gym Finally I get to work out naked while blastin…[View]
55093283Onions milk vs cow milk, which one is better ?[View]
55089740How would an American go about getting tren? Where’s a reasonable guide for using it that won’t get …[View]
55093136Does anyone know how long after treating gonorrhea it will take for symptoms to clear up[View]
55092589>300mg caffeine Holy fuck bros I'm having 2 of these a day on top of my morning 200mg caffei…[View]
55092831I jerked off 5 times today /fit/. I cant take this quarantine no more, I want my gym to open, I want…[View]
55091999Calories in lockdown: So no gym which means worse workouts less movement etc. So I’m on a bulk and I…[View]
55091141How do you keep your mind occupied when lifting? It just bores the fuck out of me. It's okay if…[View]
55092908Anons is this achievable natty??[View]
55091012How are you natties holding up while gyms are closed? Are you having any luck holding on to the 5lb …[View]
55092622What are your life goals, /fit/, and are you achieving them?: I'm a simple man. Here are mine: …[View]
55092669My vitamins are too strong: This Biotin Vitamin I have says it has 8333% of my daily value. What the…[View]
55087038Been lifting for a month /fit/, what do you think?[View]
55092706NOIDED: How do I get the NOIDED physique anons? I know i know, 'don't eat', but then I'd j…[View]
55092487>I lift for the sole purpose of having a fulfilling sex life which has a positive knock on effect…[View]
550926275 hour energy: are these unhealthy?[View]
55092935LMAO AT UR LIFE!!!: >He can’t tell the difference between sore spinal erectors and actual lower b…[View]
55092026Honest question /fit/, do you think someone who weighs say 250lbs with 1.5 years lifting experience …[View]
55092856Is it possible to get gains from flexing you muscles for hours on end? Asking for a friend[View]
55092745What can i do with this skinny ass body?. Used to be skinnier but i started lifting for a few months…[View]
55092884Thinking of shaving my hair. I've got pic related but 2mm skin fade on the sides and back inste…[View]
55092817Cardio Crying?: I'm a fat fuck but I've been trying to improve my health and I've bee…[View]
55091658Stats: How much do you think he could bench, squat, deadlift, ohp? I'm fat as shit and trying t…[View]
55091607you are just about to beat your own bench record while these guys stops you >'we need all the pla…[View]
55091561Bros real talk I got a fucking hemorrhoid last week when lifting. It wasn't a big one but it f…[View]
55091903Supplements: Has anyone ever tried Alpha Brain? I know Rogan keeps plugging it and shit but I want t…[View]
55086037Pull-ups and push-ups?: Can you build the amount of muscle in pic related just by doing bodyweight s…[View]
55092449fast: redpill me on fasting or not, whatever floats your ship[View]
55092268How much milk: Ok I'm close to running out of food where I am. But there is a cow nearby I can …[View]
55092423what's the 1/2/3/4 of good mornings aka a decent good morning?[View]
55092569>tfw you will never experience living in a street fighing anime with your best bros, gaining glor…[View]
55092296How many photos on here do you think are just stolen from other people?[View]
55092448Ive realized fixing the external will never fix the internal. I can become Chad and still hate mysel…[View]
55091102Honestly is going a little bald that bad? Do you really have to shave your head completely bald and …[View]
55085344>be already fit >quarantine must be opportunity to get RIPPED >cut down calories by 500 …[View]
55092295Anyone got this shit? Seems a good deal 5 kg's for 48€. https://www.bulkpowders.eu/complete-all…[View]
55084232no porn/fap general: >be quarantined for 20+ days >started no porn and no fap since day >do…[View]
55091189is lifting fasted inferior?: is lifting first thing in the morning without any food worse or better …[View]
55092190hey guys, can anyone please share athleanx xero pdf? also any good infographics on calisthenics/home…[View]
55082565Any experience with a hair system?[View]
55081108ULxULUx: What is the validity behind a template like this? Please answer ASAP (911 emergency)[View]
55086913>él come más de un huevo al día[View]
55091291Going strict OMAD - what kind of gains can I expect in a month?: Already on day 4, sleeping better, …[View]
55091058post yfw your gym finally opens[View]
55080804>tfw your gf is a gains goblin wat do bros?[View]
55090602Genes and fitness preference: Do genes play anything into someone’s natural skill/ preference of a s…[View]
55092229I have a problem, my neck has really bad kyphosis but it doesn't hurt, it just looks really ben…[View]
55092064why yes ive started SS thanks for noticing[View]
55087137calisthenics faggotry: Did 105 Push-ups yesterday, couldn't do more than 15 in a row with good …[View]
55067594/fast/: What is fasting? >A period of time where you don't consume ANY calories What is the …[View]
55081339How do I get rid of my man titties? I've tried so much shit but nothing seems to work, I just w…[View]
55090114are calisthenics a meme?[View]
55092126are resistance bands enough to fix my forward facing shoulders? What would be the best exercises to …[View]
55089039How do I make forehead gains?[View]
55091484Tea or coffee, which is better for you?[View]
55090084>girl asks for a ''big hug'' >i hug her too strongly by accident and she a…[View]
55086543How do I get rid of my wide hips ?[View]
55091724I never thought I'd say this bros...but I miss squatting. OPEN THE GYMS[View]
55091520guide me plz: >Hey guys let me start by saying that I am new. Not to the website I have actually …[View]
55089771should have invested in a home gym faggot a bench and some adjustable dumbbells, was that too hard? …[View]
55090367I wished I looked forward to training legs right before training them Once I get going I’m in it 100…[View]
55090463Is running really worthless for physique?: I never run because people told me it's pointless.…[View]
55091845Redpill me on steroids: Why does fit generally hate them? What are the draw backs? Also is creatine …[View]
55088192Serious question,is No Fap really legit?: does jerking off everyday really effect muscle and strengt…[View]
55090748posted yesterday about jittery body after workout. and then someone mentioned arnold himself would s…[View]
55089954>starts living with parents again during the Coronavirus quarantine >cutting so have to count …[View]
55091099hairloss: Wtf did I do to deserve this?[View]
55091773its time: ive got the anger i need the tools i have me and myself i need the coaching too gain somet…[View]
55089430How the fuck do I get huge? I'm willing to do anything, workout every day if I must (I have a h…[View]
55091569Are hand grips the ultimate forearm exercise?: I'm thinking about buying a pair of these. Can I…[View]
55089348Masculinity is dead, lifting just makes you seem like a overcompensating douche in 2020 Face it. Th…[View]
55091627Whey Protein or Beef protein? <<<Thinking of buying this I already take 10g of creatine dai…[View]
55090980Are you supposed to do both chins and pulls up or can I choose? There's too many sources saying…[View]
55080674Fat hate thread /fht/: Fat Hate Thread /FTR/ the cuck enabler edition[View]
55090422Forearm exercises?: My forearms look considerably small when compared to the rest of my arms. Any go…[View]
55090923Help me /fit/izens! I am a tubby chainsmoking alcoholic bastard who just got dumped after 5 years. I…[View]
55091507Starting Strength: Maybe I'm just letting b8 threads get to me, but I don't understand the…[View]
55091206Post hands thread[View]
55091391ONEGAI MUSCLE[View]
55091177Progress thread: I don’t see progress threads around. Cmon show that gains my fellow fitizens!!…[View]
55090420a cheat code for you dumbasses:: 1. Your body works based on habit and routine, right? 2. Also, your…[View]
55088431is skateboarding good for a leg workout? Picked it up couple months ago before kung flu shut all th…[View]
55079607He is here for your questions.[View]
55089685Overrated as shit[View]
55088731Do you cook your oats or do you eat them raw?[View]
55090779I'm 6'3 and 5'5 manlet has much longer palms and fingers than me: How?[View]
55090985How do I unlock this mode?[View]
55088355sigAnons /fit/ & /sig/ mega.nz archive: FINALLY! After seeing this thread: >>55033809 (Cro…[View]
55084389Anyone else fucking hate cooking? Making food is such a chore, my go to is just stirfry with as many…[View]
55090834Hey /fit/izens. I’m a skinny guy and when I work out, the gains start to show rather quickly. The th…[View]
55090609HELP HELP HELP HELP: WALKED INTO THE GYM AND THOUGHT I HAD TO FART. >mfw it wasnt a fart my short…[View]
55091174Real men use the TL Gazelle[View]
55090721>he doesn't help people around him with fitness/diet advice you've failed as a man…[View]
55090723can you really be /fit/ if you use the internet more than 1-3 hours a week maximum[View]
55090881Swimming: How am I supposed to swim when all of the pools are closed and the city blocked off all th…[View]
55086349Let's settle this once and for all. Are you still natty if you are on TRT?[View]
55089593>water with ice >eggs, oats, nuts >sauerkraut/ pickles >hard cheese/ fish/ liver >oni…[View]
55088754which one of you bought the last one I was gonna buy yesterday? This is the only model on amazon tha…[View]
55085589what is the pushup equivalent of a bench press in weight and progression?: how heavy are you benchin…[View]
55090555/FIT/ I fucked up. I decided to do the 100 squat/push up etc home workout today. I was in the zone l…[View]
55090915Protein Absorption: Hi /fit/ Do you know anything about protein absorption? Apparently you can only …[View]
55086090This is heaven: >quarantined for a month now, lovin it >haven't gone to the city since …[View]
55090663>can't lift away the longer index finger[View]
55088918Can I train every day as long as I don't feel sore? I always feel like if I'm not sore the…[View]
55086209Ab thread. What's your go to routine for abs? I'm doing an ab circuit each day as part of …[View]
55089245Are sunglasses a scam /fit/? Do they actually protect you from getting crows feet?[View]
550907691 excercise experiment: Im a DYEL with noobie gains at most. And im going to try to spend the next 6…[View]
55076446Lifting Waifus: Post them[View]
55089060I gained a piece of equipment: But it feels like something greater has been taken from me[View]
55085947Am I losing potential gains by eating late, rather than straight after a workout? I start my workout…[View]
55086444Stop eating breakfast.[View]
55090655>work out >have to wait 24 hours to workout again…[View]
55087328>get rona and be at hospital >be fed this Are you better off not eating? Can you ask for somet…[View]
55090215Do I have to squat?[View]
55090500Mile Run: sup bros, I'm 25 and haven't run (except a little treadmill jogging) since I was…[View]
55081934What’s the best way for a top heavy woman to build up back strength? It seems like a better alternat…[View]
55088817what do cardio fags do before running do you eat breakfast before a run or do you do eat only after …[View]
55089469no... this can't be happening...[View]
55089071>tfw 6'1 (185cm) manlet[View]
55090476>beef >water >body recomp overnight This is it.…[View]
55090475I've been working out twice a day every day at home to try and equal a gym work out. I don…[View]
55089461Is this it for me, boys? 21, I don't know how much it thinned overtime but even 4 years ago my …[View]
55090289is this possible natty?[View]
55090282>weigh myself in the morning (after eating breakfast, I know) >clock in at 193lbs >go for a…[View]
55090221My entire team was just terminated except for me Not sure how to feel right now[View]
55090364Hi! Havent been to /fit in about 4 years. Where did /owg/ go?[View]
55086103Wtf is this dude’s problem? Be a tranny all you want, I really don’t give a fuck. But why lie about …[View]
55088278Lowering stress when you're ugly: How the FUCK do I stop being anxious and stressed as fuck 24/…[View]
55069226/fph/: Fatty regeneration edition[View]
55084243Stalled on weighted pullups Been doing 4x5 with 10kg but it just doesnt fucking go up Should I do ra…[View]
55090277>Meatless March >Ascetic April >Meaty May >Just Fish June…[View]
55084908Push-Up thread: >ctrl+f >no push up thread roll or die…[View]
55089056bought my first supplement: >bought my first protein concentrate >get a good idea >mix it w…[View]
55086447>had another dream about highschool again >I'm playing football with all the boys >al…[View]
55087661SarDEEEEENZ: Finally bit the bullet and got some sardines to try, one in oyster oil and one in tomat…[View]
55090061Post gym[View]
55083789Can I gain some muscle on a <2000 cal deficit if I lift and get the reqired macros?[View]
55089662Digestion and Training: Today I ate lunch at 2PM and started my workout at 5PM. Despite 3 hours pass…[View]
55088204Okay /fit/. I need all your knowledge. I'm a 22 year old diabetic with shit bloodsugar values, …[View]
55088596>get lean >find out your muscles are asymmetric…[View]
55080705Is the one punch man workout a meme? So doing 100 reps won't be too much for each exercise? I …[View]
55087826>only bench press 40kg >dyel mode >only 5’7 >autistic (officially diagnosed) >have pe…[View]
55087760>160g of proteins a day how the fuck[View]
55085988this is no doubt what peak peformance looks like i can close the captains of crush 2.5 gripper for 1…[View]
55086717What do all of you pro athletes and world class bodybuilders think of kendo?[View]
55089690>tight upper back will make your shoulders round I was always confused by this…[View]
55088860Post Photos that best represent /fit/[View]
55089808Sunburn and lifting: How do you recover from sunburn faster bros?[View]
55069292New CBT- Perfect lighting and pump edition: Old one died 5'10 145 lb Post em[View]
55089519Oh wow, he lives with his parents! What a loser sksksksksk!' Sorry Stacy, but I can assure you that …[View]
55089592THIS NEEDS TO STOP How do I stop losing so much fucking time miring myself in the mirror everyday an…[View]
55089331How to Stop Hating Working Out: I have never enjoyed working out. As a result, I don't do it of…[View]
55089535>do each lift only once per week >progress only once per month Tell me this is a troll. Nobody…[View]
55089357Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
55089540>he drinks a whey protein shake after his workout >he doesn't drink Jersey Milk instead …[View]
55089495Who do you lift for?[View]
55089320Is this unhealthy, /fit/?: >5'11' >280 >mainly fat >some muscle >I'd say i …[View]
55088089Fuck this, it's impossible to stay active and make gains under these conditions, bodyweight shi…[View]
55087614how many calories do you burn doing pic related? I thought it would be hardly anything (just like li…[View]
55088903Hit a 1pl8 OHP today, we're all gonna make it bros[View]
55088260Vegan Girlfriend Conversion for Gains: girlfriend is a devout vegan but making no gains, trying to s…[View]
55089042Let's get a quarantine workout thread going: I will start 1. Chest & triceps One arm pushup…[View]
55055850/mag/ Martial Arts: How you holding up bros? I can feel my conditioning getting worse, I haven'…[View]
55089160Hey /fit/ Eat this[View]
55085970If humanity doesn't pick up the pace I'm afraid we're going to have to leave it behin…[View]
55088692My mom fell for the beautiful at any size meme. God it hurts so much. Does anyone have that article…[View]
55088998Is your sport a joke?[View]
55085998i lift for mommy kusanagi, the only question is WHY DONT YOU?[View]
55084230Coronavirus precautions during pregnancy: COVID-19 is a new ‘flu-type’ respiratory disease. We empha…[View]
55084304anon, is your gym for everyone?[View]
55085617>men age like w-[View]
55088862What do you listen to while working out?[View]
55083653where are you on the bell curve?[View]
55088942Have any /fit/izens dealt with mono? What are your experiences in getting over it? How much of a los…[View]
55088682>Train my ass off for 6 years >Still fucking weak and immobile >Barely qualify for national…[View]
55085438Routine thread: How's this Texas Method routine? Tuesday Bench 5x5 Press 5x5 Dip 5xF Thursday S…[View]
55084328Show your coronagym[View]
55088901gassy when stopping regular exercise: Is anyone else getting gassy now that we can't hit the gy…[View]
55088225Any of you guys use strava?: >be me this morning >decide to go out for a morning run since the…[View]
55082114is will tennyson based?[View]
55085093Which routine is better?[View]
55082150Post pre and post workout meal: Pre: 2 boiled eggs with 1 piece of vegemite toast with a kale fruit …[View]
55087977I'm Italian and I've been in quarantine sine early march/late february. Almost a month wit…[View]
55088721Back in mid December my friend was fucking around and put me in an arm bar, he wrenched it real good…[View]
55084306>it has zero calories >therefore it's good for me and no different than water! Don't…[View]
55088494I've been abusing Klonopin/clonazepam por the last weeks because of how suicidal I am. will thi…[View]
55087477this is what a pure fucking alpha looks like[View]
55086896>underground gym is opening up boy, you wanna join? >well it ain't free, what you got to …[View]
55088422Hobby Jogger General: >that hobby jogger who says he 'runs' but can't even break a 20-min 5k…[View]
55087583When was the last time you worked out your calves? You don't want to be a calflet, right?[View]
55088264Does what you eat actually matter or is it all about how many calories?[View]
55084809European here. This stuff recently arrived to my country, I had just gotten tired of Coca-Cola and t…[View]
55086323Why are pull ups so much harder than chin ups? Is there a scientific explanation?[View]
55086422Inspiration: Post fictional characters that inspire you to get fit[View]
55084295I hope you're not willingly ingesting estrogen, /fit/[View]
55084145/fit/ memes you fell for: I just realized that i fell for the 'animal fat is good for you because it…[View]
55086705>just deleted 800+ bookmarked porn links: May Allah grant me the strength to get through the porn…[View]
55087909Home gym thread Show yours[View]
55088114Step counting: Are fitbits and apple watches for people who want to feel fit without actually workin…[View]
55082820>can’t eat anything early morning because feel like throwing up How do you wage slaves prepare en…[View]
55087541>sumo >mixed grip >straps >knee braces >low bar squats >front squats >olympic l…[View]
55087139>doing weighted pullups >rip a huge fart >try to lift myself away from the smell Anyone els…[View]
55087648Milk, honey and fruit are the only foods that make sense, everything else does not want to be eaten.…[View]
55087697Now that the dust has settled, what is a /fit/-approved bodyweight routine for the chink virus lockd…[View]
55085616How in the fuck do I lose weight if I'm literally always hungry?[View]
55082071BREHS: Only did bro split for 2 years, have no strength base but physique looks OK. I want to go mo…[View]
55087030>enjoys lifting weights, feel good at gym even when I lift until failure >feels like almost dy…[View]
55087438Since we're all suddenly changing our activities for other peoples health, even if we're h…[View]
55084456This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like .[View]
55086256Do any of you get massive headaches when training in a big deficit? After every set I get dizzy and …[View]
55086050are walnuts a good source for protein? ( not a veg jus no meat in my house)[View]
55086879Static Bikes: I'm about to buy one, what features should I be looking for? I only wanna pedal t…[View]
55084728How is every single store and website in the world completely sold out of weights I feel like it…[View]
55082180What can I add here? >water with ice >eggs, nuts, cheese >fish/ liver/ beans >sauerkraut…[View]
55083288>Single handedly blew thefuck out Blaha, Bugenfaggot, and that irrelevant dairy farm fuck >did…[View]
55085035YA BENCH PRESSIN'[View]
55083480is yoga legit?[View]
55082882what are some good fullbody dumbell routines?[View]
55084774Shit not coming what do: How do I into good digestion and bowel movement? I drink 3L water each day …[View]
55085137Why shouldn't I drink a cheeky post-workout lager?[View]
55086482if one were to do 20 rep deadlifts + push ups every other day + eat adequate protein and calories, w…[View]
55080507> tfw just realized I’m balding Any tips? Maybe minoxidil? Can a hair transplant help?…[View]
55086629he's gonna tell us to start eating our own shit soon, isn't he?[View]
55087078Is dick pump good for you? Does anyone have it here?[View]
55086122Can drinking protein shakes as a way to stay full or as a meal replacement get you fat if you don…[View]
55086373/fit/ brothers help me. When you are cutting do you find it easier to do 1-2 big meals or 4-6 smalle…[View]
55085207Sugar bad. Carbs good[View]
55083508How the fuck do I eat fruit? Literally every single bite of fruit is so god damn fucking sour. Like …[View]
55076661Beer is for men. 2-3 beers are good because they help relax your muscles. Your liver should be healt…[View]
55078626>get home >see this What would you do or say /fit/?…[View]
55086183>he's doing A >he's not doing B >he's actually still C in 2020 >eating D,…[View]
55087009People say that your knees should not pass too far over your foot, so explain how this is safe: Lung…[View]
55086295What jobs are good for staying in shape that wont reck your back?[View]
55086502How to train Muay Thai at home? This isn't ideal obviously, but I'm looking for a training…[View]
55086770explain to me this: in nature, how were humans supposed to get the recommended dose of nutrients lik…[View]
55083700i started cutting 4 months ago now i eat 1400 daily and dont lose weight anymore should i go down o…[View]
55085773is 100 push ups a day for a weak fuck who has never worked out before a good idea to start out? ~ask…[View]
55083213Why don't you do real sports, incel ?[View]
55082221Violence Thread: Have you used your gains to commit acts of violence? Tell us about it..[View]
55078400Achievable natty?[View]
55085272Powerlifters btfo[View]
55073738Why aren't you using the objectively superior neutral grip for pull ups?[View]
55083575>55kg wtf Manny Pacquiao is the same height and like 10kg heavier and doesn't look as swole …[View]
55086549Does anybody have the Seal Grinder PT plan on pdf or electronic book format? Or any other body weigh…[View]
55084725Is the carnivore diet based or a meme? Pic related is Joe Rogan after 4 weeks on the Carnivore diet.[View]
55086495Is it possible to sleep sitting? Did anyone ever did it?[View]
55084186Am I stuck with my frame and can only put on some muscles or can I get fucking huge by eating a lot …[View]
55084642I've bought some quarantine pedals and now I like to get high and put on some POV bike ride vid…[View]
55086160Fun story from Sunday morning >10am, making breakfast at my apartment >suddenly hear a woman s…[View]
55086396Only oldfags remember these guys[View]
55083636>he doesn't do 200 pushups in his bedroom[View]
55078578I fell for 'abs are made in kitchen' meme and didnt do any abs exercises. Dont repeat my mistake, do…[View]
55083377Sleep Rythm: I worked about1 Year shift work, circadian rythm is fucked now. How do i reset and how …[View]
55083222Thoughts on Nikocado Avocado: What is /fits/ opinion on Nick? >Believes excercise destroys your …[View]
55085434Quarantine pull up set up[View]
55085102redpill me on pre-workout showers.[View]
55085145Should I include vegetables in my diet?[View]
55084131Fuck bros what do i do? To keep it fit related. Hangups or chin ups?[View]
55084997what mode is this?[View]
55086033I need an advice on lifts or diet I can follow. I'm in my late 20s and can't seem to be ab…[View]
55083738fasting: Why the fuck is fasting getting harder the more I do it? last week I did 3 back to back 72-…[View]
55085376Celery thread: Is celery a based snack?[View]
55081589For me its the best motivation for any man here[View]
55085418>walking is just cheated lunges >lunges are just deficit bulgarian squats >bench press is j…[View]
55083654Soups n stews: Are soups/stews the best food of all time? >easy to make >easy to eat >easy…[View]
55082818Wim Hof Method: Okay boys, I'm going to try the Wim Hof method Got bad asthma and from the soun…[View]
55083452Hate doing ab work? Try to hold your legs parallel to the floor when doing pullups, keeping your leg…[View]
55085731>calls himself a man >his shits don’t even clog the toilet…[View]
55085558Chin ups, pulls ups wide grip or neutral grip pull ups Pick one[View]
55084917Hey /fit/ I'm trying to figure out why I'm cold all the time. Like not just chilly, but fr…[View]
55084964Barbell training with limited weights: I have a barbell/bar and 30, kilos worth of weights for it;is…[View]
55084307Covid-19 cured my bleeding gums: They have bled after every brush for years, and sometimes I'd …[View]
55085626Weighted pushup carryover: Post: bw max bench max weighted pushup 2pl8 bench at 140lbs here and i c…[View]
55085387Alright, former spaghetti arm men. I need a daily workout schedule so I can replace my spaghetti wit…[View]
55066371/fraud/ Steroids General: If you inject 1g test one time, you'll be Jay Cutler overnight editio…[View]
55082731>used to be skinnyfat skeleton >train for 2 years >still skinny >corona comes >have t…[View]
55077783Well, can you bench 2pl8 for reps anon?[View]
55083395Why is it easy for a women to look moderately aesthetic by doing meme exercises and cardio?: meanwhi…[View]
55084512June 29. I gotta get in shape now. Too much sittin' is ruinin' my body. Too much abuse has…[View]
55083163Hey guys, how ya doin'? Ok so I've decided to adopt a new fitness regime. Ok so: on day 1 …[View]
55084110Are there any drugs or supplements that help promote a stronger impulse control? Asking for myself[View]
55084421>no response from the morning baking soda test Holy fuck guys i think i might have low stomach ac…[View]
55080960How do I save my cousin from becoming a soiboy? Both his parents are typical liberals, obsessed with…[View]
55079316Has anyone ever had the urge to sniff their, or someone elses, clothes after a workout[View]
55081161Rate? Thoughts?[View]
55082072please: How do I save my brother from failure? He’s already given up his dream of basketball. Now he…[View]
55083699My gf only drinks light coke. Like, literally just light coke, no water whatsoever or any other drin…[View]
55083060Starting Rings: trying to get into rings the nearby park has some pic related now i know wood is bet…[View]
55084548Neutral Grip: Based or No?: I do every exercise >and I mean every with a neutral because of recon…[View]
55081148ITT Fictional Goal Body[View]
55077227What lifts should I do to prevent this from happening again?[View]
55082936Should I buy this? It seems like it would work the entire ab while emphasizing the lower abs to work…[View]
55084181>No pump >Look okay but could be way better >Workout and get sick pump >Look fat Why…[View]
55083967does the leader of your country have natty gains? >UK >Yes…[View]
55072957You are NOT meant to be very muscular: Humans are simply NOT meant to be very muscular from an evolu…[View]
55083467Recovery and fasting: Will intermittent fasting repair my brain in any significant way. One year met…[View]
55084149>one chance at life >*gets born ugly*[View]
55082268HGH worth it?: Hey anons, it’s my first post on fit and some asshole schizo autist told me to do a b…[View]
55083239Full lockdown and no calisthenics thread? Post workouts, progress, infographics, everything[View]
55083400One week on sarms and tanning: Didn't expect result to come so quick. Will be sick after I fini…[View]
55083418accidentally posted this as a reply, meant to be a new thread. Looking for advice I think, started m…[View]
55081474Help: >have 5lb dumbells >dont have much money for weights What can I do with what I have? Any…[View]
55084100Cut off your arms and legs.[View]
55084090I'm considering giving up keto and going back to eating carbs[View]
55083902>Gyms closed for the next 6 months Thanks for everything lads.[View]
55080266Why aren't you on a polyphasic sleep schedule so you can have ultimate natty gains ?[View]
55084018My triceps wont fucking work, they are so weak compared to any other muscle its so fucking annoying …[View]
55083468Whey only diet: I'm trying to shrink my stomach capacity and cut at the same time, so I end up …[View]
55081477Dating a girl and all she wants to do is hang out, which I don’t necessarily want to do. Think about…[View]
5507536071.6% of Americans 20+ are overweight or obese: That's a sick population. #1 though am I right?…[View]
55083806ITT: /fit/ themed Family Guy cutaway gags >Hey Lois? Remember that time I signed up for a crossfi…[View]
55083983I just fapped to the rape scene from the hills have eyes. how much of a coomer i am?[View]
55083378Can I?: Can I build muscle by doing compounds 5x5? StrongLifts?[View]
55082867What mode is this?[View]
55083050Whats your favourite exercise for silverback glutes?[View]
55082223it's more ethical at this point to just let the weak die off. we already have 2 billion too man…[View]
55082023Intuitive eating: I’d like to lose 30 pounds this year to get to my goal weight, but I’ve found that…[View]
55081068How do I fill in these areas?[View]
55082782Does a cup of matcha green tea break a fast?[View]
55082055Guilty pleasure bands: What bands do you anons workout too that are generally hated by most people? …[View]
55083432I had a heart transplant about 7 months ago, and before that I had a fairly flat waist, and had some…[View]
55080746>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Help /fit/, the inside of my elbow hurts when I do chinups and curls, its been …[View]
55080677How do you calisthenics?[View]
55083577What keeps you natty /fit/? I quit working out for a year and I just want my gainz back, why shouldn…[View]
55082118is 1500 calories per day too low for males?[View]
55083300Beard growth: I started weightlifting seriously and with discipline 5 weeks ago. Yesterday I noticed…[View]
55080889Quarantine workouts are meaningless: At least if you've been training regularly for at least 3 …[View]
55083283How the fuck do I fix muscle imbalances in my chest while gaining muscle and while the heaviest dumb…[View]
55083277Why do Americans have such poor diets?[View]
55082989When I'm standing up normally, my stomach is flat, but when I sit down, be it on a chair or on …[View]
55082323is coconut oil the healthiest cooking oil you can use?[View]
55083014Face Gains. Chewing gum: I just got pic related and it works well for chewing. But, how much chewing…[View]
55083143Slept for 13 hours. Now i can feel so much energy. I feel almost hypomanic right now. Good.[View]
55082876Now that all your Gyms are shut down anyone on a body weight workout routine. I have been reading SF…[View]
55080145Index/Ring finger ratio: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0018506X02918301?via…[View]
55082679>he thinks he'll have motivation to go to the gym when corona is over…[View]
55082742Do you drink alcohol?[View]
55082858Can a minor hernia be put off for awhile? I rarely get a dull discomfort in my left testicle area, s…[View]
55082873Swallow the mullet pill, anon.[View]
55080520This is all you need[View]
55081156Red pill me on canned veggies Do these suck for you compared to their fresh counterparts? Asking bec…[View]
55082643What routine to achieve left?[View]
55080146I can't recall the taste of gains Sam: >Do you remember the gym Mr. Frodo? It'll be spr…[View]
55082925people hate thread: just hit 8 plate curl how can h*mans even compete??[View]
55077795/fit/ redpill: Running a marathon requires far more dedication, grit, and toughness than powerliftin…[View]
55065240Home Gym Master Race: It doesn't look like gyms are gonna open again anytime soon, so I'm …[View]
55079673How /fit/ do you have to be to have your own sex cult and harem of beautiful women at your disposal?[View]
55082042thoughts on training partners?[View]
55079632I broke down and ate 5000 calories when my maintenance is 1700 How many of those calories will actua…[View]
55072567post brutal mogs[View]
55082767KyoAni mode: Is this possible natty?[View]
55082714What's the deal with over training? One person says 'there isn't any need to train mo…[View]
55080131>tfw notice my biceps have gotten bigger and my upper arms look bigger around than they used to l…[View]
55082681There are Anons on this board who still haven't figured out how to make gains without a public …[View]
55082604Early in March I was finally going to turn my life around and join a gym. For reasons I shouldn…[View]
55073418Peak form and function[View]
55082148When I've spent the first half of my day eating grilled chicken, protein shakes, Greek yogurt, …[View]
55082560Was he always this small? How do you get rid of body dysmorphia[View]
55082548Atg squater. We got an atg squater here. See? Nobody cares.[View]
55081935based thread[View]
55078856What's your guilty pleasure /fit/?[View]
55082482I've been here for years and I've literally never seen any evidence that 1.5 g protein per…[View]
55082481I'm quite thin but still have cankles What the fuck am I supposed to do[View]
55080622Home Gym Creation: Alright guys, I did research and can't find any olympic weights for sale. Wh…[View]
55080719Is cardio really necessary to get a six pack? I've been cutting and watching my calories but it…[View]
55080631How come that I have't gained weight since the lockdown, but my belly has become fatter and my …[View]
55082241Why am I back to ground 0 when I stop lifting for a month? I make good gains but it doesnt seem wort…[View]
55078220What do you think of women who work out?[View]
55081222Redpill me on vegetables and nutrition. I see lot of big meat shills spreading propaganda here[View]
55082287Are there downsides to just eating raw ground beef? I've been eating a few chunks here and ther…[View]
55076118What do you guys thinking about dating people in mid weight loss? Is it shameful? Do people look do…[View]
55078835What would happen if you wore a weighted vest 24/7?[View]
55079276Charisma, charm and identity: I'm tired of being the little gray man in everybody's lives.…[View]
55082253People you thought were huge before you started lifting[View]
55082100How much time do you guys spend lifting daily?[View]
55082146Are kettlebells good for athletic power and strength? As a triathlete i find it hard to make time fo…[View]
55080710is the doom soundtrack good workout music?: sometimes having that sweet sweet music blast in my ears…[View]
55082077Neet help: I have adjustable dumbbells that can max out at 25 lbs, I’m pretty lanky. Can I get jacke…[View]
55080226Post your favorite, most effective exercises /fit/ Pic related; the booty blaster ;)[View]
55068977Is the runners high just a meme?[View]
55078937Thoughts on lifting fasted: I worked shoulders on hour 40 of a fast, could only get 3 reps of 135 OH…[View]
55080896>tfw overweight >have a shit ton of fat on my body >always hungry >eat 10 eggs >coul…[View]
55080762Man, I see in /fit/ the strongest and smartest men who have ever lived. I see all this potential, an…[View]
55074741We lost him, boys. https://www.the-sun.com/entertainment/643969/my-600-lb-life-james-king-dead/…[View]
55080115how come all the guys at my gym with the most attitude are always under 6 foot? why do you guys get …[View]
55081071So what's going to happen to the fitness-industrial complex in the aftermath of this crisis? Wh…[View]
55077347105 lbs 5'10 asked for advice yesterday: came back and checked the thread and it was just peopl…[View]
55081978Fitness During Quarantine: How has Coronavirus (COVID-19) affected your fitness life, /v/. I'll…[View]
55074291>sleeping more than 4 hours a night HA! ngmi[View]
55081347How do i into lats?[View]
55077054Milk is being dumped: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-dairy-insight/u-s-dairy-…[View]
55081835Is there a site with pictures of people at different weight: For example if I want to compare how I …[View]
55080494How are y'all getting a booty pump? Haven't been able to get one since I can't to hip…[View]
55080113What time do you wake up?[View]
55080650Rate my home gym: Rate my home gym /fit/[View]
55079526Why even bother...: >Feb 29 >Biceps: 18 inches >Forearms 15 inches >Chest 47 inches >…[View]
55081115What are you so afraid of Anon? Hop On!: Budget edition. No machines over $299. You can get a good w…[View]
55079906why are there the same 2 or 3 defeatist threads every day?[View]
55080935redpill me on onions milk. Is it as bad as most say?[View]
55077276Achiveble natty?[View]
55081380>check Instagram >my gym nemesis is actually tad bit stronger than me atm im going to use this…[View]
55080284Cigs during dry fasting?: Anyone tried smoking a fag while dry fasting? I remember some Indians done…[View]
55081333Fuck The gym: Has anyone else come to love calisthenics and not missing the gym at all? I’ve come to…[View]
55078226>out of the way skinny boy what's the correct move here[View]
55081446/bald/: Is it over for me? How do I know if I'm balding or just alopecia areata (temporary hair…[View]
55076820One week on sarms and tanning: Didn't expect result to come so quick. Will be sick after I fini…[View]
55081330>*Casually snatches your 3 plate deadlift over the top of his head* Heh nothing personal kiddo…[View]
55081296Need to improve: 130 lbs (I know), 5'10'. I gotta get in shape, mentally and physically. Money …[View]
55074202seriously FUCK cheese[View]
55079905OPEN THE GYMS[View]
55077266We should all take the waterpill. -Save money on not drinking other sugary shit and caffeinated tras…[View]
55081140>I don’t shower at the gym, that’s gay![View]
55080268How are we supposed to compete with this?[View]
55081298I just slip and fall a while ago. I'm wearing old worn-down slippers on wet tiles. It happened …[View]
55080757FUUUUUUUUUCK They're closing down the basketball courts in my city. It was the only tolerable f…[View]
55081189So I just stayed up all night yesterday and now, after a day loaded up on caffeine with no food, I…[View]
55080867Body trembling after work out. Have I hit physical limit? work out consists of pushups, sit ups, ben…[View]
55044864/plg/ Powerlifting General: >Rocky Edition THE POWERLIFTING General, strongest general in the new…[View]
55079500Bad face: Is it worth working out if you have a wimp skull and not masculine face like this? Will it…[View]
55081012What are you doing in your daily life besides lifting?[View]
55079843There's no use here kisame. None of these DYEL can press 2plates[View]
55081055back specialization program: Due to focusing on the front too much my back is small and weak as shit…[View]
55080130Is there any hope for my disgusting body?: Yes I have mantits[View]
55080999diet soda: is diet soda really going to kill me? is it negligible? i love the taste and fullness fro…[View]
55080949I lift for this I want to know that feel[View]
55055366/fit/ fictional fitspo thread[View]
55079994Is this dude 'chad' or 'dyel'?[View]
55080149Imagine being nonwhite/dark skinned: It’s a death sentence. Lifts for this feel? Also MOGGING thread…[View]
55077337Why do so many men let themselves go eventually? Do you think with age you start feeling like liftin…[View]
55080604The wife and I are staying with the in laws for out in the boonies for the duration of the crisis. W…[View]
55078083How the FUCK am I supposed to compete with this guy?? >6’1 >supermodel for armani, dsquared, v…[View]
55078200Who here Power Band master race? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xf9QQBc_7e4&t=18s[View]
55077667Half of the posts here on a daily basis are meme, incel, or spam threads. It wasn't this bad ev…[View]
55080682hairline Health: How did this guy have hair like this to that?[View]
55079854Possible natty?[View]
55080528Sometimes 1kg is heavier than 200kg[View]
55071542was i at the natty limit in this pic? i was 175 lbs at 5'9 so i should have more mass then fran…[View]
55080203Fucking lockdown Brushing my teeth helped fight the craving but it's coming back Must Resist[View]
55080381>'fat people aren't naturally fat': Then how come blacks generally have naturally lower body…[View]
55079070is this healthy/safe: I'm staying at a caloric deficit of less than 2,000 calories a day. I…[View]
55079488What is the least amount of protein needed to not lose muscle and or strength in a cut? Im a poorfag…[View]
55076347So /fit/ is he right?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__vCU3gUA-I[View]
55077481>sugar good for you Is he based or is he based?[View]
55079868whats wrong with my toe[View]
55080251>“According to a report published last week, more than 70% of patients placed in intensive care a…[View]
55051563STOP working out, you FOOLS[View]
55079991how do I stop mouthbreathing?[View]
55079352Pectus Carinatum: How do you deal with pectus carinatum? My chest protrudes slightly like pic relate…[View]
55069911>started doing weighted dips >chest and triceps grew more in a month than bench press in a yea…[View]
55076256I’m not fucking cutting it[View]
55075878food, exercise, skin, sleep and brain: Is routine good for you? >water with mint >eggs, nuts, …[View]
55079577Veganboy Wedding: Lol Imagine getting married in a tracksuit https://youtu.be/5PRAYmzgg0U[View]
55080193>be me, 19, on my college track team >going for an evening run >on my running path is a par…[View]
55078199Which one is more important /fit/, aesthetics or strenght? pic unrelated[View]
55080178Gotta go f a s t: Planning on doing a fast. I currently 236 and I need to be 202 by the end of July.…[View]
55077268Where does the meme about leg day come from?: Squats are the one exercise that I love. They feel out…[View]
55080164Critique my home workout: I have a neck harness, bench that can be made inclined and 5, 10, 15, 25, …[View]
55080036How do I keep my muscles in 'stand-by' mode until I can go back to the gym so it won't be a sho…[View]
55078793Will I experience sugar withdrawal symptoms if I abandon only refined sugar but keep eating a lot of…[View]
55079529What's the best protein powder in Canada (for price/quality)[View]
55079872Home gym: I'm a poor fag and can't afford dumbbells. Anyone have a link to calisthenics wo…[View]
55063448Will finasteride restore my temples, or just keep what's left on my hair? >pic related I…[View]
55078975how the fuck did he do it[View]
55079926Unironically can fapping once at 2-5 days or even a week affect my stamina, strength, gains or even …[View]
55078838Has anyone on /fit/ ever done Ramadan? >An Islamic rite in which Muslims observe a period of fast…[View]
55068936Push up thread. Under 30 = Add 30 to your last 2 numbers Dubs = triple your last 2 numbers Trips = q…[View]
55077422How worried should I be?: >thought corona was a nothingburger >now bojo is in intensive care d…[View]
55079552Thoughts on my quarentine workout? I don't have much and i can't leave home, here is what…[View]
55070774Can you get a good body while swimming or is it a meme? All the swimmers I have ever seen with a goo…[View]
55078423Don't forget anon to get your daily dose of Vitamin C[View]
55073233All you fags crying about the gyms being closed, why didn't you have a homegym in the first pla…[View]
55067476Post only the best lifting music.[View]
55078512Never improve murica: >wasting that much gains[View]
55079585I used to be a fat kid and dropped a lot of weight getting a bit older, now i'm scared to eat a…[View]
55078919Should I keep lifting or wait until it heals[View]
55078037Can you target where fat is stored? When I gain any fat and get any kind of thickness it goes to my …[View]
55068190Back pain. Help.: I could cry right now. Not because of the pain, but because the pain is stopping m…[View]
55077521I woke up with this on my forearm. Can lifting cause a bruise?[View]
55079336>mfw morbidly obese and watching you meatheads freak out cuz you cant get to the gym due to the v…[View]
55079377>epididymitis I want my left nut removed /fit/ it fuckn hurts so bad bros…[View]
55079354https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mn76l259H8Y alright its settled guys, coronavirus is a nothingburger…[View]
55076766>lean bulking[View]
55077560How can I increase mass on my forearm and wrist?[View]
55079128>doing floor press at home two 20kg dumbbells at home for 30 reps >20kg+20kg = 40kg >40kg x…[View]
55074437It is time we set aside our differences and learn from them my fellow kangs[View]
55061489Motivational Thread. Post what motivates you[View]
55078965>gyms are shut down until further notice >fitness equipment is either sold out, not available …[View]
55077346Explain to me why this isn't the ideal body[View]
55078885Is anyone else pissed off by the fact that men have nipples? Like when i look into the mirror and iv…[View]
55079077When am I going to get to swim?[View]
55076421push ups: PUSHUP OUSHUP PUSHUP!!!!!PUSHUP!!!!!!!![View]
55073757You are meant to be well rounded and fit: Humans are simply meant to be fit in every way from an evo…[View]
55077367Can we update the sticky: I’m tired of seeing the same fucking “what are some body weight exercises …[View]
55076991I want to start lifting. Which routine would you recommend? picrel is my starting point[View]
55075186How to bench press with long hair? I've never had this problem until I grew my hair out. It kee…[View]
55076934>woke up at 2 am >HUNGRY >devoured 100g of chocolate >100g of bread >went back to sle…[View]
55078853Jason Genova looking like a melon buck !![View]
55078542Can I make good gains by just doing push-ups?[View]
55078127Can I look like cringe lord Connor Murphy using only my limited home equipment of a bar with 30 kilo…[View]
55078434Enduring home workouts: I can't stand useless body weight workouts. Got myself two streetsign …[View]
55077889Can HIIT induce sleep apnea?: went back onto HIIT workouts at home and the past 2 nights have been s…[View]
55073054Ahh the eternal conundrum.[View]
55075806hey /fit/ I'm having trouble developing my quads, what exercises should I be doing to fix this?[View]
55077505How's my form /fit/? Any pointers?[View]
55075376I miss the squat rack bro... But joking aside, what workout could I do if I am used to Stornglifts a…[View]
55061137Who mogs?[View]
55071524what is the biological reason behind a mans test levels plummeting after he has a child? is this nat…[View]
55078366Islee, Islee, Islee...Ye never leern man, ye never leern. Like someone's geeting sceerd cause d…[View]
55078378Best exercises for obliques?: I've been neglecting these fuckers for a long time, now that my a…[View]
55078267BRUISES AFTER TRAINING: Hey lads. I started lifting some time ago. First I did 15, then 20 then 30 t…[View]
55078291Lat Doms: Never had lat doms. Please help me experience this, /fit/[View]
55073472Memes aside what should you lifts be at as a heterosexual adult male?[View]
55072802/fitlit/: you are making brain gains too, right /fit/?[View]
55076782Legs: What are some good upper leg/ thigh workouts that can replace squats? I have a nerve issue on…[View]
55060900Weird looking buff physiques: Here we will post people who clearly trains, yet they look weird / una…[View]
55066097Is a fit man obligated to date fit partners?[View]
55072444I switched to push-pull-legs a while ago because fullbody had too little volume in each exercise. Ho…[View]
55077739I need information bros: My grandpa bought a bunch of these to help him shed a few pounds. I know ho…[View]
55078313DR MIKE: what does /fit/ think if mike israetel[View]
55071158I just had a son, /fit/ How do I make sure he grows up to be strong and a Chad, and doesn't end…[View]
55076936How's your home gym coming along ? Some nigger in my household did this to my rings .[View]
55074661Is jelq and bathmate a meme?: How do I make pp gains?[View]
55075975What's on the menu? Post your meals[View]
55076187Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
55077946>still can't cook I need to add some veggies to my diet, what are the best one that are eate…[View]
55077845>try /noporn/ >someone posts porn on a board I'm looking at >get horny and look someth…[View]
55077565There is absolutely nothing wrong with carbs and only fat people should try to avoid them if they wa…[View]
55078061Are Kegels Bad For You?: Are Kegels Bad For You? Good for you? Trivial? Help me not coom so fast…[View]
55077278I feel so bloated it feels like my gut is gonna explode. How can I stop this? What should I eat? Spo…[View]
55076512I did a million push-ups a week, AMA[View]
55077068Why haven't you taken the bisonpill yet?: >leaner than beef >no hormones >tastier than…[View]
55076458Fat and stuck at home with no gym, what do?: I need to do exercise at home but I have no gym so I ca…[View]
55076277Achievable natty?[View]
55073751Has lifting made you less of a loser?[View]
55077940How do I get my gf look like this?[View]
55071434Hairy back: What to do about a hairy back guys? I have a super hairy back, almost monkey-like. What…[View]
55076024How do I achieve this physique?[View]
55075134Daily reminder that this is what your average girl is attracted to. You dont look good with all that…[View]
55077711Best ways to make my hands thicker?[View]
55075415jogging and running: why do i keep feeling liek i have to shit and piss when i jog for longer period…[View]
55076588How to know how much to press?: Hello /fit/. I have the big fat. Down 2st but have hit a pizza shape…[View]
55077231Is it worth buying one of these or is push ups enough? (Just for the duration of this corona shit)[View]
55077485What sort of cardio is the best for the heart and lungs? Like should you sprint and do HIIT for a sh…[View]
55073544Scoliosis Thread: Any anons have this condition? If so please share >how bad >what degree >…[View]
55076565Does anyone know an endocrinologist in munich germany they could recommend when it comes to testoste…[View]
55074848Meal Tracking: Sup /fit/. What have you eaten so far today? I'll start; 3 egg omelette (spinach…[View]
55075086>Be an 50 year old veteran Roman man who traveled in the known world and marked by the many battl…[View]
55077049I'm not into fitness much but I like to keep myself at least to some standard of healthiness, s…[View]
55077242Hey! We're a loving community full of people suffering from Tourette's or those trying to …[View]
55076576How people who will never make it can actually make it? Asking for friend. He is 2 years with no ga…[View]
55075904Where would he be now ?: What would he be doing ? Would he had made it in hollywood by now ? He was…[View]
55076082Worst genetics on /fit/: Starting from the top of my body >Balding >Egg head shape >Slavic…[View]
55076993I'm gonna do it /fit/ I'm gonna eat some cake![View]
55073489I did 2 million push-ups!: It took me 6 months.[View]
55076953Take the Boronpill: 6-9mg of Boron can boost your Testosterone up to 140% of Baselevel. Why hasnt /f…[View]
55076377What's the best diet to forego turning into a flabby sack during this period of downtime? I…[View]
55074592Does BMI mean anything?[View]
55070664/fit/ routine: The rules are simple List a workout such as 3x15 pushups and if you get dubs, it stic…[View]
55076810If you could only do 20-30 minutes of hypertrophy exercise a day, 3 times a week, what could of rout…[View]
55076383How do you anons like to drink your water? Cold? With ice? Raw? How about grated lemon or ginger?[View]
55076760diet advice: Mom's starting to get fat as shit, I was looking into fasting and keto to help her…[View]
55075793What's the ideal body fat percentage for optimal aesthetics?[View]
55072817OPEN THE GYMS[View]
55076658Why are we still here: Someone tell me what the craic is with dip bars? Should I get some? If so whi…[View]
55073760how do you redirect your motivation from playing games into fitness and other beneficial things? I…[View]
55075775How's this home routine for fat loss and recomposition? M - Full Body Weight Training I T - 30-…[View]
55063413Is it possible to survive on this? Is it healthy?[View]
55075889TRX: >using these pieces of shit for dips >height adjusters are made of fucking steel and dig …[View]
55055228This is why I lift[View]
55076205'A man of little academic education, but physically sound with good strong character and imbued with…[View]
55071903Full body: Is there full body program for size for intermediates and higher or do you have to split …[View]
55076295Corona workout: What's a good cardio workout to do at home w/ no equipment? Something with low …[View]
55072569Hey boys, CJC here ! (Cuppa Joe Club) Just your daily reminder to drink Joe! Who wouldn't want …[View]
55076090Skelly improvement thread: Up from 100 lbs from an year ago to 122 and growing. Am using 10 kg dumbb…[View]
55074580how does this happen?[View]
55076387Post em lads. ‘Rona will not stop us from chasin those sweet joocie gains[View]
55075240Has HIIT been debunked? The after burn effect is basically nothing and it’s only a temporary hormona…[View]
55076374Did you know that: people with higher IQs tend to be taller, quicker to react to a flashing light, …[View]
55072403Maybe You Should Just Quit: Worried about roiding? Yeah maybe you should just quit. Everything has r…[View]
55076271They just closed all gyms in my country until august Bye gains[View]
55076298/fit/ inspo thread special lifters adition: If they can do it, so can you. Post mentally or physical…[View]
55075313Does meditation have actual positive effects on the psyche/peace of mind is it all NoFap-tier memes?[View]
55076010Motivational Wallpapers thread[View]
55075861Is this achievable is this type of body without PED's? How many of these WWE guys do you think …[View]
55076249>So anon why do you lift? >... >Anon? Why are you crying? >... >Anon, what is shiza?…[View]
55076148I've had this tendonitis in my elbow for a few months now, with quarentine I decided to just do…[View]
55076167best ways to prevent over training: used to be some what /fit/ and got lazy but using this break to …[View]
55073157Bros how do manlets do it? I'm 6'1 with a decent build and I feel mogged everytime I leave…[View]
55076176roided people look like shit to anyone who isn't mentally ill[View]
55075794Are the gear roids worth it?[View]
55073983Don't forget to work on your mental health & fitness too![View]
55075406How the fuck do I solve my joint issues? I was curling a 45 lbs bar and my wrists were hurting and r…[View]
55073473aye bros, ive been trying out a new fating method i came up with, and so far its been working really…[View]
55075931>dude sardines are fucking disgusting bro! >shovels down sugary junk food How do we fix these …[View]
55073777this kills the gym rat: https://www.nutritiontactics.com/prevent-muscle-loss-with-minimal-training/…[View]
55075569literally what would you do if someone did this to you at the gym? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J…[View]
55070193Why does this shit seemingly happen at random? I didn't lift today and I last ate like 3 hours …[View]
55069912Wat do?[View]
55075554>solves quarantine workouts[View]
55075726thoughts on quinones like pqq, coq10, methylene blue, etc?[View]
55075581I don't feel good after I run: I ran like 10 minutes at moderate intensity around my neighborho…[View]
55075722But do you even have a 6pack on your head?[View]
55075698Veganism: BBC has been dabbing on vegans and saying their diet is bullshit lately. Vegans are up in …[View]
55068606Im havin a REAL hard time trying to get a decent back workout in while at home, I don't got the…[View]
55074433Why consume something that if you go without consuming one day you already feel like garbage?[View]
55075455Day 3 /nonic/ lads. At this rate I'll make it[View]
55075293Give me a lower body wrokout I can do with only resistance bands.[View]
55074737Self acceptance: Can anyone explain this shit to me and what it means? I want to start by saying I b…[View]
55073924Volley ball thread:: I'm new to this sport . I'm 184cm and my max jump (without running) i…[View]
55075157Nopoo general: Started my nopoo journey. I used to wash hair with shampoo every day, today is my fir…[View]
55075545I have shin splints so I'm trying cycling as an alternate cardio. I consider this week shit but…[View]
55075356Working out twice in one day: Is it a good idea or would it just hurt my gainz if I already got a go…[View]
55074601WTF fuck you coronachan[View]
55074884Fuck: Just ate a whole bar of chocolate and bag of popcorn. Might kms :/[View]
55073991Testosterone results: I'm a 19 year old guy. I have a test of ~520ng or 18nmol, I feel like thi…[View]
55073297people who look good >bro split,high reps,time under tension,superset/dropsets,low rest times peo…[View]
55065205Why can't lifting and fitness just be as easy as simply doing cardio, eating well and doing bar…[View]
55073699If I fap 2-3 times per day is this killing my gains?[View]
55074835Is eating too many eggs unhealthy?: Some studies suggest they increase ldl and risk of heart attacks…[View]
55067025how come nobody told me this is god tier for cutting[View]
55071360105 pounds 5'10 should i SS GOMAD?: i heard gomad ss was a meme but it i've also been reco…[View]
55074794Reminder that the 'alpha male' is a lie made up by companies to sell their products[View]
55072491I won't be able to train duirng the following week because of hernia or some cuck shit, what do[View]
55075014100 push ups and 100 crunches: Is it good bros?[View]
55069015is there any way to do deadlifts without getting horrible pain in the lowerback the day after?[View]
55074775have been calorie counting for over a month now - started with 90kg, hight 188, eating about 2000kca…[View]
55063513a calorie is not a calorie: >imagine still believing in CICO https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi…[View]
55072915Every act of beauty is a revolt against the modern world. They poison you, and promote gluttony. Fa…[View]
55074221so i stopped going to the gym and now just home workout nothing else cant even go for a fucking run …[View]
55074040What's the consensus about working out sick?[View]
55074529Guys why do my shins hurt so much?: I've taken up running to stay active during this guarantine…[View]
55072966My gym is closed. It's over for me.[View]
550719601 punch man work out: Any advice on doing the one punch man workout is it safe for beginner[View]
55072687Is loose skin surgery even worth it? I think i'd rather have loose skin than look like a ftm tr…[View]
55074784Daily reminder that this is what your average girl is attracted to. You dont look good with all that…[View]
55072824What's for breakfast today frens?[View]
55072911Guys im fucking desperate please help[View]
55073899Guys, I think I should take a break for a few days from working out? My whole body feels like I…[View]
55074413How the fuck do you train at home? I have an entire room that is empty and I have some equipment (ma…[View]
55064648>why workout when you're ugly anywa-[View]
55074519why the fuck are two 30 pound dumbbells $70? how am i supposed to afford working out if gyms are clo…[View]
55071940Seriously how does this happen?[View]
55074373*skips leg day once*[View]
55074419Can you give me any ideas for homemade weights? I already got a pull up bar and a set of 2-3kg dumbe…[View]
55069224What's his secret?: How do I become this successful and good looking (no homo)?[View]
55072247R8 my natty bulk: 3 weeks ago[View]
55071848Is it corona?: So it's been 4 weeks already and I still cant take deep breaths. I thought it co…[View]
55074191sober >shy >timid >quiet >no one cares about me drunk >people love me >get dates f…[View]
55073187If you can't even scoop up your 90 pound dog, then whats the point of all of this?[View]
55074216Rate my diy rack. Been working on it for about a week. Bench hooks support at least 200lbs, and I…[View]
55073242How much must I lift to be able to move a woman this big to the ground?[View]
55072349Rate my legs desu[View]
55073897Weird chest spasms: Do you guys have reflexes in your pecs? Like similar to how the doctor hits your…[View]
55073325Running is the worst thing I've ever done. What kind of sadistic degenerate finds joy in this?[View]
55073928>Fitness board >Threads about male facial aesthetics get the most replies What did they mean…[View]
55072875What are you doing to make Zyzz proud today, /fit/?[View]
55073621Is this the god tier for cardio while consuming media or is there something better?[View]
55073694Sleep Apnea: Any other sleep apnea sufferers on here? What did you do to reduce the effects?[View]
55072476Wtf is the point of motorised treadmills?: Looking to add a treadmill to my corona gym and I realise…[View]
55070045Bulking: How do I stop farting so fucking much?[View]
55072314Overhead Squats: Can I do these with dumbbells if that's all I have? I've seen people doin…[View]
55070991Anyone has these runners? how much height do they add? Ordered a pair recently, expecting delivery n…[View]
55070771The final solution routine is complete. >only water >onions, olive oil >eggs, fish, nuts …[View]
55066724>Watch jojo >Sudden urges to hit the gym, lift weights and get buff Is this normal?…[View]
55073716bodyweight exercises: hi /fit/, does anyone have any recommendations for a good bodyweight workout p…[View]
55073560trying to gain the msot out of quarntine and thought if i train twice a day?: obviously have to mana…[View]
55073258>Juggernaut Method[View]
55073572Does anyone have the pearsman pic from way back? 2010ish. If you have the pic you'll know what …[View]
55071036This barbel, plus weights, is all I have to workout with for the next 3-7 days, but this obviously i…[View]
55070956>that guy who wear basketball shorts in the gym[View]
55069886ok guys, can you redpill me on daily calisthenics? can you make decent gains and what's the bes…[View]
55068415Do you thinks Dylan McKenna achieved this physique natty for 4 years In his transformation Before ro…[View]
55073051Do weighted vests actually make you shorter?[View]
55072468>Have a weird paranoid theory that COVID kills people because of alcohol >More likely to kill …[View]
55073017If I'm doing 18/6 intermittent fasting is it recommended that I eat right after working out or …[View]
55073277Fuck: Fuck it I’m going to do it cuck the gains. I’m..... I’m going to comfort eat aggghhhhh[View]
55073104All this time i've been doing chin ups when i've been telling others that I was doing pull…[View]
55073062i am 15 pullups alpha male how much pullups are you? i weigh 88 kg fat https://youtu.be/YQep3FQkB6c[View]
55070799How do I stop this area from engaging while doing crunches? It’s not ‘low back pain’, it’s tightness…[View]
55072352I've been doing weighted chins as a supplement for boxing, but I have zero knowledge about all …[View]
55069762Do you wipe your butt standing or sitting?: Well?[View]
55072507Do bro hugs boost your gains?[View]
55068286There are people browsing /fit/ right now that have never seen their abs. Explain yourselves[View]
55070380How do I walk and stand confident like a real man?[View]
55062765Name one person in history with better shoulders than prime DWIGHT HOWARD. You literally can't…[View]
55071162What food and vitamins is this missing? >raw beef >onions, olive oil >eggs, fish, nuts >…[View]
55071171Who wins >55 year old dad who worked construction and other various blue collar jobs while fighti…[View]
55072304Why does this make my mouth taste and smell like cum? t. King[View]
55071391How often do you take a break from lifting? I'm about to take a week off, still doing cardio th…[View]
55070593What exercises are you guys doing for legs?: I haven't trained my legs during the whole quarant…[View]
55072690my experiences with high frequency training i do pullups, pushups and captains of crush grippers eve…[View]
55071238Pasta: What is a good pasta brand that is /fit/ conscious? I always buy this crap because it’s cheap…[View]
55070729Why does crossfit exist, like bruh your just killing yourself with multiple reps of random power mov…[View]
55072563Dopamine Junkie: I need your help /fit/ I need coffee/cigs/sweets/gaming If I don't drink coffe…[View]
55072462>Realizing you are actually not that smart, it's just the average poster in here has extreme…[View]
55070162what are the benefits of this exercise[View]
55059746Why do you lift?[View]
55071991eating properly: help me out here guys, im a fucking beginner but im stsrting to have a solid routin…[View]
55071751Ginger: You have eaten your ginger today, right /fit/?[View]
55072049>he doesnt join migratory bird events for gains[View]
55067291>Can feel my heart beating faster and then slower for absolutely no reason It's over for me …[View]
55058479>quarantine >nothing to do so i finally start working out in a consistent manner >depressiv…[View]
55065271What phrases do you say to yourself during workout to get pumped up for the next set? Mine are 'BEA…[View]
55071293Lockdown bodyweight exercices: Hello, this question must have been asked a hundred times already but…[View]
55071834>Tried drinking a cup of coffee one hour before cardio >After 5 minutes of running heart start…[View]
55071372Wake up: prove your resolve and self discipline to jocko by waking up and heading straight to the /h…[View]
55069331is this the power of bloat max? How can I achieve it?[View]
55061341All the fitness equipment you need[View]
55069546>mum found my straps >now she thinks I'm doing heroin…[View]
55071767My routine: Day 1: Chest and abs Day 2: Triceps, Bicep and abs Day 3: Repeat day 1 Day 4: Repeat day…[View]
55071606Sorry, I don't frequent /fit/ but I do lift regularly. Or did, until the coronavirus thing and …[View]
55064235Why are biceps so important?: It's just one little muscle, functionally no more important than …[View]
55058703I'm literally this fucker Lads, I know I dug my own grave and probably I would be better off de…[View]
55070227Bulking: Newfag here. Can’t cut because possible heart problems from being a degenerate in my teen y…[View]
55071763Abs during quarantine: You are a fool, if you don't train abs at home while in quarantine. Let…[View]
55071916Weighted hardcore: I am on this exact workout park right now, which weighted calisthenics should I u…[View]
55069995I only do a couple of sets of pull-ups and push ups per day, bike or sex for cardio, what’s your exc…[View]
55070757My workout equipment for the quarantine: Tell me what can I do with this. Abs included.[View]
55065900Suddenly weaker: I got suddenly weaker, what the fuck? Could do a clean 10 pullups, today I couldn…[View]
55067617MDbros: Any Doctor/Healthcare bros here? I'm 25 and going back to school because I want to get …[View]
55070251Helpful apps: Are there any useful apps out there for tracking progression and PRs? It would be 100x…[View]
55069057>What's up guys, it's Jeff Cavalier, Athleanx.com! Today we're gonna talk about th…[View]
55070056Is mass more important than being cut? I’d much rather be right than left.[View]
55070912I've got a shitty frame but I've noticed some women who work out end up with pretty decent…[View]
55043492why does fit lie so much about veganism?: You can get all of those nutrients/vitamins very easily on…[View]
55071485Is no fap pointless during quarantine? I thought the point was to make you get out and do shit. I…[View]
55071155Post yfw you deadlift 500 kilos[View]
55046335/cbt/: Post em boys >what mode am I at 110kg? >pic very related…[View]
55071508>being natty @2020 You mirin /fit/?? This was me last year ago in Mykonos were I stayed there at …[View]
55071027LIST FOR YOURSELF: >be passive as fuck 26yo ausfag >hit it off with 'innocent' 24yo Japanese q…[View]
55068491FUCK JANNIES: You faggots are ruining this board. Kys.[View]
55071517I’m 183cm and 72kg. Can I get a bigger frame by eating more and lifting heavy? I want to look like a…[View]
55067527Could producing breast milk actually be beneficial for gains? Not a tranny or anything, I'm pre…[View]
55069430how to talk to girls?[View]
55071377I see myself gettin fatter[View]
55070006Pic related. So Tim Apple is cut. What’s your excuse?[View]
55068578What went wrong?[View]
55071243>lockdown day 13 >another 6 pack down brehs how do i go thru this hlep is neeeded…[View]
55069621/fit/ careers: What are some careers that compliment/require a fit lifestyle? Or are masculine/high …[View]
55069075So why haven't you taken the octopus pill yet? >30g protein per 100g >165 calories per 10…[View]
55069069I only do OHP and pullups for upper body and say that I don't train arms and my arms are relati…[View]
55070553What have you achieved today so far anon? >be me > 6:15 am alarm clock goes ring ring > imm…[View]
55070659eBook collection?: It seems like the google drive /fit/ repository got fucked. All the folders are s…[View]
55070400Google how to bulk >Try and only gain half a lb a week >No more than 12 lbs a year >A 200 …[View]
55070997How many of our /fit/izens do this?[View]
55070884501kg... wait on it[View]
55072355Imagine being a manlet, trying so desperately to compensate for your height at the gym, only to get …[View]
55062981Hey boys, CJC here ! (Cuppa Joe Club) Just your daily reminder to drink Joe! Who wouldn't want …[View]
55062018Autistic reasons you lift: >hur hur i want gf Kys I lift to prepare myself for an imaginary war …[View]
55068140You are NOT meant to be very muscular: Humans are simply NOT meant to be very muscular from an evolu…[View]
55066697>*runs past you* >heh, nothing personell kid…[View]
55068536/fit/ literature thread: I'm looking to better understand human anatomy. My question is what ar…[View]
55070435IMPROVE: >no white flour >brown rice >ab wheel >forearms and calves >dancing >whim…[View]
55064778Short torso long legs is gold genetics: I just found out something that girls with short torso and l…[View]
55069839Take the noshampoo pill[View]
55070402If johnny bravo were real would real life women avoid him? I really dont think so. He'd be a fu…[View]
55066794Why doesn't every fatty just get bariatric surgery? It's been proven to be incredibly safe…[View]
55070311you guys enjoying your Coronacation?[View]
55068935Estimates on gyms reopening: I can’t live like this bro’s I know it’s gonna be a while but when will…[View]
55069027What mode is this and how do I get it?[View]
55068540Detrimental effects of very light tobacco use: Since high school (like 5 years ago) I've partak…[View]
55068643Why lift if you'll never outlift your goofy looking face?[View]
55068800so what's your excuse again, dumbass?[View]
55070179Need stronglifts modification: Help a bro out please? I was doing stronglifts but now I don't h…[View]
55065282Burned 3,400 calories: Could this possibly be accurate? I feel like it’s bizarre that this app is sa…[View]
55066024Daily reminder to eat more onions. You will never make it if you neglect onions.[View]
55065912>not sitting like this in front of your computer all day >sitting on a chair like a cellulitic…[View]
55069014Mire thread, Corona-chan mires you edition: Lads, any mires recently during Corona-chan's takeo…[View]
55069457How fit do you think you should ve before you start a fitness YouTube channel and challenge onbnoxio…[View]
55066536>newscasters predict month of May will be the peak of coronavirus infections >my gym says it…[View]
55068954>used to be 30-50 pounds heavier 4 or 5 years ago >could do 100 sit ups in a row no problem ev…[View]
55069719can i reach 4pl8 squat in 4 months linearly?: >18M high school senior >my 1RM for a beltless p…[View]
55069633>be tall >tall, but can't put on muscle >be short >can put on muscle, but you…[View]
55069549holy mother of god[View]
55068350Covid-19 permanently fucks up your test: >Effect of SARS-CoV-2 infection upon male gonadal functi…[View]
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55068076Every time I work out intensely on a new routine I wake up the next day with at worst a cold and a h…[View]
55069703Anyone else consider transitioning from builtfat/ripped to female now that you can't go to the …[View]
55068758Cutting inspiration: Post motivational fat loss transformation photos.[View]
55069227Is milk bad for you?[View]
55069507>be me >6/10 white guy from Canada >lean build, nothing special >use Tinder passport (th…[View]
55068102Why lead a muscly life instead of an interesting one? I could work out too but I’d rather read a boo…[View]
55069471I became lactose intolerant: It was a big part of my diet. Rip in chat bros[View]
55069446Is this the god tier for cardio while consuming media or is there something better?[View]

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