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61422145>that guy who brings his girlfriend or mom or sister to the gym and orbits her whenever anothet g…[View]
61422123Is working at Home Depot a good workout?: Please put the beat while answering: https://www.youtube.c…[View]
61405037What are some bad habits you should avoid? >bad posture >using your hands to stand up >spea…[View]
61420005Daily reminder that all you need to impress thots is low bodyfat and 6 months of lifting.[View]
61421943Broke college student feels: >be broke college student >have to eat unhealthy foods my parents…[View]
61421771hot itchy skin: I either developed an egg intolerance leading to itchy skin or my T levels have fuck…[View]
61419944>he doesn't carry his pocket protein for emergencies NGMI[View]
61420570What’s for lunch, /fit/? Quarantine edition.[View]
61417728What do you wear to the gym /fit/?[View]
61421624how do i get better at pull ups? i try to do them everyday but i feel hella strain in my shoulders a…[View]
61422100Alright fellow /fit/izens, i cant do a pull up. Stats are 194cm and 89kg. Is it lack of technique or…[View]
61415731Why dont roidmonkeys have common courtesy?[View]
61421228>I do cardio on my off days Well then maybe you should stop calling them your 'off days'…[View]
61417027Testosterone scores are shit.: Just got my scores back from my Dr., How screwed am I boys? >31 y/…[View]
61421953test cycle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t--cnB4IlG0 can i safely follow his advice?[View]
61421647>grandma working in the garden >'anon, can you please help me drag this massive bag of soil to…[View]
61412430This guy put on 38lbs in 4 months going from 6' 2' 155lbs to 193lbs on just 550mg test and 50mg…[View]
61421124Does /fit/ do cardio before or after lifting Been back at the gym a couple months now and able to li…[View]
61419046>you can't really be muscular simply because of genetics and hormo-…[View]
61421441>Oh hi anon. You came to this unofficial BASED party too, haha. Yup, us grills are HUGE /fit/ fan…[View]
61420449please kill me: >me at 4:00 PM: Holy FUCK I hate fat '''people''' >also me at 4:00 AM: AAAAA I…[View]
61408245/fit/ Philosophy Quotes: Post your favorite /fit/ quotes Mine is picrel[View]
61421266What ancient people were the most ripped: Obviously a strong case can be made for the Athenians but …[View]
61420827Arthritis: My knees feel fucked up bros. I dug a bunch of holes yesterday then did some lunges and n…[View]
61421001/BLOAT/ General >Todays Bloatfood Little Caesars Large Pizza >8-12 Slices and Close to 3k/cal …[View]
61419059is he losing it ?[View]
61420824So guys, now that we have more time and experience, what is your opinion on SARMs? Are they safer th…[View]
61420879Based or cringe?[View]
61421262How do I BattleBeast mode? Also fictional body goal thread[View]
61421546Give me all of your best advice on approaching/making conversation with women. I am heavily introver…[View]
61414972I thought you were supposed to be a ripped 10/10 face chad to get this kind of prime pussy wtf fit b…[View]
61419574can you build muscle with boxing?[View]
61421403I prefer being sleep deprived: Seriously. On 4-7 hours of sleep I never really feel tired if I have …[View]
61416993Claviclemaxxing: My MK677 just arrived, I'm 20 and am using it to get more lateral bone growth,…[View]
61421396I found the perfect combo for Snack: _ 1/2 cup low fat Cottage cheese 13g of prot 2.5g of fat 5g of…[View]
61419363can you think of a more useless old lady exercise than planking? why does everyone recommend this sh…[View]
61415784IT'S LEGDAY: KILL ME!!![View]
61421318>200kcal surplus a day + 4 days per week of lifting heavy for 8 months AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH…[View]
61420485You didn't forget, did you?: do your NECK CURLS. that is all.[View]
61421263New poll because the last one was full of liars. What is /fit/s gender. Please don't lie, new o…[View]
61419917How to know if you’ve got a hemorrhoid or if you just tore your ass up a bit on a big fat log?[View]
61421026How do you des with cutting fatigue? Im eating 1700 calories at 6' and feel a lot more tired th…[View]
61420328Working out while hoarse?: Had a dry throat a couple of days ago but worked out anyways, the next da…[View]
61421069Pull-up strength: I built a pullup bar in my backyard and my goal is to be able to... Well, do a pul…[View]
61420430Im a fat fuck and I'll never lose weight because whenever I feel anxious I go to the closest su…[View]
61420798Redpill me on aronia berries[View]
61420650What are common stretches you do before working out?[View]
61420641Before lifting: >normal fetishes like big ass and titties After lifting: >want to get topped …[View]
61418686Shoulder click: Think I overstrained my shoulder and now it's clicking. Should I stay off it or…[View]
6141789020 5'8 220 overweight asf Wanna get down to 170 with muscle any workout recommendations, i o…[View]
61420699You are cooling your palms, face and/or bottoms of your feet between sets right? ...Right anon?[View]
61420302What does /fit/ think of Crossfit?[View]
61415355Remember to check your testicles friends. Just got my right nut cut off for likely testicular cancer…[View]
61413927Can't wait to taste my PROTEIN KETO PANCAKES[View]
61419878Supplements are a scam and are unhealthy: All you need is a sufficient diet of whole foods. Sunbathi…[View]
61420397Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
61420524I'm off to see rich bros ill tell you of what I know when I return[View]
61420380is tai chi bullshit? are there real benefits? should I learn it? can I learn it from the internets?[View]
61420487what comes after never making it?[View]
61416475Where's the first and last place the body chooses to burn fat with most males? Both studies and…[View]
61418134>be on a cut for a while >summer hasn't even started >be weak and hungry >can'…[View]
61420369I turn 30 this year. If I don't make a change now, I'll die an early death. I'm count…[View]
61420013How do I enter Venom mode?[View]
61412031Real health and fitness: >Yeah bro I'm healthy Meanwhile >works out till failure >incr…[View]
61414376Developing Adrenaline Triggers: During some months of isolation I developed the ability to instantly…[View]
61419718Is 500 servings of DMAA worth 50$[View]
61420087Anon I don't feel good: Bros I was doing calisthenics a few hours ago but im still sweating and…[View]
61414841>literally a drug >destroys your teeth >destroys your sleep >it helps to fuck with yo…[View]
61419318I just ate a bunch of tofu. What is going to happen now?[View]
61419976Shitting while squatting: Everytime I squat I ruin my underwear. I spend time to empty out before I …[View]
61416866can you make it with adhd? mma helped me to get it under control but now that the gym is closed lif…[View]
61418497is jelqing effective?: i got a relatively long penis (18cm) but it could be girthier[View]
61419345Lockdown: When this lockdown shit finally done im gonna make my room a home gym. I alrdy got a 6ft (…[View]
61419799Belly got me: Finally happened. Somehow I have a belly now. Gyms closed What's the quickest way…[View]
61418256What is the best Ostarine cycle for a total noob?: Dosage+time.[View]
61417408/fit/ music for breaking and making PRs: I'll start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmOsEcA-m6…[View]
61415945Will girls look at me this way if I get jacked?[View]
61417937alcohol: Been considering taking up alcoholism as crutch for my depression in substitution for coomi…[View]
61414956Meming aside. How much training would I meet to look athletic / normal.2 years ? 3? I mean to have …[View]
61417232Why does my pee: Smell like this cereal/ honey smacks with the frog? Have not had it in years.…[View]
61417524I forgot what set I'm on[View]
61418751i get fit,get gf and gf was a whore you lay to me bros: so after 26 years when i get really fit i fi…[View]
61419106Why is it that almost without fail you can walk into any commercial gym and some out of shape person…[View]
61417074>Hey Anon where are you? I’m already in front of the gym >Hahaha yeah sorry bro... I can’t com…[View]
61418604Mogging in the gym is destroying my self confidence: Please help me, I keep getting absolutely mogge…[View]
61417700arm flexibility: whenever i do chinups, or even straight bar curls, my elbows and wrists feel strain…[View]
61408993Confess: The weekend is over. Confess[View]
61419530Raw eggs: Is there anything wrong with drinking/eating raw eggs? I read that it's fine if you p…[View]
61411689Is there any reason whatsoever to not do one cycle since it apparently gives a permanent advantage?[View]
61419190how to get abs like this?[View]
61416701/fit/ approved kinos: sometime when i do bench i listen do this banger https://youtu.be/8kkuuBxyYqM…[View]
61417814>22 years old >6'0 >165 lbs >skinny fat >start the gym today My goal is pic …[View]
61419182My trainer is sending me to a doctor who wants to give me peptides. I’m googling it and I can’t tell…[View]
61414817Bicep (monday) and tricep (tuesday) day usually take around 30 minutes each, while my back day takes…[View]
61419007How many tournaments do I need to enter to get tiddies like this?[View]
61415507>brutally MOGS every human being to ever live[View]
61409344I'm sick and tired of being shilled garbage-tier whey from a million different sources. Give it…[View]
61415322body recomp vs. cutting: I am a 5'6 (167 cm) female with bust 36 inches (91 cm), waist 27 inche…[View]
61418052>tfw 112kg I am not gonna make it, bros :([View]
61419124where the fuck can i obtain this?[View]
61419354I get hit by DOMs so much worse than everyone else I know, and I have to sleep like 9 hours a night …[View]
61418836im 22 years old and feel like my test levels have plummeted after getting a sleeping disease. what s…[View]
61419116Vertical Limit.: Go watch Vertical Limit. Go watch Old Boy. Go watch Goon. Post lesser know /fit/ mo…[View]
61419246some good pump supplements ?: not like preworkout and shit my heart cant handle more than half a sco…[View]
61413575What is the ideal ratio of Omega-3's to Omega-6's to Medium-Chain Triglycerides? I've…[View]
61419133I lift for picrel. Who do you lift for[View]
61418120>calf day[View]
61418885I just ordered 3 original jack3d. what am I in for?[View]
61418172I sneezed (fuck you birch trees) and my upper back hurts like a motherfucker. WTF? Like I sprained a…[View]
61419132>go gym >start squatting >my lower back pops and I’m in considerable pain >leave gym Ano…[View]
61417540creatine bros...[View]
61401613/wph/ - weak people hate: i hate weakness so FUCKING much anons.[View]
61419060Balancing work and fitness: I always thought it would be easy to just workout in the times I’m not w…[View]
61406613Farmers walk: What exercise is the best test of strength and why is it the farmers walk?[View]
61418734So I'm bulking for summer and I just ate more than half a kilo of one of those big meat sausage…[View]
61418251If i cant dance...: But am /fit/ and i suddenly have to dance... What do i do?[View]
61410731Is there a for sure fix for scalp psoriasis/seborrheic dermatitis? These flakes fucking suck[View]
61417788sunbathing/ice on testicles: what are your thoughts on it did it work started doing it last week and…[View]
61416982Do you agreee with the USDA's standards?[View]
61418541>22 >746k net worth >5’10 >1.5/2.25/3.5/5…[View]
61417967how does /fit/ get their antioxidants?[View]
61418600Skelebros what was your most embarrasing moment and why did you start working out: I'll start w…[View]
61416710>bulk and train since august >feel fat >start cutting at late february >get told i dont …[View]
61418542Winter alternatives to landscaping: I've realized I really like landscaping, I've been spe…[View]
61410657>pre workout Anything cringier than this?[View]
61417579Strength training and dieting the way to get this type of body?[View]
61418089mutt here, I lost 45 pounds during a roughly half year cut to shred fat. Now i'm ready to bulk …[View]
61415698So when hanging on a wall like this what is the best way to move sideways? Do you use knees for supp…[View]
61407054How has learning about lifting and health affected you mentally? Personally it made me realize how o…[View]
61414415Why are you so scared of doing dealifts anon? Don't you want to be big and strong?[View]
61408741The most based item in existence: >softens wrinkles >cures acne >softens acne scars >…[View]
61416635Thoughts on the most recent Starting Strength video?[View]
61401764Meat: What is the worst meat in your guys' opinion? Im going with pork >most common pork cut…[View]
61410475I can do 3 sets of 7 pullups. Should I start adding weight onto the pullups or just keep going until…[View]
6141260952 years old: At what age do men hit the wall, /fit/?[View]
61417484Is it normal to puke/want to puke after training?[View]
61417964Bros. I had some Adderall today and it made me super productive and made me feel really focused and …[View]
61417719Music: Take a song leave a song. We all need something new. https://youtu.be/waLsfa_M7t4 https://yo…[View]
61417970Achilles Tendon Injuries: Yesterday I ran 37km@3'55' Today my Achilles Tendon feel like a rubbe…[View]
61414516is jump rope underrated?[View]
61407998>it actually works thank you based Wim[View]
61409524greg doushitty: my results have improved dramatically ever since I stopped listening to this faggot…[View]
61417771Best Keto Pancake Recipe Ever: As we all know, Keto is superior to all other Nutritional Beliefs. Be…[View]
61417696Hello /fit/ I love moving around, military, paintball, stuff. But exersizing is bit of problem. When…[View]
61417658If you have an itchy or highly sensitive bellybutton (like a left or right leaning string/jolt sensa…[View]
61414571How long does it take to remove a skinny fat beer belly? Pic related not me, but similar[View]
61412448Need help finding a video: There is a video of a guy with 4 girls around him. Its a short video that…[View]
61417608is eating balls based?: pic related[View]
61414635Whats better for cardiovascular health, HIIT or regular cardio?[View]
61415166Grocery store list: Post em'[View]
61416691Horse/livestock steroids: Whats the worst that could happen?[View]
61417329choose one: Body types: Strong fat dyel Steroids Which did you choose and why?[View]
61415826Are non-stick air fryers worth it?[View]
61417439im addicted to this awful website. i cant concentrate at work. its impacting my health[View]
61417105squats+deadlift+nofap: if i start a squat+deadlift+nofap gym, how much money could i make ?[View]
61415681Bilbo Method: This guy can do 26 reps with 2 plates, what do u /fit/ bros think about his method? ht…[View]
61416824The amount of beer I drink increases proportionally with my lifts. I am now in a two day system wher…[View]
61411339Do DYELs really?[View]
61416741Scars stop gains?: Hey /fit/ dont know if you can see in this pic but my friend has scars on his for…[View]
61415088I just had rice with corn/bok choy with a bit of margarine. I could have added an egg or whatever fo…[View]
61417306>he doesnt know about the anabolic effects of aspirin[View]
61416658>Haven't gone to gym in a year because of covid restrictions >GF has had a low libido the…[View]
61416264wtf is all this acne: >be me >work out for 2 weeks after a 6 month hiatus >come back after …[View]
61417168all right niggas. does this shit actually works?[View]
61415674Body naturally satisfied with 7 hours of sleep ( no alarm). Is this a sign of maturity or what? I re…[View]
61413359I have time for the gym only three days a week. I'm planning to go like this: Monday-upper Wend…[View]
61417192Does anyone have the pissening video this screenshot is from?[View]
61416119>doing reps till failure Side effects of this?[View]
61414772>Feel like shit during cut >Eat this >Feel happy :) I will always love you Mars bars…[View]
61416411ONEGAI MUSCLE ANON Why arent you lifting today faggot? Is covid your excuse? Why not just lift logs …[View]
61411926is barbell or db bench better for chest hypertrophy: or are they both for dyels[View]
61406983Did a 5lbs OHP today. Hopefully I can do 1pl8 soon. I really want to carry my gf so bad[View]
61413168supplements thread: post your daily ments, gents Pictured: Zinc Ashwagandha Magnesium Citrate Hibisc…[View]
61412990Oat drink: Redpill me on oat drink /fit/. I'm not even vegan or vegetarian, but I gave pic rela…[View]
61416718DOG FOOD GENERAL: Just saw some GRASS-FED beef jerky dog food. No other ingredients. Should I get th…[View]
61415478How are you supposed to go to bed hungry every night? Any tips on how to avoid gorging yourself late…[View]
61415651How do I fix my lat imbalance: Whenever I do pull ups or rows my left side takes over. I've bee…[View]
61415724Whats the best way for to lose belly fat?[View]
61415904What motivates you to get fit besides the obvious chicks and chicks with dicks (or dudes with boobs)…[View]
61376712/fast/ Listen ot the emperor edition: >What is /fast/? A discussion of intermittent fasting, snak…[View]
61416250Thyroid function: has anyone succeeded in treating hyporthyroidism by diet alone? i suspect i have i…[View]
61414533Take the raw vegan pill. Best decision I ever made. No more emotional turmoil. No more feeling lonel…[View]
61413307we're all gona make it: after ~8 years of having gyno i finally had it removed a couple of week…[View]
61405462pre workouts: is this a good beginner PWO my budget is 25 bucks(shipment included) will this work fo…[View]
61414621how do i become as BASED as eric lads?[View]
61415702How to remove tranny hips I've done russian twists every day for the last 6 months and made min…[View]
61408679Is there any proof that metabolism is something that can change? (For example as you get older you g…[View]
61415901physique maxing for date: lets say you worked out for a few years looking good lean and muscular. yo…[View]
61408489Crackhead took my gains.: Got my car totalled by a crackhead on a rainy day, had to relearn to walk …[View]
61387722CBT: escape from Bergen-Belsen edition: 1 year’s progess~ with a very basic home gym (gyms are close…[View]
61403007If you use, how has cannabis affected your mental and physical health?[View]
61416164SARMS: This shit has got to be the biggest snake oil in the industry right now right? >literally …[View]
61415871Is gob mode achievable?[View]
61412176who else getting /fit/ for summer im planning to bribe a regular gyno surgeon because shithole count…[View]
61412374>squatting for volume >muscles can easily handle the weight >can barely finish the set beca…[View]
61408606how much calories in my plate?[View]
61409912You faggots lied to me you said its just CICO but I stopped eating for a week and I'm still fat…[View]
61415178/cft/ - Comfy /fit/ thread: Post diet, routine, and your latest fitness/health achievements here.…[View]
61412672Is there hope for Arnold's fat son yet?[View]
61414079I just fucking can't gain weight. I eat 2500kcal a day and I'm absolutely full and can…[View]
61413391How the fuck am I supposed to eat 2000 calories a day with 240 g protein a day while also getting al…[View]
61407753Can lifting fix me?[View]
61411133Is Rippleshitz based or retard? Are his programs good or will you get trex mode from using them? I …[View]
61415089Bench more than squat: >ohp 1 plate >bench 2 plates >squat 90kg What went wrong /fit/?Frequ…[View]
61414832Is this legit anons? Any jawlets here tried this?[View]
61414355How do i fix flared ribs? No matter how much i do weightlifting and train abs they always flare unle…[View]
61413366why does my back look like this when i bend over? i can feel my left side is poking out way more tha…[View]
61414044How do i get this kind of body?[View]
61409585Is this what making it looks like bros?[View]
61415114desu arms aesthetics is 60% bicep vein, 30% definition and 10% size[View]
61415857What do you eat everyday to get all your nutrition?: Vitamins electrolytes healthy fats and protein…[View]
61415509Why the fuck is my left calf bigger than the right[View]
61415085Vascularity: Any recommendations for increasing vascularity other than losing body fat? I am already…[View]
61409088/feels/bar: What will it be tonight, anon?[View]
61414656Whats ab genetics are more aesthetic, 6pack or 8 pack?[View]
61414507cottage cheese is so fucking delicious bros i could live off of this alone[View]
61412883Is this body even achievable natty[View]
61413473Are my hands too hairy?[View]
61415480>mom found the roids stash[View]
61415307When did you realize: That if youre lifting as a natty, by the 3rd year of lifting youre about as bi…[View]
61413982symmetric strength: bres what did I miss??? Since when is the site down?[View]
61406391What do you lift for?: I lift to protect the weak from bullies and to inspire them to become strong.…[View]
61414293lifters high: i've finally found it, that euphoric feeling after working up a sweat, arms not r…[View]
61390117Masculinization and Chadification: Before stack, 5’4 120lb at 18 After stack; 5’9.5 140lb at 19 …[View]
61412796Is there any reason to eat beef rather than pork given the way higher vitamin B content of pork?[View]
61414945i really hate acne and its scars and i've been treating them well for too long and they seem to…[View]
61414038how is jeffs Max Size program?: has anyone here tried it[View]
61415232Currently in the middle of my first cycle of just 300 mg of test. Next cycle I want to add in Anavar…[View]
61409417these ugly pieces of shit have left a disgusting staple on the fitness community. every 18 year old …[View]
61416463can /fit/ help me get over break-up depression?: It's been a month and I've been so fuckin…[View]
61412379Redpill me on turkey. Why is (((((Big Chicken)))) trying to suppress the white man's meat?[View]
61410852How many months to get this body? I am 5' 7' and 132 lbs[View]
61409438aus fit genny: Monday funday international chest day Todays topic has divided gymbros for millennia:…[View]
61414357please tell me there is another way to make my shoulders pop, i don't want to take the roidpill…[View]
61409497If I start doing crossfit will I turn into fridgemode bodytype?[View]
61414637Why do l get runny nose whenever l eat packaged potato chips like Lays ? >inb4: because ur a fag …[View]
61409002I lift for Miss Makima.[View]
61413630Is it unhealthy to lose more weight?: Pic related, 6’2 175lbs. I want to get a flat stomach before I…[View]
61414609HELP! PLEASE!: I can't lose fat, I know that all I need to do is put the fork down but I can…[View]
61407972I have a reoccurring problem about once every two weeks where I wake in the night because one of my …[View]
61414630Protein: >my brother recently had some medical problems >got his urine tested as well >my m…[View]
61410548Gym girls statistically have better mental health than other types of women. Dating gym girls is the…[View]
61409303Zero brushing and flossing: I'm planning to do this to see if my genes are good enough or if I …[View]
61413800How would you fix this posture?[View]
61414246I pinched a nerve in my back doing OHP How fucked am i ?[View]
61407304Parents won't let me train: I'm a Zoomer and have Boomer's for parents, they have all…[View]
61414153Bicep shakes/fatigue: I started going to the gym when things reopened in bongland a month ago, went …[View]
61413527gyms are closed for me rip gains can someone recommend a good bodyweight workout routine and no i d…[View]
61413316Is it possible to get this body natty after being fat without surgery?[View]
61412930Honest opinion should I shave my beard?[View]
61412364MONDAY MOTIVATION: This could be you[View]
61412495What do you like eating on your cheat week?[View]
61412853What is his physique, fit?[View]
61406249Why do people shit on bro-splits so much?: Do people genuinely believe that what makes or breaks a p…[View]
61413635just found out that you don't do curlings in these just why? It's saver and isn't sa…[View]
61410211life: how do i change my thoughts and who i am. i just feel so messed up in the head but i have no i…[View]
61411842/DEENZ/: Post your deenz and discuss deenz, the most based animal product Olive oil gang, do any bro…[View]
61413695BROS I had the dream again!![View]
61408771Now that Eren has stopped /movingforward/, what fictional character do you look to for motivation?[View]
61413440Anyone else miss out on this era?: I watch these videos with a MASSIVE sense of loss. I was alive an…[View]
61409211Newfag here. How do I avoid being 'that guy' at the gym?[View]
61410130Anybody use this for gyno?[View]
61407646/SARMS/: What's your take on sarms?[View]
61413247>why yes, I browse /fit/ how can you tell? I'm ready to make it.[View]
61411267What exercises do you need to do to stand your ground when someone jumps on you? If you're stan…[View]
61411862How the FUCK do I get bigger lats, /fit/? I spent a long time working just my chest chest, shoulders…[View]
61401697/fph/: >chilling with my girl >she puts on my 600lb life >starts making fun of the ppl in i…[View]
61413243How do your religious beliefs affect your /fit/ness?[View]
61408798>Walks into gym >THIS IS YOUR BAPTISM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vStjmYxetY0…[View]
61413185>im debatting with literal 160lbs twinks & trannies in this website on how to train…[View]
61413199Why do I get pain in my middle finger while incline benching? Bar is rested on my palms, this is the…[View]
61410209Mental /fit/ness: I suffered from depression for years until i one day woke up and realised that dep…[View]
61412926Is it feasible?[View]
61413099>The gyms are closed for 9 months now[View]
61411128Sorbet on a cut: 100g of sugar down the hatchet and I had fruity pebbles with water post workout. Me…[View]
61412967Am I too far gone?[View]
61412747What's this workout called, /fit/?[View]
61408135I've decided to let my gf come along with me at the gym. What is the proper way to go at this?[View]
61402940How do I get aesthetics?[View]
61410796tap water: so apparently we shouldnt drink tap water cause birth control chemicals arent filtered in…[View]
61410186>have decent chin/jaw, slightly weak but not too bad >constantly terrified of losing bone or s…[View]
61405650Who the fuck is spreading lies and telling people that 1/2/3/4 is for a single, it's for 5 reps…[View]
61407279Whats the point in training chest when its all about insertions? Bad pec shapes always look like shi…[View]
61409983Is there anything bad health wise with eating the same meals every single day?[View]
61408361What machines to use?: Post pic and tell why you use it[View]
61412623Is there any proof at all that going ultra low fat is bad for you? I've cured my binge eating, …[View]
61411373Motivation Thread: Haven't had one of these threads in a while. You boys know the drill. Post e…[View]
61408884My gf wants me to do zumba with her: Should I go?[View]
61412775I live with my parents because of covid so I do my college at home. They don’t like when I stay out …[View]
61412774fags: first time in the gym and i benched 2pl8 why do people act like 2pl8 is hard when literally an…[View]
61412682Have you seen this man?[View]
61407294Military Training: Going into Airforce later this year, wanting to go through AFSOC pipeline for cct…[View]
61412701why would roidtrannies shill roids here when they know for a fact theres noobs lurking and roids req…[View]
61410826why did no one warn me?: >consume 200g of protein a day >absolutely massive stenchy non consis…[View]
61412524how bad is alcohol actually for you: i been drinking off and on this past week and and have seen no …[View]
61412505I won conner[View]
61412168>Anon! ^^ Hop on anon I missed you! >W-what are you so scared of?…[View]
61407367which exercises for this body type?[View]
61408375Why hasn't he said anything against obesity throughout the whole pandemic?[View]
61412464Stop trying to convince me to do steroids: What do you care[View]
61411656Who has the best and most insightful approach to fitness and why is it Stan Efferding?[View]
61412441How do I get a prescription for HGH?[View]
61412097Fixing Duck Feet: Is anyone here duckfooted/has been duckfooted in the past? I have had it pretty ba…[View]
61383307Pushup + pull up thread: If post ends with abcdefxy, Do xy push ups Do x set of y pull ups[View]
61407831Arm thread: This is literally peak performance. 19.5' arms Skeles and DYEL's, fuck off >f f …[View]
61410005How effective is this exercise?[View]
61410102Ever notice Connor shill threads and U*cle Anon threads appear at the same time?[View]
61411499>local anime convention is postponed for a second year lifts for this feel brahs…[View]
61410824Power rack routine: Just bought a power rack, weights and barbell on the way. Gained some chub and l…[View]
61411971I'm a skinny bitch boy and I want to be jacked af. Plz help me and pretent you're talking …[View]
61412054Thank you /fit/: >be me, literal tourist faggot >come to /fit/ once a week >pick a few rand…[View]
61408555>turn on the frontal camera to take a shittless pic >can clearly see abs on the screen >tak…[View]
61404843Pelvic Floor Strengthening / Kegels: Reminder to strengthen your pelvic floor. For years I’ve strug…[View]
61412181>spend 5 years training >diet is on point >looking fucking shredded >go on Grindr to fin…[View]
61410164Long story short I'm a fucking retard. I legitimately have a 55 IQ. With that out of the way: I…[View]
61408530Can this be achieved natty?[View]
61408439is this a developed pectoral muscle or is this dyel[View]
61410871/SQL/ Squat Lovers: You can only post in this thread if you squatted this week.[View]
61411902Why do some people have fast metabolism? Why do others have shit metabolism? How come one person can…[View]
61409122>Most effective supplement is also the cheapest Is this the proof of an intelligent creator?…[View]
61411782My underwear shrank in the dryer. Will wearing them make me infertile?[View]
61411938Why isn't this the message broadcasted to fatties? If someone chugged a bunch of Tylenol for th…[View]
61410644Explain this to me /fit/. Is this a modern day story an angel turned devil? What can turn a man who …[View]
61411721are exercise bikes good?: my hi-carb italian lifestyle hasn't been kind to me since I hit 30. m…[View]
61410317Can i change my knee position?: I dont know if this is due to genetics but my knee points outwards. …[View]
61411852How the fuck do I fix anterior pelvic tilt? Everyone one YouTube has different opinions, some people…[View]
61409786I can eat 50 eggs. How many can you eat in 1 hour)?[View]
61409811Skelly mode: How much protein do i need if im 172cm and 56kg? I want pic related arms and chest…[View]
61409260What's your squat Pr /fit/?[View]
61407098Energy, time and motivation.: Hi, I work full time and take 5 college classes. I do have time for ex…[View]
61411483Ab workout options with lower back pain: Are planks, hanging leg crunches, holds, and eccentric move…[View]
61411033>enter gym >I WANNA BE THE VERY BEST LIKE NO ONE EVER WAS…[View]
61411515I'm frustrated right now bros: actually crying rn bros. feel pathetic. I'm 31 years old. m…[View]
61410922Am I fucked?[View]
61403912What is considered as a respectable arm size ?: What is the 1/2/3/4 equivalent of arm size ? Mine a…[View]
61406169MIRE THREAD: Post best/recent mires[View]
61411771TOMBOY THREAD: POST EM IF YOU GOT EM do you accept? y/n[View]
61408909So what's the consensus on ass to grass?[View]
61410658You make any progress on your cut this Ramadan /fit/? I'm already down 10 lb from fasting every…[View]
61409841Hello /fit/izens newfag here. So my girlfriend has a pudge that she wants to get rid of because rece…[View]
61409631has anyone here used Turkesterone? is it worth it? im dyel but been lifting for like a year and im t…[View]
61405933Can I get a squat form check?: It's only 35lb plates. But been watching Ivan Djuric for a while…[View]
61410299Lifting with disabilities: Anyone missing a limb or have a serious impairment that they must work ar…[View]
61410349Don't post much. Just wanted to say after over a year of hard work and not stuffing my face I w…[View]
61410210Hairline?: Just hit 40, think its over. Women don't say anything but I can see in their eyes...…[View]
61408814Why is it cheap to cook healthy meals at home yet all healthy options in rester aunts are expensive …[View]
61409086How do I achieve Dark Protoman mode?[View]
61409081I just found a fucking lifehack holy shit. So spinach is fucking cheap like 1 dollar a bag and ive b…[View]
61409492Was watching Pumping Iron and I had an epiphany, bros. The reason golden era bodybuilders had such a…[View]
61410221Newfag here. Currently 5’10 175lbs. I got some pudge going on since COVID started (pretty sure it’s …[View]
61407352If I'm on a cut: Then I shouldnt lift heavy because cardio makes me weak right? Cardio 2x a wee…[View]
61410253Martial Arts: You wanna learn how to fight? Take taekwondo. >legs are faster than arms >legs h…[View]
61406670Rate my physique[View]
61407493do unilateral exercises build a wide core? (making a v-taper harder to get) I ask as I can easily re…[View]
61409853>have small studio apartment >no bed, no furniture, just workout matts and exercise equipment …[View]
61409386How’s the summer bulk? You did start bulking for summer didn’t you??[View]
61405592Come home white man.[View]
61409820Mind Numbing Gym Music: I need some music that will make my mind go blank, and can only think of wor…[View]
61405206>He no longer has Auschwitz legs Leglet bros, we can make it[View]
61407144Retarded normie talk: I'll start >bro don't take why it makes you fat >i dont want t…[View]
61406847Anyone have experience leaving their workout equipment, specifically adjustable benches, outside for…[View]
61406733What kind of ride am I in for if I have been taking caffeine every single day from age 17 to 23 and …[View]
61409702Physical fitness, whatever. You know, whatever. You do what you like to do, I do what I like to do, …[View]
61409451eggs calories: aint got no food scale and mom won't buy one so i gotta estimate, everybody here…[View]
61402574does sunning your balls work[View]
61409740for me, it's alpha king[View]
61408471What are the best workouts to target the core? so far i'm considering russian twists and crunch…[View]
61406064I can no longer linearly progress on starting strength. What is the best intermediate program to mov…[View]
61408118How to lose weight quickly?[View]
61409189i lose 5kg during ramadan, is that good or bad? i started 127 kg, now 122 kg, but i dont know if its…[View]
61409321What are the nutritional benefits to smoking crack?[View]
61409634i for one really like flirty muscular tomboys that are secretly submissive but get angry/shy/fluster…[View]
61405168Is getting fat inevitable with age? Almost everyone 35+ here is either overweight or obese and it sc…[View]
61409220wagmi: my gym is closing down, not because of stricter rona policies but they’re probably cashing in…[View]
61408968is this guy fitter than the average male?[View]
61405680Rate My Frame[View]
61405201Can I lose 118 pounds in 9 months?: Can I? What should I be doing? I'm 5'8 248 lbs. Or sho…[View]
61408270Just took creatine for first time: am i no longer natty?[View]
61396429/plg/ - Powerlifting General: >bench press only edition If you want form advice, post a video. Im…[View]
61408744Is this possible?: I'm thinking about buying this guy's program cause he seems legit. Has …[View]
61408295Are height supplements whack or will they actually help squeeze a few more inches out of me?[View]
61409068Is it so good as they say?[View]
61402951Who do you give your money to, regarding /fit/ apparel: For me, it's Adidas I will never give N…[View]
61404797Hey guys it's me again I was just showing off some nice progress and you had to go all r9k on m…[View]
61407369Heath question: I've got a really bad stomach bug bros. Feel like death. Started today. How can…[View]
61409047Brussels sprout farts: Are the farts after eating cooked brussels sprouts and protein powder the wor…[View]
61399683How much do you tip your spotter? Yesterday got myself a new spotter and tipped him the usual 5$. Th…[View]
61408870Should I get this preworkout? It looks kind of intimidating.[View]
61406508How do you nofap without precumming?: I do nofap but after about 2 weeks i notice i get boners reall…[View]
61408240How big to get blonde qt?[View]
61400723Why does it take so long for muscle to grow? I just want big arms![View]
61408732red pill me on muscle imbalances the most obvious one i frequently see is having good abs but having…[View]
61408327I lift so much more than people at my gym yet they look more muscular than me.[View]
61408488Is this any good?: Planning on getting this and/or some Synephrin with my doge moneys[View]
61407906gentle critique thread: post your stash Looking similar to yours? What to swap / add / remove?…[View]
61406098At home low-t check: Heres how you tell if youre low-t without bloodwork: >Take a month off lifti…[View]
61407809I'm going to see a psychiatrist due to my mental issues and I would like to know which medicati…[View]
61407179Name a better source of protein: Pro tip: YOU CANT[View]
61404845show double biceps[View]
61407414Is it possible to get jacked legs by doing just bodyweight exercises?[View]
61407685Lifting can turn an incel into a Chad Don't let defeatist blackpill posters lead you astray fro…[View]
61406028I really like the look of this, it’s recommended in the sticky, what do you think?[View]
61408482Does anyone else's spine hurt when doing dragon flags? The act of pressing my back into the mat…[View]
61407273can you somehow be cute and muscular at the same time?[View]
61397662Posture: Is it possible to fix this?[View]
61405323milk: i love milk but my doctor told me now to drink it because it causes health problems. is he a f…[View]
61405075>deadlift >get absolute tired the rest of the workout Is this taxing shit even worth it?…[View]
61400921how do i quit these rotting death sticks? i know its mostly about having the right mindset. so is th…[View]
61408222Am I the only one who has a really tiny water bottle that I carry around? I think that if I have a t…[View]
61402521Do I have buttwink and if so how do I correct it?[View]
61402271NATTY CARD: Anyone else cashed in their natty card?[View]
61405203how do i enter Zeke mode?[View]
61407186Lifting saved my life: >Be me >Go to the convenient store >It's in a sketchy part of t…[View]
61406309How do I get into sumo at 22?[View]
61395276The future is here, and it's insects![View]
61403160Ketotards BTFO: Holy shit these lard-guzzling retards can't catch a break. First it was revelea…[View]
61406048This board has given me body dysmorphia[View]
61405851how decent is this preworkout compared to the average c4 and similar shit?[View]
61407614Im not expecting gyms to open ever again to be honest. Considering now to invest in a home gym for w…[View]
61402345What's the most sophisticated lifting music?[View]
61407660Is a martial art good cardio? BJJ to be specific.[View]
61407628Alternate day fasting: Anyone here doing it and seeing results? Am I supposed to IF on the feeding d…[View]
61394014Did Zyzz actually post on /fit/? What was he like?[View]
61403622how to acquire this physique?[View]
61407561No matter what i try i cannot get over the skinny fat hump. I’m 6’1 and 198 pounds. I cannot take th…[View]
61407543Spice Tolerance & Acidity issues: l lost spice tolerance and got acidity issues at the same time…[View]
61406623How many cock push ups should a beginner start off with? 19?[View]
61406739I got drunk with my gfs friends last night and asked them if they thought this guy was hot. They sai…[View]
61398371What went wrong with modern mans face: What went wrong with modern mans face: >Children are now o…[View]
61405240Another subtle mogging: >Be me >go to supermarket with a shmedium size shirt >kind of in th…[View]
61406862How to go Soda Popinski mode?[View]
61394795Post the supplements you take[View]
61404589this is the natty limit[View]
61407198Are my traps mogging material?[View]
61406395Fasting vs sticky: So I keep seeing this question and I am wondering the same thing. I’ve seen studi…[View]
61403595whats your kryptonite /fit/?: for me its pic related[View]
61405471How bad is it to get high every weekend?[View]
61404610Fitness Youtubers: First post on /fit/, whenever I get into a new hobby I like to listen to some vid…[View]
61406712can i kill myself with too much vasoconstriction ?: thinking of 4 scooping a pre that is vasoconstri…[View]
61407635So where do you meet women (besides dating apps)[View]
61404976Are there any legit effective weight bench alternatives for home use?[View]
61404742There is no scientific proof that organic food is healthier than traditional food, let that sink in …[View]
61406407>50 pushups due Tuesday[View]
61405850How big do you have to be for guys to stop hitting on your gf or wife[View]
61403418I need the TOP 3 best exercises for getting a big and juicy back[View]
61406780>that guy who uses a notepad and pen at the gym[View]
61407120What is the best way to beat a pussy up? I want to gohan the shit out of a bitch. What exercises do …[View]
61404562If you think about it, we have never seen what a peak chimp looks like. Imagine how strong these guy…[View]
61404297Tendonitis everywhere, no matter how much I rest: My body is so fragile I can't even do any for…[View]
61404507My family keep offering me Pizza, Cookies, Ice Cream, Soda, all the shit I've been avoiding the…[View]
61405494Weighted pushups vs bench: If I weight 165 and can hit 1pl8 weighted pushups for reps, should I be a…[View]
61397812What foods as humans are we actually supposed to eat, what were we evolved to consume to be at our p…[View]
61403029Thee should lift for thee self. These digits shall help thee who lift thee self.[View]
61395209/fph/ Tik Tok edition[View]
61405615>work out >I do it indoors[View]
61406397What's the best workout plan FIT?[View]
61406773Deadlifting doesn't hurt my palm anymore. I found a new and more effective grip yay finally I c…[View]
61406732>always taking weights and plates from bars >Never take off weights and walk away to next exer…[View]
61404661Realistically speaking, how long before I get Brad Pitt's body from Fight Club?[View]
61401474Serbian soldiers FUCKED THIS?: How ripped and /fit/ were they?[View]
61402987Fat diabolical fuck: Hey /fat/. Please help a very fat fuck out. It's last resort. Can't b…[View]
61406566Do you want to turn gay for real, anon?: Do meth https://youtu.be/fjeRqc6I6TQ?t=893 ignore the rest.…[View]
61403514When does fat on cheeks go away? It makes me look like babyface[View]
61400479Controversial opinions that are factual: dip machine > normal dips[View]
61404553>walk with my friend >some drunk teenagers start acting tough >I just walk straight throug…[View]
61405920How good is this pre workout its hot dma: A friend of a friend got me this from Mexico he says its r…[View]
61405340muscle growth: how is it that humanity has become so advanced in many areas of technology and scienc…[View]
61405623>fell for the dirty bulking meme[View]
61404208Is MK677 good for heightmaxxing if you are 18?[View]
61393167/fit/ statues thread, please post photography of /fit/ statues specifically ones that would be good …[View]
61405396thunderthighs vs cardio bunnies: 5 foot females that only squat and deadlift = orgasm[View]
61406362I eat a lot of fruit for my early morning meals, but I'm not a fruit and vegetables fanatic - t…[View]
61406289There seems to be a lot of vegans and sugartards on this board so a lesson on Keto may prove to be w…[View]
61406077What happened the day you said enough was enough? What did it really take to make you turn from bein…[View]
61405219Mfw started talking to qt 3.14 at the gym and she is very flirty and playful with me[View]
61400276This is why you get fit: Faggot I used to know in high school. 21 years old, 6'2, 35 on the ACT…[View]
61405771Why are trainers so shite?[View]
61404519If you only got to eat five ingredients + spices for the rest of your life, what five foods could yo…[View]
61403951How much red meat can you eat in a week?: Will I get ass cancer if I eat one pack of this a day? Tel…[View]
61400478Help me build a boxing weightlifting workout: I need some tips to build a boxing focused full body w…[View]
61406179>be out to dinner on a weekend >person you're dining with loudly proclaims 'I'M GONN…[View]
61402141>Ground beef >Eggs >Salmon >Lambs liver What else do you need for optimal health?…[View]
61405086Toe cramps. How do I fix them? I drink water, and gatorade everyday, and I wear shoes. Someone ment…[View]
61405911Want to change now and have 3 question 1. Join the chain franchise gyms or small local job? 2. 3 day…[View]
61404279Should you work out while sick?[View]
61406106I lift to look good in pro wrestling shirts[View]
61405447172cm and about 56kg I dont really like eating a lot but is eating half a can of peanuts (8oz) and 1…[View]
61404754>Gyms finally open after 8 month >only allows the vaccinated cattle ITS OVER I CANT TAKE IT AN…[View]
61405386I haven't exercised for a year: I took a walk last night and today i woke up with sore legs. Is…[View]
61404699Victory/made it thread: >be me >work at local supermarket while studying to make some extra mo…[View]
61404719I'm not sure if i'm gonna make it and get ottermode, not sure if i have enough muscles...[View]
61404304what are the must have supplements that aren't steroids?[View]
61397234You ARE making your gf keep track of her caloric intake, right anon?[View]
61404848How do you use them anon? Do you use them exclusively in a training session, or rather incorporate …[View]
61403906So this is what normal feels like...: >Takes 5-HTP >Feels chill, no more hunger crazy food att…[View]
61399709How do you know if you have sway back and how do you fix it? Does muscle correct it? Or?[View]
61404811Yo 4chan[View]
61405594is there a bigger meme than chugging water all day? what you dont want to drink a gallon of water al…[View]
61403777>sync my smart band to my phone >steps reset from 10200 to 0…[View]
61384479Why do gym thots have such big asses?: You didn't see white girls with asses like this 10 years…[View]
61403757Get big , be a nice person/treat people nice,everyody is still an asshole: What is the point of anyt…[View]
61397627Is this shit actually really beneficial or is it just a big meme?[View]
61405599How do I decrease endotoxins? This carrot salad shit isn’t working[View]
61404659I'm greasing the groove with neutral grip pull ups and push ups. why does neutral grip feel so …[View]
61404579Can you build muscle just from flexing and doing lifting movements without weight?[View]
61404555Has anyone fixed anterior pelvic tilt? If i keep doing deadlifts and squats it will go away eventual…[View]
61404781What do you wear when squatting? I'm currently at 2pl8 and feel like all my shorts are going to…[View]
61390644Being lean is a meme, take the 15-20%bf buildfat pill: Heart rate decreased from 53 to 27 beats/min …[View]
61404541Adderall XR and working out?: Took my first doses of adderall XR this weekend and it helped me do sc…[View]
61397055Have we been lied to about keto?[View]
61403349Lets make a worst /fit/ thread[View]
61402493Have you taken the potato pill Anon?[View]
61404054Two women at the gym today: >is upstairs still where all the free weights are? >yeah it's…[View]
61403512Said he got swole at one point is his life on JRE. Said it was “stupid”. How do you feel knowing you…[View]
61402644What does /fit/ like to eat on a cut?[View]
61401147How to cut without giving up beer and carbohydrates? Give me some hidden schizi tricks[View]
61402824So aside from counting you calories and protons what vitamins, oxidants and other things do you need…[View]
61399001>5 month of lifting >still have this body Skinnyfat hell is inescapable isn't it…[View]
61404706What are some /fit/ approved HIIT workouts on youtube? Something moderate to hard and preferably 15-…[View]
61404765At what point do my arms after a pump look like that on the regular?[View]
61403173>used to only be interested in chubby and BBW girls >the more weight I lose the less I'm …[View]
61403865What mode am I?[View]
61402115How do I train this without machines/bikefagging?[View]
61404301Can lifting help me achieve a state of chim? Asking for a friend[View]
61404599Were You There: For the Rudy Rude era?[View]
61403615Did this guy *really* get this big by just doing bodyweight exercise? Is Dynamic Tension a meme?[View]
61402576/SQL/ Squat Lovers: You can only post in this thread if you squatted this week.[View]
61404134LOW BODY FAT CUCKS BTFO!: >Heart rate decreased from 53 to 27 beats/min during preparation and in…[View]
61398630How do you pronounce 'dyel' when you read it out loud?[View]
61404376Do people of Dinardic ancestry have higher muscle building capacities?[View]
61401565Rate my lunch, /fit/: Tortilla with 1 cup of oats and a big scoop of crunchy peanut butter inside an…[View]
61404274What do you think about the water fast? is it dangerous if you spend more than 3 days?[View]
61403837Empty gyms are great: Just finished uni so back home and went to the local gym. It’s so much emptier…[View]
61391411why the fuck do people listen to music while working out? that shits so distractimg, I dont get it[View]
61403378PHUL vs Zyzz's program?: Want to lift for aesthetics and was recommended PHUL. Wondering if I s…[View]
61402024UK home gym bros: >where did you buy your equipment from? >how much did it cost? >was it wo…[View]
61402908What can I do to get ready for Basic Training with the 3-4 months I have?: I'm joining the mili…[View]
61404136People who haven't been in the gym for a long time because of lockdowns, how are you holding up…[View]
61403266Gym stories: Post all gym related stories. I'll go first: >Be me. >New at gym. >Heard …[View]
61404041Is this achievable at 6’1: If I pin[View]
61403797The equipment I have only permits me to do close grip (shoulder width) pullups instead of wider grip…[View]
61404028/FIT/ Humor Thread - oldfag only edition: No Humor thread currently. Oldfag content only. None of th…[View]
61402021Sleep: Im torn between waking up early (4-6am) and getting plenty of sleep (~9.5 hr). I'm not s…[View]
61401434CAN YOU TRAIN BICEPS EVERYDAY?: I WATCHED THIS VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHiKDa4ip_Q DO …[View]
61404003>yes, i consume 200g of protein per day, how vould you tell?[View]
61402285What is he listening to? Hope not hip hop[View]
61403131how to improve posture if you sit at your computer 10 hours a day? i also do weightlifting and joggi…[View]
61402650Do you actually lift more after a meal or would you lift the same as you would fasted? I've bee…[View]
61403802>muscle downs >hack snatch >bed press >tricep compression >calf jerk >chinese rows…[View]
61402106would women prefer a ripped & jacked guy or a guy with 'game' like a PUA?[View]
61399861Is it possible to improve your jumping ability? Or is it entirely genetic?[View]
61397014I'm scared of taking creatine: did you guys experience any hair loss? I even avoid any preworko…[View]
61397968is SS a good routine for beginners?[View]
61402891MUSCLE SORENESS: okay fit, i fucked up. for the last 6 months i have been using ibuprofen and other …[View]
61403218I have big nipples. Is there anything I can do about it?[View]
61403608if your reading this you are now conscious of the postion of your tounge. if the back third isnt on …[View]
61391850fit bros...[View]
61403137Does lifting kind of take over anyone else’s life? I feel like I’m losing interest in my other hobbi…[View]
61403175These are the best gym locker room sandals. Not only do they massage but they are also waterproof. F…[View]
61400767What is absolute cheapest shopping list I can create for gains that covers most micros Hard mode: no…[View]
61402446Do any of you do bro splits? Why do you do them over stuff like UL or PPL? What’s your split?[View]
61399313Female waists: I've seen a fuckbuddy go from having a perfect hip:waist ratio to her gaining we…[View]
61402628Where to find women looking to fuck?: I made a thread on /adv/ but I figured you /fit/izens would gi…[View]
61398224is this shit just an excuse for women to get lazy[View]
61401416When will they learn?: >hanging out with gf and her friends >cocky manlet friend of the girls …[View]
61402676So I have lovehandels and I dont like it. I have been cutting and working out 5/week. Can I make eve…[View]
61402603My way of thinking is that any woman with an ounce of self respect would never put a penis in her mo…[View]
61402929How do I achieve Kenshiro-mode?[View]
61403055If you're not on fire does it even count?: Not on fire. ngmi[View]
61398700People on /fit/ really want to walk around looking like someone out of Baki, not sure why when they …[View]
61384870/fat/ - Caterpillar mode edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For conscious calorie cutters who want to be…[View]
61397518what the hell is going on?: >two weeks ago >ask a girl how many sets she has left >random …[View]
61402127Hey fit, I recently started a job flat roofing and spent the past week tearing off insulation from a…[View]
61401741Pectus thread: >15 years old >doctors and father tell me that surgery will make my chest look …[View]
61377565Baldness General: Is my hairline receding bros? I’ve always had a naturally high hairline but I’m no…[View]
61402819I am skinnyfat I train 3 days a week cut or bulk?[View]
61393130mire thread: Post recent mires brahs. None to report this week unfortunately.[View]
61402704Is this what a healthy stomach looks like?: Or are they fat?[View]
61401447i cant stop thinking about how retarded this thumbnail is[View]
61392152>be me >new to lifting >getting life on track >got a car >decide to drive to barnes …[View]
61401825Need some advice about foot pain AKA fuck podiatrists: Hey fit I am a runner and I have been having …[View]
61400433https://old.reddit.com/r/weightlifting/comments/n5o5zk/pr_squat_snatch_2328_lbs_10582_kgs/ How much …[View]
613927206 months of SS progress: 6'2' 185 lbs to 201 lbs[View]
61384086personal motivation: i’ve been kinda on the fence about the military for a while and i figured why h…[View]
61402286how do I make it not taste fucking terrible? it's literally the same taste as phenibut I tried …[View]
61396511fitness & health: What tips do you have for taking good care of your teeth? I heard you should f…[View]
61402485>he skipped leg day[View]
61400588Heparin to give me godly pumps?: So since heparin is an anticoagulent and enhances blood flow during…[View]
61400064>i eat but i just don't grow why is this problem so common?[View]
61400022Wearing a tanktop is beta as fuck if youre not big enough to look swole in a normal shirt, youre onl…[View]
61400564>Oh hi anon. So funny to see you here in this feminist call-to-arms secret bunker. We thought you…[View]
61399491I took ritalin for the first time today and was more productive than I've been in months. Assum…[View]
61402381Best body without training: What's the best achievable body type while doing absolutely 0 physi…[View]
61400749Is there a guide to full body workout/stretching/fitness at home with no equipment at all whatsoever…[View]
61401246How can I feel more energetic? I feel tired pretty much all the time, because of that I procrastinat…[View]
61395973do you take dating advice from this board seriously?[View]
61401993Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
61401950More edits like this?[View]
61400502>picked up weightlifting --> herniated disks >picked up sprinting --> hamstring and addu…[View]
61402104Well, does it?[View]
61401422>OMG...It's like you're photoshopped! Normies are so pathetic…[View]
61399327>Going to the gym to do cardio Why do women do this? Bicycles are cheap and running is free.…[View]
61401840Is there not avoiding this when you are old?: Or did he just stop lifting?[View]
61401174Doge cope thread >pic related[View]
61401881Can you stiff legg deadlift a 30 kg bucket everytime you go to the bathroom for 10 reps? My posterio…[View]
61398962>be me >start lifting in hopes it will make me confident and better at talking >at school a…[View]
61401515Genetics are just cope for the fact u arent big enough because u arent WORKING hard enough, biggest …[View]
61399166Why are my toes cramping every day? I drink plenty of water.[View]
61397906I can only do 4 chinups and 1 pullup, how do I improooove?[View]
61400743What do you use to keep dry?: I am anxious and when I get anxious I sweat ALOT. I tried all types of…[View]
61401710How old are you and how long have you been lifting /fit/? >31 >lifting seriously for 11 years…[View]
61387339Motivation: What motivates you to work out? Health? Women? Success? In times of doubt, what should I…[View]
61401133What’s your tricep workout? I do chest triceps and some shoulders on the same day. I hit all the he…[View]
61401282>do a cycle they said[View]
61401717> Overweight most of my life > Got my shit mostly together > Still heavy but better toned …[View]
61401711how many years of natty lifting to achieve bancho mode? also /fit/ manga/anime thread[View]
61401396How do I become this autistic?[View]
61400224What's the best lifting routine for a beginner teenager?: My 17 year old brother wants to start…[View]
61398968If you want to not be fat simply stop eating sugar.[View]
61399401>fix your eating habits and start exercising >lose weight after consistent hardwork >fat fr…[View]
61401391Milk: If you’ve ever said anything like “humans aren’t made to drink milk,” FUCK YOU. You cannot ge…[View]
61394991Indian Curls: Aside from this, how can I strengthen my rotator cuff?[View]
61398532post body: >'post body' is this the most based thing to ever happen to this board? or the most ca…[View]
61401491> be me, 22 lifting for 2 years > shit bench, shit deadlift, decent squat >bought microplat…[View]
61400018People on this website believe they are physically and intellectually superior to everyone else on e…[View]
61401123/bbg/ - bodybuilding general: Bodybuilding General (/bbg/) is for all things related to hypertrophy …[View]
61398191>Mfw Crnogorac sleepmaxx power......... Workout 2 hours,come home,beat wife,eat,drink rakija,slee…[View]
61400782Friend in his early 20’s just died of a heart attack. Please do not do steroids it will take years …[View]
61395301Go gym daily, eat good, still get left on read. When does the suffering end. How to outlift the pain…[View]
61398659Is smoking /fit/?: I smoke a spliff before my workout everyday, is this a negative impact? I find it…[View]
61399073nothing pisses me of more than when people call a snatch and clean and jerk crossfit lift, THEY…[View]
61400884Nyr: >new year >still unemployed >havent worked out all year >eat like shit >still n…[View]
61398419>How to be hot as a guy >Be jacked, lean, have great bone structure, chiseled facial features,…[View]
61401118Will eating tendies everyday hurt my gains? If so, what’s the point of being /fit/?[View]
61391611Talking to girls at the gym.: What is the consensus on talking to a girl at the gym? Is it going aga…[View]
61400711Has getting /fit/ cured your existential dread and loneliness?[View]
61400922How the fuck do I actually use these things?[View]
61400253Best parks in MI: Any /fit/izens from MI? Need a new spot for running besides Stoney Creek because i…[View]
61399913>plant based More like plant cringe.[View]
61400687Welcome to snap city: Snap city stories? Any one have any stories they'd like to share?[View]
61398977Sauerkraut Fasting: Day 1: Current 09May2021: >180 cm >80 kg Goal: >65kg Daily workout rout…[View]
61383434>oh no, I reached my daily calorie limit of 1300 calories for today, now I can't eat any mor…[View]
61398485convict squats and wall pushups: hey not sure how to do these wall push ups and some of the other CC…[View]
61398527Fruitarian BTFO's Carnivores by doing a one armed pull up: /fit/ and Carnivores eternally BTFO…[View]
61400358jumping fitness: how fit would i need to be to jump the outside of a second story building into the …[View]
61398204Reminder, don't just say leg day. Target your quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves then break thos…[View]
61400098Women and terrible skin: What are 25 year old women doing/eating to look like 50 year olds from shou…[View]
61400326>Lingering right knee soreness[View]
61389856TIMES YOU ACTED LIKE THE JOKER AT THE GYM: >be last one left before they close >finish bench …[View]
61400412I always feel so tired Anons :(: Wake up have energy for 10 minutes then i need to lay down back to …[View]
61398603Was Zyzz the only pajeet who was able to escape inceldom?[View]
61390774Noob in Deficit: Can a gym noob make size and strength gains while being on a small calorie deficit?…[View]
61399833Yes you're a big guy but did you wish your mum a happy mother's day /fit/?[View]
61400329Let's have a minor muscles training thread. Post your favorite: 1. Ab exercise 2. Neck exercise…[View]
61399987Okay Will the guy who got to 1/2/3/4 in 4 months as an untrained male please stand up?[View]
61396647Is it retarded to do chinups on a barbell in a squat rack like this? Gyms are still closed here and …[View]
61399447How is this bodytype called?[View]
61399412How has this delusional guy convinved himself he looks masculine?: >Took exogenous hormones like …[View]
61399498>tpwf (that post workout feel) when you get back from the gym after a successful workout, sit dow…[View]
61398896Arm check thread[View]
61398864Creatine: Alright guys, I’m going to start taking creatine for the first time this week. I’ve done …[View]
61400135>walk in the gym >NO MORE TIERS[View]
61398047How do you know when you're reached the 'pump'? Can you achieve hypertrophy without it?[View]
61399848Hello is this the gay board[View]
61398767tell me why this isn't the most minimalistic, simple, fast to use, efficient, and cheap equipme…[View]
61399031How can you continue to actively watch MMA after it got brutally exposed weeks ago.... Like how did …[View]
61399085How do I deal with having lost even the few good looks I had 2 or even 1 years ago? I'm looking…[View]
61399593>he still does flat bench press and not based incline bench press Enjoy your no gains.…[View]
61397076The best motivation for lifting is being angry: Change my mind[View]
61397083How to make him exercise: Look at this motherfucker How do i get this fat piece of shit to start lif…[View]
61397866So am I just supposed to give up and let myself suffer?: No matter what I do, I just cannot fucking …[View]
61395331What mode have I attained here[View]
61398206Why do I sweat so fricking much?: I trim my armpits and obsess over hygene and maintaining body hair…[View]
61398279Are you really supposed to drink 3.7 litres of water a day? I’m trying but I’m sick of pushing twice…[View]
61399142sup fit, bought my first house and its right next to a university, I plan on using the pool and the …[View]
61398842Sudden deadlift progression: My deadlift PR went up like 35kg today. I havent done anything differen…[View]
61398949Whitening teeth: Redpill me on whitening strips >do they work >if they work, how fast >side…[View]
61398772Water Fast versus Water+Salt fast: Want to do a three day fast for health reasons. Water fast or wat…[View]
61399418/sleepy general/: I use fitbit for this Since having 'long covid' my body wakes me up at 4-5 am ever…[View]
61397175Name a better source of protein: protip: you cant[View]
61396753I managed a 185lb atg front squat today bros Feels good man[View]
61397715Coffee good?[View]
61369811Post rare nuclear moggings[View]
61396854Male grooming: I trimmed my pubes pretty short and it feels prickly and terrible. Is the only option…[View]
61397178I seriously have the best workout of my life when I take this[View]
61399243Best way to recover from work outs - calisthenics: Already doing protein before bed and during the d…[View]
61398165>blood pressure is 150/90 Will my doctor understand that im bloatmaxxing in order to get shredded…[View]
61399162>2011 >Eating Squats and Doing Oatz I seriously hope you guys dont do this…[View]
61398679Muscle maintenance lifts?: I'm a fat piece of shit and I've been trying to lose it for whi…[View]
61396966What makes it the most satisfying of the big 3 lifts?[View]
61398242Daily reminder that women prefer chubby guys instead of overcompensating gymcel losers.[View]
61397757Arnold style training: What is /fit's opinion on Arnolds training style. Does it work or is it …[View]
61398095Mike Vallely claims 'Caring about fitness is for morons. All you need to do is skate.': There was th…[View]
61398942How do you know if you have sway back and how do you fix it? Does muscle correct it?[View]
61398092Should I exercise my core every day? or will that impede my progress[View]
61397701>buy pick related >Start getting random erections like in teen years First shitty supplement t…[View]
61395797ausfit genny mothers day edition: Best rest routines. GO![View]
61392246im halfway through this fucking thing and he STILL hasn't said what the method is. not even ste…[View]
61388606Is there any fucking point to deadlifts or is it just a meme lift?[View]
61398756/cgg/ - Current GUNT General: How are your gunts doing, brehs.[View]
61395423Why are people obsessed with hypertrophy when lifting heavy feels so good?[View]
61398711Are you still here?: https://desuarchive.org/fit/thread/61390874/#61391417[View]
61398140How do i fix THIS shit[View]
61396383what would you boys do if you saw me at the gym? :P[View]
61398082how do i fix this shit?[View]
61396785intermittent fasting: if I was to eat and train the same but implement 16:8 fasting, would this just…[View]
61397275whats wrong with being a fake natty? hard mode: no moralfagging[View]
61395829How do I get a big neck at home with no equipment?[View]
61395821is leg press machine worth it to buy it? I think its too expensive for just one exercise. I enjoyed …[View]
61398166Heracles, Lord of the Gymnasium: Have you prayed to the literal god of gains today /fit/?[View]
61398021Every single person on this board: Who says 'lmao i dont lift for women i lift for myself :DDDD' is …[View]
61396054>you WILL wipe the equipments you use >you will NOT drop the weight >you WILL bring a towe…[View]
61398008ROIDFAG HATE GENERAL/TRANNY HATE GENERAL: Post pictures of fucking REPULSIVE trannies, filthy tranny…[View]
61395884/fft/ Fit Food thread: Remember this thread from a few days ago? >>61299611 I just made this …[View]
61396942I guess fats haven't gotten their asspats lately, huh?[View]
61396282Have you ever felt emasculated by a woman?[View]
61396422/ZFG/ - Zoomer Fitness General: Lunch table buddies edition: This is a thread for ZOOMERS ONLY to ta…[View]
61394883Why haven't we started testing genetic modification of humans with animal genes to make superhu…[View]
61396149Where does stereotype of fit people being gay come from?: Idk how it's in burgerland but in mos…[View]
61397971Never skip leg day brehs...[View]
61397334How to stop craving carbs?: >Craving some toast but I can't have toast What do?…[View]
61394694are there any ways to prevent a receding hairline? i'm only 20 but i'm already worried[View]
61397814I only do half squats.[View]
61387896why do you look up to zyzz over based ronnie[View]
61386859>6' >180 pounds lean Is this just Hollywood trickery? Low camera angles, lighting, dehydr…[View]
61387495Is normal to bleed like this after running?[View]
61345536Old fart reporting edition.: How have you improved yourself this week/month/year? Lifting isn't…[View]
61395665Just got gyno surgery bros. I will make it. Pic unrelated[View]
61397396Help finding a club: I stumbled on an online type fitness/lifestyle club a while ago, but didn'…[View]
61395899Nutrition General: i just realized that i've been eating my steak with a butter knife, instead …[View]
61392831>Binged on +10,000 calories today >erased three weeks worth of progress I'm ready to kill…[View]
61392166Does lifting wights burn calories?[View]
61396846Is this Tiktok workout good?: So complete noob 5’7 manlet here. Been doing this 5 day split for abou…[View]
61388804Could lifting have saved him?[View]
61396447just stop eating lol: fat fucking fuck[View]
61397199What's the universally agreed best lift for each muscle group? From my years of lifting I'…[View]
61395502I'm outa here, it was nice knowing you: Don't forget to keep my seat warm a month in advan…[View]
61393621>that post workout doobie[View]
61394955why do women even go to the gym? if it's not easy cardio it's low weight high rep lower bo…[View]
61385574>got /fit/ >still cant talk to women exercises for this feel?…[View]
61395963Just did 50mg ephedrine and 400mg caffeine. What am I in for lads?[View]
61396500how to grow a beard?: idk if this is better for for /fit/ or /fa/ but i go here more so I will put i…[View]
61391327How can you continue to actively watch MMA after it got brutally exposed weeks ago.... Like how did …[View]
61396640reddit be like: do burger planets really[View]
61395005I hate all of you. I'm leaving this shit hole.[View]
61397110Ab workout routine: What kind of ab routine do you guys use? Most ab workouts I find online feel rea…[View]
61394723mires: >females of the office are gossiping >topic goes to guys >i work mostly with other …[View]
61397123Best meal preps for gains?[View]
61396134How many meals do you get in before you lift weights? I assume that most people are forced to lift d…[View]
61392061Am I big enough to wear this: idk bros[View]
613898275'10 manlet here: How so you guys cope with being short. I cope with my existence being short…[View]
61393086>manlets can't make it, height is every- UMMMMM /fit/BROS?????[View]
61396824How do I get the Canelo fit: How do I get shredded like this.[View]
61396740It is a beautiful day outside. Today, I will do 120 pushups. Tell me about your plans to strengthen …[View]
61396162I curl 120lbs for 12 after my first 8 months of lifting, is it good honestly?[View]
61393904What is truy the natty limit?[View]
61388647human benchmark thread: lets see em /fit/ https://humanbenchmark.com/[View]
61396704this is ottermode[View]
61396682So I know seed oils are awful for you bros, but is olive oil okay? Or is the media jewing me[View]
61394308A subtle mogging session: >be me >hiking up ridgeline trail >it's a little narrow >…[View]
61395555Should I bulk or cut ?[View]
61375908PUSHUP THREAD: Doubles edition. Lets roll fags[View]
61395574Lifting is pointless and 99% of people that do it claim it's 'self improvement' but is only don…[View]
61395530Why aren't there any Indian men in the UFC, /fit/?[View]
61369337/fraud/ estrogen ediiton: https://www.reddit.com/r/steroids/wiki/index just got my bloods my estroge…[View]
61396393I found the hamplanet cope goldmine: https://thisisthinprivilege.tumblr.com So much copium here, I…[View]
61396414realistically is it possible to maintain muscle mass with calisthenics and some dumbbells? I've…[View]
61381852Just got a rowing machine. Is this a good way to burn calories? I need to do cardio and I hate runni…[View]
61391912Look at this crap. Tom has been gone for less than half a year and Juji has already run out of ideas…[View]
61396288If lack of testosterone makes males taller could Zoomer height be explained by all the estrogen in t…[View]
61394837thank you /fit/ for everything you've done, where I've asked questions and gotten pretty o…[View]
61395732How much fat should I keep for recomp: Context: I’ve lost 50 lbs of fat since November I’ve been goi…[View]
61394999Elbow clicking every time i rotate my hand? I get that sometimes thats normal but what if it literal…[View]
61390679Can you touch your shoulder?: I can’t touch my shoulder if I hold my humerus out to a 90 degree angl…[View]
61377076Is running good for you?[View]
61394869Is bench press a meme for hypertrophy? >build strength to do for reps 225 > chest looks like …[View]
61396194wtf is this natty?[View]
61396222wings 4 life run: are you in fitards?[View]
61395620Almonds: eat almonds faggots theyre the best food to eat throughout the day between meals for packin…[View]
61395028achievable natty?[View]
61395651Protein? For me, its B&M Bargains[View]
61395412Passing Out Thread: >be me >go to the gym late at night because I do not lift big enough weigh…[View]
61395021Is it over for me /fit/?: I've been thinking about getting /fit/ because I want to slay pussy s…[View]
61394167>be a forearmlette >deadlifts, farmers walks, deadhangs, etc. >none of them worked at gett…[View]
61394390Tony: Why the fuck does the FDA let this orange colored faggot shill the most unhealthy breakfast po…[View]
61395920what to do instead of starting strength i don’t want to look like a fucking mongaloid for 40 pound h…[View]
61389208How does /fit/ cook their chicken?[View]
61395573Beginner here, I'm doing a full body workout 3 times a week with low individual volume (one com…[View]
61394114Is there any fit discords? I want to meet up with some guys in my area who are into lifting and aren…[View]
61394474When I use resistance bands, I find that they are much easier than using weights. The exercises I pe…[View]
61395108Is ottermode good in clothes?: I'm a 5'5 manlet, and I think I have enough muscle mass to …[View]
61395452Recomendations for getting out of the skinny fat hell I'm in: Being skinny fat is hell on earth…[View]
61394612is it too late to start lifting at 22?[View]
61395638Yoga: Does /fit/ enjoy yoga?[View]
61393919Why is laziness celebrated?: Whenever I talk to girls they always talk chit about active people sayi…[View]
61392303CBT/Personal Motivation: I started working out this week and decided that I would post body every mo…[View]
61395465Does lifting actually get you girls ?: Does lifting actually make you more attractive to women or is…[View]
61395377GOAL BODY THREAD: Post goal bodies which your genetics simply will not permit[View]
61394140how do I achieve Sweethands physique?[View]
61394505What's the consensus on shrugs?: I do em but I only ever feels doms in my traps after deadlifts…[View]
61394534Progress/before-after thread. Been lifting for around a year and a half, cutting since february.[View]
61385534/plg/ - Powerlifting General: >simple edition If you want form advice, post a video. Important in…[View]
61395321>eat something unhealthy and tasty I want more of it and have bottomless pit stomach >eat some…[View]
61395112Tightness and pain at the back of my knee: What do i bros?[View]
61394744we will make it you fucks[View]
61395046More like this?[View]
61393223>missed 3 days of lifting due to work >had to cut my workout short on Tuesday >not sure if …[View]
61392709Waxing: Bros give me the low down on getting your pubes ripped out. And other body hair. I like my c…[View]
61394735I'm 18 and 5'7 at 165 pounds. I want to fast so I can get to 140 and lose my gut but my ov…[View]
61394116What is he listening to? Hope not hip hop.[View]
6139425525/63 kg or 138 lbs/168cm or 5 feet 6964 inches - dont know bodyfat but low So I've heard throu…[View]
61394410How to make good coffee?: I have been struggling with making good black coffee. Is there specific te…[View]
61393480AM I STILL NATURAL?: If I took the vaccine, am I still natural?[View]
61388253Remember /fit/, don’t lift for women Lift for a woman, let go of your immature superficial requireme…[View]
61395050Cycling General: Hello fellow anons. Now that the sun is back, did you start to get your beach body…[View]
61394919Could you achieve this natty eating 5 dozen eggs every single day?[View]
61392134Explain me protein bioavailability fitbros: So basically some protein is almost useless if it comes …[View]
61394753>tfw second forearm vein is coming in[View]
61393973>semen is made of protein >gains require protein >when you have sex, your semen is absorbed…[View]
61393701Capped deltoids: Does anyone have a picture example of capped delts vs uncapped? Ans why do ca;pped …[View]
61394868how much should you be lifting to get a belt? are hernias common?[View]
61394570will my body absorb the nutrients from a cup of raw oats i put in my shake just as good as if i was …[View]
61394830Achievable natty?[View]
61392927Is it worth the effort for pale redheads to workout? They’re never going to look that great >pic …[View]
61373635https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cy9Kb_fbY-I You're at the gym deadlifting 3.5 plates and this h…[View]
61394036I lift for him...[View]
61394319Lardo here: 6'3' 350 lbs... I played football back in MS/HS rode mountain and road bikes, and d…[View]
61394124Is “Ego Lifting” a meme?: I feel like ego lifting it’s a fucking meme and not even a real thing If y…[View]
61388262what do I do from here?: Hey /fit/ through out the 22 years I’ve spent on this earth y’all have actu…[View]
61392238Is this a gyno nipple ?[View]
61391966Will hitting 1/2/3/4 make me like the guy on the top?[View]
613941016'2' bros: Why did we get delt this hand in life? Really thinking about ending it all, what is …[View]
61394043what’s your most effective anorexic tips? i need something to keep me on track so i don’t go back to…[View]
61391949I just had to walk to Target in the city I’m in college for to get some packing stuff before I go ho…[View]
61389578Why the fuck is this so expensive? Holy fuck[View]
61388942I'm a cynical blackpilled zoomer at 21. Still lift and looksmax but I know women don't car…[View]
61394019Do any of you even lift? Be honest.[View]
61393601What are some test-boosting foods? Have you seen results from adding them to your diet? (Min-max aut…[View]
61393367Almost joined a borderline cult. What lifts should I do to take them down?: Xenos Community Church. …[View]
61393608Advice please: Hey /fit/, I have lost like 20kg in last 8 month, and now I’m finally happy with my w…[View]
61392016Is it OK to eat an entire bag of almonds/cashews every day?: I'm a skinny guy trying to eat 300…[View]
61392814Of 315 right now starting to 2000 cal diet a day of chicken cheese and yogurt and maybe some baby ca…[View]
61392623How long will take to build muscle and abs just by doing 50 pushups each day?[View]
61393615Are (((condoms))) a psyop? Why would anyone wear a condom?[View]
61391225The comic that destroyed /fit/[View]
61393538I remember a time when /fit/ actually cared about aesthetics. Now everyone is just fat, feminine, an…[View]
61390966I hope xe beats the fuck out of all women so that we can finally stop with PC bullshit.[View]
61393657Is the will to lift stronger when you have a family and home?[View]
61393840>thought I was eating 1000 calories a day >was only eating 400 (greek yogurt I thought was 200…[View]
61392935>tfw use tinder for motivation to loose weight >cute girl matched with me >go on date >s…[View]
61393703I see a lot of people skeptical here about garlic preventing TMAO overgrowth and I would like to say…[View]
61393632/SQL/ Squat Lovers: You can only post in this thread if you squatted this week.[View]
61392797Is semen retention real or soience?[View]
61390284>decide to start lifting again, settle on 5x5s >get membership, start working out >squat an…[View]
61391757>smoking a spliff before my evening jog and gym session Is there anything better in life? Anyone …[View]
61388732How do you get Charisma-maxed? I’m not talking about picking up girls I mean some shit like this …[View]
61392621Praise The Golden Barbell.: https://youtu.be/d0Pduhdgkjk[View]
61393535mental peak achieved through physical conditioning/suffering: anyone else feel more mentally alert t…[View]
61393198I thought I had gyno, but it tightens up and look normal when I'm cold. Does that mean it'…[View]
61388376Deadlifts: When performing the deadlift, does anyone else’s fat cock and balls get in the way?…[View]
61393502What's your ape index? Mine is 1.09 ( ~196 @ 180 height) My bench and OHP being garbage compare…[View]
61392498Gym owner says I have to choose my entrance music by this Monday or my membership is cancelled! Um..…[View]
61391130Chill Pill me on Icing your Balls: Does it really raise testosterone to a significant degree? How of…[View]
61393409How do celebrities maintain neck muscles like this ? There’s no way this is genetics. Do they like, …[View]
61389506Ticklish: >tfw extremely ticklish and women can't touch my rock hard abs during sex because …[View]
61391284as a skinnyfat, is it ok to lift MWF and run on off days? I don't want to give up cardio but I…[View]
61390173Is this natty?[View]
61387778MorePlatesMoreDilation: >she >her https://youtu.be/B3EAMFVFWKA…[View]
61392730How long have you been lifting for? 17 years since I was 16[View]
61390364kryptonite thread: for me it's cheese pizza[View]
61391344Should he?[View]
61390028girls?: i've been lifting like mad. got super jacked and shit. but females are still not attrac…[View]
61393058Is there such a thing as an inessential vitamin? Like something that does nothing or might give me s…[View]
61392933How do I stop jerking off? It’s distracting from other aspects of my life and I’d rather roll it bac…[View]
61381864This is what the ideal female body looks like Fuck your roided Instagram thots[View]
61392796>just lift bro[View]
61390925Apparently grass is way healthier than spinach and kale combined. Thoughts?[View]
61384799At what age do you intend to stop lifting?[View]
61391152who shills this cancer?: its unhealthy and expensive compared to water and tea yet everyday this can…[View]
61392929How do I stop getting irrationally angry about people talking to their friends/girlfriends on their …[View]
61390393I miss this lil nigga like you wouldnt believe...[View]
61391595>be thirsty >drink water >not thirsty anymore thanks water >also, reminder to drink wate…[View]
61392554Does anyone bloatmaxx in the final week of a bulk with 4-5000 calories daily? Please tell me I’m not…[View]
61389279I'm bored. Tell me how you plan to use your fit body to your advantage this summer. Also, just …[View]
61392219tfw forever small: When did you realize you're destined not to be a big guy? Tfw: >Tall >…[View]
61392191underdesk thigh master 2000: Does this thing work or should i just get a normal exercise bike?…[View]
61392392intuitive eating: fat people are enlightened because they know that the goal in life is pleasure. he…[View]
61389825What mode is this[View]
61392560New workout routine: Thinking about trying out this new workout, thoughts? Workout A: Squats, 3 sets…[View]
61386709>he eats more than 90g proteins a day[View]
61392367How do I stop drinking energy drinks, /fit/? I have one a day and can literally feel a heart attack …[View]
61392475Same shit everyday: >Is this gyno >Do I have gyno >Give it to me straight bros is it gyno I…[View]
61390061>another Saturday night drinking alone at the bar[View]
61392363Vegan fags: Remember lads, you got to risk it for the brisket.[View]
61391245Can anyone tell me what the source of this image is?[View]
61392116>these are the people on /fit/ telling you that you need to go on a cut…[View]
61387011Have psychedelics helped you at all in terms of self-discipline?[View]
61392148Seriously, memes aside, how do I transform from a body like picrel?[View]
61389210Is the price of steel equipment going to drop once this panic is over?[View]
61388944>dad found the nick avocado folder[View]
61392024How fit do you have to be to look good bald?[View]
61391086I have really small arms but the main muscle groups of the upper body like the chest, and back have …[View]
61391613is this a good ass or is it just fat?[View]
61389570No-Pillow Laying flat on a bed or firm surface helps your body automatically correct bad posture by …[View]
61388675I'm trying to lose weight fast so I started taking ore workout (because I barely started workin…[View]
61391933What kind of fit is best for a conjoined twin?[View]
61388709Anyone else living in a place where it’s illegal for gyms to be open? How’re you coping?[View]
61388022> SSfags unironically believe this[View]
61390214What's a good, cheap bar for a DYEL? I probably won't ever be doing over 275lb of anything[View]
61391567i just found out cheat days are the key to break through weight loss plateaus[View]
61391785Percentages: If I'm not lifting maxes on a certain day, but just for reps, what percentage of m…[View]
61388649Bri'ish Fitness Thread: >OI YA LIL NOB'EAD! YOU DON' LOOK LIKE YOU'VE TAKEEN …[View]
61390619How do I get a body like pic rel? How did he get his legs and chest like that? Is there a split or l…[View]
61383069/fph/ problem solving edition[View]
61390454You are fat /fit/[View]
61391027>can't even keep his room clean >thinks he will somehow 'make it'…[View]
61391692Fitness heart monitor watch: My mommy has been looking for a heart monitor watch and asked me to loo…[View]
61390694Lost friends to /fat/: >be me >growing up with normal healthy friends and family >years sta…[View]
61391018Fiber: Already eat greek yogurt (non-fat, no added sugars), should I take fiber pills to add to my d…[View]
61391626Is the hamstring / quad ratio a meme?[View]
61389891What’s the best split for intermediate bodybuilders? What do you bros run?[View]
61390250You don't really sleep for 8 hours do you?[View]
61364445>cut for a week >get abs explain[View]
61359143QTDDTOTT: None in the catalog, so starting. I have whey that 'expired' end of March, will it still b…[View]
61389199Training Division for naturals: Push, pull, legs 2x times a week or ABCDE (chest, back, legs, should…[View]
61391462My glutes are too big: I dont even squat. I just have naturally bigger glutes. Ive been bulking and …[View]
61391156Whats up: I am here doing really good. Weather is really better[View]
61387957>pretty buff, At a party. >eat like shit. >people ask how you stay so fit when you eat like…[View]
61389303How do pec boobs like this even happen?: And is it achievable natty?[View]
61389235Ooohhhhh: That’s how you do it[View]
61389940Cycling General: How much did you cycle today, bros? Where did you go? >picking up women while cy…[View]
61389521Can I get a form check?: Squatting still feels a bit awkward. Any tips to make it feel better? https…[View]
61391190I'm cleaning out grandparents kitchen What's this used for and is it any good?[View]
61390413I was allmost as strong as him when i was young like 19-23 yo after training since i was 14, now im …[View]
61387712For me, it's Koga[View]
61389646Do girls like Strong Backs?: Do women like muscular backs in particular or they like other muscle gr…[View]
61389291/fit/ manga/anime: How do i go bancho mode? also /fit/ manga thread. post motivational manga/anime t…[View]
61388159I eat very healthy but drink on saturdays. Is this gonna fuck up my cut?[View]
61390056Is recording yourself in the gym cringe?[View]
61391055Diet pepsi cut: Ok so this might sound crazy but the nutritional info on diet pepsi says it has 0.2g…[View]
61390839Does the fact that I have a thigh gap, mean that I'm too skinny?[View]
61390993Canadian woman Kelly Ronahan injected feces into her legs and got them amputated[View]
61389823What happens to your hormones when you start a cut, or more specifically with a fast? 210 lbs. Curre…[View]
61387146Remember, this is what (((they))) took from us.[View]
61389320Why do women pay $2K+ for a generic stationary bike and $40/mo. for a generic stationary bike class?[View]
61387769What mode am I?[View]
61377843DEREK BTFOING TRANNIES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3EAMFVFWKA[View]
61389956I have been balding since I was 16. I'm 24 and I'm thinking about starting to use 'finaste…[View]
61390877>measure blood pressure just for fun >it’s 150/85 Will I die? Please Fitness gods, I swear I …[View]
61382389Are important are pushup variations for gains?[View]
61389360Former skeletons or land whales, how do women treat you differently after you've become /fit/?[View]
61390795Holy Shit Keto VIP: Does anyone know where to find the original Keto VIP formula. with Magnesium Bet…[View]
61387863What are some fit approved bars / snacks? I am sick of premier shakes[View]
61388704What’s his routine?[View]
61355642Where do I get my hands on this?[View]
61387746Anyone of you ever ran a upper/lower/push/pull/legs?: As for as training splits go, I've always…[View]
61387391What can I do to look like this? I’m 6’2, 183 so I’m the right build but I’m lowkey skinny fat.[View]
61390461I just did 15 pushups[View]
61390603So if I go to the gym for an hour a day, 5 days a week, and I can sit on my ass and read/watch vidya…[View]
61390491>42 years old[View]
61389087Routine for body like this?[View]
61390204Ostarine: Hey guys I ordered some of this shit after reading up on it a bit just wondering if anyone…[View]
61390421Any alternatives to caffeine for energy? It effects me way to much and always has, here is an exampl…[View]
61387575Will going cold turkey nofap get rid of a degenerate fetish? I don’t want to do it anymore bros, I f…[View]
61389269is this natty ??: thinking about getting some any tips ?[View]
61389476>Eat oatmeal >Stay away from carbs Huh?[View]
61390246Ive started doing hard cardio daily and my skin looks different. Is sweat bad for your skin?[View]
61386996Pull up bar: Is this thing viable? Recently moved out and when tried to mount normal pullup bar in d…[View]
61388538/cbt/ couldn't find any already made training for 1/2/3 17.5kg bp 22.5kg squat 30kg dl I'm…[View]
61385912Cheat question: I did gear twice. Once high tren ace low test enth. 2nd time med. test and dbol. Bot…[View]
61381329>be me >getting married today >wife-to-be and I woke up early to grab a workout >gotta …[View]
61389312So? Any suggestions or winners?[View]
61386128Is connor murphy gonna become an hero?: Ive gotta feeling this is gonna end badly soon. His schizo b…[View]
61389795>make oats >oats start to burn >smells like popcorn thank you oats…[View]
61388295Anyone else have to guesstimate how many calories they're eating since their mom cooks?[View]
61389930What mode?: What mode am I on?[View]
61389921How can i put myself always in the same mood i'm in now /fit/? I didnt do anything to enter thi…[View]
61389380how to get rid of callouses: Getting these blisters on my hands then they pop while I’m doing lat pu…[View]
61385338>girls say feeling my muscles made her horny before we fucked >/fit/ calls me a dyel Guess wh…[View]
61389695Running: Hey /fit/. former weightlifter training for a marathon. I was at 8 miles, marathon pace in …[View]
61389693How much muscle can you gain as a newbie naturally?: I see muscle gain calculators on different site…[View]
61386978>Lifts For Aesthetics: >Is militantly against steroids[View]
61389031>i benched 315 lbs today /fit/: >real bench starts at 405 >I could do that when I was 12 …[View]
61387461I saw a lot of pictures and stories of bulking gone wrong but was there ever a case of cutting gone …[View]
61386107I just finished a four and a half hour walk: It was nice and sunny out today Here are some of the al…[View]
61383394Is it okay to wear shoe lifts to lift weight?[View]
61388906Burpees thread let's go!: Come on Anons, gotta get that cardio in.[View]
61386654Life's literally too short not to do roids.[View]
61387933>gf used all the eggs to make cupcakes again[View]
61389094is there a worse feeling than seeing your pump slowly fade out ?[View]
61386981Regaining muscle: Lost muscle and strength after a concussion left me hospitalized. I had to stop li…[View]
61388297How did you escape the sedentary lifestyle /fit/? Whats your routine? I try to do 25 mins of hard ca…[View]
61386263How do I get a big juicy chest like pic rel? I’ve been doing flat bench forever and it’s never looke…[View]
61389261I'm a /fit/ness newbie, need help 6'2 145 pounds teen with a chronic esophagus disease, ho…[View]
61386582skinnyfat bloating: 26 6ft1 80kg. Past few years developed a fat belly while the rest of me stayed …[View]
61388464Anatomy thread? I think muscles and bones are really cool. What's your favorite muscle or pheno…[View]
61388178When you're bulking https://youtu.be/JHQa1SA3EtI[View]
61388898>trapped under the bar on bench for the first time >landed 2pl8 on my chin and rolled it off…[View]
61381983> fat as fatass > blatantly fraudulent claims > unironic cuckold why does /fit/ trust this …[View]
61388978What do you think of this split bros? I would do abs (sit-ups or leg raises) every sessions but the …[View]
61388611hello scientists of fit. About 2 weeks ago I went on TRT. I've been having urges to do dangerou…[View]
61387269Is it just me or does derek more plates more dates dot com constantly talk about >like seriously…[View]
61388907Im a lazy ass. I dont enjoy exercise like others that can be for 4 hours and fewl good being tired. …[View]
61387894Poorfag thread: Post resources and advice for poorfags Pic unrel.[View]
61385315How long would it take for me to go from looking the way I do today while having a pump, to looking …[View]
61388065Does anyone know how many 5kg plates you can fit in a 35cm spin lock dumbbell handle?[View]
61386722Can i achieve this natty?[View]
61388360Are there any good body part splits out there? I just prefer the idea of a bro split[View]
61388733Lifting in a tank is based. Seeing my muscles in action is really motivating compared to just flexin…[View]
61386965Hello guys how long would i have to lift to look like this? Thanks in advance :)[View]
61387969/fit/ museum: The year is 2100, a museum is dedicated to the culturally monumental image board 4chan…[View]
61388169258 KB PNG >Working at festival >see a girl I used to go to school with, we talk she says it w…[View]
61388572>aquiring prime body fit trough >gym >diet >jogging > non-smoking >sans alco >e…[View]
61386639Please illuminate me on smart-casual 2021-white-upper-middle-class-Western-male-/fit/ fashion. No /f…[View]
61368246/fit/ humor thread: Hey guys, musicanon that made the /fit/ les miserables parody songs here. Just a…[View]
61386846How to strengthen my body to start exercising again?: I screwed up my tendons and ligaments because …[View]
61387916In the gym when suddenly...: >hey anon, I’ve noticed you coming in here a lot and you look great.…[View]
61388383Starting Strength Consensus: Gonna start going to the gym in a couple of weeks for the first time. I…[View]
61388301Who mogs who here, /fit/?[View]
61388212Do you really need protein powder?[View]
61387073What can I do about feeling tired all the time? I don’t have any cause that I know of that any level…[View]
61386610Someone give me a PPL dumbbell routine pls[View]
61388265>hitting dabs and coughing violently for 5 minutes in the gym locker room stall Is there anythin…[View]
61386040Kettlebell full body workout: Am I missing or not engaging any muscle group enough with the followin…[View]
61387536To straight male /fit/ anons who look like this, if you were offered $500 to have your anus fucked b…[View]
61387996Sick of this shit: Why is this board so addicting? I'm just trying to pump out sets and I keep …[View]
61383626Am I overtraining my biceps?: I own a home gym (weights, dumbbells, barbells and adjustable rack). …[View]
61388058How do I offset a 9000kcal binge? Will one week of PSMF undo the damage? Also, I've been feelin…[View]
61386865How big are Phil Heath forearms?[View]
61387626GZCLP: Damn, this shit looks good to be honest with you? Fuck StrongLifts[View]
61379530connor murphy: i feel bad for him at this point[View]
61380174taking supplements/protein: Why can't doctors agree about shit? MY doctor just told me that tak…[View]
61388018Story time /fit/ GET IN HERE: >be me >manager wagecuck fag making 75k >hopped on some andr…[View]
61381988Sup guys Derek more dishes more bishes dot com. Today we're going to talk about the best mass g…[View]
61385414How to get rid of red eyes?: My eyes are red pretty much all the time and I fucking hate it[View]
61380952Gentlemen, the situation is dire. The gyms are closed and I become fatter and fatter. Any tips from …[View]
61387539>eat meat >instantly tired Why?[View]
61386077If supplements don’t work: Why does big pharma try to ban them?[View]
61386463a six pack? more like a six pack of JELLO!!![View]
61387824This isnt a meal, it’s just a yummy snack it doesn’t count Rich told me so[View]
61378639Growing taller and Masculinization[View]
61387761How are you self improving aside from fitness anon?[View]
61384361is this stuff GOATED or overrated?[View]
61387161I've been stuck at 6'3'' 180lbs ish for around one whole fucking year now i eat …[View]
61384305what was the average roman soldier’s routine[View]
61384312Alright, seriously. Is it even possible to eat all those eggs?[View]
61375742Training contact sports with women: I'm starting BJJ tomorrow. How do I avoid getting boners wh…[View]
61386630N U T R I T I O N: I'm a skinny fat dumbass who's been working out for 2 weeks now. I…[View]
61377155Are rest days a meme? I have been training for strength 7 days a week for some months without any pr…[View]
61378972HOW DO I GET FIBER[View]
61385375The legacy starts now: Remember that this is only the beginning, /fit/. Greatness is coming, I can f…[View]
61386663Considering I take hot bathes every 3-4 days 50℃ on average, how good it is for me muscle growth?[View]
61387509/SQL/ Squat Lovers: You can only post in this thread if you squatted this week.[View]
61384344Is this the most up to date version of this image or is there a V3 out there? Other than making sure…[View]
61385275Water: How much water do you guys drink daily on average? Do you have a quantity goal or do you just…[View]
61386856fuck u i just ate 2000 calories worth of cookie ice cream with peanut butter[View]
61382818Half of you tell me I need to stop eating vegetables. Half of you tell me I need to stop eating meat…[View]
61385466Are you /fit/ enough to survive the apocalypse? What will your strategy be?[View]
61387030How to raise T?: How to raise testosterone.[View]
61385739Does anyone else get autistic vibes from this guy? Imagine watching him flirt with a girl[View]
61385960Is MK 677 a meme or not: I'm thinking about ordering some but not if it's either super bad…[View]
61386306>2021 >he still doesn't lift four women…[View]
61383970is it over for lanklets?[View]
61364958i hate being here: >me >scrolling /fit/ on phone before going to family reunion >forget to …[View]
61387009>That after workout runners high Feels good bros,how is your night going? Im just happy im making…[View]
61379444How did he get so big naturally?[View]
61387122Whats the natty limit for 5’9? I want to know what to aim for.[View]
61387015How do I stop being a cookie cutter?[View]
61386171is this good for muscle gain, or should i add creatine to my diet[View]
61384278WTF happened to Connor Murphy?: I knew this guy had a bit of breakdown because of some drug use, but…[View]
61386403Is there a point at which browsing /fit/ becomes a waste of time?[View]
61383852What kind of clothes do you wear at the gym?[View]
61385347Cut or bulk?[View]
61381744>year of the lord 2019+2 >you get more aesthetically pleasing results with surgery than liftin…[View]
61386816finally: finally.......[View]
61375128Hey guys I'm want to improve my shape. Pic related is my weak body. Is swimming a good sport …[View]
61386258ab routine: hey bros skinnyfat here, any of you /fit/ bros has a ab routine that can reccomend me in…[View]
61384384>boogie will never lose the wei-[View]
61385656Little Known /fit/ness Gems: https://youtu.be/qEKU9S8qtRs https://youtu.be/IlLJmant9Ek https://youtu…[View]
61386269How do I improve punching speed and strength?[View]
61386550Drinking > Lifting[View]
61386099Decrease in bench strength: I was up to 180 x 6, then suddenly my strength dropped when i stopped ta…[View]
61386385/skin/: So anons I got eczema. The itch has affected my brow area particularly and I've thinned…[View]
61383777Starting Strength enjoyers thread: Is there a single SS rabid hater on this board that looks decent?…[View]
61384183Biohacking general: Try this: >any roast coffee will do, preferably low caffeine content to mitig…[View]
61384483With dumbbells curls, should the elbows be in front of the body: on the contraction? Jeff does them …[View]
61385305Post foods, supplements, substances that work miracles: Pic related ended all my tooth problems. Bad…[View]
61382563Blaha's 5x5: What do we think of Ice Cream Fitness 5x5? Looks kinda solid for people who wanna …[View]
61385962What the fuck happened: How do I fix this I stopped lifting for 2 years after 4 years of lifting, be…[View]
61384555Should I avoid pastries?: I am really craving picrel right now.[View]
61382593TDEE minus 500 calories - losing fat: Help, I am dumb. According to the sticky, if I want to cut (an…[View]
61383612Are there any good dumbbell ab exercises if you can't do situps?: I want something that will st…[View]
61384936Sleep Stack: Give me a good sleep stack.[View]
61385026What's a good resource for learning how to do dips/ease into dips. I'd like to increase sh…[View]
61385398Help bros: >be me >day 6 of no-fap >taking cold shower for hair, metabolism, and test gainz…[View]
61385536The ultimate dyel filter, dyels cower at the mere sight of this lift. They scream about their rotato…[View]
61386690Is Caitlyn Jenner's /our/ tranny?[View]
61377316It’s over: It’s over[View]
61381608downsides of being fit: >moving heavy shit becomes a part of your unofficial duties, no matter wh…[View]
61381178why the fuck can't i do pushups: every time i try to do a pushup i can only go down but never b…[View]
61385515Anyone ever use this shit before? im doing 1 meal a day with it trying to cut down from 165lbs to 15…[View]
61385942Today may suck, but it'll get better Anon - You're going to make it: Sometimes thing suck …[View]
61385498Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
61385820If you could go back in time: If you could go back in time to your first day working out / hitting t…[View]
61385116ive been browsing this board for over 2.5 years, built a home gym and i still dont fucking work out …[View]
61384018Has getting /fit/ changed your character? I say dyel so much to anyone weaker or smaller than me now…[View]
61383958Heracles, Lord of the Gymnasium: Well?[View]
61384068at 6'4' with broad shoulders, will I ever fit into a regular size M (US)? asking since there…[View]
61384786Weak-body strenghtening routine?: Back in 2018 I overexercised and screwed my tendons. My arm's…[View]
61385758Is there a way to get rid of laugh lines without fillers?[View]
61383105>194cm height >87kg weight >48 shoe size >14cm dick How is this even possible?…[View]
61381935Athlean X: When did you realize that this guy is a hack and all of the shit that you learned from hi…[View]
61384037Can animals smell the gear you’re taking? Would they think you’re some sort of hyper alpha male if y…[View]
61372615Why aren't you growing a mustache anon?: youre gonna look manly as fuck[View]
61384734Oral /fit/ness: Is your mouth healthy enough to catch Domingo’s attention?[View]
61384213What got you all here?: did everybody here suffer from like depression and shit and just try to redi…[View]
61383839/SQL/ Squat Lovers: You can only post in this thread if you squatted this week.[View]
61383735>tfw 5'7 >tfw small hands and frame >tfw lanklet how do I fix this…[View]
61384928>femanon at the help desk cant stop looking at my gym skirt Outside I wear clothes to blend in, b…[View]
61384189I just ran a mile for the first time: I decided to get off my ass and just try. I haven't ran i…[View]
61384682how the hell do you guys have the time or energy to go to the gym? I work in construction and there…[View]
61370844/plg/ - powerlifting general: >teach him edition If you want form advice, post a video instead of…[View]
61383656Uh bros? I just ate like 200 grams of liver after eating 400 grams 2 days ago.....uhhhhhh Am I gonna…[View]
61381931Lifting for girls: Men who are lifting for girls are pitiful. Literally going through all of these h…[View]
61381890What is the ultimate bloatMAXXING food? Peanut butter and oil?[View]
61384876achievable natty ?[View]
61377894>hate the taste of olive oil >start eating skinless sardines >wtf I love olive oil now >…[View]
61384009>4.5 months without carbs >about to eat 1.5 lb of roast potato what am i in for? how will tomo…[View]
61383857I lift for pete[View]
61379804I just failed a 60kg bench press How was your day /fit/?[View]
61384901Hey, Elliot Rodger here: I have been sitting around in my local McDonalds for months now in hopes th…[View]
61384607Muscular/steroid girls thread: NO POL FAGS[View]
61382350Final Redpill: Your lifts don’t matter if you don’t have a good physique to go along with them. Bloa…[View]
61383690im new to working out and i want to buy one of these for my home gym. What are some of the best core…[View]
61383608How can you outbench a god?[View]
61384158/bbg/ - bodybuilding general: Bodybuilding General (/bbg/) is for all things related to hypertrophy …[View]
61358239/cbt/: 2 seconds of searching i dont see a current body thread (Former?) Skinnyfat here. 6'2, w…[View]
61384507These are actually really fun[View]
61383817/fit/ /fa/shion: what do you wear to the gym?[View]
61381977HUEL: anyone tried this shit? 400 calories a serving, 17g of fat, 18g of cabs and 40g of protein. go…[View]
61383178Not my problem[View]
61384449How do i get better at diving freestyle? Like what is the optimal swimming style underwater? Like i …[View]
61383945If I wanted to change my very common routine (PPL with Bench, Inclined, OHP, Push Press, Squat, Dead…[View]
61384540/COOOMMAAAXXXX/ & Sexual Health general: What are wome good exercises to last longer in bed and …[View]
61381094Bruce lee vs buakaw. Who would win in an UFC MMA rules match?[View]
61381782> mix creatine, beta-alanine and citrulline in glass of water > drink it > feel sick instan…[View]
61384910This is freaking hilarious. It may filter some of you, but Che knows how to make satire.[View]
61384670Don't take iron pills[View]
61383101Long hair fitness for men What's the secret to luscious locks?[View]
61382206/run/ - running general: Good morning roon bros. Kick the thread off by posting your planned roon fo…[View]
61368438help me: how do i not become this[View]
61374488Unironic goal bodies: Realistically, do you even have to touch any weights at all to get this kind o…[View]
61369130HOW DO I BECOME A MAN?: Someone like pic related, when you see him, you automatically knows he is a …[View]
61383657Almost every time I shower, water gets in my ear now, what's wrong with me? How to fix this?[View]
61384220There is literally not a single lift more alpha than the clean and jerk[View]
61384396Greetings, Trve Friends Have you honoured the Gods and your ancestors by training this week?[View]
61384244i study on gymnazium[View]
61383487Massagers: Does anyone here make use of these? Any long term benefits?[View]
61384177What is the optimal diet to stay lean if you have a genetic predisposition to gain weight?[View]
61368351Quinoa/Ecdysterone: If you took ecdy pills you either got a really small amount or no ecdysterone at…[View]
61383033>spend 3 years working my chest exclusively with bench >get up to 270 1rm >chest still look…[View]
61383727Which body part(s) suffered the most during lockdown?: For me its: >Chest >Legs Training ch…[View]
61380959whats a good abwheel progression ? im tryna build my core and doing it as accessory after my compoun…[View]
61383319>lifting and SSRIs How will it affect my gains? Starting treatment soon with escilatopram (I beli…[View]
61380853you guys hoop?[View]
61383752is this natty ??: thinking about getting some any thoughts ?[View]
61381031I keep getting older and zoomers taller, i am more muscular but girls dont care about that Can i sti…[View]
61375140The feel bar is open, lads. What's on your mind? What can I get you?[View]
61383953>drink beer instead of working out because chest hurts >get so dehydrated that you actually lo…[View]
61373072Surely you don't lift for 2D girls anon, that would be a little weird, wouldn't it?[View]
61381293Natty limit[View]
61382063Do I just transition at this point[View]
61367374fast food: assuming i pick healthier options from fast foods such as a salad or grilled chicken, wha…[View]
61383034Nsuns 5/3/1: What do people think of nsuns 5/3/1? I see it talked about very rarely. Seen some reddi…[View]
61382511How do I stave off balding, lads?[View]
61382041I'm rather athletic, I play football, can jump, sprint fast and go on long hiking days on the m…[View]
61380830Cycling weekends general: Cycling General! What are your goals for cycling this year? Just reached h…[View]
61383049How tall is he /fit/ ?[View]
61382488Good form?: Is this good shape for an 18-yearold doing only pushups and running? Also how to gain up…[View]
61382112How can I modify mad cow 5x5 for bodybuilding?[View]
61381582What routine do I need to do to get a serial killer neck?[View]
61380558Wellbeing and hookups: So lads how do you casually shag and come out stronger? Either you like the g…[View]
61383408i just had pizza after dieting for 2 months no cheating[View]
61382489I got yesterday my jab against tetanus, my arm hurts from my shoulder down to my hand, I feel like s…[View]
61379691Milk proven to significantly increase estrogen: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1111/j.14…[View]
61380322What are you thoughts on Dr Berg recommending 100 mg zinc per day? I've always heard 50 mg is t…[View]
61374500Saw some ducklings today :)[View]
61367824Zyzz, thank you: Today after a shower I looked myself in the mirror and kinda looked back at my life…[View]
61383384Summer revolution: this summer /fit/ will spearhead the aesthetic retvrn of colour. you will be donn…[View]
61377876This cut is kicking my fucking ass fellas.[View]
61376329Ausfit genny: Big cardio this morning lads Topic for today is best weekend cardio workouts for burni…[View]
61379430>creates a new thread in /fit/ about an interesting topic >all the replies are related to the …[View]
61381342How to achieve beast titan mode?[View]
61376340Self defense training: Anyone else just come across acts of random and unnecessary human violence an…[View]
61382181>post face >girls hmu >post body >boys hmu Am I not swole enough?…[View]
61380483What is a good 4 day program with no leg day?[View]
61371811Post /fit/ snacks.: I can't get over how good these things are. Pretty good protein and don…[View]
61357271Asperger's your quality of life: >Always awkward >Always viewed as 'weird' or 'creepy' …[View]
61372016/fat/ - Berrypicker Forager Edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For conscious calorie cutters who want to…[View]
61381771what bodyfat am i?: 20%? From my bodyfat calculator it says im 10.4% bodyfat. Weight 78.5 kg 5'10 ma…[View]
61381151If you could do only ONE exercise for chest, which one would it be? >picrel for me…[View]
61369826/FPH: Squish 'Em In Edition https://travel.stackexchange.com/questions/3356/how-big-is-too-big-…[View]
61382723feels good man: only nine days till gyms open austria bros[View]
61382317i need to cut off my dick i need to cut it i dont bendcdh enough ido nt nbencho ueh i nened to bench…[View]
61378352Red meat bad: Anons, do beef and steak give you cancer? I'm... gonna... reseaaaaaaaarch[View]
61382038Ensure=gains?: Ive been meal supplementing with these ensures recently. I know their for old people …[View]
61377474>always thought I was 188cm (6'2') >I must've measured wrong or I've shrunken b…[View]
61382395/fit/ Poems Thread: Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of …[View]
61382332>fit gave me another insecurity: was already insecure as fuck about a lot of things but now i fee…[View]
61381661Good Home Dumbell/Band Routines/BW: Gyms are all closed and I don't have access to barbells any…[View]
61381729Let's decide once and for all: Should skinnyfats (me) cut first and then lean bulk, bulk first …[View]
61377051Name me a manlier sport than wrestling. >Its pure raw physical strength and skill >No need to …[View]
61382561Thoughts on a monthly carb binge while doing keto? Does it reset your stats and keep your body in hi…[View]
61381759HEY FATTY: 70% of /fit/ would fail to perform on rep if this. SAD![View]
61381942Should I do a 24h fast every sunday?[View]
61381268Bros: I found the architect anthem https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yDSK91mUNLU[View]
61380499How to treat injuries: Guys, I am going nuts. I somehow hyperextended my ankle in a bike accident AN…[View]
61382361Well /fit/? Who are you NOT to be great, fit,smart and the best version of yourself you can be? Its …[View]
61380241Is fruit good for you?[View]
61382319How do i get better at diving freestyle? Like what is the optimal swimming style underwater? Like i …[View]
61379293WTF does this do?[View]
61378963Is the cow estrogen in milk something to be concerned about, or is it just vegan propaganda?[View]
61382103>adult male >being below 900 lbs[View]
61382087How do I fix this. 6'4, 24[View]
61380114Is it okay to take testosterone injections with normal body testosterone levels? I think even thoug…[View]
61380849>He doesn't do body hardening[View]
61380705How do I achieve this physique?[View]
61380727Kino lifting albums[View]
61381927Biceps Rows[View]
61380939I have scientific proof that humans shouldn't be taller than 185 cm[View]
61378233>Be me >Go to local gym in New York >Hop in the treadmill after weight lifting >AAAAYYYY…[View]
61381790New bench pr 390 lbs: Just hit a new PR lads, 390 lbs Form was shit tho. Tried for a second take wit…[View]
61379740>start losing a bit of hair >immediately shave it all off why are modern men like this?…[View]
61381878I miss it bros[View]
61380310What are essentials for skin care? There is a sale on H&B so I want to buy some products.[View]
61381201RedPillme on Steroids: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RS2UeBt9HaQ[View]
61379715I thought men couldn’t get pregnant I’m fucking scared dudes[View]
61380717Joining a Gym for the first time ever, what am I in for? >been lifting 5 years >only lifted al…[View]
61381577Help: Why do i still look like shit[View]
61374165What happens if I’m a communist and I’m jacked?[View]
61381646I wish i loved myself[View]
61381531Keto Vip: Does anyone know where to find the original Keto VIP formula. with Magnesium Beta Hydroxyb…[View]
61381478>be me >Getting /fit/, flipping tyre with roommate >Tyre is 5 feet tall, weighs more than m…[View]
61381311Do I have a chance at ever getting 9% body fat with no Love handles[View]
61381383How do you get enough water but not piss like a firehouse 20 times a day?[View]
61379678/fit/ you post so many steroid monsters that I am started to get confused what achievable goal as na…[View]
61381421/HG/ Heracles General: Lord of the gymnasium[View]
61375127I live on the second floor and can't deadlift. Can I get away with just RDL's and Rack Pul…[View]
61380984Okay, this is it brahs, I am going to make it. I promise all of you. If I don't lose 8-10 pound…[View]
61380776What basic starting exercise would you recommend to someone who is very out of shape? I'm not e…[View]
61380593how do you get arms like this?[View]
61375964Is there any downside to doing OHP seated? My ceiling isn't tall enough for me to do standing O…[View]
61374409Does fapping really kill your gains?: A lot of my friends told me it makes no difference but I feel …[View]
61379348Hey lads, a used-to-do-power-lifting-six-years-ago here. Though I didn't exercise much since I …[View]
61376584Latest /fit investment and your review: 50 lb kettlebell Good. Nothing like owning a large metal bal…[View]
61375099Work the Lats: What are some good lifts that work the lats? No matter what I try I never feel sore.…[View]
61355422>go for a run >dude in a car yells 'run forest run' Fuck you, /fit/ I'm never running ag…[View]
61379984I solved the mystery! A couple months ago someone posted about how he got rly disturbed by that, his…[View]
61380658body fat: can you have too little body fat? what's the sweet spot?[View]
61379099Does consooming protein shakes one of the reason i'm losing hair? Should i change to plant base…[View]
61380921>mom 5’2 >dad 6’1 >brother 5’11 >me 5’6 What the fuck guys…[View]
61381036How do i get better at diving freestyle? Like what is the optimal swimming style underwater? Like i…[View]
61380644whats a 6 day workout routine for someone who has a pullup bar dumbells bench and squat rack[View]
61380034Patrick Schwarzenegger Shows Off Ripped Abs After Physical Transformation!: >“50 days 5am Getting…[View]
61380573Is this body achieveable natty? I am serious.[View]
61380188Absolutely Compound: Alright /fit/, what are the ABSOLUTE ESSENTIAL compound exercises (also known a…[View]
61380605>look at myself in the morning in the mirror >well definied muscles, visible abs, good frame …[View]
61380230This might be a meme, but if nothing else it really does eliminate my cravings by a huge degree Anyo…[View]
61370765Have people started treating you differently after you got /fit/?[View]
61377735times gym actually benefited you: >coming back home from the gym >see homeless girl, looks fa…[View]
61380612I can't do squats because the gyms are closed and I don't have equipment at home atm. Does…[View]
61378317What exercises are best for being able to completely dominate someone in a fight?[View]
61380091Forced to join the military need fitness advice: >be 28 year old fuck up >still live at home …[View]
61380398Why is it that when I work out in the morning, I'm full of energy, put more reps in etc... but …[View]
61380474Can you do too much cardio? What is point where you're reaching a threshold that is counter pro…[View]
61380360MorePlatesNoDates: Was lazy this week so only went to the gym on monday. Gotta get back on track so …[View]
61377771It’s over right[View]
61379332Is it true that tobacco and/or nicotine enhance cognitive functions and testosterone??[View]
61380316Losing weight after anorexia recovery: I'm 4 years into recovery from anorexia. I've regai…[View]
61380546>home brand protein powder finally i can afford to get yoked on NEETbux…[View]
61373402Can tattoos accentuate your physique?[View]
61380465wtf I just found out that this shit works like Viagra[View]
61380445Hear me out /fit/: Bought picrel for cat’s hypovitaminosis. The instructions manual says that it can…[View]
61378298Summer is incoming and many of us are looking to get shredded. In order to get shredded, you can Bog…[View]
61380052increasing hgh through supplements: Anyone here have any experience using ashwagandha or Gabba suppl…[View]
61373445What exercises do you do to get a bigger neck?[View]
61379991i havw the best fitness related channel: but im not gonna give it to u........[View]
61376362Are preworkouts just a meme money sink? Like if you need the stims for energy why not just drink a s…[View]
61377476Quit drugs, started lifting, got into yoga recently, got a labouring job and can finally start impro…[View]
61377419Money to stay fit: Do you guys have jobs? I've been thinking about waking around with a bucket …[View]
61378268>too masculine to be feminine >too feminine to be masculine >look like a mix between a litt…[View]
61379790Should I go do upper body hypertrophy work today if I feel like my back and shoulder muscles haven…[View]
61378940Is extreme fasting safe?: What are the health risks of extreme fasting ( 48 hours or more) ? I'…[View]
61376727Broke my 24 hr fast with a foot long Cold Cut from subway and felt like fucking death. Thought I was…[View]
61379940You guys might not like it but this is what peak performance looks like.[View]
61379423>Be fat fuck >lose 60 pounds over 2 years >noticed my dick seemed longer >Burned off my …[View]
61374653/SQL/ Squat Lovers: You can only post in this thread if you squatted this week.[View]
61377223what is /fit/'s take on the nutritional value of mushrooms? i know they're not all the sa…[View]
61378539>talk to a girl online for a while >she is really into me >she cant wait to get online so w…[View]
61378119Getting big makes people assume you're low iq[View]
61379698How effective is stair walking/running?[View]
61378769Home Workout: Any decent workout routines I can do with just a pullupbar and track? I've been r…[View]
61375343Weighted pull ups: What’s better for weighted pull ups, a weight belt or a weighted vest? I want to …[View]
61379251Exercise for pregnant women?: My wife is pregnant and I was wondering what work-outs she should do t…[View]
61374894What went wrong?[View]
61375289How do you get rid of a fetish?: Mental fitness question. Trying to be less of a coomer but keep get…[View]
61376807How to get Mr. Peanutbutter physique???????[View]
61377258Well, fit, I got fit to beat up my ex and succeeded. I didn't need to workout or anything, she…[View]
61373597Find a flaw[View]
61377416Cock gains general: 19 yearold here. I'm going to try Penis enlargement techniques atleast ever…[View]
61375942Got my new workout tank bros[View]
61379077>go back to the gym for the first time in 5 months >my fucking ABS are the limiting factor on …[View]
61377118what mode is this?[View]
61376895how can I achieve this body[View]
61369003How to build these?: Is there any legit exercise out there i can use to target these bad boys? I fou…[View]
61376170How to fix carpal tunnel?[View]
61378770Hotel/Room Workouts?: What are the best workouts that don’t involve weights? Upper body & core w…[View]
61379132Rucking and farmers walk: Which is better, and when done in conjunction with any weights, how do the…[View]
61371443>chat up all the cardio bunnies in-between sets >now they recognize me as the nice big muscul…[View]
61379196how to make it: lift more weight than u did last time every session and eat a lot of food, das it…[View]
61376822Why didn't anybody tell me to exploit conservation of momentum when doing curls? This shit look…[View]
61369662how to correct bunion?: What exercise should I do for bunion? should I do calf raises?[View]
61372755this is me 4 years of lifting. left with 8 months ago at 18% bodyfat, right is me with a pump at 12%…[View]
61375996Can I call myself natty if I'm prescribed TRT only to get myself to normal levels (nothing outs…[View]
61376142Schizophrenia Test: Hello /fit/ it is time to take the Schizophrenia Test Everybody post your result…[View]
61354259Music thread: What are you listening to /fit/?[View]
61379009What's the least offensive tasting and efficient clear protein drink?[View]
61374522How big do I have to be to make a living out of this?[View]
61378853Iodine made me bald: I started taking lugol's iodine thanks to /fit/ and I started balding. Whe…[View]
61378349Why do I get backne like this: Also my wound still hasn't fucking healed.[View]
61378609What mode is my nephew[View]
61378532MMA Fitness: How fit do you have to be to be an MMA fighter, /fit/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
61375564Succumbed at 4am and went in on all my snacks. Milka and rice chocolate binge. Thankfully I managed …[View]
61372426Dumbbells: Is this true? Can I not make gains with them? Redpill me on dumbbells.[View]
61378167I've eaten under 35 carbs every single day since January 1st. Ask my anything.[View]
61378777went from not being able to bench 85lb to doing 1 rep of a plate in 3 week. how good is this progres…[View]
613636732 years and 60lb difference I lift solely to mog[View]
61375725Vitamins/Supplements: What do you take and why? pic related my daily stack[View]
61377485>only one gay dude on /fit/ sexually objectified me today[View]
61376274not lifting / bulked up / cutting down: should i keep cutting? or do i start bulking again?[View]
61376479>walk into women’s gym >I feel the top of the roof come off >kill everybody there…[View]
61377285Full Body Daily: Hey so I wanted to try doing 300 push ups, 50 pull ups, 50 chin ups, 200 squats, an…[View]
61377555What’s the best bang for buck gym equipment I can buy to build my body. I don’t want to go to share…[View]
61377314Mires thread: After fucking my gf tonight, i rolled over and turned on the most recent Derek Morepla…[View]
61378173thoughts for Strigoi ghoul king mode: Hard mode: No deadline Essentially going for hulking but still…[View]
61378250Swimming Routines: Gym has a pool which i use on some cardio days What are some good exercises I cou…[View]
61372941what is this muscle called and how do i pump it: i want to encourage hypertrophy on this froglike ne…[View]
61376592Post Rage Inducing /fit/ OC: >last week >have crazy, fat, dog aunt >like had her tubes tied…[View]
61374411How many hours a night should you sleep?[View]
61359942top 5 races with best bodybuilding genetics?[View]
61373955Good protein drinks/food: Is this a good protein drink?[View]
61376666Daily Reminder: Drink your water buddeh[View]
61371023are you /fit/ enough to defeat goro?[View]
61377629Addicted to Sour Skittles: >eat pack of sour skittles >skin on tongue gets chemically burned …[View]
61377822How much bigger would females have to grow to become the physically dominant sex?[View]
61377121how do I get rid of these fat cunt legs: >22 >5'10 manlet >132.2 lbs legs - 17 inch t…[View]
61374494Anybody here try 5/3/1? I started it once I began stalling on my lifts. I do the Simplest Strength T…[View]
61373285Unironically how do people get this fat? I understand Nikocado because it’s basically his job to eat…[View]
61376346How do people lose weight when dieting and fasting give you headaches?: Every time I've tried g…[View]
61373393Hard to eat healthy: Why is it so hard to eat healthy? Most of the shit I got from my coach, he lite…[View]
61376532Fuck DOMS: > Lifted consistently for a year and made good progress > Took 1 month off > Lif…[View]
61377267Why is my stomach so cold? What can I do to make it naturally warmer? Ive already started drinking h…[View]
61376844Can you give yourself an underbite?: Can you muscle memory your way into an underbite? I have a real…[View]
61376072Hello, I have a party trick I like to do; and I have parties about twice a week. What I can do is st…[View]
61377124What will be the long term effects if I take this along with pre workout, creatine, and regular Whey…[View]
61375747Keto Vip: Does anyone know where to find the original VIP keto formula. with Magnesium Beta Hydroxyb…[View]
61373435Traditional Masculine Art Thread: I'm looking for something to print and hang on a wall. Post a…[View]
61377012That angry looking guy sumo deadlifting 200 pounds[View]
61373770Just bench pressed 40kg/85lbs on my third week of lifting Am I progressing too fast or slow, bros?[View]
61375679xenoestrogen detox: Is there any way to detox the body of shitty xenoestrogens and maximize T levels…[View]
61374684Wow: Is Caitlin Jenner /ourgirl/ or /ourdude/ ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3EAMFVFWKA…[View]
61375688Gyno: I’m worried I have gyno boys. My nipples have been sensitive lately and my boobs are kind of f…[View]
61375999Lung health while freediving: How long can you hold your breath underwater?[View]
61376016What would previous societies think of gymcels?[View]
61372974Anyone work 12s? Does it affect how you workout? The picture used in this post is unrelated to the t…[View]
61376611Chitling test based af: >hankerchief head >splib is a word >soul brother >bo diddley …[View]
61376149Is this deadlifting program dog shit?: T-Nation The Simple Deadlift Program https://www.t-nation.com…[View]
61375069>read memes about boosting testosterone and making your cock and nuts bigger >do every trick i…[View]
61375040How can I modify mad cow 5x5 for bodybuilding?[View]
61362190Heracles, Lord of the Gymnasium: Have you prayed to the literal God of Gains today /fit/?[View]
61376181what do you think about this?[View]
61376199Will working out make me less of a man child?: Will boosting my testosterone and working out make me…[View]
61375682Does any of those thermogenics actually works or is it better to keep taking caffeine pills and stuf…[View]
61374075i have no clue in how to start being fit, where do i get my routines?[View]
61374857Nofap: I'm only on day two and it is getting immensely difficult to keep my mind off of the act…[View]
61374722>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3EAMFVFWKA&t=95s >Derek using trannies' preferred p…[View]
61376098Do you make yourself hard before taking shirtless pics to show off gains for social media?[View]
61374096>ITT we post art of our sport[View]
61371008Cursed body: Well /fit will I make it? Anybody else out there with Pectus? /HollowMode? 6,2 185ibs …[View]
61373413Have I made it, /fit/? 2 months of hard dieting.[View]
61375969Hey all. I haven't worked out in 2 years. Lost any games I ever did make and I'm currently…[View]
61340300I used to believe in staying natty, thought roiding was pathetic and not worth it. But after 3 years…[View]
61353126Clothing that shows off your physique thread: Post body wearing clothing.[View]
61362804How is the semen retention going boys[View]
61375365The more I cut the smaller I get but I cut too much to turn back auschwitz here I come[View]
61374382OHP weekly thread #1: - post OHP - critique OHP - share OHP goals - give OHP training tips 90kg X3…[View]
61370018Shitty Pec Insertions: Skinny fat here. The more I’m losing weight/gaining muscle the apparent my ch…[View]
61375460>smartbell flyes[View]
61375012My girlfriend called me gay for having this picture of Steve Reeves on my bedroom wall. I also have …[View]
61375643How much would you be able to burn out while walking 30 minutes a day (and adding on extra 30 minute…[View]
61375642*blocks your path*: https://voca.ro/16ROUypCVcv7[View]
61375477tfw you will never be as big as your pump: why live?[View]
61375394Is isolating a waste of time if you are average?: >why curl when you could be doing chin ups >…[View]
61371578what the fuck is the viking press? should i be doing them? i would like something that i can gas mys…[View]
61375612Your PR's WACK Your Memes WACK Your Diet WACK Your Hygiene WACK The way you eat WACK The way yo…[View]
61372364>just shave it bro[View]
61373208Aren't barbell squats just weighted calisthenics? It's closer to weighted push-ups than, f…[View]
61364761...: ....HOW MANY HOURS OF SLEEP?!?[View]
61375118Wtf mode is this? How am I this fat with no man boobs >the shoulders Jesus Christ…[View]
61373283FUCK yes done with finals bros, back to training BJJ. GOD I hope the girls are there tonight[View]
61374813Convince me not to eat these oreos right in front of me, pic related.[View]
61375050Pushups: How many pushups can you do in a row? Gyms are closed, I've been doing about 500 - 600…[View]
61375060Guys, ever since I started doing deadlift on my upper body day, my RDL's have improved dramatic…[View]
61374742>gym twink walks in >shorts are tucked in his ass crack so you can see his cheeks >Obviousl…[View]
61375102is SS a meme or not[View]
61373885Mandatory exercise if you ever want to pound a female (male) into next week[View]
61375206i didnt listen to music for my workout today and instead just spent an hour and a half thinking off …[View]
61372502Aside from pb&J, what other easy to make food are there one can eat? I need to get big bros.[View]
61373763Steroids, creatine, weird diets? How bout I'm takin none of em.[View]
61373011>OCD, severe psychosis, also a schizo - have a tough time exercising because of rituals It's…[View]
61374571Is a mode like this escapable at age 26? The Gyno. The frame.[View]
61375033Why can I do 12 mixed grip pullups but only 4-5 normal pullups? Pic related except I keep my hands r…[View]
61369076/fitgore/: post disturbing pic or webm[View]
61373251Don't get fit for women, get fit for yourself. If you want women just get some tattoos abs your…[View]
61374889such is life: Skinny fat, 180 cm, 78 kg. Starts to lift and cardio. Lose 4 kg in two months, to 74. …[View]
61374529> yawn > click how do I make it stoooopppppppppp…[View]
61374501How do I fix bloated abs?: My abs look good when I flex them but when I relax them I get a huge gut …[View]
61373126HOW TO AVOID STRETCH MARKS WHEN LIFTING WEIGHTS ???: How the fuck do you lads do it to avoid stretch…[View]
61373939Fuck PPL, Fuck Bro splits.: If you don't listen to your body and work out whatever muscle group…[View]
61357118cold showers: the hot water knob for my shower is broken i no longer have a choice[View]
61374092>2021 >I am forgotten[View]
61362174How to build these?: Any legit exercises that can build my lower traps/rhomboids? There is nothing b…[View]
61369697Milk: Is milk even good to drink or is it shit? My doctor said don't drink it[View]
61374141OMAD vs Water Fasting vs 20:4 IF, what's best?: I'm 5'11, used to be skinny fat but n…[View]
61373653Treadmill recommendations: My wife wants (me) to buy a treadmill for home. I already have an Airdyne…[View]
61373209I've started to lift/exercise a month ago and I'm struggling to feel motivated What boost …[View]
61355328/fast/ But be safe edition: >What is /fast/? A discussion of intermittent fasting, snake juice fa…[View]
61350447Why do ex-steroid users keep coming out as trans? Is there a steroid-tranny pipeline?[View]
61372175>like how my body is progressing after 6 months of lifting >come to /fit/ >feel like shit a…[View]
61370396'rip' claims that committing to SS can build 30lbs of muscle in a few months....I hear thi…[View]
61362838Is this the fate of the average woman post-marriage? How would you have saved her /fit/?[View]
61374332>skwatted 275 for 5 for a month straight >got stuck at bottom of rep 4 today >not even that…[View]
61372507Does lifting make you more charming?[View]
61373681>be me >go to backyard BBQ with family and some friends >have no problem eating a ton of gr…[View]
61372979Why lift heavy when it's all about the mind-muscle connection?[View]
61371906ULTIMATE FIT MEALS: I'll start > pic related[View]
61373407carb hate thread: fuck carbs[View]
61373381Is chinese food healthy?[View]
61374061Does moisturizer help with gains or aesthetics? What do you guys use?[View]
61372251Derek couldn’t possibly more base-: Holy shit the mad man is still at it Based at imho And no I’m no…[View]
613711315’6” 196lbs Walk an average of 10,000 steps a day at work/activity I do NO cardio or exercising or …[View]
61368002The Gym Is The Ultimate Proving Grounds: You can't come to the gym and act like you're tou…[View]
61371878If obesity is on the rise and most people are some variety of overweight then how come fitness relat…[View]
61367700>he doesn’t go to his local LGBT gym so he mog literally everyone in the building Ngmi…[View]
61364161Friend sent me this. How do I respond?[View]
61367171How do I fix this[View]
61372828Test levels: Got my levels checked today, it was 320, last year I was at 600 which I was told was al…[View]
61372854Do you slay much more being fit then before?: When I was younger I had a athletic body and had no pr…[View]
61372019Multivitamin thread: Let's get a multivitamin thread going. Any products that you tried and lik…[View]
61371671What are the best supplements to increase test[View]
61373411Best bulking spoon: What's the best spoon for bulking? I want something big and sturdy that I c…[View]
61373622Why can’t I do drop sets on every workout? Will I actually pee blood?[View]
61370240Quickest way to get noticeably more attractive by mid-summer?: My current build is 'skinny-fat.' My …[View]
61370869Remember when you thought he was big?[View]
61372997>walk into gym >WHO GOES THERE IT'S THE GHOST OF OCTOBER…[View]
61371370Another Friday night about to be wasted on /fit/ and I don't see this changing soon. I should h…[View]
61338912/run/: Running General[View]
61372491A Man With 12% Body Fat Is The Best Mate, Evolutionarily: Thoughts? Is 12% the most based body fat p…[View]
61373168Soi >It does nothing bro, it's just a phytoestrogen, it doesn't affect mammal hormones,…[View]
61372747How do I calculate the calories on ramen eggs? I just made some and realized I have no idea how much…[View]
61373447Frick dick sick: Has anyone here done steroids once and after the cycle was done felt like they coul…[View]
61373051Test levels: Got my levels checked today, it was 320, last year In this month I was at 600, which I …[View]
61373187How significant is the estrogenic effect from commercial milk? How about raw milk?[View]
61370840Should I give up? Don't want to work for a year: I'm 5'8 and 250 lbs. I want to be to…[View]
61371093Looksmaxx thread: This is what I automatically think of when I see someone with a beard. Same goes f…[View]
61368304Good deal? C2 rower for $500: Hey fit is this a good deal. About to see if she can do $450[View]
61362807It's over.: It's over.[View]
61371880>Whey is absorbed at a rate of about 8 grams to 10 grams per hour, according to Kollias. >The…[View]
61372462Arms everyday: Is training arms everyday the key to getting swolemaxxed like queen elizabeth the fir…[View]
61372693Bros I can't take it No matter what I do, I get tendonitis. I have scaled my training way back,…[View]
61373003BRUH im gonna have braces put on but the fucking xray says I have loss of lordosis heeelp I'm 6…[View]
61372367Protein Absorption: How does this work? E.g. If I had 2 Turkey steaks for dinner that would be 70 gr…[View]
61371962How do I reverse hypertension? I'm 28, at a healthy BMI, I don't smoke, I do drink caffein…[View]
61368701What's for lunch /fit/? >Turkey >Muenster >black pepper >Collars greens >tomato…[View]
61372179Quotes thread: post your most inspirational quotes bros, I need them for when I feel like shit…[View]
61370773Bros, I got my Testosterone tested at one of those male clinics. If you were me, would you go on TRT…[View]
61372285Is it normal to get random nosebleeds during the day if I did heavy deadlifts/squats in the morning?[View]
61372741why do they make it so obvious bros: Dr. Lindo Bacon >jewish >transgender >inventor of HAES…[View]
61372685>do crunches >get terrible stomach cramps Why? What the fuck am I doing wrong?…[View]
61363993If you hop on gear from the first day you start lifting as a skinnyfat how long would it take to rea…[View]
61372656does anyone else do heavy compounds before work to get some aggression out of their system so they d…[View]
61370129Dickmaxxing general: post any dickmaxxing or jizzmaxxing related posts here Anyone have experiance w…[View]
61371553In the day-to day trenches of adult life, there is actually no such thing as atheism. There is no su…[View]
61372308I'm natural and I'm starting to worry if I'm too big for girls now, I'll probabl…[View]
61371673>when the taurine kicks in and your muscles get super tight from the pump…[View]
61370563Why haven't you taken the khachapuri pill yet? Traditional cheese/bread/egg dish from predomina…[View]
61368437Is there a better weightloss regimen?[View]
61369955Any resources that you've used that helped you learn how to fight, /fit/? I have a sparring mat…[View]
61364770It hurts like a bitch: Just bought this on amazon above 1k 5 stars but it hurts so goddamn to remove…[View]
61372213>the more i get lean the less confident i am the fuck /fit/ its supossed to be otherwise…[View]
61367517>300lb guy bearhugs you How do you escape?[View]
61370258Local dyel does 1.5pl8 at 75 kg BW 186 cm FORM CHECK IMMIDIETLY!!! (and yes,the bar DID touch my che…[View]
61358735>I’m putting together a team, you in?[View]
61371795I'm tired of eating minced meat and chicken every day[View]
61369763Why aren’t you taking estrogen?[View]
61369499Does drinking vodka make you fatter?[View]
61371692Personal Trainers: How knowledgeable are personal trainers, /fit/? Is hiring one useful/recommended?…[View]
61371827I get phantosmia whenever I work out wtf bros[View]
61371471Are u a big guy?[View]
61370330Running cardarine for 60 days starting tomorrow, ill post stats and a before pic if anyone's in…[View]
61363754rate my lunch >boiled potatoes >sardines >grated carrot >raw onion >olives >spinac…[View]
61370739Mogs and mires: Post mogs and mires, I'll start: Yesterday I was preparing some magic potions w…[View]
61371771Muscle Memory: Hey guys getting back into exercising after a years break. Was about 80kg at 180cm at…[View]
61369830Do you guys think anorexia is real?: GF who is not chubby but not super fit either wines that she an…[View]
61352736Painful Intercourse: Please help bros, I recently started sexing this girl (beautiful, small) but th…[View]
61371107Just got back running after 10 months and went for a 5k (I used to do 10k). My ankles start burning …[View]
61369646hallucination: is hallucination /fit/? last night I was so sleep deprived after i finished my last f…[View]
61371576I've aged a lot in just one and a half years. When I was charged with crime I got depressed and…[View]
61370220Cow: Do you guys think cow drink protein shake and protein bar?[View]
61365257was goku a neet?[View]
61370405What motivated you to get /fit/? For me it was Socrates 'No citizen has a right to be an amateur in …[View]
61370374>still getting swole on bread and water Is there any truth to this statement? Can you get big by …[View]
61353349/fat/ - Hospital Edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For conscious calorie cutters who want to better the…[View]
61364111'Hey I'm muscular and you can see it through my shirt': Seriously dude?[View]
61371466when i do side lateral raises there i get internal bleeding in my left delt why and wut do[View]
61365782>tall people are lanklets[View]
61371191I posted this in another thread, but its dying now and I feel like it's worthy of it's own…[View]
61366141What's the consensus on this guy? He claims he fixed his knee problems but he's still rela…[View]
61368269does tanning your testicles really increase your test lv??[View]
61354961Realistic goal body motivation thread[View]
61369710>grandfather died Any lifts for this feel[View]
61370418Soup /fit/ I'm moving to Moscow for a two year work contract and I have a fair bit of cash save…[View]
61368272Could you outlift her, /fit/?[View]
61364350I lift because I'm shallow and I hate myself[View]
61368285TESS HOLIDAY: ANOREXIC AND IN RECOVERY!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyMzKwTsf9k[View]
61369063What's a good bodyweight alternative to OHP? I can't go to a gym for a few weeks but I don…[View]
61371309Keto Vip: Does anyone know where I can find 'Keto VIP' with Magnesium Beta Hydroxybutyrate, Calcium …[View]
61371233>just lift bro[View]
61363887>Dude just roid, natty lifting is a meme[View]
61368364Unless you eat this? Ngmi[View]
61363156Do professionals know what they're doing?[View]
61370044Morning Lifting vs Evening: Alright brehs. I just read somewhere that working out in the early morni…[View]
61369959Could lifting have saved him?[View]

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