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56365707Reminder: If you've never had one of those: then you have never lifted heavy[View]
56364140How do I lookmax I make sure I look like this in few years time. I'm 21 and still look like boy[View]
56367856>tfw fatty >Struggling to get to 1/2/3/4 >Start cutting even though I have nothing to cut …[View]
56368848I'm in a bit of a jam right now. The only thing that I'm really interested in or take seri…[View]
56364475Teeth: >teeth aren't perfectly aligned and same size I'm not gonna make it bros, go on …[View]
56367878Veganism and women: Are women generally attracted to vegan men? I've been vegan for about a wee…[View]
56366395Where can I get the most redpilled information on diet? can you build muscle on a vegetarian/vegan d…[View]
56367845What are the most based improvised equipment ideas?[View]
56355167How did ripped men make you feel? Did it ever make you feel like your ngmi[View]
56364631Starts taking this, fat loss multiplies by 4: G-Guys is there something wrong with me?... This cant …[View]
56360722Mirin thread[View]
56368602Why the fuck are you doing deadlifts? Get down and give me 100 facepulls, STAT![View]
56340651/fast/ - donut edition: >What is fasting? A period of time where you consume ZERO calories >Wh…[View]
56368069Has anyone here actually caught Coronavirus and had it verified by a test? What happened? What suppl…[View]
56368530>current weight: 96.9 nice desu ne[View]
56368203Behold, the Gorilla This powerful creature's diet consists of only fruits and leaves, and yet w…[View]
56367352/fit/ CONFESSIONS: I unironically do 45 minutes of ring fit for fun in the morning before I go do my…[View]
56368162HELP ME: I'm a skinny fat onions looking piece of shit. I have skinny ass arms and legs but sto…[View]
56366187you do have everything you need at home, right anon?[View]
56367459is there such a thing as too much protein?[View]
56366680How come all the form correction fags look dyel?[View]
56342239/MLG/ - MAGIC LOBSTER GENERAL: Is this the year we finally make it?[View]
56365208>same person only 12 hours difference is this the 'natty curse?'[View]
56368040Parrot getting swole :-)[View]
56366216What's the point in continuing to lift and improve when the lunatics will try to destroy you no…[View]
56366260Is sushi /fit/ approved?[View]
56366351UK gyms reopen on the 25th. Who's ready? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzLTTMoalzk&t[View]
56367487My gym doesn't have any 2.5 pound plates. Would it be autistic if I brought my own?[View]
56368124Hey /fit/, I've just been prescribed steroids for my eye inflammation. Are these the same kind …[View]
56364061CBT: CBT 183cm 75kgs If I cut will I have a big chest by normie standards? Or will I have a flat non…[View]
56363205guys who want a virgin/gf who has been with hardly anyone want a girl to have no frame of reference …[View]
56367557whats a quick healthy 350cals thing to eat ? need it asap[View]
56364450ITT post hairline, receive scale rating. Suggested topic of discussion: what natural remedies such a…[View]
56366947I'm a little bit too extreme or even outright sadistic: >I'm lonley, single, survived 2…[View]
56367158Much like humans, chimps can be psychopathic murderers. The key difference is that humans are aware …[View]
56356457Is it true that exposing the cawk and balls to direct sunlight improves test by 200 percent? Should …[View]
56365597SWEAT pledge: Is this the most /fit/ way of life?[View]
56366736Is it true that Vitamin D makes your penis grow?[View]
56357222did he do it?[View]
56366987Dating and Braces??: Hello /fit/. Coming to you today with a question that has been brewing in my mi…[View]
56366805Gym Frequency: Why does almost every guide I see recommend going to the gym 3 days a week? Won'…[View]
56363515July 25th gyms open.[View]
56367426Any good guides for steroid cycles ?[View]
56360414uhhhhhh guys? i-is it really happening?[View]
56367385Pls rate my routine, i do this 3 times a week + loads of cycling. Im a beginner btw looking to get b…[View]
56352860Weights all sold out: So I said fuck it and made my own. They’re ugly but they work, much like my ex…[View]
56363865running shoes: what is the truth behind them? are they a must for runners? is there a better footwea…[View]
56363787Hey /fit/, I just came home from a strong deadlift and squat session. Took a shower, changed, and th…[View]
56366695does this actually work? I also hear that micro dosing cialis will also make your loads 3x bigger[View]
56366475Hey lads, I got my recent test results I am 35 testos total 506 ng/dl free 77 pg/mL it looks like to…[View]
56366983:0 :): >local club is open, start going next week >gym opens in less than a month >E U P H …[View]
56367079WALLPAPER THREAD: Post any good /fit/ related wallpapers you have. Getting a new laptop for universi…[View]
56366469Moving to Pittsburgh: Want to do pro MMA. Not pro as in as job but at a pro level. Which Pittsburgh …[View]
56365755will I be able to squat 60kg when i go back to the gym? I was only able to squat 55kg before they cl…[View]
56366894>unsolicited broscience tier lifting advice from sub-6ft skinnyfat[View]
56365583has anyone achieved the fabled 6 scoops?[View]
56366225Do i need a squat plug?: >realize i haven't been bracing correctly >follow Dave Tate…[View]
56366773>5x5 main barbell lift >4x8 assistance barbell lifts >3x12 machines and dumbells…[View]
56366691Any of you ever had any spiritual experiences while lifting? Today I was doing high rep squats with …[View]
56365344How to /architect/ girlfriend? Made her gain 10 lbs but I think she realized my plan and stopped eat…[View]
56331558/Fraud/: We’re back boys. Post your questions, progress, hopes and struggles. We are in this togethe…[View]
56366664Buzzpill: Why haven't you rid yourself of superficial hair?[View]
56363442Is there anything I can do now to prevent my future offspring from having autism? Autism runs in my …[View]
56363334A Thread dedicated to the Home Gym: Buying some fitness equipment for my garage, any recommendations…[View]
56366051How the FUCK do i cut without counting macros?: Never weighed an ounce of food in my life, just kept…[View]
56362722Just stopped taking coffee.[View]
56364670There is hope[View]
56366137Anyone else doing the DEAD diet?[View]
56360017Why /fitmaxx/ when you can /prettyboymaxx?[View]
56365936Working out with little/no equipment: The biggest weight I have is a single 10kg dumbbell. Seeing as…[View]
56366159STRENGTH > CARDIO: Ancient wisdom that has stood the test of time. a Stronger athlete is better t…[View]
56362160Michiko Nishiwaki mode?: What mode is this and how do I get my gf to achieve it?[View]
56358809>105 calories >20 fucking grams of protein how is chicken even real what are these bitches mad…[View]
56363186gigachad status required to date 6'4 girl: >go to get haircut after gym >girl cutting my …[View]
56365157I'm 6'4' and 210lbs. If I were to lose 20lbs abruptly, without weights, just intermittent …[View]
56358846Is Terry Crews Natty?[View]
56359689Been doing SS 3x a week with minimal results, can i switch to reddit PPL 6 day a week split, it has …[View]
56365842Is there a way in which to quit/limit caffeine without crashing? Or do I have to simply endure it fo…[View]
56363006How did a fat ass ever become a goal body?[View]
56356830I need help getting my shit together >coomer, as in 10x a day can barely go 1 day nofap >fat, …[View]
56364389I need help /fit/: A few years back I suffered a broken leg and now I can't run for more than 3…[View]
56364645Natty check pls He’s maintained a lot of size for being that lean.. https://youtube.com/watch?v=UbLT…[View]
56366042>Norwood III >Scalp where hair retreated from feels like sandpaper what does it mean…[View]
56363485help: okay so i read multiple books on psychology and apparently the brain falls into patterns of be…[View]
56366124My hair is falling out, should i stop cooming?[View]
56366057Standing: /fit/ I have the option to stand at my work for 10 hours a day, is it worth it to stand or…[View]
56364689>Putting bananas in shakes or oats when cutting is this a good idea? I really like bananas but i …[View]
56364876Why are some guys in the gym big but weak at the same time?[View]
56361817Skeleton stories and advice thread >be me >skeleton king with genetic potential (/fit/ family)…[View]
56363620Meat Discussion Thread: Any of you guys tried horse meat yet? A mongolian restaurant i know offers a…[View]
56364753My gym might go out of business: >gym staff constantly asks everyone if they know some to refer a…[View]
56356436>tfw no local /fit/izen to come to your home gym >tfw no one to help your worst lifts I fucki…[View]
56364341Why do shorts have these things? It is completely useless[View]
56364465>depression is a result of low dopamine and or/test >your body needs high amount of both to fe…[View]
56365398Lexx Little: natty or not?[View]
56343508/QTDDTOT/ - Swol Duckie Edition: Ask your questions that don't deserve their own thread here W…[View]
56364649How do you weight your meat? For example 100g of chicken breast should give you 20g of protein and …[View]
56364441Is there such a thing as eating too many eggs? Typically, I go through 10-12 egg whites per day. Is …[View]
56365800>gym closes due to pandemic What do I do now? >implying bodyweight…[View]
56364700Workout music: Let's get physical, physcial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWz9VN40nCA…[View]
56365370Are there any exercises where it's better to do machines than using freeweights?[View]
56364015>Be 5'7 manlet >205 lbs >Been lifting for 3 years now, but going full bear mode becaus…[View]
56364451how much does jacking off kill your gains? is semen retention the only way to get gains?[View]
56362930/fit/ lift tunes thread: Walk into the gym >SO COME TAKE A DRINK, AND DROWN YOUR SORROWS >AND …[View]
56364490OH NO NO NO COOMERBROS WE GOT TOO COCKY: >Frequent masturbation lowers testosterone utilization h…[View]
56357300Fit vs Fat: Alright /fit/ we do Fat Person Hate threads here every single day. What are we gonna do …[View]
56363379anyone got some pointers on freestyle swimming? any tips and tricks to improve form?[View]
56363716How often are nutrition labels complete fucking lies? I started buying these steaks to change things…[View]
56363404/Britness 2/: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/world-53344467 Let's ave' a butchers then sh…[View]
56364947Can I avoid carbs on rest days?[View]
56363374So ya wanna get big, huh sport? Gotta do a lil more than prayers an vitamins, nya see. Come here, I…[View]
56365065I think I have triceps tendonitis. Nothing too bab, but I got it for 3 weeks now and it won't g…[View]
56363057Lets be real being an ectomorph is only useful for lazy fucks: There is no real advantage to that bo…[View]
56346224/gymnasticsaCalisthenicsgenral/: Where we at? The word calisthenics comes from the ancient Greek wor…[View]
56363154Did lifting change your sexuality?[View]
56365009Picked up a pull up bar. Can only do 2 pull ups. 4 months ago I could do them no problem when I went…[View]
56357094explain this phenomena[View]
56364985Hill Sprints and HIIT: So there's a lot of articles out there talking about HIIT and hill sprin…[View]
56362980Is working at a gym worth it?: There’s a brand new one opening up around the corner from me, & I…[View]
56364840why haven't you taken the migration pill yet?: Migrating male geese are the masters of their bo…[View]
56364175Can I fly with prohormones or SARMS in my checked luggage? I’m going from Italy back to NL, and I do…[View]
56352232>enter gym >18 NAKED COWBOYS IN THE SHOWERS…[View]
56362300Pullup bar: looking to buy a pull up bar for my door frames since i cant do any permanent installs o…[View]
56364578>faggot posts pic >looks 9/10 and im not even gay >will i be honest with him and tell him h…[View]
56364282Side lateral raises with cable or dumbbells?: Which are better? I've been doing them with dumb…[View]
56364289Why are women so happy and relaxed around Chad?: And so stressed and alert around Incel?[View]
56360987Why is it that whenever I drink Henny and coke I start to get a weird feeling in my chest? What…[View]
56364279Mfw when I've got a fuckton of abs but also 5kg too fat to show them properly. Fuck me I guess[View]
56360730>7 EGGS A DAY?[View]
56361728Based or cringe[View]
56364193Why is /fit/ full of /r9k/ immigrants? Over half of the threads in the catalog have nothing to do wi…[View]
56362913>Tried this rope jumping meme >Can barely walk without pain Thanks /fit/…[View]
56363990>gives you kidney stones nothing personal, kiddo[View]
56358747the left side of my lower back hurts every time i workout now. i stopped for a week to see if it wou…[View]
56362881Low T and hypothyroid: If you are a skinnyfat like pic related there can be many causes for the gene…[View]
56359589/Britness/: How's it going lads, what we training today?[View]
56363185Is there a single sup you would recommend? I’ve been taking multivitamins and I really don’t think i…[View]
56360543Without the stupid Photoshop meme, how does one get into this shape? Diet, routine etc?[View]
56363192>At beach last week, take bathroom selife >Look pretty tanned, pretty lean. >Nice >Wife…[View]
56363667I'm skinny fat; how can I improve my body?[View]
56363293Any funny/cringe gym stories lately?[View]
56363804Based Greg[View]
56363636is this common for powershitters to make fun of beginners / lower weightclass lifters when they are …[View]
56360266Getting jizzed in the ass boosts test????[View]
56362559Hey /fit/ I'm 21 and when I was a bit younger I was really flexible and lean. I've been th…[View]
56360856Why do other men act more aggressive towards me now that I'm /fit/? Just now I was in the shop …[View]
563630866am and your hand can't make it to the alarm clock before the voices in your head start telling…[View]
56362636How do you guys keep your hairlines in check?[View]
56361738Why am I so attracted to big fat soft plush doughy bellies, bros? Am I mentally ill?[View]
56361862steroid's questions: Hey, I'm during annual testosterone cycle and have ~40 days left to s…[View]
56362927anime about getting ripped/aesthetic/strong?: Someone posted this, and I've been looking for so…[View]
56361137I am having a date this saturday and I am a virgin who doesn't know how to have sex, what the f…[View]
56362029My girl friend is 88lbs and she is 20 but looks 13 or 14. How do I get her to 100lbs. Im not posting…[View]
56363056Experiences with physios? How do I know if a physiotherapist is screwing me over? Story for those in…[View]
56363195Calories are calories.. or? say you reached all your micros and your protons, then you eat some crap…[View]
56361420Critique my Schedule: Does this schedule seem alright? Am I overdoing it already or can I add dips? …[View]
56360710making some rice What should i use?[View]
56356662Gymwear thread: What do you usually wear to the gym What gym clothing would show off my butt and leg…[View]
56359912Why haven't you taken the jaw-implant pill yet /fit/? >Daily reminder that the shape and an…[View]
56363269Are tooth tunes /fit/?[View]
56360461how bad actually is McDonalds when bulking ? why people say fast food is bad in general ? is this be…[View]
56360749/fsg/ FIT sips general: what are you sippin before hitting that PR today, champ? For me, its ultra f…[View]
56359871post 'em[View]
56361585Blood Recipes: I want to experiment with including animal blood in my diet. i dont feel like drinkin…[View]
56362614Skeleton Mode: How do i stop being a lanklet /fit/ How do you all force yourselves to eat jars of pe…[View]
56362771Bros. Why haven't I trained like this before? Inspired by Eric Bugenhagen, I decided to try a (…[View]
56358292over for Chicocel[View]
56359354Farmers walks are awesome but fuck these skin tears[View]
56361230Am i working out properly?: I've been working out for about a year and a half and i've bee…[View]
56361801can't no fap because i cum in the night: what do?[View]
56362738not looking for advice: >be fat >be nice >get girls because i'm nice >reject them b…[View]
56359182Coffee pill: I took two esspressos and now my heart hurts[View]
56357942solving america’s obesity crisis: i have a couple ideas >run commercials showing random fat peopl…[View]
56360492Rate my cut. Also what's my bodyfat on the right?[View]
56362266Episodes of rage. Anxiety attacks: Any of you have randomly occurring feelings of rage, or anxiety a…[View]
56355955Fapping is bad for you: >Frequent masturbation lowers testosterone utilization https://www.resear…[View]
56358532Staying fit in van: I just recently moved into a van and adopted a nomadic lifestyle. How do I stay …[View]
56358909>start bulking because skinnyfag >fuck meal prep >eat stuff like creamcheese and peanut but…[View]
56362030Anyone else shower before they lift? I do, but my buddy saw and thinks it weird, told me no one dies…[View]
56359943Anyone else go thru phases of hating your body and being dissatisfied with ya progress And then a fe…[View]
56358454Serious Question: How do I get an ass like this, what exercises do i do. I have good ass genes if th…[View]
56353517Is vaping marijuana /fit/? You don't burn any material thereby sparing your lungs from carcinog…[View]
56359753anyone else hate running? >asphalt everywhere >thin shoes >get tired feet before i even run…[View]
56362458I haven't exercised in years[View]
56361633Hey I'm 22. Excuse shitty lighting Kinda new to lifting. I do 4 hrs cardio and OMAD. How can…[View]
56359859Everytime i squat it feels like my back is being crushed, i tilt forward every squat, my legs are st…[View]
56361384What's your 'gymbro' like /fit/? Can he outlift you? How'd you meet? Can he lift up your s…[View]
56360315Sup, I wanna get back into fighting. I didn't do it for a while because of moving arround, care…[View]
56362272Help: I want to get into shape but I have a muscle disorder. All the doctors know is that my mitocho…[View]
56358884Volume Eating: Anyone have any experiences/opinions on volume eating for a cut? (Eating a shit ton …[View]
56360484Any Medfags?: I underwent a head CT scan because of a trauma, and the outcome for the reason it was …[View]
56361509Bad shoulders: Guys, I fucking look like shit from the front because of narrow shoulders (45-47cm wi…[View]
56361627My dad fell ill yesterday, and it's likely that he has corona. I'm staying home from work …[View]
56344541>chest pains from RU58841 >heart palpitations from minoxidil >painful zits on scalp from ni…[View]
56362115its no that apes are utterly strong but the fact theya re utterly POWERFULL and FAST yeah eddie hall…[View]
56361168Girls who look like this would you want a dyel rimming your butthole?[View]
56361675Recommend workouts to deal with an existential crisis. I look in the mirror and feel like I'm s…[View]
56359328Trying to slim down: Need tips on how to look like pic. like a lean athletic look. i’m pretty chubby…[View]
56360646I'm quitting smoking and it's unbearable my throat feels tight and almost closed, I feel s…[View]
56350700Chris Heria - THENX: is this guy's advice any good or is it just another basic shit fitness 'in…[View]
56344629/fit/ humour[View]
56358818Are they happier /fit/? Is it easier to just embrace mediocrity and consume? I remember the days of …[View]
56361515Hi, never tried protein before, I decided I should try and I have some questions. 1)I am lifting onl…[View]
56331703Preworkout: just finished my packet of pre-workout from bulk powders, it seemed alright but I someti…[View]
563568245’7 pajeet is it over[View]
56361671I est 2500 kcal a day, weigh 62kg at 178cm and look like this Why ?[View]
56361834I'm running 3 days a week. What are some weightlifting exercises I can do on my rest days? Keep…[View]
56358438Who else can't stop binge eating at night?[View]
56361649How does half a manlet increase his wrist size?[View]
56353929/EG/ endocrine general: critical edition This is a thread for information on optimising your endocri…[View]
56360902Broken Thumb. Help Pls: Decided to fight the gym crocodile and broke my thumb. Need excersizes for u…[View]
56361237Anyone deal with massive rebound after getting shredded? It feels like my hunger is finally going ba…[View]
56361577How do I fix overbite? (Dentist too expensive) Is this what's causing me to grind my teeth at n…[View]
56360650How much cardio is it safe to do? I'm currently doing 90 mins of jump rope 3x a week, hitting a…[View]
56355718>the chimp mogs all of them[View]
56361287Water Diet: I want to start a water diet, just found out about it but im really good at sticking to …[View]
56360982What multivitamin and mineral supplement should I take? I want to be healthier[View]
56356671ITT: Post your quads: Was feeling sad but then I saw my quads and stopped feeling sad. Maybe remembe…[View]
56359973>I have to eat 4k cals daily with this heat bruh just kill me, can you make strength gains on mai…[View]
56359649I ate meat yesterday and today I woke up with a boner and I'm so happy[View]
56360677Remind me what pathetic excuse is preventing you from going HankMode?[View]
56361292You don't actually consume estrogen right anon?[View]
56351607Who do you lift for?: I lift for him[View]
56361301>Tfw no gym friends >tfw no benching for me Feels bad man…[View]
56361199Hey Anon, what do you think I'm having for dinner? Pizza or salad?[View]
56358701>decide to start doing something with myself >do my first 'workout' (it's not really a wo…[View]
56359499WAKE UP.[View]
56359788Got my first gym membership. What do? Pls help /fit/ bros[View]
56357846Anyone else tell normies that getting fit isn't worth it and that it will have no effect on the…[View]
56359650Thinking of swapping out my barbell rows for machine rows Should I do it boys?[View]
56360934Is this legit for bench pressing?[View]
56359113Steady state cardio alternatives to running: So normally I do MMA and lifting on the side. Lifting m…[View]
56359233Can I only eat broccoli, carrots and meat or do I need something else?[View]
56360737Is this a good legs-upperbody size ratio? and what do i need to work on?[View]
56358211help me /fit/: i just can't stop eating, i don't know what to do i have no willpower i hav…[View]
56359065kss kss kss, kss kss kss kss kss, kss kss, kss, kss, kss kss kss kss kss kss, kss kss kss kss, kss k…[View]
56359712has anybody switched from zoloft (sertraline) to wellbutrin (bupropion) for an anti-depressant? im i…[View]
56360491I've decided I'm going to see how long I can survive only drinking beer. already 24 hours …[View]
56360372Sets spread through the day?: I'm on neetbux due to Corona, I find myself tiring if I workout 5…[View]
56360548WAKE UP.[View]
56358179>curls in the squat rack, his arms wide.[View]
56358999I sprained my fucking thumb goddammit, as pic related shows. Thankfully it isn't too bad (no sw…[View]
56360409Your gym now requires you to wear a mask WHILE lifting, do you wear it?: If so, do you keep the same…[View]
56359493Why aren't more people doing this exercise? It's an amazing isolation for the chest.[View]
56356067Who else /hairyshaft/ here? This shit's obnoxious, bros. Is there any way to permanently remove…[View]
56353247Show me your new PR Music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSDAxqfb8ZI&t=297s[View]
56358150How do I overcome fears of pic related happening to me? Up until this day I've only really exer…[View]
56355421/mag/ - Martial Arts General: Find an MMA Gym in the USA: http://www.findmmagym.com/ BlackBeltWiki, …[View]
56360289F.U.P.A: How do i get rid of my: >Fat Upper Penis Area i wanna increase my dick size :(…[View]
56359394Fuck this muscle: It's so easy to injure it. I strained it while doing fucking reverse cable fl…[View]
56358430>lifting heavier weights >running longer miles >beating the shit out of punching bag >st…[View]
56356200Achievable natty?[View]
56356199Starting calisthenics: This is the best I could find in my area. You guys arae sur I won't look…[View]
56358668>reintroduce carbs (rice and potatoes) into my diet >shit goes from 4 to 2 Is this temporary? …[View]
56356514I’ll fix my life tomorrow[View]
56358335explain this phenomena[View]
56359584i have chest concavity. im lucky as it's very symmetrical i just happend to have a small pit in…[View]
56356749>want to get better at running >don't like running can I bike instead?…[View]
56357922Just deleted all social media and my Google Account. I'll be levitating in no time. Later virgi…[View]
56359020>start lifting >healthy weight >eat a FUCKLOAD of hot dogs and buns and beer for the 4th ov…[View]
56359238Rate my back?[View]
56357784Just a quick thread. I don't have any friends so can one of you guys please tell me not to snac…[View]
56359664Are these gains possible natty?[View]
56357732>6:35am >time for bed Is this sleep cycle ruining my gains?…[View]
56357599Advice: Fatass fuck here with massive bitch tits. Looking to get in shape. Should I lose weight firs…[View]
56358172good beginner routine, but this time for real: Going to the gym after 6 months of corona been doing …[View]
56357105Rest Days: Do I need to take these. I'm taking one right now, I feel lethargic, weak, and just …[View]
56359281Fuck fuck fuck I'm getting old: I haven't really accomplished shit. Been gaming away for y…[View]
56358573Is muscle memory legit?: 2 years ago at 20, I squatted 500lbs and deadlifted 600lbs but had a lot of…[View]
56356092how into acemode?[View]
56358803/fit/ approved mode of transport: Will getting a sports bike/rice cooker Get me laid?[View]
56357108Watch this shit right now: There's no guy that represents fit autism better than him Holy fuck …[View]
56353982Will girls really begin liking you if you start going to the gym?[View]
56358176God-tier /fit/ activities only: Skiing: >no nogs >no poors >awesome leg workout >look st…[View]
56357572>protein farts[View]
56351548its crazy to think it takes a certain genetic make up, years of training and roiding to be considere…[View]
56358595Why Shouldn't I Drink?: i have mental scarring i cant get rid of and shit that keeps reoccurrin…[View]
56355574aura > face > height > body. Should i focus on occult work rather than counting calories an…[View]
56356792Epididymitis from lifting?: I have a swollen nut tube and the only cause i can think of is lifting. …[View]
56358446I’m Putting together a team. You in?[View]
56358599F: I cant believe he's gone Rest easy[View]
56352404>anon I want to have a big ass! >*Suggests lifting* >I think yoga will give me a better ass…[View]
56356929Death by cardio: Bought this game thinking it would be a nice easy workout to change things up. Game…[View]
56358332What is this bodytype called bros?[View]
56346601Won’t you share this with me anon? “High glycemic index?” What does that mean anon...[View]
56358145>forearms doms When does it to go away bros?[View]
56355550Naturally approaching girls after a sesh: Do you guys ever try and leave the gym at the same time as…[View]
56358313Learn to love yourself before you love another. You lift for you, and for nobody else Anon.[View]
56357440>look good on mirror >look bad on pictures What gives /fit/?…[View]
56357463PPL + Kettlebells: How do fitposters? I noticed that the gym I go to has a healthy amount of kettleb…[View]
56357250Reminder - theres no reason you cant start lifting tonight: The hardest part is getting started. Wha…[View]
56357901>the gym retard asks you to tie his shoes for him does this happen to you?…[View]
56355828What if your dad has better genes than you?[View]
56345073>tfw no hobbies besides lifting[View]
56353671Anyone else feel like they're taking a huge risk working out at gyms in the coronavirus era?[View]
56354286is DNP addictive? i've been taking it daily for about 6 months[View]
56357762soft drink fasting: hey /fit/ i'm desperate to shave off some pounds so i'm going to propo…[View]
56357647I heard people made crazy gains by eliminating common intestinal parasites to human, we get these gu…[View]
56357906Why the fuck are you guys going to to all this effort and expense to have hueg muscles? Don't y…[View]
56357209Cheat code brands: Post specific brand name foods that have bafflingly low calories compared to the …[View]
56355800tfw I lift so I have better hopes of success at finding a trad wife[View]
56355073check out my caloric intake for today bros[View]
56357025/fit/ music: Post your top 5 favourite lifting tracks /fit/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=goYgHnsQ…[View]
56345039/fit/ness cringe you commited: >be me, pic related at 16 >started working out >thought I wa…[View]
56354588I fapped again[View]
56355617How do men on the left walk around living life? I mean he never be a chad but why doesn't he at…[View]
56357832Am I gonna make it brahs? Mine's fucked.[View]
56357755I've been having a lot of trouble. My doctor, he's not a very nice guy, he said 'open your…[View]
56356036>Showering at the gym after workout >Someone else in the shower a few stall over >Hear them…[View]
56356161Peak /Fit/ness: >13:32 5k >13:47 5k >13:51 5k You may not like it, but THIS is what peak /f…[View]
56355318/BBG/ is a place for all bodybuilders, from the amateur to the IFBB pro, from the natty to the juicy…[View]
56341781>severe tinnitus[View]
56357351When I run, I like to be hands free. I'll keep my phone in my pocket, but it moves around too m…[View]
56356110Which ingredient if any in this is the key for test?: Just tryna buy the generic at wal mart lol…[View]
56356489>go the gym for the first time in months >get inside and almost immediately stub my toe really…[View]
56353523Opinion on filipino martial arts?: I already do muay thai and thought about joining something where …[View]
56357368Body hair: Does /fit/ shave their legs? Their arms? What’s more aesthetic?[View]
56357462Everyone on this board is a dumb ass nigger faggot. Change my mind[View]
56357121I cant even tell whos mogging who[View]
56349654Blood Work/Endocrine: Hey /fit/ I recently received my results (pic related) for blood work I had do…[View]
56356196What explains me h1ving such tiny joints at 63kg, 178cm, eating 250kcal a day ? I see 15 years old k…[View]
56355182How do I get a bigger penis??[View]
56347399At what age did your fitness spirit kick in? 20.[View]
56356231Hello /fit/, I'm homeless, 27 year old college student, with a part time minimum wage income, a…[View]
56357116I lost 30 lbs in the last year and am looking relatively muscular. I was chillin in the park today a…[View]
56353703Rogue Ohio Power Bar: God this bar is so fucking sexy. Believe me, you would.[View]
56356713Any tips to get this body? I'm Asian too.[View]
56356522muh corona: >be califag >gyms won't open for months >finally decide enough is enough, …[View]
56351007>powerlifting girls constantly pissing themselves >secretly proud of it and post it on social…[View]
56356789How many of you can relate to this?[View]
56357175MMA Manlet Martial Arts: I want to learn basica of a martial art for self defence and whatever else …[View]
56322525Zodiac Sign & Lifts: Post ur sign and favourite lift. >Pisces >Weighted chins…[View]
56356359Redpill me on personal trainers: Are they a scam?[View]
56355908Will this help me attract more females at the gym? Serious replies only.[View]
56349987Is this based or cringe? It raises my test between sets.[View]
56354444Ultimate Red Pill or Cope?: https://youtu.be/A_ocChzEh5Y[View]
56356598Thinking of home gym, just want a nice cardio machine Looked into treadmills and holy shit, I'v…[View]
56345230I'm going to be honest with you. Mma is annoying.[View]
56356527No matter how much I lift the gyno will never go away[View]
56356804/fit/ told me not to drink to gain extra calories (skelly mode) however when I drink I eat like 1500…[View]
56353612Creatine: What do you chug your creatine with? Water? Soda? Juice?[View]
56355290normies believe this is beyond jacked[View]
56356757Gurlz benching: Should women go all the way to the chest on benchpress, thus squishing der tiddies o…[View]
5635557317.5' arms: Did Jeff lie about this too? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNLG4-diuYM[View]
56356752Is it the most ineffective form of cardio? Feels like its just lightly working the quads, not impro…[View]
56355565Would it hurt my gains if I did cardio everyday? Not like a serious amount but just if I tried to ru…[View]
56354412I just want to run again. I can't even get on a fucking treadmill without my ankle hurting. I s…[View]
56353249Would you be /fit/ if you were a chick?[View]
56354899What is the best variation of OHP?: For gaining wide shoulder and big back. Standing or sitting? Fro…[View]
56355987The true path to /fit/ness: Are you taking care of your financial gains, bros? DYELS and r*dditors …[View]
56355356Cant workout for more than 15 minutes. Is that enough for now?: I've just been doing push-ups, …[View]
56355560Why did this cause me bloating and hot farts?: Eating anchovies with spicy garlic sauce. I was tryin…[View]
56352993Redpill me on Fenugreek: A lot of conflicting information surrounding this supplement exists on the …[View]
56349460NY bros how have you been dealing without the gym? It has to reopen sometime soon right? I fucking h…[View]
56355284What would happen if you theoretically had a stack of SARMS like GW50156, MK677, and MK2866, some es…[View]
56353392/sip/: Powerful /sip/ thread Post /sip/ images and best sips pic related is some juicy OC[View]
56356296How /fit/ is your stand? You’re not a standlet, who would barely even survive the arrow let alone na…[View]
56353593Are you as /fit/ as the President of Mongolia?[View]
56355790Preggo lifts?: Soup /fit/. Wife and I just joined a gym amidst all of the covid bullshit and I was w…[View]
56355810Water Fasting: Back in HS when I was a senior I had to cut ~ 15-20lbs in wrestling due to our team…[View]
56356238Sup fellas, I got knee surgery and can't walk. They said the recovery time is going to be 8 mon…[View]
56354506Minimum Calorie Intake?: So I've started running and reducing my calorie intake, but I've …[View]
56356083post /fit monky: I lift for monky[View]
56350014Ass question Is it normal most of your body weight goes to your ass? I’m recovering skinny fat but I…[View]
56353024first day back.: So my first day back to the gym from the Corona shutdown. Everything hurts now. It…[View]
56351388is this 2 big 4 u?[View]
56350936Average chest circumference of a man is 40 inches. What is yours? Also post height and weight. >C…[View]
56354014Circadian Rhythm: So according to some research I came across, sex is best in the mid morning becaus…[View]
56354848name a more /fit/ snack than whole fat greek yogurt mixed with oats[View]
56354282Do you support banning sugary food/drinks that are unhealthy to the body? Or should the government s…[View]
56350684/footmaxx/: How can I salvage this?[View]
56347793Daily Cycling Thread: You did cycle your 10 miles today.....r-right anon?[View]
56350503>just lift bro[View]
56355693It's true that this is what happens at every gym shower?[View]
56352840>He doesn't WOKE AF before a workout How does it feel to be UNWOKE while you work out?…[View]
56354814>Please limit your work-outs to 1 hour[View]
56355118Battleropes: Any good Battlerope recommendations for home gym? Mounting preferences?[View]
56351898abs workout for maintance: can you tell me a good workout just to mantain the abs i gained? thank yo…[View]
56351052Is the 'mindset' just a code word for autism?[View]
56351762Why did she do it bros?[View]
56354902Post your lifting motivationals[View]
56347004im completely unable to gain any muscle while cutting and doing calisthenics as a skeleton wtf[View]
56354998What's his secret?[View]
56354434which is the lesser of two evils boys? also HOW bad is sugar in terms of gains cutting and all the n…[View]
56355280Best exercises for deltoids for a lazy faggot I am?[View]
56353320Achievement thread: Big or small, what have you achieved recently anons? I got to one plate bench ye…[View]
56350190>Quarter squats are better for hypertrophy AND vertical jump - Athlene X EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU …[View]
56353854When is the best moment to take a protein/creatine shake? When you wake up? After workout? Or right …[View]
56355231Im so fucking ashamed guys: A WOMAN (pic) has bigger arms and shoulders than me What the fuck are th…[View]
56355229What are you so afraid of, Anon?? Hop on![View]
56353509How important is flexibility?[View]
56353991How to get <12 replies: Look guys it's the dyel stick it's all I need to make sick gain…[View]
56354510Is there anything more depressing than doing chest, and realizing leg day is tommorow. Then you real…[View]
56354772Bros I'm so tired of constant brain fog, what can I do for mental clarity gains[View]
56354493*Really* fast weightloss: >too tired to eat properly >hunger makes me exhausted in the first …[View]
56343575Whats for breakfast boys?[View]
56355035>dodgeball, tag, red rover all being banned from schools >recess is getting shorter and class …[View]
56354865Big Small Baby Bones: Aside from impact training with a sand bag or the like, what can be done to in…[View]
56354907I have put an ice pack on my balls. I truly am the mega chad. Wim Hof Nofapper 2.0 bro.[View]
56354460Eric Bugenhagen: NATTY?: He uploads videos daily of him breaking PRs or heavy lifting with multiple …[View]
56348401Barbfags literally crying. Just used kettlebell brought my deadlift from 335 to 585 in 1 year natty …[View]
56350845How is your aiming speed /fit/?: https://humanbenchmark.com/tests/aim This has you shoot 30 targets …[View]
56352760While he works out he listens to >till I collapse >hard in the paint >anything by dmx…[View]
56354680Smart Band or Retard Band?: Hey fit what's your opinion and experience with smart bands? Which…[View]
56349330All this self improvement led you nowhere, you tried to perfect yourself so that the world couldn…[View]
56352468Shit blood for the first time in my life today, what am I in for? 21 y/o I feel fine btw[View]
56354530what are some good ways to boost test?[View]
56354481Whats the best course of action to lose weight?: i've been thinking of fasting but idk if thats…[View]
56334961/fph/: Regular old fph, no tranny talk[View]
56350043Anybody have experience with Jawzrsize? I'm looking to get a squarer, more masculine jaw[View]
56352662i'm 19 and never stretched in my life until like a month ago and this is my shoulder my bad pos…[View]
56353308How the fuck do train calves? I got these chicken legs with big upper body. I look like a fucking On…[View]
56354201>did chest this morning >walked/jogged 3 miles >ate my OMAD >step on the scale >i ga…[View]
56353442how do I achieve tribal mode?[View]
56351866>dick always goes soft when i’m on my back wtf? in any other position it’s fine but when a woman …[View]
56351769What are some unconventional things you do during your workout? I like to juggle during rests betwee…[View]
56353280How the fuck did I go up a shirt size by losing 50 pounds: seriously I dont get it. im a fat fuck il…[View]
56353659exactly what movement qualifies as 'external rotation of the shoulder'?[View]
56353596Got a depressing result with every question i asked that fucking lobster. For those who were wronged…[View]
56351779>apes hug each other throught their childhood and adulthood for hours everyday humans on the othe…[View]
56354029cheat curls: worth or not? do /fit does them? how much kg?[View]
56351432Will he make it?[View]
56347393Can you be this lean while this muscular naturally?[View]
56353746Hey /fit/ I'm pretty slim at about 145lbs at 5'11'. I recently bought a fancy scale that m…[View]
56353286Should I avoid canned foods cause of BPA? Weren't deenz based?[View]
56353255Weevils in supplements: Found some weevils in my creatine and L glutamine. >Not many, 5 total. 3…[View]
56350919You're still hitting the gym hard right? Don't let me down anon, I wanna see six hot pr…[View]
56353027solar gains: Reply 'thank you solar gains' and be blessed with a tan juicy beach bod for all eternit…[View]
56351480What's your excuse for not having a home gym?[View]
56354178How do I deal with having a fridgemode core? With my wife waist I'll never have a tiny waist li…[View]
56351981>agree to work out with a guy >he brings a notebook/clipboard to the gym…[View]
56347335NEVER eat a brown banana. When a banana ripens, it undergoes a glycation process. When that happens,…[View]
56346228Is wrestling a good hobby?[View]
56354061Pain after workouts: I seem to be gaining random pains that I’m not sure what is causing them or how…[View]
56352056Connor Murfeet[View]
56352407how many calrie 2 slopy joe on white bread[View]
56349175Why did he go crazy on us?[View]
56338471What was the most Chad civilization in history? Bonus points for the most cucked? Asking for the d…[View]
56345539Embarrassing Gym Stories Thread: >Accidentally put 10kg extra on bench >Can't get it back…[View]
56353716Are you /fit/ like Gaivs Jvlivs Caesar ?[View]
56353480How do you reach calorie goal without sugar? It's so easy to hit if you ate a bunch of cookies …[View]
56346889>casually reduces test production to near castrate levels[View]
56353586worried about milk consumption: now recently i have been trying to gain more lean mass and consuming…[View]
56351487OK guys, hear me out. >An alcohol enema is a faster method of alcohol intoxication since the alco…[View]
56350299Call me normie as fuck, but I signed up, feel tons better, don't have to think to what to do an…[View]
56351111Why the fuck so women like 'dad bod' so much[View]
56351234What's your glute routine /fit/? How much can you squats? Have girls mired your glute gains yet…[View]
56350615RAD-140: Anybody taken RAD-140? Was it worth it? Will it kill me?[View]
56353030Hey guys, I'm thinking about buying this set. https://innstarshop.com/products/innstar-band-1?v…[View]
56352320Is Kanye gonna be the fittest president the US has ever had?[View]
56353264/fph/: Food for thought edition[View]
56349468What do you want out of life?: I've hit being self sufficient at a relatively young age (21) an…[View]
56353260>scrambled eggs on onions and bacon with sauerkraut on the side >oats on kefir with peanut but…[View]
56351751Does anyone else here do farming for a living? I've noticed my core is a lot stronger[View]
56350972Whose idea was it to put vegetables in a smoothie? I put spinach in my protein smoothie and straight…[View]
56352531Anon are you living the Tyler's way?[View]
56353143Do you guys have sexual daydreaming during nofap. It was this girl at the bar, and I caught my self …[View]
56352968Help brahs: My mom wants me to stop eating eggs, as I eat them 4 every day for breakfast scrambled f…[View]
56351566I was an athlete in the best shape of my life. Then Covid-19 nearly killed me. When I woke up, I was…[View]
563510811RM test: how do you taper for a 1RM test ? should I program a week dedicated to max out in the end …[View]
56352719How am i supposed to get this many proteins[View]
56344212>mogs the entirety of /fit/[View]
56322120/fat/ Hans Up Edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For the hamburglars who want to better themselves thro…[View]
56351575>go up 2 EU sizes in pants this year >all my 30-31 Waist pants don't fit anymore >had …[View]
56347363LIFTAN MUSIC THREAD LETS GOOOO https://youtu.be/PigpTuiIqlA[View]
56351417Help me /fit/ Every fucking day I get into the home gym I got I sit on the bench and just feel this …[View]
56351084What do you think of this body?: Pretty perfect imo[View]
56348966>*destroys your spine for minimal leg gains* heh,no problem kiddo[View]
56347718>one must imagine sisyphus happy[View]
56352318who else eat horse semen for gainz ???: higher protein per gram than beef[View]
56350942Talk me out of this gains goblin lads: Tomorrow is leg day and im on my 11th week cutting and also o…[View]
56352210I've got an older bench press set and one pair of dumbbells (15 lbs) at home. How far can I get…[View]
56348068Ocean General: Are you /fit/ enough and brave enough to survive nature? Are you prepared and capable…[View]
56339203feels you cant lift thread: this is a mental health thread fuck you jannies >picked my nose when …[View]
56351492Im bulking and my asshole literally hurts from shitting all the time.[View]
56346260Take the mercury pill: >Mercury concentrations are higher in larger fish >Mercury concentratio…[View]
56348758Does creatine make your hair thinner[View]
56351000Gyms are still closed in my state due to covid. How have you guys been keeping up?[View]
56351794Is this a good home routine to avoid losing gains while I wait for 2021 when gyms are back? I just g…[View]
56350330can beginners squat, bench and deadlift every single day? if they're still lifting baby weight …[View]
56351731Connor Murphy is dying: Look at his legs. I can't watch him suffer anymore, how can we save him…[View]
56350465What's your experience with personal trainers? Have you ever had one (online or irl) did it do …[View]
56351671>>>functionnal strenght: Which sports should I be proficient at marching on all lands of th…[View]
56349335For how many hours after workout do muscles grow? Does it make sense to keep eating protein 24-48 ho…[View]
56350408/lentil/: >he didn't take the Lentilpill yet[View]
56349338is it normal for stitches to 'inflate'?: i broke my arm when i was a kid and whenever i do forearm e…[View]
56348216>tfw stuck at 70 kg bench How the fuck do you people bench over 100 kg so easily but I'm stu…[View]
56350088Should you do pullups from a dead-hang for every rep? Or is it okay to keep your muscles tensed when…[View]
56345788Estimate this guy's lifts: 1/2/3/4 for 5-8 reps is my guess[View]
56349440Opinions on Scooby's beginner workout? I'm happy to find something that I definitely have …[View]
56351073Daily reminder that modern beauty standards are just a social construct. A gunt expresses the excess…[View]
56351298I love meat and alcohol. My friends tell me I eat too much eat and drink too much alcohol. Are they …[View]
56351343I'm about to start working out and I want to calculate my target calorie intake. I can use a ca…[View]
56345928Counting calories: How can I count calories without obsessing? I have counted calories for 2 weeks a…[View]
56351136>ewww anon you are going to the gym??? why dont stay with me[View]
56346729how do i achieve GABAGOO mode natty?[View]
56350985Dunkin donuts put a lock on the dumpster. I'm finally free how can I start losing weight I read…[View]
56348302What nutrition tracker does /fit/ use? I've seen this one posted here, but I've also notic…[View]
56350724how to into argentinian 90s pull ups? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AVEDgT_lG60 >no puedo verlo j…[View]
56350530Filled one of these with weights, what workout can I do with it?[View]
56345305Is this guy actually wrong about anything?[View]
56348574What do you think about this supplement list? Protein powder Fish oil Multivitamin Probiotic Collag…[View]
56348155Post your goal body.[View]
56350808/tv/ is laughing at us again[View]
56351055How come some people have their chest 'falling down' like this ? Is it gyno ? Or genetics ?[View]
56350993>drink coffee >literally fall asleep[View]
56350234Gentlemen I come to you with an interesting scenario, and I need your advice. I am pretty poor and t…[View]
56350779>scrambled eggs on onions and bacon with sauerkraut on the side >oats on kefir with peanut but…[View]
56345609How can you squat large amounts without a squat rack?[View]
56348472I've been thinking about it and martial artists cope harder than anyone on the planet. They…[View]
56345349Do people treat you nicer when you're not fat[View]
56349841Am I doing enough for my legs: I lift 20 pound weights in both hands by squatting, I hold 'em i…[View]
56350614>ab with leg[View]
56348074Pool workouts: Recommendations for pool workout? I go to the pool for an hour everyday, except sunda…[View]
56349984I'm bulking now and I'm fatter (17% bodyfat) than ever before but also the biggest and str…[View]
56349639My girlfriend is getting pudgy[View]
56346340/fight/ fags, which fighting style should I learn? Boxing or BJJ? (striking or grappling) IDC which …[View]
56349507>see myself as hot shit >think I'm not afraid of anything >act like I own the place ju…[View]
56324213/CBT/ Twink Edition: reply to each other 5'10 155lbs[View]
56350186I watched a big z video where he squatted and he said he does 6 sets of 10 reps Is this the way to p…[View]
56341723Life extension through starvation: Do any of you guys practise this? It's a well known fact tha…[View]
56350301If I'm cutting doing high volume low weight reps, will doing too much cardio kill what little g…[View]
56340883>final rep face[View]
56348452Is deadlifting 3 times a week a bad idea?[View]
56349589Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
56349545>addicted to ordering Doordash once a week and it wipes out my gains for the whole week…[View]
56349777I want to be less than 239 by the end of week. Im doing OMAD but I've been hard stuck at 240-24…[View]
56350061/mire/ thread: Been lifting for two months, arms filling my tee and just got a mire from milf recept…[View]
56347180I suck balls at rope skipping. Can't even do 5.[View]
56349058i won this thing on a contest, what kind of routine would you recommend? Also what are the benefits …[View]
56348124tfw found out today that hitting macros is important: how the hell are you supposed to eat 190g+ pro…[View]
56347113>mired by mom[View]
56348480will swimming and lifting make me taller: 18 years old 5'9 will swimming and lifting make me ta…[View]
56346517Been taking vyvance 20 mg for two months now. Haven’t developed a tolerance either but am worried ab…[View]
56344511Back Pain Thread: We all have it. ITT we describe what it feels like, and what makes it feel good. W…[View]
56344875$300 for gym gear: You have $300 to spend on equipment that you must use during every workout for th…[View]
56349637Don't let it die edition. Resources: >https://fellrnr.com/wiki/Main_Page >https://www.yo…[View]
56349172>Just be confident bro. Stop worrying about what other people think. Just be yourself. People can…[View]
56346867Is grappling gay?[View]
56348932Skele to jacked transformation: Lots of fat to /fit/ but so few from skele to jacked, post them. Als…[View]
56349097Is using groceries as dumbbells effective? >t. turbopoorfag[View]
56347211>lifting for 2 years >cut last summer >look mediocre no matter how hard i cut >cut this …[View]
56346418Pewdiepie workout: Is this dumbbell only routine a good workout for a turbo-lanklet? https://www.mus…[View]
56347734>5'10 >moggs lanklets i guess you don't have to be 6'+ to be attractive..…[View]
56346640Phat thighs turned out roasted: My legs got irritated from running (in the cockstroke part, I think …[View]
56346745I know I am probably just average now but I used to be a skelton: Just want honest opinions on how I…[View]
56346567How to get a Serbian physique: Get in here bois: What does he do, what's his routine? This is a…[View]
56347445why can't people believe he is natural? Nothing about his physique screams steroids i looked li…[View]
56346166my appetite well exceeds my TDEE, im still starving after a whole day of 'bulking' help me…[View]
56348790Why are we still here? Just to suffer?[View]
56343140itt: normie fitness: post the dumbest, most illogical shit you have seen about fitness[View]
56341881>gyms open, corona virus hoax exposed >didnt lose much strength with squat and dead, and gaine…[View]
56347726BODYWEIGHT TRAINING: Post calisthenics routines and tips. >Also include number of pullups you can…[View]
56348559If this guy did bodybuilding he would look like a fucking beast: LOOK AT HIS HUGE SKULL HOLY SHIT He…[View]
56347814Calisthenics is boring as hell: Calisthenics is so boring, i just wanna go back to the gym this year…[View]
56347473Is coffee good for you, before you run?[View]
563486291- Post chest 2- Do you like femdom I want to see if there is correlation between being a twink and …[View]
56348549/fit/ fuck up: I dumped my long term GF because I wanted to play last of us more than I wanted to sp…[View]
56346648What is better: 1. Skipping a meal, or 2. Eating a meal that is clearly terrible for you? If these …[View]
56346531Thank you: Thanks for getting me fit joe, and thank you to the extended Roganverse for keeping us fu…[View]
56347771What's the best lower body routine?[View]
56340389Are Americans really so fat and out of shape that they can't breathe with a mask on?[View]
56348490Gains lost thread. >Be me >Stop anything exercise related since the flu. >I'm a skelet…[View]
56346219I work 12 hours a day and come home to this shit.[View]
56346666Does anyone else here do farming for a living? I've noticed my core is a lot stronger[View]
56341382have you cycled today /fit?: cycling is based, why havent you done it yet[View]
56345071I'm 5'10 and I feel threatened whenever someone tall is in the room. I start to feel frust…[View]
56348273Not sure what board to post on but /fit/ has always been great: Hey there all. Hope you’re all havin…[View]
56347516Ripped tall handsome funny. Might as well give up now fit this is Chris's world[View]
56347064Anyone here take finasteride? It just my lifts have gone down quite a lot and I find it hard to get …[View]
56347253Root canal: Does anyone know if its ok to work out after having a root canal done? I have one today …[View]
56348170Spider blood Spider blood radioactive spider blood: >there’s been reports of a giant lizard down …[View]
56347289Why are zoomers so tall?[View]
56342923What would you say to a fat/ugly girl who is jealous of pretty girls and is always whining and cryin…[View]
56348126Was Muhammad Ali bearmode?[View]
56346385Halo Top ice cream ad promoting obesity: >Don't work out. Just consoooom our ice cream. >…[View]
56345704Autism gains: so yeah i lift and now i’m more fit and confident and everything but i can’t shake the…[View]
56344532>come on anon take off your shirt and show us your abs[View]
56342796I have a problem with swamp ass. Really hairy down there. Not a fag so I don't shave my ass. An…[View]
56345882Please tell me the secret to growing taller /fit/ Theres got to be something..[View]
56341334A healthy human male struggles to hold his own body weight up for 60 seconds while it's so effo…[View]
56346095Why do short dudes always assume this ridiculous power stance? lol[View]
56341598Which trait i need to have in order to gain respect from people?: Men and Women. I'm thinking i…[View]
56347927How to deal with gains goblins ? >webm related[View]
56345706Any Walking Bros in here?: Tell me all about your walking habits Do you do it solo? With a friend? A…[View]
56346693She moved the stone: >Be me >have been jogging on an abandoned street behind my house >Roug…[View]
56343683Anyone use viagra for fitness purposes?: Sildenafil increases serum testosterone levels by a direct …[View]
56346456Scientific martial art?: Hi, I'm looking for a martial art that's mostly based on science,…[View]
56346846/fit/ chef thread: in this thread we can just share and talk about our fav /fit/ food i just ate a …[View]
56341481Take Your Vitamin D: Does anyone remember TYVD? He always posted stuff about supplements. Anybody ha…[View]
56345854Did you remember to activate your almonds today, /fit/?[View]
56346090What body fat percentage is this? And don't say 1%. If that were true he'd be veiny as a d…[View]
56347366Deadlifted 2.5 plate x2: This might seem trivial to you guys but ive been stuck on 2 plate for a lon…[View]
56341595after i began lifting i had nothing but a desire to conquer and vanquish the west, rape their beauti…[View]
56346254Quiting smoke take my mind[View]
56347173Is it over?[View]
56346317Cardio body: What kind of body type do you end up with if you purely do cardio/running with no lifti…[View]
56346322proyect last resort: I want to die because I cant get sex with a middle or middle onwards class girl…[View]
56345764I wanna know if my progress with lifting is alright, But so many fucking progress pictures are eithe…[View]
56345455ROUTINE THREAD: Post your routine, rate, give opinions and bully each other current 4 day split, con…[View]
56339293Keto diet: Keto diet is based as fuck. I’m loosing weight at a decent rate, I have more energy witho…[View]
56347177How do i vent anger, /fit/? Working out settles it down while i'm doing it, But it quickly come…[View]
56345444Do you take multivitamin? Are they worth it? I'm currently cutting so I thought I would start u…[View]
56346389how do I find one of those trap bars you guys keep talking about?[View]
56345917>need to lose an inch off waistline in two weeks How do I do it, bros?[View]
56344332>Ice bath/ cold shower >intermittent fasting >Infared sauna >breathwork Are these memes?…[View]
56346442Richard Cooper is a modern day sage: >A woman can offer only two things: her youth and her femini…[View]
56346817My shoulder is failing brehs, sharp pain in the upper part of the shoulder when doing pushups or thr…[View]
56342879Hey /fit/, i notice when running that my left foot caves in. When i try to keep it from caving in, i…[View]
56345683Want to get into a combat sport but shitting myself about brain damage. Am I being stupid? I'm …[View]
56345721Running and lifting: What does /fit/ think about this Nick Bare? Obviously his supliments are just …[View]
56346419Why the hell do I feel half dead after exercising: I started exercising a little over a month ago an…[View]
56325362When will you realized that calves are 100% genetic and no amount of working out will make them grow…[View]
56346636>found out I'm pozzed for Corona GOD DAMN IT IT'S NOT FAIR, GYMS WERE FINALLY OPEN AGAI…[View]
56338590Motivation: Be honest, why do you do it?[View]
56342687San Francisco (SF): >right next to the beach >only a few hrs drive from ski slopes >tons of…[View]
56342290Which Cavill mode would you rather be? Immortals Mode vs Man of Steel mode[View]
56346519>he lifts for strength instead of aesthetics LMAO[View]
56341652'So what do you do for fun, anon!?': How do you answer this?[View]
56343751Why do so many people believe you can only look good if you take steroids?[View]
56341064Has anyone ever tried Mike Mentzer’s style of training (HIT) where you only do full body once a week…[View]
56344998Hello. Did you wake up today? 4 am[View]
56343866How do I stop being a gymcel?[View]
56344797cereal for PWN carbs thread. post itt if you use cereal instead of powders etc. and post what you us…[View]
56342959Why would you not /architect/ your gf ?[View]
56343769Why is coffee so bad?: >makes me irritated and confused >makes me want to sleep like depressio…[View]
56344589you know, when I began lifting, no one told I would be surrounded by so many naked men[View]
56346080Are inversion tables worth it? Last time I tried one it helped with my back pain and situps felt dif…[View]
56345309>gyms may open soon >I'll be getting groped in locker room again how do i stop it bros?…[View]
56344868GABA Protein OP: It's supposed to increase lean mass gains by 800%. Did anyone try?[View]
56344614After a workout usually drink a Hydro-Whey shake because it's marketed as being a super fast-ab…[View]
56344604Hey /fit/ please help me with my routine I have been going to the gym for 3 months now (again), maki…[View]
56344191Hardgainer shakes: Hello anons, fellow skelly here with a question. From all the videos online all h…[View]
56331816Change my opinion: healthy food is too expensive[View]
56323898Abscess: Sup /fit/izens Has anyone had an abscess/wound packing removed? Tell me what pain I'm…[View]
56345848Is there a point of going to the gym and lifting weights without eating properly / getting enough ca…[View]
56345476>i'm tired why do girls say this almost all the time? why are they even so fucking tired tha…[View]
56342714/fph/: Kitty kitty edition[View]
56343987>yea I front squat[View]
56345801So hear me out /fit/, a week or 2 ago some fat guy (6'2' 260 lbs) wants to test my strength, ei…[View]
56341553Is my hairline receding?[View]
56345762>gyms open after 3 month lockdown >nigger gets put in the ground >every white person in my …[View]
56345446Help me out /fit/. I need to lose weight and I'm trying to make a daily routine I can stick to …[View]
56343337Is shrimp good for you?[View]
56345685This shit is like crack and it’s fucking up my diet[View]
56345703Don't tussle with the muscle[View]
56345037>put this thing inside your anus before you squat >don't forget to use lube >... >…[View]
56342395how do i avoid having humongous pecs like these?[View]
56345524>wake up and piss >weigh myself >239 feelsgood >drink some water and piss again >241…[View]
56342426>lifting buddy injured himself in an incredibly stupid way[View]
56344730Yo fit, my gf is a getting a little fat and keeps asking me to buy her this trampoline so she can ex…[View]
56342560My fucking country sucks balls. Willing to spend $1000 on an Olympic barbell+100kg weight plates+pow…[View]
56344347Runner's high during workout (not running): Any of you ever get an endorphin hit during or just…[View]
56343041what if you only ever dipped instead of benched?[View]
56344674Recommend a strong, euphoric preworkout like pic related.[View]
56341375Mode thread: Name that mode.[View]
56344435Would you try getting bigger? Once I reach 90kg I’m tired all the time and sweat nonstop but my brai…[View]
56327088Push Up Thread: Last two digits is how many you do Hard mode third last number is how many sets…[View]
56343999Race and performance in sports: How does race effect performance in different sports? Black guys see…[View]
56345098I’m done: >6 more weeks of lockdown in my place Fuck the gym, fuck your weights, I’m switching t…[View]
56344941>mens sana in corpore sano What do you do to keep you mind and body /fit/?…[View]
56339718OMAD or 2 meals a day? What times do you eat?[View]
56344811Anyone else partake in sativa before working out?: To be honest, even indica will make my work outs …[View]
56342575Is coffee good for you, before a run?[View]
56342260/EG/ endocrine general: chris edition This is a thread for information on optimising your endocrine …[View]
56337975Is Creatine a meme, bros?[View]
56344297Does My Wife's Butt has Potential?: *I tried reading if this is against the rules but I couldn…[View]
56344974How do you preserve your gains and pr's while on a cut? Is it better to do a hypertrophy or str…[View]
56335125Can most people really get that kind of separation on their jaw by the ear if they lose enough fat? …[View]
56340795>did a 5/19 hour fast for a week >didn't lose any weight what the actual fuck happened he…[View]
56334686starting nofap goal: 60 days[View]
56339592>gets knocked out in the first round KWAB[View]
56344403Why is it hard to get big looking arms from the front or back[View]
56343448No fap but still having sex: I'm curious what are the actual 'Benefits' of no fap or at least n…[View]
56344540but how?[View]
56344546Hello /fit/ What is your current lifting program/routine, why, and what goals are you working toward…[View]
56344502What doesn't kill you makes you stronger...[View]
56343538Workout to gain weight: I'm here to ask for help, I'm a scranny ass motherfucker, I weigh …[View]
56344327Sup, /fit/. My spine's improperly twisty and I want that shit [s]straightened[/s] correctly s-s…[View]
56336813Mire thread: Old one died I’ll start with today’s mire >doing sumos at 425 >gym on the 2nd flo…[View]
56342797Matt Leblanc has the type of thicc, powerful physique women over 30 love.: Yes, stupid teens don…[View]
56342210Squat plateau on SL: I've been stuck at 187lbs squat for weeks now. I just can't for the l…[View]
56335007Is speed /fit/?[View]
56343124Is söy good for you?[View]
56344353you ever got mired or mired someone at the gym? drop stories[View]
56337436GET OF YOU ASS FATTASS: STOP FUCKING SITTING FATTIES! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45Nw9kPD49Q…[View]
56342072>nofap >semen retention >religion…[View]
56342996Are some simply not ment to make it?[View]
56340522How old were you when you found out being jacked has nothing to do with fitness and only contributes…[View]
56344271Is this OK for 25 year old who is type 2 obese?[View]
56335673DYEL: > This is DYEL according to fit lmao[View]
56343932what to do with small weights?: hi /fit/, i dont have access to gym and good fitness equipment due t…[View]
56343361am I out of dyel mode yet?: 186cm 85kg 1RM about lmao1/2/3/4plate. Only deadlift is short of ~15kg…[View]
56334676Post some brutal moggings[View]
56344127i've been a fin for a few days now and i know it's the most important part since it attack…[View]
56328991>I'm assembling a team[View]
56343428DIRECTED NECK TRAINING. WHAT BENEFITS DOES IT HAVE.: What benefits does directed neck training have?…[View]
56332958i am forced to eat mcdonalds every day: before classes start at 3 i work the morning shift at McD…[View]
56343611>Pure alcohol contains roughly 7 calories per gram. For reference, carbohydrates and protein both…[View]
56339146Alcohol: I’ve noticed when I drink alcohol, beer/liquor/wine it doesn’t matter, I get a weird headac…[View]
56327563Nofap = erectile dysfunction: Your cawk is just like any other muscle. If you don’t use it, you lose…[View]
56339563Should financially literacy be included as part of making it?[View]
56343788Time to stop lurking: Ok. I'm buying a barbell set. Finally. Probably today, at least this week…[View]
56342508How many eggs a day can I safely eat without it negatively affecting me?[View]
56338926Looking for plates: Where do you buy your home gym equipment /fit/. All the plates seem sold out due…[View]
56341722>181 cm >73 kg why is dutch girl muscle?[View]
56340074>Another day of two protein shakes, one banana, one mandarin, a slice of chicken breast, three ba…[View]
56340248What is it called when legs are like this[View]
56342707what happens when you bench 4 plates for the first time?[View]
56343515Take the balancebeampill for extreme balance sense that can help you to murder 99% of people you fig…[View]
56343468Can someone explain to me I bench press 220 pounds and do curls with like +50 pound dumbbells yet my…[View]
56343576/fit/, am i cursed with gyno??[View]
56343578Is kickboxing a combat style that's decently learnable while at home during lockdown?[View]
56342271It's my birthday today We're all gonna make it[View]
56343046IM ABOUT TO STAB A CUNT!!! leftist fagots just shut down all the gyms in my state again Mate I…[View]
56343359how tf do i grow my booty? THIS IS NOT A JOKE (yes i’m a woman get over it, i’m sincerely asking for…[View]
56343551Idc anymore. Staying /fit/ and getting money is the only thing that matters to me. I can't forc…[View]
56342632Weight a week ago; >83.6kg Weight just now; >86.0 How the fuck does this happen?…[View]
56343007Should I wear my gloves with my punching bag ?: Theres no more QTDDTOT nor MAG so I dont know where …[View]
56340567favorite and least favorite day: >back >legs…[View]
56342492do you way more or less than your father and what's the difference? >3kg less…[View]
56341504Are you eating your full fat yogurt anon?: That feel when I fell for the low fat meme. Drenching 0% …[View]
56342416Ok fuckers Redpill me on creatine once and for all[View]
56342359How do i get a lifting buddy?[View]
56334829Foot maxing?: My feet are always like this. Are they just maxed or is something wrong with them?…[View]
56342926Play rugby[View]
56341884How many scoops do you put in your shake? I've been pushing the limit, and I found that 5 scoop…[View]
56343310wanted to get a home gym for a while but I can only put it outside, no room anywhere inside. Conside…[View]
56342967Full moon monster: Just finished binging on a PBJ sammich, left over dinner, a small bag of doritos …[View]
56339808Why the FUCK would I want to eat something that smells like farts?[View]
56341437Buy whey: I'm in Australia (QLD) where is the cheapest place to order bulk protein powder from?…[View]
56343090>today is arms day[View]
56341321Do you desire to have traits because they are high test or do you desire to be high test to possess …[View]
56339042Is this the true way?[View]
56341212>be me >build homegym at sleeproom >ass and dick smell all over due sweat >sister still …[View]
56341804Sup /fit/izens. I am a fat piece of fat and want to seriously start losing weight. Do you have any …[View]
56342900wwyd?: You're lifting in the gym doing those heavy 2 plate squats when this man comes and slaps…[View]
56338044is there any way to stop the aggression that comes with taking test? i'm taking 500mg a week an…[View]
56342999ITT Post your cryptonite[View]
56341592How da fuck are supposed to squat 3 times on programs like SS? Tried doing it and on the third day m…[View]
56329404ITT: fit posts that have made you laugh the most[View]
56341510Recommended workout?[View]
56342509So normally I feel pretty fatigued, or I have days where I wake up feeling like shit for no reason. …[View]
56342872How much can I excercise on ADF?: Thinking of doing 3 day fasts with a re-feed on the 4th day. Wonde…[View]
56342475the only thing I enjoy is working out and exercising. When I'm not doing them I am bored out o…[View]
56341043Red pill me on skin care: What products do you use? Is it synthetic? Organic? Do you make homemade h…[View]
56342800It's so fucking hot now, /fit/. I'm failing at supressing my primal need of eating ice cre…[View]
56337574can i act like broly irl if i get jacked: can i get away with it if i get big enough? i would be l…[View]
56341911life is pointless and so is excersice: An eternity passed before you were born. Another will pass af…[View]
56342680Gym is close again :(: Well, it reopened two months ago and I got my strength back to pre-quarantine…[View]
56342720Can i die if i stay too long like this?[View]
56342272Why is my appetite so suppressed: I started a pretty hardcore diet around 10 days ago. I do a 20/4 f…[View]
56334912I'm looking to buy a barbell. I'm a beginner, so I'm guessing brand doesn't matt…[View]
56340954Is this models physique attainable natty?[View]
56339684Best power rack?[View]
56341220Would lifting have saved him?[View]
56336693lifting music: songs that get ur blood flowing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQRxuszPHyg…[View]
56332188Do athletic /fit/ women have tighter vaginas? Serious question[View]
56339641Day one of being locked in my room for a long fast has been really shitty. I’m just tired, bored and…[View]
56342225You don’t still drink cow pus do you?: >literally liquid estrogen…[View]
56341581What kind of routine should fitizens do to prepare for the inevitable war with China?[View]
56342080Lean-bros... is there any point? If your arm's still smaller than someone who doesn't lift…[View]
56340623>MFW my gym rival got stronger and leaner during quarantine What must I do, /fit/? I will not le…[View]
56341111- CouchTo5k- Day 1 done. I’m tired of being a fat fuck, gyms are closed but I will not use it as an…[View]
56342320Attack on Solar Gains Compound: Big trouble at the Solar Gains Compound Despite installing razorwire…[View]
56340904>recently got 2 co workers to start getting /fit/ >one has scoliosis >pic related (not him…[View]
56341606my boyfriend just gave me an ultimatum of losing my stomach fat/tummy bulge within 3 months only iss…[View]
56342243I have an elliptical machine and been using it for two weeks now and i want to incorporate some work…[View]
56338694Any hard and fast evidence that s o y is poison? I have only heard anecdotal evidence of bitch tits …[View]
56341445why is getting fit past 25 so hard? i wish I was 20 again[View]
56332743What's the genetic potential for a woman gaining muscle? I'm not a woman but I want to kno…[View]
56333124Is this really the max you can expect after FIVE YEARS of natural lifting?[View]
56341197Request:: Does anyone have the routine Mountain Dog 2.0 The Sentinel?[View]
56339845>18 M >5'11 >130lbs, slightly scrawny >anterior pelvic tilt I'm going to start goin…[View]
56333378Much like humans, chimps can be psychopathic murderers. The key difference is that humans are aware …[View]
56337723How are your gyms operating? My gym is full and always Has a small group of people in line waiting t…[View]
56338150>lifting for strength is retarded! Fucking T-Rex mode faggots who cares how much weight you push …[View]
56342034Progressive overload and cutting: Hey /fit/, I'm recovering fatty, went from 135kg to 85kg last…[View]
56341400Kegel Exercises: I understand strengthening your pelvic (kegel) muscles helps for better erections a…[View]
56339090'Mo Bamba' /Fit/ness: >tfw you will never run 14 miles shirtless at 5:30 min/mi pace with the boy…[View]
56339237Civ 5 Workout: When you play Civ 5, follow the instructions here[View]
56338642I’m ugly and weird and a social outcast[View]
56337829Is this cardio?: Here’s my routine: 5:00 planks x3 90 dumbbell flies x4 50 dumbbell floor press x3 9…[View]
56341629>nuerosurgery to remove tumor, no excercise or anything physical for 2 months >not like this b…[View]
56339463Deltmaxxing: Post delt routines I don't care if bodyweight training or with weights. >6x8 w…[View]
56340856>mommy keeps buying lemon meringue pie from the grocery store >on low carbs/sugars >staying…[View]
56341726FACE beats eveything. There is no getting around an ugly face. Your face is where most of your genet…[View]
56338330Slow Cooker Chicken Breast recipes: How do I make this shit taste good?[View]
56341414Reminder that anything more than that is cope[View]
563413955'11 190 and 60y/o lady called me a 'petite man': i know i havent been working out for a while …[View]
56338314What is this body type called and what workouts would you do if you were stuck for life with it? Not…[View]
56338465fuck apartment pools: my apartment pool finally opened up last week and I was excited to start going…[View]
56339326What parts can you eat?: I am looking to buy a patch of land and live off my livestock, I want to ma…[View]
56341661Quick bros what are some good recipes for chicken breast?[View]
56341235thoughts on Pitbull Torres? is he natty?[View]
56332352Ask away: He’s here[View]
56341458So fit, why do you go out of your way to do HIIT and other crazy shit when you could literally just …[View]
56338356Does anyone else not even try to hide it when they stare at the gym bunnies asses.[View]
56340075I'm pretty sure I partially tore my rotator cuff about 6 months ago. What do? I can bring my ar…[View]
56340616Big Brain Gains: I need to max my big brain gains for work. What are the best sups, diets and exerci…[View]
56340952How do I decalcify my pineal gland for optimum pineal gland function?[View]
56341337what causes the rice krispie feeling in my feet?[View]
56341249I'm a 5'6 120-125 lb femanon here who is skinnyfat. I just want to get in shape and feel/l…[View]
56341234Is Low Tier God natty?[View]
56341144I can't get back up...316lbs: Hello fit... I used to post here, used to be fat in university, g…[View]
56334269Have you taken the Greekpill yet, /fit/?[View]
56338358What normie science regarding fitness you most commonly see? >you can't build a great physiq…[View]
56337129Proper portioning?: I am trying to take proper food portioning into account when making my meals but…[View]
56341089Okay everypne's complaining about not being able to go to the gym because of locking down but I…[View]
56340818where can i get this,: practice set up for wire walking, where can i get this? pleaseeeeeeeeeeee…[View]
56341084Balance: How do I balance my need for a proper gf and my need to coom? Lifting makes me want to coom…[View]
56340240Help gains: 5’11” 144lb 8.3% BF 26 y/o What should my protein intakes be I’m at about 150+ a day rn.…[View]
56341046Is it unfair to take photos like this, which make my actually tiny arms look bigger?[View]
56340704Which one of you wore this today?: At the Vasa at Van Winkle in salt lake, long hair and a headband.…[View]
56339169just imagine how fucking glorious we would look if we never left the trees, imagine our arm size our…[View]
56340742Not Again !: Fuck it - Just as I was getting my gains back. The nwo can suck on my wrinkled saggy gl…[View]
56336243your top tier healthy foods: which three or four foods are your go-to to get you thru the day. i…[View]
56338643>walk into the gym SO BABY IF YOU WANT ME YOU GOT TO SHOW ME LOVE[View]
56339204this chiropractor actually know what he's doing or just fucking up these ladies spines for yout…[View]
56340838Need to giant weight: Arrrrrggghhhhhhhh Last night I was about to go to bed, then decided to eat two…[View]
56339428rear delt raises: haven't seen much talk about these. does anyone do them? do they work? any ti…[View]
56337590>deload week[View]
56340771Does anyone get depressed after lifting? I think I'm having a post-lift comedown. I want to go …[View]
56339711This chad approaches you, demanding you spot him. What do[View]
56336034Training with Injuries: >be me, 24 yo >train in kickboxing, ammy debut got cancelled because o…[View]
56321725qtddtot: Post'em[View]
56340594What is the most optimal diet for humans? I notice that almost all other animals eat generally a sin…[View]
56340131Lads im constipated and theres a fat dump stuck coming out my arse, its 4am and my bowel movements h…[View]
56339200Rate my stack? Don't lift or exercise, so just for health.[View]
56338695I’ve been lifting for 6 years and nobody can tell[View]
56339696Who do you think would win a fight?: Left or right?[View]
56340364Wake up[View]
56340332anyone ever make a home made pull up bar? I have a two story deck with a second story landing that w…[View]
56338106Did any anon here manage to cure this shit or get any significant improvement?[View]
56336974/sip/: birthday edition It’s my birthday and my gf got me this.[View]
56340283/nutrition/ Thread: You do eat pine nuts right? 900 cal/cup 18 carbs Share other super foods.[View]
56339822Daily reminder >lifting for grills' is nothing but a meme Literally its just fucking sad that I f…[View]
56339829>at home with only 2 20lb dumbbells as equipment Is it possible to become chad with this setup?…[View]
56322680Is COVID the ultimate gains goblin? Your governors are doing you a favor keeping the gyms closed.[View]
56321623/plg/ Powerlifting General: >page 10 edition The Powerlifting General, the strongest general on 4…[View]
56337222How can I strengthen my core? My lower back is sore from deadlifts and squats and it's not my f…[View]
56338923/fit/ I keep fucking up I'm in some kind of malaise as a result of quarantine and being unable …[View]
56338492How do I stop drinking so much milk? It’s so good but makes me fat. What are some /fit/ drink beside…[View]
56339221anybody here quit drinking and drugging? Im coming to the end of my successful undergrad but I have …[View]
56332922Do you have a sixpack while sitting /fit I think i qualify for normie standards but obviously not fo…[View]
56335737What do about winged shoulders? Dont know if its muscles (do lot of chin ups) or Bone. But something…[View]
56339988What the fuck was his problem?: >never the guy >never drew dimes >always the janetty to Big…[View]
56339287>add some bananas and mango to my bedtime protein shake >wake up with massive bloating are the…[View]
56338999What are some workout to do when i am fasting. I am planning to not eat for 3 days but I want to mai…[View]
56332207What's the best way to lose stomach fat quickly?[View]
56337750Hey /fit/ I'm a little confused about something. I took 3 measurements during my chest workout …[View]
56337624Post some of the biggest fucking memes in the fitness industry. I'll start >bands >implyi…[View]
56339803Are Mcdoubles aka Protein stacks the best, tastiest and cost efficient post work out meals?[View]
56338047Self confidence: Outside of lifting how can I actually build self confidence and learn to love mysel…[View]
56338962InjureMAXX: Be me >need surgery on both shoulders, wrists and have patellar tendinitis >can’t …[View]
56339337Hear me out: >tattoos to cover up shitty muscle insertions[View]
56336055What is a fitness-related goal that you'd like to achieve before you die? What's on your f…[View]
56337580Punching bag tragedy: >be me >showing my friends my punching bag >we're throwing swing…[View]
56338956ESCAPE CHICKEN LEGS: Is it purely genetics? Am I doomed to avoid shorts for the rest of my life?? Re…[View]
56338271Motivation thread, post the stuff that keeps you going https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMaBYMQ4xQg…[View]
56339472Does penis enlargement (via jelqing, stretching, pumping, clamping) actually work, or is it just a b…[View]
56339482Fat weight vs muscle weight: For former fatties who became skinny, then muscular, how does the feeli…[View]
56338987Is having a home gym mascot considered high T? Or do they get in the way?[View]
56338569>Im not going to be one of those guys advocating shaving their head as if its better than a reced…[View]
56338178So how does gaining weight work? Is there like a formula of calories consumed - calories burned = lb…[View]
56336374Can everyone really get to 10-12% body fat? I've been as high as 25-30% but the lowest I can al…[View]
56339213Otter/lean physique: >tldr advice to get a similar physique with minimal equipment Hi /fit/, I’ve…[View]
56339175I squatted 225lbs today 5x5 and my quads are dead. In January I did 315 for 5x5 ezpz but got injured…[View]
56334341I am building a team[View]
56336024Opinions? Worth $100?[View]
56334880Bodyweight Routines? Jun 16 to Jul 5 115lbs - 122 lbs (waterweight?) All the gyms in my area are c…[View]
56338511Can you eat healthy as a vegan?[View]
56338439This is me after 4 months of push/pull/leg lifting and cutting calories to lose fat. What body parts…[View]
56339117Give me one reason I shouldn't start a filthy bulk right now.[View]
56337389Seasoning beans: I've cooked a cup of dried beans. How should I season them for optimal taste p…[View]
56336749>sister at work >approach and smell her bed all over for sniff gains and testosterone boos who…[View]
56336751Team up with me for weight loss: Hey /fit/! few years ago I was saved by some of anons from here via…[View]
56339028How has getting fit/lifting bettered your dating/sex life?[View]
56334898which female sport produces the best physique?: which female sport is geared towards making women lo…[View]
56306678/fast/ - boomer edition: >What is fasting? A period of time where you consume ZERO calories >W…[View]
56338281How good are Gatorade protein shakes to whey? I heard it tastes better and results in better gains.[View]
56334943correct or nah?[View]
56338201What lower body exercises can I do with a 45lbs box of cat litter? Am I condemned to doing high rep …[View]
56337807>Be at gym >See dude leg pressing 270 >literal toothpicks for legs >how.rtd >realize …[View]
56333574What's a good strength standard for weighted pull ups, barbell rows and front squats? My routin…[View]
56337711>Lift >Jack off because test is pumping >Nut >Feel post fap depression and post lift dep…[View]
56336201Running General: Shit edition Resources: >https://fellrnr.com/wiki/Main_Page >https://www.yout…[View]
56325067Best martial art?: Hello faggots i want to start martial arts and idk which one to choose. I want it…[View]
56338212>ate random clif bar from the gas station >find out it has onions in it go on without me bros,…[View]
56338522I wasted my life[View]
56333216Best /fit snacks: Post them now[View]
56338677Tempeh VS Processed Soy: Onions protein is pretty demonized by most fitness communities despite its …[View]
56337268I want to start incorporating a daily bike ride into my routine. Do I need to increase the amount of…[View]
56336537Managed to mince the flesh near the tip of my right pinky finger, thankfully the nail and bones are …[View]
56337930HDG-Herniated Disc General: Here we discuss tips for living and living with a herniated disc. I hern…[View]
56336085Will getting /fit/ help me take on the bully clique at work that always treat me like shit?[View]
56338127Have you ever motivated/coached someone into /fitness/? Since I've began lifting, I tried to ge…[View]
56333513Best exercises for a big back?[View]
56336832you guys ARE eating your apples right??? they're packed with vitamins and they taste so good an…[View]
56337860I'm a beginner looking to start lifting. I was going to follow a particular training plan befor…[View]
56337784Am i alone with that?: Anons, im freaking out I´m a really chilled guy and not bad looking, i go to …[View]
56337916Girls keep leaving the gym when I join[View]
56334503Huel challenge: Going 100% Huel Black for 60 days. Anyone else tried this? Been slowly increasing my…[View]
56333751How do i fight the depression jew[View]
56336543He's not wrong[View]
56336261canadian here. other canadians know they our GPs are pretty shit when it comes to knowing about horm…[View]
56335050Is this “Chad” level?[View]
56335915Calorie calculators: I lift 6 times a week and tran cardio 3 times a week.For a while, I've bee…[View]
56337647Forearm Thread: How much do I have to use these to get visible muscle? My forearms feel more muscula…[View]
56337926Favorites thread[View]
56332384what is the best row variation ?[View]
56337992Hand portions: Does this work /fit/? Ive been counting macros and calories and have lost a lot of we…[View]
56337556>Gym chad called me a “dorkus malorkus”[View]
56330513where the permabulking bloatmaxxers at? bloatmax thread 175 cm 90 kg, 240 kg deadlift 120 kg bench[View]
56333720How do I go about strengthening my wrists? >inb4 wrists too small incel shit They feel a lot of s…[View]
56337890>not reading the ultimate book Ngmi[View]
56336563>6'3 and lifting 1/2.5/3.5/4 >3 years of kickboxing >in my own dreams I'm still t…[View]
56337002Pre workout: Why does every pre workout look like pic related? >Skullz,lunatic,clownz,fire... Are…[View]
56336284All those gains will be lost in time, like tears in the rain. Time to die.[View]
56334488Watching this made my back hurt[View]
56337672Why don’t you have the most alpha haircut; the flat top /fit/?[View]
56335815I know fasting helps burn fat and keeps muscle mass due to the increase of GH your body makes, so sh…[View]
56336973>felt ready to start weightlifting after regaining some athleticism I lost in what we can call th…[View]
56337174Home Gym Thread: thread for home gym posting and advice on what to get next[View]
56337230Hey /fit/. I'm looking to have more interesting/guided athletic activities in my life. I lift w…[View]
56336515There are retarded.[View]
56337469>walk into gym >DANCE MAGIC DANCE[View]
56335527Home gym Thread: This is the place to talk about your home gym Bois. Share your dumbass set ups and …[View]
56334285TDEE: How in the fuck are you supposed to know how many calories you've burnt through your lift…[View]
56333302any meditation anons in? does it help you one on the /fit/ quest?[View]
56336604How's this routine? Doing something like this, but instead of benching 3x5, doing 3x5 followed …[View]
56334437Why yes, I do listen to dungeon synth while lifting, is there a problem?[View]
56336183progress thread: current stats after 1 year of workouts: >109kg/190cm >120kg in bench press, 9…[View]
56336614How do i keep myself hydrated?: >be me >live in a room >50 Celsius outside >have a roof …[View]
56337054Osteoarthritis: Well fuck, I'm 29 and somewhere along amongst rock climbing and weightlifting I…[View]
56336327CBT stuck somewhere between bulk and cut edition[View]
56336982Fuck you useless lazy pieces of shit jannies. How about stop sucking your limb dicks and deleting th…[View]
56330198How to get ASS: >I want to get the biggest ass my genes allow. What are the best exercises I can …[View]
56334572It’s really hard for me to cope with having a huge chest \ barrel chest. I feel like a freak next to…[View]
56336668Redpill me on dirty bulking.[View]
56336966Did I fuck something up... My leg joint is painful when I lean backwards, or certain angles... the p…[View]
56334902/fit/ Poetry Corner: >there once was a surgeon named Keith >who circumsized men with his teeth…[View]
56336334Rectal swab, the thread: I wasn't sure that this was the right place to ask but /fit is like 90…[View]
56332382Καλησπέρα friends! Όλα καλά και ανθηρά. Εδώ looking /fit/. Εσείς όλα καλά ;[View]
56336774Is it safe to drink a 2 liter per day?[View]
56336038>that butthole tingling after a hard set of calf raises[View]
56335721Will working out attract women for 'esoteric' reasons?: so, some guys told me working out(intensivel…[View]
56336416Rope Jumping: How do I rope jump? I can do like 5 and then I fuck up[View]
56324509Is there a way to do cardio at home? I've been trying to run in place, but It seems too autisti…[View]
56336404ok fit blackpill me, my tdee is 1800 in order to lose weight my calorie intake must be lower, so if …[View]
56333746you cannot gain muscle on calisthenics[View]
56334786/Yoga/ General: Where's my yoga bros at?[View]
56331817PSA: I have viewed the relevant research and come to the conclusion that a bodyfat percentage betwee…[View]
56334762Any tips on reaching this physique?[View]
56325036>screaming increases your testosterone is this true?[View]
56332311Are skyrs natty?[View]
56335924whats the problem with smith machines?: my gym has no squat rack only smith machine whats the proble…[View]
56319875Trips decide my next plate[View]
56333599Diet: I gag whenever I try to eat vegetables, I cannot eat any kind of vegetable/fruit other than ba…[View]
56333173What's the best thing about being /fit/?[View]
56329668>at the gym >qt3.14 from the platform next to mine smiles at me >take out my earbud >hey…[View]
56336213Have you ever seen someone with a regular 2 liter bottle of soda as a beverage at the gym? How bad o…[View]
56334937Deadlifts: I'd like some tips on how to improve my deadlift. Did a PR today at 462 lbs/210kg. I…[View]
56336247I've been on a VLCD shake diet for over a week and now I'm barely hungry anymore. I have t…[View]
56336109STOP POSTING WOMEN!!!!!!!![View]
56336103i ate a whole bottle of peanuts and i feel guilty as fuck. 30 pieces have 160 calories in them[View]
56314901/BBG/ - Bodybuilding General (Why the fuck isn't this a general edition): /BBG/ is a place for …[View]
56336059>he ignores oblique training on purpose[View]
56336104Post your second wind face: Just got hit hard with a wave of second wind. Getting some good jump rop…[View]
56335569We're all gonna make it.[View]
563358045MDAD: 5 McDoubles A Day[View]
56335263aggressive bulk: i was thinking that i wanna try a dirty bulk and gain at least 10-15 kg after this …[View]
56335742how to do squats without squat rack: so im starting planet fitness and they told me theres no squat …[View]
56335861Naked Warrior by Pavel: Is The Naked Warrior /fit approved? Be super-strong in minimum time—when you…[View]
56325292It was over before it began[View]
56335809Never touched a weight.: > Sits on his ass outdoors eating meat and butter all day. Is he onto so…[View]
56334320does semen contain t? does eating semen increase t?: first of all, im 100% straight, i even stray fr…[View]
56335970>planudd fitness >it only having SMITHF machine >NO BENCH RANK >just SMIFF MACHINE can i…[View]
56333784Preferring thicc women over lean women is a sign of metabolic damage. The ideal is pic related unles…[View]
56334457I am fucking sick of not knowing what to eat and what not to eat. It seems to change daily but here…[View]
56335204>one chance at life >love-handles with muscular physique…[View]
56335224Is Pokemon training good for you?[View]
56335674Is there such a thing as too big pecs?[View]
56335845>cute guy asks for a bench spot[View]
56329947How do I lift for aesthetics? I'm only interested in lifting so that I can look shredded. I hea…[View]
56335759>reps, reps, reps if you ain't hitting 15 or more you playin nigga!…[View]
56335648Is it really that bad finishing off your compounds with a couple of sets at the machine?[View]
56333161Tips for vegetarian bodybuilding: I am not fully vegetarian and will eat meat about 2 times a week b…[View]
56331976Why do Normans have such a laughably bad idea of what 'toned' loooks like?[View]
56335728anyone got that phatass.webm video? you know that hoe jiggling her butt, appear on this board from t…[View]
56335505Macro counting: beyond counting animal protein and total daily calories is there any real point to a…[View]
56333447jannies clean this fucking board: Litteraly every third thread is a coomer thread with some half nak…[View]
56334374How do i achieve /chloe/ mode?[View]
56333559anyone here tried dry fasting?: im only 24 hours into one now and fucking hell this is 100x harder t…[View]
56335670Body fat check: Best estimate? 6’6, 217lb[View]
56334964Do you creatine on rest days?[View]
56331997Does he have enough functional strength to make it?[View]
56335346Is the water retention caused by creatine noticeable to the eye?[View]
56334218What's the most /fit/ nut? My vote goes to pistachios.[View]
56332046Learning to row: wanted to start getting into rowing and my gym has a bunch of ergometers, was wonde…[View]
56329424Skeletor thread: >have to eat 3000 calories a day >have bowl of oatmeal and a glass of milk fo…[View]
56334852Dermaroller general: Alright fit, im getting one for acne scars, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles, is …[View]
56334209Improvement thread: apart from fitness what else should a man be constantly improving on and growing…[View]
56333238Started the gym and I can't even bench 20KG 21st lifestyle hit me[View]
56335271lanklet trying to get /fit/: all i have at my house is a set of 10lb dumbells, a treadmill, and a ro…[View]
56335259Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
56332630Onion on the Tenny?: Onion on the Tenny(Will Tennyson)? I think he has got the power of the tism. Al…[View]
56334954Healthy substitutes for this Jew?[View]
56335088Supplement Thread: Thoughts on spirulina?[View]
56333561/fit/ approved fastfood starting with the winner great value/macro's[View]
56334242>HOW many scoops of whey protein powder, anon?[View]
56330046/fit/ Advice For 115lbs Skinny White Boi: Any basic exercises, etc for someone with basically no mus…[View]
56335016So I can't do any upper body movements so I'm gonna focus on core and legs. What can I do …[View]
56325153greek yogurt: uhhhh?[View]
56328534/fit/ music: >clank >Fyuhhh >clank >Fyuhhhhhh >clank >Fyuhhhhhhhhhhh >A THOUSA…[View]
56334979Just deleted my Badoo account. I have failed. Good bye, lads.[View]
56333011>He eats zinc and iron but doesn't reach his daily value of mercury Uh oh. Uh oh! NGMI!…[View]
56331936instagram /fit/: Do good looking, well adjusted women who don't use instagram exist? Or is it l…[View]
56324381Is crying healthy? How do I cry if it's all pent-up?[View]
56334538where do i get the roids?[View]
56334794>start warmup running on threadmill >puke in mouth a little bit…[View]
56330956>yo..mind giving me a spot dude?! Aha What do?[View]
56334498Hello guys, So I have started working out a few months ago. I've had great gains but I'm f…[View]
56330073I'm weak as fuck, i can't even do a chin up but i can do negatives. I've heard negati…[View]
56332767Fasting: Can you drink sips while fasting?[View]
56334143Opinions on fat burners? I got this for free coming in a few days. Has anyone used it before? I…[View]
56334193Is it possible to bench 4 plates natty?[View]
56334159Hey guys i just drank 1 scoop of N1 pre-workout. What am i in for?[View]
56334330How different would Jesse look if he did SL 5x5 instead of training with Jeff?[View]
56334550>oh yes, my favourite exercise is fold gum with tongue until failure, how can you tell?…[View]
56332651>forearms doms[View]
56334502do chest flies expand nipple circumference?: I was noticing that my nipples have gotten bigger recen…[View]
56332690>finally got a job today after no work for 5 months >hit 240 so im closer to my weight goal We…[View]
56333270Recommended routine bodyweight for this body[View]
56334348What are the best exercises for gaining wide shoulders?[View]
56334013Are there any effective workouts for your head and face?[View]
56334043its crazy to think it takes a certain genetic make up, years of training and roiding to be considere…[View]
56334077Is this achievable natty?[View]
56331612Visited a USMC Marine recruiter a couple years ago. The bitch was fuckin' hot but I can't …[View]
56333365Do you guys have any natural protein shake recipes you make without actual protein powder?[View]
56333854How many skoops?[View]
56333382He’s our guy, isn’t he boys?[View]
56334181Salt: >just added more even more salt to my instant noodles ahhh what are you gonna do about it s…[View]
56331926How THE FUCK do I tell my gf that I'd like her with thick thighs[View]
56333982tell me the fastest way to reach 2/3/4/5[View]
56334101Do any of you guys actually prefer body than face? I'd take perfect body with average face (or …[View]
56333625>American women aged 20 years and above weigh an average of 170.6 pounds lbs American women aged …[View]
56333190Guidence: I recently turned 18 and have decided to get my shit together. I am 6' 2'' …[View]
56330099Lifting exterior weights is just plain stupid. Using bodyweight exercises you build both strength an…[View]
56333805Is this actually achievable natty? What do I need to do to get like this?[View]
56332936Face fat. I have terrible face genetics and still have a chubbyish face when I am low bf enough to …[View]
56330149Hows the bulk going boys?[View]
56328357Our big man is now 150kg pray for him[View]
56312917Acne Scarring: How can I get rid of acne scarring? The pitted kind.[View]
56333828Publix Fitizen: Hey, are one of you guys a cashier at a publix in a small town in florida? Bulking p…[View]
56327861/fph/: No f*h? I make f*h Another transfats edition[View]
56331090hey /fit/ let's say, hypothetically, i am a 18 year old weak male. if i do one cycle for 12-16 …[View]
56333788Is this going to hurt (make me lose) my muscles?[View]
56330873what bodyfat is this desu[View]
56330993How to go this mode (the one on the right)?[View]
56333696Open the gyms now[View]
56333059What do you think of the leddit /r/naturalbodybuilding quarantine workout template? https://www.redd…[View]
56333539So, what is better for your health: good diet and no exercises or no diet and proper everyday workou…[View]
56332140I just went through the sticky and took a look at SS >3x5 Squat >3x5 Bench Press >1x5 Deadl…[View]
56333312Imagine being able to do this.[View]
56332262Ok /fit/ Why should i train legs?[View]
56333554I get one of these for free which do I choose?: I'm cutting right now so I'm limiting my c…[View]
56333549CALORIE MENU THREAD: Do restaurant calorie menus estimates, such as TGI Fridays, include everything …[View]
56333492How the fuck do I stop my balls from shifting suddenly when doing leg extensions fit I’m so fucking …[View]
56332786>meanwhile on a /fit/ without manlets or roiders[View]
56331519/fit/ animals: Post em[View]
56333351Core definition without equipment: Sup faggots, > pic unrelated I'm both broke and cheap as …[View]
56333079Can /fit/ put together a team capable of committing a high level Hollywood style robbery? Imagine it…[View]
56333177Just started my journey to lose 50 pounds in the next 3 months. I am at 200 right now, and looking t…[View]
56332335Why is the male body so much more aesthetic than the female body?[View]
56332383Who here /sandbag/?: Gym closed all month. I've got 100 lbs in this bad boy. What am I in for, …[View]
56330517have you taken the bloatpill?: i was thinking that i wanna try a dirty bulk and gain at least 10-15 …[View]
56331247Bleeding Poop: do hemorrhoids usually have blood clots when you shit? I'm used to having bright…[View]
56326532Sardine Master Race: Why aren't you eating sardines?[View]
56331493If a civil war breaks out, how do i keep myself /fit/? It's unlikely that i will be able to kee…[View]
56332564What happens in a month if I eat 500 calories deficit diet and doing physical activity every day[View]
56331328Im on testosterone cypionate. When i started off on this i was horny everyday, my dick being so hard…[View]
56332099hello /fit/ im an oldfag here with a son he is currently 15 years of age and partially overweight an…[View]
56332964Any /fit/izens have experience with maca?: Is this stuff any good? Recommended dosage? Sides?[View]
56331746Are rate threads Allowed here?[View]
56332175Floor sleeping: Hello /fit/ does anyone here sleep on the floor? I have little room space and want t…[View]
56330049What's your recipe for the go-to /fit/ meal? >Put rice in rice cooker, ez >put frozen chi…[View]
56327877Any of you have a mega TDEE of 4,500 to 5,000? How do I get that?[View]
56330558What's your favourite carb source and why? Pic related, whole grain sourdough rye bread for me.…[View]
56321074How does a 17 year old look this shredded already? Did he start lifting at 2?[View]
56329845where do you think he hid the food https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLtLP67rmZQ[View]
56332776>Deadlifts?No way.bro..too dangerous. I just do hip thrusts.[View]
56328993itt pure autism that because your fit makes it charming: only stories that are autism but your fitne…[View]
56328234How to harden hand skin?: How do I build rougher, manual labour type skin on my hands? I'm a th…[View]
56329988Last summer I started working out. Gym 3x a week, lifting weights. Squats, deadlifts, rows, bench pr…[View]
56329012Well, Covid seems like it won't allow to open gyms until at least October, so I got myself a ba…[View]
56307224/EG/ endocrine general: strongest witch edition This is a thread for information on optimising your …[View]
56328548Anyone else /calisthenics/ here? Just bought myself a pair of rings and some resistance bands, gonna…[View]
56331785Who was the greatest natural bodybuilder of all time? pic unrelated[View]
56330202>1g of protein per pound of body weight So, you're saying I have to consume 320g of protein …[View]
56332182These are my stats: 27 y.o. 6'2' 190lb Lifting on and off for about 3 years OHP: 125lb Bench: 1…[View]
56332342>Gymbuddy once again told me 'He'll get off from work in an hour' for three hours in a row …[View]
56332498How different would Jesse look if he did SL 5x5 instead of training with Jeff?[View]
56331953wtf why did noone tell me how good these are?[View]
56332414Smith machine behind the neck press: based or cringe?[View]
56332219Did Jeffrey Epstein have genetically big arms?[View]
56332367Did the Greeks run at the Battle of Marathon?: >The distance between the two armies at the point …[View]
56332313Is all white fat just diseased brown fat?: How do chimps have zero white fat, but not us?[View]
56332309Ausfags General: Knew lockdown was coming again so didn’t join gym since it’d just be closed anyway …[View]
56331300>Gyms closed AGAIN because of the chinese virus I can't fucking handle this anymore bros.…[View]
56331530Loss of Appetite: I haven’t been feeling any appetite the last few days but still feel physically hu…[View]
56331655Pimples go away before your 30's..... RIGHT?????[View]
56331193>gyms probably reopening in a few days UK >don't have enough money to afford a gym membe…[View]
56329594cut or bulk[View]
56332050/fit/ why?: Why didn't you tell me that all i needed was low bodyfat to get mired left and righ…[View]
56325082¿¿EGG GOOD FORE YOU NO??! a[View]
56331897>able to complete a half marathon >still get winded walking up two flights of stairs I thought…[View]
56328035>skullcrushers >skull in tact[View]
56328420Redpill me on Bread: All different types >especially this motherfucker right here…[View]
56331924I heard it was a superfood. So how do I get more sage in my diet?[View]
56330805How do i get a nice hard and Dark beard like pic related I have already a beard but this feel soft a…[View]
56331921Ankle sprain/Tendon damage: Hello fitizens Currently waiting to see the ankle specialist but here’s…[View]
56330443Thoughts on intermittent fasting?[View]
56331810what the fuck hafthor: So I'm just your regular /fit/ jewish cunt and I was watching youtube vi…[View]
56331783Ayo my miami niggas we Gucci lol[View]
56331560Kinobody natty status: I think he’s an insufferable cunt but his physique isn’t that hard to believe…[View]
56331717Skinny Fat Ectomorph: First time poster and yes I've read the sticky. What's the best way …[View]
56330096Fuck fasting: I am doing omad and walking 20k steps every day, also doing body exercises every other…[View]
56326371Transformation Pics: Weight loss and bulking welcome, any progress amount. Couldn't find a thre…[View]
56331665>I'm on a bulk session bro[View]
56330217>want to eat sugary junkfood but wnat to stay /fit/ >add take fiber supplement before eating …[View]
56331593•bench with leg attachment •Olympic bar •1x45 •2x35 •2x25 •2x10 •4x5 600$ Should I?[View]
56331638How do I achieve Circus Mode?[View]
56330811The List: list the 3 most important fitness moves you have performed today and if you did them like …[View]
56331522How long do you have to sunbathe for test boost?[View]
56330435How do you achieve Kiryu Setsuna mode? Do any of you have this combination of shredded physique and …[View]
56329893ITT: post body and where you work / who you work as[View]
56331433Since lockdown began in march I've lost about 20 ish pounds, down from 159 to 139 on calorie de…[View]
56331289Have you motivated other people to become /fit/?[View]
56329843BIG BICEPS FAT GRIPZ: will they really help me get big biceps?[View]
56330481How strong do I need to be to do a pull-up weighing 105kg? I've been training for two months an…[View]
56330239fit books: Can we have a fit books discussion? What are your favorite books in regard of fitness and…[View]
56327115How bad is alchohol for gainz ?: I want to replace internet by walking everyday. Yes I'm seriou…[View]
56329145How did you deal with the fact that people think you're lower iq for having muscles?[View]
56330954Is a brisk, one hour walk every day combined with a healthy diet enough to stay healthy? I'm al…[View]
56329530I want to give up.: Rich Piana is dead and now the fitness industry is now full of retards. https://…[View]
56330002guys what body parts does this work? and how often should i do it? once a day etc?[View]
56331257progression: what do you think about this progression scheme posted by anon? spend a month training …[View]
56328560Which edible steroids augment solely the abs? Looking sizely yet not there at ripped novels and I on…[View]
56327686Skin cancer: Why do you people keep bringing this up? Is skin cancer really that common? Or do I jus…[View]
56331233>Just keep your hair, bro[View]
56324313Anyone who rolls dubs in this thread can only do curls for the rest of the year.[View]
56329499I quit chewing and I quit energy drinks. Have you ever quit something for fitness? How do you feel?[View]
56311632How did womens reactions change once you got /fit/[View]
56315496You may be fit but let's check out the GPA homeboy[View]
56312090I'm a girl and looking for other femanons to talk to about fitness? What is your routines you…[View]
56324075whats some good /fit/ related or just plain badass movies to increase those T levels? Ill start with…[View]
56327641Melbourne Gyms Closed Again: >was ONE DAY away from asking out the qt at my gym (she trains on we…[View]
56330921Can this guy kill himself?: Everytime this fucking idiot's ads show up I want to blow my brains…[View]
56331039>day 2 nofap >feel 0 energy and sleepy as fuck (possibly because I did max effort squat yester…[View]
56329959Is Cottage Cheese bases? It's tasty and nearly as protein rich as chicken breast per calorie.[View]
56328467How do i look like this without gym membership?[View]
56325975What's the best way to build a strong core?[View]
56330219wher e get a cute japanes muscle-fu??????????[View]
56329416Uni gym bros. Are we going to make it? My uni gym says only 10 people per 50 minutes and booking in …[View]
56329715>he doesn’t do jump rope NGMI[View]
56312439>tfw 0.08[View]
56324328Survivalist Pill: Why haven't you taken the survivalist pill yet fit? > Be you > lift art…[View]
56330409Make sure you thank Natty Deer for answering your questions: Natty Deer, should I ask her for her nu…[View]
56330665One more day in front of the TV hehe...[View]
56328460Best gym headphones?: Lost my first gen apple headphones and I can’t stand the normalfag music at my…[View]
56330324>Barely get any sleep >That's good because if I stay up I'll be tired enough to slee…[View]
56330420Can I develop callouses against bullets, tactical missiles, or even long range satelite guided trans…[View]
56328414Sleep apnea: Elderly father has had sleep apnea during his entire life. Could i get some advice? He …[View]
56330538Is this the perfect body type?: If you never had sex with a down syndrome person, you are retarded.…[View]
56329426my ohp and barbell curl is the same weight: das rite[View]
56328971Sure you browse /fit/, but are YOU actually fit?[View]
56328673FUCK THE STICKY TELL ME WHAT TO BUY: This is probably the most useless faggot fucking sticky ive eve…[View]
56330347Gym bros stories thread. Share wholesome gym bro stories[View]
56329254Do I seriously need to do squats fucking 3 times a week My thighs and ass are already thicc enough t…[View]
56328332Vomit Gains: I recently got a migraine on my last rest day and wound up horking all of the food I at…[View]
56327284>>It's all about the /fitness >>It's all about the face For me, it's all …[View]
56329797>not taking the mannapill for shoulder health Ngmi[View]
56326671Any of you boys ever fell off the treadmill in the gym? After my lifts I was having a nice, brisk wa…[View]
56328692I turned 30 and started noticing some wrinkles around my mouth ('smile lines'). I used to …[View]
56330167>went back to uni >32 now >won’t graduate until late next year is it too late?…[View]
56329648does it make a difference if you plank on a tough surface or a soft one?[View]
56329565I finally realised why my bench press has sucked for a year. My grip is way too wide. Using a much c…[View]
56329710Blaha steroids: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nk-kCVuBrBE[View]
56327912So. You want something to change but don't know where to start. You know what you want but just…[View]
56328186>be me >In high school >Fatty lardwhale >Girl took pic of me once >Look at pic …[View]
56327195Is there any reason to train any exercises outside of front squats, chin ups and dips?[View]
56328811Have you ever thrown up at the gym? Yesterday I was peaking and suddenly wanted to puke really bad, …[View]
56329630Is shaved ice a good way to lose weight?[View]
56329225Do NOT Take magnesium supplements: It literally made me autistic af. so I eat food with high calcium…[View]
56328004>DOMS in every muscle I've trained the past week (All of them - all the time)…[View]
56329891Any suggestions for my daily workout routine? >20x3 push-ups >35x3 abs >100 snow angel >…[View]
56327466Pizza: Is pizza good for you, /fit/?[View]
56323242What do /fit/izens eat every day to reach their protein goal? I'm about to start lifting so I…[View]
56329296>You call that a lift, Anon? You disgust me.[View]
56320894Who are those dudes? They look buff![View]
56328932>doctor appointment early morning to check my testicles >longest and hardest boner in ages min…[View]
56329685I need some help /fit/. In about 3-4 months I'll have a medical exam for a potential future job…[View]
56328271Lifting Horror Stories: >be me last year >training at powerlifting gym >turn up one day, re…[View]
56328557Fitness requirements for /fit/ jannies: It should be a no brainer that jannies on /fit/ should have …[View]
56324122Do any of you guys actually enjoy lifting? For most people, it seems to be a chore. I like it so muc…[View]
56329446I've been told not to do one meal a day for losing weight, but if I keep the meal under 1500kca…[View]
56327387>did nofap for 100 days >start hearing voices in my head my psychic powers are finally awakeni…[View]
56327924Bros, I do not post much here but I am in a problem that I don't know how to fix. Currently I a…[View]
56306497/fit/ humor[View]
56329482how do I work myself up to the point where I can do a pushup[View]
56329110What's the contrary of a dyel?: By contrary of a dyel, I mean someone who seems to have a lot o…[View]
56326682Gotta train, but it hurts /fit/ What gloves do you use?[View]
56298014/run/ Running General - Shin Splints Edition: How's everyone's running coming along? I…[View]
56328000My left elbow tendon(im pretty sure) hurts when i do pushups or overhead tricep extensions. Right is…[View]
56328806Okay so I fucked up hard with my life. I turned 20 last month I am 110 kg, 1,80m I dont have any is…[View]
56328575I've been plateauing at 2 plates bench for 5 reps for the last 3 years. I just can't add w…[View]
56329267Should i eat sushi?[View]
56325552>>Gyms are still closed >>only option is barbells at home and running around at night wi…[View]
56328010Just a reminder lads[View]
56328725>leg press 2 days a week >backsquat 2 days a week Can i do this instead of squatting 4x a week…[View]
56328984Can I get a body like this by swimming?: Hi fitness newbie here I was wondering if I could get a bod…[View]
56328595what is this body type called?[View]
56328672is starting strength + GOMAD a complete meme or is it actually useful for skeletons?[View]
56329136heel tap crunches: thoughts?[View]
56326232>You are taking your organ supplements, right anon?[View]
56328830my spine fucking hurts from situps what are some alternatives?[View]
56328988Mindset thread: His videos are my preworkout[View]
56327981Coomer: Do we think Jayman actually learned from his mistakes and is trying to improve himself or ha…[View]
56328766>>56320346 >Frosted Mini-Wheats >no difference at all >this is who is giving you advi…[View]
56328395So how do you grow taller? Binaural beats? HGH?Testosterone? Microfractures? I'm a >23 year…[View]
56323680I want to get my heart rate lower. Any advice? Thinking of starting jump rope everyday as cardio exe…[View]
56328802Did he use steroids?[View]
56328813Dislocated shoulder: I dislocated my shoulder about 20 minutes ago. What should I do now? And what s…[View]
56327002Best core workout with no equipment?: Stuck at home and i want a thick core as well as the ability t…[View]
56328761Anybody got that pic of the guy standing shirtless with the two stripper dudes and all the chicks ar…[View]
56328399Your inspiration/motivation to lift: Who or what is your motivation/inspiration to lift ? Whenever I…[View]
56322414skinnyfat suffering: >tfw you're technically overweight, but can still wrap your boney finge…[View]
56328726Drinking plenty of Walter during workout between sets or after workout?[View]
56324984how much milk is to much?: buying gallon of whole milk every 2 days, acne is crazy but gains are cra…[View]
56322006ITT: Best albums for lifting.[View]
56323215How do you cure the most intense, self destructive food addiction? I’m really close to having the e…[View]
56307143martial arts: How to get into martial arts as a 20 yo? >lanky, not under or overweight, never rea…[View]
56320199what are the requirements for looking good bald?[View]
56318351BAP thread[View]
56327922>squat max >OHP max >bench max >dead max >day job >side job (if any) >would you…[View]
56327193wat do?[View]
56325665So I hate one of my roommates. He's an intimidating jerk. Instead of moving like a pussy I…[View]
56328079Why do athletes spank each other? Is spanking other men a sign of high testosterone?[View]
56327420I am convinced I am too fat to run 5km without stopping. I keep stopping at 3-4km from leg pain.[View]
56323970Face vs Body: What's more important? Can you make it with one but not the other?[View]
56327316>tfw it's deadlift day[View]
56326246You do drink raw milk, right anon?[View]
56327294the bed is so warm and cozy in the morning, it has just the perfect amount of warmth that you don…[View]
56326533Copes outside lifting?: I'm an ugly incel (don't tell me to go to r9k I've been here …[View]
56328082i like the effect of ketosis on my mood and alertness but the actual diet is bullshit can i just use…[View]
56327995Anyone else watch my 600lb life? This shit is amazing. In half the episodes you get to watch fat peo…[View]
56318253The POLYNESIAN man is the epitome of male dominance and masculinity. Let's start by looking at …[View]
56327045ITT what you watch before lifting https://youtu.be/POdknqszMDY[View]
56327726question about zinc: Take zinc alone or with copper?[View]
56326787Gym Knights of Press: >Halt, wayward dyel peasant! Thou entereth the gorge of quads. Make haste o…[View]
56325239>>56325094 >>56323081 >>56320971 >>56324509 >>56324966 >>5632508…[View]
56327716How come I look so much bigger in the the mirror than I do when I take a picture of myself? I want t…[View]
56315737What are some other /fit/ approved books for exercising the mind?[View]
56325718/nap/ general: I tend to work out around noon time. After I am done (weights then cardio HIIT) I eat…[View]
56327177I'm topped out: Did 11 pushups, 2 sets of 6 reps of 20lb bicep curls, 7 scapular pullups, and 3…[View]
56327607I keep fucking burping during my workouts and idk why. My diet is on point so it’s not that. Is it j…[View]
56327079Exercises to make you kick higher: How do I gain the ability to kick higher, like kick someone in th…[View]
56320971>cant run for more than 0.5 miles at a time >got 1.5 mile fitness test in 2 weeks Tell me wh…[View]
56326839CHEESE: is this the superfood? it's protein to calorie ratio beats everything else in the shop,…[View]
56325492>shawn baker >doesn't eat bread[View]
56318446Fellow men with big butts, how do you deal with looking good in clothes with a ginormous ASS?[View]
56327273training legs after meniscus tear: I (most likely) tore my meniscus in February. Was on crutches for…[View]
56327474i just had a wet dream about a fatty. how do i punish my brain and make sure this never happens agai…[View]
56326945I’m 25 and started having random asthma problems in late December after living in a new state for ov…[View]
56324656I am 5’9” 130 Lbs, 19 year old female I want to get buff bros. I’ve been eating healthy but I’m gon…[View]
56325243Redpill me on how to lower your body's set point. Every time I lose all the weight, I gain it r…[View]
56324927Hobbies other than Lifting?: Im doing the same shit every day in lockdown and i think its making me …[View]
56326118How much do I have to lift for the bad voices to go away?[View]
56324143Rome wasn't built in a day but it burned in one[View]
56323683How do I compensate for being short? Is there any cure? What can I do, I just stopped growing and no…[View]
56317673Smoke break: Does anyone else take a smoke break halfway through their workout? I find it to be part…[View]
56327263What’s your plan if you get Chinese AIDS?: I’m thinking to stock up on zinc and BCAAS[View]
56327018Run: >tfw you will never run 14 miles shirtless @ 5:30 min/mi pace with the boys https://www.yout…[View]
56326611Maintaining minimal fitness: What kind of workout routine do I need for just general getting-around …[View]
56326643Are you hypermobile? How are your joints?[View]
56326566Crowded gyms: Gyms start to reopen in America. Limit number of people per size of gym. Have to wait …[View]
56320470>you’re really not going to finish that set, little man?[View]
56326997I want milkies so bad bros...[View]
56323781ITT: we share good feelings that becoming /fit/ has brought to us >clothes filling might need to …[View]
56306316I got kicked out of a public pool. This is so fucking stupid and it’s because some asshole of a fat…[View]
56326502There's a legitimate porn thread and a stealth tranny porn thread up right now. Jannies plz. On…[View]
56326772Up until when are you considered a beginner, so that you can both lose fat and gain muscle in a calo…[View]
56326495Using diseases to cut: Cut 3kg in 3 days while sick, can now see abs clean cut as fuck. Is getting s…[View]
56324232What are you so afraid of, Anon?? Hop on![View]
56326678I want to build up my multifius and erector spinae. I've got some dumbells but when i do squats…[View]
56326677Are you ready for the upcoming beach season?[View]
56324801ALPHAAA!!@! HYPERS PogChamp!! Who inspired you to lift? For me, it's pic related. Literally sav…[View]
56318168how do you hide your power level, /fit/?[View]
56325993>day 5 of no caffiene >wake up feeling amazing, full of energy all day, very mild cravings for…[View]
56297580/cbt/: Current body thread 205lbs 5’7 i feel like any body just looks better in black and white…[View]
56325407Welp, that’s it. I’m done. After years of training and going from a fat lard who couldn’t even look…[View]
56326529Success Thread: ITT: Post your successes I lost 90 lbs and finally secured a date for later this wee…[View]
56325599Gym Dubstep: When it comes to gym dubstep, we all know Bassnectsr is king. His edits, raggah tone, a…[View]
56326445Is rock climbing good for muscle building?[View]
56326484Don't forget to mask up![View]
56323688Trigger Point Injection Therapy: Just had my first appointment. Holy shit lads are my points trigger…[View]
56325587Arnie has gone vegan and still looks breddy fucking good. Will it last on a vegan diet though? Or is…[View]
56325220/Fag/ Facial Aesthetics Thread: We share facial aesthetics tips >Lose bodyfat, its literally the …[View]
56324614>He can't even do 100 consecutive pushups[View]
56324790My gf is 5'8' and 175 lbs. She's very pretty, and has big tits but no ass and I'm not…[View]
56326265how much zinc should I take a day?[View]
56326240Plyo box workouts: Anyone use these?[View]
56326180Anons, Is testosterone Cyp safe to get off the deep web or am I going get Scammed[View]
56325376The Return Of The Kings: after nearly half a year of gluttonous debauchery that was sparked by the q…[View]
56326187Anyone working out this late?: It’s 11:20 pm here, why are you lifting so late?[View]
56325413You said you wanted another week to see how things go. The whole country is in stage 2. Cases have…[View]
56325154*tries veganism once*[View]
56325345>an enraged grizzly man with the sole goal of murdering you has just spawned in your room are you…[View]
56324646Strength lifters look like average fat couch potatoes How is this at all something you’re motivated…[View]
56309224/fraud/: New fraud general because the old one is ded[View]
56325982My body ratio doesn't fit in any normal t-shirt unless I manually stretch the fuck out of the c…[View]
56321435How do you guys get motivated to work out? Im to weak and lazy I try to workout for like 3 weeks and…[View]
56323849Will changing my diet and exercize change my skin tone or my hair/eyebrows/beard/eyelashe thickness …[View]
56325906did greyskull this whole time quarantine hit what do i do at home now[View]
56323213>that guy who goes out of his way to get plates from the squat rack the hot girl is using…[View]
56325895How flexible are you, /fit/?[View]
56317122/fph/: Then and Now Edition[View]
56323303what drives a man to become a bloatlord?[View]
56325721Lower back pain when doing OHP: Hi guys looking for some form tips for the OHP, when I do it my back…[View]
56320734Dental health: >tfw spent 7500$ on orthodontics I can finally smile (in 1.5 years)…[View]
56325365When perineum sunning, can I stay behind a window? I want to try it out inside, with the sunlight sh…[View]
56325630Khalid bin Mohsen Shaari (born 28 February 1991) is a Saudi Arabian man who in August 2013 was found…[View]
56325478Finally did 1pl8 OHP: I don't care what anyone else says this is the best lifting milestone! We…[View]
56323460How do you feel about beans?[View]
56322560>walk into gym >O BELLA CIAO BELLA CIAO BELLA CIAO CIAO CIAO…[View]
56324537you have large powerful hands right anon? not little hands like soys and betas? you're not a ha…[View]
56324479How is my workout routine? Each day is about a 50min workout. And I workout at home, I have a adjust…[View]
56319700Lord vader jason genova: What happened to this body builder? Since his yt channel was deleted he dis…[View]
56325404game of bros: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyVrEXYBYgo this might be the most /fit/ show out …[View]
56325094Didn't workout today but I took two giant shits so that has to count for something right[View]
56325118just think, every pointless thread wastes electricity bringing us one step closer to the heat death …[View]
56325294dumbbells: Hey /fit/, can I still get results from lifting with only dumbbells and bodyweight exerci…[View]
56324895What’s with the ten /pol/bait COVID threads in the catalog? Do we have mods or did chink master moot…[View]
56320855Rate my OC.[View]
56324403does anyone else stall on weightless when they hit a number divisible by 5?[View]
56323614Rate my homegym: 6/10, the mix of plates and buckets full of sand make a shaky workout, and the cons…[View]
56324966can I ask you guys kind of a weird question?[View]
56325097Hehe, manlet[View]
56319880what do we do about demoralization fags? it's gotten to the point where damn near every thread …[View]
56316170Could a reservation at dorsia save him[View]
56322326Is hanging from a bar a good substitute for farmers walks?[View]
56318526NO NO NO NO WHY?[View]
56324729>Go for a run with two friends, do some calisthenics/HIIT Feel insanely positive, like im gonna c…[View]
56321177>tfw you will never be a hunter-gatherer Imagine being able to look like THIS just from the proce…[View]
56324834I've recently been feeling like shit, always tired, workouts sucked, etc and got a hormone test…[View]
56324016Why are these guys squatting on their toes? What is a an acceptable squat form actually?[View]
56324541EPO: Always wanted to try it. Are these websites legit or no? I live in the US btw.[View]
56323723>Country in lockkdownd >Just have this in the house Am I fucked? What's the best way to g…[View]
56324575>tfw neck day[View]
56321717Is there any downside to switching to seated OHP for life ? I am considering a home gym and the ceil…[View]
56324476Back Dimples: Any of you guys have these, I just noticed I had them a little while ago when a relati…[View]
56323881Bodyweight fitness: Skinnyfat loser here. I want to start working out, but all the gyms here are clo…[View]
56324348Gym closed, should I put my car in neutral and push it?: It's 4 wheel drive which makes me afra…[View]
56321860>Start eating normally again >Still losing weight Uhhh b-bros?…[View]
56323026A rest day? Again? But you've already had 3 this week![View]
56324119>go for usual run through neighborhood >see a dad playing basketball with his kids >he saw …[View]
56323523this is considered buff in america...lmao[View]
56314066How to stall/reverse atherosclerosis while getting enough protons to not lose muh gainz?[View]
56315212Pushup Thread: You know the drill[View]
56322460I look evenly and depressed: I’ve been lifting for years, yet I’ve made no gains. I just took a vide…[View]
56324210Would you join a death cult if it helped you achieve your fitness goals?: 1. No woke crybully bullsh…[View]
56323743>With the spike in Wuhan Corona virus reports following the lifted lockdown, gyms have been order…[View]
56323832Anyone take Ibutamoren? My brother got it at a supplement store. He did some research and thinks it …[View]
56300696If you can do 10 legitimate, dead hang (not active hang) pull ups, are you in the top percentile of …[View]
56322631why did nobody tell me earlier fitness was the pill to making it? i went from taking my pain out thr…[View]
56322811Grip training general[View]
56310207Is this MOTHER fucker natty /fit/? On one hand, he had 10 years of grinding every single day, up to …[View]
56323651>get a physical today >last time i had a physical i was 290 lbs, now i'm 165 >doctor a…[View]
56323458Today I celebrate 1 month of NoFap. Almost nothing changed. I still am a sad Incel Doomer. But it is…[View]
56323903Is dadbod the true /fit/ redpill?[View]
56317050>vegan youtuber >'i've been really sick lately and i don't know why'…[View]
56321446Shilajit: Redpill me on shilajit boys, should I take it? Or is it a scam? Does it raise test in any …[View]
56322828Steroids turned me gay: > be me > Fucked 200+ women > never sucked a dick before > get o…[View]
56322958Bodyfat Percentage: What bodyfat percentage am I at and when the fuck will my love handles disappear…[View]
56323712Motivation/Dedication Thread: Post em[View]
56323644LMAO i love cycling: pedalling at the top of your capacity >>>> bloatmaxxing 1RM there…[View]
56314501Starting a proper diet and stronglifts today but what the hell am I supposed to eat for breakfast an…[View]
56315612Feels fucking good knowing I can crush anybody that pisses me off including everyone on this shit 'f…[View]
56319268Fictional Goal physique: Claims natty squat over 500 kilo effortlessly, punch power equal heavyweigh…[View]
56323659Eat more grassfed butter and cod liver oil.[View]
56322008How do I get a body like this? I really don't care about being big and buff, I'd rather lo…[View]
56322349How do i get a physique like trav? I'm 5'10 130lbs and liteskin, if that matters[View]
56303884transformation thread: It's all about fitness[View]
56323578Hey guys, got the gym to myself and figured I'd get a little zoom session going so we can all t…[View]
56316115What went wrong?[View]
56319574Keto ruined my body[View]
56323017how can i achieve this[View]
56322417What's up with Skyr? I thought the whole gimmick was that it's high protein but it has les…[View]
56319798Is there a reason people don't do proper form in the military and shit like that. Not everyone …[View]
56320739How do I make social gains /fit/? I'm usually the most handsome fella at any event but I can…[View]
56323343Is 135 x5 Strict OHP impressive?: I’m nearing 135 x5 ohp and I wonder if normies will think I’m stro…[View]
56320456lifting for breakup: Why is pic related so true bros?[View]
56322226Sale on APS: I suppose only NA /fit/izens can get it but athleteps has 50% sale items and romaleo 2…[View]
56321518Well, well finally returned to the gym and Ive maintained 90% of my strength since quarantine starte…[View]
56323199>Slight waist bend >Elbows bend >Thumbs up >NO shrug >Slow rhythm My delts are burnin…[View]
56320608You DO plan to be /fit/ in your 50s like this guy, right?[View]
56321238Are cheat meals worth it? I always hear the saying 'you can eat unhealthy foods in moderation', but …[View]
56321025Jeff Nippard programs: I saw some anon in another thread share an image of his google drive with all…[View]
56320111Cringe or based?: I only see ecto zoomers who look like they started lifting 2 weeks ago and gym tho…[View]
56318974back and deadlift thread this is my back and i deadlift 240 kg (bloatmaxxed)[View]
56322306>Lifting is cope, its all about the face[View]
56321536how much do i need to squat to talk to her? will getting stronger physically improve my confidence?[View]
56321541how do you manage to not lose your cool? I usually lose it when I see/hear something really disgusti…[View]
56319940How do I estimate my BF% with severe loose skin on my stomach? 179cm, 83kg, used to weigh 140kg[View]
56321537Please message me italian qt: How much do I need to deadlift for this grill to be mine?[View]
56322177Imagine fucking your wife by doing planche push up, go train for planche anon[View]
56322538Can I be show ready I’m 14 weeks? This would be my first show ever I’m currently 20 years old 6,1…[View]
56320107Combine Challenge: How many reps of 225lbs can you bench ? I can get 15 reps but the last few arent …[View]
56322935anyone on /fit/ who was fat and then actually lost their moobs just by getting in shape?[View]
563177212/3/4/5: How many people here have naturally reached 2/3/4/5(and went above)? How long did it take y…[View]
56322363Do you prefer hot or cold water?[View]
56317754This guy claims natty. What say you ?[View]
56320141Post your OHP and Bench Press max. I want to see the correlation. >215 >335…[View]
56322448God i hate my shit vision i wish i could see H24 in HD When i think that others literally see in HD …[View]
56321817/fit/ standards: 1/2/3/4 is a decent standard for strength, but if focused on alone it doesn't …[View]
56322635I can run a little more than 1k on the treadmill at 10kph. How the fuck do people run 5k or more?[View]
56319510Is this considered fit?[View]
56320718Shit genes: >had to spend $10k on teeth to have teeth as good as someone with good genes >have…[View]
56322203Brutal height mog: >be me >Be shopping at clothing store that recently reopened >Be 6ft 2 w…[View]
56322361Help on training without sabotage: >Work retail 3am-11am >215lb Under 6' >Lifting 50l…[View]
56321692Does showering after a workout affect your gains?[View]
56318741It took me 9 years but i found the golden routine.. prove me wrong Day 6-7 can be taken any time thr…[View]
56318162I just found out about Amberlynn Reid. I’m spiraling down to being exactly like her. Am I fucked com…[View]
56319189What made you start lifting? What was the tipping point?[View]
56321213Why take fin and rogaine when you can just take the inevitability of your age with grace, fit?[View]
56320072>literally called (z)Uber Chad >gets protein from eating ants >drinks his own piss >buil…[View]
56320918ITT: Leg Day Workout for a PEACHY and BUBBLY BUTT: real grill here (always F), I'm designing a …[View]
56312612What the fuck is hypertrophy even[View]
56320891Is this a meme or are these better than the standard bands? I'm so afraid of buying chinese gar…[View]
56317709Dearest /fit/, I come to you with a simple question. Should I start bulking, or continue this cut? I…[View]
56321796I just runned for 1 hour, did 100 push ups and some plank exercises Im doing this because for cuttin…[View]
56320744I swear to god I've done everthing i can to fix this. I used to be a fitizen (320 bench, 465 de…[View]
56321963No more brothers wars Our fight should be against h*man[View]
56315614Nofap should be a lifetime commitment: I’m sick of seeing you faggots post about “muh 3 day nofap st…[View]
56321681So does anyone know why I'm not losing any chest fat? I wanted to ask this in QTDDTOT but there…[View]
56322253How do you escape skinny fat mode?[View]
56320902Hey /fit/ Ever since I was 10, I've been walking everywhere. To school, to work, just around th…[View]
56321813>he doesn’t get /fit/ purely to knock up as many women as possible O im laffin…[View]
56322143Literally only two things needed to stay healthy: >Don’t smoke >Do cardio How do people screw…[View]
56320400Masvidal needs to lose 20lbs before saturday. How can he do this?[View]
56321973I got something for isis terror group...: I would love to show these fkers my shreds and shove my de…[View]
56295382/fat/ hamburger day edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For the hamburglars who want to better themselve…[View]
56321938While you dead lift this is the body women crave.[View]
56322034is it best to work out before or after eating?[View]
56320867Would you say grunting and shit like that is part of the weight lifting experience?[View]
56321570I'm leaving this site forever tomorrow for the sake of you who can’t stop posting ass, you’re a…[View]

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