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64047925You leg press at least 8 plates right?[View]
64048422Im at the gym: I could break this guy with 1 finger.[View]
64043180How does this even happen?[View]
64047546Good day anon, in this thread I will share my threshold in terms of training my muscles of the legs …[View]
64048911Hey /fit/ I'm asking you guys have you ever experienced an injury like mine. A week ago on Tues…[View]
64049589I put 25 pounds on my bench this month[View]
64050218>he uses anything other than a barbell to gain strength[View]
64050448ban: banned lmao[View]
64045952if you give a hard long think about it: we're just lifting big hunks of metal for what?[View]
64048816PPL: what do you think of my routine? variation on reddit ppl with ab work and less machines[View]
64050256Let's make a list of things not to do. I'll start: * Eating sweets being alone on your ow…[View]
64050434Workout PDFS: It's time anons, post the goods. https://tmpfiles.org/142947/heavydutymanualprope…[View]
64049805I have recently been diagnosed with Sculliosis, my back is tilted 30* to the left and i have been fe…[View]
64048545Any /fi/ brah struggle with reflux?: Apprently i have reflux though I havent had endoscopy, but i fe…[View]
64046575LSD: Hear me about This drug is basically cocaine/weed with intense visuals. As a 123 pound man, i d…[View]
64050293guys my hips are wider than my ribcage do i kms and become a tranny or pretend like its normal pic u…[View]
64048590I don't care if you bodybuild, I don't care if you powerlift, I don't care if you do …[View]
64049611Is this achievable natty? (For natty women ofc)[View]
64050210So is 315 bench impressive anymore or no? Is it weak?[View]
64041734hi /fit/[View]
64049552I lift for him https://youtu.be/vi5XcM4aMhY[View]
64046587Training for the 80s-90s pop cardio aesthetic? I really want my gf to have this look, what sort of l…[View]
64047351What type of cardio is the least destructive of gains? I want a healthy heart and shit. Bonus points…[View]
64047044Is Korra mode achievable for a woman without taking Anavar /fit/?[View]
64049184I wouldn't need any of them if I had a gf even for once in my fucking entire life.[View]
64049941I love lifting drunk also high. Nice :)[View]
64049514Push+Quads Pull+Hams: What are the main reasons that I shouldn't - Push+Quads Pull+Hams Boxing+…[View]
64021968/fat/ AAAAA Edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For Heavy Humans who have accepted the need to achieve a …[View]
64049692HELP: i'm slowly destroying myself with my lifestyle but i know i can change, i'm 18 115kg…[View]
64049792I am too tired to cook after todays workout.[View]
64049671penile fracture: >dick points up >dick curves up >good for hitting spots >girls move on …[View]
64042485Would it be a bad idea if i were to simply train calves everyday? With normal, seated and reverse ca…[View]
64049470I tried to squat 1pl8 and had to drop the barbell[View]
64040167Kyle from PKA transformation: How legit is this? He claims to have done this in 11 months, and dates…[View]
64048864linear vs exponential progression for beginners: I read the sticky and it seems to recommend linear …[View]
64049433thinking of adding these gay exercises in my gym-off days some shit like: > burpees > jump squ…[View]
64048901So if i lift, and then go and eat food, the calories i consume should be be distributed towards keep…[View]
64049604Caffeine: What are the side effects of caffeine? Is it good? Do any of you consume it?[View]
64047864I haven't masturbated in 2 weeks, not because Im doing nofap, Im just not horny. Is this norma…[View]
64047137>Be me >Italian face chad, always get mired by girls wherever I go >Match constantly with 8…[View]
64047461So: Can a new lifter jump straight into a PPL hypertrophy routine? Why are new lifters always recomm…[View]
64049419I don't do squats or deadlifts.[View]
64038525What's the maximum timeframe I can go without lifting before I start losing my gainz, bros?[View]
64047872Mass gainers worth it or waste of money?: Has anyone here tried ON's Serious mass? It's ex…[View]
64035167/fit/ halloween costumes: GO[View]
64049250What routine should I do if I am a fatty with no back strength? Thinking about doing Phraks Variant …[View]
64045731>fat 250 lb. fuck >drink 2-3 cans of soda a day >one day decide enough is enough >embarr…[View]
64018664/fraud/: Every time I've pinned tren I've had soreness, stiff muscles in the injection sit…[View]
64047460calisthenics 3 day split or 2 ?: What do you guys think ?[View]
64043439is she impressed by a 2pl8 bench press?[View]
64048020Why the fuck did i invest in an expensive mattress, started running and working out only for the low…[View]
64048553PPL Progression: How much and when do you increase your main compound lifts on PPL? PPLXPPLX do you …[View]
64047849I'm Greek[View]
64049090>right arm visibly larger than the left arm[View]
64049046Is getting big going to make me need bigger clothes? Should I wait until I'm big to get decent …[View]
64048357bearposting general /bpg/: i kinda wish i had the physique of a bear/actually become a bear this ref…[View]
64042062I love you guys so much and hope all of us make it![View]
64045488A fully grown man is 250lbs or more - Mark Ripptoe, the inventor of muscle training Discuss[View]
64033794>get majority of my protein from cheese[View]
64045944I fucked the gym cutie[View]
64044965I've lost 20lbs this year, is it really this easy?: >inb4 KETOlard I lost 20lbs this year. …[View]
64048576>no gym >no steroids How do i achieve Arthur Morgan mode…[View]
64046338Can you smoking help you thin: Im thinking to take up smoking to help me curb the appetite or hunger…[View]
64041264Novice help: Didn't get any answers on plg, so here it is. I'm skinnyfat 188cm 70kg, 75cm …[View]
64046150Push-up Thread: JLingz edition Let's roll[View]
64048072How do I achieve this mode?[View]
64045801/fit/izens who don't skip leg day, how long did it take you to outgrow your jeans?[View]
64042420*bzzzzzzzzzzz* *bzzzzzzzzzzz* *bzzzzzzzzzzz* this is all it takes to make you fit[View]
64048615How to dirty bulk for lazy poorfags?: can't seem to gain weight, been eating 6ish meals per day…[View]
64047017I have Michael B Jordan syndrome: Got front profile but horrendous side profile. Mewing is not helpi…[View]
64047609Phenibutmaxxing: Bros phenibut is so op. I went for drinks with a new friend group and at the start …[View]
64045461How do you call this mode?[View]
64048567Why do I want to jerk off hard after 2 hours of sports? is this a good thing?[View]
64045284>Ancient Iron Age miners in what is now Austria were quite fond of beer and blue cheese, accordin…[View]
64048392Anyone else get a boner doing cardio?[View]
64048453I hate it: So many faggots on this board. Please take your homosexuality to your containment board T…[View]
64043494How do I escape my holocaust survivor physique?: I'm 18, 6 foot 2, started doing home gym for a…[View]
64046792Why aren’t you incorporating swimming into your fitness routine /fit/?[View]
64048073i'm 24 and have never had morning wood in my life is that normal?[View]
64047567Taking a massive dook before working out: is there a better feeling in the world? Besides flipping t…[View]
64042208Quitting alcohol health: Hi, anons, So I'm quitting alcohol because of how bad it's gotte…[View]
64014020The DwarfPill: If you're an ugly manlet you shouldn't try to become a midget bodybuilder g…[View]
64045014Brothers moving into the garage. Gonna have to sell my power rack. It’s over for me. I don’t want to…[View]
64047518Hows my progress so far[View]
64046263How much testostorone do other great apes have?: I think the average nmol/L is between 10 and 30, bu…[View]
64047168How do I achieve this mode?[View]
64042694Post your greatest lifting fuck up >never used my triceps during bench or OHP >wasted a year d…[View]
64028195/cmbt/ Combat Sports Fitness - Black Eye: >What is /cmbt/ /cmbt/ talks about all fighting and pai…[View]
64047962boy I sure do love eating carrots and other vegetables that make me healthy and strong I love fruits…[View]
64047069Supplement and stimulant thread: Thoughts? What should I add or subtract? Also post your sups and St…[View]
64047846i need a bodybuilding programme for 4 days plz help[View]
64044753What vitamins does /fit/ take: Vit D, C wtf do you guys take this time of year[View]
64047717What do I gotta do to look like this?[View]
64045999I genuinely want to get a body like this. Any tips?[View]
64046196Is there a single industry where people are allowed to just make stuff up as much as in medicine?[View]
64046026Need some help.: Shalom. I’m in need of some help, as the title suggests. At the moment, I am a soli…[View]
64043448Who is the most fit person in the world?[View]
64042963What is /fit/'s stance on artificial sweeteners like sucralose, ace k, aspartame, etc I keep re…[View]
64046675Motivation thread: I let myself go way too much. In this one year I went from 82kg to 102kg. 177cm …[View]
64044233QTDDTOT: About how big can my neck get before it stops being aesthetic? Should it be as wide as my f…[View]
64045223meggings: yes or no[View]
64047447You can always be thinner, look better.[View]
64047386On my way to 2/3/4/5 bros. I’ll be there by next April. Hit a 405lb deadlift, 260lb bench and 315lb…[View]
64044548Just got my T levels back I’m under 500 It’s over I look like this. Should I just blast? I see no …[View]
64043133STRENGTH + SECRET TIPS: What kind of program or changes did you make to gain strength the fastest an…[View]
64033299How come pull-ups are harder than chin ups? And which ones should I be doing?[View]
64046978Selling my WAGMI and NGMI stock: Seeing way too many normies on the social medias starting to use it…[View]
64047379I like going to the gym because it's a socially acceptable way to inflict pain on myself[View]
64046201Just ate 8 pieces of bacon in one day, AMA.[View]
64046035Is there any way for an 18 almost 19 year old to gain 2 inches without surgery? Being under 6 ft is …[View]
64047200Is this possible natty with bad genetics ?[View]
64047256Are there any helpful autists here: Need help screencapping this amazing thread >>64023614 …[View]
64044191Get brutally mogged manlets: It oger.[View]
64044538am i fat: am i fat beginner lifter and i feel like i look fat should i try to lose fat first or buil…[View]
64046253Shaving tips: How do you get a close shave like this? I know it doesn't look good on everybody …[View]
64046256What's so bad about seed oils?[View]
64046280How do i get gud at freestyle swimming? i can do it to swim very fast but i run out of breath also v…[View]
64032183/fph/ fat people hate[View]
64044608How often should I be working out my legs?[View]
64042316Is confrontation good for you? Just got through with a fight with a stranger and I feel the T flowin…[View]
64046571Yoga: I am just trying to find instructional yoga videos, not watch weirdo porn. Fuck you sick fucks…[View]
64043995>works out in jeans[View]
64044634Kegels: How do I know I am doing kegels properly >anus clenching >dick lifting movement when y…[View]
64046745I just spent 5 months in Colombia and their normal supermarket butter tasted fucking amazing compare…[View]
64044760I need bigger arms. Can I work out my arms 5 times a week? Either doing biceps + triceps everyday or…[View]
64044321What is the optimal human diet for good health and physical fitness?[View]
64043406>try doing calf raises >calves are on fire during the set >step out of the machine >feel…[View]
64043279Yoga video routines: I have never done yoga before and I would like to learn it by following some ro…[View]
64039376Does Zinc effect semen retention?: Zinc effect semen retention?[View]
64043285What subtype is this[View]
64045271What is your weakness?: I live in Australia and it costs almost $1 per can, but these are great. Lig…[View]
64043734i want to start lifting. is there any potential with my frame? >tfw 32.5 inch waist and 45 inch h…[View]
64044996BRAAAAAAAP: Bros, I've been farting my ass off for days and I don't have an urge to take a…[View]
64043502Should you even read the sticky? Particularly this http://liamrosen.com/fitness.html#exercise[View]
64046507how do you feel fingerlets? mogged by a mere construction worker[View]
64046572Working out leg fucking sucks: Fuck this shit! I don't mind being a fuckig chicken leg![View]
64043992does this work? i only feel soreness in my fingers but my forearm isn't sore after doing 100+ r…[View]
64043944Best Exercise for Forearms?: What's the best exercise for growing big forearms?[View]
64039908In theory, forever water fasting and doing cardio 16 hours per day (8 hours of sleep) would be the f…[View]
64038129In the past 10 years there has been more information on how to get big and strong than ever. This ha…[View]
64040784Been lifting for 4 years When do gains start? Ignore photo quality, i'm not very rich and i can…[View]
64043987How do i stop obsessing over numbers and start lifting for hypertrophy instead of strength[View]
64043848what do you think is the worst muscle group to train? worst here meaning your least favorite. for me…[View]
64044377Is the increasing BMI of average Americans a failure in public health policy? What can it be blamed …[View]
64044493How does /fit/ find the time for other hobbies when you need to make time for the gym and work plus …[View]
64046146I hope you shower before going to the gym, you stinky NEETS, everyone can smell your cum[View]
64043819can’t pee without pain: >see twink I met on grindr in the gym >we catch up, work out together …[View]
64045409Can I take trt without becoming a disgusting roid tranny? My test is extremely low especially for my…[View]
64040908Been a vegan for a long time but fell for the meat shilling here. Ate a lot of meat and cheese last …[View]
64045776Am I doing it wrong?: >chick walks into apartment gym >takes photo of ass in mirror >leaves…[View]
64039406/fit/ fashion: What the hell do you guys wear for maximum mires?[View]
64045511This is how I choose to express myself online. In the real world I'm a fat balding Eastern Euro…[View]
64044336Yeast: Half protein, half neon piss. I like it anon. put this shit in my protein drinks and pretend…[View]
64024507>'You're Short, Get Over It' unironically good advice, nothing you can really do so just sto…[View]
64043850The best part of the workout is flexing with your pump when you're done[View]
64045348*20 grams of protien deliciousness in your path*[View]
64045210Does /fit/ ever: Consider themselves above others, so you consider yourself a super human and everyo…[View]
64044823>natty >vegetarian >doesn't lift heavy weight >pushups, pull-ups, jiu-jitsu >tra…[View]
64035533/plg/ - power lifting general: Post a video of your lifts if you want form advice Vogelpohl and Loui…[View]
64044837Why am I still feeling depressed: I workout 5 times a week. I don't eat bullshit. I only drink …[View]
64044448>that guy who sips water inbetween every set instead of sipping it once every 10 minutes…[View]
64044635this is 3 years of lifting. I don't have any muscle though. Should i gain more weight? Or maybe…[View]
64033200What we eating today people?[View]
64042658What's his routine?[View]
64044921Why is /fit/ like this?: >hey didn't you forget the heckin facts and studies about that 55.8…[View]
64044400I've found my new forearm workout of choice. Imagine the forearm gains[View]
64044702is this achievable natty?[View]
64044849Do I look DYEL? my abs show a bit[View]
64044492He knows: Manga dropping when?[View]
64040510>mom forcing me to go to therapy because of my bulking diet I'm getting it for free, so may…[View]
64043736I’m 22, and I’ve been taking Ashwagandha & Maca for a couple weeks + Phenibut twice a week. My w…[View]
64044721Rate my mma skills: https://www.instagram.com/p/CVWmT5GFCavPH2Ug6F8efMTNJ7CLcCOinaI8w40/ I'd bu…[View]
64044563What is the best way to develop a huge back?[View]
64044150Could lifting have saved him?[View]
64043988Convince me to train legs more than once per week if all I care about is aesthetics[View]
64041502How much do I have to lift until a girl comes up to me and squeezes my arm and goes 'wow anon you…[View]
64043985Is Japanese food good for you? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTuQikqRGAk[View]
64044998Do you know anyone in real life that also frequently visits this place?[View]
64044432Any tips for bigger dick? I’m 7 inches right now but I’d like to be longer, and thicker[View]
64042684You're not supposed to bulk on rest days???[View]
64041517Making It: When did you guys first feel like you 'made it' regarding your physique? >3 weeks ago …[View]
64043381What is the /fit/ consensus on coffee? Based or cringe?[View]
64043778>look at a ruler >wow six inches is so big >look at my penis >wow it's so small …[View]
64040942What do vitamins/food do I eat for thicker loads?[View]
64044116>On a test cycle for the past 20 weeks >Recently sleep is going slightly down-hill, keep wakin…[View]
64041684How come there are no case studies on nofap and mewing? It's all just ancedotal shit[View]
64039014Should I even bother trying?[View]
64043004is 15nmol/L tesosterone normal for a 28 year old male?: my dr bergstein said its fine but is that re…[View]
64044154what's the best diet for an oofie doofie like myself?[View]
64041415what's up with hasan's nipples? is it gyno?[View]
64040905/fit/'s favorite action movies? Obviously Predator is at the top of the list[View]
64043895Gym Beginner: I know that for routines, how stuff works and some other more general questions I…[View]
64044019How much do I need to DL before I can start breaking bucks?[View]
64042302Lost all push strength after injury: TL; DR I woke up one morning after injury and lost all strength…[View]
64043936Ahh fuck, I've done it this time.. I knew I should have used the smith machine[View]
64034979My bench grip is insanely wide and I'm trying to narrow it, but it's now way harder to ben…[View]
64042232Why arent you rucking?: well anon? rucking is the idea excersise. literally just carrying heavy weig…[View]
64040194>only have 500 calories left for the day >17:20 fuck me bros I don't go to sleep until 23…[View]
64042274whats his routine /fit/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hQ_h314drg[View]
64043007tell me one reason I shouldn’t juice[View]
64043001what mode is David Laid currently in? achievable natty?[View]
64043061I've had a very small abdominal hernia for about 2-3 years. It only hurts when my dumbass keeps…[View]
64043711Is going to the gym a meme? >go at a different time than usual, lift less weight >go to a diff…[View]
64040238Derek: Why doesn't he train the abs?[View]
64042721Are there any actual natty youtubers left? So many are either fake natty or take trt and say it does…[View]
64040216>keeps you warm in winter >shows off enough gains in summer without looking like a attention w…[View]
64041776how the fuck am i supposed to eat 3200 cal a day ?[View]
64041639Best songs for workout[View]
64042254What's in your gymbag?: Pic related it's mine[View]
64042468>bald skinnyfat older white guy shows up to gym >clearly been given some bad news by the doc a…[View]
64042074Why do my wrist wraps smell so bad? They smell like feet and wet dog.[View]
64043367>be me >feel sad >get some sunlight >sadness goes away God, I love the sun.…[View]
64042176Motivation Thread: Today, retard poorfag mexican kids worked out at their local WallMart. What is yo…[View]
64043298I waited too long to work out so since I only have one working light in my basement I have to OHP in…[View]
64042933Lifting Injuries: Any advice for avoiding injuring myself while at the gym? Sometimes my elbows pop…[View]
64043352tipps for my first marathon?: I'm more a lifter/sprinter, but my uncle challenged me. I've…[View]
64037262Gorillamode shit product: Why is nobody talking about how shit this is. All this potential for a gre…[View]
64043340>just awaken the giant within bro[View]
64042381>37 years old[View]
64043171I'd rather do 100 pushups than 30 squats a day. Fuck I hate these so much but I still try to fi…[View]
64041555running is far more difficult than lifting weights.[View]
64041759Why are some people born with so much (good face, height and frame) while others are born with nothi…[View]
64041676How do I run faster / longer? I'm sick of these baby numbers I'm doing[View]
64039281How much would normal people pay for a ripped/fit body if it could be bought from a store like a car…[View]
64042685What is her routine?[View]
64042651eat more before or after workout (building muscle)?: i'm a beginner and i go to the gym very ea…[View]
64042718How quick will lifting make me go from skinny fat to ripped? I might consider it if its something li…[View]
64042861>eat healthier foods that increase test instead of eating out everyday >cook at home >save …[View]
64042695How do you know you're overtraining?[View]
64042536TDEE Calculators: TDEE calc are really frustrating as the 'activity level' section is always vague a…[View]
64042899Can taking the right amount of HGH give you a good jawline? Does it grow your penis?[View]
64042906My dream house is literally just a gym with a small spot for a bed, stove and a toilet.[View]
64041543Redpill me on celery: I remember reading two things about it: >some porn star eats a ton of it to…[View]
64042205Will working out and reaching a low enough bodyfat % actually achieve this level of facial aesthesis…[View]
64040806What’s y’all’s lifting gun? Pic not mine[View]
64042434How the fuck do I cut properly? Im a giga retard but I really can't find any proper information…[View]
64039309why does everyone always tell me to do low weight and high reps? doctors, friends, random people, ev…[View]
64041980Whats the cheapest and safest way to get test? Wanna blast and cruise but already have normal test l…[View]
64042141Muscle Ups: right now i can do muscle ups where i don’t need resistance band but still need the extr…[View]
64042600Lovely day today. Hope you're enjoying the fresh air and getting your vit D, /fit/. Remember vi…[View]
64042128Deleting my threads only prolongs the inevitable. I am Incel kun[View]
64042229when did you start?: >When did you start lifting? >When do you wish you started? >What did …[View]
64041781Last rep face: PUSH IT[View]
64039120best cheap bulking food?: what are some cheap bulking foods/recipes[View]
64041732>see a guy bigger than me and not fat >he’s doing majority isolations, small weights, half rep…[View]
64042054I feel like a coomer but for food since I started exercising again I can't stop moooonching, I …[View]
64041904How do I do weighted dips if I don't have a belt?[View]
64041668Symmetric Strength thread: https://symmetricstrength.com/ 25, 178 lbs[View]
64019025Running: How the fuck do people enjoy this? I heard you eventually get a runner's high when you…[View]
64042139Sean O'pry Jaw: His Jaw and Chin are mediocre at best...yet he is considered one of the most at…[View]
64037706if you took steroids, you didn't earn it. You traded possibly years of your life just to look r…[View]
64039663>testosterone rises during masturbation should i fap between sets to keep my test high during wor…[View]
64041563Daily reminder to take your Vitamin D and Zinc to increase your testosterone becuase it's decre…[View]
64040495Exercising Saved me: >be me suicidal since 12 had a few attempts >Drop out of Univesity very …[View]
64041292How much does never having experienced intimacy by age 26 affect ones health?[View]
64032002how lmaokids do you have to lift to get a gf?[View]
64039993Scuba: What is the /fit/ opinion on scuba diving? Thinking about singing up for the training course …[View]
64041967i'm going to go on a roon tonight: any frens want to roon as well?[View]
64018434Lifting for women = waste of time: A few years ago, lifting would indeed make you much more attracti…[View]
64041978Any tips on sleeping more efficiently(less time but more refreshed in the morning)? I tried sleeping…[View]
64041941What are the most important muscles for aesthetics? For me: >side delts >forearms >biceps W…[View]
64040815Why the fuck won't my back stay straight: I try doing the fucking technique on the starting str…[View]
64040743What do you count as 'making it'?[View]
64037925Do you guys ever see a really hot girl irl and kind of go insane for 5 seconds. I noticed this happe…[View]
64040621Honestly if we just made it so that children only went to school for 6 years from age 6 to 12 and th…[View]
64033499Yeah, I'm thinking I'm not reracking them[View]
64030942Hey, I want to become skinny like the guys on here, any advice?: Hi, I’m a guy 5’11 and weigh 129 po…[View]
64039962Just started going to the gym regularly. Is protein powder worth it and if so is there one that’s be…[View]
64035756ITT : Lifts that make you loose respect for the person doing them[View]
64038085Attractive “people” look all the same[View]
64039226Chads and Toxic Masculinity: Hello fellow Chads, It is time we discussed the toxic bodyshaming cultu…[View]
64040175/fa/ is anti/fit/: Is /fa/ the antithesis to /fit/? I can’t find lazier faggots on 4chan. >>…[View]
64040392>stressed out >remember that i can always alt+f4 life >suddenly stress gone >set pr…[View]
64040763Wow, my triceps are insanely weak.[View]
64039601I ate at least 8,640 eggs in the past 12 months AMA[View]
64040563I have no friends, and never experienced love.[View]
64023620How am i supposed to lift heavy with small girl wrists like this, bros?[View]
64041172I got covid with all the symptoms. should I rest for some time or keep exercising?[View]
64041661>noporn thank me later[View]
64041446Grandpa Mogged: Who grandpa Mogged here? >looks better than 30 yo me despite suboptimal nutrition…[View]
64039798Stretchmarks: < Not me btw Started going to the gym for a month and I've noticed some red ma…[View]
64039385Is doing about 30 abs and a 20 pushups a day a good workout ?[View]
64040559Thoughts on my body?: Additionally 6'0 and not an autist, yet every femoid that I try to commun…[View]
64027692Any medic anon that could tell me what is this? I got it like 2 or 3 days ago, it itches and muscles…[View]
64041068exercises you do quickly because it looks stupid[View]
64041182Help my, my mind is too retarded to comprehend GI vs kcal. I'm having my insulin resistance tes…[View]
64038730bros i will never hit a 3pl8 bench: all i wanna do is lift big but i cant get stronger[View]
64033476Did lifting make you gay? Or at least have gay thoughts[View]
64037392complete vitamin nutrient is impossible: For potassium alone the average man would have to eat like …[View]
64040396Jesus Christ[View]
64040605When i was 63kg/190cm i tried and literally couldn’t get a single pullup done even after months of t…[View]
64038252Kettlebells are a lot of fun.[View]
64041410How the fuck is micheal so strong? Do you think Haddonfield has the best gyms in town?[View]
64036020I can do 17 pullups i want to start doing weighted pullups. Will i look like a retard if ill bring …[View]
64041314/fit/ fits: post your outfits that flatter your physique[View]
64039215how to eat a lot of carbs and not shit all the time? when I eat 600g of rice a day, I inevitably shi…[View]
64037059>experts: 'fapping has no effect on your body whatsoever, do it however often you want' >fap o…[View]
64040002Why are my recovery periods like a full week? I've been trying to get back into SS after being …[View]
64040803Is it better to not exercise at all one day or exercise late that night?[View]
64040209250mg: Why exactly shouldn't I run 250mg test E for 12 weeks for my first cycle? Every time I a…[View]
64040236>everyone on /fit/ always arguing about what you need to get laid >everyone on /r9k/ always co…[View]
64039110>tfw exercising only to counterbalance the effects of smoking and chronic alcoholism…[View]
64040648Hole: isn't the hole in me, that we all are trying to fill, being filled up with self resentmen…[View]
64040879Current Physique: 30 years old, 5'11. How does my physique hold up. I work out about twice a we…[View]
64040947whats a respectable weight for a 6 foot male? currently 78kg and feel like a skelly[View]
64039719>Mike Tyson at 16 years old What's your excuse[View]
64040180What are some good brands for plates? I currently own Rogue ones but I feel like I might be paying f…[View]
64036899>gym requires proof of vaccination in order to enter >still have to wear a mask and social di…[View]
64039335are dieting plateaus real: ive been cutting for a while (like 3 months) and im really close to my go…[View]
64040410Posture: Can someone explain this? >start to actually hold upright posture throughout the day but…[View]
64038750Is there a tricep accessory exercise that trains the whole heads of the muscle and doesn't hurt…[View]
64039422WTF is his problem?[View]
64039757Serious Question regarding testosterone: Can a man's testosterone level effect his exterior app…[View]
64040724Gym Music Improvement: >> Live in midwest state. >> At Planet Fitness near home because …[View]
64040839achievable natty?[View]
64040792Why can't I just implant a flexible interlocking iron rod into my back to reinforce my spine?[View]
64038678this is why you train: >absolute giga chad goes to india >walks the steet and mogs everyone ht…[View]
64035186is it over? picrl: how to spot reduce hand fat?[View]
64035394What do you listen to while at the gym? Add your songs to this playlist https://open.spotify.com/pla…[View]
64040570>Work >Lift >Stare at 4chan for hours >Bed…[View]
64040269What are your fitness mistakes you made along the way?: Post the dumb stuff you did while becoming /…[View]
64037398EC/ECA Stack: I have this left over from a chest cold. Is it good to use in an ECA stack? Is ECA sta…[View]
64040710>have several bowls of chili >also ate most of a full sized bag of chips >proceed to have m…[View]
64039404He mogs you[View]
64039870I'm vaxed and I'm happy I walk with no fear I'm happy to be protecting myself and my …[View]
64040376Skeleton trying to get fit here. I've noticed that my knees buckle inwards when attempting squa…[View]
64007396/cg/ - Calisthenics General: sun on your skin edition This general is about the discussion of bodywe…[View]
64039360Why would you drink anything a dog gave you, especially an african american dog? Its bangs for me, b…[View]
64038001is this a good physique health wise?[View]
64035368Gregory: Does he have entitlement issues regarding women and who they date or give attention to? I w…[View]
64040118Cortisol kills your gains, your health and your longevity. To have a strong body you need to train y…[View]
64038427Anyone else going tank mode?[View]
64038767Really need your help guys. But let's start off by keeping it /fit/ related. Everyone overthink…[View]
64039338Forearm ache after curls?: It doesn't hurt to the point where it's actively aching, but if…[View]
64039424>feel like shit >not making any gains >get test levels checked >free test 280 pmol/l …[View]
64036379Swiss Bar: Ive been on /fit/ since 2012 and not once have I ever seen the Swiss Bar being discussed …[View]
64039242How am i Supposed to be a Big Guy with a Skinny Guy frame: My wrists are 6.4 inches around. Can I st…[View]
64040134hello fellow aspiring mass monsters i have been lifting for a year now and pretty much completely ex…[View]
64039850>started trying to go from fat to /fit/ a year ago >learned about counting calories and defici…[View]
64039589What's life in university dorms like, how hard is it to get /fit/?[View]
64038432Maladaptive day dreaming is ruining my work outs/life: Pic related that's literally me... I jus…[View]
64039689Reminder that the anti-sex tenets of NOFAP are a psyop for emasculation. If someone is calling for y…[View]
64038616If you care...: About looking good, having muscular tone, being lean, and not looking like a sack of…[View]
64040030Thermic effect (TEF) calories: do you guys count Thermic effect of food (TEF) in overall 'calories o…[View]
64036871Working out while high?: Hey /fit/ accidently took an edible, its not super strong and I don't …[View]
64028921working out and looksmaxing for 3 years: i’m a still a vrigin, but god do i find myself so pretty…[View]
64037521>he wipes down the gym equipment[View]
64038542Uhhh onion bros? I think we got too cocky. I'm not feeling so good...[View]
64038386What would you do if you had anime level strength?[View]
64039511>leave Bench to drop off dumbbells >turn around and see qt girl is starting to sit down on it…[View]
63999875DO NOT marry a woman with big hips: Your son is gonna look like a FtM. You want chad broad shoulder…[View]
64035183Help a novice retard out: I'm novice I wanna build big and strong upper body. This routine look…[View]
64038620Are these worth it? I thought about getting adjustable olympic sized dumbbells because they're …[View]
64033972Are warmup sets really necessary? I haven't done this in over a year and hasn't had any pr…[View]
64037809Have this weird line/indent in my side?: Pic rel is sort of what it looks like, I do judo and BJJ, a…[View]
64034705ITT /fit/ vids you think everyone should watch: MINE is about Citrulline malate. This stuff is great…[View]
64038515does cretin make you bald?[View]
64039678You can always be thinner, look better[View]
64028759>Romanian deadlift >wallet and keys go missing…[View]
64039665Obesity was a solved problem as of 1953. Did the government recommend the exact opposite as a prank?…[View]
64038563Water bottles: Whats the best water bottle? What material should it be? Budget is not an issue I jus…[View]
64034910/fit/ how do I deal with rancid protein farts? Ever since I started eating more and adding mass my f…[View]
64036546>Stop browsing 4chan for a couple weeks >Lively, happy, motivated, energized >Start posting…[View]
64035903Is exercise-biking for 4 hours (2000 cals burned) a bad idea?[View]
64037682How do you lose stomach fat fast?[View]
64034261What's a good weight for split squats? I started doing these because a guy recommended them for…[View]
64039432Help: Absolute dyel fatty looking To get fit. I think my workout needs help 60x4 dumbell curls 30 pu…[View]
64038364Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
64036544is it still calisthenics if im lifting some weights at home?[View]
64035656what went wrong: 10 years ago lifting was an exclusive thing, now almost half the retard zoomers i c…[View]
64038378After those tranny threads I gotta ask, why are men so weak and effeminate now? How do we go back to…[View]
64038741What are the best non-machine tricep exercises? Skullcrushers hurt my elbows[View]
64038695>Missing person: (You) >Build: ... What will YOURS say? Consider who has reported you missing…[View]
64036392>Your favorite exercise >What you train for (aesthetics, strength, stamina, etc.) >Why you …[View]
64037983How long....: How long does a nigga have to lift to see size gainz I've been lifting for 3 mont…[View]
64039265Why haven't you taken the organ meat pill /fit?[View]
64039260>do a lot of heavy deadlifts, farmers walks etc >core gets stronger >can make myself burp o…[View]
64023614What is your struggle and why do you keep trying?: >Be me >born short pajeet >get bullied a…[View]
64030429Athlean X: This guy is just a scam artist. Everything he says is total bullshit. His best chest exer…[View]
64033303I hit a wall with my weight loss. I lost 12kg so far but i still need to lose at least 7 kg more, bu…[View]
64035910How do boxers develop strong cores with just crunches? I never see them do ab wheels and other meme …[View]
64034211Compression clothing for fatties: I'm a fattie but I have been training for the last year. I us…[View]
64036501I can bench my bodyweight only for 1 rep (80kg). Any tips on how to increase the number of reps with…[View]
64035451how would you respond to this?[View]
64035545>see someone doing heavy squats >push them over >they sprain their wrist, tear an acl, qua…[View]
64038758how do I know if I have a gyno or is it just fat?[View]
64038480how do you get the motivation to run? I used to run 8-9 min miles regularly in school but i stopped …[View]
64037874>when getting set to do the exercise is more difficult that the exercise itself What is the solut…[View]
64037334Who REST-PAUSE here?[View]
64038340Which is the most alpha and aesthetic sport?: Alpha >wrestling >rugby >arm-wrestling Aesthe…[View]
64037777I’m 20, shredded, and don’t know what to do with my life: I feel as if I hit a new low, I feel so de…[View]
64038124i have never run a mile, played a sport, lifted more than 40 pounds or managed my diet in any way[View]
64034571anons help: >been working out >rep amount not increasing >rep amount decreasing fuck fuck f…[View]
64038487>love training muay thai >have shit gas tank AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…[View]
64037792considering my height is 176 cm. How much must I weigh to have the physique of Kenshiro with his lev…[View]
64033840How do you style your hair like this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiwsic6QafY My hair is long a…[View]
64034482>Deadlifts and chinuips are all you need for a good ba-[View]
64036940sleep: a thread about sleep since surly its one of the most important parts of any healthy lifestyle…[View]
64035357Why do gymcels take themselves too seriously?[View]
64034094>let's go to the gym to socialize! >let's hang out and chat adjacent to a machine/fr…[View]
64019946Will the vaccine loot my gains?[View]
64035647How often should you work out your legs?[View]
64032905You are taking the neckpill, right anons?[View]
64032155>busy day >all bench press stations are taken >1 of them is taken by a woman who is using i…[View]
64033839Rate my physique: 30 years old, 5’11[View]
64032253Vaxx: Anyone here get the vaxx just to go to the gym? Anyone still not got it? I'm on the fence…[View]
64037233Ultimate Test: How far do your goals reach /fit/?[View]
64037680How do I get this physique?[View]
64036982Just booked a transplant appointment. Time to unfuck my shit.[View]
64037845Is it over for me, bros? Can I still make it?[View]
64036325Exercise Height Teenagers: Give it to me gay /fit/, does working out from your teenage years onwards…[View]
64037408I just hit 1.5pl8 bench for the first time in my life lads[View]
64033584What makes you have naturally high testosterone levels?[View]
64037824>enjoy your workout you too[View]
64037192Where can I can find a big database of exercises with images like this where the muscles are highlig…[View]
64036830>Need to bulk to increase lifts and get bigger >Love running JUST…[View]
64035581Rate ME /fit/: Natty.[View]
64037459Home gyms: A thread for simple home gyms, for advice, what you could add, and how to find it.[View]
64036742>just found out white people get skin cancer and die if they expose themselves to the sun for mor…[View]
64034964Growing from GHL: I used to be a 10.5 US shoe size, but now I'm 11 and also full inch taller th…[View]
64036329Coconut Milk: I drink/eat a whole tin of coconut milk every day. I swapped to a higher calorie brand…[View]
64034126Imagine: If manlets stoped having kids. In 30 years everyone would be 6'2' min.[View]
64037576What are these muscles called and how do I get them.: Honest question. Im stupid like that. also WAG…[View]
64036349What is the longest you've done it?: What is the longest you've ever done keto /fit/? How …[View]
64036345I still cooom to homeporn videos of my ex-gf. Is this going affecting my gains?[View]
64037119I pulled some elbow ligament or muscle connection or something and now i get some pain if i do movem…[View]
64037474Fit Waifu Friday Thread: Post motivational fit anime waifu. Hold your expectations to a high standar…[View]
64035936Mma: I had been learning MMA, took a month long break because reasons, joined again, today we did mo…[View]
64035352ABB Speed Stack: Anyone ever try pic related? ABB discontinued these and I've been looking for …[View]
64036970Do you need a whole day of rest before after a day of working out in a full body 3x: So I have an as…[View]
64035247Stalling on deadlift as a beginner. how do I proceed past the 2pl8 filter? do I just keep adding wei…[View]
64033520Do you like running?: >Why do you run anon? I'll start I run because it makes me feel like I…[View]
64028985Are you /fit/ enough to beat a kangaroo in a fight?[View]
64037024>Second week of lifting >go around the gym, form checking all the other guys…[View]
64035524WEIGHT PLATE SEX DOLL: Requesting the image of the weight plates with fleshlight. I can't find …[View]
64036765What would going full Rock Lee training do to you? I understand if you wore weights on your joints i…[View]
64037085My family is too poor to afford the reparation costs of our heating system I’ve been doing cold show…[View]
64034514I eat 280g of protein per day. The catch? I'm cutting.[View]
64033795Just got diagnosed with Crohn's disease. Shit has been killing my gains. Any /fit/bros with Cro…[View]
64036459How long into a test only cycle do I start seeing results? 3 weeks in and barely anything changed. L…[View]
64036535Desperate times call for desperate measures: I am very fat. I am 100kg at 178cm in height, which mak…[View]
64036978Newfags cant ꜱoy[View]
64036863>Hey guys Jeff Cavaliere Athlean X Dot Com, and could being UNLOVED for YEARS on end be actually,…[View]
64034827how do you score a FWB? i would like to go there whenever, nut inside, kiss and cuddle and might asw…[View]
64036847ꜱoy: Is ꜱoy really as bad as ppl say?[View]
64033691>physique status natty >vaxxed status unvaccinated >foreskin status uncircumcised…[View]
64036687im 18, ive never exercised alone/without guidance in my life. havent exercised in 2 whole years for …[View]
64036589ITT: gym outfit[View]
64032863Do you have a dedicated fuck-room? I only use it about 30% of the time. I mostly bend my wife over a…[View]
64036504>French Press[View]
64035157>occupy bench >do 5-10 reps >sit on the bench for 10 minutes looking at phone >do a few …[View]
64035106what lifts are considered intermediate?[View]
64034152How does one mix kettlebells with barbell training?: I noticed most weightlifters shun kettlebells, …[View]
64028761If your program has an arms day, your ngmi: Why would you work your arms alone, when you could conse…[View]
64018850/mire/: >tfw no mire thread >post mires…[View]
64033539natty or juicy?: this nigga got a 375 bench in high school after 5 years of lifting achievable natty…[View]
64028627Roll for your body at the end of bulking season >0 turns into a tranny[View]
64033667Getting lean: ITT: We share some tricks to get leaner Chewing gum when you're hungry Eating shi…[View]
64027081last rep face[View]
64036064i go to the beach to find chicks with good base, make them my gf, and make them start squatting heav…[View]
64033993/FAST/ General #1487 - Fasting for the weekend edition: What is /fast/? Fast is a thread for the dis…[View]
64034594is it a good idea to squat/deadlift before a 7 hour work shift where I'm on my feet 95% of the …[View]
64027648which body parts do you need to train more to look like david laid[View]
640350635ft3 Manlet - Need Help: I was given bottom of the barrel genes. Anyone know of athletes or body bui…[View]
64035354>Crom.... I have never prayed to you before; I have no tongue for it >No one, not even you, wi…[View]
64033981Did someone ever compliment your gains? I started lifting early this year and already got 3 complime…[View]
64031702>height poll from r/ftm They never even had a chance.[View]
64035793How do I get /fit/ without leaving my one-bedroom apartment[View]
64034711>managed my first handstand pushup rep FUUUAAAAAAARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…[View]
64034700What do I gotta do to look like this?[View]
64035484Clit-rubbing endurance workout ?: So my gf loves it when I rub her pussy very fucking hard and fast …[View]
64030517Have you found it in your heart to accept and love yourself yet, /fit/?[View]
64034338Anemic and Iron Deficient: Been having issues with fatigue most of my adult life. Went to the doctor…[View]
64035435I slept 13 hours last night and I still feel like shit[View]
64027944how to recover from this?[View]
64032835Why do women not suffer negative effects from low test?[View]
64027558/plg/ - Powerlifting General: Post a video of your lifts if you want form advice Vogelpohl and Louie…[View]
64035221I have given up on ever becoming aesthetic or ever getting a legitimate 7+/10 gf. I just go the gym …[View]
64034269Is it okay to lift fasted?[View]
64033729Taking the calisthenics-pill: Ok I'm done with bodybuilding. I'm taking the calisthenics-p…[View]
64034927I saw a female girl today...[View]
64034244The only lifts I do are overhead press and various forms of curls (to make sure I hit forearms and n…[View]
64034875>highly processed vegetable oils Bad >highly processed vegetable protein Good ???????…[View]
64033966Why do I have more energy after working out, compared to before? I wake up with no energy, push myse…[View]
64033407Is bissap good for you?[View]
64033235est bodyfat%?: what bodyfat%[View]
64033675Whats better for building muscle: free weights or machines[View]
64034799can't fine creatine: guys, i ran out of my creatine and when i wanted to buy more i can't …[View]
64033991i started walking up and down my stairs every time i go outside to smoke : ) feels good getting some…[View]
64033829>jannies deleted the feels thread Based jannies deleting /whiny faggot general/…[View]
64033019Can't fucking bulk, what to do?: >be me >eat 3 eggs, 1,5 cup oats and milk, a toast >g…[View]
64034007What's the deal with this shit? It's fucking delicious, but we're supposed to avoid i…[View]
64029304>I DRINK MORE WATER >I PEE MORE PEE how do I bladdercapacitymaxx?…[View]
64032668how do you get a swimmers body?[View]
64032424>And to you Frodo I give Casein, the powder of our most beloved gains. >May it be a protein s…[View]
64029806I just wear constantly a riveted chain mail hauberk under a trench coat and it has been the laziest …[View]
64023268Who will beat him?[View]
64033415My blood tests indicate a low NEUT%, high LYM% and low EO%. I'm dying, aren't I?[View]
64034462>finasteride package was lost during shipment[View]
64028243Unironically, is coffee/caffeine good for you? especially in the long term[View]
64033358Warning Up: How do you warm up? Do you even bother warming up? What are the benefits of warming up? …[View]
64033410lifting motivation: I lift thinking about all the innocent people who died on 9/11 because fatties w…[View]
64033488Natural testosterone: Hello, short story Normal testosterone range levels are from 9 to 29 nmol/L At…[View]
64034379Hey Faggots my name is John, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-li…[View]
64032965What is the purpose of the front squad? which muscles does it target? Also is this a good program f…[View]
64033348You are training grip strength, right anon?[View]
64033865Could this be asthma?: All i have is dry chronic cough, ive been taking PPI for reflux a while now a…[View]
64033923>tfw gonna drink coffee, shit post and workout at home gym today[View]
64032804How to max looks in 6 months?: I went to detox and rehab in May. I weighted 63 kg with 188 cm height…[View]
64033870SUSTENANCE: Any nutrionists wanna give their 2 cents on pic related? Also general nutrition disscuss…[View]
64031456lifting just got so much easier for dyels! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbwtQacM-Oc[View]
64034026/fit/ btfo by an asian manlet: why did I work out for 2 years to get my muscles when I could have ju…[View]
64031688Which is the most alpha and aesthetic sport?: Alpha >wrestling >rugby >arm-wrestling Aesthe…[View]
64033909Let me guess, you need more? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imFxOVfEhCs[View]
64031368manlet ascension: If you're ever down about what you lack in height... Find a bodybuilder or fa…[View]
64033925>Beelzebufo ampinga (/biːˌɛlzJˈbjuːfoʊ æmˈpJŋɡə/ or /ˌbiːlzəˈbjuːfoʊ/) was a particularly large s…[View]
64031466Brehs... i thought you said calisthenics wouldnt build legs... My upper body is dyel but my legs don…[View]
64033686Training for the 80s-90s pop cardio aesthetic? I really want my gf to have this look, what sort of l…[View]
64033213>be me >dunk on 6 raw eggs after every workout How will this affect me in the long run?…[View]
64033322Crunches and hanging leg raises aren't doing it for me any more. What's a good ab routine …[View]
64033889>ask a guy how many sets he's got left on the bench >he looks at me absolutely flabbergas…[View]
64033804Uneven: Just started going to the gym this week. I can lift dumbbells much easier w/ my right than I…[View]
64033821>be me >do sit ups nearly every workout for a year >still no 6 pack >girl who just joine…[View]
64028273Im literally incapable of building muscle skinny frame bad genetics[View]
63993824Have you ever been in a street fight?: How did it go? did lifting/regularly exercising help?[View]
64033165Hmm whats his routine?[View]
64033558Exercise is a much smaller component than a diet when it comes to weight loss. You cannot lift your …[View]
64032049>1/2/3/4 is actually supposed to be for 1 rep[View]
64031267are supersets underrated? I made good gains with them[View]
64032265How do I make the big sad go away? Lifting doesnt help, sleeping enough doesnt help, eating healthy …[View]
64033604>be me >have work at 5pm >oh no, if I go to the gym I'll be tired at work >do I eve…[View]
64025851What's stoping you from looking like this? What's stopping you from looking like a REAL fi…[View]
64030166Would purging once be that bad?: Its my bday, ate a lot, would throwing up be that bad or am i just …[View]
64033411Whats the best way to gain strength when you're already overweight? I did once before and I got…[View]
64031967If this guy wasn't a DYEL, could he have moved the boulder? What other examples are there of pe…[View]
64029526Why are biceps so easy to grow but triceps are a bitch?[View]
64032309How the fuck do you go to sleep at night? I've been a horrible sleeper my entire life and it…[View]
64031521If you do your routine day in and day out without question, emotionlessly pushing yourself to your e…[View]
64028475How much cardio should I do in order to be healthy?[View]
64027102Glute Gains: If you wanted to maximise Glute gains what lifts would you do? >hip thrusts >RDL …[View]
64033160How about this for a homegym?: Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Rack Cage (363kg max): 400€ FL…[View]
64030701Swimmermode: How do I get to swimmermode from average build?[View]
64026080Hard gainer/Low responder: Its impossible to build muscle, bros. Lifting for just under 4 years, gai…[View]
64029839How do I bring my heart rate down? I don't like this....[View]
64031349How to convince my dad to learn proper form: How to convince my dad to learn proper form? My dad is …[View]
64033221Dietary DHA prevents cognitive impairment and inflammatory gene expression: The consumption of a pro…[View]
64020011anyone using oral minoxidil?: is it worth it?[View]
64032861What's more important to you - fitness or financial wealth? (I know the ideal is both, but if y…[View]
64032752routine+diet to achieve this mode ?[View]
64032956Anything I can do to improve on myself gym brahs?[View]
64031999My upper abs are as clear as day, but I still have a gut on my lower half. What the fuck is this? I…[View]
64025312Why are all nurses fat?[View]
64032124I hate being fat.: You all think we fat people love being fat and see no problem with it. Everyone h…[View]
64029404What are you so afraid of, Anon?? Hop on![View]
64032271Posture: Can someone explain this? >start to actually hold upright posture throughout the day but…[View]
64026568CHAD MEALS: Only healthy meals here >T-bone steak and tomato ketchup >Boiled eggs > Big Ma…[View]
64030602>tfw 80 degree kyphosis Should I honestly just fucking kill myself?[View]
64028978Romanian Deadlifts: and why they feel so good?[View]
64030156Is minoxidil lowkey dangerous? Im convinced that it can help grow out facial hair, but at the same t…[View]
64032976Could lifting have saved him?: https://people.com/movies/jamie-lee-curtis-and-daughter-ruby-on-journ…[View]
64031192How do I train slow twitch muscle fibers? That must be what I have because I'm weak and slow bu…[View]
64029323It was over before it even started[View]
64030424>on trt for the last 9 months >Health problems I've had for my entire adult life vanish i…[View]
64026921Do you guys think you can get a job as a personal trainer while being dyel?[View]
64030018What mode is this?[View]
64032559I broke my arm: Hello /fit/ . I have a boxer fracture on my right hand so I effectively can't l…[View]
64030038i finally got into a regular workout routine and i've noticed a big problem >workout in the …[View]
64031230Rich Piana's 20 week BIGGER BY THE DAY cycle.[View]
64029498i only have a pair of dumbbells at home. How do i work my back with these?[View]
64029157>About to knock out a warm up set >This guy approaches you >'Dude you need to be wearing a …[View]
64030211WAKE UP[View]
64004152>swap all my carb sources to rice >get lean within 2-3 weeks Asians are unironically right, ri…[View]
64029091From an aesthetic perspective, should I train my obliques? Or will this make them too large, and thu…[View]
64031239Do women respond better to leg/glute training?[View]
64028406to get the body i want i have to go on a 45 week cut[View]
64032281Any advice for sticking to a calorie deficit diet? I’ve lost 40 lbs but have been slipping lately. C…[View]
64031397Can I keto 50lbs? 22kg: I'm 50Lbs too heavy according to this calculator thingy. Can I straight…[View]
64032048HOW TF DO YOU LOSE FAT: I'm a chubby dude, probably a little overweight. Damn I just want to ge…[View]
64032461Resources to fix being a skinnyfat?: Hi guys I am not really sure on how to ask this without being c…[View]
64029539Pectus: Hey pectusbros. Do you guys do anything about your pectus? Any exercises or stretches that h…[View]
64032107Generation Iron Natty 4 Life: The movie poster already states the obvious; Natty or Not? So I am in …[View]
64029027Be honest with me: If i do enough lateral raises do you think i can achieve my dream of not being ab…[View]
64030239besides the price, is there any other reason not to use the TB12 Diet and Training?[View]
64031069Cycling - endurance cardio??: I want to get in better shape and recently started using a cycling tre…[View]
64031277knees over toes: >one-way ticket to snap city is there a quicker way to snap your shit up than by…[View]
64031894>be me, 6'1 >always see manlet memes on here >go to the school gym because the old one…[View]
64031222how long did you lift for before you were finally out of DYEL mode? where your arms and chest actual…[View]
64027240>started wearing gloves >Lifts have all increased by 20% This board is one big bucket filled …[View]
64031678>not /fit/ enough to be Bruce Lee for Halloween[View]
64030426How the FUCK am I supposed to get 200g of protein a day without more than one scoop of whey powder? …[View]
64027440>rest week[View]
64029928Is there any point in lifting if you aren't learning to fight? Who cares how big you are if you…[View]
64029470Big Racks and Stands: My Rogue SML-2 arrived today. I just put it together and man is this thing sol…[View]
64031404Hey /fit/. In judo tonight my partner incorrectly executed a technique on the ground we were practic…[View]
64031546Anytime or Snap?: Who will rein supreme?[View]
64030803How fast can I get swole? I'm talking about within 6 months fast.[View]
64031388Excuse me: >Could you not bang your weights on the ground when you deadlift please ?…[View]
64024370thanks you bros: i think i made it bros... i am a 23 yr old khv and have been browsing/posting to fi…[View]
64024273/cbt/ - current baby thread[View]
64030290>only had 800 calories today as usual i dont think im gonna make it bros…[View]
64030344how do i get a baron harkonnen body[View]
64029479> ctrl + f > no high test thread let's fix this…[View]
64029274I was working out and didn't enjoy it as much. I Lift 15 lbs dumbbells still okay heavy just no…[View]
64029731AAAAAAA /fit/: How am I going to get my daily test boost now? This has to be a psyop right?[View]
64030301Hippocratic Oath: Thoughts on the hippocratic oath mentioning diet before medicine or surgery? >i…[View]
64029229Can I dirty bulk by drinking alcohol?[View]
64029442I feel helpless /fit/ like 4 or 5 months ago I had a flu and had antibiotics injected in my buttocks…[View]
64016734CURRENT BODY THREAD: 4 months in Start: 5’9 140lbs Now: 5’9 160lbs Fuck it, CURRENT BODY THREAD. …[View]
64028332what's the point of lifting just to get stronger if you are not competing in anything? are you …[View]
64031096I think i have histapenia.[View]
64030986>Ideal height for a Roman legionary was 5'9''[View]
640289561 hour bus ride home: Keep me company please[View]
64030206sumo wrestlers: are they actually healthy? how could they be if they look like this?[View]
64030893Has anyone bought picrel recently? I got my last tub in July, but the amazon reviews from the past 2…[View]
64030881Hey anon, you're working out too much, you should relax[View]
64030072>fasting to drop some body fat >but also lifting because I dont want to be a twink or skinnyfa…[View]
64030477>Go to a party >People finally start noticing my gains >Injure my shoulder two days later …[View]
64017617Pregnant fitness: https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/medicine-and-dentistry/body-fat-distribution …[View]
64028846How do I voicemaxx? I want to learn to speak loudly, masculine, deep, and from my chest.[View]
64026328I don't want to squat or deadlift[View]
64026507Can I get all the vitamin D I need from the sun if I stay outside long enough? If I wear sunscreen, …[View]
64030833What's wrong with big here's physique[View]
64030618What do you guys use for seasonings? Like is it all salt and pepper or do you go for brand seasoning…[View]
64029912fat burners?: anyone know of any good performances enhancing fat burners to maximise a toned physiqu…[View]
64029006Bros, i just want to be a fuggin' unit with giant lifts and giant muscle. Is it feasible to gai…[View]
64030417Drink water anons, please: >be me >shitty childhood, uncaring parents >don't mind that…[View]
64024254home gym starter: I am going to home gym because of social anxiety what do you think about this as a…[View]
64017503FPH/ - Fatty Cope Comics Edition[View]
64029945Any heavy quinoa eaters here? Apparently 2 servings is enough to get the positive effects of the ecd…[View]
64028370Is fasting suitable for cutting?: Or is it just a meme that is shilled here all the time? Doesn…[View]
64028161What do you guys store your gear in? I use this lockable drybox and just leave it on my coffee table…[View]
64029067Friendly reminder that this the IDEAL male body type.[View]
64028225ITT post your favorite gym NPCs for me, its the buff old guy that gives you unsolicited but solid li…[View]
64029748Can I get shoulders like ensign Mayweather without roids or is it black guy genetics?[View]
64029101>most of my problems would be fixed if I just ate less all those years training…[View]
64029860face fat: how do i get rid of face fat im already 30 pounds down but i have a feeling the fat on my …[View]
64029315>Trained in the morning >gym cutie ask if she can come over to train at my homegym >do anot…[View]
64028757Should I work out at home to not look DYEL when I walk into the gym? If yes, post pre workout routin…[View]
64029549Is it really just breastfeeding for two years and chewing a lot as a child? Is that really all that …[View]
64029790Getting close? 18 months check in[View]
64024877>gf made me a brookie[View]
64029738no matter how much you lift, you get BTFO'd by superior face havers... hard truths :/[View]
64029829How often do you have to work on your legs?[View]
64029863Pre workout concoction: >So I have been using redcon1, for my workout needs >I buy their pre-w…[View]
64029831Why don't I sweat very much when I lift?[View]
64028328Why is my wrist large but hands small[View]
640289323 Qs 1) Is sitting overhead dumbbell press better than standing overhead dumbbell press? Or can I ge…[View]
64027465/testicles/: Why do my testicles have a dull ache now after doing mostly heavy compound lifts for ab…[View]
64027199FASTING vs CALORIC RESTRICTION: Thoughts on this? Fasting may be good for quick weight loss, but app…[View]
64029213My chest hurts[View]
64027460Mastic for Masseters: I bought mastic gun for jaw gains. If you don’t know, mastic is the original g…[View]
64025113Finasteride Debate: Get in anons. Is it really a tranny pill? I heard if you only take 1 mg 3 times …[View]
64028859just had a nice 2 hour session, can't wait to get home and show my girlfriend the fruits of my …[View]
64029496why does body fat look so much better on women?: not fair bros...[View]
64029469What’s going on with you guys? Still lifting them weights?[View]
64026993Nose bump near eye: I used to have two bumps on my nose right next to the inner side of my eyes, but…[View]
64023576>smoked everyday >drank alcohol >ate ice cream every fucking day >ate canned food >li…[View]
64025924Gymming for half a year and i can still only curl a 12.5 kilogram dumbbell for 10 reps[View]
64029297Will shaving my head make me look bigger?: If my head is smaller, the rest of my body will look bigg…[View]
64024655Childhood obesity crisis: Almost 25% of Americans under the age of 19 are clinically obese. What the…[View]
64020344natty or nah: tourist here, answer me this and ill fuck off. is natasha aughey natty or nah[View]
64028905I have to binge drink 1 day out of the week[View]
64026312Is being a wristlet and/or handlet, even WORSE than being a manlet?: I'm 6, i have broad should…[View]
64024402Which diet do I go for if I want to reduce inflammation? I'm unironically in constant pain.[View]
64027637I got plastic surgery this morning and now I won’t be able to work out for a month or eat hard foods…[View]
64027196To straight male /fit/ anons who look like this, if you were offered $500 to have your anus fucked b…[View]
64028227Deadlift Variations & Accessories: Deadlift bros. What deadlift variations and accessories do yo…[View]
64029279UFO status need bulk: Shalom /fit/ bros Need bulk, clean bulk, ASAP. I've gotten to this physiq…[View]
64029127What if you trained while wearing a full suite of armor like our ancestors did?[View]
64027229are watermelons /fit/ approved?[View]
64026535We always talk about how getting fit improved our looks and how people treat us, but what about the …[View]
64027782>at the gym and this guy offers you some candy What do?[View]
64027269How much do carbs matter? I feel like I'm not eating enough carbs but I can easily get over 100…[View]
64029093You can check out any time you'd like But you can never leave[View]
64028398Is it possible to placebo myself into gaining more muscle mass if I eat sugar pills and pretend they…[View]
64028632Is it okay if I eat this everyday + ground beef? The macros don't seem too different from a reg…[View]
64024739Why can't I be a coomer: I don't have a sex drive anymore I can't get hard anymore Pl…[View]
64028860Sleep fasting: One of my gym bros told me that once every month, he will skip sleeping for a day and…[View]
64025238What's your excuse?[View]
64028653>mfw my new coworkers frequently make comments that i shouldn't have any trouble whatsoever …[View]
64028089Which is the most alpha and aesthetic sports?: Alpha >wrestling >rugby >arm-wrestling Aesth…[View]
64028634That feel when you stopped working out for 2 months now but your fat didn't even disappear caus…[View]
64028415Is a barbell all the equipment you need?: I recently tried the whole going to the gym thing but it w…[View]
64028171How bad is just not eating to lose weight? Im in a place where i feel like i could fast consistently…[View]
64023165Is the girl in the back natty?[View]
64028468ive been walking 2 hours a day everyday this week burning about 700 calories but i just got drunk an…[View]
64028384This fucking board[View]
64027981Cross training BJJ and Judo: Judo is a beautiful art that I’d like to train for its own sake. Howeve…[View]
64025887So wait, if I'm cutting am I supposed to reduce fat or carbs[View]
64022149>australian deadlift[View]
64026131I'm doing carnivore. Mostly beef. But it seems I cannot drink more than 2-3 glasses of wine in …[View]
64012523How the fuck do I stop having sleep paralysis? I have it every other night, sometimes 2-3 times a ni…[View]
64027136How many of you look chad af in the mirror with the body of a Greek god but look like an ugly dyel i…[View]
64021429Skippy, will he make it?: >'I’m going to start working on my physical' Can Skippy make it at 43? …[View]
64025406DIET RATE THREAD: I’m seeking advice on any shortfalls my diet has. 6’2 255 (35%bf), approx 2700 TDE…[View]
64028278Anyone know who this guy is? He's got photos on J. J. Malibu's site, which is clothing for…[View]
64027927/fit/ webms[View]
64027566Can breast milk be beneficial for gains?[View]
64027825why you you people place so much emphasize on squats deadlifts and benchers when almost no actual bo…[View]
64027307Is he a hack?: All of the following are actual quotes from Jeff >conditioning is killing your gai…[View]
64028201I lift to woo a sculptor art hoe, become her muse and be immortalized in marble as her greatest work[View]
64027849Recipe Thread: Share some of your favorite recipes. Try to post ones that are easy to make while bei…[View]
64024269my feet hurt can you massage them for me bros?[View]
64026018What's the most sigma male exercise?[View]
64025565Batman mode: I know christian bale probably took gear to get this physique in under a year, but obje…[View]
64027433>Brosplit >cold showers >fap >have sex occasionally with slampigs >proper protein in…[View]
64026782>burns your feet and hands during your set[View]
64027272>23, neet >82kg/183cm >Regular hypertension >138/80 69 pulse right now while trying to s…[View]
64027184>Go to new gym >The only song they EVER play is 'The HampsterDance Song'…[View]
64026892Can I get a body like this strictly with Calisthnetics[View]
64028075>340 calories There's something wrong, this must have at least 600 calories…[View]
64027884Bros how many days are in a week?: If you're lifting full-body every other day, is it 3 or 4 wo…[View]
64027189THE VERDICT IS IN: https://youtu.be/xVc2Zk2Kwyg[View]
64027610I do calisthenics and farmer carries. Thats it. I decided after years of doing pushups, pullups, and…[View]
64027348cold approaching: what has been your experience with cold approaching women? I have literally zero w…[View]
64027803>be me, skinny dyel >this year started eating more and working out >towering 5'10 at a…[View]
64025308I lift so I don't end up like him[View]
64027061What bodyfat % is this[View]
64026426>:): I stare at women in the gym until they become visibly uncomfortable[View]
64026219>american deadlift[View]
64027759Can I get a bf estimate and should I shave[View]
64024944/NIG/ Nagging Injuries General: Starting new thread series where we’re specifically focused on rehab…[View]
64017714Max Taylor: Is this peak natty? >inb4 juiced Remember >lighting >pump He’s not that big and…[View]
64024087are salad kits good for cutting?[View]
64027657I'm slowly becoming aware of how harmful all the plastics I've been using really are to me…[View]
64025869How do I unironically into Greek statue mode? Starting from skinny fat, how long can I assume to ach…[View]
64027501Do you listen to subliminal audios to boost your gains?[View]
64025054Afternoon guys. Skelly here. I've been casually lifting for around a year now with visible gain…[View]
64024628Garlic: Since I've been eating raw garlic I've been having increasingly disturbing thought…[View]
64003634/fit/ humor thread[View]
64027326How to get more folate in diet?: It seems impossible to get daily value.[View]
64026223Your Cell is Killing Your Fertility: OH NO NO NOOO https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4074…[View]
64027582myopia: Why can’t anyone see anymore? It seems like half of the population needs glasses now. Even I…[View]
64024590redpill me on tofu[View]
64024530Grow grow grow...[View]
64027098What could be some side effects from mixing coke and a cycle of test e[View]
64027105Is it better to take like 1m30 mins between sets and lift lighter or take 2mins between sets and be …[View]
64027468Name better music to lift to Pro tip: you can’t[View]
64027456Am I supposed to be bleeding?: I’m bleeding[View]
64027443Do I really need this shit when taking D3 supplements?: Anons, D3 is reasonably priced while D3+K2 i…[View]
64019483Femanon here, this is my dream body, not too masculine but very fit, how do I achieve it naturally?[View]
64027413First competition: First powershitting meet in 4 weeks. Kinda stressed. Any advice?[View]
64026997What's for dinner, /fit/? Currently making mujadara (rice, lentils, with caramelized onion). Co…[View]
64027138>train for strength >realize strength is useless outside of the gym…[View]
64021862/WHOOSH/ EFFECT: Whats up vros just had another big ass fuckijg WHOOSH today no cap. Bust down anoth…[View]
64026232Just got my Fauci Ouchy. When is it safe to go back to the gym?[View]
64026068Well, should they?[View]
64023999Pre-workout and general powder thread: Post some good shit, I highly recommend this one.[View]
64024419Seriously, how do I get to a 135 ohp, 225 bench, 315 squat, and 405 deadlift without getting fat or …[View]
64024444Nick Bateman is 36 years old. How'd he do it?[View]
64026891Is this achievable natty?[View]
64025544This middle schooler slaps your gf's during Gym class, what you gonna do?[View]
64017958>get vax >moderna.exe >week later >'we're going to stop giving people under 60 mode…[View]
64026937Redpill me on Bowflex machines and resistance bands. I know its inferior to free weights but surely …[View]
64026690How do i achieve this physique?[View]
64016030/plg/ - powerlifting general: >recovery Wednesday edition post video of your lifts if you want fo…[View]
64022134The natty limit[View]
64003035Feels good thread: >be me at work >Get text from buddy saying he quit his job due to stress an…[View]
64026433Chemicals in shampoo and makeup are linked to early death, study finds: Everything fucking kills you…[View]
64026601FFMI MEME?: Is FFMI a meme? This calculator says Im at excellent FFMI but I look DYEL and have only …[View]
64020265Why even learn to fight if a bodybuilder or strongman pushes you to the concrete: And its over ???…[View]
64019205Why didn't lifting save him?[View]
64018036B R U T A L[View]
64026882Working chest and back on the same day:: Based or cringe?[View]
64026354OH SHIT BROS IS HE ABOUT TO NAME THEM? https://youtu.be/Vk-RRLam_cg[View]
64022888What's your proudest fitness achievement? Non fitness achievement?[View]
64021597>is the least used piece of equipment in the gym[View]
64026621/NSG/ - Nootropics and Supplements General: why is this not a thing on this board? What kind of chem…[View]
64016825I don't care about getting swole. I want lean, dense muscles. How do I do it /fit/?[View]
64026488No pump today: Anons i had a problem and i don't know what to do, i usually get great chest pum…[View]
64025804Sick for a week: Does anyone else git sick for like a week whenever they get sick? Is there anyway t…[View]
64026188How do I stop being attracted to fat women? It's not even a fetish from porn or anything. I don…[View]
64026060should I roid?: >inside the train >only four free seats >I'm happy because I'm go…[View]
64023958Ivermectin for Worms: I think i might have parasites, how anyone tried horse ivermectin before? I kn…[View]
64025838I outgrew them with GHL: I used to be a 10.5 US shoe size, but now I'm 11 and also full inch ta…[View]
64024901how much do you need to bench to not be considered a dyel[View]
64025702If we attain our natty limit after 3 years, is there even a point in training hard after that?[View]
64025116How get AMERICAN Psycho body type?: What exercises ?[View]
64026260I'm still not getting the vaccine[View]
64025727It's actually that simple: It's all you need[View]
64024792This is a man's world.[View]
64025150Push-up thread: You know the drill[View]
64024774Why push is more enjoyable than pull?[View]
64024795What type of diet do you have to eat for fat to grow on your FOREHEAD???[View]
64024322What type of body does she have /fit/?: Is this what a healthy woman should look like?[View]
64024649Fauci is a terrorist. The CDC is a terrorist organization.[View]
64025520Not that bad right guys?[View]
64020201bros, what to do? continue dieting? should i do a gear cycle? i lost 30 kg.. im 6'8 (202 cm) an…[View]
640247816 months transformation: Is he natty or juicing?[View]
64025255Im 5.3[View]
64025985How do I transform from male to male for getting steroids legally and free?[View]
64025921How much does alcohol affect muscle growth? Does anyone still occasionally drink alcohol while still…[View]
64019622What is a realistic bench progress like? I've been lifting for 5 months now and I'm exceed…[View]
64024263choose your fighter[View]
64025903So what costume are you wearing to the gym on Halloween?[View]
64016211FICTIONAL BODY GOAL THREAD: How do I into minotaur mode bros?[View]
64025834Chest hair, should it go? Or keep it?[View]
64023372what is your fitness routine for the apocalypse? what would be the optimal physical shape for someon…[View]
64025397Is it too late for me?: Hello. Over the past couple days I've noticed it's difficult to ge…[View]
64025443>tfw body constantly feels like shit and completely fallen out of love with lifting…[View]
64024174>ADHD ruined my workout again[View]
64023066>small wrist what do?[View]
64022482>tfw barely able to do 40 bench presses with 35 pound (16 kilo) barbell in one sitting should i e…[View]
63984876ITT unique individuals at the gym: There’s this indian guy, around 6’8”. Comes in, OHP’s 245 one tim…[View]
64025449skinny and skinnyfat confusion: what's the line between the two? bulk isn't recommended fo…[View]
64025161The most boring barbell exercise possible: Can I just deadlift twice a week and drop bent over rows?…[View]
64025438>>only found out about Zyzz last week >>made me unironically pick up the gym and start e…[View]
64023634What mode is this, and how do I get it...emphasis on cardio over weights?[View]
64021334Is he the best natural bodybuilder of this generation?[View]
64025094>getting on gear to achieve natty limit faster >stop roids once there >profit is this possi…[View]
64022741Calisthenics Progressive Overload: So I’ve been doing bodyweight exercises to get stronger but that …[View]
64024955She knows my name[View]
64024078https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ho8hYpUw3yo im doing weighted pullups again, did 20 kg x 5 i am also…[View]
64022502Is my OHP form good /fit/? 145lbs bte[View]
64022966how to not get a bad physique: look I'm not saying appearance is all that matters, for example …[View]
64021642ITT people you used to think were ripped[View]
64024581How heavy do you go on your Romanian Deadlifts? I know the exercise is more about form and getting t…[View]
64024963I have a fucked up back and the right side of my body is considerably weaker than my left to the poi…[View]
64024923What is your personal motivation for working out? What got you started? Why do you still do it?[View]
64023365Nofap thread: >Day 20 >get horny as fuck >miss my ex >I'm literally edging right no…[View]
64024077Can you lift after a couple beers?: I have dinner plans with some friends later, but I missed the ch…[View]
64013996New food pyramid just dropped[View]
64020099Mickey thread[View]
64001753QTDDTOT: I want to start doing weighted pull ups at home. I have a home pull up bar and some 25 poun…[View]
64022689Run until you piss blood and shit bricks.[View]
64020016https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCQwJ43jsbo MORE PLATES MORE DATES BTFO[View]
64024775I'm going for a testosterone test tomorrow, what am I in for?[View]
64023627Redpill me on salt.[View]
64024465Why does everyone on here keep referring to me as he/him? Those are not my preferred pronouns.[View]
64023303wow....: he is right...[View]
64024011just got 5 mcd's crispy chicken sandwiches for free we eating good tonight[View]
64023080I am not masturbating but I'm not having sex with girls too because I am asocial. What do I do …[View]
64024204Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
64019552Choose wisely.[View]
64025620>Country is in the Bald list OH NOOOOOO![View]
64024451>probably you[View]
64022867Borderline anorexic should i go femboy or chad mode[View]
64024201I finally reached 40 cm arms: this is a great result for me. Also rate my physique[View]
64018619Am I genetical failure? How do most of you hit 2pl bench after 3 months of lifting?[View]
64022435Stretching: How often do you stretch, /fit/? And is it better to stretch before or after you work ou…[View]
64023356>touched a receipt >slept with clothing on >my protein powder had onions lecithin in it wil…[View]
64021685How do you style straight hair? Mine always ends up looking awkward at some angle.[View]
64017444>chad face but 7/10 body (aiming for 10/10) Who else has this[View]
64021317do they worth 80 euros? i don't think so, what is your cheap(normal priced) alternative?[View]
64022725Moggings Thread: Cont. from >>64004575 Post brutal moggings.[View]
64023166icf 5x5: Is this a routine that's worth putting time into? I'm a complete novice btw…[View]
64018845Would getting into crossfit be a be idea?[View]
64024045>wake up >still 5,5 >still 115 lbs >day ruined…[View]
64023059got myself my first ever blender, so far i mixed plums with warm water because this shit helps diges…[View]
64021101Everytime I get to PR weights and I actually have to struggle hard to lift, I get 'coached…[View]
64024081Why is abundance punished by nature?[View]
64020565Sup bros ! rate my stack[View]
64021950Gyno thread: Anyone thought they had gyno but it went away when you lost weight? I’m terrified I hav…[View]
64023665How'd i get into this mode?[View]
64014665How bad is type 1 diabetes? I have a family member who was just diagnosed and I want to know how bad…[View]
64022955How is this 531 bbb variation bros ?: Recently I saw the naturalhypercuck's 5/3/1 review video,…[View]
64016179You only have one life. Take roids, get plastic surgery, get fake hair, do whatever you need to make…[View]
64012225I need a gym in Toronto not enforcing the vaccine passport. Any neighbourhood, just need to lift.[View]
64021671Is Blahino right here? https://youtu.be/Nt6PgSjIryI[View]
64022429What gains does running give you?[View]
640214237 months progress: 242lbs down to 200lbs We’re all gonna make it brahs[View]
64022607>muh heckin eggerinos! Everyone who's not an incel is already vegan. What's your excuse…[View]
64015744>150 lbs >start drinking these again >caffeine addiction starts again >1 week later, alr…[View]
64023313How are skinnyfat people supposed to get lean?: >'Everyone knows abs are made in the kitchen, you…[View]
64023548I just can't seem to get a good solid month in. It's either overstuffed with work, getting…[View]
64023488Does anyone else carry their school stuff in their gym bag as well?[View]
64022341Reinvent yourself every. single. day.[View]
64023475/fit/ - DRAWTHREAD: >>>Drawthread<<< A thread to share and create around /fit/ Sha…[View]
64021600Is cracking your fingers bad for you?: I always crack my fingers before lifts but I worry that it…[View]
64023394Their best album and it isn’t even close.[View]
64017676Jason Blaha: I am jealous of this guy. He seems to do nothing but workout in increasingly exotic way…[View]
64022509Is he right about prioritizing the press over the bench and that the bench is overrated and that the…[View]
64023297How do I get the strength to actually read the sticky and go the gym?[View]
64022190Test Recommendations: What type of testosterone does Hone use for injections? Is there a better plac…[View]
64020862Do cigarettes help with weight loss? I know they suppress appetite.[View]
64019789>every patron in the gym is wearing headphones >retard attendant continues blaring a shitfucki…[View]
64019516Girls tell me I’m jacked Do I look better than most here[View]
64022066How often do you do laundry? Do shower after each workout and put on new cloth? I dont get it. Right…[View]
64016198are vegetables a meme: are they just a filler food on the plate to fill you up because of the “fiber…[View]
64020786Taking 150+ grams of protein daily. My farts could kill.[View]
64021029lost all motivation to go to the gym: what should i do /fit/. ive lost every ounce of motivation to …[View]
64020728Why can't I get 8 hours of sleep?: No matter when I go to bed, I always seem to get 7 to 7.5 ho…[View]
64013617/fph/: perfectly healthy 16 years old edition[View]
64010372What's the best diet to lose fat and not be constantly hungry?[View]
64017645Why do you care about the obesity epidemic? By 2030, 85% of Americans will be overweight. This means…[View]
64004575Post brutal moggings[View]
64011772>punches you for no reason[View]
64017912>Be in 1000 calorie deficit >not losing weight How…[View]
64022918there are people on this board who unironically take a supplememt called 'turk'esterone[View]
64022117I keep failing my fucking diet.[View]
64019763i sometimes get restless arm, what should i do?[View]
64022851Is it normal to feel kinda out of focus on caffeine?: Is it normal to feel kinda out of focus on caf…[View]
64021694How does this happen?[View]
64020009I'm never eating white bread ever again[View]
64021041I love lifting weights and putting them down so much bros... wagmi[View]
64021409>hit 2/3/4/5 >still felt awkward and socially anxious sitting in a cafe today ITS OVER…[View]
64021089How often should one switch up their routine?[View]
64022369sup bros, im starting turk and i bought it from 2 different sources, gorilla mind and pro-hormones u…[View]
64008457Do You Workout Harder Than Adele?: >'I work out two or three times a day,' Adele told the outlet.…[View]
64022428O K /fit/ I'm sure someone here has cracked this problem already. So what do I do on evenings I…[View]
64013920Which fast food chains are the least garbage pseudo-food?[View]
64021175Daily push up thread Roll you faggots[View]
64020936I have pain in my left elbow when doing pushups and chin ups. I have pain in ankle and knee doing be…[View]
64015757How do I train BJJ without getting in this situation?[View]
64019856POV: You're lactose intolerant[View]
64021057I want to go into a very short period of extreme unsustainable fat loss. I do not care how much musc…[View]
640218192.67 MB JPG Have been living of oatmeal porridge 2 of those big measuring spoons twice a day 1 banan…[View]
6401939820% bodyfat with muscles here, what's the fastest and most muscle sparing way to cut to sub 15?[View]
64021575Does it look like I am lifting?[View]
64018478How do you fix this? I'm considering shoulder implants.[View]
64021242How much easier is life REALLY for beautiful people? It certainly doesn't help them lift more[View]
64020130>lift to forget the trauma Who else? That last rep where I'm just focused on not dying and f…[View]
64015860>ate 2,150kcal today >feel sickly full now How do fatties do it?…[View]
64019075Foot turned out: Why is my right foot turned out and why do I have to step back a bit and have a sta…[View]
64015710>I lift to attract women and reject them in the most inhuman possible way…[View]
64021351I need bigger arms: After doing SS I realize I have chest, lats, and big as fuck legs with no arms. …[View]
64017883How to sleep when cutting? I'm so hungry brehs...[View]
64021611Cycling fags: I'm a potato at the moment. Is it as simple as just building up time/intensity ev…[View]
64015702It's incredible how quickly you get used to your gains, to your new size and start to feel smal…[View]
64019027Why doesn't it ever get easier? I went from barely doing 10 pushups with bad form to 100+ with …[View]
64021321Best lifts and martial art/s to train to fight?: Let's just say I have to fight an old childhoo…[View]
64020241what do /fit/[View]
64021019post your diet and rate others >i drink carbonated water and 3% fat low pasteruized milk >Pork…[View]
64019532I lift for her[View]
64019338Is this achievable natty?[View]
64021298Grinch mode It’s over[View]
6401906620 yr old, 5’9 134lbs. Never worked out a day in my life besides the odd 15 reps of pushups here and…[View]
64020898What are some easy, baby-tier workouts a fat guy can do to start building a healthy habit of working…[View]
64018963>eat yoghurt with walnuts and berries for breakfast >drink a big glass of milk with it >lun…[View]
64020251Are female standards becoming outrageous ?[View]
64019121zyzz is a prime example that even if your dance moves are completely retarded your dance will look g…[View]
64019863>Boost HGH and Testosterone >Helps ketosis >Kills parasites >Treats constipation >Z…[View]
64019668Did spider - man roid for this physique? “He’s just skinny” yeah but he’s extremely lean with abs Po…[View]
64015776Why do people who workout tend to be more intelligent than the mass?[View]
64018778i OHP more than i squat[View]
64020421How do I achieve this build?[View]
64020186This is a man's world.[View]
64019364>can’t go outside or take photos of myself unless I’m under <12 bodyfat or below Is this an e…[View]
64019208>be prescribed Risperidone for bipolar >700mg a day >gain 30lbs in 2 months > eating on…[View]
64018743>first day at boxing gym >get punched in the head >have a headache the next day…[View]
64020270i can jog for extended periods of time if i am listening to music while having power fantasies about…[View]
64020529I am currently on my grind fr no cap[View]
64020083can't ride my bike to the gym because its windy like the world's ending. lifts for this?[View]
640203871000lbs club: >When your total on bp squat and dl is more or equal to 1000 pounds C-c-can I stop …[View]
64018679Training and antidepressants: Considering going on antidepressants. I have been depressed for a year…[View]
63991860/fat/ WAGMI edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For floppy floofs who have accepted the need to achieve a…[View]
64020025How can I be like Sonic?[View]
64017896Eat more food[View]
64020080>Stair walking Is it effective?[View]
64020005how to achieve this physique?[View]
64018694>0 hours of sleep anyone else?[View]
64018663This guy never went to the gym and never injected synthol. He never slept and was a canibal that dan…[View]
64019878Achievable natty ?[View]
64019508did anyone buy his fricken cook book? is it any good?[View]
64019809Will I ever make it as a hapa?[View]
64019695What if all the obese slobs are actually just bulking like crazy, and one day they will all cut and …[View]
64019677Mogs the entire board: Heh, nothing personal[View]
64019363How do you improve upon perfection?[View]
64018255>We'll make creatine from their ashes... Take them into the gym with us…[View]
64019620Legs without barbell squats: My push and pull routine is perfect for me, but after a year at the gym…[View]
64019309According to science: CICO is bullshit All you have to do is eat the carnivore diet and you will nev…[View]
64018440Is this possible?[View]
64019589Is he a good fitness role model?[View]
64019494Now that the dust has somewhat settled: Are Devine protein shakes as good as theyre made out to be?…[View]
64018237How can anyone be addicted to this shit?[View]
64017952How do i cope with being lifemogged by every boomer with a high paying corporate job? Yeah i serious…[View]
64019318Brainlet here, what does it mean if I have prominent veins bulging on my legs all the time? Is that …[View]
64018927>tfw have to use the university gym for the first time as I've ran out of weights I dont wan…[View]
64016601Is Tren worth it? I am about as weak as this guy right now, no muscle on me at all.[View]
64019216Double Dipping: Is it okay to double dip at the gym? I go 6x week usually, and do a 2xPPL, and somet…[View]
64018131It takes 6 months to get fit But how long after that does it take to get a girlfriend ?[View]
64019019What exercises to do to lose weight at home: Probably not the first or most original thread but i wa…[View]
64018081What are the best exo for big shoulders ?[View]
64018185im ugly on the outside and the inside...[View]
64019277You might not like it: but this is what perfection looks like[View]
64015919I'm so fucked /fit/ bros.[View]
64018297Training for the 80s-90s pop cardio aesthetic? I really want my gf to have this look, what sort of l…[View]
64019621Fem anon here: Is there a natural way I can extend my fertile years?[View]
64018983If one goes on keto, will they eventually just end up reaching pic related level of leanness as time…[View]
640141426ft 170lbs Cut or bulk?[View]
64019014Shoulder fucky during flat bench: Hello /fit/ For the last year ive been getting some pretty sharp i…[View]
64019262Could lifting have saved him?[View]
64018279What does /fit/ think of 70's big? It seems like a decent LP, better thought out than say SS, n…[View]
64019227Name a better source of protein: Protip: you cant[View]
64004071Ray Peat bros... How is it going?[View]
64018837Is a bubble tea going to fuck up my whole diet or can i drink one[View]
64018827What do I gotta do to look like this?[View]
64018801Can you beat a sheltered rich white kid in a fight?[View]
64019144>he does it for free[View]
64016415Dumbbell Deadlifts: Thoughts? I do them with the 80 lbs dumbbells and I'd say they feel more ta…[View]
64018910Is anorexia good if you are skinny fat?[View]
63999576How would you solve the American obesity crisis?[View]
64005690bro just stop eating food: its not hard, my BMI is 255 and all i eat now is soup and some chicken wi…[View]
64010979Why are methheads ripped? This isn't an anomaly either. When I went to san francisco, I saw th…[View]
64018884What is your favourite bodybuilder in public motivation video?[View]
64018350Is this the perfect body for a woman?: I think so, do you agree?[View]
64014795Hey fit whatcha up to? I just hit a new squat pr at the gym and now I’m laying on the couch browsing…[View]
64017476Was Macready /fit/?: I know I'm human because I've got singles, and if you all had dubs I…[View]
64014419Who here /nightwalk/?[View]
64013994Been lifting for a year, my 1rm: ohp: 140 Bench: 190 Squat: 295 deadlift: 315 (only started deadlif…[View]
64018808CREATINE: Just bought my first ever batch of creatine monohydrate. What am I in for fellas? Acne? Ha…[View]
64018909I'll likely be doing the roll of shame tomorrow bros on the bench press. I can barely do 1 plat…[View]
64018501Cheat meal tomorrow. Where should I go?[View]
64015745What defines making it?[View]
64018070>have home gym >can't be bothered to lift when I wear pjs >wear clothes to go out >…[View]
64018445I'm never gonna make it. I lost the genetic lottery.[View]
64018782alright fellers is this achievable natty? and what type of exercises and diet from scratch should i…[View]
64014502>500g chicken thighs >900cal >120g protein >tastes amazing >almost like KFC but not W…[View]
64010511Can Indians be successful bodybuilders?[View]
64016428>want to find foods high in protein that I enjoy and can cook >remember I can cook beef fajita…[View]
64016784What's the point of us being here if we don't cement our glory for others to spectate? Yo…[View]
64014250how do minimize or entirely prevent (if possible) loose skin?: i'm an 18 year old 5' 9' ma…[View]
64017548Are there any downsides to eating 5 dozen eggs a day? I'm considering doing it to bulk into a t…[View]
64018510>Be me >Homegym Masterace >In the middle of a set >Music sucks but can't stop to ch…[View]
64018157How do I get a body like this naturally?[View]
64016474i finally figured out how to leg drive on the bench[View]
64015159Admit it, at least 80 percent of this board lifts for females. This board has too many threads focus…[View]
64015332>carbs are bad for you No[View]
64016753Finally under 170: Just clocked in at 169 exactly yesterday. Measurements and scale is saying somewh…[View]
64018476Wtf do you do about gyno? I basically do everything in the book (eat clean, exercise, avoid endocrin…[View]
64013436>mfw accidentally drank 18 beers on a weekday again will this affect my gains?…[View]
64018441I did the testing and I can consume double my normal calories per day if I smoke weed. Is it worth i…[View]
64018205I want to train for aesthetics but I love low bar squats and power cleans and despise isolation exer…[View]
64013538What protein powder do you use/recommend?[View]
64016587Why: Why do you lift anons? I lift to try and be a the perfect man even though I know its not obtain…[View]
64018346Anyone else get GERD/heartburn from lifting? I hadn’t had heartburn since I was a little kid until I…[View]
64007003which is the best alternative to sugar? honey, coconut sugar, jaggery?[View]
64018119bigger FOREARMS and SHINS?: how do I make my forearms and shins bigger? every time I see them I crin…[View]
64015040Can you lose hair in periods of stress and regrow it months after you're out of that situation?[View]
64017466John Wayne looked like THIS, and his name is still synonymous with being a Chad today. Could you mog…[View]
63992886/fast/: Fasting thread. Give me your fasting motivation and advice Had a 10/10 qTpi GF after college…[View]
64018203Is bloatmaxxing worth it?[View]
64018049What mode is this Zoom in pls[View]
64017687I'm too poor for a gym membership what do you do at home?[View]
64010332Where do you go to collect mires? For me, I've found hobby lobby to be one of the most prime pl…[View]
64016284anyone try uncle yeah crocodile big dick titan gel penis enlargement cream?: I'm trying to star…[View]
64014402What's the single best oblique exercise? There can be only one. I'm not wasting my preciou…[View]
64004938>mogs running in every way >doesn't destroy your knees >noticible lack of minorities …[View]
64014732Is this the ultimate cutting life hack?: Why don't you just eat a ton of vegetables if you are …[View]
64017705Rare Zyzz: I’m fkinnn ZZZZZYYYYYYYYyyyyyyyyyyzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ B rah[View]
64011909gaining weight healthily as vegetation: hiya! I'm looking to gain weight as I'm currently …[View]
64015231>even Thor looks dyel there's no hope unless you're a bloatmaxxer…[View]
64017642Am I over training? Push day: Dumbbell bench press 3x10 Incline bench press 3x10 Dumbbell flies 3x10…[View]
64016658>broad as fuck shoulders, legit 22 inches across >tiny as fuck wrists, less than 6.5 inches ar…[View]
64014905Do i have a good waist or can it be smaller?[View]
64016277Roidbros.......... https://youtu.be/_TOEfRGKX8w[View]
64015306>nutritionally mogs butter ketards btfo[View]
64013666>gyno >gf always asks me it can’t be that bad >work up the courage to say ok >topless…[View]
64018094Anyone has an Aeron (herman miller)? I'm looking for a good ergonomic chair and ive been lookin…[View]
64015340Why do I have the urge to carry every hot female I see in the gym like this?[View]
64016840Fixable in 6 months? Grossly fat and hairless at 22[View]
64014796/grift general/ how do I, a fat unfit old man, start grifting other people's diet to sell them…[View]
64011680Mongol mode: Possible natty?[View]
64013097>be /fit/ to normies >other male coworkers in the office try to flex on you Wtf why do they d…[View]
64017157Pulled it off at sparring today: >Catch the roundhouse kick >Step on the other foot >Lazily…[View]
64011612How can i make my ass smaller?: I do mainly compound lifts with very little hypertrophy on my should…[View]
64014816Just tried this for the first time today and damn, it feels like it works way better than regular be…[View]
64017278magnesium what is the deal?: RDI is 400mg (far from an exact science i know) most foods, both plant …[View]
64005755Post cursed physiques[View]
64016843This is all you need[View]
64012194Humans only became smart because they were weak[View]
63997300Lifting Music: this is the only album you need to get through a workout. when it’s done, just start …[View]
64016492Personal question, 18 and only 8 weeks into lifting, is 225 pounds (100kg) a good weight for a squat…[View]
64016958Guys... I miss everything about Pedigo Submission Fighting (Daisy Fresh) (BJJ gym).. Went there for …[View]
64015471Spiritual experiences in the gym: Do you feel like you are having an spiritual experience while lift…[View]
64016420>be vegan for a few months >pee in cup >moderate to high ketone levels in urine >doctor…[View]
64016632Can someone please explain how to put one of these things on Why is the velcro belt facing backward…[View]
64014589Would constantly eating sugary things to keep insuline high during a bulk have a noticeable effect o…[View]
64014884I am very out of shape, underweight and haven't done any cardio nor strength training in probab…[View]
64016607i lift at the ymca, so sometimes it's a gym full of dudes with 1 chick. you can tell she's…[View]
64014276What do y'all niggas do when you aren't at the gym[View]
64013873Red wine: Good for heart health, relieves stress, rich in antioxidants, lowers bad cholesterol. Righ…[View]
64016129fat on protein: I know its theoreticalky possible to get fat eating too much protein but have any of…[View]
64014161>I just binged on 1400 calories of cereal and milk Should I go purge?[View]
64015054>that post gym Ativan ahhhhhhhh, all is right in the world[View]
64015281What is the hardest muscle group to work /fit/?[View]
64016157META: Are 'imagine her getting ( redacted )' posters actually based? They could single handedly lowe…[View]
64013667Does cardio really kill gains?[View]
64002668Derek BTFO: An actual research scientist and professor criticizes one of Derek's videos. How wi…[View]
64002576/plg/ - powerlifting general: >Liberty Squats edition can you do 34 reps of 171kg? Post a video o…[View]
64013194Turning 30 in two months. Considering hanging up the phone, 4ever. Had my share of psychedelics, sti…[View]
64006376Does your job benefit from your physical fitness >tfw animator[View]
64015685How do they do it?[View]
64015739Is this stuff safe?: I've been using this bike on and off for about a decade. Just realized I…[View]
64015438is being skinny with abs really the same as a fat chick with big tits: >skelly >decent abs …[View]
64011900>semi handsome >good beard genes >white >working out for years >put a lot of effort i…[View]
64015098gorilla maxing: is it worth it[View]
64013655Lugol's Iodine Toronto: Anyone know a store that sells Lugol's in Toronto?[View]
64015371I Was Chad All Along: >Spend life as the ugly weird kid >Finally start getting /fit/ in colleg…[View]
64015347Retarded inquiry: I'm trying to achieve two things right no. I want to work out more regularly,…[View]
64013429looksmaxxing: Our boy has clearly fallen into pure unadultered autism https://youtu.be/T2-jB6NRzM4?t…[View]
64014966Gear story: >be me >two cycles in >wife got pregnant between cycles >about to have a dau…[View]
64015295dogass thread for losers: i am slow and weak and pathetic, i sweat too much at the gym and drink wat…[View]
64015161/gmg/ - Gorillamaxxing general: How's everybody's gorillamaxxing progress going? Just orde…[View]
64014645I don't know if I hate beauty or ugliness more anymore[View]
64013354Is this even healthy?: I’m trying to get in 200g of protein. Seems like a lot of meat. Is it even he…[View]
64014221training while sick: should i? i dont want to fuck up my body and make myself sick for longer but i …[View]
64007428Lmao just roid boys Shouldve done this a long time ago[View]
64014915Does based Julius still posting around here? Hes looking joocy lately[View]
64011361/WPH/ - Weak People Hate thread[View]
64015001What mode is this? She’s the top MLM fitness influencer in Adelaide atm[View]
64014346Steroids make you smarter. Even tren, if I remember correctly[View]
64007756What keeps you going fit? I know you guys will hate on me but I've never found a good motivatio…[View]
64015037I was looking at my doctor's visit summary and noticed my blood pressure read at 136/66. Isn…[View]
64010236what do I do?[View]
64014428finnish dude who fucked up using steroids: Does anyone have the picture of the finnish (or some othe…[View]
64014626>fitness center only has the gayest cardio machines and bikes is there anything worse?…[View]
64014763I started premature balding at age 17 from accutane. By age 21 my hairline had stabilized. Now I…[View]
64010733Why is OHP so fucking hard to progress compared to bench? I'm adding 5 lbs every week to my ben…[View]
64014798Bodybuilding: Anyone know a good place where I can get pro bodybuilding workout plans for free? Ever…[View]
64014581I posted on /adv/ but I have a sneaky suspicion that they are faggots. Now that I'm getting phy…[View]
64014396Here are your BBC warriors, /fit/. Say something nice to them[View]
64011870vasodilator maxxing: >combine multitude of everyday substances that thin blood and relax blood ve…[View]
64012657Dr. Nun Amen Ra: >>Practices OMAD for longevity and vitality >Vegetarian >Mid to late …[View]
64010232Daily reminder that if you pull sumo youre a faggot . That is all. Thank you. Please continue your …[View]
64010909Dick Health: I have noticed that my dick is producing an abnormal amount of smegma way too quickly d…[View]
64010102What's your test boost stack?: > sunballing > ashwagandha > vitamin D > no fap…[View]
64014108Does Beta Alanine even do anything productive besides give you tinglies? NGL, I kind of miss it sinc…[View]
64008982What does /fit/ thinks of fruit? Personally I love it[View]
64014164More jannies more trannies[View]
64013668>winter coming up >it's bulkan season >he isn't making chanko nabe why /fit/? I t…[View]
64012452Do you fear of being photographed with someone with a higher evolutionary fitness level than you?[View]
64011175Fraud Possum Edition: I have been doing an experiment for a few months now. I have been microdosing …[View]
64011080how do I get finasteride: do I just go to my doctor and ask him a prescription? won't it be exp…[View]
64013144The Irishman is the epitome of male dominance and masculinity. Let's start by looking at his bo…[View]
64014126Can I replace 1 squat days with something like an additional chest/back (alternating) workout, and t…[View]
64013039>For two months only sleep 6 hours a day >Feel fine >This week decided to start getting 8 h…[View]
64012988Who do I mog[View]
64011686Why did you fuckers recommend me this shitty brand which pumps the powder full of lecithin, seed oil…[View]
64012278Is there a more nutritious food in existence?[View]
64010523What am I in for?: Will my dick fall off?[View]
64013200Dairy+Calcium appreciation thread: >be me rooner (50-60 miles per week) >usually consume loads…[View]
64013923Why do you retards vehemently deny that fat/muscle gain and weight loss is dominated by your hormona…[View]
64012862I Gained Masseter Mass: Literally just two weeks of chewing gum once a day for 1 hour of day, usuall…[View]
64014075>wake up, 3:45 AM >get up from the floor, beds make you soft >bust out 40 burpees as quietl…[View]
64013785Pick your path: >Ugly roid mode >Strong fucker mode >Calisthenic/kb/ohp mode Wich one?…[View]
64012668>you WILL do calisthenics >you WILL use resistance bands >you WILL eat the chicken sandwich…[View]
64010170I've started using monkey chow to hit my macros and it's working extremely well. It's…[View]
64012731>Vegetables >Recomp >AMRAP >Cardiovascular Endurance >Bio-Mechanics >Risks to Rewa…[View]
64013720I don't want to go to a gym - what kind of equipment should I buy if my goal is to no longer lo…[View]
64013898Having a ripped physique and a chiseled jaw will get you more mires from girls but the only way to g…[View]
64013867Who's the most based DRM and why is it Big Richard?[View]
64013317>'''''holistic doctor''''' >doctorate is in chiropractic…[View]
64013759I’m trying to find my daily max tolerable dose of psyllium husk for science. Currently at 60 grams (…[View]
64012554Daily I become more powerful[View]
64013707Why is it that in 2018-2019 everyone was talking about Ostarine, and since then nobody's been t…[View]
64011012Thoughts on this man?[View]
64012229How do I stop eating McDonalds bros[View]
64005168Skipping leg day: Hey /fit/ it’s that time of the week for me again So tell me, what are your best e…[View]
64013675>brosplits are bad because...THEY JUST ARE, OKAY[View]
64010572>Coworkers are forcing me to drink beer after the football match again What is the right move in…[View]
64013392How to escape ET mode?[View]
64010643Seborrheic dermatitis: Ever since I've been working out I've had this disgusting shit spre…[View]
64013370Help /fit/, I think I have a knot in my calf. I've been running more often, and think that was …[View]
64013566https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPOU-yPGbpY >300 Violin Orchestra >4:3 >uploaded in 2009 …[View]
64013164>You WILL follow the sticky >You WILL obey the experts >You will NOT deny soience…[View]
64012593what do you think about the mediterranean diet?[View]
64009812Beef overrated?: I'm a poor college student, i only bought chicken breast so far because it was…[View]
64009320/fit/ halloween costumes: Would a morph suit like this one with a aylmao mask be a good costume. I g…[View]
64005912I can only wear a pair of shoes comfortable without insoles, but that causes blisters on the balls o…[View]
64013378stay safe out there you absolute fucking retards.........................[View]
64009678What kind of body can you achieve with Compound Only?[View]
64013237>tfw not 6ft+ >Tfw no 8 in dick >Tfw no hunter eyes >Tfw no 6 figure salary >Tfw no d…[View]
64013014Vaxbros... why is it a bluepill[View]
64006004/FPH/ - Human Abomination Edition: Why no bake after last thread ?[View]
64012081Any other SSRI bloomers here?: Started Lexapro two weeks ago and I'm starting to feel good. Wil…[View]
64013094How do I normiemaxx? I'm tired of being a sperg, I want to reverse the years of autism inflicte…[View]
64012351Hello, I'm DYEL and I've been using a bench press. Is it normal to feel lasting discomfort…[View]
64012145Im so lonely bros[View]
64013106How do you get rid of the womanly thigh saddlebags fat as a male? Asking for a friend.[View]
64010528OCD - Mental /fit/ness: > I constantly have to do rituals and repeat my actions in order to make …[View]
64012957You do train your flexibility, right?[View]
64013063>turn 26 >start sweating buckets every workout…[View]
64012608How would you react if your girlfriend said this?[View]
64012331Passive Glutes: Passive butt exercises? Like, can I just flex 'em up while sitting around? What…[View]
64012751It’s over. 4 months of SS GOMAD and I just got fat.[View]
64011338Questions about calisthenics: Hey bros, I'm a calisthenics beginner, just wanted to ask you som…[View]
64012773tilapia: How come more people on here don't talk about tilapia? It's macros are about the …[View]
64011581Is this a good split? Retard check: PUSH Bench 2x5 1x10 DB ohp 3x10-12 Superset: Chest flyes 3x10-1…[View]
64012741Dark Chocolate: I was reading about pre-workout meals / eating and the article explicitly said not t…[View]
64011571Manlets and Lankets: Both these guys were the presidents of my country Mexico One was a 4'6 mi…[View]
64012381what’s my ideal weight: I’m 6’4.5” 272 lbs but can’t even bench 135 lbs. so that mean’s my lean body…[View]
64007258Yer fond of me protein shake aint' ye?[View]
64012247IQ doctor said I have IQ 67[View]
64012749Are there any benefits to doing cardio every day on non-lifting days besides being able to eat more …[View]
64011654dear ketotards: without resorting to the absorption of fat soluble vitamins or omega 3s name a singl…[View]
64012110Is it possible to train your body strength at home for pole dancing without going to the gym? You n…[View]
64010974Masc maxing: I'm trying to max my natural T (no pins) and Im wondering if my plan is retarded, …[View]
64008515I am currently sitting on the toilet taking my third massive shit TODAY. It's only 2 pm. Wtf is…[View]
64012561So /fit/ which anime character should I try to look like? I think Escanor looks cool but Guts is als…[View]
63999980>Increases your test >Increases your lung capacity >Looks extremely cool >Makes you look…[View]
64012774Think about it Tone... The sudden weight loss?[View]
64012217Tips for hiding pectus excavactum? Also workout plans for chest/shoulders would be appreciated[View]
64011548Rate my based beginner program: Day A: Squat 3x5 Dips 3x5 Power Cleans 5x3 Day B: Chin-ups 3x5 OHP 3…[View]
64012150Wanna get rid of my natty card what's the best beginner cycle to get lean and muscular[View]
64011344is there a way to stop being obsessive about breathing and stop forcing it?: is there a way to stop …[View]
64010961I really like cream cheese. If I get lactose free will it not fatten me up as much?[View]
64011834Deadlifts today[View]
64012596What mode is this[View]
64010948Is this a healthy meal?: The sandwich is ham and cheese with onion, tomatoes, and pickles, on Dave…[View]
64006814FASTING BTFO: literally lost more muscle than fat finally we can have an end to this retarded starva…[View]
64012290Increasing oxygen: How do you increase the percentage of oxygen in your blood bros? Mine is usually …[View]
64012146Does anyone have experience with Ibutamoren (mk-677) I want to boost my gains but am too much of a p…[View]
64011357Raw Milk: Redpill me on raw milk. I want to drink it even if I get sick. How common is getting sick …[View]
64012258Redpill me about gallbladder stones, can i removed them with other way than surgery?, The jew doctor…[View]
64002875Guy on left: How do I get this mode[View]
63999007if carbs are bad, why are asians so skinny?: my vietnamese friend goes through large bags of rice so…[View]
64011884Tried doing pullups, I'm fat and have never regularly done strength or weights. Do I just keep …[View]
64008381Should you take rest days from cardio? I'm a neet and spend too much time exercising because i …[View]
6401126232kg/70lbs Kettlebell Exercises: Hey, Bought one of these along ago cause I was stupid. Any ideas fo…[View]
64010148>tfw we have this amazing routine in the sticky and fags still ask for beginner routines Fuck gay…[View]
64004249>bodybuilding Buy this sure is WAY more interesting that bros hanging out in a comfy garage gym p…[View]
64012093What is to give light must endure burning.[View]
64009860Is it based or cringe?[View]
64012067Anyone got any good resources on inflammation? Think it might be messing up my sinuses.[View]
64011914Do you have superhero tier height, /fit/?: Superstrength sadly isn't really achievable, but at …[View]
64010062My first 24h fast: Had my last bite 4.45 hrs ago - just hit Catabolic state and 19.15 hours to go. I…[View]
64010462Thanks to this board I have become inspired to lose some weight. I've started cutting down my d…[View]
64011341Is Greg Doucette /our/ guy?[View]
64008022>tfw lifting for about 3 and a half years and gained 80 pounds >can only bench press 250lbs fo…[View]
64011578Fasting promotes a much deeper autophagy than exercise. Gymcels btfo'd for eternity.[View]
64009183Personalitymaxx: I know looks are important, but so is personality. How do you even begin to develo…[View]
64012203A girl agreed to meet with me as “” friends”” she says no kisses or sex I agreed is there still a ch…[View]
64011930Headaches: I used to go to the gym some years ago but in some ocasions, I had intense headaches so I…[View]
64007594I am risking my life by posting this[View]
63998890seeing little to no progress for months: been working out for well over a year now and im not seeing…[View]
64010787>that guy that randomly starts crying at the gym what's his problem?…[View]
64004988Nofap and fitness: Fellow /fit/ nofappers how do I get through the first week I want to be a nofappe…[View]
64011845Should I[View]
64011055What do you think of Tupac's prison routine?: >dipz[View]
64010328>6 nights in the gym for 2+ hours pushing it hard >600mg test 140mg ment >Perfect macros, …[View]
64011464Finally deadlifted after not doing it for a year. 115lbs feels good for me and my form seems to be c…[View]
64008499What's a /fit/ approved snack when going to the cinema?[View]
64010098Bike Bros: Just bought a nice lil city bike to get to and from my Jiu Jitsu gym. I'll prolly ri…[View]
64007798forearm is a lower body muscle[View]
64011094How can I achieve Ramesh mode?[View]
64011224i will buy 1400iu of hgh and inject 42iu every day[View]
64010684Will I stop hating myself when I hit 1/2/3/4?[View]
64010988/Pet Fitness/: Rate my dogs physique, I take him on a walk every day and he eats healthy so he’s I p…[View]
64011118How do you fight gyno?[View]
64011078Rate my workout schedule: Chest + Triceps >5x5 Barbell Bench Press >4x12 Dumbbell Bench Press …[View]
64010939>Exclusively does barbell bench press and dumbbell curl >One set to failure every time Realist…[View]
64010345/pmg/ Pomegranate Maxxing General: Did you drink your pomegranate juice today anon? Cheers No pommer…[View]
64009962be honest, how many days of the week do you train? do you freak out when you miss a day? like your m…[View]
64009966I look decently in clothes but i still have no abs. Should i cut to get abs but prolly would look li…[View]
64008940>people on /fit/ keep shilling starches >say carbs are necessary for building muscle and worki…[View]
64011046Crippling diabetes.[View]
64010681What the fuck!? My bench was weak af today /fit/. I was supposed to get a new pr. What happened??[View]
64009967Good value?: Is this a good value? It's 550 dollars for a bench and dumbbell set of a combined …[View]
64011048Is this shit really a thing outside of twitter and reddit? Do fatties actually think like this?[View]
64010830/grift general/ how do I, a fat unfit old man, start grifting other people's diet to sell them …[View]
64010575>management found out about the creepshots I've been taking of girls in my gym…[View]
64008799These things really does help me chug water down An eyecandy to really drink some needed H2O Plus it…[View]
63994290/fit/ humor thread: Spaghetti Championship Games Edition[View]
64000327Do you have any autistic reason for lifting? Sometimes I pretend I'm preparing for a situation …[View]
64009835How is getting fit meant to help someone with neurofibromatosis?[View]
64010460How do I get this mode?[View]
64008041Anyone ever bang a girl who works at the gym? I started taking my workouts seriously a little while …[View]
64010021what are your thoughts on Dr. Belisa Vranich? have you guy taken the breath max pill?[View]
64005643i keep dreaming of my teeth falling out bros... what does it mean...[View]
64009594>be me >go to gym >have to use a barbell or machine with somebody >urge to lift more tha…[View]
64007131I have finished reading the Sticky and will be doing Reg Parks beginner 5x5 followed by Joe DeFranco…[View]
64009230Bros i can't take it anymore. >lockdown after lockdown >take the vaxx wear the mask >s…[View]
64008973What's /fit/'s opinion on fish cock?[View]
64010126I've been lifting for 8 months now I've been aroused by twinks for 2-3 months now wtf is h…[View]
64010501Nutrition website: Recommend me a nutrition website. Must have micronutrients and ideally list sourc…[View]
64007811Anyone got a decent dumbbell routine? Fitness center in my apartment complex doesn't have barbe…[View]
64009985THAT'S IT! I'M DONE!!!: I've been hitting the gym for 6 FUCKING MONTHS and have seen …[View]
64010451I've been making good progress with lifting in the past montn, but I've noticed I'm n…[View]
64009756Was Wilt Chamberlain history's only unmoggable man?[View]
63974921/cbt/: Post ‘em 5’11 160[View]
64008346Working at the gym: Gym employees or former gym employees, what's it like to work at a gym? I…[View]
64008065What we eating this evening lads? Late Edition Cheeky tuna cracker[View]
64007320Can I just go Auswitz mode and do 4 hours of fasted cardio daily until I reach 8% bf, and then clean…[View]
64001293Would you rather fight a chicken to death every time you got into your car? Or an orangutan to death…[View]
63999330Stop over training pecs[View]
64010099Covid isn’t fucking real lmao[View]
64010065Match let's you filter by race and 'Body Type': Why are you faggots always saying to use shit a…[View]
64009324How does it feel knowing this fat piece of shit is better conditioned, stronger and can beat the shi…[View]
64008302>saturday: evening mass 6.30pm (catholic) >gym 8pm >sunday morning: Pentecostal 2hr service…[View]
64009662Marines: Is it retarded to want to join the Marines for the sole purpose of getting /fit/ I kinda ju…[View]
64009749Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
64009249I want to start drinking this green stuff since it's supposed to be good for you in a bunch of …[View]
64009743Abs finally showing thru. Just wanted to mark my 2nd year process. Not really looking for tips. My l…[View]
64009772Can virtual gyms inspire RL exercise? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjVUfNfQ6g0[View]
64009940Blackpilled again[View]
64008251Anyone know what knee sleeves are these?[View]
64004008Is stoicism /fit/?[View]
64009559Dumb question: how can I tell how much a bar weighs? Is the bar 30lb or 45lbs?[View]
64008525>stalled on OHP twice in a row I hate OHP day now[View]
64005994What's the best of the intermediate routines in the sticky? >Bill Starr's Linear 5x5 …[View]
63975600>NoFap month 2[View]
64009727Vegan 8% body fat: So I just started seriously going to the gym. Currently i'm going about 6 da…[View]
64009266when you say how many plates you lift how are you supposed to count them? does 2pl8 mean 2 plates on…[View]
64007602>on god, you better spot me bro, no cap[View]
64008363new rules in America: >sub 1pl8 bench: forced hrt >2pl8 bench: forced hrt >3pl8 bench: forc…[View]
64008021can i grow beyond 24?: I’m tired of being 5’9”[View]
64006095I lift for him[View]
64008936Is this kid natty?: He's deadlifting fuckin 275KG at 16 years old https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
64009639tea: fat people shouldnt eat salads they should eat high protein foods and unleash their full potent…[View]
64006719>High-bar squats >Low-bar squats Which is better?…[View]
64008856Workouts without cash: I recently had to cancel my gym membership because I'm so strapped for c…[View]
64005441Post funny preworkout: I need the best one you got for gym playlist pictures[View]
64008401without killing myself, how can I ensure the highest possibility that I'll never have to deal w…[View]
64008488Today is leg day for wife! Any anons training their partners as well?[View]
64002930What's your split /fit/ I've been doing PPL for almost a year now[View]
63999221What the fuck do they feed kids these days? I keep getting mogged by school girls.[View]
64009113>just finished my leg workout >cant feel my legs >can barely walk >impossible to fully e…[View]
64009283Every day is OHP day[View]
64006485This is the fittest man on Earth, Jan Frodeno. Thoughts?[View]
64009428is there really no way to avoid hair loss with using gear? I dont care about the ball-shrinking shit…[View]
64009140How would lifting save you here?[View]
64004745Is ashwagandha worth taking? Supposedly it can increase testosterone by around 15%, did you guys try…[View]
64007370>inside the train >only four free seats >I'm happy because I'm going to make the …[View]
64006675>He can't fill out a large DYEL alert[View]
64007301Have a run next week, what can I take in to boost performance?[View]
64009048r8 my hippie ass preworkout >fish oil, magnesium glycinate, 25mg cbd >shot of half a teaspoon …[View]
64008855crazy pump[View]
64008298>Only got 5 hours of sleep again My gains are being flushed right down the toilet arent they?…[View]
64007808How do I get into martial arts? I have to learn how to protect myself. I had sex with this 6'1'…[View]
64006197ADHD and lifting: I'm benefiting from my ADHD since I just have to eat same food and don't…[View]
64008842Are these teeth fake, why do they look so strange like implants or crowns? Also teeth care thread.[View]
64007172What lifts can i do while avoiding to damage even more my inguinal hernia bros? I'm so depresse…[View]
64005761my female cat benches more than the incels here who just tren and eat tendies all day[View]
64007900How am I male supposed to build muscle if I eat like a 55 year old woman? I can't eat different[View]
64008516>no gf >feel sad and lonely >get gf >feel tied down and trapped >leave gf >feel re…[View]
64006673GAINZ: How does /fit/ get their gainz? For me it's 10 raw eggs blended with raw milk and 5 scoo…[View]
64003093Sleep gains: How does /fit/ beat insomnia?[View]
64007998No Gym workouts?: My favorite gym has been closed since the pandemic, and I'm too broke to affo…[View]
64005295>Go in for check up >Scanned a med cart doctor told me to show next time I go in (I changed re…[View]
64004116if you are a man that benches less than 120 you are a woman btw sorry come suck daddy's dick, d…[View]
63994417/fit/ webms[View]
64008091Trainings advice from 'semi-pros' at the Gym: My trainings split at the moment is an 'Upper Lower' S…[View]
64004968If you're an ugly manlet you shouldn't try to become a midget bodybuilder gymcel, that…[View]
64005827Blood Pressure: Hey fit, got a blood pressure test done after a night of drinking and was drinking c…[View]
64007659Anything that happened in the gym you’re mad about?: thread theme: https://youtu.be/Ye7FKc1JQe4…[View]
64008387today i ran 1,810 meters in 8 minutes. Is that good or bad? t. beginner who hasn't even starte…[View]
64007961How do I fix shitty neck posture?: A lot of guys don't realize that their heads are permanently…[View]
64004496Bench press vs Machine chest press: So, from what I've gathered online, the machine chest press…[View]
64007822where does everyone on /fit/ get these SFW pics of super hot girls I have genuine fitness questions …[View]
63998222How do i achieve this body type?[View]
64002937Married with Fitness: How do I get my wife to work out with me?[View]
64005699No matter how much you lift or how /fit/ you get, you will never be as confident or self-assured as …[View]
64007753Should I Quit Coffee: Do I really need to quit coffee? It can’t possibly be that bad for you? I add …[View]
64007425I love porn[View]
64007355No gyms near me: I live in the middle of a midwestern state and there are no good gyms that don…[View]
64007513Post your best protein shake recipes. I'm tired of vanilla whey and milk. Preferably sans-blend…[View]
64004839You mirin /fit/?[View]
64006792I’m 6’3” and tired of being tall, what’s the best way to shrink myself?: Preferably without surgery…[View]
64006998How big were you when you first hit a 3pl8 bench? And I'm talking paused, touch and go doesn…[View]
64005936Whats a healthy breakfast I can prepare the night before that has little to no milk? t. Crohn'…[View]
64003817redpill me on energy drinks: are they gay? how many can I safely drink per day that I won't ge…[View]
64007305So in case they lockdown everything again here this winter and I have to resort to calisthenics agai…[View]
64007124Do I have a good base?: I know I’m a fat fuck[View]
64007578So I've been getting a lot stronger but my weight has started the same for months. I've be…[View]
64007510ITT: things everyone on /fit/ agrees on (opinions of DYELs and tranny demoralisers don't count)…[View]
64005335Supplements are bullishit[View]
64007576Can /fit/ save him?[View]
63999015>Oh my god Anon you spend your free time lifting heavy pieces of iron? And you do it for 15 hours…[View]
64001069What routine should I do to achieve this level of BASED?[View]
64007395>2020+1 >not injecting yourself with a tren and onions cocktail Ngmi…[View]
64004908When did you realize that lifting weights was pointless and you are destined to fail? For me it was …[View]
64006017What do I gotta do to look like this?[View]
63998401QTDDTOTT: Old one hit 300. At what degree should I be for incline DB bench press to most effectively…[View]
64006588My car just broke and is rainy outside. Do you guys go to gym even when raining? Or should I just d…[View]
64005396Today I'm starting squats. I will only do squats for my boxing.: Yesterday I did some lateral c…[View]
64006108jesus god fuck someone help me with gas: >Decide to eat better >Eat more protein and fiber, re…[View]
64003389How do I get this big and tanned?[View]
64001975Is calisthenics good for you?[View]
64006078Why lift? Why break myself?: From what I have read, to get a decent body I will have to lift for 5 y…[View]
64002416/NFG/ No-Fap General - Fuck off incels + kikes: >Who is no-fap general for? It's for everyon…[View]
64007169Post splits, rate others: Pull A - Monday Deadlifts 1 x 5 (1 x AMQRAP) Lateral Pulldowns 3 x 12 Cabl…[View]
64005627What are some exercises that helps with low back pain? I get them when I sleep and I don't know…[View]
64004506Let me guess, you need more[View]
64006559Is this why Normies that eat 3 meals a day + snacks age so fast?[View]

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