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/fit/ - Fitness

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52478436She right tho[View]
52478178How can I train myself to become a force of fucking nature? I'm tired of the bullies, the porn,…[View]
52474732What exercise will help me escape the KHV pit?[View]
52480252Quick bros what keto approved thaifood??[View]
52474785/fit/ is cancer: This board is filled with propaganda (most of 4chan is) posted by shills and dyels.…[View]
52477320Is this the ultimate in nutrition?: Anyone else eating these? God mode nutrition, no carbs, low calo…[View]
52477029does your social status before/during puberty determine the level of test in your system for the res…[View]
52479014you can run but you can’t hide. see you sunday[View]
52477970WoW players look like THAT?! Thoughts on doing slower, controlled reps instead of upping the weight …[View]
52479902how do i get this physique?[View]
52478400Gym rats: >walk into gym >walk past 8/10 cutie >get on stairmaster >she followed me >…[View]
52476031Is this guy actually natty or what? Abs at 230 lbs 6'1 make me a little suspicious[View]
52477628Starting strength: Any fitizens interested in battling through some homeless people and sacrificing …[View]
5247426730 UFC fighters vs a horny bear who wins?[View]
52479650I think I'm benching wrong I only get doms in my front delts and that's about it Is it an …[View]
52476805Why can't I grow?: I've plateud in lifts and can't seem to get bigger. >Eat 5x a d…[View]
52479661Recently lost 40 kgs and I have some extra skin, do i need surgery to get rid of it or can I just ge…[View]
52479891I want to be in top form the coming summer. Should i focus on more muscle first before i start cutt…[View]
52479747>Help me I'm fat[View]
52479512Red pill me on pocari sweat. Is it the best post recovery drink?[View]
52475168Anyone had acne after lifting? >decided to take fitpill and start lifting >1,5 months of gym …[View]
52479317Will doing Boxing and Judo hinder my weightlifting goals?[View]
52479662Manlet cutoff: This is it. 5'8-5'11 manlets can gripe and fabricate numbers and stand on t…[View]
52470964>be me >collegefag >eating super lean healthy food under TDEE everyday thanks to meal plan …[View]
52476811Just cracked a cold one: New day, new gallon. Anyone else bringing the meme to life with GOMAD? Milk…[View]
52467523Balding is a death sentence[View]
52472050How do you beat sugar cravings?[View]
52478603How to get over this mentality: So I'm a stim junkie. Have been for three years. But it's …[View]
52479694what did you eat today, /fit/? >pic related my lunch[View]
52479627>walk into the gym >Sing, sing, sing, sing >everybody start to sing like >dee dee dee, b…[View]
52475737How do I obtain this body?[View]
52478636Is this much chest development possible natty?[View]
52479063How far can you leap: I used to leap almost 10ft, then I graduated highschool and became an out of s…[View]
52478643can i replace deadlifts with rack pulls for lower back development?[View]
52478855Jeff Seid is natty: If he took steroids, he would look like Jay Cutler.[View]
52479134Why do /fit/izens have such bad knowledge about female anatomy?: Is it because you're too focus…[View]
52476483This is my first time on this board, and I'm doing it because I'm tired of being a weak sk…[View]
52469202when was the last time a mod on /fit/ posted body? I remember a ginger lad in 2011/2012 and also rec…[View]
52478076>be me >be fat fuck 278lbs >be me now a few months later >weigh 255lbs >actually enjo…[View]
52478677Is this achievable natty?[View]
52478315Legends who uphold the /fit/: Ill start Chris Benoit, an absolute champion in the wring and outside …[View]
52479006How low do you need your body fat to have ab definition like this?[View]
52476826WORKOUT MUSIC THREAD: What music gets you amped up or calmer when about to tackle an intense lift, /…[View]
52476010Guys tell me the truth... Am I fucked?[View]
52478625Do people actually work out their legs? What's the point?[View]
52476674what are some exercises?[View]
52478703>he hasn't taken the COOM-pill and let his degenerate lust empower his lifts ngmi https://yo…[View]
52477933200g of protein in one meal: I’ve started only eating 1 meal a day, and I down about 2200 cals and 2…[View]
52478381Lifting for women and lifting for yourself are one and the same: Face it /fit/, this petty squabble …[View]
52475220What’s your entrance music when walking into the gym?: For me it’s https://youtu.be/geUot8zvkXI…[View]
52478071I've started noticing baldness since it's been talked about here so much lately. Took a ph…[View]
52476731What is it with these whiny millenials that act so depressed? You know, the type that brags about ha…[View]
52474213I’m traveling and I forgot to bring my creatine. I’ll not be able to take it for three days. Will I …[View]
52478486lads I think I'm just gotta settle with a plus-sized chubby well-rounded chick (NO, not fat and…[View]
52477081how to go UNSCARED MODE?!: >not lifting to metal >not gonna make it…[View]
52478394I used to have gyno two or three years ago. It was painful and I could feel tissue under my nipple. …[View]
52477458my head actually looks like this: why does this phenotype fucking exist? where did genetics go so wr…[View]
52477969are you bigger than this dyel? apparently this is what chicks call a 'good body'. are normie standar…[View]
52477721Can /fit/zens estimate my bodyfat? 5ft 10 165lbs Bench 185x5 Squat 200x5 Deadlift 315x3 Ohp 115x5[View]
52475458How do I quit weed? I know it's making me procrastinate with stuff like working out and studyin…[View]
52477528can someone tell me whats the time difference between sprinting with spikes on grass vs sprinting w…[View]
52477061Have you ever thought about using a fitness watch or are they just a fucking gay and retarded meme?[View]
52477749Is water just a meme?: Do I really need to OD on water everyday if I just wanna build muscle? I thou…[View]
52429227/fast/ - #485 - Underweight By Christmas Edition: What is /fast/? >Fast is a thread for the discu…[View]
52477205Son lemme tell you about those illegal drugs. They'll destroy your body, tear your family apart…[View]
52477870Am I skinnyfat?[View]
52462172Have you made it /fit/?[View]
52477564BAN FUCKING WOJAK ALREADY: >16 Wojak threads >Of those 16, 4 are fitness related >The remai…[View]
52476625did you bring a towel?: well, did you, you impolite meathead gymcel?[View]
52474426Bulk or cut?: As the title says[View]
52477332Gains Goblins: What is your biggest gains goblin /fit/? >try to stop drinking soda because it con…[View]
52476599I just drank a bunch of pink salt mixed with water How long til my ass erupts in an angry storm of h…[View]
52477196Fitness hacks: Post your favorite fitness hacks. I'll start: at Sam's club/Walmart all mea…[View]
52476664Is this the perfect proton powder?[View]
52477778ATTENTION ALL BETA MALES: You have been warned... >pic related[View]
52476566Once and for all: is there any such thing as targeted fat loss? I thought this shit was settled a wh…[View]
52476472Jaw thread: Are you happy with your jaw, /fit/? According to my dentist I need orthognathic surgery …[View]
52475294What movies helped to inspire you on your journey to becoming /fit/?[View]
52476155I am joining the US Coast Guard and have a fitness test in 12 days. I go to boot camp in 32 days. Th…[View]
52466128Ideals thread: r8 & h8[View]
52475806EGG PROTEIN: How the fuck does one eats egg protein? I've been doing pancakes with 50g of egg p…[View]
52477356was I naive to think that getting fit would fix my depression? I feel great after a work out and I…[View]
52475518>TFW trying to lift with a painful hemorrhoid[View]
52475430Increase sperm count quick?: >move to new town for uni >get new job >right next door is a s…[View]
52477538How much do I need to weigh NATURALLY as a 6'0 ultramanlet to be at Bane mode?[View]
52476342>tfw no matter how much you lift or try to make artifcial 'social gains', the issues th…[View]
52475100is this achievable natty?[View]
52476163Guys: what's your excuse for not deadlifting 4 plates, when even women are doing it now?[View]
52477287How do i remove gyno? My left tit hurt on touch and im pretty sure the mass behind then nipple incre…[View]
52476545Training on empty stomach: When I train even 3hrs after eating I just feel bloated and tired. Are th…[View]
52475303Body fortress whey protein: What do you guys think of this?[View]
52474421I know its dangerous, I know it killed multiple people, but its a shortcut... should I?[View]
52471429keto fluu: help me brehhs what doo?[View]
52476331Dinner is served. Time to eat some chicken with broccoli again.[View]
52476977how to fix posture: years gaming and sitting like a retard has ruined my posture i basically kinda l…[View]
52477090Workouts for a big clit?: Since clits are just dicks.[View]
52476846*curls your bench in front your wife*[View]
52476885Costochondritis?: Anyone ever had experience with this? Had it for months now due to dips and one ar…[View]
52467598Looking to add a few sexual fitness exercises to my routine. I already run an hour twice a week at 6…[View]
52476719>noooo you can't self medicate with pills you buy online, those things must be prescribed by…[View]
52476588Joelano: >Left for college today and I had to leave my gym partner and best friend behind >I k…[View]
52476496is there a proper way to tie my fucking shoes for the gym? after every set i have to bend down to ti…[View]
52464397will carnivore diet butt fuck my arteries or is it just a meme[View]
52462442why isn't female powerlifting taken seriously?: I was recently watching a MegSquats video when …[View]
52474021>he doesn't drink kefir and eat sauerkraut (or kimchi) Lmao at (you) and your shitty gut ba…[View]
52459159S󠛡󠛡󠛡󠛡󠛡oy: Now that the dust has settled, is S󠛡󠛡󠛡󠛡󠛡oy actually as bad for you as people say? Will it …[View]
52475901how much do you tip the gym receptionist?: Mine has been getting mad at my 15% tip. What should I do…[View]
52466234>Hey anon, what do you do aside from working out?[View]
52469009>'Have a good workout!' What is your response?[View]
52475623What's the purpose of this exercise?[View]
52476454Nofap can't meme.: Nofap can't meme.[View]
52473132Balding from creatine: Ive been taking creatine and I literally feel some type of tingling sensation…[View]
52476140this couldnt have been done natty right?[View]
52475339Do you bike/cycle or do other measures to pump blood into your muscles on rest days?[View]
52472613Show me your progress fellow fat fucks!: I'm was a 240 lbs 5'7' manlet but I started eatin…[View]
52476334pursuit of muscle[View]
52476321Is this peak natty limit[View]
52475318finally started doing fish oil because im a track athlete and started to get shin splits what to exp…[View]
52475810How would you do in a roll against him?[View]
52468120Whats your opinion on the latest Youtube life coach. Wes watson? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gxCbu…[View]
52476222Can you make gains on a vegan diet? What are some health benefits and drawbacks to a vegan diet?[View]
52474389OPM mode: I was watching One Punch Man today and it suddenly occurred to me that Saitama’s character…[View]
52473548its me first greentext so pls dont roast me guys >be me >get bullied in school by some fagg le…[View]
52473178Whey is causing bloating and intestinal discomfort, redpill me on some alternatives.[View]
52469326Alright, so what happens if you already have an omega chad jawline and start mewing? lmao[View]
52474066>go to bodyweight park >kids are playing on the bars How do I work in? Do I ask if I can play …[View]
52475986Just found out I have Morton's toe. Is it over for me?[View]
52475565Get back on the horse, anons: I didn't sleep at all last night because I was in my head the who…[View]
52473193Hey /fit/, what’s a recommendable yoga studio in the Denver area? Yes I’m trying to meet hoes but I’…[View]
52465945Athleanx soyboy confirmed[View]
52474463>Bulked to 195lbs at 5'11 >Gotten pretty strong but looked like a dyel basedboy shirtless…[View]
52474468>yes, I'm on juice. How could you tell?[View]
52475710What does /fit/ think of sparkling water? Good? Bad? Good for fasting? Good between workouts?[View]
52475594Vidya Games: Femanons love the Gamer aesthetic let's be real[View]
52475719There's an obnoxious anon in a general I frequent (on another board). How can I bully him out …[View]
52471823https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.businessinsider.com/calorie-counts-arent-accurate-2013-7 >The wa…[View]
52475021Is it better to do full body workouts or do specific muscle groups if you only hit the gym 3 times a…[View]
52469626Friend or foe?[View]
52474146How to fix this without castrating myself: 19 yo hairlet[View]
52475531are protein bars a meme: >buy twelve pack of quest bars because it’s nine bucks >get the shits…[View]
52472446Cougar vs dire wolf: Who would win in a 1v1 fight on flat ground?[View]
52474111help what mode and what places should I go to attract a Strong fat Amazonian?[View]
52474334Im gonna buy a reptile lamp to give me vitamin D Try and talk me out of it[View]
52475161>i dont want to get TOO big like you anon, i just want to tone down a bit for the summer bro ;)…[View]
52475061Ok /fit/ Ive been doing a 5x5 custom routine and have been looking at whether high weight low reps i…[View]
52474256Dear /fit/, I hate eating/preparing food. Food is boring, and even when it's good it usually is…[View]
52474325How long have you been lifting? Did it cute your depression? >Almost a year now >No…[View]
52471892ITT: fit memes you glad you followed: >nofap/noporn >nsuns 531, starting to look like I lift …[View]
52470873How can one become a rugged alpha male? Obviously being fit is not enough[View]
52471963How much should I be benching in order to be able to reliably carry around cute twinks?[View]
52474578High Res: Can anyone find a higher resolution version of this picture, can’t seem to get anything be…[View]
52471678Why doesn't he train his calves?: He's a 7'2' 350 pound bodybuilder. Even his thighs …[View]
52474648Are sunflower seeds healthy for me? I like to eat bags of these almost every day. Is this gonna affe…[View]
52473878Do you have to isolate rear delts? The only thing i do that might work them slightly is rows.[View]
52474590>75% protein >Lower carbon footprint than livestock meat >Cures depression Why aren't …[View]
52475130Weights: ...[View]
52473039Clen: Does it work? How to use it?[View]
52475118Will I get newbie leg gains if I've been hitting the gym for a year and I've hit legs like…[View]
52474537Should I relax my diet a bit while I'm sick? I'm trying to lose weight , but being sick ha…[View]
52470301a-am i going to make it /fit/? im a skinny skeleton that has gotten fat due to bulking[View]
52474484Norwood 4A: Its starting, niggers. My nice hair is starting to thin out in the middle of my skull. 2…[View]
52474660Is Jim from the office natty?[View]
52472878Serious question, what kind of cycle do I need for a body like this?[View]
52462414How do I drink whey without gagging?[View]
52473916>wake up early >work shitty boring job >go to the gym >come back to shitty shoebox apart…[View]
52473064>make whey with milk >shake hard as fuck >still has clumps in it…[View]
52474689The Tuna Myth: Just read about high amounts of mercury in tuna. Been eating two cans of tuna everyda…[View]
52474597At 23 years old I think I might be retarded: I have all the symptoms of being retarded / autistic …[View]
52470804Is this consciousness within our body secured forever?[View]
52459957Vitamin D3: Do you get your D3 from your supplement shop or pharmacy? How many UI is enough?[View]
52473451Is this good exercise for obliques[View]
52466699Going /fit/ SAVED ME from KHV status!: >Be me >25 y.o. Obese NEET/KHV in early 2018 >Hot 7/…[View]
52473925>Be me >Dont going to the gym since the last wednesday >Dont going today because i must cle…[View]
52472351Wtf is his problem?[View]
52473554Should I skip legs?: I think my legs are relatively overdeveloped and my upperbody underdeveloped. M…[View]
524746112 Day Routine: Are there any good routines for people who can only go to the gym two times a week?…[View]
52474571Lets guess whats his routine? What is his diet? For me its SS + Greek Yoghurt with semen and mutant …[View]
52474490Does /fit/ use chalk?: Thinking about ordering some. I doubt it'll allow me to DL without doing…[View]
52469653Caffeine: Been waiting for QTDTOT for hours, it's not popping up, so gonna ask here. Bought caf…[View]
52474373how do you achieve this exactly? and I mean exactly.[View]
52474535OH NO NO NO NO NO NO[View]
52473608>was supposed to have a cheat day >net 2400 calories can't even fuck up my diet correctly…[View]
52473999it's friday night brehs... while we are rotting at home and browsing /fit/ our future wifes are…[View]
52473668Kind of a retarded question since im a newbie but does training your obliques give you a smaller or …[View]
52473898>tfw no mommy gf[View]
52473855if I do push-ups, will I fix my not-so-bad pectus excavatum?[View]
52472194What mode is this?[View]
52470203>fap once every 1-2 days at night >sometimes to porn, sometimes to imagination >depressed, …[View]
52474200fuck this: >turn 22 >brushing my teeth >look into the the mirror >it's a 12 year …[View]
52473088lifting music: Post the song you listened to while breaking your latest PR[View]
52472267None of you deserve to be happy. Not a single one of you.[View]
52473109Now that the dust has settled, will compounds alone give you well developed abs?[View]
52470136What do I do about hair loss. Should I take dht blockers. I'm balding pretty bad.[View]
52461871does smoking kill your gains?[View]
52474082Some guys came up to me today while i was doing pressing accessories asking for deadlift advice as i…[View]
52472072which looks better to women[View]
52474011>Go to the doctor >Get prescribed a steroid inhaler for asthma FUCK! All those years of natty …[View]
52473680I was at the gym benching 205 with my gf today and when I was done some dude in a balaclava came out…[View]
52473127Could you post a pic of someone fit 5'9-5'10 size 44r?[View]
52473079what mode is this?[View]
52470489>The Game Changers Ranked Number 1 On iTunes Pre-Order >The documentary beat Quentin Tarantino…[View]
52464765You know this is some of you[View]
52467079>Fruit and vegetables bad >legumes bad >nuts bad >grains bad Meanwhile, according to WHO…[View]
52473091Calisthenics for fasting: Hey bros I’m 5 days into a snake juice fast. I’ve been doing my regular pp…[View]
52467529You fucking lied to me /fit/, you said I have to go into dead hang after every pull up rep. Now Jeff…[View]
52459321How do you deal with self esteem issues ?[View]
52472141>there are people on this board who unironically lift please don't tell me you guys actually…[View]
52471537How do i achieve this mode going from skinny skeletor?[View]
52470418Is this machine actually useful for men? I've never used it because you like a fag, but I tried…[View]
52472544help me grow taller: I'm 5'5' and I want to grow a few more inches. I have considerably lo…[View]
52471540>Started trying to lose weight and get in shape a couple weeks ago >Eating 1200calories a day,…[View]
52473246college athlete here, is shotgunning a monster zero before a game bad for me? I want those sip gainz…[View]
52473129>look fuarkin jacked in mirror >look tiny on phone screen…[View]
52472415>Saw a woman missing an arm at the gym the other day >Made me feel bad for not working as hard…[View]
52467822Well lifting help me overcome my keloif scars? They been a big destroyer of my self confidence and I…[View]
52472965>you don't have to train abs to get a 6 pack patently false. If you don't activate your…[View]
52473141Is that the biggest dip on the interent?https://youtu.be/KNrsTYZjaj8[View]
52472083How do I achieve this mode[View]
52450601/PLG/ - Powerlifting General: 'high repetition hip abductors' edition ITT: bench press, sq…[View]
52472091>700lb bench https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aX-YuvQkSRE[View]
52472429Hi i'm 19yr male,63kg,5'10,and im wondering if im Underweight,always when i play football …[View]
52464445FPH - Fat people Hate: Had a good workout today but had to stop myself from bingeing on Mexican food…[View]
52455418Wasted mires thread: Post stories of failures to capitalize on mires.[View]
52469396drip drip[View]
52472864I'm moving to another city this weekend and I want to finally stop being a bitch and get seriou…[View]
52472803Anybody think most pro bodybuilder look like shit? Pic related is the most aesthetic body for me, ma…[View]
52471527Reverse fly, Lateral raises How do you do these exercises? Strict form with less weight or cheat rep…[View]
52468962We're all going to make it.[View]
52472568how long should it approximately take to hit intermediate levels on symmetric strength (bench/ohp/sq…[View]
52470113If you were forced to either go vegan or carnivore, which would you choose?[View]
52470814>this is how easy it is to defeat a bulker Uhh so what was all that talk about 'functional streng…[View]
52472447>why yes I eat my own poop for nutrient retention, how could you tell?[View]
52470572Hey /fit/ I had to put my cat down this morning. I feel like shit and have to go hit legs in a bit. …[View]
52469713How do I achieve this mode?[View]
52469590>6'1, now 70kg down from 79kg >mfw on a 1000cal cut >have reduced bf% from 20% to 11% >s…[View]
52468491What would happen if you used extremely heavy homeware?: Im talking 9 lbs forks and knives, 2 lbs pe…[View]
52470291Well lifting save me /fit/ and get me a gf? Im 5'5 with acne and im not sure but I think I migh…[View]
52472355Could I technically get /fit/ with these? How could I achieve that, like what positions?[View]
52467583Why are normalfags like this?[View]
52466400What are some tells when a personal trainer is taking you for a ride and thinks you're a sucker…[View]
52468333>be me >stand on scale >see 333 >first thought >TRIPS Have I been here too long and i…[View]
52470972How much weight do you need to lose to get excess skin? I'm about to lose about 25 kg of fat an…[View]
52471973Is he right? Is nofap really a Nazi plot?[View]
52471827Mental Core Strength: >Friday evening >going home from gym >every single person from 15 to …[View]
52472127How much protein do growing teenagers need? I didn't that much meat in the teens and I was stuc…[View]
52469332What's in your weekly grocery plan and how much money do you spend on it?[View]
52468815I’ve read the sticky. I’m a fat Asian male 31 years old. 190 lbs and 5’4. I’m not the dude in the pi…[View]
52472219>dont go to the gym or your kidneys will fail >gym is bad >dont go outside, friends are fak…[View]
52472118steroid misconception thread the following is mostly true: >no steroid will allow 'ez gainz' >…[View]
52470839Cbt: Bench went down 225x1 205x5 Squat 295x8 305x5 Deadlift 365x1 Bw 189 lbs 6’2[View]
52472012does anyone have any rare justinos?[View]
52471987>'Hollywood has given us unattainable beauty standards that didn't exist years ago and I…[View]
52471673Is Zyzz the patron saint of /fit/?[View]
52466829One of the most commonly named benefits of fasting is autophagy. So I'm trying to gather source…[View]
52471902you aren’t wasting calories by drinking cold water are you? Don’t you know it’s bulking season? Tak…[View]
52465052How do you deal with fatigue? Im sleeping enough (6-7 hours a night with a nap in the afternoon) I…[View]
52471884Post smug advice here: >he doesn't eat his hard boiled egg in one bit for jaw gains…[View]
52466296>Why yes, I'm on my 105th day of /noshit/ how did you know?[View]
52471756Since everything is 90% mental can I just think about working out and reach 90% of my goal body?[View]
52471786Morning, anons Yesterday I realized I have no means to protect myself, and just being fit isn't…[View]
52470583Is 2500 kcal meme? Im not a carnivore, but Ive tried it, and you literally shit like once a week. Yo…[View]
52469738Tell Big Lenny, God of Palumboism, Slayer of Dales what you're doing over the weekend to lose y…[View]
52467133People of /fit/, what type of body does she have?: Would you consider her fat? Is this the type of b…[View]
52471129Intermittent fasting: Starting to do my research on this whole thing. Thought I'd ask you /fit/…[View]
52470644What are some retard proof quad exercises? I'm too dumb to squat and I injured my knee doing le…[View]
52468871are rack pulls as effective as deadlifts at working the lower back? thinking about switching out dea…[View]
52471596fugg: >goes to gym for 2 months >loves it, start to see tiny improvements (skinny fat) >get…[View]
52468314>tfw godlike bench >yet trash ass deadlift how do I increase my diddly fast ?…[View]
52471553I'm building a team. Who's in? Just 1 last time[View]
52471350Around the world: What do you think of this exercise? I hate doing it because I feel my shoulders bu…[View]
52470720Will a Bang energy drink break my fast? It has 0 calories.[View]
52469884What the absolute fuck is with fat mexican women at the gym. >crushing legs today >only people…[View]
52470455How do I best achieve Billy mode?[View]
52470116Is it fine if I do this 4 days a week and complement with another abs exercise but nothing else? I n…[View]
52470382Getting through N.F. on rest days?: I can handle it the rest of the week as I can channel my frustra…[View]
52466924>injure knee >Favorite movements unavailable >can feel myself getting fat Fucking IT band, …[View]
52471018>Gym partner just left for college today, don’t think I’ll ever find one like him again…[View]
52469156Don't have weightlifting shoes Should I just lift barefoot or what[View]
52469570Noobs first cycle: Alright guys I need advice since I’ll be doing my first cycle. My connect got me …[View]
52470808Do I really need to have 2 rest days like my program tells me to? I really want to lift again on Sun…[View]
52470179>go to a small local gym >owner and wife have some sort of argument and start yelling to each-…[View]
52466766What's the connection: Between the physical features you got and your sexual fantasies? Asking …[View]
52469136Melatonin boost hGH production by 157%: Have you taken your vitamin M today? https://jissn.biomedcen…[View]
52470662>$8 on Amazon for 2 month supply >Contains 97% phosphatidic acid >PA increases mTOR signali…[View]
52470390As a masculine of center gender queer person, I’m struggling to find the right “body type” that I sh…[View]
52469079>cutting nicely >no problems at all >body feels like a furnace am I literally burning fat l…[View]
52470543Anyone have screwed up foot/leg/knee alignment that they managed to fix with exercise? If so can I g…[View]
52470228Them dark arts bruh: How do beat the urges? I'm talking about those times when your mind just g…[View]
52469560>be me at work >Co worker challenges me to a deadlift bet (he takes my shift, I take his kind…[View]
52468467BACK PAIN: >be me 4 days ago >doing my usual routine going to hit a new PR on squats >dont …[View]
52469970>why yes I do PHUL, how could you tell?[View]
52469748Want some chicken?[View]
52470095>tfw you'll never be peak Arnold, slaying pussy and generally not giving a fuck >tfw you…[View]
52469578Great gym day: >downed a can on the way to uni gym >get there at 6:45 am >just watched prom…[View]
52468596It's Friday anons. I have no friends, who wants to kill their gains by drinking beer with me an…[View]
52469029>some gym bros are having a blast >remember what it was like to hang out with a bunch of buddi…[View]
52469926>progress until you plateau >tues 1x5 deadlift >fri 1x3 bench 1x3 squat 1x3 chinup >walk…[View]
52469841My breath stinks when I don't eat Why is that?[View]
52469877I find it impossible to sit in a poor posture without feeling internal pain. Man i just want a cheat…[View]
52465719Is masturbation addiction caused by depression?[View]
52466186I-... I need motivation guys...[View]
52469764Is this really worth it for fat loss? Also what is the best way to use it? I heard fasted morning ca…[View]
52468969Where do you go to learn real self defense skills. Anyone could go to an mma gym and become a killer…[View]
52468538ITT: Pointless exercises[View]
52469338>accidentally ate 12 donuts for breakfast today >tfw…[View]
52469672Mire Thread: Last one is almost dead These mires all happened yesterday >Go to evening boxing cla…[View]
52469630If you took four people with the exact same genetics and made them only do one compound lift out of …[View]
52468440>when you see a soi boy at the gym[View]
52469508What should the weight difference between my dumbbell and bb bench press be?[View]
52469604Who here likes eating salt raw?: Why do you do it? How do you feel doing it? Is it great? How do you…[View]
52468362Trap workout, trying something new: So earlier this week, I saw a Jeff (Athlean) video about working…[View]
52447116/nig/ - Never Improve General: How have you improved yourself this week/month/year? Discuss your fit…[View]
52467028>he tracks his macros >he follows a program >he has rest days >he doesnt work out 4 hour…[View]
52468056Vegans will pay 20$ for a burger made from so󠛡󠛡󠛡󠛡󠛡y farmed on burned down amazon plots by underpaid …[View]
52467175>Why yes, I coom multiple times a day to improve sexual health, release stress, sleep better, and…[View]
52469369Have you tried the ice mask in the morning routine? Does it do anything?[View]
52467290/owg/ Olympic Weightlifting: 2019 World Weightlifting Championship Lasha 480 total hype Ilya vs Rost…[View]
52469414Is there any lifts to get over the shame of dating an ugly slampiggy to get s.e.x.? I haven’t done i…[View]
52469413Dirty bulk: Have you accepted the dirty bulk pill?[View]
52459860So in all seriousness, what benefits am I actually meant to be seeing from cardio Im fatbuilt so dec…[View]
52467270/owg/ - Olympic Weightlifting General- Worlds edition: no owg and it's worlds? we can do bette…[View]
52469169Has anyone else lost all their sex drive doing an ECA stack? Is this due to the stack itself or is i…[View]
52468574It's 3PM and I'm already on my 5th scoop[View]
52466530>Hey Anon, you mind passing me the towel? It's on the floor behind you.…[View]
52466891last rep face: mfw last rep[View]
52463046So /fit/ what do you usually wear to show off your gains without looking too try hard? Pic related i…[View]
52466055>Having large traps acts as a shock absorber for punches. Therefore you will experience less head…[View]
52468706What do you wagecucks bring to eat at work? i bring 400ml of skimmed milk with 20g of whey, twice a…[View]
52469106Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
52469062How do I wake up from this dream?: Do I unironically have to die? Also what is the best way to die w…[View]
52467567Let's post proud lifts. I did 148 pound strict shoulder press today, closing in my current goa…[View]
52469044you got to be a fucking beta to think you suck just because you are short my god. napoleon was not t…[View]
52467517What are the benefits of NoFap?: I accidentally started the coomer meme, ask me anything[View]
52468235>'Tired of this email'[View]
52469055>be newbie >drop 40 lb dumbbell during dumbbell press A-at least I’m trying, r-right guys…[View]
52466994Have any of you achieved cool calisthenics feats like planches and handstand pushups? Were they wort…[View]
52465992So according Alphadestiny, hypertrophy training is a myth and strength training gives you muscle gai…[View]
52463675I need help i cant seem to have any motivation any more. I barely go to the gym, and I get some moti…[View]
52466413How do I fix myself (disregarding 5'6 height and indian nature)? Currently 71kg[View]
52463273Was 2015 David Laid natty?[View]
52467902Is this a meme routine?: Chest and biceps Back and triceps Shoulders Legs I do abs every other day,…[View]
52454026Last /bald/ deleted Is buzzing your hair before you get too thin on top the real red pill? Maybe han…[View]
52468722Is both arms going numb a sign of ' making it ': After I started focusing on deadlift my arms starte…[View]
52465524What about small but shapely butts?: Is it fit, despite being small? https://www.strawpoll.me/186670…[View]
52468728Chest flies, useful, or retarded waste of time? You decide[View]
52449799/fit/ Presidents Edition: who was/is the most /fit/?[View]
52468581Slow-cookers for fitness, a meme or based? What recipes do you find most appropriate? Cooking fitnes…[View]
52467375research muscle growth supplement: Which supplements for muscle recovery & growth has the most r…[View]
52466025The Great MSG Debate: Let's settle this debate once and for all. Is MSG bad for you, /fit/?…[View]
52463203>take 5mg adderall an hour before I lift >drink electrolyte concoction with the adderall >b…[View]
52467900This is what the media consider a successful fitness journey >liposuction for this…[View]
52468138Citizens of /fit/. Training your forearms is mandatory. All citizens not training their forearms wil…[View]
52468275Do girls really like big butts? I’ve always been self conscious of my butt[View]
52467545Frank Tufano: Why do I want to punch him so bad?[View]
52468118Macro split: There’s no qtddtot so I’ll just post it, I’ve read the sticky and my tdee is 2.5k so my…[View]
52465730Digital Scales: Soup /fit/ How prone are digital scales to losing accuracy over time? Every time I w…[View]
52468373If i have a depressed shoulder and still want to continue doing pushups, Do i need to bring it up to…[View]
52466925I dropped a bar on my adam's apple and now swallowing feels weird. I can still talk/breathe nor…[View]
52466043Redpill me on pocari sweat. Why does the western world refuse to bring it to market, taste so damn g…[View]
52466484How do I get over the awkwardness of being a absolute beginner? I finally got access to a nice litt…[View]
52467790>be me >first gym class of the year after skipping the whole class all year last year >dodg…[View]
52467223Instagram will block weight-loss ads: Thoughts? https://edition.cnn.com/2019/09/19/business/instagra…[View]
52467213Squats: Everytime I squat, my back hurts. But it only happens when I re-rack the weight. Any of you …[View]
52466859OHP strength relative to flat bench press: I can flat bench 2 plates for 8 reps, db bench 100's…[View]
52467769>2019 >not doing one-hand overhead deadlifts…[View]
52467426i’ve unironically been looking forward more to my lower body days than my upper body days for like 6…[View]
52463974How often do you guys have cheat meals while cutting? I only have 3 weeks to lose as much fat as pos…[View]
52445987danbooru nan kiro moteru: >check catalog >no danberu thread It's time to fix that. >in…[View]
52465382This is technically fitness related, right? Looking for a new chair, currently have one of the cheap…[View]
52465479I don't get it. Why do people like clubbing? The deafening pop music is shit, all the women the…[View]
52467472What is the strangest thing you ever saw in the changing room /fit/?[View]
52458305How much can he deadlift?[View]
52454022>wear my tightest leggings to the gym >Chad notices me mfw I’ve made it…[View]
52465166itt we post wrists. how to get bigger wrists?[View]
52467293Is this achievable natty? https://www.instagram.com/p/B2ccHu3B2Xp/[View]
52464930I miss 2014 /fit/[View]
52465440What is good progress after 3 months of lifting?[View]
52466370Do i look as i lift ?[View]
52467477>tfw I started the Boris survival round diet to save money >tfw I actually have loads of energ…[View]
52464553> 241 ng nofap butt fucked my test levels[View]
52463174Hello my strong strong friends! Why aren't you doing zercher sqauts? You fucking pussy.[View]
52466910Anyone know what this might be from?: Any medfags might know what the reason behind this might be I…[View]
52466274I'm not really getting a clear answer to this question online so i figured I'd ask here. I…[View]
52463954*blocks your path*[View]
52466379is this a good bench for 1 year?: bw: 145 lb hgt: 5'10 1RM bench: 220 Is this a good bench for…[View]
52467121Gym bag got stolen - need new shoes.: Long story short, I didn't lock my car door properly and …[View]
52448149ITT: Normie Workout/Nutrition Advice That Hurt Your Brain: Post stuff you've heard people say t…[View]
52460656/NOFAP/ general: Remember: hands on your cock, reset the clock[View]
52460376Sugar-free Gatorade (and similar drinks): Meme, or actual beverage option? >if it ain’t water, it…[View]
52466856Which is better -- lifting 9x at once or 3x3: Seriously.[View]
52466256Function vs Form: Why the fuck would I want to look like pic related? Why would anybody need to lift…[View]
52465401>at gym for chest day >sick fuckin pump >hittin side chest variations between sets feelin l…[View]
52466762I don’t get it guys How can I do 50 Russian twists in a row but other guys who have 6/8 packs can’t…[View]
52466034Blaming everything around me: So I'm a walking bag of injuries and I'm starting my fitness…[View]
52460133Is it possible to acquire this kind of a jaw through lifting and supplements? Currently I'm 5…[View]
52462357>tfw your lower third isnt optimum[View]
52466149What are some exercises for ball gains? I wish I could act as if I'm on coke all the time, not …[View]
52465668Where's the Texas fight thread from yesterday?[View]
52466624Do you think they fucked?[View]
52460329https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l84vmuuuHRg How is this even physically possible?[View]
52466443keto: How much carbs do you eat on keto? I've done strict keto for months and it worked out pre…[View]
52465860How do you guys hide your bulge when you squat? >pic related[View]
52464653Imagine going to the gym and not maxing out on jefferson deadlifts lmao[View]
52462609Beer gains: Oh hi /fit/! I just came back from the gym, did some cardio, some weight training (my be…[View]
52465665Yohimbine: Anyone use this? I got told it only makes a difference if you’re already doing cardio + f…[View]
52466288Dumbbell and Barbell Thick Bar Adapter: are these a meme? Is it worth a buy? Ive never seen anyone u…[View]
52466091Based Ripp mentioned the Clinton Body Count at 9:50 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbhKPJDB5xg[View]
52466198What is your go-to meal to prep? I need something I can bring to work (microwave unavailable)[View]
52462768And this is anon's room, he is really in to fitness[View]
52466259its friday and today i will get to eat three thousand calories of food love cheat days[View]
52465211shoulder joints keep cracking from heavybag?: pretty much hit the heavybag 40 mins a day every day n…[View]
52455740Is there any way to preserve your libido and virility as you grow older? Will diet and exercise make…[View]
52460256How is her deadlift technique?[View]
52466038>172 OH NO NO NO NO NOOOOO[View]
52466079What's up brehs. I wanna buy some protein whey (casein) because of my job. What are some respec…[View]
52464543>tfw wasn't born with good genetics why even bother[View]
52463747>fit and women like me >still feel like pic related what fucking gives…[View]
52463881How do I look like pic related? I’m 5’11 / 180 cm, 180 lbs / 81.6 kg, and 20% body fat[View]
52462012How did he get in shape for this movie?[View]
52465691where do you get your stacks from /fit/? I'm looking to start a cycle :)[View]
52443997This kills the vegan. >inb4 carnies think this means going full retard (carnivore) is the answer…[View]
52462684how do i growed rear delts[View]
52465315bench: i only have a bench and a barbell, 45lb weights, and a smaller barbell thats curved for your …[View]
52465135What health supplement quackery do you subscribe to, /fit/? Personally I take cinnamon in the morni…[View]
52464005Checklist Good looks Good body Money Own house/appartment Own car Slayed atleast 20+ cuties High edu…[View]
52464225>tfw been cutting for 8 months >haven’t had an erection since April it’s normal right?…[View]
52463041Is 315 lb deadlift decent for someone who's only been lifting seriously for 5-6 months? I start…[View]
52463978>girl asks me for a hug >'Yeah, no' >mfw i've made it…[View]
52464983ITT: Post what you see when you look at yourself in the gym mirrors[View]
52465095>Dad doesn’t want to pay for my roids REEEEEEEE[View]
52461136Do you guys wear gym shorts with no underwear? I just got mine today and my dick outline is showing[View]
52463932>all my /fit idols are fake natties or cocksuckers why lift ?[View]
52465237What 'functional strength' exercises actually make sense to help me perform tasks in the real world?[View]
52465243>that guy who shits at the gym before his workout[View]
52463677ive recently hit 4plate squat and 2plate bench for reps i also can dl 5plates for reps. Where is my …[View]
52465141Is Vegas the least /fit/ place on earth?: >me >Vegas for work for 2 weeks, staying in a casino…[View]
52463673Gloves: Almost nobody I know/see uses them, but whenever I don't my the insides of my hands get…[View]
52465454>be me in 2018 >chubby >tired of being chubby >decide to lose weight but try to bulk als…[View]
52462071What's his endgame?[View]
52465343Why aren't we putting all you apec gorillas in camps to work? What else are you good for if not…[View]
52465463How much do you think he military presses?[View]
52463349Substitute for bent over rows: Last time I did rows I almost fucked my back permanently. What can do…[View]
52464024is it normal to feel like shit a lot after you surpass 30 years of age? Also how do I stop being hyp…[View]
52464438Gym Breakup: How do I tell my gym buddy he is killing my gains? I actually miss working out alone.…[View]
52463590will this butt fuck my carpet?[View]
52460485Are steroids haram? Why?[View]
52465150Does /fit/ have an opinion on this?[View]
52463267Supplements Thread: Is Ashwagandha bullshit or no? I'm really interested but the skeptic in me …[View]
52464811>tfw 30 yrs old >tfw applied my years of lifting into starting a moving company. Feels nice he…[View]
52464950ive started to omad in order to lose weight and only need to shit about twice a week, is this ok?[View]
52462493Prettyboys of /fit/: How has your life changed after lifting?[View]
52465035Is he natty? if so, how would he look if he was on roids?[View]
52464974Do you want some anabolic chicken?[View]
52465107Is tom yum keto approved?[View]
52465004In ways more than just physical fitness, how are you less adequate than you could be and what could …[View]
52463799What's the best gym chain in Canada?[View]
52464552/fit/ mommy: Is it okay to keep working out while pregnant? How do I keep my belly from exploding af…[View]
52465001>most fast food burgers are healthy if you remove the buns >retards still eat the buns >mos…[View]
52463424Losing weight while living at night: So i started using MyFitnessPal some days ago but now i have a …[View]
52461725Do any of you take any natural supplements or practice any techniques to deal with anxiety? I don…[View]
52464026What to do when you're weak, stalling and can't eat more?[View]
52464274I started doing 20 rep squates, I only did sets of 10 but this has you do 10 and then 10 sets of 1 a…[View]
52463200How can you eat a healthy diet if you don't eat vegetables? I don't like any of them excep…[View]
52464020rate my blood test results[View]
52464890Oh no no no no no no[View]
52464262Ii so basically I'm overweight and I'm tryna change that been tryna get into intermediate …[View]
52464414Train Neck? NO!!!: We've all seen the neckpill posts, but this is *NOT* working. I am waking up…[View]
52461055Is it possible to look like this? Is it all in the diet?[View]
52464046>wake up >lift >go to work >go to class >go home >browse 4chan/read books >slee…[View]
52462287A lot of girls have been turning to me for advice on how to get a better ass but I don't know i…[View]
52464597Gym Prices: Anyone know what the rough pricing is for an Anytime Fitness membership in Aus? I want t…[View]
52462932what the fuck is wrong with me: i just ate an entire large dominos buffalo chicken pizza would it be…[View]
52463857If you lived in a country where personal use of anabolics was legal, would you roid? Or are your rea…[View]
52463600How would you help a 65 year old man that has high blood pressure and gout and aches and pains I lov…[View]
52459253>huge amounts of protein >contains taurine >full of vitamins AND minerals >is literally …[View]
52463198Time for a /fit/ fail thread. Post your fails so other anons shame you and help you raise from your …[View]
52464384What's a good way to get strong for someone who gets bored easily?: I don't mind the work,…[View]
52463141Roids justified after injury?: Stats >21y/o >180cm >77kg >male ORM (current) >OHP 7…[View]
52463326Predator vs. Prey Eyes? Fix Your Faggot Face!: Your facial growth plates continue to form throughout…[View]
52458991How do I take my shirt off without being a douche?[View]
52464303Hello I’m 24 and recently quit smoking after about 5 years, probably half a pack a day average. Will…[View]
52463702Are these legs big enough to get a gf?[View]
52464386what the fuq? https://youtu.be/3R103R5UfK4?t=138 he almost gets it too someone explain holy shit[View]
52458941So when are you anons going to take the coompill? >relieves stress >temporary test boost >f…[View]
52463619What is the best yogurt brand...../fit/[View]
52460909Does test level actually have any effect on your taste in women, or is that a meme?[View]
52463965How did you bros start like? Tell me about your first encounteres with working out and gym and stuff…[View]
52462807Do you guys take B-12? What are your experiences?[View]
52464130Brutal moggings thread: Inhumane moggings only[View]
52461012/hlg/: How do I access a hairline like this for myself?[View]
52463918good posture?: how do I get and keep good posture?[View]
52461047How is my new routine?: I changed it based on tips from anons but thread got debunked by retards who…[View]
52461023Do I really need to increase weights regularly to build muscle and gain strength? Can't my prog…[View]
52463554Kyriakos Grizzly Routine: What does Kyriakos Grizzly's training routine look like? has he ever …[View]
52463809>2 qt tiny Asian girls asked me to get milk from the top shelf for them today while giggling See…[View]
52450680/fat/ reject the fatlogic edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For the caloric elites among us who want to…[View]
52463903I have to take a couple weeks off lifting, docs orders I've only been lifting like 10 months or…[View]
52462160>See this in the gym >What do?[View]
52463722Are you ready for pumpkin pie protein bars and pumpkin spice whey shakes, frens?[View]
52463460Fell for the lift for girls meme last year: >Be me >Be skinny anorexic DYEL >Do a PPL routi…[View]
52460701Why do germans use big letters in the middle of a fucking sentence? seems retarded to me[View]
52458987Coffee Alternatives for a Coffee Addict?: I love the taste, but the sugar isn't good, keeps my …[View]
52463668Judy Hopps: >persistence predators jacking themselves off to not jacking themselves off Is there …[View]
52456548What would you do to turn this body into perfection? (realistic proportions and sizes don’t apply)[View]
52457922is there any workout program that combines heavy lifting and endurance/cardio? I don't want to …[View]
52462721Tips for GOMAD?: Going from 2 meals to 1 meal a day. I read the sticky and get the premise but is th…[View]
52463437Onion?: Onion[View]
52461628Bros I want to add a stairmaster to my home gym master but even used ones are 3k. Is there anywhere …[View]
52461065Hey fit. I have a question. So if I weigh 280 pounds and I'm not active at all. If I stop eatin…[View]
52462173Is it possible to have such terrible form during exercises and/or a workout structured in such a ret…[View]
52463389Veganfags BTFO again[View]
52462983What's his routine, /fit/?[View]
52461031Can I bulk with pic related ? Is it safe to eat around 300g a day as it is the only cheap thing avai…[View]
52461416What do when you're 20 and your dick doesn't work?[View]
52454193Alright girlies, what are your shower and skincare routines? I could use some ideas.[View]
52462809>AMOGGED all the engineers that interviewed me[View]
52459498What are the advantages of Calisthenics over Weight lifting?[View]
52454633What keeps you going?[View]
52452543/dailyreminder/ for guys lifting for girls: If you are a guy lifting for girls to notice you and fin…[View]
52463043227lbs still feel like a twink What is going on here? >le body dysmorphia Its not that, i litera…[View]
52462256>Big head >Large upper head >longer than average neck >babiest baby face in existence…[View]
52462828Anyone else here learning jiu jitsu so they can successfully resist arrest?[View]
52440760QTDDTOT: Old one too old. 1. Has anybody tried Layne Norton’s PHAT routine? How were your results? 2…[View]
52459834How to achieve this?[View]
52462512Salt: How long does it take the body to absorb sodium? If I take maybe a teaspoon of salt with my pr…[View]
52462767What’s the best way to build more self-control to stay on course in getting fit?[View]
52434135wheyfus: What is better, women with a jacked good upper body, lower body, or both? I'd say uppe…[View]
52458354You have to be at least 6'1 to post here.[View]
52463033Is Smoothie King a meme? or is it good?[View]
52462947I do a full body circuit, twice, every day, each circuit takes a bit over an hour, cardio is about 1…[View]
52458479How can i get pecs like this?[View]
52461063Who's sore as fuck but still slamming those heavy ass reps out? These are the days when you hav…[View]
52463034Is this achievable natty?[View]
52462897>go to pick up groceries post workout >there is a homeless guy sitting outside who asks for m…[View]
52461478How do I progress on pic related? On my first set I get 12 reps and then I always fail at 9 reps on …[View]
52462739>day off >want to workout >homegym is outside >walk out >step on a shard of glass FU…[View]
52462744Is it healthy to eat scrambled eggs every second day for breakfast? Some say yes, some say no, you s…[View]
52462841>squats every day, that will make me look great![View]
52462215how wide are you hips? I'm trying to figure out if I have wide hips or a narrow rib cage. Mine …[View]
52462648The flabby skin and the stretch marks are always going to bother me. It is in the thighs and lower a…[View]
52460578Get fucked keto tards[View]
52454483nofap: reject the coom brothers soon we shall cleanse ourselves of this wickedness[View]
52462102Sometimes i wish i was fat: I see all these fat guys online, and they look like theyre in eternal co…[View]
52460463standing rows are fucking retarded and are completely impossible to do with correct form[View]
52462377Only post based exercises[View]
52457352What's good music to get pumped at the gym?[View]
52462206/FRAUD/: For those of you who have /Fraud/ed, what did you guys say when people at the gym began que…[View]
52428189cbt: /cbt/ validation-from-strangers-edition post stats and comment others >6'6'' …[View]
52461322Pre-workout bulk foods: Pre-workout bulk/energy foods. Okay /fit/ what did you have before your work…[View]
52458550Do I have gyno? someone said I have mantits. I'm not roiding (yet) if that helps. my bfp is pro…[View]
52445661Medical experiences thread: >at the doctor's office >get my testicles checked >doctor …[View]
52462302Choose body - give routine: Choose preferred body Give routine you think will get there.[View]
52459759Why does everyone on this board lie about their height? It is literally impossible to be 6'6 (2…[View]
52461475Is it bad if I do this every day?[View]
52461778So how do you train for a big neck without looking like a disabled retard.[View]
52449945Is weed bad for muscle gains?[View]
52458983What went wrong?[View]
52455506>Been working out for 3-4 years without ever following a routine or healthy diet >Just go to …[View]
52460316Social gains: >be me >graduated from uni >getting my shits together >working out, losing…[View]
52461401>Trying to increase caloric intake to bulk up a bit >always been a skinny guy >two hotdogs …[View]
52459942Identify muscle: Hi guys, I'm having back pain for almost a year now. I'm trying to ident…[View]
52460378DAILY REMINDER: If you cant sprint at 37 KM/H MINIMUN you are a SPEEDLET >BUT MUH MUH SQUAT the b…[View]
52459983Who is this?: ..and does he qualify as /fit/?[View]
52458727I've been pretty sick for the past like 4 days, and I havent been able to workout other than my…[View]
52461919/fit//ck/ -fitness cooking general: Lets get sum yum yum on >must show benefits of food >vegan…[View]
52458492>become fit >only get mired by art hoes FUCK…[View]
52462111if im trying to gain muscle and need calories is dominos pizza okay? what is i put alot of meat on i…[View]
52459130Is this natty?[View]
52461546How the fuck do I make sleep gains? All that lifting is pointless if I don’t get enough rest I take…[View]
52458655i have awful pull up form[View]
52452840GOOD MOOORNING![View]
52454990Now that the dust has been settled, whose the next king of /fit/?[View]
52461667https://www.goodlookingloser.com/laid/index/plight-of-the-lonesome-bodybuilder-part-1 What do you gu…[View]
52461934i think i have sleep apnea /fit/bros :( not sure how this happened to me. i'm only 34 and am no…[View]
52419484/MAG/ Martial Arts General - Tone Fergs edition: Post things about Martial Arts, wrestling, boxing, …[View]
52460159Why is all of the food im eating going to my stomach and not my arms[View]
52460440Does weightlifting lower your IQ?[View]
52461286Imagine being the fattest person at the gym.[View]
52453287wot, no /fph/?: ffs bois, lift your game[View]
52459686Is volume that important?: For example pic related, last week I did way much volume but today I done…[View]
52461763miss being lean: 6'2 went from 215 to 190 in like 3 months of just reducing calories. i still e…[View]
52459791Strong upper, thin legs or weak upper and big strong legs?: Title. I personally think that the havin…[View]
52461252>be me >Paki >Meeting female cousin next week >Want to impress her with my body so she…[View]
52461134Urine test after taking vyvance: So my buddy is trying to get a job, he is freaking out because he b…[View]
52461025Just got a small batch of this stuff in the mail. Does it actually do anything?[View]
52461290>Practicing thay boxing for 6 years now >Learned to deal with the brutality of physical pain …[View]
52457875>want to incorporate grappling into my training >paranoid someone has a heated moment and doe…[View]
52455671Sumo deadlifting is cheating: Prove me wrong[View]
52461572I have a hernia underneath my left lat, and any kind of lift like a deadlift/deep squat really aggra…[View]
52457904Thoughts on my split?: I finally decided to make a routine to follow. It consists of 4 workout sepa…[View]
52460622At what point does lifting look like cope and make you look like a gymcel?[View]
52460923Are dumbbell sidebends a decent work out for your core?[View]
52459080How do i stop my stomach from bloating? After every fucking meal, regardless of how big or small it …[View]
52457657Does this count...: ... as a 'mire? >be me (m,24) >175cm white guy >started regularly…[View]
52461323What exercises to fix this build? Asking for an ex-felon.[View]
52460500Fit Relate Feels: >TFW can never stay on a caloric defecit for even a week without fucking up …[View]
52459597Is it possible to make it if you have this body type, and what should you do?[View]
52456351/PERSONAL TRAINING/: Need some tips on how to flirt while teaching a girl how to weightlift >girl…[View]
52460877Reddit says height doesn't matter: Are manlet memes just lanklet propaganda?[View]
52458286lol fuckin faggots u mirin, you all acting like women spreading rumors aint even true lmao imagine t…[View]
52459890Reminder to stay hydrated![View]
52460652>I’m self improving for the honor of making eye contact with a girl![View]
52458149Rate my bulking meal lads: >2000 calories >200g protein…[View]
52460965I want to start strengthening my legs bc I've been doing mostly upper body shit. I really like …[View]
52460917Uni diet: Hi /fit/ I'm entering university this sunday and I'm planning on bulking until M…[View]
52460895Does anyone have a webm where what looks like a crazy built man punches 2 persons on the street? The…[View]
52459336How can I achieve maximum billy mode? I’m prepared to work very hard and stay dedicated. I’m around …[View]
52460863Do you track your progress for accessory lifts? Do you even do the same ones each time? My new gym …[View]
52457511>Doing full body workouts 6 days a week isn't the standard recommendation on this board You …[View]
52460828>Do resistance exercises to failure because supposedly it's better >Feel exhausted and do…[View]
52458138>be former fatty >6'2 300lbs >wear size 44x34 pants >loose down to 210 with running…[View]
52460794Trying to hit a pr post your test boost[View]
52459610Were gonna rock down to... electric avenue[View]
52460367Why is the medial head of my calves shrinking?: Does anyone know what causes this? I still deadlift…[View]
52441138What went wrong with Madalin Giorgetta?[View]
52460240I went to the gym and got in magnificent shape. Other men would approach and say 'wow you're ph…[View]
52457867Can you eat without starving to death for 100$ a month? What would you get? What would you cook?[View]
52458335beanpill me bros: boneless, skinless chicken breast is on sale so, naturally, I'm about to go f…[View]
52459323Veganism hate thread: How come vegan shit is so much more expensive than animal products like dairy?…[View]
52458374/Smoking/: >Cancer >Gross >Kills gains >Doesn't give a decent high >Waste of mon…[View]
52442849Halloween costume thread. What costumes can us white males wear to show off our gains?[View]
52452686How to train forearms besides wrist curls?[View]
52460318Have you guys ever lost your gym bag ?: I went to the gym yesterday afternoon. i just realized today…[View]
52460182Training twice a day: I'm a gym rat and want more gym time. Could I do a bodybuilding workout i…[View]
52449927Say no to cheat meals: Cheat meals are something deeply bad. Of course one piece of cheesecake won…[View]
52436448Push-up thread: Today was bench and OHP and I have uni homework but I wanna get in some extra volume…[View]
52459233imagine the smell...[View]
52459928How did this happen? Did back squats yesterday, came home to see this. Is the bar too high up? Am I …[View]
52457272>been lifting for months >still get severe DOMS after every workout is this normal or is there…[View]
52460247will b&j's make my balls smaller?[View]
52457562Does anyone have any tips, books or videos for a someone who wants to learn to do Tai Chi at home fr…[View]
52460125Now in HD![View]
52457289The problem with thotposting is that people who post them should rather focus on getting bodies that…[View]
52458323Why yes, I do combine with my gym brethren for even greater strengh. How could you tell?[View]
52459724Need help squatting: TLDR.: Small ROM for squat, how do I go deeper? I think my squat form isn…[View]
52457628Your excuses?[View]
52457270We are gonna make it. R-right?[View]
52457778/noglance/: I hope you've taken the /noglance/ pill. What is it? What does it stand for? /nogla…[View]
52458989One of my Gymbuddies died at Saturday. Appreciate every Session of the gym and every second of life.…[View]
52454555Post suggestions: What suggestions should I put in to help my gym improve?[View]
52454611is 2400 calories enough to bulk on lifting 90 minutes a day? im a 20 year old male, 190cm tall[View]
52454619/MOG/ GENERAL: Post the best mogs of any variety.[View]
52459528I’m starting to do some workouts on my own at home everyday, on a day 3 streak so far lost about 300…[View]
52455137do you really need to lift to be masculine?[View]
52459415How to lose the last 10-20lbs?: I'm 6'2, started at 275lbs and did low-carb and CICO to ge…[View]
52459737You ever lifting a weight and something crazy pops into your head like, 'Damn, if I slammed this int…[View]
52457440R8 my diet /fit: >Multiple times a day Cottage cheese,Quark cheese,spreadable protein cheese,prot…[View]
52458621>wake up >oneitis gf next to me smiling in her sleep >go flex in the mirror >looking gre…[View]
52457860How to stick to your diet?: I have a very particular diet created to help me both gain muscle and lo…[View]
52455827raw nuts: What in the absolute FUCK is that? I thought I was having a healthy snack, turns out I was…[View]
52458963>got big head >look like shit can i make it still?…[View]
52454408Why do people suddenly become lactose intolerant?: As a person who LOVES dairy this occurrence baffl…[View]
52459100how do I obtain this mode?[View]
52434231What is the most stupid thing youve seen at the gym? stories are welcome[View]
52456636Are multivitamns a scam? I started taking multivitamins like 2 weeks ago, and I feel the same. And I…[View]
52458331>Start browsing /fit/ >Leave with more insecurities than when I arrived on this shit board F…[View]
52458816/Blending-general/: Does blending every meal have any benefits like idk improved nutrients absorptio…[View]
52458813Dying on Keto: Omg I am 4 days into keto and I have zero energy.. I am dying senpai. What can I do? …[View]
52458449You still here pussy?: hey shithead, I hope you haven’t forgotten about our date Sunday /fit/ will h…[View]
52454824/fit/ btfo for all eternity[View]
52459165This shit is a godsend for cutting. You take three capsules plus a big glass of water one hour befor…[View]
52453858Unironically, someone tell me what I should do Im 333 pounds, Im overweight, and I need to drop down…[View]
52454720this man claims to be 5'8 200lbs 10% bodyfat[View]
52454740when will you realize social skills > looks: why does fit believe that looks > game, when the …[View]
52455507How do I get out of depression bros? I'm extremely lethargic, I dropped out of uni because I co…[View]
52458311>no meal thread post em lads[View]
52457594Post motivation >Also does anyone have the collage that says “remember why your doing this” It h…[View]
52459006So, I shattered my foot 10 months ago at work and I have been unable to run on a regular basis becau…[View]
52458650Why don't Ameritards use their meme system for measuring macros? Why do they use grams? For exa…[View]
52458988Chick Fill A good for your gains?[View]
52458397How long can you survive om peach and coffee: This might be a weird question But I was wondering for…[View]
52458708How does /fit/ deal with potentially minor injuries? I was doing get ups about two weeks ago and my …[View]
52457318thoughts on flexible dieting?[View]
52458531>'thanks, would you like your receipt?' >'Oh no thanks' >Physically remove the receipt from…[View]
52457899Most bouncers seem to be super wide. Does thickness have any advantage in combat ?[View]
52457649Why don't you fat fucks realize that starving is the best way to lose weight?: The best way to …[View]
52454849Program pdf links: Looking for pdf links of popular programs including Jeff Nippard's programs…[View]
52457428Is there a point to working out if you have facial deformity? For a while i thought about fixing my …[View]
52450948Where my Garlic Chads at?: Post ITT >how many cloves you ate today >your workout today >if …[View]
52458678NOOOOO! You can't just add a few extra scoops of protein into your oats, greek yogurt and shake…[View]
52453591>tinnitus >hemorrhoids what are some other conditions/problems you can develop by making some …[View]
52458250Is Cooming compatible with getting after it and self mastery?[View]
52457481Who here was a witness?[View]
52458097>high fiber shits[View]
52452937How do you defend against this? Look at this senile fuck >youth mogged >agility mogged >mel…[View]
52455478should i cut down more or finally begin operation lean bulk?[View]
52457450I’ve been starting to do stomach vacuums lately but I’ve noticed my rib cage hurts after, is this no…[View]
52456100ITT we pretend to be suburban moms at the gym >Have you taken Sarah's spin? She's great…[View]
52456490Do athletes take steroids? Do you think athletes should be allowed too? Do you think this guy takes …[View]
52454933So i have an important business meeting tomorrow afternoon. I want to be at peak test by the time th…[View]
52450856>5x5 305 bench press >she still doesnt love me…[View]
52458212Why do these threads keep blowing up, it got old a long time ago[View]
52452762Is 'My mother died this morning' an acceptable reason to not go to the gym?[View]
52457338>Be 5'5 skinnyfat abomination >Want to become nice and /lithe/ >Try jogging for 30 min…[View]
52456948Are there any good guides to improving your pacer/beep test score? Is it more important to train the…[View]
52455900If one were to drop a barbell with, say, 2pl8+ on their neck on the bench, do you think it would be …[View]
52458175SQUATTIN' Down the road, in a gym far away A young man was heard to say, No matter what I do, m…[View]
52454837my birthday on sunday: /fit/izens. what should i do for my birthday on sunday? all my friends have c…[View]
52457245Does preworkout go bad?: I have pic related. It works pretty well but I was out of town for two week…[View]
52456962routine thread: critique rate evaluate 3-5 times a week > ohp : 1-3x10 > squat : 1-3x10 > b…[View]
52456800>NEET, spend all day at home on computer >have home gym a couple meters away in other room …[View]
52454498Total newbie but I'm in! One year registration at local gym checked. I've decided to go wi…[View]
52457755>another night where I couldn't sleep because of nightmares I'm going to Math Class don…[View]
52457323for me its whey cookies and creme[View]
52455891Anyone sacrificing gym gains for career gains? >promoted >sales floor manager >need to be …[View]
52451494I've been going to the gym at least 4 days a a week for several months: What am I doing wrong? …[View]
52456060My son just told me his favorite Disney character is Gaston because he eats lots of eggs and my son’…[View]
52457555Was the raw onion thing ever settled?[View]
52454531Run 5km in 20 minutes: I am currently doing 5km in 23 minutes. How can i drop 3 minutes til the end …[View]
52457634/bloatmax/ is the best aesthetic, it shows you are both strong and self confident enough not to car…[View]
52457167How can I increase motility and how fast can I expect results?[View]
52457444what's the best tasting protein?: every protein product has tasted like absolute shit. 100% ser…[View]
52456064Hey /fit/, what's this exercise called? Also, roll for sit-ups.[View]
52457579>jogger jogs on the side of the road >instead of using the sidewalk Fucking why? The sidewalk …[View]
52456425How many calories is 2 bowls of lentil soup, 200g of cottage cheese, 1 chicken breast and 4 sandwich…[View]
52455526I started cutting 2 days ago and I've had night terrors 2 nights in a row. I keep waking up in …[View]
52457466>post yfw you have the keys to your gym[View]
52456597>started doing cardio 2-3x a week a couple of months ago >slowly increase >end up doing dai…[View]
52455756Leg routine: My current leg routine: Leg extensions 15 reps, 10-12 reps, 10-12 reps or to failure Le…[View]
52457092Which ancient people were the most /fit/? Not just in physique, but in ethos?[View]
52457200Are video games basically video gains, therefore a shit waste of time? How can one decide to eat cle…[View]
52456375Swedish government looking into 'nofap' says there are less and less people having babies.[View]
52451476>24 and have been lifting for 3 years >every year look a bit better >women my age look more…[View]
52457412Ever since 3 months ago or so I've felt a bit of pain while doing bench and overhead press but …[View]
52456804>do 60 lbs db shoulder press >Feel pretty good about myself >Some dyel next to me does 55lb…[View]
52456714>used to be disgusted at huge fatties because 'how did you let it get this bad?' >lo…[View]
52457307Hey /fit/ How do you overcome a feeling of mediocrity? Do you ever have days where you think 'This i…[View]
52456997how to cope with small dick?: my pp is 4'7 inches short. how do i stopt thinking about it while…[View]
52446528>I don’t drink milk because of the estrogen Lmao[View]
52457141>lost MORE THAN all of my gains >I was so upset I started roiding to get it back >My body w…[View]
52452938*destroys your meat based diets with reason and logic*[View]
52455629Besides losing weight what else work for face gains?[View]
52455757in one year i have gone from 70kg to 89kg, is it worth to continue bulking so i can continue on my l…[View]
52457120Anyone else find ATG squats easier than just going parallel?[View]
52452222Think 2 hrs in a steam room will shed like 20 lbs of water? keep in mind they get quite hot[View]
52456823Tell me something lifting has changed in your life. Or something you've done due to lifting spe…[View]
52454802Is it me or are potato chips decent bulk food? low amount of sugar, pretty high amount of fibre.[View]
52455310How fit should you be? Do people look down on you if you overdo it?: I can only fit in 3 days a week…[View]
52455665>years ago 'You HAVE to eat 6 meals a day to lose weight!' >now 'You HAVE to fast for 16 hours…[View]
52456969pogu: Guys jerking is a legitimate exercise for your forearms and triceps! may it be jerking dumbbel…[View]
52446192I can't pull up my own bodyweight, anons. Fuck it, FUCK IT! I am feeling like a girl doing this…[View]
52452857Stop sleeping[View]
52456625I don't even remember why I'm doing it anymore.[View]
52456147How long till I see nicely formed pecs? Been benching 50Lbs for 3 weeks now all day.[View]
52454760What is your posture?[View]
52456706Bros is it a good idea to eat a protein bar before working out, and a protein shake after the workou…[View]
52451971I have begun my journey to being /fit/ weed do i have to give it up?[View]
52456394Do you cook your own healthy food?[View]
52455903Is there even a reason to lift when you're this hairy?[View]
52450326How do I become fit enough for the military in 1 year? All I have is a pull up bar. I'm a poorf…[View]
52455758Is manletism genetic or because of shitty diet during puberty?[View]
52450261What should you do to get an aesthetic ass as a man?[View]
52456521Skip leg day?: Hey, so I've lost about 35 pounds in the past year and I'm now pretty slim …[View]
52454816What is the most 4chan lift? What is the most reddit lift?[View]
52456582>2020 >not drinking bone broth you goys really do hate your guts, huh?…[View]
52456551Cortisol-pill: >2019 >solely worrying about testosterone and ignoring all your other hormones …[View]
52454664>farmers lift >I'm not a farmer[View]
52455782/fitmu/ POST TUNES TO LISTEN WHEN WORKING OUT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXUfBxMbC3A https://w…[View]
52453996I used to do Tbar rows all the time and never saw much progress and had back pain all the time. Then…[View]
52453470Are creatine, zinc&magnesium pills and fish oil ok during fasting?[View]
52450653who here /unlocked/? I feel like i can take on the world. post tips, tricks, ect. for unlocking yo…[View]
52438614>enter gym >see this What do /fit/?[View]
52455236>started getting /fit/ >literally unable to enjoy tasty foods anymore because I feel too guilt…[View]
52453557Can someone give me a bf estimage please , i cutted 40 kgs , i want to continue until 12% bf , i am …[View]
52455911What would you do if you had stretched out chest, stomach, thigh and ass skin after losing 150lbs (a…[View]
52453156Body: Is this body attainable without roiding?[View]
52456054Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
52455729Lets see a show of hands /fit/ Post a picture of your hand. The length from tip of thumb to tip of p…[View]
52451999Getting /fit/ will turn you into a fag: Getting into /fit/ness will literally turn you into a faggot…[View]
52455608*sips* mmmmmmmmm thats good stuff *sips* Dont forget your sips this morning /fit/[View]
52455123Will growing my own fruits and veggies lead to more gains? Do you garden?[View]
52454265Oh no, no, no, no, no, no[View]
52453504hi /fit/ did 1x5 of weighted chins +20kg 166cm 58kg we're all gonna make it[View]
52454225How on earth do you get rid of fat in your lower ab area? I've gotten to a point where my entir…[View]
52454729need advice anons 6'2, 88kg. Struggle to maintain consistency at the gym due to injuries and wh…[View]
52443023*casually curls your bench max in front of your wife*[View]
52452387Why isn't anyone talking about this? Why worry about raw onions and garlic and all this other d…[View]
52454565Good /fit/ feels: >tfw making slow but steady progress to my goal weight…[View]
52454110Brehs I’ve finally found the holy grail of feeling full & not cheating when hungry. Mix diet 7up…[View]
52455393Who is the best/fit/ YouTuber & why is it Greg Doucette: Man I love this guys rants Tells it str…[View]
52446689Kefir: Redpill me on kefir. Is it worth the hype?[View]
524449801g of caffeine a day: Spaced out 100mg every hour Convince me not to do it[View]
52455525Are V lines something you achieve through working certain muscles or is it about going on a cutting …[View]
52454799/hlg/: How is this hairline achieved?[View]
52452487Bros I'm not gonna make it: I can't stop eating[View]
52455476I have suffered from severe bradycardia in the past. Now my heart rate is a fairly stable 50-70, but…[View]
52454759balkana gang[View]
52452117Dumbbell weight: So I do a lot of cardio but wanted to build a more toned upper body and wanted to t…[View]
52443026/fit/spiration thread[View]
52454017Why do i feel so sleepy after eating some fish, quinoa, veggies and beans?: I dont always feel sleep…[View]
52455145>hurt shoulder on second set of OHP Killed my entire workout[View]
52449819Aspirations thread: Other than a godlike body, what are your aspirations? I’ll go first: >passive…[View]
52450451What can I do with these in half an hour 3 times a week? Pic related[View]
52452457>tfw I'm 6'0'' and I'm still the manlet at my new Gym…[View]
52452687Hey bros little happy story to keep you guys going, could happen to anyone. >go to gym, just fini…[View]
52455075Friendly reminder to drink some water buddeh[View]
52454896Losing weight: whats the best way to lose weight and keep it off? im currently doing about an hour o…[View]
52449792Nutrient rich thread: >he gets enough nutrients every day >he only worries about protein What…[View]
52451758I've heard that sprinting is better than long runs if you're weightlifting, and it can eve…[View]
52454894I got injured my back in may and havn't worked out since. I noticed i masturbate nearly 3times …[View]
52454864What did you fatties eat for breakfast? 1/4 cup cashews 2 cups skim milk 1 clove garlic 85 grams bab…[View]
52449565Should i do both pull ups and chin ups or just pull ups? I do them on my pull day, pull 1 i do pull…[View]
52443741Well /fit/ why aren't you doing this?[View]
52448813/fraud/: /fraud/ - nobody bothers to make new threads edition Before asking your stupid beginner que…[View]
52454843V-Vegeta, stop... I'm g-gonna COOOOOOOOOM[View]
52453183In a man's life friends are overrated. you only need adversaries.: like David and Jeff. Arnold …[View]
52450927Is drinking raw eggs okay?: I might start drinking 6 a day[View]
52454684Day 2 of Intermittent Fasting. Skipped breakfast again and can't eat anything for the next 5 ho…[View]
52453581hypothetically if you watched porn without cumming for an hour a day would your testosterone increas…[View]
52447077Macros in wet cat food?: Anyone know the macros in this? Seems pretty high in protein and fat while …[View]
52454242I am 6 feet 3 inches but i still feel like a manlet!@!@ what exercises or food i need to do to gain …[View]
52454399Y-strap and neck adjustment: After looking at Cipriano's channel: https://www.youtube.com/chann…[View]
52451149Question: > Start lifting after 10 years > 3 days in > girl at work notices > asks if I …[View]
52452917GABA: I just ordered some, did i fall for a meme? I saw some studies that showed how gaba increased …[View]
52454603>sick as fuck >probably have a cold or some shit >headaches >blocked nose >feel like…[View]
52450981Gymcels - Shoulderlet Edition, w/ Matthew McConacuck Post you 'favourite' gymcels[View]
52454424I made a Heavy Duty leg finisher video if anyone wants to see it, or maybe just roast me, that'…[View]
52453814How do weighted chins work? I'm 191cm and 108kg, and I do weighted chins with +5kg That's …[View]
52450130cooked meat: I have been eating a pound and a half of cooked chicken thighs every day with oats (OMA…[View]
52447019Does being around girls boost test? I spent the day with my 18 year old cousin and something about …[View]
52443060>be 5'11.5 >wear 1' lifts with my boots >6'1.5 >feel amazing >wear boots wi…[View]
52453745Rage is the best motivator out there. Prove me wrong. >Pro tip: you can't.…[View]
52447136Daily reminder that most of you strength comes from recovery. Make sure you get plenty of sleep and …[View]
52451761Best apartment machine for weight loss: Hey fit, I was wondering if I might get some input on a pref…[View]
52451748What bodyfat percentage do you think he was here? Trying to lose face fat, this is my goal.[View]
52420961Rate my meal thread: Inb4; poofags with pisspoor meals looking for validation.[View]
52454104I can only work out properly during the night cause I have crippling anxiety and I am socially handi…[View]
52451707How many pounds = an inch on your waistline?[View]
52452239>there's a cake in the common room at work with a note that says 'free for all!' >throw c…[View]
52451060Mental Health General: Sup boyos, my boss just offered me this new schedule and I've been tryin…[View]
52453851How to stay motivated to lift when coming from work?: i'm so ridiculously tired after work, usu…[View]
5245161918 yo 5’10 142lb here I want to start working out what muscle groups should I work on (upper body on…[View]
52452598Creatine: Does it cause hairloss, /fit/?[View]
52452533Where the fuck do I get one of these?: Please, anon, I'm desperate[View]
52453921any below 5'6 manlets here make it with lifting? what is your story? i need inspiration.[View]
52450387Bench press-- J curve for hypertrophy?: I can't find any help online about this. There are plen…[View]
52453311>calorie calculator says i need 2700 calories for maintenance >3200 for bulk >tfw get fat o…[View]
52453684Is it normal to feel like out of shape even if you are doing excercise regularly? I also feel like i…[View]
52453326I only get sick once, maybe twice a year, but when I do, I get sicker than anyone I could have caugh…[View]
52452291This is 4chan so a lot of people must have been really shy st the beginning of their gains journey. …[View]
52452834>muscles are visibly growing >subcutaneous fat is visibly decreasing >weight is still decre…[View]
52451522Pet /fit/ness: Who here tries to keep their pet in shape? > get cat > he's a fat fuck …[View]
52448374Is Carnitine a meme? If not then is 100mg a meme dose? Need to cut weight, mostly doing cardio and d…[View]
52446655face gains thread: How have your face gains been, /fit/? Mine were so dramatic that my mom gave me s…[View]
52452468Do you eat before bed?: And are you fat? Everyone seems to think it's a bad idea.[View]
52453368>stopped at burger king and ordered a large triple stacker meal and 10 nuggets after the gym agai…[View]
52453132Which team sport should you play, if you only want to build a good physique?: Team. Sport..[View]
52449784punching bag workouts: How do I properly train with a punching bag. what are some exercises you guys…[View]
52453033Hey guys, serious thread about Sterio... >Reeeeeeeeeee, Janies Janies come quick Reeeeeeeee. Hey…[View]
52452508>cute girl posted this on instagram >lots of likes Coping big ''bulking'' manlets on suicide w…[View]
52452226Are there any supplements or exercises to help with tinnitus[View]
52452632The worst gains goblin I've ever experienced: /fit/izens I need your help. For the past three w…[View]
52450433Should manlets even lift? Or should I just off myself now? I've been lifting for 2 years now bu…[View]
52453013I want to start going to gym and do running but im shy and socially awkward. What to do[View]
52453092I have a theory. The higher quality food you eat, the more rapid your gains come in. Before graduati…[View]
52451905Barbell Row overhand or underhand? Its my main pull lift, i do some weighted neutral grip pull ups a…[View]
52452886Hello fit, Ive been doing weights for one week now, weight 99kgs and 184cm tall. Im Eating less than…[View]
52452306What's his routine?: Pretty sure it's achievable natty[View]
52448911Sous vide. This is a game changing shit.[View]
52452925Dumbbell exercises for lats, shoulders and neck?[View]
52452331>chest day doesn’t come for another 48 hours[View]
52452712>be me >try gym >do a bunch of machines because i don't know shit from freeweights …[View]
52452675Thoughts on my modified SS plan? Working it 5 x a week. A Squat 5x5 OHP 5x5 Deadlift 1x5 Shrugs. 5x5…[View]
52449156If I only ate sardines and chicken breast for every meal for a month and kept my calories 300 under …[View]
52452798Be 6 feet 3 inches tall Weird lanlet Ugly gf Weak as shit I wish I was a little bit shorter, had bet…[View]
52452652Its just not working :([View]
52451696Anyone got a good formula to convert dumbell lift weights/stats to barbell? Pic unrelated.[View]
52449268Redpill me on BCAA’s: does it actually do anything fellas Pic unrelated[View]
52451961Crossroad Stories: Last month in August, I weighed my highest at 258 pounds and being 6'0. I kn…[View]
52446560I miss 2011 /fit/[View]
52451050whats the best and fun way to lose weight that doesnt involve: going to an all purpose gym. GO.[View]
52450792Anyone ever take pic related?: Pic related is Lion's mane mushroom. It's proven to increas…[View]
52449065will i become more chad if i start taking trt?: anyone here on trt right now? did you change?[View]
52451492What sleep and exercise routine should I pair with this diet for my recomp? I’m eating the same thin…[View]
52449893Alright guys so I'm a lard tub(250, 18yo). I have a physical in about a month and a half and it…[View]
52443401Why are you still here? After you read the sticky there is no reason to stay anymore...[View]
52452142>205 lbs at 6 ft >feel fat as fuck >start cutting this monday >alredy binged twice today…[View]
52452061No matter what I do it doesn’t seem like my biceps get any stronger. Am I destined to suffer or is …[View]
52451068CBT: Current back thread. Lets do this guys. Critiques always welcome.[View]
52450237Oh god fin doesn't cause this does it? Is my dick done growing by 22?[View]
52452193I hurt my left shoulder so wont be able to lift with it for a couple weeks Should I still work my ri…[View]
52449671Eggs: >Avoided eggs since I was a kid (only food i never liked) >Decide to start eating them f…[View]
52450658If I've been eating a diet comprised heavily of fast food for the past two months, how long wil…[View]
52451458Achievable natty ?[View]
52451193When did we stop eating oats, eggs chicken and brocolli, and start eating gluten free paleo-grass fe…[View]
52451912Sugar Cravings: I've just started getting back into trying to get fit after about a year of bei…[View]
52450146Okay /fit/ what is your opinion on using BFR. I've heard bodybuilders using this trick (albeit …[View]
52445338How do young American men deal with the obesity crisis when it comes to dating? If you like thick/fa…[View]
52448407how to gain weight?: Literally ate like a fat fuck for months nothing happened gained1-2kg, any tips…[View]
52450801>always been a slow runner >become 200lbs >struggle to do 30 minute 3 mile on a treadmill a…[View]
52446384can u burn fat simply with just the increase of muscle mass?[View]
52453948Every single female is a fucking whore. Every last one. They fuck other guys so males like you can p…[View]
52451841Have we decided if Orc Mode > Bear Mode yet?[View]
52451345Need help: Hellow Evryone I really need some tips, I start a new work in a new city, my work is real…[View]
52449886Who else /backacne/ here? It means we're high test, right bros?[View]
52451454I officially have muscles (random people mention stuff about my arms etc.) but I cant seem to find t…[View]
52450478Does anyone else do this?: I go to Sam's club and check the expiration for chicken thighs, tend…[View]
52451314Fit in jail?: Hey /f/it, I am too poor to afford a gym membership, I am thinking of getting some mil…[View]
52445026Resting Heart Beat Thread: Age: 32 Weight: 205 Resting Heart Beats per Minute: 64 What's yours?…[View]
52449655Thoughts on my build?[View]
52451444STOP THE HATE: please /fit/izens, put aside your hate and help explain to us manlets how we can impr…[View]
52450533Is this achievable natty?[View]
52451034>ywn be a jouster at Medieval Times[View]
52450137Preventing Loose Skin?: I'm currently on a diet, and I've been seeing some pretty noticeab…[View]
52447140Are there some ways to help you get better at holding a handstand other than the obvious one of actu…[View]
52449751Any weight lifting app rec's? Especially for dumbbell workouts.[View]
52449127Are chiropractor's legit or a scan?[View]
52451037You can train your muscles to take a beating, but how do you train your wallet when dating?[View]
52450940>bench more than my stepdad Fuck you, Rick[View]
52451119How do we bring him back?[View]
52449872>bench press, standard shit >working on the last few sets >three more reps to go >sudden…[View]
52447590Did Greg O'gallagher do gay 4 pay?: video related https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UM-W0wCS3c…[View]
52448814I started taking Super B Complex Vitamins and my pee is super neon yellow, almost looks radioactive.…[View]
52448147How the FUCK do you learn to dance /fit/ ? >get invited by female coworker to salsa class >beg…[View]
52447170Goodbye, /fit/. This is where I get off.[View]
52450718>gone over my calorie goal for the day >still hungry why are we here? just to suffer.…[View]
52448944How do you actually get to 10% body fat? I've been trying to cut there for years but the lowest…[View]
52450619Higher Reps for Cutting: Should you focus more on high reps instead of weight when you're tryin…[View]
52446922why are these fucking things so big? it's ridiculous since most people just eat one scoop more …[View]
52448510Dumbbell bench press is superior to barbell bench press. Prove me wrong. >greater range of motion…[View]
52449362PLEASEEEE HELP NOT LOSING WEIGHT: So I am 5’7 male, 171 lbs (checked today). Doesn’t sound too bad b…[View]
52448256Buy protein wafers, put them in the fridge for a couple hours and try them. Thank me later.[View]
52450643>just hit the 48hr fast mark >My roommate eats a pile of pancakes in front of me This is start…[View]
52450499fruit/vegetables: If I binge eat on fruit instead of fast food wouldnt I lose a fuck ton of weight w…[View]
52450179Is this natty /fit/?[View]
52445740/noglance/: Anyone else took the /noglance/ pill yet? >only look forward, not down, not up >do…[View]
52450501>130 pounds >my butt is the only part of my body that has enough flab to where it jiggles and …[View]
52449783>squatting today >getting back up >halfway up legs start wobbling >use arms to apply lik…[View]
52449933What is the best bang for the buck barbell and plates for a low effort home gym? Walmart?[View]
52437528/fph/ - fat people hate: follow your dreams[View]
52449629Have you ever suffered a serious fitness-related injury, /fit/? What happened?[View]
52448398I saw The Golden One at a grocery store in Uppsala yesterday. I told him how cool it was to meet him…[View]
52450328>Want to get /fit/ >Hate squatting :([View]
52441716naturally enhanced: is it actually a good program? if anyone has done, would you care posting your …[View]
52450228How do I fix the skinny fat problem? I’m afraid of bulking because my body fat is already pretty hig…[View]
52449739DOMS: Do you stop experiencing it after acquiring a specific amount of gains?[View]
52449769>went grocery shopping >forgot to buy oats and eggs FUCK…[View]
52445882Why do they do this?: Why do women have all these theatrics when setting up for deadlift? Some do li…[View]
52450141Is he right?[View]
52448340How do you guys motivate yourself everyday to go to work and do fitness? I just sit home since 2year…[View]
52450028>He doesn’t go on early morning walks to get those nature test boosts[View]
52449939How do I get JoJo physique.[View]
52449511/fit/ how do I transition from at home limited freeweights and bodyweight exercises to whatever is a…[View]
52447469what is the best bf% for longevity?[View]
52448441How the fuck do you develop discipline?[View]
52449887GOOD MORNING![View]
52449220Boys, I just finished watching Demolition Man. What do I have to do to not become a futuristic cuck …[View]
52449821>Decide I want to bulk >2 weeks later >Decide I want to cut >2 weeks later >Decide I …[View]
52449706Does anyone else have a dumb habit of making unintentional derp faces during sets?[View]
52449036>he re-racks the equipment[View]
52449254New to working out. I know lunges and squats for front of legs what about back? How to get ass puss…[View]
52435232Went from 185lbs to 160lbs Still look like shit Why? My strength remains the same through my cut Ben…[View]
52449697Core workout: Hey i went through the link on the sticky but lost patience Sorry to clutter up the bo…[View]
52440122Hair Pill: Have you guys taken the hair pill?[View]
52447675light dumbbell system: What do you guys think about Eugene Sandow's light dumbbell system? Have…[View]
52448125JUST: JUST[View]
52445880Fat thighs: What to do when you're slim up to the waist but still have fat legs? Should I skip …[View]
52446673proximal tibio fibular joint disclocation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qxhl9H4sJzk I have this p…[View]
52447935Cigarette smoking: What are your thoughts on smoking lads? Enjoyable activity that’s a sign of mascu…[View]
52449118What do you guys reward yourself with after completing goals? I’m attempting to visualize some but I…[View]
52449555>'grow grow grow'[View]
52446005>exposed as a literal cock sucking faggot >deletes almost all of his youtube videos >no sig…[View]
52449468wussup wit dat? yall cowardz, dont even omad[View]
52449348Is natty lifting completely pointless?: https://youtu.be/_08Mi_ODF94 I feel so hopeless, is there an…[View]
52448182No fap,and long time 'addiction': I know /fit shouldnt be the place for such matters,but i see lots …[View]
52447328my ass is to tight from squats what do?[View]
52447011>he still believes the calories in calories out meme haha ya, keep 'burning' those calories bucko…[View]
52449403I lifted 80% of my one rep max deadlifts without warming up and now I feel nervous and jittery help …[View]
52448634Bros what the H*CK happened, so I usually run 1 mile but Today I went for a and A barely made it to …[View]
52445754I fucking love safety bar squats bros[View]
52447763>almost 30 >wasted the best years of my life being obese I really regret it, I'm at the p…[View]
52442847So glad this meme is dead. Fuck SS[View]
52430858>tfw mom is constantly mirin' my gains t-thanks[View]
52447904>I OHP and bench on the same day[View]
52449083REEEEEEEEE: i dont care how much you DL, if you abandon a huge bar on the pad like this you are a fa…[View]
52449276Achievable natty[View]
52442660Gym Etiquette 101: Hi /fit/, today is the first time ever i'm going to gym; there is something …[View]
52448937Rage thread: You rage you loose. Stop deadlifting with plates like that edition.[View]
52446344>buy some of this to try before going to the gym >take the recommended dosage >start to lea…[View]
52448063Why Lowbar Squats: Why would someone ever do lowbar squats over highbar squats? It looks disgusting …[View]
52446472Where is fraud? Is it banned?[View]
52448924Do I look like I lift ?[View]
52448291Exercise induced headaches: When I work out with above moderate intensity I will get bad headaches s…[View]
52430868/fat/ the journey edition: >Who is /fat/ for? For the caloric elites among us who want to better …[View]
52442551>ask to work in >actually work out[View]
524471624 scoops, c'mon: Why isn't mass gainer more popular? It's ideal for capitalizing on t…[View]
52448387It's my birthday bros, decided to treat myself to some pre workout. What's your favourite …[View]
52449062What should my macro split look like?: Is 35% protein 35% fat and 30% carbs a good split assuming I’…[View]
52449039Front squats are far superior. Backfags, enjoy your back when it btfo in your 40s[View]
52445847Music to workout to: The gym I use keep blasting commercial-tier songs, I'm in dire need of a p…[View]
52448563Normal weight for my height: I plan to go to the gym next week and eat healthier. I am 5.6 feet tall…[View]
524488641. Your max clean (full clean, power clean, I don't care, whichever you can do) 2. Is this enou…[View]
524483055'9' Guess my weight How can I target lower lats? I need to workout shoulders a lot harder. Rec…[View]
52432155Why is it that females dont have to get /fit/?[View]
52448847Bodybuilding me Olympia types how well do you think they’ll do if they transfer over to strongman[View]
52448824Oooh boy time for a run!: Haha guys time to go for a run! Going to run every day! >SNAP >CRACK…[View]
52443527RAWMEAT: Tomorrow Ill eat my first raw meat, Im kinda nervous about the potential taste and/or disea…[View]
52448224CHT: current hair thread show me what u got fuckers[View]
52444795Seriously Question: If I do bodyweight exercises, take a shit really quick, and then do another set,…[View]
52447304Pull Ups General: If you can’t do strict lmao10 pull ups, your primate ancestors are fucking disappo…[View]
52430935/plg/ - powersharting general: Reminder not to roid[View]
52446900Is a pair of 40lb dumbbells enough? My store doesn't have anything bigger[View]
52441844Memes aside, is this bad for you?[View]
52447877CBT. Face Shown Edition or you get early cancer.: Been doing Omad this week. Really shredded me down…[View]
52448419Started working out 2 months ago and eating better. But I want to know the best work out and diet fo…[View]
52431768>tfw slav genes >tfw put on body fat too easily…[View]
52448414I'm new to lifting and not eating like shit, (about 2 weeks in,) and I've got some goddamn…[View]
52447791Gut Health General: Is psyllium husk legit? And what about a low fodmap diet?[View]
52447414I strained my fucking rhomboid, what can I do in the gym while it heals so I don't put a bullet…[View]
52443709If its all about the calories what difference makes a high protein diet: to a high carb diet if they…[View]
52448286Psyllium Husk: Taking 2TBSP Twice A Day PROS: Massive, easily passed bowel movement every morning. A…[View]
52446694Is he fit incarnate?: >6'5 >natty >rich >shredded body >beautiful GF >4plate …[View]
52448251None meme answers on how to break out of twig arm mode. I hear some say it's extreamly hard to…[View]
52446815Will eating raw spinach give me kidney stones?[View]
52446352PAIN: Why does this part of my right arm hurt when I lift my curl bar? Right at the bottom, in the m…[View]
52447546What's the best I can do with a pair of dumbbells, a pull ups bar and sit up bar? Im aiming to …[View]
52441282/fit/ humor: /fit/ humor / humour thread. Usually I start them on Thursdays, but I can't lift t…[View]
52441770>tfw 'swedish genes' and allergic to carbs >put on beer belly so easily…[View]
52445187What's with this guy?[View]
52443253Give me an example of one intelligent fat person.[View]
52446501Fucked up elbow on bench: I think I pinched a nerve while bench pressing, whenever I bench press hea…[View]
52429190Post mans: >tfw finally yellow man[View]
52447798Is lifting actually healthy for you? I know cardio is, but what about barbell training?[View]
52445057Is this /fit/ soda? >has caffeine >literally 60 calories per small bottle >unclear taste…[View]
52439819How does /fit/ prepare their eggs?[View]
52447035Calisthenics: What are the best routines for a beginner to follow?[View]
52445357WPC 80: Sup /fit/ i got 12 kg of unflavoured 80% WPC. Best before date is 7/19. every flavoured prot…[View]
52441794>thot complained to staff that i keep staring at her > i think she recorded me doing it on her…[View]
52447142As a man how do I unironically get this body?[View]
52447884Is she natty? instagram.com/p/Bd47-jYgAUv/[View]
52447512would you play a gym simulator game?[View]
52445948Have you guys taken the eye contact pill yet? Make eye contact with everyone you come into contact w…[View]
52439505>*solves small shoulders*[View]
52447389Best time to do cardio: I did a few leg excersises yesturday, but dont feel very sore. Today is my b…[View]
52447551Feel bad, go lift, feel good: I like feeling strong[View]
52430422Your bodybuilding goal? Mine is to look like pic related..[View]
52447309Riddle me this: >Riddle me this fat-man >if you dont post your lifts on instagram, how will an…[View]
52444433Soy nutriton discussion: Can we have a genuine discussion about onions beans? They are an easy way t…[View]
52447305Greg Doucette!: Is Greg the most based and reasonable bodybuilding youtuber? I get he has his manner…[View]
52447476Cardio is for women and twinks.[View]
52446588I know I don't have much, I'm turning 32years old I work a retardeded job, for retards. …[View]
52443378David Laid is natural.[View]
52436879Women in the martial arts. Discuss.[View]
52447321>finishing off a tub of whey Is there a better feeling?[View]
52446401>tfw chronic fatigue How do i fix this shit. Caffeine isnt working anymore!…[View]
52406378OHP: This thread is all about the Strict/ Military Press and The Press™ (1.0, 1.5, 2.0) and all the …[View]
52445153>Hey there! As part of new gym policy I will now have to check your bags before letting you in. W…[View]
52440213Is a 100 pushups,100 squats and a 100 sit ups a viable exercise routine?[View]
52446261SS (symmetric strength) progress: OHP-155 Bench-250 Squat-320 Deadlift-325 Post em boys[View]
52445810ATG squats: when i squat i always go as deep as physically possible, to the point where my quads tou…[View]
52445213Build Leg muscle mass without weightlifting: For example very high resistance bike? Sprinting? Jumpi…[View]
52446370Should I do SS first or hypertrophy? Some guy said to me that I should stick with SS for like the fi…[View]
52445160>finally start progressing linearly after starting to eat enough >get fat is it worth continui…[View]
52445680Tomorrow I’ll be at the gym anons Been a long time I haven't gone so yeah[View]
52446915Whats up guys: Its Jonnie Candio of Candito Training...HQ[View]
52446629>recently gain a lot of good weight >lifts are going up feeling good >grandma and parents c…[View]
52444919>want to start losing weight >too early to make a new year's resolution…[View]
52444264How does /fit/ feel about this man[View]
52446522If i eat one can of pringles and then dont eat anything else for the day will i be ok?[View]
52446169FUCK modern diets. Absolutely fucking fuck grains, processed food, bread, cakes, fuck all that shit.…[View]
52444320Will eating a pound of frozen blueberries a day be bad for me?[View]
52446784Thank god I skipped leg day[View]
52443498>my gym is building a 5G tower five feet from the entrance >can't go to the gym for 2 wee…[View]
52444172my blood test: got my blood test done, anything to worry about[View]
52445448I do starting strength how did you know?[View]
52445525Hi bros im 6ft6 and 103 kgs , i cutted from 130 kgs , in this pic i'm depleted as fuck , i do p…[View]
52441224How do you cope with knowing big roid muscles and hulkinh body types are a thing of the past?[View]
52443130How accurate is an Apple Watch for tracking calories burned? According to my watch I burn around 700…[View]
52444409Will this routine work if I don't roid?[View]
52446423Why is this so true, why fit never tells you about this and are you ready for winter clothes?[View]
52443221>eat 1000+ cal worth of doughnuts >crush new PRs Why should I eat clean again?…[View]
52445888You're not eating raw eggs, are you? Why do you waste proteins? >A study published in the Oc…[View]
52444763Does coffee make people smarter?: Does coffee make people smarter?[View]
52445108How does a skinnyfat fuck with a muffin top achieve Daesung physique? His body is literal perfection…[View]
52443345What kind of exercising are you supposed to do when cutting to tell your body not to eat those muscl…[View]
52439740Anyone got some inspirational skinny fat to fit transformations he could share? My progress with cha…[View]
52421305Why are they pushing everyone to eat bugs all of the sudden? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=netUeZ5…[View]
52444756Calisthenics: Which Book/program should I follow for maximum gains? I was originally going to go wit…[View]
52445523Bully me into working out my legs. I've very rarely done it and never enough to make consistent…[View]
52443140Preferred tea: Hey /fit/ I'm looking for a coffee substitute. Something that has more of a heal…[View]
52435568what are some good /fitlit/ books?: >pic related 'mens sana in corpore sano'…[View]
52441255So, what's your 20k time?[View]
52445986>Start shaking protein shake >The cap wasn't on all the way…[View]
52443738Getting /fit/ in NYC: Specifically in Brooklyn. >living with a roommate so little/no space for a …[View]
52445086>why yes, I do Calistethics , why do you keep coping that it's impossible to build a physiqu…[View]
52441249When people usually say they bench press 200lbs are they saying they do it in 1rep max or 10-12?[View]
52445194Has anyone on /fit/ tried onions lecithin granules to increase their load size as claimed in the hol…[View]
52445332>reached new bench PR after hitting gym a second time today[View]
52433105Oh no, no, no, no, no, no[View]
52445837>forgot my squat plug again[View]
524457872000 pull ups on paper: No big deal but a cool number. 10 X 10 each wed for last 24 weeks as a rest …[View]
52444689Is there a way to remove all the calories from food while retaining the macros?[View]
52445432What does /fit/ do to keep your libido levels high? Supplements? Foods that raise test? Literally ju…[View]
52444896I'm writing a report on bodybuilding. can someone tell me how i'm doing?[View]
52436373>22 >crown thinning >temples going fast >go to derma doctor >puts me in a stack >2…[View]
52445499Thank you /fit/. You motivate me to stay off the thread and actually work out, cause you really don…[View]
52443121How long do your workouts last?[View]
52445564Carnivore vs Veganism: carnivore or vegan, which one is it? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znGk…[View]
52442041How are you gains going?[View]
52443539If Elon can find the time to play video games, watch anime, shitpost on twitter, sleep, manage Tesla…[View]
52443917Why are front squats so much better than back squats?[View]
52442966>claims to wake up every day at 2:45 am[View]
52442329Is pic related a good every day diet for a man to follow[View]
52442888how does one achieve around 4000 kcal per day without overloading on sugar? what do I need to eat?[View]
52432520>pooped my pants on the treadmill Fellas, it's the only gym in a 25 mile radius, and the oth…[View]
52436012Why do most white girls in the gym look the same[View]
52445330Any good music or podcasts for lifting? I've been doing mostly death grips, but it's gone …[View]
52445051Guess height and weight in this pic: Title[View]
52441488How can I stop sweating my ass all over the equipment?[View]
52445205Making work work: Hey anons, for those who are wageslaves like me and work desk jobs and are very se…[View]
52421253Cole just found that 1 pound of fat is actually 300 calories not 3500: https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
52444825I can't do this I fucking can't I did a full body workout every day for half a year, and n…[View]
52443975Redpill me on this shit /fit/: good for gains? or is it s.oy tier[View]
52445120Injury help: I've had this incline toenail for a few days now and I'm starting to really w…[View]
52444274Anyone else think this is snake oil BS?[View]
52443136How to lose cheekfat: It's urgent 4chan help me please, it's really important because when…[View]
52445016Bros I’m 3 days fasted and 3 days nofap. I’ve been waking up early and doing some light lifting, cal…[View]
52443043Intermittent Fasting.: I'm on my 3rd week of intermittent fasting. The first 2 weeks I felt inc…[View]
52444779My face is aging really badly, I am 24 and i have nasolabial folds close to pic rel. I feel like a p…[View]
52442411What do you guys think of homemade barbell and dumbbell made from concrete?[View]
52442758im an absolute fucking reatard, how the fuck do i squat with proper form? i angle feet outwards 60 d…[View]
52443296He's not natty is he?[View]
52444630kill me.[View]
52444967There I was completely wasted, out of gains and down All inside it's so frustrating as I lift f…[View]
52432313FUCK GYM BOOMER: This is legit the first time I got triggered in the gym and it involves this retard…[View]
52444922SS or PPL?: I'm doing push pull legs, each workout twice a week, so 6 days. I'm DYEL ske…[View]
52444887Is there any point in taking estrogen blockers if I’m not a fraud?[View]
52441523whats /fit/ having for lunch for me its pic related[View]
52444312Anyone know the difference between HGH and rHGH?: I want to hop on growth hormone but don't kno…[View]
52444094>10 fucking squat racks at my gym >want to do squats/deadlifts second since its best to not ge…[View]
52442594redpill me on oxalates[View]
52442932>He doesn't have a dogbro to run with Never gonna make it[View]
52442382This is where four months of strength training got me. 100kg 1rm squat. 65kg 1rm bench. 40kg 1rm ohp…[View]
52444652music and videos that motivate you to lift: music and videos that motivate you to lift https://www.…[View]
52444416Is CBD oil another meme?[View]
52444051Beta brother: Where is he now? Did he make it?[View]
52442598How do I achieve this physique?[View]
52444408Can I get a visual body fat estimation, guys? I'm new to this. DYEL me all you want. I don…[View]
52441057What is the average amount of circumference a male can add to his neck via training with neck curls?…[View]
52444403How does /fit/ deal with cravings?: When do cravings go away? After realizing that I haven't ha…[View]
52437638>you will never be cha--- how many times can /fit/ be wrong?[View]
52444019How much strength will I lose if I stop taking creatine? I have been taking it for a month and I am …[View]
52433988Whats he saying /fit/?[View]
52442253how do I get a good jaw angle?[View]
52440571What’s the sign you’ve become stronger than most people relative to your size? I think it’s being a…[View]
52441310I never feel my chest getting activated during pushups. I was told by a guy i know you're not s…[View]
52440361>be cutting >get hungry >wait it out for a few minutes, doesn't get better >order f…[View]
52444155>wake up >make/eat breakfast >go downstairs >lift >finish >go upstairs > shave,…[View]
52441911Land whale rages when her buffet of food does not arrive right to her door. She proceeded to dox the…[View]
52437339Is this the ultimate bulk?[View]
52441354I'm making it bros: I'll be a skelly in no time.[View]
52441690>”I don’t do cardio. I’m not a faggot.”[View]
52437526Splits general: >post split + reps >height weight time lifting >questions concerns and crit…[View]
52443647Currently following the C25k program and SS Routine[View]
52443470/bearmode/: >6'2 male > Intermittent fasted my way down from 215 -> 190 > Added abo…[View]
52443001How do I make an eca stack at walgreens/cvs?[View]
52442511>Oh my gosh anon, are you eating anti-nutrients? How do you respond to this…[View]
52439475I wanna become a healthy man, but both my right knee and elbow are fucked up and I can't afford…[View]
52438471Has wood cutting been the answer this whole time?[View]
52434018Sumo deadlift feels better, and is more fun than conventional Change my mind[View]
52442926is it ok to eat expired greek yogurt? mine expires today but I think I can still eat it, will the pr…[View]
52443152Beating a gorilla with your bare hands: No kidding. I have been practicing MMA for 6 years now, para…[View]
52442378>Walk into boomer gym >HERE I AM! ROCK YOU LIKE A HURRICANE! >HERE I AM! ROCK YOU LIKE A H…[View]
52441486for me its whey cookies and creme[View]
52437678Mire thread: Post em boys, I'll start >Go to barber for regular haircut >Wearing a shirt …[View]
52442453>yeah man I’m a vegan >*passes out when he stands up from iron deficiency* >it’s a totally …[View]
52442052>go to the gym for the first time >free weight area is not completely empty, so I’m too shy to…[View]
52440489Does soreness = a good workout and max gains?[View]
52441713Does exercise make anyone else feel ill? I've noticed that after i do my workout for the day I …[View]
52442278Daily reminder to drink more water BUDDEH[View]
52441089How is life as a /fit/ prettyboy?[View]
52440270whats his endgame /fit/?[View]
52439702THC/CBD cream: does THC/CBD cream really work for helping muscle soreness and pain? I can get some a…[View]
52441238I'm not feeling my chest a day after workout.. it's not going to grow[View]
52442579Smart Scales: So apparently, these smart scales are supposed to be able to measure a bunch of shit l…[View]
52441636>21-year-old Russian grandmaster Mikhail Antipov had burned 560 calories in two hours of sitting …[View]
52442663Is it possible to exercise a better chin?[View]
52439671I cannot really progres with bench press even though i do with other exercises. I deadlifted 105 kgx…[View]
52442740absolute beginner here been working out regularly for around 2 months. my left shoulder does a weird…[View]
52441036Me on the right. What lifts should I train to stand up to my two friends?[View]
52442673gainz: Does masturbating affect gains? Is it the ultimate gains goblin?[View]
52442650*sips*: *sips* Good morning, lads[View]
52440827I want to share my experiences with neck training to all of you and why neck training is the absolut…[View]
52440901is pic related any good?[View]
52441699So my college give out free food plus it has a free gym. I want to know what anon think of my idea t…[View]
52441343How do /fit/ cope with mental illness? Any routine better than others? Running really helps? >Dis…[View]
52439074Can obesity make you indolent?: I find it hard to move and do stuff, I have no will at all. All I ca…[View]
52421534Can a 5’10, 145lb man live on 1700 cals indefinitely?[View]
52442441>you ate HOW much dilithium?[View]
52441254Is it possible that the complete lack of energy is caused by my psyche? I am quite a neurotic person…[View]
52442213Who are your fitness role models?[View]
52438728Arnold was banging this?[View]
52440356Its either magnesium supplement or coffee causes depersonalisation: which one should I quit?[View]
52441776Daily reminder that Kenny K.O. is the /fit/ hero we have but not the hero we deserve. He constantly …[View]
52439625SS: do i have to only do the exercises given in the program?? If my shoulders or some other thing is…[View]
52440748>eat more >poop more Where's CICO now?…[View]
52435155https://www.instagram.com/p/B2e89R3px7G What’s the deal with this? Any truth to it?[View]
52433294/fit/ joke thread: What do you call somone who eats oats?[View]
52441750I've pretty much just started lifting these last few weeks, since I've got easy access to …[View]
52440720I'm supposed to show this girl around my gym. She's slender, and I mainly do the big lifts…[View]
52438596>puts ketotards on suicide watch[View]
52441926Beginner program: Am skeleton and want to get strong and ripped, whats the best program for me?…[View]
52441761Cardio doesn't kill your gains[View]
52427627>be kid. Told to eat vegetables >hate them. Taste like dirt and AIDS >grow up. Need to eat…[View]
52440729guys im 6'3, 90kg. goal weight is about 80kg then I will bulk. but I'm a 5'5 at-best …[View]
52441700Why I feel DOMS in abs day after pull ups?[View]
52440697Has the dust settled on these yet?[View]
52439875Is time under tension a meme?[View]
52437663Ashwagandha: Is this a meme? I bought some and have been trying it for the past week and haven'…[View]
52439665>eat carrots >tastes bad >experience nausea and bloating >eat peas >tastes bad >ex…[View]
52438841Are whole wheat products good for you? Keto/carnivore/vegan/other meme dietfags please avoid this th…[View]
52441536Gold Bond equivalent in Europe? I need some good and inexpensive Medicated Talcum Powder brand that…[View]
52440092What happened to the Hodgetwins?[View]
52432962WTF is this i feel when meditating?: I found some method, idk what it is, where you meditate while f…[View]
52407593What is your greatest regret when it comes to fitness?[View]
52435537What body fat % was David?: this is my goal body, how to achieve? ppl?[View]
52439538Thicc: What would you recommend doing in order to get some thick thighs. > I'm talkin like t…[View]
52439881Hi guys newfag here, I like this place so far, this is exactly my type of place. Its pretty sad I di…[View]
52440579Have any anons here tried guarana supplements? Apparently its better than energy drinks and coffee s…[View]
52439441Daily reminder to eat fats or you'll end up looking like this.[View]
52440832>tfw swallowed a bit of tooth paste during IF[View]
52439080How do I convince my gf to take anavar?[View]
52435562gym buddy can only go to Planet Fitness, is it really that bad from what I heard about there?[View]
52425575How common are /fit/ somewhat muscular women where you live?[View]
52441113Is decline press a meme?: Do any of you bros put decline press in your programs or do you feel it’s …[View]
52440576Hello friends of all pills, I read the sticky and lurked a bit and I learned that 'everything is abo…[View]
52440026How do i train like an SS soldier?[View]
52438784>Lift 4 times a week and eat well (16:8), >weight starts to drop muscles looking swole >in…[View]
52440727How much does your arm measurement increase, pumped after a bicep workout vs cold flexed? I'm 6…[View]
52437721Light weights (more volume, less intensity) vs Heavy weights (less volume, more intensity)?[View]
52439335Walk: well guys I only work 3 days which is fine for me but fuck I'm bored shitless every other…[View]
52440809is this book good? seems interesting but it's quite a long read[View]
52440223holy shit fit, i started picking up lifting again after of not lifting, 1 month in and i almost look…[View]
52440156Cutting right: Am I cutting right? 6'1 190lbs. My last weeks meals have been this and chix and …[View]
52437151So. I was having a shower... looked at my left tit. It was sagging. FUCK. Started to search workout …[View]
52440595Max squat 1RM: 105kg: Max DL 1RM : 70kg Why is it that way ? Why do I have such a hard time deadlift…[View]
52439071How am I coming along? I’ve been hitting the gym for a few months but I’m not sure if I’m making gai…[View]
52423600are breast implants on fit women sexy?[View]
52437652Science says that taking HGH combined with diabetes pills literally reverses aging!: The subjects to…[View]
52440048Do you have a morning routine, /fit/? How do you fit all the muscle building, the anti-aging, the a…[View]
52440801just finished a session using one scoop of pre-workout and my hearts thumping like crazy. This shit …[View]
52439952>lose weight on cico for a long time, prioritize weight loss over rapid strength gains (31 bmi cu…[View]
52437428POSITIVITY THREAD: post progress and achievements you have made I weighed in today at 157. so I…[View]
52439883Seneca on /fit/: >'For it is silly, my dear Lucilius, and no way for an educated man to behave, t…[View]
52439726Remember boys, use the proper skin care routine: It isn't enough to work out. You must make adv…[View]
52440195Wasted a 7 month vacation on playing videogames and sleeping late instead of fixing my 'physique' an…[View]
52440541/usg/ ugly squats general: This thread is for lanky faggots who will never have nice looking squats.…[View]
52440464Just deadlifted 1pl8 in a fortnight were all gonna make it[View]
52439878Protein suugestions: What is the best protein powder for exiting skelly mode? 154 lbs 6'1' been…[View]
52438584Squats: Is it better to have heavy weight or go deep for squatz? And does anyone have an infograph o…[View]
52437307Okay guys i've finally started a diet. I started at 5'10' 220 pounds, it's been a wee…[View]
52421094QTDDTOT: >last one nearly at 300 What is the correct method to fix skinnyfat. Does it have to be …[View]
52440167I have never had my test measured because I'm too scared to confront the possibility that I cou…[View]
52435899ITT: autistic things you do at the gym >bring a can of pickles to my workout >god tier electro…[View]
52439370>see a fine young bitch with nice tits and ass >mirin, no homo >her mom suddenly shows up…[View]
52439984>improve eating (was already ok, pushing it further) >drinking alot of water >haven’t poope…[View]
52436340Would you be able to do it, /fit/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTwgMG7Hecw[View]
52438113>smashing some 3x12 1pl8 RDL's >grip fails before muscles on last set so how does /fit/ t…[View]
52437136How much gains do you lose if you took a 1 month break from lifting weights?[View]
52436511Unlimited Gains Bread: Hey /fit/, are you a dumb broke nigger who is lazy and wants to get gains? Yo…[View]

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