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/qst/ - Quests

Displaying 12 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
4506810Sorcerer Getting By In A Low Fantasy Setting Quest: Because nobody chooses who they are, only who th…[View]
4511453Delusion Quest #1: Partly inspired by a /tg/ CYOA Image I saw and stuck to my mind. I'll hit th…[View]
4506423Paranormal Playboy Quest: Your name is Casper Deetz, a photographer for the paranormal playboy magaz…[View]
4507350Red Moon: ReGenesis Quest: [g]And so it breathes The beasts and men of the world all hold their brea…[View]
4506246Welcome to McSpacies: Final Half: Over 40,000 years ago you were sent away from Earth at near light …[View]
4506554Bug Army of the Locustomotive [P1: Mourning Rush] [Skirmish]: The world is rotten. It was always in …[View]
4505630Alien Bug Quest: You're an egg, on an asteroid, floating in the depths of the void. From within…[View]
4506001Saiyan Conqueror Quest 143: Were you to travel the stars, across this vast universe, no doubt tales …[View]
4505424Jump City Heroes #4: You are Sarena Rosenberger, a Jewish pizza hostess who months ago graduated hig…[View]
4508652Wraith 2: The Great War. The single conflict that out-shadowed all others at the beginning of the 20…[View]
4505316Imperial Guardsman Quest #1: > Howdy Y'all. Hoping to run a 40k guardsman quest. First we wi…[View]
4504928Pokemon in NYC Quest #3: So guess what? Another QM died and looks like this quest is being taken ove…[View]

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