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Displaying 3,000 expired threads from the past 3 days

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26179932Charles is giving twice your money What https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0WlUyW04ik[View]
26180652Kleros Thread: Pretty wild when you take a step back and look at what just happened: Decentralized P…[View]
26180460$10,000 EOY[View]
26176596The biggest CHAINLINK spoon feed yet: Is this why billionaires are buying? https://youtu.be/2L3bjjcm…[View]
26180624Literally how I feel everytime I see a ETH holder after Avax on 13 lol[View]
26180218Newbie here. There are so many different cryptos, how do you choose which ones to invest in? Some of…[View]
26171374XSN $100 2021: >shill XSN to /biz/ when it was 3 cents >'40 post by this ID' fudders…[View]
26179531Red pill me on 6 figure hell: So let's say I have $40k in Crypto, and my portfolio is $100k, wh…[View]
26180545Bitch I got that ether coin cash ~[View]
26180206ETH will flip bitcoin. there is no need for bitcoin if ETH is more scarce then bitcoin with a strong…[View]
26180528hurry up: rip those anons keep believing the fuds will work meanwhile avax reach $20 and more for su…[View]
26168990Cover Stories: I have 2 milly in crypto and will retire in a month or two from my shit job. My paren…[View]
26179677iExec RLC: My name is not important. There isn't much time left. I'm a member of iExec RLC…[View]
26178489Post your make it cars[View]
26179398Please report ALL Rubic threads for evading spam filters. Instead of putting their shit in the body …[View]
26179680RUBIC PUBIC: ITT: We discuss and imagine what the inside of the call center looks like right now tha…[View]
26180335hi sirs buy RBC you not worry about 50% sudden market crash sir this token good. pls ignore all the …[View]
26178866WHAT WAS THAT[View]
26178508The RBC spam is hilarious. Giving Chainlink cult fags a taste of their own medicine.[View]
26180253Not today[View]
26180094>place limit order to sell at current price + 0.1% >place limit order to buy at current price …[View]
26178168What's the catch?[View]
26180185Should 'memability' form an important plank of fundamental analysis in crypto?: . . . as i…[View]
26180257DEX Coins: What are the best picks? I already hold 1Inch, am looking for more currently.[View]
26176032>he has a link stack that is just sitting there in a cold wallet or on some exchange in the age o…[View]
26180249RUBIC GOING TO FUCKING MARS: All you fudders can suck my hairy dick[View]
26178432Listen up newfags, Cramer is not your friend: All of you fags fan-girling over him mentioning /biz/ …[View]
26180022Thanks for the worst campaign FUD for $RBC: KEK[View]
26176633Reddit knows about Rubic (RBC): Reddit just discovered Rubic. Is this good or bad? Bullish? We can d…[View]
26179726did you feel that anons?[View]
26173485How much credit card debt do you have? Just had a rager of a month, spent $20k, and now have $3k mor…[View]
26179884It's so easy making money with biz: Just see the most shilled projects, discard them complety a…[View]
26177224is this what XRP schizos truly believe lmao? https://www.citizenfirstnews.com/post/what-is-realy-goi…[View]
26179689Radix Vaporware: Hey Bros, do you remember back in 2018 when Piers said they would be launching main…[View]
26178207Shilled it when it was 0.13: Remember me? LTO Network >Lots of adoption and use-cases in untappe…[View]
26179951bitcoin stock[View]
26178778What is this pattern called?[View]
26179788Let's all work together to pump Rubic onto normies then cash out[View]
26178072ROOK and PRQ are the most important coins of 2021.[View]
26179961I'm getting doggydoo vibes.[View]
26178541When you measure a product, service or businesses success or failures, is quality and reception real…[View]
26179597ARPA + Bella Protocol = ANS of 2021: It's probably nothing, right? The Amazon thing. The Russia…[View]
26179361XRT: ok I'm done accumulating, you can buy.[View]
26178044I preemptively ditched and ghosted all the friends I had before I make it. Can't risk getting s…[View]
26179834Look at bobo now haha[View]
26179616I'm getting ETH vibes.[View]
26176692Did you retards even read the 'whitepaper': It's literally just some ad posters. The reason you…[View]
26176216what's a lower part of society than normies/nocoiners/poor people?[View]
26179851Did you buyed?[View]
26179763What are /biz/ thoughts on HBAR?: Never seen a thread about it here. Is it a good time to buy now? M…[View]
26178177remember when faggots fudded AVAX 24/7 back at $3[View]
26178183I'm just curious about an observation here. How many of the people in your marketing department…[View]
26179589was that it? that was the crypto bull run?[View]
26177388How do i get a hold of this stuff in the USA?: Do i just VPN and get it on Biance? Is that what ever…[View]
26178078You DO at the very least have a suicide stack for when this 20x this month, right /biz/?[View]
26179337A thread died for this (not apologising, don't care). AMA (won't look at any of your repli…[View]
26179770It's too hectic here, zoom out and calm down: Take a break from browsing this anime forum and b…[View]
26179022https://twitter.com/devprtcl/status/1351326508921585664 HOLY FUCKING SHIT[View]
26179708WHAT THA FUCK: Easiest 10x in my life[View]
26179690btc: Came pretty close.[View]
26177357Serious question anons: Would you rather to have some pussy tonight or a big fucking bag of Avax? Ch…[View]
26179533shill me the layer 2, no fees uniswap killer[View]
26177970what should I do with this guy? biz doesn't seem to be as creative as /pol/[View]
26178730Aaand we're dumping: My friend works at a wealth management firm in San Francisco. I asked him …[View]
26179523>all these pump and dumps >all these 10-20x ICOs >all the DeFi and yield farming gain >a…[View]
26179123Y-you bought me, right, anon?[View]
26179517>new coin getting shilled on /biz/ >FOMO starting to hit me even though I should know better…[View]
26179463Did you miss me?[View]
26178110thoughts on xDai: just bought some and have a good feeling about it, anyone else ?[View]
26179443Whales left, FUD campaign barely hurt us No selling pressure Weak hands out Biz is going to take ove…[View]
26166367>you missed BTC >you missed ETH >you missed LINK Don't miss LTO $1 eom $10 eoy…[View]
26178184The USA socialists are about to rob you: You have maybe 1-2 years to become a millionaire before the…[View]
26177675Going to start buying crypto in 2 weeks. I hope I don’t buy the top[View]
26178916This is your final warning, we're going straight to 8c right now via fibonacci levels[View]
26178550Poobis: A thread died for this[View]
26179482Legitimate Crypto Website?: Has anyone heard or used the site bitdeta before? I am new to crypto and…[View]
26178647iExec is the Bitcoin of cloud computing and data. RLC is digital oil. iExec is the decentralized com…[View]
26178426Biz is missing out on the next 100x[View]
26179366Will Single Sided Impermanent be a game changer?: Anyone out there tried the new SIL contracts yet? …[View]
26177428How to not pay capital gains tax or pay less or how the hell does it work for Ontario / Canada? Wna…[View]
2617849910x min: yzorandre zora yearn win 10k supply 3m MC https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/zoracles…[View]
26176137Are Radixfags the Zeus capital of Avalanche?: Everyday few Radix cucks open some random thread fuddi…[View]
26179303Loool we told you biz: DEV is going to $100 a coin and im not even joking[View]
26179023ITS HAPPENING!!!!!!: Satoshi went all in in Rubic![View]
26178086LTO bros: I've made 2000 us dollarinos in less than 24 hours, god bless whoever shilled me this…[View]
26176358Next x100/x1000?: Will AAVE keep going up? What are your thoughts. It seems promising as shit, but i…[View]
26175427I cant believe that my mere couple thousand euros invested on internet coin called LINK 3 years back…[View]
26176943am i going to make it?[View]
26179066ill take the stairs[View]
26177100$RBC oщyщaeтcя кaк paнниe $LINK, $RSR, $PRQ: >Китoв бoльшe нeт >FUD-кaмпaния нaм пoчти нe пoвp…[View]
26175282How do swingies profit from > $10 transfer fees for shitcoin to shitcoin swaping? Do the profits …[View]
26179069Who’s ready for the token dump tomorrow?: We going to $0.03 again? $CUDOS[View]
26178375ASIC mining question.: How to (legally) consume someone else's electricity to power your own AS…[View]
26178363>tfw gambled away my 5000 link back in Nov 2019 >could have $110k now >could have put a dec…[View]
26178884very good[View]
26178098XSN Bitfinex Listing: I thought this shit was supposed to be listed on bitfinex today. What gives?…[View]
26178102Guys If your in any kinda of chainlink discord you should get out of it. I’m starting to think they …[View]
26178873$1265 waiting room: HHAHAHAHA hahaha right boys?? 1265??? Please??[View]
26178097$SYNC IS IN: - beautiful chart breakout - weekly buybacks passed - bonds for 300% apy - alpha leak: …[View]
26177852HODL: What are the best altcoins for HODLing? I hate autistic day-trading of pumps and dumps, I just…[View]
26178518Gold backed dollar effect: What effect would the US going back to the gold standard have on crypto? …[View]
26176815300% return in one month and that beast just keep going holy fuck[View]
26177792what's chainlnk gonna dip to so I can buy in[View]
26178697fuck bitcoin[View]
26178678Are any anons on biz unironically not holding at least 870 RLC? Ask me anything, I will try to shill…[View]
26176675how is this ever going to work as a currency if we are going to be getting an extra tax every transa…[View]
26178406Favorite day trading crypto: I've been buying LTC sub 140 and selling post 150 every 1 or 2 day…[View]
26170842Avax was my first love... But it won't be my last.[View]
26178383HOLY FUCKING SHIT: Im shaking[View]
26177466we got a injin problem[View]
26177531volume rubic +97% volume stinky linky - 28%: discuss[View]
26177980Bout to load up on more KIN. Genius or retarded[View]
26173117Shrimp Market General: Shrimp are the best investment at the moment while the markets are moving sid…[View]
26177509>Type PRQ in search catalog bar >80% of threads are RBC Lmao…[View]
26178484UNIBROS, WE'RE GOING TO $30[View]
26178385IOTA alientech: Considering the insane amount of IOTA news coming in (Germany Covid tracking, Chines…[View]
26172025GRT IS OVER: The Graph (GRT) is over. Don't buy this coin. Sell it. It's over.[View]
26177951He doesn’t own any LINDA: The easiest 1000x on here.[View]
26178466never delegated/staked/leased before: what do the payout percentages mean? for example, if a node of…[View]
26178254shouldnt chainlink have a higher market cap than eth?[View]
26177370LGCY: >Supply cut by 78% - Team burns most of the circulating supply - wont exceed 21b tokens (wa…[View]
26178148You folks are remarkable.: Anticipation and effort made BTC and crypto what it is. Incredible how hi…[View]
26176450Why doesn't biz talk about RLC: What the fuck is wrong with you? It's about to go 100x for…[View]
26177347the parsiq whale keeps manipulating the price[View]
26177667When I make it I’m going to create a memory removal device so I can forget she ever existed[View]
26177319INJ hit $7.50 today...and you still don't have a bag.: You must answer for not having any bags …[View]
26178296E-money NGM is tomorrow[View]
26178266>new coin getting shilled on /biz/ >FOMO starting to hit me even though I should know better…[View]
26175696Who is /allgreen/ in their portfolio today? Folio thread[View]
26178171DON'T. FUCKING. BUY. THIS. /thread[View]
26177712the trap has been set[View]
26174012Crypto tax: How are the Communists going to go to war against crypto? You know how they love to demo…[View]
26174970Uhhh: He’s literally the first speaker pictured. Staking in two weeks?[View]
26176858is it done pumping?[View]
26177316So I currently live in a medium/large US city (non-coastal). I own a newer car which is fully paid f…[View]
26177564Do you guys use stop losses when trading?[View]
26177218NSMDO: fellow oilers, i hope you packed your barrels for the 1st of february and beyond. post how ma…[View]
26177222Now with the power of stinky linkies.[View]
26178011Are you about to miss out again? Get in and get back your gas fees from your degen trades[View]
26177997Everyday my new hatred for my dad gets validated more. I fucking hate him. I fucking hate his manipu…[View]
26177920U.S crypto and other misc capital gains bros, Biden is going to fuck us in the ass isn't he?[View]
26177462I drive a prius. What does that say about me? inb4faggot[View]
26177913Guys I'm worried is BTC going to crash again???[View]
26177925Duck Dao: Where my fucking ducktards at? Who's been staking and participating in farmcubations?…[View]
26176511RSR: If you know you know[View]
26177706Don’t say anything, don’t announce anything, just do it and maybe jannies will do something about th…[View]
26176885I love my money tree[View]
26177031We are all going to make it. Again. God bless Chadmin. He will resurrect from the ashes Q2 2021 and …[View]
26175334What's the deal with this shit? Any potential at all? I have a friend that keeps shilling Pi to…[View]
26164812/LITGEN/ Lition General #A001 Comeback edition: >FAQ about the acquisition https://forum.tomochai…[View]
2617708837 thousand rejected again.[View]
26177833How do /biz feel about ozsc? Think it'll moon if this Tesla shit happens?[View]
26177314i am financially ruined[View]
26176668You can flip this chart upside down now.[View]
26172733jfc I bought the fucking top again[View]
26177533$RBC gives me early $LINK, $RSR, $PRQ vibes: Whales left, FUD campaign barely hurt us No selling pre…[View]
26172523Dotard bros... I'm not feeling so good... We might have gotten a bit too cocky....[View]
26177254roblox (roblox builders club rbc)[View]
26176631>all these pump and dumps >all these 10-20x ICOs >all the DeFi and yield farming gain >a…[View]
26175917I’m a 5’9” fat while male and I am addicted to fucking mulatto women. Their asses are CRAZY. AMA (I …[View]
26175512ersdl: Got yer bag eh?[View]
26176900$RBC gives me early $LINK, $RSR, $PRQ vibes: Whales left, FUD campaign barely hurt us No selling pre…[View]
26176538$RBC gives me early $LINK, $RSR, $PRQ vibes: Whales left, FUD campaign barely hurt us No selling pre…[View]
26176327FUD me DMG: Why shouldn't I buy a bag of this shitcoin??[View]
26177378Is Bitcoin going up or down?[View]
26177086$RBC gives me early $LINK, $RSR, $PRQ vibes: Whales left, FUD campaign barely hurt us No selling pre…[View]
26177161When is the next pump?: Is this bull run really over? Are we heading for Bobo's? Are we gonna g…[View]
26176567CLF, opinions? Long term hold?[View]
26176247I was diagnosed with AIDS: Incel 2017fag finally sold my ETH bags at $1300. Had unprotected sex with…[View]
26170320XLM IS DEAD CONFIRMED: it's fucking flatlined like your grandpa on covid..[View]
26177450what went wrong? why isnt this mooning with aave[View]
26177342Why bother day trading crypto if you get raped in taxes[View]
26176300Will reddit be late to STA like they were with Link?: Are they gonna wait till $1 to start talking a…[View]
26176153Explain this KeeperDAO shills. 0% APY on all coins. ROOK is a SCAM.[View]
26176908What's going to happen next?: What does the future hold? It's been weird recently with the…[View]
26175780you've been warned don't become that stupid faggot who paid 2 pizzas with 10,000 BTC[View]
26177434Is there a resource somewhere that can tell me what specific certifications and qualifications are r…[View]
26176143ETH fudder BTFO: Suck it bitch[View]
26175563You told me Statera was dead: Why'd it go up?[View]
26174096/PRQG/: /prqg/ - parsiq general what can be expect from the exposure to the chinese market tomorrow?…[View]
26175345THREE FUCKING IDENTICAL RUBIC THREADS: completely organic and definitely not shilled by ranjesh and …[View]
26168441Rubic: Okay guys, all shilling and fuding aside, what do you really think about this coin? I person…[View]
26177394Is there anywhere I can sell email lists other than the dark web or cold calling individual business…[View]
26177368FOMO soon biz: you were wardned! >t.20k oilet[View]
26177365never delegated/staked/leased before: what does the payout percentage mean?[View]
26176169New to trading, what am I doing wrong /biz/?[View]
26177349jannies will ban this in 10 minutes[View]
26176492So, what's your guess for the next DEX airdrop? This shit is easy money, and it's used for…[View]
26177226We must unite under the banner of Welfare Cap It can't be unlimited, because resources aren…[View]
26177285>tfw no coin in my portfolio has been mentioned here today[View]
26175501Where can I spend my crypto?[View]
26176242Why isn’t pepe’s eye a token logo? Seems like a no brainer[View]
26177279How to buy in the usa?: Also whats a good wallet?[View]
26177141>he’s not holding GRT >he’s not holding XLM >he’s not holding REN NEVER GONNA MAKE IT LMAOO…[View]
26176708ETH going to dump now: SELL SELL SELL!! Never seem to get past $1300[View]
26176249just opened a 5x long on ETH liquidation 1153[View]
26177136Is this how it feels to not hold rbc?: Pic related.[View]
26170563Alt season coming. Post alts that you think will moon I personally strongly believe in GRO: The pl…[View]
26176830LINK/USD 4hr: Big reset. $25 eod.[View]
26165374IOTA: I warned you, severely undervalued[View]
26177211Issa celebration Litecoiners: https://youtu.be/3GwjfUFyY6M[View]
26175385Don't wait for the /BONDGEN/ threads to get a bag. 40% this week without the audit release. Big…[View]
26176914Billionaires could give 3000 dollars to every American and still have more money than they did in th…[View]
26176170$RBC gives me early $LINK, $RSR, $PRQ vibes: Whales left, FUD campaign barely hurt us No selling pre…[View]
26176916>18,909 addresses[View]
26176188Is this like buying Antshares in 17?[View]
26175724So is there any guide or infograph on how to start investing in crypto? I'm a complete retard a…[View]
26175866[bad coin] gives me early [good coin] vibes: lesson for all the newfags never fall for this meme sam…[View]
26174571I FAILED AND LOST THE GAME: 2010: Mined 68 BTC for the lulz on my dads PC when I was 17. Didn't…[View]
26176733Asdf: Are we just not gonna talk about this?[View]
26177039Brainlet here. How much do I save in Binance by using a 20% refere code? If the normal maker taker f…[View]
26176942Just relax and don’t sweat it if your coin isn’t pumping while others are this bull run. Markets ris…[View]
26177016Regarding the RBC Threads: Fuck em SAY IT WITH ME FUCK CHINKS FUCK PAJEETS[View]
26176377I am forever priced out of 1 BTC: How do I cope?[View]
26169082ITT: under the radar potential coins: Pretty simple thread; post coins that aren't talked about…[View]
26174666All in on the $CUDOS dip: Coin launch was a few days ago. Under $10 million Market cap. 100 million …[View]
26176611Are we deluded in thinking that Bitcoin is a safe investment?[View]
26176875PIECE OF SHIT[View]
26176825my bags are ready[View]
26175634Coinbase is being annoying for my brother: What should he use instead to buy bitcoin? It's not …[View]
26172506Remember when you got $4000 for free?: No? You sold at $2?[View]
26176205Who’s pulling out of the stock market before this inauguration? Who’s staying in and why?[View]
26176630How is Chainlink decentalized?: Aren’t there just nine nodes all KYC/white listed by the company? Wi…[View]
26176040Hodl or Sell: Is Bancor still worth holding on to? Or better to get in to something like INJ in the …[View]
26176583Is the bubble going to pop anytime soon? When do I dump everything? TELL ME[View]
26176578What's next for potato?[View]
26176671How to tokenomics?: I have an excellent, non-retarded idea for a coin that will be immediately usefu…[View]
26175350ROOK exit scam in progress: Did I just get rugpulled? WTF is going on with KeeperDAO?[View]
26173328/smg/ Stock Market General: I personally don't like Twitter, so I am biased. But this is not a …[View]
26175735You accumulated, right Anon?: Iota is the only shit coin that will become a blue chip coin this year…[View]
26175509i have never done my own research[View]
26176580We did it boys.[View]
26173416wow: Remember when LGCY was $0.0004... i hope you filled your bags[View]
26175039So bitcoin's here right now?[View]
26176448Apple Stocks Shortcuts: Any smart anons create any good Apple Shortcuts? I'm trying to make one…[View]
26169399I unironically do nothing else than post on discord, twatter and biz: while watching charts I margin…[View]
26173929Chainlink and q: What is the connection between chainlink and qanon? What does china have to do with…[View]
26175703This is going to be the black horse of the incoming bullrun.[View]
26176129Is rugpull?: They just got suspended from twitter, their telegram lost 4k followers, and cant get an…[View]
26176347There you go: https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0xe275eb6154cb4a73f0ba573e43b2b06e9e…[View]
26175492WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!?!?!: We’re really going to $100 aren’t we?[View]
26175964How do I start?: Hey friends im starting from zero how do I invest into the stock market and/or bitc…[View]
26176101AMA (I won’t answer)[View]
26174868Guys someone who may become the most successful person in the entire world prints out daily PDFs of …[View]
26175869You did buy the RBC dip, right anon?: Horee shet, we moorn now[View]
26175219Institutional Investors: >Institutional Investors aren't real…[View]
26164696Why do people fud RSR?: It's literally unfuddable god tier coin. Do people on biz they can supp…[View]
26175203RFI is near ATH: It’s not too late anon.[View]
26175653You DID invest in Incent before it went to the stars, right anon? You didn’t miss out on your chance…[View]
26175987Best Crypto App/Website: Where do you guys buy crypto? Does anywhere offer 0 transaction fees? I’m o…[View]
26175251> mom told me I have to start paying $200/ month for rent and food because I'm a multi milli…[View]
26176081You know I got that Rubic swag on me[View]
26175862Take Your Meds John: Before making financial decisions.[View]
26176120Is /biz/ completely oblivious toward the Cake economy?: or should I shut the fuck up and delete thre…[View]
26176073What to do?: When I created my Coinbase account and sent my ID for identification, they put my fathe…[View]
26172384is it hard to get aids if you only have straight sex ? unprotected cum inside vagina how do I profi…[View]
26175807Poor is a Mindset: How true is this? My family has always been working class with every penny going …[View]
26176098Anyone here holding Constellation DAG? Only a ten million marketcap and it's competing with Pol…[View]
26175971Eth 1280 waiting room[View]
26176064>>26171563 >By cash I meant to say have enough in investments to cover it Why you fucktards…[View]
26174648lto buy or no? did u buyed? will you buyed? im looking for a good long term buy it and ignore for a …[View]
26176039Do bobos really?[View]
26174729Whale Dumps in the morning, Dev goes up 75% by the evening: Get in here we are tokenizing Github :)…[View]
26176033Rubic is pumping, how many of you fags are fudding while buying? Be honest or your mother will die i…[View]
26175574In the future, the internet is 100% decentralized blockchains. What coins fulfill what function of o…[View]
26174411what went wrong?: why the fuck is this piece of shit dumping so hard? can't even maintain a cou…[View]
26175298100k Rangers Club: Who here has joined the 100k Rangers Club?[View]
26167178/XSG/ XRP Schizo General #549: previous thread >>26157541 >Flare/Spark Tutorial: https://ww…[View]
26173612When is CUDOS going to explode?[View]
26173978Show me that poobis[View]
26175898Want a qt Kim gf?: Buy RSR[View]
26175889sergey was just seen walking down rodeo drive with new shoes. i think he cashed out[View]
26175743RSR 5C WAITING ROOM: ''It takes a certain type of man to hold RSR. The type of man that ch…[View]
26174991Qanon and chainlink: If q is for real, chainlink dies?[View]
26175076$MM: *ting ting* https://twitter.com/andrecronjetech/status/1351285564767563776?s=21 should i buy t…[View]
26175785$RBC gives me early $LINK, $RSR, $PRQ vibes: Whales left, FUD campaign barely hurt us No selling pre…[View]
26175775$300 by summer Few know. iykyk[View]
26172622the dance that destroyed the economy[View]
26174818$RBC gives me early $LINK, $RSR, $PRQ vibes: Whales left, FUD campaign barely hurt us No selling pre…[View]
26173957> get inheritance from granddad > it's only $800k…[View]
2617572236,600 accepted[View]
26175577SXP: Still pamping lol[View]
26175301What is the point of faking your own death once you've made it ?[View]
26175707year of the bvll[View]
26173777>chainlink Still no staking >GRT Fully functional and making passive GRT already…[View]
26174867Convince me to invest in RBC without using memes or spam. Actually convince me that this is worth it…[View]
26172243DO NOT BET against MR THIEL: I REPAET . Do NOT EVER bet against Peter Thiel. YOU've BEEN WARNED…[View]
26174855>90% of people posting on /biz/ right now are stupid newfags. I miss old /biz/ all you guys are r…[View]
26171926I sold all my Cardano at $0.02[View]
26174044crash coming[View]
26173903What countries have bitcoin ATM ?[View]
26172201the only explanation for this shitcoin's shit tier performance is someone found an inflation bu…[View]
26174636AVAX Honest price predictions: I keep seeing people saying $1000 by EOY. I think that's a littl…[View]
26175548Bridge Mutual for decentralized insurance?: Is this coin on anyone's radar? I noticed Crypto La…[View]
26175217stellar about to explode the fuck outta this stratosphere bros[View]
26174969Chainlink v0.9.9. is out.: Chainlink v1.0.0. coming soon. Staking is almost here.[View]
26173246>the perfect portfolio[View]
26175206$RBC gives me early $LINK, $RSR, $PRQ vibes: topkek they don't even try to hide anymore >…[View]
26169869RUBIC the DEX 2.0: To continue to grow Rubics aim is to integrate valuable blockchains Considering t…[View]
26175363You have exactly 33 minutes to decide what to do with your life[View]
26174406> 22 yo > only $670k net worth[View]
26172717I bought the top again[View]
26173930RNDR: RNDR is the first GPU rendering token on the blockchain. >non-anon team >solid time-lin…[View]
26173262Sell Now. Forecast calls for pink wojak.: https://cryptobriefing.com/key-indicator-suggests-major-bi…[View]
26173486Imagine unironically publishing this list in 2020. Fucking worst crypto list I’ve ever seen.[View]
26174114>1 brand new tesla roadster 2021 please >that'll be 200 linkies sir…[View]
26175183LMAO THIS IS THE POWER OF IEXEC? >https://confidential-computing.iex.ec/private-data/overview AN …[View]
26175234Did you buy the dip?[View]
26174447Imagine not buying YOP two days ago. My only regret is not buying more. Thanks to the anon who recom…[View]
26173419ITS HAPPENING[View]
2617523536,600 rejected.[View]
26174899Whitecoins: Recommend me some white people coins please. No chinks no pajeets.[View]
26174802Radix (EXRD) is bringing DEFI to phase 2: Stop chasing these pumps and get in a coin before it becom…[View]
26174578HAVE POOR STAYING FUN: Synthetix, pantera, kyber, liquid backed under 10 mil cap, and you are buying…[View]
26174686PSA:: This is being posted by salty buttholes who are pissed they did not get into Rubic at .009 whe…[View]
26175131Clover NFT Airdrop Info for Week 2. That's right Clover Holders another NFT AirDrop! In case yo…[View]
26175117why didn't you listen, all you had to do was listen. you still have time, go all in or stay poo…[View]
26175116See you all at $1,38[View]
26172986XMR Monero General: Welcome to the Monero General, dedicated to the discussion of the world's l…[View]
26173507We got too cocky AVAXChads[View]
26174633The great reset: Kek you will eat ze bugs![View]
26173751How much money do you have in bank savings?: How much money do you have in bank savings? (not invest…[View]
26174333namedropper pedocoin: (ticker PEDO)[View]
26174939Fucking pump you piece of shit[View]
26172281Ethereum is coiled up and about to violently explode[View]
26174490AVAX GTFIH: Should I hold this shitcoin if I'm not staking ? Only have 300, unironically all in…[View]
26172777$RBC fomo about to begin again: LMAO[View]
26174009Should I just buy 100 XRP in case it actually goes to 2k[View]
26173200What to buy: I have 1 eth to put into some shitcoin, what do you guys recommend, im debating between…[View]
26172876I took a short position on BTC and pussied out. I went in with x125 leverage and enough margin for $…[View]
26174588What's the Fantom suicide stack/make it stack?[View]
26168814What’s the no bullshit outlook for link? 1000 eoy is the meme but what do you guys think the possibi…[View]
26173588It's unironically about to happen[View]
26172061WTF WAS THAT[View]
26174838i have 125 usd on coinbase to spend since i sold my grt at .60 and ofc its still climbing. whats tra…[View]
26174707Crypto Advisors soon?: I know old boomers that are curious about crypto but they don't computer…[View]
26172419when moon?[View]
26169319whale here excuse me guys, buy how do you do it? how is this board always the first to find the best…[View]
26174745>'Assignment was submitted 4 days 7 hours late'[View]
26174759Are you faggots holding xDai?: Its mooning rn[View]
26174768Pajeet biz still not buying sub 100 stake :DDDDDDdddddddd[View]
26174598https://live.blockcypher.com/btc/ $60k BTC INCOMING[View]
26172975Sitting on a comfy 20k stack over here: How about you fellas?[View]
26174350>muh Monero killer: What went wrong?[View]
26174271SMARTCREDIT - TRUE 1000x: This shit gonna be AAVE on steroids.[View]
26172702Tell me why i shouldn't just go all in on XRT: Great fundamentals and hasn't pumped like t…[View]
26174614$1 EOY[View]
26173912Block 666666 hell: Less than 5 block till the 666666th one is mined I think you guyz are not ready f…[View]
261605126 Digit Hell Support Thread: Get in here anons. We'll make it eventually, we just need some rea…[View]
26168573U don't even get a house for 1M in a normal city: So how can you retire on it?[View]
26173597>Can't break past 300k >Try to swing RSR to GRT for more RSR. >GRT dumps >RSR moons…[View]
26173705OpenDAO: 60 million tvl and 4 million market cap: Wonder how the price is going to respond when peop…[View]
26174495Lambolink to the moon!: Chainlink aka lambolink has done me massive favours! To the fucking moon. Do…[View]
26173334You’re still buying crypto?: I just sold my charizard for $5,000 on eBay. Haha.[View]
26173525Explain why I shouldnt buy this?: Last bull market bitcoin cash reached like $2800. If hype builds a…[View]
26174480$20 waiting room: Cosmos gang gtfih[View]
26174052Accumulate while you still can bitches[View]
26154171HIDDEN GEM - XSN: >ath was 88cents >hit $0.7799 last night Currently; >67 cents >BITFINE…[View]
26170214This is the last week to buy LGCY to start pre-staking. Mainnet in February with a massive prince in…[View]
26174022Thoughts?: https://beincrypto.com/is-ethereum-undervalued-or-polkadot-overvalued/[View]
26173842>in 2030 the median salary for a single person will be $63,000[View]
26173790We're all trapped inside this cave believing shadows are reality. How do I profit from this?[View]
26173463I only have 3000 AVAX Help me bros, what do? I'm going to kms when this hits $1k per coin and I…[View]
26174081What Nuclear Stocks Should I Invest In /biz/bros?: I'm increasingly coming to the conclusion th…[View]
26173675Bullish: https://coingape.com/polkadot-dot-price-analysis-dotusdt-gains-295-strong-bullish-volatilit…[View]
26170207Folio r8 thread: How am I doing, fellas?[View]
26173333What can I buy, right now, that will make my dad love me?[View]
26174262Speculation will unironically be the death of decentralized currency. Jewish bankers will win yet ag…[View]
26171817>get a random power >tell us how you make money out of it https://powerlisting.fandom.com/wi…[View]
26173820Is this a no brainer ?: Serious advise pls YELD[View]
26172387Two good fundamental coins to moon: Pajeets keep spamming shitcoins they're trying to pump, so …[View]
26173320Break up or down biz?: Not sure what will happen, but something will.[View]
26173514Should I trade my BTC for more Stellar before POOMPA?[View]
26174202Why does Pinterest have a coin and why is this coin going up?: Why is this pinterest coin going up i…[View]
26174199warrent buffet mark cuban[View]
26173969Zoracles is the future: Biz is going to miss the biggest thing since yearn.finance. See you at 100 t…[View]
26174128DOS Network: DOS Network is the third biggest oracle network currently. It's only valued at ~9 …[View]
26174005Best way to cash out enough to live?: I was thinking withdraw like $200 every week as a sort of inco…[View]
26171517Buy scamtom, or stay rich.[View]
26172904LCX accumulation: Check him out anon, might be wise to copytrade him. He's currently holding 35…[View]
26169827how come /r/wallstreetbets turned out much better than this subchan[View]
26172037Redpill me on CUDOS: Is the inflation really that bad or will circ supply be suppressed by staking??…[View]
26173967pic related[View]
26173738Imagine paying exorbitant gas fees: while smart money has moved on[View]
26172673MDA: MDA binance Big fomo soon[View]
26173871Bitcoin will NEVER reach 37 thousand again.[View]
26173847>price you out of home ownership >about to die >price you out of bitcoin first…[View]
26162424/PNK/ - Kleros General: Eternal Crab edition How you holding up, pnkbros?[View]
26173067When I make it I’m posting this frog on every billboard in New York City[View]
26173305Anons I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Currently I own 50% BTC and ETH, and 50% alts.…[View]
26173629bought DOT at 14€: can I end myself now?[View]
26167468Finally been able to afford a Garloid, never going to go hungry again. Thanks /biz/.[View]
26173568does anybody actually know why they were banned from twitter? serious thread[View]
26173554$RBC financial freedom, 2nd leg up: https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0x10db37f4d9b3…[View]
26172499brainlet thread: >'DYOR bro' >read whitepaper and look at their site >finish reading all of…[View]
26163728DAIQ - Daiquilibrum: Previous thread (>>26162394) STILL went unnoticed. Semi copypaste incomin…[View]
26172360Last tickets before take off[View]
26169630Where have all the xrp threads gone?[View]
26173609where were you when the gov't game you $70K: april 2020 stimulus = $1200. spend all on btc (btc…[View]
26173602If everyone out there helps create a supply shock on big macs I guarantee you will see an effect on …[View]
26172011You had 4 years to buy at or under $1.[View]
26167447>Tfw /pol/lack >Get into crypto and /biz/ >Barely visit /pol/ any longer, all I think about…[View]
26173077Is there some kind of hidden business message here?[View]
26173572best way to send money across exchange? say i need to fill up my binance account from FTX, right now[View]
26173551WTF Ocean Protocol whyyy???: Subreddit has been dead for a year yet shit keeps going up. Buying and …[View]
26172948Who else here comfy money?: >Binance Listing >DIGG $100 Waiting Room…[View]
26173312Up 40% over the week. Audit not even finished. Still the easiest 20-50x if you hop on now. Notice th…[View]
26170344AMPL: price prediction for Ampleforth after the Binance listing next month?[View]
26173167What really happened to aabtc?[View]
26173521LINK: LINK POOOOMP[View]
26173339Portfolio r8 thread[View]
26173347True story >eat first Big Mac for about 2 years yesterday >extra pickles and ketchup, just how…[View]
26165050statera - token vs liquity: been researching this but still unsure about where the real opportunity …[View]
2617344580k+ already registred in the Waitist, Join the next revolution !!!: Team is Cofounder - vechain (1…[View]
26173216Prosper (PROS): what do you think about this shitcoin? i think it has great pump potential in the co…[View]
26172870I hope you packed your bags[View]
26173368Redpill me on this[View]
26172183XRT ship departing. All Board: See pic related. This green dildo will soon arrive for XRT. PHA profi…[View]
26173240How and when is Ethereum going to lower gas fees?[View]
26169075ITT we post the lowest possible marketcap we can find that doesnt look like complete dogshit.[View]
26173224why don't we contact rubik fags and tell them to stop paying for the shills?[View]
26170187/smg/ - Stock Market General: cringe edition >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq >Stock mar…[View]
2616931410 mil mcap project and backing of this team, and you are not buying it? HAVE FUN STAYING POOR!!![View]
26173151I’m so glad I sold at 148: Wtf is going on with them? Should I buy the dip? It took a month and a ha…[View]
26165952You guys also print out biz memes and hang them up?[View]
26167548SIRS WHAT IS YOUR?: > name > how many rubic do you hodl…[View]
26171681WHAT WAS THAT??[View]
26171967What is a fair price for a Pancake with Syrup?: I would argue 2.80 is a fair price as it should only…[View]
26172366Recommend DCA ratio for this portfolio? Current is 85% BTC and 15% PRQ.[View]
26169044It just pumped? What’s happening[View]
26169771>Dump part of my profits into JRT >Search the board/archive, nothing looks more promising than…[View]
26172950Lenocinium was never real. It was made to FUD good projects.[View]
26172977Straight to 46k.[View]
26172820Shitcoin of choice: Let's do the needful and share our top pix /biz/bros https://www.strawpoll.…[View]
26170571Not gonna lie I'm very surprised of avax[View]
26171761>tether no where to be seen for days since 15th >btc price starts falling >tether just tra…[View]
26172963/biz/ majors: is econ/finance interesting majors for people who spend all day on /biz/? ive been do…[View]
26170710Gem about to explote: $FERA https://www.feraplatform.com/home FERA provides trading strategies for c…[View]
26169693Is it over?[View]
26172317year of iExec: this is the year of iExec, 1st of february is only the beginning >imagine newfags …[View]
26172715Bitcoin will be worth over $50,000 on Valentine’s Day. Please repost this on that day and you’ll see…[View]
26169323How do we start a huge IRL movement to make this become true?[View]
2616948250k when?[View]
26172772we are so fucking over bought but it doesn't even matter because btc will just keep going up fo…[View]
26171431If you're not AT LEAST 80% in Bitcoin what are you even doing with your life? Act now. Do somet…[View]
26171860Plasma Pay will be the institutional, commercial and private standard for banking: It’s an actual De…[View]
26171402Stop having Asperger's.[View]
26168541Still pumping, my afroamerican frens![View]
26172745should i buy eth?[View]
26170952Biz I love you and I want you to make it. That’s why I’m giving you a path to financial freedom.[View]
26163530Let's see your make it mobile Anon[View]
26172700> no more prints > no more pumps[View]
26169259You will eat insects: Would you invest in any business selling or using these in their food?[View]
26167681Bros got $3500 to invest, need a low cap moonshit, plz shill me something good[View]
26172555Hello Anons, I am new here. Tell me how BASED my portfolio distribution is.[View]
26172440What do you think about my business offer?[View]
26172610alts top is in: switch back to btc[View]
26170281ooh my fuckign god do you see it[View]
26172378Bots on eToro?: Does it seem possible to have a bot that copy trades of investors rather than copy-f…[View]
26172568Shill me curve DAO Token: NO PAJEETS https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/curve-dao-token/…[View]
26170706Is DOT good idea for long-term[View]
26172244Why does everyone here use Blockfolio when Delta is much better?[View]
26166138Rate my blockfolio: This is my portfolio as a poor college sophomore. Got into crypto in late Decemb…[View]
26172526Ledger / hardware wallet bros: Have any of you used the 'swap' feature on your ledger before? If so …[View]
26172514Lotto.finance: Why the fuck is noone talking about lotto.finance?[View]
26170143the best token to swing trade[View]
26172496Just wait till bitcoin starts pumping Then your shitcoins will bleed[View]
26172470Travala: Is this good? It's linked to travel so you can get a hotel room and flight etc with Av…[View]
26171541Give me one reason not to sell my portfolio and put it all in to ETH: I bought these shit coins thin…[View]
26172312umm bros.. its on the official site.: IS IT REEAL? HELLO HELLO? IS IT ALL REAL? HEL:LO IS ANYBODY OU…[View]
26172092Alt season is about to start and I'm still waiting on the sidelines for btc to drop to 20k beca…[View]
26172319Who else OCTO chad?: Comfy as hell[View]
26172202Ok bros I have $25k to spare rn. Got lucky last year with Link and BTC this year but I didn't r…[View]
26172327>Tfw when your up 3000% on $200: It fucking hurts. I tried so hard to round up more capital too.…[View]
26172195How's my spread, /biz/? Any good value picks I'm missing? 30% DOT 30 ADA 10 SUSHI 10 ETH 1…[View]
26171271Filtered threads: 35[View]
26171862>money How to legally acquire these in large amounts?[View]
26170651IT'S OVER[View]
26172258/BOTY/ GENERAL: What is BOTY: Lingerie Fighting Championships Inc. is a unique sports entertainment …[View]
26169432I have $20k stuck on coinbase for 9 more days. shill me the next coinbase pump[View]
26171397give it to me straight biz will I have another shot at 15 LINK entry in the near future? >inb4 yo…[View]
26159976DID YOU BUYED[View]
26170278NEO: NEO something is happening --- Something chinese How fare will he go? 30? 50 ? 100 ?[View]
26170686bonded.finance: bond is doing great when is launch?[View]
26172018Anyone else DCAing at these prices? Wish I bought more at $100 bros[View]
26171021This is the last time I try to make you rich, /biz/.[View]
26170785Ends your Bullrun: You didn't transfer crypto to your wallet directly from an exchange did you,…[View]
26170112SmartCredit 25x-50x small cap hidden gem: Missed AAVE? You can still buy this hidden gem. 1.5m cap w…[View]
26171446how do i unmelt my brain: i think ive been staring at charts for too long[View]
26171972>>> <<<[View]
26168922FUCK: I accidentally logged into Binance without my VPN on. US citizen. How do I rescue my funds? Se…[View]
26171929You're still early. INJ is slowly growing till launch, when it'll moon.[View]
26163815>$1.25 resistance broken Next step: $100 We made it, RLCbros[View]
26170831STINKY: LINKY[View]
26171838Too stressful: Frens, I have not left these charts for weeks on end, my friends are not responding …[View]
26171674Uhhhh what the fuck is this?[View]
26169796How high does your networth need to reach before just not wagecucking anymore? Once I hit about $500…[View]
26171797If you know, you know[View]
26171771/GCG/ - Guapcoin general THE COIN OF KANGZ: Pay attention please, Guapcoin is the #1 currency soluti…[View]
26170146BONDED FINANCE RUG PULLED: Hahahaha told you guys Website down, telegram on suicide watch. Trying t…[View]
26171654don't fucking buy rubick RBK: A gang of pakistani rapers was hired to shill this on biz Yes, i …[View]
26171750Did you miss me?[View]
26171401Why is zerohedge so cringe now for me? Is it because I made it?[View]
26171732Mortgages: So as someone who was raised on /biz/ I always thought getting a mortgage was just cuckin…[View]
26170759SXP: Suicide stack 20 k Make it stack 100 k You do want to have the philipino ethereum right anon?…[View]
26171457AHEEEEEEEEEEM: >crypto will crash[View]
26170398why is there no thread about this?[View]
26171221Anybody can redpill a retard on AMPL investing? I don’t understand how to price this correctly: for…[View]
26171678Anyone know if it's true staking is out tomorrow?: Anyone have a link or screenshot? Is it a go…[View]
26171662Time to Ride the Green Escalator: API3 Moon Time.[View]
26171571Fuck you!!!![View]
26171275Greetings /biz/ newfag here, how do I get into stonks? Any tips for a beginner?[View]
26171308cryptokek.com: Don't sleep on this anon, please... $600k mc 303 holders Product: AI whale walle…[View]
26171312Daiq.io - 1m mcap gem!!: Protocol Core Elements Daiquilibrium, paired with DAI, implements a triad o…[View]
26170950*is backed by Chaos Emeralds*[View]
26170972Please tell me you loaded this dip $RBC[View]
26169964>just get a mortgage and gamble your sanity away as it's impossible to know if you will or n…[View]
26146024STATERA: Sthanos - 780k liq, 135k volume W-sta - sta 1.9M liq, 150k volume Sta/eth - 380k liq, 280k …[View]
26169549Does anyone have an actual source for this image?[View]
26171410What the fuck, guys?[View]
26169588Newfag looking to buy and hold AVAX and LINK until EOY. Is this a good trade? What returns should I …[View]
26171473predictions for listing price?[View]
26170641easiest coins to swingtrade?: easiest coins to swingtrade (preferably on binance so i dont have to k…[View]
26171450How do you organize you meta mask accounts?: So you have an account per chain?[View]
26171413$37K rejected[View]
26171407You and you are going to miss out on this one[View]
26170198Bitcoin will never be 37 thousand again.[View]
26171392I’m so glad I sold at 148: Wtf is going on with them? Should I buy the dip? It took a month and a ha…[View]
26171333What exchange is best for Us, I've been searching for YEARS[View]
26171244RELEVANT COINBASE VENTURES: What ever happened to this?[View]
261661200xBitcoin General: Suicide prevention: 0xBitcoin is the first mineable erc20 token. What this means …[View]
26170687HEX long shot: 2 WEEKS ago HEX hit 14m after bigpayday. Prediction dictates that its gonna moon with…[View]
26167517Best coin to swing trade.[View]
26171020Whitecoins: Looking for a list of whitecoins to invest in. No chinkies. No pajeets. Just pure white …[View]
26170417Ranking the best Wesley Snipes vampire movies: Gallow Walkers > Blade 1 > Blade 3 > Blade 2…[View]
26171128Who else shilled this here at 2.5 and no one listened Stay poor biz $10 EOD[View]
26171171KTLYO: KATALYO is the all-in-one, one stop solution for DeFi building, NFT's, Real Estate token…[View]
26168692Go get a PRQ suicide bag anon: From another anon here https://boards.4channel.org/biz/thread/2614237…[View]
26165391MACD has been extremely reliable on the Bitcoin 30m chart for the past 4-5 days Is any other swingie…[View]
26170371Are we going up or dumping bags??????: Staaaaaaaagnated! Are we accumulating og preparing to dump!!…[View]
26170868Are profits and ethics mutually exclusive?[View]
26168432Life before crypto: What bullshit did you waste your life on before you got into crypto? I'm an…[View]
26170036I have over 20 shitcoins[View]
26169431Taxes: Can someone explain why Americans pay taxes and get nothing while we germanic people pay taxe…[View]
26166855ADA thread: >shows empathy to XRP holders >subtly sides with Q boomers >shits on deplatform…[View]
26157537Avax: This coin gets shilled a lot, but do you guys actually see this as a long term hold or will it…[View]
26166404I am financially ruined...[View]
26165135/smg/ Stocks: Previous: >>26160924[View]
26170096In 2017 and 2018, Lenocinium was a powerful team that shilled on 4chan relentlessly. They were expo…[View]
26169562Bancor: Bancor unique design is going to change how every amm works and the market will catch up ver…[View]
26170744ShareRing: Why is no one talking about ShareRing?[View]
26169523Why is this shit pumping now? Just as I sold at a loss of 5 ETH[View]
26138870LTO: In the entire crypto sphere, there is not a token that is as undervalued as LTO. Both technical…[View]
26170723JUST EXIT SCAMMED: Pic related leads to a website where you could compare DeFi rates. Until recently…[View]
26170449suterusu: running out of time chaps - privacy is this year’s buzz-word - suter shield is out and pro…[View]
26169340age networth fags: i don't see the point of those retarded threads no one reads, not even who o…[View]
26170679I have 100k left over from bitcoin gains that I want to put into alts. Red pill me on UNN, ERSD, LTO…[View]
26170513Etherisc $DIP crumbs: Again. Just a gentle reminder, you dont wanna miss this moon shot. U missed BT…[View]
26170118Will this thing ever stop?[View]
26167750SAVE YOUR BAGS FOR ANOTHER DAY: I saw you buying at the all-time-high You looked so happy when you l…[View]
26169915STAbros, the wait was worth it[View]
26168846Why did you tell me to buy this.[View]
26169359BlockDuelers: Hello /biz/. I come to you with this fire call. Low MC, presalers mostly out, price is…[View]
26170027Money isn’t erasing the pain.[View]
26170557when will reddit find out about link?[View]
26166002What can I do with my Chainlink until Staking is rolled out?: I am looking for the highes APY and lo…[View]
26169716I have a cool idea for a cryptocurrency except it's highly illegal, that's why this is all…[View]
26156151Okay one more breadcumb: 5 Days before BSN announced they will expand the network and build a chines…[View]
26168318>He’s not a bodyBUILDer Not gonna make it[View]
26169355Settlement inbound: Getting 25k in from when a dumb bitch rear ended me. Wat do[View]
26169984Should I buy?: What do you guys think.[View]
26170418Fera/Dextools: Dextools partnering with FERA https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/fera[View]
26168897Online business: I have created an online business. I sell plugins for a certain music production so…[View]
26170396You did buy GME right?[View]
26169271dude, trust me. we about to make this money.[View]
26170272>He’s not accumulating more on the dips Embarrassing desu[View]
26169066AVAX all in: Bros do I put another 1700usd in to AVAX to complete a 500 stack for a node ? Doesn…[View]
26169454Poobis says /biz/ is retarded. Imagine thinking this is bearish.[View]
26168755Literally UNFUDABLE.[View]
26168870WE'RE ALL GONNA MAKE IT BRAHS: No bobos allowed[View]
26165991PSA: Eth2.0 node soon unattainable: >you could have had an eth2 node in 2020 for 3k >you could…[View]
26170260>20% in one day We are mooning, bros. GTFIH[View]
26170265SXP: Easy long[View]
26165472rubic RBC[View]
26168128Statera- Just a friendly reminder that John Doe is gonna dump on us at 10c- oh wait[View]
26170193Etc: Should I buy etc now or After Kan 20[View]
26169946I told you faggots to buy yesterday. Buy now or stay poor forever you dumb fucks. I swear, you can…[View]
26168338This is a gift from me to you biz[View]
26169857>TFW 6 figure hell wasn't a meme: what now?[View]
26170156Dev Protocol - The Future of Open Source Funding: Dev Protocol allows creators to tokenize open asse…[View]
26167734Why are they like this: It’s Tuesday morning in Europe and the dump has already begun. Do you pathet…[View]
26168160why has our lord and master sunk so much into BTC when he can just make his own coin? dude has enoug…[View]
26169539Which coins are the whitest?: Tired of chink hype and pajeet shilling. Which coins are white and pur…[View]
26168929Here's your Pajeet, bro[View]
26169025Bobo: The human version: Do you think he shitposts '$40K rejected' here on /biz/ for fun?[View]
26167578Kleros Jail: I am making literally $0 during this bull run from holding PNK. When is this shit gonna…[View]
26169833The indicators thread: Anyone using uncommon indicators? Trying to improve my winning rate. Personal…[View]
26167605ITT post gems with the lowest market cap[View]
26170031what is this patter called again?[View]
2617002380k + already registred in the Waitist !!!: Team is Cofounder - vechain (1 billion mcap +) Cofound…[View]
26168496BITCOIN TRUE VALUE: >There are 7.5 billion people on Earth >2% of people are compulsive gamble…[View]
26168693How hard would it be to turn 10k into 3k monthly reliably?[View]
26169853>already did a x100 in a bear market >I just need a x5 in the bull market to retire…[View]
26169918yop yop yop yop yop...[View]
26168925$CUDOS rocket ship ready for take off: Hop on board and don’t be late![View]
26169844>check catalogue >no poobis thread[View]
26169466It was foretold within the threads of 4chan: You were shown the path but you did not follow >KYS …[View]
26169798The stock market int in a bub....[View]
26169367Kin is on sales $$$ (Quick x10-15) to be made (Tier 1 Exchange listing soon) DYOR: Big Tier 1 Exchan…[View]
26169377Rubic: This is going back up, right?[View]
26169703You guys are missing the lowest MC gem $RBC[View]
26169697Solar Panel contracting: There's a shit ton of retarded librtards who will pay anything to have…[View]
26169492Air drops: Where do I find good airdrops? I am a 4 digit poor fag. Please assistance sir[View]
26169679Anyone still invested in Cuckdano?[View]
26169499Hello? Am I in the right board?[View]
26169664HODL btc and eth for CCP: yeah my son is so smart he knew about bitcoin before all his friends. Let …[View]
26169147>applying for basic junior level code monkey jobs >36k/yr >minimum 3-5 years experience wit…[View]
26167167>nobody rated my portfolio[View]
26168882>just broke long term trend line vs usdt >processing 15m USD in merchant volume per month …[View]
26165569what is the great reset and new world order? how do i profit from this?[View]
26165265/smg/ Stock Market General: Magic money >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq >Stock market …[View]
26169477>don't care where I live as long as it's close to my family >dad lives in the second…[View]
26167836>2.5mm in crypto bros...I have no motivation left to do well at work but i'm still a 4x away…[View]
26168797>too much money to care about wage slaving >not enough money to tell my boss to fuck off…[View]
26168640Are the bitmain antminers worth it?[View]
26167876I thought the schizo's were joking...: ISO20022[View]
26169303What kind of wallet do I need to store pic related?[View]
26169378The real money is in a coin that's yet to pump, anon.[View]
26169350Who want to be a pajeetionaire?[View]
26168810It's over[View]
26168575What will you change your name to once you make it so you don't have to pay taxes?[View]
26168980ALPHA: FERA. Upcoming partnership with dextools. 270k cap. Easy 10x. Buy now or miss it. Fully publi…[View]
26169295Stockbroker/Technical Analyst here. Here's my take on Chainlink. It could go higher or it could…[View]
26166590C A R D A N O: The only coin with a future.[View]
26169285Yeah, I'm thinking $2 soon.[View]
26166456Holy shit. I usually buy $3000 dollars of a weird ass uniswap coin I think is smart to collect free …[View]
26169263>our fees are structured so we do better when our clients do better aka the more you make, the mo…[View]
26169258>he doesn’t have any: >he isn’t going to make it[View]
26166948I sold everything, crash is coming[View]
26168082Top 10 shilled coins during 2017 bullrun?: Am looking to do research on them to see how their prices…[View]
26169225pls sirs do the needful and buy NEO[View]
26162172guys, should I unironically sell everything? the market is pumped as fuck, every shitcoin is mooning…[View]
26169108THE FEES: >decided to derisk some of crypto and go out at least 20% since I did 14x since summer …[View]
26169164How can I get 500$ in ONE fucking week?: If you have any suggestions, then pls tell me I need the 50…[View]
26166332Is this still worth holding? It's been bleeding for hours now[View]
26168568>random shitcoin bleeds out -50%, it’s trash, devs are silent, no way it’ll recover >sell it a…[View]
26169063Bitcoin.: lovely.[View]
26168066I spent 30 min working today and 7hrs watching charts[View]
26169084WTF WAS THAT[View]
26168162is it too late?: >missed the 2013 run because parents thought it was scam >missed the 2017 run…[View]
26165993$RBC WILL make a $PRQ type run[View]
26168945r3fi.finance: i have forked $rfi much higher apy, less supply. presale is live and 3.5/10 filled alr…[View]
26168787>finally broke 0.08c GUYS[View]
26160895BTC vs ETH: How is bitcoin mining sustainable in the long run? It becomes more and more difficult to…[View]
26168820I always wondered who would win the stablecoin war. USDT? USDC? dai? Or maybe newcomers like RSV or …[View]
26168903Will I make it?: At least to 6 figure hell by 2022?[View]
26168880Clover airdrop: This time around if u hold clover u get not only an NFT but also airdrop for corlibr…[View]
26168677Have you invested in collectibles?[View]
26166165Tell me, /biz/, how retarded am I. I know, I know, rbc pajeet scam, i lost fucking 40 usd just on fe…[View]
26166030Crash coming[View]
26154145/XMR/ Monero General: Welcome to the Monero General, dedicated to the discussion of the world's…[View]
26168315Is there a resource for newfags to get going on /biz/? Any recommendations for the millennial who do…[View]
26166777Redpill me on pajeets: What is their ultimate goal? Why are they here? Why do you hate them?[View]
26164254Are you paying attention to LGCY yet?: You probably didnt listen when I said LGCY Network was a diam…[View]
26168761WAVE 103 by DJ ELLIOTT: WAVE 2 INCOMING: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVFAnmF_hcM[View]
26166778If you had to sell something to buy LinkPool what would it be: BTC, ETH or LINK?[View]
26168715Portfolio thread: Rate OP, rate post above, post yours. GO![View]
26168606>$1.27 stable oil[View]
26168682All these de motivational threads. Holy shit. Kill yourselves six figure faggots[View]
26168657Best time to buy it's on sales. Tier 1 Exchanges (CB/BINANCE) are gonna pop up really soon ( A …[View]
26165340fucking dump back to ~$1 plz plz plz[View]
2616753830 broken 40 by EOD. Why haven't you invested?[View]
26168608>business How to succeed in doing this thing?[View]
26167164YFDAI GET IN HERE!!!!!!!!: Its only been a day load up your bags YFTE (YFTether) - Same everything, …[View]
26167763Do companies like Alameda and Messari have ppl employed to check biz?: and if so, how can I get such…[View]
26168207Tax man: Say an anon is collecting $2000 a week via Venmo and wants to keep it off the books, how is…[View]
26162486Can we have a PRQ FUD thread? I want the emotional rush of being tempted to drop my bags.[View]
26166870redpill me on Statera: 1. Is the team anonymous? Why can't I find them on their website 2. Is t…[View]
26168155Can someone dump it please? I'm trying to buy $100k worth of it but every $6k this piece of shi…[View]
26168560link swinging: Just swung for more linkies. Ask me anything[View]
26168534LGCY: How high can LGCY go? Is it normal for such a low market cap coin to never drop?[View]
26166380Bitcoin has never crabbed so long in the middle of a bullrun in its entire history: Why is there SO …[View]
26166471When you realize...: That rubic shill and fudders on this board are actually just based link & p…[View]
26167758> 25 yo > only $1.2MM net worth[View]
26167872Do you like portfolio? Will I be rich?[View]
26168481Where to use coins: As it says in subject, where am I supposed to use my coins? Is there like a cryp…[View]
26167285> 23 yo > only $540k net worth[View]
26167480Question of the day ? CRYPTO: Ethereum or Dot which will do better in the BULL RUN?[View]
26167129A question for linkies. I have sensors on the roofs of around 54% of all buildings in the city I liv…[View]
26168368How much respect would 275k rsr get me?: I’m a successful woman c level exec (pic is me). I have 10-…[View]
26168231this B E A S T of a man is about to obliterate AVAX.[View]
26162797GRT shills explain this: People get paid with GRT for indexing yet query fees are zero. Why is that?…[View]
26167665Cardano is the BEST!!: https://coinmarketcap.com/alexandria/article/a-deep-dive-into-cardano You can…[View]
26168344fuck yo markkkets, wyboi[View]
26168027Hey lads, how am I supposed to interpret this? There are more sell orders than buy orders, so is tha…[View]
26168309OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
26168271Kleros Hate Thread: ITT we laugh at every retard who bought this shitcoin that can't move durin…[View]
26164735is he the ultimate bear?: is there any stopping this man?[View]
26168217Just keep an eye on that coin ;)[View]
26167425Are we breaking $2 today prqchads? Anatoly is about to do an AMA with China once they wake up in a f…[View]
26167639No matter how much money you make, your life is still better than a kings life 100 years ago[View]
26167688>FUD is iffy uh... BAO pump to .50 uh[View]
26166028Why doesn't the USA ban Bitcoin, wait for it to go to zero, buy, then lift the ban?[View]
26166575Question for TA anons: What does this mean? It's on the 4hr ANKR chart.[View]
26167227How do I profit from this[View]
26167191Is consuming coffee worth it? Is it a good investment to my body?[View]
26166531Name me one crypto that is closer to institutional adoption than ETH: and LINK[View]
26168102>zoom out[View]
26166723How do I swing like a fearless Chad?[View]
26168077ANKR - the next DOT pump?: talk to me bros, i just aped into this with a massive bag. i'm a fag…[View]
26167581Those who know, know[View]
26167923Accumulating anywhere in this range is a good play. It was like this sub 20k.[View]
26163681eRSDL: why is this shitcoin down while everything is up? Is Howard the Janitor on lunch break?…[View]
26166337Rubic General: Big News: Tommy Oliver partnered with Sergey of Nazareth. Big thing in Indian Republi…[View]
26167868SUPER EARLY: just listed on dex, presale was 0.01 only 104 holders liq. locked for a year! blockdu…[View]
26167858Eth: >Want to trade shitcoin in > Have some eth for gas but not enough >go to convert some …[View]
26167377anons i'm thinking to go out from eth and wait what happens with that triangle closing: My opin…[View]
26167722stinky linky[View]
26167898ayo YFI aint got shit on YFTE x10000: say it with me YFTE mufuka! $4k how bout dat? get in here crac…[View]
26167893How to sell my BAO?: Can’t seem to do it they Uniswap. When are they getting listed on bigger exchan…[View]
26165111LTO chads: What's your current stack?[View]
26167767All that matters is having enough money to never wageslave again, even if it means living humbly. T…[View]
26167721Any of my WCres bros still here?: Are we, dare I say it, back?[View]
26165220Alt season? Think again. It's crab season![View]
26158730Charles Hoskinson is 33 years old[View]
26166114Escape from the 5 digit abyss: I'm neither smart or talented ive traded myself based on mined c…[View]
26167729None of you are ready for COCOS[View]
26166835Hi guys I made a lot of money on tesla buying it before the stock split. Getting more shares but low…[View]
26167655Perpetual Protocol: perpetual contracts (longs and shorts), which brings the most volume to crypto, …[View]
26165900Good shitcoin?[View]
26166490Ath on eth is obvious: Buy now or regret later[View]
26166878Normies are priced out of 1 BTC forever.[View]
26167557I'm Benz whippin Got your girl and frens in it So much money I could take care of 10 bitches[View]
26167116CRAB MARKET HELL: Hit me with some hopium biz[View]
26166920I still remember it like it was yesterday[View]
26167232Biz how do we profit from fucking idiots?[View]
26167228anyone else in the 5 figure abyss? 5 figure abyss support group thread[View]
26167101What't the easiest way to make money doing day trade? total beginner here btw.[View]
26165819Hidden Gems General /hgg/: Shill me your “hidden gems” that you are absolutely convinced will explod…[View]
26167317How high is it gonna go?[View]
26166289how is chainlink not mooning when it is bringing about the biggest usage of crypto in the real world…[View]
26165648buy RUBlC[View]
26167438>grug want know what buy >brown grug say buy rubukka if not hate shiney rocks >he say rubuk…[View]
26167422If you’re not buying CRV today , then hope you enjoy another long year in the office , unironically …[View]
26167407STOP THE MINES: Oh nononono[View]
26167402WTF was that!?!?[View]
26166913I should've bought yesterday fml. Will this piece of shit dump again soon? Can any chartanons t…[View]
26155492Always buy in too late to biz coins? Think you're never going to make it? Think again.: Radix i…[View]
26160632I’m almost 25. Just realized I ordered another delivery from fancy restaurant that I’m going to care…[View]
26167287Statera: How exactly do i pool statera? Any risks? How much di you frens make from it? I gotta bunch…[View]
26165846LCX Chads: my pajeet friends lets celebrate 30% in 24h. my fucking pajeet friends[View]
26167197China is back. CHING CHONG SCHLONG KONG[View]
26163556How can one man be so based?[View]
26157541/XSG/ XRP Schizo General #548: Previous thread: >>26147490 >Flare/Spark Tutorial: https://w…[View]
26165057XRP BAD: You guys still aren't holding this piece of shit before the SEC ruling are you? I swea…[View]
26167113net worth: >9.9 million >10.2 million >9.5 million >10 million >9.7 million…[View]
26163936Anyone else who has money now: What are some enhancements I can make to my life without breaking the…[View]
26167097crypto exchange: What exchange does everyone use? since joining the crypto clan ive exclusively bee…[View]
26166387What crypto wallet do you use?[View]
26162289Poorfolio thread: Will i make it hodling this? Not planning on selling any LINK, planning to DCA mor…[View]
26167033You have meddled with the primal forces of nature, Mr. Bobo, and I won't have it! Is that clear…[View]
261654635 figure hell: Starting to worry I’m not even going to make it to 6 figure hell. I’m going to have t…[View]
26166211I SWUNG RSR FOR PNK: never listen to biz[View]
26163920Crypto browser that mines BTC in background: I downloaded and synced with my google account yesterda…[View]
26157718Sync Network bringing much needed cryptobonds to blockchain: Next generation DeFi SYNC Lock secures …[View]
26166566SIRS THE NEEDFUL[View]
26166621We have entered the eternal crab market. Bitcoin will never be above 40k or below 30k ever again.[View]
26166232>Ripple posts about CBDCs >legit CZ profile comments on the post BULLISH https://on.ripple.com…[View]
26164165ITT: WE SUMMON CRYPTOJUICE: >sold chainlink sub $3 >waiter at a restaurant (now closed) What…[View]
26166975Romeo Sierra Romeo: RSR magnate here, report in gentlemen[View]
26166644Parsiq is breaking out again. We're all gonna make it. I hope you bought more at 1.20.[View]
26166894many vagene and bobs on rubic[View]
26166882sirs: rubic sirs we got paid 45 rupees to bring you this jam 1000x guaranteed[View]
26166881BITCOIN FLOOR: >There are 7.5 billion people on Earth >2% of people are compulsive gambler …[View]
26160718Should i get more LINK or GRT?[View]
26165693rubic coin (rbc)[View]
26165785Portfolio r8 thread[View]
26166202ETH breakout: what do you think?[View]
26164674Why are people excited this is integrating QuikBooks? This coin has a weird cult community like LINK…[View]
26165559NEO: Somehting is happening China is pushing hard[View]
26166578SAVE YOUR BAGS FOR ANOTHER DAY: I saw you buying at the all-time-high You looked so happy when you l…[View]
26166782how it started VS how its going: how it started VS how its going[View]
26165722For me, making it is 50000 USD[View]
26166487just found $100 in my old wallet. what do I buy biz make me rich B)[View]
26166489price only go up[View]
26163529ARE WE HAVING FUN YET?: How much longer until it pumps?[View]
26166576Life investments: Ok gentlemen, i got in late because what normie has ever done anything correct. I…[View]
26165060Shill me a good site to view normal stock with level of Binance: Why all stock pages show just retar…[View]
26166553and just like that.. BOND will never be .0150 again[View]
26166549ayo we bout to take off this mufukaa x1000: say it with me YFTE mufuka! $4k how bout dat? get in her…[View]
26166538How you Corns feeling about uniswap token? Anyone know when V3 gets released?[View]
26166370The meme that destroyed /biz/[View]
26165834you MUST buy this coin. DeFi NFT blue print free money: all buzz words of crypto in one project only…[View]
26166454No Nimiq shill thread?: Where are the Nimiq boyz?[View]
26166449There are people right now selling BTC: https://youtu.be/UvrFnlo2QNY[View]
26165941How's it looking[View]
26156915TW33T MONEY: TW33T.MONEY is like breaking out the shibari ropes, setting up a good suspension, and t…[View]
26166130>Numerous Rubic threads appear within the last day Yeah, seems legit.[View]
26163848Chainlink depression thread: these wounds they will not heal..[View]
26166227The bubble is about to pop. You did buy right? Don't miss this one again anon.[View]
26166310Why don’t you have a barbell/antifragile portfolio?: 80% low risk/reward crypto like BTC/ETH/stablec…[View]
26166309FUCK: Why am I not a millionaire yet, what is this bullshit? I will make it in the next bullrun righ…[View]
26160249Activities to do in my daily life instead of looking at charts 24/7: Anons who are millionaires, wha…[View]
26166181So, a whale with over 2 million dollars in ALBT recently started buying this microcap coin called MF…[View]
26164528What percentage of RUBIC fudders actually own RBC?: Because I own a bag and fucking love fudding thi…[View]
26163726AMA - I am an altitude arbitrage propane trucker selling propane at ~7.5% premium: I’m a self-owning…[View]
26165674Financial experts: This is my favorite financial expert. Super bullish on bitcoin. Whats your favori…[View]
26165843> $552 stable coin[View]
26166218WHAT WAS THAT?[View]
26166018Daily reminder that 1 LINK will never be worth over 0.001 btc again[View]
26157642I NEED A COIN WITH BIG ROOM TO GROW: Ideally under 5c[View]
261661031/19/21 Tuesday 4:30 AM PST Don't go to bed tonight[View]
26166058>5 cent stable coin[View]
26165877GIVE LINK YOUR ENERGY!!: Lets try this again. Press OOOOOOOO to charge Link to $23. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…[View]
26163367/AVAX/ - Avalanche General: Road to $200 edition How is it going Avaxbros Feel free to leave your AV…[View]
26164293Zenon/Square/Twitter breadcrumb thread: The rabbit hole runs very deep on this one lads. Let's …[View]
26165677Why do banks only keep a small percentage of your money in the reserves instead of all of it?[View]
26166003there are actually black people now in crypto[View]
26165974i am financially COREd[View]
26165975Why is this board so obssesed with animals? Be it bears, bulls, crabs or frogs. I come here to dic…[View]
26164948I have lost everything, and I'm not sure how to continue. This summer I invested $17,500 (six m…[View]
26140627/pmg/ - Jamie edition: JPM's silver being shocked for moar cheapies Edition >Why Gold? https…[View]
26165960>BTC is stable Alt season is here.[View]
26164794Are you ready https://seekingalpha.com/amp/article/4399431-ethereum-to-repeat-bitcoins-move-to-20k-…[View]
26165610Either I 10x or die trying.: Discuss.[View]
26164494i have 1000$ to spend, which do you think have better chance to reach the moon ? I don't care f…[View]
26165637Is 1300 GRT enough to make it?[View]
26163784Literally a fucking tranny lmfao: I don't know why this shit still fucking surprises me. Top ke…[View]
26164639What are the most stupid scams (on internet) that actually works ?[View]
26165820A THREAD DIED FOR THIS: pic related[View]
26165166I am financially ruined.[View]
26159113How many INCOME STREAMS do you have?: If crypto is your only income stream you will never make it be…[View]
26157160Cap Protocol General #16: >Cap is a decentralized KYC-less trading platform where you can trade s…[View]
26165767WE ARE AT .00040 BRO: Where at BOTY kings? Our stock is pumping. You think its a shit stock you fagg…[View]
26164974REMINDER: The Discord PND trannies who are fudding this coin tried a small dump on Friday with their…[View]
26164174> tfw 7 figure hell pure suffering[View]
26164300How long have we been in the bull run?: How much longer do you think it will last?[View]
26165000it's not over until i say it's over heretics[View]
26165320New computer, need pepes: Keep it /biz/ related, or not, I don't give a fuck I'm not a tra…[View]
26165712Plasma Pay will be the institutional, commercial and private standard for banking: It’s an actual De…[View]
26165709Moon mission with Rubic. Join our space program. Only the bravest! Also I remember you the importanc…[View]
26162011Low risk x200 coins: I'll start: LINK[View]
26165686sir pls buy RBC we've been paid because professionist: do the same shitty memes and respond to …[View]
26165685REN .70 Waiting Room: Where my Knights of REN at?[View]
26165615If this thread gets trips we all wake up from this nightmare tomorrow[View]
26165255It’s so easy to fuck with the RBC shills lmfao[View]
26160924/smg/ - Stock Market General: I have a dream edition >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq >S…[View]
26165298I just want infinite shotcoins, depravity, greed and avarice. EVERYTHING forever I want hell.[View]
26163225Mods can you ban Rubic threads now?: It's literal pajeet spam and flooding and advertising rule…[View]
26165227What's an altcoin you would consider to be in the 'smart money' phase?[View]
26165437>see trending on dextools >remember people here shilling it >check out the chart LMAO…[View]
26165062People forget, organized crime loves crypto even more than us. Politicians in countries that propose…[View]
26164425buy this whatevere is rubic[View]
26165383>308 days until the top[View]
26165326Buy when theres fud $RBC: take a look at what happened to other projects[View]
26164513Stakenet's Marketcap To Blow Through Uniswap: >Current price of Uni tokens: $9 >Total amo…[View]
26165177chainlink vs rubic (RBC): Hello sirs. Let me present you the next chainLINK coin ,, This coin has p…[View]
26165505Anyone else /biz/craft[View]
26165443HERE WE GO MOTHERFUCKERZS: you thought i was joking last time.[View]
26165476People are going to be insanely rich from this one[View]
26165342kleros pnk: What cast do you belong to?[View]
26164477THERE IS A CME GAP AT $9800.[View]
26165408Kim Dotcom backs Bitcoin cash: Fucking hell, he's making a website called k.im for payments of …[View]
26164641RUBIC GENERAL: I bought SO many RBC coins last month just to shill it here with my friends so we cou…[View]
26162068For me, it's Sergeylina Nazarova[View]
26165169SAVE YOUR BAGS FOR ANOTHER DAY: I saw you buying at the all-time-high You looked so happy when you l…[View]
26165117Anybody like me, pretty well off but acts way too frugal? I'm buying property but do way too mu…[View]
26159026Graph (GRT) General: It’s the API for APY[View]
26163814Buy ruibic[View]
2616534410x to go today!: 0x706cb9e741cbfee00ad5b3f5acc8bd44d1644a74 YFOX 100k MC and only 3k tokens! Legit …[View]
26157263Robonomics is one of the first parachains going live on Polkadot! $$$: XRT is going live on the Roco…[View]
26164341any ROSE chads out there? did anyone look into this as a long term hold if the distinguished team wi…[View]
26165200How is going your child farm peDOTphiles?[View]
26165245What happens when those Wallstreet Jews decide to dump on us? It's all a matter of time[View]
26165252So my fellow americans, what coin are we pumping today?[View]
26165270you're still early: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?inputCurrency=0x09e64c2b61a5f1690ee6fbed9baf…[View]
26165191>business How to succeed in doing this?[View]
26165234>Zadoshi Makapoto[View]
26165226Airdropping Rubic stocks. Post your Merrill Lynch wallet.[View]
26163281I hold 500k RBC which will be worth $6,000,000 in a year AMA[View]
26164441I bought SO many RBC coins last month just to shill it here with my friends so we could dump on you …[View]
26154376Fuck it, damn Reddit won today and I'm going all in ETH https://old.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency…[View]
26164931>you are all in denial the bear market has started[View]
26159670ITT RUBIC Whales.[View]
26165181Daily GRO thread. How's everyone doing?[View]
26165041>$10,000 portfolio hell range[View]
26163686RBC is a Scam: Reminder that The biggest bag holders already dumped and that Vladimir Tikhomirov is …[View]
26157329Why do people shame me for not working?: People on the internet call me a lazy fuck for not wanting …[View]
26158129>you absolutely not need more than 300k to retire... /biz/ is just an extension of plebbit at thi…[View]
26165089BTC: You've been warned[View]
26165100He boght? paAmp it[View]
26165014I sold, fuck this shit everything is clearly downtrending with lower highs every day and even lower …[View]
26163618Umm...: you're Chinese[View]
26164811RUBIC GENERAL: I bought SO many RBC coins last month just to shill it here with my friends so we cou…[View]
26164961>TFW learned about 6 figure hell on 4chan: and realized, even though I have a nice job and a half…[View]
26164993Rubic (RBC): Only pajeet bros allowed here! Also https://youtu.be/aOQbZz895yI[View]
26163764Vitalina thread: I'm an ETH maximalist and I need more material to COOM to[View]
26164370Rank in order of owning a suicide stack importance: 250k RSR, 1000 LINK, ????? VET[View]
26161324Why does it seem like nobody is holding LTC? Seems like an easy 5x by EOY, as soon as alt season sta…[View]
26165042memba when btc was 22k? also tether will crash now.[View]
26164897RUBIC GENERAL:: bought SO many RBC coins last month just to shill it here with my friends so we coul…[View]
26164214Many big project![View]
26164976What's the relationship between China and Chainlink?: Share me your copy pastas, memes, etc for…[View]
26161443Will I make ot holding these coins?[View]
26164831Are citadels a utopia which will never be realized, due to hardcore crypto holders being spread out …[View]
26163423Excel sheets for tracking coins?: Hello. Retard here. Can a smart anon enlighten me why people track…[View]
26161623Is IOTA real?: IOTA sightings are increading on this board. Witnesses describe humanly impossible te…[View]
26164010I am financially ruined from Rubic, AVAX, and Bat. How can I recover? I made this.[View]
26163762$FERA https://www.feraplatform.com/home FERA provides trading strategies for crypto traders and inv…[View]
26164922Yield (YLD) - Defi Project from one of Andre's BFFs: This fits perfectly within the Yearn ecosy…[View]
26164891To this day I still wonder if he got the job or na[View]
26164868ok lets see your celebration selfies for when Bitcoin inevitability hits $100K[View]
26163803There's a LINK millionaire trading RBC: What did he mean by this? Proof is in the address: htt…[View]
26164633BTC will never be above 40k again.[View]
26163752SynLev Comeback: You thought we were down and out? You sold bottom to whales again anon? 500K trade…[View]
26163834Accidently bought too much crypto and my bank is now charging me $75/day due to the negative balance…[View]
26164466ETH shitcoin: Is this shit coin death or just a stable coin and they didn't send the memo? ETH …[View]
26164586Why are you all so stupid?: If you're trading based on looking at a chart and saying 'oh it loo…[View]
26164719Rubic is the white man's cryptocurrency[View]
26164704+36% this week: one of the comfiest holds in this bullrun[View]
26164209reminder by buying rubic you are literally giving money to indian street shitters that use their han…[View]
26158566How fucked am I going to be if I cash out with absolutely no transaction records available?[View]
26164311You did buy the dip, right anon?[View]
26163615Wonder why there are so many RBC shills right now?[View]
26164645Tried to tell you all...: A no-code protocol for building defi applications, blockchain document ver…[View]
26164433I’m manlet: I’m a depressed manlet, mom is tall and I got cucked never had a gf, even with all the m…[View]
26164542>Coinbase PRO still hasn't fixed the bug where charts look like pic related when you switch …[View]
26163926Plasma Pay will be the institutional, commercial and private standard for banking: It’s an actual De…[View]
26163574These are some of the top traders on FTX. Say something nice about them.[View]
26162527Price discovery soon for both of these tokens. Get in or be left behind .[View]
26164454Buy the good coin LGCY. If you buy is very nice like meme. You will be rich man.[View]
26161910Rank #186 and dropping[View]
26161648How do I get rich?: I'm 18 and have £400 in my bank account. What do I do to get rich?[View]
26161564LOAD THE FK UP $RBC[View]
26163502>TFW 2021 is the year of the $LINK[View]
26155386Alright lads yesterday was a huge win, but we need to think bigger.: Recap: >/biz/ woke up RBC, …[View]
26164281My life has gotten better since I got into crypto: All I do now is check my crypto a couple of minut…[View]
26163838i only have 6000 LINK i want to be in the cool kids 100k LINK club so bad > tfw you ngmi…[View]
26164268>3 figure hell[View]
26164431The pajeets are busy today[View]
26159699AMPL so hot: right now[View]
26163567Please tell me what to do with 150k in cash. i am desperate[View]
26164239Opened a 100x short at 36500 this AM.: Liquidation price 36900.[View]
26164243>anno 2035 >dad, how come you never invested in cryptocurrency?…[View]
26163422ROSE: Thoughts on this coin? https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/oasis-network/[View]
26164233>smart contracts[View]
26164153Rubic is mooning in two days, better buy in now[View]
26163197KTLYO - 700k cap, huge project scope ultra low cap, undervalued gem.: KATALYO is the all-in-one, one…[View]
26164197When did you do the needful?: Did Vishnu bring many blessings? Or did you shit in the street?[View]
26163316>simultaneously feel like a further x100 making me 8figs is inevitable due to being on a groundfl…[View]
26163827RBC: not Indian you can’t stop the brakes[View]
26163787Oh Lord: I can't thank this man enough, I just bought my first car with my avax profits what a …[View]
26163717Is btc not showing a giant bull flag on the monthly chart?[View]
26163916Grt-Indexer Selection: Put my small stack into ryabina.eth. Been 7 days. See appx 7 grt added to my …[View]
26163334Dont give up and hodl: stay strong an you will be rewarded[View]
26163358Are we being raided? At least try to make it look organic, pajeets.[View]
26163550>be me >work a job I hate >mainly hate it cause of management >partially cause of cowork…[View]
26163809What exactly is in store for the future of this shit? I hold like 7k for no particular reason (holdo…[View]
26163767Whose this one man Freedom Reserve shill?: I see him everywhere. Discuss.[View]
26163976I bought this ice cream with my avax profit from 2.90 to 13 lol[View]
26161310>horizontal triangle oh shit this is my moment[View]
26163911bitcoin: pls buy rubricc[View]
26164003anons... is it forming a cup on the hourly?[View]
26163560Avalanche dip when: Brainlet here, I want buy Avalanche but when is dip and how[View]
26160871OH NO NO NOOOO[View]
26163965$10 EOY: Hope you are filling your bags[View]
26163779We all gonna bee it once bitcoin hit's ATH: Stay positive. FUCK FIAT btw.[View]
26163126I just put $17,000 into ZIL: AMA[View]
26163187Daily reminder you are missing out.[View]
26162868>sleep 4 hours >wake up >log in to work laptop >place mouse on analog watch to prevent i…[View]
26163819I have 500 to spend on crypto: All in on link or what?[View]
26163743Don’t say I didn’t tell you[View]
26163241You assholes said Tether would crash everything on the 15th. Why did you scam me biz? Where the fuck…[View]
26163702BUY FANTOM NOW! 10 cnets eod.[View]
26162729c'mon nigga do something![View]
26162495LGCY is the easiest 10X at the moment[View]
26163730The next few moments are unironically critical for eth: You paid for the whole seat, but you're…[View]
26162518Anyone else sometimes feels like buying a random shitcoin on Uniswap, sees those retarded gas fees a…[View]
26163676>bought the top >doesn't matter because everything is mooning feels good man…[View]
26162419>Daddy why didnt you buy Fweedom Wizurve when it was under £100? Uncle Johnny bought Fweedom Wizu…[View]
26151458GRT fucking dip already, I need to get in[View]
26163264$RBC gives me early $LINK, $RSR, $PRQ vibes: If you know, you know[View]
26151005I'm 40: Is it normal that i don't want to learn shit anymore or i've (automatically) …[View]
26161187$RSR. GET. IN. NOW.: Finally breaking out of sym triangle. Get in NOW it’s breaking out. LAST CHANCE…[View]
26160168I have never seen a link marine post their stack[View]
26162542I larp as a crypto millionaire despite having 5k in crypto[View]
26163562Does anyone know where I can exchange a target giftcard for BTC? no KYC/AML plz[View]
26160482daily reminder that i am still holding 40k rubic[View]
26161171Rebase below $1 from day 1.. supply just decrease since[View]
26162529how do i make my own crypto business: im pretty much on the left side of the crypto iq scale and jus…[View]
26162229SXP away: So are you boys strapped in for the moon?[View]
26161748We're almost there frens. Binance keynote. 1.0. Staking. Hope you all got your ducks in a row.[View]
26160640Give me your best 4 shitcoins now. I'm ready to invest.[View]
26161461Your Brain on XRP[View]
26163318Anymore sub $4 AVAX?: FUCK. Should've gotten in 2 weeks ago, could've afforded a validator…[View]
26163435Is Crypto Mining still a thing ?[View]
26163168This seems like a /biz/ coin. Noone interested in cream?[View]
26162785Strap in faggots: time for BAT[View]
26163218Did you fall for the fud bizlets?[View]
26162480You are all being set up for the great wealth transfer: >Russia on gold buying spree for last dec…[View]
26161768STAKING: What coin(s) are best for staking? Do you stake 1 coin in particular or diversify between l…[View]
26162260I can't buy AVAX on binance US what do?[View]
261632952021 is the year of the ox (bull) and it begins on February 12. You can still accumulate. This is g…[View]
26163372I was just about to shill the idea of a BIZcoin, but it's owned by the darkies[View]
26163243This shit is seriously going to 1000, isn't it? I used to say it for the meme, but I really do …[View]
26162019LCX: >:::Hand Drawn Original Pepe 1st Draft Do Not Steal-For LCX Threads ONLY::: Hope you bought …[View]
26162575If you had a big portion of art of a semi known artist (dead) whos paintings sell for around 5k$ a p…[View]
26162802Just bought $100 of VGX. How badly did I fuck up?[View]
26162596Based and redpilled anons gotta have that RBC in their portfolios. The team is white and doxxed. You…[View]
26162465If you have Chainlink you will have an asian wife.[View]
26163251Technical Analyses: I'm starting to learn the basics of technical analyses, but I'm curiou…[View]
26163196I've lost more money in the past 2 weeks that I've made in the last 6 months.[View]
26163314FUCK BANKS, FUCK (((THEM))): Deposited money on exchange and bank called me,said the institution was…[View]
26163287LINK at 0.0006 BTC is a nobrainer.: I do not know what Bitcoin will do in USD terms. I do not know w…[View]
26161109Investing another 4k: I'm looking for something to buy for another 4k. Planning to make big gai…[View]
26163071I hold 50k RBC which will be worth $600,000 in a year AMA[View]
26162745Can you feel it?[View]
26163012>Monday morning >link is dumping again[View]
26162252What do you think, anon?: Are you smart enough to join the Smart Economy?[View]
26162988i was the only person shilling this coin on this board for last 2-3 weeks today we pumped from 12c t…[View]
26161674Is ETH in for a big correction or what?[View]
26161999AYGMI ?[View]
26162911So is it going to pump or what?[View]
26163093I had 127k grt Now i have 50k grt Iam nigger[View]
26163081Ari's RWC 2021 Conf Presentation: Presented Jan 14 on CanDID. Is this bullish? https://www.yout…[View]
26163060Hedera Hashgraph: HBAR shill thread[View]
26162228DATA MINING THREAD: No really I'm just curious. Tell me how much you make, and how does it make…[View]
26162929>put 100£ into crypto this morning >on 3 different coins >check it every 2 hours >small …[View]
26160682It's all so tiresome: NEVER REVEAL YOUR POWERLEVEL[View]
26162163APOLOGIZE: you’re not gonna miss the bullrun are you anon?[View]
26163010Huh what a piece of shit this is[View]
26161925You Ready?: Flare Community @CommunityFlare · 6m Both, however $LTC distribution will be different f…[View]
26162082NEO will moon soon[View]
26162987Whats your SNX price prediction? Mine is that $15 is ATH and will go down to $3 and crab later this …[View]
26162972Moon Mission is Ready for Launch[View]
26159713Friendly Sell Signal: Sell[View]
26162913$SYNC - buybacks - working product: crypto bonds NFTs random buybacks https://twitter.com/SYNCTOKEN/…[View]
26162434So dogecoin has increased by 4,450% to 1cent and Bitcoin by 9,800% to 35k. If dogecoin increases by …[View]
26144952>$5 million dollar in enough to retire[View]
26162879Forgive me father, for I have sold. I don't see this shit going anywhere from here.[View]
26162874Lition lawsuit: >muh smart contract vulnerabilities >muh lit sent by mistake >muh fake par…[View]
26161586EOS: kek or cringe[View]
26162444I've gotten to a point where i literally don't give a fuck about anything[View]
26154754100x project for the biz: $CUDOS Thread on $CUDOS - Staking on @BitMax_Official ETA Announcement tod…[View]
26161132I want to have sex: How can I get a girl/woman to let me put my pee pee in her pee pee? TELL ME NOW!…[View]
26161984I'm thinking of starting a small mechanical company with a friend.. What is the best way to se…[View]
26158490Growth Defi: GRO daily thread. How's everyone doing?[View]
26161728Student Coin: https://www.studentcoin.org/ Tell me why I shouldn't dump $200 on it right now? I…[View]
26162662Listen to the Don: It's time to sell Chain Link[View]
26162608NewPhag question: Over diversified my portfolio but want to focus on two coins in particular. How’d …[View]
26158149I keep telling my normie friends about GRT and Link and they refuse to listen and act. Even after sh…[View]
26162497Close your eyes, try to clear any thoughts you are having Take long, slow, deep breaths and put all …[View]
26162590Take your profits or ill take them for you[View]
26162488ICX mooning: Where my ICON bros at?[View]
26162560Hello guys, how are you doing? What are your thoughts on the PI coin? I'm don't know a fu…[View]
26162042RUBIC: The face of a scammer. Be aware of it.[View]
26161820Legacy LGCY: WTF WAS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
26162157APOLOGIZE: Right now[View]
26161995Why are link marines always trying to get me to buy chainlink? If they are so confident why do they …[View]
26161729You’ve lied to me for the last time /biz/[View]
26162381$RBC Make it thread[View]
26162463BSV: It's question of time...[View]
26161844What's your biggest bag?: I'd say 180K in RSR for me right now. I know some people have 1m…[View]
26162364ERSDL: You got yer bag right? Better get in before it's too late! Make it stack 1milly Sui stac…[View]
26162432What would happen if all the link marines on /biz/ sold their collective 1k link at the same time? W…[View]
26161930>I am making a bot in python with ~5000 lines of code to trade shitcoins on binance…[View]
26161773friendly reminder: The rubic RBC shill threads you see come from an indian rapers gang called Satsga…[View]
26162394/daiqg/ DAIQ - Daiquilibrum general: Previous thread (>>26150447) went unnoticed ;_; semi copy…[View]
26160972i just bought .5 chainlink, what am i in for?[View]
26162264it won't stop climbing[View]
26161610Rubic: Time to kill myself[View]
26160699Wagecuck general: >have a full day company workshop in a large company >see people from other …[View]
26162010Why is ZCash so shit? There's only 50 nodes running and only 18 of them are at the current bloc…[View]
26161331RSR 10C Waiting ROOM: WERE BREAKING OUT[View]
26162265Hurry up Lumenauts! We are about to take off!: Lets go Anon! Board the rocket ship, were going to an…[View]
26159904Plasma Pay will be the institutional, commercial and private standard for banking: It’s an actual De…[View]
26159583>today is January 18th of 2021[View]
26161573Has anyone on /biz/ proved they made it? I haven’t seen a single person sell for profit and then pro…[View]
26160115where did all the tether fud threads go? makes you thingk, doesn't it... like it was all a meme…[View]
26162138Will this ever reach 2$?: Yo yo greek poor nigga again. Right now i lost the big pump from grt and i…[View]
26161826Is there a price history of coins added to coinbase?: I would like to know what happens to the price…[View]
26162126>literally dumping rn[View]
26162117I can't take it anymore.[View]
26162106ONE: Project name: PWC(Whiterock Casino) Big partners will come, team as in contact with them The te…[View]
26160836Algorand will never be over $1: This shitcoin will be back sub $0.30 by Wednesday.[View]
26159228How are you not in DeFiat yet?: How ARE you not anon? This shit has Anystake release right around th…[View]
26161239Take a look at $YOP. Thank me later.[View]
26161561Are you really going to be left behind and not invest in Rubic? Don't like fear and fudders con…[View]
26151856BTC facing a massive correction. new lower low!!!: Okay guys I am selling a big part of my BTC becau…[View]
26160873RUBIC BTFO'd! Sell now! Or become homeless today.[View]
26161997paiN: >>25366346 >>25366346 >>25366346[View]
26160712I dunno, it's like history does repeat itself.[View]
26161454XRP 0,25$: >Be me >Going to all in with my savings on XRP >It's our time ripplievers /…[View]
26161778New bottom is in. You *did* buy the dip, right anon?[View]
26142371/pg/ - Parsiq / PRQ general: > predictions of when the next run up starts edition...…[View]
26159427How many more years of suffering until $1000 EOY?[View]
26158142VALUE + POLKADOT+ CHAINLINK You guys realize how big this is for a coin barely above $20 million mar…[View]
26161922Now we poomp again :)[View]
26160094Fingering my ass in the shower with a soapy index finger feels great. How do I profit off this?[View]
26161297Kneel....: I firmly believe the ETH gods will reward me for my patience. All the hype ETH has had, a…[View]
26161741I'm generally a stock marketfag, I have some btc and eth but I've decided to fuck with som…[View]
26161170No spoonfeeding here: Take a look at this microcap[View]
26141348Is it a good or bad thing for DEXG that Andre Cronje & Hayden Adams are trying to copy what they…[View]
26156604$RBC Your 2nd chance: $LINK was fudded to death $RSR fudded to death $PRQ fudded to death $RBC fudd…[View]
26160616is 2 btc enough to make it? i can wait 5 years[View]
26161103Y-you are holding a bag of this r-right Anon-kun?[View]
26161490IT WAS OUR TURN[View]
26159676I broke $200k today.: 23 y/o Total investment into crypto $3-4k[View]
26158222Let me tell you something brother: Chainlink and Radix are the undisputed tag team champions of the …[View]
26160766What do I got to lose?: Just discovered this gem and I think it’s got potential[View]
26161697$100,000 EOM[View]
26161080wtf is this bullshit? everyday pumps and then bed shitting all the way down[View]
26154928WTF WAS THAT[View]
26158350>26 >$50k net worth bros...is there hope?…[View]
26161596rubic is DEX 2.0 and will BTFO every other exchange. 2021 is a green cube![View]
26160968Rate my portfolio[View]
26159119Whats stopping anyone from just putting their savings in USDC and depositing it on Blockfi for 8.6% …[View]
26161402All this does is dump. :([View]
26161438Delisting Tether tomorrow.: I work for one of the larger crypto exchanges. We had an internal email …[View]
26161607Freq set dollar: Welcome to the FSD Telegram! FSD is a fork to ESD, with similar mechanics, yet expa…[View]
26160432I still owe thousands of dollars wh- whe- when i first learned about bitcoin, i did the crazy move t…[View]
26160360Crypto go bye bye soon hehe[View]
26160638If only you knew what was coming[View]
26160725>borrow 150k for sub 4% apr >deposit on keeper for 60% returns >also collect rook token inc…[View]
26159962TEZOS GOOD OR BAD?: Thoughts on Tezos? 2x?[View]
26160205>he's going to miss out on yet ANOTHER moon mission[View]
26160798I am making a bot in python with ~5000 lines of code to trade shitcoins on binance: Ask me anything.…[View]
26161492Solomon defi: $slm Low marketcap gem. Buy before it moons![View]
26161463Is it worth staking 1k of GRT?[View]
26161306Is this the most under the radar project?[View]
26161448KTLYO: KATALYO is the all-in-one, one stop solution for DeFi building, NFT's, Real Estate token…[View]
26161292Is this a whale?[View]
26161094What are all the gains for: If you have never felt unconditional love? Asking unironically.[View]
26161036Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day everyone![View]
26157152i am an oily fuck, get in line boys and i will oil you up[View]
26159302Building a Decentralized and Uncensorable Internet — The Nexus Protocol: The new internet will be dr…[View]
26160123Stocks in an ATH while world economy is in shambles. How long until the correction, /biz/? And how a…[View]
26160887Idk guys the Bogdanoff curse doesn't seem to apply to me: What's my secret? 1. DCA buy whe…[View]
26159308NKN is going to be so fucking comfy in 2021.[View]
26158796Help biz: So basically I lost most of my portfolio in December alone. I went from $180k in the begin…[View]
26160742My portfolio’s not doing to hot guys[View]
26160573So is a PhD the ultimate cucked career choice?: imagine spending the better part of your twenties …[View]
26158170Will we see an ETH like run?[View]
26161034YFI: Why does Andre fud his own coin? Autistic form of humor? His tweet before that was that https:/…[View]
26160255PSA: Sell your BTC, massive crash incoming in the next 24hrs.[View]
26160814TETHER NOTHINGBURGER: Where's your tether fud, bobos?[View]
26160571When will it do something[View]
26159899Get your REBASE and USDC ready, the f∆RM is here.[View]
26160618whales on kraken manipulate NANO ~1-2am EST daily hope you've got a suicide stack anon it'…[View]
26161062So are you saying...: So are you basically saying that checking the online tools to find the shill o…[View]
26161055Hello frens, quick question: How much could I expect to generate per month from selling covered call…[View]
26160984Higher highs Higher lows Poobis likes[View]
26159198Link will hit $25 in a few hours watch it retards[View]
26160944/LINKPOOL/: There’s only 740 of us. If we all agree to not sell until 1 LP = 1000 ETH it’ll create t…[View]
26159304Chainlink: I'm buying chainlink. Fuck it. All in.[View]
26160662There are only 3 coins that actually matter. All other coins are 100% irrelevant and do not need to …[View]
26160782SAVE YOUR BAGS FOR ANOTHER DAY: I saw you buying at the all-time-high You looked so happy when you l…[View]
26160722Newfag sorta: What has the potential right now to make me not a wage slave I can invest about $400-8…[View]
26160926Today's giant coordinated pump was to liquidate all the remaining bobos before the impending cr…[View]
26160724Fsd moonshot: Check out $FSD FreqSet Dollar, New BOND system has been implemented and it expires …[View]
26160835Its over.[View]
26160785Furucombo: It lets you execute of chain of transactions between different defi apps. So if I want to…[View]
26160693>biden inauguration >dollar goes up >crypto crashes hard >newfriends out >buy again i…[View]
26159905Bitcoin block 666666 is coming: in less than 6 hours bitcoin block will reach the number 66666 You g…[View]
26160704The duality of man How do you feel knowing that 50% of people are making a mistake and a mere 50% ar…[View]
26160744DFT: Who's ready for round 2?[View]
26160734UTU is gonna explode: IFYKY[View]
26160379>he uses BlockFi kek[View]
26160500What a day lads, what a day.[View]
26160533People see these sudden sharp moons as a good thing, but aren't they suspicious? Take BTC'…[View]
26159614GET A LOAD OF THE COPE OF THIS SIMP Clearly bought the top in 2017 and bottom sold https://twitter.c…[View]
26160172It's over Chainbros[View]
26160556BTC is worthless for payments https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcMZarXA4fc[View]
26160595https://pennyprotocol.github.io/dashboard/#/ Moon mission..[View]
26160593>$21 stable coin[View]
2616005936k rejected: Daily reminder that btc will never be over 40k again.[View]
26159419>tfw you found a strategy that makes you happy wether it pumps or dumps…[View]
26158765stellar: Will this piece of shit get a leg up tomorrow when cripples get delisted? Compfy 5k stack n…[View]
26157917To my fellow Graphite’s: Follow me and I shall show you the way, for I am the one true coin above al…[View]
26157072I'm getting PRQ vibes here. Also: >Anatoly Ressin PRQ >Vitalik Buterin ETH >Sergey Naz…[View]
26160033What's the deal with all the fud? I've never seen it this bad. Does that mean I should buy…[View]
26160416We going down boys.[View]
26160177Don't sleep on RSR: While you were trading shitcoins on uniswap I was accumulating the world re…[View]
26160427DigiByte: What does /Biz/ think about Digibyte?[View]
26159354doubled my portfolio in a week: I bought a random coin on uniswap after I saw people shilling it on …[View]
26155570/smg/ Super Meowmix General: Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow >Brokers: https://paste…[View]
26159058What if bitcorn miners suddenly decide to stop mining[View]
26146371Cryptocurrency was the 'next big thing' for over a decade now. But somewhere out there is the new 'n…[View]
26160381I dont care about BTC pairs and sats anymore. Most of my portfolio is on Metamask and I only want mo…[View]
26159451Should I give up on ETH? Seems like we will never break that 1250 resistance, even after 3 years. I …[View]
26160367link is frontrunning the market moves again: pee poo pee poo[View]
26159303Shill me the next x1000[View]
26159313Price predictions for LINK. Now.[View]
26160294Rich anons get in here: Based defi project. Audited by solidified. Tiny market cap. Consolidation no…[View]
26160248Fuck you fud niggers, I'm hodling my Rubic[View]
26160246When did you realize XRP was set up to be the standard since it’s inception?[View]
26160243It’s been a full day since I bought link and avax and my money has not doubled Bug?[View]
26158471OOOOOOOOo is it finally our time bros?[View]
26160162Cardano founder weighs in on the SEC XRP case. Is this bullish or bearish for ADA? The SEC will defi…[View]
26160170AAVE EOY?: is x10 possible?[View]
26159053How is this piece of shit still above $20K?[View]
26159728I know nothing about the stock market and want to invest.: As the title says I know jack shit about …[View]
26159859Real inflation: I keep hearing the real inflation rate is somewhere around 8-10% rather than the off…[View]
26159626I made this AMA (I won’t answer)[View]
26160057Poorfag folio: .1 btc 3 eth 18 dot[View]
26158893We are early. We will make it. As long as you didn't invest in literal dog shit.[View]
26159122AVAX Chad Thread: AVAX chads how are you all doing today? Feeling a pump to $15 this week, maybe 20 …[View]
26158860Why are normal fags so dumb? This is a comment I saw on a news piece about the Pfizer stock going do…[View]
26153572Recently played with a partially collateral stable coins, made some cash on FXS. But I think its tim…[View]
26158914I just want to be happy again[View]
26158875Metafuckingmask: Suddenly my tokens doesnt show up :D but according to etherscan tokens are still th…[View]
26160064BUILD is the next 10x. >circulating supply 130,000 >currently $27 >recently listed on a CEX…[View]
26158829Why is plebbit claiming Chainlink is now their token, are they always like this?[View]
26158266How fast is AI progressing?: Is it progressing as fast as it seems or is it flattening out?[View]
26158890my peepee: my poopoo[View]
26160023>no amount of money will bring her back >no amount of money will give me my youth back >no …[View]
26159867>a 21 dollar fucking stablecoin[View]
26159895crypto loans: Where can I get a loan to invest in crypto? I'm thinking get a small loan, under …[View]
26151945What the fuck is their problem?[View]
26159807>$1.20 for more than a week[View]
26158006Be honest with me anon: Is technical analysis a legitimate way to make money or just a scam? And if …[View]
26159896mstable: is anyone using this? returns seem good. I'm looking for good returns on stablecoins, …[View]
26158138Give your best one line Advice: I know you can do it /Biz/ just once a thread with no shilling, Lets…[View]
26159195>rajesh need pubic vegana >pls sirs buy vegana coin >need milki boobs now >no more vishn…[View]
26159682BONDED.FINANCE: BOND bros, when is this fucking pranjesh pump and dump shitscam gonna pump? How high…[View]
26159226BLZ contributing $10k monthly for Matic programme[View]
26159770Chainlink and government digital cash: Would governments use chainlink as part of their digital curr…[View]
26158363What happens to Link price when Grayscale or other similar organization announces a 'X Company' Chai…[View]
26159799I’m back jannies[View]
26156406Ah, another day working from home doing absolutely nothing[View]
26158790>alea iacta est We are going to cross the RUBICon![View]
26159641I love LINK: dont you[View]
26158903What are the best projects that are involved in bridging between blockchains?[View]
26159695>23 >422k Networth Why even live, even if i get a 5x im am still going to be barely able to ma…[View]
26159283Last chance of getting in before the train leaves to the moon. WHERE IS YOUR RBC, DO YOU HATE MONEY…[View]
26157403Coinbase Prime Listing[View]
26159697How do I profit off of /biz/ by trying to get them to buy my awful domain names?[View]
26155339Give me some fud about INJ: Why aren't you already balls deep in INJ? This project is going to …[View]
26158792at what time gmt does he usually betray?: asking for a friend[View]
26158431Future of the oil industry - Biden's plan to shut down Keystone XL pipeline: I was on reddit, a…[View]
26158775Kraken Funding: How the FUCK am I supposed to fund my Kraken account? Why do they make it so difficu…[View]
26159591Can't tell you who I am but I can tell you, It's cheap now. Don't regret it. It hasn…[View]
26153639IOTA buy price: What was your average buy price? I bought the dip for 3 years straight, now average …[View]
26159577tezos: watch the chart this is only the beginning. Target price is $9[View]
26159418TM4B: >teenmodels4bitcoin.com Is this bullish for crypto?[View]
26159164every single shitcoin i dropped at a loss because of biz fud recovered back to normal: even the shit…[View]
26158947Crypto Rewards Cards: >Annual Fee of $200 dollars Are there any rewards cards that aren't go…[View]
26159458>21.50 its all so tiresome[View]
261586541. I am a multi-millionaire. 2. I am a multi-millionaire. 3. I am a multi-millionaire. 4. I am a mul…[View]
26159500I'm really interested in the podcast business. If anyone knows anything about it I'd like …[View]
26159142Alright /biz/ Ai pill me on the trading view quantum computer https://www.tradingview.com/u/Artifici…[View]
26155940Poor Person Here: I only started with $700 but am up to $3k. How do I add a zero to the end of that …[View]
26159161this shit will melt faces[View]
26158810Would it be worth it to put $2.5K into LINK over something with an even lower MC? I’m leaning toward…[View]
26159312Discuss how you engineer profits from /biz/tards. I've devised a bot that dumps any coin pair t…[View]
26158701SIRS! Stop the spreading of this scammer coin !!! It only go down !!! Will lose money!!! Is Pakistan…[View]
26159261>up 20% today: still a retarded low mcap and staking rewards do not require any LP swapping or an…[View]
26158726Any other anons here have their bags packed and ready to go?[View]
26158277Is 100k S T A T E R A enough to make it ?[View]
26158957Is BTC going up or down?[View]
26159267Please give me productive tips for Working From Home: I have been doing fuck all since March, I…[View]
26158112Frens, i brought you UNI, GRT, DOT, SUSHI dont miss this gem you fuckers! https://3x.exchange/ What …[View]
26159187why does the market favor one crypto over the other?: Whats the difference between different cryto c…[View]
2615899037,000 resoundingly rejected. 100x short opened at 36,500: Liquidation price 36,875.[View]
26157569Chromia staking is here[View]
26158501if you know you know: cryptokek.com[View]
26159148SERGEY NOOOOOOOO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aNW9hRKYA8 Almost twenty, next high in a Few more…[View]
26158539Secret Network: /biz/ thoughts on SCRT?[View]
26159040I'm all in RSR and I have to say, it's a piece of shit[View]
26158913monolith.games Presale this week Full degen experimental pump project with price pool for holder wit…[View]
26153611LINK is the best perf... uh wait, have you guys been lying this whole time?[View]
26159060We wuz kangz n shieeet: did you buyed?[View]
26159012I made THIS pepe If I see one more person on this stupid bored take it I will CALL THE POLICE[View]
26156742>interacting with any smart contract or sending coins/tokens requires spending ETH/BTC is this a …[View]
26156798Up 2x (4k to 8k) on LINK in the past few days, how to I protect my gains bros?[View]
26155514Statera, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. Sta-te-ra: the tip of the tongue takin…[View]
26158956Making money in a recession: how? NO CRYPTO![View]
26157539How do i check what percent of holders i am in?: I own 2.4k PRQ and I would like to know what percen…[View]
26158949biz, anon solved it: 'Suit up'. Barney had a secret. Suit up = SUTER up Shaking[View]
26158655would you cut off your mandingo for a $1,000,000 ?[View]
26157305>inb4 a whale dump his shit and crashes the maket[View]
26158885ctrl+f forehead: no results wtf bros[View]
26158928Refute this LINKtards.[View]
26158693SXP: Thoughts on SXP ?[View]
26157090Lending for crypto: I am thinking of doing a McCormack. $45k loan for UNN, is it worth it biz?…[View]
26158657I made this pepe[View]
26158814Calling all GRO bros: Let the monetary summoning commence.[View]
26156368RVN WILL REACH 0.4 TOMORROW: What's up boys, it's your poor greek nigga with another good …[View]
26156516RUBIC: >2 days[View]
26158732my grandmother just asked me about bid-coins[View]
26158629STRAP IN ANONS!: We're pumping and hard. Not stopping soon :D https://www.coingecko.com/nl/coin…[View]
26158682can't stop thinking about chainlink, and how all our lives will soon change forever. what will …[View]
26158254It's going to recover, right? My LINKs are going to move instead... right?[View]
26158436statera: bbbbut its a tranny coin! nigerian scam! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…[View]
26158397Quick question for math wizards: Which is better: >Three separate purchases of crypto (buying BTC…[View]
26157376Where the fuck is Jack Ma[View]
26157919As we speak, euros are waking up and ETH dumping: Coincidence? I think not[View]
26157332Is 500k SENT enough?: I had 1mil but I swapped half for rsr, vet and link. Was that a mistake or is …[View]
26158579Post Covid work contracts: >'Hello, Anon. Please, take a seat' >'You're 9 years and 11 mo…[View]
26158342KTLYO- 700k cap gem, marketing just getting started. Exchange this month.: KATALYO is the all-in-one…[View]
26157457where do I buy bond? can't buy it on binance, coinmetro and coinbase.[View]
26147490/XSG/ XRP Schizo General #547: >Flare/Spark Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bMGWE6dJiw…[View]
26157860Polkadot x Coinbase CONFIRMED[View]
26158649Is metamask to jelly swap to avax wallet safe?: I want to buy avax in the usa but voyager u cant wit…[View]
26156482ARPA value thread: How many coins is dis worth?[View]
26158515i have some unpaid invoices from a portuguese company: what's the most annoying, rude, mafia-st…[View]
26158621Invest like a pro: dHEDGE unironically makes you to a professional trader/investment manager[View]
26158160A thread just got pushed out of the catalog and therefore got archived as a result of posting this.[View]
26154582My baby rooster just died, don’t feel like trading today: He was one of those mini roosters. Bought …[View]
26156443What will he share with us bros?[View]
26158089Be honest: Does chainlink have a future? Keep reading bullshit about Lambos[View]
26157456Too many Pubic shills. Pubic fud thread: Keep it clean. No shill[View]
26158047LET'S DO A SCIENCE EXPERIMENT: How many pepes you have made Your portfolio size >12 (includi…[View]
26158325BlockDuelers. Launching a NFT GAME: Block Duelers is launching today. BDT is a UNIQUE dueling game i…[View]
26157303>dont be selfish and wear a mask[View]
26156277What if Blockchains are used for pedophilia?: People who are bullish on ADA/DOT after Parler was dep…[View]
26158418I have lost everything, and I'm not sure how to continue. This summer I invested $17,500 (six m…[View]
26158331I want to fund a legit project for $30k while receiving 30% of the supply. How would I go about this…[View]
26157460Get in before it pumps. See you[View]
26156381ALBT: Why is no one on /biz/ talking about this?[View]
26151471/GRTFG/ GRT Frens General: Fucking get in here GRT chads. Feels fuck good that it finally pumps and …[View]
261583885am - 10:30am is a worse time in the world my mcdonalds don't server burgers i have to buy extr…[View]
26158371Enterprise coins: Are there any coins designed for use in business? Only ones I know of are AVAX an…[View]
26156881The Top is in: It's unironically over. BTC is going to tank into oblivion and everyone except s…[View]
26158354If you hate gas, you should have som UNDG[View]
26158252the 27k meme is now like the 15k meme when btc was at 20k. :D[View]
26157067Mirror Protocol - Cross-Chain Synthetics: This is it anon, you can provide liquidity for TESLA, TWIT…[View]
26157094Sergey is listed before CZ as speaker for binance blockchain week[View]
26158317We never even retested the previous ATH: This is 100% bullshit.[View]
26156780Alright Guys, poorfag here. I opened a e-wallet yesterday and im able to spend 100Euro to buy crypto…[View]
26157832New exchange!: hey guy's have you tried trading with @Coinflex? - secured exchange - low in fee…[View]
26150208Bouncing back already: Rubic will be 5 cents by tomorrow, 10 cents by end of week, and $1 by the end…[View]
26148378You absolutely do not need more than $300k to retire.: Yes, $300k. Not 10 million, not 3 million, no…[View]
26158067so now everyone is memeing about metcalfe's law with ETH to BTC: but if we extrapolate and appl…[View]
26158110Buying a wife: Can I buy a MENA bhaddie with GRT?[View]
26157463What are the best two year degree or certs to get to avoid fast food wageslaving?[View]
26157886Why won't you poorfags buy fractions of BTC?: Every poorfolio I see posted on here is full of s…[View]
26158183LGCY: All those threads I made for 2 months with only two or three replies before dying...I hope som…[View]
26158096Retire where?: My only retirement plan has been to accumulate. Not now I have and I’m bored with wa…[View]
26153610LTO?: Do I sell 175 of my 500 AVAX for LTO ? Bought AVAX at 12.60[View]
26156972biz can you briefly explain what is farming and what happens to token after farming?: So, I've …[View]
26157551How autistic is Vitalik?[View]
26157947We have all heard about socially responsible investing. Funds that are environmentally friendly and …[View]
26158119I hate my job so much. Overbearing manager. Acts like everything is under control when it has been b…[View]
26158082>higher lows, lower highs[View]
26157687what is this called again?: cup with a handle? cup handle? reddit told me it was mega bullish[View]
26157491My coins are doing nothing again and I'm not amused: Dance! Dance for me minions![View]
26158035Why aren't you hyperdiversifying?: Imagine not buying every coin on the exchange and getting a …[View]
26158068LOKI won't let your privacy down: Anonymous or LOKI?[View]
26157538BTC is an overbought Tethermarket and altcoins are fundamental pump and dump low liquidity scams for…[View]
26157378waves defi will be eth killer: fed up with eth ecosystem, it is expensive and slow, 10-16 usd fee fo…[View]
26157432get a load of this guy: Hi guys, /pol/fag here. theres someone who I thibk is an unbelievable fuckin…[View]
26157326>token finally pumping >fall asleep >dumped and all gains erased >buy token >suddenly…[View]
26157279How will this be solved?: And no, don't come with UBI. There will be a huge gap between people …[View]
26157901What's today's SHILL?: I've been crushing it in yesterday's shill PROS! Thanks b…[View]
261579553 years and still not even 1 mil$ in Link. When does the pain end bros?[View]
26157951Just building[View]
26155159Does anyone else keep wondering why this video doesn't gain more traction around here? Jfl at t…[View]
26156911What's so good about chain link?: I heard it's a pile of shit. Y'all are talking as i…[View]
26157887I'm looking for small cap projects that have very interesting & adoptable tech. Show me wha…[View]
26157690Did the singularity get cancelled?[View]
26157643easy 50x: SCRT, not gonna spoonfeed, thx biz for all the gainz, time to give back[View]
26156280XLM: Why is XLM such a piece of fucking shit bros. Literally every coin including rug pulls is shoot…[View]
26157290How do I buy shares in Elektron?: Basically it's a Swedish maker of electronic music instrument…[View]
26156976Faggots like this make /biz/ worse. I wish newfags would disappear.[View]
26156033API3: Is it time to sell?[View]
26157320I’ve never bought Chainlink but I respect the hustle[View]
26157759If you missed getting in on Polkadot, like I did, check out Polkastarter. Plenty on Uniswap and unde…[View]
2615441128 with no degree do i have any hopes? or should I just do harakiri? What a waste of time and money …[View]
26156679Gmi?? Shitfolio: Lost bags in 2017, back now for some gains. AIGMI??[View]
26157697EOY predictions sirs: pic refers to DIA >100k sats or $?[View]
26155513BOND: Did you get in?[View]
26157371Back from the dead: VALUE and DOT Partnership let's fucking go https://valuedefi.io/wp/vTokens_…[View]
26156060Should I dump my 10 BTC into AVAX right this second? The chart is looking healthy as fuck.[View]
26155518AVAX x e-Money: Another day, another partner integration: https://medium.com/avalancheavax/avalanche…[View]
26156870>link up .2% against btc 1k incoming[View]
26131609/XSN/ Stakenet General: Schizo Bitfinex Deal theory edition >What is Stakenet(XSN)? https://past…[View]
26154503There are people on this board who only buy after a large pump. You can see it in the GRT threads pe…[View]
26155998What's your excuse for not owning a single YFI?[View]
26146865/LITGEN/ Lition General #??? Revival edition: >FAQ about the acquisition https://forum.tomochain.…[View]
26156370Bluzelle x matic[View]
26155921The bitconnect nigga is shilling hex looool https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j…[View]
26157344Hex is a better Store of Value than Bitcoin. Refute https://hex.com/techspecs/[View]
26155766Is the 20th a fucking psyop?: Alex Jones says that the 20th of January 2020 is a psyop plot to throw…[View]
26156724It’s a massacre out here[View]
26157393Why does nothing look like a sage investment right now: Are we headed for the big one, fellas?…[View]
26156102XRP really is the standard, isn't it?[View]
26157144Housing market: Realistically, when and why can we expect the housing market to correct in major cit…[View]
26151334ALL IN: If you had to pick one coin to all in, which one would it be?[View]
26153463Do you think Democrats would openly oppose putting elections on blockchain?[View]
26156333Advice: New here. All my TRX is profit (took my investment out already). Want to sell all my TRX and…[View]
26157079>refuses to move >bitcoin dips >alts that mooned dip 2% >eth drops 20%…[View]
26157274Chain smell[View]
26156286>He thought Bitcoin 2.0 was just a meme.[View]
26157125Link for uniswap song?: Uni marines know what I'm talking about but Google doesn't shoulda…[View]
26156695You will never be a real marine[View]
26156940Tether collapse imminent!!1![View]
26156974Anyone have a list of current L2 projects for ETH? I know there's a couple of zk based ones, op…[View]
26157084How do we profit from this?[View]
26156311There are people on this board RIGHT NOW that still dont own a full bitcoin.[View]
26153802/BOND/ - Barnbridge General - $30 waiting room general: Coinbase Custody adds Barnbridge: https://tw…[View]
26157142Any potential in this?[View]
26156186WFH General: Woke up at 9.30 am. No need to even clock in, I can work my own hours. Currently in a m…[View]
26156053Portfolio thread: LINK 23% BTC 10% ETH 10% AMPL 9% BNB 8% PERP 7% QNT 7% INJ 6% RBC 2% BUSD 18% I go…[View]
26157130Gather Network: Is this a gem ?[View]
26156576>he isn't all in on SYS Literally the Netscape of Googles, what the fuck are you waiting for…[View]
26156825Bitcoin Silver: LTC feels pretty comfy today. Yeah, I'm thinking we're gonna explode soon.…[View]
26155323BAO General: Post your stack and EOY predictions: 2800000 and .03[View]
26156284>tfw you realize bao is a chink scam that's going to rugpull in like a month and every stake…[View]
26157041The conference yesterday revealed to the world the stuttering potheads that run this scam. Price has…[View]
26154884FEW UNDERSTAND[View]
26157038Why is it dumping?[View]
26157031Anyone day trading OTC stocks for a living?: Most predictable market imo[View]
26155934Is a good idea to go all in Pedo?: this Pedot seems about to kick asses[View]
26153661>US security agencies can put cheese pizza on the block chain and use that as a justification to …[View]
26155296AVAX , the central bank’s choice: Buy now or regret forever[View]
26157001The next part of the master plan is... crashing this market - with no survivors.[View]
26155679YOU ARE TOO LATE FOR LINK There is no point in you buying LINK anymore with your few 100 or Thousand…[View]
26156774Reminder to report Rubic spam, unless you want RBC samefagging making up half the catalog.[View]
26156959Should i short or long uni?[View]
26156949When will REN flip ethereum? I predict march 2023[View]
26156834Be honest, gmi?: Yuropoor newfag. EOM?[View]
26154047hey niggers. nobody around me will hire me, even the shitty fast food places that say they are hirin…[View]
26156288Lambolink: Fuck me. I have 300,000 pounds in chainlink. Should I just sell right now or hodl.[View]
26156464>monday >bitcoin going up as always >piece of shit going down…[View]
26156864Boys is accumulating REEF retarded?: Going to buy a ton of this over the next few months and forget …[View]
26155845>It's another rubic samefag shill thread during pajeet hours[View]
26156743You ready for the pump bros ?[View]
26156763>just get a mortgage and gamble your sanity away as it's impossible to know if you will or n…[View]
26156543Reminder today’s a US holiday: Markets are closed Crypto had a 3 day weekend Expect dump today…[View]
26156031Bfly Protocol: There is an AMA tomorrow with @Crypto_Talkzs for Butterfly Protocol When: 19th Jan, 2…[View]
26156770ENJ to the moon: here's why I think ENJ is a good trade right now >almost all the supply is …[View]
26156419Flex Token Bullish?: Flex token from $0.14 went up to $0.18? Have you guys heard about its exchange,…[View]
26154911I bought SO many RBC coins last month just to shill it here with my friends so we could dump on you …[View]
26156415Should I just go all-in on some reddit shit like Aave or REN? I mostly hold ETH but want to experien…[View]
26152155Bought some XRP, do I stand a chance?: Hope this can be the springboard into my crypto journey. Am I…[View]
26156657NEED TA ON THIS CHART: I’ve never seen a new token crabbing that hard! Someone can tell what’s happe…[View]
26148392How much were you down before you finally realized how to trade Crypto? I'm 120 down on a 1700 …[View]
26155907XMR/BTC What is going on?: Can someone explain why I shouldn't 100x long XMR/BTC? How come Mone…[View]
26155474Same team that created myWish, has been active throughout the entire bear market. Decentralized toke…[View]
26149603Q1 coins to watch: > fucking stoked for $paid launch What’re ya’ll buying q1?…[View]
26154211This is the next newfag cope: Watch as all the crybabies that failed the citadel entrance exam befor…[View]
26153741I just sold, couldn't take it anymore: I have been holding since september. Just sold. Decided …[View]
26156550sup fags back from the 2017 run, a lil late but already 3x'd The fuck is all this wrapped and s…[View]
26153876Somebody red pill me on GRT: Spoonfeed please I want in[View]
26149572Is $ D O T done pumping?: should see some nice gains with $ C V R as well soon[View]
26156411sell signal[View]
26156462Who here is old enough to remember? What have these fags been up to?[View]
26156358Say it with me: WORST PERFORMING CRYPTO[View]
26156375What altcoins haven't mooned yet as far as i now >BarnBrifge (BOND) >API3 >IDLE Help a…[View]
26151322A̡͖̼R̢͖̺G̦͇ +͔͕͖ U̻͕͎n̺͉i̝͖̻s͎͔̟w̪͉͍a͔͇͕p̠̠͔ =͉͙͜ T͚̺W̟͕͜3̪̘3̡̦̻T͇̠͜.̺̻͜M̻͕̟O̟̦̦N̢͎͖E͍̠͖Y̢̫ >͖̫͉9…[View]
26155823coombase or binance?: Which one has better rates for cashing to fiat?[View]
26149638Which DEX token will dominate '21: putting a lot of ETH into $fire protocol >HECO cross cha…[View]
26156354I FOMO’d in at 1.63. How long before the 100x?[View]
26155866Comment if you know[View]
26155525Few understand this...[View]
26156219I am financially secure.[View]
26154800Hedget options Dex will have less trading fee than FTX Deribit[View]
26154702Am I the only one who thinks 99% of all crypto is worthless shitcoin scams? They have no value and j…[View]
26155602If the S&P goes up a tiny amount the first hour of the day what are the chances it continues up …[View]
26156203>W-w-w-why is all the news still about Bitcoin?![View]
26155405>$1 is currently trading at $1.25 Might as well sell[View]
26154726$1000 to invest - VET or RSR?: Vechain or RSR? What’s a suicide and make it stack for each?[View]
26155565Do U see?[View]
26155481Do you guys even make money? Most made it stories[View]
26155663gather round fellow joos. we must banish the bear. time for a pslam[View]
26155926Chainlink: Hodl mother fuckers for dear life. Lambos for all chainlink holders.[View]
26155533Requiescat in pace, Bobo....[View]
26154054BSN to Oracle services to Chinese DCEP: Its over. Will linkers ever survive this?[View]
26156039Info and thoughts on SNX: Why will SNX moon? Why will it crash? Got any info that isn't already…[View]
26148614You had 3 years[View]
26154247Will this shit pump or dump?[View]
26153671Wallah, and just like that, GRT was never under 60 cents ever again.: $1 incoming. Stimmy checks inc…[View]
26155984Smart dollar $SD on BSC is exploding!!!!: Liquidity x3 since saturday 6 days to go untill end of boo…[View]
26153790Real nigger hours: Why is everyone so convinced another massive dump is coming in March? Is this bas…[View]
26155918Ay Tone: If dat effirium so good, why da fuck we gotta pay 100 dollars for transactions. Don't …[View]
26153185i want something new with my chicken legs. what do you do with them in the oven /ck /? something not…[View]
26155884might just cash out at 400k and retire in africa aigmi bros?[View]
26155629AVAX: $20 waiting room[View]
26153716Gentlemen, how do we kill this pajeet-filled shitting street? It completely sucks away life from /bi…[View]
26155022Grow up!: >ain't talking to you unless you sell your funny money, chap....if that is even po…[View]
26154758Serious thread: The entire world economy is prettly likely to collapse in the next few years. What w…[View]
26155751Know your place: What, you thought we would let some NEETs become rich and powerful? Lol[View]
26155787Completely organic chart.[View]
26155177How do I do this[View]
26155588The average stinky linky https://youtu.be/4hR4rDbJPM4[View]
26153552If you know what this is? You're going to make it.[View]
26153540This is unironically your last fucking chance to buy in, the rest of this year is going to be FOMO s…[View]
26154055WTF I love China Now: BSN to release beta central bank digital currency. >https://www.coindesk.co…[View]
26155704Datenmünze: Sagt mir meine Kerle, welche wird die nächste Münze von /geschäft? oder ist es immer noc…[View]
26154406Me seeing AVAX bumping from 2 to 13 on 1 month 2012 bitcoin vibes[View]
26154052r we winning?: https://twitter.com/The3D_/status/1350872989273874436[View]
26154016I miss him bros :([View]
26155658Last Chance for cheap stakies: There is less than 23 hours before trading starts on bitfinex. The du…[View]
26144995ADA: who are it’s toughest rivals and how will they fare against it?[View]
26155656Apollo protocol is the new boss: Always DYOR. >>Ashwin is doing great and it’s a shole new con…[View]
26151155/smg/ - Stock Market General: Short SRNE edition >Brokers: https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq >Stoc…[View]
26154694Why are black people so good at noticing scam coins. My black friend said XRP was a scam years ago a…[View]
26155607I have been shilling GRO for a week, why haven't you invested?[View]
26154532How do you guys hold?: This bullrun has made me enough money to sort out all my debt, buy a new PC, …[View]
26154799what coins do they buy?[View]
26155582/RSG/ Rubic Scam General: >crunchbase.com/person/vladimir-tikhomirov >archive.is/34ge8 >fac…[View]
26152953DOLLAR: buy signal[View]
26154844Financially and algorithmically ruined.[View]
26151895God please dont let this fall[View]
26155387>welcome to Wendy's can I take your order? YEEEEAH ILL TAKE A TEXTBOOK TRIPPLE DOUBLE TOP, C…[View]
26155153this is the way[View]
26155162Did anyone buy a house with bitcoul, shitcoin or wahtever internets monopoly money points you had wi…[View]
26154878aaaaaand just like that we are going to $1[View]
26154133Do the needful: sirs[View]
26155165I'm watching everyone get stupidly rich and I haven't made a single cent[View]
26154665Fantom 1$ EOY[View]
26155363itt we post our JUSTs[View]
2615406450k is enough to retire: 6 figure hell is a meme, you don’t even need to get there to make it. 50k i…[View]
26153987It's not fair bros. I would trade my 2 BTC to see 1 hour into the future. I'd make back th…[View]
26148354>even if you make it your foreskin is still gone[View]
26155272How do I long BBC?[View]
26154983How much Ethereum would I need for a woman like this?[View]
26153071Lcx thread: ITS TIME .01 draws close A new pump cycle begins today GO ALL IN NOW[View]
26155145I have 12k CAD to invest in crypto. What should I buy to guarantee 20-30% by tomorrow's end EST…[View]
26153941Tell me it will go up, /biz/: I bought at 38K 3 days ago. How fucked am I?[View]
26154373It’s fucking happening: Look at the goddamn chart the next leg up has begun[View]
26154000Looking for a coin that lets you trade stocks with leverage.[View]
26154502You absolutely do not need more than $1 (one) to /make it: Yes only one Dollar. Why? Because it is a…[View]
261512272018ish bloodbath incoming: Guys let's go back to reality for some minutes: We have lower lows,…[View]
26153968I got 200 BTC in 2013: I don't know how to change it for $ Can I just send my BTC to one of you…[View]
26154953When will we be released from this crab purgatory?[View]
26154527Is this a sell signal?[View]
26153948Why are they allowing a bunch of coomers on a vietnamese fishing board get rich?[View]
26154007Just closed my RSR long at a comfy $80 profit and went 3x long on LINK. Who here /trading with 3% of…[View]
26154004Euro: What's in store for the euro? Is it also being printed to oblivion like the dollar?…[View]
26152601imagine having DAVID XRP BAGHOLDER GOKHSTEIN and fkn chinese CRYPTODOG on your advisor list and and …[View]
26154522Fuck only crypto in mind how to stop thinking about em all the time ffs[View]
26153470/biz why aren't you all buying bizrx After some careful research on defipulse, the top 3 lendin…[View]
26153371What were you saying anons?[View]
26153406I hope you have at least 1k Ark if you want to make it. Now is still time to buy in. Don't tell…[View]
26152100>GRT >Fully diluted market cap: 6 billion USD uh what the fuck bros? where's the potentia…[View]
26154525ay cracka bitch nigga we know u got dem alt coins that about to moon for dat alt season on yo trezor…[View]
26151738Is CRYPTO.COM reliable?: are the funds safu in this place?[View]
26154461The truth will come out sooner or later[View]
26154243The conference yesterday revealed to the world the stuttering potheads that run this scam. Price has…[View]
26153950Sold and closed my account.[View]
26153951Can I profit from POOP?[View]
26154031It begins.[View]
26154687Will I make it?[View]
26154323https://bithomp.com/explorer/tacostand Jed AKA the XRP killer has resumed selling his XRP despite th…[View]
26154377Best crypto for 2021 hodling?[View]
26154279what exactly does “suicide stack” mean? i don’t remember this term in 2017[View]
26153127yesterday: 0.1$comming[View]
26153581This nigga finna blow[View]
26153634Serious question, do you think there will be minor correction in next 1-2 weeks? My thoughts: 1.) B…[View]
26154455WARNING: Pedophiles are using this symbol to identify each other![View]
26154445Closed the markets on you. Now you can't make any that dolla dolla bills today. Whatchu gonna d…[View]
26152961life is easy: already doubled my initial investment on a token I've yet to see on /biz/ once. A…[View]
26153953Trump Nazis entering crypto: Thanks for pumping my bags, you fucking losers. Snowflakes. kek[View]
26153199Why is it crashing?[View]
26154263Should I sell some LINK to buy LP so I have enough LINK/LP to stake?[View]
26154015How is YFI only ranked #39?: >UNI - #24 >SNX - #20 >AAVE - #17 You do realize it's onl…[View]
26154309I miss the bear market..[View]
26154209Why is it called investing when you make money but degenerate gambling when you lose?[View]
26154224I came to this doomed board to give you an advice: >If a business does well, the stock eventually…[View]
26152494Look at this chart and tell me it don't look bullish[View]
26147784You are stocking up on MPC projects, right anon?[View]
26152867There are people with one figure portfolios her[View]
26151013In muttistan you can even light the tab water.[View]
26154110Bitcoin: We are going to crab until October. So relax, gamble a little with altcoins and keep accumu…[View]
26148122'I've found the next Compound' - Only $10m marketcap: The secret is out, Yield . Credit is NOT …[View]
26152602>imagine not investing in a 20m mc project completely secretly funded by Jack Dorsey and Twitter.…[View]
26153424im a redditor and I own zero glypho blubbency[View]
26153984You had 6 months[View]
26153818Will I make it now?: When will I make it ?[View]
26151394newfag here. I'm thinking of investing about 300€ into crypto. I know it's not much but it…[View]
26149256IOTA x Intel patent: Ok guys the stream of big news continues to flow, Intel (US) files another IOTA…[View]
26153361uhhh, you dont get to bring tether: you were a big printer[View]
26153817Emergency 20x NEEDED: shill me. shill me hard[View]
26153290$ETH: 2k waiting room :)[View]
26153878GRT MOONED: I actually sold at .38 lmao but fuck it, i made this meme a few weeks ago[View]
26145854What is 'checked' and 'redpilled'? And kys and ngmi[View]
26153676Is there some hope for this?[View]
26152242Next Rubic: Market Cap: $620,055.67 Circ. Supply: 151,720 FAST Total Supply: 884,371 FAST FastSwap i…[View]
26153742Why aren't you posting at the WEF conference about LINK, biz ?: https://twitter.com/wef/status/…[View]
26153635SHOULD I BUY RSR OR PNK: What are make it and suicide stack of each[View]
26148539All in on GRT or PRQ?: 1. Argument 2. Prove you're not a Pajeet[View]
26153248Your thoughts on Matic Network?[View]
26153678SPC: >he hasn't invested in space technology Sad, many such cases.…[View]
26152302did you buyed?[View]
26153135AAAAAAAAAHHHH: im just preparing for the March dump[View]
26153469I'm stocked up on USD. The dollar breaking out about to go parabolic while crypto dives into an…[View]
26151090Connect the dots...: There are some interesting Judges in the new Hackaton.[View]
26153650Daily reminder that Idle's marketcap is only 5 million. Just think about it. And don't be …[View]
26153616What is 'based' and 'brownpilled'? And suicide stack and janny?[View]
2615364224 hours until Rari staking date is announced.: Big pump and increase in volume, people are accumula…[View]
26153586when trading alt coins: do you guys find better success doing TA on the alt/usd pair or the alt/btc …[View]
26150707It's really weird knowing that the richest man in the world reads /biz/: you could read any ran…[View]
26151875Too late to buy Link: What's the new Link?[View]
26153465Can I get a source on this?[View]
26153419Anons, what do you think is a good stock market simulator: I have no experience in the stock market …[View]
26153395I've got 5 bitcoins. EOY: Retirement possible 5 years: Retirement decently in UK, very well in …[View]
26152559THE GOYIM KNOW[View]
26152477when this will hit markets ?: i have 238 ICP....could be 1ICP = 1k $ on day one.[View]
26150981SORA: guys why have I never seen pic rel discussed on here? is this a potential moon shot? rank 287 …[View]
26151834$216 waiting room: Who's with me bois! We will all make it![View]
26152253When $50 Link?[View]
26152431BTC is done! Selling walls are growing huge!: U better sell fast. selling-walls are going crazy high…[View]
26152842How do you cope with an average sized dick?[View]
26153399What is happening?[View]
26151851this is prepped to explode upwards: >MACD turned bullish on the weekly chart >Crossed the VWMA…[View]
26152560Not so quick, my fellow US citizen.: You did not really think that you are entitled to a house becau…[View]
26153022GRT: Imagine not buying the fucking graph and holding for a few years, jeez louise mary please…[View]
26153321VIDYA: Alt szn its here and most nigges are buying chink/pajeet scam coins instead of THE white mast…[View]
26152375>2 weeks green is all we got and the first one barely closed green we're ngmi this year are …[View]
26151362>Got literally rangebanned for weeks for shilling a legit single retarded app that actually makes…[View]
26153316He didn't listen: under 1mcap[View]
26153301$7 real soon. You have been warned[View]
26152485You can only post ITT if you hold at least 2k AVAX and still have your foreskin.[View]
26153276I'm not fucking selling! See you at 30[View]
26152093If you don't cash out now your portfolio will be 80% smaller in 3 weeks.[View]
26153249>all these pump and dumps >all these 10-20x ICOs >all the DeFi and yield farming gain >a…[View]
26153267ROSE: >https://oasisprotocol.org/partners Why do you faggots hate money so much? I came here once…[View]
26148838Aussies under mental health: Why Australia has massive mental health issue ? And how it impacts coun…[View]
26152493FinXFlo: Upcoming IDO soon[View]
26145660>wake up from bed at 6:47 am at the sound of a Microsoft teams ping >turn on laptop >next…[View]
26152902We lost[View]
26153204What is a bitcoin[View]
26152335hi apology for poor english i go on the flour chain game video say about fuckin raspberry toy gay sa…[View]
26148158>imagine selling right before enterprises buying in[View]
26153110buidl: >2021...I am forgotten... WTF happened to this coin? It was shilled heavily as fuck (All t…[View]
2615312537 thousand rejected AGAIN[View]
26150644Just sold all my link in to btc. Suggest you do the same.[View]
26153067Anything under 10m and you need to figure out how to make more money because you're fucking bro…[View]
26148558Top kek. Hex being shilled to Normies. Can we sue them for shilling an outright scam? I reported the…[View]
26150205Look at this cute little badger[View]
26152447When you make it, what kind of home are you going to buy/build?[View]
26153040Cross the RUBICon, anon.[View]
26150219All the shills here shorting BTC and shilling bearish view, you are all fucking retarded Everyone wh…[View]
26151944AVAX: Comfy as fuck, $20 soon.[View]
26152400What's his long time plan??[View]
26148698sexy girl hot sex sweaty oh yeah yeah baby fuck me harder 18+ teen sex beautiful pink pussy big tits…[View]
26152871yo effiriums, yt boi[View]
26152146Does anyone here actually make money on intentional pump and dump coins? How do you handle it, just …[View]
26151689Why there is no LCX threads?: Now its rubic, all cordinated pajeet shills[View]
26151767Few know[View]
26150319Will I still make it if I buy GRT now?: .60c is still a bargain r-right?[View]
26152472Why no one is talking about Fantom?: It has one of the best tech, rated top 5 by Weiss Crypto Rating…[View]
26150818Attn: LINK millionaires: For all you retards who lucked out on LINK, you better cash the fuck out no…[View]
26152779masaka...: So THIS is the power of decentralized cloud computing...[View]
26150910Aleph.im: We are launching! Who here is staking his Aleph? Aleph.im will be used by every defi proje…[View]
26152677>coinbasepro open on two pcs and a phone >they all have different prices…[View]
26151598why didn't I sell above 23$....: you told me I would get a rope if I try to swing... you dirty …[View]
2615095837k rejected: 37k rejected, lower lows[View]
26147039WHICH ONE?[View]
26151057PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!![View]
26152467Now that the dust has settled and we finally recognized GRT as the ETH of this bullrun, how much did…[View]
26150431>the tata motors of hyderabad[View]
26151752Where can I buy LBC and LGCY except uniswap? Cause the fees are too high: I am using binance[View]
26151213GET IN[View]
26151541Within a month, LINK will be at least $40.[View]
26151557>KYC process for XCM has just gotten easier for burgers >Binance no longer available for burge…[View]
26152594You now remember when reddit founder mentioned AVAX: https://twitter.com/alexisohanian/status/130666…[View]
26152397the mooning of digits cannot be refuted sir, GRT coin token moon is going to be the one!!1!1!! >…[View]
26151788Ayyyy: new to this shit so can someone explain to me why some tokens have liquidity pools and others…[View]
26152415So who won the reddit bakeoff?[View]
26152030>Stock market is closed for a fucking nigger: Wtf is wrong with America?[View]
26152404$MUST Undetected Stealth Launch From ConsenSys France Founder: NFT DEFI retro space game, earning yi…[View]
261518436K to invest. LTO or AVAX: Shill me biz bros[View]
26152423Usage: Do any of you actually use Crypto irl or is this all just speculation. Also has anyone got ri…[View]
26151110I bought [COIN] [COIN] will go 1000x and the tech is like nothing else Hurry up and buy [COIN], bec…[View]
26147563RBC - THE FINAL DUMP: >Whale just dumped 5`000`000 tokens On, no, anons, looks like we were pumpe…[View]
26148431Ok so crypto has been going on for a while now. Soon there must be a winner who takes 90% of the mar…[View]
26151060RootKit.Finance: >Defi 2.0 >rug-pull-proof DeFi ecosystem >0.4% of every transaction is bur…[View]
26152089Stupid Questions Thread / QTDDTOT: are exchanges that are blocked in america blocked for us citizens…[View]
26152172parsiq :) weeeweee[View]
26149833Poor poor xrpeepee hodlers... How dies it feel to see LINK and DEFI raping you in the ass and taking…[View]
26151561have you done the needful buying the GRT coin tokens sirs?[View]
26152301$1 waiting room: $CUDOS[View]
26151963i'm never gonna cash out[View]
26149765>price 50% up >volume 400% up You didn't listen yesterday when it was at $2.50 but it…[View]
26148484Just opened at 10x short at 36 thousand.[View]
26147596How much is a suicide stack?[View]
26151137Sir doing the needingfuls checking the post good sirs[View]
26152185This will make many millionaires[View]
26148559BTC dominance about to fall: It will lose 5 points at least. Hope you strapped in with your shitcoin…[View]
26152027choose biz: what would you do right this second if all other coins were to disappear and all your mo…[View]
26148996i think we could use a fresh rubic thread: let us all sit back and enjoy our wonderful rubic[View]
26150986Buy the next dip: BTC has spiked and crashed a number of times now it seems inevitable that even if …[View]
26150789I have been shilling GRO for like a week, why haven't you bought?[View]
26150426Fuck these 'anti consoomer' based boys: Go drink your s o y latte elsewhere, we're here to make…[View]
26150798This board smells like the streets of Mumbai[View]
26147815Tweet money - anyone in: Anyone in TW33T.MONEY? Got hooked by their artwork and videos, and it seems…[View]
26149535>partnered with AVAX and CHAINLINK >still not buying PROSPER stay poor fags. I just filled my …[View]
26151420who the fuck is buying bitcoin anymore lmfao[View]
26151195Should I swap my 20k VET for RSR/LINK: I’ll buy back in within 30 days. 20k vet gets me 10 more link…[View]
26151904You didn't sell anon did you?[View]
26150829/smg/: >Sorrento Therapeutics Inc >NASDAQ: SRNE Not wanting a 3x or 4x. Stay poor faggots.…[View]
26150695It's poomping again. Explain yourselves bobofags.[View]
26151652ltc finally pumps so i can get rid of thhis shhit[View]
26151822lto chads only: Good day LTObros How are we feeling about $0.50c EOW?[View]
26151536Why is the dollar pumping?[View]
2615146637 thousand wont hold.[View]
26150447Daily dose of DAIQ - Daiquilibrum: Do you think I'll be able to get back at the top of the inde…[View]
26150472What is 'cope' and 'seethe'? And dilate[View]
26148788business model: Will it take off? - be me, self employed Belgian carpenter. - having the idea of ma…[View]
26151554>anon, don't forget to fill in the Jira timesheet[View]
26151448Help a new poorfag.: So I want to actually start trading. What are the essentials? Which trading pla…[View]
26151263All of crypto is EXPLODING UPWARDS. Well.. except one.[View]
26150183>sold alt into Tether instead of BTC[View]
26148840Fokin unit this thing, sothern fairies can keep their fokin algo and tron shit is all I'm sayin…[View]
26149611/biz/ wallet: > new to crypto > been wanting to get on RBC hype > miss out because coinbase…[View]
26151464What: It stagnated at 37k exactly for almost 2 minutes.[View]
26150445Are there really only 24 people that use this board?[View]
26151112Phoenix Dao: No presale. 1m mc. Dyor.[View]
26151123Some of you are ok: Ok Anon listen, $LOCK is your ticket to citadel but you need to hurry up. 10mil …[View]
26149201Fantom 1$ EOY[View]
26147864I detected high level of pajeetry on the board!: Buy fundamentally perfect projects niggers! https:/…[View]
26149124Thoughts on this?[View]
26150247DRIP aka dripper.finance: >released a month ago, constant development since then >based devs w…[View]
26151245Why all those shitcoins have any value? I get what makes major ones valuable, but all those small s…[View]
26148706ALARM COINMETRO JUST GOT HACKED: stay safe[View]
26150171What are narcissistic traits?: and isn’t it better anyway to be more selfish when you made it or to …[View]
26151111I'm unironically going to kill myself when i make it[View]
26151151Can someone explain SNX to me? >t. bought a meme amount of it without knowing what is was…[View]
26150996Do I have to pay taxes when I trade one crypto for another or simply factor in the trade when I even…[View]
26150788Appreciation thread: If you read this and acquired at least 1000 LINK over the last few years, then …[View]
26150134Why you should put size into Union (UNN): Now we're cooking. STRENGTH! Always buy strength. THI…[View]
26150768Avax is 13 now. Maybe if you hadn't cried like a bitch you would have made a good money[View]
26150833Who here still holding their airdrop? When do sell? Approaching $10 and no sign of slowing down. You…[View]
26150973>everything goes up >link crashes[View]
26148733Statera was just rugged: Looks like the devs finally did it. They used a vampire bot contract to dra…[View]
26149567STOP BUYING BONDED FINANCE: I TOLD YOU TO STOP. https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0x…[View]
26150598All altcoins are pumping except the ones I hold[View]
26151033Choose your fighter[View]
26151028Extremely comfy: Get in here bros before 0.10[View]
26149578YFI: >Most undervalued coin in top 50 >Only mainstream DeFi gem that hasn't pumped yet (A…[View]
26150862WHY?: Why is this garbage on coinbase and who actually buys it?[View]
26150925Bro's havent looked into investing in a while, had invested about £150 so why did uniswap just …[View]
26150961Extremely comfy: Get in here bros[View]
261507361 last pump before the big crash.[View]
26150541crypto cucks are a bunch of hypocrites: a mining facility hired me to clean their carpets, i said oh…[View]
26147977Yes: Whiteheart[View]
26149744Crypto jobs?: Any anons have or trying to get a crypto related job? What roles are in demand? Could …[View]
26150914Crab season is upon us.[View]
26143820A giant, monumental fucking let-down: At any given moment, you can literally sense that this piece o…[View]
26150653I have never read a book and I am a complete noob: I am a 3rd world guy and I want to invest around …[View]
26150791See you at 1000$ per egld: Im super comfy[View]
26145956What is the average salary in your country: Germany: ~2500€ after tax (per month)[View]
26148189LCX Chads: Glad all weak hands are out, want to see them seeth when big news comes out.[View]
26149334Fuck the other boards: Most of all fuck pol. Bitching and moaning all day about shit they can't…[View]
26150746Redpill me on Nirvana Defi >Shappy confirmed me it's safe and unruggable >Didn't saw…[View]
26149346Reminder: Ngmi was the original BTC investor. Press N to thank him for his service.[View]
26141325/smg/ stock market general:: Midnight DD Edition >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq >Stock…[View]
26150315I got rekt reading in November and I've been watching everything go up and it's killing me…[View]
26150760Imagine not having any[View]
26150486BAT: >get shilled into BAT 'facebook partnership' >tfw comfy 15% gain…[View]
26150273Im supposed to work at a new job site this week, but I'm pretty sure no one is actually expecti…[View]
26147416What do we think about this guy?[View]
26150110Can i start DeFi ETF?: I want to start an ETF of the leading DeFi projects, where can i build such E…[View]
26150705BTC: 01/20/21: If Bitcoin fluctuates to $60K by the end of the day on Wednesday, I'll sell off …[View]
26147351IOTA: What's the reason you don't have it yet? It's extremely bullish on the weekly. …[View]
26150693What are the best software wallets available bros? Pls spoonfeed[View]
26150692How do I look, bros?[View]
26150239>ethresear.ch >ethereum-magicians.org If you hold ETH or any other smart contract coin but are…[View]
26150468possible eth break out. needs volume and to confirm in the next couple hours. nest price target almo…[View]
26148632Real talk, how do i cash out 300k to my bank without the government stealing a cut from it?[View]
26148986I am filtering RBC. I suggest you all do the same.[View]
26150100There's no way this is all sustainable[View]
26149608>Listen to Queens of the Stone Age while GRT and ADA are going to the fucking MOON Feels fucking …[View]
26149880If you don't have any LBC you're retarded: Jewtube is over LBRY is growing Trump has an of…[View]
26148726>bollinger bands getting tighter >reverse head & shoulders still in play Something is abou…[View]
26150518It's dumping already![View]
26150531You didn't forget about me did you anon?? tick tock tick tock[View]
26149745Are there any good Crypto-Informations in the Darknet? or is it not even worth looking for some? Ju…[View]
26150504Normie/R*dditor logic >NOOOOOO the price of this coin increase by 0.002 >I couldn't buy t…[View]
26147679What is the ultimate coin for poorfags?[View]
26150199Staking Incoming[View]
26150179What the fuck was that volume? Feels like a coordinated pump.[View]
26150428For me, it's Yeongin Lee: The best $LINK GRLL[View]
26148827it's over[View]
26146280Are there any micro cap shitcoins that haven't popped off yet during this cycle but nonetheless…[View]
26149916P-Please bitcoin-san!! No!!! I've had enough!! Please stop!![View]
26146271Absolutely fucking based. Luv me some fokin graph, simple as[View]
26150039How come there is no crypto gambling (inb4 shitcoins) or any betting or lottery token/protocol or DA…[View]
26150383www.pennyprotocol.com Go time![View]
26148355ALGORAND: Glowies know.[View]
26147962Will I make it?: Is this enough to make it? Or am I doomed to wagecuck for life?[View]
26120300Rubichads report in: I can’t wait for RBC to make me rich bros[View]
26149232This man will kill Bitcoin: Hey guys, British financial advisor calls on the gov’t to ban crypto tra…[View]
26147855Never, EVER Forget[View]
26149622GRT: BROS????[View]
26150046Good time to buy?: Hey guys, I read on facebook that crypto is rising again so I though i'd see…[View]
26148814Ah another day working from home doing absolutely nothing. What do we have planned this week kings?…[View]
26150211500$ is FUD!: Pic related![View]
26150148How to profit from covid?: Vaccine stocks?[View]
26149999I'm done with this shitcoin: sold my 10 eth as we speak[View]
26149949When is this scam gonna implode?[View]
26150143YOU HAD 12 YEARS[View]
26150125Just bought 10k of this wallet. Did I fomo/bought the top? Can we expect a bump from the Chinese AM…[View]
26150120did you bought the dip?[View]
26150093>he's not a swing Chad You know you might not even be alive in 5 years while holding like a …[View]
26150042AMPL: told ya[View]
26149885How do you guys store your long term holds? Lately i formatted an old macbook i have, created a meta…[View]
26149800Can anyone debunk this? Is Radix really this good? They are partnered with Ren and Chainlink??? Avax…[View]
26149945Is the flippening still a possibility?[View]
26149882Black Monday: Will there be a huge crash of the stock market and crypto markets today?[View]
26149246It’s still not too late bros, 10$ is absolutely possible: API3 has not let me down once, the dev tea…[View]
2614999850k waiting room[View]
26148239I just opened a 5x ltc long with my life savings What can I expect?[View]
26147468China money incoming: Don't be too late anons[View]
26144049Why aren't more people doing crypto?: I am a huge newfag. By that I meant I started one week ag…[View]
26149865Tick Tock: https://twitter.com/OVioHQ/status/1351115234346463235[View]
26149869Did you miss me?![View]
26148990Unification (FUND). It begins again.: Unification is a sleeper hit, has a new floor, and should cont…[View]
26149084Can I get a rundown https://earth2.io/[View]
26148262Polkadot [ticker Pedo]: Is this a good investment?[View]
26149813AW, GEEZ DUDE[View]
26149161>just a friendly neighborhood bear[View]
26141763.60 cent waiting room - GRT/GRAPH: WE PAMPIN AGAIN SENPAI[View]
26148924Statera: What are you waiting for anon? Join the rocket ship before it's too late. Stanos pool …[View]
26149413What shitcoins is he holding?[View]
26147546Chart is bleeding bros: https://coinmetro-stats.com/ Did we get too cocky?[View]
26147428I have useful financial information, and I'm not going to share it with you[View]
26144779What mental illness do you suffer from and what is your top holding?[View]
26149749Oh My God: Why are we retarded Bobos?[View]
26149094>pick up phone to check tinder >check blockfolio >put phone away What is happening to me?…[View]
2614463410M Marketcap Waiting Room: John's first sell wall has been broken, next one at 20 cents.…[View]
26148949Mining ETH: How many of you are sitting back and hearing the sounds of success at the expense of /v/…[View]
26145874Flash back time!: Holochain will rise in a pump to $1. Why? You tell me. This piece of shit just doe…[View]
26148724Last chance: Last chance to get a decent stack or get priced out[View]
26147740BEHOLD My Comfy Late Bloomers Tell to me Your coins of three[View]
26149426I'm losing money[View]
26148419Trading crypto with small portfolio for food and rent AMA[View]
26148520We will stop him, we will end him: We need to stop him, we need to brigade his channel and bring thi…[View]
26149137The white mans crypto: We already drove out the pajeets who immediately dumped their bags and pumped…[View]
26144258You losers fucked up[View]
26146738Good morning eurofags: Buy RBC and free yourself from western tyranny.[View]
26149464>watching dolphin try to pump a coin on a CEX >btc starts dipping >coin dumps harder than i…[View]
26147828SMALL COINS BIG GAINS: I need some small coins that have not pumped recently, ideally under 5c.…[View]
26149369i just realized that i've spent 15+ hours a day on /biz/ ever since the lockdowns in march star…[View]
26147163>imagine going into this alt season without any ARPA[View]
26149156I just realized that 2021 defi mania will make 2017 ico mania look like childs play[View]
26146775XLM is done: XLM is being shilled like a mofo right now, and for no good reason. If you fell for it,…[View]
26148136Redpill me /biz/: What proof is there of Gavin having intercourse with an underage girl? I really do…[View]
26149297cRipple is still #5: Why hasn't this piece of shit died yet? Are you all fucking retards?…[View]
26149309What happened to this coin? It used to be shilled like crazy here[View]
26148652Are you ready?[View]
26148772>Enjin wallet is one of the most popular/safest/best wallets in the world >Enjin lets you make…[View]
26149275I wanted to invest 3-5k today but I kinda got a meh feeling, I might wait out this phase and buy as…[View]
26148420BAO MEGATHREAD: is it a scam? will it succeed? if so whats the make it stack?[View]
26149235The only gem that has not pumped yet in this bullrun: MFG Youtubers are about to wake up: https://y…[View]
26149224Return to tradition. Beware of false coins. https://twitter.com/JornvZwanenburg/status/1349397662316…[View]
26149093Using your precious satoshis to buy some national paper with an undefined supply[View]
26148844Remember 'Wait till the 15th'? did I miss something: What happened?[View]
261436192 cent waiting room: I TRIED TO TELL YOU FUCKERS. FULL STEAM AHEAD[View]
26149005>faster than Ripple >not a centralized piece of shit why are you not all in on Nimiq yet?…[View]
26147902Biz is sleeping on REN, .70 waiting room[View]
26142574The USD is pumping: This is the worst thing for BTC. The dollar crashed last year due to priced in i…[View]
26147669>tfw 5000 LINK[View]
26146957Tell Me one reason why arent you all in in TOP 3 project: we going to cross dot,xrp and its will be …[View]
26146679he doesnt know: he doesnt[View]
26148115Don't fomo into hyped pumps. Buy the undervalued gem instead! ROI for public sales in 2020: - S…[View]
26147810I hope youre not more late[View]
26148845Tick tock TSLA fags.[View]
26148786BIRD.MONEY >7M marketcap >140k max supply >off chain oracle and lending platform Get in los…[View]
26147981>watching binance >suddenly coin starts pumping >afraid to get left behind >but it'…[View]
26148008Is legalizing pedos a viable financial target for this admin?[View]
26147182I had the btc to buy 500k link in December 2017 but only bought 4k and was waiting for cheaper sats …[View]
26147475Sold my GRT yesterday to find it absolutely popping[View]
26147601How is crypto different?[View]
26148248Eth can go sideways longer than you can remain solvent[View]
26147315Whales are accumulating this gem and biztards are gonna fomo in when it’s late as always[View]
26144440Best jobs to get without a degree[View]
26148356What do you call this pattern[View]
26148512Blockfolio keeps giving me problems syncing with Binance and giving me wrong values for each coin. D…[View]
26148569Good news for Bobos: Our kike will make the Dollar stronger under the Biden administration, gold is …[View]
26148140DYOR: But also buy my bags lol[View]
26145620Give me your best shot on LOW to MID cap projects in crypto: Annons of the 4chan space here I give y…[View]
26148526Anyone who types 'WHAT WAS THAT' is a gambling addict: If you have EVER typed this you either: - Wil…[View]
26141234Which of the currently shilled coins are scams and which are legit? >AVAX >AAVE >RBC >XR…[View]
26141848ID 'link' decides the eoy. I'll start: 940$[View]
26146915Clover Protocol: Second airdrop is a day and a half away. 22,222 supply No dev wallet = no rug pull…[View]
26148572I feel exhausted after trading all weekend: I feel like a dry cloth ready to sleep Why is making mon…[View]
26148485Is there anyone more based in crypto?[View]
26148474The train is about to leave. Are u ready, anon?[View]
26147299Grt profits —> Prq Thank me later faggots[View]
26147758any aergo knights on /biz/?[View]
26146003post the coin you are most bullish on, /biz/[View]
26148509mfw the ADC man slip in a lil sum extra on deposit day[View]
26148089WHAT WAS THAT: WHAT WAS THAT WHAT WAS THAT WHAT WAS THAT WHAT WAS THAT https://info.uniswap.org/toke…[View]
26145704>$22 link just feels normal now and I am still unhappy[View]
26147294Have I been shilled this entire time?[View]
26148453What's the best pc crypto wallet you can put on a drive and then set aside? Aside from that…[View]
26147445The sleeping giant will awaken soon... >Marketing director being hired >Tokenomics change in 2…[View]
26148338Good God I am so excited for all you linkies. 1K eoy is truly FUD https://www.coindesk.com/chinas-bl…[View]
26141412>only 30k link: I’m sick of being a linklet.[View]
26148337>dumps 10% in a few hours[View]
26147933How do I make a shitload of money?: There are no legal ways to do so as it seems[View]
26148197Listen. Its hard as shit to get ahead in life now, not just working 9-5 for the rest of your life .T…[View]
26147827I need money by the end of the year, which coins will give a good return by then?[View]
26148304It's time to come home, anon.[View]
26147622Stop fucking mooning I was trying to swing this at 2.7c REEEEEEEEEEE[View]
26147217Why are you retarded subhumans sleeping on this? Gonna have 10 billion mcap in no time. No need to s…[View]
26146410IS CRYPTO JUST A CHEAT CODE FOR LIFE: Won't normies be mad when they find out we cheated?…[View]
26146780Is it bullish or bearish for ADA frontman to 'weigh in' on the SEC XRP case? https://youtu.be/ZOe44m…[View]
26147996I'm not feeling so good[View]
26146553Bros...I actually came to appreciate this boomer, I will be sad for him when he'll be JUSTED[View]
26148087*moons quietly*[View]
26144356any chainlink price predictions for the next couple months?[View]
26148075Archer Dao Thread: I didn’t see boards with Archer, so this is gentle reminder frens. Hope you’re on…[View]
26146685YOU MUST POST ITT: If you are never fucking selling[View]
26147938Where are all the Digimarines?[View]
26145083Give it to me straight /biz/, is the stock market tanking next week and completely dump come Wednesd…[View]
2614785222$ stablecoin: 20s dollar range feel so fucking booring. I think I won't get excited until it…[View]
26147225let's go: did you fall for the Chinese ETH meme?[View]
26147944Broke 0.45[View]
26146635*alert*: There is less than 24hrs until XRP gets delisted from coinbase and belugas and traders pour…[View]
26144091Help pls: Why a lot of altcoins are mooning these days? And what will happen next? Should I buy some…[View]
26147689I know this isn't your typical /biz/ post, but I figured it's worth a try. Somebody is usi…[View]
26143456I’m literally financially devastated: What happened to the daily Lition General threads? What happen…[View]
26134673>richer than I ever have been in my life >dopamine already ran out What now, bros?…[View]
26147712SIRS!! I told you this scam coin is fake !!! NOT BUY!!! IF not want lose money, DO NOT BUY SIRS!!! D…[View]
26147026You haven't even discovered this one yet have you?: You're welcome for the crumbs[View]
26146943Is it possible to monitor my gain performances: And run TA on those too?[View]
26145477We had it yesterday but I'm sick of seeing nothing but pajeet shills on this board. Post coins …[View]
26147706MLM: Is there any reason (besides lobbying/corruption) why MLM companies aren't banned? Yes, I …[View]
26144668I’ve been gone since august. WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO MY MONEY.[View]
26145967Advice pls: I don’t want to pay my taxes[View]
26147615AMPL: pumping in 3..2..1..[View]
26147614A x30 is actually FUD: >$30k in coins like GRT, ADA, ALGO, AVAX LTO should make a millionaire. Ma…[View]
26146907Shill me the next x100 > that isnt PROS or RBC[View]
26147485So tell me, why is Statera of all shitcoins pumping again?[View]
26147547Get in here Badger Bois[View]
26146914I don't see enough rubic threads: what is everyone's opinion on the next chainlink?[View]
26145809Buy linkpool now or be priced out forever: https://staking.linkpool.io/dex[View]
26144482why does no one here shill noia/syntropy?: team checks out, use case checks out, still low-cap proje…[View]
26146274Reef launch to the moon already started: Backed by Binance. Farming ends in 3 days. Steadily followi…[View]
26146105Why haven't you gone all in on RBC?: RBC is already better than UNI yet its market cap is 1000x…[View]
26147403Just for betting on the price of certain cryptos...: ...get an iPad or a coffee! :joy:[View]
26147434Advice please: Proud holder of stinkie linkies since ICO here. Is there a way to monetize this befor…[View]
26147115Koreans are buying this up like they're dogs and it's almost lunchtime. They know what…[View]
26146190Next 200x in Crypto!: HYVE is freelancer platform which wants to take the 350bi market share by taki…[View]
26142184How much does it cost to make someone disappear[View]
26147376Don't know about you, fellow visionaries: HI ANON, Well depending on your definition, but >$…[View]
26147371Bought only underperforming shitcoins: topkek[View]
26145026COINFESS: Confess your crypto sins and be relieved of your burden. en nome de Pepe[View]
26147343>be new to crypto >go to /biz/ because i wanna try this trading stuff out and make a few bucks…[View]
26146533There are people on biz who fell for AVAX scam. F[View]
26147057Thank you biz: I know it’s a bull market when I feel confident enough to post my portfolio in a thre…[View]
26147084Dont get left holding Bitcoin bags. Ethereum alts are scooping up all the value of the crypto market…[View]
26145028Imagine unironically getting memed by a pnd chinese discord into buying this shitscam just so they c…[View]
26143639Bobo? Is this the return to normal? Why is it curving? Where have all the Bobo TA posters gone?[View]
26145115You should probably exit the markets[View]
26143513shill me on AVAX: avax chads help me, show me the light[View]
261437591k Link is 22.5k: A suicide stack of LINK is now 22.5k... Hhahaahahahhahahahahahah Normies BTFO Redi…[View]
26147231GRT or Link?: I’m a poorfag who’s relatively new to crypto and recently converted my LINK to GRT aft…[View]
26147211poorfolio thread: this is my poorfolio dumped 200$ in a shitcoin in 2017 and never recovered so I bo…[View]
26145980Hidden gems that stay hidden: The Central: I have a coin with Chainlink and AVAX partnerships, epony…[View]
26146646Does Binance have any account maintenance fees/account holding fees ?: Sup /biz/ zoomer here. I rece…[View]
26146230Ah, another day working from home doing absolutely nothing[View]
2614525599% of this board is retarded, lazy, mediocre, or all of it together: How about you retards actually…[View]
26140800staking ada: Anyone planning to stake ADA or are any of you already staking? Any tips?[View]
26146695HELP ME BIZ: The pajeets took mah net rent monies[View]
26146970Now that's what I call...HANDY: ;)[View]
26143981I told you faggots. https://twitter.com/BullBeacon/status/1351077642150285317 3x leverage on UNI ADA…[View]
26145815A question about Rubic (RBC): Hey /biz/ I saw this coin called Rubic mentioned the other day and I b…[View]
26147018>It's Jan 30th, 2021 >1 btc = 1 drop yfw…[View]
26143920Rubic (RBC) team are incredibly professional: So I was doing my DD on Rubic and that involved lookin…[View]
26146049Why was this never shilled months ago?[View]
26146251Who's in on this?: Free iPad? Sure why not[View]
26146809Therapy thread[View]
26145344$36.5k broken: UUUOOOOOOOOOO $40k EOD >$40k EOD $40k EOD >$40k EOD $40k EOD >$40k EOD $40k …[View]
26146528Best token for a 1 week swing trade on coinbase?: I'm looking for a token I can swing to for a …[View]
26143816Be honest Biz. How much money did you lose?[View]
26146335Rooooookoo rooookoo: Few know[View]
26146906I purposely fud coins I hold in the most retarded way possible so I get blown out and newfags FOMO i…[View]
26146899Is this really all I need to make it?: Biz bros... give it to me straight[View]
26146400Do you think he browses /biz/?[View]
26146808Just bought 0.04 LP Stock to be part of the elites.[View]
26145750Retirement ranks: >Poorfag retirement 140K >Middle class retirement 520K >Upper class 980K …[View]
26146681>What aisle are the bitcorns on[View]
26143893>tfw Crypto millionaire but could have been a billionaire if I played everything right How the fu…[View]
26146036XLM who's buying this shit coin?[View]
26146463BUY MORE ARK[View]
26145498HandyPick: Anyone downloaded this?[View]
26146546How does this shit work?: I am currently in a financial crisis and I need to make some serious money…[View]
26146612PRQ: I have 10 eth since 2017 I am tired of this shitcoin I am gonna dump them on PRQ I don;t even …[View]
26146602Zil will moon this year. Don’t sleep on it biz. Get in while it’s .07 and start racking up that 16% …[View]
26146578shitcoin avenue: where are my UDOO bros???[View]
26145186When is this coming out? I've been waiting 6 years[View]
26143302Get readdy for another leg up linky winkys : )[View]
26146264GLCH: Buying Opportunity. I really don’t know shit about this token, I skimmed the white paper and a…[View]
26145640Lesser know bullrun shitcoins: Streamr Datacoin: https://streamr.network/ They've created decen…[View]
26146401PAMP EET: UNI anons where ya at[View]
26145269I swapped all my HEX into XLM and GRT. I saved 10k HEX if this shit make a mircale. Can i make it wi…[View]
26146226Accumulation phase ended: hope your bags are loaded[View]
26144709I present to you a 15% free money trade: Disclaimer: Not for small betters Not for burgers GBTC is t…[View]
2614596270. REN Waiting room.[View]
26134794/XSG/ XRP Schizo General #546: >Flare/Spark Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bMGWE6dJiw…[View]
26145599>still not owning any freedom reserve literally what are you doing?[View]
26146347Bella protocol: Bella protocol ready to moon[View]
26146339Why is 'muh permissioned' considered legit FUD for this?: Can't they just turn permissionless a…[View]
26146329Biz i love you. Making it rain with GRT LINK[View]
26144535>sold all my UNI the day of the airdrop for a PS5[View]
26146194Umm...: you're chinese[View]
26145403Told ya so: You could have gotten in early and now be laughing at all the idiots complaining about p…[View]
26146094ITT: memes that did not age well[View]
26145832AVAX shills...: How does it make you feel knowing you’re shilling a token that’s worth less than Pol…[View]
26145824How the fuck did /biz/ discover these two hidden gems? I mean holy fuck, you guys are making me fil…[View]
26145968It's over: Hahahahahaha I'm fucking financially ruined every single penny I had left got s…[View]
261449401000 LINK or 22k in index funds for a college student working in his gap year? 43 years till retirem…[View]
26145764My two largest holdings are being suppressed.[View]
26145588What are your most comfy hoĺds. Mine are Ampl, Api3 and Zenon. Ampl will be the king currency of de…[View]
26142137interesting article about how tether is a scam: https://crypto-anonymous-2021.medium.com/the-bit-sho…[View]
26145957do you really need the token?[View]
26145965shlop shlop shlop shlop shlop: shlop shlop shlop shlop shlop shl....[View]
26145975Is Torum Legit?: Is it worth dumping some money into this shitcoin pre-sale? https://ieo.torum.com/…[View]
26144599Which country has the best standard of living for poorfags?[View]
26145958XRT (Robonomics): We're about to moon aren't we?[View]
26145898Launched today: Easy money to made everyday[View]
26143280How big are your stacks kings?[View]
26145030Economic collapse incoming?: What do you guys think? Will the economy collaps over the next months? …[View]
26145803I tried swinging ORAI and I got fucking rekt >AAAAAAAAAAA This was supposed to be my 2nd prq…[View]
26143593I messed up biz: Cant believe I bought bao over rubic. Could of 4x by now[View]
26140267>2nd richest man in the world >is a cucked out beta provider who got divorce raped because he …[View]
26133787Get use to this: get use to this rubicons, bunch of plebs who missed out wants to get in for cheap…[View]
26144543WHAT WAS THAT!![View]
26145617rsr: rsr is going up right now. new all time high soon[View]
26145687Do you know,Pebble-Decentralized Asset Tracker,it’s a smart device powered by IoTeX that combines ta…[View]
26144534ape szn: now that rubic is done what's the next microcap that will 10x[View]
26143971Is iExec legit or not? I can't for the life of me figure it out. Sometimes it seems like they a…[View]
26143823Is it possible to have leverage on chainlink going up long term?[View]
26129900Is it too late to catch the GRT / AVAX / XSN train?[View]
26144553Poo poo pee pee 4 cent stable coin.[View]
26144367We Have Spoken: Come brothers and join us[View]
26145415Zora: Looks like we're back my fellow Zorachads, I hope you didnt sell >3mil MC Oracle proje…[View]
26144493RLC - 2017 shitcoin or smart investment?: I'm holding this since ages and only got a x3 out of …[View]
26145001It takes a real degenerate gambler to buy defi on uniswap.[View]
26145604$1 broken with ease: where to next open bros[View]
26145595It's officially alt season. Alts have been blowing up the past week. Bitcoin is crabbing. It…[View]
26144569>just be yourself bro[View]
26145468ok /biz/ all wagies are at work or sleeping so lets have some intelligent discussion: what is stoppi…[View]
26144861Boomer parents say theyre proud of me but walk away and she tells someone that 'its disgusting' that…[View]
26144538Zero DeFi gas costs, while holding this token. Every DeFi trade you do, you get your gas back in UND…[View]
26140782I give up, there's no way to filter what's scam and what isn't. With so many coins be…[View]
26145139$10 EOD - $30 EOQ - $60 EOY[View]
26144880Poorfag Appears: /biz/ I am a poorfag as you can tell, am i at least going the right way?[View]
26144837african wanting in on shitcoins: hey guys!how do I get in? I want to start making money from trading…[View]
26145482>45,000,000,000 supply all on the market 6th for mc and still going strong, not even on coinbase …[View]
26145290A kind reminder[View]
26144540Why does ZEC only have 18 nodes at the current block height?[View]
26145361Is this unironically the best buy rn? Can someone fud this?[View]
26145340sxp begins its reversal now[View]
26142710How much Rubic (RBC) to make it?: No fud. No shill. No pajeet. Just honest discussion. I have 50k pe…[View]
26144464Ummm Stacy?! Hes back and even more creepy[View]
26144407thank you biz: invested my first 1.5k into crypto i might make it i might not, just feels good my mo…[View]
26145320AHAHAHAH: Easily 2$ end of week. Get in retards.[View]
26142740BUILD.FINANCE: >getting listed on Hotbit in under 50 minutes >130,000 max supply >only $20 …[View]
26145272earn ethereum in your sleep: >32ethereum.club comfy[View]
26145113The Graph: This shit is actually going to go over $1 this week isn’t it[View]
26144441The dreaded reverse head and shoulder has appeared. Bobos worldwide on suicide watch[View]
26144516Just bought some Archer: What am I in for frens?[View]
26143929You didn’t capitulate your KP3R bag......: D-did you anon?[View]
26142571When is the train leaving the station coinmetro chads?[View]
26144723DO YOU KNOW?: This is the next next thing in crypto. The next LINK. Only high IQs can apply. Can you…[View]
26144629BUY BUY BUY[View]
26144150These next few moments are absolutely, unironically critical for Ethereum: Long or short?[View]
26145071biz - europoor timezone: >+ the entire market - europoor timezone…[View]
26145013I have $3000 in this coin which I spent in 2018. Is this going to ever go up or do I cash out. It’s …[View]
26144336XLM: What is this?[View]
26143884In January 2017, Ethereum was $8. In January 2018, ETH reached $1400. In January 2021, Chainlink was…[View]
26145018has anyone tried it?: Anyone heard of this shit called sovryn? its defi on bitcoin, wondering if any…[View]
26144081How much do you expect this esoteric gem to cost?[View]
26143905How to trigger a maxi in one pic?[View]
26144857>Where have all the bobos gone? >Long time passing. >Where have all the bobos gone? >Lon…[View]
26142960Biz is missing out on the easiest 100x[View]
26144788Buying LINK at $20 is like buying ETH at $20 Few iykyk[View]
26144895Salty TRON boys. We invite you to join the future and make back all that $$$ you've lost holdin…[View]
26144619>he isn't longing XLM >he isn't ready for 40c eow then 60c the following >Coinbas…[View]
26144876YOP: What is YOP? >YOP is a yield optimization platform & protocol. All-in-one yOptimization …[View]
26144473Imagine not buying the LINK/BTC ratio here: Imagine not going for an easy 50%-150% trade. Just imagi…[View]
26141696XLM: Hurry up, anons! Aboard the mission! We are launching![View]
26142357/biz/ writes a bot: What would you put in it? (I might even code it out and post it here if the idea…[View]
26144448GRT: Can we do $1 this month?[View]
26144287Fantom 1$ EOY[View]
26143708How do you explain this? GRT >CIRCULATING SUPPLY 1,000,000,000 >MAX 10,000,000,000 AVAX >C…[View]
26144737woz appenin'?: What's happening with CRBN? Anything in the pipeline?[View]
26144673You unironically had 3 years[View]
26144719Hey bros I'm 18 and I got all of my fingers amputated I'm typing this with my tongue while…[View]
26144136This is the last time I follow /biz/ financial advice I'm down 50% holding this[View]
26144699Suppression: Go look at the ETH chart right now and compare it to BTC. You can’t tell me someones ar…[View]
26143687Is Bitcoin in a bubble right now?[View]
26143274I recently noticed that every LINK holder on /biz/ is extremely racist. How was Chainlink marketed t…[View]
26144444what even is money?[View]
26144655SCSX: Move over bitcoin[View]
26141117bitcoin has a bigger market cap than any bank in the world. https://8marketcap.com/ it's well w…[View]
26144620>tfw all your coins have green lines rn[View]
26144529STA: where my fellow STAggots at? This has been a comfy pump. .50 EOM.[View]
26142598crypto basics: been browsing here for 4 years now and there is a lot of basic stuff I never picked u…[View]
26144576I made this[View]
26142287this is a thread for frens only. shills can stay it their own threads. to my wagie frens, keep spend…[View]
26144085Balancer is one of the most undervalued tokens on Defipulse list in terms of Total Value Locked and …[View]
26142510Reminder: last large tether minted was 5 days ago.[View]
26144468What do you think about HYVE?: What do you think about HYVE?[View]
26143918BUILD: My shitcoin got on a centralized exchange. Can you say the same anon?[View]
26142589Are ya ready kids...[View]
26143548The google of blockchain: Why haven't you invested in GRT, anon? >The yahoo of crypto >Th…[View]
26144294How the fuck is bitcoin pumping again? Explain yourselves bobos.[View]
26144321I'm 20 and I have 80K sitting on the S&P 500 rn because I don't know where to else to …[View]
26141436Suicide/Make it Stacks: >DOT 100/500 >SNX 100/500 >AAVE 20/50 >GRT 5k/10k…[View]
26144050WTF iits monday!: can you plz dump nao....wtfwtf[View]
26136873Lotto Airdrop (FREE) - last day: I made this extremely unique token that has a daily lottery built i…[View]
26144352Curve DAO Token 2$ waiting room: Curve DAO Token will be huge in short term! top 20 coin short term…[View]
26140954Portfolio r8 thread[View]
26144182GRT: what is this pattern and what rice are we going to?[View]
26143093Alright Euroboys: Time to wake up and dump the coins[View]
26142168Successful 2x thread: CRV did 2x and will rocket up like SUSHI.Thanks for the anon whoever shilled m…[View]
26144284Buy high Sell low[View]
26144240Best exchange?: What exchange I should use? I currently have GRT on coinbase but the website itself …[View]
26144097What are the top cryptos coming out of africa?[View]
26144260You have 8 hours: Good luck[View]
26143134Yearn Iron Bank - Alpha is undervalued: Yearn Finance is launching their Iron bank which takes yield…[View]
26143584Can crypto end already: Everything is going down aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa[View]
26142927A: What is your favourite shit coin right now? B: Why is it The Graft?[View]
26144119$0.60 EOW[View]
26142593You will all eat bugs. How do we profit?: The Elite Globalists wants You to Eat Bugs, EU Food Safety…[View]
26139352XMR Monero General: Welcome to the Monero General, dedicated to the discussion of the world's l…[View]
26143852I just realised this place is like slytherin and reddit is like hufflepuff. Bad guys are so much coo…[View]
26140706Stages of Financial Hell: 1: Less than 5 figures >You have no hope. 2: 5 figures >Hope exists,…[View]
26143804Sunday, Bloody Sunday! Sunday, Bloody Sunday! Sunday, Bloody Sunday! Sunday, Bloody Sunday! Alright,…[View]
26144093Any good ICOs? Have you had success with them in the past?[View]
26143775Glitch: Does anyone know if this is a scam? They are trending #1 at dextools right now. Someone in …[View]
26143713>Euros wake up >Everything dumps Every time.…[View]
26144045wut do?[View]
26141083Which crypto is not owned by jews, chinks, burgers or sandniggers? Like some evenly distributed one?[View]
26142551BUYERS BEWARE: $CUDOS Announcement for Staking this week Binance listing coming soon. Buy now on uni…[View]
26142802Where are you nerds buying Bitcoin SV? Was gonna pick some up on Coinbase and then saw they dont sup…[View]
26143955Alignment brothers: We are here[View]
26143000Another new ATH for RBC and people still aren't stacking up Went up from 0.0004 to 0.039 since …[View]
26141641>welcome to Wendy's can I take your order? YEEEEAH ILL TAKE A TEXTBOOK TRIPPLE DOUBLE TOP, C…[View]
26142847Sushi EOY?: $500? $1000? trips decide the samurai food's fate[View]
26143822My Tulpa ruined me: Do you guys take financial advice from your Tulpa? Fucking bitch told me to dump…[View]
26143142DISGUSTING: I am going to vomit[View]
26142599>tfw all in on eth[View]
26143038HOW DO I GET A JOB IN FINTECH: how did this guy with a BA in philosophy get into crypto. do i start …[View]
26143849You fuckers said everything would crash on Jan 15th. Where the fuck are my cheapies? Why would you l…[View]
26142011>$1.15 stable oil[View]
26143722>that ungodly green dildo Holy shit. Yeah I'm thinking I'm convinced. I'm buying b…[View]
26142859Crablink: So are we sending this fuckin crab to the moon or what?[View]
26143821BELLA just got more based. Listed on Bithumb Korea which usually means good things in the short term…[View]
26143079>EUROCHADS wake up >Bitcoin pumps Like a clockwork…[View]
2614347040th richest man in the world: XLM is the LINK of 2021. 01/21 > .46 02/21 > .96 03/21 >1.0…[View]
26142239Why aren't millenials buying houses?[View]
26140014What are jobs/ trades that require little schooling that pay decent, I don’t want to wagie but I don…[View]
26141453What went wrong?[View]
26142683>be me, study some STEM meme degree >fail because low IQ >buy 5000 LINK instead >will ha…[View]
26142427Help a /biz/bro out: Are there any coins that will likely x1.5 or x2 in the next 48 hours?[View]
26143689>there are link whales with 500+ stacks among us let that sink in for a moment, these guys can li…[View]
26142515This keeps going up like Sushi: Trying to cope how did I miss this.[View]
26142754ZORA: $760[View]
26142556HOT: Why does this even exist? What's the point and FUD me on why it'll never do shit.…[View]
26142074BTC has failed every single check to continue its upward trend. Closely monitor BTC's highs and…[View]
26143250I've been here since 2016 and saw you link marines shill your project for 4 years constantly, m…[View]
26137664I can't be the only one feeling like this is a scam, right? The longer I'm in this the mor…[View]
26142439am i too late for grt[View]
26141271Praise the mighty green cube: it's your last chance biz, get in before this goes blast off…[View]
26142157/biz/ should have country tags[View]
26143386REN: Why is nobody talking about this? The Ren/Eth ratio is waaaaay better than all the shitcoins be…[View]
26137691.60 waiting room[View]
26143076What does he hold?[View]
26141233What will 2031 look like? I imagine some sort of green candycane with 7 eyes that wants to rape me[View]
26143472It’s about time I made a profit on this shitcoin! Geeq thread everyone[View]
26143087I made $7,000 today after weeks of portfolio stagnation[View]
26140288Hi, biz. I'm an 18 year old who had to move out as soon as I could because of abusive, extremel…[View]
26143442Nexo: I hear a lot about BlockFi and Celsius, but what about Nexo? Is this one legit? Their APY rate…[View]
26141802I am writing a ~5000 line python script to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on binance: ask me anything…[View]
2614230833 minutes[View]
26142342What shitcoin are you still holding in the hope of getting your money back?: >pic related…[View]
26143316You had 3 years[View]
26141728The Great Debate: XRP vs XLM - Which is superior and why? https://www.strawpoll.me/42465427[View]
26143242burger is looking very very Hot!!!!: APYs on BurgerSwap: BURGER-WBNB: 38% BUSD-WBNB: 12.6% USDT-BURG…[View]
26143240V2 SOOON[View]
26143234>btc pumps >check it >zoom out >it's hitting lower highs It's over isn't …[View]
26142284Rise and shine, lads. Its another monday.[View]
26139027RBC MOONING AGAIN: >innovative dex, first mover in multiple areas >multi-chain DEX and will so…[View]
2613684190 minutes: Glitch bitches, get ready. 1.2M starting cap. 88M supply.[View]
26142112Need Honest Advice: Sitting on around 7k Chainlink and a little over 1 Bitcoin. Do you think I shoul…[View]
26140243Does anyone on this board actually do eCommerce shit or is it all scamcoin pump and dumps?[View]
26142408its over we are never pumping[View]
26143111are we in a financial bubble? when do YOU think it will burst if so?[View]
26142983$5 dollar EOD[View]
26143127big mac inflation[View]
26142864Ethereum: What does this mean /biz/?[View]
26132427I have 40k of pic related and I'm not selling until 1$. AMA.[View]
26142964Why the fuck does the US have the gayest fucking laws. No futures trading, shitty fucking access to …[View]
26141466Even if you make it, the world will be too shit to enjoy.[View]
26142679Good morning eurofags: Ready for dem gainz? Coffee & cig, lets go[View]
26141042When do I buy into Bitcoin?[View]
26134940RBC unofficial Telegram: t.me/rubichads Join us brothers[View]
26140970How many INCOME STREAMS do you have anon?: If crypto is your only income stream you will never make …[View]
26139649Shill me niggers: Its time! Shill me the coins that have 1. a functional product 2. havent done 3-…[View]
2614233235 thousand dollar stable coin[View]
26142932When will the 40h work week meme end? Nobody can be truly productive for 8 hours a day, I work in fi…[View]
26142893>1k 15 min candle[View]
26142860Why it is not yet in TOP 3: its supposed to be just behind BTC, ETH, GRT and link in that order for …[View]
26142311Is there any hope for XRP?[View]
26137835Yeah. We're fucking back.[View]
26139545How small is this community: I swear I am having conversations with the same people over different w…[View]
26140559I need a 10x: What do I buy?[View]
26142839Me filling my crypto bag with Ankr!!![View]
26141701First year of investing: My returns compared to the s&p 500 height since 2014. Did I do good?…[View]
26142696Should I sell my alts when btc pumps/dumps and buy back in when btc consolidates again?[View]
26139379comfy AVAX hodler thread: get in here boys, wagmi. have a blessed night[View]
26141774Why the fuck did i buy LIT![View]
26140649Now is the time to buy[View]
26140313Get ready[View]
26141934Why the FUCK is this being shilled so HARD?[View]
26140908IT guys make 50% less than Uber drivers: What the fuck bros? >Junior software dev salary: £22-25…[View]
26142564Get your Moon suit ready for Ankr Moon!!!![View]
26142446Everytime a coin start pumping too much I buy a bag to be sure no more gains are made. I just bought…[View]
26137948i am invested to this godly coin sires wait to 1 billion $ per stock?[View]
26140850Suck my mining rig wagies: Making $2/day suck it you poor linkies[View]
26142366Comfiest hold ever: No. I won't tell you which one it is[View]
26141976Planning on buying a house. Post wierd shit you find around your markets and talk /housebuy/. >ci…[View]
26142009I wonder what the cumulative net worth of this board will be once LINK hits 1k[View]
26142391AKRO: Meow meow motherfucker[View]
26142270Without Earnbet, the much needed change in casino wouldn't have happened. EarnBetCasino is curr…[View]
26142347BUILD listed on Hotbit: Did your uniswap shitcoin get listed on a centralized exchange? >he’s not…[View]
26141689>2 billion locked in assets >Trading vol 600 M $ >Cross-asset swaps via @synthetix_io are…[View]
26140616I'm yet to see a single thread about this absolute gem. You fags need to get on this while you …[View]
26142222GRT Mooning!!!!: Plz Moar![View]
26142215Holy shit. I managed to break even on this food coin.[View]
26141816No fucking way...: This cant be the top... XRP, ETH, LTC, barely fucking made a peep this whole time…[View]
26139062Indoor ranching?: Anyone else doing this? How is your livestock fairing?[View]
26142143new Voluntary Elastic Supply scam: elastic euro, in for 5 eth, easily pulling out 50. join or die…[View]
26142142AVAX will hit $20 by Friday.[View]
2614208035k stablecoin[View]
26136910Did you buyed RBC biz, or you thought it was a mumbai scam?[View]
26142045Is it really that hard to tell your friends and family members you’re not gonna give them jack if yo…[View]
26140816Who else /going to be a millionaire this year/?[View]
26140610Follow the light anons. You can see where it's going, intergalactic.[View]
26140546What does making it actually mean to you?: You don't honestly think you'll just... stop ac…[View]
26138265Do you guys do things other than bitcoin trade around here? I'm looking to start a small agricu…[View]
26141938So now that the dust has settled: What went unequivocally wrong?[View]
26141294Told you faggots, now cry, we going up[View]
26140818CUDOS: Why is /biz/ not talking about cudos?[View]
26141986AHHHHHHHHHHH: is this new link and our coin for 2021. how many x it does. price prediction for end o…[View]
26139987I literally paid 3 ETH for .04 LP: am I retarded?[View]
26141966Whats mike been upto he hasnt said anything in a while.[View]
26141899>there are idiots on /biz/ that unironically bought the bulltrap[View]
26141752SAY IT WITH ME: LOVELY O V E L Y I am from the future. You ancient mongoloid grog faggots are on the…[View]
26135981Which does more x’s in 2021: Both will be successful but which one and why[View]
26137982So, I need $31 billion to build an orbital ring around the earth What's the fastest way to get …[View]
26141825crypto is a scam. you should trade options :D[View]
26133393This is your buy signal: Actually read the fud, it's not real. Join the telegram and leave the …[View]
26141652KSM: we're pumping kusama bin laden bros![View]
26138621Satoshi: Is Adam Back really Satoshi?[View]
26137634RBC RBC RBC: C R O S S C H A I N[View]
26137056/RBCG/ - Rubic Token General: Hello fellow rubichads, how are you holding up? I hope you boys are st…[View]
26134967MOTHERFUCKING STATERA: Hows there no god damn thread as we're ripping and the pools are explodi…[View]
26141372Just like that...: 1 BTC will never be above or below 1 BTC again.[View]
26141687How can I prevent the Binance from sewing?: > Fucking fees after fees after fees for futures.…[View]
26141672So yea you see..they gave me the money. Then I just went ahead and put it into my own bank account. …[View]
26141498Is this bullish?[View]
26140375GLITCH, BITCH: IT'S LIVE. BUY BUY BUY https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0x1037…[View]
26139130if you don't own chainlink then i don't like u[View]
26139607Coronachan: Anyone else from the 2017 bullrun get back into crypto because of Corona? I feel so grat…[View]
26137937I bought LINK in the summer at $19 and sold when it went under $10 in September[View]
26141598This is gonna make me rich[View]
26141192$CUDOS: a low cap project that is actually quality[View]
26140722This will be the biggest gainer in 2021: Screencap this.[View]
26137419uni vs link: i have an opportunity to put 10k into uni or chainlink. what should i choose? my goal i…[View]
26141007Am I crazy for thinking that the only coins anyone should hold is BTC and ETH? I understand Link, I …[View]
26135328what are we calling our new frien?[View]
26141479hey biz, c said there are millionaires here who can give you money advice[View]
26141078all hail lord poobis. i have 7k chainlink btw[View]
26134934Why is LINK performing so shit in this bull run[View]
26140088*singlehandedly saves the 2021 bullrun* NOTHING PERSONNEL, BOBOS[View]
26141174Do you guys have a certain voice you hear when you read threads?: I usually just hear a childs voice…[View]
26140342I love each and everyone of you so I’ll give you a heads up. Buy RBC before I spam more youtubers. T…[View]
2613967510x my $100,000: I'm about 3-4 months of work away from hitting the 100k mark. How do I 10x thi…[View]
26141449AVAX: Comfiest hold in the universe[View]
26141374What is the best state to retire in after you make it?[View]
26140214All Hail Lord Poobis and his Cryptocurrency underlings[View]
26141244Hello /biz/: Hello friends, gentlemen! I need to know the BEST way to turn $10M into $0 by EOW.…[View]
26141384>AKRO: Why the fuck is none talking about this Gem ?. Jesus Christ look at the boy go.[View]
26141073Do your own research $CUDOS: Enough said[View]
26141312I'm tired anons ... I'm as stupid as they come and its enough. I need help but theres none…[View]
26141373Hey guys want to trade some bitcorns on my magic exchange? It's called Mtgox stands for Magic o…[View]
26141368Can any knowledgeable anons tell me if, uh, ZCash actually only has 50 nodes? And why there appears …[View]
26141349/wfh/ general: I'm ah.. just going to rest my eyes for a bit /biz/. Sheckelstein won't min…[View]
26140496The Age of Bulls is over.: The Time of the Bear has come. >I made this meme myself and I hope you…[View]
26139611Stop buying Bonded Finance: STOP IT. https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0x64c29aac69d…[View]
26140769UNI coin: What's the deal with this coin and why do i have 400 on my metamask?[View]
26137904Is anyone else terrified at this media attention? Big twitter people tweeting about it. Keemstar, Lo…[View]
26140321Hope you sold.: Biz really never changes. Today is most likely your last day to sell before the cra…[View]
26141140Millionaires Thread: who else here /millionaire/? just got off the phone with an african prince that…[View]
26140190XRP HATE THREAD[View]
2614032099% of the crypto 'investors' on this board are degenerate gamblers[View]
26138384I need to go to sleep, but I know BTC will either pump or dump in the middle of the night.[View]
26141085Anime Industry: Hey biz, I'm thinking of starting up a business where people on this board vote…[View]
26140762>1m FTM in cold storage[View]
26136071SELL! SELL! SELL!: https://www.lynalden.com/ethereum-analysis/[View]
26141098Lord forgive me for my greed: I know that one day I will put my blasphemous past behind me, light it…[View]
26140972BRAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPP: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/rubic[View]
26137596imagine not dropping at least 200 USD to this shit back when it was sub 0.001[View]
26140175Tell me how to do it: okay guys, spoonfeed a newfag and tell me the best way to make money on the si…[View]
26140606How comfy are we Algo Chads ?[View]
26141018Wanna see something?[View]
26138512FUCK!: BTC crashed below this mega support line. It's over.[View]
26138855>low 6 figure hell[View]
26139822with LINK you get 3-6 months of pain, 24-48 hours of fun and then another 3-6 months of pain, i gues…[View]
26139952Anyone using Raspberry Pi + a monitor for a real-time crypto following? Any thoughs?[View]
26140994So we're all just going to pretend that btc is fine? Your shit is nothing without btc, plan acc…[View]
26139647DENT: Hey sluts. Go ahead and buy a bunch of this totally legit coin. I read everything about it on …[View]
26136945/SMG/ Stock Market General: AMD goes he green Tuesday or I lose all my money edition >Brokers htt…[View]
26140955Is this worth looking into: RVN[View]
26140784Which should I 1k stack GRT or XLM?[View]
26138551Is the lottery a waste of money?[View]
26140895Scam wicks: So I was just looking for a coin to swing and I was looking at the ATOM chart and notice…[View]
26139729whenever I have cash, I burn at least $20 which decreases the total supply and makes USD more valuab…[View]
26140693bought bag of ARPA: looks like bottom at btc pair. Is it some pajeet scam or legit project? What sho…[View]
26140477Wanna watch pajeets seethe? Post pic related in every RBC thread[View]
26140491Opened a 10x ETH long with $100: What awaits me[View]
26140493>king poobis is my lord and savior now. how do i profit from this? what is the most efficient way…[View]
26140734Tether stopped printing: https://twitter.com/JacobOracle/status/1350794420300480512[View]
26140585Can't I just buy a shit ton of a low mcap shitcoin to pump the price and then immediately sell?…[View]
26139642Reminder that if you sell, you’re retarded[View]
26140745Are you coping that you are priced out to get to your goal stack of LINK?[View]
26138059>he's not goonin with his lumens >he hasn't bought the 14 day consolidation >he d…[View]
26140156$BTC fud: Saw this meme floating around with a few others on social media[View]
26140611I need $30 billion to fund anti-aging research in order to extend my lifespan to 200. What's th…[View]
26140318GRT SCHIZOS:: I kneel.[View]
26140270>he saled[View]
26140361I fucking love chicken nuggers[View]
26139813Is it shit?[View]
26139204STC moon gem: Student coin STC .. newly listed on coin gecko ..already 2 x .. this is gonna fly . DY…[View]
26140623>NOOOOOO STOP BUYING MY VIDYA CARDS TO MINE BTC Why don't they just use their old cards to m…[View]
26140432A toast to /biz/ and wealth. Long live the golden bull.[View]
26140209What a fucking scam: I bought a few hours ago and it does not go up and everybody is fudding it Is t…[View]
261385895 figure hell[View]
26139476Wtf is btc doing, can't go up can't go down.[View]
26139274Just bought 30k stacklet, see you at the moon bois[View]
26140163You will NOT make it. You will remain fat and poor.[View]
26118751Fuck this shitcoin: Literally every fucking alt is pumping except this, every single fucking alt. I …[View]
26138536Sir: Buy many many PNK, sir. Do needful! Kleros thread.[View]
26138515IT'S OVER[View]
26138672Bitcoin and Global Warming: The higher the price of Bitcoin goes, the more emissions that Bitcoin cr…[View]
26138353What's the endgame?: What does 'making it' entail? Living the NEET dream forever? Hot hos? Hot …[View]
26140539don't forget to get DMM before it pops... enjoy the gains biz :)[View]
26140223All Gonna Make It: Remember when ETH was $250 and wouldn't move an inch month after month after…[View]
26140404wold kompooter[View]
26139903How to Make It: Planning to make it to 7 figures with this portfolio, take notes...[View]
26136344Anyone been using blockfi? Is there any downsides hodling on here or should I just keep my coins in …[View]
26138575How much ADA do I need to become a millionaire in 10 years? How much ETH do I need to become a milli…[View]
26139904fuck poobis[View]
26124614/pmg/ - Precious Metals General: JPM's silver being shocked for moar cheapies Edition >Why G…[View]
26139914Strap in faggots the fuse is lit[View]
26136742I finally sold the top[View]
26139680Do I have what it takes? Am I going to the moon with you guys?[View]
26135394>tfw can't buy a chad face What's the point[View]
26139564butterfly proto?: there's a tweet that says Butterfly Protocol will have their IDO with PolkaSt…[View]
26139494Tfw transferring crypto: Anyone else feel their balls in their throat[View]
261400430Chain and LSD: The LSD patterns form ø, look into Saturn aswell. 0Chain will be $10 EOY, screen cap…[View]
26139717I may or may not have just bought the top[View]
26140015glipdo guwwenci[View]
26137862If someone was buying 500 BTC a day, how long would it take for BTC to run out or for them to only b…[View]
26139977Is it too late for me, anons?: Is it too late to get in on AVAX or any other promising alts right no…[View]
26137246>start making money in the market >feel bad about it because other people are losing or don…[View]
26138241Redpill me on technical analysis. Is it actually useful or a larp?[View]
26139327I thought it would be a battle between Polkadot DOT and ADA Cardano, but it turns out that Polkadot …[View]
26138858when you get to 6 figure hell you will realize you missed all boats to become a millionaire you need…[View]
26139779$1000 EOY: Finally bought some LINK today. FOMO was too strong. I know, I had 3 years, I'm an i…[View]
26137953Pure coincidence?: >sun rises in India >/biz/ suddenly turns into 90% threads shilling pump an…[View]
26139828Easiest gains[View]
26139791I made this PeePee: Cardano back to 5 cents next week[View]
26139162REN SNX DOT LINK: Most of my holdings are in Link. Bought at $1.70. Now I want to move my eth into s…[View]
26139767Never sell[View]
26139774finna crash yo markkket, wyboy[View]
26139728Is this what Asian exchanges look like?[View]
26134852citizenship by investment: for the bros that made it: anyone here bought a second passport with your…[View]
26138640Does BAO remind you of the early days of LINK?: Discuss.[View]
26138077i did the needful[View]
26139544I said the N word today[View]
26137213genuine question, why should i invest in link? why do you think it's going to go up?[View]
26139307*silently moons*[View]
26136659When do I stop holding my portfolio all in one coin? I am at 3.5k networth in crypto, when do I dive…[View]
26136342Riddle Me This Bros:: Many of y'all have been shilling RBC today due to the recent dip. I haven…[View]
26139148Is AVAX actually going to be the next ETH?: I keep hearing people say that. What do they mean?…[View]
26139131urbit: who is using this? can anyone drop invites for chill groups that i can join? preferably /biz/…[View]
26138714What should I buy? AVAX FTM DOT[View]
26139415Holy shit: Wario Bought Chainlink[View]
26138095I will nuke India: Bros.... i fell for the pajeet AVAX scam.. I hate myself bros...[View]
26134333AVAX Future Thread: The Third Breakthrough in Consensus Protocols was achieved and freed us from the…[View]
26139512Is OMG the same as BNB/BSC , but worse?: Doesn't BSC accomplish the same thing as OMG does?…[View]
26137725this man will destroy AVAX[View]
26139526WAGMI FOREVER[View]
26139521Omisego had a bump of 50 cent over night. Should I buy now at 3.50€ before it goes up even further?[View]
26139488Xlm aka loomie coin is starting to gain some attraction in big whale circles boyz, do what Yu must w…[View]
26138786Avoiding taxes: I've been thinking about how i can access my profits and achieve direction neut…[View]
26137318>Europeans wake up >Market shits itself Without fail, every time, right on schedule. Why do eu…[View]
26139439I have some surplus money to invest in a smaller market cap token maybe Polymath. Or should I just p…[View]
26139329RSR/ZIL: Give me ONE reason I shouldn't just all-in my portfolio into these two shitcoins. …[View]
26138587All in ALGORAND the glowies know[View]
26139442back to bed beijing bobo: asia sellers will stop dumping, but only if you reply 'back to bed be…[View]
26139273Is this really it, Bobos? Is it finally happening? Has our time come?[View]
26127477I bought GRT because the logo looks aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and it feels like I'm co…[View]
26139005What’s up with PRQ: No threads recently[View]
26139039just bought 2 full chainlink: yeah, im a bit of an investor myself[View]
26136461XRT gets testnet Parachain: XRT will be $100 before the end of the month. Lots of traction with XRT …[View]
26137084$34k: It won't hold.[View]
26138350Why do people freak out over hourly and daily price fluctuations? Are people so low IQ they forget E…[View]
26137938>welcome to Wendy's can I take your order? YEEEEAH ILL TAKE A TEXTBOOK TRIPPLE DOUBLE TOP, C…[View]
26131017Where are all my RSR bros?[View]
26139253https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GxfJ40eDas You invested in WHAT? BITCONNECT? DON'T TELL ME YOU…[View]
26138251the next 10x gem - mona: Biz, reposting as we are beginning to pump. With alt season here, I am look…[View]
26135935UNION: can we break this stupid range already what the fuck. how many touches does it usually take? …[View]
26138979CZ is playing with AVAX withrawls and deposits again: You know what's coming[View]
26138256what are some skills I should study for one hour per day if all I care about is acquiring money[View]
26136745SAVE YOUR BAGS FOR ANOTHER DAY: >someone please make a vocal cover I saw you buying at the all-ti…[View]
26139156Anything in IOST?[View]
26139030Ermmmm omg bros was the partnership with tony hawk finally confirmed[View]
26138632>had a chance to buy link at 30 cents. >didn't. how do i stop the self hatred. how do i m…[View]
26137778Worth holding on to this 2017 shitcoin?[View]
26139032Were going to $100 huh[View]
26137512Why do people become bobos? Most of them can’t be people who short. What causes a bobo? It’s someone…[View]
26139055YOU ARE TOO LATE FOR LINK There is no point in you buying LINK anymore with your few 100 or Thousand…[View]
26138125Suterusu: 2021's Antshares. Privacy bull. Asian golden Ox. It's all so obvious.[View]
26137794RSR: You can only post in this thread if you hold at least 1 million and will be a future billionair…[View]
26138366The conference yesterday revealed to the world the stuttering potheads that run this scam. Price has…[View]
26138254What is the solution to helping XRP retards break free from this spell they are under? I’m legit sta…[View]
26138942>I made this pepe.[View]
26138937rip my bags[View]
26138927I can't believe the CMC price today Oh, I can't close my eyes and make it go away How long…[View]
26137859damn biz really thinks short term on rbc kek: If you can't handle a small drop, you shouldn…[View]
26137297Everyone said ETH was next.[View]
26138579Is this any good?: I heard about defi pulse index and was wondering if it's a good pick for thi…[View]
26137912Close...: Even the crypto YouTuber, BitBoy Crypto just said in his video what I've been telling…[View]
26136976You have to turn $100 into $1mill: What do you invest in? If you don't reply to this post you a…[View]
26137621most of you do not even understand the power of chainlink. you think you can accomplish your patheti…[View]
26135605Serious question: Can $1000 LINK happen? What's the case?[View]
26138319API3 Status: Mooning: We mooning sirs[View]
26137630Sorry faggots, AVAX is going to $100 as BTC, DOT and RADIX all drop 75%.[View]
26138361Are you having FUN?[View]
26138639Cheers, welcome to the party.[View]
26138633Hey biz. I’m back into crypto again since a long break since the blow off top in 2018. What’s the be…[View]
26138025Are mortgages a scam?[View]
26138607What is your plan when making it, biz?[View]
26138284>he bought AVAX at the top >misses Fantom mooning to 1B mc…[View]
26137810>just get a mortgage and gamble your sanity away as it's impossible to know if you will or n…[View]
26137894Redpill me on this[View]
26137829IYKYK BTC 2013 1K 2017 20K 2021 200K ETH 2017 1K 2021 20K LINK 2021 1K[View]
26137488Homo anon here. Anyone else think Charles is kind of cute? I’m up 8x since I started posting these t…[View]
26137515Stop posting threads about Fantom[View]
26138285I fucking hate staggots: 500k chadlet who actually fucking understands the value proposition of this…[View]
26138503bought the top again[View]
26136378pajeet discord pumpers: These discord pajeets are literally coordinating p&d campaigns from coin…[View]
26136993finally dumped the last of this shitcoin: i'm finally free[View]
26131890Your top crypto choices on coinbase: Besides the obvious heavy hitters. Anything tradeable on CB tha…[View]
26138275PERPETUAL PROTOCOL: this coin lets you long and short coins without exchanges and works now. look at…[View]
26138268Bitcoin price: What is this shit anyways How much does the price go up if 1 more bitcoin is being bo…[View]
26136398you have 5 seconds to explain why you don't hold polkadot. >jumps to #4 marketcap >btfo…[View]
261365101.9T spending plan: anons, what are your thoughts on Biden's 1.9T spending plan? I am honestly …[View]
26138365ONE: I want to announce that we would be having a private sale on Wednesday the 20th by 3pm GMT. The…[View]
26137179So the normies that are now getting into crypto, will make the normies of 2017 look like l33t h4ck3r…[View]
26137231I can't believe its over.: I just realized $23 is the ultimate top for LINK. Been holding for 3…[View]
26137841You guys have no idea how many Chainlink subcribers this subreddit is getting on a daily now Before …[View]
26137439Keemstar buys 1M XRP: Let's all laugh at this fucking retard[View]
26136441What happened to Litecoin? Why did it dump so much?[View]
26137397You don't just type for a living... do you anon?[View]
26137260self improvement: while you make it, are you getting /fit/ and /lit/ as well? What are some recent m…[View]
26138197Hello: > Is it me you're looking for?[View]
26136126Just bought 7 million BAO: Will this get back to ATH soon? I am fucking done with holding non-defi s…[View]
26136932XMR LTC: discuss correlations why up is up and down is down samesame[View]
26136849Here goes that argument[View]
26138034You sold anon, didn’t you?: Biz really never changes. Today is most likely your last day to sell be…[View]
26137232why do chinks feel the need to dump crypto every single goddamn day[View]
26137190UNN: Stairs up, then elevator up. Union is strength. See you on the beach in Q2. https://www.dexto…[View]
26137106Is buying a shit ton of shares in crypto exchanges the safest return? Gonna buy the fuck out of coin…[View]
26132178Bonded Finance will 20x by February: Bottom is in boys. Main net soon. https://www.dextools.io/app/u…[View]
26137987ButterFly Protocol IDO with PolkaStarter: there's a tweet that says Butterfly Protocol will hav…[View]
26137898What do I need to prepare myself /biz/?: With the value of the USD eventually going down soon with i…[View]
26136985Bitcoin is now worth $34000-$35000. That's basically worthless trash. Rat poison squared. Sell …[View]
26132024Drop your 5 biggest bags for the upcoming alt run. Ill start: 1. Aave 2. Ren 3. YFI 4. Sushi 5. Make…[View]
26137622Sunday, Bloody Sunday! Sunday, Bloody Sunday! Sunday, Bloody Sunday! Sunday, Bloody Sunday! Alright,…[View]
26136653is capitulation ever acceptable?[View]
26135860I live in Liechtenstein. AMA[View]
26137715hasmeet, we have a problem[View]
26137676What does my id mean (x0mQEFNb)[View]
26135826We are all going to make it frens.: 2017 fag here Chainlink will be #1. Not #2, #3 or #4 but fucking…[View]
26137168Do I ultimately save money with stable coins: >low IQ retard >buy and sell with 400-500 fees …[View]
26136181Is buying WWE stock a good option for later investments?[View]
26137170Why do you not own physical gold? (btw I made this)[View]
26136268Nobody is falling for this, are they?[View]
26137678Pi cycle almost giving a sell signal[View]
26136106Interest on Crypto: I'm having a really hard time not think ing these are too good to be true. …[View]
26136436>bought at $23.40 dear god...[View]
26137209BTC is totally out of steam: quite pathetic i guess this is the power of crypto? no wonder we are th…[View]
26133485Wait so you're telling me I can buy this shitcoin and make 5% APY off of it and dont even have …[View]
26134573ELI5: AVAX nodes?: How do you set up a node and how much do you make from it?[View]
26137454>the only ETH alternative to not be vaporwave >active dev team run by 200 IQ professor who was…[View]
26137524Why invest in humans when all it could take to make them useless is to decrease the oxygen level in …[View]
26137495No it wont go up srs i was jk sry: Serious question: How do you read the picture? Max possible BTC p…[View]
26137420Why don't you do this?: You have literally no excuse for not making it.[View]
26132124I make like $30,000 a year, $50,000 in savings and my mom is finally trying to kick me out of the ho…[View]
26137206its probably nothing but can someone pls tell me why this jumped to $3k from $0.10? and dumped short…[View]
26137303FTM FTM FTM[View]
26137069i hold 32 btc and 2k ltc ama.[View]
26134901>tfw you hold XLM[View]
26124376PORTFOLIO THREAD: MAKING IT EDITION: Post folios and give advice, real niggas only. What shitcoin to…[View]
26135582>link did literally 100x from 0.2 c to 22.5 >have 1.27m usd >still can't retire im so …[View]
26135912>borrow 100k from aave as usdc loan >deposit on keeperdao for 60% interest >thats 1.2k per …[View]
26137257CHAINLINK 1K GOTY[View]
26135718my bags are ready. don't miss out /biz[View]
26136402The big question, will it hold sirs??[View]
26136639I hope Enjin dumps. There's nothing more cucked than investing in a coin to be used for videoga…[View]
26137184you don't understand /biz/ there exists a universal constant which will never let us make it[View]
26135479Is Bitcoin going up or down??[View]
26132749Give me one good reason why I shouldn't dump $1M USD into AVAX right this second.[View]
26135186GRT vs AVAX which make-it stack should I buy?[View]
26137182Just copy your jewish neighbor's moves you faggots[View]
26137085Guy, I invested in Link at $23 and now its at $21 I feel bad.. Wasnt this supposed to moon?[View]
26137065Only reason I seem to smile is when I see a “WTFWT???” Post on here after chainlink moons: Please do…[View]
26135903I made this thread.[View]
26136595Elon Musk will tweet about AVAX in a week or two Screencap this[View]
26136964>tfw only 9 Bitcoin Will I make it Bizbros?[View]
26137083RYIP last call: Anons get in as fast as you can, is on discount $RYI Platinum is live! (YFdai fork) …[View]
26136965$36,722.35 Rejected: $36,722.35 Rejected[View]
26136963>bought LTC at 144 >btc start to dump immediately after it's over bros, I'm going t…[View]
26136991UMMMMMM BROS[View]
26136442Reserve: It's Sunday, January 17th, 2021 and RSR is still the best hold in all of crypto. Reser…[View]
26133660What is a good entry price for Parsiq stock?[View]
26135867Lot's of XSN fudders today: Guess the dip to 69cents wasn't good enough, well too bad. You…[View]
26136906Bitcuck: $0 EOY[View]
26136967I've been real depressed anon, did I just miss my chance to hop on the Cardano rocket to the mo…[View]
26136814What's next my niggers?[View]
26133227How does it really feels to hold avax?[View]
26136927you are a fucking faggot if you don't buy stellar below 30c. I have bought and sold this range …[View]
26136854>buy link over 23$ >srll under 21 i cant believe its this easy…[View]
26136266Don't let me down /biz/: N[View]
26136736I think they almost done accumulating from weak hands. Been around 2011 and it just doesn't fe…[View]
26135693baobros only[View]
26133366/smg/ - Stock Market General: *teleports behind your portfolio* edition >Brokers https://pastebin…[View]
26135679When did this become a Pajeet board?: Last time I came here regularly was 2017. What the hell happen…[View]
26135742My sister’s boyfriend used to mine BTC back before the first big crash. For my birthday one year he …[View]
26135180Has anyone ever made it: If you larp you're just weird I want to hear real success stories Has …[View]
26133653I have $2 million in Crypto and never used my own money: Basically I made a fortune out of nothing. …[View]
26136594who is gaybo?[View]
26135416>buy a coin with the best fundamentals excluding ETH and BTC >vitalik buterin himself can…[View]
26135863I AM STILL FINANCIALLY LIBERATED: How are you doing today bro's? Hope you're still in the …[View]
26136712Stable Coins: So, the purpose of stable coin is basically tax evasion? Won't regulation come fo…[View]
26134390LCX SEIZURE: wtf is LCX doing right now[View]
26136702HERE WE GO!: Down to 1000 we go![View]
26136450>China dumping again before lunchtime on a Sunday Like clockwork[View]
26136553>there will never be another alt szn[View]
26135338sold at 14k b/c it was going to crash bought back at 25k sold at 40k now i am not buying back, b/c i…[View]
26133829Will Kleros replace Tether as the go to stablecoin?[View]
26135137Riches from $60: I'm gonna try to make as much money as possible this run using only $60, anons…[View]
26136454When are we expecting this cunt to take off[View]
26132439I have inherited over $750,000 CAD, I know this is board is a bit of a meme but any meaningful inves…[View]
26118297An absolute sleeping giant: When STA wakes up, it is going to tear up the charts faster than the pre…[View]
26136419Bitcoin will never be 36 thousand again.[View]
26136401Want your own automated temp agency?: Won a hackathon at CISCO with this one, NSA turned it into a t…[View]
26133229Chainlink: I have 100,000 dollars in disposable income......is it still worth buying more chainlink…[View]
26135998>be me >have many sin debts >would have had to pay for them in hell for all eternity >tf…[View]
26136142literally fucking dumping AGAIN. so fucking tired of this.[View]
26134785AVAX General: 500 suicide stack 2000 make it stack 10,000 citadel stack How many you stackin bro?…[View]
26136412Btc dump: Humpty Dumpy has came back. EXTREME DUMP INCOMING[View]
26136340>chinks wake up >market dumps AGAIN how can we keep letting them get away with this?…[View]
26135978Just opened a 10x short at 36000 with 10 BTC[View]
26136350If you are watching anything closer than the 3H candle chart, you're ngmi[View]
26136343First Decentralized Hashrate Yield-Farming Protocol: LISTED ON MXC AND GATE.IO > Governance > …[View]
26133278YFI to $1,000,000: YFI will be the first crypto to reach $1 million USD, this cycle. IYKYK.[View]
26136026how do you guys do it? i just hate crypto whenever i buy any position, no matter how small it's…[View]
26134836Eplain this picture?: Do I need to take my meds?[View]
26133852So recently I’ve been doing some staking and managed to turn 100m into 1.1B. I bought a twisted bow …[View]
26135714$SPI 100$ waiting room: Get in this fagggggg before it's too late >Mcap of 7m >Based drop…[View]
26136275Prosper is a non-custodial, cross-chain prediction market and hedging platform. Prosper is developin…[View]
26134347its over RLChads we will never break 2$ ever again[View]
26134082Who's buying RAMP: Ramp is promising. It's using liquidity bridges to unlock multiple yiel…[View]
26136017$22.83: >$22.83[View]
26136225Nocoiner hate thread: Imagine not realising how easy it is to make it[View]
26136244What happens you go further than greed and euphoria If it doesn’t crash I’m just going to get bored …[View]
26136208YFDAI FORK IS OUT GET IN HERE!!!!!!!!: WE'RE HEADING STRAIGHT TO $3K YFTE (YFTether) - Same eve…[View]
26135604>Partnered with Chainlink >Grinding away at the development of a monster project for almost th…[View]
26136166Hello let me introduce you to the SNEEDFUL TACTIC: Do you want to make MANY MONEY? Get RICH? Here it…[View]
26134884I went ALL IN on this crap. Am I gonna make it or am I irreparably retarded?[View]
26135534DIA x Coinmarketcap x Coingecko: are you stacked up on the second coming of link?[View]
26136132I thought we were going to go up... now im left holding the heavy bags again.. Ill never make it[View]
26136105>Crashes the crypto market with the force of $15 billion worth of T.G.I. Fridays milkshake discou…[View]
26134565The market is literally never going to crash: ..Is it? I'm priced out forever now, aren't …[View]
26135449FUCK XLM: Fuck this piece of shit coin[View]
26136027Be honest bizbros: Am I going to make it?[View]
26136161Zodiac: Sweaty ding dongs[View]
26135690ADA or GRT: Which is a better investment and why?[View]
26132713BOND BROS: REPORT IN. IT'S TIME. OOOOOOOOOooooOOOOOOO https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-…[View]
26135726>borrow $5k at 5% interest for 12 months from bank >use that $5k to buy DOT and stake it on Bi…[View]
26136083Does Cudos destroy iExec's asshole?[View]
26133965Quick: Post the best stocks, companies and sectors to invest in. Not cryptofaggots allowed[View]
26134097I dont give a fuck if it takes 10 or 20 years. I want to know which cryptos are going to moon in the…[View]
26132881$100,000 $10,000 $1,000[View]
26135226Someone explain why this doesn't have the capabilities of pulling a 20x or more?[View]
26134074Does this guy ever change his clothes[View]
26135961Is/Was Blockstream compromised by not increasing the block size of BTC, amongst other things? Have t…[View]
26135871was the mozzarella worth it?[View]
26134627API3, THE ANTI-NIGGERS CHOICE: Listen lads, we all hate niggers (node operators), taking gibs from t…[View]
26135936How can you watch this video of 3 years ago and not invest all-in in Cudos the token of Cudo Venture…[View]
26131701Just turned 18 and heard the dollar was losing it's value. Got $100 and interest in bitcoin. Sh…[View]
26134683its about to be a blood bath lmao[View]
26135285coinbase stock: isn't this a herp a derp easy bet?: All these normies are making money off tesl…[View]
26131526'Staking/mining rewards are taxed at the time of generation, and again at the time of sale': Do you …[View]
26135128FUCK NIGGERS GENERAL /FNG/: Node operators are greedy niggers who take most of the money from the wh…[View]
26135809TSD: This shit is the most likely of this category of tokens (seigniorage or whatever the hell) to a…[View]
26131786TGG - The Graph General #1 First Thread Edition: I haven't made a single general thread on biz …[View]
26134371What happens if I enter my wallet address instead of ERC-20 address on accident and send my tokens t…[View]
26135729>he complains XLM isnt moving >he isnt making overleveraged trades within the predictable rang…[View]
26135465Redpill me on DCA-ing: Has it worked for people long term?[View]
26114132/XMR/ Monero General: Welcome to the Monero General, dedicated to the discussion of the world's…[View]
26133999grug want trade rock for cryptoberries[View]
26135600IT'S HAPPENING TONIGHT!: https://etherscan.io/token/0xfabec03b04279c6e73f27aaf25866acc844448ae?…[View]
26135601Link is only up 3 bucks from it's ath last summer. Why are you guys acting like fucking idiots.…[View]
26135125Don’t try to upload pic related to 4channel: The jannies will ban you permanetely for copyright infr…[View]
26134643Door-to-Door Scam: >be me >NEET >heating up tendies in microwave >hear a knock at the do…[View]
26134899ITT: Top 3 tokens that will explode in 2021: My picks >XMR >ADA >LINK Drop your picks bros…[View]
26135276Newfag here and I’m fudding hard right now. I don’t have a lot of disposable income right now, but I…[View]
26134818BTC is undergoing consolidation. Do not fall for the fud. If you sell, then you're nothing but …[View]
26135197poorfag here. I have 100usd to spend should I put it in bonded finance or grt?: looks like I've…[View]
26132839Crypto YouTubers: ITT: post based crypto youtubers. I haven't found a non-annoying one yet.…[View]
26135119If Bitcoin goes up tomorrow, then that astrology whore was correct. She said the 18th looks favorabl…[View]
26131617A Serbian tale: > 2017 > 20 yo student from Serbia > Average salary in country is ~400$ mon…[View]
26131106Why are you not mining pi network/bee? Later this year Pi will be launching a peer to peer marketpla…[View]
26133843What the fuck has happened to this board?: Can niggers from India please be fucking banned to stop t…[View]
26135443All right biz pajeets. Shill me this project. Why is it a game changer? What’s the pumpamentals?[View]
26135248the plan: >keep DCAing LINK, ADA, and GRT until 6 figures >roll 6 figures of alts into BTC …[View]
26135422>you will eat the bug[View]
26135413STC moonshot: Only on coin gecko for 30 minutes .. easy 10x Official STC Launchpad ICO announcement!…[View]
26135144back to $1... I guess... wake me up when september ends[View]
26133289WeOwn (CHX): Get ready for the ride of your fucking life.[View]
26135398the big D: what does the future hold?[View]
26134727normalfags >see baby yoda=dopamine spike /biz/raelites >see number go up=dopamine spike are we…[View]
26135383>He didnt sell at 23.70[View]
26134223bao: Hi! Baoman here, celebrated creator of bao.finance. I just made this post to inform you that I …[View]
26135296You are a dumb pajeet if you don’t buy: This is not a scam. Please do your own research before you m…[View]
26135339Bubble?: Are we nearing the end bois, is this a bulltrap?[View]
26133391Can I really trust: Trust Wallet?[View]
26135014healthcare?: what's the deal w healthcare once you've made it? should i just work at a gym…[View]
26133553Best investment strategies under socialism?: Time to face the facts, the USA will be a third world s…[View]
26133827is it a buy, /biz? currently on presale[View]
26133012Can I get to 100k?: I’m hoping my portfolio will turn into $100k+ within the next year. Any advice a…[View]
26133480What does AVAX do that other coins can't? How would it gain a large market cap? pic unrel[View]
26134385why is this still 90% from ATH while most of the other big coins have recovered? I'm not an exp…[View]
26134618this lil nigga has yet to fail me[View]
26134203I'm the autist from yesterday: >>26091626 I mean I even tried laying it out to show I was…[View]
26123537/XSG/ XRP Schizo General #545: >Flare/Spark Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bMGWE6dJiw…[View]
26132504BAT thread: sad thread[View]
26134539Redpill me on 1inch: Looks solid, 4% of Uniswap's marketcap, suggested by smart people, not mid…[View]
26135052When keepin' it smart goes wrong: How exactly does this fit into the bigger picture with DOT + …[View]
26134879'PayPal 2.0' Not exactly. This coin can do everything paypal does but.... It is literally going to …[View]
26132778https://twitter.com/OTC_Bitcoin/status/1350981010687721476 rip chainlink holders[View]
26134159any anons from Hungary here?: I was looking at real estate near lake Balaton and found some very aff…[View]
26134686Litecoin: I bought 2 of these for $44 a piece. What is the point of them? No one here seems to care …[View]
26134961I’m glad normies are priced out. They must not make it to the yacht party as patrons but as waiters …[View]
26133820I legit laughed on loud with tears for 5 minutes straight all alone in my room at 3am when saw this …[View]
26133067Incentivizing nodes: Once nodes are being paid by actual customers, what happens to the remainder of…[View]
26134504Everything is a ponzi[View]
26134915DeFi blue chips: i feel like i'm going to make more money by just HODLing my current portfolio …[View]
26134903YFL-Linkswap: Tell me Biz? Why arent you trading and buying LINK on the platform with cheapest swap …[View]
26134594Time for big /biz/ness, my friends. And by that, I mean I'm going to ask you folks where you w…[View]
26134876polkadot #4 mc >xrp btfo'd[View]
26134656New to crypto and I want to invest into two coins and DCA into them every month. What coins would be…[View]
26134183Why doesn’t biz have more respect for Bobos?: All we are saying is that for the health of the market…[View]
26134429my butthole bled again after I pooped[View]
26133640WTF WAS THAT?!?>!?[View]
26134784Link now is eth in 17 1k imminent that’s a 50x from here I’m ready[View]
26134782New Listing Moon Shot!!: https://app.bounce.finance/fixed-swap/5130 $RYI Platinum is live! (YFdai fo…[View]
26134271What is the ceiling on Rubic? Are we looking at it eventually being 5 or 10 dollars? If so, couldn…[View]
26131389This is the man who will revolutionize the entire crypto world[View]
26134283Is btc number going up or down[View]
26131741Why you should put size into Union (UNN): What the fuck was THAT?! Now we're cooking. STRENGTH.…[View]
26133360I had a weird experience a few seconds ago I puked with my nose because I laughed too much at your s…[View]
26131165>LINK over 23 >general board sentiment is NEGATIVE Lmao, we aren't gonna see price discov…[View]
26134323who else fell for the arbitrage scam? i've still got a week until coinbase accepts my deposit. …[View]
26132385Best Polkadot Ecosystem Coins?: Seems like Polkadot is the next big meme? Shill me some DOT/KSM toke…[View]
26134089FSD GEM MOONSHOT: elcome to the FSD Telegram! FSD is a fork to ESD, with similar mechanics, yet expa…[View]
26134521Piece of shit[View]
26134513ghost is BACK with a new team: ghost is back with a new team and new devs donig a lot of stuff in th…[View]
26134341I've been trying to warn you. It's coming.[View]
26133917Will I make it????: 1001 LINK Jr checking in[View]
26134411>28 >211,000 EUR networth It's over.…[View]
26134427>Oh, that's a really neat idea! And what exactly is the ERC-20 token used for? >It doesn…[View]
26134098>be complete video game autists throughout highschool >go to college >no clue how to social…[View]
26134322V: V[View]
26134168>This is a pajeet scam! >Don't buy this coin, its a scam No crypto has anything really ba…[View]
26133216This is no way to live: Thinking of just sticking to blue chips and just forgetting about shitcoins …[View]
26133497how it feels to hold avax 2021[View]
26132657how retarded is /biz/?: why do retards think it's a scam? it early isn't, even with the fu…[View]
26133432$25 is gonna feel good: waiting room I guess[View]
26121052shill.watch: Hey guys I created this tool that pulls data from biz and tries to rank coins on how mu…[View]
26133023>he's not a swing chad What's your excuse? Don't you want to make it to the top as…[View]
26134110Its going back up!: Newfag+poorfag here. I don't care what you guys say, I think RBC is gonna k…[View]
26134188Are you all comfy with your first Clover AirDropped NFT? Sure you are! Just want to remind you that …[View]
26134179tfw holding AVAX. best coins in crypto[View]
26132640>mfw rage selling newfags really did go and eschew ETH for RBC after telling them it's right…[View]
26133786Look guys i missed link maybe if i buy rbc it will get to 20$[View]
26108948No bao thread? Let's change that.[View]
26133686It's about time we take our rightful place in the top 3. The gall of these shitcoins amazes me.[View]
26134093YFDAI FORK IS OUT: GET IN HERE WE'RE HEADING STRAIGHT TO $3K YFTE (YFTether) - Same everything,…[View]
26133887Do the jannies know when USDC will moon?[View]
26134072Just went to Reddit: >b4 go back I visit when I’m bored, drunk and tweeking. I have been down boa…[View]
26134070hey niggers: i'm back[View]
26132716Prepared to throw away 200 grand for laughs Any suggestions?[View]
26132576IYKYK this is the next 80x.[View]
26133410Under the table chads: What's the best way to continue to DCA into crypto without depositing in…[View]
26133566peDOTphiles beware[View]
26134025I'm sick of hearing about your goddamn bitcoin stock. Can't I just read my newspaper in pe…[View]
26133715What is your triforce? >split into 3 >one pumps >sell high >split it into the other 2 …[View]
26132245There are two key takeaways from this article. Can you spot them both? Nobody managed to do it last …[View]
26133995Anyone else holding on to this underpriced gem?[View]
26133687In celebration of the past few days, can we get some LINK images dumped in this thread? All of you f…[View]
26132810I just wish bitcoin would hit $70k already[View]
26133121dHEDGE (roast that dht boi): you did buy DHT, didn't you anon? https://docs.dhedge.org/dhedge-p…[View]
26133778this is reliable: here its the secret of how avax will reach 100$ in 2022[View]
26133990You did buy right?: You know this blowing up in 2021, right? You did buy in at 12 cents, right? Don’…[View]
26133599Why won't this shit moon?: This shitcoin has been crabbing between$0.06-0.07. I need this to pu…[View]
26133970API3 brehs: did you pray today?[View]
26129537Financially annihilated.[View]
26133931BTFD $ZERO, 0 FEES, 0 GAS DEX INCOMING: 0 gas fees, fast exchange built on $AVAX, No presale, no inv…[View]
26133000That's all folks. Sell now.: Welp, I'm outtie. Bitcoin will crash and I'm getting th…[View]
26133612have you been accumulating, bros?[View]
26133630ITT: post your RBC stack: Got 100k right here, I'll look back at the price this summer or somet…[View]
26131296avaxchads get in here: we crab, we pump, the process repeats. who is in this for the long haul with …[View]
26121928XSN: The whales sold so they can accumulate more, buy.[View]
26128705Bought at 14 sold at 19: I want back in brahs, I had weak hands. Should I buy the top, or will Serge…[View]
26133844Don't believe the fud: Mywish was never a scam and still exists. Cope wih your losses fudding r…[View]
26133757press f for faggot xrp flippening[View]
26133812Where my Etherisc bro’s at?[View]
26132758When will eth move again: occ news has yet to be priced in, frens[View]
26132363Why are so many alts garbage? There's really only a couple dozen decent ones. I remember in 201…[View]
26133650So how many more days do we have to wait before we see the stereotypical -30%'s across the enti…[View]
26125743xlm: you missed btc, you missed link, and you're stuck in some meaningless shitcoin that hasn…[View]
26133559people pls rate my portfolio I'm too retarded to do it myself. Also post yours 30 DOT/30 ETH/20…[View]
26132785FUD = pump: Anyone remembers the $LINK fud back then? Same thing is happening right now and we will …[View]
26133453What are the odds Chainlink hits $40?[View]
26133608Does you have some /biz/?[View]
26133331What will you do when you make it?: I'm moving to the philippines. I already have 4 babies with…[View]
26132819the only coin that isn't shilled by pajeets: > https://shill.watch/biz/ because it's an…[View]
26133595any Solomon chads here[View]
26133583Realistically how much is link going to dip?[View]
26130836Bond: It's time lads[View]
26133269I withdrew ALL my money from my bank at 0.035 to buy in at RBC scamshitcoin AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…[View]
26132353Anniversary anon: Boys it's my 2 years anniversary with my girl and I have no idea of what shou…[View]
26132844MY MOM IS KICKING ME OUT OF THE HOUSE SHOULD I JUST GIVE HER 21.4 LINK?: She wants 500$ a month in r…[View]
26133328The OP from the other thread was being really mean to me. What is wrong with that guy,/biz/? I just…[View]
26128525ZOOM OUT GODDAMNID: Guys I told you already in 2018 and I am now telling you again that the bullrun …[View]
26133046How to cope with the fact that I'll only have a million when LINK hits $200[View]
26132303WTF WAS THAT!?[View]
26133409New defi project - MARS: Listed by Gate.IO and MXC > Governance > less than 3mil market cap …[View]
26131730RUBIC IS A SCAM: SCAMMER ALERT PAID SHILL CAMPAIGN https://www.reddit.com/r/ethtrader/comments/6ubvs…[View]
26133343>Chainlink: What the fuck is going on with Stinkies. I thought Sirgay dumped 500k every week ?. D…[View]
26132982Are (they) going to sue Tether soon to crash crypto and allow (themselves) the opportunity to buy ev…[View]
26133352what is up with this DFINITY crap[View]
26128743/smg/ Stock Market General: Stupid startup ideas edition >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq …[View]
2613307936 thousand rejected: We going down boys.[View]
26130428I know you dudes like airdrops. What do you call an airdrop that lasts forever? THE BEACH. That’s r…[View]
26132134Seriously, why the fuck is nobody talking about this on here?[View]
26126780$0.10 waiting room: Whales ejected. Moon time.[View]
26115133/pg/ - Parsiq / PRQ general: > $2 and $5 timeline prediction edition…[View]
26133270What are you waiting for /biz/?[View]
26133103Should I convert my measly 180$ Bitcoin to link?[View]
26130055YFI I hope you are all-in anons[View]
26132515DO SOMETHING[View]
26132961I just realized that iExec is not a scam: Because scams pump hard and iExec never pumps at all…[View]
26133213/link/ - linkies & finance[View]
26132312chainlink metaphor: does anyone have a screenshot of the chainlink metaphor that involves everyone t…[View]

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