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Displaying 3,000 expired threads from the past 3 days

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49020196>he doubted the power of trannies[View]
49019200any time now[View]
49020126>near wizardry >yet financially happy with my life, thanks to crypto and stocks >also a law…[View]
49006226I didn't get the job[View]
49014413Why is nobody talking about link in here?: You do realize this recession sets up perfectly for the f…[View]
49019652and you know that[View]
49018223another day, another billion leaves crypto: who's laughing now, bvllcvcks?[View]
49005847I work in Real Estate - shit isn't very good: I work in a large real estate brokerage in Florid…[View]
49013107Best coins/tokens to slurp during this dip?[View]
49019647>Gets into his laptop >Checks his holdings >Krida still not pampeng >People supposedly i…[View]
49018526Luna Chads, it’s over: It might actually be over boys…[View]
49017032Solidity: Will anything ever replace Solidity? It's such utter trash. It's super easy to g…[View]
49014260Have you guys ever thought about starting an actual productive business instead of gambling on coins…[View]
49019840/LPL/ Weekend General Thread: Slurps getting larger. Staking imminent. Who wouldn't want to get…[View]
49018610V3: I migrated from 2>3. I’m now getting just over 1% yield. It would of been better to stay in 3…[View]
49019751If excess aggregate demand is causing inflation, why don't we put wealth taxes on rich people a…[View]
49018646is being a male or female more profitable?[View]
49019682I hope you've been acoomulating: It's nearly time for the moon mission.[View]
49019535Anyone know something about this shitcoin? It showed so much promise a few weeks ago, as if it was g…[View]
49017840we were never supposed to make it[View]
48983763/XSG/ XRP Schizo General #1853: Previously on /XSG/ >>48951808 Buy XRP on Uphold/CoinMetro/Bit…[View]
49017401Some of you guys are alright: Don't come into the housing market this week.[View]
49010967/smg/ - Stock Market General: 30-year-old homeowner edition >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1yujtV…[View]
49015389ATOM: >airdrop golden era is over >interchain security is a complete meme >governance propo…[View]
49015991>Slowly acquires more partners, features and users >Product that is actually used and useful …[View]
49019459Death Cross: Bitcoin could be in for another major price correction going ahead, and if history were…[View]
49019349CROBURN 2022!: Are you prepared for the great CRONOS BURNOS? They have another 10b locked away in sm…[View]
49019382it always goes lower than you think it will[View]
49018719Luna: How do I set up a Luna burning mechanism, such as a music playlist? And how do you burn a coin…[View]
49019142BTTC - BitTorrent coin. What do you think of this one, /biz/?[View]
49018608My bank is emailing me about cryptocurrency: Is that a top signal, a bottom signal or a crabbish sig…[View]
49019429Any ways to earn crypto for the dumb poor incel anon?[View]
49019157I had 200k into altcoins, not I have around 20k... Should I take the loss and sell? I need the money[View]
49018657Join us, anon[View]
49019279Tether Reports 17% Decrease in Commercial Paper: Tether reported a 17% decrease in commercial paper …[View]
49019278Business Question: Hello /biz/, i have been worried about my own morals for a bit and have been tryi…[View]
49019117buy treasury bonds[View]
49019285Back to the cage and eating canned food. At least I didnt leave my job holyshit[View]
49017078do you trust trust wallet?: ever since EIP1559 I have been locked out of claiming crv admin rewards,…[View]
49018117Am I a complete retard for being worried about a world that is most likely going to end in a few dec…[View]
49019173Pajeet’s Needing Kurrency (PNK) is a cryptocurrency scam run out of a basement at the department of …[View]
49017141Sick of Coin Base: Is there a way to obtain USDT or BNC without using my bank account tied to an exc…[View]
49007212Crypto Question -explain it to me like I'm an idiot editon: New to crypto, doing a lot of my ow…[View]
49015377Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Martin Shkreli to crypto[View]
48998895So who the fuck is Satoshi Nakamoto actually[View]
49018240What happened to pic related ?[View]
49018902What free airdrop?: Also what a wanker[View]
49018854I've been thinking of this business idea, and I want to hear what you guys think. I've bee…[View]
49018849Outsider here: Let me in[View]
49014930Will Link ever get to $20 again? Please don't sugarcoat it, I need to know the truth, I am an t…[View]
49011895Martin Shkreli is back on Twitter doing a spaces talking biz https://twitter.com/Enrique5060782[View]
49018781>ironclad diamond mithril double bottom springboard support at 29k WE ARE ALL GONNA MAKE IT!!!!!!…[View]
49017487So, what's going on with JASMY?: I keep seeing a bunch of anons trying to shill JASMY by Wednes…[View]
49016612honesty, why is bitcoin such a nigger?[View]
49003289Thoughts about this?[View]
49014054Burn Address: Wait so who owns the burn address? On nearly every coin there is a wallet that says 'b…[View]
49016456I'm making my own stable coin: You give me cash and I will give you a token for it. I will keep…[View]
48998632webl maps on ICP: first Supernova submissions are getting leaked https://pp5h5-jaaaa-aaaad-qalvq-cai…[View]
49016507its over[View]
49018698Back to work thread: This thread is for those of us that have to go back to waging, how are your exp…[View]
49002787We know that price controls work at preventing price gouging and keeping products affordable for reg…[View]
49018544Anyone else hoping that gold crashes?: I just want to see all the boomers seethe. ...and listen to t…[View]
49014644>Creates the precursor to bitcoin, BitGold >first person to talk about smart contracts with cr…[View]
49018291>Elects democ-rat libturd neocons >All the meme power is gone >Btc crashes >Stock market…[View]
49004164There are people here who will be millionaires this summer and don't know it: What are they hol…[View]
49018576Whats the catch with I-bonds?: >Expected/Desired rate of return for stocks is 10% >If sold wit…[View]
49018094Bitcoin won't drop past 20k: Unless a literal black swan, wipeout of every institution that hol…[View]
48997261Anyone else feeling lighthearted about the market? BTC can go to 20k at worst. The war will likely …[View]
49018546Can we just skip the 3-5 weeks of crabbing at 28-32k and just get the dump to 20k over with, so we c…[View]
49016287Does this week decide for BTC?: It has been hitting the 30k ceiling for a couple weeks. Do you lads…[View]
49018498financially speaking?[View]
49015924Anyone else hoping that btc crashes?: I just want to see the world seethe[View]
49018551Druj brātar. I slurped the dip. You did not. We cannot be compared.[View]
49017930Gold: Congrats on this. Seriously.[View]
49004516You had 9 years[View]
49018513/biz/ness cards: Let's see /biz/'s card[View]
49018511Guess what bros: Martin is out of prison. That’s right Martin Skrelli you know that guy from redddit…[View]
49017017is Tradingview rugging for anyone else?[View]
49017549For the last 3 nights, every night. I have dreamt that I'm watching the chart for Bitcoin and i…[View]
49017900Is this boomer PoS a stablecoin now?[View]
49015359The Parsiq FUD has stopped, are fudders done accumulating?[View]
49018268Diesel price per gallon for collapse.: If diesel goes to $10 per gallon, how screwed are we all from…[View]
49016919>Yesss sell your coins >Didn't you know there's a heckin recession coming?…[View]
49015944you know in groundhog day how he's stuck in the loop until he learns to be nice to people? what…[View]
49013203crypto has no intrinsic value, free cash flow, or dividends. It's a ponzi scheme to convince yo…[View]
49017754/biz/ related books?: What are some good ones? I still need to finish 'How to Win Friends and Influe…[View]
49017228Change my mind: Any industry or corporation that claims to “break in” to the space of NFTs does not …[View]
49014155>that guy who's the last to buy a coin before it doinks kek what a dumped on bitch…[View]
49017962btc flatlining: its over.[View]
49017759I’m still curious about what kind of tournaments will krida have and if there is really people inter…[View]
49014075never traded crypto, I usually invest and sell on physical...wanna start, what service you suggest t…[View]
49017942Is 29.3k a good price to buy Bitcoin?[View]
49015457how do we fix the tranny janny problem?: In 2 hours he/she will start his 'shift' (for free) and wil…[View]
49008643he got away with it: and his only punishment is a NEET for 6 months[View]
49012544Beamswap CTO is a scammer: I personally know the Beamswap CTO Žiga Flis (pic related onions boy). In…[View]
49011004Reminder that Elon canceled the bullrun with his comments about bitcoin’ energy usage. I wouldn’t do…[View]
49014029Why are all nfts just gay animals who look like they're on heroin and grew up in broken homes? …[View]
49017501Why haven't you taken the standpill yet? My portfolio quadrupled ever since I ditched chairs[View]
49017390Guess who's back cis male and females[View]
49007368When will the btc/eth/stocks bottom happen? This summer? Autumn? Winter? Next spring? Summer 2023?[View]
49016316Is 28-29k the bottom? I'm waiting for it to hit 25k so I can buy but I'm afraid I'll …[View]
49013680ENS General: I'm pretty sure ENS Domains are gonna be one of the things that get adopted quickl…[View]
49017563Hepcats, why do you Fucking hate Firefighters and Teachers?: https://seekingalpha.com/news/3841383-c…[View]
49013939Remittance coupon and prepaid bills: What do I need to write on the payment coupon attached to bills…[View]
49016926LINK USD Future: What is the btc bottom? Staking will not pump us there is no retail cattle.[View]
490142457$ stable coim[View]
49016956For the last 3 nights, every night. I have dreamt that I'm watching the chart for Bitcoin and i…[View]
49017119>owns all the real estate in Florida Yes Anon by mad at blackrock and ignore me owning all the r…[View]
49011544*WARNING* Executive Order 14032 (Incoming): Executive Order 14032: >Addressing the Threat From Se…[View]
49016155>just out of prison >already shilling crypto shitcoins Within the next 6 months he will releas…[View]
49017217I'm definitely not that gay at all, but I'm really into fantasy football. What can I do ag…[View]
49017274>ATH: 740k >Now: 216k Ouch. I literally lost half a million dollars.…[View]
49017252From a financial point of view, what happened on this day in history?[View]
49016431I want to suck a turd from Martin: Martin is so based, I wish he could fuck my girlfriend like a dog…[View]
49015137ITT, fake predictions on /biz/: Post the most retarded larps you've ever screencapped here.…[View]
49017227Why do we not just switch over to a pure consumption tax system?: You can’t avoid consumption tax, y…[View]
49014019Doesn’t it seem like employed members of this board are Walmart managers, Drs or software engineers,…[View]
49015059if you don't have any hbar then you should probably be buying some hbar. we're going to pu…[View]
49014141What's the best way to find land for sale: Hey biz, I've been interested in buying a lot o…[View]
49011221>I'm here for the job interview[View]
49002665Anyone else have to deal with an outsourced Indian development team that's a pain in the ass? W…[View]
49015562Crypto Trading Software: Is there any market in making a crypto trading suite/toolset I know there a…[View]
49009594Hey guys, check out this neat catto I found outside of a liquor store today, he let me pet him >h…[View]
49016916Anhedonic, dysthymic midwit: What now? Learn to code? How can I escape wageslave? I do have a job th…[View]
49014627Allow me a moment to entertain you. Polygon is the future of the blockchain. Remember this and do no…[View]
49013663WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT BROS!!!!!![View]
49016669Buy walls are falling The sunday crash is going to be awesome[View]
49016361Why no crash?: If Terra was meant to keep 'USD Coin' stable then why has USD coin not crashed yet?…[View]
49015718Jeet here, lost it all: Hi guys, Everyone I know told me not to visit this board because everyone he…[View]
48982654Why is no one talking about cards anymore? A year and a half ago, they were all the rage: everyone f…[View]
49015900What pump and dump was the dumbest? I reckon it was the beanie babies but is crypto perhaps even dum…[View]
49013951I have to make a choice...: I have two options in spending $1,000 on a business >Make a print to …[View]
49016492If you're not immediate great at something, should you give up and do what's easier?: I me…[View]
49014214Hex general: Hex continues to go up, it's very strong please look at the chart we're holdi…[View]
49015636What is your plan for when the crypto bubble pops?: You have to admit that most coins have 0 value o…[View]
49016251We finally ran out of selling imbeciles: Its only upwards from here. We might see one last 28k befor…[View]
49014638Down 90% from ATH in USD (plus inflation): How does this make you feel?[View]
49013727Does nobody care that USDC lost its leg and dropped to 94 cents[View]
49014070Yeap, it's over[View]
49016308BUY THE FUCKING DIP: >g*rman funny money crashing fucking grab it all up, forex gains of a lifeti…[View]
4901599429'276$ stablecoin. Congratulation everyone we dit it. Thank for playing[View]
49015531Remember this fundamental rule: If you follow it you will succeed[View]
49016075>May 2018: $0.4 >May 2022: $7 What went so right?…[View]
49015398THERE IS ONLY ONE FACTOR THAT WILL CRASH THE ECONOMY: The consumer. The economy is practically purel…[View]
49014865I'm only getting 30% on stables, I want more. Where?[View]
49002152/cmg/ crypto mining general can we get a crypto mining general running. what topics do (we) cover? -…[View]
49015997Theoretically speaking, if you had 7 figures in your early 20s where does that rank you on the totem…[View]
48994532The Graph (GRT) - You’re all FUCKED - ABANDON SHIP Edition: Enjoy watching your investment die your …[View]
49011390Been shorting over the weekends lately... So my point is why ftm nigger resisting weekend dump? What…[View]
49015127how the fuck does anybody make money in Japan[View]
49015680>tfw full time professional chainlink node alerter[View]
49005299Just sold all my BNB. I do not trust a man who puts pineapple on pizza.[View]
49012182say it. say 'i fucked up'[View]
49014306I have 75€ left how to make money with options?[View]
49015131Statistically speaking: At least one person reading this post will become a millionaire by the end o…[View]
49015653Could SPELL hit $1?[View]
49015557Apologize: Hey retards, time to kneel and suck my dick. Every single one of you, come come. Slurp th…[View]
49003697/GME/ - Comfy Friday After-hours Edition: >Basic Information https://gme.crazyawesomecompany.com …[View]
49015579>try to losd 4chan page >400 Bad Request Header Or Cookie Too Large…[View]
49012988Should we front load interest rates?: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/fed-bullard-says-front-loading-…[View]
49014427Really makes you think[View]
49013220no more altcoins for me, only DCA into bitcoin from now on.[View]
49013872Why didn't I see any of this on biz?[View]
49015466They should ban all fiat coins ('stable'coins) and let alony central banks issue them.: We keep gett…[View]
49015415This is what a potent chart looks like: x2y2 Bear markets make everything a lot clearer[View]
49014006Bitcoin about to pop to 11k: He was right again, but bitcoiners will say 'REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…[View]
49015143>fUSD liquidations can potentially slash a validators staked FTM glad I sold at $3 wtf are they t…[View]
49014390why does chainlink fud die off when the price is low? when the price was high there was always 5 fud…[View]
49015085The SEC is at fault for the speculative crypto bubble: >Creates gatekeeping rules to prevent regu…[View]
49012427third world poorfag here how do i make money with NFTs?[View]
490107652024 is just 2 years away: no need to panic, start getting prepared for the pump, and take this as a…[View]
49013973>and they think it's funny[View]
49014473/pol/ brainlets btfo, ok. Moonman's scam finally getting revealed, ok. He tell you guys, part o…[View]
49014889hmm, should I buy LUKSO, EWT and Link on this info?[View]
49013468What kind of work can you make a lot of money?[View]
49013559Got the JP Morgan Chase internship[View]
49010734>Everyone & Their Mother![View]
49014227Why do exchanges need to know my 'address' for increased limits? Are they going to send me letters o…[View]
49014587all the normies I know are shorting the market on robinhood and acorn. that must mean the markets go…[View]
49014614im still holding this shit: just dump it to zero already, I cannot take it anymore[View]
49013871i still have my bonfire bag[View]
49009569how are we doing fellow marines: i got diagnosed with major depressive disorder, 10mg lexapro a day,…[View]
49012216Multivac Jesus Christ Lol: I bought a bit of this back in like? October I think and sold awhile ago.…[View]
49011297>DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH![View]
49010091I SEE PEE- ICP scam: The hackathon yesterday revealed to the world the stuttering potheads that run …[View]
49014127I longened[View]
49014130>you vil touch ze metaverse[View]
49013929>IM NOT CRAZY! I know he dumped those LINK! I knew it was 500000. One after Magna Carta! As if I …[View]
49013985Controlled Vandalism: Financially speaking, what are ways to cause financial harm (in a completely l…[View]
49013363A crash is coming[View]
49012579Why haven’t we fake pumped to not even $32.5k yet?[View]
49013327>buy P&D shitcoin early >join telegram and do full force shilling nonstop on reddit for a …[View]
49012105Post coins you don't think will make it through the next recession. I'll start.[View]
49005448What's this pattern called?[View]
49013803I have never invested a penny in the markets: But Instead, I collapse them https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
49013762Morality be damned you fucking Cuck!: My aunt and uncle were murdered last night by a big, stinky Ni…[View]
49000903Gems to save my porfolio rn: projects with good utility please[View]
49012339Is there a crypto that just bundles newly issued crypto?: New crypto with potential, like a growth f…[View]
49013393DOGE COIN: will doge coin go up or down when Kabosu dies? ill buy 500 dollars worth of doge coin tom…[View]
49011786What’s the purpose of a governance token? DAO? Or what shit? Cuz idk why did Krida call its token ut…[View]
49013355Has anyone made a martin shkreli shitcoin yet.[View]
49012868should I kms?[View]
49011841YOU WILL NEVER RETIRE: Alright goys we heard your plight. Enjoy your new home, but why do you even n…[View]
49013428> you still think if you make that one trade you'll make it Do you also think casinos will l…[View]
48990935/wfh/ general: it's working hours and I'm smoking weed[View]
49011900Harmony: I just minted some of the Gen 0 heroes that I bought, and. I'm scared for my life. how…[View]
49007204MEME INTO M0NKEYPOX NOW: rapidly rising cap, and we live in clownworld so it will moona for sure. we…[View]
49011558My main alt is up over 100% in the past seven days No I won't tell you what it is. But it…[View]
49013296I wish I were good looking enough to get women to give me money to invest in crypto.[View]
49013338You guys should invest in [shitcoin] It's way better than [other shitcoin] To the moon![View]
49012016>that will be 500k plus tip[View]
49013104Is monkeypox already priced into the markets?[View]
49003457I found 2.7 lost ETH browsing the blockchain, thanks biz.[View]
49013270How do I profit off living in a Europoor country on a decent US salary? Quote from boss: >You…[View]
49010999Is there a Dex where I can buy BNB??? Gate shut down my acct.[View]
49009124what the fuck is this schizo saying?[View]
49011466what did he mean by this?[View]
49010520Permabulls. Watch and Learn.: The fed is not saving you. Its literally over. Everyday you hold your …[View]
49001169AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND WALLA: final shakeout complete, in this historic moment i am euphoric[View]
49012310Is careermaxxing more efficient than trading meme tokens on the internet?[View]
49013040Never Bet More Than You're Willing To Lose: Why is it that professional stock/crypto jockeys ar…[View]
49008762How bad is it really going to get? I think everyone is almost in agreement that we are entering a re…[View]
49011798Limit buy order where?: Frens, help me strategicly plan where to put my limit order to buy when bitc…[View]
49013184Where are all the dapps Charles?[View]
49009376Reminder that: Crypto is not an investment but is gambling. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SAAUUj…[View]
49012002It's not even above the logo anymore lmao[View]
49012155Got any advice for this redditor who after 14 years of labor….getting a raise to $13.50[View]
49007776There isnt a single house under 1M within a 20 mile radius. Most are approaching 2M. What the fuck i…[View]
49009552peddle the delivery cart wagie: hurry up wagie get in and peddle[View]
49011144Brave browser has ad block, for you phone posters.[View]
49010652>you can own a luxury apartment/condo in Thailand for less than $70,000 What is stopping you fro…[View]
49011592>just lost another 500 at poker >end up going all in preflop >my 10 10 vs A K >flop come…[View]
4901294429,200 is the new absolute floor, we're only going up from here boys[View]
49008767Icx bagholder general: Icx bagholder general[View]
49011276what happened to all the free money i was getting[View]
49012614What is the point of sub 7 women?[View]
49012915What is the verdict on USN?[View]
48990824So we all know Luna is about to explode. Cz doesnt lose money. Period. But the question is what is y…[View]
49010829Anyone else program on this doodoo chain? Stockholm syndrome at this point but I'm profitable. …[View]
49005917Luna fork proposal - Abstain vote surge: We've seen validators go from YES -> ABSTAIN -> …[View]
49012750I'm financially ruined again[View]
49010019Hes actually fucking back, blessed be to the most high BEAR MARKET RALLY WILL BE SPEARHEADED BY FANT…[View]
49012771Ah, the hypocrisy.: Whats the one thing that bizfags and redditfags do? They both use the word. Kys.…[View]
49012274Shorting Bitcoin: I want to get into shorting bitcoin, and becoming a bear. What ways do you faggot …[View]
49008211Luna Fork Airdrop on 5/27: They are going through with the fork to Luna V2, i.e Luna Classic. I hope…[View]
49010419Is LUNA the new Chainlink?[View]
48992888I managed to get prostate cancer at 31 years old. Got 5-10 years left if I'm lucky. Should I se…[View]
49002859Remember me from the cruise ship job interview from skype? I got actually selected to work in a 'uti…[View]
49007806Xrp fags unironically think it's them[View]
48995795How to get a coworker fired?: Title says it all. If you hate a specific mouthbreathing coworker, wha…[View]
49012277The stock market was down -2% today, so this asshole went on TV.: Mission: spew whatever horseshit w…[View]
49010096Should I invest in a dividend portfolio?: I want to make a portfolio that pays me whilst I work my d…[View]
49010938alright dimwits here's one for ya. I recently got a quote for solar installation at my primary …[View]
49012377Guys. Give it to me straight. Should I buy I house in the next month or 2, or is shit about to hit t…[View]
49011999It's over for Bitcoin: I'm sorry friends[View]
49011698LUNA RUSH: Instead of pumping Ghost of Luna and Luna Inu. Why not pump Luna Rush instead? I mean, it…[View]
49009567I don’t even particularly bother to say that I hate to say I told you so these days, but I told you …[View]
49011690WhackD: Stays StackD 2/3 supply remains[View]
49012071>Meanwhile at the /biz/ mansion…[View]
49006935/biz/ has never existed during a recession[View]
49009364Luna bros we got too cocky, didn’t we ?[View]
49005226Early demise for cock-sure gensler?[View]
49011548>Crypto to crypto is taxable >Unregulated crypto is taxable…[View]
49011590WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK: 4chan is now asking me for my ((data))[View]
49011495Chaos is a Ladder: HBAR chads, what will this board look like when we flip sol, ada and eth this yea…[View]
49006535Negotiating lower rent on a new apartment.: Has anyone had any luck doing this? I live in Manhattan …[View]
49010753I wouldn’t mind living in the ghetto: As long as I could find a cheap duplex I’m unironically fine w…[View]
49005274Arthur: https://www.coindesk.com/policy/2022/05/20/former-bitmex-ceo-arthur-hayes-sentenced-to-2-yea…[View]
49009633I just accidentally called my mom a nigger. Now I'm getting kicked out, I'm fucking panick…[View]
49011017How do I profit off the fact that capitulation has yet to happen without fucking myself on a leverag…[View]
49010460It’s impressive how fuckers can try to profit from something like this cursed dying world using the …[View]
49010718what coin should i buy if i want to get RUGGED?[View]
49011783Considering how edge computing can be applied to so many industries/sectors, projects like sne shoul…[View]
49010818What’s the first thing you’ll buy when you make it with Link?: I’m buying high heels and make up at …[View]
48981290Tell me which coins to buy right now. I don’t wanna miss out on cheapies.[View]
49011633I guess it’s the more the better when it comes to a cross-chain Dex…. Thinking about it after checki…[View]
49011458>Sublime lets borrowers access capital-efficient loans by leveraging their reputation Bro, I lite…[View]
49010710>got paid 2k today >bought btc, bch n sol >lets wait 4 it…[View]
49011589Pittsburgh Party: An AiRBNb gone bad faggots, eat shit and fucking die. My little brother was there,…[View]
49010518just bought myself yet another bitcoin at around ~$50, what a steal[View]
49010098don't worry t()rdbros... CMC soon...[View]
49011235Obviously the U.S is fucked. I'm 24 and want to leave by the time im 30 to some third world pla…[View]
49010621my current portfolio is 50% btc 50% hbar. i am considering a new strategy: I am considering changing…[View]
49011508>this day in h-[View]
49011145we off-load computation-heavy jobs to a 'L2', pay them some money to do the work, go throu…[View]
49006779what would the price be if we let her run chainlink?[View]
48987323Got a new job but they require the clot shot: So I got a new job offer at a very reputable company. …[View]
49010804Art is not for everyone, I’m sorry but this is the gospel truth, art should be for the people with k…[View]
49007699So this is the bottom? Are we supposed to see a bounce from here? BTC/USDC went to 22800, literally …[View]
49008999I'm going to take my crypto gains and fund a space mining operation to flood the global gold su…[View]
49011110I’m about to go fuck genocidal mode, I’m done with everything, I’m gonna listen to you one last time…[View]
49005726I’m good at doing Astrology readings, how do I make a business out of this? Jannies don’t delete I a…[View]
49010307Gas could hit $10 per gallon and I wouldn’t care[View]
49010508FUD this coin concept Luna remade[View]
48999765HAHAHAHAHA: >2 more months[View]
49010914how come terra is still a whoppingly large 3589 satoshis? my target is to purchase at between 175-2…[View]
49008146>redditors on /biz/ bought this at 0.0020+ after it had already done a x200 legitimately believin…[View]
49010632Any MEV programmers on tonight?[View]
49007744Luna Common Sense Thread: Outcome can decide if it forks or it doesn't fork, why would validato…[View]
49007231this is the most reddit board on 4chan, you guys know that right?[View]
49006916Luna Classic Bros It was blood moon after all. Soon a new 0 gets added[View]
49010513$1,000,000 literally is a lot of money[View]
49010225>people actually paid over 1 hundred dollars for a tiny blender Wow, marketing really is powerful…[View]
49010373Are cards the perfect hedge against the recession? Think about it: they haven't crashed nearly…[View]
49010758It's a Friday night and you are posting on /biz/.: How can I profit from this?[View]
49009882Done with Crypto. Which stocks do I invest in?[View]
49007038if you don't throw 100 at monkeypox, you'd be stupid: still early you'd be stupid not…[View]
49007426/smg/ - Stock Market General: Holding RYCEY bags edition >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq …[View]
49010770What do you call this pattern?[View]
49010492$1,000,000 unironically is a whole lot of money[View]
49010668are there any businesses I can start with low start up costs? I’ve looked at Amazon FBA but it seems…[View]
49010192not a millionaire yet? cope. don't own a house yet? cope. don't have a 8+/10 white wife ye…[View]
49009904Anyone else notice him occasionally move him eyes when scrolling the catalog?[View]
49008433Someone requested this be posted. Im not sure why. General Financial Education Thread I guess. Life …[View]
49010281$1,000,000 unironically isn’t a lot of money[View]
49004898>joined /biz/ last year >was depressed, broke, insecure >nothing changed However I really e…[View]
49007870I hate Wells Fargo.[View]
49009757how do i profit from this[View]
49009022who is cow?: Have you seen this account around? This anon goes around acting like a lewd cow. This p…[View]
49010329Went from 110k to 50k chainlink: How do I cope? Loss it to aave loans[View]
49009831>look up arties >now you actually have to be good at what you’re doing if you want them to ack…[View]
49010187What prices are you buying at?[View]
49010285I lost all my money in twitter calls[View]
49010351Honestly, rango isn’t revolutionary nor is it going to win any sort of awards for being original or …[View]
49005530Is a £33k ($41k) a good salary at 28 ?: The salary would pass six figures within 5 years though.…[View]
49009131> Be me >Selling all my rtx3080s on facebook marketplace >Faggot wants me to trade him a 30…[View]
49010054what's better a black millionaire or a white millionare?[View]
49010232I have 10,000 LUNA: Will I make it?[View]
49010036So, I’ve been living under a rock lately when it comes to crypto besides the fact that we’re in a be…[View]
49009091I'm so desperate for something to pump that I'm unironically considering putting $10 into …[View]
49009041>8 red weeks: >8 red weeks[View]
49008206How do I stop thinking about work outside of work hours? Working extra hours but I'm still anno…[View]
49003817Macro Larping: The US is still bailing out the global economy and you are bearish. >This arrangem…[View]
49010033From play-to-earn to pay-to-learn: Today's lesson? Never trust the Waves team.[View]
48995594Kadena sisters, you still there?[View]
49009976Solution?: Don't have children. It's not an entitlement. It's selfishness.[View]
49009205Are NFTs dead for good?[View]
49008278Ah yeah sure, I care a lot about my carbon emissions, sure sure, why shouldn’t I? >continues to …[View]
49009061>buy low, sell high How do you do this? How do you know WHEN to buy and WHEN to sell Pls teach me…[View]
49009302Why can't they just build these with a parking lot and solve the housing crisis?[View]
49009348owner owe me something[View]
49009541Luna thread # Free-falling edition[View]
49008296How many times do I have to tell retards that Layer 0 is not a scam and it DOES actually exist? The …[View]
49009383Is the metaverse worth looking into if I just want to make some quick money with it? Don’t really ca…[View]
49009655ok yeah this sounds stupid: But it’s a shame the opponent lacks insight[View]
49009577I’m going to the club tonight. Hopefully I at least get grinded on. I hate my life bros.[View]
49009727>rango is so afraid of Bobo that they can’t even have their own ido just yet The weak must fear …[View]
49008379Why is link pumping??[View]
49007429Whaleanon here. I hope you guys are all getting long right here today. This is the bottom of bitcoin…[View]
49009564Devilish thread?: > Be me >Selling all my rtx3080s on facebook marketplace >Faggot wants me…[View]
49006513WOOOOO HOOOOO I'm drunk as fuck biz bros!!!![View]
49008913Any one invest in Vechain? Curious as it is way down from its all time high, 0.25 - 0.03. Seems like…[View]
49009483You might think this is a trillion dollar market. But actually, you're in a hundreds of trillio…[View]
49008498I invested about 40k into crypto. I peaked at around 150k. I am now down to 6k. How do I profit from…[View]
49009563Is the bull or the bear in the room with us right now?: keep trading mumus and bobos, I will keep li…[View]
49009121Oh look, we are under $30,000. Your little 'Golden Bull Run' has stopped. Big surprise. Maybe this t…[View]
49009499>It’s 9 am. I haven’t slept in the last 72 hours… What am I doing? I’m coping, I’m constantly che…[View]
49008727I have 1300 what should I buy Blue chips only, monkeypox pajeet need not apply[View]
49009523>Krida had an overwhelming performance with more than 1000 people trying their shit Are we in mem…[View]
4900910127.7K ACCEPTED[View]
49006588Are buying triplexes and house hacking worth it to get into real estate?[View]
49009426Do the Bartman: Here's a little TA for you losers. Don't get caught on the sidelines. Bitc…[View]
49009102women owe me sex[View]
49009373I finally got it: >TFW you finally realize that every time a Linkie or Chainlink says 'trustless'…[View]
49009385So Waves is totally dead, right?: Can someone explain how the hell USDN has a higher marketcap than …[View]
49005247Are there any major flaws with the gold standard? What are they?[View]
49009360>https://twitter.com/hiFramework/status/1527769379219427328 Hard not to agree with Vance on this …[View]
49008965what is this pattern called?[View]
49009286>Search for Rebase .gg on browser >They still have the old name Wtf are they even trying to fu…[View]
49007281Is this the big brain Chadstack? >70% LINK >20% ROSE >10% ID Starting over I would probably…[View]
49008057he looks pretty effeminate. i wonder how soft his cheeks were in the can. anyone care to chime in?[View]
49006223i have 200k in cash. how do i invest/gmable this to get maximum gains? i need serious answers please[View]
49008045>be poor college student with no financial aid from parents >study TA >spend 10 years maste…[View]
49007538Has crypto ever experienced a recession? I’m kinda worried bullbros[View]
49008764>check krida’s twitter >they’re obsessed with anything related to $MATIC (Polygon) >check t…[View]
49009080I looked forward in time to view alternate futures: and MONKEYPOX COIN (MPOX) moons in all 14,000,06…[View]
49009113>It’s 2030 >You fought with the resistance against the ACC (Anti-Crypto Coalition) >Your fr…[View]
49007495Remember BOMB token? This is its child: sBOMB is the latest and greatest development from the Shibak…[View]
49009016Don't judge me bros: I unironically still hold this shitcoin[View]
49003506I bagheld all the way from 69k to the current price[View]
49005569Price prediction BTC in the next few weeks?[View]
49008624what made shiba and doge coin so successful? Was it well coded or anything like that?[View]
49008907Idk how are Arties guys expecting us to appreciate fine art if we’re literally a bunch of schizos, r…[View]
49008259Something else thinking that the low volatility+low volume right now is way worse and bearish than a…[View]
48988303Not being an autistic savant like daddy Elon, I don't understand how this is profitable. Could …[View]
49005198Give me 1 (one) reason to be bullish right now.[View]
49008780Bella hadid partnered with Rebase(formerly Dropp) and people are going fucking nuts. it's a fla…[View]
49007226XRP holders will inherit the riches of the Earth[View]
49008404I figured it out, the coins that always pump are the ones never talked about here. So what coins are…[View]
48999071If you are depressed about your portfolio, just remember that there are people who missed a full bul…[View]
49007181>invest >end up losing money d-doushite daiyo??…[View]
49008674You wouldn’t believe how much I hate football, it’s just so fucking retarded, and there’s no actual …[View]
48998230Can we have a serious conversation about this?: Now that the burn is completely off th table, what…[View]
49007834When does the Proof of Stake scam finally fall apart?[View]
49008550Not even a global pandemic stopped the housing from going up[View]
49004620And this is our son's room, he's our little Wolf of Wall Street[View]
49008558hey hey heey whats up fellow miners? can you stop mining pls?? ty[View]
49000604Anybody gotted the Algebra airdrop?: I have a nice $150 of this and don't know what to do with …[View]
49007252>Is able to turn himself into a couch >Was a couch surfing host What's that supposed to m…[View]
48998966Just coded a trading algorithm that uses a bellman-ford algorithm variation that arbitrages between …[View]
49004548If you had invested in index funds, you wouldn't be panicking right now because they always go …[View]
49006939Anyone know his time of birth or have his astrological natal chart?[View]
49001099LUNA V2 PRICE PREDICTIONS: Personally I think the VCs are going to pump this to the moon on opening.…[View]
49007902So what? Are devs just going to fork their block chain every time something happens they dont like n…[View]
49008475How can DEX aggregators (1inch, paraswap, rango) improve trading experience? I don’t like to use tha…[View]
49006852Where is the dip?[View]
49008187Tetherbros: What went wrong, tetherbros[View]
49006819Just bought 100million LUNA, what am I in for ?[View]
49005617Binance just approved my request: And I got the merchant badge, what am I up to?[View]
49007029Why are luna bagholders so delusional[View]
48981254Sergeys new shirt: What did he mean by this?[View]
49007797New Slide :)[View]
49004751>I buy a stock, it makes gains, I sell and never trade the stock anymore who am I helping here, t…[View]
49007513VRA: VRA[View]
49003166Thots make me want a decade long bear market.[View]
49003042/DISG/ - Glows coping edition: Welcome to the Discreet General. We discuss the L1 privacynet 100% co…[View]
49008102Is there a plan for Rebase lands? Are they gonna keep the ideas they had before the rebranding?[View]
49004595I am a 31 year old perma-NEET living with my folks and I don't plan on ever getting a job. We l…[View]
49005048Fantom: Fantom[View]
49006797FTM=$50 EOY[View]
49007803Did you buyed the LUNA dip, Anon?: WGMI[View]
49007982Day 198: still waiting for the SNE pump[View]
49007976Rei network: rei network- less than a month old, rank 2822 made by devs of gx chain, 1,000,000,000 m…[View]
49004806post YFW burgers crash the global economy again[View]
49005786Invest in yourself: That is always the best investment. Prove me wrong Pro tip: you can't…[View]
49005720Frivolous lawsuit general - NEET edition: https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nba/kentucky-man-sues-emp…[View]
49007862When will bitcoin be at 20k?: bobochads help[View]
49004965whats their business model?[View]
49007220Is Tesla stock going to implode if the USA goes into recession/depression?[View]
49006723So let me get this straight I have to go work for a company, so I can go out and buy small pieces of…[View]
49007258Anons you wanna miss next trend?: Chubby Inu is boiling for 2days now and it looks like it will expl…[View]
49008320Why are men dropping out of society?: https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2022-01-24/the-jobs…[View]
49007663fantom more like SCAMTOM[View]
48998434SBF-owned Alameda is shorting Solana on Binance: You cannot make this shit up I knew kikes were bac…[View]
49007575I figured out how to beat the stock market with no research.: I think I have just found a way to gua…[View]
49006844Now that this shit went down I just bought a bag bc of.. why not? 20 usd I won't miss Better th…[View]
49005262I need a 2x in the next month: title says it all. please don't shill me absolute shitcoins, but…[View]
49007565Pretty based, ngl. Also scheduled in nicely for the next two globohomo conferences. Don’t mind if I …[View]
49007344at what point did all the loser redditors flood here? I don't remember all these ugly normie fa…[View]
48994588People were calling this since 2016. Hope you've got open shorts on the automotive industry.[View]
49006967What's the long term economic impact of the war?: aren't Russia and Ukraine both big count…[View]
49005981MARKETWATCH: When you overlay the current market movement with similarly proportioned busts in dot-c…[View]
49006134I START TO WORK MONDAY!!!!!!!!![View]
49006808Is it a good financial decision to be a janitor on 4chan?[View]
48995697Told you he was getting PvP'd. This is what happens when you're so egotistical that you fl…[View]
49006540Crypto to LLC: How do you show you've moved the assets from your personal possession to an LLC …[View]
49006675what do they hold?[View]
49007272how do i invest in clean energy?[View]
49007022BOBO ARE YOU OKAY??[View]
49005141He bought? Release ze monkeypox.[View]
49002256$0.40 in May 2017, $0.40 in May 2020: https://coinmarketcap.com/historical/20170517/[View]
48985623Pulsechain: Remember richard heart? The founder of hex is going to fork ethereum, testnet is up and …[View]
49003430Thoughts on EIP-4844/Proto-Danksharding?: >inb4 go to /g/ /g/ will sperg out at any mention of cr…[View]
49006647Any one else notice how crypto bull markets come after a presidential election? >2013 >2017 E…[View]
49001943Pulsecon: Ok biztards, who of you is going to the worlds biggest Crypto conference ever? >When S…[View]
49007099they found a baby teeth while extracting one of my molar tooth[View]
49003744/smg/ stock market general: ANIME edition >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq https://brokerch…[View]
49007056with covid and now monkeypox, there will never be another bullrun again. the uncertainty is at all t…[View]
48996141Insider here. We are going to pump Hedera this weekend because of the HBAR foundation and the HBAR f…[View]
48999587>Walk into office >HAPPY FRIDAY ANON!! ANY BIG PLANS FOR DA WEEKEND?!!?!!!…[View]
49005703Are you ready for the HELOCalypse?[View]
48988968Monero is poised to flip both Stellar Lumens and Chainlink.[View]
49000456daily reminder that chainlink staking can literally never go beyond 3% APY. It will most likely star…[View]
48996447Everyone wanna make it but what are you supposed to do once you'll make it ? Will millions of b…[View]
48999333The company that finds the cure for baldness will be the most valuable company in the world[View]
49003321Should I bet some money on Netflix?: netflix stocks are way down rn... but they are starten to flatt…[View]
49006893I'm unvaccinated and I hold ChainLink: >Staking + CCIP[View]
49006476ER-ROR: Specified fred does not exist! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uio8X1h0H-E&t=2728s…[View]
49006727please please PLEASE BUY KDA[View]
49006138staking + ccip[View]
49006865Crab at 6c until the September dump which will drop it down to 3c. You still have time to get out.[View]
49006151this man owes sex to any chainlink holder[View]
49006861Who is tracking SN wallets & how confident is the list about covering all his wallets?[View]
49006786Trying to save money. What free movie on youtube should I watch while my stew cooks?[View]
49004707BUY RUBIC[View]
49006485Thoughts on suposed 'guaranteed apy pools'? Im on the fence about staking with the market behaving l…[View]
49006712>tfw your go to crypto casino gets region blocked for you after a few big wins thank god they don…[View]
490065735-10 Years: 9 years left according to the man himself[View]
49000646Eurobros... I don't feel so good... No one is talking about this[View]
49006625Will AVAX go up so I can be certain that projects built on it like likk have a chance to also do wel…[View]
49006576Working in crypto: Hi friends. I have solid software startup experience and want to work in web3 for…[View]
49006461The last time S&P500 had 7 red weekly candles was right after the dot com bubble burst. The last…[View]
49005648gpus are finally at a good price: luckily everything dumped, fuck miners[View]
49000199I have been using this board since 2017. Stop kidding yourself. Bitcoin is king and will continue to…[View]
4900411132 eth only costs $60k right now[View]
49006467>we're not an ape derivative project >partners up with ape projects Sigh... into the tra…[View]
49006298GRT is trading at 15c[View]
49006369This place used to be crowded on pink wojaks not so long ago. It seems you have accepted the facts,…[View]
49006357when do we know for a fact wether or not LUNA is fubar? i want to stop looking at my stacks for a wh…[View]
48995888/pmg/ - Precious Metals General: Sovs Edition >Why Gold? https://youtu.be/i3S4rl6ehiI https://yo…[View]
49003551Here we go again.: /scr/ Security general can we get a security/anonymity general running. what topi…[View]
49003601I just entered depression. Obsessed over crypto for too long and now it all melted away. Combine tha…[View]
49006245NOT a bsc thread: in thie bear market there seems to be a lot of gambilng enjoyers here buying shitc…[View]
49005714Maxing Lazygains: Alright fellow /biz/ bros, how do I go about maxing my lazygains? Think getting fr…[View]
49003820Living in Hungary: Szia How likely do you Hungarian anons think it is for a 30 year old Skandinavian…[View]
49004801Davos Forum 2022 is Tomorrow: https://www.afr.com/world/europe/can-a-depleted-davos-still-deliver-th…[View]
48998003Just went all in on avax at 28 What am i in for?[View]
49002205market advice: be careful[View]
49005956>the only coin I'm interested in buying is the only coin that's not dumping in this dow…[View]
49000429Stock Market: Tesla is the Brand New Stock Buy the Dip Boys: Nothing left to do, nothing left to pla…[View]
49000853Why is Russia so shit and poor?[View]
49003612About to quit my $18/hr job for a job in the same profession for $28/hr job I'm worried tho sin…[View]
49003763Bizonacci PLS come back: You don't have to make any new videos. Just show any signs you are sti…[View]
49004700>soon to be 8 red weeks what did we do to deserve this?[View]
49004720>Be me >Betafag khhv loser >Get boosted to supervisor >One of our noob employees wants u…[View]
49002462what is this fucking thing? is it worth buying[View]
49005498NEET income brainstorming thread: Post legit ideas here faggot wagies fuck off[View]
49005551Has dropping from the Gold Standard been peer reviewed?[View]
49005576I think the team owe me a lil sumthin sumthink[View]
49005471I will literally never have a job: All five times in my life that I've had a job interview, eve…[View]
48985062Daily reminder[View]
49004390Watch it Ari[View]
49003599Qredo: Can anyone redpill me on this? Is it a worthwhile stack to accumulate during the bear market,…[View]
49004890BSV crashing will continue: >>48942560 Called it.[View]
49005222usa is a joke and canada is the punchline[View]
49002618Are there any crypto exchanges that offer you some kind of bonus for trading? Like free coins or reb…[View]
49002804What’s stopping me from buying a fuck ton on death stalker scorpions and making millions off of milk…[View]
49005407How do I do something like this? https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nba/kentucky-man-sues-employer-fo…[View]
49002716and just like that...: WALLAHU WAKBAR! Bitcoin will never be under 28k or over 31k again![View]
49005134>friday night >swap, /biz/, youtube open >stare at charts all night and wait to swing trade…[View]
49005292Reminding the permabulls and dupees that CEXs are short.[View]
49004266Seems like kinda easy in the USA to make 80-100k. Sometimes it looks like all Americans on this boar…[View]
49004520Job interview in 50 minutes[View]
49001901isnt there supposed to be a bounce of some kind?[View]
49000516Coreto: who can redpill me on this? >real question[View]
49005034Redpill me on NEAR protocol. I’ve only seen it mentioned a couple times but it was always by a big b…[View]
49003805when is he going to stop fucking about and CLOSE[View]
49004783Business Idea: Get People Fucking: Mods: I am serious. Please do not delete this one. I want to solv…[View]
49003441You understand, you WILL make it in this market, right anon?[View]
48999313shill me your bsc coins[View]
490048646 cents[View]
48993768Bitcoin about to pop to 11k: He was right again, but bitcoiners will say 'REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…[View]
49002932How long before Shib and doge 100x? I'm ready to be rich.[View]
48999824Is it better for a man to spend hus time learning or working out?: If he only had time for one, whic…[View]
49004786I've made a series of terrible investments[View]
49004724pls dont let it end frens, i like crypto[View]
49003967Can I sell yet?[View]
49004752I will get a small loan on Sublime to buy a car, then I will work as an Uber for a few days to pay m…[View]
48988389Algorand governance voting Measure released: Remember that you need to waste 10 seconds of your life…[View]
49002487I bought[View]
49004544what are you reading biz?[View]
49004163So in the event of a depression/recession is it good to have cash or basic fiat savings?: Cash is, d…[View]
49004470I was so close to being happy But I didnt sell so its all my fault[View]
49001959Bros. This recession will affect latin america way worse than were living right now?[View]
49002154Check the chart braindead bulltards. You're losing a lot of money (as usual) Get fucked idiots,…[View]
49003023What do?[View]
49004415Alhamdulillah!!! And just like that, crypto will never ever give you promising returns again![View]
49004404Deliver me from mine enemies, O my God: defend me from them that rise up against me. Deliver me from…[View]
49004333I am 23 soon and I don’t know if I make it My parents abandoned me in my teens and they left me alo…[View]
49004309pls, tell me biz, if crypto is independent currencys, how come it crash cuz some inflation and war? …[View]
49004137ITT: post your wallet: I'll start. Shitcoins are the future haha r-right?[View]
49004180WTF is going on with tether rn?: That's left from center for how it usually trades[View]
48995870THIS IS FOR YOU BROS[View]
49003518How long do I have to accumulate Chainlink at these prices before it goes up again?[View]
49004190wtf is this true? america exports more oil than it imports? https://www.forbes.com/sites/arielcohen/…[View]
49004012I called the 2021 crypto top to the T: If anyone is interested[View]
49003726>May 2020: $8 >May 2021: $26 >May 2022: $5 Well done on this guys, seriously…[View]
48998546Remember, green weeks are NOT allowed. You WILL keep feeding Bobo. This will be the 9th consequentia…[View]
49002848Why haven't memecoins all crashed to zero yet? Who the hell is buying? I want to see cryptobros…[View]
49000520FUD! 2015-2017 ETH vs 2017-2022 LINK: Old ETH Fag, This place loves to leave you on tilt with fails …[View]
49000205/deep/ - Deep Value General: Onions Musk Edition >Intro for Degens https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
49000595>nah, brah, over a year your money loses 5% of its value sitting in a bank account. I would rathe…[View]
49003987Why is pumping?[View]
49003809Im working shifts, i feel like its not worth it bros. I have trouble sleeping, bad sleep is equal to…[View]
48992137Shill me your token in 10 words or less and I’ll consider slurping that shit without asking any ques…[View]
49003640>he deed not exeet hiz pozeeshun for ze weekund?[View]
49003743GIGA MILK [SIC]: Not Feminist AA[View]
49003239FRIENDLY REMINDER: Will reach the bottom when you stop to talk about crypto. Enjoy the weekend.…[View]
48995082https://twitter.com/WatcherGuru/status/1527688280820568065 So are we ready to admit that this wallet…[View]
49003359THINK OR SWIM FAGS HELP: what happens if im on margin and I go below $2000 will TD liquidate my marg…[View]
48999493Help: I'm about to get a very large sum of money for selling my software company. What the hel…[View]
49002291Why have we redifined what counts as a recession now? Its been two negative quarters.[View]
48999465Biz what is you make it library?: Check out Michael Burry based financial library. Any recommendatio…[View]
49003075dogira sisters... is it too late for us to recover?[View]
49001135I am soon starting to learn a trade: It's basically a school for literal retards & mentally…[View]
49003604>shitcoin stops violently crashing for 5 seconds >'DAE tired of this crab market? It's so…[View]
49002584Is this the greatest JUSTing in crypto history?: >LUNA’s total market cap has dropped below $850 …[View]
48997007/GME/ - Uncle Ryan's Insurance Edition: >Basic Information https://gme.crazyawesomecompany.c…[View]
49001573>The S&P 500 and the Nasdaq are set for their seventh straight week of losses, their longest …[View]
49001915/smg/ stock market general: BOBO ARE YOU OK? ARE YOU OK BOBO? edition >Brokers https://pastebin.…[View]
49002547Explain AAVE to me like I'm a boomer: Can I borrow Link with Link? If so, what is the threshold…[View]
48994242ITS OVER[View]
48996504FAANG bros…: I don’t feel so good. My TC is down 30%[View]
49003247I still don’t get wtf are carbon credits and wtf is likk trying to do with it, I’m a complete fuckin…[View]
49001116/CASHGANG/: 1. CASH STACK 2. WHAT CHEAPIES ARE YOU BUYING? t. $180k liquid, waiting for indices to h…[View]
49001095here we are[View]
49000197Don't be a bad actor and buy Luna. Also, stop posting fake proposals[View]
49000729Bart market is back: Mfw I stayed tethered throughout all the shit that's happened since Novemb…[View]
48998707>it gon go up[View]
49003375Leave your markets to me, /biz/.: Leave your markets to me.[View]
48996001>>48982492 I got very little appropriate response in my last thread. I should qualify this by …[View]
49001217Thank you paper hands.[View]
48996739Would you rather live in the pod or the van, /biz/?[View]
49003182>there are people buyin in right now on the verge of a new epidemic and economic collapse >b-b…[View]
48989072Be honest. Did it filter you?[View]
49002181Worth it?[View]
49000290Leave behind all the things that weigh you down: All these things, all these precious things[View]
49002899I actually don’t wanna know why would you do KYC, I wouldn’t, not even for important things, I’m too…[View]
49003143trying to find entry level shit is fucking miserable[View]
49002546Is CZ going to save us: https://twitter.com/mkrsjak/status/1527730027898576902[View]
49002589I put my entire life savings into BTC at 32.1k: it's over for me isn't it?[View]
49003066The shinebox prophecy remains...true?[View]
48999788There is going to be an enormous recession in the next few years. When people need liquidity, invest…[View]
49002870I can’t believe the irony, Arties says it’s not another ape project, and immediately after proceeds …[View]
48999361LUNC (Luna Classic) or Hedera (HBAR): Which do you think will net the most profits by 2024?[View]
49002222Beating the credit cunts: Who's got an idea of how you can get cash from you're credit car…[View]
49002882Where are my SIGA Sigmas? whole market will crash to pump us to 100$ in a month[View]
48976627which solid crypto is a good investment and can make me rich?[View]
49000750Is stable currency even a thing?: Crypto >backed by people throwing money at it, usually stableco…[View]
49002669You thought Elon is a weasel about his business.: You know nothing yet. https://youtu.be/CH55WpJxF1s…[View]
49002764>he still thinks we're in a bull market[View]
48996758What the FUCK?: That’s more than most engineering managers. What the fuck do Walmart store managers …[View]
48996983what is the best crypto exchange?[View]
48999592Fantom FTM - General - bullion dollar edition: /biz/ missing out on cheap FTM again. /biz/ missing o…[View]
49002683>International business experience among board directors down: >Disclosure of sexual preferenc…[View]
49000222Tell me about staking /biz/. Are you staking any crypto? What’s the best coin to stake, or exchange …[View]
49002498If this proposal gets vetoed how fast do you think fomo would make LUNA pump?[View]
49002541>IM NOT CRAZY! I know he dumped those LINK! I knew it was 500000. One after Magna Carta! As if I …[View]
49002007i sold the bottom again, fuck that monkeypox shit.[View]
49000217I lost all my money buying twitter calls[View]
49001672Hi me dumb, explain recession to a 18yo, what do now, panic buy at the store, invest moar, jerk off …[View]
49000923SATA is a privacy-oriented KYC protocol that keeps your data held securely with a trusted service pr…[View]
49000335Did you forget me, biz bros[View]
48995641whats worst for the finances: a gambling addiction or a porn addiction[View]
49001144IQ in Brief - ISDA AGM Special: >ISDA held its Annual General Meeting in Madrid on May 10-12, wit…[View]
48998351why can't he shut his fucking pie hole? If he keeps escalating, they will make an example out o…[View]
49001181Gimme the easiest way to buy shitcoins. I don’t care if I have to pay fees as long as I get convenie…[View]
49001192What city should you move to to start a career in tech or finance and still have a social life? Spec…[View]
48991401Line Goes Up: I don't hate the bloke but his critiques of the pop-culture crypto scene (which I…[View]
49002196Fear Porn: DON'T STOP I'M GONNA COOOOOOM![View]
48999826Is this monkey shit unironically corona 2.0? Is BTC going to 4k once again like it did in march 2020…[View]
49002035Orion.Money: What do they vote?[View]
48999350I sold all of my btc for drugs at 49k and the drugs that I still have leftover are worth more than w…[View]
48998029Can anyone here help an anon in desperation? My house got burnt to ground, I have nothing left, I’m …[View]
48996707I'm out: >be me in 2020 >/fit/ 20 year old chad >doing calisthenics outside all day …[View]
48996642Crypto to Fiat Russia: Any russiabros know if it's possible to cash out of crypto to fiat? I…[View]
48999945>nah bro, crypto is too volatile[View]
49000836/smg/ - Stock Market General: The stock market...whatever happened there edition >Brokers https:/…[View]
48998049Hex general: Hex continues to go up, it's very strong please look at the chart we're holdi…[View]
48996334ROSE: Wagme 0.012$ eoy[View]
49001373Monkes together strong[View]
49000988Anon are you still hanging in there?: are you losing hope on your investment?[View]
49001546Ohhhhhhh wagggggggieeeeeeeeeeee :)[View]
48998948My friend says that Kleros doesn't work and that the PNK token is not fine.[View]
48957395/jpeg/ ICP NFTs General #68: Based Bucks Edition: Previously on /jpeg/ >>48924354 >NFT show…[View]
48997832Going back to school during a recession: If there is going to be a recession is it sensible to simpl…[View]
48997820This couldn’t be worse… I had most of my money on UST cuz I thought TERRA was safe… Yeah, I do want …[View]
49001443Sep 30 2022: >1 bnb will be worth $1000 Screencap this[View]
49001410>he sold the monkey dump[View]
48993023Im not selling due to unironic monkey pox Fuck off[View]
48999840Please do something, I'm so tired[View]
49001141ITT: We laugh at bottom sellers[View]
48978717gns: I am forgotten[View]
49001052newbie: hello biz never been in here before looks err different Anyway Got some spare time on my com…[View]
49000165Chainlink’s APY from staking initially will either be the average price of coffee in the United Stat…[View]
49001155There’s no possible way something like fine art impacts crypto retards, they have no fucking class, …[View]
49000533Sub $25k this weekend: Hope you're ready[View]
49000967Where are all those threads claiming 1M is not enough money?[View]
49001044Everything points to a LUNA fork This means the most unexpected thing will happen, 90% of the supply…[View]
48995252>He witnessed two golden bull runs in 5 years >He still didn't make it…[View]
49000424>xmr is pumping get ready for btc doing another leg down[View]
48999178>from a technical perspective 64k was the top and not 69k[View]
48999033Recently, the volume of BTC inflows to exchanges has increased, obviously for sale and a natural dum…[View]
48998934/smg/ stock market general: >ROCKER AND TRIPFAGS BTFO AND BROKEN EDITION Send rocker your refund …[View]
49000670stellar (xlm) p2p remote crash: how can i profit on this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pl4bqagPU0…[View]
49000479>you will own nothing >and be happy what did he mean by this?…[View]
48997046>https://twitter.com/PrecogFinance/status/1527650498110701573?cxt=HHwWioCyjZiCp7MqAAAA 'deposits …[View]
48997593SHORTING TESLA?: I was interested in shorting Tesla last night but I'm unwilling to take the ri…[View]
49000525Nothing ever happens[View]
49000252Nothing personal, kids[View]
48999014Why won't Bitcoin just die? Cryptocurrency is the greatest ponzi scheme ever run. Those that ha…[View]
48995801If the fork doesn't pass this faggot is just going to push the button on the Armageddon protoco…[View]
48996218Your ability to feed yourself and put a roof over your head is tied up in this chart: Your ability t…[View]
49000014I noticed this girl, walked up to her and told her; 'If we win, Im going to sit on your face' She ga…[View]
48997604You will rent forever and you will be happy[View]
49000228>'Real art is complex anon, you don't get it. We are not doing NFTs like everyone else, we a…[View]
48998973I'm fucking disappointed at you, you're leaving us without home, I'm gonna kill you a…[View]
49000051They just played a crypto exchange commercial on prime time national tv in my shithole country. We…[View]
48996573Inflation in my country is fucking me very hard so instead buying shitcoins or competing with jews i…[View]
48998316They really just star a pandemic, a war, a market crash, a food shortage, a gas price spike, and a n…[View]
48999651You faggots are seriously bearish right now?: Maybe you are a 2021 newfag hodl idiot or someone that…[View]
48993462TICKER: LINK: >Consensus in 21 days >CCIP >STAKING >CAPGEMINI >SWIFT >PROOF OF R…[View]
48999013Short japan and south korea: Massive debt printing collapses about to occur in both countries. SK an…[View]
48999790Eat my shorts[View]
48999077friend just called me: he said his parents fired their financial advisor cus they were doing sketchy…[View]
48998016Is it just me or everytime there's a pump and then BTC just do nothing for a while it becomes a…[View]
48999254The U.S. housing market bubble is ready to pop!: Many pieces of evidence are pointing to a sizable c…[View]
48999567Watch & burn[View]
48998950This is only the beginning[View]
48989484Gold had a crazy bull run during the inflationary 1970's doing an almost 10x, is it possible bi…[View]
48998826DCA or ROPE?: >My average link buy value is $29.09[View]
48997998This was supposed to be a safe moon: What happened. More like safe rug lmao[View]
48999412'At its core, Sublime enables users to leverage their identities to borrow undercollateralized loans…[View]
48999208Idk why do people think exchange coins are ngmi, there's still a lot of room for growing, uniro…[View]
48998182Are you winning?: Any trade involving elon is tutorial mode.[View]
48998943I work as a Canadian Plumber. Today i made more money than any of you cucks will ever make day tradi…[View]
48998774IS HE RIGHT?[View]
48991231A simple graph for simple minded common people to understand why HODL is nonsense.[View]
48997464This man owes me sex[View]
48990520>there are unironic commies on /biz/ that think the kid in this comic has a point Why are commies…[View]
48994447Would it be smart to buy rubles?: The price keeps going up mostly because governments are forced to …[View]
48994028I will not capitulate at the bottom. I WON'T.[View]
48998285surprise friday morning meeting update: i was [spoiler]fire[/spoiler]d[View]
48998779>one megautist racist is all it takes to fuck up some of the biggest names in crypto Simply fucki…[View]
48996595>Refi Another one to add to the list of buzzwords. Great. Now the question here is - is there a …[View]
48998478Why do stinkies refuse to acknowledge that Sergey dumping $40 mill every week suppressed the price b…[View]
48994796Are you following any projects that are currently in development, anon? What’s its name?[View]
48998937Why don't the Jews want us earning interest on our crypto?[View]
48997358/smg/ - Stock Market General: >Risk management: https://pastebin.com/sqJUcbjp >Educational sit…[View]
48998840>30k has officially flipped from support to resistance Doomp eet[View]
48998145Avax is next![View]
48998435There are people on this board right now that are selling their crypto because of a Monkey hoax.[View]
48997924I'm tired[View]
48998882I like how these niggas make their collabs. VOKA design a NFT with his style and they call it a day.…[View]
48998874if SP500 breaks 3800, then sell everything. That's the line between now and the great recession[View]
48998866>Vote is closed in 5 days irrespective of current vote percentages. >Killing the fork proposal…[View]
48998542I'm so fucking done anons, I have nothing but pain left, I want to end my non-stop misery now, …[View]
48997984>using your own identity as collateral in case you don’t pay your debts Who the fuck thought thi…[View]
48998386>I will succeed in this market, my guts told me Think again anon, there’s no human way you can ac…[View]
48992421*destroys your portfolio*[View]
48998317I would close your portfolio's and hide in dollar if I were you: >Monday the leaders of our …[View]
48978316NEET GOD here. I hope you went all in LUNA. Verification available if needed[View]
48997954goodbye bear market hello monkey market[View]
48998678Remember remember last years september[View]
48991802Vitalik still thinks he's playing WoW[View]
48998644monkey pox vaxx companies pumping, its happening isnt it[View]
48998571Is chainlink hitting $2 or $200 by 2025?: and will I be able to slurp LINK at $1 this year?[View]
48997299I'm absolutely demoralized, scared and broke right now.[View]
48998453Jews In Crypto: How do we gas them out?[View]
48997950>1 post by this ID: Why do most OP's on /biz/ never participate in their threads?[View]
48996819I want to buy an intellectual property. It's an old, fairly niche cartoon. The creator is dead …[View]
48996289Post yfw you realize monkey pox is the match that lights everything on fire[View]
48998487I need financial advice: here's my situation biz. if I sell now I can survive the next to years…[View]
48998486It's time to go back farming anon[View]
48996325fucking lost my lives saving on Luna!! what the fuck do I do Anons[View]
48992247help me[View]
48998301Which altcoins are you going to be stacking throughout this bear market? I'm mainly in ETH and …[View]
48994889IIT we pretend its 48 hours from now: >HOLY FUCKING KEK HE UNIRONICALLY SOLD BECAUSE OF SOMETHING…[View]
48993105Sue-Happy Employees: Fellow business owners (especially construction), how do you guys deal with shi…[View]
48995567How are you gorillas not buying big dick bags of matic with nightfall dropping? It's like you i…[View]
48997061>shorted 10x at 28800 Please tell me I won't be stuck in this position…[View]
48994505>females have to pee more frequently than males >female bathrooms take up more space, and fema…[View]
48996684Bitcoin was literally created by federal agencies.[View]
48998251What is art?: 'What a question! Art is architecture, sculpture, painting, music, and poetry in all i…[View]
48996087>unironically just filled out 3 job applications lol, a recession right when I graduate from 2 ye…[View]
48998150And just like that, Bitcoin will never go below $28,813.03 ever again.[View]
48998213why are you midwits blaming monkeys for the currently market cycle as if it wasnt obvious we were in…[View]
48989518WHERE IS THE GODDAMN FUCKING RECESSION: When does it actually happen? I'm tired of all this edg…[View]
48995978Debt will set you free.[View]
48998165Chainlink wants to launch staking?: Load ze Monkeypox fud[View]
48997432Fagpox: This excuse will be used to steal the midterms, so they are sacrificing all markets. After w…[View]
48995807I am just happy that i get fresh bugs everyday Thanks[View]
48997960It was so obvious and we were warned multiple times and we didn’t listen[View]
48997136>CEO of Rango Exchange is called Sasuke Believe it[View]
48997009Truth Hurts Newfags: SOL is already being unloaded and dying at a faster pace every time it goes dow…[View]
48993736>HE >BOUGHT >LUNA…[View]
48996181It's good to be back in charge[View]
48995388What are the implications of a new pandemic? Obviously it is manufactured Alla covid 19, what can we…[View]
48997870Is it finally time?[View]
48997966future: if i short trx/usdt and long btc/usdt at the same time on cross is that the same as shorting…[View]
48997933Biz told me muh luna supply taken cant be burned: 1$= total 6.5trilli supply buyed 0.1$= 650billi co…[View]
48997930I hate (((tptb))) so much bros, why can't we have 10 year golden bullruns and 1 month golden be…[View]
48997720Why americans are so retard?: Its always clear to see what time ameritards are wakeing up[View]
48990405Should I buy and hold doge?: Doge is trading at an all-time low, so I think it's possible x5-10…[View]
48997850Don’t have a cow man lmao[View]
48997328I ain’t no bitch, I ain’t doxxing my ass just to get money to make more money, that’s stupid af, who…[View]
48985951accumulation: You're accumulating more ETH and BTC to finally make it in next run, while idiots…[View]
48997727I don't care anymore[View]
48996611Are you ready young investoRs?[View]
48996628I fucking hate the current NFT market so much. The most retarded of things get sold for high amounts…[View]
48997693Don't let darkness cloud your eyes[View]
48997647I need a quick 100x hook me up[View]
48996494>all the LUNA shills left right after the big marketing push last week great, guess I lost money …[View]
48995475I only discovered crypto now. Am I too late?[View]
48991897Knock Knock Would you boys be ever so kind to help a new friend out and tell me what you buy through…[View]
48996682YUP, lol knew it all along: lol[View]
48997467https://twitter.com/gurgavin/status/1527555817859334144 https://twitter.com/refsrc/status/1527238287…[View]
48995215Aren’t DEXs the most memeable things on crypto? Shit literally never supports more than 4 chains and…[View]
48996482>volatility staking LUNA >volatility staking USDT >not volatility staking LINK because it…[View]
48997339I just doubled my stake in ETHE. A-am I the dumb? Or be I a GENIUS?[View]
48996648When we reach market bottom around the 200 day moving average should I slurp 1 BTC or the equivalent…[View]
48995549Hoarding Cash outside of a bank}: Hello frens, I have a dumbass question. I’m concerned, like all of…[View]
48995113>8 red weeks It has to do a dead cat bounce to 38k, right?[View]
48996915Is this the power of cryptocurrency?[View]
48995431What's this pattern called, /biz/?[View]
48991830What is more valuable? The fast efficient movement of money, or the fast efficient movement of info?[View]
48997301Negro here. Have you heard of Repacoins. It’s reparations crypto. Basically, pay up reparations (all…[View]
48996751I’m going to unironically fucking kill y’all if I don’t see sne behaving in the upcoming weeks, firs…[View]
48995982/smg/ - Stock Market General: Which will hit sub 2k first? AMZN or GOOG? >Brokers https://paste…[View]
48995310>tfw crypto falling down >investments are -$20k from ath it feels bad but i guess i'm too…[View]
48983687Australians are fucked: and most of them dont even know it. Australians are in for a fun ride the ne…[View]
48987916/HBAR/: the most sustainable and efficient platform on this market literally got hundreds of million…[View]
48989633COR: it baffles me how much this gets ignored despite all the progress it's making with the app…[View]
48975786I will buy the first 5 cryptos mentioned here[View]
48991337/GME/ - Wario Week? Edition: >Basic Information https://gme.crazyawesomecompany.com https://finra…[View]
48995570do jobs actually ask to see your degree certificate? im thinking of lying on my CV. also, what degr…[View]
48996405>people on r/dogecoin are still holding onto their bags from a year ago…[View]
48996804They released a new airborn bioweapon just to crash Chainlink[View]
48996793It's over, Gilles.[View]
48996786Good Dividend stocks: to pick up right now? whats discounted so much, and has such a great divy its…[View]
48994488Back to the cage wagie[View]
48996769I SOLD: I SOLD[View]
48996764If you havent been shorting crypto, but ESPECIALLY Chainlink, you are a stupid fuck and you will los…[View]
48995994I couldn’t care less than I do about NFTs, it’s something I’ve never been interested in, but I actua…[View]
48995666Imagine owning ROSE when you could be owning ZNN: ZNN is the new moonshot.[View]
48996534Hy fellow basketballers of the jewnited states of africa!: Can this shitcoin finally drop down to 20…[View]
48996634ARE YOU READY[View]
48996620Newfren here, what are some good altcoins/shitcoins to slurp right now? (inb4 Luna) I don't hav…[View]
48996543Should I put my spot btc on longterm coinm futures?: I'm thinking about putting my coins on 2x-…[View]
48994634I had 400k at ATH: And I didn't sell Now I only have 45k. I'm so fucking retarded. Even 10…[View]
48993209If I buy 500eth right now, would it be enough to make it in 5 years?[View]
48992439And that kids is what we call a bear flag...: obvious short ffs, hope you didn't get fucked....…[View]
48977867Wwyd if you were a billionaire?[View]
48996410Ruble is the new link I hope you loaded up when it was on sale[View]
48995356oh no no no tesla chuds: what went wrong?[View]
48989458VeChain - i am forgotten: did all of those partnerships not materialise to anything of value for the…[View]
48996399Dont worry anons, bull market is cancelled. reason: i shorted[View]
48995379I want to go in the forest for a couple of weeks to hide from the bear market, but I'm scared o…[View]
48996343The first trillionaire[View]
48995712Will the fed really destroy the US economy just to bring inflation down? They're talking tough,…[View]
48995321SERGEY NAZAROV: THE KING OF FINANCE: Say something nice about our KANG.[View]
48994337Seems like there are a bunch of gamefi projects being developed on Oasis Can this shit bring some ac…[View]
48992559So, is their whole gimmick just going to be adding a bunch of colors to pre-existing nfts, huh? How …[View]
48994167Open a short anon, just a small one. I promise you will like it,[View]
48995774What is Elon's liquidation price on Tesla?[View]
48995849are we going to baghold for 10 years like in the dotcom bubble? and the 10 years is being generous s…[View]
48995947Guess the coin: its gonna make u rich. why? because i say so fuckwit[View]
48994660are you going to touch it today[View]
48995459Why has it been oscillating for a year and a half?[View]
48995913>it's gonna be at least a decade before the next bull run[View]
48994759/smg/ - Stock Market General: Cassandra predicted this >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq …[View]
48995909WHERE IS THE 38K BOUNCE[View]
48985349>avax isn't a turkish scam dumping ghostchain!! It's dying right now…[View]
48978299/pmg/ - Precious Metals General: Goth Edition >Why Gold? https://youtu.be/i3S4rl6ehiI https://yo…[View]
48995596Posted without comment[View]
48988017From a /biz/iness perspective, why does this lil nigga have so many companies? Other big corporation…[View]
48993682i just turned down a job with 3.3 stars on glassdoor for a job with 2.7 stars[View]
48985976Is it worth studying the arts?: Always feels like you need to be comfortably middleclass with a dece…[View]
48995772I'm reading your note over again And there's not a word that I comprehend Except when you …[View]
48994445>Aug 2020: $20 >May 2022: $6 How does this make you FEEL?…[View]
48994534For me? I’ll just try to sell nfts that serve as a “certificate” for virtual lands using dropp/rebas…[View]
48993732Hex general: Hex continues to go up, it's very strong please look at the chart we're holdi…[View]
48995688Again i did not open short when BTC poked 30k... I will NGMI. Went for a walk to buy some food, and …[View]
48994743>football manager but it’s an nft card game Defi is creatively bankrupt indeed. The worst part i…[View]
48993197luna is the only thing not dumping fuck you[View]
48992093And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming: If you didn't sell that $30K dead cat bou…[View]
48995217Price/Earnings is the only meaningful valuation metric[View]
48994696I would like to buy a small home in my town. How do I go about the process? How much of a down payme…[View]
48994733SPX: Check the RSI. Bobo, your about to get absolutely motherfucking rekt. Close your shorts while y…[View]
48994200i cant watch you guys suffer anymore: guess i have to spoonfeed you: i shorted zrx, atom, eos, uni, …[View]
48994868They haven't even acknowledged the recession yet...: There is such an enormous tidal wave of pa…[View]
48995407How does Chainlink governance going to work? Is Sergey just going to be calling the shots for all ti…[View]
48995126Scalpers General: Any alfa ?[View]
48993812>goy, you should TOTALLY recycle your energy/bandwidth consumption by connecting to the sne netwo…[View]
48995457aight you know the drill, pump it back up to 30k ad infinitum[View]
48992935whats the current average cost to mine 1 Bitcoin?[View]
48994704Chainlink steaking: So now that it is confirmed that steaking will be announced during consensus, wh…[View]
48995157SHIB x REDBULL: Red Bull sold 7.9 billion cans in 2020 worldwide... 445 million people watched at le…[View]
48993760I actively shape the board sentiment with my threads. It is possible to see a connection between 1 s…[View]
48993719Is there a word for this style of scam yet? > start a project > throw out a bunch of 'bread cr…[View]
48994201Why's Bitcoin dropping like a rock?[View]
48986232Anyone else felt the huge shift in the hive mind?[View]
48995153Insider trading is a victimless crime and should be legal.[View]
48994602>Andre is back and working on FUSD >'this will surely save Fantom's awful price action, r…[View]
48995062When is this going to end[View]
48987861What the fuck is happening: This board feel very impersonal and every thread looks as it has been ge…[View]
48994977its over: we can never win bros[View]
48994070I fell for this pump and dump ponzi: I fell for this pump and dump ponzi[View]
48993851being alone is actually quite comfy[View]
48988624>SWIFT announces they'll use Capgemini to leverage crypto for crossborder CBDC payments >…[View]
48995058>Lightning network[View]
48995003I am in control. I am god.[View]
48994279Why has AVAX collapsed so hard this downturn? Should I add to my AVAX bags?[View]
48991898ICP Domain Names: post yours. just bought aptos and aptoslabs. for some reason my bids were auto fin…[View]
48993842Maybe slurping every single dip and never selling wasn't a good investment plan? Idk just a tho…[View]
48993610Is it true that if i buy the right things and wait for a few years I will be rich?: It seems too eas…[View]
48989878What’s the highest bitcoin can go in a fake out fake rally that will dump almost immediately at this…[View]
48994168Prepare your anus, Bobo: You got too cocky, now you get my cock[View]
48994684Link is worth less than a big mac again[View]
48994819Sell signal[View]
48992508We're never gonna decouple, are we?[View]
48994739Bear Market Blues: >if the DOW closes red this week, it will be the longest weekly losing streak …[View]
48989619What are some low market caps projects that I should invest in?[View]
48991764>30k >29k>30k >29k>30k >29k>30k >29k>30k >29k>30k >29k>30k …[View]
48993212/smg/ OIL GENERAL: OIL? OIL. if your portfolio is in the shitter and you dont own OIL. its time to p…[View]
48994360Give me back my money[View]
48992086This market is killing me bros[View]
48994547Chainlink is dying: RIP[View]
48994608I've recently been trying to fix my life and I have just sold my house and purchased a new one,…[View]
48994481>get tired of 4chan black and white incel chudness >go on reddit >it's nothing else th…[View]
48993713>transmitted to prolonged exposure, aka faggot sex >vaccines already exist >smallpox vaccin…[View]
48992706Just a heads up: I just bought 1000$ in Solana, so its going to Dump hard. Just a heads up[View]
48992062Is opening a cemetery a good idea for passive income?: >buy a random piece of land near a city …[View]
48994331I feel betrayed: >first the pumps, the laughs, the homosexulity >then the dumps >then the b…[View]
48992855$100.000.000 (1 hundred million) is a fair Price for Bitcoin. 1 Satoshi = 1 Dollar. Change my mind.[View]
48989826The target price of one BAT (Ticker: B.A.T.) has been reduced to $34 (USD). The reason for the price…[View]
48992606you know what comes next niggers[View]
48993914Bro LINK is less than seven dollars: LMAO[View]
48993979Why didn't you guys just buy big pharma stocks?[View]
48994189The Dow Jones Industrial Average has broken below 31,000[View]
48990145People fear R1b sanctions which is why ethereum has not pumped to its fullest extent. ICP is located…[View]
48993974I want Bitcoin and Chainlink to crash and burn so bad, it's unreal.[View]
48992894What's the verdict on USN, the stable coin on NEAR? Some thoughts: https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
48994140the bottom is about to fall out[View]
48993051Holy shit it's happening: This is not a drill! Go check the charts and apologize you niggers…[View]
48992983If I sell now, I may survive the coming food shortage[View]
48988533Daily reminder that Kleros is the next Stakenet >CEO spends all his time on vacations while spend…[View]
48993947Banks need XRP to settle transactions so y no buy all XRP now??: Can someone explain to a profession…[View]
48983133There's no other way to put this: it's simply over.[View]
48987258ICP bros, I can feel this piss is about to pump: >Literally a minecraft on chain is being develop…[View]
48994005it's too late for me: but i was a fool following the bulls the Bogs will make it crash all stoc…[View]
48993972>Inflation? What inflation?[View]
48970376/CMMG/ Commodities, Mining, and Macro General: Volatility edition >Why are we investing in commod…[View]
48992840hey biz, former wagecuck, went neetmode but my parents are kicking me out in a month what can I do …[View]
48988802There's still a GME general.[View]
48993834What jobs will be replaced by AI in the near future? With how fast models are being improved on I be…[View]
48993668how many more fucking days until luna moons? I cant fucking take it anymore!!![View]
48984218Which crypto has the most delusional bagholders?[View]
48990855Get your Luna before this guy buys all of it: Cz buying it all up will get in before the moon anon…[View]
48992859Chainlink is $6[View]
48993195I am teetering on the verge of financial ruin, if this is not the bottom it's over.[View]
48989218Why did Mommy backstab Elon?[View]
48992348the board is stuck: The same shit is discussed over and over, despite the market conditions At this …[View]
48993010I sold the bottom[View]
48991775HATE BOBO NONCES: Simple as[View]
48993180Tether is going to be a reverse version of this story: >People have been saying 'Tether is a frau…[View]
48991940whos selling at these levels?: you should buy the dip![View]
48990769what does biz think of pic rel? Should I go all in or is it a scam?[View]
48993314The pain has only just begun[View]
48992625UP IN THE CLUB[View]
48993320My only profitable trades were making $20 off AMC and $100 off SHIB.[View]
48990242i bought the top of the fake recovery pump again[View]
48993352It's opposites day! Buy high and sell low! Today only special![View]
48989171wtf?: 'eth is the mother asshole that all shitcoins spring from....'[View]
48993036Maybe June will be better.[View]
48993240How are my Wolves of Walmart doin today?[View]
48984759SOL: 15.3 million daily transactions vs ETH 1.1 million How is this not going to replace ETH?[View]
48993115Can I get some TA on my mood chart?: Does it get better?[View]
48991950im tired of this shit mang[View]
48992339>people actually trusted this dino[View]
48991945/smg/ - Stock Market General: /sp/ in the house tonight edition. >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1…[View]
48993018Chainlink summer camps: Are you going to the CSC this year? I heard that the last one was very nice.…[View]
48993087ethereum: is 100 eth enough to MAKE IT within 5 years?[View]
48992995At what price should I buy in on chain link? $2.50?[View]
48992306>Attractive 20% yield[View]
48992898Are you guys also watching the premier? I've been betting on Chelsea's games lately hoping…[View]
48993017oh look another green pre-market and a red market day. shocking. probably only a few more weeks for …[View]
48992252>be LINK node operator >NEET in NYC >report weather data for free linkies >have to put u…[View]
48992900I hate what this market has come to and i'll hate what it becomes probably. So many idiots inte…[View]
48992915Stocks will officially be in a bear market today, at the rate SPY dropping. Prepare your crypto bets[View]
48992909>he thinks we have seem the bottom >still 2 more years of Beijing Biden OH MOO MOO MOO MOO MOO…[View]
48987805hey charles. where are the dApps?: everyone on this board is asking you where the dApps are charles …[View]
4899139930k rejected again Jesus help us[View]
48989659Shill me some good ass NFTs WHICH ARE NOT FUCKING APES. I REPEAT, NO APES. Thank you[View]
48992832How are we feeling, PulseChain bagholders?[View]
48992540I don't understand what the current projects are thinking asking for our doxx like they don…[View]
48992720You didn't fall for the dead cat bounce, did you?[View]
48990029>wife and I are boomer millennials >Graduated college with meme degrees on 2008 >We work an…[View]
48992759how the markets react during davos meeting?[View]
48992009AY CARUMBA[View]
48992738BTC vill never be over 40k: EVER, you better fall in love with ur cagie. You are here forever.…[View]
48992631I didn't fall for the crypto meme[View]
48900152/XMR/ Monero General: Welcome to the Monero General, dedicated to the discussion of the world's…[View]
48990202/lhfvg/ - Luna Hard Fork Vote General #3: >The vote https://station.terra.money/proposal/1623/ …[View]
48992574So has anyone of you guys actually joined one of these famous trading competitions and won something…[View]
48988934Is there anything left to do on this: board then to report frog bots, twitter cap spammers and shitp…[View]
48992686>tfw you had one shot in life and you wasted it by buying pivx instead of eth…[View]
48992271>Even the US president admits that there will be food shortages >Surely people will buy my mag…[View]
48977823Why do the average person takes loans they can't pay back?: What's their thought process? …[View]
48991576/practice interview/ bread: >Nice to meet you Anon >Before we get started, what pronouns shoul…[View]
48983950sick of being a neet: >be me >neet living with my family after graduating from uni >wake up…[View]
48992437Guise: I fapped so much this week I think I got a UTI. It hurts when I pee and I can only squeeze a …[View]
48989993Dead Cat bounce: I sold all my crypto when BTC hit 29,000 at a massive loss cause this board convinc…[View]
48990776ETH was so good they made ETH2 Why didn't they make BTC2 if BTC is so good?[View]
48990482Buffett and his gold stance is retarded: Try being poor and beating inflation without investing in g…[View]
48985394wagmi: Reminder that you are still extremely early.[View]
48985939Alpalca Finance Quits Fantom: It’s over trannies >>network instability >>low liquidity i…[View]
48989385Can DOT go $6?[View]
48991744why isn't everyone here rich from the BTC halvings yet? It's just buying at the bear marke…[View]
48990311So if one has some cash on hand, should one buy a house right now or put it in the market/crypto? It…[View]
48991793A bear can easily kill a bull, even in a 1v3 scenario: It feels good to finally get some respect on …[View]
48990527I missed the LUNA crash because I was away from crypto for a while. What did I miss?[View]
48992327Did bitcoin crash yet?[View]
48978298It's been 10 years: I still haven't made it. It's over.[View]
48986380Steaking will be announced at consensus[View]
48992250Going to be hearing back the final decision after interviewing for a company. I am 95% sure its a re…[View]
48991206>dropp is now called rebase >product is exactly the same thing >nothing has really changed …[View]
48991707they will perpetually dump their bitcoin reserves: to back USDT whales are withdrawing 5 billion a w…[View]
48987749SHIBbagholders...: over the past few months, you have been feeding my FUD posts. thank you for takin…[View]
48991760>tfw all the play to earn crypto games are dead I used to make $50/h playing these games at their…[View]
48988543when a company decides to offshore their manufacturing overseas, whats the typical marginal benefit?…[View]
48988919statistically, the vast majority of you have lost a large amount of money this year. i have lost no …[View]
48986611why would a fork to a new chain with no UST and with a sane reduced supply not work? it would basica…[View]
48991705What coins do I buy? Gonna be using rango so it pretty much has every shitcoin imaginable. Besides t…[View]
48991390ICP: This shit scares me so much. I am really hoping I didn’t buy a scam. However every fifth thread…[View]
48989244You faggots have no idea: With all the wars, monkeypox, flus and all kinds of unrest we have, these …[View]
48988570What’s my next move?: I was heavily invested in Luna and lost it all in a matter of a few hours. Sta…[View]
48991838Shitcoins: Should I put money in BTC and ETH given their current dropped value? What are the Wizards…[View]
48985529lending friends money: >summer 2020 >best friend impulsively quits job, moves to the west coas…[View]
4899138699% of the posts on biz are cryptofaggotry. I hope most of you are down bigly and investing in ROPE[View]
48989538Australians get cucked by bitcoin due to it being tied to trad market movement Markets open in 26 mi…[View]
48990187/smg/ - Stock Market General: Buy then sell >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq https://bro…[View]
48991792No? Then you might want to check out Ruffle Inu. Weekly lotterys of 1 ETH, soon higher and daily onc…[View]
48991747ur thoughts?[View]
48991723We must hold this crab right of the capitulation for 40 days. If our luck holds, the fed will still …[View]
48985666Hex general: Hex continues to go up, it's very strong please look at the chart we're holdi…[View]
48991653When did you give up the shitcoin casino and go back to the original form of gambling, free from paj…[View]
48989969>much needed equality in crypto I’m a broke white male, can I get any equality too?…[View]
48991541Enjoying the relief rally?[View]
48982893Lunatards: You faggots are too confusing, should I buy this shitcoin or no?[View]
48990396Okay guys, I need a fast, easy and risk free way to get rich. What can I do?[View]
48985707Bitcoin about to pop to 11k: He was right again, but bitcoiners will say 'REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…[View]
48991258The stock market is about to 2008[View]
48987734/smg/ - Stock Market General: MELTUP EDITION >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq https://brok…[View]
48988655How are we holding up rvp sisters?[View]
48990706Doomsayers: Should we let Doomsayers influence our investments?[View]
48991405I am about to go back home and start selling antiques with my dad. He is a life time collector (thin…[View]
48985251/GME/ - Early to Rise Edition: >Basic Information https://gme.crazyawesomecompany.com https://fin…[View]
48990901Chainlink: Descent into Oblivion. This is the the beginning of the end for linkies, only downhill fr…[View]
48989107We discuss what to short during upcoming monkeypox crash: What's your plan anon?[View]
48991343still holding ?[View]
48984735>Tesla stops accepting BTC in their store citing ESG and “environmental” concerns and BTC price c…[View]
48988840Why ?: Why do people hold shitty tokens for so long when the price is way down and the chart isn…[View]
48988419Fuck it. All in. CZ wont let us down.[View]
48982831>money won’t arrive for next 4 or so days >decide to go doordashing so I can feed myself >i…[View]
48990867I am overextended. What should I change?[View]
48991142Fringe: Am I delusional to have my entire net worth in this? It really is a great idea. Sure, they f…[View]
48990254DeFi protocols TVL loss porn from ATH:: >Ethereum:-55% >Avalanche:-64% >BSC:-72% >Solana…[View]
48989629I just got a ChainLINK t-shirt for participating in the Hackaton. Feeling bullish, LINKbros.[View]
48991062Redpill me on Casper: And on how it is connected to Davos, WEF and Satan Klaus. How do I profit from…[View]
48987109Give it to me straight…is crypto dead?[View]
48983240>my latino friend lost half his networth on GME >he only makes 30k a year >every night i cr…[View]
48989737Is there any downside to paying off your credit card anytime there's a balance on it at all? I …[View]
48985017Good morning sirs![View]
48983504>10 years into crypto and people still don't get market caps[View]
48990137>He thinks inflation and rising prices are the same thing...[View]
48990538> come home from work > get incredibly weary from putting off my mask, making other think I’m…[View]
48990766Are you rich enough to drink and drive?[View]
48990142i'am about to fomo into a 50x short[View]
48990919What stocks and coins would he hol? I think really old school dividend stocks 90% off ath and would …[View]
48981355You're better than this: Why are you still holding this over-hyped normie tier memestock? I…[View]
48989775Something is brewing: Can you feel it?[View]
48988346> Live in remote area. > Have skills > Be company that needs workers > workers at compan…[View]
48987908Bitcoin Gold: Never see threads on this. It's easy to mine, low exchange fees for BTC, and chea…[View]
48977449CZ: If he saves LUNA and turns you into a multi-millionaire, how will you honor him?[View]
48989641I bought $2000 worth of UST at 0.70 thinking it would rebound but now I'm absolutely fucked. Is…[View]
48989688could we have a thread about GOOD financial news for once?[View]
48989809Why crypto sucked and working rocks: I work as a Canadian Plumber. Today i made more money than any …[View]
48989874Is this ever going bag to peg?[View]
48990545yet another day in neetdom watching charts till my eyes bleed, hunched over a computer screen while …[View]
48987945So how's /ourboy/ gonna make out today?[View]
48985923XCm: Coinmetro - Irrumatio powered by crypto[View]
48988331what are you buying right now?[View]
48990309What will be the initial apy when steaking will be announced at consensus?[View]
48989911I don't know what's more embarrassing, just having thousand people to run the testnet or t…[View]
48989988Oh look, another pandemic on the horizon. Surely crypto won't crash from that.[View]
48989696If YKYKYK?: Youre welcome[View]
48988535Anti-wokeism: How do we profit from the fact that nearly all major institutions are woke, yet the va…[View]
48990170below 100 and we are back on dxy haters crypto, equities, commodities. you name it.[View]
48986723Apres moi le deluge[View]
48989476Best stocks given the shit economy: Should I invest in Exxon? What other stocks should I invest in g…[View]
4898985418 year old chad cucks finance bros: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2022-05-19/crypto-platf…[View]
48989323it's that time of the week[View]
48988524>Chainlink stakers can be any number of groups, including node operators themselves, individual u…[View]
48986204APOLOGISE: Are you ready to apologise to le epic safemoon army /biz/?[View]
48989781Why is it still stuck at 30300?[View]
48989938Credit Spreads vs Debit Spreads: What is superior? When do you use either? What timeframe?[View]
48989871Is this the best stable coin?: Should I put my profit in here?[View]
48987492Delusional Luna bag holder here: Please feed into my delusions by gaming out extremely far fetched s…[View]
48987206Question about inflation: Please don't shit on me for asking this but... so... in the crypto ve…[View]
48970020i am officially raising the BAT price target to $42: in light of recent revelations, i deem it neces…[View]
48989743Hogarhermanos? Me siento enfermo...[View]
48989729It’s over isn’t it: https://twitter.com/fluiditymoney/status/1527614387401400320?s=21&t=74F52ZLy…[View]
48988366is the bear market still a good opportunity for day trading?[View]
48981019Someone is buying all the LUNA. He has a third of the supply and is buying more every 30-60 mins[View]
48986521what is this fucking thing?[View]
48988286what went wrong?[View]
48989525bros im a kleptomaniac: >accept instacart delivery >go to grocery store >pick up 10-20 item…[View]
48989505Late bloomer: Early 30s, up til now I've made roughly 18 dollars an hour Just got a job opportu…[View]
48988253so numba go up or numba go down?: >pic related this is bait, they will trick the markets and the …[View]
48987285We all know -50% is coming: Monkeypox will be the narrative for it.[View]
48988705Is there any hope for this piece of shit?[View]
48988821Is it really hard to get a job or is that a meme?[View]
48988993>the following, is a conversation with anon >for a man with schizophrenic tendencies, who hope…[View]
48989288Would I be pretty dumb or just fearless if I take a loan from sublime to slurp all those shitcoins?[View]
48989448I kinda want BTC to have its 8th consecutive red week. I think that would be pretty cool and all it …[View]
48951808/XSG/ XRP Schizo General #1852: PREVIOUSLY >>48917755 Buy XRP on Uphold/CoinMetro/Bitrue/Kuco…[View]
48987845lunabros i have never seen this much gap potential: extreme hopium[View]
48989209What does this mean?[View]
48950112We are entering the end game: Monkeypox is airborne,watch this becoming global no1 news in the next …[View]
48988240One of these doesn't fucking belong there.[View]
48988900I have a really bad feeling about this market with recession coming. If the stock market starts unlo…[View]
48989147Best current crypto: Should I buy BTC and ETH or short them? I have money coming up and I don't…[View]
48988033Wtf is going on with Metamask?: My 100€ LUNA turned into 11,000€? Bullshit.[View]
48985769face it, this man decide when bear market begins and ends: he rekt BTC in january, then waves and th…[View]
48988216Scammers: Do you respect scammers? Not pajeet shitcoin scammers , but white collar scammers . They s…[View]
48988764Trash: If you are still holding this meme stock you are ngmi[View]
48985926I'm tired of caring about crypto: It's been nothing but bad news for over 6 months. I can…[View]
48986114So with GameStop announcing their NFT on the Looping Layer: Wen moon?[View]
48987687HBAR literally has the most liquid foundation in the entire crypto market with more than $5 billion …[View]
48988827is this a new feature introduced by elon musk?[View]
48988209this is you[View]
48984481Suppose for a moment the bear market has actually been going for much longer than you thought it has…[View]
48987997What a good business to learn and start? I have a few alternatives, need more idea >real estate (…[View]
48988558U niggers tell me right now how i can buy russian stocks NOW!!! Fuck off with your 'their going to c…[View]
48987590Ok, give me a straight fucking answer. Should I buy Luna? I want rational reasoning too.[View]
48988494Why are people buying houses right now since the housing market is so high? Don't they know tha…[View]
48933119Fine: I'm capitulating. You win, no more shitcoins. Where do I buy pic related?[View]
48986639Interrupt this volume[View]
48985445Nearly 16% of workers work for the government.: what do you think about this statistic? I worked fo…[View]
48988706How much would it cost for me to buy a majority of d0b0 supply and put a stranglehold on it? I have …[View]
48984268BUY LUNA: BUY LUNA PLS[View]
48988349I just realized ICP will soon enter a...: ...deathspiral...[View]
48980439My secret is giving me an Uncle to keep $600. What crypto should I invest into?[View]
48981988Tell me, /biz, i want to know what will be the next bitcoin in valuation, like bitcoin was of 2008 f…[View]
48982627SHIBagholders. you're SHIBagholding.: stop SHIBagholding. it's over.[View]
48985950@Kleros_io: - Let's hear from you. Unwitty and unhinged personal attacks reflecting a serious i…[View]
48977715can I reach 10 figures with this portfolio?[View]
48987380Fair warning to newfags, this is an old scam pump and dump shitcoin from 2017. The team behind this …[View]
48987954Which was the exchange with zero fees to cash out again?: I need to convert like 5k in fiat to pay f…[View]
48982984us md, had residency spot taken away bc misdemeanor.. is there any country i can get a residency tra…[View]
48984822Are there any good NFTs that a) aren't some gay cat/dog/ape with tattoos b) have celebrity or …[View]
48987943Beamswap CTO is a scammer: I personally know the Beamswap CTO Žiga Flis (pic related onions boy). In…[View]
48981833SCUZE ME: NEW GLOBAL RESERVE CURRENCY COMING THROUGH enjoy paying double for everything with g your …[View]
48984490what are we missing: if small blocksizes are necessary to ensure volunteering as node operators rema…[View]
48985784She killed millions[View]
48988175tfw comfy passive income shorting LINK to $0[View]
48983555what should I do with this CRO?: I have over 6k CRO just sitting in the DeFi app after unstaking. Wh…[View]
48986945Easy gains where?: Crypto has saturated the market with a 1 Trillion plus marketcap. No more easy ga…[View]
48987430>all bulls are right in a bull market >all bears are right in a bear market Hmmm...…[View]
48975238This is fine[View]
48988137Is the next bullrun just going to be yet another batch of 'ETH killer' VC L1s? When does it end?[View]
48988136it’s over: it’s over[View]
48978627So let me get this straight.... this guy has people literally send him billions of dollars worth of …[View]
48984971Wen bicoi gon goe up[View]
48987722Ever since I threw away my chair and started using a standing desk my life changed. My health improv…[View]
48987785Limit sell: Why does the price of Bitcoin always jump really high when I do a limit sell? Am I selli…[View]
48984144If you have just $10 in USDT, go get ORN and you will thank me later.[View]
48985776You're going to love this, trust me. What you're seeing here is my normal state. This is a…[View]
48987642slurp report: what have you bought this dip so far anon? saw you mfs post so much shit bought HBAR f…[View]
48985594I GET KNOCKED DOWN[View]
48988008>I have printed one hundred million dollars to dust looking for Anti-Gold. Looking for those who …[View]
48970894Why do you still hold GRT?: What did I tell you GRT faggots before? Every project that is rich/succe…[View]
48986151Satoshi has spoken: bobos btfo we are going to 100k https://twitter.com/adam3us/status/1527563262283…[View]
48987476This shit is gonna drop so hard. Imagine longing here[View]
48986247I think Holochain sucks!: t. 2018[View]
48987199all the stocks without dividends are ponzi schemes including google and amazon[View]
48987892hello sirs i am wondering where i can be buying new scooby doo velma poojeet coin[View]
48986651Monday will be a bullish week for crypto. Leader of large market cap coin will be DOT. Mark it somew…[View]
48987238Cardano: $128m TVL: >Fusion (???): $152m >EOS: $159m >Arbitrum: $1.34b Outperformed by lite…[View]
48987573If you still had: 50k bitcoin left and needed to recoup as much money as possible-- what would you d…[View]
48984469How many people even trade S&P Futures? I feel like its one guy pushing the price around. Crazy …[View]
48987736remind me again which type of idiots impose prices on both goods and services?[View]
48987730DAOs are going to save the world: Shit is actively hitting the fan. DAOs are the only thing that are…[View]
48986711oh shit binance bros withdraw all funds now https://breached.co/Thread-Binance-Face-ID-Leak[View]
48987389Y did they crash the market?[View]
48981867/smg/ - Stock Market General: >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq https://brokerchooser.com/ …[View]
48985750How will gambling impact on ICP price? https://twitter.com/TrueOddsICP/status/1527267681245835266…[View]
48984918>230 protocols >over $1B TVL >sub $1B market cap Why Fantom (ticker: $FTM) is so undervalue…[View]
48987167Is Rubic still worth holding?[View]
48987330Best exchange for leverage trading?: I've been using FTX but the UI is buggy and gay. Never tou…[View]
48985934Open catalog: Close website Still full of bots and shitposters[View]
48979706Only child, no wife, no kids and I am about to put my inheritance ($950k) in BTC (70%) and Monero (3…[View]
48985072>he still hasn't bought oil stocks[View]
48981931Just bought 130k Luna for $20. What am I in for?[View]
48987269Why is it still going up?[View]
48986855OH COME ON[View]
48983746Anons, I have $900 on coinbase that I cannot withdraw due to bank issues. It'd be nice to have …[View]
48986551Despite all the FUD in the world there are just no sellers left.[View]
48985540Can I buy US Treasuries on this app, as a Britbong?[View]
48981266Bull run starts tomorrow.[View]
4898482628K ACCEPTED[View]
48980050>the merge is happening in 2026 ETH is a joke[View]
48986416Is retail winning?[View]
48986864''Carbonized NFTs'' how would that be? A bored ape planting a forest? I am more …[View]
48986635>crypto is a decentralized privacy-focused digital asset >oh you want to buy some? better send…[View]
48983835Read this if you want a laugh: And feel smug about Chainlink rather than questioning why it is where…[View]
48986348I have 40k chf to invest what woud you do?[View]
48986742Is gains.trade a good platform ?: Wanna scalp there with little money, is it good ?[View]
48985224We're actually getting the crypto winter all the late fags want. 1. Bear marketed started in Ap…[View]
48986179Is starting a repo business a good idea?: Not really sure what all goes into it, I just want to dab …[View]
48986498Where do you get your crypto news from besides biz? >Which youtubers do you watch? >Which peop…[View]
48986523They made a movie about me sadpepe.jpg[View]
48986395>invest in tokenized carbon credits with likk >+1 good boy points added to my karma I've …[View]
48986567Dollarbros... what went wrong?[View]
48983557/lhfvg/ - Luna Hard Fork Vote General #3: >The vote https://station.terra.money/proposal/1623/ …[View]
48986512What happens now?: Do we go up or down? I have a lot riding on AAPL - being able to pay for my vacat…[View]
48986505Starting a business: Does anyone here actually do business or is it just finance? I was thinking abo…[View]
48982492LINKbros, I just had a thought Ok so staking is needed so nodes can “secure more value” right? And p…[View]
48985410when's the next big tech bubble[View]
48986431>liquidations can take a validator node down if staked FTM was used to mint fUSD >only 89 vali…[View]
48986252Yes, I like to use easy crosschains like Rango and 1inch. Any problems with that?[View]
48985147bitcoinQ: Are you scared?[View]
48984240crypto utterly btfo[View]
48984662Binance US vs Kucoin: Tourist here. Just x3 and pulled out of wLuna a couple days ago on Coinbase. L…[View]
48985790Aptos: This is either the new solana or the new ICP[View]
48986013>2018 >be freshly 18y/o khv virgin >stumble upon /biz/ and go all in LINK >make memes ab…[View]
48985516Literally what is wrong with working at a gas station full-time? You'd have a lot of time to sl…[View]
48986168what happened to the peepeepoopoo frog? he still here?[View]
48984087Say, should I finally get into a DEX? Ive been using binance for a while already[View]
48985709And… WALLAH! Just like that, we’ll never be below 0.00014 again![View]
48985322How to profit off pic related: I haven't checked my credit in a couple years to find this.…[View]
48985632>He thinks inflation and prices are synonymous terms...[View]
48984919Elon will announce his acquisition of Twitter within 48 hours[View]
48966291/lslcg/ - LET'S SAVE LUNA-CHAN GENERAL - WAIFU EDITION!: Luna chads, get in here! Time to conti…[View]
48985991taleb LOOKS LIKE THAT?[View]
48984635Naib is a try hard Herbalife salesman: https://twitter.com/nayibbukele/status/1527467675022131205?s=…[View]
48985920Who is the FextraLife of /biz/?[View]
48985908I havent felt that kind of energy in years. I feel it running through my spine. Praise Kek. Wgmi[View]
48983782how could the foundation do this to us bros... I feel fUSD is going to either pump us to top 10 or c…[View]
48984638Ok one of you /biz/raelis have to actually tell me what the fuck is the definitive DEX that I should…[View]
48985711post your hodl face[View]
48981174>7-8/10 looks >6 figure income >well read, educated >6 ft, big dick >socially/emotion…[View]
48985053Whats this pattern called?: And why would you not touch this with a 10 foot pole?[View]
48985186Is this numbers are real, if we have so many longs, we will never be green again[View]
48983124Honest opinions on his /biz/? i put in way too much @ $3 will this last the bear? I feel like this i…[View]
48981722A society that worships money is morally abhorrent. A free market can be an aspect of society, but n…[View]
48983878With the closing of the money faucet and all these nu-/biz/fags losing all their money, will we ever…[View]
48985507FTX buying influence: >crypto influencer with over 200k followers signs deal with FTX >a week …[View]
48984555If GMT pumps hard, you're gonna want to buy defit. It's the oldest move to earn project in…[View]
48984757I need to make it in the next 3 years: Recession is coming. I'm graduating in 3 years. I'm…[View]
48985298BTC will moon today[View]
48984602BTC is WAY oversold.. not to mention the NASDAQ bottomed out for the time being. I longed ETH and pl…[View]
48984048Why cz is helping us: >saving Luna will make cz a trillionaire and the richest person in the worl…[View]
48985042I'm going to lose my job[View]
48983741POST PREDICTIONS HERE: in 3 years, during the peak of the 2024/2025 bullrun I'll come back and …[View]
48985192I'm tired of my job: >I took the list of all the existing jobs >Everything is shit or can…[View]
48983996Who is the worst CT influencer: and why is it incomesharks[View]
48984099تعتذر: Apologize[View]
48984824To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Cardano. The tech is extremely subtle, and…[View]
48981380How likely is it that BTC reaches a new ATH in the next 5 years or so?[View]
48983634Tomb make it stacks: Whats the make it stacks for this? Based liquidated whales have allowed me to b…[View]
48984433It's hard not to go to sleep pissed off every night: >early 30's >wake up every morn…[View]
48984891Real paintings + NFTs, waddaya say??! Is it too retarded? I know some people who would get into arti…[View]
48984089Not a lunatard post: Took the shitcoin pill and decided to open a wallet. What am I buying today gen…[View]
48976611How we holding up, ROSE chads?[View]
48984640>you'll likely live for 50-60 more years >in that time some of the crypto you hold right …[View]
48973942>every single Reddit troon, GME fag and Crypto Pajeet is getting what they fucking deserve Feels …[View]
48984762I'm going to make a new wallet to register at krida and bet all my points against The Arsenal. …[View]
48982731Where to begin?: I'm a 30 year old boomer lookig to get invested to crypto, and I cannot find a…[View]
48984090How do I make 5k a month passive income? Rn I make like a couple hundred passively online[View]
48981941I don't tip my uber eats drivers[View]
48984395How do I actually start a real career? Been working shitty jobs so long that I’m mentally unsure how…[View]
48979889GLNK - Grayscale Chainlink Trust: It’s out today. We can buy in our brokerage and IRA accounts. What…[View]
48984549Who the fuck is Bella Hadid and why she's related to arties?[View]
48984402Should I buy the dip?: Redpill me. It seems pretty stable.[View]
48984582Luna Classic Bros It's ogre[View]
48984072Let's start a war right here. DOT or ATOM?[View]
48984192I have given up[View]
48984074How are my /lunatic/ bros holding out: DO NOT SELL. Reminder to BUY BUY BUY BUY once it plummets. HO…[View]
48984452These hippies keep bitching about the most retarded stuff and never invest in a good cause like likk…[View]
48980987Now that the dust has finally settled and we're heading into a depression can we all agree that…[View]
48982661Oh no no no: Bill Gates thinks Crypto is a ponzi scam.[View]
48983948>Nobody buys >Nobody sells Whats going on?…[View]
48977183Railgun: Let's talk about Railgun. Heard anons talking about this lowcap privacy coin in many …[View]
48982534This is why you people are retarded. If every single person who hold LUNA, all decided to set a sell…[View]
48983743hello i am working on becoming a youtuber for finance / current events and i wanted to get your opin…[View]
4898445630k support obliterated[View]
48983063/mig/ - Made It General: This is a thread for people who 'made it' this cycle (whatever th…[View]
48983391Is everyone who tried to scam PPP loans fucked?[View]
48982879i literally cannot die[View]
48973940My net worth has been plummeting for over a year holding this. Where's the light at the end of …[View]
48983220the only way to get out of this shit is by getting inheritance money: i love my parents, but i need …[View]
48984236Well, then how is the thing now with dropp? Are they now called Rebase? What a fucking mess, man.[View]
48980913you cant stop me[View]
48984015i going to be doing any swing trades on this high volume coin?[View]
48983158shitting blood again[View]
48982575Porn Investing: Porn anon here. I've been working on buying some equipment and i need some fund…[View]
48983576Harmony -- Defira Edition: Everyone ready for the DFK killer?[View]
48982650>You’ve entered the Memetrix, you have no escape now, you’re fucked, you WILL own nothing, you’re…[View]
48981976Question for US fags: I've been into crypto for a few years now but I still only have normie ac…[View]
48982262Got a job offer the first week I started my new job: So I've been doing thousands of interviews…[View]
48979492Ladies & Gentlemen, What will happen with Terra LUNA: Give it to me straight, where does the coi…[View]
48984020>Stock A goes down 2000 euro >Sell stock A >Buy back stock A immediately >Another stock …[View]
48981712https://twitter.com/NorthRockLP/status/1527475571071938560?t=x7LxUIi7oIvdpu7Px1bIbw&s=19 whalean…[View]
48977670its all making sense now: hes going to run for president what are the financial implications of Musk…[View]
48976098/GME/ - Comfy Thursday After-hour and Late Night Edition: >Basic Information https://gme.crazyawe…[View]
48978087Why should I bother putting my savings in a bank? Honestly, having most of my money in cash has no d…[View]
48981126I panic sold my bags when BTC dropped to 27.7K. (I was expecting a systemic crash and an even deeper…[View]
48981413HERE WE GO: They started the cancel campaign of Elon Musk. How will this end for /ourguy/[View]
48981236How do I short Bitcoin? How do I short cryptocurrencies in general?[View]
48983033Why cant this giga-shitcoin hold 30k?[View]
48978430>only need a car to get to work >don't use it for anything else because I hate driving an…[View]
48983864Why would anyone gamble on shitcoins and rugpulls when futures and leverage exists?[View]
48983512I’m a NEET and wanna make some money. What should I do?[View]
48979871They're calling me stinky at my job, recommend me a crypto to make $200 with $20, i want to buy…[View]
48983500Stop shitting on folks like you can't get broke Cuz them tables turn quick now you're the…[View]
48982105Bobo chads: get rid of your USDT and leave all CEXes: So as everyone here knows the whole Tether iss…[View]
48983644How do I create my own stablecoin without investing anything in it? Like I create XYZ stablecoin and…[View]
48982880Litecoin MWEB: Activating very soon! TONIGHT! Enjoy using one of the most scalable, fungible cryptoc…[View]
48980771How to diversify $100 of shitcoins?: If given $100, what woukd you buy?[View]
48983347How much lower will the crypto markets go?[View]
48982881Hedera is ready to POP soon: Simply incredible. HBAR is taking off wow WoW WOW we gonna pop soon y…[View]
48982510Yep, it's over: https://twitter.com/refsrc/status/1527238287471292417[View]
48981828Litecoin announcement livestream: Comfy livestream thread for the announcement of the Mimblewimble u…[View]
48982473I’m so goddamn underwater, I just want some relief, pls, for christ in heaven, can anyone hug me? Or…[View]
48983533R3ddit must be hating Arties imminent departure as his NFTs are going to become worthless.[View]
48982638Why is this pumping?[View]
48978740Is it time to buy back in yet[View]
48970842i dare you to fud HBAR: literally the most sustainable and efficient chain on the market with the ba…[View]
48983068Why is thorchain so underwhelming, bros? Rango’s literally the only project that’s somewhat decent i…[View]
48981438I only know I know no shit, so pls, help over here, what should I scoop if I’m a complete poorfag?[View]
48983003We got too cocky, LUNA bros[View]
48981844ALBT: Why aren't you nigglets buying my shit coin? Did you know this coin is now only a 35 mill…[View]
48978033how can I move to japan with $60k and a stem degree[View]
48982734What crypto are u holding and accumulating?[View]
489826137k to become a millionaire: It is cryptographically guaranteed[View]
48982011recommend me a crypto i probably don't know[View]
48983331ElonRepublicans: Anyone heard of this low mc? It’s proper bullish[View]
48982961is there a way to profit off this?[View]
48982648Why shouldn't i just short luna 50X?: Its bleeding to 0 100%[View]
48958084Are self-driving cars a good investment?: Which future technology would you invest into, anon?…[View]
48975765For those of you who hate your jobs and aren’t conservatives have you already hooked up with a worke…[View]
48981932Post the most blatant top signals of 2022[View]
48981902What's the best investment in this market right now?: any recommendations?[View]
48983049*ahem* peepee poopoo, thank you[View]
48978596Would you support an NFT project associated with Nazis? https://www.coindesk.com/layer2/2022/05/05/…[View]
48981693I lost $3000 shorting Luna from $19: I'm convinced that Kucoin is stealing from me. I've b…[View]
48980527SHIB Daily Blessing Thread: Day 123: Those who trust, welcome. Day 123 SHIB will drop a zero to beco…[View]
48981475Here's your man made horrors beyond comprehension, bro[View]
48980979>nfts are known for required a lot of energy to mint >oh hey, let’s just make carbonized nfts…[View]
48980591ROSE: Putting aside for a second the obvious fact that this whole market is a speculative clown show…[View]
48982904WhackD - Elon Musk Edition: Stays StackD Elon tweets about it WhackD NFT collection unlocking hidden…[View]
48982090> 'it's over anon' > Network is still worth close to $1b > 5 days still until vote fin…[View]
48982767Lego Rain: gov3 a or b https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOseZd3cQ_0[View]
48982720today: my Binance exclusive (tm) daytrader acquaintance told me 'it is possible a bear market is com…[View]
48980889What crypto do accumulate in a bear market serious question? Just play it safe with btc and eth?[View]
48981731Tether: What does this mean?[View]
48980550i did lump sum at ATH: how fucked am i bros?[View]
48982434my life is very sad, i'm poor nigga and fat. i want a reason to smile and they say money brings…[View]
48973252Fuck it. I'm going all in.[View]
48982469I just cashed out my remaining shitcoin holdings for $10k in I-bonds, AMA.[View]
48979599Chainlink has admin keys, 4chan thinks my post is spam so cannot post it in the text field. Proof in…[View]
48982316Don’t see how crypto can actually make a positive impact for the environment, take this likk project…[View]
48982086Is there any way to make NFTs less shitty for anyone who’s looking to get into it?[View]
48982435What happens when he pivots in summer?: Because he will[View]
48982454Outsider here: What's going on with the market I'm lost[View]
48982325why are you still holding?[View]
48975874Why did this coin blow up anyway? It was literally a dead shitcoin prior to 2021. How on earth do yo…[View]
48980298MASSIVE HAPPENING: GREATEST EXCHANGE OF WEALTH IN HISTORY: >missed bitcoin >missed eth >mis…[View]
48976958Kleros, a view into a libertarian utopia: So you've unsuspectingly bought a house in a libertar…[View]
48978706Why didn't I put all my money into rubles when it rugged? I could've doubled my money.[View]
48979834just saw a new coin on twitter thats at 50k marketcap and looks like its going to go big it starts w…[View]
48981967crypto is going to go to zero[View]
48978100This is Bill Gates[View]
48981636What is this luna chads?: You didn't sell during the dip, did you? To 0.01[View]
48979416Rubic 2022 Roadmap: Cubic? Pubic?[View]
48980938AR/VR industries: Seems like its the next big thing. How do i profit from this? What skill should i …[View]
48982256im getting this[View]
48980325I hold 6 milions LUNA: And I vote for burn.[View]
48980862>everything is going to shit more rapidly every day >btc is somehow back above 30k Fucking how…[View]
48978262Really makes a guy think *cracks* why threads about my Litecoin stocks keep getting deleted *sips*[View]
48979165Whales are asleep and bots have been turned off. Post your bags.[View]
48978965Tax evaders are the piratefags of finance: But even worse. They can't help but try to assert so…[View]
48980284why aren't you doing this?[View]
48978719hypothetically speaking: >person A wants candy >A sent crypto to a random exchange with no kyc…[View]
48974853inflation is killing me bros[View]
48972715LOTS BIG IN LUNA!!!!: I PUT IN $100 AND I'M NOW AT $94.65. WHAT SHOULD I DO!!??!?![View]
48982008THE MARKETPLACE FOR CRYPTO MERCH: PlanB.WTF Plan B.WTF is a merchandise store that offers custom me…[View]
48979580Is housing in a bubble? Family owns like 5 apartment buildings in NYC, only one is rent controlled.[View]
48981659>They change their name due to legal obliteration >Basically cucking the project >Somehow b…[View]
48968416Bye Dollar, you were a decent reserve currency.: Welcome the new currency baskets.[View]
48980810Should I just jump from a building while burning myself with gasoline? Double the pain, dead for sur…[View]
48981835This year for me is the year to avoid hassle in general, so, I’d appreciate if you tell me a dex tha…[View]
48980499Recession: Seriously, how bad will thee coming recession be? Will we reach depression?[View]
48981852i made this NFT. its ethereum. i dont wanr you to buy it. jsut appreciate the art.[View]
48981779Are you more likely to get rich doing forex or stocks[View]
48981426If Kwon doesn't burn the LUNA within a week I'm going to kill myself and he'll be arr…[View]
48977696I wouldn’t fuck a man’s butt not even for $72 million dollars[View]
48981428>imma finna yolo all my money ($200) into a market give me a 100x[View]
48981615IT'S HAPPENING[View]
48981616What do you think of kyc in crypto? Is it a necessary evil? I think lending platforms like sublime w…[View]
48979055I hate women: How do I profit off this?[View]
48981698Why do most normies think that crypto in general is a scam, which ultimately leads to the creation o…[View]
48980003'Human behavior is economic behavior. The particulars may vary, but competition for limited resource…[View]
48978528/smg/ - Stock Market General: Type >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq >Stock market Words …[View]
48979196> May 2023 > /LCG/ LET'S GET BACK TO 0.000005 EDITION >mfw a newborn GME style baggy c…[View]
48980522let me explain something to you right now, okay?: here's a 10 bill this is garbage this is garb…[View]
48981535How can I invest the bug food sector? How do I buy ze bugs?[View]
48958177Ugh… LUNAbros… I don’t feel so good[View]
48981352I'm from the future and i got to say eating bugs is actually based. Also make sure to buy some …[View]
48980185I crashed my car and I don't have the money to fix it Recommend me some investment to make quic…[View]
48981308Does this mean WLUNA holders won’t benefit at all if the fork happens? We won’t be able to participa…[View]
48979782How the fuck is this legal?[View]
48981220>people pay outrageous amounts of money for le funni monkey pic just to form part of “le cool kid…[View]
48980433716: July 16th. Save the Date.[View]
48980869I am looking for a profitable presale to invest in[View]
48980396I still can’t believe we’re about to enter a dystopian reality, even for loans we’re needing KYC, so…[View]
48979390Market is trash because we groom people into wanting to hold for 1000x gains and turn greedy, instea…[View]
48975873Any fellow defi devs taking a break right now? Want to talk some tech? Normies post defi questions i…[View]
48977659I know that a lot of people are confused about link so I made this graph to explain it.[View]
48981128Schtizoslurpers assemble. We just keep winning.[View]
48980098Where should I buy LUNA, bros?[View]
48976386>We went from 150B to a 3T market cap in 12 months >He thinks the golden bull run hasn't …[View]
48980893Ti Tuga digga tu Gi Friba fligugigu Uh Fligugigu Uh Di Ei Friba Du Gi Fligu fligugigugi Flilibili Ah…[View]
48979778So now we’re gonna have some kind of weird fine art museum with Arties, how does that affect the way…[View]
48974622You are volatility staking your LUNA, right? It's literally free money if it goes up or down. I…[View]
48980795So the 'market' has dumped but the actual pain for consumers due to interest rate rises and inflatio…[View]
48980378Today I’m poorer than yesterday, but I don’t feel I’m richer than tomorrow, I just want to kill myse…[View]
48978948Why aren't you investing in real estate right now?[View]
48980472I am financially bored[View]
48974924ITT: Laugh at baggies of your preference >ICP[View]
48980346You think Do Kwon will really risk going to jail for a fork? No way.[View]
48980686Can anyone tell me how Krida works? Why are there so many people getting in and collapsing it?[View]
48980661Zoomer here. Why can't pay rate was determined by like a sort of vote system by other employees…[View]
48956795/lhfvg/ - Luna Hard Fork Vote General #2: >The vote https://station.terra.money/proposal/1623/ …[View]
48977572So when is bitcoin going under 20k? it's getting bothersome already[View]
48980608In which country is it the cheapest to produce food products[View]
48980564Are you still hodling?[View]
48980575>jeets have started doomer posting It's over[View]
48979311No god on heaven, hell or ocean will ever save you from financial extinction, you will get obliterat…[View]
48978241restaurant biz: For the past 3 years I took someones advice on here and started a restaurant and thi…[View]
48980321>tfw november feels like a week ago >tfw already down 85%…[View]
48979220Crypto bro's last stand is being taken: Try to complain about the low wages again, I triple dog…[View]
48979924In the name of Bor, father of Odin, I swear I’m gonna start hunting every single one of the idiots t…[View]
48980276Do people really? The government willingly spends stupid amounts of taxcattle receipts on gibs, only…[View]
48970081>everyone tells you to 'do your own research' >no one ever explains HOW to 'do …[View]
48979920Unironically 2 weeks: 2 weeks until the baggies are proven right or wrong Luna will look like a blip…[View]
48975332XRP is going to 50k each. Trust me bro. 2 more weeks[View]
48978216Is this a good investment?: There seems to be ALOT of hype[View]
48979027I was on the bus When i looked to the side i saw $660 Suggest me a crypto to do 10x[View]
48979526what's his net worth?[View]
48978899>An 18-year-old graduate student exploited a weakness in Indexed Finance’s code and opened a lega…[View]
48978278likk can likk my balls ok? no but seriously, how do they even plan to stop carbon emissions? it all …[View]
48977199>not buying Chainlink at half the price you bought in at Why are you not throwing all of your mon…[View]
48978964Guess the metaverse hype has died down now that everyone realized that it was mostly being pushed by…[View]
48969132Official laugh at d0b0tards thread: OG whale from May just sold 77k HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…[View]
48977815SHIBA IS GOING TO THE MOON HOLY FUCK: >https://youtu.be/hxu6ko914-E https://youtu.be/hxu6ko914-E …[View]
48976935My uncle is giving me 600 dollars to keep a secret. What crypto coin should I invest in?[View]
48979624KNC: Get in here[View]
48979622Theres literally 0 pink wojaks on biz right now Huge fucking sell sign for those hodling at $30k now…[View]
48977350today i talked to a cute girl[View]
48975451Bad Financial Advice - How to Make Money In 2025 Bull Run: Listen up! I'll make this simple - g…[View]
48979440Am I gonna be able to have access to arties' fine art “museum” if I get in early? Or wtf do the…[View]
48977110when a cute cashier asks me how was my day can i say bad or am i obliged to say goodj[View]
48979357I have an issue with this paragraph: Tether wants you to believe that legitimate institutions sent t…[View]
48978617Are you distributing or being distributed to? You know what comes next, don't you.[View]
48979517So you think you’re doing great, don’t you? What if I told you in a decade or even less you will not…[View]
48969289Have you considered buying ThoughtAI? It's currently only on Coinmetro. https://go.coin-metro.c…[View]
48977100need to leave robinhood: im a new fag and need to lurk more but I have earned money on robinhood and…[View]
48978078I JUST INVESTED IN S O Y[View]
48978893>tfw missed the chance to attain generational wealth This is the worst blackpill…[View]
48956598hex general: Hex continues to go up, it's very strong please look at the chart we're holdi…[View]
48977329We're deep in a bear market. Remember, THIS is when future millionaires are created: Right now …[View]
48979391Well /biz/: How does one profit off niggers grammar?[View]
48977197>Crypto became mainstream >Normies ruining it >It's over...? How do we stop the nor…[View]
48979057Rango has so many chains and coins that it’s honestly overkill when most people haven’t even heard o…[View]
48979419What did you guys buy during this golden opportunity? For me, it’s Verasity[View]
48979191So we've all learned, don't invest in a project if the majority of the team behind it isn…[View]
48978456My boyfriend broke up with me because i'm too poor, which crypto do you recommend me to get ric…[View]
48975928Is Golden Butterfly Portfolio a meme?[View]
48965630/pmg/ - Precious Metals General: Comfy Edition >Why Gold? https://youtu.be/i3S4rl6ehiI https://yo…[View]
48978551Thoughts on this?[View]
48979084should I park my money at the bank? they're offering 90-day term deposits at 2.28% interest, wh…[View]
48979131Satoshi Nakamoto: Is the deep state https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=X3LJjV_vrJ8&feature=youtu.be…[View]
48967341Who do you watch on youtube for financial tips? Im not talking about trading or anything like that b…[View]
48979078Hey /biz/ I haven't been here since 2018 What happened to bitcoin cash?[View]
48972627I hate instant messaging: Fast communication between every single person you know shouldn't be …[View]
48978600>Y-yamete kudasai onii-chan >Keeps pushing >NYAAAAAAAA You may think this is some kind of w…[View]
48967666What is the absolute minimum amount of money you need to bearably live on?: >your location >mi…[View]
48978238crypto portfolio posts only. ready, set, go[View]
48978972We're all gonna make /biz/raelis[View]
48976317Ta anons, is this a descending broadening wedge on GMT? Or have I got this pattern incorrect? This p…[View]
48977861What is this chicks job again?[View]
48977809How do made guys actually do their taxes when their money comes mainly from rackets?[View]
48977840Somebody redpill me on precious metals price manipulation. What would gold and silver be worth per o…[View]
48978687Part of my job is pitching sponsorship opps to twitch streamers. Sometimes I get nervous for a call,…[View]
48978621Bitcoin will N E V E R go below $30,000 United States Dollars E V E R again. Keep copeing BOBO, THIS…[View]
48978821So uh, this didn't really help the price at all, did it? shib still seems to be in a dump[View]
48970682Bros funds are SAFE[View]
48978752BANKING COMITTE EVOLVED ——————————————- You are a commissioner.[View]
48977910any crypto with a rising chart?[View]
48977193How can I make a profit off Monkeypox?: Disease modelling friend says this is something big. How 2 p…[View]
48976932Which type of company is still profitable nowadays And can get you rich[View]
48978537>he bought LUNA[View]
48978469Make them pay[View]
48976961How much LINK will you buy if LINK goes to $1? For me, it's 90k.[View]
48973238Reminder that in order for LUNA to reach $1 again: It's market cap would need to exceed 5 times…[View]
48976199WTFWT: nice[View]
48975315/smg/ - Stock Market General: AMAT got fukt in the wrong hole >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1yuj…[View]
48977102Did you selled?: You need to take care of yourself in this doggy dog world. So take care.[View]
48970472Bitcoin and Lightning node: I just bought the setup needed for a node. I have one question. Can I ru…[View]
48973493Why aren't you doing this yet?: >learn Technical Analysis >get filthy rich from trading…[View]
48977523just converted my BTC to Doge. autistic move or not?[View]
48974573The bitcoin domination keeps going up: How high can the btcdom go? How justed can alts get? Isn…[View]
48978363Ugh guys, is it over for real? Like not just crypto but this nice 1st world standard of living? Are …[View]
48975755Jobhoppers will get BTFO soon: market crash: Stocks are crashing. Remember all those IT guys showing…[View]
48978148I'm going to start my own business and because I want it to succeed I shan't be hiring bro…[View]
48978222This is what the coming week will be like: Next-level hopium distribution engaged.[View]
48978230You are buying this lunc dipperino right bros????[View]
48978188now that Elon Musk has been confirmed as exposing his genitals to women, will you buy a Big Balls El…[View]
48977137Does anybody else not really do anything at their job?[View]
48978092First the most popular text editor in the world and now a defi lending platform Is there anything th…[View]
48974815Dogecoin is now ranked 10th[View]
48976685/rentcel/ general: cozy thred for rentcel bros to talk about life i moved all my stuff into a storag…[View]
48977472Inflation is now illegal: There. I have solved all problems[View]
48976533It's been well over a year when is this piece of shit going to moon?[View]
48974516People thought dubstep was the future, too[View]
48978025Hope you guys aren't missing the meme rocket happening right now.[View]
48978014Luna Thread.: Edition: Fart (ˆ⺫ˆ๑)<3[View]
48977940I don't get it.[View]
48974043Are you cringe?[View]
48976996Tether sirs are redeeming!: Doesn't need to be backed if you make it disappear.[View]
48976328Why do people complain if NFT's look like shit or not drawn by a 5 subhuman kid or not literall…[View]
48977175I wouldn’t tongue my grandfather’s hairy asshole even for $20 million dollars[View]
48977487I would suck a dick for a million if nobody would ever get to know about it[View]
48977858What is BCH and why has it always been the best investment?[View]
48977819how can I go from $500 to $50k day trading is it possible? HELP ME FAGS. I need advice[View]
48977508I have never sold in my life: today, I kneel bobo[View]
48977702Are cardano holders actually happy? join the winning team, Hex[View]
48977080Algorand Governance period 3: Proposals for the first vote are up, are we Team A or Team B? https://…[View]
48977726Huge happing!! to the moon baby: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-F6mQ1zO31Y&t=196s&ab_chann…[View]
48977618Kyber Network: Candles on fire XD[View]
48977781enough for me, polygon has let me down too many times: im taking my money to sbch instead[View]
48974156I'm an Android developer but i want to learn more about Web3 development. Specifically for coin…[View]
48977657Ah yes Rango, a dex where I can get thousands of shitcoins, spend thousands on thousands of shitcoin…[View]
48973793what does this image tell you?[View]
48970355>recession >inflation >housing bubble >crypto plunge has there ben a weirder time?…[View]
48977636David 'the Fraud' Hunter: See ya[View]
48977117After seeing this project for years and never buying into it, you will feel a level of despair you d…[View]
48976369BUY BUY BUY: 9th week turned green LONG IT[View]
48974767take a guess what happens next[View]
48976558Need to invest 141K USD: Hello /biz/ I hope you all are having a great morning. I humbly request yo…[View]
48977489BTC is going up because I sold. I did it for you guys. enjoy getting to 70k[View]
48977133I'm kind of new to YouTube but started making good money recently and am trying to figure out h…[View]
48969719Why CZ is going to save Luna: The dude knows that Luna was a top ten project. He knows they figured …[View]
48976497Do I sell? The fUSD FUD seems entirely possible and likely given that luna got completely rekt and g…[View]
48961561What's the current biz crypto tier list?: What's the current biz crypto tier list?[View]
48977135What the fuck[View]
48974152Since the worlds going to shit and all, I have to ask: Once recession turns to global depression, co…[View]
48977320bitcoin bottom september[View]
48976368Now what?: I bought 2.2 million wrapped scam on my cuckbase account. We wait to kill the fork then b…[View]
48977101What if instead of giving the money we were going to give energy companies through government legisl…[View]
48975962Algorand ecosystem is thriving![View]
48974607Just moved to a new city, don't want to go back to manual labor job because its summer and this…[View]
48976912>she owns more ETH than you[View]
48973224Are we gona finish the week green or what?[View]
48976174I bought this anon what am i in for???[View]
48976654Investing for Crypto 2030++: Curious about others long term investment interest in crypto. Not looki…[View]
48958042is the bottom in for this?[View]
48972041hey charles. where are the dApps?: why the fuck is this fat fuck in the desert and not working on th…[View]
48976995>look up rango (generic dex aggregator) >lots of coins >the overwhelming majority of them …[View]
48974823LUNA VOTE RIGGING: Can some autist demand and ree on plebbits that they account that pic related is …[View]
48976982Bitcoin is unironically going to zero.[View]
48976835Is it retarded on my behalf that I tried out rango just because it reminded me of the movie and bett…[View]
48959638Without being biased, is link a good investment?[View]
48975214Rubic Updated 2022 Roadmap: The new roadmap looks really good - especially Q2 & Q4! But I'm…[View]
48969813I didn't make it. Neither with stocks nor crypto.[View]
48973607Explain it to me like a retard, What are recessions and depressions and how do they happen?[View]
48971109>8 week t-bill at 0.9% fuck yeah[View]
48976829sne is such a fucking shitcoin lmao the chart is a goddamn mess[View]
48974075imagine if /biz/ has just shilled Chainlink to normies and we had topped at $500 and were now back a…[View]
48976695Idk everytime I hear that carbon mining NFT token bullshit and how it's supposed to help the pl…[View]
48975084Stop.: PLEASE stop posting the dumb cartoon frogs. They look stupid and they're fucking annoyin…[View]
48973555Berkshire Boomers: Hey boomers, you say Bitcoin is worthless. Here's your equity portfolio. How…[View]
48976111Bill Gates replied to my question on Reddit AMA. What have you achieved with your life anon?[View]
48975654>ATH is x14 away: Give me some hopium bros[View]
48955218TO ALL BIZRAELIS: we have reached a level of comfy that hasn’t been felt since 2018. the bear is whe…[View]
48955461So now that the crypto fad is finally over: What do we invest in?[View]
48976602KNC: not too bad[View]
48976512Love how no matter if the world is literally ending and we all gonna die still some shitty company w…[View]
48972544How hard is it to open a whey &supplement company[View]
48974382Middleface here: Tomorrow the charts STOP. They grind to a halt.[View]
48976487so I assume yous guise have a plan b, mind sharing in these hairy times.[View]
48976404If you didn't flip items on runescape grand exchange or the wow auction house for years before …[View]
48975679What are the chances that LINK goes back down to $2?[View]
48974733Rose: it's going to pump isn't it?[View]
48976252>Be 2021-got-into-crypto-guy >Bought and believed in BTC and ETH longterm, thought they would …[View]
48965637Oasis rose: Kek wtf is this[View]
48971808crypto isn't just some passing craze, right[View]
48962871LINK + SWIFT: https://www.swift.com/news-events/news/new-experiments-pave-way-international-payments…[View]
48965183ETH Merge incoming fellow mETH heads?[View]
48975600Bottom is in.[View]
48976131Why don't we know what satoshi's wallet address is? i thought the blockchain has everythin…[View]
48975900ITS OVER[View]
48974018Okay, but in the end what it comes down to is: Lain vs Osaka vs Nico The final battle to determine t…[View]
48967266Ok, taking profits now and buying some nfts while they're still relatively cheap. What should I…[View]
48972712I’ll be back[View]
48975198aus bros: What are the benefits of getting an abn and starting your own business. >t. labourer wi…[View]
48975497What would happen if some coins were moved from one of Satoshi's old addresses[View]
48967062Is this pajeet right? Should we do the bare minimum and tell our bosses to fuck off?[View]
48974395I lost it all and used my last $3k to buy 20m LUNA. I dont care anymore bros, either this goes to 0 …[View]
48971884/GME/ - Comfy Thursday After-hours Edition: >Basic Information https://gme.crazyawesomecompany.co…[View]
48975301SARK: Thoughts on SARK? I am thinking of buying it since its a no brainer to bet against Cathie Wood…[View]
48974866Just Landed at Veecon: Check out the hot 50 yr old i just met at GaryVee's Veecon. Cartoon ani…[View]
48972775It’s over ![View]
489759816 Figure Struggle, Support and Cope.: 6 figure bros what’s our next move? I am somewhere near despai…[View]
48975256>A 'social credit system' that needs your personal information >IN CRYPTO kyc? more like kys…[View]
48966516So what coins are you slurping anon?: is it a good time to slurp now?[View]
48974995Would this financial system principle succeed in our world?: Somethign i stumbled upon and worth thi…[View]
48965872ICP - Insane clown posse: Kek[View]
48974239>FOMO'd into LUNA >it keeps going down >fork incoming >can't sell because it n…[View]
48975621>Crypto to crypto is a taxable event[View]
48975400I know things change and evolve and all but the WHOLE POINT OF THIS MARKET IS THAT IS ANON AND DECEN…[View]
48975720A fun gamble I like to do is, right before I go to bed I pick a coin from the top 50, excluding stab…[View]
48975647Billy Boy is outta prison: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/fyre-festival-billy-mcfarland-prison-relea…[View]
48973872IT'S OVER[View]
48975529Housing Prices: >Google when all the boomers will be dead >2070 is the answer I guess I'l…[View]
48975646Losing doesn't hurt anymore[View]
48975695I feel like shit: this means that tomorrow we will pump[View]
48974377If we do have a recession will it certainly make stocks fall further? Or can the bottom be before it…[View]
48971329surprise meeting at 9am tomorrow: gee i wonder what the ceo and hr could want?[View]
48974787Cryptobros will try to refute this: But 30k is a fair price for one Bitcoin.[View]
48972953My barber just purchased a shitty townhome for almost $600k. This marks the top of the real estate m…[View]
48973759Fantom ticker: FTM[View]
48975130Now that the LUNA scam is official dead: How much have you invested in the real stablecoin project R…[View]
48970182How are you gonna spend your time now that we're in a bear market: are you going to go back to …[View]
48972110/smg/ stock market general: Fuck the stock market >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq https…[View]
48975089Ah yes,,, Improving the market by making NFT's fine art..... Nice.... I cant wait for my fuckin…[View]
48975129Good morning sir: Good morning sirs[View]
48975107current look at my portfolio: never forget[View]
48972395Justice as a Commodity: A Libertarian's Dream: For $6,000,000, you can be: judge + jury + execu…[View]
48974374Economic collapse soon. Time to eat bugs[View]
48972251>https://finder.terra.money/mainnet/address/terra18vnrzlzm2c4xfsx382pj2xndqtt00rvhu24sqe Some wha…[View]
48963211The german government will come to check on my house in a mandatory 'census' meeting tomorrow and as…[View]
48973812Sri Lanka OVER: sri lanka bros, you guys doing alright? >country bankrupt >can't pay for …[View]
48946439Why is formula shortage even a thing?: Why don't we just go back to using tittymilk? Women are …[View]
48973870Despite all the FUD there are no more sellers left. Look at the bobo posts and feel their fear. The …[View]
48970287LUNA breakout imminent. LUNAtics secure your bags. Inb4 >Pajeet >Ngmi >Its goin to ZERO wha…[View]
48974026The markets are crashing because I recently bought: sorry not sorry[View]
48973751Rightsider here: Charts will be moving towards the right side of the screen tomorrow. Do with this i…[View]
48974889>mfw it hits $1 after a massive no w/ veto and burn[View]
48973819Upsidedowner here: Something will be upsidedown soon. You've been warned.[View]
48973580How safe is this shitcoin considering the possible bankruptcy of coinbase? Starting to think moving…[View]
48974196Leftsider here: Charts will be moving towards the left side of the screen tomorrow. Do with this inf…[View]
48974826Did anyone of you retards were able to recover your loss from the luna crash of the entire crypto ma…[View]
48973724Was the united states economy really booming and thriving after 9/11? or is that just shit weapon ma…[View]
48974811ITT we discuss the business of working in the oilfield.: The following need not participate: >tre…[View]
48974644it still does literally nothing: except lose value again usd, eth, and btc of course[View]
48969365Whats your thoughts on PancakeSwap: Just threw in £10 on this[View]
48972478Email the validators! We can STILL get the vote veto'd if enough people vote NO WITH VETO. Emai…[View]
48974000Ignore the doomposters, there is no recession coming, rest assured. Inflation is slowly but surely d…[View]
48960331How are the millions of wagies supposed to feed themselves and remain employed if gas actually manag…[View]
48974014JUST OPENED A 75X SHORT AT $30277[View]
48974628buy when others are fearful. fearful when others are fruitful. thy shall buy when one shows fear for…[View]
48973222Future Winning Investment - Water?: /biz/, How do I get ready for the water wars and invest into wat…[View]
48974603You've been accused of posting the opposite of your book in order to gain a favorable price in …[View]
48974695The massive volume 8th-11th, which was mostly dumping, means we actually hit the bottom. BTC barely …[View]
48974582>sold my stonks >Sold my coinz >Drinking beers >Producing white babies Fuck the homosexu…[View]
48973967I just wanna own a bank[View]
48974378We're going to eat the bugs aren't we?[View]
48973506I feel more peaceful since I've accepted that I won't make back my losses and it is all go…[View]
48973319Why is he so artistic?: Does he suffer from artism?[View]
48969395I want to trade BTC options. Where is the best exchange to do this without getting eaten alive by fe…[View]
48967091Luna is going to $100 again even if you dont want it to.: its inevitable. big word i know. it means …[View]
489731166 trillion lines of code, fake promises about the merge in 2 weeks, hacks, technical debt, execution…[View]
48974419Offsider here: Pussy wet[View]
48972439Nano is under DDOS again and the network is not functioning[View]
48971999Realistically: The internet economy is only growing, the doom and gloom offline narrative is a joke.…[View]
48973947In a week when monkeypox has been detected in over 60+ countries and the first death gets announced …[View]
48969263Wait is this CBDCs and Ripple? or CBDCs and Chainlink? or Both? https://mobile.twitter.com/swiftcomm…[View]
48973990''Avalanche x Mastercard x Wirex are joining forces to leverage Avalanche,: driving the next generat…[View]
48973122shouldn’t most credible cryptos do 5x to 10x until 2026?: Sure there is risk that the whole system c…[View]
48972255i just sold 20 link to get my dick sucked and now it itches[View]
48973964How to acquire lots of shekel: How to take advantage of this shitty economy that were dealing with r…[View]
48970566Now Tea is Mocking Us: NFT bros... It's over...[View]
48973881Harmony General: Unironically looks like we've bottomed. Where are the slurpers that said they …[View]
48965424This dumb hoe cost me $25k Never trusting astrology again[View]
48974110Is pic related chink up to something?: he keep make posts about JASMY on binance blog, do partnershi…[View]
48965201HBAR > ETH: but non of you are ready to change the status quo. have fun enjoying jeet chains and …[View]
48969865What other companies offer a comfy af position where you can get away only doing 4 hours of work a w…[View]
48972094:/: This chart. It keeps me up at night. During the day as well.[View]
48973755why is /biz so bullish on this project all of a sudden: i thought all of you fuckers collectively ag…[View]
48973615>yes I still hold luna[View]
48972872How did you manage to get your first job without having a prior experience? I simply lied and sent a…[View]
48972844the most bearish thing imaginable about dogira is that my dogira FUD threads dont get replies anymor…[View]
48973910Go down now[View]
48970448Are they really gonna burn tokens or are we gonna get Luna2 (which will be $100 and listed on all ex…[View]
48973853Late day sell off is too obvious for tomorrow: If the markets are green tomorrow expect red by EOD. …[View]
48965397Litecoin Day: MWEB goes live today. Are you buying some LTC?[View]
48971434if there is no BAILOUT soon the stock market will collpase: if there is no BAILOUT soon the stock ma…[View]
48967050You lost to this: 'kek wouldn't it be funny if we all got rich on a coin plebbitors became an h…[View]
48966548Im so glad crypto is going to zero: Kind of funny all these braindead NEET millennials and zoomers o…[View]
48953993How do I escape the rat race?: I'm an 18 year old from the US, currently waging for $16/hour at…[View]
48963763/alg/ - ALGO General: Who's buying the best long hold?[View]
48973244its simple: all we have to do is agree that bitcoin is 100k and trade bitcoin at 100k against the do…[View]
48972021Luna never used it's 3 billion reserve??: Is this tweet accurate?? Terra Luna never used it…[View]
48965983low market cap. extremely low supply: yeah think ill go all in[View]
48968477Normies really believe USD won't hyperinflate: those bitcoin guys are crazy, you really think U…[View]
48970034Press F: I tried...[View]
48973582Insider here. BitDAO has 2 billion dollars in it's treasury. How are you apes not a part of thi…[View]
48968722Commerical Real Estate General: So i got this commerical real estate space in NYC that i've bee…[View]
48972043Is 7 ETH enough to make it?[View]
48973523ive been here a long time These next few moments are absolutely, unironically critical for Bitcoin.[View]
48973137bitdao is officially the largest treasury in the market: should i buy?[View]
48971361Why would someone buy this much ?: What’s the plan here ?![View]
48972809Remember that all coins besides BTC and ETH go to zero eventually. You just need to know when to sel…[View]
48965784Is it worth getting more old gold coins or just buy new gold? Does the historical nature add much mo…[View]
48968709Adjustable Rate Mortgage: Anybody house shopping right now? I’m considering a 5/5 ARM, that starts a…[View]
489711658 W E E K S O F R E D: I GIVE UP[View]
48972921the great debate: Which token has more hilarious baggies?[View]
48965708I’m quitting my job today. AMA.[View]
48973169How do we make money by injecting spinal fluid into boomers: I think there will be a time when we wi…[View]
48962371>I'M A HOMEOWNER[View]
48971996Have you heard about $Ruffle? Currently sitting at a little over 100k mcap. Launched through Apad/Al…[View]
48970665I CANT PUMP[View]
48971414Why did this coin hold out so well price-wise compared to projects like Hedera, Fantom, Chainlink? W…[View]
48973256Waiting for bitDAO to absolutely go nuclear. This DAO is killing everything else under the sun. Insi…[View]
48973302Woah! Nice cock lunachad!![View]
48969584is there a defi way to earn on ethereum($ETH) without providing to some poopy LP with another indian…[View]
48972771FUD around this coin is at ATH: And it's trash fud too. Is it time to buy unironically? I misse…[View]
48972526please ignore this post[View]
48969473Ok, I'll bite...: What is this crypto thing?[View]
48965065Can you all stop being so goddamn poor? holy shit: every day threads full with fags moaning beause g…[View]
48972281You were always very young children, always waiting for a story. And I’d been through it all too man…[View]
48967784Coins I'm planning to buy, tell me what you think. -XRP -XLM -BAT -ADA -HBAR[View]
48973017>just keep buying FXAIX Bro! >dollar cost average bro! >don't worry you've lost 2…[View]
48971875Hello sir is this the Binance supportings? Yes Hello sir. I did bought the Luna coins and now I did …[View]
48972306What will the financial freedom thing of zoomers?: Many zoomers missed out on crypto because they we…[View]
48971579Where are all the delusional metaverse fags now? Has all the hype died? Is there anything even fund…[View]
48967568I had 2M dollars in december now I'm down to 173K. I can feel my sanity going away.. jus tlike …[View]
48971431/biz/ witnessed a gruesome murder a few years back: Two linkies were shitposting on the board when t…[View]
48972829The HBAR foundation is making sure this sucker changes the entire fucking game. Remind me in 1 year.[View]
48964933I'm sorry but non of the people on this board are pushing me: none of you on this board are pus…[View]
48971602Anyone have any idea how I can invest in the MULTIVAC sausage packaging machine?[View]
48972725I only open threads with photos of good-looking *women* on this fine board that is /biz/ - Business …[View]
48972299BUY LUNA RIGHT NOW!: Transcript came across my desk. >t. intern at medium Man1: 'Well, yea, the L…[View]
48972167Turns out holding fiat US dollar (ticker:USD) is the best thing to do during inflation.: Not sp500 c…[View]
48969730so I overlaid ETH in 2018 to UNI today and basically GET FUCKING LONG[View]
48954633What the fuck happened?: Been on biz since 2015. Before the summer of 2020 this place was very diffe…[View]
48970312>phone updated >all my bobos deleted themselves with no way to get them back I guess the bullr…[View]
48972466It's over bros. We need to go back to work[View]
48971827what's it called when I buy a $45 CALL for $1.90, and the stock goes to $48.35, and then I sell…[View]
48972614My portfolio is down 90%: Worst of all, I'm below my initial. I invested in every /biz/-approve…[View]
48965004youre still early: the ecosystem is only now starting to shape up. HBAR foundation is already alloca…[View]
48970777EBS up on Monkeypox news: May 11, 2022. SIGA files an intravenous smallpox therapy with the FDA for …[View]
48972097the goldfags were right[View]
48969849Ever since I threw away my chair and started using a standing desk my life changed. My health improv…[View]
48971536Well, this was anti climatic.[View]
48962438What will Terra v2 be like? Will it get to Top 10 again?[View]
48972323Gameplace Presale token: Discover Gameplace : The Crypto-Fueled Gaming Store A gaming ecosystem com…[View]
48964624Its fucking over? Crypto was always a meme. 'Community' my ass, everyone just want to get rich by st…[View]
48969866I'm literally just waiting for the next fake rally to open up a large position in SQQQ[View]
48969746I literally can't lose buying crypto.: >it goes down i slurp >it goes up I profit Get fuc…[View]
48966317now that we are back to normal shill me the projects with the greatest potential[View]
48967542Shill me shitcoins to buy. Got a loan with sublime so I need something good to hold right now. I don…[View]
48971629>DUDE i just LOVE the hustle and bustle of the big city, it’s so DYNAMIC and makes me feel like i…[View]
48970025I'm holding 700 BSV[View]
48971397What’s this trend called?[View]
48969510WILL BURN OR WILL HE FORK: What's do you think bros? Burn or fork? Which one is more possible a…[View]
48952767>*Destroys your gains*[View]
48969377Onlyjuans/streaming sites: So... Gf is a thot and she's down with shooting homemade pornography…[View]
48970310Haaaw many tahmes are you gonna buy 'meme fad of the month' shitcoins, Stayvun?[View]
48969143I'm fucking dead inside, sne has been doing literally nothing and I'm still here holding i…[View]
48971891he's about to betray the entire human race: He's using alien money to depeg all the stable…[View]
48969554/smg/ - Stock Market General: I will never financially recover edition >Brokers https://pastebin.…[View]
48968797/GME/ - Fractals Edition: >Basic Information https://gme.crazyawesomecompany.com https://finra-ma…[View]
48969701>baby formula 'shortage' >parents allegedly hysterical >still haven't figured out how …[View]
48968555Why don't they just lower taxes on gas? Everyone benefits in the end and stays happy[View]
48964669Redditors are about to overthrow Do Kwon: Don't say you weren't told in advance, /biz/. Oh…[View]
48971487business related advice: Hey /biz/, I've got an idea for a new product/service, and I want to d…[View]
48967384Is he based or cringe?[View]
48971259How financially fucked are you anons? Asked my grandma if when she's already dead if i can sell…[View]
48969324insider here: former meta employees and ftx seniors have created a new coin called aptos. its basica…[View]
48971360Holy fuck it's the brand new DEX Rango (he's holding one of his 7000 coins)[View]
48968269What’s stopping me from making a completely fake identity online with fake names, fake addresses and…[View]
48970268TETHER HAS WHAT KIND OF EXPOSURE?!: This is even worse than Vitaliks comments, it's over lads, …[View]
48971208Titanium support at 30k The golden bullrun begin now[View]
48967794Job adverts in 2022: Why are they like this? Please can you demonstrate your ability to see the bigg…[View]
4897073740x short just opened[View]
48971085Imagine buying monkeys jpegs when you can have a nice painting made by the Arties artists lol[View]
48970317/biz/: /biz/[View]
48970902Would you buy this chart?[View]
48969976Why do rich people have such weird portfolios? why they invest in like 16 different stocks instead o…[View]
48968606Why is it going down again?: You doubleniggers were talking about the bullrun being back on so I unt…[View]
48970597What's your weekly grocery bill like, /biz/? Looking to buy the cheapest ingredients while also…[View]
48970852Sell, you retards[View]
48969888What's the p/e ratio of bitcoin llc?[View]
48966526Already running out of steam, mumus?[View]
48965896Day 309 of snailposting every day until BTC is at $100k[View]
48970948open the chainlink cryptocurrency tag on Twitter for some free laughs[View]
48968750Its over: Its over DXY chuds surely you didnt think line go up forever and took some profits?[View]
48966428LooksRareLooksShorted: NFTs are stupid now but marketplaces will survive >140m Mcap Should i buy …[View]
48963935btc maxi thread: come talk about whatever you want to talk about. i'll get the ball rolling: wh…[View]
48970166If we know DEX coins do absolutely perfect in bear markets, why did Rango delay their launch?[View]
48961063'Hedera is the most usedenterprise-grade public network': >Transactions declining >Still no li…[View]
48969708Something happening with RVP: This whale has accumulated over 88 ETH worth of RVP in the last 7 days…[View]
48968950I Made a huge mistake: I left a comfy, completely work from home, small business, that respected me,…[View]
48963498I'm ultra new to /biz/: This thread is for newfags like me to accumulate nice PNGs of text and/…[View]
48970144How does one deal with being too retarded to be successful?[View]
48968595retard here, question about shorting: so when i short say, 100 USDT worth of BTC with 5x leverage, s…[View]
48970620For the past 24 hours XLM has been up and down like a fiddler's elbow.[View]
48970422The world is totally ready for NFTs which aren’t just ape JPEGs! Lets go arties[View]
48966423>find random-ass OC on deviant art >right click > save >turn it into an nft >sell it…[View]
48970575>crashes your economy to fund a proxy war[View]
48970532/dwbcg/ Dog With Bat Coin General #1 - Where's Justin Editon: October wallets dumping, Justin m…[View]
48970119Hey bros, I’m getting assassinated here, can you stfu and let me cope? My sne is literally buttrapin…[View]
48970586Is GTON literally the most undervalued microcap?: Major releases are happening immediately.[View]
48945535Anarcho-Capitalists will justify this.: You people all have blood on your hands. Fuck capitalism.…[View]
48966385ITT: finance books for smart people[View]
48968424Bitcoin about to pop to 11k: He was right again, but bitcoiners will say 'REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…[View]
48969814Chainlink $5: REWAITING ROOM[View]
48965963do you regret buying a flurk?[View]
48967759bitcoin had only existed inside of an asset bubble[View]
48968608Is this a good investment in a high inflation economy?[View]
48864859/CMMG/ Commodities, Macro, and Mining General: Leaf Edition >Why are we investing in commodities?…[View]
48967343we bought random numbers generated by a graphics card[View]
48969057is tron some good crypto?[View]
48970195first sell off. so comfy.[View]
48969952It's going down again[View]
48969949How's it not possible to grab the opportunity to get a crypto loan from sublime and slurp all t…[View]
48970058So for the past few months I’ve been planning on this vacation with my friends at my parents’ beach …[View]
48969215Knowing that VOKA is not the only artist for Arties anymore feels kinda weird, let’s see what this n…[View]
48969760QUIZTIME GENERAL 01: Welcome to the first edition on QUIZTIME with BIZ ANONS. RULES: 1. YOU CAN ANS…[View]
48969277LPL: WTFWT[View]
48969186Fuck my life, I only had one project in my list I wanted this year, just one fucking project, and it…[View]
48969658what is this pattern called?[View]
48968834https://twitter.com/_jahrek/status/1466374518138617857 https://finder.terra.money/mainnet/address/te…[View]
48969657Why are so many projects call them self 'green' in last time? Like sne, whats green about edge compu…[View]
48969159You could do 2 things over here, drop one of your to go shitcoins, or one upcoming project. You can …[View]
48969749i will use my wealth to financially support anti-trans and leftist militia. i will be the bizarro so…[View]
48968024Bears BTFO!: Are the dark days finally behind us?[View]
48969780How is this allowed?[View]
48967363I have a bag of WLUNA but I'm not sure what to do with it amidst this whole fucking forking/bur…[View]
48966315You weren't dumb enough to sell your coins at a discount, right? You're smart enough to fa…[View]
48964706May 19th: Kane Says Buy Wwe Stock[View]
48966678/smg/ stock market general: Crab legs edition >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq https://bro…[View]
48966587this chart is so bullish: buy more or you played yourself[View]
48965489urbit nyc is this week https://twitter.com/tloncorporation/status/1525121183351508994, followed by a…[View]
48969230How are you preparing for inflation?: For me, it's schizo tier amounts of storable food and amm…[View]
48968992My company's 401k's default option is the BlackRock LifePath funds. I feel bad using them …[View]
4896903712k confirmed: be ready for a lot of sudoku[View]
48969250I told you so many times krida wasn't a complete piece of shit, fucking retards, and you litera…[View]
48945757Inherited $7.5 million: My grandpa passed away recently. I had gotten extremely close to him in the …[View]
48968337>no gf but I keep waging >given up on the idea of making it, just going through the motions n…[View]
48968246Candy bros...: When will devs do the needful?[View]
48969193Sorry for the spoilers but GBTC is your look ahead into the future price action of bitcoin[View]
48966369which is better, link or rose? both seem kind of similar, both projects are working towards data pri…[View]
48967997Is carbon footprint really fucking us that bad? I haven’t heard of something like that before, just …[View]
48967303I-I can’t stop buying random shitcoins bros. I need you all to post your obscure coins ITT so I can …[View]
48969196What is the best DEX that I can access on Trust Wallet to trade Terra chain LUNA or LUNC if we getti…[View]
48945611/pmg/ - Precious Metals General: Peaches Edition >Why Gold? https://youtu.be/i3S4rl6ehiI https://…[View]
48966561Which non KYC DEX do I use to open a leveraged SOL/USD long /biz/? Id like to deposit in USDC[View]
48969032I said I was never going to doxx myself, but I really do need that loan... I fucking hate myself, I…[View]
48968552Yet we’re not another ape project >Proceeds to partner with Dystoapes Bros… Wtf is arties doing?…[View]
48968786NIGMI: So... BTC sentiment is we are nearing the bottom, if not already hit bottom @25k A lot of arg…[View]
48967434Poor College Student What Do: I'm waiting for summer semester to start, I have a few weeks befo…[View]
48965621/GME/ - Favorite Bread Edition: >Basic Information https://gme.crazyawesomecompany.com https://fi…[View]
48958452I'm picking up NFTs now while everyone is fudding crypto and NFTs. What will I be able to sell …[View]
4896861730K STATUS _____[View]
48968680>anti-women’s rights group Okay, which one of you did this?[View]
48968242Why can’t sne just stop dying? Each time I take a look at their chart it’s like I’m staring at the w…[View]
48967731KEK: The baggies are starting to lose it......[View]
48960950Hello biz, im stuck in Russia and i need to know what crypro and nfts i should buy?[View]
48966190Is this the bottom?[View]
48954813Best place to park 50k for a year or so and gain an APY greater than 2%?[View]
48962159>Buy real estate >rent it out for more than the mortgage >it literally pays for itself whil…[View]
48968374>Long term BTC option prices have skyrocketet with this pump. Say what you want, but the market …[View]
48958713Anyone a self-taught web dev? Im thinking of going this route, I have 0 knowledge and experience, bu…[View]
48968335Passive income: I need 400 bucks a week on passive income. Is this even possible? How?[View]
48968333if everyone on earth gave me 50 bucks i'd be the richest man in the world[View]
48968318When will this piece of shit crash?: It's a complete Ponzi. The creators are sociopaths. Imagin…[View]
48961462It's 2013 and you have traveled back in time. What do you invest in?[View]
48963433would someone please explain how Chainlink is blockchain agnostic when it’s native token is based on…[View]
48967720GRT General - It's over edition: I now know what it feels like to get fucked really hard in the…[View]
48967698Is she going to be okay?[View]
48966987Every chart shown on biz today makes me bullish. Have I lost the plot or am I completely seeing schi…[View]
48959858>live in Asia >stayed up to 3 am for a NFT mint due to timezone difference >hear mom scream…[View]
48961206NOW THAT THE DUST HAS SETTLED: Were coronabucks good for the economy?[View]
48965511I went all in LFGggggg: I'm gonna make iiiiit![View]
48956159Are you really not gonna slurp ICP anon?: >Can run the entire metaverse without breaking a sweat …[View]
48967976All around me are familiar faces Worn out places, worn out faces Bright and early for the daily race…[View]
48966827crab market: Post market predictions in this thread[View]
48958213Can gold get rugpulled[View]
48965599Outsource your own job: Seriously though, has anyone tried it? Pros/cons?[View]
48967879Major media outlets are starting pumping crypto again.[View]
48967928/shg/ - Side Hustle General:: Someone else make a template edition Anything you do for supplementary…[View]
48967597Crypto Jobs General: So I am about to start a marketing job at a crypto organization (wont name it, …[View]
48966462im going to meet my future wife on here[View]
48967869where is justin?: another october wallet dumped...[View]
48967385i will now provide you with a series of facts 1. yes we are in a bear market, first 25% of it to be …[View]
48966046Turns out BITCOIN IS THE BLACK SWAN[View]
48965261>be me >Khhv gf 30+ wagie >Forever alone >Focus on moneymaxxing >Somehow acquire lead…[View]
48965927And WALLAH! Just like that! Titanium bullet-proof support at 30k. It is now mathematically impossibl…[View]
48963744I lost almost everything in this crash[View]
48966255Insider here: I'm pretty comfy. It's cold and raining outside but I'm dry and warm. A…[View]
48954620WhackD: Stays StackD or you gonna get rugged by Luna again?[View]
48967272Are my Dro… Rebase lands safe? I mean, they’re not gonna do a catastrophic change to it… Right?[View]
48953508>allow staked FTM to mint fUSD >introduce fUSD liquidations >bad liquidation event/exploit …[View]
48966858wtf is the fed doing: am I about to lose it all[View]
48967129Who the fuck would willingly go to an NFT museum?[View]
48967202OSMO: Now that the dust has settled, did they deserve this?[View]
48966272what the fuck is the fed's endgame: it's like they're trying to walk the line between…[View]
48962161Fellow LUNAtics, let's be the burn we want to see in the world: > Do Kwon doesn't allow…[View]
48952103Is this smart?: I don't know a lot about economics[View]
48967407E-chads we can't stop winning! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLRlf7FfE5w[View]
48962876Letsss goooooo: https://twitter.com/stablekwon/status/1526896668885583360[View]
48967292Listen Goys: Listen up and sell, you are lucky we are giving you a warning.[View]
48966388In a scale to fuck you to absolute kek, how good or bad do you think KYCing for a loan is? Sublime i…[View]
48965049Will queen of /biz/ start another bullrun?[View]
48965552Isn't this sudden pump across all markets fishy?[View]
48962280Do i still stand a chance?: I got a bag of BTC at 28k, held through 55k, and here we are.. do i stan…[View]
48967324FUCKING KEK[View]
48955353PNK/Pajeet Needing Kurrency: 51% attack[View]
48958745The End?: I feel the end of crypto has come, could this be true, LUNA was a project with a stable co…[View]
48965534I’ve decided not to buy a house until late next year. Is this the right move?[View]
48959561When will crypto go up again? I’m getting hungry bros.[View]
48964381>strongnode wants to become a data center that’s completely powered by nodes spread around the en…[View]
48966786Societal Exploits: ITT discuss things that can happen such as a natural disaster, chimp out, famine,…[View]
48967059Buy now: Or miss the boat like you did with Pfizer and Moderna I’m only going to say this once…[View]
48967078>tell baggies the game will make your coin pump like AXS in 2021 >game is released >hits a …[View]
48966633This DAI vault has been averaging 20% for the past month. Literally get paid in DAI from legitimate …[View]
48966891red pill me: which nigger stocks are the best?[View]
48963943I give up. I’m quitting my job and resigning to renting forever. Only reason I got a job was to qual…[View]
48964969Kleros, a view into a libertarian utopia: So you've unsuspectingly bought a house in a libertar…[View]
48966600Why doesnt the federal reserve just print more food and oil?[View]
48965987Outsider here: Something could possibly happen soon[View]
48964398/smg/ - Stock Market General: We'll be right back edition. >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1y…[View]
48965072Triple Are S Eye: rumeindor to zuum out fgts[View]
48966574What do you think[View]
48966570/biz/ shill me your next cosmic apr dao / ohm / tomb ponzi[View]
48966421Imagine that the korean judge and grim reaper order Kwon: 'Sir you must buy back and burn all the tr…[View]
48966076I’m glad I don’t try projects while they’re in their testnet phase. I don’t like having to deal with…[View]
48966311what do you think?[View]
48965241This is the bitcoin exit pump: Don't say you weren't warned.[View]
48963666Do popular crypto youtubers actually have high returns, or do they just make money from their videos…[View]
4896478130K 30K 30K 30K 30K 30K 30K 30K 30K 30K 30K 30K 30K 30K 30K 30K 30K 30K 30K 30K 30K 30K 30K 30K 30K …[View]
48965322Do dex aggregators (1inch, rango, paraswap, etc) offer better utility than native dex’s (uni, pancak…[View]
48964800GOLDBROS WTF WAS THAT: Shinny rocks are BACK[View]
48964223UK doing UK things.: Time to short the UK??[View]
48964389DXY: >DXY >BTC bottom is in[View]
489641861 hour.[View]
48965900For all the bros who have been cucked by the new chink scam by Kwon, I want to invite you into our b…[View]
48962787What is bitcoin's usecase?[View]
48959051bitcoin has never before dipped below a previous run's ATH after the new run has begun. what ha…[View]
48962417>made $20 with my BTC Long today >time to get some tendies life's good bros. don't g…[View]
48966187WAGMI DAIBROS: I'm making this Thread for weeks now, can't even remember why i started thi…[View]
48963438I should probably get a car, right?: So like, I have a general idea of how I want life to work out, …[View]
48965890This dev is a known arsonist. Do not trust him he will burn every token.[View]
48965947I STILL BELIEVE[View]
48965806Binance stopped me from trading USD-M futures because I live in a country controlled by kikes. How a…[View]
48965857Insider here.: Some of you are alright[View]
48965587Can anyone tell me how is KYC supposed to help me? I mean, I don’t like the idea of having to do KYC…[View]
48965133Where are you buying your bags, bros? Chinance? FTX? Goybase?[View]
48965738'Just start a side hustle': How the fuck are all these niggers and normies running 'their own busine…[View]
48963791Insolvent cryptobros, I made over $165k last year as a programmer: There's my W-2 attached. I a…[View]
48964907I have never been so sure about an investment in my life[View]
48964788Grim Reaper General: Ho Kwonzi isn't going to fork shit. He has the 'Grim Reaper' coming out of…[View]
48965948XYO Buy Signal?: FROM GIZMODO: Two satellites recently exchanged more than 200 gigabits of data over…[View]
48965776These are the good times: Know this Understand this Accept this Embrace this You will understand soo…[View]
48965208Appreciation post: You flawlessly fulfill your purpose in every way with beauty and elegance. I will…[View]
48965271Why is Bitcoin special?: I am wanting to develop the cryptocurrencies but I do not understand why th…[View]
48965656It's all so tiresome. You regain a tiny bit of hope for an uptrend and then you realize it…[View]
48956225ROSE: Will it ever pump back?[View]
48961200/GME/ - Good Morning Crono Edition: >Basic Information https://gme.crazyawesomecompany.com https:…[View]
48963809How can I make money on russkie shwaines?: So, Ukrainians are basically allowed to fuck Ivans up on …[View]
48965117The Bottom was in: Sneed[View]
48963626Can you filthy animals stop posting trannies and dicks for at least a single day?: I have to hide do…[View]
48959834There is no way he walks away from the drama he created without losing billions of dollars right?[View]
48965523open catalog: leave board[View]
48962111just received a verbal offer. tried to negotiate the salary. they turned down my best case and are n…[View]
48965470A reminder[View]
48965338can he win the court case by implying it was a joke for a video blog? A social experiment or some li…[View]
48959417AAAND WE ARE FUCKING BACK BABY Scary two weeks. Hope you all bought. The great frontrunning for the …[View]
48954092hes free[View]
48963431are there any exchanges where you can short or levered short or sell futures or derivatives on any o…[View]
48937101I genuinely believe kadena will moon this year[View]
48953338It's so fucking over. NOTHING moons anymore. I'm just going to sell off all my shit and st…[View]
48965244>Market down >Internet monies up The decoupling has begun once again…[View]
48965162Data Bank job: I am doing my ba in comp sci with economics. I really love working with sql and datas…[View]
48965152AVAX whales knew the market is about to collapse: Incredible how consistent this has been for almost…[View]
48962791'If Chainlink wins, there will be 10,000 years of darkness': -Vitalik Buterin 2021 (pic unrelated)…[View]
48965122i soldeld the butt again[View]
48965048NewCommunityTwitter: I launched this one myself. We are looking for callers, the organic ones. Its i…[View]
48964956BTC dominance silently mooning: hope you dump all your shitcoins anon[View]
48964787what's a good 'sitting my ass job' so my mom doesn't bother me for being a neet?[View]
48964371Snobs are literally the worst kind of human alive, I fucking despise them, so why is arties making t…[View]
48965030Hello biz, im stuck in a time loop and i need to know what crypro and nfts i should buy?: Looking fo…[View]
48964691Why is BTC pumping when NASDAQ is shitting the bed?[View]
48963789How do I get the original smallpox vaccine before the normies start to panic. I don’t want to turn i…[View]
48963051bitcoin needs to get above 30k and fast or it's over these next few moments are unironically cr…[View]
48964780Whne the EZB will raise rates soon crypto will go up: Because apparently in clown world the dollar/e…[View]
48955062The Link depth chart is fucking terrifying: There are tons of orders waiting for $1 link. >> I…[View]
48958102The Value Of Money & Other Things: I must have a misconception of how money, supply and demand w…[View]
48964696Are monkeys real?[View]
48961716>Bears are not euphoric yet >picrel Pick one…[View]
48962641Dxy taking a huge shit[View]
48964710>I was told they would burn the excess tokens >They said $1 per token would be a reasonable pr…[View]
48964660$30k >$30k $30k >$30k $30k >$30k $30k >$30k…[View]
48960650Just got back from vacation: My Luna stack is now worth $5. What the fuck? I'm away for three w…[View]
48964683this isn't funny anymore. we link marines DESERVE to be the new financial elite. WHEN is this h…[View]
48964611How often do you invest? Is it time based or price based? I get paid weekly, so I've been inve…[View]
48962281This space is here to stay: Anyone saying anything else is a simple newfag, here only to make a quic…[View]
4896176870k HBAR 2k MATIC 5K XDC 5K XLM 5 QNT 5 XMR Aigmi within the next 5 years? Thank you for your time[View]
48964570Justice as a Commodity: A Libertarian's Dream: For $6,000,000, you can be: judge + jury + execu…[View]
48963481An appreciation thread: Just wanted to thank all of you who convinced me to park my money with LUNA,…[View]
48964471/biz/ is very agressive today: Lots of name calling and bullying of anons who are enjoying themselve…[View]
48958808ICP pump when: I need a small pump to get out of my ICP long. Liquidation at 3.9. Please pump[View]
48964561I THINK I'm gonna say the dreaded N word[View]
48961846And just like that:: Chainlink will never be below $7 again[View]
48962323This shit decoupled or is it a bull trap?[View]
48963506I just realized: Every chainlink breadcrumbs actually turned out to be true.[View]
48962713Should I buy the 6.5 Trillion once the vote passes?: Nobody is going to hold it but If I burn 6k my …[View]
48956758Indoor shrimp farming: Crypto is now dead until at least Q2 2024 and I've been thinking what to…[View]
489638859.7k from robbing LUNAtics, how do I 100k and make 1m anon?[View]
48962255I am a Shaman: I can use RNG-Schizo-based /x/ powers to divine the fates, and in this board’s case, …[View]
48963392bitcoin hoarders: Isn't this defeating the purpose of crypto? How the fuck is bitcoin going to …[View]
48962058frugal thread: I need to accumulate a much larger stack of everything in order to make it next run. …[View]
48959658I sold some share for a loss: The ATO sent me a letter about reporting my captial loss can I just ig…[View]
48958887The DeFi’s, the NFTs, the Metaverse, the DAOs, the P2E’s, M2E, D2E, all the dApps need to be highly …[View]
48961511Insider here, giga-happening incoming pull your twitter stocks right now.[View]
48962548What are the odds we go under 20k? https://youtu.be/djARCePqLS8[View]
48963075/smg/ - Stock Market General: BOBO ARE YOU OKAY ARE YOU OKAY? ARE YOU OKAY BOBO? >Brokers https:/…[View]
48956140>global economy crashes >nobody cares y?…[View]
48963287I just found out I can pay for credit cards with my coinbase card... Bros! Why didn't anyone he…[View]
48954670A 33.40% 'No with Veto' vote kills the fork.[View]
48963151this rally will fail, just like the others: your overconfidence is your weakness[View]
48964299the only hope for lunac bagholders now is a top validator vetoing the proposal[View]
48959678MAY 2021 - Total supply of ICP was LESS than 200 million given that there werent many ppl locked for…[View]
48964280>Crypto analysts claiming the worse has yet to come. >They actually know it's the bottom …[View]
48963077Crypto newfag here: What coins would be a good start to buy into atm?[View]
48946796SEC is officially toothless[View]
48962671Is Zucc even aware that most people consider the metaverse a meme?[View]
48964157You are taking financial advice from people who think mRNA is a mad scientist supervillain experimen…[View]
48963033How do I short crypto?: My exchange doesn't have the option for leverage trading. Any exchanges…[View]
48964120I’m getting the chills[View]
48958660DOT vs XRP head to head. Who wins?[View]
48963727>bulltards are celebrating 30k Meanwhile I get liquidated at 58k TOP KEK. Just admit that I outsm…[View]
48963908>he didn’t cash out in November and buy a house >he unironically thought “this time is differ…[View]
48957779I cannot believe that I did not take any profits after my portfolio broke 1MM. I got 250k in an inve…[View]
48963233So much for bragging about “not having the infrastructure to keep up with the demand” and yet Krida …[View]
48959070I just purchased a helium tank. Soon I will be free. Possibly the best investment ever made.[View]
489613988. FUCKING. RED. WEEKS: i can't take it anymore cryptos bros Captcha: R4APY[View]
48958130The fork passed: It's over[View]
48962625The Peepeepoopoo Frog: I'm a little peepeepoopoo frog, peepeepoopooing through the world. I pee…[View]
48963458Kleros, a libertarian dream: >mow lawn, wind blows grass clippings onto neighbour's driveway…[View]
48954689Why did anyone ever say it makes sense: to invest in a broken token? LUNA has no more use, Do Kwon w…[View]
48963246Would this work?: Hey, /biz/ - I just had the most retarded money making idea and I wanted to know i…[View]
48958173Chainlink Consensus 2022: in 22 days either ccip, staking, both will be announced. It will pump 20%,…[View]
48960839You do understand the implications of this, right /biz/?[View]
48963414TJ-MAXX SISTERS: How we doing?[View]
48950728are you stocking up on baby formula to resell in a couple weeks for 1000x on ebay? even right now yo…[View]
48962785You thought we would go down today.: You were wrong bobo. As Warren Buffet himself said 'Be greedy w…[View]
48961710I have 1800 of this. How much should i unironically put in Bancor v3 while waiting for staking?[View]
48957880I'm having early 2019 Ethereum feels. And Ethereum had nothing to show for back then after the …[View]
48961966What do you even invest in during a recession?: We are so fucked aren't we[View]
48952598Is there anything to look forward to in crypto, bros?[View]
48961932/smg/ - Stock Market General: >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq https://brokerchooser.com/ …[View]
48960329Why did everyone move off the gold standard?[View]
48960385looks like DEI is about to do the exact same as UST DEUS is the equivalent of LUNA, but which exchan…[View]
48959831I had a dream this morning where BTC dropped to 280$ and ETH to 130$, then I woke up. I fell asleep …[View]
48961314where did the cope that the majority of housing is being bought by companies come from? From looking…[View]
48958252Anon i'm telling you to study repeating events instead of using random lines on your chart and …[View]
48960868i have 10 euros in luna, what should i do with them?[View]
48961776Hey boiz wtf is happening with gold and dollar right now??[View]
48961515Today is going to be a good day[View]
48962364Echelon: Why haven't you bought in yet?[View]
48959536Few weeks ago my 4K Luna were worth half a million they are now $5 dollars worth. I will never recov…[View]
48959117Altcoins bottom to 2021 ATH:: >FTM: x15 >ONE:x12 >ROSE:x11 >GRT:x24 >LINK:x9.5 >FI…[View]
48961739how do we proceed from here?[View]
48959499We are getting dangerously close to inverted bond curve: who else is getting the same jitters as 202…[View]
48962264Best leadership training for new leaders: I’ve been teaching a running course on leadership for our …[View]
48961914Luna Classic Bros We will never financially recover, aren't we?[View]
48958782>he didn’t sell during rising inflation >he didn’t sell when BTC collapsed >he didn’t sell …[View]
48956999I don't care what the govs say the price of everthing has doubled in the last 5 years. That mea…[View]
48959333Normies WILL make you POOR: Normalfaggots love to consume. Take a look at the following >have som…[View]
48958544The only projects that will survive, long term, are those with solid team and strong foundation any …[View]
48961564There isn't going to be a burn, is there? We aren't going back to 0.0005 are we?[View]
48962038>circus music plays[View]
48962063Things are going to be worse soon.[View]
48958208>Spend days mulling over whether or not I ought to waste £20 on some consumer garbage >Risk th…[View]
48956344I think the bullshit about popular indicators is that they work just often enough to trick you into …[View]
48961008To the NFT whitelist grinders: Has any Anons here ever done NFT grinding? I seen they pay around 100…[View]
48939900Michael Burry's new portfolio: >suddenly sells his value pics, reverses course and goes heav…[View]
48960474/smg/ - Stock Market General: Watch it bobo edition >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq https:…[View]
48961789>nooooo >noooo if you been buying luna since bottom you a dumb degen Yvbaw >nooo you deserv…[View]
48952605How do I invest in smallpox vaccines?: Any virus profiteers have advice?[View]
48958945Everyone just relax, recoup, reconfigure your portfolio and think about where you made mistakes. The…[View]
48961545We take LUNA back from the corrupt!: The oppressors of Crypto who have kept you down with myths of o…[View]
48960170Which small market cap coin can 20x by eoy?[View]
48961614>'You know, all of that 'defi' sector the entirety of it, all those shitcoins, all those new toke…[View]
48961572How should I find something in Europe or USA?: I am a third-world copywriter and I already made an a…[View]
48961054Why aren't you using a grid bot to stack up on ETH and BTC while the market moves sideways?[View]
48958937stock futures are in the deep red: more losses incoming this is not a drill https://www.investing.co…[View]
48959931>starts arguing with schizos on twitter >your assets start plummeting in value T-thanks skelet…[View]
48961066> yep that’s the guy > we got him chief > he’s gonna be locked away for a long time…[View]
48959584chyna fud: At the precise bottom, the chinese miraculously unban bitcoin yet again. newfags + poorfa…[View]
48960903Now that crypto is dead, how To cope with eating bugs ?[View]
48958313who said that[View]
489557488 weeks of dumping.: 8 weeks.[View]
48961275WE'RE FUCKING BACK BABY. Maximum comfy lfg. Bears finna rope by the end of the day SKSKSKSK[View]
48940994WALMART TARGET COSTCO: >first Walmart crashing >then Target >then Costco What is the next f…[View]
48952887/GME/ - Sleeper Train Edition: >Basic Information https://gme.crazyawesomecompany.com https://fin…[View]
48959871I just lost my first dollar in crypto gambling!!![View]
48961123We are about to be eaten aren't we?: Do i stock food now? Do i buy a big car? Do i leave Europe…[View]
48961142ITS PUMP TIME[View]
48960386>51k >buy the dip >45k >buy the dip >38k >buy the dip >33k >buy the dip >…[View]
48960465This is just sad: why even keep this shit on the exchange Nothing but a sinkhole for money Just kill…[View]
48956627Tell me something you bastards. Everybody, I mean everybody is saying BTC will go down to 20k. But w…[View]
48960808Nice Mega Crash: lmfao, markets are green. bobos weill never learn. lmfao[View]
48960581What is the difference between APY and regular bank interest?[View]
48960600There is no inflation.[View]
48960177HERE IT COMES: Bruh I just went to fill up my truck and diesel was $2.40 a litre.. That's $9 a …[View]
48960298I've lost everything, does anyone know of a data entry position I can work remotely since I can…[View]
4893895999% of wagies have no clue they are about to get layoff: 99% of wagies have no clue they are about t…[View]
48960687Rule 1 of investing: lose money[View]
48959149wagecuck: ok listen now /biz/, The bull run is over and i need to look into something else to make …[View]
48959676Exit Ethereum immediately. This is the most obvious fud ever. https://twitter.com/VitalikButerin/sta…[View]
48957905Is there really going to be a recession?: I just graduated, my life was just about to start what do …[View]
48958087Holy shit this is devastating coin to hold: >Always dump extremely hard for no reason, Literally …[View]
48958738Bros, am I a terrible person?: I am an IT cuck with astronomical salary, working remotely without a …[View]
48958779Im a fullstack dev: How can i make money off of crypto besides investing? Try to get a web3/crypto d…[View]
48958016Yes I am euphoric. What are you gonna do? Buy? LMAO[View]
48958766Friendly reminder that these 'people' were earlier to link than 99% of you faggots on this board tod…[View]
48957062I always invest in stable coins that way you can not lose: Anyone else slurping this neutrino dip…[View]
48958828wen stonks: WARREN IS BUYING SOON...[View]
48960405STILL bullish and NOT selling: hahahahahaha[View]
48943968What went wrong ?[View]
48960401Gentleman, soon we shall see the blood rain[View]
48960396Amazon (AMZN) is undervalued: Recession or not, bullshit. Amazon has 1.6 MILLION employees worldwide…[View]
48960346Sing-along time kids!: On the first day of dumping my shitcoin gave to me: Red candles on my screen …[View]
48958147Beamswap CTO is a scammer: I personally know the Beamswap CTO Žiga Flis (pic related onions boy). In…[View]
48960349If you're wondering what's actually making gains: >people are only buying food now…[View]
48959454How liquid is Bitcoin: Like if I were to market buy 30k right now how much would it effect the price…[View]
48960271Why do you continue to suffer?: Gains, losses, enemies, battles, rugs, and war. You do it all for th…[View]
48959789>Just buy and forget about it >It goes to 10% of its value.…[View]
48957749/smg/ - Stock Market General: You woke up this morning edition >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1yu…[View]
48952826Nice: >Insiders and VC’s get priority exit as UST crashes >Retail naively holds >v2 is anno…[View]
48953613STOCK MARKET BLOODBATH: tomorrow is gonna be apocalyptic[View]
48960276Retard here will prices go back down ?: When the recession hits and interest rates go up, will stuff…[View]
48958426H.A. Goodman: He says Tether will go bankrupt destroying bitcoin and bitcoin will collapse and drop …[View]
48959969We in the red: Anons post from 2017, always uplifts me on the bad days.[View]
48959743How do I profit from the current world state (clown world)?[View]
48959817>stomp stomp clap >stomp stomp clap Come on my lunatics!!! >stomp stomp clap ITS TIME TO S…[View]
48959589Lockdown round 2 coming with stimmies on the way. Hang on to your butts.[View]
48959256Do you feel that?[View]
48959818Daily reminder that mortgage literally means Death pledge or death bond. Fuck banks[View]
48959883Wagie thread: I haven't got out of my cage yet. I make 2 USD per hour. When is this gonna end? …[View]
48957597>boss begs me to work overtime at my soul crushing call centre job >reluctantly agree >make…[View]
48954844just bought my first 10M LUNA[View]
48956489I think i might still be in denial but now the fear is setting in.[View]
48959796Adasisters we will not be the next Luna: > Trust the Plan , Charles has some tricks up his sleeve…[View]
48958870The bottom will be at $8000 USD[View]
48959543Abusing refunds and cashback: I had to return an item recently since it was damaged and I got a full…[View]
48957954How the FUCK does the gacha model make so much money? MOM!!! *huff huff* there’s a new anime girl o…[View]
48941020BTC is a store of value around 28k-30k: Just as I predicted, no one is selling below 30k, the last d…[View]
48947394It's happening: Prepare to stockpile food until 2024[View]
48955690Remove Do Kwon from Terra/LUNA ecosystem: Regardless of where the fork/burn arguments go, Do Kwon ne…[View]
48958700Financially speaking, what will the world look like 1 year from now?[View]
48959541It’s on bros. Hope you bought the dip. Ripping shorts all the way to mid 40s then they will reload a…[View]
48959414>people tell me to go to college to get a higher educational and better job >ALL good universi…[View]
48959430Why everybody panicking right now? We're still up from 2014, so it's not really a crash an…[View]
48958817Market Predictions for late week into weekend: It's 2 hours before market opens, and with the n…[View]
48959315Q2 Recession: Will we (The U.S.) have negative growth this quarter? Also what about Europe and China…[View]
489583208 WEEKS NONSTOP DUMPING okok you made it clear, i will finish my bugdinner now[View]
48959326whenever someone sends me a message i get about 10 seconds of dopamine and then feel like shit for t…[View]
48958640How is Bitcoin a hedge against inflation if it doesn't go up[View]
48958073w-why isn't it dropping? Nasdaq down yet again but BTC holding at 29k.[View]
48955205So, what if Sergey has a business meeting with the heads of the biggest companies in the world and p…[View]
48958696>Can't even hold $30k. I guess I closed my short too early. Time to open a new one.…[View]
48956734I'm equating this slow bleeding to similar to the 2013 bear market. Not 2017 where the eternal …[View]
48959008INVEST IN FARMS: >stock market crashing >crypto crashing >cash inflated away >housing cr…[View]
489590422 MORE HOURS: normies, boomers and mumu PREPARE THYSELF[View]
48958907Why are the world leaders so hellbent on ruining the global economies?[View]
48954923I sold 1k link yesterday: I still have 3k link left. I'd never sold a single link until yesterd…[View]
48957959If bitcoin is a hedge against inflation, where's the fucking pump[View]
48958191How are we going to bag hold?: this is my first time bag holding. I bought my first crypto during th…[View]
48956375This time it really is different.[View]
48958728Can someone help me? on binance margin wallet, a few days ago i came across a page which showed my p…[View]
48948722How long until Do Kwon Dumps his Avax? Seems like everyone is trying to front-run it[View]
48954488I'm about to buy 3,585,000 link is this enough to makeit? Just what am I in for here?[View]
48957148now when the dust has settled...: ...what went wrong?[View]
48958587Uh oh: Remember when things were bullish and going well and Australia’s biggest bank said it would o…[View]
48958689here's your cheat codes: >pre-market = green >market = red >pre-market = red >marke…[View]
48958569RLC: You know know time is ticking to get behind a minimum x50 within 12mths?[View]
48955558Crude on WTI - WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?: What's going in with Crude? Never seen anything lik…[View]
48956952Expansion: My portfolio has inflated to levels I didn't believe possible. Praise LINK, SOL and …[View]
48955552Now that crypto is dead, any other hobbies to make money? What about art paintings?[View]
48958597What fiat currency is this symbol representing ? I can't figure it out[View]
48958574do anyone else feel betrayed by /biz/. You niggaz were so certain this egg rolls coin would go up. y…[View]
48957572thoughts?: >crypto folo hits 450k€ a few months ago >now worth 250k€ less Started buying a boo…[View]
48958546We are all going to make it.[View]
48956291Just bought 800 LINK[View]
48956894VVS bros, are we gonna make it? What happened? I just kep4t staking my $10k worth since November, no…[View]
48958050If the real bloodbath happen i'll just crypto max: link 1$ XMR 40$ Rbc 1cents Ltc 25$ xrp 0.10 …[View]
48957936The day this happens, biz does a 40 days 'n 40 nights marathon all in togheter shillin the same…[View]
48952110They have to burn.: The fork is insane red herring to throw off the Reddit crowd.[View]
48958443>I trusted AVAX whales on the way down: haven't learned my lessons lmao their whale swing bo…[View]
48958470shorting alts against btc: as the btc's dominance rises it makes sense to short alts to accumul…[View]
48955262>it's over, like 1929 over >no one even cares…[View]
48958453I day trade on the line chart[View]
48952304good morning, SHIBagholders.: Reminder: You're SHIBagholding. You're SHIBagholding your SH…[View]
48958054I am going to have to get a job and take the vaccine[View]
48958412I longed the crab again[View]
48958391It’s over: Sell while you still can silly goyim[View]
48958202Elon Tweet, Low Cap, 10x minimum: Which low MC coin will pump 10x or more after a Elon tweet? Sugges…[View]
48957644I hope you're shorting, anon.[View]
48953937Bull market genius: Rudy has said that cardboard moved with crypto. He attributed some of the rise i…[View]
48958140just ate a dry burger bun not because i couldnt afford to throw it away but because i couldnt accept…[View]
48958101Only three coins will survive this: -BTC -ETH -DOGE Search your soul /biz/ - you know it's true…[View]
48957701At what price should i load up on chainlink?[View]
48952778Shib Holders are comfy and don't care.[View]
48956613Daily Reminder: After the last capitulation Bitcoin did a violent x3 run in a half Year[View]
48952703I'm now all in Statera: When it reaches $100, I will buy a castle.[View]
48956905>BIICONNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Post funny /biz/ shit ITT.[View]
48958000ive been right about a lot of things just much later than expected so im gonna sloop[View]
48955997Name 1 (ONE) good project that /biz/ ever shilled to you >MTV >KDA >ICP >D0b0 All dead S…[View]
48957961Store of value: Gold is pretty stable so its a better store of value than bitcoin init[View]
48957694After a week giving /biz/ another chance: In hope that the correction flushed out the shitposters an…[View]
48956139Why hasn't LUNC tanked yet?: I sold and waiting to double my stack but it wont go down[View]
48954409/smg/ - Stock Market General: Scoopsies still loves me edition >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1yu…[View]
48954245IT'S OVER, Melvin Capital is finished[View]
48956793How's 29k holding up?[View]
48957031Career Thread: Please post ideas for careers, no data mining just looking for a path to take. You co…[View]
48957510Chainlink - proof of?[View]
48949514I'm unironically looking forward to Sergey nose diving at Consensus: This guy will not meet the…[View]
48955209I'm gonna be an XRP gorillionaire[View]
48957296How do i sell myself as an NFT?[View]
48957490Remoteworkcel here: I'm paid in US dollars. The dollar is strong af now, even stronger than Eur…[View]
48955349Cheapies: Should I buy REN or CRV?[View]
48953848So I just found out binance has a built in grid trading bot. Is there any reason why I shouldn'…[View]
48947349So how’s that bull that Alt Man predicted on the 10th working out for everyone?[View]
48957483how long, realistically, before they kill it?[View]
48957381Do you think its possible DK would slowly build capital starting from the hard fork then burn the su…[View]
48957044Get your faggot asses ready, bullcunts.[View]
48957472Shmita: Will we get 5 years of gains after rhe jews finish destroying the market?[View]
48956154You told BTC was going to 20k: You fuckers lied to me again. I already lost 7k from buying luna. Fro…[View]
48956762I called it: you newfags should've listened. my thread (check the date): >>>48753388 c…[View]
48957387When will altcoins stop dumping?[View]
48951682What are some biz anime?: Pic related is the only one that comes to mind.[View]
489563315th dimension investing in a time loop.[View]
48956742Americans are asleep: Let's talk, fellow Europeans and the rest of the world (except India, ple…[View]
48953332'Hedera is the most usedenterprise-grade public network': >Transactions declining >Still no li…[View]
48945181Me: Hello bank I'd like a loan Bank: 'I'm sorry, you use more than 50% of your credit ever…[View]
48956939will the big melt-up be happening this week or?[View]
48954756It: Don't you fucking dare.[View]
48956674LMAO: https://station.terra.money/proposal/1188[View]
48951448Haven't been on this board in a year. Just checked the price of Chainlink. LOL: Please tell you…[View]
48956752what is your hustle?[View]
48957162Avax fanboys are incredibly salty that Polygon Edge dropped and has literally made their chain compl…[View]
48956230Multi dimensional sharding blockchain.[View]
48920680Daily Reminder: ICP will melt faces once token integrations and devs start building using their plat…[View]
48955165Anyone deal with gambling addiction/issues? I went on a huge streak and then lost already 50% of it …[View]
48954549>phd in math >any job i want >300k starting…[View]
48956560>all these babies crying that the end is nigh Nothing ever happens.[View]
48952233>Please include 2 referees for this job application >By providing this information, you grant …[View]
48954762Market is bleeding out would rather a quick x5 on a shit coin then buying some alt coin bags and hop…[View]
48956082Almost 0 chainlonk threads[View]
48955999good coins rank 400 or lower on CMC pls[View]
48948165Rose: kek: 3 cents when?[View]
48956589WTF?: https://www.ft.com/content/74ee1f19-1cdc-4cb8-941e-7d035cf86faf[View]
48954759where did all the luntards go??: YALL SPAMMED THIS BOARD A FEW DAYS AGO, BUT NOW SILIENCE. WHERE YAL…[View]
48955773Up 13% this week. I can now read yiddish.[View]
48949219What’s your make-it city anon?: Mine is NYC, specifically Manhattan’s upper east side with a fat cry…[View]
48955971Its going to be another red day, isn't it?[View]
48956085Good NFTs based on Utiity: keep 'em coming[View]
48956397Hello biz, im stuck in Russia and i need to know what crypto and nfts i should buy?[View]
48955784Luna Burn?: Is Luna about to start a burn?[View]
48955307>Pull out of bitcoin at mid-40s and BNB around 400 because randomly felt like I shoudl >Crashe…[View]
48954934What is this schizo shit, are people really trying to bring back that shitpost of a coin lmao[View]
48956145The rivers will run red[View]
48956282TOP KEK visit the chat for some top tier entertainment[View]
48954296What will you do with 30k Doties?[View]
48954174I can't stop thinking about Luna[View]
48955985Luna sirs...It's time...[View]
48954998What if all LUNA money goes into ORN?[View]
48955964You should unironically slurp this dip: When you see prominent news outlets write paragraphs like pi…[View]
48955800Is HPInu pumping just a psyops to distract from Luna?[View]
48953157This week I won 1k in those cheap lottery tickets. I wanna spend this money on shitcoins. You know w…[View]
48952507It's over: Now they've put up ANOTHER proposal for burning UST from the community pool, NO…[View]
48955893>every retard screamed BTC would 'surely' go to 100k >it didn't >every retard screams …[View]
48955269So if a recession is coming: I can just short and end up winning right?[View]
48955498not investing in real assets: while you faggots buy shitcoins I just bought myself this dope sunloun…[View]
48955604Oh no oh no Kwonbros[View]
48955377>talking with friend >hes worked for a crypto company for 2yrs >only ever talks about BTC, …[View]
48954214>market is fucked >everything's cheap >eth2.0 supposed to drop in A MONTH I'm fuc…[View]
48954378Bullish unlock!!: I am financially rosed[View]
48953602Why are Luna bagholders so fucking deluded? I'll just say it, if you invested money with that c…[View]
48954764Yeah anon, keep throwing your bottles, glass and batteries away, keep using your old ass car instead…[View]
48947763The Coin who Lived: Apparently some ETH whales decided to invest in The People's Bitcoin. I don…[View]
48955642Staking? I like my medium rare.[View]
48953713multiple jobs: >got promoted to some position which has 0 work >WFH >doing nothing but watc…[View]
48955316asian markets are slurping up spot BTCs like there is no tomorrow. do what you may with this info. W…[View]
48955633Is now the time to buy Walmart's stock?[View]
48953416most people in this board don't even remember the 2008 financial crisis: the wave is coming and…[View]
48952406I haven't logged into my STEX or Coinbase accounts in years and decided to check my STEX accoun…[View]
48952181/biz/ buys t-bills, right?[View]
48953970What in the goddamn??: Just how red is tomorrow going to be..[View]
48955477To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Cardano. The tech is extremely subtle, and…[View]
48954523Major financial stress test is near. We are going to repair what’s broken. Started with small innova…[View]
48955415Uh oh Lubaggies we are heading for 0.00013 very soon[View]
48947153why does he shave his head now?[View]
48950699Fuck it bois, I'm out. sold all my cryptos. I'm dumping everything I have left into a degr…[View]
48955059So I’m reading and hearing that we are headed straight into a Great Depression. I’m already broke as…[View]
48954067are there any german kamerads here that could help me with understanding tax obligation? >bought …[View]
48955271Lmao chads actually thought they were good traders: Can't make this up. Chads actually thought …[View]
48955147who gives a fork: $luna Go vote no with vito[View]
48953825screencap this[View]
48955078How do you cope with the possibility of expanding your stacks by 6-7 times if you sold two month ago…[View]
48955011Interesting: https://www.etfstrategy.com/vaneck-launches-chainlink-crypto-etp-10339/…[View]
48954693Ok so cronos is falling forever and milkomeda hasn't had any volume for months so where are the…[View]
48953568>grind for hours to become a decent artist, making commissions while trying to make a name for yo…[View]
48954898I told you so: You fucking idiots, NEVER. FUCK. WITH. BOBO. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dS9wVCM5…[View]
48954715im married to my bags...[View]
48945271'My life will start for real after I make it in my 30s': Oh no no no no not like this I thought men …[View]
48954717how many cryptos will go extinct in this bear market cycle?[View]
48954087>I am a retard before I am a man >I was a poorfag before I could stand >I will remember bef…[View]
48954567Bitcoin is going to crash to sub $20k this week[View]
48951350I’m gonna get out of crypto for a while, I’ll be on touch anyways, so you let me know when the marke…[View]
48917755/XSG/ XRP Schizo General #1851: PREVIOUSLY>>48885754 # Buy XRP on Uphold/CoinMetro/Bitrue/Kuco…[View]
48950821NeutrinoUSD collapsing: I don't feel so good Neutrinobros[View]
48953403What kind of week planner do you use and recommend?[View]
48954575>Luna: ruggs >Every stablecoin and altcoin the past week: I GUESS I'LL RUG TOO! LOOK!…[View]
48930516BAT thread - at least it's not a dogcoin edition: Anyone know the upcoming features or can put …[View]
48951467The Graph. The Google of the blockchain.[View]
48953489I have >7k XRP bought at .24 >15k in savings what the fuck do I do? Should I talk to my bank…[View]
48954395Sell all your Chainlink now: Staking will be a non-event. Get out of Chainlink asap.[View]
48953947Spent: $110,079.42 (53.22 WETH) Got: 1,520,669,629,532 QOM Buyer Position: New! Price: 0.0000000723…[View]
48947919Unironic 2022 DeFi Summer incoming: Bros call me schizo but I think I just accidentally stumbled upo…[View]
48940557500x gains before: Has anyone really ever had 100-500x gains on here that either kept it, took some,…[View]
48954288what am i supposed to do?: when the best part of me was always you and...[View]
48952016Brose...: -70% in the last month. THIS SHIT IS DUMPING MORE THAN ABSOLUTE BOTTOM OF THE BARREL SHITC…[View]
48954204What's he up to these days?[View]
48952494>be me >small time frame >set a $500 buy order >bot immediately set a buy order 1 cent l…[View]
48946061How to be a billionaire: The quote is the first step. Second step is BE NOTICED doing something in 4…[View]
489540342022:: I am forgotten and so will LUNA[View]
48953851It's over, only one way out. Sell it all. Today[View]
48954055Cotps gone?: Following the story of Copts arbitrage platform that has halted withdraws since the 12t…[View]
48951966Do Kwon is literally trying to get away with it with this fork bullshit, Why isn't he getting s…[View]
48952204anyone here uses protable, libre, slideshow maker with timeline layer animation model? maybe under 1…[View]
48951628/smg/ - Stock Market General: Hidden Tigers Edition. >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq (embe…[View]
48953963I'm unironically excited to buy $500 Eth and $8000 BTC in 12 months I might even splurge on som…[View]
48953570This is the dude that creates the SHIB threads. He creates anti shib threads, but he is a strong sup…[View]
48953873Here's why he won't burn: https://www.benzinga.com/markets/cryptocurrency/22/05/27293578/t…[View]
48950726I paid $80 for 2 lobster rolls. I’m still hungry and I’m beginning to think buying lobster isn’t a v…[View]
48950296Is this fucking guy really the savior of humanity? Is this faggot really the best we have?[View]
48953537You've secured a flower to mint at least one pineapple punk right anon? It's going to 2x a…[View]
48953088HOWIE BROS: its over[View]
48952592Cashed out last year and my capital gains was 8k. I didnt file taxes on it. Am i screwed or can i do…[View]
48953397I'm calling it right now. This is THE bottom.[View]
48952095Yooo anyone shorting or just holding?[View]
48953394This is my last shot. I have 2 BNB left (I had 200 BNB at my ATH), and I am going to invest everythi…[View]
48950738>time in the market I am 50% down on my bitcoin after holding for a year…[View]
48952545Why has the USD been strengthening so much against the Euro recently?[View]
48953623Hey Anon!: How are you enjoying your Golden Years?[View]
48953621The Euros are waking up[View]
48951631Slurpers are gonna mass suicide a 2nd time[View]
48953628POTENTIAL: Baby Chow Chow inu, a new community in this space, buy and hold potential get 500x rn…[View]
48953626Has he ever been right?[View]
48942489ETH bear market target: It’s hitting $500 isn’t it[View]
48951172Why don't poor people seem 'all there' ?[View]
48953089I’m going to be straight honest, idgaf about kyc if I can make money, I ain’t no druglord nor shit, …[View]
48953529I can explain you why burning is happening. They blame it on algorithm They minted tokens like a in …[View]
48947937>work for amazon Am I gonna be out of a job? I’m a tier 3 employee (yard jockey) so I’m not as u…[View]
48951665am i the only one left still holding chainlink[View]
48949238You are thinking about giving up, arent you?[View]
48949920I know what the whales are doing...[View]
48951550i sold[View]
48948603In the coming years lifesize dolls become increasingly important to the economy. At the moment most …[View]
48949472Should you shower in the morning or evening? You do shower daily, right anon? Business related becau…[View]
48953100Thoughts on SFT? Avg is around 3.00, I was wondering if this stock would recover, based on the marke…[View]
48938179We ARE going to fork. You fucking idiots have no idea how even to “make it” you think you can just c…[View]
48952805>had a really bad tourettes tick in interview >they didn't call me back so much for liber…[View]
48950258Can you feel it? >https://youtu.be/BHfE682mm3c[View]
48950670Do I sell my house now while I can and profit potentially 50k? Or rent it out for $250 a month profi…[View]
48952819Bear market?: Nah. Nom existent if you're smart money[View]
48950998Why is it underrated?[View]
48952350Theme of 90% of anons on this board: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LP3H8edWqmI&ab_channel=Phen…[View]
48944315/GME/ - Comfy Wednesday After-hours and Late Night Edition: >Basic Information https://gme.crazya…[View]
48952250Is there any reason to do more than the absolute bare minimum?[View]
48941524SAVING LUNA-CHAN!: Luna baggies, get in here! [1/2] It's obvious Do Kwon has no interest whatso…[View]
48951928I’m about to go full retarded mode into NFTs, but I don’t wanna get fucked in the ass so I might ask…[View]
48947999Craig Wright: He really is (our guy) isn't he /biz/ 1). Autistic 2). White 3). Asshole 4). C…[View]
48952151Does anyone own a genesis here? I'm afraid of buying anything besides a camry, but I like how t…[View]
48942809Securing honks: I have some GOHO on a wallet but want to make sure it’s secure for the future. I’ve …[View]
48948688Is housing a bubble?[View]
48952448Og finally capitulated: Honestly, we have have had nothing but pain for 4 years. A basic bitch mainn…[View]
48951484This was the bottom - congrats: Those of you who held or bought recently are destined to make it. Pi…[View]
48951998where is justin?: anyone?[View]
48949334How bad will my karma be for shilling Luna: I'm scared[View]
48951235build your wallet with 5k[View]
48951011OH NONONO ITS GONNA PASS TERRACHUDS ENJOY STACKING LUNC https://station.terra.money/proposal/1623…[View]
48943274Did/will you inherit anything from your parents or grandparents? My dad will not leave me anything, …[View]
48950972If someone sells their BTC and there is not another buyer then the exchange owns that BTC until they…[View]
48952252When is grampa Bitcoin going to stop falling down the stairs?[View]
48952238Are gooks the new poojeets of the crypto world?: It would take millions of poojeets to rug as much a…[View]
48950254So if i use this card and buy usdc to purchase stuff for 4% xlm. Wont i have to pay more during tax …[View]
48951457Should I slurp the dip?[View]
48951810>forced to train my replacement at work >gambled all my life savings (30k) on spy puts >got…[View]
48926809I genuinely believe link will moon this year[View]
48951898I’m not asking for much from life. I just want every single serbian on the planet to be killed.[View]
48948202I'm not selling because I don't want to deal with the taxes. That's the only reason. …[View]
48943511It's amazing to live in a time where were can interact with Einstein level geniuses like Charle…[View]
48949864Let's say I buy a plot of cheap forested land. What'll stop me cutting down the hundreds o…[View]
48950354EL BAGHOLDER[View]
48951200Memecoin general - Is it profitable?: Friendly reminder: Investing in memecoins is a good idea, if y…[View]
48949300/smg/ - Stock Market General: Invest in anime girl figures to hedge against a market crash >Broke…[View]
48951988Why can't half of the useless fucking vaporware/shovelware garbage in the top 100 on CMC just g…[View]
48951562Is almost 34 too old for web dev?: I'm roughly 1/3 the way to learn all the stuff needed but I …[View]
48949321When did you realize the economy is fake?[View]
48944364>gives away billions of dollars to a 3rd world shithole[View]
48951127Hello biz, im stuck in Russia and i need to know what crypto and nfts i should buy?[View]
48950439Is it possible to use crypto to make the oil market collapse? Maybe by using alternative sources of …[View]
48951606All of the normal people were laughing at crypto crashing but anyone with real money sold months ago…[View]
48950815>Your cunt >do you like airports? Flag Yes And I'm amazed this airport wifi isn't ba…[View]
48950925How the fuck do I buy crypto with a credit card?: I’ve already maxed out the bank transfers today on…[View]
48951194>tfw nostalgic for all the Luna hype I just love the memes and the feeling of fellowship...…[View]
48951720When is the next FED meeting?[View]
48951605>rango has like a billion coins Which one do I buy? It seems kind of overwhelming when a DEX has …[View]
48951570Did you sell the pico bottom, Anon?[View]
48951564wat was the lyrics of the song?[View]
48949848Would you buy this chart? RIP to anyone that's still holding.[View]
48948885Kill All Fudders: I am going to be a LUNA millionaire >b-but do kwon wants to fork Stop coping …[View]
48951100I have an announcement, I saw krida’s chart and my depression is back[View]
48951510Google search 'kaliacc milady'[View]
48947006what in the fuck is this and why the fuck weren't any of you permanent virgin faggots shilling …[View]
48949962Congrats on this. Seriously.: There are anons here who performed better than companies this bullrun.…[View]
48947043Portfolio Rate: Bear Market Blues Edition: Post, rate and talk about what you've been slurping …[View]
48924389Economics: Real science or pseudoscience? I'm inclined to say the latter, but curious to hear y…[View]
48951092Chain link: Am I doing this right ? Seems to me that it’s a descending wedge a big one.[View]
48950914>yeah bro this wonder of software engineering that was created by a single person who also conven…[View]
48950984Time based currency: Seems pretty cringe to me >Works 40 hours a week >Paid a total of 80 hour…[View]
48949575did you feel that?: something changed just now i could feel it in the air ive suddenly become ultra …[View]
48948698Does he fuck her you think? Why would FTX need a 'beauty entrepreneur?'[View]
48950615>We're no strangers to dumps >You know the rules and so do I (do I) >A 100x long is wh…[View]
48951133IT'S OVER: IT'S OVER See ya on the breadlines fellas[View]
48947379Tether: What exactly are Tether reserves? I was looking up what does Tether own to 'peg', and their …[View]
48950855just sold 15k LINK: im totally numb[View]
48950986imagine still holdin on to this shitcoin: Token was never sneeded[View]
48951061How much of a desperate cuck must you be to willingly give up your own identity just to be able to g…[View]
48950260Last night I dreamt Luna pumped.................[View]
48950788Got intrigued by this new lending/credit platform and then I read >Sublime let users leverage the…[View]
48950749>he buys jpgs thinking he’ll be able to sell them again for a profit AHHAHAHAHAHA…[View]
48950665To all those that didnt sell; you passed the biggest IQ test in crypto history Next stop: New ATH[View]
48948750What ever happened to trtl 2.0?[View]
48950970How about this-tell me where to invest 80K or I'll kick your teeth down your throat[View]
48949318I took a huge hit after the crypto market went down: I’m down bad with crypto. Tell me a few 100x po…[View]
48950638which crypto will make you rich?which crypto will make u rich?[View]
48950026This is why I trade.: https://youtu.be/h_PRCSrJx3w Conceptualize it.[View]
48947717BTC in 2025-26?: What will the price of BTC be at the end of 2025? Just recently got an inheritance …[View]
48948658Something bad is about to happen, isn't it?[View]
48950308KEK: >8th inning[View]
48950825Literally every rally will be sold off and shorted.[View]
48949958I'm simply buying ALL of the LUNA. You can't stop me, and I am NeVER SELLING. This is the …[View]
48949023If you look at the 'price' you will see BTC is 'yet again' under '30k': This may cause some 'conflic…[View]
48950837I need steem guys: wtf is this?[View]
48949773Why does no one talk about AAVE here? Are lending platforms dead?[View]
48918136Oldfags get in here. What's our plan now?[View]
48948525JULY 4. The day of the airdrop.: How many Flares are you going to receive? Are you going to hold or …[View]
48949880Fuck you again: When were were hovering over $30k you guys said $25k was capitulation and we were go…[View]
48949747Dear frens: Times are hard. I want to remind you that you should never let anyone tell you that you …[View]
48950382I'm making some money on Onlyfans (yes, i'm a man) and i want to invest to make high profi…[View]
48948161How do I come to terms with the fact that the house I purchase in 2023-2024 will cost around $150,00…[View]
48949893Uhmm stonksisters?: W-whats going on?[View]
48950352QANPlatform RUGGED Nah just kidding. But apparently someone hacked their bridge or some shit. No one…[View]
48949400Wagies are going to be forcibly removed from their cagies soon.[View]
48950429What is the point of rango having so many shitcoins when most of them are not needed? We all know th…[View]
48949837ok here’s the crypto blackpill. there is an AI living on the bitcoin blockchain. Craig Wright is uni…[View]
48949386Margin trading: I have been more than a year out of crypto and now binance wants my photo and Id. Fu…[View]
48949647>want to load up on 20k of puts >Robinhood is going to take 7 days to verify my bank account …[View]
48949933Thoughts on Berry Data? its like chainlink but on BSC[View]
48949725i'm scared[View]
48950161I am still not buying anything until 14k[View]
48942298Why is everyone panicking?: >Everything is crashing >We are young Isn't this good for us?…[View]
48949814my $1.80 buy orders are actually going to fill the absolute state of nu-linkers LMAO[View]
48949784Dude: Like, it’s fucking so cheap now. Why wouldn’t you slurp some digital dog- I mean oil?[View]
48950194>use 100x leverage >buy more when you're close to liquidating >keep this up until prof…[View]
48948690Saw BSV being shilled: Can I get a quick rundown on craig wright? Is he a megalomaniac / narcissist …[View]
4894973501101001 01110011 00100000 01100011 01101111 01101101 01101001 01101110 01100111[View]
48949495>>48949345 >Buy it, fill it, store it, hold it, check it, hold it, quick, rebuy it >Hold…[View]
48948171People who sell their TA: People who sell their TA, it is bullshit, right? I mean, if you had TA tha…[View]
48949025I sold at $7 like a week ago then got sad when it went to almost $8. When do I buy back in, realisti…[View]
48950121I will keep pushing through pain, that’s what I’m used to, but I’m unironically tired, I just want B…[View]
48948511I have 6 million luna and I'm not selling[View]
48949554Why do thirdies fomo into USD and not Bitcoin?[View]
48949121i sold some sneakers from my collection and i want to invest some of the money in cryptos, is this a…[View]
48946667BITCOIN MAXI GENERAL: anyone else enjoy watching all altcoins go to 0 only bitcoin gonna make it to …[View]
48947125Walmart actually was the CITCM.[View]
48948135Getting adv/tips: Anons who have made it or made tons of money from crypto can you spare some advice…[View]
48946460You might've missed this https://twitter.com/dolcegabbana/status/1526960386129465344[View]
48949850Any fellow no coiners out there?[View]
48949938careers.mcdonalds.com: if you had taken my advice last week, the current situation would not hurt so…[View]
48949764With all the scams, rugs and all the shit that we’ve seen, and you idiots are still against KYC? Rea…[View]
48947336how much gold will be required to build bitcoin city? from the mockup, i'm struggling to see wh…[View]
48945957401(K) queistions: I have a 401(K) through my work, and I have some questions. I talked with the inv…[View]
48949768Is making a career out of drawing porn on the internet a good idea?[View]
48949116What exactly is the difference between a normal painting and an NFT, bros? I don’t see the point why…[View]
48949611Where my bag holders at? Please tell me you saw this speculative bubble bursting from a mile away? W…[View]
48949572Why is CH talking shit to Vitalik?[View]
48949552>Bitcoin just broke the 29k support and your laughin?[View]
48949583Give me ONE reason why you niggers have never spoken about this gem on here once.[View]
48949753Over the top, over the top Right now, it's killing time Over the top, over the top Right now, i…[View]
48948569Calling the bottom is just as hard as calling the top: except you have much less to lose do you guys…[View]
48949447Can anyone tell me why is art so undervalued in crypto? And I’m not talking about jpgs, I’m talking …[View]
48936628Career Thread: What career do you have, /biz/? How much do you make? Do you enjoy it, or not? Give u…[View]
48948924name of this investment strategy?[View]
48949632>*spits out blood* >hey, I didn't hear no bell >*DING DING DING* >oh FU-*WHAM*…[View]
48948806Holy fucking shit bros I just realized I'm a broke fucking loser and I'm NGMI what the fuc…[View]
48947031Looks like we're back.[View]
48947470LUNA HAPPENING - Burn CONFIRMED: Do Kwon confirm he’s playing 4D chest and quote some Sun Tzu shit h…[View]
48949382>he thinks we’re just now entering a recession We’ve been in a recession ever since they shut do…[View]
48949511I'm gonna long[View]
48948249just swung trode for the first time i feel so dirty but it feels so good[View]
48949005What happened to her? Why did she wall?: I've been out of crypto for the past year and not been…[View]
48949477arby: arby chan...[View]
48949475> /biz/ thinks NFTs are a fad NFTs aren’t going anywhere. Now VRAs tech is being utilised to prev…[View]
48948507How do I swing trade? I'm tired of buying shitcoins and then panic selling because they go down…[View]
48948637markets are crashing and they thought it was a good idea to release shkreli AND billy, next up eliza…[View]
48949424There isn't a real estate bubble, this time is different, don't you understand? THIS TIME …[View]
48949323How much btc do you have?: Why yes, I do own 2% of a btc, why do you ask?[View]
48948472Why isn't everyone here happy that they're buying chainlink at this price? I remember when…[View]
48947014Mfw no /jpg/ ICP thread[View]
48949139No, I don’t want to listen to any of you, I know I’m a total and complete retarded piece of kek, but…[View]
48945240>Literally the only crypto with a real future >Literally Internet 2.0 >Literally made &…[View]
48946210/smg/ - Stock Market General: Based frogposter edition. >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq …[View]
48948536to all panicking newfags everything will be green as fuck in three months buy the dip, we're at…[View]
48948779>8 red weekly candles in a row: >8 red weekly candles in a row…[View]
48947959Binance IS A SCAM: I had to verify my binance account last week, and now all my funds are FUCKING go…[View]
48946691(POTENTIAL) Giga Pump: Why aren’t we going to pump soon? China’s mining again. Seems inevitable. I’m…[View]
48949165the local news is starting to use the 'pain at the pump' catchphrase again[View]
48948825Considering the majority of DEXs do well in bear market, I still don’t understand why they decided t…[View]
48943418Financial apocalypse thread: What have you bought to save yourself when things eventually go to shit…[View]
48948452Luna found the bottom, I just went all in... I feel ill, nervous, excited, exhilarated, distraught a…[View]
48947149It's going to zero isn't it. Why couldn't it just crash to 0 in a day like Luna. Inst…[View]
48948619LUNAtards be like:: >they wont actually fork, its just 5d chess!! >trust CZ, patriots in contr…[View]
48946572I will never ever sell my linky .[View]
48948388Time has come, there will be nothing left, not even your shitty ass NFT games will survive, I’d like…[View]
48947226I've found my Luna entry point..: I've bided my time. I've watched and waited and cre…[View]
48949032WAVESbros you got too cocky: it's over https://mhonkasalo.substack.com/p/waves-is-luna-but-a-ci…[View]
48947977Crypto can fall 75% in a week, but now it might take months + years to crab and go up again How is t…[View]
48948522recommend me a solid crypto, no shitcoins.[View]
48948979I like to listen to this as I watch my portfolio dissolve into nothingness https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
48948975Even bobos will go hungry soon. This is the end of the world. We're all in this together.[View]
48946892I will buy the first 5 cryptos mentioned here[View]
48945706Is now a bad time to learn solidity?[View]
48946567>/biz/ missed this bull run lmao[View]
48946333>muh SEC FUD BTFO[View]
48941919Who else made peace they’ll never own a home?[View]
48948863Buy bitcoin. Person who are mainly in Europe or USA[View]
48943273>world on the brink of the hyperinflation, food shortages and the great reset >stockfag permab…[View]
48947644I don't have enough time to accumulate enough to make it next cycle[View]
48948102> 7 hours of back-to-back interviews tomorrow for a job I don't even want How do I get throu…[View]
48922865DEX tokens: Has there been any DEX token at all which outperformed the chain they were on? ETH did b…[View]
48927618What do you think?[View]
48942549Sell your ETH now. Something bad is definitely in the works.[View]
48948198What crypto should a poor nigga like me buy to get rich?[View]
48948702SHIB Daily Blessing Thread: Day 122: Those who trust, welcome. Day 122 SHIB will drop a zero to beco…[View]
48942760Boomers left us financially, culturally, genetically and spiritually bankrupt. How do I profit from …[View]
48948680is this piece of shit going to pump during the bear market?[View]
48948473Any way to profit from being a complete neet? I don’t wanna work, and I have a nice PC tho. If you s…[View]
48946686If I were to make cute serial killer NFTs would you buy them? what if I made school shooter nfts, wo…[View]
48947784>29 >live with parents >work remote making $25/hr >Live in Hawaii >Lost about 5k in c…[View]
48943814Did anything actually go right?: Is 1.4 tps right? Is $124m tvl in 6 months right?[View]
48948215assemble. mweb is here.[View]
48947851>buy coin >it goes down >sell coin >it goes up >hold coin >it crabs >forget abo…[View]
48947891Daily reminder: Celsius is a Ponzi scheme: and it’s going to zero shorting it it’s free money if yo…[View]
48948334What do we do when it drops back to $0.00009? This is one dip I can't slurp.[View]
48948156This is the bottom: r-right anon? I can't possibly go any lower yeah?[View]
48947290Oasis rose: Is it really over?[View]
48948194Sold my luna bags: How do I stop accumulating bags?[View]
48940561Thank you based putin very cool[View]
48948266>tfw building several skills to easily rebound from the crash https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qr0…[View]
48947960If one were to befriend a mentally competent lonely elder in good faith in the hopes that he would p…[View]
48946292>open binance wallet >look at the thousands of shitcoins I have a kajillion of each variety …[View]
48947759this is how it feels to hodl any shit in this winter: im planning to invest in just a couple more of…[View]
48947373It is Over.[View]
48946091ONLY DOGE: Mr. Musk is currently aligning himself with republicans +-50% of US population. He is per…[View]
48946081>let's call it what it is[View]
48946607Hedera: >HBAR, Feb 2021 $0.44 0 enterprise adoption >HBAR, May 222 $0.09 0 enterprise adoption…[View]
48947858I'm very good at math, what book do I need to read to learn how to use this skill to make big b…[View]
48944191Melvin Capital Shutting Down: Press F to pay respects Press S to spit[View]
48943260Bitcoin: I am looking for someone to sell bitcoin in France, Sweden, Italy or Germany[View]
48947941Goodbye crabbies: The last day of this crab market happened. Every single 'support' and …[View]
48947320everyone is bearish: everyone here is saying the top cryptos are gonna go -75% and shit is this a bu…[View]
48945907How do algorithmic stablecoins work?: I don't get how they keep their peg so well (except in ba…[View]
48947771Now that the cycle is officially over can we talk about just how shit this bull run was? Barely a fu…[View]
48941746I am financially demoralized: Give me some hopium bros, the entire world economy feels like moments …[View]
48947791Quite literally, we will never see $29,000 United States Dollars for one BTC ever again[View]
489478231 CPU = 1 Vote: In shitcoins, 'validators' have all the power.[View]
48943204>smart money has been selling for over a year[View]
48947715I'm down 65% in the last year... When will the pain end?[View]
48944355How low will LINK go?[View]
48947780please stop it sergay STOP[View]
48947241IOTA: 'On the verge of a breakthrough' every single year. Absolutely nothing coming.[View]
48947497>65 link[View]
48940187This is the bottom: I'm going to get liquidated @ 2000 usd on my eth short help somebody I…[View]
489475691 satoshi = 0.00000001 1 Bitcoin = $100.000.000[View]
48947360How do I live in a Middle class home ?: I just wanna live in a middle class home like pictured. All …[View]
48944305imagine trusting this glowing shill: daily reminder that this guy wants to see all you morons enslav…[View]
48944057>Mhhhhh >Ohhhhh yeah >Let me slip in there >Mhhhh Tasty >Let me slurp here >*Licki…[View]
48946275If we go into a recession will the housing market crash as well, frens?[View]
48947334HODL THE LINE: it happens in 1 hours and 15 minutes[View]
48945610Imagine buying this chart.[View]
48944942So how will the markets open tomorrow?[View]
48944196Is it happening?: >>378341777[View]
48947016This is Matthew Kratter from Trader University, and today I wanna talk about how everything in the w…[View]
48943367I should've sold in November[View]
48944202Truly the 51st state. How can I profit from this?[View]
48943268Actual business thread: What side hustles / businesses are you running?[View]
48945609Why it is over for ROSE.: Unironically. >The most bullish announcement has happened and the coin…[View]
48946070Financial devastation: I shorted SOFI with 30% of my net worth (140k) and it went up today, even aft…[View]
48946857https://www.coinmarketcap.com is offline[View]
48945436What did the market mean by this?[View]
48947022unbothered, big macified, dumping on my token, focused, philosophizing.[View]
48944637What can we do to liquidate this delusional faggot?[View]
48940507Are you cringeworthy?[View]
48946989These Mumus sitting in the spot my bags flipping off the block ice dancing in my piece diamonds jigg…[View]
48945391did you buy the dip anon?[View]
48946791I'm done, it's impossible for me to make money. I'm exiting the market of life[View]
48946641newfag help: hey guys, i just got into crypto because i got 520 dollars as a gift and decided to see…[View]
48946628filecoin is back to early 2020 prices and literally cant fall any further. its only shooting up from…[View]
48943055NFTs and Cryptocurrencies: What happened?[View]
48946360Anons I'm retarded. I only ever used market orders. I just tried to set a limit at 28000 to sel…[View]
48943693I know animation, drawing and motion graphics. But i can figure out a way to make real money with th…[View]
48939700/smg/ - Stock Market General: Lollapalooza edition >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq >Sto…[View]
48944740Is nuclear energy a good investment?[View]
48944194why the fuck aren't ordinary people allowed to invest in startups?[View]
48946365Look at ETH/BTC.[View]
48942925Recession: If everything is going down why don't we just short everything? Seems too easy - wha…[View]
48946027i dont want to go into a recession frens[View]
48933530I just lost $20k verifying my metamask Its just fucking gone No response from support fuck crypto ho…[View]
48943349Why did Bitcoin only go down from 30k to 29k after the stock market went down so much today?[View]
48940818Kleros - justice by whims of whales: Imagine being sentenced to death >Because whales were bored,…[View]
48928705XCH: Announcement: dumps launch nft standard: dumps launch token standard: dumps partners with a cou…[View]
48945741We are the 99%. Occupy wall street.[View]
48943800>WHAT I LEARNED IN /BIZ/ IS... IS...[View]
48943731My dog wants me to use my Binance credit card for treats and toys, what do? >inb4 sos memes…[View]
48946251Anyone else having trouble depositing linkies on Bancor right now?[View]
48946222Do stablecoins come with extra fees or something? When I trade stablecoins on Binance it seems to ta…[View]
48943981Can we just skip the three weeks of crabbing between 28-32k, and just get the dump to 20k over with,…[View]
48946106I only need to get it right once, then my losses won't matter.[View]
48945892Made my short for Luna: 3x leverage 50 bucks at 0.00019 and I’m watching this shit sink like a stone…[View]
48945128Quit my job at Walmart: How do i profit from this?[View]
48945822If the goal is nobody will be able to afford a house, isn’t buying literally any house a good invest…[View]
48943655>$6.9 Chainlink was supposed to be recession proof...[View]
48944521I don't want to lose my job. I don't want to lose my job. I DON'T WANT TO LOSE MY JOB…[View]
48945620how will we recover?[View]
48938725Is he right?[View]
48930828/pmg/ - Precious Metals General: Box of Shiney Edition >Why Gold? https://youtu.be/i3S4rl6ehiI ht…[View]
48945772Jidf and libtards can't stop us: We still love him, and we will remember him every time their f…[View]
48945080can btc stop sussin like fr fr[View]
48945530When is the fucking unlock[View]
48935361I have a technical interview with Chainlink Labs tomorrow for the Blockchain Engineer position. What…[View]
48945496150 Threads filtered, still 99% bullshit....[View]
48944849Newfags haven't learned yet: Newfags think all these scam threads where pajeets talk about thei…[View]
48944852lmao fudders been waiting for so long, enjoy your few moments of shine fudders. This is going up rig…[View]
48942971it's time[View]
48945414BENCHOD YOU TOLD ME BUY LUNA!: Basterd sirs, /biz/ has tricked me AGAIN and the coins are down!!!…[View]
48942701Omg linkies lol D&G is soo last year. Token not needed jahahaha[View]
48943635Rate increases for 18 months confirmed: My bank sent me this email Offering 18 months term deposit l…[View]
48945509bros... my tulips arent doing so great[View]
48945427Anyone else get a nervous stomach from trading? I've been farting 10x more since I started inve…[View]
48943408is bitcoin starting to demonstrate strength as a safety play? bitcoin was down 4% today, but the na…[View]
48944433we post hilarious failed indicators[View]
48943282LPL: When you were making money, I jumped in the pool. When you were having premarital sex, I master…[View]
48945432Some many crypto projects have leaders that have been exposed to be completed corruptible, do-nothin…[View]
48941955THE memecoin voicing support for Johnny through his trial against Amber H. Rewarding holders in P00C…[View]
48945157Christianbros, what's happening?[View]
48942452Why are Zoomers expert traders?: How did Zoomers get so good at trading stocks? This little mutt zoo…[View]
48943894ITT: We write the script for /biz/ the movie: >me? I work in business & finance…[View]
48943254do i buy boomer stocks now? or are we going ALL the way down?[View]
48937848Biz Bros, I just found out Rubic is Russian. There is no way this is gonna work out now. So sad.[View]
48944068Can anyone redpill me on this?[View]
48942672flipping to 100k from nothing in 6 months: I want to try this[View]
48945086Is the S&P500 a shitcoin?[View]
48944926hex general: Hex continues to go up, it's very strong please look at the chart we're holdi…[View]
48943962/biz/ meme thread[View]
48943320Is being a freelance photographer really as easy as it seems? What's the catch?[View]
48938938self-sustaining life: How much land do I need to live a comfy life?[View]
48941196Who is buying at these levels[View]
48944752why arent you buying and selling options anon? you do want 50x gains r-right?[View]
48944565Tips for leveraged longs / shorts: Hello frens I want to learn how to short / long cryptos on futur…[View]
48944739What happened to Hathor (HTR) ?: I mean sure the market is down and all L1s are down a lot, yet this…[View]
48944449A bunch of techbros who felt invincible and moved to overpriced places with no jobs like Bozeman and…[View]
48926922Why THE FUCK is gas going up so much in the past few weeks? Wagies making sub $20 are getting raped …[View]
48944409are metabros and nft retards, actually retarded or do they actually think that these second life rev…[View]
48943458Anyone here actually run their own business?: Or do you all just gamble on internet tokens?[View]
48944421shorting is free money.[View]
48944000>summer of dreams...[View]
48942268post yfw we are now in a recession[View]
48942743Can we get a green candle[View]
48943843We've reached the end of the bear flag NEXT STOP 21K[View]
48942986Now that people are turning on Elon Musk after seeing what a greedy evil kike he is, will you buy a …[View]
48944283he sold?: Is die bull market in ze room with us now?[View]
48944317>unemployed >smokes weed >chronic, daily masturbator >auto-renewing onlyfans subscriptio…[View]
48938404/GME/ - Duck in GameStop Edition: >Basic Information https://gme.crazyawesomecompany.com https://…[View]
48942845okay guys do not worry here whaleanon here I've just contacted all of the big boys we are going…[View]
48942903I tried to warn you..[View]
4893002289% of votes (at press time) are in favor of Do Kwon's proposal to create a new Luna chain >…[View]
48938607Experts agree that Shiba is dead.: That's it, just sold and my Shiba for Doge https://www.fool.…[View]
48943326What does the future of jasmy look like? I’m[View]
48942344Bitch I got dat BSV[View]
48942623business and finance can't find a business thread[View]
48941202Reminder we havent hit bottom til Carvana liquidates. Carvana doesnt even have a viable business mod…[View]
48942493Fuck Buffet: Invest in ETFs he said. Use dollar cost averaging he said. What is my result? -20%....s…[View]
48943679why are women statistically better investors than men? Is it bc they dont yolo all their money into …[View]
48925320BSCasino: I need something that will 10x right away? I miss the days when there was gems like mithri…[View]
48942988should i buy Cere? 10m market cap and seems solid[View]
48936799Martin Shkreli drops blackpill: 100k is NOTHING: Martin Shkreli drops a massive blackpill on a 24 ye…[View]
48940084Talk to me about your bags and why I should or shouldnt buy your coins. I have a couple beans to spe…[View]
48939503crypto is down, stocks are down, gold is down where the fuck is all the money disappearing to[View]
48943733LAZYGAINS MAXING: Alright fellow /biz/ bros, how do I go about maxing my lazygains? Think getting fr…[View]
48942435Does anyone have the image or link to the post Vitalik made trying to argue that pedophilia shouldn…[View]
48942795I've been learning C all day long and I need a break. Any NFTs that aren't dogs or cats wi…[View]
48941028/smg/ - Stock Market General: >Risk management: https://pastebin.com/sqJUcbjp >Educational sit…[View]
48940132T MINUS 60 MINUTES[View]
48933747Daily reminder that Kleros is the next Stakenet >CEO spends all his time on vacations while spend…[View]
48937052Criminal Investigation when?: Do Kwon rugged his own projects. Some pleddit went through all the add…[View]
48941687>crashes your economy to fund a proxy war[View]
48943459Beamswap CTO is a scammer: I personally know the Beamswap CTO Žiga Flis (pic related onions boy). In…[View]
48943335Altcoins bottom to 2021 ATH:: >FTM: x15 >ONE:x12 >ROSE:x11 >GRT:x24 >LINK:x9.5 >FI…[View]
48943209thorchain is developing a stablecoin backed by native blockchain assets such as ETH, BTC, and BUSD. …[View]
48932757What’s on your watchlist?[View]
48943358The suspense of the market is killing me. Please tell me things are going to be okay. I feel like we…[View]
48943342This summer is gonna suck dicks: isn't it? It's been way too calm for a few months and the…[View]
48942784what if we all retarded and only a 0.0001% of the population has real human intelligence, so that…[View]
48940962Is 27 dollar an hour decent pay for a 21 year old?: I got a gig with stop and shop home delivery. Th…[View]
48941926hey biz, why are you always talking about this lady ?[View]
48943296I am buying RIOT 65c 01/2024 like there's no tomorrow: Convince me why this is retarded and tha…[View]
48938248MicroSaylor has literally lost money on btc kek[View]
48943272The Soap Jew: >be teenager >have awful acne on face >try many products to make it go away …[View]
48937760How is 29k holding in this environment[View]
48942598Literally nothing fucking pumps now. 6 months of this faggot market, you can only DCA and maybe get …[View]
48943019why do i feel so angry when this people ask me for my ticket? iam not a fuckin thief[View]
48942806How Decentralized P2P/Torrent Sites like Pirate Bay and Napster got Shut Down?: Which Piracy sites/n…[View]
48940121Burnout Thread: Stocks are down PMs are down King Shitcoin is bear crabbing Bobo's getting euph…[View]
48943103When the man from the snow buys Bitcoin, it means a harsh dump is upon us.[View]
48943111now that the dust has settled who actually sanctioned who?[View]
48942738What's a job/business that both makes the world a better place and makes a good amount of money…[View]
48942188should I buy the tech stock dip?[View]
48943061How high will it go?[View]
48941189>tfw lost 30k on a shitcoin i hurt myself today[View]
48942544What's the recession hedge ?: beans ?[View]
48941784Oof IT’S OVER[View]
48942832now that LUNA has failed, there is huge opportunity for better stablecoin tech. which one of these i…[View]
48942817To mine BTC or ETH: Do you really need that many computers? Or is it a meme?[View]
48939615Can BSV reach 10,000 per coin? I'm holding 700[View]
48942710I tried[View]
48914949which crypto do you still consider promising?[View]
48940900YOU ARE HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUkbdjetlY8[View]
48942840We all know that something big is about to go down, how can we profit from this? I lack the expertis…[View]
48935415Fuck this crab dumping piece of trash coin. Going down faster than you can say double spend.[View]
48941597Birthday Party Invite!: What do you get the guy who has everything... Hmm. A rocket to the moon? a c…[View]
48942792magic internet coine go down haha[View]
48939054It's going to lose 80-90% of its value before it bottoms: It's going to lose 80-90% of its…[View]
48942763Achieved crypto reddit threads, sort by controversial: funny stuff People calling the bottom were do…[View]
48942762bros please how can i make extra money i don’t want to be rich i just want to be able to spend money…[View]
48935130hex general: Hex continues to go up, it's very strong please look at the chart we're holdi…[View]
48942749How do I start mining cryptocurrency?: Im really bad at trading so Im just going to stick to mining.…[View]
48942733I hope you're ready for the golden bear run[View]
48942719I have become financially numb[View]
48942592Is happiness a real emotion? Because I don't think I've ever felt it[View]
48940475It doesn't matter if you buy at $30k or $12k. You will be sitting on bags by the end of the yea…[View]
48931177you just know[View]
48940092>be me >decide I want to invest in manero > get binance >not avaliable in us >get bin…[View]
48942289Everyone needs to stand back and allow me to say the n word NOW!!![View]
48941743why are you still here? anyone worth a damn to listen to left long ago for some private tg/discord g…[View]
48942550I'm not investing into companies if I see their name pop up in an ESG index: Fuck Klaus and his…[View]
48942473just swung trode for the first time i feel so dirty but it feels so good[View]
48942239When do I buy[View]
48942385The internet money meme is over, I am cashing out Good to know ya, take care[View]
48941677Alright assholes, I have 20 grand at my disposal and I want to be a part of this shit. Tell me which…[View]
48938572Who here buying the dip??????: We go to moon sers. Do not redeem benchode[View]
48941953Oasis rose: Did Dawn really step down as CEO?[View]
48942411>pegging mechanism[View]
48940113Holy Shit: Bros, are we decoupling? I hate boomers so fucking much. But look at the charts, for the …[View]
48939037Even qanx got hacked[View]
48941041Dot com bubble: are people really that stupid that they fell for a second round of the DOT COM BUBBL…[View]
48941958Like clockwork.....: oh yea, mining in china is ok again....[View]
48942103The Great Bear Market: You vill experience grief and sorrow. And you vill be sad.[View]
48941237I warned you anon: https://archive.wakarimasen.moe/biz/thread/48922887/#48922887[View]
48942067It's okay buddy. Take your time. :][View]
48937424>Be a millennial >First experience with serious job hunting comes on the heels of the 2008 fin…[View]
48941872Why is everyone so worried?: ETFs like QQQ are barely 20-30% above 2019 levels. Factoring in increas…[View]
48938813Leafs have no hope: >fight inflation with more inflation >increase demand when inflation is ca…[View]
48941869Are you enjoying this >measured >methodical tightening of financial conditions?…[View]
48940675>fag (fear and greed) index all time max fear >half of reddit already an hero >some terra s…[View]
48932994Boss is bitching about me being slow. Should I just quit now?[View]
48941910/wfh/ - Work From Home General: Ah, just another day working from home and doing absolutely nothing …[View]
48941975why is retail bullish or bearish when the elite are dovish or hawkish?[View]
48941697$ROSE: we got fucking vietnam brose THIS TIME AMERICA WINS! https://oasis-foundation.medium.com/viet…[View]
48934033ONE LAST LEG UP: Straight from the horse’s mouth, we will have one last massive leg up after the bul…[View]
48941251Is it even possible for Doge to hit $1 when theres 150 billion in circulation?[View]
48940455yes I hold HBAR, how could you tell ?[View]
48941853Verasity $VRA: anyone else into this one?[View]
48941714i would like to learn more about crypto. the only place I know is this forum and 95% of you are paje…[View]
48941611question for /biz/nesmess: Am I lazy for not wanting to work? I've quit my last 3 jobs on the 2…[View]

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