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Displaying 3,000 expired threads from the past 3 days

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44266190I'm currently making literally 10k plus per DAY staking the governance token of a new DEX on av…[View]
44263700Is it mooning?[View]
44266911Brian 'Chad' Brooks: Brian w Brooks deserves a coin guys... Any suggestion?[View]
44267859Art: https://lineproject.io/ fuck your apes[View]
44267615I zoomed out. I'm not buying until BTC is back at 20k. Bull market is for selling, bear market …[View]
44267795Tips on selling NFTs? Once you buy how do you sell them?[View]
44267585Europoor needs advice on how to not endup like them[View]
44266734I sperged out at work again.[View]
44267028Privacy on Ethereum: Seems like this will be next big thing to capitalize on. theres already an incr…[View]
44266764Chainlink Hopium: ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||…[View]
44267684chainlink (ticker: link): daily reminder that sergey is a pedo[View]
44267670It's a triple top in the making isn't it[View]
44267326Would you take a marginal less amount of money (not alot that it impedes bills etc) to keep work fro…[View]
44266964my indicators suggest that chainlink is massively oversold right now and is poised to reach $40-60 b…[View]
44257479My portfolio is worth $37k but I feel broke as fuck and stressed about money all the time. I'm …[View]
44263317>been on /biz/ for 5 years >have never seen a coin cause so much butt hurt and seethe What giv…[View]
44259216Web3 season is about to start Buy any of these and you'll be rich in 2022[View]
44267511Post your 'dancing on bobo's grave' song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzIKp5CHn-0[View]
44267483So guys, I wanna tell you something:: Faith and belief is the one thing we will need to be able to c…[View]
44265748ALGO FRAUD: >havent allowed withdrawals for the first governance period >not allowing withdraw…[View]
44266367Having fun trading today, boys?[View]
44265250What up stonks bros[View]
44267339I'm actually going to buy some of this fuck you retards[View]
44267379Shakepay Card: Any leafs here got this? I'm trying to figure out if it's worth using. So y…[View]
44267090I bought some CHAINLINK: ...because some anons here seemed hyped. I'm a total newfag and I have…[View]
44267057Are there people here who have actually been able to quit waging? How is it even possible? I'm…[View]
44267013Link isn't being manipulated: It's just traders know their holders are 4chan autists who w…[View]
44263067What the fuck is his problem?: >Muh $560K BTC Is this guy fucking delusional or just shilling for…[View]
44265494Bitcoin and the entire market will crash harder than ever before. It will break past the previous AT…[View]
44266492How it feels to hold ICP[View]
44266564I was hesitant on investing into Kleros (PNK), but after seeing Clement have fun with his male escor…[View]
44266354Is eToro good? I am new btw.[View]
44263900So how are you today anyways? Feeling good about your investments?[View]
44265270GIF DAO: Don't miss the train on Tezos Metaverse plays. The GIF team has already established a…[View]
44267072>Clement is wasting all his time playing with his plastic sword >Federico is playing AEO 2 for…[View]
44267054>one of my coins finally pumped after months of bleeding out and crabbing >its the one which i…[View]
44263553FANBROS: This is a note to just thank you to have created this coin. Never goes down and if it does …[View]
44264253There is no way you retarded faggots actually make substantial profits. I refuse to believe it.[View]
44267002there's a haircomb in my dads ass[View]
44266961Centralization is... le bad[View]
44265175>Opening a Swiss bank account as a Eurochad is it still a thing? will my country knows if i put m…[View]
44266878CHAINLINK TARGET $0.5[View]
44266611Crypto Ebay: Is there somewhere that anyone can create a sellers profile and sell items for crypto? …[View]
44266869>i see it clear >The uruk-kikes are planning something >I will keep buying…[View]
44265062SEEKING NOTICERS TO SOLVE THIS MYSTERY: I got more NFTs in my wallet from holding GOLDCROW and the t…[View]
44261959Choosing a trading platform: Hello, noob here. I am thinking about getting into trading and have dec…[View]
44265135Imagine not holding any GLOWIE[View]
44266542holy shit a bear market just flew over my house[View]
44266723Continue ze dump.[View]
44263295I missed the days when Kadena threads were dominating /biz/[View]
44265088Adopted by a new company everyday: How will other cryptos even compete. Tezos is now adopted by more…[View]
44263803I now have 4K link, should I keep accumulating link or start accumulating cro?[View]
44264658i bought the dump , how fucked am i ?[View]
44264264Good morning everyone! Europoor here. Just woke up and I'm about to market sell everything afte…[View]
44262335Kucoin Gems: Load ze security fud edition: >SYLO >CPOOL >ARX Just recently saw a thread sta…[View]
44264494So SmartBCH is the new diamond... I want to invest 4k but there are several DEX in this network, I h…[View]
44262656Ethereum is superior to Bitcoin in every way: When Ethereum flips Bitcoin, Bitcoin will instanty go …[View]
44265624d0b0 jeet santovi is “too good for roadmaps”: cant make this up. imagine being this prideful and ret…[View]
44262826the absolute state of d0b0nigger tg: >be me >be brand new to shitcoins >see meme on reddit …[View]
44264298Who the fuck votes for pieces of shit like him?[View]
44266267Wagmi bush babies to the moon Join the waiting room /TyHNpDMHs3[View]
44266252Few know[View]
44266125C++ Hacking: c++ single file header in order to better for gas and blockchain.[View]
44263324Dogira General #25 - Early Buyers Edition: >Thread for discussing Dogira and its future. IM FARIN…[View]
44266020OOOOOOOOOOOOOO: Finna be lookin like a honeypot chart, what could this mean /biz/?[View]
44265785>promises dapps >never delivers Nothing personal, kid.…[View]
44265112my electric meter broke last night meaning i can mine crypto for FREE until my landlord visits again…[View]
44263556The next 100x: >1000x leverage, >45+ tradable assets >NFTs >deflationary Why aren…[View]
44265656if you love lolis you'll love this new coin sponsored solely by loli lovers buy a bag today and…[View]
44265945Uuuuuff its not a rug: Just bonkDAO dev is a normal shitface. He was at work. And I thought he rugge…[View]
44265009wish me luck guys. it's my first day.[View]
44254883Missed out on Matic: Shill me some polygon gemz that haven't moved yet but are bound to follow …[View]
44262538Ultimate biz portfolio: Lets use the hivemind to create the ultimate portfolio percentage wise This …[View]
44255721Now that CSW has partially vindicated himself in court, do you think it's worth it to start sta…[View]
44265581There will ever only be: 1 billion chainlinks.[View]
44265018I think i just lost money on a scam. This video made it all seem so easy. I guess if it's to go…[View]
44263587I'm 21 and this is my current net worth.: Am i doing ok?[View]
44263164Rate portfolio - is earning 15%a year possible?: What are the best and safest defi yield farming pro…[View]
44262369Things that won't be here in the next 5 years: I'll start[View]
44264624Moonman the gay bitch retard?: Moonman the gay bitch fucker ass dicksucker cumsipping fuckface shith…[View]
44253281Why it doesn't move?: I've never seen a more bullish alt, wtf is this price action?[View]
44255490folio thread, AIGMI?[View]
44264114fr fr are you sussin or bussin in these markets?[View]
44265334Why is the daily payout about half of what the apy says I should be getting at this place?[View]
44263598Ok but why is it called d0geb0nk if the dog in it is cheems[View]
44263983>set Slack to active >pop open a can of soda >browse 4chan all day and occasionally join a …[View]
44265576I am a ₿itcoin maximalist[View]
44265466Why has no one started a company called Racism inc[View]
44265412READ THE FIRST QUOTE: The SEC and the government are seething right now trying to figure out how to …[View]
44262177insider here you guys have no idea what's about to happen good golly i'm excited for you k…[View]
44264514Best Inu coins dropping on BSC? Shill me baby: I want to ride the next Inu wave and buy an island. S…[View]
44263766would you buy it?[View]
44265452I just bought more! 2022 4k incoming[View]
44265398what does /biz/ use to trade nowadays?: ?!?![View]
44263393does this explain crypto?[View]
44263663Spending Crypto in Russia: Would a American easily be able to move from crypto to fiat in Russia?…[View]
44262716Spot vs futures trading no leverage: Not exactly a new trader so not a newfag thread. I used to pret…[View]
44265286Shakepay Card - 2% BTC Cash back rewards: So how are we feeling today Shake bros? Anyone bought a Ti…[View]
44262427LIVE: Crypto CEOs testify before lawmakers on digital assets — 12/8/21: https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
44265114If you haven't been shorting BTT since .004 then wtf you doing anon?[View]
44262750Multivac MTV: Needs a new name for better branding, And needs an official wallet so I can stake with…[View]
44264579Earning Money is Now Impossible: >Crypto stagnatting >Banks aren't giving out loans anymo…[View]
44262879I love you /biz/[View]
44265086It really is a new paradigm this time, isn't it?[View]
44264893I had a dream that Chainlink went to $1000 and I was so happy I cried[View]
44264211CPI report on Friday: ' CPI reading is expected to rise even further on Friday. As we go to press, t…[View]
44264069/biz/'s reckoning is coming: Do you feel in charge, bull?[View]
44262778it's over BSV bros...[View]
44263329the next bitcoin: main stream medias worldwide are reporting on a /biz/ coin since 2 days ago. Now t…[View]
44265001What do you guys think of this?: Only a day old and already at $90,000 mc.[View]
44262330Shill me your P2E plays: I just want to make money playing video games[View]
44262633Day 169 of snailposting every day until BTC is at $100k.[View]
44255872THE CITADEL IS A REVOLUTION IN CRYPTO!: Just take this in for one moment... The Citadel’s Iron Bank …[View]
44263775this bear market is it here in the room with us?[View]
44264173Harmony ONE network got rugpulled: Completely!!! Thank God I got to sell all my ONE for KDA Kadena !…[View]
44264479All hail Brian P. Brooks token!: Tg brianbrooksfantoken[View]
44264230You think you are ballin?[View]
44260407'ALL OF THE MAJOR ONES ARE SECURE' - (((Sam))) Bankman-Fried[View]
44251250GRT could flip Polygon and Dot in the next 15 days[View]
44260520/smg/ - Stock Market General: Crab Edition >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq >Stock mark…[View]
44264217how much bitcoin will cost in januarty 2022?: how much is the bitcoin is gonna value in janurary 202…[View]
44263808Did you claimed on testnet?[View]
44264600Are we in complacency right now?[View]
44263796The top is in.[View]
44263869play the bsc casino like a champion today: time a chance at glory what we liking today hit ‘em up no…[View]
44261164BSC CASINO: Alright bros I got a bonus at work yesterday. Shill me some low market cap coins that I …[View]
44264521Holding Chainlink is illegal: Cease your illegal activities immediately.[View]
44256647Aave was a couple of cents before it swapped from Lend. It’s now 200 bucks. Can you imagine how many…[View]
44264446Throne: Stumbled upon this on gate.io and wanted you guys' take on it. on their website they ha…[View]
44264440What's the November CPI going to be?[View]
44264053Finally Early on the Casino: Found on cms. Thought i would share Dev burned LP and renounced immedia…[View]
44263582If you had read the latest Marlin development update, you would be thinking about risking up to 7% o…[View]
44264040To The Person Who Stole My Copy Of Microsoft Office, I Will Find You. You have my word.: We'll …[View]
44262978Nerdy computer money: Help me figure out which nerdy computer money to buy, every thread says someth…[View]
44264377TITANO Finance: Ok anons, I‘ve been holding this for 3 weeks now and this autostaking mechanism is j…[View]
44264233grill this image into ur mind: > u shall see this before u die > u shall see this everything u…[View]
44261821Less than 24 hours until an improved fomo game with better key scaling and a squid game themed UI la…[View]
44260489MSE $1M waiting room: >175x gains first weekend >devs active in comfy tg and active with devel…[View]
44263884What's this guy's name again?[View]
44263704Ok ok ok I need the price to go up, I can't take this anymore. Everyday I'm checking the p…[View]
44262377how much money can i have a beautiful woman[View]
44262828KDA vs SHIB: Ugh, KDA... bro?[View]
44263359I'm naked, working and browsing /biz/ at the same time.[View]
44255891I'm starting to hate my job: Parents really wanted me to go to college. Figured I'd only g…[View]
44262110is the hearing bullish or bearish?: and what is the name of this slut and how can i inseminate her?…[View]
44264228Ersdl: Starts with crypto, gets 200k ersdl under 0.01c, sells at 1.2... Is this token dead now? Lel…[View]
44264174Maximize it: I just hope all of you anons hop into MAXI and AVAX before 2022, or else I'll have…[View]
44264096New to crypto, Are there any good crypto sites that allow Paypal?[View]
44253375Bitcoin is unironically the redpill of crypto. Once you acknowledge the inherent and intrisic value …[View]
44263921Good morning sirs, we have been trying to contact you regarding your cars extended warranty. This wi…[View]
44263956>tfw got fired from my job >tfw it took me 25 years just to get one fucking job…[View]
44260338Peepo Pumpo degen thread #2 last one ded, let's keep it up[View]
44264054$Safle: Is this based?[View]
44258458I just got the email[View]
44260739fucking market crabbing everywhere i decide to hold something i'll probably give up but i'…[View]
44263749you will DIE in the pod[View]
44263719After seeing absurd type of threads like'We are unironically so fucking early' i have finally realiz…[View]
44259910“NFTS ARE STUPID”: > you can’t just sell Jpegs for 1,000s they have no use > why would anybody…[View]
44262009XRP Bros: WTFWT?![View]
44262925Glowiebros living thier best live: Fellow Agents, I hope your bags are stacked for a big gangstalkin…[View]
44263966the more i profit, the worse i feel[View]
44262902Wanna get up to some: Monkey Business?[View]
44262558Boomers and Millenials hsd it so easy while us Zoomers are left to buy the top before the great rece…[View]
44263645I should be going all in on Chainlink right now shouldn't I[View]
44259374PRQ Parsiq: Day 3 of NoFap till $10 listing with qredo edition[View]
44257632Shill me your best under $1B coin that'll minimum 2x by Xmas.[View]
44262354https://interestingengineering.com/a-12-year-old-artist-has-made-16-million-with-her-nft-collection …[View]
44263680>tfw 4chan's bout to reach another peak soon Trust me bros I can't wait. This site need…[View]
44259078Qredos patent is being directly quoted and linked in one of WeBanks (China's bank) patents: How…[View]
44263092Thoughts on this? Or are dog coins over?[View]
44260339>tfw you realize 95% of /biz/ has no idea what they’re talking about and has no real world experi…[View]
44262758Where do you live[View]
44263534None of this interview makes sense. LOL. This dude is a compulsive liar LUL. How do I profit from th…[View]
44256785#3 wallet bought 2700 btc Monday and 300 more yesterday. Why would he be buying more if we're g…[View]
44263021dis crypto is good n all, but ARE YOU RAYCIS YES OR NO[View]
44262002> unironically $1 in two months checkem[View]
44262059d0b0 autistic stunt is dropping whitepaper from space: dropping whitepaper from atmosphere with a ca…[View]
44261964The ultimate DAO has arrived[View]
44263039just slurped $80 dip. Am i gonna make it bros?[View]
44260278>we at coinbase believe tokens are not securities Based. Is she /ourmommy/ biz?…[View]
44261496I’m so fucking tired of waging. Ive been waging since I was 17, all through college and now im almos…[View]
44263289iyk, yk: >ooh ooh >ahh ahh[View]
44256291How to make 27B at 29?[View]
44263418Crypto Price predictions from big banks: Sup /biz/, I´m searching for nice InfoCharts of (BigBanks/B…[View]
44262148Satoshi (confirmed by a U.S. court) calls out Chainlink for being total scam https://youtu.be/bWK5gb…[View]
44263269bitcoin finna be bussin or sussin? only no cap answers please.[View]
44260358I will buy Bitcoin when and only when Michael Gaylor removed all references to Bitcoin from his Twit…[View]
44261654Charts: I'm new to crypto and ideally I'd like to buy low and sell high. When looking at c…[View]
44258812A little smooth butter to go with your HBAR crab. Our TA today almost seems to resemble an inverse h…[View]
44261497>load ze Mr Sherman fud[View]
44262824Inj solved the eth gas fees while bridging over with rebates. I was wondering if that would be consi…[View]
44262885jannies ban me for 30 days pls, ok thanks[View]
44258644Kleros Sirs, we should ask Kevin Mürdoch to list PNK on CoinMetro(XCM) exchange. Kevin said that he …[View]
44257212how do i earn passive income with 200k? write covered calls?[View]
442630961JiyRWA4JNMyppbEVch7kt3GdcsibtjyFp may the lord forgive me[View]
44243175ROSE $12 may 2022: 'Oasis joins the Wormhole network at an exciting time as it announces the injecti…[View]
44260706Are you ready Get Ready for the Revolution in NFT Space: Get Ready for the #Biggest_Revolution in NF…[View]
44262350USDC will flip USDT how do I make money off this? Since USDC is a stable coin I dont see how I can t…[View]
44259345I am stuck in low six figure hell: release me from this shithole[View]
442614417 months holding UNN - still never experienced a pump. What does it feel like it bros? Explain it in…[View]
44255745still holding, take your time[View]
44260668>hold for half a century >no gains Silverbros....we got too cocky…[View]
44262813>I'm sorry did you say 100,000% APY?[View]
44262789All about microcaps: I was taking a look on some microcaps. Then I found this one in telegram MICRO…[View]
44263007how long until he's speaking before Congress?[View]
44263024Redpill me on NFTs: Newfag here with some drawing skills. Being into this new trend these days. Give…[View]
44262739Here we go xrp bros. It will never be below 1usd again. Pump that bitch[View]
44260284I want my money back[View]
44260561Numbers are now racist[View]
44255547>DOBO >LINK >ETH >RSR This is the make it folio for 2022. Screencap this and thank me in…[View]
44261168>So if you were to think about the stack, in a very generic high level, you would see blockchains…[View]
44262884Aped a 100x gem: Found on cms. Thought i would share Dev burned LP and renounced immediately. Token…[View]
44261686Insider here..: .. 24 hours. That’s all the time you have. No sauce. Just conviction. The age of the…[View]
44262865> Learn machine learning > Code AI > Feed it nothing but info about cryptography, crypto, h…[View]
44260960XPR: for the advanced anon: US House Committee on Financial Services Edition: Brian Brooks is our bo…[View]
44259262>hey anon what are you constantly checking on your phone you look stressed…[View]
44262339>already 26 years old: >only 120k net worth[View]
44262111Can someone explain how there's a labor shortage when total employment still hasn't even r…[View]
44257656How come only white people make it in crypto and the only black one ended up in prison?[View]
44262179boomer things: >3 days to settle a stock trade[View]
44262555I sure hope you guys don’t do this https://www.indystar.com/story/news/2016/03/15/kellogg-apologizes…[View]
44259367Monkey Business: Burnt LP, Contract renounced, Locked LP +the name is monkey related What else could…[View]
44262395Ӿ: ӾNO THREAD[View]
44262397/ICA/ - ICApes General: Presale concluded yesterday, already 2000+ NFTs listed on https://entrepot.a…[View]
44261019distributing tether: im getting kicked off binance this month because theyre banning ontario users. …[View]
44260229PARSIQ: If you're not buying this you're a retard edition: Parsiq's IQ protocol will …[View]
44247699okay faggots shill me your bsc shitcoin casino coins. d0b0 and Unvaxx excluded, already in them. Dr…[View]
44261396The place I work at granted my religious exemption saying it's 'permanent' and 'am not required…[View]
44261325Welcome to the dystopia: If you have an Apple product its over for you[View]
44261903METAVERSE: Telegram: t. me/metasalary Launch in few hours[View]
44259247Massive alt season incoming or something else?: There have been 9 BTC flash crashes this year in whi…[View]
44262384TA anons, what do bolingernaccifiblines say about the next support? I lost a lot of unrealized gains…[View]
44254569Who buys this shit?: >Cardano has 0.2-6.5 TPS. It could be 250 any time but we don't need th…[View]
44262258Here come the bears. Now is the same for fear. You all have been warned[View]
44261916My Nutzo is heavy: Nyzo slurp fags wya?[View]
44242629/dbg/ Dobo General #Unknown - Noob OP Edition: Thread Theme https://youtu.be/p3l7fgvrEKM[View]
44262295I'm emotionally invested in some of my coins. I think they'll do really well overall, but …[View]
44260890ShibaSushi launched low cap (CA in replies): Lp locked Ow renounced[View]
44259153When will meta save crypto and air drop?[View]
44262077>yaaal niggaz better follow regulayshons n shieet[View]
44262181The next 100x Gem: Not kidding. Just launched and already popping the fuck off Dev burned LP and ren…[View]
44261711South AFrican bobo here: Sell. The UK is moving to 'Plan B'. It's over.[View]
44261951Imagine the smell[View]
44261855Im scared /biz/. Sergey has that enlightened blackpilled look. What have these eyes seen?[View]
44262088Put your savings in gold.[View]
44258898nofap: how much nofap is healthy? it's been 1 week and I feel a lot more energetic but I feel l…[View]
44261900Come on, DO SOMETHING ALREADY[View]
44261894Wagie general: >finished work last night at around 5.30 pm >lied in bed, felt tired, decided t…[View]
44262020Battle for The Golden Bullrun #4: Look to my coming, at first light on the second day from now. At d…[View]
44261035>not acessing bushidocoin dot com and throwing some bnb on bushido right now Ngmi.…[View]
44262013You poofaces see what they're doing right?: Tell me you see[View]
44258833Monkey Business: Apes>Every other animal If you don't agree you're a faggot[View]
44259333With the 'recent' crash that took place last week, and all the cryptos slowly recovering, what would…[View]
44256630How to convert chainlink tokens to cash: How do I cash out step by step? Noob here and complete begg…[View]
44245130Bing Bing Wahoo Puts ICP To the Test: Why is no one talking about this? Nintendo submitted a DMCA ta…[View]
44260385Biconomy: I CAN'T PUMP[View]
44254335/smg/ stock market general: Y'all ready for more green? edition >Brokers https://pastebin.co…[View]
44258006NAME ONE GOOD REASON: ONE GOOD REASON you haven't bought /his/coin yet? (dwarf.finance)[View]
44261727is the era of the coomer finally over?[View]
44258303Monkey Business: I challenge you to name a better animal than an ape. You can't. Just as you ca…[View]
44257728What is the most likely scenario with BTC: >dump to oblivion >pamp to 100k…[View]
44261815Arbitrage: Here's a good arbitrage opportunity that hasn't yet been swarmed by bots. The U…[View]
44261406Employer hate thread: Story edition, I'll start. >be me, fresh graduate industrial engineeri…[View]
44254199VVS Finance.. Mine vs Farm: Which is better and why?[View]
44260276>there are “people” on this board that still doesn’t own a stack of link after 4 years…[View]
44254096Short BTC Now: This is your last chance to make it[View]
44261159Stock To FOMO chart: Take a look at this chart, anons. You know its true, you just can't imagin…[View]
44261653foolish little brother, you feel for my Breakout Genjutsu now enjoy my Amaterasu flames burning your…[View]
44261382I have no idea what a security is. Would it be bad if crypto become designated as a security. Why is…[View]
44260905I made $970,000 last year.: How much did you make linkies? You see pals, that’s who I am. And you’re…[View]
44252928>Give us your seed phrase nigga. What do?[View]
44260603So the 'pump' is already over?: Like always, it barely lasted.[View]
44258865Shark Tank S13 E07: >married for 10+ years to husbands >stay at home mom's >fall in lo…[View]
44261680Lol fucking idiots[View]
44256724Shill me a low mcap bsc shitcoin gem. Im already in FANNED[View]
44261009Straight to 60k[View]
44261054What the FUCK is that?: Can someone tell me?[View]
44258088Hot take: Billionaires are sign of a healthy economy[View]
44259121Lol Federico Ast (CEO of Kleros got exposed on Twitter)! Way to go pinkies[View]
44261439Bitcoin maximalists are right about everything.[View]
44260965666 token airdrop and fair launch at 66 tg members tgr: sixsixsixtoken maddy is not allowed to join[View]
44261528>Buy high, sell low >It's the only way to go…[View]
44259922EOS is experiencing HUGE network adoption: >Pay Attention to [pic related] Image highlights the d…[View]
44260484Check out this low mcap project you degens Only 30k mcap Glowiebsc .com[View]
44259705/safeDOGGY/ AIRDROP + Fairlaunch: your not gonna miss this gem are u anon? Going to launch at 25 mem…[View]
44260314are stock dividends automatically deposited into your brokerage account monthly ? say QLYD I plan t…[View]
44261453I have no marketable skills. How do I get a job in Web3.[View]
44252451When and why will (they) stop suppressing the price of LINK?: Who is suppressing the price of Chainl…[View]
44261423I am the last unvaxxed person in my family. What are the financial implications of getting a fat inh…[View]
44260659Wtf is a Blizz[View]
44260635How do I ask out girls that are just walking campus? I don’t go to lectures or parties and idk how t…[View]
44261373What is fully dilluted marketcap and which one is more important ? Which one should I look when im t…[View]
442613591 more week Few will understand.[View]
44251690FANNED: Literally no one is willing to sell this absolutely gem lol[View]
44259494Le /pol/ face.[View]
44250250Soon I won't be able to work anymore in my country, not even from home due to the mandatory jab…[View]
44256600How do I make eye contact[View]
44255839Brotons!: XPR Proton ticking time bomb to moon launch.[View]
44260349Today I lurked on bitcointalk: And /biz/ feels like The Great Library of Alexandria in comparison, l…[View]
44260022bullish for link[View]
44253149/GME/ Imminent Market Open Edition: >Basic Information http://gme.crazyawesomecompany.com/ http:/…[View]
44260955When will Satoshi Dump his Wallet: Why hasn't satoshi touched his wallet in 12 years? >2031…[View]
44259057What coins do zoomers invest in[View]
44261051>he had 3 scoops[View]
44261027not enough frogs: here's some more also, a thread died for this and its a good thing[View]
44259825Lets get this gem some attention: Yeh I know, another DeFi project... This one is pretty interestin…[View]
44260997CRO lions wearing Chainlink Logo: Why?[View]
44257821You got 12min to buy xlm before the pump to 0.6usd. You are welcome[View]
44257583are we good to go?[View]
44260451/gg/ - Berserk general: OFFICIAL THREAD THEME https://youtu.be/3CJkmR3Tf7Q https://berserk(dot)biz t…[View]
44257557FanBros what's happening?!: Why are we pumping in the middle of the day? Is this the new normal…[View]
44258357How does one transfer $250k+ a day?: I'm 20 and a slacker and managed to do right moves so I am…[View]
44260924Where are all the 'I'm bored and I want to make a shitcoin' threads?[View]
44254857Give me your best BSC shitcoins.: Nothing rugs, no pajeet shit. I'm checking every contract, so…[View]
44260865BCH: Anyone in? Chart looks tasty.[View]
44258750Shill me your stronkest gems: I found this with lp burned and renounced Contract MiniSolana dot Biz …[View]
44258051HPOS10I whale here. Should I buy and sell repeatedly to increase volume?[View]
44254955I got recked all week and all month on the BSC casino. Have a couple of bucks left. Any degenerate/l…[View]
44258438Haven protocol (ticker:XHV) is either a soft scam or the most useful crypto since monero. Which one …[View]
44256302Dwarf Update!: Dwarf has gotten a brand new website refresh. Looks great. Our paid ads have kicked i…[View]
44259341RETURN TO BONKE: REJECT HUMANITY, RETURN TO BONKE returntobonke.biz uh ah ohh ouh[View]
44258169SHITCOIN THREAD DEC 2021: Shill me your moonshots for 2022, have some christmas money to burn. Basic…[View]
44255732Few will understand[View]
44260675Need a Big win: Aped MiniSOL Web MiniSolana dot biz Lp burned and renounced. Tokensniffer says 65/1…[View]
44255019LIVE: Crypto CEOs testify before lawmakers on digital assets — 12/8/21: https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
44239681When did you realize that a million dollars is not a lot of money?[View]
44256695Is 940K spell enough to make it[View]
44259013i havent got a (YOU) for weeks and its not like i didnt try hard enough. where are my frens at? did …[View]
44258867why the fuck is l1nk mooning?[View]
44258019are we going to repeat this shit? (ticker: BTC)[View]
44260462last chance to short $COIN[View]
44260464How safu is AAVE and other blue-chips? After seeing what happened with BADGER, inside job or not, wh…[View]
44258279What happens when you combine ai powered oracles with machine learning smart contracts[View]
44256437I do not understand what the fuck is bitcoin doing.Fuck this retarded ass manipulated market you can…[View]
44259991What's it like shorting 900 ETH and making 20k in a few mins?[View]
44260433FUCK FROG[POSTERS][View]
44259770This is the best time to buy xrune tiers before the ido bubble starts[View]
44260220Does anyone else see a problem here?[View]
44259485There is something very jewish about math: Hear me out frens. Had 100k of an old shitcoin and basica…[View]
44234613/entg/ Entrepreneurship General - Cheap & Delicious Muesli™ Edition: Ahoy, folks and welcome bac…[View]
44260242What’s the motive?: As intelligent investors, how can we profit from these new larp Covid variants? …[View]
44259571Centralized exchange-Tornado cash-Dexs: taking funds from centralised exchange> to Tornado cash o…[View]
44257137/smg/ - SIEG HEIL Market General: >Brokers https://pastebin.com/f8Pa7nGg >Basic Boomer ETF inv…[View]
44258623>He thinks these scam pumps were actual buy demand and not just late wanna be bobos getting liqui…[View]
44255792Doing my taxes: How the FUCK do you find the market price at any given time for memecoins that lived…[View]
44260029Link is the biggest 24h gainer in the top 20 and the 5th biggest in the top 100. Is the end finally …[View]
44258060PNK will never go anywhere L2 FUD is not accurate. you don't delegate custody in a true L2, tha…[View]
44238764Hex is dead and so are you: Hex whales will dump mercilessly on you. Pulse will drop 80% on day 1. P…[View]
44259295Thinking about becoming homeless nobility: Currently my passive income nets me $35/day on the low en…[View]
44252024If there’s one industry where blockchain and defi can actually step foot that’s SPORTS BETTING. So, …[View]
44258553ENS is rank #111: How is ENS not in the top 50? It is a critical and useful part of the web3 ecosyst…[View]
44260076Time to understand, once again[View]
44258699>get gf >don’t even like having sex I just dress her up make her crawl around and choke her …[View]
44259243Why don't they build houses like this anymore?: Every time I see new housing developments its a…[View]
44260020When will this piece of shit pump We had the tezos NFT-for-GAYMES pump[View]
44241275ICP is pumping: Is anything else pumping like this?[View]
44259989BAN MINEABLE TOKENS ON ETH: When Ethereum moves to PoS and becomes green as fuck, there will be no m…[View]
44256263What's his endgame?[View]
44258360You faggots told me Girali was a scam...yeah, an who is $300 richer now for not listening to any of …[View]
44259911/WFH/ - Work From Home Chad General: >no WFH Chad thread Embarrassing. Come here, felloe WFH Chad…[View]
44255403>stock market almost back to ATHs >despite record levels of inflation, FED bringing tapering f…[View]
44257269>start getting into programming >develop dysphoria in process >anime folder grows faster th…[View]
44259412MIniSOL just launched - lp burned: Titel says it all. MiniSolana dot biz just stealth launched. Devs…[View]
44251020>About 2,750 billionaires control 3.5% of the world’s wealth, the Paris-based Global Inequality L…[View]
44259719qi am shortint this shti HARD[View]
44259650So, Sam Bankman-Fried was able to make >$20 Billion by 30, and you can't even get out of 6 f…[View]
44259709WAXP $10 EOY: Partnership with Amazon confirmed[View]
44257048>it's called internet computer and has the symbol of autism as its logo You literally can…[View]
44258089Is Saylor a genius or a retard?: If Bitcoin does go on to become a world reserve currency or somethi…[View]
44258358It's time to talk about Coreto again: I suggest you have a new look at this little guy. I have …[View]
44259376Hey biz/ I created chan just for crypto and fun, what do you think? Flag feature available, but not …[View]
44259259>He really thought his shitcoin had some kind of revolutionnary tech and wasnt just used to gambl…[View]
44258174Name all the coins and projects that should go in here. Time to fud biz[View]
44259108What does this mean for the markets?[View]
44257460I buyed back in[View]
44258481Convince me to buy your bag?[View]
44258849MTV just rugged my entire life savings and I feel ruined, how much were they paying the shills to sh…[View]
44258587I'm a simple man, I see that your useless internet money is trading above $50k, I short it[View]
44254226'sup anons. I'll be making a video of all Chainlink suppression that happened over the las…[View]
44258952Bondly: If you only knew how comfy things actually are. Get ready. Keep a suicide bag for $20.…[View]
44256894I CAN'T STOP ORDERING FROM UBER EATS BROS....: I'm wasting so much money from ordering a w…[View]
44168307/XMR/ Monero General: Welcome to the Monero General, dedicated to the discussion of the world's…[View]
44249349Side hustle thread: >need ideas for side hustle >man >no (finished) degrees >haven'…[View]
44258726AMC: IT'S HAPPENING: Holy fuck it's running, this could unironically be the start of the s…[View]
44259326ElonSpace - launched yesterday: ELONSPACE.INFO A platform that enables you to trade planets, stars …[View]
44254224Anyone else cant stand office jobs?: I feel like im wasting my time while im sitting there for 8 hrs…[View]
44259066Question about to start my 401k.: Should I just tell them to all in on spy? My previous one was all …[View]
44259224Triple digit stablecoin yields, an0n?: Gro is going to make it. IAGMI. WAGMI. WAGMI. WAGMI. WAGMI. W…[View]
44256271We will know crypto is successful when bitcoin dies[View]
44257851Why do I have to work from 8 to 13:45, then have an eating pause until 15:00 and work again from 15:…[View]
44256670Could you recommend me books, youtube links, whatever, I want to know about crypto currency and rela…[View]
44258860Imagine the council ask this afternoon why SBF moved to bahamas The smell of the sweat of SBF to fin…[View]
44258739WHEN STEAKING???: You know that's the only thing that'll stop the suppression.[View]
44249236Shill me the best altcoin project: Okay Anon. The bull market is has not fully commenced, and I thin…[View]
44257017Nano help: Can some fellow Nano victim tell me how to do remote/offline signing on this burning turd…[View]
44257213ersdl: So.... what's all this then? what is the price gonna be when the platform launches? Are …[View]
44252688Moon: Hey Chads, what are you looking at for December? DAO spring is coming and DeFi Risk Management…[View]
44255908You're not stupid, right /biz/?: Is /biz/ not smart enough to solve this puzzle? This is what t…[View]
44258924who is this semendemon?: and how can i suck on her milkers[View]
44257176I have just opened a $147500780 short on Chain Link tokens. I bet that Sergey won't be able to…[View]
44256166Loopring LRC: Not a single Loopring thread in this supposed 'business' board it's almost like y…[View]
44258868666 token airdrop and fair launch at 66 tg members tgr: sixsixsixtoken maddy is not allowed to join[View]
44256213Return to bonkeee: Doxxed devs Tokensniffer score 95 Nice Liquidity pool / low market cap Locked liq…[View]
44258802SON OF ELON: Son of Elon[View]
44256597>1300% blzz APY What's the catch[View]
44258832ape in 3: Thanks for the API3 cheapies. Officially aped back in. Never ever swinging again[View]
44258819Snake: StackOS brings the cherished game to the unstoppable cloud as part of Gameathon Season 1!: Sn…[View]
44256711Do adults really talk to their parents more than twice a year[View]
44257316You are in $23 waiting room.: You've been here before. And you know it's not the last time…[View]
44256645Gay men often refer to themselves as 'bears'. Are Bobos just fags?[View]
44254267Shady SHIBusiness: >Over 70% buying/holding >Under 30% selling >coin is dropping like a ro…[View]
44258065So when is the real, 2018-tier crash coming?[View]
44258551Make money today: Then back here to thank me. Telegram: t. me/metasalary Lauch in few hours[View]
44258498Moving out: Should I get a mortgage with my 3 brothers, with the intent to flip the house after 2 ye…[View]
44258510>/biz/tards exploited and ruined graphic cards >we came up with our own NFTs that take less en…[View]
44258012Our bull markets feel real while we're in them, right? It's only when we wake up we realiz…[View]
44255805Hmmmm: If only there was a proof of stake fork of monero, with fast af transactions, with an anonymi…[View]
44258399Thoughts on MNET? I saw a post about it here after it was listed on kucoin last week. Looks like it…[View]
44258238Should I count vested tokens as part of my portfolio or only when they're claimable?[View]
44258208The Narrative of 2022: 'Layer Zero'. Alternative: 'Metalayer' More easily understood than 'oracles…[View]
44249837Anons I've come across an article on the dailymoss website about some project called alliance b…[View]
44257646Check the geist chart[View]
44256787XRP schizos btfo[View]
44255895Tezos Thread: It's going back down to 3 dolla isn't it[View]
44258144Enough. No more financial system.[View]
44255159PSA: If you hold any of these coins you have managed to fail a bullrun[View]
44258128Why is the Indian rupees so stable? The dollar exchange rate of the euro has fluctuated wildly but t…[View]
44256056Looks like we are back[View]
44255893The next stop is 40k. Fuck. Whats the bottom?[View]
44257738Jasmy: Jasmybros?[View]
44257087>locked in my bitcoin at 65k >don't care if we go to 0 feels good man…[View]
44258003Dtravel Listings on Kucoin: Dtravel.com being listed on kucoin. check the news at twitter page of dt…[View]
44257184ShibaSushi trending on sniffer only way up CA in replies[View]
44256943How much do you think (((Sam))) bribed her for?[View]
44257563>launch shitcoin >never sell my dev stack >token dies, no txns for weeks >remove liquidi…[View]
44248655kda kadena babena: who here comfy? waiting for $30 EOY[View]
44257333Fuck Yaniv and fuck (you): Why did I buy this worthless piece of shit?[View]
44257741Why is Netflix publishing mobile games now? What is the goal?[View]
44257055The ZeroHedge normies are now believing the false flag. How do we convince them otherwise before thi…[View]
44257812When will it be our time covalent bros…: My arms are so tired.. I already doubled down on the dip an…[View]
44254596DeFi finally made easy: We are constructing the most user-friendly open source DeFi protocol for ass…[View]
44256273Thorstarter is going to host IDOs from all of the major blockchains[View]
44249898Tell me: How can I make it before the end of the year NFT or DAO[View]
44255164If I just held my sh*b0|\|K it would be worth ~$6,500 right now. I sold for $800[View]
44255743Quit posting this shit you creatively bankrupt assholes[View]
44255748el presidente: did he slurp again? only the thought of a capable leader makes me wet[View]
44256068We're floating in uncharted waters...[View]
44256640>just invest in HEX bro! >we have a very strong community! Top kek…[View]
44255342I know the bull run is still intact because Monero hasn't pumped[View]
44255304/LINK/ General how come if link is so GUD there is never a general on biz ? ever ?[View]
44257501How does the $BRR affect inflation of other national currencies?: How does inflating the USD affect …[View]
44257487I got fudded out of buying $FL0B0 at 200k: It went to 6m, now back to 1m, looking ready for a breako…[View]
44257192BTC weekly death cross. Are you pulling out?[View]
44255997Why do people sell their businesses[View]
44257470OHM forks are where the money is going to be guys get in early. @otterclam otterclam.finance you ge…[View]
44257338I need to turn 300 into 10k in the bsc by EOW: Please recommend me something that will make me at le…[View]
44256836What do the cloud storage industry and the train industry have in common? The lowest price wins. And…[View]
44257078Let the polygon fomo begin[View]
44257363Who invited these token roasties?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_kZELcynKQ[View]
44257355Is buying norwegian air shuttle stock smart: thoughts?[View]
44256198Do you really think that this guy will be able to convince the US to get crypto regulated Europe wil…[View]
44255423Jesus will return at the ending of this world and condemn the unrighteous wicked to eternal weeping …[View]
44250232Is web3 really the future?: Channers why is everyone focused on web3.. Even Elon Musk and co...…[View]
44257251i lost everything. i thought there was supposed to be a december pump[View]
44255750Best looking chart on biz rn: I hope you allready got your glowie bags ready anon. The floor is too …[View]
44256496AlfaUnvaxxedSteroidBONK: Fair launching at 50 Members get in here tg AlfaUnvaxxedSteroidBONK[View]
44256096non believers btfo: https://www.menshealth.com.au/unvaxxed-men-are-now-trying-to-sell-their-sperm-as…[View]
44255618Redpill me about bushido[View]
44257153Bullish on $AKRO: Let's see how far it will bring us tonight... an safe 20-30% should be easily…[View]
44257142Greetings traveler: You have seem to stumble across my wares. Come into the back room and gaze upon …[View]
44257104Discreet: Thanks for the BNB, Dobros >Discreet.net[View]
44256152he's such and fucking sperg lol[View]
44257069Stimulants to Max /biz/ gains: Any anons use stimulants other than coffee to remain focused building…[View]
44254367Good Morning: I hate women. I think minorities just shouldn't exist. I despise everything mains…[View]
44257036>one more day not even close to 7 figure hell >one more day with no gf >one more day being …[View]
44250476so anon... you wanna do some fast money, but you dont want to buy BONKE? *looks at you as garbage* r…[View]
44254435I think it's safe to say the bullrun is actually over now. Thank fuck I locked my bitcoin at 67…[View]
44256782Are you still holding?: It's hilarious just how many people are defensive over their bad invest…[View]
44250149DOBO vs DOGIRA: which one is best bois? i currently have 1.5k in each[View]
44255832SHIBASUSHI JUST LAUNCHED LOWCAP GEM (Ca in post): ow renounced lp locked[View]
44255988ETH is looking extremely bullish right now. This is not a bear market[View]
44256821Would you buy this token?[View]
44255309Unn was in development for the entire year and the move to Avalanche in a couple of weeks is when it…[View]
44256105Imagine buying a jpeg for 500k.[View]
44256062the catalog is lookin a little green: and im not talking about money[View]
44256772So, the potential of lunaX is that I can stake luna, receive lunaX 1:1,then the rewards generated wi…[View]
44250487Pajeet/shitcoin lingo thread: I start >This place has been so great to me, it’s time I gave back …[View]
44255888coinmetro: comfy xcm thread[View]
44254592Insider here. Chainlink crabbed because whales were accumulating. Over the past year major btc/eth w…[View]
44256624Defi plays: What are some safe defi options to earn interest like 15-20% consistently? CeFi rates ar…[View]
44254429I miss this little nigga: His justing was literally the biggest twist of fate ever. Who would have t…[View]
44256125Fifty one thousand fucking united states dollarinoes: $51K $51K $51K $51K $51K $51K $51K $51K $51K $…[View]
44255594I walked Sergey Nazarov up on stage in 2017, who the FUCK are you?!? I tweeted with Vitalik Buterin …[View]
44256142Is wsb going to pump nftb now that their app partnered with them[View]
44256663Cashback: Is cashback a pyramid scheme? A dude i known from college is trying to sell me that shit…[View]
44251879That's got to be the best pirate I've ever seen[View]
44253815$MSE - $1M waiting room: >175x’d in first weekend >real use case >barstool (normie media) s…[View]
44256151I broke you: How have you come back...?[View]
44256491reminder that this is a good time to accoomulate the only blockchain with minimum environmental impa…[View]
44256530The end is near: ETH/BTC is pumping. The last time that happened was in December 2017 and April 2021…[View]
44256525666 token airdrop and fair launch at 66 members join tg and post your bsc address tgr : sixsixsixtok…[View]
44255587>invents bitcoin what did he mean by this[View]
44256487Why does Link pump the least and dumps the most?[View]
44256162Post the last frog you saw on 4chan[View]
44256411Return to booonke: Doxxed White dev Tokensnifferscore 95 Locked liquidity Renounced Chart is headin…[View]
44256475I noticed in the archives someone sold this beautiful DRC NFT for 500 dollars I am not selling my go…[View]
44228002/pmg/ - Precious Metals General: smol bullion edition >Why Gold? https://youtu.be/i3S4rl6ehiI htt…[View]
44254835>Wagies are working right now at this moment while sophisticated neets go out and get a delicious…[View]
44254182Crypto games: Looking for some profitable crypto games to hustle on, if you guys got something good …[View]
44252080>LINK starts pumping >crash the markets it's all so tiresome…[View]
44249993>tfw you bought Chainlink at $34[View]
44255636Aahahahah mire and despait FOOLS[View]
44249758Insider here: Bitcoin is about to dump to 49.4k[View]
44256236So now that we have Eric on board, is XVG finally gonna take off? It seems the fudders are working o…[View]
44254277Smart people are selling now.[View]
44243982How we feeling unvaccinated chads?[View]
44256164if you arent already making it, just accept the fact you will never make it[View]
44254299Ways to get free crypto: What are some ways to get free crypto?[View]
44254578>eth only 11.4% down from ATH >everyone thinks the markets are super bearish Kek what gives? U…[View]
44256028Okay, enough playtime. Let's get back to business.[View]
44254346You are a Chainlinker: Aren’t you[View]
44255790Why are there so many popular meme coins with shitty scammy tokenomics, but everything that is grown…[View]
44254799“Don’t flush the toilet, I will flush it for you”: I work as a retail cashier and yesterday I paged …[View]
44255978Why did the Digital Reserve Currency rugpull not receive any media attention? I doubt any of you eve…[View]
44252519It dumpes!! Bulls deserves to be teached a lesson.[View]
44255937let's be real here: there won't be any releasing before eoy, all things considered. never…[View]
44249988Hey Chad, Consistent Red Candles is the bear here?: It's been series of red candles all through…[View]
44254523I gotta say lately...: I gotta say I am a bit Pissy Wissy with the Pricey Wicey. When the fock is it…[View]
44252995Someone should make a shitcoin that can only be traded during regular market hours. I'm sick of…[View]
44247086Peepo Pumpo degen: /biz/ new degen moonshot grab your ticket to the moon[View]
44252544Linkbros... BTC dumping can't hold us back anymore.[View]
44253791The geist uptrend has begun[View]
44255850The Ethereum of NFTs next 99,000x: https://twitter.com/Worldwide_WEB3/status/1468584974911778821?s=2…[View]
44254820So Chainlink doesn't even have a roadmap. Like there's not even a plan for when their goin…[View]
44255261WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT??????[View]
44255054It just went up $2000 on no news whatsoever. Explain that to someone who doesn't really trade …[View]
44252137TFW you realize you’re never going to make it and every moment from here is just a slow decay[View]
44255751You are buying legit BSC coins before CZ starts pumping them in innovation zones right?[View]
44253756Might want to find another job if you're a supply wagie because machine learning smart contract…[View]
442553933AC is bullposting again bros... Is this good or bad?[View]
44254121Brace yourself. Summer 2020 moves are gonna look like baby moves compared to what’s coming.[View]
44253838what in the h*ck is a 'reflection'?[View]
44253698A United Biz under one banner…. Will it ever happen? Why does the clown world cloud us with scamcoin…[View]
44255680This is the biggest flaw I see in all of Chainlink.: The place seems to be ran by nothing but autist…[View]
44255484I am back.[View]
44255185Just used Rubic for the first time: As a fag who became a 5k stacklet for the memes awhile ago when …[View]
44255339Good morning LINK fudders! I hope you have a good day repeatedly making threads I won't read.[View]
44255426What is ANKR?[View]
44255024I am thoroughly demoralized[View]
44255131SBF PUMPING THE MARKET: oooooooo[View]
44253546You said Daily MACD cross meant nothing. What about the weekly?: Picrel. I sold at ~$60k, and layere…[View]
44253911How do I short NFTs?[View]
44255099>here’s you’re recovery, bro really? bulltards really? Lmao[View]
44254174bullrun resumes: > https://www.reuters.com/business/jpmorgan-says-2022-see-full-global-recovery-2…[View]
44253302This kills the dobo fudder[View]
44255422bro what if we dont make it[View]
44252914I have some ETH in my Exodus wallet. Should i do something to not lose them when proof of stake upda…[View]
44249215Rugs are evolving: Was it the most elaborate rug yet? >shill weeks in advance >develop presale…[View]
44252047It's over, isn't it?[View]
44235979I want my MTV: MTV General Thread - No schizos or trannies allowed edition What is MTV? MTV is the n…[View]
44252850/biz/ approved youtubers: Does /biz/ watch Benjamin Cowen? Which other channels does /biz/ watch? H…[View]
4425521652k Waiting Room!!: ITT ONLY GREEN IDS WILL MAKE IT. Post you age, net worth and comfiest hold. Me:…[View]
44255308Serious, if you invest now you’re going to lose all your money: Basically we’re going to crab for th…[View]
44255061I bought this shit weeks ago and my bags are worthless. 10% tax lmao what a joke[View]
44251314Old fag here: They tricked the savvy investors who were relying on the full Fibonacci extension slig…[View]
44253924How can pajeets be so based?: I didn’t know they had it in them. I’m impressed[View]
44255128I just found the next gem x800 and its being shilled at dubai by an indian: oh the irony thats all f…[View]
44255124ATTENTION LINK MAXIS: >$22 >only 10% increase since August 2020 >staking still years out …[View]
44216047HARMONY ONE GENERAL /H1G/: BIG PHAT RUG EDITION: Holy shit that was the most comprehensive rug I’ve …[View]
44255134This is your 4th chance to get in[View]
44255180Market wide correction is over!: I expect a bit of sideways action of Bitcoin for the next few days …[View]
44244927Jasmy orgasmy[View]
44249931king shitcoin is rugging again, 50k broken: of fucking course it happens on a wednesday as if my day…[View]
44255088Whats the best memecoin atm?: waiting for horny coins[View]
44254411$50k >$50k $50k >$50k $50k >$50k $50k >$50k $50k >$50k $50k >$50k…[View]
44253009/GG/ $Guts general no.3. REBIRTH EDITION: OFFICIAL THREAD THEME https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f26K…[View]
44254433HE IS HERE: SMINEM[View]
44255079>when you have a presentation to senior employees and you prepare your slides >present the fir…[View]
44255076I bow: Time and reality is against me[View]
44252457WAGMI token fair launching at 50 members no airdrop no presale no bots so come join us tgram: wagmit…[View]
44254054This time it's different.[View]
44254765Uohhhhhhhhh! Ethereum mooning... Erotic... Ethereum gas fees... erotic[View]
4425381488 ‰ BTC waiting room: Get in here mETH heads[View]
44254247>>Safebonk general<< hand of saruman edition[View]
44250147>starts to break out >BTC dumps like fucking clockwork…[View]
44252634Tg call groups: >You need to be at Telegram/Discord to find the gems the fastest >Find a chann…[View]
44254662?: Whats that flatline[View]
44254961We are back my basterd!![View]
44254216>less than 10 million mc >converting from ethereum to solana network so people can actually af…[View]
44253176WHERE ARE OUR POLYGON CHADS AT: Matic is mooning and no one is talking about it here. Some great pro…[View]
44254705I am financally healed[View]
44253215Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt (#53 wealth in the world @ +$27B) joins Chainlink Labs as Strategic A…[View]
44254648Why did you sell Polygon (formerly: MATIC)?[View]
44254709What did biz mean by these?[View]
44253425I have been priced out since 20k and I cope by boboposting.[View]
44253328Made it thread, thanks fags: Ok first off you bitches never helped me with any alpha, actually the m…[View]
44243141I buy coins for thousands of dollars without doing any research on them other than scrolling through…[View]
44254779The OG stinkers are beginning to wake from their slumber..[View]
44254046Craig is Satoshi Checkem[View]
44252577Someone shill me a GOOD dog token on BSC. Meaning: it must have something big coming up so I can buy…[View]
44254571ETH is actually leading BTC in price action now[View]
44252896How retarded would it be to buy stocks of this company right now? If the Chinese government saves th…[View]
44249303/DOBO/ SERIOUS QUESTION TO /BIZ/: When did DOBO become so toxic and desperate? I remember I used to …[View]
44253771top kek: Months of planning and presale for this, why?[View]
44254400WTF IS HAPPENING[View]
44254163here we go boys[View]
44254538Money on metaverse is real?: Come back here to thank me later Telegram: t. me/metasalary[View]
44253068It's over batty boys..[View]
44254322>bitcoin below 50k >LINK pumping Does that mean we are officially in a bear market?…[View]
44254379$link :): anyone else getting $link fomo for the first time in a while? this eric schmidt news is pr…[View]
44254356BTC is kil[View]
44253436Fat Bub (FBUB) Next 1000x t . me / +kUb-zCFRzMw1ZTg5 Join the Telegram NOW.[View]
44252884Is there a way to make money with my BTC while I hodl? I suck at 'trading' because it…[View]
44253913Ouroboros: We are all slowly dying. However biological degradation is not inevitable. Improving heal…[View]
44254015I know of a coin coming out very soon to be stealth launched on AVALANCHE and I wonder why Avalanche…[View]
44246340>he got fudded out of his bags before the real bullrun starts[View]
44252874Wealth is shifting: Yesterday some of you asked for more breadcrumbs after giving some. Here you…[View]
44253688Looking for cool project?: Check out souni project, a defi gameverse and has a p2e features that wil…[View]
44254240Have an Eye on Akropolis tonight: If it breaks out we can have an easy 20-30% Happy Trading Pioneers…[View]
44254171Sigma Males Are Bears: Bulls are betas. Crabs are alphas. Frogs are omegas.[View]
44254233Funds are safu: “Hackers Steal $200 Million Worth of Cryptocurrency Tokens from BitMart Exchange” Im…[View]
44241833So wait...: KDA was a scam? God damnit, I knew everything in this space is just bagpumperinos and ho…[View]
44253218We are just repeating the same threads over and over[View]
44253156Any new play to earn games out there that are under the radar? Preferably something that isn't …[View]
44250936Are some people buying silver under the premise that the big banks/elites can't keep the price …[View]
44254169/KMD/ Komodo Standard General: This is gonna moon right in front of your face Anon[View]
44253859Bitcoin is going to be ok right? I bought yesterday and now it’s below my purchase price, I can’t af…[View]
44253274you have already tethered up anon right? anon... you have, right???[View]
44254034>he is still holding these dinosaur coins HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHJAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…[View]
44254066ICEY PISS COIN DMCA LOL: >Super Mario 64 removed from the Internet Computer HAHAHAHA INTERNET COM…[View]
44254063>ETHEREUM Name Service >Price tied directly to Bitcoin Make it make sense…[View]
44252426BTCETH - Bitcoin isn't dumping: Wealth is being reallocated into ETH[View]
44254065Le epic rugpull: I made it out with a 4x at the near top. Anyone here get rugged or make money?…[View]
44254064Ameribros: Anyone here get a second passport yet? Will you be able to use crypto platforms that excl…[View]
44247706How will normies investing in crypto change the market?[View]
44254045WAGMI frens: Trust planB 135k EOY[View]
44254029Who is this bird fella next to CZ? He was the only one who talked about AI. Can he be the one to tru…[View]
44252114Trisolaris: I unstaked my 5500 TRI and got 5600 xTRI, now what do i do with the xTRI? Also Trisolar…[View]
44253930Visa Launches Crypto Advisory Service in Mainstream Push: https://www.marketwatch.com/articles/visa-…[View]
44249925'Chainlink conspiracy time! ': Is this jeet based? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXQL7e4GFTs >A…[View]
44253948PROJECT SEED: SHILL will hit $17 EOY??[View]
44248451Whats the next big game publisher to choice Tezos: Tezos for NFTs. Listen anon, people high up in th…[View]
44243155/smg/ - Sayori Market General: >Brokers https://pastebin.com/f8Pa7nGg >Basic Boomer ETF invest…[View]
44253879yall want me to start sellin every time i do prices skyrocket ;([View]
44246507FREE NFTS FOR XMAS!!!!!!!!! https://anon files.com/F2559cp3v0/HPOS10inu_RARE_BASED_HOLO_DRIP_rar…[View]
44253335Wage curse: Is it normal I don't want to work? It feels like im selling hours of my brief exist…[View]
44253048We made fun of this for being a scam. If this shit suddenly announced 'NFT + metaverse' it would rea…[View]
44253721WHAT DA COIN DOIN?[View]
44253231excuse me, how about we short bananas? They are going extinct. Again.[View]
44252388Do not write off Cardano: ARDANA CARDANO DEFI ALT SEASON You heard it here first[View]
44253748umps when everything else umps[View]
44253392what are the best crypto exchanges offering trading bot options, with maybe an api for python or c c…[View]
44253590Jarvis Reward Token: Remember this piece of shit?[View]
44249376The casino is open: The casino is open oldfags. Shill me that coin of yours. Let's see what you…[View]
442440511 hour doboniggers: tick tock tick tock[View]
44253199About to moon after this stupid congress thing[View]
44253577>Almost x2 in sats in two months >Nobody is talking about it and is too busy sucking off ETH i…[View]
44251725>We have 22 days to push the price past 100k or the stock 2 flow model is invalidated. How does t…[View]
44253463Damage report[View]
44253442I lost all my gains. Do I sell now or hold?[View]
44253419Check the chart...[View]
44253304Prepare for a bloodbath[View]
44251679why does this BLACK colored person hate LINK so much?[View]
44252357I miss the pink wojaks on the entire catalog of /biz Maybe soon~[View]
44252488Is it true that Binance is owned by Chinese government and CZ is just a front?[View]
44252809Fuck you.[View]
44252120What does fantom get out of people using Geist[View]
44252101Is this true? The schizos on x saying that NSA invented crypto. https://groups.csail.mit.edu/mac/cla…[View]
44250341SXP/Swipe: What went wrong? Seriously, this should be at $20 by now.[View]
44252664>LINK is suppressed....ummmmm......because it just is ok.[View]
44253203Hey losers, here's a tip because I like the common man making some money, join the tg of The Wo…[View]
44248440>you can run SM64 on fucking ICP holy fuck I'm in[View]
44251238BTC Serious Discussion: Wtf... Why you guys think this assholes are manipulating the prices? I'…[View]
44252158Sell your inj[View]
44227228A brief salute to the og's.: I'm going to be very brief, I have a dinner party to attend. …[View]
44250708how's the correction going, biz?[View]
44240435Oil Bro’s Edition >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq >Stock market words: https://pastebin…[View]
44253175Have you tried the Decentraland?[View]
44253167Locked liquidity: Hey if liquidity unlock is in 30 days on a shit coin, is it safe to say that shit …[View]
44250419the next hour in crypto markets is going to be funny, are you ready /biz ?[View]
44252511why is this stronger than bitcoin?: is it because it moves niggers out of the way? (less blockages)…[View]
44252534>internet >computer you arent seriously still buying this shit?…[View]
44252938I JUST WOKE UP[View]
44241923/GME/ - Blade Arm Tuuubesday Edition: >Basic Information https://gme.crazyawesomecompany.com/ htt…[View]
44252570>chainlinks method of solving the “Oracle problem”[View]
44251350When is this booger eater going to release ETH 2.0?[View]
44251942>LINK slightly pumps >everything dumps FFS JUST DELIST THIS SHITCOIN…[View]
44252762/biz/ is full of pajeets and shitcoin shills: It literally takes an hour to research a shitcoin…[View]
44251543ERC-20 converter is live on the testnet: https://timestabloid.com/cardanos-first-erc-20-converter-is…[View]
44251544Should I buy, sell or hodl?[View]
44252845We are in a MACRO BULL MARKET: Short term correction within a macro-scale bull run. Zoom out retard.…[View]
44252826Getting ready for another Bullrun: In Weekly TF, Descending Broadening Wedge Upside Breakout Already…[View]
44252898ANY HEADS UP ABOUT THIS???: Following the expansion to Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, $XTM, the n…[View]
44251710you DID use the dead cat bounce to get out... right?[View]
44250978Copper launches: Yoo, has anyone checked out launches on copper yet?[View]
44249664AUSTRALIA REGULATING CRYPTO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SClwkFvi9f8[View]
44250748MATIC: If ur not all in MATIC ur basically retarded at this point[View]
44252336Why is BNB and ETH holding up so well (particularly in sats) recently?[View]
44248581Looking for new gem to invest: So since dobo looks like a well done rugpull I'm looking for a n…[View]
44252637Who's kept their AMP clamped, and when is it hitting $1?[View]
44252293Based QAN CTO addressing Greta Thunberg: 'I'm holding the newest Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W in my h…[View]
44248918Qredo (TICKER:QRDO) Is a massive VC scam ponzi!: Qredo (TICKER:QRDO) was a pump and dump scam ran by…[View]
44252358Digital Assets and The Future Of Finance: https://youtu.be/4oOTvtupND8 https://financialservices.hou…[View]
44251814Crypto banned in Sweden and Nicaragua. Check it, it's true.[View]
44251074AkitaBonk new gem on BSC: >Low MCAP >Locked 3 months >Huge Marketing…[View]
44250437Here we go again[View]
44252509METAVERSE: LFG Launch today Telegram: t. me/metasalary[View]
44250979/biz/: Don't buy ADA >buy ADA, make 5k /biz/: Buy ALGO >decide to listen for once, buy AL…[View]
44252053Is buttcorn going to dump or not? Why is it teasing us like a whore?[View]
44250333the future is now: shill me your warez boys. what new in the metaverse. money printer is hungry…[View]
44252443>They are supressing LINK by dumping BTC >This means LINK is the is the most important crypto …[View]
44252414Renember when youre down 99% vs eth that you deserve it for spamming the board: with fake partnershi…[View]
44251559if you bought 20 apes you already made 50% profit: which one of you was making fun of us in that thr…[View]
44251047You VILL own zero Schinkenlink.[View]
44252356Bitcoin will hit 4 digits before it hits 6[View]
44251827How's the BTC dump going biz?[View]
44252341i never claimed haircomb now haircore is about to be released and everyone will stack liquidity they…[View]
44248213What are you doing to protect your money and capital from inflation anon? >real estate >crypto…[View]
44252290If there ever is a crypto board it's gonna be called /cry/[View]
44249928This idiot is still unironically holding DOGE. Why? Is he below 80 IQ?[View]
44252309GOD, WHY DIDN'T I FUCKING SEEEEELLLL: it's over.[View]
44251697did you claimed?[View]
44251256NFTb is going to do a quick 2x. Screencap this[View]
44248381Are chicken farmers the most important type of farmer in the world? Yes or yes?[View]
44250530finally got the retest: Hope you faggots added to the longs[View]
44252163i havent held a single crpyocurrency in over a year[View]
44251742What will you do when you make it?: Me? Put it towards the house.[View]
44250911What's happening?: Is it just me or does /biz/ have waaaay less posts about doggy scam coins? D…[View]
44252191i call them SHIBagholders: because they're SHIBagholding worthless SHIBags hahahhahahaha. can y…[View]
44252189Work revenge: I quit from my job after them not putting me on payroll for four months. What do?…[View]
44252184There will be massive consequence to everyone who is going to encourage The Reset. Believe me massiv…[View]
44251864https://www.bbc.com/news/business-59496509: is it today burgers? and what time?[View]
44240606the shitcoin casino is dead: jannies killed it. it's been a week since i got a 3x from a newly …[View]
44252134((they)) are trying to kill chainlink by dumping bitcoin! pull out your coins and support chainlink,…[View]
44249690[Ka-dayna] or [Ka-deena]: I hear niggers saying Ka-day-na all the time but I've been saying 'Ka…[View]
44251373Chainlink is NOT being suppressed. It is simply continuing to get rejected off moving average as usu…[View]
44250971If BTC gonna be bellow 21 EMA (52K) at the end of the weeks its officially over. It doesn't loo…[View]
44251789Why are we crashing yet again?![View]
44251980what is this pattern called captcha danna[View]
44251994Number go up[View]
44251986The hand is here[View]
44251233Coldstack is going to release their public beta soon. That will bring them one step closer to shooti…[View]
44251943How transfer hundreds of thousands??: im 20 and a slacker and managed to do right moves so I am sell…[View]
44249126Is this going to recover? It dumped the most during the recent crash and never gained anything back.[View]
44251810Welcome to the clown Economy[View]
44249102admit it, you don't know what's going to happen[View]
44251925/FG/ Flurk General #24: previous: >>44213510 sales: https://flurkex.com/#/history[View]
44250727Is this round 2 of dumping?: Are we in a bear market?[View]
44251488is $CERE a good buy now?: >0.09c atm >shilled by mememan…[View]
44251514:): Now is the time. Going back to 55k is good. Go to the alts I told you. If we crash below and don…[View]
44248215Kleros sirs, did we get too cocky?[View]
44251099Ravencoin: Come here kaw kaw owners Will its price ever go up & will Eth mining ever end and min…[View]
44251794Bitcoin bo ce off fidonachys 200 mana scale into a downward death spiral twend. We rly need to hit t…[View]
44239805CRYPTO BROS ABSOLUTELY BTFO! How will we ever recover from this? I'm dusting off my resume...[View]
44251696Browsing /biz/ after years of browsing gore on /b/ as a teenager has legitimately turned me into a s…[View]
44251000Check the 15min rsi[View]
44250363In honor of BTC dumping again to suppress Link news, here's how BTC reacts when any other coin …[View]
44251213If you know: You know Approaching the final chance to free yourself from whatever rut. Not here to h…[View]
44250928Can one of you kind souls be generous enough to provide me with some valuable resources when it come…[View]
44249009it's over: pajeet scam coin. What a piece of shit which does nothing than dumps[View]
44251537Where did 50k go?[View]
44251400margin trading bros, is it just me or is FIFO margin (Kraken-style) better when you're opening …[View]
44248107Any resources on the basics of crypto for beginners?: Looking for youtube channels, informational we…[View]
44248072The third largest Bitcoin wallet (which likely belongs to an individual) hasn't stopped slurpin…[View]
44251474I know all of you hold LINK and you dont want me to buy fuck you[View]
44251386Staking: So what's the deal with Staking? I see I can stake, for example, Axie Infinity on Bina…[View]
44250723I just checked the 2016 archives[View]
44251338If you’re not aware of Revolve Games (RPG): I’d suggest you look into it. This is going to be the ne…[View]
44250020Post top signals[View]
44250692>people are now paying for jpegs and call it a nft[View]
44251023Bitcoin has been suppressing chainlink for almost a whole year now: Just. Lmao. In less than 30 days…[View]
44250397This place has been so great to me, it’s time I gave back and recommend that you buy xrune.[View]
44250427I’m pretty sure Oraichain is the only layer 1 that hasn’t been pumped yet[View]
44249980Check Volume[View]
44244491Is this how we defeat the Jews?[View]
44249777hey anon, I saw a project named binarycat and it has a native token named kitty which you can earn w…[View]
44250480Join the CypherPunk Uprising...: We are immutable. We are unstoppable. No custodian. NO MONARCH. We …[View]
442510715PM UTC: Todays coin is $Fhiba T FireShiba presale ongoing[View]
44250010I held dobo and chainlink[View]
44248139so like: Is crypto going up or down from here? After that huge crash a few days ago, I have to say I…[View]
44250931>Get Mr. Jinping on ze line >Disable Evergrande from borrowing money >Now make them pay i…[View]
44249641Normie finance youtubers are now shilling more and more shitcoins. A year ago even bitcoin was not e…[View]
44250112They are literally dumping Bitcoin to suppress Chainlink in real time.[View]
44250829>dumps >crabs >dumps >crabs >dumps >crabs When the fuck is it going up again?…[View]
44250899This evergrande/omriCOOM nothing burger. Is it in the room with us right now?[View]
44245600Give me an actual good shitcoin that isnt a rug and isnt over 100k mcap and yes i will know if its a…[View]
44250845Today is going to be a good day.[View]
44250469Crypto winter is here: What you gonna do during next 3 years when market is down?[View]
44250767>Chainlink is mooning? >Doomp ze entire market >but s-sir BTC might enter bear territory if…[View]
44249810Dudes, who's heard of WallStreetNinja?: I took a look at the site - >ws dot ninja looks pow…[View]
44250109NO NO NO NO NOT AGAIN[View]
44250763DRAGONU DIVE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QF5RedxgHKA >it was in this moment that mumu had se…[View]
44248532Alright that's the final straw. I didn't even send a message that i was going to send and …[View]
44250496>7 figure hell With my parents we're probably collectively 8 figure hell. I'm waiting f…[View]
44250647This was expected tbfh desu hentai[View]
44250646good morning biz[View]
44250532>link pumps >short bitcoin >bitcoin dumps >long link It can't be that easy, can it?…[View]
44250063>they will rather crash this entire space with no survivors than let chainlink moon…[View]
44250598>Chainlink gets bullish news >entire market dumps in response Proof chainlink is the most impo…[View]
44250125>chainlink finally gets positive news again and sergey stops dumping >bitcoin immediately shi…[View]
44250589More of these?: Gotta catch’em all[View]
44248632what do you call this pattern?: should i buy?[View]
44250468i feel sick: should we sell?[View]
44250491Americans are waking up for their double McBurger with cheese and ketchup toppings[View]
44250066/g/ has created NGR for real: an immutable ledger crypto using only standard unix utilities in one l…[View]
44248111>The PODL contract will allow any user to sell BLZZ/WAVAX Joe LP tokens directly to the protocol …[View]
44250452SQUAD BROKEN[View]
44250366In 2021: Biz told me not to buy doge Biz told me not to buy shib Biz told me to buy GRT Biz told me …[View]
44250412>chainlink pumps >everything dumps EVERY TIME…[View]
44250383>link pumps >btc dumps[View]
44250373my dad just put 50k burgers on buying and flipping helium miners from china[View]
44250259Frens here told me to buy ChainLink so I did: I bought 10k slav potato wirth of Chain and I already …[View]
44234929Polygon/MATIC: Why is this pajeet piece of shit pumping?[View]
44250258why didn't you listen yesterday >>44218709[View]
44250335Goddamn it fuck crypto and fuck this board.[View]
44250083The 55th richest man in the world is a LINKTARD[View]
44250327The Web3.0 ecosystem is built on a social media platform, coupled with a yield farming platform for …[View]
44250325AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH PRAY WITH ME FREN PRAY WITH ME: With the sting of the whip on my shoulder With the s…[View]
44250315WAGMI token fair launching at 50 members no airdrop no presale no bots so come join us tgram: wagmit…[View]
44247240GRT insider: Fundamentally, this coin The Graph(GRT) has a potential to grow up to 100$ USD as it qu…[View]
44248739be honest, how many of you lost money thinking AMC was going back to the teens and how much did you …[View]
44247372What's in their portfolios?[View]
44250254Times up[View]
44248905what's the best coding language to learn to land easily an high paying job?: I am an amateur co…[View]
44248777/WFH/ general: Ah, another day of working from home doing absolutely nothing[View]
44250082Better Listen that guy[View]
44250233I sell shitcoins all day long[View]
44248764If you are not going all in Chainlink right now based on this news, what the fuck are you doing on b…[View]
44250002Chinese/ japanese coin with huuuuuuuuge potential Lfg guys[View]
44250171DO NOT REDEEM: You mother bloody benchod bitch besterd[View]
44250202I just wokened up: And I can tell you, this is all linkie bagholders fault. Sell that fucking unnece…[View]
44227018>want to work from home >spend around 6 months learning how to code because /biz/ told me it…[View]
44245440All my summer gains are gone. I'm sad. I'm a normie that tried this new make money thing a…[View]
44247264Can DOT realistically take over ETH's mcap?[View]
44234551All sorts of crazy and cool shit going live on the Cardano testnet these last few days. I know you r…[View]
44249885It's rugging again[View]
44249927It's happening again[View]
44249986HI, RE**IT![View]
44249831>is a billionaire >founded google >joins chainlink team >dumps stop immediately after Wh…[View]
44250064Stocks superiority: >Stocks pump >Crypto dump Boomers win again.…[View]
44239809I am as high as fuck right now lamo Niggers[View]
44250024Give me five real world use cases for Chainlink (ticker: LINK). No, not 'with Chainlink you can now …[View]
44247466Just launched MiniFeg Huge potential / Dev SAFU 500x Potential LP Lock Feg Lovers TG : mi…[View]
44247131How much to have an intellectual environmental fighter qt gf (the other one)???[View]
44249972And if I only could,: I'd make a deal with God, And I'd get him to swap our places, Be run…[View]
4424995750k STATUS : ______[View]
44249941Check the bitcoin price[View]
44246753From their devs: ''State of development: We have implemented the recommended security chan…[View]
44249912haha: sorry my bad[View]
44249904The resident mentally ill link fudder is having a mental breakdown: Over the recent news >>442…[View]
44249888Who are the most wealthy giga-whales in crypto? I mean surely if you have been in these markets for …[View]
44246683anyone have a solution to this: going on a date on friday >600k net worth (including rental prope…[View]
44248365Why are there so many females in the sperm tg? Is this a top signal?[View]
44246290How do I long US obesity?[View]
44249799FREE NC GIVEAWAY: Zw3heD8c3pxMiTVCjNIggERLlB6yVJmJy82dzy5yokpx7AMaHAhfZL7UCnpXZgsvCrngR8snYEag 9IAQm…[View]
44238625You should buy LINK right now[View]
44248265/ctbg/ CABO general #25 - One Two Three Edition: OFFICIAL THEME https://vocaroo.com/1a99yGrI7U8D LIN…[View]
44249766DiaBull Army: LFG Next x1000 Diamond Bull LFG[View]
44249379>few understand[View]
44249759>Announce Eric Schmidt joining the team in the middle of a massive crash so the price doesn'…[View]
44248823Bitcoin is about to dump so hard[View]
44241747Dogira General #24 - MMORPG Announcement Edition: WHO'S WATCHING THE STREAM TOMORROW MORNING LE…[View]
44247792LINK literally mirrored ETH’s 1553 day boom-bust cycle. >inb4 -90% vs eth Yeah, thats what eth di…[View]
44249661join the waiting list for coinbase NFT! https://coinbase.com/nft/announce/1XRQ06[View]
44247873Hold my beer.: You crypto “bros” make me sick. Just when this country is finally becoming progressiv…[View]
44249702JIG is the Ticker name of Jigen.. UseCase: - Trade your NFT on any secondary market - Flex your NFT …[View]
4424962123$ Waiting room[View]
44249626Goodnature bros IT'S HAPPENING[View]
44245407I'm Jewish 15 years working in wall street. Ama https://vm.tiktok.com/ZM87Y3BLJ/[View]
44248079How do i protect my funds from a Tether/USDC ban? Hold Coinbase FIAT? All in ETH? Is DAI safe?[View]
44249270Gaze into these soul piercing eyes. What would you do if Sergey locked his attention beams on you a…[View]
44249643I now own 256 internet computers: How many internet computers do I need to make it.[View]
44249618BTC looking awfully weak now that Link is trying to pump[View]
44247488People don’t know that Binance funded Marlin’s development for three years[View]
44249574Crypto hasn't been this bearish since Jan 2018 and you faggots are expecting alts to go 10x fro…[View]
44245851I like this board and its posters but I've never invested a single dime in crypto[View]
44245201Stakenet: Xsn[View]
44249511NFT: check Saiyan Tigers collection on opensea, marketing campaign will start soon says the creator.…[View]
44249324It's over.[View]
44248600finally a good shitcoin: TESLAZON ElonBezos is here boys. Get in still earlu[View]
44246499>there are newfags on this board will miss out on link due to the obsessive fudding are you happy…[View]
44233440>$0.59 rejected AGAIN: The bottom is in. We can only go up from here CRObros.[View]
44249348I am oficially FOMOing into Linkchain.[View]
44249353Are lemniscates a good investment?: Mathematically and financially speaking[View]
44249312NINTENDO who?: https://makqn-piaaa-aaaah-qadvq-cai.raw.ic0.app/[View]
44246263BAHAHAHAHAHAHA: This neck tatted fuck rugpulls a CEX in Shitralia and traders lose access to their w…[View]
44248406Are music nfts are the future of the industry? Because Nftb hired a guy from spotify and might be go…[View]
44239627$40k initial: where would you put it if your entire net worth was $40k in cash, right now? >inb4 …[View]
44247891How much JADE did you pick up at the tripple bottom biz?: I accumulated a fair stack of 20 JADE bein…[View]
44248561Don't miss out on HI guys! It's basically another PI but with way better rewards. Now I kn…[View]
44241444What would you do if you had a million dollars, /biz/?[View]
44249228VVS Finance.. Mine vs Farm: Which is better and why?[View]
44249045my onchain indicators are showing that chainlink is going to pump 100-200% within 1-2 months[View]
44247543Where does the free money that the fed prints go?: And how do I get some?[View]
44246015the more I ponder, the more it seems like chainlink is the right move[View]
44249186Chainlink will never moon, just give up.[View]
44248036I took a break on trading for the last few months. But I just discovered a cheeky 70 quid in my revo…[View]
44241756serious questions bros: > https://twitter.com/dominic_w/status/1467850169169424388 dear smart ano…[View]
44247848i unironically only base my investments off of gets on /biz/ and am about to cross into seven figure…[View]
44247606Am I going to make it by 2025? I want 500k: >1m SHIB >8k DOGE >3k XLM >2.6k SC >2.3k …[View]
44248584Link is up 11%: Time to buy the inevitable dip anons (don't buy link obviously, just buy litera…[View]
44249096Mycryptowallet collapse: Another Australian exchange collapses. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-12-…[View]
44248993Someone please just enlighten me on how to make some cash from this whole shitcoin thing goin on. I …[View]
44248200how many miners do you have: im currently waiting on five but am also contemplating wheather or not …[View]
44248965How you guys feeling?: Financial advices are not forbidden here[View]
44249021E-commerce: How do I get started? Is it all peddling Chinese plastic or can I actually sell good pro…[View]
44248687The next Google[View]
44248767Just a reminder to some: If you're buying something priced really low (like $0.00000001 or some…[View]
44248977TONIGHT..: Strap in marines..[View]
44248943X PROTOCOL: my dick is so hurt right now. Protocol is the first metaverse+ application portal progr…[View]
44245956Why would you buy a House when you can buy a Yacht: and sail the ocean forever ?[View]
44242594Kellogg Fires ALL Employees: Sorry wagie. You want more time off and higher pay? Umm nah I’ll just g…[View]
44248660DiaBull Army: Next Gem x1000 Let's brings to the moon[View]
44248821What was I thinking?[View]
44246485Swingie are you ok?: After the Chainlink, Ticker:LINK scamwick last week, some anon made a thread br…[View]
44247782How hard is it to make a coin?: I have no coding experience[View]
44236060Pledge your support to the d0b0 dump here: dump in 6 hours from now post amounts here and why you ha…[View]
44243983Can someone still create a Superhero comic on the Internet and become as successful as Batman and Sp…[View]
44246986Just look at the Bepis.dog chart anons, and tell me it isn't going to absolutely skyrocket once…[View]
44244392it's gonna either >slowly bleed out over the next decade >quickly crash in early 2022 …[View]
44247194How are people making money with this Girali.com thing? I'm trying to understand what the mecha…[View]
44247839How much longer until the institutions stop accumulating inj and mark it up? I really need this to g…[View]
44246715Anybody tried the crimecash.biz game yet? It's interesting...basically rule the underworld, loo…[View]
44242114What are the financial implications of Australia's new Central Bank Digital Currency?[View]
44248117We're going to 30k this weekend, arent we?[View]
44213510/FG/ Flurk General #23: previous: >>44146084 sales: https://flurkex.com/#/history[View]
44247261do you understand anon?[View]
44244874What's the next OHM?[View]
44248427Did you guys know Luigi has giant tits? https://luigi.lgbt/[View]
44245877I’m Satoshi Nakamoto: Ask me anything.[View]
44248280Hex Rekt Thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMbHu_lqSjs I can't believe we paid for this f…[View]
44247713Anyone here holding MetaMatrix? just listed on CMC btw[View]
44244521The absolute state of DOBO fudders >guys, lets start fudding DOBO, lets make shit up and create a…[View]
44246845found a rusty nail in my cheez-its, can i sue? lmao[View]
4424798520k eoy...: Why did you lie?[View]
44245730BTC will make another leg down within 5 days, screen cap this. Your bull fag tears will be glorious.[View]
4424818041 No.44246348 28 KB 28 KB JPG WAGMI token fair launching at 50 members no airdrop no presale no bot…[View]
44248019Ima slurp the dip[View]
44240314Explain to me how this isn’t a Ponzi scheme: Once Bitcoin can’t be pumped any farther why wouldn’t t…[View]
44248115Cucked by Elon AGAIN LMAO: having fun holding his bags?[View]
44237736You can't win this time: I've seen a few comments that were low-level FUD to Avalanche so,…[View]
44248081First Sell off: Bear trap[View]
44248050>be me >come to this board for memes and pink wojaks >nocoiner during the run up >feels …[View]
44248062crypto is literally just making forex trading much more popular and easy to manipulate. rich people …[View]
44247983I've been here since this board's inception in 2014 and still haven't made it. I have…[View]
44245696Asian roasties are vlogging about crypto: It's over[View]
44246399TurboMoon just stealth launched: > New Gem on BSC > LOW marketcap > launched 5 min ago…[View]
44247448I wish you could all experience the joy of being a union finance protocol token bagholder. It’s real…[View]
44245976why is effiirum such a huge nigger coin?[View]
44247560Wealth is shifting: Yesterday some of you asked for more breadcrumbs after giving some. Here you…[View]
44247676Better buy this before the rebrand! Will go 10x: https://medium.com/@TakoDao/introducing-the-all-new…[View]
44247937oh no, not again[View]
44247795Tik tok bulls, tik tok[View]
44247870Piccolo Inu: They called it a meme coin.[View]
44247933Social engineering miners?: i have been mining on one so far the rewards are pretty lacking i want t…[View]
44247866bobos say it's a bobo market mumus say its a mumu market heh nice one kid *teleports behind you…[View]
44247862Let's Go: Milktoast is all over it Bannon is all over it Fuck Joe Biden https://youtu.be/SagCKp…[View]
44246332Is there an AYY coin yet? I don't think it would have trouble getting... to the moon![View]
44244041I'm seeing a lot of optimism with this pump. We're at the 'return to normal' phase of the …[View]
44247794SATOSHI: coin created in honor of Craig Wright! Still early, only 17k mc![View]
44247788it's time boys: it's obvious to anyone who's somewhat intelligent that the multigener…[View]
44247715Is the flippening really happening this time ?: What would be the consequences for the crypto market…[View]
44247596>bear season incoming!!!!!!!!!! >bullbros we poompin!!!????? can something just fucking happen…[View]
44238444I'm only going to say this once.: I want some of you to make it. Just learn what a bullish fall…[View]
44243445ALEPH Bros, get the fuck in here!: The Ubisoft NFT is running on ALEPH, WAGMI. Fuck the haters, and …[View]
44247572hahahahaahahahahahahaa: Here's your new hero LINK tard. What an absolute cuck! He will fit righ…[View]
44247614Utility Low cap Gem METACADEMYCOIN: METACADEMYCOIN is flying wtf. Seen in it few hours ago at 2k and…[View]
44246716got any f2p and p2earn nft games?: free entry, pay to progress or pay to win does not matter I'…[View]
44246750I told you what would happen in the next 24 hours and you decided not to listen.[View]
44243106how does it feel to be in 6 figure hell? it sounds so elusive to me.[View]
44247339CHAIN LINK: Just another chainlink thread because fuck biz anwyays. Fucking jannies are paid to keep…[View]
44247513Yes, you should buy crypto now[View]
44247480The ride to $23 will be positively mind melting[View]
44247498Today Kyle Samani tweeted if there was a way to nest nfts. Bullish for RMRK[View]
44246136What the fuck is happening in Turkey? Why has their currency become a shitcoin?[View]
44244961/ICA/ - ICApes General: Started buying ICApes in presale thanks to an anon post here last night and …[View]
44229090uhm.. crypto bros??[View]
44246414Why didnt you buy GLOWIE yet anon? Dont you wanna make it? Tg is glowiebsc[View]
44246012incoming waves of pajeets: the guys from nuBTC are hiring pajeets to shill for other coins to make n…[View]
44245818it's over: it's over[View]
442459273X Short Bitcoin Token (BEAR): HEY SLUTS ANSWER ME, what's your opinion on these pegged tokens …[View]
44247090Would biz be interested in an investment app that lets you invest in cryptocurrency baskets (crypto …[View]
44247168Thou shall see my wraith[View]
44246975Why is 3rd largest BTC wallet keeps buying, when we on a brink of bear marker[View]
44246324Why are advertisers like this[View]
44246445fx fighter kurumi-chan mangaka (manga about forex) just got bogged on SANTA Coin[View]
44247060The Key to Making it: Buy. That's literally it. Buy, buy, and then buy some more. Keep buying. …[View]
44229960Apologize: >As a result Mr Wright will retain 1.1m Bitcoin https://www.bbc.com/news/business-5957…[View]
44244866Biggest movement in crypto: It’s time to start acting like you know.[View]
44246967I've been here since 2016 and never bought chainstink. Based or not?[View]
44246569BTC will make another leg down to 43k within 4 days, screen cap this. You bull fags will rope yourse…[View]
44246314Chainstink: It will never break $25 and you fucking know it. Just fucking sell now fuck[View]
44246829is it true: that ZKRollups are going to win vs Arbitrum? I want to die bros[View]
44242110d0b0 whale chat screencap, they are organizing dump fud to hide the rug: its rugging tonight and its…[View]
44238503how can a man be this based holy fuck[View]
44247037CHAINLINK IS PUMPING FUCKING SELL NOW BITCOIN IS GOING TO CRASH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgdB…[View]
44246880So what's planned for chainlink over the next month?[View]
44244612How can the stock market/crypto crash?: If inflation is so high etc this money needs to be parked so…[View]
44241704This is the end: If inflation doesn’t show signs of plateauing or decreasing this is the end of the …[View]
44246515I am financially GRTed[View]
44246504>he did not buy cake at 10-12 usd: >he is not buying dent rn Ngmi…[View]
44244958Hey guys this is agent nigger here and i thought you might wanna join this coin that launched a coup…[View]
44244881I hate shitcoins and shitcoiners[View]
44246574How many hours do you work per week?: I'm working 60 hours per week at the moment while also st…[View]
44245310Schizo L ink thread: How the fuck did these longs not get destroyed during the last dip? Is who is i…[View]
44245523Holy shit did the FDA ever follow up with this? How many of you guys are eating piss flavored cereal…[View]
44245474No doubt in my mind, BNK was my best buy this year, jumped from 0,90c to almost $10 https://cointele…[View]
44235794>Buy QRDO Kucoin Bitfinex Coinmetro Uniswap >What is Qredo https://blog.coinlist.co/a-deep-div…[View]
44246481This is your last warning to no Linkers: Pee pee poo poo[View]
44246556Is this pos ever gonna moon?[View]
44245849Help me find 'No KYC Exchange': Hey anons, Im a thirdworlding Pajeet with no access to my ID (My job…[View]
44246226Restaurant /biz/ness owners Do you guys make your employees do meaningless tasks and yell at them to…[View]
44245610Bullrun back on: Just watched Michael Saylor talk about btc for about an hour on a YouTube video. Th…[View]
44246536How do I find out how many tokens an account has created? I'm looking on bscscan[View]
44222788How are you guys not incredibly fucking bullish right now? We are literally on the precipice. I can …[View]
44245293mark my words, best thing to happen to scaling in the last year gold standard of btc security, best…[View]
44245909Seriously though, when?: If you don't realise yet that it's literally just a matter of tim…[View]
44246506Butler thread: Good even master anon. I’m here to serve your ever need and desire. What shall it be …[View]
44246503Anal yze my chart ser, is it boolish or beeish?[View]
44245263Safemoon got rebooted: Tg_safemoonreboot[View]
44236252Crypto Industry Insiders: After 4 years shitposting on /biz/ I landed a job for a Crypto VC. Comple…[View]
44246441ONE LAST ROLL: >absolute NEET >$700 to my name >absolutely retarded WHATS THE BEST WAY TO M…[View]
44245578I just want a job where i don't have to deal with human shit and hard labor. Why is that so fuc…[View]
44230237/XSG/ XRP Standard General #1640: Previously on /XSG/: >>44218178 Buy XRP on Uphold/CoinMetro/…[View]
44245242Kaiken launched their new site, burned 30T throughout November and NFTs are coming before the EOY. 5…[View]
44240816Can't believe i bought this crabbing piece of shit. It's been a fucking WEEK since i got a…[View]
44246301It’s all so tiresome…: How long can they keep suppressing the price bros[View]
44245213So the bull run is about to start, right? captcha: NSDAP[View]
44245026>SANTOVI >SA_TO_I >SATOSHI its a fucking psyop. three letter word agencies are using DOBO t…[View]
44244517API3: API3 is chainlink's competitor, take a look at their whitepaper, bought my fair share and…[View]
44246153were you naughty or nice this year financially?: benevolent wage slave overlords handed out 10k bonu…[View]
44245412Just bought more BCH: Few understand[View]
44245900What did the world economy look like under Hitler? What are the /biz/ lessons we can derive from thi…[View]
44245912Im never making it: Flipping memcoins can only get you so far[View]
44246072MEXC & FACEBOOK: MEXC sms passwords are coming from Facebook now ??[View]
44244564Would you buy this token?[View]
44245768Eric Schmidt: Where is my money?[View]
44243591/SMG/ - Shrimp Market General: This Time I Make the Thread Edition >Brokers https://pastebin.com/…[View]
44246022Tired: tired[View]
44245761gee, it must take a lot of money to move LINK 10% in a day: aka PEOPLE ARE BUYING A SHIT TON OF LINK…[View]
44245148Is it easy?: Do I just do a B.S. and an M.S. in Mathematics at the nearby state university and win t…[View]
44241066Any good giveaways / competitions going on this week for BSC tokens?[View]
44243346>tfw you realize btc isn't going to 100k this year.[View]
44242341BSV: TOPKEK: Read the Craig Wright judgement in greater depth and realise it's fucking hilariou…[View]
44245924Why doesn't a big legal entity like the US government (or any government) make their own crypto…[View]
44242866CoinMetro bros this is fuckin huge, so much better than staking limit increase, absolutely incredibl…[View]
44242119LINK: can we stop with this? I want old biz back, sick of these retards contaminating this board. CR…[View]
44245567How can I find out about upcoming airdrops I'm tired of being poor[View]
44245236Already about to dip back into 49k…: Support is crumbling… it’s over[View]
44244904What coins do they hold?[View]
44245694>henlo am here to buy physical bytcoin[View]
44245799What went wrong?[View]
44244635You will share a mindful practice box, and you will like it.[View]
44244153Feeling extremely bored with life, wageslaving to play vidya, play vidya when not wageslaving. I fin…[View]
44242103Sylo / Jasmy: I think Sylo is very underrated. Change my mind.[View]
44245232Since the Binance bridge is gone, what other some other ways or bridges to send eth to BSC? thanks[View]
44243690Hopefully you already sold.[View]
44243414Roth: Dear Auroth devs, please make this coin go up. I've put my last dollar in($350) in hopes …[View]
44245515I had to pay $289 to sell $390 worth of a coin...... WHAT THE FUCK ETHERUM WHY IS GAS SO INSANE WHEN…[View]
44244802The whales are long: Whales are long after that dip. Are you with your 2k stack of tether?[View]
44241102Rubic: If this shit had a dog mascot it would have hit 10 dollars six months ago[View]
44243408so what's the main point of mistswap and smartbch if you tell me something special i'll bu…[View]
44245221Fat Sergey: Post (3) Fat Sergey >(1)[View]
44245387Let’s settle this: Is Bitcoin ACTUALLY a hedge against inflation?: Is Bitcoin a hedge against inflat…[View]
44244877I was happier when I didnt know about any coins[View]
44244252I just want mumu to be my fren[View]
44245273>He thinks the stock market is up because of inflation at scale and not because the fed has been …[View]
44243907Dydx went offline kek: Muh Decentalized. Muh immutable Muh censorship resistant This scam is rum o…[View]
44245039It's happening[View]
44244307Currently trying to lease an apartment in SoCal, and the leasing office is asking for my full tax-re…[View]
44234181grt, what went wrong?[View]
44242127BTT - BitTorrent: This token is slowly rising... why the fuck no one talking or accumulating about i…[View]
44242766top 21 coin[View]
44239853This is your last fucking chance dob0 devs. Fire Santovi and Bonklevoss immediately or I will dump m…[View]
44243522>CTC Got in at $0,40 Sold at $8 Good deal?[View]
44244761Economics is literally astrology for men, isn't it?[View]
44244995Keep on Keeping on, you got this![View]
44244843remember the memories.[View]
44244797Bizniggers: Seethe and cope while Doboniggers win[View]
44244913Do you agree that the CCP should extend their crypto-mining ban onto the entire NFT scene?[View]
44242344When it comes to investing, do you actually know what you're doing?[View]
44244839263M mc planning to aggregate every centralised and decentralised exchange liquidity boost plugin co…[View]
44244771>average ADA hodler[View]
44243174HAPPENING NOW: D0b0 revealed as honeyput, devs exiting[View]
44239904Safe Investment Coins: What are the top 5 coins to throw money into? Something with a very high prob…[View]
44244774zk-Snarks tongue my anus[View]
44242652Can you handle another drive lower?[View]
44234034SHIBagholders. how are your SHIBags doing?: experiencing a bit of a.....DUMP? are your SHIBags DUMPI…[View]
44242737did they seriously fucking filter the ability to make 'AAAAAAA' threads now are you serious[View]
44244486I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I…[View]
44238526I will put one ETH into your shitcoin if you can convince me that there is a planned update to the p…[View]
44244647Sipher: What do you guys think of Sipher xyz? Bought into the presale but not sure if I should buy m…[View]
44244619Foregen now accepts anonymous crypto donations: Made it? Nice Do you have a Foreskin? No? Im sorry t…[View]
44243362How insane is the altcoin bullrun going to be when BTC finally hits $100K?[View]
44244538Looking to lose some money: What are some shitcoins I can get rugged in?[View]
44244191Check DOBOs price..[View]
44242764Anyone playing p2e games? feel the gamefi fomo hitting? https://www.bsc.news/post/earn-attractive-re…[View]
44244540markets rebounding boys: ooooOoooOoooooOOOOOOOoooo[View]
44242484Need a 200x to make it: >Hold Link Yeah I’m thinking I’m financially devastated, back to the wage…[View]
44243928see y'all at 1 million[View]
44242697five parachain slots auctioned and due to go live on December 18 big dot bags, feeling comfy[View]
44244428>he sold the fakeout[View]
44242402Price targets EOY?[View]
44244134Eventually it's gonna hit 50.1k again and not immediately pump back up to 50.3k.[View]
44243864>chainlink tried to go above 22 >bitcoin dumps…[View]
44243426How do you retards not realise this yet: >Be Richard Nixon and take everyone off the gold standar…[View]
44242024How the fuck do I buy shitcoins in NYC? I feel like I need to walk through 20 different hoops.[View]
44243573IDO General Post em[View]
44244354check the price[View]
442440050xBTC: What is 0xBTC? 0xBitcoin is the implementation of Bitcoin in Solidity and is the first decent…[View]
44244295Never Pay Fees Again: Mimic Market Buys with Limit Chase Orders in Python: Is this real? what's…[View]
44241542LINK is up 10% today while BTC and ETH are crabbing. This is fucking bullshit.[View]
44244290How are you preparing for LINK season?[View]
44242171UHHH URANIUM BRO'S???: Yeah, I'm thinking we're back.[View]
44244190Be strong: The world is about to change again, big corporations manipulate the market so they can ke…[View]
44242829Nexo teams up With fidelity to offer products for Institutional Investors. Is this good for crypto?[View]
44241357AMEX CHADS GENERAL: Welcome American Express™ Chads. Here's a lounge to discuss. Cardmembers on…[View]
44243996Thank you for tuning in In today's news: Local Mumu is in a panic as 50k support becomes increa…[View]
44242167You guys are buying stonks right? It literally has less than 1,000 holders[View]
44240607Uhhh.. g-guys??: Should we be worried?? The mainstream narrative is shifting from under us. Do we hi…[View]
44243775What was the most obvious top signal?[View]
44243258Better get in before it's too late[View]
44243594Blizz is doing a meme contest on twitter if you want to profit off making art. I think you have to s…[View]
44242731Heres a low mcap gem for you degens CIA (ticker: GLOWIE) mcap is only 20k Tg - glowiebsc[View]
44242808Sweet Rifle Bro!: Ubisoft is dipping their toes into the NFT space. https://quartz.ubisoft.com/welc…[View]
44243885CLV opinion: Is it good to buy CLV now??? or wait for dip?[View]
44243604>fell for a meme degree where people are brainwashed into saying 'Dude working 60 hours is comple…[View]
44243521are the rumors true? did he stop dumping after a thread emerged here containing credible threats? wh…[View]
44242523help is needed sers: How do utility coins get traction in this shitcoin infested world? Need advise …[View]
44243218Name another coin with this much FUD: We on to something lads. Hold and see you on the other side.th…[View]
44242898What happened to the Whacked thread that was regularly baked?[View]
44242426You are not ready for whats about to come[View]
44243806Hello 49k.[View]
44243663SLURP marines on standy: Ready to go in. We got this[View]
44242524Meme Contest: Craig Wright Satoshi Meme contest. Drop your best alpha in the greletam chat: @CraigW…[View]
44243639>The markets can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent[View]
44241693I’m launching a crypto so I think you guys should be the first to buy. I’m putting the pieces togeth…[View]
44243519i love him[View]
44234132BSC Shitcoins General: shill here your favorite memecoin on pancakeswap[View]
44241945I'll sell all my DOBO July 22nd, 2022: You will understand why.[View]
44241459Why is the crypto community full of autists with bloated egos like this clown?[View]
44243635whats this broinu ?: something is brewing at telegram/broInu[View]
44232409/AVAX/-Avalanche General #261: NEW EMOJI Edition Leave your expectations, FUD, doubts, experiences w…[View]
44241051Do what you please with this information.[View]
44243595Advice on making a business: I'm needing help advice on how to start a small gun trading busine…[View]
44243120SHIBagholders: enjoying your DUMP? haha. SHIB to zero.[View]
44242695Ponder the smell of people selling their pond[View]
44242689Imagine the market cap of geist if fantom flips eth[View]
44243555Know your place: Cats r superior. Tomorrow bull run starts when all this congress FUD goes away. Nan…[View]
44242701is tether 'too big to fail' ? or is a honeypot waiting to explode ?[View]
44242495so many flokis wtf!!!: got some stables which stupid dog is best in the spirit of the old cartoon i …[View]
44241757You wake up on January 1, 2009. Which financial and busineness choices would you make?: And if you a…[View]
44239295he didn't dumped in 18 days[View]
44243094I'm 21 years old and I hold 300k ROSE. Will I make it by the time I'm 25? Or do I need mor…[View]
44240750Suggestion for Mods I’m order to fix /biz/ from drowning in BSC shitcoins but at the same time not d…[View]
44241968Can we have another ngmi general? I have bags of shib, dobo and link.[View]
4424259050k is unbreakable[View]
44239491>Literal ponzi scam called RUG that promises to rug anyone that uses it >Bouncing around 10 mi…[View]
44239808Where is the best place to market my girlfriend's onlyfans account?[View]
442432393rd worlders still swap to USD and use services like Western Union to transfer money instead of usin…[View]
44241512Chainlink (Ticker: LINK): Daily reminder that Sergey is a pedo[View]
44236189Ggwp TSHIB[View]
44240765>bought ICP at $50 for some reason i thought owning a coin associated with a project called 'inte…[View]
44237681I FOMO'd into a dumb shitcoin whose ticker is AWOOGA: Will I be alright bros, I need comfort...…[View]
44243066Spermbros: are wagmi or is it ovar?[View]
44241399How much money do I need in order to start and sustain a family?[View]
44242070Craig is Satoshi[View]
44241283CIA created bitcoin: The CIA admits to creating bitcoin >The CIA admits to creating bitcoin The C…[View]
44241969>overstimulates your economy into a complete collapse This man is shitting bricks right now, guar…[View]
44241707I'm going to create a coin soon anon, what makes a perfect coin? how much supply? do you want …[View]
44239763Wanna be crazy rich buy this. Im doing the same. https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/arcona[View]
44242758WAGMI frens: Just put my life savings in btc[View]
44242681Why do people choose to work wagiecage jobs?[View]
44238604Give me a shitcoin to put 100 bucks before I go to bed. I want at least a x2 tomorrow when I'll…[View]
44242724My field I studied in in college (accounting) is falling apart because all the old people who have C…[View]
44239054This is probably the first and last time you'll hear this. I think I've figured out how th…[View]
44241687Name a chain that does what Zenon does, just one. Protip you can't.[View]
44238484JASMY: Jasmy is an IoT platform company on a mission to provide the infrastructure which allows anyb…[View]
44241147>he's holding the world's most volatile asset during the verge of a financial crysis Tw…[View]
44242604Born to stake this gem[View]
44242342Kudex: What went wrong?[View]
44239447>19 years old >grandpa died and left me $50.000 >don't want my parents to stupidly was…[View]
44239960i need this dip to fucking end[View]
44234593bsc shitcoins: Give me your next moonshot to dump whats leftover of another rug into poo preferred…[View]
44240388Bear run is over faggots load up ath in 6 days screen cap this[View]
44238367Larp time: I dated Michelle Ritter. She's a literal work of art. Flawless pussy. The fact that …[View]
44240210We made it to the other side[View]
44242255How to enjoy being alone: I used to love being alone when I was hoeing around, fucking whom I wanted…[View]
44241374For me, its multichain projects like thorstarter. The bigger the pool of potential users, the greate…[View]
44238758Fantom is over.: Every FTM thread keeps dying quickly and quietly. We can only hope for the same whe…[View]
44242382Please tell me we’re due for a pump covalent bros.. my arms are getting tired…[View]
44232459/Heavy bags general/: Post your heftiest, weightiest, dense, gravity-influenced bags >I bought IC…[View]
44241976I think AVAX won't be cheap for long, what are you planning to buy when you make it?[View]
44241326Day 2 of snailposting until the flippening: >What is the Flippening The Flippening is when Ethere…[View]
44242297Why does this image fill me with nostalgia and hope for the future. I’m not even that old and the fu…[View]
44241509I don't think the market will ever be as fun as it was last bullrun[View]
44242020you bullies laughed at me when i bought SLP yesterday[View]
44242009What's this pattern called?: I just saw this pattern in my chart. I think I see the same one fo…[View]
44240478/NNG/ Nervos News General: Let's get this thread rolling. Kevin Wang AMA https://www.youtube.c…[View]
44241616REDPILL: Link Marines are the new XRP schizos[View]
44240360I have an interview tomorrow for a pharma document specialist. They are using new software and want …[View]
44233176/GME/ - Comfy Tuesday After-Hours Edition: >Basic Information https://gme.crazyawesomecompany.com…[View]
44241282Get in.[View]
44238176Anon: Do you know this feeling... Where a token you invested a shitton of money on, it's just..…[View]
44237885Liquidated: Im the guy who sold at 18.75 and shorted with all the money. Just got liquidated. Unbeli…[View]
44241998Our bull markets feel real while we're in them, right? It's only when we wake we realize t…[View]
44241990Anon, why aren't you pumping BerylBit (ticker: BRB)? >just passed 100k mcap, was sub 50k a f…[View]
44241187oh no no biz I just remembered: There are normies who are stuck holding 75 cent Dogecoin bags LMFAO …[View]
44240628Hacking this quantum matrix: The Holy Ghost is like having administrator rights to this quantum mech…[View]
44239300crypto literature and courses: greetings merchants, /lit/fag here who just now decided to get down f…[View]
44241909Kill it with fire imo[View]
44240858WrightBonk will bonk white Satoshi right out of his riches. TG is @ wrightbonk.[View]
44240137X Protocol (SHARE YOUR OPINION): Not here to shill. Just want to know your opinions about X protocol…[View]
44236116BSC Shit Coin Casino Picks: What are your moon bags in the shit coin casino anons? Mine right now ar…[View]
44241083FUTA CRYPTO LAUNCHED: FUTA is the FUTURE. If I know anything about all the degenerates in the crypto…[View]
44241033Hello spergs. Anyone here coded his own trading bot to scalp crypto? Coding one in python has always…[View]
44218304BATTY BOYS WTFWT[View]
44240975How do I make a trade on this that doesn't cost me $100?[View]
44239305are you in?: if not then wtf is your excuse[View]
44240138A few weeks ago rumors were flying that Badger DAO was going to rug, then they get 'hacked' for $120…[View]
44239653Suicide Pods: Anyone investing in Suicide Pods?[View]
44241478Somebody please: Just tell me how to get a bunch of free money (no work)[View]
44241225Anyone remember this piece of shit? Gonna be holding these bags for fucking ever.[View]
44221471Does this look like a decent investment?: I dunno anons, missed most of the good stuff, don't r…[View]
44241053how the fuck do people afford to buy NFTs? What's the secret to getting in early?[View]
44239120How important is fast finality for various blockchain applications?: Because to me as long as it…[View]
44238274What happens to the markets when Ukraine gets invaded?[View]
44240032why did the bsc casino have to die. i was so fucking close to making it.[View]
44241536>he could have fooled gavin andresen! with some hackerman skills >but he cant code tho >rem…[View]
44239345Invest in sand. Seriously, $10 buys you a literal ton of sand. Sand is running out and we need it. T…[View]
44241356Is there any future for us bros?[View]
44241228Looking for good staking blockchains: i've been using Avalanche for months and it always works …[View]
44241146/biz/'s thoughts on Terra Virtua and nft based 'metaverse' games in general? added a …[View]
44240890Everyone’s rich except me: When I was young and had no experience with money I thought that the “ave…[View]
44240637LINK IS PEAKING: SIRGAY IS SELLING AGAIN sirgay only sells when he knows it’s at the true-valued top…[View]
44240990What's next for graphics card mining after Ethereum 2.0?[View]
44238028I sold icp at 25 dollars. I purchasing a gun if icp doesn't stop pumping.[View]
44241308wtf /biz/ you told me cad bread was a scam??... !!!![View]
44240258Ayo, When I aint eatin big macs, I be countin my link stacks And Vitalik can suck my dick while I li…[View]
44240634OHM could unironically hit 1 trillion market cap within 5 years[View]
44239357CrowdSourced Insider Trading: We all know that the CFTC and the SEC are useless. With that in mind, …[View]
44240762E-Commerce Help: I just started a online shop selling a product. I will buy the product from the dis…[View]
44238634>no Fantom threads Scammed again, thanks /biz/.[View]
44240994Share your favorite dead shitcoins from the past few years[View]
44241207Um... Axiebros?[View]
44240629>4 pajeets >about to be shut down by the Indian government >no innovation, just muh another…[View]
44240229L33t H4xor: Pretty promising project launching in 4 days, with each day hitting a new ATH. Both the …[View]
44239012>Cryptofags aren't religious cult memb-[View]
44241166DXY still near its high for the past year. I don’t think we see enough coverage of this in the crypt…[View]
44239670I’m going to be rich am I not?: $400k is rich for me btw[View]
44239714Sold Chainlink at 18 after I listened to /biz/ !!!!!: Fuck it all and no regrets I hit the lights on…[View]
44235472The range is tightening my basterds[View]
44237949BTC Maximalist Thread[View]
44240962Wagie thread: It's 3am and also my birthday. I have to travel 6 hours today for my job and wont…[View]
44238538I fucking HATE having to pay a phone bill. I literally NEVER use it, but I have to keep paying for i…[View]
44239965Non meme question: If the bear market is coming and CRYPTO IS OVER ...why are so many bitcoins being…[View]
44237823ATTENTION: Mahoday namaskaar If you do not listen you will feel pain. I have 17 million Links holdin…[View]
44239827Does she give good advice?: https://youtu.be/5AN5veSPfY4[View]
44239116Why is no one buying??? Is it going to dump tomorrow !!?? HELP ME BIZ[View]
44239797Is this bullish[View]
44240590OK I’m seeing a lot of anons talking about girali.com. Are you actually making money or is it just a…[View]
44240230Give me your best, low-cap dog tokens on BSC. I’ll start with Bepis.dog[View]
44235596This Chainlink news regarding Eric Schidmt is pretty insane. In many ways, its some of the most bull…[View]
44240877Drop it like it's hot Drop it like it's hot Drop it like it's hot[View]
44240857Henlo? Oldfrens? Henlo? It feels cold in here. What was your first buy? For me, it was ODN.[View]
44240822Smoke bomb: I’m impressed as to how quick they vanished[View]
44238601rate my portfolio: just turned 19, invested in this while I was 18. Its a roth ira, but want to run …[View]
44239354Harmony doing God's Work in Africa: This ones for you, beautiful niggers[View]
44240709you faggots farming on the crono shits ayeeee[View]
44240289Another day another Wage: I exist to provide labor to my employer. In return I receive just enough m…[View]
44234584Imagine selling the Bottom: We are not in 2017 oldfags[View]
44239550I should be going all in on LINK right shouldn't I[View]
44240465Ahahahaha DIE![View]
44240576>200k cash >150k crypto What should I do with my cash? I keep hoping that there will be a Marc…[View]
44240567reversal coming!![View]
44237612which of these three should I buy more of? considering dropping Luna. even across all three at the …[View]
44239003so link bros are led by Evil Eric now?[View]
44240058What are some books that /biz recommends?: What are my fellow biznessmen reading?[View]
44238845Tick tock.....[View]
44238313Entropia Universe bent the blockchain knee after 10 years of being real cash economy mmo with a bank…[View]
44237792Peter is the head of the geth (Go Ethereum) team, which means he is literally the lead developer for…[View]
44240352>Companies begin embracing NFTs >extremely profitable Gacha games 'suddenly' start shutting do…[View]
44199529HBAR is dead[View]
44221950/dbg/ DOBO general #197 - Crab edition: OFFICIAL THREAD THEME https://youtu.be/GlHp_bC8vm0 LINKS, FA…[View]
44239621>only pumps 10% you can NOT be serious buy you fucking retards[View]
44240429https://twitter.com/100trillionusd/status/1407634975051157506 It's over.[View]
44239780>ends the era of read only smart contracts baste[View]
44237853This means nothing. Chainlink will go to 0.[View]
44238306ROSE BROSE: whats the best place to stake a 50k stack of ROSE? What kind of APY should i be expectin…[View]
44240308WTF WAS THAT[View]
44238708Sell me this chart[View]
44240238why is everything doing down its not going to crash again is it ?[View]
44239798I own 2,000 in LINK and know literally nothing about crypto I just look at the chart and do gambling[View]
44238024When does the bear market begin?[View]
44236876am i gonna make it frens[View]
44236020/smg/ - Stock Market General: Windows 11 loli edition >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq >…[View]
44236449how can I get my wallet huge like [pic related]? Need something that will make the architect proud.[View]
44237253How do I learn this shit?: I've been working at Amazon a while. I have some money saved up. I k…[View]
44239650just a friendly reminder that there are people on this board RIGHT NOW that bought a coin called …[View]
44240129It's over: $1.5 trillion in Tether pumps and this was the best you could do?[View]
44240105What it is in your bags these days?[View]
44227348So it ends: Dear diary, I have been on biz for almost 10 years, got into crypto only in 2017. Went a…[View]
44238325S&P 500 Is At ATH!: Why isn't BTC pumping!?!?[View]
44239449What the fuck should I buy? I have over 600k to spend, but I'm looking for the ultimate shitcoi…[View]
44239035>12 years into the crypto 'revolution' >its only relevant use is to be flipped for FIAT money …[View]
44239991Craig Wrong, am i Wright?[View]
44237454Sandniggertovi is Addicted To Fudding His Coin: 80% of Fud posts are made by him and his mods. He ha…[View]
44239947>/biz/ isn't talking about tangle >/biz/ isn't talking about cocktail bar >/biz/ …[View]
44239563My ducks are ready[View]
44238284Dogira general - NGMI Edition: some dumbfuck just sold 5m t okens and bought link with it, whos gonn…[View]
44239852and have yourself a merry little linkmas now[View]
44238939chainlink will now succeed because nothing else will today and bear markets are all about finding th…[View]
44239803you're simping a fat fuck at this point[View]
44239751I posted about the Hit and Run earlier on /biz/ and /g/: Just wanted to say /g/ decoded the video an…[View]
44234643why is link dipping?: google's ceo is literally partnering with them and it's dipping? is …[View]
44237703>bought XRP for .30c instead of ETH for 450 I will kill you Gary Gensler…[View]
44238590Here is how podling works on geist[View]
44239512Uhhhhhh......Link is up 17% you know what comes next don't you?[View]
44238713This is more desperate than the fake google partnership shilling[View]
44239562U are 9% down vs e therium[View]
44235317RUBIC: Fuck this piece of shit I'll dump my bags on 1.1, after holding a full year. Unless it s…[View]
44238619Why does /biz/ refuse to invest in good projects?: It's like you hate making money. Pic somewha…[View]
44237269when did you realize you'll never make it?: >have only 2 ETHs…[View]
44235408LONG O N G[View]
44234856Give me the basics. Why does the price of a crypto coin go up? Why does it fall?[View]
4423193053: >53th wealthiest guy in the world, who scaled up the fifth biggest company in the world, who …[View]
44236318Kadena is the worst performing crypto in the top 100 this week and today. Why did you shill me this …[View]
44238643The more you tell people about the cycle, the more it becomes a super cycle[View]
44239184GET IN NOW BEFORE ITS TOO LATE squidbet.io[View]
44237559I have a serious doubt: I have got 300k right now, do you know where can I stake it to make a passiv…[View]
44239179Why is it going down? Stocks had such a good day![View]
44239314Seascape Partnership: We are building the backbone of a new global creator economy. •Seascape Networ…[View]
44239138The manufacturing you never expected. Be ready Apple & EV NIO consumers: Insider here... The re…[View]
44239281Welcome to Canada.: Toronto is the future for Canadian real estate. Adjust accordingly.[View]
44237085bsv is for scammers and pol tier schizos[View]
44237964>open /biz/ >Ctrl + F >'spell' >0 results its no wonder why you guys are hopeless.…[View]
44238750See you back down at $45k in less than 12 hours: I'm going to take a nap.[View]
44238827Next HIGH price: Whats the next cryptos that could rival or mirror giant prices like Btc, eth, avax?…[View]
44237229imagine what would have happened if you told Linkies or /biz/ in general in 2018 the following: >…[View]
44239226Goddamn bros I've had so much fun here over the years. If you have been on /biz/ for over a yea…[View]
44236704They're both disgusting pieces of shit that it's such a close call The bigger scammer is b…[View]
44232674d0b0niggers claim they cant “save us”: im dumping my stack in 8 hours[View]
44239171i shroted: I added to my 65k short at 52k. Gud trade[View]
44234340>make it on crypto >scatter real life riddles leading to seedphrases with crypto airdrops all …[View]
44237546How do you get whales to buy small caps like coldstack[View]
44237166Why don't normies care about money?[View]
44236686he def browses /biz/[View]
44236985Calling all BCH Bitcoin Cash maxis. First dog token of SmartBCH just launched a few hours ago. Smar…[View]
44235632rose: 10 cent waiting room: Come on rose, dump you little bitch. Need to fill my bags[View]
44234051ENDGAME SANTA APES UNITE: >you are in fact too early 2 x call channles lined up, CMS posted the m…[View]
44237196RETVRN: RETURN TO BONKE (TICKER: BONKE) General #1 - Biz ads have been paid for edition Get in here …[View]
44238569NFT General Thread but you can only discuss NFTb[View]
44236983December is going pretty... Interesting so far: How are you managing this up and down situation? I…[View]
44238450Danke dafür, Olaf[View]
44238017>tfw pajeet lays you and 899 coworkers off via zoom[View]
44216361KDA: Kadena Babena[View]
44236398Dude just hold Bitcoin for 50 years LMAO[View]
44236107It's not enough to short Chainlink into oblivion: We must round up all the Fourth Industrial Re…[View]
44238393We will climb up from the sea of shits and take our true place at the top. The cat is out of the bag…[View]
44238778Short this piece of shit right now if you want to make it, it's already starting to dump[View]
44238507CUM JOIN US, BROTHER.: Do you like cum on tits? TG CumNipples[View]
44235288Afghanistan: How did Afghanistan fix their currency issues? A few months ago there were concerns tha…[View]
44237691>BSV threads >Also BCH smartdoge.cash threads Bullish as fuck for BTC maxis as well as those w…[View]
44235276All I need to do is sell 1,000 people an item that makes me $100 profit.: The question is, what can …[View]
44238194Vote for us on coinsniper tree bros! https://coinsniper.net/coin/19869[View]
44235707Don't forget to tip sir.: $10 for the pizza. $12 for the delivery fee. $5 for the service fee, …[View]
44234770>https://twitter.com/JadeProtocol/status/1468337838437675008 Get in. be blessed. 3,3…[View]
44229243Favorite credit card?[View]
44238542Get the fuck out of my way non-aryans[View]
44230273Ngmi thread: let's gather around: >start summer 2017 with 800 bucks >got into link in 201…[View]
44234430SEEKING SCHIZOS TO SOLVE THIS MYSTERY: I don't care if you pump my bags, I'm not here for …[View]
44238516Can you feel it?[View]
44238495TURN ON CNN: Craig 'Satoshi' Wright, creator of Bitcoin, has come out with a coin the BSC that he is…[View]
442385042022 Picks - Dark Horse Edition: XYO >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhVLjX-k5ic >https://www…[View]
44228235I Bought a coin called Onlyfans Ticker (FANNED) for $40 USD dollars (0.07 BNB [0.5% of my portfolio]…[View]
44233934pumps while everything dumps[View]
44238329Now or never: When we're done pumping this token, no amount of copium will be enough to make st…[View]
44238474Chain Link was granted bear market resistance for the upcoming week. You can buy now, there's …[View]
44237077Help me understand liquidity. I created a contract with 10,000 coins and i add 100 coins + 100$ in p…[View]
44237238RETURN TO BONKE: 5% reflections No marketing wallet Liquidity locked Renounced Active holders and de…[View]
44236810Come back!: Return to bonke Renounced Locked Much bonking and active Tg and devs! Tggg: retvrntobonk…[View]
44238446Link going up is the single most bearish thing that can happen in this market. Not dumping just won…[View]
44237536What can we expect the rest of the week Tez bros? More Ubisoft pump?[View]
44238354DYDX down because AWS down: Lmao. What a piece of shit scam . So much for decentralization[View]
44235541RETURN TO BONKE: ape fast u still early anon, this is fucking huuuge returntobonke.biz REJECT HUMANI…[View]
44237003Pee bros? how you holding up?[View]
4423830377777777777777: Link is pumping my basterds[View]
44238332>LINK actually pumping over 10% SELL NOW, THEY WONT ALLOW IT[View]
44238282i miss the memetic energy during 2018/2019/2020 things were so much comfier back then[View]
44237833What is the quickest way to turn $500 into $50.,000[View]
44238144Earn up to 70% APY on Yield Farming: EQIFI Yield Aggregator is an automated liquidity pool aggregato…[View]
44236537Portfolio Thread - uhhhhh edition: Port your portfolios lads. Pretty unsure what's gonna happen…[View]
44238146How many more GPUs should I get?: Am currently using Kryptex since HiveOS won't boot for me. Th…[View]
44235543Thoughts on helium and their the peoples network?: Bought my bobcat 300 miner today. Its only one th…[View]
44238101$22.04: >$22.04[View]
44236911What did he mean by this?[View]
44234522do you have a project that is in a juicy dip? let me know[View]
44237600Chainlink dipped as low as $5.50 on Kucoin, and we all know that all wicks eventually get filled.[View]
44235452We used to joke about it but now reality is starting to sink in. It was true, all of it. Yes all of …[View]
44237988Why is the recovery from the flash crash so anemic? I started in crypto on black friday and I'm…[View]
44237842Fast AF boy: Avalanche settles transactions in under one second. Not those 3 to 5 fucking business d…[View]
44236649*Makes Jade cucks seethe*[View]
44231501BTC price is controlled, the dips are artificial: It's pretty clear a team of manipulators are …[View]
44237119Council of Apes: I aped into Council of Apes. Right now the price is at the prebuy price since it la…[View]
44237594>only slurped up 20k extra chainlink in this dip how do i unbecome such a fucking pussy…[View]
44233532FANNED General: I told you motherfuckers that THIS IS THE ONE, now ape in or get priced out because …[View]
44237629Linkmarines, we ride.[View]
44237820Should I invest all my money in SOXL?[View]
44237623sirgay actually said this the memes were always real the memes control the fabric of reality[View]
44237439Would you buy this coin?[View]
44237422Is this 'bull run' in the room with us right now, anon?[View]
44237776globalist plan to destroy Bitcoin and the DeFi crypto ecosystem: Anyone know if this is legit at all…[View]
44237569Hello kind biz, how the fuck do I fetch data from Tradingview or similar sites? I need price, volume…[View]
44235255So how do you guys feel about giant titties? My brother can't keep his hands off mine.[View]
44237661Good evening, how are you doing? I need a coin that will 2x in the next days. Serious coins only, no…[View]
44236309CRYPTO INSIDER TRADING: Whose dick* would one suck** if they wanted to know about big moves before t…[View]
44235418Daily reminder that no matter how much you've lost, as long as you remain in crypto, you are go…[View]
44236894I am never buying NFT 'art'. Ever. Not buying your shit gif/jpgs of your stupid apes, cryptopunks, w…[View]
44236006Starting an online sales site: I have a product i want to sell, give me the do's and don't…[View]
44237635Is it too late to buy Railgun?: How high will it go? Are the airdrops worth anything?[View]
44237624READ ME: I have the best idea for a crypto project, one that is another proof of why blockchain and …[View]
44233204I'm tired of memecoins. Send me a good project you think will be around 10 years from now[View]
44237611>bsv threads >linkies turning bullish We are truly in a bear market, aren't we?…[View]
44237571Insider here, close to Sergey. Sergey has been selling Chainlink for ETH for quite some time now, ho…[View]
44237067Why aren't you in on BerylBit (ticker: BRB) yet? >based dev >sub 50k mcap, but rising ste…[View]
44237057Bitcoin dome price model is real[View]
44236345TA Experts: Would you buy this chart?[View]
44236412Now that the bull market is back and the golden alt season is about to start, buy xrune. You could b…[View]
44231064I'm $3000 into MITHRIL with a total net worth of only just over $10000. Please stop pumping DOB…[View]
44234964Why is biz not talking about ohm/ohm forks? Easiest money ever[View]
44234989I got fudded out of buying $FL0B0 at 200k: It went to 6m, now back to 1m, looking ready for a breako…[View]
44233415'Former Google CEO': What's his stack?[View]
44232575Fuck you for shilling me this: I thought I had learned my lesson already by trusting biz but it happ…[View]
44237309>want to invest >also want to travel a lot and fuck many hoes before i turn old and limp >…[View]
44237105JUST: I bought $100 worth, sold as it dumped to nothing, I capitulated my losses, today it’s worth 4…[View]
44237293Post the chart(s) you are watching: Let's share the reasoning behind our moves for tomorrow mor…[View]
44230442CRO bros get in here: I'm going to take out a Credit Card loan and use it all to buy CRO the mo…[View]
44236314We are in the most obvious down trend ever and I have all of my coins staked with a 7 days withdraw …[View]
44236462Bro's what if we don't make it from crypto? Do you have a backup plan?[View]
44237270That's it. I'm cashing out some underperformers.: I'm looking at you LINK. TIme to ge…[View]
442331835 cents waiting room come the fuck here: Unironically the most undervalued coin at the moment. Sui s…[View]
44237254What's the best way to cash out Crypto ? So i'm at a decision between selling my soul and…[View]
44236641I'm moving out of my parents place today to a 2 bedroom apartment 10 minutes drive away I'…[View]
44235112is wealth genetic?[View]
44235879I’m not a FTM fan: But this entry seems like a steal. What am I missing?[View]
44236516https://twitter.com/chainlinktoday/status/1468372434369880074?s=21 >crucial inflection point…[View]
44234985How is it that egomaniacs like Musk and Zuckerberg can stomach being owned by Peter Thiel? Sure in t…[View]
44237050I have $1600 on Kucoin wtf do I buy?[View]
44236330Crypto is gay now: What the fuck has this become? When did it become so gay?[View]
44236380This is a healthy chart[View]
44237061Buy donut!: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/donut[View]
44237015This is Feb 2018 again isn't it: >/biz/ moving slow as fuck >general threads everywhere …[View]
44234592WTFWT pawth bros?[View]
44236927This was my first coin/crypto. I guess I was too gullible. Is every shitcoin like this?[View]
44236349Are there any interesting new nft gaming projects out there that I can play now? Everything seems to…[View]
44235384You will have to get the vaccine in order to not be barred from all of society. How can we profit o…[View]
44236742You think the crash is over?[View]
44235186This is Max. He is smarter than you.: Do what Max says. https://youtu.be/MBsRIeMBHhY[View]
44226026How do you get money to buy crypto?: I work at Burger King and almost everything i earn goes to pay …[View]
44235532How do a nigga profit from bein transracial? Da pic in dis post is what I be blazin tonight wit my h…[View]
44236918>'Just use the log scale'[View]
44236695if my calculations are correct we are hitting 60k by Friday[View]
44235149BSV: Bitcoin is going to flip Corecoin. Your time is running out.[View]
44236400Are we back nftbros Is nftbros cringe btw[View]
44232967I just invested 10K into Dogecoin: literally all the money I have. how fucked am I?[View]
44236828Bear niggers are feeling euphoric?: Might wanna take some profit bobo...[View]
44235557How much MH/s or TH/s do you need for a 20 year old student?: I live in Australia and I have a fuck …[View]
44227784Should I be making NFTs?[View]
44235892Lots of bears on their knees and begging people to sell. Bullrun must be back on track I guess.[View]
44235798If you ever need proof of chainlink being a cult, you just need to look at the replies to sergeys tw…[View]
44236622Stealth launched / SonOfLondon: From the creator of Londex. I was looking for some fun while I saw t…[View]
44233932Take the Wright pill.[View]
44234894Shibaviking just launched on BSC: don't miss new gem Website : Shibaviking (dot ) Club Lokced …[View]
44234951Anyone else feeling pretty stiff right now?[View]
44236183Apologise: Hardest to fall, hardest to pump just like in July[View]
44235449Why does it take so long for the inj price to catch up to the usage? Is it because people are dumpin…[View]
44234177Day trading in crypto: In the last week I day traded with around 10k and made everyday at least 200€…[View]
44235818I saw this CAT again: Hi there, I saw this CAT with the rainbow again. This time it can make us rich…[View]
44236131Is this really why flash dips happen regularly? We are getting played by whales and theres nothing w…[View]
44233044WE LOST 50K[View]
44236111>Never selling >Never taking the vax >Never getting a job >Never getting in the pod Try …[View]
44236358Im down since this morning: But im still comfy as hell[View]
44236335Wen pump?: Ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt Joins Oracle Provider Chainlink as Strategic Advisor >Ex-Go…[View]
44234720Back to wage cage tomorrow: I’m so tired… I don’t know how much longer I can take it. I don’t know h…[View]
44236148HANDSOME PEOPLE IN?: Crypto chads only. HandsomeCryptoInvestorBSC[View]
44235620Handsome Crypto Investor: Are you a crypto chad? Well, you should be here. We are early on stealth l…[View]
44235748Any treefags here?[View]
44233582Who is steel perlot?[View]
44234912I can't stop laughing at the tshib rug, it was obvious from the start >50% BNB to marketing…[View]
4423522250k defended[View]
44236091I want to make an NFT project/scam.: Anons what is the total startup cost for launching an NFT? I ha…[View]
44235887It's time to talk about Coreto again: I know some of you heeded mycall last time. Congratulatio…[View]
44235925>fake google partnership!!!!!!: >ITS FAKE FAKE FAKE LINK LIE SCAM former Google CEO Joins Chai…[View]
44234826Nobody is going to buy your bags at these prices you greedy little faggots. There is only downside f…[View]
44236010Still not buying back in, still not getting vaccinated.[View]
44236017Looking into some trading bots, anyone have any recommendations? Should I make my own?[View]
44235563Potential: Big money. Get in early.[View]
44235198The man who discovered the blood moon, invented layer 0 decentralized caching, and helped MEV to pro…[View]
44235562>s2f invalidated if we have not reached 100K by Dec this year I repeat >S2F INVALIDATED IF WE …[View]
44235929Go ahead, buy groceries with your 'crypto currency' or anything really[View]
44233792MATIC is up and all of u mfs can shut up now. lfggg[View]
44232403Be honest, how many of you believed in the 100k EOY meme and went all in?[View]
44231969It's loss harvesting season. What's the recommended tax software for crypto these days?[View]
44234421I fell for the hyperbitcoinization meme[View]
44235830Please stop suppressing the price Sam, when is it going to stop.[View]
44224863/H4XOR.WIN/ General 4 more days edition: >What is this Simple but effective decentralized game. …[View]
44235768Why does heavy shorting precede a pump?: Pic related is IOTA. On September 1st it was 56.4% short, 1…[View]
44235133Son Of Bonk. We all loved the Flintstones I think.: Snipers got wrecked. Get in here boys.[View]
44233960Stealth Launch: You in for the finance my g? tg HodlFinanceBSC[View]
44231824FANNED IS MOONING I repeat: OnlyFans is GOING UP! GET IN BIZ BROS WAGMI![View]
44235706I'm so tired of takeouts. Just takeout already.[View]
44235705Chainlink and the Prisoner's dilemma: Two link marines are arrested and imprisoned. Each prison…[View]
44231557/smg/ - Stock Market General: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rt2nYeJH6pk >Brokers https://pasteb…[View]
44234779If you're holding tether, swap it for BUSD asap[View]
44229201The Christmas crash will be glorious.[View]
44235674chillchads... why?[View]
44235669What will be the new narrative?: Now that the omicron covid is a nothingburger What story will they …[View]
44235429wtf is happening? when binance cex? awgmi?[View]
44234239What went wrong? I remember the times when i used this pic related, Bittrex and Cex.io. For some rea…[View]
44228061Bulls: trapped Shorts: opened Let's go boissss[View]
44231887World investment market = $600 trillion Gold = $10 trillion crypto =$2 trillion Silver = $100 bil…[View]
44235552I... am forgotten...[View]
44234647so we were funding a paypig: he bamboozled us with a json parser and he hired a bunch of HR roasties…[View]
44232042just took a look at the GRT/ETH chart.: I've held GRT since Dec 2020. we're back to where …[View]
44233165WHACKD: Who here is still keeping their whackd stacked? Maxwell trial going to be huge for this toke…[View]
44235474Invalidated: my guess. 64k EOY because everyone gets it wrong. particularly this homo. theres a rea…[View]
44226694https://culg2-qyaaa-aaaai-qa7sa-cai.raw.ic0.app/ >runs directly from the blockchain on any device…[View]
44231892FANBROS... WTF WAS THAT 300K: Suddenly a green dildo spawned, fans are flowing all their air at max …[View]
44234830Dont sleep on this: Dont think, just ape[View]
44235214I am the only one who can make America truly great again: you're early Baron bros get in here t…[View]
44234098Joel Osteen is the best investor of all time. Hear me out. >get 600k >claim 600k was 'stolen' …[View]
44235424Sacrifice is LIVE[View]
44235375Why does he always betray?[View]
44235373when the bubble gon pop?[View]
44235109its crazy how much MATIC is saving users on fees, polygon hermez alone is saving users more than 90%…[View]
44234505how long have you been holding bitcoins or any other shitcoins? Since 2011? 2013? 7 years? 8 years? …[View]
44234794>50.5k accepted[View]
44233016-blocks in your path-: “Sorry anon, nothing personal”[View]
44233984BTC is struggling really hard to stay above 50k. How cute.[View]
44221649Raiden Network 3.0: The new 3.0 Mainnet Release is about to drop. 25 Million Marketcap, a Joke. Lis…[View]
44235036>Just HODL through a bear market.[View]
44212097Billionaires and celebs have been gobbling up this shit for like 10-20 years now. Does it actually w…[View]
44233000Tezos XTZ bumping, what happen ?[View]
44234337Sell now, goy. Don't make this any harder than it needs to be.[View]
44234930Are you HoDLing your funds?: HodlFinanceBSC buy that fucking dip[View]
44234049You can decentrally call each other niggers[View]
44231590Why are there so many stablecoins if they all just do the same thing? Like tether, usdc, dai etc[View]
44234108Aaaaaaaa: It’s happening again[View]
44232151Bearish divergence on the weekly and dying volume since may. What do?[View]
44233047I'm gonna go bust a big fat nut to japanese cartoons and then hit the bed.[View]
44232861RETURN TO BONKE (TICKER: BONKE) General #1 - Biz ads have been paid for edition Get in here anon, it…[View]
44228636two MIT folks hodl d0b0, as well as one close affiliate of epstein: this isnt a shill post, but the …[View]
44234202Hidden Gem: What’s your hidden gem that hasn’t pumped yet?[View]
44234761now what? back wage keking?[View]
44225129what is the next 100x?[View]
44228433Welcome to sub 50.5k[View]
44231178I hate my job. What is a non-soul crushing job I can get with a sack of shit accounting degree? I wa…[View]
44233763what be wrong idiot mumu??? Coin go down?? hahahaha dumb virgin bastard I shorted and made bank, you…[View]
44232809We did it piss marines!: First time getting 6 daily red candles in a row! Not even the mega dump fr…[View]
44234159see this shit: Name is good, play now!! lets stock!!![View]
44232027I know nobody cares, but coinbase stole a lot of their customers money over the $GYEN listing. They …[View]
44234667Hey 4ch500 faggots: Not feeling so good now are we? OnlyFans has a new marketing guy and he has work…[View]
44231352I will not warn you again. Sell. I don't want to see you lose again.[View]
44224747/GME/ - FIGHT CRAB Edition: >Basic Information https://gme.crazyawesomecompany.com/ https://finra…[View]
44229086This quote perfectly sums up this board[View]
44225491why do stinkies want to help the demon enslave humanity for eternity? Don’t they know they’re just d…[View]
44220582What is your 10 years investment?: If you could only stake/lend TWO projects for the next 10 years, …[View]
44233609How do gaming coins work? XTZ MANA GALA SAND: Why do gaming coins increase or decrease in price? See…[View]
44232507I unironically know the next x100. Should I tell /biz/ about it?[View]
44212169/WFH/ general: Ah, another day of working from home doing absolutely nothing[View]
44234366How is this pattern called?[View]
44229389Now's your last chance to sell above $50k.[View]
44234573Good evening, how are you doing? I need a coin that will 2x in the next days. Serious coins only, no…[View]
44227154Cardano:: Cardano has concurrent transactions, we will need updated FUD. Does anyone have any ideas?…[View]
44234457>He really thought the globohomo faggots would let him make it with internet chuck-e-cheese token…[View]
44232787The time has arrived. I hope you listened to the warnings and bought your suicide stack of XRP. See …[View]
44232629Realistically speaking, could another depression lead us back to the gold standard?[View]
44233431Don’t forget: That Craig Wright is Satoshi. He’s not the government or new world order or a major dr…[View]
44234199The best time to short Bitcoin was at 60k. The second best time is now.[View]
44234474I'm going to buy a fat stack of Link when it drops to it's correct market value of $0.5, o…[View]
44234473Is eth leading the market at the moment? Seems like btc followed eth to the pump and dipped right af…[View]
44234465On Coinbase, D20 Logo, Solid White Paper, No Extreme Rugging, CEO Is Known, $0.03: XYO[View]
44227793Tshib: what went wrong?[View]
44234445what do you think of hi dollars? I made an account just for shits and giggles help a brother out if…[View]
44234434if there is a god and he is just, he will kick that useless boomercoin, that's holding back all…[View]
44232558platform tokens and governance tokens are the next wave after people realize their Non Fungible Toke…[View]
44234380I can't login to binance.us Anyone else? REEEEEEE[View]
44234045It’s over bros: Craig Satoshi Wright was right and /biz/ was wrong. Kneel[View]
44231680Round 2: Ready for round 2 friends?[View]
44234141How do i stop buying at the top?: This is the 5th trade i made where i got stopped out immediately P…[View]
442325247 Decembear 2021: Standing ovation for BTC cattle in celebration of ... checks notes ... not even ha…[View]
44234329Can you smell that DIP? It's almost time to partake in a little SLUPRITY SLURPING, if you catch…[View]
44234113who is margin and why is he calling me[View]
44230742seriously thinking of putting some actual fiat into this - please change my mind: what else could I …[View]
44234296Pink Wojak General: I'll start https://youtu.be/_rxejsGWZ40 *breathes in*[View]
44230004I'm not selling my Shib.[View]
44200280Shill me your bsc token, May the best anon win.: Bonus points if you can explain why it'll moon…[View]
44234118How come the crypto verse isn’t flooded with gambling games? Imagine playing kaiji tier gambles agai…[View]
44234266Who wants to be a millionaire?: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1226973349[View]
44232376All in: Who else is longing ADA? I'm slurping its diperino[View]
44234219Absolute state of bears: You know, all you have to do is invest in good projects and stake it, right…[View]
44231918Which company is gonna be around a hundred years?: >https://youtu.be/st3KJN_DzCg?t=2295…[View]
44232961These are the last minutes of over 50k, enjoy them while they last[View]
44232903sQUIDbet.io: SECURE YOUR SPOT! squidbet.io[View]
44225222Business & Career General: Lads, what's a job or career in the US that: >Pays at least $…[View]
44232563Bullcucks are not doing so well. Let's teach them a lesson, bearchads[View]
44233453GOLDEN bullrun resumed: Price predictions EOY? >135K guaranteed And you can take that to the ban…[View]
44231280ROSE Facebook partnership: Discord trannies have gone silent because they don't want you to mak…[View]
44232909The current suppression of Bitcoin feels completely unnatural. If it was actually a dump it would go…[View]
44232765why does /biz/ keeps ignoring this project? >solves real problems >already has use cases >g…[View]
44233852Remember this? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKbPNFUHLYM[View]
44234064Kowalski, options ![View]
44227230Shitcoins with potential, is there any?: What's an amazing shitcoin to look at right now? fuck …[View]
44212007Algorand general - casino is back edition: >What is ALGO? Algorand is an ISO 20022 project that c…[View]
44227811Grandpa’s delusional gift: My grandfather was once a great man but got dementia in his later years, …[View]
44232742so when is 42 coming back? > i miss this lil nigga like you wouldnt believe yes, this is our 1 al…[View]
44229671Bitcoin is not doing so well[View]
44233728WHEN THE FUCK is ALT SEASON!!!!!!!!: Literally been waiting 2 years.[View]
44233214Operation FOMO has now been activated, you will report to your handlers immediately for briefing. Th…[View]
44233861TRADING SNACKS: Hey guys, looking for opinions on the best snacks to eat while analyzing 1M charts d…[View]
44231924Bull div on the 4H did we lose bobros?[View]
44232633this shit going to repeat itself?[View]
44231497$60k worth of 'PowNFT.net' just appeared in my metamask wallet I assume this is a scam but was gonna…[View]
44229177What coin has the most delusional baggies?[View]
44232137Top iOS app in Venezuela.: Have you picked up some RSR anon? Its absurdly undervalued. 70%+ down fro…[View]
44232253joke thread: >>44230033 This anon asked for the video but I did not have time to answer him ..…[View]
44231658Craig Wright Here, AMA: Let’s get some quality discussions going. And before anyone asks, because I …[View]
44233142I've done zero research into crypto, and years ago spent $40 on link which I pulled out when ea…[View]
44233699I can't live like this anymore: I've been working for a few years and I have roughly £60k …[View]
4423079140K is real, bobofrens![View]
44228710Real Estate Thread: Would it be worth moving to a literal desert to live in a home similar to this? …[View]
44233188Who else here trailmaxxing, it's literally free real estate[View]
44232380>be small bizness owner >had this hotshot who worked 10x faster than everyone else at half the…[View]
44233157BSV is the real BitCoin. You literally cannot refute this.[View]
44232745Would you buy this chart?[View]
44233423my cash doin a lil summin[View]
44233528how can i outsmart the crypto market ?[View]
44231784is earning 2k with sexual services possible?: is that an achievable goal or does that sort of thing …[View]
44233519>THIS FUD IS SO BULLISH![View]
44232124Is it normal to become paranoid once you make it?[View]
44230986Is there any hope for wagies?[View]
44233147Would you buy this chart?[View]
44231983Craig Wright is NOT a fraud: Glad this is finally settled once and for all.[View]
44229341Next make it coin: Shill me your next make it coin, I want something that has a team and a project, …[View]
44233382Bitcoin is pure cringe and it's a dead shitcoin. Nobody is buying your bags wallstreet fucking …[View]
44230583Jasmy: Jasmybros?[View]
44228244Chink: chinese whales dumping bitcoin[View]
44221476Looks like MTV just rugged. As predicted. Enjoy holding these worthless bags though![View]
44232299FANJEETS: You guys doing it again?[View]
44233324I'll miss this lil 50k nigga like you wouldn't believe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zc6…[View]
44232081What's your strategy for the BSC Casino? Obviously, one should check TokenSniffer and do techni…[View]
4423164250k supported[View]
44233293Since child I've been dreaming of future events. Today I've dreamt about link exploding up…[View]
44232840>Google CEO just joined Chainlink >this is the front page of r/cc Not a single post about it. …[View]
4423164121 dollars waiting room[View]
44232681How do we save it?[View]
44228223being a fucking wagie: I wanna slurp some cheapies but my fucking employer made me miss the last dip…[View]
44233141Would biz be interested in an investment app that lets you invest in cryptocurrency baskets (crypto …[View]
44229644Pay to Earn shit: How do you guys feel about pay to earn games? pic related, it's ETERNAL (cryp…[View]
44232618THE TAX MAN COMETH: THE TAX MAN COMETH I hope you've got all of your financial records ready fo…[View]
44233098Could you train AI to find momentum and trend changes on terabytes of data we have already to find p…[View]
44230608TShib rugged but these guys buying, they know something we dont or will there be a revival?[View]
44231233the secret to wealth: How hard is it to do this you retards?[View]
44231410If we're in bear market why they pushed the price up to 69k. It's fucking over bros I can…[View]
44230924So guys, get me trips and i give you stealthy launch financial advice: I roll also[View]
44229416Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul, ash nazg thrakatulûk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul[View]
44222930dot: The next 3 figures crypto pic rel[View]
44231570Token not sneeded[View]
44232679Say goodbye to 50k[View]
44231478There are people in this board that unironically think we're in a bear market. Should we tell t…[View]
44222364I have 10k to invest. How should I invest it? How do I understand which is good which is not? I foll…[View]
44232523On Coinbase, D20 Logo, Solid White Paper, No Extreme Rugging, CEO Is Known, $0.03: XYO[View]
44232011Drunk, sub 80 iq normies are literally talking to me about crypto now I'm tethering and not buy…[View]
44216823/CMMG/ Commodities, Mining and Macro General: >Introduction to mining https://pastebin.com/5uWth6…[View]
44229497bro PLEASE give us our money back PLEASE we'll even pay you as a thank you[View]
44232092Reporting Inu![View]
44227859NFT Metaverse threads: What NFTs are you bullish on, faggots? If you don't know what pic relate…[View]
44223111Guys i don't want to participate in the financial system but i don't want to go into the f…[View]
44232739/PHONON/ General: Welcome to Phonon General, dedicated to the discussion of Earth’s most secure P2P …[View]
44228634U have been warned[View]
44229369Shill me some shitcoins that have a decent TG, non-retarded non-pajeet devs, haven't rugged and…[View]
44230283okay so need some advice bros. currently working full time remote IT and living with my family to sa…[View]
44232686I can't take it anymore. Please send everthing to 0. Unleash the most vicious of bobos. Please …[View]
44232619All the money in the world but you will never fight over what little remains of the dark soul.[View]
44230562avax or...: the market is still a mess, but some altcoins are emerging from hell. I see Avax is one.…[View]
44223254Satoshi (confirmed by a U.S. court) calls out Chainlink for being total scam https://youtu.be/bWK5gb…[View]
44232538Just launched MiniFeg Huge potential / Dev SAFU 500x Potential LP Lock Feg Lovers TG : mi…[View]
44228966>White dev >Renounced >Locked LP Nice reversal happening…[View]
44232410SELL BTC ITS OVER: https://www.benzinga.com/amp/content/24452598[View]
44231900For me, it’s PODLing[View]
44231767seriously: fuck this piece of shit and fuck Yaniv[View]
44226326The Dude Token: Slowly but surely growing (12k mcap), the TG is chill af and heavier marketing is co…[View]
44232257Cigar NEW TOKEN: now sitting $10k mcap[View]
44228043The CIA started your crypto project and is monitoring you: wut do https://twitter.com/decryptmedia/s…[View]
44231164Prepare for liftoff. The Chainlink (LINK) token is officially needed.[View]
44231144Repeat after me;: I exist to provide labor to my employer. In return I receive just enough money to …[View]
44232166Fantom withdrawals disabled on EVERY Exchange: Problem with the network? RIP to FemaleToMale token.…[View]
44229131Unironically what should I buy to avoid the great reset: It seems like the billionaires have it in f…[View]
44232078chainlink is the secret ingredient: >Chainlink is a secret ingredient to unlocking the potential …[View]
44224350Why do normal people hate crypto? I've seen tons of normies have a very strong opinion on it, t…[View]
44232109I met a philosophy major, he took my cash away He said I had it comin' to me, but I wanted it t…[View]
44230148Here is some inside for you, lads In a few days BitColors NFT collection will announce that they bou…[View]
44232097I'm in it for the profit[View]
44231297Can I easily make a shit ton of money off NFTs?: I can easily make better appealing art than half th…[View]
44230991With Goodnature, every transaction: A. Pays you B. Pays into an account which buys plots of land and…[View]
44231154>Fantom >Terra >Solana >ETH >Thorchain What do all of these projects have in common…[View]
44231817Merry Chrysler you all: https://merrychrysler.site/ BIGGEST BUY COMPETITION WILL START SOON, CHECK T…[View]
44230909ICP BROS WTFWT?!?!?!?!: $100 EOD $2000 EOY LETS FUCKING GOOOO[View]
44225633Dogira General #23 - Polydoge Partnership Edition: >Thread for discussing Dogira and its future. …[View]
44229814Santa Goes Parabolic General #1: Next x100 BSC Shitcoin gem Ownership renounced Lowest price you…[View]
44231491How much crypto do you have in your portfolio?: How much is over diversified[View]
44231535>finally pumps after a year of crabbing with highest volume ever >btc dump wipes out gains imm…[View]
44226951Prepare Yourselves: You realize we're only a few weeks away from entering the TRUE bear market,…[View]
44230877help me[View]
44227233/smg/ stock market general: Bear hunt general. >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq >Stock m…[View]
44217025Qredo /QRDO/ General: Just aped in. I wish I had more fiat. This community is unstoppable. $50 EOY E…[View]
44227947Let's welcome Eric Schmidt to Chainlink by writing him a letter: 1 word replies. I'll star…[View]
44228852Just as planned[View]
44227954Daily reminder to never buy LINK[View]
44230497Negotiating salary?: How do I properly negotiate salary? Like is it actually possible to ask for too…[View]
44230525I thought we agreed on Plan C.. That is, to abandon btc and buy coldstack[View]
44231298>Exchange wants me to verify my identity (meaning: rat me out to the feds) or else my account is …[View]
44230020>This board is salvinating over an ERC-20 token not even needed Holding this is like an IQ test,…[View]
44230801>Hello? Is this Internet Computer customer service? I'd like to file a complaint…[View]
44223568Lets say, hypothetically speaking. I wanted to pillage and plunder.: What do the liberals say to thi…[View]
44227948Just pump it to 53k already so my shorts can fill daddy mumu[View]
44228199It's pretty obvious the jury in Florida ordered Wright to pay the $100 million to see whether o…[View]
44229552BTC PRICE DEAL OR NO DEAL: Hello /biz/ and welcome to DEAL OR NO DEAL with special guests igor and g…[View]
44222733So, suppose you have a friend who wants to get into crypto, what do you recommend buying?[View]
44224223General Thread - Battlebot Edition: Hired 2 new AAA Devs New Partner - Polydoge Dogira is sponsoring…[View]
44229667MicroStrategy bought an additional 7,002 BTC for $414.4 million: At this rate, each BTC was bought f…[View]
44225285I'm saving so much money dabbing delta 8 dog bless the free market[View]
44226967Huge Kleros Announcement: >pic related >it is real you cannot be fucking serious. i burst out …[View]
44231185Gen Kriffin wont frontrun us again: In November 2021 Constitution DAO rallied the world to bid on on…[View]
44230171how does this fat fuck do it?: here's the resume of one of his latest hires: previously served …[View]
44227987Biconomy (BICO): Please pump[View]
44229272Does this nigger owe any of you money? My friend bought weed in 2011 from the dark web and had 10 b…[View]
44230046tshib rogged ahaha[View]
44228507No one wants to buy because what's the point of buying for a 2x, 3x at best in exchange of mass…[View]
44227512New logo: And it points up. You know what this means right? Wagmi LTO bros[View]
44203141Is it safe to buy back in?[View]
44224966Loopring Announcement: Will there be news in the Gamestop Q3 earnings call?[View]
44230450U R ALL FUCKED[View]
44226152Should I take this debt ?: So my workplace has some option like taking 4600$K debt (its alot in 3rd …[View]
44229973Mus eo.Network: Crypto twitter with 200k+ followers tweeted out Mus eo. You going to buy yet? - VR N…[View]
44230786This is the biggest flaw I see in all of Chainlink.: The place seems to be ran by nothing but autist…[View]
44230858>traditional markets pumping >Bitcoin and eth slowly bleeding…[View]
44228681I'm sorry but wtf? how is link not in the top 10:  Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt Joins Chainl…[View]
44229867Did you buy any dips. Geist perhaps?[View]
44228504So, now that the dust has settled, what went wrong?[View]
44230446My Dad is the CEO of Bitcoin he’s going to ban you if you call me a tranny again[View]
44230597Who else fell for the bull trap today?[View]
44228467>28 >living with mom >kissless virgin >no job >no money >dropped out of college …[View]
44230216My wagecuck job gets worse by the minute and I do not feel like a Chad at all. I am losing it. Reali…[View]
44230480I haven’t went on biz for 3 months and ever since I’m up by 1000% just by listening to Reddit. I gue…[View]
44228659Something's happening[View]
44229588TSHIB just rugged[View]
44226920BTC is about to dump hard.[View]
44230528It is not going to recover from this will it?[View]
44230520How to find pumping shitcoins early? I have white hands[View]
44224235Why are Link FUDders like this?: >Link does anything >Token Not Sneeded >Sell, It's ov…[View]
44228746Remember this drop is temporary, folks: And your best shot to rebuild your portfolio with big dick c…[View]
44229833Bitcoin?: What does bitcoin actually do? As far as I can tell, its only high value because its popul…[View]
44225963LUNA: How cone no one is talking about this? I got it and $8 a few months ago and now its $70. It…[View]
44230416A board full of latefags[View]
44228332flex that portfolio: c'mon anon. xmas is close and i wanna expand my porfolio. flex some shit r…[View]
44215273Do you guys use any Pondering techniques for determining crypto prices?[View]
44229088>steel perlot Literally who?[View]
44230195he stopped dumping on friday: Then the assertion >He's dumping 1,5 million links to pay for …[View]
44230150I am never selling. Bitcoin at 20k? Not selling. 40k? Not selling. 70k? Not selling. Down to 50k? No…[View]
44229138The b in nftb stands for binance but also for based[View]
44228112I feel like its slow rugging[View]
44229990New ATH Waiting Room: Get in here boys[View]
44208069ICPbros.... it's over[View]
44229440FED FUCKING IT: https://www.nasdaq.com/articles/money-printing-and-inflation%3A-covid-cryptocurrenci…[View]
44229293Merry Chrysler: https://merrychrysler.site/ Check the webiste, looking great :) LP is burned, CA is …[View]
44223023Moving to a Latinx coutry: After I make it with crypto, I want to move to a Latinx country. Is this …[View]
44230033can someone post the webm of the zoomer nurses showing they've got no money in their checking/s…[View]
44228192Am I the only one who thinks it’s obvious that satoshi is glowniggers?[View]
44229768Eric Schmidt and Chainlink linked up, need it or keep it?[View]
44229304Goblin Coin: The chart still looks great. No clue why biz isn't in.[View]
44227135What stocks should I look out for this week for options trading?: I only have $100 and I want to ris…[View]
44229892Hey I like you guys: Buy some quantumscape. Solid state batteries set to supply high end VW cars. Wi…[View]
44228095White men actively discriminated against by State Street Investing: I actually wanted to work here b…[View]
44224542The false pump is over. The dump is now.[View]
44222626ICP ICApes floor price crashing: lmao. where's that shill from the other day saying the floor f…[View]
44228179Digits decide the name for the new /biz/ shitcoin[View]
44229170I know this guy who's got a hardon for this coin. Its literally the only thing in his portfolio…[View]
44209167ROSE general: recovery edition: >no ROSE thread[View]
44227882Who is Craig Wright?: Do you guys think he is the creator of bitcoin or do you think is a random asi…[View]
44211744Parsiq: 'When things are in the shitter for this long, they usually pump.' Parsiq has done terrible …[View]
44229070What if we're already in the metaverse?[View]
44229507Another gaming metaverse coming soon , check Souni game now.: Souni is expecting to be listed at the…[View]
44229628>last day of wagie job is tomorrow >moving to eastern europe to be with a qt >going to crui…[View]
44228943Can you highly esteemed gentlemen reassure me that putting in 6 figures into this is safe and I won…[View]
44229063The btc dip was just a whale shakeout: Thanks for playing anyone who sold https://cryptosauce.news/…[View]
44229580TSHIB died: TSHIB dev locked discord server after it rugged with an announcement along the lines of …[View]
44227759/geeseflock/ General - retweeted by a 70k followers page edition #1: >LINKS and the tale behind t…[View]
44228049HMRC crypto letters: How much does HMRC know about everyone's crypto holdings after Coinbase so…[View]
44225680you are double staking, aren't you?[View]
44229438That force of that pump to 52k wasn't half bad, mumu... OWARI DA https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
44228407>he fomoed at the strongest resistance[View]
44229382Stare into my eyes and hear my words.: Let's get one thing straight. You WILL hold those bags. …[View]
44218178/XSG/ XRP Schizo General #1639: Previously on /XSG/: >>44206501 Buy XRP on Uphold/CoinMetro/Bi…[View]
44227842Does she give good advice?: https://youtu.be/NGr_MMZ8_hQ[View]
44228838Hi guys, solidity and NFT dev here, I just need ideas. I am planning to make NFTs for: - Epstein wit…[View]
44229182>ex google ceo joins the team >no price action whatsoever AHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHHA…[View]
44223515I just got paid. What do I throw $4000 at to double in value within like 2-3 months tops? No BSC shi…[View]
442292203x short coins: Are 3x short coins legit? or they'll still liquidate you? I want to use them du…[View]
44227705I think we can all kind of the see the beginning of the end for crypto on the horizon? So what'…[View]
44228628Literally me: I put all of my money into Dogecoin when it was 0.5c. Once it goes to $1, I will cash …[View]
44229056As soon as the link price recovers to 30+ Sergey will dump for every week missed[View]
44229118>dumps when most everything recovers[View]
442291644chan, there’s a debate at work about a KPI that I’m hoping to get an external opinion. Scenario: I …[View]
44226013PRESS L TO LAUGH AT WHALES: >Whales open millions of LINKUSD longs after learning Eric Schmidt wi…[View]
44227862What do you call this pattern?[View]
44219411Former Google CEO joins Chainlink: biz will try to fud this[View]
44227888It looks like Unn is trying to go up. Would be a shame if someone from Ascendex sent over 2,145,000 …[View]
44223101LINK is now being advised by literal former Google CEO and the price hasn't done anything. Can …[View]
44219323LINK up or LINK down?[View]
44226863Holy shit, There's website where you can buy buinesses in your city: From subways to industrial…[View]
44229001Honestly if you actually thought we were back and werent just larping you need to go back[View]
44228892At what price point you're buying?[View]
44228819to be honest if link won't be $1000 eoy i'm kinda financially fucked. can you guys please…[View]
44227832SQUIDZILLA: SquidZillaBSC pump n dump check moonarch.[View]
44228790He doesn't own any GNS.: >Anon, if you have no GNS, you're NGMI. You need GNS in your …[View]
44226818Has anyone ever done door-to-door sales before? In my city there are shitloads of companies hiring p…[View]
44228644It is over. Cryptomines has fallen dragging with it most of the nft gaming tokens of the bsc.[View]
44227140I'm a neet and I made it from 5K to around 95-$100K. I need one more 5-20x and my new life can …[View]
44228535Most of you have probably never heard of it, but this is the Intellivision Amico. It's going to…[View]
44222292Yugimoon Stealth Launched Amazing website.Hype Community Moonshot >link https://pastebin.com/dLrc…[View]
44227821>bought in at $500 should I sell? Surely it's not going back up?[View]
44228526Hey Bobo remember posting this 26 hours ago? Just rubbing it in your face, nothing personal[View]
44227712when did you get OHMpilled?[View]
44228449It’s happening again.[View]
44227116>It is decentralised >But waiting for FED…[View]
44226956>watch price go from $38 to $20 >Google CEO joins as advisor >means nothing to price link…[View]
44212188If you hold grt this is you[View]
44222195Any Tech/Lawyer anons here?: I was hit and run two days ago and I got my camera of the back of my ho…[View]
44224884Day 168 of snailposting every day until BTC is at $100k.[View]
44228447he stopped the dumps: Then the assertion >He's dumping 1,5 million links to pay for the node…[View]
44222855Bullish for ICP chads.[View]
44226389Now that war is on the horizon, how will the market react?[View]
44228203Fuck Coinbase: Finally get my card in the mail and can't activate because 'card management' in …[View]
44228270THIS IS THE BIG ONE[View]
44226170I missed Kadena pumps. I used to be happy when it pumps. It stopped after 28 dollars. Why? What went…[View]
44228172why risk it: you realize the giant risk we are in of falling below 40k right? it is the END of the y…[View]
44227260Europoor here. Just woke up and I'm about to market sell everything. Thanks for pumping the ma…[View]
44227912Should I take this debt?: I am 18 and I am in my second period of economics, I study at the best fac…[View]
44211789CRO: Looks like we doing a lil summin[View]
44227932Serious question: Why does anyone even make an attempt at having any kind of discussion about chainl…[View]
44227235>Fear and greed index at 16 and he didn't buy: He didn't want to buy at 47k, thats too …[View]
44224560i solded: i was patiantly wating for today's pump to get a descent exit price, i didn't se…[View]
44216838Biz Frenz, Shill me your best lending platform with the best lending products.[View]
44227969what's the point in a suicidal scat eating cult that aims to summon a giant fat fuck?[View]
44227377Reef: Reef meltdown[View]
44206290Linkusd Longs at ATH: Chainlink longs are still at ATH. About 8% got liq'd this time. Last tim…[View]
44227870if u lost ur seed phrase this is the place for u: Welcome everyone! Today WE decided that we want to…[View]
44227321>We’re still early![View]
44222613HE WON: Kiss the ring.[View]
44227479So many shit pharma companies: So I built an stock price predictor (fetches all NASDAQ stocks daily,…[View]
44227903kava: we going to $0.30 sell now kekekeke[View]
44224405Stop talking about Chainlink. It's a dead shitcoin.[View]
44227813Just launched MiniFeg Huge potential / Dev SAFU 500x Potential LP Lock Feg Lovers TG : mi…[View]
44221758Redpill me on ALGO. What's the EOY looking like?[View]
44227717How do I become rich with my portfolio/biz/: Any advice on how to get rich with my portfolio?[View]
44226911Wagie Wagie get in cagie All day long you sweat and ragie NEET is comfy NEET is cool NEET is free fr…[View]
44226919I've spent at least 700-800 euros ordering drugs online both from the dark web and clearnet sit…[View]
44227820Is MAXI the next big thing in crypto?: I feel like I'm missing out a big one. Any degens into t…[View]
44222900Battle for The Golden Bullrun #3: Look to my coming, at first light on the third day from now. At da…[View]
44226960Which protocols will get mev next[View]
44227666daily reminder that link will be $100+ this december. merry linkmas, marines[View]
44227138How long does Binance take to verify your id? I think it's been like three weeks.[View]
44227761Can someone explain Impermanent loss risk in a pair of BUSD/BNB for instance? One is a stable coin t…[View]
44226387Injective General: I’m thinking we’re back edition[View]
44227325ghostbro is an emaciated french faggot: lel[View]
44222826DON’T FEAR THE REAPER: All our tendies have come Here but now they're gone Seasons don't f…[View]
44223181Are matic project shitcoins the next narrative? Crypto twitter is shilling it hard. The only matic …[View]
44227367Why are the goyim so interested in money: I hate people who are obsessed with money[View]
44226488To buy coins early what do you need? Is it true by the time something is on coin base it’s already l…[View]
44225828So it was indeed a nothing burger[View]
44223501My crypto Christmas blacklist: Tokens I will never buy due to their links to globalism: LINK XRP ZNN…[View]
44225160BUY BUSHIDO[View]
44216199Dating is just a series of job interviews where you force smiles and laughter to try to convince a w…[View]
44227461I mean, I buy it... right?[View]
44227151Started going to telegram channels of random coins to spam the pink wojack stickers and scream 'WTF …[View]
44223186Friendly reminder Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto: And there’s nothing you can do about it[View]
44226417help integrating into society: arrived by boat from old country and need to purchase financial inves…[View]
44201713How the fuck do people unironically maintain a balance of $0 in their checking accounts??[View]
44227369Chainstink: TOKEN NOT NEEDED.[View]
44218185/JASMY/ - A date which will live in infamy: JASMY is an Ethereum token that powers Jasmy, an organiz…[View]
44227376Foregen now accepts anonymous crypto donations: Made it? Nice Do you have a Foreskin? No? Im sorry t…[View]
44226723Is small farming profitable?Could I make it with 5-10 acres growing fruits and vegetables and keepin…[View]
44226646What was it about the early 2000s that fucked everything financially? Even before 9/11 there were co…[View]
44225624Shrimp Farmer General: Shrimp farmers check in. Where’s the industry headed? Saw somebody selling sh…[View]
44224264>actual utility >normie barstool shout out >comfy tg >100x’d day one >only day 3 Why …[View]
44227296Have you been buying the dip anon?[View]
44211948Bought a stack of these and thinking of staking for 8 years. Its not a trivial stack, but im confide…[View]
44227237Good morning anons ;): redpill me on Algorand, please. Why is everyone talking about it?[View]
44227143Money is a good thing: Only those without it complain.[View]
44223428>literally the only crypto with a real future >literally Internet 2.0 >literally made &…[View]
44223613Should I buy matic ?[View]
44227134stop pumping, I'm not finished accumulating![View]
44224430What is the best strategy for a poorfag?: I have about 3k in crypto, currently holding ETH, BTC, DOT…[View]
44223067I need 2000$ fast[View]
44227082We're back to 50k.[View]
44226486does anybody else find it hard not to spend every single moment of their waking life on crypto[View]
44227063Kindly turn your attention to the chart[View]
44226959Bulls contemplate pain, know pain..[View]
44226166I just read in dept into Chainlink for the first time. Isnt it just a JSON parser..?[View]
44215533WAGIE HATE THREAD: Ctrl+F no wagie hate thread? WAGIE HATE THREAD[View]
44220182Did AVAX actually came back to green numbers thanks to MAXI pumpinh numbers?[View]
44225691This market is entirely retarded[View]
44226343How will Richard recover from this?[View]
44226199am i gonna make it frens[View]
44226870Why are boomer stock indices swinging so wildly right now?[View]
44224693>Fmr. CEO of Google joins Chainlink Labs >-5% you can’t make this shit up…[View]
44226557what r we pumping degens?: all my portfolio is red af and need to change my game plan quickly, any c…[View]
44226477bitcoin lookin a bit sus, ngl[View]
44225268The fuck should I do?: I'm kinda new to this, should I dump all my money in Bitcoin at once or …[View]
44226687Chainlink shills are getting desperate: Can you feel it? They are gonna miss out on The Golden Bullr…[View]
44226566Does Craig really double fist his fucking alcohol like this? jfc[View]
44226090When will they stop suppressing LINK with BTC dumps? 2025? 2030?[View]
44224033Why are linkers like this?: >dumps 40% >ah yes we are on the precipice >I can feel it…[View]
4422614151k support is gone[View]
44225357Holding ICP is like having a normal life, plans and dreams then suddenly waking up in a mental asylu…[View]
44225418so you beautiful bastards / cave dwellers. your suggestions printed me x10 previously.. so now ive g…[View]
4422578051k is gone forever.[View]
44225884a board of gullible mongoloids[View]
44224037/smg/ - Stock Market General: Free advice offered in this thread edition >Brokers https://pastebi…[View]
44226191/biz/ guide to getting rich from crypto: just do the opposite of what you would normally do and you…[View]
44226149I am still in cash.[View]
44225998Ah, you though you ade not comping here.[View]
44225748>'Just delay gratification man'[View]
44219939Does anyone know how much social media influencers really make? Let's say I'll start roid…[View]
44225391I never have and never will buy a picture of a monkey: I hate all these faggots on twitter and disco…[View]
44225535Check the open interest on. Then check FTX twap. Its literally just Sam pumping the price.Retail has…[View]
44226307Sub $40K this weekend: buckle up bulltards[View]
44222839Capital Gain taxes: Are unnecessary You're really teling my these fucking jewish trash can…[View]
44225612Chainlink once again btfo HAHAHAHA[View]
44226324I nominate my cat as of SEC. Press P if you are in favour![View]
44226147Would you buy this chart?[View]
44226306Kisame, we're shorting...[View]
44226303just buy MATIC - see image, big announcement next week: Coinbase NFT marketplace integration being a…[View]
44225187That one wagie who literally never showers[View]
44225907*% inflation means you work 1 month in a year for free.[View]
44221502Elon musk bros. What went wrong[View]
44222320nice 51k support...NOT ANYMORE AMATERASU![View]
44225858The end is begging[View]
44226116Chainlink Citadel thread: We have decided to revive the good old Citadel threads. Unfortunately with…[View]
44223205yo why the FUCK is bsv crashing?[View]
44226060What are some great places to earn yield? Was thinking of trying the Terra ecosystem but also AVAX s…[View]
44225287Short ADA: The Ethiopian government is about to fall to rebels. Whatever plans they had for Cardano …[View]
44200784/pmg/ - Precious Metals General: Holocoin Edition. >Why Gold? https://youtu.be/i3S4rl6ehiI https…[View]
4422603712 link threads in the catalog. Higher than usual.[View]
44216821pic related is what ETH bulls don't want you to see[View]
44225958People are panic buying tech stocks[View]
44224328Why are (((they))) shilling NFT's?[View]
44223580Only Bread: Stop throwing away your money in onlyfans and start supporting innovative projects like …[View]
44225804>AVAX >BTT >ROSE you've been warned…[View]
44203955What's the point of bitcoin if it's proven it's unfeasible to be used as a currency? …[View]
44224126p2p binance: Willl I get ripped off? Why am I supposed to trust that some random cunt is gonna give …[View]
44225712>There are people who are buying screenshots of NFTs.[View]
44216330I am selling my last bag of this shitcoin and aping into AVAX and ROSE. My avg buy in was $0.40 but …[View]
44225108btc can’t even break 52k: It’s actually over. I hope you took advantage of this tiny exit pump and s…[View]
44225141>trillions of dollars in pension funds are invested in FANG companies >none of them make anyth…[View]
44224517When I say Sieg, you say heil Sieg[View]
44225577Check the S&P 500 / BTC: Please bobo, short btc, I dare you, I double fucking dare you ;)[View]
44224848hey biz, just dropping in to remind any newfags that call out groups can be cool, but if they ever s…[View]
44225534there are man frogs all of the sudden, what do they mean by this?[View]
44224948Former CEO of Google: CEO not needed[View]
44223331BTC-ETH-AVAX: Will be the monolithic big 3 in 1 year from now. It was the prophecy since 2019, The p…[View]
44223441>tfw you realize /biz/ consists of the same 35 autists, 5 pajeets, 15 normalfags and 7 spamming z…[View]
44225330We're not recovering hard enough. The coming weekend will fuck us up to a new massive red dildo…[View]
44225172Generational short: Remember that scene in the Social Network when he said 'I'm not coming back…[View]
44216829Kleros sirs oh nononono[View]
44224769Craig Wright is Satoshi but I don’t have to be happy about it[View]
44222178Is Fiverr a good way to make money?[View]
44224285Uh dobros what was this?[View]
44225315Does it bother you: That a bunch of weirdos got incredibly rich from crypto while you will still hav…[View]
44225226ART ARMY POLYGON: Anon check art.army in POLYGON. METAVERSE project with only 240k marketcap and its…[View]
44223275How the fuck am I supposed to actually make a living wage? Assuming you make 12$/hr which is what al…[View]
44222792Yes I hold iexec (Ticker :RLC) how could you tell ?[View]
44220547Should a beginner be investing or day trading?[View]
44224796Where are these fucking people that posted bear frogs and told bitcoin will crash to 5k by monday. W…[View]
44224787And just like that, WE ARE SO FUCKING BACK Bros what are going to do in 3 months when crypto breaks …[View]
44224995DOGEGF - Holding a tidy 1t[View]
44224739This will never be you: This will never be you[View]
44223158/biz/: I have 5M net worth and never invested on Internet funny money or boomer stocks. Nobody here…[View]
44219695/GME/ - Literally a Tuesday Edition: >Basic Information https://gme.crazyawesomecompany.com/ http…[View]
44224599show me your hodl face[View]
44224788Close your short bobos[View]
44223979Elon musk is trending again, how can I profit from this?[View]
44224575biz.....BIZZZZZ: If you have lost some words from ur seed phrase come here: @the1oneofficial[View]
44223710d0bp dev team has too much dead weight: remove santovi, crypt, ghostbro coin will grow guaranteed wh…[View]
44224410Bobo I'm begging you to put an end to this fucking run already. Stop the crabbing. Stop the inc…[View]
44224528Bitcoin hedge fund: Bitcoin hedge fund 5% to BTC rewards Tg bitcoinHedgeFund[View]
44219111ATVI - Activision Blizzard: Sup /biz/, /v/ here. Thinking about buying stock in Activision Blizzard…[View]
44216028How much shib: Do you need to have to make it? I have 200mil shib, do I keep getting more?[View]
44221201Why does no one ever speak of Singularity net?[View]
44224464Moonboys are going to slaughtered by my fellow bear bros Run with us or run from us[View]
44224329Why are linkposters like this?: >ahh I need to keep shitposting about my shitty coin…[View]
44223299RSR: hopium anyone?[View]
44214768How realistic is making a middle class income from stocks/crypto? I mean something like a 1000 dolla…[View]
44224390Why is /biz/ like this? Always nested within layers of cope.[View]
44223012Why is BTT never discussed here?: It is pumping Is it a shitcoin?[View]
44215300I just quit my wagie gig that I hated I have $3500 in my bank account and about $85k in crypto after…[View]
44223341It's happening: AAVE v3 License snapshot ends 12/13. Marc has stated V3 is in the final stages …[View]
44219057Rubic: Discuss; buy or buyn't[View]
44223636>Internet Comp-[View]
44222202What's happening?[View]
44223660Dogebird just launched: Another dog coin, but very small mc (6k)[View]
44219429ICP will make a new ATH in 2022: https://medium.com/terabethia-bridge/terabethia-bridging-contracts-…[View]
44223630Wagie general: >went to gym last night >read book in bed at night but became bored of it and g…[View]
44218568Did i really just fomo into ticker LGBT coin?: Did i really just fomo into ticker LGBT coin? Whats h…[View]
44220951/smg/ - Stock Market General: new paradigm edition >Brokers https://pastebin.com/f8Pa7nGg >Bas…[View]
44221521Best meme coin in december?: Lets find out![View]
44223117Price predictions Anons: Is this a buy target in January ? How much do you all think it will trade …[View]
44223056NEETING: How much passive income do you need per month to justify being a full-time NEET?[View]
44223283Prepare for the worst: Its over.. for the last couple of weeks I keep overhearing normies on the str…[View]
44222075Are you ready Anon? Show me your poker face[View]
44223196how do we completely erase from the board: the homosexual suicide cult worshipping a token not neede…[View]
44219668Is Luigi LGBT legit or just jeet shillers?[View]
44223702LF Tax Optimizoooor meme: Anyone have a link to the tax optimizooor meme?[View]
44223662I want to verify a lot of accounts for a crypto website. I have decided to use Fiver to find some in…[View]
44209227The Flippening: The Flippening[View]
44202688Why don't people just buy shitbox cars?[View]
44223553I just can't wait to hear your screams in the coming days. You will be applying for mcdonalds s…[View]
44223534Dark net marketplace smart contract: Memes aside, what is stopping one of you nerds from deploying a…[View]
44223520If I shilled you a coin giving reflections in BTC, would you buy it?[View]
44223512Bullish on $LINA: Let's see how far Linear will bring us tonight[View]
44222213>NFT music platform just announced >partnership with a couple of big names just announced I tr…[View]
44213427Why does crypto exist when we have modern banking? Ultimately crypto brings nothing new to the table…[View]
44223100Failing class because I’m a loser and my life is shit and severe ADD. Asked professor today for any …[View]
44222793Data mining thread: Looking at the chart, do you think geist is going to go up or down[View]
44223376Anyone know a way to exchange crypto for tax-free gift cards?[View]
44221810Link is now over $21 Bitcoin is about to tank.[View]
44223076Prepare to get bonked. https://youtu.be/AvKOoPidmxQ[View]
44221577No one is buying here. It's over.: Guy who called every major event since 2010 just said he is …[View]
44218332Sperm Chads, we’re about to fucking moon again[View]
44221998yo bitcoin be str8 bussin no cap fr fr on god[View]
44219787Help!! Win10 restarted while sleeping, lost tons of opened tabs: Fucking Windows10 restarted on my a…[View]
44223201i miss my friends[View]
44223210sirs It is me Pajeeta I have been looking to acquire the 7 great shitcoins of this world, Shill them…[View]
44219154So many have been fooled: Many have been fooled including some here on this website into believing t…[View]
44222575>joined the fun >market crashed Why did he do it biz…[View]
44223104diversification: >less than $100 invested = only 1 coin >less than $1000 invested = only 5 coi…[View]
44222664No one wants to buy because what's the point of buying for a 2x, 3x at best in exchange of mass…[View]
44222414Enjoying your 50k?[View]
44223141Reindeer Inu is launching in 10 mins HOP ON: Telegram group: reindeerinubsc[View]
44222427Let's discuss: simbiotes.io[View]
44221482I just did a deep dive on the Internet Computer's cannister smart contracts system and I am ama…[View]
44220204>United States government announces In collaboration with the UN, Pope, Rabbinical and Islamic co…[View]
44220048Would you guys agree that prices on food, electricity, water and rent be reduces to absolute 0?[View]
44220460HEX multi-billionaire literally OBLITERATES LINK: Holy fuck Linktards how can you watch this and sti…[View]
44222204>sold matic for harmony Im missing LUNA and matic holding this shitcoin.…[View]
44222176Operation FOMO has now been activated, you will report to your handlers immediately for briefing. Th…[View]
44221694why does he betray?[View]
44220475Why do we all have to fight all the time? Can't we agree on 1 set of crypto and not fight about…[View]
44222299>drop a few hundred into something >take an hour-long nap >wake up >check the report …[View]
44220334Another BTC/ETH: Are there any other cryptos that have the potential to reach btc/eth tier prices? o…[View]
44222598Something big is brewing[View]
44222606>keeping 6 figure life savings in a browser extension[View]
44220466You only have an hour or so left: Coinbase imminent[View]
44222811Check the open interest[View]
44220190/dbg/ DOBO general #197 - Pinkfaggotry edition: OFFICIAL THREAD THEME https://youtu.be/GlHp_bC8vm0 …[View]
44222754/PHONON/ General: Welcome to Phonon General, dedicated to the discussion of Earth’s most secure P2P …[View]
44222404Anons, I...[View]
44221427This is your last opportunity to sell below 60k: Use it wisely[View]
44222586how low will they crash BTC?: 48k? why the fuck did chainlink release news as the market was just re…[View]
44222588>Amerimutts wake up >everything dumps[View]
44220651Is stable coin farming actually safe and basically risk free unless someone exploits the platform? Y…[View]
44222565the chainlank token is needed[View]
44220766I cant wage anymore. Im mentally exhausted and my heart health is rapidly declining. Please tell me …[View]
44221650What if i told you you can profit off teaching AI systems what objects are in photographs[View]
44221677!!!! Key Resistance Levels not Breached !!!: This is a warning to everyone here. December is really …[View]
44221520I'm financially ruined.[View]
44220677What are people born now going to do?: People born now will be 20 in like 2040. What are they going …[View]
44222350I'm probably one of the most bullish people on this board, and to me this feels like one of the…[View]
44222112>>44202143 Crypto is divergent arms and justice. It's ageographic nationalism. RL borders…[View]
44222456Eric Schmidt is a deep state pedo: This is extremely bearish for Chainlink. Do not trust the shills.…[View]
44221493What the fuck was that?[View]
44222330our time is coming boys, i can feel it.[View]
44221678god i love being a federal agent[View]
44219999So why haven't you put your life savings into crpyto yet? After a dump is the perfect time.[View]
44221991WHAT WAS THAT: COVAL is POOOOMPING did any news come out?[View]
44221525Damn, this whole thing is harder than it seems[View]
44221793atehrtjh tkrtjle oiijpuge rthtrnhtwhlwtjhmwoiph iomwtriopwmrpinjwtjwtiopjoipiu niuohy ggergoij[View]
44220294the legendary safemoon dumper bought it at the presale for $500. Where/when do you think the next pr…[View]
44221275>150% APR. Deflationary. Sub 20m market cap.: Most robust decentralised leverage trading platform…[View]
44207769/dbg/ DOBO general #196 - The bonkscars were dope edition: OFFICIAL THREAD THEME https://youtu.be/Gl…[View]
44216577AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH: Everything is about to shit the bed! FFFUUUCCCKKK!!!!!!! https://www.asiamarkets.co…[View]
44213352PNK: Discuss Kleros[View]
44217680If I make $120k a year, how expensive should my car be? How much do you make and how expensive is yo…[View]
44221914OWARI DA: IT'S OVER.[View]
44221735Matic or algo?: Matic chart has a nice crescendo. On the other hand, Algo is an ISO coin. Thoughts?…[View]
44220777This can’t be happening[View]
44218898Hello trannies! How ru?[View]
44196512HEX BROS: How we feeling?[View]
44221840tomomi motozawa: Source of last thread in subject BTC THREAD Last thread got pruned by jannies. Any…[View]
44221728I've noticed orb pondering being memed lately, and it made me wonder about this thing. Is it an…[View]
44217569Ethereum did a 50x: Daily reminder that just buying ETH in the last 4 years would have done an avera…[View]
44221680What do you call this pattern?[View]
4422142252k waiting room[View]
44220608What was the most you put in a shitcoin?[View]
44221507it happened again[View]
44219219Have 1 bean to gamble, shill me the next x100 bsc non-jeet shitcoin[View]
44202799I’m slurping the Fantom dip. FTM to 6$[View]
44213931CARDNO EMERGENCY MEETING: What do you think is going to happen during the big event next month? Don…[View]
44218417Polygon: Any actual working dapps on this thing or is it just another hype pump like ADA?[View]
44220912ICP BROS: 1) What’s the difference between hitting dissolve delay and not hitting it? 2) If you DON’…[View]
44216940Mithril General: I brought more lul[View]
44219657Anon you STILL haven't bought nubtc?: It's only getting more and more coverage, soon even …[View]
44221539mfw the earth is flat with a dome[View]
44221421MATIC UP BY 30% BITCHES: they are truly deserving of this pump. and i still think they’re underrated…[View]
44221435> Decide to finally buy something from my crypto gains > Use Binance card > Pay 4000 euros …[View]
44213487NO NO NO NO NO: NOT AGAIN[View]
44221464where's tinder anon?: The anon who went turbo Autismo talking to bitches on tinder about Chainl…[View]
44221448Project you're most bullish on right now?: For me its Ultra (TICKER: ULTRA)[View]
44220817Craig Wright Is Satoshi: What are your thoughts on this?[View]
44221398What's this shape called?[View]
44219614No coin is needed. Not even bitcoin.: This entire market has no actual value and works like a pozni …[View]
44218207I'm going to put all my neetbux savings (13 000 dollars) into crypto and hodl for twenty years …[View]
44220534In the old days rich people used to dress very distinctly. Nowadays they're walking around look…[View]
44220798Here's your bear market guys: Finally every crypto is crashing ![View]
44221271Work Ethic: You know it's really important to have, makes you a better person and is the founda…[View]
44220000ITT: we poke the bear Make it hurt, Bogandoff. I wanna see pink wojak’s for a week straight. Dump on…[View]
44220838L1 Blockchain, and you're missing it: t_g_ BerylBit[View]
44215751Next 10,000x coin: Have you ever looked at your phone and just seen that random coin you never saw b…[View]
44220994>crypto dumps hard >not a single demoralization/“one million is literally nothing”/“tfw 26 and…[View]
44220527I cant focus or do any type of work on my wagie WFH job why wont they fire me ? Surely someone must …[View]
44220999Yo, question for the NFT fags. I know you guys buy lazy giraffe and all that shit, and since it clea…[View]
44221050Hole sht, I just want to CONSOOM: But alts aren't back to before crash levels[View]
44220049prepare your fucking assholes[View]
44221045Every dead cat bounce is just another opportunity to short[View]
44221038whats your marsshot on chinese-chain? small m.cap please[View]
44220848When did you realize bitcoin would never be above 70k or under 30k ever again?[View]
44220622this is your last chance to sell[View]
44220904Friendly Biz Raidshadowlegends: This is a friendly reminder to all anons using the /biz/ board that …[View]
44220741>have 10k Matic >Stays static for months >Convert to GHST for Aavegotchi auction >GHST d…[View]
44218512The M.M.R.I.: link in the description of this video.[View]
44218120/smg/ - Stock Market General: Pumping Edition: >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq >Stock m…[View]
44218797does my exchange know something us plebs dont: notice how its tether, and xrp. two coins I always su…[View]
44219199Is he really gone?[View]
44217454Anyone watching rug.farm? Satire name aside it looks like a solid team and a doxxed dev team. I thi…[View]
44220393so in the end he was a fat fuck: we trusted him being a genius, but he was just fat[View]
44220372Eric Schmidt is a known pedo: Not even surprised he joined Chainlink.[View]
44220690Are you enjoying our display, /biz/? I thought the jannies needed a reminder that they spend hours d…[View]
44216048this is legit or not? i find this on moonarch tg elonclausetoken anyway when dobo come back to ath?…[View]
44220675I will get my salary tomorrow. Tomorrow is the investment day. I will buy Algo, Fantom and Ufo Gamin…[View]
44219414Will there be any financial opportunity similiar to bitcoin in our life span again?[View]
44217017Next Earth: Is this a scam or is there something to this ? I want to buy land in Jerusalem[View]
44218755I took a loan from my bank to buy the dip I dont think it was worth it[View]
44215499Staking as an income: Hypothetical. Say you have $2M Would you stake as your income? What chain offe…[View]
44218263Is this the last bounce before the doompa?[View]
44220325Nearly 29,000 people spent a collective $97M on procedurally generated circles. How does this make y…[View]
44220176TRIAS: https://forge.triathon.space/#/ https://forge.triathon.space/#/ https://forge.triathon.space/…[View]
44210532What did he mean with this?[View]
44200296Shib Mega Pump Incoming: >t.Insider[View]
44218218What’s y’all niggas side hustle?: Gotta hustle to make dat scratch! 100%[View]
44214823TRISOLARIS: Steakbros Is staking reward 50%?[View]
44219472former google ceo is now advising chainlink: it's nothing right? if any other project had this …[View]
44212477On chain analysis is a flaw, not a feature: Being able to analyze on-chain activity is a fucking jok…[View]
44218246Rose × Wormhole partnership: Finally this piece of shit will move https://medium.com/oasis-protocol-…[View]
44217409I'm gonna do it: I have never dabbled in crypto or stocks or anything before, but something has…[View]
44216002Bitcoin foming a double top about to break down to 10k Ominous eth btc ratio It's so over isn…[View]
44218629>it's already priced in Why the fuck do people even say this or think they know this?…[View]
44220313I sold everything at 60k since everyone still thinks of crypto as just a way to get more fiat and th…[View]
44220322I sold at 65k thinking I had finally called the top for once If a new bullrun starts I'm litera…[View]
44220309camel camel camel: Are you tired of not living the life you deserve? stuck working a 9-5 job making …[View]
44220299Friendly - Biz - Raid: This is a friendly raid to remind you all that they do it for free. This raid…[View]
44220288/MG/: Metaverse General: Myobu Edition Thead Jams: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lur2pKaaAxg&l…[View]
44220162Everyone quickly turning bullish at resistance over a 5% pump while were still in range is scaring m…[View]
44219793ShadeCash: Limited time to buy this sub $1. xShade dropping soon will definitely pump, and will allo…[View]
44212230/GME/ - Financial Security Edition: >Basic Information https://gme.crazyawesomecompany.com/ https…[View]
44220203Friendly - Biz - Raid: This is a friendly raid to remind you all that they do it for free. This raid…[View]
44219565Friendly Biz Raid: This is a friendly raid to remind you all that they do it for free. This raid it …[View]
44220191Bronanaz Buiness Opertunity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dW4nKUfYivk[View]
44219639/PHONON/ General: Welcome to Phonon General, dedicated to the discussion of Earth’s most secure P2P …[View]
44220036/cbg/ CABO general #24 - 8 Lifes Left Edition: OFFICIAL THEME https://voca.ro/1jzLlcke81vc LINKS, FA…[View]
44220122I know most of you are newfags from Reddit. Go upvote this and comment: https://www.reddit.com/r/Cr…[View]
44214264Market Resetting: As crypto market Resetting gradually, is there any event upcoming this December th…[View]
44216676Potential gems flying under the radar: If you’re not already doing so I suggest you get some $ALOHA,…[View]
44219750TA is for retards: Just so you are aware since I know you've come here to defend yourself, you …[View]
44219528Xrune has the best tokenomics in crypto. Change muh mind.[View]
44218395Hbar: >btc pumps >hbar pumps the least >btc dumps >hbar dumps the most…[View]
44217912What does Satoshi mean by this?[View]
44219418Why is it pumping??? I thought it's a dead coin.[View]
4421935813 DAYS: 13 DAYS[View]
44212487You fags have been saying the economy will crash ever since Biden got into office. Well, where is it…[View]
44219897Friendly Biz Raid: This is a friendly raid to remind you all that they do it for free. This raid it …[View]
44219889Just moved $1k eth to link.[View]
44215295Does biz hold any of these? I need some opinions ASAP[View]
44218237mooncheems on BSC[View]
44219816Former google man bends the knee: Btc dump waiting room[View]
44217676>MATIC just 2xed after Vitalik endorsed zkRollups as ETH's L2 solution now just imagine what…[View]
44218604Monero shills try to create the illusion that they're the only privacy coin in town, but zcash …[View]
44217741bitcoin CASH >peer 2 peer CASH >low fees >actually works!…[View]
44219814Friendly Biz Raid: This is a friendly raid to remind you all that they do it for free. This raid it …[View]
44217888Chainlink Spoonfeed Thread: Hey all, I wanted to start a fresh thread to answer any questions about …[View]
44219780Bitcoin Graphs: IS IT GOING UP AGAIN? OR WILL IT DROP DOWN.[View]
44218830Oraichain is a Japanese project.[View]
44219474is cro under or over valued?[View]
44218709let me guess, you're not going to sell this pump because you're a greedy cunt and then you…[View]
44215299Even the OG crypto whales gave up on BTC[View]
44219572Can someone get this piece of shit back under 50k: It's not just about the money, I like seeing…[View]
44219529Who still holding this shitcoin?: liquidity unlock soon, thought the devs would have been healed by …[View]
44219486Friendly Biz Raid: This is a friendly raid to remind you all that they do it for free. This message …[View]
44217759I get liquidated at 52k: I don't feel good bobros...[View]
44219430get fucked bears[View]
44219441Friendly Biz Raid: This is a friendly raid to remind you all that they do it for free. This message …[View]
44215696If quads the bear market stops mid 2022 and the biggest bullrun starts[View]
44214433All these pink wojaks for days, and here I am just making BANK via Girali.com...the blockchain tx…[View]
44210236Bitcoin BTC Crypto - it's all over: https://www.cnbc.com/2021/12/06/miami-jury-rules-in-favor-o…[View]
44216091Why do we think INJ can have a run similar to BNB again[View]
44215411I’m 100% in chainlink: Therefore I’m better than you.[View]
4421934987Degrees Are they serious?: S&P has never pumped harder and faster in 27hrs Is this going to be…[View]
44219179>every country is at each other throats >USA vs Russia over Ukraine >USA vs China over Taiw…[View]
44218302sigh.... just aped into eth and matic[View]
44219112What happened to DOT? Only curry threads and fud posts these days: Where did DOT go wrong?[View]
44219231Makes all L1 and L2 and Oracles obsolete overnight.[View]
44218851I broke you: How have you come back...?[View]
44219252Friendly Biz Raid: This is a friendly raid to remind you all that they do it for free. This message …[View]
44219145Bull is still on mumus WAGMI: It never ended. 135k BTC EOY trust the plan B Trust Satoshi[View]
44219152Is matic a relevant buy?: Picrel makes me want to dump all of my polygon into something like looprin…[View]
44218690Why does it keep crashing upwards?!: You niggers told me to sell!! Fuck you biz, fuck you[View]
44219110All lubed up, mumu?[View]
44217354What's this? (Ticker: OwO) - Xmas Edition: So owobros... how do you all feel about that liquidi…[View]
44217886Ok guys after few months of following the news I decided to participate in crypto/bitcoin. May gain…[View]
44218997Still not getting vaccinated, still not buying back.[View]
44218198When I first saw that commercial I knew the top was in.[View]
44219030By ordah of da Peeky Fockin' Blinders[View]
44217449RSR mainnet soon: Comfy af. Just entered at a low price.[View]
44217144>bombed another interview >didn't even get asked hard questions, I literally just turn i…[View]
44216967My bastards listen: This shit is mooning[View]
44219003Did you buy his bags? In for 5 at $50 average[View]
44218868SHORT POLYGON NOW >meddl du bist gewarnt wordne[View]
44210571Crypto gaming, is it the next big hype or snake oil?[View]
44217399I literally work to design and ship products, just for those companies to sell me back those same pr…[View]
44218312yeah, i'm thinking we're back.[View]
44218766LINK has brought you nothing good this last year.: Why do you hold still?[View]
44217401Simbiotes: Can anyone confirm the meme that Marc Cuban is behind this shit? Where did you assholes g…[View]
44217446Check the unn chart if you’re into schadenfreude. Being an early adopter isn’t easy, but as john Roc…[View]
44217125Redpill me on this guy[View]
44218816AVAXchads help me here: Subnets are very interesting but i've yet to find information on cross-…[View]
4421881352k waiting room[View]
44216657/biz/ is it Omnicron or Omicron? Note the extra n. Bitcoin cash or Bitcoin. Financial discussion. I…[View]
44207549Has this piece of shit company collapsed yet?[View]
44218726At the time of this post the real bitcoin was priced at: USD 183.28 Okay maybe you didn’t get it at …[View]
44217364Most people don’t know that in the long run, Blizz Finance is deflationary[View]
44217408>he didn’t buy nftb at 19.8 cents (the exact bottom) KEK[View]
44216116I can't believe you've done this bepis...[View]
44218290>Chainlink 21 >sits between an unicorn token and tron >Litecoin still above LINK >YTD is…[View]
44212440Any BSC shitcoins caught your eye lately?[View]
44218546I sold in 48k, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck![View]
44206501/XSG/ XRP Schizo General #1638: Previously on /XSG/: >>44192175 Buy XRP on Uphold/CoinMetro/Bi…[View]
44212568when will this faggot pump my bags?: I can barely take it anymore this faggot just won his gay court…[View]
44216463Rate my motoko[View]
44218359Chainlink (ticker: LINK): see see i pee[View]
44214853OHM: your opinions[View]
44215693What did Stonecoon mean by posting this?[View]
44216737AIGMI B0NK BROS: Im new to biz, found the board when dobo was blowing up, managed to get 48B during …[View]
44214550Fuck this crab dumping piece of trash coin. Going down faster than you can say double spend.[View]
44217589So /biz/ promised me a huge dump this week and every shit is already 10% up. So whats the deal? Dead…[View]
44217317DUSK - It's poomping: Who is holding?[View]
44214122Geist is a bluechip fantom coin and the preferred lender. Is anyone here using it[View]
44212978Making a coin /biz/raelis, need tg mods and shillers. Will compensate you with coins or the ability …[View]
44217306I cant focus or do any type of work on my wagie WFH job why wont they fire me ? Surely someone must …[View]
44218107I can't wait till bsv dumps back to below 100. I'm gonna make it hell for you fags[View]
44204975DogeBeard2 General: Beardbros its December and that means if you held your beard from Movember then …[View]
44214674If you're buying right now you're a certified retard[View]
44214795You have 36 hours[View]
44217631New SAFU Shitcoins anyone?: >Low MC >SAFU >Rewards if possible I have invested in a couple …[View]
44215981/cbg/ CABO general #23 - Every Day Stronger Edition: OFFICIAL THEME https://voca.ro/1jzLlcke81vc LIN…[View]
44217960Prove me wrong or gtfo Fake Bears[View]
44216529Any of you gonna make it during this bull run?: Or you have to wait another 5 years get out of pover…[View]
44215080Chainlink Keepers now live on Binance Smart Chain https://www.binance.org/en/blog/chainlink-keepers-…[View]
44217843Are you going to miss out on this as well?[View]
44216851Do not redeem severance payment good sers[View]
44217794Prepare to get bonked. https://youtu.be/AvKOoPidmxQ[View]
44217788If Chainlink wins: there will be 10,000 years of darkness. Do not let these schwablords have the las…[View]
44214523/smg/ - Stock Market General: phone posting thanks to you lazy fucks edition >Brokers https://pas…[View]
44215520DoctorStrane 2K MC - No nigger proposals plz: I aped in in a project that i saw on reddit. Dev doesn…[View]
44211102What's the sui/make it stack with this?[View]
44217609Help a retard understand: So im just trying out leverage trading (im still learning). So I longed ET…[View]
44214155Now that nearly every alt token is a rock-bottom prices, are there any hidden gems on BSC?[View]
44216981biz humor thread: looks like were missing out again on this gem called 'ajeverse' on cmc >african…[View]
44209342How much of your portfolio is in crypto? If this whole thing doesn't work out what would you do…[View]
44214001Yes, I was born to maximize: If you're not maximizing then you're dead weight soldier…[View]
44216206>normies this, normies that He thinks being on a forum with people who have never seen a vagina i…[View]
44217442Have you got yourself a master nigger yet? Tick tock[View]
44217196Kleros Sirs, is this the marketing we were promised by Clement?[View]
44215358Who else pretending this unn dip isn’t happening? Other than thinking about all of the future integr…[View]
44215202Earning interest on Stablecoins?!: I think stable and sustainable profits always defeat improbable o…[View]
44214074I made it: In 2015 I was arrested for large amounts of lsd, and was charged with a first degree felo…[View]
44217115market crash: /biz/ do you believe a big crash is coming on the first Q of 2022?? I am asking this f…[View]
44215876The next thorstarter ama is just a couple weeks away. You know what that means[View]
44215186Legit looks like a deadcat bounce, fr fr[View]
44212908Is Shib the crypto coin of 2021?[View]
44212874Should I trade all my ONE for this?: Getting tired of holding my 100k stack of ONE might put it in t…[View]
44216384What does btc mean by this?[View]
44216464Wtf is happening?[View]
44217063>newfag poltards are panic selling before 250k >mfw…[View]
44216812Paid little bitch: The worst kind. Claiming that he cannot be bought. His voice trembles every time …[View]
44193942Entrepreneurship General /entg/ What's The Worst That Could Happen?™ Edition: Well back, folks.…[View]
44216911Hackaton of OxPolygon: Have you watched STACKOS CEO Vishnu Corde talking about DeCloud is the new de…[View]
44216620What about RMRK, kurama? up or down[View]
44214785You will be hardened, you will become resilient beyond imagine: You will suffer to the point of no r…[View]
44216716launchpad on bsc: XL Xolo Inu is gonna change the world as we know it[View]
44216281Evergrande defaulted[View]
44216741What the hell are there so many weirdos in the crypto spaces? How is the mainstream suppsoed to take…[View]
44215887People here are going to look back at the coldstack chart next year and wonder why they didn’t buy i…[View]
44215609What is the latest hype?: Is it just me or Doge coins are hype again. I saw Daughter, Stepmom, Son..…[View]
44216622Why didn't I buy 10 BTC at 42,500? I would be up $89k already.[View]
44216197LINK: It is time.[View]
44216212Thoughts on REEF? Know nothing about it, but love the name and their marketing is good.[View]
44193132I, Boy Sminem, declare the red days over Green and blue IDs will make it[View]
44216273I just redeemed all my rose, was triple my profit, i regret not redeeming all at 40c What am i in fo…[View]
44214863Can we all just agree that Monero is king and all other cryptos are shitcoins?[View]
4421118980% underwater: It’s easy as fuck to hold this shit as I’ve already basically lost my investment. Re…[View]
44215484new whale in town: observe my journey with great interest, faggots, i will soon post undeniable proo…[View]
44216423>Sold at 46.5k: I even shorted as well...why did I get lied to...I thought we were going to 10k..…[View]
44210809Why didn't anybody shill this here?[View]
44211061Slot Machines: Why do people even play with those? You’d have a better payout ratio if you bought op…[View]
44213929Radix is a scam: >Bro we are more scalable than every other L1 on the market >O-okay I didn…[View]
44216453Who else loves Health care project's: PULSE[View]
44216405Should we be buying carbon credits?: MCO2 etc?[View]
44216353How to make money: Buy GME when it's at 160-180 Sell when it reaches 220 Rinse and repeat The c…[View]
44216344How does inflation hurt crypto long term?: People acting like them printing a trillion dollars into …[View]
44212641Arbitrum General #11: Welcome to the Arbitrum General. Arbitrum is a fast and secure decentralized o…[View]
44214594It took me 2 whole years to get to a million. Its fucking over, isnt it?[View]
44215166>bears euphoric: We all know what comes next[View]
44216219ATOM: Please tell me about it! Cant make my retarded mind.[View]
44216189Your thoughts on DCIP?[View]
44214770Bought my first trade, ADA at 1.30 looking to stake and sell at 3$. What am I in for?[View]
44212928RVPbros: did ye slurpe the dipperino?[View]
44215988The wick above 50k is just a part of me Genjustsu Nigete nigete sei ni shigamitsuku ga ii. AMATERASU…[View]
44209425Panic sold at 47k: Should I buy back?[View]
44215966ITS OVER[View]
44212762I literally SOLD EVERYTHING today in one or two days you will understand why[View]
44215940heh... bulltards wasting coin when markets gone down hard Big boys like me shorting, summary of the …[View]
44213371Future-proof Stack: Ok /biz/ I understand I’m almost 4 years too late to the crypto party, but what …[View]
44215899check the LINK/SHIB pair[View]
44215252Them sat gains nom nom nom nom[View]
44215888Parastate: ParaState presents its SSVM-Ewasm Substrate pallet with the aim of offering dApps develop…[View]
44215280>be an extreme poorfag >start your journey with shitcoins with 20 dollars >after two, three…[View]
44215866is this bullish?: picrel[View]
44213416SPACE: Space is the metaverse where users can create a vibrant user-owned economy through unified kn…[View]
44214397>desperate poorfags unironically think that it isn't over because of this tiny little blip o…[View]
44215808Cleanest coin on bsc: $Santaboo Invest in this shit fuckers , this is the cleanest coin you would s…[View]
44211645NFT: Kings are you tired of jeets pulling rugs, releasing absolute shit tokens and moon boys talking…[View]
44214466Smart contracts 2.0 are coming out in January after the oraichain mainnet 2.0 update. You’d have to …[View]
44215654look homies the bullrun is over[View]
44214116#3 is slurping the DIPS: https://bitinfocharts.com/bitcoin/address/1P5ZEDWTKTFGxQjZphgWPQUpe554WKDfH…[View]
44213875Oldfag from 2015 here who bought link bellow 15 c. There are some good projects this cycle. Not gonn…[View]
44215380Get your shit managed now: >Last opportunity to fill your bags >Prices will never be as cheap…[View]
44213078It's coming back guys! Get in here![View]
44213204Link double bottom. Yeah, I'm thinking we're back.[View]
44214051NoFap Day 2 till $10: PRQ Parsiq How are you guys doing?[View]
44214094BitTorrent Chain (BTTC) mainnet launch December 12: >The BTTC will be an Ethereum Virtual Machine…[View]
44213823Scam of the year: post yours[View]
44213678PNK: Is PNK still good?[View]
44212533Still not buying back.[View]
44215281ADA vs ALGO: which is the better bet and why[View]
44215233This all we've been waiting for!! Watch out for this... Jigenapp PRIVATE SALE Countdown! 24…[View]
44215196Opening an auto shipping freight brokerage company: So, I live in a small city in a third world coun…[View]
44214085Wallstreet bets partnered with nftb[View]
44215169MATIC: why is no one talking about it[View]
44215048Work from home / becoming a digital nomad: I can't stand normshits and their work culture. Real…[View]
44213104why aren't you playing this, anon? it's the only actually good blockchain game out there r…[View]
44213227I made this pepe[View]
44213031wtfwt: where my api3 broz at?[View]
44215104time for some sleepy pills[View]
44208751Does learning about crypto actually give you an edge? Is this game we play luck or skill?[View]
44214848Daily Qredo (TICKER: $QRDO): I just got timed out for making the last thread because jannies thought…[View]
44199526>Play video games for 22 years of my life >Finally realize I probably have an addiction and st…[View]
44215040Turn the chart upside down. Notice that bullflag?[View]
44212970>Print 1,000,000,000 USD of fake money >can only pump btc to 51k HAHAHAHAHAHA when tether prin…[View]
44212790>bullish >crypto looks like this >??? are people just desperate or retarded…[View]
4421481951k status: R _ _ _ _ _ _ _[View]
44215018defi staking: say you were to start a defi staking platform, how do you get people to initally inves…[View]
44215019do you factor in burned/locked/frozen coins into a project's Market Cap or do those not count?[View]
44212752Token unlock ICP: Icp is going to 17 dollars sell now https://kylelangham.substack.com/p/yikes-lots-…[View]
44214960I tethered[View]
44214789You buyed the dip, didn't you?[View]
44213353GOODNATURE to $10M EOY Join our discord d8strPuC[View]
44214798Q3 UPDATE: -over 11M EQX staked -7000 token holder in Binance and Eth https://youtu.be/6OEQvOiwVsQ…[View]
442147551. on chain data is the only thing that matters. 2. we are still in a bull market. 3. youtubers us…[View]
44214574It's so tempting to go long again: But I promised God I wouldn't use leverage anymore.…[View]
44214020Recent gem that give you rewards in $Eternal.s Currently at 1k mcap and only green dildos, get an ea…[View]
44198438Why have no good bsc shitcoins been deploying lately?: It seems like all of november there were like…[View]
44214586Kill him. Transfer everything. checkem[View]
44214000You are selling this dead cat bounce, right?[View]
44213278Haskell smart contracts coming out in two more weeks.[View]
44214343Computer money: My friend who has a computer tell me there is a computer money called Bitcoin. Do yo…[View]
44214416Boys, I've felt stiff before, but never quite like this. When does COPA go to trial?[View]
44214299Just launched MiniFeg Huge potential / Dev SAFU 500x Potential LP Lock Feg Lovers Telegra…[View]
44209660You guys even keeping up? I basically doubled my money[View]
44214368Transfer times: Waiting for bank transfers to go through made me realize again why we need crypto in…[View]
44214102Leaving job after 4 months: Just started my first job as an analyst at a big 4 bank(Low cost of livi…[View]
44213789What did he mean by this?[View]
44213284polkadot coin is about to surge: friendly tip from your friendly neighbourhood polkaface. polkadot c…[View]
44214204back over 51k: and wallah, just like that we will never be below 51k again[View]
44214164How to get free KITTY Tokens?[View]
44212326你们这班阳鬼仔听着: Moonman和我们是多年老友. 他没说谎. ICP是顶级web3加密电子货币. 要买经快买. 扣过几天后就没了. 我们这班大玩家没$800不买.[View]
44213546hello defido calling: the new son of doge - defido wants to moon.[View]
44213683This is what moonboy says to buy: is he forreals?[View]
44214153Ok lads what's gonna happen: I'm shitting my pants Please kami, one more gureeno day... ar…[View]
44214139https://www.watershed.co.uk/studio/news/2021/12/03/case-against-crypto Hi my fellow redditors, Marti…[View]
44214133Unethical $$ Gains: ITT we discuss methods of making money that are unethical, but not necessary ill…[View]
44212621Why did these separate exactly at the same moment when the dollar was taken off the gold standard. W…[View]
44212350noko: what shitcoins we all buying before end of year gang?[View]
44213862How has /biz/ ruined your mind? For me: >Everytime I see a graph for ANYTHING I start to do TA on…[View]
44209078/smg/ - Stock Market General: waiting for gains edition >Brokers https://pastebin.com/f8Pa7nGg …[View]
44213907Crypto loan: Just took out a 10k loan to buy link. Aigmi?[View]
44211232BNB will be worth 2k end of December, remember this.[View]
44214026US markets surge higher as Evergrande defaults: and the US markets surge higher Has Evergrande been …[View]
44213810Financial mistakes: What was the biggest financial mistake you've made? Also post pics of finan…[View]
44212498I fucking hate Charlemagne: This is when our species fucked up and derailed out timeline. We'd …[View]
44213793Have ya’ll heard about OGL? It’s a multiverse platform that will have it’s IDO soon. Was wondering i…[View]
44208710Butler at your service: You’re very rich and I’m your butler. What may I do for you sir? Perhaps a g…[View]
44213948Didst thou buyest? Or didst thou sellest?[View]
44213869Did you know that BinaryCat will allow all holders of the native KITTY token to do staking through i…[View]
44211398>Didn’t sell the bottom >Didn’t sell the top (there is no top) >Swapped all my shitcoins f…[View]
44211980Why is there no GOOD place to store link?[View]
44213544here we go[View]
44211993Do you think coldstack is going to make it[View]
44212037Crypto chudcel told status: [ ] Not told [ ] Told [X] TOLDASAURUS REX [X] Cash4told.com [X] No count…[View]
44212250He's right you know[View]
44213495The best b0nk[View]
44213782Uncleoldfag here: Psst, check the price of Chainlink. Do it, while sitting down. >LINK will fall …[View]
44199627Harmony ONE General /H1G/: 'Fuckers cut me off mid-sentence' Edition: Continuation of >>440434…[View]
44213077HOGE: Get onboard for a quick 20x[View]
44210272So how exactly do smart contracts work?: If a smart contract is just a public address that can send …[View]
44213631SCREENCAP THIS: Anons, why aren't you investing in Urea stocks? They are about to go parabolic.…[View]
44213746PLUTUS chads where are you at? >3% PLU cashback with 0 investment except for the card >+1%PLU …[View]
44212143Ethereum: Is 50 ETH enough to make it?[View]
44213705What is going to happen to L1s once Ethereum2 is launched?[View]
44211370Ya, i’m thinking the whole market is about to aggressively recover in a v shape.[View]
44210215How the cluck is $Lordz only at $10m mcap? Legit question.: I've had a decent bag of this for a…[View]
44190316MTV - is /biz/ right this time?: What the hell: -best tech of any L1 -no retarded tokenomics -no ret…[View]
4421239510 minutes[View]
44213586Does Vitalik hate Sergey? He always seems to talk shit about Chain Link, he says that 'it's o…[View]
44210875BSV is better than BTC: Tell my why this won't surpass the marketcap of BTC.[View]
44213600I just FOMO'd back in.[View]
44213292remove the head or destroy the brain: looks like another nft based game is on its way. screenshot o…[View]
44212161It's over BSVtards.[View]
44213037dafuq is this investors list even possible[View]
44212419Nice ponzi: Low marketcap rewards coin, what do you think?[View]
44213473We're about to absolutely crash. Just a fair warning to you guys.[View]
44213449What you think?: They have own music![View]
44211270Please bros...: Tell me we're gonna hit ATHs again this bullrun! I promise I won't be gree…[View]
44210609what type of person buys shit like this?[View]
44212664Just say Abracadavra for x100[View]
44212876Just saw that Harry is doin some bonking again[View]
44212759I've been working on my own project for some time and have everything set up, website, tg, twit…[View]
44213342Yesterday harmony's chain reached 4 millon tx: Now it's over 5.5k, what's going on?…[View]
44213334VIDT TEAM.....: Anyone who also absolutely hates the new VIDT team? I've got a feeling they are…[View]
44206061Yeah, I'm thinking we're back.[View]
44211679Time to buy the ORAI dip (and any other dip for that matter)[View]
44211334Bitcoin is an NFT[View]
44213286$200/month airdrop: hi.com pays 1 $hi a day ($1.19 and didn't crash with BTC), claim with only …[View]
44204775So we're all going to make it. but what will you DO when you make it?[View]
44213254They be lookin' at me like a cash cow (Cash cow) Tryna milk me, ain't given 'em no da…[View]
44210387What are your moonbags in BSC right now? Mine are DOB0 SHIB0 NUBTC[View]
44213113ETH is going to dump in the next 30 minutes[View]
44213098Just launched my art feedback platform yesterday. Advice?: I know how to make money if there are eno…[View]
44213135Oh linkies: Did I just catch you being hopeful and optimistic? *swooosh*[View]
44208671Smart contracts?[View]
44211175BTT: btt is making moves and biz is silent[View]
44208195Is OHM a ponzi?[View]
44212630>finally find a job after 6 months of searching >first 4 days there >female boss is a bitch…[View]
44212030just bought more Internet CP tokens.[View]
44212693Is dgoeconi good or ehhh?[View]
44212886Rubic: What happened?[View]
44212530Covalent: Now is the time to buy this right? Only about 2.5x the ico price but is it recovering or g…[View]
44200672I've a feeling this thing will explode quickly to 400-500$: If BTC recover and stabilize for a …[View]
44213000Pornrocket bullish: Look at the charts. Holding support on the 69 day like a boss. Can you afford to…[View]
44212854Comfy mETH heads thread: 4400 Celebration Thread Seems like no bear market for us[View]
44212972Is it safe to long now?: Or are we gonna dump?[View]
44212573tfw too smart to make money[View]
44211593Guys?: How old is too old for being on biz? I'm already finically stable. Is it possible to lea…[View]
44211943I've been in this space for a while and I am known by my peers as quite the crypto connoisseur.…[View]
4421026677777777777777777: A major birdie tells me that this coin is going to be the biggest pump ever You’l…[View]
44212112I'm going to manifest a $25 link for the 25th of December.[View]
44212265Good Morning I hate women[View]
44210895TIME apr: How can this coin have 70k% APR? what am I missing (besides a brain)?[View]
44212835hahaha dumb bulltard you buying bags still??? Thanks for the money stupid bastard, big boys shorting…[View]
44212796You should have listen when I shilled the presale nogs.[View]
44212789H-hey t-t-t-truefrens... uhhh do you think he's going to rug pull?[View]
44212686SON OF A BITCH: its a v-shaped recovery[View]
44212756what exchange, wallets and security protocols do you niggers use?[View]
44212781MFW We're Back Above the Bull Market Support Band[View]
44202432best card to flex on normies?[View]
44209295How do I get rich?: I have 60 avax and 5000 usdt[View]
44212100Was that supposed to hurt?[View]
44209895Rember how jade threads started to pop up a few days ago: I told everyone that it is a scam made by …[View]
44212751How to make money online (easy): >open laptop >sell Internet Computer $ICP >close laptop, g…[View]
44211316GOODNATURE TOKEN >Doxxed Team >Locked Liquidity >Deflationary token which will be used to b…[View]
44211960L33T token's main net, h4xor.win, launches in just 4 days. This is a far more modernized versio…[View]
44211718Another Day Another Shitcoin[View]
44205171Will 10k USD buy me a make it stack of anything?: >Can't afford LINK >Can't afford A…[View]
44212637wannaswap.finance: new DEX on aurora network. 0 fees and farming apr still insane right now because …[View]
44210646gather round gentlemen: I'm putting together a team, the details of which some could consider a…[View]
44211650How do we profit from the metaverse crap: Metaverse will be thing whether we like it or not. How can…[View]
44208564Why is everyone leaving for AVAX? Fuck Avalanche. I liked BSC Shitcoin casino and now you ruined it …[View]
44208321All right boys, give me a BSC dog token that’s going to move up this week[View]
44207780Firing people for being late isn’t reasonable..: Do companies really expect wagies to show up on tim…[View]
44211973Lmao: People thinking we are in a bear market lmao xD[View]
44212515Bitcoin is no longer the bluechip to swap altcoin gains into: Ethereum has taken its place as the sa…[View]
44212157Buy the dip[View]
44212464>Burgers about to wake up Its gonna crash again right?[View]
44211991This shit is about to get crazy[View]
44207605don't talk to me, see you at $6k[View]
44181623Craig Wright WINS tulip trust case. Jury finds he is Satosh. BSV is Bitcoin!: FUCKIN STIFF[View]
44211348There is an imminent 10x here, but which one?[View]
44211438/biz/ books: Especially audiobooks to listen to while staring at the charts: Market Wizards, Financi…[View]
44209253#3 BTC wallet (whose owner/manager posted on /biz/ a while ago) just bought 2,700 BTC. If you think …[View]
44211969https://squidgame3d.net/ guys what is this[View]
44207337Which NFT will make me a millionaire?: And why is it Floydies?[View]
44212352How is this unusable shitcoin still almost at ATH? Will it flip BTC for real this time?[View]
44212222Only $19.99! Down from $21 1.5 years ago! Linkies are the chosen people![View]
44203159/GME/ - Sooner or Later Edition: >Basic Information https://gme.crazyawesomecompany.com/ https://…[View]
44210810What's the consensus on CERE?[View]
44212320ICP apes: Mandatory 10 ICP floor for commons. Have you got yours?[View]
44210431Should I buy D0BO?[View]
44212162Failed Motivation: >be young frogger 10 years ago >friends all go to prestigious college for b…[View]
44211380When Blockchain Twitter with hookers and blackjack?: /biz/, you know more about crypto than anyone e…[View]
44212012NEVER FORGET[View]
44211651SHIBagholders. It's that time again.: time for your SHIBags to SHIBdump lmaooooo. haha i'm…[View]
44211916just bought some more link[View]
44210200Hey, when Flare and Songbird on Binance?: I remember I had some XRP during snapshot, when will I rec…[View]
44211938place your bets: which alt will absolutely own this last month of 2021?[View]
44212087>tfw we trolled the whole world into thinking NFTs have value and don’t exist solely to launder c…[View]
44211669There's actually a token coming along with this image, try to find the TG[View]
44210835DEX on the 10th: >tweets from LTC. >gmx partnership Wgmi…[View]
44210575LiveCasino: A casino for all gamblers to have a go: LiveCasino come over here and win a good gamble …[View]
44209624ICP NFTs all day: All in on Motokos. What dip?[View]
44210847Imagine having sold the dip. Imagine being that retarded.[View]
44210832I am Bitcoin but better.[View]
44211952Poorfag Portfolio Day #1: >my journey from $500 to $1 million I made some Profits in the past 24h…[View]
44209730Market Madness: The Oracle at Delphi once spoke.... 'When the market can't make up its mind buy…[View]
44211886>LINK is moving the same as LTC and TRX its over isnt it[View]
44210886oh shit oh fuck it’s about to happen again isn’t it[View]
44211944Are shitcoins the only way: for poorfags to get any workable sum that hey can then use on more decen…[View]
44179386Back down to pre-pump levels: Few understand[View]
44210760How do I long asian world domination? (chinks and jeets)[View]
44210179Zenbros. Wagmi.[View]
44210889What are the chances we will be hitting another leg down tomorrow or the day after? I think its pret…[View]
44211675Article from April: BTC 400k by EOY: Why do journalists still have jobs?[View]
44210606>发明比特币: >发明比特币[View]
44211784I read that their native XTM token serves as a means of payment for various Torum features and funct…[View]
44210227Here are some undervalued categories. I’d go with crypto-insurance, specifically Unn.[View]
44210219d0bo dev santovi a perv?: discuss[View]
44211117Decentraland (Mana): Decentraland will be the first crypto-native project to sponsor the Blender Dev…[View]
44211758Is this for real?: In spite of everything thats going on in the world, stocks are a just screaming u…[View]
44211302Should I buy an Island?[View]
4421111062% of blizz coins in circulation are locked up. Think about that.[View]
44209889d0b0niggers thought i was kidding: gonna keep going so dont sleep yet[View]
44209397What's so great about roll-ups?: They seem like they're just a centralized side-chain with…[View]
44211663Are these 'spirits' in the room here right now? Rasfrasasasasss zazzzzz uuuu praise Satan. I am the …[View]
44209447I am a third worlder with $175 in my bank account. What should I do?[View]
44210597Moon when[View]
44209522/biz/: >16.13 posts/min >41,793 avg posts/day Prior to the crash it was close to 50 posts/minu…[View]
44195451Do you know who this man is? Say something nice about him.[View]
44209799>go to eastern or southern Europe >pay for education and get an MD (less than 100k) >go bac…[View]
44211471>mandatory overtime[View]
44211491reddit snoo nfts: https://nft.reddit.com/ Sirs...[View]
44211490Foregen now accepts anonymous crypto donations: Made it? Nice Do you have a Foreskin? No? Im sorry t…[View]
44208805Boomer rocks > zoomer stocks[View]
44211428title: content[View]
44211083What’s a better alternative for college frfr no cap on god bussin[View]
44209012VACchads...how we doing broskis[View]
44209046Oasis network will make millionaires.[View]
44211390Did someone just bought a 'Lazy Joggers' for 75,000 XTM? That's a 83,000 USD of NFT purchase on…[View]
44210854Do you know bizchads crypto has opened new ways to generate income?: >>Where everybody wants t…[View]
44211222A reminder: I bought uniswap at fucking $30.00[View]
44206486BTC Will be Sub-40K USD Within 48 Hours: Insider here, SSIA. You have been warned.[View]
44211233Tg/Dogebird: >busd reflections >max wallet Launching in a couple of hours, come join the presa…[View]
44210773Someone with a crystal ball tell me what happens next[View]
44211285Gaming: If you are one of the gamer or developers, then you mist check this one! • Seascape is adap…[View]
44210472Tick tock matic fags[View]
44210156Should I wait until VVS mining reaches the same APY as farming liquidity before switching to CRO/VVS…[View]
44211088Girali on the Top: If somebody just watching to us who got doubled? Maybe, you can try so you may ex…[View]
44210965Do you feel comfortable sharing your data online? You’re not alone.: >>PhotoChromic’s Trust Su…[View]
44210879Do you know you can build you portfolio with experts easily?: >>Earlier when I tried to build …[View]
44210900Do you know techtimes features a new promising project again?: >>As 2021 is coming to an end, …[View]
44210916Do you know bizchads fireworks offers an inclusive diverse game world?: >>This is a decentrali…[View]
44210553///////////YO WTF IS TETHER PRINTING SO MUCH FOR????///////////: so tether is pumping all crypto pri…[View]
44209228>market crashes >sudden obvious uptick in high quality chainlink discussion Have you fucks ser…[View]
44211089Unemployment. Reboot: Experience in working at Oracle/Zynga, bunch of startups (partially successful…[View]
44209582>You are the CEO of an eBay like platform >You have to choose between option A and B for the r…[View]
44210470Europoors hold the line: I'm off to sleep.[View]
44208135ITT: Laugh at stupid fucking bobo faggots[View]
44210627Lol dumb cunts[View]
44205462I don't wish this upon my worst enemy[View]
44207220We are at the first sell off right now, were so early no one knows about bitcoin and crypto yet, we …[View]
44210941And valhalla! Just like that, BTC will never be under 51k again. It had me worried there for a sec.[View]
4420161050x potential?[View]
44207656What the fuck was his problem?[View]
44210925I accumulated $90 worth of Bitcoin Cash over the weekend to now How about you[View]
44210849https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_E7iuVM4CIA&list=PLOqZWfHm-gzA83t8hGwi1WxHRujYbO9Fm How can you …[View]
44210736Hope you sold the exit pump: cuz it's about to get ugly[View]
44209320evergrande: instead of announcing bankruptcy like a normal company evergrande just stops paying thei…[View]
44210823Dca strategy SLURP GENERAL: Calling a slurpers. This is going to be a thread on how to DCA and hodl …[View]
44199351Why have ETH maxis become so insufferable this past year[View]
44210708Gift Cards for Crypto: no KYC: so i need to buy my family some gifts and would like to use some of m…[View]
44210605i am not a chad, does this suprise you? but i am a nice guy actually[View]
44209962Wagies Rise Up: Fellow wagies -- anybody quit their job over the mandate shit? I'm thinking abo…[View]
44209662take off, honestly. entering instutional investor stage[View]
44192175/XSG/ XRP Schizo General #1637: Previously on /XSG/: >>44175356 Buy XRP on Uphold/CoinMetro/Bi…[View]
4421011420$ 20$ 20$ 20$ 20$ 20$ 20$ 20$ 20$ 20$ 20$ 20$ 20$ 20$ 20$ 20$ 20$ 20$ 20$ 20$ 20$ 20$ 20$ 20$ 20$ …[View]
44210088What do you anons think of Moonriver? I get the feeling that it's one of those coins that don…[View]
44210049*quietly moons*[View]
44209442QE IS NOT MONEY PRINTING: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3mHss_yfJ0[View]
44210452Will Hydrogen be the next big thing ?: thinking about buying some stocks...[View]
44210625Did someone just bought a 'Lazy Joggers' for 75,000 XTM? That's a 83,000 USD of NFT purchase on…[View]
44190953So are all these LINK demoralization threads just OG bag holders who are mad they missed out on life…[View]
44209513ICP: POOMPA[View]
44206799Portfolio thread: Rate my poorfolio bros. What should I do? What are you thinking of doing.[View]
44205724bullish exchange: is /biz/ bullish on bullish? is this gonna take EOS to 100$?[View]
44210515And wallah, just like that the bullrun is back on[View]
44207002Im concerned about your financial wellbeing[View]
44208408LINK?: GET OUT NOW. This is your last warning. Don’t get caught holding the worst performing coin i…[View]
44209818Oi for one am excited for the next few months for thorstarter as they expand their reach to all of t…[View]
44200456>binance Jan 16th >coinbase soon >marketing proposal going to vote for marketing dao $20m i…[View]
44210381Thanks for the confirmation: >Sell some Link >instantly pumps 10% >buy back a few >insta…[View]
44210357Was that all you got, bobo?[View]
44208687Yeah, I'm thinking we're back[View]
44209703RhinoBull is moving to almost 5 digits!: It's a decent project that has a lot of potential. APY…[View]
44210302it is my birthday, anons: thank you all for pumping the market for me[View]
44201551>TungstenBalls fello retards[View]
44210229Presented without comment: (again)[View]
44210296I bought SAFEMOON[View]
44207556I JUsT BOUGHT MORE![View]
44193314iCP: Why the fuck can ICP not pump we should be at $33 right now.[View]
44202325How do I turn 100k into $5?[View]
44209779if you wouldn't buy a coin you hold at its current price, then you should sell: is this true?…[View]
44209788Question for my icy pee frens: my insane clowns, i have 2 neurons staked, one with 400 and one with …[View]
44208150Just opened a 20x short on BTCUSDT Down we go[View]
44208551I need a guaranteed way to make at least 20% on my bitcoin by next week Because last week absolutely…[View]
44209626>and den he said, someone named moonboi told him to buy an internet computer >internet compute…[View]
44204758standing desks: Are they a meme or worth it?[View]
44206240Where do you see this in 6 months?[View]
44209800>token not needed >coinchan dev not european going to sleep in eu morning >hidden lock func…[View]
44209759Holy shit MTV just rugged Mainnet is gone and disappeared Staking gone Wtf lmao is this the biggest …[View]
44207222Max conviction play >> shorted @ 51.2k: 53.8k liquidation AMA[View]
44210045Bullish till March 2022[View]
44209896This “dump” was fucking lame: But I regret not buying in at the bottom. I haven’t sold anything in o…[View]
44210004Tg/DogeBird: Presale begins[View]
44207676Wait 12 hours and short Bitcoin 53k @ Up to 25x leverage, shit's gonna get wild. This is finan…[View]
44207902If this is you then what coin/stock do you believe will pay?[View]
44207048I have nearly $40,000 spread across hundreds of coins. The largest investment is $500 (kleros) Stati…[View]
44203629GRT: How do I cope?[View]
44209885>last day of wagie job is tomorrow >moving to eastern europe to be with a qt >going to crui…[View]
44204598What is the best crypto investment for a suicidal millennial who missed the boat and is priced out o…[View]
44207723Uh guys I thought we were supposed to be dumping? Why is everything green?[View]
44209568>People sold ETH at 3.5k on the precipice of the flippening[View]
44209816Is this the future of NFTs? Gaming space?: I still think NFTs are a scam, but in the context of gami…[View]
44195757>you could have bought BAT for 93 cents: >you could have bought BAT for 93 cents…[View]
44208978Wagie general: >had Sunday sadness >work on Monday wasn't really taxing >went driving …[View]
44209719there is a natasha on the blockchain: i found a haircomb in my dads ass[View]
44209221Friends, what is a P/E ratio? Every explanation Ive seen uses some weird letters and words that I do…[View]
44209115Why is this struggling?[View]
44207728What did they mean by this?[View]
44207888>Mumus are euphoric over a 5% bounce Do you know how fucked you are?[View]
44209746I bought LINK fuck you Nico[View]
44209659What is stopping these guys from seizing everything you own and putting you gambling wastes in debt …[View]
44209562Now that we're back above 50k what's next? 75k by q1 2022[View]
44202024Where are we on this chart?[View]
44209334What will happen in 2022?[View]
44209535Should i short BTC when the flippening is at 75%?: It is going to happen within the next 365 days. B…[View]
44191533So who else saved his dox from the last thread?: I see the price has suddenly stopped crabbing, i wo…[View]
44208463you have been warned[View]
44209529Clover Finance: Will hit $3 EOY?[View]
44204665mfw there are minimum wage cucks and niggers living in there moms basement while im making over two …[View]
44209573The Seductress - Immortal Floki Warrior: Seductress battling her way through sellers.....LFG TG Immo…[View]
44209182I hope you all bought the dip: Crypto market will explode...[View]
44208833this gives me extreme fear.[View]
44209489bitcoin is dying as we speak[View]
44209378Holy shit I just want enough money to fund a korean wife's lifestyle[View]
44209032How do i drop out of college, move to NYC, and find financial success[View]
44209140STOP THE PUMP[View]
44209468Prepare your anus: ETH/BTC is pumping. The last time that happened was in December 2017 and April 20…[View]
44209401https://u.today/cia-says-it-has-several-projects-on-crypto It's been confirmed the US Governmen…[View]
44209067Tell me biz: Just 25x Longed Avax @96 am I going it make it?[View]
44208581Don't be fooled by this bull trap: Bitcoin still dumping to 30k week later. Be cautious and rea…[View]
44206464Y'all keeping up with the SUSHI debacle? What an absolute shit show[View]
44209009It's over: If you didn't already buy the dip, you're gonna be buying at the next ath.…[View]
44205789>stock market at all time highs >massive GDP growth, can get a job working from home making 12…[View]
44207869Biz, what book do you recommend to help you make money? I've been following billionaires and co…[View]
44208950>spend $55.21 on shitcoin >few days later >now have $56.29, a profit of $1.08 Is it really …[View]
44203386WHERE are my loopers, do you SEE this?[View]
44209073coins for this feel?[View]
44209083>not buying your bags Buy your own bags, faggot.[View]
44185180IT'S OVER[View]
44209059Allow me to demonstrate a more effective attack. It's one of my favorites. I call it a double S…[View]
44205862Back in 5 figure hell: >started with 9k in 2017 I went from 200k to 90k in the may crash, back to…[View]
44208912WTFWT??: Did Nexo just close all their shorts at once or something?[View]
44205877>You are the CEO of an eBay like platform >You have to choose between option A and B for the r…[View]
44204482What is the stereotypical disagreement normies have against crypto?[View]
44208179Whats the point of buying these: And who would they be sold to?[View]
44206477I have 500 dollars What's gonna put me at 50k by the end of next year? No shitcoins please[View]
44208892is the new meta of crypto to just create daos to pump our bags[View]
44208897did you sell? Just don't look at the charts, bro.[View]
44208280Anti-Mainstream Crypto: Why are we seeing crypto projects becoming anti-mainstream, unadoptable by …[View]
44207118Anyone else feel that? I think RLC is going to pump hard soon[View]
44199850You get to decide UBI and how its implemented: Describe your policy and why[View]
44207806I know biz is just bagholders, but has anyone ever worked on a crypto project? Were you paid or did …[View]
44208778Post the price you would like to buy your favorite token[View]
44208434Bitcoin was 3k and Eth 450 last year[View]
44208476wtf happened why cant we ever win for a change?[View]
44208447Solana NFT Thread: what sol nfts are you bullish on? recently got a thugbird and a degenrate ape ac…[View]
44203384Atom newb here. What validator should i go for to stake my atom? Also, how do I get in on air drop s…[View]
44206405thanks to the anon who shilled this, just bought me a lil slice of the pie.[View]
44201563/smg/ stock market general: NEET edition >Brokers https://pastebin.com/f8Pa7nGg >Basic Boomer …[View]
44208389CRONOS Chain Tokens: I'm already in on the CROMOON reflection token (picrel). Give me some othe…[View]
44207563I suck at trading and cannot cope with the randomness of the markets. I buy, it dumps, I sell, it pu…[View]
44206203I'm so happy I invested in polygon bros[View]
44206453Is it time to get out of stables? Looks like the Fed is coming for all of them.[View]
44205735Would you buy this chart?[View]
44205344So did he lose or win? I'm confused.[View]
44204586Trust the plan: >Craig is declared Satoshi >Flippening happens >BSV replacing BTC >All B…[View]
44208266>he sold the bottom AGAIN[View]
44206985i got liquidated[View]
44206047I'm looking for Bobo[View]
44204074I hold PAWTHERIUM (ticker PAWTH)[View]
44207525Bitcoin Now Illegal and HARAM in Indonesia: Things are looking bearish for crypto if you're a M…[View]
44207159its dead[View]
44202386No ENS thread?: ENS thread. Goys Im so bullish on this project, and one of the few things I really h…[View]
44206099'the people criticizing you they criticize you from the position of fear': You are just afraid accor…[View]
44208460/NNG/ Nervos News General: BROS YOKAI IS COMFY AS FUCK RIGHT NOW[View]
44207919Mission Accomplished, SLURPERS!: We're back in the green. Drinks are on me[View]
44208092you will opposte the direction soon, bitcoin will not rise[View]
4420442025k Sell Just Now Was Me: And I’m going to do it again every 5 minutes until I’m out. Adios dobonigg…[View]
44208330why is bitcoin hovering for no apparent reason: what is it doing is it a bull market ? is it a bear …[View]
44207449I lost my appetite the past week[View]
44207409Say something nice to the Chainlink PR team.[View]
44207709You can see that in four weeks the September low was in 4 weeks above the last peak. I predict we wi…[View]
44204343Do you hold any XRP? I hope you do.[View]
44201271I bought in for the first time with crypto the day before the slump and now I'm scared because …[View]
44206735>year almost over >no new UI >no new lending pools >borrowing down >APY still dogshit…[View]
44208189Dodge my short, bullcuck[View]
44208177Does Uniswap even offer a way to stake crypto? All I see is liquidity pools with 0.0x% rates. Wtf is…[View]
44207516This is a thread used to explain what LBRY and LBC is and what it does as well as discuss it's …[View]
44203960Reminder that fantom is going to 0 after this dead cat bounce[View]
44205932So we can all admit there’s going to be another crash this week right?[View]
44208086Not a single pink wojak on this board. I am shorting.[View]
4420407051k accepted. I just opened a 20x long, we will see 100k by Christmas[View]
44207281What broker should I use to invest in Vanguard ETF as an eurofag?[View]
44207293OOO: sirs, my village...they may have traditional el salvadorian feast tonight thank you. sirs…[View]
44207080Final Chance to sell Crypto.: Final Chance before you lose 80% boys. Never say I didn't warn y…[View]
44207148Bico bros....: what happened?!? Was this the ICP of Q4?[View]
44206574>there are still GME generals[View]
44207866Take me to the very top[View]
44206226I sold the bottom now i'm posting cartoon bears all day so people sell their bags and I buy che…[View]
44207844you will not make it. none of you will[View]
44205010For the last 2 years it has felt like a economic crash was imminent with the excessive money printin…[View]
44207215What do I buy after the crash? What shouldn't I buy?[View]
44206578Look at the volume. Look at that beautiful bearish divergence[View]
44207750I'm from the future P00Coin breaks the top 20 next year, do with this information what you will…[View]
44207280Anons please tell me a good US exchange that doesn't hold your funds for 10 days after depositi…[View]
44207687Reporting In: Bros, how the fuck do we troll this bizantine who posts in every single /XMR/ Monero G…[View]
44207686Heard that Crypto crashed and still hasn't recovered.[View]
44203112LEAK - FIRST NFTS TO LIST ON COINBASE NFT: Christie's Decentraland Sandbox CryptoPunks BAYC/MAY…[View]

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