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53466062is this bullish or not?[View]
53466743You're going to be hearing a lot about this in the coming months[View]
53467633>spent a shit ton of money on a food delivery >turns out it wasn't enough and now I'…[View]
53455449So what the fuck happened to this shit?[View]
53467665Should I invest in contemporary art?[View]
53466037>doji candle daily close it's over bulltards[View]
53466024Wtf is this??: A diamond top bull flag descending broadening wedge some elliot wave shit satanic …[View]
53466432God is in control. If God wills it, then crypto will go to $10 Trillion. If God doesn't like it…[View]
53467547Easiest 2x of your life: Bet of team Ruff in the Puppy Bowl[View]
53461426I earn minimum wage and I just spent $40 on one uber eats meal[View]
53465503THERE ARE PEOPLE STILL FUDING ETHEREUM: >MUH GAS FEES!!! stop falling for the gas fee meme. its l…[View]
53467399Am I smart or dumb?: Problem: I owe the IRD (aka IRS) $2700 NZD for 2021 profits due 11/04/2023 I al…[View]
53467093become a expat?: Is moving to a third world country if you work remotely/from home even worth it? I …[View]
53466970>WE'RE WATCHING *points at your work computer*[View]
53460240Feels good having a top stock that pumps 10% every single day without breaks or dips whatsoever At t…[View]
53466119Podcast or youtubers about REAL business: Xoxo anon[View]
53467168>changes her mind about being a snitch What happened?[View]
53467358Sirs, when moon?: Is this the most obvious play in all of crypto?[View]
53467338poll: https://twitter.com/kawaiivhs/status/1619145851364048897?s=46&t=6b7lijNw-68Ev96dvVs2FQ…[View]
53467085im about to fomo back in: god fucking help me. fuck all you fags pumping crypto early like this. i k…[View]
53467225Are they gonna win? Did they solve the Oracle problem too?[View]
53466220mr.tweet: i first shilled this at 200k market cap yesterday. it's since gone to an ATH of 600k …[View]
53466312Wait a minute, you think $10,000 isn't happening anymore? You actually think the bottom is in?…[View]
53465708Hbar price is now shilling an nft project on Hedera. What. A. Faggot. Holy fuck this guy is cringe.[View]
53467153>cme gaps[View]
53466563LINK fudders real quiet today, I wonder why.[View]
53466511I'm highly skilled in software development and architecture and could easily create any softwar…[View]
53466994I'm getting 1 dollar on my tax return[View]
53463539Is wanting everyone to win and be happy too much to ask?[View]
53466307I just had a scary realization.: As AI becomes more intelligent, it will come to grasp the profitabi…[View]
53467014I am going to sleep with my longs open: Dont you guys do some fuckery while I sleep. When I wake up …[View]
5346642649ers or Eagles?[View]
53466504I sense some unregistered securities around here...[View]
53465237Why are boomers so obbsessed with bitcorns?[View]
53460964AI is the next big thing: We’re all gonna get rich[View]
53465964After studying the previous bullrun, I have come to the conclusion that the next one won't star…[View]
53466797i hold LCX, which is now more than twice the marketcap of troonmetro. LCX is accepting coinmetranny …[View]
53463365Where did the rip off prices for furniture come from?[View]
53466777Anybody got the juice on $Vxv?: Seems like AI is new Meta narrative. Ai coins will do X’s in next ru…[View]
53463185LCX: Where my WEF bros at?[View]
53466435FOMO AT 10 ETH EACH: YURRR[View]
53465808Reminder that AVAX whales are known macro insiders. If AVAX is pumping this much, it mean's BTC…[View]
53461649Just spent $100 on a Seeking pass, was this a financially responsible thing to do?[View]
53466371*silently moons*[View]
53465715$50/week on groceries: And maybe 1-2 meals at a restaurant, 1-2 meals fast food Rice Beans Lentils …[View]
53466373The fed has secured a soft landing: This is what almost none of you want to hear, but this is now th…[View]
53466496phew, almost thought there would never be alt season again: post what your stacking me: >OP >O…[View]
53466450NAKA IS PUMPING!!!!!!!: I just traded all my Gala for Naka. Naka is like gala but much lower marketc…[View]
53466514what is the best(frogiest) board on 4chan and why is it biz?[View]
53466223how do i protect my private keys in case of earthquake? a meme usb ledger/trezor would get buried in…[View]
53466246dumb dividend reinvestment thought: so it is almost feb. feb means dividends from midstream companie…[View]
53466344>Riot: You have no idea whats coming. Do you stupid little nigger. ?[View]
53466462Is this the coin: we all have been waiting for? hex???[View]
53464992Live in Texas Be multi millionaire streamer Have a live in gf Never divorces She files for divorce …[View]
53461313so, was jasmy a scam or not?[View]
53466405What do you actually do with a business degree? Like with no other actual skills?[View]
53466161It's over[View]
53465490Even if you 'make it' you will never be like the Winklevoss twins: Money will not take you back in t…[View]
53466074Would you buy this chart ?[View]
53466339hope you enjoyed the pump time to mean revert[View]
53448786OH NONONONO NOLINKIES..: It was never supposed to happen like this!! https://blog.chain.link/self-cu…[View]
53465733I bought 8 units of Hpe Quadro Rtx 6000 but discovered that 3 of them aren't compatible with th…[View]
53466004Where do you get your financial news from, anon?: Help me out here. Is getting a subscription to the…[View]
53466221hey nigger: i hold LCX. also, check the chart.[View]
53465516How do I win the lottery?[View]
53463231God candle: Next 4 hours Thank me later[View]
53465481VAI will completely change so many industries (SALES, LEGAL, AI).[View]
53463102I swear to christ guys if you don't drop at least one good shit to buy before bull run starts I…[View]
53462122how high will it go next bull market?[View]
53466163Crypto is a scam that ruined my life.[View]
53466168Bobos are retarded and should kill themselves: Honestly blown away with how wrong everyone was about…[View]
53465239Mouseworm 1bil: Mouseworm Thread LFG[View]
53465178In the event that all coins are unlocked, what will happen? e.g Orn.[View]
53457497Coinmetro Thread: BREAKING: Coinmetro is acquisitioning Ignium![View]
53465439invest more than you can afford to lose. go big or go home? :3[View]
53458596best global exchanges to buy and withdraw bitcoin: >no globohomo and scams like binance or ftx …[View]
53465710bitch i got that avax[View]
53465977Remove the sell button for a few weeks.[View]
53465914I owe $1200 USD in taxes[View]
53461173So is every project just memes and stupid shit nowadays? No more tech, no more innovation? Just usel…[View]
53465384should I dump ETH?: I have over millions of $ in ETH believe it or not, should I dump them? narrativ…[View]
53465617Are you bullish or bearish on metaverse projects?[View]
53465436Why are there so many financial regulation agencies if the government keeps grossly mishandling the …[View]
53465757>be me >take profit >don't know if it will keep going down >buy back in >line go…[View]
53455823trump bros: My trumpies are doin a lil sum sum[View]
53465712>i sold link before staking But did you remember to buy back in?[View]
53461277Mumus are getting cocky[View]
53462342Day 554 of snailposting every day until BTC is at 100k[View]
53463246WFH Tech Side Hustle?: SERIOUS ADVICE ONLY I am a WFH tech wagie and I have a lot of free time durin…[View]
53457565Wagie General I gess: How do you cope with consigning 8 hours of your day to working? How the FUCK d…[View]
53462402Hmm derrr, I wonder what coin I should be buying…: Typed into chatgpt. Hint: one of these three are …[View]
53465612Can you open multiple long/short orders on binance? Say I've got 10k and want to long with 125x…[View]
53464755Legendary entrepreneurs: Let's discuss great business leaders.[View]
53457173WFH: where my work from home chads at >played bannerlord til 3am >set alarm for 6am >on fle…[View]
53461672>ICP crashing >almost a whole year of ICP memes and shitposting >ICP pumping, one of the be…[View]
53463555How to make a fuck load of money.: In the shortest time possible without selling my soul. Easiest wa…[View]
53464315My all time portfolio performance: >invested $330k total >current value $200k >all time per…[View]
53456131The next bullrun trend: >bitcoin >litecoin and dogecoin >ethereum >ICOs >ethereum kil…[View]
53465335Aight niggas, give it to me straight. Is the crypto train long gone[View]
53464726>missed the bottom Just fucking kill me[View]
53465518Synapse: Synapse Chain incoming this year. Optimistic rollup that will compete with OP and Arbi. I…[View]
53463069I'm down to my last $1500, if the bullrun doesn't restart by the end of February I'm …[View]
53464957Commaximus is a cringe and poor bitch lmao[View]
53465382I hate all of you, and i just want to make it so i never have to see a dumb frog post again. I hate …[View]
53465392I cant wait for Ripple to lose and then SEC sues ETH[View]
53464973Stop making money! This is a crab market.[View]
53453200/BBBY/ Bed Bath and Beyond - Victorian Bathing hut edition: >Basic Information https://bbby.crazy…[View]
53465154>market pumps >bitcoin doesnt[View]
53463836you must be patient[View]
53464625Have you seen this man?: Study the picture carefully.[View]
53464253please tell me you listened to me: just once, anon. that's all you had to do[View]
53464248Is Ogn shitcoin ever going to pump back to 3 dollars? Is it a failed scam? An old pump and dump?[View]
53455383>The government taxes red dyed diesel fuel less than regular >it's also illegal to put in…[View]
53460647Cardano bros, are we making it?[View]
53455718realistic real estate general[View]
53464637should i buy?[View]
53461794Ah we are at the 'LINK finally pumps' moment of the market :)[View]
53464694Vitalik is thirsty for privacy, and Dawn Song can quench the thirst Oasis Protocol is the dew that V…[View]
53464693Uh oh: >The Cleveland Fed's Inflation Nowcasting model is now pointing to a 0.6% month-over-…[View]
53458732>How to find out if a coin is a shitcoin or not Simple if you see shills who are defending or arg…[View]
53465099*wheeze* I gave it my all bros but 23k is just too strong Go on without me kings Heh we came pretty…[View]
53463432/smg/ - Stock Market General: What foodtruck should I spend my stonk gainz @? >Risk management: h…[View]
53464999The markets will sober up soon. You'll see.[View]
53465057Unbent, Unbroken, Unstoppable: You will never escape the 22.3k-23k range[View]
5346501023k rejected again. You are the greater fool.[View]
53464769Gitcoin: Gitcoin. Good usecase (open source development), but large supply. Is this coin worth inves…[View]
53459708I will not fomo in at 23085 I will fomo in at 23900 It will then go back down to 22850 again[View]
53462446Bonds, cash, fixed income, money markets: Let's talk about bonds and cash: - Corporate bonds - …[View]
53464687How often can you safely switch jobs?: If you're in your 20s, what's an acceptable amount …[View]
53463482Oh this is just too easy[View]
53464767>I'm not bagholding XMR to get rich. I'm bagholding XMR as insurance against tyranny, a…[View]
53464911Hey guys! Just a couple of bros here looking to get into crypto, any recommendations?[View]
53464001The Dao that can be told is not the eternal Dao. The name that can be named is not the eternal name.…[View]
53462708How do we get around the issue that Bitcoin needs ongoing development, but absolutely nobody wants t…[View]
53462404I posted this when facebook was at: $100 and told you to buy. /biz/ told me I was retarded but now i…[View]
53463204>boomer dad claims his generation had it harder when buying their first house Can someone explain…[View]
53464492XRP is the standard isn’t it[View]
53462069Stay calm and dca into gaming crypto's. That is all. You are welcome.[View]
53464566I don't get it: Inflation makes everything more expensive because there's too much money i…[View]
53464672Light me up Before you kill me Cuz I ain't going down without a fight my friend[View]
53462833Trades: I think I might just bite the bullet and become a tradie at 30+ years old. I don't want…[View]
53464805What's the matter little mumu? What happened to all that big talk you were spewing just a littl…[View]
53464457missed the last and final bullrun from crypto. everything has pumped stupidly, id' be a fucking…[View]
53461884ITT we discuss Polygon (TICKER MATIC) price targets for 2023 and beyond...[View]
53464501Isn't it weird that picrel is not listed in any exchange?: Anons tell it to me straight, are we…[View]
53464132ahhhh another day making 180k from home doing almost nothing: >replied to 4 emails about kubernet…[View]
53464505i've got a spreadsheet of the total # of layoffs by every US company that has announced mass la…[View]
53464528Some time ago I had an epiphany. Business is not about making money. It never was, it never will be.…[View]
53441813GRT FAM: Are we so back or not ?[View]
53464372>Don’t invest more than you can afford to lose :)[View]
53464612>now you can edit tweets >the il capo just edited his dumb bearish tweets…[View]
53462354Can we talk about this thing?: So CLEARLY everyone is going to get so rich with all the rewards they…[View]
53463974I’m literally in the top 5% for fucking 25, how the fuck do women expect $300k when that fucking 1% …[View]
53464503Coming directly directly from one of the main node operators, from a purely investment point of view…[View]
53464491How do I make a good business plan and gather the data I need on my potential customers? Start up co…[View]
53464510just opened another short[View]
53458768This ponzi has likely reached the end of its live: If you rode the small pump its time to take profi…[View]
53464130This is the CEO of ICP Ticker: ICP Say something nice about him[View]
53464423Another pumping weekend it is, come and dab on bobos[View]
53462521He's the GOAT? Was it the arap genes?[View]
53464318It's time to breach the top 20: Link bros, it's over for you.[View]
53461655internet computer (ticker: ICP): you told me this was a scam. why is it up 60%.[View]
53464013Stellar (Ticker: XLM): Hey [redacted], I have Stellar.[View]
53460131DOGE rotation: > havent pumped yet > good ponzinomics > reddit and basedjack gang, which ar…[View]
53463434Bobo got faked out lmao: He got faked by that scam wick thinking it was resistance not knowing that …[View]
53463876it has never been more over: i bought gns last summer at around $.80, forgot about it, watched it ri…[View]
53463682XRP: You know something and you are not telling me[View]
53461597>If I were a bull LMAO you missed the bull run! enjoy buying my bags at $__K !!! >If I were a …[View]
53462802Are you ready for $200,000?: BTC will hit a new ceiling at 10x the current price. Imagine getting in…[View]
53464125I sold.[View]
53458491village hungers sirs[View]
53463199It can't break through resistance: It's over[View]
53463983Who else is on /biz/?: People who are confirmed /biz/raelis.[View]
53460178What is your make it stack?[View]
53463859If you think 23 300 was just rejected: that's because it was :)[View]
53463910We are breaking out. Got filled on a 10x position at 23000.[View]
534591164h left[View]
53452699ICYPEE bros... We are back[View]
53463396>inflation reduction act Doesn’t actually reduce inflation. What the actual fuck.…[View]
53458154Alliance cock: Alliance cock[View]
53462315Is there a greater career than data science?: > relies on statistics, which hasn't meaningfu…[View]
53462740enjoy the next round of layoffs.[View]
53461753/GME/ - Two Year War Edition: >Basic Information https://gme.crazyawesomecompany.com https://finr…[View]
53449545/pmg/ - Precious Metals General: Maple Edition >Why Gold? https://youtu.be/i3S4rl6ehiI https://yo…[View]
53462906I can’t believe this absolute white south african gigachad stole the Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR), improv…[View]
53460734How much do you usually tip your landlord?[View]
53463406im happy for you anons: i made it last bull run but lost it all from buying the top and selling the …[View]
53461903still have those shorts opened bobo?[View]
53459320BTC will pump today: Most likely in next 4-6 hours. Expect to get rejected at $25k[View]
53462926We're going for a giga pump: Aren't we?[View]
53462806Reminder: Crypto to crypto transactions are taxable: The IRS is training advanced AI provided by Elo…[View]
53460812Tellor (TRB) Does this shit ever have a chance again? There's very limited coins and the ATH wa…[View]
53462830GONGO GO[View]
53462920I just sent my normie friend a chart: Showing BTC pumping straight to 100k by 2025[View]
53461914Tfw only $50k in crypto and 29 years old. It's over isn't it?[View]
53458814should SBF's family be subpoenaed?: those that have taken over FTX suggest that Sam Bankman-Fri…[View]
53462581Red Rabbit: If you need some profits during this crab time, look at RR. It has ads on 4chan if you h…[View]
53462662My normie friend just sent me a chart showing btc pumping straight to 100k by 2025.[View]
53462930>hear the exchange I use is going bankrupt >immediately buy hardware wallet >try to withdra…[View]
53462948Would you buy in a business that promotes racism?[View]
53462416On a sidenote, FUCK GAAAARYYYY: If BTC is a commodity and all ERC20 tokens are securities, then what…[View]
53452625I need one good trade to get over the hump: Whittled down to my last ~$500 after my last few trades …[View]
53461970DXP/VELA: >be me >hate my life >sleep in car to save money to buy more pajeet scamcoins …[View]
53462203>avoidant attachment style[View]
53462752it didn't have to be this way bobo, i'm sorry: after what you did to me in 2022 i have no …[View]
53456418Im addicted to alcohol again[View]
53443840I know a guy who's constantly making an average of $500/day with trading: Why don't you fu…[View]
53460062I bought £25 worth of iExec RLC three nights ago at £1.43. The price dropped to £1.33, now it's…[View]
53456679If there are smart peeps on 4chan, why don't they tell us if the bottom is in?[View]
53460857/smg/ - Stock Market General: Titanic disaster edition (April 1912) >Risk management: https://pas…[View]
53432418The median google salary is $300k The average is even higher I fucked up bad going civil engineering[View]
53461757what should i do with 211k cash?[View]
53455484Mumu, come closer, I must confess[View]
53458075Biz is divided into /us/ vs (them) mentallities. If you accept /our/ way of life, then (you) will be…[View]
53460038Could you believe that I bought ORN at 0.50$ days ago?[View]
53459381Don't buy unregistered securities like Ethereum[View]
53462223What do?: >Be me, 27 >New job, coworkers try to bully me for fun >Bully them back a bit, it…[View]
53458257Anything that isnt PoW is a scam.[View]
53458462is there literally any point in buying a condo? pic very much related, and this isn't even 'tha…[View]
53462088BBBY: I only bought this to piss of GME niggers.[View]
53461882It's over crippletards: It's over, sorry cripplets, but if this doesn't get you to ca…[View]
53460728MATIC BROS WTFWT!!??[View]
53462138Imagine not thinking CZ is gonna pump the shit out of BSC coins once he finished buying btc. Proposa…[View]
53459071where else: where else can i get some alpha/good convos and info for low caps and mid caps besides b…[View]
53460343Did someone say unregistered securities?[View]
53453488I do the same.[View]
53459602/smg/ - Stock Market General: we like to do a lil slurping round here >Risk management: https://p…[View]
53460072>Alameda Research[View]
53461697What are some AI coins that I can buy ?: Since there is going to be a retarded micro-bubble about it…[View]
53460923>18 >10k net worth I’m ngmi bros[View]
53461416>When it goes up I buy more instead of selling for profit. Does this happen to you?…[View]
53461266Which coin right now can make me some quick cash i.e. $100 to $150 or so?[View]
53459094Crypto iceberg thread: post what you've got[View]
53455941Dfinity Will Destroy AWS & Co.: ICP is the endgame of crypto. >Btc brought us the ledger. …[View]
53461818Pop's Home I Ain't Gettin Frisked: I put your Portfolio at risk[View]
53457986AI HYPE/BUBBLE IS STARTING: When did you realize AI bubble will be the next dorcom bubble and invest…[View]
53461634Anon its time. Give me all bulls memes.[View]
53455469>salary: competitive[View]
53460633I will never financially recover from this[View]
53461408JAPAN DEBT CRISIS: Instead of sending money to Zelensky, why don't we bail out our Jap senpai? …[View]
53461126Any chance this thing could 10x? 50x? 100x? Or is it pure doodoo[View]
53461661>every crypto twitter account is bullish >every crypto youtuber channel is bullish…[View]
53458094Why do you faggots hate icp so much? I'm kind of new here since I joined last year around June …[View]
53460584Jerome has been absolutely blessed by this earning season. The market is pumping so much that he cou…[View]
53461219Post your best outcome: >sell my dog bat stack for 100m then buy a ranch and hire people to bring…[View]
53461567>23k >22.5k >23.1k >23k >22.9k >23.2k…[View]
53460198GODS hitting 55 cents in 48h: GODS TOKEN IS BEING PUMPED TO 55 CENTS, get in the action ASAP.[View]
53455965/GME/ - Comfy Snowy Late Night Edition: >Basic Information https://gme.crazyawesomecompany.com ht…[View]
53459835Accepting gifts from customers / suppliers?: Hi, I started working in a normie corpro company. We ma…[View]
53459211Is Vaiot AI something you've looked into?[View]
53461372Rate my poorfolio: >Not pictured, 2100$ in BTC[View]
53459328Do you know what coin is being monitored the most at the moment? I'm watching ORN.[View]
53458448It's over isn't it? >alternately What did they mean by that?[View]
53459257feds gonna pivot: new pivot just dropped[View]
53458366this rally wont fail like 'others'[View]
53458424Is this legit?: Hi all- i contact this site and they say its pure silver. 2.00 under spot and free s…[View]
53432604just found this btc chart from my meme pic folder from an year ago jeez fucking shit how accurate th…[View]
53457023Fired at 25. Recommend any side business side hustles?: My name is B, 25 years old. My EU country in…[View]
53456511I just bought in to SHIB What am I in for?[View]
53456110>DUDE AI IS THE FUTURE[View]
53460878>Dom BTFOs Emin on twitter >Emin goes into full butthurt mode, blocks him and then sues him us…[View]
53457230I can anonymize my BTC by simply sending it through the lightning network. What is the point of XMR …[View]
53460251Why the FUCK is this allowed?: 75 BILLION share buybacks? Why isn’t Chevron investing in solar panel…[View]
53459721How much do I pay as tax in Ohio if I earn $1,100 monthly from two jobs and spend $500?[View]
53457820luna classic is fucked: Not only has Jacob Gadikian, the only guy who can save the project and a lea…[View]
53453071Is hashgraph technology the future of crypto or is it just a meme?[View]
53458700Do you help friends out making it or keep the crypto trading stuff under the radar?[View]
53460794Are you ready? It's coming.[View]
53460090$23,000 ACCEPTED no wait.. $23,000 REJECTED oops $23,000 ACCEPTED aw fuck $23,000 REJECTED[View]
53460864My bank account is being robbed what do I do[View]
53460658> See AVAX post > Flooded with ICP clowns crying about Roche I've spent a fair bit of tim…[View]
53455681How fucked are you on rent?[View]
53460723Is side hustle a meme?: I suspect facebook and shopify were secretly funding side hustle propaganda,…[View]
53460672please God save me i will never short again please dear God oh God[View]
53460601Don’t really know what I will do with my money when I make it: I just need a recluse mini mansion an…[View]
53460763Soft Landing: Achieved[View]
53457560this is the new Ceo of Chainlank: is it bullish?[View]
53455763The sight of non-programmers attempting to grasp the complexities of programming is nothing short of…[View]
53460306Has anyone played the games on Treasure DAO? Are any of them actually playable?[View]
53460093Name your disorder + coin: Mine is problems with authority, oppositional defiant disorder. i am O.D.…[View]
53452789>job interview >So, tell me about yourself anon... >MFW…[View]
53459955Imagine trying to defend 23k after a 40% pump in a month with no pullbacks.[View]
53456713>I am still 50% down from my ATH. The suffering never ends...[View]
53459601Is stellar (ticker xlm) a scam? Who or what is using the network for it to be a constant 50 tps, for…[View]
53459213What are the make it and suicide stacks for Parsiq?[View]
53460101> YES, i hold Ada, how did you know?[View]
53460328My dad is buying me a house. How do I use this to get rich?[View]
53458804What caused the 1981 surge in the dollar and will it happen again?[View]
53460242Is buying the best players, teams and even whole sport organizations (F1) a good investment?[View]
53454164i just delivered a grilled cheese sandwich on uber. the customer was charged $12 delivery fee, of wh…[View]
53460254The why-is-it-pumping stage: After a few years in crypto I've realized that there's a phas…[View]
53452993Whole Coiners?: Is it even worth being a whole coiner these days? I don’t see how we gain mainstream…[View]
53457682Are US Treasuries good to buy right now? Red pill me on this why have I heard multiple people mentio…[View]
53460161should i buy or wait?[View]
53459527Copy trading 1000% in last 14months: Those 2 guys actually did what I thought to be impossible. 100…[View]
53458697what is bitshit doing?[View]
53456880NFTs COMING TO AMAZON: >Amazon makes monumental NFT and Web3 push; digital asset service coming s…[View]
53459498San Francisco: I feel like all these videos about San Francisco collapsing are either massive Chines…[View]
53458616Is there a chance people are buying now before February 1st deadline for Swift to cease processing c…[View]
53459873Honey, what the fuck was that?: Does this mean we are back, sweetheart?[View]
53459852How can I profit from the Metaverse?[View]
53457454WAVES: eoy prediction?[View]
53458563I will put 12k on the victory of Cod Rhodes Legit or not?[View]
53459022What did McDolan mean by this?[View]
53458228/smg/ - Stock Market General: >Risk management: https://pastebin.com/sqJUcbjp >Educational sit…[View]
53459685ok, i believe this meme: I think this fractal is real for NKN and ive offically bought. How fucked a…[View]
53459635Stop buying.[View]
53457770>Shib shills are back on /biz/[View]
53458644Would you buy this chart?[View]
53459262Jokes aside, Bitcoin still needs to correct a little. +37% in a couple of weeks is not healthy Im no…[View]
53457208>My life is horrible. Why isn't the world ending?[View]
53456523Daily reminder: The ONLY WAY to win with Chainlink is TO SHORT IT.[View]
53459070its happening: GMX loyalists are realizing the inevitable and are jumping ship major pump incoming…[View]
53457082I waited an entire year to slurp the 10k bottom Be honest with me, guys, is it still coming?[View]
53458767I'm classifying ETH as a security for your protection[View]
53458850how do i stop beating myself up (example, passing up an opportunity to talk to a 10/10 supermodel ho…[View]
534591785-10 year long-term investment you can't touch: assume you wanted to make an investment but the…[View]
53459163If it looks like 23050 just got rejected...: That's because it was[View]
53458466> doing the paperwork of a friend > he was left by dead relatives ~400,000 euros multiplied by…[View]
53459119We might never see Bitcoin above 30k again[View]
53458969Plan B and Crypto Capo are psyop accounts: They are funded by big exchanges. Lots of sheeple liquida…[View]
53457353KOREANS ARE GRADE-A SCUMBAGS IT'S NOT EVEN CLOSE: > Be Koreans > Pumps shitcoins locally…[View]
53458609I just did my first leveraged short: this shit is more addicting than shitcoin trading. Now i see wh…[View]
53457958inheritance is practically communism.: it should be illegal to inherit a fortune if you didn't …[View]
53458053sirs why we are not breaking 23k? pls response soon[View]
53454065This mf will just be gaming until his trial in October 2[View]
53457715I heard the word 'Internet Computer' at the restaurant I work at.[View]
53458833>Tuesday >had large fast food binge after work >told myself I'd stop binging but felt…[View]
53458998>they don't understand the code I wrote >Leave for another job Kek…[View]
53455512Could this be the fabled Golden Bull Run?: In 1876 economists and mathematicians theorised the exist…[View]
53458779Is it a smart investment to buy thousands of followers for a social media page to then use that soci…[View]
53458617What are some sites where I can bet crypto on sports without KYC?[View]
53454266Getting fired tomorrow: what should my last words be?[View]
53456139Gaps in CV: What are acceptable reasons for a gap in a CV? I have an applicant with a 6 week gap in …[View]
53458597Daily reminder to m*mus that inflation wasn't defeated, it was temporarily supressed. The US go…[View]
53458487when im a crypto millionaire ill have sex[View]
53456882XRP price is gonna moon somewhere between 13 to 15 days so you better be prepared. (NOT FINANCIAL AD…[View]
53450036Is there any money in busking these days? Seems like a based career path. Anyone have tips?[View]
53458524Why is this thing refusing to move from 22900 (up or down) is Bitcoin finally a stable coin?[View]
53458721how do i profit from limited-time sodas like cranberry ginger ale being only around during the holid…[View]
53428329/sneed/ SNS-1 General #6: Sneedpunk Edition: Previous: >> 53354115 Welcome to the SNS-1 genera…[View]
53458494If it feels like BTC is losing steam: That's because it is[View]
53456348No matter how down you feel, always remember at least you have had sex.[View]
53457785Hope this is the right place to ask: I run a plant business. I have a comprehensive and organized li…[View]
53456712CUP AND HANDLE! I REPEAT CUP AND HANDLE Formation! What the absolute fuck is that!?! Are the whales …[View]
53455653my friend's dad is buying him a house: how do i cope with the fact he's getting a house fo…[View]
53457813Why do you wasted money on cars instead of using a bike? Could save hundreds per month to accumulate[View]
53458429Reminder to report ALL your crypto earnings/losses to us. Thank you.[View]
53455868Whale anon here. Me and my fellow whales are coordinating a massive dump in a little under 1 week. W…[View]
53458089What would you do?: >have monstrous last name >Maeglin >balding, grow side out and swoop to…[View]
53456837Do you think it’s possible to use ChatGPT to make money?[View]
53455231/smg/ - Stock Market General: Every casino should come with an open bar >Brokers https://pastebin…[View]
53458206I’m thinkin we’re back: (To 0.03)[View]
53458142A good term deposit in europe will give you 3% annually, they are raising the rates actively. are th…[View]
53456723Fucking hell can we stop edging and breakout already, this shit is worse than an obnoxious first dat…[View]
53457125can you tell me more about this global depression? just two more weeks left, right?[View]
53456577>affords huge house >supports wife, kids and dog >on a shoe salesman income This was consid…[View]
5345795594% of traders lose money. Anon, what is it you specifically do when you are performing the act you …[View]
53458131hey crapto cunts. get a job!![View]
53458090I see twap-selling on many coins: Many pumped shit seems to be in cash-out mode. You have been warne…[View]
53456093Fudder made me sell: I'm really, really angry. At least be a man. Show yourself and say you…[View]
53457666chatgpt keeps giving me scenario where btc will go up ones more and then there will be no new ath. i…[View]
53457877Who are some chartists and chart analysts that actually know what they are talking about?[View]
53453566How profitable is it to build a Private Army?[View]
53457717As someone who has been trading Bitcoin for 8 years: This is exactly whats going to happen. No it wo…[View]
53457957ITT: we predict the future: bitcorn: 40k by june 2023[View]
53454114frENS: flex your best domains[View]
53457704HEX out performing BTC & ETH: > HEX 68% off recent lows > BTC 54% off recent lows > ETH…[View]
53455537Just got back into it: Have been out since 2021. Here's my start of dcaing into a new bag to lo…[View]
53453889Chainlink - Does any other project: get continually btfo by their own community on twitter? Youd thi…[View]
53457376How is this POS top 15 ?[View]
53455212Heard the word Bitcoin in the barbershop.[View]
53456039Bitcoin is a hedge against money printing[View]
53457748all you think about is money when you should be thinking about how to make the world a better place[View]
53453373>one day my bsv bags will go up in price[View]
53457779What does /biz/ think of hydranet/hdx? I feel good about hdx and gonna drop 4k usd on it next week.[View]
53457751> will not get laid off cause NEET We can't stop winning[View]
53457585I just got laid off..... Fuck, should I go to a temp agency to get at least a job? I only have 2000 …[View]
53456160Charles Hosknison says he doesn't know why Cardano went down and they will never know why it ha…[View]
53456021REAL money makes /academy/: REAL money makers /academy/[View]
53452800/NFT/ General: Which NFT’s do you think will lead the market this upcoming NFT season? I think the g…[View]
53457680I had a dream: When Chainlink was around $12 last year, I had a dream the market kept crashing and c…[View]
53456780>he doesnt plan to go to a comfy 1st world prison in order to forced HODL and have all his food, …[View]
53455182What is Algorand?[View]
53456921Alt L1s make zero sense: They made sense back when Ethereum L2s sucked, but now we literally have mo…[View]
53451766ROSE: no rose thread??[View]
53439109Are you ready LINKies?[View]
53450716Reminder: don’t tip: Gooooooood afternoon /biz/ The rain has finally let out It’s fucking warm as fu…[View]
53456221Could starting a Popoff-style prosperity gospel scheme/'church' work from home? Just to st…[View]
53451455my body is ready[View]
53457422>*blocks you’re path*[View]
53457381can you feel it?[View]
53453792>ETH pumped to $2k over the summer >This bitch made 'rally' couldn't even come close to t…[View]
53454793Why are none of you autistic retards talking about this....its going to go parabolic.: Djed will be …[View]
53455788Presenting Hedera's Curve: LeemonSwap, a decentralized exchange and lending protocol, has the p…[View]
53457272I make 10% of all the posts and replies here, I could probably make like 20% if I really went for it[View]
53457188The board is so slow during bear markets that I (or (You)) could *easily* make up 10% of all threads…[View]
53454672I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't belive.[View]
53456733I just silent sent $2400 on cash app to a girl on reddit over 90 minutes. Why do I keep self sabotag…[View]
53457210Why it be do like this?: Why it do be like dis doe?[View]
5345705823k rEjEcTeD[View]
53456823Free crypto news: Hi guys! I made a channel for myself in a telegram on a crypto theme. I want to ad…[View]
53456965Bitcoin halving will happen in the worst macro bear market of the decade.: The greatest test of cryp…[View]
53457178check the SPX, inflation will spike you know it[View]
53457101Remember this psyop beeing spammed here by Bobos: Now we dont even get a recession in Germany[View]
53455331who is hotter?[View]
53455061Take profits and just rebuy in a few weeks. This is financial advice.[View]
53456953>have $300k invested in 'L1 and L2 solutions' >don't know what any of it even means…[View]
53457094You love to see it.[View]
53456916Pay my phone bill or buy 5 elfbars. Going with the elfbars.[View]
53456833Ah we are at the 'LINK finally pumps' moment of the market :): hehe we know whats next[View]
53456429DON consensus question: If 9/10 nodes colluded to lie about data for some contract, and I raised an …[View]
53441573Everything you are looking for is in here…: Hey friends, just dropping by to remind you that everyth…[View]
53455580VRA has signed a deal with Hoopla. Is this shitcoin a scam or not? I just can’t tell[View]
53456121should i buy a bull and sell its jizz? does anyone do this? im being serious[View]
53456292You will never have a chance to buy bitcoin under 23k again[View]
53442855what do you call this pattern[View]
53456798I have some sleep crust permanently stuck to my eye lid. Is the bear market over fr fr?[View]
53449639at least our free meals will be slightly more healthy this time bros...[View]
53456629Coins that can't pump: I'll start - $GMX[View]
53456737>0.06 >bottom isnt even in yet my god, this is going back to 0.03 isnt it?…[View]
53454990commute to work on a bicycle[View]
53456582Can someone explain to a brainlet what the difference is between regular eth chain and arbitrum and …[View]
53455666Are codemonkeys really this stupid?: You would think the 'engineers' at google, facebook and whateve…[View]
53456665If time and money are only constructs that exist in human minds, why does society care so much about…[View]
53455625I’m betting my car: >wish me luck[View]
53456596they are artificially pumping link price again...: i can tell you niggers for a fact that its about …[View]
53453870>the mumus fell for the same 23k scampump AGAIN[View]
53445708RLC: $2[View]
53452619Paydaybros, I'll have $1,000 to invest tomorrow. What should I buy? I'm thinking more ICP,…[View]
53456296My uncle is buying his son a house: How do i profit off of this?[View]
53455064>pumps 50% in the last 6 months >ignores FTX collapse >no generals >not a single thread …[View]
53456015reminder that you'll never be this much of a fuckup[View]
53446955Make It Stack?: give it to me straight biz what’s a make it stack for each coin? real answers only …[View]
53456332>Spend 2 years saving up money while working a shitty minimum wage job. >Save up about 20k. …[View]
53454454If it feels like ETH is a security that's because it is[View]
53456361out of the 6 people I knew who killed themselves 4 were women[View]
53456304I wonder what The Klomper is up to.[View]
53453599OOOOOOOOOOOOO LINKIEEEEEEEES: nice 'pump' *pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffft*[View]
53454311My dad is buying me a house.[View]
53455105First green FAG candle in a year. Based or meaningless?[View]
53456188no dump no pump[View]
53450140What’s you favorite space sector stock pick? What categories are you focused on: launch, communicati…[View]
53455851explain in a few words why you haven't started a farm people need food to eat, there seem to co…[View]
53455820Bobros... we have officially lost control of the market :([View]
53456086Why does this shit always have to pump right before my payday[View]
53455685fucking FAGGOT: Aaaand another bear trap. Kys Fucking nigger[View]
53454571Last Chance: >yfw there is no dump >yfw you had a chance >yfw BSV is Bitcoin…[View]
53440365Single Women Are More Likely To Own Homes Than Single Men In Nearly All States: What went wrong? …[View]
53451306/GME/ - Comfy Thursday After-hours Edition: >Basic Information https://gme.crazyawesomecompany.co…[View]
53454475OH N-[View]
53455865my financial advisor is telling me to sell: hey guys i just want a second opinion is it over?[View]
5345584530k next week: screenshot this powell will be dovish. markets will skyrocket remaining whales will f…[View]
53455403Welding custom projects for profit: What kind of metal things could I build/weld and then sell on Am…[View]
53455661I'm sorry everyone: I accidentally the blockchain.[View]
53455777hahaha rejected as usual!!!: *opens leveraged long* why are bobos like this?[View]
53455317Finished my pitch deck.[View]
53454395Fed Funds Rate: How does a low fed funds rate allow companies to borrow money more cheaply? They are…[View]
53454530BTC will never break 23k so long as LINK would break $7 if so: Too bad for you all[View]
53453152>boss is having team dinner and told everyone to bring their +1 Is it worse to show up alone or w…[View]
53455644PLEASE close your longs. im saying this because i love you and care for your wellbeings[View]
53455610Investing in Intel was the biggest mistake of my life, and I've bought penny stocks before.[View]
53452299Is Bitcoin unstoppable at this point?: It seems impossible to change the minds of the people who bel…[View]
53455180Why shouldn't I do this?[View]
5345549823% APR[View]
53450729>I'm thinking it right now and you can't stop me[View]
53455401is this the start?: when people in finance start throwing themselves off rooftops it's a sign o…[View]
53455408Why the FUCK they keep leaking our data? First Celsius now FTX https://restructuring.ra.kroll.com/FT…[View]
53454022How does he know?[View]
53447326I don’t know where to live: >want to be a homeowner. >have $150k in savings >salary of $63…[View]
53455314When will this shitcoin moon[View]
53454088When I launch my project and post about it here, the jannies will delete the thread and ban me.: Why…[View]
53455083Keep going mumu, the bullrun is back![View]
53454733>i have $3,400 in credit card debt[View]
53452209I don't care about nocoiners anymore: I stopped trying to tell people about crypto. I used to t…[View]
53452895/smg/ - Stock Market General: >intcel >Risk management: https://pastebin.com/sqJUcbjp >Educ…[View]
53454410Why the fuck is everyone talking about a 'Binance cartel' now? Do people really think that binance i…[View]
53450648I am holding this one token for over 3 months by now and holy shit they keep delaying things over an…[View]
53454005ONE VISION ONE PURPOSE: How do we financially profit between the war between Nod and GDI?[View]
53455113I just ate 4 hot dogs: >plus potato salad how do I profit off this?…[View]
53455153Sergey Nazarov: I'm a Muslim man. Despite being heterosexual, I fantasize about Sergey Nazarov.…[View]
53455107Wallet with 30 holders on KuCoin: >been holding for 4 months straight with no movement > I se…[View]
53455031>the pump is over >crabbing era is here we're in an uptrend at least…[View]
53455005Stoch RSItards OHNONONO: It's over for your meme indicator.[View]
53453123What is this?[View]
53454674I just used ChatGPI for the first time. How the hell do I invest in this inevitable wave of AI? I kn…[View]
53433249Bullish on BAT: I'm bullish today because Eich's Twitter page isn't 100% antivax shit…[View]
53451250How does VAIO plan to make a difference in 2023?[View]
53454490new boss and he wants us back in the office[View]
53452357Job recruiters seethe and cringe thread[View]
53454738If you are a cashier at McDonald’s you simply don’t deserve a living wage. You don’t produce equal v…[View]
53453718Looks like we ran out of suckers to fomo into the relief rally boys[View]
53454687Paid credit card once. Payment applied twice: Paid 500. Ledger shows 1000 paid. -500. How can I keep…[View]
53454577Why are men working more?[View]
53454797Are energy prices finally going back to normal in Europe?[View]
53453803Lol: Lol >>53453599 >>53453741 >>53453718 >>53452269 >>53453691 >…[View]
53441137Coinmetro thread?[View]
53454609We are closer to 2050 than we are to 1995[View]
53453651i solded my stack last year cuz unemployed, now am employed n think it might be time to buy back in[View]
53449074Dog bat $1 end of 2030[View]
53451073Buy and hold for great wealth in the future: The real bitcoin is the one[View]
53452052What upcoming projects are you looking forward to? I just heard about TraderAI today, website doesnt…[View]
53453924every fucking time[View]
53434350i can not take it anymore. just loss after loss after loss.[View]
53454110Day 553 of snailposting every day until BTC is at 100k[View]
53454415I’m buying my dad a house[View]
53451760>paying for the right to shop somewhere Do consumerist cattle actually fall for this scam?…[View]
53454215If it feels like Chainlink can't pump past $7, it's because it can't.[View]
53448265tech bros: I don't feel so good.[View]
53452159>announce they will start using AI to produce content >stock jumps over 100% in one day Why?…[View]
53448263Why did the market flip so early?: Weren't we supposed to bottom around 13k?[View]
53454362Anyone Remember Aurox?: I have the settings config for their original 'Aurox Indicator'. It's n…[View]
53451065Why is it so easy to buy 4 figures worth of crypto with basically 0 emotion, but then later I spend …[View]
53453141Phase 1 completed onwards to Phase 2: >Phase 1 Aggressive pump from bottom with no pullbacks. Sma…[View]
53453380>join unicorn startup >get stock options as part of my compensation package >work for 3 ye…[View]
5345275824,000 watch party!: Get comfy and get in before BTC breaks through $24,000 tonight![View]
53454254thats all we could muster?[View]
53453230how do I get a crypto job and profit off the echo bubble[View]
53454216Ready for the second wave mumus?[View]
53448842/mlg/ meme line general: welcome to /mlm/ meme line general,, post ta[View]
53453709it's over[View]
53453189Where is Bizonacci?: I fucking miss Bizonacci, bros. Also, where the fuck is Leonardo of Biz? Why do…[View]
53452410If it looks like 23000 just got rejected...: ...that's because it was.[View]
53454083Where to get a tinder spam bot for my buisness?: Have an OF buisness and need a tinder spam bot who …[View]
53449565Alright faggots, time to vote on what BTC will do https://strawpoll.com/polls/6QnMOmvOAZe/ Bump the …[View]
53453421this is such an obvious bulltrap. I've been in the market since 2017 trust me.[View]
53454049$22950 stable coin: You like it or not.[View]
53453471Insured Coin: Why doesn't someone create a coin, similar to bitcoin, but with a semi-fixed supp…[View]
53452201baddlestashins: >Any organization tips /biz/? I've always wanted one of those brown accordio…[View]
53450080lost 2k sad sirs: I've been profitable (consistantly) the best 2 - 3 weeks trading breakouts an…[View]
53453026they're gonna do the thing again[View]
53451286good job offer: but it's not a casual job. It follows you even when you're home i.e. non-s…[View]
53450999Why do people think BTC is a risk asset? It's literally just money.[View]
53453848FUD: If someone calls some information FUD then I will believe it without question.[View]
53452269>23k rejected >McDonald’s just flashed a local top indicator >PCE data coming tomorrow …[View]
5345079523k is too strong go on without me bros[View]
53451938Your still a neet anon...: 2012 was 11 years ago anon... You know we were just kidding about becomi…[View]
53453812>BTC to 19,000 Looks like Pink is in.[View]
53452616GDP: how do i calculate gross domestic product?[View]
53451994We are witnessing the biggest trans-ference of wealth sin- >oh no[View]
53451411>deposit half your paycheck into a stable index fund for a 3% annual return…[View]
53453703Sorry for this mumus, but is the begning of recession![View]
53453690Remember this loser from yesterday? Show yourself, you fucking idiot.[View]
53450108You do have a job right? .....crypto is just a hobby, and not your Plan A, right?[View]
5345073023k can't hold[View]
53446249Just got back my tax refund. Got a lot due to running a business on the side. Paid down some of my c…[View]
53448173Are cars now an appreciating asset due to hyper inflation?[View]
53453343housing crisis: https://youtu.be/wXigmmgo1kA[View]
53446786What are you going to buy when AVAX breaks $1000?[View]
53446565How do you motivate yourself?[View]
53451421I am: a straight white male. I do not watch porn or masturbate and I hold Iexec RLC[View]
53453475Its Official: We're about to dump. Be careful faggots. Open them shorts and swap them stonks. O…[View]
53434210Is it possible to make easy money without sinning?[View]
53450792Hey /biz/raelis I created a telegram group with a few crypto friends/acquaintances, we've seen …[View]
53450126What's the next step after reading Ben Graham?[View]
53453453>pay early withdraw penalties to cash out your 401k and invest in pokemon cards…[View]
53453156Anybody else buying this token? It's basically the LIDO Finance of AVAX Listed on Coinbase and …[View]
53451169the crypto illusion: Cryptos, no matter how many are created, cannot create money. This means that t…[View]
53450265Looking at this chart, how should the federal reserve proceed? You should know the answer to this, …[View]
53452453I need a 1,000,000x to have $1,000,000[View]
53450086Trading isn't a real job. All traders deserve to be hated and shamed by society. Get a real pro…[View]
5344475031 years old. How am I doing? My plan is 500 a check to td Ameritrade, 250 a check to savings until …[View]
53447565What is /biz/'s 5-year plan?[View]
53451528I started college not long ago, never been employed nor worked a day in my life as everytime i tried…[View]
53449273Sam Bankman Fried gave $400million to crypto firm funded by former girlfriend Xiaoyun 'Lily ' Zhang …[View]
53446629CAP will mog GNS and GMX.: Simple as.[View]
53448568>shitbox blew up >need to buy new car >car costs $22k >have $30k in savings (yes, I know…[View]
53452050Matic price action: Is Matic decoupling from BTC? Usually, it would track very close to BTC/ETH See…[View]
53448638I feel devious for job hopping[View]
53447111>5 days has passed d-did I become a bagholder?[View]
53449585/BBBY/ General Kane Edition: >Basic Information https://bbby.crazyawesomecompany.com https://www.…[View]
53452897What does this mean? What’s going to happen? Are we pumping tomorrow?[View]
53449489Have we actually macro bottomed?: I want to accept the the bottom is in, and that the horror of last…[View]
53447960>every shitcoin mooning, some 400-500% >my bags are somehow down 10% The game really is rigged…[View]
53453035TC: 410k[View]
53452720Shitcoin Casino: Is it back?!?!?[View]
53445801Are we not going to talk about how ICP finally breached $6.00? As a poorfag who's been on the s…[View]
53435533/pmg/ - Precious Metals General: Golden Haiku Edition >The springbok leaps high/Graceful and free…[View]
53451030/smg/ - SEALS Market General: Navy SEALS edition >Risk management: https://pastebin.com/sqJUcbjp…[View]
53452508hey bobo, about those charts you posted last week: says here support is $22,832.05 says here next re…[View]
53450630Why aren't they cooperating with the probe? That's all stolen money. https://www.coindesk.…[View]
53449789Where did all the techbros gloating about their 6 figure total compensation go?[View]
53450672How do I get a $100,000 personal loan?[View]
53450978If it feels like that link pump is about to crash the entire market it's because it is[View]
53452681Crypto Carnage: The Market's Violent Demise: Buried deep beneath the ground, Cryptocurrency mar…[View]
53451769dance, xcm baggie: dance[View]
53450637Trades occupations left in a vacuum:: >The Arizona Commerce Authority estimates that by 2030, the…[View]
53450804>There are people in this very moment working hard, wasting hours of their lives without any kind…[View]
53452566>jeets are out now >last shakeout >early buyers gone >buy comp starting >hold the flo…[View]
53446105Portfolio Thread: Cryptos Stocks Anything post em[View]
53452120I need a x100000 to have 1 million USD.[View]
53452501Is it better to buy a house in a city where it will appreciate in value or to buy one for less money…[View]
53452427Okay so here's the deal. I have moved to cambodia where it is illegal to cam but that is a grea…[View]
53451942ICYPEES rugged....[View]
53449858What will you shill me next?[View]
53450116Thank you iced piss baggies for increasing the overall happiness in the world.[View]
53450742Is there anyone who can look at the VAI chart?[View]
53449491Monero glows like the moon: Sell now[View]
53452312I just figured out what point in the cycle we're at.: I'm so excited for you kids.[View]
53448250/biz/ isn't just a place to make frens. It's also a place to do very learning and many und…[View]
53452028Does you warderobe reflect your networth?[View]
53452024Insider here. Big green dildo incoming screen cap this[View]
53452267Reminder, your one job is to buy and hold Bitcoin (TICKER: BTC). Sell your possessions for Bitcoin, …[View]
53452053let me get this right. you pay 1/4 of your paycheck to the government b/c income tax, then the gov g…[View]
53451574Anyone else getting really fucking tired of this 23k stalemate?[View]
5345214423k rejected again lmao[View]
53451127AVAX will flip ETH by 2025[View]
53452085is it even possible to creat a fortune 500 company these days, outside of a few crypto and A.I anoma…[View]
53450911When is this shit going to dump?: Freshly launched PnD PoW coin. Kaspa is dead so is this the new pu…[View]
53449264why are people calling 2023 'the year of the economic crash'?[View]
53445650Which Vanguard strategy would you use?: >Lifestrategy in taxable/Target Date in retirement >Ju…[View]
53451726Question for fellow autists: I typed a 2 paragraph email about a situation and sent it out, then the…[View]
53449728Being monstrously hideous is only making my motivation even greater to make it.[View]
53451897hey nigger: i hold LCX[View]
53451902Is this a scam?: I have roughly 3 ETH invested[View]
53450411How does this idiot expect to regulate a payment token? Please explain it to me.[View]
53451604>yfw not using an exchange so all your crypto is safe >Yfw not a r/Bitcoin user so you get to …[View]
53450295Peak Delusion?: Don’t people realize that this pump is fake? In a real bull market BTC always pumps …[View]
53435625You had one year.[View]
53451671Do not doubt[View]
53451747hello please vote: https://strawpoll.com/polls/xVg7jRG4znr thank you[View]
53451633Token is needed, so shut up.[View]
53451178is this bullish consolidation or bearish distribution?[View]
53439594just bought some SHIBA AIGMI?[View]
53443421OFFICIAL /biz/ COINS POWER RANKINGS: 1. BTC 2. ICP 3. HBAR 4. XRP 5. LINK 6. XMR 7. LTC 8. ROSE 9. G…[View]
53446399wtf is this shit?[View]
53446534I hate reddit so much it’s unreal[View]
53450992Aaaand back to crabbing we go: Holy shit this market is kiked af. Pump 5%, crab, dump 50%, pump 10%,…[View]
53451237Why is $23k the hill bears are dying on?[View]
53445574Learn to Code is a Meme: >build a scalable app using React with a Django backend >Write intere…[View]
53441097explain in a few words why you haven't started a farm people need food to eat, there seem to co…[View]
53450909FOREX general: why are you wasting money on crapto? FOREX is what crypto tries to be. i'm down …[View]
53449154IT'S ON: Scaramucci 'enormously bullish' on BTC, LTC and ADA, issues warning over APTOS and FTM…[View]
53451251Will the lightning network get more user friendly in the future? I don't want to deal with manu…[View]
53449966Any of these pieces of shit worth it?[View]
53447989sorry bobo, it didn't have to be like this: but after what you did to me in 2022 i'm gonna…[View]
53447848/GME/ - Secret Knowledge Edition: >Basic Information https://gme.crazyawesomecompany.com https://…[View]
53439653What did Swift mean by this? Are they using XRP or no?[View]
53449017Nice security you have there, be a shame if you didnt register it[View]
53450632There will be a 400% increase in the value of ORN within a few days.[View]
53450985So I was thinking, is there a way I could invest in AI development, fellow Anons? I want to be IN on…[View]
53449614/smg/ - STOCK MARKET GENERAL: Power Hour Edition >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq (embed) …[View]
53450215Business idea: Not sure if this already exists but it seems like something everyone my age would use…[View]
53450707Link pumped. Time to nuke.[View]
53448485I have $50k worth of USDT on Kucoin. How do I properly turn it into cash into my bank account?[View]
53448286I've been a freelance graphic designer for years, coasting along like a little child and just e…[View]
53450757Only THREE (ONE) answer: You WILL use the fiat monetary system You WILL work 40 hours a week, pay 50…[View]
53448504I'm only going to say this once: Ethereum is a security[View]
53444340I'm making a lot of money right now.[View]
53446721Making money using AI: Any anons here had any success making money utilizing chatgpt, copyAI, etc? I…[View]
5345048723k rejected[View]
53444474There is a possibility Bitcoin will never make a new ATH[View]
53450182Shill me picrel, does it have a usecase?[View]
53450476>mfw my portfolio is 50% VELA and 50% VELO[View]
53442259Is it true that successful people use macOS?[View]
53450246Why aren't things going how I want them to go >:O: I bought 4300 euro of NEAR at the current…[View]
53450078BTC prediction: Alright bros, in order to place a prediction a few assumptions need to be made. >…[View]
53449360Anyone here sell cars or sold them before? What’s it like and how much can someone expect to reasona…[View]
53450287if you cannot retrieve the private key to the wallet holding >90% of your portfolio right now, yo…[View]
53440742realistic real estate general[View]
53448419/smg/ stock market general: It Do Go Down Edition >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq (embed) …[View]
53447558Business Etiquette: >be me >on 12 person Teams call >productive, proceeding smoothly, ever…[View]
53448186How do you find the right e-commerce web developer? There’s thousands upon thousands of shitskins wh…[View]
53446818Ok so if Bitcoin is deflationary (supply capped at 21 mil + all the Bitcoins in cold storage being l…[View]
53449984ah yes, i invest in big numbers that only i know. how could you tell?[View]
53449931Now that the dust has settled... why did SBF take down LUNA?[View]
53441133I’ve been a NEET for 3 years and I have a job interview tomorrow. Pic unrelated of my cat I just ado…[View]
53449924The pattern is 50% complete[View]
53449878Daily reminder that Ethereum and 99% of alts are unregistered securities. Bow to your SEC overlord[View]
53449781Having a liquid 7 figure net worth at 19 yo is impressive. Having a 9 figure net worth at 25 yo is t…[View]
53449863PAMP IT: now![View]
53449857pack it up lads[View]
53443500Is it worth it to make your own coffee?[View]
53448830Euphoria and newfags…: The next leg down is coming isn’t it?[View]
53438480If you had put $2 into SHIB in late 2020, it would have gotten you a $55 million return 1 year later…[View]
53433261I bought eth in 2016 at 7 dollars. I bought link in 2019 at 1.60 My next purchase since has been ALB…[View]
53441127Chainlink historical scorecard: For those keeping score about LINK and this cannot be refuted >Ga…[View]
53447063>Buy yurt rated for loadings acceptable in my county >install founation >insulate such that…[View]
53449418Any salesfags out there? how are your pipelines looking right now going into 2023[View]
53442294This is your final warning to get in as soon as possible. The train is leaving the station and when …[View]
53444679Kleros: just slurped 50k more[View]
53449176Hey Grandpa can you tell me about how you had to spend your entire life 'working' again? I mean that…[View]
53446267What are good long term investment options for steady growth AKA, not you’re shitty her rich quick …[View]
53448363gcr literally told to sell: https://twitter.com/GCRClassic/status/1618676559975677952 Discuss.…[View]
53448560Sustainable ponzis: Post yours[View]
53444086why the fuck is ftm pumping so much? i'm all in hbar[View]
53445072Aight guys, you have 0 dollars, no job but a place to stay. You need money fast, what do you do?[View]
53432398/BBBY/ - M&A Edition: No DD as the M/A has been confirmed by the latest form 4's and comple…[View]
53449353Why does /biz/ always blame innocent scapegoats for their problems?[View]
53445564>BBBY: This memestock is out performing my other boomer stocks.[View]
53413943/XSG/ XRP Schizo General #2024: XRP price $122.5k: Previous: >>53396361 Buy XRP on Uphold/Coin…[View]
53447468Redpill me on this[View]
53449290Daily Reminder do not buy an centralised crypto like ripple otherwise you're helping to continu…[View]
53449228Bobo: Post your bobos for the impending marketcrash 2.0 Also post names of projects to check out for…[View]
53449222DXP/VELA: > see DXP/VELA fud posts > did not trade against biz > see random shitcoin spamme…[View]
53445833Hbar thread: Scott Page from Pink Floyd just got himself some cute koala NFTs. Regardless he has has…[View]
53443278Mfw pic rel: >be cs college student >goverment offers entrepreneurship formation project >p…[View]
53439571How would you answer this economic question asked by the World Economic Forum? (financially speaking…[View]
53445454How the hell do I sell my NFTs in 2023?: I've got NFTs that are worth like 80 ETH but for the l…[View]
53441399I quit crypto: There is no point in any of this shit anymore. I hate all you bobos for deceiving me.…[View]
53449044pee pee poo poo[View]
53449052TOP IS IN[View]
53444458/biz/ i think i cracked it- All cryptos are a scam[View]
53449028I like this stock.[View]
53445747Best way to make 50-100k a year using 1 million dollhairs?: Best way wins My way, example 1; buy a …[View]
53445685Why did companies memed the 'learn to code' a couple of years ago, having increased the world supply…[View]
53448946Wells Fargo enrolled me in this program where they put my pay in my account a day early. I didn…[View]
53446825$23k rejected for the 100th time lmao[View]
53448934BetThatManagement: I still use this while having sex with international models and royal blood lines…[View]
53447774i don't understand the tradingview quick chart. the graphical representation shows its down for…[View]
53448576how low bros?[View]
53448680Which age did you discover crypto?[View]
53448812Make me to teach: I’m looking to invest some crypto and I need some advice for the best coin please …[View]
53432961Why would he do this if he didn't need the money now? I'm sure he could have easily made 1…[View]
53443240Fantom FTM: 2000 sats today?[View]
53448708my alts are gaining volume: >hex general >xrp general >avax general >link general >rl…[View]
53446339I keep on selling and it keeps on going up: Always DCA in and out of my positions and been selling s…[View]
53447550Are we about to be in a bull market?: Hit some tough times financially and am thinking about cashing…[View]
53448693Closing Stockpile: How do I close my Stockpile account without linking my bank account? They want to…[View]
53443199/GME/ - Early Morning Camper Fishing Edition: >Basic Information https://gme.crazyawesomecompany.…[View]
53448385If it feels like we're not allowing Chainlink to pass $7, it's because we aren't.[View]
53448087I’m feeling bullshit guys this is the one[View]
53443038What happened? How do I get my money out?[View]
53448210Deep down you know BTC is a security[View]
53448528Did the job market just tank the past month[View]
53448061We should deregulate housing so i can rent my garage for very cheap and solve homelessness.[View]
53444473BOBO EMERGENCY MEETING: Please for the mother mercy love of god do not go to 23 300 again[View]
53447783if it feels like 23k has been accepted: it's because it is[View]
53447918I just bought the bitcoin When do I make it[View]
53448398I'm the top holder of 2 nft collections whose volume will probably remain dead until the heat d…[View]
53448234how chuds portfolio doing[View]
53446370When you deliberately commit crimes against humanity for profit: and your stock's only down ~3%…[View]
53448380meme board: faux rich[View]
53447816Profiting from a 24/7 livestream?: I want to set up a 24/7 live stream of the Millenoum Tower in San…[View]
53430056How do Europeans and brits work their whole life for 35k a year? In the hopes to maybe one day make …[View]
53446168What are the odds this pulls a GNS[View]
53446775/smg/ stock market general: Chinese stocks edition reminder to invest in Chinese companies like TSM …[View]
53447238Best TG chats: Post the best tg chats you got frens[View]
53445061what do you call this pattern?[View]
53447685'Dude like 80% of traders lose money lmao': Just went back from my bank (had to have a talk about so…[View]
53445158Can you feel the Harmony, my fellow chads?[View]
53447993How come there's no talk about random finance bullshit general? >be normal person >be fin…[View]
53447610Hiring third worlders: How do I hire remote workers to do menial tasks for me, for incredibly low wa…[View]
53445323/smg/ stock market general: Getting Soft Into A Hard Landing Edition >Brokers https://pastebin.co…[View]
53444182what should i have in my roth ira?[View]
53439962How do I short Big Pharma? https://twitter.com/Project_Veritas/status/1618405890612420609[View]
53447125My Trumpy stay pumpy[View]
53447492If it feels like 23k is going to break, it's because it is.[View]
53445350Let’s see Paul Allen’s coins.[View]
53447800Got sent to HR for calling someone a bully: Worst of all it was by someone with the name Maeglin... …[View]
53447548Congrats on this, seriously: I panicsold at 85c because a fudder here told me to sell and I had to r…[View]
53445933Yo guys, I've been looking into Monero recently and I'm pretty impressed with it. It'…[View]
53447693The dump will be catastrophic.[View]
53447616What if big corps aren't firing employees en masse for FINANCIAL issues (got it, jannies?) but …[View]
534453658 blocks per second enters crypto scene. Pow. Thoughts?[View]
53447649*clears throat*: gettin money like some jews and i keep it real so im always rude leave no evidence…[View]
53428300I'm an insider at Chainlink Labs: Huge fucking happening, get in here. You might have wondered …[View]
53447330When do we dump this fakeout before the debt ceiling clusterfuck hits the markets?[View]
5344748023k rejected![View]
53447285> be offshore shit skin > Be looked down upon by company's mutts working in murrica > …[View]
53446248Coinbase removing coinbase pro for free sucks, however being able to transfer crypto as soon as I bu…[View]
53440368ICYPEES r-.... well it's crabbing and I'm bored[View]
53447259In 2-3 $99,000 will be REJECTED: >sell orders missed >new legion of bagholders that didn'…[View]
53445269How do I get out of 6 figure hell: Please no more. . . I save $50k/year and I’m currently at $200k n…[View]
53447299It's time to fade the pump: We soon slurping the real dipperino. See you then.[View]
53447014how many people hold more than 1 bitcoin? is it actually possible to become a widely used reserve cu…[View]
53447227Happy ICP day[View]
53446737FANTOM (FTM) $1 EOM: C-C-CHECK EM[View]
53424732Property rights in the USA: Lol, lmao even.[View]
53444630if im not a millionaire by the time i turn 30 im gonna kill myself i dont want to be those boomers f…[View]
5344421130k rejected[View]
53446949I have $500/month to put towards an index fund or RE. Which should I choose?[View]
53446579Annual Return By Commodity in last decade: How does crypto compare?[View]
53445341Zero pullbacks All metrics mimic bottom of the past bear market bottoms Fed doing a 0.25% rate hike …[View]
53445952Burning Out In Current Job: I am a Network guy at a large company. I basically do firewall work, ins…[View]
53446580Let the ftm dump begin: In 3... 2... 1... :)[View]
53446733Despite all the fud: I am still just a chud in the mud[View]
53445025Kek I remember speaking to someone who had 50k in xrp: On the top when it was like 1.60$ or somethin…[View]
53446734You guys wanna join my new app?[View]
53446564>im up 20%+ already in 5 mins Ride this roller coaster with me anons. Don’t buy this if you hate …[View]
53444462Why do the so called boomers not retire even if they have the money to? Seeing so many oldfaggots, e…[View]
53446251Is coming...[View]
53446306Sub 10k BTC here we come[View]
5344638023k rejected.[View]
53446149Why are bulls and bears euphoric? Who is profiting?[View]
53446116I already work 50 hours a week, but I'm looking for a job I can do on the weekends, so I can so…[View]
53443003If you think 22980 was just rejected: That's because it was[View]
53444994moons parabolicly: where my apt chads at?[View]
53446096fuck this manipulated market[View]
53443289Whats your financial endgoal?[View]
53445556What will happen this weekend?[View]
53444484Why I can't stop throwing money to crypto?: I always say this will be the last time, but it…[View]
53444867lol the bottom was 3500[View]
53446091what was that? '25.5k'? HAHAHAHAHAHHHAHHA[View]
53445990it may be a good idea to buy some $rlb on solana i don't know how to post this and not seem lik…[View]
53443965My csgo skins are outperforming the markets[View]
53445825>2023 >Supposed economic crash >Biz said don't buy >Everything is pumping Thanks bi…[View]
53439752>be greedy when others are fearful[View]
53445904Candlesticks: What did BTC mean by this?[View]
53442527/DISG/ - AUREM IMMINENT EDITION: DIST bros, Aurem is now immiment. My bags are comfy. >TL;DR: L1 …[View]
534441741. Have $100k ransomware/drug coins 2. Make shitty jpeg nft in mspaint 3. Sell it for $100k 4. Buy s…[View]
53445813Why are germans the ultimate cucks of the entire universe? >mfw German wagecucks wake up every da…[View]
53445802Arbitrum good goys: Sit back relax and drink a cup of Onions Latte you goyims TG Goodgoyscoin…[View]
53444988I have like 100 old cases when i played csgo in 2013, i have money now, should i buy 100 keys and te…[View]
53445104Should I do >IT job $1600/wk >Phone Sales job $2000/wk…[View]
53442983If it feels like 23k is impossible to sustain, it's because it is.[View]
53443714>Straight pumps for 24 days without a single major dump or correction Totally not manipulated ma…[View]
53445671What crypto stack will change your financial status forever?: And how much are you holding?[View]
53444810I zoomed out too far and realized that there are other things outperforming crypto gains and I'…[View]
53445679How can I make money with an ecommerce store?[View]
53445268Which Hardware Wallet Is Best?: Self Custody Chads Let Me Know And Why.[View]
53445483Arbitrum: Grab a cup of Onions latte get vaxxed and enjoy goyims[View]
53443857I have 1k in bitcoin, /biz/ decides what I do with it[View]
53444302/smg/ stock market general: female broker edition >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq (embed) …[View]
53445351I CAN'T DUMP[View]
5344534223k stable coin[View]
53445140THIS IS A SUCKER'S RALLY!!![View]
53444601This fine lady told me I should invest in Rubic. Should I?[View]
53444098Please dump bros...: can we go back to Bitcoin at 16-17k again and like $10 AVAX and SOL. I wanna bu…[View]
53445177december 31st[View]
53445086Link is over 7$ Expecting >BTC crash in 3.2.1 >Great depression >SPY will be down -50% >…[View]
53445151It's all because the war: > inflation war > wife cheating war >... war How does medi…[View]
53445112YOU MISSED THE BOTTOM: YES...YOUUUU! (You) ![View]
53445034Describe this graph please[View]
53444850>sold at $21k thanks to some bear fudder who said we were going back to 16k…[View]
53443903*sips coffee*: Ahhh another day of allowing mumus to gain a little ground to only be REJECTED furthe…[View]
53442696faster/more accurate oracle than LINK[View]
53441572>stop caring about crypto long time ago >hear news about exchanges go bust >ohshit.jpg >…[View]
53444949the best time to plant your seeds is after a forest fire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNVZEVq3Kz…[View]
53444943there is nothing i can read that's actually bearish news anymore nothing on cc nothing on biz m…[View]
53444389A new job has appeared on LinkedIn: >How can one profit from this?…[View]
53442803Financial Midwit traps: Post examples of fiscal midwit traps. I'll start >Using a ROTH IRA a…[View]
53444781are we gon do it again?[View]
53444737Good crypto bets: Looking for somewhere to throw my last BnB, any hot tips in the degen sphere?…[View]
53443738How do you call this technical analis? Its is on point[View]
53444354Did you get rejected more on price or in your real life?[View]
53435434There are people on this board: who realise 7 trillion is just the tip of the iceberg. Enjoy.[View]
53443634As a brazilian: How do I start investing?[View]
53444551Hex General - Meme edition: This is a unique HEX thread. >wish a meme >or post a pic with ur i…[View]
53438830Is there any better money maker than selling a religion: Vatican and other shilled religions literal…[View]
53444111if you the price downing feel the steam baby price action vroom vroom[View]
53441812wow this video is gold top kek also henlo frens wagami https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/10l…[View]
53440988I'm gonna start wageslavery in two days at Pizza Hut. Have never worked a day in my life and I…[View]
53442789>be 16 y/o me, early 2011 >dad comes into my room asking to talk about something >tells me …[View]
53444260Anyone else risk averse? Made $2M with last bull and trading 2022 bear market and I have become very…[View]
53443539At 246 posts I will reveal a guaranteed 100x[View]
53444417lfg: Rock-solid, mathematically impossible to break, unbreakable, unpenetrable, obsidian, adamantium…[View]
53444266Looking back, im glad I didnt touch my retirement fund, I was gona put it all into crypto back in 20…[View]
53443753if no one in the future will want to work trades or even know how. Then how am I supposed to hire so…[View]
53442208you got some, didn't you?: such an obvious play. get in. 300k mcap[View]
53440719LCX chads = making it Unknown illiquid exchange token troons = dilating[View]
53439081My Trumpies are pumpies!![View]
53444107I might work for my uncle. I call people and ask if they want to have repairs on their house done wi…[View]
53443956Bitcoin has zero intrinsic value.[View]
53443904We're gongoing again[View]
5344411823080.95 Rejected[View]
53443645>missed aptos >missed gains >missed shib >missed qnt >missed btc…[View]
5344275623K REJECTED[View]
53440545Klippel Anon here, what stocks and crypto should I invest in for the next bull run(if the collapse d…[View]
53441616Hello AVAX bros: are we pumping ! ? when ATH again FHS ?[View]
53436131GIGASWAP - ICP: >completely btfo's uniswap >completely btfo's CEXes >OTC + FT tra…[View]
53444032bitcoin has holistic value[View]
53439869Where do people find out about brand new coins before they blow up? Reddit? Twitter?[View]
53441291What now?: I'll just get right to the point. I am not doing this right. I'm in my mid-fort…[View]
53443106Why is it dumping!?: BTC was nearing 24k so I thought that was confirmation the 23k resistance had b…[View]
53443128How is eth viable?: Someone please explain how eth is a viable currency given gas fees? I’m totally …[View]
53443304Everytime I feel sad and then I go to XRP youtube channels and they always say big things coming soo…[View]
53442408look goyim no FUD: >look how i pumped this shit. >My cz cartel is the best. >Keep buying …[View]
53443978.: >He sold le Bitcoin at le top which was 16k according to le nigger bobo.…[View]
53442980Why are my broke friends impossible to help? I have a guy from high school who watched everyone do t…[View]
53439809/smg/ - Stock Market General: Market can do what it wants. My divvies will always keep me happy. …[View]
53443644Anything that isnt PoW is a scam.[View]
53441461I am about to launch my business: I created a product. Bulk ordered all the components from factorie…[View]
53443599what's this device he presented at the smartcon?: Is that the 4th industrial revolution?[View]
53442235All jokes aside: Whats the top of this rally gona be? Im hearing 25k is MASSIVE resistance[View]
53443697Andrew and Tristan were just escorted put of the Romanian prison. What's going to happen to the…[View]
53441990This guy has caused his followers to miss the pump. He also kept his followers in the market for'one…[View]
53443460How to earn money without sinning? What are your methods my Christian brothers?[View]
53442469Ok that’s enough. What the FUCK is going on here??? I need an answer[View]
53443213We can never win bros[View]
53443427Who is richest in crypto? Sbf, $60b looted in usdt satoshi nakamoto, 10% total btc supply, about $42…[View]
53441999remember when every day u could come on biz and there would be alpha? now it's all on Twitter. …[View]
53443416Random email with RTX account: I just got Japanese email with dentist appointment, but im not Japane…[View]
53442837There are people on this board that imagine buying in at: check the price, wtfwt, rejected If. You. …[View]
53443422>the bottom is not the bottom yet, it's going lower >just a dead cat bounce >this pump…[View]
53443526OG Memecoins are next[View]
53442860I losted 400 VELA thanks to the fudder that made me sell. FUCK YOU: Hey VELA fudder, you are a fucki…[View]
53443236I have $0 and my dad is buying me a house in a month. I will be renting out the house. Where do I go…[View]
53443490There was a dump?[View]
53443230I got attached.: to the practice girlfriend. Should I get a practice son and daughter?[View]
53441665Feels Comfy: Fudded this coin for past few weeks got my bags packed this is gonna print over the nex…[View]
53442371I haven't got an airdrop in a while: Airdrop bread?[View]
53437555crack open some mid price beer / wine trannies weve got another day of uppies ahead of us[View]
53443454Range all week. Pump all weekend.: This is the new normal.[View]
53442126>tfw job interview in 2 hours after a night without any sleep[View]
53442185/biz/ movies: What are your favorite movies related to business and finance? Past threads have been…[View]
53443361No pussy no financial problem. No education no financial problem. Your kid would pay the student loa…[View]
53443015SELL: SELL[View]
53443352I currently pay $500/month for a room includes electric and internet thanks to my dad. Now my dad is…[View]
53443170Absolutely everyone is waiting for a big dip or major correction, makes me wonder if we'll even…[View]
53443245All your secrets, they've all been told: Trade in your scarlet and your gold.[View]
53442921Quick! Password protect /biz/ before the Americans wakes up! We lock them out[View]
53436064If it feels like ETH is a security that's because it is[View]
53442031I'm not investing a single dollar until everything bottoms out again. You guys are too bullish.[View]
53443211This pump is going to go a lot higher than what any bobo thinks The following dump will be go lower …[View]
53442918>Two weeks ago people here thought they are smart for selling at $17k[View]
53442672>be european >see american stock/crypto pump >sell Problems americans? 500k + a house is en…[View]
53443191Capitulation-dump? Despair-dump?: How about a catastrophic annihilation-dump into the void of doom.…[View]
53442987Why aren’t you making shit ton of money trading luxury watches anon?? >pic related John Buckley…[View]
53442190Debt relief is ruled on on Feb 28. If it goes through I will long every meme coin like Doge, Shib, a…[View]
53442018WARNING!!!!: 23K IS ABOUT TO BE REJECTED!!!![View]
53441276Leadership / wagie boss: >into business, money making, heavily motivated it’s all I think about a…[View]
53443146Why did I get a ban for posting ourcoin. Jannies are dogs. Post your current/dream stack.[View]
53438318/GME/ - Comfy Wednesday After-hour and Late Night Edition: >Basic Information https://gme.crazyaw…[View]
53442116>the same people calling for a $10,000 bitcoin are the same people who were calling for $100,000 …[View]
53441279Why'd he do it?[View]
53442714uh-oh: mutt bros...[View]
53443092btc price prediction easter 2023: 31k pic unrelated[View]
53442935>$8 eggs >$500 gas bill >official inflation numbers plummetting Explain…[View]
53442955Looks like 23k was rejected. You know what's next.[View]
53442680BTC is about to be rejected from 23k isn't it?[View]
53442787Tell me why I should invest in crypto instead of a high yield savings account[View]
53442709What do you think?: Write your good-bad reality portfolios.[View]
53442741What's so good about Matic as an alt coin?[View]
5344272923k is the new floor[View]
53440251How high do you think VC's will pump this shit: we ccan all make money on this just gotta dump …[View]
53442037>polygon >top 100 addresses own 90% of the supply >top 10 addresses own 75% of the supply …[View]
53440802>im 1 month behind on rent what can I do to make $1300 this week? I'm willing to do anything…[View]
53442848Our boy Joey B stopped depleting the SPR, is this bullish or bearish for oil prices/inflation/Bitcoi…[View]
53441224Is 23k Bitcoin the new bottom?[View]
53442665I am god, this is my universe, my reality, my creation, my consciousness, that all being said, buy d…[View]
53439811I'm bout to quit my job How serious is this recession? U think I'll be able to find work? …[View]
53441557Ahhh ok I get it: Bitcoin is doing that thing where it’s gona stay up as long as it possibly can to …[View]
53437498Nice quick short liquidation DAMN. Oh..and 23k rejected AGAIN kek.[View]
53442418Monday will be a bloodbath[View]
53442337try to be something you're not?: >good paying job >hate it >but >hate everything so…[View]
53442211This board is dead: I wish it was 2018 /biz/ again.[View]
53441219Why does the chainlink network need a token at all? You wont find an answer, cause it doesnt, the to…[View]
53442581Thought and discussion?[View]
53442560I’m not trading leverage. I’m not short. I just want to see you lose as much money as possible.[View]
53440928I have seen into the future, give me a (You) and I will tell you what i've seen[View]
53438863Where are all the bears: That have been posting for the last 72 hours that 23k was rejected and was …[View]
53442540ITT: WE PREDICT CCIP LAUNCH DATE: As OP, I will of course be taking February 16, 2023 due to schizo …[View]
53442402This little nigga is gonna pump my bags like no twomorrow[View]
53441225>2023 i am forgotten[View]
53442395i am down to my last $200 in ethereum. i need something that will 2x in less than a week[View]
53437805Reminder: LCX is now more than twice the market cap of XCM (remember how I told you this would happe…[View]
53442390ayo white boi: hand ova dem 'feeriums[View]
53441695Starting a biz: Between gaming and working cushy pay job I have been thinking a lot about starting a…[View]
53442232The bitcoin bounce Why short…[View]
53442247I prefer to wait a year or 2 and have a 1000x[View]
53442310Bitcoin is healing[View]
5344002823190 Rejected[View]
53434110Is 2,000 Link enough to make $10 million dollars?[View]
53441708When will the influencer bubble pop?: Twitch streamers, tiktokkers, youtubers, etc seem to be growin…[View]
53442154Daily reminder: We've never had a single privacy coin szn.[View]
53442041Are there any cons to opening a business like a cobalt mine or a sweatshop in an extremely poor coun…[View]
5344193022k rejected[View]
53442046we're closer to ww3 than ever before, with the possible exception of the cuban missile crisis, …[View]
534420631/26 market prediction thread Today: - GDP - PCE - Wholesale Inventories - Initial Jobless Claims - …[View]
53441631All you niggers missed aptos topfuking kek! Even janny missed it now he (for free) deletes the threa…[View]
53439295Pattern Recognition: >he doesn’t hold the golden coin[View]
53433552LinkedIn thread. Do you use it? Do you have any motivational stories your colleagues shared? Let us …[View]
53441958>time to buy guys[View]
53440421When this wick fills I'll have 40 thousand United States federal reserve notes[View]
53436955What is his end game?[View]
53431929Have you automated your job yet?: ChatGPT is making the life of wagies easier.[View]
53440713Has been right so far: If you know you know.[View]
53441744OK i may be retarded but I just dont understand and nothing online explains sufficiently if a majori…[View]
53441716>eat ducks at the park for food[View]
53440210Is debtmaxxing worth it?[View]
53441633TIL you basically can’t self-custody stocks and have no broker counterparty risk. why can’t i just s…[View]
53439218where my loopers at: price prediction go[View]
5344152523150 Rejected[View]
53438959Should I just go on disability and trade stocks and crypto, sell my gay ass art and sell oyster mush…[View]
53440925My rent is $1500 a month and I have zero income[View]
53441365You bought the dip, right?: We may never see BTC prices this low again. Buying every dip might be th…[View]
53440910>Dating can be costly. Have sex with your own mother instead.[View]
53441055how tf do I grow my business: Its for a good cause[View]
53438439Claiming zero cost basis on taxes: So I've never cashed out, and never filed taxes on any of my…[View]
53441323bitcoin heat map: any know from which exchange were these two sell walls?[View]
53439420Anyone remember?: Shrimp finance? What were you buying in those days? The golden age of defi. Rememb…[View]
53438503DoughBough: What happened to the best investment elevator of 2021?[View]
53441189Financially speaking how do I profit from this bot thread which has nothing to do with business or f…[View]
53440571[Current price] rejected: [Smug retardation][View]
53440208How do I invest in space travel[View]
53437852Is 100 RLC enough to make it?[View]
53440027My theory: Is that BTC keeps climbing and wicks to 28-30k. Profits start rotating into alts and reta…[View]
5343935023200 Rejected[View]
5343574023k is unbreakable. Give it up.[View]
53440932I asked chatgpt picrel: Once upon a time, there was a Big Mac from McDonald's. It was just like…[View]
53441124I'd rather kill myself than wage another day: anyone else?[View]
53441093The permabear thesis is literally that the federal reserve is going to knowingly (further) nuke the …[View]
53440041My tokens are missing from my metamask[View]
53437794I have 8000 GNS[View]
53440981Professional babysitting: How much can I realistically make if I took up babysitting full-time?…[View]
53433464>always supplement cereal with dog food[View]
53440112given that $2 in shib turned into $55 million, isn't putting in $1 into every new coin a guaran…[View]
53438040will defi come back?: I miss the million% aprs bros[View]
53440936Reuse your mouthwash[View]
53440935>quietly leading Fantom ecosystem tokens in appreciation on the year, with bullish structure Anyo…[View]
53439580Are sales jobs worth it?: I can't take college anymore. I saw that people who sell cars can mak…[View]
53439997where is the BSV dump? >hasnt happened yet...but soon Admit it Craig was Wright and BSV is BitCoi…[View]
53440875I used to think pursuit education make me poor, thus I quit the PhD programme and i meet my school d…[View]
53413777So they sacked all the diversity hires?: Amazon, google, microsoft all sacked about 12k each. 80,000…[View]
53440861$24k waiting room[View]
53439877Buy and stack more BNB[View]
53440703getting nervous, bobo?: you have no fucking idea whats coming. I am not even close to done with you.…[View]
53440281Conic is an easy play. Omnipools for curve. 10x cheaper than convex - It will catch up this year.[View]
53417451You literally have no excuse to make less than 100k a year, this year[View]
53436572What crypto have you accumulated/are you accumulating?[View]
53437469Quant Network[View]
53433599Daily 'Shit on Rentcucks' Thread: Owning a house is protection against inflation. Inflation increase…[View]
53440720>applied for jobs a week ago >Already been rejected by 2 of them today It's fucking over.…[View]
53440640who is the hottest CEO in crypto?[View]
53432777Let’s face it /biz/ there’s only one coin to rule them all and it starts with letter “H”[View]
53438356There’s no possible way housing prices ever go back to pre Covid levels right? I mean, Jesus, most p…[View]
53440074Need a house?: Here are a few... hear me out: >Save up a few hundred >Quit your wagie job >…[View]
53440641by ze vill of josef yu shall not break 7[View]
53439883All in bitcoin (Ticker: BTC): average cost: $23,200.01[View]
53439244ITT: We laugh at delusional bagholders[View]
53440604Do you get your tax returns back quicker by e-filing? I mailed mine in January last year and didn…[View]
53439139MINA: >+29.7% Where my Mina sisters at?[View]
53439009Upcoming Fundamentals Bullrun: >Hedera mainnet transactions will cross 4 billion in a few weeks W…[View]
53439770SCHD or JEPI[View]
53440563Just woke up: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO What a nice midnight candle I see Bobos celebrating no…[View]
53436571PUMP THREAD: POST YOUR PUMP THEME SONGS ill go first https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfnjX88Va4Y…[View]
53440213>Toilet paper is a luxury item. Wipe your ass with a bare hand after taking a dump.…[View]
53431504Does DeFi need to be regulated?: Govt's officials keep claiming that crypto poses a threat to f…[View]
53439896Just got 1k back on my taxes, what can I do financially with this? They wanted me to just prepay for…[View]
5343973460k end of feb ss this[View]
53440109Explain the presence of, or lack of, Truebit in your portfolio.: You have 10 seconds.[View]
53439464Ok what just happened to the Dow Jones?[View]
53440316I'm going to snap soon.[View]
53437701XRP-ICP-HBAR: The Die is Cast. The Triple Crown, the Crypto Trinity, the Trifecta will triumph again…[View]
53440350Bart with short squeeze: Thoughts?[View]
53439454fuck niggers, fuck kikes, fuck trannies, fuck pajeets, fuck roasties, fuck spics, fuck wops, fuck fa…[View]
53439137lmao that obvious pump before the token unlock[View]
53440404>Fill your gas tank with pee pee poo poo instead[View]
53439511DIST vs RAIL: who will win the privacy war and why?[View]
53440357what the fuck is happening with APT? is sbf back and its his new coin to pump? looks the same as wha…[View]
53436597HEAD AND SHOULDERS: >he thought we are going to the moon We retest 23k before dump to 21-19k.…[View]
53440294I have $80 in BNB. Shill me your best shitcoin.[View]
53440306>moving tether from ledger to exchange >pay smallest gas possible >nothing happens after a …[View]
53439741Say something nice about him: I'll start I'm impressed with how he's managed to slow …[View]
53440299Yearn Finance bros: 10K by Friday? 15K by end of the week?[View]
53440158>biz doesn't even know mainnet got announced for last week of Feb Oh man. Have fun staying f…[View]
53439478Give up.: You're never going to make it. Every second you keep this delusion going you are doin…[View]
53439169Why does it keep going up? Have we reached the top?[View]
53438692Fantom: FTM ??? >profit[View]
53439684Bobos are in FULL COPE MODE![View]
53438015How bad does missed rent affect your credit?: I am moving from one apartment to another pretty soon …[View]
53439127>Coworker starts baby talking to their cat on the 8 person Zoom call >mfw…[View]
53439450> 24 > Realize that I'm 150k in student debt > Make 100k a year Am I fucked until my …[View]
53439934*knock knock* Evening sir, I was wondering if you'd be interested in buying insurance[View]
53439970Fucking crab coin. Who else is holding until the halving event? Would you recommend to DCA until the…[View]
53438541>tfw sold right at the bottom and things have been going up from there.…[View]
53439780ILV i don't understand this chart: On the last move the marketcap pump and the price don't…[View]
53436232> be me > 35 y/o introvert > started to stutter 1-2 years ago > job and people at work t…[View]
53437138I am 24 and have $50k to my name with no debt. Is that good?[View]
53436808/smg/ - Stock Market General: Mom and Dad Edition[View]
53439569there's a market for it[View]
53439346What do you call this chart pattern?[View]
53431129LCX: LCX chads lets fucking go. So fucking glad I bought at $0.01 over a year ago, been a winner …[View]
53439572Uhhhh how about... No?[View]
53439612Who are you favorite crypto CEOs?[View]
53439407Just minted some fine-looking GPTINU niftys gptinu xyz.[View]
53439286I need to earn my monthly income, but daily. Why is this not so?[View]
53439471good God i hate 'normal' people like you would not believe: please never give me authority God i mig…[View]
53437542>Save money on water bills by urinating in the toilet tank.[View]
53438641When I was 18 in highschool, a very popular regurgitating book smart girl was into me Properly soci…[View]
53435060Why are they so uppity today?[View]
53437724Suddenly, the market cap went from 5M to 40M. Why?[View]
53439402This will be the biggest bull run in history: The dot isn't broken. It's gone beyond pink.…[View]
53439213Has anyone created a NEET or wagie themed shitcoin yet? If not, someone here should do so and let me…[View]
53436965Opening a low leverage short here: Just sayin[View]
53438047Does Canada have the same tipping culture as America? Asking as an Aussie[View]
53439261BTC: Whats your call on the top mumus?[View]
53439289Buy on Friday, sell on Monday Easy win[View]
53438594Just sold 9 BTC - fuck i love binance: yep i sold, honestly binance is fucking amazing sold it all, …[View]
53438822what is the best dapp of platform to swap cryptos across blockchains?: ive heard of rubic and synaps…[View]
53437684Bobo's are euphoric about a 0.3% pump[View]
53438442Ken Griffin: > Outsmarts all of the Jews. Gets away with fraud. >Meanwhile, Sam Bankman-Fried …[View]
53437472Why would someone buy a clone: It rugged already. Down from 100k to 9k. Dev returns after few days p…[View]
5343901523.3k Rejected[View]
53437209>he sold his airdrop[View]
53438669Not a Larp. Should i use 15x leverage on bitcoin when it reach 21.4k?: Since that's the lowest …[View]
53438464money made me lazy: I tasted it. I almost retired. It makes me not want to wagie anymore knowing ret…[View]
53438737>Hal Finney >Adam Back >Nick Szabo >Len Sassaman What are the odds that one of these peo…[View]
53438445>born in the analog era >came of age alongside once in humanity technological advances >tec…[View]
53438962Whats a trading secret to increase my win %[View]
53435209>30 years old >have not had a job in 18 months >living with parents since August 2022 I nee…[View]
53438057Interesting day for ol' bitcoin[View]
53438653Is it really this easy bros?[View]
53429034Got 50k to invest: Which BTC/ETH/MidCap/LowCap/stables allocation should I go for?[View]
53436943Making you aware of scams AKA the DIST pajeets: I posted this in the previous thread about the scamc…[View]
53438858Pretty stable 23k right bobos?[View]
53432915On behalf of all Discreet presale holders that aren't affected by the bear market and getting l…[View]
53438044No one leaves the fucking barrel. Bears and bulls cucked by crab king. Every swing is a trap. And s…[View]
53438579Forklift Certified: Is it worth it? I’m running of options.[View]
53438682i sold at 23.3k 5 days ago: so why the fuck did it wick to 24k and is almost back to my sell price n…[View]
53438235>GET IN HERE, KIDDO[View]
53433204Which cryptos did you buy influenced by Biz? Were you happy or disappointed? I start: LINK = Happy…[View]
53436499Is Bobo in the room with us right now? Can you bring him over here? Where is he hiding? I have a few…[View]
53437455We can never win bros[View]
53432797FTM DUMP: I NEED MORE[View]
53436368Subarashii kono[View]
53438522hey nigger: i hold LCX[View]
53438502I made my fortune on Cardano and Doge in 2021. Now I've got my eye on Algorand, just passing on…[View]
53438312retarded leaf here: hello i am a retarded leaf from canada if i use a vpn to the us to download cash…[View]
53438316Now that the bull run is starting how should I invest 200k in cash?[View]
53437351what is Account Abstraction?[View]
53438220I turned 10 dollars in to 50,000 dollars in 2021 and I'm scared of losing that money so I'…[View]
53433114Is daytrading a scam?: Every trader seems to claim that what they do is an obtainable career, but th…[View]
53437368Day 552 of snailposting every day until BTC is at 100k[View]
53436760>WEF buys in >MiCA delayed so EU buy in YOU ARE HERE >Grayscale ETF approved >Normio fo…[View]
53438238What if all you niggers are all ChatGPT bots? What if I'm a ChatGPT bot? How would you know?[View]
53434268whoever shilled pc heads here: kys faggot. i literally missed monkey infinity by buying these ugly a…[View]
53436331you fucking bears told me to sell yesterday[View]
53436616You can celebrate your fake bull rally all you want, but all the smart money knows the bottom isn…[View]
53436394HERE WE GO: 30K WAITING ROOM[View]
53437338GBR CONTINUES: All green id’s make it all red Id are coping bearcucks that just want to feel again.…[View]
53436611>he didn't buy: he didn't buy when: - every single person on Twitter, YouTube, biz, and…[View]
53438178Sushi is launching a perp dex.[View]
53437622And just like that, my pumpin’ days wuz ovar[View]
53432935/GME/ - Unrustled Edition: >Basic Information https://gme.crazyawesomecompany.com https://finra-m…[View]
53429739ICP clowns have been shilling this ICYPEE shitcoin for weeks now, non stop. I just now got around to…[View]
53434894>It's not the % drop that matter. Is's the trend reversal. >Could say it feels like …[View]
53437083Bitcoin is never dipping again is it?[View]
53431772I'm glad we finally resolved our differences, Emin. Now smile!: >in sync **KA-CHICK** **BOOM…[View]
53437673So literally just liquidation hunting? WTF is this shit???? This is at least a tweezer top right???[View]
53437843>be me yesterday >finished work >browsed internet >had a large fast food binge >tell …[View]
53436646>priced out of suburban home ownership >could buy a plywood box in a flyover (work remotely) …[View]
53438083I bought: No idea what it does, but I bought[View]
53437954BREAK 23K: WE WON'T LET BOBO WIN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RiCfPkGnuZw[View]
53429461BIZ GET IN HERE: this is all you need. I am giving you financial freedom see picrel. Good luck and d…[View]
53436615Bobotards the so called 'TA experts' got rekt by the same chart movement , TWO TIMES IN A ROW HAHAHA…[View]
53435290If we all ignore Polygon currythreads they'll eventually go away, right?[View]
53435742How's those shorts doing bobo?[View]
53436529holy shit: jpow is gonna pivot and inflation is gonna go down and everyone who got laid off last wee…[View]
53425919Crypto needs to open its horizons if it wants to go mainstream.: She brings up some good points.…[View]
53436821NOT SO FAST[View]
53435813I just got put in charge of my startup's socials: Im a software engineer. I have no idea what I…[View]
53437180>Enter /biz/ >immediately feel the ability to get creative with ways to have more money, not e…[View]
53437660>he bought?[View]
53437707ehhh bobo bros...: ...we are already reversing wtf??[View]
53436900I am financially nervos[View]
53437693stupid fucking mumus couldn't keep it up, i waited all these hours to get a new short position …[View]
53437690the bulls just got myocarditis[View]
53437686higher low achieved: I know where this is going, pathetic bobos. Last chance to close those shorts.…[View]
5343668324K WAITING ROOM[View]
53436769Remember me Bobo?: I told you its 25k next. You should have listened to me Bobo. We are going to 36-…[View]
53436751We all know the rule :): when LINK gigapumps....everything else will giga dump very very soon :)…[View]
53437562>Goldman Sachs said BTC is the best performing asset of 2023 >Elon hasnt sold any BTC I'v…[View]
53425658Was I right or what I right? (HBAR): Didn't I say hbar was shit? Do you believe now? Have fun s…[View]
53436952The bear market is over as SP500 broke the downward trendline and has acted as resistance for this e…[View]
53437486>he fell for the bull trap[View]
53437404post your face when btc 'rejects' 25k next week.[View]
53435616DON'T FUCK THIS UP[View]
53436862Why are lunatics gravitating towards LinkedIn?[View]
53437451store of value[View]
53437456what goes up...[View]
53437416zoomer boomer strat: assuming that u do a 3.3x leverage on a index fund and the dividend payout cove…[View]
53437009Most of are not even bears or bulls: You are just a bunch of man loving over leveraged goys and the …[View]
53433914Could AI make the next dog coin?: Is it possible to use AI to design a perfect meme coin? How plausi…[View]
53437257there's no better duo of crypto ceos change my mind[View]
53437189>use telephone booth to contact Neo to save money on your monthly phone bill to save for retireme…[View]
53437271Google turfing: >google fires tens of thousands >suddenly >dozens of threads about google w…[View]
53435062i was a viking: i was scrolling through biz and saw picrel. this had made me very very comfy. It…[View]
53433523>get hired at new company >things go great >dream job status >coast a few months loving …[View]
53436212Biz will defend this[View]
53436447scam: scam[View]
53435531>front-end is oversaturated with pajeets >art and animation are buck broken by AI What I shoul…[View]
53437178That’s all you get for today mumu: You didn’t forget about tradfi did you? Wouldn’t want to form a C…[View]
53437078>Bobo are you ok? >are you ok? >are you ok bobo?…[View]
53437020How much money did you have when you were 18? How wealthy are you now?[View]
53437065I have 500€ that i want to throw into anything, i accept the risk of losing, what should i do? I…[View]
53436269*rumbles ominously*[View]
53435871So my wife (F25) told me (M27) that she's been ''riding the bull all week''…[View]
53434022WTFWT WAGMI[View]
53436923*poof* And just like that, I erased half of your 'god' candle. Haha.[View]
5343685824k rejected[View]
53436781I haven't seen this much green in so long bros... hold me[View]
53434515How do I profit from Zoomer obsession for quartz and gemstones?? They believe they have healing and …[View]
53432093Nick Szabo: It's pretty much an open secret that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, right?[View]
5343610723k can't hold: It's over[View]
53433151I just got offered an entry level position starting at $35 an hour after a half assed text interview…[View]
53436811SOL and this pump will repair SBF's image: SBF is currently pumping SOL to amazing highs every …[View]
53434549Does anyone else stare at their wallet in hopes that a large sum of money magically appears[View]
53436797Why doesn't Google just operate with the bare minimum of staff and rake in excess cash in the b…[View]
53436794Chia on Yahoo Finance: https://youtu.be/xZdcUbTxqS Chia Network CEO and President Gene Hoffman joins…[View]
53435088/smg/ - Stock Market General: Return of Meltup man >Risk management: https://pastebin.com/sqJUcbj…[View]
53436745It is not enough that Bitcoin should succeed: Other coins should fail[View]
53433342Vitalik BTFO[View]
53435057if it looks like bitcoin has been declined at 23k again, that's because you are[View]
53432491>born into rich family house hold >wealthy real estate parents completely paid for his college…[View]
53436666This is a suckers rally: I will only buy below 10k[View]
53436669Not looking good bullbros we need more purchasing power, pronto[View]
53434877When VAI flips this accumulation range, 0.2$ will be the next target. Some 90% from here.[View]
53435257RIP BoBo[View]
53435671Continuation of last thread: Where do people find out about things before they take off? Pic related…[View]
53435413Sup Bros, two more days until I head to prison for 25 years. AMA.: https://www.cnbc.com/2022/10/14/n…[View]
53436601BTC is just another tech stock now: Directly tied to the successes and failures of the traditional s…[View]
53434779Day 2 of Bob Kaufman being let go from Bob's Discount Furniture and radio silence. Only a few e…[View]
53432226Inflation bros we got to cocky[View]
53432734Another day, another LINK: I'm still here edition[View]
53436453Hey bobos you ok? Are you still in the denial phase? I can't wait for the anger phase the seeth…[View]
53435732Aptos sers...: it feels so fucking good to make it I held LINK for 3 years, then I went in with 25k …[View]
53436438eat ze slop[View]
53436439We are PUMPING[View]
53435485check coinmarketcap[View]
53436425WTF WAS THAT BROS ?[View]
53436386When do I buy?[View]
53435436are we gon do it again?: 1d left[View]
5343632430k Waiting Room[View]
53435054Cartoon bears missed the bottom: Still in cash Still in short positions Still getting liquidated…[View]
53435002Jasmy: >over 5 days since WEFlarper said it would 1000x >jasmy only up 9.5% I lost $6 on this …[View]
53424693/pmg/ - Precious Metals General: Where the Buffalo Roam Edition >Why gold? https://youtu.be/i3S4r…[View]
53436297He won. Again.[View]
53436308WTF WTF WTF[View]
53436166Your cute little bear market rally is over[View]
53436279RIP SHORTLERS[View]
53436260Wallah! And just like that Bitcoin will never be under 23k again![View]
53433766There should be a way for people with certain credentials to anonymously provide their support for c…[View]
53435205BOOMER DEATH CLOCK.: Look at them die, one of every 15 fucking seconds!!! So good, so JUICY. Each de…[View]
53432933>be me, 24 >They found a polyp im my gallbladder >This is something we need to keep an eye …[View]
53432875Just going to leave this here. No, this isn't an XRP thread[View]
53427904>25-01-2023 >So as of today it's only two more weeks can't believe we have no XRP th…[View]
53435339Normies are being prepared.: The bullrun will kick off faggots[View]
53434276Help me hold the job of my dreams: I was just miraculously gifted a career which could change my lif…[View]
53435495How do you cash out?[View]
53429361Market dumped prior to eth security announcement[View]
53435484I guess whats gon happen[View]
53435236Gold: Thoughts on gold?[View]
53424709If only you could hold two altcoins for the next bull run. What would be your two altcoins in your p…[View]
53434002Real estate is not a ponzi scheme: >It's an investment that only goes up! >Everyone after…[View]
53435842none of us are gonna make it are we[View]
53424078why isn't it crashing to 19k?[View]
53431593GRT General: Nothing is Beyond Our Reach Edition: News: >Yaniv Tal interviewed on the GRTiQ Podca…[View]
53430205is this a good time to invest in arms industry?[View]
53435597Backed By: Can anyone tell me about this new patreon alternative? Is it good or bad?[View]
53434131Who will truly make it ?: Let’s have a game to find out shall we ? The new IQ test, I wrong answers.…[View]
53427320Hello AVAX folks: how much can we expect for next cycle ATH ? i'm planning to sell at 500$…[View]
53434646How do loans work ? Is what Samuel says here true ? My biggest regret last bullrun was not having …[View]
53430274there are no gems posted on /biz/ anymore, my only hope is my shitcoin I'm not mentioning becau…[View]
53430921Gamestop (ticker:GME) IS RUGGING: KEK BAGGIES[View]
53429624APT / USDT: whats going on with APT ? DYOR[View]
53409312I was going to buy RLC at a dollar and you fucking assholes convinced me to buy LINK instead. You sa…[View]
53432521Is he right?[View]
53435376THOUGHTS ON THIS?: ze will own ze nothin ze will be ze happy ze will eat ze goyslop ze will live in …[View]
53435244I love my new assistant: she takes correction so well and even apologizes I'm not sure shit lik…[View]
53435318Like clockwork.[View]
53435223schizo larper btfo[View]
53433825ICP Jpegs: WHY ARE WE SO FUCKING DEAD???? IM TRYING TO MAKE MONEY. shill me your bags[View]
53392623/tlcg/ LUNC Terra Luna Classic General - BIG Baboona: Interlinked: >>>>53354889 news and…[View]
53431584/smg/ - Stock Market General: MSFT >Risk management: https://pastebin.com/sqJUcbjp >Educationa…[View]
53433103Affiliate marketing: >You can do it anywhere >Minimal startup costs >Anyone can do it >B…[View]
53433364/smg/ - Stock Market General: CONSEQUENCES WILL NEVER BE THE SAME >Risk management: https://paste…[View]
53432982I paid 84,000 for a condo in a new england town in 2018. Now in 2022 the last sale was for 220,000. …[View]
53430106Algo and indicators thread: I know that this a board of illiterate niggers, but let's give it a…[View]
53431494Where to learn GAAP quickly and thoroughly?[View]
53432496This shit is 100% run by glowniggers: Getting serious (((Tor browser))) vibes from Monero[View]
53433550Bros how do I chargeback my money I sent on PayPal? Unfortunately I got scammed and I did the family…[View]
53434543If it's starting to feel like you are the greater fool, it's because you are.[View]
53434149why does biz hate on Polygon: they're literally doing the best job out there[View]
53434442I sold 17 BTC for $15650 each. I was only off $200 from the absolute fucking bottom.[View]
53431562realistic real estate thread. oh, you think you're too good to inhale black mold spores while y…[View]
53433167You're still ina privileged position to open your leveraged short.[View]
53434789How much longer until the bull run begins?[View]
53434818What are the Business & Finance implications of this semi trailer company?[View]
53432540Is he right?[View]
53434324DENTAL PLAN[View]
53433816Why are HBARfags constantly attacking other projects? First it was ROSE, then ADA, and now it's…[View]
53432518What if buyers as a collective only offer 2019 prices for overpriced homes? Covid is over, and I’m n…[View]
53434607Should I buy gold with my life savings?[View]
53430696I recently came back on /biz after a long break from crypto in general. My bags are BTC, ICP and som…[View]
53429562SCOTUS 80 years ago: >don't tell people you'll make the price pump Ripple in the 2010s:…[View]
53428974how does it feel to acknowledge the fact that the whole ethereum network can be built and run inside…[View]
53432835The reason I have FOMO is because VAIOT’s AI assistant was built with the use of IBM Watson, Microso…[View]
53434026Why do we have to pretend that women have value beyond their vagina?[View]
53432720Would you tell your parents to put all their savings on BTC and wait three years: I don't care …[View]
53434200Is this a buy?: If not, how much should you pay?[View]
53432694Cosmoschads so when ICS is enabled ATOM stakers will recieve USDC and 7 other tokens as staking rewa…[View]
53430917>the 'Day in my life working at LinkedIn doing no work' girl got fired LMAO…[View]
53434453now that our filth rally is over how does biz feel about filt?[View]
53434423health insurance scam: Idk what insurance my mother has, but basically they told her 'pay 200 a mont…[View]
53434279>dev team and discord shills tease 'major announcement coming' lambo time >listing on a litera…[View]
53424028Daily reminder ETH and 99% of alts are unregistered securities. Hope you're ready to bold those…[View]
53430866Materium will make you a millionaire: Tell me... Why would anyone spend 800k on a piece of land in t…[View]
53433536Career advice: What’s a career path I can get into that requires little to no experience to start ou…[View]
53434264if trading is such a scam why dont you just hold with leverage[View]
53433592Bear bros[View]
53429370Is fantom a good layer 1[View]
53429151Nigger here, how do dividends in the US of A work? Do you have to pay taxes on them if you reinvest …[View]
53431625ADA: >1. Cardano has the largest crypto community >2. Cardano will have 1,000,000tps and near …[View]
53434076what to buy RN: alright fellas time for my once a year /biz/ post now that the market is down what d…[View]
53432206Shill me a 5M mcap: If the project is good, I'll throw $2000 on it.[View]
53432659>Billions of money Lots of commitments and you have to grind and work like a warrior to keep it …[View]
53428780called it: who caught the 40% LCX pump i posted here yesterday? truly nuts![View]
53432792It's funny because it's true.[View]
53432406mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm: let me slurp this delicious little dippy. Mmmmmmm mommy give me some more sl…[View]
53433735sirs: wen Coinbase?[View]
53433731What if you got a stable job with enough income to invest a growing savings account into general S…[View]
53432946does net worth include income or not[View]
53432816Anyone work as a package handler for FedEx?: I just got a call for orientation and yes, I need a job…[View]
53433663>fucks your unregistered security on your couch while you watch[View]
53433611What's the best way to save money for your child?[View]
53433573what is wrong with /biz/: >both evil >talk shit against the chink FUD!!11 >talk shit again…[View]
53431575Is this really how crypto traders are?: https://twitter.com/FU_STUDIOS/status/1618262543251955715?s=…[View]
53431832>Volume for pumps is way bigger than when it dumps Why are people still afraid of crypto when we …[View]
53433141is it them: Is she in control of the crypto market now? Pls also shill coins and have business relat…[View]
53433370>Crab for bad earnings >Moon starting Friday Buy now…[View]
53425727hey fellers im new to this crypto website can you show me around. -Paul Rodney Sr -sent from andriod[View]
53426050name me a better L2, ill wait[View]
53432900Best side hustles 2023?: No Onlyfans/kneepads edition Some I've seen: -Doordash/deliveries -Ren…[View]
53425950What's your take on this shit?[View]
53426055Rate my trading rig: Bullish! ama[View]
53431080GOLD Thread.: >> shiny rocks >> destroy forests to find it >> destroy rivers and l…[View]
53431570I’m getting $10k worth of my company’s stock at the end of the month. It’s a Japanese company so I’m…[View]
53431958Stop buying new clothes and use you Grandfathers clothing[View]
53430757>getting spam email from various banks for being preapproved for credit card >getting COLD CAL…[View]
53429115Shill me your bags[View]
53433059'Sergey Nazarov' isn't actually a real name, but a pseudonym created to have many cool anagrams…[View]
53430143How much rent can I get per month from a 3 bedroom including a basement? I'm thinking $600 per …[View]
53431402Yup. If it feels like BTC can't recover it's best market rally high it's because it c…[View]
53432976Why did you give me a permaban you fat nigger all I did was post feet[View]
53430260hey niggers: i hold LCX[View]
53432135bear portfolio planning: hello stinkies rate my bear planning portfolio; sorry I am europoor and I o…[View]
53432841NOIA: Someone give me the QRD on picrel. I saw multiple anons shilling it in another thread.[View]
53432951Business Advice for a Scumbag: I have an Etsy store selling personalized items with Nintendo artwork…[View]
53432823Pooping while browsing /biz/ is peak comfort for me[View]
53432719BTCUSDLONGS: Massive amounts of BTC longs underwater and paying interests for almost a year now Who …[View]
53428734Adani Group fraud & overleverage: I don’t feel so good, my bastards... https://hindenburgresearc…[View]
53431168DOT looks ready to rip towards $10.[View]
53428333How bad have my late payments on my loan affected my co-signers credit? I don’t even care about myse…[View]
53429004/GME/ - Morning Lakeside Snow Cabin Edition: >Basic Information https://gme.crazyawesomecompany.c…[View]
53431020If you have just $1k in USDT, go get VAI and you will thank me later.[View]
53431373What are some good web3 dapp ideas?[View]
53426263The hamster of the /biz/. The hamster of the /biz/. This is a hamster, and it is of the /biz/. The h…[View]
53432732Bulls are so pathetic, they can't even defend a resistance without their friend chink man CZ[View]
53425915gimme the 100% truth is silver a meme or is it a good store of wealth?[View]
53432622Why can’t mickey just less talking and more entertaining? Also why the new art style look creepy?[View]
53425408Looks > money: Looks > money If you don’t have looks then life sucks even if you’re rich…[View]
53431455VAI on the expressway to 10$. Remember it is an AI token. How much you have?[View]
53432608What will you slurp when the S&P 500 wil be under 3000 in the next few months?: Earnings will st…[View]
53430968Im kinda retarded: So I fucked up, I left more money than I'm comfortable losing on an exchange…[View]
53432570GET YOUR SHORTS IN!!![View]
53431327Adam Back[View]
53432277feed my hamster coin: i have a rasberry pi that feeds my hamster food and water. through my phone i …[View]
53427940>Cardano >Partnered with Chainlink >Most decentralized L1 (even more so than Ethereum) >…[View]
53431890It's game over for the world economy.: >Let's remember that Japan is the largest holder…[View]
53430429Poor fags read this: Buy dog bat 2021 token[View]
53432431>company made billions in profit in 2022 >heard today what the standard pay rise would be >…[View]
53427787Nanna kicked the bucket and I got a sweet 6 figure inheritance. What altcoin should I convert this f…[View]
53429347Imagine trusting the chinese[View]
5343087423k rejected, going x100 short until 21k then placing an x100 long at 21, cap this post[View]
53431369There's a company where I live that sell garages and also rents them out for you. A garage cost…[View]
53431874What was the best book about money and/or economics you've ever read? I will admit I'm a b…[View]
53404732/BBBY/ Bed bath and Beyond - Egyptian cotton edition: >Basic Information https://bbby.crazyawesom…[View]
53429945what kind of business can i start with 200k?[View]
53430059i pay $1400 a month to rent a 1 bedroom apartment that is literally 5 minutes away from one of the w…[View]
53432236Hmmmmmmph hmmmmph I’M DROWNING IN THE MARKET! HMMMMPH HMMMPH![View]
53426779ask me anything: I'm Japanese. Ask me anything about Japan![View]
53432121daily reminder that we've never had a single privacy coin szn[View]
53429288Fantom FTM?[View]
53429011>30 years old >don’t own a house >100k/yr salary >only 60k in assets Should I just kms a…[View]
53432072>LINK up 20% YTD >ALBT up 200% YTD Why does my coin outperform LINK and 99% of the market for …[View]
53431128IT'S ABOUT TO GET MUCH WORSE: Death Cross on the weekly for BTC comes Feb 6th.[View]
53424455got phished for 1 million in usdc: idk how it happened, idk if they got my seed or something or it w…[View]
53431528It's crazy that you can buy into the most important project in all of crypto (Chainlink [ticker…[View]
53429078How many of your peers are better or worse than you financially speaking?: Where do you stand amongs…[View]
53431922How long is this battle going to last?: its been days im tired my feet hurt and im hungry, I wanna g…[View]
53427582Tesla's are they really worth it?[View]
53428708My biggest regret in life is that I didn't actually drop out in middle school[View]
53430887It’s over Haha down we gooo[View]
53431782Do you have any idea how many shorts have been opened? You are going to get fucked hard by BBC(Big B…[View]
53431111Would be funny if this was the Bart down for final capitulation of $10-12K Just saying Would be funn…[View]
53430986There is not a single red wojak on /biz/ right now.[View]
53430244I went all in at 22900: why the fuck is it dumping!? we were about to break 23k and now this... what…[View]
53429068COR bros: I need some hopium. 57% down and my hands hurt holding on to these bags. Is there any hope…[View]
53430296How do I invest in dead people?: Boomers are going to be dead in max 20 years. I want to put some of…[View]
53430716I live in niggeurope and taxes on stocks absolutely fucking suck. Has anyone of you retards ever bou…[View]
5343150610-Year Bear Market.: What, You thought it was a meme?[View]
53431482Has anyone tried solrise finance or anything else like it? Are there other ETFs?[View]
53431206SO COMFY![View]
53430390/smg/ - Stock Market General: Skrilhouse edition >Risk management: https://pastebin.com/sqJUcbjp…[View]
53428979>Nearly 20 >Net worth of only 5 digits Do you reckon if I run head-first into one of my rented…[View]
53431371After I sue ETH: I'm gonna sue every shitcoin created on ETH. Only then will I signal to JPOW t…[View]
53426545My Canto stays tanto[View]
53433109Absolutely fucking brutal.[View]
53431317Psssst! Mumu.. over here: >*whispers* >strategic petroleum reserve >*whispers* >stagflat…[View]
53430850>date for 2 years >sex is great when it happens >I need a lot of foreplay to get going …[View]
53429750Daily reminder that bitcoin is tulip mania 2.0[View]
53431052>22.4k bite the pillow. I'm going in dry[View]
53431083I worked overtime at my practice job[View]
53428656Check...: ...mate[View]
53426581250 stocks halted at open today?: and nobody cares?[View]
53428449You missed it: I've been telling /biz/ for months and you all missed it because you allow these…[View]
53429303Klaus Schwab passed away due to complications from COVID Press F I'm not crying you're cr…[View]
53430577Why does he make some on /biz/ seethe? >billionaire status by his mid 30s >co-founded Ethereum…[View]
53430826Welcome to the crab market. Enjoy your stay.[View]
53419071what happened?[View]
53426720Getting a couple grand as a bonus: Just learned of a bonus! What should I ape into?[View]
53430684I have a macro penis. How can I leverage this from a business perspective[View]
53427624Why are you still chasing after money when relationships are what really count?[View]
53429910Who's laughing now?[View]
53430649make it stop pls: i swear i'll be a good boy from now on and i won't gamble anymore please…[View]
53429731>Dems want to cancel debt ceiling and print all the money they want >Let me dump my ETH I swea…[View]
53429987Now that coding is dead what skill maximizes chances of landing a job?[View]
53430587Guys I seriously need your help: My dad is obsessed with Jim Rickards ever since he paid 200$ for hi…[View]
53429779I'm so fucking sick of Vitalik. People think he's a genius, the dipshit only NOW talks abo…[View]
53429846My mummy owns 8 houses (no mortgage) and I live in one of them for free for the last 15 years. Mummy…[View]
53430481sold at 23k, will buy next few weeks at 19k-20k good luck biz[View]
53427127Redpill me on LCX. Is this the time to buy?[View]
53428860It’s mathematically impossible for btc to be not over $100k[View]
53430369>he thinks the pump is over[View]
53428180If you have made it financially and dont marry a femoid: who makes atleast $100+k/year, a doctor, a …[View]
53430341Fun fact: LCX is now more than twice the market cap of XCM enjoy the bags, trannies[View]
53429239Now when the dust has settled: What want wrong?[View]
53430314>tfw eggs are now a luxury commodity How do I short America's middle class?…[View]
53427349/smg/ - STOCK MARKET GENERAL: The Line Has Broken Edition >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1yujtV…[View]
53430113End of rally: It was fun while it lasted.[View]
53430246MUMU's are panic selling: Where'd all the mad cow Mumus go? Did the short bus pull up?…[View]
53429851AI is an unregistered security[View]
53429500Hate this world: Each day, I wake up in complete psychological denial of my losses as the sole way t…[View]
53430128Name a more based portfolio, ill wait.[View]
53429384Ankr: Why does biz never post about this coin? Crazy volume lately… could it be another big climber …[View]
53430122It was a bull trap: It is a bull trap >schlop smack squelch schlop smack squelch schlop smack squ…[View]
53430031You did tetherederd?[View]
53430049>Carpool with your coworkers[View]
53429430Sorry champ we going sub 20k[View]
5342880415 years[View]
53429357where do i get a job as a broke nigger at 28 i have no skills, no degree, havent had a job in the la…[View]
53429686wait, it's going up again[View]
53429751>use the same coffee grounds all week[View]
53429275twitter 2.0 will be heavily reliant on AI. It will answer most of the questions you ask yourself dai…[View]
53429797Crypto is useless, AI is the future: Chatgpt, midjourney and others AI tools had been more usefull i…[View]
53422571ICYPEES rugged...[View]
53429317/biz/ humor thread[View]
53429532It's ogre biz bros..: Just received the statement from my manaher: 'I would like to see him dev…[View]
53429928I was seriously considering starting an onlyfans for about a week: this is when i should have been l…[View]
5342920725k next: Bull flag on the 4h. Bobos on suicide watch.[View]
53429323Liquidated again[View]
53429454>Entry level minimum wage job >expecting 8 to 5 shifts on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday…[View]
53429614Is there an SNP500 on the blockchain I can buy?[View]
53428016Ngl. I was early on Fantom. Pic related is giving me the same early vibes. This is how biz gets rich…[View]
53429635Sorry anon your paycheck is now a security: Can't deposit it in any US bank unless you are an a…[View]
53426478Give it to me straight, is this going to $10k anytime in the future?[View]
53429639what do we do with this information?[View]
53429692Moonsama/Pondsama/Exosama: There is a famous pump and dumper called DonnieBigBags on twitter his nam…[View]
53410616What is your Plan B if the whole crypto thing doesn't work out?[View]
53429593Time to buy?: Is it good time to buy cubic right now?[View]
53427679I'm a 5'9' balding brown man who holds ETH, LUNC, CRO and a LINK suistack just incase the …[View]
53427943who else here just realized you'll be living at your parents house for the rest of your life?[View]
53428719The ETH killer of next bullrun[View]
53429608ETH FINNA POP[View]
53429515>Wake up >Time for work >Suffer…[View]
53426758Tornado Cash alternatives: Anyone know of a Tornado Cash alternative on Polygon? Even their IPFS fro…[View]
53426064Kleros: Decentralized Bagholder[View]
53429253Why even waste money buying a house? Just live somewhere fun then live in your parents house when yo…[View]
53428655Crypto rug pull guide: i need any info on how to make crypto rug pulls and how efficiently clean the…[View]
53429466Fantom FTM 50x[View]
53426732I'm sure Chainlink is firing everybody because good times are coming: Sergey feels bad about du…[View]
53427980What would you do to a witch who cursed your country with 20% inflation? You do realise witches can …[View]
53427151Help renting an apartment: Hi I’m 21 renting an apartment with no credit but a good paying job I’m a…[View]
53429311My dad is buying me a house. It will be my fort. I have no car so I will be spending all my time in …[View]
53424702I'm actually going to have to get a job.[View]
53420753Imagine having missed out: Can you imagine having missed out on the deal of the century? >40% off…[View]
53428958How do I go long on global CBDC adoption?[View]
53429426If it feels like BTC has dumped, it's because it has and will continue to do so. It is written.[View]
53428051Why does Gary Vee have so many fans, when he just says the most basic 'motivational' shit and has an…[View]
53429412told you faggots to buy at 100k[View]
53425154I'm conflicted. So my sister just bought a 1m house (she's a tech PM at a small company). …[View]
53427985Everytime I go through the body scanner at the airport I get told it detected something in the front…[View]
53423054the rally is over: .[View]
53429195Steth: Once Shanghai drops, steth goes to at least 1.05eth if not more considdering still retarded f…[View]
53428405My boss told me i am a very valuable worker, did he lie ? I work in a supermarket[View]
53423186It's not about money is about sending a message[View]
53425527we survived the 2023 bear market[View]
53428908I think I have found the best job there is: Mortician. People always die, literally crisis proof. It…[View]
53428669I Seriously Hope You Don't Do This: >buy a house >pay mortgage to bank for 30 years >a…[View]
53428304Brother bear returns[View]
53429145This is a classic Sergay Betray thread: Share your experiences of betrayal with the erc20 token chai…[View]
53425850Send in bobo steiner: to finish off the mumus[View]
53428540>get shilled KENSHI by /biz/ back in June 2022: >didn't buy because bsc scam chain How to…[View]
53428565>learning German will increase your earnings by 4% where do people get such urban legends? show …[View]
53426730I need an excuse to call off work tomorrow: I already called in sick last week so I need something d…[View]
53426962it's over: What do gains matter if the world is on the brink of ruin?[View]
53425970Is art a good investment?[View]
53428142Be fucking straight with me, did I miss the bottom? I had all my savings set aside to buy in at 12k[View]
53427533>when wagecucks brag about their salaries kek[View]
53428935I spent $8k in the past 6 months on bullshit cigarettes, mcdonalds, and dunkin donuts and I have not…[View]
53428068/algo/ general: Ashley Tervort: Queen of Algorand edition >What is Algorand Algorand is an open s…[View]
53428941you don't care but there is a brazilian store called 'female Americans' that owes 40 billion (r…[View]
53428868Bobotards will fall for the same shit a second time. They are truly the midwits of crypto.[View]
53428695>22.5k literally going to dump. sell your bags, retards.[View]
53427304Everytime I find an ant on the floor, I'll pick it up and drop into a spider web in the corner …[View]
53426784Are these rich zoomer youtubers legit?[View]
53428386i just sold so clearly it's about to pump isn't it[View]
53428462Something big is brewing and I think Link will go past $100 this year. This cannot be ignored. Be pr…[View]
53426299>pays a marketing team $$$ monthly to market his content >marketing team just spams /biz/ end…[View]
53414838wow icp truly is unstoppable: i thought you could bypass the great firewall with icp?[View]
53428703How much money can I save as a NEET for ditching my car?[View]
53423315/GME/ - Comfy Tuesday After-hours Edition: >Basic Information https://gme.crazyawesomecompany.com…[View]
53428453>Putin's price hike[View]
53428280hi my uncle works at bitcoin he has just told me we about to dump further also checkem thanks: .…[View]
53428617Can I steal crude oil and sell it to a refinery company?: How does the process work? I've manag…[View]
53428460In case you haven't noticed the jeets are back shilling their bnb scams. This usually means it…[View]
53428796I pay $500/month to rent a room. It includes electric and internet. How good do I have it?[View]
53426772Just two more weeks bobos: Or maybe you can fall for the next media psyop until then[View]
53427832I'm posting this dirty brown smug bear because i'm poor and hope for sub $10k bitcoin[View]
53428008I want to move out of my parent's basement but this costs $2,500 a month where I live. How do t…[View]
53426905February 16th, 2022 anno Domini: 02/16/2022[View]
53428663What are the financial implications of AI dogcoins?[View]
53428290Anyone thought of becoming a host in Japan or south korea? Is it basically male prostitution?[View]
53428432why don't you fucking learn to trade?: Instead you keep accumulating crypto lottery tickets…[View]
53428434Investing Crypto: I've been willing to invest in crypto for a few months but idk where to start…[View]
53427421GRT GENERAL: are we ever going to see it at ATH prices again ?[View]
53428105Nuclear fusion revolution: What happens to UAE after fossil fuels become worthless in 4 years? https…[View]
53428424I deserve to get rich[View]
53427951I have 50 ETH if i stake everything on some major exchange for a year how much yield i get thanks[View]
53428380I'm giving my car to my dad. I no longer have to pay for insurance, gas or maintenance.[View]
53419048KENSHI General: will they make me rich?[View]
53427021The next candle is crucial, we either take another leg up to $25k or we crash BADLY. There's n…[View]
53427942Holy shit the difference between the market of 18-25 yo girls compared to 30-35 is fucking atrocious…[View]
53428080Keep that motherfuckin' ffh shh ffhu hehh That fuckin' fhew hehh That motherfuckin' f…[View]
53428126does this look legit?[View]
53428071I founds cool lowcap BUT...: The faggots implemented a 10% tax if you buy or sell. Theyre trying to …[View]
53427183>AI is the next big money maker Here is a high volume coin based on AI space. Ocean is the next F…[View]
53427968How do I even DCA? I've saved 100k and only 14k of that are invested. How much should I invest …[View]
53428135>struggling to maintain 22k down she goes.[View]
53423256Most will miss this.: And that's okay - it's not for everyone.[View]
53427101Options help: I would like to be assigned on my June sold call and exercise my February bought call …[View]
53428013Kenshi: Scam or worth grabbing a stack? People who aren't buying also would like to hear from y…[View]
53428106How do I buy second-hand diamonds cheaply?[View]
53428047Woah: Woah yeah woahhhhhhhh YEAH!? We're just going to keep pumping!!!! TO THE MOON We're …[View]
53428066The SPX has been declining since 'slightly before' the invasion of Ukraine, does that bother anyone …[View]
534266291990-2010, Believe whatever internet has to tell you. Soon... 2024 after Believe whatever AI has to …[View]
53428076ThinkTank: How can I profit off the s&p without investing?[View]
53427128Rose: it's not too late to sell incels[View]
53427054hey bogroid: new ATHs coming cope with that[View]
53428007What really happened?: with those scam wicks today?[View]
53427721Hedera DeFi: You've heard of SaucerSwap, the jeet project that lifted Coffee's IP and cuck…[View]
53424818MY _____ WOULD LOOK SO GOOD IN MUMU'S _____[View]
53426560Help: Good job opportunity, but there's a catch. It's full-time. Also it's constructi…[View]
53427927Just bought more Kenshï[View]
53425902Market Crash Prediction Node v0.1.2[View]
53427924WHAT WAS THAT??[View]
53427169Uh Oh...: Mumu isnt going to be happy >This is the guy the Big Short is based on Michael Burry…[View]
53425744thoughts on this chart?[View]
53414926How does a man manage to fuck everything up so fast? From being reddit and 4chans frontman, loved by…[View]
53425732heheheheheheheheheheh the bitcoin hehehehehehe the chart hehehehehehehehehehehehe nyeheheheheheheheh[View]
53426462Which is It?: Well?[View]
53427817>pumps all month You know what this means right?[View]
53427399Either we crash the economy, or we raise the wages: in 1971 the minimum wage was 1.60 > avg cost …[View]
53426937OH NO NO NO![View]
53427279Why?: Why if I have a small few thousand dollars debt (((they))) can block my credit card, freeze my…[View]
53426709I'm allergic to work[View]
53426874New White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients has $5 Million in GOLD BARS: What does he know? Why is ev…[View]
53427532Is getting a degree from WGU worth it? Free of course[View]
53427733>2023... i am forgotten...[View]
53425790now that prices are down: what are we accumulating?[View]
53424638what went wrong?[View]
53427154Leaf here need help investing: Henlo! Bros what should I do I have 10k to invest pls no crypto. The…[View]
5342688125BPS appears to be inevitable next week: Is the bottom in or is this just market makers moving to g…[View]
53421545Where do people find out about things before they take off? Pic related launched over a week ago and…[View]
53424486Why would anyone hold XRP? It didn't even touch its ATH last cycle[View]
53426025>muh $16 EOY kek and another generation of fantom baggies are born[View]
53426176Ay caramba, linkies!: Those bags are looking super heavy! If only you'd bought in 2018 and sold…[View]
53427384I'm a pussy: I can't handle superiors treating me like shit. I don't have thick skin.…[View]
53416197Hourly reminder that ETH is a security[View]
53427211no pussy no work: no pussy no taxes no pussy no peace[View]
53427294All these retards waiting for an entry: Thats how you know its not going to crash much at all[View]
53425664Where is the anon who predicted ETH was going to die. He was claiming to be an insider and I'm …[View]
53426807Hey Bob-O! I made a ton of money selling my vintage socks-in-a-can![View]
53426499hey anon, i have MATIC: hey anon, i have MATIC[View]
53424496/smg/ - STOCK MARKET GENERAL: Bullish Voices in Your Head Edition >Brokers https://pastebin.com/…[View]
53424644A guarded fact, but I'll share it because I'm pissed. Bain Capital cannibalized Toy's…[View]
53426767Check the ETHBTC chart. Rest in piss shitcoiners.[View]
53427192>didn’t make it to 100k in my 401k by 30 >only made it to 96k…[View]
53400557based dave btfoing zoomer leeches[View]
53427205re: Paul: Hey Paul! Welcome aboard, haha. I'm a bit new myself, still working out how to use th…[View]
53426621>housing will keep going up forever because it just always does![View]
53426818Chicken Tendies Prices?: I just paid nearly $20 for an order of chicken tendies and large fry? What …[View]
53418868/BAT/ General - Google Gets Fucked Edition: I'm. So. Excited. For. You. Guys. For the uninitiat…[View]
53426931i cant login into binance[View]
53426102Ever thought about how Bobo is a literal nigger?[View]
53427031Best place for Uk fags to buy brypto?: I’ve been gone focusing on my real job since Bury started sho…[View]
53426990Today you will remember VEVE, the most promising NFT project that never took off. Imagine messing so…[View]
53426771>working hard lol[View]
53426904If I quit my job next week will I be fucked cuz of the looming recession(won't be able to find …[View]
53424990There are almost 20 Bobos on this side celebrating: While Bitcoin did not even correct 5%[View]
53426254Why shouldn't i invest in a nice watch collection? Vintage watches, like picrel, have been out…[View]
53426177TESLA?: What's TSLA gonna do rest of the week boyz, report pops out tomorrow[View]
53426495The mad plaid lad is talking about value capture[View]
53426735When did you realize no one here's actually made any money[View]
53425612if you coom in a girls ass, are you creating Pregnant Butt ????[View]
53423733I am unironically now a bitcoin maxi. Lightning network solves all transaction time and privacy issu…[View]
53423775they are starting WW3 just to stop chainIink from pumping: holy shit[View]
53420426The key to making it is nepotism, isn't it?[View]
53418952The upcoming pump is near. Might even happen this week and Bitcoin goes 35k. I need to know which of…[View]
53424081If it seems like that was the last retest of 23k that’s because it was.[View]
53426646crypto youtuber: who you got?[View]
53420386you now remember[View]
53425246JASMY bros.. we'rr gonna recover, right?[View]
53424607kucoin casino: fuck everyone and everything edition give me your best kucoin pix i can 100x leverag…[View]
53424017What went wrong?[View]
53425121Is it true that all tech workers are being replaced by AI? It seems weird to me that these would be …[View]
53426447>chop yews for 60k gp per hour[View]
53426582>steals your money[View]
53426087JUST: >more fit than 99.9% of humans >better looking than 99.9% of humans but >lost a quart…[View]
53426305Autistic here, I figured it out: I figured out whats happening with Bitcoin, what will happen, and t…[View]
53425873What's your take on this shit?[View]
53425954Hey guys, pretty new to here. Thanks to help from your on telegram I got onto metamask wallet. Today…[View]
53425458>Eat the homeless people at the park[View]
53426257>Live in your gf’s ass to save on rent[View]
53425777Abolish the IRS[View]
53425967Listen up kiddo: You're going to sell that bitcoin you've got there and move it into a mut…[View]
53421080I need to turn $25 into $100 in three days.[View]
53423448>charges you $695 to give you coupons for garbage consoomer apps >only good perk is airport lo…[View]
53420408>always reuse dirty napkins[View]
53425660Prepare your anus mETH heads Daddy Hosskinson is about to fuck you raw[View]
53423002Now that it's almost confirmed that ETH will be declared a security, do you think that BTC will…[View]
53425852I've been looking for you, Neo. I don't know if you're ready to see what I want to sh…[View]
53426162check the BTC dominance[View]
53424703Say it with me. Global. Standard.[View]
53421498Who was in the wrong here?[View]
53423980>sell at $19 >buy again at $15 it's that easy…[View]
53425370dead shitcoing crashing faster than you can say paypal lawsuit.[View]
53425882I finally got my private keys offline. Are there still any real risks? (i.e. keyloggers or something…[View]
53376781/CMMG/ Commodities, Mining, and Macro General: Volatile macro song written by AI edition Commodities…[View]
53425858Make It Or Die WINNING!: The only portfolio you'll ever need: 25% AMZN 25% AAPL 25% TSLA 25% NV…[View]
53425271>Microsoft goes down >bitcoin and other cryptos goes down What the fuck does cryptocurrency ha…[View]
53425841>it was just the last exit pump before sub10k[View]
53425120>metaverses are the future top kek it's a bunch of avatars holding their arms and hands in c…[View]
53425994https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4F-180HQpHg How stupid do you have to be to fall for this?[View]
53422398The bare market is over: It's time for the swimsuit market. Prove me wrong using statistics, if…[View]
53423565I've wasted so much fucking money on this scam bullshit that it's not even funny anymore..…[View]
53422911I hate this 23k resistance so much: AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH[View]
53416882HBAR vs ADA: Local Hfagbarian gets demolished sideways by a Giga AdaChad HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…[View]
53423452How did Ken Griffin’s hedge fund Citadel make $16 billion last year and become the most profitable h…[View]
53418487Chainlink (LINK) cant pump[View]
53425780AHEM. I would like to announce that I have accepted a role with McDonalds as their Chief Technology …[View]
53425028Friendly reminder that pic related is what a bottom looks like, and we aren't there yet.[View]
53423360chinamen in the us: why is every nice place clogged to hell with asians? it's literally impossi…[View]
53424609Ohhh linkies Sergey willl not be happy about this[View]
53425722Brokerage collapses thread: What’s stopping every single brokerage related to crypto from collapsing…[View]

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