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15598079Was /biz more popular last year? Or was it always a slow board?[View]
15598063behind every successful man there's a stronger woman[View]
15597798The only way is to gamble away your net worth and security on shitcoins and when you lose it all vot…[View]
15597992we arent going to have a recession, are we /biz/?[View]
15597492any ideas for a new erc20 token?[View]
15596698Dagfags sell now and buy back at half a cent. News on monday will be a nothingburger. You're we…[View]
15597107Are there any cryptos that are more guaranteed moonshots than these two?[View]
15591027Post rare sergeys want to see how many old fags still even post[View]
15597931biz: What went wrong?[View]
15596322Has anyone created a successful dropshipping store?[View]
15597342moon mission has started: smart money has accumulated september 23 will be huge Voice is going to be…[View]
15596279LINK $2: I’m not an insider and have no real reason to believe this but just wanted you all to be co…[View]
15595779Crypto is dying, isn’t it. The Ponzi scheme doesn’t have much left in the tank. Be honest, is there …[View]
15596841I'm autistic so I'm asking you for help.: I'm currently a senior in high school. I…[View]
15597758imagine thinking BSV is a scam: If the popular conception of bitcoin was a future oriented competito…[View]
15597104>tfw depressed NEET >tfw nobody on r/depression even replies to my posts about depression wher…[View]
15597800The only true 100x left: Its days like these that fools sell and smart people buy... being greedy wh…[View]
15591444Alt season?: Alts are mooning, btc about to smash 10400 and Teeka is doing a webinar... https://www.…[View]
15595006How much would you pay for this?[View]
15597130Ultra bull signal: https://myhbarwallet.com/ No other project out there had this type of wallet cre…[View]
15597622How does it feel knowing I bought link at 0.50 and sold at 3.50 ....wait, theres more...I'm als…[View]
15596296Buy the rumor, sell the news.[View]
15597414Reserve /RSR/: What the devil is going on?[View]
15597728>wagie >WAGIE!! >do you see what I'm seeing in this burger???…[View]
15596846What is the best recently launched moonshot? I just looked into RSR and I put it into the 'good idea…[View]
15597709>sunday night[View]
15593804Shill me this coin with info and infographics and I'll dump $50k into it right now.[View]
15597489Another warning biz[View]
15597395Less than 3 weeks and the ticking timebomb will be released[View]
15597621Another day, another +15%. Why didn’t you buy in /biz/?[View]
15597565Invest in ETSY and SAND: >legal ways to earn >no pump and dumps >comfy hold >3% ROI/day…[View]
15596885How do I start a cryptocurrency and shill it on /biz/ to scam anons out of their money?[View]
15597148Money saving tips: >need a new laptop >decide on a used ThinkPad after hearing /g/ rave about …[View]
15597387sanjeev here: many moons and blessings to my family[View]
15597409How many eth shares to put my little dongle into her sweet pink crypto taco?[View]
15596749we need more pajeets: EDGE is a great white pride token. However, we need some host nodes in East As…[View]
15596406Flexa:fxc: >Why is nobody talking about @FlexaHQ ? They have like the most insane advisory folks…[View]
15597247Who based here?: >22 yo bloomer, 16 yo fuck buddies (legal in UK) >iPhone 11 on pre order >…[View]
15596570How the fuck do I make a resume? I'm trying to apply to entry level wageslave positions. Don…[View]
15597308ChainLink is a SCAM: and here's why... 2 years and there's not a single interesting smart …[View]
15597255What would a biz irl meet up look like?[View]
15595507So let me get this straight...: France said you only get taxed when trading for 'traditional currenc…[View]
15597206I don't know TA. Is this bullish?[View]
15597354altcoins: >altcoins >altcoin hodlers…[View]
15597136CHILIZ (CHZ): Anon why are you not in CHZ? It just got listed on Binance! CHILIZ (CHZ) - Alexandre D…[View]
15596813Imagine not getting a big bag of this at $1: Like stealing candy from a baby[View]
15597313By enabling trade platform ecosystems using Corda to integrate ‘gpi Link’ into their trade environme…[View]
15597293Is working for a start-up worth it, if the company does not offer stock option and will be founder o…[View]
15595465How much ONE for a latina girl like this?[View]
15596512Alright /biz/ how do I make money with no money?[View]
15597238Add BLACKCHAIN to your portfolio for consistent growth: BLACKCHAIN has been a safe, classic investme…[View]
15596882Chainlink is fucked: >biggest holders now a seller-majority >Volume at half >End of the mon…[View]
15597060I’m from the future. Bitcoin bottoms at this price two bull runs from now. Vechain leads all other a…[View]
15597108It makes me sad that /biz/bros don't help each other like we used to in 2017, but instead of wh…[View]
15593769What’s the point of anything[View]
15596894The future is here.[View]
15597162How do you short the student loan market?[View]
15597093I have reviewed over 9000 pornos on imbd: How do I monetize this and make money from it? Inb4 larp..…[View]
15597022Sept 23: >bakkt launch >sibos gpi link presentation >eth Denver 'an evening with chainlink…[View]
15597121/biz/ chainlink is a scam, why BSV matter: pic related DYOR[View]
15594403>/pol/ trolled me into not going to college >Now I'm looking on facebook and all my normi…[View]
15596568What's the best way to use $30k to start improving my life now. I currently net $1k a week and …[View]
15596772why not use stablecoin?: i know Chainlink Oracle requires LINK coin but why didn't they use sta…[View]
15596577I literally got fired[View]
15587444/smg/ - Stock Market General: Joshua 1:9: “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do no…[View]
15593565My father is a failure. He called me crying that he had to sell his prized sports memorabilia that h…[View]
15596760RIP chainIink: it was a great run...[View]
15595291HOW TO NEVER WORK A DAY IN YOUR LIFE AGAIN: >>buy USDT >>create Bitmax account >>d…[View]
15596358>Entering the market right after pic related hits 1 sat Who here smart money?…[View]
15596803Which ASX gold mining stocks do you guys own?[View]
15596869Morpheus chad here: Big news coming up at the end of the month for MITX. If you still didn't ge…[View]
15596360TAnon here, sup /biz/: Been a while since I posted. How's everyone doing? Will take chart reque…[View]
15596766https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2019/10/when-medicaid-takes-everything-you-own/596671/ …[View]
15596524JAR- Jarvis: Less than 800k market cap, volume and price constantly increasing, well connected team …[View]
15587547Chainlink is not a scam Chainlink is the future Remember nothing in life is easy[View]
15596821https://youtu.be/f6-dN_R2iQQ?t=1311 >Are you Israeli? >Asks $20,000 a month for a run down un…[View]
15596057Insider insight: Some of you will remember me from my post 6 months ago advising you all of the exci…[View]
15595621Would you let this man ejaculate a huge load deep inside your asshole?[View]
15596154Why don't poor people just buy more money?[View]
15594405Imagine looking at this job posting with a straight face and submitting an application[View]
15596661I just wanted to ask for crypto advice, and then everyone just called me a faggot...[View]
15596723Are braunbatch bots legit? Does anyone here use them? any transaction proofs that they actually give…[View]
15596709Maybe the real 'making it' is the friends we made along the way :)[View]
15596700>another eoy on biz[View]
15596161Should I cut my family off biz? My sister stole tens of thousands of dollars from me and spread rumo…[View]
15596496Let's be honest: After that crazy price rise, it was always going to dump. We all know this, th…[View]
15592209>He's working on getting rich but not improving his body[View]
15596398Apocalypse Investing: Now that the Saudi oil fields are on fire, and WW3 is about to begin, maybe it…[View]
15596639Who’s ready for this big red dick? We dumping soon[View]
15595988What else to add?: Dumped my LINK and REN from my suicide bag and bought more MITX and some AERGO. …[View]
15577886/SENT/: This is going to be fucking huge. Not only is this going to get a Binance (CZ loves it) list…[View]
15592474more and more projects are going to utilize sentinels services. sentinels dvpn and mixer will be int…[View]
15595690Fucking buy Coca Cola stocks right now[View]
15594526So what's the deal with currencies that aren't recognized as legal securities in the US? I…[View]
15596562Guys, is it Bull or Bear now?[View]
15596544Amazon merch: How can I get my amazon merch shit noticed/marketed? Anyone have any tricks?[View]
15594520QUANT (QNT): Why is this fucking scam pumping??? Did they release some news?[View]
15596538Would you let this man ejaculate deep inside your rectum for 1000 LINK?[View]
15596381Most of you are fucking douchebags[View]
15596489What apps give the most free cash?[View]
15596275What are some of your hobbies other than shitposting and trading internet tokens?[View]
15596447Washington worlds 7th safest city ??: Lol these Economist guys are trolling hard.[View]
15594216IT'S HAPPENING! AAHHHHH: What's the financial implications of this?[View]
15595162Mom loaned me money and then changed the terms of the agreement: My mom willingly gave me a certain …[View]
15595114If this is my portfolio, how fucked am I?: Also got 1.55 btc[View]
15595241This should be around $20 right now: And I'm being generous. You cannot possibly refute this.…[View]
15595894Now that binance isn't open to american customers, what exchange are you using? how do you avoi…[View]
15596276>there are people on /biz/ RIGHT NOW who bought LINK over $2, ETH over $200, and/or BTC over $120…[View]
15595419Future millionaire here: AMA[View]
15595288Biz is always right: Ever wonder why biz never stops talking about Chainlink for years now? Pump and…[View]
15596013Is Chainlink at $1.50?: All you r.etards need to Trade $0.01 worth of LINK for a BAGS token. Hurry u…[View]
15596269which coin is the illuminati free mason coin?[View]
15596132Easiest $50 Ever: coinbase.com /earn/stellar /invite/txp289fr Literally free money for all! Answers-…[View]
15596257Ok fellas hear me out on this one and lmk what yall think: DNR - denbury resources - a former S&…[View]
15596039clypto nubbency[View]
15595623Anybody else see it?[View]
15595441KEK, right back down it goes.[View]
15595188ITT: The date is 9/14/2020 How much does 1 LINK cost?[View]
15595867>make $45k a month >government takes $18,500 Whats the point bros…[View]
15595183>be you; climbing up the corporate ladder >meet the President of the company (pic related) How…[View]
15595526>tfw made my first friend in university >tfw he's the only black guy in my japanese 101 c…[View]
15593726Wasted Life General—/WLG/: Post about the emotional aspects of wasting your life, why you did it, ho…[View]
15595814Reminder, you are a dumb fuck if you didnt sell above 4[View]
15595509Okay based and bikepilled report in: The ultimate financial red pill is your bicycle. Car cucks spen…[View]
15596134Holy shit, how will tether ever recover? Certainly the ponzi is about to collapse now guys. For real…[View]
15594324I had some beef today at lunch, it was delicious: How do i profit from that?[View]
15594715>30yr old >millionaire >not a larp >decent looker >decent social skills real talk: I …[View]
15596042CHILIZ (CHZ): Anon why are you not in CHZ? It just got listed on Binance! CHILIZ (CHZ) - Alexandre D…[View]
15595561Would you let this man ejaculate in your mouth for 20 link?[View]
15595965>Niggers broke my phone >Have to redo all of the 2FA stuff on my new phone to get into my Bina…[View]
15595614how many images have you saved from 4chan? 8076 here[View]
15593930My MOM IS KICKIN ME OUT OF THE HOUSE. SHOULD I JUST GIVE HER 316.4 LINK?: She wants 500$ a month in …[View]
15595908>Just broker freight for the next 100 years and invest in link bro, it's totally not a scam …[View]
15595937Name a shitcoin that will do better than MITX @ EOY[View]
15595906why yes I did buy Chainlink above $4, how could you tell?[View]
15594862When will this sideways market end? FUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGG[View]
15595895My Fantom bags are packed. Its time to leave these losers who wouldn't listen. Say goodbye to y…[View]
15594570WHY NUMBER GO DOWN???[View]
15594952Can I be sued for damages or fraud?: A man who owns a small antique shop contacted me with some phot…[View]
15595866>/biz/ - Business & Finance[View]
15595612Fakeout on Aergo: Holy shit. Someone panic market-sold the bottom just as another swooped in with 20…[View]
15593836adbank: So i found a low cap gem, I have done some research and it sounds pretty good. what do you g…[View]
15595831GRIN, that's all[View]
15595809How long do I need to lurk here until I get rich? Rich /biz/anons, how long did it take you to get r…[View]
15594881Loser coping: What's up with all the loser coping around here If you think like this you are ne…[View]
15595704All women are whores.[View]
15595723Best wallet for RSR?[View]
15595443>when /biz/ talks about making it they think of expensive cars, boats, watches, and hot chicks pa…[View]
15595681OHHHH LINNKIIESSSSSSS: >You actually thought some Russian with a philosophy degree from a bottom …[View]
15595699I'm broke.[View]
15594273Imagine wasting money on a woman and bringing kids into this clownworld. inb4 'muh anti eugenic fat …[View]
15595057I FINALLY SOLD AND FEEL LIKE I CAN BREATH AGAIN: Sorry to say it soldiers, but this is a sinking shi…[View]
15590344I'm probably going to get blasted for this post but.. Why is the owner of a business entitled t…[View]
15591596$150 a barrel oil coming. Houth rebels just claimed responsibility for bombing a Saudi oil field, th…[View]
15594565Who canceled the bullrun?: September is well underway, we are fucked.[View]
15595440QNT: look you absolute shit nuggets. let me spoon-feed you. you're buying into the 1st leg of a…[View]
15595555my bros[View]
15594313Why should I give up entertainment to be succesful ? I like being entertained[View]
15595476ALL: very good / biz / here everyone is exempt in finance, here everyone is right in the last word, …[View]
15595157Guy's I just got this notification today how fucked am I?[View]
15595269So I'm just doing a bit of daytrading with a paltry amount of XLM (literally just ~$60). I…[View]
15587757The fud is so pathetic, it's time to put an end to that. Are you ready to take the linkpill ano…[View]
15595421what is he saying?[View]
15595389Look If you had One shot Or one opportunity To seize every Big Mac you ever wanted In one moment Wou…[View]
15595396Big news on the way: Insider here, really BIG news regarding MITX and an industry leader coming up l…[View]
15595339Shorting Chainshit: >You just win[View]
15595368Well now that Chainlink is officially dead: How long until we stop being bombarded by posts about it…[View]
15595320imagine buying chainlink[View]
15594851Guys. This is the right timeline. Be patient and enjoy yourselves.[View]
15595342Congratulations holding link: Give me control of a planet’s data and I car not who writes it’s sm…[View]
15595268FUD as hard as you can in this thread and convince me to sell. You will fail.[View]
15594923QNT is fucking MOONING tonight, is it because the central banks are finally buying in?[View]
15589833Still holding 11k of these, all the ' It's over gilles ' aside, on a scale of 1-10, how bullish…[View]
15595310>digibyte >ark >chainlink What's the next pump n dump?…[View]
15591382Quant is going to sibos and chainIink isnt: ahhahahahahahaha[View]
15592537I'm assblaster AMA: Hey fags I'm back, AMA.[View]
15594542Dont say I didn't warn you cunts[View]
15595140Is anyone else here a devil at the wagecenter? >was working security this morning at around 0534 …[View]
15593941Do girls know they are just holes?[View]
15594684$1 EOY: So it begins...[View]
15593265Hello outer circle: Bottom was in this week. Thanks for selling to me at half the price dumbasses. I…[View]
15595255ARREST THIS MAN[View]
15595044QUANT (QNT): So Quant has a fucking Rockefeller as their director in the US, and basically no-one is…[View]
15594918mooning has started: EOS is so undervalued right now, but mooning has started now, because coming EO…[View]
15594089Do you love this person? I love this person, with the proper training and education people can achie…[View]
15595071>That horrific realization when you realize crypto will NOT save you >That horrific realizatio…[View]
15594189….and Link price keeps dropping[View]
15594877WTF WAS THAT[View]
15585918What buy wuth under 10k?: Chainlink (when it dumps under 1 dollar), ultra, mitx, rsr, ftm, or bpro? …[View]
15595095Death crosses everywhere: Stop looking at yourshitcoin/BTC chart. USD charts tell that a shitstorm i…[View]
15594390Wife left me, took kid, girlfriend left me, took money, unemployed...: how do i get my life and fina…[View]
15595051>Be me >26yr betaspic >Coworker is a 22yr Hector, Chad/Tyrone equivalent. >mfw he has a …[View]
15595130ALL: here everyone is exempt in finance, here everyone is right in the last word, everyone has the k…[View]
15594688Are wagies just modern day slaves? How can one prostitute yourself and have a 'boss' who basically f…[View]
15595061buy the dip to 9.6k it will be a bear trap.[View]
15595005>Why yes, my portfolio is 100% ETH, how did you know?[View]
15593829Financial Astrology thread: How fucked are we?[View]
15594846BTC or ETH?: BTC or ETH?[View]
15594833i thought i wasn't a chad, but then it turned out i was. how do i profit from this?[View]
15594930Yes sirs please dont buy viddies: Please dont buy vidt you Will get sick[View]
15594500I’m here for the job interview[View]
15594443u have time[View]
15594931CHILIZ (CHZ): Anon why are you not in CHZ? It just got listed on Binance! CHILIZ (CHZ) - Alexandre D…[View]
15594445Remember - Litecoin is the leader. Nothing moves unless the 'lil King' moves. Check for a short vide…[View]
15594863Shill me your shitcoin list: >Need to stack up on shitcoins with profits I made from trading Corn…[View]
1559371147 days left. How can we profit from this?[View]
15593056how do you describe/shill chainlink to your friends and/or family?: when using this method it raises…[View]
15589804XDB Fudders BTFO: Remember when /biz/ called this a scam? Multiple publicly listed companies now con…[View]
15594493coinbase.com /earn/stellar /invite/txp289fr Literally free money for all! Answers- - A decentralized…[View]
15594608THE BOTTOM IS IN[View]
15594790Did I make the right decision selling LINK for MITX last night?: >Redpill me on this one.…[View]
15594793Are we back?: >Feels like we are.[View]
15591898Shill me a shitcoin that will net me 4k profit by the end of Q1 2020[View]
15594163JUST COOM FOR 50 YEARS[View]
15594083Hi biz I’m not supposed to leak this i am on the board of directors for this company: I have defeate…[View]
15594753Anyone here own ASX gold stocks. Which are the best to buy rn?[View]
15593745>Bitcoin uses a PoW system and as such is susceptible to a potential Tragedy of Commons. The Trag…[View]
15593913bitch i got dat harmony[View]
15594689This is damaging[View]
15591185Dear CZ I wrote to you but you still aint calling I left my Twitter, IG and wallet address at the bo…[View]
15594660Never forget[View]
15590551Harmony Official Thread /ONE/: >'I am selling, this project is going nowhere' It is a new project…[View]
15592583New religion[View]
15594652Sad: I just want to eat pussy all day, but I'm too broken and have low self esteem over being a…[View]
15594645Did institutions abandon our shitcoins? Which ones are they going into?[View]
15594616Retard here: Is getting a credit card and using it to buy things and paying it off a decent way to b…[View]
15594610Why hasn't biz created its own ai trading bot that generates 10+% gains daily while eating lobs…[View]
15591622Like in EOS there will be block producers that secure the network and I have enough clues that these…[View]
15593937my father recently informed me that I cant turn my bitcoin into other currencys such as ETH without …[View]
15594114Gold: Expected price EOY?[View]
15593799Replace caffeine: I have to take 600mg daily as a preworkout, how bad is this? My only issue is that…[View]
15592876I make 19.500€ per year: AMA[View]
15592426when link moons, I’m going to buy a gallery in New York and have a show exhibiting only chainlink me…[View]
15594544>tfw all your friends are losers How do I make successful friends? I don't want to be the av…[View]
15594397Yes I am all in ETH how can you tell?[View]
15594017link getting rejected over and over and volume drying up prepare those anuses linkies, its coming[View]
15593595>saudi oil production slashed by half >world needs oil >venezuela comes in >no more bad …[View]
15594459Shill me on Ark[View]
15591305Next Kucoin 5x: >Jarvis + >Market Cap: 700k “Core Partners” >Microsoft >Google >NEO …[View]
15593922>https://blog.bitmex.com/ether-a-double-digit-shitcoin/ DOUBLE. DIGIT. SHITCOIN.…[View]
15594446Do you own any social media /biz/?[View]
15594310DAILY REMINDER: 10K LINK is the absolute minimum to make it. Don't believe in the 1000 EOY meme…[View]
15593587SKY is literally one of the few coins that will emerge back from the alt massacre, and you still are…[View]
15593331Crypto has turned into a boomer-tier market without any major movement. Might as well get into (((st…[View]
15594318how do I stop fapping? it's interfering with ym trading since i pass out all the time[View]
15593060Imagine staking this for 2 years: 2 years later your coins are worth exactly 0$[View]
15593054How do I start trading oil futures today (Saturday)? Like what brokerage house do I use, how can I g…[View]
15594386AGRELLO IS PUMPIN, ANON: It is in fact a great opportunity, win it or lose it, anon. Tell me, anon, …[View]
15593416>he doesn't walk at 120 beats per minute >he thinks he's going to make it…[View]
15593048What's the percentage of coloured people here?: I'm curious now, i want to compare this pe…[View]
15594049What's your portfolio at the moment? Are you doing okay there? >LINK >LION >PNK >BR…[View]
15594320Why do you want to make it, and what does that really mean for you?[View]
15593069in a heartbeat: linkies are back to believing larps, never change[View]
15593819Badoo Premium: Is Badoo premium good investment to fuck hoes instead of spending money on hookers ? …[View]
15594208I feel like /biz/ owes me money...: Yeah things went great from 2015 to 2016, I don't know if t…[View]
15594150Remember when /biz/ talked about things that weren't cryptoshit?[View]
15591082Sugar Mommy: What do you do when you find out your gf is really rich and set for life? I wanted to m…[View]
15594244RSR: Looks like a descending triangle to me[View]
15594050Wedding: How to save money on a wedding? 50 guests max[View]
15593437>didn't go to college because /pol/ and /biz/ told me it's a marxist scam by jews >…[View]
15593159NLG no .2: Anyone and everyone that didn't buy into the Link scam is allowed in here. Fuck it, …[View]
15594180Left is reddit. Right is biz. U mad incels?[View]
15594002How the fuck can people be excited for Bakkt opening. Its literally going to collapse the market the…[View]
15588240Quant Facts vs. Claims: Fact about Quant: 4 Main Team members left. It's funny how people in th…[View]
15593188Say her name[View]
15592639Imagine not owning the next 25x coin.[View]
15593982>PoW coins will eventually self destruct >PoS coins are centralised trashed >Fiat currenci…[View]
15592709ETHBTC: Yeah, I am pretty confident this bad boy will go up from here.[View]
15593058Why don't you flip houses? That's the real cheat code in life to amass wealth quickly.[View]
15592388It's over Gilles: Face it, it's over[View]
15593788post yfw link sub $1[View]
15593525Boiler Room Rogue Trader Wall Street The Big Short Wolf of Wall Street (cringe) what are other /bizc…[View]
15593310I think all rich kids should be forced to become sex dolls during their late teens to early twenties…[View]
155938825% of World Oil burning - GO BUY BTC QUICK!!!: buy BTC quickly now, Gold, BTC and ofc oil price will…[View]
15592515amoveo thread: u just need 10 to retire plan accordingly[View]
15593330anybody living the dream in asia? pic semi related[View]
15593790Hoard Token: Kek. This ico was such a failure that there are less than 10 addresses holding the toke…[View]
15593284Why doesn't anyone believe me? >tell parents I started University >they don't believ…[View]
155937364 months ago I signed up for a credit card with 0%apr for 15 months and I've ran up a huge bala…[View]
15593498Could Asuka be possibly wrong this time?[View]
15592872Why are they in such a hurry?[View]
15593408I'm still gay and i still hold chainlink: AMA[View]
15591130I am financially ruined.[View]
15593417CHILIZ (CHZ): Anon why are you not in CHZ? It just got listed on Binance! CHILIZ (CHZ) - Alexandre D…[View]
15593145Btc mining: Is anyone mining bitcoin on this shit board? What asics are you running, what is your el…[View]
15593458why the fuck didn't i just hold!!? why did i sell it all just kill me now[View]
15591212Quant x Sibos: This is where they will be at Sibos with Oracle. I've seen a lot of weak fud as …[View]
15593556So, I just received 0.025 BTC from someone who owed me cash long time ago. What should I do with it…[View]
15590481The absolute state of VIDT brainlets: >implying the exchange decides about the future of a projec…[View]
15593657Why do people hate negroes?: https://youtu.be/sMocIsAljXs[View]
15593533Start mining in your phone, BE A PI-ONER: This shitcoin can be earned just by tapping one time/day o…[View]
15592629> be QNT > get fudded to hell every day by big players from the tg who are rebuying and trying…[View]
15592741They are saying that oil is going to skyrocket as soon as the markets open tomorrow because of the d…[View]
15593241Never bet against reddit and twitter[View]
15593057smart money: dag fag here, up 16% since airforce partnership[View]
15593446will we see $1 link?[View]
15593249Told you faggots MITX was going to pump. >Up 10% from the buy zone.[View]
15593346It's ETH season: bend the knee[View]
15593314did you guys ever climb a mountain? or went ontop of a roof as a kid? were you the fastest one to ge…[View]
15592771How can I invest in this dancing style? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjJ9tt8NUQ4[View]
15593521chainlink fud: All this chainlink fud from pajeets ironically make me want to go all in[View]
15593258>LITERALLY scams /biz/ out of its money >/biz/ STILL defends this with brainless 'dr;ns' posts…[View]
15592441When did you realize this board and website was a total waste of time and you'd be better off n…[View]
15590713Day 14: Still going to make this thread and laugh at you retards every day until your piece of shit …[View]
15589251Discount or still overpriced?[View]
15593435extra chromosomes?: Why do people with an extra chromosome all look the same? How many re on biz?…[View]
15593022What are your bad habits /biz/: Alcohol, cigs, coke and prostitutes are mine. Been trying to live so…[View]
15593447>Janitor applications are now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied!…[View]
15592331>not voting for someone who will pump your crypto bags[View]
15592867Hoopta da lupta Hoopity Toppity Chainlinkisy Stinkisy Put da Worka SerFagoty No papeworkity no Part…[View]
15592940>2019 >having a bad credit score[View]
15592681how do i get a professor gig at a university while being a 20 something college dropout like pic rel…[View]
15591628One of the biggest crypto deals.: I feel sorry for the plebs who don’t have any uDoo. Many of you wi…[View]
15592594Im so lonely and depressed im literally going to kms at some point. I know its 100% my fault so how …[View]
15593378Well, well what you gon' do Yeah, you can dress, but you still ain't cute When I turn, my …[View]
15591725How do we make reddit leave this board?[View]
15592818how much money do i need to stop feeling sad whenever i see cute girls[View]
15593320UNLEASH THE BEAN :D[View]
15592770Long oil on Monday[View]
15592175I think I'm gonna have to become a sugar daddy: There's no way to meet women anymore now t…[View]
15592615If IQ matters...: Why are niggers so street smart?[View]
15593275literally us[View]
15592371I bought ETH during initial sale: We will see 7.9k before 11k. Screencap this. Proof: I can sign a t…[View]
15593205Long story short; Polish elections are coming up and our gov promised to rise minimal wage by 33% by…[View]
15593122HOLY SHIT: there are LITERALLY people who fell for my DR;NS rajeet patel hopium in order to pump my …[View]
15593212WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?![View]
15593248Are my eyes deceiving me? Is it - - -. Could it be? Have the gods finally removed cock from ass? Is …[View]
15592676Rate my folio[View]
15592597Jarlsberg wedges are $4.50 off per package at Costco all september long. If you can find an $11 wedg…[View]
15591229My school is forcing me to watch anti sexual harassment videos and answer questions about them. http…[View]
15589008FLAGS ON BIZ: Biz is sinking into curry threads Clean this board from 3rd world shills Ask for flags…[View]
15592326are we still going to make it?[View]
15591740n-none of you are actually holding LINK, w-we're just meme'ing right?[View]
15591519I yam a link generale ask me anything: Bringing this back from a few weeks prior, the energy around …[View]
15591684>College is a scam! Just become a dumb welder making $20/hr to inhale toxic fumes like me! At lea…[View]
15592999Fuck this board and fuck all of you.[View]
15591629What can I do about my $25k credit card debt? I get mixed answers and I really don't know what …[View]
15590086Morning showers or evening showers? Which is right?[View]
15589904who else here a switched cigar chad from being a cucked weed bro? used to smoke weed everyday but it…[View]
15592661/biz/ is sleeping[View]
15591263why is this project shilled on biz. is it the team members? there seems to be nothing special about …[View]
15592862Living is irrational.[View]
15592975Bitcoin? More like shitcoin![View]
15592924>2017 money snek vibes: why would you bet against bitcoin, when it is set in stone that all fiat …[View]
15591136chainlink is finally dead: Thank fucking jesus yes ive been waiting so long for it to die[View]
15592344ALT SEASON[View]
15592964Crypto banking and credit: anyone have any experience with either nexo or crytpo dot com I'm lo…[View]
15592654>buying coins instead of bars Why do you enjoy paying more for the same amount of silver?…[View]
15592946how much money would I make if i printed out t shirts with this logo and sold them on redbubble?[View]
15592283Even the most 'blackpilled' gore watching Machiavellian person on the deep net don't even close…[View]
15591695what a piece of shit[View]
15592076the state of ftm holders[View]
15591936How many of you were dumb enough to buy at 10k+ instead of waiting for when it will be far cheaper?[View]
15592841Assblaster here, AMA.[View]
15592814Quant Network (QNT): Dolphin here, am I going to make it?[View]
15592735What's his portfolio?[View]
15592797Hello, my name is Roger Ver and I am here to tell you about my favourite blockchain project called B…[View]
15592673Do you love this person? I love this person.... With the right amount of investment and training peo…[View]
15591826Tone Vays is shorting ETHBTC pair[View]
15591241Any nChain insiders here know more about pic related?[View]
15592092Sam-Bankman, ex Wallstreet trader, currently operating on ftx and alameda with assets worth like $1b…[View]
15592732>he buys fake internet meme currencies >he doesn't exercise his stock options >he stil…[View]
15592609SHA256 HAS BEEN HACKED[View]
15591635TA Post: ETH Still has room to move: I've been telling you about his move for over a week now, …[View]
15589626Explain to a brainlet re chainlink domain certificate: Last night this link and the aggregator link …[View]
15590740Sup /biz/ Been lurking on this board for years, rarely post. I run painting business, we did $1.6m l…[View]
15592590> price action[View]
15590278Of all project I hate BTC the most: The ad hominem argument is entirely useless and irrelevant for d…[View]
15592650Let's play a game linkies: Pic related[View]
15590365Give me one reason why you don't buy gold[View]
15592621Its Official: Alt season is here![View]
15591856>He bought Chainstink >He's not loading up on the first 1trillion mcap coin at bargain pr…[View]
15591368>Dude just wageslave for 50 years lmao[View]
15591436In before soundcloud spammer posts greg talking with himself[View]
15592523this kills the linkie[View]
15591906The saudi oil production are halfed, reliable sources say... yay for norway, and other petrolium exp…[View]
15592274how did they managed 1k mile target brahs: > 1k mile target with drones ==unbelievable biz = how …[View]
15589426>sirgay contacts ceo of a company, telling him he can monetize the data >ceo is interested, go…[View]
15592482moon/bog you decide[View]
15586159Reserve /RSR/: Two weeks until the launch of RSV[View]
15588480Apologize Biz: 55% up SAFEX anonymous marketplace build on top of a cryptonote blockchain.[View]
15592307Buy Fantom or stay poor pleb: This is the last dippening before we hit. Mainnet is on schedule and t…[View]
15588588This is Greg Maxwell: He, and his footmen hijacked the BTC community and then BTC itself. They stran…[View]
15592212newfag here, is SKY a scam, should i buy a few thousand just in case they actually uphold any of the…[View]
15592027Your opinion on facebook dollars?[View]
15592361>he thinks it's alt season you're still down 90% buddy[View]
15592412CHILIZ (CHZ): Anon why are you not in CHZ? It just got listed on Binance! CHILIZ (CHZ) - Alexandre D…[View]
15585228Time traveller here, 2020 is our year: Screencap this if you don't believe me. I would invest a…[View]
15590471Clown World: Why do you still pay taxes again /biz/?[View]
15592291Am I retarded for not selling?: How obvious was it that link would go this low again? Was it really …[View]
15590563enough already: I'm so sick of seeing this stupid meme everywhere now. this is a business and f…[View]
15592310>tfw setting my parents up to break the s7 galaxy edge I bought during the 2017 bull run so they …[View]
15591922Why are millennials buying French Castles?[View]
15591738LINK is gonna recover r-right...? I bought 1k LINKs at 2.80 and i'm getting real worried[View]
15589945How long is the Chainlink Twitter going to keep the Google 'partnership' tweet pinned?: It's be…[View]
15591705sip sip: You have about ten days, I hope you're ready.[View]
15591926wat do frens?: we buy moar here? i already gotz 11K should I go for 12K? we still all in this togeth…[View]
15591175Is there a worse feeling than relapsing on the alcohol jew and waking up feeling utterly justed the …[View]
15591769Grab your space suits: >MITX bounced perfectly from support again.…[View]
15591960am i a nigger? for NEETing the past 3 years? parents don't think i do anything while i watch my…[View]
15591128Quick 5x: If I can 5x, I can quit my job for a year SHILL ME[View]
15592102I've never seen something this bullish to ethereum[View]
15591259The flushening[View]
15591365if you are still not fully invested in eth I have no words for you[View]
15592153Who wants link?: Seriously who dosen't want free crypto to sell for Link? It's to easy.. …[View]
15592114You are now aware that birdchain is doing pretty well and is going to moon like absolute fuck very, …[View]
15590742Should I sell?[View]
15591058France and Germany agree to block Facebook's Libra: PARIS (Reuters) - France and Germany have a…[View]
15591594Instagram profitable?: Do these faggots make money on Instagram or not? I can't get a verdict. …[View]
15591924Why is everything pumping?[View]
15592050What happens if Zoomers and millennials group together and stop paying taxes?[View]
15592042'Fireworks for chainlink in august and september': nigga dumped on all of you[View]
15591150https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJ2Dy8OVQoY holy f*ck this guy has transcended you all[View]
15591117hey boys ready for the intergalactic mission[View]
15591680I've been warning you for days: Who's in $MITX with me?[View]
15591517why do women act like whores?[View]
15591707Life is a bitch and then you die.[View]
15589911I bought the top and sold the bottom: I lost a lot. I just don’t care anymore. I do hope Chainlink g…[View]
15591878Salt Season. It's here.[View]
15591876Hay NKN bros how is ya doin. NKN 10 billion market cap yet? Been in coma since ICO now back to cash …[View]
15590337https://youtu.be/cidZRD3NzHg 12:27 1000 EOY[View]
15591839I'm stuntin’, switchin' lanes with my nigga Wayne We out, we signed up, we can party every…[View]
15590733Why don’t more people off themselves?: It amazes me how many wagies will continue to wage for peanut…[View]
15591830>He didn't buy CurveCoin[View]
15591396Imagine buying Link Instead Of Quant[View]
15591773How many insects do I need to eat to wait out for 100k bitcoin?[View]
15589402Tall men die faster[View]
15591527Micro-dosing Psilocybe semilanceata right now. How to profit from this?[View]
15591697What would you do if you were a billionaire?: If I was filthy rich, I'd organize clandestine fi…[View]
15591709>not investing investing investing into everything in our era of infinite growth Penny pinchers a…[View]
15589291what do you call this pattern?: >JUST[View]
15590053I'm actually more qualified to talk about this than most anons.I'm employed with a cyber-t…[View]
15591610wtf was that?[View]
15591634Stellar XLM Crashening: eet always crash. wat do? when fomo?[View]
15590394Which shitcoin on kucoin will go 1000x guaranteed?[View]
15591274>decentralized internet (Skywire) - mesh network with over 10000 nodes (twice as many as TOR) alr…[View]
15589808Now that psd2 was a failure, what do we do now?[View]
15591573chainlink is a pump and dump scam[View]
15591575ITT We post our made it song. https://youtu.be/IKdLW6PbXSI[View]
15591320/ourjeet/ is here to debunk recent price manipulation fud >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ff1qTh…[View]
15591373What weekend things can I do to make money?: What can I do make extra money? Make shit? Have any sug…[View]
15588532Is he light, *the* light? Will we in the future talk about before and after Craig like we do today w…[View]
15590329Nano: 20 BTC Volume What did they mean by this?[View]
15591223https://github.com/smartcontractkit/dwolla-adapter ACH Payments are coming to Chainlink with the new…[View]
15590765Can you name a better ad campaign than Pepsiman?[View]
15591361Im buying this Panerai watch when I make it and posting it here for the law of attraction reasons. G…[View]
15589543Just pathetic. Corecucks are truly scared of this man[View]
15588896Is finding a qt and raise a bunch of kids together the end game of 'making it' ?[View]
15587727I can't fucking breathe.[View]
15590859Did you only learn now after 2 years how delusional 1000 is?[View]
15590764Why are you fucks so boring these days?[View]
15590689I want body armor: So people buy expensive libraries, gold, luxury items as a way to preserve wealth…[View]
15590081REN Republic Protocol: what do you think about this piece of shit?[View]
15590968alts mooning after binance ban: what the hell is going on[View]
15591220Dropshipping?: Anyone do it? Been thinking about starting my own store but I am not sure where to st…[View]
15591282MY LINKY STAYS STINKY $1000 EOY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hR4rDbJPM4[View]
15591278CHILIZ (CHZ): Anon why are you not in CHZ? It just got listed on Binance! CHILIZ (CHZ) - Alexandre D…[View]
15584609Is anyone else mid to late 20's and considering going back to school? I'm starting to come…[View]
15591244Is this a good price for gold?[View]
15591233>4chan biz >crypto this board SUCKS.[View]
15590009Hello fren! How are you doing? I'm sure it's not as bad as you think![View]
15591206what happened to the friday the 13th dumpathon anons?[View]
15590445Logarithmic bitcoin: does anyone have the bitcoin chart that is plotted logarithmically? Its unbeata…[View]
15591115Birdchain is pumping: And you missed out on five months of easy rock-bottom accumulation where you c…[View]
15590750anything other than BSV is a pump and dump money grab project: https://craigwright.net/about t. not …[View]
15590279Why do zoomers invest in alt-coins when they all turn out to be scams? Bitcoin is the only real cryp…[View]
15590961I almost capitulated yesterday, almost sold my linkies. Thank God it's recovering now, the drea…[View]
15590780Best VPN to use to buy RSR on Huobi?: Looking for one that works well and isn't a scam, prefera…[View]
15590950Got 1000 dollar to gamble on binance. Can someone recommend me a nice scam coin?[View]
15591089Well, did you buy?[View]
15591006doubt about buying silver: Is it convenient to buy 5 slightly damaged coins or with milk spots at a …[View]
15590247Harmony ONE sat: I am financially BBQ'd.[View]
15590707bitch i got dat harmony[View]
15591040so you're telling me chainlink is a scam: ?????[View]
15590619Decentralized: >Ecosystem[View]
15590841https://finance.yahoo.com/news/chainlink-begins-selling-ico-proceeds-194226628.html >The tokens b…[View]
15590942So the big day is here, huh? Don't really feel the euphoria, even the fud feels low energy. All…[View]
15590779How do you cope missing out altszn?[View]
15590426what are some cryptos that are approved by intergalactic child molesters?[View]
15590585>PSD2 comes into full effect on 14 September, 2019. No mention of Chainlink so far. Was this alwa…[View]
15590299>Be stinky >Get told each and everytime Ch*inlink is a scam >LALALALALALA NOT SELLING >C…[View]
15590881EOS: WTF WAS THAT[View]
15589260>10 years Neeting in Jail >Comes out, starts business >has more money than you Justify you…[View]
15589810Help me understand: I've been perplexed for a very long time how people afford the average pric…[View]
15589909World is honked more at 11 back to you, bob.[View]
15589512Discovering Own Chart Patterns: We can't compete with AI discovering every pattern on milliseco…[View]
15590768chainlink really is a scam: just read the article and they arent wrong you know..[View]
15590672Are we at despair yet?[View]
15590460let's start a company. any ideas?[View]
15581970>be 23 >2 months until graduation >currently working inside small company as intern develop…[View]
15589705Daily BTC deflation: How many BTC is LOST on average each day? For example, if I were to die now by …[View]
15590612I have sex nearly every day, with my wholesome gf. I enjoy my high paying seasonal job which grants …[View]
15590605No one on biz is investing shit: > A lot of shitcoins pumping > No green wojacks - Average inv…[View]
15590598Shorting LINK is the new way to make money from this shitcoin: The Blackpill is accepting LINK will …[View]
15589080Ethereum is going to be $100,000 by 2030 screen cap this[View]
15590577>he defended link until it was murdered HAHAHAHA[View]
15588635You chainlink spammers are getting mainstream coverage now: >https://venturebeat.com/2019/09/10/c…[View]
15586928You must post if you are never fucking selling[View]
15588197coinbase listing in 2 days https://blog.coinbase.com/dash-dash-is-launching-on-coinbase-pro-dec7e2da…[View]
15590041Is now a good time to go all in on Bitcoin? we are still going to hit 100K by 2020 right?[View]
15590322Rip shartmony: >he bought ONE piece of shit instead of HOT L m a o. This is the part where you fa…[View]
15588829does he hold link?[View]
15588587Harmony co-founder exit scamming: Another harmony co-founder is leaving[View]
15589103> Binance US in action > Daily volume drops to 46BTC > Alok Kothari —the Siri AI guy quits …[View]
15589340Why aren't you all in on LINK token anon?[View]
15590118The effect of: I have been lurking Biz for quite some time now, and have to say it's pretty obv…[View]
15588734LINK DELISTING SOON: Analysis: Chainlink Engaged in Pump and Dump Scheme to Manipulate LINK Price Vi…[View]
15590412>Muh, you need smartcontracts to buy coffee[View]
15587578what's the best coin to go all if you identify with LGBTQ?: elaborate why[View]
15589039Do solar cycles impact the economy?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_solar_cycles[View]
15588331>Google endorsement >still collapses[View]
15589686Dude just do NOFAP for 3 years and you can totally get a girlfriend lol[View]
15590358Validation Wallet Balance VIDT: Why is the validation wallet balance not aligned with the stated VID…[View]
15588610depressed: please post your brap folders here. preferably an imgur link. Only brap can cheer me up r…[View]
15588425Bizonacci: Chainlink videos when?[View]
15588270Wtf was that[View]
15590295Who has the swift apigee cert saved?[View]
15589946What’s the worst stocks to avoid[View]
15590202What rank in the link marines does this make me?: Proud new member of the marines.[View]
15589424Any aussies had any experience buying Aussie junk silver? Like the 50% silver sixpences? I've g…[View]
15588954Business ideas regarding an autonomous robot[View]
15588601I'm tired of being a virgin and not having a gf.[View]
15590093Never compare your life to someone else's life. Only compare your life to your past life. Never…[View]
15590011I'm getting antshares vibes here sirs[View]
15589410ONE will reach Dash ATH growth levels. Screencap this.[View]
15589446whats a good investment?[View]
15589968how are you holding up comrade?[View]
15590077CHILIZ (CHZ): Anon why are you not in CHZ? It just got listed on Binance! CHILIZ (CHZ) - Alexandre D…[View]
15590045i smell altszn[View]
15590021odds we see one dollar link?[View]
15589704What's the big hoopla around this bitcoin thing?[View]
15589549Today at 8: Litecoin pumps while it goes unnoticed by /biz/[View]
15590017Every day until you check: WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!?!?[View]
15589778If you know...: you know.[View]
15589973imagine holding bitcoin[View]
15589950The FOMO will start again soon. New ATH before the end of the year. You accumulated the past 18 mont…[View]
15589886What happens when imageboards move to the blockchain[View]
15587620Am I delusional: I believe we're bottoming at $1.50 before mooning to $10 by eoy.[View]
15589930RENekton <3: REN and renekton from league have same same start, added 2 masternodes of renektard …[View]
15589401how long till google cloud deletes the fake partnership blog post?[View]
15589740Daily reminder that BTC can't scale 5-7 tx/second is NOT scaling[View]
15589853How is hell like /biz/?: I may end up there, with my friends I say that in hell the VIP is waiting f…[View]
15589878*sip* just having my bitches breakfast before posting at linkies all day. *Puff* oh yes, mhm, good s…[View]
15589059Chainlink sentiment: That is all[View]
15589860What are the best ASX gold stocks lads?[View]
15588574sirs we make link obsolete, who else still doing the accumulation[View]
15589748Can't believe that all of the Redditors just got annihilated in a single chink-manufactured FUD…[View]
15589736ATTENTION LINK FUDDERS: Those who repeat and link the 'Link is a pump and dump 'research' …[View]
15586482UNIVERSITY IS A SCAM I literally am just sitting in classes, listening to bullshit, doing homework a…[View]
15589213Link is the next Eth[View]
15589660Asuka: This next 1.5 months are absolutely, unironically, unequivocally, irrevocably, certainly, ind…[View]
15587033CSW oh no no nooo: BSV on Suicide Watch! https://seekingsatoshi.weebly.com/mylegacykit.html As noted…[View]
15589604Why is this board so weak: Every day red wojaks, people tap dancing on link, insider anons, people g…[View]
15589101Will BTC go below 10k or above 10.5k? Place your bets; Winners get money, losers lose money.[View]
15588367I sold: 28.5k. Fudders were right.[View]
15586731Why is everyone a loser here?: It seems like no one wants to work and you are all just waiting to ma…[View]
15587377Do you remember anything from the 1900s-1950s? No? Yeah, we're going to be the same. Our only p…[View]
15589600Buckle up, gentlemen. We're going to the moon.[View]
15589476I'll just leave this here[View]
15585854https://archive.fo/kjuLi - The Satoshi Affair www.ohmysatoshi.com - Comprehensive timeline of Bitcoi…[View]
15589506plans?: Im doing an apprenticeship with the money what percentage goes in to tokens? also after my a…[View]
15588235Is real estate the ultimate hoax? My house has increased 35% in value over 6 years. In the same time…[View]
15589179Aergo.: Shouldn't see 750 again. Cycle one took a month to play out. Excited to see what the se…[View]
15589250Flexa:fxc: >Why is nobody talking about @FlexaHQ ? They have like the most insane advisory folks…[View]
15587565uos: Why blockchain?? >Check pic[View]
15588667LINK TA: why didn't you listen?[View]
15589507Low tier fud vs....: Looks at those LinkedIn profile... link is the big deal of the century. The one…[View]
15588612>tfw just bought chainlink The only way is UP[View]
15589495>never below $1.50 EVER again[View]
15588991/biz/ is getting impatient: link was not build for those filthy neets. shake them out. let them suff…[View]
15586946What the fuck should I do after the military?: In 2 months, I'm finally getting out of the mili…[View]
15589035Hello Frens I want to buy internet coin for $10 What coin and where buy it? :3[View]
1558943360 days: the clock is ticking for market manipulators[View]
15588977>never below $1.60 EVER again[View]
15587701Do you have any info leading to Satoshi Nakamoto? Just published my second post which brings us very…[View]
15589392please sort the following: what's the gayest in descending order OP, CSW, LINK, BSV, BTC, ETH, …[View]
15589397I'm a linkie and a gay man. It doesn't bother me that link is crashing to zero because I l…[View]
15588993who's the cuck now, losers? enjoy holding the bag, im gonna 'further develop' my life with a y…[View]
15589385lord bitchtits. he's selling[View]
15589326Hitting on coworkers: Do you do it? I’m working as a carer atm for medicine experience and the chick…[View]
15589261>tfw hungover afraid to move My mouth breath is making me want to puke. How do i stop drinking an…[View]
15586091CHAINLINK WAS A FRAUD BUILT UPON LIES: I’m a developer and I looked over the Chainlink white paper a…[View]
15589147Pi Network: Anybody talking about the Pi Network here? Anyway, for those, who haven't heard abo…[View]
15588182Trannies are trying to steal your energy: REMEBER MARINES, WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER DO NOT UNDER …[View]
15589152Are you having fun working in the retail and services industries /biz/? I never really understood wh…[View]
15588880LITION THREAD: Lit seems to have bottomed. Time to buy back guys. We are mooning again. One of the b…[View]
15588606Mainnet node is live? Someone is getting .33 Link every 5 minutes. Its beginning!! Any node operator…[View]
15588307Sorry marines, I didn't sell at 4, at 3, at 2, but I'm selling today.[View]
15589037I only have 5k ChainLink, would it be even worth me setting up an eventual node if theres players wi…[View]
15588713this is your future linkies. 80% drop still to go[View]
15589185Are there actually any successful people here?: I legitimately wonder if there is a single one. For …[View]
15588288I literally have no energy left with link. Holding it for so long, through so much. I cant find enth…[View]
15587974So when are you boys going back to work?[View]
15588257Cosmos Price chat, was deleted after.[View]
15589200Poorfag here. I’m going all in on Link. See you fags at $10 EOY[View]
15588965is it time to make a new group/channel: Any non brainlets here who wanna discuss crypto and throw ou…[View]
15589044Imagine still buying a Shitcoin instead of the real BitCoin[View]
15588599**** CHILIZ ***********: OKEx + Huobi , followed by Upbit + Bittrex listing eminent!!!!!!!!! hint...…[View]
15588511Happy Penis Sex Dick 2 Day everyone!!: My Linkies stay super stinky $1000EOY[View]
15588509Pic unrelated Need legit advice, me and a friend started a small bussines few years ago. Now I wan…[View]
15587687The Credit Cycle: please explain to me how the central banks are able to prolong the credit cycle ev…[View]
15588155serious: is putting money in crypto a Gambling? or Investing?[View]
15584959So is LINK dead or are y'all just having a bad day?: And if yes, what's next for you linki…[View]
15587306There are no shortcuts to wealth. Build your skillset and get a good company to respect and value yo…[View]
15588004Through all this Link FUD and other brainlets screaming REKT, I want to ask what other shit is biz h…[View]
15588712CHILIZ (CHZ): Anon why are you not in CHZ? It just got listed on Binance! CHILIZ (CHZ) - Alexandre D…[View]
15588310>tfw could easily become rich as I am smart but literally do not see a reason.…[View]
15588618You better be fucking right, Asuka[View]
15588946Isn't Chainlink that pump and dump scam the news has been talking about?[View]
15587735Ready, set... Only one sports token to uniting sports fans to the blockchain and it's Chiliz. O…[View]
15588949biz is a shithole: Not a financial subject, not a single legit discussion about any business, not ev…[View]
15588842I am fuming.: I've just been SCREAMING at the XRP chart for the last half an hour but we'r…[View]
15587431how do I long hydro fuel cell technology?: It's fairly simple technology and could be a means t…[View]
15588342Detective Anon: Wtf is your problem faggot?[View]
15588871Friendly reminder: don't short bitcoin you will be liquidated and your TA doesn't work her…[View]
15588686>And the NEETs shall inherit the Earth..[View]
15586997>'College is a scam! Why would you want to make more money by having a degree, or network with su…[View]
15588685ARE MY FUND SAFUUUU?[View]
15588651When will this ponzi collapse?[View]
15586479Should you be worried if your fiancee/wife starts watching HGTV? Also, what are some good ways to hi…[View]
15588146>Chainlink team feeds fake breadcrumbs for 3 years strait, none of it ever true >Linkers: Here…[View]
15586237If you didn't sell after this tweet, you deserved to get rekt[View]
15588238good news anon, I'm still here with you and watching you grow. ask me for advice[View]
15588570How can sirgay even compete?[View]
15588539If we don't learn from History Channel we are doomed to repeat History Channel[View]
15588208I am a time(line) traveler begging you to continue what you are doing. I am sending this message fro…[View]
15588428How the FUCK do 2nd gen citizens not become rich? >i was suicidal is my excuse…[View]
155884402k: 2k. What throw at? Should I just margin trade for bigger gains?[View]
15588508>wagie >WAGIE!! >Are you seeing what I'm seeing? Pickles! When I specifically asked fo…[View]
15588386it's not rocket science: prepare accordingly[View]
15585534uh oh: >be on break >pop a boner >break is over >can't kill boner help…[View]
15588463>fuck cucks >fuck jannies >fuck roasties >fuck leftists >fuck (((them))) >fuck chi…[View]
15588145Quant World: Read the latest about this well-known scam: https://mailchi.mp/quant.network/welcome-to…[View]
15588437>fraud >fake tech >Jason Parser >pump and dump >scam Rebrand when? I'm getting P…[View]
15587389Would you let this man ejaculate deep into your rectum 5 days a week for a whole year for 700k link?[View]
15588392LINK is for ugly faggots that in real life can't have a beautiful fine ass looking girl. And it…[View]
15588278Goodnight, /biz/.[View]
15587261the chainlink meme magic failed: cope with rope? we have to admit: it's over. google and oracle…[View]
15587801I sold: Fud too strong[View]
15588056i can't look[View]
15588139any telegram /biz & crypto conversations?[View]
15587845ChainLink: https://eth-usd-aggregator-staging.chain.link/ https://crt.sh/?id=1871468006[View]
15588311Newsflash faggets I asked aco and they said link was a tarp all along! Pic related[View]
15588285What percent of biz is bots?[View]
15586808Does anyone on here own any businesses? I'm thinking about buying a small weed dispensary with …[View]
15588096BitGreen Update #4: Uber & Lyft Integration, BitGreen Mobile App, Wallet & Token Economics: …[View]
15587673>Brock Pierce >founded Tether >caught up in a Hollywood pedophile ring scandal >known to…[View]
15585881This is now a Harmony board! Post your best ONE memes: Now that Link is dead this is officially a Ha…[View]
15585208Now that the dust has settled: Is it safe to buy back into Stellar? Is snakey ever gonna wakey again…[View]
15587996Chainlink: TODAY[View]
15587959when the fuck did never selling even start: I can't search on warosu right now due to maintenan…[View]
15587538alright boys the bottom is in, you know what to do[View]
15588213LINK is for ugly faggots that in real life can't have a beautiful fine ass looking girl. And it…[View]
15585062Okay, faggots. I usually don't do this, but it seems that some retards, that have been around f…[View]
15588024why are link holders always so upset?[View]
15587192>business and finance board >no one has a job >no one operates a business >no one has a …[View]
15588164reminder to buy when the mild euphoria starts kicking in and to sell as people get optimistic. neve…[View]
15588159is spending lot of money to find perfect cannabis plant to clone worth it? Will my clone be worth lo…[View]
15588069It's gonna turn around right brahs? I'm getting coordinated-FUD-to-shake-out-weak-hands vi…[View]
15586534>Orange man bad[View]
15587869>more btc atms than chase Bank atms around me Is this bullish for btc?[View]
15588128I will never sell.[View]
15586800Can I profit sexually by putting this in my tinder profile? I imagine I’d attract a trashy/easy demo…[View]
15588100>Thanks so much for applying. While we were really impressed by your resume and you clearly show …[View]
15587721Oh its friday? huh I didn’t notice[View]
15587334> altszn[View]
15585188You think the ChainLink dump is bad? You aint seen nothing yet.[View]
15587902Calling the bottom[View]
15587991Massive pump incoming enter all markets[View]
15588031Daily reminder: biz doesn't know shit: > Never ask for serious questions > Never post ser…[View]
15587476why is the world such a horrible place[View]
15575352So what are your bags that you could never want to sell, not even if they pumped your whole folio mu…[View]
15587583Now that the dust has settled: What went wrong?[View]
15585192Chart Patterns: Anyone discover a chart pattern? And backtested it to confirm? What's the succe…[View]
15587710Linkoids I have a solution: Collectively start fudding TRON. This way we will draw eyes away from t…[View]
15587457NO CRYPRO BS I need REAL finanical advice. I have 1500 and acurrently waging away for more. Any way…[View]
15587329Where did it all go wrong biz? Can we contact the SEC to get our money back?[View]
15587965$CHZ ON FIRE[View]
15587955Seems super grim. BTC holding at 10,000 time to buy?[View]
15585985For all silver and bitcoin lovers out there: https://www.ebay.com/itm/10-Silver-Eagle-Coins-Marked-w…[View]
15587695>there are people on /biz/ that STILL believe this fucking KEK[View]
15587678>look up American salaries >$600k after neurosurgery residency >in the uk more like $100k…[View]
15587905I am thinking of scaling in to alts gradually: What coins have moon potential till EOY, I am looking…[View]
15587663My fellow anons, it starts today.[View]
15584518Canadian/US Real Estate: hey guys, I'm not from NA and would greatly appreciate if anyone can g…[View]
15585681Reminder buying bsv now is like buying btc at $0.001[View]
15587412The time is now[View]
15587794huge ethbtc sell wall on binance: it's unironically over[View]
15586109>Another Friday night alone...[View]
15587379Would you let this man ejaculate inside you for a chain link?[View]
15587723>you will never be American >ywn make 350k at 25 in Silicon Valley >ywn make 700k+ as a doc…[View]
15586161Post ITT if you unironically believe that one LINK will eventually be $1,000: I believe.[View]
15587369Repeat after me: Chainlink is a scam.[View]
15586632Soon (Chainlink): We are getting close. Very close. The only question that remains is... Do you have…[View]
15587734In the meanwhile: Why don't we get some /biz/ tagpro going? Linkies vs. Nolinkers XRPfags vs. N…[View]
15587712Sales advice: Sup Biz. I'm in the planing stages of starting an office cleaning business. I pu…[View]
15587424CHILIZ (CHZ): Anon why are you not in CHZ? It just got listed on Binance! CHILIZ (CHZ) - Alexandre D…[View]
15586309parents just 2xd my trading account bros. What coin should I go all into on Bittrex or KuCoin?[View]
15587621who here getting JUSTed in every aspect of their life right now?[View]
15587593>chainlink is a pump n dump scam[View]
15587588this is going to be epic[View]
15580492Wtf is going on? Am I the only one holding link now?[View]
15587558is it over for chainlink? i feel so hopeless[View]
15587273rekt: how much did you lose in this scam market by not selling on Jan 2018? do you frequently ask th…[View]
15586315INHALES DEEPLY[View]
15584541LINK unironically a scam: Don't say Satoshi didn't warn you about Chainlink being a scam. …[View]
15587562MITX bag: I am the lookout for juicy alts that have stabilised a bit and can hold their floor, recen…[View]
15587396What's the point of crypto anymore?[View]
15587508WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!?!?![View]
15587366What would it cost to build something like this? Europoor land edition: Lets say one already has the…[View]
15587509Chainlink isn't dump and pump news that the scam has been talking about.[View]
15587477Would you let these men gang bang you for 100 ether? They would repeatedly ejaculate inside your anu…[View]
15587482always remember to miss the swing when u hit: f(x) = stk(org)*0.8[View]
15587247how come none of you bot talk about Libra. a currency will real profit and future[View]
15586574I am tired /biz/ I don't think people will ever understand economics no matter how much I tell …[View]
15586614ok, time for some based Norm MacDonald: ok, time for some based Norm MacDonald. https://www.youtube…[View]
15587437Isn't Chainlink that pump and dump scam the news was talking about?[View]
15584639this absolute chad is working like a madman. thank you Steve.[View]
15580407/smg/ - Stock Market General: Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire - Y…[View]
15587380i dare one of you to try explaining this. crypto is 100% manipulated by exchanges and there is nothi…[View]
15586934I recently had a 40 year old woman reach out to me asking if I wanted to be her sugar baby. She said…[View]
15587395>tfw spent months coming here telling people LINK was dead >tfw everytime they'd say that…[View]
15587367Would you invest in her?[View]
15587301Would you let this man ejaculate in your mouth for 1 link?[View]
15586983What the fuck is this!?: get it off ASAP you motherfuckers do you have any idea how damaging this is…[View]
15587085What was life like before fiat currency? On the side why is cryptocurrency convertible to paper mone…[View]
15585582Will this moon next week due to sponsoring the 2019 Rugby World Cup?[View]
15587220back above $10.3k and climbing wildly[View]
15587291I sold. Bought at 1.25 rode it up to 4 and back down. Not willing to die on this hill with you, sti…[View]
15587207Would you let this man ejaculate on your face and fuck you in the ass without a condom or lube for 5…[View]
15586932If you buy link here you sellin' at $6?: fibonacci bros know what's up[View]
15586802How did he know??? Wtf is guy actually legit? You told me he was a pajeet shill /biz/ https://youtu.…[View]
15586436Is this a good business idea or am I a retard?: Make plushies of every altcoin and let people collec…[View]
15585410You get caught: >anon, your break is supposed to be 10 minutes, not an hour what do? I've b…[View]
15587190what the fuck was that?[View]
1558586773K LINK BUY WALL: Fundamentally[View]
15587069Credit card vs Debit card Which should I use? I currently only own a debit card but I'm conside…[View]
15587176>Price drops doesn't sadden me. >price increases make me smug You wont be able to get the…[View]
15587107what if whales are trading against asuka?[View]
15587150Would you let this man ejaculate inside your ass for 10 link?[View]
15586680Eddy Money is dead. Press F for the singer song writer of /biz/[View]
15586334When did you realize that those newly opened positions were literally nothing but a marketing ploy t…[View]
15585550Planning on going all in SKY soon /biz/, is this financially sound?, how much lower can it go desu, …[View]
15587022'Lil Nas X? More like a fucking bad mess'[View]
15587121Reddit is laughing at us again https://www.reddit.com/r/Buttcoin/comments/d3vcx4/biz_is_starting_to…[View]
15587105why yes, i'm all in on chainlnk: how did you know?[View]
15587070my finances are fundamentally ruined: thank you sirgay[View]
15587060my mom just told me that he heard in the news that chainlink was a pump and dump scam i felt dumb an…[View]
15586197My hands are getting weak: I don't know how much longer I can it. Marines. Go on without me ano…[View]
15586282Alright /biz/, lets talk hidden gems[View]
15585835/biz/ Approved Movies. Name some movies as good as Big Short.[View]
15586762/biz/ I am a 18 year old neet and I need to develop skills to earn money and leave my parents baseme…[View]
15586267CHZ Insider: OkEx + Huobi listing soon.. followed by Upbit + Bittrex a few weeks later. https://twi…[View]
15586625Satoshi on server farms: 'Another way they can become more practical is if I implement client-only m…[View]
15586926FUNDAMENTALLY MOONING: https://youtu.be/QFCiOsl_l1M THREAD THEME[View]
15586885Itt post making it whips. Sup biz. It's been awhile since I've been here. But guys I…[View]
15586366Ebay general: Can we get a thread on eBay items we're following? I assume most of these will be…[View]
15586839Sell your link. It's over. Sorry but I'm going to play doubles advocate for a moment. If y…[View]
15586439kikes, you trying so fuckin hard, imagine to miss the bottom at this point[View]
15586804The immediate feeling of a situation is the biggest liar.[View]
15586815I invested more than I was comfortable losing[View]
15586511The first crypto to.be used as payment st the Champion's League: Next week UTK Utrust will make…[View]
15585925dump is over. thanks for the paid FUD article.[View]
15586474ITT:: We try to predict the real future of Chainlink. 2022: News outlets report ex con scam artist …[View]
15586803I could ski on this down slope Where my little marines at? Hopefully they all kys Fucking faggots[View]
15586289>They shall be my finest hodlers these wagies that give themselves to me. >Like clay I shall m…[View]
15585911Sold RSR for LINK: Did I do good?this has the be the bottom right guys? 9.8k linklet reporting for d…[View]
15585657On a scale of 1 to Free Willie, how sad are you link marines?[View]
15586470BOTFAGS / NEETS ON SUICIDE WATCH:: >braunbatch details finally leaked: https://pastebin.com/enSC8…[View]
15585806Why does ethbtc keep dropping?[View]
15586763How many link for an girl like this?[View]
15585400How do I get a girl like this?: Unironically.[View]
15585640chain link scam exposed: If you wonder how I got the first picture from above all you have to do is …[View]
15586339So I'm climbing out a deep porn hole and what the fuck did I miss with link? Holy shit balls bo…[View]
15586659You fuckinng FAGGOTS said buy the dip when it was 2.50 and it keeps dipping When do I get my money b…[View]
15582476Insider here We are unironically going to dip back to 0.60-0.70$ levels. There has happenned somethi…[View]
15582513>been shorting Chainlink 3x leverage from $4.30 target: $0[View]
15586706>mum found the mixicle jar[View]
15586702Bengaluru Goldman official who swindled Rs 38 crore to pay off poker debt arrested https://www.busin…[View]
15586664The gig is up cryptocucks. There is no get-rich-quick scheme. There is no cheating the system. There…[View]
15586536tick tock[View]
15585638Mead Brewing Business: I tried mead for the first time last week and I'm convinced that it…[View]
15586629Tfw: You realize eth is fudded for 2 reasons >salty btc holders coping >poorfags who can’t aff…[View]
15585143Isn't Chainlink that pump and dump scam the news has been talking about?[View]
15586052Aergo is bullish AF.: Just broke out, and fell back perfectly without hyper-dumping. All whales boug…[View]
15586483There there linkfrens, everything is going according to plan: https://github.com/smartcontractkit/dw…[View]
15586142Remember when LINK was $1.44 for a couple minutes? That was pretty funny.[View]
15582425i am financially ruined: fuck you /biz/ fuck you sirgay fuck you vitalik i have nothing now you…[View]
15586561Uhhh g-guys: This wasn’t supposed to happen. You told me is wasn’t just a meme!!!! WHAT INTGE LITERA…[View]
15585087SELL YOUR LINK NOW[View]
15586555Why haven't exchanges been going out of business?[View]
15586104I'm so happy: Thought I missed the train when this hit $4. I was fucking depressed! But looks l…[View]
15586311Just googled Chainlink, there’s tons of news articles saying it’s a pump and dump scam[View]
15586478WE ARE OKAY WE ARE STRONG: G-guys..! Don't worry....I bet Sergey will announce some really good…[View]
15586347>MOAB Token >MIXICLES >philosophy degree >2 man dev team the signs were there the whole…[View]
15586355Why is this pumping?: Someone care to explain why Dash is pumping like this all of a sudden?[View]
15586391CHILIZ (CHZ): Anon why are you not in CHZ? It just got listed on Binance! CHILIZ (CHZ) - Alexandre D…[View]
15586475Flexa:fxc: >Why is nobody talking about @FlexaHQ ? They have like the most insane advisory folks…[View]
15586409HELP MEEEEEEEE[View]
15586238How?: How do I get rid of this message /biz/? It shows up all the fucking time and its pissing me of…[View]
15586001What's this pattern called? > prep the pump. Trips and I'll reveal the name in time for…[View]
15582146Feel Physically Sick right now: WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK can someone please explain what the fuck is goi…[View]
15586279I always thought the amount of posts about link on biz was just some running joke that got old a lon…[View]
15586183Why don't China and Japan just dump their US bonds? The US is about to fall, anyway...[View]
15584895you just win[View]
15585890Hang in there![View]
15586250Sell: Sell[View]
15585750Fuck vitalik. This fucking gook scammer needs to be flayed alive. he looks like a fucking monkey to…[View]
15586133>not buying the dip[View]
15586119Pic related is the absolute state of /biz/.: This board has gone to shit. BTC is crabbing while alts…[View]
15586165Sorry linkies, number go down. It's over.[View]
15585809Fuck it, I've held 120k LINK from ICO days but I'm joining in on the pump and dump scam FU…[View]
15581946are you ready?: https://etherscan.io/address/17125b59ac51cee029e4bd78d7f5947d1ea49bb2[View]
15585632Chainlink(LINK) cryptocurrency token is showing signs of a pump and dump scheme.[View]
15586061Why does pic related make /biz/ seethe so much, and why is it always the linkers?[View]
15585130Australian Debt Crisis: can u feel it anon? macquarie, commonwealth and westpac are fucked with expo…[View]
15583314Well congrats fudders: You got me. I saw the volume on shitbase double in 20 minutes and panic sold.…[View]
15583951Hot chicks: whom does /biz want to fuck post only with picture[View]
15586112It's time to short the market, fellas.[View]
15585397kek linkies[View]
15584771>Did an amazing phone interview. >Asked me to take a personality test >Failed the fucking p…[View]
15585702> this is where biz finally sells link. > you literally cant make this shit up…[View]
15584130One dollar fifty six cents: Don't forget to live stream if you plan to an hero.[View]
15586092Can alts even be 'traded' anymore? It appears to me all they do is go sideways/down.[View]
15586032>chainlink is a scam! This one website I’ve never heard of written by an internet expert said so!…[View]
15585664just sold all my chainlink: FUCK YOU SERGEY I JUST SOLD 32K LINK I FINALLY CAPITULATED IT'S ALL…[View]
15585771Linkies? You there guys? Pleass respond?[View]
15585052Should I sell?[View]
15585958Chainlink invest:asia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yV9SSJLu0Rw&t WHY IS THERE NO AUDIO??????…[View]
15584795your 'hero' dumped all over you linkies. how does it feel?[View]
15582243so link really was a scam wasn't it: fuck you /biz/[View]
15585900sorry, no link for you[View]
15585946What the fuck its fundamentaly over https://www.google.com/amp/s/cointelegraph.com/news/researchers-…[View]
15584705I've looked at charts for almost 4 years now and am still unprofitable trading.[View]
15585666Pic related is how to find Satoshi Nakamoto.[View]
15584748So, why do you want this job?[View]
15584510I see that many of you are worried.: Do not worry and relax for a while. Clear your mind and do not …[View]
15585616September is going to be massive they said: >$10 in September brutally JUST'D Atleast we now…[View]
15585542Stinky Linky sat on a wall, Stinky Linky had a great fall. All the king's horses and all the ki…[View]
15584268AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA: Bunch of 4channers tried to force it as /ourcoin/. Basically, the ceo of Cha…[View]
15585561>massive coordinated fud blitzkrieg >top holders keep acquiring Hmm sounds like the perfect ti…[View]
15585012What a great opportunity to fill my SKY bag, never thought i would get the chance to buy this piece …[View]
15585114比特币银币: 确认大比特币亚洲矿井池比特币今年二千二百二十二个月[View]
15584749How much would you pay for these?[View]
15584976Is that anon who had $150,000 worth of LINK in July still around? Please tell me you cashed some out…[View]
15584740BTC: do with this what you will >pic related[View]
15585498LINK: There is absolutely no reason why Chainlink needs to be a currency. It's literally just a…[View]
15584456CLEAN IT UP WAGIE[View]
15583286What does it mean?: https://etherscan.io/token/0x514910771af9ca656af840dff83e8264ecf986ca?a=0xc1da8f…[View]
15585554I CAN'T BREATHE[View]
15585326What’s in his portfolio?[View]
15585772You know that bakkt will fuck up BTC , right?[View]
15585673LINK PnD evidence: Looks like 1000+ suicides is back on the menu boys https://cointelegraph.com/news…[View]
15585600Is Craig Wright suing the ChainLink team for patent violation?: OHHH LINNNKKIIIEEESSSSSS[View]
15585258What's the point in this mass fud about gaylink?: Ok, linkies are hated, but this is gross. Do …[View]
15584112What did I tell you?: >In b4 b-but he shilled LINK You retards, the ones that didn't sell at…[View]
15585732>buy the dip[View]
15585718Now is the best time to buy LINK[View]
15584856Check the pivotal: Unironically. What is e2e test? They're working on adding collateral to ag…[View]
15584728Day 13: What now, faggot? Still going to make this thread literally every day till your piece of shi…[View]
15585595I'm holding my LINK I don't care what you do about it. Going to cry? Make another thread? …[View]
15584657It appears my time has come. I bought in @ 3.21, held thru 4.19. And now I’m going to sell at the lo…[View]
15585215LSD brah here: Quant is a scam and is not the next XRP.[View]
15585280>when I make it, my real life will begin[View]
15585634NOT A FUD THREAD JUST HAVE SOME QUESTIONS: 1. What’s up with the whole blockchain agnostic thing? Is…[View]
15585571How do you make alot of money without working very hard[View]
15582037SONM exit scam[View]
15579211Chainlink is going to explode screenshot this[View]
15584941linkies, i have a present for you![View]
15585455Even whores endorse LINK. Why haven't you bought?[View]
15582779/nlg/- nolinker general: get in there lads[View]
15585580https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNXTEMnpmb8 Its all a sham /biz/ why noone is talking about this…[View]
15585574Flexa:fxc: >Why is nobody talking about @FlexaHQ ? They have like the most insane advisory folks…[View]
15582911why is everyone so sure of 'Recession in 2020' tbf it's mostly on other boards like /pol/ but i…[View]
15585565Don't you see frens?: If i didn't fall for the meme and it mooned with out me, then it…[View]
15581836Just buy BSV and stop being salty. Mmmkay?[View]
15585532Sold all my link. Bought Nano. AMA.[View]
15585332Ok, you got me biz. went all in. Is 10K link enough to make it?[View]
15585419Is anyone still holding this?: I heard some Sheikh was going to pump billions into it. What happened…[View]
15585442Burgers were kicked off of Binance yesterday and it's like nothing even happened. I thought Coi…[View]
15585393Seen it!: I've seen it on the news, Chainlink is that one pump and dump scam the news has been …[View]
15585445Is there really any money in starting an online business? Like one where you sell stuff? eBay cucks …[View]
15585360I remember when this board first opened it was filled with people earnestly trying ACTUAL methods fo…[View]
15585065>when I make it, my real life will begin[View]
15585077Next 100x[View]
15585341seriously WTF?: do you hate $$$ that kcs is where its at >>only eligible token to purchase is …[View]
15584706Why do the Elite send their kids to pic rel insteaf of Yale/Harvard?[View]
15585320SIBOS dump is coming and I still have 123k to sell!!![View]
15584784LINK BUNKER: Only true soldiers allowed. Report in SQUAD. How you're hanging out tonight? I am …[View]
15585297You guys think it's a good time to move stocks/bonds into T-Bills? Or is stock market gonna pum…[View]
15585216fuck off pajeets and discord trannies I'm not buying your shitcoin bags[View]
15584854LINK coinfessions: >When did you buy into LINK? >Did you sell? >What are your bottom predic…[View]
15583843you guys think 20c is realistic price after staking test net and coinbaze pump in/before december? I…[View]
15585161Where I can pay so someone spam a message in this board 10 post the day?: Like, really where can I p…[View]
15585165im beginning to really get worried about this market right about now. . . .[View]
15585119CHILIZ (CHZ): Anon why are you not in CHZ? It just got listed on Binance! CHILIZ (CHZ) - Alexandre D…[View]
15585107Hold the Link: If Chainlink is truly dying then why are the top holders buying?[View]
15585064STOP: The whales accumulate while you fall for FUD. Also, Hopium thread.[View]
15584274If you're sitting on the sideline waiting for $8000 bitcoin...: Get ready to pay double.[View]
15584934What are the best pumps in the next 6 months?[View]
15584127Dat gilf fetish lads. I love alcoholic gilfs HNNNNNNGGGGGGG i fucked one today. Feelsgoodmane[View]
15584561I don't get it, Chainlink was supposed to be THE ONE. All it took was some shitty FUD articles …[View]
15585105Has anyone made money hacking social media accounts? Is it easy? Is it my key out of wagecucking?[View]
15585058>Hey son how is that link thing you always talk about doing? You haven’t said much for quite some…[View]
15583588Are good investors born?: Its friday now. One hand is under my pants playing around with the balls. …[View]
15585083Why do you people hold link? I sold that shit at tree fiddy. If the trend changes you can always buy…[View]
15584185>DUDE JUST SLEEP FOR 8 HOURS A DAY Working alone is bad enough... but fucking having to sleep 1/3…[View]
15584393Which coins will survive the 2019-2020 crab market and blossom in 2021's bullrun?[View]
15585066Did you invest after the BTC crash? If so how long are you going to hold on to it? Is it a good time…[View]
15584426margin trade: going to start this soon. Give me some potential earnings scenarios. Like how much ha…[View]
15581828Potential gem?: So I just came across this UOS token on Twitter and checked it on CMC, the marketcap…[View]
15582288Anyone else here that is using the Howdoo app beside me? I think the as the app gets more popular th…[View]
15584064This new archetype is the only hope for preserving our way of life. Take a stand, anons. Become some…[View]
15584659It's not too late to make up for your Chainlink losses.[View]
15584990Why no KNC/Kyber on biz?: Just curious why there's never any mention of KNC on biz. I mean it…[View]
15584913why are there so many newfags crying over price of stinky? You're supposed to buy back now.[View]
15584932With so many discord fags here the last few days, can we talk about lenocineum.com?[View]
15583866Close your eyes, try to clear any thoughts you are having Take long, slow, deep breathes and put all…[View]
15583905Kek, in these trouble times I resort to your love. Please give me a sign.[View]
15584867Hey, guys. You remember Chainlink?...Anyone? *sips* Yeah, 2019. Those were the good old days.[View]
15583358Crypto Market Making: It seems so easy, but it can't be otherwise everyone would be making mone…[View]
15584876Y-you did buy at $1.50, right anon?: >didn't buy at $.20, watched it go to $1 >didn'…[View]
15583297Did you catch that wick?: https://twitter.com/newwhaleorder/status/1172618046311215104[View]
15584679BTC cant scale lets spend on marketing[View]
15583716Apologize.: Cincifaggus was right[View]
15583458You have less then 3 hours screen cap this![View]
15584401>muh 1000 EOY[View]
15584279>taking shit in university unisex bathroom >couple comes into the next stall >her feet are …[View]
15584759>unironically suicidal on the verge of vomiting watching LINK skyrocket above 4 dollars, literall…[View]
15584772Loving Life: >STINKlets getting BTFO >Shiny Metalfags getting REKT >My Boomer stocks going …[View]
15583892Checkout my newest hardstyle mix featuring hard trap, hard psy and dub, its fokin hard bois! etc htt…[View]
15581985STINKER LINKERS GETTING DUMPED ON BY VITALIK OH NO NO NO NO https://etherscan.io/txs?a=0x17125b59ac5…[View]
15582185>pulls down pants >sits fat ass on toilet >opens up binance >BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP >'Oh …[View]
15584215You know what really sucks about fudding link is that you (be nolinkers, linkers, nulinkers, faggots…[View]
15583145September 13, 2019: Link Black Friday. A day to remember.[View]
15584054Chain Link at 1.56: I AM FINANCIALLY RUINED YOU TOLD ME 2.28 WAS A GOOD BUY IN!!!!!! WHY ISN’T SERGA…[View]
15584614/ourguy/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1jUJ-2MsdA[View]
15584606Doubling 100k min[View]
15584649Ok, let's suppose you made it: You don't need to wagecuck anymore. You're still a dep…[View]
15584395Last chance for Stinkies to board the XDB train: DigitalBits is going to fucking moon soon. CMO of W…[View]
15584661Did I sell the absolute bottom? You know what I talk about![View]
15583559If my ID is green, red, or purple, chainlink is a scam[View]
15583906>meanwhile, on 1920s biz[View]
15584605WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!?![View]
15584231>you just win[View]
15584008Please shill me a low cap token, that generates dividends[View]
15584162Up $20,000 playing online poker in my boxers this month: AMA[View]
15584607ETH citadels finna be lit: $10k EOY 2020?[View]
15583810Funds are safu.[View]
15584546LINK ist tot[View]
15583753Newfag here: Hey lads how are you doing? I just bought chainlink because i've seen there's…[View]
15584571Did you pack your bags biz?: Go get yourself a suicide stack while it’s still cheap[View]
15584569>they're so obsessed with the financial standing of /biz/ anons It's so comfy boys…[View]
15582796Sold my 78,000 link after buying very high during the January 2018 alt bubble and holding all this t…[View]
15584372test: do not reply[View]
15583778What went wrong?[View]
15583430It's over We're not fucking making it[View]
15584497reminder that we would have reached $10 if it wasn't for this fat fuck dumping 12,6 MILLION LIN…[View]
15584544the next 100x coin: Don't say I didn't share this when it starts to moon. Look at Hubii (H…[View]
15584176I can barely get any sleep. I needed LINK to hit $9 by the end of September to see my family again, …[View]
15584069Portfolio thread. Share and rate.[View]
15584408>bought link for 1 btc over a year ago >never thought it'd actually ever do anything of v…[View]
15584371Flexa:fxc: >Why is nobody talking about @FlexaHQ ? They have like the most insane advisory folk…[View]
15584502Coin info: Just starting on crypto here, How do you guys get your info to invest in altcoins? I read…[View]
15584044You guys told me it was going to $1000.[View]
15584466LINK the new SHND? Should I start buying now or do you think it'll go up?[View]
15584424Remember when LINK was knocking on DASH's door?: LINK had surpassed NEO, Tezos, IOTA, and eth c…[View]
15584447Bitgreen Update #4: https://youtu.be/gF7JON0D94k This week, Team Member Jason Stone discuss the $BIT…[View]
15584377Thanks for the laugh guys[View]
15582811I have a question for those of you who browse this place at work? What is your job? Christ, I am a f…[View]
15584434next leg up incoming coinbase listing on the 16th[View]
15584428>You WILL always be a freight broker[View]
15582792please tell me its not really going down to a dollar I PAID OVER $4 FOR MY LINKS ON COINBASE we CANN…[View]
15583651Investing in chainlink in 2019 is like investing in ISPs in 1989 Sure you gonna make some money but…[View]
15584159Wagies on the Weekend, Japanese waifu in Silicon Valley edition: Your life savings may have been irr…[View]
15581090SHORT: Vape companies[View]
15584216LINK - $20 MATHEMATICAL MAX: Friendly reminder that Link can only hit $20 max when we consider reali…[View]
15584253New discord. need links. Pls gib random crypto discord invites[View]
15584254what coins exploded?: what coins exploded the most this year? Vid supposedly did 160x?? I dont see t…[View]
15584030LINK- Not even one sold: Cool shakeout, now back to business. FYI - Coinbase PRO volume on LINK was …[View]
15578301Why is everyone on here being such a faggot? I love link. Its been literally the best investment I…[View]
15584138which bsv broker supports oco? bitfinex is a scam[View]
15583696> men of poor faith[View]
15584156BitMax stop its mining and primary listing of UAT launched alpha pro: Hi mate, BitMax has stopped it…[View]
15583488Chainlink: We do sincerely appreciate our community’s continued support and understanding as we expa…[View]
15583570This massively organized FUD is sickening. Never expected so many trannies and jannies flooding /biz…[View]
15582765The best of chainlink: Post your favorite screenshots[View]
15584110Close your 3x shorts Only warning[View]
15583388Press S to spit on grave[View]
15584094CHILIZ (CHZ): Anon why are you not in CHZ? It just got listed on Binance! CHILIZ (CHZ) - Alexandre D…[View]
15584006>DR;NS What did Linkies mean by this?[View]
15584046Oh HELLO there, did you not get the memo anon? Anyone browsing this board today is getting completel…[View]
15583602Linkies, get to work.[View]
15583538Small Business Tyrants: Why do people say that small businesses are 'based'? They're literally …[View]
1558401141k link + 1LP share is it enough to make it?: So far there are only 460 individuals on planet earth…[View]
15584049Close your eyes, try to clear any thoughts you are having Take long, slow, deep breathes and put all…[View]
15583937Link Whale Here: Sell you stupid pieces of shit. God damn you fucking vechain and nanofaggot plebbit…[View]
15583981>create internet 'startup' >create huge marketing buzz >convince everyone your technology i…[View]
15583662Daily reminder: Fud = buy signal Shill = sell signal No one is generous to show you ways to make mon…[View]
15583116>last day in the wagecage today >chainlink dumps thanks for fucking up a great day sergey…[View]
1558366618 september guys. If you don't know.... God why are you in crypto. 1 Hint us pic related[View]
15583719/biz/ caught in the crossfire between stinkies & smug link shitters: Link was a mistake.[View]
15583986you continually made fun of sergeys weight and his addiction to bigmacs throughout the years and he …[View]
15581680OGs are starting to sell kek: OOOOH LIIINKIIIEEES![View]
15583546I just found out what chainlink actually means, holy fuck how did I not see this flat out scam a mil…[View]
15583115How could I have made money from the drop in valuation of WeWork ?[View]
15579378it's over isn't it: >craigs lying again >kevin pham attacking twetch >price dumpi…[View]
15583909What does it feel like? I need to know. I want to know what it feels like to market sell 700k LINK..…[View]
15583638now that link is dead, whats our next PnD shitcoin?[View]
15583702Lads we can make it I'm a 24 yo kissless virgin I have accumulated 2 BTC still buying each mont…[View]
1558304210 days. Tik tok[View]
15583854Link: Link going below 1$[View]
15580988RSR General - At least it isn't Chainlink edition[View]
15583851Its 2019 - the year of the shitcoin purge[View]
15582946Vesti la giubba[View]
15583212Pink Wojaks through the roof? Link is getting flushed but Pi gaining momentum: It seems the 700k dum…[View]
15583654thats a bit more than 700k kek[View]
15583082Anyone else find amusing these real estate guys on youtube who got lucky to buy at the bottom in 201…[View]
15583678As soon as i sell chainlink the price will sky rocket.[View]
15581101MOON - BOG: https://youtu.be/0uNjq5rfjm8[View]
15583099Newfag on metals, i got a question. Can i trade digitally or am i always going to be liable to be ro…[View]
15583340Any accountants here? I have a question Say my brother has shit credit and co-signs on my loan I buy…[View]
15583639Are you guys trading on bittrex again?[View]
15581008How to profit off Americans being fat?[View]
15583173I've literally never been comfier.: Who else here is comfy right now? I don't give a fuck …[View]
15583642MITX and FTM: I heard that asian projects are the new trend, they don't need 'muh regulations, …[View]
15583385>7777777 what did they mean by this? https://etherscan.io/token/0x514910771af9ca656af840dff83e826…[View]
15581014OK now that L*nk is dead, can we make this /ourcoin/ now?[View]
15583125did you guys actually didnt sold at coinbase listing???? Not a single coin reached ath after coinbas…[View]
15583404Make me feel better /biz/[View]
15583463C H A I N L I N K[View]
15582984calculated sell off.: buy link.[View]
15583607GENTS. Blue moon spotted tonight.: What's biz's favorite color?[View]
15583218GOLD $1488[View]
15571401Unethical ways to make money: What are some unethical/morally questionable ways of making money? Eit…[View]
15583482uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh: https://www.tradingview.com/x/diFX6mA8/ what do u call this pattern?[View]
15583313> it's just money frens, it can be regained. Life can't. Do not make anything stupid…[View]
15583274i'm so sorry, i can't take this anymore[View]
15583354>TFW everyone wants you to fail and you're in constant competition with everyone else >TF…[View]
15583136How am I supposed to COOM TO THIS; SERGAY===!==!=´?????[View]
15583268now that you see these abstract shit project like $link failing, Invest something that actually has …[View]
15583391This is a whole new level of cuck[View]
15583377Still holding on linkie? You look like your getting a little sleepy, you've been refreshing the…[View]
15581808Forbidden forest plus on kucoin: Is the forbidden forest plus inflation rate or circulating supply p…[View]
15583487Flash Sale!!!!!!!!!!: Buy them Linkies up. I feel like i'm stealing at these prices.[View]
15580641Well... we did try to warn you /biz/[View]
15582637Dump your LINK and buy XRP: LINK is going to $0.70 cents and will not exceed ATH until Q4 2020. XRP …[View]
15582482chainstink: what's more fun to watch, your coin pumping or chainstink dumping?[View]
15581850This zone should hold and you are stupid if you are not buying here. If it doesn't then it…[View]
15583445Why are there trannies turning into jannies? Is this why Link is plummeting?[View]
15582557Press S to spit: S[View]
15581450Quant x Sibos: The biggest fintech conference Swift's Sibos is happening soon in London. There …[View]
15583398The Durgapill: Here's the quick rundown: >-James Gosling bows to Mr Nagoor Babu Sir >-in …[View]
15582234Remember how smug they were at the ATH? We wouldn't be laughing so hard at you guys if you didn…[View]
15583226Just converted all my xrp into chainlink How did I do[View]
15583356Gweilo, nothen personel.[View]
15582857Considering the fact it's easier for something to lose value than gain value isn't it smar…[View]
15583257MITX lieutenant here: Where my MITX marines at, let's stay in ranks anons, you know the drill, …[View]
15583074Is coffee good for you?[View]
15581293BMG Pool: What happened to Craigs BMG pool? It hasn't been mining in a month. What is Craig usi…[View]
15583220>he didn’t invest in extremely rare yugioh cards[View]
15582419You can't make this up: Link graph is LITERALLY looking like BTC chart from 2017[View]
15583250>Friday, September 13th, 2019 >The Full Corn Moon…[View]
15582588My friend became a wagie: Saw a friend of mine today... we were both studying to get a degree in tea…[View]
15582199Who else got a comfy weekend ahead of em? I only browse this shit board when I'm at work. Gonna…[View]
15582791What Cryptocoin ceo is risking more: At current market prices, who has the greatest risk to be stabb…[View]
15582314This shit is unironically and literally going to the moon. IMAGINE NOT BEING ALL IN BEFORE V4[View]
15582387So link fudders are allowed to run rampant and shit allover the board uncontested but me staying con…[View]
15583062'Why is link dropping so hard?' Heres the answer: >can someone please explain what the fuck is go…[View]
15583135>link OH NO NO NO HAHAHAHAHAHAHA[View]
15583107CHILIZ (CHZ): Anon why are you not in CHZ? It just got listed on Binance! CHILIZ (CHZ) - Alexandre D…[View]
15583037>gf dont wanna lick my mixicles >wat do?[View]
15583111AH WA-A-A-A[View]
15582609I never touched this crap so far, but I'm buying right now This coordinated dump/FUD is really …[View]
15583094>up 3% in the last hour Thanks for selling me your link bags cheap faggot cucks. My new life in A…[View]
15583059What should I say to my former Boss when I re-apply for a Job?[View]
15583085Link: I will stay accumulating with this guy[View]
15583008practically stealing: tfw i scooped up a ton of LINK today at $1.53[View]
15583076Chainlink, The Comedy™: I see a lot of red wojacks. I see a lot of pinnk wojacks. I see a seething g…[View]
15583075I remember when this board first opened it was filled with people earnestly trying ACTUAL methods fo…[View]
15582388Look at idex chart on daily frame Couldnt be more bullish[View]
15582914Coingecko says link is dead on social platforms, it's funny how much 4chan warps your opinion[View]
15582997>I'm bout ta end a million peoples' whole career.[View]
15581377I LOST SO MUCH ON THIS SHITCOIN!: help[View]
155829072 weeks ago i switched to wiping my ass with wet wipes after a lifetime of dry paper which just spre…[View]
15582514ITS OUR CONFIRMED FREN WHALE DUMPING !: Our oldfag marine fren is dumping ! Here is his old threads …[View]
15583005buy eth now: pic related about to go on massive run.[View]
15583000why do i keep losing money?[View]
15581075Portfolio thread.[View]
15582988https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWmRrfCrMPI Wishing on a dream that seems far off Hoping it will com…[View]
15582674Look what happen /biz/ because of what you did Bitcoin reach $1 million and our society went into ch…[View]
15582948>Yeah, I’m a LINK holder, how’d you know haha[View]
15582898When will Harmoney be 200 sats so I can sell at a 2x and just sit on btc until I die[View]
15582224need advice: I dont care about losing money in something I willingly put my money into because im no…[View]
15582484Who actually fell for the SENT scam?: CONFESS ANON, AND CLEANSE YOURSELF OF YOUR SINS[View]
15581982Is he /our guy/?[View]
15582823I mean, you did take profits at the top right marines? Come on now[View]
15582782$2 waiting room: Y'all fall for FUD[View]
15582705Not selling[View]
15582743reddit always wins baby[View]
15582002Is Chainlink the new Omisego?: Who else here getting just'd by the oracle burger king?[View]
15582727ANOTHER 700k? What the FUCK!!!!!?[View]
15582735I just sold all my LINK[View]
15582711Ambiguous September: What will happen why Vitalik talk within sirgay[View]
15582610Who else here /ascended/?: I'm holding 30k link and I was calm as water at $4 and I'm cool…[View]
15581491>investing in a coin run by a literal demon[View]
15582625I'm searching for indians, i need to shill a coin here: Biz is so retarded that they won't…[View]
15582626I cannot access my ethernureums... cannot -t--t breathe[View]
15575628The lack of brakes on this thing is just unbelievable.: If aggregation, Mixicles, new mainnet nodes,…[View]
15581764This could've been $4MM if I sold 3 months ago instead of 3 minutes ago. This is a particularly…[View]
15582337How much can I sell my used hardwear wallets for?: I no longer need them as I sold my BTC since it’s…[View]
15582606just bombed an interview: Feel like I just bombed an interview biz, there goes my chances to make mo…[View]
15582292losing faith bros...[View]
15582585Dont worry frens: They will never grab a single one of my links. EVER. They want it bad frens...…[View]
15582537Are Jew hats a good investment?: What kind of financial advantages should I expect by wearing this h…[View]
15581551OHHHH NICOOOS VINEGAR FEET Where are you stinkies?[View]
15580836GEMs only.: XDB, UOS, MITX If you don't atleast hold a small bag of atleast 1 of these, then yo…[View]
15582228Will BTC go below 10k or above 10.5k? Place your bets; Winners get money, losers lose money.[View]
15582116the market is like a whore, it's out to fuck as many people as it can[View]
15581548oops: https://twitter.com/whale_alert/status/1172586601035259904[View]
15582430Bulls going to get JUST this weekend[View]
15582327guys what do i say to my wife. i took out a second mortgage to get into link at 4.49 and now it…[View]
15582469I can't do this anymore...just sold 26k link.[View]
15582389TICK TOCK WAGIES!: Your little crypto scheme didn't last very long did it? Looks like you'…[View]
15582439Getting Request Network Vibes: I'm ruined, financially and spiritually.[View]
15582428I'm so fucking tired of my job... this is literally beneath me[View]
15580795the absolute state of coping BSVfags: >muh price dont matter >muh its all about the tech >m…[View]
155823382nd round of USA tax cuts in mid 2020: Totally not a recession measure and a bribe for voters, no, n…[View]
15582107Will you buy a boat when you make it?[View]
15582402Do bull markets always look like this?[View]
15581571>My few friends are ignoring my texts for days AGAIN How much money do you need to not have peopl…[View]
15581911>'Why are you still hodling, anon?'[View]
15582315Would you still buy LINK if it goes under a dollar?[View]
15582272My Condolences: F.[View]
15581797what's the point of crypto anymore?[View]
15582131How do I come out to my parents and tell them I'm looking for a job? It's so embarrassing …[View]
15582306>be me >26 year old NEET >only been eating macaronis w/ sausage/swe. meatballs for several …[View]
15581832How will you feel /biz/ when Skywire gets released SKY pumps back to ath and you dont have a suicide…[View]
15581846linklet that couldn’t make it to web3. Sergs alpha scent is literally still everywhere on the event …[View]
15579932Imagine believing Blockstream lies[View]
15582160Is buying a house worth it?: Or is it better to rent?[View]
15581151One month no-coom challenge to bring the bull back. Sept 13-Oct 13. Who's with me, Ranjeets?[View]
15582010tick tock...[View]
15581769Where are your buy orders set?[View]
15581767ITT we laugh at linkies[View]
15582016everything I own is in link[View]
15582096that one hurt a lot[View]
15581790i'm going to sleep and when i wake up chainlink will be at $3[View]
15582090MITX new trend, don't try to understand it, ride the trend: When did kids start to cry this muc…[View]
15582056Linkies are coming around slowly.: Can't you see it?[View]
15576978alt coins: short term and long term long term, I feel chainlink is one of the better ones.Short ter…[View]
15581780Business: I was given a business plan by an annoying talkative old guy at a bus stop yesterday. What…[View]
15582009CHILIZ (CHZ): Anon why are you not in CHZ? It just got listed on Binance! CHILIZ (CHZ) - Alexandre D…[View]
15581977Every single insider was wrong Sergey was actually selling 700k on the open market There are no hidd…[View]
15582014>he combs his hair >he thinks he's going to make it…[View]
15581543Read Ayn Rand.[View]
15581840LINK: what is this pattern called[View]
15580432SPARKLE THE NEXT X100: Sparkle is a redistributive currency. Sparkle is money that fights income ine…[View]
15581979>tfw can't stop fudding my own bags[View]
15581955Dumb money is selling Smart money is buying[View]
15581843I sold 4/5 of my stack few hours ago and now this: What the fuck is happening my niggers?[View]
15580598>$1.55 OOOOH LIIIINKIIIEEES![View]
15579359My mom is kicking me out of the house. Should I give her 306.7 LINK?: She wants 500$ a month in rent…[View]
15581827THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF CRYPTO JOURNALISM: So i guess you are all aware of the FUD news about how link…[View]
15581541Graduate Thread: Grad/intern thread? Where are you applying to this cycle? How did you do last cycle…[View]
15581895MITX 1$ EOY: Wish all this fags will get some brain already, can't you just hodl for 2 mins or …[View]
15581482Plenteum: Gpu, CPU and soon to be web minable! This baby's gonna fly soon. Can buy on Stex exch…[View]
15579492this shit is a scam: >cant withdraw bsv >deposit $1 @$100 bsv > still $1 if bsv $1000 i wan…[View]
15581809I feel nothing[View]
15581668>held XRB all the way from $2 to $36 to 90 cents >held LINK all the way from 20 cents to 4.50 …[View]
15581693Listen I genuinely care about about Anons financial well being. Its hard as shit to get ahead in lif…[View]
15580849Link Top 1000 Wallets: Out of top 1000 wallets only 3% had out going transfers in the past 120 days.…[View]
15581443HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA: my sides are crippled[View]
15581564memes aside, as someone who works in the space nobody wants/cares about chainlink here's the st…[View]
15581755OOOH LINKIIIIIIES: hows your little shitcoin doing linkers? what only $1.5? wasnt it at $4 not too l…[View]
15580636Wtf is this shit[View]
15581470outsider here. any insiders can tell me what's going on?[View]
15581544sold another 10000 LINK: Don't worry, I bought at 20 cents.[View]
15581334why does CZ do this to us?[View]
15581578you had 2 years to accumulated enough to make it @$5/link, no excuses. only retards actually believe…[View]
15581754Rip Linkies: This is the part where you fall down! https://twitter.com/exchangedog/status/1172589543…[View]
15581637IT'S FUCKING REAL[View]
15581746trust him trust him trust him: your money is gone anon. gone forever.[View]
15579685Not Ironic: Some well known names in crypto were warning about this since 2013. Most places around t…[View]
15580818Well it was a nice dream. Too bad nothing ever happens.[View]
15581112This is it marines, the final FUD assault. Hold the line.[View]
15581648>tfw sold at $4.50[View]
15581719We can all help prevent suicide. The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for peopl…[View]
15581658What alcohol type do you drink? I started out with beer, red and white wine, vodka, gin. Now i like …[View]
15581660Bros. Rate my idea to bust out of the middle class: A Siri-like life assistance app, solving what…[View]
15581706'Chainlink is now worth sub 1.50“ “Bullish' 'This is unironically good for Chainlink'[View]
15581306Why yes, I do hold a 30k link stack. How did you know?[View]
15581234>QQQ puts down 40% >gold in the shitter >LINK dumped >BTC dumped Who else here absolutel…[View]
15580387I bought 1,100 LINK for $5,000: I'm as cool as the cucumber I just freshly pulled out of the fr…[View]
15581166Third stage of grief: bargaining.[View]
155816230x17125b59ac51cEe029E4bD78D7f5947D1eA49BB2 Look at this wallet, it's a peanut gallery of /biz/ …[View]
15580067Penny stocks absolutely shit on crypto: Jfl @ trading crypto in 2019.. you’re like 2 years too late …[View]
15581189Hello people, I am a Chilean that some time ago I asked some questions here and now I come to ask yo…[View]
15580980It’s a double bottom!!! We’re all gonna make it, $19 EOW!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
15578962When did you first realize that Fantom is the only Alt coin that will make you rich?[View]
15581469Absolute state: >I’m not fucking selling[View]
15581558Remember this face[View]
15578535Can we get more positivity and uplifting shit on this board? Biz is all about making it, not sulking…[View]
15581432>Be stinky >Get told each and everytime Ch*inlink is a scam >LALALALALALA NOT SELLING >C…[View]
15581479What is the fuel for this dump?: BTC is stable, other alts are not really moving. no announcements? …[View]
15581321It's REQ all over again! I'm going to have to go back to farming gold in oldschool RuneSca…[View]
15580499i got 100 million of these. convince me not to marketdump after the twitter tranny just said rome wa…[View]
15579450Will CoinGeek Seoul be as epic as Toronto?[View]
15579679How will you anhero when it moons and you missed out?: anon posted this a few days ago >>15530…[View]
15581455https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wsiXIbyFGE&feature=youtu.be Cough[View]
15581220Grub bash rocks down[View]
15581139What went wrong?[View]
15581406It's okay to cry.: But that doesn't mean you'll get off the hook for trading a securi…[View]
15581241get a real job.[View]
15580386Chainlink is now being advertised to every user on Binance[View]
15580828Put on the space suits: >The rocket's about to launch.[View]
15581109>Liberty Reserve was a Costa Rica-based centralized digital currency service that billed itself a…[View]
15581337crypto is crashing, pms are crashing, stocks boom. how long can this continue, its not possible to s…[View]
15580609YOU. HAD. TWO. MONTHS.[View]
15579183Don't seem much discussion about $xrp here. It's a scam right?[View]
15580873What is he up to these days? Is he out of the pump and dump business?[View]
15580860You had months Anon, why did you let me down?[View]
15581316who here going to blockchain santa clara expo nov 13-14[View]
15581047I'm getting antshares vibes[View]
15581015Thanks panic sellers, the price drop is actually bullish, I just wish I had more fiat. I hope the pr…[View]
15580185Tell me the past 60 days have been a double bottom. Even if you don't believe it. Just lie to m…[View]
15581262>wearing pants[View]
15580288Paypal credit-cash: Hi I have £1000 in Paypal credit and want to turn it into cash.Is there any way …[View]
15581255ITT: We laugh at stinkers: *suppressing laughter* ... ... ... H-heh ... ... Heh heh ... Heh ... Ha h…[View]
15580622Let the panic selling commence[View]
15581239WTF WAS THAT?[View]
15579901post shitcoins /biz/ jewed you into buying: sold at a slight loss[View]
15580969>missed teenage love and sex >missed crypto…[View]
15580748My buy orders are set at 1.12. See ya there linkies[View]
15580361>go to sleep >Link price is $1,70 >wake up >Link price is $1,64 >go to gym >Link p…[View]
15577093Going up again Ultra gang. Lots of events and news upcoming. Whats your expected ROI ?[View]
15581198When will you fuckers realize it?: Crypto is literally a Ponzi scam. No one actually uses this shit …[View]
15579766YOU HAD TWO MONTHS: Why didn’t you sell? Fucking lmao @ stinklets[View]
15579923Lets play a game Guess the shitcoin hahahahahahahaha[View]
15581163Best shitcoins for next moon?[View]
15580790Post your Link stacks thread Am I going to make it? I wish I bought earlier frens[View]
15580929CHILIZ (CHZ): Anon why are you not in CHZ? It just got listed on Binance! CHILIZ (CHZ) - Alexandre D…[View]
15580692wooooooo: another link thread because fuck you[View]
15581043>interviewer asks what are my experiences with teamwork >told them I was in a gangbang once …[View]
15581042SELL: SELL IT NOW[View]
15574978Insider Anon: You may remember me from two weeks ago. I said that in 10 days time we would have seve…[View]
15580922>”September and August will be huge for Link, we are going to make it this year!” >dumps to pr…[View]
15581033WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT???[View]
15579795It's dead, Jim.[View]
15578488Omega Seamaster: Biz any project out there that can do 4x so I can buy my dream watch with only 1k?…[View]
15581012Post before coom: Post your biggest bags for a ride with this big jugs. My balls are deep in MITX an…[View]
15580957WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT????[View]
15580667WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT??[View]
15577612live coinmetro AMA: >ZIL, GNT and QNT listed >Parsiq IEO date is September 30th >API Docume…[View]
15576310Not everyone will make it: I didn't know that there were other people on /biz/ who knew about t…[View]
155806291k EOY[View]
15580779WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?![View]
15578705Handz up, itz a robberi: Name 2 shitcoins that will make you rich and 2 that will make you poor, or …[View]
15580902One day chain-link cryptocurrency will be worth 1000 usd a coin[View]
15579497Chainlink Infestation: This board is fucking infested with Sergey's Cucks. This is ridiculous. …[View]
15573983Say her name[View]
15579074>muh he gay >muh he liar >muh he retard >muh he stupid >muh he fraud…[View]
15580848Is your asshole ready?[View]
15580866Herro /biz/. Victor Fang, Anchain.ai CEO here You rike my article? https://medium.com/@AnChain.AI/cr…[View]
15579997is this what people mean when they talk about 'inflationary assets'?[View]
15580379what if asuka is wrong this time?[View]
15580844I’ve never seen so many noobs on 1 forum before[View]
15578938https://twitter.com/dangershony/status/1172141335316488199 OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO…[View]
15580607Oh my fucking god[View]
15577700At least you're not a freight broker...[View]
15580820Muh: Kek, stupid linkies[View]
15580444It hurts[View]
15580719If you are having a bad day and made some bad decisions that cost you money, mistakes happen. You…[View]
15580798Jobs in GA: Im broke asf. Who's hiring ?[View]
15580729Betting: Has anybody seen the Mr Olympia on any bettings sites? UK[View]
15580681Anyone else stacking up on Morpheus Labs while it's consolidating here?[View]
15580639WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?![View]
15579940Is this the most /biz/ game?[View]
15580485>fundamentally a scam >essentially a nuance scam >big Mcscam >mixicles sounds like tes…[View]
15580690TELLOR: >tfw Tellor flips Chainlink[View]
15579012Anyone else watching this?: Two releases this week and bugs getting hunted at a feverish pace... Any…[View]
15580522That's it, I'm dumping both my LINK and REN: >Looking forward for other shitcoins to re…[View]
15580512>Chainlink threads in 2021 I just mixed 5 BTC for 2 weeks! Says I'll get 8 BTC back! Tumbli…[View]
1557966520 years later, where are they now?[View]
15577669ETH: It seems that the only platform with ongoing developments is ETH. It is rapidly progressing and…[View]
15580619How low is the market going to crash when Bakkt comes out?[View]
15580019What coins does he hold?[View]
15580589everyday we stray further from $1000[View]
15580517Side Hustle General: Please post ideas or talk about what you're doing / thinking of doing I ne…[View]
15575492chainlink is bleeding out below google price: >imagine buying link at $4 and watching it bleed ou…[View]
15580491It will dump to the low 1's, and then reverse.: As did ETH dump from 20 to 6.[View]
15580502Marines, daily reminder eth once fell from $20 to $6. Thats almost 70% dropped. Dont let these fudde…[View]
15579506Question: Hey /biz/, financial brainlet here. Can you guys explain to me what the consequences of ha…[View]
15577122Is $300 a month a big enough budget to get a high quality gf?[View]
15580488Nothen personel, kid.[View]
15580449Oh nonononononononoNONONO LINK bros we got too cocky[View]
15579907I have the opportunity to submit a business idea to win a grant and mentorship but I've never d…[View]
15580309have we hit peak smug nolinker yet?[View]
15578920For me, it's Chainlink. What a G R E A T cryptocurrency.[View]
15580050How do i turn 150k into 5 million?[View]
15580440Is it true link, an ERC20 token, only took 15 minutes to make? lmfao https://medium.com/bitfwd/how-t…[View]
15580128Which would you rather be?: >1/10 looks and $100 billion >3/10 looks and $1 billion >5/10 …[View]
15580385LINK or MITX?[View]
15580394You know the drill guys. Shill a coin, say the N word, this way we can filter out marketing shills. …[View]
15572473/smg/ - Stock Market General: all time, all the time, all time highs meanwhile the ECB fumbles at th…[View]
15577643Short Alibaba: I'm cringing so hard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHGd6LqAVzw Every time I re…[View]
15580041Not so smug now are you linkies? Should have listened when we told you to sell. Have it your way now…[View]
15580312*freeze frame* Yep, that's me. You may be wondering how I got in this situation[View]
15580359$1,000: BELIEVE[View]
15580177Can trading be self taught?[View]
15577942Say something nice to Satoshi and his homosexual friends[View]
15579573NS: I am not going to sell my Link. Everytime I read one of you faggots say 'just sell' it is a sign…[View]
15579565I sold it. I thought it could pump to 2$ but 1,63$ is ok. I feel calm for the first time in a long w…[View]
15578733Udoo fomo: Fomo-ed into Udoo after biz shills. Fucking token isnt moving, when news + promised 20x ?…[View]
15580275Stop panic selling ya fookin’ knobs.[View]
15579850SMARTLANDS: I lost so much money on this shit. Thanks, /biz/ for suggesting me this bullshit[View]
15580210Going down down: Just in time for the weekend Electric Boogaloo part two 11 dollars a ounce when?…[View]
15580228DO YOUR JOB JANNIES: I'm sick of seeing all these shitty RSR threads on my board, jannies need …[View]
15580093Can any one of the 30 glow niggers on this board right now confirm or deny for me that $370 will be …[View]
15579317Why are chainlink fudders getting more delusional everyday? It used to be fun and sometimes would ta…[View]
15580208Date: January 2021 BTC hits 200k[View]
15580137Will BTC go below 10k or above 10.5k this time?[View]
15580148Is there anything more delusional than goldbugs? MUH STORE OF VALUE Current prices of crypto literal…[View]
15580029wen hero?: what price?[View]
15580149My welfare isn't coming in so I need to cash out all my LINK. How much volume would not crash t…[View]
15576935Brap.me up senpai: VERIFIED PROFILES NOW ACCEPTING BRAPPER: Brap.me/missvaylanl Brap.me/kismetkatee …[View]
15580023Best store of value in WoW Classic? Gold is inflationary as fuck early game.[View]
15580109SKY: >decentralized internet (Skywire) - mesh network with over 10000 nodes (twice as many as TOR…[View]
15579911I'll tell you guys why chainlink will easily be $1000 this december. The problem with bitcoin i…[View]
15575993Why are 'they' so concerned about if I sell my link or not? Why are 'they' spamming every thread tel…[View]
15577966Victor Fang He is the CEO of A chain.ai who released the LINK FUD article this week. His company dea…[View]
15579904Anyone into technical analysis here? what happens next on this chart?[View]
15579651Is UOS the next Link: Biz serious question. Is UOS the next LINK? All those Pajeets shilling it and …[View]
15580087You probably sold to me: Thanks for playing, former QNTards. Despite us telling you very clearly tha…[View]
15579329which scams are the ones to make you really heavy rich in this age? >pic very related…[View]
15580006BUY LINK 1000 EOY THEY SAID: So i did the complete opposite of what most retards here say: shorting …[View]
15579794What do with 15k? No crypto I’m already over invested[View]
15579954How sexy are these jobs?: >medical doctor >University stem professor >Investment banker…[View]
15580003Daily reminder: Biz doesn't know shit about everything[View]
15580020so, with the silver crash, what is your buy back point?[View]
15579947How to buy Crypto with debit: Send help Can anyone recommend me a safe platform that will allow me t…[View]
15580007CHILIZ (CHZ): Anon why are you not in CHZ? It just got listed on Binance! CHILIZ (CHZ) - Alexandre D…[View]
15568201No RSR thread?: Reserve your right bizlets[View]
15578600Would you let this man ejaculate on your face for 10 Link?[View]
15579916Lost 10k in silver over 2 weeks: Buy silver they said. I just got REKT from listening to you pm fagg…[View]
1557933126 yo brainlet needs help: What % of my 401k should i put in stocks and what % in bonds?[View]
15577759why is nobody talking about this ? https://coinmarketcal.com/en/event/coinbase-pro-listing-25691 Das…[View]
15579892Where is a good place to put a fixed volume profile?: Do you guys go buy a set amount of periods (ie…[View]
15577813Give me some hopium for PSD2 marines... Down $13k from ATH and every time I refresh blockfolio it ma…[View]
15579387This is going to happen, idiot holders Fuck you are so god damn stupid lol[View]
15579876>QNT >FTM >MITX Am I a dumbass for going all in on these three?…[View]
15579672Why are energy companies shitting the bed? I was to believe that fracking was going to be a boom in …[View]
15579832Chanlink: Soon very soon[View]
15579855Why the link page doesnt work it wont scan adress anymore. Fix pls https://www.whalesmind.com/token.…[View]
15576729He used Bitcoin to pay underage girls to have sex[View]
15579160Has anyone actually sold their link in the past month?[View]
15579067Educational ChainLink Videos: I've found that there's not many Youtube videos educating pe…[View]
15575790Do literally ANY of you have formal education in economics?[View]
15579053He's definitely Saveindiatoshi Nakamoto: You know who he is, i don't even need to post his…[View]
15579765Is Bitcoin going up or down?[View]
15579501>fill out job application >reach the incel background check >need three references from pre…[View]
15579569>Be me >They year is 2022 >New Playstation 5 Slim just released >Think I’ll pick one up …[View]
15579713Name your best suicide shitcoins for EOY[View]
15578785What the fuck is going on: Inb4 low IQ fud OG link marine here with a fat 50k stack WHAT THE FUCK is…[View]
1557971420 years from now... not in a citadel...: Co-worker: 'Tell me again why you didn't invest in th…[View]
15579704When is the stock market crashing? It's higher then it has ever been I'm concerned.[View]
15579598about to go all in on holo am I making a dreadful mistake?[View]
15578667So powerful. Even if Link fails at least I will be happy I supported a noble man with a noble cause[View]
15576865WE NEED FLAGS: Biz is turning into a 3rd world ninja marketing shithouse infested with discord trann…[View]
15579609Whenever im Off from this Board: Im literally more socialisable and more appreciated by others in a …[View]
15579630Imagine actually selling your link at the fucking bottom Hahahaha thanks for falling for the fud so …[View]
15579584Crypto currencies are a failure, there might be supposed use for it but everyone holds them to sell …[View]
15579595Planning to draw the logos myself if I'll make it. So far I've been hoarding QNT, FTM and …[View]
15578150UBI at the state level instead?: What if UBI was done at the state level first instead of at the nat…[View]
15579030Always to the opposite of what /biz/ says: Only good news for link, we are experiencing the final sh…[View]
15579119WHY ARE WE NOT TALKING ABOUT THIS: Bang Bros just launched an official bid to rename the Miami Heat …[View]
15578484NEET GENERAL: NEET ねと Negros Eating Everyones Taxes thread. What are you doing you fucking degenerat…[View]
15579502for me, one of the hardest pills is that I will never be as creative as someone like Picasso. Man wa…[View]
15578304Why aren't you all in on LINK token anon?[View]
15579513I invested everything in crypto /biz/ I fucking trusted you dumbasses, and now I have lost 40% of m…[View]
15579478Is Bitcoin going up or down?: Is Bitcoin going up or down?[View]
15579457Best EU Brokers for Short Selling: Hi guys I'm new to trading and I'm looking for any advi…[View]
15578946>college is a scam >can't invest in stocks/mutual funds because boomers and foreign shits…[View]
15579444BitMax is in deflation: There will be no more mining on BitMax, the new era is the deflation of BitM…[View]
15579058Quant bottom is in: ETH pair for shape, dollar pair for level. $30-50 eoy. $100s as standard next ye…[View]
15579424>well your skills and experience are certainly very impressive, but tell me, are you still a virg…[View]
15579426here is your quintessential crypto anarchist FUCK THE SYSTEM FUCK THE GOVERNMENT FUCK THE LAW FUCK C…[View]
15577566So you’re buying some of those internet tokens now nerd? Haha whats up douche bag, it’s Tanner from …[View]
15578515how many bitcoins for this?[View]
15576718Holochain is DEAD [PROOF]: For all your fcking pajeets promoting and hoping your shit coin will go t…[View]
15579198Don't forget to buy the next Binance listing pump. In 10 days don't tell me I didn't …[View]
15579171>Working as a salescuck >Keep getting absolute shit-tier fucking leads…[View]
15579307what the fuck is happening???[View]
15579076Is chainlink going to become the nano of 4chan?: How long until we see the suicides start rolling in…[View]
15578537Sparkle is a redistributive currency. Sparkle is money that fights income inequality by proportional…[View]
15579223إنكم جميعًا من الأشرار الكافرين يستحقون الغرق في النهر لشلينج تشينلينك.[View]
15579305Oh linkies....[View]
15579025Savings: >How much do you have saved up? >How is it allocated? (stocks, crypto, etc etc) >…[View]
15579311BSV, the boomers crypto of choice for buying adult diapers![View]
15578650>$1.60 Heh...you call that a dip?[View]
15579289BitMax stops its mining!: Hi folks, BitMax discontinued transaction mining on 9/12, the max supply o…[View]
15579045>you bought WHAT?!?!? what does this Chainstuff even do? that was our vacation money, anon!…[View]
15578930Would you let this man ejaculate in your ass for 500 link?[View]
15576993EDGE needs more nodes in third world countries. There are many white male chads hosting nodes right …[View]
15579190Is SPCA another Jewish scam?: I recently went to take my dog in for a check up because we fear he ha…[View]
15579159>manager wants a meeting with me[View]
15579142Is this a scam? The mobile app seems incredibly sketchy.[View]
15579085BitMax discontinues transaction mining trading mode: Can someone explain to me what this announcemen…[View]
15578398Fucking dump you dumb Texas niggers my options end today and I'm still at 0.01[View]
15578001Get it: KuCoin is pumping kcs and and 90%off btc why are'nt you involved?[View]
15578459>Step aside, Bogdanoff. This ends... now.[View]
15579036WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAt????[View]
15577086Is it true that the only way to make money with art nowadays is porn? I refuse to do it, I will just…[View]
15579031CHILIZ (CHZ): Anon why are you not in CHZ? It just got listed on Binance! CHILIZ (CHZ) - Alexandre D…[View]
15578928Why is this stupid frog nigger fudding link? I keep seeing dubs and trips for FUD posts, this dumb n…[View]
15579010memed into reality: more to go[View]
15577910just sold 14k LINK, fuck this shit I still made 18000 Euro... easily enough to pay for college, fuck…[View]
15577304Doubling down on $300 and NOT FUCKING SELLING! https://youtu.be/O3slE9lVs6I[View]
15578960ETH: 7 different clients talking with one another. A major step for interoperability. This is going …[View]
15578451Fixed matches/ online betting: Anyone know where to find websites/bookies that have info on upcoming…[View]
15578814BSV is for angry white incels: just look at the average supporter right here. very problematic.…[View]
15578619ETH 2.0: I wouldn't be surprised if ETH is $1000 EOY desu Anyone who believes the biz fud is re…[View]
15573864>tfw ghosted all of my friends from childhood up to high school is this normal?…[View]
15578723>September will be the ultimate month for Chainlink[View]
15578917Not a single advice taken on biz: > Missed a lot of chances thanks to useless biz fud…[View]
15577778Flowerpatch: To the moon[View]
15578876Bobros check in!: we will go back under 10k, probably 9k.[View]
15577927Why are recruiters still a thing? They think they are important to a company but that shit can all b…[View]
15577748How do I go from chronic coomer to go getter?[View]
15578692LINK: Jizzus fucking Christ we’re telling you since 40k sats that this is going to happen. Who the f…[View]
15577685I lost 3000$ in options: What the fuck do I do now?[View]
15576441China’s economy is fucked: In Europe and the US, manufacturing is already highly automated and advan…[View]
15578811UltrAlpha AMA ongoing: Calling for the UltrAlpha army, join us here >> https:// t.me /cryptoca…[View]
15578782How much nerva did you get today?: 100k to make it, Chads. Everyone is going from link to nerva Ne…[View]
15578703Is 80 eth enough to make it[View]
15578768Lets go boys[View]
15578752SNIB SNAB!!!![View]
15576986Salesforce Chinlink confirmed fuck fud you had over 2 years starp in tonight[View]
15578563Link always dumps when I break nofap: I’m sorry to have let you guys down. Starting today again Day …[View]
15578718is impossible to profit from day trading?: hello humans of /biz/ what do you think of this article a…[View]
15575700Where did all the Harmony threads go? Did I just get scammed?[View]
15577377Does your gf believe in Bitcoin?: Mine wants to sell my 60 Bitcoins and told me to buy a house and g…[View]
15578291People on this board bought chainlink above $1[View]
15578658Anon from /smg/ called it. Apologize to him. >Park City Group (PCYG) came out with quarterly ear…[View]
15578270LINK: Just woke up, what fuck happened linkies? lmaooooooooo[View]
15578582Imagine Cosmos More volume and ahead of link So cosmos is literally better coin linkies. what went w…[View]
15576107Is confidence + looks or competency more important in workplace?[View]
155786152019 LINK $0.20 EOM: I AM FINANCIALLY RUINED[View]
15577035Is Bitcoin going up or down?[View]
15578382*is green in a sea of red*[View]
15578315keep selling to me : )[View]
15578556>I love Chainlink >Never selling[View]
15578163Sorry marines, I didn't sell at 4, at 3, at 2, but I'm selling today[View]
15574114Are we entering another scenario like the 'Big Short'. If so which financial instrument is set to cr…[View]
15578534>1.62: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-yPCzCUOW0[View]
15577738If LINK isn't at least at $2 EOY I think I'm going to rope lads, I just can't cope wi…[View]
15577976>B..But how does it keep dumping?? Why?? Pic related. You think hes market selling? He has millio…[View]
15578501>He fell for the instagram motivational pages meme[View]
15572093I Read the Mixicles White Paper: Three Big takeaways 1. Mixicles will enable financial txns to be pr…[View]
15577582How hard is it to get fired from white collar office work? t. Office slave who fucked up recently[View]
15578475There will never be another alt season again[View]
15578441ohhhh linkiesssss[View]
15576388Incel here. Should I have sex with whales and losers on tinder? Also, sell your bitcoins.[View]
15578314are you okay freightbrokeranon?[View]
15578428BitMax Transit into a new chapter: Yo, guys have u heard that BitMax decided to discontinue Transact…[View]
15577283Sold 10,000 LINK and bought UOS[View]
15578040Coins actually pumping: > dash > cosmos > 1/100 threads talk about those coins Good work …[View]
15578403safest way to keep crypto: what is the safest way to keep your altcoins safe in the cyberspace?…[View]
15578370>CME files to double monthly bitcoin futures open position limit to 10,000 BTC…[View]
15575231If Reddit made a crypto that gave monetary value to all karma, would you post there?[View]
15578184So u work 9-5 at ya daddy's company now Chad? lol wassup white boy its Tyrone from college. rem…[View]
15578320that one hurt bros[View]
15578319It’s always darkest before the dawn....[View]
15574170Facebook is going to fuck us all: No country is going to tolerate his bullshit. He’s already under a…[View]
15577861you bought the dip, right[View]
15578268sergey here, they threw me out of the offie, the cuck and the chink said it is enough, i came in dru…[View]
15577526How to make small but steady gains frens?[View]
15577867Would you let this man ejaculate inside your mouth for 50 link?[View]
15577890Why are Americans not allowed to own crypto?[View]
15577961>tfw sold at $4 Who else here sold at ATH?[View]
15578148>Google partnership >Facebook partnership >still collapses…[View]
15578216Getting Antshares vibes: Now the burgers have been shaken out, we can have a true French coin. Vive …[View]
15576785Buying a House in Australia: Is it viable to enter into the housing market with a 5% deposit if my f…[View]
15576158He’s literally never wrong: .[View]
15578111>almost ath again what the fuck[View]
15577787LINK thread not created by discord tranny: Stay hard. Do not read those fake shit posted here, it…[View]
15577361if 4chan is legion anon's then why can't they pump their bags?[View]
15574825Aergo: Buy Aergo under 10 cents. Should hit $1 by EOY and enter the top 100. Kucoin is the new Binan…[View]
15577981its Friday the 13th frens: don't be unlucky today[View]
15575742Don't mind me: Just flexing with my MITX bags here while SirGay is dumping on you.[View]
15577999What are the economics of being based?[View]
15577772Would this honestly make a good investment? >considering how easily you can leverage social medi…[View]
15576574FUD LOSERS: i been loyal to chainlink from ever since i started with crypto. you re all like fucking…[View]
15576320CHILIZ (CHZ): Anon why are you not in CHZ? It just got listed on Binance! CHILIZ (CHZ) - Alexandre D…[View]
15577632I longed LINK at Binance for 3x margin (USDT) DO THE SAME. SO WE GET RICHER WAY WASTER[View]
15576876Anyone heard of Stegos? Found out about it just today, seems to be one of the few projects which alr…[View]
15577659J U S T U S T[View]
15577943Thank you to the anon who shilled OCEAN the other day[View]
15574077Harmony one My money gone[View]
15577820Have you taken the QNTpill yet? We're all gonna make it frens[View]
15577406So you are selling LINK ?: the whales in korea like to thank you idiots... something big is going on…[View]
15577887It's over: Goodnight, sweet prince...[View]
15576888Chainlink lawsuit is ready. Trips for reveal today. Dubs Monday.[View]
15577258Compiling a list of shitcoins: >I've been looking around /biz/ for a few weeks now and manag…[View]
15577774Would you let this man ejaculate inside your anus for 100 link?[View]
15575770What about NANO[View]
15575748Harmony ONE: Realistically, how high will ONE go in sats in this upcoming alt season?[View]
15577375Bank refused to give me loan so i financed 50x iphones from different stores and selling them at Eba…[View]
15577719Question: Is Bitcoin /ourstablecoin/ ?[View]
15577676There are actual people on this board who bought Chainlink in ICO and in 2017. Who held all this tim…[View]
15576989where are my biz TA faggots?: tell me where is it going[View]
15574752Its all a coincidence > rope[View]
15577686Shove your COCK in MY ASS, Sergey! I will never sell or move my linkies, Master, even if it goes to …[View]
15577424>alt season[View]
15577675Oh gosh, I miss the times when LINK was pic related[View]
15576494V-IDT AMA transcript: From yesterday https://medium.com/@pim_vee/community-ama-september-2019-c8b65…[View]
15577652Who else here is being JUST'D on another fucking level?[View]
15577497Bros I need help, my life is terribly unorganized. Seems like every 'solution' I find to this just m…[View]
15577414Flagfags, You Have to Go Back: Thought 4chan was about anonymity? First usernames, now you want flag…[View]
15577609Link is a scam: oh no no NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO O NO NO NO NO HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA[View]
15577219'Hi! What do you do?': 'Oh, I'm a NEET' 'What's that?' 'I'm not in education and I do…[View]
15577597>tfw btc volatility is so low i have to market close my orders....[View]
15577562thanks for discount[View]
15577557Buttcoins: Weekend is here, time for a big dump[View]
15577329What would you do?: I am in my late 20s, current job I make 50k before taxes but no upwars mobility.…[View]
15577392Wat do?!?!?!?!?!: >I need (or rather want) to accumulate more MITX before it starts pumping, but …[View]
15577045The only LARP who has been right, will you listen now ? https://yuki.la/biz/13547557[View]
15577084My fellow marines, it starts tomorrow.[View]
15577396Asic mining general: Whats your electricity fee and how much hashrate you got going on frens.[View]
15574698> altszn[View]
15577079why are you all so hyperemotional and overly irrational?[View]
15577242Attention dear (((market maker))), yes you all can be very devious, but I have an announcement to ma…[View]
15577316This board should be removed.[View]
15576929Im considering buying a tent and sleeping bag and living in the woods Pros: >no landlord to pay r…[View]
15577300Wen new alt szn ?: Time to shill your Trump bag coins. What is your best alt that you bought at a go…[View]
15576307Market maker here: Look at the slow bleed back downwards. You think you have iron hands? We can easi…[View]
15577096LINK is not dumping, merely returning to where it belongs as a $1 stable coin, read the whitepaper[View]
15577269brb taking a shower so I can go get dirty at work again[View]
155768351.50 waiting room[View]
15577116teeth brighter than my future: biz bros how can we fix our life after crypto has ruined it.[View]
15577126What the fuck, they are not even try to hide they pejeetness.[View]
15575014G-guys?: What did he mean by this?[View]
15575850>Buy absolutely any cryptos >Watch as they all bleed value for months Literally why the incred…[View]
15572857Daily Reminder: Craig Wright = Satoshi[View]
15576515> 'omg Rebecca come here...' > 'So I was looking through the resumes and look at this guy…[View]
15576723MITX and FTM: I was high af last night and bought some alt bags as a post made me crack up laughing,…[View]
15577155Spoonfeed me about Cosmos: it just rapped chainlink tech, gossip, history, people[View]
15576523Deluded Linkies: hows your shitcoin doing my deluded linkies[View]
15577167Space suits on: >MITX[View]
15576420Is there a bigger sign of making it than next time your in the supermarket going to the phone sectio…[View]
15577147Minmax spam to create volat and attack ib Freee Bernard Madoff hé didnt Do nothong wrong Get all the…[View]
15576940I'm down 200 USD in two days: NICE BULL MARKET YOU GOT THERE MASSIVE FAGGOTS.[View]
15577114R.I.P. Dr Wright. You will never be forgotten[View]
15575939Should I Become a Contractor?: So, I am in construction sales, primarily insurance restoration proje…[View]
15577007Good strategies to get rid of 3rd worlders: Since jannies and mods don't do their jobs and also…[View]
15576535>3 months of heavy red dildos >700k dumps >nonstop, obsessive fudding spammed on /biz/ by h…[View]
15576803Now #22. Taken over by COSMOS. >mfw[View]
15577008Pump my bag! https://documenter.getpostman.com/view/3653795/SVfWN6KS?version=latest[View]
15574858What else?: Continuing my thread of yesterday, now I've added QNT to my shitcoin bag with profi…[View]
15575857What does /biz/ think of my tattoo I just got?: D-does this make me a real link marine?[View]
15576902Conscious AI's has already been made: I'm talking about the real thing. A thinking living …[View]
15576798imagine being a LINKmarine now[View]
15574744Here's what I think will happen: (given trumps comments about negative interest rates and the s…[View]
15576810Tether ERC20: If Tether now acts as an ERC20 token, does it mean I can send my funds to my own non K…[View]
15576846Never see men wear such atrocity, only roasties: How profit from women being easy to manipulate?…[View]
15576596>/biz/ is the worst board on 4channel?[View]
15576887Hey /biz/, I need to send out the survey results to over 3k people that took part in it. I would lik…[View]
15576572This handsome devil is dumping 700k loads on your face and there's nothing you can do about it[View]
15576736What do you do while nothing is happening on the markets /biz/?[View]
15575718Tax white man Give stolen money to Jamal and single mom ??? Profit Sounds good?[View]
15576861>linkers when you mention the Google partnership was fake[View]
15575574Good morning you FUCKING liars. I found out Ripple and XRP are in fact 0% Jewish >no jew founders…[View]
15576594Will no fap give me better mental clarity for working on my business?: I’m on day 2 of no fap and I …[View]
15575183Wtf is wrong with them?: Why people pay other dudes to watch them playing videogames? I could even u…[View]
15576793The wheels have finally fallen off of Link It's going sub-$1 EOM[View]
15575779>quit my job because I hate it >told to stay at least while I look for another job >say ok…[View]
15576615Anon: Your all fucking clueless.[View]
15576561How #worth is ETH PoS? Getting close to 32 $ETH am I autistic or not?[View]
15576038Sell your Birth Certificate: To be alive today means to be a wage slave. Fuck that. I do not want to…[View]
15575845Fucking with the market.: Would it be possible, in theorie, just to buy expensive stock from a compa…[View]
15575758What coins does he hold?[View]
15574322I want to be an ALT in Japan. Would it hurt my career if I did that the year after I graduate from u…[View]
15575232Was it a scam all along? I invested my 401k into this when it was above a cent....fuck[View]
15574471Do you guys seriously take this fucker seriously? He uses an iOS laptop, like every tech-illiterate …[View]
15576647I went in: I bought several alts bags today, MITX and RSR are the biggest of them.[View]
15576664>since I sold my chainlink at 2.80 and stopped browsing /biz/ my life has gotten much better!…[View]
15575921What's your best performing suicide shitcoin?[View]
15572808Bank of America knows about Chainlink: I’m at this Healthcare AI panel right now and Tom Durk is her…[View]
15574113How many days a week do you think about suicide?[View]
15576597Outsider here , link.will go down and up , then down and up again. You are welcome[View]
15576580Bwahahahahha! cRipple cucks on suicide watch! https://twitter.com/mdudas/status/1172259175465914381…[View]
15576567chiliz / socios app is here for mass adoption. entry price on point, app launching within 1-2 months…[View]
15576559The ultimate chainlink blackpill: ok here's the crypto blackpill. there is an AI living on the …[View]
15575789I've no idea what to buy right now, everything seems to be a scam. I thought i'd go back t…[View]
15576408Fuck CZ and his SCAM CHINK EXCHANGE[View]
15575759Friendly reminder: You only need to pay about 5 - 10 different people to shill against link to keep …[View]
15575962I wanted to make money without having to ingratiate myself to anyone else; to anyone else's blo…[View]
15574822SO I’ve invested about $20k in cryptocurrency. Will this go up or did I just waste half a years sala…[View]
15576371Minister You, Satoshi[View]
15576245why don’t moneybelly and moneyskelly like each other?[View]
15576355I hold chainlink from ICO price and I am not jewish bingo[View]
15575620Is anyone else here a /sugar baby/: >be sugar baby >male, 20, bi >have 2 main daddies and 2…[View]
15576332Professional Diploma: If i take a professional formation class in one of those field, which one is m…[View]
15576328>Chainlink still has a marketcap of half a BILLION dollars (500 million dollars)…[View]
15576302$1.67: HaaaaahhhhhhhaaaaHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaHaaaaahhhhhhhaaaaHHHHHaaaaaaaaaaHHH…[View]
155754681000 suicides eoy thread: My buy in price was $1.3. I'm almost back to square one. Thinking of …[View]
15574413Russian Funded: Super interesting, this just came through. A close friend of mine works in the state…[View]
15573569Mean Reversion vs Trend Following: which is better for crypto?[View]
15570547Learn from me with PMs: Want to know about the truth with silver and gold? I once pushed silver real…[View]
15576230/biz/ going unemployed soon[View]
15575141Full Corn Moon: >Most years, the September Full Moon is the Harvest Moon. This particular name is…[View]
15575744No matter how great the project is: People looking in on it hate us because of the frogs. They see f…[View]
15576236What's his shtick?: What's his shtick?[View]
15576095I had $750 in June. I have $370 today. Why is that?[View]
15576215Chainlinkers are gay: Hey my name is Cameron Joseph Hohle reddit gaylord and lover of ladyboys. Chai…[View]
15575104Cryptographic Ultra Money: Who else /CUM-brain/ here If you aren't all in on CUM then why are y…[View]
15576156BUY LINK NOW !: BUY LINK NOW ![View]
15575572Imagine selling right now[View]
15576123Whats a good guide to bitcoin for beginners? How do you get started? Where do you buy and sell them?…[View]
15576125I just bought $4.7 Million dollars: For the affordable price of $8,000.[View]
15575378Soon you will fear this LIT man[View]
15575800SAFEX is a SCAM?: Is SAFEX a scam? They are claiming they made a better Monero. Should I sell my Mo…[View]
15575808I don't wanna sell: My 80 Links.[View]
15574486You have exactly 72 hours to sell everything: The markets will be bearish for the rest of the year(e…[View]
15575884What was his name again ?[View]
15575821USA debt actually 2000% GDP: >A new report suggests that the real US debt level may be $400 trill…[View]
15575282Pi coin: So what is the actual fucking deal with Pi-coin? Is it a scam? Does it even have a fucking …[View]
15576059WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?: buy the dip goys[View]
15576039Black friday: They will rememeber this day[View]
15576055You were all shitting on this little SLP token: Well who's laughing now? SideShift, memo, CoinE…[View]
15575342A flannel clad man approaches the supermarket checkout...: wow that's quite a lot of food you…[View]
15574828I just took a gander at LINK's price. Whatever happened to $3 being a 'steal' and the absolute …[View]
15575956Best altcoins from top 20: What do you think are the best altcoins out of the top 20?[View]
15575990503 credit score from major delinquency caused by me maxing out my cc helping my friend repair his c…[View]
15575989Is it ogre ?[View]
15570202I'm financially ruined: Sergey has destroyed my life[View]
15575958sure people must hate Sergey[View]
15575961Remember when 'dumping' meant back to $0.30 or lower? And now it means $1.60. And next time it will …[View]
15575679It's almost to the moon. Just hold a bit longer: Buy the dip Marines! Its mooning on Monday!…[View]
15575941Kucoin: Frns, i hope uve listened to... What r ur positions? Im in since 1495 at unloaded 25% at 170…[View]
15575688https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8eJM0WlEjTs tonight..[View]
15574702literally the first results on google.. yikes[View]
15575325LINKIES: Why its dumping? > I bought at $2[View]
15574360PSD2 Delayed By 18 Months!: For all of us hoping for this magical September 14th date regarding PSD2…[View]
15575585SOMEBODY STOP ME: Give me one good reason why I shouldn't.[View]
15575767>watching shartstone on twitch >see this STINK bagholders are getting hilariously desperate no…[View]
15575832I wanted to get money without having to ingratiate myself to anyone else; to anyone else's bloa…[View]
15575522$1.49: JESUS CHRIST what the FUCK is happening? Is the binance and coinbase delist rumor fucking for…[View]
15575657The golden LINK bullrun already happened, you just missed it. The true redpill is that LINK could ha…[View]
15574932Sam hyde on chainlink and crypto: https://youtu.be/9ckZ_RhrfMI[View]
15575437Bon Voyage: Wake up in the morning feeling like 'TREE FIDDY' (Hey, what up tranny?) Grab my phone, c…[View]
15574960How do I make a 1000$ with 42$?: Also shills have micro penises if they reply to this thread[View]
15575429Reserve /RSR/: What up boys?[View]
15575226Make room in the top 20 for KCS.[View]
15575098Precious Metal General /PMG/: Wow, bad week for Alt Coin Bagholders. Sorry to all the Link Marines. …[View]
15575587I can't believe /biz/ is this stupid: Take advice from actual investing gods, the Rothschilds. …[View]
15574984check it: [Spencer Dinwiddie to convert his NBA contract into a secured digital investment.](https:/…[View]
15575166>buy a 100oz RCM silver bar from silvergoldbull >see a small piece of dark chocolate included …[View]
15575646WEIRD AND CREEPY[View]
15575501Mining General Thread: Greetings /biz/! Lets talk about Crypto mining. Post your rig, post your setu…[View]
15575588I will come here every day to laugh at you. When Sir Gay finally market dumps and flees to St. Peter…[View]
15573506Is Yang our guy?[View]
15575477>Due to what appear to be repeated price manipulation practices and the dumping of millions of do…[View]
15575566The correction is over: Time to add Morpheus Labs back into your suicide bags.[View]
15575406Phone interview tips?: I have on tomorrow bros, I feel so nauseous knowing I could blow my only chan…[View]
15575559Last time im going to shill this here before it moons hard: Already has a working product which is a…[View]
15572610SENT: You've been accumulating SENT, and doing your part to fight the red menace (and everyone …[View]
15575096Chainlink: In order to moon, LINK needs the following: - Confirmed SWIFT integration of Chainlink Or…[View]
15559606JUST ANNOUNCED: PIVX-SENT: PIVX integrating Sentinel dVPN directly in its new wallet! This is what a…[View]
15575094where is the bottom?[View]
15574627J U S T: >you now remember that ERC20 Token that had an actual purpose and use case and browser b…[View]
15575490Name a better lowcap shitcoin: >MITX[View]
15575489First time throwing a sickie bois who here 'Minimumeffortextendedweekend' here?[View]
15575379Prophecy Predicts Price: LINK @ $367 & $1000 shall happen, because, even if it started as a p…[View]
15573138I went all in at 3.23 on chainlink, ive put in 90%+ of my savings. I dont know what to do, ive spent…[View]
15575389>4.8btc at the top >now less than 0.3[View]
15575324soon we will know.[View]
15574160Well, PSD2 is on 9/14. Guess we’ll find out then. Until then, you losers will have to deal with the …[View]
15564109So an Uber passenger left thier wallet in my car: It's full of money ($200) IDs and social secu…[View]
15575117How is it possible that i am able to make money from this?[View]
15573331Is there any /biz/ approved viewing material on the relationship between time and money?[View]
15573782ETH in 2030 - $10k possible?: Shill me on this. and say thy this is doing 100x during the next bull …[View]
15575293It's Happening Tonight, Boys; Strap In: It's happening tonight, boys; strap in![View]
15575291I never win, I only lose[View]
15574821Advice: Hi Lads. How do I get started making money by investing? I am 18 and don't know anythin…[View]
15575235Who?: Who are you whom just spammed about a dozen threads about this project within the last fifteen…[View]
15575257CHILIZ (CHZ): Anon why are you not in CHZ? It just got listed on Binance! CHILIZ (CHZ) - Alexandre D…[View]
15574959DISCORD UPDATE: Insider here. Between the LEAKING of the Chainlink unofficial Discord details, and t…[View]
15574647what's the point of crypto anymore?[View]
1557523610 year hold. Think Bitcoin[View]
15569144/VIDT/ General Verification Thread: V-ID currently have 32 clients and are constantly developing new…[View]
15575203Was this a scam?[View]
15574111Will BSV ever recover?[View]
15574936why can't whites keep priorities straight like jews?[View]
15575158My plan: I've got $150k in fiat sitting aside. I plan to wait until LINK hits $1000 and then 10…[View]
15574585To the few frens I have, I have decided to share this with you. Note: I am not a charter, I just hav…[View]
15574999So What does everyone imagine Sir Gay is spending your money on?[View]
15574673I put it all into link at $4.5: On margin and got liquidated trips decide how I kms. Will post a liv…[View]
15574252How do I start a modeling agency?[View]
15575064$mitx $1 $dag $1 $vet $1 $onion $1 $dero $100 $qnt $100 $ltc $10000 $btc $100000 ...$link $0 thats a…[View]
15574228The latest fud spam is literally the weakest and the most pathetic one I've ever seen. You had …[View]
15575057A two man middlewear[View]
15575054How do I escape the wage? I would just get a better job but there are no jobs to be had[View]
15574888don't expect the 50 startups news to pump us insanely bullish? yeah they're still gonna se…[View]
15574791DR:NS: who else is comfy[View]
15574935Friday the 13th: Well I can’t say it’s been fun. The memes, the hopium, the jolly tongue-in-cheek FU…[View]
15575020keybase 4chan_biz team: download keybase and post your username for an invite join frens[View]
15572193Dad alcoholic. All my friends alcoholic. Im mid 20s and im one sip away from being alcoholic. What t…[View]
15573076I'm putting together a team[View]
15574088bakkt: Say something about the bakkt CEO. Will she make us escape wage cuckey?[View]
15574920Bitcoin and crypto currency may be the future but is not worth its current price in its infancy. Ret…[View]
15574781Binance margin: Thinking of longing ETH and LINK. Anyone used this yet? Interest rate on BTC is 0.00…[View]
15574723Ready for the dildo of doom this weekend[View]
15571914Close your eyes, try to clear any thoughts you are having Take long, slow, deep breathes and put all…[View]
15573143This is the top: 14k was the absolute top. Bitcoin will never be above 15k in human history. Bitcoin…[View]
15571926Should I Invest?: Hey, I am a bored college student and I have no idea how stocks work, how to inves…[View]
15573635Damn we are getting raided hard here lmao Don't sell brehs They want the price to go down to ma…[View]
15574769Class action when?: ..It's back to 20 cents[View]
15573316Astro fags get in here: Tomorrow is a harvest full moon on Friday the 13th is this bullish or bearis…[View]
15573948Be Me: Been accumulating link since 2017 on a monthly basis. >Not selling >retired by 2025…[View]
15574859Fuck this shitty ass piece of faggoty fuckhead niggery spic ass son 'a' bitch fuckin coin[View]
15574669lol link officially has the shitcoin chart now. Except it's a late bloomer, like it's hold…[View]
15573669>Chucklink shows signs of Seed & Feed market manipulation, formerly known as the Suck & F…[View]
15574420What is the best DEX?[View]
15573386what does his portfolio look like?[View]
15574792Ready for the next one[View]
15574016WE NEED FLAGS: Please ban india and 3rd fucking worlders. This board is turning into a 3rd world mar…[View]
15572785Not again...please...no...[View]
15574777> Taking the time to make threads about Sergey on /biz/ > Never going to make it. pic related …[View]
15573841/goodthingsgeneral/ GSG: Getting real tired of all the FUD on here. Everyone just seems extra rude r…[View]
15574586HEH UGH HEHHE UGH UGH UGH....[View]
15574724Only serious experienced investor: I’ve been thinking a lot about dad’s cream lately Have /biz/ had…[View]
15566415/entg/ - Entrepreneur General: 3d printing edition Please check previous threads for inspiration. A…[View]
15572950this car starts from $58,900 ETH at ATH was $1300 give or take If you get ETH now at round up $180 a…[View]
15574253>mentioned LINK on FB (I deserve what I got) >first comment is 'I Googled it and there's …[View]
15574097What happens after staking and mixicles is there anything beyond that on the roadmap?[View]
15573966mfw Trump thinks he can ban BTC if it reaches 100k. what a silly billy, he thinks he can control it,…[View]
15574519Bitch Harmony got my money[View]
15574550Is he right about ONE?: there isn't much happening in this market right now. Almost every alts …[View]
15566961aaaaaaaaand we are back! Thanks super mario[View]
15572662BrapperToken (BRAP) GENERAL: VERIFIED PROFILES NOW ACCEPTING BRAPPER: Brap.me/missvaylanl Brap.me/ki…[View]
15574227This is the main you fucking loser neets believe in? Get a fucking job. Multiple news sources confir…[View]
15574522Generational buying opportunity, alt season soon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CXo1HoMY_Q[View]
15574433>buy LINK >plan on holding 2+ years >obvious long term hold >if/when successful LINK wil…[View]
15574437>watching the BLACKED.COM scene of his wife while at work This behavior is highly unprofessional,…[View]
15574467I would say link is living rent free in fudders but then I remember they’re probably bagholders too[View]
15573035preorders open tomorrow: does appl really think normies are going to pay these prices?[View]
15566656Be strong. Trust your own conclusions[View]
15574382Buying NASQAD stocks as a canuck: I started trading a few weeks ago and bought TSX as well as NASQAD…[View]
15573984Bitcoin 90% Off: Kucoin is celebrating their 2nd Birthday with a flash sale on September 16th. Check…[View]
15574341Halving Pump? sorry: > crypto media and moonbois talk about halving once a week > now everyone…[View]
15573360Was it worth killing the 4th Industrial Revolution for a few Big Macs?[View]
15574040Newfag to Crypto: I'm wanting to test the waters of Crypto. I am the newest fag possible to cry…[View]
15574192all aboard, il show thy how to make a few shekels[View]
15573628partnerships: REMINDER: the 'partnerships' meme was from 2017 shitcoins who kept partnering with eac…[View]
15573941Why are there so many chainlink threads on this bangalore street shitting board? Can you losers not …[View]
15573265Sergey spent all our money on customizing his computer chair xD[View]
15573347how hard it is theoretically to find a based us anon that can create an E3 mill for Slav programmers…[View]
15573982Will it go below 10k this time or will it go back above 10.5k?[View]
15574198I'm going to make it: Fuck get rich quick schemes. I will >Work smart >Work on myself …[View]
15574135Are any Amerimuts out there blocked from using Binance yet? Im not even using a VPN and it still let…[View]
15574018Stop: If you do not stop making fun of me right now you will not like the consequences. Link has mor…[View]
15574074Hmm.. better stay away. I would sell if I were you.[View]
15573578How are you going to profit from this, /biz/? Are you stocking up on vape and vape accessories for w…[View]
15574127It's already over. Link will never go above two dollars. It will go below 1 and die. I bought i…[View]
15573070Why isnt there a legit Pump and Dump group? They are all scams but in theory it works so why isnt an…[View]
15573411What's a job that I can work from home and don't have to use the telephone or meet up with…[View]
15573812if you don't know who i am, you're a newfag[View]
15573939A Faulty Oracle Will be Behind The Next Big Crypto Hack[View]
15574025Helpp: Can i buy all the tokens and coins that are in the market cap on E Toro Anon?[View]
15573965It's already over. Link will never go above two dollars. It will go below 1 and die. I bought i…[View]
15573547CHILIZ (CHZ): Anon why are you not in CHZ? It just got listed on Binance! CHILIZ (CHZ) - Alexandre D…[View]
15573915Isn't Chainlink the pump and dump scam the news has been talking about?[View]
15573039How do i profit off my foot fetish?[View]
15573905Even me not being a linkiewinkie: Noticed that those pajeets are litterally flooding the board with …[View]
15573796absolute state of /biz/ in one picture[View]
15573550Is 3k link enough to retired in Bali[View]
15573008Judge in CSW case was Epstein's lawyer: (((blockstream))) on suicide watch[View]
15573672what is this pattern called[View]
15572534Is there any crypto team out there that lets people test their product without paying or mining for …[View]
15573858As someone LARPing real academic experience in computer science, network topology and economics... C…[View]
15573579Looks like dash won who's next[View]
15572853The LINK token is used in the Chainlink network for activities such as paying for data and putting u…[View]
15571682Is bitcoin going up or down?[View]
15573722How do I encrypt my thoughts biz?: https://www.fastcompany.com/90388440/mind-reading-technology-is-c…[View]
15571627Wanna 10-100x your cash? Help me end this company /biz/: So I'm going to help those of you that…[View]
15573415What did they mean by this?[View]
15573742It's already over. Link will never go above two dollars. It will go below 1 and die. I bought i…[View]
15573463can things go wrong with a 100% white team?[View]
15573702/mu/ fag here. need a based Telecaster and amplifier. 1000 link should be enough, r-right[View]
15573719really makes you think[View]
15572220New social media platform: >new platform called Howdoo >still in beta >good team with expe…[View]
15569991Free top tier listings Multiple mainnets Stablecoin platform Partnerships Solid code Incentives to l…[View]
15573688are americlaps banned yet?[View]
15571894UDOO blasting soon: I told you guys. Now you see the starting process of skyrocketing. Where will it…[View]
15571459UOS EOY prediction: AMD, Ubisoft, Microsoft and more. There are so many rumors floating around partn…[View]
15573071WHERE’S MY MONEY FAT MAN???[View]
15572340I was bored, and I decided to actually start reading up on the subject of 'networking' because I tho…[View]
15573649Chainlink: Isn't Chainlink that pump and dump scam the news has been talking about?[View]
15570442Did you invest in any of these?[View]
15570240Thoughts on the Ultra IO updates? Is this worth to buy and hold or not? Everyone talking about this …[View]
15566896Ultra - Steams competitor?: Bizfags what do we think of Ultra? It's been all over the board for…[View]
15572436Bitcoin: Hello there is someone who want to sell bitcoin ?[View]
15571048STO's shaping up as a easily scalable multi billion market: More and more bigger entities are s…[View]
15573598Anyone ever use capsim? Got any good guides or strategies?[View]
15573476Blockchain Examined: I have not heard clear explanations to the following questions. Perhaps if you …[View]
15573021If I am going to invest in 1/10 gold rounds, do I invest in gold eagles, 1/10 britannias, or chinese…[View]
15573009coinbase .com /earn/eos /invite/jfbkmtg0 Bypass the waitlist. Free money. EOS answers! 1. A blockcha…[View]
1557291610x through astral projection for life: Norse shaman here. My family comes from a long line of occul…[View]
15571724ETH / BTC is the most important trading pair there is will it ever break out again?[View]
15573541>FUCKBucks >1 FUCK = 1 Fuck (if someone comes to me with a fuckcoin, i'll fuck them) >…[View]
15571776> what did ISDA mean by this? https://www.isda.org/2019/09/12/legal-guidelines-for-smart-derivati…[View]
15573337I feel like I should be doing something productive but all I'm doing is sitting on my bed looki…[View]
15573453Is biz really going to miss the next Ant Shares?: Dag team member Benjamin Jorgen is working with Po…[View]
15565014SECRET DISCORD: There is a secret Chainlink unofficial Discord that THEY DO NOT want you to know abo…[View]
15572841Is learning Game theory profitable?: > pic unrelated[View]
15572026>buy bitcoin early >get rich in the bubble >gamble your money away on bitmex >larp as a …[View]
15573420IQ ID: Instead of flags biz should have an optional online IQ test and your results should appear be…[View]
15573136which crpyto would (s)he buy and why?[View]
15573393How many of you are employed?[View]
1557328730yo boomers always win: young enough to understand new technologies old enough to have the capital …[View]
15571996poor people deserve everything that happens to them. money can literally be manifested through will.…[View]
15572971We go down now: Game over that was it april fools day to september friday the 13th see ya’ll[View]
15573343bitch i got dat harmony[View]
15573145I'm so tired.. And not the kind of tired sleep can fix..[View]
15573104chainlink will never be below $1.70 ever again[View]
15565257>be working at a shit job for side money >cute girl, who's actually my supervisor, is pre…[View]
15571338Rate my cuckedfolio: How can I make a comeback with 46 fucking dollars?[View]
15572146I bought $12k in eos right now: 1,8 ver coming soon, it should pump hard How fucked am i?[View]
15573225Holy fuck this one of the most kino conversations on economics and BitCoin of all time https://strea…[View]
15567676What race will you’re wife be?[View]
15569512Giving money away: If you become wealthy will you give money to the help others? I probably wont giv…[View]
15573245Remember the Fundamentals Marines: https://blog.goodaudience.com/chainlink-the-missing-piece-to-the-…[View]
15572927So I've developed a concept in blockchain that no one has ever thought in a particular niche. C…[View]
15572855ATOM: You do realise this is a rightful billion dollar marketcap coin, don't you biz? It's…[View]
15572142I attended last night’s INVESTASIA conference with Sergey AMA[View]
15573197When the next Recession occurs, will the housing market crash like it did around 2008? I was too you…[View]
15573126Irán and other sanctioned nations are using crypto to circumvent US laws > whT the fuck do you th…[View]
15572919/biz/: what if i told you i could carry the 7 and it was a safe haven?[View]
15572973This is fucked up[View]
15567758So are the citadels going to be in France?: >France will not tax crypto-to-crypto trades; will ta…[View]
15572226I have a million dollar idea: I want to take an existing product, but modify it in a unique way. Nob…[View]
15573125moons silently: I am surprised no one is talking about this hidden gem[View]
15573120At least you aren't a freight broker...[View]
15572392what the fugg was that?: NOT LIKE THISSSSS[View]
15569714LINK is following precisely the way ETH was treated by /biz/ when it started mooning in 2016-2017: 1…[View]
15571952Momma says link is like a box of chocolates...[View]
15573074cmon.... bart down already...[View]
15573013which coin would he invest in and why?[View]
15571931Why isn't the alt market vibrant anymore? Shouldn't all the money that exited binance alts…[View]
15572525You are all dumb and terrible with money[View]
15567914P.S. They’re hiring: Are you going to help the revolution?[View]
15572675Gregory mannarino is a freemason[View]
15571796Yale - Young fags should be investing with leverage: > We find that people should be holding much…[View]
15568243/smg/ stock market general: CME Fedwatch: https://www.cmegroup.com/trading/interest-rates/countdown…[View]
15572823SIT THE FUCK DOWN, BITCOINER: Don't mess with us.[View]
15570372Is living in the woods a good investment?: Im considering buying a tent and sleeping bag and living …[View]
15572250Hi guess. Google rep here trying to gather stats on crypto holders. Post your stats. I’ll start haha…[View]
15572439FYI: The bottom is in. $30-50 later this year. Clear into the $100's next year. Multi $1000…[View]
15567057As someone with real academic experience in computer science, network topology and economics... CSW …[View]
15568335Are you fucking kidding me?[View]
15571895I want to save india biz: What shitcoin i have to lose my money in?[View]
15567782Please argue why a forward thinking intellectual human being should short this stock? With their rap…[View]
15572066>Bitcoin needs the S&P to lead it higher: What's /biz/'s assessment of this?[View]
15572598Why are millennials resorting to questionable tactics when buying homes? are they retarded?[View]
15571748how based is this n i g g e r: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DpLUAwxRN-0&t=98s[View]
15570760>when >implying it ever will[View]
15572609Craaaaaaaab people: Craaaaaaab people[View]
15572503We back: We moon boys next week. ALLL ABOARD. Link Eth Btc Even shitty VeChain will rise a little It…[View]
15572612Fake news confirmed.[View]
15572637What the fuck was that spike in volume?[View]
15572772> xrp[View]
15572568Silverchads check in. What is the best amount of silver to buy in one go? Do you go in single ounces…[View]
15570430How do some people manage to wok 8+ hours a day? I'm fucking fried after 8, can't imagine …[View]
15571468My mom is kicking me out of the house. Should I just give her 290 LINK?: She wants 500$ a month in r…[View]
15570668>Chainlink shows evidence of pump and dump scam Pretty much every coin has, that’s no indicator o…[View]
15572387rsr + visa: A new face has recently appeared on the RSR website. meet David Sica. Ex Visa director…[View]
15572657why does this board have no crypto general?[View]
15571079look at this stupid thing.: Who woulda thought Tesla would have a chance? It was just a golf cart in…[View]
15572244Non paid shill ultra thread looks like the shills moved from sent to ultra I bought my stack 2 weeks…[View]
15572529WATCH: You nigger faggots need to become a LINK maximalist or you deserve to be poor as fuck[View]
15572630what are these walls up to[View]
15572614A friend gave me a ledger nano s, what is the easiest way to start buying crypto without connecting …[View]
15571136snibb snab[View]
15568883SERGEY + VITALIK on the future of blockchain: FUDDERS BTFO VITALIK just bent the knee >https://tw…[View]
15572082how much money to have sex with any girl at all ?[View]
15569854The one man that will save crypto[View]
15572154My gf has 18 link is she going to make it?[View]
15570477CHILIZ (CHZ): Anon why are you not in CHZ? It just got listed on Binance! CHILIZ (CHZ) - Alexandre D…[View]
15572425Can you imagine being dilated by pic related?[View]
15570298>makes edgy content that redpills millions on jews >fakes a donation to the ADL, claiming 'I d…[View]
15572381How do I come out to my parents that I have to get a job? It's so embarrassing.[View]
15572358Are you buying in case it breaks this line?[View]
15572293Is it normal to smell your finger after you-know-what ?[View]
15570400any oldfag here? what does a real altszn look like?[View]
15571805The market never moves When it moves, it moves against my positions[View]
15572172https://twitter.com/CNBCFastMoney/status/1172264258618281984 post your thots on this take[View]
15571656Will this piece of shit ever pump?: 99% of the shitcoins pumped at least once, but not this one... i…[View]
15569597Who else went back to bittrex?[View]
1557162510 days until EOS upgrade to EOS 1.8: 23 september, EOS will upgrade to EOS 1.8, which make EOS even…[View]
15571121You did get a bag when I told you to right? This is going to 40mil mcap by EOM[View]
15572213Could it be anymore obvious this is the next Binance CEX listing?[View]
15572177FANTOM-cels on suicide watch: How will you incels recover?[View]
15570014Are crypto's the new safe haven?: https://btcxlab.com/in-the-event-of-a-recession-40-of-millenn…[View]
15571657what went wrong?[View]
15568200Is moving out of your parents house a scam?: Most cultures don't put this pressure on their kid…[View]
15572053The next /biz/ shilled PUMP AND DUMP: Don't fall for the shills, biz is fucking merciless and w…[View]
15572163>tried to study all day >clocked in only 5 hours…[View]
15569613What are your thoughts on NKN?[View]
15572112Last chance to buy fantom under 0.1 Usd from here it only goes up[View]
15572107Slav boy here: When will I make it biz bros, bought the best bags on offer here, MITX, RSR and CHZ. …[View]
15572067>Based in the cayman islands >Gives same presentation past 3yrs >Nothing is intellectually …[View]
15572051EOS is king of alt coins: Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Ripple Binance EOS Technical Analysis Chart 9/9/…[View]
15572042How do you pick 100x weed stocks: I buy my weed from cresco because it's local so I looked up t…[View]
15571142does anybody remember what it was like here before crypto? it's been so long i'm having a …[View]
15570069Šarić: Ivan here, I was shilled MITX by a corner shop pajeet that gambles his 5$ per hour in crypto.…[View]
15570619i failed my drive test bros[View]
15571997Let's go biz: Shill me your bags, size matters: 15 Mil MITX, 10 Mil FTM, 10k QNT[View]
15571976/fg/ forex general - boomer edition: What positions you guys have open right now? Just opened a shor…[View]
15568932I just ordered this, what should I expect?[View]
15571970>posted 3 days ago: >no one listened WHY do you hate money SO FUCKING MUCH?…[View]
15570995How to get10-$20k fast? no kneepad shit[View]
15570780Except it’s link this time. Wait for October. Hold strong. -cell[View]
15570687Books that got you out of crypto[View]
15569420literally under a penny: feels like I'm stealing at these prices[View]
15571618serious discussion about chainlink: no laughing at linkies or 1k EOY nonsense why are linkies so bul…[View]
15571282Actual brotip: The entire economy is equivalent to a pump and dump scheme.[View]
15571638MITX: You know how this goes biz, hope you anons got in.[View]
15571607Mike Pompeo is currently in closed meetings- this is know dont ask how If you didnt understand oran…[View]
15571787Hello /biz/mans. What are your inputs for a most volatile and or best daytrading btc pair on binance…[View]
15566679Harmony has bottomed: It’s all up from here ONE bros. Strap in.[View]
15571659Have any of you guys scammed/catfished men online for money?[View]
15570316I got about 0.1 BTC in my coinbase account and I wanna convert them to ETH - where do I go?[View]
15571415which crypto would he buy and why?[View]
15570451The FBI is investigating a venture capital fund started by Peter Thiel for financial misconduct: htt…[View]
15570223Are you guys part of the middle class?[View]
15569001coooooming: how to profit from make coom?[View]
15571555checkem 1k eoy[View]
15569688Important Announcement: *ahem* If everybody would please be seated, I have a brief announcement to …[View]
15571629I know the winner to any future sporting event ama[View]
15570068otherwise i will kill my self: /biz, I need to have 100k EUR until next summer. I am a 21 y. o. WAG…[View]
15571471>yes, i'm dumping Link. How could you tell?[View]
15567949Professor in Economics Embracing BSV: https://twitter.com/ProfSteveKeen His paymail address is 1prof…[View]
15571641City of the future: IOTA is building the smart city of the future right now! How can your crappy alt…[View]
15571619Burger here,: Traded my last stack of Harmony today for Cosmos. Reasoning: Cosmos is being considere…[View]
15570168Is anyone using this? How do you transfer funds to / from the site?[View]
15571506Should I sell my car and put all that money into crypto before it gets repossessed?[View]
15570585IM FUCKED: I have a phone interview and I lied on my resume, what the fuck should I do? Am I complet…[View]
15571537So I bought some LinkPool shares: how am I going to earn shit now?![View]
15571208Free Money: Use this invite for free money to accumulate more LINK (you can transfer on Coinbase). h…[View]
15570077Now that crypto is dead how do i get into the eBay biz?[View]
15571090Is flipping computers a decent way to make money? Buy cheap parts, throw something together, and sel…[View]
15570311MEW Question/CoinLion (LION): So shortly before Idex required KYC info I picked up a bag (~38k) of L…[View]
15571514Be strong Biz, our goals maybe on the distant horizon but dawn has only just awoken behind us. This …[View]
15571502White brainlets only: Little moonboi here, got some bags of MITX and QNT, enterprise should bring mo…[View]
15569248The deflationary coin with an actual use case. Trade $0.01 worth of any shitcoin you hold for BAGS. …[View]
15571406>Bakkt warehouse >physically settled futures What the hell are they smoking?…[View]
15571402> market sell 24k BTC[View]
15570120I lost three months worth of salary to this.[View]
15571300>he still works hard only to be paid in Goy Bucks & not real assets…[View]
15571276WE ZELLE NOW https://www.coindesk.com/banking-veteran-takes-over-stellar-startup-as-ceo-joins-spin-o…[View]
15571271Newfags always forget: What comes up, must go down. Pajeets only want perma bull, when niggers are w…[View]
15571210>hehe nothing personal, kid[View]
15570486Toothpick in my mouth while I'm sittin' in the Benz Bitches doubted me I balled on 'e…[View]
15569453>mixicles solving the public chain privacy problem >threshold signatures helping with scalabil…[View]
15570811Fucking excuse me?[View]
15570966What will you spend your money on and do with your life once you make it? Wont you get bored having …[View]
15571137When are you day trading cucks gonna learn? Since August 16th I have had 5.98% return.[View]
15565892i cant take it anymore: will creg ever pump my bags? the fucker could sign the keys and this would m…[View]
15571109When do USA customers get kicked off of binance? Is today the last day?[View]
15571089What's with all the vaping fud? Where do I buy vaping coins or stocks or whatever to profit off…[View]
15570729Gentlemen: Your realistic price predictions please! >inb4 $35 eoy and token not needed faggot…[View]
15570996When MITX bag ?: I recently got into MITX and I feel that everything is right with this one. Shill m…[View]
15568294Scientifically valid iq test. How powerful is biz?: been consistently getting 3 to 4 hours of sleep …[View]
15570947Gentlemen i need your most realistic price prediction for this[View]
15570611grug trade little berry for many rock now rock worth many berry[View]
15570930chainlink bleeding back to pre google price: if happens my prediction machine say we bearish again t…[View]
15570449post your crab music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttWQK5VXskA[View]
15570954France blocks Libra from Europe: On a scale of 1 to car door bounces right off, how hard are my RSR …[View]
15569560who here /highatwork/[View]
15570969Hey bros what do you call this chat? Staying so stinky rn fellas It's over. My investment is no…[View]
15570950I drive greyhound buses for a living and recently I fell in love with my supervisor. I currently wor…[View]
15570728Subscribed to a Pua course: HI, ugly anon here, never had a women I subscribed to a Master pua cours…[View]
15570106Shitcoin season is coming: Chill me with the best tradesatoshi gem.[View]
15570876Wagie here: Just bought my first alt bag, MITX and RSR. Good luck anons, hope to come back as a neet…[View]
15570782ATOM: What's up with COSMOS?[View]
15570797Can we start calling them coomies?[View]
15570817It's starting to light up. Where's your green dot, biz? Flash em up! You are earning passi…[View]
15570853Can someone answer this for me? What happens if somebody/group creates a malicious smart contract? W…[View]
15570774MITX reminder here: Screencap this price, you won't see it anytime soon. The border won't …[View]
15570624Crypto is dead, should I invest in stocks?[View]
15570809I wanna buy more but I’m poor: What to do biz?[View]
15570481>just turned 25 >Not a millionaire yet >Not even remotely close Well looks like it'…[View]
15570658I think we finally discovered how to end the fap jew >the second cooming…[View]
15570756I'm not sleeping on this. Big news soon?[View]
15570289is Crypto for losers?: I've never seen any well-adjusted person mention crypto, it's alway…[View]
15570074MITX bag: I have a small MITX bag, only 100k. I was promised financial freedom, when will I get it ?…[View]
15570675Why was it easier to lose $60,000 than it was to make it? Shouldn't it be the other way around?…[View]
15569487On the chan, I just can't wait To pick you up on my very first exchange Is it cool if I buy in …[View]
15570629MITX support here: Wagecucks should dump already, go back to your corner and cry about your life the…[View]
15570534pee pee poo poo[View]
15570594I'm gay and I hold Chainlink[View]
15570592what are these jews up to[View]
15569736NO. I won't accept that chainlink is a fail. I won't. I JUST WON'T. When is it gonna …[View]
15570384Feel like kicking weak niggers in the face: When did this lowshit fags get into crypto, only weaklin…[View]
15570519Show pepo: lol Don’t forget to request your invite, anon. Pepo.com[View]
15570238Aergo: /biz/, after 3 days Aergo is still being accumulated. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ae…[View]
15570490PIVX: What's your opinion on PIVX? https://coinmarketcap.com/de/currencies/pivx/[View]
15568588Make money With 20.000 followers: I have 20.000 followers on snapchat, and I want to make money from…[View]
15567801How many pps (pumps per second) is needed to make female orgasm?[View]
15570469hello, lazy anon here: Hello lazy anon here. I don't have time for nerd's shit... '…[View]
15570276What coin does she hold, /biz/?[View]
15570365You're trapped here. Hours on end. Checking the minute graph. Buying high and selling low. Tryi…[View]
15570265>01/12/2018 deposit 4.2btc to Binance >09/12/2019 withdrawal 0.00689 btc from Binance Class ac…[View]
1557002640k Link, 1LP Share: How much is this going to give me?[View]
15569160To all pajeets shorting y’all be slained. BTC will do a massive run up, alts will follow and there i…[View]
15570243altszn: altszn[View]
15570356Where did it all go wrong?[View]
15567597I don't understand: Is /biz/ that fucked or are you lot fudding this just to keep the price dow…[View]
15570194>makes you seethe Wat do?[View]
15570294No fap marines report in. Five months no fap here, watched porn few times but that was during first …[View]
15570242This board is dead as fuck[View]
15569222Why shouldn't I use Compound / DAI for 10%?: Not seeing a downside to funneling all profits fro…[View]
15570247yah, i'm thinkin we back mon.[View]
15569583Similarities Between LINK and VeChain Bagholders: Seeing a lot of the same desperate coping mechanis…[View]
15569987Theoretically, if I lived in the USA and I wanted to not pay taxes on crypto, could I gift that mone…[View]
15570129It's over. Everything is over. We never had a chance. We will go back to 50 cents. Never to rec…[View]
15567976daily reminder that the entire global economy is a jewish scam: The entire idea that boom & bust…[View]
15568610why is boomercoin going up? it's spose to go down to 1k, anon said so...[View]
15569878He missed the bottom...: > ...again > He only buys coins when they're pumping > He sti…[View]
15569250Finally out of this scam: I couldn't take it anymore biz. The fud finally got to me. I bought i…[View]
15569674My future kek: This january im going to join military (it’s mandatory where i live) and I will be a …[View]
15570056MITX MARINE REPORTING: Imagine being such a cuck that you don’t have a bag of this[View]
15569819WHY NUMBER GO DOWN???[View]
15568835Rating /biz/ threads: I'll go first. God-tier: >Brainlet >Crab market >Sergey 700k du…[View]
15568092>tfw boss is a furry How do I use this to my advantage /biz/?[View]
15569401Libra news is Zuckbucks news.: $1 EOY. Screencap this. Do the needful and take down these walls. I h…[View]
15569816Chainlink: Soon[View]
15567383Anyone buying pic related next week?[View]
15569042What crypto boards or forums do eurofags shill on? Or chinese? Chinese have to have a version of cry…[View]
15569976For those of you holding binance shitcoins. What the fuck did you expect to happen when volume went …[View]
15568197Alt season: Ok, let’s cut the bullshit. I summon all OGs and the Asuka poster to come out of hiding.…[View]
15569936>hidden bearish divergence[View]
15568369Brand new algo, no ICO, no airdrops, no pre-mine, green mining. Can it save cryptos?[View]
15568846Are you even paying attention? https://www.isda.org/a/VTkTE/Legal-Guidelines-for-Smart-Derivatives-C…[View]
15569386yo where is this bull eryone talk about?[View]
15565478B-L-A-C-K-E-D til 3am!: backstory >leah rejects tone >leah stops going on tone's show …[View]
15567609Interview for an internship position tomorrow. Any advice?[View]
15569504is link a scam?: there's so much fud being posted lately that i'm starting to belive it. t…[View]
15569890https://www.cryptogamblingnews.com/funfair-isle-of-man-licence/ Are we having fun yet?[View]
15568939So much debt... What men can do against such reckless rates?[View]
15562808Daily Reminder: >Dr. Wright and David Kleiman entered into a 50/50 partnership to develop Bitcoin…[View]
15569163Stellar XLM Crashening: >check folio >lost half its value in a few months I'm gonna need …[View]
15567397this is true: reminder you are poor if you have 0 RLC[View]
15569865The ChainLink Vitalik Connection: For all of you who are new I have some information for you. We lea…[View]
15568782Binance Death: You can no longer trade on Binance as a US citizen. If you signed up for KuCoin, your…[View]
15569853MITX: I just bought more, as I was told this is the next shit. I'm a true suicide stack bagger,…[View]
15569826How is this legal?: Amerimutt here. Salary at EOY will be approximately $110k. I will earn approxima…[View]
15569221Use this invite for free money to accumulate more LINK (you can transfer on Coinbase). https://coinb…[View]
15568832where did everything go so right?[View]
15568620We back: Anti pmers btfo once again. Up we go.[View]
15568410I still haven’t found a job So frustrating[View]
15569758Ya im thinking bittrex pump n dumps are back on the menu[View]
15569307After 2 years of Holding link: I’m starting to think “smart contracts” are less and less useful and …[View]
15569734Glad I didn't invest in RSR, Shills died as quick as they came[View]
15568394we're all here to make money: but is the real reason why we come here is to feel like we belong…[View]
15569092What is the best place buy Bitcoin and why is it paxful?: Where else online can you buy bitcoins wit…[View]
15569380WHAT HAVE I BECOME[View]
15569584Boomers scammed us. Created the system which fulfills their perverted reality. The world they built,…[View]
15568845bitch i got dat harmony[View]
15565958I'll give $25 worth of bitcoin to the best Craig just meme. Post em[View]
15567031>I'm turning Japanese, I think I'm turning Japanese, I really think so…[View]
15568593Finish the Team: Your Team Is: Code Monkey Electrical Engineer Management/Sales/Accountant >Budge…[View]
15569220CFDs and options: Hey biz , have been trading bitmex and decided to let it all go and start trading …[View]
15569576Will this ever go up?[View]
15569044Vechain is a once in a lifetime opportunity right now: Walmart partnership. DNV GL. PWC. It's o…[View]
15565695>chainlink is bad[View]
15569547You know, I see all these integrations of Chainlink, at least 2 a week, which is amazing and I’m roo…[View]
15568797Harmony and Samsung partnership confirmed: this tweet just came Harmony to Scale @Samsung Wallet-Sup…[View]
15569513Aphria Brown[View]
15568776Get in on KCS: Burgers can trade on kucoin. The volume is going to explode. KCS are a bargain right …[View]
15569451>down 7k Im gonna be sick[View]
15569169Here We Go[View]
15569452wen moon[View]
15568308Is this too good to be true (XSN): Their roadmap has some crazy stuff on it. This coin has so much g…[View]
15567569>Money doesn't buy you happiness Sick to fucking death of hearing this shit. Of course it fu…[View]
15568799CHILIZ (CHZ): Anon why are you not in CHZ? It just got listed on Binance! CHILIZ (CHZ) - Alexandre D…[View]
15569324Only 2 more days left bros[View]
15565049Hi /biz/ i have about 20000 usd: And i want to make or grow fast. Im too late for btc:( any suggesti…[View]
15569279CSW is doing god's work. BSV will rise.[View]
15569239Which one to buy. BTC or BSV?: Getting ready to go all in but undecided which bitcoin to buy.[View]
15569349Mfw I get a real estate deal into contract[View]
15567775https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/14-Year-Old-Palmdale-Elotero-Cart-560105901.html This might…[View]
15569123How much money do I need to get a sugar baby? I'm a mid 20s boomer and want a cute 18 year old …[View]
15567677AAAAAND WE'RE BACK! Bitcoin going to motherfucking 11k right fucking now![View]
15567236Gold is down 16% in the last 8 years[View]
15568682WTF WAS THAT?!?!?[View]
15562478is gold or silver better for an economic crash?[View]
15568906/sig/ - Self-Improvement General: ~sig/ Basics for anyone: >Set realistic goals and design a plan…[View]
15567755Imagine not being a communist during this period of late stage capitalism.[View]
15567481Just bought 220 shares of AAPL. What to expect??[View]
15566861>Alexa, Play melancholic anime music before work[View]
15568807HOT to wallet: Can I just transfer my HOT from Binance to ledger X with no problems? It worked fine …[View]
15551847Why are normies so bad with their money?[View]
15569086Where did the HOWDOO SHILL GO[View]
15569067chainlink on latoken: what a lousy paint job. that shit is dripping hard. too much water. take care …[View]
15568502Biz doesn't know shit: about everything. Who wants to move to plebbit? This board is lost…[View]
15565900How many of you bet? Do gamble or do esports bets: How much do you gamble with? I personally started…[View]
15568901It's over. Everything is over. We never had a chance. We will go back to 50 cents. Never to rec…[View]
15568658Dear CZ I wrote to you but you still aint calling I left my Twitter, IG and email at the bottom I se…[View]
15568989https://youtu.be/xyicYL9IMCo Link Anon's most prophetic video to date. hold strong marines[View]
15566867Any1 else that's hyped about the Webinar 4 Hedera Hashgraph xHBAR? I personally think this wil…[View]
15562633Name 10 actually succesfull altcoins that are being used. I'll start. ETH BNB[View]
15568310Is Invest Asia thing over? What happened? I was sleeping[View]
15568837Lol: Where are all you faggots now? It’s officially time to leave biz. This place offers no more val…[View]
15567833Shill me your shitcoins[View]
15568681Nothen personel, kid.[View]
15567509The Times 12/Sept/2019 European Central Bank president Mario Draghi cuts rates and restores QE https…[View]
15565658UDOO holding strong in red sea: The soldiers are strong. Binance is REKT![View]
15567357You MUST post ITT if you're waging right now: wage[View]
15567897Cryptocurrencies as safe heaven for next crash ?: are cryptocurrencies the safe heaven for next econ…[View]
15568544He says he made it. but has to move to a 3rd world shithole: Thats a no for me[View]
15561501is there a book or resource that guides you on how to live as cheaply as possible? like what foods t…[View]
15567687I can unironically predict the price of where bitcoin is going to go on the 1 min candle with 65% ac…[View]
15568497Altcorns: altcorns[View]
15565867negative interest rates: what does /biz/ think of negative interest rates?[View]
15565879women are not people[View]
15567712Sell me on LTC or your own shitcoin I guess: why should I buy LTC? why not?[View]
15566108Ritalin: Methylphenidat. So i got diagnosed for adhd in my mid 20s. Should i take this shit or no? B…[View]
15565978what went wrong?[View]
15568342Harmony ONE: What would you do to Gizem if you had her in front of you?[View]
15567495Does anyone on /biz/ invest in MTG? How has it been going for you? I just found I have a shitload o…[View]
15568371First LINK Pride coming in Harrisburg - Pennsylvania: From today on, there's nothing more to be…[View]
15568136COSS Free trading bots: Hi, I just signed up to COSS because someone told me they have free trading …[View]
15568365Chainlinkers are fags. Buy Cardano. I love ladyboys[View]
15567094ITT 4chan doesn't realize how rich they are: Read this and weep. We are going to be millionaire…[View]
15565937Bizonnaci: Where did he go brehs How could he abandon us in our hour of need[View]
15567739Buy here or stay poor.[View]
15567908Calling on all short-sighted wagecucks: We might not know where btc or anything is heading in the ne…[View]
15566742Biggest scam ever: Discuss[View]
15568043WHAT THE UNHOLY FUCK WAS THAT..???!!![View]
15568257Newfag on metals, i got a question. Can i trade digitally or am i always going to be liable to be ro…[View]
15568162>mfw masturbate at work[View]
15568245SEC will start to investigate Chainlink soon[View]
15566919When crypto fails what is the fallback ponzi scheme? Asking for a friend.[View]
15568099ganna go sell my 60 oz of silver today. My buyer offered to buy 1.50 under spot per oz. Is that a go…[View]
15566795ECB Press Conference: Hop in anons. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrwQSFe_Dlo[View]
15567784Would you work at 1 WTC?[View]
15568196How do I profit from this?[View]
15567576Hey bros.. Fellow link holder here.. Bought in around fifty cents. Still up but not for long. With t…[View]
15561630/smg/ stock market general: CME Fedwatch: https://www.cmegroup.com/trading/interest-rates/countdown…[View]
155681505x incoming: Binance refugee bump incoming, You've been warned.[View]
15567346Why aren't you all in on LINK token anon?[View]
15567512Jesus when will they let us get rich?!?!?!?: Every fuckin month! The chainlink team is just fucking …[View]
15567881Who here rents out property? How is it going for you?[View]
15566809MY MOM IS KICKIN ME OUT OF THE HOUSE. SHOULD I JUST GIVE HER 289.0 LINK?: She wants 500$ a month in …[View]
15567417Link: It just keeps dropping It just keeps dropping It just keeps dropping IT JUST KEEPS DROPPING IT…[View]
15568020It keeps dumping: I'm only holding this and so far it has ruined me.[View]
15568067wat do[View]
15564817Press S to spit on grave[View]
15566585Why are there people working for free?[View]
15567060Why does everyone hate NKN?[View]
15567933Who is sending 1,000,000,000 $ to whom?[View]
15560501Precious Metal General /PMG/: How many ounces to make it in the next paradigm?[View]
15565259Australia Bill proposing a Cash Ban and Jail time up to 2 years: https://www.news.com.au/finance/eco…[View]
15567954Daily Reminder[View]
15567688why is it that in finance there are so many 'temporary' things that turn out to actually go on for a…[View]
15567146Is there anywhere I can easily convert my cash to stablecoins/DAI WITHOUT having to pay up my ass in…[View]
15564222Any Link Marines feel *strange* recently???[View]
15567791Link Marines- Pvt. Parts reporting in: HOW MUCH LONGER DO WE HAVE TO HOLD ON? I'M WEAK RIGHT NO…[View]
15567221any biz fags know how to mass delete my telegram messages in groups/dm's without deleting my pr…[View]
15563776anyone remember this BTC regression analysis posted on biz? its from 4/2/19. an anon had done an int…[View]
15567643Long www.sprung.com https://www.nbclosangeles.com/investigations/Los-Angeles-LA-Homeless-Encampment…[View]
15566075iCON (ICX) to be listed on Kraken: Not binance but it'll do. The Asia Hustle never ends[View]
15566128How do I profit from Brexit?[View]
15567694attention: ranjeets like this tryna scam you ery day biz Zangeef it https://twitter.com/jeetsidhu_…[View]
15566815TRUMP: WHERE IS MY QE AS WELL REEE!?: >AAnd now we prepare for the ECB press conference in 30 min…[View]
15567307The 'grin miner at work' experiment is over for now. Ran it from like the last week of May so this i…[View]
15566360RIP Santander. 20 Million bond issued on a mess. This will end badly very quick and the bank will lo…[View]
15567304Quant at ECB HQ: >he still doesn't know Dont tell him Quant is a scam!!…[View]
15567672imagine not all in HT: https://www.coindesk.com/huobi-plans-backdoor-ipo-attempt-in-hong-kong-docume…[View]
15566740All I'm asking for is $40 LINK So I can finally stop wageslaving[View]
15564663Crypto arbitrage: So this dude I was talking to was telling me he made it through crypto arbitrage b…[View]
15567524so your tiny little altszn is already over how pitiful[View]
15566869This...: ...is awesome.[View]
15566322Bobo mass suicide inc[View]
15567570quantitative easing: >quantitative easing[View]
15567541we are going up for another lower high[View]
15564751who here getting JUSTed in every aspect of their life right now?[View]
15567258QTDDTOT: Whats wrong with negative interest rate? Isnt free money to borrow money good for us plebs?…[View]
15567534Redpill me on ESOP. Finna get my first full time job and they have one of these employee stock owner…[View]
15567510CHILIZ (CHZ): Anon why are you not in CHZ? It just got listed on Binance! CHILIZ (CHZ) - Alexandre D…[View]
15567508>no gf >no social life >never get any cunny >start to lust after the cunny of 5/10s at …[View]
15564952Anyone still got this shitcoin[View]
15565915It's over isn't it? How do I get my money back?[View]
15567473what does /biz/ think of AMS: does he give good advice for money and fucking thots or is he just a c…[View]
15567167How do i turn 140k into 10 million?[View]
15566998Are stocks in a bubble?[View]
15565608Trips choose what I ask him[View]
15567402So what news are we waiting for to moon link to the stratosphere? Need something to visualize so I c…[View]
15566040KNC: If this 10x, it would be the most deserving 10x in recent memory. If not, and it continues lang…[View]
15567342For all my sick auto-immune laden NEETS: Colostrum is the mother's milk produced right after bi…[View]
15567230>11 years after the financial crisis and ZIRP >STILL announcing new rounds of quantitative eas…[View]
15565816so before all the trannies and pajeets raid this thread with HAHAHAHAH DURRRRRRRRR LINKIE DIDNT YOU …[View]
15567322Anyone have a pdf for this book?[View]
15567124Harmony 76 sats! Holy shit I'm ruined[View]
15567160we gonna make it ONE bros[View]
15566849Why didn't you buy NODE?: it just keeps going up[View]
15567242Is he our new savior?: Since binance is over now is KCS now #ourcoin? It keeps going up and since bi…[View]
15566326Who else reading this?: Boomer is doing a AMA on EthTrader[View]
15567106Thanks for the money gweilo.[View]
15567168What crypto boards or forums do eurofags shill on? Or chinese? Chinese have to have a version of cry…[View]
15566122who else here cash/out/: I cashed out all my crypto shit and bought this 750i V12 bmw for 7000€. wha…[View]
15560448final fud before celestial voyage strap in marines[View]
15565480BAGS Token: The deflationary coin with an actual use case. Trade $0.01 worth of any shitcoin you hol…[View]
15566123What are the shit coins that you regret holding?[View]
15564319How do I short Madara Uchiha?[View]
15565916Fantom insider here The Opra-chain mainnet will be delayed... They are only going to relase a Stable…[View]
15566639Chinalink token operations increase thread[View]
15566904Jesus, I'm literally about to fucking cry right now that's how angry I am, they are FORCIN…[View]
15566264How would you profit from upcoming revolution in longevity research?: https://www.lifespan.io/the-re…[View]
15566707I graduated in June and am applying for grad schemes now, do you have any advice ? I know I was mean…[View]
15566760JUST'D WOJAK EVOLUTION: Does anyone have any of the evolutions of this JUST'd meme? I want…[View]
15566895OH NO NO NO: LOOK AT THIS DUDE https://www.kitco.com/commentaries/2019-09-11/Gold-trade-is-getting-u…[View]
15566834Just a dream..: >Tfw even faggot shitstain mother fucker god wants you to die. I regret ever bei…[View]
15566846Free Money: Use this invite for free money to accumulate more LINK (you can transfer on Coinbase). h…[View]
15566855nyzo - the next big thing?: heard about nyzo? maybe the nxt big crypto thing? join the mesh! https:/…[View]
15566844How about that silver?: >ECB >QE HERE WE GO…[View]
15564784Insider here. Big XRP news coming next week. Hold your balls tight frens.[View]
15565967>lumber, timber >hunting permits, fishing rights >natural produce, berries, fruits, vegetab…[View]
15562297>he thinks shit coins are the way to 5, 10, or 100x his money If you're gonna gamble you mig…[View]
15566154FRAG token airdrop: Frag token is airdropping the next wave into their dapps and they have a new goo…[View]
15564692Brave/BAT: Will they ever disclose the 80 million mau pattern from a year ago? Should I just give up…[View]
15566693hey /biz/ i got into crypto 2 months ago, how fucked am i? ive got 135link and i have spent $310(CAD…[View]
15565901Biz, I don't feel so good. He promised $1,200 eoy. Did he lie on us?[View]
15566466how to profit from reincarnation: if you could choose your gender in your next life what would it be…[View]
15566642Doesnt seem so bad when you look at it this way[View]
15559349A-anon you remember me, r-right? Wi? You're not gonna waste all of this mozzarella, RIGHT?[View]
15565118Fuck work: 5 days a week is a BITCH Fuck this system and fucl bootlcikers[View]
15566197OC memes for LINK: Secret prize for the best one[View]
15566511so are we retesting 9k or going up again?[View]
15565158Would you do it /biz/? That’s a lot of LINK...[View]
15566339If LINK is a scam why didn't the price dump?[View]
15566470Mastercard: i got a mastercard and i want to sell it where can i sell it ? ASAP[View]
15566501Is Blockfolio acting weird for anyone else or is the market just crabbing?[View]
15565193We are the early adop...[View]
15566212OECD Blockchain Paris 2019: https://www.oecd.org/daf/blockchain/interactive-agenda.htm Shalom goyim …[View]
15565941Link can be a scam: But my homosexuality is not I'm gay THANKS TO chainlink. This is not a scam…[View]
15565320LINK INVEST ASIA: What should I ask sergay? Do you guys want me to film?[View]

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