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22854406are genuine economists a dying breed?[View]
22853494AAVE chads: LEND to AAVE migration in 5 days anons how we feeling? staking will go live rather than …[View]
22855841How many normies will call DeFi a scam -If BTC drops to $9200 - vaults, pools, get liquidated and w…[View]
22855455UTY whale just sold: dip got bought up by me keke but its still low. this is going back to 1 eth = 1…[View]
22855049Why the fuck people sell bitcoin? Let's not sell until we hit 50k and and then we can dump on n…[View]
22853802Publicly owned you say???: Serious question about UNI token voting system... >It's 2025 >…[View]
22855094Meter Governance (MTRG): MTRG is Based Change my Mind[View]
22855675Crypto: Why is the average IQ in this market so astonishingly low? There are a few key, grossly unde…[View]
22855766Shouldn't this basically herald in ICO 2.0 except teams that want to compete in DeFi gotta have…[View]
22855481Report the betrayer to interpol[View]
22855272September 2020: Still no lambo in my garage...[View]
22853160FUCK BITCOIN[View]
22851831I’m 21 years old, working on my Computer Science degree that my parents are paying for fully, I make…[View]
22854217SELL UNI. BUY HEX.: https://youtu.be/SohOQKAToM8[View]
22855257The Next Cryptocurrency Revolution: Hi, guys! Guess what the future of DEFI is? To me, it's KFI…[View]
22850594$CELLAR $1 WAITING ROOM: We wait until staking goes live and the supply diminishes. Under 15 hours l…[View]
22855373Trump just signed PP into order[View]
22855533Ready for the Sunday dump /biz/?[View]
22855104How's my business plan?: >create a patreon >create a GoFundMe account >create a fake o…[View]
22853964Whoever shilled this last week I hope you kys[View]
22852119How did Chainlink become the poster child of /biz/? Why did they shill it for everyone here?[View]
22854038WE TRIED TELLING YOU: We warned you about the PICKLE rug but you ignored us. We told you to put your…[View]
22855532Can someone invite me to their discord server for making calls and discussing new coins? I will dele…[View]
22854694Redpill me on Fantom[View]
22854971How many Link will you buy during this dip?: Link ain't going nowhere. I'm fucked...…[View]
22855432BIDAO.. stop sleeping on it anons $BID: why is everybody sleeping on this legit project step in now …[View]
22854744that CORE pump and dump was fucking intense[View]
22853567How long till the general public loses faith?[View]
22855184The bagholders on the Dmg telegram keep saying that the Dao can vote for dividends once implemented …[View]
22854349Does Binance really own Uniswap now? That's kind of mean, isn't it? Bet the devs are sad.[View]
22855377help uniswap Add Liquidity: Hi all: I am tvt dev.tvt.io the project launch at 2017.12. It is first p…[View]
22853665>on date with gf last night >girl I know from HS that wasn’t hot then but is now is at the sam…[View]
22855357the fantom rises[View]
22854498Why would you buy a crypto with no working product?[View]
22854806OOOOOP MISO SOWWY ANON-SAMA 玉石在加工之前是没有用的。 一个人直到受过教育就一无是处[View]
22852867ROTbros...did we get too cocky?[View]
22853721There's a lot of quality projects that rarely see much attention on biz for some reason. For ex…[View]
22852587Piece of SHIT[View]
22855196Fiscus: Fiscus has been consistently making more and more update regarding is pool and staking. More…[View]
228544168 hours left[View]
22855116Boring: Weak dump[View]
22851612faking jew for career gains?: Anyone tried or thought about faking being a jew to advance their care…[View]
22853096How do I make money if I'm low iq?[View]
22854181He Did It Again: Say thanks to the bearded shiller. I don't even have to shill my shitcoins any…[View]
22855043free airdrop: @siberfinance on tg, most member ive seen in an airdrop group. has the hype, hopefully…[View]
22855009AAVE Token Migration: Anyone know if the Migration will be automatic (airdrop) or are we going to ma…[View]
22854027CORE here we go again edition: you must have massive balls of uranium to hold this coin on its journ…[View]
22852226SEC is coming after UNI for selling unregistered securities: Just a matter of time UNIbrows, and all…[View]
22854159Hey lads. So there's this older woman (50's) whose a bit crazy or 'off' in the workplace. …[View]
22854945Buy beef, best beef in the world: only now, get 2 for 1[View]
22853147CDRE is next CORE: cDeflation.finance(CDRE) just listed on Uniswap! Cheap price. If you miss CORE, d…[View]
22854939Fiscus introduce Wrapped Pools!: ETH wrapped Pools: Fiscus.fyi will introduce ETH wrapped pools. Thi…[View]
22854759SXP - Swipe FRAUD: Exit scam imminent. Fuck Joselito and fuck CZ, they’re both fraudsters in news ma…[View]
22854737Uh oh Bitcoin looking a bit shaky there guys... Wouldn't want it to dump back down to 8k guys..…[View]
22852610What are your thoughts on ethereum and its future[View]
22853893What happens if a country or entity buys 51% of a coin's supply[View]
22854843uniswap: hi ,tvt.io https://twitter.com/tvt_io trade tvt https://uniswap.info/pair/0xdac363f57faeccc…[View]
22854122How do I profit off the unprecedented times we are living in?[View]
22854782Are $YNK $YFBM and $YFMB managed by the same people? Also, how did the $YFGAMMA sale end like? It lo…[View]
22854776it is really a dead cat isnt it?[View]
22843236How about a true project biztard, how does that sound ?: Here's a new gem on the market for you…[View]
22854701What was that?[View]
22854699Imagine not owing any bitcoin for the upcoming bullrun[View]
22853156what happened pickle bros[View]
22854620What do you call this formation frens?: Libertas has been pumping hard the last couple of days. Fina…[View]
22854078What kind of person is still buying these fucking scams? Obviously a lot because it's pretty mu…[View]
22853293>scams literally dump within hours of launching >people are surprised that crypto is in a perm…[View]
22849915Few undertstand.[View]
22854528Let me bring this chart to your attention. Yes, this is chart for moons from the cryptocurrency subr…[View]
22852496CORE: >You weren't in at 1k >You weren't in at 2k >You weren't in at 3k Do y…[View]
22853014And we begin the great dump of UNI. You were all warned that this pump was so the UNI staff could se…[View]
22854355What's this pattern name ?[View]
22853728Chadfolio: 50/50 BSV and XMR[View]
22854123cup of VET[View]
22854390I threw 2 ETH into something called 'cellardoor'[View]
22854425Right now Trading view is SO bearish on SXP that is predicts the prices to fall SO HARD, they actual…[View]
22854444>When you're so lazy and ignorant you can't even be arsed to shill your exit scam to wi…[View]
22853234Libertas: Low marketcap gem: https://libertas.network >resists Jewtube censorship >enables inc…[View]
22854132WTF everyone is getting banned on TELEGRAM FEDS honeypotted an airdrop or something wtf is going on!…[View]
22853949Guys everyone saying the UNI fork is going to pump this very shortly. The charts for UNI are dumping…[View]
22852281>'dude don't you get it, if you invest 7 eth you'll have 700 eth in a year' >price i…[View]
22854386hyped airdrop/defi project: i think this is the most members that ive seen in a defi/airdrop group, …[View]
22853775LTC//Learn to Code GENERAL//: Any coders here? We should get a nice general going for people looking…[View]
22852515Honeyswap is mooning now easy x10: Get in now, $HNY has been consistently going up for a number of d…[View]
22853196Shroom: Why are you not in this yet?[View]
22854341Now that the dust has settled...what went so right?[View]
22854024All my problems will be solved if green line go up[View]
22854111SXP x XVS: Why the fuck is nobody talking about this https://twitter.com/JLSwipe/status/131002252871…[View]
22854253Those that know: MTP on testnet is ready, but there are two burning questions: 1. Run feedforward …[View]
22853943fuuuuuuuck I spent the whole night figuring out what the fuck is wrong with my wallet (Metamask). Li…[View]
22854216help uniswap Add Liquidity: Hi all: I am tvt dev.tvt.io the project launch at 2017.12. It is first p…[View]
22853852why is binance evil and why should i now use it?[View]
22854119>2020 >He's still a virgin This is unironically the next $MEME. IYKYK CHADS ONLY…[View]
22853781Why hasn't anyone gotten rich from 'scamming' rich people like osho? How are those shitcoins/s…[View]
22849655This is the Dow Jones in 1929[View]
22852113how do i gain the courage to take the first step[View]
22850965keep fudding[View]
22852854Avalanche (AVAX): now is the time to understand the tech superiority of this entirely new consensus …[View]
22853568$60 waiting room[View]
22851406I just want to be financially independent enough to not be owned/controlled by anyone and not have m…[View]
22853854I don't think it's too late to make money here bros. Look out.[View]
22850975How do I get undepressed bros? I've tried exercising and eating better but I'm soul crushi…[View]
22852763/k/ here, looking to get into crypto, has anybody heard of 2Acoin? Wanted to know if it was link-tie…[View]
22853173We did it boys![View]
22853904Who else is bullish on Dtube? I've already made 6000 DTC uploading and I'm a literally who…[View]
22853813CORE: Just bought 2 CORE. Did I get jeeted or is this going to ridiculous heights like YFI did?…[View]
22852594what do you smoke to celebrate a good trade, Biz? For me, it's the Montecristo 1935[View]
22845622HNY $1500 waiting room: Get in here honeybros. This is the hive, and honey is money. HNY $1500 EOD…[View]
22853812He is starting to play around with moving tokens: https://etherscan.io/address/0xeb31973e0febf3e3d70…[View]
22852437$4000 WAITING ROOM: Here we go again boys. IYKYK. https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/…[View]
22851024You haven't forgotten about me.. have you ?[View]
2285290711 hours until the cellardoor.finance presale ends. Staking goes like at 3PM EST. Prepare for the mo…[View]
22853371Slippage: So with a quick pump and dump like CORE for example, if you feel shit is going south, what…[View]
22853219Fucking KEK, UNI is dumping ahead of the Fantom fork. Strap in boys we are about to take off![View]
22851155Saving your investments!!!: cryptocurrency has outlived its peak and isn't going up i would adv…[View]
22853608Free 100 bucks t.me/wbtcNetworkBot?start=530988386[View]
22849964Business & Finance: Definitive step by step guide from seeing a girl you like —-> being boyfr…[View]
22853312BuySell (BSE) Presale ILO on LID: sale.lid.sh/buysell Live now, if you get in now you can still get …[View]
22850925uniswap: hi ,tvt.io https://twitter.com/tvt_io trade tvt https://uniswap.info/pair/0xdac363f57faeccc…[View]
22851077How to cure depression?[View]
22853590Like just make token: What's the fastest & easiest way to create fun creative tokens with g…[View]
22851072Clover42 (as if you needed a reason): This shit is launching soon and should be a perfect storm. Poo…[View]
228524543audit 100% up time for 10 months 1.4billion dollar market cap 280m staked for an average 4.8 years …[View]
22853409I just want Ethereum to crash to $200 so I can have the official make-it stack (320). Is that really…[View]
22851646MADE_IT: There are ANONS RIGHT NOW who made it since the march crash or during the summer and have l…[View]
22851295Get your last minute bags guys. Those who saw the thread last night will get it. Don't say you …[View]
22853272This place is almost as cringe as r*ddit[View]
22852517New uni drop on tg!: You can claim 12 uni on your tg daily and earn even more uni 20mil has been rel…[View]
22853182>he isn't getting a quick 2-3x on the election[View]
22852528Retard here, how do I connect a coinbase wallet to uniswap?[View]
22852242Check the Mt Gox Wallet Monitor website. The addresses are active.[View]
22852049CORE: Did i just actually make 4k with this. wtf is going on it soars like 100$ up per second.…[View]
22851491BOOOoooOOOoRINGGG DAOOooOoo: 1) Code frozen, Audit by Packshield. 2) Website - www.boringdao.com 3) …[View]
22851326BELLA PROTOCOL CHADS GET the fuck IN here.: What we doing lads? Farming with ARPA? I feel like the A…[View]
22853088Meter Governance (MTRG): Once you go to MTRG you can never go back.[View]
22850404how do I quit this place?[View]
22851049$rot-ting, get in: Who sold the dip?[View]
22851578Is $35000 enough money to spend for one month vacation traveling around Europe?[View]
22852325What the fuck?: Core, cellar, what the fuck are you faggots talking about? I can't find these c…[View]
22851002Wich one is a better option? I want to make some money.[View]
22852045I'm putting together a team.[View]
22851303Wagies are pathetic lol[View]
22852765WBTC Airdrop $100: Wrapped Bitcoin is airdropping 0.01 WBTC to everyone. Wrapped Bitcoin delivers th…[View]
22852911We live in a twilight world[View]
22851637CORE = YFI 2.0: Sup biz, I'm the dude who was making YFI threads back in early July: >>20…[View]
22847197Ethereum, regardless of if 2.0 comes out and resolves its existing problems, will never be successfu…[View]
22852811God bless Satoshi Nakamoto for giving us a way out of this debt driven money printing ponzi clown wo…[View]
22852236gfdfgsfsdvfbgd: adssssssssssssssssfsgdhrgwsfsddgfdfvs[View]
22852398Anon...: Anon you are going to share some of your Bitcoins when that thing you call Bull Run Happens…[View]
22851732Did you buy anon?: Did you do as you were told?[View]
22852733I wonder, how many of you shill 'projects' here, talk about it, beeing informative and everything, b…[View]
22852704OCEAN: adam and eve mooon[View]
22852406Ready to see this nigger destroy your boy?: A fight is not a bodybuilding contest, biz is about to l…[View]
22851296$CORE $3000 WAITING ROOM[View]
22852596$JUICE: Midnight buyback tonight!! I’d buy in if i were you, thrusters are primed and ready[View]
22849963Azizos+Arsu: >Dev's first token was shilled here first and did a 100x from AFTER it was shil…[View]
22851520Thoughts on Orbicular?: Is ORBI a good buy?[View]
22852121wrapped bitcoin launched a telegram, and are airdropping people $100 in wbtc for joining it t(dot)me…[View]
22849734RARI: Airdrop edition[View]
22852544Buy when there is blood in your pants: Buy when blood pantaloons https://uniswap.info/token/0x268821…[View]
22851396Wordpress Developer Outsourcing: Has anyone tried to land a job as a Wordpress developer and then pr…[View]
22852259FEEL: $Wojak.FEEL coin has almost officially launched after much anticipation on the wagie community…[View]
228488612,000 APY 6.9% PER DAY!: https://twitter.com/Magnifi_Crypto/status/1310010522125832194/photo/1 cvaul…[View]
22852419help uniswap Add Liquidity: Hi all: I am tvt dev.tvt.io the project launch at 2017.12. It is first p…[View]
22852359You aint no THUG: You think you liked chad? WAIT TILL THUG COMES. Discord link invite 2e9zSSP[View]
22852402>Day 1016 of the beras market[View]
22851506UNI crabbing: W-what happens next[View]
22848543What are you supposed to do if you don't want to wage slave and have no family to mooch off of?[View]
22851346Yeah, I’m thinking we’re back[View]
22851555Literal USELESS shitcoin Imagine thinking this is digital oil it's digital curry and will steal…[View]
22852350You guys remember that pump and dump telegram group posted here twice earlier? They got dumped on...…[View]
22851563describe this pattern in one word[View]
22852309DeFi MicrocapsL Under $100k ONLY: >$KFI is more than a dollar >Special rewarding process -Peer…[View]
22847774$CORE $2000 waiting room: China wakes up on this as Not Cyotee audit went successfully and live stre…[View]
22850060>parents are financially retarded and no matter how hard I try, I cant help them…[View]
22849170/biz/ approved flicks?[View]
22852266how do we stop the cripple schizos[View]
22849917This will be big investment gain cool guys. Great big THX good frens.[View]
22852255WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? 31k coin?? When did this happen????[View]
22848870i dont wanna be tortured for my XRP in the future once it becomes the standard, wut do?[View]
22851900Based Canadian: We all in this together[View]
22849623If you want some pic related. You should probably get some of it. Ideally within the next few hours.[View]
22851413Only have 1 CORE :( am I still going to make it, frens?[View]
22851807what's the difference between coinbase and coinbase pro[View]
22851849People don't get it that price of CORE will surpass the price of Bitcoin.If you don't beli…[View]
22849830i just had an epiphany. basically, the gist of it is, i don't like any of you. i certainly don…[View]
22844876Daily swap thread: Back at it! Yesterday was a fun ride! We really need to make sure swap becomes a …[View]
22852138CORE, released today, already did a 1000% but is an actual legit token that can compete with YFI[View]
22851811lets settle this shit , is 14 million tokens on a hackers wallet bullish or bearish the team said th…[View]
22845646PRESALE ENDS IN UNDER 24 HOURS: BITHUMB LISTING CONFIRMED IN 2 DAYS!!! https://cellardoor.finance Di…[View]
22848130Sub 1 Cent shitcoins with moon potential soon: I want to throw $100 at something. Shill me your shit…[View]
22848559Hey Faggots, My name is John, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-l…[View]
22849832I waste 30 to 40 dollars a week with my 'gf'. Sometimes 50 like this weekend but that's rare. A…[View]
22850957Anyone wants a token you can trade for 1 hours or 2 then rugs?[View]
22850163CORE: Pic related is my feelings when I know for sure $CORE will be $10,000+ and on several CEXs by …[View]
22851531Seriously, how does this even happen? Market manipulation to the fucking tits[View]
22851255*Poke*: Do something![View]
22851701Bonded Finance: October is going to be one hell of a month for Bonded Finance. 'Again, we are enteri…[View]
22851412You really don't know do you?: I am not even going to longpost this. If you really. HONESTLY. S…[View]
22851998Wrapped Bitcoin doing 0.01 WBTCairdrops on telegram. >t.me/wbtcNetworkBot?start=1167108531 GET IN…[View]
22851591QUIT Messing with the indian ppl: Iam so tired of you guys shitting on the indians,If you are smart …[View]
22851906How do I turn my $150 into $150,000?[View]
22850321How do you $COPE with the fact that you ignored the $CORE shilling all day at $350[View]
22849993Are burgers ready to have taxes increased on their crypto gains in order to pay blacks for their exc…[View]
22851679>a nice juicy dump on your plate[View]
22850341From today. This is so fucking crazy. Tezos. How is everyone not fucking buying Tezos[View]
22851825omg get in get in get in core: core is going to 10k soon please get in!!! its your last chance to ma…[View]
22851652Somebody pump it[View]
22851759You have at least a 10k stack, right?[View]
22849128Why aren't millennials buying houses?[View]
22851725Can I set up a company for my cryptos to prevent lawsuits?: What if I set up a company and make myse…[View]
22851503CORE: you had 6 hours[View]
22850189post mumus: in honor of the GBR that has just begun[View]
22846805Are tesla and amazon good buys right now? If not, what other big board stonks do you think will go u…[View]
22851463At dev party.: Even we didn't know it would hold up so well.[View]
22851498Explain this to me, please. Is it normal for most coins?[View]
22851484Game of Pump: If you guys tired of bullshit unfair games, come and try out the Game of Real Pump. Tr…[View]
22846918>grandpa told me in 1969 his rent was $30 bucks a month to rent a house…[View]
22851030pickle is fucking interesting: https://pickle.finance/[View]
22851390To the negro who banned me from telegram today - Have fun with your dead shit coin mate.[View]
22848957Are we going up or down?: Seriously, the chart seems a dip but it seems the step right before the pi…[View]
22850879Bzzzz 2000$ bzzzz[View]
22849615we back bois :)) who here comfy because you loaded on the bottom ?[View]
22846906*doesn't understand what's going on*: I missed the last half year in crypto with all the D…[View]
22850302Take a good luck: This is the face of the guy that fuds.[View]
22849628$CORE !!!!!!!!!!!: IF YOU KNOW YOU KNOW[View]
22851166>finished college 4 months ago >working remote for pajeets making 50k >have 20k saved up I …[View]
22850065>you missed YFI CORE is your next chance to get in early on the YFI of the next DeFi cycle…[View]
22850527what the FUCK WAS THAT?>!??!?![View]
22850758$URUG is deflationary magic: >350 supply >$100 >launched 30 minutes ago. GTFIH this is goi…[View]
22849747Mah Unitokens lost forever?: > Be me > Actually quit gaming cold turkey > Have a metamask b…[View]
22848903RPEPE: What's this?[View]
22850829How can I make money by being very trustworthy? It's main strength.[View]
22851196Hello /biz/, I received 500 USDT by Binance on my Binance account as a saving trial fund. I would li…[View]
22847878Ngl this project really had me excited.. I mean Peter Theil, Sam Altman, Jack Selby, and even coinba…[View]
22849386Any other femanons on biz? Of is it just a bunch of rich parking white dudes who lust after Asian th…[View]
22850179XVS SXP: What did he mean by this? https://twitter.com/JLSwipe/status/1310022528719564800…[View]
22851177Which way is bitcoin going to go? This is killling meeeeee i can't fucking tell.[View]
22849276THE WHITE MAN CHOOSES $CELLAR: BITHUMB LISTING CONFIRMED IN 2 DAYS!!! https://cellardoor.finance Dis…[View]
22850461help uniswap Add Liquidity: Hi all: I am tvt dev.tvt.io the project launch at 2017.12. It is first p…[View]
22847817How do you feel about Anthony Pompliano?: He says Bitcoin is the only coin that matters. Is he just …[View]
22848717Will the economy&crypto boom once the scamdemic is over?[View]
22847937What drugs should I buy when I make it?: No weedfags itt[View]
22850990What’s wrong with this pile of shit[View]
22849712Any streaming advice?: Usually, when i streamed, i had like 0-3 viewers, any advice how to grow to a…[View]
22849404>start chasing Defi 'gems' >invest >barely break even before whales dump >invest >pr…[View]
22850064Financial brainlet here. Is it considered acceptable to start trading crypto with Goybase or do I ju…[View]
22843086im going to commit suicide soon, not going into details because none of you give a shit. should i pu…[View]
22850215I've almost burnt through my entire Uni profits[View]
22850899/pmg/ - Precious Metals General: Kaufen Sie jetzt Silber >Bullion dealers https://apmex.com https…[View]
22844615im going to begin my 6 year sentence tomorrow in federal prison I have $4000 to my name which shitco…[View]
22849701Kusama: Any reason why this is not going to get even bigger?[View]
22850785SpeedFIRE: If you were to start over again how would you achieve financial independence as fast as y…[View]
22849071>Tfw 19 >Tfw 750k net worth[View]
22847588UNRUGGABLE LISTING TONIGHT 10PM EST: Based team behind $pumpanomics (30x), devotoken (20x) listing i…[View]
22844286Pay attention because chainlink will make a lot of people rich very soon[View]
22849776DO SOMETHING[View]
22846463I'm responsible for half of all BSV threads.[View]
22850636only a matter of time[View]
22850540Starting a new job in the mid office for an Equity Derivatives Broker. Anyone have an example of wha…[View]
22850584>People are making on CORE in one day what took me years to make on LINK…[View]
22850248>The only solution to the Oracle problem >An experienced and professional team >Withstands …[View]
22839192PMG - Fresh and Clean edition: >Bullion dealers https://apmex.com https://jmbullion.com https://s…[View]
22850379Should I buy a bunch of loopring?[View]
22850470RIPPLE MERGES WITH APPLE: https://coil.com/p/XRP_Productions/HUGE-Ripple-Merges-with-Apple-to-Form-R…[View]
22850157the absolute state of this board: what the fuck happened to /biz/??? every week its a new pajeet rug…[View]
22847776Sold chainlink near the bottom. Should I wait for a dump to recover my losses or should I just man u…[View]
22848154UNI's not regularly pumping and dumping: You guys talking about how you're making money of…[View]
22850472Im financially and emotionally ruined. I dropped $52k total since 2018. All I have left are 6k SXP. …[View]
22849172Why would you wait 5 years to possibly make it with LINK ?: When you could have just bought #CORE an…[View]
22850320You pathetic mumus actually think this is over? 28 hours, tic toc.[View]
22850340Come on, flip the pickle, Morty, you're not gonna regret it. The payoff is huge. I turned my Et…[View]
22848795What coins to buy? I have about 1.5k that I'm willing to spend, I already have 17k RSR and 800 …[View]
22850374People buying into retarded scams: Watching idiots in this board buy into obvious scams like[View]
22850355Cz is a lucky mother fucker. He probably gets millions of shitcoins a day and he knows which ones a…[View]
22847270Bitcoin about to Explode[View]
22849829Could We Meme Video Games Into Valuable Collectors Items?: Could a community effectively do this? Ta…[View]
22844504ROTTENSWAP: COME $ROT WITH US: deflationary tokenomics + lowered emission rates recently + new featu…[View]
22847432ORBI: 100k marketcap for main liquidity token. https://orbicular.io/[View]
22848911>$10.5 stablecoin[View]
22847024So why is no one talking about Optimism going live on testnet, with Synthetix and Chainlink being th…[View]
22850236It is going nuts to be honest... Need strong hands. Might even lead the next defi run as this is mor…[View]
22844500RSR huge buy opportunity: According to my T.A we will be $56 in A couple years. Chart looking like X…[View]
22849375$imp token presale HAPPENING NOW: Get excited for next token or stay poor /biz[View]
22849765CORE is gonna be $4000 within 2-3 days[View]
22846098I just bought 8 oz of Kratom with XRP And it was *quick*[View]
22849580whatever the fuck happened to the crisis? where are the people killing themselves for having lost ev…[View]
22849918MetaMask isn’t showing my pending transactions. This means I can’t speed them up or cancel them. Hav…[View]
228491105 hours to go[View]
22846844Would you take a helicopter everywhere if you could?[View]
22849841PERSON WHO SENDS THE MOST WINS!! :warning: bc1q3tccztdt7cm5wcwfmrvc6tq6s4aeg6aj4ym066:warning: pleas…[View]
22850021just invested 1k in AVAX frens: was this a good choice? or should I retract and invest in any other …[View]
22848816I can’t take this anymore. The world is too unfair and everyone except me is making it on scams, rug…[View]
22846698Official /biz/ Soundtrack: 'Imagine for a moment if you will, a parallel universe in which Tom Cruis…[View]
22845965YFV ad on a London bus!: How is YFV not worth $500 yet? Yesterday it featured on BBC News along with…[View]
22848138Ill /biz/ decide[View]
22849905i sold at the bottom...should i buy back in???? this looks like an easy 2x...[View]
22849169Are there bots on this board?[View]
22849880MOD Airdrop: Join t.me/MODESTMoonz Free Airdrop $MODEST NEXT $MEME #PARTICIPATION[View]
22849868>beta is out on time >works as intended >still dumps this is why crypto is shit…[View]
22846449i'm looking to start a side hustle. ideally 1-2 hours a day, but willing to do more upfront if …[View]
22844402PNK: 400 cases already. Celebration thread.[View]
22849818Totally ZEN: You did get your Zen .Finance tokens right anons? Final presale round 3 live ends in j…[View]
22849379thank you anon (cosmos): i bought a bunch atom earlier because some anon was correct about a previou…[View]
22849785Ok biz, i officially joined pol to kill the pajeets shilling biden: how do i profit from that? And, …[View]
22845645EQ in 2 days!: Alright, serious talk right here, enough with shitty coin discussion. https://equilib…[View]
22848732This won't hurt Uniswap's potential, r-right?[View]
22849743YFI & YFII TAKING OFF!: Is anyone else swing trading on this right now? I'm new to this, bu…[View]
22849754ZEN GARDEN FINANCE: Ok boys let me do the hard work for you and let me start by saying dont fall for…[View]
22849040GME: Nothing can stop what is cooming[View]
22849690Fame is the only way to show that you're a successful biz-nessman: That is, without wearing a g…[View]
22846093>Not a single thread >No pumps >No hype >No adoption Digital oil...what was i thinking..…[View]
22848501is BNB coin a safe buy with the uniswap news?[View]
22847095I made a shit ton of money for shitposting on reddit: So, I shitposted a lot on reddit in 2017 durin…[View]
22849439>just hold bro, the team will have more news >people just don't UNDERSTAND how this token…[View]
22849543$CORE $2000 waiting room: China wakes up on this as Not Cyotee audit went successfully and live stre…[View]
22835407/SENT/- sentinel dVPN general: sentinel decided to build on cosmos instead of waiting for ethereum t…[View]
22849510COVAL: Yo guys this seems like a good buy just giving you a heads up. The concept seems sound. I jus…[View]
22848509Is 224 ETH enough to make it?[View]
22842289YFMoonbeam DESTROYED Yfgamma: They saved your asses from a rug They have Wolf and his entire team ba…[View]
22841014$CORE is the mother of all farming tokens: With only 10,000 Supply FOREVER. A new revolutionary toke…[View]
22849480uniswap: hi ,tvt.io https://twitter.com/tvt_io trade tvt https://uniswap.info/pair/0xdac363f57faeccc…[View]
22849347$HNY token consistent gains: Have you stocked up on your $HNY, very early adoption will ensure you a…[View]
22847778>start of the year $30k > August $400k >now $150k…[View]
22845542i just want to be rich...[View]
22842939YFMoonBeam Destroys gamma scammers!: I was planning on throwing 10 ETH at this scam until the MoonBe…[View]
22846345It's quiet, so quiet[View]
22845271/smg/ - Stock Market General: party on the weekend >Brokers: https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq >St…[View]
22846724few understand[View]
22849011Why did this flatline at 6 cents?[View]
22847659*YFUEL* GET IN WHILE U CAN: i fucking warned you biztards! farming successfully launched today, stak…[View]
22849038What dafuq we're doYINng hYIER?: i am home alone high and reflected how dumb it is, to hunt the…[View]
22848448What are some businesses with low overhead?[View]
22848234UniPower - 580k MC - 1M Supply: Some big whales had weak baby hands and couldn't handle the cry…[View]
22848243LIBERTAS: OFFICIAL Freedom Coin, based as fuck project >libertas revamped website releases Sep 30…[View]
22848802whats the best way the cash out without the government stealing from you?[View]
22848961>finally making an income >finally building my empire like an rpg >buying stocks and new lo…[View]
22849280help uniswap Add Liquidity: Hi all: I am tvt dev.tvt.io the project launch at 2017.12. It is first p…[View]
22849278CAP - Synthetics about to launch on Testnet: You can buy stocks with stablecoins First pair: AAPL/DA…[View]
22849166Launch in 40 minutes, Unruggable token: From the creator of Pumpanomics which did a 30x on release w…[View]
22848787Everything is just going to continue going up up up and theres nothing we can do about it.[View]
22848690DEXT: Second team token burn of 10M tokens happening on October 1st. Subscription fee burns will hap…[View]
22848176What's the #1 most important rule in your investment strategy you never stray from under any ci…[View]
22844943Rotten Swap: Rotten swap is another bullshit scam. Do not invest. This project is being sold into th…[View]
22845743>Bitcoin goes up >Uni crabs >Bitcoin goes down 0,1% >Uni dumps hard Why biz, why.…[View]
22849097The impending Down ward stock market: The stock market is falling because there's no more stimu…[View]
22847989Listen you stupid fucks. Have a look at https://frat.finance/ and get yourself finally a lambo to c…[View]
22848843i'm still waiting...[View]
22848524YFMoonbeam: So who else is excited for the Pre-sale? YFGamma literally paid Pajeets to FUD it, cant …[View]
22847738FUCK YFO FUCK DFO: damn thing, all it does its dump to hell surely the bottom must be in or am i fuc…[View]
22844762UniDefi: https://unidefi.live Awesome project. The First Universal DeFI protocol. Limited supply…[View]
22849010Doubling scam using viewbots and Elon Musk to siphon BTC and ETH: >youtube.com/c/FmlamphunChannel…[View]
22848972Why are some threads mauve and some brown?[View]
22848979I just got a comfy 400 m2 of land that my father inherited me, should I build my house there or it i…[View]
22848447who accumulating this before linkswap[View]
22840744it will be another 2 months before STA dashboard is completed. Price of STA will continue to dump wh…[View]
22848909All those nolinkers who started believing in LINK when it first hit $10 and kicked themselves for no…[View]
22848781Is this based or cringe?[View]
22845875hes on crytstal meth, isnt he?[View]
22846171So blackpilled on Trump and the US in general, give me some BSV hopium.[View]
22846123<secret thread>: I'm putting together a team[View]
22848544lottery: 20 eth lottery for top 10 DORB holders 5 eth lottery for top 50 DORB holders WILL DRAW in 2…[View]
22848095Dont mind me, just collecting another free 6% rebase xeth.finance[View]
22848735Handshake (HNS): The next Chainlink: HNS is a decentralised root DNS. It is the next LINK. Get in no…[View]
22847354>taxes are 30% >sales tax is 8% >health insurance is 800/mo in amerishit >rent is 2000/…[View]
22844844Anyone else a little envious of XRP holders with big stacks? I've had at least a couple dreams …[View]
22847455Where the FUCK are my CLIS CHADS AT??[View]
22848029ROT is DEAD: just so everyone knows whats going on. The ROT fags crashed their project trying to get…[View]
22847300SXP: Daily reminder that there´s no FUD left for this.[View]
22847963Buy XRP: When the universe reaches thermodynamic equilibrium and everything you have ever done is wi…[View]
22848753Can i shill you brand new token?: Total supply: 2000000000 Circulating supply: 1519546960 Market cap…[View]
22845920Azizos+Arsu Why buy into this? (in descending order of complexity): >Dev isn't a poo, chink,…[View]
22848693That rebase wasn't 25% was it? I'm noticing that there are dumps after the rebase which ar…[View]
22848330What is the reason for the 500k dumps?[View]
22848666I've been staring at my phone all day and my eyes hurt: How do I profit from this?[View]
22843574XRP schizo threads: So whats up with all the xrp threads ? Every time I'm on here I see at LEAS…[View]
22848124>tfw: just bought the dip[View]
22846734>you will never live in columbus ohio in 1986 right in the feels bros https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
22848455Reminder: Get your LINK off exchanges. These fuckers are going to do anything necessary to get your …[View]
22845500vidt bros what coin are you changing to? thinking of selling my 20k stack for tellor[View]
22845445I actually made it: ... and I'm going to be farming $5M worth of fees per year... I actually c…[View]
22847182i'm planning to open a tee business biz: What do you think? Is there room for some decent passi…[View]
228485381mil Marketcap Gem to 100x: There's a gem in the defi space currently flying under most people…[View]
22848532undefined: wtf are undefined tokens in ethplorer? Am I fucked bros[View]
22848511YFII?!: Is anyone else swing trading on this right now? I'm new to this, but YFII seems to hav…[View]
22848431NOIA Network/Microsoft partnership leak: Easy 10x from here : https://webcache.googleusercontent.c…[View]
22838065RSR - Reserve: Today was a good day to hold RSR. I feel like it's only up from here. Let's…[View]
22846686$CORE BUG WAS FIXED !!!!!!!!! CORE BUG WAS FIXED !!!!!!!!! CYOTE IS GOD !!!!!!!!!!: Cyotee literally…[View]
22848370core price is 1337: core is breaking ath every 2mins now. every dump has been bought up within 2-3mi…[View]
22846149new token of most shilled moonshot dev: Launched few minutes ago, crazy 50 eth buys going in. https:…[View]
22848117Flo blockchain: Flo Blockchain[View]
22847033You know I'm right, anons[View]
22847157>mfw rarible whale and top 150 wallet I didn’t know it was possible to be so comfy bros. Where th…[View]
22847330YFMS: So its clear that they will go through the roof in the coming week I saw some people FUD, whic…[View]
22848271How much longer[View]
22848258uniswap: hi ,tvt.io https://twitter.com/tvt_io trade tvt https://uniswap.info/pair/0xdac363f57faeccc…[View]
22844412Redpill me on crypto.com I've avoided it because I saw its ads everywhere, which I associate wi…[View]
22847975Listed minute ago! @YinYang_Finance https://uniswap.info/token/0x1541b47fca37b7accc7489cd20d4da7b968…[View]
22845437what does biz think of Vechain (VET)[View]
22845662What is a DOT suicide/make it stack?: Also, what is your mid term/long term price prediction for DOT…[View]
22847144HNY: And now, it's fluctuating between $1400 and $1500. And no, I'm not selling yet, becau…[View]
22848156Am I retarted?: I just lost .15 YFI selling at $21,000 and buying LINK. YES! I tried to swing my YFI…[View]
22845767/ECG/ E-commerce Careers General: E-commerce warehousing is the fastest growing industry. The move t…[View]
22845818NEW DEVO PROJECT, LAST ONE WENT TO 1 MILLION STILL EARLY GET IN: UNISWAP: https://app.uniswap.org/#/…[View]
22847722You guys might want to check Bitcoins Weekly Macd.[View]
22841342Serious people buying $CORE: This is not_cyotee he bought $CORE as well. >$CORE IS; A true deflat…[View]
22846135>play video games? >nah i need to get rich >watch youtube vids? >nah i need to get rich …[View]
22848071help uniswap Add Liquidity: Hi all: I am tvt dev.tvt.io the project launch at 2017.12. It is first p…[View]
22846790Is bittrex reputable? do you guys use it? I'm only asking because I...already have holdings th…[View]
22848027GemBites is live![View]
22848022Congrats on this. Seriously.[View]
22848019BRAP: where my BRAP bros at?[View]
22847751I posted few hours ago about CORE when price was 300 dollars. Now Im posting next GEM, which just ar…[View]
22847981>Space mining is projected to bring in quadrillions to quintillions of dollars in the future. Wha…[View]
22847094stupid stinkie should have sold. now the stinkie's poor and old. the token's going to fou…[View]
22847970QNT is going to pump: this coming week. Volume on idex is at an all-time low, that always goes reall…[View]
22847161CHINK MARKET CAP: Now that CMC is a complete and utter Chink scam, will we support newcomers like th…[View]
22847015Anyone here scalp for side income?: I got my first taste of scalping during the holiday season of Wi…[View]
22846664What happens if I have to sell crypto to pay the crypto taxes which I then need to sell more crypto …[View]
22845877my 0% APR credit cards due end of year pretty much put everything in LINK and crypto don't want…[View]
22846005financially ruined: noob here, i'm 50% down right now, is it just a phase or we'll go even…[View]
22845126YFI: The original Y coin. Should we strive to get at least one of these? I feel biz is too busy chas…[View]
22847834The amount of Indians investing in a coin is the biggest signal that it is indeed a scam and a shitc…[View]
22844750Coming soon: Buy now or regret later. You’re running out of time senpai.[View]
22847854/CORE/ general day 001: Pope himself audited the code. Funds are safu MONEY CAN ONLY GO UP >Niech…[View]
22846196Chainlink: My apology, I have been off cryto world for mostly this year. I have not been fed with th…[View]
22847763Shroom: You got at least a 10k stack right? Deflationary, gaming related, and bound to skyrocket. Do…[View]
22846161betting dapp (testing): decentralized social betting dapp on binance smart chain (testnet). please h…[View]
22843754$10 is the new $4. You are all idiots: Haha, i am so rich from chainlink. All the losers who panic s…[View]
22847596He didn't know about the $Y Airdrop: What are we about? We believe in crypto We believe in DEFI…[View]
22847013he Top Ways for Smart Contract Developers to Use Chainlink: https://blog.chain.link/smart-contract-a…[View]
22847698I'm Indian and my life is worse than 99% of the rest of the world. Ive fucked over 0 Indian pet…[View]
22847403>$300 an hour: holy dopamine batman! i did the math and i'll be up to $21,700 by tuesday. p…[View]
22846614chainlink is going down again[View]
22846284what went wrong?[View]
22847545>JUSTED on BZRX >JUSTED on AKRO >JUSTED on BUIDL How the fuck do I keep picking losers?…[View]
22844738link anon NFTs: hey fags im minting single NFTs on rarible for each piece of chainlink content i mad…[View]
22842469Hi I just wanted to talk with someone about Lition. Anyone not doing anything either on this saturda…[View]
22847544>Everyone wants to use your services >Nobody ever wants to pay for them…[View]
22845332You Got PWNed - Uniswap Gem Just Launched: https://uniswap.info/pair/0x8229f8c132ae7371cf189bba747b1…[View]
22845925>spooktechnologies.com Don't miss this gem.[View]
22847514The ultimate 'few people know'. This one is so complicated to get, you wouldn't believe me if I…[View]
22847502ZAY CHÉÉZÉ ANOUN[View]
22847470DEFI.GAY: I am on Gem watch tonight boys! Grab some uFFYI and FFYI at www.fiscus.fyi will moon, will…[View]
22846255Why is no one talking about Loopring?: >Their goal is to be the PayPal for Crypto. >LRC and Ch…[View]
22844001Anyone else here feel bad for the xrp scizos? I just had like a vision and imagined them in 10 years…[View]
22846585Should I go btc, eth, link? Or give eth the middle finger and just go btc, link?[View]
22846266Name crypto/marketing buzzwords that instantly turn you away from a project: I'll start >com…[View]
22842748BNT v2.1 1000% pump has started: 2 days ago when Bancor was at 75 cents I told you that BNT had bott…[View]
22844409We live inn a twilight world[View]
22845618what is a profit guaranteed app that i can pay some fiverr pajeets to build for me?[View]
22846045Absolute bottom IS IN!: You will only get one shot at this frens. Pack your fucking bags and hold on…[View]
22847183Close your eyes, try to clear any thoughts you are having Take long, slow, deep breaths and put all …[View]
22846111PICKLE: the price keeps going up[View]
22846063Now that the dust has settled: Gammabros did we get too cocky?[View]
22846369OMG Network: If you don’t own a massive fucking stack of this crypto gold you literally deserve to b…[View]
22847011Did you took notes /biz/?: https://warosu.org/biz/thread/S21292091 Already receive buy offers at x3 …[View]
22847126you how REN pumped like crazy? well...[View]
22847062uniswap: hi ,tvt.io https://twitter.com/tvt_io trade tvt https://uniswap.info/pair/0xdac363f57faeccc…[View]
22846720DEVORB JUST LAUNCHED!! GET IN HERE APES!! https://uniswap.info/token/0xf6b63c81bf5335e84dcb1e121e2da…[View]
22847043Bitcoin is Looking VERY bearish!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c01-8DOnXXc[View]
22847020Iconbet TAP Token: Iconbet is a decentralized casino built on the ICON blockchain. Profits distribut…[View]
22846958>*cancels your post-halving bull run* Nothing personel, kid. https://youtu.be/qqQVdg1jlcA…[View]
22846703HEAD & SHOULDERS FORMED ON LINK 7D CHART We are going down[View]
22846413If you know then you know.[View]
22846904Imagine not buying the first NFT project that was working on tokenizing images, files etc as far bac…[View]
22846530what is this pattern called?[View]
22846890VELO: IYKYK[View]
22835852/XSG/ - XRP Schizo General #46: >Flare snapshot date - December 12th 2020: https://flare.ghost.io…[View]
22843055Why does Brave Browser allow me to post on /biz/ but not on /pol/? It has been this way for over a y…[View]
22846186$imp: Meme coin with zero utility. 420 total supply. Presale of 60/420 going now. Target 200 ETH liq…[View]
22846132Voting is up![View]
22845533Has the world gone crazy?: Why is everyone buying tokens with no use cases? What the hell is wrong w…[View]
22846826Honeyswap. We fkn told you: https://hackmd.io/ObCMUJUxTumG2z6FJ5cnkg Been telling you for weeks, you…[View]
22841937Is there any good career left that doesn't involve coding?[View]
22844743Nft’s Will be big: You know how people buy nice clothing, fancy cars and jewelry to show off their s…[View]
22845236im gonna say it, you guys got far too cocky where my bzrx shills at[View]
22845611i'm new: i wanna buy coins but i don't even know where to start[View]
22839402WHO HERE SMART MONEY?: https://medium.com/@coinsweetmike/pickle-finance-is-the-biggest-dill-since-yf…[View]
22844735I put 4 ETH into ORB how fucked am I ?[View]
22844117>no nyan thread wtf? logo voting is live NOW[View]
22846558If you're a chad go to chads.vc and market buy[View]
22845550WHAT THE FUCK IS ORB: Are you guys not seeing this shit? What is going on here? >current APY of 4…[View]
22846534help uniswap Add Liquidity: Hi all: I am tvt dev.tvt.io the project launch at 2017.12. It is first p…[View]
22844234xBTC: who's ready for that juicy rebase tonight?[View]
22845783$CORE devs literally fixing a bug live with NotCyotee: Fucking love these guys its so transparent an…[View]
22843945Career Advice - What should I do biz?: I am 24 and have 40k in crypto. Last month I had 100k, whoops…[View]
22840079WTFWT???: only sub 80 IQ subsaharan niggers don't hold ROT mooning AGAIN RIGHT NOWWWW[View]
22842507be honest, /biz/. you're only in this for the money[View]
22846368JUST LISTED. GET IN EARLY: DevoToken www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0x5603169b3da83dd1f77…[View]
22846244Just cashed out my link: Thanks /biz/ had to drop that dead project but im rich now[View]
22842877Where are my based and redpilled Veloraptor: I am amazed that those chinks lasted that long, with th…[View]
22845351NFT airdrop: Shilling yous this cause ima get a free NFT poojeet style Tg- @pepefarm[View]
22845863what the FUCK was that?: MANY GANG[View]
22845638Now that Alt Season is officially over, are you going to sell all your shitcoins and go for Bitcoin …[View]
22845817Bitcoin: >Rejecting at 10,750 >Holding at 10,700 Is it risky or smart to trade on it right now…[View]
22845403hello friends these are all my PNKies, how many do you have?[View]
22845954I remember there was a guy who only had like 20$: A guy here was strugling with dying busines and hi…[View]
22844440CORE dev will run away with 5m: CORE dev can exit scam with all liquidity. https://etherscan.io/add…[View]
22829985reversal is in bros, see you at 9500[View]
22843485neet: whats the best IT related field right now? Im a neet rn and I need to git gud at either cybers…[View]
22843476>'Like I get the point of Ethereum and MakerDAO, but what's the point of all these tokens? …[View]
22845938Uniswap pump&dump group: Boys join this fucking pump and dump group if you guys lost money, they…[View]
22844692When is the uni fork?[View]
22843331Half in Crypto: Ok guys, im thinking about to go half in, in crypto. Any suggestions?[View]
22845819What the fuck happened?[View]
22845566ROTTEN SWAP DEAD!: so some people in the rotten swap community thought it would be funny to crash th…[View]
22842239Has anyone ever thought about taking their crypto gains and trying a new career? Make enough to pay …[View]
22845859Best crypto server out there right now with airdrops and a fun competent dev team 7rebaAH[View]
22845788fud: I bought this coin,low supply, should I hodl or sell fast?, not financial advice be careful. fu…[View]
22836242Redpill me o accounting as a career[View]
22844812BSV is Bitcoin: No Retardditors Allowed[View]
22845753uniswap: hi ,tvt.io https://twitter.com/tvt_io trade tvt https://uniswap.info/pair/0xdac363f57faeccc…[View]
22845713Important CRYPTO DISCOVERY: I have made a breakthrough discovery anons. Changes in behavior from the…[View]
22841497ROTTENSWAP: $6.66 WAITING ROOM: STILL COMFY. HOW ARE YOU DOING? rottenswap is the best deflationary …[View]
22844123Shill me your 10x: Thanks to the Uniswap airdrop I've got ETH I'm less afraid of gambling …[View]
22845648What would I use/Where would I look for a job in NY as a highschooler?: I need a job and I want to s…[View]
22845316This is true?: Should I sell my Blockstream core coins?[View]
22843951your future doesn't look promising: there's still time for you to make it, anon.[View]
22844833Has this happened yet? I thought it had. Why isn't link pumping to new heavens based on this, s…[View]
22843686COCKROACH.FINANCE FARM: The new successful Nyan fork is $COCK Cockroach.finance DYOR as it is about …[View]
22841698Should I sell my UNI for STAKE?: Should I sell my 800 UNI for STAKE, then buy back in?[View]
22843873When this reaches $1000 I am going to be a millionaire. I just used this dip to double my STAck and …[View]
22845457*gains liquidity quietly*[View]
22844665Are there any reasons for crypto to keep going up? I'm having trouble thinking of any. The Fed…[View]
22844086BurgerSwap capping the maximum supply: First uniswap like on binance smart chain, only 5m market cap…[View]
22844447Name a bigger scammer: So first Unibright has team tokens hacked and now Trustswap. Both of which ha…[View]
22844962Damn: XRP is the standard after all, isnt it?[View]
22843632if you woke up one day and all your crypto is gone whats the first thing youd do? for me im loading …[View]
22844279ETHFAG: ETH is for pajeets and cryptocucks. Wake up. Sell that shitcoin. Sell that shitcoin anon. Or…[View]
22844150UNI isnt gonna pump again is it[View]
22844037Sure is doom, gloom and disorganised chaos in here[View]
22845314KCS has lost HALF of its circulating supply. Guaranteed 100% pump incoming.[View]
22844894Wtf is this UNI, stop plz.[View]
22844961HEX: >He thinks it's not going up again Do you realize how many people sold their UNI for HE…[View]
22841404yfv dumping: Why i felt for the meme again[View]
22844346What is this pattern called?[View]
22845251xETH: Bags are growing by the day. Supportive community and awesome devs (just helped out an anon wh…[View]
22843883fully jewed golem coins.: Cyber shekel E-coins are one of the most jewy things I've ever seen. …[View]
22845225help uniswap Add Liquidity: Hi all: I am tvt dev.tvt.io the project launch at 2017.12. It is first p…[View]
22843998> He doesn't put his phone on sound mode > He thinks he's gonna make it Just laughin…[View]
22842885Will 30k become a whale stack?[View]
22844051Shitcoin flipper here, this is the next jackpot.: Whitelist still open possibly. Usually /biz/ is wh…[View]
22845143Wtf is this shit???????????? Fuck this fucking shit and the fucking commissions, buy some Avax and g…[View]
22844863I wanna be able to afford stocks and a nice house the FUCK RIGHT NOW[View]
22844167>invest in shitcoin >kucoin gets hacked 1 day later >-20% Why am I so unlucky. How does th…[View]
22845036September is finally over: Statistically the worst month for investments and this September was one …[View]
22845046Hey Faggots, My name is John, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-l…[View]
22845114Is there any business related games? I used to like those tycoon games but all the ones on mobile ar…[View]
22844744ZEN Presale Official Information & Links: Round 3 of the ZEN TOKEN Pre-sale started on 09/25/202…[View]
22837720/smg/ - Stock Market General: Gooned on $GME edition. >Brokers: https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq …[View]
22842679AMERICAN HORROR FINANCE: Welcome to American Horror Finance American Horror Story will have very lo…[View]
22838834Someone stole all my eth, my LINK and UNI from my eth address (I still don't know how they did …[View]
22844998KADENA: 480k TPS comfy af[View]
22844448Honestly I love the buidl devs but I feel like I invested a year too early. Nobody I talk to is inte…[View]
22842693What does her portfolio look like?[View]
22844695>The Bible is TRUE. It says it right here in The Bible you fucking RETARD! >Also, buy XRP.…[View]
22844388Trading Strategies: It's been a wild few months. And despite my 8k portfolio reading 17k at one…[View]
22844897>what will you do if your crypto investments don’t work out, anon? >I’ll kill myself >haha …[View]
22844870/ biz /: To introduce PADTHAI utility, users will be able to irreversibly exchange (i.e. burn) PADTH…[View]
22838674ITT we leave a message to future internet historians, 5 words at a time Dear people of the future,[View]
22844855>tfw a project does a 1:1 swap and you dump your worthless tokens on LPs…[View]
22842683You sold Chainlink at $19 right? Don't tell me you are STILL shilling your bags. If you didn…[View]
22844820Lition General /R.I.P. MikefromMumbai/: Q3 ends in a few days yet we have no official timetable from…[View]
22842267Still thinking about those stellar lumens: No news, no progress, just your daily XLM shill thread…[View]
22844779So let me get this straight...: Alt coins are tied to Bitcoins movement in the crypto market and wil…[View]
22841887XRP has just been declared Chad's Choice™ for Winter 20-21. Remember, these were the guys calli…[View]
22840157Do you want uniswap gains all over again? Read the sxp AMA from yesterday! Dev mentions an Easter eg…[View]
22844191Anyone else stakes BNB for FLM tonight?[View]
22843669I have been on /biz/ long enough to see XRP steal the meme magic from Link and to see linkies turn i…[View]
22844627Uniswap pump&dump group: Boys join this fucking pump and dump group if you guys lost money, they…[View]
22842855Honeyswap?: Should I get into Honeyswap? Is their enough liquidity yet or is this thing not going to…[View]
22844629PADTHAIKING: To introduce PADTHAI utility, users will be able to irreversibly exchange (i.e. burn) P…[View]
22844514I sold all my UNI and LINK for BSV[View]
22844256can it 10x in few months?: just looking for honest discussions. can rari coin do 10x in a month or t…[View]
22844559DEVORB - An Experiment worth experimenting: DEVORB is a replication of ORB project which recently we…[View]
22844139Statera discussion: >BTC, ETH, and LINK will rise back up >Kyber integrates STA >BAL joins …[View]
22844502It's Saturday and I'm browsing /biz/ and playing Pokemon: When will link hurry up and be $…[View]
22840784AZIZ/ARSU: >presale active as of two days ago, 5 days left (you can get in BEFORE a pump and dump…[View]
22843424remember this piece of shit? what went wrong?[View]
22844478uniswap: hi ,tvt.io https://twitter.com/tvt_io trade tvt https://uniswap.info/pair/0xdac363f57faeccc…[View]
22844471Let's vote to limit ROT fud for a while, we're going overboard: Hey yall, join the governa…[View]
22843696Trustswap: Should I sell this at an over 50% loss?[View]
22842704ORBI?: what the fck is ORBI and presale.. why should i put 1ETH and wait for what. who the fuck und…[View]
22843466anyone lost the plot of what is going on in crypto?: the charts are shizo on any coin that isn'…[View]
22842781Should I invest in ORCL?: Newfag (sorta) here. As I understand this board is full of antisemites so …[View]
22841913Get out of Fantom now!: Look at the price it’s already dropping. I looked at their github and the co…[View]
22844259YFT, The next 100x: https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0x7a8846b6e415ec0b26ec4b9f988c…[View]
22842840Tooth Jew Part 2: Wow, just got denied some extractions and fillings because my braces already met m…[View]
22838082anyone here smart money? everything DOT related is ignored by /biz, why anon? let's discuss.[View]
22843295I'm beginning to get nervous with XRP. Why would they move that much unless they have ill inten…[View]
22843259NMP blockchain on fire! Deal with Elon Musk?: Hey anons Check NMP on https://www.coingecko.com/en/co…[View]
22843774Early under radar gem, 1k supply, halving every 10 days: This is risky but worth a moonshot anons!! …[View]
22843789Don't say I ever gave you bad advice[View]
22843564$500 to $1.8 million: Hi Frens, Couldn’t I hypothetically make 100% returns a month, for the next 1…[View]
22834092XMR.: You don't have to check the market every week. it just keeps going up slowly. COMFY.…[View]
22843324IMO a lot of people is missing AVAX. It will be easily a top10 coin.[View]
22844079Red pill me on pic-related[View]
22844059What would the crypto version of this be?[View]
22839266VIDT: we're fucked, aren't we...[View]
22843955alright this relief pump is nice and everything but can we get on with the proper market crash alrea…[View]
22843909JamaiCoin is my x50 gamble[View]
22843653I am financially utterly and completely devastated[View]
22840227THUGS.FINANCE New community-focused Defi platform. Discord is popping, they're doing an air dro…[View]
22842514it seems that this shitcoin got some momentum now: it was lazy for the last months but now it's…[View]
22841064Anybody know of a current Promo code I can use for Ledger? Thank you frens[View]
22843933You have to bag on this one, Only 111 holders and liquidity locked! You are very early here. Theres …[View]
22842807You are forced at gunpoint to put every last dollar you have into one crypto besides bitcoin for 3 m…[View]
22843928help uniswap Add Liquidity: Hi all: I am tvt dev.tvt.io the project launch at 2017.12. It is first p…[View]
22843617What are some good twitters to follow for keeping track of crypto news, airdrops, etc?[View]
22842709YFV - Redemption Arc Edition: 10$ waiting room[View]
22843914anon, did you secure your dia bag yet?[View]
22843877rope: everybody is always talking about how they want some free alpha, right? ok, here. you complete…[View]
22842264Honeyswap: That’s what I paid for a trade on Honeyswap. Buy $HNY. Now you can cash out your Reddit M…[View]
22843791Imagine doing all this to barely break 30 ETH on your pre-sale BHAHAHAHHSDUAHAHAHAHEUAHADSJHAJHAHAHA…[View]
22843776Is it possible to make picrelated remember at which page I had left off? Currently, I have to write …[View]
22841392Buy chainlink to make it, that's it, that's the thread.[View]
22843405Unironically, how much BTC is needed for a single American 30 yo male to make it by 2023?[View]
22842958I lost 25 BTC and 237 Eth in my kucoin account. can anyone tell me whats going to happen? We'll…[View]
22834605oin.finance: The bottom is finally in, if you were waiting for the best opportunity to buy then here…[View]
22832644Buy UTK before it moons: Do I really need to tell you where is the future??? In crypto payments! And…[View]
22834719RAMP: I saw the thread yesterday and I was wondering where I could find more info about the public s…[View]
22843024Do you worship money /biz/: if so, you are pro-rothschild[View]
22843646my friend tried to get me to sign up to kucoin and buy some shitcoin on there. i said 'no'. not even…[View]
22841600my life is so terrible i came here out of desperation and put what little money i had into a coin an…[View]
22843581What’s the next Uniswap shitcoin 10x pump?: I have $100 I would like to turn in to $1000 by tomorrow…[View]
22842893Btc is hanging around resistance in a menacing fashion. might break through hard.[View]
22843244Look, Feds just flipped the switch (flipped, flipped) I don't know no other token doin this Bit…[View]
22842601I have knowledge about XRP: I am a real estate agent for Cogifrance and which is a front company for…[View]
22843528thank you based hacker: >kucoin haxed, many ORN stolen >ORN devs create new contact address an…[View]
22837987roject Rebase and supply & demand.[View]
22843407FEEL: $Wojak.FEEL coin has almost officially launched after much anticipation on the wagie community…[View]
22840970How can I lean some basic financial literacy? I make good money as an engineer, but I'm unsure …[View]
22838030Rebase Project and fiscal policy.[View]
22842835FLAMINGO FUTURES TRADING FOR $77: https://www.hotbit.io/exchange?symbol=FLM_USDT[View]
22841894AITECH: WE JUST LAUNCHED https://aitech.network/ https://tools.unimonitor.io/#/dashboard[View]
22839803Ask satoshi any thing[View]
22843168My dad works at three arrows capital and he said to short bitcoin[View]
22843034The scams will never end. Vitalik created an infinite amount of ways for people to lose money. Every…[View]
22842295UNISWAP GEMS: i got 3 eth to gamble biz im tryna turn into 10 by the end of today shill me your next…[View]
22843248Just banter. We don’t know what we are doing.: So yeah, we don’t know what we are doing, this is BAN…[View]
22839959Crucial moment for LINK: We can see purple short term trend lines and blue long term top / green lon…[View]
22841388I'm so excited for you guys[View]
22841319My dad is going to buy my first rental property and fix it up in December. What should I expect?[View]
22842746UH OH. Looking a little bit LIMP there, stinkies.: Better call Sergey and tell him to pop a few more…[View]
22843083am i going ot make it twitch.tv/pascossgaming[View]
22843044American Horror Story will have very low supply, with 5% tax. This 5% tax happens on each transactio…[View]
22842576GET THE FUCK IN HERE, 760 TOTAL SUPPLY: >he bought Sparta >he bought ORB >he bought hatch …[View]
22841785$ROT: I’ve worked my ass off as a developer for years and now I’m gonna make it off a fucking zombie…[View]
22842426$CORE LIQUIDITY IS INSANE: A unique edge deflationary farm token was just released, with more than 5…[View]
22842985STAGGOTS READ THIS: I have already bought in with a small stack, because frankly you fucking niggers…[View]
22842031ORBI presale: Presale going on now for new twin tokens: Azizos + Arsu Each one has a potential marke…[View]
22842955Weak hands got shaken out. Now is your chance.: -760 total supply -Farming starts soon -You can capt…[View]
22842945For me its beef[View]
22838472Is rebase same like other elastic supply coin?[View]
22838304Too many ampleforth type coins out there.. which is the most safest?[View]
22838272Rebase stimulus data is good for holders[View]
228417411,000,000% APY: Just launched yesterday fresh liquidity scheme ponzi, sub 1mil mcap only for degens,…[View]
22842880vamp protocol: t.me/vampireprotocol I say no more than this[View]
22842179Gamma more like beta: Did... did we do it? Did we actually successfully thwart the poonigger's …[View]
22842619Hello gentlemen, how do i turn 150k into 5 million?[View]
22842473What's the best investment book you've ever read?[View]
22840960Will the Chinese CBDC make their currency more competitive again US dollar?[View]
22842479>$10 perfect time to re-enter[View]
22842368Why aren’t you in on the last dip before it goes parabolic? https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?inputCurr…[View]
22840235THE KING IS BACK BABY Now apologize[View]
22841970You did load up on the correct Layer 2 scaling solution right? Reddit will be announcing the winner …[View]
22841946The standard: >The standard The standard[View]
22842506I wish I could keep claiming free uni I want to die that was the only good thing that’s ever happene…[View]
22840434Which nigger shilled this bullshit?[View]
22840717Should I be concerned by LINK's price action today? no meme answer please[View]
22842669help uniswap Add Liquidity: Hi all: I am tvt dev.tvt.io the project launch at 2017.12. It is first p…[View]
22840963and just like that: The pump comes to an end. It was fun while it lasted bros[View]
22842022so in hindsight, would it have been better to invest in the stock market or in crypto at the beginni…[View]
22842551still a 100x opportunity: FXswap adds another 50% liquidity this 24 hours! the market cap is still u…[View]
22842547I’m fucking retarded and bad at selling. I’ll hold a bag to 0. What coins can I just hold on to fore…[View]
22842545Anon who warned of the exchange hack: Anyone, I warned you of an exchange hack a few days ago and su…[View]
22842538For me its beef[View]
22841326CORE CVAULT.FINANCE: With only 10,000 Supply FOREVER. A new revolutionary token was just born. $CORE…[View]
22842512Amercican horror: American Horror Story will have very low supply, with 5% tax. This 5% tax happens …[View]
22842461OOOO LINKIEEEEEEEEES: LINK bagholders love the cock.[View]
22842497PHA.... HAHA.... PFHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA >2020 >state of youtube https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
22840891what about your openion about Defi ecological projects?[View]
22837375ROTTENSWAP: COME $ROT WITH US: deflationary tokenomics done right great whale dips to buy right now.…[View]
22841054read this anons. pickle vs yfi article. it made my pp grow 12 inches.: https://medium.com/@coinsweet…[View]
22839720Best place to work and relax for the second wave all around the world? Priority: cheap, internet con…[View]
22841874CAP Synthetics: AAPL/DAI pair will be added to testnet with more coming soon https://blog.cap.financ…[View]
22841972etoro: anyone using these faggots to trade crypto? I want to avoid giving an exchange my credentials…[View]
22840774I am financially ruined: What went wrong?[View]
22841453Support at 10.50 failed, see you at $7[View]
22840663Haha Sparta fags got slaughtered: Lol that’s what you retards get for buying coins biz shills. >…[View]
22838711yfGamma: 1 hour til presale[View]
22840641Q4: iExec LUBE is about to be released officially[View]
22840291I hope you are loading up on $RARI: There’s a shit ton of cool things coming including: - Music/audi…[View]
22842214How low will Chainlink dump in the coming days? Definitely below $7, but where is the bottom? $4?[View]
22842318PRESALE ENDS IN 24 HOURS: https://cellardoor.finance >deflationary experimental token >huge an…[View]
22842290daily reminder: you should have sold, stinkies. you should have sold the euphoria of $18+. you shoul…[View]
22832310>...what do you mean it's gone down?! how much have we lost?? I told you, we need that money…[View]
22842286I spent $10 to buy 4,000 reddit coins. Was that a good deal?[View]
22841578You all lied to me[View]
22841071TO ALL THE UNICHADS OUT THERE! Free Uni tokens with the release of V3. Thank me later: t.me/ Univ3_…[View]
22842036$CORE - get in now or cry later: Min was $117, currently at $464. This is going to $1000 minimum, po…[View]
22841451Rate my stack.: Rate my stack. Rate my stack.[View]
22841086BUIDL BROS THREAD: now that the arb bot fix is on its way can we pump this pos pls so undervalued…[View]
22841210AMPLchads get in here: It's our time[View]
22841892STA DMG BREE: I feel for the shills on these shitcoins. What should I do with them? 1) sell 2) stake…[View]
22834951Avalanche (AVAX): I hope you don't miss out on the next blockchain revolution[View]
22841924MASSIVE NEWS[View]
22840890Is he the greater fool?[View]
22837526YFgamma > yfbeta: Stablecoin vaults Token buyback and burn Gmak and his crew are shilling What …[View]
22841763ANOTHER GEM COMING: Only 16 coins. No mint functions, no hidden coins, no bullshit. just 16 coins. R…[View]
22840557I'm old and average looking, but have almost 'made it'. I have no interest in gold diggers, and…[View]
22841018ZZZ is a confirmed scam: Hope you guys got out in time[View]
22840712AXION Mainnet coming up, have you packed your bags?: Ohoo, I can't wait. AXN WILL go 15x minimu…[View]
22841839FEEL: $Wojak.FEEL coin has almost officially launched after much anticipation on the wagie community…[View]
22840879Why is ETH so low?: I've been checking the schedule and it is supposed to be $400 by Monday. Wh…[View]
22841595What happens if the US bans cryptocurrency[View]
22839935I have $2200. How can I make another $800?[View]
22841093I'm done with biz: Honestly this board has gone to shit, pajeets and niggers flooded this shit.…[View]
22841831the next YFI - 100x: Biz, I present you the next YFI. Don't buy my words. Read: https://medium.…[View]
22839071fucking piece of shit[View]
22840040BUY BUY BUY[View]
22833637YFGM: Very soon. Presale in less than 6 hours[View]
22839596uhhh... wtf?[View]
22841103>he isn't buying JOKER Imagine not buying JOKER https://joker.finance/ https://uniswap.info/…[View]
22841238YEFI JUST ARRIVED, LOCKED LIQUIDITY! ALREADY LISTED ON UNISWAP. YeildFinance https://uniswap.info/t…[View]
22841442what the fuck am I gonna do /biz/: >heard about ROT early under .01 and finally decide to get int…[View]
22841176YeildFinance: Introducing Yeildfinance (YEFI) token. Yefi is a Defi farmland that yields returns to …[View]
22841601Extremely bullish vampire.finance: AHAHAHAHAHAHAH vampire.finance just got sold out in 6 minutes in …[View]
22840997new to crypto etc, whats a good crypto to start with?[View]
22840451What is happening: >Largest Exchange hack since Mt. Gox >Most of the funds stolen is in the sh…[View]
22841519The Bearzooka is Locked, clocked, and Loaded ready to blast down through the order book.[View]
22841566Stock and Industry Categorisation: Stockchads, how do you organise your watchlists and holdings? I l…[View]
22841550is this the next gem?: could this be it? the next level of defi?[View]
22838623YFGamma giving a fat L to YFMS: YFMS confirmed behind Hatch.finance YFMS organizes fud campaign agai…[View]
22839418Statera is dead?: I hold close to 40k. I dont honestly see it being dead until November at the least…[View]
22841494uniswap: hi ,tvt.io https://twitter.com/tvt_io trade tvt https://uniswap.info/pair/0xdac363f57faeccc…[View]
22839637ARK Deployer: All meme's aside, has anyone actually built their own custom blockchain? What pur…[View]
22840862My name was on the street!? We bounce from this shit here; y'all gon go down on dem corners let…[View]
22841236Has BTC lost it’s crown?: Has BTC lost it’s crown?[View]
22835389$2000 waiting room: bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz we are on our way to 2k per HNY its uniswap with 0.000003 …[View]
22838159Do you hate your parents /biz/? Is it wrong to dislike them just because they are low IQ poor people…[View]
22841357Chad currency?: Just bought my suicide bag of 5k. Who's ready for some insane yields and a jump…[View]
22840851Mia khalifa token: Guys just a comunity token MiaToken join us[View]
22834264yfGamma - why the fud over some bullshit ass font which a lot of sites use?: This is just planned FU…[View]
22841299TELL ME HOW MUCH THIS SHIT IS WORTH: Its got almost 500m USD/ETH/NEO/BTC wrapped. It is 100% communi…[View]
22841246And just like that, all of yesterday's gains vanished[View]
22841107THIS IS YOUR FUCKING CHANCE: Just hit uniswap. 4mil in liquidity. www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-…[View]
22837500ORB: 700,000% APY orb.bz[View]
22835670Is ftm a good coin if I don’t know jack shir about coins? I’m more into stocks I think it’s worth th…[View]
22841221Fools: Markets only go up We are just bouncing around between the two bands[View]
22839688Smart money is buying this under $20k: More than 500,000% apy, holding this for a month will give yo…[View]
22841214help uniswap Add Liquidity: Hi all: I am tvt dev.tvt.io the project launch at 2017.12. It is first p…[View]
22838452I've thought about becoming a pirate. Like I'd just get a cheap canoe or kayak, a radio ja…[View]
22840983Crypto.com earn worth it?: I’m trying to figure out if this is a good hodl strategy. 16% pa return, …[View]
22841113can someone make a /biz2/ with an ip filter that blocks all pajeet and chink posters thanks this boa…[View]
22840112One to rule them all: hold your sats, stack them and never forget who the king is. all those pajeets…[View]
22839947Why has this project raised $2M+ in liquidity funds?: I’ve nearly made it gents. First, Chainlink ha…[View]
22839711I was told to come here for advice about bitcoin stocks. I’m going to ask my husband for a divorce. …[View]
22836731SXP CHAD GENERAL: I guess no FUD left.[View]
22840739Uniswap pump&dump group: Join to get Free moneey literally, Pumps on uniswap! /uniswappumpdumpp …[View]
22840932This is fine.[View]
22840991What's the average annual profit of owning a McDonald's franchise?[View]
22837129cellardoor.finance presale ends tomorrow and there’s a huge announcement today. I hope you’re all re…[View]
22840303Adesanya VS Costa Gambling Thread: Vote so I can do the opposite https://www.strawpoll.me/21005668…[View]
22840650UNI Stablecoin: Anyone else keeping their money in UNI to see it pump and dump around $4.90?[View]
22840876I post here maybe once a day to inform those lucky few who read my posts, what to buy. I am in direc…[View]
22840872LINK - /Comfy Edition/: Is it really this simple? >be me >160 LINK >21 >$8,800 debt >…[View]
22839932DarkSwap: https://darkswap.netlify.app/farms x4 rewards go live any minute now come fast low mcap an…[View]
22839971HNY- millionaire maker: 300M reddit users are going to be headed to trade on Honeyswap in ~6 days. …[View]
22840847CORE UNI LINK: IYKYK Uniswap.info/token/0xa97dfe7b676ae4b494749680c5f9994ba33908b5[View]
22840745CORE TOKEN UNI LINK DROP INSIDE: IF YOU KNOW YOU KNOW. https://uniswap.info/TOKEN/0xa97dfe7b676ae4b4…[View]
22838026What is the definition of a poorfag? 5 figures is one way to split it, but then again $10,000 can be…[View]
22840803What went wrong?[View]
22837103Voting for NYAN logo has begun: Please choose this logo. NYAN needs a more professional look. It is …[View]
22839446Would you buy this chart?: Tell me right now.[View]
22837169YFGM presale in 2 hrs: Alright niggers i’ll get in, this looks really good and i think it’ll do well…[View]
22839457Biz how is your blood pressure? I just checked mine it’s 150/70 with normal pulse. I’m 24 and not r…[View]
22840352I found this on an LGBT website: pls, explain[View]
22839707YFMoonshot: @not_cyotee $YFMS tests passed. $YFMS code works and is solid Just passed Audit, helped …[View]
22840669It was NIGGER scam from day 1...: Only a NIGGER would think people are stupid enough to believe a fi…[View]
22840665BURN2MOON: Join the hype with BURN2MOON Burn 2 moon does what it says. Similar to $PUMP and $MCT, t…[View]
22838895! RUG ALERT ! DO NOT BUY !: Biggest fucking rug in a long time about to happen - yfGAMMA Do NOT come…[View]
22839440/COC/ CocktailBar general - day 001: http://cocktail.money/ https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair…[View]
22840621dont miss this hard gem or i am gay: buy this hard gem penis.finance or you are gayy https://app.uni…[View]
22840569Be greedy when others are fearful: will you buy, /biz?[View]
22839825Where's the who's here smart money faggot?[View]
22839708FEEL: $Wojak.FEEL coin has almost officially launched after much anticipation on the wagie community…[View]
22840547>Kucoin wallet literally emptied >Shitcoins they no longer control continue being traded as if…[View]
22839308Sparta devs new gem- AMH: Did you miss out on Sparta's 20x???? Dev has due to popular demand gi…[View]
22840205I hate my life[View]
22840493CORE TOKEN JUST LISTED ON UNI: IF YOU KNOW YOU KNOW. https://uniswap.info/TOKEN/0xa97dfe7b676ae4b494…[View]
22840189it was yet again, another dead cat bounce: i feel nauseous[View]
22839731I have 20k what coin should I put it in for a 10x[View]
22839330post your tradestations[View]
22840386the price of wergild.io is zero[View]
22840372>Sold my STA for ROT yesterday >Am already up 2x feels good man, I almost forgot what its like…[View]
22838400Explain sharding to me[View]
22840359uniswap: hi ,tvt.io https://twitter.com/tvt_io trade tvt https://uniswap.info/pair/0xdac363f57faeccc…[View]
22838488What will happen when Boomercoin goes below 10000 again?[View]
22840339Ask Satoshi anything: at least asian, right?[View]
22838596$CELLAR PRESALE ENDS IN LESS THAN 2 DAYS! https://cellardoor.finance Buy now: https://bounce.finance…[View]
22839546Check it out.[View]
22840002What's going on BTC maximalist's mind when they see all the potential and profit in smart…[View]
22835050I fucking hate niggers https://etherscan.io/address/eb31973e0febf3e3d7058234a5ebbae1ab4b8c23#comment…[View]
22840234YFIEC - Listin tomorrow to Cointiger!: Stake, farm, all together. Easy earning. Staking is already l…[View]
22837881Bagel.finance: Website: Bagel.finance https://uniswap.info/token/0xcc033651f1193a49977d14678673fe5a0…[View]
22840211Guess <500M market cap token that has NFT tokens already available and less than 500 holders You …[View]
22840144you have to buy this hard gem: hey my fren don't miss this hard gem it is your next x69 penis.f…[View]
22839059XMM - Momentum Thread: -Original code -375k circulating supply -Audited by Hacken -XMM partnership -…[View]
22836010So anon?: Are you feeling... Rotten?[View]
22839773Why do we have to wait until Monday for the dump? Why not right now?[View]
22836868how do you find a gem and get in early?: tell me your stories[View]
22840170>Stripper Token >free ethereum airdrop for top holders. the second token by the famous creator…[View]
22840160Buy KNC: You have approx. 1-2 weeks to buy for the easiest money in your life. The sooner you'r…[View]
22840158Presale in 1.5 hours: Liquidity Locked forever! Doomsday Clock feature Listing on uniswap after pres…[View]
22840151The Wolf of All Streets is a True Chad: Original found on Twitter: https://twitter.com/weird_lil_cor…[View]
22838650If you know, you know[View]
22840142help uniswap Add Liquidity: Hi all: I am tvt dev.tvt.io the project launch at 2017.12. It is first p…[View]
22839577MMEDF, LKYSF and CMPS-- is that the perfect portfolio to get in on the ground floor of this mental h…[View]
22837752Huge group will push this so 1000% gains $CHESS like 32.000 mcap damn, that will be a fast 10x[View]
22839998Don't buy AAVE tomorrow: some of you are actually okay[View]
22839467We're all gonna make it, right anon?[View]
22838044Why are you missing out on $CHESS anon?[View]
22838695Bagel: You hungry? Eat bagel finance The Next Generation of Yield Farming Every information will be…[View]
22838449>Below 100M Market Cap >About to fall out of the top 100 on Coin Market Cap Is now the time to…[View]
22840051YFGAMMA is a SCAM do not invest. Multiple influencers and dev teams have come out saying that it is …[View]
22836157PPP loan: I am a stupid fuck. I had no business fraudulently applying for this loan, but I was incre…[View]
22839988Last chance before we pierce through 1$ and go parabolic Been putting this information out for over …[View]
22837817There is trillions worth of unmonetized Open source code on github: Dev protocol tokenizes these git…[View]
22839835I know which coins are automatic winners but I’m too scared to put my money in coins don’t like wait…[View]
22839905VA Loans: Has anybody here used a VA Loan? How easy was it to get and how beneficial was it?[View]
22838229XRX (XERXES Finance Token): DYOR BEFORE IT PUMPS www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0xe8e1ccc…[View]
22835317KLEROS: aaaand wallah PNK will NEVER be below 7c again, sirs.[View]
22839373XerXes: Xerxes Finance Token (XRX) is now live on uniswap! Token symbol: XRX Total supply: 3,000 (d…[View]
22839787Moving silently (+4000%) since inception: 1st pump : From 0,001 to 0,02 usd (2000%) 2nd pump : From …[View]
22839064Incompetent dev. Constant Dumping. Token not necessary. kek what a failure of a project.[View]
22838568Xerxes Finance Token (XRX) is now live on uniswap! uniswap.info/token/0x50736779d528c02990dddee95bb1…[View]
22839797YFMS: it's in the name stoopit[View]
22839782Shill me your shitcoins, UNLISTED EDITION: hey frens, what are some coins I can research that: 1. ar…[View]
22839721What's the point of paying for an oracle to tell you the price of various shitcoins that degene…[View]
22838797Coinbase Wallet Issue: Can someone explain pic related? >buy 6000 Hatch Dao at 1c cause fuck it …[View]
22838442STATERA THREAD NIGGERS Memes are welcome[View]
22837376give me the truth about holo. bout to go all in.[View]
22839645Thank you Frens: Guys, I just want to say thank you.$ 8K earlier this year and now $ 85k I sold eve…[View]
22839168You tricked me into thinking I would become a millionaire overnight. 2017 is never happening again i…[View]
22839507Investment Opportunity: Watcha think Anons? Could this be a worthwhile investment? https://www.youtu…[View]
22839478>create cryptocurrency >make Twitter account >post on /biz/ inviting to join said account …[View]
22839549lol what?: is this for real? https://miatoken.xyz/[View]
22838914Are there any games that take crypto that aren't casino style?[View]
22839557>Link is about to get STIFFED LMAO[View]
22838542Toast.finance - The world's first 100% open community DEFI project $HOUSE (7k circlulating supp…[View]
22836741How much XMR has the Kucoin hacker stolen?: It's not listed here: https://www.kucoin.com/news/e…[View]
22835775LISTING PRICE PREDICITIONS: Binance listing in just over 10 hours. How high can this go?[View]
22838879Try bagel: Waiting room 5$[View]
22837658Bagel: Chart loooks good https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0xdc2f353cd909067fe8e1cca…[View]
22836472YFV – FUD EDITION: Tell me as much wrongthink about this token as possible.[View]
22839270Alien twins list DeFi.: Is this bullish.? UNI, Maker l, synthetics. And others[View]
22834730YFV: You know I love you right, anon? We are going up 1$ a day, this is the great YFV comeback. Dont…[View]
22839366Here it is /biz/, the actual ETH killer. Are you surprised? ETH is old, inefficient, unscalable and …[View]
22839251Fractional-reserve banking: >Fractional-reserve banking, the most common form of banking practise…[View]
22839345Secure your red elixir now. t me /elixirprotocol[View]
22838769Newfags listen up: I don’t know how many times I need to say this. I don’t care what shitcoin It is …[View]
22838878When my crypto moons I will re establish the austria-hungarian empire adding poland as a separate bu…[View]
22839320uniswap: hi ,tvt.io https://twitter.com/tvt_io trade tvt https://uniswap.info/pair/0xdac363f57faeccc…[View]
22838382Are KuCoin funds safu?[View]
22837414He's a big buy. For buidl: Imagine not investing in the Elon Musk of the ethereum ecosystem…[View]
22838700>500B for the 13% >more than 40 million black people live in the united states Every nigger in…[View]
22836085Belle Delphine is on RARI: Honest discussion. Could RARI become the onlyfans in the cryptospace? The…[View]
22838802xDai officially is the winner of the Reddit completion: If you don’t already have a Stake bag, I wou…[View]
22839144I am to reduced to a state of decay, collapse, or disintegration[View]
22838502KuCoin: What are the chances we get our money back from the alleged 'insurance'? It sounds like reta…[View]
22837220What happened to the /biz/ insiders discord?: even posted my aryan white hand[View]
22839170Trustswap scam: Trustswap is responsible for hatch dao’s rug. Hatchdao used swaps name to get credib…[View]
22838675I like to go on dating sites and post my bank account and portfolio to string along women, take them…[View]
22839156ZYX NEW ICO airdrop: bounce.finance/join/swap/2748[View]
22839133growdefi.capital 5 tokens farmed per day[View]
22839042nearly 150 eth in 3 hours pajeets can't afford this it's now or never /biz/ https://bounce…[View]
22838569What chance do you guys think there is that the global economy will collapse?[View]
22832150So whatever happened to Ampl?: Down 80% since ath market cap Still not listing on any big exchange …[View]
22839145>stock market follows rich elite, the richer they get the more it goes up >btc follows stock m…[View]
22838041It’s simple website looks cool, the logo looks professional, they got some liquidity will destroy un…[View]
22839068Other than bank bonuses, what are some legit ways to get free money and/or crypto?[View]
22839104Seems legit. ZYX provides actusal coin[View]
22839100help uniswap Add Liquidity: Hi all: I am tvt dev.tvt.io the project launch at 2017.12. It is first p…[View]
22838604Hey there...: do you mind telling me the shortest way to the markets? Thanks.[View]
22839089$10 eoy: Blockchains are actually useful for enterprises now.[View]
22838595no chainIink threads on biz: its finally dead. thank you lord. we can finally move on to legit proje…[View]
22838606What's the safest coin for POC?[View]
22834370ROT: 20c Incoming[View]
22837841Returning to Moon ? KLP Warriors: Are we gonna moon or not KLP warriors? general markets are bull , …[View]
22837030Anything I'm missing?: Best financial move I've ever done.[View]
22838436THIS IS A MUST READ. PICKLE VS YFI: https://medium.com/@coinsweetmike/pickle-finance-is-the-biggest-…[View]
22827456/pmg/ - Precious Metals General: Remove embeds and cute asian girls edition >Bullion dealers http…[View]
22838845What is Satoshi's end game?[View]
22838323So, what is zyx ? Zyx has own blockchain Started today ico, airdrop and bridge, defi will be star…[View]
22838538SERGAY BETRAY[View]
22838540$BROON: Burn 2 moon does what it says. Similar to $PUMP and $MCT, the concept is to pump price as ha…[View]
22838798Moon Dollars: The only crypto you'll need on the moon! https://bounce.finance/join/swap/2753 Pa…[View]
22838632Be prepared...[View]
22838696Polkastarter or Polkaswap: Who's the fairest of them all?[View]
22836952Just sent 0.015 eth from kraken to meta just to try this out. I'm new. Spent 21000 gas at 77 gw…[View]
22837382ITT >ATH in crypto >current amount in crypto >last time you had sexual intercourse…[View]
22833131To this guy >>22830713 DECO is not for bringing off chain data on chain, DECO is for cryptogra…[View]
22838184Do you guys think we really go on a mega bullrun in 2021?: Is this cycle really going to play out li…[View]
22838534Coinmetro: What went wrong?[View]
22837672I don't like to look at graphs all day trying to spot dips. I bought 100k 80k FTM at 0.038-0.03…[View]
22837784red pill me on free markets.[View]
22837867ZYX NEW ICO: bounce.finance/join/swap/2748[View]
22837106CBDAO BREE: Todays the day we break the crabbing. I can feel it[View]
22838505Uhhhhhh G-guys[View]
22838496ROT: And we're going up again, next stop 50c[View]
22838208$100 For School Assignment (Google Analytics): Okay anons, I have a school assignment due in 12 hour…[View]
22830412Its weekend, bois. Smoking while waiting for gem shilling. Give me some with good FA so I can do my …[View]
22838377https ://twitter.com/burger_swap/status/1309863884510167040 MAX SUPPLY CAPPED AT 21 MILLION More new…[View]
22838439Its happening ...[View]
22838029Ladies and gentlemen I present to you: The crab coin[View]
22837912Are we back in a bear market?[View]
22836962Why won’t you listen?: When will /biz/ learn that putting all your eggs in one basket is a bad idea?…[View]
22838333Alright listen up everyone, I am the first anon who shilled Tulips.farm and now I am offering you an…[View]
22835958yfown: time to shill this piece of shit gem This is a decentralized flexible organization (DFO), a.k…[View]
22838284>knight checking in Where my FTM thread at?[View]
22837434$CHESS PnD: 32k mcap you say? $Chess for that quick 10x Contract Ad: 0x5f75112bbb4e1af516fbe3e21528c…[View]
22833408Yfmoonbeam presale on monday: They confirmed last night the moonbeam network migration plans, so wtf…[View]
22838113wojak just bought zyx on bounce.finance/join/swap/2748[View]
22838238Don't miss the sneaky COCK: $COCK cockroach.finance 56282.84 COCK (73%) STAKED[View]
22838311https://etherscan.io/tx/0xdad4b8667d5b1fe6a40e5641564eeb4153be6bcbc8f092bdffa2ee675e80106d i bought …[View]
22838280Why aren't you all in this trannycoin yet? If you have +300k of these you can use your staking …[View]
22838046You did accumulate a bag before the halving.....r-right anon?: Tick tock, faggit[View]
22837801Avalanche: Is this thing gonna punp in the short term? What are your targets?[View]
228313254 DAYS: >libertas website releases Sep 30 >dapp launches Oct 30 >low price ($0.003) >low…[View]
22838261'rope is actually a scam': https://twitter.com/dontbuyrope/status/1309811088423223297/photo/1 :O…[View]
22835315Deflationary DeFi Project Presale: Presale details 26th September 2020 20.00 UTC Round 1: 1ETH= 28,7…[View]
22837250FEEL: $Wojak.FEEL coin has almost officially launched after much anticipation on the wagie community…[View]
22838255uniswap: hi ,tvt.io https://twitter.com/tvt_io trade tvt https://uniswap.info/pair/0xdac363f57faeccc…[View]
22837366Pajeets have been trying to fud this hard. Let's get this to x2, curve looks bullish. This need…[View]
22835916YF Moonbeam: They are getting so much FUD, they are actually connected with YFMS so.. seems fine? An…[View]
22834076Where are you guys tethering in case something happens ?: Here we go again Kucoin hack is my funds S…[View]
22837813Did anyone else feel that[View]
22837642Is there a service that sells like bundles of erc20 coins. You know how with 401ks But with crypto i…[View]
22834766We toucha duh line[View]
22838040Is DeepBrain Chain still a thing?: Last I heard this ended up being a exit scam? Looks like it’s bot…[View]
22837737PIGGY: I hope you haven't bought this obvious scam. Stay away Total Supply: 50,000 $PIGGY Holde…[View]
22836166stop fucking scamming newfags you nigger newfags /biz/ is about everyone making it stop fucking scam…[View]
22836842Does any British anons know the setup of reducing tax liability by moving to the isle of man? I aske…[View]
22838015help uniswap Add Liquidity: Hi all: I am tvt dev.tvt.io the project launch at 2017.12. It is first p…[View]
22836837Is $80 EOW realistic?: And where does /biz/ see this wonderful and crispy green fruit at the end of …[View]
22835140Still sleeping on WALT? Extensively tested AI trading bot manages lending funds for up 130% APY: Pla…[View]
22833456Condolences for those people who lost their funds in instant with Kucoin. Good thing mine wasnt. Bee…[View]
22837972BEWARE COPYCATS: Guys, there are new fresh set of yfbeta copycat scam in the making... for example t…[View]
22835177Do you feel it coming aswell?: It's already getting more attention.. just the beginning anons..…[View]
22837756SPX or CRV: /biz/ can't decide on which one to go for. Both look like solid buys, with sxp havi…[View]
22837145Are you still not in $SHROOM?: It is fucking bullish. Don’t miss it frens: https://medium.com/@shroo…[View]
22837935$CHESS higher Gains then YMAX: $CHESS will reach 1$ Today, and you will miss it. Lost all your money…[View]
22837938Whats the deal with pick related? Every time I post about it a bunch of slide threads show up.[View]
22830370/LITGEN/ Lition General: Latest news: >An additional 10 community TrustNodes are going to be adde…[View]
22835753XRP?: Worth anything? Has been? FUD, shill, schizo rants, all welcome. Illuminate the situation...…[View]
22837760DFOHub (BUIDL) devs have found arbitrage bots have been dumping the price and keeping it down for at…[View]
22833664I LOST 12 BTC IN THE KUCOIN HACK, WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!![View]
22837816We are testing in prod, TONIGHT[View]
22837343Oh fuck binance got hacked as well!!!!!![View]
22836594What in the actual fuck: >second largest exchange hack ever only outdone by Gox >market pumps …[View]
22834529how do you deal with: regret?[View]
22837749>amount of holders very slowly rising for months >suddenly 200 new holders in less than two we…[View]
22837345>I'm in it for the tech[View]
22836550You guys really don't have it in you to pick a top project early anymore do you. (Pic related).…[View]
22836743job interview with CHAINLINK: zoom interview with chainlink zoom interview with chainlinkzoom interv…[View]
22836522You investing into libertas?: same pajeets who shill statera and spam board with this shit, move to …[View]
22835220i have a question biz: when this defi uniswap .finance gay shit will finally collapse because of the…[View]
22836898The fuck is going on with the volume here? Guessing it's chink bots up to their usual bullshit.[View]
22837502They are just rolling back the blockchains and destroying the tokens. What was that about blockchain…[View]
22834849Binance chain: Does bnc have any chance on taking on ethereum? Low fee dex trading looks attractive …[View]
22835067Show me your best lowcap Gems!: $FYZ is attention based tokenization platform. Here you can invest o…[View]
22836826Crypto is dead: 900ETH pooled in an obvious rugpull of the day callet ROT. Some nigger will soon ma…[View]
22832403>He has a girlfriend >He thinks he will make it in the bull run…[View]
22834530Libertas: Low marketcap gem: https://libertas.network/ >resists Jewtube censorship >enables in…[View]
22837557Morpheus Network solid player on supply chain field: results and value - that's what you should…[View]
22832997Tell me why you faggots hate this guy again? Serious answers please this time[View]
22837034Question for my /biz/bros: When you add liquidity for a token and the price rises, do you get less o…[View]
22828917/smg/ - Stock Market General: WEEKEND edition >Brokers: https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq >Stock m…[View]
22836322ycrab.finance: $Ycrab ( @YcrabFinance ) is a cryptocurrency that introduces some interesting protoco…[View]
22837485anyone in this? currently mooning. looks legit with farming/nft's. low cap right now with defla…[View]
22832384¥600 (~$5.68) meal in Japan[View]
22832680People are missing the point of xBTC. The rebases are great but they are not the point of xBTC. What…[View]
22836940Have you ever been to a financial planning workshop/seminar/class before? One of those places where …[View]
22837022Bagel.finance: WELCOME TO BAGEL FINANCE The Next Generation of Yield Farming Every information wil…[View]
22836600GEM ALERT - $CELLAR: $CELLAR PRESALE ENDS IN LESS THAN 2 DAYS! https://cellardoor.finance Buy now: h…[View]
22837249New GEM UNI 13k Supply: Contract : 0xcc033651f1193a49977d14678673fe5a01756aea https://uniswap.info/t…[View]
22836971ZEN GARDEN FINANCE UNISWAP PRESALE: Limited uniswap presale is almost sold out! Still 50% cheaper th…[View]
22837361>presale active as of two days ago, 5 days left (you can BEFORE a pump and dump group takes hold,…[View]
22836391Exit Strategy: Where is the best place in the world to live in as a young, white, location-independe…[View]
22835146Why is it so good bros?[View]
22837002BSV is Roko's Basilisk, do with this information what you must.[View]
22837105ZEN GARDEN FINANCE: Ok boys let me do the hard work for you and let me start by saying dont fall for…[View]
22836244KuCoin hack: CuckCoin hacked for 150 million United States Dollars. I had ~80,000 AMPL in my wallet,…[View]
22835959/XSG/ XRP SCHITZO GENERAL Post anything XRP related. I would say linkies get out but they're d…[View]
22837226test: test[View]
22836931Selling my vote for bitcoin: The American election is approaching, and I'm looking to liquidate…[View]
22837176I need your help /biz/. So far i never saw any need to make a lot of money but recently i have start…[View]
22835757I have a job interview on Tuesday for a software engineering job. What should I expect?[View]
22837170Xyearn Finance get in here anons: Xyearn Finance, fork of yearn finance is doing an airdrop right no…[View]
2283714710 more addresses are holding today.[View]
22836135Dont Miss Another Pump: Look Anon, I know you missed out on every single x10, maybe you were scared,…[View]
22837031cuckoin: wait so you want to tell me i just lost half of my portfolio before the golden bull?[View]
22836493Imagine making losses - kek any anons who are humble enough to admit they need help, drop your disc …[View]
22836220Wtf do all these coins do? Do they just exist trying to find a different way to buy a million useles…[View]
22836139S16 LIMITED GEM: S16 https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?inputCurrency=0x3f58aa85ed2c262f675824083106e4f…[View]
22836525BAG: Come get some free bags anons T: bagfinance[View]
22835607'A perfect betrayal can be subdivided in 3 acts: the Pledge, the Turn, the Prestige' FATOSHI BETRAYO…[View]
22836455ZEN FINANCE TOKEN EARLY LISTING: You don't want to miss this one! A limited number of Zen.Finan…[View]
22836956uniswap: hi ,tvt.io https://twitter.com/tvt_io trade tvt https://uniswap.info/pair/0xdac363f57faeccc…[View]
22836920Grab your glock when you see Pepe, Call the cops when you see Pepe[View]
22836909Can we have a trading general guys? For trading stocks, forex, shitcoins[View]
22836316/biz/ tell me why you dont own a single rPEPE YET. https://www.rarepepe.net/[View]
22836790FARMING PUMPS GENERAL: So, i am now in process of trying to build up long term yield farming token p…[View]
22836064$posh is x1000 token: Invest or not, but screencap this[View]
22834060Upcoming Gems Hunters!: Are you hunting upcoming gems? Then this thread is for you. Meet Zenfuse - y…[View]
22836443This is still going to pump right? Don't tell me I bought the top AGAIN at $11.20[View]
22836796Rugging bots: I can't rug the bots that snipe liquidity successfully. They never bite. I'v…[View]
22834217KAVA.: Anyone else buying this one? its DEFi build on ATOM. instead of only being able to deposit ER…[View]
22836751Looks like the token was needed For mcdonalds menu prices. Whats the price of a quarter pounder larg…[View]
22828530Trips decides what LINK will be EOY[View]
22836742help uniswap Add Liquidity: Hi all: I am tvt dev.tvt.io the project launch at 2017.12. It is first p…[View]
22834390RSR wasn't even stolen in the KuCoin hack, let that sink in. Waltonchain got stolen but the hac…[View]
22836258Uniswap Gem - MesChain: Uniswap Gem - MesChain MES (Manufacturing Execution System) Circulation Supp…[View]
22836630Milky Way Presale is happening RIGHT NOW: Is going on right now. 250 ETH hardcap I helped call the V…[View]
22835750>Plz sir when moon? I need to feed my entire village thanks[View]
22835313So, I saw this project spooktechnologies.com, but I'm not convinced... What do you think? They …[View]
22834432ROT: Hope you bought ROT 2 days ago when i told you.[View]
22835634>He's STILL bagholding Chainlink[View]
22834853ROTGANG: Rot is now worth 20 cents. you are still early and now is a good time to buy. thoughts?…[View]
22832298Why the fuck is Vidt dumping again No respite... Just suffering. I paid $0.80 for this shitcoin[View]
22833498COCK just listed on uniswap, will moon 100%. LIQUIDITY LOCKED AND NO PRESALE: Only 121 adresses Farm…[View]
22836574Loopring just added to coinbase: Good buy?[View]
22834944The Magic of DeFi: >Tfw 30,000 link inside the aLink vault Congrats on this Andre seriously…[View]
22834577What’s their plan /biz/?[View]
22835143yep its a dead cat bounce: nico was right after all[View]
22836212Presale in 3 hours, risk it for the biscuit.: >title U aint no real sir if you dont pajeet into e…[View]
22836551I'm looking to get a Job with technical support, I am on disability/social security. Those who…[View]
22829941Take the salespill: Fuck gambling on shitcoins, get into sales. >Be me, mid 30s >Autistic >…[View]
22835946Could BTC serve as a Bancor over the XRPL: We know its possible to move other coins via the network …[View]
22834414My funds on KuCoin stay untouched, including Erc20 tokens. WTF. I had only $500 there - did the hac…[View]
22836269>make tons of cash >cash out some of it >too greedy to spend it >actually just want more…[View]
22829918$20 fucking waiting room: get the fuck in here green id will be blessed with tremendous profits…[View]
22833424I have objective proof Bitcoin is gonna dump below 8k by the end of the weekend: Let me see some tri…[View]
22836386I'm gay and i hold chainlink: prove me wrong[View]
22836367Squirrel.finance just dropped their $NUTS on the table! Last night, beta version of phase 0 dropped,…[View]
22835957i discussed buying a investment/vacation property with a good friend thinking it could be a good way…[View]
22826599Statera General: It's been 1 whole hour without a Statera thread on /biz/. Let's fix that.…[View]
22836350XFYI token trading on Bilaxy: are you followin XFYI token? is rational - the prospects of one or ano…[View]
22835637UNI: Do something you piece of shit[View]
22834306What's stopping me from taking a loan, and using that loan to invest in safe instruments like b…[View]
22835994stek: stek[View]
22834827ROT 1$ EOD: Ok we're seriously going to1$ now WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT[View]
22831124Kucoin hack connect the dots: Ok lets connect the dots. uniswap release massive free aurdrop, CZ buy…[View]
22836236$imp token: Your next meme token /biz Pre sale today. 10 Pm UTC Only 420 in circulation. Devs hold …[View]
22835610MODEST Airdrop: Join t.me/MODESTMoonz Airdrop $MODEST NEXT $MEME #PARTICIPATION[View]
22835941You failed /biz/[View]
22836154What's your plan if there isnt another mega bullrun and the crypto market just fizzles out over…[View]
22835454Recruiting a bunch of autists to solve this puzzle https://twitter.com/fractal_xyz/status/1309582883…[View]
22836129for newfags: If you ever find yourself having to 'trust' someone or some team to do something, you w…[View]
22835440am I safe right bro, right?[View]
22834121describe this pattern[View]
22832911The Fantom uniswap fork is going to be tested in prod tomorrow. (as per Andre always testing in prod…[View]
22832792Any Promising Stocks?: Cashed out of chainlink at $17 and want to get some stuff going in the actual…[View]
22834970Kucoin hackers got 202k linkies WE ARE GOING DOWN[View]
22835599A decentralized trading group with over 60 eth: Unipump.io has now a running group holding over 60et…[View]
22835969Fuck: I just lost $3000 in tokens from cuckoin hack.[View]
22835960uniswap: hi ,tvt.io https://twitter.com/tvt_io trade tvt https://uniswap.info/pair/0xdac363f57faeccc…[View]
22831669why tf is this thing not going up?? I thought it was built into the code[View]
22835878Theoretically if I buy into enough GME does that mean I'll be able to get a ps5 and xbox for fr…[View]
22834825UpSwing.Finance hidden gem presale live: STVKE.NETWORK behind it, platform is legit and launched pre…[View]
22835831van: hello everyone. following any uniswap bold tokens? fav now is XFYI, one of the most widely disc…[View]
22834400Hacked coins - SNX AAVE - What does he mean?: I thought you could see everything on etherscan.…[View]
22833404I'm 27 and my girlfriend regularly makes me wear her clothes and dress up like a women. How do…[View]
22834281Car help: 23 f I want to buy a used toyota rav4 bc it seems reliable It’s my first car Is it a bad…[View]
22834452MAssive if true[View]
22834631SPARTA FINANCE = NEXT ORB: Welcome to Sparta Finance https://sparta.finance/ This one has a particul…[View]
22833018What is with the unbelievable amount of fud on this project? The only conclusion I can come to is th…[View]
22835682I just spent $10 to get 4,000 reddit coins. Is that a good deal?[View]
22834202I know that one day BSV crypto currency will be worth 20,000 per coin[View]
22834482This is the last time you will see Link above $10 ever again.[View]
22835528$ORB Highest APY: The lead audit master has just spoken, wtf are you waiting to stake?? 901,445.41%…[View]
22835602$21k nanocap .033 cent token and pays 15x apy and is deflationary https://etherscan.io/token/0xe335…[View]
22834593BITCOINPOS hey bros, i stumbled upon bitcoinpos... curious if anyone knows if its legit. the catch i…[View]
22832960Stop using those shitty Asian exchanges that always get 'hacked'. CoinMetro is the only option.[View]
22834545So this piece of shit is going up now?[View]
22835485help uniswap Add Liquidity: Hi all: I am tvt dev.tvt.io the project launch at 2017.12. It is first p…[View]
22835419pok pok[View]
22834550UniDeFi - The First Universal DeFi REAL DEFI GEM: https://unidefi.live Get highest yield during farm…[View]
22831393Aren't you sick of these MEME AND SCAM NFT projects? Im done with it and Like to put my funds f…[View]
22835443S16 TO THE MOON: S16 https://uniswap.info/token/0x3f58aa85ed2c262f675824083106e4fdd6ddfdbd TOTAL SU…[View]
22835439> Launches a wallet tool > Doesn't support XRP, the actual standard Are they retarded?…[View]
22834884>Buy crypto >Get hacked >Lose crypto…[View]
22835367>be developer >multinational, well known company (finance) >be mismanaged af (no tasks assi…[View]
22835365What happen with Hatch?[View]
22835232Buidl/DFOhub thread: Any news in the horizon? I'm in need of some hopium[View]
22834632Falconswap: Anyone else watching this project? The idea seems really solid.[View]
22835323Sparta! Let's make some money, honey! Sparta dot finance.[View]
22833936>all Kucoin Vidt transferred and frozen (not controlled by Kucoin) >Kucoin trading continuing …[View]
22834540people are holding their $cock: hold on to your cocks guys! then we will negotiate. cockroach.financ…[View]
22834780FEEL: FEEL pre-sale is almost here you mongloids. It is everything we have ever dreamed of. DO THE …[View]
22834819Time to buy airlines?[View]
22835198Holy shit wtf was that[View]
22832613/entrepreneur/: We need an /entrepreneur/ board for REAL business and leave the coiners and trust fu…[View]
22834976Last hour small dump waves[View]
22835203ZYX: if you think you have enough zyx, BUY MORE[View]
22834904WTAFWT: NWO MOVING IN???[View]
22824466European vs American salaries: We europoors like to talk a lot of shit about America, many times it…[View]
22835136It's slowly bleeding again I'm so tired[View]
22835171Well it was a nice attempt, but it looks like we're going back to $4 and nothing can stop it Cu…[View]
22835168Psst have you heard?: Buy CORD. They just partnered with ZZZ.finance. Only 19k supply and this shit …[View]
22834539Every shitcoin is green, yet this shit just keeps tanking.[View]
22835127I FUCKING TOLD YOU - $LVLUP up x2, ONLY Layer 2 Yield Farming Coin: Yes I said LAYER 2 - MEANING YOU…[View]
22834945UNISWAP PUMP: Guys join their group, their pumps are bullish <3[View]
22835014Can I financially annihilate a company by constantly suing them?[View]
22835072What kind of careers are there in finance that can make me really successful that dont require amazi…[View]
22835007What's sup everyone who all got fucked in Kucoin: I am just taking a big sip of told you so, yo…[View]
22834998Okay I'll give you some info about Waves Enterprise ( WEST ) they recently made some huge devel…[View]
22834988Real question how come stonks and fiat banks don't get hacked like kucoin? Inb4 it's alre…[View]
22834722Just took a huge dump, feeling good, might delete later[View]
22834761How to transfer crypto to real currency?: Hey /biz/ let's say hypothetically that I managed to …[View]
22834516Shitcoin flipper here, this is the next jackpot.: Whitelist still open possibly. Usually /biz/ is wh…[View]
22829453redpill me on this please /biz/[View]
22834591This is not a thread for brainlets. Serious question here. How does one go about creating a crypto. …[View]
22834388>not your keys, not your crypto: >wants to day trade, so uses a dex, which can go down at any …[View]
22834854uniswap: hi ,tvt.io https://twitter.com/tvt_io trade tvt https://uniswap.info/pair/0xdac363f57faeccc…[View]
22834835Lucrative Staking opportunity: - Go to Bitrue - Buy 300k ehrt - Spend 10k of that ehrt on a digital …[View]
22834182BIZ what is your take on AAVE?[View]
22834354A 49€ starter in France[View]
22834635KuCoin exit scamming: Doesn't matter if you weren't part of the hack. Everyone having any …[View]
22834666First Kucoin, next binance, Coinbase, metamask, finally ledger. Then crypto will moon with 90% of wa…[View]
22833821We are secretly breeding a new generation of stronger smarter super-bobos to finally break support a…[View]
22834327Be me: Look into crystal balls See duh future in a flash Buy $XAR/$DFEN/$AMZN Begin prep hoarding e…[View]
22833080what an utter piece of shit, isnt this about its ICO price currently or under?[View]
22825032ETH: I feel as if buying up ETH now to hold until ETH 2.0 rolls out and cash in on the FOMO is the s…[View]
22834655Check out my chads only telegram group, search for 'Uniswap Chads', in my last moonshot announcement…[View]
22833267when reddit bakeoff result[View]
22834194All of the newfags with big bags of alts and no Tether, BTC or even Eth in every portfolio thread is…[View]
22834241Dont sleep on this one biz. Seriously. gg / Aqd5c3Z[View]
22834581Are anime figures a good investment?[View]
22832803any anons that have made it actually done the hookers and cocaine thing?: I thought this was a /pol/…[View]
22834563HNY: BZzz[View]
22826766DFT & XMM day 2 of bromance: I TOLD YOU SO So far XMM is working great on the DeFiat testnet htt…[View]
22834523what vitalik buterin said about avax early this year?: https://twitter.com/VitalikButerin/status/122…[View]
22834318COCK CRYPTO GEM FOUND: Welcome to Cockroach Finance we hope you are ready to store COCK in your pant…[View]
22833595How no one on 4chan has had the brains to organise a pump and dump group is beyond me. We literally …[View]
22834534Bluzelle + Polkadot = Hot[View]
22831569Why cant you idiots shill a coin that we can agree on and be rich so that way we don't have to …[View]
22833264H4X - General: > staking working from day 1 > only 44000 tokens in existence > 4% burn and …[View]
22834325YFBEAM MAXIMUM DAMAGE CONTROL COPE: 'YF Moonbeam offered us payment in exchange for screenshots of o…[View]
22833535yfMoonbeam Scam General: GTFIH, BIG HAPPENING. HATCH AND YF MOONBEAM GENERAL: /HYFMBG/ Quick Rundown…[View]
22830224inb4 moon $PICKLE DON'T BUY PICKLE[View]
22833873Chainlink and Avalanche are the future: Chainlink and Avalanche are the future[View]
22834044This is why crypto will never ever be mainstream. If a bank lost your money because of a fault in th…[View]
22834428help uniswap Add Liquidity: Hi all: I am tvt dev.tvt.io the project launch at 2017.12. It is first p…[View]
22833902>shitty pnd pajeet coin shilled here as 'good fundamentals good long hold project with moon poten…[View]
22833373People don't respond to my threads as much anymore: What happened biz[View]
22832628>over a decade old >still no applications Is “blockchain” the most useless meme “technology” e…[View]
22834365>not your keys not your crypto is just a meme bro >just keep it on a centralized exchange bro,…[View]
22830650/XSG/ - XRP Schizo General #46: >Flare snapshot date - December 12th 2020: https://flare.ghost.io…[View]
22834118MOD Airdrop: Join t.me/MODESTMoonz Free Airdrop $MODEST NEXT $MEME #PARTICIPATION[View]
22834343Fuck Boomers General: What is it with boomers and thinking crypto or investing in general is the sam…[View]
22827243OFFICIAL laugh at cuckcoin users thread: HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHA[View]
22834309>$10.70 rejected >100k sats rejected Finally, we are going back down…[View]
22833085I'm scared to buy anything guys. Been tethered up for weeks and don't trust any pumps or d…[View]
22825229What are some low barrier to entry (in terms of $) passive income streams that the average biztard c…[View]
22834257I haven’t lost my EWT on kucoin, and BTC is a segwit blockstream fork. Digital gold. Bilderberg.[View]
22832612How low is your IQ if you’re not into this?[View]
22830116Link is like the Ethereum Chart: $1400 ETH is $20 LINK[View]
22832793EWT - Strong Pick, Smart Pick: Smart people are loading with EWT. Why? Energy Web is accelerating a …[View]
22832414this was it?: this was the dump? that was all? its all so tiresome, bobros[View]
22834172REGRET - Become Financial Free: t.me/RegretNotParticipating For us those that didn't get the ch…[View]
22833584WCK: Wrapped Crypto Kitties https://wrappedkitties.com/ https://www.cryptokitties.co/profile/0x09fE5…[View]
22832747Should I buy more link?[View]
22834122My EWT and pha still on kucoin also my ampl. Chainlink price predictions?[View]
22833178come on biz we need some variety on these images, also LINK is dropping tonight better sell now[View]
22832919Faces of Fantom: Post your selfie ITT if you hold FTM. Pic related, it’s me[View]
22832809How long do I have to wait?: Why did no one make a lending platform for crypto derivatives? I'm…[View]
22833367Xeon Token with supply of 1 coin: Xeon Token launched today with a supply of 1 token and is deflatio…[View]
22833122Simp Token is on presale today at 10pm UTC: $imp token presale is today at 10pm UTC. 420 max supply.…[View]
22833912>I'm not using a chink exchange or buying a chink coin[View]
22833189Is this the death knell for KCS?[View]
22831115cVault: Gentlemen, listen up. Every once in a while comes an opportunity like this, a new idea, a ne…[View]
22833878Waves doing good today: Still believe in waves[View]
22804023ROTTENSWAP: GET IN AND $ROT: deflationary tokenomics + lowered emission rates recently + new feature…[View]
22831035xBTC: People are missing the point of xBTC. The rebases are great but they are not the point of xBTC…[View]
22833976Why am i not winning?[View]
22833833You did swoop up some alts during the recent sale right?[View]
22831160Hearing about Tron dapps shifting to matic. I feel its hilarious[View]
22833565Breakout imminent.[View]
22833241Ok frens I made 0.5 btc in one day. I still have a question. How do I 10x this?[View]
22832118Kucoin got hacked because of VELO: It's my schizo take. But I bought at 42 cents since I saw so…[View]
22833854You said we were all gonna make it![View]
22830744Matic ecosystem evolving in totality bunch of shit games on matic whatelse shit project[View]
22832978Hi folks, *Always DYOR! I would like to type this post yesterday's morning when $SSL was $10~ b…[View]
22833552With 'headless porn' where they don't show the girl's face being so popular, couldn't…[View]
22832957Sunday dump—12 hours away, stable up, you have been warned.[View]
22833814kucoin retard edition: imagine being smart enough to actually hack(?) kucoin and move 200m in tokens…[View]
22833580YFBEAM vs YF Moonbeam Round 1: by YFbeam Dev YF Moonbeam offered us payment in exchange for screensh…[View]
22833805Leave LINK to me[View]
22833732WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS????: https://uniswap.info/token/0xc7e6e93b81be888aee36ec63135915c9291a4eb5…[View]
22833566$ROT is deflationary defi done right: Of all the coins trying to offer sustainable farming rewards, …[View]
22833746uniswap: hi ,tvt.io https://twitter.com/tvt_io trade tvt https://uniswap.info/pair/0xdac363f57faeccc…[View]
22830891Recently was reading an article titled 5: Ways Blockchain Will Transform The Real Estate Industry. R…[View]
22831670Vybrators: <1 mill marketcap. 1% daily yield. Known Dev. DAO within the next few days. Not some s…[View]
22830556How can I profit off of weather manipulation technology?[View]
22831774DAI vs USDC vs UST: Can someone explain to a fat retard the difference between these three? My hazy …[View]
22830807$ROT $ROT $ROT: >people called it dead after the emission cut dip, but i told you all to buy the …[View]
22832999Fantom: Can you taste it, fellow Fanties? Do you taste the sweet FOMO and uncertainty dripping from …[View]
22831481COVAL: $COVAL Circuits of Value. Take a look or don't, I don't care, but biz has given som…[View]
22833644ROT: Wait for burgers to wake up and current pump will look tiny compared to what we're going t…[View]
22833470UNRUGGABLE TOKEN TONIGHT: listing at 10 pm Eastern Time. Still chances to get in presale if there ar…[View]
22827006OH NO NO NO UNI BROS. Binance controls Uniswap: What did CZ mean by that? Sold my entire stack tonig…[View]
22831989Everybody hold their breath![View]
22830771Gemswap fucked: https://gemswap.org https://twitter.com/gemswap/status/1309746431649931264?s=21 F…[View]
22822009Chico meta mask eth balance[View]
22832491Any other Fanties feeling extremely bullish from this recent wave of FUD?? I'm so fucking keen …[View]
22833414Baron checking in. How are my Fanties going? By all the FUDposts today and the chart now, I'd s…[View]
22832658Show me a better looking chart: protip: you can't[View]
22833529cope: It's just numbers on a screen boys. Go outside or something[View]
22831716You need to be buying this shit NOW. The new dashboard will likely be released within the coming wee…[View]
22830700Bluzelle mainnet soft launch on 8th AUGUST[View]
22830934BLZ mainnet to be launched in two phases.[View]
22832474This pile of shit cannot fucking hold a pump without immediately shitting itself holy shot what a j…[View]
22833354Hey guys it's yo boys TAfaggot from the underground. Check my discovery for today[View]
22833073Farm rug pulls: Anyone know of other farms that got LP tokens stolen? >unicat >gemswap…[View]
22831816APOLOGIZE: Its starting and were not even in phase 3.[View]
22833134Next DeFi explosion will be on Binance Decentralizealots will get burned.[View]
22833034/madeit/ treats and toys: How do you spend money to treat yourself every once in a while? I have bas…[View]
22831182Hatch dev here AMA: I'm sure you have questions.[View]
22833396UNISWAP PUMP: Guys join this group on uniswap its really good[View]
22832943What did BTC mean by this?[View]
22826193FTM: I told you so >>22773996 Ready to break ATH and go to space? Where my other fantom chad’s…[View]
22833371$1500 stack, only in '$5 chips' though.[View]
22822963once you make it, will you buy a cabin innawoods or a downtown condo?[View]
22829399Kleros ----~ PNK: What is Kleros was the De-Fi bull run we always needed? What if PNK is much more t…[View]
22832587best site for early coin charts?: >been using dextools/uniswap beta >uniswap no longer loads …[View]
22833230Uniswap pump&dump: Hey there is a really good UNISWAP only Pump and dump group out there and I t…[View]
22833161help uniswap Add Liquidity: Hi all: I am tvt dev.tvt.io the project launch at 2017.12. It is first p…[View]
22831144Chromia awarded best startup in Sweden for second straight year[View]
22832697Unironically my most comfy hold since LINK at 0.50. Cheers Fanties for getting me onto this.[View]
22829638DMG will have a very good couple weeks.: You did buy the bottom, right anon? This is going to be a v…[View]
22832039COINMETRO: What kind of SCAM suddenly introduces hikes in fees without informing users?[View]
22833089tokenized assholes have finally arrived[View]
22833066Check your wallet khaye, i hope you can make it.[View]
22833064Opinions on $NIO?[View]
22833049>TFW there are people who sold below 8: cringe[View]
22832990Are NFT the next big thing after DeFi? Has anyone heard of https://www.nft.org/ by BlockParty? https…[View]
22833010Iota...: it's still a good project, regardless what the low price suggests.[View]
22832036Blockfolio rate thread[View]
22832930SPARTA FINANCE = NEXT ORB: Welcome to Sparta Finance https://sparta.finance/ This one has a partic…[View]
22832570Knightlet here. Just wanna say that if these fudders really wanted to watch you rope then they would…[View]
22832655Waves back to $2.5![View]
22832121Portfolio Thread: Let's Rate each other's holdings /biz/bros...[View]
22832375Haha: Come here and laugh. Close biz. Stack ETH[View]
22832090how to make it >buy BET on uniswap or binance dex >stake it on earnbet to reduce house edge …[View]
22832249Buy KFC stocks, you retards![View]
22830778OPT: Why aren't you in yet anon? Even Vitalik said prediction markets are undervalued af right …[View]
22832674/biz/ meta thread. Theres too much cussing on this board, gentleman. We are men of finance and the …[View]
22830549GET IN $CAP NOW: >100k now circulating & total >Team tokens locked for ~2 years >Decent…[View]
22831671You guys waiting for dips are fucking retards. This is such a good price for the potential Fantom ha…[View]
22832527>mfw there are people on this board unironically buying anything BEFORE the October bloodbath…[View]
228326411 day to the 75k dump release[View]
22832759poopee: uni[View]
22830849How do you go from this....[View]
22830527There seems to be a good bit of cope: Let's clear this up. Kucoin has admitted Kucoin 1 and 2 h…[View]
22832740Insider here: Pump imminent.[View]
22832067What are you gonna do when it hits 1$ ? I'm planning on buying a house for myself[View]
22832717uniswap: hi ,tvt.io https://twitter.com/tvt_io trade tvt https://uniswap.info/pair/0xdac363f57faeccc…[View]
22831925UNIbros, these bags are starting to get heavy. Getting tired of pajeet bag sellers and whale manipul…[View]
22832681perforation L: >>22807401 1024bit Serial, Perforation, 4 Lines 2 Lines, Perforation, 2048bit R…[View]
22832315Is there a bigger shitcoin than this?: Look at the price it’s already dropping. I looked at their gi…[View]
22831951$ORB WE ARE GOING PARABOLIC GET IN: https://chartex.pro/?symbol=UNISWAP:ORB GET IN WHILE YOU CAN AND…[View]
22831431xBTC expectations: xBTC is not trying to mimic USD like AMPL. It is pegged to something over even gr…[View]
22831283I can't be the only one who goes in obvious scamcoin threads and acts like i'm in on it wh…[View]
22832179Is it true that you can mow down Abos with your car in Australia and no one will care[View]
22832200kucoin hacked why isn't it dumping right now. i'm scare.[View]
22832276Will Trump use XRP to facilitate payment of our tax money for blacks and jews?[View]
22830219$HNY - honeyswap farming: Will be live soon. >Xdai chain >fast and cheap transactions AMM lik…[View]
22832189rhino.bet - next 50x.: rhino.bet launching at 9:15 AM UTC time, approximately few minutes from now. …[View]
22825331What the fuck do I on my taxes if I can’t remember how I bought some ETH from someone else a couple …[View]
22832470Is it time to buy airlines?[View]
22832309Another drop fellas. Its $ BAG now...: Here you go t.me/bagfinance Thank me later[View]
22831844It's over.[View]
22830152*tsk* you alright orange boi: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jackbrewster/2020/09/25/trump-launches-pl…[View]
22825530alright bucko give me the next 10x NOW[View]
22832429Surprise for you next week / BTC[View]
22829549Redpill me on GREAT wallets: I use Coinbase wallet like a fucking scrub. what should I be using inst…[View]
22831450>I have anxiety![View]
22828571i'm making so much fucking money farming this shit: who else extremely comfy? i actually dont m…[View]
22826793>14 million vidt stolen by kucoin hacker thats bullish as fuck[View]
22832227From the Creators of $PUMP, don't miss $Unruggable: no rugs, sick pumps, lock liquidity, airdro…[View]
22832159YFMoonBeam -thread- What's this gay ass description?? A social experiment?? Whiling to loose? …[View]
22831735FUD my watchlist: I mostly hold btc/eth/link and some shitcoins from way back I can’t be bothered to…[View]
22831947Xplosive Ethereum: >enjoy daily positive rebases if xeth's price is above 0.001 ETH >nega…[View]
22830218Jannies you need to ban pictures of women and trannies. It's distracting the real businessmen.[View]
22817772Is usury immoral?[View]
22830537Okay real talk, how can this money be best used to make some real lasting change in the black commun…[View]
22832255help uniswap Add Liquidity: Hi all: I am tvt dev.tvt.io the project launch at 2017.12. It is first p…[View]
22831429I am WEETHDRAAWING!!!: I told you so!!!![View]
22830932YFValue: Worth picking up? It's recovering after that ridiculous crash from $80. Also was it a …[View]
22831660Currency exchange: I have 200 usd that I want to change to €. I am in france, what is the best time …[View]
22832205Harvest.io governance token airdrop?: This lot about to issue governance token (HARD). WIll they do …[View]
22831509NOOOOO: Anyone else in TrustSwap ($SWAP) right now? Shit's going down.[View]
22830996$ORB will pump in the next few days: UNRUGGABLE, HIGHEST APY STAKING REWARDS https://orb.bz/ unruga…[View]
22829931What went wrong warriors?[View]
22830946>bf bought the relief rally before the hacking news hit[View]
22829134Buy a house or don't: Don't yank me around, bitches. I want clear and concise answers. Ren…[View]
22831747Eggy Eggs: Eggy.Finance Low supply, fresh farm, farming started today Just check this one. https:/…[View]
22830812short chainshit @$13.66 and rebuy under $7 and wait for the 2021 mooning(start in 2020 dec)[View]
22831452>tfw future hashgraph trillionaire[View]
22831463DONT BUY ROPE: don't do it anons https://rope.lol/[View]
22831854New degen level play for /biz/nessmen UNRUGGABLE TOKEN all info here: t.me slash unruggable need 20 …[View]
22830023Kucoin Hack Thread: >kucoin gets hacked >people think it's this wallet. https://etherscan…[View]
22831375DEGENS GTFIH UNRUGGABLE TOKEN: from the creators of the OG pumpanomics token , 20x in the first minu…[View]
22830032I spill all the dirty details about the Hatch DAO rug in here: https://twitter.com/PorkChopCrypto/st…[View]
22831892Underated gem: Been checking on Fiscus.fyi on the market and i can tell lots of people already gain …[View]
22830451Brainlet here. I want to get into UNI. What do I need to do to generate passive income from it? Is t…[View]
22831550Shouldn't post-secondary institutions be offering kickbacks on tuition since they are now opera…[View]
22831044be greedy when others are fearful[View]
22831307>and why should I sell you my vibranium[View]
22831662Errrr......why isn’t there no talk on Sibos 2020: Less than 2 weeks till Swift Sibos event ;)[View]
22830088775 credit possibly in the market for 300k starter home. Is it worth getting a house right now with …[View]
22830976literally refreshing uniswap contract address to see what people are most trading, run into this dex…[View]
22829197Is Uniswap run by idiots? >launches coin >gives it to pajeets for free >doesn't tell a…[View]
22830614poor fag: If I have $150 should I try coinbase or uniswap?[View]
22831045I was a lot happier before UNI because I could live under the illusion that while my shitcoins were …[View]
22829877Is it true that in the next couple weeks we get a Venus protocol airdrop from sxp? I read this recen…[View]
22826220Based. Xrp chads will be sipping 5k wine from their mansions overlooking pajeets building their mans…[View]
22827763LINK is the XRP of 2018. XRP is the LINK of 2018: LINK pumped the hardest out of any coin in the sum…[View]
22831083for the love of god tell me that this won't happen to chainlink and that chainlink will follow …[View]
22831636uniswap: hi ,tvt.io https://twitter.com/tvt_io trade tvt https://uniswap.info/pair/0xdac363f57faeccc…[View]
22830078UNI hit 'wallstreet' via Gemini: What does it mean? Buy or sell.[View]
22829144Trump supporters: Do you realize he hates crypto If your bags go to zero you know why retards…[View]
22829974vampire.protocol: Guess who just got whitelisted. https://medium.com/@ethtari/vamp-whitelist-winners…[View]
22829507YFO: I'm not supposed to tell you about it, but you've got til Monday https://etherscan.io…[View]
22831449ROT: I'm freaking rich[View]
22829098How many Linkies to sniff and lick Hatsune Miku’s armpits??[View]
22830100RUGPULL INCOMING - i just sold my FSW and i'm warning you to use your better judgment if you ho…[View]
22831406Waves almost back to $2.5[View]
22831366guys, i think uni is just a meme[View]
22829106Bella Protocol (and ARPA): I'm so excited for you, fellow ARPA / Bella hodlers. 48 hours. https…[View]
22830773Uniswap loading times: Hey faggots. Uniswap is clunky as shit and always takes like 10 seconds to fi…[View]
22831414if you are tired of chasing houses of cards, i recommend wergild.io[View]
22829456should I wait for LINK to hit $2 or buy some now before it moons?[View]
22828719Has 30% of any coin ever been hacked before?: I think this hack legitimately just killed the entire …[View]
22831331IYKYK. 225.435533 and counting. Why moon when you can blasto to outer space?[View]
22827707Bethero exit scam: >Discord gone >Website gone They got away with 400 ETH. Feels good knowing …[View]
22830343Roast me pussies, its easy to make money on pumps. Can you make money on dumps?[View]
228311262014 dollar surge: does anyone know what caused it? and why did assets not crash?[View]
22831069>Congratulations to @synthetix_io on being the first #Ethereum dApp to integrate on the recently …[View]
22830774Need biz opinion on COVAL?: >99 Dex score >Created Circuit breaker first drag n drop blockchai…[View]
22830389$10 eoy confirmed..[View]
22827886Why aren’t you in Axion yet?[View]
22829420/wg/ wagie general - tell me your woes: wagie what makes you see the light at the end of the tunnel,…[View]
22830860FACT just been registered in UK! LEGIT project!: This coin has a lot of potential to hit 100x to 100…[View]
22830783>black economic leaders right now[View]
22831104why are cryptokiddies the most ADD dipshits in the world? if a coin holds steady at a value for more…[View]
22830936when will our god start a defi coin?[View]
22828091How legit is Lasik eye surgery? Im investing in my sight with this surgery, curious if any anons hav…[View]
22829250my instagram page hit 30k today am very happy dont have anyone to celebrate with so here I am what s…[View]
22829766I just lost 5 chess matches in a row. I keep blundering my pieces over and over again. I'm neve…[View]
22831106MFG is up 70% in the last 24h. The bottom is in frendz. Time for the 10x that you all have been wait…[View]
22829304Will the market really tank if Biden is elected?[View]
22831015Anyone else waiting for a post-election crash on crypto to go all-in?[View]
22830605Paypal: Give me ideas, how do I transfer funds to my Paypal from my bank account?[View]
22830694>ctrl-f >xeth >no results Have you guys not found salvation yet? I'm getting +5% every…[View]
22830973help uniswap Add Liquidity: Hi all: I am tvt dev.tvt.io the project launch at 2017.12. It is first p…[View]
22830708Welcome to Sparta Finance sparta.finance/ This one has a particular game theory. There's only…[View]
22829082I just bought 150k at 0.04. How bad did I fuck up bros? I've been holding off but in turn just …[View]
22828968Yoooohooooo! Hiiiiiiiiii: Remember me? You have 12 hours until Bitcoin plummets[View]
22830421who here getting JOHNed right now?[View]
22830230So, how bad is it?: >private keys stolen, funds being drained as we speak >200 million in shit…[View]
22830324>Uniswap just blew it's load in my asshole without a condom[View]
22828007If you don't want to cash out: At least push profits into Trib. Best place to act as safe haven…[View]
22830187Could someone make a smart contract using DECO and Chainlink to cryptographically verify a wallet ho…[View]
22829217LOKI THREAD: Where we're heading, we don't need main chains (or CEX's.) As you’ve pr…[View]
22830005I NEED A FEEDBACK BROS: We will be running an ICO and we want to build and delivery, while avoiding …[View]
22829929Clover42 will be huge: Poorfag entries are going to make this a success, I can tell you that as a us…[View]
22830569I'm a part owner of a social media business valued at mid 7 figures: I've finally convince…[View]
22829973ROT: Don't let this one pass you by. Stop buying shit that's at peak pump and get in early…[View]
22830583it's a friday night and i'm spending it gambling my money on uniswap shitcoins: will makin…[View]
22830436Easyfi: Easyfinetwork an upcoming defi project on matic network. Easyfinetwork is a layer 2 protocol…[View]
22830458>they laughed at me for pushing security through multiple wallets[View]
22825035Can you imagine the butthurt if XRP schizos turn out to be right[View]
22829572ETH 2.0 is going tofail and here is WHY!: You know how everyone makes fun of ETH killers and their c…[View]
22830510>Friday night: >plays Lacrimosa in the background[View]
22830457how much of a pajeet scam is this???[View]
22829458Ohhhhh liiinkiieesss Seems you’re struggling to climb higher Nows a good time to sell hehe[View]
22827515Stakenet: the REAL DeFi: Right now, most crypto is traded to and from Centralised Exchanges like Bin…[View]
22829440ETH gas completely returned to normal. wtf changed? i just swapped ETH for libertas and the gas fee …[View]
22829730If you started with $5000 and bought bitcoin at $4k and sold it at $12k starting in 2016, you would …[View]
22825444>Hi, Dave, I make $300k a year and have $20k in credit card debt. What do I do? What's even …[View]
22829326FRIDAY NIGHT DEGENS GTFIH: UNRUGGABLE TOKEN PnD Games. PnD after PnD, should be fun. DEGEN IT UP tel…[View]
22830355Proof of Pleb ($PLEB): The mother of all coins has arrived! Secure your position as a pleb by owning…[View]
22830337Why don't Pajeets put half the effort into doing something 'legit' as they do into th…[View]
22829644wen 2.0?[View]
22823728/XSG/ - XRP Schizo General #45: >Flare snapshot date - December 12th 2020: https://flare.ghost.io…[View]
22828695What's the worst financial advice book you've ever read?[View]
22830314Another Life Changer: >Has the Internet changed our lives? >Have mobile phones changed our li…[View]
22828451ATH Broken.[View]
22830184>aahuaaa uaaa uaaaaaaaa[View]
22830157How do I make money off of Raribles? It seems like the shit I put up isn't selling. Any advice?…[View]
22830067Real Estate vs REITs on margin: What's the difference between investing in real estate and REIT…[View]
22827919How many Brees to make it?: I lost 10 ETH because of you Pajeets in Hatch, & I need to make my m…[View]
22824664redpill me on band: [no linkies allowed] I read that it has just $145.173.496 mcap This shit has a b…[View]
22829431CAKE yield: Imagine not farming this the chink smart chain is so cheap that a contract interacion co…[View]
22828993My dad gave me an annual 5k gift (if he gifts it to us he doesn’t have to pay as much capital gains …[View]
22829968Hear thee, hear thee Why are you investing on Bitcoins and unstable shit like that when you could b…[View]
22827388Quickest path to retirement?: 27y with STEM degree and know a fair amount of programming.[View]
22822439what happens to the world economy and crypto if retarded burgers end up in a civil war?: m?[View]
22829900Why aren't whales worried? They don't seem to be getting rid of their bags of the affected…[View]
22829875Anyone use atomic wallet? I don't think a hardware wallet is really needed for smaller amounts.…[View]
22827466Shut the fuck up pussies kucoin is fine: Slurp my butthole some more when I’m right. Get your discou…[View]
22829666cockroach.finance NO.1 GEM FOR COCKSUCKERS: COCK Contract: 0xEF9867047473160a7f57f04Dbd6E9Fe870112c4…[View]
22828786$KFI, The Heart of Decentralized Finance: >The Next Cryptocurrency Revolution Rooted in Crypto Hi…[View]
22820780Avalanche is going to be huge: Ok so I have seen Avax going under the radar here, despite it already…[View]
22829837Kucoin Cope Thread: help me not rope tonight that 150M+ wallet was Kucoin's right haha[View]
22829775The Kucoin ceo never one time >Funds are safe[View]
22828444YOU WERE CHOSEN!: Join the Church of the Unicorn today! >Telegram: Church_of_the_Unicorn Seeking…[View]
22829584I assume a lot of people have taken short positions today. Seems like a good opportunity do a big sh…[View]
22828932Collapse Incoming, Shitcoiners: >Kucoin hack Can you feel it anon? It's nice and chilly like…[View]
22829308Hey Faggots, My name is John, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-l…[View]
22827223FUD.FINANCE: >$100,000 mcap >NFT >Deflation >Positive-only rebaser BUY BUY BUY…[View]
22823465Tonight, we'll hold in hell- Sparta gem just launched: guys check this gem : shttps://sparta do…[View]
22827571Kucoin Hack what none of you faggots realize: Imagine you have 150 million dollars in shitcoins Imag…[View]
22829674Can anybody solve this: We already have some clues ill post them below https://twitter.com/fractal_x…[View]
22829097KUCOIN CEO TALKING ABOUT THE HACK LIVE STREAM THREAD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRzL0kdUnME…[View]
22828830I JUST WANNA BE AWAY FROM PEOPLE I’m not a rural fag I wanna live in a big city without neighbors w…[View]
22829130JUST: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRzL0kdUnME[View]
22829577/lacg/ Laugh At Cuckcoin General: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA all of my crypto is in kuckcoin how do i end it al…[View]
22829617help uniswap Add Liquidity: Hi all: I am tvt dev.tvt.io the project launch at 2017.12. It is first p…[View]
22828770Holy fuck you retards Just buy XSN It is literally the solution everyone is asking for All the probl…[View]
22823777Can you explain how Bitcoin isn't a ponzi scheme? It needs new people comming at higher prices …[View]
22817870Yfmoonbeam confirmed working with Moonbeam: Moonbeam telegram just confirmed they had been contacted…[View]
22827857Okay biz I need your high iq opinion since /sci/ are a bunch of cucked retards: I am thinking of mak…[View]
22826758All of my crypto was on KuCoin.[View]
22829427House Loan Interest: How much interest do people have to pay on house loans? I have seen numbers lik…[View]
22828380>Witness me bizlets[View]
22829444>he used a chinese crypto exchange[View]
22829514A 0 Fee Dex - FalconSwap: The Powerhouse for DeFi FalconSwap is a layer-2 scaling solution built on …[View]
22828596Get some COCK: We present you Cockroach Finance. We hope you are ready to store COCK in your pants. …[View]
22829490Fiscus Update: Stablecoin Pool! Fiscus.fyi will introduce a stable coin pool, where you could deposi…[View]
22829391NSMDO right guys? right??... :([View]
22828421Eggy Finance: Guys did anyone checked this eggy.finance ? Project looks good. Real company behind i…[View]
22828933Where can I place bets on who will be nominated tomorrow?: I couldn't get verified in time on p…[View]
22829174What on Coinbase should I spend 100 smackers on before bed lads?[View]
22828764Nice 'wallet' you got there[View]
22826000This isn't off topic.: Will a botanist ever be capable of producing a 'World Tree'? A tree so v…[View]
22828185The next 100x you'll miss: Only ROTten lives matter https://uniswap.info/token/0xd04785c4d8195…[View]
22828064YFGAMMA is the very definition of pajeet scam, their website is built using wordpress. How do you ex…[View]
22828802Bitcoin SV is going to $100,000[View]
22828810*makes UNI obsolete*[View]
22828137no sub 10 cent coin is as comfy as this one. Hitting $1 EOY[View]
22821041YFGamma and Gampa love you: Yfgamma ain’t like your normie grandparents Strapped the fuck up and btf…[View]
22829084How long until Coinbase is hacked?: I'm getting worried. I'm buying a hard wallet as soon …[View]
22829179I want to have sex with based Watame Chainlink edit poster[View]
22828349>zero fucking gas fees confirmed today >still being dumped What gives? Also what alternative g…[View]
22825059GME bagholder inorganic meme when GME is at the highest it's been in years edition >Brokers…[View]
22828977When I wakeup, btc will be under $10,100. Check em[View]
22828316https://soda.finance/ https://uniswap.info/pair/0x6572ddbc0a88bdc822f4b408e221003fa6114a50 $SODA is …[View]
22828915Sell $OCEAN before massive dump: One of the largest hacked stacks in kucoin was $OCEAN, this will ge…[View]
22826433Whats up with stake: Its added 600 new wallets since yesterday and theres new wallets every couple m…[View]
22822412YFGamma vs YFMoonbeam: Which one has higher potential upside? Do I throw my money into a Cronje-appr…[View]
22828656Any chance of Uni going back up tomorrow? I’m tempted to buy some before I snooze[View]
22824142No Kleros thread?!?!: Have you faggots really lost hope that easily? Vishnu will save us all of you …[View]
22827656Look, Feds just flipped the switch (flipped, flipped) I don't know no other token doin this Bit…[View]
22828884Kucoin Hack: Kucoin said they will cover any fund affected by the hack. Why won't they be a pie…[View]
22828159Vitalik mentioned 'Augur' and 'Meridian': Get in the ship before its gone! 10X Incoming stay in the …[View]
22827758GME--bull or bear?: In all honesty, it's probably best to get out during the next console cycle…[View]
22828381Sick of Rug pull Defi projects?: $DFT-The hidden diamond is bottoming and picking up pace Internatio…[View]
22827939You Can’t Withdraw From Kucoin so Buy KCS: Buy KCS. You can’t withdraw your coins anyway. If they’re…[View]
22826774empty: hey /biz/bros i am broken my family hates me bc im a worthless neet my ex left me bc she dec…[View]
22822699This is why we need to make it.: Whether you are a wagie or a NEET I think we can all agree wagecuck…[View]
22828306THE TIME IS NEAR SIRS: Sirs. With the kucoin hacked, our time is now for the hackers to be captured …[View]
22827738pickle: why does the price go up[View]
22828740is all crypto fucked with the kucoin hack ?[View]
22827566Kucoin Hack: When does this fucker lock the hacker's wallet? And when does Unifucker lock the h…[View]
22828278SIRS!!!! https://twitter.com/VitalikButerin/status/1309078385369460741?s=19[View]
22810506YFMoonBeam - salty beamers edition: >imagine buying the wrong project >Imagine buying the wron…[View]
22828673Telegram: uniswappumpdumpp Gainz[View]
22828594>only talk about this coin is fud >no one even explains how it works So it's a coin whose…[View]
22825989Is this a legit business model?[View]
22828639>buy into crypto >get bombarded with dating coaching ad…[View]
22824620/XMR/ Monero General: Friday Drinking by Myself Edition: Sup lads. This was a pretty incredible week…[View]
22810118Future of yield farming is with yfmoombeams?: I don’t know much about the environment but I heard mo…[View]
22827934It's almost time[View]
22827422This is only the beginning: It's been a while hasn't it 4channel? Today KuCoin users may …[View]
22827121Awaiting Whitelist: I have been awaiting public sale of Rampdefi for almost a month now. I need to g…[View]
22827219is there any way to get an honest look into this project, too many shit coins for me to keep up with…[View]
22828508Whose got the best new checking account offers right now? I've already ripped off First Horizon…[View]
22828358is shit like exodus or electrum wallet even safe after the kucoin hack ?[View]
22827710I'll just leave this here https://uniswap.info/token/0x3a40c93e297a91d9732add8c1ff6d36aad5fa520…[View]
22828337>chainlink is the fourth industrial revolution. you XRPtards need to take your meds and stop inve…[View]
22828386Proposal, we socialize one thing, keep everything else capitalist: It's simple, we throw the pr…[View]
22828416Shit: I've got jury duty at kleros court this week. How am I supposed to watch my favorite egir…[View]
22827087Kucoin help?: I have 4 btc left in my kucoin account and they won't let me withdraw. For a whil…[View]
22828396>80% of /biz/ when the switch is flipped Week of the Rope[View]
22827183SPARTA: - Total Supply: 258 decreasing by each trade - nice concept : 6% burn for every buy/sell - l…[View]
22828335OHHHH LIINKIIIEEESSS >can't even breka 11 bucks LMAO LINKIES ON SUICIDE WATCH…[View]
22804962YFGM: need some second opinions on this YFGamma stuff i'd put a few eth in after seeing the fun…[View]
22823920Who here comfy money?: You did buy Bree instead of Hatch....r-right anon?[View]
22818791SURF: >he hasn't been following Aegis >he isn't in the Aegis SURF pool >he doesn…[View]
22827901When shit hits the fan: Major financial collapse. What will be a *rea*l safe haven in crypto? Judgin…[View]
22826080$11 waiting room: take a deep breath. relax your muscles. think happy thoughts as we sail into singu…[View]
22826749What the fuck. I'm ruined.[View]
22828072$7.73: I bought the bottom[View]
22824901got about $1500, shill me a microcap under 1m[View]
22828265CZ Appreciation Thread: I hereby apologize to Changpeng Zhao for calling him Chinkpenis. Truly beaut…[View]
22828184help uniswap Add Liquidity: Hi all: I am tvt dev.tvt.io the project launch at 2017.12. It is first p…[View]
22827858>want to coin to start dropping so I can get more >it starts dropping and I doubt everything a…[View]
22816744is it true that rich people dont pay taxes? how do they do that?[View]
22828154Yield Mutants Finance: Yield Mutants Finance was created by professor Charles Pumper to gather all t…[View]
22827446HNY farming coming soon: >http://hny.farm My bobs are ready sirs.…[View]
22827238>he left his money on an exchange NGMI[View]
22828068so is XRP going to moon faster now that Kucoin got hacked ?[View]
22826448fucking WHY https://twitter.com/whale_alert/status/1309512908926341120[View]
22827526Why line go up?[View]
22827985Yeah I did not say 'Hack'[View]
22827983Azizos+Arsu - Now with walletconnect support edition: >presale active as of yesterday, 6 days lef…[View]
22827638got my trapfu these with my uni gains[View]
22827789/biz/ IQ: I find the average intelligence of /biz/ to be an insult to mine. Why do I have to stand o…[View]
22826396HNY $10k waiting room https://info.honeyswap.org/token/0x71850b7e9ee3f13ab46d67167341e4bdc905eef9…[View]
22826740Because of the HatchDAO exit scam, is this going to lower the reputation of TrustSwap due to the hat…[View]
22827679Did they hack themselves? I think it was a false flag /biz/ Nobody talked about kucoin here until to…[View]
22827823Friendly reminder[View]
22821967any daytraders here?[View]
22827671now THATS what I call a scam![View]
22827772i have a question biz: when this defi uniswap .finance gay shit will finally collapse because of the…[View]
22824541Uni or link?: I lost 7k playing option these couple of weeks. Feeling down AF. I got 30k left in my …[View]
22827670$CELLAR: $CELLAR PRESALE ENDS IN LESS THAN 2 DAYS! https://cellardoor.finance Buy now: https://bounc…[View]
22824845UNI: When is this piece of shit going to moon[View]
22826257is it easier to make money in crypto than stock if you're investing in small amount of cash?[View]
22826300>do stand up >two joggers wont shut the fuck up for 30 minutes during the show >call them j…[View]
22827725>Orb https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0x1bb0216bc8d249726c83d67f6f3e30569cec83d4…[View]
22827684$Soda will 1000x,next $Yfi https://soda.finance/ https://uniswap.info/pair/0x6572ddbc0a88bdc822f4b40…[View]
22827406RSR - Reserve: >he did buy the dip[View]
22827609anyone want to see XRP moon just for the /biz/ meltdowns and suicides?[View]
22827529For reasons of asset protection, what would be the additional benefit of keeping your money in an of…[View]
22827000$2KEY Smart Links: $2KEY - The most undervalued project in crypto right now. www.2key.network www.2…[View]
22826440AVOID THIS SHITCOIN: Disclaimer, before you even mention it: I DID NOT BUY HATCH After finding out a…[View]
22826321who here getting JUSTed right now?[View]
22825049Metamask Safety: I've been hearing a lot of FUD about the metamask wallet especially about it b…[View]
22827551Is there a confirmed date for Eth 2.0? >inb4 july[View]
22827470Just bought 100k KCS, what am i in for[View]
22826956hand over them chainlinks, whiteboy[View]
22827530when will the music stop?[View]
22827477Kucoin is exit scamming. Prepare for BTC crash.: https://twitter.com/cryptoquant_com/status/13096685…[View]
22827088>cost 270 ftm to transfer to wallet >get 2 ftm per day staking Holy shit I wish I never bothe…[View]
2282748710 cent Bidao waiting room: pic related[View]
22827448Uni will crab until 2021: We know all about v3 and this is the price the market decided on after lea…[View]
22824937Someone nuke this faggot: Any richfags wanna fuck over this spoofing faggot? It would only cost 800k…[View]
22823971Why haven’t you taken the hashgraph pill yet biz? When will you realize this is the future of DLT?[View]
22824926STEALING at these prices. The future of blockchain..[View]
22827316KUCOIN CONFIRMED HACK:: Time to buy UNI[View]
22826646>bought 10 eth at $150 >ITS WAS ON ROBINHOOD mfw I just remembered this…[View]
22823025I'm probably sitting on $10-20k worth of rare pokemon cards. Should I seal them up (wtf is that…[View]
22826455$VAMP legit or rug?[View]
22826476This Kucoin shit is real guys: Hacker wallet drained Kucoin 1 and 2: https://etherscan.io/address/0x…[View]
22826418Remember if you bought link over 10 you’re retarded.[View]
22827185KUCOIN CONFIRMED HACK: https://www.kucoin.com/news/en-kucoin-security-incident-update GET THE FUCK I…[View]
22826215Janitor applications are now closed. Thanks to everyone who applied.[View]
22827157mimo DEX: >almost paid the whole investment, just by the transaction fee >continuous failed tr…[View]
22825219TO THE ANON THAT TOLD ME TO BUY IN: You fucked me completely. I created a thread bitching about losi…[View]
22823916xBTC: So is this shit a scam or not? I got $1k in, am I retarded or what?[View]
22819141/PMG Cheapies cheapies cheapies edition: >Bullion dealers https://silvergoldbull.com https://jmbu…[View]
22805383yfmoonbeam: so this is the next thing huh? YFMB is not a scam and is supposed to pump on presale?…[View]
2282656275x short Link right now Thanks kuCoin[View]
22826905BIDN is going to the moon: Come the inauguration Biden coin is going to the moon[View]
22825833Things are better when the middle class is economically repressed, we have to take their money from …[View]
22824940$JUICE: $2 waiting room, get in fellas, treasury buyback occurs midnight if the coin closes at $1.50…[View]
22826565Big Neo Exit scam... https://youtu.be/6hJv5yBLe9c[View]
22827025BUY MORE ARK[View]
22825348How can anyone think this man could run a real project? >Gets high >Sneaks into Hotel de Matig…[View]
22824222Chico wallet leaked: https://etherscan.io/address/0x74CeF352303224D97633B736872d2A8D91Dd6f59 Basical…[View]
22827020We're all (NOT) gonna make it.[View]
22823003>anon sold his entire link stack worth $900k at $9, two days before we start rallying back to ATH…[View]
22825773Why aren't you buying TSLA?[View]
22826479Next year better be that “bull run” thing or I’m gonna be really mad. I expect 6 figures from my $5K…[View]
22826913$SODA is the next 100x. This is a very good team. If a bug occurs, it can be trusted to compensate u…[View]
22826908imagine still hodling you shitcoin and never go all in: tweet related https://twitter.com/ajtourvill…[View]
228244431 SPARTA = 1 ORB: Don't take my word for it, just open it in a tab and watch for yourself. http…[View]
22824517Bidao Scamm: Bidao in my opinion is a scam support team asks for cell number, seed etc[View]
22825472If its not 15k end of next week then I'm out of crypto forever.[View]
22823212What are things rich people would buy for millions?[View]
22826470anyone else buying high and selling low to survive the next crash? im feeling lonely /biz/[View]
22825681$NEET: what was his end goal?[View]
22826036$SODA is the next $YFI. This is a very good team. If a bug occurs, it can be trusted to compensate u…[View]
22826710I hope you bought your stables coin in preparation for the traditional sunday night descent.[View]
22824423help uniswap Add Liquidity: Hi all: I am tvt dev.tvt.io the project launch at 2017.12. It is first p…[View]
22823426ROT: we're mooning boys[View]
22822898Huge COCK spotted: The new successful Nyan fork is $COCK Cockroach.finance DYOR as it is about to ex…[View]
22821960Daily swap thread: Hello biz! We really need to make sure swap becomes a big thing so we can be done…[View]
22824137Did you know Vitalik wrote the whitepaper for Ethereum at 19 years old? And here YOU are.[View]
22825329At last I see: XRP is the standard isnt it[View]
22825461What is /biz/ opinion on this? will it moon?[View]
22825521>10.70 You did buy the dip right anon? I cannot imagine anyone that haven't lmao…[View]
22826156Why are you not in TRIB?[View]
22824914It's a simple strategy: I go long on autism.[View]
22825230If this thread survive til 1600 UTC i will post x1000 token in it: also buy Bitcoin - now i hope jan…[View]
22826370Need of DeFi - FalconSwap Layer 2 Scalable secured Swapping protocol beta lauched: Need of DeFi - Fa…[View]
22826137Why does everyone in /biz/ think they're shitty coin will reach 1k or 2k minimum even though it…[View]
22825354OMG Network: I married OMG. What’s in store for me in my life?[View]
22825374Crypto suckd: If you are still investing in crypto in 2020, You are a brave soul. I’ve been investin…[View]
22808303How the FUCK do you guys scout out these shitcoins before they pump?: Shitcoins are only shilled her…[View]
22825857WILL I MAKE IT?: Being that the bull run has some juice left should I just buy bitcoin or I’m sittin…[View]
22826294$SODA will 100x[View]
228256491 Orb holders only general: Who here is a legit as fuck orb holder? $250k per orb before the Monday …[View]
22823458AAAOOOOOGGAAA: ROT ROT ROT ROT ROT ROT ROT ROT It's happening spooktober![View]
22824531$THREE - THE 3 COMMA CLUB: - Airdrop to MEME NFT holders - Low liquidity - 600 bn total supply - 3 C…[View]
22826022If you dont buy stbz get off biz, this just hit sub $200, and it will hit +600 tonight! This coin is…[View]
22825585So uhh...: Where are these crypto citadels going to be located? I need to know which direction to he…[View]
22826169FalconSwap beta mainnet launched: 0 fee Falcon_Swap features - Privacy - Low slippage - Lower Gas Fe…[View]
22825525SPARTA FINANCE = NEXT ORB: Welcome to Sparta Finance https://sparta.finance/ This one has a partic…[View]
22815570CAREER ADVICE: I am 22 applying to med school. I also want to retire early. Is it dumb to invest in …[View]
22826133Algorand Chads: You did buy the dip right. Don't let them shake you out of one of the best proj…[View]
22826060RAUX - $90k - micro cap - easy 3x - viral: Goldtoshi has a vision. The vision is to tokenize YOUR OW…[View]
22823813JBG: Tired of scans? This coin has already been solid for a while but is about to get more serius fr…[View]
22823213I sold, bags were way too heavy. I'm finally free. What should I buy now? LINK?[View]
22825838Give me hopium on Fantom.[View]
22822209CAN'T STOP US[View]
22825173Is the Compound token a total shitcoin? It is 98% concentrated by large holders (VCs) so extremely c…[View]
22825631Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Let us gather in this thread to mourn all the dead shitcoins that have…[View]
22825781Created an account on trading 212 just now and planning to start with 300€, what am I in for?[View]
22824049Humble clergymen reporting in[View]
22825460$WAIF Scammed Thread: Now that the dust has settled with the top mods revealed to be committing to f…[View]
22825851Bluzelle Expands Its Reach by Entering the Polkadot Ecosystem: We are thrilled to announce that Bluz…[View]
22825830Gold Hedge Fund (GHF) https://uniswap.info/token/0x15ca0e237319711584dc8a00c3bd2cb22ffdc62a https://…[View]
22821918I fee like Zyzz would be deep into crypto if he was still alive[View]
22825033SERGAI BETRAYU[View]
22825356Stupid gay dumping shitcoin[View]
22824391Is crypto a NWO thing, or the opposite?[View]
22825313You've secured AT LEAST a 100k suicide stack right?[View]
22825144Hey Faggots, My name is John, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-l…[View]
22824577Sparta? Another ORB: https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0x5347f9b60de5669197e0b537a7d…[View]
22825486'You won't realize that's a betrayal until the last betrayal, here's how a perfect be…[View]
22821189xBTC in Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/anniebrown/2020/09/25/using-artificial-intelligence-to-…[View]
22825499WTF WAS THAT?[View]
22825445Will there be another dip frens? I wasnt done accumulating... really dont want to buy now.[View]
22825435This gem partnered with zzz.finance after just one month of their release: name: cord supply 19k hol…[View]
22825428redpill me on stonks: just downloaded a stonks app. what are some slow steady gainers I should have …[View]
22825425Now that we are revving up the money printer for blacks only, are there any black owned companies or…[View]
22821830/rsrgen/: >now in top 900 wallets Feels good. Let’s go.[View]
22825396$Soda is the next $YFII,will 100x,https://uniswap.info/pair/0x6572ddbc0a88bdc822f4b408e221003fa6114a…[View]
22824858Rebase just happened . Not many people dumping ( the reason the price dropped is because the Uniswap…[View]
22823885BNFI will have an ama with infinity gainz tomorrow 9pm utc! plus marketing in youtube starts today!:…[View]
22824174Yeildfinance: Yeildfinance The new moon in DEFI. Website : https://yeildfinance.com Introducing Yeil…[View]
22824993Why the fuck i am still on this board? Its just gambling scams.[View]
22825298Bluzelle entered into the Polkadot Ecosystem[View]
22825090NEW YEARN FARMING PROJECT: SALAD.FINANCE JUST ARRIVED TO YOUR EYES! Uniswap : https://uniswap.info/…[View]
22822072will it ever do the thing again?: or am i unironically financially ruined?[View]
22823925How long does a investment TFSA usually account usually take to approve?[View]
22821445coinbase pro: Why do so many people shit on coinbase pro as an Exchange. It's really not THAT B…[View]
22824129it keeps dropping. it never stops dropping. someone give me hope this nightmare will end.[View]
22825184How does one start a flourishing twitter just by shitposting? I plan on moneitizing it, so this is /…[View]
22822724ethArt V2 (EthItem) Is on the Way!: Now that the DFOs have learned the Super Saiya-Jin Technique, ot…[View]
22825140SPARTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA: NEXT ORB AND ITS GOT 130 holders right now www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/p…[View]
22825111CAN YOU FEEL THE POWER?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytBljNPFrRM CARDANO PUMPING HARD BOYOS…[View]
22824673When $50?: When moon?[View]
22823189MOONBASE: It's not too late. AMPL is dead, and this is going to change DeFi in a fundamental wa…[View]
22824779How common is it to create fake likes/followers on social media, fake product reviews, to fake it ti…[View]
22824353No poor niggas allowed: In this thread only rich niggas are welcome. Tell me about your current port…[View]
22822752/smg/ - Stock Market General: No bears allowed Edition! >Brokers: https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq …[View]
22824832Why is /biz/ shilling Russian girls to me? Are they a good investment?[View]
22824947I pretend to be rich on /biz/.[View]
22824836OH NO NO NO NO NO: why am I laughing? lost hundreds so far[View]
22822868Which one will be the standard?[View]
22821542$DFT-DeFiat buying on the low low: Over 100k DFT tokens staked scared money gonna make no money time…[View]
22824973NOIA NETWORK WITH BIGGEST PARTNERSHIP LEAK: I retrieved this link using google cache: http://webcac…[View]
22821602I have 1250 chainlink. Will I make it?[View]
22822977Workout thread: we all know that working out and health are essential to doing good biz. what is the…[View]
22824528What are the best projects gonna be on $DOT? Reading about Parachains right now. Seems gay but whate…[View]
22823774what were the biggest biz rugpulls / scams?[View]
22824848YFFS is moving into the NFT arena: This yield farming car racing game: 1) looks fun 2) looks like it…[View]
22823862What the fuck is it's problem?[View]
22823765if i slowly withdraw 5k every month, will the government notice?[View]
22823417How do I turn 1 million into 10k?[View]
22823815Gentlemans: I hope you make it[View]
22824516is pooling link-eth on uniswap a bad idea?: im trying to understand the risk... please spoon feed me…[View]
22822550i missed the bottom. how do i cope[View]
22824012Generally speaking, how much legal risk is there in buying chinese made hardware (stuff like SSD…[View]
22822083/biz/ personalities: >Why yes, I am a low inhibition, dark triad bully, how could you tell? Is th…[View]
22823422So it begins...: weak hands will get ruthlessly BTFO[View]
22824685ZNN will be at least a 10x within a few weeks. The project is still nascent and somewhat underdevelo…[View]
22824579unironically, $2.50 is the bottom. sell now and you can 4x your stack.[View]
22824599When will you guys learn?: Scam after scam; when will you faggots learn to DYOR and not fall for paj…[View]
22824554Stupid Question: How do I, an absolute babby, buy bitcoin? I tried coinbase and that asks for my fuc…[View]
22821668Gentlemen of /biz/ which of these coins will make us rich?: Serious replies only, stafags & xrp …[View]
22824232Stakenet: The Future of a crypto and Freedom: Listen to me......and listen good...Xsn is the future.…[View]
22821470I was told you guys could make me rich. I got 5 dollars.[View]
22824520Your face when: You didn’t buy Loopring. How’s it going big boy?[View]
22824483PRESALE ENDS IN 2 DAYS https://cellardoor.finance >777k supply >entire supply locked in presa…[View]
22823677so, anyone tryed to use the whale-watcher scripts i shared about 4 days ago?[View]
22824221Money? Yes, I'm a fan.[View]
22824425>it’s December 2020 >Wake up, feeling fine >BTC is hovering over 11k >ETH hovering under…[View]
22823996Potential Gem: I bought into the presale of Elixir so I thought I'd share with you bros... Seem…[View]
22823946So the bottom was actually in, huh[View]
22824382*hnnnggg* I'm abo- *Hurrrggghhh* to buy another heavy ba- *argh* right >Ppppplllllluuuuuuuuu…[View]
22822744> biz saying with 100% certainty and excitement that link has bottomed > every youtube trader …[View]
22824335When will [redacted] deliver?: What's in store for [redacted] exchange?[View]
22821684Say it with me anons, all together now:: DIGITAL ______[View]
22819903You do know who the creator of Bitcoin is right biz?[View]
22821006Lazy as fuck teenager trying to make a scam scheme: Im stupid as fuck 18 years old kid who is trying…[View]
22822655I'm calling the bottom. Throwing 20% of my stack into chainlink now.[View]
22824271Get some alpha chad This shit can go crazy once listed on uniswap if you miss the chad 100x than be…[View]
22823067Making money from women?: What is the best way to make money from women if I have 0 morals? I was th…[View]
22822617How to learn programming: Anyone have some guides? What's the fastest way to learn programming …[View]
22822757how do i turn 175k into 4.5 million?[View]
22823712hhmmm she has predator eyes and he has distinctive prey eyes interesting[View]
22823666SXP CHAD GENERAL: Any FUD left?[View]
22823625Hey retards, I came back. This board has turned into a pile of dogshit in the last few months but fo…[View]
22823720God I fucking love you guys.[View]
22819722$NUD about to blow.: Get in here guys, its moon time! Just launched on uniswap, you are still very e…[View]
22823968The reasons why Earnbet integrated the TRX into its platform: Earnbet is growing exponentially by in…[View]
22822681It's my birthday: Hi /biz/., just wanted to say you're my favorite board. I hope we all ma…[View]
22823221>it’s December 2020 >Wake up, feeling fine >BTC is hovering over 11k >ETH hovering under…[View]
22823942Gold Hedge Fund (GHF) https://uniswap.info/token/0x15ca0e237319711584dc8a00c3bd2cb22ffdc62a https://…[View]
22821926She is ask me about Morpheus Labs Foundation MITX!: Anyone please have information to help me with h…[View]
22822660Only willing to pay 8 thousand dollars each. No more, maybe less.[View]
22821612Giffen Good Question: I have a hypothetical question /biz/, and no this isn't a 'do my econ hom…[View]
22823675XSwap: Very early anons https://etherscan.io/token/0x9b06d48e0529ecf05905ff52dd426ebec0ea3011 Xswap,…[View]
22823570bethero raised 400 eth in 2 weeks with a slick website and shit and exit scammed today and not one o…[View]
22822965can someone explain to me like i'm an ADHD autistic boomer nigger: What is defi?[View]
22823804Seeing a lot of good movement about fxswap, is anyone in on this and seeing good returns? I'm t…[View]
22822514Pretty Sure: Pretty sure you've seen the shills recently, but I look a look into it. Seems conv…[View]
22823602Dia $3 waiting room: Uptrend mode[View]
22823595How does it feel to pump 3% and then dump 30% more: At least with Velo is the other way around.…[View]
22822353I was told crypto is dead? Should I try forex?[View]
22823597i'm tired of holding link and going through all this drama every day. maybe we should just sell…[View]
22823179SALE airdrop for HATCH rugpull victims: Img related! Set to be available within a week T.me/dxsale…[View]
22823653Why the fuck's nobody talking about BONK here?: >did a 5x overnight >regular updates and …[View]
22823200How does it feel for XRP and RSR bots to hold onto those smelly bags ?: The day has come when we nee…[View]
22816717/XSG/ XRP Schizo General #44: >Flare snapshot date - December 12th 2020: https://flare.ghost.io/c…[View]
22818782'working' from home: friendly reminder that if you're 'working' from home, your job is likely r…[View]
22822854Velochads assemble: Velo is the natural evolution of DeFi and it will fill the gap for everything. J…[View]
22823641Why we moon?[View]
22823599Spoonfeed incoming. HEX was big news in Crypto. Axion took it, perfected it. Audit is done and look…[View]
22820374RIP team is dumping their tokens[View]
22823403Tetherchads: USDT waiting room. We're gonna stay around $1.[View]
22820536$MITX Accumulating: >Reduction in Volume >Mid Channel on LTF levels >1st LTF Rejection Bit …[View]
22820647It's so exciting MITX tic- toc -tic-toc: I think its important to remember just how much $mitx …[View]
22821474Is This Legit?: Has anyone done this and can confirm its legit? Earn up to USD5,000 MITx per month …[View]
22823549WHAT WAS THAT[View]
22822421AVOCADO IS A NEW GEM: I dont know why but I belive this guys. He is so polite, with all this rugs He…[View]
22823506RIP: RIP[View]
22821160My cousin told me about Bidao and that it will 100x soon. Whats /biz/ opinion?[View]
22822756This fucking coin can't hold a pump without immediately dumping[View]
22821867how to prevent necking myself after each failed venture?[View]
22822257God is here now: Hello my /biz/ Children We all know how this Board is filled with Pajeets shilling …[View]
22821986Stabilize is the new GEM that you need.: You have to bag on this one, Only 89 holders and liquidity …[View]
22817986BSV: Who else is ready[View]
22820189Post your UNI swing gains right now >how much you got >did you hold/sell >how much have you…[View]
22822976Someone fucking redpill me on PAXG. It's been spiking like a motherfucker all week. There must …[View]
22817278What the fuck is going on with this piece of shit? Not trying to fud, I hold 30k STA but all it seem…[View]
22821321>he aped into orb >he didn’t buy STBZ before it mooned to over 1000 760 total supply https://…[View]
22823355Next STBZ: What is the next STBZ? https://chartex.pro/?symbol=UNISWAP:STBZ[View]
22822409Why does nobody talk about Vidt anymore...? Did I buy a shitcoin? I'm down 45%, and I noticed a…[View]
22822954this shitcoin should be pumping bigtime but it hasn't wanna know why? 'cuz CZ been selling…[View]
22821318Optimism: >kills xDai >kills Matic >kills Loom >kills OMG Why is L2 even debatable any…[View]
22821676Why didn’t you buy STBZ under $200? You could have been a whale. You got rugged on HATCH instead? ht…[View]
22823185>yfw Binance is literally in a FATF report about money laundering red flags…[View]
22821134THE BLOCK CRYPTO: What went wrong?[View]
22820746Is anyone taking part in the MITX bounty?: Morpheus labs is giving away a total of US$1,500 in MITx …[View]
22813632YFV: You're retarded if you dont get in now. From now on this is only going up, easiest 10x of …[View]
22817482Anyone else getting into this presale next Monday? Seems like it might pump hard. The website looks …[View]
22822584Why are tokens necessary for a project with a use case? Someone explain this to me like I'm a n…[View]
22820201I’m so fucking tired of this clown world market why do legitimate projects with real use cases that …[View]
22822915It’s getting too big for its britches[View]
22822697At what point does the bar of entry become too high for midwits? We're not even that deep in ye…[View]
22822945STBZ: I just aped into STBZ without DYOR or knowing what it does. All I need to know is line go up…[View]
22821108The standard: >The standard The standard[View]
22821613Dia breakout: Quick 2x[View]
22821343>70% of /biz/ does not understand defi yet How is this even possible?[View]
22821811Bancor V2: Anyone here still providing liquidity in one of the original Bancor V2 pools? It is confi…[View]
22821370i have both lost and gained 100s of thousands of dollars from /biz/ and despite my losses and how mu…[View]
22822893Honey Swap token?: How much honey swap token to make it?[View]
22822242Staking And DeFi Are Scams: Coin staking and Defi are both scams that only make you money during a b…[View]
22822684FEATURE SPOTLIGHT MITX: - My Applications This feature helps you to use templates for the #applicati…[View]
22821567UNI: Can you feel it? It's about to launch![View]
22821625Azizos+Arsu: >presale active as of yesterday, 6 days left (you can BEFORE a pump and dump group t…[View]
228177041 Honey is a make it stack[View]
22819028Cardano all in: >Shelley the longest stage is done >Goguen, Basho & Voltaire together will…[View]
22821574hey /biz/, i'm 18 and have studied sciences my whole life. i am completely financially illitera…[View]
22822763Minister YOU, Satoshi![View]
22822719Please don't dump: I just barely broke even[View]
22822205The DeFi - Million Dollar Homepage: Does anyone remember the success that was the project http://www…[View]
22822674September 25, 2020 - XRP: th-thats it? that was the pump we've been waiting all summer for? …[View]
22821764Why is it impossible to find a new job?[View]
22821312MITX COMFY THREAD: We are close MITX Chads. Bought some more for long term holding Curious to know, …[View]
22822071CORD: Holy shit CORD just announced a partnership with ZZZ and this thing just pumped from 40c to 20…[View]
22819099SELL WALL DOWN[View]
22819695/smg/ - Stock Market General: Rare but highly dangerous DOUBLE TRIPLE TOP edition also office women …[View]
22821408Anyone else looking at Parsiq? I've got a few k and am considering more, but given the choice b…[View]
22821981760 total supply. About to do a Printer without the dump Get in here https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?…[View]
22815581UNI $6 eod Unichads: We own this market.[View]
22822547How many linkies to have her?[View]
22821050Defi is probably going to change the world as we know it...[View]
22822407When is this stupid fucking vaccine for this fake virus going to come out? At this rate, its our onl…[View]
22822167FTM vs PRQ: What should I invest my money into? FTM or PRQ? I have about 1k.[View]
22821048Anyone else regret not telling more family members about link?: I don't know why, but it never …[View]
22821704I need a guaranteed 2-3x please help[View]
22820840DeFi made the news! All in on YFV motherfucker![View]
22822355Going to university and getting a degree instead of dropping out and working, just buying LINK was t…[View]
22821898HELP ME FRENS: We will be running an ICO and we want to build and delivery, while avoiding stupid fu…[View]
22820777Why does saving take so long: Even if you make between 100k and 300k a year it still takes ridiculou…[View]
22822349I'm the one that told you whales would pump it an hour ago. We are done with 1/5 of our pump no…[View]
22821357Why don't you invest in peak Autism?: Bidao is the autistic choice https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
22822045Does the ad network 4chan uses just assume that I'm overweight because I browse /biz/? I don…[View]
22822169Salam Aleikum! My pearl – avocado finance I just listed my pearl on uniswap. I have been working on …[View]
22821067aaaaand WERE BACK BOYZ: Link $20 tomorrow. skreencap this. all the xrp q-tards are moving their mone…[View]
22822241>*perfectly follows each others charts* Yep im thinking theyre destined for greatness…[View]
22821629People always say DYOR, but how do you go about doing that? Is it really as simple as google searchi…[View]
22821472Any bot makers?: I know most of you are too retarded to program and so am I for the most part. Anywa…[View]
22822160BUY AAVE[View]
22818743I'm about to make myself enemies, but this needs to be said[View]
22816989pray for me: >trynna make it >neither poor, nor rich >have a friend working with ava labs …[View]
22821695ROTTEN: The new sushi is here and you're still so early https://rottenswap.org/#/[View]
22822074Fxswap: This is starting to move, does anyone have any actual info on this shit?[View]
22821885Your mum’s a fat whore and you will never amount to anything.[View]
22821319Accumulate: Posting this three times/week til it 10xs[View]
22821717YF Beta Is Was Will be a Scam: I am out of this project. The dev is an obnoxious kid who just doesn…[View]
2282194325 day MA: Why is Chainlink so hung up on Link/Eth 25 day MA?[View]
22820692SELL YOUR LINK[View]
22819886$0.50 EOY, $10 within 5 years.[View]
22815926Coinmetro Fee Hikes: >You may have noticed an update introduced to the platform. >As of today…[View]
22813065I got a 20k PPP loan and the bank seized it. I applied as a sole proprietor Uber driver who made 90K…[View]
22819747How do i get bigger brain? My brain real small.[View]
22820702BETHERO WAS A SCAM: I hope you lads didn't invest in BETHERO, because it was yet another rugpul…[View]
22821146Prashant Singh: Hello there my name is Prashant from Indore India my friend from university told me …[View]
22819991no turning back once you see this /biz: >https://www.forbes.com/sites/anniebrown/2020/09/25/using…[View]
22820357It's time, biz: Deflationary coin AMM NFT's You missed out on shroom didn't you? Don…[View]
22821524PRESALE ENDS IN 2 DAYS https://cellardoor.finance >777k supply >entire supply locked in presa…[View]
22821781If you know you know[View]
22821750Vidt bros wtf is happening...?[View]
22821741PEPE NFT?: https://etherscan.io/token/0x8370fde3d2232c5568fe6caa484a1b0a8d884b40?a=0x398598773c118ee…[View]
22821534chainlink cant break $11[View]
22821344Not Important Token is an unconventional take on the very popular ZUT's - 1 and 2. An experimen…[View]
22821648Beep beep, out of my way, I've got a market to short.[View]
22821550ZYX: be born again with us by buying zyx[View]
22820542I am financially ruined[View]
22820096what do you guys think?[View]
22821313Is Link finally going to 1,000 ?[View]
22821005Nice try: For those who don’t know, presale participants are fudding this on purpose so nobody else …[View]
22819728a Vether moon is rising from the ashes of burnt ETH[View]
22821375this is my favorite coin[View]
22821532what happened to all the pajeet 'new listing gucci' stuff scams?[View]
22820985hourly reminder: it's still a dead cat bounce if you can't break $11, stinkies. pathetic. …[View]
22820256UNI: As soon as BTC stabilizes we're hitting 6![View]
22821363WTF WAS THAT: Velo is fucking going to the moon![View]
22821455can you make a wallet tied to someone's identity but also not be intrusive?[View]
22820210The BALLSACK chart: If you cannot see the pump that I am seeing then I don't know for you. Get …[View]
2281747620k USD in capital: i have 20k liquid capital i want to invest in something (something real, no shit…[View]
22821425>Volume slowly but steadily declines >$11.00 rejected multiple times >bulls running out of …[View]
22821388Who owns crypto twitter accounts with a reasonable following? We need “gem finders” to advertise our…[View]
22821420Tomorrow frens..[View]
22819135Alt dealer here: What are you buying today anon ? 1. YFI 2. AR 3. VELO 4. RNDR 5. CKB[View]
22821403good entry point for the exit pump?[View]
22818457Borrachinha ez fucking money[View]
22821308Bobo: >day 1013 of the bear market[View]
22821326One token called Anyswap-BEP20 just appeared in my walled[View]
22819820$CELLAR - THE NEXT 1000X: PRESALE ENDS IN 2 DAYS https://cellardoor.finance >777k supply >ent…[View]
22807501I bought my first 1.2 ETH on coinbase: And sent them in my metamask wallet. What should I invest in,…[View]
22820876pepe: ,, dont let me go''[View]
22820372what actually determines a stock's price nowadays?[View]
22821254The Chicken Died right after hatching. Told you all Fags to stick with the REAL one. You never liste…[View]
22821028i can see the future[View]
22813255Insider news $Dia: Dia staking on the way , congrats holders.[View]
22821220thinking about selling. it might get this bull run started[View]
22820847RAUX - $80k - true micro cap - easy 3x: Goldtoshi has a vision. The vision is to tokenize YOUR OWN g…[View]
22820641Why the fuck are you suffering in amp geting rebased to peaces for 60 days in row and dumped by vcs,…[View]
22817449Get in or stay poor: HYN Honey 24k total supply Not listed on coingueko or CMC Serious project built…[View]
22816667I recently came into an extra $6200 that I'm ready to invest in some shitcoin(s). What do you t…[View]
22821130Let’s say hypothetically I hire Mexicans to package my items. How much would I have to pay them? I n…[View]
22818500Ayo wyboi ima only say dis once so LISSEN UP: Put yo mothafuckin lanks and yo mothafuckin bitcorns i…[View]
22817375>Shitcoin STORJ can get listed on an american exchange: but this literal godcoin can't? What…[View]
22820462PICKLE: this thing keeps going up. halving just took place. so comfy[View]
22816579Will I financially recover ever?[View]
22819612>spent 270 ftm to transfer to staking wallet >getting 4 ftm a day…[View]
22820734how the FUCK is this thing still in the top100[View]
22820212Well, due to the recent hype in this thread about Avax, I have decided to do some research and find …[View]
22820658Anyone who invests in this pajeet shitcoin deserves to lose their money. The shilling is so obvious[View]
22820882SCAM! DONT BUY![View]
22817809A headsup - a private whale group is going in on FTM long. Do with this info as you please.[View]
22820586>If I buy 1000 of this cheap sub-$1 shitcoin I will be a millionaire if it ever reaches $1000.…[View]
22818995Unmonetized Open Source code on github is worth trillions with no way to get team's money: Are …[View]
22820280How do I 10x this?[View]
22818647>missed link WHAT DO?!?!!??!!!!? I refuse to buy it now I was on fucking r9k miserable all day …[View]
22817924The world is so unfair.[View]
22819548>He held his defi gains down >He thinks his portfolio will recover any time soon…[View]
22820850fuck it: Hatch is being rug pulled. I'm done with crypto for some time. Glad I cut my losses at…[View]
22818389Statera #1 trending on Coingecko: When lambo[View]
22820384How do I get a a lot of followers on crypto twitter so I can dump on them?[View]
22820857>tfw office chad borrows my phone >tfw he opens my photos and sees pics of my butthole (i was …[View]
22820250XRP winners thread: Post here if you bought the bottom. How high we going? >>22799793[View]
22820282Will I make it to.7 figs?: How am I doing with my folio? No debt . Single 31 year male living in US…[View]
22820875Axion: This shit is mooning guys, but I feel like this is all hype created by a few addresses, while…[View]
22820609Daily reminder: Behind every poojeet army is a chink interest master calling the shots.[View]
22819933how the heck do i get rich with crypto?[View]
22819048HEX: Based Richard. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WxQc-Z7bto[View]
22820208Why are ETH fees so low today?[View]
22820809Stay poor || ORB: Im NoT bUyInG ThE aTh --- It JusT PuMpEd - biz at $7k Im NoT bUyInG ThE aTh --- It…[View]
22819232FAO those here during all of 2017: did you know it was a bullrun the whole way through? or were ther…[View]
22820002IYKYK: Funniest gig in crypto space at the moment.[View]
22820003hmm $11 feels normal now. i wonder what that means[View]
22819570https://galaxy.credit Possibly the next $ROT. Deflationary yield farming, pools not diluted yet. 10x…[View]
22819260ETFs=Rigged economy?: Every single investing guru or podcast shills passive investing, which means b…[View]
22820637Dev already made a 100x and came here with it first. Here's what's next: Azizos+Arsu: Stak…[View]
22820596Is mew + paperwallet a good way to keep cryptos? Can my mew get hacked?[View]
22820500Why are you idiots in unitopia yet >For every 1k tokens staked you'll get 50 Tether for the…[View]
22819878Is this worth holding?: Is there an expected time for V3? Will that help the price?[View]
22816646Tellor or CBDAO?: Which is the better mid/long term hold? Redpill me[View]
22820473$THUG Finance: Yo homies get your ass over to $THUGS, it's kicking off in discord and telegram.…[View]
22820472Here it is /biz/, the actual ETH killer. Are you surprised? ETH is old, inefficient, unscalable and …[View]
22820469MOFO PEPE FARM: Farming pepe nfts TG- @pepefarm Welcome to the Pepemaina This is where you will far…[View]
22819456come and farm $HOTC: Did you miss insane gains on rottentoken $ROT Don't miss this new token I …[View]
22820460GRUG MARIO 64BTC[View]
22819703If UNI can't hold $5 resistance we're hitting 4.20: Maybe high $3s. Whatcha think?[View]
22819334be honest, you sold the bottom didn't you?[View]
22820186Big brain coin Only the slow and feeble will ignore[View]
22820344Okay so In March the market crashed due to Corona virus. The day after Friday the 13th of March it i…[View]
22819718If you're buying LINK...: ...you should be buying LIT as well. Both coins walk side-by-side. Th…[View]
22819877Walletreum WALT: Early access launch of their platform 30th sept. totally flying under the radar rig…[View]
22814632is this bullish or bearish[View]
22818153How much PNK are you all holding?[View]
22819305I am the biggest $ROT whale: And I am never selling.[View]
22819069Cloud Mining: Which of these are legit? Is Genesis gonna take my money and run?[View]
22820337i have been keeping my eye on AGI, it seems CZ pumps it 20-60% just before BTC shits the bed every t…[View]
22819657Those of us who bought the dip - congratulations. 1000x pump incoming[View]
22818401New ICO: Welcome to our new ICO APOLLO 11 This is a gem yet to be discoverd Website: apolloeleven.or…[View]
22820119$15.69 by sunday[View]
22802401/LITGEN/ Lition General - Fuck Adam, Jannies AND trannies: Latest news: >An additional 10 communi…[View]
22812226AND WALLAH![View]
22818240snowflake: what do we think about this shitstonk?[View]
22820034>Cryptocurrencies: 7,179 increasing every day >out of that 7k maybe 5 are needed and not scams…[View]
22820016Cheers boyz, the bottom is confirmed in[View]
22820069>Hahaha! The physical dollar is forever! >You're just a passing fad, internet money! This…[View]
22819613You only have a few hours to buy LINK[View]
22820029Xeth no negative rebases pegged to a baseline of 0.01 ETH: This is going to to fucking balloon very …[View]
22820024>this is a sucker's rally[View]
22818326Upswing.Finance presale right now: Is Upswing, Steam, Veggie a legit product? is it meant for poorfa…[View]
22817437Am I gonna make it? I’m pretty much all-in.[View]
22814707I am forgotten[View]
22817610Shill me cryptos under 1 dollar[View]
22819780What? No $12.00 Waiting Room?[View]
22819909Get in here: Vault is open faggots, you can deposit your shit, farming starts tomorrow[View]
22819699$XBTC: You retards really not buying this just before the FIRST rebase? Oh they also just got mentio…[View]
22818741How low do you think we will go before mooning again UNIbros? I am betting on the 1-2 $ range[View]
22819762will it really hit $1?[View]
22818032What's up with FalconSwap?: I heard they're going live in a few days and it should be a pr…[View]
22819848[CAVIAR] Microcap GEM x10 potential: Casino coin. X10 potential from here https://app.uniswap.org/#/…[View]
22819159>$11 rejected[View]
22819787Iconbet TAP Token: Iconbet is a decentralized casino built on the ICON blockchain. Profits distribut…[View]
22815700Why RSR is not mooning?: Everything in the market is mooning right now, expect for this coin.[View]
22818580Milkyway Presale going on NOW: Most legit presale i have seen on Uniswap since trading. 585 eth hard…[View]
22819619YCRAB.FINANCE - INTRODUCTION: YCRAB is a new protocol that continues to garner mass media attention …[View]
22814724Remember me?[View]
22818790Does anyone know how staking works on a technical level?: i am staking 40k ADA, but how does the del…[View]
22819626Based: Based[View]
22818117/smg/ - Stock Market General: Ghosts of 200ma past >Brokers: https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq >St…[View]
22818622redpill me on forex trading /biz/ is it better than shitcoins?[View]
22819589How many people here have actually 'made it'? Is it genuinely possible to escape wagecuckery? Even t…[View]
22819213Fuck shit fuck, why am I such a pussy? I sold at $8.30 because I thought it would drop even further.…[View]
22818972Shill me on Flow: Ok biz, got 5 eth left from unishit. Should I buy FLOW? Low MarketCap Small supply…[View]
22817245>wagecucking it at 98 years old and with one arm There's no escaping this hell.…[View]
22819223>HE SOLD LINK AT $7.50[View]
22819407how can I buy prostitute with crypto?[View]
22819194what went wrong[View]
22819336Do you ever feel bad for Nolinkers?[View]
22819410TACO TACO!!: Have you ever wanted a taco? I did so i bought 35000 of them and you should too 0x00d17…[View]
22819252I got a promotion today and now earn 6 figures[View]
22819382Want to be early? Look no further: Azizos+Arsu: Staking based on logistic curve and inversely relate…[View]
22818900Will this pump LINK past ATH?: gas prices absolutely tanked the defi market. on sept 1st a chainlink…[View]
22818935Has there ever been a more beautiful chart ?: Please show me[View]
22818813He’s right you know[View]
22818429Soon.: The final pieces of Exodia are assembling. Are you ready to laugh at the retards? I know I am…[View]
22819282MetaTrader Market = money: Any of you guys ever made money selling EAs/scripts on the MT marketplace…[View]
22817065Ideafagging thread: What's the next YFI? what's the next MEME? We need fresh new mechanics…[View]
22816600EURO: how do I short the Euro?[View]
22818262JBG token airdrop incoming: >JBG >liquidity just added to uniswap >long time ALREADY EXISTI…[View]
22819226Streamix bounty campaign is now live: Streamix bounty campaign is now live. We're giving away 1…[View]
22817201>$11.02 rejected[View]
22817701migration from lend to aave happens next week (and that's when aavenomics will start). my guess…[View]
22819202What is end game for link? Fill me in.[View]
22818571END OF YFBM OYVEY: fcking retards hahahahahahahaha[View]
22817799>There's no such thing as a good trading strategy. All market timing strategies have never b…[View]
22817847Left side - Link white paper Right side - what we got[View]
22817370STBZ Entry good!: LOOKS LIKE A GREAT TIME TO GET IN![View]
22818556important message: exit every token and move it all into axion aka hex2t (news from china market)…[View]
22813269Hatch dao: So bkex scammed these guys and the price dumped DYOR or don't either way the supply …[View]
22818650What a neat little community. I love you guys, keep up the good work. See you later alligator[View]
22819110WTFWT: WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT???!?!?!?![View]
22816039ORB AT 12K KEK: ORBIES UNITE[View]
22817470How do I turn $271,301 into $6,000,000[View]
22818620Whats the futurr of waves[View]
22818211jfc look at those bands. what's next biz bros, up or down?[View]
22817497Post a better portfolio: protip: You can't.[View]
22818180a little pump and we suddendly see those portfolio threads again[View]
22812125help: I'm a 22 yr old woman and I live at home. I graduated in august and have an at home job. …[View]
22817076You get the option of >1mil right now Or >2mil over 10 years What do?…[View]
22816128>work in IT >everyone is either a fucking r3ddit tier retarded onions chugging marvel watching…[View]
22816956$2.6 billion in volume[View]
22818050how can I be rich but not faggot?: I want be rich but not faggot like /biz/ just for girls not men h…[View]
22817443NIT: Not Important Token is an unconventional take on the very popular ZUT's - 1 and 2. An expe…[View]
22817053p2p Lending: What do you guys think of p2p lending? Platforms like Peerform, LendingClub, Prosper. H…[View]
22817346I dont understand why you wouldn't want prices to drop from here 60%-70%. You could short and c…[View]
22818045YOU WERE CHOSEN!: Your degeneracy has been rewarded! The Unicorn has bestowed upon you a great gift!…[View]
22815439Hi guys, I shilled ORB first on 4chan today. We did 1000x I am glad to announce the next ORB... Won…[View]
22817795This is bitcoins weekly macd. The next 36 hours are critical. If it doesn't pump hard, IT'…[View]
22817389let's talk about something interesting biz[View]
22816654>'never invest what you can't afford to lose' >living in a shithole country where 1$ equa…[View]
22817496HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA: HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I thought this was the “Bree Killer” what w…[View]
22817810Is anyone else unironically going to an hero if link isn't at least $100 EOY?[View]
22803477/PMG/ Precious Metals General: >Bullion dealers https://silvergoldbull.com https://jmbullion.com …[View]
22817342interview today with two regional managers >>'uuhhh can we do 12:30' >>had to call in si…[View]
22818537Roast my TA, Bros[View]
22818565What are some of the best tax write offs and loopholes I can use to pay less/get more?[View]
22817757Now that LINK is over, what's the next LINK?[View]
22818234Efx small up for today[View]
22816441And just like that, Chainlink will never go below $10 ever again. Nico owes me 200 linkies and a blo…[View]
22818536Try zero fee on the FalconSwap beta: FalconSwap Private Beta Launched! r/altcoin_news - FalconSwap …[View]
22818260YDGF: We would like to introduce you to a new quality in the field of increasing profits https://dig…[View]
22817042Why are the prices on currency etfs different than exchange rates you can find on google[View]
22818480this is just a sucker's rally.[View]
22818468I don’t know if to buy Going all in 400 BitCoin 300K bZx 6.5K link One million prq Or just 7 BT…[View]
22818141Piece of shit[View]
22817356I don't visit /biz/ very often(I'm mostly on /tv/) can someone who's been around for …[View]
22818080I hope you invested in Shroom stocks anon[View]
22817709$1000 EOY[View]
22817623yeah, I'm thinking we're back[View]
22817911Waves Good result for today[View]
22813369DFT <3 XMM: This is it... DeFiat and Momentum are gonna have babies https://www.xmmtoken.com/ htt…[View]
22815658I am now a proud FTM holder[View]
22815674Is most furniture and house decerations a waste of money if you aren't trying to impress some m…[View]
22817088shit bros what do I do? what does it mean? inb4 no one responds because lmao not crypto or shit coin…[View]
22812909>tfw blue[View]
22817840What the fuck is going on?!? Get in here now!![View]
22816596/smg/ - Stock Market General: GREEEEEEEEEEEN >Brokers: https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq >Stock ma…[View]
22817908>try to explain to my parents that corporations can borrow money >they scoff at the idea that …[View]
22815307GentIemen. Today is the day for the XRP parabolic explosion. BuckIe up. :~)[View]
22817793>dead cat bounce[View]
22816950Are we safe to buy back in?[View]
22816431> Link rallied to new ATHs before all of crypto > Link dumped hard before all of crypto > L…[View]
22816876RSR Sergeant Major checking in: Y aren’t u all in rsr yet? Oh u don’t wanna b rich? U do realise the…[View]
22816493Enjoy this green while it last. Come Monday, it's going to be a bloodbath[View]
22817765Burning unwanted tokens: How do you get rid of unwanted tokens from your etherwallet/metamask? I…[View]
22817403Efx under 4 cent[View]
22816458xBTC... Did I get cucked?: Bought xBTC last night, 1 ETH worth. They said the pump was coming. It j…[View]
22817680GSX: How come no one on here is talking about this project?[View]
22817049$fag under 20k Mcap with farming: poorfag.me locked liquidity, no mint all supply circulating thank …[View]
22814935Just liquidated all my crypto I may regret this, but fuck it feels good to be free... literal clown …[View]
22817652NFT x DeFi = Aavegotchi: Aavegotchi is a HUGE innovation for DeFi and NFT. This composability betwee…[View]
22815986how do you know when to sell and get back in?: how do you time a local top, sell it, and then buy ba…[View]
22817601Azizos+Arsu: >presale active as of yesterday, 6 days left (YOU ARE EARLY) >airdrop to holders …[View]
22817630Well, that was quite a long dump: But now it's time to get back to normal $20 eom![View]
22817624ORB: 1 million APY orb.bz[View]
22813095The state of bsv[View]
22813997Green IDs will make it[View]
22816734how the fuck do i use swiftcoin it doesn't let me transfer shit[View]
22812054Gem of a Presale only 36 ether left - NUD Token....no rug confirmed!: Trading starts today immediate…[View]
22816590Hello /biz: is binance a good place to buy Coin?[View]
22817416>waiting for tech stocks to drop[View]
22812815Comfy$Neet: $NEET, did this fucker really rug pull a miniscule amount of ETH before even listing on …[View]
22817360>oh yeah Sergey link me LINK MEEEE HARDER >your oracles feel so good inside of me >stake me…[View]
22817417You have a HOUSE, right anon?: Toast.finance - The world's first 100% open community DEFI proje…[View]
22817095In regards to Americas anti-monopoly laws, when a company becomes a monopoly here they're divid…[View]
22817405>He didn't buy? Pump eet[View]
22817051Waves up again[View]
22816785You scammer told me to buy GHST: Now I am ruined , suck my dick[View]
22817324$TACO THE BEST FOOD TOKEN: This is the token that ur favorite shiller gonna post about it. This is t…[View]
22817323you'll cowards don't even market buy[View]
22809290Dad is hiring[View]
22816383I had a bike crash And I had to pay 150K usd for hospital and sues and shit Now I can only have 65…[View]
22814634FTM: SOON[View]
22817194What went wrong?[View]
22806972I guess we are finally pumping my fellow OCEAN holders. Did we get some good news lately or is this …[View]
22816686Stetera #1 trending on cg: The clock is ticking. If your bags aren't ready you're going to…[View]
22816396How much longer does it have?[View]
22817054>buy cheap and small miningrig >stay at a motel for a week and mine 24\7 >profit?!…[View]
22816151Please, take a minute and read this: https://medium.com/@coinsweetmike/pickle-finance-is-the-biggest…[View]
22815369Is now a good time to invest for me or what? I’m so lost. I’ve been sitting at home saving up money…[View]
22812048GEAR + MATIC = CRISP TENDIES: This just in: Bitgear has partnered with Matic Network to ensure high …[View]
22817164Got 1000 to invest Shill me your favorite Binance shitcoins.[View]
22816136W-WHAT WAS THAT: Whats happening guys? What was that?[View]
22817131Starting: Is it possible to buy link with a debit card or do the zion fags want my identity too?…[View]
22815379This seem SOLID AF!: I will try this again... $SKL Just Launched, get in here guys! DYOR! https://s…[View]
22816650Friendly reminder: It’s coming >>22769931[View]
22806828AKRO: Is this the start of the recovery biz? Now that all the weak hands have been shaken out it mus…[View]
22816065Wait, you didn't really think I'd let you reach $11, did you anon?[View]
22817019>tfw already doubled my money in psychedelics and the hype has barely started Bros that bought MM…[View]
22816990Karatbars (KBC): Wow, doubled in value in 1 day. Massive gains potential[View]
22816076What price would you realistically sell your linkies at? I’d sell 100 at 1k and get a house then sel…[View]
22816965psst https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0xfaab5238f5d2163e25518b0c1af205da0f783dd0…[View]
22816694Why did I buy XRP? Some schizo duped me into trading my 5000 LINK for XRP at 30c telling me '2k…[View]
22816933Fuck you Kyle: We believed in you damnit[View]
22816748Why have rent and real state prices increased so drastically over the last few decades, especially i…[View]
22816867yearn finance supply: I can't seem to find the answer... there is 30000 yearn finance token TOT…[View]
22816143So nothing came of this?[View]
22816845HOLLY SHIT: Just tryed optimism L2 snx beta after seeing thread on biz this morning Sell your shitco…[View]
22812550So this old guy had signed a reservation agreement to buy my apartment for $195k but in the last day…[View]
22816114L2 scalability is the next big thing and it's going to get kicked off by Optimism much like Com…[View]
22813627Are you ready for the great decoupling and bullrun? Starts october 3rd[View]
22816794Rug pull before the rug pull: Where are you comfy neet fucks, where's the discord or wedsite. F…[View]
22815630WE'RE GOIN' TO $25[View]
22816752YFE: This is your next uniswap 20x Liquidity locked, enjoy! https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair…[View]
22816555Best 4k porn website with download: Anon give me the best porn website 4k with download[View]
22816048Still low on the radar. Decentralized synthetic assets: Pegnet[View]
22808005How sustainable is this?[View]
22814969What if crypto actually brings us massive wealth in the future? Say 10, 20 years. I mean, what if? I…[View]
22815583>Why yes, I do actually use Coinmetro. What gave it away?[View]
22815468Should I kill myself? Im so ugly. I'm 32 and live with my parents I have zero friends and never…[View]
22816665Bear Trap: The Crypto Bull run is actually starting. Holy Shit. Get Fucked Bobo's.[View]
22815324I told you all to buy #AVAX in the token sale and you didn't listen. Its not over yet anons, Th…[View]
22813941There will be a wick down on BTC that potentially goes as low as $6700, which will naturally drag ET…[View]
22816628sirs, where do you shill your ref links? >inb4 biz[View]
22814390Jam.finance: Next generate YELD farming, but in other rules. Farming will be avaiable for 1 month. T…[View]
22813578Just bought the dip of a lifetime.[View]
22816299Why are Swipies so lame?[View]
22816329$11 rejected[View]
22815123/smg/ stock market general: fuck the CLF shill >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq >Stock m…[View]
22816024>Coworkers describe me as lazy.[View]
22816457>linkies excited over dead cat bounce It's going back down to 7 dollars again you fuckwads. …[View]
22815446Azizos + Arsu: >presale active as of yesterday, 6 days left >airdrop to holders and/or liquidi…[View]
22811288XRP is $500: OH my fucking god, the XRP holders were right. Why didn't I listen. FUCK FUCK FUCK…[View]
22815435This is the sound of your God dumping 500k >BRAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPP[View]
22816438Tetranode huge eth whale is marine now kek: https://twitter.com/Tetranode/status/1309537953740255232…[View]
22816186>200x’s >biz silent[View]
22814533YFP Get in right now[View]
22814874Is rebase same like other elastic supply coin?[View]
22816346Will ftm crash again? It looks exactly like last time. I bought a bunch should I buy more during the…[View]
22814175This can't be happening.[View]
22816345I get countless ideas during the day on how to make illegal fast money. Of course I never act on the…[View]
22807139RAMP: How long will it be before we finally get the RAMP public sale? Is there anyone else on biz th…[View]
22816327saw this a while ago here on /biz. Should I buy?[View]
22815823had a dream xdai was shooting up bigtime $50...$100...$200 quickly scoured the internets to find out…[View]
22816284What did Sergey mean by this?[View]
22816292>nothingburger >ngmi >dyor >iykyk…[View]
22816301ELON MARS next rocket to take off: 'cus what else are you going to buy your Lambos with once we…[View]
22814997You know you're just gambling, right anon?[View]
22816225Pssst biz[View]
22814669XSNBros: ??????? how can this happening, I thought the max supply is 102mil[View]
22816055Just a friendly reminder for you guys. BNFI is currently sitting at a $50,000 market cap, with 26,00…[View]
22815045Why isn't everyone talking about this?!: Stumbled over this by pure luck! It was launched LESS …[View]
22814865Bottom is in. Let's go.[View]
22811201ROTTENSWAP: $ROT DEAD REDEMPTION: we are going up and beyond! get in and start rotting. https://unis…[View]
228145604chan frens i want to share it with you! ORB coin with over 756,991% APY atm! So basically, its a co…[View]
22815603Upswing presale: The game changer? Good day Upsters! PRESALE IS NOW LIVE! YOU MAY CHECK AND VERIFY …[View]
22815781Guys I'm getting nervous.[View]
22815366TOP IS IN: Take profits now. Thanks me later. We are going to 5$ again[View]
22816020the gp oracle solution is landing soon[View]
22812044#CryptoShill me!: Guys I'm broke asf and left 0.5 btc and willing to gamble on the most degen c…[View]
22816016Gold Hedge Fund (GHF) https://uniswap.info/token/0x15ca0e237319711584dc8a00c3bd2cb22ffdc62a https://…[View]
22816017Cardano ADA +20%, first to solve Proof of Stake. I'm buying some and staking them, two days lef…[View]
22815933New Gem finds for you. GoGoGo Airdrop: Stage 1 - 50.000 Stage 2 - 50.000 Stage 3 - 100.000 @zyxdefi[View]
22813828Is HEX a scam?: Tell me your honest opinion /biz/[View]
22812158Kleros migrating to xDai confirmed: Another day, another project migrating to xDai. You do have atle…[View]
22804117Blockfolio thread: Post your portfolio /biz/ R8 h8 rel8 Help others fix their folios[View]
22815514The last holder: https://sparta.finance/ There's only 300 Sparta coins (divisible by decimals h…[View]
22815901I sold all my bitcoin eth and a bunch of shit coins for ftm I’ve been holding the btc and eth for 3…[View]
22811545Lition - MikeFromCrash Can't Read Etherscan: Mike doesn't know how to tell the difference …[View]
22815889Stop fucking buyyyy: What Was That?!?!?[View]
22815718Is there anything like Fiverr but I can use crypto on it? I want to pay pajeets to do funny things o…[View]
22804424bottom is in bros, thank me later[View]
22814928finally something refreshing - lync network: website speaks for itself[View]
22803441/XSG/ XRP Schizo General #43: >Flare snapshot date - December 12th 2020: https://flare.ghost.io/c…[View]
22806145XRP bullrun started, don't miss it[View]
22815190I'm so happy[View]
22815480Getting bullish here: https://cointelegraph.com/news/china-s-bsn-international-integrates-support-fo…[View]
22815225investment advice: what would you do in this situation? I've got around €200k coming to me in …[View]
22814619>He still hasn't sold?[View]
22814293>I didn't buy $7 Link to lower my average buy in cost of $16 because I was afraid it would g…[View]
22815347Ooooh linkiies: >$11 rejected pfft it just keeps getting better stinkies, can’t wait for $4…[View]
22815223Can I get a job in the crypto space? I am pretty much a NEET other than working a few hours here and…[View]
22814909FalconSwap Private Beta Launched: FalconSwap Private Beta Launched! We are excited to announce the …[View]
22815521$MEW is mooning! 10x past day, still 20k MC!: $MEW 55k circulating, sub 20k mc What started yesterda…[View]
22814851STA: Still not selling.[View]
22815498Get in anon, surely you don't want to miss out on the next 100x ~[View]
22815229I bought ftm instead of link[View]
22815398Fusion: Fusion is undoubtedly the most promising platform for cross-chain interoperability, specific…[View]
22814190why is /biz/ sleeping on aavegotchi and GHST[View]
22814424>market retrace >everything tanks >toasty unisocks still at $5000 >tfw store of value…[View]
22815349growdefi.capital are u in?: a friend of mine told me about it and i had a quick look at it, i'm…[View]
22815346APOLLO: Why does no one speak of this absolute lurking beast? They will be launching GSX, distribute…[View]
22812541XSN steaknets: Things that are going to be big in 2021: 1. The lightning network 2. DEX's https…[View]
22815340Panic sellers and fudders rest in piss: May everyone who sold below 9 rest in piss. You were the lit…[View]
22813007BUY $ROT: >he missed out on uniswap >he missed out on sushiswap >he missed out on meme >…[View]
22812946Is it allowed to ask you’re coworker on a date?[View]
22814475WALLAH! just like that! chainlink will never be under 10 dollars again, inshallah! no more chains! j…[View]
22814250NIT: Not Important Token is an unconventional take on the very popular ZUT's - 1 and 2. An expe…[View]
22815007Ada: Ada is up 17% what is going on?[View]
22811330I'm 22, net worth of $800k and married my high school sweetheart.: How fucked am I?[View]
22811271$CHART: Will you faggots tell me what is so special about this coin?[View]
22813522so, who's the first taker?[View]
22814090$12 EOW[View]
22815247be greedy when others are fearful[View]
22815216Do you see what i see?: 2 meme token. One is learning to climb other is top. I wont say anything. Th…[View]
22812640Quamfy quant thread: Quamrades, come and join me in this quamfy thread. How has your day been. Any p…[View]
22814941why does staking return such unbelievably shitty rewards?[View]
22814110What the fuck is this: Why[View]
22814899Sold my 6K stack at $8, cause everyone said we were going to $4 and below... fuck I feel sick to my …[View]
22813447Temporary resistance at $10.50. Once we break through, it's pump city baby. You did buy the dip…[View]
22815116Buy $HNY for an easy x10: Honeyswap is the new DEFI exchange built on the XDAI framework. Recently s…[View]
22815022xtz: i think there's a parallel channel here somewhere can someone help me draw it? not good wi…[View]
22811656That's a double top linkies[View]
22814960WHAT WAS THAT[View]
22814971Dead cat bounce. Load the shorts[View]
22810195/smg/ stock market general: Zoom out edition >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq >Stock mar…[View]
22814624Do wagies really?: No seriously, how the fuck can one camp for 12 hours just to preorder a video gam…[View]
22812242Soon: Be warned.[View]
22811955Uh Guys?: This is a dead cat bounce, right? Getting worried here[View]
22814762when staking, sergey????[View]
22814572Staking is a gold mine.[View]
22814842check the Mt Gox wallet monitor website[View]
22814587Just sold all my Vidt after this bounce... Entire volume is Kucoin bots, Binance Dex has like $500 …[View]
22814820A new Polymarket is coming: Stage 2 of the Polymarket Beta is almost here. Unlimited free trades, de…[View]
22814563>he didn't buy during the presale ngmi tbhfam[View]
22814495ROT: Opinions on RottenSwap? its going kookoo crazy high rn.[View]
22810815What The: Fuck Was That?[View]
22813607Credit cards: What's your highest credit limit, anon?[View]
22813483Too many ampleforth type coins out there.. which is the most safest?[View]
22813712$11 Waiting Room: Get your friday evening drinks ready.[View]
22801272Need a low Mcap underdog coin to invest in? 379 holders / <1c / 570k mcap | XMM - Momentum: The m…[View]
22814523Tomorrow I'm back. Enjoy your time.[View]
22814422I just put my life savings into shit coins I need more images like these to give me strength help me…[View]
22813822biggest thing in Crypto since BTC[View]
22811787Our god did another AMA. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZRI_0x0rI0&feature=youtu.be[View]
22812912BUIDL BROS THREAD: how them hands feeling, buidl bros??? hang in there! Big news coming in october, …[View]
22813473ORB: www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0x1bb0216bc8d249726c83d67f6f3e30569cec83d4 medium.com…[View]
22814485Hold on to your butts[View]
228138715 more days[View]
22814071Coombase 7 day fund deposit?: what are you faggots talking about? I can transfer money from my debit…[View]
22813243Gold Hedge Fund (GHF) https://uniswap.info/token/0x15ca0e237319711584dc8a00c3bd2cb22ffdc62a https://…[View]
22814272If everybody hates the rich so much, why aren’t there more billionaire assassinations in Minecraft? …[View]
22812035T-minus 5 weeks: you're not going to be fat on Halloween, right anon?[View]
22813943$ORB HIGHEST APY STAKE: GET IN STILL EARLY. https://medium.com/@Orb_bz/introducing-orb-the-highest-a…[View]
22814383Told you /biz/: >>22780100[View]
22814244Why do banks seem almost criminally retarded at times? And why do people trust them?[View]
22814303You there is currently a god damn beautiful presale running ay?[View]
22809421pajeets NOT welcome: >presale active as of yesterday, 6 days left >airdrop to holders and/or l…[View]
22813650>makes CoinMarketcap even slower and shittier nothin personnel faggots[View]
22808719oldfags, how the fuck do you deal with the state of biz i was just in this thread >>22800383 a…[View]
22814096Symmetric strength thread: Probably shouldn’t have taken A year break...[View]
22813667growdefi.capital gem baby: the price will explode in the next 8h let us fill our moon bags, on the s…[View]
22813425Which side is going to win the make it war?[View]
22810543ORB: DON'T BE A FOOL. THERE'S 75 IN SUPPLY. ITS GOING TO 100K. www.dextools.io/app/uniswap…[View]
22813951so he betrayed us again today[View]
22810286You guys did get your CHADS, right? chads.vc https://etherscan.io/token/0x69692D3345010a207b759a7D1a…[View]
22813074If this crashes will you freak out or buy more?[View]
22812361/PNKG/ Kleros General - where to buy tuktuk edition: >What is it? https://kleros.io/static/yellow…[View]
22812842So..... this just pumps when Chain link does? Is it as simple as that? Why the fuck even?[View]
22813769UNI: I've tethered up with Uniswap. It keeps my money at the same amount. Isn't there some…[View]
22813013enjoying positive rebases @2.4$ while ampl holders still losing money everyday[View]
22813857ZYX: sushi, doner, burger, it’s all the past century BUY ZYX, ZYX IS OUR FUTURE[View]
22811497YFBeam & YFMoonbeam are the same pajeet scammers: This is the same lazy pajeet scammers trying t…[View]
22812878new POLK Defi Proj - Xofi Network. Get in: 100ETH HARD CAP. Legit w/ POLKA xofi dot network[View]
22813823Can I write off a 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee from my taxes on 1099? Can I also write off my apartment …[View]
22813527Is the election result gonna affect the economy and the market? If so, how?[View]
22812892SHILL ME YOUR COIN: What should be my next buy?[View]
22812358THE STANDARD: You are accumulating, aren’t you?[View]
22808778$CELLAR - NEXT 1000X: PRESALE ENDS IN 2 DAYS https://cellardoor.finance >777k supply >entire …[View]
22813754I think I got scammed[View]
22811904https://youtu.be/6hJv5yBLe9c I got in I got in. Suck my dick I got in.[View]
22811082I know a lot of anons have been getting burned lately and I'm sorry but you need to look at XMR…[View]
22813713$CREED: It's tiem... Governance is UP! https://snapshot.page/#/creed/all Will be listed on MXC…[View]
22811692I warned Biz when Bitcoin was trading at 12000 and every shitcoin was at the top by: posting 'Black …[View]
22813597He didn't buy at $1.08 He didn't buy at $1.37 You are here $1.55 https://www.coingecko.com…[View]
22813588unstoppable Fair distribution of a token supply can be accomplished through a smart contract that fu…[View]
22813584Hold on to your butts[View]
22812269Advice: Alright finance fags.I currently have a 9 - 5 but am looking to diversify and actually start…[View]
22811629Why do most stocks move in almost exactly the same way?[View]
22813552Moon mission confirmed!: We're about to have a lift off frens! Libros get in here! >500k bag…[View]
22811035Who here smart money?: $MANY is the next big DeFi project. it was only 600k marketcap when i told bi…[View]
22811732Scam yfmoonbeam: Why did yfmoonbeam literally copy yfBeam's logo and website, like exactly? The…[View]
22812523I want to be a crane operator. How viable of a career choice would that be?[View]
22811650$14,000 MCAP: Literally tossing just 1 ETH into this... how the fuck can you not.[View]
22812859Anyone into Pickle?[View]
22811007So does NYAN voting officially start tonight?: Honestly, pretty hopeful about this project. How is e…[View]
22812647Pajeets just got fundamentally btfo and price is still climbing??[View]
22812546Rebase Stimulus brought life back in Rebase[View]
22807919Soon: Pajeets and trannies welcome[View]
22813415Is now a good time to invest for me or what? I’m so lost. I’ve been sitting at home saving up money…[View]
22813358Whats the return on ALGO and XLM respectively if i buy now and hold for 2 years.[View]
22813276how are you broke in 2020?: have you looked around you recently? theres more money to be made than e…[View]
22810867/smg/ stock market general trannie free edition: >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq >Stock…[View]
22812843Vechain Foundation | VeChain is now integrated with Rosetta, Coinbase API: Maybe the rumours are tru…[View]
22810880Coins about to 5-10x $BNK $PMA $FTM[View]
22812570How do you become rich and successful when you aren't skillful at anything?[View]
22813309imagine not to have purchased $7.50 dip[View]
22813291Do you pay anyone cryto or fiat for financial advice? If so how accurate have they been?[View]
22812310Fulcrum: So as we all know, Fulcrum offers the best lending rates, and also quite logically the high…[View]
22813248Darwinia Mainnet launched today: ...and check out how cute their CMO is. https://youtu.be/T36jQ-8tKr…[View]
22811849The Professor is brewing up something fresh for crypto: TG is Elixir Protocol[View]
22813119Binance to list SALE: SALE is working on launchpad plugin usable by any DEX. Binance is taking advan…[View]
22807735WHAT WAS THAT!?? Maybe it's Maybelline.. maybe it's this fantastic fat motherfucker workin…[View]
22813124Akro: Why is it dumpiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing?[View]
22810847Any eurofags have advice for a beginner? I've heard bitstamp and binance to be good brokers. Ca…[View]
22812312FUCK YOU![View]
22810237ARK: As the days go by, the more left behind you will be /biz/ Tick tock, tick tock[View]
22812088Theta and Chainlink collaborate to fight online video ad fraud via Google’s BigQuery.[View]
22812622Well... $YEET just pulled the funniest rug in crypto history[View]
22804609Uncet Gems is literally /biz/: the movie[View]
22812962MEXP: Last chance for the best token economics NFT meets DEFI token there is,[View]
22812135Flow- the blockchain for open worlds: >What is Flow? Flow is a fast, decentralized, and developer…[View]
22809646Gold and Silver/ Precious metals. What will happen when some scientist invents a way to create gold…[View]
22812906IT WAS A DOUBLE TOP[View]
228120687Day.Finance: What is 7Day.Finance? The 7 day crypto challenge is a game designed to test every aspe…[View]
22812718Ill just leave this here: https://etherscan.io/token/0xB987D48Ed8f2C468D52D6405624EADBa5e76d723#bala…[View]
22812723tell me one reason you're not investing in this man[View]
228126670.038 stable coin[View]
22811892Need advice anons. What to invest in with relatively low risk. No need for moonshots, no sub 100 coi…[View]
22811535It's this easy.[View]
22812279serious replies only: what country has the most conservative women that haven't been brainwashe…[View]
22811572H4X - New low cap GEM?: H4X $H4X What does it do? - 44.000 Tokens in existence - 8% burn on EVERY tr…[View]
22811494XRP is love.[View]
22810862is this a moon chart?: Moon chart for KLP imho, soon reward halving ( in 2 days) . buying some here.…[View]
22809683€20 meal in euro capital city[View]
22811364>60k locked token supply >price $26 Can you please explain to me why this shit won’t moon like…[View]
22810868GIGA SXP CHAD: YES[View]
22812161anyone else feeling like: this is about to pop off?[View]
22812248why is link going up?[View]
22807914Get in here now: Site won't recognize nNeo deposits and discord channel locked![View]
22810064Who else feeling comfy in CELLAR?[View]
22812442how accurate is pic related?[View]
22812016Thanks a lot niggers for shilling this dog shit[View]
22812441I do I get a shilling contract?: I shitpost all day for free, can I get a nice stack and get paid to…[View]
22812505KYE vs ORB: Did you even hear about'em?[View]
22812387!!!!!!!! GEM ALERT: $CELLAR - 1000X SOON!: https://cellardoor.finance >deflationary token >sup…[View]
22807941I don't feel good about holding chainlink: I'm not talking about price, I think it will go…[View]
22812448I woke up with my pants around my ankles feeling awful. I think it's a sign that btc is about t…[View]
22812396You bought the dip right? Who else is in there save pool getting 300% APY? Higher APY than any other…[View]
22807720What are your thoughts on Nexus Mutual?: I get the feeling people who get in on this one early are g…[View]
22811130A DeFi Secret: Sorry to burst the bubble. The hint to getting into legit DeFi projects early is NOT …[View]
22804356You meet him and have time to only tell him 3 words. What do you say, /biz/bros?[View]
22811385Is it just a feeling: or this shitcoin is about to explode?[View]
22810219I just aped into YFV after the TRB v2 hack reveal. how fucked am I /biz/ kek[View]
22811733to all those who doubted me; DOUBT ME NOW.[View]
22812214You only need to find 1 gem and get in early to make it: Here is one that launched yesterday and is …[View]
22811314HOW DOES AIRDROP WORKS: IM NOT SHILLING anything here but listen me. I have gain 3k dollars from jus…[View]
22809696I BOIGHT LITERALLY EVERYTHING AT THE TOP everything literally fucking everything. I even watched tsl…[View]
22811335kiwi.finance: website: kiwi.finance telegram: t.me/kiwifinance uniswap: https://uniswap.info/token/…[View]
22810487Which of these has the most potential?[View]
22811980>have vested company stock on schwab >sell them >shares are gone and my account value has g…[View]
22807448Suggest genuine project which is down after pvt sale unlock[View]
22806006Constellation DAG is going to be how americans vote . that's how big this thing is going to be.…[View]
22811307WE ARE BACK[View]
2281188810.50 rejected, see you back at $6 linkies[View]
22809010/smg/ Stock Market General: *BLOCKS YOUR PATH* >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq >Stock m…[View]
22807271Will the supply increase/decrease in unifyre wallet itself?[View]
22811514heaven or hell, lets play: Devil/$Soul news from our evil lord medium.com/@devilfinance/evil-is-now…[View]
22809266Where do you see $AVAX one year from now ?: Kek, $AVAX is a revolution. Might flip Eth someday. Any …[View]
22809944Loans & real estate: I'm thinking of taking out a loan to buy some real estate to rent out.…[View]
22809995Which outcome is better for the market?[View]
22810584XSN Meme Admiral: Share the best discord XSN memes! Not everybody on biz has discord so they’re miss…[View]
22810427YFBEAM - YFBM new moonshot underwarter: In this case I have several link for you to research first L…[View]
22811548Yield farming: Post your current farms. I'll start pickle.finance TVL $163M Liquidity $25M Cur…[View]
22811405GNT: Here is your chance. #3[View]
22811749$THETA: >Up 10% in 24 hr >Up 20% this week >Up 30% this month >Up 700% this year Why don…[View]
22811704yearn.gold lets moon it: yearn.gold t.me/YearnIsGold Presale soon, soon to have staking, ez 100x boi…[View]
22811475MFW I sold all my UNI at $3 to buy HNY at $50: LOL who's a cuck now, faggots? Enjoy your measly…[View]
22811647Corona Chan: It's fucking over. Europe is entering phase 2, new lockdown expected in the coming…[View]
22811144>there are people that found ftm and link cheap and it staked it since day 1 I MISS EVERYTHING…[View]
22809483MANY is the next 100x. I am playing fortnite and too busy to spoonfeed you. DYOR: t.me/manyunderstan…[View]
22811541$BUIDL: Is this still a good asset or is there a legit reason for the dumps other than the biz pnd h…[View]
22811182>Started Crypto in 2017: >Age 27 >Billionaire >Ashkenazi Jew Whats your excuse and why h…[View]
22810866xDai $100 Waiting Room: Get in here faggits[View]
22811071What will happen when news breaks that chainlink profits are being used to fund right wing death squ…[View]
22811428You do realize every coin is a pump and dump right?[View]
22809937275,000% APY: I am fucking loving this shit... goddamn[View]
22811066WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!?!?!?[View]
22811009FUD me: Please tell me which coins I SHOULD NOT buy and why. Thank you.[View]
22806944>Being this early on Defi is like getting in on Bitcoin in 2011. >Tfw you realize /biz/ will b…[View]
22811534I hope your happy with your positions: If not you don't have long to fill your bags. The amount…[View]
22810272>tried to be a trader and buy low/sell high >just end up getting justed and bled out most of m…[View]
22810281press S to spit on this retard's grave[View]
22809945Lition has been on an accumulation phase for a year now This is a 100M mcap coin minimum. Mainnet is…[View]
22811492>stock to flow[View]
2280807220k BTC Predictions: When do you think it'll happen?[View]
22811247YOU GONNA MISS YOUR FIRST 100K COIN?: only 145 holders right now www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-ex…[View]
22811365i inherited some bucks(20k) and plan to invest them into A1JX52 tomorrow. anybody have a better ide…[View]
22811432hourly reminder: it's still a dead cat bounce, stinkies. don't get so smug. you should hav…[View]
22811134I'm new, don't really know what I'm doing. Wtf is this shit, so when can I trade agai…[View]
22811334New Finance Gem x 10: Like w said we are preparing a big surprise for you! We made a BURN TOKEN:exc…[View]
22803443Kucoin listing within 5 days and Infinity Gainz AMA in 6 hours: If you aren't holding any FACT …[View]
22810390Will you quit your job if you made it?: Lets say hypothetically you made millions in crypto, and if …[View]
22809552Advices for link: Very last chance to buy link for under $10. You cannot miss out.[View]
22811257Unironicly should I buy SNX or not?[View]
22811220Boooooooois Its about time again..[View]
22811032Did you buy the dip Anon?: If you poor fags can't grasp the use case for a algorithmic backed p…[View]
22810366How the FUCK do I into crypto lads? Rich grandparents recently died (may they rest in peace) so i ha…[View]
22808135WE NEED ALTERNATIVES NOW: Eth 2.0 is only arriving minimum 2-3 years, it can even take more time tha…[View]
22810334XFYI - Bilaxy trading: and have u already heard of XCredit Finance XFYI token? One of the most widel…[View]
2281016720 ETH left on Bethero.io: I will try to explain it better than these past shillers fucking it up: Y…[View]
22811048Landlord Thread: Anyone here a landlord? How many properties do you own? How is it like being a land…[View]
22811119Why arent you all in RMPL? Huge things happening in coming weeks. Ama currently going on in zendetta…[View]
22810990SODA is so cheap - WTF!: So, SODA updated their YF ratios have done some other shit. Def worth a loo…[View]
22807996Chainlink: Are we still early?[View]
22810988S E R G A Y B E T R A Y[View]
22810832Certified Hypnotherapist here: You wouldn't believe how psychology fucked up everybody here is,…[View]
22810822Just realized /biz/ is just for shitposting.[View]
22809729you did buy at $4.80 r right anon? daily low keeps getting higher. tomorrow it won't dip below …[View]
22810908Hey next eth shitcoin peddlers: Just tested optimistic rollups on sxn Holly shit..... Minted and mov…[View]
22810646New Gem on Uniswap!: Just started on Uniswap! Mcap 40k and liquidity locked! Dyor! http://scfi.finan…[View]
22809052I need the next 100X or it's over: I'm 22 and my life is in absolute shitter. Broke, no de…[View]
22810546$MCX - 1 million mc - CREAM CEO X BINANCE X MARVEL /DC: strongest FA NFT right now, cream CEO is in,…[View]
22807102What's your rank anon?[View]
22810059Starting a buisness advice: Hello in the next 4-5 years I am looking at starting a metal working wor…[View]
22809100Efx small % up[View]
22810139>move into house fifteen years ago, when I was 4 >next door neighbor is engineer, has two kids…[View]
22810794Gold Hedge Fund (GHF) https://uniswap.info/token/0x15ca0e237319711584dc8a00c3bd2cb22ffdc62a https://…[View]
22809762KIWI AIRDROP @kiwifinance Website: kiwi.finance (Almost arrived!) KIWI Uniswap: https://uniswap…[View]
22810735Any Crypto Artists making money here?: Can see people are pouring thousands into crypto art on Rarib…[View]
22810737Moon Rocket Deus buy the dip: Deus did you have a look at the awesome project, it is just unbelievab…[View]
22809459ITT post 2017 memories: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YagUXXtyFn4[View]
22809957New DeFi farm with sDoge: Highest APY for now. Still early. Uniswap: https://uniswap.info/token/0xb2…[View]
22809991/smg/ - Stock Market General: Buy the CLF dip I'm not a chart reader but damn..[View]
22809998Kiwi.finance airdop a lot of vitamin, a lot of money[View]
22808910Vidya: I'll just leave this here https://cointelegraph.com/press-releases/the-public-sale-of-vi…[View]
22810655Reddit: When the fuck are they going to announce a winner?[View]
22808779I'm the anon that has almost always been one of the first to tell biz about future top projects…[View]
22809411I Was Told XRP Would Be Worth $500 Today: And I wake up and it isn't. In fact it's worth j…[View]
22808219comfy: iykyk[View]
22809278Salesforce announces Chainlink Integration of Data + Trusted Nodes: >https://www.bloomberg.com/ne…[View]
22810559UD is creating a platform where traders have access to presales that have been evaluated and vetted …[View]
22810336Machi X is the mother of all NFT projects.: Binance talking and tweeting its name as it is a underva…[View]
22805121thoughts on yfGamma? They are forking yfBeta and making the staking rewards higher and better, and g…[View]
22810533What is yfGamma? yfGamma is a launching a new DeFi concept designed to reward token holders who yiel…[View]
22809363>people on this board actually hold ___[View]
22810405ANKR to the moon?: Was trading at $0.004 just a day ago now up to $0.006 and climbing after months o…[View]
22810333Why are they everywhere on telegram: >hello sirs! Glad to have been here. Who can I contact for A…[View]
22808021is this absolute garbage planning to do anything in the near future?: or is it time to surrender and…[View]
22808499Dump incoming?[View]
22804937UniDeFi - The First Universal DeFi REAL DEFI GEM: https://unidefi.live Get highest yield during farm…[View]
22806284How to get loan to buy crypto?[View]
22807783Is rebase same like other elastic supply coin?[View]
22810375RLC - Authorization Edition: Gilles need authorization to publish a new document describing iExec.…[View]
22807473Too many ampleforth type coins out there.. which is the most safest?[View]
22807290Rebase Stimulus brought life back in Rebase[View]
22807135Hippos are fat and stupid. Convince me otherwise: LOL. Still time to buy Nyan you virgins[View]
22809648Kiwi.finance +small airdrop: Welcome to KIWI Official Telegram Community Kindly check our pinned me…[View]
22810182New kid in town KIWI Finance! Don't miss the fly coming soon: Kiwi is digital money that allows…[View]
22804208BETHERO.IO - POWER HOURS PRESALE: Since BETHERO has a hard time reaching soft cap and does not want …[View]
22810068ARE YOU WINNING SON? NO?: WELL FUCK YOU $ROT holders do[View]
22810173APY goin wild: Literally over 200k% APY on this. Price is low, gonna moon later. Get in, faggots…[View]
22806224xBTC: The presale dump is done, why are you not in yet?[View]
22810158Financially, for me, the only meaningful gain would be having doubled my real BitCoin After I undel…[View]
22809348WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS: https://uniswap.info/token/0xdc3beb15179ba72bf8a49106f6d42d5fda375505…[View]
22810044Kiwi.finance: Website: kiwi.finance (Almost arrived!) KIWI on Etherscan: https://etherscan.io/token/…[View]
22808851Moonshot x5 if reach presales price - YFBEAM- YFBM: In this case I have several link for you to rese…[View]
22800383PnD: Guys I'm broke asf and left 0.5 btc and willing to gamble on the most degen coin that can …[View]
22808967/smg/ - Stock Market General: >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq >Stock market Words https…[View]
22806223you know: where going to 6 next pump right[View]
22803669be germany: >highest taxes in OECD >highest electricity prices in the world (thank you green e…[View]
22806877I am so fucking sick or waiting for this coin to do something[View]
22810020WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ORB: HOW HIGH CAN WE GOOOOOO ORB https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-exp…[View]
22810058Staking on Binance?: How much can i make by buying bnb and staking that new flamingo token coming ou…[View]
22809987$NEET was a rugpull, is anyone surprised: no sympathy for anyone who bought into an obvious scam Mys…[View]
22809728Financial advisor for top onlyfans creators: I was browsing through social media today and saw some …[View]
22809570I exit scammed twice and bought a Tesla: GUESS WHO[View]
22803784Statera discussion: The other threads are contaminated with fud and shill. Let's make this a di…[View]
22806977Bancor? >Bancor? Bancor? >Bancor Bancor? >Bancor?…[View]
22802980Bidao just listed: Just on uni and listed on CG. Get in before this stablecoin pops or get ready to …[View]
22809478How do I get to a million from here?[View]
22809716NOVONIX: Is this a good time to buy?[View]
22809714I’m covering from my losses by swingtrading UNI making 500$ a day[View]
22809438Aavegotchi: Chad buys GHST[View]
22807212What legit ways is there to make cash on the side? I don't mean doing surveys or clicking BAT a…[View]
22808367Presale delayed till monday, you already whitelisted?[View]
22809670Imagine not owning the most based coin. red wojaks will need a lot of kneepads in 2023.[View]
22808733Vechain is the next Amazon[View]
22809658Wirex: Any fellow wirex users? How do you like it and compare it to alternatives? Recent announcemen…[View]
22806810>people on this board actually hold XRP[View]
22808342I bought 1k linkies at 10.50 yesterday. You guys lied to me again.[View]
22809568Coming through[View]
22809604Summer is over but who cares? i am having BBQ all year[View]
228046175 days until Oracle integration[View]
22808737Why aren't the banks trying to stop defi?[View]
22805164Yeah, I know I know, you guys think greentext is autistic shit but I grew up in the 80s so it’s what…[View]
22809460I was born ready: and I'm ready to depart[View]
22809451I told you.: I posted this yesterday, about 18 hours ago. I said it was at bottom. It's 50% up…[View]
22805703YFV MARINES: Ready for the second run?[View]
22809377Btc and dollar correlation: Biz bro’s what do you think about this chart? It looks as though btc and…[View]
22809375ZOMBIE.FINANCE BLACK FRIDAY: Zombie.finance has just dropped to 0.5$, with new integrated rebase for…[View]
22809359Is Compound dead?: Do you think Compound's going to go up in price in the future? Is it even re…[View]
22803786Aye nigguh when is QNT gonna pump again. I put 20k at 9 bucks and I don’t wana be a broke niga anymo…[View]
22809326Flow - the blockchain for open worlds: >What is Flow? Flow is a fast, decentralized, and develope…[View]
22809321Finally i can stop making all the FUD threads 45 EOM[View]
22809317/smg/ - Stock Market General: Buy the dip[View]
22807426Where can I buy this book?[View]
22808632$STBZ Worth anything? 84 holders Sub 300kmcap And 760 supply are the stats check the medium article …[View]
22806763DRAGON NETWORK DYOR $DGNN SOCIAL MEDIA Telegram Announcement @DragonNetworkAnn Telegram Community…[View]
22805700Ampleforth: I lost like 5000$ thanks to Ampl. Mostly due to buying at 0,9$ and not selling after the…[View]
22805427Hey Anons, I am trying to explain to my friend that Binance is evil and they are ruining a lot of p…[View]
22806134Apologize Now!!!: October Swell. XRP Moon. Load your bags.[View]
22806954What open source projects benefit chainlink?: They can get free money here. https://twitter.com/devp…[View]
22808818Twitchy twitchy twitchy twitch https://youtu.be/4Kmc8j1SP5I[View]
22808153/irg/ Indoor Beekeeping General: After reading countless indoor ranching threads I decided to give i…[View]
22808775the state of stinkies: >cant hold above $10 >desperation and desperate begin to set in >cop…[View]
22808130Deus, New God?: does deus not mean god? in this world where the devil leads the financial world, li…[View]
22805602HNY or UNI: I cant tell if its worth it to buy myself 2 or 3 HNY right now or just put more in UNI. …[View]
22808928NOOOOO stop buying funny internet coins, buy stocks like a normal person they are more stable, BUY T…[View]
22805238>All these new fags betting against BTC[View]
22806385You are looking at the Bitcoin of 3D Rendering! ---> DRAY <--- 200k marketcap Real usecase: De…[View]
22808386Devil-> Farm Soul huge APY: good Dip to enter? 1 $Soul 0.000531386 ETH 0.182923 USDT 25/09/2020…[View]
22803511Daily Swipe|SXP thread: Swipe is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform that enables cryptocurrency…[View]
22806412>Known team of professionals >Multiple partnerships with other projects, coding for interopera…[View]
22807641/smg/ Stock Market General: Pre Market POOOMP edition >Brokers: https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq …[View]
22801303Is Fantom actually a scam guys? Seems super cool and I want in but I've seen a lot of threads l…[View]
22808465Waves is climbing up[View]
22808369Dia $2 waiting room[View]
22807920YFO SUCKS: YFO is the shittiest coin i've ever seen. don't buy this shit! This is financia…[View]
22808156>work hard >government takes half[View]
22808693YFO - YES FAGGOTS ONLY: Anons you’re buying the YFO dip right? We are moving again.. yfo.farm https:…[View]
22804979>tfw freelancer web dev >tfw undercut my estimated hours so people don't just ghost me …[View]
22790362kek: >99% of biz[View]
22807126Bethero.io around 50 ish ETH needed for the quickest flip of your fucking life: You fucking fags I l…[View]
22807985JEO TO THE MOON: Parabolic Gem Call: JEO Uniswap Link: https://uniswap.info/pair/0xc674B4cc156e91705…[View]
22808687Cross-Chain Interoperability: Enabling The Future of DeFi: What is interoperability? Interoperabilit…[View]
22808645hourly reminder: you should have sold, stinkies. the dead cat bounce of yesterday won't save yo…[View]
22807676Question about Tether: Wouldn't Tether or any current stable coin become worthless the moment a…[View]
22807650Vechain $1 waiting room[View]
22807327i can't stop opening sir pls buy klirus threads: wat do[View]
22807495Vechain will be listed in coinbase on October[View]
22807798Thank you so much for buying RSR and donating my village Sirs[View]
22806581>Boomer stocks >Shitty gains where even a 2x seems like a Miracle >But when it comes to los…[View]
22807476>be me >have many sin debts >would have had to pay for them in hell for all eternity >tf…[View]
22808528How many to make?: What's you opinion on a make it stack and suicide stack? This thing will exp…[View]
22808471DOGE TO THE MOON[View]
22807340YFSigma is essentially a yclone that uses a mash of feature from other clones to maximise yield oppo…[View]
22806891How to avoid (paying) taxes on crypto ?[View]
22807311Get in!: We told you guys, you could have bought in early. This is going up and will steadily rise w…[View]
22806800>tfw millionaire but you also have a case of severe hemmoroids[View]
22807095Ready for the Coingeek pump? (sept 30th)[View]
22807997Sergey Save Link $SSL: this coin will make mi familia rich again $SSL don't say i didn't…[View]
22807517NEXT ??x PRESALE: >What is flow? Flow is the blockchain of the future. >How is Flow different …[View]
22806018Nice mooning there. What are your bag sizes my fellow SYFI bros?[View]
22808347H4X - New Defi low supply GEM?!: >Every transfer (buy and sell) will burn the total supply by 8% …[View]
22805800UNIMEME - still early!: Unimeme draft roadmap: - Token burn - Farming (launch today) - Staking - Hu…[View]
22807150QQQF: What went wrong?[View]
22804968SDOGE New NFT Farming: New Farming has started just now. Check it out guys. Dev is based website : s…[View]
22807089Explain me this: So at the start of the year with the lock downs and quarantines in March crypto wen…[View]
22808237>invents Algorand[View]
22807370Thanks to janitors, i will not post x1000 token, they ruined it, thank them[View]
22807722Huh?: Huh?[View]
22808079CHARTEX: I'm not warning you again /biz/[View]
22807943Good strategies for investments in your 20s?[View]
22807107ALBT: Why no one is talking about Alliance Block on this board?[View]
22807978$ZUT: NOW. Right now. Join us today and land ur foot tomorrow over moon t.me/ZeroUtilityToken not fo…[View]
22805900/smg/ Stock Market General: After Hours edition >Brokers: https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq >Stoc…[View]
22805625>$9.50 now firmly rejected That's the end of that limp dicked 'pump'…[View]
22804520Chainlink goes up; don't even think about selling. Chainlink goes down; don't even think a…[View]
22807525now that the dust has settled: Why those defi yeld food uniswap shit projects mooned so hard? Is the…[View]
22807387this is pajeet /b/: this is pajeet /b/[View]
22807401weaponized-autism: >>>/k/46672325 >>>/k/46675698 >A gold rush or gold fever is …[View]
22807570Where were you when Cosmos and Kava took over the defi market? https://decrypt.co/42857/apple-store-…[View]
22805980BETHERO.io - 80 more ETH till softcap met - power hours presale is now live.: Basically title - rece…[View]
22807539/online biz/ affiliate marketing etc.: Anyone else into this? Or is it all crypto here.[View]
22806029I just watched suppoman: for the first time in like 2.5 years, kek. Holy shit this is a blast from t…[View]
22807413approx. 6h till pajeets go to sleep[View]
22805974[Telegram Airdrop is now over] For the NEETs who missed out on the airdrop, Don't worry. We wil…[View]
22807382babby always missing the next 100x? here's your spoonfeed of the month: Want to become a NEET? …[View]
22807360test: t[View]
22807358sDoge - Sushi and Doge Farming: Hi my frog brothers, Check this new forming token that has just laun…[View]
22803274Is it really this easy? https://twitter.com/lnversionario/status/1309087593053728768?s=19[View]
22807185Andre i don't feel so good.....[View]
22807261>Oracle partnership >decentralizing mining sector carrying out mineral prospecting, geological…[View]
22804762Axion - do you have any idea at all of what's coming anons?: Look at the chart so far, we have …[View]
22805671>OMG I LOVE YIELD FARMING!!![View]
22806959Remember Gravelcoin?: Dev has moved onto a new project: http://doubleleft.com/ Honest warning: don…[View]
22806622Yall better get in now frens before its too late[View]
22805491DAO X NFT X DEFI, THE ULTIMATE BURGER: NFTs isnt a short term trend you fags im going to spoon feed …[View]
22806419What's happening with xrp?[View]
22805374Are you ready friends?: gg / 2KfXndF[View]
22806268So are you all missing out on the ANKR pump or you on board?[View]
22806127How accurate is this?[View]
22802970>start browsing /biz/ >lose all your money >start browsing /fit/ >turn ghey wow so cool,…[View]
22806821How am I supposed to make money when every market is correlated now? Stocks, futures, crypto, metals…[View]
22805684Thanks you /biz/, through shitcoin shilling pajeets literally received 10 years worth of salary thro…[View]
22806987sergay betrayed us all, we were supposed to be all in this together[View]
22806392>93k sats rejected again IT'S UNIRONICALLY OVER[View]
22806641Wtf are you doing Also, happy Algorand joins BSN day!!! Sept 25th!![View]
22806832Best country to live in when you make it?: I heard Puerto Rico is a good place for rich Americans to…[View]
22806941THE FANTOM RISES[View]
22803450APED INTO ORB: Who the fuck is with me just threw 1 eth at this shit. bit ly 3i43VI9[View]
22805537Don't let the next evolution of Defi pass you by[View]
22806618ROLL CALL: Pajeet spelling mistakes fixed edition. (cheers to the anon who fixed it up yesterday)…[View]
22806699Why is it so good bros?[View]
22806802Great opportunity - Upbots: https://twitter.com/upbotscom/status/1309459553474342912?s=21…[View]
22806248Why is this piece of shit down in Europe?[View]
22806717I'm financially obliterated.[View]
228067411000x also pays 260k apy: fxswap is actually paying 260,000% apy i made 1448 fxswap from 13.3 hour…[View]
22804167What happened to Nick Szabo, did he disappear off the face of the planet, or does /biz/ just not car…[View]
22804363Should I buy more LINK at $9.58 or do I wait for even lower?[View]
22802844I'm your venus, I'm your fire,: Your desire. #ifyouknowyouknow[View]
22806573WTF WAS THAT!?!?!?!??!!?!?!?[View]
22805071Bella Protocol liquidity mining: 72 hours lads. https://medium.com/@Bellaofficial/announcement-on-be…[View]
22804032>up 49.9% in the last 24h NICE[View]
22805322UNI alpha leak: Ride this chart to $20 frens.[View]
22806500Are /fa/ggots right? >>>/fa/13171029[View]
22806421Synthetix is a derivatives liquidity protocol on Ethereum that enables the issuance and trading of s…[View]
22805428/yfv/ general: Anyone seen this pattern before?[View]
22806433Another DeFi has come to my life...hahaha: Karma Finance (KFI) is ready for the next SKY ROCKET on U…[View]
22804481YFO: Saw YFO being shilled here for a couple of days and I ignored it. Now that it’s finally in a di…[View]
22804915$10 meal in pakistan[View]
22806185retard neet here who got a new job if I hypothetically make £1400 a month doing 40 hours a week, how…[View]
22806160Gevi me your worst FUD about xDai STAKE[View]
22805658honestly: how many of the projects you've chosen were eventually based, and how many failed?…[View]
22805094i made 1.5mil in crypto this run what should i do with it?[View]
22802406Major Stable coins on Matic yes, something like that is very much required[View]
22805692Is it better to flip a house and sell it or rent it out? Say if I can flip it in a month?[View]
22806347Biden coin is going to moon come election: All the black people are going to vote for the black cand…[View]
22806270A diamond: Upbots (UBXT) has stabilized and is one you should really keep an eye on the next few wee…[View]
22804773>get a scholarship to cover tuition fees >it's just for tuition >don't get anythi…[View]
22805560defi: total value locked: is there a token that increases in value the more DEFI total value locked …[View]
22801819/smg/ - Stock Market General: GME infinite squeeze edition >Brokers: https://pastebin.com/F1yujt…[View]
2280474827 - What's my quickest path to retirement?: USA. Have a stem degree. CS minor. No work experie…[View]
22805102PNK: What if the Kleros Court finds me guilty and sentences me to death?[View]
22806144Why do you laugh at XRP holders? Theyre the equivelant of people with Down Syndrome. Burn victims. P…[View]
22804672WTF GUYS: This video officially just confirmed that XRP is going to moon soon https://youtu.be/HbXj2…[View]
22802145If you know: Do you know?[View]
22804648Is it possible to make it if you didn't invest from the age of 5?[View]
22805481Is staking in uni worth it? i have some liquidity pool on Uniswap for a 0.5% share of the pool. Do y…[View]
22802151Chainlink will go $1,000 and higher once the vaccine becomes mandatory: Since Chainlink is what make…[View]
22805100Pantera + Fact partnership incoming and Kucoin SOON: You have been warned anons. Most of the supply …[View]
22801191COVID medication ?: Someone I know(female, in her 50s) has severe lung infection with COVID and she …[View]
22804754YFFC FINANCE: YFFC FINANCE Uniswap https://uniswap.info/pair/0xea8091470479b457792f2f56a4e58c7329bc…[View]
22805390Time's almost up cRipple cucks[View]
22805120Cashless Society Coming Soon?: https://healthimpactnews.com/2020/cashless-society-coming-soon-the-fe…[View]
22805316How much link locked in Aave: You realise none of this fussing and shilling is organic right? Look h…[View]
22805255Chainlink thread deleted - what is being hidden from us?: Noticed this thread was just deleted. What…[View]
22805878B-BOBO-SAMA... I KNEEL![View]
22803718Every one going all in on 'bargain' shit coins right now is gonna get obliterated when BTC.D comes b…[View]
22805493help: I'm a semi-broke college student with like £50-100 extra cash to splash on something, is …[View]
22802132Bluzelle works to provide a scalable and decentralized: database service ready for the world’s dApps…[View]
22801281STOP chasing shitcoins: Chase a better one... - A real altcoin index fund - Supported by chad adviso…[View]
22799535HOLY SHIT WHAT WAS THAT: accumulation over frens.. time to moon[View]
22803300How do you take profits? What's your strategy?[View]
22803795Continuation patter fro last drop, we're our of our happy bullish channel now. Act wisely.[View]
22805633NEXT $MEME: MEXP listed on Poloniex! https://support.poloniex.com/hc/en-us/articles/360054073934-Nif…[View]
22805430how will he hurt us today?[View]
22804268AXION scam: 79% of this token is held by 100 addresses. whats left for others, just crumbs[View]
22805549A prisoner is offering me 50 dollars to bring him food like salads etc., to his prison. Met him on t…[View]
22805496>I'm gonna be rich soon and i've never held a job for longer than 6 months in my life…[View]
22803691Happy Name Day Sergey: By Orthodox tradition, everyone named after a Christian saint has a name day,…[View]
22805605Stop denying: There is not point in gatekeeping this gem. Get a bag and stake it till u make it…[View]
22805583Where are we headed? Right now the whole economy is in some kind of twisted limbo. I don't know…[View]
22805578obsidianbros....we will recover, right?[View]
22801666I just had a BIG feeling.: I think Xdai Stake will be huge. After seeing pic related it made me real…[View]
22799828Whale here. Don't fret.: Don't let the dips and volatility get you down. We've been h…[View]
22805538Enabling The Future of DeFi: Next-Gen solutions that work! The world of DeFi is quickly moving forwa…[View]
22804297Where does projects like these advertise themselves in the first place? I always miss their early ph…[View]
22793194Zoomie anons 18-25 how are you finding the job market? I'm seeing more and more mid-20s zoomill…[View]
22805065the COMPLETE Ecosystem is mooning right now: it hasn't been shilled here much and that's b…[View]
22802107BLZ contributing $10k monthly for Matic programme[View]
22801903Recently was reading an article titled 5: Ways Blockchain Will Transform The Real Estate Industry. R…[View]
22805420what to do (?): It's pretty easy. Just wageslave for 10 years, save 60% of your income and inve…[View]
22801735Filecoin needs some database project like bluzelle.[View]
22804299What did he mean by this?[View]
22804706FREE ROSS FUCK COPS: >1FreeRossFuckCops666666666697gHCG >1FreeRossFuckCops666666666697gHCG …[View]
22805017$RAUX: Interested in a genuine pajeet-free low cap(60k)? Try $RAUX.[View]
22804434BCH fork nov 15: Shall i buy BCH ahead of the fork and get free money? What's the catch? I disl…[View]
22803821>be europoor >be super into crypto currency >recieve free tokens >tokens represent a sha…[View]
22804541What do we do about the AGI question?[View]
22803205>tfw find out i'm a sperm donor child and my bio father is a scientist. >start feeling in…[View]
22804991Dego DeFi distribution: Join here fellas https://t.me /DEGOFinance_ AirdropBot?start =r0344674833…[View]
22803083The most FUDDED coin on /biz/: Every time I see you chumps FUD ALGO I buy 1k more and my cock gets a…[View]
22804542The next 24 hours are absolutely critical for LINK If it cannot break $12.11 then the reversal was r…[View]
22805175day one on biz >buy yshit and get rug pulled day ten on biz >buy scams like lition that drain…[View]
22802389Chromia awarded best startup in Sweden for second straight year[View]
22805130where's the smart money anon: I summon you[View]
22803615Okay /biz/ I'm going to genuinely share with you what i'm investing in going forward, do w…[View]
22801655why can't i do anything: i have big dreams and aspirations but everyday i wake up and do... not…[View]
22804315Crust Network (CRU) - Moonshot Guaranteed!: $$ Crust Network (CRU) $$ YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS TH…[View]
22797240Finally cut my losses and dipped out of this steaming pile of vindaloo and it feels so good, you sho…[View]
22805003Do all alts crash whenever BTC pumps or dumps?: Do good alts need BTC to be stable to pump?[View]
22803326>bought xBTC with my last bit of ETH >it drops 80 cents People don't even wait for their …[View]
22802203BNFI will have an ama with INFINITYGAINZ soon.: I called YFT @1.60 and hitted 73usd, This BNFI farm…[View]
22803914Why is this wrong? https://twitter.com/nickbourb/status/1308869178103914496[View]
22803705YubiKeys: Can I use my YubiKeys as a hard wallet?[View]
22804803Why is it crashing this hard? I thought we were in the clear![View]
22803192Uniswap yield farming: how do i know what are the returns on all pairs possible in Uniswap? The retu…[View]
22803657What the fuck has happened to this board? It started with cartoon girls, now faggy manipulators are …[View]
22804792Anon why don't you love your ALGO like daddy musk?[View]
22802474we're actually fucked aren't we[View]
22804540/TG/ - Tesla General: Now that the dust has settled, what’s TSLA going to?[View]
22804791BOOMER STACKERS 64[View]
22804115PINKIES REPORT IN: Kleros farmable? Check. First ever Uniswap bull? Check. De-Fi reality with litera…[View]
22804700Don't miss $CAKE,Don't miss $CAKE !: uniswap:https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?inputCurrency=…[View]
22803828Zoracles (ZORA) - zero knowledge oracles: please tell me you know about zoracles anon.. >Zoracles…[View]
22804429I panic sold all my Linkies and Vidties yesterday morning... I was hoping to offset the losses by bu…[View]
22800385LINK: Why are LINKtards so easy to manipulate? They see a shy 4hr green candle and they FOMO in... S…[View]
22804662Flow: >What is Flow? Flow is a fast, decentralized, and developer-friendly blockchain. Brought to…[View]
22804659Where should I stake my stable coins /biz/?[View]
22804645PoorFag Token ($FAG): Trade now on uniswap https://uniswap.info/token/0xe5868468cb6dd5d6d7056bd93f08…[View]
22803081SDOGE farming will begin soon! Woof!: Become an early farmer, woof! woof! Farm cute SDOGE token, woo…[View]
22803380>be a NEET >go into crypto >lose money >start reaching out to admins >talk to them, e…[View]
22803289/wg/ - Welfare General: >Why work and invest for passive income when you can get it for free? Wha…[View]
22804554I’m a Ranger r u?: RSR will b the world reserve currantsea that’s y it’s called reserve. The manager…[View]
22804521these yacht party tunes are hitting me right in the feels, frens any OGs still here? https://www.you…[View]
22803427Bitcoin price prediction if he wins the election?[View]
22804472Is Y projects done or there will be resurgance?[View]
22804428Salty.finance: New GEM UNISWAP https://etherscan.io/token/0x8faa7a971a1f627d059850b03ff74348439b891d…[View]
22804430Salty just arrived on uniswap! 10k supply Maybe it can take 2x if you come fast enough 0x8faa7a971a1…[View]
22803158100x token: The only 100x token you need... APY is now 80,000... Don't assume. Read this. Check…[View]
22803793WE’RE MOONING BROS[View]
22804368Anyone know what happened to Encryptgen (DNA)?[View]
22804404YOU WERE CHOSEN!: Join the Church of the Unicorn today! Telegram: Church_of_the_Unicorn Your degener…[View]
22803983PNK sir: sir you come to our village with less than 50k PNK??? sir you must walk to next village no …[View]
22804155I was that child[View]
22804330Hey retards, I came back. This board has turned into a pile of dogshit in the last few months but fo…[View]
22803391Can I retire on $30,000?[View]
22804316What's next in store for pickle?: So now that the halvening dump has been absorbed relatively w…[View]
22803728BID now on Uniswap: Bidao now available on Uniswap[View]
22803589Any other Aussies getting cucked from trying to Withdraw FTM from Coinspot?[View]
22803400500 uni, 250 link, 10000 pnk, .1 BTC, 2 ETH, 10% assorted low cap moon shots. Still DCAing, am I po…[View]
22803228I bought FTM instead of UNI[View]
22802749>pumps 20% >dumps 20% >pumps 20% >dumps 20% >pumps 20% >dumps 20% >pumps 20% …[View]
22803378I got no money.[View]
22800633Bidao (BID) - #1 on DEXTOOLS - Possible MoonShot?: Currently sitting at #1 on DEXTOOLS Token contrac…[View]
22804186Uniswap V3: https://github.com/Uniswap/uniswap-interface/releases/tag/v3.0.0 To the moooooon…[View]
22803143>sell uni for 2k >make 100x or two 10x in a row >tether up >lend 200k on bitfinex for 0.…[View]
22803862yoink thread: is this a good buy? shill me[View]
22802813more unibucks: >mfw just found my old jewbase wallet seed phrase and claimed another 400 unis…[View]
22803332I bought a ledger nano from aliexpress because they were half the price there, anyway I sent 1 BTC o…[View]
22795443ITS PUMPING[View]
22803133Woke up from nightmare: Just had a really ugly nightmare frens, I just want to say even though this …[View]
22802887Is now a good time to buy netflix stock? I'm sure every mad normie will register again when the…[View]
22804034XSN Thread[View]
22804044Currently stacking cryptos and silver along with working 45 hours per week. What else can I do to ea…[View]
22798599$NEET Airdrop Happening Now: Telgram: ComfyNeet - Number of $NEET airdrop 150/300 - Tokens per $NEET…[View]
22802093>there are people on here who bought link and ftm early and then staked it >they are fucking …[View]
22801753Hey you: Yeah you. Tell me, whats stopping you from making the kind of money you really want to make…[View]
22801932Rot won't stop crashing up: Can you guys get in before its too fucking late? It literally won…[View]
22802347>he doesnt stake his shitcoin for that sweet 88% APR: What are you doing with your life anon? Who…[View]
22803800Are you farming Egg anon, Insane APY, come grab the eggs before the chickens run out to lay eggs egg…[View]
22803207BTC: It's going to break that support isn't it.[View]
22803696RLC is buy now!! Chart look good, pls, announcememnts coming as well sir[View]
22803035Will btc go to 100K$? Will chainlink hit 100$?[View]
22803865Pic related[View]
22803844DeYFi: Here is the coin made by a big russian crypto telegram group with 10k people. Presale was Tue…[View]
22803699What would you do with these shitcoin stacks? I just need a 10x to make it. Wut do?[View]
22803020be greedy when others are fearful[View]
22802125Holochain Renaissance: >He loves and hates the Holochain, as he loves and hates himself. He will …[View]
22803626Finally cut my losses and got out: SO much confirmation bias in the telegram, it's an absolute …[View]
22799688UNI- What's a realistic make it stack?: So now that the dust has settled. >What's a RE…[View]
22802355MOON MISSION CONTINUES!: Prev threads >>22795780 >>22800002 THIS MOTHER FUCKER IS LIFTIN…[View]
22786514YFV MARINE: I will never sell.[View]
22803665Broon: Check out this new token guys... Not even on CMC or coingeko yet Join telegram group burn2mo…[View]
22803619who else going to comfy retire here when btc hits 120k in 2020-2022? im halfway done dumping all of …[View]
22803636YFP starting to moon: This could jump to 6-8 easily. It's a decent project with a trustworthy t…[View]
22802739Portfolio: Will this portfolio free me from wage slavery?[View]
22803034Do you guys just spout out random shit when you predict anything?[View]
22803017BUY MORE ARK[View]
22803065RSR: IT IS TME[View]
22803550Capitalism is finished: Anyone still trading (((stocks))) would be wise to get out before the epic d…[View]
22803328Anon this is your mother talking, close that colorful chart and stop collecting videogame coins, it…[View]
22803371https://many.global coming soon! Have you joined $MANY telegram yet? The next top Yieldfarming + NFT…[View]
22802914The $NEET Mommies Sale Has Started: For the NEETs who missed out on the airdrop, WTF were you thinki…[View]
22803190Governance incoming. Staking pools incoming. Why are YOU ignoring this inevitable golden ticket?[View]
22802753Worth it?: Having to use another wallet that does not support e.g. ledger makes me really think weth…[View]
22803473Shit’s up almost 45% in the last 24 hours. Rebasing coming soon and then we’re mooning bros.[View]
22802665What are the best ways to have my crypto work for me? Crypto.com, Blockfolio, yearn.finance? I want …[View]
22803057$MANY is the next $MEME. Backed by SBF_Alameda and other big names. Under 1m marketcap[View]
22803283Should I buy now or hold off? Don't want to get cucked like last night where it rocketed out of…[View]
22803320I dont think I can do it anymore[View]
22802704mornin' fellas[View]
22803115why did this shit hvae to turn gay the 1 project i had faith in. since day 1 then he fucked with emi…[View]
22803015What would happen if a rogue whale decided to put a massive sell order at 75% below the market price…[View]
22803365Someone want to explain to me why Robinhood doesnt allow you to buy or sell to open contracts on the…[View]
22801606just sold most of my STA so the price will go up 1000x soon[View]
22799232scrolled through 10 pages and not even a single post for Statera. what the fuck happened? did /biz g…[View]
22802911Yup just a matter of time til we’re over $20 *sips*[View]
22803112I have given up[View]
22802316LINK: perfect bull flag i'd get in if i were you[View]
22803204Bitcoin will moon in 2021: So will altcoins right after Bitcoin goes down to $9000 for the last time…[View]
22799837PNK: Should i sell my free unis and buy a bag now or wait for sub $0.04?[View]
22803248we're all gonna make it t.me/DripFaucet[View]
22801093WHAT THA FUCK: WHAT IS THIS SHIT https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0xdb28312a8d26d59…[View]
22803246BullionsChain.com IEO Round 2: https://twitter.com/BullionsChain/status/1309393660233101313?s=19…[View]
22801325Fuck this world: Went all in on march -> covid crash. Literally sold the bottom Went all in on se…[View]
22803226“The treasury buy back and burn of $JUICE was a success! Closing Price: $1.18 After Buy Back and Bu…[View]
22802967TimeMiner - Proof Of Time: Still wondering where to invest ? TimeMiner.Site Check uniswap ! We are s…[View]
22802952Boring Boring DAO DAO FEW: FEW FEW PEW PEW. Almost time lads. BoringDAO is high IQ. https://twitter.…[View]
22802818Do people actually fall for these?[View]
22803138I'm around 100k from a 300k stack anon. I seriously just want to buy it and forget about it for…[View]
22802367Awwwh bomboclaat eh be dun wun up runnin de scam on us brotha. Memba mi tell you if you done see de …[View]
22803171$Dia moonlaunch 2.0[View]
22802562STOP: S T O P[View]
22802595LOKI -> Blockswap -> CHAINFLIP: IYKYK bullish FA. As you’ve probably already heard, a wrapped …[View]
22801643UNION: If you know, you Zargham. Not only insurance that's actually needed, but the most used L…[View]
22800989BONDED Finance /General/: Public sale very soon. You need to understand retail mentality. There…[View]
22803007Tfw only 200k stacklet. Why the fuck am I so fucking poor anon. Ill never make it.[View]
22802090PRINTER 2.0 STBZ: I'll leave this here. DYOR stabilize.finance[View]
22803106Meter Governance (MTRG): >Be me >Invest $100 into MTRG >Become an Indian Prince >POgCham…[View]
22802452SYFI passed audit yesterday. If you missed YFI you’re still early on this. What is SYFI (Soft yearn …[View]
22803072Introducing: PajeetCoin (PJT): PajeetCoin (PJT) 'Loo the unlooed' is the first industry-disruptive t…[View]
22791185ROTTENSWAP: GET IN AND $ROT: deflationary tokenomics + lowered emission rates recently + new feature…[View]
22800936THANK YOU MERLE, ROT WASNT A SCAM: I'm sorry I called you a hillbilly[View]
22802570Hey there just checking in on you xrp anons, I was on this board a few months ago and saw some one s…[View]
22802794frens bzrx rekt me Is there a chance bzrx back to 1$? Aave lend is literally a copypaste JSON pars…[View]
22802958How can I make money from sex?[View]
22800924Are we at first sell off or bull trap?[View]
22801395UNISWAP Name for sale, bid starts @ 10 ETH: Uniswap Decentraland NFT name was just spotted for sale …[View]
22801945Shill me on this and I’ll buy 50k[View]
22802852LINK is going to fall even harder. You've been warned.[View]
22801798>want to be as far away from nignogs as possible >Don't have tenacity of Elon Musk to bui…[View]
22802929thank you Buterin I Received 5 Eth[View]
22802883$KOOL - the saviour of 2020: From all the meme tokens of 2020, I think this takes the crown. Staking…[View]
22801179/laxrphg/ - Laugh at XRP holders General: Clear your mind. Take a breath. Ok, here we go. XRP holder…[View]
22802874What happened to the /biz/ insiders discord?: Or did I just get kicked?[View]
22802613Everything mooned except for this one[View]
22802589Can any crypto project currently allow for one user to give our a loan to another user for the use o…[View]
22795861/XSG/ XRP Schizo General #42: >Flare snapshot date - December 12th 2020: https://flare.ghost.io/c…[View]
22801808PS5... Sony is god tier if pic related is true.: If pic related is true sony truly is a god tier com…[View]
22801952Welcome to the shitshow: Alright guys, so its about 1 hour and 30 mins(12:00pm pst) till we witness …[View]
22802277Where can I easily learn everything about DeFi? I don't understand it much. Which programming l…[View]
22802707>two consecutive successful tests of the 20 week[View]
2280139627yr healthy dude - How much should my health insurance cost?: Live in Michigan I've seen quote…[View]
22802427why haven't you made it yet, anon?[View]
22802698It's not over yet for ChainLINK: You have only been fooled by a short increase in LINK for a si…[View]
22802557How's this shit not going up? decent UI for normies, is it a buy?[View]
22802692Sport betting on the blockchain: I've stayed long enough on the blockchain not to see gaming, g…[View]
22802191PoorFag Token ($FAG): get it now on uniswap https://uniswap.info/token/0xe5868468cb6dd5d6d7056bd93f0…[View]
22802560Just saw some retarded schizo post but just wanted to ask you biz. Do all link holders actually look…[View]
22802198Xdai STAKE: So be honest... >WHAT'S A MAKE IT STACK FOR STAKE…[View]
22802643ELON MARS AIRDROP! This will surely take off!: Pretty sure this is an easy ride to Mars, Airdrops, c…[View]
22800075Is there really no way to make easy money other than crypto? I'm getting tired of all this blue…[View]
22802590Short the entire state of Victoria - It's a train wreck that hasn't found the floor yet.[View]
22802600>Binance updates CMC to show circulating vs total supply as a bar >Removes the astrix from cha…[View]
22802508YFL: Is this project legit? What's your price target in the short term?[View]
22802009>bought abandoned house for $30,000 >neighbourhood gets gentrified >house is now worth $400…[View]
22788221/PMG perfectly natural market behaviour edition: >Bullion dealers https://silvergoldbull.com http…[View]
22800701I hope you bought on the dip my dudes. the bull run starts now.[View]
22794900Is it worth FOMOing back in?[View]
22802209$JUICE: The first cycle snapshot has been taken! If $JUICE closes higher than $0.95 at midnight PST …[View]
22799552Scalping/Flipping/Reselling: Anybody do any scalping/flipping? How does it go? I hate the moral of i…[View]
22796894is biz going to be betting on the election results ?[View]
22802445Loopring is about to moon: Loopring is being integrated into all DEXs as we speak. Literally the Pay…[View]
22802407Up Up and away!: Been checking on Fiscus.FYI for a couple of weeks now hit some jackpot way back and…[View]
22802380SERGAY BETRAY[View]
22799469Would you rather get a degree in Economics or Finance?: Currently in second year Canadian Politics (…[View]
22802368Cointiger listing this weekend. (YFIEC): I recommend to you buy some (cheap at the moment) YFIEC. YF…[View]
22802354Are they?: Are log charts the ultimate coping mechanism?[View]
22801950FTMCucks answer me: Am I ever going to break even again?[View]
22801924it was a dead cat bounce all along[View]
22802262UNISWAP GEM CALL: Get The Latest UNISWAP Call Follow us on Telegram Channel : t.me/moonprojectfind…[View]
22800887Karma Finance $100 waiting room. Get it before Karma comes back: >Biz missed out on btc >misse…[View]
22801627xDai Stake[View]
22800610My make it bucket list: >fuck a girl of every race >fuck a twink >fuck a dog (female) >f…[View]
22801144I don't even know what this does but it has made me a ton of money this week. I guess it's…[View]
22801748Press H to pay respects: Hell boy remastered. 4 years since release. 4 years holding link. H :(…[View]
22801823free monies: made $2k on many airdrop, now in Drip Airdrop, dev isnt asking for money and seems like…[View]
22801905If LINK dips below 9.50 we are going straight down to $6[View]
22802112*destroys your scam*[View]
22799109PoorFag Token ($FAG): Is /biz/ going to miss out on this sensation? >liquidity locked >earn 2%…[View]
22797363This is good for bitcoin[View]
22802079Yobit Airdrop: If you for some reason still haven't claimed the Yobit airdrop, do os both a fav…[View]
22800430I no longer have time to chase pumps and dumps all day. Give me a coin that will 50x - 100x in the c…[View]
22802064SYFI >A soft pegged currency is tied to another currency. When a soft pegged currency has a signi…[View]
22800317Will polkaswap actually be used and should I buy xor?: Apparently erc20 xor holders will get 1/3 of …[View]
22801559My hobbies are 4chan & chainlink[View]
22795733is 10k a good suicide stack /biz/dians?[View]
22802008BETHERO: Lets help this presale reach softcap. 100 more eth to go. Looks legit but dont blame it on …[View]
22800421Xdai to dai conversion: >https://www.xdaichain.com/for-users/converting-xdai-via-bridge/transfer-…[View]
22801775Please no...not again..[View]
22801829Serious question: what would the big stack guys of you do if this happened?[View]
22801612What's the point of stable coins?[View]
22800403so what happens next? feels like crypto could go up or down.[View]
22801849$MANY is $MORE[View]
22800157GOOGLE CONFIRMS LINK PARTNERSHIP GET IN HERE BOYS: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-09-2…[View]
22800071if you know, you know[View]
22801801Kucoin Trade halp: I moved a my ETH to my trading account but trying to trade with it and it acts li…[View]
22800566IF IF IF IF IF IF IF IF IF IF: Guys, what would this board be if crypto ceased to exist tomorrow?…[View]
22800202sTLP pTLP rTLP: Don't sleep on tulips like you did every other project. Liq mining to be releas…[View]
22801763>not buying the dip Poorfags never learn[View]
22799524There's a semi secret project that's been in the works, and old fags will know about their…[View]
22800619Is Buidl a meme coin?: Anons can somebody give me some hopeium while we dump below $1[View]
22792958YFO: We tried to tell you, but you never listen, do you?[View]
22800203QQQF - Standard Crypto Fund: What went wrong?[View]
22798714/smg/ - Stock Market General: Golden hotdog Run edition >Brokers: https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq …[View]
22801458I should’ve sold[View]
22801400Gold Hedge Fund (GHF) if you know you know https://uniswap.info/token/0x15ca0e237319711584dc8a00c3bd…[View]
22801177Mmmm: Whats your flavor anon? Im comfy with a hot pot of seafood and veggies[View]
22798730What's the make it stack for this piece of birdshit again: Thinking about buying a bag now that…[View]
22800455Missed printer? Heres the next one: Only 760 supply, farming doesnt start until tuesday whih is why …[View]
22800992How do you measure your gains? USD, sats or gwei?[View]
22801597Synthetix: Synthetix is a derivatives liquidity protocol on Ethereum that enables the issuance and t…[View]
22800451why did you give all of your money to a russian conman?[View]
22801550this was just a dead cat bounce wasn't it?[View]
22798112I’m too intelligent to do manual labor but I am obese due to my lack of physical activity and my sed…[View]
22801558You didn't believe me that $ROT will moon?: You didn not believe me anon? It's not too lat…[View]
22801322None of you will make it[View]
22797483xBTC pump: 0xECbF566944250ddE88322581024E611419715f7A xBTC going straight to $10 tonight from ICO. G…[View]
22797815Red pill on this? Xbtc.fi[View]
22798490xBTC $10 TOMORROW IS FUD: Did I just buy a legit project at ICO? I just fomo'd in... >Jeff K…[View]
22801501Anyone know an open source project that wants free money?: https://twitter.com/devprtcl/status/13092…[View]
22801342is there any way to transfer my gains to a US bank account while living outside of the US?? all thes…[View]
22800103>he sold his 400 UNI for a PS5 >he didn't buy UNI what's it feel like to be a litera…[View]
22800321BUCC: Welcome to Buccaneer, V2. Built upon the technical success of Buccaneer V1, V2 is the first an…[View]
22797300IFYKYK: THAT IS ALL.[View]
22801410Should I stake as a validator or earn fUSD rewards in the new finance kit?[View]
22796229Theoretically could this work?[View]
22800506An actual free 25$: No pajeet scam shit, idc what you do with your tokens. Help a bro out and you ge…[View]
22800575I wanna open up a diary farm when I made it, what about you?[View]
22799555The clock is ticking: > Tik tok[View]
22801020Red pill me on pnk. It’s already mooned and has zero purpose. It’s shit right? Just pajeets trying …[View]
22800641Mushie.Finance: Mushie.Finance 300k mccap 6,600 TOTAL supply NFTs are about to take off Mushie.Fina…[View]
22801101FTM memes: Pls share your Fantom memes. I'll dump some of mine shortly.[View]
22801164ROPE AND NEET: Rope reached 4m marketcap and gave total of 10k usd airdrop (ath price). Do u think w…[View]
22800008$shroom: >tfw turned 12k linkies into 36K in 9 days thank you based shroomanon for shilling me th…[View]
22801216Buyback slingshot happening in 2 hours. Quick 2x/3x for you guys because I love you all <3[View]
22800410mess with the cat: get the nip[View]
22783784Here’s a gift from your Gamma: Some of you are alright just find the info yourself and enjoy the moo…[View]
22800615NEXT 1000X - $CELLAR: Get in the discord: sZTwmRf CELLARDOOR.FINANCE >777k supply >entire su…[View]
22798357I want to stake my ftm stack but I’m afraid I’ll fuck it sending it back or something what do. I’ve…[View]
22801088gib tl;dr pls: Can i get a tl;dr on NXT and Fatoshi please?[View]
22794237Honeyswap. Chico guy video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIN5i1prbdc&feature=youtu.be&fbc…[View]
22797727UBI = Slavery: Ok guys I'm kind of thinking that if UBI gets distributed in an amount that make…[View]
22800948I'll just leave this here https://github.com/Uniswap/uniswap-interface/releases/tag/v3.0.0[View]
22801048cellar.finance will hit $10 per token before December screencap this for the cope threads in 2 month…[View]
22796969Be honest: Will I make it? I’m trans btw, if that matters[View]
22800988Poker: Can you actually make money playing poker? I think 'pros' are just some lucky motherfuckers…[View]
22799998would you trade all of your crypto for a 10/10 gf such as pic related?[View]
22801016>universal basic income will only work in high trust white ethnostates! >so why don't tho…[View]
22798931>10 Viagra pills cost $600 Which uncucked country can provide an actual fair price?…[View]
22800894>tfw top 100 PNK holder Now to play the waiting game.[View]
22798724Henlo sirs: Few days ago a faggot OP starting off a thread with pic-related and I got turned on so h…[View]
22800917Got an idea for a better version of $MEME: https://twitter.com/chalkminter[View]
22800889How do people get we age increases during this period? I'm literally suffering on my shitty $49…[View]
22799095I'm gay and richer than you will ever be[View]
22797402When will you take the hashgraph pill biz?[View]
22788095Can we all stop shilling 2018 bags ?: I mean XRP, QNT and RSR shills are becoming pathetic at this p…[View]
22799999U BOUT THAT $THUG LIFE?: THUGS is a Binance Smart Chain DeFi Product with a burn mechanism, forever …[View]
22800599how am i doing bros? first couple days swinging shitcoins[View]
22800706Anyone buying?[View]
22798681What shall i put 10 eth in for the next 10 hrs while I nap?[View]
22797003Why the fuck is income tax so high? Its not like haha oh that sucks I guess I’ll pay it money. It’s…[View]
22800720PARABOLIC Gem: $BUCC. Cap $66,000: Parabolic Gem: $BUCC. Cap $66,000 Welcome to Buccaneer, V2. Built…[View]
22800630how much link for this beauty?[View]
22800606Listen here you fuckwits I, anon, want you, to be rich. In the next 14 days, this project is going t…[View]
22799558Do you feel it, marine?[View]
22800658Besides ARPA, what other multi party computation (MPC) coins are out there?: Besides ARPA, what othe…[View]
22800593Considering upgrading my VET x node and selling my shitcoins: is this a good portfolio?[View]
22799268attention swingies: The returns on these shitcoins aren’t good at all unless you’re longterm holding…[View]
22799473$6 waiting room[View]
22800096PoorFag Token ($FAG): trade now on uniswap https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xe5868468c…[View]
22800490$5.50 resistance becomes support $5.50 RESISTANCE BECOMES SUPPORT $5.50 resistance becomes support $…[View]
22800311EarnBet is #1: EarnBet is now the #1 dapp for betting on the DappRadar list! The first decentralize…[View]
22798307SWIFT CONFIRMS LINK PARTNERSHIP GET IN HERE BOYS: Fucking finally https://www.swift.com/our-solution…[View]
22800191I just bought 100 chainlink.[View]
22799948can someone tell me thier opinion on this token by syncfab. is it worthless? little news about it, b…[View]
22799228UNI: Don't FOMO into UNI at higher than 5.15. It's going back down in a couple of hours.…[View]
22799468We did it gentlemen: BzZz Chico BzZz[View]
22798315Can one of my /biz/ frens call me based? I'm based guys...[View]
22799293Can somebody recommend a good starting point book to read that explains the basics of Macroeconomics…[View]
22800001polkadot is going to implement native oracle How does this impact Chainlink? what happens when all …[View]
22779722yfGamma - 'yfBeta's sister' coming soon..[View]
22779718yfGamma the yfBeta killer: The yfBeta bitch killer is here. The money keeps coming in with DeFi mark…[View]
22799350Do the proceeds from a 4chan pass purchase go to pay janny's salary?[View]
22800072Arweave: > beats every other coin/token in the CMC top 100 over the last 24 hours > institutio…[View]
22799563IRON HANDS what stupid coin do you hodl to even though it is stupid and will never make you rich? Fo…[View]
22800163How are you not 1000% in on Draftkings? >Tennessee votes to allow DKNG to operate 1 day ago >…[View]
22799860An Evening w/ Ari Juels: What happened to this event? Scheduled for Oct 2, no longer on Chainlink’s …[View]
22800090No more memes, no more bullshit, my entire fucking portfolio is depending on this; what is the botto…[View]
22800128Gold Hedge Fund (GHF) https://uniswap.info/token/0x15ca0e237319711584dc8a00c3bd2cb22ffdc62a https://…[View]
22797776Chainlink: 58 Minutes[View]
22799932Buy the $Dia dip[View]
22799607ARE YOU AN HERO?: bethero.io Twitter: @BETHEROIO discord.gg BktUDx3 Telegram: BETHEROIO Litepaper is…[View]
22799654AM I GONNA MAKE IT /BIZ/????[View]
22798569$UTY - it's really the $defi sleeping GIANT under 1Mcap !: The Most Chad Community I've se…[View]
22799631Whens a good time to buy FTM frens? I want to wait for a dip and hoping someone can guide be.[View]
22799794What's the trick to JAIL? It says not to buy it, but I bought some anyway.[View]
22799510This really is a chink scam wtf. I did a test send to my ftm wallet and it disappeared they stole i…[View]
22799754LUCK: This deserves attention biz! TWO PHASE PROOF OF WORK! Luckcoin is a new cryptocurrency with tw…[View]
22794998I am financially ruined.[View]
22797517XRP is the standard isn’t it[View]
22799125what does biz think of VAPE? Still hasn't rugged.[View]
22796547What's your hot take on Bitcoin and the three forks?: BTC BCH BSV[View]
22799202>Chainlink is not a scam[View]
22797931Dear GOD I hope you're leveling up while were under $10[View]
22798274Human resources suck my dick: You guys ever think about murdering an HR professional[View]
22799764Keep it real with me i got 2,350 chainlink ticker tokens, what am i in for?[View]
22798749$UTY - Council $defi: 55.5 UTY for council, 10 UTY for Senate. These seats hold the keys to the Pan…[View]
22798720YF MOONSHOT: This puppy is gonna easily do a 10x get in now while your still early https://medium.c…[View]
22799317I got the next $MEME: Gotta get in now while you can website is launching soon hurry up their telegr…[View]
22799126Whats with all the UNI hate?: Why are you guys so mean? :([View]
22797480Scam team flooding /BIZ/: >More threads on Biz than followers on Twitter For the newfags: this is…[View]
22799165How do I invest in crypto IPOs? How much capital to do this? Also, had this for dinner tonight poor…[View]
22781989Gather round little fucktards: I know you're too stupid to understand what's happening rig…[View]
2279963510 DOLLAR WAITING ROOM[View]
22799392https://github.com/Uniswap/uniswap-interface/releases/tag/v3.0.0 >UNISWAP V3 in the next 3 months…[View]
22798334HOLY FUCK LISTED ON COIN GECKO: -UNICRAP is the most useless token on uniswap exchange! -it shows th…[View]
22799576fobofomo: Market Cap below 30k usd. Great yield farming opportunity. Check it out at fobofomo.com…[View]
22796998Why is UNI dumping so fucking hard right now[View]
22799273UNI V3 COMING SOON STRAP IN FAGGOTS https://github.com/Uniswap/uniswap-interface/releases/tag/v3.0.0…[View]
22798293Where my COVAL bros at?: >Combine different blockchain tokens into a single token. Tradable DeFi …[View]
22792866I have 5 btc. How do I 10x it?[View]
22797739xBTC: I think we are going over $10 tonight anons... The presale tokens are locked and can't be…[View]
22798110xBTC pump until 9pm EST: Holy fuck the REDDIT POST IS BLOWING UP. GET THE FUCK IN HERE BEFORE REDDIT…[View]
22793449Be honest. Who sold the bottom yesterday?[View]
22798648lol @ retards selling the bottom to chase PnDs and shitcoins. Remember to accumulate while memes are…[View]
22797882BAT friends thread: BAT will be $40 until the end of this year. Firefox is dying, so people will loo…[View]
22797291What was your entry price? I misclicked and probably lost like 15-20% of my potential buy in. The pr…[View]
22799338single digit shitcoin[View]
22799217I just shorted BTC: Am I a genius? Looks like an inverse cup and handle within an inverse cup and ha…[View]
22798937ARK: The meme timelines are converging[View]
22799297Get in here bois: $88 ath, only 50k available supply. This looks like a steal at $32[View]
22799291huehue crypto philosopher ai??: what virgin made this https://twitter.com/Epicryptetus[View]
22791701/LITGEN/ Lition General - Rising Burger Edition: Latest news: >An additional 10 community TrustNo…[View]
22798375TAKE A PILL FUCKING JEW: >pic related i personally can't take any since i'm poor as fuc…[View]
22799263HOT: Been waiting for a dip back to 4 satoshis since May. It’s time to load up on this bad boy. Ha…[View]
22799053>he didn’t pick his bags[View]
22799041https://cointelegraph.com/news/are-we-dumb-financial-illiterates-twice-as-likely-to-own-crypto We ma…[View]
22799117Do any anons know what is going on with Ambrosus and JNT i bought them last year and they have done …[View]
22799036$imp Token: Here’s your next meme token /biz[View]
22796707hello friends do you like my drawing?[View]
22797837what happens if one link becomes worth more than 21 million bitcoins? will crypto collapse?[View]
22798018Show me your hodl face[View]
22798690UNI V3 is here: its happening https://github.com/Uniswap/uniswap-interface/releases/tag/v3.0.0…[View]
22798371PICTURED: Left was in the span of 2 days. Once pre-sale ended, all traces of its existence was wipe…[View]
22799116DOOMSDAY IS COMING: The man behind uniswap's last great gamecoin, is back and better than ever.…[View]
22798178The pendulum swings back.[View]
22799081Thoughts on going from engineering into some sort of manual labour or trade? I spent the last 2.5 ye…[View]
22798242Is it possible to contact Sergey or the Chainlink team and purchase some Link at a lower price? I wa…[View]
22797949i am financially ruined[View]
22797964Holy shit this is blowing up https://xbtc.fi/ https://chartex.pro/?symbol=UNISWAP:XBTC 0xECbF5669442…[View]
22798726/smg/ Stock Market General: All jannies are pedophile faggots edition >Brokers: https://pastebin.…[View]
22799056UNI: WHAT WAS THAT?!?!?[View]
22798366Reddit. Bakeoff.[View]
22796080XSN Meme Admiral #4 - Waifu Edition: Continuing to share XSN’s epic discord memes with /biz/! Come s…[View]
22795744Let’s FUCKING go[View]
22794135$UNI - v3 incoming and 10$ is fucking FUD - this can go 100$: $UNI is going wild and there is a HUGE…[View]
22798260The Wife Washed My Trezor: Technically speaking, what's the best way to securely store your see…[View]
22798904Imagine: Shorting definitive truth[View]
22798945RHOOD WTF?!: Closed some TASTY calls this week (PACB from April) and had enough cash to market buy 3…[View]
22798756When is the winner of the reddit scaling bakeoff going to be announced?: And is xdai going to win?…[View]
22798873To think there's a majority of you faggots on here that don't have a high credit score. T…[View]
22798494>Our very own Chris Adams will be speaking about Chainlink and Ethereum connectivity at the next …[View]
22798193Slurp my stanky bunghole I was right you heteronormative: Fucks[View]
22793461Grocery/Convenience store anons?: I know this is probably a reach for an anonymous Trinidadian dreid…[View]
22798864living the dream: of passive income. we are all going to make it.[View]
22798691Going to the moon. Who wants to join me: You guys all know what it is. DxSale Network going to the m…[View]
22798587boutta go mook the bingy my fellow 'nons[View]
22798738DEGEN 5000000X: I need some gems to degen my way out of Uniswap. I sold all of it at $5 bucks on avg…[View]
22798019It's Shroom time[View]
22798713Who here comfy money?: $150 Waiting Room // Halving Edition[View]
22797754what in the hell is xBTC gosh darn it www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0x816579230a4c61670e…[View]
22798664The news about Earnbet: I am always aware of the advances that the crypto world offers us and the ne…[View]
22798676DEFI GEM 2020: feel free to ask about project WebSite: https://unidefi.live Join chat: t.me/unidefi_…[View]
22798604Can you still make bank as a top male porn star and do you have to get fucked in the ass first?[View]
22798085QNT is DOA: I can't believe there's actually idiots out there that think the solution to b…[View]
22798402Free fucking airdrop just for telegram group.: $MANY IS NOT JUST YOU, OR I. IT IS A COLLECTIVE MOVEM…[View]
22796096Just buyed 200 more oil barrels: Do the needful too bros[View]
22793820DeFi GEM 2020: Sup, guyz! I'm drinking whiskey and debugging the code now. I have time and a go…[View]
22791113Why is it so good bros?[View]
22798227Sergey is having a baby: Say something nice about Sergey's New Baby /biz/ what will he name it…[View]
22794918I just realized the kleros threads have disappeared completely in the past week lmao[View]
22797137I'm tired of being poor. someone kill me[View]
22796516Any financial advice for a college graduate?: I'm 23 years old, just graduated college with Med…[View]
22798297Thank him![View]
22797911NEW 1000 times NFT, UniCrap: -UNICRAP is the most useless token on uniswap exchange! -it shows the u…[View]
22798246yAZIZ + yARSU - NEW STAKING TOKENS: AVE ORBI o7 Two ERC20 tokens, Azizos & Arsu, with sinusoidal…[View]
22798065Paper hands support thread: Seeing a lot of new fags around lately that can't hold their bags. …[View]
22798397$9970 $280[View]
22798381How much RLC is left on binance?[View]
22798373Does Donut token fly below the radar as far as utility low caps goes?[View]
22796592How does this sound?[View]
22798134are we fucked?: look at the deathcross on the weekly and give it to me straight /biz/[View]
22796776eternal bag holders club: what are you guys holding that will NEVER recover? confirmed exit scams, f…[View]
22798353Las nuevas noticias de Earnbet: Siempre estoy al tanto de los avances que el mundo crypto nos ofrece…[View]
22797253xBTC listing: xBTC IS UP GET THE FUCK IN HERE 0xECbF566944250ddE88322581024E611419715f7A[View]
22797945UNITRADE: Just bought 2 ETH worth on a whim. What am I in for? Should I sell or will this pop off wh…[View]
22796521Binance DEFI play just listed on the low. Here’s the alpha. That’s all you get.[View]
22797400and the award for most obvious ded cat bounce ever goes to...[View]
22797600You seem to have forgotten my 500k weekly dump havent you? >BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP…[View]
22795341Any lib bros here? What's going on with it? It moons when BTC is down and dumps when BTC is up.…[View]
22790026WARNING: tomorrow is another memedate for XRP that shills will use to FUD... most likely nothing wil…[View]
22794653What's a guaranteed 10x?[View]
22796814Shittiest Telegrams: Poast your shittest crypto telegrams. I wanna know how the pajeets and gooks th…[View]
22792311I keep getting scammed by ftm they just keep giving me free money Do I buy link like you retards so …[View]
22797018AAAND WE'RE BACK: $11,000 WAITING ROOM[View]
22797293Burnefi.finance to the MOON: I’ll do you guys a favor. Go check out the roadmap on the website and t…[View]
22792618I can’t believe how fucked we actually are: I literally don’t give a fuck that I own link anymore. I…[View]
22796035HNY- suspicious account behavior: >https://blockscout.com/poa/xdai/address/0x1C232F01118CB8B42479…[View]
22797839The asian whales are having their morning coffee and filling their bags. Green id's make it.[View]
22797585>the space[View]
22796443Is this bullish for XRP?: Some one who can read antediluvian hieroglyphics out here?[View]
22796390What happened to Favelanon?[View]
22798056Last chance for cheap XSN: Price is up 18% Simple swaps coming next update Raiden coming soon, next …[View]
22796425Meridian Network $LOCK: Last chance biz.[View]
22798052I want to bully Tuur Demeester: Look at this faggot. Look at this self important weird-glasses weari…[View]
22797492Uniswap = UNICRAP: -UNICRAP is the most useless token on uniswap exchange! -it shows the uniswap ca…[View]
22795356BNFI just released their code!: This low cap farming coin is sittin around 52k cap! 26k total supply…[View]
22797686BKEX SCAMMED: The project HatchDAO got scammed from these chinks. Do not use their site, funds are n…[View]
22797591When will TikTok pump dogecoin again?[View]
22797200chart has literally bottomed /biz miners have capitulated CMC hasn't updated properly this is y…[View]
22797714Introducing UNICRAP. New 100x meme-coin: -UNICRAP is the most useless token on uniswap exchange! -it…[View]
22794826the 'Golden Bull Run' meme was just that, a meme.[View]
22797772CBDAO BREE: How long must I hold this fucking piece of shit. My hands are bloody and calloused. Wha…[View]
22789765Milkyway presale in less than 4 hours!!!: 250 eth hardcap begins at 8 pm EDT. I helped call the Visi…[View]
22783160Pajeet witch hunt time: pajeets wont stop shilling y clones an it is obvious they are are Indians. …[View]
22797038Is this token needed?[View]
22797742>BTC goes down by a dollar >everything else tanks by 30% Why is this shit allowed?…[View]
22797761Are we thinking were back or what[View]
22796941Sup /biz/ receiving a bonus from work soon of about $16k, rate my plan: $4,000 stocks --------------…[View]
22797743Hodge Podge.[View]
22796728How do I x2 my 500 euros?[View]
22795710sir pls[View]
22797674$uni forming a bearish flag on 4hr dump incoming[View]
22795217Now that this is fucked and the app is basically stealing data, do you know any alternatives for dep…[View]
22791453what do you guys think?[View]
22795326what is this pattern called again?: you did buy the top right anon?[View]
22797636I am an estimator for a company that works with several different levels of infrastructure repair. S…[View]
22797608any chance for a tesla/ spacex collab on this token?[View]
22797377Has anyone else become so hopelessly addicted to dopamine rushes that a 20-30% move doesn't eve…[View]
22796805Is there a way to bet on UFC fights on the blockchain? If not, someone could make a betting protocol…[View]
22797518xBTC: WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!?!?!?! HOW IS IT STILL GOING UP?!?!?!?![View]
22797548Get a SIX PACK of SODA: Project still looking good. No rugpull, handled launch issues very well. Sup…[View]
22795589/smg/ Stock Market General: Jannies are tranny pedos edition >Brokers: https://pastebin.com/F1yuj…[View]
22796428Holding this coin has never been so comfy. IYKYK[View]
22796404From 67k to 50k...what now? Lost my bonuses too....boss says I'll be on this for a while due to…[View]
22794715Fantom General: Get in here lads.[View]
22797429I was the guy saying that link would bounce back to $10 before dropping to $5. After 14 days of hove…[View]
22793071UNI: UP WE GO!![View]
22795104If only you could comprehend the magnitude of what you’re missing out on.[View]
22796679Any guesses on what will happen tomorrow when a billion in Bitcoin options expire?[View]
22795631i literally just tethered up yesterday and now we're pumping[View]
22796430Sneak peak of the FalconSwap beta testnet[View]
22797386Say it with me: Fuck the authorities.[View]
22794550Feeling pretty fucking comfy right now bros. Fully expecting to wake up to this at $6.50+ with $9 in…[View]
22792387Statera General /STAG/: >No shill/fud edition, discussion only. Statera (STA) is a smart contrac…[View]
22793289CNS: I'm the only person on earth who bought this shit right?[View]
22784401Fiat off ramping UK: Question for fellow Britbongs. How tf do you cash out if you make £1million +.…[View]
22795610WTF IT'S HAPPENING ON BINANCE FEES: Hi, I have made this trade on algo future, entry prize 0.29…[View]
22797225Is there any site left where I can literally just enter my debit card and it sends me btc/eth hassle…[View]
22796914how do i become a good trader?[View]
22795550hourly reminder: your little dead cat bounce is over, stinkies. you should have sold at $15+ but the…[View]
22795705The greatest trick the devil ever played....[View]
22797226GHF: New uniswap listing Gold Hedge Fund (GHF) https://uniswap.info/token/0x15ca0e237319711584dc8a00…[View]
22795729Train is leaving the station soon, Nyan dev is super based and voting is rolling out in the next day…[View]
22795734zero fee on FalconSwap try now!!!: FalconSwap test net beta is launching tomorrow! RocketRocket And …[View]
22796919finally ur early biz: yfscan.finance/ https://etherscan.io/token/0xd7f835e02cec0313c07bb65129b950409…[View]
22797181Round Eye you're about to be rug pulled but do you think you're fast enough to make CASH M…[View]
22794675Oh biz you use this for your balloons, how foolish of you, if only you knew, the way we do.[View]
22795669WHAT WAS THAT[View]
22784625WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT??!?![View]
22795299we just blasted past $1k hope youre in anon 1 $HNY is a make it stack[View]
22793930DFOHUB DOCUMENTATION IS LIVE: https://b-u-i-d-l.github.io/dfo-protocol-docs/ I'm feeling bullis…[View]
22796725DEFI GEM 2020: feel free to ask about project WebSite: https://unidefi.live Join chat: t.me/unidefi_…[View]
22796083Just curious, any one of the other 71 wallets here on biz?: Honestly am wondering, I know biz is oft…[View]
22795194He doesn't know about the $NEET airdrop happening now: $NEET has been minted 0x205c74453a5f019…[View]
22796715the next five minutes are absolutely critical for chainlink[View]
22796857devil.finance: Microcap, because the 6m tokens if withdrawn now are at 99% burn rate. Good farming r…[View]
22796355Miss the UNI airdrop? Miss the 600K MEME airdrop? We all hate working and are either neets in spirit…[View]
22796735$ZUT: NFT airdrop announced for THIS SUNDAY for $ZUT !! NFT is the future of ART and this non-utilit…[View]
22796247Price never go down: *AHEM* As you can see with today’s pump, it’s clear that crypto refuses to cras…[View]
22796017what i learned about fxswap - 100x potential: what the fuck IS fxswap? ive been watching this coin f…[View]
22796631Is the catering industry easy to make decent money in?[View]
22793759Post coins that are too high IQ for your average /biz/tard[View]
22796512Uniswap: @fiscusfyi uFFYI pair's liquidity has grown significantly! It's a good time to pu…[View]
22796520Get In: bidencoin.com[View]
22795755is waging worth it in 2020?[View]
22796514Dear Anon: Anons please look at the R/R of this coin. Betting on $BURGER is betting on the success o…[View]
22795916have to wear shades 24/7 because our future is looking too bright[View]
22795571BIDN: bidencoin.com[View]
22795441you filled your stupid bags, right?[View]
22795532Could the pump today be insider trading for Oracle integration?[View]
22795651>be 2017 >be me >21, live with parents, neet, single, play video games all day >have so…[View]
22796447Why do we need so many Y clones again?[View]
22794714What coin should I by?[View]
22796459Shill me your best smallcap gem for x100 gains next year. I want something I can hold without having…[View]
22795771AZIZ/ARSU - AIRDROP/STAKING/PRESALE: Whitepaper: orbicular.io/whitepaper Two ERC20 tokens, Azizos …[View]
22796203UNI: UNI just corrected back down to $5. Buy![View]
22792639Ready asf: >$MITX moon mission incoming >These gains are soon gonna match her gains >Singap…[View]
22796233i bought @ $9.5: am i doing gods work biz?[View]
22796072Man's best friend: You're a man. Now imagine a coin with a total supply of 50.000. Excelle…[View]
22795415Sergey Nazarov has a message for all of you Chainlinkers out there! I'm SO excited for you guys…[View]
22794070Honey swap?: No threads about honey swap?[View]
22794526$MUSH: Mushie.Finance A new NFT platform Website: https://Mushie.Finance/ Chart: https://www.dextool…[View]
22795537/biz/ Meta thread: Where has the meme energy gone? Meme energy is at an all time low. Thing's a…[View]
22795784Free magic internet money: $NEET: $NEET has been minted 0x205c74453a5f019d21520d931aca4abfdec1a225 …[View]
22796036>he isn't selling into this dead cat bounce[View]
22795927I bought 7,35 LINK for 50€ yesterday and sold them for 63€ today. Thanks for the free 13€ guys. Gonn…[View]
22795560biz kinos? https://youtu.be/EQel7eF17q8[View]
22795939NUL: > missed out on MEME > sold the bottom on UNI > rug pulled by pajeets > didn’t buy…[View]
22795814Why the fuck's nobody talking about BONK here?: >did a 5x overnight >regular updates and …[View]
22793912/smg/ Stock Market General: With chinkbots you WIN edition >Brokers: https://pastebin.com/F1yujtV…[View]
22795158$ALL UNISWAP LISTED! https://uniswap.info/pair/0x7C8Fe48a2F7C783938c957f65D5f611656249556 HELP WITH…[View]
22795529https://youtu.be/9-tezWxNtXc Is HFX a scam? Someone I know has gotten into recently and won't s…[View]
22793521Does anyone get around NOIA long term? Oracle partnership Any red pills[View]
22793669Time to buy some COCs: Early Pre-sale started not long ago, Buy COC and earn cocktails at the bar! B…[View]
22794602They bought Town Crier which means they have a proprietary TEE solution and they bought DECO which m…[View]
22794906POP: Bitboy shilling POP confirmed https://uniswap.info/token/0xf0a71fa72d8de6b59a59e9521197e674ea18…[View]
22795472HE DOESN'T KNOW >he lacks critical information THE CLOCK IS TICKING, THERE ISNT MUCH TIME LE…[View]
22794476>he thought he would be rich from a token that its only use case is to display mcdonalds menu pri…[View]
22786034/XSG/ - XRP Schizo General #41: >Flare snapshot date - December 12th 2020: https://flare.ghost.io…[View]
22792304Velochad or virgin raptor, what is going to be anon ?: Velo is the natural evolution of DeFi and it …[View]
22794911>unique solution for dapp offchain compooting >made by pioneers of dcomputing >part of ever…[View]
22794778I just bought this guys course for 4.999 USD Seeing how hes a fund manager what he teaches me should…[View]
22792888Treasury Stats MITX: What is it? It’s part of the Tokenomics used. The client pays in fiat (for new …[View]
22794987If you know, you know..$NEET t.me/ComfyNeets[View]
22791440TA on MITX: This is it faggots. >HTF Support Level confirms Double Bottom Give it a couple weeks …[View]
22795117I'm all in BSV and XMR and I have a job. AMA[View]
22794859$100 End of Month Confirmed: You did buy the dip....r-right anon?[View]
22791657Who's buying MITX?: It double bottomed at crucial daily support, seems like the perfect time to…[View]
22795097Can we get a follow up thread for >>22774595 Reminder that 99% of all margin traders are not …[View]
22793741If I had a 5-bagger of MITX...: ...For every partnership during all these years I would be able to f…[View]
22794573$MUSH: Mushie.Finance A new NFT platform BEWARE OF FAKES https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-e…[View]
22795041Bitch, I got that DIADATA: Linkies on suicide watch: >Pumps higher than link 24hr >180 million…[View]
22792909What's the point of stablecoins?[View]
22795045VIDTCHADS RISE UP: TOP 5 BY MC EOY 2021!!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
22780892SENT- sentinel dVPN general: The Turing-3 Testnet is now LIVE with over 20 participants validating t…[View]
22794866So what does defi even do other than usd stable coins and shitty collateral based loans?[View]
22794434CORD AND ZZZ: Dear Cordians! We know you've been waiting too long but we have something new in …[View]
22791820Design Goals: Elaborating on our MITx design philosophy, we focused on a few key considerations: -En…[View]
22793074Besides XRP who are the biggest bag holders? My vote goes to AGI >bleeding for years >Only r…[View]
22794655CELLAR is bigger than you’d like to believe. https://cellardoor.finance Visit and read the discord. …[View]
22794839Why does blockfolio do this shit when using exchange APIs? Also shill me a portfolio tracker and tel…[View]
22793851I have 14k to invest.: Government gave me 15k. Used 1k already and want to live like a bum while I t…[View]
22793488HATCH recovering: HATCH just bottomed and now big buys are coming in. Don’t miss the train guys, it’…[View]
22792343MORPHEUS: >partnered with PWC Why u not holding biz? Also left is 1, middle 2, right 3: what orde…[View]
22794888its the future: in crisis i resort to www.meth.co.in[View]
22793976Can't swap on uniswap, anyone else get this message?[View]
22794406which cryptocurrency storage method has the best security/convenience ratio?[View]
22794226are you serious, whales? that's it? that was your shakeout?[View]
22793540If we close green on the weekly it's moon time[View]
22794238PNK/KLEROS: Do the needful[View]
22794737NOOOO BUY ${COIN_NAME} BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE: how many scams are running on biz, help me count them…[View]
22791407Boys be honest: what is going on with this[View]
22794112> few understand Tic tok, Sam is on the clock.[View]
22793761How the fuck do I use my measly monthly pay of 400$ I just finished university got my job and whatev…[View]
22791311congratulations, you survived the bottom not just stinkies but the entire market we're gonna ma…[View]
22794673Sirs I have new song for you! How do I profit?: - Free Tuk Tuk Ride - COME TAKE A RIDE IN MY TUK TU…[View]
22794615Did anybody else feel that?: Something big October 1st-31st 2 full moons Check em screencap this…[View]
22794594Ok this is bullish[View]
22789678Buy UNI before it's too late.[View]
22793723Redpill me, Im unsure what to think of this yet.[View]
22793767What is the point of wrapped Bitcoin? So you can transfer it into ERC20 shitcoins on uniswap?[View]
22792748Is this worth it? Lets say you take a 7 day break from trading and lock your USDT. Do you actally ge…[View]
22793866Ha.: How do i short this shitcoin? Ticker (NYC)[View]
22793374>single digit coin[View]
22794458VELO: why is nobody talking about this? Literally a sleeping giant, everyone should get in as soon a…[View]
2279443010 hours left before you get utterly BTFO[View]
22794387>all of my investments have been minor losses and now just crabbing >even if I just bought st…[View]
22794377ycx55ac# Gas rises. Price appreciates What does it mean For my steak?[View]
22793650$UNI OUTBREAK: I will come back in 24 hours to tell you, that you missed the 8-10$ train[View]
22794315UNIIIIIIIII: Thank you magical unicorn exchange you sirs have done the needful for my village Much g…[View]
22790726Why isn't this taking off?: Solid team, good idea, even got shilled by Bitboy. What's the …[View]
22793336Do I get rid of this? It's going nowhere and my bags are getting so heavy... Even the XRP shizo…[View]
22794030Redpill me on vtubers[View]
22794257wthole week will be pain: >he thought the dump is over lmao[View]
22793953Why dis pumped so much?[View]
22794207Zyx: ZYX- your chance to be rich[View]
22792414Name a bigger attention seeker than her: I’ll wait...[View]
22794230So glad I'm finally getting in a promising pre-sale, tomorrow's going to be a good one. We…[View]
22794196>Newfags still get baited by obvious baiting[View]
22793244>lose 60% of my account in the past week trading BTC on Binance >get angry and drunk last nigh…[View]
22792381you never learn all you weak hands. I'm feeling so F**king comfy[View]
22792216/smg/ Stock Market General: Based CBAT tiger mommy GF edition >Brokers: https://pastebin.com/F1yu…[View]
22793041If I sell it'll pump, but if I hold it'll dump Can't stand this clown crypto[View]
22794124Christmas is coming with a very good news for all us: i'm feel pretty excited they wants to lau…[View]
22792851>see LINK pump 30% >I only own XRP >it's barely 23c and crabbing I'm never going …[View]
22794054now is unironically the time for fxswap holy shit https://fxswap.org/farms >260k api >coin is …[View]
22794040BOOOORING: when moona? next juna?[View]
22792005Why is it reversing back down so violently?[View]
22792840avax is going stronger and quicker than anything ever!: seriously we have never seen such a thing, A…[View]
22793916>he didn't buy the dip Imagine hating money this much[View]
22792347Constellation DAG[View]
22793900if we can't break $10 and stay above it in the next 3 hours... dead cat bounce confirmed. lucki…[View]
22793898What do you think of powertrade?: Raised 5M Insane team Just released and listed on Bitmax and unisw…[View]
22793479You sold the dip didnt you[View]
22793420NEET drop: tgramis ComfyNeets hurry fren its almost there[View]
22793437How large slippage should I use for a hyped launch?[View]
22793445Business. Finance. Economics. Cryptocurrency.[View]
22793155Crypto ideas: What if someone made a useless token, with the supply tied to a button on a page? Ever…[View]
22793782Donald Approves: $NEET you're either with us or your our pee juggies[View]
22792249I got written up at work for being 2 minutes late.[View]
22792750Daily swap thread: Hello biz! I made it back and hopefully swap will never be as low as it got today…[View]
22788254Imagine not buying the dip: Imagine not buying the dip >Muh $4 FUD smart hands 101: -Selling to l…[View]
22792877Crypto DeFi airdrop https://forms.gle/1zjK9FnGAp3315HD9: All addresses entered will receive some $RS…[View]
22793619We're pumpin bois[View]
22790660This link candle is the most obvious dead cat bounce ive ever seen $6 by Sunday[View]
22791344Crypto Gem: A YIELD FARMING PROTOCOL WITH LOW SUPPLY Yield Farm Protocol is an aggregator that distr…[View]
22793452Time for dump[View]
22791588This will be us eoy anons.[View]
22793463frens bzrx rekt me Is there a chance bzrx back to 1$? Aave lend is literally a copypaste JSON pars…[View]
22791832Is holding just a meme?: I've missed out on tons of potential profits because i bought into the…[View]
22793361Is ,Dead cat bounce‘ the newest Chainlink meme?[View]
22793347Is this going to dip again? I was going to buy a 100k bag to make it into Baron while it was 0.035. …[View]
22790782XSN thread: >scroll catalog ctrl + f Stakenet Xsn >zero results Let fix that.…[View]
22793163Just Listed: https://qtrade.io/market/HTR_BTC[View]
22793211Was zum Teufel war das?[View]
22792157Why: Soo this is a school thing and I suck at analyzing movies, but I had to watch the big short and…[View]
22792246I'm literally from the future. Tezos, Algorand, Bancor. Goodbye.[View]
22793334if this weekly hammer gets any bigger...[View]
22792893Oracles NOT NEEDED: Sorry Frens... but the dream is over. Chainlink is yet another middleman that gr…[View]
22793315Thinkorswim warning: Hello everyone, Often, after I place a limit order in Thinkorswim, the price ha…[View]
22791479Yeah, I'm thinking we're back bois[View]
22793294HE DOESN'T KNOW >mfw he lacks critical information https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNE2oCZH_…[View]
22793290Wirecard Stock: Shall we buy stocks for one last time?[View]
2278681960K usd to invest in memecoins. how do I pull a 10X? what to I buy? tellor? chainlink? chad? ftm? Bi…[View]
22793227POP https://etherscan.io/token/0xf0a71fa72d8de6b59a59e9521197e674ea18e5ba https://app.uniswap.org/#/…[View]
22792995THIS IS THE ONE: https://cellardoor.finance >777k supply >deflationary >experimental >e…[View]
22792928>this is a sucker rally >just a dead cat bounce…[View]
22791828The Face Melter: You sold?[View]
22793169Who here super comfy money?: $150 Waiting Room, before the halving edition[View]
22792518XLM 6.969c: 6.666c Waiting Room then straight to $400[View]
227920181000 EOY[View]
22787165STA is inevitable: This is exactly like 2017-18 Link posting. Link today is posted about just like E…[View]
22791010SXP: for that im grateful[View]
22792990Are LINK girls based?[View]
22792655OH NO NO NO[View]
22793022FalconSwap AMA with The AMA Room: Time for our next AMA RocketRocket Join FalconSwap team in @theam…[View]
22792193they call it 'DCB' (Dead Cat Bounce)[View]
22789984I am trying to get to at least 50k LINK but seems like that opportunity is closing. I only have 36k …[View]
22792976What do you guys think of LRC? Just bought 800 worth @ 22c. Good or bad investment?[View]
22790957https://cellardoor.finance >777k supply >deflationary >experimental >easy $2 each MINIM…[View]
22791678>Mumus getting uppity again >open tradingview to see what the big deal is >See a clear as d…[View]
22792940Yield Farming: EasyFi is introducing a new variant of yield farming or liquidity mining called “Dual…[View]
22792665What went wrong bros?[View]
22789618just sold 25% of my link stack, gonna buy back in when it pulls back...rate my plan[View]
22792055Presale easy 10x: Saw this on @cryptomocho twitter, and this gem has the real potential and use case…[View]
22791991Why I'm bullish on $BMD: > Permabull fundamentals > Anytime anyone does a transaction, it…[View]
22791634Declined by issuer: anyone in this cucked land, what do you buy your crypto with? I usually had no …[View]
22788955Bidao (BID) on Uniswap: Agnostic MakerDAO on steroids Partnerships with Chainlink, Trivago, Tellor a…[View]
22790734Well? Did you?[View]
22792634>Oh and before I forget I would be remiss if I didn't spend some of today's podcast tal…[View]
22792739>built $POOR to end $YEET AMA[View]
22792523Do you buy it?[View]
22792027*ting ting ting*: Listen up everyone and gather around, I propose a toast. To happier, simpler times…[View]
22791519A good showman: This guy is a conman.[View]
22786954Here it is /biz/, the actual ETH killer. Are you surprised? ETH is old, inefficient, unscalable and …[View]
22790669Now that Nyan is low enough to buy. What’s so special about it?: Whats the craze for this coin? Have…[View]
22792386Cryptid Crypt-id.com: If you're not in on Crypt-id.com then you're probably someone who…[View]
22792601Last call for OXT![View]
22790606You assmaggots told me LINK was going to $4 and I sold around $7, I'm ruined. You ruined me[View]
22789359Be honest. Who sold link at 7?[View]
22791230why this shitcoin failed to benefit from the DeFi shitshow pump?: i mean, harbinger Even other non e…[View]
22791219YFGamma<YFP: Ye, YFP is literally hitting CEX and finally doing that well deserved 100x. YFGamma …[View]
22792401Keep pumping frens[View]
22792226$NEET Airdrop: ONLY FOR THE COMFIEST NEETS AIRDROP INFORMATION - Number of $NEET airdrop 300 - Token…[View]
22791819dont miss out on YFI 2.0 PUBLIC DEV: Finally, you have a coin in the market that has a public dev th…[View]
22792454yffi: i will sell only when get 0[View]
22792413>DEAD CAT BOUNCE[View]
22791138You had 4 years.[View]
22790614just noticed this new coin on my blockfolio. can someone here give me a quick rundown what it does?…[View]
22791957Dont worry Linkies, you might catch a lucky break soon[View]
22791156I had 21 btc in august. Now 7. Bzrx. What do for 10x?[View]
22791629$MUSH: the fuck is this?[View]
22791661AZIZ/ARSU - GET THE FUCK IN HERE: Two ERC20 tokens with sinusoidally changing supplies inverse to on…[View]
22792188Imagine your keynote speaker being a random pajeet[View]
22791692I have 5k USD Should I invest in crypto or forex? I’m turning 23 so I don’t mind high risk investmen…[View]
22789821/smg/ Stock Market General: Chinese bots save our gains edition >Brokers: https://pastebin.com/F1…[View]
22791944:( no more please I'm begging you, my emotions are fraying at the edges: why is it crashing aga…[View]
22791305will LINK hold $10.00 end of day frens?[View]
22791450Rubic russian scam: Lost 20 ether on this scam.[View]
22791915Will this pass before the election?[View]
22792064What went so wrong?[View]
22792012I'm not joking, you need to stop[View]
22787702I made it /biz/: Startup is getting acquihired by a Fortune 500 company. I'm going to be a mill…[View]
22791362One stop shop DeFi: Equilibrium is a one stop shop DeFi where you can borrow, lend, stake and trade.…[View]
22791165What can I buy in Estonia with crypto?: Besides your sister. I'm HODLing my doge. But seriously…[View]
22791906Financial ruin....but on the blockchain.[View]
22790927Dead cat bounce[View]
22791926LINK: Repeat after me: >DEAD >CAT >BOUNCE…[View]
22791978Is this good enough for a company logo? I want to be a web freelancer.[View]
22791857Please stop going up...I bought the dip but I need more cheap linkies...I’m still accumulating[View]
22785339BNT pump V2.1. u have been warned: >bancor is dead >devs are slow >v2 failed i shilled u BN…[View]
22791227where are all the seething nolinkers now. they where so vocal the last month[View]
22788898Chainlink lost all of its legitimate clientele: https://chain.link/features/ All the proof you need …[View]
22791625Are you careful who you upload your selfie id to?: >>>/pol/279061037[View]
22790185burnefi.finance: https://burnefi.finance/. Check it out. Low market cap gem, 26,000 total supply, an…[View]
22790640And just like that...: Chainlink will never be below $10 again[View]
22791436WHH WH WH WWWW WHAAAAAT?!?!?![View]
22791790SOMEONE HELP! (SPARK TOKENS): I try to connect my ledger to the xrptool kit and for some reason I ge…[View]
22791623and just like that...: lamestink will never be over $10 again[View]
22791717I'm financially ruined. Why did I sell my Link for this?[View]
22791600Why is it going down?!?[View]
22790587Anyone not get paid for their off chain staking on swipe wallet yet?[View]
22787739HOPEFULLY YOU BOUGHT THE DIP TGT: hopefully you listened and are buying up this sub $10 dip. CAUSE W…[View]
22791664$1000 EOY: Just imagine how many people are reading this post right now.[View]
22791660I thought my (((credit union))) was okay but they just unironically threatened to close my account i…[View]
22791500Back to 10 bucks, as it should have been and it's there to stay untill EOY[View]
22791618Manipulated by chink whales[View]
22790944It's not fair! This isn't supposed to be mathematically possible![View]
22791415Can someone explain Bitcoin futures trading to me? I'm kinda dumb and don't get it. I watc…[View]
22791303Nice chart today for waves[View]
22788805THE YFBEAM SCAM COPE IS OFF THE CHARTS: OH NO NO NO NO NO https://medium.com/@yfbeamboi69/yf-beam-d…[View]
22791461i dont get it: LINK is still $10... why are people cheering this again?[View]
22791548It's that time again to shake out the strongest of the weak hands.[View]
22791398>back under $10 already Dead cat confirmed[View]
22791447dead cat bounce[View]
22791512Dites 'Fromage' Anoun.[View]
22790886APOLOGIZE: Based black man Arthur just went all in Chainlink. You fucking retards debase a man who i…[View]
22789906People are doing 10x and 100x all around me and I cant even get a 2-3x, just measly 10-20% gains. It…[View]
22790811How do you spot a rigged shit?: That's how.[View]
22790100DFT- DeFiat not your average bitch farming coin: ANYSTAKE will be live in a couple of week, any ERC2…[View]
22790504Soft Yearn Finance (SYFI) Tokenomics Initial Max Supply: 60,000 SYFI 38818 SYFI - Airdrop (64.7%) 6…[View]
22787050Why is J.P. Morgan ordering employees to return to the office by the end of September?[View]
22789927Yfp. Overlooked. At bottom.: Not going to spoon feed you fuckers. In a sea of shitcoins, scams and r…[View]
22790730This is a linky only thread, non-linkies will be forcefully moved to a Curio thread[View]
22790963What does Chad buy?[View]
22786622Why do so many Anons here say that 500,000 USD in crypto gains isn't a lot?: 500,000 USD in cry…[View]
22788226$hatch dao - cbdao 2.0: Hatch team just decided to lock 100 eth worth of extra liquidity for 6 month…[View]
22791222Bluzelle Empowers Stafi to Unlock Liquidity of StakedAssets: #Partnership #Adoption Bluzelle Empower…[View]
22791196Your welcome linkies >Traded 3500 Link to Tether at 7.56 yesterday Mr. Shelkelstein is working me…[View]
22787331i'm spending $200 on AVAX: i'm pretty much convinced i will get profit sooner or later whe…[View]
22788897Should i take out a loan for this: Should i take out a loan for pic related?? i know it sound stupid…[View]
22788517First $1,000,000 token: The first rule of UNO is we don’t talk about UNO[View]
22791081>/biz/ tells you to sell LINK >/biz/ tells you to buy Statera >/biz/ tells you to swish uri…[View]
22790970Can you feel it? He's with us now.[View]
22789889You guys do know LINK is just repeating what BTC did in 2017 right We're going to $12 and then …[View]
22791127New 2nd Gen Dex. Under 100k MKTCAP: New Dex on the way inBeta called Behodler. no ETH pair needed co…[View]
22791074my friend is part of whale group target is 12$ and then pause[View]
22790973you seriously don't think the crypto market cap isn't about to 3x by christmas?[View]
22789960Anons, the truth is we're going to have to solve the problem of decentralized reputation. To da…[View]
22791044I love when the XRP bots try to shill it at the end of a bullrun: They know that their shit is last …[View]
22790809Imagine beeing bear in golden bull lol: First correction losing it all kek[View]
22790975The last time /biz/ yolo'd into a low cap it was ampl and it blew up: Dev has even more potenti…[View]
22790328few understand.[View]
22790915Ok no way this was the last shakeout. It felt too easy even though I'm still down about $160k. …[View]
22790415Battery day destruction: How did everyone on /biz/ deal with battery day?[View]
22790233Fantom Thread: Who's ready to see the next big pump of all time after YFI? Cause FTM will do it…[View]
22790945Soon...: Check'em[View]
22790351Over $10 on Coinbase and Binance now[View]
22790190Remember this?[View]
22790896'Let them believe, i want them to hope again, i'm their saviour, then i'm not, the perfect…[View]
22790545Why does the price action of link have to warrant multiple threads? Why can't price action of a…[View]
22790467Buy YFV whilst it's cheap: A token brought to you by the most culturally diverse (mostly Mexica…[View]
22790790*yawn* Deadcat bounce Linkies[View]
22790867It was the only airdrop that made sense for the recipients.[View]
22790858friendly reminder that you should have sold your chain stink at $15+, and that we are still headed f…[View]
22790781Holy fuck: I'm rich bitch, I'm a real big timer[View]
22790631Not so fast linkcucks.[View]
22785837WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT: LINK +21% Marines get in here[View]
22790799WTFFEGWET@$$!@!@#@?!>!>!: WHAT.[View]
22790772LINK: swingies get the rope![View]
22790369XRP is the standard isnt it?[View]
22790767SSL: This MEME launched like 6 hours ago, not a presale. Is already between 16$-20$. The max supply …[View]
22790716$50 waiting room[View]
22789433WTF WAS THAT?!!!!!![View]
22790599>mfw betting that stocks involving drones and security cameras rise due to riots and escalation i…[View]
22790518Did we pass the last test?[View]
22790689WTF HAPPENED[View]
22789921Have you been accumulating?[View]
22790651is this the most boring coin in crypto?: fucking stablecoin i'd make more holding dai wtf…[View]
22789563Bethero another 3 reviews on youtube, lets fill this badboy: Bethero.io let’s do it frens[View]
22789937say it with me: DEAD CAT BOUNCE[View]
22790524$5 waiting room[View]
22790154If you missed YFI, SYFI is here. Now is your chance.[View]
22790418Marines...: This is it![View]
22790434Whats going on?: LINK is $10.33[View]
22790516Thoughts on LTX?: >fixes the current problem in Uniswap/DEX of low transactions, large fees from …[View]
22790436And wallah! Like that, LINK will never be below $10.00 again.[View]
22790472Guess what coin is about to be revived from the dead?: https://progress.btcprivate.org/[View]
22790341guys i am euphoric sell seriously fucking sell now i am so euphoric right now[View]
22790464HE SOLD AT 7.50 !!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
22786775Why does this coin never do anything.: https://medium.com/harmony-one/harmony-roadmap-cross-chain-cr…[View]
22788141Marines get in here!!: New Popanon and Lil link song!! https://youtu.be/Kkz3FLS1_lw[View]
22788678Once we break $9.60, your gonna see some serious shit[View]
22790392...and just like that link will never be under $10 again[View]
22789123business: how to succeed?[View]
22790364Where did all those discord trannies go? Don’t tel me you believed in them and didn’t buy... or wors…[View]
22789325Why the fuck is link going up? I sold at 7.77[View]
22790368Uniswap token that is earning yield daily: 0x1299185c9646a0D46305f7d1a6F3f6BE58c3FAa5[View]
22788827YFO!? 10k next?: i missed the entry and now its looks like a never ending upstairs story to 10k. tak…[View]
22788739what will happen to crypto: >if OURPRESIDENT Trump wins or >if biden wins…[View]
22790310partnership with zzz going live: Hurry up coronadefi partners up with zzz, staking going live soon, …[View]
22784646Fantom bro’s who are oldfags can you tell me If people fudded link the way they are with us?[View]
22785072Unicat.farm Meow: Meoww please pick me up, i will be a good cat for you! Trust our community, we war…[View]
22790178I bought at 19.44 and sold at 7.51.[View]
22786416Gem Hunter: >>>FYOOZ $FYZ $FYZ is attention based tokenization platform. Here you can inve…[View]
22790127is it over?[View]
22788741Does the uni coin even do anything?: Why would it go up?[View]
22790155+25%: Boy that's crazy. Who could have possibly predicted Chainlink have the undeniable largest…[View]
22786666Why is reddit so obsessed with paying quarterly taxes? I've been largely self employed since 20…[View]
22790175The next TRAC will be a coin with similar fundamentals... TRAC did a 20x in just a few months. MFG /…[View]
22789581You’re the manager of a newly founded hedge fund with $650 million USD to invest on behalf of the fu…[View]
22790038Should I invest into space stuff? Or is it a flop?[View]
22787890This board is full of newfags and pajeets and it's getting worse every day. Please suggest a so…[View]
227889483 years later and XRP is still down 95% from ATH. There truly isn't anything else on this enti…[View]
22790092Stop sitting on yo fat ass and do something.: Let's meme magic the fuck out of SODA! Limited su…[View]
22787380STAtera: >he didn't buy during the 6c dip You really do hate money, don't you /biz/?…[View]
22790054Why are you god damn retards buying link?[View]
22789722Efx small up now[View]
22789728DO SOMETHING YOU PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!tttttttttt[View]
22789953Why does it seem so easy to buy counterfeit money online? Is this a scam or FBI setup? I mean a lot …[View]
22790086Kadena marines wya: Kadets report for duty[View]
22789591It's just a matter of time. You know it, I know, everyone does. There are no fundamentals for c…[View]
22790015winkies... gomwenasowwy...[View]
22778446Gee... I wonder what will happen next for LINK...[View]
22781884Don’t listen to the fud: FUDDERS are mad they lost their chance to buy under half a penny 0.005. We’…[View]
22789064Kadena: The next 100x[View]
22789089$DSLA: Unironically, this is a ticket to your financial freedom[View]
22789684At what age do you plan to retire and to which country?[View]
22786837>volume exploding[View]
22789193Contributors get in here: Hello biz I am here to tell you, sell all the memecoins you're gambli…[View]
22786359>26 years old >only 900 LINK >my life's biggest achievement is that a girl on /biz/ ma…[View]
22789768its ture with devil what a APY1,433,383.65%: go to the page and see for yourself, i bought a little …[View]
22789234sieg heil mein satoJ[View]
22789943what the hell are they up to?: the main central hive of cockroachistan increased the interest rates.…[View]
2278990323 dollar waiting room[View]
22782557You can only post in this thread if you have at least 4.72M RSR: Also, $0.05 waiting room (accumulat…[View]
22789770NICO BEHIND YOU![View]
22789897TELL ME NOW: HOW DO I TURN 100 DOLLARS INTO 1000?[View]
22788275/smg/ Stock Market General: Chinese mommies NOT tranny incel edition >Brokers: https://pastebin.c…[View]
22789375This guy stole money from me. How do I get it back?[View]
22789786a few will understand this..[View]
22789118THUGS.finance: Yo homies, there's a new token on the block by the name of thugs. No snitches al…[View]
22788974PMG Call of the PAN MAN edition. Fuck the links, no one uses them anyway.[View]
22789803Everything else is a circle jerk and a scam.[View]
22785877Just sold all my STAKE[View]
22788964Yobit airdrop: anybody claimed it? Looks scammy as fuck, but im still in xD[View]
22785772Is there a way to do limit orders on Uniswap? Maybe another tool? It always feels so imprecise to me…[View]
22788580new moonshot gem: biz anons... been looking for something that could 5 or 10x easy and came across $…[View]
227892294 days left: Only 4 days left for Equilibrium swap. I still wanna get the bonus for swapping 5000 NU…[View]
22787418i have 60K usd to invest in crypto a house I paid I'm 26, yes: rent free I used to have 10K lin…[View]
22783016XSN Stakenet Meme Admiral #3: These threads have been great so far so continuing the tradition. XSN’…[View]
22789435Dxsale looking good!: Liquidity locked 80000 SALE burned in staking Hotbit listing tomorrow Chart lo…[View]
22789195WTF whats going on huge APY: hey you guys have already checked it out, I have never seen such a high…[View]
22778488lien finance: Dare I say that the bottom is finally in and now it's the time to buy? Lien is st…[View]
22788015Yeah, I'm thinking we're /back/.[View]
22787761Just bought 60k PNKs how many rupees is that gonna be[View]
22789593Next 100x?: YF-SCORCH PRESALE IS LIVE! YF-SCORCH is the world's first deflationary DeFi asset a…[View]
22789572APE (APE): Bottom is in. If you want unbridled potential for your gains then buy while its still low…[View]
22789553why does no one talk about the MyCrypto Desktop wallet? is there anything better for offline transac…[View]
22788934Okay so what's all this about, I buy some coin for 100 dollars wait a couple of months and sell…[View]
22789512ROT:: This is an easy 3x- 5x in the next 12 hours. Already up 34% in 24 hours and thats after the De…[View]
22788284What the fuck's a Statera (STA) ? from 0.24 to 0.07, I wanna fomo: Should I buy a fat stack ?…[View]
22788961Do I still get the 0.05% of fees thing?: Got my UNI on an exchange right now.[View]
22788512Anyone else buy at $7.70?[View]
22788652SUPER GRUG 64K BC: grug strong hand grug smash blocks and stack sats[View]
22789429$10 Waiting Room[View]
22789370Could it be?: The first time in the history of crypto and speculative bubbles Strap the fuck in mari…[View]
22788930AVAX > BCH am i rite: >BCH going down >AVAX seems to be pumping are we in front of a new pu…[View]
22789277When did you realize you should've been in OXT?[View]
22789117Waves going back[View]
22788129>invents cryptocurrency[View]
22788421I just finished a for dummies calculus book. and I realized I could write a crypto trading bot and i…[View]
22789070>he doubted, even for a second[View]
22788011Why didn't you go ALL IN sub 8?[View]
22789257APE (APE): Now is the time to buy people. Bottomed out at $14. Only 493 total in circulation. Buy no…[View]
22785270DOT: Anyone else extremely bullish on DOT? The good news just keeps coming. Glad I bought in at $3.…[View]
22785815$2,000 WAITING ROOM[View]
22789159Helium Network listed on Binance. HUGE! Coinbase next!: Helium Network listed on Binance. HUGE! Coin…[View]
22787990>GWEI 165 >1,90 USD >1 min transaction time >GWEI 160 >1,85 USD >25 min+ transact…[View]
22785910CRYPTO-MAN: Do you guys have ZENFUSE on your radar? Well I guess I give a little info. About it. …[View]
22788780Imagine selling at 7.4 dollars, boy wouldnt that be silly[View]
22788783Is it true?: Is this really what Satoshi looks like?[View]
22788697dead cat bounce[View]
22787961will bzrx ever go back to 1.65$?[View]
22788386this thread will be one of the most discussed on this shitboard: there's no particular reason w…[View]
22788799Efx back to 4 cent[View]
22788854So this faggot prints some fancy ethereum domain names and sells them for tens of millions of dollar…[View]
22785530Cheap ways to die?: Need an affordable death. Pic related.[View]
22788802UNI: What the fuck is it doing now? Is it about to crab or go back down?[View]
22788874Go /biz: https://uniswap.info/token/0x25e1474170c4c0aa64fa98123bdc8db49d7802fa[View]
22788793DOOM WAITING ROOM: Finna moon when more bad shit starts happening. Arguably the only good choice giv…[View]
22788769Are we in the clear bros?[View]
22778641OIN: OIN has the potential to become a top 10 project, it still relatively unknown because it's…[View]
22787918it doesn't matter how hard you whine. this is still just nothing more than a cringe as fuck dea…[View]
22788409Did Uniswap exit scam?[View]
22778436UTRUST: Am I the only one holding utrust here on biz? I think this coin has a lot of potential, we j…[View]
22788773Rug Pull incoming - blood red weekend: You're not falling for this again are you Anon?[View]
22788763Aesthetic Orchads: Smoke lounge before moon[View]
22788549Waves soon $3?: What do you think?[View]
22786112halving psyops: >food shitcoin >daily top 10 uniswap by volume >$28m market cap >$169m T…[View]
22788722Another day another sea of red. How do I cope?[View]
22788719BITCOIN NFT 18K SUPPLY LIVE: https://medium.com/@unistake1/bitcoin-nft-18k-supply-1a2e18288124 Bitco…[View]
22788708BEL <3 ARPA: 2m BEL tokens airdropped to ARPA hodlers in the coming weeks. With the ALT dip, now …[View]
22785429BURN ME DADDY: it's like bomb but not retarded. just launched on uniswap 1,500 total coins with…[View]
22787845Can you imagine NOT holding Vidya? Just look at this marketing and think yourself. Cross game NFT it…[View]
22788478>hovered over buy button at $8.75 but didn't pull the trigger i-is it too late to buy before…[View]
22788138If not what even is the point?[View]
22788604A P O L O G I Z E[View]
22788323reminder bottom is in for PNK: always do the needful sirs. many of our villages are going to make it…[View]
22786118Real Gem: Let's have all you thoughts for $PLOT I wanna hear it!!! >>> PlotX is a non…[View]
22786802What is doing business in Africa like?[View]
22774903Dentist ruined me: I just got back from the dentist and have to get a fuckload of fillings over 3 ap…[View]
22785118FLOW - the blockchain for open worlds: >What is Flow? Flow is a fast, decentralized, and develope…[View]
22787313Reavive: Found this interesting project! Reavive Reavive offers a way to beat death. Send us all in…[View]
22787214Guys my company is going to do some 'restructuring'.. I have 15500 LINK and 100 ETH. How m…[View]
22788047Just a reminder[View]
22786832/smg/ - Stock Market General: Bears officials dead edition >Brokers: https://pastebin.com/F1yujtV…[View]
22787339How the fuck do I swap out of a bullshit NFT I bought back into eth? Shits pissing me off[View]
22788026A huge heads up >$BEESWAX >dropping on uniswap in 30 minutes >held by ten nations popular c…[View]
22788270Soda POP Finance This changes everything. Suicide stack is 50 make it stack is 500. https://uniswap.…[View]
22788197Lord Nazarov, he haz sold[View]
22785387VETHER IS A SHITCOIN! A project without fundraising and lacking pre-mining cannot help its creator! …[View]
22788240$FIS: This will be over 50$ once it hits the bigger exchanges. You have been warned.[View]
22787600When is your return to office date?: I honestly think I'm just not going to show up ever again …[View]
22788178If you're not in on Crypt-id.com then you're probably someone who's already wealthy a…[View]
22785178how to learn to socialize with people and make small talk?[View]
22786142I missed the bottom of LINK bros should I still buy?? I’ve lost 8k in the past week on other trades[View]
227881942020, i'm forgotten[View]
22786733Libertas is a decentralised public blockchain and cryptocurrency project. Using blockchain technolog…[View]
22788051It keeps going: Now it's $890. It was $780 60 minutes ago. You really hate money, don't yo…[View]
22787539i made pretty good memes over the past months: is there a way to profit from that skill online, anon…[View]
22788142Guys, Guys listen, do you know about new token who will kill Meme and other ton of this shit? Troll …[View]
22787735I can't stop buying imaginary money[View]
22788132By far your best work yet, anon. Laughed out loud a bunch. Keep up the great work https://www.youtub…[View]
22787858The pendulum swings back.[View]
22784043Why do Goldbugs never talk about storing gold in vaults on here?: It seems you all only want to phys…[View]
22780330Eric Su is advisor to Rebase[View]
22786360Quant has just fired 4 missiles that will have an impact on its price for years to come: - Collabora…[View]
22780020Is rebase same like other elastic supply coin?[View]
22779650Hear a lot that Rebase elastic supply is different.. any information welcomed.[View]
22787927You sold? You actually just sold link below $10? You’re joking right? You unironically listen to wha…[View]
22787979Non-TA fag here. First time I lost big money was when a bearish divergence happened. First thing I d…[View]
22786788Gilbert on Real Vision: in a couple of weeks. If you don't know Real Vision, then you're a…[View]
22787231MOST PUNCHABLE FACE THREAD: number 1 >Augustin Carstens number 2 >Craig Steven Wright number 3…[View]
22786856Why is Link RSI making higher highs but Link price isn't? Is it normal?[View]
22787954HEEELP (metamask to uniswap trade): Im tryna trade for Lition (LIT) coins through uniswap with ETH. …[View]
22787953You all trade on stimulants when you should trade on psychedelics[View]
22786779/PNKG/ Kleros general - its midnight in india edition: >What is it? https://kleros.io/static/yell…[View]
22785865Here's the reason of why I will continue to make a lot of money and probably none of you will n…[View]
22786982ROOOOOTTTTTTTIIINNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGG: Rot is the new Sushi get in before it's too late[View]
22787902How $MANY Chads we got in here?: Imagine missing this airdrop. Get in here niggers[View]
22787610$SOUL: https://devil.finance/ The devil is in the details. https://medium.com/@devilfinance/the-hitc…[View]
22786605The market crashed. It will go up shortly, it's free money at this point.: I took $1000 from pr…[View]
22787279Is this one legit?[View]
22785924$HEX2T: Start accumulating now. In a months time you'll reach financial freedom[View]
22787722Gopepe.io Sale still ongoing... Better Get in: Listen up plebs, NFT sale is still ongoing you can cr…[View]
22780222/pmg/ Precious Metals General - Cheap 1 Oz coins for sale: >Bullion dealers https://silvergoldbul…[View]
22786920What about him?[View]
22787676It's over, bog[View]
22785184I tried so hard and got so far. But in the end, I didn't sell the top so it doesn't even m…[View]
22787535Biz is really a black hole of shit: Seriously you pajeets don't get tired?[View]
22784538Curio I am ruined, you told me this would go up[View]
22786825niggers chimping out again: bullish or bearish?[View]
22785808I sold everything[View]
22786918Imagine: Imagine missing out on literally the uniswap of the incoming NFT wave. COVAL and one of its…[View]
22785948Airdrops & presale compilation: Airdrops, whitelists & presale compilation I really don…[View]
22786051If only you knew how comfy things really are: Chainlink smart contracts will be built into the tesla…[View]
22786613If the NASDAQ doesn't dump by AT LEAST 5% tomorrow I will lose every last dollar I own and get …[View]
22787579enjoying the dead cat bounce, stinkies? friendly reminder that we are still in the $6 waiting room. …[View]
22785817Where is the oracle intergration? I'm barely surviving over here[View]
22787553ETFS worth it?: Brazilian fag here, am thinking about buying BOVA11, but I read that they dont pay t…[View]
22787230A COIN TO TRICK IRS: Could a coin be made to trick and avoid capital gains tax some how? I was think…[View]
22787328Alright fellas, it's time to get rich or die trying, Uni obviously has some ridiculous potentia…[View]
227866996k to 12k: 6k into 12 EOY. Shill me.[View]
22785988Something is cooking.: If you know, you know[View]
22787470The 10 Must-Read DeFi Trading Tips: DeFi is based on decentralization and is made up of a series of …[View]
22787320>just bought my 500 LINK suicide stack feeling comfy, pals now we just sit back and watch the moo…[View]
22786299I'm scared: Is the market going to dump again between now and next week?[View]
22787251YEEAAA: devil.finance 2x pump holyyy macarossss Im all in it for the math >Bonding Curve…[View]
22787048stek: SELL YOU STEK![View]
22787398Papa Belford is proud.: > Me in November: Not selling bitches!! Fuck the whales. Fuck the weak h…[View]
22787392Imagine not buying into $POT right now. Do you hate money anon?[View]
22785257Upswing, Veggie, Steam: >What can you tell us about Veggie.Finance To tell you about Veggie Finan…[View]
22784214I consider 9 out of 10 people on this board to be dumbasses[View]
22786640>currently conducting interviews virtually for a fortune 100 company >if the candidate is a wh…[View]
22779017Rebase has been giving negative rebases since pvt sale launch[View]
22785879Does anyone else watch this guy? His educational videos on evaluations and options strategies have l…[View]
22782884I have become extremely lazy at work because of chainlink[View]
22785495unironically critical times: Would you short this?[View]
22787115kush - ready to MOON!: Hi anons! kush . finance ready to go back to ATH. Airdrop-Sellers are gone no…[View]
22787271'dead cat bounce': >he doesn't know this is a huge pysop to steal your links. Will be $15 to…[View]
22787194Can you feel it? New ATH, T-minus 7 days.[View]
22786045BUIDL BROS THREAD: i-is it o-over?[View]
22787190>zoom out[View]
22787210I sold my 10k Guardian Node Theta stack at $0.52 (which is now worth $6,300) And lost all of it gamb…[View]
22786176Alriiiiiight, let's open up today with a content drilldown. Mark, you mind pulling up the slide…[View]
22786710LINK: When should I buy back in?? I don't want buy in too early if its still dropping[View]
22786817fucking faggots lets beam: t.me yfmoonbeam gg nBG3AhP for all you cry lords yes its legit yfms confi…[View]
22787189balancer to coinbase? ppl will fomo in[View]
22785090>not buying BONK: wtf is wrong with you?[View]
22787162reavive - VIVE who will you reavive ?: -> Liquidity locked -> 80K marketcap -> such an int…[View]
22786744Feel comfy https://app.rarible.com/raripepe/onsale[View]
22787109How comfy are we fellow RARI chads?[View]
22786644Are your motha friggin funds $SAFU?!: WELCOME TO THE $SAFU COMMUNITY! AIRDROP INFORMATION - Numbe…[View]
22786055What was the last time you seen a business related thread on this shitboard: biz?[View]
22786905CHAINLINK IS MOONING, I REPEAT: CHAINLINK IS MOONING. There's no way this is a coincidence.[View]
22785419How can I profit from the ugliness of public person?: Are there any ways of exposing and making bank…[View]
22785050yf GAMMA - this is the one..: $yfBeta rip.[View]
22787011Is this the most /biz/ show ever made?[View]
22786947BurnMeDaddy (BMD): Next uniswap 20x, liquidity locked ~100 holders Warned you faggots[View]
22785003YFV's lead developer known as TQT admits in Discord that he was paid to make this YFV's ne…[View]
22786737$9.45: >$9.45[View]
22784475$30 waiting room: HIPPO at $20[View]
22786841how far away we from this being implemented? https://pdfaiw.uspto.gov/.aiw?PageNum=0&docid=20200…[View]
22786469when chainX moon? 42 times less in circulation than chainlink 21 pcx = 1000 link[View]
22785519damn devil APY awesome: Hello guys, check the devil.finance/ out APY= 2,797,507.69% CHECK IT OUT …[View]
22783337not your average shitcoin: are you tired of buying high and selling low? are you ready to make some …[View]
22786288Is studying abroad in SG for a business major worth it?[View]
22780862I was right, fuckers. Slurp my bung hole: Lol you fucking meme’d me yesterday. Look which big dick m…[View]
22786745It just keeps going up: I told you to buy a few days ago (My first thread was when it was around $30…[View]
22786727and so the fomo begins[View]
22786017WHAT WAS THAT!??[View]
22779318Ampleforth I was LP in balancer but after few days realized: that Im not getting their geyser incent…[View]
22786679This guy has ADHD: If BTC will move between 5 K and 20 K for 20 years this psychopath will tell you …[View]
22784076/smg/ - Stock Market General: Dragon dildo free zone >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq >S…[View]
22785426I just bought some Chainlink: Should I buy some more?[View]
22778225WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT? did you buy the dips anons?[View]
22784521YF Moonbeam - another easy flipperino on launch: Why do they make it so easy for us anons? Who is lo…[View]
22782955Is there a detailed and structured no-nonsense tutorial online (or just a book) to get into markets …[View]
22785338The pledge has exceeded 1.5 BILLION $ COCOS ???? Is that True??????????????????[View]
22786445I'm trying to start a real business, is there a board for businesses?[View]
22784882$ZUT General - Phoenix from ashes edition: $ZUT is doing another run right now. NFT's have bee…[View]
22786393thanks for refilling my shorts[View]
22786431$SWP: > new exchange > 2000% APY on liquidity farming with own token starts tomorrow > Pri…[View]
22785323Who the fuck is still dumping this shit why isn't it recovering with the market?[View]
22786408How long until the chink pulls a crypto.com and forces a swap at 1/30 rate? Didn't think we wou…[View]
22786280Ah, another day working from home doing absolutely nothing[View]
22786206who's trying to shill LINK in the zerohedge comments section?[View]
22785529Please tell me LINK is going to hit $5 again. I’ve been putting in everything I have since the begin…[View]
22786284It ain't easy being cheesy[View]
22785255ALGOCHADS - Main Pasta Nigger is speaking now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPJQrIueHwE just said…[View]
22784116hi. i'm that guy who bought link <$1 and didn't sell at $20. well, I've decided to…[View]
22785122DXY just fell out of a rising wedge: Could be a good look for all assets short term boys![View]
22786026Is there a point to buying COMP (or any other governance token)? If the only thing it does is allow …[View]
22786130Hello /biz/, I have a question for you. How do I multiply my money by 10x in a month? Thanks[View]
22784470XRP, Spark, and future price appreciation: The more exchanges that support the airdrop the better. B…[View]
22785626Reminder that GOOGLE X CHAINLINK Partnership PROVEN FAKE: >https://www.bloomberg.com/news/article…[View]
22786146Evidence only the lucky win in life: I seriously wonder why society view this as acceptable. Why are…[View]
22786031late but reading up on pools what is the risk? Isn't this similar to staking tokens just with a…[View]
22778597Lition General - Node Operators Wanted Edition: Latest news: >An additional 10 community TrustNod…[View]
22786084time to short Link: lets go frens[View]
22786076Tell me why you don't own any OXT?[View]
22784036How long can Jeff Bezos suppress the price on this ? He knew from 2018 that this will be the only re…[View]
22784427How do I turn 150k into 5 million?[View]
22785037oh, so you dont have $BID yet anons? hmpf gay[View]
22783581NEW GEM! Only 5k supply! Someone already bought 10 eth! I already bought also https://uniswap.info/t…[View]
22785583LINK: Imagine people buying, thinking LINK crash is over.[View]
22784934prepare your anuses, Chainlink-Tesla Partnership Incoming: https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/13091…[View]
22784016ARK: Do I sell my bag or hope that in a year, adoption will be at a level where this supposed 'Wordp…[View]
22785908Token Generator Token TGT EARLY: This is the only straight up competitor to $MEME. Make sure you gra…[View]
22785644I sold 350 unis and holding 50 How much 50 unis will worth in the future?[View]
22785905>crypto is now completely correlated to the stock market This is so fucking shit jfc…[View]
22785062How the fuck do I use uniswap bros?[View]
227858056 days until Oracle integration[View]
22784260Swipe: Is $10 EOY still realistic? These bags are heavy af boys.[View]
22785857Your next uniswap 20x You're early now https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0x08ce…[View]
22785068In order to escape the jew one must become the jew[View]
22785844Not selling[View]
22785816Alt coin gains went into alt coin stocks: Imagine.... These bastards took the money out of the eco s…[View]
22784899How do I short chainlink in the U.S.?[View]
22785421Is he the Weird Al Yankovic of crypto?[View]
22785349I bought at $15 and sold at $7[View]
22785774Chainlink token has bottomed: It's only up from here marines HODL[View]
22785251$BMD is an easy 50x: ITS HABBENING! SO BULLISH ON $BMD: BURN ME DADDY > Permabull fundamentals …[View]
227857642,538 Supply: Combine.finance (COMB) This one will moon[View]
22769420statera discussions: Price goes up, price goes down. I still don't care. I am not selling. >…[View]
22785755WEN MOON SIRS total supply 21 millions REBASED AND AMPLPILLED >WENMOON…[View]
22785528>Buys unicuck pajeet scamcoins >Gets rugpulled and financially ruined >Spams red wojaks for…[View]
22784798They all look the same: Why do I see threads with retards freaking out about one coin going back up …[View]
22785462Piece of Shit: This pos is really over isnt it[View]
22784775Aaaaaaand walla! Just like that, LINK will NEVER be below $9 again[View]
22783542TIME TO $ROT: 1. The Rotten Sushi token has no dev fund so no possible rug pull like Chef Nomi. 2. …[View]
22785659Boomers sold our souls and now they want to block our economy... We should act.[View]
22785070To all of you !: Hello Frens! At the beginning I would like to say that fuck you all ass and I will …[View]
22785479How does Chainlink governance work? Didn't Sergey say they'll be releasing something about…[View]
22784028$YFV: You didn't listen, did you anon? You didn't buy the bottom? buy now or cry later…[View]
22785547no pajeeets allowed: $COMFY currently sitting at ground floor. Mcap - $1,500 12,500 circ supply, de…[View]
22777031hey /biz Lebanese dude here I usually lurk around here and never post but since what's coming i…[View]
22782461Cut the shit. How likely is a second Covid19 crash? I want linkies in fuckin spades. TELL ME ROIGHT …[View]
22785007ITT : we discuss the current events and what to expect until eoy >btc >eth >dev stuff >…[View]
22780671Get in anon its about to start again[View]
22785348Almost October and Chainlink has achieved virtually nothing in 2020: Let's recap >No Oracle …[View]
22785442If you buy stocks and then buy covered calls for them where the premium is more than the price of th…[View]
22785438The standard: >The standard >The standard…[View]
22784414>Why, no, I did not sell my UNI, how could you tell?[View]
22785333any good youtube trading channels to suggest?[View]
22785392Polkadot seed feed client swarm ceiling post liar human loud axis mean tourist lawn[View]
22784221DAG coins are the next defi.: you heard it here first. Fast, feeless coins are about to get hyped an…[View]
22783821The bottom is $6[View]
22784624WTWTF WAS THAT!?[View]
22782830$10 WAITING ROOM[View]
22783630FANTOM GENERAL -COZY CORRECTION EDITION- /FTM/: Wew lads, every single correction FTM holds unbeliev…[View]
22785313Upswing finance: The world's first user-driven deflationary hedge token Token that rise in the …[View]
22780532How much money have you lost since you first started going on /biz/?[View]
22772091/XSG/ - XRP Schizo General #40: >Flare snapshot date - December 12th 2020: https://flare.ghost.io…[View]
22785004H4X BOUT TO 100XXXX: Just released no whales Market Cap: $100k !!! Price: $8.51 !!! Total supply: 4…[View]
22783432Arbitrum is not gonna run on Uniswap. It is unironically over since no one will ever use Link or Arb…[View]
22785191So long, FAG95. You are truly the best coomer on /biz/.[View]
22785163Bros, wtf is this? I just received this randomly. Anyone else? Contract 0xF68C9Df95a18B2A5a5fa1124d7…[View]
22780461hey guys, would you recommend me buy Avax? I have read a lot of good comments recently about the coi…[View]
22785080MEXP listed on Poloniex: MOJI Experience Points (MEXP) is on Poloniex now. 15,000 total supply, 1.5 …[View]
22783719ETH will not go below $340 again[View]
22784301YFIM Airdrop: https://yfi.mobi/?C2C049D5 Use my invitation link to earn twice as much YFIM. >YFIM…[View]
22785023Want to be early to something?: Earn flamingo from staking tomorrow. Flamingo is like the Uniswap of…[View]
22784228Why is an interview 30 mins long?[View]
22782653DogDefi: Super early, airdrop spots still available. Don't complain later about never having a …[View]
22784878Not a dead cat bounce. Were going to the moon: Sorry but dead cat bounces dont spike 12% in a single…[View]
22784977Its Happening: Oooooooo 200% plus Its time boys Strap in, this will moon hard[View]
22783197/smg/ - Stock Market General: Uncertainty edition >Brokers https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq >Stoc…[View]
22784760PRESALE ENDS IN 3 DAYS: Easy 1000x in a month. New deflationary yield farming token where 10% of eve…[View]
22784437Are stablecoins safe? Which stablecoin is the best to store profits in?[View]
2278464710$ waiting room[View]
22782275Real Estate Vs ChainLink: >be me >semi made it >own 4 rental properties debt free >newes…[View]
22784848Did I miss the dip again: My fiat deposit is still 3 days out, please tell me we will still be under…[View]
22782532Toshify farming and audit starts @20:00 utc!: This gem is super undervalued at the moment this can m…[View]
22784746New Iconbet ROADMAP - buy TAP now!: What aren't you accumulating IconBet's TAP token? Aver…[View]
22784617Feel comfy. https://app.rarible.com/raripepe/collectibles[View]
22784366Everybody with at least 3-4000 LINK is going to make it: So basically this whole board is going to m…[View]
22784636>All companies are technology companies[View]
22784416Classic dead cat bounce. It's already going back down to 7.7 again[View]
22782291You niggers told me we're getting fee dividends[View]
22783837FUCK, WHY I INVESTED IN LITION AND NOT IN VIDT: https://twitter.com/VIDT_Datalink/status/13090855351…[View]
22783574LINK: Why does this always happen? I sold at $8 believing it would fall more. Now, it's nearly …[View]
22784686What does /biz/ think about this book? Is it worth reading?[View]
22784172hidden gem: 5k Total Supply! soon MOON!! https://uniswap.info/token/0x216b043ca84ce65d88e01faa7e906…[View]
22782968H4X: If you liked H3X and were sad that it wasnt continued then dont miss out on this gem. 44000 tot…[View]
22784506Village elder ask for monetery advice? What say I unto him?[View]
22784568people falling for the dead cat bounce[View]
22784614DMT DEXT GOD HERE: You heard it here first faggots. Dextools version 1 launching EOM (in a few days)…[View]
22783467Regulation are coming and you know what it means faggots https://ec.europa.eu/finance/docs/law/20092…[View]
22784573Stop doing it you fucking loser[View]
22782845>he’s not betting the farm on Chimaev every weekend Do you even want to make it ?…[View]
22784590You should have taken that relief bounce kid...[View]
22784451>be me >lose 60% of account trading btc on binance >get angry >get drunk >put remaini…[View]
22784559POP https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xf0a71fa72d8de6b59a59e9521197e674ea18e5ba don…[View]
22784490Daily ARK hate thread.: >muh passive income edition The conference yesterday revealed to the worl…[View]
22784163Son of a bitch.[View]
22784516the pot is simmering, cum get some POT :) >pot.finance[View]
22782630I love you guys, this is your final warning /biz/ - Axion is about to moon, it's still early no…[View]
22784465AAAAAND WE'RE BACK[View]
22780706Seriously - why is it rising: please no trolls[View]
22784120WE’RE PAST 0.04$[View]
22775319Best investment???: I’ve got 10,000usd still live with parents, where should I invest this money to …[View]
22783831W-wait, did ppl unironically sell BELOW 8??[View]
22784200Lowcap NFT Gem $CID: buy here:https://uniswap.info/token/0x4599836c212cd988eaccc54c820ee9261cdaac71 …[View]
22784332I just wanted to see a sub $4 LINK again...[View]
22783349Wave is going down: Will soon under $2?[View]
22781986Does he have a qt asian gf ?: if so its proof any autist can make it[View]
22784345Todays the day. Don't sleep on this one biz. DYOR of course. This is shaping up to be very smoo…[View]
22783892I wouldn't buy this chart[View]
22783699Efx under 4 cent: Best time to buy noe![View]
22784256$6 waiting room[View]
22783045I can't decide who is more obnoxious, the methed out gas station worker XRP holder or the pudgy…[View]
22783001bitcoin price prediction december 2021: i believe we will hit 30k usd and go back to 20k and hang ou…[View]
22782252DMG/ DMM: where can I get my money back?[View]
22784149>he didn't buy the dip no linkers never learn[View]
22783008What the fuck is Super Saiya-Jin Token?: Shit showed up in my wallet on the 20th, and I have no clue…[View]
22781706How do I make tendies off of trading foreign currencies?[View]
22783930I fucking sold You said it was going to $5.00[View]
22783095ok anons $ROT: time to wake up faggots CMC listing today and ready to get pumped all info you need i…[View]
22783453Hear me out. What if instead of Proof of Work or Proof of Stake, which are limited ideas, we did Pro…[View]
22776060QNT was a bear-market coin: I finally understand why QNT has performed so badly in the last year and…[View]
22776289Presale on Friday - Easy 5x - YFMB: Legit custom website (not pre-formatted garbage), English-speaki…[View]
22782965Join the MEW Community Takeover!: $MEW 55k circulating, sub 10k mc What started yesterday as an #NFT…[View]
22782907>chainlink not needed[View]
22779518QQQF - Crypto ETF: I’m a QQQF DAO insider and things are getting really interesting in there. First …[View]
22784013ETH dump incoming: 10am PT[View]
22783543Dead cat bounce: Newfags about to get wrecked fomoing in right now.[View]
22783347Devil.finance: what up ANOOONS got crazy new gem for u. Check it out. $Soul, bonding curve included,…[View]
22778058How can I make £100 per day without wagecucking?[View]
22779521Hatch DAO: So basically bkex chinked 5 btc from the devs and the price dumped due to organized FUD a…[View]
22783825NFT 5K SUPPLY: Warm welcome in Non-Fungible Space. We are thrilled to provide you our NFT token cons…[View]
22782016Can I borrow?: Can I borrow on Aave 100k usdt with 2'000 Linkies or will I get liquidated cause…[View]
22783820Aaaaanndddd we're back.[View]
22782828$CHART YOUR FUTURE: Should I even tell you why you need CHART? >Fully interactive charting experi…[View]
22781779Here it is /biz/, the actual ETH killer. Are you surprised? ETH is old, inefficient, unscalable and …[View]
22778954Ocean gets BTFO by Ontology: Daimler think Ocean tech is crap, partners with Ontology instead. >H…[View]
22782985NYAN is a scam: NYAN is a scam. I am going to posting evidence ITT very soon if there is any interes…[View]
22783672And just like that: Shills, trannies, and pajeets all dead[View]
22783029Welp got my tokens.....see you fags on alpha centauri[View]
22782835anyone else worried about background checks: i feel like ive done and said a lot of shit online. idk…[View]
22783781amazing APY Farm $SOULS: Hello guys, check the https://devil.finance/ out APY= 2,797,507.69% CHECK…[View]
22783710keep doubting it, i dare you.[View]
22783729Insider here with news $YFBETA: Hey guys, insider here. as BTC recovers and you are looking for some…[View]
22783701I bought SXP at 1.1$[View]
22773271Why is nobody talking about ADA?[View]
22781911In finance, a dead cat bounce is a small, brief recovery in the price of a declining stock. Derived …[View]
22783505LINK and OASIS meetup: What can be revealed hm... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OW51LeNDHQ&a…[View]
22782676SSL - Sergey Save Link! 30k MC - Let's go LINK Marines: This fairly distributed ZUT is created …[View]
22783236i was promised a dump[View]
22782919NFT General - redpill me edition: go on[View]
22781535DigiByte: Does this coin have potential? Was listening to this guy on YouTube say it was going to mo…[View]
22783206Easy 1000x in a month. New deflationary yield farming token where 10% of every selloff by holders is…[View]
22781920We're about to witness the first time in crypto history, when whales and price suppressing enti…[View]
2278334110X Gain Project , Stop SLeepinG!: This is big: Meridian Network has announced that they are innovat…[View]
22782693Guess what is going up again: $meme Small brain only[View]
22783217>someone sold at 7[View]
22783188My $4k link short just got liquidated... fuck you guys saying we were suppose to go to $2...[View]
22783365Daily ARK thread: The time is coming anons[View]
22783261Congratulations: To everyone that held. Strap in lads[View]
22783235POP over 20 youtube channels set to shill POP this week. get in or stay poor. https://app.uniswap.or…[View]
22783220i don't know why but today feels like it's gunna be great day[View]
22783137I am recovering: $Dia[View]
22783134Is this the golden bull run or dead cat bounce?[View]
22783165$50 waiting room[View]
22781568/smg/ - Stock Market General: Bear market bear market go away come back when neverday >Brokers: …[View]
22783098last chance to sell before we go further down than you ever imagined linkies: the walls are closing …[View]
22782552Get In Before he Falls Asleep: bidencoin.com[View]
22783127i keep shilling kleros to indian girls on tinder: Am i insane?[View]
22783060HNT new Binance listing: HNT lining up for another pump[View]
22782856I jerked off to big ass porn last night[View]
22782876how do we send it to the moon /biz/bros[View]
22783006SSL: This is one for all you Marines that have held true to Link all this time. > SSL (Sergey Sa…[View]
22782075Dont miss this one! $MANY know $MORE is to come. <$1mill market cap. CHAD team Airdrops confirme…[View]
22783014>10k SXP and 2k RLC is this enough for the next bullrun? asking for a fren…[View]
22782863its just a cat bounce isnt it: i guess ill hold off the suicide for a day[View]
22782994Um why is link going up?[View]
22780011$1 before the end of the year seems a little silly, can we get some realistic opinions about when th…[View]
22782826This could be you if you learned forex https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2873411/New-York-tee…[View]
22782437I can’t count how many times you fags have said XSN is dead: Yesterday everybody said it was going b…[View]
22782602Chainlink Tonight with Zeus Capital LLP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1febM4EykU[View]
22782934Who the fuck is buying tesla at 390$?[View]
22781527'Deserves a valuation ending in T': >Smart Contracts will become the dominant form of digital agr…[View]
22782917BETHERO.IO - almost 200 ETH in presale !: #HeroSquad presale ends in 1 day and 9 hours 175 #ETH rais…[View]
22778019Thoughts on LTX?: >fixes the current problem in Uniswap/DEX of low transactions, large fees from …[View]
22776093ROLL CALL: 193k Knightlet here. How you frens holding up?[View]
22781731The Fantom Rises, and no one can stop it.[View]
22782839How does it feel to have missed the bottom fellow nolinkers?[View]
22782809The next 100x[View]
22782771Should I buy fantom now? Will it ever be lower than 0.04?[View]
22781130So Bidao was really a scam. In ICO max. supply were supposed to be 2,6 billion. It's even in th…[View]
22781954Who does the market crash when americans wake up[View]
22782787I can breathe again[View]
22779241GOTCHI GANG: HERE WE GO Join with the linkmarines[View]
22782505i can feel it in my bones boys this is it we will be back above 10 dollars by the end of the day.[View]
22780692You know its tsigs you coy bitch: So just say it[View]
22781498NICO FEET TOKEN $NFT: >ywn enjoy a warm, steamy Nico feet accompaneed by a cup of cocoa. Token wi…[View]
22780700/biz/ IQ test -Uniswap Liquidity Pools: Let’s see the geniuses of this board answer this.[View]
22782363LINK GOOD VIBES PUMP THREAD: https://youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=6jJkdRaa04g PUMP IT BR…[View]
22780052YFV: I am financially destroyed[View]
22782516>Hey dude just put all of your wealth into shoddy code and half-assed patches…[View]
22776526Trader's GEM: Saw this on Defi Naut twitter, and this gem has the real potential and use case. …[View]
22778991Will NYAN bounce back?: I heard good news is supposed to be coming tonight?[View]
22780457xDai Stake: What is going on here guys? Why such a spike? Should I buy this? Thanks for the info ano…[View]
22782103Look, Feds just flipped the switch (flipped, flipped) I don't know no other token doin this Bit…[View]
22782537Sold LINK at 7.50 yesterday: Forgive me my Lord, for I have sinned.[View]
22778442What is the next vegetable to FARM ???: I have been a true farmer starting from YFI to all the copie…[View]
22782066I'm done accumulating: It's time to long the vuong >loses honor in a shitty NEM scam …[View]
22781859wen moon?[View]
22782501$9 waiting room[View]
22782500Diamond Hutchback Gem of UNI: YNK are already on UNISWAP! Contract Address: 0x87C00817ABe35eD4C093…[View]
22782473Bought more UNI at 3.8: $10 EOW[View]
22782420For those looking to buy more/buy in wait for the next dump. This spike is signs that the bull wants…[View]
22780439Token Generator Token TGT: What do you think of this? The dev made it VERY clear from the start, eve…[View]
22777227PTF x BitMax in 2 hours: ok anon here's the deal >BitMax is well-known for pumping tokens a…[View]
22778724MY GOD BIZ, PLEASE WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!: Please Biz! I'm losing hope![View]
22779125New pajeet here: Just got into crypto bought some hippo, chainlink, taco and pickle what can I expec…[View]
22781780I’m going on vacation with a bunch of coworkers including my jew boss. How do I profit off of this? …[View]
22782423UpSwing.finance: Check out UpSwing.finance now.[View]
22780174Who has made the most money from crypto? Charlie Lee? The Winklevosses? CZ? Some anonymous whale(s) …[View]
22781545How come you don't hold any FTM anon?: I'm genuinly curious why anons don't hold this…[View]
22782371He bought LINK?[View]
22776369Gems on my radar: Have u heard about these gems ? One is upcoming and the other is battle-tested but…[View]
22781235ppppst pajeet take a look here for riches: ◼Sergey Save LINK !- $SSL (Airdrop only) $SSL or call it …[View]
22780191You have to be absolutely delusional to believe this will ever reach $1[View]
22781622Ok let’s go[View]
22782340are we going into a 2nd world crash or it's a bear trap?: and why this picture pisses off mods …[View]
22781407FLOW - the blockchain for open worlds: >What is Flow? Flow is a fast, decentralized, and develope…[View]
22778298New gem. Very low cat - unimeme: Started today! Unimeme draft roadmap: - Token burn - Farming - Sta…[View]
2278229610.5k rejected[View]
22780897Link can now be used to book hotels: > https://www.google.com/amp/s/en.ethereumworldnews.com/chai…[View]
22781699We’re mooning bros![View]
22781317What stage are we in /biz/?[View]
22779988we got this marines keep pushin[View]
22782174One Piece Token: OnePieceToken on telegram Liquidity locked Community owned No dev wallet Go to te…[View]
22780792is it gonna come back?: seems like a good time to do an all in and 5x my money on a solid project on…[View]
22781111>you finally 'make it' flipping shit coins >central banks fully implement CBDCs and control ev…[View]
22778445Nintendo conspiracy: Back during E3 2018 some of you might remember photos like this popping up, wit…[View]
22782036SUB 60K MCAP 500 TOKENS BURNED, ONLY 1300 TOTAL SUPPLY The launch of the website with full functiona…[View]
22781555Puddlefund starts: Frens, PuddleFund is the new shit - farming just began with decent liquidity on P…[View]
22782123I am forgotten[View]
22781883>He hasnt bought the bitcoin of DEFI its almost as if biz wants to stay poor…[View]
22780515>wife is limiting the amount I can spend on funko pops how can I make money on the side without h…[View]
22779523this has gotten raped. good time to buy?[View]
22774422when will the market stop bleeding?[View]
22780178is he really betraying us?: was that the plan all along?[View]
22781975Soda POP Finance This will revolutionize the financial sector. Get in here don't miss this biz.…[View]
22781987Building the crypto economy: Enough fucking around with shitcoins, /biz/. If you really want to get …[View]
22781822Any tips for a NEET heading out for an office job?[View]
2278180414million in liquidity and only at $40... next halving in 24 hrs PICKLE will leave you tickled with …[View]
227800183 FUCKING CENTS[View]
22781782Will I make it biz?: How long do I need to hodl?[View]
22780714DogDeFiCoin: Get in /biz/lets for a chance to get Dogdeficoin tokens at launch. You'll have to …[View]
22781929>tfw holding rsr and link[View]
22781882His palms are sweaty, knees weak, bags are heavy big mac sauce on his flannel already, his weight is…[View]
22781865Any accountants here?: How can I land a remotejob within my field?[View]
22779643buy the dip[View]
22781753What the fuck? I thought /biz/ said LINK was going back to $1/$2???[View]
22781461Daily Reminder: Daily Reminder: The Big bois will be using link.[View]
22781559From Website: PowerTrade provides an intuitive and powerful interface to help you easily analyze the…[View]
22781714$8.88: >$8.88[View]
22780309> I had 18k in unsettled funds and couldnt buy more. I actually want to die. Also why are you idi…[View]
22781589stonks, gold, link crashing: yeah im thinking...[View]
22776638Anons, you know that a big announcement is coming this week (end of september) ? They are already te…[View]
22781683Really makes you think[View]
22780936is chainlink comfy or am i a schizo?[View]
22781549All of my investments are going awful and I missed everything good. Plus I have the worst life on h…[View]
22781565there will be a recover for boomer stonks?: I dunno, maybe some government help? Or most of them are…[View]
22781473What in the actual FUCK was that?[View]
22781540chain link chainlink: Chainlink chain links? Link chain, chainlink. Linkies stinkies chain, link sti…[View]
22780162Bridge Protocol BRDG listing on Flamingo Finance: BRDG is a cross chain token on both NEO and Ethere…[View]
22781403New Binance listinng BurgerSwap: New #binance listing $burger Market cap - $5m uni market cap $600m …[View]
22779947shill me the next 100x now I have PCX - PRQ - FLP - FRONT - HAKKA - OM and also some klp.[View]
22781416I'm 25. but I sold 20K linkI hedled since 2018 to pay my house. rent free. now I got 60K usd t…[View]
22781456Feellike (FLL) marketcap 10k: Let's pump this x10 biz https://etherscan.io/token/0x9235bda06b8…[View]
22781382Christus Jesus... the Markets Are Collapsing: It's March all over again... Just think how bad i…[View]
22778068LOL: LOL[View]
22780195/smg/ - Stock Market General: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA edition >Brokers: https://pastebin.com/…[View]
22781406Can't even sleep because I'm so fucking angry that I'm not rich.[View]
22778505Get in delusional cringy bullfags. Your tendies will taste so sweet and juicy.[View]
22781375So is it fucking over for the year? That's it? No more gains? I'm down so much[View]
22781050HOLY FUCK: HOLY FUCK[View]
22780557Why aren't we buying this: Why aren't we buying this[View]
22780857UniLottery: This is the real game for you, degenerate gamblers. A rug-pull turned into a trustless s…[View]
22776995kleros: i just bought 30 000 pnk, will i make it?[View]
22780421You, anon! yes YOU: STOP RIGHT THERE and stop creating threads about GHST![View]
22781161What is the despair price for Chainlink?[View]
22781244daily reminder. you should have sold, stinkies. enjoying the dead cat bounce? some people never lear…[View]
22777803Shill me this[View]
22781054Bidao MoonMission started: Already 3x on the first listing on uniswap. 6 more listings are following…[View]
22767098Anons with $500k+ USD in paper losses, how do you not want to kys? I have >$500k in paper losses …[View]
22781176NIT: Not Important Token...1,000 total supply 598 in circulation across about 75 wallet. Surely an e…[View]
22780341don't be hangry cook some hotpot 10 000% APY in the ETH/POT pool 45c pot.finance[View]
22779614Why is a Russian repeat crypto scammer (NXT, LINK) operating out of the Cayman Islands?[View]
22781075Evening /comfy/ frens: Just wanted to say we will all make it. May your gains be high and buy in low…[View]
227787391000x: Curio (CUR) Market cap: 2m $1.30 and rising. I nominate pic related for mascot.[View]
22781099seriously, wtf?[View]
22781093New MEME!?: What is it? New MEME! I don't believe it, but I want to buy![View]
22779580Quant Network: I am financially ruined. It is being dumped out of the top 100 as I type this. Why ?…[View]
22779598>21 cents How low can this fucking shitcoin go?[View]
22780411Buy now frens last chance for discount[View]
22780099What is a safe liquidation price for LINK?: Will we see $4 again? $3?[View]
22776482DO NOT DROP THE $SOAP: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO: $SOAP had a fantastic start yesterday. Liquidity is steadi…[View]
22779450>Chainlink at $4.75 ATH in March >all global market crash >Chainlink at $20 ATH in August …[View]
22780685Where will adoption put this anons?: Top 100? Top 10? Top 1000?[View]
22779758What’s going on with LOCK?[View]
22778660Do I invest in PRQ or FTM?[View]
22780822This chart TERRIFIES deluded linkies[View]
22780828Higher lows: Are you buying this last dip anon? pic related. More info: >>22693203 ps: the dai…[View]
22780327SXP 5$ Waiting room: >Pretty much has hit the bottom >AMA Tomorrow >Venus Protocol testnet…[View]
22778310Literally next yifi and 100x mid 2021: Only project doing something unique and net positive for spac…[View]
22780584>you can use up to 125x leverage I know i shouldn't do this, but...…[View]
22776724what the F what that?: marines together are stong we are all in this together give me GREEN ID in th…[View]
22780581sergey betrayed us all, we were supposed to be all in this together[View]
22780588UNI price predictions: ITT we discuss realistic prices for this newfound piece of shit for EOM, EOY …[View]
22779754I want to learn blockchain dev and create my own defi project: what does the market need/want?…[View]
22780430Yf Moonbeam - promising?: Code is open for everyone to review, bounty for anyone who finds a vulnera…[View]
22780568You woke up just in time for the dump[View]
22779662How the fuck to I clear all these rug coins, I’m tiered of looking at last 3 weeks of failures. Yft …[View]
22780496A reminder to contact interpol for this fat piece of shit[View]
22775761BETHERO.IO - 1.5 day left!: Presale ends in 1 day and 9 hours 175 ETH raised so far 125 ETH missing …[View]
22775277Is the Bitcoin version of Uniswap about to launch? No way BTC devs are going to wait too long on thi…[View]
22779776yoink yoink: got a bag yet?[View]
22779884YF Moonbeam?[View]
22779624Why didn't I sell the top biz?[View]
22779593MEME: Welcome to the World of One Piece Token, This is a no utility token. Total Supply: 100 TELEGR…[View]
22779800Markets dumping Bitcoin resisting Can you feel it biz? Can you feel the great decoupling? BTC is ab…[View]
22777924halving psyops: >food shitcoin >daily top 10 uniswap by volume >currently $25m market cap …[View]
22780318GNT: Here is your chance.[View]
22780250yeah, I never said 'eth 2.0'.[View]
22779982Where is that lazy fuck Jerome?: We need more stimulus dude[View]
22780256SDOGE: fucking cute yield farming farming hasn't started yet check web and twitter https://sdog…[View]
22780255Exchange incoming: Easy 5X[View]
22777773$1 EOY[View]
22780201Don't visit this website anons: i warned you first, don't visit them.stop this madness $st…[View]
22780215GEEQIES BTFO: >>22767597[View]
22772294toshify Devc confirmed farm release today!: This gem is sittin around 400k cap the Developer will r…[View]
22780168i ain't done buying motherfucker GO DOWN[View]
22778933The standard: IYKYK[View]
22780142ZAC Finance: The only cons for this project are that the devs aren’t native English speakers and the…[View]
22780100This will moon soon, and can be bought for a discount now[View]
22779331Uniswap will be working with Fantom. If this is not bullish I don’t know what is.[View]
22770571/pmg/ Precious Metals General - take it easy edition: >Bullion dealers https://silvergoldbull.com…[View]
22776946Hey /biz/ just wanted to let you know that the inevitable collapse caused by CV19 is finally on it…[View]
22776181Aikawarazu here we go again: Another dip to be accumulated again you better accumulate all these dip…[View]
22780058HNT on Binance !!!!: Helium (HNT) just went on Binance a few hours ago[View]
22776694Philakone spreadsheet: anybody has his trade tracker spreadsheet? the one from course 1[View]
22779099/smg/ - Stock Market General: Fuck This Tire Fire Of A Market edition >Brokers: https://pastebin.…[View]
22779957Crypto is a ponzi and unless you are an insider/dev you will never be rich.[View]
22779879>market pumps >chainlink dumps >market dumps >chainlink pumps But why?…[View]
22779993Safe to say GRO was a complete failure?[View]
22779229WTF IS THIS SHIT?: So i buy this on uniswap and avoid 10% fee and noone profits from my buying How t…[View]
22779945stupid stinkies think they are recovering. little do they know it is merely the kinetic energy of a …[View]
22778811vitalik's twitter: vitalik says: Honestly prediction markets may be the one of the most underra…[View]
22779860The blockchain for open worlds: >What is Flow? Flow is a fast, decentralized, and developer-frien…[View]
22778680We ARE going to make it Frens.: Right now we are in the middle of the biggest wealth transfer in his…[View]
22766199XMM is a low mcap diamond in the rough: Pic related is the roadmap for this gem. Website: xmmtoken.c…[View]
22778291FUCK: >South Korea moving to ban all domestic cryptocurrency exchanges THIS IS BAD BROS…[View]
22777833>1 billion (1,000,000,000) Bitcoin options contracts are expiring on Friday >450 million Ether…[View]
22779784Already 3 bucks on Uni Told to you to get into presale[View]
22779291shill me your best - I’ve got 1k to blow: Tossing up between link and ftm[View]
22779715Aavgotchi using Chainlink VRF... NFTs + Chainlink = Big Moon: Aavgotchi using Chainlink VRF is HUGE.…[View]
22777775sure is a lot of quiet coming from the tranny fudders[View]
22778531uhm guys what is btc doing[View]
22778969You are NOT tired.[View]
22779710Atari: is partnered with the next big NFT ecosystem created to tokenise video games and digital item…[View]
22778853No more tendies for you bullfags. we are crashing the stonkmarkets and cryptos ' b-b-b-b-ut muh…[View]
22778029fucking STOP buying link NOW. i still need 2 weeks to buy more[View]
22767385My high school bully is more successful than me[View]
22779640Diamond Hutchback Gem of UNI: Fud here without giving solutions or suggestions will be blocked, Than…[View]
22774265ROTTENSWAP: it can only go up from here. deflationary tokenomics + lowered emission rate recently + …[View]
22779516LINK just announced GHST suppport: >no threads biz wtf[View]
22779603$THUGS Finance: Wassup you DeGens Make sure you saw that shit. https://thugs.finance/presale-info.h…[View]
22779540BIDAO: BIDAO now available on Uniswap. 0x25e1474170c4c0aA64fa98123bdc8dB49D7802fa Very cheap now thi…[View]
22778700FARMING GENERAL: So guys, now whole Y field is in red. What should I buy to get best results? >y…[View]
22777375Who’s this anon ? And how you doing now bud[View]
22778228How many links for a girlfriend like this?[View]
22779499Now that we finally entered the bear market again, lets share our short entries. (ONLY HIGH IQ TRADE…[View]
22777893Chainlink external influence thread: Discuss the people coming here to shill against chainlink. Who …[View]
22777934Did anyone else receive 5k SPKL? Wtf is this shit? is it some dead coin anon is giving away to troll…[View]
22772793Recently came into an extra $6200 and I'm looking to invest it in low to midcap shitcoins that …[View]
22779464Here comes the next leg down: He thought the pain is over lmao[View]
22773539The truth is 99% of you guys will never make it.[View]
22778635Guys, what did they mean by this? Chainlink not needed? The Polkadot team released on Wednesday a m…[View]
22778542redpill me on this picture: what is this yellow fluid that covers him? Is this real?[View]
22779245We made it frens: Today is the first day of the golden bull run.[View]
22779011For as long as I remember, I've always wanted to be rich. Growing up, my family wasn't doi…[View]
22779288so, there's 0 (zero) news on this shitboard: a part from pajeets shilling and retards married t…[View]
22779352Hi anon: would you be willing to buy an already bootstraped project with website, contracts, 2 marke…[View]
22779130Crypto dot com and Chainlink Live https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQ_VVVH3ttU[View]
22778195Tell me one reason why FTM will not replace ETH in a year or two.[View]
22779305> he bought: doomp eet[View]
22774967RSR: my personal opinion is that the team should not be signal boosting twitter retards like 'RSR Er…[View]
22777280K L E R 0 s: if you aren't buying this dip, I dunno what to tell ya. There shall come forth a s…[View]
22778671Crypto Forking: Regarding Bitcoin and it's forks, I take particular notice of the SV fork from …[View]
22779189do you like the summer of 2020?: i never had so much beef before[View]
22777543100 Link or iExec?: What would you suggest me and why? I already have both I wanna stack up moar…[View]
22779135Witness what's about to happen to YSF. Maybe suicide later once you realise you just missed it …[View]
22777036/smg/ stock market general: The fastest P4 ever released >Brokers: https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq …[View]
22778942last chance: look at this chart. burn2win.finance 10% burn on EVERY transacation, yield farming comi…[View]
22779021$almx: Silently mooning... Still 30k mcap 0x25a3dcabbf0070cb8e5baaa62d576cf6643afb5b[View]
22779007biz - eurocuckland timezone[View]
22778179Next-Gen solutions that work!: The world of DeFi is quickly moving forward, and numerous projects ha…[View]
22778973BUY BUY BUY: Buy today guys, everythings so cheap, it's all on sale! Fill your bags! You'r…[View]
22772115dubs decide the bottom of linky: >$3[View]
22775760Anyone still holding this? Please tell me I'm not alone[View]
22778308How the fuck is no one posting about $PICKLE LMAO you are all going to miss out. /biz/ is fucking us…[View]
22778946Coinmetro/XCM thread: When did you realize that Coinmetro was fated to fail?[View]
22778315I’m Literally Financially RUINED!!!: Fuck whoever shilled this bullshit to me[View]
22778803Already at all big exchanges!: I have never seen such a success, how are they doing it![View]
22776280for real now: hands up if your a high IQ faggot thats buying in with fresh fiat amongst this carnage…[View]
22778769Bets on anyone from /b/ being stupid enough to try this? I just posted it lmao. What do they call it…[View]
22778743KIF about to blow up, get in quick! https://uniswap.info/token/0x177ba0cac51bfc7ea24bad39d81dcefd59d…[View]
22777017Is Binance decent in terms of maker/taker fees and providing a generally good amount of security? I …[View]
22777254FTM is unironically the new ETH. I’m happy to be early for once.[View]
22778707>It's never enough[View]
22777954Hear ye, hear ye!: Hi anon, it's me again from yesterday. This move isn't done yet. We…[View]
22778293fucking shillers keep talking bout 10x 100x coins, THESE FUCKING SHITCOINS DONT EVEN DO A 2x[View]
22774186Hey there guys ready for a raid similar to area 51 ??: I just thought we had a great AREA-51 raid wh…[View]
22778084Liquidity yet to be added by devs... but it's there. The best performing ICO coin since Ethereu…[View]
22778391Why yes I have crazy good genetics, make natural gains effortlessly and my bags are packed to the ri…[View]
22778399where my super early yinyang chads at: these guys worked hard to swap all tokens over from yyf to th…[View]
22774841Chainlink: Bought my first 100Link this shit best be worth it, my due diligence was 4chan & the …[View]
22777477New GEM UNI: Cherry https://etherscan.io/token/0x58b1c3fc7d8665d2f4baae6acaff10c0d7dd6261 https://un…[View]
22773213It goes under the dollar - I'm roping[View]
22778023Airdrop from Yobit: If you for some reason still haven't claimed the Yobit airdrop, do os both …[View]
22778132i am so comfy. bella, will you marry me?: when can we kiss the bride? ARPA chads, accumulate. (and f…[View]
22777816playtime is over: everyone stop. i'm holding this chainlink hostage and it isn't going ANY…[View]
22778148Synthetix: Can someone explain what this coin is? I got airdropped 2700 of these, was this a thing?…[View]
22777570Let's pump this shit $almx: I have found a nft coin which has been featured by Chico and not pu…[View]
22778491Maybe a new Gem?: These guys seem to not have started yet, tough t i'd share before the start, …[View]
22774724lets shill this coin to /pol/[View]
22778454So UNI or link at this point?[View]
22773429Matic supporting Staking from all major wallets directly.[View]
22777782Here's some help for all of you newfags and weak hands.[View]
22778422The 10 Must-Read DeFi Trading Tips: DeFi is based on decentralization and is made up of a series of …[View]
22778034How the fuck do I make money?: I need $10k at the end of the year[View]
22773403This is the Bottom: To the nuLINKers: If you have held through this dump your hands have been forged…[View]
22776439xBTC Launching Today! Big backing on this one: “xBTC is a revolution in rebasing, we actually argue …[View]
22778377Yeah: Yeah Sept is the worst month for btc Yeah election years are the worst Yeah we about to go int…[View]
22776907Devil.finance farming regulated with bonding curve: https://devil.finance/ https://etherscan.io/toke…[View]
22777746YFV: https://yfv.finance/value-vaults Vault outs with very good rates. Value is at 5$ with low volum…[View]
22775660THE ULTIMATE /BIZ/ IQ TEST: UNI has been such a fucking ride and it's clear to me that it was a…[View]
22776506How do you make money on the internet? I'm too late to get on the crypto train and I don't…[View]
22775771>/biz/ now shills for urine therapy how did we get here?[View]
22778278i bought some boomer stonks and i got fucked even worse than pajeet shitcoins: >but you must have…[View]
22777078What do we do with this?[View]
22777640Chainlink and Avalanche are the future: Chainlink and Avalanche are the future[View]
22778016The fuck? Where did all the LINK fudders go? Check time in New Delhi... ah make sense[View]
22776273He spelled it out to you $2000 eoy[View]
22777990My happiness is connected to the price of litteral fake internet monopoly money. How fucked am I?[View]
22777634bnb: why this shitcoin and polkadot are not losing that much in this phase?[View]
22778062Breath it in[View]
22776617Pre-Sales: Wanna throw 20 eth at something new. Any Pre-sales going on today or tommorrow? Link the …[View]
22777892WTF is this clown shit? I thought Binance was a respectable exchange..[View]
22776021Everything is green except for ftm[View]
22776077I sold my UNI for LINK. What is better Hold LINK Sell LINK and buy back UNI?[View]
22773822Bluzelle x matic[View]
22777946how the fuck do i invest?: seriously what's the process? what broker would you guys recommend f…[View]
22776227CHARTEX: Imagine not buying this[View]
22777906DFOhubs relevance at Edcon 2020: As we're aware DFOhub founders Ale & Vasa spoke at Edcon 2…[View]
22777683Waiting room 10$: Who is Ready?[View]
22777864TULIP: its a great day to grow song tulips biz[View]
22775057PIE to the moon: Not sure were you following my calls for PIE, but here it is again. ;) >One and …[View]
22776564How do I invest into a Condom recycling centre?[View]
22777601What will kek show us?[View]
22776895>TFW there are people who sold below 8: HAHHAHAHHAHHAHA NGMI[View]
22777376Cherries: Hi guys! We just started our journey with crypto world. Just want to inform that we are al…[View]
22777219escaping hell: “Long is the way and hard, that out of Hell leads up to light.” ― John Milton, Paradi…[View]
227762741hour 50minutes to go: >'yeah? slattery..' >'no I can't talk right now, employment number…[View]
22777727ethereum: ETH will be close to 10k by the end of 2025 guys. Just buy and fort about this shit for a …[View]
22775148What do you feel about renewable energy guys?: >EWT is a game changer!!! >Projects has the wor…[View]
22776502YFBLACK PRESALE: Presale details: 24th September 2020 12pm UTC It will be pegged to 1 ETH : 30 YFBLK…[View]
22777327$6 waiting room. We have sokid support at $5. Lets keep the positive vibes[View]
22776238Are token holders actually going to receive % of fees?[View]
22777297If i'm long on a certain coin, that is at what I believe a local low, and it has a binance leve…[View]
22777561Now honestly this project is the biggest on/off ramp i've seen up to now. So I shill you this o…[View]
22775737This is the next 100x: You idiots don't deserve this, anyways: https://uniswap.info/pair/0x85c4…[View]
22777119Zyx: BUY ZIX, WE NEED ZYX[View]
22776856ampl double-bottomed, 102m and going up, 1$ eod last chance to make it, 100x incooming[View]
22774595Its all or nothing baby! Went all in short on BTC at 10310. If I fail and my stop loss gets hit at 1…[View]
22777470GEM: NEW HiDDEN GEM!!! @cherryfinance cherry.finance (still in progress, will be available soon) htt…[View]
22777546Fusion - Cross-Chain Interoperability: Enabling The Future of DeFi: Fusion is undoubtedly the most p…[View]
22777534touch my bonding curves senpai: DEUS will unironically bring in stonks into ETH[View]
22776577Eth will go back to $75[View]
22777179DON'T DRINK THE KOOL-AID: DON'T DRINK THE KOOL-AID Get some $KOOL here t.me/ dontdrinkkool…[View]
22777530Funds are safu[View]
22774193Is 150k enough to make it? All I want is a nice piece land/acerage in some rural area and maybe buil…[View]
22776926Asia's First DeFi DEX: #Airdrop token: $GROW Exchange will list:#uniswap #bestswap Airdrop re…[View]
22777429Let me tell you something faggots. They want your LINK. They dont want you to be a part of the netwo…[View]
22772755HNY: Why in the FUCK is no one talking about this? It is Uniswap, but with effectively zero fees and…[View]
22777358liquidating assests for crypto: about to sell one of my rental properties that happens to be empty w…[View]
22773260Which all projects are working in property registration space?[View]
22774709get in anon: rot is blasting off, just listed on cmc[View]
22774335Fiscus.FYI: Fiscus.FYI has been listed on blockfolio,Coinmarketcap and other crypto tracker site . T…[View]
22777326VIDYANS: So what's your reason for not having a $VIDYA bag? https://finance.yahoo.com/news/team…[View]
22776974XRP - Fly me to the moon: Swell October big things coming. Load up on zerps now!!![View]
22776646$SBF REBASE - SAM BASED REBASE FACTOR: Low liquidity, but very high potential. The airdrop was succe…[View]
22776467she can still take everything if you're considered 'de facto': what the fuck boys is …[View]
22774428Price predictions?: How high will it go?[View]
22776600relax bobros, we are close[View]
22776473Bears are getting euphoric with non-stop sell walls.[View]
22776140PADTHAI: hey anon, this is your chance padthai - low mcap, soon to launch a governance token https:/…[View]
22777165Holy cringe. Imagine being such a brainlet you sell your bags because some egotist told you too. Thi…[View]
22776225New Gem Found: >50,000 max supply >Devs don't have a presale date yet >1% burn >Pol…[View]
22777145YFI Fork Yearn Fidelity: $YFID Tokenomics Total Supply - 50,000 Community Airdrop - 20000 (40 each f…[View]
22776757Why is everything pumping[View]
22775777UNI has the most obvious fucking cup and handle I've seen in crypto right now. I went all in at…[View]
22776149Sergey looks really angry: Again... https://twitter.com/DashCamTwats/status/1309064621324750848?s=20…[View]
22776935Commercial banks will be entering crypto: Or fucking wipe. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/loretta…[View]
22777054YFbeam WHAT THE FUCK?!: WHAT THE FUCK? I bought the bounce presale of YFbeam, thinking it would do l…[View]
22777045were there any riddles present for the bitcoin booms of old? Why are there riddlers for XRP?[View]
22775682Every fiber of my being is telling me I should be buying right now, but I just don’t know what to bu…[View]
22776302Anyone use a card with crypto cashbacks like Wirex? 500,000 WXT – 1.50% Cryptoback™ in BTC 100,000 W…[View]
22777020In the end only us metal marines are gonna make it.[View]
22776885Just bought 50k link AMA[View]