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/biz/ - Business & Finance

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56193689I have $50k in the bank. When should I all in bitcoin bros?[View]
56191517You can buy now at $7.35 or at a higher price tomorrow. Your choice, really.[View]
56193671>an entire stage dedicated to ai x dlt >google AI opens the stage >ari shows up to say some…[View]
56193693Where do you buy leveraged tokens?: I used to buy on Pionex, but then they found out I was in the US…[View]
56193288is this a good investment right now?[View]
56192839Q2 2024. Rates will start getting cut, inflation will get under control, and don't know/care ab…[View]
56193575I give up[View]
56189107ARE YOU READY TO MONDAY https://www.scatter.art/wagie-corp?tab=mint[View]
56193534When will that lazy, fat, race traitor asshole Stani finally drop us some Lens tokens? The platform …[View]
56193349shitcoins are pumping[View]
56188008Alright /biz/, what's the best path to fixing my life financially speaking? facts: >31 year…[View]
56189630>He has been bagholding for how many years?![View]
56189830Missing Sibos Conference Panel: Okay so they've had 5 days since this talk happened and not a w…[View]
56191926Just bought $200 of SQQQ: Am I going to get wrecked?[View]
56190534Federal Reserve is redpilled on Tokenization: >https://www.federalreserve.gov/econres/feds/tokeni…[View]
56192258Real Business: Why aren't u faggies starting a real business? This is business & finance n…[View]
56193261compsci fag here: could you guys fund me to develop /biz/chain i can kill ethereum i promise[View]
56190955My dad is buying me a house this year. I am so excited to be a homeowner. I will buy a hatchback for…[View]
56191287Do any of these agencies actually make money?[View]
56193067The September Curse: Will Bitcoin finally see a green September in 2023?[View]
56190514He keeps managing to buy local tops lol: https://twitter.com/saylor/status/1706278284651077714 >a…[View]
56193004I am saving every penny I have to start investing in real estate.[View]
56191061/smg/ - STOCK MARKET GENERAL: Narrative Edition >Educational sites: https://www.investopedia.com…[View]
56192887Oh, so if the economy, debt, employment and companies improve in America then I'll get paid mor…[View]
56191648you guys know that crypto is dead, right?[View]
56190916>*checks folio after the market opens at 9:30am* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…[View]
56187695Countdown to the Binance 'Hack': We all know it's coming soon. This is the thread whe…[View]
56192769It looks like the bears are trapped again[View]
56190066>mfw i just realized that, no hyperbole - literally - the only thing that is propping up the glob…[View]
56191086You only had to work hard: Imagine how much richer you'd be if you'd only humbled yourself…[View]
56186943What went wrong ?: Now that the dust has settled can we talk about why Beanie Babies are not worth a…[View]
56192643This is the core dobaggie eth dev. We are apologize for betraying original b0nks We should have used…[View]
56185376/GME/ - Battalion Wars Edition: >Basic Information https://gme.crazyawesomecompany.com https://fi…[View]
56187051will you become a NIMBY once you own a home?: will you become a NIMBY once you own a home? once you …[View]
56191721>>They don't know we are in the first phase of thr bullrun.[View]
56182637GMussy biztard, are you ready to be wagiemaxxxing???[View]
56192094Once the bullrun starts buy the new thing that biz is mass shilling. >New (less than a year old) …[View]
56181824What's stopping a US citizen living abroad from just not paying taxes or debts anymore and tell…[View]
56188437the best investment is having a job[View]
56189074I want to quit my job and build custom, beautiful, passionate, performance cars for a living. how ey…[View]
56190198Killing The NFT market: Because it posses a risk to the existing system due to its censorship resist…[View]
56192362It's a beautiful day in the stock market,: A beautiful day in the market. >Watch it go up…[View]
56189594How do you expect crypto to gain mainstream adoption when securing your crypto is significantly more…[View]
56189709How do I short muttlandia? I already own gold and silver.[View]
56192179Hey guys, I know I am seeing a lot of back-and-forth on this topic, but I really need to push back a…[View]
56192069So we should short BTC now... right anons?[View]
56191947>15 active threads by the same 8 bagholding retards about Chainlikk >-1% move bear doomer AAA…[View]
56107737/tlcg/ Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) General - Oops I Did It Again: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BAGGGGGGGGGII…[View]
5618833683% of anons browsing this board right now.....: Are dreading going to work tomorrow. They have nerv…[View]
56183960Reminder: - Ari Juels is credited with the term proof of work, years before the bitcoin whitepaper -…[View]
56189262I'm still waiting for 'muh web 3.0' meme.[View]
56191624What if another bull run never happens?[View]
56188835Trustless?: How is something trustless if I'm 'trusting' the fact that the code hasn't cha…[View]
56182565Reef, Bayhorse Silver, Rubic, Pregnant Butt, The Graph, Reserve Rights, iExec, Axie Infinity, LCX[View]
56187117Why is Rumble losing money?: Maybe you can give me some insight instead of posting stupid bears and …[View]
56191745If I behave and have no extra expenses Im only able to afford saving 150 usd a month, what can I do …[View]
56191753I hate working[View]
56189828Look what you've done biz, you've got home bois lookin like this on the streets now.[View]
56190754>have $1 equity >goes up 10% >have $1.10 >loses 10% afterwards >have .99 How is this …[View]
56190003>ECB rises interest rates >gasoline goes above 2€ They told me inflation was under control...…[View]
56188016do you really have to give a two week notice to quit a job?: do they really keep your last check and…[View]
56190644When will cripples learn? Kek[View]
56191230What do you think of this chart /biz/? Looks like a buy to me at this price but I'm curious as…[View]
56189862I have $3,000 saved. Feeling comfy.[View]
56191333It's a religious holiday for me today. What financial activities can I do in my spare time toda…[View]
56179574/BBBYQ/ - Cramer got PUNKED edition: >Basic Information https://www.reddit.com/r/BBBY/ https://ww…[View]
56191414How is Sibos going Quantbaggies?[View]
56188422stale goods: anyone notice packaged food from stores is getting stale? am i tripping? chicken from r…[View]
56188274>2 years of absolutely nothing happening[View]
56190403Based Saylor did it again[View]
56190843TA experts only please: What are the chances this market structure plays out?[View]
56186620/kg/ - KILT general: A blockchain identity protocol for issuing self-sovereign, verifiable credentia…[View]
56189918Seeing as we all know its coming/already here financially speaking would this make the dating market…[View]
56189968Ethereum since Shanghai is worse on at least a half dozen benchmarks: >Shanghai enabled withdrawa…[View]
56191065>LTC holds at $64 despite BTC dumping and link pumping We're back, silver is on the menu!…[View]
56191039rd shft[View]
56188809/smg/ - STOCK MARKET GENERAL: Mr. SOXL Edition >Educational sites: https://www.investopedia.com/ …[View]
56190564how much are you taxed if you inherit a million dollars[View]
56184557I should've made it off SHIB but I didn't and now I will never be able to escape wageslave…[View]
56190946Day one of CZ posting until binance is rekt: > i'm doing so much for bitcoin > aaaaaaaaaa…[View]
56189574It's over for Pulsechain, HEX and Richard Heart: https://www.reddit.com/search/?q=author%3AHoll…[View]
56189993Frer money glitch?: Can someone explain to me why I can't just get a loan from bank A then depo…[View]
56190244which binance listed coin gongo up?: i missed inj, missed kaspa and missed rollbit already. i need a…[View]
56190292I quit smoking. My dad is going to buy me a house now. I will live in it with my brother for a few y…[View]
56189108Do you care how you get rich? I know one dude and his gf making $30k/month just from pumping out onl…[View]
56187468Fuck this new bearmarket low making crab dumping piece of trash: Going down faster then you can say …[View]
56189209Is a brokerage account the same as 401k?: If I just buy and hold my brokerage long term, and don’t s…[View]
56190422When the order books look like this its over: JPowell has done it. He milked every bit of liquidity …[View]
56190185Federico Ast and Clement Lesaege were two low-level criminals who had never quite managed to make it…[View]
56190257Ask me anything - GLO: Glo is a fully backed stablecoin pegged to the US dollar. Like our competitor…[View]
56190228Is swing trading better than day trading?[View]
56189481La creatura: This is your average american entrepreneur[View]
56190055what do I do now[View]
56187480Cardano bussin[View]
56189931What are some ways that I can save money?[View]
56187797What goes up must come down[View]
56189778Why is this absolute junkchain still in the top 10? Is it subsidized by jewish money?[View]
56184310>American consumers complain inflation is too high and they can't afford the cost of living …[View]
56188723>mfw I learned there are places in which tipping is mandatory. what are you, stupid? why do you a…[View]
56179419Shytoshi vs Community: >Shytoshi disowning Calcium and the community is rallying behind establish…[View]
56189763I have started saving my money religiously for the past two years and now I am better off than the a…[View]
56189017i am financially bored[View]
56188389Just bought bronze[View]
56186398Just got a wagie job at a supermarket after 8 years of being a NEET what am i in for?[View]
56189565>i'm poor >have no gf >have no future Sounds like skill issue.…[View]
56189808pepe with apple vision pro: looking for the image of pepe with the headset please help me[View]
56189780i had a dream that btc crashed to 12k very quickly and was rushing to my pc to buy the dip but i for…[View]
56188956Bone Shibaswap HQ: >Last 20 million bones were minted. >Bone is about to be renounced. Can we…[View]
56176957/pmg/ - Precious Metals General: Smol Gold Edition >Why Gold? https://youtu.be/i3S4rl6ehiI https:…[View]
56187207IT'S LEGALLY OFFICALLY UNDENIABLY ABSOLUTELY OVER: What are they waiting for? Just nuke the ent…[View]
56189704How do I make a million dollars by 2026 without a formal job.[View]
56189635Sitting here watching the zoomers complain about the housing and real estate market: Knowing full we…[View]
56185795Day 12 of snake posting until schizo hits 100k[View]
56189364What's gonna be the hot $tuff in 2024? Shit coin? Memes? Election tokens? NFT? Is bagholding cr…[View]
56189412Uhh guys: It’s just hit 12 o clock and I have to work in a few hours. I didn’t sleep and have to pay…[View]
56187820At what net worth do you start to fear for your life just by existing?[View]
56189164the quote that killed /biz/[View]
56181364Did anyone make it in 2020/2021? What did you end up doing with all that money? Pic is me.[View]
56189305another bullish retest of the 26000 support before going up[View]
56188893Is recognising market fluctuation patterns and riding those considered a legit way to invest for exa…[View]
56189203how do i minmax my finances as someone stocking shelves at a grocery store at 24 years old? im a los…[View]
56186472I start uni today: Should I kill myself or pull through for an economics degree[View]
56189068Hello Niggers I have AVAX[View]
56184700I'm too poor for crypto, really. If ADA is going to hit £10, I need to spend £20k now to MAYBE …[View]
56189101Where to live: >Be me >Graduating college next year, most likely moving back into my parent…[View]
56189041>WE ARE HEADING TOWARDS RECESSION >fed raising key rate for 18 months /biz/ how slow can you b…[View]
56189046i dont wanna wage anymore[View]
56185658What even is the point of making it?: Philanthropy or maybe consumerism?[View]
56181815Swift's daily transacted volume is in the ballpark of 5 Trillion USD. The DTCC's daily tra…[View]
56187062Avalanche Subnet Weekly Stats >Total Subnets: 69 >Total Blockchains: 52 >Total Validators: …[View]
56185123Hedera Hashgraph: Buy HBAR Buy HBAR Buy HBAR[View]
56186482KEK Shibarium peddlers are VOLUNTEERS yeah sure buddy for the love of the game https://twitter.com/w…[View]
56184122'Go all in on ALGO and Chiliz' they said. 'Official cryptos of World Cup 2022...guaranteed moon!' I…[View]
56187373Give me some reasons not to kill myself. I'm so tired of this shit[View]
56186543The only projects published here daily that are worth accumulating are: Kaspa and Hpos10. Convince …[View]
56188586...tradie bros https://x.com/elonmusk/status/1706152105638027515?s=20[View]
56187227I owe the IRS $120,000 because i traded crypto and i can’t pay it because i have no income and even …[View]
56186913Last week of September: You know what happens next Mumu.[View]
56188475>create a new good product or service >sell it for a loss to get notoriety >gain customers …[View]
56187879>Inflationary currency is actually good because it discourages hoarding…[View]
56186972Can /biz/ compete with Sydney brothels?: The Brothel > Blacktown suburb brothel is 120 AUD per ho…[View]
56188441BTC REJECTED: >bitcoin dumps as usual on bullish times >it gets completely rejected this is th…[View]
56186309/smg/ - STOCK MARKET GENERAL: Costco HotDog Adjusted Prices Edition >Educational sites: https://w…[View]
56186599EOS or ALGO: Which one is the Ethereum killer: Algorand or Eos? Both are pretty beat up right now s…[View]
56185608You are already underwater.[View]
56188547>Have work Monday-Friday at 6am >Have college classes at night >Gotta keep going till end o…[View]
56188253>hey, stacy from HR would like a word with you. The tone of voice you used with her last week was…[View]
56187796Day 794 of snailposting every day until BTC is at 100k[View]
56188505if i buy one share of SPY every week for the next 30 years will i make it?[View]
56182118>*Dissolves your gold* Now what, goldbugs?[View]
56188219Now that the dust has settled, what the fuck happened here?[View]
56184402>Housing is unaffordab- ACKK!!!!![View]
56188366>research, watch and read into how top e-influencers and millennial millionaires make money >t…[View]
56188631We live in a post risk tolerance age A modern woman will abort her babies because it hinders her in…[View]
56185807do unions actually help the economy?[View]
56188623Its now Monday. You must now sleep little wagies. Sleep and slave at work while I sleep at home and …[View]
56188447>almost Monday Time for wagies to go to sleep... You want to be well rested tomorrow so that you …[View]
56186243Flash point: Here we go boys, we've been waiting since 2016 but the time has finally come. The …[View]
56187623WHAT HAPPENIN AGAIN???[View]
56153286Original Dog Bonk = 7 days after initial pump to begin moon mission Pepe = mooned from the beginning…[View]
56188120Do you think it’s a good idea to buy as much crypto as possible while we’re in a recession, and then…[View]
56188293dump: just like that.[View]
56180162Holy fuck can Link really become billions of marketcap?[View]
56186053Is it pointless to save for old age in 50 years? Either civilization will be highly advanced and tak…[View]
56183452TOAD is a SCAM and TOADOSHI is a SCAMMER[View]
56181706Is finasteride a good investment?: Realistically, which is a better investment: finasteride or dutas…[View]
56187070why can't i focus on my startup ideas: i work on something for like 15 minutes and then want to…[View]
56188340Real estate right now is like at the point of a NFT's hype cycle where the top's obviously…[View]
56178752How long do I have to accumulate Chainlink at under $10? I haven’t accumulated enough and only have …[View]
56188320The key to getting rich by 2027: Buying many put options on overvalued tech stocks is how you escape…[View]
56188229Hell yah: Where will you be when the entire world economy implodes?[View]
56188205Hey /biz/, it’s my birthday and I come to start a thread about the shit involved with real life outs…[View]
56182521Community advocate bros....[View]
56187054Hey WAGIE you did anything FUN this weekend? The traffic this morning was AWFUL![View]
56188156the fed updating their dot plot is not going to slow the economy[View]
56184109the bullrun starts tomorrow.[View]
56183252what's the worst financial decision you've ever made someone make? it's a 2018 VW Gol…[View]
56187437Iota is dead, right?[View]
56185139Physical crypto security: I want to run a business involving cryptocurrency. How do I handle physica…[View]
56183405/smg/ - Stock Market General: Smug Miko edition >Educational sites: https://www.investopedia.com…[View]
56184850Why invest in real estate rather than the stocks of real estate investment trusts?[View]
56185043$5000 dollars is a lot of money.[View]
56187848STIFF: Tic Toc[View]
56183492ICP vs. LINK: It’s clear that tech always wins in the end so I don’t mind waiting. Which one is gonn…[View]
56183600China-US conflict strategy?: I tried searching online for information about what would be a reasonab…[View]
56184798I'm a 24 year old virgin with a networth of €260,000 and I'm set to inherit millions but i…[View]
56183892/biz/ is an XMR board now: Crazy, innit?[View]
56187789What exactly did Nixon think was going to happen when he decoupled the US Dollar from gold and silve…[View]
56184026Monday's just around the corner. How you holding up?[View]
56187729tik tok core cucks: day of the stiffening is upon us[View]
56184200Choice between public or anon, token wrap + bridge sheeeit: Just saying but this ghost Privacy shit …[View]
56181324Day 793 of snailposting every day until BTC is at 100k[View]
56185792Notice how he just keeps bouncing back up even though he keeps getting hit over the head? That'…[View]
56184287Is a low effort wagie job that only pays like $40k a year really that bad compared to a six figure j…[View]
56177186I hope everyone on /biz/ makes it.[View]
56186885Will europe ever flourish again, financially speaking?[View]
56187526>70/30 split between BTC and ETH how am I doing bros? am I gonna make it?…[View]
56187415My alts are seeing 10-14 consecutive red weeks: Since XRP won the case, Which should've been th…[View]
56184883bobo bros I don't feel so good[View]
56182800Avax: It's going to pump tonight. Remember, you heard it first here.[View]
56187389If you didn't start saving for your house at 9 you're ngmi[View]
56178351Why are olive oil prices skyrocketing in the European Union?[View]
56184819double top :DDDD[View]
56187362It’s just a calendar event ok? Can we move on now? Thanks.[View]
56180484What do you think of this project?[View]
56186761Bottom is in, we're not dipping below $60 again.[View]
56187306Fuck bitcoin: There I said it. Good night.[View]
56186097Aerodrome: Will this piece of shit ever stop dumping? Holy fuck[View]
56183160CARDANO GANG! BANG BANG!: True decentralization! Genuine use cases! Real People! The One and Only Tr…[View]
56187220Crypto is dead: it's been fun but now its dead[View]
56181071Fud is fake and Everything is $FINE: >keeps dumping regardless This is $FINE…[View]
56186145Why didn’t you listen?[View]
56186998The most important biz rule: Always pay attention when biz shills something new[View]
56186341What would be some definitve signals of the crypto bear market being 100% over?[View]
56181182What is your financial goal? $1M+?, $5M?, $10M+. Seems at $1.5M or so you can retire for good at a m…[View]
56180826SDL to $10 within 6 months[View]
56186805Why hasn't blackrock pumped Bitcoin so no one else can afford it yet?[View]
56184098Business Ideas For Mutts: Recently fucked up my credit through a shitty marriage and subsequent divo…[View]
56187021>Consequent Encroachment >Shift in Market Structure >Market Structure >Order Block >O…[View]
56186772Trump: Was he good as businessman? Is he really one of the greatest developers in New york? Please n…[View]
56181450Bitcoin 2020 vs. Bitcoin 2023: Isn't it fascinating?[View]
56185209>NUMBER GO DOWN?! >NO!!! >we must keep the asset bubbles inflating! >we must perpetuate …[View]
56184728Need the 411 fam....: What's the /biz/ hivemind position on this project?[View]
56179100Accurate or just cope?[View]
56185776How do soaring crude prices affect a refinery? I work at one so I'm trying to figure out if my …[View]
56185303>Credit card losses are increasing >Economists: 'But it doesn't make sense! The economy i…[View]
56186241In 6 years link reached $7. In another 6 years it will reach $70 and in another 6 years it will reac…[View]
56186616I swung my link to LTC. Thanks for the dosh, linkies! See you again at under $6.30. Just like last t…[View]
56182455why are normies obsessed with xrp?[View]
56183778ALGO is top performer for several days in a row: ALGO top performer last weeks. Act accordingly…[View]
56186288This man is not the enemy.[View]
56183819What happens to BTC in a 2008 crash?: Hypothetically, lets say a 2008 or worse tier crash happens ne…[View]
56186439I felt better when LINK was at $7.20[View]
56182011Youtube: How do you fags make money on youtube. For every Mr. Beast there are thousands of guys like…[View]
56182553can you avoid tax with crypto: or is it just a meme? gambling isn't taxable in australia, can u…[View]
56186179Where is Ethereum heading in 2025 ? Can it reach$10k?[View]
56180991Rent-A-Center: Just found out that people rent couches and other random shit. i thought the place wa…[View]
56184983LUNC reached the bottom, should i slurp or does it have no future?[View]
56179715buying gambling accounts: Hello I am looking to buy gambling accounts in a specific site price for a…[View]
56186228my little sister, my uber driver, my maid, my friend who is always broke, my relatives who buy every…[View]
56165853Are you guys waiting for rates to drop before buying a house? Or do you think there'll be a cra…[View]
56184940Products / companies you live by Why the fuck is it so difficult to find non-chink shit that doesn…[View]
56184465MONDAY: When does it end bros? I’m so tired.[View]
56185728Give it to me straight will October be better? Is there any hope for crypto soon or is the economy s…[View]
56184175Next one to pop off?: Looks like Fine and Smurf cat are dying/dead, so what is the next one to pop o…[View]
56184560Chainlink (Ticker: LINK): Official TA thread. Here's my take: $2.3 before $8. Post your predict…[View]
56186115Why do so many black people trade the NAS100? When I look for trading advice for the NAS100 on youtu…[View]
56184590>He has HOW many Chainlink?[View]
56184513Restart From Nothing & Make Money Fast: Let's pretend you're suddenly stranded in an u…[View]
56184068ITS OVER: > Minister you satoshi >As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, there is n…[View]
56178753the chad fad to $50 and beyond has begun. either buy link now or get left behind. this pump is NOT l…[View]
56181068Why do all the low paid wagie underlings do all the work while the boomer supervisors with bloated s…[View]
56185875Link is dumping again[View]
56185444Portfolio Rate: When do I finish my BTC stack bros?[View]
56184705>2nd decade of cryptos existence >still no actual use case what went wrong?…[View]
56184896Happy Birthday Cardano: >0 hack, 0 downtime, nonstop innovation[View]
56182767where can i use my USDT to get a collateralized loan? binance loans? directly on Maker? wheres the b…[View]
56185743Door to door salesmen of biz: What do you sell? Do you work for a company or for yourself?[View]
56185695>OctoBEAR >NovemBEAR >DecemBEAR…[View]
56184718How do I get a friend.tech invite?[View]
56172638Retard Alert: What does it mean that the BTC hash rate (??) keeps going up and is at an all time hig…[View]
56179217Kek baggies[View]
56183182If I have 2 houses. I can get $4600/month in rent.[View]
56181837I love fucking with my boss.[View]
56180647Do rich people really never sell?[View]
56171014Something's cooking[View]
5618359921 BTC was the suicide stack. How the hell can anyone retire on that even if they even made it that …[View]
56185407Day of the cage is here again[View]
56184935Services suck, sell product: >I disdain the service the sector economy, I think we should have mo…[View]
56185106pls stop scamming, we all just want to make it[View]
56173888/GME/ - Settle in for Comfy Weekend Edition: >Basic Information https://gme.crazyawesomecompany.c…[View]
56179150the absolute state[View]
56184509Question - Got Fired but then offered rehiring by same employeers wtf?: (some details excluded to pr…[View]
56157768Toad General- 'Soup in two more weeks' edition: Comfy hold Trust ze plan patriots in control you wil…[View]
56181178How much do you tip delivery drivers?[View]
56181411Not Fucking Fair: This whore has a million bucks in the bank for being what amounts to is a stripper…[View]
56185177I've never seen a more pathetic crypto market. >BRO BEAR SEASON IS SO COMFY Kys…[View]
56183143Why the fuck is uranium mooning? Who’s buying?[View]
56184899Has it ever been so obvious that 1k EOY was happening this year? Also pic related so be thankful[View]
56183663I brewed my own coffee. How else can I save money? Is there anything I should remove from my budget?[View]
56184225We're in a crabsession.[View]
56179090What are potential business opportunities in becoming a monopoly in some African country where you b…[View]
56184575Name 1 good reason why Bitcoin's block size shouldn't be larger than 1MB?[View]
56185026Has there ever been an instance of shitcoin devs pumping their own bags with huge business loans in …[View]
56182765What'd he know?[View]
56184910What's the deal with Link? Is it actually going to the moon or is it all just schizo babble? I …[View]
56184693Was he the original wagie?[View]
56184545>Just wait 12 more months to retire bro. FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!…[View]
56184676Howcome corporations pay taxes from profit while everyone else pays taxes from revenue?[View]
56182716Wtf, why is Lunc going up[View]
56183621American here just woke up what is happening[View]
56183481Pretend you lost $100,000 playing with Leverage, and now you're starting from 0 again, and you …[View]
56184599every night i come home from a shit day at work at which i was yelled at by my boss and his assistan…[View]
56169991Coding ruined my life: I won't write a whole life story here for those with tiny attention span…[View]
56184656Bitcoin only went to $69k during the period of most liquidity ever..... Isn't; that a bad sign?[View]
56180781Binance delenda est: As soon as Binance changed their tune and decided to not just follow regulation…[View]
56183896Explain to me how does the hoarding of commodities like Gold and Bitcoin hurt the economy: Gold and …[View]
56184493So is decentralized finance and opening up the marekts...: From regulation and bureaucracy, the only…[View]
56182683where can I download the geth etherum blockchain. Fuck waiting to sync.[View]
56184453what do you call this pattern[View]
56184427gift tax: what is stopping 10 people gifting each other 15k each, and writing off 150k of each of th…[View]
56180840What is happening to the United States?: Is it collapsing? What went wrong?[View]
56182980Is the death cross happening[View]
56183837Prop firm trading NQ and ES: After successfully trading leverage trading crypto for years consistent…[View]
56183293is it better to buy BTC itself or BTC certs?[View]
56182434Will high rates make startups based again?[View]
56184058WTF?? ON A WEEKEND?[View]
56183030Blackrock have said they are NOT investing in XRP but are going ALL IN on BTC.[View]
56184038What the actual fuck bros. how did he know?[View]
56183812wage slaving monkey madness: i'm tired of this bullshit wage slaving madness, i work as an danc…[View]
56180889Do you ever invest with frens?[View]
56183296Anything that isnt PoW is a scam.[View]
56179517Tech anons: Have they laid you off already?[View]
56183133I'm about to inherit $500k. What should I do with it? I'm okay with my mortgage (only got …[View]
56183786anyone heard of this? what do we think about it?[View]
56183049I am going to buy a house with a garage. Me and my brother will live in it for the next two years. A…[View]
56178925the good old days[View]
56180704You're going to miss out again.[View]
56179705WFH chads, what's your work setup: do you all have an office or just sit at the dining table? i…[View]
56181497what're your defensive plays while you wait for the economy to pop? Hysa? gold? bonds? BTC?[View]
56182964If you had 8k to invest and you'd be satisfied with 0.5x-1x within a year. What would you buy n…[View]
56182174Has tipping culture gone too far?[View]
56183235biz projections 3 year plan: Do you run a business anon? If so, what are you projecting for the next…[View]
56179394/smg/ - STOCK MARKET GENERAL: Dinner with the Wife Edition >Educational sites: https://www.inves…[View]
56181354I Need Money: I am broke and need money fast. Illegal or legal risky or low risk I honestly don’t ca…[View]
56182477ChangPeng Zhao: His ass WILL be getting hauled in and brutally fucked by the long arm of the law. It…[View]
56182885How do any of you expect to make money and “make it” once the trading robots are perfected? We are h…[View]
56183121Bear The Bear lads This might be one of the most trustworthy, stable holds in this market. Sure way …[View]
56182847Australian quals that are valuable for business: 33yo here I have worked in the financial services …[View]
56183228Warren Buffett and Gary Gensler literally bought crypto and the stock market on chain. Don't be…[View]
56181825There is a rare and powerful trend occurring in bond markets. History shows that if left unchecked, …[View]
56182875I want to quit my job and try flipping stuff full time. I know it’s stupid but it’s so much more enj…[View]
56181918>Total: $1.05T >Volume: $15.15B[View]
56181429NEW BULLRUN OR PERMABEAR?: will another bullrun happen or crypto is slowrugging? price predictions?…[View]
56180697The coin is called Avalance because it only goes down.[View]
56182169Rupee bros...: can anyone explain to Uneducated Economist how, exactly how, Russia is going to make …[View]
56182820Uhhhh... so basically it's gonna go down soon don't know what else to tell ya[View]
56182699This guys starting to thrust[View]
56181031Where is the September crash?: >1 week left of September[View]
56182758The trend is still unbroken: All we need is demand MEthHeads But for now there is no big demend, if …[View]
56182198>Now the guy's got Sergey as a partner. Any problems, he goes to Sergey. Trouble with the pr…[View]
56182648What to buy before bullrun?: I am looking for some new projects that aren't a scam, to buy befo…[View]
56182481Can crypto be used to genuinely promote social causes? I've seen coins like TwilightPalinNaziMa…[View]
56182629I'm buying a range rover after the capitulation event[View]
56174235>sold my entire link stack at $6[View]
56179711>About 95% Bitcoin will triple in price over the next 5 months >1% chance random shitcoins wil…[View]
56182425so what's the verdict?[View]
56177428Does anybody even understand all of economy? Scholars spend their entire lives studying and it'…[View]
56176573Is parsiq good for you?[View]
56180608Australia Coles (ASX COL): People who manage this company are stealing profits internally. Internal …[View]
56182472If she look she took bitch ass mumu[View]
56182158/bg/ - Budget General: In this thread, state the things you want to buy and /biz/ will help you budg…[View]
56180706Student loan payments resume in a week.[View]
56179607Chainlink institutional: investment, or lack thereof. So now that the lie about many investors are b…[View]
56182424gold vs bonds in the next 15 months or so?: I read a blog post one of you posted the other day by so…[View]
56180902a thread died when this thread was posted: >BizBizBizBizBizBizBizBizBizBizBizBizBizBizBizBizBizBi…[View]
56179185I am planning to throw another 4k euros at link. Should I wait or buy now?[View]
56181056Internet Computer[View]
56181489how will you come up with 20K: if you have 2-4K, how will you come up with 20K asap[View]
56167518The reality about why Chainlink won't pump: Chainlink cannot and will not pump regardless of ho…[View]
56177835When do the masses wake up to the power of CHAINLINK?[View]
56180714What if Bigfoot actually has small feet?[View]
56173050>30 years old Wtf happened I’m supposed to be 22 still[View]
56180197Shiba Inu coin is a scam, shibaggies conviniently forgot the added coins: 256 trillion coins were ad…[View]
56180352lmao, you can literally see BTC just looking at the LINK chart and already priming itself to royally…[View]
56180021>I like guys that have 5 BTC at least. >Sorry lol…[View]
56182185Soroban Smart Contracts Set to Revolutionize Stellar (XLM): The Stellar Lumens (XLM) network, a lead…[View]
561800742024 has so many bullish catalysts for Bitcoin: - Spot ETF - Rate Cuts - US Debt Buybacks (stimulu…[View]
56181947Is it a good idea to sell my body parts to invest in crypto/NFTs?[View]
56182274if you can't make money quickly online, you are a moron, and i can't help you.[View]
56181812I just signed up for food stamps. Any other /biz/ hacks I should know about?[View]
56179623Do people really fall for this inflation propaganda?[View]
56181870Well? What is he showing on his phone, /biz/?[View]
56180813500K volume: I am forgotten[View]
56180994>36 hours,[View]
56178337How do they stay price competitive while paying their employees 2-3x much as FedEx/Amazon ?? Maybe u…[View]
56182095when is the next big bullrun[View]
56177085Lol? Calcium?: Anyone here about this shitcoin? Shiba deployer deployed it, Shytoshi fudded it but t…[View]
56181872Cryptowatch desktop trading terminal is shutting down next week. Their UI was the best, light on res…[View]
56180004Coffee Enemas: How do I profit from mainstream medicine being ignorantly, or maliciously unaware of …[View]
56180733What are some good ways to directly siphon wealth out of boomers' pockets into your own?[View]
56180546The image that destroyed /biz/.[View]
56181243Day 11 of snake posting until schizo hits 100k[View]
56181800Doesn't EMH dictate that the price of LINK should reflect all the publicly available informatio…[View]
56181266>tax the rich >nooo you need to tip me in cash or else i'll need to pay taxes on it! why …[View]
56181754I used to have 1.5 BTC and now I have 1.501866 BTC[View]
56180451At first its slow, then it happens all at once.[View]
56180708What uhhh what do you guys do with money? I spent all my time and energy getting a lot of it now tha…[View]
56181543>if your money is gonna be worth more tomorrow than it is today, then nobody is gonna buy anythin…[View]
56180400BTC chuds are the biggest retards on the internet[View]
56181349you need to make more money[View]
56179866How do I profit from millions of typical American families moving to mexico?[View]
56180913How many Bitcoin do I need to hide from interpol so they finally give up and stop looking for me?[View]
56181482nftsisters what are the financial implications of this extremely pathetic nft show being cancelled …[View]
56181387ETHERSCAN IS DOWN!: woops[View]
56180086Knee Pads General: We discuss the theory of knee pads. >is it gay >what does it pay >with i…[View]
561775899/22 Taiwan masonic 'Holy' Sacrifice: 9-22 Eucharist Taiwan masonic 'Holy' Sacrifice https://www.you…[View]
56179722There are people browsing this board right now who don't work from home.[View]
561813352019 VIBES: What are your shitcoins dickheads? I got some HOT cuz you know, i like to lose money and…[View]
56176453MONEY MASTERS DOCUMENTARY FULL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOk3wBuQNcE for newfags[View]
56181190Mah boy. This crab is what all true traders strive for.[View]
56181251I don't own any cryptos: >posted on /biz/ for 3 years >don't own stonks either >j…[View]
56180828We're gonna be rich, aren't we?[View]
56181010>this time is different[View]
56181009walllstreet silver: It's time to short seed oils. >millenials hate seed oils >millenials …[View]
56180292I hate you faggots so much[View]
56181055Join the 48% janny: *schlop* *schlop *schlop* *schlop *schlop* *schlop *schlop* *schlop *schlop* *sc…[View]
56180220Amerimutts are waking up: >they're taking profits to splurge on Sunday morning goyslop and c…[View]
56181038Landlord Chad here: Only low iq retards rent in this economy, hurry up rent is due next week[View]
56180449what did they mean by this: https://youtu.be/l61OniWLxNY?t=72[View]
56180346Orange juice and olive oil doubled in price in a year: You would've made more money buying OJ a…[View]
56180567I refuse to touch other chains. Rather be grifted by an 'anonymous' glowspook than grifted by one wi…[View]
56174800Remember how people were saying Algorand can't die because Silvio has a Turing award and the te…[View]
56178245gonna take my last 60 *bank rupt and in debt after this* and get drunk in the casino *sports betting…[View]
56179640Who owns the Federal Reserve?[View]
56179591How the fuck do I make some money without talking to people?[View]
56180800Is there any evidence or CBA survey or any kind of proof that a traditional auto checkout system (sh…[View]
56180624>Decentralized justice[View]
56179170Thinking about starting a project: would any /biz/ bros be interested in getting involved? I have si…[View]
56178857I don’t know why more people aren’t taking fully advantage of AI Ive started a furniture buisness in…[View]
56180659This is a frog.[View]
56179099No you cannot eat that left over, wagie![View]
56179083Why didn't Chainlink raise money LEGALLY?: This was deleted buy jannies who are LINK bagholders…[View]
56179744I THINK BITCOIN IS AT 26K![View]
56180278Remember the ICP bottom is 2.222 do not buy above as instructed by Cicada[View]
56180328Any alternative to this SPYWARE[View]
56179747I'm so tired of being a fucking CEO right hand man: >Left a job because the CEO was a fuckin…[View]
56179756start doing THIS[View]
56180019Allright Faggits I Kneel: I bought Tron. Shit better do 3x you motherfuckers.[View]
56180429>'please buy my bags bro, ETF approval is right around the corner I swear, the pensions and gover…[View]
56180047What if I told you...: ...that Satoshi is Bitcoin. That Bitcoin and Satoshi are the same thing. That…[View]
56180405What happened to AMP and HBAR bros? Just checked my wallet for the first time since late 2021...this…[View]
56180404Dividend investing: What dividends are you buying and why?[View]
56180038Why do (((they))) want to take him down so bad? Is it because FTX imploded and they can't stand…[View]
56180205Relationship and success: I studied a lot of rich people and their relationships So I finally concl…[View]
56180253i am such a fucking moron for buying hbar[View]
56180290can anyone tell me what this pattern is called[View]
56179176I just got an email saying my cars worth dropped by 15% in ONE month. WTF is going on?[View]
56179573Is it, you need money to make money? Or time is money? Or something else?[View]
56180202Is this how crypto works?[View]
56180076>SAVE plan means you pay $0 if your income is less than $30k So does this mean I can take out a s…[View]
56179993chainlink? more like painlink[View]
56180118Portion aspects of your interests & lifestyle into designated times of your day & week. Any …[View]
56176718CARDANO GANG! BIG UP!: While other 'crypto' are on their knees for the VC's, we are here buildi…[View]
56180018>WE'RE B- ACK!!!!![View]
56180071I've wasted so much fucking money on this scam bullshit that it's not even funny anymore..…[View]
56178138Not long now[View]
56177487>housing is unafford- Nope! Stop spending money on goyslop and porn.[View]
56172807I will inscribe text permanently to the BTC blockchain. What do I write? One word per post.[View]
56179994There are real life human beings who think that the economy is growing right now[View]
56177897How much do you guys save each month? I can only save up 1000 euros a month and I'm starting to…[View]
56176065Why do investors trust this freak? Everything he comes up with fails- metaverse, threads[View]
56179532BTC got rejected hard by the red line. They really are going to dump this shit hard just because LIN…[View]
56175114Is an ultra premium Tinder membership a good investment?[View]
56178417Uhhhh.... cryptobros???? >quantum computing is already here >it breaks all standard encryption…[View]
56179978Magic purple dollaridoos: Swapping USDC for PT USDC: 'ptusd is a token that generates yield, it can …[View]
56179936The next bullrun can’t start until saylor -ACKs[View]
56175592I'm inheriting a large sum of money from my grandparents. I'm planning on putting a decent…[View]
56179182Why is klaus Schwab stake holder capitalism so fucking ambiguous. What's going to happen to me …[View]
56179310You are ready for this, right?[View]
56178592Check Chainlink Dominance Chart[View]
56179876XPLA. Worth while?[View]
56177387Binance: In 2023, Binance >withdrew from the USA >withdrew from Canada >stopped supporting …[View]
56179855Crypto has completely broke my mind. I used to spend money every week and have fun in life. Now all …[View]
56179851Is there a way I can sell my sexy pics on the internet for bitcoin? Pic is a sneak peak of my portfo…[View]
56175413Day 792 of snailposting every day until BTC is at 100k[View]
56179846>yom kippur[View]
56176720Which alts could actually hit and surpass their previous ath after this bear market? Or is it safer …[View]
56173786I bet 95% of you have less than $10,000 to your name[View]
56179823Please let me know what boards/forums/sites/groups are out there where I can find people who run min…[View]
56179745I just earned driver of the year at my job in Amazon. Just wanted to share the news w my bros here. …[View]
56178721these desperate dobaggie devs really think some shitty flash game is gonna pump their chart. i almos…[View]
56178625Hoomerbros: Is it over for us?[View]
56172988Havnt slept in 3 days: Here's a possible theory 1. Deutsche Telekom AG's Support for Chain…[View]
56172981Ireland: An empty island with not many opportunities for employment, Also the highest housing prices…[View]
56177267How long will it take the market to realize?: XRP has a marketcap of $27 billion. Absolutely ridicul…[View]
56178564MEV mafia sistaz.. are we surrendering?: A sista sold his SNX bag and bought LNK? Tf is this sista t…[View]
56178846>start business >pay yourself with your own credit card then pay it back >you now have a hi…[View]
56177730Which top 20 coin getting displaced are you most excited about?: I personally can't wait for SH…[View]
56178338Sentiment has shifted bullish.: All up from here. Congrats bros[View]
56179515I hate linkfags just like everyone else and hate how they spam the board but it looks like it will p…[View]
56166461But seriously though how the fuck do people get 2k friends on FB do they just add every person in su…[View]
56179318I dumped my life savings on chainlink in 2019[View]
56179065It has begun.[View]
56179374I think it's time to buy chainlink now[View]
56179389He's being protected and guided by God himself.[View]
56170720>BTC is valuable because it's scarcity This doesn't make sense, why wouldn't some…[View]
56176536>Kleros Sirs, why is nobody talking about this? -Clement changing tokenomics at will, which enric…[View]
56179336So this is why Link is pumping.[View]
56173896/smg/ - STOCK MARKET GENERAL: Nuclear Edition >Educational sites: https://www.investopedia.com/ …[View]
56169303/BBBYQ/ - The Glow Of Sneed Street Edition: >Basic Information https://www.reddit.com/r/BBBY/ htt…[View]
56175658If the token is not Needed: Why is the token keep going up?[View]
56179343>chainlink pumps from a depressing $6 to depressing $7 >/biz/ is euphoric The bear market and …[View]
56179442I need advice to invest: >be me >year ago I got myself a Venmo card >took a fail then a suc…[View]
56179427give me one good reason to not be a stay at home mom, when i only earn 110k while working as an engi…[View]
56178989Mike Bloomberg: Is he underrated as a businessman? Bloomberg Terminal is essentially a monopoly in t…[View]
56178353Buying a Hotel Room?: How would I go about buying a hotel room and having it become a viable stream …[View]
56179102i am financially bored[View]
56175083any good new AI projects? help me out biz, I have $1k to invest if there's a token you know abo…[View]
56178232What career/business options are best for a natural introvert?[View]
56178045next bull predictions: Bitcoin: $148,000 Ethereum: $26,497 Chainlink: $768[View]
56179311why does it feel so bad when number go down but so good when number go up?[View]
56177164this bald fuck has ruined me: https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-news/nfts-worthless-resea…[View]
56178586Should I always short?[View]
56174245NFTs are dead: Now what?[View]
56162499CCIP Summer: $80K total revenue after 3 months, giving annualized revs of $320,000. At a $3.7B valua…[View]
56161415Day 791 of snailposting every day until BTC is at 100k[View]
56178676All these 2006/2007 comparisons don’t make any sense: Today there are three times more zombie compan…[View]
56174292Next cycle tops: >BTC $140k >ETH $12k >ADA $1 >SOL $200 >AVAX $50 >HBAR $2 >ALG…[View]
56165749my fuck up: my portfolio was worth over 1 million at the top, and 2 more times in between dips, I ne…[View]
56178984Chainlink is a top 3 coin, simple as. Actually, bitcoin doesn't belong in the top 50. Eth shoul…[View]
56177418How is he wrong tho?[View]
56177576Indian appreciation thread: we make fun of jeets here but let's appreciate their positive contr…[View]
561790241 link = 1 cup of coffee EOY picrel[View]
56173705So, anon?: >How was your weekend?[View]
56178913WTF WAS THAT!!!!!![View]
56177857redpill me on chinese techbiz/biz forums: From what I've heard chinese techbiz/biz forums provi…[View]
56175453is ebay still a good way to make money Like how do you evewn find what to buy and sell[View]
56178599Are toilets a good investment? Or just a waste of money?[View]
56178762Moving out of my parents’ house 4 years ago was by far my worst financial decision. And yes they are…[View]
56178738>be me >get utterly fucking shitfaced >watching youtube >somehow youtube sends me to a l…[View]
56176769Meanwhile, in financial media... https://www.marketwatch.com/story/ive-sacrificed-my-career-my-husba…[View]
56176842How do I turn 200k into 2 million with the least amount of work?[View]
56177671>can sell a product everyone needs 5% cheaper than every other retailer >build website to sell…[View]
56174463Usefull charts[View]
56178919Now am I going to get my million dollars by 2026, we can do this the hard way or the easy way.[View]
56177772Launching a DAO related to UFO UAP ET disclosure: Launching a DAO that would focus on the disclosure…[View]
56177213ROPE thread career edition: >company got new ceo >company no longer is hiring full time for en…[View]
56178630Can you guys give me practical advice on a credit card please? > No bullshit, accepted internatio…[View]
56175782The more Binance VOLUNTARILY conforms to regulations it didn’t give a fuck about before the more it’…[View]
56177501I don't enjoy my life[View]
56178184And so it begins...[View]
56174511Crypto is over https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THdU00jutvo&t=47s[View]
56164828Tokenomics have now changed to 100M max supply and the 'Priority pool' is now open ready f…[View]
56177629Why wagies feel so entitled to tips?[View]
56178219Give me your highest dose of BSV copium. I want to really feel that lotto fantasy.[View]
56178471Do you live a Blockchain lifestyle?[View]
56178643When was the last time you had sex with a females bonus hole?[View]
56178601Is mass surveillance acceptable when private corporations do it?[View]
56175062Chainlink Smartcon 2023: It's inspiring to see the momentum that we have all built. The team an…[View]
56170021When’s the market picking up?: What’s your take on this anons? Weeks going by, and no movement whats…[View]
56178452I'm a 42 year old man posting frogs online hoping to make it buying internet coins[View]
56178001>student loans with 4.5% interest: >12 month 'on ramp' grace period >credit will be spared …[View]
56175022Has Mcdonald's and other glohomo corps always promoted wholesome advertising in places like Jap…[View]
56175362but why?: Is nyan cat money going to be a huge scam?[View]
56178460Cyber hornets! Buy![View]
56176191How do make money: I have zero monies. Actually, I'm 180 Dolan's in debt and I'm abou…[View]
56178422What the best tithe to blessings ratio bros? (Non-believers stay out!)[View]
56178385how come theres people predicting a recession everyday? 'experts' predicting a recession in 2 more w…[View]
56174832Have you tried to build a business? How did it go? Why didn't you keep trying until one eventua…[View]
56175839CVS is a ticking time bomb. Seems like a good stock to short.: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/i…[View]
56170060the fud around this shitstain is actually insane[View]
56177570CCIP: >The fundamental problem: 'How do I as a bank integrate with 100s of different chains?' Bec…[View]
56176063fellow burgers where we playin poker? need a vpn? i've used a couple of the sites and apps over…[View]
56177049is bitcoin dead? look at the price movement[View]
56178133Should I buy Bitcoin in 2023? Honestly it feels like I'm late to the party[View]
56178204What's the point of investing in the entire S&P500?: The top few tech giants made up all th…[View]
56178229Grandma is cooking a fat couscous coupled meat and vegetables: How is the market doing bros[View]
56178147Who the fuck pay taxes on crypto?: Share some strategy to avoid them anons[View]
56176671There are retards on this very board that bought nfts: laugh at them[View]
56177210Is there a way to get into angel investing at a smaller, retail level? Let’s be honest: all IPOs are…[View]
56177992Explain to me how does the hoarding of commodities like Gold and Bitcoin hurt the economy: Gold and …[View]
56177875I regret.[View]
56177984Weekend comes, ICP Fud gone. really makes you think...[View]
56178114Is speculating on Turkish stocks worth the risk? Even if the economy is bad right now the country is…[View]
56176772Has there been any actual breakthroughs on the Ethereum Blockchain recently? Recently, the Shanghai …[View]
56177355The Bear: Tell me if this is a good decision to make. It has high liquidity/volume and seems to have…[View]
56174660why are there soo many telegram channels for crypto exchange?[View]
56178032it's over?: lol! i don't feel bad at all for all the cryptofags that lost thousands of dol…[View]
56178031>4 week maturity date t-bills[View]
56177983Blackrock is reputation laundering BTC into an ESG asset as part of their ETF approval process. With…[View]
56177737it's going to dump soon because of aliens[View]
56177942just checked whats left of my binance account like I usually do every 3 months or so it was literall…[View]
56176442In your fear and uncertainty it will be tempting to put your trust in some person or group who emerg…[View]
56175715Aus bros btcmarkets have ridiculous fees: I withdrew some eth from them and they charged me $12.36..…[View]
56173176Questions for ICP Nerds: Sup nerds. ICP looks kinda juicy at these prices, I've decided to star…[View]
56176814Exactly what is the point of crypto if you are paying taxes on it[View]
56177845How safe is it to keep my BTC on a Unisat wallet?[View]
56177626ITT: nostalgic companies from your childhood[View]
56173317this breaks the average burgers brain: >Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in h…[View]
56177777normie seeking to connect with anon: i expect everything to go wrong but i am curious how would i go…[View]
56177807He scammed millions[View]
56177687IKBR: Is it just me or is IKBR extremely buggy? For example when logging in I get two verification c…[View]
56175190ok give give me the new alpha, what do I buy to 10x in a month? Shill me your brand new gems. Nothin…[View]
56177575PSSSSSST: Did you has buyed the CSGO capsules? Last few days, Wednesday Valve is probably going to r…[View]
56169836Infinite money glitch: >realize DraftKings doesn’t charge for depositing via credit card >depo…[View]
56176543I love my life, I even have a gf. AVAX changed my life for the better, can you say the same about yo…[View]
56177457LINK needs a $55B MC to reach $100. It's fucking over.[View]
56174718The future of the internet will be built on web3, we are currently building the infrastructure that …[View]
56177579Will interest rates be higher or lower in 5 years time?[View]
56177554>be the only native English speaker in a team of ESLs >be the only guy who can speak to upper …[View]
56170035PEPE: >0.00000069 It's the perfect entry lads[View]
56177398How many decades will you keep holding?[View]
56174314linkcels refute this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUywzuPY7xY[View]
56164839Here's a comfy bit of recent /biz/ history for your records: >https://warosu.org/biz/thread/…[View]
56174870>eliminate your whole miner user-base >enrich whales who don't use the network >expect…[View]
56177395when is btc gonna start pumping?????[View]
56176936Eurofags: What the fuck?? What does this mean? Will I be able to buy USD with EUR and buy USDT with …[View]
56174561There isnt going to be a 'next bull run'.[View]
56177251CCIP is finally here: And the countdown for CCIP'd shitcoins has begun. How do I profit from th…[View]
56175303Does anyone else think that inflation is kind of funny? Or does anyone think it is kind of sad? I so…[View]
56173664What are you actually working on /biz/ thread: >quit my job to start software company >have no…[View]
56176745>the halving will save us......uh because it just will ok!!![View]
56176903I save $1000/month from my neetbux. Feeling comfy.[View]
56177283brave of you to do that. I wish I could do that too. Unfortunately my whole livelihood is built on t…[View]
56176988i cant take the NEET life anymore /biz: i want to find a cute 20 something girl and take her to a be…[View]
56174998all I ever wanted was to be rich[View]
56173551>normie friend texts me every 2 weeks to buy xrp >buy more than youre comfortable with will i…[View]
56177184Cope day has started for wagies. Mr. Shekelsberg sure enjoys his morning coffee! Better make it quic…[View]
56172802>BTC $22k >Alts -40-60% By mid October[View]
56175328I have $200 what should I buy? shitcoins only[View]
56175124what are your guys favorite shitcoins right now? any alpha im missing out on? i sold my DBONK, i thi…[View]
56177088did you know 38% of crypto trade vol is made by bots? please don't tell me you've felt for…[View]
56143948/xsg/ XRP Schizo General #2156: Previous: >>56125912 Buy XRP on Uphold/CoinMetro/Bitrue/Kucoin…[View]
56176496I boughted[View]
56176771$7.00: >$7.00[View]
56176921>LINK $7 >ICP $2 lol[View]
56174741Smoke and mirrors: How many more years will you fund the charade?[View]
56169855What would you do right now with 1 million dollars in post tax crypto gains?[View]
56164194/pmg/ - Precious Metals General: Apu Edition >Why Gold? https://youtu.be/i3S4rl6ehiI https://yo…[View]
56176924If Chainlink were to win the crypto war: humanity would sink into a dull and primitive state. DO NO…[View]
56176586AVAX will pump so hard[View]
56176561Is it too late to learn Web3 skills? I coded Python at university 7 years ago.[View]
56174131LOL O L[View]
56176787What about the bros?: Bros on top, mfers.[View]
56175978/NBG/ NEETBUX General: I've been claiming neetbux for 2 years. Most of it has gone to precious …[View]
56174721I make $20k/month doing offshore oil related stuff. I choose when I work after over a decade in this…[View]
56175622Whats going to happen when CBDCs are enforced in the next few years? I heard it will have an expirat…[View]
56175330i have semi-insider information that an agricultural industry in my country is about to take a BIG h…[View]
56174414if litecoin is soo good then why did it's creator sold it all?[View]
56176657Am I a sucker for always being honest on job applications and in interviews? I live in England, if t…[View]
56176690September. I am forgotten.[View]
56167636My father is an international oil refining expert. He is worth somewhere over $25 million. I’ve move…[View]
56170795ARI JUELS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xq7oWtiwWII new ari[View]
56175436How do you think this guy feels now[View]
56176425the bank is a reliable third party that i can trust with my private keys. >want to buy a house …[View]
56176454All of you people who are holding Cryptocurrency who make fun of people who have lost everything tra…[View]
56174231Binance is coming[View]
56172202Why are you sitting on biz on a friday evening?[View]
56175103HAPPENING: >The Fed is rugging[View]
56176451I save $1000/month. I am saving for my first house and this house will be my everything. It will hav…[View]
56172138I have crypto portfolio of >3mil +>3mil in stocks + >3mil in cash from last bull and every …[View]
56175005Is crypto or lottery a bigger scam?[View]
56175909>32 >make 25 dollars an hour >still can't afford rent in Socal What can I do quickly t…[View]
56173616I'm a n00b when it comes to selling. I tried selling a phone on Facebook Market and I am afraid…[View]
56176243I keep buying and keeps dipping. One more large crash and I have to go all in, with no more funds to…[View]
56175794This person scammed me. Here’s all their personal info.: See title.[View]
56175148Is Algorand's CEO a tranny? serious question[View]
56174954How did they survive the bear market when every other lending platform went insolvent?[View]
56175615Sell now[View]
56172240>year 2023 >60hz refresh rate >that will be 1200$ please…[View]
56176051IFRS 3 & 10 are too difficult[View]
56174818where does /biz/ leverage trade?[View]
56175184Hard truths thread: Time for some hard truths, like them or not, these are just facts. >If you ar…[View]
56174262>company is provisioning new computers and accessories for everyone >'hey anon what do you wan…[View]
56172587BTC: >nearly a month later and it's still accurate You did stack up on BTC and the main altc…[View]
56175850How the fuck do I find a job I studied creative writing (I know, laugh away)in uni and I'm real…[View]
56174930>take out credit card and use it for your primary purchases >take out second credit card and u…[View]
56175808Ok, I have money now, how do I turn money into gf????[View]
56175656It wasn't until I learned to code for web3 that I started to realise just how big of a scam cry…[View]
56173607What's your goal in making money? Is it freedom? Could you compromise on freedom by working a j…[View]
56173685AstroPepeX: First memecoin developed and deployed purely by AI. Does biz even know this exists? http…[View]
56173973BITCOIN CAPITAL: Anyone been to Ecuador, the capital of bitcoin?[View]
56164703'Gamestop General' still exists.[View]
56174990There’s an AI on this board watching me and sending me messages[View]
56172448How does 140k per btc sound? Try selling this time[View]
56173152ID sisters? What happened? Was it a pump and dump scam all along?[View]
56174992you're not going to see the light of day tomorow bobo[View]
56175191Do u guys invest in uranium? I want to buy uranium stocks but what to buy? Also I brushed my teeth b…[View]
56173707I don’t enjoy sales, faking charisma, lying to people, or pushing BS products. Is there any chance I…[View]
56174400I hate crypto influencers..: I really believed they wanted me to get rich like them.. i said gm ever…[View]
56173347OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH HAH LINKIIIIIEEEES: My short's at $6.99. x10 ...just like last time.[View]
56168529lUSD - Blood-On-The-Streets-Edition: So, in honor of Friday, here is easiest profit you will ever ma…[View]
56174085Cannabis stocks: Why is nobody talking about cannabis stocks? Looks like they’re about to pop.…[View]
56175167it's labor strike season: round these parts we call that a Wage Price Spiral[View]
56174299>new jersey[View]
56174979What are you doing here on /biz/ on a Friday night?[View]
56174890The sides of my hairline are receding ever so slightly. I just need 5 more years God. Just that then…[View]
56174664What worse Student debt or credit card debt[View]
56169576Chainlink not needed. ICP will replace it[View]
56174541fud this: inverted pepe contract begins 0x69 and ends 42069 mathematically impossibru burned liq ult…[View]
56174831/Housing Homie/ -HH Thread: https://x.com/NipseyHoussle/status/1705352681294827831 How many properti…[View]
56173968How do I sell: I recently came into possession of a container full of adult toys that I have no idea…[View]
56173541i have 100,000 dollar credit lines and preaprooved for a 150,000 personal looan. how do i turn the c…[View]
56174009Isn’t the halving coming up?: Usually we pump around this time…[View]
56169743Binance leaving Canada: Fellow leafs, what is your plan. I have a large stack of link that I like to…[View]
56174722I'm not sorry[View]
56173324Ban juul flavors: This floods the market instantly. Why are the regulators so hell bent on big tobac…[View]
56174202The gmat is brain dead easy: >you WILL take this iq test for monkeys >you WILL go on Reddit an…[View]
56174650HAHA: >fuddies could have bought at 5 and be up majorly right now >they're too stupid…[View]
56174429Its a piece of a shit illiquid, scammy and amateur market. Yet you continue to participate in it. Wh…[View]
56174167AYYYY: This is very significant. Good dudes, good team. forget about the bondage shit that happened …[View]
56173005Does it make sense to stay with the same company nowadays like Boomers did?[View]
56174481WAGMI / ICE: do you still trust dani and think he can pull off another succesful project? or is this…[View]
56174449How to profit off geocentrism?: Taken from the comment here >https://www.churchmilitant.com/video…[View]
56173621Is this a sign?[View]
56173613Holy shit...[View]
56174422stock markets and exchanges >trade company stocks >trade commodities >trade options cryptoc…[View]
56173969Scammers: Can only be what I assume is Indian from the grammatical mistakes. Say what next?[View]
56170478lol lmao even[View]
56173500Olive oil bros, we made it![View]
56170854They're going to phase out mortgages at some point, aren't they? You'll pay for that …[View]
56174120>September will be a bloodbath they said Where's the fucking capitulation crash??…[View]
56174123Pump n dump[View]
56173457iphone vs bitcoin: so why didn t you cunts just buy iphones? srsly tho are there any other curious c…[View]
56174072Healthcare: Any healthcare fags here? Is it worth being a mid level practitioner? NP or PA in the US…[View]
56173914Screenshotted this yesterday, then this morning there's news of a T-Mobile data breach and the …[View]
56164692chainlink.chat: strictly no nolinkers and also strictly no nulinkers[View]
56173578If taxes contribute to government services and jobs, why does the GOP want to get rid of them?[View]
56164551Starting a business: I am about this fucking close to starting my own company. I currently work for…[View]
56172799I want to earn money.: Can you give me some ideas for monetizable smart contracts? Something that pe…[View]
56173851What am I in for?[View]
56169000ICP will be $0.03 when AVAX is $0.09: based on my calculations[View]
56168402/GME/ - Magic Friday Camper Edition: >Basic Information https://gme.crazyawesomecompany.com https…[View]
56173437>So basically, think of blockchains like silo-ed islands and you have private chains and public c…[View]
56173829Launching a DAO related to UFO UAP ET disclosure: Launching a DAO that would focus on the disclosure…[View]
56170657/biz/ humor thread: historical edition: >10th october 1877: we're so back >15th october 1…[View]
56171888/smg/ stock market general: God candle edition >Educational sites: https://www.investopedia.com/ …[View]
56173455For me, if you're not into crypto and blockchain technologies, you're a sucker. You got no…[View]
56172718If you are into business and finance, why aren't you a libertarian?[View]
56173368wagiecorp: how do we profit from this, financially speaking?[View]
56172589>60 hours left till Monday[View]
56146553Mark Cuban loses $870K in crypto in MetaMask wallet hack.: Billionaire Mark Cuban got hit in a MetaM…[View]
56173251Check the BTC chart[View]
56170398What's going on here?[View]
56173287does anyone have the origianl of this imge with the zoomer guy looking back and its pancake swap?[View]
56173439With the bitcoin halving coming up, some smaller bitcoin miners might be looking for alternative way…[View]
56173568kek KYS[View]
56173556Am I missing something here?: >stock price goes up, I’m happy because my account is up >stock …[View]
56168459I just love how normies get into crypto, watch a top 100 coin do something, 'research' it (or more a…[View]
56164000BTC will die. ETH will die. BNB will die. XRP will die. ADA will die. All of them. All of them will …[View]
56173461What is the best financial strategy?[View]
56173503BITCOIN really is the Bitcoin of shitcoins[View]
56173484How make more money? t. analyst with a meme degree 5 days in office[View]
56172968*smacks lips*[View]
56169864good ccip morning, sirs!![View]
56173377I work overtime because I don't do any work during normal time.[View]
56173354Took a COVID loan: For about 800k for my business. It just went under. What can I do? Just bankruptc…[View]
56173352How does Bitmain get away with dumping 'the latest' miners before the halving, while they mine with …[View]
56167941I'm trying to get a WFH IT job. Hopefully I can make around $85k/yr.[View]
56171064I got exactly $6 left in my bank account which I could use to invest in 3x $2 lottery tickets. Shoul…[View]
56163437Crypto has completely broken my mind. I used to spend money every week and have fun in life. Now all…[View]
56172791>here's your 100k a year bro[View]
56165695rubichads…: I ain’t feelin so cubic, bros[View]
56173261I need everything to crash so I can get in.[View]
56173241>frescoposting That confirms it, the bottom is in.[View]
56172212>there are 'people' on this board who still haven't bought link[View]
56173163I am a valuable contributor to this board, yet I don't profit from it. Explain....[View]
56166100Bitcoin chart from August 2nd 2018: Let's play it. Of course, we know the answer to the questio…[View]
56167023bros, can you feel the Altseason coming? feelsgoooodman[View]
56172341How do you start a business[View]
56173120/biz/ black pill: You will never make it even with millions of dollars if >you rich but got a sm…[View]
56172865normies are coming[View]
56161129Are we Fine?: So we haven’t dumped to absolute zero quite yet, but what is the plan exactly? How wil…[View]
56173117Is this going to the depths of hell?[View]
56169510Avalanche 3 years Mainnet anniversary: Avalanche turned 3 today. https://medium.com/avalancheavax/av…[View]
56173032Is this thing even worth hodling anymore? I’ve steadily lost money for the past 3 years since Covid,…[View]
56169369Ava labs biz development employees: They get paid good money to increase hype for the project. Just …[View]
56163682What's stopping me from not paying my taxes?[View]
56154507How do we profit off this whole 'spirituality awakening' trend?[View]
56172900The more Binance voluntarily chases regulations the more it’s being censored and outright banned Ar…[View]
56172946PRQ- wtf was that??!!: parsnipbl bros, dare I say we're back??![View]
56172172Does school help with real estate development?: If you want to develop properties how important is f…[View]
56168183People on here shill GRT more than PRQ. Why though? Isn't parsiq the better version of the grap…[View]
56172633>i sperged out at the hiring people when they called me to reject me after my interview Will this…[View]
56170986whats wrong with the BSV chain? im trying to send from coinbase to dump it and it has 100k confirmat…[View]
56172100I had a dream Link fell to $0.39: Do what this information what you will. I ended up buying 10,000 o…[View]
56172932The Sorbetto Fagola approach has been adapted to yield farming via upgraded popcicle contracts. This…[View]
56172854so what does this mean?[View]
56167288Real world assets / Tokenization: Oh Anons, you listened to me and got into RWA right? Right? Centri…[View]
56172815BORN TO WAGIE / WORLD IS A FUCK / 鬼神 Kill Em All 1989 / I am salary man / 410,757,864,530 DEAD NEETS[View]
56167994ICP is $2[View]

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