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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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17100546is it true that boymoder meat has more protein and nutrients than beef and chicken?[View]
17067877what did I miss?[View]
17096738>20yo gay twink >have had normal relationships with friends I've known that were at most …[View]
17100129Long-term boymode = late transition?: I see a sentiment expressed a lot where trans people are looke…[View]
17092028>Asshole older brother found my stash of HRT and girl clothes >Expected him to rat me out to o…[View]
17098639What is, in actuality, her problem??[View]
17098364Everyone should be a trip: I found the solution to the trip fag situation everyone is complaining ab…[View]
17096767Do black lesbians wear flannel?[View]
17094807bisexuals blown the fuck out by radical feminist twitter lesbian: how will they recover?[View]
17098093expanded facial planes? good. large masculine skull? good.[View]
17099903Why is hatchan so fucking cute?[View]
17099994Do enbies actually feel dysphoria about being refered to in male and female pronouns, or are they ju…[View]
17099418What would happen if a guy worked in these anime girl suits for, say, 1-2 years? Taking pictures for…[View]
17099865hello tranners, do you choose to play as a male or a female in videogames where you get the choice t…[View]
17099692Whenever I see some bigot write something blatantly wrong I feel compelled to point this out. The tr…[View]
17099415Love > Hate: I wish people just all chill out, slow down, and all get along together. Transphobi…[View]
17095015What happens when you switch from Rogaine to estrogen: I’m starting to go bald and initially I was g…[View]
17094789How many per cent of gays are bottoms and how many are tops?: Like it feels like 90% are bottoms.…[View]
17096622Am I really a woman?[View]
17092097*when u realize ur trans*[View]
17099368>queerbaiting for days >still no possums where are you, possumposter? i miss you.…[View]
17097524Is it gross to have a penis that's 7 inches long [spoiler]when flaccid[/spoiler]? A friend of m…[View]
17098817>have a sort of fwb thing going on with this guy where he's blown me a few times >5'…[View]
17098803I got beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes, lambs, rams, hogs, dogs, chicken, turkeys, rabbits,[View]
17068000>mfw taking domperidone, progesterone, and 8 mg of estrogen a day, as well as eating 3000 calorie…[View]
17094431What the fuck is taftaj's problem?: she advocates for communism on twitter and then comes on he…[View]
17099340>lf touko gf[View]
17093940>”trans-masc“ Why are women like this[View]
17093857Does anyone else get unironically mad at early transitioners who flaunt their cuteness?[View]
17092134Do you wear pantyhose or something else like that /lgbt/?[View]
17097971>transitioned from ugly man to ugly man with boobs i wish someone had told me it was hopeless…[View]
17088283To all 5 chasers remaining here...why? Is it so hard for you to go back to dating cis women? Do you …[View]
17097180What does he smell like?[View]
17098922Finding out I’m trans was the worst thing that’s ever happened to me: I either detransition, lose al…[View]
17097419I unironically think all mtfs should be allowed to walk the streets naked if they want to. I can…[View]
17094296Why do I find non passing mtfs incredibly attractive? Pic somewhat related[View]
17093563>tipped my boymoding waitress $60 what are you doing to help boymoders rank up in society?…[View]
17096001west coast discord friend finder: hey all you legbutt west coasters -cough cascadians cough- lets ha…[View]
17095442If MtFs are obsessed with anime and video games, what is the equivalent for FtMs?[View]
17095636would transitioning have saved him?[View]
17098743FFS thread: >what surgeon did you go to? >what operations did you have? >how much did you p…[View]
17098382How common are mandingo x white tranny relationships?[View]
17098796What's the reasoning for not telling someone you're trans until the very last second?: It…[View]
17094837Ideologically gay: Ŵhat does it mean when I’m only sexually attracted to women but intellectually an…[View]
17097728/mtfg/ frisk edition: https://pastebin.com/LyMhFmT4 Old >>17094477 What are your hopes and dre…[View]
17089669Anyone else addicted to sissy hypno: What did you listen to today?[View]
17098434When do the puffy nips go away? It’s been 2 fucking years.[View]
17096136hi. any recommendations for good sex toys? i need to cum so bad but i dont want to buy any that are …[View]
17098333Explain nonbinary lesbian to me: I'm pretty good at understanding most LGBT+ terms, but nonbina…[View]
17071606Too tall to ever pass, want help coping with it.: I'm worried that I'm finding out about m…[View]
17097800post people below average you'd like to fuck[View]
17095823/gaygen/ - ee burro edition: >>17094161[View]
17097484does anyone else ever wish they were a transwoman with asian heritage?[View]
17097921I have bigger tits than most traps due to gyno. If i were to take estrogen would i have monster milk…[View]
17096147Do we really know that homo/bi-sexuality is 'real' and not a matter of mistaken belief or similar?: …[View]
17094207International TERF Pride Day: you're ready to attend your local International TERF Pride Day ev…[View]
17097381I may just detrans: I think I'll detrans. I'll be on here still.[View]
17091620>Sent my boyfriend a video of myself wearing a catgirl outfit and shaking my butt telling him I…[View]
17086362Feminist Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died: This means Trump will be able to appoin…[View]
17095517Why do trans women hate chasers because they view chasers as closeted gays but somehow trans women t…[View]
17093355Why is Blaire White the only reasonable tranner in the community?[View]
17093019> in therapy > Therapist talks about how I woud respond to un supporting parents >Enter au…[View]
17096728>yeah man sometimes I'm sexually attracted to people and sometimes I'm not, crazy right…[View]
17096947I love femboys. How do I get one to love me back?[View]
17095164Would you film with the based trannyfucker if he hit you up?[View]
17086367aita: > THIS IS NOT LARP I met a boy over a game and the past couple months I've not only en…[View]
17094212Kass's QOTD: How are so many people butthurt like crazy these days?: I sent picrel to a 'friend…[View]
17097366Is it unethical for a top to call an ftm a faggot while fucking him?[View]
17092726what are the best things to whisper in your bottoms ear during sex?[View]
17096889>tfw no boyfriend to take snowboarding at a luxury resort and have him fuck my pale smooth butt i…[View]
17097171How do I get a bf with irritable bowel syndrome or who is really gassy and takes gigantic shits? I…[View]
17089648How do we stop Gayden chasers?[View]
17084993/bigen/ - bisexual general: qott: who's your current fictional crush ? thread theme: https://yo…[View]
17076572Is anyone else here a chaser for intersex people? Any intersex people here were chased?[View]
17092391>6'2 >mtf >couldn't top to save my life why, god?…[View]
17096325Missing person: Hi uh I have never used this site before... I am looking for my little sister she wa…[View]
17088883How many virgins are on this board: I'm a 20 year old tranner, and I've never had sex with…[View]
17091761Straight tranners are so cute...I just want to grab them and smooch them repeatedly and lick them al…[View]
17096061'femboys' are fucking delusional[View]
17095176fellow trans, how do i tell a dude I'm trans? he's not transphobic, but I feel like i love…[View]
17094048There is literally nothing wrong with being a chaser. t. chaser[View]
17089715Am i bi?: I get hard at girls, trannies and traps (mostly anime)[View]
17094320Questioning: What does it mean for a person to be questioning? Has any questioning person here turn …[View]
17093929If I find both guys and girls hot, but both penis and vagina disgusting, am I ace or bi?[View]
17096106Femboy is just a cope for repressing trannies, right? I remember calling myself a femboy back in lik…[View]
17096087What's it like seeing a GP when you aren't out to your usual GP and you're a boymoder…[View]
17095686There are a lot of traps on tinder in my city and I've decided I'm gonna swipe right on th…[View]
17094161/Gaygen/ rawr Exxx dee edition: Here is the last thread or something >>17092200[View]
17089760Do boymoders like to be held like this?[View]
17094559>tfw no hooni bf[View]
17088650Am a Blonde stright 6'2 guy and am drunk..: >>17087616 Am a blonde 6'2 and i want so…[View]
17094477/mtfg/ couples edition: https://pastebin.com/LyMhFmT4 Old >>17091383 Is your current love your…[View]
17087678I feel like my bisexuality is just a cope for not getting enough pussy: 23 y.o., since I can't …[View]
17095213>im turning 27 which is about 80years in tranny years What did she mean by this?…[View]
17092703>random on grindr sends me this ^: anyway I can somehow get the clothes without the inevitable se…[View]
17089577Anyone else still think regular twinks are cuter than femboys?[View]
17095260Kass's QOTD 1.5: how far can the edge be pushed before its too far?: Just saying, I don't …[View]
17093699Any trans teachers here?: What's it like? I considered teacher training pre-lockdown but probab…[View]
17095101Are you transphobic?[View]
17094806if you see this get off this board. youre just gonna hurt your mental health. you pass or whatever. …[View]
17081383I'm sad that I'm just a boring old INFJ and not an INFP, the feminine ideal.[View]
17094942my libido has returned after 6 months on hrt. i wake up with boners now after like 5 months of that …[View]
17089084After squatting on dildos for 2 years my knees barely work but I still ride em. Why am I so horny?[View]
17092204why are there far more bisexuals who would date trans men but not trans women than the reverse? i ha…[View]
17087288So how many other autistic trans girls want this?: This activates my autism.[View]
17094404Dangers of DIY: Trans activists (outside of 4chan & a few subreddits) are quick to condemn self-…[View]
17094458how do i stop being a walking fleshbag of hair. it grows everywhere, it grows fast. one day where i …[View]
17094523>acceptable height to arm length ratio >slim wrists, perfectly feminine >palms kinda wide b…[View]
17094360How do you find an mtf as attractive as this who genuinely enjoys brutalizing your balls for free?[View]
17090714Memes aside, what is the minimum a guy would have to do/be for you in order for you to live with him…[View]
17087886How do i help my tulpa quell their feelings of dysphoria?: don't know where else to take this /…[View]
17093993I want to have sex with femboi twinks and trap transwomen, where can I find some[View]
17087130Does anyone have any experience with William Powers's hair growth serum? Is it really better th…[View]
17090201being a tranner teacher rocks: >kids have no idea what to call me. i've gotten 'miss lady' '…[View]
17092200/gaygen/ get a job or i'll rent you: previously >>17089829[View]
17092975What do your parents think of you being an AGP sissy fetishist?[View]
17090991Bottom here. Why do I want to marry a police officer?[View]
17089861Is being too white detrimental to passing? I'm about as pale and white as someone can be withou…[View]
17079705Non-black tops of /lgbt/, would you date a bottom if you knew he had sex with black men before?[View]
17092318LGBT ideal template: Post your ideal template and let other people guess your gay letter(s)[View]
17062607Why do heterosexual women love feminine pretty boys?[View]
17094042can you trannies get in there and destroy it?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLCicRaSWt0…[View]
17092165is there a way to make sure that i don't grow facial hair/chest hair/have male pattern baldness…[View]
17088077/passgen/ - Dysphoria Hell Edition: Ya'll know the drill.[View]
17089966Is it possible to DIY without actual hormone pills? Like honestly I just want some fat redistributio…[View]
17093612Sorry, dear SJWs, but there are only two genders.[View]
17091794I'm bisexual and I feel like trans doesn't belong in the LGB movement. trans isn't ev…[View]
17093479what the fuck am I: Lads, I come to you in a time of great need. First time breaking my veil of lurk…[View]
17088982Songs about dysphoria: Are there any good songs about gender dysphoria? Preferably some depressing s…[View]
17093469I'm sorry, but it's true.[View]
17091005all I want is a loyal qt femboy who is much younger than me (I'm mid-30s) and is a boy but dres…[View]
17087747Hypothetically speaking if this was your bf how would you get them to take hrt?[View]
17092470I measure my skull every day. How about you r/tttt?[View]
17092624Excuse me everyone, I have an announcement to make.: sneed[View]
17085804God i wish i was a girl bros[View]
17079375New Trans gf is obsessed with recieving oral sex. I hate it.: So i've been hooking up with a tr…[View]
17089628Is 5'10 enough to get a boymoder gf?[View]
17091229Defend this[View]
170930941 year had a nightmare where i got raped: by the same guy who raped me irl. but it was weird because…[View]
17062351/clg/ - Cis Lesbian General: /clg/: Cis Lesbian General: Dream journal edition what are the weirdest…[View]
17092647Will I be able to find a nazbol/third positionist bf if I'm a mulatto on hrt...?[View]
17085902She/her femboys on HRT are valid and are NOT trans.[View]
17088227You excited to play the first ever game with a tranny protag?[View]
17087955>L Uh huh >G Okay >B mmmm yes >T Come again now?…[View]
17092303Which letters have it the worst? It varies from place to place but i think gays are high up on the t…[View]
17092213>oh this person I don't like is FTM >it's because he has breast envy, that is why he…[View]
17091383/mtfg/ unrequited love edition: https://pastebin.com/LyMhFmT4 Old >>17087068 Get it off your c…[View]
17091111Riddle me this: OK hypothetically let's say my friend (not me) is a top, and he's been wor…[View]
17091440ITT post your celebrity crush and which letter you are. Me: Picrel, G[View]
17092267post closeted trans feels itt >mfw women are criticizing men for their usual behaviors, something…[View]
17089829/gaygen/ you still haven't got a bloody job: previous >>17088360[View]
17089297Why would anyone other than fat incel losers or other trannies ever date a trans girl when real girl…[View]
17091834Are gay, lesbian and transgender people capable of love or is that only bisexuals?[View]
17091823My parents are nazis. What should I do?[View]
17091796Intersex people are not treated better than transgender people. Even if you managed to somehow convi…[View]
17091902If you're a gay bottom that crossdresses full time, should you socially transition and just be …[View]
17088746Should I Let My Friends Know How Degenerate I Am?: I’ve been secretive about nearly every major aspe…[View]
17086977i wish i were born a girl: i'm sick of all of this trans stuff that i have to deal with i feel …[View]
17088789my arms and calves are so veiny and it looks so gross and masc: is there anything i can do to fix it…[View]
17091402Is it justified to act out because of your oppression?[View]
17089013what are your thoughts on her videos and personality?[View]
17090113I want to be a girl but for the wrong reasons. What am I?[View]
17091584the only valid trans is transsexual the transgender label is infested by trenders[View]
17078602what do you trans folk think of J.K.Rowling?[View]
17091595Why are chasers called chasers?[View]
17088863How do I get a chaser bf? I kinda miss being simped for and the emotional support. t. dumb boymoder[View]
17091565>lf touko nanami gf[View]
17091433Long live love.[View]
17091397How long did it take you to fully know that you're trans?: I've been recognising my troubl…[View]
17073414How do we get her to take the bimbotitpill? (And also the blackedpill)[View]
17090684Flamers are the real femboys. They're the ones who actually -act- femme. The ones you see here …[View]
17086826I have tons of physical dysphoria but little social dysphoria. Give me a reason I shouldn't jus…[View]
17091177Why hasn’t an enterprising legbutt created a boymoder clothing line?[View]
17091015Trannies were a mistake[View]
17090958how to get over a relationship hiccup that's my fault: A friend of mine has always joked about …[View]
17088032Killing Eve: What does /lgbt/ think about Villanelle and Eve? Queerbaiting? Romantic love? A disgust…[View]
17088824Which is the real percentage of bottoms in the gay world?: And verses? And how many tops? I need the…[View]
17079467What is Jupitergender?: I've heard of this, but what exactly is it? What does it feel like if y…[View]
17090504How do I make my gf a fatty? I have a force-feeding fetish[View]
17090358Who /transgirl prude/ here I don't even kiss my boyfriend, we just hold hands. Sex will only co…[View]
17083150How do I know if I’m fembrained or malebrained?[View]
17088524Here's your new flag[View]
17090451Is it safe to put a penis in your mouth after its been in your butt?[View]
17089902I want to tun my roommate into my cocksleeve: But she is a straight straight mtf and im a transbian.…[View]
17090528Can I cure gingivitis at home? My gums bleed somewhat easily when I brush my teeth, and I'm afr…[View]
17089287>*father sucks at parenting* >uh oh my son is gay, instead of reasoning with the situation and…[View]
17089378Refusing to honor a transgender person's desire to be called his/her target gender is the same …[View]
17090345>Why do femboys pass better than trannies?[View]
17085711Which is hotter, men or women?: Unacceptable answers: “both” (fuck off bishits) neither literally an…[View]
17084626why do tremboys make fannies seethe?[View]
17088033Does anyone else have gay parents?: I just realized that my dad is probably a closeted homo or sissy…[View]
17087249Does your toilet paper preference pass?[View]
17088654>tell bf im stressed out about something >he holds me, caressing my hair and face, and says th…[View]
17089929Y'all iz sum queer ass mofuckuhs.[View]
17089935Why are a disproportionate amount of people who will grow up to become LGT molested or otherwise abu…[View]
17088223What can I do to make my dysphoria a little bit less terrible? I'am really dysphoric today and…[View]
17087547What is the solution to the Hon Problem?[View]
17089870How do I get my girlfriend to stop touching her dick?[View]
17088885What is your bmi after hrt?[View]
17076268>see boymoder >she's smiling and giggling and flapping her arms >walk up to her >t…[View]
17087367Boymoders and other LGBT people, do you ever kiss and run?: For example a random on the street, do y…[View]
17072077>location >number of gay/lesbian people you know irl >number of trans people you know irl…[View]
17088360/gaygen/ time to get a job edition: Previous >>17086693[View]
17086247does trans pussy actually good to have sex in: i have a question: can you actually have sex with a t…[View]
17087212I know people say you're gayer when high but why am I more submissive when I drink[View]
17089508How do you get a post op trans gf that looks like this to love you forever if you're a bi botto…[View]
17088538Be honest. Would you?[View]
17086947>my boymoder gf does something stupid >or doesn't want to please me >or annoys me with…[View]
17088712Monthly Reminder: It's never too late to stop repressing.: Monthly Reminder: It's never to…[View]
17087068/mtfg/ Ranma Chan edition: https://pastebin.com/LyMhFmT4 Old >>17083465 >tfw no cursed spri…[View]
17087795I'm leaving for uni in less than 40 minutes I'm fucking terrified[View]
17089252Does anyone have the pdf of Transsexual subtypes: Clinical and theoretical significance? https://www…[View]
17086717What's the safest way to get BBC without getting robbed or AIDs. Do I actually have to go get '…[View]
17079438Is any other transbian here normal in public but a living stereotype in private with their gf?[View]
17080686Should I get ffs? Is it worth it? Will it fix me?[View]
17087802Am blonde depressed and stright...How do I find Someoene to hold me....: Am a Cute Blond dude who 6…[View]
17088958>trying to sleep >boymoder keeps running around in circles…[View]
17088472>tfw could easily pass if i just got on hormones >everyone is transphobic where i live includi…[View]
17087617Does this tranny have an onlyfans? She's so cute I'd love to simp for her[View]
17088744>have a chance to get with qt transgirl >I want to top but her dick is more than double the si…[View]
17083223>ywn be female >ywn have the body you were meant to have >ywn have a uterus, ovaries, and v…[View]
17088416Is a gay bar a good place to find a girlfriend who is ok with me being a bisexual guy?[View]
17088346You know you're spending too much time on /tttt/ when: you see 'diaper party' in someone's…[View]
17079837I wish I was a cisgender male, I hate being transgender. I just want to be a real man. I'm tire…[View]
17084390/t4tg/ Trans for trans general: QOTT: what is the best part about being in a relationship?[View]
17083284>be gay twink >I've only had 3 BFs >all bi >all tried to force me to transition Is …[View]
17087926What's the deal with trans women period symptoms? I read all kind of crazy shit about estrogen…[View]
17087143/lgbt/ how do you stop yourself from worrying and overthinking to the point where you make really st…[View]
17085506Lgbt Positivity: I love you anon. Things will get better as long as you keep your chin up and keep t…[View]
17086191>Be with my boymoder gf >She’s playing Fall Guys for the first time >Her first match is See…[View]
17079669Masculinity is overrated[View]
17086693/gaygen/ Good Things to Celebrate about the World Edition: prev >>17084325 map >tagmap.io/t…[View]
17085238Would a trans girl date a guy that rides a motorcycle?[View]
17087396My boymoder won't stop smelling my arms after I apply AndroGel. She keeps saying something abou…[View]
17080883Why do gay bottoms like sucking dick so much more than cis women do?[View]
17081578What do you think of DID systems?[View]
17087395Sexual Assualt: Who here was raped and now they can't talk to older men (and maybe trans people…[View]
17087318Does Greta Thunberg pass?[View]
17087284>grifting money and validation off twitter >avoiding being gay bashed by being a boymoder in p…[View]
17087908What's with all the frogposting: I feel like i've been banished to /pol/ circa 2016[View]
17087600why are there so many tripfags on this forum? Is it so we can tell who you are when you join the 41%…[View]
17082058contra EXPOSED as FUCKING racist.[View]
17087740>be me ftm >have very stinky mangina[View]
17087677Can anyone describe what it feels like to look attractive or even average What does it feel like whe…[View]
17083656Is my mom repressing?: >at the psychologist >my mom says i can't be a girl because i play…[View]
17087810I think I'm trans: I don't know what to do. I feel like I've been living a lie my ent…[View]
17087507Am so lonely...........: am straight but so dam lonely.......i don't know what to do i just wan…[View]
17080506>Tfw you've have every trans surgery imaginable and still don't pass >FFS >SRS an…[View]
17084413Sup, /LiGBuTts/. Genuine question here. What the fuck do people mean when they say they fight for lg…[View]
17075143Why is this board obnoxiously self pitying? Its like every other post is trying to hint as much vuln…[View]
17083931Was skull-chan right?[View]
17084251>be bi >get date with a girl >get in a relationship with her >have sex with her >no l…[View]
17086911>tfw you spend $250k on FFS and only pass with a mask on Who else knows this feel?…[View]
17084325/gaygen/ Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead Edition: prev >>17082421 map >tagmap.io/tag/gaygen qo…[View]
17087489Skullchan might be right.[View]
17078910Just got fired from my minimum wage grocery store job for not being able to come in at 5am How do I …[View]
17086966Trannies should all convert to femboyism because you can reincarnate as a girl for real after you di…[View]
17087135>mtf hsts with aap help[View]
17087173uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh: So I realized I'm into femboys and shit, wasn't sure if it made me ga…[View]
17086152Boymoders, do you bite your lip when you see chad?[View]
17087215Why do trannies put their toilet paper the wrong way?[View]
17086445mc vibes: Anybody here ever notice trannie's give off a main character vibe; that is indistingu…[View]
17083856Fuck piece of shot goddamned ffs fuck it: Fuck you everybody you said I was gonna look cis with ffs …[View]
17079064>lf nanami touko gf[View]
17086063I've been told I should become a twitter tranny, how do I do this? How do I get followers &…[View]
17087044any other gay men only date transwomen?: but only if theyve had srs. i do not like penis[View]
17086386What is it with so many trans here posting anime, is there a correlation?[View]
17081196are you funny?[View]
17086969>1 week on HRT >nothing changed except limp dick in the morning Have I been lied to by the tra…[View]
17080486Is it really possible to find love as a boymoder?[View]
170806711 month post op FFS with Dr. Mardirossian, feeling good about how I look, def recommend[View]
17079243How do I know if I should really transition or if I'm possessed by a demon who's trying to…[View]
17068132Does stabbing your stomach work well? Sorry for picrel.[View]
17083105White trannies/boymodders, how do black guys treat you?[View]
17086135>tfw ended up in a loving 3 person transbian poly relationship I'm a meme and I'm ok wi…[View]
17079531passing is mostly about gestures, change my mind: the reason why the person in this webm passes (unt…[View]
17084835I am a gay man. I’ve met a lot of trans women in college and I totally respect their pronouns and id…[View]
17083750Women without make up don't pass either[View]
17084690Post gaydens who have been blacked.[View]
17085363oh my god I love choking on this girl's dick so much save me from this[View]
17085446I want a bf who regularly beats me and calls me things like A shemale A tranny A fake woman And …[View]
17061302I hope you're proud of yourself /tttt/: https://trapsarentgay.com/[View]
17082359>be ftm >customer calls my cis female coworker 'sir' >she corrects him >he insists he ca…[View]
17085798Spot the flaws.[View]
17085599What's waiting at the end?[View]
17079163How did where you lived growing up affect your gender expression? If you lived somewhere different d…[View]
17084405My bf said he’d break up with me if I posted my bare tits on here again. So here’s a pic of my bare …[View]
17085377Any other men look at boymoders for motivation to become a chad?[View]
17068294Positives to being trans? dont say :no period' or 'can't get preg'[View]
17076700>Dad founded pic related in my room >He wants to have a serious talk to me What should I do?…[View]
17085153what's the best way to punish my boymoder when she won't behave?[View]
17070551MtFs, does your semen pass?: Is it clear and runny or white and thick?[View]
17068250Why does the gay community try to silence sissies and pretend like we don’t exist, or call us cringe…[View]
17071756My bf asked me to wear a skirt out of the blue. I'm sorry but what the fuck does this mean? Is …[View]
17085494>straight best friend gave me a hug and comforted me when I was feeling sad >immediately fell …[View]
17085406I confused my masochism for attraction to women: Whole life be into guys typical effeminate bottom f…[View]
17079831Is it wrong for a gay bottom to go full crossdress girly mode on his wedding day and wear a wedding …[View]
17085108Anyone else afraid to transition because they're scared of women?[View]
17084783I want a lap pillow from a nice transgirl[View]
17079651Is he a boymoder?[View]
17082625Trannies be honest: How many of you are unironically prostituting yourselves for a living? (onlyfans…[View]
17084024Sometimes my roommate will just randomly fuck me, he'll walk into my room and be like ' are you…[View]
17080324How long do you give HRT before you throw in the towel? It feels like nothing has changed. I don…[View]
17085066is it weird that i’ve gotten more and more comfortable with my dick and want someone to go down on m…[View]
17083023Help guys: I don't want to like men. I'm a cis guy and I've been questioned about my …[View]
17084293The only time I was convinced that a tranny was really their target gender >cis normal guy >ug…[View]
17078352chasers, would you still love your tranner gf even if she got the penis removed[View]
17069885So, bottoms of /TTTT/ ...: ...whats your ideal partner dick size? Would you consider dating a dickl…[View]
17082099Boymoders, do you ever shake your butt at home?[View]
17084370Boymoders, what did it cost?: What sacrifices have you made to stay in boymode? I cut my hair…[View]
17045555imagine being so mentally fucked up and full of self hatred you curve slurs into your body and peel …[View]
17084655This board feels like home: It’s the most relatable place in the world.. That’s all[View]
17083465/mtfg/ Transwoman General: Don't let this be a political edition https://pastebin.com/LyMhFmT4 …[View]
17078364Ok tranners it's time to post your heels[View]
17084539does she pass?[View]
17084200Well /lgbt/? Are you big brain?[View]
17080651If trans people aren't actually their preferred gender mentally then why is Terje the most male…[View]
17072722Post your phone case and have others guess what type of gay you are.[View]
17082421/gaygen/ - sexy woody edition: old: >>17080768[View]
17079552Which one of you did this and why?[View]
17084076>when the cummy ache hits[View]
17078062When is it too early to know you're gay?[View]
17076266/bigen/ - bisexual general: Favorite Color Edition qott: What's /bigen/'s favorite color? …[View]
17083878Are you a gayfish too... Sublime badfish[View]
17080244Therapy at 5pm: Lesssssst. Go bois ![View]
17080885a youngshit told me to fucking bind my dick today, can we have a hallocaust for these spergs?[View]
17083668>tfw transgirl >hate my lack of curves/thiccness and small breasts >super dysphoric about m…[View]
17083678Kass's QOTD 2.0: How do you deal with the fact that you're never going to be right in the …[View]
17082317does she pass?[View]
17082751we live in a society where you can't even find a boymoder gf[View]
17081824retard babytranny struggles episode 9949839578427346576: how much do shoulders actually shrink on hr…[View]
17082645Why does everyone love Jeffree Star so much? I swear, this guy is so overrated and he is not even pr…[View]
17081876How do you avoid getting puffy nipples as a mtf?[View]
17082844>another transphobe died[View]
17081252Castration Fetish: Am I the only one? years of hating my genitals has made the thought of them being…[View]
17079367is the boymoder meme dying? will we soon all have to girlmode because to do otherwise would be cring…[View]
17080689relationships with parents as a trans person: have any of you had your relationship with parents imp…[View]
17083463Every single human being who has ever existed, or will ever exist, is non-binary. It's just tha…[View]
17081006Do boys like it when you look into their eyes as you suck their cock?[View]
17079094What games does /tttt/ play?[View]
17076106I'm a straight trans girl but I think transbians and bi trans girls are nice and people shouldn…[View]
17077529how the fuck do boymoders do it if you live with your parents? wont someone catch you eventually ste…[View]
17082900help: how do you cope with being abhorrently ugly and an abomination in the eyes of not only god, bu…[View]
17064052Can you take a bad dragon?[View]
17082473If I do this will I get a hot girl butt or look even manlier?[View]
17081225How do i know if i'm gay, trans, or etc?: My views on gender are extremely influenced by this p…[View]
17081529Ever thought about reverting to straight?: >cis lesbian since 2015 >pretty right-leaning >l…[View]
17075474why are you gae?[View]
17080542Atleast 50% of people who think they pass don't pass in reality. Trannies in 3D are way differe…[View]
17068053Is the EU Going to Take Measures Against Anti-LGBT Government in Poland?: The political establishmen…[View]
17078785Transgirls, do you watch any Beauty Gurus? If so, which ones?[View]
17057586/ftmg/ - Youngshit Edition: Previous: >>17038043 QOTT: At what age did you start your transit…[View]
17080768/gaygen/ - bleached edition: prev >>17078349[View]
17072913/passgen/ - it's Friday /tttt/ You know the drill. Good luck[View]
17081657Tattoo Thread: Do you have tattoos? Do they pass?[View]
17075488Does she pass?[View]
17082214For the past two weeks I've had this reoccurring dream where someone in my family finds out tha…[View]
16967328/vtg/ - voice training general: octahedron edition post clips, give feedback join the server at disc…[View]
17081419is INFP the most likely personality type to be a tranner?[View]
17081649>get a tranny gf >she doesn't want to be introduced to my friends and family Guys, am I…[View]
17078749Knowing if someone actually cares about you beyond using you to get off?: Like if you're a male…[View]
17077126Why are women like this?[View]
17055644I’m ftm and I’m still going to buy it.[View]
17081029FFS: Any good surgeon recommendations for FFS? I'll post pics and updates[View]
17080893You are uglier than this MAN[View]
17078368JK Rowling and her works (Harry Potter) are suddenly popular again because trannies gave her too muc…[View]
17079660I genuinely don't understand genders outside of male and female. I understand that there are tw…[View]
17080150Dysphoria fatigue: Does hrt sort out the brain fog and lacklustre? I have fatigue that sleep doesn…[View]
17078693Anyone ever try sex work? Honestly $400 CDN for an hour of bottoming sounds more appealing than stoc…[View]
17079231I really want to kill myself at this point help[View]
17079305I want to talk to a twink[View]
17081510>friend (185cm asian dude) complaining about how he cant get a job at front counter cos he looks …[View]
17080791What are the chances this person was sexually abused as a child by a caregiver? https://www.pornhub.…[View]
17076967Should I get this chastity cage: or is it cringe[View]
17079913/mtfg/ Transgirl General: lobster edition https://pastebin.com/LyMhFmT4 Old >>17075937[View]
17068291/repgen/: Hollow bitter husk edition QOTT: how do you cope.[View]
17080900What was the reaction like when you brang the chocolate bf home to meet the family?[View]
17078732How do i get an afeminated bf as masc male who wasted his 25 years of life being a boring straightoi…[View]
17078349/gaygen/ - last season's cast edition: last: >>17076413[View]
17070320>fascist takeover of US government >first they come for the Mexicans, all Mexicans get killed …[View]
17078598Which is more attractive to you?[View]
17074750All other things aside how would the average straight mtf feel if their bf only fucked them with a s…[View]
17077897>tfw depressed transgirl >get out of bed early >take my pills >eat a healthy breakfast …[View]
17065323Does trangirl/ladyboy/mtf/hrt femboy/boymoder/>girl/trap/shemale penis smell better than cis male…[View]
17028681/bmg/ Boymoder General: Boymoder greentext compilation: https://twitter.com/BoymoderNetwork/status/1…[View]
17080183My trans gf told me she is a nazi and hates Jews and black people. Most of my family is Jewish thoug…[View]
17078477>masculine tops >androgynous twinks >passing trannies >twinks >femboys >normal bot…[View]
17075576/offtopic/ - Off-Topic General: Talk about what's going on in your life outside of your sexuali…[View]
17072958Are there girlmoders?: Just answer.[View]
17078579Cis girl: >Can you please call me 'he' on this online video game, I don't want to get attent…[View]
17077757straight femboys are based for making chaser faggots seethe[View]
17075646Be completely honest with me. Is it possible to ever be happy as a tranny? I detransitioned a year a…[View]
17079801How do you get an mtf with a similar look to pic related to remain faithful to you for the rest of y…[View]
17073284Anyone else kinda become ace after you started dating people? I just feel like sex and physical cont…[View]
17068043How can I pass better The hat got me almost to looking like cis female right? How can I get the res…[View]
17078280Im so fucking lonely: Im a bisexual male and ive never been in a relationship at age 23 and its real…[View]
17077825If I'm a black femboy wannabe with 4C hair who is not remotely feminine, realistically are ther…[View]
17077573>I hear you wanna be a girl. Aight then. Lemme help. Bend over whyte boi. How do you respond to t…[View]
17078558>tfw no shy nerdy bf[View]
17075125i feel so pathetic: >anxious and depressed >5'7 >generally pathetic physically >meme my…[View]
17079477>go see my doctor for HRT refills >he says I'm very pretty now and he forgot I was trans …[View]
17079434It's over.[View]
17078972hrt on underages?: How soon is too soon? I started HRT at 17 DIY because I had no family support. No…[View]
17079339>mother said 'so you're still doing that HRT thing?' today[View]
17079384Transed at 20 and have a very male skull and face, but my gf sees me as a woman and I feel happy whe…[View]
17075329how important is wearing a bra? I've been on HRT for three years now but I've never gotten…[View]
17070345spot the tranner[View]
17079241Kass's QOTD 1.5: Whats the last book you read?: Whirlwind by James Clavell. It was an okay read…[View]
17071397Does corset training work? Do any of you have experience?[View]
17075217it feels so pointless to try relationship stuff, I don't know why but I just can't bring m…[View]
17079003I ass-tribbed with another tranner while we were both wearing chastity cages and it was fucking ever…[View]
17072805Non trans people of this board, do you see trans girls as girls?[View]
17074518/acegen/: Depression edition.[View]
17053633/fte/ - FtM Edgelords general: Dangerous Deviant edition. Discord: https://discord.gg/FtvRqn What ki…[View]
17064064What are your thoughts on gaygen's trips?[View]
17073609Are tomboys LGBT?: When we were small, our mothers called us tomboys. It was no big deal. Now in 202…[View]
17078427Someone posted an article here the other day about trans people that mentioned g1 g2 and g3 trans ty…[View]
17074477I did it! I got a boyfriend and he introduced me to his parents and friends, so he isn’t embarrassed…[View]
17073970Starterpack Thread: Yeah it's overcrowded and shitty, what about it?[View]
17076280Why couldn't I be a eunuch boytoy concubine to a Roman emperor? No testicles, no responsibiliti…[View]
17077842At my new job they call me by my deadname because I didn't think I passed yet (and also haven…[View]
17077230Is 23 too late to transition M-t-F?[View]
17076413/gaygen/: fall of gondolin edition prev >>17074734[View]
17077930who was the first /lgbt/ person you were exposed to? pic related for me, my older brother used to pl…[View]
17077853are femboys part of lgbt?[View]
17078292I think I've broken something inside myself: I have like no interest in anyone anymore[View]
17073976>adopted a boymoder just to entertain myself for a bit >actually starting to fall in love with…[View]
17068650How accepting is your country of your letter, /lgbt/?[View]
17073833Why is having sex as a girl so insanely hot?[View]
17077510Kass's QOTD: How did your peers react when you came out?: Very poorly. They didn't take my…[View]
17074728>transbian >After bed death >'we' decide to fuck other people to satisfy our sexual necessi…[View]
17076934No, I don't have genital or social dysphoria. No, I don't care about being trutrans. No, I…[View]
17077834Am I prison gay if I only realized I like guys at 25? They're just much better to date, they…[View]
17072546>girlfriend's roommate is non binary >wasn't sure what I was getting into or what th…[View]
17072237>NB >somewhat recently became single >considering cutting my hair & binding to date str…[View]
17073004Who run the world? Boymoders.[View]
17077046She’s youngshit right? Look at the forearms, has to be an early stealthy tranner. Hunter Schaffer an…[View]
17075937/mtfg/ Transgirl General: ganbaru edition https://pastebin.com/LyMhFmT4 Old >>17072486[View]
17070200BDD isn’t real. It’s a lie told to ugly people to make them feel better. I don’t have BDD, I’m just …[View]
17074894I wish I got feminized by a mommy gf when I was a skinny twink. Now I'm a bear transgirl chase…[View]
17077043I've been attracted to men my entire life. I'm going to detransition and try to date women…[View]
17076712Hey!! How you holding up my fellow faggots?![View]
17077079Is it common for mtfs to want to be with you if you constantly bang your head full force into walls …[View]
17076092Should tranners/trans-adjacent femboys learn to cook well to attract husbands? I'm much more o…[View]
17075373What's the name of the sexuality of a cis straight man who faps to futanari every day but never…[View]
17075901Two (cis) friends of mine are fawning over this short and there's no way I can criticize it wit…[View]
17074611Make transphobia bannable outside of /b/.[View]
17076023Traps are just a fetish for most straight men, change my mind.[View]
17076633>mfw i posted a shitty blurry picture where i look like a total hon to /tttt/ back when i was a b…[View]
17073789I am finally starting to feel cute and pretty, just like anon said I could be...[View]
17076039As the namefag that makes most of the posts on this board, I'd like to point out that all of th…[View]
17074372I wish I had a fucking vagina. I hate this.[View]
17076279I want to get FFS but I identify as a femme gay guy. Do I have to lie to a psychologist and tell th…[View]
17075543What are you drinking today /tttt/ ?[View]
17074734/gaygen/ Colonialism Edition: Old >>17071518[View]
17074408who else /sad/: me me me[View]
17058992how do yall feel about felix/ferris arygle[View]
17074511HELP: HOW the FUCK do i continue on ladies and gents??? I have been experiencing dysphoria since i w…[View]
17075250Someone told me(boymoder) that I look like an elf. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?[View]
17072138Feels good to be a moth: >Not being able to just make a giant cocoon in order to change your gend…[View]
17074359I'm lonely.[View]
17075939How do I stop believing that trannies are mentally ill degenerate freaks? Alternatively, how do I st…[View]
17076154I though bottoms were as cute as anime characters. I was tricked into being a fag[View]
17072800How did this happen: Be me Started dating a girl Month into relationship she says she wants to be …[View]
17074957Question to Tripfags: To the tripfags of /lgbt/: Why do you trip? I'm not judging, I just want …[View]
17071947If straightoids have Blacked & gays have Noirmale why hasn't someone made an equivalent for…[View]
17075343Do I pass /lgbt/ ?[View]
17071628PC Gender: What gender do you pick when you play a game and what gender do you identify as?[View]
17075086Do you consider trap a slur? I didn’t really until I watched that Contra video and it gave me a bet…[View]
17075838I’m homophobic[View]
17075726trans lesbians are valid lesbians[View]
17075697Is there any hope for a 5'4 top or should i just take the bottompill?[View]
17075708>tried to playfully wrestle with my bf >he starts screaming and crying >'I can't belie…[View]
17075641are the talking points ''there are no right wing non-binary'' and ''nb…[View]
17075611I'm into men and men with manboobs. Am I bi?[View]
17073174AGP vs HSTS doesn't exist: AGP just means higher sex drive.[View]
17026147/HRTGen/ HRT General 264: Sleepy Tranners Edition: Previous: >>16979672 >Help, advice, guid…[View]
17075440Repressing Dyshporia: I'm a MTF and i recently stopped repressing and i've been a lot happ…[View]
17073066Sports is the gayest profession just below acting. Prove me wrong.[View]
17075403gadunka is pretty fucking goals ngl[View]
17075140So... a regular person? What am I missing here.[View]
17074106Well, /lgbt/, I turn 19 in 10 minutes. Over the last half of a year on injections and cypro, boymodi…[View]
17075201What is it with the generals these days?: All of the interesting links have been replaced by pastebi…[View]
17074688Can you really lose height on hrt? I’m 5’7” and would love to lose a inch or two.[View]
17070474I used to think straight trans women were basically Blanchard’s homosexual transsexuals, ultra-femin…[View]
17073039A Choice: MtFs, a wish-granting being appears before you. He offers you one of two options. If you t…[View]
17069030Who and what is unchaser.[View]
17072478Whats the most strange way you can say youre lgbtqia+?: For me, i would say that im a drug addict wi…[View]
17074749Give me one reason not to join the 41[View]
17073551White Transbian Socialist Autogynophile How else may I piss you off today?[View]
17073118Are some parts of the non-binary community going too far?: I'm not sure how many of you have se…[View]
17074188ROGD thread: Let’s talk about something controversial tonight /tttt/! Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria (…[View]
17074658it doesnt matter if I can pass or not it doesnt matter if I repress or not none of it matters, ill n…[View]
17072263Ich bin ein Berliner? Nein, more like ich bin ein Wahmen[View]
17074616Is anyone else a lot happier just manmoding instead of bothering to girlmode because it would take t…[View]
17071518/gaygen/ - Wtf... Anime Is Real? Edition: Literally Shaking And Crying Right Now Previous: >>1…[View]
17072290If trans women are women, then how come they can't define the word 'woman?'[View]
17071490my agp can go away right? like 50% of the time i want to be emo sadboi and the other 50% i wanna be …[View]
17073955Coming Out of the 'Closet' late: Ive been married to this woman for one and a half years with a kid …[View]
17067131MTF and FTM What's your endgame as far as this whole transitioning thing is concerned?[View]
17073810What are you supposed to do if you get FFS and still don't pass[View]
17069501Anyone else addicted to sissy hypno? I listen to that shit for about 6 years now and it got to the p…[View]
17069988Hairstyle sugestions?: I wanna dye blond, but i dont wanna get clocked because i have a fried whitey…[View]
17074201Any girlmoders out there who take T that have to hide things?: To the anon who mentioned this on the…[View]
17074207What does /tttt/ think of Dave Carter, the deceased folk musician and long-time repressor who was pl…[View]
17071106>bottom brapped on me the one time i let her sit on my face[View]
17074244>post a picture of myself >always say im pre hrt >in fact on hrt for 1 1/2 years along with…[View]
17072702I love my stupid bottom bf: He must never know this[View]
17064712fellow twinks and femboys: what are your deepest sexual desires? pic unrelated I just like sewerslvt[View]
17056260>spoke to GP in june >its now mid september, still not referred >once i get referred i have…[View]
17072757Achieving our Goals Thread: By request. A /tttt/ thread in its inception, however all letters are we…[View]
17074196Anyone else enjoy the sight of a fat long rock solid cock swinging around on a femboy or transgirl?[View]
17074187Who is also here asexual/demisexual non-binary agender pansexual sapiosexual? My pronounces are xe/…[View]
17073743>mfw sex not being a binary means that low-t males are unironically less men that high-t alphas w…[View]
17073768Tourist here, I've been wondering something for a while, is straight males being wrongly suspec…[View]
17070872How screwed am I?: >be me, 23 Y/o male >straight, though experimented a little in my teen year…[View]
17072340Can someone help me?: I’m looking for a book by a radical feminist that was about the beauty of yout…[View]
17073740fucking Gay: https://youtu.be/EjtRr35rhGk[View]
17073361why the fuck would anyone find kalvin garrah attractive[View]
17071476Do men automatically assume that you are attracted to them just because you are a tranny?: Did you s…[View]
17064945/bigen/ - bisexual general: Desert Edition qott: Have you gone to a desert? Do you like sand? Cold d…[View]
17073127How do you permanently 'crack your egg'?: It's cringe, I know. But I started question…[View]
17066062I'm Japanese, but I'd like to ask a question about Transgender in other countries. Is ther…[View]
17072486/mtfg/ male to female general: Links: https://pastebin.com/LyMhFmT4 Last: >>17068619 QOTT: Wha…[View]
17069709I ain't Eva: Niggas I ain't Eva, I'm still playing that game of 4D chess[View]
17069180>trading wizard cards with other kids on the playground without the prefects or teachers catching…[View]
17072637GOD I WISH I WAS A CUTE WOMAN: I think the dysphoria is hitting hard tonight. I know that faceapp is…[View]
17073019who wants to make an embassy with >>>/bant/? let's say hi and spread some positiveness…[View]
17070333Are femboys really gay if you just keep them as a fetish? Would anyone here actually dress up like a…[View]
17066941>every famous tranny is a narcissistic BPD sex worker or a cringey hon >the only significance …[View]
17054800/agpgen/ - Plushie Edition: /agpg/ - Autogynephilia General: Plushie Edition >QOTT(s) Does AGP ha…[View]
17003445Crush: Which /lgbt/ trip is your crush?[View]
17070444>Repressor at 13 >went to susan's place >see hons as my future. >Repress for 10 yea…[View]
17068519bait thread title: why is [thing that isn't true] true? will [group of people i dislike] ever r…[View]
17069457I'm a 5'4 incel, pinkpill me please[View]
17071392Why do I jerk off to cd and traps all the time?: Yo. Does anyone understand why I jerk off to cross …[View]
17060266Dear trannies: do you find the word tranny to be offensive?[View]
17072261Does anyone know if these are legit? if not can someone direct me to hrt that I can get without goin…[View]
17072455>try to do makeup >look fucking hideous literally kill me…[View]
17071414I just want to be a cute, hot INFP girl with huge boobs that has tons of guys that consider me their…[View]
17071379I can't wait to show off my body once I'm done losing weight.[View]
17072247Maybe I'll do something tomorrow[View]
17071956what the fuck is my sexuality: genuinely confused i always considered myself heterosexual recently f…[View]
17068651Survey: Curious about the ratio of MtF to FtM here. Care to vote? https://www.strawpoll.me/20959192…[View]
17068834can i transition into a femboy does phalloplasty ever look passable/can u cum[View]
17071369Cracking the egg: >Dad divorced mom, came out as bi, and now almost exclusively fucks bottom boys…[View]
17070289Does taking DHT blockers permanently shrink your penis and give you gyno?[View]
17071588Is this a good suicide note for a repressor?[View]
17066526How does detransitioning work? I want to start HRT, but I'd rather be a repress than a hon, so …[View]
17067394At work, nobody knows that I am trans. Here's how I managed to hide my secret.: At work, nobody…[View]
17067932which bathroom should someone whos a twinkhon in the face but has pretty decent hips and chest use? …[View]
17066631>I'm totally a straight guy, I just really like fucking dudes though That's what you 'c…[View]
17071348How come eating out a trans girl's asshole is CUTE and TRANSCENDENT but eating a man's ass…[View]
17066092>dad is subscribed to my OnlyFans[View]
17070039If your voice passes why not become a vtuber? You will finally be loved by many and can openly expre…[View]
17071124Is it normal for virgins to hate the idea of having sex, even when in love with someone, until they …[View]
17069959Repressors calling themselves 'agp' and refusing to take hrt because of it is just another shitty co…[View]
17070013/gaygen/ - Otherworldly Edition: Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWFsJGta5TU Previous …[View]
17070781>'Trans women being men in dresses is a harmful stereotype' >meanwhile in reality they are oft…[View]
17071485Convince me being transgender can be a good thing and not something I shouldnt just shun entirely. I…[View]
17071429Would transition have saved him?[View]
17066801like 80% of what you read on here is going to be stuff chasers made up to make us disgusting sex obj…[View]
17070840/lgbt/ - Bat Mitzvah Edition: Why are jewish girls so gay? It's always some 'bisexual' jewess w…[View]
17071008I might be dating a meta attracted transgirl: I'd say its a coin flip on whether or not her att…[View]
17067839i've been waiting a week for my hrt and it hasn't even shipped yet: songs/video games/post…[View]
17066316Are trans people better than cis people? Yes.[View]
17057049Do you regret missing out on a girl childhood?[View]
17067976When did you realize you were actually transbian?: Tell me how you grew out of meta attraction and g…[View]
17068509were there any actually good trans spaces (online or irl) pre-2010s?: ive always been fascinated wit…[View]
17070184Do you think this comic about J.K. Rowling is accurate?: Is this how normies see the situation? (Rel…[View]
17065201If you could take a pill that would make you completely comfortable with your agab forever would you…[View]
17070053>actually being a commie and trans Is there anything more cringe?[View]
17063084S.A.G.E. test: post you test result and your gay letter http://www.hemingways.org/GIDinfo/sage/test.…[View]
17064362why do you want to be a mother?[View]
17070255Did Dutch actually do it? Did the mad man actually get Terje pregnant? I don't see them here as…[View]
17067992Would it be cringe if I told my gender therapist I think he's a hottie and I want him to pound …[View]
17069852Who else /boywife/: or '/bwg/ - boywife general'[View]
17068190why is 'tranny' considered a bad word?[View]
17052257>Tranner >Boyfriend is 26 years older than me >Been dating for over a year >He asked me …[View]
17070360All the posts about mpreg were just a meme right?[View]
17070208Is it gay if it made your babysitter think so?: So when I was 4 my babysitter walked out of the thea…[View]
17064549Does my hand look feminine enough?: I'm a trans girl. I use lotion and paint my nails. Is it wo…[View]
170693104D chess move: I can't stop winning[View]
17057859My Beautiful wife Contra just hit over 1 million views on her latest video! Say something nice about…[View]
17067646Trans people: I get people are trans. But why would you want to cut off your dick?[View]
17070007What the heck even is a 'trap'?: What exactly is a 'trap' even supposed to be trapping you into? A '…[View]
17069588>white bf plowing me raw >told me he's going to get me pregnant and clean up my gene pool…[View]
17068355/gaygen/ - Cheese Edition: Previous thread: >>17066968[View]
17065801Bottoms: Are all bottoms confusing and hard to read, or is mine just defective? I often feel like he…[View]
17069597How can one woman be so based?[View]
17069702margot: >be a man >claim to be a woman >get a harem of lesbians >gather 60 000€ from cuc…[View]
17058798In retrospect, was that meme true?[View]
17067132Changing your aspect through surgery doesnt change your sex cos its written in your chromosomes. Eve…[View]
17068619/mtfg/ male to female general: Links: https://pastebin.com/LyMhFmT4 Last: >>17065463 QOTT: Nou…[View]
17065549What would you do if your bottom bit down on your dick?[View]
17049187Getting orchidectomy in a week: Balls go snap Feels freeing[View]
17069549Do I pass? Be honest please.[View]
17067959If you dont look like ayyden pre-transition IT'S OVER.[View]
17069380Do I pass? No hugboxing please.[View]
17068879what percent of the dysphoria you have is metadysphoria?[View]
17067961The new head of HR just implemented 'Penis Inspection Day': Why is she doing this and how is it lega…[View]
17069280What do you think. Does he ping.[View]
17063168Can bottoms still be alpha males?: Just wondering[View]
17068658How is 'two-spirit' different from just, regular queerness?: So I noticed that 'two-spirit' has been…[View]
17063746why are tranners still coming here with all the trolling and shitposting they receive? Do they not k…[View]
17068513>cute transbians don't exi-[View]
17047609How does one reconcile being trans and a follower of Jesus Christ? Also Radiochan, I've heard w…[View]
17065402I’m bisexual: straight in every way that matters emotionally, female crushes etc. but my strongest c…[View]
17066250Wouldn't it be like fulfilling your childhood dreams if you were a gay AGP bottom in iran compa…[View]
17066521Any other bisexual versatile tranners here? >willing to top or bottom for anything from a high fe…[View]
17067751should I buy one?[View]
17065127Why are bi bottoms so much more submissive and fun in bed than gay bottoms are?[View]
17067539'Demisexual' is a stupid word, and isn't a sexual orientation.: I feel like 'demisexual' is a r…[View]
17062608SecretGamerGrrl: Does she deserve all the abuse I see?[View]
17068850Since this is the residental expert at pronoun's board, I need to ask what the fuck is Xe/Xem p…[View]
17068272do I pass as FTM?: hi guys, 6 months on T. would I get clocked?[View]
17067379Heteronormativity moments: How has heteronormativity affected your life? Can you think of a moment t…[View]
17068572Describe your dream wedding and honeymoon[View]
17068068How do you all get rid of your body hair?: I shaved my body hair for the first time ever about a wee…[View]
17068590I love makeup. It helps me cope with my dysphoria.[View]
17064494What do societies exist for, if not to protect boymoders like this?[View]
17059628Reminder that HSTS are AGP too.[View]
17065836Are trannies like this?: Are trannies non-hypergamous?[View]
17067869As AI won't arrive until 2040 at the earliest, how do you get a transgirl as attractive as pic …[View]
17068045Wnats your Excuse?: Why don't you make the world a better place? https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/16…[View]
17066968/gaygen/ obsessed edition: Previous: >>17064676[View]
17062852/stg/ - straight trans general: QOTT: do you browse any other generals/boards? Links: https://pasteb…[View]
17058416MtF - live is over at 29: >29 years old >been on HRT for 10 years >never been in love >g…[View]
17065128Would it be weird if an 18 year old tranner dates a 49 year old man?[View]
17066867is there a male version of autogynephillia? Like being sexually aroused at the concept of being a ma…[View]
17067905Are names Important?: Do names reflect or direct personality? Do they matter? Obviously I chose wise…[View]
17064005/lgbt/ would you fuck him?[View]
17066779Say what you will about her attention-grabbing tactics, she’s done more to draw attention to trans i…[View]
17067246bf gave me a raspberry attack on my tummy again how do i get back at him?[View]
17067286Who are the most notorious trenders on /tttt/?[View]
17062473Is there anything that resembles the futch scale but for males?[View]
17064254who /neet/ here? being around other people is too dysphoria inducing so I'm going back to the n…[View]
17062720Boymoders, describe the perfect date.[View]
17049680Is liking touhou a tranny red flag?[View]
17067107Is she trans?[View]
17052640SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX[View]
17062458I hate myself so much for not transitioning 10 years ago when I was a twink. Now I'm old and ug…[View]
17065897Straight trans man x egg woman is the cutest relationship dynamic, and the one where there is more l…[View]
17062261Female chasers: What are they like, /lgbt/? My experience is most of them chase trans women because …[View]
17067254>Dad founded pic related in my room >He talked to me and said that he was serious about disown…[View]
17064269>Want to identify as a bi lesbian Non-Binary trans woman >know it's cringe >know I wil…[View]
17065005Why did most gays get molested as children?[View]
17062398I'm going to uni in 2 days Anyone have any last minute advice?[View]
17063873do guys like 'boring' transgirls? I don't like parties or bars, I don't really get out muc…[View]
17066991the only way i can pass is if i work out so i need to get off my ass and hit the gym. i can do it. i…[View]
17067196Is it unreasonable to ask my uncle or boyfriends dad to help pay for FFS? How do I approach this wit…[View]
17061696When did this meme start? Why are there comments from asexuals talking about others 'validating' the…[View]
17062374what interests are trutrans and which ones aren't? I need to know what I should enjoy and what …[View]
17064947If a bisexual cis man dates a bisexual cis woman, is it still a LGBT relationship at that point or a…[View]
17062260reminder: trannies are agp femboys are hsts[View]
17063462How to overcome the sunk cost fallacy and finally detransition?[View]
17065068LGB: Why is transgender included in LGBT when it isn't even a sexuality according to them?…[View]
17064128Why do feminine guys, GNC males, femboys etc, only ever blame trannies for discrimination against th…[View]
17045085Bi man x bi woman is the most based relationship ever. Breeders will rule the Earth[View]
17062565Is this the reddit repressor sub?: Sometimes I feel like I should try this, being extremely AGP and …[View]
17064676/gaygen/ - Legs edition: old: >>17060967[View]
17063965Not gay but want sex: I'm not gay, I'm only sexually attracted to girls. After 25 years of…[View]
17064612Any MA legbutts wanna be my cosplay partner once Corona-chan blows over?: Specifically a Hisui and K…[View]
17066067>tfw want to be pinkpilled by a mommy trans but i'm already a girl it hurts...…[View]
17063344How fuck up is it I want to top guys but bottom for girls? I'm a hrt femboy.[View]
17065536Praise your emperor, femobis[View]
17064221Give me 3 reasons not to hang myself[View]
17065847How does one get a sugar daddy to pay for their surgeries, like hair implants and FFS?[View]
17064216>mtf friend says some self depreciating shit >get annoyed and say 'shut up bitch' >she blu…[View]
17045359Is there a polite way to ask someone if they're trans?[View]
17064989>mfw transgirl >been dating a boy since around Christmas >we decide to have sex for the fir…[View]
17057890>come out to parents >they tell me never to speak to them again >call them back the next da…[View]
17065534>skinny >androgynous face >shorter than my friends >hairless >have a lisp >everyt…[View]
17062256who else /daddyissues/[View]
17065444>got carried away with horniness and ended up turning around and topping my top anyone else?…[View]
17065463/mtfg/ male to female general: Links: https://pastebin.com/LyMhFmT4 Last: >>17062432 QOTT: Big…[View]
17058444I want to be straight: I wanna do conversion therapy. I dont want to be gay why do I have to be like…[View]
17062425Can big historical events change your sexuality?: Growing up, I was completely straight. Then one da…[View]
17062904/lgbt/ Does size matter for MtFs?: I usually dated cis women after my coming out but now I want to d…[View]
17064953photos on ids: I usually pass p well irl even in boymode, but whenever I have a picture of myself ta…[View]
17062957>Filipino LGBT >Get discriminated but fight it like a man >Most become successful in life,…[View]
17063888Transwomen, how do you feel about anal birthing?[View]
17063254>Femboy is the opposite of tomboy yet they both end in “boy” Why is this allowed?…[View]
17064967https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_R3B2Xr8kwQ this is the chaser anthem and you cant change my mind.…[View]
17064451Coud someone help me: So I need a gender dysphoria diagnosis to get ffs and I am currently with a th…[View]
17062301There are two kinds of trans women: Transbian/Pansexual: >awkward teenage male who couldn't …[View]
17064513>talking to an older man I met on Tinder >hitting it off pretty well >excited that I might …[View]
17064777Can a 5'0' cis male be a top or should I just give up and prep the booty?[View]
17062536I don't want to do all this tranny stuff anymore. I just want to wear comfy pajamas, play mario…[View]
17062310bi guys who suck dick: tell me about your first time. did you hook up with him again?[View]
17064710I feel like AGPs and HSTS' are so completely different that they shouldn't be under the sa…[View]
17060967/gaygen/ - Militaires Sans Frontières Edition: Previous - >>17058460[View]
17064595i am small and weak. i never go outside. i never talk to anyone. i never hit on anyone. i never star…[View]
17064572Tranny passing rate: What percentage of trans girls pass? What percentage of trans boys pass?[View]
17052525Is your foreskin agp?[View]
17057698>lady at the drive thru called me a hon again[View]
17064478god I just want to get picked down by another femboy/twink[View]
17064434NONE SHALL PASS![View]
17061594Gay bottom here. Will I be bullied by all the women if I become a nurse boy?[View]
17061244Do real, good and sustainable relationships exist for lgbt people? Feeling jaded about gay relations…[View]
17064365>lf touko gf[View]
17058871hey fags, i left yall for like 5 years but recently its been really fucking annoying how fragile peo…[View]
17064187why does my bf get turned on when i cry?[View]
17063145>open Grindr >most men faces are a turn off and only a few are particularly semi attractive …[View]
17063613>up brightness on photo >part hair opposite way SUCCESSFUL TRANSITION, HRT is magic! He could …[View]
17063300As a non-binary femboy, what exactly can I do to get cuter? I don't want HRT because...well, I …[View]
17062455Well, /tttt/: Do you bleed out of you anus every month?[View]
17056772/bigen/ - bisexual general: Facewear edition qott: Do you enjoy wearing facewear? Before this pandem…[View]
17060746Hey, you.: Yeah, you. Why haven't you transitioned yet? Those feelings won't ever go away,…[View]
17063553Who here purely sexual agp crossdresser master race?[View]
17063284So it’s confirmed, every detransitioner I’ve spoken to, across the board is a mentally defective aut…[View]
17063667is it wrong to use she her pronouns online if im boymoding irl[View]
17063261I hate femboys who disagree with me but I hate trannies even more t. Otto von Bismarck[View]
17063491>tfw no trans girl gf to autistically explain all the fnaf lore to me[View]
17063205Am I fat[View]
17063561my trans gf of about 3 years topped me for the first and probably last time recently. i never had an…[View]
17062432/mtfg/ male to female general: Links: https://pastebin.com/LyMhFmT4 Last: >>17058517 QOTT: Bi…[View]
17054669Status update: So the first gun store decided to not sell me Charles daly honcho. It's a budget…[View]
17062228Raising children: Raising a kid until it can take care of itself to some degree (so about 13?) must …[View]
17052452Do FtMs girlmode?[View]
17056583god I wish I was a twinkhon at least t. gorillamoder[View]
17047503Passing is overrated. It's actually a curse for me!: I feel compelled to share my experience as…[View]
17063041Is being labeled gay a turnoff for most women or would most women still fantasize about a guy they k…[View]
17059858>be me >transition just because its a massive turn on for me Anyone else literally not care if…[View]
17060821I'm not gay: I want to bang the English twitter femboy so goddamn bad Holy fucking shit. I want…[View]
17062814>arguing with bf about something stupid >he picks me up, sets me on his lap, and starts kissin…[View]
17062380Spot the tranner[View]
17063059>friend calls me timid looking >have to pretend to be offended…[View]
17062641How many backgrounds and costumes does she fucking have? I swear I could blink and it would be diffe…[View]
17061139So was this fag AGP?[View]
17062414Hello awesome peoples! Does being a tranner reduce overal life expectancy? (not from outside forces …[View]
17061855Is it gay to be attracted to feminine looking men?[View]
17062039Is it gay to be attracted to feminine looking men? Picrel.[View]
17062805What can I do with 4C hair to look cute and feminine? I want to be a femboy but it's making it …[View]
17062772>tfw everytime someone says that bottoms are women thinks of something like pic related…[View]
17062460Faggots: Do you take offence when straight people say faggot?[View]
17061506How do I justify being gay and fascist to other people I talk to ?: Homofascist master race[View]
17056111Emo >androgynous >unique high effort aesthetic >nothing to do with sexuality >has a cult…[View]
17058008Fujoshi are more oppressed than any letter in LGBT. There is absolutely nothing you could show to me…[View]
17059813Are most transwomen in the uncanny valley?: More transwomen pass than people would think but far fro…[View]

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