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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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12557404Why people who say bisexual men don't exist...: ...Always say that all women are inherently bis…[View]
12556474Please tell me I'm not the only one on /lgbt/ that think's it's wrong to fuck childre…[View]
12556685/mtfg/ transfeminine discussion: Surgery edition Qott what surgeries? Transitioning guide: https://w…[View]
12557794How do I know if I'm a femboy or a tranny?: I'm fine being a guy but have crippling fear o…[View]
12556597in a perfect world, what would need to be done to make the world stop hating queers?[View]
12557622I have this dirty lesbian fantasy of a dominant big sister type tying my arms behind my back, bendin…[View]
12556703>be ftm >hormones grow you a masc beard >shave it…[View]
12553390When you dish out your T, everything changes: We were talking in the group about men who treat you d…[View]
12557197Being a vergin has made me interested in traps and Fembois. What happened to me.[View]
12554344lets say i wanted to get a more scholarly understanding of blanchardism, what works should i check o…[View]
12554058>mfw I have a friend who feels they have to 'defend me' >if someone misgenders me th…[View]
12557167Yo. So I've been coping with something for a bit over a year now, and I thought I'd ask th…[View]
12556410I’m putting together a team.[View]
12552875Question to gay and bi dudes - boxers or briefs?: Never really thought about it too much until a guy…[View]
12557059I have a crush on my new straight friend. He's also my co-worker and soon-to-be boss. Kill me.[View]
12556693hewwo anon-sama~! *snuggles* i hope ur day is going great! *pecks you on the cheek*[View]
12556293why do transphobes always just regurgitate the same lazy insults? I remember feeling bad for a while…[View]
12554629/gaygen/ Trannies Could Never Edition: old >>12551403[View]
12556879Do passable mtfs have trans privilege?[View]
12553955Chasers: Chasers need a name for ourselves that doesn't sound gross and isn't a slur. I am…[View]
12556633As a bisexual male how do I stop feeling like my 'gay side' is something shameful that I have to hid…[View]
12554126Do any other /lgbt/'s here not use soap?: I almost never use soap except on my bum slums. I jus…[View]
12554708Is there any reason cis lesgen can't just say 'males and tranners' instead of 'males(including …[View]
12553611What does it mean if you're 100% straight, but there is this one kindasorta gay image that you …[View]
12553750Would a heterosexual male send a handwritten note to a childhood friend telling him he was ashamed h…[View]
12548978Most optimal diet for passing: Can a vegan or vegetarian diet help with mtf passing? Is a vegan diet…[View]
12556015I can't prove to anyone I'm not gay and its saddening, what are you supposed to do? Everyo…[View]
12556462thoughts on gay representation in video games and other media? do you think it perpetuates negative …[View]
12550068How do you stop being a fucking coward, /tttt/? This will sound ridiculous but I've been boymod…[View]
12556431I’m a straight guy attracted to mtf women and I literally just divorced my wife because I want to pu…[View]
12556022Can you get enough estrogen from drinking girl pee to act as hrt? Asking for a friend.[View]
12553124Does gothic style pair well with mtfs? Can corsets and dresses help obscure male waist or will it wo…[View]
12554052Hey transpeople, is there an amount of money that would make you socially detransition at work? I…[View]
12556285day 188[View]
12519798/c-ftmg/ - cis trans man general: Sonic is /ourguy/ edition Rules: please ignore the retards, trolls…[View]
12555967This is how you do it.[View]
12555894I have a question, where do pre op mtf persons go to pee, do they use the men's or the women…[View]
12554603How does this image make you feel[View]
12555648Nowadays, it's illegal to feel afraid of lgbt's, but i just dont understand this law cause…[View]
12547581What do we think of butch transbian icon Miss Alice? Does she pass?[View]
12554384phonesex + meetups: im a submissive boytoy starting my own sexline open 24/7 UK call +44 7518 78856…[View]
12555352Do bi guys really need to 'experiment' before they're sure?[View]
12553752>Boy removal? Do you mind telling me what that is?[View]
12553398>be mtf >have hair falling out due to seborrheic dermatitis >like lots of hair, it's j…[View]
12549449> have a crush on guy in my creative class > He’s short, chubby, has fluffy hair, a cute laug…[View]
12554022>Only 66 percent of young people today identify as exclusively heterosexual - which is the lowest…[View]
12552453You shall not pass![View]
12555193Is ‘sissy’ a legit orientation / identity?: I’ve tried to be everything. Straight, bi, gay, trans. B…[View]
12543609How long until trans women get actual, working vaginas?[View]
12554955But like, what is a trans?: Context: I am a bisexual man that just matched with a gay trans man on B…[View]
12551684>first year of university almost over >haven't had a single romantic experience >still…[View]
12549654Any other non binary people?[View]
12555714i want to be a girl,,, any tips ;-; :([View]
12555629Secks: I. Need. To. Be. Fucked. Ive never wanted dick more than i do rn. I want to be a public toile…[View]
12545997When are other countries going to join the rest of us this century? How the fuck can something like …[View]
12543255What’s their name /lgbt/?[View]
12555533Do agps have dysphoria?[View]
12555296I've been a straight man up to this point. A twink of a boy has been crushing on me, I rejecte…[View]
12555455Who are you?: Hello I'm around 4chan for a while, but for the first time here. I need your LGB…[View]
12545713How often does /LGBT/ leave the house and why? t.I leave the house everyday but mostly only to exerc…[View]
12546279How come almost every trans person is mtf, why so few ftm?[View]
12552233When the only thing HRT does after a year is give you a brain tumor: Hopefully this prolactinoma get…[View]
12540110Gender role test: Have you taken this test? What was your result? https://www.idrlabs.com/gender/tes…[View]
12555141Do you use Twitch or Mixer?: Hey everyone! I have for some time now tried live streaming on Twitch a…[View]
12553161I live in a region in which little girls and masculine women are called 'boy' and 'he', while non-hu…[View]
12555020Why are gay men seen as feminine? There's nothing more hyper masculine sucking off your bro bec…[View]
12552848Why is it that everyone thinks you're gay if you like crossdressing and are effeminate? I'…[View]
12555086Im fucking tired of being stared at whenever I go out. Its not like going hon style either All I…[View]
12553607Not FtM: So apparently I such a strange faggot that on more than one occasion I have been clocked as…[View]
12553234So I went to the parade thing in Birmingham.: First attempt at going to one of these things, it was …[View]
12554546I got a cute boyfriend on /bant/.[View]
12550989How do I go about hiding my boobs? It's starting to get really hot out and my sweater isn'…[View]
12553932/mtfg/ Male to Female General: Yuri Shall Conquer The World Edition QOTT: How will yuri conquer the …[View]
12551565Give me one (1) reason to not kill myself if I'm a hon[View]
12553831> I stopped being into femdom when I realized I was a bi bottom Explain?…[View]
12554105>tfw blessed with being gay[View]
12554703>tfw no hot bf to top u why even live[View]
12551975Have you ever been in a dark room at a gay cruising club?: What was your experience like? Do you hav…[View]
12554663I unironically love to browse through Hot Topic and all those edgy stores. One thing that pisses me …[View]
12541182Reminder not to ally yourself with the far right. I see so many people on this board going down the …[View]
12554236Cis white male here, i see a lot of desire to 'pass' as it were, around here, i have the necessary o…[View]
12525782Does your hands pass? I feel like mine do[View]
12553462Why do boymoders do this?[View]
12554284A girl outed me for being gay after she asked me if I would crossdress if she had clothes for me, no…[View]
12554401I am a tranny expert.[View]
12551403/Cis-gaygen/ Image Edition: old >>12548476 Trannies GTFO[View]
12553079What does it mean if I am 'AGP' but would still want to transition even if it meant I would never be…[View]
12554255What's the difference between gay and lesbian? Usually, gay hangouts have both, but lesbian onl…[View]
12554277>face when no relationship[View]
12553804Can we talk about mtf who make no effort to pass ?: My friend is mtf but now she really got brainwas…[View]
12553778Why would you choose to be gay[View]
12553818Would a good test to see if people actually see you as your transitioned sex be to claim rape on som…[View]
12553250>Buff guy always comes into my workplace wearing tight jeans. >He comes in yesterday with his …[View]
12551430Chose: >God gives you a lever >the more you pull it up, the more feminine and beautiful you ge…[View]
12552112can any tranis confirm if this is reel ?[View]
12542340Post passing transgirl in this thread[View]
12550175Its so common for gay dudes to call their buttholes their pussies, and say things like 'breed me'. I…[View]
12552236I hate it when guys always want to do kinky bdsm shit in a relationship. Like I just want to have an…[View]
12551788Acronym Game: Quick! Name four words for the acronym lgbt that aren't lesbian gay bisexual tran…[View]
12545139Hope this isn't too nsfw for this board, but normie lesbian porn is fucking awful and ever sinc…[View]
12552866Why do people like drag? I get that the makeup and costuming is sort of impressive, but if people li…[View]
12550834>don't find same sex attractive >don't find myself attractive >find women attract…[View]
12553720>tfw no str8 bimbo gf to convert to a cunt hungry whore Why even live?[View]
12552694Almost all transbians are trenders: Almost every transbian is a trender and or chaser that took a me…[View]
12551707Transphobia and Wombles: Why are people not more enraged that those 'lovable litter-pickers of …[View]
12553426Fag.avi: IDK man I'd like to think I'm just desperate but day after day I find myself want…[View]
12552972Young Robert Plant Yay or Nay?[View]
12553157If I wanted a trans girlfriend, where should I go in NYC?: If I wanted a trans girlfriend, where sho…[View]
12553148>be twinkhon >tfw no ghey bf that would see me as a girl how can i get this i need me a switch…[View]
12551151Are there any chasers that look like this?[View]
12547844/mascgen/ - Masculine General - Big Busty Bara Bitch Bottom Boiz Edition: The old thread had reached…[View]
12553068I'm going to be bottoming for the first time this weekend, and I'm scared. What's the…[View]
12551756Im probably going to be in psychotherapy at some point soon, is it possible that something bad would…[View]
12552251/mtfg/ Male to Female General: (You)-235 Edition QOTT: How do you feel about nuclear power? • Transi…[View]
12551484>Someone calls me faggot on this board No fucks given >Someone calls me faggot irl Pic relate…[View]
12552658Lip rate thread Post lips Judge other lips[View]
12551355Are there any women that look like this? Asking for a friend. He's gay and want to be straight …[View]
12551537/Closet/ General: Straight on the outside, gay on the inside edition. This general is for anyone to …[View]
12552673Bishit here, ever since I was a little boy, I've always had to fap with my legs spread like a g…[View]
12545743how would skullchan explain the brow ridge on this cis girl?[View]
12552219Are pride parades hate speech against Christians?[View]
12550482Is 63 too old a person to be seeing?: I'm in my 20s and met him 3 years ago. I'm a NEET so…[View]
12550140HRT timeline MTF: Is there a comprehensive list of the changes, and when to expect them on MTF HRT? …[View]
12545644Girls face >Boys face[View]
12547016Is being taller than average a deal breaker for transitioning?: My height was always something I had…[View]
12550300>chatting up trans girl in grindr >ask to see pics of her dick >she blocks me Why are they …[View]
12552426Did seeing a therapist help? I've had 4. I feel like I can't breathe. I just woke up today…[View]
12543681Do you have regret after a genital surgery? Did you have fear going into it? I'm scared because…[View]
12548374Who's the best anime trans girl and why is it Hana from Tokyo Godfathers?[View]
12548380Why do FFSed faces age faster?: One thing that all people who had ffs have in common is that 5 years…[View]
12551761Thank You /lgbt: I've been staying away from here for a while now for a number of different rea…[View]
12547778am i fucked >never really into girls all my life >senior year of highscool >realize I act a…[View]
12548142The English release of Catherine: Full Body will change the dialogue referring to Erica, a trans wom…[View]
12551227>tfw no bf[View]
12545585Why is it so difficult to find a competent electrologist (I'm in NYC)? I feel like the ones I…[View]
12552098How do I make it clear on Grindr that I might be down to fuck (bicurious man virgin) but only if the…[View]
12540594/clg/ - Cis Lesbian General: clg/ - Cis Lesbian General: Worst Countries Edition What do you think t…[View]
12551431Anyone else became a bottom because they found topping was repulsive?: I can't fuck a shitter, …[View]
12545424Mother bat is so friendly and kind. I think I have a crush on her. I wish I was in her life to showe…[View]
12548349Is bisexuality with a preference for females the natural state of men?: Discuss.[View]
12547052Do numbers lie?: I thought LGBT was supposed to be extremely racist and all about gay twin syndrome.…[View]
12548395There are so many TERFs on this board!: Repeat after me: TRANSWOMEN ARE WOMEN TRANSWOMEN ARE WOMEN T…[View]
12551919Trap or Not?: Here's the deal. I did the mistake of clicking on a video with the latest drama w…[View]
12551292How do I explain to people that I'm bisexual but only interested in dating/fucking woman?[View]
12549587Hnng how can i figure out if my attraction to women is genuine or if i'm a fake gay[View]
12551780Why are anime avatars so popular among LGBT, particularly the male-to-female trans?[View]
12549960The real reason why y’all is gay...[View]
12550720When will we drop the T from LGBT?: Trannies are mentally ill and have nothing to do with the LGB co…[View]
12551846>realised too late in life that I am attracted to men and I should have transitioned Fucking hell…[View]
12547902>Tfw would like to be a woman but the only way that I 'could' is by becoming a tranny abomination…[View]
12549854Contra Points I stan you forever: Can we talk about how Natalie’s bone surgery shit ended up so good…[View]
12540611GAMP guys, do you also feel attracted to men or are you just GAMP?: I read that some guys attracted …[View]
12551748boymode awareness: looking for more boymoders to be sad with us ;( https://discord.gg/rxUdEPm[View]
12551652Tip for passing when people are fatter, the differences between men and women become less clear. peo…[View]
12550088I am in my 17th day of nofap, how can i stop thinking about fucking traps 24/7?[View]
12526903Should AGPs transition?[View]
12551611Is Gengoroh Tagame mentally ill?[View]
12544544How do I convince my crush to pretend I'm a girl and fuck me. He's straight, but I don…[View]
12546130Ksenia Mario's vision of HRT as body modification (completely separate from identity politics) …[View]
12549897Can gay guys and lesbians be friends?[View]
12550931Cute Boymoders: Cute boymoders need boyfriends and they need them now[View]
12549548*Ahem* *AHEM* Faggots[View]
12543916Let me make this perfectly clear. IF YOU ARE A GIRMODER: YOU CANNOT CALL IT YOUR BOY PUSSY. STOP APP…[View]
12551201Is it ok to look like this but be straight?[View]
12548476/gaygen/ - salad edition: prev >>12546636[View]
12545190Are FTMs an actual thing?[View]
12543917>my life literally revolves around a paraphillia turned sexual orientation Jesus christ…[View]
12551312>every guy i like is straight >too anti social to date anyone anyway…[View]
12548386/virgen/ - Virgin General - Boyfriend Free Boy Edition: previous thread >>12542877 #[View]
12542877/virgen/ - Virgin General: The number 1 gay virgin thread.[View]
12550868>wake up >remember how awful my brown bone is >instantly lose all motivation for the day an…[View]
12549965Is anal any good?[View]
12544734FTMS take testosterone in hopes of it making them more masculine. Instead it just turns them into ho…[View]
12547754Why do MTFs hate TERFs so much when all they do is write whiny blogposts and make fools of themselve…[View]
12551002Do i look good/pass in this? Also, how about this: https://imgur.com/a/2Xs024t Also fashion tips pl…[View]
12549341what penis taste like t. gay virgin[View]
12550877>Be me 2006-2011 > 8-13 y/o >Sister lives around the area and comes around bringing her dif…[View]
12550234/mtfg/: why • Transitioning guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/comments/5xuoms/i_just_re…[View]
12550778cis man, what sexuality am I if I'm exclusively attracted to straight men and lesbian women?[View]
12540293Is this AGP[View]
12548746>transwomen are women >95% of cis women are straight >50% of trans women are lesbian Why co…[View]
12550589Is 12mg CPA every 3.5 days paired with ~200-350pg E good enough? I don't want T to return but i…[View]
12550383Is just taking estrogen as a male enough to slow aging effects? I don't really want to have to …[View]
12544402Everyone on this board is into forcefem... why??? >mtfs >ftms >femboys >bi bottoms >g…[View]
12546837Topping is way gayer than bottoming: People think being the bottom is way gayer tan being the top. B…[View]
12544904>always made fun of feet fags for my whole life >found them weird and pathetic despite having …[View]
12550481So..: I guess with men I like to top, but with women i like to bottom? I'm only into super-femm…[View]
12543775Does she pass?: If you think not, then why?[View]
12546237As a transbian woman how can I deny the fact that I want to be a woman because of AGP?[View]
12549752this is from an extremely right wing infographic designed to make trans people feel like shit. if yo…[View]
12549841super anxious talk to me about anything lmao[View]
12550184>Into every generation a slayer is born: one girl in all the world, a chosen one. She alone will …[View]
12547262Where to hide toys and fem clothes?: I'm a closeted trans (MtF). I always love to crossdress bu…[View]
12549286Men are 'bi' because they can't attract women: If they could, there would be no bisexuals (apar…[View]
12549768I'm not gay but I have jerked off to gay porn, in fact I'm starting to prefer it. Straigh…[View]
12549070I'm gay and I think FtMs can be hot. Are passing FtMs common?[View]
12549116Bisexual bottoms do not exist.: Discuss.[View]
12548850>gay coworker who I've know for 3 years suddenly has a girlfriend >says he 'met the …[View]
12545874How can anyone be gay when tits are so amazing?[View]
12549063does voice training mess up your normal male voice?[View]
12548261How do you stop wanting to be a girl instead of a neurotic, submissive, effeminate, unassertive, fil…[View]
12549737I'm thinking of getting back into skateboarding. I used to in like early high school and middle…[View]
12546469>be old repressor on a tranny discord >some boymodder posts a selfie >looks like a regular …[View]
12544878On a spectrum of tolerant to intolerant boards, if /pol/ were to be the most intolerant board on 4ch…[View]
12549422trans girl here. am sad[View]
12541495How do you deal with being disowned by your entire family? If even Blaire can't be accepted, do…[View]
12549027dear fellow tranners https://abcnews.go.com/Health/wireStory/hhs-rolls-back-protections-transgender-…[View]
12549081I really want to have intimate sex, bug for some reason all the guys I get with want to do hardcore …[View]
12548428Spironolactone tfw: Is there any specific basis on you guys disapproving of spiro as an antiandrogen…[View]
12538787So i always hear the term Discord Trannies So where are the discord links?[View]
12549014Is it ok to be like pic related but straight?[View]
12548936Is verse-top the patrician position?: You are mainly a top but don't mind some dick in your ass…[View]
12547804HRT(MTF): Does stopping HRT cause you to have mood swings or humour change? Does taking it cause you…[View]
12548807Are discord links banned?: I posted a discord link and got this:[View]
12548149I always feel werid about coming out to new people. Today I came out to a close shop regular who hel…[View]
12548632Could I turn someone gay if I jizzed in their coffee every morning? There's this cute guy at wo…[View]
12545379I know the LGBT commnunity is supposed to be about tolerance and respect but does this frighten anyo…[View]
12547761MtF in Munich: Hi, I'm 18-years old and I've been struggling with my assigned gender for t…[View]
12548670/passgen/: Vocaroo edition! Post your voice![View]
12548653Why is it these videos get to me so much even though I'm straight and if I realize how gay ever…[View]
12544894Chaser general: Tell me more about pursuing trannies, I want to hear all of your stories >tfw try…[View]
12548198https://www.mentalhelp.net/articles/internet-pornography-exposure-and-confusion/ >Second, adult m…[View]
12548369are transbians real trannies? Why are most of them so creepy and barely pass or even try to at all? …[View]
12547024> bi > In het relationship > Can't stop fantasizing about bottoming > Like every da…[View]
12546915My best and only IRL friend told me that you don’t need dysphoria to be trans. What do I do.[View]
12548443>Noooo, you can't marry a person of the same sex, if Allah believed in gay marriage, he woul…[View]
12543231Why people love stupid Ben shapiro so much?: Ben Shapiro is fixated on trans people but why do trans…[View]
12546322>scrape the inside of my asshole with a toothbrush >start to bleed >insert one of my mom…[View]
12547467The Department of Health and Human Services proposed a rule Friday that would roll back an Obamacare…[View]
12541595I’m a gay cis male but lately I have been wanting to pound a cute twink ftm’s pussy and knock him up…[View]
12541363Everyone's sounding off about contrapoints but I could never get through one of her videos, not…[View]
12546636/gaygen/ - fuck idk edition: here's a gay gif or something whatever. previous thread: >>1…[View]
12544914Do chaser suggar daddies who look like this exist? Asking for a friend.[View]
12547577Did 4chan make u gay? be honest.: If it wasn't for the normalization of gayism & trannyism …[View]
12545906How does it make you feel /lgbt/ that ftms are posting pics online were they look like cute little g…[View]
12544834Reddit is laughing at us. they calling us names like toxic and transphobic. i-is it true what theyre…[View]
12536879I'm a 21yo bottom and I'm balding. What can I do to still look cute? I know holding onto m…[View]
12542660sneaky is taking things a bit far don't you think[View]
12535316Incel to trans: I remember I was bitter. I was paranoid and had angry outbursts in my room. Estrogen…[View]
12544619Hon Celebrities Thread: Spent a whole day in hospital so I'm in a morose mood. Lets sneer at ho…[View]
12539303Don't be ugly: Another nonpassing tranny, was seen as an ugly gay man, a weak disease of the bl…[View]
12545108Hi /lgbt/-tards, or what ever you call yourselves. I’m a young male who’s gone a long time having ve…[View]
12547148I am a heterosexual male who enjoys getting findommed by straight young guys who are androgynous/eff…[View]
12547288whoops knocked up a girl: Hey I am mtf and I ran out of diy estrogen and was taking Spiro alone. I m…[View]
12546821I’ve never been turned on by an anime girl but I still prefer girls over guys, am I AGP?[View]
12547409I have a folder on my phone with 1,194 pictures of guys from Instagram / the internet. I have screen…[View]
12546252MTFG - male to female general: Kill yourself Edition QOTT: Why haven't you kill yourself yet? •…[View]
12544490Could someone please recommend me a binder/compression top for boymoding? Preferably on Amazon. I ha…[View]
12547198A fatal error done by new mtfs: I often read some iteration of this sentiment: 'My entire life I was…[View]
12539576Which is it?: are you a girl in a boy's body? are you a boy who wishes he was a girl? are you a…[View]
12537152all i wanna do is put a strap on and dominate a slightly effeminate bi bottom until he rumbles benea…[View]
12537193Wholesome Thread: Come here to share kind messages, have friendly interactions, or just to talk abou…[View]
12538629Headpats: I gave my gf too many headpats, her head might explode if I give her any more. But I have …[View]
12546047>'Autogynephilia is the cause of >gender dysphoria in mtf non >homosexual' Proof?…[View]
12534531Need a trap bf: What's your experience with a trap? I've never been with one and I want to…[View]
12546188Pete Buttigieg motherfuckers: https://thefederalist.com/2019/05/24/lgtb-people-rage-pete-buttigieg-n…[View]
12545839What does meta attracted mean?[View]
12543096Is this the inevitable endgame for repressing?[View]
12545305/gaygen/ - soaking wet edition: previous: >>12542751[View]
12534296Why do trans guys always dye their hair ridiculous colors, and pose like women in photos? Often time…[View]
12540174How can I tell if I pass in real life?: So I uploaded a pic here a month ago and half the people sai…[View]
12545367recommendations for dating apps: Which apps are you using. Im looking for transwoman in germany…[View]
12545418>used to shave every other day, no shadow whatsoever, facial hair was thin and barely noticeable …[View]
12543544why are transgirls so lovable?[View]
12543316Contemplating becoming transgender: im just some teenage kid whos super close to becoming trans, alr…[View]
12525014>5'10 Literally ruined, but at least she's honest[View]
12542999At.....at l...least I can be a g...girl in my video games, r...right?[View]
12545736It's weird to be bi and don't have interest in anal sex?: Asking for a friend.[View]
12541760Hrt lvl help pls oh god: I guys I have a question about hormone levels. I'm on 6mg estradiol an…[View]
12540403Why did I have to be born with a penis!? Why wasn't I born a final boss?! Now I'll never h…[View]
12545317Gay Celibacy: Why is it that when heterosexuals decide to not have sex its seen as honorable and mon…[View]
12543143I am attracted to men and women equally in a dating sense, literally everything romatic-wise that id…[View]
12545664brain damage: I drunk a tiny amount of vodka on HRT to help me get to sleep easier and now it litera…[View]
12539761The very word 'gay' carries so many negative connotations that I will never label myself as such eve…[View]
12522936Gay marriage legality around the world[View]
12541700There's no such thing as bisexuality. You're either straight or gay.: In science you are e…[View]
12545355>. . . Liudprand goes on to tell of his embarrassment on discovering that whereas Otto's amb…[View]
12545119fascism is the logical conclusion of male homosexuality[View]
12544997Question for gay males: Is it weird to only shave ass/cheeks? I'm a decently hairy guy but I re…[View]
12521794Fuck you Alabama.[View]
12543874stop going on this board its bad: rly u gotta stop[View]
12543144Gay power: >Be me >Start Illuminati >Invent the gay with top scientists >Consume the spe…[View]
12542751/gaygen/ - Tulsi Edition: >>12540522[View]
12542366>Be 17 at the time >Be a tranny furfag >Have only 2 friends but they don't understand …[View]
12541811Memed by a meme: Does anyone else think they fell for the “it’s all just a fetish is a meme” meme. I…[View]
12540424Passing is irrelevant. I've seen more than enough disgusting unpassables living their best live…[View]
12539320Is it gay to lick your own pre cum?[View]
12538511Anyone else have a bisexual erasure fetish?: Nothing turns me on like being told I'm actually a…[View]
12543242Why should the government subsidize Homosexual Behavior?: For the better part of 30 years every one …[View]
12539820Is it the ideal husband for a trap?[View]
12544712problems with my sexuality... yeah, in 2019: I always liked the men, I had 2 boyfriends, and I have …[View]
12544389What's the appeal of topping? even if you top the perfect twink, you're basically fucking …[View]
12544276alri? Post skin care routines, I'm interested in how the more feminine anons amongst us take ca…[View]
12544638I love older man. Any good porn vids for jerking off?[View]
12543365bi roommate issues: >it's a long one My roommate and I are bi girls who (currently) to date …[View]
12544555Would blaire white's family still disown her if she passed? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OB7…[View]
12543632Mtfg generation: Tatt edition QOTT: What tatt are u getting • How to navigate starbucks FFS healthca…[View]
12544449So, there's this guy: So heres the run down fellas, I'm a senior guy rn and as you know sc…[View]
12544337i'm a transgirl, and recently discovered that AGP was a thing. have been confused for a long ti…[View]
12537924How stretchy does a neovag get, anyway?: Every time I hear straight tranners talk about neo-veganas,…[View]
12543079If I have lust for trannies and cis guys, would that be gay or straight? I'm not turned on by c…[View]
12542721Is eating your cum gay? I'm mostly attracted to women but it just tastes delicious and makes me…[View]
12539984/Chasergen/ - Forever alone together: Chasergen is a cool general for the cool dudes and dudettes of…[View]
12543647Dick fear but queer: I can't tell if I'm queer or just a straight. I've dated a male …[View]
12543495how tdo I fix a natural low eyebrow? pic not related[View]
12540649why cant ftm guys give us mtf girls their tiddies? like we have the technology for it, lets just swi…[View]
12542631>my great uncle calls to wish you happy graduation >”good job man, I’m proud of you DUDE” >…[View]
12543569>Be me, bisexual male >Grow up with really nice guy, become friends with him >Stay friends …[View]
12540090Becoming more comfortable with the fact that I'm gay. Had a talk with family about it, they are…[View]
12543434https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GObSOtt2tJg Husband and wife Aiden and Tammi DeLathower of Davenport…[View]
12543050What else do you need? What fucking else do you nees?: You have seen Blaire White, Autumn Trafficant…[View]
12542043>Be FtM >Have bottom dysphoria and will never have sex using my genitals >However comfortab…[View]
12538403Hontrapoint is now Gonetrapoints: Hey, so as many of you will have seen, well known trans youtuber C…[View]
12542892>Be Me >friends with guy for months >We’re both mentally fucked in the head and so natural…[View]
12541497> ur gay, so that means you're LGBT and second everything we say and do!1!!1…[View]
12518771Why are people so scared of transgender?[View]
12542905Grindr 4G Error: App works on wifi but not in 4G It becomes annoying at this point. Has anybody dea…[View]
12517902Texas trans woman beaten to death: Weeks after surviving a public beating, she gets beaten again and…[View]
12539953>in mtf x ftm relationship >finally go home together >clothes come off >kissing >this…[View]
12535729Why are so many gays and trannies also weeaboos?[View]
12542605>no bf that I can cook for >no bf who lets me smell his butthole and armpits whenever I want …[View]
12523373When did you realize the male body is more aesthetically pleasing than the female body?[View]
12540648Is being a bottom/top hardwired? I'm bisexual and a bottom, I want to live heterosexually, but …[View]
12542093HOW DO I DEVELOP A PASSABLE VOICE where do you even fucking start[View]
12542796>shoves it in >she gags >shoves in harder…[View]
12537439Wtf is /a/‘s problem?![View]
12531233Welp, I'm a closet fag: I recently realized that I''ve been a closet fag for much of …[View]
12540522/gaygen/ Gay General: Morgoth and Hurin edition. Previously: >>12538475.[View]
12542392I am going to take a gun to the 'doctor' that did my SRS and kill him and his physician's assis…[View]
12538562Contrapoints, I know you're here. Listen up: I'm a gay cis man and I'm tired of watch…[View]
12542004>have this shitty sort of curly sort of wavy hair that always looks like a frizzy inconsistent me…[View]
12529296>Go on language/cultural exchange social media app >Filter search to 'Male' and 'LGBTQ' to fin…[View]
12539314The Balkans Sadposting: > be young feminine twink > want a straight man to 'wife' me > live…[View]
12542278Deep Closet: We know there are plenty of trans repressors, who tragically must restrain themselves f…[View]
12542243Why do gays like being treated like shit?[View]
12542170do ftms manspread or do they pretend: do mtfs still manspread after transitioning[View]
12539772I'm far-right, ideaologically I'm supposed to hate trannies, but I can't control my l…[View]
12533139I want to be a girl so badly. But it's too late now. the people who say it's never too lat…[View]
12535956Why do straights pretend oral sex and fucking a woman in the ass isn’t sodomy?[View]
12541984My trans girlfriend is starting HRT tomorrow. she's in her mid twenties and already looks reall…[View]
12541023/mtfg/ Male to Female General: Clown World Edition QOTT: Why does all of this exist? • How to naviga…[View]
12538204I'm in a bar with broken heart and dunno what to do. I don't know anyone here. It's a…[View]
12540172Best way to find a mtf/trap to fuck/date? been looking for so long, only trans people i know are ftm…[View]
12541714>I'd totally date you if you were a girl >We'd be a great couple, but I don't l…[View]
12541268Is the term homoflexbile offensive? I don't want to use 'bi' because I have very, very little i…[View]
12539880>Spend somewhere between 12 to 20 years being raised and socialized as birth sex >'Why do mtf/…[View]
12535325WTF, Is this the power of FFS?[View]
12534486is achieving a femboy aesthetic a good way to repress? transitioning is almost guaranteed to worsen …[View]
12541484Most Trutrans trip: Why is laf the most trutrans? It's easy frens >suicide regardless of ffs…[View]
12535099Would you date a guy like Hooni?[View]
12538680What's the purpose of feminine 'men'? They can't top anyone because they're as domina…[View]
12540130If you are not blushing when a guy compliments you are not trutrans[View]
12539074Ok /lgbt/, this is a confession. I am thinking of downloading grindr as a straight guy, this is my r…[View]
12531156>get bad experiences with girlfriends >start thinking about dating mtfs >they are just as b…[View]
12489114/Big/: Bi-general Bisexual superiority edition Old >>>>12405937[View]
12533636>8/10 twunk >dating a 4/10 fat hairy manlet >for over 5 years HOW I DONT UNDERSTAND WHATS T…[View]
12528758How does this make you feel?[View]
12537800Canadian Military: Im starting to think like ill join the Canadian Armed Forces but I dont know thei…[View]
12534402>fapped to traps again[View]
12540762Would male supremacy be accepted in a gay nationalist society? Lesbians need not respond.[View]
12537949I have a pretty feminine face overall, my only problem is my jaw is wide as fuck, pic related tier w…[View]
12535184The Doctor is in: Last thread: >>12481303 You tell me your problems, I talk to you about them.…[View]
12538066Bi leaning gay but want kids: I'm bi but the dick only makes it better but I also wanna have ki…[View]
12538686Are some trans girls okay with dating someone who's pre-hrt and guiding them through their tran…[View]
12532795>wake up >still a disgusting boymoder when does it end?…[View]
12538475/gaygen/ - beautiful muslim femboy bottom cat and ugly fatty top edition: old >>12535625…[View]
12536041considering detransition: >be ugly permaboymoder >incredibly masculine >too tall >chad p…[View]
12540167Hello Darlings. I feel really bad whenever I see people wanting to repress. I'm sure people ha…[View]
12503042/enbygen/ - closeted even to other trans people edition: thread for fellow dumbasses whose brains ar…[View]
12540126I was one of the most passable traps you would ever see until around age 25. why didn't i reali…[View]
12529901I want to do dirty things to Trans girls like [spoiler] pet them [/spoiler] and whisper shit in thei…[View]
12532964You'll never look like a cis girl but you can look like a cis woman: By the time cis women reac…[View]
12538737/MTFG/ The male to female general: Goodest Girls Edition QOTT: Do you like to cook? What are your ho…[View]
12537890Will I regret it if I use epilator on face?[View]
12539726Gay community in a nutshell: What do you think about this?[View]
12530757my parents think I'm trans: I'm a feminine looking and acting male, not flamboyant, just n…[View]
12537259>mtf >hips hurt like crazy T-this is a good thing, right?…[View]
12536575Hey im just wondering how i would get estrogen without my family finding out[View]
12534601>Be me >Korean guy >Epic level of insecurity >Probably socially awkward >NEET but som…[View]
12538745>Why, yes, I do love traps and their cute femcocks, how could you tell?…[View]
12534992Is it normal to think about a college twink findom from twitter all day if I'm a heterosexual m…[View]
12538858Am I a top if I also suck dick?: Yesterday I was talking with some bottom and I said that I only top…[View]
12539095Dissociation: Who here feels dissociation? How do you feel about yourself and your /lgbt status? How…[View]
12538073I'll probably join the 40% in a few years. I just look like a disgusting guy with tits and the …[View]
12539023So I met this perfect 6'3' ft tall 240 lbs beefcake, he has a very good looking face and is ver…[View]
12534961What turns the most violent and most testosterone filled individuals of our society to suddenly goin…[View]

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