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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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17951506Gender bender fascination vs AGP: I just stumbled over the new Jumanji movies and boy did they trigg…[View]
17951108>be me >14 year old straight boy, likes girls >transition at age 17 >hormonemagic.gif …[View]
17949712Time to get rejected again.[View]
17948562Dysphoria general:: Is anxiety about being potentially trans the same as dysphoria? What experience …[View]
17950910Size difference fetish: tfw im 5'6, 120 lbs and I have an extremely strong attraction to 6…[View]
17949785Bruh: Bruh[View]
17944024Cis girl but I really want a penis: Is there any way I can realistically achieve this without taking…[View]
17950381dear lesbians What is a 10/10 for you?[View]
17951046I have big boobs, and NO you can't touch them or see them. Never ever.[View]
17951113How to get floofy hair?[View]
17951232>male-brained as hell >still feel dysphoria and want to look like a girl I feel like that shou…[View]
17949577If theres no such thing as straight/gay and only attraction to masculinity/feminity.. how come cis …[View]
17946920>one chance at life >black bottom Give me one reason not to kill myself. I'm never goin…[View]
17951081So just sent my ex bf who I broke up with a message after he started to message me again Ask him out…[View]
17951029If you 'spot' while tucking, does that mean you're AGP?[View]
17949029The dysphoria has calmed down and so have I for the time being after a little nap to give my brain a…[View]
17950980My boyfriend wants me to not shower after going to the gym so I have better 'man smell' is this norm…[View]
17949146Detransition OCD?: I keep having intrusive thoughts I do not want about detransitioning or forced im…[View]
17948114She started at 30??!?!? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6JDLPCG_ik&feature=youtu.be[View]
17950050Why is it that 99% of trans girls are horrid but the 1% that aren't are more beautiful than any…[View]
17950750I'm sure why I'm posting here. I guess to get options of others from LGBT to gauge my own …[View]
17946667How often do boymoders and manmoders cry?[View]
17949257i'll never be a girl i don't even know what i wanted, i don't even know what i was th…[View]
17950697Straight vs gay: Attraction to opposite gender vs attraction to same gender Heterosexual vs homosexu…[View]
17948779How can I reach max manipulation level as a bi mtf?: I want to manipulate everyone I come into conta…[View]
17944534Bottoms would you date a top who preferred jasmine over basmati?[View]
17949392Sometimes I really wish I was like all the cumbrains on this board who spam threads about doms and s…[View]
17940981How to engineer an AGP tranny: >give him humiliating experiences associated with femininity in hi…[View]
17950782Is it possible for graysexuals to come out?: Ban if not allowed[View]
17950766/gaygen/ - Turnip Sunday Edition: Previous: >>17949492[View]
17949492/gaygen/ - fit edition: Prev >>17947236 Why aren't you fit, gaygen? Body is the only thin…[View]
17950518If I ever get a gf (trans or cis) I hope she's at least somewhat AGP and sexually enjoys being …[View]
17948946Why are other boards so obsessed with trans people? On any random board you can easily find threads …[View]
17948123spot the flaws[View]
17946128What do you have to say to youngshits who didnt have to go through male puberty?: Any words?[View]
17950528why are y'all so negative and down on life? I am aware of the fact that most of you here, parti…[View]
17950365Girlmoding seems like a hassle.: >Have a nice pair of mens camo Jcrew X New Balance leggings. …[View]
17949349If I were to act misogynistic against trans women, does that mean I'd be helping them feel vali…[View]
17947906>Siri is always listening >The amount of times I've whispered to myself 'I want to be a g…[View]
17950083>incel rate for bi men is higher than any other group including straight men How in the hell?…[View]
17949755why is it so hard for me to find a date? im decently attractive and id say there are a lot of things…[View]
17950209AGPs are girls too! we might be big and smelly and boyish and perverted but that doesn't change…[View]
17948607Is it ok to rape and sexually abuse my consenting bottom bf?[View]
17950116If my cis gf wants me to wear a maid costume and put my hair in pigtails while we sex does she have …[View]
17940600Cute or not? Just wondering: Curious :)[View]
17947945detrans: Did anyone else here detrans? What made you realized you should detransition? How long were…[View]
17945381/v/ keeps saying this game was made for trannies. true or false?[View]
17950005Discrimination against transbians: I am a passing transbian. But when I'm in a social situation…[View]
17948048'Bottoms are women' 'Chasers are women' 'Repressors are women' 'Femboys are women' 'People who suppo…[View]
17949998am i unfamiliar with the rules or something?: why do the mods randomly take down posts that are comp…[View]
17947236/gaygen/ - another pit edition: old: >>17943730[View]
17949960buying an apartment with my mommy GF in a month. she just got a pixie haircut and my long curly hair…[View]
17949782What is the most /tttt/-core vidya? My vote is Night in the Woods >protagonist is bisexual colle…[View]
17933374Are enbies actually anti-tranny?[View]
17949547All the randomly targeted trans hate on 4chan are made by self hating eggs.[View]
17947434Injectable E & Sex drive: I'm going to be explicit - Since i started injectable E monothera…[View]
17948671how do I go about finding mtf girls to date/fuck? I've tried the online thing and it's fru…[View]
17948938does she pass?: if not, would ffs help?[View]
17947328>be tranny, dating cis lesbian >at one point she tells me about the youngshit that transitione…[View]
17948710Why do feminine men tend to want to act out female gender roles in relationships with men more mascu…[View]
17949674Do tranners get offended if you check out their cleavage like cis women do?[View]
17949682Hey transgenders, drop your disc or snap and I'll add you. I'm happy to call you 'she/her'…[View]
17949470Is this the recruiting grounds for leftypol?: There is this board on 4chan called /pol/ that frequen…[View]
17946775Can you lift weights without looking masculine if you're mtf on hrt[View]
17949402thoughts on his detransition?[View]
17947690I wish we lived in a world in which we could sense people's hidden desires, so I could know whe…[View]
17931062>tfw your identical twin is a turboyoungshit and your parents deliberately repressed you so they …[View]
17947427Take your girl pills Donald: https://mobile.twitter.com/theinquisitr/status/1332732685031235597 Dona…[View]
17949409How do relationships where both people are bottoms, or both are tops, work? And how different or sim…[View]
17948130STOP REPRESSING START LIVING DAHNALD: >Dahnald! Long time no see, eeh? >How yer holding up? Ah…[View]
17949336>thought i would end up a dom transbian >take hrt >end up melting for tall, muscular guys w…[View]
17939127Chasers are the only ones that will ever love you trans people when you are sick they will care for…[View]
17948297I want to be spit roasted and my top bf says he would be okay with setting something like that up bu…[View]
17948972How do I stop getting turned on by women? I mainly get turned on by guys but I sometimes get turned …[View]
17949048How old were you when what she said here clicked to you. It IS true.[View]
17944109im pretty sure wearing diapers is making me more feminine frens is help with my transition yes :)) …[View]
17948826Straight men are into extremely feminine femboys, are gay men into extremely masculine tomboys?[View]
17949129Depressed Tranner Looking For Somebody to Talk to: Therapy is expensive, and I don’t think I go do i…[View]
17948476Questions about prostate orgasm: >>>/r9k/61130261[View]
17939130>all I want is a boyfriend to love and cuddle >no boys want to date a 6’1 tranner like me, at …[View]
17948645Weed makes me AGP af...: So whenever I smoke weed i get really AGP and start fondling my own boobs a…[View]
17948624I just wanna be someone's pet, slave, toy. I feel like a useless failure and the idea of someon…[View]
17936326Can AGP ever go away?: Via nofap/only wanking to normal shit? Or is it a life sentence?[View]
17944467No cis men allowed?: Most trans girl tops I know/have known both IRL and online tend to not want to …[View]
17948696Do doctors/endos actually look for intersex conditions? Or is it just another gatekeeper excuse...[View]
17941368Why do tops get so upset when we cheat :([View]
17948419This is female perfection.[View]
17942189Did this happen to anyone else?: >you laughed at the idea of feminization hypnosis >and now h…[View]
17944957Why do Christians dislike the LGBT community if Jesus Christ told humanity to love each other?[View]
17946947Straight guy here, my benis feels funny when I look at this guy, what does that mean?[View]
17947220>mfw a cis lesbian starts complaining about bi women expect them to take the male role in a relat…[View]
17947052> tfw small femme body but Chad masc face[View]
17944445I was pro-LGBT until trannies came along telling everyone to suck their girldicks. Why is this such …[View]
17944767religously vegantarian femboy deciding to hrt: everyone is going to wonder why i very suddenly start…[View]
17944724Fake AGP account?: I'd this a legit trans woman identifying as an AGP and sides with TERFs. Or …[View]
17947394>tfw born with super wide shoulders Fuhhgg[View]
17948332Do Swedish transwomen like being called 'hon'?[View]
17938322>Be bottom with switch bf >Bf gets into submissive mode >Basically impossible to have sex…[View]
17948201Where were you when the Diaperfags won[View]
17947748What's your experience with piercings and would you reccommend it?[View]
17944988It's official. LGBT is now GBT. Case dismissed.: Men will always, always find a way to win.…[View]
17947874Maybe I should just turn myself into a tree ornament for Christmas.[View]
17943206Is it AGP or HSTS to play Magic: The Gathering as a Tranny?: I've been playing MTG for the last…[View]
17945602tfw no cis gf[View]
17945897what are some boymoder beverages?[View]
17946911I never go on this board, but I have one important question to ask. What is the whole 'trans rights'…[View]
17945485How is it possible to transition at 45 and look good at almost 50? There are people who transitioned…[View]
17947686hi everyone i have been on hrt for 8 months : ) do i pass? please be honest[View]
17946619Hello gays, Im not gay but I'm assuming you think pretty similar to girls so I thought I'd…[View]
17947898/aapgen/ - FtEdgelord General: Indulging In Self-hatred Edition QOTT: Do you ever hate yourself for…[View]
17916676Have you ever outed yourself?[View]
17947224inverted genitalia sadpost: >tfw pathetic girlcock instead of a vagoo :’c like peeing my diaper i…[View]
17947695Advice: >Be ginger cis het male >go on omegle, get told lots of compliments >self esteem bo…[View]
17946118is it easier to pass as a gay neckbeard[View]
17945110/mtfg/ moid to foid gen: zombies stole my weed edition prebiously >>17941894 qott - what is ur…[View]
17941584Is it ok if my boyclit is 8 inches when erect? t. bottom[View]
17947621the meme came true: I got ffs, thought it was going to be the end of major dysphoria episodes, inste…[View]
17944634Is a big dick unattractive as a bottom?: I have barely any experience and i only just realised that …[View]
17944982Why do people kill trannies?[View]
17947366>plan to commit suicide using sodium nitrite >government asks questions if u buy it >accide…[View]
17943396Spot the flaws.[View]
17931752?: why do straight people designate the male body as ugly because it is male? even among cis straigh…[View]
17945756I want a fucking lobotomy[View]
17945906Will self-hating queers ever go away? >>>/pol/293560262[View]
17944665Will taking Zyprexa make me stop wanting to be a girl?[View]
17946399/AusLGBT/: “ACT couples are 50% more likely to be same-sex couples than couples elsewhere in the cou…[View]
17945245What's it like being mentally ill?: Asking for a friend[View]
17941461/vtg/ - Voice Training General: Everybody wanna post face but nobody wanna post voice edition Links:…[View]
17947462Should i into twinks?: Im a straight virgin male. Is the lgbt community as cute and sexy as 4chan li…[View]
17946925what do I do: 18yo skinny youngshit here, I want to become thicc, so I began doing some squats, I am…[View]
17946200Something's fishy: >4 month HRT mtf >bf says my genitals smell like fish >play with th…[View]
17947040>letter >on a scale from 0 to 10, how much do you hate women?…[View]
17943621would keep my cock 100%: if there was a magic button to turn female and you get a vagina I would NOT…[View]
17946372what is being held by a cute boy like if you're a trans girl[View]
17945936Which one are you? And why are so many mtf chasers and ftm tranners feminists?[View]
17947272if you’re one of those dudes who say shit like “FEMALE BRAINED BOTTOMS”, you will never have a boyfr…[View]
17946322an AGP has 100 apples. The AGP gives a bottoms 2x - 3 apples. Then the bottom gives x/3 * 2 apples t…[View]
17947260I can't get hrt until 2 years from now at least, maybe less maybe more, not sure. What are some…[View]
17945519I'm obese and only ever fucked girls, will trans girls and fem boys let me fuck their ass on Gr…[View]
17937392Did messages from chasers just start flooding in after you came out as trans? 2 days and 38 messages…[View]
17943730/gaygen/ - white guy with beard edition: Previous: >>17942468[View]
17943723/gaygen/: Maoism edition 0th for Maoism last: >>17942468[View]
17945229why are you gay?[View]
17936913>tell trans girl I want to suck her cock >she calls me a faggot and tells me to fuck off why…[View]
17945355Tell me she didn't get srs[View]
17944364Do straight trans soft dom gfs exist? I'm a rugby lad and I never get to be the little spoon[View]
17946601How do I have hookups in japan? What's the app or site that all the gays use to fuck bottoms? P…[View]
17941492>be me >get message from really cute boy >start talking >hes actually not creepy, a chas…[View]
17941878Is it ok to main Captain Falcon in smash as a mtf? Or is he to male brained?[View]
17931628/wlwgen/ - sapphic general: first love edition QOTT: What was your first crush like? /wlwgen/ is a g…[View]
17946815bladee pass more than 90% of 4chan and twitter trannys without even trying[View]
17922178repgen - repressor general: Pilgrim edition Previous: >>17892646[View]
17945670how do you explain dysphoria to someone who doesn't have it? my bf doesn't really get it[View]
17943710HRT Femboys be like[View]
17946035Does anyone think LGBT rights are doomed in the long-term?: With mass immigration of third-worlders …[View]
17946102How do you get a post op trans gf with a body like this if you're autistic, poor and low iq?[View]
17946774Post Your Letter Post difficulties you encounter dating because of your Letter[View]
17943833Which races have the best chances of passing[View]
17944812Best mattress for sex: I am in the market for a new mattress. I would like to choose the best one fo…[View]
17941656are boymoders nice?[View]
17946430Lily: What's with MtFs who choose to be called 'Lily'? I mean, it's not like FtMs are all …[View]
17946555ignorance is bliss: >tfw know the difference between transgender, transsexual and transvestite cu…[View]
17946552How did this make you feel trannies[View]
17943118Chaser here. I think all you trannies are so pretty :)[View]
17946220why do transgirls get upset when we fetishize them? They are literally dependent on us for love and …[View]
17945045This board is once again infested with chaser scum and meta attrated transbians in denial. So I used…[View]
17922122HRT Femboys are technically transwomen: They are exactly the same thing, AMAB individuals who biolog…[View]
17945811Trans girls. Tell us why men should choose you over a cis girl. Hard mode: no girldick[View]
17945280At what age do you count as a late transitioner? Till what age do you count as a young transitioner…[View]
17939164I don't want to be trans anymore.: I don't want to be a rapist. I don't want to be a …[View]
17935868A trans girl without her diaper is a trans girl without happiness[View]
17940736>get bottom bf >cant stand playing video games with him because he sucks so much at vidya Fem…[View]
17944538How do I not become a gross transbian hon? What are the common mistakes to avoid? What were the gros…[View]
17945626what letter is she? she’s definitely not straight[View]
17944321How do we stop people with BPD from transitioning and ruining it for the rest of us? t. mentally wel…[View]
17940685What’s more valuable in an mtf, big penis, small penis, or no penis (lol)[View]
17939256>be femboy >trans gf breaks up with me >starts dating another trans girl WTF was Unchaser r…[View]
17945434if /lgbt/ can count to 10 i'll transition[View]
17945603mr enter: could transition have saved him?[View]
17928866/voicegen/ - thanksgiving edition: How did your thanksgiving go? Did you get disowned yet? Also, ho…[View]
17945463Hey guise what are you gonna eat tonight bitch https://youtu.be/6VKeiNjM-AM[View]
17933159If you don't pass, it's impossible to be happy, right?[View]
17945347Can you bottom bois get it up to top at all?[View]
17945002:(: i’ve had a crush on my friend since he came out as bi. he asked if i was straight the other day …[View]
17936561You're walking through town holding hands with your same sex partner when this Sharia police of…[View]
17945035Why don't you niggas change the name of the board to /tttt/ cause shit there's barely any …[View]
17944745>AGP thinking about transitioning >Bite the bullet and tell my parents how I feel >Mom is r…[View]
17944809Ftm detrans: Are there really trans men who detransition due to escaping inceldom. Preferring to be …[View]
17941954If I told a white tucute that my pronouns are nigga/niggaself, would they rather be racist or transp…[View]
17935789can i still go after gay guys as an mtf: or have i given up that privilege? like im sure maybe 1/3rd…[View]
17945062I love hearing about all the sexual partners my bf had before me! It makes me feel so special to be …[View]
17941141Whenever me and my bf (both c.gay) go out for a walk we usually like holding hands. We live in a med…[View]
17944912Be with ebf: >he tells me he's felt validated hy me and no longer feels had about x Did I fo…[View]
17936766womb tattoo: tranny in my discord got fag inked[View]
17944631I don't know what to do anymore: I'm just writing everything because I have nothing better…[View]
17943499I want my neopucci pounded by an aggressive transphobic black man that will call me a faggot and sla…[View]
17942399Do cis women really hate trannies or is this board lying to me?[View]
17944398How do i get over him?: >Started hanging out with a buddy more >he gets touchy in a haha i tou…[View]
17944425will longing for something I can never have for the rest of my life make me pretty on the inside[View]
17944468i think im trans but not 100% sure: i guess thats it amab if it matters dont like my voice or body i…[View]
17944432What is the appropriate amount of skin for a trans girl to show in public?[View]
17944612What's it like to have vaginal sex with a fully transitioned woman? Does she get any feeling do…[View]
17936797Estrogen to lower sex drive dating: Do you think i could date straight women that are fine with a ma…[View]
17942770Who here /trancel/?[View]
17941033Why does every gay bottom I ever met have a crush on Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter?[View]
17935093>be bi top >try to hookup with cis-girls >advertise either Onlyfans or prostitution You kno…[View]
17938487i have converted 6 straight mtfs into transbians already. You may be next.[View]
17943927Sexual awakenings: I was just curious how others came to understand who they were. I consider myself…[View]
17944264>Think I have an ugly unattractive butt all my life >Statautist top bf says it’s in the 98th p…[View]
17940472what letter is this[View]
17941499How do I become a girl?[View]
17935943are terfs mentally ill????[View]
17943437Sex stories: High school memories thread anyone? >the hung horse cock down syndrome kid that fuck…[View]
17944325Jersey Undertaker: Noun, expression - A man or woman who wishes for their partner to undergo sex rea…[View]
17941112Boy with Apple: by Van Hoytl[View]
17934261>be qt gay boy >boyfriend becomes insecure after he learns I've had sex with around 500 p…[View]
17942593imagine not only flipping the coin to be born female but also being lucky enough to just have a body…[View]
17943379>boyfriend caged up my penis and hid the key >said my little penis is useless and it belongs t…[View]
17944261How do i stop girls coming onto me: its ruined so many friendships it's so annoying i'm no…[View]
17936299Makeup: Can gay/bi men wear makeup? Or am I a trans woman in denial? I get what I believe are pitty …[View]
17936223How do I obtain social power projection skills? My top bf is super good at making everyone like him …[View]
17941011why dont i pass: aight so i know theres something really fucked up going on with my face because eve…[View]
17943917Is this fat?[View]
17943995drunk ama: drunk ama from me, asterion you may remember me from the time someone from 4chan asked me…[View]
17942792Straw Poll time baby: I keep seeing threads about whether cis women actually like trans women. So le…[View]
17943649Detrans hrt dick shrinkage: Started 100mg spiro and 2 mg estradiol on 8/14/20. Will this be enough t…[View]
17943620I need some advice, anons. Give it to me straight(gay). >have amazing boyfriend of 1 year >he…[View]
17940352Its ok to be a bottom and use he/him pronouns Its not ok to be a male who bottoms for women however…[View]
17940989Masculine/Feminine Music: Share music. YOU MUST. YOU MUST DESCRIBE >Style of music >For feeli…[View]
17938148>be mtf >tuck all day for work >leak cum after untucking Is this normal??? and is it agp?…[View]
17943885/chasergen/ /cg/: Holla at yo boooooooyyyyyyyyyyyyyy edition A thread for gynandromorphophiles, by g…[View]
17940184Would transitioning have saved him?[View]
17927652What's the sappiest thing you've ever said/done to your bf?[View]
17938531If I am going to hell no matter what I do should I just worship Satan? I don't want to go to he…[View]
17939823Can bottoms trust that their versatile boyfriends will become total tops for them or will they event…[View]
17941887When do you think she'll come out?[View]
17942468/gaygen/ - manlet bf edition: old: >>17940513[View]
17943258Is it possible that you can read Yukio Mishima and accidentally get turned gay and how long does tha…[View]
17942888young shit future???: does anyone here think there will be more youngshits in the future? or will th…[View]
17942716Someone posted this book so I read it. It's good.: However the vampire is not a nullo. She…[View]
17938895Why are women more comfortable around gay men than straight men and mtfs?[View]
17941894/mtfg/ - transfeminine general: tetra edition Old: >>17937354 Links: https://pastebin.com/LyMh…[View]
17939352Gay question: Am I gay? I used to fap to the idea of giving men oral. I also used to fap to the idea…[View]
17940447Is the 'acceptance of homobisexuality' a massive shit test impulsed by women?: I'm developing a…[View]
17940040Misery: Post anything you want to express your misery.[View]
17940015What are the cans and can nots for repressors in the trans community? Can we claim to be trans to ou…[View]
17942682>spend one hour shaving >wake up with body full of hair again…[View]
17941061I am in favor of children having access to gender confirmation therapy, including hormone treatment.…[View]
17942280I want to cum inside a cis les and raise lesbian babies with her.[View]
17938094I wish I was GAY[View]
17938151Should I beat my mtf gf?: How the fuck do I keep her in line? She annoys me to no end and constantly…[View]
17940048Is zoophilia an acceptable sexuality?[View]
17941207Transgenders aren't quite as attractive as real women, but they make up for it by being more av…[View]
17942106>incel exists >'Hey take HRT you'll be less violent and attract people!' >nothing chan…[View]
17940501Adoption: >Are you afraid to adopt? Is there something missing? It is a complete downgrade, isn…[View]
17940849I want to cuck a transbian so bad. She'd be cute, but insecure. She'd act like a dom onlin…[View]
17940513/gaygen/ - Perfect Date Edition: Previous: >>17938243[View]
17942123Is it over if your face doesn't pass after 10 months HRT? Is ffs my only hope now?[View]
17940213Is it even possible to enjoy regular sex with a human if you take these toys?[View]
17941125Is it weird to be a bi female (dysphoria haver) who hates it when women say stuff like this? It make…[View]
17942336>mtf dom/top >only ever had one bottom >we broke up 6 months ago and i havent had sex or be…[View]
17927873to FTMs and MTFs: what's some of the downsides of living as a boy? what's some of he downs…[View]
17938638how do i get gfs like this[View]
17935672How do I love myself: It seems like the hardest thing to do. I go days feeling good and days where I…[View]
17937502/bigen/ - bisexual general: qott: buy anything good for black friday? or do you think black friday i…[View]
17941933Advice please: So here's the deal. I'm trans MTF and I've been transitioning for a fe…[View]
17938536Benefits of being fembrained: Are there any upsides to being a fembrained male? If there are please …[View]
17938442Can you accidentally become gay/bi from looking at too much gay cartoon porn?[View]
17941185Detrans Question: So lately been thinking of detransitioning >inb4 this the same thread posted h…[View]
17941389Im detransitioning because my retarded piece of shit mom did this to me and now im finally free, obj…[View]
17941310how does your mental illness/autism effect your sex life? do you think it plays a part in your sexua…[View]
17935136>you will never have biological children >you will never feel the excitement of finding out yo…[View]
17938604Why are NBs so heckin' cute and valid?[View]
17940355Hey dumb femboys, and bottom boymoders. This is what I’m going to you when I see you on the street. …[View]
17939605Is 5'8-5'10 truly the perfect height for a bisexual verse? it's like living the best …[View]
17941320Are tops turned off from being FWB’s with a bottom in an open relationship with a switch who goes in…[View]
17941367Should bottoms be taught about gaydeath and how they can use HRT to stay a guy but also prevent gay …[View]
17937314How open are bi brothers to having sex with their tranner sister?[View]
17941192>fathered multiple illegitimate children >simped for qt Greek twink >wrote some of the grea…[View]
17941244Not sure if I’m trans (mtf): Or if I just want to fuck every woman I see. Feels :([View]
17939561Am I the only one who thinks SJW forcing LGBTQ stuff everywhere does more harm than good? Not only d…[View]
17937627How do I find a boyfriend as a gay guy? >dude just use grindr/go to gay bars No. I don't wan…[View]
17940010a logo of the detroit gay liberation front, 1970: Thoughts on the design? I feel like we should bri…[View]
17941041Anyone else had a relationship really close to CMBYN?: Me and my older cousin would always try to ou…[View]
17913593/agpg/ Autogynephilia General: Awakening Edition What was the first game you played as a girl? >B…[View]
17935201Do I pass?: I'm very socially anxious since I accepted I'm trans, I never go outside of my…[View]
17933061FtM dating: What group is the most likely to date an transitioned ftm with genital dysphoria who pur…[View]
17940363any bottom goddesses with game that could turn me from straight to bi or gay pls?[View]
17940110im straight but the way gay guys with girls pfp larp as girls makes me very horny, how they use emoj…[View]
17939025Slow night, eh?: What're you having? How's your day been?[View]
17940348Do peoples dicks unironically pass through toilet rolls? I thought it was a joke until I heard 5.7 i…[View]
17938243/gaygen/ - the pits dition: old: >>17934878[View]
17940390What is wrong with being a chaser? We've done nothing wrong. All we've done is admire your…[View]
17934882I just found this picture of me from like 7 years ago. *gags*[View]
17939357Is /lgbt/ religious?: If so what religion, share your spiritual experiences and how your spiritualit…[View]
17940366Would transitioning have saved her?[View]
17931427What transtubers should I be watching?[View]
17939528Had a gay episode when I was a teen for my childhood friend and ruined a long relationship now I…[View]
17940256If HSTS are the most valid then surely transbians are the most trutrans. Two homosexual men in love.…[View]
17939727Okay so I figured something out and am really excited: So I've been confused about my gender fo…[View]
17939998crying all the time on estrogen: it is me again, the extremely famous trip who is now detransitionin…[View]
17924338How do we as a community deal with this problem?[View]
17937354/mtfg/ transgirl general: Murica Edition Old: >>17932234 Links: https://pastebin.com/LyMhFmT4 …[View]
17939536>taking a shower >suddenly remember that I had to go to the hospital as a kid for eating an en…[View]
17939373Would transition have saved her?[View]
17939121ftm/nb question i don't want to take testosterone and don't really care about having a fu…[View]
17937094>22 years old >Be bisexual >Mfw never had a gf or a bf >Can't find anyone my age wh…[View]
17939434Where is the best place to find people to date/fuck as an average looking effeminate bi man with BPD…[View]
17935842It is imperative that all 'straight' tranners are to be topped by lesbian mommies. Failure to comply…[View]
17939423Trannies hate chasers because they are themselves chasers Mx trannies get a sick kick off of convinc…[View]
17932517/lgbt/ shares a house: Big Brother house edition. Yeah, we will be watched by millions of people 24/…[View]
17938115I dont want to be trans[View]
17935688How do I know: I wish I could stop being trans and just live as a regular feminine gay guy, I don…[View]
17939530Are things like Gofundme just a meme?: Are random strangers really going to fund my transition? Can …[View]
17938165Switching from DIY to pharma meds, what's the superior blocker?: I'm on cypro rn (I ran ou…[View]
17937198Attractive trans characters or gender bender stuff in movies: Why is there never a single likeable, …[View]
17903089Post your ideal partner and let other guess what letter you are.[View]
17938928Is she right?[View]
17938612Maybe we should just kick cis women out of the lesbian community. I feel like that would solve at le…[View]
17910199Will my boyfriend leave me if I tell him I'm AGP? I know it's cringe but I still get off …[View]
17938012can you be an attractive trans woman in the eyes of society without passing?: got in an argument wit…[View]
17938633>mfw I'm starting to think I'm unironically genderfluid what do I do? I don't want…[View]
17934115Why should bottoms have rights?[View]
17939154>studies show no significant difference between how many straight and gay men have a shit fetish …[View]
17939134Prison gay is driven by rage that women are irrational creatures compared to men (they are). In that…[View]
17938240Im not trans: I finally get to be free from dysphoria, i realized it was a massive cope from childho…[View]
17939073would transition have saved her?[View]
17925996Edd was trans, right?[View]
17927325The bad trannies: Apparently this person mods all the lgbt subreds and is involved in everything tra…[View]
17937203Is it true that wanting to be a girl, actually makes me a girl?[View]
17938692why don't bisexuals have a cool nickname for themselves? homos have 'gay' and 'lesbian', hets h…[View]
17937025>high risk >no reward Being gay is one of the dumbest strategies in life.…[View]
17938798Was Isaac from children of the corn a trans man?: discuss.[View]
17938896How many eggs has she cracked since 1996?[View]
17938706Why tf does the suit look like that? Baggy, super wide shoulders? It fits so badly? It was chosen fo…[View]
17938724Do actual lesbians even exist amongst zoomer and millennial women? (transbians do not count). I feel…[View]
17936066so patreons, any more damning pics?[View]
17938215LGB '''T''': I know it's been asked before, but why is the '''T''' included with the rest of us…[View]
17937836regaining virginity: im a mtf that used to be sexually active before realizing i was trans so the ot…[View]
17936984>be 5'5' gay twink >always loved boys with longer hair >decide to grow my hair out in …[View]
17938454How do transbians have sex? Do they just twist their limp tiny girldicks together like cheesesticks?[View]
17932245Does anyone have a cohesive guide at computer programming that'll land me a job. I have no othe…[View]
17936345Reminder. 99% of cis lesbians would be totally fine dating mtf transwomen. The 1% are the very loud …[View]
17931808Are gays 'gay' because they couldn’t get enough pussy/too much hornyness?: I have had sex with men b…[View]
17932736This place unironically almost convinced me to become a tranny, thank god I gave it time to rethink …[View]
17938420Do Swedish transwomen like being called 'hon'?[View]
17931404Post boyfriend cuddling it makes me feel warm inside OwO I collect these like an irl world quest[View]
17937649I want to get a gf that in the first few dates thinks I'm kind and gentle, but when we get into…[View]
17934878/gaygen/ japense music: >>17933350 >>17933350[View]
17938209im not even sorry[View]
17937810MtF whores: Whatever happened to all the trans women turning tricks? Every large city used to have a…[View]
17938062AGP are people with a fetish for being treated like women, right? But what am I if I'm a cis gu…[View]
17937321THE COTTON CEILING: The amount of transbian incel seething that lesbians don't want to fuck the…[View]
17936793The mom we never had[View]
17935752Why so many trips on MTFgen: They don't post on other boards, only mtfgen, mtfgen is full of tr…[View]
17937450>top bf always has a massive erection every time we cuddle even after I just sucked him dry Are t…[View]
17937130Homogenital: They came up with a new word for those who have a sex specific genital fetish. https://…[View]
17935542This video is cringe as fuck, I'm not gonna lie.[View]
17935067Transgirls and bottoms when you tell them something that requires half a brain cell. This has lead m…[View]
17936130Gay movie Stream: Does anyone know a free streaming website for gay movies like 'call me by your nam…[View]
17937595Is it better to live life as a 4'11' gay bottom manlet or a 4'11' trans girl?[View]
17937639Would giving you a reach around trigger your dysphoria? >asking for a friend…[View]
17937360tips for looking androgynous for someone with a 'male body?' i like those wide necked sweaters and …[View]
17936999I don't want to be a virgin anymore but honestly grindr looks super disgusting. How do I become…[View]
17934949>my brother likes me after coming out[View]
17936028Put it on faggot[View]
17936081Question to tranners: Would you sacrifice yourself to eternally processing the needless suffering of…[View]
17928600Why do Tumblr cis women have such a chip on their shoulder? Is it autism?[View]
17936723I was on Omegle trolling the transformation tag looking for cringe. Well i ran into the same trooner…[View]
17936857Ask anything from a 29y boomer who lost his virginity by raping a boymoder. >Why would you do tha…[View]
17925410/bigen/ - bisexual general: qott: what are you eating with your turkey? did you do anything special …[View]
17934891Would I have been happy if I were born a girl or transitioned before high school? Would I have made …[View]
17921214/clg/ - cis lesbian general : tiramisu edition: never had tiramisu before but it looks good REMINDER…[View]
17935021Cute or not cute?: Jw[View]
17937154hey /lgbt/ please critique my rhetoric on gender identity[View]
17935653How do I clean my butt[View]
17932709id rather have cancer then be this: i hate being a tranny so much, i hate myself, i hate what i am, …[View]
17931997Boymoder hits on you. What do you do?[View]
17917717Passing Names: Why do MTFs pick such horrible names? If you have any desire to pass, why would you m…[View]
17936138Does anyone want to be my friend?: I’m a GNC male and really lonely because my best friend disowned …[View]
17936684>not out to family >hear dad start ranting about trannies again in the other room…[View]
17936680hiel: There is room for traps in the ethnostate.[View]
17836807/mascgen/ - rugby edition: Post masc dudes, be chill, shitpost in moderation and don't answer t…[View]
17936391>6'7 >bottom Is it over?[View]
17936348Tfw can't pluck brows: >Get them professionally done >Can't pluck them while they ar…[View]
17931247Is it me or isn/lgbt/ more about the t than the lgb part of the community. There's barely any t…[View]
17932688Now that mr Blanchard expressed that he thinks pedophilia is a preference, can y’all shut the fuck u…[View]
17936459All lgbt people form their own country how good/bad would it be.[View]
17922197This gives me hope[View]
17932297itt: images that disgust a 'straight' trans'woman'[View]
17935300>be depraved bi with a trap fetish >get trans gf >suddenly have a futa fetish when they use…[View]
17929989/passgen/: It's Friday again boys and girls Make sure you give feedback if you post :^)[View]
17936271What is the hottest multiplayer video game that /lgbt/ is playing rn?[View]
17935290>at work >girl I work with asked me if I was on my period PANIC…[View]
17934544How the fuck can anyone deny she is on HRT lmaoo[View]
17935852Can I be a tomboy HRT femboy???[View]
17935274I'm Cured: This has been my main board for like 4 months now and started to question my gender.…[View]
17935762Blackpill me on MtF HRT I already ordered the pills and will be taking them, but as an intellectual …[View]
17935643>be almost 30 yo cis guy >be somewhat bisexual >currently dating an 18yo cis bi woman >p…[View]
17930773cis f & ftms, what do if you wake up in a mtf's body?: what would cis women and ftms here d…[View]
17924619Who are better partners? TRANSBIANS or chasers?[View]
17936069havent talked to 'bf' in 6 days. posted a thread about it a few days ago. i dont care at all surpris…[View]
17936094I was a straight virgin before transition but now im a huge slut. Last night a guy fucked me in the …[View]
17934985Why are bottoms like this? Don't they have any shame and know that people will think badly abou…[View]
17935145im a bi bottom and i've never had any desire to penetrate people, ever since i first started to…[View]
17933381edgy rant: does anyone else feel like a monster sometimes? I cover my face and body wherever I go I …[View]
17920594Confess: Confess your darkest sins, thoughts and desires[View]
17935753Reminder to chasers (aka 5'7' manlet incels) All trans women are over 6 feet and they're a…[View]
17935509What games community has the most tranners and why?[View]
17934516Gay bros, have you ever dated a dude who falsely insisted was bi for the entire relationship?: Just …[View]
17933642Rub white stuff on your tits already: Feminizing creams work for speeding up development, stay woke …[View]
17934177if a guy wears a jockstrap what are the chances he's gay?: Crashed at a friends house, yes just…[View]
17934688>be sad >too sad to take shots >hormone levels go off >get more sad >now extra too sa…[View]
17920353How can tops even compare? After you rode the dragon their tiny peckers barely reach the G-spot[View]
17929973bottoms actually like getting fucked in the butt hole mfw[View]
17934395Is listening to true crime podcasts malebrained or fembrained?[View]
17924404How does /LGBT like there coffee? I'm a gay man and I like ice caps because I'm a faggot[View]
17935554I don't want to be transgender, I do not want to be trans gender, it hurts, I have to feminize …[View]
17927848>tranner >dad doesn't like that I'm a tranner >brother supports me being a tranne…[View]
17921368i-is there any way to gety foreskin back? i never wanted this :([View]
17933979Is there anything more adorable than a transgirl with dead dick? I can't help but tease them.[View]
17935355Would transition save him?[View]
17934691lol im out: im leaving because i hate this board n im hated n the chasers are gross n people steal m…[View]
17934287I saw a picture of my twink self, 18 years old, very skinny. I want to go back in time and fuck myse…[View]
17934745>a bottom, an agp and a straight woman walk into a bar..[View]
17934306Am I gay: I thought I was gay but I sometimes feel like fucking a woman But I still like being gay …[View]
17934536Could transitioning have saved her?[View]
17934594>trans girl >live with dad only >haven't been to a thanksgiving since transitioning …[View]
17933963Well /lgbt/ I got a funny story for ya but you gotta guess it. I am a cis guy. As of yesterday I had…[View]
17934936is shitting your diaper acceptable?[View]
17935041Would transitioning have saved her?: >in the center was Speck, performing oral sex on another inm…[View]
17923021/tttt/, do you point your girl dick up or down when you're just relaxing at home in underwear??[View]
17931499Is human sexuality visually bisexual, only to be made straight/gay by our sense of smell >99% of …[View]
17933813If trans women are indeed women, then why does passing as a cis woman matter? You're woman, and…[View]
17933350/gaygen/: Hair to zoo pipeline edition last: >>17932455[View]
17932598>don't watch porn >can only coom to the idea of me being passing tranny getting fucked by…[View]
17932234/mtfg/ - mtfg: links: https://pastebin.com/LyMhFmT4 last: >>17928224 editionless edition qott:…[View]
17930372/pol/tard here. Transgenders, why do you always bring up that you're trans? Obviously it makes …[View]
17920761Girl horny > guy horny Guy horny >horny only located in pants >coom quickly lose horny >…[View]
17934464>Incel prison gay bisexual men Losers. >Chad gay men who are so attractive to women that they …[View]
17931006Everyday I wake up and thank god for being born a cis and not uggo hon.[View]
17931758Would you kiss her?: I Would[View]
17934225Weird hrt effects: I just started hrt and now my scrotum got super tight and my testicles cling real…[View]
17927336Christian tranners? Is this a thing?: >215 OKCupid likes later, finally get liked by a tranner th…[View]
17931648>tfw no cis top gf to put flowers in your hair and then later pin you against the wall and firmly…[View]
17933444How do I avoid going to hell? T. Mtf[View]
17933640I am looking for a trans gf You need to be: >trans girl with at least 14 cm / 5.5 inch cock (tha…[View]
17929417Anyone else here prison repressor? i.e. repressing for external reasons like health problems, family…[View]
17928959>be gay >still hate fags[View]
17930496>tfw you don't have a live-in NEET gamer tranner gf who is filthy and smells like weed and c…[View]
17931401the transbian brainwashing has gotten to me: last night i dreamed about getting raped by a hot trans…[View]
17933016Goodmorning everyone ^_^ please remember to stay hydrated.[View]
17932556Do you tops like getting your butt played with at all?[View]
17907781/ftmg/ Iphis edition: previously on the Mongolian basket weaving general: >>17863276 QOTT: Did…[View]
17929931why yes anon, i do believe we need trans right right now.: how could you tell?[View]
17933928Homemade cookie: What's a better way to say, 'baby I love you a whole ton.' ?[View]
17934164Anyone else put stuff in your bra since no pockets? I'll put car keys or my credit card there n…[View]
17934150t4t date round 2: In the last episode we went to dinner and held hands afterwards and she drove all …[View]
17934122I'd let john mess fuck me into oblivion. What music artists do you fantasize about?[View]
17932053Are all trannies prostitutes? Every tranny ive known is, but maybe its just an unfortunate coinciden…[View]
17928296Why does gay dating suck: Grindr sucks, tinder sucks, okaycupid sucks. They all fucking do. No way t…[View]
17934002Wow these guys were such good friends they were even roommates at one point. I wish I had a friend l…[View]
17930927Let's see, trannies have: >the personalities of autistic men >the interests of autistic m…[View]
17932296Does it?: Does your gaming rig taste pass? I notice all the guys looking up flashy PC cases with RGB…[View]
17933586Would transitioning have saved her?[View]
17933281how do you get over sexual shame? any sex-related thoughts makes me feel extremely guilty and disgus…[View]
17933097reminded that it's femalebrained to rely on a doctor to handle your hrt and it's malebrain…[View]
17933198Paris Lees: I saw this chick dissing terfs on twitter. I thought, cool. I clicked on her profile and…[View]
17930920it kills me that I will never experience this if your head is gone, you can't feel anything you…[View]
17933569Does AGP become GAMP or does GAMP become AGP?[View]
17932455/gaygen/ - basic white bitch edition: old: >>17930174[View]
17932155Why aren't chubby femboys a thing?[View]
17933419Acquired a ebf recently: >been hornier than ever and had to use various methods to cope Embarrass…[View]
17933035How long before she comes out?[View]
17933445Would you let Gigachad top you and breed your boypussy?[View]
17933322a-am I a meta attracted transbian if I want to jerk off my girldick while shoving my face in a boy…[View]
17933382every year, thousands of boymoders are left abandoned by their owners when they couldn't handle…[View]
17930583Amybyd here have conversations with people in your head that others cannot hear?[View]
17932229What does your dick experiance putting it in a femboy?[View]
17922354What happened to Vaush?: I thought he supported our community I can't watch this guy anymore ht…[View]
17933089Guys, is it common early-stage tranner characteristics to pretend to be a girl on Facebook, block so…[View]
17931689When does a boymoder get to consider themself a lesbian?[View]
17928295The perfect relationship: The perfect relationship is a polygamous relationship in which a foid and …[View]
17929658hate my girlcock why can i hav ben a vagoo so jelly of my sisters, only part im not jelly is she d…[View]
17927018What made you stop repressing? (If you ever even stopped) would you say your life is better now?[View]
17932972What country is this flag from? And why are the women so ugly?[View]
17932767>tfw i found a guy who finds me physically attractive and intersting enough and he wants to love …[View]
17929252does she pass?[View]
17918448If I transitioned to be a trap am I AGP?: Like the title says. Is it AGP to take the pinkpill and be…[View]
17927358Whicj specific facial features mark me as a trans girl, and can those go away?: Does it take a buzzs…[View]
17932645Im coming from /fit/ and i will leave soon after hearing your opinion on this. Im a 20yo and male an…[View]
17928302What can I do to look like a latina if I'm a tall big hairy pale white guy?[View]
17931842I was a retard and now i will pay the price: >be me on grindr I agreed for someone to drive to my…[View]
17928968W-what does it feel like to have a boy’s hard cock inside you? A-asking for a friend...[View]
17929222Fuck bros i just want a bf but im too much of an emotional burden. Sometimes i daydream or wake up a…[View]
17931756Tranny suicide: Is the suicide rate as bad as they say for trannies? Like 41% bad? I need answers…[View]
17931350I cannot be attracted to men anymore and I hate it.: Has anyone else had gynephilia sneak up on them…[View]
17927612What video games have you been playing lately, /tttt/?[View]
17931726There’s two kinds of /tttt/rannies[View]
17932397I'm not a trans girl, I'm just a desperate autistic beta male[View]
17931298Damn, trans people make this much?! What does she need 75k for?[View]
17919614how do you like your tea, /tttt/? supposedly this tea will help me produce breastmilk and get bigger…[View]
17932463When you wake up and remember you're a tranny[View]
17929103>anon you look thin are you eating okay >why don’t you take that hoodie off we have the heat …[View]
17930174/gaygen/ - addicted edition: old: >>17928476[View]
17932125Why do Lesbians usually look like this?[View]
17931589Why does turning down someone who's in love with me always feel so good? Are transgirls just me…[View]
17931493how do i make a trip: hi im a tranny and im trying to make a trip, i just put my name, then the ## a…[View]
17930523Washington state thread Which cocks you like? Thinkin about fempenis rn[View]
17928744Tranners, What Have You Done to Normies?: Seriously. They're trying desperately to be on what t…[View]
17931394How do I find a bf?: >Russian tranny I recently broke up, I never had to find partners before, th…[View]
17930714I don’t see trans AT ALL in Ianna Drew: Ian Drew does not look trans, like, *at all* there is zero t…[View]
17931777raising my larynx gives me a double chin??: i'm a skinny person but i have some lax skin below …[View]
17931762Have you ever come out as pseudogay to someone in real life? Is there any point in telling people, o…[View]
17931715i wanna cut off my dick[View]
17930214I'm a transgirl and I love my feminine penis![View]
17931417i used to be happy when I got drunk what happened[View]
17931278why are hons almost always openly trans or activist?, while passer or whatever your ment to say arn…[View]
17931593BIG SIZE SHOES: >look for cheaper shoes because black friday >everything in my size is bought …[View]
17929521POV: you're a transbian :([View]
17918142Bingo Thread ;)[View]
17926893Post your type of car and guess the letter.: Nimble, simple, sort of comfy and iconic. What am I?…[View]
17928602what was the first thing you did after realizing you were a tranny?[View]
17931382Is it common to be a top for slim feminine guys but a 'side' for masc dudes?[View]
17914232Do gay males like yaoi?[View]
17931294what are the chances of getting hiv from receiving oral from a man of unkown status[View]
17912047My best friend is a girl now: >Be a beta incel >Scared of women most of your life and don…[View]
17930536Can bottoms reproduce with each other? How do they procreate?[View]
17885723/femgen/ - femboy general - make femgen great again: General for gender non-conforming men. I think …[View]
17931200Is there such a thing as surgically creating a neovagina without using the penis?: I would like to k…[View]
17929626Sex between a man and a faggot 1:1: >Was always designed to be a secret pleasure >Was never to…[View]
17929864Genuine question for diaper fetishers, do people notice the stink? Do daips hide the smell well?[View]
17927113Why are you a chaser?[View]
17930618What are breasts supposed to feel like? I was an incel pre-transition so I never got the chance to f…[View]
17927752If a cis person tells you that she can tell you are trans: the biggest mistake you can make is askin…[View]
17926807Its ok to be a bottom(male with he/him pronouns)[View]
17919589I fucking wanna kill people when they say repressing is good or whatever. It fucks your mind even af…[View]
17925347Serious question: How do blind people figure out if they are lgbt? (Yes any letter)[View]
17927165what is having a bf like? i need hopefuel pls[View]
17929895How do I (a passing but very tall tranner with no friends and bad social anxiety) find a cute boy (w…[View]
17930790wtf is this tanner 3 / tanner 4 BS I keep seeing: I am on 0.1mg / day estrogen patch (I have FOUR of…[View]
17930168>be 107 years old tranny >20 year old children are asking if they are too old to transition…[View]
17922602Hey /lgbt/ need some advice here, reposting since I posted @ 1am but didn’t get any >Me (b cis ma…[View]
17930420DIY vs Doctor for starting HRT: I know there are a million posts about DIY here. Is it really worth …[View]
17930350Where do I find girls willing to date boymoders? I don't wanna use dating apps because everyone…[View]
17928908you *did* make traditional thanksgiving dinner for your bf, right anon?[View]
17930268Why are chasers so fucking weird? Serious inquiry[View]
17930280the feeling when a cis woman approves of you is almost like a drug: who else agrees[View]
17930132>tfw still have a penis it hurts guys...[View]
17928476/gaygen/: Riding Marius edition last: >>17926379[View]
17926654Is 20 years old too old for hrt?: What the title says[View]
17929899How to get Refill of HRT?: I got off HRT a while back. Decided I am starting it again and have a bun…[View]
17924225I'm unironically jealous of dogs. They get to be stupid and quiet and they don't even take…[View]
17927171What's up with transgirls and having schlongs?[View]
17928701Can someone please show me some links/pharmacies where I can buy T online? Not finding anything in /…[View]
17929617Hey destroy classroom code: 5xnvpx6[View]
17926952hello /lgbt/, I'm male 21 cis until recently thought I'm 100% straight the thought of men …[View]
17921335lol so relatable[View]
17926077>tfw mom said i needed a tracheal shave at the thanksgiving dinner table she’s right…[View]
17928780Spot the tranner[View]
17922876post fantasies about forced masculinization of olly and contrapoints[View]
17925887trans girls who grew up with female friends >'I've been practicing my makeup a lot and I…[View]
17927112How can I realistically go about making Natalie a serious part of my life?: How can I realistically …[View]
17926512I need dick![View]
17929314why did god make me agp and 6'2 and retarded and ugly. I don't like this[View]
17928224/mtfg/ - snew to snewette general: links: https://pastebin.com/LyMhFmT4 last: >>17924726 boymo…[View]
17926716>sitting at thanksgiving dinner table with the family >topic of discussion turns to homosexual…[View]
17925216I was straight but I became a bottom after looking at pictures of cocks online. What do?[View]
17929100Where is all the fucking boymoding trans girl porn?! No homo tho[View]
17919908>Bottoms are so desperate for attention they let another man pound them in the butt why is this …[View]
17927725what do i do to get gendered male more often. right now it's 50/50[View]
17926683/vtg/ - Voice Training General: Links: MtF: (Start Here): [YouTube] Sex in Voice Explained Simply (e…[View]
17923884Why do they hate us? Other than the whole I don't look like a women one[View]
17926114Trans cannot be incel: If you are mtf, cis woman or even ftm, it's impossible to be an incel. Y…[View]
17914205Everyone at the eye doc today called me her/she/miss today. As a 'notable' hon trip i just…[View]
17928187is spiro based?: mixing spiro and estrogen is based, hear me out. so spiro makes you not grow tittie…[View]
17920389/wlwgen/: fukken SAVED edition /wlwgen/ a general for all lesbians regardless of whether you're…[View]
17925817who posted this I Need Answers NOW!!!!![View]
17925363why do bottoms suck so much at taking nudes? seriously. they have the cutest faces with the best sel…[View]
17927758What’s their end game?[View]
17928167what does it matter whos the ''woman'' in the relationship[View]
17927762Anyone with bottom dysphoria that doesnt want a neovagina?[View]
17924180Do tranners mind if I use them as practice for real girls?[View]
17927070Butt stuff: Can you somehow obtain a homie who would upon a request put his cock up your ass gently …[View]
17926379/gaygen/ - undies edition: old: >>17923220[View]
17926866I hate my dad: That is all[View]
17920416Would you date someone with oral herpes?[View]
17920720USA: I bet you weirdos live in places like North Carolina and Kentucky[View]
17928088That 70s show: In alternate universe where fans wouldn't be homophobic Eric would have ended w…[View]
17928008Tell me about the /r9k/ to /lgbt/ pipeline[View]
17921429Why o why?: Why do all my desires to transition disappear when i have an orgasm? Is that normal? Is …[View]
17926992Can we put trans rights on hold temporarily so we can help bottoms with their rights? Bottoms are me…[View]
17927875Why does the idea of a dominant girly girl/trap feel so unnatural an unattractive?[View]
17926693Can't live with bottoms can't live without them Being a top is a curse[View]
17927099>somewhat dysphoric >plan to DIY testosterone >also hyperfeminine >can't ever fuc…[View]
17896263>tfw femboy soon to be on HRT >dont want to grow tits >women from both sides of my family h…[View]
17926439Gateway: Cringy ass yet nostalgic animations introduced me to LGBT How did you find out about this c…[View]
17927645>5'6 >half breed is it over bros[View]
17924631Gender Dysphoria is a mental illness. I believe with all mental illnesses, the person with the illne…[View]
17927349Have you read this book?: I assumed it would be YA-trash tier but it's quite good. The supposed…[View]
17927279Hi I have been in a coma for 9 months. How are those bottom rights coming along?[View]
17927331Hello?: Hello, is this the infamous /pol/ I've heard so much about?[View]
17925628what's the best toy to use to achieve prostate orgasm easily?[View]
17927453>have never posted a selfie on the internet >will never have /tttt/ post my pic and roast me f…[View]
17923232I know Dr Powers said that he has a 100% sucess rate in restoring trans girl's fertility with c…[View]
17927252How much is anime to blame for troon trenders?: Anime girls seem to occupy the same brain space as d…[View]
17927489Throwback time: Does anyone remember Khaos Komix? I mean it's a classic webcomic so I do. I lov…[View]
17926838can't a cis guy just fantasize about being kidnapped and forced to live as a girl by a colony o…[View]
17925024Why do trans girls fail at looking cute in the egirl/ any alternative aesthetics[View]
17784367/wcg/ - Webcomics General: Previous thread: >>17663479 Comics we know of, all of which are nam…[View]
17927385Has anyone here taken clomid to restore fertility? Does it cause the body to become masculine again?…[View]
17927168If I fuck a tranner's neopussy too hard, will it break her pussy? My tranner gf's hole is …[View]
17921275What are you thankful for this thanksgiving /lgbt/[View]
17924881Real transition goals: Tranners should aim at passing so well even if they crossdress as their birth…[View]
17925078I just want to be a normal straight cis guy: I don't want to be lgbt. No offence but y'all…[View]
17926514Alright, here’s the deal. Fucking this isn’t gay. You have a feminine form that obeys a big SUPERIOR…[View]
17924534(you) CAN pray gay away >Be into women for most of my life >Get a gf in highschool, study in t…[View]
17922781Noelle’s transition storytime: >Storytime What do you think of her decision to get boob removal s…[View]
17926735i want dick[View]
17924427Is he FTM? The whole good will hunting movie looks like at FTM shitshow[View]
17926643Anyone else attracted to him?[View]
17922626I don’t like how I am treated for acting fem (gay amab): Would I have better luck as a woman? I’m on…[View]
17925603>mom found the AGP dungeon[View]
17921461are there even happy people on this board?: i'm starting to think happiness for people like us …[View]
17926121would transitioning have saved him?[View]
17912008is it true that transbians are the jews of genders?[View]
17926316Removing balls or getting cancer?: I am a trans mtf and I basically have two choices, so good either…[View]
17924809Natural hrt help pls: Hi im a gay boi who wants to have tits lol. I dont wanna get diagnosed with dy…[View]
17918582I have Thanksgiving tomorrow and my breasts have become noticeable through my hoodie and button down…[View]
17923237>I don't have a problem with gay people as long as it's not their entire personality I …[View]
17923220/gaygen/ - Marcos Valle edição: prévio >>17919734 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCPwQIR8sMU …[View]
17926329High school cliche?: >Mfw you will never have a jock/rebel high school sweetheart that loves and …[View]
17925916[leading shitpost question intended to spark lewd discussion][View]
17924999Is it true that most cis lesbians want to date transwomen?[View]
17925984Should I have sex before I decide to start taking hormones? I'm afraid my dysphoria is fake and…[View]
17924726/mtfg/ - mtfg: links: https://pastebin.com/LyMhFmT4 last: >>17919617 food edition qott: what f…[View]
17924252What is the point of living if I'll never look like pic related?[View]
17921538I’m a good bottom! I’m cooking my boyfriend dinner for Thanksgiving![View]
17914659I’m addicted to sissy/trans/she male porn and can’t stop watching it. I imagine myself in the woman’…[View]
17925874tfw you have the big penis gene: but you didn't inherit the tight poon gene. :'([View]
17925417>mom found the sissy hypno lounge[View]
17923530Stop doing anal.[View]
17925633>picrel are the loudest lgbt voices on normie social media including twitter, facebook and plebbi…[View]
17921960If being agp and attracted to men means it's just meta attraction... then I hope it never goes …[View]
17922678is discord/twitter/reddit the cause of the rise in transgenders your honest thoughts please[View]
17919734/gaygen/ - gaymer edition: old: >>17917364[View]
17912202Post the last music video(s) you watched and have others guess the letter: https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
17925498>why must you hurt me this way Like, between 4 and 6 threads at any given time. Why??????…[View]
17910237/ideals/: I stole this from /fa/ but it's just as applicable to /lgbt/ since they have even mor…[View]
17924807Is there any way to be 'truly' bi, like a specific number of people you have to fuck and a dick/puss…[View]
17921284what dangers could one face when boymoding?[View]
17924512wanna become a trip on here, but I can't think of a name, any suggestions?[View]
17923968does anyone here want a cis bi fujoshi gf or do i have to go back to crystal cafe to find my people[View]
17913652it is over ;-;: Thinking about detrans but luckily even two years of HRT barely did anything for me,…[View]
17925075why do lesbians hate bisexual women? why do they keep saying that i would leave her for a dick? this…[View]
17925232do boymoders?[View]
17924969How do I stop comparing myself / wishing I were other people, especially fictional characters?[View]
17920129Only a crossdresser, what do I do to improve?: Hi lads I only crossdress but looking for tips on imp…[View]
17925175So harry styles wore a dress a week ago: and his last album color was the transflag color (pink outs…[View]
17921762Wanted To Do Something Nice For Thanksgiving <3: Hello hello! I just wanted to wish everyone a ha…[View]
17924158>my friend just went prison gay[View]
17919958How do I hide my hrt regimen from my wife?: I'm mtf trans but I'm married and my wife thin…[View]
17924362Why do TERFs keep making shit up?: >first TERFs claimed transbians don't date each other …[View]
17922862What made some of you become such degenerates? Why do some of you degrade yourself to wearing diaper…[View]
17921061how do I tell my trans gf that I want her to come in me? :3: Femboy ftm here, she already likes to t…[View]
17924304>join a new discord server >using a gender neutral name >mention nothing about sex or orien…[View]
17923637how do I get into crypto to pay for ffs[View]
17921514if hormones don't reduce my body hair i'm gonna stop trooning and become an alt right ince…[View]
17924716I did nofap for 30 days but still have homosexual thoughts..what should I do?[View]
17918414/bigen/ - Bisexual General: H*ndholding Edition: QOTT: In regards to physical affection, is there an…[View]
17924545You say no, but I know you cissies can't stop thinking about my clitty. It's ok. I'll…[View]
17922796Am I coomer if?: Am I a coomer if I admire trans women and crossdressers but don't want to have…[View]
17922806What does it feel like to get your neocoochie pounded?[View]
17924374How many month on HRT until my body looks like this? I'm 1X and started 6 months ago[View]
17924452Doe your boyfriend know your dead name?[View]
17923479No Nut November: Any other bisexuals doing NNN here? What are your plans for December the 1st? The m…[View]
17922282where is this from?: all i know is that picrel is a FTM talking to a gay guy[View]
17918994>femboys taking HRT to become more feminine or whatever, not for the purposes of transition Do th…[View]
17924173Is Pueraria Mirifica + low dose Bica safe?: I can't start real HRT till next year and they will…[View]
17923437>phone call from grandma >have to use my guy voice >she sounds sad and misses me >haven…[View]
17923213So assuming I were to induce lactation and make cheese out of my milk. Would it be vegan? Also would…[View]
17923672musicians of /tttt/ - submit covers to this song in a vocaroo in the comments, preferably guitar or …[View]
17919912> Why can't any regular girls be into me, Am I that repellant? He said that on the show las…[View]
17920136Required chastity/diaper compromise?: Real talk. Should trannies be legally kept in chastity and dia…[View]
17910344Do gay men really? Have you ever used meth? why?[View]
17919359What sort of porn do you watch /LGBT/?[View]
17920565What caused the recent rise of zoomer hons?[View]
17923583>tfw we will never live in the timeline where Empress Elagabalus reformed the Roman religion and …[View]
17921076What are some tells that someone is a ftm tranner?[View]
17918135Do most ftm used to hate men: >Before transition, do you used to hate men until you transition? …[View]
17921285Help!!! My boyfriend stole all my hoodies and only gave me dresses and thin tops to wear! This is sp…[View]
17921260guys how do I convince my bf/gf/nbf to cum inside me: I'm not horny larping/a mega autist who c…[View]
17921647what is the point of life /lgbt/?[View]
17923104What's the deal with men?: >Have my Bumble preferences set to only show me to people identif…[View]
17923605can we blame smartphones and teens with unsupervised internet access for the rise of agp trenders?[View]
17922535starting hrt at 32 is still better than starting at 33[View]
17920876How are normie gay bottoms supposed to compete with this?[View]
17920719>fat fuck >brother transitions into a girl >actually looks quite nice >she becomes prett…[View]
17922837Is anyone else scared to do a meet up?: I know if I'd have been talking to them on an app for a…[View]
17923482Has anyone here little-dommed before? I did it with my ex for a month or so before she figured that …[View]
17922676>gay bottom >boyfriend's parents are coming over for thanksgiving dinner >going to mee…[View]
17922868>ywn have a stone cold bf why live?[View]
17921796Tranny escort: Hello fellow chasers, I want to have good sex with a tranny escort this week and I…[View]
17921859Spot the flaws.[View]
17918174>tfw so many people know you hate women you have to save face by becoming one…[View]
17922588Why don't people consider asexuals part of the LGBT? Also, what does /lgbt/ think about 'demise…[View]
17922858I'm not trans. I'm a femboy who takes hrt, has boiboobs, wears girl clothes and chooses to…[View]
17920076you wish you were her[View]
17921801Thanksgiving Thread: Hey nerds, what are you doing with your family this thanksgiving?[View]
17924442/passgen/: Went girlmoding in the city. (not that it's much different from my boymode honestly)…[View]
17922644lesbians liking strap ons: if a lesbian likes strap ons they are an AutoAndroMorphoPhile[View]
17922248>want to be a woman >not attracted to them >still deathly afraid of them >can barely eve…[View]
17922873how do i get rid of like a cup size boobs after 2 years hrt? they make me feel gross and dysphoric a…[View]
17919718boys should be kissed tenderly on the lips and then cuddled![View]
17920968My breasts go from cones to perfectly round boobs depending on the day. I swear sometimes it changes…[View]
17922782Another 'Analyze me' thread.: Am I a lesbian if I love 2D men? I don't care about 2D women that…[View]
17919301Is it normal for trannies to date someone with a smaller dick?[View]
17919751I want a man to feminize me and make me the biggest little femboy slut. I want him to dress me up an…[View]
17922462misogynist trans girls are cute and valid![View]
17922220is this the other use for bottoms, aside from fucking?[View]
17922399Lesbians should stop complaining about not liking dick. Most do and the ones that don't have ne…[View]
17922446>see a guy who's taller than me >legs begin to quiver…[View]
17922150I had sex with a femboy and I enjoyed it. I mean I ENJOYED IT. It was way hotter than any of my expe…[View]
17889934All I do is just lay in bed watching my cryptocurrency portfolio go up. Ive been alone inside this a…[View]
17919617mtfg male to fragile genral: henri toivonen edition qott: what song would you listen to in a racecar…[View]
17921372Chasers should be ready to financially support tranners if they aren't willing to go for a >…[View]
17922239What's it like to have BPD as a tranner?[View]
17918242'Straight' tranners belong bent over a table, getting pounded by their transbian mommy and begging f…[View]
17921242>be me, virgin bi >hit up a twink on grinder >he comes over smelling all cum and sweat …[View]
17909640I was almost groomed into transition but I realized I didn't really want it and I am happy simp…[View]
17914900Trans gf is disappointing me: I've been with non-trans girls in the past. But right now I'…[View]
17920523Need some actual advice. If a man you were dating and trusted was doing intimate stuff with you, and…[View]
17922008Please stop promoting self hatred, ok thanks bye.[View]
17922027>trans girl >drinking Capri Sun >'so-I mean honey, your diapers are here!' >run to get i…[View]
17921446which letter is most loyal?[View]
17921326I'm a trans woman and the only thing that turns me on is other trans women. What am I? What…[View]
17918743cis women, you could look like this. why don’t you?[View]
17921190Direction needed please: I am 32. I have had intense desires to be a girl my whole life. It's m…[View]
17912711Why are conservatards so obsessed with trans children? its all they seem to be talking about recentl…[View]
17921843I want to kiss and hug cute girls[View]
17921752Ideal Partner and Sexuality/Gender: Post your ideal partner and we’ll guess your sexuality and gende…[View]
17920331>dont want to do anal >don't want to do oral >only sex I would probably be comfortable…[View]
17920509am i a sociopath?: i made my bf (top) cry, and it made me laugh. i dont know why but its just funny …[View]
17921365Is Bladee a Boymoder?: Idk if it's just filters, but they definitely look different now.[View]
17921230Where do I find a tranner girlfriend (who passes but pre operation) willing to date a man 30 years o…[View]
17921713What's the point of transitioning if I won't get fat tits? That's all I really want o…[View]
17912675why u mtf bitches don't look like this tranny? I mean what's the point of ur existence if …[View]
17921466>be lifelong repressor >start dating a mtf just after she begins HRT >get to vicariously tr…[View]
17921519any Bi guys who are into topping woman but want to be topped by a tranner? Am i the only one?[View]
17908242Sexuality pass thread: Describe your sexuality and other people tell you if it's a pass or no p…[View]
17921443how do u get a bf as a boymoder?? i study from home and can't leave because no jobs can't…[View]
17921412Suzanne Moore doesn't pass.[View]
17913080Am I a real bisexual if the only guys I'm attracted to are ones who look like this?[View]
17921389Being against what is obviously an ideologically driven social engineering totalitarian censorshipan…[View]
17921011>mosquito bite boymoder milkers won’t stop leaking through my hoodie am i going to be okay or am …[View]
17920584How to become less AGP/more HSTS?: >inb4 “get off 4chan reeeee” I like guys, started HRT at 16 (1…[View]
17921205Happy Thanksgiving! Friendly reminder that it is entirely ok to transition to escape homophobia and …[View]
17917031mtf super delicate body and skin boyfriend gets his hands on me right nipple is leaking bloody milk …[View]
17916172Is f1nn5ter legitimately just a cis male crossdresser, or are they an egg?[View]
17920896>TFW huge, ugly man feet no guy will ever want to lick and kiss[View]
17917854What are the probability/data that if twins got separated, and one of the twins turn out to be gay, …[View]
17919543Happy Thanksgiving! We are thankful on this holiday for all the blessings we have received this year…[View]
17920996Why do so many bottoms lack self respect and are willing to obey and do everything their top asks to…[View]
17920683Is calling your bf daddy fembrained?[View]
17912337Eternal Suffering: Am I the only trans woman who's not AGP? I literally have no direction in li…[View]
17910349Guess what kind of person an anon is/what kind of personality they have based on their avatar I…[View]
17919724I've been repping for 8 years now and it's not getting any easier. I genuinely don't …[View]
17915730Is having inattentive-type ADHD a sign of HSTS or AGP?[View]
17919939I love and hate my dick: Any other MTF have a similar experience? I really don't like vagina de…[View]
17917698You guys think it's possible for me to find a cute tall bf who lifts and can entertain my cross…[View]
17921006Im starting to want FFS and the only way I can think of paying for it is by starting an onlyfans, my…[View]
17919409>tfw no trans gf to correctively rape my terf pussy until i admit that trans girls are superior…[View]
17900636/vtg/ - Voice Training General: no voicethread? i make voicethread. Links: MtF: (Start Here): [YouTu…[View]
17920519I've been mixing heroin and Lena's special sweet sippin juice all morning. Who wants a sip…[View]
17920634are guys embarrassed when their trans girlfriends start flapping their arms and crying when overwhel…[View]
17920471Love doesn't exist and if you have ever felt being in love you've just experienced a fleet…[View]
17911047>letter >what operating system do you use >what browser do you use…[View]
17919969>He crossdresses >He claims his straight Do I have a chance? What percentage of crossdressers …[View]
17920737>always hear the phrase “anorexia is a women’s disease” and “men don’t get anorexia” >think th…[View]
17920027>tfw finally a girl w-we're all gonna make it, anons..[View]
17919618how long were you on HRT when you noticed your ass smells like pussy[View]
17918076Does anybody *actually* like fisting? Aren't you scared of getting your bowels rearranged?[View]
17920004>be cis man >compliment cis girls >deadpan reactions >compliment a trans girl >instan…[View]
17918039Post a song you like and let other guess what letter you are. I’ll start https://m.youtube.com/watch…[View]
17920410>be me >subby bottom >wake up after drinking with bf >try to get out of bed >realize …[View]
17919077>think about the fact that being a girl with nice boobies, a feminine body and appearance would b…[View]
17920440autistic trannies: why are so many autist trannies? what's up with that?[View]
17919448>realize that being a girl is impossible >accept the fact that while HRT won't make me a …[View]
17920432>95% of cis men are primarily or exclusively straight aka gynephilic 5% are primarily or exclusiv…[View]
17916135Am I bi?: Had crushes on girls only when growing up, but always had an attraction to men presenting …[View]
17920047Tfw sexually attracted to women, but romantically: attracted to men. This sucks so much. If I date …[View]
17912061>fap to yaoi and gay porn >feel guilty and weird about it >learn about gay degeneracy from …[View]
17912595Are gaydens the literal devil?[View]
17913010/gaygen/ - making the thread so that he doesn't edition: prev >>17909678[View]
17917364/gaygen/: Property of Marius edition last >>17913010[View]
17920159How do I look like the main girl in The Mutilator? She's super cute and the only good part of t…[View]
17909678/gaygen/ - Morning After Edition: Previous: >>17907224[View]
17920107growing up people would call me a girl and a sissy faggot to bully me: now people tell me im the man…[View]
17916989FtMs who prefer MtFs, and MtFs who prefer FtMs are superior to everyone else. This is objective trut…[View]
17919745floop: just found out Floop is a bicon[View]
17920116why am i such a fag: I just wanna get fucked and look like a trap[View]
17919598Recommend me some cute girl sneakers, larger than a US men’s 9, because stupid male feet and badly d…[View]
17908271We need a trans version of Belle: We need one in order to show the world that trans women can be tho…[View]
17920087Spot the tranner[View]
17916609/ourgirl/ went viral today wish her luck[View]
17893586/HRTGen/ HRT General 285: AvPD Edition: Previous: >>17831463 >Help, advice, guidance on med…[View]
17917955Am I as a bi transgirl a turn off for Guys?: Do guys prefer transgirls who are only into men? Am I i…[View]
17919514haven’t talked to my bf in 3 days: i think it’s over. surprisingly im not affected at all? 2 months …[View]
17919978I want my body to be incinerated so future archaeologists can't tell that i'm a male chec…[View]
17914469I will never be a lesbian Being a straight cis guy is the worst fate possible[View]
17916892how do i stop being racist /lgbt/? help pls[View]
17910846Does anyone relate to this experience? I am like 100% an autogynephile. I have no sexuality aside fr…[View]
17917613Why do lesbians seethe at bi girls so much?: When you could have a deep emotional connection with on…[View]
17919496Worried about lump under nipple??: A little more than a month ago I started noticing a hard lump und…[View]
17919200I feel restless constantly thinking about my gender, transition, buy stuff related to it etc. I thin…[View]
17918922>the bottom wants to drive[View]
17918642thirst thread: just came on my face to make it feel like someone loved me enough to let me give head…[View]
17918720Spot the tranner.[View]
17919691>hide all tranny threads >suddenly there's no posts on /lgbt/…[View]
17919607need some help frens: hi frens is it a good idea to take estradot 100 patches after only being on 10…[View]
17909510Why there is so many MtF trannies in comparison to trans guys? Personally, I have nothing against th…[View]
17919663how do i expet what i am ?: ive know i sufferd form gender dypshoria since i was 18 and im 22 now, i…[View]
17919189How do you know that EVERY man is not secretly horny to be a woman?[View]
17918842Spot the flaws.[View]
17918997>my top is going to watch detective conan with me tomorrow night[View]
17915826Do transbians with DPD deserve love?: Do transbian women (cute-ish ones from /tttt/ particularly) wi…[View]
17919205m/21/bi. reddit post incoming. from like 4 or 5 to pubescence i would regularly dress up as or prete…[View]
17916104How to cope with depression when you're transgender[View]
17892646repgen - reptile general: Previous: >>17847580[View]
17919162What musician is your queer icon?[View]
17919427Boymoding tips: Since I'll probably be back to in person college classes next year I figured I…[View]
17918889Okay, hear me out. So if the scrotum and labia are homologous, wouldn't the color of your scrot…[View]
17919434Does anyone know what happened to the people who made this song? It's a classic trans anthem of…[View]
17919426Just had sex with some random dude using a condom. I used a ton of semen like lube and everything fe…[View]
17917283Japan needs your help to pass same sex marriage laws! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQp5trJVIJM…[View]
17918777What does it mean if you're a gay bottom but whenever you look at images like this you want to …[View]
17919108Hey /lgbt/ need some advice here >Me (b cis male) driving my tranner friend and cis friend back t…[View]
17915604Non-sexual cross-dressing?: All the c.d. stuff I see talked about here and on most places invariably…[View]
17917867transbian moment: i wrote this, what do you think?[View]
17917848Any repressing 'trans' out there. Don't give in. I've struggled with gender dysphoria sinc…[View]
17917496I'm full blown AGP and would transition only for sick perversion reasons[View]
17915640Realistically speaking what's the number of HSTS tranners who are attracted to actual normal ma…[View]
17918949do you think it's weird?: mtf 19, i wanna learn how to growl AND have a cute voice, is it possi…[View]
17916960depression procrastination: i know what i need to do, i just need to go do it. why do i feel like in…[View]
17916513I have dysphoria but I'm not as dysphoric as those who have transitioned. Dysphoria is on a spe…[View]
17918213Dear diary, I look down there and still no vagina. I keep praying and praying every nights and still…[View]
17918428If gender doesn't mean anything then there is no gender You have to have some qualities that yo…[View]
17918147Am i a bad person?: >be me >be gay >repressed for years >rewind back to previous relatio…[View]
17918711How common is her story in Lesbians?: https://www.oprahmag.com/life/relationships-love/a34100347/noe…[View]
17914195Would it be weird to cosplay as anime girls to seduce my bi boyfriend? t. gay femboy bottom.[View]
17915772TRE (Trauma Release Exercise) to alleviate mental illness: I’ve been posting this thread on /pol/ /b…[View]
17918339I really fucking need help /tttt/: >going to have the money for titty skittles in march >dad w…[View]
17918509If he gets super erect when he sees your bulge in your girly underwear for the first time, is this a…[View]
17918438>mtf repressor >spent last year trying to be as masc as possible >drunk as shit talking to …[View]
17911699I think the reason I'm a fag is because when I was young I sucked at sports but my dad wouldn…[View]
17910039What does /lgbt/ think about transwomen that are too lazy to shave?: Or even get a grip on appropria…[View]
17918032Is my “straight” best friend into me?: I’ve had a secret crush on my best friend for about 6 months …[View]
17918305Post more gender dysphoria tests, I can't stop taking them.[View]
17917755bottom text: i have a new monogamous (soon to not be) virgin bf, what kind of things do bottoms like…[View]
17914897/bigen/ Bisexual General: it's always halloween when i'm with you edition qott: what'…[View]
17918214Why did you have to take the word 'gay' away from us? What was wrong with 'pervert'?[View]
17918194I lack dysphoria, I just jack it to TF porn as a cope because I’ve convinced my self girls have it o…[View]
17917788Understanding the world of gender and sexualirty: I have a desire to understand. I am 28, biological…[View]
17914111a straight man wants to fuck me[View]
17918015Bottom here How do I make sure I keep my boyness inside of me when my top is fucking me? I don'…[View]
17917526DE TRANS- REPRESS: i would like to de trans, but only because i feel shame and guilt, and a strong u…[View]
17917938/acegen/ - asexual general: When was the last time you have actually eaten cake?[View]
17916080I am a boymoder dating a straight cis woman. I don't know if I am going to tell her. I kind of …[View]
17904814/wlwgen/: /lit/ edition /wlwgen/ is a general for trans sapphics and cis sapphics to talk about anyt…[View]
17912714>'i identify myself as a .....' shut the fuck up you stupid depressed piece of shit you're s…[View]
17915388Be honest trannies you want this[View]
17912756/LGBTgen/ Lindemann edition: Reviving the gen of all gens. QOTT: Did your opinion about fellow legb…[View]
17914402Would you wear the Blkd tracksuit?[View]
17911651It is over.[View]
17917239uwu i'm a cute bottom uwu[View]
17916174/mtfg/ - mtfg: links: https://pastebin.com/LyMhFmT4 last: >>17912954 another brown girl editio…[View]
17916512i think i literally got memed into being a tranny: >be me, FTM >was kind of a tomboy as a kid …[View]
17914360Is this achievable?[View]
17911690There are really no aces here, huh?[View]
17917126Blowjob tips: I wanna get on my knees for the first time tonight. I made a Grindr and going to star…[View]
17917464The Borrower needs a Blu Ray release and transsexuals need mental help, not encouragement of their d…[View]
17913162be honest.: look at yourself in the mirror. are you deserving of a loving partner?[View]
17908842What happens to traps, Femboys and twinks when they age? Do they age like milk or like wine? Also, w…[View]
17917188Is there anything more wholesome in this world than a top x bottom male homosexual relationship?[View]
17912882Does anyone actually enjoy the taste of cum or are they just so horny that they don't mind it t…[View]
17917261Have you watched the HBO documentary TRANSHOOD? thoughts?[View]
17915987Why are men like this?[View]
17915718How do I talk my boyfriend into letting us be polyamorous?[View]
17917072LGBT Comics?: Trying to find some good LGBT comics... any suggestions?[View]
17911508>tfw top >tfw super skinny and only 5 inches It's over, senpaitachi...…[View]
17914394Does vocal cord surgery exist? I want to be a cute grill like in Yuru Yuri, but I won't bother …[View]
17917067If you were a tree what tree would you be /lgbt/?: I'd be a weeping willow because I used to hi…[View]
17913706i want to be LGBT+: but i'm only attracted to women and feel comfortable as a straight male. :(…[View]
17912427>come back home after sucking off this one really cute guy i saw on the street: >see bloodstai…[View]
17916087>18 year old tranner >known an older man since I was 13 >met him in WoW >always just bee…[View]
17917046non-binarys: do non-binarys exist on /lgbt/[View]
17916983Life is a nightmare.[View]
17913643Do Ftms become funnier on T?[View]
17916904I am a bottom[View]
17916573Riddle me this, why is it always lesbians? Theres tonnes of lesbian representation but i dont see a …[View]
17912409Is it AGP for a boymoder to want a guy to do a boy removal on them?[View]
17914255I'm a cis girl but sometimes I fantasize about having sex with gay guys. If I have sex with a g…[View]
17913141What does /lgbt/ think of cishet white boys?: Do you hate them for being privileged oppressors or do…[View]
17912754I want to rob a store and go to prison to find a cute manmoder girlfriend :3[View]
17906752Do you have gender dysphoria anon(ette?) https://www.idrlabs.com/gender-dysphoria/test.php[View]
17913478Are you a liar?[View]
17906342i'm 5'4, i malefail a lot, and i have gender dysphoria, but i haven't gone on hrt yet…[View]
17916390why do people prefer ‘sapphic’ or ‘wlw’ to lesbian? don’t they all mean the same thing[View]
17906043hi /lgbt/, /pol/ here i know, i know, gb2/containment/ but i have a question and i don't think …[View]
17916331Come here: “Get on your knees fag this cock isn’t going to suck itself. Wut do?[View]
17912843Passing IRL after your 25s is a myth: Prove me wrong Spoiler: you can't[View]
17912990>tfw no abusive bf[View]
17915760Which white ethnicity ages the best/worst on average?[View]
17910080I think i got raped into being gay: ik this sounds like some internalised homophobia bs but i am lit…[View]
17914804Guess their gender I'll add more pictures[View]
17912969Can you meme yourself into being gay?: Simple question that needs a simple answer.[View]
17915246i just got prescribed spiro, 100mg a day, with no e is this what people call a ‘hon dose’?[View]
17915668What is this kind of outfit called? I see femboys dressed in this skirt (or some variation) + socks …[View]
17913090>community Lmao every letter just bullies tf out of each other[View]
17909092Is she the ideal female form? Men and tranners alike want someone as their gf that resembles her.[View]
17914845My friend is in his sleeping bag next to me. Should I try to touch his dick while he's asleep?[View]
17915810dating cishet women: any boymoders here do it too? I get a thrill out of it. Been on so many dates, …[View]
17915190Do trans girls with BPD deserve love?: Title says it all. Do transgender women (cute ones from /tttt…[View]
17915806instead of funding war crimes why cant we fund a laser gun that causes the body to produce a shit to…[View]
17913531What do fem twinks look like once they age past their early 20s?[View]
17909226>another tranny vtuber caught grooming and even roleplaying sissification with minors what did tr…[View]
17898182My dad found out I'm transitioning![View]
17915051why train your own voice when you could extort twitter followers for professional lessons[View]
17912419How long should I try HRT for before deciding it isn't for me?[View]
17915610Fictional dudes are pretty hot(not sexually) but i hate men irl: Why am i into anime twunks and vide…[View]
17899600Today I went to College looking like this, the guys reacted well.[View]
17915590>switch from cypro to bica >boobs shrink completely >body looks different but good >wome…[View]
17912573Do you Euro trannies like football?[View]
17912693>trans girl >cis male friends tell me I've become much girlier since I became a tranner …[View]
17915279>dad said I'm pretty enough where he won't be ashamed to be seen with me in public anym…[View]
17915300angery: I didn't transition just to wind up a queer jfc I don't why women are attractive…[View]
17912933Choose your typings. Hard mode: Don't use Faggot/Sissy/Femboy[View]
17909882>went on estrogen for a month >played healsluts >went off it >they're too boring no…[View]
17908433She's based right[View]
17914407Just cuz I'm BISEXUAL That doesn't mean I wanna THREESOME I mean I totally do want to have…[View]
17914850I think it would be good to be exactly the same as everyone else[View]
17915144I am Homosexual but biromantic I only like girls in a romantic way but i like guys as both should m…[View]
17904079Does anyone really marry a tranner?: I am starting to worry that all I’ll ever be is a sex object or…[View]
17913897Transgirl here Started transitioning in 2012 Passed since 2015 63 sexual partners in the last five …[View]
17912024Do bottoms prefer thicker or longer dicks?: Most women seem to prefer thicker dicks rather than long…[View]
17914738bottoms? hate em agps? despise em straight women? abhor em simple as[View]
17914827>be cis 'gay' man >think my body is disgusting, get more grossed out with myself every day as …[View]
17914631I'm a 5'10' non-passing twinkhon. My boyfriend is still dating me in spite of that because…[View]
17907553>when a woman is bi 'It's natural, all women are bi, it's kinda hot actually, two women…[View]

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