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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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20472174Does anyone else just kind of hate everyone? It's very rare for me to encounter people who I ca…[View]
20473555Is there such a thing as tranny psychology? We need an unifying theory of the tranny personality asa…[View]
20472821Should a bottom shave his legs?: Or all other body hair too?[View]
20472417What’s some good advice you can give to a twinkish build guy who wants to try out crossdressing/bein…[View]
20473073I’ve heard fingering your ass can make masurbation more enjoyable, I tried it but it feels weird and…[View]
20458328> blanchtards aren't even benjamin pilled[View]
20472961FFS: worth the investment?: I know it won't un-hon a hon, but can it un-hon a semi-androgynous …[View]
20473363>tfw have bottom dysphoria but no other physical dysphoria or social dysphoria Am I still trans?…[View]
20471773I'm not hsts or agp. I'm just really incredibly mogged by the super cute fem twinks and ha…[View]
20465881>month 2 as cis guy with feminization fetish on hrt Small boobies, paler, not much else. It still…[View]
20472982So, how many of you are breedfags?[View]
20470099Cuck Thread: Any fellow cuckqueans out there? All I've ever wanted is a boyfriend that will che…[View]
20473184It’s impossible for me to fit in with either sex and I’m not even on hormones. Too scrawny and andro…[View]
20473267Serious question. I see a lot of mtfs struggle with hrt euphoria and then have freakouts when they d…[View]
20473002Any chasers or transfrens wanna talk with an emotionally unstable boymoder who's clingy and cri…[View]
20472622>reddit >lesbian nsfw sub >post nudes >get banned Guess I'll just stick to here.…[View]
20468855twink or twunk: is someone like this classified as a twink or a twunk? where do you draw the line? o…[View]
20473230you either gaslight gatekeep girlboss, or live laugh love long enough to see yourself cope seethe di…[View]
20473208>tfw this was unironically my first crush Was I destined to be a bottom?…[View]
20473021I've started to embrace the idea of just presenting as I wish and letting people refer to me wh…[View]
20473129How easy is it for an incel to go prison gay and get fucked on Grindr or something equivalent?[View]
20471527Is this a realistic depiction of a boymoder?[View]
20472089How do I get over the fact that I wasted at minimum a quarter of my life repressing? I hate myself s…[View]
20468433What do you imagine life was like for a caveman with gender dysphoria?[View]
20463130>transition for nothing more than looking cool >detransition after seeing that wants to wear b…[View]
20472885/lgbt/'s opinion of SpaceGhostPurrp[View]
20472525Why is it that leg lengthening surgery exists but not a leg shortening surgery? WHY? Is there really…[View]
20472687Is there like a birth defect or condition I could say I had that resulted in me having no balls or n…[View]
20472698I want a janny to fuck me in my boipussy[View]
20472706So have you found the activity that will accompany you for the rest of your lonely tranny life? For …[View]
20472649Is leaving your partner for someone else the day before the wedding malebrained or fembrained?[View]
20472670>Be young me >On Adderall >Known for stunting growth >Always wanted to get off it becaus…[View]
20465465>Psychologist 'dysphoria is treatable without medical transition' >Trannys 'you fucking trans…[View]
20472070How long until she ropes post FFS?[View]
20470422I'm a gross shlubby gay guy. I'm not a side character or a stereotype I'm a real pers…[View]
20467357Is this image a fucking joke? I just watched Contrapoint's video 'Beauty' and she shows a befo…[View]
20471307Thanks to all the people here that commented on my appearance, and called me BDD sometimes. I actual…[View]
20453446Hon thread?: Why are enbies valid? Why do we allow and support this as a community? Picrel is an nb/…[View]
20472394question about trannybux insurance: i know that they cover electrolysis via reimbursement, but to wh…[View]
20467801favorite gay ship? canon or otherwise[View]
20469364am i asexual: I never wanted to fuck girls, said no to each girl wh asked out to me, doesn't ge…[View]
20470490> tfw your bf isn't around for you to cuddle with atm and it's getting close to bed tim…[View]
20471714Why did they post this?[View]
20471132Boysmell is real wtf: >post op tranny >years on HRT >Still don't understand boysmell m…[View]
20471401another jazz thread to chill out in? everyone is welcome ========================= https://www.youtu…[View]
20471840>boymoder >tried making friends with cis girls in order to experience some female socializatio…[View]
20468715Hmm, I wonder what that Youtuber is doing nowadays, their content was pretty goo- oh no oh no oh no …[View]
20467053/gaygen/ top edition: old: >>20462710[View]
20470632how do we get rid of brapmoders[View]
20465276>Just get a hair transplant bro[View]
20470700How hard is it to get a serious boyfriend off grindr? Like not just a fuckbuddy[View]
20471685Are trannies easier?[View]
20464586Faceapp thread: Post any faceapps, doesn’t have to be gender filter[View]
20467186wish i had a fren to draw with[View]
20466651holy shit ahahahahaha he barely fits in the chair its about to crush under his own weight hahahahaha…[View]
20471392Voice training is too hard to learn[View]
20471319>be passing trans, 4 years in >browsing tinder for validation >start finding cute twinks a…[View]
20469630/mtfg/ Tea Edition: Old >>20466502 links: https://pastebin.com/LyMhFmT4 QoTT: What's your…[View]
20471619Are there any other tranners that hate their mom? My dad is completely wasted on her, her presence i…[View]
20469834How do I become a sex maid for an older man?[View]
20468457>be closet femboy >wanna dress up in something girly >dream of thigh highs and skirts and m…[View]
20471500how to i make money from dancing (non-sexually) online, i just wanna breakdance n shit. also im gay …[View]
20471348Is it a bad idea to get these? I mostly just want my hips to look proportional in clothing.[View]
20471438I really want to give a rimjob to a tranny and also crush her balls[View]
204694412 months since i cancelled my appointment for HRT and got a haircut. Grew out a beard also. I still …[View]
20471194Am I the only closeted gay guy trying to be le epic conservative that used to watch him religiously …[View]
20470457Chasers successfully fucking tranners stories: I need stories (real or fake) about chasers successfu…[View]
20468597Anyone else just so far gone that you don't find anything attractive anymore? Men, women, young…[View]
20468119It's pressing the button or permaquarantine. What do you do?[View]
20469872I've decided to stop boymoding and dedicate every waking moment of my life to looksmaxxing + gi…[View]
20470103what's a good hobby for an isolated tranny?[View]
20468292Are INFJs motherly? Three or four different people have told me I have a mommy gf personality.[View]
20468103What was it like growing up homoerectus or transfat?[View]
20469213Why don’t TERFs just get a hold of their wandering hysterical uteruses and chill out?[View]
20469195Are AGP trans always ugly and manly? > Picrel used to be popular here[View]
20463739Wtf I thought I wasn't hsts cause I didn't tran at 12? What else are you fuckers lying to …[View]
20470557>tfw 5'4' trans girl and my FtM boyfriend is still shorter than me…[View]
20468956Ok lgbt I've had it. Im just so lonely. I havent had sex in a year and a half, the last times I…[View]
20467441My bottom saw me cry when we watched Call Me By Your Name and now he doesn't respect me anymore[View]
20470708I am alice and I need to take my pills[View]
20447021/wlwgen/ - Sapphic General: Extra gay deluxe premium exclusive edition /wlwgen/ is a general for all…[View]
20470626Why would being tall as a trans girl be a bad thing? It just means more power when they step on you.[View]
20468760Has LGBT ever fostered animals or owned animals? Post piccers. Picrel I am fostering a mommy and her…[View]
20466612Reminder for all HRT femboys.: Quick PSA for femboys Remember to exercise. You're shooting your…[View]
20470548My sussy little Baka kitten, take your remember to take your hormones[View]
20470466anyone else have npd parents: had to move back home for now, sad enough as it is my mom is a genuine…[View]
20470384My only experience with trans people is >anons on 4channel.org >breadtubers >celebrities li…[View]
20468688do you tell your tinder date youre a tranny if youre a boymoder?[View]
20462810>MTF >don't believe in ghosts >bf says he'll protect us from burglars and home br…[View]
20466677/enbygen/ - Non-Binary General: Monograph edition Thread for questions, discussion, and advice relat…[View]
20469112Straight chasers trolled: >be me MTF >straight >8 inch dick Now for the best part >botto…[View]
20468357>18 year old tranner >only want to have sex with 35+ year old men Where can I find a nice dadd…[View]
20469652GCs >say they want to abolish gender and gender stereotypes also GCs >spend 20 hours a day ba…[View]
20468405Why so many tranners have incestuous fantasies involving their dad?[View]
20470014Lain: >CS expert >lesbian >loves girl named Alice >realizes the world can't bear he…[View]
20470088twitter tranners are the worst[View]
20464723My breasts have grown so much now that I have to wear a boymoder bra or else my nipples will show th…[View]
20462744>There are men 35+ who read my posts h-hi daddy[View]
20468747How would I fair on Grindr as an extremely hairy overweight bear that exclusively bottoms? We'r…[View]
20464633Did my first injection today (0.18ml estradiol valerate). Don't have any prior experience with …[View]
20468989I used to watch Owl House then I heard it has a transbian romance in it: I thought it was 1 trans gi…[View]
20464025>no more worrying about boy parts or girl parts >just a fluffy soft diaper down there >tfw …[View]
20468876Mu'awiya did nothing wrong: my family keeps telling me I look like a girl are they just trying …[View]
20468987you have synchronized your estrogen injections to align with each of the quarter moon phases, right …[View]
20469532just got done transitioning from a boy to a man ready to go out and change the world thanks lgbt[View]
20463013I'm 22 am I screwed for starting so late? I feel like I wasted time repressing and letting test…[View]
20469458My Month On HRT: What's up fags, here's a little about my month on HRT. I had a tranny ph…[View]
20468844>in a few months i'll have been on hrt for 4 years >still look the exact same >strange…[View]
20464707Proof repressing works[View]
20466225I just thought about how ridiculous it is to hate trans people. I mean bigots used to hate people fo…[View]
20469355why not be a catgirl?: something to consider >bottom surgery: $25,600 and years of therapy >ne…[View]
20465920Based or cringe: Based or cringe thread. Post a quick description of yourself, interests, hobbies, p…[View]
20463730hypochondriac + hrt: so i’m just hitting 75 days on hrt, and i think some boobage is starting to app…[View]
20469268just done with playing with a dildo up my ass for the first time. it didnt really feel good and i am…[View]
20468553I only became trans because I grew up a failed male.[View]
20469274I’ll give some context >be me >three years ago >start fantasizing abt myself as a man with …[View]
20469009>not even remotely close enough to masculine to get any respect as a dude >not nearly feminin…[View]
20468626I'm a 20yo feminine gay boy, and I've never been to a gay bar. Is it worth going alone? Al…[View]
20468448if hot sexualised women sometimes turn me on but i cant imagine myself fucking them or taking on a m…[View]
20468824hey guys guess what, i just called a non-passing trans woman a hon HAHAHAHAHA im so funny right???[View]
20468860Ok so I did some measurements. My hips are 3.2 in away from being equal width to my shoulders. Now I…[View]
20461305So what's wrong with transmedicalism?: I'm using this definition. 'Transmedicalism is broa…[View]
20468867What is the likelihood that a cis person could get misdiagnosed with GD? I was on HRT years ago and …[View]
20468958How do I bully and tease a bottom? What should I say and do? I'm serious[View]
20468720>Need to shave everyday because the slightest hair on my face makes me want to cry. >Shaving f…[View]
20466266>addicting to smelling guys' used dirty underwear I can't stop It smells so fucking goo…[View]
20465439virgin boymoder here, this guy I'm gonna see wants to put whipped cream in my butt and he wont …[View]
20468286How realistic is it to want a trans gf who presents and passes as a woman in every way, except that …[View]
20465075how do you ask if someone’s into guys without coming off as pushy?[View]
20462660Am I just as bad as cis women?: I routinely lie about being bi, just so I can show my pride flag wit…[View]
20467252Do feminists really hate gays?: Went lurking to a TERF forum and was kinda shocked at how much they …[View]
20468062Well, /lgbt/?: Well, /lgbt/?[View]
20467391AGP repressor x AGP repressor relationship: Do you think it could work out?[View]
20467815I'm a manmoder and will not be able to get ffs until my late 20s, should I just rope now and ho…[View]
20468489Stop unironically refering to your SOs as 'my bottom' or 'my top'.[View]
20466037why do you people hate women so much? don't you want to be women?[View]
20467134How many boymoders here own a binder for emergency situations?[View]
20468494what do you call it when you think of sex with women and get horny and jerk off too men but you can…[View]
20466826handwriting: Is my handwriting malebrained or fembrained? It's one of the things that I am real…[View]
20468254How common are thigh gaps in AMABs?[View]
20463610Transition vs. Suicide: Tranners, for how many of you was transition the alternative to suicide? Wer…[View]
20466867Is liking true crime fembrained?[View]
20463992How to admit you are a boymoder without saying you are a boymoder[View]
20467633I want to find a cute trans girl to hold tight and make her feel safe and loved.[View]
20466007>Spend a ton of effort on trying to educate someone about what transness is, why Blanchard is wro…[View]
20467060Tips on becoming an escort? I really need money, and I'm young, I'm thin, I look girly and…[View]
20465597is it really worth it to start transitioning at 28 when my life is in order aside from me being alon…[View]
20467500is having a large rib cage a male or female thing am I fucked??[View]
20468007Report in. I SAID NOW DAMMIT![View]
20468153>tfw you’re a cute girl but no besides you believes it[View]
20464068>be very non-passing boymoder: >hook up with dude on grindr >tell him I'm trans in dms…[View]
20460346>tfw no degen[View]
20466439youre dysphoric because youre a hon if you werent a hon you wouldnt be dysphoric[View]
20467560Is it wrong for a gay bottom to wear a wedding dress?[View]
20467927I just fapped to musclefur porn and I'm not even gay[View]
20464996>white women and latinas get fatter as they get more gynephilic >lesbian black women are the f…[View]
20466502paper /mtfg/: qott: favorite rpg? links: https://pastebin.com/LyMhFmT4 old >>20464081[View]
20467686What if I, instead of transitioning, repress, try really hard at life and become endlessly wealthy a…[View]
20467874i wanna get ffs so i look like a prettier boy, im never gonna girlmode anyway[View]
20465218If you’re a straight guy, how do you meet attractive trans women? I feel like almost all of the ones…[View]
20467588My hamster was forced into homosexuality: I got a hamster to stick in my ass and it is gay as fuck!…[View]
20462710/gaygen/ oof edition: previous >>20459408[View]
20464453i like guys but im not gay. i mean i sucked a dick or two but that didnt mean anything.[View]
20465074/clg/ - Cis Lesbian General: Combat edition Post women in military gear and remember why you're…[View]
20466642>27yo mtf that's only into cis women, voted for Trump twice and will for a third time if he …[View]
20465749Love them mandatory pronouns: How do you all feel about the big push for pronouns to 'inspire inclus…[View]
20464625Am I supposed to do something if I'm a boymoder who gets 'flirted' with at work. >…[View]
20462809I am a girl and i like feminine boys and feminizing them, is it normal? I find it hot when two femin…[View]
20466921Last song you and your bf/gf/w.e. cuddled to. https://yout-ube.com/watch?v=GrpSjXo6ah0 Y'all kn…[View]
20457302is it normal for your balls to drop a little bit after starting hrt? i swear to go my balls dropped…[View]
20464490i take my anger out on animals because ill never pass[View]
20450088Why are cis lesbians so insecure? >be trans lesbian >match with lesbian on Tinder >start …[View]
20466022>LGB are disgusted by trans people just like everyone else... Damn it hurts, music for this feeli…[View]
20467155Were we born to suffer psychological suffering?: Is that my purpose as a transgirl, to suffer?…[View]
20467217dumb idiot tran misses opportunity: >be mtf 22 >only started HRT like this year >talked to …[View]
20467160Carmen carrera: did she get srs?[View]
20463253why did God put this inside of my brain[View]
20464630Left is trans right is cis Explain to me, blanchtards, how the left is AGP but the right isn't.[View]
20464838>started going to the gym because I want poon >be 19 yo short twink looking incel guy >NOT …[View]
20466714Going to lesbian meet-ups - update!: A couple of months ago I posted about how I went to a lesbian m…[View]
20462677im fucking sick of it help me help me help me. I need to lactate. It's the only thing that…[View]
20465159chemical companies, xenoestrogens, dysphoria: I doubt there's clinical support for this, but, i…[View]
20463206https://www.prri.org/research/americas-growing-support-for-transgender-rights/ >About half (51%) …[View]
20461164How do you solve the impossible problem of wanting to pass and not passing? HOW DO YOU COPE[View]
20465610I'm bottoming for the first time ever tonight, anything I should know? I'm kinda scared. I…[View]
20466471>tfw lesbian but have a penis fetish[View]
20466214>be super smoll and submissive transgirl: >larp as super strong and tall dominant transwoman o…[View]
20463562All I want is to be allowed to use my female voice in girl mode without people treating me like a fr…[View]
20466548TF when when liberal family ignore you and come home with Homo relationship they get annoyed. They s…[View]
20465395how do i get a gf (male)[View]
20464055thread for non eunuch male homosexuals with dicks who don't like the posters of /gayge/ Prefer…[View]
20466537Looks like /ourgirl/ Hunter has got herself some tranny bangs. Thoughts?[View]
20461777Why are black transwomen always the targets of violence?[View]
20466423> told my doctor I wanted to start HRT > he asks “when did you first start liking men” > te…[View]
20464192How do I convince my parents that transitioning is the only way to survive the longest?: They'v…[View]
20461158Ella is queen of /LGBT/ again >Is making a cyberpunk gangbang movie >Will generate dozens of s…[View]
20465073Anyone got tips for halloween costumes for a shy femboy? not too feminine, but feminine[View]
20465797So I were watching UFC and jerked of to a third round when they were swetty and wrestling for 90% of…[View]
20466274I don't really hate trans people, I just see them as being people who are getting caught up in …[View]
204649141 hyperjacked 200 lb gymbro repressor vs 12 estrongenized MTFs - Who would win?[View]
20465151Am I the only gay/bi dude that doesn't really want to have sex with men? In my mind it all seem…[View]
20465233Transgenderism is deeply rooted in Mormon theology. No, I will not explain.[View]
20463719>the meaning of life is to breed >vast majority of lgbts don't breed >high suicide rat…[View]
20464797hypothetically what should somebody do if they want to begin transitioning?[View]
20466152>tfw transbian >tfw topped my cis gf for like an hour after an hour of foreplay am I a chadbia…[View]
20466001How do I stop being a 'creepy chaser'?[View]
20465707>tfw you’re the only trans woman in the world who is 5’6 and wants a bf her height or shorter…[View]
20451724Why do MTFs make such good music and FTMs make shit music? Don't say 'woman brain', tons of cis…[View]
20465796/cipgen/ can i pass: for trannies who know they dont pass now but wanna know if they will later here…[View]
20465848Don't mind me, just riling the bottoms up[View]
20461064Taking care of face better: Ok how do I get rid of the beard. I have really strong facial hair that …[View]
20462389>realize I want to be a girl >oh god no, please I don't want to be trans >realize I wa…[View]
20462880the undisputed queens of /lgbt/[View]
20463649does it get better: does transitioning actual help. has anyone lived a normal happy life after it.…[View]
20462294I'm curious what's pinkpiller opinion of FTMs?[View]
20461034>secretly trans artist >art communities always have the 16 year old transphobes >they'…[View]
20465578Love how I’m stuck with having 0 options to style my hair outside of tranny bangs because of my fore…[View]
20463599PLEASE A crumb of barra tiddes also anyone got discord server invite. all the ones I was in got d…[View]
20459605So what causes people to be transgender again? I know there's the wrong hormones in the womb th…[View]
20462221>Listening to random songs >manage to turn all of them into some kind of metaphor for being a …[View]
20465621to all the lurking /pol/ fags and chasers: >tranner.... your hate has curses you to eventually be…[View]
20463718It hurts: I got fucked so hard last night that it literally hurts to walk and sit down. I thought th…[View]
20462298HHS Restores Transgender Healthcare Protections: Our inside operative Rachel Levine has already begu…[View]
20461219Is it hypocritical for trans women to be against people with dysphoria about physical features getti…[View]
20465315Seeing yourself as a woman: When did you start seeing yourself as a woman in the mirror? I started H…[View]
20465306when do i start smelling like a woman?[View]
20462782>be gay >wanna be with straight men >find out I'm trans >transition >wanna be wi…[View]
20459030How do we get more transwomen into astrology? It's an important part of participating in all-fe…[View]
20458021ITT you show me the most fembrained and the most malebrained songs of your favorite artist or band. …[View]
20463946All my friends are FtMs (All my friends are gay ayydens) Poonman And all my friends are AMAB hons (A…[View]
20465125Abuse addiction: Anybody else pretty sure they are irreversibly only comfortable romantically when t…[View]
20464592I live entirely to homewreck and get men to cheat on their cis girlfriends/wives with me because it…[View]
20464081/mtfg/ - transfeminine general: deus ex edition qott: was ashe/manic satanic/watashi right all along…[View]
20463439are brainworms real? is the tranner impulse actually infectious? i wanna keep hanging around here ca…[View]
20463163>lesbians spend decades trying to convince everyone that it's okay for them not to be attrac…[View]
20464949HSTS? AGP? Hon? You all need to go to therapy and trans support groups and get off this fuckin board[View]
20460553Tips for losing weight as an mtf?: I've been hrt for three months now and I like where my fat i…[View]
20465006I'm so lonely[View]
20446080Second FTM shooter?: https://abcnews.go.com/US/sixth-grade-girl-opens-fire-middle-school-idaho/story…[View]
20464416Are you comfortable posting yourself on here?[View]
20464969Anyone have a set up or cute cases for their HRT supplies?[View]
20461927>average cis f/mtf couple[View]
20464862Troons (MTF and FTM) post your #1 youtuber crush: Mine’s Wilbur Soot inb4 Hasan[View]
20464776Trans women on this board throw around AGP and HSTS like Transfems on Twitter throw around the word …[View]
20464770How do I transition from manmoder to boymoder?[View]
20455141>MTFs always get gigachad chasers who treat them like like real women or futas >FTMs just get …[View]
20462278does there exist like a binder but for the butt?[View]
20464513AGPs are supposedly more aroused by non-visual elements of sex. Isn't that just how straight ci…[View]
20464234Alright tranners when talking about hrt on what month do they start providing results like curves Su…[View]
20464541I really want to kiss a tranny and also hold her hands[View]
20462016Remove Jessica Jonathan Yaniv / Jessica Simpson Blue Tick: Let's all start a debate on getting …[View]
20457839>estrogen is giving me huge tits Wtf i wasnt ready to leave boymode[View]
20463547>Pump it up into me >Please daddy, please daddy >Pump it up, pump it up into me girls how d…[View]
20464381I'm not a tranny but I've been lurking here for quite some time, I just wanted to ask wtf …[View]
20462864>/tttt/ says I look cute and can easily pass >feel and look like an ugly dude is it just brain…[View]
20462275I need a chubby shy nerd bf so fucking bad pls incel anons give me a chance[View]
20457792any trans gorls want to chill and listen to jazz? give some recommendations https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
20463160Nobody has a more confusing life: I'm a kinsey 5 homosexual and have legitimate non-binary gend…[View]
20462184if you dont pass pre estrogen you will never pass no matter how many years you take estrogen. the on…[View]
20461236I was born with a brow ridge, should I still transition or is it impossible without ffs[View]
20463404Desperate aussie MTF, 2020 destroyed my life plans. And so I wasn't planning on doing HRT so ea…[View]
20464004as an AAP ftm evangelist I am thankful for Dimitrescu, she will usher in a wave of creepy fetishisat…[View]
20460259I practice my voice training by reading the dialogue to old JRPGS out loud. What little quirks do yo…[View]
20455521Note that all MTFs that were flaming gays pre-transition will mellow out and become boring basic bit…[View]
20463709Dual standards: I wish that I was a cute cis girl. Even when you have a psychotic break down people …[View]
20460200Is anime a hondicator (hon indicator)?[View]
20463783I think the thing I hate most is how deeply intwined trans issues and the trans community is with po…[View]
20456545How come that you never see straight trans women complaining. about chasers?[View]
20462243>extremely malebrained >immensely aroused from dressing femininely and being treated like a gi…[View]
20459284tfw I unironically wanted to become FTM because of misogyny I've dealt with in my small conserv…[View]
20463140How does one go about this: How does a man go into a store, buy feminine things and leave without be…[View]
20463234I wanna knock up a t girl and then marry her, I wanna see her big belly carrying our babies in a wed…[View]
20463380Im gay and I hate women[View]
20461539Mogs the most famous British Trans women Isn't even Trans[View]
20463358if every tranny killed a terf before they commited suicide then we would not have any terfs left[View]
20456015Why do I, a straight guy, prefer the pungent aroma of a sweltering hot and hairy ftm pussy to the sw…[View]
20461988is it feasible to have an undiagnosed intersex condition? I'm not saying that I'm extremel…[View]
20460738>not taking down a TERF before 41%ing[View]
20461997Is there any single person who has hurt the trans community more than her?[View]
20459201where does a transbian find a fren to draw with?[View]
20455972Post 3 characters you most relate to and others guess your letter and mental illness.[View]
20456886Tinder experience: I matched with a girl on tinder. I assumed she's cis. There wasn't a wa…[View]
204408531. Open Mspaint 2. Draw Contrapoints 3. Post it in thread[View]
20463121Why am I okay with dating non-virgin men, but not non-virgin women?: It's messing with my head …[View]
20460931it's getting too hot for a hoodie, what do i do boybros?[View]
20462929Controversial Displacement: https://kiwifarms.net/data/video/694/694847-518a3baf6096388726e4e9ac7ca0…[View]
20454454how can i find a bf online if people can't tell i'm a tranny[View]
20457576ask an ex-TERF anything[View]
20462914gf (male)[View]
20450603/bmg/ - Boymoder General: Last time on /bmg/: >>20439193 Sus edition... ITT: we are nice to ea…[View]
20457505A cute image I hope the bottoms like.[View]
20462773ok bros. give me one good reason the gender binary should be abolished/disregarded/moved away from/e…[View]
20457167>self hating boymoder >met a girl on crystal cafe who lives near me >she's kind of a T…[View]
20461020Tops, could you live without your bottoms? Bottoms, could you live without your tops? Questions for …[View]
20456440Hrt femboys = trans in denial: >makes your dick shrink >can’t get erections as easily >so…[View]
20461591Was in the car daydreaming and I imagined being an office worker or something and guy who is my boyf…[View]
20461567/mtfg/ transgirl general: Link to the past: >>20456968 Links: https://pastebin.com/LyMhFmT4 Q…[View]
20459408/gaygen/ - Tennis edition XXIV: Previous - >>20457274 https://youtu.be/wrFx1YytzV8[View]
20462746Hey, enbies! What did coming to the conclusion that you were non-biney consist of for you? I'm …[View]
20461659>2021 >we can create a bomb that generates temperatures as hot as the sun >we can send a ro…[View]
20432897/ftmg/: Idk edition QOTT: what surgeons did you go to or who are you planning on seeing for various …[View]
20462657I cut off my balls before I learned to tuck :)[View]
20462017how do I pass?: Hey I'm a tranny and I wanna pass better. This pic was taken while boymoding at…[View]
20459497Straight guy here. This fantasy of the feeling of degradation and inferiority by taking it from a gu…[View]
20460799Tranny bellies mmmmmm[View]
20454279why are trans women more fetishistic than cis women: I welcome every chaser's fetish and cater …[View]
20459470Why does it feel so good when people call me a girl? t. femboy[View]
20462051>transphobe incessantly spouting memes, says 'hurrdurr your parents are ashamed of you, your pare…[View]
20461144No one ever has any empathy for us Abusers. They dont know what its like to be a mtf sadist.: It…[View]
20453492My boyfriend wants to lock me in chastity: I'm always dysphoric about my dick, and my boyfriend…[View]
20460846Questions for chasers: Hi /tttt/, aussiehon here, I have a couple of questions for the chasers on th…[View]
20460419Blocks your path[View]
20462037Transphobic friends: What do I do with transphobic friends? They're not really transphobes but …[View]
20461379I'm too afraid of STDs to actually have secks >use condoms Ok, but it's expected by eve…[View]
20462414My friend really needs to come out as a dyke: Everyone knows she is a dyke, but she doesn't how…[View]
20461397Should lesbians be forced to have sex with us? We are lesbians too.[View]
20462328Is there hope for me tttt?: 6 months on hrt, I have people call me ugly and nice looking, it's …[View]
20462284My boyfriend wants to try HRT to be more feminine for me, but I don't want him to because I don…[View]
20457111Are long-haired ftms a thing?: I mean like girl-length (down to shoulders, at least!) hair, pretty l…[View]
204622232 things are true: 1) Transition is a good treatment for gender dysphoria; and 2) trans women aren…[View]
20461181reminder that if you dont have this body, you will never gonna be a twink and you will not attract a…[View]
20461545Maya Hawke triggers my AGP[View]
20461516How can I make LGBT friends in real life? I live in a big city so in theory I should be able to find…[View]
20461895Why does every tranny want to be fem when they KNOW they look like a caveman in a dress. Androgynou…[View]
20460136Trenders: >WHY DO PEOPLE HATE TRANNIES AND ENBIES SO MUCH????? I hate trenders so much.…[View]
20451614how do i stop hating myself so much for being trans[View]
20459903>tfw remember that when I was in terminal egg-but-aware-that-I'm-trans-and-really-want-to-te…[View]
20415377/voicegen/ - Voice Training General: chicken wings edition ▶ Resources MTF: --- Full MTF Course --- …[View]
20443494Will we ever seen transwomen featured in big movie productions? That is as a main protagonist, and n…[View]
20461762Have we reached peak clown world yet where some women pretend to be trannies for the clout?[View]
20460454How do I explain to my dad that I'm a straight HRT femboy and that I still like women and am no…[View]
20459540Tinuviel Tinuviel: Caught a glimpse of this elf last year lost in the elven forest. I've sought…[View]
20461157There's still time to detransition, and deprogram, to be normal.[View]
20440815/clg/ - Cis Lesbian General - lazy edition: qott: how lazy are you no recent news previous: >>…[View]
20460912i fucking hate girlmoders[View]
20456564Anyone else a self hating transbian?: >be passing youngshit >Go on tinder >Decide to set it…[View]
20458835Just me venting while it's late: I'm starting to slowly become scared of transition and sc…[View]
20459995life is awful, painful, and eternally lonely. i hope there's no afterlife.[View]
20460102i love being abused by my chaser bf[View]
20456027do some chasers like hons?: are there any chasers that are okay with hons/mtfs that look like men an…[View]
20460524Can people tell i’m wearing a sports bra if i’m wearing a hoodie?[View]
20458103how do i stop repressing? i'm pretty sure i'm trans, but keep putting off doing anything, …[View]
20458882What should I do to make myself seem less manly? I'm a closeted trans woman doing an industrial…[View]
20460606Theory that almost everyone is gay.: So, I have a theory that almost everyone is gay, and I don…[View]
20457190would transition have saved her?[View]
20458703On a scale from 1-10 how weird is it that i can spray milk from my boobs? t. Isolated boymoder[View]
20457465Is talking with your hands fembrained?[View]
20460025HOW DO I GET A GAYSCHLATT BF???? I love him. I love him so much. It's all I want Also no tra…[View]
20460529Kinda wanna take hormones now so that I can get rid of the excess fat on my belly and have it redire…[View]
20460522Voice: no matter how 'pass' a mtf looks, I legit can tell them apart from their biological counterpa…[View]
20460468I can’t even pull my foreskin over my head when I’m soft after taking hrt for a whil. I used to be a…[View]
20458734>be mtf repressor >eat lots of sweets yesterday, mixed with water and milk and all sorts of sh…[View]
20460127Why do I enjoy being a bottom?: I don't even have a bf but my friend group loves teasing me abo…[View]
20457720I'm an autistic transbian and proud![View]
20460302what would you do if you came across a boymoder that was wearing girl clothes, went by she/her prono…[View]
20456380any other trans girl visiting this board old as fuck? I'm 21.[View]
20459681Is this why you hate her so much? The fact that she oozes femininity and comeliness even in her 50…[View]
20460190Why are homophobes not satisfied with gays being 10% of pedophiles and instead opt to make up ridicu…[View]
20460162Transgender people are fine I just wish They'd shut up about it baka. Just let me be gay in pea…[View]
20458885I want to fuck trannies because I see them as half boy half girl. Is this transphobic?[View]
20458669Do chasers prefer femboys or trannies more on average?[View]
20454168>tfw blacked/raceplay fetish is this common?[View]
20452409Is anyone here willing to admit...: that they transitioned to escape homophobia, and did not experie…[View]
20460073I really want a tranny with a cute haircut like reimu or some shit[View]
20459954Is 5'7 short for a top with an average size dick??[View]
20459140why are femboys so misogynistic?[View]
20455850Is this true? How can it be prevented? Is HRT the only option?[View]
20455881HSTS loves black men, AGPs hate black men. Change my mind[View]
20455928why do i want a bf if i don't even talk to people[View]
20456895Can You Handle Truth?: Can a tranny ever hope to pass without makeup? Can you really trust all the t…[View]
20459582Join best lgbt euro server: https://discord.com/invite/z6qeNdP[View]
20457205MtF feelings: I can’t wait to be hot enough, and fem enough to lure naive incel femboys into my base…[View]
20452601Daily reminder that gender is not biological[View]
20458185Cis person at work is flirting with me: I'm afraid of cis people because if they are interested…[View]
20455356Why are all the bi men on this board prison gay or misogynists that gave up on women? Why are none o…[View]
20458522i’m kind of a TERF but also kind of a TRA: i believe a lot of things TERFS do but i can’t stand most…[View]
20457274/gayge/ — Gay General: What A 'Girl' Wants Edition: Previous: >>20455010 Thread Theme: https:/…[View]
20459347I miss when having long hair and wearing eyeliner was enough to make me feel like a girl[View]
20457827why do FtM's always flip their shit after experiencing .01% of what MtF's go through every…[View]
20458044How do i get rid of the overwhelming urge to call my bf daddy during seggs?[View]
20456314Something about humiliation and degradation turns me on. I feel bad that I like it. I don't wan…[View]
20456968mtfg: old >>20453344[View]
20456003>if I wasn’t so straight I’d tap that What did he mean by this and why are cis men so afraid of f…[View]
20457851Costs of electro: Gonna boymode but want to get rid of the little facial hair I can grow. How much i…[View]
20459118https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDAy9zTbAEM Femboys are actually saving virgin Zoomers.[View]
20459095would hrt have saved her?[View]
20458628what percent of transwomen have a passing voice? as a chaser, nothing turns me on more than a deep v…[View]
20458905Autistic manic scribblings: I was cleaning and found autistic scribblings amongst a pile of trash in…[View]
20456724My gf has an abdl fetish. I wore a diaper all day today for the first time because I want to be supp…[View]
20449447>tfw female chaser truly there is no worse fate[View]
20458334I'm an unusually feminine-looking cis man and I'm afraid that I'm going to get harras…[View]
20458678>see women Feel nothing >see passing tranner Feel nothing >see man Feel horny >go on /cm…[View]
20456394OMG guys I'm nervous about my date he's so cute 0.0 How are your dating lives going?[View]
20458804>tfw Carl Jung made me realize I'm trans[View]
20458677If I tub T gel on my clit will I grow an Ftm mini dick?[View]
20452649would transitioning have saved her?[View]
20458716imagine if there was like a device that allowed u to do remote handjobs and blowjobs: i wud use that…[View]
20458752>tfw bottom and want to be my top's property and be put in a wedding dress to become his wif…[View]
20458711Seeing yourself as a woman: When did you start seeing yourself as a woman in the mirror? I started H…[View]
20458108do you think being trans is rad as fuck[View]
20457934do i even pass with a mask on or am i still obviously a tranner[View]
20454131Feminization Help?: I have a little over a month before I'm going to get topped for the first t…[View]
20451334itt: we sing songs and guess each other's letters I'll start https://vocaroo.com/1leh1MCa5…[View]
20458550Any femboys here? Mtf repressors need not apply, I am not interested in talking to anyone who wants …[View]
20458502I started growing tits an I'm not even on hrt yet. I'm not fat, i weigh 63kilos at 180cm. …[View]
20456960>start getting hip pain >my hips grew >it hurts if i dont sway my hips guys, why is my body…[View]
20458456I put the l in /lgbt/: A couple weeks back I stopped talking to a guy out of nowhere. I had known hi…[View]
20457880>child gravitates toward girls things, girls clothes, girls toys from the time they're able …[View]
20458102>asexual >heteroromantic >LGBT: no, you are a non sexual straight. fuck off back to your pr…[View]
20457495has anyone ever just given up on transitioning because it's unaffordable? i'm sick of bein…[View]
20455172this board made me go from being disgusted at trannies to feeling sorry for them to back to being di…[View]
20458384Are you supposed to tell people you're trans before or after you reject them?[View]
20458368>tfw no Eridia gf[View]
20457626How bad will 6 months of test fuck me up? I've gotta go off Bica for a while. I'm 18 if th…[View]
20457719So is Naomi Watts child trans or not?[View]
20457766For what reason would I wish a tranny happy mothers day? Are these hons delusional?[View]
20458267What does having sex after SRS feel like?: I am pre-everything MtF trans, but I'm still wonderi…[View]
20458074question about srs: if I was to go ahead and get myself one of those nifty neovaginas, would i be ab…[View]
20457779I wish I was a girl.: I wish I was a girl.[View]
20456805I'm trying to do nofap but I miss fapping like as a comforting repetitive activity and a pleasu…[View]
20457847Mickey Mouse Trans Voice is the most Overhated Trans Voice[View]
20456243Why do LGBT people like veganism, gluten free diets and other trendy food regimes?[View]
20456871Why are male asses so irresistible to me?[View]
20457161I stopped repressing after my hairline is was destroyed beyond that hair transplant or minox will be…[View]
20457649GIVE ME HRT: GIVE ME HRT[View]
20457133hot take i like cait i looked up to her when i was a repressing HS athlete and thought maybe i could…[View]
20455587>bottoms love dick[View]
20457169Is /wlwgen/ a psyop thread to make transbians look bad?[View]
20432707>grew up as sensitive shy little wimps that couldnt fit in with other boys >develops intense s…[View]
20457018do you ever write a larp that's so beautiful if makes you cry from loneliness: it feels so real…[View]
20451552I’m a voicehon but I pass physically, should I get on tinder or wait to start dating? Pic unrelated[View]
20453390Why are their only troons on this board, 95% of the threads are just troons complaining about troon …[View]
20455720question for transfems (coming from a ftm) why do you guys hate each other so much? like.. the most…[View]
20457356For you transgirls, how important is it that your bf has a nice ass[View]
20455010/gaygen/ - aaaarmpits edition: old: >>20448706[View]
20457227>beautiful hung balls muah[View]
20457023What's with all the trip sui threads today? Is it cause degen got attention when she did it and…[View]
20457085How many of you guys do you think just wants the world to burn?[View]
20456287hey lovelies! reminder that having broad shoulders doesnt make you any less of a woman! love you all…[View]
20456608Where can I find a top force me into taking my pills while plowing me. I want them to name me Alice …[View]
20456381my dog ate the cucumber dildo i was hiding in my room[View]
20456713Why does the media always present ugly boomerhons or transbian rapists as representatives of the tra…[View]
20456827My gf keeps hitting me, I just want her to stop: I don't want this thread to be up long. Iv tri…[View]
20456331'You either die a femboy, or live long enough to see yourself become a tranny.'[View]
20456846What creates more trauma in the universe? Tops having to deal with bottoms or Bottoms having to deal…[View]
20455208Im openly gay but I get a bit of a half chub when someone says or refers to me as gay. Idk why. Is t…[View]
20456285last 2 numbers dictates how much longer i stay on this wonderful and wholesome board that definitely…[View]
20455410People always tell me that I'm really pretty and passing and I haven't been gendered male …[View]
20451893God I want to be dominated so badly.: I just want a jacked up tall guy with a huge dick to make me h…[View]
20456748/lgbt/ general: Why is the average LGBT person a retarded attention seeking pedophile like >pictu…[View]
20456326for those who have done both: how does afab pussy taste compared to mtf pussy? how does mtf pussy va…[View]
20452594Why does Japan have so much influence over femboys wearing?[View]
20456675I can't believe ill never be a woman, how do I stop wanting to be a woman in the first place. s…[View]
20454977how do you guys deal with the brutality of this board? from MtF we obsess over millimeters of bone c…[View]
20455696I want a femboy bf.[View]
20454433In the last few days i've randomly become more comfortable with my AGAB. I don't know if i…[View]
20456088HSTS hons: Post HSTS hons[View]
20455598Does anyone know of anyone that pulls off the 'elegant feminine male' look over 25? I just don'…[View]
20455811>want to be normal heterosexual man >instead ugly femboy wannabe I want to have a normal stra…[View]
20454443is faceapp a meme?: All it did was add some shitty make up, is this female filter a scam or is it be…[View]
20455443Be straight guy with femboy fetish >found one >they’re poly, disgust >another one, same s…[View]
20455167This is the root of transbian problem. It's not about genitals, creepiness, 'male behavior' or…[View]
20452815Not that I plan on committing an hero, but what is the most inexpensive and effective way to die? I …[View]
20455892Help: Why am i such a screwup? Everytime i have a relationship i sabotage it. I'm never satisfi…[View]
20455147has anyone ever won against bdd[View]
20445361Is it cringe to want to have a super petite appearance so I can wear cutesy clothes in public and ha…[View]
20454967I want a twinky faggot to cuck & humiliate me[View]
20455614Can someone please tell me how I make close friends? I live alone in my city and I want friends to g…[View]
20455258>tfw we lost two of the cutest and kindest trips in the span of a week Are we that toxic of a com…[View]
20456252It's kinda comfy to be hit on by girls and turn them down so I know I'm not a prison gay.[View]
20455119trans cringe thread: post what you have[View]
20455985Anyone from actual transphobic parts of the world getting really tired of hearing people in liberal …[View]
20455529>Amad I have a problem, i know im trans, i hate it, i deny it, i refuse it but its just, what it …[View]
20456140Is it AGP to exist?[View]
20455316Hermaphroditemoder: Does anyone else here's transition goals align more towards being perfectly…[View]
20449060Why are we ignored?[View]
20456157>fell for an incel excuse me?[View]
20452672I’m only sexually attracted to people I have a close physical and emotional bond with What sexuality…[View]
20445931/femgen/ - Nostalgia Edition: General for feminine men, Nostalgia edition. QOTT: What time in your l…[View]
20452500How long did it take friends from pretrans to see you as your gender: And what are some things one c…[View]
20453968Would transitioning have saved HER?[View]
20454005For those MtFs who have transitioned did you have any doubts before finally getting on HRT? If so wh…[View]
20452380I came here to call you abominations by your name not to get my mind poisoned by strange thoughts Th…[View]
20455281Vulnerable Moment: I've recently started to try dating again. Try being the operative weird. I…[View]
20453203>have humiliation AGP/forced fem fetish >transitioned into a girl >live in a permanent stat…[View]
20453586Gf (male) is the exact same as having a male gardevoir[View]
20453309Sympathy for the unpassing hon: Why are hons universally hated and rejected? They were born just as …[View]
20454791Advice about shitdick: Have you ever gotten shit on your dick? I'm gonna go see a trans friend …[View]
20454944This is how a real world hottie looks like... no fantasies and no stupid bimbo dreams. And some idio…[View]
20454221>bf won't let me play sports with him and the guys since I'm small >tells me to just…[View]
20454360What's the point in passing and being stealth if I can't dab on hons for being ugly?[View]
20454435Admit it.: People like Marilyn Manson and Katy Perry are LGBT icons and without them we wouldn'…[View]
20452893The Contrapoints Paradox: There are 2 groups of trans people in any trans community. First, there a…[View]
20455462i just want to be a nonbinary twink and get the shit fucked out of me by another nonbinary twink is …[View]
20451181https://www.politico.com/news/magazine/2020/08/07/wedge-issue-dividing-trumpworld-392323 >In late…[View]
20454624Can you be gay if you were attracted to women?: For practically all my life I have been very much at…[View]
20448930Does me or my older bro look better in this outfit?[View]
20453537How do we reduce this board's hatred of trans lesbians[View]
20455230were i a real woman, i could make him happy[View]
20452724How do people do things without worrying about others. I feel like I am completely incapable of purs…[View]
20455086It is not my fault that i'm agp! This your fault. I didn't make myself like this, maybe yo…[View]
20454455gonna try to convince my dad to let me continue hrt the next time i see him hes aware ive been think…[View]
20453232I want a big titty mommy mtf gf so bad but I’m too short and not Chad enough for them to be interest…[View]
20430922Anyone else becoming unironically misogynistic?: tranner here, late one at that. constantly reminded…[View]
20452832So what's a normal shoulder width? At what point is it a 'you will never ever look normal' kind…[View]
20453394I think I'm fucked: I'm pretty sure my sanity is ruined from trauma, repression, and socia…[View]
20454340advice for meeting a guy for the first time? i met a guy on tinder who turned out to be cool with me…[View]
20453344mtfg: as above so below old: >>20450266[View]
20454477Can I please just have a thread where a bunch of tops bucket me in attention?[View]
20453021Tops would you eat this in front of your bottom bf purely as a power move to show that you can?[View]
20448706/gaygen/ - Tennis edition XXIII: Previous - >>20445696 https://youtu.be/a29g5ygQQak[View]
20450421>induced lactation >massively increased breast size >nipples look disgusting now >leak t…[View]
20454927Do you think there is a reason why transgender representation in media is so much less common then t…[View]
20450872Is atelier AGP? Is it? I'm only gonna buy it if it is.[View]
20446430Do manly shit: Anyone else think the cure to dysphoria is doing manly shit? I don't want to tra…[View]
20439398How do we save her?[View]
20454833>why yes, I'm a boymoder >what gave it away?…[View]
20451362is this image accurate?[View]
20453524Flamers are non-binary and therefore trans Butches are non-binary and therefore trans[View]
20454776>no sheltered male coworker i can groom into becoming my cute shy wife why live…[View]
20452389>be mom >tell mom i have a diaper fetish at age 13 >she buys me diaps until im 14 or 15 …[View]
20451168Where can I find Hontra's old videos? They are a lot funnier than his new content. Anyone have…[View]
20454695Would transition have saved her?[View]
20454609Older men attracted to trans girls: So in my experience being trans, I’ve noticed that older men see…[View]
20454161Is it agp or HSTS to spend all day reading comics and cartoons and you're over 30 years old?[View]
20452992You know the drill[View]
20453454I managed to convince my gf to get an orochi rather than full on srs. I did it boys.[View]
20454391Most trans girls with deep voices usually put on a valley girl accent so that it won't be awkwa…[View]
20450195>wears pantyhose >says they dont have AGP…[View]
20451566Why are FtM's so fucking sensitive: Jesus Christ literally all of them The ones here can'…[View]
20453473My boyfriend and I are both bottoms, will that effect the relationship negatively? He is a trans guy…[View]
20452492Question: >Walk down the street today >Black guy looks at me and says >'damn white girl you…[View]
20452610I like being closeted but is that bad?: It gives me anxiety when I remember some people know I am bi…[View]
20447033My sole transition goal is to be able to pull off wearing denim bootyshorts like pic related. And lo…[View]
20453649feeling down, consider this your chance to practice your larping skills[View]
20452055>tfw no shy nerdy childhood friend who transitions and becomes my gf (male)…[View]
20445944My trans gf (pre hrt) said a couple of months ago that when she looks at women she's more drawn…[View]
20454147What are good hairstyles for boymoders? I want to grow my hair longer but also I want a cut that wou…[View]
20454164if your body dont look like this, just give up your gay life, just stop.[View]
20453131How much damage does four months off HRT do? (after doing it for a year and a half): Hi /tttt/! I wa…[View]
20452361how do we teach mtf rapehons that coercing lesbians/women in general into sex is wrong?: also there …[View]
20452031What is tttt reading nowadays?[View]
20450732everyday feels the fucking same! FUCK!!! i cant take the loneliness anymore[View]
20451518I hear there are size queens on this board...[View]
20451142why are people against trannyes being treated as real womens how does that affect them personally[View]
20446759Dominant/sadistic meta-attraction: Is it possible that, if an AGP admires dominant women, their meta…[View]
20453297How do you deal with jealously /lgbt/? The new female housemate is shagging the only lad in the hous…[View]
20449623Do my groceries say top or bottom? Gay guy here[View]
20452071>tfw ywn have a straight guy take you out on a date because he pities you, an mtf tranner, only t…[View]
20453736I'm sad. Can someone please cheer me up?[View]
20453731I finally pass facially and vocally... all that's left is to get boob implants of this size and…[View]
20452462You can just be bigender, ya know? Consider it.[View]
20448664how tf do I gain weight?: I'm a 6 foot tranner and I weighed myself last night. I was 114 lbs. …[View]
20453664:D: >go to family reunion >most of the women there have ugly tranner midfaces >even if i w…[View]
20450302Anyone worried about their mental health for no good reason?: My parents just said to me I'm no…[View]
20453319>took a double dose of cypro by accident >still horny what the fuck?…[View]
20449919Mother’s Day thread: Happy Mother’s Day /lgbt/. Feel free to vent or tell happy stories about your …[View]
20449528I want to fuck a political tranner so bad. She'd be stubborn and standoffish. She'd have a…[View]
20453027If the majority of tgirls hate 'chasers', then what is their ideal scenario for meeting a guy?: As I…[View]
20453265happy mothers day trannies and mommies remember to not get upset at bait today, alot of tourists usi…[View]
20453323why do people on this board call anyone having sex larp now[View]
20447648Is it just repressors all the way down? Are ftms the only men who actually enjoy being men?[View]
20451351https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoM1ZIax9Yg At least she started voicetraining I guess[View]
20452602is being trans really worth it...? I know this might sound like bait but im honestly asking. from wh…[View]
20446081>FTM roommate is making breakfast >he pours cereal in a bowl >opens the fridge >'um wher…[View]
20452925I'm an autistic but fairly normal, non-twink, not too fem gay thats getting on hrt at 27. Does …[View]
20452974>top bf told me he's going to make me a mom tonight I'm a boy though...…[View]
20450469I want to have a girly chest, Like no boy ever has. Enlarging them is my real test, To look female s…[View]
20452711Bottoms need to hold their shirts in their mouth more it’s so fucking hot[View]
20451338transbian here, if i taught myself how to draw will i get transbian puss even in my 40s?[View]
20452324Bi male bottom, and I say fat dom anons are best anons UwU[View]
20447513Bottoms good job on calling your mothers Tops, reminder that today is Mother’s Day and you should ca…[View]
20452891I need a bi shitlord wife. I want a wife who will be a fab fag with me until we settle down and deci…[View]
20440963Do you say partner, significant other, or boyfriend/girlfriend?[View]
20451762Ready to rope: >be lonely fag >have crippling social anxiety and live in the middle of nowhere…[View]
20447892How small of a penis is too small of a penis?[View]
20452848What’s going on with me?: I feel like my mind is split between extreme masculinity and extreme femin…[View]
20448398Is this true?[View]
20452747>annoying fly in my room >cant catch it >keep trying >manage to predict where its going …[View]
20452757ok hrt and ffs is cool and all, but how do i actually become a girl[View]
20452670Why am I gay? Chasing women has no value in today's society. This isn't supposed to be a g…[View]
20445819How can I make money as boymoder? I have no real skills and too anxious to be around other people.[View]
20449941Trannies, which one are you?[View]
20451062How do I find a coombrained FTM who is horny all the time and always wants to use my body to satisfy…[View]
20449595>plan to kill myself today >car battery died >moment fades Is this the universe just conti…[View]
20451430Twinks with PHAT asses are my weakness[View]
20450366Are Canadian bottoms more subby than normal bottoms? Are Canadian tops capable of being doms?[View]
20448703/gaygen/ - bbbriefs edition: old: >>20445696[View]
20451121Is being able to sing an attractive trait? Or is it fucking useless due to you never being able to c…[View]
20446891Why are most nonbinary people not androgynous? For FTMs and MTFs we are all attempting to look like …[View]
20452391I love tranners I wanna care for them and protect them from transphobes but they still hate me becau…[View]
20451828>Come home from work, mood is shit. >Call elevator. Go up to my floor. >Open my apartment d…[View]
20451984looking to be groomed: i hear so much about grooming on this board can anyone groom me? picrel…[View]
20448070Being anorexic does nothing but highlight masculine features, and can mess with puberty 2.0 making i…[View]
20423575/bigen/ bisexual general: battle of the bread edition thread theme: https://youtu.be/dU6w56epBdc Pre…[View]
20448699Why are men so awful: I am so sick of straight men using the 'I'm not gay line' to justify thei…[View]
20444569>be me in high school >just normal heterosexual boy with crushes on girls, late bloomer and ha…[View]
20449658when am i allowed to kill myself: my life has been nothing but a whorl of self hatred and transition…[View]
20449992Okay this is my first time posting on this board because I have literally nowhere else to ask this q…[View]
20451409>question if I would prefer to be a woman for all my life >always quickly answer 'no' to mysel…[View]
20450381Passing doesn't necessarily mean you're attractive.[View]
20450608People have accused me of being a misogynists and I have an issue with that. A misogynists hates wom…[View]
20438710I envy girls soo much: >i hate all the masculine attencion they recive >i hate how they can dr…[View]
20451528>people hate terfs more than trumpers ahahahaha https://cspicenter.org/reports/academicfreedom/…[View]
20451655>Bishit >Attracted to all men, even the filthiest 60 year old pigs >Only women I'm att…[View]
20450082I am a man The idea of being married to a 600-lb woman is more repulsive to me than the idea of bein…[View]
20450126Is it even worth transitioning if everyone you know already jokingly calls you a girl since you…[View]
20450789Is it morally acceptable to believe in self-ID?: 1. You cannot be transgender without gender dysphor…[View]
20449335how and where i can find bottoms with a body like this irl?[View]
20450911>be me >be mtf >not transitioned yet >come out to my friends as a trans man >say I tr…[View]
20445934/lgbt/ art: Has /lgbt/ ever made any art? Post 'em?[View]
20397475/mmg/ - manmoder general: /lit/ edition A general for male presenting trans women who are too old/ug…[View]
20451565>tfw you've taken your last girl pill of the day My hrt is literally the only thing that cal…[View]
20448547>I will never pass >I will never be a twinkhon ;_;…[View]
20450664Could transitioning have saved her?[View]
20451094>mtf >friend is afab who considers herself nb, ftm repressor, but also a cis girl and goes by …[View]
20450266/mtfg/ - transfeminine general: it is over edition previous thread: >>20446426 qott: when did …[View]
20451213>you will always be ugly >you will never have a boyfriend What should I do, I've tried ev…[View]
20450989I'm concerned about her bros. Is she doing okay??[View]
20448112>ywn blink at the female rate[View]
20451255>tfw fantasize about having an internal crisis about my gender after talking to a therapist about…[View]
20446496>tfw no non-passing trans gf to cuddle everynight telling her she'll eventually pass…[View]
20447601How do I make the trans thoughts go away?: So, how do I? When I'm away from my computer for a w…[View]
20444845is it gay to have gay sex with femboys?[View]
20443005Boymoder Escape: >be me, boymoder >live in a boymoder shelter with my blahaj Douglas. >Doug…[View]
20450259Why couldn't you just let me have long hair, dad?[View]
20448827does this adequately represent what it means to be trans?[View]
20443829How are you boobs coming along?[View]
20448609>cis girl tells me I should sway my hips more when I walk >try swaying my hips while walking …[View]
20449449I think I saw a boymoder today. But I'm not sure. I thought it was a young girl at first, but t…[View]
20439193Boymoder general be kind to each other edition VI ITT: we are nice to each other and do not fight or…[View]
20392262>MTF girlmoder >Two roommates, both guys who know I'm trans >One is very nice to me, a…[View]
20444715do transbians find it hard to hold back their horniness around their ftm frens?[View]
20444781Dead nerd / Transgender tsunami: Never lose hope girls![View]
204423261. open Mspaint 2. draw Blaire 3. post[View]
20448942Deeply confused: Ok so for starters I'm 20 male, new here and this is my first time posting on …[View]
20438757I went to a lesbian bar because a cis lesbian invited me to go with her. I don't pass that grea…[View]
20450098Children: How good are you with children? Do you get many opportunities with children? Do people no …[View]
20447562This is one hell of a long shot but: are there any trans women here who had Seborrhoea AKA Seborrhoe…[View]
20449243How do I make a move on my bi male friend through text? t. Mtf[View]
20450146dont care still watching contra[View]
20448527im an ugly autistic virgin lesbian. can i get a gf[View]
20449534why do all ugly peoples not want other ugly people except me[View]
20440586How is this legal?[View]
20445392What good comes from coming out?: As anything, really, but by coming out, I mean gay here, cuz that…[View]
20446500>have friend >seems super repressed catholic type dude >friend group goes to japan and he s…[View]
20448748Happy Mother's Day /tttt/, did you call your mom?[View]
20449774>ywn be a bio lesbian girl[View]
20449584>top >cursed with body of a bottom >thin arms, long legs, narrow waist, feminine hands shou…[View]
20450102imagine being babytrans: >identifies as a femboy on hrt because she doesn't want to be a gro…[View]
20448543Trans Weight Loss: What are the metabolic changes that effect weight loss after going on HRT in gene…[View]
20437194getting raped by a guy turned me transbian.: the only thing i want to do to men now is hurt them.…[View]
20449600On a scale of 1 to 10 how hon would it be to wear retro 1950's style women's underwear? I …[View]
20447757Bottom transbians are cute: Tall or small, thicc or thin, passing or twinkhon. I love snuggling with…[View]
20449748I put a microphone in my boymoder's computer chair cushion to like listen to her prabs but ther…[View]
20449371i use kiwifarms and i'm a transbian[View]
20449809Hetero dating as closeted Bi?: >Be 21 y/o sperg >Took way too long to realize I wasn’t entirel…[View]
20447654Are trans girls proportionately more likely to be into cg/l stuff than cis girls? Or does it only se…[View]
20440649>tfw no qt 6'3' trans gf to cuddle with as you rest your head on her hrtiddies t. 5'6' …[View]
20447234>tfw not usually into trans girls but matched with a cute one on tinder How do I not blow this?…[View]
20443330Those that have the stereotypical fag voice/mannerisms, what do YOU think causes it?[View]
20449145Transitioning should be illegal. The only age it should be legal is after 25 as that is when the bra…[View]
20447306I'm developing an AI that detects and corrects misgendering on the internet. It will be a brows…[View]
20449076Trans women and male crossdressers can say faggot regardless of sexuality because gender nonconformi…[View]
20446943Any mtfs here managed to make friends with non LGBT people who weren't also leftwing extremists…[View]
20447185>be me, transbian: >annoyed by cisbians endlessly seething about trannies in lesbian gens, spe…[View]
20441482/hornygen/: LGBT-related discussion of sex and sex-adjacent topics. Fetishes, fantasies and more. Pl…[View]
20448589this is jane morris. in her day she was considered a beautiful woman, and was a muse for two artists…[View]
20449219Is it morally acceptable to believe in self-ID?: 1. You cannot be transgender without gender dysphor…[View]
20445599TERFs really look like this and still have the nerve to say trans women are gross.[View]
20448472Check this retweet chain Not to be rude, but these trans women are so ugly! https://twitter.com/para…[View]
20449115my dick is going to stop working for real soon, wtf do i do i've been using it everyday to mast…[View]
20443566>Appointment with skin doctor in two hours >Manmoder >Cypro is listed in the drugs I'm…[View]
20446884Pls help: >Be me >Be boymoder >Talking to this guy >Super sweet, bright future, just …[View]
20436856>ftm >mostly normal, want to be treated like a normal guy >biggest sexual fantasy: a cis g…[View]
20448269Disgusting rapehon fantasy: Sometimes i fantasize about a woman, cis or trans, grabbing my arms or w…[View]
20449022Loser server for losers: All flavours of /lgbt/ are welcome, comfy feelings only please. Please exc…[View]
20447196stop misreading tyranny dumbfucks[View]
20447235pity her: an old hon and would trade it all to be a youngshit like her enemies here[View]
20439841> buys GME @ 300 > buys Doge @.7 I’ll never afford ffs i should kill myself…[View]
20428807female agp hypocrisy: women wear pantyhose over their feet and legs and pussy, and all day they walk…[View]
20446218How to cope with having a shitty life?: Lots of you here talk about teenage love,about cute mishaps …[View]
20437547/cipgen/ - Can I Pass General: These were pretty cool, I thought I’d start one up again. /cipgen/ is…[View]
20437131Does anyone else twinkhons are the most attractive of all women because of the mixture of male and f…[View]
20445696/gaygen/ - Tennis edition XXII: Previous - >>20443148 https://youtu.be/7P9fmMGqEGw[View]
20447308What should my exercise regimen be if I want to lose weight but still have a nice ass? I've alr…[View]
20448681my boyfriend left me for a more handsome and younger man... i want to die[View]
20446605After my injections I pull my back my syringe and I have .02 ml of fluid left that doesn't get …[View]
20448115how do I get rid of all my malebrained interests and mannerisms? I literally want to kms after any c…[View]
20448426Why do so many famous trannies have to be such absolute hons? I get that a lot of these people waite…[View]
20448319Do any trannies have a misgendering fetish?[View]
20443525i look like shrek[View]
20447438How many months on HRT until you can look in the mirror without wanting to kill yourself[View]
20447990>invite my gay boyfriend over to my apartment for sex >didn't realize that my ftm roommat…[View]
20447482Aversion to a lot of asexual media: Hello all, Does anyone else grapple with the media generated by…[View]
20445940Elliot Page filming again: what a cute twink goodspeed bro[View]
20448183Sup, So i was always into crossdressing, even tho i was completely straight, yet a week ago i realiz…[View]
20446874>be me, bisexual >listen to women talk and read their posts >be me, gay…[View]
20443857Why do bisexual white women act like there more oppressed than jews in ancient Egypt?[View]
20448025>Be me as a kid >Feels no sexual attraction >Think female characters are cool instead of se…[View]
20417417/agpg/ autogynophilia general: Propaganda edition To what extent do you think your AGP is influenced…[View]
20446426/mtfg/ Lazy Edition: Qott: Why can't you lazy girls make new threads?[View]
20447718I am basically completely insane. How am I supposed to know if being trans isn't just another o…[View]
20445127>Superstraight had a shorter lifespan than Kekistan[View]
20446392>be me, closeted gay guy >close friends with a dude, has a gf >love him very much and make …[View]
20446532I've been involved with the breadtube scene for a while now. I'm not a content creator, bu…[View]
20447319>boyfriend's son gave me flowers for mother's day even though I'm not his real mom…[View]
20446725>he wears black nail polish Bros, he is gay right? Please tell me he is gay…[View]
20447554how is your relationship with your mother?[View]
20436464Mind-passing: Even if your looks and voice pass, if you publicly say that you enjoy shit like Death …[View]
20439097Bottom horny thread: Bottom horny is a different kind of horny[View]
20446836Did ur mom take miscarriage prevention drug?: Did your mother take birth control for a long time bef…[View]
20447372Is fingering your butt supposed to feel good? It just feels uncomfortable to me. I even tried buying…[View]
20447008A cis man just got fired at my job because he made a gay joke about me in our whatsapp group chat an…[View]
20445061where do I find a trans fren to draw with?[View]
20442804Ausfag general: Post butthole and timestamp[View]
20447012I write poems about fantasy stories malebrained or femalebrained?[View]
20443738if I wasn't taken I'd be simping hard for bateman rn, can't believe I've fallen …[View]
20447094before hrt >I'll never transition I'll never do all that stuff it's too scary I…[View]
20446947Pigs thread: Question to bottoms, would you let pig mount on you and breed you?[View]
20447002Happy Trans Vibes: > Transition for beauty > Transition for pleasure > Transition for satis…[View]
20444911Is it gay to find her attractive: I'm a straight guy and I think the girl in the pic is cute an…[View]
20446205Got stared at on the street.: Is it over?[View]
20446158Is it normal?: I only seethe abt YWNBAW when it's said to me by actual tradwives/happy housewiv…[View]
20446327convince me to go back to repressing: my upper body is so fucking disgusting dude[View]
20446133chloe: can i use it as hrt??[View]
20446824>didn't transition at 12 >'I'm a youngshit'…[View]
20442025Boy's are so aggressive when the socialize and it scares me. How do I act tougher so I fit in b…[View]
20445880>one shot at life >ends up being an abdl trans girl…[View]
20445072bottoms, do you spray deodorant or perfume on your asshole before a date?[View]
20446618Why are gay hook up sites full of married closeted boomers? I thought most gays were GEN Z, no??[View]
20445998why aren’t your nails done girls?: if you’re trying to pass and don’t engage in female grooming habi…[View]
20441000u mad bro?[View]
20446316Any tranners like to get their butt squeezed so hard that it leaves hand-shaped bruises?[View]
20446203relatable lyrics: You say I'm the only one on your mind Well, how about all them other girls? T…[View]
20445565I think that we are all severely mentally ill.: Being gay is a mental illness. Being lesbian is a me…[View]
20443672do you find him attractive?[View]
20445107Will I be able to pass if I stay long enough on HRT (Been on it for 2 months) or would I most likely…[View]
20446196>randomly start missing my abusive ex[View]
20446006can any other Mtfs relate: >be egg all through school and highscool >not attracted to girls al…[View]
20446179Looks like Paris Lees is publishing a memoir, should be decent normie-facing representation. She gre…[View]
20446145Convince me not to get a breast augmentation. It’s something that is more and more on my mind lately…[View]
20445734>a close friend's girlfriend of four years broke up with him a few months ago >she told m…[View]
20445258Just remember that the only way for a gay man in film and tv to be portrayed with zero camp tendenci…[View]
20445490Does anyone else genuinely believe that they are in hell? I have no other way to explain this shit.[View]
20445986So let's give this a whirl. > Realize I'm gay at 13 > Spend entire teenage years hid…[View]
20445837Happy mothers day to all the trannies!!![View]
20442135can transbians be attracted to hrt femboys?[View]
20443535tranners/or nb u met irl: I met one working as a hostess. Body didn’t pass, seemed shy, tall and agp…[View]
20445907https://podcasts.ufhealth.org/adults-can-grow-new-fat-cells-after-all-study-shows/ >It was found …[View]
20445622Everytime I see a thread comparing picrews this is all I can think of.[View]
20445773What does it mean if I like older men but don't really have daddy issues besides him being emot…[View]
20443423Katie is one of the best LGBT characters in the last 10 years. I love her. She's so cute.[View]
20445618>mtf working in IT, well paid >bf works minimum wage job >doesn't let me pay when we g…[View]
20445670Let's say I hypothetically haven't been on HRT for four months. . . .: Let's say (hyp…[View]
20443148/gaygen/ - Tennis edition XXI: Previous - >>20440168 https://youtu.be/i3fdrEthXkE[View]
20443156Who is your favorite LGBT politician? Pic related is mine, he's awesome.[View]
20445624Does anyone else look in the mirror, see something you like about yourself, then look again and it…[View]
20445294Sexual orientation / occupation thread: Let's talk about our respective jobs. I'll start. …[View]
20444270>MtF boymoder >secretly a cock hungry slut who wants to be fucked till she passes out >bf i…[View]
20444436How many people do we know killed themselves from here[View]
20444633on a scale of 1-10, how dumb is it to start hrt because i dont want to lose my youth. im a gay botto…[View]
20444185What do trans women think about dating shorter men? Would it ruin the whole meta attraction thing?[View]
20444763i just texted a transgender friend of mine in hopes of dating her. please i need help[View]
20445074Why is it that gays make up for such a large percent of all the suicides in the world? Is it homopho…[View]
20445403How much would you tip at the boymoder cafe?[View]
20439558Most men secretly want to be women and nothing will convince me otherwise.[View]
20442498what does this say about me[View]
20444897>Be MTF >Go on Vacation to the other side of the world >Flight is 2 stops >Layover in Du…[View]
20443102>hang out with mtf friends >all they talk about is sex Why…[View]
20444682Chaser here. >employed >passing >healthy relationship with friends and colleagues >healt…[View]
20444932Why do straight trannies simp for extremely average men?[View]
20441915When you last felt complete in your own body.[View]
20430950'comptop' men: As in, men who are only a top/dom compulsorily due to societal expectations How many …[View]
20444863My 101 year old great-grandfather told me 'Grandson, it's okay to be gay. Just don't be tr…[View]
20445228/LGBT/ Battle Royale: >2030 >AOC is president >instagram and Twitter woke influencers are o…[View]
20444804Can people notice my boobs when I’m in boymode?[View]
20439329I'm gonna be alone forever[View]
20445006Why does chaz bono make me so angry but also horny at the same time?[View]
20444067How do I stop being ashamed of my sexuality?: I’m a pre-transition mtf/repressor I guess, almost ent…[View]
20440779>Monogamous relationship with a FTM guy >planned out my life with him > he tells me he wan…[View]
20443168I tried to take advantage of my boymoder by putting some McDonald's BBQ sauce on my tip, but ho…[View]
20444834>have only posted my face once online (in a /tttt/ thread) >no one responded im only 20 but i…[View]
20443778My friends like to make jokes that I'm secretly an ace of spades and joke about me liking black…[View]
20442005If your parents payed your school extra to pay someone to watch you 24 hours a day, specifically shi…[View]
20443893>be femboy: >match with woman on tinder >she is very pretty >we get along very well in …[View]
20442339What's the deal with FtMs and ugly-ass mullets. For real, I've never met a guy who had a m…[View]
20440984Creating a comprehensive transition guide: And would highly appreciate any resources, tips (esp HRT …[View]
20443679I literally only want to transition because I hate the male social role. I don't really have ph…[View]
20441834Asking boymoders,transgirls and hrt femboys Are these hrt tiddies? They are right? They are[View]
20443137Please post more images like this[View]
20444485I wish my future husband was here to hold me.[View]
20444788ITT: we post based takes: Tops are actually bottoms and verses are tops. If you are attracted to bo…[View]
20440182It doesn't matter if it's the heros or the gay dudes, it's always the same: BBC. I ju…[View]
20441581I would rather 10,000 cissies got on HRT and later regretted it than 1 trans kid go without HRT[View]
20444395If you actually passed yourself, you wouldn't seethe over hons making you look bad. It's n…[View]
20436121post about your transbian gf please: im very lonely and need vicarious happiness[View]
20441907awkward hrt phase: how long does the femboy phase of hrt last? im at 18 months hrt and still dont lo…[View]
20444471first time dating: What is the best dating website for a gay virgin? I would really like to be able …[View]
20437942Four months HRT, and I am now consistently cumming clear. Cope and seethe ancestors, family line, an…[View]
20444472You guys aren't THAT ugly right?[View]
20443388One of the things I’m most scared of HRT is losing interest in malebrained things I enjoy such as mo…[View]
20443678I'm a 23 year old tranny and I'm only interested in women so I've decided to never se…[View]
20443121>Lose weight in preparation for transitioning (MTF) >Drop down to 72 kilos from like 88 >1.…[View]
20443458I really miss my life back when I was a transbian and my meta attraction was under control and every…[View]
20440710I want to become an HRT femboy. Am I based?[View]
20444392i am a pussy: i am a pussy, and i know i am one. how do i stop, i don't blame others for treati…[View]
20443912Introducing the green UwU cat >ÛwÛ<[View]
20442089I don't hate you because you're gay. I hate you because you're an esfj.: I tried to b…[View]
20444057God I think it's so cute when femboys do stuff with their hair like get high lights or a haircu…[View]
20443609why would i transition if i know that i will never pass anyway? what incentive to taking HRT is ther…[View]
20443588Any other ftms become mtf chasers after starting T? I just want a qt youngshit to choke on my strap…[View]
20435162Fuck men: Ok, so this is the day where I've just 100% given up with men. As I write this I…[View]
20437411Female socialization is cancer I'm glad that I didn't turn into a airheaded bimbo and that…[View]
20439544im a mtf top and i keep pumping and dumping people, why i do this?: it always goes like this: >fi…[View]
20443033will smolgen ever come back?: i miss it or at least reading it[View]
20437001How to tell if you’re fembrained or malebrained: If you are on 4chan you’re malebrained[View]
20441468>be cis gay repressing hsts >I'm still cute but clock is ticking so decide to get on hrt …[View]
20443347>be weak boymoder >bf is way taller than me (like 30cm height difference) >he's a lot …[View]
20434663Does the pain ever stop?: >6 year hrt manmoder >no hope of passing >no hope of being loved …[View]
20442874soft butt hours: >be bottom >shave butt for bf whenever we have sex >get terrible razor bur…[View]
20443186>bf thinks I'm a nice, kind of dorky, boymoding trans girl who is sane and down to earth …[View]
20442914confused on sexuality: as long as i can remember ive had gay thoughts. i grew up as a stereotypical …[View]
20443236repress & regret or show my true colors & get clocked: so this is it huh? I guess I’m gonna …[View]
20439545coud the people on this board give me photos of passers please?[View]
20440628Is behavior at all innate and determined by birth sex?: Or entirely determined by socialization/cond…[View]
20380315FemGen: https://discord.gg/4sBeaa33 FemGen comfy pet/wildlife edition[View]
20442906what should I do to stop being a twinkhon: I am a twinkhon and I wanna stop being one. I'm not …[View]
20441586Trannies are just incels in dress up. whatever happened to consent?[View]
20440751My mom still doesn't believe I'm gay and it's really making me question shit. How do …[View]
20443429I've made a deedpoll and have it signed, what should I change my name on first? I was thinking …[View]
20440464do YOU think trannis are real womens: what do YOU think[View]
20443119What would you doif you met a boymoder thats hairy, howls to the moon and is generally wolflike?[View]
20443277Fucckingg me: Massorka[View]
20442889>AGP's not rea-[View]
20442717there is nothing left in my life but cold, bitter hatred for cisoids, passoids and youngshits...[View]
20443199>tfw ywn be a boymoder >doomed to manmode instead It's ogre, anons.…[View]
20441188/mtfg/ thy kingdom come edition: Links: https://pastebin.com/LyMhFmT4 old >>20437262 what hap…[View]
20443009Male Attention Disgust's Me: MTF here got broken up with by Boyfriend. try online dating for t…[View]
20438265https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKk6FMAsZCA Can you imagine getting to have a childhood and youth? I…[View]
20442943how did u stop boymoding?: i want to girlmode soon but i feel like i can’t even imagine myself going…[View]
20443097Smoll penises are made for bullying[View]
20441303>Come to terms with being gay >about a year later suddenly gain a strong interest in musicals …[View]
20441584Why do people on act like this board is source of all misery, anytime I see anybody complaining abou…[View]
20440806I don't think I'm dysphoric just depressed and with a lot of body image issues[View]
20442850Is it a good idea to transition if you really hate being a man mainly just for social reasons?[View]
20440168/gayge/ — Gay General: Sassy Bottom Edition: Previous: >>20435654 Thread Theme: https://www.yo…[View]
20441365My boymoder has been constipated for a while now and she barely moves. Should I take her to the vet …[View]
20437115haven't masturbated in forever since HRT nuked my sex drive. But I've recently started try…[View]
20439241Gender does not exist and transgenders are inforces of the gender binary myth Not cute, not valid[View]
20438873I feel really conflicted about acting feminine. So when I started HRT I figured I was malebrained an…[View]
20440110is it possible for an isolated tranny to get a bf?[View]
20437891Howard, it's Bateman. Patrick Bateman. You're my lawyer, so I think you should know I…[View]
20442649Make the ding-dong diddly transition.[View]
20442059How to tell if I'm bi: I'm a guy in my early 20s who is mostly attracted to women. I'…[View]
20441457>be me, afab >talking with my trans gf >she jokingly calls me an egg because I keep on aski…[View]
20441279FEMALE BRAINED BOTTOMS test Do you walk on tippy toes and bend forward without curving your back?[View]
20442386The most boss thing a passing tranny can do is never really talk about trans stuff but never deny it…[View]
20440767What the future of gender? Will all humans become agenders or non-binary? Is gender purely a social …[View]
20442196she's so fucking huge lmao[View]
20442048Fembrains Need Not Apply: >ueeh ueeh this is so malebrained you're not a real woman ueeeh cr…[View]
20441991Folks I went all in at 69cents and I was supposed to get my gender reassignment surgery with Doge. W…[View]
20440773>trans >drove my husband insane after 6 years (he claims this at least) >he’s really just s…[View]
20441164Can bisexual women fetishize bisexual men? Can bisexual men fetishize bisexual women?[View]
20441379anons: is it possible for a trans woman to actually become successful and not have anyone bully them…[View]
20441709Hi gay bottom here my boyfriend just fucked me a few hours ago and now I read about this 'boy remova…[View]
20441565>Be me >Go to my first ever party >Stay out until 1AM >Come home >Look in mirror >…[View]
20441759Rape and sexual assault recovery: I got raped 6ish years ago by a teacher, and am starting to try da…[View]
20441944Am I a fetishist or something?: I've never really been feminine, but I was never super masculin…[View]
20439747Is this all there is? Depression and 4chan pseudoscience and worrying about my friends dying? I fuck…[View]
20441173I don't give a shit what you guys do in your own house or who you date, but I have children. An…[View]
20440396Why should I support the LGBT?: I'm a bifag, but I can't stop seething whenever I see some…[View]
20439196give me five reasons not to kill myself[View]
20441465How do I stop being an awkward bitch: I would appreciate some help, I think I like a friend, we have…[View]
20441409is anorexia hsts?: i just got out of the hospital after an inpatient stint and have never been more …[View]
20435555Does /tttt/ use linux?[View]
20441519>tfw no mommy gf on mother's day[View]
20440235Is it possible for a FTM to ever grow a good beard?[View]
20438480Reminder that this is the kind of person constantly shiposting here that YWNBAW[View]
20433182Should HRT be allowed to those under 18? All views are welcome.[View]
20441034>transbians will top each other >straight trannies won't top boys why tho. just fuck me…[View]
20441071How can a boymoder get a mommy gf?[View]
20440919Not gonna sugar coat it I need attention[View]
20440626>be a member of the 50% of the population >'hurr durr we have to protect ourselves from the bi…[View]
20440520>mom brings up the big time sports player I was friends with as a kid and haven't seen since…[View]
20437539I fell for the FFS Meme: I can’t blame my surgeon; he didn’t do anything wrong. Well, maybe my nose …[View]
20438034Is it weird for two tranners to date the same guy and be his slaves?[View]
20439832honburger: honburger[View]
20440828how do i stop obsessing over how i look????? it’s so hard to even leave my room because i get so anx…[View]
20439145Is it normal to be completely obsessed with stinky boy smells? I mean stuff like smelling a guy…[View]
20440337i hate myseldf t. nina[View]
20440215would not detransing have saved her?[View]
20439322I turn 21 in less than 2 minutes. Still no gf/bf.[View]
20440296I would break up with a top if he preferred jasmine over basmati[View]
20440703>Doom Eternal >Doom 2016 >'good' >Brutal Doom executions >maybe five enemies onscreen…[View]
20440664Trannies are so cute and interesting personality wise, I just wish they were more cute physicality[View]
20434732>be cute girly femboy >only interested in being topped and dominated by hons what did my brain…[View]
20440606how does a boymoder find love ?[View]
20439248FtMs are MADE for being bred deeply by and frotting their dicks (clits) with hung veiny cis men[View]
20440602>another night going to sleep alone[View]
20440415Anons ive been starting to question myself if im trans or not. The problem is i don't really kn…[View]
20440705/enbygen/ -- dysphoria edition: /enbygen/ -- dysphoria edition previous bread is dead and not on the…[View]
20440323I'm gonna try HRT for about 6 months, and stop after then if i don't like it. What would t…[View]
20440333Lesbians don't have sex[View]
20440507What should my exercise regimen be if I want to lose weight but still have a nice ass? I've alr…[View]
20440543i wanted to be a chick but now i want to be a stud: i got on prozac (anti-depressant) about a month …[View]
20440172Gay bottoms appreciate boysmell too[View]
20440531If bottoms want bulli than the best way to bulli them is to deprive them of bulli?[View]
20439473>deeply hate myself for being a transbian >found a TERF dom who says she'll convert me st…[View]
20432459Tfw you won the genetic lottery[View]
20440509why are there no bisexual bars where mtfs are welcome?[View]
20440163All I want to do is date attractive cis men. Passing enough to be “one of the bros” is great, but it…[View]
20440126hate AGPs, hate bottoms, hate women, simple as[View]
20440373I remember being a kid on 4chan and everyone freaking out over traps like 'omg gross dude I can…[View]
20435332I want to be a man’s wife. I want to have his babies. I want that so bad. Why can’t I have that?[View]
20438662movie recommendations?: Some of my faves are Trainspotting, Drive, My Friend Dahmer, A Clockwork Ora…[View]
20440315Girls should be with girls.[View]
20437569i've mostly accepted that transitioning will give me nothing but pain and paranoia. after a yea…[View]
20439680/ttttmu/: Laura Les edition Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=879ysA4h9r4 What are you l…[View]
20435130what's a good hobbies for isolated trannies[View]
20440094I enjoy headcannoning women in games and movies as mtf because it makes people mad online pic relate…[View]
20435898What sexuality am I?: I am a 'straight' femboy (attracted to girls and HRT femboys, prefer being a b…[View]
20418075What say you, /tttt/?: Contra has finally lost it. You broke him![View]
20438549Pain.: There’s no point in trying anymore. No matter what I do, I can never pass. I have fucking tri…[View]
20437285My boymoder comrades: are any of you out to your parents? If so, are you still in talks? How do they…[View]
20435289>need to use the bathroom >dad is taking a bath what do i do…[View]
20440184Why I'm from Canada, but I feel a shame?: Why I'm from Canada, but I feel a shame? https:/…[View]
20440139Im building some synths ill start selling soon. Since yall trannies i count on you to support my bus…[View]
20437560Ask the cards: Prais-ed be my sacred legbutts. By the power vested in my big fat titties, I wish to …[View]
20440133>tfw live in a 3rd world shithole where prEP isnt available damnit i wanna get creampied so bad …[View]
20440101How many unique posters are there on this board? Why is it always the same threads every week?[View]
20437262/mtfg/: Links: https://pastebin.com/LyMhFmT4 old: >>20433146 i am your new allah you will wor…[View]
20435654/gaygen/ - inner thigh edition: old: >>20432551[View]
20438205Would it be cringe if a bottom tells their top they love them after intense coitus?[View]
20439146Did you make more friends after transitioning?[View]
20437099Transvestite or agp?: Are agps transvestites or transgender?[View]
20438712What would the world be like if at least 1/4 of the global population was gay or lgbt?[View]
20439612the fuck is wrong is tranis: the fuck is wrong is tranis[View]
20439710>newfie 2016cancer >'DUDE DISCORD LMAO DUDE GROOMING LMAO' >point out that the default mode…[View]
20439426so I’ve been training my voice and I’ve noticed that the better it gets the more AGP I feel? I liter…[View]
20438472Retribution: What does /LGBT rage look like? How would you take revenge upon someone? Upon society? …[View]
20439481Ummm you're a woman[View]
20439227How to choose a name if you're an indecisive shit? Should I choose one that americans can prono…[View]
20439167how should i come out to my friend?: we're pretty close and hes gonna find out eventually so i …[View]
20439519Stop calling everyone that isn't trans an egg.[View]
20438631Any other HRT femboys in this boat? I'm genuinely cis, but the only thing here that doesn'…[View]
20435324>be stealth ftm >hanging out with the lads outside >'guys I really need to take a piss, I…[View]
20439490How necessary is a bottoming routine. Like right now I've been eating like a normal person, hav…[View]
20430417Horny thread: Horny thread time, be horny[View]
20437615i have been obsessed with trans stuff for over two years now and i come here constantly secretly hop…[View]
20436639Why does nobody here like cis women: Give them a chance. A lot of them are really kind[View]
20438851Who are the best transbian couples that make porn?[View]
20437758Are men real women and women real men?: It may sound far-fetched, but I'm actually curious abou…[View]
20438060Would detransition have saved him?[View]
20438963I want a lot of men to fall in love with me so that I can break their hearts. I want them to be so d…[View]
20427322>go on grindr >ftms everywhere[View]
20434379Reminder: Cis straight men will never want you, no matter how much they say 'trans rights!'[View]
20439033>be me >18 yo tranny >came out to my gf as trans 4 months into our relationship (represse…[View]
20438997I think the fact that there are more MtF trips than FtM trips illustrates that MtFs are addicted to …[View]
20429526>be butch cis lesbian >like a transbian Tell me about transbians. Do ya'll only date each…[View]
20426123Which board is our greatest Allie? For me it's /int/[View]
20434190>have first at length conversation about kinks with my cis gf >she tells me she has a fetish f…[View]
20433822assuming he isn't just lying. what type of people fuck nickacado https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
20434206Asexual dating? hi everyone. I'm a Homsexual Biromantic male. and i met a wonderful girl who wa…[View]
20435308/clg/ - Cis Lesbian General - Slav gf edition: Discuss slav girls and why you love/hate them (old) D…[View]
20438886I am hyper-straight. What does that mean? It means I am attracted to straight sex with very masculin…[View]
20437694A Question: photo filters, instagram, and the reddit circlejerk of positivity have skewed reality HA…[View]
20435448Why are trannies so bitter and vindictive when you break up with them?[View]
20438606Am I transophobic and homophobic if I'm a trap and only want to date masc bi men? No cringey fa…[View]
20438062I was feeling really dysphoric tonight until I realized my 18 year old brother (6 years younger than…[View]
20438022I can't tell if I'm dysphoric or not. Wtf does it feel like to have dysphoria. I'm as…[View]
20438827How to find love if you're good looking but have Asperger syndrome and nobody can tolerate your…[View]
20422801Partner goals: What does your dream BF or GF look like? And for chasers, what does your dream trans …[View]
20438591could transition have saved her?[View]
20437153People shit on the idea of trans-abled people but honestly, I am quite certain that it is better to …[View]
20438594>be bi chad top >have stacy cis girl to be my social event networking arm candy >have harem…[View]
20438736Is is wrong to kick a bottom in the nuts for fun??[View]
20438456Why are cis lesbians so transphobic?[View]
20437702How do I come out to a friend as a troon? I know she’ll react nicely but I’m scared[View]
20438334I'm on the verge of ordering two breast pumps and pumping my breasts for hours every day until …[View]
20422674So is the Anon right about the allegations?: Hontra is being really aggressive towards the board. Wh…[View]
20438650What are some good questions to ask to a questioning MtF??: Currently talking with a questioning MtF…[View]
20438337>lesbian couples have no top/bottom dynamic, they are completely equal in every way How exactly d…[View]
20437974The Typology does exist, however it's not useful as a diagnostic tool because AGP and HSTS don…[View]
20435613im so sorry to natalie wynn and im leaving fucking 4chan: ok im done here. i was blocked by natalie …[View]
20434566I got the socks[View]
20438437What is your weird hookup fetish story: i think my fetish is fulfilling other peoples fetishes. yest…[View]
20437975cute and wholesome[View]
20437296There's no point in transitioning. I can never be a real woman and life is much easier as a cis…[View]
20436956there is nothing more peakest, more upper echelon, more gorgeous and ineffable than a twink body. no…[View]
20437534Does /lgbt/ play games with their boymoder shark?[View]
20438241hands: i shaved my hands but the pores are still there on my fingers are there any ways to get rid o…[View]
20438244Should I come out to my online friends? I enjoy being one of the boys and posting problematic memes …[View]
20436024positivity thread: post something that made you happy recently >my hair finally got to a length w…[View]
20435500What's gayer, sucking dick or taking dick? Why?[View]
20427174/bmg/ Boymoder general: Boymoder general be kind to each other edition V ITT: we are nice to each ot…[View]
20437782Bi tranners, do you mainly have sex with cis men, cis women, or other tranners?[View]
20437906>ask top bf if he would stay with me if I transitioned into a girl >he told me he'd go fu…[View]
20436099Are any of you guys gay not because you're feminine and seek to emulate women, but because you …[View]
20437645what was her deal?[View]
20432729anyone else here experimented with psychs and have helped themselves with their transition? i starte…[View]
20431499/LGBT/ thread tier list: Post your tierlist and guess other's letter God Tier: >Dad fucker t…[View]
20437652Question for Gay Males: Overall, are fem/twinks more or less desired/valued than mascs in the gay co…[View]
20437568i kinda want to suck and fuck a guy but im scared[View]
20436397Goodbye, /lgbt/: After a complete mental breakdown last night, I've decided that, even tho I…[View]
20437584is gender dysphoria real or just a meme? i think it's just a meme[View]
20436337All Cases of Body Dysphoria are cases of Gender Dysphoria Every Single one[View]
20436126Gender euphoria thread: Post things that made you euphoric recently. I'll go first, I got calle…[View]
20437137>be me, gay, 24 >Turk living in the Netherlands >not religious but act like I am >been d…[View]
20437471Dumb question from a non legbutt I think received this idea from culture that lgbt people have more …[View]
20433144Did you get Vaxxed?: what are your pronouns?[View]
20436006AGP Post Nut Clarity: I'm an autogynephilic transitioner. Whilst I have a degree of libido, i…[View]
20415726Tell me about your most taboo fetish[View]
20437135I-is blues rock fembrained? I'm learning to solo and improvise in pentatonic minor... But I…[View]
20432981>Be poltard >Decide to 'troll' /lgbt and make fun of ugly troons >Stay for a while >week…[View]
20437235If I wait till I'm 4-5ish months into my transition to switch to estrogen injections (either DI…[View]
20437085>get aroused pre-hrt >dick starts being retarded >get aroused post-hrt >breasts start ac…[View]
20434908Seriously though, how many percent of you have actually read Blanchard? It seems like all of you jus…[View]
20437187why are trannies so good at music?[View]
20437189ahuhuhuh, ahuhuhuhuh hey beavis, check it out huhuhuhuh i'm a boymoder[View]
20436797Shaved my head again[View]
20434439> Trans girls with big dicks should be forced to keep them functional > Only trans girls with …[View]
20434988Is this why HSTS pass better?[View]
20436261Hey does my torso pass? Some days I feel like it’s super cute and other days I feel like I’m a malno…[View]
20435522>cis straight guy >in trans discords, have many trans girl friends, browse /lgbt/ and trans su…[View]
20434013straight men who're prison gay are actually bi men who're prison straight[View]
20435195>Almost Sunday Have you gayed your pray away yet, anon?[View]
20432925why do i wanna force my male coworker to transition and become my wife[View]
20434697i want to look and sound exactly like ryuuko matoi. whenever i look at her i feel a deep sense of lo…[View]
20435472I just found out that sending your friends pictures of your poop when they form funny shapes is femb…[View]
20436686Her dog died. Say something nice about her[View]
20432637>dark skin is generally perceived as a masculine feature >will never be able to be a really go…[View]
20426314/HRTGen/ 342 - Femboymoder Edition: Previous thread: >>20380023 >Help, advice, guidance on …[View]
20434505I want to be normal again: 4chan broke me. I want to be a normal righteous Christian man again. I wa…[View]
20435542how do i find a programmer tranny gf[View]
20433701would transition have saved her?[View]
20425470hurr agp hurr hsts hurr meta attracted hurr hon SHUT THE FUCK UP[View]
20436408>be boymoder >shave butthole >braps smell 10x worse…[View]
20434690>be me >Go to Walmart with mom >employee says hi >'hello ladies' >wave and laugh it o…[View]
20422705I want to be a girl so badly, Please someone wake me up from this hell. Why was I born a boy... Plea…[View]
20426157I don't care if I'm AGP or not, I just want to be a wife to a guy.[View]
20435525Why do manlet chasers think they have a chance with transwomen?[View]
20433943>I just can't date a dude with a vag Is Ke$ha transphobic?[View]
20435742Why is every woman I like a lesbian[View]
20435980It would work right?[View]
20436224friendly repressor: Would a boymoder be willing to be friends with a nice repressor? I have nothing …[View]
20436394Stupid dysphoria: >be me >non-binary and probably gender fluid >look at big muscular hands …[View]
20435996i hate myself[View]
20426656If HRT makes me attracted to men, I'm killing myself[View]
20435850Incel Sympathizer here (not Incel): Hi /lgbt/, incel sympathizer/researcher and blackpill student he…[View]
20436184what do lgbt: im gonna be starting (diy) mones in about a week, but i live with parents and really a…[View]
20436042so there’s this guy, he likes me and he knows that i like him, so,, the question is.. why aren’t we …[View]
20433026Best way to get hrt?: Should I go the diy route and buy/nake it myself from places like hrt.cafe of …[View]
20436114WTF is wrong with me.: Why do I feel the desire to be a girl? Why would I publicly come out to peopl…[View]
20436058help: >trying to go outside >didn't unlock door properly >walk into door and bash my n…[View]
20435883In my daily life I can pass to cis people but not trans women: how do I fix this?[View]
20435779Is it true that my height will affect my SRS depth? A tranner on discord told me my cooch is going t…[View]
20435819Is pic related true for straight trans men as well?[View]
20435469>Manmoder >2 months on HRT I wish I could be a boymoder..…[View]
20433414How do I 'put myself out there'?[View]
20434742How come all trannies are introverted pre-transition?[View]
20435298how does one become a femboy?[View]
20429839Is this the smartest board?[View]
20431081Is it possible to meme yourself into dysphoria or is that itself just a meme? I ask because I really…[View]
20435310Do other trannies actually see girls and go 'damn, she's so hot, I want to fuuuuck her'? Like,…[View]
20432551/gaygen/ - Loving boyfriend edition: old >>20429909 do you have a boyfriend yet gg?[View]
20433867I have not cut myself in over a week[View]
20277649Wholesome Trans Greentexts: Can we do a thread of wholesome tranner greentexts? Idc if they’re larps…[View]
20418482/st4tg/ - propaganda edition: Straight t4t General. Post your best st4t propaganda QOTT: How has you…[View]
20432452FREE YOURSELF FOR A FEW SECONDS: What do you wish to look like? I am genuinely curious. >Real per…[View]
20432066Talk me into boymoding: I got my estradiol prescription and took bloodwork for spiro. I know I need …[View]
20435335>current year >still trapped in this fucking body…[View]
20435166Bottoms are sociopaths[View]
20433035i really like dicks because their so vulnerable, I want a man to just open up to me and allow me to …[View]
20433815spot the tranner[View]
20435208I'm a 5'6' bisexual manlet who is deeply into tall women, like TALL. I want a 6'3' gf…[View]
20432984why am i like this (stupid why am i stupid): >suicidal >basically at the edge of the cliff, bo…[View]
20428271There’s a boymoder who’d love to have you as a boyfriend but you ignore her. Why?[View]
20433420Just came out as trans, parents still love me: >My dad didn't even kill himself. Looks like …[View]
20435106Loss of family and longterm friends feels thread: >remember that my brother once said that mushro…[View]
20432803is gigi gorgeous the most hsts agp ever? or is she the first hsts transbian?[View]
20416094ITT Post 4 characters you relate to and others guess your letter and mental illness.[View]
20434759>be me >like guy >all the guys around me like girls >all the examples of gay people are …[View]
20425796/clg/ - Cis Lesbian General: bird edition Post cute bird pics, post stories about birdwatching, post…[View]
20433290post-op arousal feels so nice[View]
20426430>dad says hes been noticing my curves a lot more often >mentions me looking like my mother whe…[View]
20431927How do I reconcile my belief in National Socialism with my homosexuality/transsexuality? I feel as t…[View]
20434766Told my parents I was trans: Hardest thing I've ever done. I never came out to them as gay grow…[View]
20434142Bearer of the curse, seek estrogen. Larger, more powerful, estrogen. Seek the pills, that is the onl…[View]
20434367Are versatiles just quantum gays?[View]
20434680A friend of mine told me that the girl on the left reminds him of me. What does that mean?[View]
20434494Why are ugly people ruining it for the Trans community? They just identify what sex they are and do…[View]
20434552>MtF boymoder with a bf >lie on my bed bored af because I just finished all my finals >sudd…[View]
20434140could trans girls put up a fight if it came down to it?[View]
20433832Choose your path western (faggot homosexual) man.[View]
20434214how do I make myself straight? I don't want to be gay. Trannies not allowed to respond.[View]
20434418Here's your passing goals[View]
20414664were you a nerd before transitioning?[View]
20430806You will never look like her.[View]
20430023Do I do it?: Been thinking of transitioning for years, I'm a skinny loser beta male and recentl…[View]
20432631elderly trannies: what the fuck are we going to do when we age? its not cute girl forever unfortunat…[View]
20434381How do I tell I'm being hondosed if I have no DIYers or anyone else to talk to[View]
20430066>tfw no bisexual crystal cafe gf[View]
20433178How many synthesizers do you own?[View]
20434070I am a bottom but I have an 8 inch penis Is that ok?[View]
20434337This Board is cursed: How are you worse than /mlp/ ?[View]
20434268Question for blanchtards. If homosexuals are female brained, are masc tops AAP ftms?[View]
20431832ive accepted it...im a trans girl and i need my diapers! >w<[View]
20434118Being a bottom is NOT a personality[View]
20434235ok so im a fan of natalie wynn but why did she block me after i tryed to be nice to her?[View]
20431615who was the one who got away anons?: both dykes and fags are welcome ITT pls share past love stories…[View]
20432511Looking at hot people makes me want to kill myself[View]
20433463>tfw no sissy femboy gf (male) (female on driver's license)[View]
20428966I unironically want a lobotomy so bad[View]
20433981>be 11 >really, really close friends with another boy >hang out everyday after school and e…[View]
20429652How do I be a normal girl, I want to fit in and be cute and pretty and I want people to like me[View]
20429873Has anyone here had extended experiences with neo-vaginas? How does it compare to a cis woman?[View]
20434080Would you a rich old guy[View]
20431110All I feel is regret for not starting sooner, I started HRT just as I turned 19 and while I always w…[View]
20433683are standards lower for trans girls?[View]
20433532Why is everybody here horny 24/7: I’m relatively new here, but I’m amazed at how many of you seem ho…[View]
20433900ITT: famous transsexuals[View]
20426080is it OK to mindbreak an abusive transgirl?: my friend has a few orbiters and she hurts their feelin…[View]
20430341I wanna kiss a tranny[View]
20433853Confirmation: >be me, asking myself if I am trans >go visit a transgender escort >she plays…[View]
20433174how do i learn makeup?[View]
20433356>Be tranny >Stealth passes in girlmode >Boymode anyway because looking like a guy turns me …[View]
20433826ITT: goals[View]
20433702Violet chachki is peak androgynous aesthetics I want to be her[View]
20432568'Middle of the road' AGP, what do /tttt/??: So I like being feminized and manhandled during sex by g…[View]
20433458>Cis afab chaser of transgender amabs >Have a trans girl repressor firmly in my clutches >S…[View]
20429791Who else used to be a gay femboy but ended up turning straight?[View]
20433693this is going to be controversial, and i know people are going to be mad, but i don't care. i w…[View]
20432718>720p 50mm focal length Which type of webcam can de-hon me? I need it for work most importantly.…[View]
20420162'Straight' trans girls belong to transbian mommies.[View]
20420541How old were you when someone 'helped' you realize you were gay[View]
20432319>Women are 30% more comfortable around gay men than straight men Why do women love fags so much? …[View]
20429058I really want a femboy in a cute skirt, feminine face and messy hair to sit in my lap while he plays…[View]
20432946Anybody here only considering bottom surgery to avoid tucking? That alone isn't worth it, right…[View]
20433533Do Not, My Friends, Become Addicted To Girlcock. It Will Take Hold Of You, And You Will Resent Its A…[View]
20433494>see one of my posts on 4tran can you guys FUCK OFF?![View]
20431482FTMs, would you be happy if you ended up looking like Staling?[View]
20433140Can I be the bottom tonight pls?[View]
20432209What the fuck is wrong with you people?: I just heard about 4chan's plan to get gay people fire…[View]
20433011So inspiring![View]
20433122>go on r/actuallesbians >find horny/anime post >click on profile >transbian every time B…[View]
20433154is it malebrained of me that gay porn turns me on the most when it's amateur solo guy spreading…[View]
20433324How can I decrease the speed at which my facial hair grows? I used to be able to go 5 days or so wit…[View]
20429911/gaygen/ - american edition: old: >>20426056[View]
20425565Is there anyone who hates transbians more than other transbians?: I just got banned from another gen…[View]
20429402>transition for a fetish >say I'm trans >mfw I make transphobes, HSTS's and trans…[View]
20428767hrt femboys are valid[View]
20424907Why are AFABs more likely to be into performative social justice, “non-binary” femme identities, and…[View]
20433164are you (mechanically speaking) homosexual?[View]
20433105Why do people here keep larping as cis women that are okay with trans women?[View]
20433027Why are chasers so thirsty?: >Be me >Hon >Overweight >Older >Travelling for the weeke…[View]
20428685HONTRA 4 MONTHS INTO TRANSITION: Need it or keep it?!! >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNPEGSAKu…[View]
20431622>be cuddling with bf in bed: >im in bliss listening to his heartbeat and about to fall asleep …[View]
20426901Picrew thread: Guess letters and their favorite animal https://picrew.me/image_maker/597326…[View]
20430771Why do people stare at me when I go out in public? I'm literally just a sort of feminine cis ma…[View]
20431724>Lose weight in preparation for transitioning (MTF) >Drop down to 72 kilos from like 88 >1.…[View]
20425111I don't like masculine guys, but i also dislike purposely effeminate guys that wanna be bimbos …[View]
20430371How do you stop being a size queen? I used to fuck around but now I want to settle. I tried having s…[View]
20426383Why don't agps who crave female socialization just become a gay nurse and just gossip with all …[View]
20427530Trans for trans: Why are trans for trans relationships so common? Are most trans people 'chasers'? I…[View]
20430605I'm tired of being a lonely incel, girls have it easier, I'm going to transition, goodbye …[View]
20432629>friend confesses their feelings to me >turn them down because I don't like them that way…[View]
20432609This is how my udeal chaser husband looks like. Your thoughts?[View]
20431583>So let me get this straight. You're gay but you're only attracted to petite young men …[View]
20432382In devilman crybaby Satan has both boobs and dick: Angles are futas and so is Satan. I know technica…[View]
20427955Can someone explain to me what's with this shark and it being associated with trans people. Is …[View]
20432068I feel like pic related everyday and i think its caused by repressing. Will hrt make my mental healt…[View]
20410811/ftmg/ - dude general: Just guys being dudes >QOTT: What has brought you joy recently? Resources…[View]
20429095>I have a vivid memory of myself around 5-6yo balling my eyes out all day about wanting to be a g…[View]
20429909/gaygen/ - violent homophobic guys edition: prev: >>20426056[View]
20432158when should I stop boymoding and look like a real girl: When should someone stop boymoding? I starte…[View]
20425992Why is there such a surge of trannies? And don't give me this 'they were just repressed' meme. …[View]
20430874trannies on this board will unironically shill for this guy and call him based for wanting you dead …[View]
20432372so i like girls but i found this guy on tiktok that was fuuuckking cuuuteee. i so want to fuck him. …[View]
20431582nobody else will fucking talk to me. will detransitioning give me a shot at happiness? I'm tire…[View]
20422135why do crystal cafe terfs not like femboys?[View]
20426975how do you truly know you are trans[View]
20430067Will getting rid of acne help me pass better?[View]
20429615I’m conflicted. Do I continue life as a “straight” man just to please my family? and let my body and…[View]
20432298>male >be weird and awkward enough people assume I'm autistic >been tested alot in chi…[View]
20414358Why doesn't this board consider HRT femboys valid? To write them off as closeted trans is ludic…[View]
20429174I don't experience dysphoria in a conventional way or believe it exists but i desperately want …[View]
20430858Facial hair dysphoria is killing me.[View]
20431211I'm never going to transition because I'm an autistic socially inept weirdo with zero frie…[View]
20432212how long into HRT can i stop eating again?[View]
20428018murderer is hunting terfs[View]
20431833How do I get a ftm friend irl as an heterosexual guy so we can play vidya and board games together?[View]
20430328How do I learn how to dance in a feminine way?[View]
20429643afab roommate keeps bullying me because she hates trannies: She hates trannies because people clock …[View]
20428493Have you come out to your friends yet /lgbt/? Do you think they'll be supportive when you do? I…[View]
20429304I want a transbian fren who likes CARNAGE in their life[View]
20430506Clothing shopping: I recently just came out as bi (lots of repression), so I'm exploring a lot …[View]
20429451I’m gonna have on-campus classes again this Monday and a really handsome guy from my zoom classes is…[View]
20429566Chaser ruins everything: >Was on a Discord server >Tran girl joined >Went to the meet up an…[View]
20431726The G in LGBT stands for Ginger: Glad that I am included in the lgbt community as a white ginger man…[View]
20430315/mtfg/ transgirl general: old: >>20425573 Links: https://pastebin.com/LyMhFmT4 idk a qott I…[View]
20426937Should trans girls be able to participate in girls sports?[View]
20430102homosexuality is a vice because it is a corruption/abuse of bonding and trust between friends[View]
20428118>living rent free in bigot's heads I want to take it further and make them pay me for living…[View]
20430782why are trans women obsessed with incest[View]
20431018Trannies live rent free on my mind[View]
20428239going to the gym 4 times a week just for people to notice I exist is so exhausting, being born a man…[View]
20426779Can you pass if you're really tall?: I am over 6 feet, is it hopeless?[View]
20429749My mom accidentally misgendered my other mom and now they're fighting The weekend is ruined.[View]
20429921i have a drs appointment for hrt / whatever after diying for almost 5 months in a few days... is the…[View]
20429119is it possible to live a mostly isolated life and be happy? my bf loves me and he's the only pe…[View]
20431150People here told me i would never pass without FFS, that six foot trannies would be clocked without …[View]
20427210Can detransitioning save him?[View]
20429093Were you able to cope with never passing?: To those who decided not to transition, or those who did …[View]
20428848>be lgbt >religious scripture are against you >priests and churches see you as deviant >…[View]
20426811Why do women like Korean boys so much? Do trannies or gays also like them?[View]
20422869Should I come out at school?: uhh picunrel? I was planning on just boymoding until I graduate, which…[View]
20427773I wish it were just a fetish so I could give it up I wish it were a cope for not accepting my homose…[View]
20430462does anyone here have any experience with lgbt therapists I used to have a normal therapist but he d…[View]
20426191why do lesbians have a much higher divorce rate compared with gay men?: Been looking at the data lat…[View]
20427317>got on hrt when I was 14 >tfw I was 3 years too late to completely pass >slowly getting sc…[View]
20416068/passgen/: lightning fast[View]
20430432WHAT IF /lgbt had a sleepover!: what would we all be doing?[View]
20427039How often I should change my diaper?: Is it ok to let the deposit rest for a few days if I'm no…[View]
20428735Trender Here: Hi /tttt/, I need your opinion, should I transition? I know all of the reasons why I s…[View]
20430304Boymoder: Why do everyone make fun of me for my hobbies, i thought i was gonna get bullied for not p…[View]
20427168i feel really really bad for her: i wonder how she feels about becoming a transphobic meme and start…[View]
20430111>mfw I see a brapmoder on the street[View]
20430209trans girls are so easy to dom and control, all you need to do is equate femininity with submission …[View]
20430179im done using tinder, its so fucking trash for meeting guys. it feels like guys the closest never re…[View]
20425248There is no heterosexual explanation for Jesus and the 12 apostles.[View]
20429350I don't want to be trans anymore. I literally only did this because I got tired of being shit o…[View]
20427341Crossdress Clothes Ideas: What are some women's clothing that wouldn't make me want to kil…[View]
20429940why do i wanna be treated like a baby so bad[View]
20429891Is liking her a moid trait? I really like her videos and I thought that was femme, but all the comme…[View]
20429978i only transitioned because a couple of my close friends told me that im probably trans[View]
20429759how do i know if im incel to troon? I was never an actual incel in terms of hating women or anything…[View]
20426056/gaygen/ big dumb slav bf edition: previous >>20420955[View]
20429832hey i was wondering then if im not intersex why my skin and etc looks good maybe its lifestyle? i do…[View]
20429614Is ss porn to femboy pipeline real?[View]
20429751>it's another 'gay guys pressure trannies to not take HRT because he wants more NATURAL TRAD…[View]
20411094What would it take for you take forgive hontra, /tttt/?[View]
20429077how do i stop crushing on every cute boy that gives me the slightest bit of attention?[View]
20429157How come all Gods from all religions agree that homosexuality is sin?[View]
20427156How do I get rid of the feeling that one day he will leave me for a real woman? Every time a woman f…[View]
20428912being a boy/man/wahtever/moder is pain[View]
20429378>be me, 19 year old MTF >haven’t told a few irl friends still bcuz I haven’t seen them in a wh…[View]
20427853>start fapping to porn with help of friends at a young age >find that I quickly start getting …[View]
20426101Trannies now that you're a woman you'll have to make us sandwiches[View]
20425491Do bottoms top smaller bottoms?[View]
20428070Since lesbians wear tuxedos to weddings, can bottoms wear wedding dresses to their wedding?[View]
20429293What's with the wave of religionposting on this board right now? Is it a raid?[View]
20426520Im a transbian and have a Bf.: No I'm not attracted to men. Yes I enjoy the sex. I love it when…[View]
20410261'Friends to lovers' may be an overused trope in fiction. But I'll be damned if it ain't th…[View]
20426184>Male to FOR YOU The veins of my arms are really prominent unless I hold them forward horizontall…[View]
20426031delusional troons heckin valid cockerino with cis lesbians: im not a terf or a radfem or a lesbo dyk…[View]
20428112/tttt/ Gaming Discussion: Favourite vidya game? What have you been playing the most lately? Game yo…[View]
20425920Why are detransitioners like this?: >troon out >regret >fuck over youngshits >claim t…[View]
20428760I just wanna play cruelty squad...[View]
20428563what the fuck is this[View]
20425412How do you cure dysphoria without transitioning[View]
20427861Olly is a sociopath[View]
20423862im a trans girl and i need my diapers! >w<[View]
20419924>meet a chaser >ask him if he meets the 666 rule >he asks what that is…[View]
20427639Confession: All the YWNBAW/Tranny hate stuff on this shithole site has been getting to me lately. It…[View]
20427116when my boymoder is upset with me, she posts my name, address, and phone number on as many websites …[View]
20428268What will taking fin do to me?: I'm 18 and planning on taking 1mg finasteride as an anti-baldin…[View]
20426852>fake non-binary friend tried to publicly cancel me for constantly talking about how transwomen l…[View]
20425981The Siwa Oasis: >self-sufficient community in the middle of the desert, first settlers arrived al…[View]
20427708What happens if I take estrogen but keep my beard? Will it offset my face feminization from HRT so m…[View]
20426263>constantly jump back and forth between having no interest in men and wanting a nice big tall dom…[View]
20428009Do you think its degrading to give a guy a BJ[View]
20427929Why do mtfs try to be pale?: Is it the same reason ftms want to smell gross?[View]
20428201I would be so much better off if I were gay. I'm literally an effeminate gay man in every way o…[View]
20427939If you're trans and you still date girls that means you transitioned purely because you see you…[View]
20427967Is she the original youngshit?: >Always hated police. AJAB (all jerkops are bastards) >Monogam…[View]
20425395This board has ruined me: I used to spend my free time studying math and physics and working on mach…[View]
20426869what would you do if you came across a boymoder that was throwing a fit, wasn't even tired, wan…[View]
20425573/mtfg/ transgirl general: Link to the past: >>20422061 Links: https://pastebin.com/LyMhFmT4 Q…[View]
20423239Why are conservatives so obsessed with trannies?[View]
20427684I want to be a mother.: Its not fair. I wanna be a mum so fucking bad its not fair! Guys who want ki…[View]
20424277What does /tttt/ think about femboys?[View]
20426997Werewolf Theory: I used to think I might be trans Then I started looking at myself in the mirror and…[View]
20427871>Mfw the 7 year old drag queen shakes hands with Jazz J*nnings and Joe Bizon to commemorate letti…[View]
20427603not even into that kind of music but Arca is one of my biggest trans inspos for being essentially a …[View]
20427438Why is everybody so mean here?: We should be nice to each other, except for trans people who still l…[View]
20423108somebody please please tell me who im supposed to be. t. abused/confused/bpd[View]
20427094Third day I am here this week: Please help me get out of this place. I have a good fucking life…[View]
20427324I have decided to repress my homosexuality by becoming a chad.: is this a based decision? I think i …[View]
20427351spent another fucking weekend reading detrans/trans regret stories to make myself not want to transi…[View]
20427337It’s hard to be a t4t transbian on years of hrt and find a gf that passes at least as well as you do…[View]
20427576WHY are they never any cute boys (or girls) around to take care/advantage of.me while I'm drink…[View]
20426783I've been living essentially as a feminine man as of late and I'm weirdly okay with it.[View]
20426878>cis femboys cringe >ftm femboys dangerously based also they look cuter and more feminine by d…[View]
20420412Is there something wrong if I relate a lot to this pic? I know it's supposed to be a dumb meme …[View]
20427511>too trans for the cis girls >too passing for the trans girls…[View]
20426370>be a completely straight guy pre hrt maybe with some mild meta attraction related agp fantasies …[View]
20405256Opinions on chasers: What do femboys & troons think about chasers? I'm talking about lonely…[View]
20419614This board gave me so many brainworms that when I get off to strictly masc gay porn I worry if I…[View]
20426722>Cis m that wants to look more androgynous >Look up videos on YouTube >They're all for…[View]
20426789Sex is inherently unethical, because it relies on consent, which is incoherent. You cannot know what…[View]
20426234I will never be a real woman.[View]
20419761Name thread: Business Card edition Mine is [spoiler]Emma[/spoiler][View]
20426799Is hyper-analysing your crushes mbti to try and understand them better malebrained or fembrained?: A…[View]
20426960would you date a clingy, unattractive, bottom leaning, idiot who feels like he's going insane d…[View]
20411651Does your music taste pass?: Post your top artists, genres, etc in this thread and guess what other …[View]
20426808I'm an AGP, AAP and AGAMP straight HRT femboy (all at the same time)[View]
20424531If I'm a feminine enough boy, can I convince a lesbian to date me?[View]
20425426really makes u think..[View]
20426095Hello legbuttts. Have you ever formed a relationship or even a friendship with someone from this boa…[View]
20425924How do you cope with the fact that people who support LGBT rights are synonymous with low IQ reddit …[View]
20425910Are manlets doomed to be bottoms? What if I want to top[View]
20425719I'm a virgin tranner and I wanna get invited to a party and have some hot twinks/twunk take me …[View]
20412123Gimme your exercise routines.: I have femboy potential, but out of shape (no butt, no Nice defined l…[View]
20423793Gay Black Man Turning Kids Gay: gay black man trying to turn kids gay with new song 'niggas can be g…[View]
20426578I wish my dad was hot so I could fuck him[View]
20420825any mtf pantsu for sell[View]
20426545can someone post tranny propaganda i can send my closeted friend[View]
20424586I'm gonna 'I'll make you feel like a real girl' my way into some transgirl ass[View]
20425038how do i unlove with my friend?: it'll never work out and i wont be good enough for him even af…[View]
20424244How does a tranner get a body like this?: Asking for a friend, of course.[View]
20426333anyone else were fine with trannies in the past but: now that youve learned more and more about what…[View]
20399719/hornygen/: I can tell that you fuckers are horny. Discuss horny topics here.[View]
20426044>my niece calls herself a poly bisexual >shes 10 years old what have we done?…[View]
20425281Question for bottomboys, if you ever fall in love with a straight male, would you crossdress for him…[View]
20422213To be fair, She is dressed stereotypically 'straight'[View]
20425939Is it actually possible to genuinely see and think of myself as a real woman as a trans woman, or wi…[View]
20425544If your only check marks are orthogonal (or worse, not multiple) then you are BORING![View]
20426038Any other trannies here who aren't suicidal because they have a loving and supportive family? …[View]
20420955/gaygen/ - bulges are sfw edition: old: >>20417415[View]
20421151>Incel chasers always go after passoids, femboys, youngshits, and fit/attractive MTFs >Complai…[View]
20423708>spending Friday night with my trans gf I finally made it, bros. No more doomposting from me.…[View]
20420128Any other detransitioners here?: Specifically, straight trans people who grew up in kinda repressive…[View]
20423277I really feel the need to simp for a tranny, telling her how beautiful she's and call her a que…[View]
20425337Be me >cishet guy >into mma and lifting >dating trans girl >first gf ever >she likes …[View]
20423782fun thread: what does /tttt/ do for fun?[View]
20425623Passing in photos doesn't matter, do you pass irl?[View]
20425841Why is it always Alice? What’s so special about it for boomerhons?[View]
20422665i have borderline personality disorder, i also have some dysphoria but its honestly not that bad. gi…[View]
20425092How do we repair the rift between ftms and mtfs?[View]
20424556Did 4chan turn you into a homosexual too?[View]
20425359How do I get electrolysis without completely fucking over my wallet, god it's so expensive[View]
20422764why do i get so happy on injection day?[View]
20424834Dysphoria isn't that bad if you stop thinking about the world in terms of men and women but ins…[View]
20424541While I don’t misgender anyone verbally, mentally I only perceive mtfs who are attracted to men as w…[View]
20424350Is my fashion helping or hurting my passing[View]
20418452Post your transition goals anime only[View]
20425293Hi Bottomposter is back[View]
20423797>tell cousin I want to be a girl when I'm 14 >she's thrilled for some reason >nei…[View]
20420169Weekly reminder:: You are a trans girl and you need to wear diapers.[View]
20421411why is this board so obsessed with this tranny? is it because she’s just an unstable idiot? or becau…[View]
20424537Questions about FFS: So I got hired at Starbucks about a month ago, and figured that around now woul…[View]
20420487A sensible solution or is it crossing a line?[View]
20417692>see depressed or crying tranny pic >instant hard on What do?…[View]
20423263>get strong trans feels at 5 yo Repressed and became normal autistic child >get trans feels du…[View]
20425026>generally really romantic and interested in 'pure' activities >really like being lovey dovey …[View]
20422686Why do so many trans girls have such hot boyfriends[View]
20424996why do truscums get so upset and obsess over other trannies when they could just not care[View]
20422851How do I become Daria?[View]
20423646what is it about contrapoints that drives people to the point of psychosis people here melt down abo…[View]
20421863They're asking me if I'm a tranner in order to get my covid vaccine but I'm a boymode…[View]
20425290What are some of your favourite stories/excerpts/allegories for living as trans?: 'Now I understand …[View]
20421720I hit the gym and got a haircut and so far my dysphoria has gone away.[View]
20424291Tranners who came out to unsupportive and transphobic parents/family how did you do it? And is it wo…[View]
20424924I am horny.[View]
20424846how does 2 the troon.?: What is the best way to b troon in college? >be me >out to close frien…[View]
20424990How to tell genuine androphilia vs meta attraction: If you are unsure of how much genuine androphili…[View]
20424378How do you guys manage to have so many mental illnesses? https://lgbta.wikia.org/wiki/Neopronouns…[View]
20424974MESSAGE TO ALL TWINKS AND BOTTOMS: it’s really cute when you guys tug on your tops clothing Like rea…[View]
20422751Confession, all the transbian abuse stories are from me, a t4t bottom, they are all larps.: im sick …[View]
20423401how can i stop being emotionally a little bitch: especially when it comes to transitioning, whenever…[View]
20411730/bmg/ - boymoder general: Boymoder general olfactory edition QOTT: how much has your boymoder butt g…[View]
20424143Massage for breast growth?: I've heard daily massages can stimulate breast growth, I've ha…[View]
20408307why do women overwhelmingly prefer lesbian porn?[View]
20423933my head is huge[View]
20424730Why do I have to like femboys so much?: I fucking hate my fetish. I can't get off to trans beca…[View]
20416538My therapist is literally helping me repress kek[View]
20424170I love how far away my body feels when I’m disassociated I love how Hrt makes my dick useless. I ca…[View]
20424593why do i find neet khhv boys attractive now?[View]
20411609Have any other trannies here have these childhood fantasies where something awful would happen to yo…[View]
20424241How do i kill my libido?: im a gay top taking TRT and my libido is through the fucking roof, Im talk…[View]

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