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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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15796789would be cool to be forcefemmed not in a kinky way i'm just lazy[View]
15796715itt: closeted bisexuals[View]
15794481/bigen/ - bisexy general: comfy edition :+) QOTT: whats your favourite way to relax ? thread theme: …[View]
15793121I just joined a discord server with this extremely homophobic kid i know-- entering the NSFW channel…[View]
15796187Are femboys on hrt valid?[View]
15794596/gaygen/ - Oranais Edition: Previous: >>15791543 Map: >tagmap.io/tag/gaygen/…[View]
15784581Has anyone ever threatened or bullied you because you were different? Any stories?[View]
15795415Anyone else going to repress forever? Family, country, work, people close to me all would reject me.…[View]
15796690Are furries hsts or agp?[View]
15794402How much attention do you get on grindr?[View]
15794354Is transitioning because I want to wear girl clothes and look like a girl a bad idea? I don't f…[View]
15796525How do I come out to my parents?[View]
15796350DIY Hormones: mtf here, looking to start DIYing next payday. I want to start just on anti-androgens …[View]
15796544how exactly does one stop being a pussy and just come out? asking for a friend (me im the friend)[View]
15791984>when he rapes you twice in a row and then cuddles[View]
15795949tfw will never look like this[View]
15792613Explain how this wouldn't make a bottom have strong heterosexual urges: If you put a gay bottom…[View]
15794955This board is clearly AAF, autoandrophobia, or has Peter Pan Syndrome instead of being hsts or agp s…[View]
15796184How have your parents reacted to you being trans?: Mom just slammed down the phone on me when I told…[View]
15784787If you’re a boy with a small penis, is it just better to transition?[View]
15784825when is she going to come out as a tranny[View]
15796008>when he gropes me from behind[View]
15795878tranny or gay: I've been having sexual thoughts about being fucked by guys but in a woman'…[View]
15795909You know, maybe trans people aren't that bad after all.[View]
15795016Trannies be looking like THAT[View]
15796034Who was in the right here?[View]
15786738How do you rate your gender spectrum?[View]
15786613Post your bedrooms Guess their letters[View]
15795982>never cleaned that dildo I used in my ass three months ago >it's just been sitting in th…[View]
15793004why are all trans girls obessed with politics to an unhealthy degree? im trans, and whenever I meet …[View]
15784108/Begen/ Beauty General - Turning hons to passers since May 6th 2020: Essentials edition What are the…[View]
15786254Grindr removes ethnicity filter from app: Thoughts?[View]
15795139I want to pass so bad bros... I don't even care if im feminine, I just want to look androgynous…[View]
15794078>amab on hrt >hair thinning at part line since pre-hrt what the FUCK am i experiencing female …[View]
15793888Shame: Why do i feel so much shame having sex with my boyfriend, or in general when he sees me naked…[View]
15795524okay i’m starting to worry my current career path won’t work out. what are good career choices for y…[View]
15795581anyone else a passing mtf who transitioned young to cope with them being gay and now took it to its …[View]
15795525discord server: https://discord.gg/86NPVHP lgbt and e dating server lol[View]
15782875LGBT Slurs: Do you use /LGBT/ related slurs irl? What slurs and in what contexts? Post greens.…[View]
15707312/femgen/ - femboy general - living in hell: General for feminine males. QOTT: How's your mental…[View]
15783609i am an ugly male and will never pass as female and have a bad personality: is there any point in ex…[View]
15790558>closeted trans man >family would never in a million years let me transition >in fact famil…[View]
15795164>tfw expanded facial planes[View]
15794905What are the chances of a trans girl eating out a cis girl?[View]
15788521Do your feet pass?[View]
15794960I will mercilessly beat the shit out all transgirls that approach me with headpats. I have a lot of…[View]
15790622>want to be a qt femboy >5'9' and still growing >still overweight >deep voice >l…[View]
15793506How to find a right-wing, passing trap bf that will be a bro but will also suck my cock?[View]
15794099>be me >came out to my parents recently, very supportive >mom messaged my anorexia therapis…[View]
15792751Is there a fetish for forced masculinization the way there is for forced feminization?[View]
15794278Conflicting definitions of asexuality?: I read in a definition for eight sexuality that there is LIT…[View]
15794775Do these hormones from amazon/ebay actually work?[View]
15782703Listen here you degenerates. Stop wearing harnesses and carrying dicks around all day, it's pri…[View]
15793599>cis gay bottom >butt automatically lubes itself after some time >dildo gets too slippery…[View]
15794704Please: Can I still date women if I am heteroromantic but homosexual?[View]
15791671HRT made me straight. I'm 0% attracted to women right now. but... I prefer it this way! it feel…[View]
15793254>be muscular with a beard >30% of your likes on dating apps are from mtf Are masculine traits …[View]
15794386married men whose wives don't know they're gay should at least figure out hosting if they…[View]
15792287>tights on >sports bra on >hair set up in a pony tail >no makeup >male face and skull…[View]
15791543/gaygen/ - The Passion of Gaygen Edition: Alt >>15789072[View]
15793230/shame/ thread: Been feeling a lot of Shane lately. I'm the oldest of two and the only son, and…[View]
15790003red flags: >they put pronouns on their bio >they declare their identities on their bio >the…[View]
15794077god i wish emo was cool again: it's like my exact style but i just get bullied[View]
15794370For straight guys, you have to many guys and not enough girls that want to bang. Why is it the exact…[View]
15793065Is reverse mewing for a more feminine face possible? How would I do it?[View]
15786152Do I pass?[View]
15792502If I'm not flamboyant and I don't have gay voice, can people tell if I'm gay?[View]
15788469how do I make my hair more ''girly''? It's all just the same length similar to pic related[View]
15794193Do boys dislike brown tranners more than white tranners?[View]
15794108>trans men complaining about how hard it is to date[View]
15794259I don’t remember much signs as a kid but I remember being so interested into those weird boy into gi…[View]
15794242im a repressor[View]
15793149So, what do you think about this /r/traa pandering artist that is a kiwi? How do resident kiwi legbu…[View]
15791174who is the woman with the biggest penis? are there women famous for having massive cocks? plz list …[View]
15790401Who else here is trans and politically all over the place? >muh enlightened centrism…[View]
15793604>wore a dress today >dad said I looked cute…[View]
15793316Straight men are sexually attracted to penises.[View]
15793977antipridefall discord: MRYyPY[View]
15792002Are you a cisgender male?[View]
15785718Why do homosexuals hate dogs? I thought it was a masculine/feminine thing, so I figured that lesbian…[View]
15792924I hate anal. What do now?: I hate anal. It hurts and is not fun in any way to me. What do I do? How …[View]
15791072Contrast: Post your letter. Whatever your gender is, do you have traits or hobbies that are of the o…[View]
15788815/Bigen/ - Bisexy Gen: Isekai edition QOTT: Uh oh seems like truck kun strikes again and we all wake …[View]
15788697>tfw I want to protest but i'm afraid of getting arrested and thrown into a male prison Has …[View]
15793509how do i get a bf that looks like this but in 3d ty[View]
15783747>you can't be catholic and trans Why is this? Why can't I be a conservative, traditiona…[View]
15792809Cisgender straightoids, why do you browse /lgbt/? Is it because you can't go to the zoo?[View]
15793404>friend who slept over last night got up early and found my box of womens clothing and nazi books…[View]
15784912Hope Thread: ITT we post passing trannies that started blockers/HRT when they were ≥18 (FtM's t…[View]
15756365/repgen/ repression general: no zoomers allowed edition[View]
15763339Discord Friend Finder: Tell us your: >ASL (biological sex, or gender) >letter(s) >primary i…[View]
15793708why do so many homophobes post here? don't they know that the joker is gay?[View]
15793445i havent seen my boyfriend since march since were both quarantining how do i cope[View]
15792344/mtfg/: Bumblebee edition! QOTT: What's your fav insect? https://pastebin.com/DWGF3xBk Last th…[View]
15792904it will be impossible to find someone who’s 1. into trans women 2. has the same political beliefs I …[View]
15791979Any cute trans women who want to talk?: A few months back, I was definitely what I would consider a …[View]
15791715Is there an LGBT equilavent? My gf is out of town and I need to get topped.[View]
15793306Pridefall: So what’s up with pridefall. I see my friends being paranoid as fuck about it but i don’t…[View]
15793292Better luck next life girls[View]
15792880How to top better with an average dick?[View]
15792157has the blm stuff happening swallowed up pride month? lol[View]
15766381Filthy humans: Confess your sins /lgbt/[View]
15792523Voice thread: Post em if you got em, I'll start first[View]
15793064Is there anything hotter than a tough guy top bottoming for the first time?[View]
15790037Why do I love my bf so much?: In high school growing up I relisedbi was trans mtf > I thought whe…[View]
15791712With the recent riots and stuff going on in the US, people on my home board are obsessed with black …[View]
15791213Are the gays of /lgbt/ more of semes or ukes?[View]
15791837How do we get more gamers interested in pride month? Visibility is a huge part of acceptance and pri…[View]
15788061Should femboys who are not gay or bi still be included into lgbt?[View]
15787735Trump havent put lgbt lights on the white house :-([View]
15792759goooodbyyeeee-iaahh-iiiii. eggy blonde.[View]
15792743LGBTQ will survive pridefall: so I heard about pridefall and I thought I'd add this no one be s…[View]
15791767had an anger outburst and punched the fridge really hard: it felt good. barely hurt even tho some sk…[View]
15792701>tfw the /pol/ack all bis turn transbian meme is true I offer my sincerest apologies to /pol/ack …[View]
15789453They totally are.: Will I get cancelled if I call the stonewall rioters hons?[View]
15782909Which race is easier to transition male to female? White black asian or Hispanic[View]
15791245>it’s another crying because I’ll never be a mother nighy: Fuck, I was just watching Jerman play …[View]
15792527Anyone else notice that women tend to be a lot meaner and less understanding than men with LGBT stuf…[View]
15788553Can't wait for our existence to be used for branding: Hello, fellow homosexuals. It is us, [MUL…[View]
15789173Is this the future this board wants? Very sad![View]
15792617>uwu I'm a boy and I pass better than these trannies and I don't even take hrt >*tak…[View]
15790307I know this is a problem as old as sliced bread- but how the fuck do i get over liking a boy who…[View]
15788363Why does my trans gf keep getting a boner every time we cuddle/hug? We have sex fairly often (1-3 ti…[View]
15792560Upvote if you want to be Satanya.[View]
15791923Any American tranners that wanna dress up as cute anime cat girls and get railed by an eastern europ…[View]
15792340How do you get a bf as a (trans) girl[View]
15790075>teleports behind you >nothing personel kid >put his is dick in you. this man needs to be s…[View]
15786546why are femboys usually so racist, bigots and mean? Like what is the deal with it being so common? L…[View]
15788108what do people mean when they say trans rights? what rights should trans people have?[View]
15782721>was never molested >good family life >parents are still married >still ended up being a…[View]
15791350aa i am so gay and just want a cute femboy or trannie's cock to choke on is it really so much t…[View]
15791950I think my adam’s apple got bigger and each time i look in the mirror i only notice more masculinity…[View]
15791311How do I know if my gf is meta-attracted AGP or HSTS? I'm a cis male[View]
15791229voice training: How do I do it? I tried googling things but the videos didn’t make much sense to me…[View]
15792163These are women.[View]
15792184>she plays a female blood elf[View]
15785156Has your life been better as a woman?: Why or why not?[View]
15790057Trap GF tutorial: Hey guys, new to /lgbt/ here, I don't plan on staying long. How tf do I get a…[View]
15792112What does getting rid of the ethnicity filter change?: Now >Since you can't filter me out by…[View]
15790083does HRT make you dumb? I feel like the average IQ is pretty low on /tttt/[View]
15789213Reminder hes both a pedophile and a transphobe and needs be be shouted down whenever you see him in …[View]
15792043>bf hit me and called me an stupid tranny autist for stuttering when he was talking to me…[View]
15791844If gay bottoms know what women want in a man due to their own experiences with men then wouldn'…[View]
15790128God I wish this were real.[View]
15777945about sexuality: So what is the age at which, if you have never had a romantic/sexual partner by tha…[View]
1579091880's era Boy George, would you??: Would you? I find this andro young version of him super cute.…[View]
15785811ITT post fictional characters you look like[View]
15783002I sexually identify as a balloon: Still swollen as fuck, bandage is removed tomorrow along with stap…[View]
15787221Do Brazilians make the best transwomen?: Do Brazilians make the best transwomen?[View]
15789072/gaygen/ - Apfelstrudel Edition: Previous: >>15786861 Map: >tagmap.io/tag/gaygen/…[View]
15784838Conservative Parents?: Been questioning my gender for a long time. I think I'm probably trans. …[View]
15781232Tranny porn: every mtf rock hard & cumming buckets: Forum posters: waaaaah, don't touch me …[View]
15790697>send boyfriend nude >he gets all flustered and horny at work >talks about how much he want…[View]
15781226>you're attracted to someone who looks female, takes female hormones and dresses female but …[View]
15770516Are there any asexuals on /lgbt/? I'm starting to think that I might be one, so I was wondering…[View]
15785749Should you just give up being male if you're 4'11'?[View]
15790109How dose my gf clean her ass out so well?: When ever my gf and I fuck she is alway so clean inside. …[View]
15787000if a straight guy wanted to join drag queen culture to have more access to fems/trans, would this be…[View]
15789066I decided to regrettably present for the first time after six months of HRT today. I wore fairly neu…[View]
15790283BBC in the sky?: Is it real?[View]
15790413Please stop diaper-posting: It's disgusting and gross t. trans lesbian I realize I just said th…[View]
15776464Sooooo... what about bottoms rights? Any progress in the fair treatment of our kind? The bulli needs…[View]
15790827why do boymoders squirm around and try to resist when you hug or carry them?[View]
15789624NOOOOOOOOO: Grindr is demanding we coalburn. This shit has gone too far. https://www.vulture.com/202…[View]
15785499How do you even question your sexuality/gender? How do you just not know from the beginning? >t.…[View]
15790791how do i know if I’ll pass: it’s better to be an attractive man than an ugly hon and i need to know …[View]
15789686Do you know that feeling when you want to be a girl? Not like illiquid heterosexual guys who just ca…[View]
15790597Gays are over celebrated.: Why do ARMY VETERANS get ONLY ONE DAY, but gays, get A WHOLE FUCKING MONT…[View]
15790654Allergy: I’m have allergy[View]
15788556Bottoming: >hmm maybe I should finally try getting a feminine dick to massage my prostate >far…[View]
15780232I cant relax my ass and im gonna hook up in half an hour help[View]
15788368Does bottoming really lead to incontinence?[View]
15789332Would transitioning have saved her /tttt/??[View]
15786347why do 'femboys' act like this?[View]
15790474Trans Latina all the way guys[View]
15789538Are we even going to make it to 2021[View]
15790326How did your mom react when you brought home your fag bf/tranny gf?[View]
15789154/mtfg/: Dumbfuck edition QOTT: What's the lowest IQ thing you've ever done? https://pasteb…[View]
15789923God gay people piss me off[View]
15790231Happy pride month to my 2 gay dads!![View]
15790263Show me your boobs![View]
15790184/lgbt/ opens a restaurant: the FTMs work with remi from ratatouille to prepare the meals the femboys…[View]
15788189FFS Price?: Does anyone know the price for hairline+lip lift from an ffs surgeon? Particularly facia…[View]
15788219Is that a gincel?[View]
15790001I refuse to believe she was born a “boy”!!!??!![View]
15789178Do gay men like INFJs or something? I attract a lot of gay guys (I'm a straight male) but very …[View]
15785990what makeup can a guy put on before it becomes too much >mascara >eyeliner >eyeshadow >f…[View]
15787593Do men that would be fine marrying and spending their life with a tranner actually exist?[View]
15789388cis g here. how do i tell my bf about my foot fetish[View]
15788696is the term transvestite derogatory? and if so, how do I describe sister ray without seeming like an…[View]
15789582I used to be in love with the idea of sucking cock and I was really interested in trying. This morni…[View]
15788389LGBT: LGBTQ discord server Invite link; Discord.gg/tzcHTzJ[View]
15782053Would tru-trans ever repress?: If they hate themselves and continue repressing, even though they fee…[View]
15771806are trans people really the absolute bottom of the social hierarchy in general? someone told me we’r…[View]
15788900Is it a bad thing that pretty much almost every decision in my life is influenced greatly by my desi…[View]
15789455>tfw never been 'horny' but guys around you and 4chan always think about fucking some girl or sme…[View]
15788918How do you tell if you're in love with someone? I'm an extremely late blooming gay and soc…[View]
15789406Is Kat okay? WTF happened to Katzun? I'm worried.[View]
15788494I am absolutely not fucking gay, far from it. But there are certain men that I look at and my heart …[View]
15789231Is it truly over?[View]
15789225Any sportsfags here? Like pro or NCAA? How do you guys cope? There are some days I want nothing more…[View]
15788893>be straight white cis male >don't look or behave in any way that contradicts society…[View]
15787544Best exercises to make hips wider?: What exercises can I do to make my hips wider? And what can I ex…[View]
15788279Historic Tranners Thread: post famous trannies throughout history pic related, it's Caeneus…[View]
15788582The reason why anime encourages AGP.: Anyone who has followed the trans scene for some time has noti…[View]
15788367Do you believe trans people should have to respect the gender identity of gnc gay cis men (feminine …[View]
15786861/gaygen/ - Sickle-winged Guan Edition: Previous: >>15784945 Map: >tagmap.io/tag/gaygen/…[View]
15788985No room for hate in the Star Wars fanbase: We don't want you back.[View]
15779954The transmasculine form is superior in all regards.[View]
15786213passport photo: what sort of makeup did you use for your passport photo? Or other important document…[View]
15784880Why are there so many more transwoman then transmen?: Is it that bad being a guy?[View]
15788867Deep Dark Fantasies General - /ddfg/: Post your most depraved, filthy, and vile fantasies. I'll…[View]
15780727Is it possible for AGP meta attraction to become so strong to be indistinguishable from normal andro…[View]
15784619any chance we can do a thread of boymoders in dresses? i'm trying to get some OK outfits...[View]
15787834/HRTGen/ HRT General 238: Nazi femboy edition: >Help, advice, guidance on meds and dosages >HR…[View]
15788664>195cm >ywn be a passing transgirl or cute femboy…[View]
15787226Daily Weight Loss/Fitness Thread: Stressed and depressed edition Day 13: I've been really down …[View]
15788625ok guys idk if this is the right board for it but I feel the need to tell someone something awful th…[View]
15784771If you're a male without a penis, are you better off as a trans girl?[View]
15773191/tlg/ - trans lesbian general early cuz group pic edition: >thread question Do you prefer cisbian…[View]
15786156/bigen/ - bisexy general: crushing watermelons with your thighs edition thread prompt: make an assum…[View]
15782343>dad is kind of okay with gays >hates tranners though >am a tranner that likes men Should I…[View]
15787724Cringe pride thread There's nothing wrong with being a cringelord or comforming to cringey ster…[View]
15785223the only reason i should live is to service cock and i cant even do that: why am i such a failure…[View]
15787397am I just going crazy?: so before I realized I was trans I basically used to split my personality in…[View]
15785153To dominant straight, bisexual and gay male anons who look like this, if you were offered $300 to ha…[View]
15786158Tiredd: after I cum i feel completely drained abd just wanna cuddle. what does this mean?[View]
15785045/vtg/ - Voice Training General: Last thread couldn't be bumped edition. 18+ discord server: (tr…[View]
15785066I hope one day it will be safe for kids to come out as trans :([View]
15779544Name Thread: Please help me pick out a name, I love short names and such. trans girl btw ofc[View]
15787601Can you still be HSTS if you're a 1-2 on the Kinsey scale?[View]
15787156>be hetero guy >feel bicurious >decide to explore and learn a bit >come here >talk ab…[View]
15779313>when he wraps his leg around you as he spoons you[View]
15787641How did Gigi Gorgeous get so lucky?: Pretty transwoman with youtube channel and wealth ass girlfrien…[View]
15787743where is /hrtg/ i want to ask a question[View]
15787706Best Lubes: What are some of the best lubes for a gay bottom? I make most of my partners wear latex …[View]
15784253why are trans guys like this?[View]
15783267What clothes would a dom want to see on his sub in public. Nothing lewd of course![View]
15786330/mtfg/ - transfem general: qott: what was an awkward phase that you had in middle/high school ? resa…[View]
15783053if im likely to kill myself anyway: is it even worth trying to transition? i dont want to be another…[View]
15786223could i pass if im 5'7: or too tall[View]
15787481send porn: This sad motherfucker is being a bitch in twitter, send porn to his email acc douglasgarc…[View]
15762727Why am I attracted to guys so much bigger and stronger than me, guys that could beat the shit out of…[View]
15785902>year is 2040 >Donald J. Trump, eternal emperor of the universe and savior of mankind announce…[View]
15783917Poz the World With Chemical Weapons: >YAAAAAS KWEEN SLAY... With unethical biological chemical we…[View]
15787352Will fapping masculinize me?[View]
15780314Did your mom teach you how to do anything?[View]
15785641Ball Update: All those hate just for a 3 cm incision. It’s been only two months but the scar is alre…[View]
15786534I'm sick of e-girls coming up on my Tinder and I'm sick of e-girls in general. Once you…[View]
15787160Should I bump up from 4mg E to 6, 8, or 10mg E[View]
15785124Dysphoria: When I realize that I will never become a sweet, red lip blonde with a big ass, who would…[View]
15784584So is AGP just another word for ugly? It seems to be what people say whenever I mention my feelings/…[View]
15783487what the fuck ahahah: can we officially cancel pride month now?[View]
15786974Trans Gifts: I'm MtF and looking for good things to buy to help my transition. I'm already…[View]
15784233>we're both laying down and he's spooning me >think 'finally we're having a pe…[View]
15785804>go to gay things >see like 50 year old tops there with 20 year old bottoms >see absolutely…[View]
15777038Feels so, so bad, man.[View]
15784945/gaygen/ - Ruddy-headed Goose Edition: Previous: >>15782924 Map: >tagmap.io/tag/gaygen/…[View]
15786434Trans women’s dating options: (1/1)[View]
15765495body measurements thread: curious if the stereotypes are true: post your height, weight, three numbe…[View]
15786483staring at the snapchat filter gives me hope: how autistic am i that i like looking at myself more w…[View]
15780663is it normal for mtfs to be emotionally distant?: we've been dating for 2 months now. when i ki…[View]
15783074>dad is a single bisexual male >always supported me being a tranny >thought it was because …[View]
15784720>God I'm high >*the trap lofi beat intensifies* >all I do is buy weed with my neetbux …[View]
15783814Planning on getting some sort of depilatory to avoid shaving every day, but worried about horror sto…[View]
15785731Transbros: Would you like your pardner to service you orally or is it something best to be avoided?…[View]
15780011I have developed an extremely powerful form of COPE to deal with being trans femme and having the bo…[View]
15765591picrew thread: because I like this one https://picrew.me/image_maker/296093 post yours and I don…[View]
15786036What else can us females do?: First off, I am a white person. Second, I was born with a penis (I kno…[View]
15786017why does this make trans women seethe?[View]
15785732god i wish i got taken to an alternate universe and enslaved and turned into a cisgirl: why am i thi…[View]
15784457My Swedish buddy told me that it's pretty common for swedish guys to be openly into being Gay F…[View]
15785647What do boymoders do when they can't even pass as twinks?[View]
15783314>be on hrt >doesn't have dysphoria >still passes better than 99% of troons Is there e…[View]
15782799>when I'm out with brow gang and spot a lone innocent passer[View]
15784197my sex drive has been completely obliterated (yes, i've used progesterone rectally too. no, doe…[View]
15778445Ugly hon frustration thread: Share in this thread your anger, sadness, emptiness and frustration fro…[View]
15782096/bigen/ Bisexual General: Space Edition >QOTT: Thoughts on space travel? 500+ people have gone to…[View]
15778785Serious question why does gender identity exist? (The moss might remove this.) I’m not trying to be …[View]
15781710hey / lgbt / have a question I had a gay friend and I teased him (in a sexual way), I also sent him …[View]
15784074So does antifa want to 'eat' i.e. kill rich white and black lgbt people?[View]
15780790Would transitioning have saved her?[View]
15781850I want a hot tranny gf too :([View]
15782924/gaygen/ - Panda edition: old: >>15780565[View]
15782218The standard LGBT flag is the objective best flag. >People who use the lesbian flag over the LGBT…[View]
15784433How do I find a cute femboy/twink to dominate if I'm a bi man in an open relationship? I know …[View]
15782905Why is games and anime are male brained? What else should I do if I do not leave my home? I really o…[View]
15781774Why do LGBT+ people have such high standards for romantic partners? Straight people have 100000 time…[View]
15782841How do I know if an older guy secretly has a thing for me? One of my online friends is a 41 year old…[View]
15781273Feminine FtMs: I start to understand them. Better than looking like a dyke desu. IDK how to de-dyke…[View]
15784458i am so over it all: i am so over being myself can i just cease already i am a pathetic loser and im…[View]
15784231this is how my ideal boyfriend looks like[View]
15784160What is the night life like of a gay bar? I really want to go to one but im nervous of what its like…[View]
15782939i will never be cute: so what is the point in transitioning[View]
15784400How do I make an ldr work? We talk daily and plan on meeting up later this year but long term depres…[View]
15784399>tfw you wont be a cis girl >tfw you wont even be valid as a trans girl because you could neve…[View]
15783708We can have germanic kids now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k75DToh-ArU[View]
15783982whats wrong with me: i really want to start dating but i cant imagine myself having a healthy or nor…[View]
15764492which is the most cringe geoup of trannies -subby bitch trannies who crave abuse -diaper trannies -f…[View]
15776723So that's what turned Ella & her siblings into trannies.. no father[View]
15784226I want a low self esteem masochistic self hating gentle soft trans gf so bad[View]
15783953post relationship goals[View]
15782759Sissy is my new favorite word: It is stuck in my mind Sissy sissy sissy sissy Sissy bimbo[View]
15770579recommend cute tranny discords to cry into: I need somewhere to talk about my feelings through with …[View]
15781044Imagine being Jenny Nicholson after Contrapoints came out as transbian.: > 'Hey lets go on vacati…[View]
15780077Why is Contra so obsessed with Blaire White?: Like close to half her videos attack Blaire directly o…[View]
15779737post your celebrity icons and fashion influences /lgbt/. i guess you can try guessing letter based o…[View]
15783304trans looking for other trans: There are barely any trans on grindr.Do you all use a secret dating a…[View]
15783503Is gaysex that good?[View]
15783536how do u meet guys irl? im a boymoder and have bad anxiety[View]
15783989What does it mean if I only enjoy sex with men, but I still get off to women? Like I imagine that I’…[View]
15780723I'm a 19 year old mtf and I've been feeling down recently and that's party because I …[View]
15780681i'm fully convinced that I will never get a relationship before undergoing FFS. but by the time…[View]
15777340How can someone reconcile their religious beliefs and being lgbt?[View]
15783207how come male crossdressers look better than fully fledged tranners who have been on hrt for years?[View]
15770371I remember a while ago there was a thread where some boys were posting cute boyfriend roleplay vocar…[View]
15781692hi: i need a gf to beat up, choke, abuse, throw around, walk on in these boots etc. ideally retarded…[View]
15783512internalized homophobia/transphobia: Why do you hate being gay/trans?[View]
15782134/mtfg/ - transfem general: fairy edition qott: what's your favourite mythological creature ? re…[View]
15774696egg thread[View]
15781103>husband left behind a pile of clothes for me to clean before he left for work…[View]
15783685To all my /lgbt/ anons out there with Twitter or other social media, is 4chan attacking you during p…[View]
15780880Is alcoholism AGP or HSTS?[View]
15775369its kinda cringe how some of the transwomen here act; lurking this place 24/7 looking for absolutely…[View]
15780973Does autoandrophilia exist because I think I have it.[View]
15782482Do you think being raised by a single mom/dad contributed to you being a tranner?[View]
15782830>nationwide riots >june just started this is the perfect opportunity to start the straight gen…[View]
15783253I'm addicted to boismell ever since I started hrt[View]
15780599how old is too old to successfully be trans? I’m 18, is it too late?[View]
15783355I just realized why i find female clothes so interesting. It’s because there’s a lot of options like…[View]
15667028/wcg/ - Webcomics General: Previous >>15537978 Comics we know of, all of which are named Kaito…[View]
15783117Someone just tell me what to do: >Be me, 18y/o half-femboy half-tranny >Hook up twice with thi…[View]
15781156HAPPY PRIDE MONTH: It's pride month now everyone :) how is /lgbt/ planning to celebrate? Also …[View]
15773144Gays seem to love this shit and /v/ is awful so I'm gonna just ask here. Is the Nintendo switch…[View]
15780845>feel miserable because lonely >get a relationship >feel miserable because I've been l…[View]
15780582Reminder to #LockHerUp[View]
15783087gay hookin up with 'straight' married men: how common is this phenomina? when I become sexually acti…[View]
15780040>people on passgens here consistently say i pass >still get clocked irl sometimes I thought th…[View]
15782642Aching question: I talked to this kid named Florence today and all of a sudden she says that she is …[View]
15781244>haven't cum in a month because I hate being gay so much that I can't even bring myself…[View]
15782783Why do Lesbians get a special name while gay dudes don't?: Seriously? Why did gay dudes never g…[View]
15782826who /neet/ here? feels good to have wagies pay for my HRT lel[View]
15782814tfw i will never be in a relationship[View]
15779393Remember the 'Queer eye for a straight guy' show? Not only did it make cishet men adopt basic hygien…[View]
15780565/gaygen/ - Tired edition: old: >>15778322[View]
15782678>Gender, unlike sex, is a social construct, therefore it's not real Can y'all shut the …[View]
15778677Tell me about your S.O.'s friends How did you meet? When did you realized you liked them that w…[View]
15772966I fell for the 'lesbians and ftms just need a good dicking' meme. I lost my virginity to a fucking h…[View]
15778724Holy shit y’all: I have stubble[View]
15782052has /tttt/ had their sperm stored in a sperm bank before they started hrt ? i just got back from the…[View]
15618573/mascgen/ - Spanish edition: I should branch out from 2D posting I guess[View]
15782400/vtg/ - Voice Training General: Pridefall edition. 18+ discord server: (trigger warning, it's a…[View]
15780923Is there any online tool similar to see what ffs could do?[View]
15781076How long does it take for your skin to improve after starting HRT?[View]
15777162What's she having done now?[View]
15779350>when he puts his dick between your buttcheeks like a hotdog[View]
15781610Is religion a good cope? Which religion is best at helping people repress their selfish and irration…[View]
15775783Can corset training permanently change the shape of my ribcage?: Most sites say that ''no,…[View]
15775641advice: >be me >bi male >become friends with guy in high school >he comes out as gay in …[View]
15781870>bicycle hit out of the blue >had to cruise tinder behind me bfs back again…[View]
15780910Are we living for pic related? Ball room is the peak of LGBTQ+[View]
15781652>gf is stupid how do i fix her?[View]
15776016are they right?[View]
15781780i have a roommate slowly becoming more and more affectionate towards me fantasy, someone posted this…[View]
15774035if i think i could be trans: what do i do[View]
15734606/stg/ Straight Trans General: Marriage edition Do you plan on getting married anons? Would you like …[View]
15777955Sad fembody wants to be a girl but is too much of a little bitch: I am almost positive I'm tran…[View]
15781053Do me a favor and gender me on a scala of 1 (hyper masculine 7'2 ultra chad) 100 (ultra feminin…[View]
15778972Trans lesbian here: I'm not straight or bi, but why are feminine dudes/femboys/whatever they…[View]
15781514As a bi-Male is illogical to act upon gay urge[View]
15780732i’m suspicious: I see trans women only online and trans men only irl whats up with that[View]
15762890Tranner Health: What is the best way to get a nice figure as a tranner? What should I be eating? I…[View]
15781358masturbate, get close to climax and the feeling dies down masturbate to fucking a person with questi…[View]
15780755After transitioning, I've gained a sizable following on reddit and facebook. It's an army …[View]
15774255HSTS 'women' are femboys who transitions to date striaght men. If a straight femboy transitioned to …[View]
15769807Warning to bi/curious anons: You probably aren't as into gay shit as porn makes you think you a…[View]
15780955>hot summer day >in between courses >only study because I don't want to work >layin…[View]
15780960/lgbt/ was a mistake.: (L's G's and B's this post isn't for you) *Your reaction …[View]
15774849Does this photo give any other ftms a feeling of pure and utter dread[View]
15770193>trad trans girl >but the same men who like trad women would kill me for being degenerate and …[View]
15780135Spot the tranner.[View]
15778023can you relate?[View]
15774880explain the tranny->fascist pipeline[View]
15780713>try out the new faceapp filter >it makes me pass by making my eyes 10-15% bigger and lifting …[View]
15780512Do cis lesbians actually exist? Or would all women go for cock if they could get it and only choose …[View]
15773821I'm pretty sure I want to get SRS (mtf) but I think my bf is against it. Ultimately he says tha…[View]
15778500Feels Thread: Post any feels, good or bad, any letter >tfw didn't know Buddha the cat died 7…[View]
15780488Just injeted 50mg estradiol enanthate: Just injected another 50mg estradiol enanthate, weekly inject…[View]
15774025Is Blanchard right here? Can you disprove these tweets?[View]
15780762What's the hormone resource?: What was that site where you anons usually order hormones from? …[View]
15779377I am the god who created all transsexuals.: sorry guys[View]
15777624Thinking of genuinely cutting off my dick with a rusty knife: I just hate this thing so much, it has…[View]
15772316The Chaser Dream: https://voca.ro/lbZpmXUQW18[View]
15774494Anyone notice how irrelevant lgbt everything has become?: Does it matter anymore who you wanna fuck …[View]
15770197HairGen+: Does your hair pass ladies & gentletran? Too many times have I see people transition w…[View]
15765954>se sexy and stylish female character in kino >think ''god i wish that were me'…[View]
15776059what do people hate the LGBTQ community?: Im not part of the community but im just wondering why eve…[View]
15779189Where do I find cute, self aware fembois like Willow?[View]
15779701I want to be a nullo, I don't like my penis but I don't want a vagina, I think I would be …[View]
15775973GLB here, what can be done about the pandemic of incel rapehons? For those who don't know, an i…[View]
15768824Transitioning to bag straight guys: Worth it or nah? I'm a decent-looking dude but I've ju…[View]
15778030How did you deal with bottom dysphoria and do you still get affected by it? If so what do you do to …[View]
15774868Eating ass: Let's talk technique How does one adequately eat anothers rectus flesh? Should one …[View]
15776639Has /lgbt/ ever been paid for sex work or would you consider doing so and if so what would you do? p…[View]
15778505I think I'm attracted to feminine trans men who are pre-everything. Does that make me bi?[View]
15780129>tfw someday I'm gonna meet my future bf and he'll love me no matter how much of an aut…[View]
15780090?: a group called 4chan[View]
15780072ITT: /tttt/ artists https://youtu.be/PNnEnLGeWPc[View]
15777387LGBTQ+ and 4chaners: >pic unrelated Hey are you guys actually transphobic and homophobic? If so …[View]
15778600Why are MaleToFemale and FemaleToMale such common terms? I thought we agreed that sex and gender are…[View]
15774734To bis who prefer men: Do you feel like media gave you unrealistic expectations of women and that…[View]
15772016Why are Aydens so perfect?[View]
15753746Why are bisexual men so obsessed with bisexual women? When they could just date heterosexual women a…[View]
15778822Does your music taste pass?: Post a favourite song of yours Others tell you whether you'll pass…[View]
15769113Has anyone here done diy in a situation where they couldn't start hrt because of their parents?…[View]
15777698Is it gay to jerk off to women?: Confused “straight” woman here. Like I can jerk off to girls but I …[View]
15775376Does your drug use pass?: post ur favourites and anons can guess the letter or something idk[View]
15775380Resources: Where do you live? What is your letter? What do you need? Housing? Employment? Emotional …[View]
15777425family misgendering trans cousin: my cousin came out as trans a few months ago, and since my family …[View]
15778683I've dated bisexual dudes and it's a nightmare: Don't get me wrong, im not bifobic, b…[View]
15760658Can boymoders be trusted to use the bathroom on their own? I personally think they can't and ei…[View]
15778555/bigen/ Watching It Burn Edition: >QOTT: Keeping safe in these trying times? Previous thread: …[View]
15778319/mtfg/: >>15774380 https://pastebin.com/DWGF3xBk[View]
15776949Should bottoms wear wedding dresses when they get gay married?[View]
15768138why change?: Why do some passing elite like taf and cara want to get ffs? Why risk it and potentiall…[View]
15771388Homemade hrt?: Hello /lgbt/, Operator Chan needs your assistance. I do not want to break the law or …[View]
15779292What's the /tttt/ approved distro, what does ksenia use.[View]
15778322/gaygen/ - White-tailed Tropicbird Edition: Previous: >>15776261 Map: >tagmap.io/tag/gaygen…[View]
15764389>no passgen passgen[View]
15779035/passgen/: /passgen/, making this thread because pretty much half of the people I saw on the last on…[View]
15766364what's with the 'Femboys are Racist' meme?[View]
15778483Is it possible to take just enough HRT to remain twinkish/boyish looking?: So I feel like its too la…[View]
15776880What genres are ayden (cringy non-passing ftm) music?[View]
15776595I'm bi but I only can get hard with women, trannies and cocks: I don't even like men'…[View]
15777662almost out of hormones :(: Helo, idk what in going to do rn... I only have a couple days worth of ho…[View]
15778400I like men: I like men[View]
15772821/bigen/ Bisexual General: Isekai Edition >QOTT: Who is/are your favorite fictional character(s)? …[View]
15778310>tfw finally have enough money for top surgery in savings >just gotta save for travel expenses…[View]
15776261/gaygen/ - we are all relevant kings edition: we all matter and are iconic prev: >>15774648…[View]
15777926ftm, post top, no bottom, pre HRT - in twenties and never experienced a dick before. What does it fe…[View]
15776176Daily Weight Loss/Fitness Thread: Day 12: So today has been a complete disaster. My bad day yesterda…[View]
15777577Is there anything as pure in this world as the love between a man and his twink?[View]
15751268Why do trans activists always make this argument? Intersex is a outdated terminology. https://www.me…[View]
15777977>'noooo you can't be gnc and trans at the same time that means you're a trender!!' >…[View]
15774340why are trans people always either super skinny, chubby or obese? It seems really common that trans …[View]
15773491does being molested as a child make you gay, or do you get molested because youre gay? i need to kno…[View]
15712494Can any of the Blanchard's typology people explain any of this? I've been asking in thread…[View]
15775856Why do trannies love the Sims?[View]
15777210Advice: I'm a trans man, how can I make myself more attractive ?[View]
15777266I wanna come out as bi to my family and friends, but I don't find the right moment?: Most of th…[View]
15768412Anyone else unironically bothered by Rowling openly embracing TERF ideology? Since she cares about a…[View]
15775947What's the name of this thing? I'd love to have one to wear around the gym and beach and s…[View]
15777220The only attention I get from other gay guys are pedos and too many of them have been through Nam. I…[View]
15774515What exactly is wrong with 'trenders' transitioning if they are happier because of it and they don…[View]
15745868Why does bottoming feel like such a primal urge?: Whenever a guy mounts me my entire body and mind g…[View]
15775451VR Chat is an AGP breeding ground[View]
15776886The greens represent neutrality or a lack of masculinity, the purples represent femininity, the whit…[View]
15777159idk give me and others picrews to do im bored[View]
15772265Has any cis man ever killed himself over turning HBL (hairy bald large)? Many here got memed pinkpil…[View]
15776423Can we have a Drag thread? Has anybody watched the season 12 'finale'? What do you think?[View]
15765901For continued discussion of early AGP experiences and how we discovered our sexuality AGP omegle ane…[View]
15757566I'm really curious about what the broader cis perspective is on the whole 'a lot of trans women…[View]
15766313Faggoty post incoming. I am a gay male I know but I don't like not being masculine I suffered s…[View]
15775969Whats your workout routine?[View]
15775620Why can’t i find videos of cute tranners farting?[View]
15760079You ever look at egg photos of yourself and be like “How the fuck did you not know?”[View]
15775443Who are you to judge others who transition because they want to fuck straight men not because they c…[View]
15776399Changes??: Been on hrt for 4 years, started when I was 16, and I recently switched to injections. Ca…[View]
15774044Informed Consent In San Francisco?: Where can I go to get Infromed consent in san francisco? Like wh…[View]
15720177/HRTGen/ HRT General 237: Bloatmaxxing Edition: >Help, advice, guidance on meds and dosages >H…[View]
15776263dae develop an eating disorder on purpose because it's socially viewed as a female issue? I thi…[View]
15776140do gender and sexuality go hand in hand ? i.e: can you realize that you're not cis through sexu…[View]
15774648/gaygen/ - kissing edition: >>15772946[View]
15776157I have a new mascot for the LGBTQ community[View]
15771465Lets get an appreciation thread going: What are you grateful for in your life ? I'll start, I…[View]
15774812What would you wear on a date with Dr. Ray Blanchard[View]
15775175Which one of you is this?[View]
15764580What type of HRT/body mod will make me look like pic related? I’m male btw.[View]
15775899Question about injections: I've been on 2mg of estrodiol pills for roughly 4 years, taken twice…[View]
15775821>tfw your tranny server is raided bc 'prideful' >its 13yo /pol/tards who joined in 2…[View]
15766872Do you find that you have more self-esteem and self-assurance post transition?: I know I do. This fo…[View]
15768451Is Latin America a bad place to be trans?[View]
15775505Do any other trannies get horribly depressed by the inadequacies of current GRS. Feel like goring my…[View]
15774617I have been feeling awkward for the past few weeks. A close friend of mine visited me a few weeks ag…[View]
15775805>billions of years of evolution >man emerges as the most intelligent and innovative animal spe…[View]
15775786Y'all told me to watch gay porn a lot so I can get desensitized to it and not be able to get ha…[View]
15771767Cara has only been a trip for 2 months (I checked), how come she got fast tracked into low tier e ce…[View]
15751426/tlg/ - trans lesbian general: Crocs Edition! >thread question What kind of relationship are you …[View]
15766685I had a dream where I would personally boyremove every attentionwhoring BDD tripfags (might enlist s…[View]
15774380/mtfg/ Why aren't you making a new edition edition: Previous >>15772440 https://pastebin.…[View]
15768648this is going to sound stupid but i cant think of anywhere else to say this but im high and i need t…[View]
15773892Would transitioning have saved her?[View]
15775039Is it a bad thing to make yourself throw up? Like not every day, just sometimes... Sometimes a bit m…[View]
15775042>beat the shit out of another fag and ruin his life forever >still get his boipussy 10 years l…[View]
15773947Why would someone still get strong nonsexual crushes on girls if they're completely gay?[View]
15773871Diets of /LGBT/: What kind of a diet are you on, legbutt? Diet is 'the kinds of food that a person, …[View]
15765390What is your height, weight, and gender: guess who is trans or not based on their height and weight…[View]
15774021Was Paul HSTS and was John AGP: Look at this photograph, it is clear that the neanderthal features o…[View]
15774732Ok im not sexually attracted to men then why do I have hundres of drawings in my stash depicting cut…[View]
15774508>be gay man >obsessed with looking cute and feminine but dont want to be girl >dread gett…[View]
15762356Why are there so many incels among tranny community? Actually, why are there so many incels deciding…[View]
15772946/gaygen/ - Haast's Eagle Edition: Previous: >>15771475 Map: >tagmap.io/tag/gaygen/…[View]
15773572How do you stop liking the idea of rewarding a strong, fit, muscular man for all his hard work spent…[View]
15769498>MTF to be (MTFTB if you will) How should I get /fit/ in preparation for HRT? I already lost a lo…[View]
15763863I am making Vampchan in the Sims 4 but I don't know what her ambition would be. Any suggestions…[View]
15774053How do you become psychologically resilient?[View]
15770113>'I wish I was trans so I could be a woman'[View]
15768582Dear /lgbt/, does size matter? Also, have any cis male chasers ever dated a trans girl with a bigger…[View]
15774464She only won because of the BLM movement. She didn't do the best in her season either in the f…[View]
15769460/vtg/ - Voice Training General: Why are we still here edition. 18+ discord server: (trigger warning,…[View]
15771379Any mtfs here done waist/corset training? Did it help your curves develop?[View]
15773498ITT: post /tttt/core media. Pic related. >A hitman becomes a hitwoman when gender reassignment s…[View]
15764553i FUCKING love trans people the ones i've met have made me so fucking happy trans people are so…[View]
15756712Why do people not think trap is a slur? people call each other the n-word and thats still a slur, it…[View]
15773459>when you learn that there are femboys who don't take hrt[View]
15773999Estradiol alternatives??: so i've heard a lot conflicting info about the effects of 'natural al…[View]
15773955Do they pass?[View]
15773573Does anyone else both love and hate trans women? At the same time? Part of me feels disgust at those…[View]
15765753thank you for coming to my TED talk[View]
15772989Oh shit I'm simping again.[View]
15770231How do you cope with truly godawful bone structure? How do I mentally deal with this?[View]
15769515>tranny >supports dprk I don't understand…[View]
15765072Post-SRS people can you post your stories and experiences after surgery here? If any of you haven…[View]
15769668ftms with nice butts are my weakness t. bisexual male[View]
15772051Why do I still smell like a man?: My testosterone levels are lower than a biocunts levels I am on 50…[View]
15773621>the anime turned me into a tranny[View]
15773651fun twitch stream i found: found this pretty cool stream thats like r/place, theres a lot of rainbow…[View]
15759405When people know you're LGBT before you do: share the stories >be me >about 5 years ago, …[View]
15769810I have no idea what my sexuality is anymore. I can recognize attractiveness and cuteness in others b…[View]
15771149is it dumb that my entire motivation to live is now to help someone that may not exist: the only rea…[View]
15770987What gave you dysphoria as a kid, anon? What were things you did or felt early on that you now under…[View]
15772136i’m a 19 year old agp femboy and i really want to know if i should start hrt to keep my amazing phys…[View]
15755731/k/ poster here. Just came here to say that I want to want to cherish and protect and make a trans g…[View]
15767812Ok what are your actual goals no anime shit[View]
15770390/lgbt/ Sleepwear: What do all you guys usually sleep in? I'm a tranner and I can't wear an…[View]
15770266>tfw mental/behavioral AGP For example I fetishize shit like working at a cosmetics store or bein…[View]
15763134UNITED STATES NAME CHANGE: https://www.courts.ca.gov/25797.htm?rdeLocaleAttr=en All those forms. Pri…[View]
15765006How do i hide my crossdressing clothes from roommates?I'm very paranoid.[View]
15768724>cis male >Fucked men, women, ftms and mtfs If pansexuality existed (it doesn't) I guess …[View]
15772361Managing expectations: I met a guy yesterday and I suppose I was a disappointment to him. We'd …[View]
15772880FaceApp rolled out a new gender filter[View]
15769490Tfw have to apologize to bf for getting: An erection Tfw he insults me not having a vagina that self…[View]
15757084>tfw your relationship is actually like this image and it's just as amazing as you'd im…[View]
15769555I'm 23 and an unattractive gay, never been in a proper relationship, hate my life and get trod …[View]
15760230who is /lgbt/ voting for? i’m gonna wait for my bf to tell me who he’s thinking i think[View]
15769201Ever since I was a kid, I used to thing I am straight as a ruler. But when I grew up to be a teen, I…[View]
15769670>be 6'3 golem >post pictures of slender 5'3 anime girl with F-cups Is it autism?…[View]
15770844Is it a fetish thing to want to wear girls underwear? I'm a gay guy but I really want to wear g…[View]
15770278t. femboys in 10 years if they don't take hrt[View]
15765344It is our duty to crack all eggs[View]
15771658Do trans girls like chunky boys?[View]
15771854reminder that ALL trans girls should train to become mommies to take care of and comfort men[View]
15770991Why is seeing straight dudes suddenly overcome with lust for other men so fucking hot to me? Am I a …[View]
15761107what is the minimum number of hugs and kisses boymoders should receive a day to prevent them from ha…[View]
15767723Lesbians: According to Anti-TERFS this is a lesbian couple. Prove me wrong[View]
15770298if i didnt care about my own feelings: what would be the best way to figure out what the optimal way…[View]
15757679Stop repressing you're killing yourself slowly, you need to come out already and stop hiding. Y…[View]
15682886/ltg/ late transition general: Fateposters edition: /ltg/ late transition general with a /bmg/ /ssbb…[View]
15770105/lgbt/s favorite YouTubers?: They don't have to be Part if the lgbt themselves or even speak ab…[View]
15750466It's over. Some might say it never began.[View]
15769194Would transition have saved her?[View]
15770568why do i watch this stuff: >be me >22 year old guy >recently started watching femdom stuf…[View]
15770603is it rare for a guy to be attracted to mtf's without wanting to suck/get fucked by them? i fee…[View]
15750185Nicole Maines: What is the logical next step for her career?[View]
15768588Music thread. What's your favorite genre? What's your favorite band from that genre? Mines…[View]
15763699Queen: She has done more for LGB people than many queer groups.[View]
15763465>am a top in my heart >all I want is to fuck someone hard while holding them down by the throa…[View]
15770538what do boys even like? t. fugly mtf desperate for a bf close to 'her'[View]
15765870Do tranners smell good?[View]
15770130Hows your LGBTQ+ journey coming along everyone[View]
15770153Were any of you feminized by your parents or your friends or surroundings?[View]
15772440/mtfg/ - /mtfg/: Black dresses edition Qott: are you having a rooty day today? Previous: >>15…[View]
15770089I know TWAW because of how much they remind me of getting bullied by it girls in middle school.[View]
15769756Reverse Dysphoria: I've been increasingly identifying with he/him pronouns and for the past 3 m…[View]
15766321I was always a hardline atheist and determinist/materialist, but I guess I had cognitive dissonance …[View]
15769215Two of the three boyfriends I've had in my life have died in my arms[View]
15769305So, I, uhh... Am not sure if I want to transition anymore. Does anyone know any detrans forums that …[View]
15768867how to stop dysphoria: I don't know how to stop dysphoria I keep wanting to die all the time be…[View]
15769177So yeah: I make 13/hr, i’m basically stuck with neanderthal face aren’t I[View]
15769320can my mental state effect my perception of my own gender etc: for example - if you asked me right n…[View]
15768593What's the formula?: Is there a way to know how tall a man would be if he were born the opposit…[View]
15764753Are there dominant mtf mommys out there? Do they even exist? I often fantasies about having a 23+ ye…[View]
15768595why can’t I be a guy? I’m in a 9 year ltr with a man who I love but not being able to be who I am in…[View]
15770463/bigen/ Bisexual General: Bear-y Nice Garage You Got There Edition QOTT: Quick /bigen/ we're on…[View]
15766064/bigen/ Bisexual General: アイスクリーム Edition QOTT: What's your favorite ice cream flavor? Previous…[View]
15739883/ftmg/ trans lad general: Young whippersnappers edition >QOTD what mistakes did you make early in…[View]
15739840Cis Lesbian General: /clg/ - Cis Lesbian General: upcoming pride month edition What are your thought…[View]
15771475/gaygen/ - deerfags edition: old: >>15766773[View]
15766773/gaygen/ — Gay General: Gay Warrior Edition: Previous: >>15763633 RIP in Peace, Sweet Prince: …[View]
15763169There's no excuse not to girl mode today![View]
15769025How are you going to celebrate Pride while in Quarantine?: Seeing as we're all quarantined and …[View]
15769308Is biking the best exercise for a trans girl to lose male fat and build an ideal female body? If not…[View]
15769063thoughts on ftms?: Not like fat blue hair ftms, like small andro femboys and scruffy 5'11 body …[View]
15769108Y'all are all beautiful.: Need I say more?[View]
15767885/mtfg/: Wonka thread bitches QOTT: What is the best candy in the world? https://pastebin.com/DWGF3xB…[View]
15768310Pride month soon~[View]
15765065People think she's cis >so tall >I'm jealous >incredible genetics >I love her …[View]
15768356Manmoder Housing Help (Please): Hello I am a manmoder/Repressor from the USA. In a few weeks my pare…[View]
15768579Idk what to even title this, this is just me spewing the toxic waste that is my mental state. I…[View]
15768423dilema: cis girls are cute vaginas are gross what do[View]
15765492fell in love with a trans girl i'm fucking miserable without her i hope she's okay[View]
15766347I'm gay. Why can't i talk to hot guys?[View]
15767304Any country this LGBT progressive?: >>https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/justin-trudeau-names-ad…[View]
15768388trans power: trans power[View]
15766759/gaygen/ - Trumpeter Swan Edition: Previous: >>15763633 Map: >tagmap.io/tag/gaygen/…[View]
15768217>live in USA in a swing state >registering to vote >section asks for previous legal names i…[View]
15761827Gays, left or right?[View]
15763164being a tranny is really confusing: hi chan, baby tranny of 1 year here. i had a dream the other day…[View]
15767355Rate my hand. Does it look like a woman's? You can also send your hand and others will apprecia…[View]
15758169I hate having such a disconnect between who I am, who I want to be, and the actions to actually get …[View]
15754339Hot takes: Trans edition: Share your hot takes on trans stuff in here. I'll start: Being AGP is…[View]
15767531Mtfs with a big jawline, don't give up hope! Cherry crush is an extremely popular cis pornstar …[View]
15764050If I practice every day how long will it take to go from complete gross man voice to passing female …[View]
15764364What the fuck is the difference between a tranny and a femboy? (and how do i know which i am)[View]
15765508Police nationalization: When the feds nationalize the police, will you join the force my FtM bros?…[View]
15766199I figured it out: Picrel is my realization[View]
15766981How many of you used to identify as femboys when repressing/before finding out you were trans[View]
15767352Im lonely, if anyone wants to be friends my discord is mariaa#3301[View]
15763041>tfw straight tranner with low sex drive >just want cute guy to cuddle…[View]
15767021How does autistic boipucci compare to neurotypical boipucci?[View]
15763640bisexual struggle: (posted it before at /adv/ but got ignored pretty much as always so came here) i …[View]
15761973/a/ thread: Let's talk anime and manga. Do you think it played a role in you realizing you are …[View]
15765482its the act of dominating, slapping and kissing and degrading a person who wants to be girly and ser…[View]
15763473Imagine not having a beautiful man to provide for you and make you feel special: Am I a lucky trans …[View]
15765681Am I Gay/Bi for crushing on anime characters?: Hey /lgbt/! I consider myself a fairly straight guy, …[View]
15765566How do you prep your booty for a rape sess?[View]
15762612i really dont mean to start a holier-than-thou bandwagon here but anyone else gets uncomfortable by …[View]
15763633/gaygen/: andy ed prev >>15761528[View]
15766193how to accept that i cant be a cute femboy in a healthy way: how do i move on if currently im so bot…[View]
15763499/lgbt/ shares a house: Pool house editon. Don't forget to bring your favorite swinsuit ladies a…[View]
15765801Grindr/Tinder Stories/Questions Thread: So how many guys on grindr would be willing to let a filthy …[View]
15766547Which one of you is this[View]
15729987More cushion: Are there any hot slampig transgirls on here? All I see are stick figure bimbos, but n…[View]
15761692I'm repeatedly amazed at how cute the people in this community are: So many adorable twinkhons,…[View]
15765563Straight cis male here. Sorry if this comes off as ignorant, but do gay people and lesbians masturba…[View]
15757064How do you shake a tranner fetish?[View]
15764253Trans girls on this board: >I don't understand how to relate to cis girls and talking to the…[View]
15765664Do you care about passing? Why or why not?[View]
15765897how do you find a boyfriend as a stealth trans girl without risking to be murdered by someone when y…[View]
15764074high school transition: anyone transition in high school / know anyone who did? I'm ftm, in a p…[View]
15765857I'm a bi male with two gfs. I want a bf but that generally seems to be off the table. If I want…[View]
15762074Dear straight tranners: Never listen to women or other straight trannies on matters relating to male…[View]
15762696/int/ LGBT: LGBT in South Korea, what is your experience? Moving there for work[View]
15758761Why won't anyone just rape me? To all the mtf who got raped;I'm jealous.[View]
15736144Wherein Blanchard admits he hasn't been keeping up with trans brain research (but still feels f…[View]
15762883Estrogen is anti-aging: Taking estrogen is the single most effective, cheap and easy way to prevent …[View]
15762125Do I pass as female: This is the best photo of me. If I can’t pass as this then there is no hope for…[View]
15762742Can anyone explain to me in their own words how having a larger/smaller brain in certain areas cause…[View]
15759464why do i want to be owned like property: is there a reason that i want to be someone's 'thing' …[View]
15765342Daily Weight Loss/Fitness Thread: Day 11: I have had an extraordinarily stressful day for a multitud…[View]
15759757>Ordered a 6 inch purple dildo online >spent all day loosening myself >eventually be able t…[View]
15765313how do I turn my socially anxious, depressed neet tranner gf into pic related?[View]
15764318SRS wait times: Alrighty so about SRS, I plan to get it in 2-3 years (only 5 months on HRT atm) but …[View]
15763663Those of you who 'wished you would turn into a girl when you went through puberty': How are you so f…[View]
15756573why don't normies throw twitter storms about LGBT hate crimes?[View]
15763399Ok so how do you even know if you pass? It seems like every time I ask it just makes everyone walk o…[View]
15763336/bigen/ - bisexy general: ideal bf edition qott: how would you describe your ideal bf ? thread theme…[View]
15755117What do straight guys think about when they lust after women?[View]
15764055I think I might be repressing being non-binary. I used to go by the whole 'nbs are attention seekers…[View]
15763434>gf keeps pissing herself when we're out in public what's her problem…[View]
15764383>have a crush on my cis male best friend >masturbate to the thought of him every night >kin…[View]
15763935>it's hard to pass if you're tal-[View]
15764626>Durr I'm gonna post gay tranny porn on a blue board hhehhe[View]
15764577new fucking machine: first time using a fucking machine. AMA[View]
15762305/mtfg/: IT'S A BIRD THREAD What is the best bird https://pastebin.com/DWGF3xBk Old nest>>…[View]
15761656Does your desk pass?[View]
15761215If there was a pill to make you solely attracted to the opposite sex (opposite gender for tranners) …[View]
15763676Why are femboys almost always racist af, problematic or generally awful ppl Why is it so common[View]
15722343/agpg/ - autogynephilia discussion general: Dressed for Success Edition Do your AGP fantasies invol…[View]
15760638Lesbians?: Why are gay men on average more attractive than straight men. While lesbians are on avera…[View]
15764191i chopped off my hair in a manic fit of retardation and got an undercut+ chopped half my hair off ,a…[View]
15763437this is literally why transbians exist[View]
15748016Its not really talked about but as a trans woman whenever I see the whole 'take the t out of lgbt' i…[View]
15751141Is it AGP to choose a swimsuit based on anime pictures?[View]
15763420>you will never be your picrews losing hope[View]
15752992Are there high sex drive boys out there that would date a high sex drive tranner? I want a bf that w…[View]
15763506Are NB Identities A Criticism of The Binary?: Let me start by saying I don't intend for my ques…[View]
15761855bottom or top? does it matter? what if you're interested in both topping and being a bottom? i…[View]
15763900boredom: i’m bored[View]
15746139lgbt symbolism: Southern states trans flag - which one looks better? also general symbolism thread…[View]
15761649This was the first time my current BF admitted to liking me, we were friends and I texted him once t…[View]
15756136Metal as fuck: Have you noticed how metal both the religious conservatives and the TERFs make us sou…[View]
15763157Trannies and Faggots in Italy: Gli italiani sono 'woke'? Or can I expect to have tomatoes thrown at …[View]
15761528/gaygen/ - Coscoroba Swan Edition: Previous: >>15759475 Map: >tagmap.io/tag/gaygen/…[View]
15759270>when you color invert black power flags they turn into trans flags: OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
15757088>attractive guy slides his finger into your butt during a massage wat do…[View]
15758383mtf: what fem clothes should I buy[View]
15758787are people who chase boymoders just shotacons?: iv only dated two guys. but both had very questionab…[View]
15759850is having constant headaches to the point that thinking hurts hsts or agp[View]
15762917how does a wagie tranner get the ball rolling on a name change in the US? where do i go to, who do i…[View]
15757353How does Triptorelin compare with Bicalutamide? I've heard anecdotal evidence that the former c…[View]

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