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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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32964548'they just want to get married'[View]
32967898Fembrained hsts litmus test: if you like Cholly you are guaranteed to be a cute husstuss[View]
32971130Gaining Weight after FFS: So I lost weight (230lbs to 155lbs) so my natural bone structure can shine…[View]
32961430>chasing slutty trannies when there are so many cute khhv trannies[View]
32970106gg: > The 6th circuit just held that being trans is not an immutable characteristic…[View]
32971548>30 years old TheSphereHunter is aging gracefully[View]
32967283tranny suicide is valid. transitioning is not a cure to gender dysphoria. yes, it CAN reduce suicida…[View]
32971345>have a sissy fetish but fetishize being made into a really girly 'princess' rather than a cocksl…[View]
32964887Another picrew thread!: Kinda bandwagony but I think they're fun You know what to do :] https:/…[View]
32971342anybody know where Hotel Derek is?[View]
32968583being called good girl: why getting praise and compliments for sexual favours feel way better than s…[View]
32968375Is it just me or do AFAB eyes look like there’s an actual person behind them vs. AMAB people who ess…[View]
32969180What's the deal with troons/femboys and Google Pixels?: Genuinely curious. iPhones are still #1…[View]
32966699I suffer as a transgender individual in Australia: Where are all the cool trannies in Aus? All I eve…[View]
32970999I agree with pooners. I have AGP but being a man is just better.[View]
32962347Why do bottoms get so pissy when you don't wanna do foreplay and aftercare?[View]
32968725/gaygen/ gay king edition: prev >>32965301[View]
32969275/twinkgen/ - the return: welcome back fellow twinkgen bros we're back in order to fit into the …[View]
32966658Would you date a theyfab if they were into all women? I feel like i shouldn't because I just se…[View]
32970912ahahaha joo likeda sucka da pee pee ahahahahaha[View]
32965853Do all cisgays hate gaydens?: I'd rather 41% than be with a chaser (lesbians or straight men ob…[View]
32970326Digital Nomadding as a trans person: I'm quite tired of the trans-obsessed west, is there anyon…[View]
32969742I’ve been on fin since June and am still losing a bunch of hair every time I condition. What do I do…[View]
32970749shoutout to autistic cisbians, gotta be one of my favorite genders[View]
32966474feminine feet tips: is it over if i spent my whole life barefoot? i have hard calluses on my feet ):…[View]
32968825This is my first time using this site, but hey, this is a story that just makes me feel sorry for my…[View]
32968634Transexuality should be banned, hormones should be considered dangerous drugs like heroin. I'm …[View]
32970529need friends wink wink: add me on ig jp_743_[View]
32968293what would you do if you came across a boymoder who was cold, wearing wool sweaters, drinking nice w…[View]
32969790are you positive representation for your letter?[View]
32969455booba: what’s the androphilic equivalent to seeing booba?[View]
32969096im a suburban mixed girl from Los Angeles trapped in a the body of a hood nigga from Atlanta[View]
32970209Am I a bigot if I believe SOME trans people do it because of a fetish but not the majority?[View]
32967570/mfg/ Metaphysical Femininity General: In this thread we shall cultivate our souls for nobility and …[View]
32969111You become a real man but an Indian man. You okay with the deal, pooners?[View]
32968864Are AFABs that wish they were twinkhons trans or just weird cis women?[View]
32969769Wish I could date Ava...: Sigh friendos, it just is not fair. She needs a nice comfy man to treat he…[View]
32969630Mtf reppers are the pinnacle of humans. >Female brain makes them empathetic, caring, nurturing, …[View]
32967427how does (seemingly) passing at night translate to passing at day??: first of all sry for the blogpo…[View]
32967635Would you submit to my feet? 5 years HRT and I want a footslave to abuse[View]
32969031Raw Egg Nationalist has a question about the transgendereds.[View]
32965304anybody got a good reason not to kms tonight?: >parents never loved me, partners never loved me, …[View]
32969804People keep copies me.[View]
32967032Has Spironolactone given anyone here heart issues or is it just me?[View]
32969548Do you pass ingame?: WHY ARE MEN ON LEAGUE SO DESPERATE TO INTERACT WITH WOMEN?? :zFlair3: Clownery …[View]
32967386Tennessee just destoryed the transgender lobby: How can trannies argue they're marginalized whe…[View]
32969498Relationship troubles: Guys, I’m having relationship issues and I’m not sure what to do about it I j…[View]
32969619STOP GIVING ME THESE PILLS: i dont wanna shit my diaper anymore[View]
32968562>my hrt at the post office >Look for my id everywhere in my room but can't find it, makes…[View]
32969320mommmyy.... i just messed in my diapy[View]
32969067the reason im a chaser for context this was all in serbian high school there was a transfer student…[View]
32966509/mtfg/ multiple toxic and fetishistic girls: Old: >>32963165 qott: do you have a pet?[View]
32969373What proportion of the posts on this board do you reckon are bot posts? What possible material advan…[View]
32965168If HSTS pride themselves as 'trutrans' then how come most cis women are bi but HSTS girls are unbeli…[View]
32964813when did you figure out you were trans and when do you wish you did?: a lot of people will say it…[View]
32965557im so fuckin bored bros, now at the age of 28 and being a neet for the past 8 years with a slight br…[View]
32968441i wish i was short[View]
32968927Why am I multiple years hrt (4) but still too ashamed to crossdress? Is it because I didn't tr…[View]
32967475can people tell you are trans: i'm only like 6 months hrt and don't have too many big chan…[View]
32969171I fucking hate bluesky/something awful trannies and their luxury gay space communism/transhumanism. …[View]
32968542What does /lgbt/ think the homosexual age of concent should be? I personally think it should be abou…[View]
32969055do you ever start trusting people and feeling regular emotions again after your gf drugs you, rapes …[View]
32968976should all r/shortguys below 5'7 just be put on hrt or something? their whinery pisses me off[View]
32967657Should children be on puberty blockers until 15, 18, or 21?: Or is it dystopic?[View]
32967317Any non-meme signs/ways to detect if someone is a closeted homo? I know the cliche/'meme' …[View]
32966878Boymoder Manifesto boymoders, I ask you, in your time of need and hopelessness. What have we to gain…[View]
32968844Armored Core 6: Hit decal limit. I present to you: The West[View]
32967071Trans fertility clinic to open in Pittsburgh in Spring 2024: https://www.thepinknews.com/2023/09/14/…[View]
32968172The American male lifestyle disgusts me, particularly of the lower to middle class but not exclusive…[View]
32968371Would you hug an agp?[View]
32968208HRT made me more submissive and I'm tired of pretending it didn't[View]
32957827What kind of loungewear do boymoders wear at home? They surely can't still wear a stuffy black …[View]
32966272tfw too poor to afford surgury but its ok because i can do diy ffs (shotgun blast my male skull into…[View]
32967119If you don't think about black cock everyday, you're not a real transfemme.[View]
32966520GOD, I need a bf...[View]
32966671Just started playing Lies of P: >very selective about games >only play Soulsbornes or Metroidv…[View]
32966026Sleepy right wing boi~: I feel tired I'm listening to a lecture on Hawaiian culture right now w…[View]
32965301/gaygen/ pick your ass edition: previous>>32963444 qott: would you rather get your balls kicke…[View]
32967811I just had a brilliant idea to cut my boxers with scissors to make them resemble panties, so I just …[View]
32964958please someone tell me i can shave my head and start going to the gym and it all goes away maybe out…[View]
32966157I'm FtM but can relate to MtFs about not wanting excessive body/facial hair or going bald. Does…[View]
32967888Liking femboys is objectively straigh, observe: >No one calls yurifags trannies >No one calls …[View]
32951541what do twinks like to eat?[View]
32965216>keep light in living room on because I'm going in and out for smoke breaks >ftm roommat…[View]
32966597Why do so many trans girls have rape fantasies?[View]
32966425>okay to be transphobic to transgenders that are bad people >its not okay to be racist to nigg…[View]
32967864Why wouldn't trans pregnancy be possible?[View]
32950198voice rate/passing thread: https://vocaroo.com/19eEMaAVBKrd[View]
32967734I think I'm gonna to kill myself: I can't anymore. I can't move on with my life. I wa…[View]
32968054The anime website for chuds is full of trans people? Man I'm absolutely shocked.[View]
32962661How can trans women have a “type”?: I don’t understand. I’m a woman but I support trans women. What …[View]
32965729>be me >abused and bullied as a child >grew up to become an adult with intense anger issues…[View]
32967379why do my legs look like this ;-; I'll never be able to pass wearing shorts I look like a skele…[View]
32965325>turned 20 this month >still haven’t done HRT How over is it? Is it even worth the effort at t…[View]
32958769the thing that impressed me the most about hrt is how my friends are actually starting to treat me m…[View]
32962974how do (you) plan on coping with twinkdeath?[View]
32964205When did 'I'm a man that wants to be a woman' become 'I'm a man pretending to be a man tha…[View]
32967858Is it true that all transwomen are pedophiles?[View]
32964516There are a ton of troon Youtubers. Are there any pooner channels?: I wanna hear about their exploit…[View]
32966555When trying to achieve girlvoice, how much does your starting voice matter? I’ve been training about…[View]
32942527do chaser boys (cis or trans) prefer trannies with small or big cocks? mine is small but it grows to…[View]
32967125Looking back: >always hated getting hair cuts >always hung out with girls cuz it felt more nor…[View]
32961291self-harm fuel for twinkhons and midshits: post youngshits, gigapassoids, rich trannies[View]
32967629How can we ban AI?: Are democrats really our allies? They should do something about it.[View]
32962967Did it happen to you?[View]
32960847genderless blob: am i genderless blob fat? i saw someone say once you're 30 bmi or something th…[View]
32948585the tranny community would be better off without dr powers' retarded hypotheses he takes things…[View]
32967357she is the cutest girl i've ever seen on this board, and she gets bullied for no reason. i want…[View]
32966644DIEDIEDIEDIEDIE: holy shit I want to put a hole through my fucking skull I'm not going to take …[View]
32967310fix fear of sex: as a trans girl, i am so horribly terrified of relationships and sex because i have…[View]
32966722As an autistic person I hate how 14 year old self-diagnosed theyfabs say autistic people use xenogen…[View]
32966811Have you ladies tried listening to subliminals to change your features? People in the comment sectio…[View]
32965702does anyone have that nightmare reddit post about the straight trans woman's husband being a re…[View]
32967377Looks like no more trannies or rainbow flags in gaming. Thoughts?[View]
32924675/clg/ Cis lesbian general: QOTT: What kind of music do you listen to? Share some of your favorite a…[View]
32966423Im visiting tranny mecca: Where do i find a tranner in portland?[View]
32952186Sex with jane twinkboobs[View]
32955716well pooners? do you?[View]
32967171Is it normal to start to become ashamed of fapping as you get older?[View]
32966101>be cis woman >have trans friend (mtf) >watching all the saw movies together before we see …[View]
32963426Found out a guy I liked already has a bf: Does anyone else feel this cynical dread and disappointmen…[View]
32967082>try to wear something masculine >whole outfit is completely ruined on account of my hips >…[View]
32963923straight to gulag with these mfs, begging these people to be remotely normal for one moment, TDS rot…[View]
32944449Folsom street fair: Any San Francisco anons attend these kinds of leather/bdsm/kink events? What is …[View]
32965964I was actually doing fine but I still woke up for like the 4th time tonight and I’ve only had nightm…[View]
32966867Right-wing poetry jam session General.: From the right so I come~ From the left so you go~ We just k…[View]
32966144Gay Iraqi love story.: So I'm a right winger but my heart was very much moved by this story of …[View]
32965957what is the best way to stop having razor burn?: besides stopping shaving for a significant amount o…[View]
32964864I love my chaser moid.[View]
32966866how sure are we that bishits aren't straight men/lesbians tricking poons?: I've never met …[View]
32965583How much vaginoplasty changed along the years?: I was seeing some photos about vaginoplasty to know …[View]
32965841I hate 'boymoders'. Wearing men's clothing doesn't make you a different gender, you'r…[View]
32966508I'm out with my friends and one said I looked cute Like how should I respond I'm just a bo…[View]
32966678I like fucking my trans gf with a strap-on a little *too* much[View]
32961349o w o: I felt a little bored and sad, somewhat lonely. The truth is that I don't know what chan…[View]
32965474To the “straight” anon who recommended Song of Achilles, holy shit thank you. I’m MtF and this shit …[View]
32966611Why do cis women want to have kids? Do you trannies feel the same?[View]
32965556Whats your relationship like with your father?[View]
32966137meta or phallo?: Both suck, I know ftm bottom surgery is shit, but which one sucks less? I need to h…[View]
32963888I'm tired of troons thinking they'll be cute lainpilled lesbian femcel anime girl in a mai…[View]
32966419My daddy issues got worse after I started estrogen...[View]
32961378dark marks on ass from folliculitis picking: Had bad folliculitis on my ass. asked doc, got some ant…[View]
32957958You've got to agree: Her hair is beautiful. Tr00ns, who cuts your hair?[View]
32965954https://www.desmos.com/calculator/r4ojpkgh4l What do you think of this sisters[View]
32965545Riddle me this: If gender is not the same as sex then why do transGENDERS with GENDER dysphoria try …[View]
32965597Am i trans? Should i transition?: I don't really know what to do. I'm 18 and i'm not …[View]
32963469Did you play with barbies as a kid?[View]
32966335Is being skinny fat a big factor in what makes someone a bodyhon?[View]
32964566I am FTM and I do not understand MTF genital dysphoria. Even if you don’t want to penetrate anyone, …[View]
32964971How can fucking bottoms be gay if theyre women basically?[View]
32964620>ruin yourself with hrt and gym are baileybros the biggest losers of this board?…[View]
32965751>Adults with GD are at increased risk for stress, isolation, anxiety, depression, poor self-estee…[View]
32964934I want to cut them off so bad. I cut off part of my left knee last year but the pain was too much so…[View]
32965990i wonder if mentally autistic worthless retards like me were supposed to be a brief genetic aberrati…[View]
32965017Why Gay dating aaps are such a shit show? 90% of users are 35+ creepy men with poot grammar and the …[View]
32965695therapist suggested basically going behind my bitch mothers back and asking for estrogen at this goo…[View]
32963059What do you do when you realize you're an autistic tranny with a wasted uni degree a shit job a…[View]
32964494nyc bars: hello little gay people in my computer. i am visiting my girlfirned soon who lives in nyc.…[View]
32965712Right winger Afirms you<3: Hi there leftist Kun.... It's been a little while huh? I hope you…[View]
32959790if you are atleast 2 of these >late transitioner (25+) >heterosexual before transitioning >…[View]
32965040I grew up as a girl, knew I was one, but apparently I've always been a boy just because I devel…[View]
32963165/mtfg/ male to female general: Old:>>32956686 Try your best today mtfg![View]
32961955Would you say this is accurate?[View]
32962210Based pooner moments: ITT: post based pooners[View]
32962992If your mom don't have titties like these then you ain't a twink[View]
32953543lolimax: how to[View]
32965121is this a realistic expectation for a former football player who transitions in her late 30s?[View]
32963444/gaygen/ sweet kiss edition: previous>>32962184[View]
32963386if lgbt was not accepted by society again would agp transitions decrease by a wider margin than hsts…[View]
32964535If you look like this, and like math. I like you even doe none of you do[View]
32963526OHMG: Did you know our ancestors were LITERALLY polygendered bisexual polygamous ubermenshce?????…[View]
32964784another injection another week of manmoding another moment where I have to force myself to face the …[View]
32964769HEY, yo.: Hello board, lurker since before days gone by. Just got outta cracker Island for a bit no …[View]
32965073is it over?: >be me >hopeless suicidal shadowhon troon >lesbian >into cis women should i…[View]
32961618Cis f here, tell me ONE reason as to why I should consider trans women as my equals. Also tell me t…[View]
32964088I have 5 months to get in shape: for my FFS appointment. Share your best weightless/motivation/diet…[View]
32962656This is a male (XY): Let that sink in.[View]
32964879i hate myself for being male[View]
32964529what order do the effects of cross-sex testosterone usually show up in? does it vary from person to …[View]
32963684can a yank explain what happened at this vote? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTP-vGDlr44 it seems …[View]
32957775Bottoms, do you ever wish you had a vagina instead of a dick?[View]
32963438youtube groomed me: >be me, 8 >watched gigi(then gregory) gorgeous on youtube >(her videos …[View]
32964870>wot if you were a tranny but then a strange thing happens https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQ2XXv…[View]
32960929Someone here once told me that having thoughts to the effect of 'I'm not a person' is a symptom…[View]
32963431>be tranny >be basically incontinent >have to read daily this moronic stuff about baby dege…[View]
32963969no relationship lasts forever. people change all the time; and to change in separate directions is t…[View]
32961052is passgen doomed?: with the new bans against “does your ____ pass” threads, them being considered t…[View]
32964399Transsexuals are Nonbinary: Aren't regular trans people (ftm & mtf) the real nonbinary peop…[View]
32959256Say whatever you want: This is what passing looks like[View]
32956308Imagine a big black cock imagine a tranny holding it in her delicate hands imagine her sniffing its …[View]
32962712The trans fem urge to be the doting sugar mommy of a cute pre t trans boy and watch him grow and hit…[View]
32962993So crazy how most women just, get to have vaginas, instead of having to work and plan and travel jus…[View]
32956692keffals was cookin here ngl[View]
32963583my levels 3 months on pills: E- 80 pg/ml T- 53 ng/dl my levels 3 months on injections: E- 280 pg/ml…[View]
32963276Twinks are all prison gay. The only reason they end up dating guys is because women are racist again…[View]
32961376If I'd known I was going to become such an ugly woman I would have stayed a man desu.[View]
32955320is having a wet dream a sign of remasculinization? I went off spiro to attempt monotherapy because m…[View]
32963698>shoulders were 17 inches last year >gain weight >now they are 20 inches How do I fix this?…[View]
32963768do peopple just transition to be more like cloud finalfantasy7 i think ftms do it too to be like clo…[View]
32961685???: I am a cisgender man attracted to cisgender women. im also attracted to cute biological women …[View]
32961972Nothing is hotter to me than putting a cute effeminate boy on blockers and forcing him into transiti…[View]
32963259pooner shall inherit the earth.: young mtf >puberty blocker >dick to small to be inverted >…[View]
32961380I'm thinking chuds won[View]
32964081What if all the straight men who think about the Roman Empire daily are thinking about Sporus?[View]
32957520beighton score: how many of you pass the de facto tranny test? at least 4 points to pass more points…[View]
32963883I just became a polyamorous transbian e dater for the first time ever and I’m scared[View]
32958737..what do uuu do for a living?. a lot of uuu must struggle to get normal jobs..[View]
32962058Gonna off myself. Everyone i talk to end up ghosting me[View]
32963611boymoders are so cute. i wish i had a life sized one i could take carry under my arm everywhere like…[View]
32963193what is the meaning in chasing?[View]
32962517I need t-dick so bad. Trans men are so handsome and their bodies are so beautiful. They are also usu…[View]
32955838I never had a chance to experience being human: I came out as gay at 12 and trans at 13/14, since th…[View]
32962686i hate being lonely touch starved and desperate tranner i constantly daydream about having a bf and …[View]
32963012fuckshitshitshitfuck: i just signed up to a college course with my female name and realized i recent…[View]
32963352Should Stefonkee be allowed unsupervised access to children?[View]
32963753do striaght trannies ever think about how they are both a homosexual male and a straight woman at th…[View]
32940451/ftmg/ self improvement edition: qott what's something about your current life that's fixa…[View]
32963271is this good or bad: is it bad to be clingy as a straight tranny with a bf? most days i'll send…[View]
32963705I just coomed to futa.[View]
32959053Am I trans?: Early childhood: >Generally happy as a child, >For aslong as I can remember I ha…[View]
32960198What are your earliest AGP memories?: >Want to play peach in mario party because she's prett…[View]
32962877omg I can't believe we're finally getting the first Disney film with a transexual protagon…[View]
32963103Arch repper: When do you think she will transition? Or will she off herself before that, knowing tha…[View]
32961022transbians are trenders: i'm right and you know it[View]
32957856Every time i fuck a trans girl I get more and more into this fantasy of being them, of feeling what …[View]
32963485how tf do i get a cute boy to let me suck his dick while boymoding it seems kinda hard while not gir…[View]
32952685Gay men. Do you see pooners as men? Would you ever engage in sexual activity with a FTM man?[View]
32960960I have two trans friends One is not a passoid, she puts herself at the level of “forgot to shave her…[View]
32962184/gaygen/ i'm watching you all edition: prev >>32960488[View]
32962348mogged?: had to do public facing shit today with the most stereotypical reddit egg transgirl (bad br…[View]
32963384How can I not have this life?: kicked from home Having to prostitute yourself for dont starve live i…[View]
32962475>be me >have normie social media, but never upload anything there. >think I can just get f…[View]
32962444I want to marry my friend: I'm a repping hon and I want to marry my friend so badly. We've…[View]
32957135why are trannies so horny? i’ve been hanging out with this trans girl who has a gf and she’s always …[View]
32962777Is DemonMama the ultimate Trans woman? >agp queen >dresses like an edgy 2010's tumblr us…[View]
32961756Can pooners be AGP?: Ok hear me out. I'm an ftm and love the idea of growing a cock and masturb…[View]
32957780What's the best way to tell a really tall gay boy that I want to top him and then cuddle with h…[View]
32954674?????: why is she hanging out with the phobe and the chaser[View]
32962038why do phobes love posting girlbulges for everyone to see?[View]
32959084Why is it so hard to find good femboy porn online?[View]
32961070If we had been born a few decades ago, 99% of this board wouldn't have dysphoria[View]
32961933Would you date a bottom cursed with horrible thick bodyhair all over thats coping by shaving constan…[View]
32962021is it a good idea to date latina trannies? are they just as loud and bipolar as cis latinas? worse?[View]
32953289/chasergen/: It's friday edition what are we doing for the weekend boys?[View]
32961389>decide to shave my legs for the fuck of it >instant hard on fuck guys, am i le ay jee pee?…[View]
32961819so how can an amab look like her? serious replies only[View]
32962620should I pull out or creampie?[View]
32960401Where can a boymoder go to play piano or the keyboards? Wherre i used to live there was a piano in t…[View]
32962819>be semi-passoid with passion for shitty cheap cars >do something illegal while driving my shi…[View]
32962869How do I tell my doctor that I've been pissing myself for 3 years now? Do I mention that I thi…[View]
32962690Tranny Melodrama: The insidious thing, I think, about being trans - beyond the dysphoria - is that e…[View]
32957893Getting a gf when you're a short socially inept femboy is impossible[View]
32962175Transitioning has made me hate men: Holy shit I fucking despise men now. Men treat us like second cl…[View]
32962522Normies are defending the toob[View]
32962227>Depressed NEET loser black tranny (literally pondscum) >24, started 4 years ago >Hasn…[View]
32960638It's literally impossible to get a gf or a bf as an average bi dude. Seriously, why is it so ha…[View]
32962542Is life past 30 worth living? Your body starts declining, you become uglier, dating and making frien…[View]
32962550Was he a repper ?: >Goddess, great goddess, Cybele, goddess, lady of Dindymus >far from my hou…[View]
32961598Do straight men usually get emotional and cry reading and watching lgbt fiction? I read Song of Achi…[View]
32960297why does so many pooners have eating disorders? almost every pooner ive talked to has/had an eating …[View]
32960732can i still lolimode whenever i get D cups?[View]
32962194/gaygen/: old >>32960488[View]
32961481What if you knew a boymoder who was spiraling: Who was quickly falling into alcoholism, withdrawing,…[View]
32961911I want to take a post-op trans woman, fill her cooch with as much ranch dressing as can fit, and the…[View]
32955804Are all AGPs doomed to transition at some point in time? I've had this my whole life (I literal…[View]
32960488/gaygen/ - pewds edition: old: >>32959552[View]
32957295Are chasers actually gay?: Do chasers need to be gay to be attracted to trans women. It looks like t…[View]
32959441some of you bitches who transitioned like after 23 want to be the mean girl in high school so fuckin…[View]
32960224the only trans women that talk about how much they love chasers. why are transbians so weird? i hone…[View]
32962142gona touch myself with a noose around my neck and then go to appointment[View]
32962105the true clowns are gay men: they get hot for male whatever but in a way normal men get hot for puss…[View]
32956619How to fix lower face fat?: I've finally made it out of underweight and am just half a pound be…[View]
32960953me gets hard smelling my gf butt: she gets hard the moment my dick touches her backdoor i dont get h…[View]
32961903Why do you guys think that trans men usually go on to have fairly normal romantic and sexual lives, …[View]
32960731say i raped contra one more time, i dare you[View]
32961639why are black guys so violent? when i was 14 and being groomed on discord into sending pictures of m…[View]
32961783Does anyone else know the context for this based video of a trans middle school student beating the …[View]
32959337I want a filthy man to be on top in bed and then I want him to lick my face and I reek of his disgus…[View]
32958101reply to this thread and I'll guess what flavor of faggot you are[View]
32961247How can the social contagion of gender dysphoria be stopped?[View]
32961149I hate trannies.[View]
32961032i both love and hate being a midshit frfr[View]
32961719thoughts on wearing a slutty dark brandon crop top?[View]
32961062TDS is crazy. This is an example of what someone with TDS just playing a video game looks like. TDS …[View]
32961213i miss before i started hrt when i could shoot thick ropes, now i cant even cum at all this sucks[View]
32959334i wish i was a girl...: or even not straight. boys are so lovely and i wanna kiss them. what to do?…[View]
32956686mtfg- malding, thrashing, flailing, gasping: There's no last. This is it. Calm your tits janny…[View]
32957557>You are breathtaking, girl[View]
32946552are all chasers secretly trannies themselves?[View]
32957563>boyfriend told me he cheated on me with like half a dozen girls >got incredibly turned on by …[View]
32954322If they found a way to prevent transgenderism and homosexuality while still in the womb with the adv…[View]
32961189being mistaken for a girl: why does it have to feel so nice??? like shouldnt it be insluting to a bo…[View]
32959278I love science class. I live for the field trips we take in that class. The first time we went on a …[View]
32961313i keep getting she/her while in girlmode and it makes me so happy i wanna wag my nonexistent puppy t…[View]
32961050friend group's cumdump: a while back i made a post about how my friends like when i dress up as…[View]
32953327how do i prevent euphoria boners? i can't girlmode and go out like that...[View]
32959965Is sh cut supposed to look pink? Mine looks pink and i think its cute. I was taking a shit in the ba…[View]
32957807trannies look like THIS? SEX!![View]
32952524You trannies can't do math[View]
32956961Believe it or not: She passes. Tr00ns, this is how we glow up[View]
32960611Breastfeeding: This is completely natural. All humans on the planet has had breast milk of some kind…[View]
32960562do they know?: i'm a boymoder, and ive been malefailing more than usual lately. i still present…[View]
32960671This is how my ideal chaser husband looks like. Your thoughts?[View]
32955925i wanna go on E eventually, but for now would ralox sabotage my future E gains? nya~[View]
32960744>be me >go on Grindr >talk to cute guy >we start hitting it off >get cold feet and bl…[View]
32959404Everyone of every race, color and creed are united in their hatred of trannies. Will transphobia sav…[View]
32960647AGP is the purest form of love: and the only valid reason to transition[View]
32956816Look at this pathetic failed male Look at the way she holds her phone. Look at how weak and pathetic…[View]
32960657council: images that trigger instant nut or return of the voices or psychological terror in terminal…[View]
32958749I heard anecdotally that going off estrogen for a month and restarting can induce breast growth. doe…[View]
32960593Fat hairy male seeking make attention: I’m 280lbs seeking for some hairy male attention. I need some…[View]
32960174Gatekeeping hrt makes no sense: Why would any man willingly chemically castrate himself if he didn…[View]
32960548Search & Destroy: Where would I find Femboy’s near me? I accidentally seen a Femboy and I haven’…[View]
32958020i switched my name in the college system to my tranny name and every single time i say thats my name…[View]
32959552/gaygen/ sexy back edition: prev >>32958419[View]
32960324less lube more pleasure: less lube more pleasure[View]
32960291it must suck to know that any guy who shows an interest in your mosquito bite chest is unironically …[View]
32960214I was an incel before HRT and now that I can get women I'm absolutely obsessed with it. I can…[View]
32960308Why do you hate 'chasers'?: >i want someone who doesn't care they I'm trans and likes m…[View]
32959223Favorite /tttt/ Cognitohazards: Mine is John 50, how about you?[View]
32956190Omg I just met my new bf's brother today (the first one from his family) and he was super nice …[View]
32959925i am absolutely terrified of women: make it stop[View]
32958961Good AGP Movies: Besides Ed Wood, are there any movies out there with positive AGP representation or…[View]
32956902otkph: just sent over 175 usdc to otokonoko has anyone else ordered recently? how do i confirm my or…[View]
32958049My boss at my workplace changed my name to a female name in our system without asking me or ever tal…[View]
32955672>trying to figure out why my mom hates me >she doesn't hate other trans people >she wa…[View]
32955763Trans admiral gets salary reduced to a penny: A penny! By lauren boebert Who was the trans woman who…[View]
32953828Anyone wanna pay for a boobjob and maybe FFS? I’ll move in with you, cook and clean for you, whateve…[View]
32957283>thread after thread of i’m agp, early 20s, and its over Stop making relatable posts and then say…[View]
32959891You ever think about how cis bi women always get stereotyped as being mostly male attracted, but bi …[View]
32957645>cis gf is the same kind of autistic as me and lets me talk like a cringey egirl being cutesy and…[View]
32959838how to get pooner to love me?: I'm a t4t poon, in community college because all troons are stup…[View]
32958897>want to be white male >know that it is impossible with current medical technology >health…[View]
32954455wyd in this situation[View]
32959875Boymoder stories: Post cute/funny boymoder stories or boymoder stories in general. They make me happ…[View]
32952880>these hormones will prevent me from aging like a man[View]
32957425I'm a dumbfuck and took 2 PreP pills a day for 3 days. 6 pills in total How fucked am i?[View]
32959837How to make my first time good?: I have a surgery next week so my first time got postponed until rec…[View]
32953268>hunter Schafer >pariah the doll just heard their voices. I had thought I got over my resentme…[View]
32958470I present to you my Armored Core - Autism^2. Any suggestions on what I should add?[View]
32959402boss thinks I'm an mtf: My boss thinks I'm a boymoder and is encouraging me to be out at w…[View]
32955638Go to left-wing circles: >95% of them treat you decently Go to right-wing circles: >95% of t…[View]
32958249>be me >autistic straight tranner >have bf who is also autistic >have a ton of weird fet…[View]
32959651Another day of feeling nauseous because I'm finally eating enough calories to make me gain weig…[View]
32953186Do you ever wake up and think about the fact that you're literally a tranny? Like you're l…[View]
32959490so how can an amab look like her? serious replies only[View]
32959597Alright, as of this morning I've started to lower my spiro dose. You faggots better have not li…[View]
32955556Trans girls were made by Goddess to be babies, suck on pacis and go potty in their diapies[View]
32958419/gaygen/ gaygen got talent edition: previous>>32954757 qott: what talent do you have l, gaygen…[View]
32958840Metaphysical AGP: Plato talked about the material world just being an imperfect reflection of a high…[View]
32956310Is WMAF common for Asian tranners?[View]
32957312If AGP is a fetish, what are normal people like?: I'm confused here, not trying to cope or bait…[View]
32959512Based /LGBT/ anons: ITT share wisdom of based anons found on /LGBT/.[View]
32959356I call myself a woman yet I can't cook, clean and have zero fashion sense[View]
32951261I wasn't expecting boobs until month 3. But now I'm relegated to hoodies after a few weeks…[View]
32946571lesgen - alone forever edition: https://youtu.be/yxCmWgd4xjA bonus: https://youtu.be/tKu93n5-QS4 qot…[View]
32945711Brianna Wu being canceled for posting on /tttt: Called out as a 4channer for mocking troons[View]
32957472Met this chaser on grindr we had a pretty cool time together. We met just to get to know each other …[View]
32955949Hi.. Tihs is my Friend.. xin Lu.. You may talk About being gay and other Stuff in the. Thread[View]
32957233Being a hon in Brazil fucking sucks. Every tranny here is a hussie that started diy hrt at 12, is 5…[View]
32959072Guilt and burden of self hatred: Hello, i as well as most of you im sure have faced intense trauma, …[View]
32952461Why do chasers act like it's so hard to talk to trans girls?: Do these people have no personali…[View]
32958738guys........ my boymoder discovered she is a drawing and is now having an existential crisis over th…[View]
32956509How do you separate being trans from autistic obsession? I saw everything on the internet about bein…[View]
32952800I'm derealizing so fucking hard right now.[View]
32955450Why is it so hard to be attracted to men? Even women who are a bit on the ugly side still can be ver…[View]
32958996Σ(O_O;) Anta wa tōranso onna des[View]
32951478no boyfriend that just suddenly appears in my life without me having to go out and meet people i sho…[View]
32958879Had a dream where I was dragged out into a convention by my boyfriend, he made me put on a furry cat…[View]
32956649I cannot be a tranny. In fact I despise trannies, I spent the last 10 years talking shit about trann…[View]
32958647did i make it?: >22 mtf >hrt for 3 years >in trade school >the dude bros think im funny …[View]
32955300Topster: I’m bored at work, share games or music etc. and guess letters if you want[View]
32958354Fuck HRT, embrace alcoholism.[View]
32957428Trans-core Media?: Are there any movies, games or shows that radiate Trans-core energy?[View]
32953507I'm not a tranny, I just think if I could go back to character creation in this shitty game cal…[View]
32956570Girls belong with girls.[View]
32958623why are cis male heterosexual MAPs attracted to boys?[View]
32952542would you still love your trans gf if she was a vegan? and she saw you as an abhorrent flesh eating…[View]
32955189Now that the dust has settled... Was she right?[View]
32954922Hows your day going?: I havent left my apartment in a month. I was going to go outside today, then i…[View]
32958067>They hated because he told them the truth[View]
32956568Why do almost all of het women, cis or trans, have the personality of a door? 99% of the women with …[View]
32954757/gaygen/ big daddy edition: previous>>32952638[View]
32958390If girls dont have buttholes, why are so many transgirls wearing diapers? Someone is lying here.[View]
32956167Trannies will call themselves lolis and be like 5'8[View]
32957864What's the deal with so many straight women these days adopting the masc butch aesthetic? Not e…[View]
32957625male validation: >i had a guy over to study together >we took a break and i made him food >…[View]
32946855Seriously?: Why are pooners such tryhards?[View]
32956995asking for a friend: how can a very dysphoric closeted transfem study for the upcoming tests? all sh…[View]
32955645>transition as teenager >never got the full experience of being a man with a job, and a partne…[View]
32955333/chaser feels/: >mfw trans gf describes her childhood[View]
32952048Poons Pass Better: >join taimi >set preferences to trans men and trans women >all trans men…[View]
32957788it awoke something in me and now I'm a loser agp transbian.[View]
32955542>I will never be a theyfab[View]
32956547>pooner femboy bussy[View]
32956781Tranny trying to gain weight: Is eating 45 grams of peanut butter (whole, no sugar, only peanuts) a …[View]
32956712Confused person here. I'm a pretty reserved straight (so far) dude, not virgin but been out of …[View]
32955278What does the inside of a sweaty boymoder hoodie smell like? Would you smell a boymoder of you saw o…[View]
32937410POONER CHASERS what do you like about us: My Grindr inbox is full of you, and I find myself too gros…[View]
32957131Can I be accepted by the LGBTQ movement as bisexual if I'm a cis man who likes top shemales and…[View]
32954597We need to have distinctions between enby (afab) and enby (amab) because those two are completely di…[View]
32952053boymoders: where to find cute boymoders to love and date irl? especially in this godforsaken land do…[View]
32954127How can trannies compete with 100% real women?[View]
32949076Weed made me trans and I'm not even lying.[View]
32957034New brainworm dropped[View]
32957118BDD passoids: “WAAAAAH! I’m a hon!” Actual hons: “What the fuck is a hon?”[View]
32957070anybdy know where i can get estrogen blockers online?: i can't find them on any typical tranny …[View]
32947191Is my therapist right?: My therapist told me I have an unhealthy obsession with my dad. She said tha…[View]
32953861I would like to buy one 4chan tranny trip pls I will keep them in my basement until they turn 24 and…[View]
32956921I wish burger-chan would call me a real hamburger[View]
32956782I transitioned into a woman because in 2023 that's the dominant gender role[View]
32954392last time >>32950586 qott how many drinks have u had this week[View]
32953819>the autistic non-passing transbian who only has male interests and hobbies and wasn't fem a…[View]
32955438>visit this board every single day for the last 8 months >have reddit and youtube accounts whe…[View]
32952913Everyone on dating apps is fucking ugly and an npc[View]
32954359Are your parents proud of you?[View]
32956236>cisf lesbian chaser gf admitted that she was a little bisexual no no no no no no no no no…[View]
32956394>almost three years into HRT >next to zero fat redistribution >still not even AA cup (can…[View]
32954960If I can make trans girls like me online can I make them like me irl?: >I was in a discord server…[View]
32956278Go fuck yourself Go fuck yourself Go fuck yourself Go fuck yourself Go fuck yourself Go fuck yoursel…[View]
32956237My live reaction to seeing Twitch and YouTube ecelebrity threads on the catalog: 99/100 of these thr…[View]
32956048Could you date a trans woman who used to be in a relationship with her mom[View]
32954314seeking Michel Foucault thinker BF in brooklyn: Hey boys and 4channers. I had several boyfriends in …[View]
32955398Pooners you will never have a masculine skull.: Please stop embarrassing yourselves dood.[View]
32955458What would you do if you came across a boymoder who liked writing about hypothetical encounters with…[View]
32955924i think risperidone turned me into a faggot: like i remember my thing being at least an inch longer …[View]
32955929Blog Post: Comfort in your own skin, is hard. And so much of the time, I think it's your enviro…[View]
32950414>ghost my bf for six months because anxiety >I was feeling good today and messaged him about …[View]
32955265LGBT rant feel free to ignore: Man i am so incredibly bored and lonely there is absolutely nothing d…[View]
32952556>transgenderism is a mental disorder How do you respond, /lgbt/?[View]
32949491>IF YOU SHAVED YOU'D LOOK FEMALE Well? Your rebuttal?[View]
32955725My family hates black people: But they're very supportive of trans rights. One of the reasons …[View]
32951954Do troons like chud spergs[View]
32955475Here's a twink death I've never seen posted.: Do you know who she is?[View]
32951334>this person is considered just as valid a troon as you medically speaking…[View]
32954520women either want to have sex with you or they don't 98% of men are not sexually attractive to …[View]
32948656I wanna move to sweden and get a blonde twink bf[View]
32954493most of you are youngfags under 25. where do you see yourself when you're 50+?[View]
32933813/AGPgen/ - Music edition: Previous Thread: >>32917692 >QOTT: What are your favorite songs/a…[View]
32952882All transphobia is simply lookism. The crime of trans people is simply being ugly.[View]
32955439imagine having a nude, plugged, caged, bound, blinded, and gagged bagel in your closet for on demand…[View]
32954102I'm so fucking jealous of all the women asking their boyfriends how often they think about the …[View]
32950774Why does the Troon Brain Exist?: why does the troon brain exist? I feel like I should def transition…[View]
32955159how do i find a career i can do i hate my degree and i'm failing all my classes, the only thing…[View]
32952659It is impossible to get laid as an above average top on Grindr. Everyone out there is saying that ga…[View]
32954297I love this type of image, share your modern art pieces[View]
32954951Androgyno: I'm 33 yom I rep for a long time and transitioning was and will never be an option. …[View]
32955153mom called me ma'am today im just gay[View]
32954920>'youngshits pa-'[View]
32949484Tranners were made to eat cisussy.[View]
32954307Literal decades away from affording surgeries I need: >started hrt at 18 >need: >£35000+ ff…[View]
32946314Blaire based as usual: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VN5T1_eI00Q[View]
32942710how has porn influenced your sexuality and your attitude towards people? >actively avoided porn a…[View]
32953718is crossdressing the most pleasurable thing a man can do with his body?[View]
32954526If you had the choice to stop feeling dysphoria and be happy as a male, would you take it? Why?[View]
32954415Why do repressors do this?[View]
32953432do you need blonde hair to be hsts: literally like all the popular huss girls dyed her hair blonde l…[View]
32954824how does one compensate for being ugly, uncharismatic, and short as a man i am 24 i stock shelves a…[View]
32954248Hiii /LGBT/ newfag here I am straight but I fall in love seeing hot femboy like this bc of hers fem…[View]
32952267seeing pretty trans girls makes me want to kill myself[View]
32951438would using my savings to buy a cabin in northern Maine and never interacting with normalfags ever a…[View]
32952638/gaygen/ - plin plin plan plin plan plin edition: previous >>32947932[View]
32953149I almost forgot my HRT tonight: Prozium-Chan HRT reminder thread, don't forget your estrogen in…[View]
32951821ew, is this how irish pooners look like?[View]
32953892How do I get my tgirl roommate to suck my cock? She's cute.[View]
32954643Trannies are 80% women on average and some malebrained trannies go as low as 20% Almost all men excl…[View]
32953536HSTS trans fems, what are your thoughts on bisexual men? Would you date them?[View]
32954182>mtf >first time being intimate with a guy >making out on my bed >pins me down and choke…[View]
32951806I fucking love tall tranners so much like being tall is the hottest thing ever I wish I wasn't …[View]
32948171is she right?: are enbies and neo pronoun users not valid?[View]
32954418Why are detroonies scared of their troonself?[View]
32953792Are rapehons who express a sexual interest in children and interracial rape valid? Picrel- troon wh…[View]
32954175I want to be a cute little boy that hugs and kisses and cuddles other cute little boys. Is that so m…[View]
32953831so queer eye for the straight guy failed, but men still need to be fixed and the problem is getting …[View]
32949742/hornygen/: No thread yet edition[View]
32953411My bf abuses me and I like it.: I'm talking him slapping/hitting me when when I'm doing so…[View]
32951835whywhywhywhywhywhy: why do people say theyre glad theyre trans when this is fucking hell. i wanna be…[View]
32952744would transition have saved him?: which famous dead person do you think would've been saved by …[View]
32953797>not attracted to men >never 'fallen in love' or 'crushed' on another man (crush/fall in love …[View]
32953236>the year is 2028 >the US reinstitutes the draft for a war against China over Taiwan >trans…[View]
32953788Why do they never answer: I'm sad and suicidal and I just want to talk to the one hotline that …[View]
32952853>dad is malignant dickhead >get neglected & abused because I’m a gay little boy with diabe…[View]
32951884How much should I tip my bottom?[View]
32953776this is not fucking fair: >be me >be tf2 16 year old pre-hrt tgirl >meet 15 year old bi cis…[View]
32953452>invited to local fb group for trans women >joins >scrolls through >meme about 'tiddy sk…[View]
32953246We need more men like this. About 5 million more exactly.[View]
32952709college club: hey so i was like thinkin or whatever that maybe joining the college's lgbt club …[View]
32953772Look him up: Roger Rosenbaum molested me multiple times when I was a very young. I recently figured …[View]
32953732Are autoandrophilic butch dykes who want to top women and trannies welcome on Grindr: Asking for a f…[View]
32952396i am going to be alone forever its driving me fucking insane i am only capable of developing intense…[View]
32952434Gay Sex Tips: I'm a ftm getting fucked by a bi man. He's dominant and likes to slap and ch…[View]
32953755Why are femboys so easy to get?: They basically make women obsolete. >be me (Seattleite) >go t…[View]
32952630i wish i didnt look like a teenage male forever no matter how much hrt i take just wish i could be p…[View]
32951950>22 year old mtf how do i deal with the fact that im 4 years past the trans girl expiration date?…[View]
32952623how the fuck do I cope with being 6 feet tall[View]
32947511Aight, I’m done. My mind is set. Throw any advice at me and I’ll try it out. My transition has grind…[View]
32950498Just stabbed my disgusting man hand with a fork. Hope I hit a blood vessel uwu.[View]
32953329my boymoder gf is so based and i wish she knew how pretty she was. when she gets upset she does this…[View]
32943168neil degrass tyson defends trans: see hes a scientist and he supports us[View]
32953262I hate liberal LGBTQ+ soundbyte messaging: Why the hell is the liberal messaging on LGBTQ+ rights so…[View]
32947222>overhear my cis friends clock an ftm from behind from his arms alone Holy fuck it's so over…[View]
32948470How doi find a trans gf willing to provide me with milk for cereal?[View]
32953562Do I stay a twink or troon out? Getting real tired of living as a male...[View]
32950955Post your copes here[View]
32949215where do i get a group of girls to forcefem me like in oniichan wa oshimai[View]
32953134>Why do they have honfidence? >Why do the prettiest tranners have the worst brainworms? Same a…[View]
32953419Are there MTF PEDs?: Are there PEDs like some guys take to burn fat and build muscle and stuff for p…[View]
32950009>yeah, just a few more months of boymoding and I'll pass for sure!…[View]
32952629Has anyone else noticed that very feminine people generally don’t eat very much? I don’t mean women,…[View]
32953150goodbye, 4chan: i tried to reconcile my journey of self improvement and salvaging my social life wit…[View]
32953025how do i stop resenting my parents for not letting me transition, they doomed me to a life of hondom…[View]
32953173How to take a picture without an angle in it.: Hey guys. I was browsing one of the threads and I jus…[View]
32953270>25 >6’2 >hrt at 18 >don’t pass i am living in hell…[View]
32952679Ok confused once again....What hints are male chasers to take from female chasers?: Just when you th…[View]
32950875Why do people believe that trans women can do sex work?: Hello, I’m a woman and I have a question on…[View]
32951819rubbing my pp feels so good but it makes me feel sad. im still a girl if i rub my small flacid pp ag…[View]
32953007Is /lgbt/ ready to admit she’s the hottest transphobe of all time?[View]
32952981getting euphoria from my dick NOT working: can anyone relate?[View]
32951845I think troons are fine, I just use you to vent my anger[View]
32952655At least for the next 5 years I won't be able to look like this, maybe I'll just cut my ha…[View]
32953017Drugs have a major effect on my sexuality. Some make me way more/less gynephilic or androphilic, unt…[View]
32950586/mtfg/ 女らしい general: pop pop pop popcorn edition >>32946093 (last episode)[View]
32944240I have a lazy neet 'boymoder' girlfriend. I simply demand that she exercises, do skincare, shaves, t…[View]
32952953I want to get raped by a woman I want to get raped by a woman I want to get raped by a woman I want …[View]
32949851Post all your pictures of boymoder like this I want to archive them[View]
32947478I trauma bonded with this girl who went through a lot of the same shit I did (bad experience with ps…[View]
32946583>completely obsessed with trans girls since I find out they were a thing as a 15 yo >managed t…[View]
32950906I gymmaxxed, tried to charismamaxx, got hobbies, and improved myself in nearly every metric possible…[View]
32951864When is it ok to hit your trans gf?[View]
32952377it works: >haven't been gendered correctly once despite 6 months on hormones >gain five p…[View]
32951718what BMI to get cheek fat back: I'm tired of being a ghoul moder. Between my ghostly pallor dar…[View]
32949582He knows what he’s doing: I hate living in Baltimore[View]
32947115what would a repper pride march look like? why haven't reppers bothered to make their own flag?[View]
32952695>mfw im a chud but can't hate trannies cause i can only listen to their music…[View]
32844322/sig/ - lgbt self improvement general: Cooking Edition previous: >>32738143 Goal of the thread…[View]
32951772Detransitioned FTM: What the fuck do I do with all my t? Should I just throw it away? I have around …[View]
32952086I wish i had a better relationship with my dad[View]
32950993Why does my stomach buldge out at the bottom like that :( is there a way i can fix it?[View]
32951830>trans gf said she wanted to be 'my child' and me to be a pedo[View]
32952045i just want to be happy why do i have to suffer[View]
32948484How can I pass better. I'm so nasty. uwu sempi. notice me.[View]
32948615sup niggas.[View]
32943844Why are trans women so beautiful and mystifying?[View]
32948908>guy comes up and tries to start talking to me because he thinks I'm a woman >start talki…[View]
32951961if i was a trans girl i would simply just pass[View]
32950969Caring about what you looked like at all was considered gay in the 2000's.[View]
32945646If you wouldn't prefer to be her over being your current self, you aren't trutrans[View]
32948867would bottoms make good glowies? >they all walk extremely fast for their natural walking pace …[View]
32951533having a platonic cuddle sesh with an oomfie >>>>>>>>>[View]
32951863how tf am i supposed to tell a transphobic mother ive trooned out? do i just disappear or rope? it f…[View]
32951286Why are all trannies lesbian? Why can't I date one? Is that too much to ask?[View]
32951914Digestive Orientation and the LGBTQ+ Community: A Christian Perspective: As a Christian, I often see…[View]
32945766Why do i get attention online?: Why when the tranny is online do the standards drop so far? In r al …[View]
32944477>get home from work >my trans gf surprises me with a cake! >kitchen looks like a warzone …[View]
32949827Can we get a moment of silence for all of the boys/girls that would have dated you if only you hadn…[View]
32951550How many of yall were 'gifted in highschool': T. Troon who literally everyone in their fri…[View]
32950935>4 years HRT >still have male fat distribution; everything goes to my belly and people have th…[View]
32949597this will never be me because i didnt start hrt at 12/13/14[View]
32947932/gaygen/ - cuddles edition: previous >>32946370 when was the last time you cuddled with a guy?…[View]
32922125FFS general: Discussion thread for the various procedures, surgeons, and results of facial feminizat…[View]
32948093Genuine question: Do trans girls who like Bridget even play Guilty Gear? Like do you guys even know …[View]
32951211Are there any other ftms here that look like the chudjak there's no way I'm the only one[View]
32948044Destined to be a diaper tranny?: A few weeks ago I suddenly remembered that when I was 8 or 9 I had …[View]
32951421Am I a repper or am I just being rational?[View]
32947317amabs will never be as beautiful as afabs[View]
32951513How do I make honskull work?: I’m trooning out fully aware I’ll be a twinkhon at best. My question i…[View]
32943988how do you cope with never being able to be a mom[View]
32951490..imagine the sheer outrage if a diapertroon did this[View]
32946592'transmedicalism' is retarded transgenderism is diagnosed solely off you claiming to want to be diag…[View]
32951420Meanwhile on /lgbt/ mansion...[View]
3295063118 is too late: anyone start at the 'correct' age and still a gigahon? i wish i wasnt a retard i wis…[View]
32951145Top is HSTS bottom is AGP[View]
32945679How come trans women with strong and defined facial features don't pass compared to cis women? …[View]
32951275why was i born male[View]
32951263can someone help explain the basic of insurance coverage to me?: like idk how to see if the plan tha…[View]
32949612cisgendered males desiring pre-operative trans women to top them with their cocks doesn't make …[View]
32951227Funny how times changes: My dysphoria becomes less and less over time to be honest transitioning wou…[View]
32950685How can hons do shit like this and not see how ridiculous they look? I do everything i can to cover …[View]
32951176How do l deal with the loneliness?: Nobody will ever date me or not be disgusted by me. Impossible t…[View]
32950430Why are lesbians so ugly?: >think I see a hideous obese hon at walmart >it's just a hideo…[View]
32950663>we gotta get these outta the female changing rooms not that I…. a man… want to change next to he…[View]
32951084my boymoder does not understand the central limit theorem. should i return her to the shelter?[View]
32949996>be gay top >exclusively date HRT femboys and FtM twinks, it's just my taste in men >m…[View]
32946071will suck dick for approval[View]
32948519This is what all st4t couples look like irl except the poon is fat as shit[View]
32948914Why do I wanna look like a girl, it isn’t FAIR and its DUMB[View]
32950638being a real man: is there hope for me to be a real man? i'm 5'2, weak and frail, i get em…[View]
32949891> be me, intersex living as ftm, passoid and stealth > small following on twitter has attract…[View]
32943659i want to be viewed as someone whos cute and submissive and impotent and even kinda pathetic but im …[View]
32950048the concept of transition is what blackpilled me and made me realize i am not in control of my life[View]
32946645Girl told me she doesn't have a sexuality: I want to give everyone the full context >Be Me 2…[View]
32950460how to ask for help: am a tranny whose only other friends r more trannies, i plan on killing myself …[View]
32948980I know that I will never be a man. Hell, in all honesty I’m probably just some fujoshi with weird fu…[View]
32949348I think my bottom might be a domestic terrorist[View]
32946595Trans Bridget won cosplay contest[View]
32948010Do I pass? Be brutally honest.[View]
32949802Who wins big Sophie or german Julie[View]
32949674is this true?: can i really bang a pre-hrt/early transition pooner by pretending to be gay?[View]
32948961what would you do if your child (regardless of being adopted/bio/surrogate) was bigoted towards lgbt…[View]
32942597This is literally me[View]
32950472Have you been?[View]
32949669/lgbt/ is just /cccc/: 90% threads if not more are dominated by rapey fag in denial chasers. I miss …[View]
32947694It’s over sisters, toob is brutally mogging us all[View]
32949559I hate being chinese so fucking much. literally every single issue in my life is from being chinese.…[View]
32948108What’s the word for ‘femboy’ in languages other than English?[View]
32945147Onimai cracked my egg[View]
32945159Boy Names: /tttt/ is it okay to be a tranny and have an unambiguously boy name if you''re …[View]
32948008trans girls what dreams do you have and are you a girl in your dreams: when i was little in my dream…[View]
32949311I'm 6 months HRT and my moodiness kicked in. I'm tired and don't want to move and cra…[View]
32949561Was Genrikh Yagoda, one of the leaders of the soviet NKVD, AGP?: What do you think[View]
32948212What's the experience of ass to mouth line? Picunrel[View]
32949723Being gay or trans is just a form of being intersex[View]
32947681How do I, a meta-attracted analloerotic autogynephile, make it clear to transbians that I respect an…[View]
32946660Have you been a good girl or a naughty girl?[View]
32947622Are there any cool trans discord servers up rn?[View]
32944605Why do trans girl breasts look so much more worse compared to cis girls? Is it because of the short …[View]
32948815Vaginoplasty: Where are the good-looking MTF vaginas? These doctors can’t carve a vulva worth a shit…[View]
32947896/gaygen/ based white gays edition: previous >>32946370[View]
32946525do you make cis women uncomfortable in the bathroom?[View]
32947859Why are there 0 pictures of Ann Slutzky's jaw contouring work anywhere online, only brow and no…[View]
32947139Why didn't anybody warn me that HRT would make all my fetishes fade into nothing?[View]
32949492'Why are there so many transpeople now??'[View]
32949033Im not gay im a male fujoshi. I love yaoi but irl men and especially gay men are gross :/[View]
32947796Who is the hottest trans streamer? You ever get uncontrollable urges to just fuck their brains out? …[View]
32948584I'll die a virgin: Cancelled a hookup because I have a surgery next week. He gave me his number…[View]
32949327I love being a transexual AMAB enby[View]
32945104What would you do if you came across a star-marked boymoder who had been born on a certain day to un…[View]
32949210I may be an AGP but at least I'm not a self-proclaimed 'sissy'[View]
32948380Only compliment I've got that my mental gymnastics would make me the king of Narnia. Also that …[View]
32947599when will it be my turn to be happy: I just want to be a cute lesbian housewife, but I have this fat…[View]
32946922foot hon: size 13 womans shoes its so over i should just rope now[View]
32946093/mtfg/: last: >>32940820 pb: https://pastebin.com/eTh4cwQ0 qott: why are (you) still here?…[View]
32948898Short-haired cis girl with flags: Do I belong here?[View]
32945946Boymoders of the tropics, your time has come: Winter is over! What do YOU do to hide breasts in the …[View]
32948466tfw my annoying friend who isn't even a real tranny got an hrt prescription in like 2 months me…[View]
32946957Top chasers deserve a cute tranner and bottom chasers deserve to be beaten with a crowbar[View]
32946344How do you stay alive as a gigahon?: I hate the way I look and my personality, I can't improve …[View]
32948601prank called tractor supply stores with my girlfriend today asking for sneeds feed and seed then suc…[View]
32946448Did porn turn me gay?: I honestly believe that watching porn has changed my sexuality and that I’m a…[View]
32946697What does tranny clear runny coom taste like?[View]
32933041Ever notice how the most beautiful cis women are kind of clocky? How does anyone expect individuals …[View]
32945764why not have a trans gf and a cis gf: bith bi, raising children together. one womb, two seed givers.…[View]
32948722help me ftm's/lesbians too idk: okay so theres this butch lesbian that I like, goes by he/him. …[View]
32946527I don't have dysphoria but I wish I was a girl.[View]
32946546Does spiro actually prevent titty growth? I've heard from a lot of people to stop going on spir…[View]
32947644Girls belong with girls.[View]
32946591How do I cope: I have wanted to be a man ever since I was 9. I can’t imagine taking on the female ro…[View]
32944975Its finished for her. Dear God: How do trannies be so self unaware https://twitter.com/wyattreed13/…[View]
32945307Does your wallet pass?: Does it anon?[View]
32946159Some of us are so lucky for having chaser bfs, they are so precious...[View]
32926388Reminder: Minors NEED hrt. This IS the hill to die on. Any tranner that doesn't support this is…[View]
32946198Are you an Angel or are you a Witch?[View]
32943254Don't know where to take this but here I had a weird situationship going on with this cute guy …[View]
32947560why is futa dickgirl best girl? explain this /lgbt/.[View]
32947888>boyremoving a repper[View]
32943040how come cis women can have bushy eyebrows and it's not a problem but when trans women do it…[View]
32945542>take my blood pressure and pulse before talking to my Discord crush >BP 106/65, pulse 59 >…[View]
32946370/gaygen/ - attractive politicians from your country edition: previous >>32942989[View]
32945021Why do all pooners look like this? Who is encouraging them? Do they have no shame? These are the peo…[View]
32947398I abused my trans gf and she ran out crying: I thought you trannies liked that shit wtf[View]
32947252If you may only receive adoration from men or women, which would you choose?[View]
32945829I'm a repper and I want to be teased by a pretty trans girl who teases me with her body.[View]
32947759>transwomen are hot[View]
32947613>hons fight for the legal and social rights of trannies everywhere >passoids only hide and co…[View]
32945889Best option for me?: >be me >18 yr male in university >about 5,5 60kg and because god has …[View]
32943350good girls get cum :3: i think cum is kinda gross but i still want lots and lots of it because it is…[View]
32944633I need to know javier milei's attitude towards transgenderism. This is all I need to know for h…[View]
32945689Honfidence: Is there an explanation for this phenomenon?[View]
32945083What is it like to be a trans woman in prison?: I dreamed that I was arrested and sent to a mens pri…[View]
32946884i'm so retarded i had to reboot my pc since it was acting weird and my phone is charging so i d…[View]
32947346any other tgirls just have an insatiable desire to be bred? or is it just bc I got that dawg in me (…[View]
32940951if you transitioned >= 25 you are not a true transsexual[View]
32942856How do I find a bf in uni: Which societies should I go to, or should I just look for people doing my…[View]
32946684Chaser hate: I hate chasers so much I wish there was trans inclusive radical feminism. Their rapist …[View]
32945976How do you cope?: I don't have any coping mechanisms besides weed. Literally the only thing pre…[View]
32946835are high cheekbones a good or bad thing for trannies to have?[View]
32946594Is having a dog malebrained or femalebrained? Reasons why i think its femalebrained; >protects yo…[View]
32947020yesterday I fapped thinking about sucking the dick of a horse, I don't know how to feel about i…[View]
32947181Theres a trannee at the storbucks… theres a trannee in a mask at the gas station, theres a trannee a…[View]
32947002I may be a brick but I've had real hip growth on HRT so checkmate atheists[View]
32942223I want to get lip and cheek fillers because I think the gigastacy aesthetic is super cute, but I…[View]
32946868how do i cope with the fact that my boyfriend doesn't really like me[View]
32943336How old is too old to transition.Is it over for me at 21 or is there a chance?[View]
32941017why are doctors talking like this now? when you go to the hospital or urgent care or specialists, st…[View]
32946182hondosing myself because im scared of needles[View]
32946849wanting to bottom for trans women doesn't make you a bad person[View]
32946820We are never getting that manifesto[View]
32942943if sitting peeing gives you 'euphoria' you are a faketrans AGP. HSTS will stand peeing and feel no l…[View]
32946811what's the position of hair hons in the overall hon hierarchy? im sadly follicly challenged re …[View]
32943195what kind of exercise should i focus on if i want to burn fat? is cardio or strength training more i…[View]
32944905just what the fuck did u expect nao: literally one second after skipping me im back here find the tr…[View]
32946613me (agp) in the women's restroom[View]
32942946/LGBT/ game: post your hyperfixation/hobby and people guess what letter you are. I'll start: Ma…[View]
32946202Why do I want HRT so much even though I never identified with the female identity, why can't I …[View]
32939845Cis women and anal sex: I am about to tell you something disgusting and vomit-inducing; so I apologi…[View]
32946523I'm an AGP who wants to be feminine in the way that AAPs are feminine[View]
32943894I am gay and I can’t fucking take it anymore: I am alone Ugly and look like a masculine femboy guy e…[View]
32946046It’s insane how far the pendulum has swung back. Matt Walsh‘s position is apparently a mainstream ce…[View]
32940124TRANSWOMEN .....: Transwomen how do you feel when someone you date wants - to suck your dick - jerk …[View]
32942989/gaygen/ gay presidents edition: previous: >>32940489[View]
32946218fashion thread: why did the fucking fashion thread get deleted? i get that it’s often just a way for…[View]
32929522/hornygen/: Arch edition[View]
32945155is it strange that im hyper attracted to well adjusted AGPs? im not AGP myself, or HSTS i should cla…[View]
32943307mfw talking to my psychiatrist and he says 'being trans is not a mental illness'[View]
32944002Good morning~[View]
32944866Who Has It Worse?: Poons: Pros: >Most look like men after a while on T >Beard can cover up lac…[View]
32941820This is a genuine question: So one of my childhood friends came out to our friend group as trans and…[View]
32945817>be me >18, tranny, heavier jaw >being hon dosed on e it’s over i’ll never pass I should ju…[View]
32926124lesgen wife edition: qott: will you propose? or do you want your future wife to? non-marriage losers…[View]
32943026Hijacked Narratives: Ever felt your identity co-opted and paraded as someone else's battle flag…[View]
32944389>halloween coming up >start seeing spooky themed twitter accounts >start seeing spooky them…[View]
32945510i’m dating a 20 year old mtf passoid and omg why are trans women so beautiful? seriously they’re lik…[View]
32945414You are gay.: If you clicked to come into /LGBT/ youre gay. There's no other reason. You'r…[View]
32944110envious of a sex doll: i have body envy for a sex doll. like i feel kind of inferior knowing that i …[View]
32944492Are we going to hell bros[View]
32945929>lurking cc again[View]
32945737This is so true.[View]
32945810am I just doomed to be a brickhon forever[View]
32943479LGBT flag destroyed: Someone destroyed the LGBT flag at my local church. Anyone know how to catch an…[View]
32944145Why am I lonely: Why do I feel so lonely when my friends are finding love? It's not like I don…[View]
32945177GRRR I HATE WHEN TRANNIES PLAY VIDEO GAMES: peep the hidden replies https://x.com/lcsofficial/status…[View]
32944952Jerk off. Jerk off like Blade takes serums to quench his bloodthirst so that he doesn't have to…[View]
32938760job thread: where you working? how is it? how was your first job? most important lessons youve learn…[View]
32945525Why am I pathologically obsessed with being/being seen as a woman? Why can’t I be happy as a hrt fem…[View]
32939323Do you pass to the AI?: Brutal new AI just clocked me. I thought I passed but it's ogre. Promp…[View]
32945564how to fit in with cissoids?: 21 y/o agp tranner, 5 mos hrt. is there any hope for me to make cis gi…[View]
32945421Thoughts on La Busch[View]
32944457free association: trans women are __________[View]
32943633Do people like this suffer from gender dysphoria? It reads like some kid who just consumed too much …[View]
32944828Would you rather be turned into a white trans man with a 4 inch phallo-dick or a black (cis) man wit…[View]
32945361>don't pass >still some how pass to 19 out of 20 normies I see irl I don't get it Al…[View]
32944942You go to your bedroom and see this, what do you do?[View]
32944649Why do you guys like the Spitfire in Titanfall 2 so much?[View]
32945072>19, almost 20 >probably the most agp person to exist >dropped out of college >give up a…[View]
32938963>tranners dominating cis women in another activity THEY CAN'T KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH ITTTTT.…[View]
32943761huge injustice: i think it is a violation of my basic human rights that i have not been kidnapped an…[View]
32938996i am jealous of afabs for not being circumcised. i am restoring but i don't think i'm doin…[View]
32944683>I will never look good and fem with my short hair styles It hurts so much, bros...…[View]
32940604Trans women, do you ever hear cis women complaining about men and have thoughts like 'but that'…[View]
32943803I'm an incel. A fairly typical cishet male 4chan loser who mostly lurks /r9k/, /lgbt/ and /pol/…[View]
32944783>post joke on twitter >hundreds of people like it and give me positive comments >one person…[View]
32943452girlies would this work on you it would work on me tbdesu[View]
32941250I'm probably never gonna get a blonde bf as long as I'm mentally sick[View]
32943451I’ve come up with a new brainworm. Do you use a milk frother when drinking coffee? If so you are a F…[View]
32944834The reason I prefer dating Tranners and Twinks, because they less likely to drain and demanding gorr…[View]
32944790I am unclean and depressed. When was the last time you showered anons?[View]
32944361why are my injections hurting more?: when i first started injecting E it didn’t hurt at all but now …[View]
32944869Serious question: What if it's just OCD? Then I won't really be trans. It's just an i…[View]
32942907honestly if you try starting hrt after like 19 or 20 you shouldnt even try imo the best times are 12…[View]
32944545would passing transgenders let me touch their dick? i'm asking for a friend.[View]
32943907Exogenous hormones/hrt: I'm (male) taking exogenous hormones (testosterone) to alleviate physic…[View]
32941970Will America ever mature to the point where our bodies are treated in this normal and matter-of-fact…[View]
32943622Joe Biden is the most left-wing president since JFK and has been a strong supporter for trans rights…[View]
32938993Crocodile tears: This bitch transitioned at 16 and is so hot and bothered for banning hrt and srs ht…[View]
32944319Is smoking weed and meth with your man, injecting each other with trazodone, having sex, then strang…[View]
32943360You guys realize that constantly having your E levels 300-400 and above will greatly increase your c…[View]
32942903>pick the best looking designer vagina out of the catalogue at the surgeon's office >it c…[View]
32942338Does liking diapers disqualify you from being trans? Is it agp? Is it hsts? Is it sissy fetish not t…[View]
32941851i wish i felt proud of my small dick but i just feel jealous of trannies with big dicks. At least mi…[View]
32942292>only feel valid as a woman when I'm getting my holes stuffed with dicks ;_;…[View]
32943477I have no creative or artistic inclinations and feel extremely malebrained because of this While the…[View]
32943083Where does the top put his hands when he pronebones so his wrists don't ache?[View]
32940820/mtfg/ methamphetamine, trannies, firearms, glamour: last thread: >>32933139 pasteybin: https:…[View]
32943957welp, i'm doomed to be a hon: hrt does nothing, i probably look worse than when i started my ap…[View]
32944300Why so many attention whoring threads lately ?? Honestly should be like a gen for it to contain them…[View]
32940993FetLife sex parties: anyone had any experience? I am somewhat considering going. I would like to exp…[View]
32943749Why are transphobic cis males so often chasers?[View]
32944182Would transitioning save her?[View]
32944046I’m free: Just buzzed all my hair off. See ya losers[View]
32943426Transitioning didn’t make me happy i still hate being alive this was a giant waste of time and effor…[View]
32943958I want to legalise conversion therapy[View]
32943934Why the fuck could I have not just been a miscarriage? Some people have all the luck.[View]
32941701every time i read about or see (giga)youngshits my breath chokes up, my body heats up, i start to pa…[View]
32943836wut tf is boymoder hair called: Does this kind of hair have a name? It looks fucking adorable and i …[View]
32943137Im 11 months HRT at what point do I start loosing a few inches of my height so I can start passing?[View]
32942847How to twinkmaxx: I'm brown, short and moderately hairy. How can I twinkmaxx without my family …[View]
32940850Pass: In Australia, we're all about having a fair bloody go. But sometimes we leave some behin…[View]
32943628Thots on bipoc trannies?[View]
32943717Is it malebrained to enjoy having a lot of people in love with you? I started HRT when I was 14 and …[View]
32943726Trans girls are stinky and gross.[View]
32937398how does he do it[View]
32940242when did you get redpilled?[View]
32943366Transgender shit is wypipo shit. non wypipo allowed third gender but they didn't acknowledge th…[View]
32943042do you use any lgbt slang in real life?[View]
32920661>autistic trans girl >am extremely anxious and have trouble socializing >am extremely awkwa…[View]
32943012>'The average person with scoliosis is 2.5 inches shorter than they would be without the conditio…[View]
32943541>angry young man/bad boy mellows with age >they act like an eager-to-please beta because they …[View]
32942317>flirt with cis woman>transphobic bigot>flirt with trans women>disgusting chaser[View]
32939458will she poon out?: We all know the terf-to-ftm pipeline is real.[View]
32940965how much truth is there REALLY to the term 'second puberty'?: is transitioning actually comparable t…[View]
32943295I’m like a month and a half on hrt and my erections have become softer and last like a couple minute…[View]
32943174>pussy tastes like mango >ass tastes like lime >cum tastes like fucking poison Maybe god do…[View]
32943291Reminder that people who support HRT/surgeries for minors will use this argument: That the reason th…[View]
32942995/LGBTHappy/: ITT share happy news. I'm going to get a surgery to no longer live in pain. It…[View]
32939317>permanently expand ribcage by overexhausting lungs its so over for trombonemoders…[View]
32929066youre not repping are you? whats stopping you from being happy[View]
32942736>the incestous pedophile i was larping as a 16yo girl to on omegle lives on my bus route…[View]
32938711are there really trans women who don't bathe daily or is it just a meme[View]
32942352the big question: 'I wonder why there are almost twice as many trans women as trans men...?' The tra…[View]
32942127Did you notice that normal people are universally disgusted by AMAB troons, but very few of them giv…[View]
32942467Creampies for good girls: How many creampies good girls(boys) deserve in their boiholes every week?…[View]
32942242>tfw old >tfw fat >tfw balding >tfw want to start hrt but know I'll look horrible S…[View]
32940706which of these 3 passes the best?[View]
32943034Me praying that President DeSantis gives me a big dick Latina gf when he bans being gay next year[View]
32941642Pimozide: Why would I not take pimozide? We have a grand sample size of 1, sure, but it's 100% …[View]
32940489/gaygen/ zaddy edition: prev >>32939245[View]
32939015>one shot at life >born a ginger tranny you got to be fucking kidding me…[View]
32940659I am only attracted to cis gay men: >be me >ftm repper >gayden >living in transphobic co…[View]
32942354My body is male but my soul is feminine[View]
32941388Non-Binary: What the fuck is their problem?[View]
32942843I'm getting in shape so I can get a twink boyfriend who I carry around and hold hands with.[View]
32942867>every single thread >multiple posts by hopping mad tds chuddies higher volume than usual back…[View]
32935478did coming here improve your life?[View]
32942558How did the first gay guy catch aids? Was he actually blowing monkeys in Africa?[View]
32939563help me flirt with my ftm friend: a thread might(?) have died for this and there's no st4tgen u…[View]
32939128do trannies use girl math? or boy math[View]
32941229Trans girls, at what age did you grow out of your hoe phase? How did it compare with that of your ci…[View]
32939048I meet with random men on grindr and let them fuck me in the ass not because I'm gay but becaus…[View]
32941756trans women are socially and biologically male[View]
32941451how do i look like this[View]
32942774what would you do if you came across a boymoder that leaned towards you, had her lips puckered, anti…[View]
32940696How do I find chaser with big pp they all have small pp[View]
32942654I am considering becoming a femboy. What clothing items/accessories should I get?[View]
32942291Whose side is the leftist gutter press actually on? Because the only people falling for this shit is…[View]
32928921vidya thread: Post your video game characters, your favorite chracters, general OCs and self-inserts…[View]
32942154unpopular opinion: black people pass the best[View]
32941010Why is there no stereotype of girls transitioning after dating trans men? Does it not happen as much…[View]
32942379my bf just nutted in me and now hes playing f-zero 99[View]
32938999ugh: stop complaining and get an eating disorder literally did more than any hrt[View]
32940963>join a new community has has a lot of mtfs >they say they are lesbian >they are actually j…[View]
32942176Aight, I’m done. My mind is set. Throw any advice at me and I’ll try it out. My transition has grind…[View]
32941726tops, is this true?[View]
32942254bfs wearing hoodies[View]
32942521Are you gay?[View]
32941930'Cause you mean the world to me You are my everything I swear the only thing that matters Matte…[View]
32942517It's a barrel ribcage isn't it ;-; it's fucking over isnt it ;-; what do I do just gr…[View]
32942514Perpetrators of penetration must pay reparations to the victims of penetration pic unrel[View]
32942417Has anyone else noticed how normies are seemingly dropping the T?: There are people who now claim to…[View]
32936967i'm 5'11 and 128 lbs: is it over for me if i want to be a cute femboy? i think i'm to…[View]
32942332Fat trannies deserve love too!![View]
32938759Note to pooners: men don't snitch on one another. If you got beat up by your cis bf, that'…[View]
32942365I can teach people how to become passoids and if there is no hope for you manmoders, can i at least …[View]
32937111>face app still identifies me as male[View]
32942347Timeline thread[View]
32939246>telling your parents hoping they'll say 'we always knew' >they tell you they never suspe…[View]
32938339FTMs literally inject T directly into their vaginas: >ftm roommate is using the bathroom >I kn…[View]
32938866What was your reppercope? Was it malebrained? I wanted to die in a war, the most manbrained repperco…[View]
32941993straight lad asks questions... about 'the gay': Ok, lads and lasses who aren’t into the genitals of …[View]
32942026stooooop telling me what i am and where i belong: i know what im suppostu be and im fine where i am…[View]
32942133So I learned my completely clear and watery now but my pp hurts: Does this mean I'm properly su…[View]
32934205challenging myself: I don't have a passing face but should I go outside, right now, in a girl d…[View]
32942216>tfw no white supremacist trans gf for me to force her to worship my cock life just isn't fa…[View]
32929926Why do pretty transgirls turn right wing?[View]
32940667lol tranny agenda owned[View]
32938520>get disowned by my family for dating a trans girl >she cheats on me a month later…[View]
32942045at how many lbs/kgs does bodyfat stop being male/female? when does genderless blob happen?[View]
32941521Tranners!: Once government-given tranny shrink rays are sent out, which transphobe are you keeping a…[View]
32941809a trans woman IS a woman[View]
32940481why: >Wynn was born on October 21, 1988, in Arlington, Virginia. >Arlington has the fifth-hig…[View]
32941584Trans people belong in a hot oven.[View]
32941799trans people are crossdressing con artists[View]
32941877Are you fascinated by cheese or are you a cheesehon?[View]
32941104i very strongly wish to get srs[View]
32935613I'm a voiceshit I know what to do: Do you even voicetrain? If you are trans you need to have a …[View]
32935989How do you trans women get treated at nightclubs, concerts? Do you grind on men? Make out with them?…[View]
32941160>be me, tranny >go to a local queer café for a ''queer board games evening'…[View]
32940570TFW don't get to have gender: Be me trans girl >Pre hrt everyone joked I was a he she or an …[View]
32939331Its over. Ill never find a nerdy, innocent, and loving trans gf. Grindr is just full of ugly AGP who…[View]
32941083What stds do i have to worry about as a top? Im retarded, besides condoms and abstinence how else ca…[View]
32940929bambi sleep: You've listened to your daily conditioning playlist, haven't you, Bambi? you …[View]
32939412I'm dying at the end of the year, tell me fun things I could do in my last 3 months. Also to m…[View]
32933840>gay son or thought daughter bitch i gave my parents BOTH, just at different times :)…[View]
32941619Today I was listening to this human waste of a warehouse worker rambling about his piece of shit exi…[View]
32935317When can you declare ffs failed?: I had ffs not long ago and I know everyone will just tell me to be…[View]
32939493For research purposes: ITT post podcasts and such by husstusses as data for me to take in to better …[View]
32933070topster thread: post topsters and guess letters[View]
32941363I say YWNBAW to all 'women' cis and trans because 'women' don't deserve to be gendered correctl…[View]
32931463/chasergen/ Bedroom edition: What does your room look like chaserbros and trans sisters?[View]
32941361Am I in the wrong here?: Just ended things with my partner of almost 3 years because he keeps hangin…[View]
32940878Anamaxing for ftms?: I hate exercising, so I can't be a gymcel, and I don't want to be a f…[View]
32939782I want to believe this is a fetish: >be me >remember early childhood where had some memories o…[View]
32940798how do i do it: so im a tranny stuck in an evangelical christian cult, and have been repping for a w…[View]
32939142How much money have you spent on your transition? Hormones, surgeries, clothing, etc. Do you have a …[View]
32936650Everyone heres whines about ribcage but no one seems to know exactly when it becomes large. So tttt,…[View]
32940870Got called out by a pooner: >be pre hrt femboy at 19. >dating another femboy >we both real…[View]
32941114this is literally me[View]
32941107having sex make me less horny: i usually fap like 5 times a week started having sex (intercourse(pen…[View]
32931500/voicegen/ the undying: https://voca.ro/1om6757tpskP Welcome back to voice gen! Post your vocaroos b…[View]
32940381anyone wanna drink Natty Daddies and watch Radiohead From the Basement videos on my CRT TV?[View]
32939728what are some good jobs for meeting a trans girl to date?[View]
32940589In 2050, when Zoophilia starts being pushed in mainstrean outlets, will you be epathetic towards zoo…[View]
32934483I'm in love[View]
32940565Why do white men become ugly troons?[View]
32938262tfw not even youngshits pass the skull test[View]
32932174How does girl removal work for ftms?[View]
32939141Hiding the trash: I hope that since Jannies aren't deleting the trash threads that anons are us…[View]
32931743Transbians dating as boys: Is it true that transbians would have had an easier dating life as shy bo…[View]
32940867Can't nut: I thought hookups would be fun since I can't get attached to people but I just …[View]
32940770>be nice, kind, considerate, and personable >treated like a leper >be a catty cunt and use …[View]
32939241Cure for heterosexuality?: I'm honestly growing bored of so many people pretending they can tur…[View]
32939908i hate injection: and i accidentally procrastinated for 42 days since my last one but it’s nbd right…[View]
32918444post wallpapers and guess letters[View]
32939719do i just have to wear a binder now? I didnt think i would grow boobs. how do i hide them[View]
32933099Recently joined a detrans group and I must question the rest of you: >everything seems so painful…[View]
32938799larping 4chan trans women: >uwu im so lonely i just wanna be wuvved i would be loyal forever and …[View]
3293872612 years in and barely any tits: I'm a passoid on hrt for 12 years, started at 18, and my tits …[View]
32940643Sexo mucho trans women[View]
32933326I hate trying to date: >be me >have zero mention of being trans on any of my dating profiles …[View]
32940637>first bf was 6'2 122KG >usually into FUBs because they make me feel feminine and i have …[View]
32940345How do I rizz a transgirl?[View]
32940027Anyone with any experience with this brand?: I'm wonder how it is sublingually. It's micro…[View]
32939104What dead celebrities would have trooned out had they lived to see the era of trans normalization?[View]
329404255 months?: What is she doing? what the hell was she able to do in 5 months that did this Insta is ha…[View]
32939682theorizing stuff: theory: you're about to be transformed into the absolute divine form in 2 day…[View]
32938265Is it embarrassing that link was the first boy I ever had a crush on[View]
32937383If you're anything but an ectomorph it's joever.[View]
32937590>disowned by parents for being trans >political movements everywhere with the objective to pro…[View]
32940249>be me >years on HRT, stealthmode >'complicated' relationship with family >agree to go t…[View]
32939245/gaygen/ cuddly bears edition: previous >>32937944[View]
32940078>one moment think I look so masculine noone could ever think I'm female >next moment thin…[View]
32928813scenario, you get to become a cisgender woman, completely passing and you have all the parts. The do…[View]
32940144If I get FFS as a 'cis' guy is my face still gonna get more masculine?[View]
32938957I want to date trans girl or femboy but I'm really scared they will break my heart and hurt me …[View]
32936161Where do I find a qt mtf gf whos shorter than me? Swear to god all yall end up heightmogging me t. f…[View]
32929701you people have fucking corks for brains. the only reason people ever clock you is because you clock…[View]
32940167Well I feel okay about myself as long as I don't look in the mirror. I think i found my coping …[View]
32940241ITT moments when you, a normal straight man, did a lgbt Today i almost did a 'lgbt', i almost bought…[View]
32939866Dear /lgbt/ I need your help Here is the lyrics to I'm a little tea pot I'm a little teapo…[View]
32938826W-Why I do I get a boner when I get bullied for having a tiny useless penis...?[View]
32938580It has to be just a fetish right?: People told me it was probably just a fetish and I believed them …[View]
32937445well, this is it: i met with a latina trans woman about 10 days ago and sucked her off for about 20 …[View]
32925857/ftmg/ STOP FUCKING GOSSIPING EDITION: Previous >>32910644 QOTT: if you were part of the sperg…[View]
32938223Every time I'm reminded of the existence of trannies, I am grateful that I never transitioned. …[View]
32939205>transvestite with a huge sword >literally just a cis mexican woman scamming retarded boomers …[View]
32930916I began watching blackpill / incel videos again and it made me realize I'm not really trans, bu…[View]
32930797Jewish mtf here, how hard would it be to find a goy who would put a SS uniform and sexually torture …[View]
32936699Youngshits Pass!: You know it and I know it. The reason you didn't transition was because you …[View]
32933936Trans loli poem: Roses are ripe Violets are riper I need a cis mommy And just messed my diaper…[View]
32939963Has anyone here read it?: I saw it in the library today and am not sure if it’s worth it[View]
32938795Can trannys even compete with her?[View]
32892577/repgen/ - optimism edition: QOTT: What is your cope? Here are my copes: >never look at my genita…[View]
32939337Male validation cannot possibly be that essential to your life[View]
32936738how can a man romance someone that used to be a horny teenage boy and still call themselves straight…[View]
32925453>be me, califag tranny at folsom street fair >surrounded by hot trannies >see hot tranny …[View]
32938901Post your results: https://replicate.com/cjwbw/clip-vit-large-patch14 >t. Boymoder who can't…[View]
32932484Any trannies here enjoy sewer exploration?: Let's say, hypothetically, a man wanted to take you…[View]
32933139/mtfg/: >>32929437[View]
32939466short mtfs (<6’) will never know true pain[View]
32937516I am in fear for my life and the fate of the world, if i dont get a cute trans gf to love it is OVER[View]
32939157hrt made me fat! how do i lose weight? ;-;[View]
32936380Why I think you're oddballs: If a woman is called 'Sir' because of her voice, or somebody else …[View]
32936376Cis women don't feel hornyness so if you're posting in horny threads about how you want to…[View]
32937717How come trans girls on the internet post so weird? I don’t know how to describe how it’s weird but …[View]
32938838It’s pretty funny seeing what twitter hons and pooners fight each other about: So the MtFs are mad b…[View]
32937765is it good or bad that, as a straight cis man, people keep accusing me of being a lesbian when i pos…[View]
32939263Just confess: The things she says and does makes me think she's into me but she never says anyt…[View]
32939126I feel so much shame for being visibly trans it's better than visceral disgust from dysphoria b…[View]
32932672Why can't I be a cute gay boy? Why do I have to be a fucking tranny? Like gay guys are so adora…[View]
32938980What would you do if someone asked your dad permission to date you?[View]
32937172does underarm smell mean you’re being hondosed? i use no deodorant, just soap.[View]
32935886>be me >13 >lying in bed thinking about becoming a world famous surgeon when I grow up >…[View]
32936359>when you nut but she gives you the ol' yoinky sploinky[View]
32932999I’m an autogynephile and I wanna be me, hell with Blanchard’s typology… I don’t pass, I don’t tuck, …[View]
32931250Everyone knows trannies are abominations and everyone hates them, but why, why do I want to take hor…[View]
32934733Tfw i'll never be bailey jay[View]
32929761How was your home life growing as MTF?: How was your life? What were your parents like?[View]
32929348There are mtfs and ftms on this board right now who still don't know about clavicle shortening/…[View]
32938204would transitioning have saved her[View]
32936934/tttt/ do any of you tranners have jobs or are you all just NEETs[View]
32934245This is why I can't defend you. https://aleteia.org/2014/11/25/top-12-studies-showing-risks-to-…[View]
32935898what's with the retards who come to this board just to soapbox about how bad gay or trans is as…[View]
32938513DON'T RESPOND TO SCHIZO BAIT THREADS: Anyone who's been here for awhile can recognize this…[View]
32937337Ha jokes on you guys, I was only pretending to be a bottom this entire time.[View]
32937697fucked up sissy!: I'm a fucked up sissy because I went through a full SRS. Now all men see me a…[View]
32931386Are ftms literally the perfect sex goblins? >Prostate >Pussy >Male libido…[View]
32933375how tf am i supposed to cope with being 5'2???: 'ftm'. i dont know why i winded up so short bec…[View]
32933409Girls be like 'I'm a lesbian' and proceed to exclusively date butch women like pic that are pra…[View]
32937285does anyone have any tips on how to flirt with guys? im a 21 y/o bi mtf and im going to a show this …[View]
32937525Could you imagine dressing like this?[View]
32933278why does nobody take 5'8 heighthons seriously? everytime I complain about my height some faggot…[View]
32936224what would you do if you came across a boymoder that was dependent on others, needed constant attent…[View]
32935517Why are people here obsessed with passing. Most trans women i see i probably dont know since i think…[View]
32931410Why so many gamedevs?: Why do so many LGBT people get into game development? Is it escapism? Are the…[View]
32936270Bf is looking at the femboy subreddit: >be me 30 yo semi passable twink hon >Bf and I make a …[View]
32938293>tfw too no qtie non passing transboy[View]
32931065Being stealth sounds a schizo nightmare of gaslighting everyone around you. Why should I care if pe…[View]
32935740>Tonight in Montreal... Anyone wants to go together?[View]
32937873Why is conversion therapy illegal? Is it to keep LGBT people down by preventing them from changing?[View]
32937571Wedding: Im mtf in a long term relationship with a cis man We're thinking of getting married be…[View]
32935888I feel like all of my mannerisms are autistic, if not malebrained, except since I'm a hon every…[View]
32935325Genuine question. I thought I'd ask here since straight guys are too meat-headed and too out of…[View]
32935908I swear to God it's like I'm in fucking heat. I havent wanted sex in literal months and ha…[View]
32935790I need phallo: Already a manlet, bottom dysphoria is crushing me. A micropenis would be crushing to …[View]
32932167Is there any way to promote weight gain specifically in the face? I don't just want to cover up…[View]
32935768>be me, 2 years on HRT >endo prescribed me prog a year ago but said anal prog was a meme and I…[View]
32936418Hello anon I hope you had a nice day today[View]
32933515Being a 5’5 mtf repressor is hell: Because society will constantly tell you ywnbaw while at the same…[View]
32937441How many detransition stories are directly linked this anime?[View]
32937260What is a non binary?[View]
32937520How do we encourage more interracial transbian relationships?[View]
32934979Bad news from England for a change. We told you all LGBT were under attack, you didnt listen.[View]
32937427will becoming virulently antisemetic help me repress & LDAR better? I don't literally hate …[View]
32935679Is this a tranny? https://youtu.be/XzxXVeQEaFo[View]
32937944/gaygen/ Rock Hudson edition: Previous >>32937012[View]
32937012/gaygen/ beautiful italian men edition: old: >>32936116[View]
32937385Hi /tttt/, I am a transgirl and I EXCLUSIVELY have sex with cis women. I am still a real woman and I…[View]
32932184>Be me cishet man >short, weak, poor >no luck on tinder >go on grindr bcz curious and to…[View]
32937232I know this is 4chan but: let's have just one thread to be nice to each other.[View]
32936162How's the trans prejudice like in Germany? Any german trannies here can testify?[View]
32937256Can surgery reverse twinkdeath?[View]
32933606lesbians don't date transbians because they can't lick pussy: you lack skill[View]
32936044this is what my bottom husband looks like[View]
32931853I'm a 30yo boomer who regret not transmaxxing when I was young. How do I accept being a disgust…[View]
32934222This is perfection[View]
32934802I don't want a name ending in lyn or ryn don't make me![View]
32933168sorry repbros: im back on e again[View]
32935794>never had a great relationship to my father >he always wanted me to be more of a man >said…[View]
32936226/tttt/ when will it be my turn to be happy: I just want to be loved </3[View]
32936774I'm not asexual, I just think men are ugly and think pussy it's gross. theoretically I…[View]
32936116/gaygen/ gay lil moustache edition: do you support upper lip caterpillars poo >>32935000…[View]
32936697What would you do if you saw a boymoder who was 30 feet tall, smashing people with a birch trunk or …[View]
32935005>playing with hair is flirtatious body language >whenever i'm talking to my brother face …[View]
32936851have yall considered just being hsts? lmao[View]
32932059how do people realize you're trans before hrt? do they confuse it with being gay? found a boy …[View]
32936244Living in a country that's not going through the American/British trans craze is wild >polit…[View]
32933416I'm a passoid and I use male pronouns, male name, use male bathroom. Here at my job people were…[View]
32931935I tease out whether someone is an ally or not by saying transphobic things to them. If they agree wi…[View]
32935670Janice Raymond: If author Janice Raymond who wrote 'Transsexual Empire: making of the shemale' had w…[View]
32936499>be boymoder >getting hondosed for the past 1.5 years >in transbians with autistic bdd twin…[View]
32934166i am going to be the first person in the world to go on hrt and live completely undetected as a norm…[View]
32936597i grab boymoders in the street and princess carry them to the nearest trashcan[View]
32934172Scamming MtFs: How did our community get scammed into thinking enbies are the most oppressed trans m…[View]
32931414Why do beautiful trans women sabotage themselves?: I am not talking about ugly crossdressers, of cou…[View]
32936502if you're a non passing male presenting trans woman on hrt for 3+ years is it wrong to date oth…[View]
32923368repchads please?: I neeeed a self-hating repdaddy >want a big gorilla guy with a woman brain who…[View]
32934437Why does anyone stay male?[View]
32933496Does feminization hypnosis actually work?[View]
32929876Why are british politicians like this?: Pretty much just saying, 'oh your country might have the dea…[View]
32934436>biologically inaccurate names and pronouns[View]
32936272why kissing boys is so much fun?: i am a straight boy and it shouldn't be so fun and exciting! …[View]
32931786>could have been a great femboy >only started working on it now that I'm almost 21 it…[View]
32935000/gaygen/ tummy edition :3: what would you do to santinos tummy? old >>32933084[View]
32932624boobmax: how need big perky boobs[View]
32934891what is a 'cummy boi'? I'm a visual learner btw[View]
32935701What is a Chaser?[View]
32935386for straight people (no GD, gay thoughts, not questioning) that browse here, why?[View]
32935620trans women are men[View]
32933233/LGBT/, what kind of femininity do you have?: As anyone who isn't autistic may know, male and f…[View]
32933037so how the fuck do you actually shave: i'm talking face, legs, everything. i dont even know the…[View]
32925811dylan does dating update: >the long-awaited dylan dating update /tttt/ has been waiting for >d…[View]
32935606Reminder: You can't be cunnylover without being transphobic[View]
32935533Genuine question, do homos enjoy being called 'fag' or 'faggot' during sex the same way women enjoy …[View]
32934142what the fuck: I've dated 4 MtFs and all of them had an ageplay kink.[View]
32933085/gaygen/ - faghag edition: Do you befriend females? old >>32931275[View]
32931104Solving lgbt problem: All gays must be gangbanged by hot women All dykes get gangbaned by hot men Al…[View]
32931116Exercises to look more masculine: What kinds of exercises can I do to give myself a more masculine b…[View]
32934502Why do other tranners hate us? I've noticed in others trans communities, they really dislike 4c…[View]
32928659Twink death isn't rea...[View]
32933741i found out i can lactate now and it took me out of a month long depressive episode[View]
32932820What's your strategy to seduce a man?[View]
32931716Why do most women at some point in their life use an item to pretend their have a dick for fun? You …[View]
32935100Why is it sk easy for me to make myself feel “dysphoria” when I browse this board, am i just empathe…[View]
32935103>am a transbian with a fetish for a dom bi woman fucking another woman’s husband and degrading/do…[View]
32930740Nya: Scat OwO ah hihi prrr :3[View]
32933084/gaygen/ - manpile edition: previous >>32931275[View]
32933160Omega Femcel: this thing is leading an army of femcels to bang on politicians doors and ask if they …[View]
32933387I'm fucking TALLER: 4 months of HRT and my height is BIGGER than it was before, how the hell is…[View]
32933223What made you troon out?[View]
32929990I wish conversion therapy were legal here so I could be In a healthy straight relationship instead o…[View]
32927038I don't really think I can think of any other transgender representation in media that is as ge…[View]
32934427I'm gay because I hate women.[View]
32933850boymoders around me are afraid of me because i sex up every boymoder i see around. they call me …[View]
32934652Is it really true some women pretend to be lesbian for attention? That seems really disrespectful to…[View]
32934367got on injections,, is it better to do IM or SubQ..?: i have 0 body fat if that makes a difference,,…[View]
32934044How does a socially akward tranny find a Bug?: >Be semi-passoid 3 yr HRT >Stealth >Have 0 t…[View]
32931643I used to have a cis f friend that groped my ass and tits constantly, made out with me and flashed h…[View]
32930181Would boymoders be open to dating dark brown men who are shorter than them?[View]
32930683At my wits' end: Should I transition? I'm currently 20 approaching to 21 and keep seeing m…[View]
32930671to those who transitioned after 21: HOW[View]
32933870/tttt/ how the fuck do you make friends: how the hell do you actually make meaningful connections an…[View]
32930069Does it count as cheating to have multiple boyfriends at the same time and lead them all to believe …[View]
32933283Enough is enough, I've had it with you trannies trying to suck my cock all the time, it's …[View]
32932175I hate being poor: I want to be rich to sponsor estrogen, orchis and maybe even breast implants. I w…[View]
32934088how do I stop feeling intense jealousy at passing youngshits? I see so many cute girls who have been…[View]
32930197>turn 25 next month >basically dead now >never enjoyed my youth socializing and having rela…[View]
32932220do trans women ever become grandmas? do they ever think about what its like if they were to be one?[View]
32933823sorry repbros: >want to read some cute tranny mangas >its all transbian shit GOD DAMMIT…[View]
32933504Mtfs, do you mog your bfs? Ftmd, do your gfs mog you?[View]
32928292You can only post in this thread if you have NEVER been clocked, not even once.[View]
32932418I'm a 'straight' white male and I think trans women are beautiful and I ain't afraid to sa…[View]
32932213>be based chaser god >do charity by dating an unloveable troon >make her rim my hairy assho…[View]
32932387Witches of /lgbt/: Any witches/practitioners/occultists browse here? Was wondering if anyone had any…[View]
32932771what in the actual fuck is wrong with pooners?[View]
32932903I started being abusive to my trans gf and she ran out crying: Wtf I thought you trannies liked that…[View]
32931399>named Alice >looks like this >is tall >identifies as lesbian >propagates fringe poli…[View]
32925445Are you truscum? I'm torn between feeling like you need dysphoria to be trans and feeling that …[View]
32933702I wish I could look like a cute girl with short hair ;-;[View]
32933689/nbgen/ Awoo edition: Gen for enbies of the four channel. QOTT: What keeps you here? I think I'…[View]
32932729you will never get to experience the joy of riding bikes with your friends as one of the boys. You w…[View]
32932735If vaccines cause autism, and autism causes trannies, then vaccines cause trannies.[View]

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