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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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21601243I remember in high school I was in a class of other guys girls and one tranny and the subject got to…[View]
21601748>be mtf >do hard physical activity >feel virile >come home >feel reverse dysphoria a…[View]
21602457>be 7 month hrt boymoder >cisles therapist of 7 months offered to do a in person session over …[View]
21583548If it isn't mental illness then why is the suicide rate so high?[View]
21602273Should I feel bad about this?: My trans mtf gf is very insecure about her looks, and I am being supp…[View]
21599903>tfw youll never pass as well as a tru youngshit life is so fkn unfair, if only i was born a deca…[View]
21602111What board has the cutest boys?[View]
21601467I'd like to get the opinions of this board. /pol/ keeps saying the covid vaccine will kill you …[View]
21602014are there any trannies that were socialized kind of normally but kind of have a tough time finding f…[View]
21601719I am Non-Binary, how do I find clothes?[View]
21602296Transwomen are just as valid as any women, and should not be discriminated against. After all, they …[View]
21601963t-girl porn: There is all this fuss about 'feminist' porn. we all know porn can neither be feminist …[View]
21602090Why do many cis straight people pretend to be LGBT nowadays?[View]
21599461Whose hotter? Old you or new you?: Post picture to prove your case. We can decide if transitioning h…[View]
21599824Why did my guy friend have this open in paint on his pc?[View]
21597554What's your kink anon?: Please don't say trans girls, please don't say trans girls…[View]
21602234ftm femboy hentai thread plz? This shit is hard to find[View]
21601752Do tops like small dicked bottoms?: I have such a small dick :( i like it but i have never been with…[View]
21601260So if tranners really do check out at 30, what happens to chasers? Do they follow you out of grief?[View]
21601334Experiences with ftms on Grindr? Or experiences as ftm on Grindr? What was it like[View]
21595340>be tranner never kissed virgin >get bf >still used to being incel shut-in >neutral on …[View]
21597173/vtg/ - Voice Training General: Post vocaroo, get feedback, give advice, etc. ▶ Resources MTF: --- F…[View]
21599167Is it possible to get a cis GF that won't make me use my dick?: Or should I just try to find a …[View]
21597653/bmg/ boymoder general: boymoder general british hate edition itt - be nice... except to brits qott …[View]
21601798My trans girlfriend frosted me again bros! Why does this keep happening to me??[View]
21601499What kind of music do my fellow tranners like? https://youtu.be/n3nPiBai66M[View]
21599548are '''femboys''' repressed transsexuals or are they just degenerate cis fetishists? does it even ma…[View]
21588770/bmg/ - Bloatmax General: ITT: We encourage and discuss weight gain for increased fat distribution. …[View]
21600618I think today I will to be extra trans to oppress gay men and to satisfy my internalized homophobia,…[View]
21600773What's your letter and what websites or social media accounts did you use growing up vs now? Wh…[View]
21601760>Bi male >28 Haven't messed with dudes in like 8 years, get curious and download tinder …[View]
21566526/repgen/ - Repressor general: Funny edition Remember not to reply to pinkpillers! /repgen/ is for p…[View]
21600888>another cisfriend in social circle says they'd disown their future kid if they came out as …[View]
21599864Is wearing a mask HSTS or AGP ?[View]
21600245>start talking to girl on discord >find out he's a tranny >feeling lonely so keep talk…[View]
21594572/hornygen/: horny containment god i need dick edition QOTT: what is your kinkiest fantasy?[View]
21599908Please help me I’m in a shitty situation and I’m literally crying because of how much of a fuck up I…[View]
21592007Why is it that girls and gays who constantly complain about white men end up dating them?: Why is th…[View]
21601369I really, really like transgirls God thanks we have them: They emit so much female energy and I need…[View]
21601040I cannot tell you how fucking horny James Charles makes me. Holy shit. His twink body, his giant ass…[View]
21599511what should I do if my boymoder came across another male and was getting weak at the knees, getting …[View]
21599755How do solve the bisexual problem?[View]
21595786/mtfg/ transgirl general: old: >>21589680 Links: https://pastebin.com/LyMhFmT4 (embed) qott: f…[View]
21586401I’ve got a game for chasers. Name ONE interesting thing about your trans gf BESIDES the fact that sh…[View]
21598173Why do gay guys look like that?[View]
21601156Ever since starting HRT I started producing more urine than normal. I have to wake up like two times…[View]
21600020Does TG TF fetish mean I'm trans?: I heard sexual fantasies about gender transformation can be …[View]
21598007Is being a home owner male brained?[View]
21599112Is anyone else in a poly relationship? How do you get over your jealousy? I've been in one for …[View]
21589352Why do I find boys in dresses so fucking attractive?[View]
21599290The reason i've never had a relationship in my entire life is because im ashamed of my family. …[View]
21597676Has anyone else's opinion of Ken Zucker actually improved due to the 4chan campaign against him…[View]
21597517well this is by far the most biased wiki article I've ever read[View]
21601007Am I gay/bi if I just like to coom?: I am attracted to females normally, however, my attraction to f…[View]
21600277Does /lgbt/ decorate their possessions with pride flags and anime?[View]
21600799help me im in hell: I'm living in a house where if I start hrt again I'll be kicked out. M…[View]
21591208Voice Thread?: my voice is alright, but i cant sing for shit. https://voca.ro/1e7bN16GxfBe what are …[View]
21596760Why don't trannies ever dress like cis women?[View]
21594993Where does a meta-attracted AGP heterosexual man meet gay men who are not incredibly annoying and bo…[View]
21600780I'm a straight guy pretty much. One time in Thailand I got really really drunk, super drunk, a…[View]
21600550When does HRT make you less of a coomer?[View]
21598828is it normal for a tranner to have a cuckquean fetish? i wanna fuck some other girl's bf and hu…[View]
21593074/hornygen/ - horny containment thread: Previous: >>21563664[View]
21600824do I belong here: I'm mostly straight but im a complete sexual degenerate, I'll fuck traps…[View]
21586846I hate my parents: tfw you are Turkish and want to do lewd things with a Greek boi like rubbing our …[View]
21599557how do i get rid of leg hair pre hrt[View]
21598550I only use milk with coffee so it always goes bad before I finish the carton. I'm so lucky that…[View]
21599148>Most of the chasers here are ugly! >Most of the trannies here are ugly! Isn't this just …[View]
21596691what would you do if you came across a boymoder that was stealing food at night, trying to not be sp…[View]
21600522Looking for a great but not too expansive Strap-On. Any recommendations?[View]
21593137boyfriend's mom caught us having sex: >at boyfriend's house watching anime and cuddling…[View]
21599354She's right isn't it? Have you ever gotten a transphobic comment fra a guy thinking that h…[View]
21600535Worst hangover since ever: Shitty & cheap vodka and beer did that to me. I need a cute warm tran…[View]
21599953why does every queer person listen to this band?[View]
21600290What's the minimum IQ needed to comprehend and be accepting of LGBT?[View]
21599337bro what the fuck i found the ugliest, most unpassable looking hon whos face would never pass but he…[View]
21596003Cringe Thread: what are the most overused/cringe MtF names? I[View]
21593371hrt femboy here. will getting a mastectomy make me desirable to cis women again?[View]
21599961Pray for me, I'm going to mega overdose E and simulate pregnancy to make my hips wider >http…[View]
21598518I like transgirls, but I don't want to have sex with one. Are there any girls here who are will…[View]
21598633>And this is our son's room! He's really into trans rights.[View]
21597667>3 months hrt >just look like a twink with softer skin >not even close to passing is it ove…[View]
21597956fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck: I thought i was trans when i started hormones but i realized im actua…[View]
21598648What is the dating market like for gay people? I've thought it would be harder to find someone …[View]
2159917819 yo bi autistic femboy here. I have no personality and am boring, plus have social anxiety and low…[View]
21538782/HRTGen/ HRT General #362: • Help, advice, guidance on meds and dosages • HRT related medical experi…[View]
21596296>legbutt communists still exist[View]
21596571Thoughts on lil nas x? https://youtu.be/UTHLKHL_whs[View]
21598740My bf has a pain fetish. I've been indulging him to make him happy, but the bruises are getting…[View]
21599928what do straight trans girls think of bi boys?: would dating one be out of question for u?[View]
21599351the real typology bad girl >long history of sex partners, usually multiple ones at a time >ha…[View]
21598429>2 weeks hrt >look down at my arms >realize that its no longer as vascular >get a boner …[View]
21599281how did this happen: >be me >get into first relationship ever >its a trans ldr gf >we un…[View]
21598932how not to be clingy and annoying[View]
21597798How do I stop feeling like a trender?: Everytime I interact with other trans people I feel as if I…[View]
21599605Skull never lies[View]
21596669>small sample size >studies have no controls >'ackshually it's fine if it's not f…[View]
21599619As a gay femboy, I envy trannies: >inb4 take your pills alice Not for that reason, they just seem…[View]
21598268What counts as 'dysphoria': Do you have to have a mental breakdown when you see your penis or the re…[View]
21597093'Don't worry about passing': So, I'm a FTM trans guy, and my gf is MTF. For a long time du…[View]
21599259God i need a transbian relationship like this[View]
21598871room passgen: does your room pass?[View]
21595580How many foids on roids post on this board? also would you date a cute boymoder? asking for a friend[View]
21595616/gaygen/ - Sikh Gains Edition: Previous: >>21590984[View]
21595666who has the biggest booba on /tttt/?: not including afabs of course[View]
21592204Do you think being queer as part of counterculture will ever die down? It just rubs me the wrong way…[View]
21597148I wanna fuck a male Gardevoire[View]
21592907Guy I Hooked Up With Mad I Don't Have a Dick???: So let me just start by saying im definitely a…[View]
21591653>I can't be trans or I'll get disowned >I can't risk my life for this impossibl…[View]
21599174>search 4chan /lgbt/ >/pol/ shows up as first result…[View]
21593794How did your dad react to you coming out as trans?[View]
21597907Help a new femboy out here, what do I need (to do) to explore this side of me?[View]
21599125Having a penis is so gross...[View]
21596392Good for her.[View]
21596419just a regular boy's friday: > be me > cis male, straight > living with gf for 3 years…[View]
2159657818 year old transgirl whose grandpa is transphobic and hecking hates her now. What do? >inb4 he…[View]
21597403Hop in the pool anon :)[View]
21595121How cringe is it for a boymoder to sleep holding her stuffie everynight?[View]
21598614My bfs mental feminization program is working wonderfully.[View]
21595361does taking hrt leave one more susceptible to taking the knot?[View]
21584333Why are so-called 'Gender Criticals' trying to rehabilitate and defend the image of conversion thera…[View]
21579609is repression without being miserable actually possible?[View]
21595796Sup girl >Go away, you're just a pathetic chaser Alright >NOOOO YOU MUST PAY ATTENTION TO…[View]
21598298Which one is more attractive to you?[View]
21595485What happened to him?[View]
21595841fucking cuntrapoints: why do breadtubers announce new videos when they're not even fucking fini…[View]
21595587>highschool >normal teenage boy, have crushes on girls, maybe a little socially awkward, get b…[View]
21597958How do other trannies manage to look so pretty and femenine? I don't get it.[View]
21594977I can't stop getting high and larping on this board. I have been so many different people. I ha…[View]
21597413Is there any truth to this or is it just stereotypes and honscience?[View]
21596093post the most beautiful trans women you know in order to show that they're just as beautiful as…[View]
21597994Is transitioning into a collectible anime figure a reasonable goal?[View]
21597109boymoders, passers, non passers, ect. whats the mental image you have of yourself?[View]
21585301Ancient Rome was more progressive than the West 2000 years later[View]
21597357why is sex so degrading? I'd like to enjoy it but everyone seems to just want dominance/submiss…[View]
21597265Does testosterone HRT cause psychosis?: I had a complete breakdown earlier this year and got sent to…[View]
21596987Hey chasers what would you do if your trans gf was cuddling you in bed and she put her legs around y…[View]
21597522I'm too malebrained to be a good girl...[View]
21595516>be me, 18yo boymoder >increasingly severe dysphoria led me to start hrt >dysphoria is some…[View]
21597182What do gay men / tranners thinkg of Aidan Gillen? Would you offer your boypussy for him?[View]
21594889bottoms go to bed immediately? why are you even awake in the first place?[View]
21597607Where do I find a daddy like Simon Baker?[View]
21590404Anyone here (mostly) nondysphoric but still transitioning?[View]
21597495Body integrity identity disorder is the exact same thing as transgenderism just with certain body pa…[View]
21591978movies: Why not? I'll start. Why was Matrix I God-tier and Matrix II and III were such a massiv…[View]
21591780>put tranners on medication that literally makes them pee more >ban them from bathrooms and ma…[View]
21596713>tfw no transgf in her late 30s that likes guys in their 20s[View]
21597416im mtf maybe bi but i wanna program myself to be attracted to men only. i dont wish to be attracted …[View]
21596555I've been on hrt for 6 years now. How long do I have to be off hrt to be able to make ejaculate…[View]
21597302>5'10 >157 pounds this morning Am I fat...?…[View]
21597415Sir, please remain calm, we need to get you immediate help for that large wound in your crotch.[View]
21595790>feel like crap about myself >get a haircut and shave >face is actually femboyish >'damn…[View]
21596813tfw no trans gf to make a collaborative playlist with[View]
21594509post your favorite food and guess letters[View]
21595077thispersondoesnotexist.com find a qt and describe what you would do to them I would hogtie him,put o…[View]
21595939I feel masculine and im liking it: >mtf >start drinking my meds again >got prescribed a new…[View]
21586003>Doesn't pass >Still more attractive than 90% of MTFs Blackpill…[View]
21596834Midface thread: Can we get a midface repfuel thread going, trannybros?[View]
21595717why do transes like bisexuals? wouldn't it be more satisfying to have someone who's exclus…[View]
21592310can someone give me actual studies on the benefits of tenagers transitioning: I heard that there is …[View]
21594342Guide to being a guy: Tips to being a guy ---> >> Don't be around children >> Do…[View]
21596782Do bottoms like dressing up? Where can I find a bottom to dress up as reimu for me?[View]
21596647do trans girls like twunks who have wide shoulders but a small waist?: would you date one?[View]
21595686Is there a way to make plucking your eyebrows suck less[View]
21595816this website is dead should i just go to reddit?[View]
21593946Would you date a tranner who tries to be like a japanese cartoon girl?[View]
21596918Do your mental disorders pass?[View]
21596833iwn look like this[View]
21586280Is 5'9 a good height for a bottom? Also, how tall are you and are you a top or a bottom?[View]
21595948How do you deal with your infertility? I can’t freeze Sperm it’s too expensive and I don’t even kno…[View]
21596725Boymoder here, I couldn't find any good threads so I'm making one right now. What are you …[View]
21591505Stay a HRT femboy forever: Why do people overlook the role of somatropins in skeletal development? B…[View]
21596455can cis girls appropriate boymoder culture?[View]
21588740>dont like ass sex >love and admire men my God why did this have to happen? what am I to do?…[View]
21596129i can't start living because my body and gender make me feel uncomfortable[View]
21594791On the one hand, I want transpeople to be accepted, but on the other hand, I'd hate for the tra…[View]
21596623Why is there no good gay(male) porn??: Like why is it so hard to find content of groomed guys doing …[View]
21594035Passing isn't really the problem when you think about it, it's being attractive that'…[View]
21595950>be repressing healthily >in class >girl walks past me then doubles back >'you'd ma…[View]
21592773There's nothing more wholesome than...: There's nothing more wholesome than transbian love…[View]
21595424are tops willing to be with someone taller than them?: i know a lot of the top experience is had fro…[View]
21596564How Mtfs and gymbros get their ideal body: Weight cycle (gymbros call it cutting and bulking) Workou…[View]
21596479i want to be disowned[View]
21596503I don't get it.[View]
21596476I have decided: I am not a trooner, even if I have AGP, even if I ordered hormones. I am happy to ju…[View]
21594492>27 inch waist >34 inch hips >5'7 how fucked am i?…[View]
21595284>take HRT meds for 1-12 months >decide none of this shit is real and I just need to detrans an…[View]
21596066tfw no tranner gf to forcibly make out with[View]
21595702>mfw malebrained agp how stop[View]
21595220Old time ago a fridge said: The Elephants in space are cutting grassi whit ice cream and the t-shirt…[View]
21595992Gender is a retarded concept right now (and it results in retards thinking xenogenders are a valid t…[View]
21592146/bmg/ - boymoder general: Boymoder General Gatekeep Edition ITT: newfags go back QOTT: do you boymod…[View]
21595380is being trans a cognitohazard?: Don't get me wrong, I'm trans and I'm happy that I…[View]
21592663The first incel was a transwoman: Alana Boltwood coined the term incel and created the first website…[View]
21595496Do black boymoders like mild raceplay[View]
21486588/wcg/ - Webcomics General: Previous thread: >>21370130 Comics we know of, all of which are nam…[View]
21594392why are people like this.[View]
21585375>cis woman talks about how hard it is to be raised as a girl and that I'll never understand …[View]
21595840Can I take HRT and perma-boymode? Is anyone doing that? How has your experience been?[View]
21594628which one of you was this ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVjp0WA_MqY[View]
21595584Does anyone else's sexuality vary by the season? During the winter, I'm homosexual. The ne…[View]
21595159is there even any point in being a tranny if youre older than 14 and over 5'6[View]
21595638I am a girly girl. I don't have a single masculine quality. Everything I do, say, and think is …[View]
21594504uh... /tttt/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVjp0WA_MqY[View]
21593361I’m sure this has been done before and this quiz is old, but I’m bored. Post results and guess lette…[View]
21590984/gaygen/ - ASIWYFA edition: old: >>21587781[View]
21593460can tall bottoms cuddle well with tops or is it over? t. 6'[View]
21594767what would you do if you saw a boymoder who was signing bills, ordering drone strikes, getting inaug…[View]
21595163I don't actually like sex the only reason I would do it is so that people would cuddle me and k…[View]
21595441It finally happened: I no longer want to fuck dudes. I think I'm finally t4t. is it time to sui…[View]
21595315Learning about being trans/trans people when i was 13 destroyed my life. If i had never found out ab…[View]
21595411Did u twinks eat today?[View]
21595396do you ever catch a glimpse of someone in a crowd, or out of the corner of your eye, and just know w…[View]
21591014i think a lot of this board is just autistic and have things like transition, passing, autogynephil…[View]
21590767my always horny hypersexual trans gf just told me that she masturbated and came 30 fucking times the…[View]
21595014It may be hard to believe, but my mental health even a few months ago was way better than whatever *…[View]
21595176Haven't jerked off in over a year since starting HRT. Trying to use it more now since I have a …[View]
21595008>cops literally save tranny from death >I FUCKING HATE ALL OF YOU Why are trannies like this? …[View]
21589102/depressedgen/: I really really really need the distraction Please use this thread to unburden yours…[View]
21595129Remember to always wear your high heels![View]
21588121>deicide to talk to my gf about being a trans >ask her what she thinks of transpeople in gener…[View]
21593115To be honest when women are in private they are fucking gross. >head bands, stretchy shorts, tan…[View]
21594691would you date him?[View]
21580939wtf guys[View]
21591725So...let's talk about 'sissy hypno'. It's wildly popular but never talked about, those num…[View]
21575133do ur hands pass?: post em[View]
21594956how big of a po box shoudl i get for hrt stuff lol[View]
21593750Why does ezra Miller look cool and not like a hon in women's clothes even though he's stil…[View]
21594622do you remember when we used to have discord friend finder threads?[View]
21576555are there any straight or bi guys out there who are actually into locking someone in chastity? or is…[View]
21584739Do you think Hontra's YouTube personality is fake? I feel like she's extremely malicious a…[View]
215947692020 >20 yo cis straight incel guy. >friend 1 comes out as trans/bi mtf. >don't really…[View]
21592594sometimes I like to put my 9 inch packer down my leggings and skirt so when the wind flys they think…[View]
21593919Workout Routines?: I plan to self improve and I think a workout routine would help me but I have no …[View]
21583733Asexual?: I'm kinda confused. I've never had a strong sex drive but lately I've basic…[View]
21588192God imagine him backing that meaty boihole up on your cock and whimpering like a faggot[View]
21593703Well then!!: We changed /b/ out of all places. Now we have too boards. That’s pretty cool![View]
21594614>tfw no strokes gf[View]
21593123I'm a cis agp: Title. Basically in the most simple terms, I'm a cis female who wishes she …[View]
21593810I subconsciously clock cis people now. I know picrel is a cisman and ciswoman but they look like ftm…[View]
21593713why do cis women do this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujlYdVXWLos[View]
21592207what would you do if you came across a boymoder that lunged at you, pinned you down, began to bite a…[View]
21593365Penis haver + female clothing = peepee hard[View]
21590494Why do trans guys have autohybristophilia?[View]
21594014Is anyone here in a stereotypical fat lesbian relationship? Is it as wholesome as I'm romanizin…[View]
21594203Any other guys with tranny tendencies feel this way?: Basically I had tranny tendencies before and w…[View]
21591540I need help trying to impress a trans girl that says she likes to come here. What are some funny mem…[View]
21594188>start using social media again since fully trooning out >a dude starts hitting on me >flat…[View]
21588356the year is 1984, joe biden criminalizes misgendering transgender women (men) the ''democratic''' (C…[View]
21593893I wish i was dead: I see myself as a woman but dont want to, i wish i was a normal man not a man wit…[View]
21593738Is anyone else extremely impressionable? I have a strong tendency to heavily copy anything I slightl…[View]
21591202I am a simple man, I want to rail ya: but today I learned t-girls don't like me because I am fi…[View]
21593085Hey lgbt, Heatherposter here What are your guys opinions on the generals here? I don't really l…[View]
21594131heya, basilposter here again. did you do something good for yourself today? did you get out and try …[View]
21592403>used to be homophobic a year ago >am now extremely gay what went wrong…[View]
21588313Did anyone wish they were a lesbian when they were younger? Don't all straight guys say that?[View]
21593749is it good idea?: tfw you are Turkish and want to do lewd things with a korean boifriend like rubbin…[View]
21593463Should I make a subreddit for non-passing mtfs?[View]
21593560So was the Wi Spa incident a hoax?[View]
21591921Does it count as gender dysphoria if I really really wish I had a prostate? So I could orgasm from a…[View]
21593992>Cone tits it’s over I’m getting a mastectomy and calling myself a faggot…[View]
21590163what would you do if you came across a boymoder that was depressed, fat, lazy, self-hating, boring, …[View]
21593855>want to be a slight effeminate man >stuck as a ftfemboy…[View]
21587082Tommy Dorfman comes out as a transgender woman[View]
21572679What percentage of cis women are AGP?[View]
21581948this you?[View]
21592312i miss the first month of my transition so much: >anything felt possible >wowie my body is goi…[View]
21593426Why do I want to develop male sex characteristics[View]
21593059I love him, but Im not fucking supposed to. I would think after all of the abuse and rape and harm h…[View]
21593607school: yo, im trying to do a project for school, and need someone to critique it for me. if anyone …[View]
21593326when giving head do you swallow or do you want hot cum on you? what is the ideal for pleasing or bei…[View]
21593561just thinking about boys makes me feel funny now and i can't stop thinking about boys need bf n…[View]
21590839how do i become an e-thot (male)[View]
21589680/mtfg/ transgirl general: Link to the past: >>21583081 Links: https://pastebin.com/LyMhFmT4 Q…[View]
21589822/stg/ Straight Trans General: These threads are always comfy and I like them QOTT: Describe your per…[View]
21593201>be cis foid >female acquaintances love their flamboyant “pet” gay friends >feel no desire…[View]
21590729>That one friend that insists on erping every day despite both of you being boys this is basicall…[View]
21592213A transman did make me very uncomfortable in the men's bathroom. He was peeing standing up with…[View]
21587086does anybody have graphs depicting testosterone and hgh levels by age? i want detailed ones preferab…[View]
21592988can we have a fat boymoder thread to shame me to lose weight?[View]
21590541Why are there more bottoms than tops?[View]
21569957What's your opinion on /r/askAGP?[View]
21588637Literally all I needed to do in life to be a successful top >be white >be tall >be fit I am…[View]
21589673>be me, muscular white top >on grindr >every black guy in town wants to top me >all of t…[View]
21591989It must be July: Cuz I only wanna ride with my hair down And listen to the sound Of trannies punchi…[View]
21592875I am in deep need of a boy to comfort to me to sleep!![View]
21591224Is it weird if I date a (former) prostitute?[View]
21590246>a boymoder walks up to you and asks for directions to the pharmacy to get her estrogen wat do?…[View]
21584813why are trannies so bad at fashion?: it’s like y’all spent all that time in the closet for nothing…[View]
21592164i used to post on incels.co now im trans[View]
21579729/mmg/ - manmoder general: a general for um, uhhh, i don't know at this point fulfillment editio…[View]
21582612horny greentexts: I don't care if they're larps, if you've got a greentext saved it a…[View]
21589243Why do people who lisyt after women have such different tastes but those who lust after men all most…[View]
21589108/ftmg/ fugly to manlet edition: Summerfag/bait eating edition: NO BAIT ALLOWED QOTT: Why do you alwa…[View]
21583136Cis male AGPs, what's your favorite outfit for cooming? I want to buy something for myself, but…[View]
21592352Am I still a top if I want my boy to rub my asshole in a circular motion WITHOUT PENETRATION while h…[View]
21591967I think my boymoder is defective?: I recently ordered my boymoder online but ever since I arrived sh…[View]
21591047Boymode or Not to boymode?: Hello anons I need some advice (I know 4Chan probably isn't the bes…[View]
21586037How can one man be so right, and in being right, cause so many hons to seethe? The good Dr. Ray is a…[View]
21591210If trans women are women…: And you arent just doing this to be homophobic and pretend gay sex is str…[View]
21592284You guys said I wouldn't have anything in common with a much older guy, yet he understands all …[View]
21568341is agp a meme, is it even real, or were you guys playing a prank on me? surely i wouldn't cry w…[View]
21581309how do you come to terms with the fact you're agp, only transitioning because you're a per…[View]
21588116how do I get a cute mtf to date me: I just want a cute clingy mtf girlfriend, I am buff and very tal…[View]
21592170Gee for some reason its way easier to find scientific proof for race iq correlation than for homosex…[View]
21587799Can androphilia and meta attraction coexist?: I know the majority of trans women’s interest in men i…[View]
21592278Who is intereste in your hands?: POST YOUR FEET (we'll see if you pass)[View]
21592339Bottom/tranny tries to drive, next @11: Maybe the lot of you shouldn't be behind a wheel >ht…[View]
21591721Straight bottoms and hrt femboys are lgbt and I'm tired of pretending they're not.[View]
21589461Anyone else hugboxed by their family? Picrel and it makes me feel even worse about myself. I can…[View]
21590045My dad threatened to kill himself if I ever turn out to really be bisexual and trans. Is this normal…[View]
21590287i went on a date with a cisbian AMA: t. transbian.[View]
21590628You know how people here say that you should take pills, I say do that, but also along the way try t…[View]
21592124How to repress forever?: I used to use this board a lot when i found out i was a tranny. I decided t…[View]
21576087what is best country in Europe for tranners? what about France or Germany in particular? are they go…[View]
21582995Bisexual men, are you AGP? Be honest.[View]
21592022>gay and straight people talking about how they feel 'pure disgust' and 'repulsed' at even the th…[View]
21590953>Tags: both sexes in same situation[View]
21591349>straight male >jerked off to sissy porn again Why does this keep happening…[View]
21589861Went on a date for the first time in months: So the other day I was like fuck it and met someone on …[View]
21583223Maybe it's the inundation with progesterone (HRT femboy), but I have an overwhelmingly strong d…[View]
21591094Need help with MTF friend: were fwb and she doesnt like herself at all im wondering if theres a way …[View]
21591572>be me >mtf >Recently started being more conflicted on my gender, a little uncomfortable be…[View]
21586912Akira Gomi: average women's body shapes, photographed: http://www. pornomedia.com/extra/strange…[View]
21591310What would you do if you were walking down the street and you came upon a boymoder and she started f…[View]
21590043e-dating sucks[View]
21591144Do boymoders commonly have foot fetishes[View]
21589880what's your view on self-sucking blowjobs, particularly with cum eating - is it gay? i love suc…[View]
21590966I'm on mono injections and I think I'm crazy. I feel my hip bones. Its not painful or anyt…[View]
21587682Did hrt help with your depression?[View]
21590197I'm a cis bi male, and I *really* want to slut around on Grindr while I'm still young, but…[View]
21590858What is some fembrained literature, asking for myself and other anons here, need new reading materia…[View]
21587444@FtM: Any FtM into topping / dominating a masculine cis male? Would it turn you on to emasculate him…[View]
21591242I was going to off myself 5 years ago until someone on here put some things into perspective for me …[View]
21575517/clg/ - Cis Lesbian General: Capeshit edition: QOTT: Who's your superhero crush? Last time on …[View]
21587092The Real Life Joker: Paul Miller, A.K.A., Gypsy Crusader, was a Journalist who was attacked by Antif…[View]
21590250Top took the blanket off of my blahaj while she was smothering me with her boobs and I’m now afraid …[View]
21584952Weed turns you gay. This isn't a meme or war-on-drugs propaganda, it's a real thing. Whene…[View]
21568070Picrew thread again: Since the last one's near death, here's a new'un. https://picrew…[View]
21587781/gaygen/ - Restless Sleep edition: previous: >>21584695 QOTT: When you are lying in bed and ca…[View]
21590739white, 178 cm, fit, grey eyes: looking for a transgirl who is into being topped. I never will ask yo…[View]
21584888My top makes me rim his hairy asshole while jerking him off[View]
21588817Who is more LGBT: 'Bi' women with bfs who kissed a girl at a party once or 'Bi' men whose only homos…[View]
21590798>Family won't take me seriously because I'm a transbian >Sisters say it's impo…[View]
21589462Twinks have more soul, there is truly something lifeless in the dead eyed thousand yard stare and ma…[View]
21590333Is sexuality defined by language?. I was asked about what pronouns i use in order to know if i am ma…[View]
21589431How do I get this kind of relationship?[View]
21588619>be me >extremely AGP >literally jerk off to videos of women testing lipstick >literally…[View]
21590137my ftm bf wants to squeeze my pecs and suck my nipples all the time, isn't it hypocritical that…[View]
21587879i got a brain tumour and have to stop cypro what aa should i switch to?[View]
21587471Is it just me or does taftaj look more masculine after ffs?[View]
21590337>be in relationship with girl who never was with a woman but came onto me for a year >Enjoying…[View]
21590271Torn about gender identity, as a straight male. I gravitated hard towards lesbian porn growing up, w…[View]
21587242My breasts are becoming too big to keep boymoding. What should I do??? ;~;[View]
21590319>gave my boymoder access to the credit card >orders $1500 worth of anime cosplay outfits and v…[View]
21588335Is it possible to be trans without crossdressing in childhood but crossdressing in later adulthood d…[View]
21590531I WILL NEVER MARRY A T-GIRL: if I don't her Swedish meatballs aren't tasty. > yummy yum…[View]
21588742I am a happy t.ranner drinking with her bf right now while we watches a movie ama I am already a lit…[View]
21588727I hate myself for wanting to be feminine and wanting to have sex with men.: How do I make it stop? I…[View]
21582486>deeply disillusioned with masculinity from a young age >feminine build, extremely short, ofte…[View]
21588447When I was younger I actually thought crossdressers were passable and that you didn’t need hormones …[View]
21584840If FTMs were really men, they would do shit like filling their vaginas with air and making the loude…[View]
21590238trans: can i be a vegiemite sandwich?[View]
21586746what would you do if you came across a boymoder that was cute, cuddly, warm, and was just generally …[View]
21590235Are weight gain fetishes AGP?[View]
21589775>think about how nice it would be to be a masculine man >think about how if i was one id want …[View]
21590036I have bottom brainrot and I don’t know what to do[View]
21590018Why do repressors so often turn to far right politics to cope? t. former /pol/ak repressor[View]
21579863i have to go to a toga party: i am a boymoder and i have to wear a toga for a party. i couldn’t tie …[View]
21589920Surgery consult???: Ok so this is probably a shit place to ask but Idk where else to ask. I’m Austra…[View]
21586297>Enbies are always women. Either trans women who haven't come out all the way, or cis women …[View]
21589808Have you heard the good news?[View]
21587910*AVGN voice* What were they fucking thinking!?[View]
21586461/bmg/ boymoder general: Boymoder General omg where did bmg go wreer ITT Be nice, cis ppl out QOTT Wh…[View]
21589696what would you do if you came across a boymoder that was laying on the ground, unresponsive, had a m…[View]
21589668How do I get a friend who helps me and makes sure im not gonna kms if im a drastically depressed tra…[View]
21580372I don't hate trans people, but: why do you people think that instead of getting therapy to beco…[View]
21584327Video games are by far the most clockable interest that trannies always have. It gives them away eve…[View]
21589640So what’s the deal with some gays always pursuing/perfering/baiting straight men or gay/bi masks tha…[View]
21587080MtFs, if a cis woman was uncomfortable with you in the women's bathroom or changing room, would…[View]
21579749>trans militia is not rea-[View]
21585404how do i cope with the fact im a tranny who will NEVER pass or look like anything but a skinny guy?[View]
21589031hey whats up everybody im dysphoric and suicidal dubs gets to decide how i off myself[View]
21588242>be me, boymoder >out to mom >semi supportive-ish >points out every single time I get ge…[View]
21588921Sucking trans dick (sexually) is cringe. I am a top, I don't suck pp.[View]
21589319Despite being jealous of all those mega youngshit 5'2' flawless passers I am thankful I ended u…[View]
21589035Stop exploiting tttt culture[View]
21586684Do chubby femboys exist?[View]
21589260Anime tranny link: Everybody knows there is a link between watching anime and becoming a tranny But …[View]
21587592Does god hate fags?: Aids, tapeworms, inconsistency, disease[View]
21588565why is getting a gf so hard[View]
21589195>male, female, what's the dofference? Power is beautiful, and I've got the power!…[View]
21588883ok so i started hrt at the end of 19 and im 20 now, my hole fucking hip bone started to hurt for the…[View]
21587698I dont want to be a tranny, i want to be accepted by people. Why is the world so cruel and isolating[View]
21588997Slippery Slope: What do you all think the next step in the slippery slope will be? I'm really h…[View]
21524217/agpg/ - Autogynephilia General: /agpg/ autogynephilia general: motherhood edition >QOTT: Do you …[View]
21586199My city is nothing but fat hairy bottoms on grindr. I just want a qt twink boiwife, bros. Should I t…[View]
21588841How do you feel knowing you don't pass this well?: I've been on hrt for like a whole year …[View]
21588855women: who even started this whole you can't hit women in self defense crap it makes no sense t…[View]
21585978Non-binary thread: Why isn't there an enby thread? They seem to be extremely rare. What are you…[View]
21585505>be ASE manmoder >constantly fantasize about having a boyfriend >think about meeting a nice…[View]
21586780how do you get over a relationship: I broke up with my first serious girlfriend a couple months ago,…[View]
21588744Can hrt legit make someone go into heat, like actually? I have such strong feelings about guys right…[View]
21585735Why is this board so racist? It makes me feel very uncomfy being a nonwhite anon. I have to assume e…[View]
21583948/tttt/ Art Thread: >post your art >guess other people's letters…[View]
21583666hypothetical scenario: >consider the following: What if there was free healthcare for all trans p…[View]
21588102Turned on by being misgendered?: Is it weird that being casually misgendered turns me on? Like not b…[View]
21584182ITT doomed: I just want to be an hrt femboy Why did god curse me I feel so stupid. If started years …[View]
21584306/ftmg/ trans male general: Troll edition QOTT: What do you larp as on the board? >Resources: http…[View]
21586776laser hair removal in atl?: does anyone know of any trans-friendly laser hair removal places in the …[View]
21588168Mom keeps getting mad at people who 'misgender' me: >be boymoder >go to bakery with mom >st…[View]
21587931>boymoder >have homophobic friend who doesn't fuck with queers and doesn't know i…[View]
21587619If you get an erection when you dress up as a girl, you're not trans[View]
21586427are bottoms chadsexual?[View]
21586489Fuck being LGBT.: I'm a gay bottom but I'm just gonna go volcel cuz fuck being gay desu. L…[View]
21578820F1nn: What's the realistic probability that he'll transition?[View]
21587140What are you supposed to do when you have no sense of self?[View]
21588068I dont really care about being a woman anymore. I wish i was cis rather. Like, i dont feel dysphoria…[View]
21587460>questioning my gender for 2 years and 3 months as of today and still no closer to figuring it ou…[View]
21587946Terfs: 1) Do you genuinely think western women are oppressed in the slightest? 2) Do you think your …[View]
21580635Any advice on quitting drinking? Like every other gay on this board alcohol is ruining my life[View]
21584695/gaygen/ - Snu Snu Edition: Previous: >>21581650[View]
21581996>be transbian top: >come home to mtf gf >She's looking submissive and breeadable >B…[View]
21584251>used to think that i'm AGP >wich is relatively fine, not very problematic in life >ap…[View]
21587574post the 3 latest tv shows you watched and guess letter >fleabag >mandalorian >wandavision…[View]
21586696Do trans women have different taste in men than cis women?: Curious how trans women’s taste in men i…[View]
21587366>femboys start getting attention from straight men >women start larping as femboys to get back…[View]
21587176It's bullshit that I'm forced to care this much about gender I want to be a cool gender ab…[View]
21583081mtfg male to email general: qott: do u own any based stockings or leggings transition resources: ht…[View]
21586158Any thoughts on the rape allegations brewing at Blizzard?: It looks like their may have been some tr…[View]
21585426>tfw transbian couple asks you, a chaser, to be their 'new friend.' Why would they say it like th…[View]
21586901Are she/her hrt femboys even trans? I think they're cis desu[View]
21583262incels: trannies, what are your thoughts on incels? would you date one? are they fixable? have you e…[View]
21584996My testosterone level was in female range pre-hrt: I'm fairly positive I have hypothyroidism. B…[View]
21581619This is how my ideal tranny gf looks like. Thoughts?[View]
21582192Trans guys, why is the majority of you so fucking woke? Even the most passing ones are constantly co…[View]
21586223When is he going to transition?[View]
21582002what music do you listen to these days im currently returning back to my emo phase and i also listen…[View]
21586606i feel like a freak any time i go outside: im always boymoding but i still feel like a freak how do …[View]
21583275Does the whole alpha/beta/omega/sigma applies to trans women? Do you know any sigma trans person?[View]
21580464is it common for girls to get together in their pajamas and make out?[View]
21586714why are twinks picky...: I don't get it...im a decent looking guy, i workout, i have hobbies, i…[View]
21581101Gaycel/bicel general: Thread for gay and bi incels and khv[View]
21582170Do you ever feel intimidated or inadequate when you're around tranners that pass better than yo…[View]
21585685I befriended a tranny by accident and I'm incredibly surprised about how much of infectious per…[View]
21579128Do transbian tops even exist? hard mode: do transbian tops who aren't hons or don't have a…[View]
21586491The G in LGBT stands for Groomers. What's with all the jealously lately? This has been well kno…[View]
21586122are there trans women who are dominant bottoms? asking for a friend...[View]
21586594tfw will never be with the man i love because i'm a tranny: god i wish i was dead[View]
21581685I pretended to breastfeed my blahaj today[View]
21584988Gay/bi lads of /lgbt/, answer me this: Have you ever approached a guy in public? And i mean like at …[View]
21586413Sexuality is the seed of the devil, chemical castration is the only hope[View]
21585731>twitter convincing people that femboy is a gender identity completely detachable from its sexual…[View]
21586565All of the TERF hate is making me want to not socially transition because that's tantamount to …[View]
21570787What are the best trans books?[View]
21586478Meta attraction is based: Can lead them on, pump and dump, etc all you want because they’re being ju…[View]
21584987When announcing the referendum, Orban stated that “the future of our children is at stake, so we can…[View]
21584702>dating a top guy >am mtf >we're not really exclusive yet >he pins me after sex and…[View]
21556301>act like a slightly dorky normie girl >people like me and think I'm nice and friendly …[View]
21586322Was Ayn TRand stealth?: Male body, male brain[View]
21586381>tfw no terminally online tranner gf[View]
21583896Is Non-Binary a western imperialist concept: If gender is a social construct and thus also influence…[View]
21585605>becomes one of the most well known members of lgbt community >betrays us and makes us all loo…[View]
21572428What does being bottom-brained mean?[View]
21585841>tell a trans girl I know she shouldn't have the right to vote >tell her to shut up when …[View]
21585711Since skincare is associated with being gay, what skincare products do you guys actually use?[View]
21585817>t-this-*schlop* *schlop* *schlop*i-isn't gay right? >*looks into my eyes* 'ofc not bro y…[View]
21586185why do trans girls like these kinds of drawings so much? i'm just curious bc all the ones i kno…[View]
21576980Show me your eyes girls[View]
21586196Why are gay men and (sometimes) trans people so promiscuous? I see gay people who have tons of sec w…[View]
21582791What were Your copes?: I'll start: - no strong enough dysphoria - being probably gay - being…[View]
21582395Do your hips pass /tttt/[View]
21581817Why do I have respect for naturally dominant men?: Like, I usually see them as superior and like tra…[View]
21584646If you're a woman, why are you on 4chan?[View]
21585560chasers when's the last time you talked to a girl irl?[View]
21583759Black = Gay: I think it's really cool how all black men came out as homosexual. Very progressiv…[View]
21579082I met a cool person online and we got along super well. She tells me she is trans and talks about it…[View]
21584951is it normal to struggle seeing yourself as a woman pre-hrt? I feel more and more confident that ide…[View]
21582236Any european tranners here who play league?: Wanna play? I'm bored out of my mind and will be f…[View]
21574879how do i write for transwomen?: i want to write a story with the main character being a transfemale …[View]
21585678prog makes me horny: i want sex i want sex i want sex i want sex i want sex i want sex i want sex i …[View]
21584404I'm tired of being a weak bottom who gets anxious and intimidated around big strong men. How do…[View]
21585179>tfw cis male with female digit ratio should i just give up and transition im incel anyways…[View]
21584961Progesterone: Heres my situation. For six month I was taking 1.5 mg estradiol get (has a 36 hr half …[View]
21582799tfw ill never be able to vore a cute twink chaser: tfw ill never get to feel him wriggle around in m…[View]
21584798tfw no FTM handsome bf..... life is sad.[View]
21584469I just want to cum deep inside of a cute Korean boy.: Just give me a Kpop boy God, please...[View]
21584619Trannies who wear wigs: Why? Are you just balding? Do you for some reason keep your hair short? It s…[View]
21584096You faggots memed me into thinking I had dysphoria, but I now realize I don't. That was a close…[View]
21585223>tfw pakistani hate this shit (even non white) tranners only want you if you're white…[View]
21582333are you going to watch this prestigious play? not only is Oliver now the most recognizable trans wom…[View]
21585077Tranner creepypasta[View]
21585097Be real with me fellas. If your trans gf is AGP which is the average amount of time before her meta …[View]
21584228I wouldn't want to transition if straight male bottoms weren't so shunned by women and by …[View]
21584936everyone says it's easy to get a trans gf but i haven't had much luck bc im ugly[View]
21581584I did DIY HRT for some months, but I stopped a month ago. I don't know if this is actually goin…[View]
21585075It's only gay if others find out about it[View]
21584723>The tweet is a cartoon depiction of somebody making the V sign, not the for victory, the other o…[View]
21580961Are there any good twink onlyfans?? finna bust a nut to some fat ass twink faggot[View]
21582778He/they: Are non-binary men valid, /lgbt/?[View]
21584115I genuinely believe that I'm a woman.: I genuinely believe I am a woman, despite being born mal…[View]
21582531>bio has his new name in it Is he getting ready to stop repressing?[View]
21584838What are some jokes only trannies understand[View]
21584650none outside a few loud trolls really do believe having dating preferences about the genitalia can b…[View]
21584005Yes, I would rather be a girl than a guy.: But I can't do much about it besides cope in any way…[View]
21580487Cutest trans girls?: I don't care what platform. Just show me pretty trans girls to admire I…[View]
21581650/gaygen/ - royal bottoms edition: old: >>21576121[View]
21582421what's your most malebrained hobby? mine is making conlangs[View]
21583624styled my wig for the first time on my own building drag skills yay :3 not the best job in the world…[View]
21579848>He waddles, stumbles, staggers. He lurches toward you, his eyes feral and muddy. >'You. Yyyyo…[View]
21580411bottoms go to bed now! Why are you up in the first place?[View]
21583878Wtf is this shit?: I want to be a femboy and be treated like a girl, but the thought of actually bei…[View]
21583221There are people with androgynous faces who could plausibly be afab or amab because there's som…[View]
21581589This is how my ideal chaser husband looks like. Your thoughts?[View]
21581991I'm racing against the clock: >see cute crossplayer >immediately seethe knowing I'll…[View]
21584210Riddle me this, pinkpillers: >Stop repressing just take HRT and manmode, literally what's th…[View]
21583946Femboys compared to Transgirls: Femboys are transgirls without the mental disorders... is this basic…[View]
21584013Im a fat tranny and I ate 3000 calories yesterday. I dont deserve to live because i cant handle the …[View]
21581206Men literally evolved to be the most hideous beings in existence How do I cope with this feel[View]
21583965Why do most chasers look like this?[View]
21583852>These zoomer incel boys are just turning into sissy faggots because of feminism and misandry! …[View]
21577316What is everyone's foot size I'm mtf but my feet are size 10 and it makes me feel horrible…[View]
21584007what percent of chasers are trans people in denial[View]
21579617Hello stinky bottoms. How was your day? What are you all up to?[View]
21582346Boys, post what you love about trans girls. Transgirls, post what you love about boys.[View]
21576874People who have strong opinions about Blanchardism, what led you to your beliefs? Post your best pro…[View]
21582635hip growth: recently my hips have been looking and feeling more defined. nobody told me this could h…[View]
21583916Yes I want to strip my skin off, yes I want to gouge out my female fat deposits, yes I want to remov…[View]
21583809Hrt and urine infection: Am I the only one who gets frequent urine infections after beginning hrt? I…[View]
21583725i wanna kill myself because id never be cute or pass as a girl[View]
21580204/bmg/ - boymoder general: Boymoder General: Dream house or whatever edition ITT: something something…[View]
21572068/ftmg/ firm tough masculine general: Breakfast edition >qott what's for breakfast? Resources…[View]
21581664Is having a 36 inch underbust a death sentence for passing as a 5’11” tranner?[View]
21581862>really dysphoric all my life >decide to transition, start transitioning >tell my friends a…[View]
21581295>jerk off to a variety of hardcore gay male porn all day I-its just meta attraction, right?…[View]
21582504Feels like my attraction to women just faded away. I'm only attracted to men now.[View]
21578600You can only pick one: Since some ftms were mad about the thread I made yesterday[View]
21583568Girlmoders get all the men, stop boymoding: https://youtu.be/u2X9hgtLg5I Look at this transwoman. Al…[View]
21580794Sooo...: We've established that most trannies don't like having their dick sucked. But wha…[View]
21572681I want a chaser bf so had[View]
21582313Survey: This one's for MtFs, although I guess FtMs can answer it too. We're you attracted …[View]
21582396>some childhood 'signs' which are vague and can be interpreted any way >invasive fantasies of …[View]
21583016> You have enabled Ultra-Nightmare mode. Are you sure you want to put yourself through this?…[View]
21578204>before sex >anon, please never touch my penis, it makes my dysphoria really bad >during se…[View]
21580130Headpats?? Do bottoms and trannies really like headpats? lol[View]
21582572Is it straight to have sex with a trangender?[View]
21583374Hey guys, gals and everything inbetween. I plan to larp as a nonbinary for some special point so i c…[View]
21581796Bezos bucks: I'll be starting an easy job at Amazon next Monday. Due to the insurance I will ha…[View]
21581583why are almost all generals juat tripfags giving headpats to each other literally just a circle of u…[View]
21580754What...?: In your opinion, are they on HRT? I'm asking because I matched with them, they want t…[View]
2158103719 yo 6’4 195lb manmoder: are most guys happy being a man? I hate how large my body is. every physic…[View]
21582699AGP Homos: >I'm not gay or anything, I just really like looking at women's clothes and …[View]
21568373This comment in specific might be intended as bait but the sentiment stands: many of those who suppo…[View]
21582591Meowdy, Texans! Are you nice and padded today?[View]
21580974What clothing size are you??: Use this website : https://sizes .darkgreener.com/ Picrel, me a 5…[View]
21580999When the bottom cums you can feel his anus twitch around your cock or so i heard at least.[View]
21582450/aitgen/ + /sitgen/ - Am I trans general + Should I troon general: Here anons who question their gen…[View]
21582276I have come to terms with my bisexuality.[View]
21581568Is it normal to sleep at someone’s house on a first date? I’m meeting a top off of tinder for the fi…[View]
21581396>tfw no sassy and assertive trans gf Why ya'll gotta be a bunch of insecure mouses?…[View]
21580714how can i force a boy to have sex with me and be my boyfriend?[View]
21581695Is this body achievable for a tranny?[View]
21581662I wish someone would call me a 'mere white curd of ass's milk'[View]
21581809>tfw no self hating tranner gf who begs me to hit her[View]
21580366triggered R9K by asking for advice: feels good. asked advice for an aspiring trap and they came out …[View]
21578875cute gay art: post cute gay art i want more cute gay art[View]
21580317my brother said he loved me tonight before he went upstairs to sleep he hasnt said this to me withou…[View]
21582344Should I stop cooming: I only care about not being a woman when it comes to having sex Should I jus…[View]
21581123Laser takes so long for fucks sake almost all my hair on mt face is gone except this stupid moustach…[View]
21579516Is there a good 'Am I trans' test?: Cuz I might need something like that... for no particular reason…[View]
21570882a guy raped me again.: how am i supposed to keep them off me? whenever i go to a guys place he gets …[View]
21578856Post a character/characters you relate to and have /lgbt/ guess your identity[View]
21582362Should you transition if you never had a sexual experience or relationship in your life? Can you eve…[View]
21581934I think it's unreasonable to expect 100% of lgbt people to not be heterophobic. And I don'…[View]
21579524i'm sad and want to disassociate into a reality that isn't my own. gib story topics and id…[View]
21582199when men try to act all aggressive but then you reveal you're into that and they get that scare…[View]
21582227>take linguistics class expecting to meet cute gay guys there >I do but they all already have …[View]
21581130is it normal for girlmoders to keep wearing mens underwear despite girlmoding? a-asking for a friend…[View]
21576316I am a straight cis man twisted by meta-attraction, internalized misandry, autoandrophobia, peter pa…[View]
21582000>news about women being bullied at workplace >its actually a tranny Whats wrong with trannies …[View]
21579024>be me >never had attraction to men. at all >when i was 12 i thought i was trans and identi…[View]
21581539I'm ftm and submissive: Is it normal for ftm guys to be sexually submissive? I hate being submi…[View]
21579420Can you guys all call me a girl and stuff, idk for sure if im trans and i want to see how it feels[View]
21578033>be me, tranny 19 >really care about someone >she doesnt reply for 4 days >decide im bei…[View]
21581866I'm transitioning not because I'm trans, but because my life is shit and my brain decide t…[View]
21580817what would you do if you came across a boymoder that was drinking cold water, standing in front of f…[View]
21581587I wish I had someone, even if its through a call, to just sweet talk me and read me bedtime stories …[View]
21581933is transitioning for attention valid[View]
21581729staying up till 7am for the past 2 weeks bc too depressed from no gf[View]
21579554I have BPD![View]
21577441do tops love their bottoms?[View]
21581486would anyone date a MTF who is said to sometimes have 'nightcrawler': vibes? I sometimes get accused…[View]
21581679With all these companies like Uber Eats, Amazon, Gopuff, etc., how long will it be until permaboymod…[View]
21581399Okay guys, I have a problem... So, I'm a bi tranny and I watch porn. Whenever I get off to gay …[View]
21578684/mtfg/ beluga edition: old: >>21576437 links: https://pastebin.com/LyMhFmT4 qott: whats your f…[View]
21574205transpotting: Choose being trans. Choose a new name. Choose your pronouns. Choose estrogen. Choose b…[View]
21580570My boyfriend of two years is cheating on me, and I think he will likely leave me for her. That'…[View]
21578527>dating trans girl for 2 months: >normally we just go on dates in public spaces >Tried invi…[View]
21581416I want a twink to hold and pull him close and let him rest in my chest, is that really so much for a…[View]
21580352hey guys, basilposter here. did you do something fun today? are you taking care of yourself a little…[View]
21579333I'm a fat tranny. I'm on track to eat 3000 calories today. I am truly a monster who deserv…[View]
21576121/gaygen/ - Bear Edition: Previous: >>>21573276[View]
21581173Why do most chasers look like this?[View]
21579906How do I cope knowing the fact that I will never be trutrans and I am an agp pervert and if I transi…[View]
21581003This board has become so Reddit recently: Hug boxing and turning rape fetish threads into fights for…[View]
21577288>came out to my coworkers as nonbinary >they all give me weird looks >this one really rude …[View]
21580958if you were cis, would you be transphobic? its been keeping me up and i feel like if i was born a ci…[View]
21581164Bra size: I recently measured myself, and according to some calculator the size I should be wearing …[View]
21581136Let’s see what tik tok thinks of tra-[View]
21579909ITT: unexpected changes in body and/or behavior after beginning transition i'm mtf and i read w…[View]
21580966>tfw not gonna meet any cute trannies when the semester starts because all my classes are gonna b…[View]
21580332How do I(mtf) get over the guilt I experience when cheating on my boyfriend?[View]
21563340it’s fucking over bros, this is brutal[View]
21577515Are /lgbt/rannies ever going to make it? I worry about them and want their transition to succeed.[View]
21580795can cis girls experience boy removal...?: I know a cis girl who was a stereotypical tomboy with an i…[View]
21580033i’m socially detransing: I’m a semi passing early into hrt youngshit, I’m gonna stay on my hormones,…[View]
21580407Blackwashing stonewall: What do you guys, gals, hons and femcels think about the attempt from blacks…[View]
21578402Transwomen are women. In fact, if you met a transwoman you probably wouldn't even know because …[View]
21578738This is even worse than regular 4chan. I'm sorry society doesn't accept you. And I'm …[View]
21579168I can't stop giving money to a tranny bros. Everyday I get up & send her more cash[View]
21577581Imagine being a cis woman and watching your newly transitioning husband pop a cute euphoria boner wh…[View]
21579670Thoughts?: should I? would you?[View]
21578395Anyone else vanilla and boring as hell?: >be me >child >scared of pissing off authority …[View]
21576100this board + discord are the only interaction i have with women, a girl hasn't talked to me sin…[View]
21577519Why does this happen, /lgbt/? What causes this?[View]
21576149why are cis people like this: talking with mom >show her pic of me in girl clothes (at home) …[View]
21578995Trans-Survey Thread!: MTF Survey time! Detailed answers are appreciated, if you don't have a lo…[View]
21580271What did God mean by this?: >Ideal male shoulder to waist ratio >Ideal female waist to hip rat…[View]
21580268>wish I was a girl >realize it's impossible with current medicine >repress healthily w…[View]
21577158dont skip leg day, and drink your milk: so been on hrt for a number of years, but my boobs capped ou…[View]
21578320is technology going to give trans girls an edge?: we're living in the future..why would you wan…[View]
21580218Tranny Confession Time: I’ll start I only fuck guys or seek relationships with them so I can take pi…[View]
21577919>read horny top post >whole body feels funny NOOOOO I DONT WANT TO BE A BOTTOM HOW DO I GET RI…[View]
21577725Gott weiß, ich will kein Engel sein: What would you do in your last days with a penis? Pee standing …[View]
21578539What Each Group Would Do: Rearrange the answers as you see fit. When I said tripfags, I meant type i…[View]
21578743Man here. Growing up straight everyone called me gay. I thought I was bi for a bit but realized I w…[View]
21580025Ever have a day where you feel like shin godzilla?[View]
21578589I definitely don't want to be a man. I really don't want to be a woman (plus imagining mys…[View]
21575782Any bi4bi bisexuals here?: I just learned that apparently bisexuals who are bi4bi is a problematic t…[View]
21578482>tfw I'm repressor who is also strongly supportive of trans people Fuck /pol/ and fuck pinkp…[View]
21579871I’m bisexual, but western women make me want to go full gay.[View]
21577361DIY tracheal shave: How do I do a DIY tracheal shave?[View]
21579660Why does my tranner gf lie in bed panting after we fug and she cums? She always seems exhausted, and…[View]
21579699How do I cope with having both daddy and mommy issues? Should I just date an old boomerhon[View]
21577015How to write for trunswooman: Hai guise :^D I've been watching a lot of shemale porn lately, an…[View]
21579231Mom's like, you can't be trans, you werent hsts stereotypically, how do I explain this to …[View]
21577775Do transbian tops like to play nintendo switch coop games in bed together with their bottoms while s…[View]
21539262Feeling 'dysphoric,' post aapfuel[View]
21577744Hey lgbt, Heatherposter here How are you all doing today?[View]
21577350>spent highschool years online shitting on 'obnoxious pride parades and annoying flamers giving a…[View]
21579349I am the true FTM: friend pointed this out today >be me >amab >realize im trans >get g…[View]
21579490i was too afraid to sleep alone until i was 16 or so could this be related to trannyism?[View]
21570596>severe anatomical aap/ahe/gender envy >extremely mild dysphoria, almost perfectly fine with m…[View]
21576051I don't want to socially transition, but I can't wear hoodies. What should I do? I'm …[View]
21573829How do trannies not find it hypocritical that they chase after cis people in exactly the same manner…[View]
21576578Daily reminder that if you are male, you are overrating your feminity, you are more masculine than w…[View]
21577098do you browse /lgbt/ with your gf?[View]
21573038did you start wearing a different style of glasses when you transitioned?[View]
21577616Can Sissy hypno stop me from hating myself? I'm a boymoding MtF and it's hard for me to ac…[View]
21579225>be me >reddit Tran >get follow requests from people like this recently >'YoullNeve…[View]
21577197>Gilbert Baker, born in 1951 and raised in Parsons, Kansas, had served in the US Army between 197…[View]
21569580woke leftist trannies and allies think passing is a myth[View]
21573162>start realizing im a tranny >want to kms >if i kms my mom will be sad guess i'll just…[View]
21574281Why are so many of the trans girls I know in shitty discord relationships? Is this some common patte…[View]
21577212Striaght cis male here. How do I feminize my identity and personality? This is my biggest fetish and…[View]
21579052What position do u sleep in?: I'm sleepy atm and I wonder if it's possible to spoon myself…[View]
21578926>wanted to possess zeldas corpse yeah im thinking malladus is AGP as fuck what are some other can…[View]
21573707How much hrt costs per month were you live anon: Tell me please[View]
21577687are ftms who lust after serial killers valid? I say no cause it's literally the most fembrained…[View]
21578889Can I really be a trans woman if I relate a lot to Apu?[View]
21578228>remember my /pol9k/ phase[View]
21577889Uah, big drama, but my husband left me for stupid reasons and one of them was because I came out as …[View]
21576207Lesbian Moms: > Turns out my Dad isn't a trillionaire 28 gold medal polydoctorate Olympian …[View]
21575994do yall vibe with this critique of the new pride flag https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMzu_XcrXvQ…[View]
21578125Would a rhinoplasty make my mid-face look smaller?[View]
21576402So what would happen if I started hrt now at age 25 and kept using it for 10 years but didn’t get an…[View]
21572731how come the absolute hottest top-tier tranners are non-passing?[View]
21576274Chasers, how do you feel when you see your trans gf without make up and she just looks like a twink?…[View]
21578108How do you know if its meta attraction or real?: I NEED TO KNOW. I don't know if I actually lik…[View]
21578685Am i still valid if its 70% BDD 30% dysphoria?: I get jealous of pretty people, both male and female…[View]
21574475Why is it that whenever a trans woman wants to be a mother, they have to go through some kind of inq…[View]
21578175Lyon is online faking an orgasm and I have witnessed this cringe so so shall tou https://m.youtube.c…[View]
21578560I wish I had a boy to be pamper and love.[View]
21575673Every transgirl should ask a guy to suck their dick as a test to see if he's straight or not. H…[View]
21574050Are you ready for summer /lgbt/?[View]
21578511I'm sorry for all the mean posts i made about trannies while repressing[View]
21570763why do cisbians suck the tube's dick so hard? they can't possibly think he looks good righ…[View]
21577625I want to kill myself but i am too afraid of death so i would never do it. Will transitioning make m…[View]
21577580>depression is making me even fatter FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK…[View]
21578176Is tripping worth it?: I really like the idea of a lot of attention and being known by name but I al…[View]
2157572026 year old tranny sex offender back. AMA again.[View]
21578486Is it worth it to continue chasing the high of aap?[View]
21572395I never understood the appeal of Bailey Jay. >He doesn't pass >He doesn't have a fem…[View]
21575696what would you do if you came across a boymoder that was getting embarrassed, telling you to stop us…[View]
21578116>I will never get fucked at gunpoint by a nazi femboy Why live[View]
21574502This is gonna make alot of terfs if she wins[View]
21578117>cis het male Though straight, I actively maintain a bit of a feminine aesthetic. As a result I…[View]
21561384Good trans representation in media: Do you guys have any good representation of trans characters in …[View]
21578119.: .[View]
21577759Kate blogpost: Sometimes I wonder what somebody else’s reaction would be to hearing my entire playli…[View]
21577063Is it ok to take hormones if you're already taking finasteride and Minoxidil?[View]
21576554My penis is tiny. How smaller would hrt make it?[View]
21577728i have developed a worrying attraction to adam friedland. everytime i listen to cumtown (4-8 episode…[View]
21573029Boymoder General - /bmg/: Boymoder General: Go full fem. Also give me your discord. 8/10. You must b…[View]
21574886post boyremoval greentexts[View]
21570877was this you pre transition?[View]
21577767AGP Hip Hop Parody of the Day: Y'all act like you never seen a trans person before Jaws all on …[View]
21570545https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZAtXvGHDhA Thoughts?[View]
21576851so much endless effort and toll... and most of you wont even end up looking remotely like women. wha…[View]
21572979Is he right?[View]
21575240Regret ITT: Why did I try so hard to be a manly man when I could have been a 7/10 femboy on hrt and …[View]
21570647What do you think about Kay Brown, /tttt/?[View]
21571587Do straight trans women think like this too?[View]
21575407just found out I pronounce Faggot like minnesotans say bag (Bayyygh)[View]
21564218/depressedgen/: I want to fucking die[View]
21574332How do I make money to pay for my transition? My job pays fuck all and only fans doesn't pay sh…[View]
21563664/hornygen/ - horny containment thread: Previous: >>21533165 I’m a 5’6 chaser who wants to be s…[View]
21577423you're not human if you haven't had your first kiss and you're over 18 >tfw subhum…[View]
21575646Where do I find a TS girlfriend?: I am straight, 6 foot blonde hair and very /fit/. I need suggestio…[View]
21573693Family and friends call me a loser for having a tranny gf: >feel like winner when I coom into my …[View]
21577244>mommy is driving me to the gender store in ten minutes and i still havent decided which one to g…[View]
21577105AAP fiction writing group: So a few treads back we found out a lot of the AAP trips on here (both Ft…[View]
21572865I had gay sex for the first time and hated it: So I'm an AGP repressor and I have a clean gay f…[View]
21576202>both AGP (gabbi even openly admitted it) >both gigahons >both late transitioners and yet i…[View]
21576095Is it true that if you started e when you were prepubescent you will pass eventually 100% of the tim…[View]
21576347did anyone else use anime guys as a gateway to help you accept liking real guys? i had so much anxi…[View]
21571803What do you have do to reincarnate as a tranny as a punishment? What have trannies done in their pre…[View]
21576865am boymoder, visited my mildly bigoted grandma for the first time in a while and instead of calling …[View]
21569246Transgirls/femboys etc. who've had srs, what is something you wish you would have known before …[View]
21576298>be cute tranner >havent had sex in over a year >horny af >super averse to having sex wi…[View]
21576692this is what all boymoders look like irl btw every single one[View]
21575221>found a video of my parents having sex >masturbated to it while imagining my mom was me I wis…[View]
21575161Anons of /lgbt/, what is your letter, age and the age range you date? And what is your opinion on ag…[View]
21576006i'm thinking about foster and possible adopt a transgender child: i'm a married cis guy bu…[View]
21576610I’m a dumb boymoder. How do I get a rich bf to let me mooch of him and pay for all my surgeries. I d…[View]
21570421Cis people who refuse to call transgender people by the desired gender and pronouns, What would the …[View]
21574183are women capable of performing boy removal on boymoders?[View]
21575707What is the cringiest tranny subreddit? My vote goes to r/translater or r/egg_irl. If sissies count,…[View]
21576447hey boys let's kiss >///w///<[View]
21576435The only reason I’m still playing Overwatch is because tracer is my transition goal. I hate this gam…[View]
21565540Do you guys actually believe you will be real women? Like seriously, do you?[View]
21576420Flags for Fags: If /tttt/ had selectable flags, what would you want to see? I have no power to make …[View]
21576116when i do voice training i want to kill myself. i cant do it, when im in a good mood, when im dyspho…[View]
21574196What does gender dysphoria feel like?[View]
21576493She's correct![View]
21571079I have experienced no transphobia except from African Americans: And every time I have attempted to …[View]
21576065>bf tells me I can't cuss or laugh at dirty jokes anymore >says I have to ditch my immatu…[View]
21571005For whatever reason, I find the idea of a man with a vagina much more disgusting than the idea of a …[View]
21575524>have had sex with 4 chasers off grindr since i started my transition last year hmmmm how bad do …[View]
21575596how do i know if my bi bf sees me as a woman?[View]
21575357How do I get a boyfriend that looks like this?[View]
21576016I love you, chasers. I hope you can get a trans gf someday, and maybe I'll be the gf of one of …[View]
21574509THE HOMOSEXUAL TOP PLEDGE: Since when did being gay mean you like to fuck women? >I am a gay top …[View]
21575658What´s /lgbt/ opinion about US current army ?[View]
21574358>single for 36 hours >already met 3 people, received 3 bjs, 2 rimjobs, been fucked once and fu…[View]
21576232Question about identity in media and art: Does the rainbow mean I am slightly LGBT? Also, what would…[View]
21571087/foidgen/ - Foids on Roids General: A general for cis women who take testosterone >QOTT: Why did …[View]
21574373/mascgen/- Greek edition: Post manly men, masc dudes only. Don't be an asshole, be bros to eac…[View]
21574823>140 lbs >drop to 120lbs >get on progesterone >go to 170lbs >still no fucking hips j…[View]
21576033I love deadnaming people.[View]
21573276/gaygen/ - Dick's Pizza Edition: Previous: >>21567692[View]
21572831/vtg/ - Voice Training General: ▶ Resources MTF: --- Full MTF Course --- •L's Guide https://www…[View]
21576011cis guy can't get over my lesbian/bi ex she was very predatory, very physically abusive and alw…[View]
21572654Is it possible for a woman(male(bottom)) to be attracted to you even if you have a small penis, or i…[View]
21568505Am I still valid as a she/her hrt-femboy if I have srs? I‘ll have my first consult next month and f…[View]
21575691>be me >boymoder >at store buying stuff >wearing mask, sweatshirt, and jeans >go u…[View]
21568021i wish my bf would give me attention and take me on dates and make time for me and make me feel love…[View]
21575626bros, it's true that only chads can get laid even when you're gay. I'm bi and never s…[View]
21569167#IStandwithContrapoints: might not look like a lot at first glance but this is BY FAR the most passi…[View]
21575516does beard oil speed up beard growth? I just want to reduce shaving irritation[View]
21573640cis guy having sex with a transwoman for the first time today, what am I in for?[View]
21575508how do you go clothes shopping without feeling like a rapehon freak invading women's spaces and…[View]
21573568>if you have a large skull its ov-[View]
21565858transfems stop shaming yourself for having wide ribs challenge (the pics are cis girls)[View]
21573932Would you?[View]
21574214SRS question: wouldn't it be easier to turn a butthole into a vagina instead of doing it with t…[View]
21572792can a cis lesbian be aap?: asking for a friend[View]
21570657>2 years into being a bottom: >used to always love meat, preferred meat more than veggies >…[View]
21571777Gaycel/bicel general: Thread for gay and hi khv[View]
21574238I want to live a happy life being married to classy trans woman and a cis butch. I see three main hu…[View]
21573231Why does Mark Bryan manage to look cool while boomerhons look like shit?[View]
21574873The existence of meta attraction proves that sexuality is a choice[View]
21564064Have you read this book? What do you think about it?[View]
21573971How do I get a boyfriend or a tranner top gf? I’m tired of being lonely, and seeing happy couple jus…[View]
21569334Can someone explain to me how this whole 'cafebeef is anorexic meme' started? She's lean yes, b…[View]
21575164I think trans should be proud of being trans and should stop trying to pretend to be cis women, caus…[View]
21573302How do I turn myself gay: I'm so fucking tired of being an incel. Going gay is my only option. …[View]
21573996why are there so many straight up, actual national socialists gays on this board?[View]
21574805Why not move to the third world and pass yourself off as a cis woman? No one would doubt your story …[View]
21575105wont ever be married or have my family love me why live[View]
21557483/clg/ Cis lesbian general - Lesbian farmers edition: QOTT: 1. would you live on a farm? 2. do you gr…[View]
21574922how do you know if you pass when no one genders you irl.[View]
21575065Is he right, and is this the reason for 41%? https://youtu.be/ho3vahVDADE[View]
21574997Do boys like clingy tranners that will do anything for them?[View]
21569677mtfg: you deserve this because you were complicit[View]
21569969>.5% of the population is physically attracted to men, rather than what they can provide >in e…[View]
21571583Will ffs save me or im i doomed forever?[View]
21570347>radfems now have to pretend to be attracted to men to prove that 'AGP' isn't normal One plo…[View]
21571459>measure thing >get bad measurement >feel bad >get good measurement >worry it might b…[View]
21566828Reminder that you will NEVER pass with big feet, no woman has feet this ogrish[View]
21570710> how to appear more submissive and breedable at work?[View]
21574616why dont /pol/tards understand how statistics work: suicide rate is like 8% not 41% you morons im n…[View]
21573573Are my shorts femme enough?: I recently came out as pan, and want it to show on my style! I think t…[View]
21569410malebrained cheese: -roquefort -chevre -cheddar (outside of america) -taleggio -manchego -monterey j…[View]
21568700spot the tranner[View]
21569460Why do other boards hate us?: I thought it was just /pol/ but pic related was posted on /sp/ and the…[View]
21574412Can AGP be induced by loneliness?[View]
21573224Anyone else grossed out by this couple? One of the worst public online gay couples I’ve ever seen[View]
21572298Trans-Mommies Unite?: How come there arent mom-moder threads?[View]
21550996/mmg/ - manmode gen: a place thats not meant for you, but you're going to barge in and shit it …[View]
21570474Large Bull walked toward Little Doe. He reached out and grabbed her by her arm: Pulling her to him. …[View]
21571790How do I know if I'm a tranny or just a gay fem dude taking estrogen to avoid twink death?[View]
21570675What triggers euphoria for you? Apart from obvious things like dressing as the gender you identify w…[View]
21571958>be me >transgirl who unironically hates cis men >always go on dates with them, be as lovin…[View]
21574260I was going to buy HRT last night but used the money to buy drugs instead. Pinkpill averted[View]
21569182https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3170124/ this is horrible, how did those trans activist…[View]
21574068If SRS is good then why does tranny porn only feature trannies with dicks?[View]
21563452Is LGBT stuff a form of neurodiversity?[View]
21573874>You know, Anon, I've been thinking of experimenting with women for a couple of months now, …[View]
21570244I thought I was cured. The tranny thoughts are coming back again. I need to be cured.[View]
21571496Is it gay to get a boner from getting on all fours like this[View]
21573908question time but in simple english because retards want to talk too: if we could, by the power of n…[View]
21570491What the fuck just happened? I'm extremely happy but also freaked out. >be me bisexual boymo…[View]
21565098/pol/cels are unironically repressors lol[View]
21572492this board turns people schizo[View]
21572473ashamed: tfw gay and not proud of it at all[View]
21569342https://www.medpagetoday.com/endocrinology/generalendocrinology/56529 >Only 20% of endocrinologis…[View]
21570423This is a question for pure gay and lesbians only. Do you date bisexuals? For me it's a turn of…[View]
21566581post your filters for this board[View]
21566910I hate all men, but want to be bred by them. Is this normal?[View]
21573439Honest question from a straight cis guy: Do gay guys really put small animals like gerbils up their …[View]
21570127Tranners do you wear girl shoes? A lot of tranners I see where male or unisex shoes but I'm a b…[View]
21573443Лoб: Does anyone have experiences with lobotomy here? Where can I order a lobotomy to cure my dyspho…[View]
21573702>be trans >trigger the ever-living shit out of English cishons, Amerilard 51%ers, and eastern …[View]
21515015/bigen/ - Bisexual General: Spontaneous Pant Combustion Edition QOTT: Have you lied on the internet…[View]
21571196I am a lesbian Boymoder. Is this normal?[View]
21573539I wish more boys looked like this.[View]
21566297I was dating a perfect femboy for 1.5yrs and he just broke up with me. We had a 10 minute conversati…[View]
21568457does repression cause trauma?[View]
21570878I just found out my wife is trans, wish I were joking. We've been together for a total of 3 yea…[View]
21573327what went so so wrong for HER: what went so so wrong for HER[View]
21572717Do you enjoy being LGBTQ+? Do you feel like yourself? Would you go back to being cishet if you could…[View]
21567692/gaygen/ - Recipe Edition: Previous:>>21565146[View]
21572535if all male feminists are creeps what does this say about /pol/ TERF allies[View]
21570046reminder that passing means >does the general population see you as your gender identity and not …[View]
21571053Tranner here. My bf wants me to stick my dingdong in his heinie, but I've never pingponged with…[View]
21572797post cute males: crosssdressers, twinkhons, twinks and femboys welcomed. talk about what you liek ab…[View]
21572677>get drunk >send jk rowling death threats on twitter >get suspended living the life…[View]
21571351I hate AGP: >be me >AGP repper >like light makeup, fashion and stuff >androgynous lookin…[View]
21572645>ywn kidnap a boymoder and pimp her out to thugs until she catches AIDS and dies in a gutter on t…[View]
21570075Trans guys, when you will finally understand that not conservatives, but MtFs are your greatest enem…[View]
21570146Does this turn you on?[View]
21572743deworming isnt as complicated as people think it is[View]
21572436what does /lgbt/ think of Speckle from Tuca and Bertie?[View]
21572276>some random tells me that trannies are mentally ill and should seek professional help >okay …[View]
21571716what’s the most transphobic thing anyone has ever said to you?[View]
21570119Are you a skullhon?[View]
21572164>9 months hrt today I look like a hon. Everybody that looks at me sees that I'm just a man w…[View]
21570791>see kid in a show be non binary >realize if I had been born just like ten or 15 years later t…[View]
21571637This is just an honest question, which will be taken as hateful by some but whatever... Why are Tran…[View]
21570182>brainlet starts giving me The Talk about Accepting Myself and Ignoring What People Think and Not…[View]
21569444PSA: Reminder that we, as straight mtfs, are destined to die alone if we keep chasing after cis men.…[View]
21570243Is Mizuki chan right do you agree with her?[View]
21570756normies: >lmao I bet that actors totally secretly gay! he hugged his male best friend teehee!! …[View]
21572140only time they'll get it is the day i kill myself[View]
21572043all i want is for someome to love me[View]
21572121Why can’t this be literally me?[View]
21570174Thoughts on Abigail Thorn?[View]
21557677I think I don’t want to transition anymore and I’m okay with being an ally. Idk I’ve been contemplat…[View]
21569565>be me, a boymoder >bf is waiting in the car >about to go on a picnic with a friend couple…[View]
21569820should boymoders just date each other?[View]
21571899what is it with transgirls and bpd?[View]
21560539https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSAKHSj5m1U nice interview with daddy Blanchard[View]
21564555anyone read this book?[View]
21568614LOOKS LOOKS LOOKS looks are the only thing that matter literally no one gives a fuck about personali…[View]
21569667Sometimes I feel like an agp horndog sex pervert and other times I just feel like I'm nearly as…[View]
21570940>sent porn to feminists >avid MRA and MGTOW supporter >routinely posted videos exposing him…[View]
21571285Have you ever been abused or sent violent messages etc due to being trans?[View]
21569131what would you do if you came across a boymoder that jumped out from a corner, yelled a bit, had her…[View]
21571610Gaydar Lesbian Type: Can you tell when a girl is Lesbian just by looking? When it someone who I know…[View]
21569838This board has done nothing but bring me down as a person. everyday i come in here and all you do is…[View]
21570392>Imagine becoming a millionaire from dressing as a clown and releasing one shitty pretentious vid…[View]
21571569>trans woman >is anti-feminist uhh, you do know being a pick me won't make high-value mal…[View]
21570227I can't look at women without thinking about having sex with and it makes me feel like a disgus…[View]
21571549What are boymoders and why are there so many posts about them?[View]
21570876ATTENTION CHASERS: What do you look for in a transgirl? What personality? Looks? Goals? Is being a t…[View]
21563350I want her to spit in my mouth: And fuck my man hole after[View]
21570412How weird is it that I masturbate to reddit.com/r/femboy regularly?[View]
21571198lastfm thread: post lastfm top tracks of all time, guess other people's letters. what've y…[View]
21568418Boymoder general /bmg/: Boymoder General: exposed edition ITT: we find out QOTT: what's somethi…[View]
21551844/ftmg/ - trans male general: Shroomer Tat Edition >QOTT: What's a serious tattoo you want to…[View]
21569121Who is Tail and why does he make people seethe so much?[View]
21569495Can’t they make something like estrogen but only gives you nicer skin/prevents balding instead of br…[View]
21570131I don't want to be a boy anymore: What do?[View]
21570013Do you think he's here now?: >He has a Twitter so he's not one of those boomers who doe…[View]
21568757Will i pass general: Me and all the other anons will give our opinion on whether you pass or not. Ob…[View]
21568429I will not display my pronouns: I have no need. I am OK with people assuming my gender, even if they…[View]
21568432Most trans women are bisexuals but they end up in the political spectrum of 'political lesbianism' b…[View]
21560082Why don't more gay bottoms transition to get the guy they want?[View]
21569586Are you a homosexual femboy or an autofemboyphile?[View]
21569231I need a cute tall tranny gf to fuck my tight asshole and force-fem me.[View]
21568020threads about /pol/ belong on >>>/pol/ politics belong on >>>/pol/ this is my 1 me…[View]
21567146There is a trans woman at my college who seems a little “off.” She’s extremely aggressive and likes …[View]
21570425On a scale of 1-10 how badly do I need therapy oh god[View]
21569319I hope I can one day make a chaser very happy and be his girl[View]
21570033Who the fuck said cisbians don't like transbians? I'm not even transitioned yet and I made…[View]
21569240the perfect man according to agps[View]
21568261Calling all boymoder: How do I fuck one of you ugly trans to feel better about myself? How do you fe…[View]
21569125Am I bad if I'm a bi trans girl who wants srs but would only be with trans girls who are non op…[View]
21562160any other trans vidya gamers wanna talk on discord[View]
21565269What is it with trans women and diapers? Yes, I know most trans women do not enjoy diapers and most …[View]
21569709>have daddy issues >he's always been incredibly emotionally unavailable and ignorant >…[View]
21568370Did y'all fucking see this? https://youtu.be/fdVzg7zJtO8 [Open] It's that guy. Jorobe, the…[View]
21567878Where do I find videos of cute boys and trans girls cuddling?[View]
21569920How do I not, under any circumstances, gleam my worth as a human being from external stimuli—and do …[View]
21568044Made a few awkward comments about a ''''''''guy''''''' who i met online who was ftm who kept bitchin…[View]
21566743>when you see a boymoder in public[View]
21569467Can u tame BPD mtfs with sadism?: I have a gf who is bpd and very wild, she switches between being a…[View]
21567532How do i find a femboi in Ireland.I'm a straight twink.[View]
21568518The AGP isn't fembrained and is literally a sexually deviant man in a dress. Science proved thi…[View]
21568726>You don't need transition, you need THERAPY to ACCEPT your BODY >lol men are big gross h…[View]
21568959What should I do?: I legitimately am AGP. I can only get sexually aroused by viewing myself as a wom…[View]
21568779Tall tranners living in the US: You should consider moving to the midwest. The cis women are huge he…[View]
21568033why can't boys take estrogen without society throwing a hissy fit and calling them trannies or …[View]
21561280>become friends with tranner online for 5-6 months >literally identical interests and sense of…[View]
21567342so let me get this straight. do bisexuals like androgynous people? do they like people who either ar…[View]
21565818I'm pretty sure I just want to be a feminine estrogenised boy and idk what to even call myself …[View]
21567899mother and father are ok with me being trans but they dont want me to be gay[View]
21569966would transition have saved her?[View]
21569233I hope that the /pol/hoties who lurk here will one day accept their homosexuality and use me as thei…[View]
21565095How many other tranners here khv? I feel like I'm the only one sometimes when people talk about…[View]
21567134What is your bra size /tttt/? https://www.abrathatfits.org/calculator.php Please mog me so I feel li…[View]
21569848If I made a spinoff board for this one, would you use it? Things were really good for a while a coup…[View]
21567335questions for former reppers/repressor adjacent ppl: had any of y'all spent a while on 4chan as…[View]
21569751So you've got a new sexuality for me?[View]
21569029Can we have a trans girl butt appreciation thread? The negativity is intoxicating but the holy scrip…[View]
21568235>male fashion begins to trend towards more feminine softer boys >female fashion remains the sa…[View]
21569776Happy with my transition so far but I´d love to be able to top (I'm a switch) How do I keep ere…[View]
21567855Girlfriend says I look like an obvious tranny and everyone can tell I am a tranny but trying to make…[View]
21569335Anyone else like hairy transgirls? Like body hair all over?[View]
21569733lets go fuck some tasmanian dykes[View]
21564705What is she listening to? What do boymoders listen to?[View]
21567757did you get off the internet and do something fuffiling and wholesome for youself today /lgbt/? toda…[View]
21569590is it okay to be single forever?: ik how stupid and childish it is but dudes literally scare me so f…[View]
21568296how do I stop ruining my relationships[View]
21567043how do you actually get rid of brainworms? they've infested my head and won't leave >in…[View]
21568471Do white men like white tranners more than asian tranners?[View]
21567287Do tops really pee while standing up in their own home?: Why? You do realize the sprayback is mistin…[View]
21568336Do you subscribe to any OnlyFans?[View]
21569483I just told my bf that if he leaves me ill attempt suicide and said it so i can prove to him im seri…[View]
21565582Why would a heterosexual man date an estrogenized male?[View]
21564841Some 3rd world trannies here: Sometimes i think that almost everyone here are firsties but i know th…[View]
21564249What happens when a twink bottom gets old? My friend is a twink bottom and he is almost 30 now and b…[View]
21563091Once you catch a hint: Is there a trans version of inception. As soon as you catch the slightest hin…[View]
21564639LGBT Astrology: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aquarius_(astrology) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki…[View]
21567144When I coom nothing comes out, no liquid, no sperm, nothing. How do I get my coom back?[View]
21567093Has anyone here successfully talked their girlfriend into getting an orchi instead of srs?[View]
21562770OP from >>21524858 here. Quick recap: >mtf, my bf wouldn't give me any personal space,…[View]
21567280AGP Hip Hop parody of the week: Sucka-ass I ain't got no motherfuckin' friends That's…[View]
21569166What has your life been like since detransitioning[View]
21568366be honest do you really care about personality?[View]
21568233I feel like a fucking manic depressive. Last week I was so invigorated and happy. I was constantly t…[View]
21563222>australians trannies still take premarin[View]
21565763i think i might have bpd: t. ranny[View]
21563431>you will never have hips like taftaj[View]
21562106You can only take one pill[View]
21569016Here's why I'm against the LGBTQ movement: We are being manipulated. Wake up. https://yout…[View]
21563241/mtfg/ transgirl general: Link to the past: >>21559138 Links: https://pastebin.com/LyMhFmT4 Q…[View]
21567512Calling people 'eggs' is fucking creepy.[View]
21568478So my best friend invited me to go to Paris with him for a week. He also invited me to his flat a lo…[View]
21568855>trannies always threaten suicide to get what they want, if they were really oppressed and suffer…[View]
21568135what's a good place for a boymoder to buy clothes? i need more stuff to wear...[View]
21567989why are redditors so opposed to surgery? they call it a last resort but it should really be front li…[View]
21567324i've been on hormones for 2 years and for a while now whenever i see something lewd or read som…[View]
21567674what kind of drugs do trannies take? tfw no mtf gf to trip balls and listen to psych rock with[View]
21542171fat trans girls need love too[View]
21567847Does drain gang/SBE have the most transgender fans out of any music collective thats currently estab…[View]
21566945My boyfriend was kind of a jerk today. I was outside working on my garden when I heard my boyfriend …[View]
21567045>get told to weight cycle >gain a few pounds >stomach is now fat why did you lie?…[View]
21568272Am I broken?: >be me >be tranny, mtf >bi cis girl Ive been talking to wants to meet up, qt …[View]
21561306LGBT anti-communists/capitalist pigs be like 'ACKCHYUALLY, LGBT PEOPLE SHOULDN'T BE COMMUNISTS …[View]
21568248Quit staring at me! I'm a normal boy! I'm not secretly hiding boobies under my clothes! I …[View]
21566609Confession Thread: When I was in denial about myself for the longest time I used to beat up other ga…[View]
21566974i hate they/thems: its a retarded concept.the reason i think this is because it grammatically doesnt…[View]
21568190Why do some chasers assume we only like chads?: Granted, I'm on HRT for like 3 months and I alr…[View]
21565213What is a fullproof way to get a bf as a twinkhon? Or will I be doomed to die alone?[View]
21568254no one has it worse than ugly cis males[View]
21563742>/pol/ak describing in detail how hard he would rape and abuse me for being a disgusting degenera…[View]
21564739>be oldest sibling >have autism, adhd, autism, anxiety, depression, ocd, ptsd, bpd, dysphoria …[View]
21567985Be better?: Hello fellows Just dropping in to remind everyone that this board might be titled /lgbt…[View]
21567897I'm a cis man with a trans girlfriend that I love. But for some reason no matter what I do she …[View]
21568091have you ever been approached by a chaser, /tttt/?[View]
21565449Why are straight people generally so much uglier than gay people?[View]
21566761suggestions pls: I need to lose at least 20 lbs so that I can look less like a man. should I starve …[View]
21567938Tranners are the easiest girls to woo. Give them a couple compliments, take them out for lunch, ligh…[View]
21557659The doctors were never on our side, huh? This account is really radicalizing me. https://twitter.com…[View]
21567902>years ago >dude comes to me about his gender identity >confused and thinks he might be tra…[View]
21567576have any of my fellow repbros gotten ffs? I can't be the only one[View]
21567841How do I become a good girl and get lots of headpats?[View]
21565950If you got FFS without starbucks or your parents fronting the cost, how did you pay for it? Savings?…[View]
21563377is boymoding ethical?[View]
21567782I hate the idea of being a tranny, i wish i was just born a cis woman[View]
21564366many of you seem to have a great deal of hatred for the gender that you transitioned from: ... and t…[View]
21565470Do you think minors should be allowed to transition /tttt/? Do you think minors have a 'right to go …[View]
21567398>Be me >Sees any thread or reply that I even slightly dislike >Hide post Why don't mor…[View]
21561960im such a fucking retard: i ran away from my family because my mother was damaging my transition. af…[View]
21565146/gaygen/ - vini edition: old: >>21561552[View]
21562788Why do I want to wear makeup and paint my nails? Why does this cultural construct excite me? I’m AMA…[View]
21564220is it too late to start hrt at 18/19 and get decent results?[View]
21564459Jordan Peterson thinks trans women aren't real women. Fuck you Jordan Peterson. Trans women are…[View]
2156732327 is basically 80 in twink years[View]
21564381/bmg/ - boymoder general: Boymoder General: breakfast edition ITT: ugh i wanna die QOTT: what's…[View]
21566709skull rate thread: post pics of skull and we determine your real gender how aesthetic your skull is.…[View]
21566662Can a femboy post lewd vocaroos[View]
21563547anyone else wish they were born a girl or feel like they would have made a better girl than a man, b…[View]
21563837fuck it. i don't even care no more. i think he's cute and i want to give him a hug and gra…[View]
21566862I only date 6 ft + tranners[View]
21566765I'm tired of my feminine bone structure can I just swap skeletons with a guy[View]
21567188i wish i was asexual sexual thoughts and all my extreme fetishes they involve disgust me and i dont …[View]
21564339again, why people use pronouns?.[View]
21558334tfw been spending more and more time on terf spaces and have started to agree with them: like even n…[View]
21566734/aitgen/ + /sitgen/ - Am I trans general + Should I troon general: Noise music hypno made me trans e…[View]
21566800would transitioneng have saved HER: would transitioneng have saved HER[View]
21566789he raped me i swear[View]
21544428Blanchtards deserve nothing but death.[View]
21563874I think I pass: I was at the gas station and on my way out this cute dusty redneck guy who looked li…[View]
21564822I'm an afab aap repressor with projected agp for a boymoder. As in, I fantasize about a boymode…[View]
21565850my senile grandma forgot who i was and thought i was a girl this means i pass right[View]
21566414t. typical mtf/chaser hookup and it's funny because it happens to both sides.[View]
21565641Hey chasers, if you had a trans gf would you treat her like a princess and love her and support her …[View]
21559235Why do people from third world countries (any country in Europe) think their opinion on trannies mat…[View]
21561221is brazil really that bad for trans people[View]
21564626Trans Dating Advice, it's complicated and a long read: Alright. I'm 21 MtF and I have a fr…[View]
21562488cafebeef: How can you be nearly 4 years HRT and have less tits than the average cis guy?[View]
21565411Lesbianism. Legitimate sexuality or penis envy?[View]
21564811Does HRT make you want to eat salad? Specially with balsamic vinegar.[View]
21566279why cant i be John Famiglietti: god i wish i was 'john' from health obviously shes a tranny represso…[View]
21564637I'm like 4 years HRT now but I still feel really boyish, boyish because I feel kind of the same…[View]
21564749Rowling approved transwomen!: This transwoman is Rowling approved. You need to be more like her!…[View]
21562736I’m scared that I’m just ngmi[View]
21563168Dick In Butthole Sex With A Man: Anyone else here enjoy dick in butthole sex with a man? Where'…[View]
21564660>try to recover from anorexia i developed due to dysphoria among other things >develop binge …[View]
21563923incel to chaser pipeline is real[View]
21564702What's with the amount of mtfs who are basically some combination of autistic / plays fighting …[View]
21565888aye: who dis boy name is?[View]
21560171Sometimes I wanna be a girl and wear girl clothes, and other times I wanna just be my normal guy sel…[View]
21564848Like a punch.[View]
21565140>take transgf to the woods for a walk: >she starts giggling and smiling at random trees and ro…[View]
21562317Did you tell your mum you're a fag/dyke/tranny?[View]
21565786>tfw i will never brainwash a boy by making them watch girly media and wear ridiculous outfits It…[View]
21560272>blanchard said it so it's true![View]
21565799bros I can’t take it anymore. I’m a perma-boymoder trans woman living out of her van and finding con…[View]
21564460Blanchard poll time! https://www.strawpoll.me/45508701[View]
21564154>tfw no bf to take me to ikea and go furniture shopping and eat Swedish meatballs with…[View]
21563724>be lonely and plain looking chaser: >tfw no trans gf >idea.png >download dating app …[View]
21564810My cock's circumference is 7 inches; would gay men be willing to take it? Would lesbians want t…[View]
21549409Let's Picrew! Guess letters, make assumptions, I'm sure you all get it by now. https://pic…[View]
21565644what are some good tranny-core albums?[View]
21565522>keep hearing puberty blockers are reversible >but have yet to find real evidence of time trav…[View]
21564137>No 200 cm bf who teases me for being short[View]
21565300My boyfriend is literally 1 heartbreak from becoming unchaser, how do i break up with him nicely? Ev…[View]
21562981I may actually escape inceldom this weekend. I’m talking with this older trans girl (29 and I’m 19)…[View]
21565296The real oppressors of trans women are... women?[View]
21565040Hello stinky bottoms. How are you doing on this fine evening?[View]
21562207my hairline is receding at supersonic speed[View]
21564412What is the official LGBT ideology?[View]
21565406No more Gays: Lets be real, gays are a problematic group of individuals. Lets replace the LGBT with …[View]
21565360Can Transition save her?[View]
21562437I’m so gay that I don’t even like femboys because they’re too feminine Should I be ashamed of mysel…[View]
21563114existence losing its cohesion..: what happens to people once their transition was successful, but th…[View]
21561203what is it about this girl that made her be the face of boymoders? did hons push this narrative?[View]
21562751I hate women i want to be one: I hate women i want to be one >I hate women i want to be one I hat…[View]
21562219turingmoding: >I am not a tranny i just wanna be like alan turing circa 1954…[View]
21546773What the moat sexually deviant act you've done? Confess your sins /lgbt/.[View]
21553306Tbh it is weird as hell that orbiter hons and agp chasers think a guy who looks like my Mexican cous…[View]
21561552/gaygen/ - artificial selection edition: old: >>21558963[View]
21562845>ITT: TRANNYCORE CHARACTERS do you think marla would be a diaperposter[View]
21563549What did JK Rowling say/do that was transphobic? I don't have twitter and am very out of the lo…[View]
21562658why is prog making me cry so much[View]
21562881discord: are there any community discord links for this board[View]
21558591Is it true that most /lgbt/ folks hate cishet white boys?: I want to be frens with some gays and tra…[View]
21562354Is it really gay if I want to fuck a really cute tranny in the ass really hard with my 7 inch cock a…[View]
21560493are tranners into twinks?: or do they prefer bigger guys[View]
21563779what do you think of the new ads?[View]
21560002is there voice training that exists to get fag voice? i’m a cute bottom but i have a deep voice …[View]
21563914Currently at no hope hotel. Who else has no hope tonight or anynight of being even a homely looking …[View]
21562020Jannie appreciation thread: I think we give jannies too much shit desu. We only tend to think about …[View]
21561437I'm literally unable to explain why but I find liberal allies who accept transgender people but…[View]
21564768>even /r9k/ incels hate trannies just shows how disgusting you are.[View]
21564861seriously, what is wrong with boymoders?[View]
21563815st4t: Need the hon to my ayden[View]
21558877Why is he hated here? I've watched his interview at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvHxylXOVKg…[View]
21561810Do you think love can bloom even on /tttt/[View]
21563054i love it when boys compliment me!: especially when they call my outfits cute i get the biggest smil…[View]
21561503How do I make sure i'm trans?: Over the past couple weeks ive slowly been realizing i may be tr…[View]
21561587trans girls are the cure for my depressions: I grew up in a very toxic environment. My father abando…[View]
21563183Nikkitutorials: I'm still shocked by how she was stealth for so long. I wonder how she feels ab…[View]
21563076my face and body are extremely high test and i cant move on, it makes me want to kill myself. the on…[View]
21563544Are there dom bottoms?: I’m still kinda new to being bi, and I like being with guys. I like the masc…[View]
21564646Ok but how do I know if I'm reeeeeaaaalllllyyyyy trans?[View]
21562550Daily reminder that religion is the eternal enemy of the lgbt movement. Our freedoms will not be sec…[View]
21562810Does anyone else think they only memed themselves into dysphoria because they were sublimating how s…[View]
21563418Is it possible for men in their 50s to be hot? Not good-looking in a platonic sort of way, but actua…[View]
21559971>the virgin trap >the chad mascxmasc[View]
21564073>you can't get a tattoo, drive, drink, or have sex but taking cross sex hormones with perman…[View]
21564479Which should I consider for HRT and surgeries and MtF transition n such?: I'm currently in Norw…[View]
21563512>poor eastern EU uni student >out of money >out of food >Out of hrt >nowhere to go re…[View]
21562021What's the prostate? Is it like a bag of farts?[View]
21564191Read over this draft email before I send it to my college to tell them I'm trans Hello, My name…[View]
21561833how have your standards changed over time? >tfw no cute 5'4 brunette cis gf >tfw no cis g…[View]
21563097Would you rather be turned into an elderly woman or a toddler girl?: You can be a cis female but you…[View]
21560573is finland a good place to live for a tranner[View]
21551738How do men feel about trans girl boners? Does it turn you off to see your gf have a rock hard stiffy…[View]
21559780>'The biggest fear is that, like, the actual conservative meme nightmare becomes somewhat true. W…[View]
21563732I think Rapehons are cool. How do I become a Rapehon? Also post pictures of wild rapehons.[View]
21564363What's your opinion on white replacement tranners?[View]
21561550Tranner is washing herself in my shower right now.: I'm in post nut bliss. She wore lingerie an…[View]
21564331I hope you have a good day fellow tranners. Wishing you the strength to carry on. Be strong in the b…[View]
21564333Would any mtfs here date a trender?[View]
21562414>you walk into the bathroom and approach a stall thinking its empty >you open it to find a boy…[View]
21555667how get boy friend[View]
21561659How bad does my autoandrophilia have to be before I can justify trooning out[View]
21564299I think I need to go to the doctor because my stomach feels messed up and my friend convinced me I m…[View]
21561996Post op fix[View]
21563187>trans lesbian >spend my entire life trying to be as nonsexual as possible so I'm not a c…[View]
21557284What are the chances of me finding a depressed neet guy to help out? In my mind I have this broken b…[View]
21562985what would you do if you were subject to an interview like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Q…[View]
21563691We've got the: Homosexuals Bisexuals Transexuals Pansexuals Demisexuals But where in the fuck a…[View]
21562837You are using the womans bathroom and suddenly you run into...: PHILOSOPHY TUBE! what do you do???…[View]

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