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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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22843955will I ever pass? or am I forever doomed by my shoulders or hands or chin or forehead or nose i know…[View]
22837608Pussy is a god damn drug I've been dating the same twink for three years now and over the week …[View]
22844059do u think i have a chance at passing?: https://unsee .cc/album#aoT6h8l81whKI6cb[View]
22844012Holy shit is Finn Wolfhard a BOYMODER?: god hes totally on HRT isnt he? looks like PT when he was bo…[View]
22844501Lesbians.... are you ok? >>22844275[View]
22842127Is there any way in the future me and my t4t gf could have a biokid in the future?[View]
22827863The priminister of England just came out in support of an anti-trans hate group.: UK bros, get out w…[View]
22839825Suggestions to add to the filters? My newest additions are some of the most common words in babytalk…[View]
22842386Chasers, what would you be willing to do for your trans gf?[View]
22844212>go to American hospital >'so miss that'll be 500000 dollars who do we send the bill to?'…[View]
22842327The trannies are sus.[View]
22843795>be trans boymoder/potential twinkhon >fine with being forever alone >meet up with chaser a…[View]
22844202I now hate politics. All they do is lie to us and pretend to care for LGBT people.[View]
22843221Any MTM here for getting free steroids?[View]
22844062'video games cause violence' >OMG stop censoring stuff take the stick out of your ass old man 'jo…[View]
22838506are there any asexuals here? i think i might be asexual and wondering what made you realise heres m…[View]
22842795Why do trannies think it is okay to get physikal with someone without telling them they're tran…[View]
22843879Bf is making me go to the dentist to get a cavity fixed, but I don't wanna go. How come my bf t…[View]
22843914Is there any french trannies here?[View]
22843687tired of not being perceived as a man -__- t.ftm[View]
22843783Questioning If I'm Enby: I don't want to question if I'm enby. Quite frankly, I don…[View]
22843793>read 4chan thread >come across post that annoys me (Like people saying that all children born…[View]
22837539LGBT in media: Okay /ltgb/ros how do you feel about LGBT stuff in Vidya? The Chuds over on /v/ are s…[View]
22843654i havent come here in months but i just learned through twitter pics that cinder mogs me now i'…[View]
22842915How to practice makeup without wanting to kill myself? Everytime i try makeup on it makes me puke i…[View]
22839645Suicide fuel[View]
22842161s-ss-so c-cooooold-d-dd: i need a big hot man to wrap his big hot arms around me and keep me warm my…[View]
22842048Realistically as a 27 year old tranny where do I even look to date people? The worst thing is I…[View]
22842494how do i tell my mtf gf that i don't find her attractive?[View]
22838879ITT: Post stuff to make trannies swoon: Big, sweaty and veiny hands grab your smooth, pale and soft …[View]
22843638>3 months on HRT[View]
22838189Do transgirls like CS:GO? An unusual amount of people i met off ESEA ended up trooning out[View]
22842971What would you do if you were about to go down some stairs, when you saw a boymoder who was running …[View]
22840640>be me >lesbanon >hanging out with 8/10 qt 3.14159 aspie girl >listening to obscure musi…[View]
22800840/bigen/ - Bisexual general: I fell in the toilet and I can't get out edition QOTT: Do you play …[View]
22836757It's pointless thinking about suicide: I don't have the courage to do it and thinking abou…[View]
22840298so they forcefemmed the former king of spain because his coombrain was 'a danger to the state': http…[View]
22839187Does /lgbt/ like kigurumis/onesies?[View]
22842599How is this not the best?: >Boy Childhood >Live as a woman once you hit adulthood and afterwo…[View]
22843113why is this so popular with young gay guys now?[View]
22840696>more people in dinosaur costumes than black people[View]
22841705hey guys, do you like my halloween costume? i'm gonna be a social worker >'i'm sorry si…[View]
22838611Is AGAMP a valid reason to transition?: I just learned about AGAMP yesterday and its kinda rocked my…[View]
22837836What's the most fembrained thing you ever did? What's the most malebrained thing you ever …[View]
22839974Are most mtfs misandrists? Not as in hating individual males (which is cringe and sociopathic) but r…[View]
22841787/gaygen/ - wud a bril :DDDDDD edition: prev:DDDDDD >>22839564[View]
22837990>tfw no /out/ fishing gf[View]
22833738>It is also known that male Giant Squids have a muscular, well developed penis up to a metre long…[View]
22819022/clg/ - Cis Lesbian General: Sisters of Battle edition: ITT we talk about space nuns with guns for m…[View]
22841246My bf has started spanking me whenever I tell him I'm sad about my body not being feminine enou…[View]
22842900How do you find out of you have Klinefelter syndrome? Do you have to go to a doctor? Or is there som…[View]
22840598>2021 >shaving and trying to cover your beard shadow w makeup like a 1979s crossdresser >no…[View]
22840556do you agree?[View]
22841729>Guy sent me a dick pic >Sent him a pic of me in my underwear >He said my girl bulge is so …[View]
22836610I'm a straight cis male but I wish I gay or trans, does that make sense to any of you? I want t…[View]
22841813>pre hrt >buncha wierd fetishes that change from month to month >starting hrt >hormonal …[View]
22842721Do AGAMPs experience dysphoria?: Their goal isn't to pass so I guess the moment they reach hon …[View]
22842797If chaser's are just repressing trannies then why isn't it considered transphobia to bash …[View]
22838534It's actually better to be a permamanmoder (like me) than a permaboymoder: We looked clearly li…[View]
22842557>I'm a transbien but I only date cis girls teehee Why are so many of y'all like this?…[View]
22842691Transitioning proved to me women have it easier then men in todays world: The fact i transitioned ea…[View]
22841387BEHOLD A WOMAN[View]
22835345What's your opinion on Blaire White?: Personally I love her, HSTS queen girlboss stacy sigma fe…[View]
22840688Should I still transition if I only experienced dysphoria for three months last year and never again[View]
22840077I have conquered my latest (and last) dysphoric episode. Never again will I wish to be a woman. From…[View]
22839657is it possible to have a long lasting monogamous relationship with another man, why or why not.[View]
22842307is viewing sex as transactional bad or malebrained? my partner expressed displeasure when i was just…[View]
22835609/tttt/ honscience: What are some common /tttt/ honscience you know of? I'll start. 'You'll…[View]
22841562>this identifies as He/Him https://twitter.com/SuitSizeSmall[View]
22837994As a femboy, how can I get this pretty?[View]
22840802Waist trainers!: I'm down a few sizes and need a new one, recommendations please? I already kno…[View]
22842364i dont believe forever love is real: long has its limits, it will not last forever, every love relat…[View]
22842026It's friday!: Time to party![View]
22838254twannies should be banned fwom using dis letta... its not natuwal to us, not ouw natuwe... we weuh b…[View]
22838601is it transphobic to break up with your partner if they start to transition while you are already in…[View]
22838184transglobia: what country do you think would be the best to be a poor trans person in?[View]
22842197How do you come out to your parents that they are gay?[View]
22842035>She/Him I saw someone put these as their pronouns, but I don't want to ask him about it bec…[View]
22830020/hornygen/: be horny in this thread previous >>22785328[View]
22833746Are mainstream comedy audiences ready for trans humor?: I was on a date last night. Man was i nervou…[View]
22840389My transgender sister's story.: Hello everyone! My name is Rebecca, I'm a young ciswoman w…[View]
22841812i have to take breaks from this board whenever the misogyny gets to be too much. like, i literally w…[View]
22841155Two fists of shaft plus the glans: Ok, i am the xi-poster, i admit it. I seek the attention of willi…[View]
22841759Do you think there are any doctors who would do pic rel for aesthetic reasons? You could completely …[View]
22836805I can't tell if I'm truly trans or I just got caught up in a 4chan meme[View]
22840438lowkey want to start identifying as a HRT femboy because I can't deal with transphobia anymore …[View]
22841407I love my boyfwiendu he's so nice and cares about me!! He says I am going to get boipreggers so…[View]
22838823How am I supposed to tuck away in my mind the fact that I was a giga misogynistic incel for literall…[View]
22839564/gaygen/ - Advanced Rock Paper Scissors Edition: Sponge: >>22835802[View]
22835101Not passing is a curse that can only be given by a demon: How do I cope with being a hon, other than…[View]
22841076>twink faces are too masculine >transgirls want SRS >femboys don't exist irl I just w…[View]
22841170Isn't it 1% of the entire countries population (also mentally ill) who is actually asking the r…[View]
22841304>draws a cute cartoon girl >give it a flat chest and a penis >destroys your heterosexuality…[View]
22836661Can you be AGP but not trans?: I don't think I'm dysphoric, it's just a weird arousal…[View]
22838618wow this board is pretty slow now[View]
22822826What's the best way to be a parent to an AGP kid[View]
22840982How much does transitioning lower your social credit score?[View]
22840512White bottoms are made for Big Dog Knots[View]
22839769>AGP male currently acquiring hormones >almost always sexually submissive, want to be pegged a…[View]
22840073Would it be possible to get lenzetto in the uk without prescription from a website like this larping…[View]
22839913a: >Be me >Become a tranny >get a girlfriend like months after because she said she liked f…[View]
22840761>take monster cock >pop progesterone up my ass >it falls out does dr. powers have a soluti…[View]
22840850When should I cycle my weight when I start HRT?: >Stats: >Age - 32 >Height - 5'5 >W…[View]
22840515hwo do I stop being too needy? worried it annoys my bf[View]
22839055Do you ever see a big ass buff dude in public and think 'damn I wish I could feed him'?[View]
22838902Info plz: I’m str8 I want to know more about this group. If you want leave interesting things. TY…[View]
22840211ITT awkward truths: Trans people are generally crazy and dangerous and anyone with common sense avoi…[View]
22836363Honmode: >be me >decide to honmode for dinner with a friend >put together a nice look >f…[View]
22838235>start hrt at decent age >endo has no idea what she's doing and ends up fucking up my dos…[View]
22840384Is it over for detrans gaydens?: Are straight men (i.e. 90% of their dating pool) willing to date a …[View]
22838416i wish she had a dick so she could ram in me and make my boipussy pregnant[View]
22836636Boomerhons troon out because they can't handle repression any longer or is it an identity confu…[View]
22832444/gaygen/ - fellow fat but fit fembear edition: https://boards.4channel.org/lgbt/thread/22829925#bott…[View]
22837575how do i stop fallin in love with anyone who gives me a drop. of affection?[View]
22831099what are the most coveted features a transgirl can have, chasers?[View]
22833270>had another dream where i was finally 'her'[View]
22838241>mtf e-gf says she doesnt respond to me quickly on discord because she doesnt wanna seem desperat…[View]
22838854Possible to bank sperm AFTER starting HRT?: Got 2mg E and 5mg finasteride yesterday, but don't …[View]
22840283is this related to the rise in trannies in the past decade?[View]
22831995why did so many people come out as gay and trans in the last decade? what caused it?[View]
22836424Dr Suporn or Dr Banks?: title. i'm scheduling with the suporn clinic tomorrow and i still have …[View]
22837120/mtfg/: Government-issued bf >>22832268 old[View]
22839336I can't do this anymore i wake up and wanna kill myself Why the fuck is getting a gf so impossi…[View]
22812873>tranner, started hrt in high-school >in college now >have guy friend since I was a freshma…[View]
22838980why whenever someone criticises cis women on this board, do they get called a misogynist? isn't…[View]
22838021Are there any Aussies still on this board: What are you up to tonight? I am drinking in the Hungry J…[View]
22838332where is this from? someone o /int/ said it' about alberta?[View]
22838218Can boymoders be successful cops?[View]
22839296onwy APGs awe abwe to see dis post[View]
22839782Which of you is this?: Fess up /t4/[View]
22839590Would transitioning have saved her?[View]
22838233Tranny janny oh tranny janny, you do it all for free[View]
22839346Sometimes I see women and I think 'I wish I was her' or 'I wanna be a girl,' but it's not a con…[View]
22839708>tfw no working class mechanical /out/ alcoholic gf that like shrooms and cats…[View]
22836263Does my gothic black metal pass, /tttt/? https://voca.ro/1i3HcY8a8HqT[View]
22838615would u date a bunny twansbian?[View]
22839504Is it male brained or fembrained to have your apartment covered in bugs it's so messy?[View]
22836159Look, Ike! Your daddy is a dolphin![View]
22838055Should AGPs ever transition, and if so, what should they base their decision on?: I've had auto…[View]
22839026I found out a girl I went to school with became a tranny. Apparently she is now an 'asexual non-bina…[View]
22839481only AAP master race are able to see this post[View]
22835802/gaygen/ - slower and better than the last edition (maybe): >>22833826[View]
22830351is using a camera angle that shows off my brow because I'm confident and I don't care base…[View]
22839448>on HRT for a year >still look like a man Is it hopeless? Should I just rope?…[View]
22838965>height poll for r/ftm: LOL[View]
22838050does anyone wanna sing happy birthday[View]
22839120I really don't get socially transitioning, why try so hard to fake being masculine/feminine and…[View]
22838831What is the term for an AFAB who's only attracted to AFABs?[View]
22839320Fuck off tran-job![View]
22838890LGBTQ+ survey made by some CHUD: Look at this bigotted survey posted on /pol/ by some CHUD. Help me …[View]
22837155>wish I was a girl >realize it's impossible with current medicine >repress healthily …[View]
22834738How is drag meaningfully different from blackface? Is it only tolerated because it isn’t punching do…[View]
22837447I am wearing my mom's clothes, very AGP experience: Feel like an anime UwU girl. I am so hot, m…[View]
22831976Is it a bad idea for two trans girl bottoms to date each other? Is it a worse idea to introduce a ma…[View]
22837301why are transbians so prevalent[View]
22834847>tranner >just spent another 100 dollars on boots >slowly building a collection of cool boo…[View]
22838610Is there a demand for 185cm/65kg bottoms[View]
22838557https://metro.co.uk/2021/02/23/graham-linehan-joins-queer-womens-dating-app-her-stunt-14130662/ Why …[View]
22838935can i transition into being a cute anime girl? real women seem yucky not gonna lie...[View]
22835489Transgirls get characterized as being degenerate sex perverts, but we are actually pure angels with …[View]
22838925I would still be hsts if it wasn't fow dose heckin' twansbians...[View]
22835145Why do Japanese games seems to make me gayer than I already am? I get thirsty as fuck for a lot of m…[View]
22836701what's the best place to find an e-bf? t. boymoder who's too scared to go outside and get …[View]
22838136AGP runs deep in this site[View]
22838768Aw heck do tf do I find a cute transbian gf I can’t do dating apps they scare me :([View]
22838602repressors laughing at boomerhons will always be the funniest and poetic thing ever[View]
22837798Guys when you see me spamming YWNBAW don't take me wrong. I just mean to tell you that you don…[View]
22832562Kind reminder that 'conversion therapy' is bot a real thing[View]
22833833Does hrt make u colder?: i feel like i get colder a lot more, 8 months on e now.[View]
22838024Too old for blahaj?: I’m 28 next spring but I really want a blåhaj for hugging and comfort …am I too…[View]
22830162Really makes you think about what other secrets of femininity TERFs are keeping from us. Can any cis…[View]
22838455>want to know what it would be like if I just get my c*nt removed without phallo/metoidio >ima…[View]
22835148How to eat pussy: >I am about to meet up with a cute FTM >he likes to be eaten out >idk how…[View]
22831823If this is the current state of cis women, no wonder they hate passing tranners[View]
22824194am i being hondosed again lmao: Inject 0.3 mL (3 mg) into muscle every 14 days estradiol valerate 10…[View]
22836339i have a crush on my friend (we're both male), i kind of want to confess to him but I dont know…[View]
22837866ive jerked off to some fucked up shit for a long time. am i agp or just repressing? if im agp how do…[View]
22828965Where can a shy quiet Asian tranner find a manly White boyfriend?[View]
22834056Why do some people confuse gender identity with wanting to be attractive?: I see this very often whe…[View]
22838045i'm gay[View]
22837259Is a top having a stuffed animal based, or a red flag?[View]
22837628Why am I cursed to be a transbian top who hates her dick ;-;[View]
22837548every day I'm in pain because I am a man but I also don't want to be a woman and even less…[View]
22814423Why do you not have an ass?: Twinks and cis femboys I can get but trannies and hrt femboys? Yall hav…[View]
22834871>have a 3 way group chat with boyfriend and a friend >friend doesn't know he's a thi…[View]
22837672How do you feel about science proving that trooning out is the only morally acceptable path for subm…[View]
22831706Hey /lgbt/, how many times are you damned?[View]
22836274my facial and body hair is going to make me blow my brains out holy fuck >inb4 'j-just get laser …[View]
22837993>horniness has returned for at least like 2 months now pain[View]
22837823How do I stop being sexually intimate with any guy that shows me the slightest of attention?[View]
22835865commiebros... >https://www.rt.com/russia/538121-putin-children-swap-gender-monstrous/…[View]
22837194The B in LGBT implies the existence of two binary genders. >bi- word-forming element meaning 'two…[View]
22837808>be ''''''''''''boymoder'''''''''''' >not confident enough to wear traditionally feminine clot…[View]
22836555pinch and bite all bottoms >:)[View]
22837529Why is tttt so unbelievably horny and why are there so many more bottoms than tops. I come here just…[View]
22837286bizarro /tttt/: imagine being a monohon. what are you too unpassing and ugly to have multiple boyfri…[View]
22836220question: Any other anons here who have a better relationship with their mom and find it much easier…[View]
22837674>the femboy I was with last night made me breakfast and doesn't want me to leave yet Is this…[View]
22837780i want hot bf cum on me aaaa[View]
22836755What do you think about this? Do you agree? Do you disagree? Do you have any thoughts you'd lik…[View]
22835292Society would genuinely be better off if the gender roles were reversed. Think about it. Men are agr…[View]
22836864>have chance to bottom for first time in my life >butt starts randomly hurting after I a poop …[View]
22836245Deeply Philosophical: If it's to be trans without experiencing gender dysphoria,is it possible …[View]
22837590I really really really love men for some reason[View]
22837390Post one song from your country you like and guess letters.: https://youtu.be/0a5BJxrarL0 The grass …[View]
22837573>make larp bait greentext >screenshot >post on Twitter to get ratio’d >post on r/greente…[View]
22837497I'm browsing /lgbt/ in public right now.[View]
22837050Cute makeup[View]
22834221Old /b/ archive thread of a closeted transgender woman and its replies that I wanted to share with e…[View]
22837397This is how my ideal chaser bottom husband looks like. Your thoughts?[View]
22837149What's your most AGP gaming experience? Mine is playing Skyrim as a girl with porn mods and let…[View]
22836375how do i cope with the fact that passing is either impossible for me or requires ffs which i cant af…[View]
22836367help: >submissive >fembrained >pushover >cant handle any type of confrontation >str…[View]
22835776people really need to learn to use the word youngshit correctly!: I have been called a youngshit eve…[View]
22837125why are you all autistic[View]
22836950Bat House: Love and Vengeance: Tell us your problems, /lgbt. We're here to help you feel better…[View]
22830673>tribe tell Grug work all time >hunt mammoth >pick up heavy rock >be warrior >too har…[View]
22835509Jealousy: Transbian here. How do you all deal with jealousy? Being horny works sometimes but with no…[View]
22834260Cis women are going to become outdated breeding equipment once transitioning takes the mainstream.[View]
22836665Is being a nonbinary he/him AGP or HSTS?[View]
22835309tfw no bf: why even live[View]
22837075Gay-Tranny Cycle: I don't have a bi cycle. I cycle between wanting to be a tranny and wanting …[View]
22826939fuck it fuck repressing fuck everything should i rope or get on the phone to vanuatu[View]
22835472>transkids should get on hormones and be able to transition as soon as puberty starts >BUT BL…[View]
22834311How to get rid of internalized transphobia?: I need good thoughts to combat the bad ones. I think I…[View]
22836714>58kg >187cm >neet >sit inside all day playing vidya >only eat cheap microwave meals…[View]
22835298Why is it so hard to find true love.: Prob don't help being a tranny enby or whatever but I wan…[View]
22836913existential feels: im feeling kind of hopeless lately for purely existential reasons and not being a…[View]
22831352Which body parts do you think I would canabalize and which do I would keep as trophies?[View]
22835475Grindr cop saga continued: I'm the tranny that turned away a cop the other day then chatted wit…[View]
22836495Why do I feel like a spiraling panic when someone I want to like me stops talking for a bit or ghost…[View]
22825284is this a good astatic for bottoms?: what do u think[View]
22831438> be me > cis dude > end up hanging out with 3 trans girl friends > feel more accepted t…[View]
22833181hi!!: i’m a boymoder my therapist and mom are pulling me out of college putting me in a partial-hosp…[View]
22833373>think bugchasing is stupid >actually sit down and listen to someone talk about it >hole …[View]
22829636I just accepted that I'm trans and would like advice plz.[View]
22836446>crush on guy >if i ever approached him everybody would think of me as the creepy tranny rapis…[View]
22836533How much crosdressing do you have to do to be considered a drag queen and are drag queens considered…[View]
22833603is 22 too late[View]
22836527I am a 28 year old transwoman who's been in 11 relationships. Most of my boyfriends dump me aft…[View]
22836205How do I chase trans girls at my huge liberal college? Do I just show them any amount of affection a…[View]
22836146PISSgen ahahah: its friday time for PISSgen hahaha[View]
22823979What kind of shoes do you wear, manmoders?[View]
22836152not sure whether to feel sad or validated that cis girls feel this too[View]
22834048am i the only one who finds gay culture intimidating?: like, i am pretty sure i am gay myself (or at…[View]
22835570Contrapoints is racist: Just found a bunch of racist (n-word) shit about her past. What would happen…[View]
22833193That's it, I'm officially trooning out[View]
22835091need nuggies[View]
22836332in b4 haters[View]
22833372>touchy feely as a kid to the point of annoying other boys and being called a fag >verbally ex…[View]
22836288lmao at these threads recently making manmoders want to kill themselves. yall need to chill out with…[View]
22836009hip help: is there any way to feminize your hips without HRT? i have pretty big thighs and a plump …[View]
22800348Why do people like Will Power and blog terf pretend to be allies?[View]
22836180any other stoner boymoder worried about their voice never feminizing cause of all the weed smoking?[View]
22828315>pass >never mention im trans >no problems Why aren't you doing this? Do stealthchads …[View]
22834932>fwb with a good friend for around a year now >get a new fwb on the side for when my bestie is…[View]
22834603Am I the only guy that thinks briefs are sexy? I love tight clothes that accentuate massive dicks...[View]
22832268/mtfg/: QOTT: who hurt you?[View]
22833419how do I stop gross enbies from liking me on dating apps?[View]
22829338Trans Holocaust!!: Should we be scared or is this a joke??[View]
22836076I'm feeling good about this: /Fav anime picture thread/[View]
22834427Am I getting this ad literally just because I'm a tranny I have D cups[View]
22834243If some of the greatest roman emperors preferred to fuck femboys and trannies than why am i getting …[View]
22835724>tfw so malebrained that the youtube videos I watch frequently have sponsors targeted at men…[View]
22835983>anon >you wanna open our relationship?[View]
22833039how can I pass as a boy? I'm experimenting with things... yet it feels like I just look uglier[View]
22832509>more and more cis women each day refusing to shave their body hair because feminism It because o…[View]
22833826/gaygen/ - no oldies edition: no oldies no hairfags hot guys only last: >>22832444[View]
22835750Yes I deserve everything that's cuming to me, how could you tell slut?[View]
22834203>taking HRT to avoid twink death for as long as possible >figure I'm too old for tits …[View]
22832354STOP POSTING ABOUT HUNTER: Stop fucking posting about hunter Touch grass no one cares if shes agp or…[View]
22835406what would this movie be like if it was about trans women?[View]
22831399Getting a trans gf while having autism: Any tips in how to find a trans gf, I tried a few dating app…[View]
22832576Why hasn’t anyone here mentioned today was a holiday?[View]
22835311the only reason i haven’t started hrt yet is because i’m afraid boys won’t like that i’ll be a fembo…[View]
22835081Fuck, she just had srs. Anyone else feel like they will never afford it?[View]
22834098So why can't you just transition physically without having to fuck with society? You can just b…[View]
22834967The LGBT acceptance movement is the reason I am closet. My sexuality was politicized and I don'…[View]
22834638>POV you are in the most tolerable year of being transgender and it all goes downhill from here.…[View]
22831084I have a problem: My ftm bf constantly complains about his 'little dainty girl bladder' and just lik…[View]
22833623it really depresses me that a feasible 100% biological sex change that can render you cis passing, r…[View]
22832185Least sociopathic cis 'person'[View]
22826400Really don’t see what the big deal was. He didn’t even say anything that edgy[View]
22832071Am i bi: >be straight whole life >watch lots of gangbang and mmf porn >gf brings up threeso…[View]
22834005What's the appeal to Chastity belts? And why are boomer sissy hon types obsessed with them? Is …[View]
22834153How does an avoidant tranner learn to flirt with men? I wanna bask in male attention, but I am too s…[View]
22830624How long does it take to be forgotten by this board?[View]
22835019>they/he nonbinary >looks like a woman >calls themself 'lesbian' >says they're gay …[View]
22830038How do you get a girl voice?[View]
22827683>mfw I wasn't born as a greek slave femboy WHY EVEN LIVE[View]
22832054Holy Crap, Blanchard is based now?[View]
22823158/Transbiangen/: Deltarune edition QOTT: What and where is your dream date? Also add yourself to the …[View]
22833154my shark came :)[View]
22830830Where can I get a boyfriend that looks like this? Where in the world is this phenotype common?[View]
22833202How do you cope with being tall?: Gee, i just wish i was 5'7 instead of 6'2 bottom...…[View]
22833879Be Canuck diy to official script boymoder >learn that healthcare can cover BA, vfs, bottom(orchi…[View]
22834145Transition WOULD have saved her[View]
22832897Post AAPfuel[View]
22832044Any trans lady wanna chat on discord? doesnt have to be sexual or anything we can also talk if youre…[View]
22834685be a better sub: why do all the tgirls here desperately crave and try to act sub when the real way y…[View]
22834667Having a girlfriend is the most important think you need to be happy you could have it all and with…[View]
22834615crossboarder here, someone please answer[View]
22815238Is Will Powers the tranny doctor Elon Musk?: >cis doctor >specializes in trannies >thinks h…[View]
22833319What is a gincel???????[View]
22833881>tfw been taking a large dose of ivermectin for the past week >tummy start to hurt >tfw ju…[View]
22834377i want a gf/bf who would hack me apart with an axe i live in australia[View]
22834337Girls should only date girls.[View]
22831032why aren't you reading this manga of a transgirl, made by the same artist as boymoder-chan? ht…[View]
22833847is it common for boys to feel like this[View]
22808776squad goalz: who's in ur queer squad? do you have a name for your group of besties? name mine.…[View]
22832762how did itcome to this.[View]
22832388How do you know if you pass? I never get misgendered but it might be because people are just suspend…[View]
22830212Twink rator: Rate his twinkness[View]
22828403I feel like lgbt people are smarter than the general public on average. Is there any correlation bet…[View]
22833977gone but not forgotten ...: gone but not https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gK_2XdjOdY[View]
22833981LGBT is very funny. Thanks for the laughs guys. Captcha pppsp[View]
22833399i think im going to date a woman and fuck men on the side. its the only possible life i see myself h…[View]
22830186what does /lgbt/ drive?: post what you drive and others guess your letter/something about you, I’ll …[View]
22831872Do homosexual men actually exist? I find it hard to believe there exists gay men who have never foun…[View]
22833829>mtf >paint nails >randomly get horny >can't masturbate for another two hours becau…[View]
22818185ITT we post the positive aspects of being trans: This board is so negative all the time, let's …[View]
22833764>Dad super transphobic >Learn to shut up about tranny stuff >House turns out fine and he sh…[View]
22833772im bi but fags are so hard to find and when you do they're all noncommittal whores who have no …[View]
22833757there has to be hope out there for a cis girl lesbian who just really really wants a trans mtf gf ri…[View]
22833452Let’s say I pump myself full of high dose estrogen up until age 25. Would It be safe to get off of i…[View]
22833416>still no curvy elfmoder gf[View]
22831081>gay >go to college >have to live with a fucking muslim…[View]
22832454do boymoders like it when you put your penis inside them?[View]
22831452This is how a top 0.1% looks like without makeup[View]
22832244>tfw no alcoholic ride or die /out/ gf bitch[View]
22825792>hsts are trutrans[View]
22829022Do trans men get gender euphoria when the women they've been following for a few blocks cross t…[View]
22828186Friendly reminder that cis people (including 'allies') want every tranny to be a hon.[View]
22832407Just talked to my gay friend. He said he has never once thought about wanting to be a woman[View]
22833169Angloid asks a question: My mum had really bad PCOS and endometriosis too, and it took her like 9 ye…[View]
22829512>women do something >dudes:OMG SOO GR8 QWEEN I LOVE >trans women do something >dudes:KY…[View]
22831913What would you do if you came across a boymoder who was vomiting on your bathroom floor, falling in …[View]
22832604im gonna burst, I need to suck cock now how do I find a guy online without getting aids?[View]
22832090uw agp twanny anon[View]
22832849HRT femboy here: What do I do when the HRT effects become too obvious for people to ignore? How do I…[View]
22832252My boifriend came in my boipussy and got me boipregnant. I don't want a boibortion and I don…[View]
22832543i wanna die i wanna die i wanna die i wanna die i wanna die im tired of therapy im tired of ssris im…[View]
22830773is it agp to only like porn where the woman clearly enjoys it and isn't faking it?[View]
22830594cis people want us to be ugly: literally everything surrounding both transphobia AND progressivism i…[View]
22832656rate my boymoder cosplay![View]
22821329is this the default trans girl[View]
22832084>discord tranners are making fun of me and my boyfriend because he only dated gay bottoms before …[View]
22829655I've told my bf I only have physical dysphoria, not social dysphoria and explained myself as tr…[View]
22831176Am I '''valid''' if I want to be anatomically male but don't want to be behaviorally masculine?[View]
22831594my employer just came out and said they are covering >FFS >FVS >Vocal therapy >facial h…[View]
22829925/gaygen/ - supaidaman edition: >>22826745[View]
22830638Anyone gone on bica with a history of heavy drinking? i was drinking a liter of vodka a day. No heal…[View]
22831770i regret losing my gay virginity today, feeling suicidal: idk[View]
22825973JKR became marketing material for an anti-trans hate group[View]
22830570There will always be some exceptions to every rule. But by and large women are simply not capable of…[View]
22832202sex. with daria.[View]
22831652This is a 50 year old trans woman. What's your excuse for not passing?[View]
22832120If HSTS is gay erasure is AGP straight erasure?[View]
22826634Most TERFs exist because trans people act like absolute goblins: on twitter. This is the truth.…[View]
22830278ummm, what??? i have gigantic hon shoulders that are way bigger than my hips. so why the fuck am i i…[View]
22828912Post canonically AGP characters[View]
22832045Considering sucking my first cock on Grindr and am a little anxious any tips or should I not do it[View]
22822744Porn addiction made me attracted to males: How do I reverse this[View]
22828490>tfw 2 inch erect penis How do I cope with this?[View]
22825635Andy Ngo going all in on LGB Alliance: >LGB Alliance are an anti-trans group play acting as an LG…[View]
22829424how does one gracefully leave behind former twink/trapdom? my face is too soft featured for short ha…[View]
22820054>be me >ftm >4'11' >fuck what's even the point…[View]
22831208Gay men of 4chan, would you fr*ck a man who looked like the average dinarid chad but with a ton of p…[View]
22822639Has anyone here seen the special? Is it really as bad as people are saying? Is it worth protesting o…[View]
22831977>Come out to ldr bf as a boymoder >BF is fine with it, doesn't care i tell him i'm p…[View]
22831738Am a boymoder. How do I shop for feminine clothing IRL without the shop workers thinking i'm a …[View]
22831813Am I being hondosed?: I've been on HRT and I can still feel sexual arousal and get erections, t…[View]
22829189>had only male friends in highschool >talk on discord daily >find out about me transitioni…[View]
22831895>need to grow out facial hair to get waxed >i have fuckinga stubble now i'mm going to fuv…[View]
22826958I HAVE to stop HRT. I'm literally a cis male with no life giving it a shot cause it turns him o…[View]
22831826I want to leave manmode and attempt passing / honmoding but I feel so anxious, depressed, and overwh…[View]
22829068Once you're stealth, there is absolutely no reason to ever reveal that you're trans to any…[View]
22827360How can I dom my bf who is much stronger than me?: >Be mtf with cis bf >Tell him when I was do…[View]
22830252Is it just me or there's tons of ftms on here lately?[View]
22828366Did he do more for trans rights than any other heterosexual man?[View]
22826893Repressors, this could be you...[View]
22831530i just did my first injection by myself and im a little worried i did it in the wrong place i do the…[View]
22831460ITT: do you take the red pill or the blue pill and why?[View]
22830857I want to be a flirtatious and promiscuous slut. It would make me feel sexy.[View]
22831442do you ever clock cis women?: im scared ive been here to long. i saw this picture of this cosplay gi…[View]
22828130Gay for BBC: I’m basically only gay for black men with muscles. Am I a bad person? I’m a skinny fat …[View]
22831380>be me >grew up in the ghetto >my boyfriend tells me that he bets I was really cute as a ki…[View]
22828631what kind of clothes women wear inside their house? t. hrt femboy[View]
22801020fashion thread: post your recent outfits and where you shop[View]
22828732Why me?: Why was I born with this curse.[View]
22827665How do I get thick lips like this: as an AMAB[View]
22831338>rly intrigued by PiV >but also scared a f of it >cissoids are disgusting and i couldn…[View]
22826508>my agp forces me to become the biggest, most obnoxious rapehon alive even though all I ever want…[View]
22830580This is a cis woman Say something nice about her![View]
22831257Not once in my life has a man put his hands on my body... I'm a lonely trancel.[View]
22825143Why does every tranner have one or more of these mental illnesses? >anxiety >agoraphobia >…[View]
22830241We are finally being accepted into comics. Hopefully manga will more open soon.[View]
22825239why does /tttt/ love this grifter tranny so much?: shes so pretentious and hasnt ever said anything …[View]
22831029>be born male >throw it all away to become a vaginaless lanklet woman It's like trannies …[View]
22830129Why do tops like to top bottoms. They are to easy and no fun? Why not make a top bottom. That is way…[View]
22830853Being a cis man is objectively the best way to live if you can get over being suicidal about it so I…[View]
22829499Why no bottom likes me?[View]
22830161'would transition have saved her' thread: post em[View]
22830902Is artifically developing autocuntboyphilia a good cope if you deeply wish to be male?[View]
22830947I don’t understand straight people. Sometimes they’ll say things like “I wish I were him”, but isn’t…[View]
22828765i am an 18 years old cis guy and i want to date a trans girl the problem is i live in eastern europe…[View]
22830917Sometimes I daydream of kissing my best friend: often sctually[View]
22828508/mtfg/ + /bmg/ + /mmg/ + /agpg/ Everything to female transgirl general: Qott for thread: Post pets. …[View]
22830653>get on HRT >libido dead >gf is trans >her libido is dead too >never have sex >can…[View]
22828495rope time: >be me >3 years hrt >have never malefailed >think this time will be different…[View]
22828411Do FTM-birthed kids turn out ok?: I don't mean kids from ftm repressor or from ftm's that …[View]
22829268How do I know if its just a phase?[View]
22828874why are there so many trans programmers[View]
22830696Where do I find a girl who will hug me please if it doesn't happen in a week i think I'll …[View]
22829287How do I become a prostitute? I'm going to come out to my dad and I'm sure he will disown …[View]
22829755what's gonna happen to my boobs if I'm starting HRT at the same time as I'm losing we…[View]
22830065I don't get it. Why is /tv/ anti or pro-trans?[View]
22828391I am scared of poopdick[View]
22822144Finally went to the DMV today. Rate my transition from my last ID to my current one lol: The more th…[View]
22826693>pick out troon name >really like it, use it online >feel very uncomfortable asking people …[View]
22828710Please say sike!!!!: I can't stop being attracted to men, cant stop being attracted to dick, ca…[View]
22829255Does he do a decent job?[View]
22830282Anyone else only have bone structure dysphoria? I don't care about fat distribution or my genit…[View]
22830293Why the fuck is finding a gf impossible there has to be one hon who's willing to settle for me …[View]
22828158realistically, how much would a chaser have to pretend to transition to be able to pretend to be a t…[View]
22826027Why do some FTM’s willingly allow themselves to not only get pregnant but stay pregnant. If a MTF wa…[View]
22828996Another day of being too ugly to have a gf The only emotion I feel is hopelessness[View]
22818774/st4tg/ - art request edition: Straight t4t general mtf x ftm Tagmap: tagmap.io/tag/st4tg (New) Disc…[View]
22828952Hey lgb-T just wanted to remind you of your Queen and for you to be grateful because without her y’a…[View]
22828301>start progesterone and injections >constantly tired, sleeping like 14 hours a night…[View]
22829923Daily Reminder: Trans girls belong with other girls. No man can happily be with a man for long. Comp…[View]
22825783celebrities you wish you looked like no agp[View]
22826745/gaygen/ - dollar bills edition: >>22824445[View]
22829918Is communism just a /tttt/ larp at this point?[View]
22825727anyone take the BBL pill and if so is it dope or is it gay[View]
22823740How long until we can just download our consciousnesses into clones of whatever bodies we want?[View]
22829555Is it bad if I want to lose my virginity to a girl before experimenting with guys?[View]
22829759Could someone please explain to me how the existence of intersex people disproves a binary view of s…[View]
22828736Is 4 inches enough for a transbian top or do I just kill myself?[View]
22828241pass gen: gen pass pass gen gen pass pass gen gen[View]
22827387What are you going to dress up as for Halloween, Anonymous?[View]
22829518naughty transgirls get beatings!!![View]
22829433what would you do if you came across a boymoder smoking weed, being a junkie, acting like a stoner, …[View]
22826198>halloween soon >still no friends, no social life, forever heartbroken why even…[View]
22829432uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ftmbros?[View]
22828921How did I go from planning on staying closeted my entire life to desperately wanting to come out in …[View]
22829352those of you who have gotten breast augmentation, what size/shape of implant did you get? how was yo…[View]
22828964Chandlers Dad wouldve browsed susans place and chandlers mom wouldve been posting him in hon threads…[View]
22828409why does nobody talk about the absolute power of a cis-bi m/ftm connection.[View]
22829232Is it true? Can rape cure boymoders?[View]
22828811Is there any reason to not rope?[View]
22829112I have never seen a gay married couple. What's the point of fighting for the right if you don…[View]
22827756>0.2% of people are trans >around 1% of males are same-sex attracted but yeah, I just happened…[View]
22822398wouwwd uwu date a wacist twansgiww >///<[View]
22821360>too trans to be cis but also too cis to be trans When will I be freed from this hell…[View]
22828768how do i get a boyish personality?: genuine question. i want to be a cute boyish femboy. what are so…[View]
22828577happy birthday hari nef you’re my fucking idol[View]
22828877other black guys here: what’s you’re full body shaving routine/process? Sorry, I’m back. I asked thi…[View]
22828545i am trans[View]
22823542>year 2130 >medical technology allows unclockable body modification and transition, even the a…[View]
22828783>>22826270 >how similar is this to other feminists? Not sure but there's some interest…[View]
22828731Would a trans girl get bullied in the police force?[View]
22827129I did this to a trons last night[View]
22825266anons please help me i think i am dissociating i don't feel any control over my own body and i …[View]
22821046do guys mind if their gf (male) has phimosis?[View]
22828033>try on skirt i got off amazon >girl clitty starts quivering How do I make this not happen?…[View]
22821503Hips after bone fuse: Has anyone here done anything to fix their hips? I have a passing face, voice,…[View]
22824354Why do you guys like diapers: I'm mtf and dont understand where the diaper thing came from expl…[View]
22828206Hello fellow titcows I got a pretty big breast aug recently and I found out the hard way that the th…[View]
22824549>used to go to sleep while in a call with discord friend, would fall asleep almost instantly >…[View]
22827460Check out /b/.: Guys, come to /b/. They like us and are defending us now. It’s so surreal. There’s h…[View]
22820535genital confusion: >be me, mtf >learn masturbating as an adolescent by lying on bed/couch face…[View]
22819525Chasers, what type of trannies do you chase?[View]
22827991How to I reconcile with being a brainwormed fujoshi that wants to troon out due to a fetish?[View]
22828225A boymoder comes up to you muttering Mommy/Daddy while looking lost. What do?[View]
22828337Does sex exist? Can you change sex? Does gender identity exist? Can you change gender identity? Does…[View]
22827309ADVANCED boymoders. What type of training bra do you wear to hide booba?[View]
22827301/iclg/ incel general: General for all incels, loners who can't get laid because they're ga…[View]
22825147OK you can stay in my apartment....is that a deal?[View]
22826128IQ and ETLE: I have the impression that high IQ and violent/prominent autogynephilia have a common c…[View]
22828202trannies stay winning: just got hired at starbucks!!! this bitch is getting ffs paid for[View]
22828058If you don't look like this, you aren't worthy of having a bottom bf[View]
22816378Post cis women who look like trannoids[View]
22827684why is T a part of the LGBT?: It doesn't take any sort of stance to ones sexuality or the prefe…[View]
22828131i want to die because i am a manmoder that is all, thank you[View]
22828111I feel like we need to reset on trans activisum stuff: current trans activist think I am a man and t…[View]
22828089>cycle my prog because im a poorfag (100mg twice a day) >first time the crash wasnt even notic…[View]
22826099As a bi top how do I deal with the urge to breed anyone that looks feminine?[View]
22827446The precedent this failed protest has set will be devastating to our ideology. Netflix has proven th…[View]
22827968Will running give you glute/legs gains? No hrt[View]
22826798>pooners dislike being reminded that they’re womens >medical organizations run by cis womens c…[View]
22827443what the fuck does mog youngshit boymodding dilate[View]
22827818>tfw you meet a tranner in a video game and they unironically say stuff like 'uwu' and spam kawai…[View]
22825616Why do gay fictional characters make people go fucking insane with homophobia.[View]
22827620has /tttt/ ever been noticed by any celebrities ? i got a quote retweet from azealia banks once and …[View]
22827693I'll Make a HON Out of You: Let's get down to business To defeat the mods Did they send me…[View]
22825316>top bf wants to have a threesome with another bottom and wants me to do things with him B-But...…[View]
22826501Before I started browsing this board I was certain I was a cis gay bottom. Now I can’t stop fantasiz…[View]
22824379what would you do if you came across a boymoder doing [X], being [X], acting like [X], and just gene…[View]
22827609Mask will become the future as technology improves. Repressors, manmoders will be able to pass[View]
22827605More fortnite: Anal?[View]
22824580if hygiene and safety is guaranteed, would you agree to having a cuddling and kissing party with oth…[View]
22820616Why are you all sluts? Why is it so hard for you to just stay a virgin?[View]
22821178>rubbing your penises together until you cover each other in love juices…[View]
22827237Do these actually work?[View]
22827339>trans activism is the fault of cis women[View]
22824367> DesTINY Steven Bonnell blocks all troons > Fat Ian Kochinski says troons are all insane It…[View]
22823961i want a gf/bf who will murder me i live in australia[View]
22820974I want to understand the deeper philosophy behind transgeders. Tell me about your experience as a tr…[View]
22825903There is this guy who has a giant crush on me. I don’t particularly like him but he is sweet and alw…[View]
22827029I will never be cute and desired. I will forever be perceived as incel basedboy or 'thath dude' unti…[View]
22827251i feel like i wasted my entire life starting hrt at 19, i cant even imagine what its like for tranne…[View]
22825182>1yr hrt >can't tell if I should socially transition or just be a femboy >need to figu…[View]
22827147Suing my employer for transphobic coworkers: Hiya, I’m closeted at work (everyone thinks I’m a cishe…[View]
22827125tips on being passing[View]
22823137Does anyone else get tired of irl hugboxing?: I present female full time in public but I don't …[View]
22827053Boymoder scouts are selling their candy for the Winter. Are you going to buy some?[View]
22825083>6 million years of human history >??? million or billion+ years of human future >God decid…[View]
22819731>never liked playing female characters >started female hormones >now kind of like it Bruhs?…[View]
22805547HRT femboys who successfully kept boobs from growing, what's your secret?: Was it your dosage, …[View]
22824135Is Chrischan the last boss of the hons? Has any single hon caused this much damage to perceptions of…[View]
22826937>HRT femboys[View]
22826561Do chaser bottoms who look like this exist?[View]
22826882i wanna be a woman...[View]
22826628Can any chasers send a vocaroo telling a tranner good night? I need it to sleep well >///<[View]
22826787Halloween Kills: >tfw ywnba goth hon dressed as goat mom for Halloween >tfw ywn have Jamie-Lee…[View]
22822951/mtfg/: qott: blahaj! >>22816719[View]
22825780My eyes look kinda rapey tbqdesu[View]
22826682I would prefer to share a bathroom with the ugliest sane non passer Hon than a passing Honscience su…[View]
22824445/gaygen/ - men, armpits, and dating edition: >>22823015 What's your best dating advice?…[View]
22823832Do twinks love their mothers?[View]
22826718>be tranny >can't change my legal name until next April because I just moved here >get…[View]
22826392>be me >(the lesbanon) >make greentext about hanging out with a girl >later showing her …[View]
22824654So, purely hypothetically speaking, let's say you were to inject 5mg of estradiol valerate dire…[View]
22825368would anyone mind pretending to be my cis gf for a little bit? it’s late at night and the yearning i…[View]
22826399AGPs are valid and not disgusting. Blanchard was right about everything. Sex with AGPs is more fun t…[View]
22814006Glinner interviewing Blanchard: Glinner interviewing Blanchard >The Mess We're In with Ray B…[View]
22820153trans girls and heroin: why do so many trans girls do heroin? like a disproportionate amount either …[View]
22823665I thought I was a lesbian, but this straight dude keeps harassing me and telling me he wants to call…[View]
22823886How do I tell the difference between wanting to fuck her or wanting to be her getting fucked?[View]
22816081I have unrionically fallen for the astrology meme Am I based yet[View]
22825086I'm a boymoder and I fantasize about being subjected to corrective rape until I accept myself a…[View]
22824026What is your favorite diaper and or favorite other fetish item, ie fav bad dragon? For me, it's…[View]
22824575So can you just identify as a woman and switch back and forth anytime you want? Like if you meet a l…[View]
22826313I'm friends with a trans girl. How do I stop the intrusive thoughts of wanting to pin her down …[View]
22815503>wahhh cis girls are evil >wahhhh theyre all out to get you >wahhhhh I can never have real …[View]
22782931I increasingly feel like the only difference between mainstream queers and TERFs is that the latter …[View]
22825431I’m unironically starting to hate cishets[View]
22812376'Rowling was branded a TERF — activists do like their neologisms — meaning trans exclusionary radica…[View]
22825808DL: Why are so many guys on the DL? I feel sorry for their wives as many of them want to fuck raw.…[View]
22824699How do I get over the same of being gay, and even worse, a bottom?: I hate myself. I long for intima…[View]
22825893How would one go about removing the demon that causes gender dysphoria from themselves? I tried an e…[View]
22808497Im so weak now: The other week I got a new mattress and the delivery guy was of pretty average and c…[View]
22823364I have eczema on my boypussy and it itches a lot.[View]
22825283How is claiming to be 'bigender' or 'genderfluid' not the same thing as these kids who pretend to ha…[View]
22823994Why hasn’t there been a Planet of the Rapehons movie yet?[View]
22822624Testosterone of every AMAB should be blocked until they're old enough to know: Male puberty mak…[View]
22824383Would a repressor Sub-Reddit work?[View]
22822417What is being a girl like?: Im AMAB and ive always wondered what being a cis girl is like desu what…[View]
22820690that's it I'm starting voice training[View]
22823387how do you fellow ancient anons get over the intense soul crushing depression that comes with being …[View]
22825291How much do trans models make?: I mean like on OnlyFans and such. Traps/femboys included, could defi…[View]
22825596It’s dark and cold here. I miss you terribly. I wish we had a past, a real one, one that I was certa…[View]
22822791im literally going to fail out of college because of how ugly i am[View]
22822776does it ever get better?: does it? I'm 4 years HRT and have had FFS but I'm still utterly …[View]
22822681>buy size large sports bra >always rides up >buy size medium women’s pajamas >always ri…[View]
22823234What do you think?: What do you think? Do they have potential?[View]
22825287>tfw you just wanna 69 with another skinny guy like back in high school but everyone on Grindr is…[View]
22822502Girl appreciation thread: I like my crush, she is so cute and sweet like god mf if u dont stop imma …[View]
22823628I hate attracting masculine men. Why them? Why can't I attract fem or pretty men and transwomen…[View]
22823978Imagine your daughter being a hon[View]
22824838i want to squish boyboobies i NEED to squish them[View]
22825026anyone else romancepilled here? I just want a tall strong girl to come and spirit me away in her arm…[View]
22825081am i a bad person? genuinely asking: >put down nonpassing trannies because i feel bad for being a…[View]
22825057I feel really weird and like a bad person: I meet another trans girl and we get along really really …[View]
22825190I keep doing worse and worse things because it makes me feel fembrained. I've started cutting m…[View]
22820166tfw thought twinkmoding would alleviate dysphoria: i went from a twunk to a twink to feel better but…[View]
22824380ftm detransition affecting mtfs: Why do people try to use FtMtF detransitioners as an excuse to ban …[View]
22817500room thread: post your filthy caves[View]
22823656>let's just say, i'm a special girl[View]
22823436>Bulling bottoms Is fun. :p T.op[View]
22823815my bf did me a wedgie and now my ass hurts :((([View]
22823898Does anyone else feel embaressed about their gender identity? Hell I repressed it and kept it hidden…[View]
22824546Trannies ruined cis women for me and there are no trannies in my area. I'm doomed to settling d…[View]
22813880Passing girls: I need pinkpilling, post passing mtfs. Preferably not Asian. No hons allowed[View]
22824774If I had a bf, I would have motivation to improve and go forth with transition. But because I don…[View]
22824906Just had car sex with my glunchmoder. Apparently mall cops couldn’t care less.[View]
22824991i'm so happy I get to be a hot girl :)[View]
22785328/hornygen/: be horny in this thread prev >>22763394[View]
22822896>here is your government assigned transbian gf What would you do?[View]
22823890I feel like my porn preferences helped turn me into a tranny[View]
22823655What does agamp mean[View]
22823974Is there anyway to make body/facial hair grow back slower? T. Anon with mexican hair genetics[View]
22819397>walk past black homeless guy in city >''ay can you help me with something?' >'no sorr…[View]
22821664We all know mtfs are valid, but are ftms valid?[View]
22823015/gaygen/ - higher minds edition: 'Our perception of the would is an illusion and our brains take an …[View]
22817517I'm ftm and my body look like picrel I'm going to repress until I die won't trust wha…[View]
22824000what would you do if you came across a boymoder that was in a box, given to you as a gift, sent by s…[View]
22824141Life has no purpose, i have no drive and i just lay in bed all day. how do i profit from this?[View]
22824258mtfs are you spidered or line hogged?[View]
22824073I'm gonna get married![View]
22822109The power of HSTS.[View]
22812200/ftmg/ - stronk trans boi edition: QOTT: What's the cringiest trans-related shit someone's…[View]
22823690Have you done it? and letter?[View]
22820076How do I not kill myself when I see posts on Reddit with pics like this saying they haven’t started …[View]
22818613why would you do make up like this it looks awful[View]
22823201What kind of thing is it, if I'm specifically attracted to androgyny? I like flat chested wome…[View]
22823755I think I’m into my best friend: I thought I was straight up until now.[View]
22809598So does bica stop androgenic hair loss or what? It 'stops testosterone from affecting you' but 'DHT …[View]
22823714>straight tranny w/ no bf >cis woman hits on me >cry when i get home…[View]
22818675Picrew Bread: guess others' letter and favorite genre of music[View]
22823352Why do this?: >watching fad show of October 2021, “Squid Game” with gf >show comes to an episo…[View]
22820870How can hons honestly stand going out like this?[View]
22823548i'm feeling really sad can you bottoms, tops, chasers, mtfs, whoever post your sweet/wholesome …[View]
22821055Getting male attention is the easiest thing in the world, so why become a transbian? You went from h…[View]
22823489I can't stop fantasizing about being raped by the monsters in the vidya I play I tried to play…[View]
22822154what's a good cheap beginner dildo?[View]
22823498Gendered correctly for the wrong reason. How do y'all cope? Guys will say 'Well HEY there litt…[View]
22821029If boymode gen and agp gen cant exist and have to merge with mtfg, then neither should cislesgen or …[View]
22823472I WILL kiss all the faggy twinks here[View]
22822147Sometimes I daydream of kissing my best friend[View]
22817124abortion existing is transphobic, pic not rel[View]
22821907I like being gently bullied[View]
22822766i miss her[View]
22822848i just started FGO and i dont understand this series but like is astolfo hsts and da vinci agp?[View]
22812345/transbiangen/: /transbiangen/ - smelling your gf's clothes she left at your place edition qott…[View]
22820283How do I get some friends that are trans girls?: I don't really have many friends aside from ci…[View]
22823056Does hrt cause you to gain fat in your pubic region. Lately my dick seems almost like it’s slightly …[View]
22822711Are trans people in the middle of a holocaust?[View]
22821835I (19m) thought I was gay, but now I can’t stop jerking off thinking about one of my female friends.…[View]
22820365How do I breed my bottom boywife?: How do I breed my bottom boywife? For some context we are both bo…[View]
22820797How do I learn how to do cute girly hairstyles?: I have long hair and I'm tired of putting it i…[View]
22822257Repressors, this could be you...[View]
22821909Why are so many chasers and transbians here into lanklet skeleton twink tier trannies? Dont you know…[View]
22818107>be autistic mildly sociopathic lesbian who enjoys figuring out what makes people tick >riding…[View]
22822850How do you cope with the fact that you will NEVER be as cool as Megan?[View]
22822538What the fuck was her problem?[View]
22821172Been off hormones for a month and my boobs are still growing and I can’t cum: Not detrans just poor …[View]
22821734/gaygen/ kirb edition: old: >>22820068[View]
22821721Help: >tfw switch between gay and straight every few years What causes such a shift in sexuality?…[View]
22820904Ruby Curtis Guest: Thoughts on Christopher Guest's and Jamie Lee Curtis's new daughter?…[View]
22819856*gives you AGP* nothing personal, kid[View]
22822491Psychoanalyze me and I'll fuck you: I don't know why I keep coming back on /lgbt/ I'm…[View]
22822212I'm an ftm in my late 20s. I consistently get perceived as half my age. What do I do?[View]
22819081Update: Trans sister: Update: I’m the guy who dug through my sisters phone and I ended up telling my…[View]
22820914Method's to be ok with being a a tranny: Happyness is not in the cards for most people and for …[View]
22821946is it cute on transgirls to have the fembrained kind of autism or just tedious?[View]
22819287I am once again asking. Is there a scientific method for me to know if I'm trans or not? Can I …[View]
22822188Who else looks like this: Pic rel[View]
22818856Bottoms, Is this really a problem?[View]
22819084Caught a chaser now what[View]
22819374Finally woke up as a cis girl: see ya virgins later[View]
22819431>woman: 'i experimented with other girls in college' >society: 'that's att…[View]
22819889am I gay? should I have sex with a twink?: Is it normal for a guy to become sexually confused in uni…[View]
22817548why would anyone with a dick and prostate ever choose to be a top? getting fucked feels so much bett…[View]
22821787Is using a dating app for cuddles and nonsexual interaction okay? Is that something worth doing? Wha…[View]
22822020Weed crumb I found in my dogs hair: The name my parents would have given me is a stereotypical name …[View]
22819991Are gay men waking up to the bi menace? Lesbians are very woke on this question. >They will never…[View]
22816719/mtfg/: QOTT: What are your plans for the winter? Old: >>22813237[View]
22817618I would literally chop off a finger to marry a mentally stable trans girl not even memeing rn idc if…[View]
22821343Name me 1 legal right that trans people don't have that cis people do that is not related to he…[View]
22819756dick is shorter but thicker from HRT?: so I’m a straight trans girl and an exclusive bottom, but I’v…[View]
22821304This sum bullshit: >Come out to best friend and admit my feelings for him >He tries dating me …[View]
22821759gf says im getting better at sucking dick ^-^[View]
22808329breast growth tips: >tanner 5 >3 years hrt >a cup did i get fucked over genetically or is t…[View]
22821489is there a market for 30+ year old schizophrenic alcoholics in the transbian sexual marketplace?[View]
22818369>Insist she only dates straight men >All of her exes have trooned out Why are trannies like t…[View]
22818448Have you known someone to give too much support, as in uncomfortable or downright harmful levels of …[View]
22821620Pig pussies for hons and BPC for ayydens when?[View]
22817531Is becoming a prostitute a good idea? I'm a 22 yo non passing transgirl (I definitely know I do…[View]
22820068/gaygen/ - booping tips edition: >>22818477[View]
22820803Hello little birdies![View]
22821594Holy fuck having a boyfriend feels so fucking amazing guys I never thought I could feel this good[View]
22819353Is it wrong to use this image in my Comedy Video: For context the clip is about less than 10 seconds…[View]
22816958Shoe shopping is just the worst.[View]
22821505just met a guy on omegle who said he uses this board and that he wanted to breed me and call me prin…[View]
22818148Was he in the wrong?[View]
22821330Post boomer hons.[View]
22819443Are there trans (former) pornactress who regret having had their ass thrilled publicly? I have never…[View]
22818015>tfw no /out/ gf building a small shack together to live in and no internet just us…[View]
22817939Weird Tits WednesdayTrips: How many trips here have weird tits? >pic related…[View]
22820966Is getting a tattoo of Sonic characters male or fembrained?[View]
22820434>talking to tranner >she told me her political leanings are pretty liberal >she drops the n…[View]
22819824>looks like this >owns several guns and thousands of bullets >unstable >pedophile What a…[View]
22819707When I think about transbian polycules I get grossed out because I imagine a huge molecule like pic …[View]
22817353This sum bullshit. Ok so im visibly trans but i want to pass as AFAB. So im taking out a loan for s…[View]
22821192you dont know what its like to be a chaser where there are close to 0 trannies that arent hookers wh…[View]
22821115Tfw no bf or gf to waste hours a day on dota 2[View]
22817465i wanna kiss a guy again lke this one in particular but i cant :([View]
22820795Rate me on passing. I just wanted to come out as trans.[View]
22819527Is nursing a malebrained or femalebrained career?[View]
22820735Anyone else fall into the incel to bincel pipeline?[View]
22817165So.. Anons, how do you remove the 5'o clock shadow? >be me >have jet black hair >trie…[View]
22819615But what if I want kids?: Like, the biggest reason why I think I will never transition and just live…[View]
22820556gay guys with straight girl friends literally get whatever they want. like ive seen so many of my st…[View]
22815322it's a weird question but I have to ask... what does it feel like to not have a penis? I have …[View]
22816693Skullhon thread. Post your skull circumferenc. 54 cm here.[View]
22817188>could have had normal male fetishes like feet and piss >could have had normal female fetishe…[View]
22820696how did we get to this point?[View]
22818558https://www.newegg.com/aresgame-agk850-850w/p/1HU-02S4-00015 https://www.newegg.com/corsair-rmx-seri…[View]
22817262When do we stop adding letters guys?: Shouldn't we just stop at the big 4?[View]
22820120how do transmen feel about pregnancy and how do transwomen feel about making a ciswoman pregnant?[View]
22820520Is thinking that women have 1:1 or less hip to shoulder ratio brain worms? (Hips the same or wider t…[View]
22819405Any tranner wanna help me pass the time at work and chat on discord? doesnt have to be anything sexu…[View]
22819872I have come to a brave, very original conclusion: men in their 50s might not be too old to be daddy …[View]
22816501'We're the most oppressed minority ever',: cried troons backed by the power of the United State…[View]
22819562Ever since I started to take estrogen, my desire to suck cock has increased significantly.[View]
22820106any other femboys sometimes think about giving up the 'femboy' id? most people either think i'…[View]
22819529>wish I was a lesbian so bad >instead gay bottom Why can't I like girls at all? Male se…[View]
22817492What's the term for someone who's masculine, but less masculine than the average male (but…[View]
22820289Why are trannies like this? Pic related.[View]
22818095What's the funniest tranner joke you know, Anonymous? (You're not allowed to say 'myself')[View]
22819689>meet some people irl, thell asked me what my age is and i say 15 just for fun and i thought i ne…[View]
22812812Boymoders of /tttt/ have you been voicetraining?: Sup boymoders its your (least) favourite autist co…[View]
22818988Your AGP![View]
22819828how do i get hrt if i cant afford it and the docs wont give me anyy ;-;[View]
22820113>mfw a cis woman tells me she's lonely and unwanted by guys Bull fucking shit try stepping i…[View]
22819391mtf HRT in Canada?: Maple lard here. Was wondering on the process of getting HRT. Do I have to talk…[View]
22818477/gaygen/ - milky edition: >>22817041[View]
22819877>Bi people who call themselves gay because misogyny/misandry >Bi people who call themselves ga…[View]
22818718AGP transwomen can never be truly androphilic and will always turn transbian. If you are a guy that …[View]
22817846this is an enby idk if they're valid what i know is they're hot af[View]
22817090Where am I supposed to pick up traps and femboys from? Also I'm in the UK so gay bars are fille…[View]
22817427Mtf Motherhood?: Is it true that the only way for a trans woman to become a mother is for them to pi…[View]
22818251If you disagree with the idea that HRT should be available over the counter with no restrictions for…[View]
22818363Is there a cure?: I want to stop having brainworms but I'm not mentally strong enough to get ri…[View]
22819837Am I asexual if I've only had sex once (with some bishit)? I'm 28. I mean it's mostly…[View]
22819557I would love to try out gaysex just once. This doesn't necessarily mean I'm gay.[View]
22818737Hey trannies Stop looking so ugly, women are not ugly K? Thanks[View]
22819806Can any trannies post their smelly buttholes? I want to fap but I'm having a hard time getting …[View]
22817984>told the guy that I was on my period >'I can only do anal, you don't mind do you?' >w…[View]
22819058Are all trannies just porn addicted autogynephiles? I've yet to meet one that isn't incred…[View]
22814410How can I tell if someone is prison gay?[View]
22818327Eyo niggas Im a cis male feminization fetishist on HRT, I already have small boobs, but with the adv…[View]
22819370Pride Festivals: I'm considering going go one of the Florida Gay Pride festivals this month. Wh…[View]
22815690All chasers are eggs: Daily reminder that every chaser is an egg and will abandon you the moment it …[View]
22818360a few weeks ago i had a massive meltdown over my gender identity after living as a normal boy (gfs, …[View]
22817469>Bi twink friend posts photo saying he's in the hospital and hasn't eaten in five days …[View]
22819172>2021 >I am forgotten[View]
22818372Michael Myers the symbol for gay hate My fucking hero[View]
22813453Mom caught me trying to sui and is now forcing me into therapy. My therapist is calling me bdd and s…[View]
22817292is he /ourguy/?[View]
22819060I WILL NEVER DATE A TRANSGIRL: who would not make me breakfast wearing nothing but an apron allowing…[View]
22817138Dear legbutts How do you forgive yourself for being an abuser in the past? >be me >27 year old…[View]
22816658Is there some equivalent to FaceApp that would let me imagine what my body would look like on HRT[View]
22815403Why does crystal cafe hate trannies so much? We have so much in common, we should fight together wit…[View]
22818735*blocks your path*[View]
22815894tops, do you love and respect bottoms?[View]
22818650I have porn-induced erectile dysfunction and performance anxiety[View]
22818761i used to be bisexual but now im pansexual because people here seethe when somebodys pan[View]
22818882i started imagining that kfoids use the royal 'we' and now all their posts are 10x funnier[View]
22818601If you're trans, do you sometimes call your trans friends 'tranny' in a joking way?[View]
22818730Pansexuality is not valid. It's just bisexuality[View]
22818359Where do i go to find a bf?[View]
22815871is it true many tranners have issues with their mothers, rather than their fathers?[View]
22815219My controversial opinion is that not all transwomen are women. Sometimes interacting with new transw…[View]
22801187Bi men, do you prefer sucking MAN cock or TRANNY cock?: When I look for men, I'm into their mas…[View]
22815570Would you date/fuck a prison guard?: Me again, I had the thread about cops the other day and I am ch…[View]
22818346>Be me, tranner >Dating guy for a while, things are going good but I wonder about his last tra…[View]
22812606>this is what the public thinks when someone mentions trans women How do we go about changing tha…[View]
22817933Personally I unironically wouldn't mind being barred from the women's restroom if there wa…[View]
22818453Ever since starting HRT, my desire to suck cock has increase significantly.[View]
22817041/gaygen/ - light reading edition: >>22814379[View]
22818312>older brother is getting out of prison next month I'm going to be happy to see him but I tr…[View]
22813985Why are so many terfs and GCs these days men and why do they have such an outsized and protected rol…[View]
22816614Repressed AGP cope thread. What does it look like for you? >always choose the girl character on v…[View]
22816820I have this weird savior complex and it's fucking with my head. Is it just low self-esteem? I w…[View]
22816076Did other trannies have general transformation fetishes even when they were young? >pic fucking a…[View]
22815476What does 'dialate' mean when used as an insult? I've had to do it so that sex and tampons don…[View]
22817273Why do mtfs act surprised and offended when guys don't want to date them once they find out the…[View]
22817805why do gay people on twitter react to everything with female celebrity gifs Why do gay people like f…[View]
22815054Transwomen are h0t: There is nothing hotter than seeing a female soul trapped inside a masculine or …[View]
22817989I miss my tranny gf[View]
22817927>gave up on life and living because i will forever be seen as male and i have bad genes for trans…[View]
22812813What do tops think about bottoms with braces?: Well? I got them like 2 weeks ago and since I'm …[View]
22817246>trannies need to be forced to go through 5 years of RLE and publically crossdress as a woman bef…[View]
22817593So do I need to quitsmoking before I get e? Could I just get injections if that's the case? I s…[View]
22813720Is it normal to want to look like someone of the opposite sex but not have dysphoria?[View]
22811625Gynephilles: Daily reminder that the dominant sexuality is gynephile. Lesbian's, straight men, …[View]
22817455Ray Ray What if sissy porn was on 24/7?: What happens then tell me Ray!?[View]
22813887https://delphi.allenai.org/ post yours[View]
22815881Fellow hons - what is your friend circle like?: I'm a hon (dun) and I've recently had some…[View]
22817340If I'm 7 3/4 inches, can I say that I'm 8 or is that lying?[View]
22815937Aren't you tired with this sh#t?: >2SLGBTQQIA+ Be honest.[View]
22813876I've had trash thrown at me regularly now. I thought I was passing fairly well. Why are people …[View]
22816775What exactly is wrong with parents pre-emptively putting pre-pubescent flamer gay kids on hrt? Won…[View]
22817583how do I get over the imposter syndrome? I can't feel like a real woman at all, I used to be a …[View]
22815309When did you get over your meta attraction?: How long did your meta attraction last? When did it lea…[View]
22817373>go to uni's LGBTQ+ club >ask them why they don't have A in the acronym >'Oh don…[View]
22816231So what happens to your face if you detransition? Do you stay looking like a hon or does it slowly g…[View]
22816319Does estrogen turn you straight?: > Be me, mostly asexual tranner. > Turn incredibly horny bef…[View]
22812950>girls who call themselves FtMs despite just literally having short hair but still wearing girl c…[View]
22806036If you could press a button and become a girl tomorrow would you do it?: If someone said yes to this…[View]
22815796any other entp - enfp pipeline trannies here?[View]
22815389I wonder what my parents would think if they could see my posts on this board.: Anybody else? I…[View]
22817239What do literal trainwreck HIVAIDS detroit trans women look like?[View]
22817056Post cis hons[View]
22815817>tfw no fasting anorexic gf[View]
22811792Are FtMs easier to date and/or fuck than women? I often see posts of men saying they chase FtM pussy…[View]
22816711what's tttt's opinion of chaserbro?: based or not at all?[View]
22816968I am honsexual and I will not allow you guys to discriminate me for it. I refuse to stop giving hons…[View]
22815887>be bis hrt femboy >want to date this girl >her sister is a sjw tranny >got around b cup…[View]
22816874did my first injection today bros :) also is it normal that my leg hurts a lil now?[View]
22811727Why would you ever come out?: What's the benefit? You literally gain nothing. I'd just get…[View]
22811726I'm probably gonna die alone ^^: I'm one of the most problematic bottoms to ever exist …[View]
22814379/gaygen/ - peaceful edition: old >>22811215 whats ur guys height and whats the tallest/ shorte…[View]
22816155does being into age-play make someone a pedo?[View]
22815083im a tranny and i had sex with my 20 year old cousin when i was 15. this is the only sexual experien…[View]
22788081/clg/ - Cis Lesbian General - Music edition: ITT we share music by lesbian artists or songs with les…[View]
22816802how much hrt is best for each year?: my boobs are pretty small so im assuming my doctors are giving/…[View]
22814258I unironically went from the one on the right to the one on the left[View]
22814369How do you cope with being a ugly manmoder?: Calling myself enby is not helping :c[View]
22815640>why yes i am superlesbian?: >how could you tell?[View]
22816334Does anyone have no internal sense of gender? I just want to be pretty[View]
22812666How are you strange little birdies doing?[View]
22812292I wish I wasn't trans.[View]
22815524>look who finally came out of his cave! another busy day 'on the job' eh son? you remember aunt m…[View]
22811771Was your first time as a woman as good as you hoped it would be?[View]
22815918It's over...[View]
22808607I hate being an enby: I hate being a walking tumblr meme. I wish I had social dysphoria so I would i…[View]
22812373Do you unironically respect the pronouns of a they/them non-binary person? Does it feel weird and aw…[View]
22816128I'm convinced there are no straight women online . Do you know a woman who isn't bisexual?[View]
22812472We won, /tttt! Netflix CEO apologizes to our queen!: https://www.wsj.com/amp/articles/netflix-co-ceo…[View]
22813006tfw ywn be a naturally feminine tomboymoder (male)[View]
22815837How do I tell if I'm HSTS or AGP? >trooned out late >don't get 'euphoria boners' …[View]
22815870I hope none of you is like pic related meme.[View]
22810524there's no fucking point: i open up to the first human being in my life and act genuine - they …[View]
22813536Will doing core workouts make my waist less small?[View]
22814297tfw not 067: >tfw I’ll never have such an androgynous and attractive appearance and am stuck look…[View]
22813300Boymoders will defend this[View]
22815905Being exclusively attracted to men but matching all the other symptoms of agp (autism, non passing) …[View]
22814977Is it possible to socially transition and then detransition over and over again so I can live as bot…[View]
22812459Why do I have to attract so much chaser filth? Why can't I attract femmy/androgynous boys and b…[View]
22813418Why haven't you worshiped and sucked an horse cock?[View]
22813740How do I find a tranny which I can top?[View]
22812139He looks better than most women and I’m like “fuck I wanna dress like this”. Why am I a such a weird…[View]
22807990What the hell is her problem?[View]
22812493Goals bread: Post em Rate em How close are ya? What do you need? What steps are you taking?[View]
22808853trans history: mtf historical background: >goes back thousands of years into the past >several…[View]
22815578I love and respect bottoms. After I orgasm in a bottom's butt, I enjoy cuddling with him and sa…[View]
22815620What are the best articles of clothing for boymoding?[View]
22796990Why are transwomen so mean and angry all the time? Online no one treats me as nasty as they do on pl…[View]
22815516How does he live with himself knowing his face is forever botched?[View]
22814748How do I get a gf or ftm bf I have no standards[View]
22811438Where can i find progesterone in Spain?: My endocrine doesn't want to prescribe me progesterone…[View]
22814832>ugly >adhd >depression >anxiety >bpd >and im a tranny i was meant to die alone, w…[View]
22815253how can I suck a tranners cock and not be a creep?: so, it's pretty much evident that all chase…[View]
22814319Unironically would transitioning have saved her?[View]
22809983Safe sex: Since love is off the table, I'm thinking about whoring myself out to fill the hole i…[View]
22812527>be me >high as fuck >walk to the student store to get something to eat >looking at gran…[View]
22814211This is your reminder that tops have a responsibility to protect the health and happiness of bottoms…[View]
22811088To the straight cis gender allies on this board, do you ever wish that you yourself were a part of t…[View]
22803048Why is trans porn so funny?[View]
22813670Why is it AGP to want a guy to fuck you?: Why is it AGP to think about how much I want to get dicked…[View]
22814893My “bf” is 6’5 and I’m 5’8 and scrawny femboy: When we’re with each other in public i get rly embarr…[View]
22787554/st4tg/ - fashion/style edition: Straight t4t general mtf x ftm Tagmap: tagmap.io/tag/st4tg (New) Di…[View]
22810003my dad won't let me date a trans woman: I'm pissed, my mom and dad wouldn't approve o…[View]
22813237/mtfg/ transgirl general: QOTT: Plans for Halloween? Old: >>22808463[View]
22815085ECT and/or Esketamine as Depression Treatment: Hi all, asking since most of you are prob depressed, …[View]
22807964why does my brain require estrogen to function normally instead of wanting to kill itself?[View]
22812749I love being fem and passing even at age 40: I pass quite we in everyday life, I hope you all can lo…[View]
22811038Do chaser bottoms who look like this exist?[View]
22812935Ways one can be gay: 1. Born that way 2. Porn addiction/Loneliness 3. Hormonal issues 4. Physical tr…[View]
22814931How long can I go blocking testosterone without taking estrogen before I get osteoporosis?[View]
22813891I want a tranner belly to make burping noises on: I'm a certified CHUD with muscles and a soi f…[View]
22811306Why does it feel so nice to consider myself a bottom?: I have fantasies in my head of having a tall,…[View]
22814437We are a plague on society.[View]
22811805>This sucks actually >Yikes >The (x) defender has logged on >Not a good look >Hmm no …[View]
22808205how do i achieve this astatic[View]
22812055>ITT: tranners who were so based cisoids had to kill them I'll start with an obvious one…[View]
22810974compliments from men saying im cute or feminine or even more vulgar make my mind melt and im not eve…[View]
22811039im a /pol/ack who realized i am trans: well this is embarrassing[View]
22811110AGPs should only transition if they can plausibility pretend that they're not AGP. This include…[View]
22814743Why is it that when I tell people my bf gave me a tasty pie they always ask if it was a cream pie? A…[View]
22814721This is how I feel everytime I tell cissoids I am gonna marry a cis woman (I'm a tranny btw) ht…[View]
22813893Rumeysa Gelgi, the world's tallest trans woman.[View]
22814681/agp/: I wish I was a girl. No one likes me because im male. If i was a girl people would just like …[View]
22813847This is what it takes to have a female resonance. You got that? good, that was easy huh?[View]
22813918>browsed this board constantly several years ago when i was a teenager >am now a tranny is thi…[View]
22814044How do you respond?[View]
22811037so is using a mac = fembrained and windows = malebrained? what OS do trannies use?[View]
22811215/gaygen/ gay superman edition: Thoughts on how superman got a fem asian (probably top) bf? Is lex lu…[View]
22811370Happy International Pronouns Day! What are your pronouns Anonymous?[View]
22811866That's not me in the photo but does anyone have any fitness routines for mtfs or femboys or wha…[View]
22809415Do your hands pass, anon?[View]
22814023>Fray-Witzer writes that cisgender men are not allowed to live on the second and third floors, an…[View]
22813360False advertising: Total bullshit to call this boomer juice if it doesn't instantly turn me (a …[View]
22812433Whats my schizo rating: bloodmagic: So awhile back my dysphoria was in a very particular kind of def…[View]
22806759I started working out so I could get skinny and wear cute clothes but also so I could last longer wh…[View]
22813472The term 'transmedicalism' was created by Trans Fakers: Now 'sysmedicalism' exists for those who bel…[View]
22810456being trans is literally a disability, not in the poltard 'lol u retards r disabled' way b…[View]
22812581are they good repisentation?[View]
22813044pls someone tell me definitively if im trans or not[View]
22810417Has anyone here gotten elf ear surgery? How much does it cost?[View]
22813658What will happen if I misgender a tranny on purpose, irl?[View]
22813446What do I do?: >Be me >Straight boy >Fairly young (in my teens) >Decides to grow my hair…[View]
22813522>gay incel >on HRT, not feminine >depressed for the past decade, nothing works Genuinely,…[View]
22812418Im a cis guy crushing on a trans girl but she's 6'3 and I'm only 5'11. do I have…[View]
22812036whats boymode or girlmode exactly: so what is boymode exactly, now? I thought I knew what it was, bu…[View]
22813191How do I dress like a fag I wanna be a fagmoder[View]
22812525Why are trans women so aggressive?[View]
22813152Opinions on him?[View]
22813367I would date a trans woman, but I'm afraid of getting stabbed in the back by her girldick, beca…[View]
22813579Why do so many chasers like dick? I'm a filthy chaser and honestly i cant imagine anything hott…[View]
22808675>find out i can legally and easily order DIY hrt in my country >another rep cope gone this is …[View]
22811969I am trans and I think it's retarded that trans girls turn away the people attracted to them. '…[View]
22812854cute trannies literally owe me sex[View]
22808261Do my elbows pass or am I an elbow hon? Also post and rate your elbows[View]
22813218What the fuck does HSTS mean: Every time I google it I only get something about HTTPS and I'm s…[View]
22795780ITT: Hurtful quotes that have always stayed with you. >'You're a pretty toxic person, honest…[View]
22813167How can I compete with 2D traps.[View]
22809717What music do you fags listen to? I'm trying to make people get the thought that I might be gay…[View]
22809502>the look of discomfort on the pharmacist's face as she hands this man a vial of estradiol v…[View]
22810901Is there literally any reason why I shouldn’t take hrt as a fem gay bottom?[View]
22806793>transbian mommies[View]
22811881angry video game troon: is nobody going to mention Jim sterling or did i just miss it?[View]
22811891How do I crack faster?: Repressing is fucking up my life atm. I'm more depressed then I ever ha…[View]
22811200I'm a 34 year old widow with a 7 year old autistic son. My son is a handful and I understand wh…[View]
22812588how do i stop hating myself for being a cringe ugly autistic hon and pushing away all my very few fr…[View]
22810247>My transness and isolation has lead me to construct an incredibly niche worldview that is shared…[View]
22810656Guess letter based on an anime you like.: I slipped out of the deep darkness Like the swift wind, I …[View]
22811913How to find BF !!!: How can I and will I ever find that strong bf to hold my hips against him while …[View]
22811929Is allowing AGPs to transition cishet male erasure?[View]
22812189How does one even get HRT: Im finally at a point where i dont need my moms premission to get hrt, bu…[View]
22811595Would any men be interested in falling asleep with a tranny on vc before bed?: As an addendum it wou…[View]
22810913Why is it impossible for me to find a cute trans gf? It literally makes me wanna cry.[View]
22808590Every day I pray that I'll wake up and I'll be worthy of love and affection, and that I wi…[View]
22812007Feelgood Thread: post something good that happened to u recently i got into a poly relationship with…[View]
22812102Why do the trannies first scare away everybody who is interested in them by calling him a chaser, bu…[View]
22811551I know the whole tranny incest meme is played out but sometimes I feel like my brother is checking m…[View]
22811517Why are people who consume a lot of porn more likely to identify as bisexual?[View]
22812081How to keep larynx raised?: So i am making very good progress with voice training, i can speak with …[View]
22811198I never post here and mostly lurk. But I want to get this off my chest. Why do I fucking hate tranni…[View]
22808847Best feminization prayers and meditations? inb4 sissy hypno and other cringe[View]
22810539Chaseranon here. What causes a man to become a chaser?[View]
22811596Am I a bad person for doing this: >be me, straight guy, fall for trans girl >get heartbroken, …[View]
22808838I'm gay but I hate trannies.[View]
22811786are there any quick ways to temporarily alleviate dsyphoria? it's been really bad lately[View]
22810546I am leaving this board for the foreseeable future in order to safely repress tranny thoughts. This …[View]
22811744why can't I find a hot, edgy boy who looks like Sasuke from Shippuden... I want to be fucked in…[View]
22811512So the moral of the story is to detransition and repress if you want to be happy?[View]
22808941Are you fuckers happy now? The CEO is sorry he pissed off Netflix hons.[View]
22811800What are the best youtubers to watch makeup tutorials on?[View]
22810773who up reading the ucf trans care website[View]
22799316/ftmg/: Snowbird edition Question: Find a male celebrity who's the same height as you and post …[View]
22811651God I fucking hate my life: >be raised by single mom >get bullied by her and my older sister f…[View]
22808463/mtfg/: QOTT: what was your Minecraft username? Old: >22802506[View]
22811345ITT: we rewrite scenes from classic tv shows to be about trannies/tttt[View]
22809995You need to change Natalie’s diaper[View]
22811542i know it’s embarrassing to dream of a knight in shining armor coming to rescue me, but sometimes I …[View]
22811448>want to buy more girl clothes >know full well I will wear them once or twice and never wear t…[View]
22810869If you ever see a troon who looks like she's having a bad day give her a hug. Also there'…[View]
22811012what did sHE mean by this?[View]
22811509>New video >Due to envy I used to avoid dating cis women >Only transbians >Now Im getti…[View]
22811466why do trans people seem to vibe more with 4chan culture than gay people?: i mean being a boars joki…[View]
22811142are troons finally attaining power in society?[View]
22811520>have to go to study and find work because no one wants to date me and let me live in their house…[View]
22811315I got a very persistent rash on my balls after wearing pic related for like 8 hours. It's real…[View]
22806426Why doesn't anyone want a relationship?: I just wanna cuddle and be ur cute gf but all you want…[View]
22810566I want a wife :([View]
22811204How can I meet guys from this board? I feel like I can't relate much to guys that I meet on dat…[View]
22811329When will someone make a Hardy Boys parody porno featuring FtMs and call it the 'Hardly Boys…[View]
22808512Omw home today i passed two women. The first one had a super long midface and the second one had a p…[View]
22808627How do you dose out topical testosterone on your penis if you want to keep it working? Also I have h…[View]
22810881Why do transbians think sissies are cringe? When we will have AGP solidarity?[View]
22808282truscum: are there any truscum still here? i'm tired.[View]
22810871i dont want to be a masculine man but neither do i want to be a super fembrained woman. am i just ci…[View]
22810372What the fuck am i?: I had always seen myself as straight..., i have been talking with this one guy …[View]
22806985what would you do if you saw a boymoder who was [silly misdirect], [vague description], and just gen…[View]
22805965I'll never go to Starbucks, because I'm afraid of the trannies working there. They're…[View]
22810315i dont get cis lesbians honestly, sometimes they want trans lesbians excluded but other times invade…[View]
22809198>measure me and my roommate's shoulders >both mine a bit under 16', hers a bit over 16' …[View]
22805807I am once again asking. Is there a scientific method for me to know if I'm trans or not? Can I …[View]
22807712My therapist thinks I have autism. My friends think I have ADHD. My IQ is in the 110-130 range. I ha…[View]
22810070should i go on hrt or is it a gigantic mistake that i will regret. i'm in my late twenties and …[View]
22808408>newly bought dildo is too big[View]
22808900Why are there so many gen z trannies??: It feels like half of my afab friends go by either he or the…[View]
22800516>agps dont want vaginas like trutrannies do! >agps love their gross girldicks! Why do people k…[View]
22806792i’m ftm but i get so turned on when men treat me like a woman[View]
22810543Was Faye from 'Cowboy bopboop' a transgirl? >narrow hips >wide shoulders >looks suspiciousl…[View]
22795747/transbiangen/: Muscle edition QOTT: What do you do for exercise? Are you a lifting kind of gal, or …[View]
22809841I've concluded that I am trans: After much deliberation and constant push from this community, …[View]
22807404what’s a good dose regimen for injecting EV? atm I’m doing 10mg every 7 days (0.25mL of 40mg/mL) int…[View]
22810708i have no standards where do i find a gf[View]
22809657There is literally nothing good about being transgender it is entirely horrible everything about it …[View]
22809146How do i get a male girlfriend as a straight guy?[View]
22810556Trans guys remind me of Chihuahuas theyre short and really fucking annoying[View]
22805272/gaygen/ - RomCom Edition: old >>22803648[View]
22796490>watch a random YouTube video from a channel I've never seen before >the person who made …[View]
22810183What can I do to improve the quality of life for trans people in my area? t. cis man[View]
22803920>dad is overly supportive of me being a tranner >girlmoded for the first time and asked his op…[View]
22809559Would you say yes if your bf asked to marry you[View]
22809523I am looking for MtFs and women who have large, long feet and extremely long toes like in the pic. I…[View]
22808485>be me >questioning forever >finally start taking the pinkpill >get nasolabial folds …[View]
22808553>1.5 years on hrt >too poor to afford laser hair removal >pass as cis with concealer/mask …[View]
22810482is Hunter Schafer the 1% of trans community?[View]
22791247Would you date/fuck a cop?: I just can't do it >ACAB[View]
22810133> be me > theyfab youngshit > on testosterone for a year > 5'3' > read as mostl…[View]
22810117What causes a boy like me to feminized himself and crave love and attention from men?.[View]
22810334If my dormmate didn't have a gf id probably be happy right now Instead im drinking myself to sl…[View]
22809797As a transbian, where could I find a cis gf that would be: >extremely physically abusive >give…[View]
22810086How do you find Transgirls on Tinder? Asking for a friend.[View]
22809111Why are trans like dis[View]
22808206How do you get rid of a racial preference? Mine is very malebrained and I'm tired of it.[View]
22806058>be me, cis f tomboy >breast size nearly completely flat, trans women have bigger boobs than i…[View]
22809824Is giving nicknames to guys you know considered flirty?[View]
22810170>straight mtf >met a cute chaser >like 75% sure he's an egg…[View]
22797653Why is Elon such a transphobic piece of shit? WTF?[View]
22810049Why do chasers like transgirls so much?[View]
22807763I keep seeing hrt femboy threads saying boob growth is inevitable yet I see mtf threads saying boob …[View]
22809866Do trans women belong to cis women or trans women?: Let's settle this, once and for all. https:…[View]
22807517How long until they invent a surgery that gives you a vagina without messing with your penis?: I rea…[View]
22803409I think AGP is just trans feelings under the veil of lust: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STTNckJrJ…[View]
22809730Is this a tranner?: Is this a tranner?[View]
22808815Do transbian tops like bratty cis f bottoms?[View]
22809034Tall Bottoms?: Trans girl, 6'3, sub bottom should I just end it?[View]
22805110Post your spotify on repeat and guess letters and letter subtypes[View]
22805113If you disagree with the idea that HRT should be available over the counter with no restrictions for…[View]
22809472Onomatopaeia: Make up some words. Make up some sounds. Guess what sexual act or body part they refer…[View]
22785911AGP is just internalized male gaze, change my mind[View]
22809663I want to kill myself anybody want to talk about why the world is evil[View]
22809648First time back in months. What are the new meme acronyms? Also I need core workouts to be less fat …[View]
22809669Why are discord trannies like this?[View]
22806082does sissy porn make trannies or do trannies repress with sissy porn?[View]
22809599what's a good dildo for a beginner? i was kind of thinking of those massaging ones too[View]
22809609>be me, mtf tranner: >make friends with cis guy online >pretend to be cis woman >we get …[View]
22809208hello. i am going to planned parenthood to get HRT. it's my only viable option and its the fast…[View]
22808960When I was repressing, I got into a 'logical mindset' where i'd say things like 'who cares how …[View]
22808740>doubting if I can pass >scared to start HRT should I just keep existing with this husk I don…[View]
22806945>voice practice >swallow and hold >big dog small dog >'puh' and 'eh', whisper siren too …[View]
22809117Tired of feeling like a hulking brute for being 6'+? Tired of worrying if your mannish legs clo…[View]
22806154The acronym needs to go.: LGBTQWBBWDDOASHSYWJSKJAS. It's too long and only serves to divide us …[View]
22805229Does your country let trannies have guns? First time today someone saw my deadname because for some …[View]
22807333I just wanna be cuddled: where do i find someone who can deal with my mentally ill tranny ass[View]
22805940Hiiii guys! Straight MtF here. I'm a masochist so I find pain therapeutic, when I'm feeli…[View]
22801470Im the only one that trooned because be a man sucks a lot? I feel im the only one[View]
22809127i hate when people call transwoman who only get with rich man 'golddiggers': i dont like the term go…[View]
22806568I don't want to be gay. I don't want to deal with the fact that 99% of my relationships wi…[View]
22806657>be me >been on HRT for 15 years >started at 17 now 31 >personally think i am an ugly ho…[View]
22807544>dad says some intentionally hurtful shit over the phone about me being a tranny faggot >'this…[View]
22808708Which came first, the BPD or the trans?[View]
22806888thoughts: >boymoders who pass 100% but insist on insist on boymoding anyway are probably nb but k…[View]
22804551>tfw no transbian off the grid /out/ small pact living no tech in woods…[View]
22809014I’m a 5’4 chud and I want contrapoints to rape me[View]
22807181Is there anything more malebrained than trying to debate women into sex?[View]
22808899It's over[View]
22808599>tranner >don't feel like I'm a delicate flower or fragile or anything the way women…[View]
22807869how do i accept that rapehons and weird transbian weeb fetishists exist and that its okay because im…[View]
22807938the worms are eating my brain i was confident and normal before i came back onto this board, then i …[View]
22808467this isn't a joke but 62 year father is trooning out. what the fuck do I do?[View]
22806732Is 5'7 and 100 lbs inherently feminine?: I don't take anything, no hrt, nothing and I don…[View]
22808687Why are we not talking about the boysmell?: I think it's pretty important to talk about and yet…[View]
22808540>be me, 20 years old Italian Bi female virgin >Can't find someone even paying (old Italia…[View]
22788377What’s it like having a MTF roommate?[View]
22807506/cg/ Chasergen: Ratio Edition: QOTT1: When you send the first message, how often do you get a respon…[View]
22799971A boymoder walks up to you and gives you the middle finger. What's your reaction?[View]
22807853Do you get upset when your friends don't talk to you, yet you have a full list of friends who a…[View]
22807232>tfw gave up being a handsome man to be an uncanny looking femboy >went from most women findin…[View]
22803767my bf is a trans boy, so he dont have a penis oc. i am bisexual, so sometime i like be passive, i wo…[View]
22808299tfw closer to being a grandpamoder than a boymoder[View]
22805285you are waiting for marriage, aren't you?[View]
22807965I am a HSTS true transexual !!: and so is my girlfriend...[View]
22806491definitions: what am i if i know i cant truly be a woman strictly speaking but i dont see myself as …[View]
22807953honestly: https://www.ovarit.com/o/GenderCritical/32147/egg-irl-getting-called-out-for-being-groomer…[View]
22806261how can i become micolashmoder if my 21st birthday is coming up and I haven't even come out yet…[View]
22805314/gaygen/ - happy trail edition: >>22803648[View]
22806372>Nearly 2 months HRT >T levels: 60 ng/dL >E levels: 92 pg/mL I know my E is not at the tar…[View]
22807815Should I just give up and move to Canada?: All the other cute transbians are further north and I lik…[View]
22806634How far can HRT femboys go? Hrt, ffs, not even hide tits, what’s next? Srs?[View]
22804772Does this a trans?: If I listen to sissy hypno when I masterbate and cry when I open my eyes and see…[View]
22807163How do I grow into someone worthy of love? I am lacking in motivation and feel like barely a person.…[View]
22807775how do i effectively avoid the trans?[View]
22807652are t4t transbians just straight boys who really really wanted to be gay?[View]
22807690If you could choose one place in a videogame to have transbian sex where would it be? As for me...it…[View]
22807058Why do I not feel like a man?[View]
22802610Is it even possible to get big natural looking tits as a tranner? Is there a way to maximize your ch…[View]
22805087'I'm black first trans second': if you don't see the behind-the-scene political machinatio…[View]
22806425How do you stay committed to taking better care of yourself: If I am ever going to pass I need to st…[View]
22805823This but unironically[View]
22807819What would you do if you saw a boy moder in the dining commons sitting all by himself, eating a burg…[View]
22807485How do I accept that I'm dysphoric: I already plan on transitioning but I can't help but s…[View]
22806925Would transition have saved her?[View]
22805435>depressed repressor >12 year old sister told parents she is a trans girl >parents complete…[View]
22807769I don't want to fuck my dad, BUT: I was just talking with a friend about how cool it would be i…[View]
22806502Losing your sexuality: The absolute worst part of transition is that you lose your sexuality. HRT wi…[View]
22804081I become incredibly slutty and flirty when I'm drunk. I got drunk with my male friend for the f…[View]
22792091sexuality: hello /lgbt/ ill start this post off with i thought i was straight for most of my life bu…[View]
22807218Are FtM cocks any good? Are they big?[View]
22803119Why am I so masculine: Pic rel[View]
22807465>bf won't stop calling me used goods[View]
22806788How do I avoid becoming embittered by all of the hatred? I want to be a good person, and to engage w…[View]
22805841How does this game have an equal amount of trannies and /pol/tards?[View]
22806852Transsexuals are always suggestible low IQ losers[View]
22807131I'M GAY[View]
22805897Are you scared of cis women?[View]
22805212troonpa loompa doo bi dee doo keep on repressing, this will be you[View]
22802071Is taking triptorelin and Cyproterone Acetate OK?: Feel free to make this a HRT general. I would if …[View]
22807426I need to get fucked so badly.: I need to be fucked and broken in by a strong man so badly, it'…[View]
22804420>U.S. Assistant Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine became the first openly transgender four-star …[View]
22806978howdy yall: i am a boomer, i got myself a sex change many a year ago out in thailand. now i dont hav…[View]
22802506/mtfg/ + /bmg/ + /mmg/ + /agpg/ Everything to female transgirl general: Qott for thread: Post things…[View]
22803113https://www.tunnelukkosi.fi/en/lifetrap-test-eng.php what are your lifetraps, /tttt? how am i suppos…[View]
22804946JK Rowling seems very reasonable: Why do you all think she hates you?[View]
22805866which ethnicity does this apply to most?[View]
22805843I’m a straight cis male who isn’t afraid to make out with my male friends in public because I’m conf…[View]
22796849i'm a 5'4 femboy bottom who just turned 30 do i die now[View]
22806514How to gain weight? I've been on HRT for 6 years and I made it through all the development stag…[View]
22797671was that netflix controversy really such a big deal?[View]
22807155Dated a trans girl for the first time. We just broke up after a year or so but now I find myself spe…[View]
22804429Why are all my crushes always straight :([View]
22800944At what point do pecs become tits?[View]
22799393Does your back pass, Anonymous?[View]
22805335I keep adding people from here who advertise their discords, then they just sit in pending for weeks…[View]
22806219Why are men so scary compared to usual?: I get rly queit and wide eyed when they initiate stuff and …[View]
22801961How am I still getting misgendered? Hate this country.[View]
22804466Why don't you anons write a book, become an activist or make a Little Dark Age edit based on LG…[View]
22806856do guys like fit boobtwinks or do they want them to be skinny?[View]
22797855>check really old /jp/ archives >find posts like pic related, trapposting and diaperposting yo…[View]
22806739https://discord.gg/JKUuHDjKTT Come join cozy server frens[View]
22803879Reminder that if you disrespect her pronouns you are a transphobe, unironically[View]
22803494not my mother calling me and telling me that because I'm a minority in a white supremacist cis …[View]

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