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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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14382317/repgen/ Meme Edition: Share repressor memes.[View]
14414366(\/)!_!(\/): Wouldn't we all be better off if the concept of boy/girl and man/woman didn't…[View]
14405707Does gender theory contradict the idea of transgenderism? Gender theory seems sometime to minimize t…[View]
14401538Why do people think HSTS is more valid than AGP?: >AGP wants a woman body, even if it gives them …[View]
14415595knowing you’ll never be cute be like: =D pic related, it’s me[View]
14369378Straight trans girls, why aren't you dating a lonely trans boy? What's your excuse, huh?![View]
14415061Shit: >Visiting folks for the weekend >Father goes on about a coworker of his dating a trans m…[View]
14415452is there anyone here living in vegas: Im lonely[View]
14411426>be me >be 18 yo manmoder >spend an enormous amount of time looking at trans people on here…[View]
14414172/gaygen/ - buldge edition: previous: >>14412711[View]
14411826Would a chaser support a trans girl pre transition if they promised they would let the chaser fuck t…[View]
14414334>watch old video of myself >awful haircut >shitty facial hair >bad skin >t shirt and …[View]
14411124I just want a chaser bf that looks like this. Is that too much to ask?[View]
14406518He proposed: And I freaked out and left and took an Uber to a friend's place. I love him but I …[View]
14412532If there was a sequel to this that was about FtM transsexuals, what do you think its conclusions wou…[View]
14409897What turns bottoms on? I am new to lgbtqtasfghjkl but I would identify myself as a bottom but I don…[View]
14410291No man will ever love me: The amount of good men willing to date someone with bpd is small Even smal…[View]
14413063Does anyone believe it?: I have this feeling that everyone is pretending. This doesn't only mea…[View]
14411323I'm freaking out.: I'm at work, my paranoia has been increasing with each passing hour, an…[View]
14414871Should I tell my trans gf I fantasize about watching her have sex with men or take these feelings to…[View]
14414008For the past few months I've been having these daydreams about what my life could have been lik…[View]
14415020Twipsy is trans[View]
14415041I may look masculine but at least my chin is pointy[View]
14413380Is it agp to be into femdom? I want a smol boy to bully the fuck out of till he cums.[View]
14394605Trans Service Thread: Others are encouraged to ask questions and give advice.[View]
14411934does a trans girl with no interest in sex have any hope of a longterm relationship? my last bf broke…[View]
14414367I lost so much hair in the last two years, I'm balding really fast and I'm incredibly pres…[View]
14409480How can we fix the transbian reputation? I'm sick of people trying to make us all out to be rap…[View]
14413878LGBT-themed tattoos: I've been considering getting 'TRANSGRENDERS AREN'T REAL' tattooed on…[View]
14404296I’m a trans girl planning to become a cam whore. Tell me why this is a bad idea.[View]
14408836Just started shoving progesterone up my butt a week ago, I'm going so boy CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!…[View]
14409383What's their end game?[View]
14414455Love and marriage: Is anyone here married? Would you care to tell us and brag about your marriage an…[View]
14412595Why yes I'm LGBT. Libery Guns Beer Trump.[View]
14403114is it possible for mtfs to sing as good as cis: women? i would like to sound like this h-h-haha http…[View]
14412711/gaygen/ - Trip on, Tex edition: >>14411235[View]
14412621What i need: I need a boyfriend q.q[View]
14413242To any legbutts living in Richmond, VA: Please take care of yourself really well, tomorrow. There is…[View]
14413657Should closeted faggots and faggots in denial be forcibly outed? They always seem to be mentally ill…[View]
14408460Are bisexuals the only ones interested in trans people?: Straight = only wants the other sex (only c…[View]
14413484Advice for getting a boyfriend I'm a skinny, lanklet, 19 year old with a 4-6/10 face and skelet…[View]
14399497Passgen- Awful angle edition!: Post selfies from your uglies, honiest, worst angles possible! Kinda …[View]
14407034Which letters are most into astrology and why are they L and T?[View]
14408140are trannies roasties?: are trans girls roasties too? they seem even more promiscuous and manipulati…[View]
14411913/mtfg/ dark artwork, depression, sadness: love edition? QOTT: what do u do when ur in a dark place? …[View]
14397886FtM chaser thread: Yes, we exist.[View]
14406176how has life changed for you since starting hrt?: hey guys, i just wanna have a comfy thread how has…[View]
14412287Gender Identity: What does it mean to feel like a man or woman? I'm pretty sure most people fee…[View]
14412767detransitioning Flag: please share this with the lgbt community and help them celebrate detransition…[View]
14398016Hey legbutts. My partner has been going through a tough time and I (cis) am looking to spoil her (tr…[View]
14413000What is some of the best media with a trans protagonist?[View]
14411775What do you call it when you aren't gay but you'd let your cock slip inside a femboi (acci…[View]
14412896help T_T: Hello, /lgbt/. I just got a bunch of questions because I'm fucking clueless about bin…[View]
14411925*Blocks Your Path*: Nice try, but unless you can tell us the secret -real female- password, you can…[View]
14413087Why are nbs the most annoying and relentless community out there? They're always the fuckers co…[View]
1441293321 year old AMAB, I don't identify as a woman. I don't think of myself as a man. Attracted…[View]
14411184It should be mandatory for tranners to wear tights with skirts in order to impede rapey transbians[View]
14399337I am intersex (5 alpha reductase deficiency). I hate when TERFs try to side with us and say that tra…[View]
14409710Are trannylovers just straight men who have watched too much porn?: I have a theory of men who like …[View]
14411639Post your feel good relationship greentexts here: Any letter is fine Needed: More wlw stories in gen…[View]
14412278So me and my childhood best friend are probably going to fuck tomorrow when he visits me. I’m kinda …[View]
14411235/gaygen/ - perfect butts edition: old thread: >>14409701[View]
14411133>hate being a faggot >hooked on gay interracial pornography >knowing it's taboo makes …[View]
14411919Jung Thread: Jung Thread What's your MBTI type? Did it change since you were younger? Apparentl…[View]
14411618Does your pet pass?[View]
14412315I want to buy all the slightly below passing hon's all the surgery they need to look like cute …[View]
14407161Isnt this a bit satanic? Bephomet and demons are often depicted as hemaphrodites. Or gender non conf…[View]
14412260Would cis woman disproportionately sexually discriminating against m transbians constitute genocide …[View]
14397523post your: letter favourite drug >mtf boymoder >heroin…[View]
14412145how do i help my trans gf: hello i am a cishet man and my partner is a transgirl and we've been…[View]
14412011does your favorite pet fish pass picrel is a pacu. i don't have one myself bc you need a GIANT …[View]
14412122Learning how to drive: I'm trying to break the stereotype of being a gay person who can't …[View]
14411736Should I Stop HRT?: I have literally zero hope of ever passing. I even went and lost all the weight …[View]
14410610god-fearing tranners: Any other tranner here believe in god and struggles to reconcile being trans w…[View]
14411561>being trans isn't real! >yes it is >no it's not, you're just mentally ill p…[View]
14411726Do I need to dye my hair black to be a femboy?[View]
14411222I wish I was gay.[View]
14411156Lonely CD, Trans, M2F W/EEEEE... UwuU: Hi hehe I'm a 19 year old who struggles to find anyone w…[View]
14410410Friends: Forget romance, don't you just find having friends validating? If you are an mtf, don…[View]
14408794>mention that I'm a straight mtf and I like men >'all mtfs are transbians. Stop denying i…[View]
14409104I'm a stupid gay slut with cock on the brain Does anyone else want to reach ,000 sexual partner…[View]
14408719Do transbians really desire cis?: TERFs claim that transbians want cis lesbians. But cannot get them…[View]
14407539Why are there so many trannies in speedrunning?[View]
14410323If you call yourself a 'femboy' or 'boymoder' but look more masculine that picrelated you're a …[View]
14409092Oh hai r/tttt, my name is swingchan. I shall not pass![View]
14409707Just imagine a world in which gays and trannies don't base their entire identity around their s…[View]
14408897Does anyone have a valid argument against just calling everyone a penis or a vagina?[View]
14409257Can't you trannies just make your own movement already? You're making the rest of us look …[View]
14407723>be me >get abused a lot suring childhood (sexually and otherwise) >strong Gender Dysphoria…[View]
14410677Sexual Health: There is a faint chance I might not die a virgin how should I prepare? I've got …[View]
14409537Did anybody else just get a hardcore represser vibe from this guy when he was in his skittles /treyw…[View]
14410388Make up is HARD: I tried doing smokey eye but now I look like a raccon[View]
14406026I hate trannies but will still fight for their right to be trans. Where my libertarian niggaz at[View]
14410707>25 year old MTF >6'3, feel like I don't pass, people at work gender me female anywa…[View]
14410601Why are he/him lesbians tolerated and even admired, but he/him straights aren't?[View]
14403737How to lose muscle?: So I've been boxing for over 9 years prior to now and because of this my a…[View]
14407373HRT Poisoning: Will I get estrogen in my bloodstream as a man if my girlfriend is trans? I sleep in …[View]
14407019any tranner here develop seborrheic dermatitis after starting hrt?: i started developing seb derm ~2…[View]
14407371>tfw otherwise straight ftm >want cute mtf gf that I act possessive of in public but at home t…[View]
14408371I've been on hormones for over a year and I still don't pass... it still gets better than …[View]
14406404What rights do trannies actually want when they autistically chant 'trans rights'[View]
14406968Tfw will never have a fren bro like kircheis: Or even mittenmayer Guys will always just see me as a …[View]
14410164I just cut myself while shaving and there was a lot of blood tell me ur shaving stories[View]
14404564This is the LGBT mascot.[View]
14404774i just need people to talk to who i can also cut off when i dont feel good drop your discord i just …[View]
14398637/lgbt/ shares a house: Beach house edition. Dont forget your speedos and swinsuits[View]
14409894The rape of men: the darkest secret of war https://www.theguardian.com/society/2011/jul/17/the-rape-…[View]
14407571Does it mean anything if you prefer your video game avatars to be girls?[View]
14409279Drop the Letter: So this is what happens when you try to take off a letter in real life, you get kic…[View]
14408772Feeling guilty: ... for being 'treated like a woman' as an MtF part 1/2 I know 4chan isn't the …[View]
14398609Dear FTMs, what it's like not to have a real dick?[View]
14407578I saved up around 20.000€ for FFS, what clinic would you recommend I go to? (preferably in Europe a…[View]
14404328>tfw your own internalized homophobia turns you on >as in, I kinda like the idea of guys playi…[View]
14408270How do I get over my intense desire to have a partner that validates my useless existence and instea…[View]
14405422Now that the dust has settled, can we finally get to the bottom of why trannies love choccy milk so …[View]
14407686do gay people or trans people who dislike anime even exist?[View]
14409571I might have finally found someone who I can be with and that loves me. She’s a fellow gun tranny an…[View]
14409583If you had to make a story about these two character, what would it be about?: [spoiler]All the othe…[View]
14409320why are there drag queens?: i get traps and stuff but why do gay folk do the drag thing?? why do peo…[View]
14407777/mtfg/: /mtfg/: Yakumo Edition QOTT: What is a place or country that you want to visit? https://past…[View]
14408860How does a boymoder get a boyfriend if they live in Scandinavia? A-Asking for a friend of course...[View]
14408533daily reminder that it's okay to be trans and trad[View]
14406252who else /mtfdoomer/ people who have made it how does one escape perma boymode and being an mtf doom…[View]
14409203actress: In other threads she was called a ladyboy or a trap... but she's a real woman... howev…[View]
14404980Does B and T have a secret alliance?[View]
14406716Would you have sex with Toby Fox?[View]
14408530>be gay bottom femboy >go on HRT to stop male aging >sexuality seems to be shifting to only…[View]
14408344>be me >be gay dude >30 y/o, still in the closet (people probably know, I'm just not o…[View]
14405468Having suicidal thoughts: Hey guys I'm a gay male As of late I have been feeling so weird, I ke…[View]
14407991I crossed into Pedo-land by mistake lads... And I feel fuckin' terrible: Boys... >I was fuck…[View]
14408699Re: whyy ssbb die: >>14399068 First of all, sorry for the obnoxious tripfagging and discord fa…[View]
14408410ITT: Post your favorite Touhou and people will guess your letter.[View]
14406822Do most trannies look like this or is it just reddit? I'm not even cherrypicking these images f…[View]
14407657Spot the tranner.[View]
14399778Does your belly pass?[View]
14404278So what's the deal with 'Avery' the new very-obviously-MtF Pokémon trainer?[View]
14408276Should I take hormones to appear more fem?: not trans btw, just like looking like a girl[View]
14407956what do some ftms hate mtfs so much? what's the fucking point? mtfs -> ftms i can understan…[View]
14405350Microtrans: Anyone else a microtrans? I used to be genderfluid but microtrans makes much more sense …[View]
14405102>boyfriend is 4 minutes 39 seconds late from coming home from work[View]
14408366Any other gay men holding out until they actually meet someone they love instead of just hooking up?[View]
14406242Tip for outing trannies en masse: >be (You) >go to a university campus between classes >sho…[View]
14408378Anyone else here is gay, male chauvinist and homophobic?[View]
14409701/gaygen/ - Positive edition: Negative: >>14408036[View]
14408036/gaygen/ Gold digging bimbo whore edition: What kind of chronically ill billionaire are you targetin…[View]
14407141I am a bartender at an LGBT bar. L-The group we have to frequently quit off from alcohol. Other tha…[View]
14404710>sitting with my parents >watching some dateline murder mystery documentary >some guy who m…[View]
14405969Boys UwU: I love boys![View]
14407293Where can i get a meta attracted tranner gf[View]
14405343How long after my girlfriend de-transitioning do I accept she's never going back again?[View]
14407069I jerked off a lot before I started T but jesus christ, it has basically become a hobby for me at th…[View]
14407357Post MtF thinspo: Got an ED, need (need) to trigger myself and cis women with dainty skellies aren…[View]
14406053/gaygen/ Be Best! edition[View]
14401712I've noticed that the transbians on this board are extremely homophobic towards gay dudes. Like…[View]
14405407thoughts on them? i'm not sympathetic to nonbinaries unless they're very androgynous like …[View]
14407818The cosiest place in town: LGBT, or an ally? Prefer those with less of a mindset on a world of being…[View]
14401090I think i have extreme body dysmorphia.: Hi, i posted here a few times because i feel like /lgbt/ is…[View]
14406831Imagine if you were a tranny with the surname Grossman. That is all.[View]
14407536This is just fucking sad. Imagine being the fiance in that situation.[View]
14401578How come I can instantly tell these two are trans even though they don't have any obvious mascu…[View]
14402897>Homosexual pairs are common (14 to 20% of the pairs may be ganders, depending on flock), and sha…[View]
14406741Gay guy here If I ever have kids and if any of them ever turn out to be trans, I would most likely g…[View]
14406749>move to california >still no bf[View]
14406825Hi chaser here. I outed a boymoder last week at my university, and then she killed herself. Now the …[View]
14407454life is a waterfall...[View]
14407146>tfw this is literally me: How do I get rid of autogynephilia? It's destroying my brain.…[View]
14407340have you ever been beaten or ostracized for your social crimes /lgb/[View]
14404958How do you actually cope with never passing?: The harder I try to transition the harder it hurts kno…[View]
14401776Trannies on a budget, do you ever get your bf or partner to pee in your butt for a quick and cheap e…[View]
14407094fag lol[View]
14406997Is there a point in getting FFS if you still won't pass after? What is it called if you've…[View]
14406985Why don't you trannies adopt this character as your icon over Astolfo, Felix, etc.? >actuall…[View]
14405364>dysphoric throughout childhood and early teens >transitioned as a youngshit, decided I forced…[View]
14398474Trans child: What would you do if you had a son that came out as a tranny? Would you disown him. Or …[View]
14390086Weekly reminder that TERFs hate all feminine men regardless of their gender identity. This includes…[View]
14405192Thinking of hrt. Do the hon thing: You know the drill.[View]
14406602Was his work essentially our Das Kapital?[View]
14403821As a twink how do I get chasers to leave me alone? Nothing worse than talking with a hot guy only to…[View]
14406435Scenario: >Aliens come to earth >They resemble humans >They have two sexes, like us >One…[View]
14400641What are the chances of me developing a body like this if I transition?[View]
14406362All you sexy/cute trans girls make me insecure kms haha[View]
14404332How long does it take for a guy to grow out his hair from short to long?[View]
14404925Am I gay if I get hard staring at this?[View]
14406623Can onions milk turn you LGBT?[View]
14406610Threadly reminder that bottoms deserve bulli THEN love. Not love then bulli Not bullilove Not lovebu…[View]
14403216ive come to the conclusion through much dating that men are trash. imma just be a transbian now[View]
14406385Girl bulge thread[View]
14402768>be me >transgender (FTM) >turn 18 >start taking testosterone >mom recently married …[View]
14406399drop the bigots: How do we kick the bigots out of the LGBT?[View]
14385451>my bottom boyfriend has a bigger penis than me, but he said he only wants to bottom and doesn…[View]
14403584What's tinder like for you, /tttt/?[View]
14405107Chaser talk: I have heard at lot of bad experiences in this board, but not on the perspective that m…[View]
14405940I'm a bi dude in a poly relationship but I've never had sex with a man but I really want t…[View]
14404167Crushing Depression General: Any other lgbt here have no willpower left?[View]
14406057Is it just me, or are polyamarous people usually below average looking and outcasts/misfits? Most of…[View]
14404606/gaygen/ - EXTREMELY comfy edition: Don't fuck up the vibes /gg/, uncomfy posts will be violent…[View]
14387448/mascgen/ setting sail edition: > no tripfags or namefags > don't /pol/ post > don…[View]
14405919spironolactone and bicalutamide: how does one get a switch to bicalutamide, do they just ask for it?…[View]
14404930reducing widows peak: so i'm a boymoder noob and one thing that bothers me it's this widow…[View]
14397364Why do so many Muslim guys follow me on Twitter do Muslims have a thing for tranners or what[View]
14401554Chasers who aren't exclusively attracted to passing trans women are gay or at least bisexual. S…[View]
14405505Who are these guys?: Does anyone know? Googled LGBT youtubers to subscribe to and this gif comes up …[View]
14405287Should someone not transition if they know they won't pass?[View]
14405439Erotica: In the short lived Quality Assurance thread, it was mentioned that people liked sexy greent…[View]
14397597Is it ok for a gay to wear leggings in public?: Will people laugh at me?[View]
14400626Trans Heroes: What are some trans heroes I can look up to during my transition? Basically my goal is…[View]
14404374You tranners have no right to complain.: This is a genetic/biological female. You tranners have no …[View]
14404880Getting first haircut since starting my transition, planning to ask for a fem style Any advice? Pers…[View]
14403693/mtfg/ moid to femoid general: qott: what's the most interesting way you've broken the law…[View]
14404502No man will ever want a stupid unpassable hon like me[View]
14400425What is the point of transitioning if you can not pass?: It seems like more trouble than it is worth…[View]
14389548What did she mean by this?[View]
14368851>girls I know is detransitioning from being a guy because she didn't like it >still says …[View]
14390569Have you ever been raped or performed a raping?[View]
14404334Do bisexual tops prefer women and femboys?: Or do they typically prefer masc men and fem women?…[View]
14387276This still hasn't been refuted...[View]
14402979/gaygen/ The Man Behind the Mask edition: Old >>14401034 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAV0_…[View]
14402794A bit of education.: Before I start, I just want to say right now, if you take even an inkling of co…[View]
14387146>at faggot psychiatrist session >'So anon do you watch a lot of sissy hypno pornography?'…[View]
144015024chan Sexuality Idepenedance Movement: Hey all please sign my petition to separate /LGBT/ into a sex…[View]
14403943What is the word for when your 'instinctual' sense of gender is different from your *actual* gender?…[View]
14387141please leave your application for a tranner gf here please[View]
14403619Do trans girls hate bi guys?[View]
14403861Mika lin: Looking for someone in Baltimore ashleylowe459atgmaii[View]
14400452Any other LGBTs repressing for the sake of western civilization? I pretend to be cishet so I can pas…[View]
14403889/body/: Anyone else hate that itchy feeling of your leg hair growing back in? Can't there be a …[View]
14403257>The concept of passing is transphobic uwu What do I do when trans girls tell me this and make me…[View]
14403356Why are straight relationships so terrible compared to gay ones? They seem more like some cynical ex…[View]
14389437Bisexual tops, do you prefer men's butts or women's butts?: Personally as a bi guy I prefe…[View]
14402839Why does this happen?: >tell friends I'm bi >they accept it although they make some jokes…[View]
14399068whyy ssbb die: i am FIRM in my belief that this once WHOLESOME gen (boymode gen) was killed by ANIME…[View]
14389582Tranners being hypocrites?: TERFs discussing how tanners hate chasers. Calling them ridiculous and h…[View]
14400113Autogynephilia (AGP) Is Not About Submissive Sissy Fetishes: In its core, AGP is about your attracti…[View]
14391238Unexpected HRT changes: Thread for sharing HRT changes you weren't prepared for. Might be ones …[View]
14389863Leaving the trans bubble: https://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/epby76/transphobia_labeling_has_g…[View]
14401481How do you trick a straight man into thinking they are gay?[View]
14402189Tranners unable to get laid: What is up with the tranners struggling to get laid? How is it even pos…[View]
14387178Do you think he is starting to resent his jawline now that he's going all non-binary and shit? …[View]
14402457How can you tell if you're a cis hetero male who is transphobic. Or a repressing trans lesbian …[View]
14403047>have 23 pairs of chromosomes containing all needed genetic information for human development …[View]
14398725Guys who look like this: Would you mind getting your muscle butt rimmed by a cute trap?[View]
14394838Incel Turned Trans?: How can I know whether I was always trans and was an incel because of it, or if…[View]
14401034/gaygen/ - Forget Not edition: >>14399154 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsh9xzTCFRk…[View]
14400760Has any brit here gotten a gender recognition cert? Is it worth it?[View]
14398718On the IT'S MAAMs of the world: Thoughts?[View]
14393460Anyone else become disenchanted with the trans MtF identity, or feel like you never really belonged …[View]
14401081Which: >I'm a straight heterosexual >I'm not a pedophile >Allow me to explain, in…[View]
14399726Guys, I'm feeling really weird. I was thinking about why guys didn't like teasing and that…[View]
14402752>over 1 year hrt >still have crippling dysphoria >not anywhere close to passing and never w…[View]
14401897The lesbian question: Why are so many of them polygamous? Aka not loyal to only one partner. I see i…[View]
14401596Reminder that transbians are evil and vile t. gay bottom[View]
14401332I.. I am trans? Any non transitioning transwomen here?: It is hard to admit it. I don't think I…[View]
14387673HELP im talking to therapist about rape: I dont wanna do this. I dont wanna talk to anyone about thi…[View]
14386137Trans girls, how tall are you and how tall do you want your partner to be?[View]
14402718How did you guys found out, that you are straight/bi/gay etc.? (Thread): Just wanna know your storie…[View]
14402231/hair/: Any advice for a twink who's trying to grow out his hair to look more feminine but it…[View]
14401865Post all your right wing trap/trans memes please[View]
14362610Reminder that bottoms need bulli THEN love[View]
14395535What does her sign say, /lgbt/?[View]
14397418>tfw no insecure trans gf to comfort and cuddle with[View]
14381419Why do tranners want to date straight men, but label any straight men who want to date them chasers …[View]
14382901Cute and wholesome transbian thread (cisbians and allies welcome)[View]
14401810Am i the only person who sees something wrong with this?[View]
14399102Ex-Trans General: Finally, a day where I am free of crippling gender dysphoria!! My days of feeling …[View]
14401604What are your first thoughts when you see this?[View]
14388487What does her ideal partner look like?: Male and female what she in to? What's her type?[View]
14391463what is your letter and fetish?[View]
14402282What's your general thoughts and opinions on LaineyBot?[View]
14400261Nice things that happened today: Nice things that happened today sharing thread. I looked above my …[View]
14400323>been a public icon for years, one of the biggest beauty channels >a community of people obses…[View]
14391865all bottoms deserve... bulli?[View]
14400158'Homophobia is the fear that a man will treat you the way you treat women': Is this true? Is that wh…[View]
14392156/vtg/ - Voice Training General: Previous thread: >>14341603 Post your voice clip to get feedba…[View]
14401800What if bottoms are complex human beings like everyone else and have different needs that include bo…[View]
14392911Are you happy now? YOU killed this poor man. YOU took him away from this world! And for what? Becaus…[View]
14399256Is normal to become top after years of hrt?: Well versatile to be specific. But its such a dramatic …[View]
14401248Why are nearly all gay guys coomers?[View]
14397984Are there a lot of straight men who'd be interested in the idea of rubbing penises with a trans…[View]
14394989how problematic is it that I like cisgirls, transgirls, and transguys, but not cisguys? is this inva…[View]
14398606How can I be an SLGBTQIA ally?[View]
14400292Being an ugly /lgbt/ is the worst thing imaginable to be. Everyone either ignores you and doesn…[View]
14395462Imagine your parents deciding your gender by what colored card you happened to walk to as an infant.[View]
14400825Over 5 years HRT stuck in boy mode: Tried to go full-fem once It was awful. Now I've just been …[View]
14401303Bottom appreciation thread[View]
14398615Wtf am I: I sleep in the dress have for about 8 years now I don't want to be a girl but it help…[View]
14399140eh, it was like Brokeback Mountain but lovecraftian[View]
14398268>be a boymoder >go to a male toilet >everyone inside starts throwing a scene Why can't…[View]
14398817How can I find a cisgirl chaser mommy gf? I transitioned at 16 and am still in boymode, I look some…[View]
14388166Why do straight transgirls get all the boy attention? Its not fair, bottoms need attention and love …[View]
14400777>diagnosed autism >tfw i'll never be trutrans…[View]
14399936/mtfg/ - mtfg: i forgot what edition i was going to put edition https://pastebin.com/LyMhFmT4 previo…[View]
14400508Okay. Evil cis-het male here with an honest question. I'll preface this with saying that I have…[View]
14400899Depressed: Does anyone ever question that they're normal or that they're natural, I keep h…[View]
14399154/Gaygen/ Gym Sweat Edition[View]
14399302NoFap as a bottom: will NoFap cure me? im a submissive bi bottom and i dont want to be anymore. i wa…[View]
14397043My bi fiance doesn't like trans people: But I'm secretly dysphoric. I have a female brain,…[View]
14399691Face the truth, /tttt/.: We must throw off the shackles of cis oppression (and its collaborators) an…[View]
14399098Why y'all hate incels? Half of you used to be them.[View]
14398021Do people here heavily exaggerate how feminine you need to look in order to pass? I boymode, look li…[View]
14396498Letter Do you fantasize like pic rel about your work or uni colleague etc B Yes[View]
14389715>tfw you have a serious medical condition >tfw noone cares about treating it >tfw socjus co…[View]
14398171Im so tired: >Everyone in my college knows im trans They still make fun of trans people to anger …[View]
14399490Repressor here, should I date a passing transgirl I got match with and live vicariously through her?[View]
14399526Why does watching a guy fight/beat someone up turn me on a lot? I could bust a load to this webm pro…[View]
14399224LGBT Poem: I like giant penises that erupt with semen I like men only, and not women I screech with …[View]
14399757>had a hellish nightmare parents found out I was a faggot[View]
14398771Accept who you are!: This whole bullshit about 'passing.' What the hell does it even mean? If you ar…[View]
14393246How many of you have experienced changes in your sexuality or preferences after you started reading …[View]
14399399My religious father who didn't know I liked dudes earlier last year caught me sexting a guy I m…[View]
14398865Am I bi if...: ...I masturbate thinking about women while a man is fucking my throat and he fucks my…[View]
14398793Cross sex hormones minimum age?: What should the minimum age be in order to be legally allowed to ta…[View]
14397226/gaygen/ - Ruined sleeping schedule edition: Tired out: >>14395947[View]
14398834Do boys mind if a trans girl has a 8.3' penis?[View]
14398781There's nothing gay about a straight man rubbing his massive erect penis together with a smol i…[View]
14397914can you turn gay like some people claim post things you think turned you gay so that others can avoi…[View]
14398759is she a boy?[View]
14398713How can I narrow my forehead?: Tried FFS with hairline lowering and transplants. Forehead is still v…[View]
14346614/femgen/ - crossdressing while programming edition: general for feminine, gender-non-conforming boys…[View]
14393481>when you spot a boymoder in public[View]
14398170It is over.[View]
14395604Am I gay if I like women, like twinks/femboys and not masculine men, and feel disgusted at the mere …[View]
14396772Are trannies generally as hated IRL as they are online by most people? I really regret coming out to…[View]
14394713Is anyone actually attracted to boymoders? We all look like awkward teenage guys with pale skin and …[View]
14395661Can we stop having so many threads made by straight dudes about wanting to pound tranners: Like holy…[View]
14397951Is gay sex really as painful as it looks?[View]
14384033Why does trannies and gays identify so much with this character?[View]
14400713Would anyone else prefer /l/ /g/ /b/ /t/ rather than /lgbt/? I'm sorry but I don't care o…[View]
14397991Friendly reminder that it's okay to be a gay neonazi. Most gay men know this. The Romans knew …[View]
14397800Its OK to be gay: I'm talking to you trannys. You can still have a normal life and a cute BF an…[View]
14394528idk if it's the right board for this kinda stuff, but i'm a newfag so fuck it >be a cis…[View]
14392571To all confused transwomen and transmen, I have the final solution to the transition / sexuality pro…[View]
14394594Yes I'm agp Yes I like diapers Yes I like bimbofication Yes I'm into sissy shit Yes I like…[View]
14397768How do we stop abusive chasers?: how do we stop chasers with broken bird syndrome thinking who go af…[View]
14397519Question regarding 'passing': So - many claim that you shouldn't care about gender no…[View]
14396645Why are bi tops always complete sociopaths with really bizarre fucked up fetishes? Are they all just…[View]
14386170transbian chasergen [ /tbcg/ ] general for honest discussion on all things transbian, as well for /l…[View]
14395309Trans parenting: How different would it be for a kid to have a trans parent? Would you tell your kid…[View]
14395379Can bottoms be considered good in bed? My bf doesn't think so :c[View]
14392097Passgen Reddit, what’s your thoughts on Reddit’s trans pass subs are they a good thing or a bad thin…[View]
14392833Trans girls and boys!: Important reminder that all of you are valid and deserve the world!![View]
14397633UNKNOWN INDIVIDUAL - JOHN DOE 41: >Law Enforcement officials are seeking information which will l…[View]
14395320am i gay: was just watching a hentai where a futa was fuckin this dudes ass and i pretended it was m…[View]
14393692Are there any 30+ year old men that want a trans gf?[View]
14393988Thoughts on Tumblr genders/truscum?[View]
14397207Losing my virginity to a trans escort: I am a 30+ virgin. I am scared of losing my virginity to a wo…[View]
14394809So we can all agree trans people induce ridiculous and awkward situations wherever they go. Somethin…[View]
14396135/mtfg/ trans identified male general: tfw no bf edition https://pastebin.com/LyMhFmT4 previous >…[View]
14391010will trenders in cooperation with terfs manage to lock us up in internment camps or ban hrt for ever…[View]
14396109Chasers hate thread: Okay chasers, don't get too comfortable because you're not welcome he…[View]
14395947/gaygen/ - Gay Monotreme is Real edition: last: >>14394515[View]
14397102Straight tranner lewding thread: Tease me[View]
14394353Are moomins gay icons now? I heard some say they were.[View]
14393168Does HRT cure depression?: Well? Is Depression related to dysphoria? Ive been mildly dysphoric my wh…[View]
14396477How do white guys feel about brown tranners? Would they cuddle and marry one?[View]
14396727what if the real transition was all the frens we made along the way?[View]
14396324I finally bought a dildo. What should I expect?[View]
14393845Are brothers of gay bottoms protective of their brother’s anal virginity?[View]
14396700How to suck dick: Men, what is your preferred way of getting your dick sucked? And how should a gay …[View]
14388394Prostate Orgasm: How do I make make my prostate feel good I've tried with plenty of toys but I…[View]
14396716somebody post their discord and voice chat with me before I go insane trans girl here with mental pr…[View]
14396128Question for tranners who have had SRS: Hows sex for you? Question for people who have had sex with …[View]
14396289Is going on HRT worth it if you already look like a girl without it?[View]
14396594Is the difference between bisexual and pansexual just whether you believe there's only 2 gender…[View]
14388882Anyways to make a cheap wig less shitty?[View]
14395106Femboy on HRT here, I not trans but sometimes I wonder what it's like to have a vagina. Not lik…[View]
1439640030+ Thread: Any 30+ year olds on /lgbt/? How's life going?[View]
14393955i’ve been on T for almost 2 years and I still get gendered as female every fucking day it’s over for…[View]
14389100>AGP isn't re-[View]
14392177Fear of starting HRT: I'm scared to start transitioning. >My parents are supportive but i ca…[View]
14395189me: me[View]
14395867>chilling in resturant i work at after shift >coworkers start talking about trannies >che…[View]
14395903Hello there, friendos. Are you looking to find someone? Post your ideal partner and a short descript…[View]
14394515/gaygen/ - In Halsey’s DMs edition: Prev: 14391631[View]
14389808Help, my mother caught me browsing /lgbt/ (my phone has autolocked turned off and she took my phone …[View]
14391989Hi gay father here my son (age 10) wants to start watching anime, which I think is great. My questio…[View]
14395603So my bf wants me to try chastity, but I'm a constant top, I thought we had a good dynamic, but…[View]
14395528If bottoms deserve bulli, then tops deserve love?[View]
14395212How to find a transgender: I’ve always been curious on what it would be like to be with a transgende…[View]
14389980How do you cope at work?: Probably never going to pass and don't feel comfortable going hon mod…[View]
14395001where to find a qt hipster gf...: >who is down with a bi bf?[View]
14393572Are there any jobs where being LGBT is a benefit? I've heard some police departments want LGBT …[View]
14394944What are some other totally straight celebrities?[View]
14393507flaming gays: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82x9pzHkHK4 who else /smoking/ queers?[View]
14385740I(19) told my parents I was a transbian and my dad put a lock on the master bedroom and the bedroom …[View]
14394455What the fuck does valid even mean in the context of trans people?[View]
14394250Does this FTM pass?[View]
14395051If I have a big dick (about 6.5 inches flaccid, 7 3/4 erect), that means I should have large breasts…[View]
14394542polyamory isnt real: its just an excuse to cheat while leeching off of one primary caregiver who you…[View]
14388865/Gaygen/ Empty Edition: >>14388750 old Look guys, I'm helping!!![View]
14394044Is it possible for a 5'4, baby faced FTM to get a straight, submissive GF who worships me?[View]
14393407I'm bi but...: ...Cis women are better for penetration. Plus tits.[View]
14387633>MtF Please give makeup tips. Whats some shit you wish you knew earlier? Anything you'd reco…[View]
14389964/gaygen/ - Meaningful discussion edition: Prev: >>14388750[View]
14386795>clavicle reduction >rib removal Anybody here got them? I've got some questions as these …[View]
14391447I don't feel like I'm alive. I don't feel sad, but I don't feel happy either.[View]
14393367Is this a study worth doing?: >Gather 12 agents; 3 cis men, 3 cis women, 3 trans men, and 3 trans…[View]
14388159>Be me, FTM, live in a big city with a big queer scene >Talking to friend about how weird it i…[View]
14391036>Why are there so many diaper fetishists? Even when I walk outside there's still a weird gi…[View]
14394338/Gaygen/ - ASDF edition: I didn't even know they still made these, but sure enough, it popped i…[View]
14345591Trans abdl thread People keep making autistic pseudo-abdl LARP threads, so I figured I'd just m…[View]
14390859What kinds of things would trans people like to see in a non sexual feminization hypnosis session? …[View]
14392342Marilyn Manson: Was she AGP?[View]
14392567Is it okay to call trannies 'girls with something extra'?[View]
14344460/bigen/ Scatman John edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hy8kmNEo1i8 FAQ: >Am I a Scatman fa…[View]
14393346Was he trans all along?[View]
14393579>big brother taking me out tonight Oh no, is he going to poke my pooper?…[View]
14392503Is drinking beer bad for hrt?[View]
14387920>tfw 5'10'[View]
14391222https://www.reddit.com/r/Rapekink/comments/cx07uo/felt_cute_might_try_to_bait_my_arch_enemy_later/ D…[View]
14392700Homo/Bi-Romantic: Well anons. After debating it with myself since I was eleven years old I have deci…[View]
14391968why do trans people suck so fucking much. I'm mtf and I hate every other fucking trans person I…[View]
14393062Androgyny appreciation: Androgyny appreciation I made this because idk where to find Bat atm and I f…[View]
14357119/aceg/ Asexual General.: discuss your thoughts, feelings, happenings, questions, and other stuff her…[View]
14390463ouchie my balls hurt teehee ^~^[View]
14393083Me before & after the trans surgery: my discord is Vi#2020 if you wanna chat and roleplay in dis…[View]
14391473Gaygen - Trypophobia isn't real edition: grow up you utter pussies. it's just holes prev: …[View]
14392355Are fathers of gay sons protective of their son's virginity?: Are they protective of their son…[View]
14392580Gender confusion: Am I trans? I'm pretty happy with my dick but often watch fem porn and fantas…[View]
14391304/mtfg/ - mtfg: ugh ugh ugh edition qott: how2become pretty & passing? https://pastebin.com/LyMhF…[View]
14390537Is it normal for a straight tranner to stalk boys if they are too afraid to talk to them?[View]
14390084Contact thread: Post your discord and find new friends to talk to! >asl 18,M,Germany >letter g…[View]
14387938daily reminder that it's okay to be trans and trad[View]
14392462>too self-aware to take hrt >too self-aware to date women as a tranny…[View]
14388251im so fucking sick of nonbinaries trying to force themselves into the trans community. all these cis…[View]
14387887anyone who asks for u to state ur pronouns should be hanged: what a retarded thing to do. if u do th…[View]
14391253why are gays so frivolous and shallow?[View]
14389804Duta as an alternative to full-on HRT?: >Be 18 >Dysphoric as hell, but healthy weight and pass…[View]
14391765Housewife application: To all lucky chasers, heres my stats! -Autistic and depressive. Wont really k…[View]
14386207ITT: Post your girl name and rate other girl names. My name is Erika.[View]
14389753Passing: If i trasition i think i will probably pass. Well the hairloss is one problem, but i think …[View]
14374803/agpg/ - Autogynephilia General: Dance Duo Edition terminology https://pad.riseup.net/p/Spz8MinPTJ5c…[View]
14391902>tfw atheist libertarisn transperson who supports bombing of atheistophobic homophobic shitholes …[View]
14388391Trans language: We can all agree that language is important. But some take it further than others. S…[View]
14384109>at dinner table >sister goes >' haha anon, the way your shirt hangs it looks like you…[View]
14386693FFS anxiety: I’m about to have full FFS in a few weeks and after years of working towards it, I’m ha…[View]
14387424I'm coming out to my therapist in a few minutes, wish me luck.[View]
14389461Why are shorter trannies so smug about their height?? Being tall is way better than being short, you…[View]
14384967Straight tranners, tell us about yourself and what kind of boyfriend you want. Boys, tell us about y…[View]
14378892I am honchan, you shall not pass![View]
14391743i have an urgent question: My wifi fucking blows right now, and i don't have a dildo here. How …[View]
14391582>dilate >die late[View]
14380116Is always choosing to be a female in vidya a sign of being an egg?[View]
14391297How do we get perfect lesbians to turn straight? I know she's straight somewhere in there. I ca…[View]
14391095Homophobic liar: So, that's it? She just gets away with it?[View]
14390175Why are straight tranners so obsessed with boysmell?[View]
14386367I just want cuddles from a boy tonight, but instead I just have my plushies. why is life like this[View]
14391309How do you measure biacromial length on your own?: I wanna measure but idk how[View]
14388926For all my stunning and brave trans brothers and sisters. A reminder that not all heroes wear cape. …[View]
14390824tf thread: tf thread[View]
14390711Is this where you work?[View]
14389471Literally not playing Sekiro because you have to be a guy why am I like this[View]
14388748MtF jobs: Henlo MtF tranners, What jobs do you have? Do you meet the stereotypes of transbian progr…[View]
14386506Straights tranners, have you managed to find a boyfriend? How hard was it?[View]
14390781How do I cope with being an mtf who has an unlikeable and boring autistic male brain? t. Nobody mess…[View]
14381099NEWS: Republicans declare war on transgender people in state legislatures all over the US: >Repub…[View]
14390941Sometimes, when I'm in a very particular mood, I can't help but appreciate just how badass…[View]
14388537Are straight trans girls all that different from gay males?[View]
14380340Why are people shocked when MTFs are afraid of men/misandrists? Most of us were feminine as kids (or…[View]
14390018How can we stop the current transbian invasion?[View]
14355982/clg/ - Cis Lesbian General: /clg/ - Cis Lesbian General: They Do It For Free Edition Share your bes…[View]
14387087At some point after starting hrt, my boy cravings got really out of hand and I uhh... developed a ta…[View]
14387964Do tranny supporters believe women can have penises or that once they cut it off they will be women?[View]
14364384/lgbt/ EXPOSED by PROUD GENDER CRITICAL WOMBYN: https://www.reddit.com/r/GenderCritical/comments/eom…[View]
14390316Why are transbians so mean toward straight tranners? We just want to talk about boys without being s…[View]
14386024>be me >be straight tranner >had crossdressing fetish briefly a few months ago when i first…[View]
14390119>have never had a problem with my gender >also feel fine when people online or something confu…[View]
14379039What’s the most important part of a relationship and how old are you?[View]
14389647Is it gay that I let some guys and girls watch me jerk off on webcam until ejaculation? It’s not the…[View]
14388152starting to think being trans and attractive isn't possible[View]
14389949Actual question, I understand LGB but what does T have to do with LGB LGB define sexuality, T define…[View]
14389858Is this really true? Does test hrt give women penises?[View]
14372038How to make it in the trans girl porn industry: I've heard that the trans girl porn industry is…[View]
14387030try to answer this![View]
14373483TERFs, what the fuck is wrong with you?[View]
14388750/Gaygen/ Trypophobia Edition[View]
14389785Is it harder to get a job if you are an ugly non-passing twinkhon? I know there's muhprogrammin…[View]
14389093I love men very much. Very very much.[View]
14389669(Bi anon here) I like women and I watch straight and lesbian porn, but I can't see myself havin…[View]
14389005Femboys are trans: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/321820257_Structural_connections_in_the_…[View]
14389162'On hurting trans women': Ex-FtM TERF speaks about hurting trans women https://medium.com/@kittyit/o…[View]
14384057>'A trans girl without a penis is like an angel without wings'[View]
14388557How do I become a passing crossdresser without full-on transitioning?[View]
14388087>MtF >Lots of therapists/professionals say that if you have extreme urges to self harm, you…[View]
14389436I saw a pic here a while back and I haven't been able to find it since. It listed traits that g…[View]
14387888Is it worth going on HRT just for the mental health benefits? I'm 22 and will never be able to …[View]
14382555Desires: I am a trans man and because I am taking testrostrone I can't get pregnant anymore so …[View]
14387170Why is Gender Nonconformity so Common with Autism?: Autistics are 7 times more likely to be gender n…[View]
14383709Are people who are Abrosexual 'confused'?: I looked up the term and it states >'Abrosexual is th…[View]
14388382Do you ship it?[View]
14384138Post fun trans movies[View]
14388976“Digging up in the past of trans people seems to be the Internet’s favorite activites” the goddess s…[View]
14339033>straight women: generally prefer cut cocks >gay men: generally prefer uncut cocks Which do tr…[View]
14388082>be trans >be grossed out by trans why tho…[View]
14385228Realtalk: Why is pic related not the flag of trans people? Like think of it, a country literally wi…[View]
14385764/boysmell/: When was the last time you smelled a cute boy, /tttt/?[View]
14388732Why do mtf always act overtly kawaii desu: in their online communications? When most biologically fe…[View]
14384075are you 'straight-passing', /lgbt/?[View]
14379044Should I take Prednisone to get a fuller (thus more feminine) face? Seriously please discuss.[View]
14386280Would a boy date someone that has both a penis and a vagina at the same time?[View]
14386570/gaygen/ - falling in love edition: Hope when you fall, you fall in love! Old thread: >>14384…[View]
14387121/mtfg/ - mtfg: goodnight edition qott: how many hours of sleep do you typically get? (get more sleep…[View]
14387917Realizations of an ex chaser: Hello everyone. Ex chaser here to blogpost and share my gained knowled…[View]
14386956I am hrtchan, I shall pass![View]
14385673Why I just like insecure girls? I hate this I want to go out with someone that isn't sad and wa…[View]
14388376Ok so finally I got pestered by someone at work who said that I look so young and almost like a girl…[View]
14388310My mom and girlfriend went shopping, and somehow the topic of our penises came up, and my mom found …[View]
14383940name change situation: Say I'm filing the court case to change my name tomorrow, Say I have bee…[View]
14388072FTM here. I've never considered myself a guy who was born in a girls body. Rather I was a girl …[View]
14382834I'm a cis girl and I'm going to ask a trans girl out on a date. I've never asked anyo…[View]
14380663'Gender Critical': Why do terfs seem to unironically support stereotypes that currently exist of men…[View]
14383908Any experienced anon here can tell us the difference between dating a tranny and an actual girl? Bes…[View]
14387202when will the gays rise up and kill all trans and women?[View]
14387323Phantom Pain: Are you up late? Are you sad? So am I. I am fueled in my work by pain. Tell me everyt…[View]
14386952questioning: i’m a girl, and i’ve been straight this whole time, i’ve dated two guys, and i am datin…[View]
14376357Passing trans girls, is life better as a girl than it was a guy?[View]
14384412Why do I imagine myself as the girl when I masturbate to porn?[View]
14385444Successful m2f transition at 30?: Are there any examples of a successful transition at / after the a…[View]
14386893hate my gaunt cheekbones so gd much luckily underweight and 0mo hrt (I bet that is the first time an…[View]
14378040i want a trans girl to stick her girlpp in my puci![View]
14386329>be me >have very bad genital dysphoria >7 inches What did they mean by this?…[View]
14378435Why does my trans gf have earthshattering orgasms JUST from me sucking on her nipples? I'm cis …[View]
14375580>trans girls say you're gay if you like their penis >simultaneously say straight men shou…[View]
14346540My Crush Just Posted This Pic On Her Instagram: My crush just posted this pic on her instagram. I…[View]
14386470started HRT today, gonna discuss dosages and stuff to avoid hon dose next time I see the endo, but I…[View]
14387188no one will ever want a stupid unpassing tranny like me[View]
14383756Aside from lefort, are there ffs procedures to address the issue of expanded facial planes?[View]
14385162How do you explain to your parents what being a transbian is?[View]
14376994I wish you could coom dysphoria away but the apathy after the orgasm only lasts couple of hours at m…[View]
14370943>tfw ywn be an agp early transitioner who enjoys passing and living life as her true self…[View]
14385182Get to postin, /tttt/[View]
14374992So you're a repressor expecting to kys sometime within the next 5 years. what do you stand to l…[View]
14382454Sorry for the AGP and HSTS thing.[View]
14379996Any surgery can fix this?: I don't know the name of this part of the face, maybe is maxilla, id…[View]
14384749Schizophrenia or gender dysphoria: So basicly the doctors put me on neuroleptics because they though…[View]
14386692Do you have your credentials to post here?[View]
14386827My Destiny is so clear now: Ok anons, enough of trap-programmer joke >Be me >Go to the neares…[View]
14386615MTF here. Tonight I'm going to get a drink with a friend and I want to find a guy to meet or po…[View]

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