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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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29466010Are there White supremist lesbians? Gay/bi men yes. Trans and bi women, I've seen them. But wha…[View]
29464502If you don't simultaneously believe you're a freakish hug boxed hon and also a BDD gigapas…[View]
29462115It seems that I fetishize the feminization of a androgynous amab body but I get the kick also from t…[View]
29465902Trannies owe me sex. Why? Because I say so. Simple as.[View]
29466024How does weight cycling actually work? I was 65kg and started OMAD like a week ago to drop down to l…[View]
29465769Is it fembrained to call myself an enby so I can be unapologetically malebrained and not have to wor…[View]
29466000my gf says I look fine, passing and pretty but I know I look masculine and hideous and I hate it so …[View]
29463608It causes me suicidal dysphoria to be asked to call a person who was assigned male at birth she.[View]
29465995i’m not gay or straight i’m a secret third thing[View]
29465989Faith in humanity restored: >Be me, 5 year For Honor player, main Kensei for 4 years >At first…[View]
29462683>cis girl is rejected by a 6'5 guy for being 5'10 >CIS GIRL ITS SO FUCKING OVER…[View]
29452339/pAssgen/ v.2[View]
29465782believe I'm female: I sincerely do believe I'm a female. All your comments about why I…[View]
29464139Can an American boymoder move to Finland, gain citizenship, join the army, and get passed around the…[View]
29465499man, this game is pretty fun.: i keep playing it again and again because it helps me repress and cop…[View]
29465123Chasebros, how do you get over the fear of hurting the fragile introverted sensitive bookworm trans …[View]
29459838>she doesn't have a trans pride flag in the house Yikes[View]
29464939ushy gushy: Do straight guys like srsussy?[View]
29464594CEO of terfs[View]
29463756Is this grooming?[View]
29465413What trannies are actually looking for in a boyfriend?[View]
29459682where the fuck does a chaser find a trans gf who isn't some 6'+ manfooted titan?[View]
29463320bottoming for a woman of trans experience is heterosexual because she is a woman, to claim otherwise…[View]
29464679>never had tranny thoughts as a kid >was attracted to women >hung out with boys and acted l…[View]
29465140Can trans women be said to have any shared experience with bio women?[View]
29464862When trannies die, they are judged by the gods, who will decide how their next lives will be like, b…[View]
29460641>BEING 5'6< AS A TRANNY DOESN'T MAKE ME A HON.... MOST MODELS ARE TALL anyone else …[View]
29461127Would gay bottoms be happier living as women?[View]
29464433i love being a faggot: i am a cismoid faggot. i am so fucking glad i dont like femoids. literally ev…[View]
29464022Is 164cm too tall to transition? Its over isnt it? Well even besides that my ribs are too huge and m…[View]
29460182Does your pelvis pass?[View]
29458862>have a really deep urge to have a baby >realise that I can never get pregnant >feel like k…[View]
29462982are terfs afraid we will replace them?: are terfs fearing a future were men replace them with their …[View]
29465031I think premarital sex should be illegal. No good comes from it. Is there even a good argument for h…[View]
29465112>transition by taking hrt >liking dicks is now straight this feels like a cheat code honestly …[View]
29463953How to know for sure if I am bi?: I got into anal play through going down the sissy rabbit hole and …[View]
29465047The more I realize how much ciswomen are entitled, the more I realize how fembrained incels actually…[View]
29464846Twinkhon>cute hons that can't be considered twinkhon>boymoders>hons>femboys>pass…[View]
29464681Any tips for getting more calories to gain weight/muscle? I'm ftm, 5'3' and 110 lbs, and I…[View]
29463961are crossdressers part of the T? or is it purely a fetish?[View]
29462605does your shadow pass /tttt/?: mine looks like pingu about to bash his brains in with a brick[View]
29463285Tops said I'm too much like a woman: These experiences have recently popped back up in my mind.…[View]
29464567Is there a genuine cure for gender dysphoria that doesn't end with transition or suicide?[View]
29460121femboy-loving-femboy (f4f): femboys that like other femboys... where are they? do they even exist? a…[View]
29464179What this board thinks you need to look in order to pass[View]
29460305hrt gave me a male foot fetish: i thought foot fetishes were weird as fuck, bcuz id only ever seen i…[View]
29463599What happens to femboys when they get old?[View]
29461014any ideas how to survive the trans genocide: its becoming increasingly obvious its just a matter of …[View]
29442754post boymoder fit: other trannies laught at me when i tell them this is my boymoder fit[View]
29463198How can you tell?: How can you tell? What gives it away?[View]
29464754>have unnaturally big hands >get bf with normal sized hands >we laugh all the time about th…[View]
29459886orchiectomy fetish ruining my life: i’m a 22 yo femboy on HRT (3 years) since like the first month o…[View]
29464729Wish I was born in medieval or viking times so I could be taken away as a trophy when my village get…[View]
29460686Need to playfully wrestle someone stronger and made feel powerless and afraid[View]
29463543Why is gay adoption so controversial?[View]
29464680How did you lose your tranner virginity: Give me funny stories[View]
29464666Anybody else’s boyfriend overprotective?: Like I can’t even walk to the corner store alone or take w…[View]
29449807/wlwg+tbg/ untucked edition: qott do you wear your grickle up or down? >>29433030[View]
29462181I regularly think about indulging my restrictive anorexia for a few months. Skinny women are so beau…[View]
29464238>the new Harry Potter game looks so mid ;) I wish twitter trannies wouldn't do that, it make…[View]
29464613Who is Spencer really? Is he a chaser? Who is he? Spencer, who are you?[View]
29462482How do we deal with Chuds?[View]
29464268transwomen want to trick straight men into having sex with them and justify it by their own percepti…[View]
29463277Emotional support TMan: >In shit form following some bad news, dysphoric and not leaving my room …[View]
29464373How do I wear my hair down and not look like a glam metal guitarist? I use appropriate products and …[View]
29442089How in the fuck do people work 5 days a week? Are they just not allowed to have lives?[View]
29464396Where can I buy bica that will ship to terf island?[View]
29464483DGN bestie come back to me remember Japanology? we watched it together I miss you[View]
29461299Do oldshit hons deserve to be treated the same way youngshits do?: Or should they be kind of like ju…[View]
29464472If you claim that it's over, but you're still around to say that, then you don't real…[View]
29464080gaygen gay general does this happen to you?: in dreams lets say, i have tens of dreams a night when …[View]
29462948Isn't it insane how spoiled western cisgirls are? - They are not expected to take any responsi…[View]
29462627How do you deal with brainworms? My hips started to sometime hurt lately and I think it was a sign o…[View]
29462783How about tranny idols for chasers? They'll dance and sing like your average normal idols would…[View]
29464288So I just witnessed BDD happening in real time. >be laying in bed on my phone >turn my screen …[View]
29463798I'm scared of my femboy bf losing his youthful looks Is there a way I can put estrogen in his f…[View]
29462576I am a god!: my rectal cavity is literally divinely intended for (white) transgender penises to ente…[View]
29457862post more tranner femboy cow outfits[View]
29463479>be me, tranny >shave body hair long before HRT >know nothing about skincare >develop ke…[View]
29460244Any advice getting the ball rolling for me again?: I live in The UK (East sussex) and I need advice …[View]
29464233what does it mean if my boyfriend keeps asking me what my name was pre-transition[View]
29462871Do you have autism lips?[View]
29452623Do you do raptor hands? Apparently it's a gay (or autistic) stereotype and I'm curious. P…[View]
29464051>Live in third world country >Andro passoid >Reading at park, minding my own bussines >G…[View]
29459186I looked way better a few months ago Did my estrogen stop working?[View]
29459551>Suck a guys dick >Cum without touching myself mid blowjob I'm a gay bottom and I don…[View]
29460937>TERF writes an article about how the Scotland bill would've hurt women >published it in …[View]
29462671Morality of stealthing: Is the nature of someone's genitalia material fact in sexual acts? Coul…[View]
29463892I just want an older chaser bf is that so bad to ask for[View]
29463519hhhhow: how do i message boys that i match with???? what do i even say?[View]
29462976Is your mother a reppressor? How do you get her to come out?[View]
29459515I am absolutley dying of loneliness but I hate myself for being a faggot so much I can't possib…[View]
29463711What's the cure for pooner eyes? Any surgery, medication or treatment plan?[View]
29459925I've come to realize people avoid gendering me... And it honestly sucks: Its my fault for boymo…[View]
29462265Why isn't there an adopt a tranner program?: Surely there exists a ton of poor tranners who wer…[View]
29441920>Imagine dating a cute trans girl >You find out she used to be a hairy bear…[View]
29463082>5'2 unpassing chink pooner >shorter than 98.5% of men in my home country >completely…[View]
29463128how can a manmoder stop having piss colored teeth, given that he cant go to a dentist because its em…[View]
29459299Why is it so hated?[View]
29463598What music does /tttt/ listen to? What would be this board's soundtrack?[View]
29456005i respect troons in their struggle, support the laws in favor of them, call them by their pronouns e…[View]
29458777Oklahoma files 4th series of anti tranny bills Oklahoma bros.... https://ktul.com/news/local/ok-sen-…[View]
29462997Why do so many chasers call themselves straight? Just admit you’re bi[View]
29462320>be me, ftm >start having hot baths every day to help with my cold body temperature >sit do…[View]
29461765Trannies really, really hate men. So much so that they refuse to believe that women can be transphob…[View]
29461683Can you be a femboy in your 30s?[View]
29462807Ideal shape drawn poorly: This took about 10 minutes of drawing on MS paint. Also, my ribs are asymm…[View]
29462038Do gay men or trannies find him more attractive?[View]
29459478mtfg rootys hand general: read this before posting >>29455268 Qott: do you think rootys hand i…[View]
29460483I am FtM and my thoughts are consumed by one thing. I want to date and feminize a boy so badly. I wa…[View]
29459809What's it like to be AGP and date men?[View]
29462561How do you cope with this?: How do you cope with the possibility that you may go to prison, or run o…[View]
29462225how do I give good heed when I have a small mouth and big teeth[View]
29463164Have you got your trad Ukrainian wife yet anon?[View]
29462785where the fuck can i get T in finland before i actually go insane[View]
29462037Post vaguely nightmarish AI hons and pooners[View]
29462621Being attracted to guys as an pre op mtf unironically feels gayer than being attracted to girls. Des…[View]
29459806i would have no problem accepting non binary people if every single one of those cunts i've met…[View]
29462073Why do a disproportionate amount of trannys have ADHD also how do you deal with it because I'm …[View]
29462550Would making public knowledge of the state of the repressor community prove helpful or harmful to th…[View]
29462687would it be creepy if i paid a cis sex worker for her word panties and clothes just to see if they s…[View]
29462920I want a mtf gf and stroke her pp.[View]
29462706Hate you: >meet guy >lot in common >start hanging out >he is very flirty >go on date…[View]
29462470why is it always passoids that say 'passing doesn't matter' or 'passing is a meme'?? it's …[View]
29462441>tfw youre a chaser and realize youre literally built for trans girl cock…[View]
29461508why do chasoids so they like AGP girls when they react with DISGUST at actual AGP?[View]
29462824not ana but feel fat now: hey anons im eating more former anamoder and i noticed my stomachs kinda f…[View]
29462236Confess your gay sins[View]
29458635Post tranny eye[View]
29458085How many troons here are /ic/? What do you like to draw?[View]
29461828I don't think a timeline like this one has been beaten[View]
29461836>top tells you he used to be a bottom in his last relationship >in a reflex you shoot him with…[View]
29461669would transition have saved peep and tracy from overdosing/becoming irrelevant?[View]
29460906please explain to me why /a/ /v/ and some other boards are HEAVILY obsessed with trannies. on a and …[View]
29462393I wish I could just take estrogen and not have to worry about being gendered at all. I'm not fe…[View]
29462205Why are twitter trannies attacking her? She's literally right[View]
29461963what is feminity and masculinity? i feel like no one can tell you that, even the most die hard of tw…[View]
29460379I got my tranny cherry popped at BYU: >Be me, tranny >Raised Mormon, Disappointing God >Par…[View]
29459896>'Its not a lot to ask' >Fucking every single person who isn't part of the gender meme co…[View]
29462389hiiiii tttt mentally ill tranny here no one to talk to so ill post here! every time i see a tranny i…[View]
29458440I will never call anyone by any pronouns other than he or her. That's where I draw the line. I…[View]
29460691any other transbians take the fujopill?: >get to indulge in cute relationships that subvert heter…[View]
29461088Why does it seem like that most femboys are attracted to other femboys or generally feminin represen…[View]
29461134>don't feel like a woman at all during normal day to day life >feel womanly as fuck when …[View]
29462170Injections for beginner: So I (19yo MtF) estradiol enanthate and it should be arriving any day now. …[View]
29462278reminder that chubby trans women are angels: whether you’re a fatmaxxing shill, a chubby chaser, a f…[View]
29462098My boyfriend is actually straight and not chaser 'straight'. He lives in another city and our schedu…[View]
29460673Ive had dreams abt my ex gf all week, its been 2 years, why do i still think abt her, i have a boyfr…[View]
29461332>make girl friend on discord or steam >check profile >tranny every time, every god damn fuc…[View]
29455968How do I as a heterosexual cis man(chaser) impress a trans woman on a date?[View]
29446540/hornygen/: why do i get fuzzy feelings when i call guys daddy[View]
29462173Is just BB cream and concealer really not enough? They're the only makeup things I think I can …[View]
29461447a girl was calling me mommy after hearing me use vc in a game.. why you arent voice training?[View]
29459378Autistic relationships: Autistic transbian here I love dating other autistic weirdo trans ppl where …[View]
29461859do the marches even do anything: i constantly see people here get all high and mighty about who is a…[View]
29462139bmg: growing up into a manmoder edition[View]
29461580Why do the radical Hindu nationalists support the lgbt? Is it to get back at muslims?[View]
29462080DGN bestie come back to me remember Gamecenter CX[View]
29462060My attraction swings from twink to trans girl back and forth Should I just take the femboypill as t…[View]
29462011If I wanted to become a femboy because of feminine yaoi ukes does that actually make me fujobrained?[View]
29462013any other trannies have DPD (dependent personality disorder)? I hate it even more than having BPD[View]
29460989i am GOING to make a HON my WIFE because SHE deserves LOVE[View]
29461869People say I pass (probably hugboxxing, but whatever), but I still look ugly as sin, what's the…[View]
29461970I feel like I'm gonna throw up because my fictional waifu will never love me and I'm an un…[View]
29456753>woe is me i cant find a trans gf because all of them have impossible standards you guys are so r…[View]
29461424mfw running over passoids, hons, transbians and hsts alike[View]
29457561How do you feel about 'transfem' and 'transmasc' replacing 'trans woman' and 'trans man'[View]
29461232One of the latest braindead tranny Twitter discourse moments is the idea that pushing back against n…[View]
29452523How do you cope with aging?[View]
29461545what is internal gender identity: This sounds like a low effort troll question but I am genuinely as…[View]
29460694>me, mtf >dating neet ftm >they expect me to take initiative in holiday shit financially a…[View]
29461492>Die You filthy monkey! What did she mean by this? I worry that it might be bad look for trans fo…[View]
29461345How do i get a cute boyfriend like femboy fishing? https://youtu.be/qhjTecrBuGE[View]
29458445bottoms stop being useless and please get a job: Tired of dating a femboy and them expecting me to p…[View]
29456913/unlovablegen/: existence hurts edition[View]
29456955I am a chaser for twinks[View]
29457745/gaygen/ new yawk pizza edition: previous >>29455865[View]
29454985Autogynephilia is the worst sexual orientation you can be born with.[View]
29461311I've seen a number of those detailed 'chud beats tranny' wojak pictures. Somebody actually spen…[View]
29461223Wah i need girlfriend :'( why i want be lesbian?[View]
29458828Why do pooners say testosterone gel doesn't work? Is it just because doing your own shots is ma…[View]
29461091God I wish that were me[View]
29459102>be in t4t transbian relationship >she is the top, so we set up safewords >before she initi…[View]
29461050discuss: how do you go from crossdressing for coom to as a culture? like i see a lot of old crossdre…[View]
29460339Is it over...?: >working my ass out everyday >boobs and hips gets smaller weekly >belly fat…[View]
29461001Risk of getting hiv: So I had my first experience with a trans girl, I blowed her and got real horny…[View]
29461063When I ravage a tranny I want her to remember for weeks to cum.[View]
29460074if he/him lesbians are socially accepted, why cant she/her twinks?????? t. she/her twink[View]
29460106i wish i had friends irl[View]
29455687You can tell someone's sexuality by their eyes. Androphiles have a sort of childlike, overexcit…[View]
29460702>meet a trans girl online >she seems cool >get to know her better >she's comfortabl…[View]
29460941>watching clothing haul video >imagine myself shopping for cute clothing >get a boner agp i…[View]
29449373White trans women stop platforming fascists challenge: (Impossible)[View]
29458319I can't believe I voted for this cocksucker. He straight up said yesterday that he would ban be…[View]
29460127Tranners: How will you choose the lucky guy who gets to take you out on Valentine's Day?[View]
29460119Any other asexual AGPs here? my base sexuality is AGP but I'm too old to start acting on it, or…[View]
29457380Skin care: Not totally lgbt related, but I guess you guys have good tips for this, any tips for skin…[View]
29460825i had a dream that I was a woman but when I woke up, all the memories started fading while I'll…[View]
29458277Mtf here. Why do I feel a vague and faint sense of defeat whenever my bf and I have sex, or when I…[View]
29456945What are your honest thoughts on TikTok gigastacy youngshits?: Yes she's trans[View]
29460065tankie transgirls (especially the ones in support of meme regimes like NK or Russia) are instantly c…[View]
29459189whit woud ye dar gif ye cam across a boymodah, that haed an irrational hatrit o the inglis, that spo…[View]
29453603I get that nazi chic is a thing but: Does anyone else have a thing for commies? I sometimes fantasiz…[View]
29459778when did you realise that height (5'6 and under) is one of the biggest factors when it comes to…[View]
29459265Is it possible to get a sassy butch gf like this while being sadly born with a penis?[View]
29459526does nicotine affect hrt if I take injections? or is it only an issue with the liver thing on pills?…[View]
29458235What do you like the most about boys?: For me? It’s kissing one and feeling a bit of stubble on my c…[View]
29413467/voicegen/: script is 'dr. blanchard, i have a serious case of agp', followed by explaining why you …[View]
29460476doods: I have discovered a new breed of gayden, the cisgayden[View]
29458305you heard about being sexed up now ill show you what is like to be sexed down[View]
29424986/repgen/ repressor general: It never began[View]
29459840>be told I shoudnt poon out from a pretty woman into a tiny ugly goblin >do it anyway >actu…[View]
29459861Female Privilege: Is female privilege real? If so, how does it impact /lgbt/ relations?[View]
29458170help: hhi, my girlfriend sent me a message ('i just want you to know it's going to be okay-- it…[View]
29458810Trannies=succubus?: Hey so ive been trying to practice celibacy/nofap for a while now but every time…[View]
29455452Dad Hates that I'm a Bottom: My dad at first couldn't stand that I was gay but he's g…[View]
29457562Trans size queens: Does the phenomenon described in this webm apply to you?[View]
29457409ya seethe?[View]
29449288Picrew Thread: y'all know the drill already, post picrews, guess letters. https://picrew.me/ima…[View]
29459973Bi/gay only thread: Do we have to share a flag with dudes in dresses? My straight friends tried to s…[View]
29455650Any drugs to numb the pain of gender dysphoria? Thinking of taking datura because I hate myself[View]
29425242/atg/ - Autistic Tranner General - Mysteries Edition: Everyone else welcome to join too :) Previous …[View]
29459226I'm 23 and want SRS more than anything. Unfortunately, I am a stupid NEET, and I have trouble h…[View]
29459897only people accepting you are blonde vapid thots on twitch, how does that make you feel?[View]
29457897Is this the ideal bf?[View]
29454918I don’t want to be considered in the same community as whoever made this[View]
29459568nothing wrong with getting blowjobs as mtf: cis women get oral sex from their bfs all the time when …[View]
29458842desperate asian tranny looking for sugar mommies/daddies!!!: my financial status been shit recently …[View]
29457516Chrissy Chlapecka just destroyed AGP! Truscums btfo! Transbians all over the world unite! We’ve won!…[View]
29459707>if you put your penis in a trans woman's butt it isn't gay because she is a woman >…[View]
29458773Just copped it from my local used book store, has anyone else read it? What am I in for?[View]
29454857Preggo women are peak SEX. Think about their fertilized wombs rapidly expanding their bellies, their…[View]
29457740>trans gf wants to try topping how do I tell her that I'm not gay[View]
29457894Why do men have such bad taste in women?[View]
29459752need brazilian tranny pussy: my father and grandfather were trannyfuckers (travequeiros) It's c…[View]
29459736Help a chaser out? https://c.lovense-api.com/t2/qehzn38e[View]
29451849are you a 'pick me tr*nny'?[View]
29458152>don't pass as a woman >don't pass as a man…[View]
29454538I like how contra’s perverted simps claim people are jealous of this[View]
29459645/gaygen/ - but we pretend 4chan is forced anonymous: let's talk about your lives without attent…[View]
29458175>have sex with a transwoman >wants me to keep calling her a ‘failed man’ during sex how commo…[View]
29457760Why are pooners so self-hating?[View]
29457739Can anyone who isnt a complete loser love an overweight ftm latino or am I doomed[View]
29459440Do you actually enjoy the ''fucktoy'' lifestyle?: Bf of 8 months wants to spice …[View]
29458425Need a trans girl to suck my dick RIGHT NOW[View]
29458093just found out another one of my favorite artists is an admitted pedophile wow[View]
29458601How much people hates hons?: I mean people even feels disgusted by passoids but then how much they h…[View]
29457405What are the best careers for bottoms ?: Currently going to culinary school to be a cook/ chef one d…[View]
29458980Would you a neanderthal bf?[View]
29455930how do trannies here expect to get a bf when you never go out?[View]
29458295Bi-trannies: When I use 4chan more I feel more androphillic and really want a bf again when I use di…[View]
29458286has anyone written about transitioning to simply only date trannies[View]
29449947Whats his endgame[View]
29459034working makes me dysporic because I was always told I wasnt manly enough because I didn't have …[View]
29457488when did you first learn about the tranny / chaser relationship and whats your view about it now?[View]
29458211is there a possibility that i've been so socialized on here that i can't recognize what no…[View]
29458145Thailand: Is Thailand a nice place to visit/ stay for a year for an AGP cross dresser who’s question…[View]
29457887Hot tranner mating: I'm looking for a feminine tranner that I can breed with whenever I get an …[View]
29458638Trans women are cis women. Biological sex does not exist.[View]
29457217Is it at all possible to be a buff tomboy as a tranner?: Should I just give up and accept that being…[View]
29454869o trans girl o lovely trans girl i write you these lines in hope of your affection to win it with r…[View]
29458557pio or domp?: i want to take either pio or domperidone, but id rather not take both bcuz of health r…[View]
29456164how to prostitute?: hello, i've been considering prostitution on grindr. i have thought about c…[View]
29443904What's our strategy for dealing with it/its pronoun users?: >It I believe that using it/its …[View]
29457873crossdressing is such a hard hobby to keep secret, its so addicting and fun but it gets hard to indu…[View]
29454727I had sex with a Theyfab last night. My balls hurt from how heavily they were drained.[View]
29456445How do you distinguish between being attracted to transwomen and wanting to be a transwoman yourself…[View]
29456874tranny spiritualism and occult: lets say, hypothetically, i want to fuck around with spiritualism an…[View]
29457710When will trannies realize that they NEED an ugly fat bastard in their lives[View]
29437276/ftmg/ female to male general tattoos: >Qott1: any current tattoos? Plan on getting any in the fu…[View]
29457977can someone drop the method to being a femboy housewife for a sugar mommy[View]
29457753>Troons have invaded the fumo community it's over chudsisters.....…[View]
29450929Does this board hate JK Rowling?[View]
29457534Life...: I don't know what to do, my life is games for the last year and before that it was jus…[View]
29455334are trans girls allowed to say “faggot”?[View]
29454725Wtf is the deal with gay tops?: I do not understand how a top can be exclusively gay. They're c…[View]
29453322Are you a twinkhon?[View]
29457531My fellow tripfags, do you also find the cults of personality that pop up around us here so very ea…[View]
29457967i realized today that, as a man, i have body dysmorphia. i'm probably objectively not ugly, but…[View]
29456388Gay boy here. Would it be too gay to invite my best friend for dinner and make him his favorite meal…[View]
29456415>don't want to live with men because they stink and it's incredibly awkward/uncomfortab…[View]
29455721Is becoming asexual a good way to deal with autogynephilia?[View]
29457891What are some signs that you're NOT actually trans? Help[View]
29455268/mtfg/ - making trans females groan (since 2013): last: >>29451293 links: http://pastebin.com/…[View]
29456149I cry so easily all the time now on HRT. I had a craving for onion rings I silently ignored for seve…[View]
29456535are shitty stick n pokes fembrained or malebrained?[View]
29452372Why do pooners?[View]
29457689i can’t even think of myself as a man or interact with them without feeling awkward and out of place…[View]
29455865/gaygen/ - Gay general: Barbarian edition: Previously thread: >>29454103[View]
29456702Should i feign transphobia as a boymoder?: to get my frens to stop making tranny jokes and acting we…[View]
29456034Are you attracted to yourself as a woman? (doesn’t have to be sexual)[View]
29457364Anyone got a source on who this is: They posted tummy stuff on twitter, but I’ve forgotten their use…[View]
29455318Femboys and transgirls of 4chan, would you date a guy who donates sperm?: I donate sperm and I have …[View]
29456452why is being a girl so hard?[View]
29457076Piss orgasms: Has any of you ever had an orgasm from anal before?[View]
29455350its impossible to make myself eat so i cant gain any weight[View]
29457434how do i find a guy in ingerland who wouldnt mind dating a 6/10 early transition twinkhon who will d…[View]
29452535>ftm >attracted to men only >not willing to have straight (PIV) sex ever >unattractive a…[View]
29456800Tfw you would like to have tits, pretty face, a bit wider hips and no body hair but you wouldn'…[View]
29456350sometimes trans women on here send me a photo and i think they look like a cis woman but always they…[View]
29455787I feel trapped in England. I feel like my youth is dying on this island, and that life could be so m…[View]
29457423How do you feel about guys using trans girls as practice gfs? Were you/ Are you a practice gf?[View]
29456928I support forcefemming and intense hormone therapy for cute '''boys'''[View]
29457399Troon Apocalypse: theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbR5WcyWl18 >hundreds of thousands of you…[View]
2945084515 years prison for singing in fem clothes.: How long until they're just calling for the death …[View]
29456258Is bodybuilding culture an outlet for repressed male same sex attraction? I feel like a weight has b…[View]
29457096is it a bad idea to get back into doing sex work if I don't like it?: Mostly just venting/blog …[View]
29454738What do cis lesbians think of troons/transbians?: im genuinely curious, like is there any luck for a…[View]
29457226>the most 'straight' mtf forum on the free internet is still 80% transbian Is it over for chaser …[View]
29456822Do you think she'd make a good Lara?[View]
29456966I can understand straight men disliking masc4masc, but what about twinks? Are they not hot?[View]
29454862Daily reminder for girls who happen to be trans: I support you. If 1 billion people supported you, I…[View]
29452692Do you wear perfume? Cis male here and sometimes I do, it makes me feel nice to smell like flowers o…[View]
29457273Does identity solidify in your late 20s? Cause when I crossdress now I feel like Im going against my…[View]
29457190I dunno, I just think if you have an entire caricature for 'DHT-modulated physiognomy is ugly enough…[View]
29455301does the world need chad on estrogen? i'm not seeing any other options for me besides honning o…[View]
29457123Is my girlfriend a chaser?: >came out 6 months ago >she was super excited for me >talks ope…[View]
29456906i am SO fucking tired of phrases like “hondose” and “hon” etc it is so mean and rude and how can a t…[View]
29457127I need the trannies of /tttt/ to determine the Blanchard letters of everyone in this video https://m…[View]
29456852I'm not trans but polfags have made it impossible for me to identify as a male and maintain my …[View]
29455599I hate pooners who want to look like anime twinks just accept you're a fujoshi and move on. Any…[View]
29457092>I'm dumb she's a lesbian Would transitioning make her release better music?…[View]
29450189Norway: What is happening here? I've heard rumors of medical licenses being revoked and stuff, …[View]
2945570150+ men are always hitting on me, shit's so gross idc[View]
29456677I masturbate, but I don't want to have sex because I'm a little scared and I'm not in…[View]
29456944DGN bestie come back to me remember when we used to watch The Sopranos together[View]
29453932>be bi >like bottoming and topping >like big dicks >don't like masculinity on my pa…[View]
29456804My boomer grandpa is living with me right now: I dont think he recognized me till my mom told him lo…[View]
29454674Someone here said I pass as a cis woman in a CIPgen The hugboxing in current year /tttt/ is insane, …[View]
29455118>ugly balls and penis I hate this, I hate this so much. I will never have a cute smooth and femin…[View]
29455319Does my hand pass? I thought about removing the background but it turned out bad[View]
29454884idk if my boyfriend really loves me or he's with me only because i'm trans. I feel like it…[View]
29447732Do my PC specs pass?[View]
29456557You dont need to look like a supermodel to be a girl: A lot of u have unrealistic transition standar…[View]
29455208cis girls only: I had a girlfriend for 15 years who was born female I was born male and turned femal…[View]
29453633>transition >don't get turned on from agp anymore >not attracted to men or women (inc…[View]
29447492>be bi twink with a preference for women >start hrt >in 6 months dick goes from 5,5' fully…[View]
29456370>Think I'm straight >Meet a transgirl >She wants to fuck me >I want to fuck her too…[View]
29454839any long term manmoders here?: i’m 2 years on hrt and will never socially transition. should i rope,…[View]
29455652what do you think /tttt/?[View]
29449044These people are demons and I'm tired of playing nice and pretending they're not. It is al…[View]
29455249'Fired Over Pronouns/Names' was a lie again: Yet another article came out a few days ago with yet an…[View]
29454172>trannies who want to be teachers or childcare Oh god no why????? You're basically setting y…[View]
29456000how do I get my life in order I'm lonely and I can't focus on anything for more than a few…[View]
29454908wOoOo: i curse your with tranny magic[View]
29456090One of the first actions of Rufo et. al. after taking over New College was to take down guides and r…[View]
29447416question to HSTS trans gorls: have you ever gotten erection before doing HRT? if yes, what usually …[View]
29455988>boymoder >work up the confidence to girlmode >after a month, realize how stupid and gross …[View]
29449706SRS, I'm female: I'm totally a girl now. >fully transition >no longer trans >afa…[View]
29454661bad to be trans?: Help me. I think I'm attracted to women I've never had sex with women. I…[View]
29451914Guys be like 'yeah I'm gay' and then exclusively date men that look like this[View]
29455218Do white cis boys like latina trans girls?[View]
29455961Today: >be me, 20 mtf >walking down the street >it’s cold out today >got a nice white pu…[View]
29455775God doesn't make mistakes. He made me a male. Ignoring and fighting back the sex dysphoric thou…[View]
29455734signs that your boymode is failing: boymoders what are some tell tale signs that the public is catch…[View]
29455853Could transitioning have saved her? (OnlyUseMeBlade)[View]
29454103/gaygen/ potassium edition: poo >>29451635[View]
29455111My Boyfriend and I Troll Hetero Couples with PDA: We go to homophobic areas and wait in long lines, …[View]
29454097chasers, your kung fu may be powerful but unless you have mastered the twinkhon impregnation techniq…[View]
29453670I just saw Jordan Peterson at my Tim Hortons discussing the Ukraine conflict with two other men. The…[View]
29455625Why do trans girls dress like this? Guys aren't into this look, with this aesthetic you won…[View]
29455753Eat your vegetables, little trans boy. You want to grow up to be a big strong man, don't you?[View]
29454699How do I find out what chromosomes I have?[View]
29455725>be virgin ace >feel superior to incels Is this cope or is the smugness warranted?…[View]
29455058>see a 'woman' taller than 5'10 in public[View]
29446137Why do I find androgynous people so unbelievably attractive?[View]
29444567I feel like maybe life not so bad: >on Omegle >just doing the usual funny tranny man voice th…[View]
29452337Believe I'm female: I don't think I'm trans. I believed it for a long while my therap…[View]
29454585>tfw bf tells me my voice is adorable and I have a cute accent and I sound like a cute girl >t…[View]
29455473I'm obsessed with trannies: I jerk off to trannies I talk to trannies I watch tranny YouTube ch…[View]
29454537most bottoms are such attetion-whoring, self-pitying, ego-centric retards. they are always feeling s…[View]
29450636take THAT trannies[View]
29455498Ever since I was a small child I have wanted to be a housewife, I am biologically male (on hrt). How…[View]
29454867>no back alley doctors willing to cut out your balls for cheap the 21st century sucks i want my b…[View]
29454396why are so many trans males called elliot[View]
29455467>work all the time >lose sex drive is this what asexuality is?…[View]
29455007i need a cute gay girly boyfriend girlfriend thing, as a cute girly boy girl thing myself[View]
29455396i’ll never have a period: is it over for me //[View]
29453989how do I cope with being a hon like I'm in my twenties, how am I supposed to cope with this for…[View]
29453227Have you guys taken down kuckfarms yet? Pretty sure null can get in trouble for hosting people who p…[View]
29454253when did you realize socially transitioning, 'coming out', or telling people your pronouns is a meme…[View]
29454630i’ll never be happy or have a boyfriend or pass because i started hrt as a late teenager instead of …[View]
29454082What's the current outlook for the further future when I want to chase an English degree, start…[View]
29454278where does a fa ugly bastard chaser find a gf whomst looks like this?[View]
29452362How likely do you think it is that you’ll still be alive in 10 years? t.troon that really can’t see…[View]
29453147im gonna kys myself lmfao whats the point. nothing can fix 6'2, nothing can fix big shoulders, …[View]
29452706hon's law:: >any tranny who declares herself hsts is probably agp >any midshit who declar…[View]
29452757I'm a 3y hrt boymoder top who has never done make up, wore anything feminine, jerked off to the…[View]
29454403there’s something hot about people referring to me as a woman despite them thinking i’m actually a m…[View]
29454445Is holding grudges fembrained or malebrained? My trans gf always digs up the past and brings up stuf…[View]
29454898You ever just kinda want to slut around but too scared to go through with it[View]
29454041Ftm desperate for love or smth: >yessss abuse me >you just want to fuck me? Thats fine >nno…[View]
29453280FUB-maxxing: Looking for advice from the many mentally ill fags and trannies here. how do I craft th…[View]
29453257What's up with this 'I'm 5'7, its over' meme?: >for me, everything up to 5'7 …[View]
29452261aint no way[View]
29452545what does euphoria feel like for you? i used to feel numb and dissociate when i looked in the mirror…[View]
29454817Narcissism: >be me >have high opinions of myself based on no real merit >find guy who is mo…[View]
29447878why are there so many of pic related in the trans community?[View]
29453625What is the final stage of transitioning? Is it to assimilate into society and just be a regular wom…[View]
29453804seeing passoids and youngshits fills me with such an intense surge of sadness and rage i hate them[View]
29454671i wanna go talk to guys and giggle at things they say to me and twirl my hair[View]
29450348Daily reminder the bisexuals are God's chosen. >the ability to find sex, intimacy, and fulfi…[View]
29449688It's ok to date a tranny, but only if you cuck her with a cis woman.[View]
29453431>be me >ftm >fat >ugly >gay bc females r scary >not very smart or talented or weal…[View]
29453382It's over[View]
29451308Can big headed fellas ever pass?[View]
29453320There is a transgirl that rides the same train as me and I really want to sit next to her and lightl…[View]
29421045/hrtg/HRT General #520: Previous thread: >>29322043 • Help, advice, guidance on meds and dosag…[View]
29451646how over is it for you?: https://tall.life/height-percentile-calculator-age-country[View]
29451303Being a bottom correlates with having a traumatic, stressful background: You guys should be nicer to…[View]
29453938I think I might have come up with a way to get free laser: So places like Milan laser apparently off…[View]
29454348So this is the fate of bottoms who dont transition?[View]
29453615>OTC HRT >ok, sweet >the only injectable E comes with norethisterone >high doses are and…[View]
29451766Is wanting to cosplay agp[View]
29452381favorite fag?: whose your favorite internet twink? i'll go first. class, say hello to Twinkmode…[View]
29453551I like wearing girly clothes, makeup and having long hair but I'm a man.[View]
29453885>half of trans twitter has '18+ minors DNI in their bios' maybe if you stopped posting porn and n…[View]
29453035would you have sex with a man for 1 million dollars?[View]
29453879Why do guys smile at women on the street? I never did this while living as a man and now I’m noticin…[View]
29453521how do I stop being a bitter and spiteful boymoder and become a normal reasonably well-adjusted girl…[View]
29452585>wake up in a feminine body >You feel liberated and free from the masculine side of you >It…[View]
29451635/gaygen/ tits out edition: from >>29449627[View]
29453964now seriously, how do i distinguish hrt femboys from actual trannies? i am transphobic btw[View]
29450914Why are trannies stuck in such disgusting cycles of instant gratification and insecurities. Drugs, c…[View]
29451293/mtfg/ - Male to Female General: no thoughts edition >>29446919 don't read this because w…[View]
29453968>tfw all the hottest trannies are transbians I suffer as a chaser[View]
29452088can you have gender dysphoria and not be trans?[View]
29451746>call a chasoid out on his transphobia >he immediately gets defensive why do chasoids do this?…[View]
29453443do any of you use voice changers? they seem to have been improved: Recently i've seen voice cha…[View]
29453865>i saw a hon in the street today and i didn't say anything to her, i didn't even tell h…[View]
29452538need validation: am i pretty? be honest[View]
29453843>tfw im not trans im just a MEF nigga[View]
29451052Where can I find a boyfriend?: Title. I think I pass too. Voice training is going really well. HRT …[View]
29450334Is it true that no one will ever love me as a black trans woman?[View]
29453621My trans girlfriend enjoys having sex a lot. I spent three days at her apartment the other day and w…[View]
29452297Should I ignore my endo's orders to get off the hondose? I DIY'd 4mgE/50mgBica before seei…[View]
29450374I want a gf with a penis. >Why? Because I like femininity and dicks. >B-but that's a cont…[View]
29452083Agp is a gift from god[View]
29448871Does Lena still sell HRT internationally despite the stuff thats happening in the Ukraine atm? Wher…[View]
29453233scadis ftw: would you date a danish/nordic twink? Why?/Why not?[View]
29453143I can stop thinking about men: Be me >Was a depressed bisexual male >Failed man >Didn…[View]
29449583Where can I find East Asian trannies in the UK No I won't live vicariously through them t. AGP …[View]
29452237why do i feel mogged by a gigahon: I don't rly think I'm a 'passoid' but I also don't…[View]
29452065my pronouns are he but not him cause i'll never be him: is this really so unrealistic for a cis…[View]
29449122What is your political side?: https://strawpoll.com/polls/poy9WR758gJ[View]
29453195is video essayist the most cursed trans-coded profession just waiting for picrels to troon out[View]
29452936its over, but actually: https://www.cbsnews com/news/utah-transgender-healthcare-spencer-cox-governo…[View]
29451167Give me 17 good reasons not to kill myself.[View]
29452916>invented electrolysis Say thank you.[View]
29446278How do I stop being transphobic when people like this exist[View]
29452082is your gender dysphoria officially diagnosed? how did you know? what was the procedure like? how…[View]
29447845I HATE MY JOB: I dont think there's a worser job for a 26 year old MtF tranner than being a sou…[View]
29452892I think my drain clogged because I shaved my bush and my legs too much. I put some lye on it but it …[View]
29452191Why do straight trannies KEEP getting SEDUCED by transbians and why do TRANSBIANS on the other hand …[View]
29448851what bmi do i need to be to look like picrel?[View]
29448599Is it important for you to be understood as straight?[View]
29452387>be me mtf >severely struggle with body image >used to have a debilitating ED >from age …[View]
29452564talking with an accent to pass better: i dont pass very well, just a few clocky features so im think…[View]
29452305This is your uber: WWYD?[View]
29451205what's a surefire way to know if my T is blocked without blood tests? I don't have any mon…[View]
29451117why do I feel my benis leaking randomly sometimes :( its not piss and its not cum cause I can't…[View]
29452632Why aren't there any super beautiful transfem people form Scandinavia? Is there just something…[View]
29429921>tfw no tranner or chaser BF to put into chasity I just want you caged up so you can sleep next t…[View]
29450670Serious thread: Not diaper posting serious topic. Young/midshit question. If you take hrt (mtf) at a…[View]
29452120AGP is repressed homosexuality: There is no distinction between different types of transsexuals, if …[View]
29450991Are there really mommies who want people like me or am I just coping? t. winkhon[View]
29447183/ulg/ unlovable general: itt chill and distract yourself from the fact that you will never have love…[View]
29452367Must be nice even if you're not a passoid you can still look like their counterpart. Why don…[View]
29450125Nails: I have a lot of difficulty painting my nails. The skin on either side of the nails is quite t…[View]
29450677what's my sexuality?: gay total top here, i've fucked more musclemen asses than i can coun…[View]
29447233Accessories for nonbinaries?: I'm thinking of becoming nonbinary so I was wondering what sort o…[View]
29451702Should we look out for men with long hair?[View]
29451826Why are cis males the only ones shamed for liking Trans girls? Anyone else especially trans women ar…[View]
29448553Maybe it's because I'm a virgin incel, but in general cis women never seem anywhere near a…[View]
29449829Why dont more trannies take the landlord pill. If you buy a two story house and renovate it into an…[View]
29438161I deserve a diapy baby transbian nazi boymoder gf[View]
29448384So what happens to these traps and femboys when they hit 30 and their looks start to fade and it…[View]
29448556one of the most daunting parts of being a chaser is the fact that you often have to take the respons…[View]
29445975/passgen/ make chasers sad edition: its friday now please[View]
29450903i want to be a tiny anorexic boytoy(girl) but i also want to be a big strong chad man who fucks twin…[View]
29451799Queer women are cool and I love them Cishet women are cringe and uncool and I hate them[View]
29451384the guy on hrt cope is going great[View]
29447661Radfem cis f gf found my bbc feminization porn folder. How do I explain AGP to her without mentionin…[View]
29451536>ftm bf starts talking about being more feminine and acting like a femboy …What do I do here?…[View]
29451716Being a trans man is a curse. There's something so grotesque about having a disfigured female f…[View]
29449627/gaygen/ - manlet edition[View]
29449467>ex boyfriend is trying to contact me again He just wants to fuck me doesn't he…[View]
29450461You hons have not been paying the bills: If you don't donate now Susans is gone for good. Where…[View]
29449959Been on hormones for 5 years and my body looks like st. Sebastian: I'm gonna KMS[View]
29448413>be 5'8 >anons on here said HRT would make me shorter >8 months later, go to doctor fo…[View]
29451539/sbg/ - SRS Bottom General: Any other exclusive bottoms who want SRS? My dick is basically useless a…[View]
29448757How can you tell if someone is a top/bottom just by looking at them?[View]
29451394Transitioning I'd God's will: I was confused male homosexual, lost into a world of sin. I …[View]
29450539I usually just wait and pirate games. But the amount of butt hurt this particular game is causing ma…[View]
29451284advice request,: So I fell in love with a straight guy, and ive only ever made this mistake 3 other …[View]
29446847gay men who exclusively fetishize straight men should just transition already you aren't gonna …[View]
29449990Where do I find good gay porn? Like sites and such with twink content, maybe JAV. All the normie sit…[View]
29447501Drawthread: Post art guess letter[View]
29450977>*sniffffffs* I smell trans woman Identify yourself immediately[View]
29447568estrogen made me dumber: i feel fucking retarded[View]
29448865are you still a virgin?[View]
29448979I would like to see Valuev transitioning because he would be the hardest challenge in the world for …[View]
29449771DEATH GRIIIIIIPPS: DEATH GRIPS DEATH GRIPS DEEEATH GRRRIIIIPS how many other lgbt people listen to t…[View]
29441834How likely are mtfs to date ftms? I’ve only ever dated cis girls, but the idea of going t4t has been…[View]
29447086Hi, so someone on Twitter contacted me and tried to sell me hormones but I don't know if it…[View]
29451082If IRL were like yaoi I'd totally be gay. But it's not so I continue to live as a straight…[View]
29450852>All REAL little tranny boys literally think they are the other gender and have the ability to ge…[View]
29446128what would you do if you came across a boymoder, that was on her junior year of high school, that ha…[View]
29450996ok after 7 years i finally got rid of brainworms and chose to stop repressing. what now? i feel stuc…[View]
29450922Why rage: Why does this make people so angry? This woman pretends to be a trans man and a Dilf. But …[View]
29449954>dad keeps telling people im a girl and that i use she/her pronouns how do I explain the concept …[View]
29449658how do cis women function: the constant tummy butterflies make me so weak and turn me into a puddle …[View]
29446982Advice on 'coming out' to people who are older than myself: For context, I am a millennial who could…[View]
29450551Holy shit. I know this won't pass in Arizona but at this point the Overton window has moved fro…[View]
29449323God bless neoliberalism for granting us our rights[View]
29448134>be me >exist[View]
29448831What is the final solution to the transgender problem?[View]
29448932>decide to transmaxx for social benefits >gay bf leaves me >friends dont accept me >fami…[View]
29446363>Chooses not to go to bathroom despite toilets being available >Gets a UTI because she chooses…[View]
29448122what an alienating space to be gay in[View]
29450042How do i ftm mode as a mtf? I assume its a lot like picrel.[View]
29441318how many of you attempted suicide as children? something chasers will never understand is the horror…[View]
29448782Takiya: has anyone heard from or about takiya from a while? i know they used to be activate on here …[View]
29450323Is there any way to reverse growth/height, like maybe extended fasts or something. I literally can…[View]
29449195i take cypro once a week and become significantly hornier after each dose. my libido then decreases …[View]
29450161I'm cis but I hate transphobia: People are so mean to trans people But just so you know I'…[View]
29449785I need help!: How do I do good voice training and is there a way to do it atleast a bit fast? I have…[View]
29450078>mogged by degenerate polyam twitter trannies Why should I keep living?…[View]
29434688Muh pronouns or you go to jail they said: Nope said trump This is what over sounds like https://twit…[View]
29449139Why do guys/chasers lie about being virgins?: Went out with a cute guy yesterday.He was pretty nice,…[View]
29446919/mtfg/ male to female general: dont forget to refill your pills! edition old history: >>294443…[View]
29448490would he have trooned out today?[View]
29446401How do people even date people from here? I only see like one or two discords exchanged a day but it…[View]
29447513>Decide I don't need a man, I'm just gonna be an independent bottom who loves themselve…[View]
29449851If I wrote a story about the unrequited love of two protagonists (because one is straight and the ot…[View]
29447299It feels good to look this cute, pretty and fem[View]
29449747are we back,sisters?: https://youtube.com/shorts/XHguGjC5PQs?feature=share[View]
29449580Ever since I grew a beard I want to dominate little feminine boys[View]
29447665>they hated him because he told the truth[View]
29447509>Short hair: don’t pass. >Long hair: pass. No one told me it was that easy.…[View]
29446403/gaygen/ - prince lukewarm edition: prev:>>29443330[View]
29448020will i have to come out eventually(hrt not trans): So im taking hrt cause why not and idc anymore bu…[View]
29448779New hobby - using AI to generate uncanny valley hons and poons[View]
29433030wlwgen and tbgen too i guess: >>29424272 sex with lesbians[View]
29447391Is OnlyFans actually Fun?: I love posting lewds and nudes online, literally its so much fun and grea…[View]
29396509/bigen/ - Bisexual Gen: QOTT: Have you ever been addicted to something? old >>29330706 Tagmap:…[View]
29449244Is gay face a real thing?[View]
29448161Are there more tops then bottoms?: I have heard this rumor a bunch of times that there are way more …[View]
29447909>+1yrs HRT >still has huge, defined deltoids What is the excuse? Just stop lifting all those w…[View]
29448131is this what yall look like?[View]
29446753Inactive / Repping / Closeted Chaser thread: Say your friend likes tranners, - how should he sociall…[View]
29449053Years ago I read a post by a bottom feeling an 'empty' feeling while horny from wanting dick. This h…[View]
29448509>try detransing >second day past injection due >smell pits 8 hours after shower >BLEUUHH…[View]
29445915Do height reducing surgeries exist[View]
29447897Being into trans girls is a gateway to being bi. I just realised I would absolutely let a smooth ski…[View]
29446374NEED DOM CISF CHASER GF: i will do literally anything you want no questions asked[View]
29443653What if there was a hyperpop concept album like The Wall, about a chud who feels suffocated by his o…[View]
29412759I have fucked over 100 fat ugly bastards. Why did God made me this way sisters?[View]
29447246Why do Latina trans women have such big dicks? For example, Sara Salazar, Caroline Ramirez, Skarleet…[View]
29448584mtf dating an ftm: I'm an mtf dating an ftm who identifies as an hrt butch lesbian. He's b…[View]
29447811Question for cis men and trans women: asked this yesterday, never got a good response. When I'…[View]
29447576How do I stop myself from becoming a degenerate coomer im a bi tranny and i've just been gettin…[View]
29448591How does one cope with being in an online relationship I want to hold my boyfriend so bad, and love …[View]
29447831Getting FFS at 8 months: Im planning on getting ffs at 8 months HRT... is this a mistake? Im current…[View]
29445744>crush rejected me for being too tall I’m only 5’7[View]
29441539>who's the top and who's the bottom[View]
29448541Being a chaser sucks Its lonely and miserable Most trans girls hate you and the few who don't …[View]
29448290Bittertrans - self origins: I've been saying for more than a year that trannies who complain ab…[View]
29448693keffals is making us look gay and retarded again. what do we do about him?[View]
29445728Have you ever dated a transfemme top? How did your emotional energy match up with hers? Was the rela…[View]
29448551would the transition have saved Elliot? He would have money for hrt[View]
29448570>wake up, feel a bit happier than usual >decide to go outside to get some fresh air >see ci…[View]
29448159How do I deal with my internalised transphobia: > be troon > HATER Calling transbians agphons…[View]
29446210Is it safe to transition if you have lupus?[View]
29448065Do trans girls find it cringe when chasers say they want to cuddle you? I think we put our guard dow…[View]
29447628depressed and kinda lonely cause none of my friends are midnightards anyone wanna talk about trannyi…[View]
29447315I have EXTREME castration anxiety.[View]
29441025how do I attract chasers? I've been on hrt for 3 months now and not a single chaser has solici…[View]
29436925Should white people be allowed to use the term 'folx'?[View]
29445764where can i find a trans girl who's willing to raise a bio kid with me? do trans girls make go…[View]
29442616Does lesbian sex work like that irl?[View]
29446024It's over[View]
29442950Everytime I see a boy with a cute smile and smaller than me, I want to grab him and throw him around…[View]
29435374Is it okay for a tranner to want to dress exclusively in this style? Or is it agp?[View]
29447987how do you break someone’s heart knowing you’re hurting them? i’m stuck in an online relationship b…[View]
29448216>gf hates being treated like a male >gets hard when i call her a faggot im getting mixed signa…[View]
29444530you were never dysphoric if you used to dress up like this for fun[View]
29447065Are trans pornstars the trans voices chasers pay the most attention to?[View]
29446822any other tranners play as lolis in VRChat: I personally think being a cute loli, especially Kanna-c…[View]
29447716i learned to look down on love[View]
29447570They did hear it[View]
29439325If you take a boy's virginity, will he love you forever?[View]
29444051i cant open up: I have an entire crossdressing side of my life that I'm to scared to tell anyon…[View]
29447624you're all faggots[View]
29443332What are bottom x bottom relationships like?[View]
29446821Help: This is my first time posting here, but idk where else to really vent/ask about this. Lately I…[View]
29439587I beat my dysphoria: Turns out I was just horny. I just live an indifferent existence now as has alw…[View]
29439111post characters that are just like you frfr[View]
29447199Phone case thread :3: Show your phone case and guess letters[View]
29447409One of my internet friends is a closet gay and I think he's into me and I don't know what …[View]
29447730I want a trans gf with a flat chest. When I'm burying my face in it and rubbing all over it I f…[View]
29447814marianne is so tranny coded: THINK ABOUT IT!!!! >generally weird >kept a secret by bf(?) …[View]
29447746would he date a trans woman[View]
29434769Would gender transition have saved the life of Vernon Wayne Howell (better known as David Koresh), w…[View]
29446892Has anyone achieved the absolute inability to get an erection yet? How did you do it?[View]
29447400Let’s say….theoretically if I were to do hole hunters…how would not get std from an unclean fag….jus…[View]
29444083I suffer as a chaser in Australia[View]
29445855is japanese house based?[View]
29444700Why does everybody hate us?[View]
29447471Would transition have saved her?[View]
29447475do any other passers/stealth people feel like they were happier earlier in their transition when the…[View]
29445680does anyone else just identify as a tranny rather than a man or a woman? I was firmly a 'trans woman…[View]
29447239Is it a bad sign when you're a crossdressing gay boy and the amount of female clothes you own s…[View]
29408428is it normal that i leak pee sometimes on hrt[View]
29445629I just found out what AGP is: So I’m kinda new here (not trans, just a chaser) and because of the wa…[View]
29445773How can I signal that I'm a submissive?[View]
29447363where to find Amsterdam trannies: Am a tranny about to move there soon. How do I find them? Are ther…[View]
29446590boymoder ballsweat....[View]
29446573constant offers of hookups, constantly told my body is hot from pictures i do post, but I'm sti…[View]
29447054this should be a crime[View]
29442345does this dude have any hobbies[View]
29447143Have any of you had a sub/slave before?: I'm a vers crossdresser (planning on moning it up soon…[View]
29444667Why is everyone so upset/freaking out about transmaxxers when HSTS are literally gay men who transit…[View]
29442019>attending some chickenshit community college >literally does not have a preferred pronoun sys…[View]
29447192Hot take: Feels sexier being the one in their ass than otherwise.[View]
29445231i want an ftm so fucking badly. i'm an mtf but i cant stop thinking about the parallel of it. t…[View]
29437551Why do people on the internet cut ties with you or start to treat you like a weirdo the moment the f…[View]
29447092post girlremoval greentexts[View]
29447137Is anyone just numb to phobia?: Like I can hear someone saying YWNBAW all day but what I am actually…[View]
29445171CONTRAPOINTS PASSES: Here you can see my cis male friend thinking Contrapoints had a cooch. You have…[View]
29447081Just got messaged by a gay guy I had a mid hookup with two years ago, and I gotta say I think I…[View]
29444062Why are Twitter fags/troons so butthurt about white people? Is it just seethe at white gays or gener…[View]
29446941It's a bit anecdotal, but I know three trans girls In my city that are in prison now for abusin…[View]
29446529Have you ever been fired for being lgbt?: Only soley for being lgbt[View]
29446295why are well over 2/3s of lesbians on dating apps obese or fucking morbidly obese? don't get me…[View]
29445862do any other mtfs in relationships feel like they've been bad ended? i had the though tonight d…[View]
29441817Do bottoms like sports?: I'm a bottom and I hate any kind of sport but my top bf is obsessed wi…[View]
29446141Guys, I've been on HRT estrogen for 1 year now and everyone around me has told me that I'v…[View]
29445274The average /lgbt/ poster[View]
29444475What did we think of this kino?[View]
29446879How many agents are on this board? And at what times are they observating the board?[View]
29443896What can we do to stop this guys?: https://vocaroo.com/15jBNppiUNp0 >trannies are fucking monster…[View]
29438941Give me 5 good reasons why I shouldn't get /srs/.[View]
29443557Embarrassing question.: How do I not leave poop on my bf's penis? I tried enema beforehand mult…[View]
29439290transition doesn't make the AGP go away, if anything it just makes it stronger if you're t…[View]
29446279How do I stop being a lonely boymoder and make friends?: My brain worms are so high and I'm so …[View]
29446701>go to see The Whale >it's just this image on-screen with somber music for 117 minutes…[View]
29443122The Overton window has actually fucking moved to total elimination, as evidenced by picrel, and ther…[View]
29443892How do I buy clothes (MtF)? I tried looking online but have no idea where to begin, most stuff will …[View]
29443582>too masculine to become a femboy >believe being a femboy is the only way to be loved in this …[View]
29446422Blacked out: So I was with guy tonight. I had previously hooked up with him the night before. We wer…[View]
29444599Why do FTMs always have that stupid fucking septum piercing? Do they not realize it makes them look …[View]
29446331Gay homo Fags of /lgbt/ what's stopping you from looking like this? Do you even want straight c…[View]
29446376what does a guy do about a big forehead, girls a privileged with bangs and unless i want surgery i g…[View]
29446154Can u be agp and be exclusively into men?[View]
29444695being a smelly neet girl is the superior way of life: >no school or wagie job which means I can s…[View]
29438646How often does this happen to you?[View]
29445570Why do I have no personality?: I thought I was just boring ass faggot who trooned out at adult and s…[View]
29444245What would happen if every single pooner on earth spontaneously grew a penis?[View]
29446009Is this real[View]
29444397How would you explain someone who >has no real gender dysphoria >is extremely knowledgeable a…[View]
29445471Why don’t HSTS voice train?: I swear, every hisstiss has the voice of a flaming gay man unless they’…[View]
29443994>hey bro, here’s that cute femboy you asked for[View]
29440093Why do I care about keeping my balls? They serve literally no purpose anymore now my T is suppressed…[View]
29445912Is being a twink chaser a thing? If so I'm that, I'm straight but I like twinks[View]
29442924Why is it every tranny except me shrunk on hrt?: It's been over 2 years... I'm still 5…[View]
29439864>you're letter >will you buy Hogwart's Legacy? B Yes…[View]
29406341/sig/ - lgbt self improvement general: Good morning Edition previous: >>29325927 Goal of the t…[View]
29441762Comfy AGP thread: Because life is better down where it’s wetter. No bitterhons, repressors or husstu…[View]
29444785Being a bonehon is hell there's nothing to be done except rot. I have boy hips and a man's…[View]
29444356/mtfg/ male to female general: nobody saw anything, okay? edition >>29439637 http://pastebin.c…[View]
29445181>24, almost 25 >never had a partner It's over it's over it's over it's ove…[View]
29444990Is it just me?: Am I the only bitterhon who's actually happy that the overton's window is …[View]
29443402Gay dude here. My bf and I are watching Supernatural together and I asked him which of us is Sam and…[View]
29443330/gaygen/ - Desire, I Want To Turn Into You edition: Prev - >>29441635 https://youtu.be/hxgcz_6…[View]
29440789Are trans girls real girls?: Like actual real girls that should be treated as such and not merely pr…[View]
29445335Alright /lgbt/, is Mettaton from Undertale a FtM tranny or a flamboyant gay man?[View]
29445512Estrogen made me become a fujo: How do I find a hot twink couple that will let me watch them fugg?…[View]
29443861Would transitioning have saved her?[View]
29444300what has been your weirdest encounter while transitioning?[View]
29444618i would like to have unprotected anal sex with one of you lucky ladies[View]
29445211You don’t understand. There is something inside me that is telling me to transition, and I keep havi…[View]
29444180I saw a disgusting boomer hon at my Del Taco today when I was eating. Stockings, skirt, balding dyed…[View]
29437022How do black mtfs feel about getting fetishized in multiple ways[View]
29443375I am a cis f. However, I would get a kick from someone shaming me in bed for being a failed male and…[View]
29445047im a terrible person and fat: I was anorexic until a few weeks ago and now that i tried eating more …[View]
29444291how do i cum from my butt i feel like i get maybe 80-90% of the way there but i just can't make…[View]
29443832is it possible to find a dominant transbian gf (hard mode: i'm not american)[View]
29438253I support stricter trans standards: There should be a physical size limit on who transitions. It al…[View]
29443094The top FFS surgeons are booking consultations 12 months out. It's going to be 2 years before I…[View]
29444073Does skincare interfere with laser hair removal?: I've noticed on a lot of my skincare stuff (m…[View]
29443351PLEAS somebody tell me how to quell my neverending misery hell that im in all day i feel like im fuc…[View]
29442528dominant women: do they exist? if so, how do i find one? i think they are just a fairy tale I'…[View]
29444045What's the ftm equivalent of AGPs ?[View]
29442255Can I dress like this to go to the gym as a trans girl?[View]
29444920What are thoughts on regret: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1G6obEj2Olc https://m.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
29440645How do I cope as a black tranny with no ass?[View]
29443077Your ftm boy friend is pregnant do you take responsibility?: How do you feel knocking up another man…[View]
29443770i did it!!!: i went swimming with my sister in a hot tub in public and nobody looked at me weird or …[View]
29437192>Feel pretty certain that I was just a normal cis dude and not destined to trans out >Ramdoml…[View]
29440209>account dedicated to showcasing trans people flourishing is closing because of the rampant pedop…[View]
29444247will trannies defend herselves when the massive sexing up happens?[View]
29443321Why are major trans healthcare services shit?: Folx Health: >Overpriced (starts at $119! Heard a …[View]
29444403Could body dysmorphia be caused by spiritual reasons: Newton’s first law of motion an object in moti…[View]
29441816wtf is up with ftm femboys (pre-t women) trying to get pussy fucked by gay dudes? like if I wanted p…[View]
29441695why can't i find any (cute) trannies my age[View]
29440036>ywnb a codependent broken-bird mommy to a cute brainwormed transgirl that can't believe she…[View]
29444427Willow thread: Need more pictures of my queen >pic unrelated[View]
29441459The boycott promoted the game more than Warner Bros, why are reddit trannies so retarded and delusio…[View]
29442587do any other mtfs Simon mode?[View]
29443538How do I cope with transing at 30[View]
29444262What causes autohomoeroticism? ETLEs? Repressed abuse? Simple perversion? Is it naturally occurring?…[View]
29444186My mom has a very good spirit and is inclined to see the light in things and help those around her b…[View]
29442923tran: > wake up > see cis woman > day ruined…[View]
29442791HSTS monk: In the Middle Ages all gay men and hsts would have been monks. Do you think agp's wo…[View]
29443976why do chuds say trannies are le homosexual men twisted by drugs and surgery then turn around and cl…[View]
29443973>be horny >neurotically douche my ass for 45 minutes >finally ready >lube up ass and dil…[View]
29439738I dont want a trans gf because chances are she will put estrogen in my food[View]
29442750Why do men want to puke to my face so bad.[View]
29442773How does this make you feel, legbutts? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-7746615/Gender-dys…[View]
29441380>walking alone when a guy appears and grabs you >he says if you don't let him have sex wi…[View]
29442862do chasers call their trans 'girl'friends boys during sex? when they do it is it because they think …[View]
29443473Is one of the reasons for your transition because society thinks men in dresses are weird?[View]
29442039>ftm >argento >transmed >insanely liberal country I hate every other single ftm i have m…[View]
29442486where do i find a misogynist ftm bf to call me a bitch i need this more than i need air[View]
29442585Don't want to transition. Whatdo?: I don't want to transition. I don't like men like …[View]
29442786where can i buy a white femboy, with several psychological problems that make him an extremely fragi…[View]
29442029All I want is a trans gf to take on fun and romantic dates and then boyremove her afterwards, is tha…[View]
29443805anyone in Florida that wants a staight t4t[View]
29443691I will never have sex: Its mcfucking joever T. Dickless manlet[View]
29441713>Be tranner in long distance relationship >Send gift to my boyfriend as an expression of my l…[View]
29439304DONT BE A SHEEP BE A SHEEPARD: A must read if you are going to use this board. DONT BE A SHEEP + BE …[View]
29392436mmg: abandon all hope ye who enter here edition[View]
29443291One of Fred Rogers greatest jams!: Boys are Boys from the beginning! If you are born a boy, you stay…[View]
29443168If random men say 'Good morning' and 'Good afternoon' to me when I'm in the street, does that m…[View]
29441922take this: you need it[View]
29443275why do people say agp isn't real trans?[View]
29442227So true & I say it all the time[View]
29438970How do fellow transwomen deal with sexual harassment on the street? I seem to pass sometimes althoug…[View]
29442995be me >nonpassing tranny >cant get boyfriend >mid and weirdlooking >just got rejected f…[View]
29439867real?: i found real irl hooni how is he this cute also why am i seeing a distinct lack of gay bottom…[View]
29443200Anyone here from Norway?[View]
29442683uh oh: >be me, 1 month hrt >boymoding, only close close friends know i’m on hrt >i look dow…[View]
29443146When will society acknowledge AGP as the most typical expression of female gender & sexuality?[View]
29440729Man hating thread: Post pics/stories of meta-attraction or chaser Ls (any man who wants to fuck you …[View]
29439637/mtfg/ - Male to Female General: nice thread edition >>29435622 Helpful things - http://pasteb…[View]
29437645/lgbtfa/ thread: Post what you're wearing[View]
29441247hrt made my nipples pink[View]
29440512i've come to the conclusion that the only person i could ever see myself being in a relationshi…[View]
29442911I told my bf I malefailed in the afternoon and he just replied with a smiley and now I sent him a to…[View]
29442893Adopting, as a trans woman: >be me >mostly straight >would still change smug_femboy’s Huggi…[View]
29440904How am I supposed to girlmode if the more fem I get the more I look like my mother[View]
29441301So who’s the person you’ll never get over? Well?[View]
29442274trannybros… is it over for us?[View]
29442706What did he mean by this[View]
29440584chasers are built for transgirl love[View]
29442627How do I know if my gf is AGP?[View]
29440882>you are walking out of 7/11 and a bottom pulls up to you with a gun and tells you to pass him yo…[View]
29441899>wish I was a girl >struggle with satisfying traditional male gender roles >imagine what cl…[View]
29442310wOoOo: i curse your with tranny magic[View]
29442477>Doesnt pass >Autistic >Have multiple friends both cis and trans >Active social life …[View]
29440639Who's gonna be the lucky girl?[View]
29438958HSTS Have Options if no Pass.: It's true that hsts can live as gay feminine males who don'…[View]
29441365cheap sports bra that doesn’t make it obvious i’m wearing a sports bra? maybe i should just bind, m…[View]
29440380What work out routine can I do for a more passing body?: Im at a point where I pass as a woman comfo…[View]
29442439how do i cope with being a white man instead of a white woman 2 years deep[View]
29440658Post old internet stuff that hit different!: Sometimes you see something that for reasons you don…[View]
29442400Who will protect us?[View]
29441778Hi everyone. Trans girls X-Women Marvel Mutants. Youngshit/hon is being used to divide the trans com…[View]
29442301Is 28 too old to troon out if I look androgynous and get clocked as a teenager anyway?[View]
29442103this guy lied: >>29437462[View]
29442217Because people with autism have higher instances of being gay, it’s really fucking hard to be a neur…[View]
29441635/gaygen/ gay general: previous >>29439495[View]
29442042>watch tranny porn >they always look miserable Kinda hot but mostly sad.…[View]
29436922skull?: Is the skull strictly a male feature. Do females have just have a skeleton?[View]
29430786i hate being a femcel how do I get a boyfriend[View]
29441219whens the last time you stepped out and letters? just curious[View]
29439531>'I don't have height dysphoria because I realize that women aren't tiny little uwu bea…[View]
29441998awawawa: update on the fembrained pooner situation: no longer fembrained, apparently he wasnt mad at…[View]
29439588How long into HRT did it take for you to go full time? I just hit a year on HRT and honestly present…[View]
29441269>watching gore and weird shit with friend on discord >see some drunk bong shove a chicken wing…[View]
29437598Bussy vs pussy: What are some pros and cons of each? Which is better?[View]
29438536I'm probably late to this, but....lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61jryC1iGRE[View]
29427609/hornygen/: someone actually asked me yo send them feet pics, and shoe pics. im on cloud 9[View]
29440301>on hrt for 2 weeks >weight cycling, gained 3kg >already significant boob growth >zero o…[View]
29441637The advantage of trannies is that you can cuck them with a real woman and they won't do anythin…[View]
29436770after my first trip on shrooms and a recent trip on acid ive come to accept the fact that im gay and…[View]
29441575Haha it’s not like I’m trans or anything. I mean I wear clothes not intended for my gender but only …[View]
29441295it is ok to date a tranny although she was born male, but only if she is hot and you use her as a pr…[View]
29441257>https://vocaroo.com/1lFQTSCZuQ1N What did she mean by this?[View]
29436537I'm starting to see ftms treated better than mtfs[View]
29441693I jerk off to that new women's pooping ad, is this AGP?[View]
29441192ummmmmm….: post on passgen, mixed bag but a lot of people saying i’m ugly and look like a man check…[View]
29439495/gayge/ — Gay General: Schizo Edition: Previous: >>29437114 Thread Theme: https://www.youtube.…[View]
29441127Worried about Zoomers: I'm worried for Zoomers, they keep getting cucked by older men stealing …[View]
29440733A few days ago I turned 31. As such I can no longer say I am 30. I have to say I am older than 30. E…[View]
29430145>a grown man makes a 13 minute video seething over a fictional gay couple…[View]
29441152How ya doing?[View]
29436850My ex bf has hit me up again. He dumped me when i had a mental breakdown but now im looking 9/10 he…[View]
29439422>be me >ftm >2 years on T >had top surgery >everyone defaults to he >normal dude i…[View]
29440535where to find bf?: I suspect I'm a disgusting hon. I've only been using grindr. I get flak…[View]
29439559AGPs aren't real women, you know. You simply cannot refute it. Their whole childhoods were as '…[View]
29440593Bow down to our queen: >At age 17, she was rejected from college. >At age 25, her mother died …[View]
29440624Daily reminder for girls who happen to be trans: I support you. If 1 billion people supported you, I…[View]
29437530>becoming hrt femboy >dont want to go back to a male name what do…[View]
29440590not enough diversity: where are all the gay bottom, cis lesbian or nonbinary posters? i love my tran…[View]
29439732>look in the mirror >see a very cute twinkhon looking back at me >look away for a moment …[View]
29433347Are you worth more than an order of chick fil a nuggets? Be honest /tttt/.[View]
29440410i want to die: i go onpassgen and just get reminded of how completely and totally FUCKED i am its so…[View]
29441104Help Closet Friend: Have a friend that could benefit from some outreach from the LGBT, and specifica…[View]
29441020the worst fate is of the youngshit who diy’s estrogen with unsupportive parents in a bad environment…[View]
29441087Which Beach Boy would pass the best as a Beach Girl?[View]
29441024Question for Cis and Trans folk: Confused about my own gender. If I don't think about my finger…[View]
29440300every time i look in the mirror i either look like a cute faggot or like my father[View]
29440600>trans man, recently begun to take transitioning seriously again >feel alive >am the lonel…[View]
29439938Why do you trannies fall for the ffs meme when us chasers love your long angular face[View]
29437727How do I get better at cding without taking hrt?: I currently feel that recreationally dressing as m…[View]
29440850>have to apply to colleges now >have to do 4 more years of this bullshit how viable is detrans…[View]
29438899Does /lgbt/ believe in the occult or demons? Also if your name is Mara, you have to post itt![View]
29440829YWABAW f<3[View]
29440393IM SAD AND NEED BF NOW: i need a boyfriend please any cute twink in the aarhus, denmark area hmu NOW…[View]
29436741I asked a boymoder I know if I could pay to cuddle them and they said yes.[View]
29439272what am i?: so im in this weird situation where im a cis dude. im attracted mostly to other guys, bu…[View]
29436156>former fujo >don't see why cis gay guys didn't like the usual BL/yaoi content >t…[View]
29440687As a chaser, theres nothing that sounds better in the world than a tranner's voice whose been v…[View]
29440174Chaserbros...: Does picrel mean my gf doesn't really love me?[View]
29436814what do tranner balls smell like?[View]
29440529meow: meow[View]
29438366fujoshi cucks?: >be twink on grindr >cute guy approaches me, only slightly older, straight-lo…[View]
29438310Bottoms should all be subject to arranged marriages. They don’t deserve to control their own future.[View]
29439838So how many of you have actually read Blanchard?[View]
29440159how many calories should I eat for hrt weight cycling to work?? Idk how to calculate them and also i…[View]
29440388I hate trannies and this board so much that I finally decided to stop repping and I get hrt next wee…[View]
29438698just watched dune again: we should start a breakaway tranny eugenic order like a mix of the Bene Ges…[View]
29436400We have to stop thinking computers. I'm fucking shaking rn.[View]
29439177Babytrans hrt help: I'm trying to order hormones but it's so so scary and stressful I coul…[View]
29437516>me >japanese tranny >no white chad bf please excuse my shitty begging attempt…[View]
29436049Why don’t more tranners show off their bulge?[View]
29439855I WILL have loving, passionate sex with an ethereal androgynous babe and YOU CANNOT STOP ME[View]
29437385Do bisexuals feel superior to homos?[View]
29438915This valentine's day, I would love a boymoder to give me homemade chocolate.[View]
29439321Is it true that Christians and other Abrahamic religions think I'm going to Hell because I fell…[View]
29440069february pinterest board thread: POST YOUR PINTERST BOARDS FOR THE MONÞ !!!![View]
29440059what happened to dakooters? did she kill herself?: i watched all her videos, and she sounded like sh…[View]
29437973hon?: Why do you call all trans women hon, as in twinkhon, gigahon, everything is hon?[View]
29437491I had a dream one of you made a thread that you were a 'Stu Pickles moder' which is a form of repres…[View]
29437854i hate being a brunette tranny. i feel as though ive been forsaken. why is life so cruel. lol .[View]
29439910I'm retarded I fell for a phishing scheme on discord and lost a friend I added on here named ja…[View]
29435004being a midshit is literally the worst thing ever[View]
29435781If all you're doing is taking HRT and you're not actively learning how to be and living as…[View]
29439040Arguing with cis and theyfabs people while stealth: >Having discussion with cis people and some t…[View]
29436939wtf do i do after i've done the whisper siren for a while? i can speak with my larynx raised no…[View]
29436488plucking ass hairs[View]
29439625Sem meme, pq maioria dos lgtv curte essa parada? Não seria meio suspeito? Será q a ervinha não liber…[View]
29437777im a cis male but im so mef that im transitioning. now its about becoming more disciplined so that i…[View]
29439678hair recovery on hrt: >2 Years of hair recovery. 35-37, estrogen, minoxidil, 1750 follicle hair t…[View]
29439426how do I get a sense of style I wanna girlmode but I don't know what to wear or anything I…[View]
29439610I fell in love with a trannyyyy and now I'm in troubleeeeee I fell in love with a trannyyyy I…[View]
29438580I have a purging cycle of: >Quitting the troon board, cause I remembered how much I h*ted tranner…[View]
29431290Average AMAB height is 5'9'. Why are so many MtFs (passing or otherwise) like 6'0-6'3…[View]
29439395If gender roles didn't exist, would trannies still claim to be the opposite sex?[View]
29438482what happens when you visibly look trans? (in a semi-accepting city) I got the classic tranny bangs,…[View]
29439546He's right you know: Youngshits get what they deserve[View]
29438378Will breast augmentation remedy my chest situation or am I just fucked.[View]
29438561>Anon... will you be my Valentine? You're going to find a bf to tell you this in a couple we…[View]
29430310any other trannies addicted to stimulants? When I'm taking speed or mephedrone I feel like I sh…[View]
29439176Oh I am fuming. FUMING!!! Why does Donald Trump have to interfere over kids wanting to transition at…[View]
29438945I recently figured something out about myself. I found out after a long time that I'm not attra…[View]
29439368do you think there's more cis women who support/tolerate their crossdressing husbands than ones…[View]
29439066sisters wtf the chuds got one of us! >>>/pol/414602811[View]
29437710how do i stop my brain: >20 yr old mtf tranner 4 months hrt >very good progress due to femboy …[View]
29437137Lately I've been cumming before going out en femme: > be me a mid 20s crossdresser questioni…[View]
29438469I'd rather be palatable to be normies than happy I'd rather repress parts of myself to avo…[View]
29432327Reject femboys, embrace fembros.[View]
29433686You guys made my best friend turn into a tranny: >Best friend of all time for like 5 years sudden…[View]
29437657>teenagers me never felt like a boy Still a boy tho >first time I played with my ass was becau…[View]
29439082do cis people care if a trans person doesn't have a passing voice?[View]
29438706Friend might be ftm: >be me, mtf tranny >friends with theyfab >they're pretty feminine…[View]
29438975Could transitioning have saved them?: Also, why do so many tranners listen to black metal?[View]
29439053How do I make time go by faster so that I blink and suddenly wake up 4 years hrt t. 6 months hrt[View]
29437083Is it true that drinking milk makes your boobs bigger?[View]
29438708are trans men even a thing here[View]
29439058>a cups after literally one week of hrt i was planning on boymoding until i at least passed a lit…[View]
29438935If there is such a concept as gold star agp, I am it.: I have never in my entire 10+ years of mastur…[View]
29438803I HATE BEING NAUSEOUS ALL THE TIME: i hate being nauseous all the time i hate being nauseous all the…[View]
29432871>read a manga >get your dysphoria triggered so hard I still want to kms one the day later Not…[View]
29436763is it anti semitism if i hate him[View]
29438319I am a cisgender person. it feels like my trans peers and friends are intentionally looking for oppo…[View]
29436256I, as a from now on former incel, want to transition to be a real mans wife! Where do I begin my 'jo…[View]
29432369Please be serious: Tell me how you can you think its a good idea to do pic related with men without …[View]
29434413why was i born this way[View]
29437966do i still have hope or do i take the agp pill??: im transfem but i kinda look butch but what can i …[View]
29434700i’ll never be small or cute or dainty because god ddcided to make me a 6 foot tall tranny guys want …[View]
29437906would chasers date an ex catholic trans girl who needs help being comfortable with intimacy and is s…[View]
29438528Is AGP unattractive in men? I dont want to have to troon out just to be able to indulge my fetish wi…[View]
29379847/clg/ Cis Lesbian General - Orc Edition: QOTT: 1. Who wins fight, cunning but brutal or brutal but c…[View]
29438526>pass >mild psychomotor retardation Depression made me a bimbo…[View]
29434325>got my balls removed yesterday >bf said I've thrown away all my masculinity so I'm …[View]
29438411Girls belong with girls.[View]
29431482is it morally okay to have sex with a 16 year old trans woman??: we are both from iowa and we met on…[View]
29435164What do you do on days where you feel really down? I had a shitty day, dreamt bad stuff and have bee…[View]
29438028Is this correct? : Bisexual men who are switches or bottoms are actually repping tranners[View]
29434521This is what happens when theyfabs try to transition, does she deserve it or not?[View]
29435769Brain gender exists and it's usually same as genetic gender. David Reimer is the best proof.[View]
29437796chaserbros... she's so stunningly beautiful and i will never get to meet her .. it hurts[View]
29438106i need advice: everyday i wallow in loneliness and depression. i have been transitioning for 7 years…[View]
29434121Homosexual Literature: Hello, I sincerely hope this is the correct place to ask this question. Howev…[View]
29434177could trooning out save her?[View]
29435773tefuse to use someone's legal name - Get fired- Cry about it[View]
29437976Normalize wearing stealth suits to conceal masculine facial features[View]
29436529would the transition have changed Dylan Klebold's destiny?[View]
29435622/mtfg/ transgirl general: Old: >>29433153 Links: http://pastebin.com/DEWd0zpP https://youtu.b…[View]
29433205sims 4 hon and poon update: wow thank you ea i feel very represented![View]
29435227.: Being a “youngshit” is the worst thing ever. >everyone thinks your life is easy >don’t fit…[View]
29437661Trying to change my name on documents in England is a fucking nightmare. Ive got all the necessary …[View]
29437091Am I just really gay or is he not that pretty as a girl? I find the left way more attractive than t…[View]
29437098Are you a transfem separatist?[View]
29436064how do i know i'm actually androphillic: what if i'm not bi with a male preference but act…[View]
29437559If you don't pass while wearing male clothes, you will never be a woman[View]
29434879am i hsts if i’m asexual pic unrel[View]
29437439Transbians are ruining my life man All my troon friends are getting pissed at me because I'm s…[View]
29434813>found out my mother is a ftm repper terf Kek[View]
29437350im gonna try out makeup again[View]
29436864it’s kinda funny how every time i start using this board again my self esteem drops and i feel like …[View]
29436611Would transition save her?[View]
29436575>have sex with my trans girlfriend >she starts crying after sex >I ask her what's wron…[View]
29436244how many gays do you think are anti-trans?: I was saying to someone recently that some gays are anti…[View]
29436176Would I pass with shorter hair?[View]
29432917>be me >lonely autistic (literal definition of) incel virgin, 3/10 at best >enroll into col…[View]
29436582is there any specific kind of brain damage i can inflict to turn myself aro/ace[View]
29437062Going to get phalloplasty, because a fucked up dick is better than none at all.[View]
29437199hrt for 2 years: and i got gendered male again at work by an old lady god i am so permafucked DONT L…[View]
29422650How come so many women(both cis and trans) have multiple piercings while guys(mostly cis but some tr…[View]
29437165I've already had 10 sessions, but there's still a lot of hair at the chin and much more in…[View]
29435979my practice gf has been talking a lot about marriage and children recently. She does know that we ch…[View]
29436983Cucked by mods yet again.[View]
29437012How common is it to be an anxiously attached MtF? How do you deal with it? No getting a bf does not…[View]
29436637Why do all gay men just want sex? I just want to have a normal bf.[View]
29437008If I date a bi guy, will he not hide me from people and force our relationship to only take place in…[View]
29436961Did the Russians make you gay anon?[View]
29436392I deserve a tranny girl to be nice to me whenever I need to be cheered up and to support my dreams. …[View]
29427761>go to trans support group >offer a free voice lesson >all the hons say yes >'you sound …[View]
29427559how did you first learn about transgender people?: >middle school, watching tv with my dad >he…[View]
29431821>be me, redneck ftm >state banned HRT till 18, and now that I'm 18 nobody wants to let me…[View]
29432802Convince me not to transition.[View]
29419753/ftmg/: 'Nobody else was making it' edition QOTT1: Do or did you play Splatoon? QOTT2: If you do, wh…[View]
29432177My cis gf is getting impregnated by her best friend. They told me I can stay and hold her hand but I…[View]
29435185Why is your tranny lib queen keffals harassing our comrade empanada? Stop her or your kind will have…[View]
29432844At what point is it justified to detransition?[View]
29436547>rock music >programming >motorsport I'm terminally malebrained, no way around it :(…[View]
29436633is it bad that I like to smell my bfs clothes when he's away? he just smells so nice[View]
29433586Chaser here. I've been here for a little while now and I think I'm starting to know the di…[View]
29435775You can disagree with her tactics, but you have to admit she's done a lot to bring attention to…[View]
29436497[[Hello]]: Hello I am a hrt femboy, should I start an onlyfans?[View]
29436509>make friends through vidya and similar interests >most of them would ditch me if they found …[View]
29436354got AAP through AGP: I had AGP since the start of puberty, so intense that I would act in a feminine…[View]
29433866>see boymoder in class >wait until lecture is over >ask if (s)he wants a makeup lesson some…[View]
29434361Norway's most prominent gender clinician Dr. Esben Esther Pirelli Benestad lost their license o…[View]
29436091Female orgasms seem superior to male orgasms. They last longer and sometimes the girl freaks out and…[View]
29434737hay been thinking of trooning out for the past year do u guys think i have a chance be honest[View]
29435962Choosing a name: Hey, everyone! I'm preparing to begin transitioning (MtF). My birth name is Er…[View]
29434404This board should have flags like /pol/but for letters. Thoughts?[View]
29435496>tfw I fetishize what I fear[View]
294343766’7 chaser here: Where can I find female-height tranners? (5’6 and under), I find the size differenc…[View]
29436065How do I get over finding baby trans cringe?: I'm a tranny and a friend just came out but I cri…[View]
29435345Congratulations! You have been selected to participate in a new initiative to try and reintergrate y…[View]
29435179Is there any sport more gay than wrestling?[View]
29435820>boyfriend is sick >he's moody and quiet and doesn't want to talk much My feelings a…[View]
29434548why do women remove only their balls sometimes but not their dick? whats up with that[View]
29435378Daily reminder this board is an echo chamber. No one in the real world accepts you. If you think the…[View]
29434970does anal sex really cause anal cancer??: non-op youngshit here, I saw some pol tourists sayign anal…[View]
29434260How do I distract myself from dysphoria? Every way I can think off just won't cut it. Anime/man…[View]
29435623Good morning: Daily reminder that the old will die, and the young will inherit the earth. We just ha…[View]
29435770what would you do if you came across a boymoder who said you were out of touch, and she's out o…[View]
29435688Is it fembrained or malebrained to stress about being fembrained?[View]
29435774My trans furry enby gf is looking for ways to make her bussy more breedable. Any advice?[View]
29434786Transgenderism should be illegal, change my mind.[View]
29429595Why is this so common?[View]
29431915>got reminded of my abusive step father again >whole day ruined how was your day, /tttt/?…[View]
29433410The one true oppressed class: let's get real[View]
29434833I'm a chaser and I deserve sex[View]
29435244IWNBA thread: post your favorite '>IWNBA', or even the occasional YWNBA if you like. th…[View]
29434510>tfw height reduction surgery is impossible to afford and will pretty much fuck you up for life …[View]
29435517It's a shame that by the time (big if) we are able to detect gender dysphoria with greater accu…[View]
29435476Why do tranners only like chads or chuds?: Why must I be so undesirable as a male who has gone throu…[View]
29435284I managed to cure my bisexuality >used to fap to twinks/tranners and shitpost on lgbt >now fee…[View]
29432874server/friend thread basically add your disc tag and or server below if you want any trooners or fag…[View]
29433192Being gay is bad. Prove me wrong[View]
29434072>Consciously don't want to have children becaue I don't want my child to be a trans …[View]
29432936How do we gatekeep our community from fetishists?: They will never be valid and all they do is make …[View]
29434834If I took away those hormones would you die?[View]
29433010cheated on bf: Feel like I can’t tell anyone this so here it goes. me (mtf) cheated on my boyfriend …[View]
29435157We are too powerful[View]
29434801Post terrible TERF lyrics.[View]
29431315>waaahhh waahhh i'm so ugly!!!!! YOU ARE ALL FUCKING HOT AS HELL EVERY TRANS GIRL I HAVE SEE…[View]
29429222You're telling me gay people don't like this??[View]
29434519>This poor man was hanged and had his genitals mutilated. Who would do such a thing? And what…[View]
29435003it's all about the age you start hrt, right? genes have nothing to do with results[View]
29431046Should I be forced off hrt and to live as a gay man? Is this fate worse than death since I'm ho…[View]
29435035>go to work in a school >wait in the corridor for your scheduled thing to start >see a litt…[View]
29433327transgender relations in /tttt/: why are trannies here constantly arguing about who's a real on…[View]
29434819Can bottoms ride a motorcycle?[View]
29434803>doesn't have a BBC >expects others to call them a man Do black poonbros really?…[View]
29432435wOoOo: i curse your with tranny magic[View]
29434971Take the Porkpill tranners[View]
29434788You're a pretty girl.[View]
29434338Finally going to talk to my GP tomorrow about getting on hrt I'm gonna make it :)[View]
29434840im voicetraining[View]
29433153/mtfg/: >>29429478 http://pastebin.com/DEWd0zpP (embed) qott: whats ur favorite soup?[View]
29430103a long term study on adolescent transition just dropped: 20 years of data on children who medically …[View]
29434704it's pretty fun to gaslight young insecure men into taking hormones, you should try it anon.[View]
29433961Isaac Uncooked: LOL[View]
29433303Will estrogen stop my pedo rebranches?[View]
29431123why does hrt seem to do so much on some trannies and absolutely nothing on others??[View]
29434401when does it get better: 2 months hrt 4mg 12.5 AA a day only have fucking nipple pain and body/ wais…[View]
29432723ITT we post characters we love but get intense dysphoria from[View]
29431042How can trans girls even compete?[View]
29434047should i spend the last few hundred dollars i have on a ton of meth and start go back to repping on …[View]
29434165women seem to be manipulative, demand too many things, and basically want someone that's perfec…[View]
29434107I love being a girl!!! Taking hormones and being a girl makes me so happy!!![View]
29428385Post t4t transbian smut.[View]
29432334but since we're all gonna die, theres one more secret i have to share with you i do not like th…[View]
29434100Why does everyone hate me for being ftm and not taking test?[View]
29434311gaining weight makes you pass less not more[View]
29434286is noodle a boymoder?[View]
29434236i want my boyfriend to block 4chan from my phone abd do my meal prep for me. is this too much to ask…[View]
29432019What’s worse than being a shoulderhon?: >immediately clocky >clavicle surgery is risky and ext…[View]
29434137what caused you to be trans?: i used to always think i was born like this, but honestly i've be…[View]
29433807What kind of girls do BiChads like?[View]
29434148why do so many gay dudes look, act, and talk like faggots[View]
29434108>i will never impregnate and make a biological mother out of my trans gf…[View]
29433837Paasoids did you know you were going to pass before starting?: Did u have hope for passing as a girl…[View]
29434084Ummm I just woke up from a dream that basically said my relationship with my boyfriend is a feeble a…[View]
29433447Men do not categorically represent a violent threat to women. People should be judged as individuals…[View]
29430033just found out i have cPTSD: really sad, but also nice to know I won't always be an empty husk …[View]
29428240is it even worth transitioning if i dont rly feel upset about not being a woman: i get really happy …[View]
29428816How ya doing?[View]
29433878Gay bros. How awkard was your first kiss with another dude? More so on how it looked than how it fe…[View]
29427878im fat am i supposed to lose weight before or after starting hrt[View]
29432516>token e celeb trans friend detransitioned: what the fick how you go from a sam hyde fan to a tra…[View]
29433711I hate lesbians because they got something I never will. For free.[View]
29433556anons you adore: What anons do you want to hold (fuck) lovingly >f1nn pic because those threads …[View]
29433397I'm scared of men, how do I get over that fear?[View]
29433737how to phone sex better[View]
29430979Oof, I thought my transition was at least a 2/10 but I saw myself in HD for the first time: and it s…[View]
29433513What's the point of transitioning if it will not make me a real woman, nor will it make me look…[View]
29432061Why are there no passoids who started HRT at 19? Sure, you see plenty who started at 18 or 20, but n…[View]
29433471AGP hate thread[View]
29431699Did anybody else just become numb to their dysphoria?: I've noticed within the past six months …[View]
29432787the bad thoughts are back >hate myself for being gay >hate myself for not being cis >hate o…[View]
29430454How do I get invited to the secret /tttt/ boymoder slumber parties?[View]
29430261Haha, so true![View]
29431997i like cocktra and wank 1 boymoder[View]
29429583>go to uni >don't want to join the weird lgbt majors like psych or theater or something …[View]
29424033Youngshits Pass: Why didn't you make an effort to take it HRT when you were young? Why wait and…[View]
29430243Does your ability to solve the water level test pass?[View]
29431092socially detransitioning because i cut my hair too short and will be more successful with men as an …[View]
29430435If you unironivally call yourself a trans 'girl' rather than a trans woman i'm just going to as…[View]
29432940Everytime someone misgenders me I roll russian roulette[View]
29426543/gaygen/ gay general: old >>29424797[View]
29433247would transitioning have saved her??[View]
29428633just sucked an incel boy's dick and he treats me like a goddess now >mfw having a powertrip …[View]
29433044Do I need to recalibrate my gaydar, or is there no goddamn way this man is interested in chicks? No …[View]
29433088guys MEH BAK[View]
29433139i want to be pretty like the manmoders here[View]
29427888Bottoms belong in the kitchen, but tops do the actual cooking. Bottoms are on prep & dish-bitch …[View]
29433173Total repressor suicide (me)[View]
29432898is it true that boymoders can get pregnant?[View]
29421342When did you get over your 'right-wing' phase and come to terms with who you really are?[View]
29430705Tranners. You are on your way home from your degenerate diaper transbian polycule orgy. You are mess…[View]
29433100could transitioning have saved jimmy urine?[View]
29428340Who was in the wrong here: >Pooner rejects girl for being bisexual because that implies she ackno…[View]
29428926post evidence of transwomen with female brains[View]
29433021Why did my parents force me to exist like this? The cruelest joke ever.[View]
29431512>ethereal hrt femboy barista smiles as [s]he hands you your coffee How do you open?…[View]
29424272/tbg/ transbian general: mom edition a thread for trans women who love women! >where is wlwg? Ove…[View]
29428156fuck you chasers fuck all of you you're all such terrible people manipulative pieces of shit al…[View]
29430564Don’t get why people seethe over him being hot as a girl, attractive people are just attractive in g…[View]
29432795>i keep accidentally calling twinks with nasally voices she[View]
29432058should i (25 mtf) be thankful for any man that's willing to date me?[View]
29424838the modern lesbian experience: maybe the problem is that i've been looking on dating apps and n…[View]
29431117being an afab femboy is based: >can wear both gender clothing in public without getting judged …[View]
29426710Reason #556 why cis lesbians should date trans women: biological children! We can impregnate you, an…[View]
29432820how to cope with being male[View]
29429726why is it so hard to find sugar daddies that like femboys fuck[View]
29432766hided all da fweds uwu: hide fwedd hide fwead hide fweed hide fwed[View]
29432366how do i cope with looking like a man nearly every tranny that started at my age completely mogs me …[View]
29432566am i actually bi: >be me >gayden >keep fantasizing having a tall muscle mommy dom order me…[View]
29431036how do i make the older, cool mature guy at my job fall in love with me as a passing tranny? i wanna…[View]
29430297i read about youngshits again: night ruined[View]
29431044plsplsplsplsplspls: how to get girlfriend and or make friends that want to and will forcibly feminiz…[View]
29432150Will I ever find love again?: >be me >first boyfriend >5 months in >he comes over to han…[View]
29429305I need good HRT hiding spots, if my parents find my hrt I am fucked, the syringes and hrt are curren…[View]
29432514>be me >go on /tttt/ >add interesting thread to thread watcher >thread immediately dies …[View]
29432563how do i tell my bf that i want to top him[View]
29431271i was voice chatting with a friend and one of his flatmates asked 'are you a tranny?' because of my …[View]
29432133help with gock: how do i make my dick smaller without using a chastity cage. even after 2 years hrt …[View]
29432277I asked an e girl 'do it fart?' and she got all offended. Why are girls like this it's just tum…[View]
29429485Why do trans people love him so much?: Unironic question. It feels like Joe Biden's most reliab…[View]
29429532if god really loved any of us he wouldve put us in the right sex.: god makes trans people for shits …[View]
29432531Double standard?: How come there's so many threads and public opinion sharing about deligitimiz…[View]
29432449h9o rwEOASN 235rjp3tj5tj5drhzfe3vdowet4hoihosdfnklngcxmewisdKXCL:VNoiSDKLV[View]
29429930Are cis men who transition because they can't meet the social expectations put on men valid?[View]
29431018does anyone have those screenshots of the redditor who did DIY orchiectomy on herself and then put h…[View]
29432470too all the bottoms[View]
29432038>2 years on HRT >fat distribution still distinctly male >try weight cycling meme >get f…[View]
29429378I got a swimsuit!: I think I’m gonna go swimming without anxiety for the first time. Picrel[View]
29432320why are queer zoomers retarded?: >trans people that don't make an effort to pass >ace peo…[View]
29424943Troon pilot: I want to be a pilot, but I also want to be on hrt. Here’s my problem: >can’t start …[View]
29430463Do you know/suspect of someone who is a real life John, 50?[View]
29427226i want to kiss a boymoder why this is happen?[View]
29425451does my voice pass?: rate please :) (22 months voice training) https://vocaroo.com/1m1Tw7ss0bXt…[View]
29431829what's the deal with gender euphoria hate? when you really want to do something but your enviro…[View]
29430932So, I started HRT (estradiol) Oct.19th and Spiro in September. I was pretty muscular, had a flat sto…[View]
29429875should i loose weight, then start hrt or should i start now and try to loose weight on estrogen?[View]
29430930are there any men who look like this and want to date hrtwinks . asking for a friend[View]
29427981Is it ok to misgender agps if you don't want them to get an euphoria boner?[View]
29431503Most beautiful American woman vs average Russian woman[View]
29431907Losing Weight on HRT: I started HRT while I'm 60 pounds overweight. How fucked am I? I plan on …[View]
29429666So i transitioned to female. I've only ever slept with women, and i tried sleeping with a man. …[View]
29430097What part of the brain causes dysphoria? I'm tired of useless medical solutions to this mental …[View]
29431244What is there to voice training other than raising your Larynx? The big dog small dog and whisper si…[View]
29431462Its so over for me Im never gonna pass and i want to be hateboxed but i dont want to post a picture …[View]
29428162How do I find a repper to forcefem?: >be chasoid >date a trans girl >she has a force-fem fe…[View]
29430678do you like the term AMAB?[View]
29429478/mtfg/ - Male to Female General: group bonding edition >>29426425 http://pastebin.com/DEWd0zpP…[View]
29430805I'm considering chemical or physical castration: I was raised by a single mother who reminded m…[View]
29429936>be hsts ftm >afab with penis envy >have debilitating mommy dom fetish >fap to the thoug…[View]
29431480Does cypro work like regular prog on boobs? I feel like my boobs got a much more aesthetic shape eve…[View]
29431502boyfriend left me[View]
29427389What will be the safest countries to live in for transgenders in the future?[View]
29426982Would the world be a better place if incels were castrated and forced to take E at a young age? I.e …[View]
29428948Is it fine to transition while overweight?: Im not neckbeard level shit wor whatever but i do have a…[View]
29431219Why can't you just accept yourself for what you are?[View]
29431223So how many of you used to be chuds who browsed sites like kiwi farms?[View]
29425021im broke and all out of weed sisters(bros)[View]
29429566Sent my cis girl Best friend a screen shot from here and she found the thread in 5 minutes: Bro I…[View]
29426722>le Harry Potter and Le Magic Cake game >calling it dangerous to trans people and demanding pe…[View]
29430897Guys, quick question. How do I react when I get beaten up for being trans? The people are fucking re…[View]
29428943/drunkgen/: Decided to make this thread on a whim. QOTT: What are y'all drinking? picrel is wha…[View]
29429630Moй пapeнь игнopиpyeт мeня.[View]
29428561I hate being a bi tranny: It literally just means I'm absolutely and utterly undesirable by men…[View]
29428627watching Lost Pause until I kill myself[View]
29430493Have you ever fucked one of those twitter twinks/femboys? What's your story?[View]
29430870Hey guys don't forget to moisturize your feet c:: I'm a totally straight cis male btw Don…[View]
29426927anyone here have feet as their biggest source of dysphoria i can't even bear people talking abo…[View]
29429579What if suddenly all boymoders/manmoders/hrt femboy magically turn into attractive girls. How would …[View]
29429552I'm basically a star here. Kiss my pinky ring peasants[View]
29426582This board is a chaser psyop to make you easy to manipulate: Do not listen to the chasers and the pa…[View]
29430723women are objects, and I want to be objectified[View]
29430639are LGBT just fetishes[View]
29430684when is a trans girl going to take my v-card?[View]
29427787News Flash for all trannies: If you are anorexic/bulimic, you are hondosing yourself. The female bod…[View]
29430365Why are lesbians angry all the time?[View]
29430603DEAL WITH IT: There are only 2 genders.[View]
29430542can hrt make you androphilic as a tranner or gynophilic as pooner? if so why aren't christians …[View]
29430544I am sick and tired of AFABs portraying gay guys as androgynous women.[View]
29430540>get hit on by a cute guy in class >'haha thanks man, but I'm straight' >dick gets roc…[View]
29430527tranny but wish i was a man: help. sometimes i wish j was a man . even though im not and when i try …[View]
29430163>live as a cis woman offline >get treated normally >don't bring up being trans when on…[View]
29424895Do twinks like twinkies?[View]
29424238>be khv 21yo >start browsing for depressing shit all across the internet, come across ‘trauma…[View]
29427701post hot men for me to simp over[View]
29428663what stage do you think i'm in now[View]
29429855Would trans girls be offended if they found out that their cis male friend jerks off to pictures of …[View]
29429432how do I show off my top surgery without telling people I got surgery (stealth ftm): I have sheer sh…[View]
29428855is anyone else terrified of losing access to hrt? as trans people, we need to take meds for our enti…[View]
29430192they cuddling!!!!: my pet dog is cuddling with blahaj m crying so sweet[View]
29427579Is it ok to call trans women he if they have clearly expressed a desire to be called she but you do …[View]
29425317I wish there was a tranner space like 4chan that just didn't have all the transphobes, transmed…[View]
29426019detransing even if i am definitely trans just because i dont think i have a chance of making it is s…[View]
29429458Up until a year ago I unironically thought women peed from their ass because that's what I was …[View]
29427094Florida is literally fucked >book bans in school for teaching anything about lgbt >can’t teac…[View]
29429030the only way to accurately know if a ftm is truetrans or a trender is what form his testosterone is …[View]
29424814do i pass as a guy or would u be able to tell i was trans by looking at me: two creepy random dudes …[View]
29422285At what age to people usually get FFS? How long into hrt are they? I'm 19yo and if possible pl…[View]
29429644I’m never dating a cis woman ever again. I’ve always hated how much women want to be taken out. They…[View]
29428936how do i make myself attracted to transmasc ftms/enbys? this is a serious question[View]
29432121Will AI ultimately be our ally, or our enemy?[View]
29428782do i pass[View]
29427058I want a tranny to turn me into a tranny.[View]
29427079Transbians and feminism?: Why are transbians so drawn to feminism? Don't you see that they hate…[View]
29429392can i still call myself straight if im like a kinsey 1????? or am i bi t.ranny attracted to men and …[View]
29426530/Gaygen/ Gay General - Mark Beard Edition: Do you have any homoerotic artists you enjoy? Old thread:…[View]
29429100searching for someone </3[View]
29428891>boymoding at work >lady accidentally calls me miss and profusely apologizes fuck its happenin…[View]
29399722Passing is a myth and everyone who claims they pass is an anglefraud[View]
29427871Question: Why are all the pretty passing trans women lesbians who hate men? The only androphilic (me…[View]
29429208Honmoders calling themselves boymoders: >pretends they are better than honmoders because they are…[View]
29428254My /pol/ friend came out as gay and he's the obnoxious fucking faggot bottom: Like Jesus fuckin…[View]
29427130>be troon >go on dating app >Set orientation to bi >Men mostly seem like normal, decent,…[View]
29428472>be me >get ffs >get botched I don’t want to be botched but I know it will happen cause I’m…[View]
29428423Human tier list: S >Passing MtFs They lost the genetic lottery but they woke up and put effort t…[View]
29424773Just take the goddamn pinkpill: Just quit wasting your life repressing and troon out already, even i…[View]
29426531What do I tell people I am: I'm a crossdresser with passing as the objective and not just weari…[View]
29428358Transgirls should be (t4t) transbians until they're ready for marriage. This has been what real…[View]
29429018there's literally nothing wrong with chasers and im tired of pretending there is. if they arent…[View]
29423183Hmm.: Am I gay or just a furry?[View]
29428170how does boymoder fashion look like?[View]
29426341tfw no transfem spouse with rhotacism. It is so fucking adorable.[View]
29428662What is it called when you get off to imagining you're a hot passing tranny with maybe some hon…[View]
29428298I like cute men, but they usually smell like ass.[View]
29426664I was never dysphoric: I only transitioned because I’m attracted to myself as a girl... Am I still v…[View]
29426036>malefail >brain immadiately starts coming up with excuses as to why it's not a real male…[View]
29428742Could I ever be seen as a 'real woman' by cis people? I e been told I pass and I'm always gende…[View]
29428772how do i trans out a cissoid?[View]
29422129Are you a virgin killer tranny?[View]
29426789Is looking at porn with sexy women, not with the intention to jerk off but to cry of jelaousy becaus…[View]
29425408What do you think of males to take HRT but never transition socially to a woman?[View]
29428715ok so this is controversial but what the fuck is meta attraction and does it even exist? Isn't …[View]
29428775i just ate two frozen pizzas now i have to fast 24hr :(((( theyre mid size so 800 cal per pizza but …[View]
29428322I don't give a shit anymore, I'm not holding back.: Cisgender, heterosexual people should …[View]
29424585>thinking you pass when you're over 5'6[View]
29415968I have a deprogramming fetish: I can square forced fem, I can square BDSM, I can square latex. I can…[View]
29420939>be me, bodybuilder >taking lots of trest >it makes me want to get RAW cummed in by trannie…[View]
29425979'Chaya Raichik is campaigning to endanger doctor's life knowing damn well what her followers wi…[View]
29426374ATTENTION REPPERS OR PRETRANS: if you're over 5'6, please don't transition. you will …[View]
29428682My 'mom' might be a repper what do. >be 20 >unwillingly on testosterone for 7 years >body k…[View]
29418100tranners, is there a cute way to refer to your butthole? what do you call it?[View]
29424658>not interested in a trans girl's pp >don't want to touch it >or suck it >try …[View]
29428622Would transitioning saved him?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WE82tqsLjq8 https://lyricstranslate.…[View]
29428241>date women my entire life >heh, everyone thinks I'm gay but I'm actually straight …[View]
29426450My female body makes me disgusted to my core, thinking about its curves and physical weakness makes …[View]
29424063Am I a bad person if I like big dicks? 'Coincidentally' I haven't slept with anyone smaller tha…[View]
29428331https://www.health.com/condition/acne/can-accutane-shrink-nose: Accutane shrinks nose(the oils gland…[View]
29426791Are bi trans women: AGP or HSTs: - hooks up with cis men and trannies - hooks up with trans women an…[View]
29428223why are trans people (on avg) so ugly?: i know i know, there are exceptions to the rules. most of yo…[View]
29421459What kind of work does a HSTS trans girl ACTUALLY does? In other words, what counts as a 'girly' job…[View]
29428286childhood sex effects: I had a lot of sexual encounters as a child mostly with men and I came out ga…[View]
29428172Is it possible to be 'bisexual' but asexual towards one gender?: I've always been sexually attr…[View]
29417616Why does chud want to kill me I just want to be his friend[View]
29422268is baking more fembrained than cooking ?[View]
29426579does anyone remember that redditor who did orchiectomy on herself and then put her removed testicles…[View]
29425909Sometimes I think it would have been nice if I had been born a real girl.[View]
29425241BF is mad cause I'm bad at video games: >amab dating cisboy bf was really happy to know that…[View]
29426425/mtfg/ male to female general: worried edition >>29422787 http://pastebin.com/DEWd0zpP https:/…[View]
29418233is there any hope of getting a boyfriend early transition: i’m 18, mtf, and 3 months on estrogen, tu…[View]
29427697I'm more female: I wasn't born with a full set of parts. I didn't have functional tes…[View]
29427114How do I know if I'm AGP, HSTS, TruTrans (if that's a thing), or just a chaser?: Is there …[View]
29427543JK Rowling drama is a psyop to promote HP: Harry Potter was dying down before JKR came out as a TERF…[View]
29428000Post cute doggirl art[View]
29412819does a haircut actually help you pass better or will it just look like a woman's haircut on a m…[View]
29425485anamoding is retarded if you're mtf how stupid do you have to be to expect female development …[View]
29425469tranners of /lgbt/: some chud just sent this to me.... is it true?[View]
29426522Trannies in my D&D group: I DM for a D&D group that's been going on for several years. …[View]
29427039So, now that ai has taken over music, art, code and porn what will be the workfield for future trann…[View]
29426467Why are so many FtMs into animals and animal dicks? They're all degenerates.[View]
29427552One day the field of voice feminization will progress so much that the clockable gay tranny voice wi…[View]
29427211Are there any cis men who are attracted to trans men even if they never get to have PIV sex with the…[View]
29427646>You will never carry a child from another woman why even live?[View]
29426836Should I kill myself to teach them a lesson?[View]
29426168>veiny feet even after more than a year on HRT What am I doing wrong? My levels are fine.... I ca…[View]
29425921my teacher wears pink nail polish and pink clothes. except he is a big fat hairy man. is he a faggot…[View]
29427231>you will never be a woman >you are mockery of femininity >also molests me and gropes my bo…[View]
29426105do 6ft+ tranners enjoy being princess carried[View]
29425865tinder test: do you get 99+ likes on tinder within 5 minutes of making an account?[View]
29424450Would any passoids with chad chaser bfs share their bf with a hon like me? As an act of charity.[View]
29423039Tiny dick gf: Where do i find a tiny little numb dick tranny gf? I wanna tickle that little clitty a…[View]
29427291How much does estrofem or sublingual estrogen cost as well as anti androgens down in Mexico.[View]
29426464Do trans girls like boy musk?[View]
29424735Should I dump my bf bros? He doesn't want to properly dominate me, abuse me, rape me, put me in…[View]
29427157apparently i no longer pass as male or female: wat do? i'm not NB. it kinda sucks being stuck i…[View]
29426705>estrogen made me starting wanting to top buff men's butts >mfw 4 inch dick (probably alr…[View]
29423382Of Pathologic Classic and Pathologic 2, which is more fembrained?[View]
29426445>get ffs >have them go lite so it's natural >they don't go heavy enough so it…[View]
29426978Is there a way an ally can help the cause of trans liberation while living in the capital of TERF is…[View]
29425498what do you cute trannies smell like?[View]
29425877how do boymoders prepare for the massive sexing up? do they stockpile food and drinks in their basem…[View]
29353605/frengen/, peak a boo edition: Frengen. You already know the drill, post below and make friends. QOT…[View]
29424520In my ideal society All ugly and unnatractive incels have 2 options: 1) Stay ugly incels, but work a…[View]
29426027talked to trans person for the first time irl!: >be at the bus and see someone from college who i…[View]
29426536getting a lot of scam popups here today when i never used to, what gives[View]
29426611How do I do all the dysphoria measurements I see posted on here? I want more specific reasons to wan…[View]
29426330Could transitioning have saved her?[View]
29426056Is it transphobic to be a passoid and hate on hons?[View]
29425275Age of the twinkhon?: Why do cis women keep getting twinkhonification surgery? Clearly Hollywood and…[View]
29424797/gaygen/ hanging with the boys edition: from >>29421978[View]
29426336>think about wearing cute clothes >feel body immediately start to pump blood to my penis…[View]
29420475I regret nothing.: I got castrated last month to satisfy my sissy fetish and to spite my family, AMA…[View]
29413867well isn’t this lovely: gear up troons, this moral panic isn’t going away any time soon https://twit…[View]
29424850Experimental hip peptides?: Someone mentioned using relaxin and some peptides for hip growth, but di…[View]
29424624I've noticed that trying to project my voice fowards makes it much easier to sound more fem wit…[View]
29424081Need: >Bf that dresses me up in cute outfits whenever he wants for his own pleasure. >Bf that…[View]
29426016Daily reminder for girls who happen to be trans: I support you. If 1 billion people supported you, I…[View]
29424641Why are theyfabs obsessed with forcing everyone to say 'folx'?[View]
29424940Went to see Donnie darko last night Was surprised how many transmascs showed up at the cinema Is Don…[View]
29418113Why r chasers like this?: Am I overreacting? In bed with nerdy (maybe autistic ) guy He talks about …[View]
29422309if you are shitting on nonbinary afab people or 'theyfabs' because you don't understa…[View]
29424913As a trans lesbian woman, I have waged countless arguments on the internet defending gay men from ho…[View]
29425705So when did you first start jerking off to the idea of being a woman?[View]
29426038my chest feels weird: >be me >started hrt a week ago >chest starts feeling weird this is it…[View]
29426029Why did no one warn me about flaky nips from hrt?: No one ever mentions the flaky peeling skin on ni…[View]
29425826Just realized I pass and that I'm just ugly. This sucks, I'd rather be an attractive twink…[View]
29425271Help: So im almost 2 years into transition. When I started hrt I was transbian and only wanted to da…[View]
29421359whenever i browse /gif/ or /lgbt/ or literally any other board every once in a while i see webms lik…[View]
29424983Why do you think mtf is trash?: You call us trannies and traps and trooms like you're trying to…[View]
29426008How do I stop bullying myself[View]
29420388What band size is acceptable for trans women before entering hon territory?[View]
29425947wondering why I haven’t killled yet[View]
29424869I see no reason to play nice or not spit back when these people constantly spit poison from their mo…[View]
29420560It's Over[View]
29424429why?: Why can't you just accept that you have AGP?[View]
29422084I will always be a secondary woman. Husband asked if he could fuck an FtM. I could understand anothe…[View]
29422179Started HRT at 23,now almost 25. Is there any hope or should I just end this!? :((((((([View]
29422007Is there anything more toxic than internet LGBTs and 'allies' when you say something that mildly dev…[View]
29424491>started at 20[View]
29423771A warning to Irish Tranners: I have been medically detransitioning without knowing it due to the ast…[View]
29423424What does it mean if someone wants to be an anime (not 3d) girl?: Ok so I know someone who said he w…[View]
29421827>/tttt/ meetup in 2045[View]
29424250ITT we post public figure stealth passoids[View]
29425156Why must my subconscious m: >dreaming >in dream around perfect guy >much taller than me …[View]
29424557I hate being trans because all my friends are autistic[View]
294238002023 is the year of the hrt femboy[View]
29425027:((((((: im never gonna find someone like my dad i want to cry why are men so poor and short? im loo…[View]
29424902bottoms are just cats.: >likes to be played with, and pet. >might try to make you go softer o…[View]
29424364how do i become less malebrained and more puppybrained[View]
29419097I think my bf is/was an incel racist chud: >19y transfem dating a 23y cis boy for 4 months He is …[View]
29420910how many hearts have you broken anon?[View]
29423216I can't even put into words how unhappy I am and how little hope I have, every day I make no pr…[View]
29418895>friends and I are bullying a ftm transgender >we'll call him 'he' for the sake of this p…[View]
29415309/hornygen/: prev >>29389692[View]
29423078Im tired of repressing but i have no choice. I’ll never pass.[View]

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