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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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16247343Evidence that NO ONE IS BORN GAY! BEST ONLINE SOURCE: My Genes Made Me Do It -- A Thorough Scientifi…[View]
16247410>suddenly remember that my bf is mortal[View]
16247889i have an philippines friend who told me only the 'fair-skinned' people in the gay community are dee…[View]
16237636is this true? should you not let trans people in your company because they blow minor slights out of…[View]
16244696Chaser means ugly guy. Am I right or am I right?[View]
16246900how did u guys pay for your ffs its so expensive idk if i can afford it[View]
16248021What's the going rate for qt femboys on Grinder?[View]
16244560How do I leave boymode How do I leave boymode HOW DO I LEAVE BOYMODE[View]
16239526Bisexual vs. Pansexual: Can we please shift the conversation from whether labels are 'valid' and sta…[View]
16247629what's the point In trans pride: Isn't the point of trans to make it seem like you were bo…[View]
16247597European LGBT server: Discord server for all european posters. Gays, lesbians, bisexuals and trannie…[View]
16247910Remember that old reality show The Swan where they selected some sad ugly women from suburban Americ…[View]
16241922Blood: Want to talk about blood? I'm sad. Post your letter. Tell me what you like about blood.…[View]
16241725non passers in public: how do you other passers handle dealing with non passers IRL? I had a very ob…[View]
16244522pet names: >pet names you and your bf/gf/quasigender love bucket use between for each other >g…[View]
16245791>gf keeps bouncing her leg how do i stop her?[View]
16243718/gaygen/ - Frogeye Sprite Edition: Previous >>16240099 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHre536…[View]
16246107Turkish femboy: what was his name he was posted here months ago, long curly brown hair, could pass a…[View]
16244493chasers be like “waaaah i respect tranners so much im so nice and respectful wtf” all the tranners l…[View]
16235243I think Taf is the most attractive trans girl on earth, easily. No one would look at her and think …[View]
16246041/mtfg/ trans supremacy edition: cis people are dumb when was the last time trans people started a wa…[View]
16240868Sex toy+ thread: Share ur sex toy thought or questions. I just ordered Buck's ftm stroker and a…[View]
16243204he's right you know[View]
16240012are transwomen replacing afabs?: for a while now iv been thinking why there is so much female backla…[View]
16247239What are some of the worst reasons for transitioning?[View]
16246553Yes, Jesus was gay: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disciple_whom_Jesus_loved[View]
16245604James Charles: How long until she comes out? I think before the end of 2020 for sure[View]
16247370Fictional Lgbt: What is the worst part about being lgbt in Hogwarts? What is the worst part about be…[View]
16247074Boymoder needs help: I'm not attracted to my mom at all; she hasn't really shown any signs…[View]
16240769Where can I get women's cloths that fit overweight mtfs and transvestites?: I want to dress lik…[View]
16247045What are your transition goals? No anime[View]
16245588must take a lot of willpower to have an ED. I wish I had one so I could stop being a disgusting fat …[View]
16244259everyone make fun of willow itt[View]
16247077what's the best FFS you can get provided money doesn't matter? What lother surgeriees are…[View]
16225950Any LGBT here into raceplay?[View]
16245176If you could ever visit your child self, would they be surprised at how they turned out?[View]
16232553Turn ons: ITT: THINGS THAT TURN YOU ON Also post sexuality I'll start: Muscles Big butts >S…[View]
16243904>move to california >still no bf[View]
16245913>going to male prison HAHAHAHA[View]
16246195im a male but want to have nice curves and a thick ass to show off: is this agp? im not going on hrt…[View]
16246275is there any reliable way to find verifiably hiv negative trannies on the innernette[View]
16243215I think I've read to many men hating threads on internet forums and it's made me kind of p…[View]
16245468If trannies don't like using their pickles,: then how do they masturbate? checkmate. #moretrans…[View]
16246178pozzers scare: A month ago I exhibited all the symptoms of an acute HIV infection (lethargy, fever, …[View]
16246479Imagine being a girl and: >Be able to wear adorable and cute outfits in public (and have it be so…[View]
16246051I Really Wonder...: Is everyone making way to big of a deal about transitioning after 21? If you do …[View]
16244309does hrt really change the feeling of orgasms?: i have heard it sometimes but i am not sure (i haven…[View]
16240296Do boys mind if you're a khv tranner? If you're with me you'd be my first kiss...[View]
16244538Monetizing your transness: I'm a lefty but I'm also poor is there money in pretending to b…[View]
16244139can't tell if i'm trans, or just weird: im a guy, but i've always wanted to be one of…[View]
16243518ITT: post what mainstream social medias you use, your letter(s), and what your timeline/feeds look l…[View]
16235524I heard that shoulder reduction mimics the healing process used in fractures in the clavicles. Does …[View]
16244280Striking Vipers: Did /lgbt/ see this episode of Black Mirror? What were your thoughts on it? I feel …[View]
16238731is this right?[View]
16246110Example of FFS failures?: Are there any examples of FFS, by a quality surgeon, not being able to fix…[View]
16242649Believe it or not but this is actually a cis woman.[View]
16242774my 14 year old cousin wants to transition but his family is super religious and won’t accept him how…[View]
16244392/bigen/ Bislut General: Aesthetic Computer peripherals QOTT: What are your favorite computer periphe…[View]
16245572Can you be straight and date someone who is nonbinary?: i'm so fucking confused right now. like…[View]
16244177Trannies are toxic: Trannies are toxic people desu who are nothing but self centered and only think …[View]
16234702Ftm bros on T, do you like your voice?: Im pre t, but have a pretty deep voice for a bio female, but…[View]
16241965What do I do now?: Hey /tttt/ I am having a problem. I have fully transitioned and I don't know…[View]
16245668How do I stop being sad that I can't have my trans boyfriend's kids. He doesn't even …[View]
16240297As a trans lesbian, does having big heavily lactating boobs increase or decrease my chance of gettin…[View]
16239809Examples of attractive, passable mtfs?[View]
16233582how many of you penisgirls lounge around the house naked?[View]
16242712Never understood what you troons meant by how awkward you feel next to cis girls until I saw this we…[View]
16244561I'm sad :( My only friends are online on discord but they're mixed in with people who cons…[View]
16244374/lgbt/ doomer thread: When did you realize that life is pointless, and that nothing will ever get an…[View]
16244858>Be me three years ago >Mom gives me money to change my name >I chose Karen because my crus…[View]
16229895Post LGBT role models.[View]
16245116What the fuck does AGP/HSTS even mean anymore, and why would any self-respecting tranner ever use th…[View]
16245083https://youtu.be/kTzKzgTswzc im gay[View]
16235845Could this make someone psychologically resilient as an adult male?: Say if a heterosexual version o…[View]
16244870>like when guys have long hair >go outside >everyone's hair is long because of coron…[View]
16241828online dating is draining my soul but going outside causes me mental breakdowns[View]
16242433Femboys are based[View]
16232083ITT: >Go to https://picrew.me/image_maker/92646 >create an avatar Then post your: >Gender…[View]
16243387Is it normal to doubt being trans: Had a couple of good months, came out to my online friends, they …[View]
16244298I’m going crazy: The acronyms in this place are slowly breaking down my brains language processing c…[View]
16242387how does hrt affect weight loss and fat distribution? im not by any means fat , but there is some sm…[View]
16242084What percentage of MtFs were incels before transitioning?[View]
16240071I just want a trans gf. I like feminine looking faces,boobs,and cock but don't like men's …[View]
16223741'Straight' men who look for transgirls on Grindr...: ...I think they are just bi and repressing it. …[View]
16239655Does my anime taste pass?[View]
16243825I always thought it was normal to want to be the other gender.[View]
16242351/bigen/ ||Bislut General||: Quarantine Bideo Game Edition QOTT: What are you playing during the cris…[View]
16242472how do i find a nazi bf that'll degrade me and eventually hang me[View]
16228703>be guy >like girls and think they're attractive, but dont wanna have sex with them >d…[View]
16232356trans ethnostate when[View]
16238304Why are so many lesbians fat?[View]
16239411I'm honestly proud of her. she escaped this board and seems to be doing really well for herself…[View]
16243839Santana and Brittany forever: Praying Naya Rivera is found safe <3[View]
16243731Saw this online, honestly cant even tell if it's a troll or an actual support post. Whats your …[View]
16241810what makes someone look 'gay': >be me >take walk because im depressed > dude from apartment…[View]
16238875How many of you use this website?[View]
16240099/gaygen/ snickers dick vein edition: >>16237224[View]
16243666Is CeltyPlays a trap?[View]
16243667Anyone else watch Mathilda Hogberg's videos?: I love watching her videos, Mathilda and her boyf…[View]
16239290Was Jesus gay?[View]
16239430This is a thread for REAL ACE ISSUES[View]
16243141How can I be a TERF while being trans: So I agree with TERF ideology (gender critical feminism) almo…[View]
16225277Are trans women at risk for sex trafficking? Seems like that's more of a cis women thing.[View]
16239992>be boymoder >on hrt for 10 months >don’t put much effort into girlmoding yet (live with pa…[View]
16239958I can't repress any more. Do any other repressors or boymoders want to make a transition pact …[View]
16236892Oh my fucking god just stop with these top/bottom posts: I can't believe I'm saying this, …[View]
16239530Why don't all trans women emigrate to Germany? I've been living here for a while and I swe…[View]
16240917Why is transphobia on the rise? And what can I do to fill the Harry Potter shaped hole in my heart?[View]
16242008/mtfg/: links: https://pastebin.com/LyMhFmT4 last: >>16238249 good girl edition qott: are you …[View]
16243228Having sex with your dad is overrated. I had sex with mine for years and it was nothing special.[View]
16243277>tfw it's another day of intense jealousy of women and passing trannies inb4 take your pills…[View]
16241748I fug tran: Hey /lgbt/ I just got back home from having sex with a trans person off of tinder, she s…[View]
16243138Collecting shit: Does /lgbt/ collect anything? Trading cards, toys, coins, souvenirs, shoes, shiny r…[View]
16240410>already had a weak bladder and pee'd very easily >spiro makes me pee with even the sligh…[View]
16241378be honest…: how many of you are virgins?[View]
16241076I have realized that apart from liking men I also like women And I am proud to think that women are …[View]
16241173If the MTF who talked to me on Discord like a month ago still wants a paypig, add me on my new handl…[View]
16241629I'm a guy with a footlong beard and a dad bod but I think it would be cool to slim down and wea…[View]
16242411How cry?: Why can't I cry? I realy hate myself and my body, and dislike my life very much. I ki…[View]
16242581Hrt femboys and bodymodders are 100% valid and this board should treat them as such instead of alway…[View]
16240272>Why won't trans girls give chasers like me a chance[View]
16242253Ask a detransitioned mtftm anything: I came out as a trans woman about a decade ago in high school a…[View]
16239713I hope this little e-thot regresses like you wouldn't believe![View]
16240305trans right: when i say trans, you say rights. trans -[View]
16236595gay thoughts after smoking weed: does anyone else feel the urge to suck a dick while high[View]
16242205i just want someone to talk to about dumb tranner shit[View]
16235752opinions on Japanese trans women? pic related[View]
16238522>be in the closet ftm >mom is a literally a twitter terf…[View]
16230604How does /LGBT/ cope with ageing? My cope is basically to skinmaxx through skincare routine and body…[View]
16233640/bigen/ Bisexual General: Awkward Dinner Party Edition QOTT: Which historical figures would you invi…[View]
16233529James Charles: What does he have to lose by transitioning? He isn't really a man, most gays are…[View]
16240562how does someone who looks like a #ugly_bastard get a cute boymoder gf? asking for a friend.[View]
16239399Disappointed: FFS did very little to me.[View]
16234754Terf Music: Never smile at an autogynephile. Video:https://youtu.be/6vI6U0QJtPQ[View]
16237912Big peepee good[View]
16241403So what rights do bottoms want exactly? I can’t imagine they deserve them, but I guess we can at le…[View]
16239544>break up with gf after finding out she's biphobic >start dating a cute guy a few weeks l…[View]
16240814where's the cool /lgbt/ sjw discord for people who don't say slurs[View]
16172897ftm repressor chat: tell me why you're repressing and your favorite food (idk)[View]
16239050Why don't ugly masculine women do the same hrt as mtfs?[View]
16240576Why are trans people so afraid of acknowledging that people can be pro-gay and anti-trans? Seems lik…[View]
16239274what do you inspire to be like when you're older , anon ? include your age and your letter >…[View]
16229642Trannerelationships: I'm asking people who know FtMs or are FtMs. MtFs of course can vent here …[View]
16241058Get Me Out Of Argentina: Take me out of Argentina please, one dollar would be enough Donations: payp…[View]
16241045>bought diy hrt >do not believe im trans anymore well fuck thats a waste…[View]
16239923Do you think rape by deceit is a thing?: Do you think rape by deceit is a thing? If someone consents…[View]
16240022I'm not going to repress but I can't see myself as a woman and it sucks. I envy people who…[View]
16240471Why isn't technology better to help transpeople? Why are we born to suffer?[View]
16238936im not trying to be weird but did something get leaked im confused[View]
16240667Hi. I have problems accepting my woman, but I'm not trance. And the most exciting problem in m…[View]
16236753>closet ftm for years >go to Christian university so can’t transition without getting the boot…[View]
16239850>sit on brother's lap >he got a massive boner What does this mean?…[View]
16240594thank god im not trans[View]
16240539Is gir non-binary[View]
16239879Chasers posing as trans?: It must be pretty common for chasers to claim that they are trans. Not nec…[View]
16237224/gaygen/ - Triumph Edition: Previous >>16233240 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ze_6dWmlEk…[View]
16238460First homosex experience thread: Post greentexts of first same sex experiences. I’m about to have my…[View]
16238844do mtfs hit the wall like cis women?: pic related 30yo cis[View]
16235557Anon. My tone of voice is that of a bass male. Do I have hope?[View]
16240002Do trans men get boysmell on T?[View]
16238831New TERF site - de facto GC replacement - spotted: spinster.xyz[View]
16238210MTFxFemboy: I've been really finding one of my friends attractive, we met through mutual friend…[View]
16239998>A trans girl without a penis? Yeah, we have a term for then back in my home land: angels without…[View]
16239059why does my bf keep pinning me down: and biting my neck?[View]
16227588>2 months since her last video I hope Natalie is okay...[View]
16239816Why are gays so effeminate?[View]
16238281Hypnosis?: Does anyone else here use hypnosis regularly? Given the makeup of /lgbt/, I'm bettin…[View]
16238951What gender is this creature: I can't tell. Is this a butch lesbian, FTM, or just an effeminate…[View]
16239011>got separated from my boymoder while out in public >boymoder patrol almost picked her up but…[View]
16237026I've seen a lot of women pretending to be MtF trannies or traps. Some examples like Stardust Fa…[View]
16239598Are there any other ftms into sph and being cucked?[View]
16238748>told boyfriend I wanted him to rape me in my sleep >told him to make sure to not tell me when…[View]
16233269Parents are taking me to get my haircut tomorrow (18 btw), I'm not out to them. How do I ask fo…[View]
16237773>be me >be home alone >get very, VERY horny >get idea >get lube and go into bathroom…[View]
16238249/mtfg/ transgirl general: Lap Pillow Edition Old: >>16233445 Links: https://pastebin.com/LyMhF…[View]
16238118quick question: whats the fashion style or whatever of the far left and far right one called and its…[View]
16239438anyone else feel like all these people who are vocally against neopronouns are just afraid of soundi…[View]
16238343Do boys like naughty diapey trannies that wet themselves often?[View]
16237136>trans girlfriend wants me to hit her during sex >I don't really want to because she…[View]
16238583I spent the last year making sure Zoe and everyone here would hate me and I think I met with resound…[View]
16235448first day on hrt: :)[View]
16239076Does anyone want to hear this and be added to the list?: https://voca.ro/dtMr5jcCWIM[View]
16238961What is getting double penetrated like with a neovagina? Does it feel amazing?[View]
16237759What's it like as a man to suck a dick? Asking for a friend. t. Never done it[View]
16238870I can't continue like this anymore: I think I'm ready to let go now, anon. What do you thi…[View]
16236154How can I go from a muscular chad to a femboy?[View]
16237092pov: you're a boymoder who suffered a heatstroke but were saved by a man who performed boy hood…[View]
16236810does the fraternal birth order effect apply to tranners or only gay guys?[View]
16238207I need a tranner wife so bad now: >wakes up, no trans wife by my side >makes breakfast for one…[View]
16234144Beast Police: Good Morning members of the gay community. I must explain why I am here. 3 weeks ago I…[View]
16237803>AFAB and Femme >He/Him pronouns pls Why do women do this?…[View]
16238266Thoughts on fem x fem relationships?[View]
16238408This is how my ideal femboy top boyfriend looks like, your thoughts?[View]
16238744everytime i see a online tranner posting uwu cute shit or typing overly feminine I legit assume they…[View]
16234849Just working on my girl voice while watching anime so I can talk to my E-bf on discord who I met pla…[View]
16236267The most important moment in gay history[View]
16238443What are /tttt/ thoughts on Nyla Rose? >first mtf to win women’s world title in pro wrestling …[View]
16221429Religious explanations for transgenderism?: How can you have a male/female soul if souls are genderl…[View]
16232726everyone i talk to seems to despise this board they keep telling me to leave but who else will corre…[View]
16238049Advice on dating?: Alright, friends, bit of an advice thread. I've just started dating a transg…[View]
16237530I don't really understand trans pride. I thought the point was that they wanted to pass and not…[View]
16235190I recently met with a girl that I got seriously emotionally invested in and flirted with a lot. We h…[View]
16235157Unpopular Legbutt opinions: Self-id is worthless. Only medically transitionining/transitioned people…[View]
16237936Has any cis man committed suicide over turning HBL (hairy bald large)?[View]
16238089LGBT: but drop the L and the G and the B and the hons and the trenders and the niggers and the late …[View]
16234650i wanna crossdress and post pics online but i need knee socks and the facemask thingy and those cute…[View]
16237705Why am I into women and trannies but I don't like men?: People tell me that I'm either bis…[View]
16237883What I thought was dysphoria has gone away: Interesting[View]
16237604>had to explain to my gf why she can't get pregnant again[View]
16208149How do people not know truscum originated as a transphobic term from a cis girl pretending to be MtF…[View]
16230498how can i find a chinese MTF trans gf? i am TÜRKish btw[View]
16234748What's his fucking problem?[View]
16235086to suck or not to suck: found a guy in my area willing to meet never done anything before and was al…[View]
16237551Drop the T: Can we just fucking cancel trans activists at this point?[View]
16236207Makeup Thread?: Can someone please tell me how to do this? I tried reading guides but I'm dumb.…[View]
16236187I have basically unlimited access to estradiol.: To pick a nice round #, how much would you degenera…[View]
16236235>5'1' gay bottom >tops bully me constantly about my height and can't do anything abo…[View]
16237590>tfw probably got RYAN-ed by my housemate: I still feel emotionally shaken and in a bad mood sinc…[View]
16237250why are all twinks so obsessed with being skinny? what percentage are anorexic?[View]
16234928Was anyone here caught doing DIY? How did they find out, and how did you even afford to do it?[View]
16211999>france straight up puts femboys in kids' shows and doesn't make a big deal about it lm…[View]
16223408What kind of boy would this look attract?[View]
16235895Hi, i'm from /fit/. Stop posting offtopic tranny shit ova there. Thx.[View]
16237131/tttt/ I've had a boyfriend for a while now and I wanna know how I should ask him an important …[View]
16237342why do so many trans girls have ballbusting fetishes? was freud right? will any of you slam your ass…[View]
16231328traps punishing straight boys: maybe my brains ruined but I love it in anime and hentai when a strai…[View]
16227308What do you do for work /lgbt/? t. poor mtf fast food worker[View]
16237222>can’t stop thinking twinks with bubble butts I’m at three days no fap and I keep thinking about …[View]
16232672If I'm an unattractive bottom who has never been in a relationship at 23, should I just kill my…[View]
16237011can we cease the top/bottom threads: >omg bottoms are weak and women and theyre like children bec…[View]
16237021where did boris go: havent seen him for a while and kinda miss him... pic unrel[View]
16236351tfw bis come to grindr for cock: so I cannot land a bi bf I have more gay men interested than bi men…[View]
16236461Matriarchy when: I wish I lived in matriarchy like drows. I'm tired of feminazis crying that I…[View]
16236731did it happen that trans people evolved to be spare mothers for the externality of orphaned kids or …[View]
16229457Left handed: Anyone else left hand? I heard it's femme brained.[View]
16235648scary guys are so hot[View]
16236432Why is a dislike towards gays called homophobic? Phobic means to fear, so when you say someone is ho…[View]
16233700what the fuck am I supposed to do with my life as a repressor if I can't transition? I'm j…[View]
16236206>think i might be transgender >google around for information >come upon susan's place …[View]
16227063How much do you weigh?[View]
16230318Why are so many trans girls rail thin? Where are the thicc trans girls?[View]
16236342>tell myself for the 15736th time that im gonna forget about starting HRT and 'go back to living …[View]
16229019BA or not BA: That is the question. But frankly I think I've answered it - I need tits.[View]
16233142/Non-American LGBT+/ Any non-americans here? I live in a based country with little LGBT persecution.…[View]
16236211Do boys like it when you sit on their lap and feed them?[View]
16234319Why are all the girls I like or fall for lesbians[View]
16236079How do I get my doctor to stop hondosing me? I'm on 4mg estradiol and 25 mg cyproterone daily.[View]
16236327hontrapoints is ugly: youngshit gang rise up[View]
16228851Can i be an enby gender abolitionist and a transmed simultaneously? Like I think there are definitel…[View]
16233240/gaygen/ — Gay General: Moose is in the House Edition: Previous: >>16232105 Thread Theme: http…[View]
16235601>cis male >quite skinny >have stretch marks on my hips and butt how does this happen…[View]
16235852I have been on hrt for almost 2 years and I have never dressed as a girl, used makeup, consistently …[View]
16236061how do you go about having 'the talk' with a boymoder? the talk about how the lifestyle they're…[View]
16229770Did /tttt/ bother to bank their sperm before starting HRT?[View]
16234670picrew thread! go to https://picrew.me/image_maker/253790, make an avatar, and I'll try to gues…[View]
16229572Listening Post Bravo: Tell me your legbutt problems. I can try to help you feel better or entertain …[View]
16235217What to do if you have a frenulum breeve as an MtF? Do creams actually work or am I going to have to…[View]
16232677>Why yes, I have come to the conclusion that I would rather have been born female, but have since…[View]
16233294What a chad, all of the Brit anons should know why[View]
16234272The bibble says you shall not lay with a man as with a woman. So that means gay buttsex is totally k…[View]
16228928Is it easy to get a white tranny gf as a black man?[View]
16235626Just realized cis girls are so much easier to get sex than trans girls. Trans girls do these incel t…[View]
16233445/mtfg/ cool thread for cool gals: QOTT: How have you been cool lately? https://pastebin.com/LyMhFmT4…[View]
16235573ITT Positive vibes: Starsky and Hutch edition: Many of us would love to find our ideal partner, or s…[View]
16234593Would repression have saved her?[View]
16233747minecraft: is there a /lgbt/ minecraft server??[View]
16235440doc just texted me im anemic how do i fix this ive had iron supplements b4 also could this b causin…[View]
16221501does my movie taste pass as cis girl w weird taste in movies[View]
16235459Never smile at an Autogynephile: Don't be taken in by his Narcissist grin. He's imagining …[View]
16234614How do you cope with knowing what girls are attracted to in a guy?: If you're bi and charisma, …[View]
16231411All grey areas should be nuked off the map.[View]
16235426Post SRS horror stories.[View]
16233237I'm a femboy on hrt and considering doing sex work, how do I know how much to charge? It's…[View]
16235288Why do so many MTF transwomen end up doing pornography? asking for a friend[View]
16234217Why am I unlucky?: >be me >meet someone >Nice guy, really cute, get to know one another …[View]
16224615Reminder that being a chaser is only bad if you're a cis man. Women are allowed to be chasers.…[View]
16231889Your letter: How do you prefer your eggs?[View]
16232928literally how[View]
16235125why does estrogen sometimes make people more masculine instead of more feminine[View]
16232187The before times: Name one LGBT person in history that you would like to meet. Pic related, I would…[View]
16231860Fucking sick of my tranny (ftm) sister. She barely cleaned the apartment at all today because there …[View]
16234957can anyone provide some good examples of female voices that are deeper/more androgynous than average…[View]
16234816What specific supplements are needed to become trans? Can I avoid needing a prescription with some f…[View]
16234659femboi: how tf can i make myself more femboi? what do i need to shave? wear? do?[View]
16234783>Ordered hormones online last night >Just found out my dad still has access to my bank account…[View]
16229587I've been doing breathing exercises lately in order to help with my anxiety. I'm surprised…[View]
16234624She's right you know.[View]
16233936Legbutt Fighters: Post your letter and your fighting capability. >Military record >Martial Art…[View]
16230713What the fuck is trans rights?: Give me a clear-cut definition of what that phrase entails. Which ri…[View]
16234427Why is it that I am comfortable with gay couples, lesbian couples, or het couples containing transpe…[View]
16234238give one valid reason as to why straight boys should date trans girls. RIGHT now.[View]
16233888>2 years EV injections >high E2 almost zero testosterone >completely flat chested Literally…[View]
16233377I never cared much about this sort of thing, but a friend of mine is currently ''Getting cancelled''…[View]
16233368Is it possible to condition/train yourself so that you develop a sexual attraction to men? How could…[View]
16229464Why dont we have terms for different female body types? If you look at the gay community, theres a w…[View]
16228103What Coronavirus taught us trans women: I live in Chicago where there is big and vibrant trans commu…[View]
16234076google image search: twinkhon: >google image search: twinkhon Notice anything strange?…[View]
16229331/picrew/ Tapeworm edition: https://picrew.me/image_maker/359105 Make your own tapeworm or perish.…[View]
16230661Do your film tastes pass, /tttt/?[View]
16233968Would transition have saved her?[View]
16223253can you regain benis size after being on hrt for a couple years?[View]
16233847I forgot Glee existed and then I remembered they did a thing with a choir of irl trannies and gayden…[View]
16230563Any other gays here who don’t practice sodomy and just want to cuddle?[View]
16227654Is it weird if the trans girl in the relationship takes the lead i.e. drives us, decides where we ea…[View]
16233689What do you do with all your energy? When I'm not getting high all day i have so much energy, r…[View]
16233233Can I call myself a dyke a faggot or a trannie?: I am non-binary afab and I am attracted to gals and…[View]
16186218/femgen/ - femboy general - tears in the rain edition: general for gender nonconforming men All thes…[View]
16233558what's a Ugly Bastard gotta do to get a boymoder gf? i just want to appeal to those hoodie clad…[View]
16232382Why are bisexual men hotter than regular gay men?[View]
16233428>why yes, I do clock then molest shy transgirls in public, how could you tell?…[View]
16233127things will be okay friends, even if you're sad![View]
16233249josie if you're out there please talk to me im worried you died[View]
16230866life is pain: >be me >wake up >be in a constant state of being self aware that i'm in …[View]
16230115/bigen/ Bisexy General: Tasty treat edition QOTT: What's your favorite meal of the day? (Based …[View]
16232409If you’re a trans lesbian: Why would you do yourself the harm of calling yourself a lesbian, just sa…[View]
16227003Are there girls out there who are actually attracted to bi and bottom-preferring men?[View]
16232947Can someone fix the midface expansion?: i’m curious about what could’ve been, and i bet (s)he is too…[View]
162210423 years of hormones and ffs: After 3 years of hormones and ffs this is how i look, i wanna use this …[View]
16230583ITT: Post the worst trans memes you can find[View]
16230727going to fast?: I just started to see a Psychotherapist about my gender id/being transgender. She ha…[View]
16230752yo someone pinkpill me again: starting to feel okay as a male[View]
16229188>mfw boymoder and my girlmoder friend is insisting I go to a nude beach with her to build confide…[View]
16231742>trans girls are all obnoxious slutty “uwu soft girls” >trans boys are always extremely cool g…[View]
16226604Does anyone have that vocaroo of the transgirl demonstrating how she trained her voice to sound cis?…[View]
16229777Buying shoes as an MtF: Where do you get shoes if you are outside the normal women's size range…[View]
16229762Do boys like it if you get horny and start humping them?[View]
16232643Grandma stole HRT: People, what would happen if, lets say, a cis girl in the middle of puberty took …[View]
16232762What's the easiest way to become a tranny prostitute[View]
16232733Maybe I won’t transition: The idea of becoming a gynephilic mtf makes me shudder. I am so creeped ou…[View]
16232242New Tenn. bill makes transgender students wear adult diapers: https://chattanoogabystander.com/2016/…[View]
16221792I am finally going to do what at least 80% of cis women have already done a long time ago, get my ea…[View]
16232498>want to be cute scene/alt girl >realise its impossible >move on and you anon?…[View]
16231569Finding a girl?: hey there, i’m pretty lost and i’m hoping /lgbt/ could help me out... Where is the …[View]
16232408Thag want be hit with big stick by grug and be taken to cave for smush smush[View]
16232398/lgbt/ Summer Break: Anybody else feel like taking a break from this board? It occurred to me earlie…[View]
16229929Why are aydens so cringe?[View]
16226837>tfw I don't have a dom bf to degrade and control me[View]
16232320been contemplating hrt for a long time, finally just gave into my wish and am getting the stuff i ne…[View]
16229477>when his boysmell hits[View]
16222496How hot do you have to be for chasers to give you money?[View]
16225297Who's your favorite LGBT Criminal?[View]
16231934Does anyone else have trouble making friends? Quarantine has made me start to go otaku and I hate it…[View]
16230023What is it like to have sex with a trans girl you're mutually in love with[View]
16231445Picture of me from the side while wearing a cowboy hat (2020): Discuss the cowgirl aesthetic and how…[View]
16228381One man wants to make me a sex slave. My parents are against HRT. They will kick me out of if I do t…[View]
16214843Pregnancy? no thanks: Women: 'This sickening society is sexist and patriarchal. We are women. We are…[View]
16227953/gaygen/ - Togo Edition: Previous: >>16225943 Map: >tagmap.io/tag/gaygen/…[View]
16231830I see a lot of girls on instagram with they/them pronouns in their bios. They're always natal f…[View]
16224510ITT we determine if your valorant main means you're AGP or HSTS[View]
16229873I don't even know why I'm posting, I'm just in a lot of pain.: My boyfriend just told…[View]
16231813Characters you think are eggs.: Picrel, Kona Chan is an FtM egg.[View]
16231519Hey, guess what: Life in this society being, at best, an utter bore and no aspect of society being a…[View]
16230116I don't want to pass desu I want people to know I'm trans so I get compared to trans women…[View]
16227441did boymoders really evolve to have a strong sense of smell so they could detect strong men to prote…[View]
16230196Could he make a pretty girl?[View]
16229123Sexual deviancy should be treated like other harmful habit-forming behaviors such as drug addiction.[View]
16230690When women tell you you are not a real woman because you can't shit out kids: If you can't…[View]
16230338Rowling is being a TERF scum again: Now she's saying being on hormones is as bad as gay convers…[View]
16226885'Bisexual Lesbian'?: >Bisexual Lesbian How is this possible?[View]
16231426Topical Discussion: Why are you gae?! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=79FhEhWGXjw[View]
16226158Are you a good bisexual ally? https://mashable.com/article/how-to-be-an-ally-to-bisexual-people/…[View]
16230444>Pixelcanvas >SCP >Pokecommunity Why do transbians ruin everything they touch? You never se…[View]
16227348Does autopedophilia actually exist? Did she self insert as the girl or the man wishing she had a pen…[View]
16227712But what if the chaser is hot?[View]
16228476Do detransitioners who claim to have had dysphoria but dont have dysphoria any more, actually have '…[View]
16230461Did we win?[View]
16232105/gaygen/ - fuzzy edition: last: >>16227953[View]
16230138/mtfg/: links: https://pastebin.com/LyMhFmT4 last: >>16225899 portraitai edition i guess qott:…[View]
16214488my bf wants me to cook for him: i love cocking and am really good. buttt i had a funny idea. what if…[View]
16227837i was raped but still had a prostate orgasm: i tried resisting. i didnt want it. but it still happen…[View]
16197044/ftmg/ trans man general: Choose wisely edition >QOTT did you ever consider repressing over trans…[View]
16230505I am going out to the store today in makeup. I don't pass at all and this is my first time doin…[View]
16229404Why is every tranner lowkey cosplaying her?[View]
16228918Why do all trannies have a similar stare and phenotype? Is transface a real thing?[View]
16217151Skincare questions: Give me your best skincare wisdom, /lgbt/ Cleanse before exfoliation or exfoliat…[View]
16230125i unironically liked scott pilgrim vs the world[View]
16229605In 1976, a court in New Jersey ruled that a birth male could marry another birth male, provided one …[View]
16230305>see image or video featuring a woman in her 50s >4chan board has conditioned me to automatica…[View]
16230224questions for successfully transitioned and passing AGPs: how old are you? how long have you been on…[View]
16224879>mom is very supportive of my female to male friend >tell her I'd like to go on HRT >'…[View]
16224549PSA to all repressors: nobody cares if you buy women's clothing: Like, literally nobody cares. …[View]
16229698In a lesbian relationship, if your girlfriend transitions from female to male, is it now a straight …[View]
16228797Schizoid and gender dysphoria: I'm wondering if anyone else here has gender dysphoria, and also…[View]
16226278Why do gay men have to be so effeminate? Dressing like pic related and speaking with that weird lisp…[View]
16217901What do your parents think of you?[View]
16225444Why does yuri make certain people so angry?[View]
16225340I hurt myself today...[View]
16229235S&B Trans Girls Inc are now accepting boyfriend applications. There's a limited number of b…[View]
16225439Advice: Okay, so i need some advice. I am a 25y old transwoman. Cis-Passing and cute. And have been…[View]
16229471Is anyone else here bisexual but not attracted to trannies?[View]
16227904>20 year old tranner >really like older boy >he's 31 years old >he's tall, goo…[View]
16228702So why are trannies literally obsessed with the idea of secretly having intercourse with a straight …[View]
16228745I don't even know: >mtf pre everything >get horny for whatever reason, hard as fuck >a…[View]
16227482>be me, super subby bi MtF >cisbians are repulsed by me cos they assume I want to fuck them wi…[View]
16229347> be 5ft 8in. 3 yrs on hrt > look p thin. Fit in smalls and mediums > same size as bf whos …[View]
16222041/bigen/ - Bisexyual General: Cesare Edition QOTT: What's your most pretentious interest/fixatio…[View]
16227957Classify this AGP: I’m a 6’4” cis het man in late 20s. For years I’ve been pathetically obsessed wit…[View]
16226730How common is the ftm fetish?: Pretty sure I’m a tranny but the only thing keeping me from transing …[View]
16228535>come home from work >lay down in bed and cry because of being called male pronouns and my nam…[View]
16225175Any other mtfs scared of cis women?: They are always so pushy around me, and even in school it was a…[View]
16228902Would you make this deal?: is liking Big Macs a trans thing?[View]
16228786I don't have dysphoria, I'm transitioning because i want to be special and also as a cope …[View]
16094296/mascgen/ at sea edition: Old thread >>15965934 Would you live on a sailboat /masc/?[View]
16221910I want to start identifying as nonbinary. Please tell me why I should or should not.[View]
16208096Post your phone backgrounds and get your letter guessed.[View]
16219242I've been putting off watching neon genesis evangelion and the film for 6 years and finally get…[View]
16216329How do you cope when people are mean to you? If as a reaction your heart pounds for hours, you don…[View]
16228566What does it mean if you just want to lay next to someone of healthy weight and wrap your arms aroun…[View]
16228591Who says I'm gay? You are gay[View]
16228373I hate the feeling of being watched by someone sitting in a dark room[View]
16196156'I came out to my parents as gay in seventh grade—like a gay boy at this time.' “I’m closer to what …[View]
16223877How do you learn to have healthier desires?: If crying, distressed, fearful femboys/trannies or even…[View]
16228458remember how bad of a show friends was lmao: literally the only good thing about it was monica and c…[View]
16186773How many transgender people have been molested or raped?[View]
16228143>tfw the only ppl I get along with are cis men, transgirls, and femboys >everyone else hates m…[View]
16224574Spot the tranner.[View]
16228190Are trannies inherently more selfish than other people because of their PTSD from harm within and wi…[View]
16228156How do I give a good rimjob? My top friend is so tight I can't fit my tongue in even if he…[View]
16220196>your 7 year old child wants to transition What do?[View]
16227021I want to date a trans woman: I love trans women and they're smelly girly hair. I love the way …[View]
16227524I think anal is degenerate but the idea of fucking a twink/femboy makes me so unbelievably hard. I d…[View]
16217244>be a trans man in my twenties, completely stealth in all aspects of life, transitioned very earl…[View]
16225943/gaygen/ - uwu edition: old: >>16223727[View]
16213151How do I get my 'bi' bottom bf admit he's just gay? He always tell me he loves women but he…[View]
16227079Someone explain chasers: What makes a person a chaser? If someone won't date someone if they ar…[View]
16227745is fear a good basis for mtf x chaser relationship?: i always seem to be attracted to strong men tha…[View]
16224156There's nothing gay about getting a blowjob from a qt twink.[View]
16226545>be twink >turn 26 today >Still have the face and physique of a 17 yo >Mfw gay death wil…[View]
16226349Question for y'all. If you could say one thing to a potential young shit, what would you say.[View]
16227699This is how my ideal middle eastern chaser husband looks like. Your thoughts?[View]
16227658set me free from bi prison please[View]
16221800/FootGen/ QOTT - Do your feet pass?[View]
16223456Just out of curiosity if you had a chaser restrained and his balls were being pulled from his body b…[View]
16227443I am 180lbs and 6'0. How many days would I have to fast for in order to get a bf? Its mostly mu…[View]
16227307>cis male AAP w autohomoeroticism I'm sure there's a label for this other than 'gay bot…[View]
16227413New Hot Take: We live in a simulation and trannies are just glitched people that got the wrong gende…[View]
16221728Is dating a single dad a good idea if you want to be a mom?[View]
16219936Is homosexuality genetic?: If all homosexuals and bisexuals stop reproducing, in a few generations a…[View]
16221677Has anyone here followed the Dr.Powers method for HRT how did it go?[View]
16225899/mtfg/: links: https://pastebin.com/LyMhFmT4 last: >>16221406 gf edition qott: what kind of gf…[View]
16215840imagine the person dating a trans girl. like, just imagine it for a second. they voluntarily settle …[View]
16222099Masturbation: Hello people, I need your help, im gonna try to masturbate/finger my ass for the first…[View]
16219330Do all -passing- transbians inevitably turn out to be HSTS once they go on estrogen?[View]
16219404>dad comes out as gay >still doesn't support me being trans >says 'just be a gay botto…[View]
16225744TYPE 3 FOREHEAD REDUCTION: which surgeon does it the best?[View]
16223018ITT Positive vibes: Redemption: The other thread didn't go too well, however I won't give …[View]
16221564Trannies blaming themselves and 'passing is all about attitude and confidence': I have noticed a ver…[View]
16226436Was dating a tranny: She didn't even dump me, she just ghosted me. I heard her flirting with an…[View]
16226736>kinda want to try out a long-term relationship with a tranny >fine with her getting SRS, migh…[View]
16223806I'd rather suck a cock than eat a fake pussy[View]
16222095Body Wash / Soap: What Body Wash/Soap does /lgbt/ use and why?[View]
16226689Transgenders can be annoying and whiny, but they're way easier to fuck than real women, which m…[View]
16222414>have a crush on a guy >he ends up liking me back >we don’t date but we start acting couple…[View]
16225483pic somewhat related Is trying to shave your legs/other thicker body hairs a pointless endeavor pre-…[View]
16205659Is there an online trans community that is neither a hug box nor a pain box but is intellectual? Bas…[View]
16223665dysphoria hours: just a thread to vent about your dysphoria and talk about how daily life is with dy…[View]
16071283/wcg/ - Webcomics General: MS Paint edition Previous thread: >>15931291 Comics we know of, al…[View]
16218309I was stressed about being unemployed annd now that I got offered and accepted a job I am stressed a…[View]
16226053fun fact: if you do not pass looking as masculine as you possibly can while on E then you dont pass …[View]
16225576passing tranner with FFS vs passing tranner without FFS who do you respect more?[View]
16223651I don't understand why these ungrateful trannies won't date confident men like me who only…[View]
16223079Anyone of you had ffs?: Do you feel there are still male markers in your face after ffs? What are th…[View]
16226122>Send my twink a snapchat >Lick my peepee u queer >He says no Nani? Is he plotting against …[View]
16223929chinese crossdressers/ts: how hard is it for TÜRKish male to go to china and have sex with chinese C…[View]
16225738Why do straight people fetishise gay people? There's tonnes of girls out there who live yaoi an…[View]
16215216Bottoms are literally women[View]
16220657Vote: Go to www.vote.gov and register to vote. You gotta do it now. You can get set up for state and…[View]
16224819>come out to my parents as a bi man >they say 'we didn't know you also like women' >m…[View]
16225704170 lb 5'5 mtf here. How do I lose weight? Is exercise mandatory or is it just diet?[View]
16225730my boyfriend keeps calling me a femboy: he's pointing at me and laughing at me and calls me a f…[View]
16224065how can i cope with being a height hon? i'm 5' 9' btw :/[View]
16225896how can you tell if a trans girl is REALLY worth your time?[View]
16222929/lgbt/ is a fun board because of all the self loathing[View]
16225354If a sasquatch abducted an MTF, would you stay with him?[View]
16223653Why do people think being “male brained” is a bad thing?: Like I have no clue whether us trans girls…[View]
16219648Portrait AI Thread: We back bois, does your Chicom AI generated stipplebrush pass? https://portraita…[View]
16225595Is there a quick way to find LGBT-friendly artists who take commissions? I need to commission some a…[View]
16223013i want to live with 4 guys and suck everyone's dick every day, any time someone asks. i just wa…[View]
16223955I'm gay and I will ALWAYS support Palestine 100% no matter how many gay pride parades Israel ha…[View]
16223251>days spent existing on this earth: over 10,000 >days spent being a cis female: zero >numbe…[View]
16205789Why aren't more trannies angry at the world? Why?: I am a tranny and I live out of spite. If an…[View]
16224402I'm a boymoder who is attracted to men. I've never had a significant other ever or been on…[View]
16225173>come out to parents >don't to anyone else >can't tell if people think I am gay o…[View]
16222918>haha what the fuck is demisexual tumblr faggots are so fucking cringey >yeah i'm a meta-…[View]
16209423/repgen/: A dying gen full of people who wish to die[View]
16224955Have fellow legbutts ever been harassed in public for being lgbt?[View]
16225061>want to do anal play with myself >notice im out of lube >spit on my dildo to lubricate it …[View]
16218671>in bed next to date, im falling asleep: >date(guy iv been on 3 dates with) turns around and s…[View]
16225017I've been putting off watching Ice Age: The Meltdown for 6 years and finally getting around to …[View]
16224977I want to feed a transgirl a banana covered in Nutella, and tell her it represents our sex life.[View]
16218877I know this is going to sound fucking stupid but I want to get a haircut to cut off the split ends a…[View]
16224645Susans forum: why does a forum need thousands a month to run?[View]
16224599How to tell if you'refucked. What thing tells you that even HRT etc can't make you Pass an…[View]
16197129Transbian tops describe your ideal mtf gf: Transbian tops describe your ideal mtf gf.[View]
16218054is the SMASH community beyond repair?? https://youtu.be/OvnPXny0JP0?t=18[View]
16222596>a bisexual woman made a straight man more liberal Based or cringe? https://www.pinknews.co.uk/20…[View]
16224420If boymoders are all given boyfriends or girlfriends: Wouldn't they just run away? They seem no…[View]
16224313If you are a femboy then you are a boring faggot. Cool guys will not be friends and fuck with you. W…[View]
16224463I'm a guy but whenever I see hot women in movies I get super jealous of their body's wtf i…[View]
16219758Give me a fucking girlfriend right now before I shoot![View]
16223993Should I an hero?: Be me 25yo mtf, on hondose hrt for 2 and a bit years, injections for 5 months, st…[View]
16222759Out of the blue, I decided to insert my finger into my anus for the first time. I cleaned it thoroug…[View]
16222428>Why yes, I'm a manmoder. How could you tell?[View]
16181148/HRTGen/ HRT General 246: More Russia Edition: Previous: >>16113732 >Help, advice, guidance…[View]
16216208>saving up ffs money for years >work 50+ hours a week trying to save and support myself at the…[View]
16223711My transition progress...: Hello giiirls! This was a long ride but I'm finally happy with the r…[View]
16219749Why are all trans spaces filled with sociopaths? And no I am not talking about attention-starved nar…[View]
16223859is it true that the average boymoder has an iq of 240 but they don't use their intelligence for…[View]
16223498Has anyone had good results on pills or are they a meme[View]
16217047Italy thread: How many of us are from this cursed fucking country?[View]
16222186Is it normal to daydream about cutting your dick off with an axe 25 times a week?[View]
16214637Do you think commies are more tolerant of trannies than libs?[View]
16223396why do legbutts regardless of their letter have such poor relationships with their fathers ? is ther…[View]
16223756i sometimes think about fucking a clone of myself does this make me a homo or just a regular narcis…[View]
16223062all my friends are either way less internet damaged than i am or have incredibly fucked lives I can…[View]
16216441How TF am I supposed to pass when modern women look like THIS? They just keep raising the bar higher…[View]
16223529Cis female here, Kik esmewinter my trans friend said it's really helpful to have a female frien…[View]
16223406>Transwomen are women Cringe >Bottoms are women Based and redpilled…[View]
16222796Hair Removal (no HRT)/Chastity/Crossingdressing Advice Thread: I'm sorry if this post is not in…[View]
16220391How do you come out when you know they won't accept you: How do you do it. My parents betrayed …[View]
16207710What traits would you want to purge from the gene pool?[View]
16217608Why do people need 324324242 sexual orientations to exist?: I don't get this. Why not just have…[View]
16220442would transitioning have saved her?[View]
16223727/gaygen/ - Warlord Edition: last time: >>16221798 Tell me what you cherish most.[View]
16221798/gaygen/ - Auld Hemp Edition: Previous: >>16220037 Map: >tagmap.io/tag/gaygen/…[View]
16221406/mtfg/: links: https://pastebin.com/LyMhFmT4 last: >>16216614[View]
16223759Hey /LGBT/ I also posted this on /pol/ but I will here too with the Upcoming Election, I have no clu…[View]
16225113is this true? does a letter calling for free speech and open debate constitute transphobia? if so, w…[View]
16222917> stealth tranner > terf friend invites me to take part of a menstrual blood ritual with her …[View]
16222516Do bisexuals really[View]
16220661I'm a straight guy and not attracted to trans women but I completely accept them as women and a…[View]
16222894hypothetically if i were to join the navy (uk) as a boymoder at any point would they make me cut my…[View]
16222487Why couldn't I have just been born a girl[View]
16218704What is the most patrician sexuality and why is it bisexual bottom?[View]
16219234Am I gay?: I want to get fucked in the ass by a guy but don’t find men hot[View]
16222121the thought of being mercilessly raped turns me on[View]
16222333Why is it always gay men that are closeted and self loathing? I've never heard of a woman repre…[View]
16207848Compartmentalization?: Anybody else having trouble with conflicting social identities?[View]
16222112this site is way too inactive zzzzzzz: who here has seen Baby’s Day Out?[View]
16193099/agpg/ - Autogynephilia Discussion General: >>It's Just Too Damn Hot Edition How are you …[View]
16222547Hey, I forgot to respond to the final replies on my last post about helping people and selfishness, …[View]
16218837Why do they always end up going transbian[View]
16222438>bf gave me a day off from my usual daily beatings he's too good... i don't deserve him…[View]
16219021Am I gay if I hit on men because they're homophobic?: Straight male here, I started acting gay …[View]
16220543>women fucks 10 guys >she’s a slut >man does the same >he’s gay…[View]
16222346> be 5ft 8in. 3 yrs on hrt > look p thin. Fit in smalls and mediums > same size as bf whos …[View]
16221946>people think you're a girl when you voice chat in games even though you're a boy…[View]
16222273What is it about trannies that make them so insufferable?[View]
16220900>trans women don't like guys who won't date them because they are trans >trans wome…[View]
16211935>repression is impossibl-[View]
16220939When I was 16 I punched my brother's head into a windshield after he called me a fag: He was 14…[View]
16208158Does your name pass, /tttt/?[View]
16221085Was he bi?[View]
16215994How many squats a day should I do for a nice femboy butt?[View]
16221306Is it gay if?: if i get a boner to this vid? am i gay? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D23jknxcI3o…[View]
16221599What's your favorite alchohol /lgbt/ t. mtf[View]
16216010>tfw held a baby and started crying because I'll never be a mom[View]
16220994I'm gay and bisexual: I'm now a part of LGBT group because of that reason, I go to 4channe…[View]
16189685she is so brave[View]
16221824My gay feels: Does anyone know any MtF x MtF or MtF x Cis lesbian comics that have a lot of passion …[View]
16221724Anyone else have H-OCD or S-OCD? That is, sexual orientation Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or Homose…[View]
16220037/gaygen/ - Fidèle Edition: Previous: >>16217996 Map: >tagmap.io/tag/gaygen/…[View]
16218118How 'male' is my music taste?: RATM, SOAD, Sovietwave, Gojira, Subhumans, Pete Seeger, random anime …[View]
16210078does my music taste pass (boy)[View]
16219685>when you're a bi dude and start craving a gay or trans bottom but then remember all the dia…[View]
16221384It’s out with the old, and in with the new: Goodbye clouds of grey, hello skies of blue..... God I l…[View]
16221394Are Cis/FtM Tomboys+MtF Ultra Feminine Sissies the Ultimate Pairing?: For real I can imagine in this…[View]
16220016I’m a straight trans woman and I have noticed people treat me better since I have started passing th…[View]
16215016how do i get an abusive boyfriend: all my previous bfs have been good people which makes me feel bad…[View]
16220053Tomboy or boy (male)?: Do you think Haruhara Haruko was designed as a tomboy type character first, o…[View]
16220348I need some help guys. I know a 16 year old mtf who started hrt a few months ago, she thinks she pas…[View]
16220963>transitioned at 17 >have this hairline anyway why live…[View]
16216755what does top and bottom mean: like i've seen people use it to mean a personality type and othe…[View]
16216393/pp removal/: Anyone know a good west coast srs surgeon that doesn't require electrolysis on th…[View]
16217968/bigen/ Bisexual General: abandon thread edition QOTT: what's your favorite type of art? mediev…[View]
16219583With all the discrimination and hate that we face in the world, some much more than others, dependin…[View]
16213519Post FFS ama: Post ffs day 1. I got it with Rofles. Brow, chin, nose, and jaw[View]
16218666Why do cis witch girls make their trans friends drink menstrual blood?[View]
16212409Once you get midface- and expanded facial planes-pilled there's no going back.[View]
16218712I can't fuck with these niggas 'cause niggas is gay[View]
16219018ITT: we post our favourite albums and other users try to guess you're letter based off them I…[View]
16214105do guys think sleepy boymoders are cute?[View]
16220122Need twinkhon gf[View]
16217046During breastfeeding Who's the top and who's the bottom?[View]
16220116wage labor is male brained: wage labor is male brained[View]
16214840How do I stop wasting time arguing on the internet every time someone says something wrong about LGB…[View]
16217996/gaygen/ - safe sex edition: old: >>16216534[View]
16213759Should I discourage my boyfriend's son from calling me mommy? I've been babysitting my boy…[View]
16212858grug friend gronk put on dress, say he gronkette now. but gronk no look like woman, and gronk still …[View]
16219507does sbux (usa) hire immigrants? like if I dated an American guy, then moved to America, would I be …[View]
16217275What is asexuality?: What is asexuality? I sometimes see LGBT with IA at the end and + so i decided …[View]
16212776This is how my ideal chaser husband looks like. Your thoughts?[View]
16215650What are some trivial things that make you feel dysphoric? I'm FTM and I feel dysphoric because…[View]
16216099AHEM straight here, trans people are based and valid[View]
16217070Serious Question About Trans Attraction: As chasers, why do we chase? What drives the attraction to …[View]
16213869twitter as of late[View]
16217480Boymoders rize up: Everyone makes fun of boymoders here saying we're dumb and doing cringe abus…[View]
16213404why dont more transbians look like taf? why do only hsts girls put actual effort in looking good?[View]
16218597bottom here: how do i cum from getting fucked? ive messed around with my prostate for a while and i …[View]
16219046Is wanting to get HRT in order to have a more feminine body but stay identifying as male then proper…[View]
16213642Purpose of life: What’s your purpose in life, why do you live?[View]
16217068wooohooooo trans rights!!![View]
16205521Which path did you take /LGBT/?: Admit it, you went through this as well. But it doesn't really…[View]
16214071ok tops and chasers of lgbt. is your ideal bottom/tranner bottom smart or kinda ditzy? do you prefer…[View]
16217311What are your opinions on Daniel Radcliffe? >On the matter of Rowling's assertion that trans…[View]
16210638Sleepy edition QOTT: What position do you normally sleep in, anons? (On your side, on your stomach, …[View]
16216654HRT to reverse hair loss: I started taking HRT for hair loss about 4 months ago. Not trans, just a c…[View]
16218812why do AFABs do this?: why pretend to be an FTM yet not do anything to show it? i mean her fb is flo…[View]
16218740Happy feels thread, for me it's the hope of joining the military that keeps me going.: Transiti…[View]
16217834What the fuck am I?: I am not attracted to women romantically or sexually (as in I'd never slee…[View]
16200612What is your earliest memory associated with wanting to be the other sex?[View]
16218115Trans men, how were your experiences with male privilege before and after transitioning?[View]
16218568*walks towards you*[View]
16218464How do you find people like this so you can stick your dick in them like holy shit https://vocaroo.c…[View]
16218431If I like eating pussy, and HRT made me like boysmell, would I like eating FtM pussy?[View]
16217032Who is the best FFS surgeon in the world?[View]
16218443what do ido?: I have always got along better with women as I understand them better and I feel more …[View]
16215944When you are fat you have a harder time for passing, why is that? fat cisgirls exist[View]
16217223>Cis women can't be h-[View]
16200698What’s the sluttiest and most degenerate thing you’ve ever done?[View]
16204514Are lazy trans people valid?[View]
16216614/mtfg/: fairy tale edition links: https://pastebin.com/DWGF3xBk previous: >>16212692 happy bir…[View]
16215469Im pretty fuckin sure im trans, i wish i was born female and i always have, im disgusted by a lot of…[View]
16217083> Let's get down to business, to defeat the hons > Did they send me daughters, when I ask…[View]
16217748ITT Positive vibes: Often in this board there is a lot of pain, people who are lonely and in places …[View]
16217194Do you think she suspects something?: I just came from the doctor's office. This was my first t…[View]
16216534/gaygen/ - photography edition: old: >>16215283[View]
16217707does my manga taste pass (boy)[View]
16217931>best friend since childhood, i ended up really gay while he ended up pretty straight >immedia…[View]
16213080Are you happy to be alive, /lgbt/? I am. Even though there are lots of days where I feel sad, I…[View]
16217835Why do trannies sometimes call themselves “traps”?[View]
16217825when is she going to come out[View]
16216179what should be done with boymoders who are caught thinking for themselves?[View]
16209295how do I know if i like men?: how can you be sure you like men? I mean, dont get me wrong, I'd …[View]
16217059Where is my voice general thread? I want somebody to praise my cute anime voice right now![View]
16208526I got turned into a bottom?: >in bed, super horny, alone >start fantasizing about the school b…[View]
16213552Boyfriend Drive: If you are a male who would date a boymoder then you are obligated to post in this …[View]
16216793Holy shit why didn't I realize liking men feels so good?[View]
16213121This is what my ideal chaser daddy husband looks like. Your thoughts?[View]
16217476Does anyone remember the name of that trans guy with 5 kids? Doing research on what happened. I reme…[View]
16216254What are your thoughts on guys in costumes?[View]
16215759Why would anyone want to be a trans woman?: If you can't be a cis woman or whatever you call it…[View]
16216028Yuck: 4y.o. future chaser detected[View]
16215284>tfw gamestop-tier gigahon[View]
16217269>tfw repressing hon in a regressive country who will never, EVER be loved by a man why should i k…[View]
16217232Is this the LGBT icon we need?[View]
16216214Anyone else disillusioned with the rest of their letter?[View]
16210365I've literally never been able to put on any weight my whole life and constantly look like picr…[View]
16216955I wish I was the dad of a transgirl so I could be supportive and take her shopping at the mall and l…[View]
16213122Guess my Letter: Please guess my letter and sorry if I look gross.[View]
16217086>forgot dad followed me on Twitter before posting nudes Oh no.[View]
16217095tfw no trannies live in my state and i want to be dominated by a tranny[View]
16216789>move out midwest >work for a ridiculously high paying tech company as an SDE >find a cute …[View]
16216729ITT: We talk about our traumas and support each other: Most of us have had some awful experiences in…[View]
16207864I am a pic related diaper tranny, and there is nothing you can say or do to make me ashamed of mysel…[View]
16215546holy shit its thundering and raining why cant i have a bf to cuddle up to rn omfg it'd be perf…[View]
16216867Who else terrifiedofFFS here? It looks so scary.[View]
16208187Why do you tripfags never post(at least your face) on /soc/? There is so many other people over ther…[View]
16209782So there’s this trans model on twitter that makes me hella jealous like I wanna be pretty like her b…[View]
16216018/tr4ppedhome/ hug yr pillow: hello everyone, welcome to trappedhome, the server for all anons spendi…[View]
16216403As a POC where is the best place to find a cute trans gf?[View]
16211438To all the “straight” trannies on this board, if you’re so hsts then why is the tranny presence on b…[View]
16216678Hey guys I'm moving to Spain, is that a good country to transition from mtf?[View]
16216448Do you think my hormones aren't gonna come?: I ordered from inhouse like a little over 6 weeks …[View]
16215250Tfw no transbian gf who hits me[View]
16215283/gaygen/ - conceptualize the aroma edition: old: >>16213192[View]
16199444Is it wrong to be tired of helping people?: I always do. I try and be there for my friends when ther…[View]
16213726>trans and gigahon >live in italy >degree won't be recognized in other countries >h…[View]
16214691What's with the recent influx of low quality /pol/ posts? Diaper threads are more bearable than…[View]
16214521The hero we need Why is she so based[View]
16215393TERFs who are attracted to trans people: I remember a thread about a trans girl and her TERF gf a wh…[View]
16206800Has anyone here ever taken shrooms or other psychedelics and also had high scores on the personality…[View]
16213862Tall trans girls, what would you do if you met a cis girl taller than you? I recently read someone…[View]
16213417I think I'm completely fucked in the head. My sexuality is very masochistic, I'm into ever…[View]
16215639When I'm talking to someone, I get aroused if they make self-depreciating comments (e.g. 'I…[View]
16199074Am I In a Harem??: >Be in a monogamous, sub-sub transbian relationship >We can switch but it t…[View]
16215821What does /tttt/ think about Kalvin Garrah?[View]
16212711where would i go about to meet local trans people?[View]
16211954How do you find girls like this to hang out and have sex with? https://youtu.be/OjpjwFYDRb0?t=312[View]
16214120what is the best mmo to play to get a transbian gf? i have never platted an mmo before but i kinda w…[View]
16213150Well I did it, I was a passing femboy that successfully repressed my 'transness' until my …[View]
16181585/lgbt/ shares a house: Cabin in the woods edition. Bonfire nights and spooky stories are allowed…[View]
16212772>openly bisexual and homophobic[View]
16215468>he is a HOMOsapien How does it feel to be born a faggot?[View]
16215407How do i take selfies and pics where i look hot? I like how i look in the mirror, and i get complime…[View]
16215346Any other LGBT men legitimately terrified of women, possibly due to trauma? I'm so uncomfortabl…[View]
16213192/gaygen/ - Loving Boyfriend Edition: old >>16211373 you're going to get a bf this year, r…[View]
16214346>tfw no one abused and used me when i was a kid for money[View]
16214863Would it have been better if she stopped repressing and transitioned?[View]
16208262Tranner Housewife Training: I moved in with my boyfriend last week. I've been a lazy jobless NE…[View]
16213755Trans people only enjoy hurting others, they get off on it and probably jerk off to it too[View]
16215221can MTFs cartwheel?: all cis women learn to cartwheel as girls[View]
16214472Waves of persistent Questioning: Do any trans people get huge waves of 'feeling trans?' So…[View]
16206291I saw this post on tw*Tter and thought it might be interesting to have a bit of a different kind of …[View]
16214974Are there any particular reasons the UK is a lot more TERFy than the US? I thought America was homic…[View]
16194686J.K. Rowling is a fucking TERF: She's not even trying to be subtle it anymore. It's time t…[View]
16182517Bi verses, who do you like to be top or bottom with?: As a bi verse I like to top women, trannies an…[View]
16202779How can I become more attracted to men?: I'm a Kinsey 1.5, more into women than into men, but I…[View]
16211103Would repression have saved him?[View]
16214798How long until a transbian gets #metoo'd? Any guesses how'd it play out?[View]
16214490how do u find a tall ripped guy to pay so they hug u i havent had any physical contact with another …[View]
16213037How do I use make up to turn myself into a girl? I know pretty much zero about make up so explain li…[View]
16214514Sucking dick with sharp teeth. How?: I have some mighty sharp teeth. I do not think I can suck dick …[View]
16213562Closet case encounters: >be me >been in a friendgroup of about 10 edgy conservative/libertaria…[View]
16214722My gf loves and hates being called a fag: Whenever I see my gf play video games and if they find out…[View]
16214685What’s your opinion: If I’d trade my current life for the exact same one but as a woman does that me…[View]
16214508what do i do?: >be me >be 22yo mtf >have bf >just graduate uni >can't find a job…[View]
16212904>boyfriend found the Daddy's Slut panties I've been hiding them from him because I find…[View]
16214359Anyone else find trans woman being happy with themselves and authentically expressing their feminini…[View]
16212692/mtfg/: happy birthday ivy!!! :3 qott: wish ivy a happy birthday! links: https://pastebin.com/DWGF3x…[View]
16213830Why are many trans people so obsessed with incels?[View]
16212965is it true that if you receive enough kisses from boymoders in your lifetime, you'll reach nirv…[View]
16212782>wake up >realize that because i'm gay, i'll never have to pay an alimony to some wo…[View]
16214556Transgender people suck: Dick[View]
16196288FTMs are so fucking lucky. They can pass easily with T, nobody sees them as perverts, etc. I have a …[View]
16211347how do i go back to repressing?: ive known i was trans since i was 11 and ive tried to repress so ha…[View]
16214411LGBT want people to respect them yet they get off abuse by heterochads and bullies[View]
16210628What is the difference between an ayden and a gayden?[View]
16212260Are cities homoerotic?[View]
16213513Having a bad hairline is worse than the holocaust[View]
16204936>tfw no strongfat roided bf to be your little spoon at night bros...[View]
16194002Refute this: What non transphobic excuse does anyone have in refusing trans women? Especially if the…[View]
16213344how to stop boymoders from biting?[View]
16206807Monosexuals drool: Imagine not being at least a little bisexual.[View]
16137526/stg/ Straight Trans General: Existential Dread Edition How have you guys and girls been holding up …[View]
16212861>Be cis female >Has seen myself only be attracted to men >Can’t jack off to anything not fu…[View]
16213220itt: post your letter and describe your fashion sense >mtf >comfy sweaters and cardigans…[View]
16213551I don't know how to be authentic /lgbt/. I've hidden my personality from the world, preten…[View]
16209455Considering detransing due to misogyny: I can’t handle the misogyny and hate women face every day, a…[View]
16213523Cooming for mental health: Can buying a bunch of anal toys, a prostate massager, enema kit and havin…[View]
16213074Bruh tf is truscum and tucute[View]

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