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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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25844677This board has broken me. I came here to spam homophobic troll post, sometimes jerk off to agp green…[View]
25841891do you misgender someone if you don't respect them or do you always make it a point to do so? f…[View]
25843852Reconnected with the first transgirl I’ve ever talked to/had (what I think) are genuine feelings for…[View]
25844307I got with a rich boy for money only for him to tell me he's gonna kill himself if he leaves wh…[View]
25844767What's a tuna pooner?[View]
25844324How to acquire a sissygasm?: I have always been a lover of interracial sex since the early age of 12…[View]
25844761I masturbate while thinking about being raped by men. Is this bad?[View]
25843232do ever look a men and automatically in your head see if they pass then be like oh what a hon but th…[View]
25841692i'm actually not gonna make it lol[View]
25844062Why can literal females drive but I can't?[View]
25840513are compliments from chasers worth anything?: like they're definitely inherently worth less tha…[View]
25843465whooper: me cooking estrogen in my basement in 2019 by buying thousands of impossible whoppers in bu…[View]
25843227>1.83 FWHR >1.5 midface ratio fucking kill me…[View]
25843421Hello, quick question: How do I find out if I'm really trans (mtf)? What questions should one a…[View]
25840231Would i be cute and pass if i transition?[View]
25842811>t. pooner[View]
25840532This board is anti feminine. Anything discussed here is always male-oriented. Every conversation is …[View]
25843729>be autistic boymoder >go out for groceries > looking for food >see person walking near …[View]
25841544I didnt understand what his appeal was what with anons spamming the hell out of him but as started w…[View]
25842949Is there literally ANYTHING I can do to make my hips wider[View]
25842292haircut thread: what is the absolute most normal haircut for cishet men and women respectively? i…[View]
25840855Is there a name for when you identify with gay culture and gay aesthetics but are still attracted to…[View]
25831614trans women are the children of Lilith: okay so you have the Garden of Eden right God created Adam. …[View]
25844256Is Hunter literally retarded? https://youtu.be/fAFiDDxp9FA?t=319[View]
25844078I’m attracted to power. I find someone a lot more attractive if I get the sense that they possess a …[View]
25842248Would it be a bad idea to get interviewed by Dr. K as a trooncel?[View]
25843614>this thread has been pruned or deleted holy shit the jannies on this board are such fucking cuck…[View]
25842752I’ve spent over 24+ hours on this board and feel weird gonna take a break, bye sisters <3[View]
25844077>AMAB Demiboy >Getting a job to pay for HRT and Name Change +bills Nothing else, just wanted t…[View]
25844344Ok,so you transitiomed and failed what now?: You realize you will never pass You realize you will ne…[View]
25842059Do doms who are actually interested in forced masculinization exist?[View]
25842530Look at you anon, you poor thing have spent a lot of time and energy on achieving your goal of passi…[View]
25840882I admit it... I want a boyfriend! A lovely hairy chest for me to put my head on and be cute one who…[View]
25839052As a cis man how do I figure out if my MTF trans girlfriend is really in love with me or just meta-a…[View]
25842301I've eaten 580 calories today and I hate myself. why do I have to be such a fucking fat and dis…[View]
25843952I wish I didn't want to be corrupted into a girl every walking moment because my libido is so p…[View]
25842914Are most trannies just unaware: Before I went on this site I didn't even know about the multipl…[View]
258441174on1 wrestling: 4 clothed friends team-Nisha,Zehra,Keisha,Ashanti[19-21] vs 1 tough kinky naked …[View]
25840293mtfg: >>25836542[View]
25843730I am a powerful male. An ogre, a terrorizer yet a strategist. I am the transcendent yet the roar of …[View]
25842456t4t lesbianism is pure and everyone saying it's all just agp are coping[View]
25842885is it possible for a femtwunk manmoder to ever find love?: .[View]
25830556/st4tg/ - small Australian mammal edition: straight t4t general, ftm x mtf tagmap.io/tag/st4tg disco…[View]
25841634Why is this so true?[View]
25837652he slapped me[View]
25842451Looking at /repgen/ made me realize something. How are MtF repressors somehow more fembrained than e…[View]
25843240Any other mtf incel chuds have ftms avoid them like the plague??[View]
25843583pooncel: there is this ftm in one of my classes. he is genuinely one of the most malebrained and cha…[View]
25843565>the chad AGP bimbo fetishist vs the virgin HSTS[View]
25843035There is too much heckin negativity going on around here, including but not limited to transphobia t…[View]
25843480I don't think I'd be a tranny if I spent less time on the internet. I don't admire an…[View]
25843453despite being extremely horny, i am functionally asexual due to severe genital dysphoria and refuse …[View]
25833886Cis women complaining about being sexualized and hating their bodies is really triggering for me[View]
25816693/wcg/ Webcomics General: Furry samurai edition Previous thread: >>25736256 Comics we know of,…[View]
25842981The thought of not having ovaries and potentially never getting biological kids with my boyfriend ac…[View]
25843388Wat do if country is overrun by sand people who kills lgbt ?: I live in France, the country is objec…[View]
25841851>mtf >5'6' >bf is 6'2' >he teases me constantly about my height >told me to…[View]
25841148why do youngshits seem to masculinize and grow lanky when they go through 'puberty'? Do do…[View]
25837043>ywn get to experience the stench of them all packed into the same piss-covered stairway why live…[View]
25839340As a fat mtf, how do I find someone who will act as my conscious and tell me what to eat so I lose w…[View]
25842457There is a clear and obvious distinction between GAMPs and chasers. You need to take care to use the…[View]
25839229/gaygen/ - Romanian bottom edition: Previous: >>25834328[View]
25841177Um, so we all know that it's a trope at this point that a lot of straight MtFs deal with dating…[View]
25842199I like chicks with dicks who are proud of their cock. Should I be going for the AGP or HSTS trannies…[View]
25842633how do a cope with my face looking way more masculine from the front[View]
25840987you should lift instead of becoming gay it's better for you >being trans is a mental illnes…[View]
25839975What is the likability that after 9 months of monotherapy and using my penis 1-2 times a week, that …[View]
25840607Completely over, becoming the ultimate Chad twink: So I have been transitioning for 3 months and hav…[View]
25842778Are you woman enough to shemalemode?[View]
25826704why don't hons just milfmode?[View]
25842146You come home to find your transbian gf eating raw farm salmon cured in lemon juice with shrimp and …[View]
25842052GOD I might be a pooner but I will gladly reidentify with womanhood and lesbians if it means I get t…[View]
25841208I don't actually like guys okay? Sex just only makes sense if I'm a girl and the other per…[View]
25840796>i will never be remotely close to a woman >i will never be able to properly interact with peo…[View]
25840594I want to be an enby, but I don't have money (nor will have in the future) for a mastectomy. (I…[View]
25840047>overwhelmed with visions of my empty life if i continue transition >no children (didnt bank) …[View]
25841821Is eating 1.500 kcal a day too much? Am I a disgusting fatty? Insult me so I eat less pls[View]
25836871What would be a good way to take my revenge on passoids and youngshits?[View]
25842294what am I: I start hrt when I was 19 (a few days after my birthday) am I a midshit I'm definite…[View]
25842336No ftm is valid, here is my logic: >ftms don't want to be female >no man doesn't wan…[View]
25837716Pooners have you taken the bonesmashingpill?[View]
25840551reminder that cursing is fembrained[View]
25837378Why do you dislike the pooner so? Anyone would have thought that you and he would have a lot in comm…[View]
25842304take the yin-yang pill: yin >feminine >attracted to masculinity >clashes with yin but meshe…[View]
25838340how to accept my AGAB?: i'm an ftm repressor and i have been my whole life. i want very badly t…[View]
25837932least morally bankrupt TERF parent[View]
25835412What image does my appearance give?[View]
25842084>doood im such an epic 4channer doood soijaks and junk Can we please just euthanize pooners…[View]
25841786Need trans girl who helps me with coding and also emotionally supports and cuddles me (I'm depr…[View]
25841025Reminder that diapers belong on boys. No one else.[View]
25836372Is this a good representation?[View]
25838648why does this board seethe about trenders while also simultaneously being trenders yourselves? (i.e …[View]
25835434>kids now getting assignments to out their friends and tell them to stop being fags What a world …[View]
25837042Is it stupid to go to a therapist at a lgbt clinic for good advice?[View]
25842035With genes and all that, how passable are balkan mtf's?[View]
25841088Pyro has completely in the closet. Anyone who claims otherwise is lying, and I'm sure he visits…[View]
25840774are female chasers getting normalised?: 5 years ago cis lesbians that exclusively date trans women w…[View]
25841895who is terje why do i keep hearing about terje[View]
25841784why are bottoms so pervy? can't they be normal and not think about sex literally every second?[View]
25838104I know this is a dumb question but is it possible testosterone gel can make a penis less feminine? I…[View]
25839445>19 >5'3', 16.5 inch shoulders it's over before it began…[View]
25841448How many times do I have to bottom before it gets to be my turn to top?[View]
25840552Was Ghoul really a psyop? What's the backstory? Is she just a cishon?[View]
25837610Why are bisexuals hated?[View]
25838504I am only a chaser because I have low self esteem and believe that I am not good enough for cis wome…[View]
25841703I'm a white tranny and a top and I think Tariq Nasheed gave me a buck breaking fetish.[View]
25839551show me some 30-40 year old tranners that look good[View]
25838570how do you tell AGP from gender dysphoria?[View]
25841125My fetish is trans girls who are wearing diapers… and then feel a rumbling in their tummies and get …[View]
25841053how are boris and terje doing? I miss those buds[View]
25836958I think im agp: I started coming here only recently and I learned a lot of new words. I like feeling…[View]
25841020>Part of study on the mental effects of HRT >First follow-up, 3 months in >Asked about how …[View]
25841527I’m so afraid of looking stupid or upsetting people that I basically do nothing at all.[View]
25829694/ftmg/ language of brainworms edition: QOTT1: What's your favorite word or word combination tha…[View]
25841452i went on a short trip to Boston with my cis gf and in our hotel room she convinced me to let her do…[View]
25834867anyone read this manga? it's about a hon that starts girlmoding and her cis girl friend who is …[View]
25838092>when the bottom starts talking about her problems[View]
25841459I despise being a disgusting depressed pervert, I wish I was 10 and dumb enough to think I could wil…[View]
25841041i think she likes me :) i think i made it guys i think i really got a tranner gf[View]
25836966Twinkhons are divine: They are modern day living goddesses, possessing the soft features of a woman …[View]
25840955Dad mistake me for mom from behind. Oh my.. .[View]
25840889tfw not frotting with a boy right now[View]
25839634Undeniable proof that it is easier for FtMs to pass than it is for MtFs: How are feminine boys calle…[View]
25840303>tranny release music album >doesnt sound like a gay guy holding a fart when singing >it…[View]
25840757Should I rope?: I’m mtf, hate my body, deppressed, anxious, porn addicted, bla bla bla. Just heard t…[View]
25838077Impressionable chasoid here, can you ladies stop saying tranny this, tranny that? I'm getting d…[View]
25837906I need more posts from cute (STRAIGHT!) trannies who are extremely autistic and helpless retards who…[View]
25840816Admit you would have sex with a chud[View]
25839401say i created a grindr to actually have something going (i'm a massive hon, no way i fuck a str…[View]
25840709questions about neopronouns: how the fuck do they work? can they really be anything, meaning i can j…[View]
25839681I am an autistic trans woman who plays elden ring. I will not be silenced[View]
25835680I can’t wait for this broad to absolutely ruin my life in the future: I’m really into fashion, desig…[View]
25837494me, looking down on bpd trannies (i am a bpd tranny)[View]
25828373Trannies, it's time to weigh in on a very important question. Who has harder lives, men or wome…[View]
25833106Hon thread[View]
25840500So is my friend trans now?[View]
25839126All ftms are based because being a man is based and all mtfs can stfu because women have no rights a…[View]
25837432sometimes ill feel comfortable presenting myself as a girl online and then i remember im less than a…[View]
25840374Why are they like this?[View]
25840372If you're a repressor from a third world country you should unironicall just kill yourself. It…[View]
25839577How do I beat up my tranny gf without leaving any marks?[View]
25839429Is Mrs. Maisel AGP?[View]
25837914My mother saw a tranny (rapehon) today and when she told me all about her “freaky appearance” and ho…[View]
25840184>tfw you could’ve transitioned years ago, but you chose to be a transphobic repressor instead.…[View]
25836009What do you guys think of the recent trend of cis women telling guys harassing them that they'r…[View]
25839130I wanna be a submissive bottom but I project myself on strong milf characters. Why is that?[View]
25839137>start taking progesterone >horny increases, however: >no longer attracted to bf uhhh.. WAT…[View]
25837136what is your favorite type of poonman tttt?[View]
25834467I'm mtf and I have 500 hours in fallout new vegas I am a living meme[View]
25839829what would you do if you came across boymoders that controlled drug trades, killed anyone who crosse…[View]
25838771you ARE getting 8 hours a sleep daily, right /lgbt/?[View]
25839851>Calls himself a dickgirl >Has a stereotypical dickgirl name >Dresses like a fucking poof J…[View]
25839591>gf can only dry orgasm now it's so cute[View]
25839561>top bf said taking 20 year old bottoms on grindr and grooming them into being a no loads refused…[View]
25836820Height loss general /HSG/: What do you guys know about loosing height in hrt? What tips do you recom…[View]
25839040I want to be a feminine boy with boobs: I want to be an hrt femboy with at least A cups. I am not a …[View]
25839369im extremely ugly and quite literally infertile (PCOS) i am basically a failed female. but on the ot…[View]
25839068Im a trans woman and I love girl smell and pussy. I cant stop thinking about it what should I do?[View]
25837221like 80% of this board is mtfs horny posting about cocks: can u like, stop??[View]
25839381Ftmg says this. Mtfs, is it true?Do you actually like having tits, or is it a LARP?[View]
25839517Sometimes I feel like Im being shitested by a secret social experiment[View]
25821899mmg: fuck yall[View]
25824626Damn... is this really what's being a woman like? Is this why the numbers of transmen transitio…[View]
25839343Ok I need a instagram link or a facebook link to these people right fucking meow[View]
25834328/gaygen/ - bottoms edition: >>25826492[View]
25839358I just wanna find her so bad Shh can’t I find cis female chasers irl?[View]
25836374>mi cara cuando la chicomodeadora es tambien BPDiablo[View]
25838562cool fun game: go on omegle and see how many people drop you immediately when you let them know you …[View]
25839109>all detrans spaces are populated with detranstrenders why are trendhoppers literally everywhere…[View]
25837843has anyone else here destroyed there root chakra? I think its baste[View]
25837461>when the 'top' starts telling you his problems[View]
25839168I’m into flat chested muscular women with big thighs and wide hips. Should I date pooners and become…[View]
25838534God, I want a qt crossdresser twink bf[View]
25820576why does everybody hate bpd trannies? we just want to be loved[View]
25836903/lgbt/ is the only online trans community I’ve seen where the trans women generally pass better than…[View]
25838986Im a cis man, but I want to have a vagina. I do not want to feminize myself with hormones at all or …[View]
25838931i really wish i could transition, have a husband and just adopt a kid someday: too bad god gave me x…[View]
25838958Let the bodies hit the floor[View]
25829481Should I kys? https://strawpoll.com/polls/wby5l57EBZA[View]
25835566The existence of transbians in public life is conceptual rape of women. You now have to navigate the…[View]
25834708Is there any use in getting facial laser hair removal when you're amab and not on hrt?[View]
25836542mtfg: >>25835229[View]
25836006have u ever compared cocks with a hung guy?: what was it like?[View]
25837977'tricked' into straight sex: as a non transphobic gay men I've had sex with FTMs a number of ti…[View]
25838192how do i cope with being ugly/fat/mannish/undesirable?: it's hard to not forget how fucked i am…[View]
25838639MTF on Korean TV: https://youtu.be/K4C04GwNW8M >be me >hanging out with mom >she's wat…[View]
25838503Do cis women like manmoders?[View]
25838013Nobody cares about me as a fat hon. Im worthless garbage[View]
25835092how can a boymoder get white teeth?[View]
25837598Am I a fingerhon?[View]
25835757Why are transphobes so kind >Try to take away my rights like a women >Make me feel unsafe in …[View]
25837835are trans girls is into twunks?: asking for a friend[View]
25836324I still see boy face. Do people really think she passes?[View]
25836982Normie cis women have without a question been nicer to me on average than any other group of people.…[View]
25836739What happens if an AGP manmoder with small A cups does yoga in university with a bunch of girls and …[View]
25837222We are LGBT, we do not forgive and we do not forget, fear us Chuds[View]
25836746Contrapoints and her Consequences: Why do so many trans girls think there the next Contra or even ph…[View]
25833223This is fake right? IRL romances aren't like how they're shown in movies, right...?[View]
25835821Would trans girls date a chinlet?[View]
25837317Changes in detrans community: I remember going on r/detrans last year and it was mostly sympathetic …[View]
25822215illegal /cip/ thread: could you pass? let’s find out! >itt: it was over before it ever started…[View]
25836600>becomes tranny to avoid 'gay death' >hits the hon wall instead Bros how do we stop prime boiw…[View]
25833320Any other Nicotine addicted trannies here? I wanna vape so badly rn but I'm tryna quit cus I he…[View]
25838060>be irish american boglet >transition >end up looking almost exactly like my sister >my …[View]
25836088/TAPgen/ - previously /chasergen/: >what does TAP mean? TAP means trans-attracted person; this is…[View]
25835647Are we real girls?[View]
25836519i am currently 18 years old: i will get a job and despite looking masculine, i will take female horm…[View]
25837752anons i'm tired: >be lesbian >ugly as fuck, suicidal since 12 >dated a couple times be…[View]
25835446Sorry, but you are not a woman if you have good taste in anything[View]
25834679I'm fat so I want to starve myself, but I still need to take bica and if I do that on an empty …[View]
25837662Is a repressor and a think rope the most kino pairing?[View]
25837735> find an old pair of boyshorts from before I transitioned folded in the back of my dresser >…[View]
25836111i was never meant to transition: my body was far too out of the ranges for hrt to have any remedial …[View]
25832606Why are niggas angry about this?[View]
25832868big booba: does she pass?[View]
25835332How do I own up to dating a tranny? I'm not someone who's overly concerned with other peop…[View]
25835329Is Danny Brown one of us?[View]
25836309how can i hide my penis at the gym: not a joke lol[View]
25837564Olive appreciation thread: I love Olive[View]
25830721I have no strong attachment to the male gender. Should I transmaxx for better job opportunities? I…[View]
25837392Do transbians experience gender dysphoria or do they only troon out because porn fried their brain?[View]
25837367I know you browse this board, Ian. You made far too many freudian slips for it to be coincidental. T…[View]
25837417Whats the best way/place to get treated like a girl: I need the sweet euphoria boner[View]
25837434>start jokingly bullying a femboy online >now he writes multiple paragraphs and messages insul…[View]
25834647im so poopy… but im not a disgusting rapehon transbian anymow. now im a cute autistic staight twanny…[View]
25837250Drink your water: For all you retards who cant stay hydrated, heres a quick 101 for ya. Every time y…[View]
25836297This year's Pride month is gonna be hell: Isn't it? Now that it's ok to call fags ped…[View]
25837006What is love?[View]
25834675Why do people hate on this board so much? After a decade on 4chan, it's easy for my brain to au…[View]
25834565I gave my brother a smooch on the lips for being such a nice brother and he said he wants smooches e…[View]
25837251I'm the Poon Goat: I could lick it all, love it fish or not Make it wet it all, I'm the po…[View]
25836502Did you guys know that cis women don't like Bi's, Trannies, or Gay men because they believ…[View]
25836944Be honest,If you werent a tranny would you be transphobic?: To be fair it seems very natural, if not…[View]
25835969I will never date someone white.[View]
25830703I wish I was a tranny: At 5'5 height and with my stupid wide hips I would for sure be a passoid…[View]
25836065I want a stinky unwashed trans gf: Why do I have this desire?[View]
25833461Grapehon: I’m gonna grape you in mouth![View]
25835112friendly reminder that:: >men are nothing beyond worker/soldier ants >women are nothing beyond…[View]
25836529I'm gay and I'm looking for a boyfriend fb: Sebastian.herciu.96[View]
25834671Trans women are men enby amabs are men (copemode) femboys are men twinks are men women are undedevel…[View]
25835999I am a 6'3 mtf repressor from the third world. Question to fags: what qualities do I need to ha…[View]
25834721The DailyMail is actually nice to a tranny for once. They respect her, don't demonize her or an…[View]
25833976I dont get why she gets made fun of so much on here. As a cis guy i think she’s really cute and i wo…[View]
25835748I'm genuinely afraid of trannies from russia.[View]
25836563>date as a gayboy >never meet a single dude over 5'10 >every girl I know has a 6'…[View]
25836676I get that people just have gender dysphoria and it's not grooming or whatever but Straight, ci…[View]
25836623I'm not lady I'm a ladyboyyyyyyy[View]
25836569I'm not a 'transgirl', I'm a man.[View]
25835229EPIC edition PREV: >>25830443 QOTT: cats or dogs[View]
25833869Homophobic straight men will fuck a girl in her ass and enjoy it no problem but if a gay or bi man f…[View]
25834903how would you fix this board: I would ban everyone who has admitted to having sex, except for t4t tr…[View]
25821659bmg boymoder gen: Boymoder General It never began edition QOTT : are you right right now? How do you…[View]
25834926Why does being referred to with feminine language feel weirdly demeaning and humiliating? I thought …[View]
25836478There's a Panera next to where I work and there's all these poonboys just chilling, all cu…[View]
25836051what should I do with my life? t. 18 y/o high school dropout boymoder[View]
25836450barren form: My body bears no fruit, and never will. Let's play pretend a little bit, shall we?…[View]
25827862Do you like to take pictures, tttt? Do you own a camera thats not your cellphone?[View]
25833985All you South American qt's are always begging to get out of ur shithole country so.. how much …[View]
25836135I’m a repper who is starting to crack. Should I rope?[View]
25835091What is the name of that one cute french tranny? Black hair black eyebrows and has an onlyfans. Kind…[View]
25825839Do I have the body of a twink or am I too fat/wide?[View]
25835371>really, really bad baby fever that keeps getting worse and worse >faggot tranny incel This i…[View]
25835983I've gotten super fucking fat I went from a hot twink to a slightly chubby gorl[View]
25836176Transbian here! This is my ideal cis bi female wife. Thoughts?[View]
25835282Any other gays and lesbians that don't check their generals? I just hate generals and tranners …[View]
25834752Guys: I wanna flirt with all the trans attracted guys on here but I am to scared to show my self bec…[View]
25834969Who has it harder, Chuds or trannies[View]
25834535I'm in a deep depression but right now I have a rare moment when I actually want to live for so…[View]
25833024bisexuals, do you experience a bi-cycle? What does that feel like for you? Does your attraction some…[View]
25831582>ywn be a cute autistic tranny Why live?[View]
25835782why can't i get a guy?: i'm not sure what it is. maybe it's my attitude or my appeara…[View]
25834131Why are all the mentally ill bdd tripfags hsts[View]
25835465Help meee: >be me >Second year of high school >Had yo repeat second year cuz depresion and …[View]
25827053>be me >entirely attracted to men my whole life >maybe a little interest in women but not e…[View]
25831182Fuck I feel so dumb. Did HRT undermine my ability to manipulate shapes in my head? www.arealme. com/…[View]
25826181nature is healing[View]
25834537>take testosterone for 5 years >distinctly look like a pooner >aka just a masculinized fema…[View]
25832103Living in russia is a valid reason fpr suicide. >inb4 no Yes >inb4 it's gonna get better …[View]
25833070If being a troon is genetic/pregnancy related shouldnt the identical twin of a troon always also be …[View]
25831495>your age >your letter >what you do for a living go…[View]
25835280My mom gets more excited for Pride than me. She sends me messages about it & wears pride colors …[View]
25833912How should an ugly third world poor boymoder go about finding an american chaser to send them money …[View]
25833734damn she's looking kinda cute: weird 80s style hair though[View]
25835512Crushes: How do you guys deal with crushes? I have someone who I really contacted with, who is hot, …[View]
25832170Are she/her femboys valid?: I have dysphoria and take HRT but I feel disgusted thinking of myself as…[View]
25834414>tfw no meth addict transbian gf to beat the shit out of me everyday for drug money and blame me …[View]
25835335This thread ends once a tripfag replies Have fun until then[View]
25833943what if this had happened to u?: >rich dad dresses his son up as a princess and harley quinn grow…[View]
25835387Are there any stories of boomer detrans trannys that realize they shouldnt have trooned out and regr…[View]
25834917Why aren’t there that many middle aged repressing gaydens who poon out on their husbands? Does the d…[View]
25834663how's the tummy, /tttt/?: surely you havent put up weight just before summer?[View]
25832352>be me, mono femboy but not very 'possessive' so to speak >'poly' trans gf, goes to a school o…[View]
25834607can someone show me a good way to put up your hair? I don't even really know how ur supposed to…[View]
25833292will my boobs ever get bigger?: I have A cups after 3.5 years HRT and I feel like I will never get a…[View]
25825479>gonna take hormones >gonna voice train >gonna lose all my bodyfat >gonna gain some body…[View]
25833916I wish to become a better trans ally. How can I spot a trans person? I want to make sure that they f…[View]
25835085Why do trannies all think they are so ugly when they are so hot?[View]
25827451do transgirls like german chasers? no nazis pls[View]
25834264Reminder that everyone is a zombie.[View]
25834278If transition as early into puberty is scientifically validated as the proper treatment for gender d…[View]
25831317loving top here: how do I prevent the anal sex after burn on my girlfriend's fartbox? obviously…[View]
25832547None of you are actually autistic, you're just socially awkward and use the 'autism' excuse to …[View]
25831701any other ausfags get this flyer in the mail? does she mog you?[View]
25831590Are tranners that use punctuation in discord like a grammar nazi utterly insane?[View]
25833040You will never be an anime girl[View]
25829082>will never have a successful timeline that inspires others >will never be able to look back a…[View]
25795964Are crossdressers valid?[View]
25832754Warning Warning to Russoid tranners: Russian war Mobilization potentially incoming within weeks. Put…[View]
25831776i'm not even on hrt yet, and i still can't get hard, or cum i'm so sexually frustrate…[View]
25834331Trans men are men. Theyfabs are women. Trans women are boys. Cis gay bottoms are girls. Cis males ar…[View]
25833255Can I???: Guys im retarded been researching, screenshot of info I have found. Does this mean I can j…[View]
25832024Is there anything more tragic than a tranny?[View]
25833868Redditors are so unbelievably stupid How is everyone in this thread agreeing with this What happened…[View]
25833552>Have problems in life, wanna 41% >Decide that I need to talk to somebody >Make thread, som…[View]
25833538fact: mtfs are women ftms are men femboys and twinks are women[View]
25825255How to be less of an incel so that ftms like you better?[View]
25834516Sometimes I forget about the dysphoria that I felt before starting HRT and feel like detransing beca…[View]
25817491What car do you drive lgbt[View]
25834183I repress by being transphobic on the internet[View]
25832956guys should i transition?????: >20 with really good insurance >stable source of income >top…[View]
25834193if you're an ugly troon who's in an unhappy 5-year relationship and you're certain th…[View]
25834356Every meta attracted agp deserves a handsome boytoy to use as she pleases!!![View]
25834343/gaygen/: poo: >>25826492[View]
25833457My parents dont want ro pay for my breast augmentation: They had no problem paying for ffs but now t…[View]
25826492/gaygen/ gay general: old >>25821984[View]
25833440Which one is Trans: Which one of them is Trans? Testing to see how bad brain worms is.[View]
25831218So reverse dysphoria is a thing?: >be agp >find women attractive >have envy for them and wa…[View]
25833291Was this the peak of early 2000s tranny media?: >reality dating show >pretty standart stuff,a …[View]
25832066I think that despite being on monotherapy for 9 months and jerking off at least 1-2 times a week, my…[View]
25831277>be me, gay bottom transitioning to female >have had lisp all my life >start voice training…[View]
25833386>remember some Scottish neckbeard from youtube who used to do little music skits back around 2008…[View]
25833381Why do ftms run away from me and avoid me? Simple, I am a blackpilled trooncel[View]
25825926how do you find out if you're really transgender or not: I've been on HRT a while, but I k…[View]
25832312WHAT IS BOYSMELL: what's boysmell??? is it just a meme and im not in on the joke? like i have n…[View]
25832936/pol/ is making fun of us again[View]
25832544Why is free speech so often under assault in the discourse? We should be striving for freer, more op…[View]
25830105Trans girls belong to cis girls[View]
25833713Ftm guys do you fart a lot or try to? H[View]
25830206Butch men make the best sissies. This has been a Public Service Announcement[View]
25830443/mtfg/ - male to female general: >>25827873[View]
25832193I am caged in an eternal hell. A mesomorphic male rib cage to be exact. I am a beast hulk of destruc…[View]
25824934>transbian >cisbian doesn't want to date me but wants to fool around >tells me not to …[View]
25829689is he trooning out?[View]
25833669Trans girls and trans guys how bad do your feet/show/socks smell? I've always wanted to date so…[View]
25833491Should I just be alone forever? I don't know what I do wrong most of the time, but every relati…[View]
25832950If you look like this, please detransition. It'll be better for everyone.[View]
25832472why shouldnt i kill myself right now[View]
25832953They are trying to make her commit suicide The whole show is 'haha jazz cant do anything right' This…[View]
25833548>tfw you’re a massive coomer but a new medication you’ve started taking makes your orgasms feel w…[View]
25833210How does one best discipline a tranny? Say that you have a live in trans girl who keeps bringing up …[View]
25812658/ltg/ - Late Transition General: I dont have a QOTT I just wanted to make this so I had somewhere to…[View]
25833405I’m only 5’8” and I still feel fucking huge.[View]
25832171>New Zealand media is now shilling for kathleen stock LOL[View]
25833348How do I find a mtf repressor gf?[View]
25833171Afraid I'll never have sex because of my large penis: So, I've only been seriously intimat…[View]
25832639This is my message to this board. https://voca.ro/19tZQmWUwNh2 sincerely, a redpilled /pol/chad[View]
25831900Why is everywhere a hugbox?: It doesn't matter where you go, if has anything to do with trans/l…[View]
25832083Even if I masterbate, my prostate twitches a lot. How do I stop being horny all of the time? It…[View]
25832895Dear anons, do any of you own a boymoder hoodie irl for any reason?[View]
25833161Russoid trannies don't exist.[View]
25830946I am a female repper who copes with ROGD by indulging in both AGP and AAP fantasies. It has worked w…[View]
25831573its funny how this tranny has a passing voice but a non passing face and a non passing body Meanwhil…[View]
25832977How many trannies are like that?: >hmm today I will try to become a cute girl so I will be always…[View]
25833010What's your weirdest fetish?[View]
25832949why do people think we are exaggerating when we obsess over boysmell or think it's an act? I re…[View]
25815806Ultimate Hon Thread: >Post Hons Only, so you can feel better about yourself.…[View]
25831835I hate being alive[View]
25829526black midi is for trans women: Somebody played the new black midi single at the recent anti-tervert …[View]
25825418Why are there so many similarities between this board and fit? I started browsing this board bc my g…[View]
25831377HRT made me gay: I liked women before hrt but now I have a boyfriend and act like a retarded girl ev…[View]
25832847Definitely not the place to ask but should I transition? I've wanted to do it since I was 13, I…[View]
25827341Why aren’t you fursuitmoding, /tttt/? >No one can see your face >No one can see your clocky fe…[View]
25831280average asian boymoders[View]
25830984Is this true? Im turned off now :([View]
25820220how do I find a diaper transbian gf? I see them being so vocal on here but I don't know where t…[View]
25832583Do I pass?[View]
25832622How deep do you like your boymoders cut? Do you prefer your boymoder scritched or styroed?[View]
25831914Is it possible to vape estrogen?: Is it like a thing? I always forget to take my HRT on time and it …[View]
25832570>clocky pass >no pass and yet the irl experiences keep happening >post man at the main entr…[View]
25831740who is your favorite failed male twitter tourist?[View]
25832638Is it a good idea to my lie to my doctor and say I have low test because of a health issue instead o…[View]
25832591Is he femboy? >BUCKA[View]
25826599why are the majority of tranny chasers also foot fetishists?[View]
25831268Forcing oneself to be gay?: I know it might sound ridiculous, but I wish I was gay. I fucking hate w…[View]
25828447Sexual fantasies vocaroo: Post your sexual fantasies in vocaroo form https://vocaroo.com/1a5s3YgGrFG…[View]
25832404i hate women (including trans women)[View]
25825902>JUST HECKIN VOICE TRAIN TRANNY >Doesn't explain how >Just spams the same shitty r*ddi…[View]
25822153I cannot imagine myself with a bio girl anymore. I'd rather have the mentally ill retard who lo…[View]
25832465How the fuck do i get over my fear of stds? Im 26 and at this rate imma die a virgin. Most ive ever …[View]
25821503are white tranners inherently more feminine? blue eyed and blonde tranners always seem to pass bette…[View]
25830971is this accurate?: have boys become gaymers?[View]
25830851RIBS!: Are there any solutions to deal a big ribcage, besides rib removal surgery?[View]
25828232>Be egg >get a good chance of looking pretty because your siblings are >get born as a disgu…[View]
25831503I think I'm retarded. I'm pretty sure it's jut meta attraction but I want to be someo…[View]
25830672>be me >nonbinary AMAB taking HRT in early transition >'hey [insert trans community], i wan…[View]
25831693give me ideas of WHAT T HE FUCK i should crossdress neext, brothas. what kind of cloths, cosplya, fa…[View]
25829020>be cisbian >high femme, always had a thing for butches >start dating very masculine nonbin…[View]
25832094trans women are women and trans men are women[View]
25829778>ruins his cute and twinkish look by taking hormones instead of just being a normal gay bottom no…[View]
25828603>on hrt for 8 months >sex drive tanks, practically asexual besides finding guys a lot more cut…[View]
25831568There are no actual trans girls around here. If you read this, you are a pervert. A pervert that fet…[View]
25831771>it's not enough for you to WANT a bf you have to earn it[View]
25831864I would do anything just to be a 300 pound ugly white girl. I would fight in the frontlines of the b…[View]
25831743Mel is a man.[View]
25828283friendly reminder to take your drugs if you do the gay sexings[View]
25830838Is faceapp gender switch a somewhat accurate way of telling how i would look like as a girl?[View]
25831678how do i get my bf to hit me? (sexual style)[View]
25827434The final boss of TERF-ness[View]
25831689will this work?[View]
25828224There is NOTHING hotter to me than a transwoman with a black bf[View]
25831284How do I top?: Also how do I make my estrogenized cock working?[View]
25831492Could transitioning have saved him?[View]
25831106draw thread: people who can draw post you drawings[View]
25830445Anyone feel like they have a sour odor after hrt?: I smell like an old woman wtf[View]
25831416fucking weird dream: >dreamt some guy i know was living with me >im naked >he says 'gotta g…[View]
25829605>frotting with a cute boy and then getting my prostate bullied I want it...…[View]
25823546when do i get to give up t. almost 1 year hrt, only one of my desired effects (boobs) has happened, …[View]
25831368AGPs rise the f*ck up[View]
25831365Good way to not make a bdd bpd meltdown thread: I use to make fun of myself (and other) but the joke…[View]
25828576https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42ivIRd9N8E& so anon, what is a woman?[View]
25830955I'm in a dedicated relationship and I also think chasers are generally really cool people and I…[View]
25831147i wish i had someone to do my e injections for me it always takes me forever to just steel myself an…[View]
25831262I wish I was cute so I could get a bf who could import me[View]
25829909Why can't I just have a second X: it's not fair it's not fair it's not fair it…[View]
25830463>get like on taimi >get excited (might get bullied <3) >fattest, hairiest hon of them al…[View]
25831209Where do I find cute catboys for sale?[View]
25826161I'm mtf and I have 500 hours in fallout new vegas I am a living meme[View]
25821989saw a trans girl at goodwill: went to goodwill earlier today to look for clothes and ran into this c…[View]
25829014hrt didn't give me hips, should i an hero?[View]
25830417I want a femboy or qt trans girl near me! New York City baybeeee Hunterkane#7485 Add me if you'…[View]
25830699I used to spend my nights drinking vodka and seething on the internet, but after a year and a half o…[View]
25828158>repperbros... >n-not, not like this...[View]
25830652The ultimate suifuel is seeing someone who transitioned years after you pass after only a year.[View]
25830614Who should be considered a woman?: Mainstream trans movement proclaims that anyone who identifies as…[View]
25829445Autogynephilia The Truth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUuw1_ogMUM Thoughts?[View]
25830809Imagine living a life of lesbianism/sodomy when you could have a wonderful m/f mixed orientation mar…[View]
25830762I played video games with a group of fellow chasers recently and let me just say, trannies are undes…[View]
25830503>been single since high school >wanna date somebody not cishet >don't wanna use dating…[View]
25829708Is it a good idea to get tranny bangs?[View]
25830416Ya'll mfers are really gay?[View]
25824499Confused as to the existence of straight ftm incels since it's incredibly simple to pull girls …[View]
25830576Trans Women are men: Trans men are men Men are men Women are men The only gender is men[View]
25829771I hate my body. I have rouch dry skin. My disgusting greenish appearence. I'm constantly sour i…[View]
25826836imagine there's no hippies you can do it, if you try[View]
25830665I don't think trannies should suffer. That being said, I do think the ones on /tttt/ deserve ev…[View]
25830283IT HURTS HELP. I have a friend who I like a lot.: After reading this tell me if it's male brain…[View]
25830542hey lgbt i cleaned my room today <3 i even sweeped and mopped the floor :)[View]
25828988Am I malebrained if I don't get full body orgasms on HRT[View]
25829712https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLmdIXaZ0LQ All you ever wanted was to be listened to. Hiding behind…[View]
25828235Is knowing how to laplace transform agp?: >in calc 2 rn. >Math seems too male brained for me. …[View]
25829185minty taste??: okay me and my tranny gf have both noticed are cum tastes knida minty since starting …[View]
25830034how do i shave my balls and pubic hair? can i use one of those chemical shaving creams?[View]
25830268Can you buy a tranny wife? How much do they cost?[View]
25830451>no sugar momma cougar would ever want to date a pooner[View]
25826575>in BJJ class >positonal drill with cute boy >in his guard >his boysmell is overwhelmin…[View]
25825721>FTM transphobia never happened That's horrible man, how can you say that *starts to tear up…[View]
25829552>pooner >mtf gf >ask her to top me >she says she's unsure but will consider it how …[View]
25821347What's your favorite sex position? For me it's doggy. There's nothing better than sma…[View]
25827190What deodorants and perfumes/colognes does /lgbt/ use? You do wear deodorant, right? Guess letters o…[View]
25827791I fell for the ' prostate stimulation ' meme >get dildo, one that doesnt look too much like a coc…[View]
25829779>be straight for 24 years >suddenly cant stop thinking about twink ass and sucking dick W-Was …[View]
25829984psa: PSA plz pinkpill -18 but not +18[View]
25830205I miss the tumblr days, the pre-onlyfans days. Cute traps posting nudes of themselves online just fo…[View]
25829620are they reppers?[View]
25827037I am a gold star trans lesbian that means i only date cis lesbians. no bishits yes, it's becau…[View]
25829044blog post story time: >trooned out last december after repressing on/off for years, 24 y/o >qu…[View]
25828253Does hrt cause stomach problems? I keep having fluctuations between really bad constipation, stinky …[View]
25829396>be me, 19M >get bitches in the military >turn 23, decide to troon out (after years of feel…[View]
25826793/repgen/ - Repressor general: bad dream edition Ignore trannies, yada yada go-, you know, the thing.…[View]
25827835Anyone else here get dysphoric about their sexual tastes? >like boysmell way way more than any ci…[View]
25827138Does your arm pass thread: ngmi[View]
25829950there's no way...right?: She has to be a hon right? there's no way she's a cis femoid…[View]
25827450I couldn't fall asleep so now my gf is going to be mad at me for fucking up my sleep schedule f…[View]
25828613You get to wake up in Hunter Schafer's body, however your libido is destroyed in the process an…[View]
25823615PhilosophyTube confused for a cis girl by own parents: Is tube just making this up?[View]
25829463This biggest black pill was knowing that not even trannies want me :'([View]
25826386Both contrapoints and philosophytube have gone from saying 'oh I'm not transgender' in their vi…[View]
25828092I need a mommy[View]
25829568Are you biphobic?: Be honest I sometimes feel very hated on here[View]
25824782How do you like the idea? Instead of transitioning, I put all my energy into voice training and lar…[View]
25826976Ive seen a few pics of this couple floating around Does anyone have the source of where the pics cam…[View]
25829254Muscular Bald and Faded guys are a bottoms (trans and cis) kryptonite[View]
25826868my friend has been on HRT for several years now and has literally no breast development at all. how …[View]
25822867>highest weight 250 lbs, goal weight 160 (6'1 height) >down to 243 now after switching fr…[View]
25826914>first girlfriend looked like mom >mom was weirded out >come out as trans >mom isn'…[View]
25825548is aphrodite a twinkhon?[View]
25824982Hello legbutts, I will be turning 30 this weekend and will grant you each 1 (one) magic spell when I…[View]
25828392LTG 1: I'm 29 and had easy access to hormones at 12-16 But repressed anyways. So LTG is 18+ Le…[View]
25828577Mom said she doesn’t want me to go to male prison: >watching criminal psychology video with my mo…[View]
25826592I hate this board so much. I used to come here because I had an AGAMP fetish and I would jerk off to…[View]
25824336Anyone else terminally male brained?[View]
25827212do I pass?[View]
25826563Why do I want to troon out all the sudden? I only started cross dressing a year and a half ago and I…[View]
25828749>people always say it's so much easier to raise boys than girls >this is just cishet code…[View]
25827977Can unpacking trauma help eliminate dysphoria?: So I’m going to be honest. I believe all trans woman…[View]
25828895being an adult and thinking for myself is too hard I don't want to anymore. I need a mommy and …[View]
25828265Does anyone know how to cum without touch? I think the best option for a ftm would be to fuck a part…[View]
25826924Tell me: why are my arms so long?[View]
25827873/mtfg/ - transfeminine general: >>25824873[View]
25829089I have always been passively suicidal and it feels inevitable to me. I don't know if I can do t…[View]
25827426How long until my parents find out my gf is a tranny?: I have really conservative parents and my gf …[View]
25823992>the guy who bullied me as a teen for being a ftm and was one of the reasons i am a lifetime repr…[View]
25828320I'll repress until the day I die[View]
25826576why is /lgbt/ full of horny androphile boymoders??? i thought most trannies were lesbians[View]
25827819My top bf said he wants to drug me and rape me with my permission...is this a bad sign?[View]
25828670>tfw gaycel[View]
25823768Do gay bottoms want a sugar daddy that is bigger than him?[View]
25807957>tfw no groomer daddy[View]
25826716Did this happen to you?[View]
25828910any other lectures like the unanswered question?[View]
25828760Did this ever happen to you /tttt/?[View]
25816339Why do chasers love her so much?[View]
25827372https://www.transitionjustice.org/ I left a message and filled out the form. Were you harmed anon?[View]
25827404should i hit my high school bully for heroin?[View]
25826190We should just put all children on hormone blockers until they are adults so they can choose their o…[View]
25824052>even the ftms have boyfriends and orbiters Lmao, you can't make this shit up, women live on…[View]
25819564CANADA'S WATER SUPPLY CONTAMINATED WITH ESTROGENIC CHEMICALS https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/mon…[View]
25824596>trans gf masturbated while sniffing my armpits[View]
25828439Listen up tards How do I fix the tranny BPD And dont give me that “try harder” type shit because god…[View]
25823778Reddit tranners delayed the Buffalo shooting by a few days[View]
25828566Lower your standards they said: >reject hot guys on dating apps >still can't find a bf Th…[View]
25828453Can You Guy Describe Your Feeling Of Dysphoria?: I'm curious as to how you feel deep down like …[View]
25828328>getting older on T >growing facial hair, face masculinizing, hairline receding >feel suici…[View]
25827119How do you crack an egg that just wont crack? Force?[View]
25825353>my male physical characteristics were giving my emotional distress, which made me start DIY-HRT …[View]
25828082i am incapable of clocking anyone. i am extremely faceblind and generally just retarded. if someone …[View]
25807940/ftmg/: International edition QOTTs: >make a tier list of top five best countries and bottom five…[View]
25828076Do you think a tranny could make it in the YA fiction scene? all the authors are either cis girls or…[View]
25828046Straight man here. Met rly cute trans girl at a bar last week. She didn't pass but was hot and …[View]
25828025All he needed was a trans gf to show him the love and affection he never got from his parents and to…[View]
25821746Do mtf trans girls sit on cis male faces?[View]
25825620Balding has made my dysphoria worse and I can’t accept myself: I’m balding really bad at 24 I’m on a…[View]
25823701Do better, LGBT[View]
25823142do chasers like to hit their trans gfs?[View]
25827250I have had three separate women ive dated, over the course of several months, tell me that i have el…[View]
25827072There was a thread with a tranner who got confused for being 'trans the other way': Where is that th…[View]
25827232troons and boymodders what are your favourite ecco2k songs: Ik im not the only one getting sissy hyp…[View]
25825005I’m a perma-manmoder because it gives me a way to manage my dysphoria without completely ruining my …[View]
25813957How can i convice my big bro to fuck?: I want him to use me as toy! Like if hes horny he can just co…[View]
25819546Does growing up with sisters help you socially pass? (by observing and absorbing their female brains…[View]
25826004do trannies actually think they are 'real women' or is it more rhetorical like 'we should be conside…[View]
25825989If I woke up in a male body, I would feel the happiest and most belonging I have ever felt in my lif…[View]
25826610Every young tranny (18-24) absolutely needs an older daddy esque partner to guide them and nurture t…[View]
25810495hornygen: rejoice new hornygen is here[View]
25823941just making this thread to let you guys know i havent eaten for 3 days because women and bottoms sho…[View]
25827336Is this wrong?: Starting to think that, while dysphoria was my original reason, homophobia is what c…[View]
25827383>autistic nerdy anime shirt wearing boy who lives next door grew tits and has started wearing shi…[View]
25826500What age did you transition, /tttt/?[View]
25826357Would I hate myself and my life less if I didn’t spend 12 hours a day on social media?[View]
25814812>here's your FFS results, anon[View]
25827344how do I do it?: >don't care about relationships for most of teen years >realize I'l…[View]
25825845I keep groping people while I sleep: I usually talk while I'm sleeping to say incoherent things…[View]
25825552i feel like alot of you would be happier if you actually got goals and aspirations outside of being …[View]
25816860im in need of lost souls: please speak to me https://discord.gg/QxNsRcDe[View]
25799819/wlwg/ - swimming edition: General discussion thread for all women, trans or cis, who love women. QO…[View]
25822234What's your opinion on chastity cages? I was thinking about getting one for my girlfriend.[View]
25823232Why do so many troons buy expensive bathtub estrogen from abroad?: Cant they just go to the pharmacy…[View]
25826626trannies owe me sex[View]
25826581>didn’t feel dysphoric until my 20s >have had a massive transformation fetish since childhood …[View]
25826177So my gf is very dom with me but also very submissive toward other men in general, and she admitted …[View]
25826379I used to be small, cute and effeminate but I got big, hairy and ugly... I literally missed the shor…[View]
25825780how to get confidence?: im tired of being depressed & single. how do i get the confidence to ask…[View]
25821984/gaygen/: poo: >>25817187[View]
25826029I just wanna kiss, cuddle, love and lay up with a cute feminine boy while we listen to all kinds of …[View]
25824873/mtfg/ Japanese Furry Edition: old >>25820800[View]
25821281Can a trans girl be someone's gf/wife or is it hopeless?[View]
25823691Is this true?: Do some people try to silence internal discourse in the trans community?[View]
25825130since I dont pass, it's probably safe to assume that whenever a man asks me out to dinner he al…[View]
25825280It finally happened: >Be me, autistic 19yo boymoder >NEET shut-in with lots of mental illnesse…[View]
25822810Why do mtf call themselves men?[View]
25825410FTMs do not experience transphobia to any meaningful extent. I do not value their opinions on trans …[View]
25798665/bigen/ - Bisexual General: Idk what to call it edition QOTT: What is your favourite and least favou…[View]
25825742is there anything better than making a failed male twinkhon cum from you reaming her butthole?[View]
25825386who here too lazy to actually transition >have to take pills every day and worry about hormones …[View]
25823750Which is the right age to dump your tranny gf?: I am a 37 cis man currently dating a 26 trans girl. …[View]
25825666What is love?[View]
25820911Every time i masturabate wish my penis i get really depressed after. Is this just dysphoria? It does…[View]
25823084>one life ever >not born with fem twink genetics I see no point in living if I can't be b…[View]
25825085If I became a tranny would I pass?[View]
25825835>furries get litterboxes in their classrooms: >meanwhile teachers are getting fired for mentio…[View]
25818862Daily reminder that if you don't pass nobody will ever love you[View]
25824984I'm not trans, I just love feminine energies. I feed off of it. By becoming a girl myself, I ge…[View]
25817904Can I get on Disability for being trans?: why the fuck did liberals have to ruin shit by making my g…[View]
25825507I genuinely don't believe I'm going to succeed in life. I'm going to be a pathetic st…[View]
25821929>said some fucked up shit to my trans gf while mad and drunk >she ran away >she has no fami…[View]
25825719Post more transwomen with black bf's (it's my fetish)[View]
25824115>start thinking im trans suddenly at 24 >book hrt apt >all ready to start estrogen >at…[View]
25825148/repgrn/ idk: qott: idk[View]
25823990worried about my fren: haven't talked in a month with her ever since she said she's going …[View]
25818861>MtF >Androgynous but feminine face >Relatively cute face, if I'm to believe people wh…[View]
25825538If a chaser tells you that he wants to keep your relationship on the DL, he's just trying to pr…[View]
25825368would my parents be upset if: i brought home a trans girl?[View]
25825533Ok /lgbt/, coomer here; what can I actually do with my prostate? I wanna coom hard[View]
25825125Do you like my nails?[View]
25825431is ftm repressor x mtf repressor a good relationship pairing? it seems like there should some empat…[View]
25825081How do I know if I pass when irl nobody ever gender me?[View]
25823616how do I find a bottom bf that looks like picrel[View]
25824972what would happen if: a female to male and a male to female had sex?[View]
25822272Every time my bf tells me he loves me I reply with 'no you don't.' The other day I lost my temp…[View]
25824781I'm very bad at progrumming. No trans for my gender?[View]
25822489are asexuals the most annoying members of the LGBT? do they even count, despite their constant insis…[View]
25823067Bf said my nipples taste like milk even though I have no lactation, is it normal?[View]
25821596Does anyone know where you can get tranny milk?[View]
25822740thoughts on people using the word 'queer' to describe LGBT people/instead of the term LGBT?[View]
25825128no more pust nut clarity?: I've been on E for about half a year now, my T levels are below fema…[View]
25820464The trans Wall is an absolutely tragic thing to behold[View]
25821398How do I get a tranner roommate? T. Tranner[View]
25824881thoughts on trans men with long hair? t. full-time girlmoder[View]
25820579I don't want to go to hell.[View]
25823393I’m an abdl trans girl. Would I be accepted here? been on hormones for a little over year. please i…[View]
25824425It's past my 6th month of transitioning to a man. Hormons have really kicked in but my hair gro…[View]
25823888Ugh why are you all normies. Why cant I just get a gf who passes but is as ugly and autistic as me[View]
25824440>mtf >smell my bf's boysmell >gross >smell my own girlsmell >hot why am I like t…[View]
25821448My young tranny wife calls me Master, I usually call her slave or pet. She gets down on all fours to…[View]
25824318Transphobes really do love telling on themselves huh: 'Trans women are just men who transition becau…[View]
25824585Would troons give a guy like Mexican Andy a chance?[View]
25823037>be mtf >almost one year since bf and i started dating >live with him now >still havent …[View]
25822847please say masochism-induced gender euphoric stuff: diapgirl, smol gurl pp, fembrain bottom, continu…[View]
25822836post an animal that looks like you and have people guess your letter. I'll start![View]
25824299What’s my sexuality if this is me[View]
25824729can straight men use the word fag to describe lgbtq ppl: if they mean F females [trannies] A and G g…[View]
25823334>6 months injections >no hips time to detrans…[View]
25824582I am a blackpilled trooncel[View]
25807847Something I really hate about FTMs is how they’ll lean in to their AFAB status whenever it’s conveni…[View]
25819722What is an 'HRT femboy?' Do they just take low dosage than you normally would for transitioning? How…[View]
25820485tall tranners are angelic: there's no better sight than a beautiful tranner towering over you. …[View]
25824567I think I want to start taking HRT so I can become an e-thot and never work again UwU[View]
25823560>Uses Face App >No matter the picture it always makes me look caked in make-up, uncanny, or al…[View]
25820853>have ftm irl friend >used to identify as a lesbian but now calls himself a gay man >only d…[View]
25821177Bf got pregnant and today we learned its a boy -_-. He always wanted a boy and is beyond excited to …[View]
25824119hey guys it's Tranny here, what can you do about being bpd? this is ruining my life. I can…[View]
25822405We can all agree trans girls should have hairy, smelly pits right?[View]
25823575>be tranny >recently get bf >we fuck a lot >knows how to push all the vanilla buttons …[View]
25824326Why are so many trannies also littles?: What's their damage?[View]
25823865Are we all in agreement that he's ftm?[View]
25822754What I’ve noticed about so-called “transtrenders”: Anyone else noticed the one thing they all have i…[View]
25820113I just saw a short skinny feminine looking boy with a little color added to his hair. Is it rude to …[View]
25824167>be me >cishet male >a transgirl I have a crush on asks me a question >I like teasing cu…[View]
25817318honestly considering transitioning just so i can be a weird fem man creature and have sex with weird…[View]
25822714What is the best country for a Brazilian tranny looking for a nicer environment to be trans in? It h…[View]
25823296How to get a MtF: How do I as an autist, get a MtF gf? Like, what do they like? What music do they l…[View]
25821308>be me >look better as man than woman >ie super long arms, tall, and just generally uncanny…[View]
25817808How does she do it?[View]
25821486i have race dysphoria: i am a cis white woman and i legitimately wish i were an asian girl. asian gi…[View]
25821590>chaser bf won't demean me or slap me during sex >only tenderly loves me and takes care o…[View]
25823755In complete seriousness What do I need to do to become the first trans astronaut[View]
25823483if I didn't write my boyfriend in 4 weeks and didn't see him in 4 weeks, we both are offic…[View]
25816335imagine coming out as trans: cringe as fuck i will never come out or go on hrt i'll just be a …[View]
25821708Malebrained: You're wacko trans who call yourselves men? Objectify women like heterosexual men.…[View]
25823860Is it possible for a chud to get a femboy/tanner gf?[View]
25819838how hard would it be to find a bottom femboy or twink bf that would let me be abusive, generally hat…[View]
25821224men are still hornier than women WITHOUT foreskin: it's actually really weird. foreskin reduces…[View]
25823119Is this true african trannies?[View]
25821748What does it mean if I have bad physical dysphoria but practically no social dysphoria[View]
25819840do cispooners exist??: cishons are often discussed here but i've never seen cispooners mentione…[View]
25815602i did something bad to my best friend!!!: help guys i feel so bad and spoiled i was really sad today…[View]
25823550How to get friends please??: I’ve felt alone my whole life dude. My friends only invite me to things…[View]
25823115How the fuck can I stop being straight ?: Twinkhon boymoder here. How the hell can I stop being int…[View]
25823372Astolfo irl[View]
25823376>B cups in 6 months I'm gonna kill myself. I need to boymode for more 2 years. It's too…[View]
25823458How does one find a bf in the eternal night?[View]
25821594How do I know if I have bpd: I do not think I have borderline personality disorder, but some people …[View]
25821605I have dysphoria over not being a femboy so I will be killing myself shortly.[View]
25822738here’s a hug has it been a tough day? the world is a brutal place, you’re doing well to carry on[View]
25819268Why don’t gaydens want to look like men?: Most of them usually experience gender envy for skinny twi…[View]
25823206Seeking unwashed trans gf: The stinkier the better[View]
25810325Do pooners really believe this?[View]
25821738Where can I find a Jew tranny gf t.white male[View]
25823063Do transphobic radfems really, like actually honestly believe that there's a coordinated, well …[View]
25822897>put my face through faceapp female filter as all tranners do >got dysphoria What is the point…[View]
25822401would Grindr make his job easier?[View]
25820800/mtfg/ 女らしい general: >25815031[View]
25822930why did he do it?[View]
25820111Transwomen are women but commit violent crimes at the same rate as men. There must be some underlyi…[View]
25821997Trans girls: 'i'm transitioning into a body that im happier with because i have a mental illnes…[View]
25822172The normal cis male response to watching magical girl anime is to seethe with envy.[View]
25815785“The law of things are going to get worse” for /lgbt/ rights in action.[View]
25817072Monogamy is a hetero concept and makes no sense for gays. Since there are more bottoms than tops, mo…[View]
25822700why do people with DID literally try to copy the playbook trans people are accused of? >unique un…[View]
25822667why do other trannies cry about 'muh trans visibility'? i want to stay invisible, shut the fuck up[View]
25822631can you do DIY without blood tests or would i be setting myself up to die or something[View]
25822655>trannies make up some fraction of a percent of the population >some fraction of that fraction…[View]
25822030Who was in the wrong?[View]
25820932>I'm MtF >I had sex with a pooner who asked me to 'treat her like a real woman'…[View]
25822428Is crying when your significant other breaks up with you malebrained or fembrained?[View]
25817231This is my fetish, I've spent hundreds of dollars this year on onlyfans getting tgirls to make …[View]
25816577Sick of all the twig white troons on here, chaserbros post based BUNDA shemales[View]
25822407You ever edge and goon before you take your HRT? I do regularly and I must say it has really helped …[View]
25822027Need advice from ftms. Mtf repper virgin here going on a date with a transguy in a few days. Inb4, y…[View]
25818189What's the best bathing suit for an hrt femboy?[View]
25821204Have you created any new bottoms today /lgbt/?[View]
25817352Trooning out in japan: Is it possible to troon in Japan? I'm going for a full fucking year for …[View]
25820539Dating app advice: I need advice. I have been having a very hard time getting over a breakup for the…[View]
25819960>mom finds out im trans >acts supportive >shows me (sfw) instagram images of trannies for s…[View]
25813369how do I, as a hon, overcome my fear of other people so I Can start leaving the house again after ye…[View]
25808627STOP NEGLECTING YOU VOICE TTTT: post voice, tell others if they pass even if you can’t give technica…[View]
25817042Smoker sis: Should I try to quit smoking before starting hrt? Any smokers here on hrt? What are you …[View]
25821939>horny >dysphoric is there a worse combination? :c…[View]
25818265I was walking home and some drunk black people were hanging in a group. One of them said loud enough…[View]
25812520hon thread[View]
25821146I'm trying to start my sissy/girly wadrobe. Here's some inspiration on my end[View]
25821806Is this true?[View]
25822020>tfw no cis gf who will cure my dysphoria with her pussy.[View]
25819808Why are transgirls typically murderers?[View]
25820028>be coomer addicted to trans porn >get tranny gf >lose addiction to trans pron >like cis…[View]
25821947My surgeon just send the paperwork for preauthorization with my insurance for FFS. Now the waiting g…[View]
25820009I hate transmasculine people so fucking much: I am unfortunately transgender. There are other people…[View]
25821819Why is my gayness starting to go away?[View]
25780698/clg/ cis lez gen: Final edition Ok. Serious question. Should we just retire the thread? It's c…[View]
25817187/gaygen/ privilage edition: Post stats Old >>25812204[View]
25820204reasons why I prefer trans girls over cis girls: >they are kinder and more empathetic of boys due…[View]
25821610>3 billion people can easily insert something into their pussy at any time >3 billion people c…[View]
25821223Post pooners[View]
25821663Fat mtf general: I had probably 3200 calories yesterday. And today im gonna fuck up again because im…[View]
25816074i have behavioral autogynephilia...[View]
25819611Have you ever dated the opposite sex to try and repress?[View]
25819762hey guys it's Tranny here, what can you do about being bpd? this is ruining my life. I can…[View]
25805946bmg boymoder gen: Boymoder General It is over edition QOTT - How do you cope with being a neverpasse…[View]
25814891I want my ftm bf to boy remove me. How can he do it?[View]
25819212its over: >6'3' mtf >shoulders >no hips >stop-sign shaped chin >xxl head can…[View]
25817685Guys I wore girls clothes today it felt really good I wanna show people: I know most people probably…[View]
25821160How do I find chasers without using shitty apps like Grindr?[View]
25817526>newishly stealth ftm >open laptop in front of new friend, tab is open on this board >did n…[View]
25817695Ftm repper. What can I do appearance wise to mitigate my dysphoria without being read as a gross but…[View]
25818799I am an attention whore: So over the last couple years I’ve come to terms with the fact that I need …[View]
25820867I look at my ribcage, my shoulders, my hips, my legs, something's missing. I feel my soul up t…[View]
25821317I somehow have anal warts and I've never had anal sex or used toys. Wtf. Any experience here?[View]
25821255>you can literally be american and people will still consider you white supreme can you be gay an…[View]
25821265how do i learn to orgasm from my nipples?: it feels really good when my bf plays with them but never…[View]
25820840>tfw you just confessed in your booming man voice that you’re an MTF repressor. It’s just so ridi…[View]
25818197I regret giving my incel friend a pity fuck[View]
25819085>go to bed extremely depressed over tfw no bf, suicidal >wake up >overwhelming urge to se…[View]
25821066Im not sure about my sexuality rn but if i turn out to be straight im starting to think ill be doome…[View]
25821047>mfw no bapysekai gf[View]
25816089Pooner Art isn't diverse enough. We need more pooners of color. I want to see some black pooner…[View]
25800043/repgen/ creeping death edition: QOTT: Hows your love life going?[View]
25820701fuck this i'm gonna detrans and become a /pol/tard[View]
25819366Are NB people real? What seperated being NB from just being a tranny or an attention seeking cis per…[View]
25819059why is my employer ask if im LGBTQ: it doesnt even give me the option to not answer[View]
25808403Why do you guys hate trans men so much? Someone genuinely explain your reasonings[View]
25820465My bf loves to makes me wear cow ears and very revealing cow themed lingerie and then he would put m…[View]
25820418Ok so where exactly do you start with voice training? I'm almost a year on hrt and have barely …[View]
25818892How do I get a trans gf with braces willing to wear schoolgirl outfits (autopedophilic)[View]
25820572>MFW my bottom wants to have the aux in the car all the time >MFW he plays disgusting bottom m…[View]
25819898Pussy must be some seriously amazing shit for boys to pick a cis woman like this over a petite, fit …[View]
25820369Where is estrogen supposed to be stored?: So i just bought estrodiol cypionate vial and some cypro, …[View]
25819936just got this ad on instagram what did they mean by this[View]
25819201Do tranny girls shave their balls?[View]
25816480Does the sense of self-disgust at the fact that you're literally a tranny ever go away?[View]
25816845Give me good names for when i change my name: Hey yall can you give me some epic/cute names for when…[View]
25819833Mom realized that I'm most likely a tranny before I came out, she's showing me videos of p…[View]
25820254who else used 4chan app on ios: who else uses the 4chan app on ios[View]
25819679Does Putin having some form of deadly blood cancer mean that /lgbt/ rights in Russia will get better…[View]
25818061Are trans girls the solution to the incel pandemic? Will trans rates explode in countries with clear…[View]
25819900My coworker cant stop asking to suck his dick as a jock , when I say yes he suddenly dont want to ge…[View]
25816843as a bisexual male its sometimes hard for me to understand how everyone isnt bisexual instead of ide…[View]
25815993girltalk: >just starting out at being a lesbian (clocky mtf almost 2 years hrt) >for whatever …[View]
25816772Is this the most normalfagged board? Along with /adv/ /pol/ /int/ /an/ I expected 4chan's alpha…[View]
25819670Do trans girls really smell worse than cis men/cis women? Reddit and /soc/ told me they do[View]
25814789Let me be clear: Cis straight women sexuality was warped by 2000+ years of religious stigma & pa…[View]
25819176Post your favorite disney character and we guess your letter: all hail the mouse[View]
25819756How could any of you compete? Fucking nigger jannies on ck banned me for 'off topic post' talking ab…[View]
25818551i keep attracting women that are bi-sex: as a straight male. the girl i'm dating currently tol…[View]
25818563is it reasonable to ditch all of your trans friends when you detransition?: i just can't see ha…[View]
25817823My trans gf is detransitioning. I'm at a loss. I love her so much, but she, or he desu, is no l…[View]
25815719My body makes me feel so gross about everything. I'm a 4 year HRT youngshit who still sadly had…[View]
25817262>tfw you can escape your feelings of inadequacy by transitioning.[View]
25819553rts tranny: I'm not agp, i'm not HSTS. I'm an RTS tranny.[View]
25819666What should a troon talk about the first time with an endo/doctor? I’ve been on hrt about a month di…[View]
25810237Appreciation for masculinity in women: Post images (3D or 2D) of women who either look masculine or …[View]
25816911i wanna be kitagawa marin[View]
25818949>be straight male >get some ftm pussy from the internet because they're so easy >ask t…[View]
25819567Would transitioning have saved her?[View]
25819342recommend pls more secret hrt technics like domperidone, pioglitazone and borom. What will help me m…[View]
25819510The Facial Convexity Brainworm: New brainworm, glad to be of help I'm not sure how you'd d…[View]
25818672is losing your virginity or grindr a bad idea?: i have been lonely for ages from convincing myself i…[View]
25818878How does a dumb ugly repressor from eastern europe get a bf?[View]
25815995Why are old men so hot? Like a well kempt 60-70 year old guy is infinitely more attractive and fun t…[View]
25818785/lgbt/ do you think Tommy Dorfman pretty? I think she is[View]
25819315FUCK IM AGP: Did an experiment where I simply imagined myself as a woman coming home from work exhau…[View]
25810520>youngshit >okay body >can't pass because of large jaw and brow bone why does god hate…[View]
25817392>oh god the cute boy is walking in my direction, please don't talk to me, please don't …[View]
25816834This is what femboys look like when they hit 20.[View]
25815687why is there a boymoder on the panel[View]
25760277/mmg/: i-was-promised-cyborg-bodies edition previous misery general >>25698257[View]
25816063Daily reminder that if you date a tranny. No cis woman will ever want you. So never tell anyone. Kee…[View]
25818643why are trannies so nice to me ;_; makes it really hard to be a transphobic chud when youre all so c…[View]
25818697>What do you mean im a trans masc king? You saying im some kind of monarch, here to rule over you…[View]
25816166I did it. I changed my legal name to Autumn Lorena Merigold.[View]
25817924Straight, 190lbs (not fat) man here: I'm looking for a femboy, trans or extremely feminine twin…[View]
25817011>be cis male forced fem fetishist >hrt >have to take care of my appearance religiously, ha…[View]
25814823I’m a degenerate: I don’t know what to do about the fact I’m the most obvious a degenerate can be. I…[View]
25814749>sugar daddy is transphobic and won't buy me hrt i want to kms, i need a new sugar daddy…[View]
25816462Do my hands pass?[View]
25816395I love trannies because I love girls with prepubescent boobies[View]
25817672>take estrogen >face develops tons of freckles why didn't anyone tell me this was a possi…[View]
25817473.: I FARTED!!!?!!![View]
25813335why people tell you to just do larynx exercises for voice training: https://voca.ro/13g9XN6FCzH5…[View]
25817048HOW DO I GET STRONG FAST??: So it's almost my birthday and a week ago my bf convinced me to pla…[View]
25816198HELP I CRAVE BEING RAPED: >be straight 8 years ago >Discover trannies and shit >Larp as gay…[View]
25816265Am I even gay if I won’t have sex with a guy unless I’ve met him a couple times first[View]
25818029why is it becoming more and more common for random cis normies to get off on misgendering people?[View]
25816544you guys are dumb as fuck. borderline retarded. coming to this board feels like sitting in a special…[View]
25815031mtfg: >>25811103 anime feet edition[View]
25813070what kind of music should i listen to attract the trannies?: i literally only listen to what zoomers…[View]
25818129I somehow consider pretending that I trooned out to escape inceldom less embarrassing than just admi…[View]
25817709Everything I do feels like some sort of performance. I feel like I have no actual personality. I’m n…[View]
25817769How to cope: >shit genetics >tranny brain >too much pride to be a hon How am I supposed to …[View]
25815824Hairmoders rise up. Can't be a hon if nobody sees your face. Take the fucking hair pill.[View]
25817911Is there any way to have a somewhat fulfilling life as a repressor?[View]
25817673I refuse to believe every other straight guy isn't into twinks: I mean just look at those tummi…[View]
25816039How do I get the earth-shattering estrogen orgasms without actually growing tits? I've been on …[View]
25816088Are your friend groups mostly LGBT?: I've known people from my friend group for years and someh…[View]
25815505At what point can illegal activity be justified?: This would normally be /adv/ content but since it…[View]
25816130>goes insane because she can't have biological children based, she's literally me…[View]
25816857No I don't want you solely for your cock: I want all of your delicious beautiful effeminate pal…[View]
25817795NO man will EVER tell me what to do.[View]
25817106>Must have a job to transition >Too mentally crippled to apply for any It never even started.…[View]
25814810>be ftm repper >18 >last year of highschool >turbo virgin >wide ribcage, hipslet and…[View]
25817764>be me, 24, kinda repping amab, not really trans just wish i was more fem >start seeing this …[View]
25815939Will joining the military and taking testosterone make dysphoria go away?[View]
25817714Reminder that biphobia is only a meme and not a real thing. Even bisexuals prefer heterosexual partn…[View]
25817674am i a transphobe?: i think i might not be sexually attracted to my trans girlfriend, i love her to …[View]
25809731what is this fucking thing[View]
25815543They learn so fast[View]
25816327hi please post inspirational posts for starving myself. i ate 80 calories today then screwed up and …[View]
25815434Is it true that swallowing another man's cum for the first time awakens something inside of you…[View]
25817136What do I do if I have oily hair? As in products, etc. Its oily literally within 12-16 hours of wash…[View]
25810824do chasoids actually see trannies as women? or are you just being nice[View]
25817221I'd rather have my youth back..in lieu of that I'll take someone young...as Vampyre![View]
25805629um: just *how* much better is sex with a man compared to riding a dildo? i used my dildo last night …[View]
25803306timelines?: post them please i need some hope at least hope of looking a little bit better, if not p…[View]
25817045I feel like some guy who somehow ended up in a female body. Not liking it[View]
25805873>tfw no cute autistic programming high IQ bf[View]
25812204Grindr hookup edition: /gaygen/ previous >>25808393[View]
25816434I cant wait to put it in my mouth Up my crack In my ass[View]
25817081Would transition have saved her?[View]
25816913I swear I have never met another straight enby in my life. Why are they all queer and pan?[View]
25814176boymoder diaries: i deepthroated a 6 inch dick for the time today!!![View]
25817074>wish you could be a woman >but you're just an AMAB nonbinary on estrogen…[View]
25817036would transitioning have saved her?[View]
25815879When the youngshit is sus[View]
25815597i want to die i will never be a mother i will never be a wife i will never be loved why not just fuc…[View]
25815632Are there some chassoids that actually prefer hons? Like really grim manbeasts like picrel? Do they …[View]
25816754I hate myself. I've been on hrt for almost 5 months but im still so moidbrained. I keep rage qu…[View]
25816696Hey, I've been trying to play with my butt using some toys but I've been unable to reach a…[View]
25811944Gay vs Trans: Realistically, are dating prospects better as a gay man or a straight trans women?…[View]
25816137Mientras está cenando Junto a ella se ha sentado ah Un chaser Con el que irá a contemplar La luna ll…[View]
25813800Bi trans girls, do not date women.: Do not let yourself be subverted by transbian lies. They will te…[View]
25816817I hate this nigga like you wouldnt believe literally worse than anyone in power today Abbot comes a …[View]
25816837Is it possible for a tranner to find a husband or am I better off repressing as a gay man?[View]
25816604How do i tell people I'm gay without being cringe?: I have literally been interested in guys so…[View]
25816536Tell me /tttt/: Do detransitioners make you angry? Are they automatically cis by virtue? Do they des…[View]
25815157> Virgin mtf > read too much hentai and now wants a bf with a huge dick > get a tall bf …[View]
258166214chan trannies often say: >the 'i feel like a woman' thing is just a way to explain dysphoria, no…[View]
25816729Chasoid here. I believe adult trans women of any given age tend to be emotionally more mature than c…[View]
25815764Passoids make me want to die. How do I learn to be happy for them and accept that I was just unlucky…[View]
25816582Gender is the emulation of the adult by the child. Gender is the encystment of past beliefs: mytholo…[View]
25815555Attention this anon, I’ve seen you type something along these lines out twice. You don’t need to apo…[View]
25812609AGP discussions: Why do people want to silence AGP discussion so much?[View]
25816545The only good tranny is the tranny wrapped around my dick. You should not be permitted to do anythin…[View]
25814727I hate incels so much it's unreal[View]
25816555Boynoders who hide it badly: OK, so I've been thinking for a few months now that my roommate is…[View]
25812873How to get ftm bf: How to get ftm bf? I am trans woman[View]
25816219>haven’t taken hrt in 20 days >chest feels significantly smaller why?…[View]
25816075Does estrogen gives you woman orgasmo?: Please tell me it's true i wanna cum like a girl[View]
25816252>tfw my transbian gf tells me I'm worthless and should just kill myself even though yesterda…[View]
25816392shawties with pp's makin a mf deadass thirsty facts on gawd fr fr no cap[View]
25816360My gf loves the blahaj more than me: It needs to go. Permanently[View]
25815820Tfw no bf because you're an ugly fat repressor.[View]
25814909Who here is excited for PRIDE MONTH?[View]
25815177do you become trans after getting on hormones if you aren't that way to begin with?[View]
25816259I need a girl (male) who I can pamper and change her diapies for her :(([View]
25816117I'm afraid, and I believe I should stop transitioning now. Trying to change your body into the …[View]
25814456bf tutorial 2022 (real) google search how to find a boyfriend in 2022 for lonely boymoder with socia…[View]
25816168What's the limit for youngshits?: I started hrt two months before turning 16 (My puberty starte…[View]
25814952Convincing people after coming out: I’ve convinced myself I’m mtf and want to come out before I ruin…[View]
25813228where do I find a boyfriend that looks straight acts straight and is pretty much straight in every w…[View]
25814535I'm a trans girl with IBS so if I ever want to cum it has to be from my dick... are fleshlights…[View]
25810505AGP Activation Thread: > Step 1. Go to Shein.com > Step 2. Make an AGP outfit > Step 3. Sha…[View]
25815367How do I sit like this without crushing my fucking balls?: Same goes for sitting with crossed legs.…[View]
25815823Where do I find a tranny that is into: getting her feet worshipped, likes to gape her butthole, like…[View]
25815904Anybody else feel likes it's over? I'm waiting to die soon but hmm considering drug use.…[View]
25815900I wish i could be as pretty as pic rel: I'm pre hrt, and people here say i could be pretty! But…[View]
25815032I want to get botched SRS vaginoplasty and have sex with a transman with botched phalloplasty. We ha…[View]
25814780Is she valid?[View]
25813817I don't care what they say. I love this dude like you wouldn't believe bros[View]
25814926I wanna be a girl so I can get paid to masturbate.[View]
25813114he beat me with my own blähaj last night. it's not as physically painful as when he uses his fi…[View]
25815816'but this isn't who you really are! you need to accept who you are!': unironically how to you d…[View]
25815281What do I do if I have a friend that’s a hapa and trans, but I’m too scared to tell them they’re a m…[View]
25814373>been told i look like a girl >been told i could easily pass >i kinda wanna look like a gir…[View]
25815432Do you have a rephon daddy, anon?[View]
25815356Bullying thread: Can we make a thread that’s just for insulting the listener, bullying them and beli…[View]
25815560hrt is useless and does nothing and I cant 'effort' my way out of my male skull and body[View]
25810039>be femboy >meet a nice trans girl at a bar >get her number >shave in anticipation of th…[View]
25814806Can we please have a boyremoval/transgirl submission erotica thread?: I need this okay, write your o…[View]
25815624I'm agp but I love acting feminine. it makes my body feel so graceful. I wish I'd always g…[View]
25813060Are there any top trans girls here who actually actively seek out bottom chasers? I'm a top cha…[View]
25813073the truth: >sex is only for reproducing >men have to be with women >men have to be masculin…[View]
25814305I hate open relationships: This was just as gross as my intuition told me it would be. I feel like a…[View]
25804435Do you think it's possible for society to accept girl-bulge as a normal, non-sexual thing? Or i…[View]
25813135And you may find yourself posting in a tranny discord And you may find yourself in a transbian polyc…[View]
25814618>be trans girl >be dating gay bottom cismale >he is also in a relationship with a gay top …[View]
25815259erringly sims[View]
25736256/wcg/ Webcomics General: Dumbo edition Previous: >>25673851 Comics we know of, all of which ar…[View]
25812792How do I stop myself from roping everytime I am reminded of sexual dimorphism?[View]
25815317I love my daddy!: And my big bro! Coming home from school, having sex with with my uniform still on!…[View]
25809406Ideal bottom and top[View]
25813222What is love?[View]
25815277tomboy appreciators, how do we feel about natasha lyonne?: i know she’s not traditionally super masc…[View]
25815187What does it mean if I was gay for a very long time, but now am being attracted to the female form a…[View]
25810477All voice training threads exist for people who have already done 80% of voice training to get notes…[View]
25814603I hate my memory issues :((: I'm supposed to take 2 pills in the morning(hrt), I took 1 pill, a…[View]
25814643i just let a shemale top me and im crying: i drove home with a load in my butt i did not consent to …[View]
25814290What does she take to stay hard throughout her shoots?[View]
25815122would a bottom crusade work?[View]
25812728>be me: >subby mtf >dick bigger than my chad bf's i feel so fucking gross and masculin…[View]
25808071>CIA hasn't recruited me into being a monarch asset Why even live[View]
25813706Is meta-attraction actually real or is it just a meme?: Hi, I'm a trans woman who considers her…[View]
25812444>almost started tripping on this board at one point because I was so starved of attention thank f…[View]
25814719i dont feel anything when playing with my nipples anymore it literally felt better to play with pre …[View]
25811622Is it worth seeing a therapist at a lgbt pride clinic?[View]
25812072Ftms, how did you found out you want to be a boy? Do you still want to be with a man? Do you have ma…[View]
25814526Anybody ever suck dick at a gloryhole? I've met up with a 60 year old top daaddy who fucked me…[View]
25814117How do I tell the difference between a s***y fetish and actually being trans?[View]
25812654She was the best looking trans on this board: prove me wrong[View]
25813828How can i lower my testosterone as much as possible naturally? I know that eating too much sugar low…[View]
25813170Why transition if i will never look like this?[View]
25813710How do i train and stretch out my butt to prepare for butt sex :< i dont want my first time to hu…[View]
25809751Should I Transition?: So here's me: >30 >6'2 >100 lbs overweight >lots of body…[View]
25814185>it's not a fet-[View]
25811880Is this true?[View]
25814764>Just found some rare footage of K from /lgbt/ being assassinated by big soph on the orders of qu…[View]
25810810Why was he looking at me?: >taking out the trash >make eye contact with guy walking by >mak…[View]
25814219am i dumb or a genius: ok so i got a spur of the moment idea to 'transition' at age 60. not because …[View]
25807864What are your thoughts on AGP?[View]
25813879How do I stop my butterflies. It's turning me gay for men. It isn't funny anymore.[View]
25812995I wish I was a more masculine version of myself but my ideal partner is a female version of myself W…[View]
25812851I'm straight but I find the idea of a 10/10 dude manhandling and fucking me to be hot[View]
25810706Hidden Tranny crouching penis: is it true that some celebs are really trannies? i've heard Tayl…[View]
25814224I wet the bed again...[View]
25813376I got my butt plowed for by a guy for the first time and I don't want to be a boy anymore...is …[View]
25813500if she shaved would she pass[View]
25810161as a trans woman i cannot comprehend why any lesbian would be interested in me. i dont even think im…[View]
25814495Given that a gay is into horses, what is the probability that he is a top. You should be able to sol…[View]
25814089I think fat people are fucking disgusting. Problem is, I'm ftm. Why is it widely accepted to no…[View]
25814037How do you stop hooking up with and cumming inside sissies you meet online[View]
25811909>tfw agp and hsts at the same time >tfw verse biscum who gets off to being a sexy girl and wan…[View]
25813028So. Is the thing about craving pickles just a meme? Aside from what's become a stereotype over …[View]
25811039What's your experience with Grindr?[View]
25813315Is it possible to be straight and autogynaphilic? I thought I was bi, but I'm starting to reali…[View]
25813620I'm a blackpilled trooncel[View]
25812153should I bother posting an update to >>25800411 sorry if this is a waste of a thread[View]
25812562is being a toxic Blackpink stan the most fembrained thing you could possibly be?[View]
25811410>ftm >cis people hate me and see me as a woman >mtfs hate me and see me as a woman >othe…[View]
25814111I have a really good friend ghosting me because he thinks I lead him on. It sucks.[View]
25813948what are you doing to fight the growing rapehon thread, anonnete-chan?[View]
25805129Wish I was less unsettling to look at Wish I was more fashionable More successful More confident …[View]
25813481Hola Putas: So I’ve decided to become a fem queen. My voice is deep and My beard is thick but I’ve b…[View]
25812151forward or away?: what do you see? and post letter.[View]
25814072Why is twink x thick-cocked fat guy the most kino pairing?[View]
25813482Quiero sexooooo: Hola onions facu quiero cojer onions de la LGBT+ Onions de argentina Les dejo mi n…[View]
25812423How would I go about finding a tranner roommate?[View]
25813035Why hasn’t he transitioned?: Literally his whole last album was his vocals pitch-shifted to sounds l…[View]
25813572Why is this so common at /pol/?[View]
25813740I just want to be a butt slave[View]
25813621Gonna try punching my friend in the balls tonight while im fucking her. I'll be sure to report …[View]
25802815why is my memory so bad: >be me, closeted repressing tranny >the tranny thoughts become too mu…[View]
25813467bitch: https://youtu.be/fxC7z0Rcwx4 do you get turned on by being made fun of for being white, beat …[View]
25811233my fiance doesnt want my mom at my wedding: I feel like she doesnt want a relationship with my mom. …[View]
25812218I know about Blanchard's discussions of transwomen, but has anyone come up with a unifying theo…[View]
25811977every time i see a transphobic/self hating post on here i do 20 pushups you fags are my repfuel, ill…[View]
25811568Ni cis woman will ever want him now. He should just become a chaser. https://www.reddit.com/r/dating…[View]
25807140should feminine twinks like picrel be on hrt?: he did it but stopped for some reason[View]
25805560can any tranners read off something sweet into a vocaroo? it's been a rough week.[View]
25750647>tfw no autistic abdl transbian gf to talk about diapers with for hours on end…[View]
25813171Long distance dating mtf for about 3 months now, head over heels for her. I’ve been paranoid all nig…[View]
25813259Do chasers really think we believe them?: I'm a crossdresser tier hon and I get this all the ti…[View]
25804559Crush thread. Who do you have a crush on anon? post here about them.[View]
25811269>be me, repper >can't recognize myself in the mirror >only see a completely different …[View]
25813058>gf is trans >pre-op >asks me if I'd like to touch her penis >say no and break up w…[View]
25811472Peresephone: omg I listened to ur voice where u did that rant ab voice training and it was sooo hot …[View]
25805201does your tummy pass /tttt/?[View]
25808143Spot the tranny[View]
25811103mtfg: >>25807579[View]
25811129Why do I get an uncontrollable urge to jerk off after taking my T shot[View]
25813151Barrett Kosh Party Banger Black Sand FZE 2022: Barrett Kosh Party Banger Black Sand FZE 2022[View]
25808897Has anyone seen my faggot wife?[View]
25812641Would transition have saved her?[View]
25811833if i stop watching porn can i stop being a heterosexual cis male and develop AGP? i've been mas…[View]
25813020>tfw no schizo tranny gf Jokes aside this is actually kind of sad.[View]
25810680Pooner hate thread: I hate pooners[View]
25812629I'd like to date a trans girl who is half my age. Is that weird? I don't want to make it w…[View]
25810254Why does /lgbt/ hate bi people?: Are you just jelaous that we are the supreme human sexuality? Does …[View]
25810373My mom says I'm handsome[View]
25808743Anyone have any good pooner/hon crossover memes?[View]
25811467>inactive on fetlife >get kicked from group for 'submissive females' for 'no males or dominant…[View]
25812327AGPP Autogynephilephilia gen: This is for people attracted to autogynephiles and acts of autogynephi…[View]
25810972As a non-femboy how do femboys cope with the fact they have a short shelf life until they become ugl…[View]
25809281i have behavioral autogynephilia...[View]
25812019Boymoders who are post FFS: Why do you still boymode? Are you just more comfortable identifying as a…[View]
25811604Are homocismale misogynists cringe or based?[View]
25811992Do bottoms like fat boomer cock[View]
25811910What's wrong with transmedicalists?: Why do so many trannies seem to hate truscum? Isn't t…[View]
25812681hi! >active >free speech >depressed individuals >femboys and women JOIN! discord.gg/PXg…[View]
25811076why do i find doctors so hot?...[View]
25812573Would you date a Japanese guy[View]
25811954Should I just kill myself now or wait to see if I have hope[View]
25812623I'm agp but I love acting feminine. it makes my body feel so graceful. I wish I'd always g…[View]
25811823Is he John 50?[View]
25811081>tfw white boys don’t like you[View]
25808290attention all trans men: Ftms are all a bunch of chads who would never talk to a trooncel chudcel mt…[View]
25811936Why?: >be me, very androgynous >cripplingly lonely >don't want a partner attracted to …[View]
25804861You guys were right about the boymsmell smell meme. Theres a tranny I met on here that I platonicall…[View]
25812127Why did taking estrogen make me want to get mating pressed by my brother and drink his breast milk?[View]
25810444Hrt cis guy here. I really like the effects of hrt on my body so far but I keep having gay thoughts.…[View]
25805822We all know what mtf boymoders look like, but what do ftm girlmoders look like?[View]
25808552Misogyny is the root cause of transphobia and homophobia: Discuss[View]
25811759I'm mtf and I don't hate ftms. In fact I support them. I think the struggle and effort to …[View]
25810406>be me bi boymoder >ask my mother how long she has known that I'm not straight >'oh i…[View]
25811013>be me (20 year old, 4 months hrt) >go out girlmoding with bf >he asks me to put on a skirt…[View]
25807598/tttt/ positivity thread: board seems miserable today so here's a nice thread, describe your ex…[View]
25811864How can i come out as transgender?: im a 19 y/o male whose been crossdressing secretly since i was 1…[View]
25812136>tfw too dysphoric to shower[View]
25811805Is he going mental? I'm legit worried for this little Nigga.[View]
25811306Cispooners: Post cispooners (cis men who look like women)[View]
25812104I take heavily after my mother’s side of my family, which makes me wonder if someone in her family h…[View]
25812018It's particularly funny when a white celebrity adopts a: black virtual signaling prop and then …[View]
25812157Will i get hondosed with pic rel?: What about patector shots?[View]
25810381>be me >ardent anti-trans intellectual freedom fighter >meet cute 'girl' at part…[View]
25810385cis gay male here. are my legs fine/attractive ?[View]
25811449Sheets: Sheet thread? I don't have the template[View]
25811409>stronger than Hunter >faster than Hunter >younger than Hunter >more intelligent than H…[View]
25811980Schizo Episode Need Pictures: Im having another schizo or so said episode and i need you people to s…[View]
25810277I fucking hate my life so much. Being trans isn’t even the only reason. It’s just one thing on top o…[View]
25811883There's always a lot of hate directed towards every group of people on this board, but the cis …[View]
25811938Tell me how i can get a bf that can do pretty and impressive tricks like this. Im losing my mind.[View]
25809800This cures the tranny.[View]
25810533stop ignoring me please why are you doing this stop it azure please i cant take it anymore[View]
25811509>broke up w/ bf on the spot cause he was messaging some other girl too much >now my friends ar…[View]
25811270>be me >mid 20s tranny >college graduate >lost of debt I don't even really care abo…[View]
25808393/gaygen/ - Doggo edition: Previous: >>25805407[View]
25811666It's scary desu: >Want to go to therapist to get diagnosed for GD to begin transition >lo…[View]
25808520done: >life experience doesnt line uo with tranners and I didnt feel I was that way for many year…[View]
25810491I think I’m making myself physically ill: Yesterday, I looked at transphobic stuff and tried to make…[View]
25811477im pretty sure im a tranner chaser. im a dyke that looks like a little boy and ive always desired a …[View]
25810854No idea what my sexuality is anymore, I am too agp ridden. All I can get off to is self inserting as…[View]
25811479Cis gay male here, are my legs attractive[View]
25807329Tranners, which body should chasers shoot for?[View]
25809901is there anyway to escape the mtf to gay bear pipeline? I don't want to be a brick-bodied fat b…[View]
25809310Are straight men worth it?: t. mtf[View]
25806476does trixie pass?[View]
25811038>spend a year abroad >meet a cute almost twinky half japanese guy >we talk a lot >occasi…[View]
25808602Reminder that: skinny trannies are divine[View]
25811247being born with a penis automatically makes you a potential rapist and part of the abuser class. tak…[View]
25811177straight femboys deserve love too[View]
25810802Trannies are like women but with none of the good aspects and all the mental illness and hysteria am…[View]
25811468>mtfg >hongen >repgen >transbiangen >passgen >boymodergen >wlmgen (transbiangen…[View]
25811438You do realize that if a guy does 'boyemoval' on you by forcing you to wear a dress and other girly …[View]
25811278I make fun of trannies online but secretly wish I was a girl[View]
25811365Anyone else here have ocd, depression, adhd and anxiety?[View]
25808836i am meeting a shemale tonight but im a straight man and she wants to top me: should i go?[View]
25811293>trans women do not have a biological advantage in physical sports[View]
25811262Why did he do it?[View]
25810104If it were up to me, every single fucking diapertranny and rapehon would be sent to Alaskan work cam…[View]
25807991are there any good comics/manga/books/other media about an ftm and a cis girl getting together that …[View]
25810048you're at the rodeo when this guy dances and points at you what do[View]
25809157how do i stop feeling so much envy over my sister being so much more feminine than me jn every way t…[View]
25809878Straight FtMs might as well just detrans and embrace being a little dyke. I was watching this show c…[View]
25810765I have no idea what I want. All I know is that I don’t want to be a man, at least not in the traditi…[View]
25810759/gaygen/: Beefy boyfriend edition QOTT: What does your ideal boyfriend look like?[View]
25810509should you just give up on tranning yourself if you know that you will never pass no matter what ?[View]
25806594Why are old men so hot? Like a well kempt 40-50 year old guy is infinitely more attractive and fun t…[View]
25808611>tell parents at 12 >transition at 13 >dad pays for my FFS at 16 >still get misgendered …[View]
25809661>be neet for years >dont leave house much >dont interact with people much >finally get j…[View]
25810833Would transition have saved her?[View]
25808980T4T Transbians: Have your girlfriend ever cheated on you with another tranny? If so, how did that ma…[View]
25810623too depressed to voice train too depressed to learn makeup too depressed to buy new clothes too depr…[View]
25810334>always wanted to be a girl since i was little >wait 5 years to get hrt >boymode for 3 year…[View]
25808107is he a bottom or a top?[View]
25809663I'm done asking. I WILL have a cute twink bottom bf.[View]
25799334would transitioning have saved her?[View]
25810019Why some countries have more FTM than MTF?: Why? WHY! My country: [format] Year / Submissions / ....…[View]
25810420Anyone noticing a slow tidal wave of bad news coming in on /lgbt/ rights. Thats called the law of th…[View]
25810064>be me >FtM >grow boobs as a 12 year old >what the fuck >develop an eating disorder (…[View]
25807904are there any cute manga or stories about a boy having to deal with realizing he likes guys and has …[View]
25810279>abusive household growing up >parents figured out I was trans early and then made my life mis…[View]
25810196What the FUCK was her problem?[View]
25806237>be me >be cis male >find qt trans girl from my state online >talk on discord about comm…[View]
25807521Your brain on sissy porn:: Typical 'bisexual' male. At this point i don't recognize bottoms as…[View]
25809302> Straight ftm, start test > Start being attracted to a male streamer I tried thinking about h…[View]
25809640What the fuck is this degenerate crap?[View]
25805837would not repressing have saved nick? https://mull.dog/2022/05/im-oozing/[View]
25804473Why aren’t you alienmoding anon? You don’t have to care about what gender you pass as if people can’…[View]
25809257why do trannies like resident evil so much[View]
25806382Is ST4T based or cope?[View]
25809865what does it mean to be 'non dysphoric': alot of trans people (especially zoomers) i see a…[View]
25810138Ugh why are you all normies. Why cant I just get a trans gf who passes but is as ugly and autistic a…[View]
25809936post cute straight images im lonely and feel like iwn have a bf so post straight images pls[View]
25809837Why don't pooners just kill themselves? It's quite literally the most malebrained thing to…[View]
25809732What a disgusting abomination. And the best part is that this miserable misanthropic creature thinks…[View]
25805103Are there guys who want to marry trans women?: im scared im gonna end up alone[View]
25806286I wish I could turn every tranny into the girl that they wished they were :([View]
25809974Which one has the best looking nipples?[View]
25807307>this is what pooners think a man is[View]
25808662Finally saw a real pic of Bailey Newposter nude... he's small[View]
25807836Why are so many transgirls race fetishists? White and Asian ones always want ' BBC ' and latino and …[View]
25806796i feel like people avoid calling me 'rose' i feel like people would rather call me a nickn…[View]
25809872>Oh god, what was that sound? There's something behind me, isn't there?…[View]
25807579mtfg: >>25804423[View]
25780741Do you have a size difference kink? ( Height, dick size)[View]
25808260I am a tranny and i am absolutely ashamed at even existing simply because there are so many male fet…[View]
25809375Does anyone else have the problem of their humiliation kink making things weird for you? I never let…[View]
25806770anonymous where should I go to get frequently gendered and get a better idea of how I am perceived?[View]
25809008What is the Final Solution to the transphobe problem?[View]
25807403Theres something special about older guys... Theyre so gentle but confident and they always know how…[View]
25809597You do know you could rid this board and the world of chasers just by dating them right? This goes f…[View]
25809533Trans sexual orientations: I think that modern sexual orientation categories are really nonsensical …[View]
25809246Twinks and trannies belong to married men as side pieces.[View]
25808364Why are androphilic trannies so dicksexual?: Androphilic trannies are almost as obsessed with pictur…[View]
258060672000 >'lol traps are gay and niche, it's just a phase' 2005 >'trans are like furries and …[View]
25808551Pre-op i was a bit of a size queen and now that im post-op even slightly girthier penises hurt, doc …[View]
25808727Reminder that Western civilization has been the most transphobic part of the world for the past 1500…[View]
25805281Any other riddlermoders: I just want to know if there is any other riddlermoders. I feel like Ed is …[View]
25806802>be me >boymoder >be living with my parents, who are very conservative and Christian >tr…[View]
25808834Anon, are you sure if I started hrt at 25- it’s impossible to experience hip growth? I mean, I’m alm…[View]
25807334First time and not sure how I felt about it: Not sure where else to go for advice or thoughts on thi…[View]
25809222Was Prince Albert a pooner?: It’s those eyes[View]
25809262How do i know if im being delusional by thinking i could pass with hard work or if there’s really ho…[View]
25808809Are Rainbow Kitten Surprise the official band of /tttt/? As of late March, they're 40% trans. H…[View]
25805506I want to put cream all over a tranners body from head to toe and lick it all off her[View]
25807026I'm better than her: One of the main reason I transition is to proove to my sister that I can b…[View]
25795221/chasergen/: Tell the rest of us stories about interactions you had with trans women on dating apps …[View]
25807927>talk to a guy >socially isolated loner and a virgin >immediately want to fuck him how do i…[View]
25808251that feel when I can finally smile looking in the mirror. thought I was gonna be beautiful hanging f…[View]
25809176“Just raise your larynx”: >Voice sounds exactly the same with larynx raised after hundreds of hou…[View]
25809133Why are femboys so obsessed with me for the first 2 days and then never talk to me or ghost me 2 day…[View]
25807873dissasociating: how do i stop dissociating? i had a not great childhood so i basically perma-disasso…[View]
25805136Femboy bottom x jock manly burly top is the best pairing.[View]
25807285Why do i have large bulging areolas but small nipples? It's very honnish imo.[View]
25799919Trannies what's your relationship to your dad like? Are you his little princess or the freak s…[View]
25808097My bf likes dirty talk and telling me how much he likes what I’m doing etc, but that makes me feel l…[View]
25808982I’m at a boys house right now. He’s letting me touch and sniff him while he plays call of duty[View]
25808925>eat nothing but frozen junkfood and diet soda/energy drinks >passing body and healthy blood p…[View]
25807480sui fuel: post tranny sui fuel please, i need to feed my self hatred so i can cry and fall asleep…[View]
25808002Mtfs, you ever get euphoria from men mistreating you, online or irl, even though it hurts?[View]
25806604I have a fetish for dressing up pretty boys and humiliating them, taking photos of them so that I ca…[View]
25805559Was I Groomed?: >have crushes on girls as a kid, zero interest in same sex >no interest in me…[View]
25808527Does anyone else regret transitioning when watching shonen?[View]
25808742I'm agp but I love acting feminine. it makes my body feel so graceful. I wish I'd always g…[View]
25808678Look at this woman that likes to have sex with men[View]
25805078>tfw no bf[View]
25807442Do we pass?[View]
25807714hehe funny meme: >Ray Blanchard sits blindfolded. >A woman in a lab coat feeds him a Twix. '…[View]
25808378the expanded facial planes brainworm eats away at my soul please explain how it's not true[View]
25808058Joining 41%: I’m a retard and never took a screenshot of the sanctioned suicide guide and now it loo…[View]
25805650My friend (cis male) who I've know pre and post transition has been very nice to me. He has stu…[View]
25805362Am i phobic?: >see cis straight couple, think guy stinks and girl masks her musk with way too muc…[View]
25802134What's a man to do when he's alone with a cute trans girl and the clothes are coming off? …[View]
25808464donde consigo novia trani en Ecuador[View]
25805407/gayge/ — Gay General: The Center of Attention Edition: Previously, on /gayge/: >>25797312 Thr…[View]
25806369question for trans men: im a mtf twinkhon and i was curious what makes ftms want to be more masculin…[View]
25808313Daily reminder I hate men and I hate that I was born one: It's disgusting that they exist and a…[View]
25808223can i take zinc to get my cum back?: me and my bf are meeting up soon and im a switch so im gonna en…[View]
25806748How do you find gay discord servers that arent full of groomers and arent 2k members big? I just wan…[View]
25808178i dont regret being trans i get to live life at its fullest cuz all the suffering its just part of a…[View]
25807411I really don't get how so many trannies are leftists nowadays when the trans movement is one of…[View]
25808019Why do so many youngshits get into porn?[View]
25804763If you think that this attractive then you are not gay[View]
25807941New 'sanctus just dropped[View]
25807895STIRRING: does anybody stir? give your story.[View]
25807737Do regular cis guys have any feeling for women at all? I see these dudes on /gif/ making deepfakes o…[View]
25806729do i look male enough?[View]
25793257/LGBT/ Saturday Sexuality Survey: Hello everyone! Please help me with my survey. It's short, I …[View]
25804953What do I do if I'm terminally aap but can't get off to it[View]
25801670Why do you feel so special to have a dedicated emoji?[View]
25807814i always feel ok with myself until i browse /tttt/. maybe this board is the problem[View]
25807248>white american autistic trans girl >former queerphobic, racist and misogynistic incel >now…[View]
25799756I have gender dysphoria, but I’m too transphobic to actually transition. I’m stuck being a perma-rep…[View]
25807387Will Vanya be mtf in season 3? What are the implications of this???????[View]
25807143Would it be a bad idea to tell my conservative parents ive been trooning out for over a year now by …[View]
25807528Why is the idea of a mommy tranner wifey gf so appealing[View]
25807267fem rooms?: how do i make my bedroom more fem and what do i need to buy/replace/get rid of?[View]
25798582Dating as a trans woman: >be me, 25-year-old midshit HSTS >no sex in 2 years due to the pandem…[View]
25804576Do you ever think about how regular normie would react to /lgbt/ lingo? I am rn and it makes me gigg…[View]
25807347>spiro >anxiety disorder >pisses self when really upset or scared >feeling disgusting ev…[View]
25806355which tranny voice does /tttt/ listen to to help them sleep? >picrel[View]
25804543Conversion Therapy: Is there secular conversion therapy? Does anyone have experience with it? Really…[View]
25801669> mtf > non passing face, too andro to be a hon > hands are fucking large for my height; w…[View]
25802695Do you oil your hair? How do you do it? Someone said i should oil my hair so im interested.[View]
25803413Would you watch Romeo and Juliet in a modern setting starring a chaser FTM and a maiden MTF and they…[View]
25804130How do i cope with the fact that i will never have a white bf and that i will never settle down with…[View]
25792090/ftmg/ why did I have to make the thread edition: QOTT: what pleasant but unexpected changes have yo…[View]
25807119>accidentally had sex with a man again I'm a transbian! I like other girls! Why the fuck doe…[View]
25805167What's Schnappi fapping to? [gay German edition][View]
25805598tfw just too lazy to transition[View]
25805789Very important question: What do I have to do to get a guy to buy me a skirt and thigh highs and the…[View]
25806581>cishet male with a trans gf >attempted suicide a few weeks ago >she gets anxious and panic…[View]
25806437this is my god-awful body; I’m tall and thin as a stick and look like a fucking twink. At least I ha…[View]
25806439my biggest fantasy is to meet a republican who hates trans people and as we spend more time in toget…[View]
25803794TERF hate thread: I hate TERFS[View]
25806078life has not gotten better for me since i transitioned but i attribute that to other factors. t. 22y…[View]
25802939Lurker Blanchard[View]
25800612>start new job >meet boss in person for the first time >first thing he does is glance at my…[View]
25804480Is she a rasonable transition goal: I posted this question with a unsee of me and like two people sa…[View]
25806651Does (s)he pass?[View]
25806493I guess it’s time to rope. I can’t take repping anymore and I would rather die than be trans.[View]
25804434I have a question for twinks but its a bit embarrassing... during cuddling or sex does your penis ge…[View]
25804850New psychological(schizo) theory: the reason why there are so many self-hating hons than pooners is …[View]
25805839>i was only trans because i wanted that which i couldnt have it all leads back to greediness…[View]
25805710I am genuinely suicidal about twink death but I do not have gender dysphoria, I just want to look li…[View]
25800625How much is an acceptable amount of love to feel towards someone before it's considered overly …[View]
25806052Trans girls, what would you do if you came across this little guy[View]
25806059What is your drink of choice sisters?[View]
25805546Is it bad that I can’t stop smelling my brother’s boysmell?[View]
25804033Please: I'm horny someone call me a good girl or smth[View]
25794398Why is twink x thick-cocked fat guy the most kino pairing?[View]
25786921/hornygen/: For the horny Previous >>25770147[View]
25805448Why don't mtfs like ftmtf detransitioners? The more hairy, deep voiced, thick skinned cis women…[View]
25806196I feel way too disgusting to dare trying to find a partner to have a loving relationship, or even ju…[View]
25804423/mtfg/ Cozy Edition: old >>25799368[View]
25805892>older brother gives me his old laptop >it smells of his sweat…[View]
25805031Anyone here have the potential to be either a Chad or a qt mommy tranny?[View]
25805612i feel disgusting and i dont know how to deal with these feelings. i think i have really bad sexual …[View]
25801368Trans girls would you date a /pol/cel to save him from doing evil?[View]
25805796It gets better <3[View]
25800718>mtf trans >never have pronouns in bio anywhere >i don't look or talk like a girl sinc…[View]
25805625tfw no gf (m)[View]
25805925>bladee >lain >evangelion >discord >racism >free speech >porn >femboy join. …[View]
25805600Used to think I was straight. I dunno anymore, I find TSs hot af but I love my fiancé but she’s pret…[View]
25804554voice thread post ur vocaroos and ask for advice/critiques[View]
25805863So what happens in this 'horny jail' that I've been hearing about? Do you get locked in an isol…[View]
25800391How do I find a hot FtM who will dominate me completly. One who will use his boysmell and use his pl…[View]
25805345Where can i get working testosterone blockers: testosterone blockers, yes, im asking for one person…[View]
25804344there is 0 reason to transition if you're gonna become a hon: name one good reason to transitio…[View]
25805293I want to have sex with the buffalo shooter, he's kind of cute.[View]
25801857Women are unironically disabled and you will detrans in your 30ies https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rRf…[View]
25804661Anybody have that pic or that skinny Twink with the big burly guy that they were getting compared wi…[View]
25805074how can i stop obsessing over the past, all week its all i can do i've been on a drinking binge…[View]
25805365Question.: Question. So, let's say there was an mtf tranner who wanted to watch Fury Road again…[View]
25805160do muscle gains on estradiol make you look more masculine or do they distribute / get covered in fat…[View]
25804495> be me, passoid > 19yo transbian 2 years hrt > used to be hypersexual with a cis gf > s…[View]
25800787is it still possible to live a happy life if you hate your body? my issues are unfixable.[View]
25801146ok so when the feds shut this entire site down due to the poltard incident yesterday where is a good…[View]
25802433i'm not trans: i'm a fucked up porn addict literally i jerk off to fucked up stuff like lo…[View]
25805269Langbutt: Interested in making a conlang out of lgbt slang called langbutt (inspired by LGBTs nickna…[View]
25804717Why do bisexual people complain about 'biphobia' when they have a preference for heterosexual people…[View]
25798123bmg boymoder general: timeline edition post ya timelines[View]
25801958Would you study at this German university?[View]
25803319im giving up: im never going to be able to live as a woman; my physiology doesn’t allow for it i wil…[View]
25804900How can I stop being a bincel without outing myself as one? >Get a GF >Get a BF as my dirty li…[View]
25804429I wake up everyday and I am a horrific monster I am essentially this what do I do how can I fix it?[View]
25797312/gaygen/ - LGBTQ support edition: Previous: >>25794432[View]
25802241Questioning my gender is driving me insane and I have no one to talk to about it.: My parents are in…[View]
25805198Am i bi if i would fuck a woman but i would never want a longterm relationship with her? I'm al…[View]
25801001do bottoms like resting on top of their bf and having their butt groped like this?: has this ever ha…[View]
25802395I want a boyfriend so bad: I just want a boyfriend. I want to have a guy just hold me and comfort me…[View]
25803261>the only reason i come here is because hearing boys getting feminized and becoming failed males …[View]
25805164What gender am i?[View]
25794342why do you trannies worry so much about midface when us chasers love your long angular face[View]
25795755/ltg/ - Late Transition General: A thread for people who started medically transitioning at 25 or la…[View]
25805026>want to look more like anime girl >be wide framed skeletor with sagging face and dead eyes, l…[View]
25804334Rachel Riley tervert arc incoming: If you yankposters don't know who Rachel Riley is you'r…[View]
25804545well, does it?[View]
25804653>mom found the snurlywurl printouts >some of them were used…[View]
25804240would you vote for her?[View]
25804959I'm an HRT femboy and started estrogen monotherapy a month ago. How come my libido is higher an…[View]
25802039Photo pre-transition How many years old I'm in this picture?[View]
25801595>tfw he/they softboy enby.[View]
25804807I am 90% straight and cis: so pardon my intrusive behaviour asking here. Just reading about trans pe…[View]
25796238Is LGBT a global political party?[View]
25804621I don't like trannies as much as the next guy but there are a couple of people ruining the fun …[View]
25804225Flamers are always single: Why they do it when surely knowing that 98% of gay population find it…[View]
25804555effort in transition: Is this (You)? What are you actively doing to prevent this becoming (You)r fut…[View]
25804584give me motivation to hang myself im planning to hang myself on a tree in the forest nearby my house…[View]
25804591my classmate works at a fast food place and he took this pic. thoughts?[View]
25804180Is homosexuality natural?[View]
25802661how the hell do people wear binders for longer than recommended? as a cis woman i wore mine for the …[View]
25804129>26 years old Do I even have a chance[View]
25799066Hi glowies! Heres a cute animal t. bottom[View]
25804503I'm actually furious. My bf constantly post on this forum, doing skincare and draws instead of …[View]
25804345are there guys out there that are into force femming other guys and how do i find one to date?[View]
25804237Is this type of violence against trans women common in New Jersey?[View]
25803768The one thing i can’t even being to understand about (some) agps is when they actually like and get …[View]
25803820Is it bad that me and my bf started dating when I was 17 and he was 31[View]
25793642hon thread[View]
25804376Within the space of time between now and death, staying alive is such a pain.[View]
25800213I hate having to resist the urge to buy cute clothes every time. being reminded that i'm unable…[View]
25800683Which is the best programming language? And why do you think it's Java?[View]
25802814is it possible to be cis but also transgender: can someone be MtFtM or FtMtF? not detrans but be cis…[View]
25802995>in theory really attracted to women, want a gf >in practice never feel that spark for them ir…[View]
25804284i hope i can be a cool lifter person like jane one day. unironically have a lot of respect for her. …[View]
25792389Does your height pass?[View]
25803688I believe I acknowledged the spiritual truth this morning. In fact, the chuds and the trannies are i…[View]
25804152why do i like women tits but not tranny tits despite liking troons?: any psychoanalysts here?[View]
25803920is it possible to stop bottom urges?: ive been a top ever since i started hooking up with guys but n…[View]
25797888I have been browsing this place for nearly a year, and I have to say that this is the inferno. It re…[View]
25800733Is it normal for boymoders to have AGAMP? t. boymoder who might have AGAMP[View]
25792143Femmaxing without growing tits: Is there any way to femmax that works as well as taking hrt that doe…[View]
25803365Holy fuck. These people are obsessed with trannies. They know more about SRS than the average tranni…[View]
25803192Why do pooners love BBC?: Is it the definitive proof that they are men?[View]
25803421Can someone call me anon: I miss being called anon on this board[View]
25803224I'm gynephilic MTF but I don't have the horseface incel phenotype. In fact my midface is a…[View]
25803690Blanchard is going senile. https://twitter.com/BlanchardPhD/status/1524589801202139136[View]
25803130Are transgirls who had a body count of 20 at the age of 15 and 100 at the age of 20 (like me!) cute?[View]
25803540>I repressed till 21 and boymoded there after so I could get a 50k inheritance So now i can affor…[View]
25803669How can I get someone to goad me into committing suicide? I would prefer for it to be a woman becaus…[View]
25798849Chasers fucking suck: >Why do you hate chasers? they're the only people who could ever find …[View]
25801865Jannu, take any cypro you have and OD on it. Nobody likes you from 4chan. You have issues and all yo…[View]
25796423I seriously don't get why someone would be stupid enough to transition. I take hrt injections w…[View]
25802213>be transbian >break up for the 4th in a month >decide to give men a try >snag a boyfrie…[View]
25803223Would you consider an otherwise straight man, who has felt only different about one guy, and mostly …[View]
25803747>summer nearly here >still no bf What's even the point of summer if I can't take a…[View]
25800411>girl I like reveals to me that she has an interest in abdl / ageplay >she downplays the sexua…[View]
25802988I like when people call me/imply that I have a slutty or whoreish personality and I'm not sure …[View]
25800859I don't care if you're on hormones or not. If you are so fat you can't see your dick …[View]
25803151How do I cope being a 24 year old bisexual incel? I'm not even fat, 6'/165[View]
25802367About to book my ffs, because it's cope or rope. Did FFS help you with your mental health/alle…[View]
25799164Hot: https://www.reddit.com/r/MtF/comments/upt85n/well_im_officially_a_prostitute_now/…[View]
25781114>be female chaser >finally got my very own boymoder >can now begin the process of boyremova…[View]
25803423Is that butter thing a shitpost because if it's not I'm really desperate I'm thinking…[View]
25802886What happened if I mixed Viagra in the food of the mtf at my university?[View]
25801982What did I mean by this?: >Be me >15 >Get turned on by being called kiddo >Be me >19 …[View]
25799235how do you capture chaser attention ?[View]
25796932To European Tranners/Jannu: Enjoy watching Europe go to hell as things get worse. Play pretend there…[View]
25802397>tfw no ENTJ chaser bf[View]
25801539Post your starter packs /tttt/![View]
25802710Why do my bf thinks I pass and I’m hot if I don’t? He sounds like he genuinely thinks that and I’m a…[View]
25799368/mtfg/ male to female general: >>25795481[View]
25802493Is the anti transbian sentiment on this board just thinly-disguised heterophobia?[View]
25803298hello traplovers: im a cute little serbia twink, i keep my body shaved and im looking for a boyfrien…[View]
25803030She's cute The nose is kind of weird but it makes her exotic. I would[View]
25803204I don’t see anything wrong with transitioning purely for strategic reasons. Like, you’re under 6 fee…[View]
25801157would you date a skizo[View]
25801144I'm confused and I'd like other people opinions: I'm 6'2,fit and pretty hairy. 9…[View]
25803164Would a tranner ever want to dom a 5'4 poopyboy diaper bumbum[View]
25793477tranners.... theoretically if your top chaser bf was experiencing mild symptoms of dysphoria and may…[View]
25801183I’m an effeminate incel who is 5’8” and has a 4” dick. Should I transition?[View]
25802927detrans?: im thinking detransing because of the irreversible cyproterone has done to my body. my hai…[View]
25802883Trans / gay: Married to cis woman. Always been a cross dresser wished I was female decided I was tra…[View]
25802441first time a cis lesbian tried to hook up with you? what was it like?[View]
25802572this one's going out to all my boobie boys and perma boymoders. you're not cis, knock it o…[View]
25799013where were you when you realized that identity (if real at all and not just a western construct) is …[View]
25801059Wtf is my sexuality? Pls help: So idk whom to ask other than this place. For some reason I'm on…[View]
25798151can u be a genuine gender dysphoric tranny and also have AGP? asking for a friend[View]
25802723I'll put a ring on your finger if you put your girl thing in my winker. Deal?[View]
25802012Will people accept me if I just present as an effeminate guy with boobs and long hair? I really don…[View]
25802785top women vs top men: why is a top woman so much harder to find than a top man? like, i like both bu…[View]
25801730Did anyone else's AGP manifest itself early? >4 or 5 >crossdress >get rock hard >do…[View]
25802480My trans gf told me that she wants to have sex for the first time soon. I'm so scared. What if …[View]
25801667Gamers BTFO[View]
25802690Why does the media tell us men with tits were woman?[View]
25800312>The Feminine Urge to pump a girl full of cum and impregnate her, breed multiple children and be …[View]
25802590Why do most mtfs look like Shrek?[View]
25802426Do all transgenders by definition have gender dysphoria? Because, I mean, why would anyone want to t…[View]
25801754All that time and I'm probably just normal or a pervert: >questioning my gender late >sta…[View]
25798468regress: I was feeling bad so I bought $400 worth of legos and soda and snack foods and I'm wat…[View]
25801804>you don't need gender dysphoria to be trans so therefore gender dysphoria doesn't mean…[View]
25800527Thighs feel more like pussy than ass does. Why don’t more people fuck thighs?[View]
25802235I want a bf who beats and rapes me[View]
25797140Is 200mg of cypro a day an apropriate dosage for a tranner? It sounds fair to me.[View]
25802353Why do transgendas complain about heterosexual people not wanting to date them? They are literally j…[View]
25800266Since I started transition, Ive no idea if I like men or women t. Used to like women[View]
25801171The future is here.[View]
25802256Is waist training and corset a meme or real ? If it's real what should I get myself ?[View]
25802019Race identity: I'm a berber. When I say I am northern african, people wonder why I'm not b…[View]
25801859sisters, is it cis to enjoy makeup?[View]
25800919> have bf > haven’t had sex in 6 months i am in constant heat y’all…[View]
25799006>be me >start hrt about a year ago >inject; feel happy: cycle ends; question if I’m actuall…[View]
25802155>in bed thinking about how much of a failure of a male I was >how much I couldn't conform…[View]
25800506I came here for self harm. I wanted people to push me to the edge. I don't want to live and I w…[View]
25801753Does she edits her photos?: Is it truly over?...[View]
25799408Voice training general /vtg/: Post your voice & rate others! ▶ Resources MTF: --- Full MTF Cours…[View]
25797841parrots are without a doubt the most transphobic pet on the planet atm[View]
25801951Whats your opinion on sending nudes online?: I've done it before and it makes me feel really fe…[View]
25801515is it normal to get random stretch marks: im not on any hrt or anything like that, is it normal to g…[View]
25801490>be me, abdl femboy >trans gf that is like half a foot taller than you, very soft and warm …[View]
25801179My trans girlfriend left when she found out I dated a dude before we started dating the guy was real…[View]
25800319tranny fiction idea: writing a short story about a future gladiator and her abusive AI gf, want to k…[View]
25800884When I get home to my trans gf. >Daddy I made chicken nuggets and after we eat we can have sex.…[View]
25801151im approaching 8mo hrt and all its done so far is make me fatter and give me an ugly beer belly. i s…[View]
25799158why is it so hard for some gays (mostly bottoms) to act normal: you know what i mean, the james char…[View]
25801480The fact that some of the trannies from the local university probably post here deeply disturbs me. …[View]
25799298Who's the bottom?[View]
25785381/lgbt/, have you ever cut? itt list your age, number and experiences i'm 19, gay, and mostly cu…[View]
25798176i have developed an unhealthy dependance on alcohol instead of taking hrt[View]
25793319is it based to be on hrt, have a passing voice, and have had your name + gender marker changed but l…[View]
25799700how are you doing today, my fellow repbros?: i'm chillin, vibin playing dark souls to forget ev…[View]
25798232so i got bored and started googling 'twink death'. i realize that it's all very, very similar t…[View]
25801322What happens if I take all of my hrt medication at once? E and prog? Would that be a good way to com…[View]
25794737lgbtmu: charts, guess letters, so on my last 30 :) >Make your chart here: https://www.neverending…[View]
25801090What would happen if a cis male took estrogen? Asking for a friend[View]
25798326i want to die. just tell me it’s over https://unsee cc/album#PDmFRVp8JwlZRzzv[View]
25801221>wants a gym top bf but is unwilling or uncapable of making him protein-rich meals…[View]
25801029im starting to think i might not be fully straight: because i want to bottom for a shemale.. but i w…[View]
25801304is it transphobic to assume someone is just trans in denial if you are cis? like if someone said 'im…[View]
25800933Every dose is a hondose, except this one.[View]
25801228how do i start abusing SERMs, currently on spiro and shitty patches prescribed by a Certified Expert…[View]
25799911he's gay, isn't he?: why would he avoid women like the plague otherwise? and 'ironically' …[View]
25801085why are poeple gay: why are people gay why do ppl like penis[View]
25800892Tranny Girlfriend: Is this where I can find a tranny girlfriend?[View]
25800526>honey why do trannies speak in such a wince-inducing manner?[View]
25799270Coping with being inherently less valuable: I don't know how to cope with the fact I am pretty …[View]
25800387>be me >repper >had my first T shot today, intend to get jacked and join army >one of yo…[View]
25800376sick and tired of trying to be a tranny time to become a roided chad navy seal[View]
25800908I really want a black master... to come home from work and I would cook for him, wash his clothes an…[View]
25796646Imagine raping someone and then mogging them this hard. Natalie, if you are reading this, put down t…[View]
25799009SF Fiction: So /lgbt/ Rate my idea for a fictional faction. Setting far SF, after singularity. Ficti…[View]
25791706I met my LDR bf today and though we did a lot of lewd things I didn’t feel like to kiss him and pani…[View]
25800772HOLY SHIT: I FEEL SO FUCKING FAT I JUST ATE LUNCH and i have a big big tummy it's not 'obese' t…[View]
25800759would transition have saved her?[View]
25800450I love my mtf best friend! She is so. Cute and sweet. I really love her! <3[View]
25800237Tfw you can't be alice in wonderland: Why even live.[View]
25799707what tent should I get for a 6 day camping trip just needs to fit me. im trans idk if that matters[View]
25797672Have you tranny synthed lately, tttt?[View]
25800466>tfw you have such a strong breeding/fertility kink that it makes you reconsider trooning out.…[View]
25799760Bruh: I just got completely emasculated[View]
25799829porn and masturbation addiction made me trans: i'm also fat, hairy and greasy man i should real…[View]
25800333>tfw you’re obsessed with tranny cum but HRT takes that away.[View]
25800149Is it true that 20 something trannies need 40 something daddies to be happy?[View]
25800186When I was little I believed I had a female brain stuck in a boy's body. As an adult I believe …[View]
25799706Why does repression make you go literally batshit insane?[View]
25800059can reppers own blåhajs? i'll be a good mother i promise[View]
25794167Post girls you wanna breed[View]
25800067I'm a gay bottom but I get mildly annoyed when I see a woman getting attention from men. Does t…[View]
25797068Is FTM AGP a thing?: > be me > ftm > 4 years on T > fucking horny all the time > some…[View]
25799997What do I have to do, or where do I have to go, to meet cute trans girls IRL? I want to fuck a cute …[View]
25799063do I have any hope for getting a body that passes without surgeries? I'm 24 with 16 months on H…[View]
25791409Where i can find a boyfriend that looks like this?[View]
25799472Vaush confirmed tranny???: Vaush just showed his stream some of the clothes he thrifted, and mention…[View]
25799694So, are you all responsible for raiding /pol/ with your disgusting degenerate threads?: Don't b…[View]
25798790do bottoms like the slap?[View]
25798684>be me >gay >only have crushes on celebs because normal men all look terrible…[View]
25798217As a twink why the fuck would u be sexually attracted to twinks?: I assume the answer is different s…[View]
25799352fuck it, im detrooning, taking T and I'm just gonna get jacked as shit and accept being a man. …[View]
25798531this board conditions people into thinking they have gender dysphoria istg[View]
25799500>he's over the age of 20 >still refers to himself as a boy…[View]
25799697>when she opens her mouth and the HSTS Voice comes out[View]
25799683Sorry I've been so mean to you /tttt/[View]
25799553How do I acquire female attention as a touch starved mtf?[View]
25794227former natsoc tranny here, how do I cope with the fact that I permanently made myself unable to have…[View]
25799430'I'm gonna turn into a woman if I pray hard enough!': If you were a little boy and ever honestl…[View]
25798001why isnt it socially acceptable for men to wear long acrylic nails? my nails are currently the pic a…[View]
25796888Bad RNG??: So is transition really just mostly dependent on genetics or luck or whatever? How much m…[View]
25797658I am an mtf going to a catholic church tomorrow. What should I expect?[View]
25798191how much time could i get off work for srs? like whats the recovery time where you shouldnt be lifti…[View]
25797746ive been voicetraining for 1 week: https://voca.ro/16uhNxp8zr7Q[View]
25799112I have permanent partial numbness on my left chin going up into my lower left lip and it feels goopy…[View]
25798833I was expecting this to be kitschy and awful, but it’s actually amazing. /lgbt/ media thread?[View]
25798018How do you resist the temptation to date m*ids? Between natural urges and societal propaganda it get…[View]
25798822Some people say I'm a failure of a woman, but I say I'm an extremely successful woman. My …[View]
25799130>me, straight, bored >hit up some nohomo bro on fap chat >comes over and immediately deepth…[View]
25797575you can only post in this thread if you are high: if you are not high, please be respectful and do n…[View]
25794072one of the only decent lgbt boards on the web is going to be deleted because of /pol/ users[View]
25799122I feel like I transitioned cause I enjoyed attention from guys and being able to sense their lust. I…[View]
25799031how do i forgive myself?: i knew i was trans from a young age. i had bottom dysphoria before i even …[View]
25798396Be black have no ass.. why even live?[View]
25795300How do I find a mommy gf?[View]
25798609she still around?[View]
25796986Boysmell Sensory Overload: >sit next to guy in class >can smell him the whole lecture >fl…[View]
25798716Just like me fr <3[View]
25798736I want to donate breast milk to help with the baby formula shortage but I'm mtf. Will milk bank…[View]
25794951would transitioning have saved her?[View]
25793696Japan is working to legalize same sex marriage, another win for the gays[View]
25798694rope?: t. 20, 2 years hrt with bica + duta[View]
25794512Tranny normies: Do any trannies here actually have a normal life, or know a tranner who has? ie not …[View]
25795191Everything is a fetish except /Mtf/ ed..,.,,.,,,: This board is beyond toxic its annoying and fuckin…[View]
25797794day 3 of starving myself to lose weight and remove fat rolls when im sitting[View]
25798323I think about trooning when I'm tired, how do I stop being tired?[View]
25798205could being a boymoder be the reason to fit a few of the following criteria?: Nervousness and/or res…[View]
25798595Any ftms that want to be friends with an AGP? Ideally a super high iq and short tempered ftm so we h…[View]
25797903So few months ago I started at a new job and got a really attractive coworker. My plan was to flirt …[View]
25795511Is it stupid to see a therapist at a lgbt clinic?[View]
25798572>3 years on hrt >face actually passes worse than pre coz I developed bruxism from stress and a…[View]
25792136Something about this girl is stunning. The fact that she posts without a name or trip also makes her…[View]
25791511Post emotional music that makes you emotional like a little bitch Go hard on the kitsch, the cheesie…[View]
25798207Is it weird for an 18 yo tranner to date a guy in his 30s Asking for a friend[View]
25798092im a fucking tranny[View]
25794091Post em: >dulm.blue/normie[View]
25769644/wlwg/ - footy edition: General discussion thread for all women, trans or cis, who love women. QOTT:…[View]
25797846I’m ftm and these are my favorite male names. Can you tell if they sound too Aiden? Miles Matthew Fe…[View]
25798118Any others AGPs awake right now?[View]
25797419Idk how to describe it but all the these shooters have the same faces. Like kinda the mongoloid/ ret…[View]
25797971where do you still find hope? every day gets worse and I'm tired of feeling this level of dread[View]
25798013do cis girl chasers exist: im mtf and i LOVE the idea of chasers (someone loving me and treating me …[View]
25797343i really don't understand pooners to be perfectly honest with you, /tttt/...[View]
25798128Realistically how much could someone with an athletic fit guy body with fast metabolism get near pic…[View]
25798004Would transitioning have saved her?[View]
25797866Attention Girls Gays and Theys: Something just seems off about this. What can our autistic skills fi…[View]
25794800whats the point of permaboymoding? does HRT really relieve your dysphoria even if youre still presen…[View]
25797400would detransitioning have him her /tttt/?[View]
25797968any beginners tips on using ass plugs? My bf is buying me one tomorrow but my only prior experience …[View]
25796964How do I stop my prostate twitching when I think about being fucked by man? I'm transbian. I ha…[View]
25797208where tf are all the local femboys: i need a femboy x femboy relationship, desperately[View]
25792104>take benzos and ssris >become asexual >stop browsing /lgbt/ and strictly browse /x/ only w…[View]
25796431aapgen: Who else can't express their aap in any other way than posting[View]
25797655Am I male brained mtf if I cant relate to cis f behavior?: One thing Ill never understand is why do …[View]
25797020do t girls like working out? i never see them at the gym: i personally just got back into it after s…[View]
25795404How would you trannies feel about joining a wealthy chaser's harem if it mean all your hormones…[View]
25792454Detransition Final Update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HLp4zjzZ6M Thoughts on this young man a…[View]
25795481/mtfg/ - male to murderer general: >>25792180[View]
25797623What would you do if you came across a boymoder who had dusty sandals, was in love with the teaching…[View]
25793056This nigga turned me into a tranny.[View]
25797088This week's glowie knows his shit[View]
25795856What are some good shoes for boymoders[View]
25796925Stop raping me in the men's room. Totally uncalled for. You said you wanted to use the women…[View]
25797779AMAB here and wanting to corset train. How do I safely start my journey (and no I’m not trans)[View]
25797355day 3 of starving myself to not have belly fat rolls when i sit anymore[View]
25796498Im going to go on tinder and find a guy...: should i write in my profile that im trans?[View]
25791319Am I pansexual?: >never understand dating, still don't >never wanted a gf/bf >don…[View]
25795275I wish I was a pretty girl because everybody wants her time and attention. But it's okay to not…[View]
25796481would transitioning have saved her /tttt/?[View]
25797067just your average horny thread: im just so in love with lena raine. shes so adorable and id do liter…[View]
25794413What are y’all’s thoughts on the tranny game? I beat it yesterday finally, was hanging out with some…[View]
25796281im afraid of my mother[View]
25796564too many of you underestimate just how extremely ignorant the average cis person is on trannies. tha…[View]
25797265I want to transition then dress like this then get massive erections from the sissified faggot I…[View]
25797431What's more pathetic, the man-hating MtF or the man-hating FtM?[View]
25795917>go on date with guy without telling him im trans >it goes well and at the end we start to mak…[View]
25792840Watching yaoi makes me wanna kms since i will never be cute or be in a relationship[View]
25796083>be me, detransitioner >one of the reasons I decided against it was not wanting to have to pee…[View]
25791563no cute transbians want a cis gf I’m almost ready to poon out for this[View]
25796278if I'm trying to die via anorexia will continuing my estradiol injections help or hurt?[View]
25794432/gaygen/: old >>25792054[View]
25795787Anglin on Ciswomen: Interesting posts, is it meta attraction all the way down. Cis (and trannies bec…[View]
25796840confession booth thread: /lgbt/, what are your regrets? have you done things you're not proud o…[View]
25797105How i can get a bf like this bros?[View]
25796270Best ways to undo parental abuse/neglect: How do you get over it best? Most of us here were probably…[View]
25796490Tranies. Pls boot my balls.[View]
25796106>don’t want to be gay >most powerful orgasm I ever had was when I was shoving a dildo up my bu…[View]
25796385Would transitioning have saved her, her mom, six teachers, and twenty first graders?[View]
25796661You see a Estonian boymoder about to press the Article 5 button to summon NATO into the Russo-Ukrain…[View]
25790979i wish trans men wanted gfs (i would be the gf, cis)[View]
25795777Where is /lgbt/ going to spend this summer? I know where I’m going Lol .[View]
25796405>Look at femboy on Reddit >'I like this hot boy' >Scroll through his pictures >Tit remov…[View]
25797194Want to start hrt but how do i hide the tits? Also how safe is diy assuming it’s done “correctly”? I…[View]

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