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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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12887026I think I might have AGP even though I’m biologically female. I’ve had dysphoria about being perceiv…[View]
12910996>be me >live in a 3rd world conservative shit hole >fag >socially retarded can't ge…[View]
12901232Being a self aware agp is suffering. I just want to be a normal girl but my arousal gets in the way …[View]
12907924Bio female been with a cis man 9 years. I've always known I was pan but now discovering my 'Tom…[View]
12910450I am a cis man but I feel like in my past life I was an FTM, because I feel gender euphoria and auto…[View]
12909859I'm in a bit of a pickle. How do I convince my anti-gay hetero girlfriend to give me 'per…[View]
12904845Getting Out: A lot of us live hermit lifestyles. Meeting people usually involves chatting online thr…[View]
12910343Serious question. To what degree and level of oppression do you, as an LGBT+whatever person face? I…[View]
12909223I miss samantha[View]
12910928What are the most digestible makeup tutorials for men?: I need some that are quick, easy to follow, …[View]
12908305Why are you gay?[View]
12908904Do I pass ? Dysphoria is a bitch[View]
12909474Does bottoming really feel this good?[View]
12898665Trans male names: Post your man names. Give your thoughts on other names. Does it pass? Is it Aiden …[View]
12910709>sleeping naked with your best friend, waking up to them stroking your hair looking them in the e…[View]
12911213If I make a thread here do I become gay?[View]
12901739How do people not realise they're trans until they're 20+? I honestly can't understan…[View]
12911058What evidence is there of nonbinary being real? I keep hearing of all of these people who identify a…[View]
12910946how to lose muscle?: my arms are still so bulky, and I never even work them out. even pre-hrt. recen…[View]
12890943/lgsg/ - Lesbian Gay Strategy Games: We don't have an official steam or discord group. If anyon…[View]
12908722Average gay YouTuber: >Wearing makeup does not make me a tranny! I'm femme, learn the fuckin…[View]
12911152/passgen/ Passgen edition: Moving to discord is admitting defeat passgen, passgen edition mods can…[View]
12908587/gaygen/ - you on the left edition: previous: >>12906724[View]
12901171Is this nonbinary transmasc person correct? Should trans men be treated differently than cis men?[View]
12906445Can trannies be primitivists? What even is a tranny without modern pharmaceuticals and cosmetic surg…[View]
12905247Is this considered a bear? Am I a chaser if I want a bf like this?[View]
12909755Rank these guys: Rank these guys from most attractive to least in your opinion.[View]
12904224What's your blood type and letter?: >Heterosexual males and females exhibited statistically …[View]
12909375Does anyone else here restore their foreskin? I ask because it seems like the majority of guys that …[View]
12910634>daily life 'I want a vagina. I feel like I have a tumor stuck to me' >having sex 'I really wa…[View]
12910389Why is it that trans girls make for better girlfriends, and are better at sex, than CIS girls?[View]
12910793Help tttt, I can't figure out what level I'm on[View]
12903920My trans friend told me that passing tranners have as much privilege as cis people and have no right…[View]
12910771There's no such thing as gender fluidity just as there is no such thing as nobinary gender. Oh…[View]
12907757My sister [12 cis-F] called me 'king of the faggots' because I plan to get an anime tattoo. Do you t…[View]
12904917Why do they do it? No matter how hard they try they will never become biologically female (likewise …[View]
12860765Now that it's becoming clear that Trump is implicated in the Epstein scandal and won't mak…[View]
12909815GAMP general: What is GAMP? Gynoandromorphillia. Attraction to something with both male and female c…[View]
12898249Is it AGP to get a girly job so you feel more like a girl?[View]
12910237Why are gays so obsessed with straight men?[View]
12818601'The world is going crazy, everyone's full of clowns!' Oh so it's crazy how we do have the…[View]
12909464Just a reminder that if you think trauma causes LGBT people you're a retarded piece of shit.: I…[View]
12907843Fuck both troons and TERFs. Just nuke each other out of existence please. God, aren't you the m…[View]
12909821how do you guys fund your AGP fantasies? do you have cheap alternatives to expensive items such as b…[View]
12908845Is it the typical gay looks?[View]
12908017Daily reminder to agp's and tranners that this is the current female standard for beauty.[View]
12905617Survey for male-attracted people: 1. State your sexual orientation and transgender status (FTM/MTF) …[View]
12900070Due to grief about circumcision, I decided to look into anal/prostate pleasure as an alternative tha…[View]
12909020Isn't the whole idea of 'prison gay' basically saying you can choose to be gay?[View]
12909724AGP or HSTS?[View]
12901855VFS/voice thread: I got VFS 6 days ago this is a recording pre-VFS: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1tpsQWTMd…[View]
12898294Is it possible to be ftm and AGP? Outside the bedroom I'm just a normal trans guy but there…[View]
12906943How do I lose my masculinity? No gay shit please. I was thinking: otome visual novels (girl protagon…[View]
12909352Ok I need help I don't know what to say So like a while ago jn my junior year I dated I guy I r…[View]
12902498HRT made me dick hungry. I'm with a woman though, she doesn't like my condition. So I boym…[View]
12902259HSTS vs AGP body language: AGP tips head forward threateningly and holds hand outward between himsel…[View]
12908383/LGBT/ chart thread[View]
12908532Daily reminder.[View]
12902943Daddy Thread: Are any other trans girls attracted to much older men? How do we find these tall older…[View]
129012521. Post the song you're listening to, or have last listened to. 2. Guess the letters of other p…[View]
12901398How do I stop loving cock so much? I just want to live a normal life with a wife and three children …[View]
12902693What childhood video games equate to which letter you are? For example: a male playing cooking mama …[View]
12898958My fellow lesbians, if you ever feel sad just remember that transgender people have a life expectanc…[View]
12894680This scene from euphoria: Was hotter than any porn I’ve ever seen[View]
12908702Daily reminder that a chaser is still a chaser even if they transition.[View]
12908758Can any anon whos voice is cis-passing pls tell me the technique they used to achieve it? Theres so …[View]
12904159Trans discords?: Hey /tttt/, Are there any active tranner discords to join? I was in a couple which …[View]
12896293>get hard when I see fat stomachs >get hard when I see big, uncut dicks >fell for the anal …[View]
12901765>'Anon, are you transgender because you believe you are a failed male?'…[View]
12902131I DONT WANT TO BE TRANS![View]
12908882literally 90% of the threads on here are -phobic in one way or another what the fuck[View]
12904237>semi impale the sole of my foot and am left with deep gash >mfw every time I go for a walk it…[View]
12908751I was walking across an old wet alleyway as I met an old AGP hon. She was shrouded in a golden cape.…[View]
12897364well, /lgbt/? why aren't you pozzed yet? https://www.advocate.com/hiv-aids/2017/9/27/27-reasons…[View]
12903629Psychology Student: Hello everyone, This is my first time here. I'm a psychology student and I …[View]
12906581>CS:GO Full of cute passing self-identifying traps that aren't even on hormones >Overwatc…[View]
12907796I live in a shithole and i cant get HRT and my family are religious radical in my desesperation i th…[View]
12908574Previous: (find it your fucking self, there is no need to link a previous thread)[View]
12861927/bmg/ /ssbb/: Boymode General Soft Skinned Boobie Boi Last edition ended with a lot of BDD posting..…[View]
12904411convince me why I shouldn’t break up with my trans gf[View]
12902661are there actually straight /bi men out there who would be willing or actually want to date a non pa…[View]
12906724/gaygen/ - Masculine Twink Edition: >>12904254 Reminder to join the new gaygen discord! It…[View]
12898076Matchmaking: 'tfw no bf, tfw no gf' How do i get one? >What would attract you? How might a mate …[View]
12907247/MTFG/: anonymous suggestion: psychological theory edition QOTT: So how do you explain transgender p…[View]
12908118Has anyone gotten FFS but is still unable to pass after? Do you boymode forever? Detransition?[View]
12907813Why is 'gay culture' always just American gay culture? You guys have some weird hang ups a…[View]
12907384I'm a hon and I always will be. What am I supposed to do with my life? How do I cope?[View]
12900483How do you know if you're transgender?: How can you tell whether you're a real woman or ju…[View]
12905011Are traps the new face of homosexuality?: The internet seems a lot gayer these days, especially 4cha…[View]
12905293I want a mommy trap who breastfeeds me with their HRT tits and pees their pants[View]
12901363Leg lengthening surgery: Is it worth it for a 5'8' FTM? I'm mostly concerned with being ab…[View]
12900072>tfw found a fellow asexual and I'm great friends with them Life is better.…[View]
12906327Acephobia is real. This is what happens when you erase a sexuality, when you don't educate peop…[View]
12905501>played with my ass a little bit >mfw I liked it I don't want to become a faggot, what sh…[View]
12907891I was an AGP pseudo-bi but as I've explored my attraction to men I've realized I don'…[View]
12898480Is it true muscle bears and athletic daddies are the most superficial and selfish gays? At least in…[View]
12907599Marriage is to bisexuals as hormones/puberty are to bigender/genderfluids. Time to stop fooling arou…[View]
12903389Are poltards just bitterhons?: So does this pretty much confirm that most of the pol bait here comes…[View]
12907608Cis-hons: Haven't had a cis-hon thread in a while. Give me some life fuel.[View]
12900089When did trannies hijack the LGB community? Why is every discussion nowadays always have to be about…[View]
12907276Please document all the ways you've tried harassing straight men into sleeping with you in the …[View]
12907298question: is it rong torong to have a problem with my wife being a sexual considering it affects my …[View]
12907022Is being a sugar baby a bad idea? recently one of my friends made a grindr account and they told me …[View]
12905479Is it ok to go on HRT for these reasons: a). To cope with being bullied for being a faggot freak (ev…[View]
12906577Okay so I have a gf BUT...: I'm at this cute guys house and he's flirting with me hardcore…[View]
12906659Sin: Do you ever feel dirty when you engage in the LGBG lifestyle? I don't feel like I can be i…[View]
12906627Are adult diapers just a socially acceptable way for middle aged women to have a diaper fetish?: Do …[View]
12905701Curious: Hi /lgbt/ What is it like to suck a cock? Pornos make it look like so much fun. Can anyone …[View]
12905598Advise a fantasy book, the main character of which is gay, and in a world where homosexuality is pro…[View]
12902406What can I do if I'm trans but I'm too old and ugly to transition? I am a legit 1/10 and m…[View]
12906041trans dating homo of same sex: If you are trans and dating a homosexual of the same sex they are tel…[View]
12903105Going to accept no bf, but I'm going to stop repressing Are there any cheap but decent, 7 inch …[View]
12901090Bisexuality: pic unrelated Why do some people think bisexuals don’t exist? Is there some psychologic…[View]
12904254/gaygen/ - dominant feminine top edition part 7: uh oh, not another one of these! previous:>>1…[View]
12898746I'm getting really fucking sick of trying to find amateur trap porn, getting baited by a nice b…[View]
12900387Any other SJWs here? Anyone else want to see the SJ movement and the feminization of society reach i…[View]
12905400Does going on a lower dose of estrogen lessen the chance of sexuality change?[View]
12900472hello, im here to improve your /lgbt/ browsing experience[View]
12905419what faces do you make when you dilate?[View]
12904739I'm a 19 year old straight cis male college Literature dropout. I am seriously considering goin…[View]
12898674How did you come out to your parents /lgbt/? My coming out was embarrassing as fuck and I didn’t eve…[View]
12903889/mtfg/ trans girl general: Anonymous Suggestion: Voice Edition QOTT: post anything voice-related (mi…[View]
12901328Drugs for traps: Where can I get drugs that I can put in my fiends food/ drink over time that will t…[View]
12904855LGBT+ friendly new streamer looking to form a community :3 please come talk and discuss the communit…[View]
12904044I'm not transgender, probably not even homosexual. I feel just immense shame that I watched por…[View]
12904653I wish that I lived with my dad when I was growing up instead of my mom. There's something deep…[View]
12903935It's a weird world when gays are the normal ones.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utW1ItcMeJw …[View]
12899471Trans girls are the best because their attractiveness correlates with their intelligence. The ones s…[View]
12904488Tough love..: There is no such thing as Gender Dysphoria. What it's really is people experienci…[View]
12903786Your Sexuality History, a survey.: Just fill in your age and all the sexualities you have been, plea…[View]
12899989What is an example of HSTS? It's a very confusing concept to me[View]
12902353>tfw not attractive to gays due to being too fem and looking like a literal very obvious ftm reve…[View]
12904214Bor this gay: Why do people make such a big deal out of 'born this way'? Like whenever someone impli…[View]
12899367closetfags: Anyone else decide to not have sex with men despite being bi/gay? Why?[View]
12903487how bad is straightening your hair? my hair looks horrible in it's natural state but when i str…[View]
12904146Do you like 'em THICC?[View]
12902161/gaygen/ - rainbow edition: prev >>12900161[View]
12903136Loose asshole: Who do use to fix it? It takes me like 5 to 10 minutes to wipe. Lost all self esteem.…[View]
12899350Am I the only Transsexual Republican?: I begining to beilive NCTE 2015 Report that said only 2% of T…[View]
12868086Trans after 40?: My egg is cracking hard, friends. I’m young enough to transition but scared of the …[View]
12895246Cis lesbians who like girl penis?: Any cis lesbians here who actually like to have sex with a trans …[View]
12903182>23 >passing is not an option >repressing for 9 years did nothing I'm thinking about g…[View]
12898763tfw amazonian trans qts never want a manlet bf :([View]
12890406Sources on DIY orchi?: im not saying others should get it. But for me, I really need it cuz im suici…[View]
12902883Feminization: Any exercise tips for appearing more feminine?[View]
12902391Do gay black boys really act like this?[View]
12903218mommy gf WHERE i would do anything for one[View]
12903134https://www.reddit.com/r/MtF/comments/cd9q77/sick_of_people_saying_20s_is_too_late_to/ lol[View]
12897957TFW no BF: Passing trans girl here, how do I get a boyfriend?[View]
12872005Would LSD fix my gender dysphoria?[View]
12903128My cis girlfriend told me she wants to suck my penis and wants me to fuck her. But I get huge dyspho…[View]
12900151Zoom Zoom pass: Anyone know whether or not Zoomerchan™ is a beer baby, I am mostly asking because of…[View]
12903220Hey grills I just discovered diamond prp. I'm going to do it. There is a surgeon in my area who…[View]
12902788Would killing myself be a pro move?[View]
12888759So /lgbt/, how did your egg crack?[View]
12896709Is it possible to give yourself gender dysphoria from watching/reading too much Yuri? wtf am I going…[View]
12902623>Imagine the smell of his tits[View]
12901759Can someone redpill or bluepill me on the side effects of Finasteride? What are the chances that I …[View]
12901836Is it the typical gay looks?[View]
12902405I have no clue how to deal with this: >be me >24 Gay German Guy >Go to University to study …[View]
12902366im straight but i like a guy?: is this possible? i dont wanna be a fag ive never thought about a guy…[View]
12901286>tfw I'll never have a bf who's attracted to me despite my dick instead of because of i…[View]
12900276tall bois?: Do yall like tall daddies???? Cause ya boy 6'5, and I get hit on a lot by my local …[View]
12902287i was molested as a child and can only be touched by trannies: i freeze up if im touched by regular …[View]
12902152>tfw no russian gf its over why do their accents and features gotta be so lovely smdh…[View]
12896924time to learn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffzKNKovsNM[View]
12876814/lgbt/ chart thread!!! OwO[View]
12900161Gay General: Spreading Gay Superiority Across the World Edtion: >tfw blessed with being gay What …[View]
12901872Gender Euphoria: If I (27M) like being feminine and feel good about myself wearing feminine clothing…[View]
12895937>tfw you and your best friend cuddle and sleep together naked and, talk about sex all night and t…[View]
12901359is it possible to live as a genderfluid (in terms of presentation) boy instead of fully transitionin…[View]
12900326I don't hate trans people anymore. I don't agree that they're the gender they want t…[View]
12901779Which country has the hottest trans girls?: Pls enlighten me anons[View]
12887549Passions and Hobbies: Post your letter. Post something you could talk for hours about. Tell me about…[View]
12901545Gods, the memory won't stop playing in my head. I'm not crying or anything, but it's …[View]
12901557>find cute tranny gf to date >she says and I quote >>I know what guys want wtf instant …[View]
12901587How fucked am I? >Gender dysphoria >29 yo fag >On the verge of transitioning I've st…[View]
12898218>tfw 7.5 inch cut cock[View]
12892796Good and cheap over-the -counter dht blocker?[View]
12874806How can transbians call chasers creepy when they're both literally the same: Chasers: want to g…[View]
12898753How do you feel about Reddit’s trans community?[View]
12895945does any trans person actually like what they see in the mirror? i still want to die despite passing[View]
12901447gays with big tits: There needs to be more gays with big tits.[View]
12892948another day of repression 40+ more years to go[View]
12901228Got a question for you fags, so i have always considered myself straight and have never been in anyw…[View]
12899822First Trans Girl Experience?: How was your first time hooking up with a trans woman? Where did you m…[View]
12894783I think that the thing that really makes you a woman or a man is experience of being a boy or a girl…[View]
12897590How do I get a trap mommy[View]
12900972>bf said he was bored all day because I wasn't there with him. >bf says it's hard f…[View]
12888455Whatever happened to joy? Suicide pact with transbian lover?[View]
12897455How do I stop fapping to traps? It's starting to hurt, literally. I feel like my dick is gonna …[View]
12893868MTFG - male to female general: Non Asshole edition QOTT: why do you post here? • Transitioning guide…[View]
12900096Is it fair to assume that when a cisgender person speaks about 'transgenders' or 'trannies' or any o…[View]
12900978Does (s)he pass?: https://youtu.be/g6bm0FEekJA Not sure myself but I definitely like his (her) ideas…[View]
12891291How do you find a sugar daddy: How could I, a young twinkhon tranny, find a sugar daddy. Even if he…[View]
12900990This is a person that genuinely exists and I know in real life and see on a daily basis. > Claim…[View]
12900746im glad im a trans guy cause once we been on hormones for a while we just look cis but trans women a…[View]
12899461I’m a lesbian that likes sniffing my friend’s panties: Are there any other girls that are like me? T…[View]
12898599There is nothing gay or trans about Crossdressing. I'm straight and I have a girlfriend, there …[View]
12894503>tall, dark, masculine man >rare chad in a race populated by beta manlets >cut my testicles…[View]
12895415I have the strongest suspicion my “cis” gay cousin is a boymoder. He’s a bit of a narcissist who’s o…[View]
12876295Do trannies actually go outside like this or is it just dressing up for sex?[View]
12897541FTM, do I pass?[View]
12898605I never thought of myself as bi but after some times when I got really drunk I apparently have been …[View]
12898549whats hsts?[View]
12898547How do I trap a cute chasr bf who will let me be his housewife?[View]
12897787How do I trick a HSTS transgirl into thinking she's successfully seduced a straight guy, even t…[View]
12900290Would a transgirl be ok with a chaser who doesn't fetishist them because of their transness, bu…[View]
12898305/gaygen/ - bros edition: prev >>12896766[View]
12893665What is dysphoria to you? When does it affect you most? How does it manifest itself? When did you re…[View]
12895100Hair and skin 101: How do I get a good skin routine? And if anyone has tips for shaving that'd …[View]
12896025If I like cis women and trans women, am I straight?: I'm attracted to their feminine appearance…[View]
12899752I watched straight porn for the first time in forever, and I feel really gross now. I'm gay. Wh…[View]
12897856Why isn't he on HRT?[View]
12897376What does it mean if I'm an autoandrophile attracted to myself being masc (but submissive) when…[View]
12891653hey /lgbt/ I need advice. >be me, 20 year old twink >meet a guy online while playing videogame…[View]
12896034Fat redistribution is a meme. Proportions and bone structure determine everything.[View]
12882365Why are you gay?[View]
12896085Where do you find tranner friends?[View]
12893543> AGPS: refer to themselves as 'male' when it comes to social issues despite insisting they are f…[View]
12899302https://youtu.be/_9M2rSTy67U?t=301 yo super ma'am actually got bars...[View]
12888437Is autism cute on tranners? Would a boy date a spergy awkward tranner?[View]
12899211Why are there so many trans (women) on grindr?[View]
12886643What are you listening to rn /lgbt/?[View]
12897508How can you get a gf if you have no sexual desire and thus cant get hard in order to plow her[View]
12892683Religion and homossexuality: I am a gay christian and a member of the Episcopal Church, I didn'…[View]
12898922Are a lot of repressors/eggs cuckolds?[View]
12892954How can I brainwash and mindfuck myself to remove any traces of straight man personality so I can ac…[View]
12896395I got matched with a guy that has 'No trans women.' on his profile and he wants to go out on a date …[View]
12896038>Make a tindr >Sex is set to male >preference set to bisexual >100 likes >leave every…[View]
12892652Cis Girlmoding?: What do you do when you're a cis woman who wants to go on T just for the aesth…[View]
12893373psa: all of you are fucking valid you idiots shut up and stop hating yourselves for no reason[View]
12897064How fucked am I?: >transition Regret it >what do I'm going to off myself before 40…[View]
12897908>be mtf 2 years HRT >just look like a young twink >have 5'1 80 lb ayyden bf >throw …[View]
12898345What's up with twitter hons?[View]
12840231/femgen/ - We all did eventually edition: thread for feminine people who identify as male. >what …[View]
12895920/mtfg/ male to female general: 70s edition QOTT: why do you post here? • Transitioning guide: https:…[View]
12898078>daddy said I looked cute today >feel turned on Wh-What do I do?…[View]
12896847Why do str*ights have the worst fashion sense. How did the gays come to dominate the beauty and fash…[View]
12897933>no cutie trap / transgirl gf Why even live?[View]
12896766/gaygen/ - yellow edition: previous >>12894540[View]
12895221How gay is it to fap to attractive 3d traps? I feel like they are the full package.[View]
12895261What is the final solution to the straight white boy question?[View]
12896967How to prevent further masculinization?: I am six months into HRT,it didnt matter.I know my dosage s…[View]
12897485How do you feel about people who transition (or want to transition) because of aesthetic reasons?[View]
12897836>be born homo >be born with a slew of mental disorders >parents were too conservative to g…[View]
12895746How do you 100% tell the difference between those who are trans and those who are trenders? pic unre…[View]
12897765Keojampa said during my consult that he’s booking 7 months out but a lot of the posts I’ve seen have…[View]
12895117This is how the average mtf looks like.[View]
12882789Why can't you all look like this?[View]
12897218Why gay people like cowboy fashion so much?[View]
12890920Serious question, /lgbt/. I see people saying 'trans rights' everywhere, but no one says what it is.…[View]
12894444Cancer: Have you ever fall in love? Tell your story.[View]
12893268Sometimes I feel like am erasing myself by transitioning. Killing the old me, scrubbing away past me…[View]
12895996Should cis women who offer nude waxing services to women be forced to touch penis against their will…[View]
12894366>trying to make an account for hotwheels.com to play those sweet hotwheels flash games >be les…[View]
12895729Has a cis person going on HRT ever resulted in reverse gender dysphoria or is it a meme?[View]
12896843>be born homo >can never have children[View]
12895068how do straight acting straight guys find trannies to fuck and date irl: im finna dab in some trap b…[View]
12892941Help? I don't know if I am AGP or not?: I've been on hrt for several months now, boymoding…[View]
12892622What's the actual sense in living, having to fight against everything you know to be happy and …[View]
12896941Current model for sexuality is wrong: If you're topping a feminine and submissive guy, you…[View]
12896385Passing is a myth: All the small details from the shape your jaw bone to the shape of your pelvis we…[View]
12896462Would you press the button? >you magically become a cis woman >you have to live as an black wo…[View]
12888502So I tried anal with my tranner gf for the first time and while I was putting it in half way she tol…[View]
12896099So tolerant: Apologize now! They are far more accepting, unlike retarded christcucks[View]
12880721I'm ftm. Show me pictures that will make me dysphoric[View]
12895552I think my irl friend might be trans. How do I crack her egg?[View]
12879398Is web development HSTS or AGP?[View]
12896444>be depressed because not a girl >take depression nap to try & feel better >In dream be…[View]
12893984Can someone just tell it to me straight- no trolling no hugboxing I started HRT at 27 and I’m 6’0. …[View]
12892776Is it possible to be 15 percent straight and 85 percent gay? When I look at a hot woman I get a litt…[View]
12895304>yfw chasers are horrible people unless they're girls[View]
12892949Uhhhhhhh guys?: All trans people are non-binary, dual-gender, whatever you wanna call it, that'…[View]
12891228Are mtf jealous of cis girls ?: Are you, anon ?[View]
12896291What celebrities do you think are closeted tranners?[View]
12895893>be my friend >says she's a lesbian >ok.jpg >falls for the tranny meme >claims s…[View]
12888176What's their name anon[View]
12894540/gaygen/ - blessed sunday edition: old >>12893350[View]
12895515Ever since the discovery of my gender dysphoria and accepting it, I've become a complete differ…[View]
12895788He's gay right?[View]
12894222I heard the transformers reside in this board. I need advice. I want to become a transformer. I…[View]
12896013Call me.: Three Three Zero, then... Two Four Five, then... Seven Two Nine Three. I'm a BM looki…[View]
12886751The term 'transtrender' is transphobic and promotes binary cissexism. Stop using it.[View]
12880266/clg/ - Cis Lesbian General: /clg/ - Cis Lesbian General: Summer Booty Jams Edition What songs are y…[View]
12893562Why is Sylveon seen as a trans icon when the fact that she evolves by love seems contrary to that po…[View]
12891418How do you Canadian tranners get your hrt? I'm trying to get it legit but its sooo slow, where …[View]
12888237Sorry for all of the transphobic posts I've made on this board over the years. You're all …[View]
12880156>cute passing trans girl >have bf >love wearing skirts and dresses especially in summer …[View]
12893735explain this: got fit/ and started wanting to fuck trannys daily ?[View]
12894687Cancer: When did you realised,this place will be a place of sorrows,no matter what you do. Every goo…[View]
12891208LGBT, how do you/how would you feel about being called cute? Would you enjoy it or think it's c…[View]
12890433IDs: How do you deal with traveling when your IDs have your dead name and appearance? Can't cha…[View]
12890157closeted faggotry: i'm a repressive faggot, I secretly love dick in my ass and the taste of cum…[View]
12877843>cis les >like tall girls >like brown girls >know a tall brown tranner who would be perf…[View]
12894523strawpoll: would you support an lgbt white ethnostate?[View]
12895358How do I not kill myself due to BDD?[View]
12895270Have you told your parents that you're gay? In what context did you do it? I'm a 22 year o…[View]
12894575Just because gender is a social construct doesn't mean biological sex and gender expression are…[View]
12895099Please help: How do I become a popular member of a tranny discord server? How do I get in on the cir…[View]
12894850At what stage/point do you need to consider yourself 'delusional' if you constantly dream …[View]
12894710Besides mentality, whats the difference between a young hon and femboy? Like appearence wise arent t…[View]
12895155>mtf repressor >get (accidentally?) misgendered by my dad being called 'she' feels so good I t…[View]
12894969Days of future Trans: So, going to get nerdy in here, but i'm sure plenty of you have your fing…[View]
12894913why was this meme censored by 4chan: What about this meme scares the mods so much they think they ne…[View]
12889430Transwomen aren't women because gender isn't real.[View]
12891553Why are my breasts so pointy? How do I get them to look normal? I feel gross and embarrassed about i…[View]
12894739are there any truly unpassable boymoders out there who i can talk to? squeeze#2824[View]
12879848Why do FtM's end up passing far more often and being generally more attractive than MtF's?[View]
12894673How can i be a femboy? Im pretty sure i fit the requirements: short 5'6' Skinny 130 pounds Str…[View]
12892160hey there bros: today we rekt a tranney tranny you have dick hah gottem, subscribe and smash that li…[View]
12893741/mtfg/ adult men who want to be women, and the delusions that follow: delusions edition QOTT: what d…[View]
12888929I’m not even homosexual. What should I do?[View]
12887030Why does no one love me[View]
12894357Gender Therapist in LA For FFS Letter: Hello I need to get a letter for ffs but am having trouble fi…[View]
12894547Can we talk about healthy anal? I do it 2-3 times a month and I feel like I'm getting loose. Do…[View]
12894591shame: 0.0098[View]
12894555>Be me >Closet grill >In Hetero relationship >Tell gf I want to start living healthy, ex…[View]
12893350/gaygen/ - cis gay general: buttigieg edition last one - >>12890299[View]
12894426Why are lesbian relationships so fragile? >had a bisexual FWB girl >last month she said we can…[View]
12893714It's normal for boys to want to be girls sometimes right?[View]
12894030I want my best friend to fuck me: Hey /LGBT/ as the title says I want my best friend to fuck me, but…[View]
12893319how am i a real woman if im funny?[View]
12894148>dysphoria >autism >borderline it doesn't get much worse than that does it…[View]
12880090Stern reminder that fat redistribution is a meme and only surgeries can save late transitioners. Pi…[View]
12894097Is it true that MTF's transition into women so they can sneak into men's houses to steal t…[View]
12892895How many traps with HRT tits are in to the idea of breastfeeding??[View]
12894051I'm stuck at a crossroads and don't know what to believe. On one hand I've known happ…[View]
12894008>want to be a girl >is bi >hates 99% of the lgbt community >parents hate trans people an…[View]
12891094Suicide Emotions: Some people are considering suicide. This thread will not solve their problems, bu…[View]
12893729Has anyone here ever tried compounding their own Estrogen Valerate injections? There is currently a …[View]
12890396>gf can't get hard and has virtually no libido due to hrt What's the fucking point, bot…[View]
12893801how do i attract younger traps: im middle aged [26] and some young traps to fuck and maybe date but …[View]
12890039An embarrassing moment of my life: I was like 15 and at a nerd convention. This was way back, before…[View]
12892463I don't know where to post this, but, I'm so proud of my little sister, she's transit…[View]
12891742The Hidden Costs Of Being Transgender In America: >I probably have spent upward over 200 maybe 30…[View]
12886447Are you trutrans? Does your personality type match your desired gender?[View]
12890599Daily reminder that fat redistribution is a meme.[View]
12883897What is my purpose?: If I'm a pre-hon(repressor who is over 25), what is the point of me being …[View]
12892241Here's my story: won't go into specific details because I might breach laws part 1: >wa…[View]
12888212What am i?: so for a few months ive been calling myself/identifying as Bi, but i was talking to one …[View]
12887918...: Well /lgbt/, dis guy hit me on grindr, I also love to wear diapers because of Spiro... But I gu…[View]
12889222Where do you get a cute brown muscle bottom dad husband with big gyno tits who looks like this?[View]
12890407There is hope for us baldilocks[View]
12888932Deciding on what you want: How do you do this if one hour you find respect for yourself and remember…[View]
12892993Finding twinkhon gf on Grindr?: If you see a cute twinkhon on Grindr and they’re set to chat and sin…[View]
12893155How to Tell if Gay?: >did some 'gay things' in the past, no penetration >now I just want to cr…[View]
12873177>tfw never experienced this because I have no friends[View]
12879513Why do you come here?: What need does it fulfill, and how might we wean you off? Social interaction…[View]
12890762Why aren't you fasting and quitting porn to counteract your LGBT impulses?[View]
12890299/gaygen/: andy samberg's bum edition[View]
12893043why aren't you in this server honcel friendly brappy is here discord.gg/dsXjJEY[View]
12884742Gender neutral bathrooms: Any thoughts on this take on a gender neutral bathroom? Me and my buddies …[View]
12892629Hmmm: Oligarchs from around 2000 years ago have chosen to take the left half of the Kabbalah and bec…[View]
12885627Why is there a lack of FtM, masculization in comics, tv, etc? There are more FtMs than MtFs.[View]
12892743k, so this is kinda a noob question, but. how do i opptain the estrogen if i live in the eu (i live …[View]
12881717Give me your best and worst mtf transitions. Some say chads can become hot females, pic related. So…[View]
12891915Good hair styles to hide your forehead?: MTF here What are some good hair styles for MTFs who want t…[View]
12847289/HRTGen/ HRT General 185: Medgirl131 - Wikipedia Legend Edition: >Help, advice, guidance on medic…[View]
12881925TFW no 6'4' uncut AGP GF: Life is unfair and I hate everything about it[View]
12891689I've started using finasteride ontop of other hair growth stimulators to assist me with hair gr…[View]
12877702How are you preparing for the great LGBT+ backlash coming in 2020.[View]
12891667I'll never have a boyfriend so I have to ask:. What is it like when a boy braps on your dick wh…[View]
12891694How do I get my daughter to get interested in girls?[View]
12884808MORE TOPS THAN BOTTOMS. WHY?!?!: Why are there so many more tops than bottoms? from an evolutionary…[View]
12892039European Gay Car of the Year: What do you think about this contest? Which car from the list of the w…[View]
12889647Can your body can be physically one sex but in you DNA can be the opposite sex?[View]
12892054>be me >Special forces of faggot >Watch semi porno movie with gf >Supermassive black don…[View]
12889144What's the best way of meeting other bi/gay guys? I've heard awful things about Grindr so …[View]
12889169There is no such thing as 'homosexuality'. You are born as male or female, and those are the only tw…[View]
12890120Alchemy Thread: Use alchemy to attain positive features! Simply post what desirable, attractive, or …[View]
12891840>it's not fair! Asians always pa--[View]
12746835/wcg/ - Boys holding hands not holding yours edition: Comics we know of, all of which are named Kait…[View]
12890298/gaygen/: previous: >>12888321[View]
12882191>tfw asexual but still have romantic interests. >every girl needs to be plowed in a while othe…[View]
12891469can we get a 'pictures that make you dysphoric' thread but for mtfs[View]
12889223how much breast growth did you guys get at 8 months? im 8 months in and basically flat and i im worr…[View]
12890352First post ever on this board Basically, I've been having MMF threesomes with my best friend re…[View]
12886803Starting hrt when not trans was a mistake[View]
12889005>Healthy Trans Thread I never see any advice for transitioners on what healthy foods and vitamin…[View]

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