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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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19253920Why has his viewership been steadily declining since he started pretending to be transsexual?[View]
19250147>mtf ex-sub keeps posting subtle hints about naming me as an abuser on social media >used to e…[View]
19255551Does shaving get easier with HRT? It bothers me that I can't get my body completely smooth and …[View]
19255577Being gay is a bad idea[View]
19252903What do you do when you feel legitimately stuck between being cis and trans? Like I spend wayyyyy to…[View]
19252614/repgen/ You're not alone edition: There are some things kids can't understand.[View]
19255576It’s so weird rewatching at a Internet personnel after years only for both of you to turned out into…[View]
19251810I found her. The dictionary definition of twinkhon. Next time you see some newfag asking what twinkh…[View]
19250152Is it acceptable to cheat on your partner a bit to explore your sexuality? I'm a transbian but …[View]
19249007Describe the aesthetics of your ideal partner: Go as in depth or as not in depth as you wish. Gays d…[View]
19253106Boymoders, are you on Tinder?[View]
19255062does anybody else like the taste of their estrogen tablets? i like letting them dissolve on my tongu…[View]
19254967Even the Reddit mascot looks AGP[View]
19254224Why are you gay?[View]
19254163>AGP inspection day >DIY chemical castration pills has not arrived in mail yet, completely fuc…[View]
19253179Goal body thread[View]
19253628is Metaroom trannycore?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2ITIZtRayQ&ab_channel=METAROOM…[View]
19254725Is the AGP meta-attraction towards men the truest form of love?[View]
19253838why we all so mean to eachother: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51o8V_7jp9o&ab_channel=LankyBox…[View]
19250997so, I was raped: >be me, mtf >live with room mate >he finds out I self harm >he gets mad…[View]
19247171What does /lgbt/ think of VRChat?[View]
19245166LGBT PD: Boymoder Victims Unit: >girlmoder, sign on with the LGBTPD to help the victimized boymod…[View]
19253400What is the normal size for a bulge?: what is the normal amount of bulge somebody has in their under…[View]
19244818>be me >have phimosis as a kid >circumsized and think nothing of it >puberty hits me har…[View]
19254557Oh janny: Trolling this board isn’t even fun tbqhhon[View]
19246942BBC is hot, BWC is hot, smol asian cock is hot, big asian cock is hot, smol black cock is hot, smol …[View]
19254370hey autistic newly out virgin here is it hard to get laid on grindr if i dont care how gross/ugly/ol…[View]
19254420No home![View]
19251576Cis men who've dated trans women, what was it like for you?[View]
19253202>These wet lucid dreams about my 17 yr old internet friend won’t stop >I go to sleep, I’d have…[View]
19189429/HRTGen/ HRT General 316: Estrogen Juice edition: Previous: >>19163906 >Help, advice, guida…[View]
19248145Should I go on a date with a 40 year old man? t. 19 year old tranner.[View]
19254215does anyone else wear boxers with dresses/skirts[View]
19242652Remember: Useless little dicks go into the chastity cage. :)[View]
19243859is writing poetry malebrained or femalebrained?[View]
19254102how to get out of twinkhondom?: How do I graduate from twinkhondom? I want to pass and stop looking …[View]
19253975>found my old journal from 7th grade >describe an erotic dream i had about one of my friends i…[View]
19253617Is there anything I can do to make it more likely I don’t get prescribed spiro?[View]
19249160Is 12 years old too young to start a trans girl on estrogen?[View]
19253556how long does it usually take for e to clear up and soften your skin? I'm one month in and I…[View]
19252095Why are there so many shemales from Brazil / Latin America?[View]
19253737Misogynistic mtfs: Anyone here think your dysphoria is a punishment for being misogynistic?[View]
19250932/gaygen/ - fill in words here Edition: Old >>19248269[View]
19252239so when are you going to get yourself a nice boyfriend, anon?[View]
19248087drinking thread ?: Does anyone feel more dysphoric when drinking? Coping they them when I'm sob…[View]
19253475What is his deal?[View]
19252277/mtfg/ Transfeminine General: Forced to be cute previous: >>19249126 links: https://pastebin.c…[View]
19253553How is diying in brazil? Do they go through packages more often than the US? Are shipping costs high…[View]
19239710Thoughts on enbies (non-binary people)?[View]
19252549>Going to dollar store to pick up some candy for the weekend >Guy at the register is about my …[View]
19253185>trans man >nurse[View]
19253521do you trust jk rowling's breathing technique to cure covid-19?[View]
19251476I think I'll go femboy and try to get laid before I think about transitioning.[View]
19253072>can't sleep on front anymore I'm not a girl (HRT femboy) and they've not even per…[View]
19253100help: Hey guys, I'm a transsexual and I intend to be an astronaut. do you think i have a chance…[View]
19253446>tfw your a str8 guy who wants to date a humble transgirl but you cant find any near you Why does…[View]
19246788Am I bi if I would SEX a man only if he's very very feminine like pic related?[View]
19253419I'm sorry for posting that video of that Tgirl wanting to kill herself yesterday: https://youtu…[View]
19250379Pinkpill me[View]
19253320>be bisexual >can't be friends with a male without eventually falling in love with them…[View]
19253068>be me >pre-t ftm cant pass for shit >goes to a punk show >hit it off with a gym rat dud…[View]
19253278where do i apply for boymoder euthanasia?[View]
19252669how do i go about prostituting myself: what's the best way to go about prostituting myself onli…[View]
19251306How to cope with the fact that you'll never have a man like this cause they're all masc 4 …[View]
19251940Why do people do this Why are the pedos and rapehons the ones who talk the loudest for us[View]
19240222What is your current lifestyle, /lgbt/?: Stolen from /fit/[View]
19251248>Seen a former misandrist radfem lesbian I recognize from 12th grade is now a bearded guy. >Da…[View]
19247156Is there anything more trannycore than Touhou?[View]
19252497>be me >since birth i've had a 'female' side to me >as early as i can remember, i woul…[View]
19248403Is it better to be a homosexual trans or a AGP trans? Just asking[View]
19253028Im gay: >im gay Very gay thread[View]
19252930since i started transition my mental state has only declined further and seemingly my dysphoria has …[View]
19252267I swear to fucking god i've met 2 or 3 diaper trannies online who go to school at this school w…[View]
19245235Why did God create bottoms?[View]
19250600Is there any possible way to stop being gay?[View]
19249638As a chaser I'm in favor of discrimination and social ostracization of trannies because it woul…[View]
19251279Is 23 too old for mtf?: it all hit me within this past week and idk, it fits too well into why I…[View]
19252455>want to date and suck trans/femboy cock >scared of getting STD or HIV >never do it, just …[View]
19251661>started transition last week >go into work >tell my boss that im trans and im going to be …[View]
19252380Can a boymoder get a bf that looks like this?[View]
19252523Daily reminder that talking about AGP is trolling and should be banned: Day 12: According to the rul…[View]
19251801For personal research: What are you into?: https://www.strawpoll.me/42702072[View]
19246785Bout to take this shit you cue ball motherfuckers, get on it now, yeah Im talking to both of you wan…[View]
19251616BASED! A multinational cookie conglomerate is on our side![View]
19246907Damn, transbros, we just can't stop winning, can we?[View]
19247893Are they heckin cute and valid?[View]
19249242I can't post this epic oc to my Twitter because I don't wanna get canceled by the libtards…[View]
19250340what would you do if you came across a boymoder that was giggling, smirking, snickering, and just ge…[View]
19251254Detransitioners blown the fuck out[View]
19245591Epilators: Hey trannies what do you think of epilators?[View]
19251706I've never seen any troons in real life.: What do you guys usually do? Where do you usually han…[View]
19247235>lgbt leftist classmates from Zoom too cringe (autistic pan sexual man, transbian, etc) with comm…[View]
19235638Now that the dust has beyond settled was she really in the wrong?[View]
19230947Are you supposed to use conditioner every day or just once per week?[View]
19248037Would transitioning have saved her?[View]
19251732Blowback: Are you scared of the transphobia in response to all the poor 'woke' activism? I am. I…[View]
19247608So why do FtMs struggle with their dysphoria? Most cis men say they would love to be in a girl’s bod…[View]
19250709have you gotten into any fembrained hobbies since you transitioned?[View]
19247279is it possible to boymode forever? take hormones but keep on presenting socially as a man until the …[View]
19248545I think I'm ready to end it. I've been on HRT for 10 years and the amount of times I pass…[View]
19251275I asked out the guy I've been crushing on and he said 'oh no, sorry if I gave you the wrong imp…[View]
19250282What does gaysex Feel like?[View]
19245211Do transgirls get married to loving husbands who bring them tea in bed?[View]
19251455I hate my life, I go through cycles of being a somewhat normal guy who is a extremely cynical weeb, …[View]
19247864What does cuddling a tranner feel like? Can you feel her penor pressing against yours? Does her peno…[View]
19245272Discord Friend Finder: /LGBT/ DISCORD FRIEND FINDER Most 4chan posters like vidya, anime, manga, TV,…[View]
19247216This is a message for a guy that browses that board, who feels he is undeserving of love, for whatev…[View]
19251356how do I not look bi: Multiple guys have thought I was bi how do I look less like a fag?[View]
19247746I give him 3 months max to come out[View]
19249055How the hell do you people afford it?[View]
19248986After how much time of nofap does homosexual and transgender ideation go away?[View]
19246089yeah I'm a meta-attracted AGP coomer, so what?[View]
19242537can we get some detransition success story threads? I want some detrans fuel I want out of this mess[View]
19248508Fuck god for making me a bottom.: People only see me as a cumdump and I'll never find love.…[View]
19248486ah fuck: >be me >guy >useless virgin with no love life >hang out with randoms on discord…[View]
19250198There's a boy I like but I don't think he'll ever like me back :([View]
19248452How do you find passing mtfs with this look who aren't bothered by boredom due to suffering fro…[View]
19250734Doctor might be ruining my transition: Ok so my doctor may be fucking up my transition. I was told t…[View]
19250844should i try and get laser asap or just save[View]
19250471Nothing warms my heart more than seeing awkward nerdy boys blossom into cute autistic twinkhons[View]
19248725what do u think bros: i think reddit being called cuck central is pretty based[View]
19247986My straight fren keeps talking about people attracted to the same sex should just masturbate to nude…[View]
19247498Hugs/positivity thread.[View]
19247182Can you be an MtF tomboy?[View]
19250076Have do lesbians think when they see a hot woman? Do they act like a man? Or they just react asa str…[View]
19249908Do transwomen have big egos like their cis counterparts? I feel like whenever I speak to a female, t…[View]
19250385how do i save as much money as possible[View]
19250341Is this true?[View]
19242336How do you cope with not having a trans gf who loves and respects you as a man due to autism (asd le…[View]
19239667Our guy Ray in discussion with our guy Edward!: It's gonna be delightfull, boys and girls. http…[View]
19250333is it AGP to violently orgasm while miming the act of covering and rubbing your chest with fecal mat…[View]
19248244/clg/ Cis Lesbian General: Anime Edition REMINDER: We have a constant influx of trolls here. Do not …[View]
19249789are you serious? are these mods newfags or something? jfc[View]
19249126/mtfg/ - transfeminine general: high elf edition previous: >>19246425 links: https://pastebin.…[View]
19249039This board is kinda repulsive sometimes. (LONG POST): Reading the posts on this board makes me prett…[View]
19248256why do i hate men so much?[View]
19248999>keep on screaming at my bf until he's on the verge of tears every time I get angry, usually…[View]
19239770Is it gay to find men attractive? I’m pretty sure I’m not gay but I’ve been using /fit/ a lot for th…[View]
19248287Spotted an AGP hon at a Dollar Tree today[View]
19245299What's up with so many gay dudes being obsessed with straight guys? Am I even allowed a blowjob…[View]
19249425>start hrt at 18 is it doomed?[View]
19246898My family won't buy me razors anymore because they found out I cut, and now I can't shave …[View]
19247243British bois are made for sissifycation[View]
19246404What are the best careers for transgirls?: ...aka what careers can I work from home and dress as a g…[View]
19248839To passing mtfs: Would you date this man? videos, pic and article related https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
19248024I want tony soprano to come home after killing some poor cheap fuck for not having his money on time…[View]
19249115>in the company of people irl for a few hours >start to think that transitioning is a ridiculo…[View]
19242875Any other asexuals on the board? t. non-binary biromantic ace[View]
19246339is tttt just fem-/pol/?[View]
19246702was gwyn a repressed tranny? >uses magic (fem brained) >showed mercy to seeth the scaleless (a…[View]
19245945is being trans hate speech?[View]
19247082How do you self harm? Im not a fan of cutting because it's messy and leaves scars, so I usually…[View]
19233605He's in too deep at this point isn't he?[View]
19248113>she called me hon FUCK the meme is true, isn't it?[View]
19247320Was his story transphobic?[View]
19247359Horsepill thread: How much do you love horse /lgbt/?[View]
19248138should we repeal the 19th? then terfs will no longer have political power[View]
19247996Most bifags are straight but just disillusioned with modern women.[View]
19249005Would taking huge doses of e and test turn me into she-hulk? Will I gain Amazonian super powers? Se…[View]
19248956How do we deal with the heterophobic notion that liking cute things is gay?[View]
19248752I'm for fags and queers because its a good litmus test for how (not) healthy a country is. Good…[View]
19248007>Sportscaster voice >Okkkkayyyy now ladies and gentlemen settle in. We show now see if anon wi…[View]
19248477is there any sure way to know if I have bpd?[View]
19248052Badlands 1973: Is it /tttt/ approved?[View]
19246528Say FEF (Female Embodiment Fantasy) instead of AGP getting turned on by being a woman exists and is …[View]
19246820>tfw have a massive crush on degen and a girl in my class looks a lot like her…[View]
19246304>Be me fag bottom >Friend asks if I want to go to the gym >I say yes >go to the gym on M…[View]
19233497How do I get cis lesbians to accept me as a real girl[View]
19240940>your letter >your energy drink[View]
19247629>born with female face >pass as female with 0 effort until puberty >become e-whore shota …[View]
19247092When you start HRT...: How come nobody tells you about how your pussy will smell like dick and vice …[View]
19247757Does dating non transitioned trans guys make me gay? I've never been attracted to a biological …[View]
19247890What's the end-game here?[View]
19247694Am I broken: >be me >mtf >meet qt3.14 on dating app >wants to be intimate >tfw peepee…[View]
19246496I used to be a normal straight guy but porn turned me into a submissive sissy with rape fantasies …[View]
19243908/gaygen/ - gay edition: old: >>19241934[View]
19247531How do I make my housewife urges go away. I just want to have a handsome tall rich husband to look a…[View]
19245542/gaygen/: Old >>19243908[View]
19242364If I killed myself, would /lgbt/ care?[View]
19247396>Google 'trans woman with husband' >90% of results are either 'my husband came out as trans' o…[View]
19246541Girls belong with girls.[View]
19247806i keep having dreams where my ex comes back to me, does that mean she really will?[View]
19248077Do masculine gay men have a bad relationship with their fathers too ?[View]
19247965gnc potato head: Will this improve your quality of life, /lgbt/?[View]
19247939is Elizabeth Warren /ourgirl/?[View]
19245934How do I approach my boymoder gf about changing her diet? She mainly eats legumes, onions stuff, chi…[View]
19246425/mtfg/ male to female general: Link to the past: >>19242442 Links: https://pastebin.com/LyMhFm…[View]
19235749Picrew: Eggman Edition[View]
19243177Spot the flaws.[View]
19243086AHHHHHH > last monday > buy clear nail polish > looks nice and shiny > go to work with…[View]
19247333i always hit my tit on accident[View]
19247446is there ANY good transbian art besides p-reavz?[View]
19245835GirlxGirl manga/book recommendation: Please recommend me some good girlxgirl manga that isn't j…[View]
19246502Why the fuck do people bitch about it being hot outside but refuse to shave their legs? It cools you…[View]
19247350when I get high I think of myself as more of a girl than when I'm sober[View]
19246699How do I stop AGP faps? Should I stop entirely or should I just force myself to fap to vanilla? also…[View]
19244405>be me been raped more than i had sex >date guy i like >scare him away because i tell him i…[View]
19246815I want to come out to my family but my sister is a Twitter user and will start calling me gay king a…[View]
19245921A real man: Ladies, step aside. The ultimate Chad is coming through.[View]
19245724what would you do if you came across a boymoder that was in a hurry, collided with you, fell on you …[View]
19244554What are lesbian's thoughts on bloom into you? I've heard a lot of positive feedback but I…[View]
19238985>tfw detransitioning because of health is it respectable too pay for sexual favors since once you…[View]
19244863Tfw conservatives want to make you identify as your birth gender on documents and out yourself 24/7.…[View]
19246009Does portraying yourself as a female character yourself mean you're trans?[View]
19244657how come nobody in the mainstream media talks about the fetishy AGP transgenders yet and the damage …[View]
19243193Sperm donation: Have any of you ever considered donating your sperm for IVF pregnancies? I'm co…[View]
19246696Ever think about how Freud called us sexually autistic because we don't want to fuck our mother…[View]
19245517cute straight friend: help i like with my friend and he said he’d date / marry a tranner as long as …[View]
19246665>a boymoder approaches you holding a dagger and demands that you hand over all your boymoder buck…[View]
19241694>pssssssssssssssst >you >yes, you >hey >what do you like/(LOVEEEEEE) about boys(M*N)?…[View]
19245826How do I tell my boymoding friend on discord that her mic is registering her braps pretty clearly? S…[View]
19246543Positive things about being LGBT: i'll start nobody cares that i'm on neetbux because they…[View]
19244893Diy: What are the ways to diy in poland (mtf)[View]
19234826>tfw bottom with a 3.5' penis Will I be bullied?[View]
19245788Is it true that boys say mean things and will bully guys they're attracted to?[View]
19244769/LTG/ Late Transition General: Doge Edition: A thread for people who started medically transitioning…[View]
19244149How to download videos from this site ?: https://www.javgayhd.com/2021/02/cr-0415.html I tried DOWNL…[View]
19245373This Shit makes it easy to sympathize with terfs: The worst part is that you cant even tell this per…[View]
19206344/femgen/ - femboy general: General for feminine men, drainer edition QOTT: What sort of music do you…[View]
19243356Can an openly non-straight man be considered an ALPHA?: Would woman go crazy (in a good way) about t…[View]
19246323Where did she go?: Why is her Twitter MIA? So few based tranners left these days.[View]
19243814Why are autists so much hotter than the general population?[View]
19245698Sretch Marks: Do Stretch Marks matter for (cis or trans) bottoms or vers when looking for a male top…[View]
19246201How can I help my trans friend who keeps getting rejected from the treatment? I can tell it's c…[View]
19245290why are so many trannies vegetarian/vegan? I keep somehow getting into relationships with vegetarian…[View]
19243880Speedrunning fast redistribution: My roid seller also sells T3 and some asthma medicine that helps w…[View]
19234009Why do straight transgirls pass so much better on average than gay transgirls?[View]
19246149This is all I want, i will forever be a touch starved Virgin MtF tranner.[View]
19245028How do I get away from the Bi thoughts.: So listen I have a really close friend and I've been g…[View]
19244074I'm not gay, never have been gay, but I'm really into giving blowjobs. I am successful wit…[View]
19245073What happens if a tranny takes a pregnancy test?[View]
19245237I still consider and identify as a male even though I already started HRT months ago. Deep inside I …[View]
19238565why is /tttt/ so heteronormative? where's the love for gay and bi trans people.[View]
19229227/clg/ - cis lesbian general: Dumb edition >recent news You let the thread die. It didn't eve…[View]
19241798help anons: >be me >bi tranner before hrt, straight now >slowly turning into a fujo instead…[View]
19245783>be tran >born to big hispanic family >3/4 of my siblings are lgbt Are all hispanic familie…[View]
19245080estradiol gel: is estradiol gel any good? was just prescribed estradiol 0.06 gel to be applied 3 tim…[View]
19244624>your autism symptoms are low >your borderline symptoms are high yay im based kind of tranny…[View]
19244274>ancient tranny, still have dick >haven't had genital dysphoria in a while >haven…[View]
19243292what happens, if I, a femboy, only take testosterone blockers and no estrogen? help I don't wan…[View]
19245385hair removal/growth 2021: hi /lgbt/! itt: mtf + ftm how are you handling your hair removal/growth in…[View]
19245771/chasergen/ - since sucking dick is not gay because girls do it too[View]
19244349Security forces in Ghana on Wednesday closed the office of an organization that supports the LGBTQI+…[View]
19244700you wouldnt mind if I had a small girl noodle, would you?[View]
19245412why do people start hating me when i reject them wanting to be my friend?: Just because I don't…[View]
19245684Men are gross. That is all.[View]
19239272So I am APG because I get off by imagining myself as a woman but APG's are actually just meta a…[View]
19245578i had a cushy job but my contract is up and i'm returning to unemployment hell[View]
19245192Gay: How gay do i look?[View]
19245559Do you think the Hellenic world was right about men would be naturally gamp without the influence of…[View]
19232374Do right-wingers or left-wingers make better tops?[View]
19245527Dethphoria: >My stomach turning my throat burning while my heart is yearning >You will never r…[View]
19245499/manmoder general/ - manga edition: He's just like me...[View]
19244827Muslim bottoms: how hard is it to find them?[View]
19243870Is Carol just a guy with long hair now?[View]
19244949>Clocked in a wet 119lb today, (53.9kg) I enjoy being a top am I doomed to just get bullied by e…[View]
19245424Heather: There was absolutely no reason to make her intersex. I'm usually cool with most of Lyn…[View]
19244575>2010 >5'6, 559 pound transgirl >2011, get down to 504 pounds >2012 476 pounds >…[View]
19244642what would you do if you came across a boymoder that was injured, incapacitated, wounded, and had ju…[View]
19176622>tfw my dick is sore from making my boyfriend choke on it so much god damn, this is a struggle. i…[View]
19236382Are all right wingers secretly gay?[View]
19244795Why are you gay?[View]
19244470elliot-kun: what am I supposed to do about his old movies? like is it wrong to say he had cute tits …[View]
19241481why are trans women unlikable even in their own self depictions?[View]
19244997I'm 100% sure I'm a tranny and want to transition, but I've got a problem that's…[View]
19245151If gender is a social construct: If gender is completely socially constructed and varies greatly bet…[View]
19244277Ugh... Cis Lesbians should just grown the fuck up and have sex with pre op transsexuals...[View]
19239987any other losers with no friends here? how does this relate to your sexuality?[View]
19244963>argue with some enbie that ftms never pass >after some back and forth I ask them to compile a…[View]
19243355Thoughts on this?[View]
19244957if trooners can be anime girls I don't see why I couldn't be an anime boy[View]
19244921i cant control myself during sex with my mtf GF: I really love her, but when im horny i cant stop my…[View]
19244557I'm just a gay guy coming to grips with my sexual orientation and romantic desires. I'm ju…[View]
19244788Anyone here lost all their family, friends, and partner last year? I did. All I have left is money a…[View]
19244561How does it work when gay go on a date? does only one of them get food?[View]
19242216I have Sexuality Dysphoria. I don't feel comfortable in my sexuality, it just doesn't line…[View]
19242938Java: Why does java seem to less likely to turn you into a transbian than other programing languages…[View]
19244286Question for /lgbt/ oldfags: I assume that during lockdown more people than usual started coming to …[View]
19242072>shave butt >can't deafen the sounds of my farts anymore…[View]
19224277straight and bi trans girls would you suck a phalloplasty dick[View]
19243631Anyone else feels like your sexuality doesn't even matter because you can't imagine ever w…[View]
19244222Why do tranners usually hate cis-girls more than cis-guys?[View]
19244247you're not trans[View]
19243974what's the point of living as a gorillamoder. What could I possibly have to look forward to?[View]
19244045WHY CAN'T I BE A CISWOMAN: i cant handle it anons i cant handle it, im trapped in this husk for…[View]
19243918Low sex drive: Does HRT lower your sex drive?? I want it gone, obliterated from existence.[View]
19242442/mtfg/ male to fe(male) general.: Manmoder edition QOTT: What is your dream house? https://pastebin…[View]
19237511does it ever get better[View]
19243475The only valid transbians are the ones that exclusively date cis women[View]
19243791You're not a real tranny if you don't hate trannies.[View]
19244178God created trans women not c*s women.: >God made adam >adam was a man >God made eve from A…[View]
19243234how do you know if you're a boymoder or a manmoder or a gorillamoder[View]
19243835Many things have a genetic origin so it is not unreasonable to think that the tendency to be born ga…[View]
19237887henlo friends it’s me, aussiehon. I’m thinking about maybe getting breast implants, which size shoul…[View]
19240457are transbians lesbians or straight men?[View]
19243432This board having so many tripfags attention whore is proof transwomen are women[View]
19235737AOC UP TO BAT: what is happening in america, bros?[View]
19243977What are some tells that will allow me to know if someone has a big cock before dating them?[View]
19239649Being a tgirl sounds like a ton of work. Shopping for girly clothes, showering daily, brushing my ha…[View]
19241934/gaygen/ a dormir edición: >>19239981[View]
19239981/gaygen/ - Free Grude edition: QOTT: A member of the artcord known as 'Grude' has been falsely accus…[View]
19243860>constantly wail about how terrible it is to be a tranny >desperately try to groom as many chi…[View]
19243440Do 40yo men like virgin 18 yo autistic trannies? I am too horny to wait for the right person.[View]
19243528was at sexual health clinic today. clockable trans woman walks in wearing guillotine earrings. trans…[View]
19235054>got my butt pounded by a thicc stud last night >came three times in a row So this...is the po…[View]
19240618I'm not gay but I want to get fit to make 4chin gay guys lust over me[View]
19242770if i drown myself call that a buoymoder[View]
19237641do trannies make good pets? do they require any special care? what do I feed them? can they be train…[View]
19243221This is how my ideal chaser husband looks like. Your thoughts?[View]
19243516it doesnt matter who im with, i just want love and to give love[View]
19243016>porn induced bisexuality isn't re-[View]
19243463I finally came to terms that im bisexual after realising how much fanfiction i read in middle school…[View]
19242794I Want to Roleplay With Hatchan: I want to dress up as a Southern Confederate country boy while Hatc…[View]
19238019Does your favorite vidya pass?[View]
19243340yo wtf just found out they turned reddit trannies into a board game[View]
19243130I want a zoomer lesbian to be my best friend[View]
19223486Why are bisexuals so happy?[View]
19236693im still not convinced theres any actual cis women on this board[View]
19236747Why the increase?: Why the increase? What's going on?[View]
19237348Was porn a factor in your transition?[View]
19243019Any other transgirls looove pleasuring boys and making them coom so hard?[View]
19242207Can you be a straight cis male and enjoy listening to music like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
19239946Can I really guilt lesbians into having sex with me? How would I go about that?[View]
19241386>everytime my tranny friends upload pictures I'm filled with jealousy and a desire to off my…[View]
19242563*AHEM*: FUCK DRIVING[View]
19236744does it turn you on knowing a guy's entire bloodline will disappear inside your butt[View]
19237720Why is my professor trying to pinkpill me: This is an actual assignment from my English Comp 1 class…[View]
19242559Convince me that you don't have mental illness.[View]
192429173 years hrt and I barely pass as a femboy, why go on living ?[View]
19240655What would happen if someone were kept on puberty blockers until said person was in their late twent…[View]
19242639My top has yet to come home (´;ω;`) I'm starting to get nervous. I'm starting to develo…[View]
19239468daily sneedmode thread: hope you fags are doing alright, please share any recent experiences with sn…[View]
19242757Sometimes I miss having a flat chest. I have an increasingly amount of yaoi twink fantasies these da…[View]
19242270I've been on hrt for a year and a half now. About 3 months ago one of my trans friends started …[View]
19241784how do you stop yourself from committing suicide when the only person who kept you from doing it lea…[View]
19241069How do I find nice uncut shemale cocks to suck?[View]
19241807Littles seem strange to me but they're always such nice people I have a hard time trying to not…[View]
19242653I cant take it anymore i need to manhandle an astolfo cosplayer idc about the face we can put a bag …[View]
19240395memories thread ig: What was the first thing you remember in your life that you now realise was a si…[View]
19240761Are transgirls boys or girls?[View]
19242588the two kinds of mascfag >brain damaged overly public middle aged guy who lowkey wants you to kno…[View]
19238946researching /lgbt/: what would you want to see in articles about /lgbt/? no i'm not asking you …[View]
19238721How do you deal with artists you used to admire coming out as cringey uber terfs.[View]
19232533Mtfs, would you date someone like this?[View]
19242206How do I hit on my online transgirl crush? I usually just watch her play games, but I never know wha…[View]
19241351why do nerds have a higher rate of transgenderism compared to the general population?[View]
19242150>be masculine gay >find myself in conversation with femme gay, a big fat T, and some other guy…[View]
19229891fti (female to incel) is based and hot[View]
19241424Idk how to say this without offending someone but it feels like some transbians started off as homop…[View]
19241982What are some common Spanish LGBT related?: I'm flying out to Puerto Rico in the morning and I…[View]
19240897How do I know if I really want a bf or if im meta attracted/comp het?[View]
19239643Where my ace friends at?[View]
19242081How do I tell if I'm actually enby or if I'm just a cis person that wants to be really and…[View]
19241358How do we get the pedos out of the trans community? It's awful. I feel like there are only two …[View]
19237692What does it mean if you’re ftm but into agp/sissy porn/forced feminization. I just want to turn a b…[View]
19237825Post your ideal looks and let other guess your letter/fetish.[View]
19242023>My oh my what a beautiful girlfriend you have anon! >Do you plan on giving me grandkids with …[View]
19240702>started as a straight cis man >have some confused feelings towards guys, realize I'm bi …[View]
19241983When ever I see anime talked about on here, it seems to be in relation to agp and dismisses it. Some…[View]
19241243will never be attractive like a ciswoman: why live?[View]
19238984>Be mtf >Be minding my on business on my linux workstation >Wearing programmer socks becaus…[View]
19233876>tfw 26 y/o repressing transbian who lurks on uwu discord servers and stalks anime trannies on tw…[View]
19241444Identify confusion: So I’ve always identified as a straight guy, but I find myself questioning that …[View]
19240620No agency: Why do so many women pretend they have no agency and act as if they are happy to accept s…[View]
19240606Was Nano from Nichijou a Boymoder?[View]
19239636:(: :( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYdJVtZ8fsM[View]
19241804I need some heckin based and funny enby memes NOW![View]
19241547I want kids and transition: What's the best way to knock some unsuspecting chick up, and when w…[View]
19241441>try to watch porn, look at hentai, or read erotica >End up crying because it just reminds me …[View]
19238369Cis women have AGP too: You understand that cis women also have sexual fantasies about having sex as…[View]
19240215why do repressors even come to this board? it seems pretty counterintuitive[View]
19232414What happens if you tell a woman that she looks like a tranny?: sometimes /b/ is a diamond in the ro…[View]
19240762A new Gallup poll charting LGBT identification says that 5.6 percent of Americans identify as gay, l…[View]
19241282>STOP EQUATING GENDER WITH SEXUALITY!!! >being male determines your sexuality 99% of the time…[View]
19234073Repfuel thread?: Repfuel thread.[View]
19240913Does estrogen make you bladder smaller? I have to pee like every 20 minutes ever since I started hor…[View]
19225321Who is your AGPsona?[View]
19240547Is queerness cute and valid?[View]
19241017>am tranny with small conetits rn, extremely insecure about them, 1 year hrt >look up r*ddit d…[View]
19231287/hornygen/: lesbian edition previous: >>19215939[View]
19240969Since Nats has now transitioned to male, is Gigi Gorgeous a straight woman again?[View]
19240811How do I regain fertility[View]
19240676>mfw all the motivation I saved up to turn my life around was just a manic episode…[View]
19238128I came out as trans to my Discord friends!!![View]
19239202Should early transitioner trans girls be allowed to go stealth as a girl in school?[View]
19240401This, but if spared the trans athletes become the trolley.[View]
19237672I love my wife so much, were both transbians but I've realized the hrt needs aren't nice t…[View]
19232277I hate being a transbian. Cis women hate estrogenized men and good-looking tranners are usually hsts…[View]
19237769I'm not convinced there are any cis men on this board[View]
19218634/repgen/ - Michael Myers edition: repgen is dead? We always come back.[View]
19240416So this is who calls you a terf online?[View]
19239993ftm but i don't want to be a man. i hate how i am. men are ugly, i just wish i could be a prett…[View]
19238836what is a man and what is a woman?[View]
19240276How do I get a dominate girlfriend?[View]
19239148what would you do if you came across a boymoder that was trembling, sweating, dizzy, short of breath…[View]
19239963being a manmoder is so lonely. i feel so alienated[View]
19240101ecco2k is so fucking pretty[View]
19240131Imagine getting mounted by this absolute unit of a man! Him on top of you, not able to move while he…[View]
19239332whats the gen z troon rate? if its decently high then maybe ill feel less bad about being a trantran[View]
19239822Why is it that men have no clue how to take care of their body? Like of course a shitty 2 in 1 shamp…[View]
19240087>Swipe right on everyone on dating apps >Accidently match a trans ''''woman''''…[View]
19239270What does it mean when a guy says he's not gay but also says he'a infatuated with you (an …[View]
19239662Apple Executives: Episode 3: Is he gay?[View]
19239515Any femoids here can tell me what the FUCK this normie meme means?[View]
19237925/mtfg/ - male to female general: QOTT: How do you deal with stress? https://pastebin.com/LyMhFmT4 Pr…[View]
19238134If you really think about it, Rei and Asuka represent HSTS and AGP respectivley[View]
19236659does anyone have some before and after pictures of some troons with their eyebrows done? exactly how…[View]
19238464i ghosted a femboy and regretted it: >be me >teen years >install an app that supposed to be…[View]
19239679starting to think I cant accept im trans because my self image consists mostly of what other people …[View]
19238283>meta-attracted AGP cis male >depressed, anxious for a decade >doctor, psychiatrist want me…[View]
19237153If I already have a few months worth of HRT would there be any point to waiting until after I turn 1…[View]
19239145Starting to really feel messed up about being trans around women. I pass and socialize exceptionally…[View]
19239616Everyone is bisexual: Literally everyone is bisexual. Anyone who does not identify as bisexual is ly…[View]
19239401lgbt writes a novel: fags, dykes and trannies of the world, please help me write the next great quee…[View]
19238878how come men dont like talking to me? im very interesting i think[View]
19239527Would transitioning have saved her?[View]
19238874Is it maximum devilish to tell a hon that she's beautiful and passes so she acts all confident …[View]
19237781I hate gays but i'm bi and i mean to the point that you'd mistake me for a religious fanat…[View]
19232043why do you think lemon demon is so enjoyable for white nonbinary teenagers? i tried to listen to it …[View]
19237191/tttt/ our numbers are increasing: Many of them are enbies but regardless, soon we'll outnumber…[View]
19231505What do you do when your 14 year old cousin asks you to help them transition?[View]
19239241i pass really well in public so far, only one stranger called me “she” since i transitioned. what I’…[View]
19238372Super transphobic/racist Roast me[View]
19238472Rise of the IERT: Intersex Exclusionary Reactive Trannies. These people are going to ruin our spaces…[View]
19238493Cis women have AGP: Look at this sick advice cosmo gave its cis readers. I will not stand for these …[View]
19236599'Discrete' pride wallpapers: Do you have some pride wallpaper that won't say it's a pride …[View]
19238757AGPs and gaydens are the only trutrans. Hsts tranny are just homosexuals[View]
19237194Trans Feetback: Trans Feetpack is a thread where tranners can post feet and get a feedback on whethe…[View]
19238397A cute boy told me that I'm a girl I'm happy now[View]
19238381is she right?: is it correct when TERFs say it's misgendering to call women 'people'?[View]
19238831I was watching a GDQ VoD and saw this? What does it mean?[View]
19222658We all know most MtF people watch anime, because it feminizes them, but do FtM girls on here also wa…[View]
19235144I got FFS with Keojampa last year and I’m actually not that happy with it: AMA[View]
19238639I'm so tired of getting called he/him/sir I'm considering just buying a pronoun pin, not t…[View]
19236140>nobody has dug a tunnel all the way thought the earth yet it should be easy right? literally jus…[View]
19238649All transbians are just AGP in denial change my mind. Cease pushing your agenda on others. You'…[View]
19237659>tfw blessed with androphilia[View]
19235715/gaygen/ - banana edition: old: >>19234025[View]
19228971Should all homophobic religions like Islam, Christianity, Judaism get cancelled, banned and deleted?[View]
19233730Why are LGBT's so hateful? Lesbians don't like men, gays don't like women, nobody lik…[View]
19238612Why does seeing trans porn or trans pornstars make me so uncomfortable? Natalie mars/Bailey jay etc …[View]
19237418Does your body fat distribution pass?[View]
19233504>my only genital dysphoria is from being circumcised >Restoration doesn't return the lost…[View]
19236869Is there any hope for a HSTS who repressed and became a hon? I wish a guy could love me as a woman, …[View]
19238479Egg thread: Who's still an egg in 2021? please, post eggs. I love this nonsense, it's like…[View]
19238241Every time I'm done having intercourse with a tranny they always cling onto me and take a big w…[View]
19237556>trans women are women >trans men are men FALSE. Trans people are a third gender. They are mal…[View]
19238448hello fellow faggots, i'm an autogynephilliadelphian and i'm wondering if there are any s…[View]
19222784How do you get a passing straight mtf to date you if you're autistic, anxiety ridden and lack p…[View]
19237812Is it just me or does it seem like it's easier to pass in most red states? Like in Republican a…[View]
19236867Virgin vs Chad, discuss.[View]
19237455Fellas I boymode passed today. I was hanging out with an ex of mine, we went to go pet some animals …[View]
19238272is he..., y'know...[View]
19238137I'm starting to think /tttt/ might not be good for my mental health[View]
19237838This shithole memed me into a girl brain and I'm too old to transition without becoming a monst…[View]
19237242This board has been so slow lately. Where did everyone go?[View]
19236748Passing: I have yet to meet one MtF that hasn't failed to pass in one way or another. Shoulders…[View]
19238066I wish I were full on gay and not just into extremely specific and rare femboys because I can't…[View]
19214775Let /lgbt/ know what you like. I found this template nice even though it is binarysexist or somethin…[View]
19234983How do you get a trans gf who is very clingy, very affectionate, has an anxiety disorder, constantly…[View]
19237254Question to tranners, why don't you do E-thotting like her?[View]
19226599To straight/bi mtfs: If a guy provided you with financial security and let you live rent free in his…[View]
19234889I am infertile[View]
19236837tfw no tomboyish male gf[View]
19236214Magdalen Berns Tribute (feat. The Adult Human Females Choir): Rest in power Magdalen. https://www.yo…[View]
19236535What the fuck am I supposed to do when I grow hair everywhere on my body, but shaving leaves me with…[View]
19235611To bottoms: Bottoms of either gender, would you bottom for an ftm who had metoidioplasty that gave h…[View]
19233121>I'm not any happier after starting transition >not any more feminine >not any more co…[View]
19236591You ever notice that 'femboys' who constantly rant about trans people always end up looking like thi…[View]
19236239Finding a LGBT friendly therapists?: How the do I find a queer friendly therapist that isn't a …[View]
19230924What's the difference between anal with a man vs anal with a woman?[View]
19237321Just malefailed: >going grocery shopping with mom >cashier says evening ladies >my mom look…[View]
19230573My regrets about transition: My regrets about transition Many of you have waited for it. And it is …[View]
19231913How many of you are incel-to-trans?[View]
19236431whats the point of wanting a huge ass and tits i think my chest dysphoria would b gone as long as i …[View]
19237142>it's another 'femboy' wearing socks that give him flat flipper feet posting a selfie in his…[View]
19226871What are this board's thoughts on Caitlyn Jenner? What did you think about her very public tran…[View]
19237109what screws with me the most is that if there were just one or two minor changes to my past i could …[View]
19237041F1nn5ter: How much longer until she comes out bros[View]
19237059Teasing: Do y'all enjoy a partner you can mess around with. Personally I think its quite comfy…[View]
19235090OH NO[View]
19236372SEX TIP FOR FTMS LISTEN UP: hey guys so when ur fucking ur bro u dont immediately have to like try t…[View]
19230146What is your skulls circumference?[View]
19236847They grow up so fast: There's a group of trans girls I befriended a few years ago. We were all …[View]
19234290Why are you still here anon?[View]
19234419Is 50 mg of e hondose? So I take my estrogen twice a day. I've noticed that about 3 hours befor…[View]
19236218Is it worth it to get a boob job if you don't realistically see your chest getting any bigger? …[View]
19236419>boyfriend getting jealous and possessive because I talk to so many people online >I tell him…[View]
19236297boy i sure do love it when my body and face will never be at all feminine but i'm not allowed t…[View]
19236628Orchiectomy: Who has had it Advise on it What happened to you after it[View]
19227137why do you still believe anything that 4chan has to say about srs?[View]
19234661i am asexual: i am asexual[View]
19235316Is passing a meme? When i first found out i was a mtf i was so happy because i thought i would look …[View]
19233530Is it AGP or HSTS to be a shotacon?[View]
19235837who wants to buy me one https://www.greetingcarduniverse.com/get-well-feel-better-cards/gender-reass…[View]
19236336>came out to my parents >dad starts hitting on me…[View]
19230292What's with the prone masturbation? Do some cis guys do it to, or is it an absolute giveaway fo…[View]
19230503what would you do if you came across a boymoder that was dumb, dense, dull, unintelligent, and just …[View]
19236179How do you get off with your ass?: I’m a bottom but every time I’ve tried to put things in my ass it…[View]
19233639The Kinsey scale[View]
19228979My ideal polycule. What's yours?: Ahh perfection.. 4 is perfect always in pairs take turn going…[View]
19235025The phrase 'clearly gay': I see this little turn of phrase bandied about all the time by The Gays™ a…[View]
19234950It's time to choose, bottoms: You're in a plane about to crash with your top boyfriend and…[View]
19235086mtfg male to female general: qott: are treated more condescendingly since coming out? or did men alr…[View]
19235570Just realized how I'm the only lgbt person in my large extended family. Is it inevitable that o…[View]
19235785What did they mean by this?[View]
19235087Who is she?: Who is this trans girl anyone got a name? Very spooky, cute and inspirational[View]
19234496in Brazil there are deadly gangs of transgender women who smuggle drugs and fight over territory wit…[View]
19234192What can be done about a long midface?: Is there anything that can fix a horseface, or am I fucked f…[View]
19234025/gaygen/ Chinese century edition: last: >>19231750[View]
19233516>agp choker What's next?[View]
19233557*sucks your dick*[View]
19233742What's wrong with holding grudges? I'm a gay boy who never forgives people that hurt me. L…[View]
19234764is it over: hello /tttt/, for the past few days my dysphoria has been going through the roof and my …[View]
19235347Reply for that old thread >>19229812 that died when I'm away. There will never be any res…[View]
19235149Hrt soon: Just got my endo referral. My twinkhon days will soon be a distant memory <3[View]
19234104Which is worse have; incel lust or incel dysphoria?[View]
19235246is it possible to pass while bald, or with really short hair?[View]
19234540>be me, mtf on t blockers >used to coom daily but havent fapped in 3 months >happy with low…[View]
19231543>amab >dysphoric >slav tfw lost three dice rolls in a row If I was white or asian I could a…[View]
19211680/ftmg/: Weird edition Also celebrating our biggest hater QOTT: Do you have any close ftm friends? Do…[View]
19232333Why are they like this[View]
19232505hrt without breast growth: anyone have any experience with dosage or what to take? i want feminizing…[View]
19233560how many of you began to feel dysphoria/crossdress/etc. in middle school (like age 12-15)?[View]
19233643What defines a girl and what defines a man?[View]
19234955I have a date on Friday! How do I not fuck it up? She is butch and taller than me too.[View]
19233772>masc chaser admits he wants to bottom >immediately block and ghost his faggot ass…[View]
19234271Final Day of Pre-HRT: What should one do on their last day before starting HRT?[View]
19235003>3 months estrogen and spiro >Blood work shows that my estrogen is 25 and I need it at at leas…[View]
19233360How should I (mtf) come out to my boyfiend?: He's not physically attracted to me, and we are in…[View]
19228588What sexuality am I if I'm so desperate for sex I'd fuck anyone no matter what parts they …[View]
19234515/SLILgen/ Single Legbutt In Lockdown Gen: Gen for legbutts who ended up being single in lockdown. QO…[View]
19234126Let's be honest, this increase is all straight people with mild same-sex attraction, right?[View]
19234591i hate bishit women but love bi men: Hi there, I am an MtF repressor that has recently decided that …[View]
19233275What would you do if you came across a boymoder that was peeing, pooping, farting, and just generall…[View]
19231736why do so many tranners like this game (myself included)? does your starting class pass?[View]
19231750/gaygen/ - relationship edition: old >>19228179 QOTT: how do you plan on getting back into the…[View]
19234194FLY Trans Girl Squares Up On Transphobe and drops him.: Thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ql…[View]
19234441I don't want to be bisexual Sometimes the thought of fucking a man sounds badass and amusing an…[View]
19233600>trans >also into ageplay should I just end it…[View]
19232087What the fuck should i do: >stealth tranny >cis freind comes out to me as lesbian and then sta…[View]
19230489Why are transbeans labeled as rapists and predators? I get very shy around girls I like a lot, and s…[View]
19231445Why is turning on guys the most satisfying thing ever as a straight AGP?[View]
19233546The ultimate cope: Have any of you fellow manmoders tried to cope by deluding yourself you're a…[View]
19233642I’m a gay man that prefers dating bisexual men over other gay men. Is anybody else like this?[View]
19227441I can tell im about to become mentally ill enough to start attention whoring again. How do I stop my…[View]
19233004>dad and brother both grabbed my butt and said I have a fat booty Stop this at once!…[View]
19233756oh fuck oh go: tfw on discord call playing valheim with ur dad and you have a dildo up your ass the …[View]
19234150Question to mtfs: How did you manage the growing out your hair stage when it's too long to get …[View]
19233723the concept of boymoder braps fail to realize that if boymoders are bottoms, bottoms are women, wome…[View]
19229855My boymoder gf recently started girlmoding, but there's a problem. How do I explain to her that…[View]
19233793Gay Apple Executives: Episode 2: Is he gay?[View]
19223115tfw: >tfw no boyfriend to wake up in the morning with breakfast with >tfw no boyfriend to fall…[View]
19233133Does having thick thighs and a big butt make up for being flat-chested?[View]
19231268Everyone is a 'he'. Cis man? He. Trans man? He. Trans woman? He. Cis woman? He.[View]
19233984Why did god make me a bottom?: Why, god?[View]
19231742Is 18,5cm and 13,5cm girth good enough or i should become a bottom[View]
19233790Why is bi-erasure so common?[View]
19233807would you date a straight 5'3 man with a ripped body who looks like this, /tttt/? are lgbt peop…[View]
19226051the dark enby truth: FtFemboys are transfems in women's bodies Hrt femboys are trans mascs in …[View]
19225664>tranny with phimosis pp[View]
19223465How can I find a cute trashy mtf that >smokes weed 24/7 >has a ton of tattoos >is addicted…[View]
19232380https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSAWylw8dwQ >A strange circus did invoke now the deranged worship…[View]
19199761/Bigen/ - Bisexual General: Anime edition I guess qott: What's an anime you like the you think …[View]
19231238Feminism thread: Lesbian edition: Lets discuss how men are trash[View]
19222884i'm a straight guy who is in a relationship with a transgender female and i'm scared that …[View]
19232400how do you find the motivation to transition and lose weight when no one will ever want to be with y…[View]
19232194You are properly exercising and growing your butt gains, right /tttt/?[View]
19232638>find the idea of cuddling with a guy and sucking cock etc. appealing due to cocklust and lonelin…[View]
19232810why does holding in my pee feel so good[View]
19233453Andy Warhol was a good dude and Valerie Solanas attempted to murder him because he fired many trans …[View]
19233124I am completely straight, I have a wife and kids but in secret I watch rupauls drag race and say alo…[View]
19233436>mfw my bottom tells me he should have the right to vote[View]
19232354Hi, ignorant motherfucker here. This gender fluid thing is bullshit, right? I can understand trans p…[View]
19230957How Conservatives & TERFs Capitalize on Our Mistakes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzGEf8-mFQ…[View]
19214950I always hate it when my voice slips even after years of training it.[View]
19232738Does having a crippling gambling addiction mean I'm malebrained and not tru trans?[View]
19232723ITT post your favorite movie so we can figure out what a tranny movie is: this is mine[View]
19232875Would trannies date guys with gyno that aren’t fat?[View]
19227767How do I, as a trans woman, defend myself against the cis menace? Due to the rise of TERFs, I do not…[View]
19231838/mtfg/ male to female general: Link to the past: >>19228735 Links: https://pastebin.com/LyMhFm…[View]
19232393Is having a crush on Patrick Bateman AGP or HSTS?[View]
19225417Is being really into politics a turn off for guys as a tranner[View]
19232886AGP or HSTS: I am asexual, but I act more like a HSTS and I don't experience autogynephilia lik…[View]
19232551https://youtu.be/m-SK7lYMIQI This lady really likes to see comments that say 'chicken nugger' You s…[View]
19226953Based on the ones you’ve seen IRL, what’s the average penis size?: I was always insecure about my di…[View]
19232716this video is how i'd describe this board https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2u5uh0DZvuo[View]
19228084Boymoders, would you rather be a milktruck or a dumptruck?[View]
19230241I'm AGP. There, I said it. Sick of pretending I'm not.[View]
19231951Are traps problematic?[View]
19229595So this is the power of FFS...[View]
19232509are transbians allowed to call themselves faggot[View]
19230276I'm so tired: I want to sleep and never wake up again.[View]
19230901>get outed as ftm by former friend >no one believes him >except one guy months later starts…[View]
19232769Does my music taste pass?: I don't actually believe in this fembrained bullshit but I was wonde…[View]
19230798I did it, I think I'm not attracted to femboys anymore. Like pic related You CAN cure bisexuali…[View]
19232570Hi /lgbt/ I was wondering if you guys could help me figure something out. My girlfriend and I have b…[View]
19232055Daily reminder that talking about AGP is trolling and should be banned: Day 11: According to the rul…[View]
19228336To ALL Bi trans girls. Yes only the bi ones.: What types of people are you most attracted to?[View]
19228657The image that eternally btfo /tttt/[View]
19230480if i didn't find this board i wouldn't have realised im a troon[View]
19226783Remember the rumor about Shad going trans? Look at his shaved arms, hands and painted nails. I think…[View]
19223895Whhhhyyyyyyy is he straight it’s not fucking fair[View]
19231802>government forced me to detrans or jail time >attraction to women comes back the longer I’m …[View]
19230070was he a top or a bottom?[View]
19231715Literally everyone on this board is male, prove me wrong[View]
19228600what is that feeling called when you arent trans but you feel like your life would have been a thous…[View]
19230797not gay: Need some help on what to do here. I'm 19, my best friend's younger brother is ei…[View]
19227484This is a dumb question but Can I take hrt when I’m very underweight? I have a BMI of 14[View]
19229374has this ever been refuted?[View]
19230784Anyone else not care about passing and just want a hot bf?[View]
19226537I dislike when cisgirls say 'omg u dont want a period they suck' and I hate when they think it'…[View]
19231466Am I the only one that has never seen, thought of or even considered futanari pornography to be syno…[View]
19229277Why are so many tranners into BBC/Raceplay? I feel like every tranny I see likes BBC, more than they…[View]
19230404how do i leave this place: i know of better places to go, twitter, ao3, mastodon and pillowfort are …[View]
19228719How rare is it to find a gay person that's right leaning/far right? I only could ever find far …[View]
19231491is my body doomed?: >5'4 >33 centimeter wide chest, all the way from my sholders to my st…[View]
19228179/gaygen/ - engaged after 1 month edition: Last: >>19221894 QOTT: Resident trip 'tripfren…[View]
19231714>Be mtf tranner >Early transitioner >8th grade gym class >Penis inspection day >Oh no…[View]
19230809do they add a new fucking flag every week? baka what is this shit[View]
19231702I babysat for a five year old named Frank a few years ago and he was great. He told me he couldn’t l…[View]
19231695Male gaze female gays: > be me > dating lesbians for years pre-hrt > couldn’t get a man eve…[View]
19219396Do you ever feel like an imposter tranny? Like I see all these trans girls who were feminine pre-tra…[View]
19227959Do any other AGPs masturbate to literally just pictures of clothing? No models, just the clothing it…[View]
19231535'straight' men will literally jerk off to you on cam and then call you a faggot and leave: I wish I …[View]
19207299>tfw agp was just someshit i coomed to growing up >now im 2 months hrt, voice training, stopp…[View]
19230731I am a sus white male.[View]
19216082What is the most malebrained instrument? What is the most fembrained one?[View]
19229059what does it mean when you're a boymoder and your best friend you have a huge crush on says you…[View]
19227997Is it cute for a transgirl to have a micropenis?[View]
19226364the real test of passing is what type of photos you post on pasgen if you post the best angle photo …[View]
19230371>Governing is hard. This was maybe my answer to Scholastic, whom, as much as I admire them, I do …[View]
19231158>make myself play female characters because of agp even though i didn't enjoy them at first …[View]
19231071What is the most transexual cryptocurrency? I'm leading hard toward holochain, but I feel like …[View]
19226978Us tall folk might not pass too well but we can be exceedingly tall mommies.[View]
19231154/pol/ antigay conspiracy: Have anyone noticed that when a gay shitposting thread shows up there are …[View]
19231271Non-binary appreciation thread. Send me your best half traps[View]
19228793Are bottoms born, or are bottoms made?[View]
19227019you think your relationships suck? my last girlfriend broke up with me because she cared more about …[View]
19227684Is it okay to be a pillow princess 100% of the time?[View]
19227870is pinkpilling people who are probably trans still unethical?[View]
19226784srs: one more month till im dickless yay[View]
19230500Is it rude to be inspired by the beauty of trans women models?: I like painting and have been inspir…[View]
19229608Is drag transphobic? Is it womanface? How do MtFs feel about men getting paid lots of money and gett…[View]
19228344How the fuck am I meant to save up enough money to get FFS? It's like 50,000 dollars! I live in…[View]
19230856Are there pills to kill libido without side effects like slowly turning you in girl? I tried nofap a…[View]
19219947itt post trannycore art[View]
19230767>zoomer >cant pass rope?[View]
19229764Why do bottoms like rape so much?[View]
19229078ywn be a sexy straight femboy/transbian and make thousands of men seethe from desire and frustration…[View]
19224806I have a crush on an e-friend and he's into tranners but neither of us would ever e-date (I…[View]
19225144When losing weight starts to get unhealthy?: I'm 56kg and 173cm, I want to be at least 50kg My …[View]
19230268Is there a market for straight, dominant trans women? Submissive men seem almost impossible to find.…[View]
19230019>'would you date a transwoman' >nah I don't feel comfortable about it >'YOU TRANSPHOBI…[View]
19230461what the fuck makes a tranny a tranny?: what the fuck makes a tranny a tranny? Simply saying 'I am a…[View]
19230154transition goals[View]
19227103Is it bottombrained to use one of these as a bag for school?: Now that I've got your attention,…[View]
19228156Lefties: trans rights Also lefties: let's send all trannies to conflict zones and make them kil…[View]
19227922Can bi tops have AGP[View]
19227795Is it weird that I'm a heterosexual male who doesn't like being around other heterosexual …[View]
19230110Are you a skullhon?[View]
19229465Well I know what I'll be doing this weekend.[View]
19222090Is there a more meme LGBT pairing that f/m bi4bi couples?[View]
19229316Anon wants to be fucked by a tranny Too bad all of you (MtFs) are bottoms. Now all pollacks will sta…[View]
19227429Is it possible to have gender dysphoria in early puberty, but then move on from it? What if you…[View]
19228638how does one go about finding tranners in your area?[View]
19229798>passable height >doomed face[View]
19228927is it over?[View]
19229767>sister came out like 5 years ago as trans >mom says she always wanted to be a boy but just re…[View]
19228735/mtfg/ male to female general: Link to the past: >>19224936 Links: https://pastebin.com/LyMhFm…[View]
19227619Are furries /lgbt/?[View]
19227632>'wow look at these zoomer tiktok trannies, they pass so perfectly!! i wish i was born later so I…[View]
19221736When are prominent cheekbones ever feminine? Other than Lena Headey, no woman ever seems to look rig…[View]
19227898It always surprises me to see how much hate there is on the internet, especially in places of lgbt d…[View]
19227095i LOVE what abigail's doing with her hair![View]
19229436How achievable is this body for a 6'0 trans woman? The cis woman pictured is 5'10. 50% ac…[View]
19229243DO IT[View]
19224093i can't fucking do it anymore /lgbt/. ill never be pretty, ill never be loved. im hardly eating…[View]
19224339the sad thread: im so so depressed, what do i do. my bones want to burst out of my skin, everything …[View]
19206886picrew: a new thread https://picrew.me/image_maker/644129/[View]
19229314Rain: My man Gavin in his best outfit yet.[View]
19229089FtM Manlets beware: >>>/biz/29543108[View]
19228997anyone else look at themselves with the female filter in faceapp and then want to kill themselves. i…[View]
19228221I need a name. I've been juggling 4 in my head. >Sarah >Cassie >Melody >Alison Opi…[View]
19225833Question about bathhouses: Everytime I see a discussion about ftms being banned from gay bathhouses,…[View]
19226919i am a failure: in every way. i will never have kids, my family's bloodline will live on succes…[View]
19226042I get why politics is important or at least prominent in trans spaces. I myself talk about it a lot,…[View]
19228509Does /lgbt/ think there's a link between being polyamorous and having bpd? I feel every poly pe…[View]
19226780blessed are the zoomers, for they shall inherit the tran[View]
19228590What are some good anime series for HSTS?[View]
19228484do guys like transgirls (especially boymoders) with stretchmarks on their breasts or am I fucked?[View]
19228171>be bi male >want to be sub, sexually dominated >attracted to any woman, but exclusively at…[View]
19228244would tranners be down to let me suck their dick if she sucks my dick at the same time 69 wise?[View]
19223562>chad walks up to you, stares you dead in the eye, grabs your boob, and isn't letting go wha…[View]
19226548Does HRT make you act 'cute'?[View]
19226907She mentions how to people like JK Rowling and Ben Shapiro trans people have nothing to do with them…[View]
19227598>ask /lgbt/ a simple question regarding your ex >get called bpd and are told to kill yourself…[View]
19228083Transgirl with trouble keeping friends. All of the friends I've ever made are either abusive, n…[View]
19223798Average tttt user couldn't tell the difference between a cis woman, passer, hon and twinkhon to…[View]
19221095Namefags I want to fuck: Taftaj Ella Hollywood Cara Terje (Pre-T) Sophie (Dunno who she looks like, …[View]
19228230phalloplasty or metoidioplasty?: Ftms who haven't gotten bottom surgery and are planning to in …[View]
19227871Why is it not surprising that the Assigned Male tranny has come out with a pedophile adjacent fetish…[View]
19228092Should I be bothered if my boyfriend masturbates to pics of me before I transitioned?[View]
19227831>tfw wrong type of menthol illness to become internet famous[View]
19226288I have figured it out, guys.: I just want to breed with a woman and carry on my bloodline biological…[View]
19227125Is it wrong to 'accidentally' misgender my gf from time to time to keep her on her toes?[View]
19222590Trans girls, would you be offended if you caught a guy looking at your chest?[View]
19227330>went from being a lesbian to being a cock-hungry gayden >went from being pessimistic and suic…[View]
19227431trans people are literally physically disabled and should be treated as such. this accounts for soci…[View]
19227560Do you think it's possible to fool people with a prosthetic vagina? Claiming you have some dise…[View]
19227596mtf: Did your opinion on feminism change after transition? Is female privilege real or you actually …[View]
19226596Well, folks. I'm a 20 year old black bisexual male, and I have never been in a genuine relatio…[View]
19227343i want to end things so much tonight why cnat i just do it already[View]
19227680im a transbian with 6 close female friends, and literally every one of them has admitted to me that …[View]
19227613Transbians that only date women because they hate men are BASED[View]
19227571>tfw 5'6 and have a ridiculous fetish for tall guys[View]
19220017I want a guy to rub his hard erect manly penis on my boobies.[View]
19226674Do boys like it when you ruffle and scratch their hair and call them a good boy before kissing them?[View]
19226238how do i stop being sad about being ugly[View]
19225338coming out as agender?: i have always had this feeling i never related to the concept of gender role…[View]
19225036>Repression making me very suicidal so decided to finally start HRT >If i don't pass i…[View]
19227382Shout out transwomen: I've been crossdressing for fun recently and holy shit I don't pass …[View]
19226011does it ever really get better for tranners?: like all this transitioning and shit, i pass generally…[View]
19223916Early trans women in Adam Curtis doc: https://youtu.be/NAWfUAN-220?t=370 at 6:10[View]
19227198BPD is fembrained[View]
19226976>boymoder threads[View]
19227066I wanna transition into Madotsuki How do I?[View]
19227190WTF does progesterone do again?[View]
19225189Another day of looking in the mirror and wanting to kill myself. Should I get high to feel better ev…[View]
19226611Trans Only Fans Model, it hurts: I really like this model on OF. She's trans and halfway across…[View]
19224215Why do I keep feeling compelled to hurt my trans gf?: She's the kindest person i know. She is a…[View]
19212486What exactly are 'tranny eyes' in a guy? Meaning, what this board describes when they see a cis male…[View]
19226849I love being a woman!!!![View]
19223983Do well behaved transgirls get transboy bfs?[View]
19225041hrt has made my legs fatter i swear.... is that a thing?[View]
19225878i have no one to talk to: i just wish i had a cute bf who would listen to me rant about day to day s…[View]
19226553i hate bishit women but love bi men: Hi there, I am an MtF repressor that has recently decided that …[View]
19226206Is AGAMP trutrans? I told my gender therapist about my desires to be a chick but left out the having…[View]
19224936/mtfg/ - male to furry general: furry qott: furry Links: https://pastebin.com/LyMhFmT4 prev >>…[View]
19226723Why is it that if I say that I'm MtF, everything I do or say is allegedly male-brained, but if …[View]
19226466Thoughts?: I just had a really good sleep and I woke up feeling at peace and I wanted to share my ha…[View]
19218377Why do the trainees on here purposely want to expose themselves to constant transphobia. Is it self …[View]
19226479what do I do if I desperately need physical affection but I have no friends and nobody loves me[View]
19226066Tfw bf has a peeing fetish: He wants me to pee myself, and jokingly said he could tie me up and forc…[View]
19223340did trap or futa porn help you realize that you're trans?[View]
19226476Why don't we just make a lightweight bathroom and a heavyweight bathroom instead of by sex. I…[View]
19226270>be me, about a month ago >ex texts me and says she'd like to meet up sometime this month…[View]
19226394what do you guys think of femboy butts?[View]
19222178/lgbt/ Discord Friend Finder: >ASL (biological sex, or gender) >letter(s) >about yourself …[View]
19225346how does a lonely trans girl make irl friends?[View]
19223029>10 months hrt >not even an aa cup at least i've had some hip growth, but this fucking su…[View]
19221669How does this image make you feel?[View]
19215939/hornygen/: masculine guys edition >>19180764[View]
19225172Is the side effect of spiro on me pissing myself reversible? I've been on spiro for roughly a y…[View]
19221858Hugs/Positivity thread.: Hugs/Positivity thread.[View]
19225186>Mom found the AGP drawer[View]
19225707>innately rewarding to harm men >for ALL HUMANS, full stop >this is your gender >all-pur…[View]
19225678I lost her, then I found him: And he seems so much happier now...I don't care if he is a him, o…[View]
19222647Fuck tr*nnies Fuck w*men Boys are for boys!!!!![View]
19225825What’s with all the racism?[View]
19225809underwear recs?: so i've decided to stop wearing boxer briefs and actually start wearing girl u…[View]
19222026ode to questioners: >repress repress! >your family can't handle the stress >dysphoria …[View]
19223233large ribcage: can one of our resident hon sorcerers post pictures of troons with large ribcages? i …[View]
19220825is /fit/ the 2nd gayest board on 4chan?[View]
19225543If T causes paraphilias since it is largely men with them.. is HRT going to eventually kill my inter…[View]
19224511Does she pass[View]
19218192How does this make you feel?[View]
19212326Why do I only see trans girls wearing thigh highs? I don't think I've ever seen a cis woma…[View]
19224108Remember when the chips were down: All of twitter was against you. All of 4 chan was against you. H …[View]
19223023Is he nb for lefty clout or is he gonna troon out?[View]
19225742>homophobic people are secretly self hating gays is this true or is it a meme that is unironicall…[View]
19222430do i pass: 2 months hrt, i’m 6 foot and sound like a chain smoker do i pass[View]
19218550Kids should be allowed to start their transition from age 13[View]
19222996Would a gamp fuck howl?[View]
19208943/clg/ - Cis Lesbian General: Accent Edition What's the cutest accent and why is it British? REM…[View]
19221615is it possible to be TOCD but also be actually dysphoric?[View]
19225153have any mtf's taking estrogen experienced they feel a lot less angry or that they just feel mo…[View]
19219449Lindsay Ellis and her huge boobs present a new video on the demonization of tans people throughout e…[View]
19225690Do childrens raised by tranners turn into tranners too?[View]
19215084She's right you know. Stop calling yourself bi, chaserfags, you are STRAIGHT.[View]
19225700There are a lot of crossdressing references in Father Ted that are obv 'just jokes' or whatever. I d…[View]
19225231trannies, what do you call your genitals? I just call it my 'thing' cause I hate it[View]
19225367>be trans mtf >try to date straight men >get ridiculed, rejected, fuckin yelled at and beat…[View]
19225662FUCKING QUEERS[View]
19224597I wish I were a hot girl so I could fuck Chads.[View]
19225466Is a non estrogenized tranny a good idea for a gf? Will she smell like man? I wouldnt like to smell …[View]
19223716I'm a wittle trans girl and I peed the bed today....sowwy....[View]
19225462How painful is the meto-nitrite cocktail? I'm a 30 year old gook and I can't do this anymo…[View]
19225184thoughts on bad bunny?[View]
19216651Do you have Autofemboyphilia?[View]
19225371He's repressing, right?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfN93gDLwVA[View]
19224195I clocked a cis woman today: Was talking with some co workers at the end of my shift. Topic of trans…[View]
19225090Am I the only one here who has an issue of looking way more fem IRL but when on camera I look way le…[View]
19224573has anyone here come out and then decided to go back to boymoding until they can get ffs? i miss mal…[View]
19225212Can I get a uhhh trans girl makeup tips thread?![View]
19225166i have no idea where to share this but i really wanna i'm a femboy still in the closet mostly, …[View]
19225125based or cringe[View]
19223399I'm a transgirl and I just peed my pants![View]
19224140how do i stop masturbating i've been doing it like 3x a day every day ever since i was 12 ive b…[View]
19225040sometimes, when im by myself, i feel vulnerable and scared and weird and wish i never came out[View]
19221427A trans woman who doesn't top is like a plane which doesn't fly[View]
19224892>straight cis male >catholic but don't really have anything against lgbt people >lean…[View]
19221230Can a man be autoandrophilic?: I am a gay top but I sometimes worry I'm actually just a fetishi…[View]
19224381FFS Surgeons: Which surgeons are the best for still looking like yourself at the end? DuChamp-Braly …[View]
19223735Any other straight AGPs feel like relationships hold them back sometimes? I feel like my constant de…[View]
19213375Daily reminder all men are 50% women by nature.[View]
19224857tfw no 6 foot aryn bf to call me a degenerate half bread race traitor[View]
19219872I hope I fall in love one day. I've gotten dozens of confessions, and every guy in my best frie…[View]
19223904Pokemon Thread: Post your favorite Pokemon[View]
19223203do boys mind if you don't last that long during sex? i used to be able to last about an hour bu…[View]
19224434DDLG: So I just found out about ddlg and am wondering, could it help with general trans related chil…[View]
19224649cis people who are more woke and angry about transphobia than me make me want to go full buffalo bil…[View]
19224380>chaser wants me to fuck him[View]
19224642>dad said I'm really pretty when I was feeling down today Daddy..[View]
19223293why are so many trannies into anime? i'm a tranny and i don't watch it[View]
19219278what would you do if you came across a boymoder that was intelligent, sophisticated, knowledgeable, …[View]
19222213>mexican boys[View]
19224186ITT transition goals[View]
19223256>Drank with my dad last night >Got really drunk and told him I always thought he was hot >D…[View]
19222160>big sister came out as FtM to dad >dad told her she'd be an ugly short man that no woman…[View]
19224125Why am I browsing this board all day, I'm not even gay.[View]
19218522>One letter has to go which one would you pick? (+we guess the someone's letter based on the…[View]
19224204is having the width of your ribs be a fifth of your height normal for women???????[View]
19213649Based Canada: > Be me > On AAs after first visit to doc > E a few months later once T level…[View]
19217896Question: I see a lot of hate for cis women on this board (not saying it isn't warranted someti…[View]
19223941How do you I break up with my trans gf without her losing her shit? I've been living with a tra…[View]
19223921>tfw 21 >tfw too old to get any hip growth Is there even a point in transitioning anymore? My …[View]
19223969People always talk about how being gay or realizing your gay is a deeply troubling experience. Did a…[View]
19216695You can't use photos to judge passing or looks. Every /passgen/ thread created here is pointles…[View]
19222237>searching up questions relating to wearing panties >come across underaged sex story what the …[View]
19223832How do I tell my dad that I wanna grow out my hair and look feminine? Not because I'm a tranny …[View]
19218074/lgbt/ chart thread: get excited!! get crazy!! its the lgbt chart thread! hope my fav itatalian post…[View]
19223748Any MTFs here with any experience regarding fat tranfer procedures/BBLs? Is it worth it? What areas …[View]
19218856What even is the point of fucking women anymore when you have tranners?[View]
19218287Tranners would you date a guy with a foot fetish[View]
19223352are sharp cheekbones, chin and nose fem?: or am i just an ugly latino boy[View]
19223594would a trans girl be happy if I forced her to wear a bikini would a trans girl be happy if i made …[View]
19223553Progesterone is magic: >avoid hrt for years because I can’t take blockers >can’t take being ci…[View]
19223459brehs she's too perfect, I feel dizzy[View]
19222304>bi male king >only have romantic relationships with men because women/trannies are too much w…[View]
19219940why haven't you joined a polycule, /lgbt/?[View]
19223500Anyone here feel no sympathy for reppers coping by being nazis or christfags who then troon and are …[View]
19223248GUYS I JUST LOST MY KISS VIRGINITY >Be me 25 tranny, been hondosed for years and finally started …[View]
19223484how and why the fuck: I used to be an AAP cis male until about 6 months ago when my friends conviced…[View]
19221897Post tfw you realize you will never ever pass: Picrel[View]
19220566Belly button thread: I'm a coomer and I'm horny, but this is a blue board and I can't…[View]
19218930So there are cis gay males who would've been 100% straight and wanted nothing other than to fuc…[View]
19223379Is poo poo bennett‘s husband gay[View]
19223138How do I find bi men to date as a boy(man)moder?[View]
19221727Damn, read up on her. She really hates trannies huh?[View]
19223329How would you actually get a transgirl like this?: >Hi guys, I'm a girl and uhm I don't…[View]
19218991pop pop: whats /lgbt/'s take on poppers? smoke shop near me doesnt have '''poppers'' but has so…[View]
19223209Why is it more acceptable for trannies to be homophobic and call gay men fags than it is for gay men…[View]
19223050Can I gaypost enough to make a young friend gay ? >He barely 18 just turned, never dated nor tou…[View]
19222198my breasts are fucking sore[View]
19213786would you date a straight 5'3 man with a ripped body who looks like this, /tttt/? are lgbt peop…[View]
19222823Why am I suddenly ok with being a male?: So I've been on HRT for 6 months now and I'm real…[View]
19212784How does this make you feel?: How does it feel to have such a body?[View]
19222444>billions of cis women get to be allowed to be women >billions of cis women pass as women >…[View]
19221574/mtfg/ male to babel general: babel edition QOTT: babel Links: https://pastebin.com/LyMhFmT4 prev …[View]
19222846ive been browsing this board nearly every day for the past two weeks and i can already feel my IQ ha…[View]
19222740yo I can't believe I was a chick this whole time that's so crazy haha Like, whats up with …[View]
19219426Joe goes: Did anyone else watch the youtuber 'joe goes'? He just randomly left in 2017 and then his …[View]
19222613Have you stopped peeing in the sink since transitioning, since that's such a 'guy thing' to do?…[View]
192212642017 >be me >be horny >discover hypno >discover feminization hypno >listen to a few f…[View]
19219627What does it mean if I can only get off to the thought of being female and having sex as one, but I …[View]
19222616My little friend Frank, who was five when I was nineteen, is now known as Dzogchen Drala Rinpoche.[View]
19216839Lily's library: Do you think she's transgender? Sometimes she screams trans but sometimes …[View]
19221961>ciswoman says she likes her boyfriends to be taller and masc since it makes her feel smaller and…[View]
19222527want to be in that yarichin bitch boy club... sad... want penis![View]
19222437Question for fags: Whenever I visit a restroom, it feels like there's a battle going on. Boom, …[View]
19221455Im a white straight dude who works in tech. I see what way the wind is blowing, if I want my career …[View]
19220132very important reminder: all straight/bi tops are required to have a boymoder in their laps at all t…[View]
19222096I post pics of girls I beef with on Camus in the passgen and y’all routinely tear them to shreds tha…[View]
19216266How does /lgbt feel about having children?[View]
19198294/bmg/ boymoder general: Boymoder General - Effay edition QOTT: What's your go to daily outfit l…[View]
19221865Does she pass?[View]
19221174i don't care if my son is gay, but if he isn't exclusively a top i will disown him[View]
19221525God I'm so tired of having that disgusting thing between my legs. I just sit there and daydream…[View]
19214119How do I get an ass like this?[View]
19218993official agp theme tune: https://youtu.be/eigd1ujQs9o?t=6[View]
19222078How do I know that I am trans and not just a crosdressing faggot?[View]
19217549is agp/hsts a joke: what’s even the use in the distinction?[View]
19219675Daily reminder that talking about AGP is trolling and should be banned: Day 10: According to the rul…[View]
19221761>letter(s) >What was taking your first dick/strapon like?…[View]
19220184What is your bra size, /tttt/?[View]
19221588why do people say 'transgenderism is a cult' as if that's a bad thing? cults are based[View]
19218774Lesser known LGBT content creators: I just found this scambaiting channel while looking for no lgbt …[View]
19221336WTF am I?: I’m a cis male. I have had sex with men probably 5 times in my life, and have fantasized/…[View]
19221500Femboy hrt: Are femboys with boobs proof of trans grooming? I think it is[View]
19221812Having Kids: I don't know if I'm true-trans or AGP or what, all I know is this: I would ha…[View]
19221794Your crush is straight? Good.[View]
19221713Any mtf advice for muscle building? I don't want to fuck up my transition by changing my body t…[View]
19217749Are hons a psyop?: https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2021/02/21/graham-linehan-women-her-dating-app-trans-t…[View]
19221731god i wish i could meet people IRL and hang out with people and get a best friend this pandemic suck…[View]
19220685I have erectile dysfunction: >boymoder >5,6 >looks young…[View]
19217690/gaygen/ - WedWaint edition TUWU: Previous >>19214833 Nwu Biswid Awowed Nwu Knwotting AWOWED!!…[View]
19219108Has drag helped or hindered the LGBT community?: With the popularity of drag in mainstream media, Dr…[View]
19221603bottoms with IBS/Crohns: >how do you maintain an active sex life? (if you do) >any tips for yo…[View]
19221187Imagine: You are a tranny in the gym showers and a cisgirl like this walks up to you and starts ques…[View]
19221016i constantly get aroused at looking at femboys: i dont like being gay i dont want to be gay i just w…[View]
19220366Hopeless: Everywhere I go and everything I do I cannot escape the strong lingering feeling of despai…[View]
19221542>be me >lonely top >on grindr for months but not meeting anybody because I don't do ho…[View]
19221411Femboy HRT: If you're on estrogen can you get your tiddies removed and not have them grow back?…[View]
19216433You all lied to me. I thought transitioning would help me feel better, but I just feel worse. I…[View]
19221133Do I pass?[View]
19220199All women are bottoms but not all bottoms are women[View]
19219790I swear, as time goes on, I just get more and more androphilic. I remember being pre hrt and thinkin…[View]
19215861How do I do literally anything while living with parents?: Like, shaving off body hair, dressing up …[View]
19215037god help me: I used to be a pretty chonky weeb, then I shed a ton of weight in order to chase a girl…[View]
19221261I'm a bi man, what does this mean?[View]
19220763If trannies and femboys have astolfo and shit to dress up as then what do us big strong men dress up…[View]
19221197TFW too tall and manly face to be girl, but act too feminine, and have too thin of bone structure to…[View]
19220686Why do white lib w*men treat us like we're children bros?[View]
19220629I am waiting in line at the pharmacy for my tiddy skittles I am giddy, I keep breaking into giggles.…[View]
19220878What's the point in training if you can get a passing voice with VFS? IT'S NOT FAIR![View]
19220773how do you feel about leather boys being an official, classic part of gay culture?[View]
19220486What would you do if you came across a repressor who was anxious, depressed, and just generally mise…[View]
19218449Trans schemes: > No hormones until out of the house > Lose 35 pounds > Dress like a whore …[View]
19219801What would you do if you came across a boymoder that was mario, super, italian, awesome, and just ge…[View]
19217092>'im bisexual' >is only attracted to cis women and extremely feminine people who'd could …[View]
19217981What do you call a trans women that doesn't want bottom surgery?[View]
19217684>transition at 20 >late bloomer so never developed facial hair >never had to get laser >…[View]
19220994AGP or ATP[View]
19220527It's ok to enjoy being trans. It doesn't have to be the worst thing in the entire world. H…[View]
19219187>be me >be tran >have choking fetish >just want a man's hand around my neck >hav…[View]
19218231>tfw no 6’ mommy dommy tranner gf >tfw she will never fuck me in my axe wound until my back a…[View]
19220419can a boymoder cosplay as astolfo so i can fuck him in the ass and jerk him off simultaneously?: it …[View]
19208181What do you do for a job /lgbt/? Do you like it?[View]
19218535hello fellow MTF tranners, i come with an important question. im not privvy to waiting a thousand fu…[View]
19164713/agpg/ autogynephilia general: Female Beauty edition: >/agpg/ autogynephilia general: Female Beau…[View]
19219484how the fuck do I remove the grey on my face after shaving? No matter how I shave or what I use it s…[View]
19215741oh no[View]
19220594>be me >dysphoria thoughts >go to therapist, talk about it for a few sessions>get appoin…[View]
19220349If an 11 year old boy is saying they think they're a girl, should you take this seriously?[View]
19220513>mtf tranny >low to moderate sex drive before hrt i guess >hrt absolutely demolishes libido…[View]
19211602Jubilee: What Is Sex Like for Trans Women?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vx63Qe-sY3s >https://…[View]
19220378being trans isn't about hating your body: it's about coming to the horrific realization th…[View]
19219828How do I deal with being a giant 6'1, line-backer shouldered complete fucking hon manmoder[View]
19220148anyone have any pictures of people who look like this? they're interesting[View]
19214289once i ride out this dysphoria episode I can go back to living life and not caring. cant wait for it…[View]
19216068>be me >start hrt >get big booba and ass >nice >face doesnt pass for shit though >…[View]
19215632What do tops look for in a bottom?: Umm...any requirements or something?[View]
19219860I'm a pansexual heteroromantic male. Does that simply make me a coomer?[View]
19217609Any femleaning enbies, transgirls, and boymoders, please lend a hand. So this is my situation >Be…[View]
19219902Just had sex with my younger sister what should I do?: >my sister is 5 yrs younger than me >im…[View]
19219891YES, I'm a boymoder YES, I wear tight t-shirts, not hoodies YES, I can tell when you're st…[View]
19216049Why don't ftms ever have normal ass dude names I've never seen an ftm with a name like Joh…[View]
19219854Have you ever considered getting trepanned to let the demons out of your skull?[View]
19219768Usersuki got some big ass boobies: horny rn[View]
19218203True story time >be me >be cis gay boy >brother is antisocial and strange >doesn’t showe…[View]
19212579Post charts and make assumptions about each other Here's my most listened to the past couple of…[View]
19217798God passing agps have got to be the luckiest tgirls ever I'm jealous t. unpassing agp[View]
19217134what makes bottoms with big pp so hot?[View]
19219511Should we euthanize repressors?[View]
19211698Did HRT make you enjoy anal more?[View]
19217066How do I make myself less autistic and awkward and more sexy[View]
19214642Do you consider MTFs who started hrt at 18 youngshits?[View]
19219374Did anyone else read John Calhoun's results from his ethological studies in the Nimh experiment…[View]
19219210Is foot fetish the most malebrained fetish? I’ve never met a woman who had a foot fetish. What other…[View]
19219261Were the Romans based? >His victorious rival, Vitellius, intended to use Sporus as a victim in a …[View]
19217743Why do troons rebel against nature rejecting their birth gender only to conform to another natural r…[View]
19217226Is this a sign of autogynephilia or latent submissive homosexuality?: What does it mean if you'…[View]
19219098Rich hons: Hon in head to toe pink designer tried to give me their number. Lied and told them I was …[View]
19217030Anyone else’s top too vanilla for them? Usually when we act out sadistic scenarios I’m the one comin…[View]
19217420/mtfg/ - flour to bread general: Whole wheat edition QOTT: What's your favourite bread Links: h…[View]
19217274>fap to men >post-nut euphoria >fap to women >post-nut guilt It's truly over, isn…[View]
19219031Anyone else actually really like stereotypes when they apply to you? It really helps feel less confu…[View]
19213952Why are the cis like this?[View]
19214473I'm an incel with women who became gay out of desperation: I suck cock of men from Grindr, Wapo…[View]
19218568I'm so nervous and shy and don't know how to talk to boys aaaaaa[View]
19217997Hes cute and gay[View]
19216451tfw no one to hold me and protect me from being scared when i play fnaf[View]
19211994HaViNg AgP mAkEs yOu a GiRl: I keep seeing people on here saying AGP is repressed transness but I tr…[View]
19218861>pre transition >be comfortable around boys, be nervous and shy around girls >post transiti…[View]
19217787I really wanna fuck that rabbit[View]
19217983>thick eyebrows look good on women >thick eyebrows look terrible on men trying to look like wo…[View]
19218759>No bro, you're totally hecking bi for being attracted to a fit, feminine and conventionally…[View]
19218664Thoughts?: I rolled up my blanket and humped it and imagined the top of it was an mtfs head and I he…[View]
19126481Discord Friend Finder: /LGBT/ DISCORD FRIEND FINDER Most 4chan posters like vidya, anime, manga, TV,…[View]
19218627send your weird faggot and tranny porn or whatever you people are into to my account: my discord is …[View]
19216213LGBT Lit: What are you peeps reading? Just finished The Maimed by Hermann Ungar, just horrific at t…[View]
19218415This boards scares me and I hate this board a lot[View]
19218338>match with a super cute girl on tinder >idk if she is cis or trans >she loves games >g…[View]
19214564I would like all trans people to know that I personally support trans rights.[View]
19214898Reminder that: -It doesn't matter how polite you act -It doesn't matter how much you compr…[View]
19217230hello again 4 chan it would occur to me i never really explained why im posting to this board well i…[View]
19217925How do you get an 18-20 year old fem gay bottom to take hrt at female hormone levels? Say if you…[View]
19216032I will never be a femboy: >be me >i wanna be femboy >uwu let me shave my facial hair >v…[View]
19216167>(feel free to contribute)[View]
19217799Is transgenderism really a lie?: Is transgenderism a lie?[View]
19211221quiting 4chan: many warned me of mental illness from 4chan. now my irl friends are cutting me off be…[View]
19217915German feminist admits her perfect society is when all women share a few chads and incels get pacifi…[View]
19214373Is AFAB a disability: If I just said to you “hey I experience crippling pain every month, I can rand…[View]
19217242I sent my ex girlfriend and her twitter friends my self harm again, guess how long it will take for …[View]
19215768cant we all just get along, fags?[View]
19218182Question: I like pretending and appearing to be gay so it catches females off guard when i make a mo…[View]
19218168Is this the tranny capital?[View]
19216647did your family know you were trans without you having to tell them? Im only a month into hrt. what …[View]
19216691meanwhile in /clg/...: Do they, though? Or do they just have a massive victim complex?[View]
19217040Daily Reminder that Every member of the lgbtq+ community is loved and appreciated and you deserve to…[View]
19216782Would trannies date a Jewish guy who looks like this?[View]
19218021Daily reminder: >bi guys always end up with a woman >bi cis girls always end up with a man …[View]
19217908>jerk off to broccolibutts >forget to say no homo after I cum Welp, guess I'm gay now…[View]
19216542>many years into transitioning >do not look remotely female, don't pass to anyone who 'kn…[View]
19217643Daily reminder that /pol/ hates you.[View]
19212375i’m a cis girl and for a while i’ve wanted to pretend to be amab for attention[View]
19217962It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again[View]
19215869Am I really trans if I only realised after discovering this place[View]
19211028Im a lefty, i support trans people, queer, ethnic minorities etc but despite all that i still think …[View]
19216442Is it cringe to sleep with stuffies and your baby baby blanket? Boymoder btw but im ugly so i feel c…[View]
19215884Is liking prog rock, AGP or HSTS?: Asking for a friend.[View]
19203728Repressing: Is repressing really all that bad? I'm good with repressing because I know that if …[View]
19214833/gaygen/ - cringecord edition: previous: >>19213397[View]
19217606Could transition have saved her?[View]
19214908how to: dirty talk: what are your go-to phrases anons?[View]
19213290>hanging out with transbian friend at her place: >im gaming in the sitting room on the sofa wh…[View]
19217592is being a 1099 worker mascbrained or fembrained[View]
19211648>nobody will ever understand me fully >i can't commit to someone unless they understand m…[View]
19211062What if your boymoder suddenly gained THICC as fuck hips?[View]
19217414Thoughts on Tim Tales[View]
19217465How do I get hormones for my friend?: She ran out and needs more, but I don't know where I can …[View]
19215739i hate myself: bestie just told me her ex died :([View]
19217059when do erections from girlmoding go away[View]
19217175I wanna grow hips and butt, but cant go to the doc and ask for HRT what else are my options? Self me…[View]
19217286You have to admit there's a reason why every inversion surgery ends up being 'not ideal'[View]
19215494I want a dick in my mouth and one right up my ass the same time.[View]
19216997help: it didn't work[View]
19217169how long should someone be allowed to boymode before a boy removal must be forced upon them?[View]
19212129what are your hobbies?[View]
19216919Who here thinks about someone they like all day? It's all I do and even dream about. How can on…[View]
19216022>Look at self in the mirror >Not bad, cute, even >Grab phone and take a selfie >Instant …[View]
19208221What is your honest opinion of her content?[View]
19217126I’ve decided to start DIY, I just have a few things to clear up first. I’ve come to the conclusion t…[View]
19216960Thoughts on the gay GOAT[View]
19216843A few experiences I've had with so-called progressives have made me think that maybe I'd r…[View]
19212711i want a tranner to force my face in her crotch 'against' my will. i tell everyone i'm a transb…[View]
19201065What’s your most non passing feature?: Mine is my larger proportions such as hands, and skull size…[View]
19216758The transgender community's vicious hatred of manmoders: What is it due to? The need of failed …[View]
19216718>boymoders are boys who dress like boys[View]
19216723would not detransing have saved her?[View]
19211009AGP NoFap rewire: Is it truly possible to rewire AGP by Nofap? As in deny yourself cooms for a perio…[View]
19214536>tfw boyfriend has a smaller penis than you There is no worst possible feel for a tranny…[View]
19208335>tfw repressing This burden is mine alone and I am strong enough to bear it.…[View]
19214802>more than 1 year hrt > looks/measures the same as when i was 4 months >tfw any non painfu…[View]
19216644I'm not trans or anything, but I'm curious... will testosterone keep making me look more a…[View]
19210451>started transitioning at 17 >fully passing 20 year old with F cups I'm very thankful for…[View]
19214810Be honest, do you actually think you're a grill or are you just larping to make guys fuck you?[View]
19209485Is this valid: Your thoughts?[View]
19202797Was it kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHTMidTLO60[View]
19211705I wish I was a transbian so fucking badly. Men are nice and ideal but they only view you as a novelt…[View]
19208183How has this board affected your mental health?: >Cis guy >Been dating trans girl for nearly …[View]
19214062mayb i should just b an nb[View]
19216361>used to get incredibly horny when I was an adolescent because my friend called me <japanisati…[View]
19211686how do I convince cis women I’m not a monster i just want them to like me[View]
19207797Here's your daily reminder that repression doesn't work.[View]
19216113What would you do if you saw a boymoder playing fight games, and she was shmixing kids, talking shit…[View]
19211524Post a picture and then anons guess whether or not you’ve edited it on Faceapp[View]
19216130Would transitioning have saved him /lgbt/?[View]
19216117We must train everyday so we can defend our hot trans gf's when the world goes to hell[View]
19214645When I came out to my dad the first words out of his mouth were, “I know.” Bitch, this would have be…[View]
19211472Can you tell that I was an addict: If so, how much? Because I've certainly seen a lot worse tha…[View]
19215474Potato Sack Rain is adorable[View]
19208100hospital outed me: today i went to my endo to get a refill. I check in, am five minutes late becaus…[View]
19214733Hug?: How do y'all hug your peeps, personally I do 2 and 5 a lot.[View]
19215121Is this good progress for 7 months hrt?[View]
19213255How rare are cis femmes who will willingly indulge their partner's crossdressing fetish? Are th…[View]
19215202Sandwich crusaders[View]
19215580TRANNY: TRANNY[View]
19213788Yeah, uh lame suicide jokes aren't gonna help boost your comic into relevancy Mae.[View]
19215621whyd i end up a tranny?[View]
19215636WTFFFFF loog, im goig to tell u somethig right now this dogs are GAY HOMOSEXUAL GAYY GAYE AND DEY LI…[View]
19214338Is he good or bad.[View]
19215433I'm turned on by other people being AGP but am not AGP myself. What does this make me?[View]
19215577is TOCD just a meme: like is it just another thing that nobody out of TTTT cares about or is it an a…[View]
19214606Anons, should I be worried? I recently found out about a condition called 'micropenis', and I think …[View]
19213410TFW you find an anime girl that trannies can actually realistically look like[View]
19210704why do trannies care about conforming to gender so much? why do they hate every feature of their bod…[View]
19213492'ywnbw, ywnbw , ywnbw, ywnbw ,ywnbw' why the fuck are these fucking mentally invalid people obsessed…[View]
19213906/mtfg/ male to female general: https://pastebin.com/LyMhFmT4 (embed) Previous >>19209964 Lewd …[View]
19212998>be cis male >only girldick can get me horny >habitually jerk off to transgirls on twitter …[View]
19215310Christ, how many tv boomers are there on these porn sites?[View]
19214658I got zero depth GRS like 6 years. 'I don't really care about sex, I just want to be passable n…[View]
19214767Why does going to the gym make me more gay Also i kinda want to fuck reiner from aot I really need t…[View]
19215103Is hrt a Meme?[View]
19211919do any of your irl friends use 4chan? all my friends are lefties none of them know i use 4chan and i…[View]
19215053Why yes I'm a woman now, how did you know?[View]
19214133anime boys dont count, right? it's just meta attraction, right? i'm not a homo, right?[View]
19214956You are worthy of love: You make every day special, by just your being you. There's only one pe…[View]
19213076does hrt make you shit yourself[View]
19213910I cope with being a manlet (175 cm or 5'9') by fucking taller dudes in the ass.[View]
19213397/gaygen/ - dick suckin' edition: old: >>19210293[View]
19196107Being a chaser in Aus is hell[View]
19214342>late at night, the ghost of a boymoder visits you while you lay in the bed >she tells you the…[View]
19214627is there such a thing as a tranny stare or is it just a general depression thing?: pic related is ci…[View]
19209696To my enby peeps: How are y'all doing, find any cool shows lately, saw a cool snail on the road…[View]
19213878What if: being trans is just a way to dodge the responsibilities of growing up and being a man? Som…[View]
19210265Stupid question but does getting a GF help with gender dysphoria?: I feel like if I had a cute girlf…[View]
19212459Would transitioning have saved him /lgbt/?[View]
19214398>tfw no mtf gf to sing this song to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvR60Wg9R7Q…[View]
19211338How does an autist learn to be seductive and flirty with men[View]
19214381Is it still bpd if I get angry at people not because of whatever relationship crap but because they …[View]
19204968Jessica Alves: I can't stop looking at my new vagina!: She explained that tissue had been taken…[View]
19214488Agp or Dumb Gay: How do you know if you're agp or just a old gay bottom thinking about trooning…[View]
19211863What does it feel like to cuddle with a man?[View]
19214361>be me >obese anon with long hair >somehow lost a lot of weight >tits stayed where they …[View]
19203778Is your dad supportive of you?[View]
19214380okay so hrt bros: is it better for me to accept a dose of spiro and try to change my endos mind , or…[View]
19204773how do we fix lgbt[View]
19206779Why does this image make genital fetishists seethe?: Most people are capable of being attracted to s…[View]
19207835wait is this just leftpol with gay characteristics[View]
19212570is it bad to get high everyday[View]
19213213>winter is frigid and blasts you in the face with constant wind >summer is 90 f and humid I am…[View]
19212263DIY Estrogen Synthesis // Open Source Estrogen?: has anyone here tried synthesising their own hormon…[View]
19211349I'm a repressing FtM. My twin came out as FtM first and because of that I've repressed. I …[View]
19214173I don't think it'll ever set in that I'm a tranny[View]
19214167Appearances are skin deep: Stan is the most: Goth, dark, non conformist, rebellious, free thinking t…[View]
19214059>it’s wrong to group people into just two categories like AGP and HSTS >btw women and men shou…[View]
19196961hey /lgbt/ how accurate do you think pic related his? How much of the MtF transexual population is l…[View]
19212947Is it possible to achieve this body by working out naturally? Im a trans girl but want to look like …[View]
19213830Carnivores: Metaphor for trans women Herbivores: Metaphor for cis women Is this true?[View]
19213429is it normal to still think of urself as a dude even if ur very likely a troon like in my head Im st…[View]
19212317there is a big problem with white supremacy/racism and white trans women but y'all not ready fo…[View]
19205860Is there such a thing as straight men who want to be penetrated anally?[View]
19213755I just want to be a cute girl but every time I look in the mirror and imagine myself as trans I hate…[View]
19210844Why are there so many boymoder posts up? Is it autism?[View]
19212834Anyone on /tttt/ live in Kansas? How many would you guess are here? I'm thinking around 10-15 b…[View]
19212700>too anxious over mentally volatile friends and crap living sitch to do anything >every mornin…[View]
19213653does anyone else know this feel[View]
19209142ftm pregnancy: just saw some retard on an ftm sub posting pregnancy photos. fucking disgusting, that…[View]
19213617>be me >get on twitter, wanna see what mysic friends are up 2 >see attractive woman i wanna…[View]
19213597。 ◦ ° ˚ ° ◦ 。* ・femboy thread・ *。 ◦ ° ˚ ° ◦ 。[View]
19213084>be me >bi >been talking to another bi guy for a couple months >tell him I like him …[View]
19211581Post trannycore series[View]
19208123Does your middle name pass?[View]
19212233This is how my ideal chaser husband looks like. Your thoughts?[View]
19210108How good of women would they make, and which would be a better woman?[View]
19213110Hontra shoulders thread. Post any pics you have of Hontra's shoulders.[View]
19210688what would you do if you came across a boymoder that was jerking, spending, tributing, and just gene…[View]
19213402>If it wasn't for rampant STDS, lack of commitment and not being able to have a kid I'd…[View]
19213449>find a perfect man of your dreams >he's literally 10/10 >you love each other >buy …[View]
19212089If a person you knew told you that they're starting to transitioned. How do you imagine they lo…[View]
19211696will transitioning cure my baldness: hey anons was just wondering if i ever start balding in the fut…[View]
19213334jesus :): I think I am going to take the christ pill and convert to christianity. I'm probably …[View]
19212160So yesterday i liked my coworkers shoes so i told her that i liked them but then today i saw a threa…[View]
19210293/gaygen/ - bara edition: Old >>19206932[View]
19212889>dedicated transbian >the years pass full of failed relationships with trans women >start f…[View]
19211386my ex broke up with me so that we could both work on our problems. since then, i've started cut…[View]
19212922is she gonna be the first trans Jpop artist, gals?[View]
19210591Can I live a fulfilling life as a cishet with some mild dysphoria?[View]
19210423If I spike my gf with kamagra will she top me?[View]
19212287Masturbation protip: If you tuck your balls into your abdomen you can finger yourself like you'…[View]
19211691What do sadistic bottoms actually do to their tops? webm unrelated[View]
19212198need makoto yuki bf[View]
19212687You don't have to save the world to find meaning in life. Sometimes, all you need is something …[View]
19212426philosophytube raped contrapoints: philosophytube raped contrapoints and came out as trans to cover …[View]
19200642Woman Trapped in a Man's Body: What do trans women mean when they say this? You have the physic…[View]
19209562What kind of man do twinks like?[View]
19212493what unforgivable crimes against humanity would you commit to look like this?[View]
19212336I traded pics to a guy and he said I look intersex[View]
19196925ITT post favorite movies. Others guess letters[View]
19209882What does it feel like to spoon with an mtf who has had a rough life and feels safe in your arms?[View]
19210013How do I get out of tranny shit. It's been killing me for the past 8 years.[View]
19204597Did Bernie rape Contra? >Contra said it was 'a prominent figure in leftist politics' >didn…[View]
19212309>be boymoder >get lunch with dad after not really talking for awhile, have a nice chat >fin…[View]
19210384Do I have to say I'm a girl if I'm on estrogen, can't I just call myself a soft boi? …[View]
19212235chasers buy your boymoder an engagement ring challenge i know picrel is cheap. i want to come out to…[View]
19208495What would be the best way to tell your boymoder daughter that's hiding her trannyness from you…[View]
19209574How do I get rid of my beard shadow without having shave every fucking day. I keep getting cuts.[View]
19202816/repgen/ - Chris Chan edition: Now with greying hair. Look how healthy pink pilling is.[View]
19211586how can you tell if you actually pass or if other people are just hugboxing you? i pass in public an…[View]
19212032I malefailed: I was at walmart and a lady said, 'ma'am, I like your hair' while also looking at…[View]
19211511i just found out about sneedmoding and was wondering if any of you guys have tried it out? i don…[View]
19211163I'm de-transitioning from trans girl to boymoder[View]
19211133I’ve always thought I was a straight transwoman but recently I’ve been thinking about dating girls? …[View]
19209964/mtfg/ transfeminine: https://pastebin.com/LyMhFmT4 Previous >>19206404[View]
19211728Nee-nee....anon, wake up! >You open your eyes. >You feel a gentle hand stroke through your hai…[View]
19211196>mom has 3 babbies in her early 20s >they're all normal >mom has final baby in her 30s…[View]

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