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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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27803975I have developed an insane petplay fetish in the past 4 months or so I don't know how or why t…[View]
27803660A question for the transmen on here: How offended are you by the whole 'female only safe space (FTMs…[View]
27802850Anyone else unironically not give a shit anymore?: my life could not get to a lower point, might as …[View]
27803842>go bar with coworkers >get drunk >'oh anon you are soooooo cute *squeeeeeze* ah you smell …[View]
27802718Fyi you can still be ugly/hon and have bdd[View]
27803712>handsome straight boy told me he would date me if i got my penis removed I want to get snipped s…[View]
27802631Hi: Hello everyone, I am gay and I identify myself as the most homosexual person on the planet, I ju…[View]
27801921is this the ftm equivalent of blåhaj? a ton of the pooners i know either own or want this thing and …[View]
27801903>Being called a failed male during sex is hot >Being deadnamed during sex brings a crying sess…[View]
27801639reminder: this thing grooms kids[View]
27803584Are you in danger of potentially getting accused of skinwalking and raping a fellow tranner? Well do…[View]
27802246Issues with my body?: I'm 20 and only 3 weeks on e. What aspects of my body are the most clocky…[View]
27802025>be me >transgirl dating a cis guy for almost two years >send him a text right before I sl…[View]
27803611Shitting and crying rn: Just realized i was a tranny again[View]
27803531would transition have saved her?: smash player accused of rape[View]
27803386Am I destined to be a bottom for white men if I'm a short hapa with a tiny dick?[View]
27802081I'm not happy unless I'm getting my butt plowed every night.[View]
27803335Getting my blood checked: I'm coming up 3 months on e and i'm going to get my blood levels…[View]
27803112>gay men LARPing as women think they're more 'real' women than people who are so committed t…[View]
27802237New queer icon just dropped.: >tiny uk library introduces new character for under 5's librar…[View]
27802739>Straight Men are secretly sexually attracted to trans women >they also think trans women are …[View]
27801555Trannies = world peace: Anyone else fascinated by the left and right finally uniting over their shar…[View]
27792276/ftmg/: Pooper edition QOTT: Do you shit more that you're on T? QOTT 2: Do you like anal? >R…[View]
27801666SOS My EV vial has a very slight yellow tint. I dont know if this is due to lighting or not, but tha…[View]
27796419Does this cis girl enjoy her sexuality the same way a mtf who is experiencing agp does? Has anyone r…[View]
27802912>Tired of trying to find other femboys and Tgirls at bars >Only attracted to femmes >Try po…[View]
27803182>be me, lifting at the gym: >see a girl who i think is kinda cute >glasses and nice build …[View]
27803135why was keffals doxxed??: was it just because she's trans?? if it's that then i will delet…[View]
27802019If you relate to this nigga, you are gay or trans.[View]
27803161Would it be based or cringe to refer to myself as a male woman?[View]
27802622Why are Arab men infatuated with trannies and femboys, especially white ones?[View]
27802921what would you do if you came across a boymoder that was parked on the side of the road, struggling …[View]
27802730YES i put my pp in my top bfs ass YES he likes it NO he isnt gay[View]
27796715Perfect bottom: Hey top and chasers what’s your ideal bottom? Mine is: >femboy > >5’3 >N…[View]
27802489Why do all the chasers I know always seem to come out as trans somewhere down the line? I don't…[View]
27802536Going full Hun: Thinking about not even trying to mod or transition and just be the most flashy disg…[View]
27802496So let me get this straight. You guys have absolutely 0 problems with sending minors to a webpage ru…[View]
27802471First openly trans Army officer charged in plot to give U.S. military medical info to Russians to he…[View]
27799719are diapers malebrained or femmebrained?[View]
27800694clocked a pooner today[View]
27799945How do I stop being misogynist: I keep swinging between being a misogynist and normal. Don't te…[View]
27802180hi: my friend made an app don't tell him I published this I want him to think he got users on h…[View]
27802766from 'big chungus' to 'damn daniel' how much of a bad meme is it?[View]
27802366Honestly, are all men that are into moeshit closeted/repressing trannies? If not then why would a ma…[View]
27802338Why are black guys so hot?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcoNHjNSXDA[View]
27802040Why do people say: that if a man is attracted to a MTF he's not gay?[View]
27802455This is how my ideal chaser husband looks like. Your thoughts?[View]
27802143Most cis women don't have anything to offer besides their looks and their pussy. Trans women ca…[View]
27801465rate my voice passability PLEASE: https://voca.ro/11nLcW3ir15e https://voca.ro/184j6lkfAdUR[View]
27800773I'm a repressor. I'm stressed. My hair is falling out. My life is over.[View]
27801462How do you go from gay voice to woman voice: How do voice passoids go from sounding like faggots to …[View]
27802387Anyone else spend so much time here that they've started to see troons and pooners absolutely e…[View]
27802363think im gonna ban this board from my pc. i get no replies anymore. it was a good one. i have straye…[View]
27790883/HRTGen/ - HRT General #486: Previous: >>27748310 • Help, advice, guidance on meds and dosages…[View]
27802244thoughts on LGB Alliance?[View]
27801401You know. I gave up on trying to be malebrained. t. pooner[View]
27796471Me, a girlmoder, asking boymoders why they're still boymoding, as boymoding is very psychologic…[View]
27800962does your favorite doctor who pass?[View]
27799829Why Bruno looks like a pooner? I can't live since I started browsing this board all I can see n…[View]
27800027>Too feminine to be attractive to gay men >Too masculine to be attractive to straight/but men…[View]
27802258What is the future of the LGBT community in the West?[View]
27800927Boymoder here, I'm thinking of enlisting in the military but I'm scared that they'll …[View]
27802222my sissy fetish will make me into chad: >have sissy fetish >take hormones to look more cute …[View]
27801900As a gay guy, I have a huge thing for tall men. What is the evolutionary reason behind this?[View]
27799946I am a stealth trans girl in my freshman year at college. The impostor syndrome is setting in. I mig…[View]
27795817tfw no terf bestie: >'ywnbaw, anon' while she does your makeup >nicknames you Tim >tries to…[View]
27800522Trannies literally live inside my head rent free: I jack off to trannies every morning after waking …[View]
27799808/gaygen/ Homo superior edition: from >>27798143[View]
27796034The story on how I discovered I'm into petplay, praising and weight gain/stuffing.: here's…[View]
27801803tfw no rich bf to buy me clothes and things i want without having to worry about price and travel ar…[View]
27797723Could I ever be a woman?[View]
27802101You silly bottoms would have fallen for his tricks in a heartbeat[View]
27800912just spotted a cute passing but clockable poonbro at the gym hunched over his phone in between sets …[View]
27799938Otokontopharma doesn't deliver to Canada anymore or..[View]
27801603I'm a chud but I feel the urge to marry a trans girl.[View]
27801865>guy I hooked up with last night kissed my feet Foot passing status: confirmed…[View]
27798857OELabs: Hey has anyone used their injectables yet? I ordered some the other day and they must have a…[View]
27801807Save me: >people refer to me with male words like 'lad', 'guy' etc >I keep having intrusive th…[View]
27796247no sleep pining thread: post your crushes, tell us the details, and then fess up as to why you haven…[View]
27801542Should i just cancel my date tonight?: Second date with a guy. I know the inevitable, maybe he lasts…[View]
27801244JohanModing: > 21 yo college tranny, mtf > I have a couple close friends, and I don't rea…[View]
27801742is low level agoraphobia malebrained?[View]
27800403Keep hearing about this spiffy how do I get into contact[View]
27801671For the perpetually single LGBT. Are you friendless? I've noticed that most forever alone peopl…[View]
27797418>be me >poonanon highschool senior >confirmed autistic >have had mostly male friends for…[View]
27800035A survey showed that trans people are the demographic on the internet most likely to get cyberbullie…[View]
27801247I wish i had any consistency with feedback on how i look: Sometimes i get completely smashed and rek…[View]
27795221I hate being a straight ftm so fucking much: Imagine all your life wanting to cum inside a girl but …[View]
27795054What type of men are long haired twinks/femboys attracted to?[View]
27800589Diaper tranny gave me head: Just got head from a (puerto rican? mexican? italian? greek? arab?) diap…[View]
27800613Can you guys figure out hrt already so its a perfect transition? Women need a good competitor.[View]
27801517Post transgender/transsexual people of the past: Of the past I mean like pre-2000s trans people from…[View]
27801430What the fuck is her problem?: What is wrong with her?[View]
27801253>white >blond >fit >rich >support from family >still can't pass (documents to…[View]
27801366Do you feel like you're gay because you're pervert? Or pervert because you're gay?[View]
27800116I'd be a Leftist if it wasn't for all the tranny bullshit. I support Medicare for all, I …[View]
27797794I don't know whereelse to post this and get good advice. But my wife is transgender. It's …[View]
27800211whats the worst letter? for me, its g[View]
27799425Found a real life pooner: >named self Sasha (male name) >short, bleached hair >ears holed b…[View]
27801025my boymoder brapped and i immediately lost all attraction to her. what do i do?[View]
27798395Do you think the people who go out of their way to torment tranners know they are evil? They have to…[View]
27800510Dear mtf tranners, if we could freaky friday for a day, what would you do in a cis woman's body…[View]
27799707He's so based. Will Ray Milton Blanchard be remembered as the greatest psychologist ever?[View]
27801303feeling a tad down because: i cant cuddle my boyfriend to today just want to feel warm in his arms w…[View]
27801299Does transitioning to get straight men to love you ever actually work? Like is viable? I've bee…[View]
27801147>I have no dick, and I must cum[View]
27800305reminder that this is what the average tourist really thinks and why they post here at all[View]
27796569how do i make my nipples more sensitive? been on hrt for 2 years and they dont feel like anything wh…[View]
27799045I am attracted to trans women like this and those who are posted on r/transgoddesses. Am I gay?[View]
27796389>tfw cant start transition because i live with parents[View]
27800925>HRT makes you more fembrained[View]
27800213I feel very sympathetic to detransitioned women whose dysphoria stemmed from sexual assault but at t…[View]
27797677How come we always forget that she's also bi?[View]
27795029does anyone have more of these kind of drawings?: they are so amazing!! i tried to look more by sear…[View]
27800609Am I a trans if the thought of ever losing hair gives me intense anxiety?[View]
27800349Just realized this is a good place to ask. Here's a quick rundown: >21, try having sex for t…[View]
27800779facial scars: I have facial scars and an aggressive rash on my cheeks that I've had for 5 years…[View]
27799347How AGP does my maplestory character look?[View]
27800453>be me (pic) >boymoding in public >wait at bus station >cis girl asks me if I'm ftm…[View]
27799430Does my voice pass or not?!: https://vocaroo.com/1j7RD1aIuq4d[View]
27800369Am I bi: > be me, tranny > always been attracted to guys, identified as gay pre-trans > Mus…[View]
27797261>bi >vers >switch >always horny Anyone else here a parody of bisexuality?…[View]
27799921dating a guy who is asexual bc of ptsd. i rlly like him but the sexual repression is killing me, i…[View]
27799220I don't want to be a girl but being a man is the worst pain imaginable[View]
27800485My nipples hurt: Being an hrt femboy is harder than I thought.[View]
27786688survey: whats your letter? do you self harm? if so, how?[View]
27798964trannies <6’ tall will never understand true pain[View]
27799752Celibate pooner here. To me, having sex as a pooner with a cis man is the ultimate act of degradatio…[View]
27800397What's the difference between a hrt femboy and trans?[View]
27799124faceapp: >25yo 1yr hrt, mtf >try faceapp (bad idea) >outcome pic is the same, i guess its b…[View]
27799796is it possible to get a thick BPD Latina girlfriend as a tranny?[View]
27799726uwu bunny: >uwu >bunny >uwu bunny uwu bunny uwu…[View]
27799906>you are what you eat look im more of a voree than a vorer but im desperate so are there any pass…[View]
277983323 months HRT at 19, is it over? Ignore the old cringe shirt I don't have money for new clothes.[View]
27799743>me, stealth straight ftm >pass easily but manlet and feminine face, most people just assume I…[View]
27799843i am hungry: >be me >hrt since 5 months >always hungry what can i do against my big hunger …[View]
27800381>you will never be enslaved by an invading army of tranny warlords It’s not fair. How do we cope,…[View]
27799956>only attracted to twinks or femboys and big dicked, fat bellied men Is this bad? What does it m…[View]
27799049if you were actually a woman you would call yourself nonbinary[View]
27800228What's something that makes transphobes irrationally angry that you can do easily? Make them se…[View]
27800261Do agp trannies mellow out after a few years on hrt or do they continue to overtly fetishise feminin…[View]
27797745I'm not afraid. How do I start looking cuter??[View]
27800109Gay Dreams: First time /lgbt/ poster >be me hetero male >have a dream I am dating Astolfo picr…[View]
27798662God I wish hrt worked faster I want to pass I want hips I want breasts but it all takes so long[View]
27800151Despite the fact that my tranny gf doesn't really get hard anymore, I still keep her in her cha…[View]
27800098is ketamine fembrained?: i really love the effects of ketamine and am wondering if ketamine is a fem…[View]
27799958whiney blogpost: I'm cis f and I'm tired of pretending I'm into other women, but I do…[View]
27797843Who has been to a gay sauna/bathouse and how was your experience?[View]
27799671>be ugly >want ugly trans gf to cuddle >we're both too ugly to suffer through ridicule…[View]
27799889I feel like anime and sneaky are unironically the main reasons why I'm an hrt femboy now I star…[View]
27799840is 38' bust, 31' waist, 38' hips a hon body[View]
27798890Do you collect zodiacs just for fun ? I love the scientific 88 constellations. Can anon suggest LGBT…[View]
27798143/gaygen/ Gay general: >>27795157[View]
27799601I hate them so much. They arent even that big. They are small to medium size but they are for some r…[View]
27799775How do I gain weight?: Im plateaud at like 200 lbs and i wanna gain more weight so i look like a thi…[View]
27795692> be me ftm youngshit(19) > going to uni for computer science at some garbage school > “ok …[View]
27795188/mtfg/ making tunnels from guts: preebs: >>27790968 yes, people DO read these: https://pastebi…[View]
27797837most conservative cis people don't know the difference between a trans woman, a crossdresser, a…[View]
27799388How long can you hide the effects of HRT for: I’m 19 mtf considering starting HRT, I need to look li…[View]
27795519Do I look gay?[View]
27799354hey guys when is it supposed to get better: its gonna get better right? the social butterfly attract…[View]
27799537How can you tell whether someone is a real transgender?[View]
27799128dksjhfkjdshfsd: >idjhfkdsjhfkdshfiuew >kdsjfhdkjfheknwfjkefenwfkjndsjk >djsnfkjdsdkjsnfs …[View]
27792460Jesser Jesser Dr Don's bimbogas worked. The estrogens made me a bimbofied sissified little slav…[View]
27797889I feel strange: Ive been on hormones for a good stint at this point. I went into this thinking I was…[View]
27796401>like women a lot, wish I was more like them, they're thoughtful and emotional, dislike the …[View]
27795002>18 cisgay weeb commie >downloaded bumble cus boring >all matches are gaydens and nb with …[View]
27799071I don't want to be trans nor become a female. I just want to wear cute dresses, paint my nails,…[View]
27797174What do: >Be on HRT for over 2 years, started soon after I turned 17 >Don't pass as a wom…[View]
27799168Will I ever be loved?[View]
27798323Ever since I started mono I don’t feel as crazy and depressed, nor dysphoric or attention whoring. I…[View]
27797841I hate transsexuals with a dying passion and would never inspire to be one, but lately, ever since l…[View]
27799077Like there are so many trans women here but i rarely see any trans men. I am wondering why that is[View]
27798321>zoomer friend was complaining about some trans girl in voice call >explicitly said 'tranny' b…[View]
27794598How would you guys feel about a trans girl with 6 pack abs? Pic unrel[View]
27797733I've jerked off almost exclusively to trap and futanari hentai since I was 11: Is this normal? …[View]
27798523i hate my life i hate being so lonely i hate my dad and i need to get fucked so bad[View]
27797162Any other bottoms get butt tingles reading this?[View]
27794560>trans 'tomboys' after 2 years hrt[View]
27798423all of my friends are sooo gay until they start dating. an entire friend group of “queers” exclusive…[View]
27797985>hon looks like a man with long hair >twinkhon looks like a man with short hair but a woman wi…[View]
27796330what if there was a cishet tripcode: we all like to make fun of trip users, and for good reason, but…[View]
27798320So wait if someone says built for chaser cock are they saying I'm malebrianed or fembrained?[View]
27793271When do I get to look like a normal woman?: I've been going to the gym for a little over 3 year…[View]
27794723>what the FUCK did you just say about pooners, dood?[View]
27788775best bottom haircuts _[View]
27798369>be extremely ugly weird looking male >want to be a woman >hope transitioning at least turn…[View]
27798094Is girlmoding and only wearing sports bras (padded and not padded) based or teeny brained? I was bra…[View]
27784672What kind of man would be attracted to a post-op trans woman?: I hated my penis with a passion, but …[View]
27797134DIY laser beard removal: Is DIY beard/hair removal with an ipl laser at home actually a viable alter…[View]
27794887What does Pooner Mean?: Hi. I am mtf amd I have noticed this word used here a lot recently. Is poone…[View]
27791700He's detransitioning. Say sorry.: >I'm the MOST tru trans everyone else if fake trans, …[View]
27797553We should change the definition of woman: >noun >an adult human being who passes as a female T…[View]
27788029Are long haired femboys tranners in denial? And are they into burly men?[View]
27798719how do i get my bf to rape me: rape is so romantic[View]
27797534Its all angles and light and filters, even the biggest passoids are hons.[View]
27798813https://viralstyle.com/cat-love/lgbtq: Shop link: https://viralstyle.com/cat-love/lgbtq[View]
27798679is 700pg/ml estradiol levels bad? i got bloodtested the day before my next injection[View]
27798334am i being hondosed?: 4 mg of estradiol twice a day (12 hours between each dose) and 12.5 mg of anti…[View]
27774095/clg/ Cis Lesbian General: Do you enjoy theatre? Have you ever acted yourself? REMINDER: This gen i…[View]
27798450I feel like a double agent asking a girl on a date knowing full well I just jerked off to gay gangba…[View]
27796792What are lesbians like? I've never seen one personally. Are lesbian relationships like gay rela…[View]
27794531hornygen: prog brain edition[View]
27788037Do you pass to Yandex?: Want to know if you pass? Search your selfie in yandex.com/images and post t…[View]
27798216Me when a black guy taps me on grindr[View]
27795255d-ddoes my voice really pass?: https://vocaroo.com/1ksiOXItEV7D[View]
27798257Otokontopharma doesn't deliver to Canada anymore?[View]
27798067why dont detrans people who refuse to take responsibility just sign up for a conservatorship that wa…[View]
27798198Tranny Identification Guide: Does anyone know of a good guide or website to test identifying trannie…[View]
27797317why do trans girls not know how to dress like at all? or do they dress like shit on purpose?[View]
27797907chaste tgirl? yes or no: I started hrt a couple weeks ago and instead of crashing my libido it'…[View]
27798109>Watch a documentary about Julia Child >Keep clocking her What did this board do to me?…[View]
27792604how ugly were you before transitioning?[View]
27790879This poonman walks up to you and grabs your girldick. What’s your next move?[View]
27796475being a guy is literal easy mode as long as you know what to do and u cant tell me otherwise[View]
27792151wlwgen: /wlwgen/ is a thread for all women, cis or trans, who hate women qott: would you sell your s…[View]
27797901I genuinely do not know if I am actually religious or if I’m just turning to gnosticism to deal with…[View]
27796834enbies, what does dysphoria feel like to you?[View]
27794597i love women so much[View]
27797560>chaser bf tells you about his forced feminisation fetish[View]
27795157/gaygen/ - Holden edition: >>27789097[View]
27796147there's an entire generation of agp transitioning right now[View]
27794733Why tf is this place so addictive?: I cant stop posting and visiting here istg[View]
27785036How do I avoid people calling me tranny?: I am a 5'3 femboy and I can not shake the stank of tr…[View]
27792375>tfw apparently i created a bunch of comments between cosplayers about how “cool” my cosplay was …[View]
27797726Is it gay for a trans girl and a cis boy to frot with each other?[View]
27795032Dealing with being raped: A man raped me as a kid (under 6) and I am trans. Idk if pedophiles can te…[View]
27797105English professor keeps going on transphobic rants for no reason, and asking for the class opinion a…[View]
27797818>spend about an hour and a half trying to get the most perfect shave im able to >still have a …[View]
27791865>when i think about not ever transitioning i feel an overwhelming sense of dread, hopelessness, a…[View]
27797724I miss him so much bros[View]
27797715i don’t really want people to be able to tell that i’m trans but it’s getting to the point where my …[View]
27797326would transition have saved her?: murder charge[View]
27792828Jeff Younger lost: Long post ahead srry: So if you don't know about this I'll give you a …[View]
27793785pros and cons of becoming a pornstar?[View]
2779747923: 23, hips already fused. is it over and do i just repmode[View]
27795642Public showers: How would I initiate an anonymous public shower hook up? I used to be in my college …[View]
27797358i love crying~: there is no better feeling in the world thank you hrt for giving me such a power…[View]
27795086Well, it appears I am insane.: I can no longer connect with new people, I am seen as insane. At most…[View]
27797362Difference between male and female mouths?: What are the main differences?[View]
27796919>decide im lesbian >crush on a guy >decide im bi >stop feeling attracted to women >st…[View]
27796464Confess your sins[View]
27797052>find boyfriend >turn him into a femboy >feminize him >turn him into a tranny >dump h…[View]
27796297Being a boymoder amongst all guy roommates suck: They're messy Snore They smell Football player…[View]
27797300You're voice training, right anonette?[View]
27796970By their shark you shall know them.[View]
27797119>femboy cums hardest when I call him a good girl >sometimes he gets dominant and demands I cal…[View]
27793783This board is now 15 year old normalfag zoomer central. It's over for us autogynephiles. Autogy…[View]
27792235i’m around 3 months hrt now. i’m 18 and 5’7, 120lbs. will i ever pass? i look in the mirror all the …[View]
27797035>want to stay up late playing baldur's gate 3 >bf doesn't want me to because i have …[View]
27793163When trying to figure out who's telling the truth about a thing, look at the other things most …[View]
27795910Will wood: I've been listening to a lot of ww recently and I want to hear if ypu think he'…[View]
27795988>my boyfriend won't let me chew on his dick[View]
27795586Y'all ever been with a boy squirter?[View]
27796393where is sab and bagel: i got flaked on where my alcoholic tranners tonight :( i just got accepted b…[View]
27787678Why is it that men stop being attractive when they turn 20? It's like our faces just melt, we g…[View]
27796423wendler glottoplasty: >FAKE AND GAY Being trans is truly a mental illness and a meme. Ive had so …[View]
27796166a drama in two parts: absolutely epic drama, 14 yo TERF gets OWNED HARD 1/2[View]
27795567>tfw fingerhon[View]
27795055God says trans rights: Florida: lemme try to ban medical and social transition for trans kids God: l…[View]
27796374I made this armor for my top and he slapped me so bad that it still burns (2~ hours later) What did …[View]
27796575I wish I didnt have agp or tranny thoughts. It gave me a lot more problems on top of shit like adhd,…[View]
27794981let me catch my son saying he a transgender ima beat the transgender outta him so fucking fast[View]
27796202My cisf friends found out that I (mtf) dated a guy that was 30 years older than me and now they make…[View]
27795810I just want a much taller hot trans gf, who likes to wear high heels, that’ll put collar & leash…[View]
27796445>closeted troon on hormones >decide i'll only change my name when I fully pass (too cring…[View]
27793292Benifits/cons to being bi: Have never been with a guy but havent hooked up with a girl in awhile. So…[View]
27795356Tried experimenting: And wasn’t turned on enough to continue because the other guy wasn’t erect like…[View]
27790214Fell in love with a non tranny because she acts like a tranny: >Be me chaser >Always wanted cu…[View]
27792662>one shot at life >born a girl Fuuuck this stupid fucking world imagine having your entire lif…[View]
27795963Question for Trans: Whats up beautiful trans people. I'm a straight cisgendered male but am loo…[View]
27795534chaser is a slur and i'm tired of pretending it's not: trannies (especially trans lesbians…[View]
27796164How do I approach the topic of srs with my gf?: t4t stealth passoid transbian (23) in a relationship…[View]
27795503Soooooo, how long do you need to wait after being dump to no bf post again?[View]
27791480anyone here use this? makes facial hair almost entirely nonexistent and makes me wonder if i should …[View]
27796196do you ever stop and think about this?: >'grooming' >kind of rape, which is where you have sex…[View]
27795296Is it true that the first boy to fuck a trans girl's butt will make her butthole the shape of h…[View]
27796148>Tfw my boyfriend bought me ice cream and he replaced my lactaid with sugar pills.…[View]
27796048should i stop adopting boymoders? seems like i have bad luck with them >first boymoder died when …[View]
27791447Return to Tradition Chastity cages are AGP and for transbians True AAP mtftm fujos should wear jocks…[View]
27789171Do you have any reppers or fellow trannies in your family? If so, what's your relation to them?…[View]
27795970I’ve been manmoding for 7 months and haven’t malefailed once. I’ve been “they’d” a couple times but …[View]
27795911my bf trying to navigate my oversensitive and irrational emotional state (if he calls me pretty ill …[View]
27795938Am I retroactively gay or not?: I used to have a small temporary gay crush on a dude back in middle …[View]
27793992I find transgender people fascinating. I browse this board for hours at a time a lot. The idea that …[View]
27793780If you're really trans: You shouldn't have any contact with this board, if you take being …[View]
27795894>best friend with a guy from 14 to 18 years old (he was 3 years younger than me) >one day we h…[View]
27795286I created the blahaj shortage AMA[View]
27794955How do I stop being embarrassed about liking guys[View]
27793039Stalking ass tranny brought me food again 2.0 I broke it off with this bitch a month ago, and she…[View]
27793890Im so horny when i have to take a shit: Why tho?[View]
27794424I made out with another trans girl today and my girldick got harder than it's ever been since I…[View]
27795314Who represents the LGBT: When you think of someone who is any of the LGBTQ+ who do you think of? Pos…[View]
27795243Hurricane Ian is what Florida is getting for anti-trans legislation.[View]
27781972are there real trans characters in media??: i know that looks weird but i'm asking that because…[View]
27793987has anyone else gotten daily migraines after switching to shots?[View]
27793712JK Rowling for the love of Jesus stop tweeting[View]
27795023People thinking I'm gay because I wear shorts above the knee?: I'm 21 years old, male...re…[View]
27795471How long after transitioning are you supposed to wait before dating someone? I just passed 2 years, …[View]
27795328the chaser/trans girl dynamic[View]
27794736Would transition have saved her?[View]
27793403>thought i was a trans lesbian >transition at 16 >realize in my 20s that i was a feminine g…[View]
27795201I realized I have a watersports kink after accidentally pissing myself and just barely managing to f…[View]
27792330ANOTHA PICREW THREAD: guess letters and all that https://picrew.me/image_maker/27852 >QOTT: hows …[View]
27794337W-What happens if a trans girl joins the military? Will she be stuck with all the strong, sweaty, ha…[View]
27794334all the internet does is gas you up and encourage delusions until it's too late to look like a …[View]
27791783Been following her on twitter for years, she lives in some shithole country. where can i find my own…[View]
27793625/ace/aro/gen/: asexual/aromantic general previous one: >>27780509 QOTD2: Do you paint your nai…[View]
27788207I DON'T want to be a girl: >I DON'T want to wear spinny dresses >I DON'T want t…[View]
27794264when can i start using the girl emojis?[View]
27794735>be mycoplasma genitalium >smallest living organism known to man >cause a silent pandemic t…[View]
27794162Having “I’m a girl” dreams. Is this the beginning?[View]
27794839have you ever met a transmaxxer? what was your experience?[View]
27792767any repper than eventually trooned and after several months realize they like being femenine way mor…[View]
27789097/gaygen/ Gay general: >>27787079[View]
27794743>butthole throbs in anticipation when I'm near tall attractive men Is this weird?…[View]
27778698What are your new names?: FTM or MTF? Did you name yourself something cool or something normal? Why…[View]
27793627does sadomasochism make anyone feel more secure in their femininity or am i just going insane? it se…[View]
27794911>3 years since I’ve come out >literally have a boyfriend for over 2 years >mom still thin…[View]
27794890radfem x trans woman lesbian: is there any webcomic/manga that is about this topic? it's someth…[View]
27794550Would I be a gigaslut if I got double penetrated by a pair of sexy twins?[View]
27794801Would trans women date a man with BPD?[View]
27784716is it weird if i've been a chaser since i was 14?[View]
27785901wOoOo: I curse your with tranny magic[View]
27794348Bimboifcation Thread: Post pics down below[View]
27792236Do erections ever stop? 3 years hrt 2 years injections. It hurts to have :([View]
27794154>Want to transition because I want to be as cute as possible and girls are cuter then guys. >C…[View]
27793463Me on the left[View]
27792880ITT trannycore[View]
27793642Are diaper troons pedophiles? Do they deserve the guillotine?[View]
27794679life would be so much easier if i just went back to being a gay guy[View]
27784947What are the most notable differences between dating an FtM and a cis guy?[View]
27791014Is it still enbycoping you change your name to a girl name?[View]
27794640reliability of mtf hrt as primary birth control method?: oki, maybe im retarded for asking this, but…[View]
27794076Come here to laugh at trannies and post bait: End up becoming one. One question. Why? How could this…[View]
27787376Is society becoming more or less transphobic?[View]
27791771>my nipples aren't pink this is hell[View]
27794281mtf x ftm relationships are so cute[View]
27793234I am 18 repper with shitties genetics ever for transition so dont even try to pinkpill me Started da…[View]
27793594what’s the worst things that have been said to you: trans-related. I’ll start >”your ribcage is w…[View]
27790280Question for gay bottoms: When you marry your top and deflower him in the bedding ceremony, will you…[View]
27793925Does planned parenthood hondose? I got my appointment for hrt finally next month but have no one to …[View]
27794111is there a point to try and bind DDD's or do i bite the fuckin bullet and just get the surgery.…[View]
27794115Doomer playlist: Hiya mtf tranners, I made a playlist on Spotify I listen to whenever I feel like sh…[View]
27794105>ftm bf said that abusing me makes him feel extremely masculine so he will never stop No...please…[View]
27790968/mtfg/: >>27786615[View]
27794237What does it mean if most people just don’t gender you at all when they hear you talk? I used to get…[View]
27784501Idk why but I can't imagine two cis men genuinely loving each other: It just seems impossible t…[View]
27794207Where can I find a cute bf who wears skirts?: Ditto[View]
27776516HSTS confusion!: HSTS are disappearing among educated white first world nations. I do question the w…[View]
27790023'cis people can't understand dysphoria'[View]
27793070my dick is bigger why does he get to be the top its not fair[View]
27785433>it has finally reached the point where we need to clarify the difference between a dysphoric tra…[View]
27792898Women's size 10 shoes[View]
27791633itt: post trannies who will never be women[View]
27788143Is it true you don't get any good voice changes after the age of 20 anymore as a pooner? *sweat…[View]
27792396is it a bad idea to cut for someone you really like?? asking for a friend...[View]
27793199I (cis gay) have been with my bf for seven months and he's been learning to play the guitar for…[View]
27792981How to socialize in a male dominated workplace? I might get a job at one soon. I'm 28 MtF, grew…[View]
27790047Could I pass eventually (after like 1 - 5 years on hrt)? (nearly) 3 months hrt, umm, injections, I a…[View]
27793650Why am I laughing and smiling so much when all I feel is emotional pain that’s overwhelming?[View]
27793428steven? what's going on big guy?[View]
27793177should i tell my gf i like trans girls and would like to fuck one?[View]
27791915How do I make a trans person not sad?[View]
27793545Is social dysphoria real or is it just a meme?: I unironically want ppl to see me as a man.[View]
27792167Why is it so common to see some really racist shit on this board? People of color of LGBT are fighti…[View]
27791789Are there any emotionally and mentally stable chasers on this board that are 5'10 or taller tha…[View]
27792716How to VERY politely tell my boyfriend that he has bad breath? (Pic unrelated)[View]
27791286Get bangs.[View]
27793115mtfs are women ftms are also women The only men are cis men, everyone else is a woman.[View]
27793267why are so many trans people plurals / have multiple personality? like it isnt the norm ofc, but you…[View]
27792515Do agp trannies mellow out after a few years on hrt or do they continue to overtly fetishise feminin…[View]
27790867>be me >20 month hrt boymoder >junior year in college >live with 3 ppl from my hs, have …[View]
27793321What is the best hairstyle for a non-passing tranny in her 20's but without looking like a jack…[View]
27792386Homophobia in the trans community: Hello, what do y'all think about the ongoing problem of homo…[View]
27785610Imagine if someone made a video titled 'I SPENT A DAY WITH BLACK PEOPLE'... We are still in the midd…[View]
27793203>nah, neglecting my child can't possibly be THAT bad 20 years later:…[View]
27790369How can I, as a gay man, determine whether the boy I'm seeing at any moment is a proper gay guy…[View]
27792242>mtf >husband found me posting how I want to kill myself in discord >he takes my phone and …[View]
27793169>mogs you[View]
27792979I'm technically a man but have never felt like one. I don't feel very feminine either. I d…[View]
27783708Redpill me on orchiectomies, did any of you have them? Do you regret it? Does it give you erectile d…[View]
27791047Can a tranny ever look like this?[View]
27785995post REAL manmoders. no boymoders, no bdd , etc. or you get bad luck for a year[View]
27792610Imagine taking a cute girl home, taking off her pants and finding out that she has a dick. That woul…[View]
27789931Is it possible to defeat AGP?[View]
27792839I tried to get a trans gf as a 5’5 manlet for months but it was hopeless. So I started taking hrt an…[View]
27790209album thread[View]
27790089Am i a hybrid half AGP half truetrans, or just simply an AGP? Of course i want to get fucked looking…[View]
27791373I'm a pooner and I am also an unmedicated psychotic, rate my choice to transition from 1-10 wit…[View]
27792540What if I started HRT, but ironically[View]
27792387Why do i never see long lasting transbian couples[View]
27790574tfw bought nano chastity cage but it's still to small and slips off[View]
27792511I say trans rights!: We need a positive thread here.[View]
27788185What trans artists do you think browse /lgbt/? I know for sure Ada Rook does because she put on a “b…[View]
27790066boysmell,,,,: I LOVE BOYSMELL........ I LOVE THE FUCKING SMELL OF CUTE LITTLE BOYS... It's so y…[View]
27792544it's over: my trans gf (25) has hit the wall. i hate using this incel term but it is what it is…[View]
27789351Post pooners: This is the poonest pooner ive seen in my life[View]
27790993I take refuge in the fact that I’ll never be this agp: >dAy 84829298383 oF BeInG A GiRl uWu sKiRt…[View]
27792178>leg feels throbbing, cramping, swelling >family of blood clotting on mothers side >injecti…[View]
27792413Enby beard! <3: i would loooove to cum on they beard!![View]
27790398why is r/actuallesbians so transphobic?[View]
27792191oh, the misery: everybody wants to be my enemy spare the sympathy i drink your milkshake[View]
27789291no im not a woman, im becoming one, isnt that the whole point of transitioning?[View]
27789552Trans people, how would you feel if you discovered that that person you were crushing on were themse…[View]
27780632/ftmg/: Weed general QOTT: yall smoke it?[View]
27790587do i pass?: hi guys do i pass?[View]
27792250Trannysisters we're winning: The chuds are being hunted down like wild pigs[View]
27788087Are humiliation fetishes malebrained or fembrained?: >be me pre t ftm four years ago in hs when i…[View]
27781262>she started hrt at 19 (oldshit) and at 6 feet tall (heighthon)[View]
27792189Gynephiles, what men would you bang? Androphiles, what women would you bang? I'd bang Evan Pete…[View]
27789965fuck life: how shall i deal with my horrifying, useless existence and being trans besides suicide ho…[View]
27792063Must be really comfy debating an issue wherein you have no stake. At this point I'm convinced t…[View]
27789680Is cosplay a good way to girlmode for the first time?: Pic rel it's a near balding man[View]
27789120boymoder third sex?: Why somebody wants to be female, wants to boymode, its like being a third sex r…[View]
27772474post agp fuel[View]
27790420Is it supposed to happen?: >Always wanted to be a girl, as far as I can remember >Start transi…[View]
27786759Why is long hair so pretty on gay twinks and why are they so rare?[View]
27788175>Lesbians couples have higher rates of domestic violence than gay couples >Lesbians couples di…[View]
27785555Literal 34DDD/G tits on a manmoder. God is fucking cruel.[View]
27790617>iwn be a cute emo girl Fml[View]
27789173are all men gay?[View]
27788975is Hunter ok?[View]
27789180>Go to class >See cute girls >Go back home >Repeat for infinity How do I not be alone…[View]
27789080/gaygen/ age gap edition: old: >>27787079[View]
27791701What was her endgame?: Archduchess Ludovika Viktoria deserved better[View]
27786698This guy slaps your girls ass and calls you a hon WDYD: What would you do if sab attacked you in pub…[View]
27790825Can therapy fix degenerate sexuality?: I know conversion therapy can't change true fixed orient…[View]
27788247Okay. Fine. I admit it. I-I am built for chaser cock....[View]
27791626Would he be proud of his legacy?[View]
27789758Vaush talked about Boymoders: IT'S OVER[View]
27789033it’s cancer: >got a mammogram and resonance >it’s stage 1 breast cancer >doctor says i’ll …[View]
27791073Do you think this outfit makes me look gay?[View]
27790643friendly reminder that if you are hsts, women will feel safe around you and incorporate and accept y…[View]
27791192Being a female is like having a bright floodlight on you at all times, even flashing in your eyes an…[View]
27787229Double Rainbow: Gender and Autism: >>27786213 >the sheer level of autism in trannies demand…[View]
27788168Yo: We grabbing the Whähaj or what? I’m just about ready to add him to the stuffy pile.[View]
27788363>tfw ill never be the tall one in a relationship with a trans girl because im fucking 5'8…[View]
27788658i wanna try wearing a diapie just out of curiosity but everyone keeps judging me and wont let me[View]
27790697What does it say about me if I am romantically and sexually attracted to both men and women, but I s…[View]
27786388/wlwg/ - petplay edition: /wlwgen/ is a thread for all women, cis or trans, who love women. qott: wh…[View]
27777520And another Picrew thread cause I like them: Create yours here: https://picrew.me/image_maker/644129…[View]
27787232Two types of ftm: There is two types of Ftm that I've noticed. I think that it's why there…[View]
27788843give me a reason to not just hang myelf rn: i might just fucking sui by cop or something idk[View]
27788083Sexuality Survey: https://forms.gle/m2i8aM8GSekGUfTi7 Please take this. Thanks[View]
27790740How do you do nofap or semen retention if you are bisexual? It feels like an impossible task. What c…[View]
27790812Need other chicago femboys/Tgirls: I've been losing my mind with how impossible meeting other f…[View]
27790221>”muh trans women are exactly like women no questions asked!!!1111!” >”muh transwomen are TiM…[View]
27790068>old as fuck >soon will lose my youthful looks >never gayed (or straighted for that matter)…[View]
27786998Do FTMs really even exist?: Like actual women who really genuinely want to be men, and not just have…[View]
27790222How male do I look without my hair?: I feel I look ultra male with them pulled back. How doomed is i…[View]
27790479how do you people post your face pics here don't you get paranoid abt someone recognizing you o…[View]
27789990how do i stop considering whether or not i might be trans and just conclude that im just a male feti…[View]
27790460Do gay men experience autoandrophilia?: Gay men of /lgbt/ Did you ever fantasised about having sex w…[View]
27790478ngl, this isn’t something I’d say to my transfem friends in real life but I’m really jealous of mtfs…[View]
27790258Turing was prosecuted in 1952 for homosexual acts. He accepted hormone treatment with DES, a procedu…[View]
27787569what are the best things to overdose with, and how can i make it painless[View]
27785093Misandry Thread: Misandrist lesbians are the coolest people on earth and I hope that some day one of…[View]
27790215Back in my day pedo groomers used to offer kids candies to gain their trust and assault them. Nowada…[View]
27790011prettiest trans girl i've ever seen I want to look just like her[View]
27789562Do trannies get to experience male and female privileges too?[View]
27785998Yo.. being a closeted pooner is not as bad as I thought. If anyone asks me about my sexuality or gen…[View]
27788290why why why have i developed such strong autoandrophilia (bi mtf): its really confusing because its …[View]
27789365>gay man >want nothing more than a bf in a loving, committed relationship to each other >al…[View]
27789942pedro pascal is the hottest man. ever. period. all time. dude he's so fucking hot t. tranner[View]
27788583Weird chasers: Post stories of weird chasers/groomers/pedos overall weirdos who talked to you Picre…[View]
27790021I want to stick my dick in a running fan[View]
27785128What does it mean when someone says BUILT FOR CHASER COCK. I don't understand it? What do they …[View]
27789257did any of you have transition plans before starting? like in what order you'd do what and stuf…[View]
27786680PSA: how not to dating apps: Attention trans women on 'straight' dating apps: if you want to be seen…[View]
27789958Why am I like this: > Be me > Reading Kakegurui for most of the evening since I can't sle…[View]
27788124I'm suffering: I have so much pain in my life and can't handle it. I feel like i will neve…[View]
27789520Millenial trans gamer girls are literally the most attractive kind of woman: if you remember the Xbo…[View]
27783078Post doodles guess mental illness: Or guess letters, people without disorders also welcome[View]
27789137Unfriendly reminder: Boymoders are made for other trans women with bigger dicks and not chasers…[View]
27782898Am I transitioning for the right reasons?: How can I know that my gender dysphoria and desire to tra…[View]
27789581can you be trans and a chaser?: is it wrong im kind of obsessed with the ftms? would it be ok if i f…[View]
27788235How come I'm only obsessing and questioning my gender now at 21? Is my OCD just trolling me? No…[View]
27789027Had a weird dream last night. any interpretations?: I dreamt that I went on this date off grindr wit…[View]
27789564Average pooner[View]
27767507/hornygen/: >try frotting with trans fren >0 interest on her part >not even a semi >see …[View]
27789422im gay but dont want to be so i say im bi. who else[View]
27789346i literally just want a hug[View]
27789444I hate gays but I wouldn't mind dating a pre-T pooner (the T would fuck up her womb) and callin…[View]
27779596is python fembrained: i know most troons use rust but im new to coding and i think python is pretty …[View]
27786739Do companies adding pride flags you cannot turn off or hide to their products not consider that many…[View]
27789280How is this board both the most obscure tranny board on the internet and also somehow the most influ…[View]
27785545Saw my first trans girl in the wild today and she was beautiful. Long light blonde hair, pale skin, …[View]
27786615/mtfg/ male to female general: Kat in Korea edition Old adventures >>27783197 hey read this : …[View]
27788508Beautiful mother with her child.[View]
27789117what would you do if you woke up tomorrow and had a massive pair of tits ?[View]
27789020I am Derek[View]
27787079/gaygen/ gaydead gaygen edition: previous poop >>27784681[View]
27786816what happened to thinkpad and linux trannies? back in 2013 it felt like every tranny i knew used som…[View]
27788904st4t ish yearning: So, I thought I was gay for a while but recently I've been thinking I'm…[View]
27781982MTF Nomenclatures: Is AGP vs HSTS the only accepted method for classifying trannies - are there othe…[View]
27784925Is anyone else unconvinced that regular guys don't fantasize about being a girl daily? I'm…[View]
27786864Hey, the worm in my brain tells me I don't have the skeleton to pull of presenting fem in publi…[View]
27789011Does anyone have the picture of the mega-Gayden making a comic where he discovers his gender to be …[View]
27788808Homosexuality can be cured: I was lonely and depressed, went to see a doctor, went on hormone therap…[View]
27788608I don't fucking know if I still am getting misgendered or if I just don't understand the p…[View]
27784027MTF x FTM relationships are sooooo cute![View]
27783594Convince me that not passing isn't such a big deal: >I need brainwashed that being a hon is …[View]
27780013Are “trans allies” just lying for virtue signalling?: Why does this happen? Like I’ve lost friends w…[View]
27788639Hallo fags, Ive been thinking about getting a lip lift and wanted to see if anyone has had this proc…[View]
27788558>don't cut your tits off and don't take T >trust me, transitioning to a man is not w…[View]
27785374Are you a boymoder of light or darkness?[View]
27748310/HRTGen/ - HRT General #485: Previous: >>27709962 • Help, advice, guidance on meds and dosages…[View]
27786756Imagine all the transphobic floridians watching their big suburban homes getting destroyed by nature…[View]
27788430/lgb/ - Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual[View]
27788338Two Spirit Thread: Because anything pre colonial natives did was by definition Woke and bluepilled a…[View]
27787864>goto transtimelines transporn transpassing >sort by controversial >??? >profit…[View]
27786854I am boymoder with curly hair and people on dating apps tell how cute I am on almost daily basis, bu…[View]
27786383what do?: >be me >23yo mtf >crippled by oestrogen such that i cannot move or do anything du…[View]
27786602why do feminists want us dead (trans women): im depressed about it, i used to support feminism, fuck…[View]
27785794Why are TERFs unable to understand that words and language are too complex to rely on a simple dicti…[View]
27788088I'm worried I cum too easily. I've been on transfem HRT for 3 years, and now I start to le…[View]
27787758I want to be afab enby: This is all of it. Don't want to present femme just don't want to …[View]
27787851Are temperature unreactive testacles a sign I'm not hondosing?: So for a while now, I'd go…[View]
27785763Bro’s I think I’m becoming gay how do I fix: I don’t get hard when I look at women but when I look a…[View]
27787292I've stopped eating dinner altogether to lose weight: I'm starting to get pretty skinny no…[View]
27787975im sorry if i was very antifeminist: i said a lot of slurs and im sorry for that but i did that beca…[View]
27785355where is she? is she okay? any jesse updates?[View]
27786390My nipples hurt like a bitch whenever I touch them[View]
27787795I am only attracted to straight-faced men.[View]
27785148Based german Arab destroys public Tranners with Facts, Logic and Hitting: https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
27787273How it started vs how it's going: >use snapchat girl filter when I was young years ago and t…[View]
27787428has anyone else experienced a sense of existential tiredness after finally reaching a point of passi…[View]
27786980i think i should either kill myself, or avoid ever being close to another human being ever again les…[View]
27783171any passoid trannies have experience with getting short hair? how did you feel about it? i kind of w…[View]
27787192should i kill myself hang myself: should i do it before feminists come for my rights and kill me…[View]
27775280why are bottoms so annoying: like, seriously they're all so fucking insistent on being 'sorry'.…[View]
27786470just found out my interests (visual novels, pokemon, animal crossing, horror games) are clockable[View]
27786250did this idiot do it?: haven't seen her post[View]
27786950Will getting gaining weight so I get at least a 22 BMI help me hide my adam's apple? I'm a…[View]
27787489I love being malebrained![View]
27786539I want to be afab: Don't really care about presenting female. Assume I was born female. I'…[View]
27786772hiiii what should i steal from walmart today :3[View]
27787382i love sexy twinks and twunks: but if u take estrogen and have conetits, i dont give a shit about yo…[View]
27763561i want to be a girl but only in private, with another girl. i want to be some girl's girlfriend…[View]
27787044Do you think I could make money whoring my self out to touch starved trannies? It wouldn’t have to b…[View]
27786986How does one accept being a troon: I won't pass until ffs (if I can ever get it). How do I cope…[View]
27787177Would transition have saved her?[View]
27787061Does your handwriting pass?: does it?[View]
27784681/gaygen/: what if the key to getting a bf is not having any friends? last >>27781055[View]
27787050What is the difference between a gnc gay man and a husstuss? Why do some transition and some don…[View]
27786178Chaser here: I kissed a AGP trans girl shortly after I made her puke on my dick and it tasted bad. D…[View]
27785275There are no online tranny spaces that are honest, including this one as well. Reddit, Tumblr and Tw…[View]
27786863sisters how do I have biggers cums?? (mtf) my gf used to love my big cums, but after starting HRT it…[View]
27785425how do gay male relationships differ from lesbian relationships?: i'm a lesbian and I can'…[View]
27786917Where is he now?[View]
27786453Where can a tranner find a 100% straight boy to rub dicks with?[View]
27786773just had my first dose of estrogen as an injection and i can't stop laughing and shaking is thi…[View]
27786752>hsts pass..[View]
27780362Why does this board have so many 4chan veterans? Did every oldschool 4channer start snorting estroge…[View]
27783298Chasergen Hump Day Redux: It's hump day officially. If it's not yet for you, you're i…[View]
27785177Do you pretend to be cis to your online friends, or do you willingly expose yourself as a tranner?[View]
27786074>be straight+ guy >purchase masturbator sleeve shaped like huge, realistic dildo >become to…[View]
27784867>lost all my friends after transitioning How do I make new friends?[View]
27784551There are 5 genders Man Woman Faggot Dyke AGP[View]
27785777#24: I got a copy of my assessment. Here is a truncated version. >Name: Kaz, Gender: Male (Self i…[View]
27784813>reading the wikipedia article for 'effeminacy' >read the following quote from Stern/Levine (N…[View]
27786638How true is this?: Is this why most of y'all are ugly af? You just stay in bed all day right?…[View]
27785643Why do theyfabs refuse to even make an attempt at doing anything slightly masculine/androgynous?[View]
27786320i love my blahaj: I LOVE my blahaj. I literally want to take my blahaj with me all the time. Blahaj …[View]
27781847Cis<Trans: This alone is reason enough to prefer trannies over cis women. A true tranny is more l…[View]
27786568Pls touch my boobs: I need somebody to touch my boymoder boobs. I am really needy and desperate. I r…[View]
27781075Is Soph/lt. Corbis a repressing trans man?: To give you a QRD: >youtubing child prodigy >went …[View]
27786579why are theymabs so hot? i want a theymab partner t. kinda passing mtf[View]
27783986Height is the most important thing to tranners. Tranners have no interest in chasers who aren't…[View]
27784032AGP in real women: do they fetishize femininity too?[View]
27782410>5'1' >3.5 inch penis >half white/half asian >shy awkward personality >kind of g…[View]
27785687This was tooby right?: It's tooby who approached her yes?[View]
27785887>tfw no ftm passoid (or at least close to passing) boyfriend to tease me and bully me and use me …[View]
27783694>bf found out i have a wetting kink >wont stop exploiting it to win augments >i cant get a …[View]
27785780can i stop and undo hrt if i don't like it?[View]
27784645How do I tell if I'm racist? I watched youtube com/watch?v=wCl33v5969M and now I'm worried…[View]
27785694my boobs hurt (mtf)[View]
27785125What does it mean: What does it mean if you're a guy who has no dysphoria + no desire to presen…[View]
27785520let me catch my son saying he a transgender ima beat the transgender outta him so fucking fast[View]
27784010what are the odds: >be 5 years hrt >boyfriend (ftm) playing with my breasts >his eyes go d…[View]
27784985Do your.... chemical secretions pass??? lmao, I'm not actually sure what they're on about …[View]
27786134TL;DR i kinda just want a penpal: Hey all,I’m not sure how to start this so please refer to the head…[View]
27785483I wish I had small shoulders so I could be used as the perfect cocksleeve[View]
27781274Trans girls don't have tiddy milk: Does this mean we can call them... Milk duds?[View]
27783676how do i get a cute boymoder gf to fuck me? i like cuddling and im willing to tolerate conversations…[View]
27781916About to go to the gym, this is day one. I weight 214 pounds and am 5’10. My weight goal is 150 poun…[View]
27785437Is it possible for a transbian bottom to be happy without wearing a diaper? Preferably a poopy one? …[View]
27784982mandatory caging: This is a reminder that if you're browsing here, and you're a bottom twi…[View]
27785827are trans incels based or cringe[View]
27784757I fucking hate you bastards that made everyone think that every single boymoder is actually a passoi…[View]
27785900i thought kiwifarms was funny, kind of mad that they keep tryna take it down t. ranny[View]
27785172American & MtF on Male porns: >turn on USA vpn to browse for porn >blasted with MtF (penis…[View]
27782560diaper trannies are the only good trannies y’all need to be more ridiculous and pathetic manchildren…[View]
27784594i told my boyfriend i was gonna unalive myself and he said 'ok': should i break up with him? since h…[View]
27781136My brother grabbed my butt and I didn't hate it...[View]
27782331Examples of fembrained video games?[View]
27784655Voice training thread: post vocaroos and critique and stuff I jumped into girlmoding before my voice…[View]
27785628i want a scott pilgrim boyfriend (pathetic bottom) to my ramona flowers (bpd top) where do i find on…[View]
27783852PSA: if you still get gendered male in public, you're not a boymoder, you're a manmoder.…[View]
27785564I AM A HARD MAN[View]
27785522how fucked am i if i (cis) keep feeling a strange draw towards trans girls whove had an orchi? i fee…[View]
27785509I'm fine like I've always been, and I don't remember when my conscience wasn't a…[View]
27784558repurpose incels as women or reporpose women as incels? pic unrel[View]
27781357Should I starve for a bit to get skinnier?: I just want to look pretty for boys[View]
27785377I feel bad for my gf: >be me >boymoder >have a tranny gf >start hrt together >i start…[View]
27782375Repchad lifestyle: >gf breaks up with me due to alcoholism and drug problems >spend 2 hours do…[View]
27784945>have 3 pet snails >one of them lays eggs >proud father >go to clean their tank >two …[View]
27785019hello serb boymoder here looking for other serb boymoders/femboys Dellie#5094[View]
27784739Reminder: what happens on tttt, stays on tttt. If you recognize a poster here irl, or even somewhere…[View]
27785061does my voice pass?: https://vocaroo.com/16KsBcJVoIy3[View]
27775725Do facial massages to eliminate wrinkles work or are they a lie?[View]
27776026wlwg: dfa edition /wlwgen/ is a thread for all women, cis or trans, who love women. yes, even if the…[View]
27782299anyone else find one terf post somewhere, spend an hour frying your brain going down the rabbit hole…[View]
27783352MtF to theyfab???: 20 bi mtf How do I become nonbinary in the way that trender cis women are, becaus…[View]
27784314I just wanna say I used to like coming here, but this board seems to be turning into another /b/. In…[View]
27785000gay people: i hate gay people[View]
27785050Transgirls, what if there was a new kind of hormone that has the same effects as FFS but the side ef…[View]
27784926I am 26. Average looks, annoying but fun personality, not the bottom of the social ladder. I put a p…[View]
27771798For me it's pigeons but rats are cool too.[View]
27785147>Me, a gay dude >Has sex with a man for the first time >I realize that I find cum fucking d…[View]
27785135Ever since I offhandedly mentioned to some friends how gay couples don't have an exchange of la…[View]
27783197/mtfg/ - morose travellers forgoing grief: yesterday’s news: >>27777836 shit nobody bothers to…[View]
27778948have you ever taken E just to make someone else like you? asking for a friend...[View]
27782764is pursuing a life of hedonism the only way to truly be happy as a tranner?[View]
27773253TERFs are seething because that a tranny raping kids is branded a woman. But what about you trannies…[View]
27782506im getting FFS next week should i just call it off and detransition im scared[View]
27784330I love sweet chasers, they are so nice us tranners <3 We really don't deserve them but I…[View]
27783861>tfw transitioned because i'm short, really feminine, and generally considered undesirable b…[View]
27784192do boymoders like latex?[View]
27784955Top 5 countries with most bottoms:: 1. Ireland 2. Sweden 3. America 4. Poland 5. Denmark[View]
27784289the million dollar agp question: how do you express femininity without looking like a total jackass?…[View]
27782939Are converse a good shoe for a in the closet/recently out trans woman?: Or are they shitty and cring…[View]
27784425I need a western euro husband who will pay for my surgeries[View]
27784679He's so nice to me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_rf7wBb-1U&t=190[View]
27782228>be me >tall skinny dumb twink, (some would refer to me as a trophy husband) >dating shorts…[View]
27780640He's free , are you?[View]
27784726should boymoders be allowed to post their boytits on sfw boards?[View]
27784123Why does progressivism exist?: Assuming there is a cishetocracy as is typically implied, why is that…[View]
27782696how: how can some trans women see this kind of behavior in feminist spaces and still think 'oh these…[View]
27784684I can usually tell whether someone is a tranny based on jokes they make. If they're milquetoast…[View]
27783174I came to this shitpit of a board with one clear goal in mind: to laugh at troons, but now I've…[View]
27784650Hon Thread: bddposters fuck off, this is not a selfie thread[View]
27783219why is there no 'trans alliance'?: feminists have ovarit, lgb has lgb alliance, why don't we do…[View]
27784619How will hsts tranners react when their chaser bf eventually troon out?[View]
27784597>be pooner >learn that it's fembrained to be shit at maths >is shit at maths >manag…[View]
27784576Canon nonbinary (and trans too) characters[View]
27781055/gaygen/ milkshake date edition: prev >>27779231[View]
27780158why am i the only person who seems to care about the plight of straight femboys?[View]
27780621school found my pooner stash: >be me >senior in highschool, 18 >have diary i have been keep…[View]
27784333You can trust me, because I'm a woman: Men fall, for this 100% of the time. Then, the women hur…[View]
27783024>Be me >Second-generation immigrant >Come out to my mother as gay >She seems to not care…[View]
27784541Who is the best LGBT youtuber: And why is Nikocado Avocado?[View]
27782870Any other afab amabs? I made a flag for us that doubles for amab afabs. >ARABS >>>/OUT/…[View]
27780833stone butch trans lesbian: Just trying to figure out what I am. Are there any other mid-late 20s twi…[View]
27783148I have to stop thinking about being a girl. I am straight.[View]
27784265how tf do i make friends: just moved to a new city, know nobody but my roommate. where do tranners f…[View]
27774026Holding hands with men.[View]
27783528>get job while boymoding >boss clocks me >Sorry, I don't mean to offend you but what a…[View]
27783080are gay trans women more popular than straight trans women?[View]
27784154ماذا ستفعلين إذا صادفتين شابًا يعبد الله ويتحدث العربية ، وعمومًا هو تاجر يبحث عن زوج؟[View]
27784258I realize I dont have an internal desire to be feminine, I just wish to look like a girl , sound lik…[View]
27782242Facts: If you've ever slept with a woman enjoyed it and ejaculated you are AGP.[View]
27780320>Did you just disrespect sex workers my duderino!?[View]
27783426Lost my ability to gag. Dangerous?: >be straight+ guy >purchase masturbator sleeve shaped like…[View]
27782718straight guy with ftm: I have a gay ftm friend who has not transitioned in anyway. we were chilling …[View]
27783779I have two choices: Transition fully, live as a 5'4 man, encounter male ennui forever but hope…[View]
27784171I’m unironically the woman in the relationship: help[View]
27780178I fell in love with a trans person and after a year of talking i confessed and she rejected me we ar…[View]
27783269yeah im t4t (tranny for twink) mtf x twink is the most pure pairing and i will find my twink someday[View]
27784078Who's feeling the bddies this morning: pic related[View]
27783983what are we drinking tonight tttt?: i bought a bottle of dollar store red wine and it's actuall…[View]
27783744>27 >sissy fetish got boring and stale >gotta look for relationships with living humans, fr…[View]
27783126I’m so confused also venting or smt: Hey /tttt/ I’m really fucking confused and tired. Anyways we’re…[View]
27782736Sorry I was shitty to you guys: I don't like the way I've treated some of you over over th…[View]
27773361How old were you when you realized that 98% of the transphobia on this board comes from thirsty ince…[View]
27783719boymoder meme is retarded, it's not even 'boy' mode anymore it's just tomboy mode. i start…[View]
27783589i dont want to be female brained but i swear this fucking board is drilling into my skull there is s…[View]
27783447is being an mtf tomboy possible? how?[View]
27783592I don't know what hurts more..: The fact that parents didn't accept me when I came out as …[View]
27783541>yfw chuds think you should 'go to therapy' if you are dissatisfied with the way of things >to…[View]
27778259Former tranny hater here. Picrel is all I want.[View]
27772222/surgerygen/ surgery general: ITT discuss everything related to trans surgery No uncensored pics all…[View]
27782994Should we go the way of the crab?: >When a female Sacculina is implanted in a male crab, it inter…[View]
27781946I will accept the cards dealt, I will never enter into a relationship, I will shower in darkness for…[View]
27780509/ace/aro/gen/: asexual/aromantic general previous one:>>27696484 QOTD: What is your favourite …[View]
27783275Why does being called bpd make me horny?[View]
27782987my poon is filled with cement and i cannot walk at all but i guess this avoids the fishy stanky tuna…[View]
27783342agp is a curse: How do you survive this? I will never get to be in love. I'll never be able to …[View]
27782710Anyone else inrom? Can get sex but no one gives a shit about you and only use your lack of love to t…[View]
27782623childhood: I realized that while I don't know what it's like to grow up as a girl (obvious…[View]
27783336I started worrying I was meta-attracted because I wasn't feeling horny to men like I usually do…[View]
27779472Do straight men ever ask their bros to suck them off?: >go out with a friend >we just autistic…[View]
27780990Trans women are women who are trans. Otherwise, they wouldn't be known as trans women. To say t…[View]
27779381>these people need therapy, not other people helping them indulge in their delusions. >how can…[View]
27782477Why are so many non queers so retarded when basic fucking concepts are explained?: Give your thought…[View]
27782429Found a random fag on YT[View]
27783122life's greatest mystery: is hunter schafer a top or a bottom[View]
27782935No, eyebrows aren't necessarily dimorphic. But they are a HUGE display of personality and expre…[View]
27783094>we need to stop fetishizing girl cock and celebrate neo-vaginas /lgbt/, /d/, 4channel.org in gen…[View]
27783114Question for straight mtfs/hsts whatever When you get super dysphoric, does your sex drive start to …[View]
27782117Is it cringe to tell your bf that he's impregnating you as he cums deep inside your butt?[View]
27780856how do you cope with knowing you'll never pass? at this point i've been on estrogen (4 mg …[View]
27780891Being LGBT sucks after you are older than 30.[View]
27782345question for FTMs: do you have cishet male friends? nearly every ftm ive met either has queer/enby f…[View]
27782904She would love me if I was a real man.[View]
27782862Is she AGP or HSTS?[View]
27782470How would non sexual trauma cause gender dysphoria as an MtF?[View]
27781257sometimes it feels like everyone has supportive parents but me[View]
27780345>Blocks your path wat do?[View]
27776759im too tall to transition: i will never be little and cute[View]
27781298>'Why is /lgbt/ so overrun by trannies, we gays are outnumbered! It is so unfair!' >goes to ge…[View]
27782213>have been girlmoding with cis gf lately (no pics cause dysphoria) >dont pass at all (people a…[View]
27777362I finally got my clit cage. Do I have to take it off?[View]
27782546My trans gf found out I cheated on her and she said she's ok with it[View]
27781794Lesbian Bed Death: Who cares? Sex is for men anyway[View]
27782450Reppers on E: is it possible to rep on E long term if im already a femboy hoping people just think …[View]
27782252is this an eating disorder?: hi 4chan i was eating dinner and i was done with the ravioli and still …[View]
27781740Sissy General: >Tee hee >I'm such an empty headed sissy bimbo >Just like a real woma…[View]
27777289What would you do if you're chaser husband wanted to have kids more than anything in the world …[View]
27781209i dont want to be lgbt: im a tranny i just want to be a normal woman in her 20s right now i want to …[View]
27780141>be top >bottom bf has been acting weird and evasive >mom has been acting weird and evasive…[View]
27782323bros why are failed ftms so hot: there's nothing hotter than a deranged failed pooner with a de…[View]
27781736Old Friend is also tranner???: >be me >boymoder in college >room with guy friend the whole …[View]
27782353I am not afraid of women[View]
27781958I'm 5 months on E, hair?: So yeah I'm 5 motnhs in. It did finally stop my hair from fallin…[View]
27778943There's pansexual and such, but is there anyone who's exclusively enbyphilic?[View]
27781593>watching gay porn >bottom says 'poz me daddy' >mfw…[View]
27780131how to not be a pussy and commit suicide?: dont have guns, i live in a small town where there are no…[View]
27781521I'm 6'3: Am I delusional to think I'll ever be able to get a bf who's taller tha…[View]
27782237any advice on making calories stretch? been oscillating between 145 and 144 for a couple of weeks no…[View]
27782197i'm so sick of dating cis men. i need a cute trans man in my life so fucking bad. i dated nothi…[View]
27781555How to stop defaulting to a deep man voice in public: I can't even naturally do it when talking…[View]
27781933>literally nothing in my life going well what's your cope friends[View]
27781884Is Madison a clocky name?[View]
27781600>bf deadnames me during an argument >hasnt bothered to say sorry for a whole day now…[View]
27781764Will this map change?[View]
27781609Let’s settle this once and for all. What is the most kino lgbt pairing? I vote for muscle bottom x h…[View]
27780791Is it offensive for a novel or series to have a gay villain who is vengeful because of unrequited lo…[View]
27779359So I just got caught cheating. >chilling at bf's >laugh at something dumb on tv >accid…[View]
27777836/mtfg/ 女らしい general: >>27774867 (last episode) 34 More Days Edition[View]
27781626>be 18 yo pooner >in Mexico >5'1' >babyfaced >small hands >small head >sma…[View]
27781109birth control: I'm thinking about taking birth control to partially feminize. how retarded am I…[View]
27780957/lgb/ - lesbian, gay, and bisexual[View]
27780818I don't feel like a woman: I always desired to look like a girl (HSTS MtF), but something feels…[View]
27781127Workout checkpoint Have you worked out today? I did 80 squats, back to you.[View]
27781579Is it normal to always feel embarassed of your presence in public I always feel so big and like my a…[View]
27779714Anyone here get this done?: How much did it cost?[View]
27781000I posted this on /adv/ and they were no help, so: Am I fucking gay? Ever since I was in middle scho…[View]
27780482Is it weird to be turned on at the thought of a boy bending me over and giving me my estrogen inject…[View]
27780095you know, you incels can say what you like about trans women... at least i have a gf (soon wife) whi…[View]
27779607What are some animes i can watch that will feminize my mind and mannerisms? t. behavioral agp[View]
27780789>progressive white girl i'm friends with started asking me weird questions and making underh…[View]
27775824Why is Reese the worst tripfag here: Why are they so bad? Pic unrelated.[View]
27779900Straightbros, how is /lgbt/ so addicting?[View]
27781219Do you like having long hair and being skinny? Why? Do you want a bf or a gf? Which type of me ?[View]
27779164Are you going to pay 13 dollars to see Sayuri's clit? Cus God knows I will[View]
27780813This is a cis woman[View]
27780183>be me >trans woman >born with little feminine features, while facial/body hair growth is a…[View]
27781265Asian women love BWTC: >Be me, openly trans passoid muscular top >Going to Uni for 3 weeks now…[View]
27779857Ok, if you think you're a cis guy and you're into more than one of these four fetishes: Fo…[View]
27778949clownmoder tries girlmoding: on a scale of one to complete clown, how shit do I look in this dress?…[View]
27771556I need polish tranner frens please t. boymoder[View]
27775994I'm scared as fuck, but tomorrow I'm making a Tinder account. I'm going to get a bf f…[View]
27779231/gaygen/: previous: >>27777978[View]
27776414I hate them so much it’s unreal: Like why even bother if you aren’t even TRYING to look like a woman…[View]
27781068FFS in Europe: Is there a shortcut like the Starbucks insurance to get FFS in Europe? Im a turbo fac…[View]
27776982dylan mulvaney: Why do so many cis women love her despite her being a hon?[View]
27779880I wish I had friends to skate with on the east coast. Someone told me to go make friends at the skat…[View]
27779838On average how expensive is FFS from a good surgeon? Need to know before I decide to rope[View]
27778420Makes me feel a little better about not passing: Does this make me a bad person?[View]
27777952Youngshits rise up: https://twitter.com/nbcwashington/status/1574756237937414146 >Thousands of st…[View]
27780288I want to be non-binary but don't want people to associate me with annoying foids just because …[View]
27770193I sometimes wonder how many women from the terf chans come over here to troll/post and then unexpect…[View]
27778710I made a thread a while ago about god fucking remebers what (all I myself remember is it was related…[View]
27780699>be me >no friends my entire life >finally make friend group >fall in love with one of t…[View]
27780732boymoders should wear girl clothes: but that's just my opinion[View]
27779762Is there any reason life wouldn't be better and more fulfilling if I was someone's dog?[View]
27775639How do I stop hating myself for being a tranny?[View]
27780082I think we should invest in a poonercopter. There's enough of us on the board, if you all donat…[View]
27765196/ftmg/: >>27754284[View]
27771628how many tranners here have their nipples pierced? im thinking of doing it and hoping it'll mak…[View]
27780462Cover them up slut[View]
27779275Are maskers better than hons? At least their public identity is hidden. Is it ok to consider it as a…[View]
27779064>start hrt at 19 >still look like shit a year later guys, honestly, what's the point? aft…[View]
27776466If you had the power to turn one cis person trans who would you pick? They have to fully troon out t…[View]
27779210Judging by how many “straight” ftms start craving cock when they get on hrt, is low dose testosteron…[View]
27779816>boymoder mtf >meet /polgbt/ chaser on this board >I finally made it.exe >go on date …[View]
27778809So what happens if you get on hormones but realize that there’s no hope? Do you repress?[View]
27736639/Bigen/ - Bisexual general: dick stuck in toaster edition QOTT: describe your ideal house Previous t…[View]
27774625how's your day going?: what's up, /tttt/? how's it going? itt: talk about your feelin…[View]
27769980Why only people with blood from pic related produce handsome males[View]
27780068I LOVE MY TRANSPHOBIC FRIENDS! i let them call me a tranny to my face it's kinda hot[View]
27778239seeing passoids hurts me mentally: i hate this bros. how do you cope?[View]
27778306I'm visiting my parents. For how long can I wear a binder without fucking up my breast developm…[View]
27769597the truth is (aside from extreme obvious rapehons) most mtfs I see on her are pretty obviously fembr…[View]
27779290Would you rather have a gay or trans child? Pic Unrelated[View]
27779418agp chaser cheat code: >be me 'straight' agp chaser crossdressing fetishist >live in big city …[View]
27777796If I get dubs I'll buy hrt[View]
27770559the mainstream media has gone full tranny derangement syndrome, to the point where mainstream cable …[View]
27779935Throatpie in Dubai Barrett Kosh CEO Black Sand FZE Party Time 2022: Throatpie in Dubai Barrett Kosh …[View]
27778250How do we stop the 'BUILT FOR CHASER COCK' poster he's scaring the boymoders.[View]
27778713This anime gave me an AAP/masculinisation fetish. Is that weird?[View]
27779664>go to an LGBT bar to try and makeout with a trans chick >none of them are interested >get …[View]
27777256>be me, tranner with bi bf >I call us boyfriends >he looks confused >'I don't think…[View]
27778961Interview with the vampire is getting remade, this time with plans to film the full book series and …[View]
27779769There's this guy I knew on a 2fort server. We became best friends and stuvk around for almost 7…[View]
27779483Who are the best openly gay actors?[View]
27776600Who was this show made for?[View]
27779752/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender[View]
27778069Gay men belong in slytherin Lesbians belong in ravenclaw Pooners belong in hufflepuff Trans women be…[View]
27774941>iwn be a hot loyal tradwife :([View]
27779648is Daniel Radcliffe transitioning? he almost passed here[View]
27779398Uhhh trans sisters?[View]
27778699> be me: cishet maybe repressor > post shit on /repgen/ to fight tranny in my head > someon…[View]
27777645How can I give myself erectile dysfunction? Not using HRT[View]
27776663>talking to 3 different cute tranners >they're all neets out of college Pain…[View]
27778998What’s hsts??[View]
27776140Being a man is way more fun than being a woman: I'm a stealth straight ftm. You're right t…[View]
27776537I refuse to be trans! I'm stopping hrt and being a male. Transitioning feels like losing and if…[View]
27777626>transbian gf asked me to make the bed so when she comes back home with her date they can just fu…[View]
27773749does anyone else have a decently feminine (at least for tranny standards) body but an absolute hideo…[View]
27775860I was a failed male and now I am a decently attractive transgirl. Don't be afraid to transition…[View]
27778266>wish I was a cute grill >realize it's impossible with current medicine and that the curr…[View]
27774268boymoder doujins are an untapped market[View]
27779394First Halloween as a girl!!!!! I'm gonna go as a spooky witch >:3[View]
27779194Lilith is a non-passoid and she copes better than most here.[View]
27779058does acne get better with hrt. advice ?[View]
27779209Our existence disturbs people: https://youtube.com/shorts/mWl5d8ezjQc?feature=share Thoughts?…[View]
27777979Lobotomies...: If I got one would it remove the tranny and bi nonsense from my brain?[View]
27777333how long on hrt did it take you to feel the (mental) effects?[View]
27776327Is there anybody who could help me here? I bet many saved that pic >>>/wsr/1265053 Extended…[View]
27777978/gaygen/ Gay general: >>27776178[View]
27779134When you're only 19 year olds and life is already over for you.: >Grow up in a conservative …[View]
27779107>start hrt in the womb >born with a vagina guys... is it over? is hrt even worth it in the fir…[View]
27777652Has the quality of /tttt/ tanked over the last 6 months?: i started coming here in november of last …[View]
27779105>ywn slow dance with another person who has felt true and absolute loneliness and take ultimate c…[View]
27776441Transgirls, let's say there was a new hormone that had the same effects as FFS, but the side ef…[View]
27777232how can I tell if I'm a trans woman or just an emotionally damaged man?? I need to make a choic…[View]
27767588you lied to me: >started hrt at 19 >21 now, still dont pass you faggots said i had a chance “o…[View]
27777156I want to put my girl penis in a femboy and also have a cute little femboy companian[View]
27778547What is an adequate dose of estradiol with an AA?: Just got my first blood values after using 1.5mg …[View]
27777140>tfw ywn be a cisfoid with mommy milkies and motherly ovaries Why bother trooning…[View]
27778829Doesn't it make sense That blue is the color of sorrow And of the sky which hangs over us all?[View]
27776681>be me, 22yo mtf >no autistic tranner gf to cuddle with I want an autistic tranner gf so bad a…[View]
27778720Can HRT really alter sexuality?: Let's settle this once and for all: can HRT genuinely alter se…[View]
27777530what are your plans if you don't pass?: last year i used to say if i dont pass by february (23)…[View]
27776420Are transaged transgender people valid?: Would it be transphobic not to treat this person like a lit…[View]
27778449>watching gay porn >bottom says 'poz me daddy' >mfw…[View]
27778133Why the hell do trans people take so long to respond to messages?[View]
27777826>when the twink/femboy turns 22[View]
27773859Asexuals: What is this degeneracy and how do we cure it?[View]
27776076I like feminine things and I'm a pooner. Is it good that I feel ashamed for it and keep it to m…[View]
27778594The world would become a better place if every human being became fertile true hermaphrodites.[View]
27777163im a boymoder w/ long hair n i dress andro/leaning fem so i malefail with a mask and a good portion …[View]
27778237Anyone else here a homosexual hetero-romantic? Has it ever been a problem in your relationships or h…[View]
27776933°=°: Grindr cringe thread. Post ur cringiest characters[View]
27778443everyone welcome our new sisters: chasers, there has never been a better time for you to get your ve…[View]
27773488Why hasn't /lgbt/ or any tranner movement claimed Birdo as their icon?: Why isn't that cha…[View]
27778480Its hard being a repper king when the internet is full of pics of women like picrel So I propose a s…[View]
27778412[serious] give me all you have on housing for trans criminals: good or bad! i have to present a topi…[View]
27778402Ftm exclusionary discord: I want to discuss how I dont like nbs or ftms T. Twinkhon[View]
27776822>be me >have been on hrt for like 3 years >at some point i mostly gave up on things and jus…[View]
27760687Is there anything good about being a man?[View]
27777392how should i get a bf? >19 >twink >no friends i have no idea what to do and i don't th…[View]
27778127how do I meet guys? don't want a quick fuck I want a relationship[View]
27776219I don’t want to like men How do I stop[View]
27777412chasers: first time posting here in a really long time, but I was wondering what your thoughts are o…[View]
27777656is she right?[View]
27775274Why are trannies so superficial? This entire board is just bitching and whining about physical appea…[View]
27778038Why are there no transfemmes irl? Have “men” just not realized they’re trans yet because every trans…[View]
27777931lose weight then start hrt or start hrt then lose weight? what would be better for fat redistributio…[View]
27775240girls only like tall femboys. only guys are into short femboys[View]
27777779im a really gay feminine faggot that just happens to want to fuck women sometimes as well, thoughts?[View]
27777502gay for retarded best friend: > be me, cis male 19 year old > best friend since we were kids, …[View]
27777781mwahahahahahah it is ME, the little boymodah grabbing these seps with my post, claiming my throne wi…[View]
27777655Laser places something i need to do research on?: Like are there good laser places and bad laser pla…[View]
27776078Should I ever transition if I will be megahon with femenine body? I am 18, but almost 19 with fide h…[View]
27777143why am i so horny all the time?: im on like 400mg of spiro a day, 4-6mg of estrogen a day (sublingua…[View]
27776605Therapist said there seemed to be an urgency for me to get on HRT in response to my depersonalizatio…[View]
27777500https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-g7D69U2s5Y Wooooooo new oneyplays with cory everypony Wooooo oomfie…[View]
27777460Pseudo-gay: I have come to realize that I'm not really gay, rather I enjoy the sex, and use it …[View]
27777434What fighting style has fem or at least not overly mannish moves? If I ever fight someone and people…[View]
27776204>my hrt arrives today I'm scared I don't want to grow tits I just want to be a femboy…[View]
27777441I accepted that was trans when I was 11, came out to my parents when I was 16, got on hormones at 17…[View]
27776905I've been hired as a nude art model by my school and I never told them I have pp why am I like …[View]
27777397I...I love being agp! I get so much gender euphoria from being a girl![View]
27775642Is being a confident independent bottom attractive?: Feel like could be either but seems like tops l…[View]
27773954FFS before and afters: Post successful ffs[View]
27776483So is she trans or what?[View]
27774637I hate my doctor who’s either hondosing me or clueless, I hate the shitshow that is my life, I hate …[View]
27776591What do FTMS think of FTM-chasing straight MTFs?[View]
27775216>tfw no Australian Aboriginal trans gf[View]
27776723Anyone else here post ffs that still feel like they look male and everyone clockes them? How to cop…[View]
27776095I brought my boyfriend for my family dinner yesterday and dad got disappointed: Bf is 6'2 and i…[View]
27777169Does /lgbt/ like HOMOs ?[View]
27777041>walking home in boymode >sweating under hoodie, just want to get into my apartment >lovely…[View]
27775268Isn't it amazing how much science evolves[View]
27773900Why is having sex as an afab so cringe, but as a male it's pretty based? This applies to many n…[View]
27777026I wish I was straight: I hate dating men. One third are closeted (ew), one third cant hold a convers…[View]
27776691bipedo is lame and lazy we should call em bisickos[View]
27775947I'm a pre-T ftm who exclusively experiences attraction to women. This is something very importa…[View]
27775662How did i wind up here and how do i get out[View]
27773795>I find a really beautiful passing trans girl >She has a bass deep voice and a fucking footbal…[View]
27776814Chubby women were made for trans women to love and squeeze.[View]
27775684Aren't underground clubs like this illegal? We should hunt down and expose those transphobes.[View]
27775430Boymoders be like 'don't worry nobody can tell I'm trans' and walk around looking like pic…[View]
27774867/mtfg/ make them feel good general: >>27770755 (last nightmare) ITT post your crush >she do…[View]
27776277I love being an AMAB enby.[View]
27775858Reminder you will always pass better than a British cis woman[View]
27776469Are nullos part of the lgbt?: >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nullo_(body_modification) Pic unrel…[View]
27776571I have ascended from posting on this board, finally, after 10 years. I basically only come here to s…[View]
27776131How can you tell if someone is truetrans or an autogynephilia?[View]
27774202why haven't you gotten a BBL yet?[View]
27769877Do your parents love you?[View]
27776360>start out as a gayden pooner >begins fantasizing about women one day and can't stop anym…[View]
27766850Have you ever heard of emotional incest and enmeshment? Its where a mother or father is overly intim…[View]
27776450Is this true? Correcting pronouns is fembrained?[View]
27776432Cis Gay AAP: Gay men of /lgbt/ Did you ever fantasised about having sex with a women as a masculine …[View]
27770199why can't detrans people just learn some responsibility[View]
27773914What would you do?[View]
27776338shadow thread: does my shadow pass? post your own shadow to find out if you are a silhouette hon or …[View]
27767536everyone thinks i'm ftm WHY??: ANOTHER one of my friends approached me the other day and asked …[View]
27775698How do you get laid as a manmoder: I'm one year on hrt, but still deeply in the closet and mid-…[View]
27756647Timeline Thread: Bear to babe Edition[View]
27771696I have many pics of black cocks saved on my phone: What would a black guy likely do if he were to 'a…[View]
27773460Repper ftm here. I decided to repress because I'm 20 and I never got the chance to medically tr…[View]
27760372Diaper thread: I saw there wasn't a diaper thread going on, time to change that! Whatcha wearin…[View]
27775982>guaranteed to pass with FFS, only my face is masculine and i'm short >cant afford it …[View]
27775134Grooming is when adults manipulate children. How is this dude a child?[View]
27774802/gaygen/ Gay general - Swordplay edition: >>27772246[View]
27776178/gaygen/ Gay general: >>27774802[View]
27773557>AITA for 'forcing' my son to shave his head? >He also brought up how his friend's parent…[View]
27773958>a new coworker said he sees we have a lot in common >he confessed to me two gay men tried to …[View]
27775843Gutfeld! was interesting the other night.[View]
27774121>/lgb/ - Lesbian, Gay, & Bisexual[View]
27774256Why do transbians and gaydens seem to dominate online and irl LGBT spaces, but statistics in researc…[View]
27773564Which one are you? Personally im top heavy and thats why i rep.[View]
27773448how do I deal with the constant intrusive thought to say fuck it and just come out to my mom[View]
27774286why are masculine looking but feminine acting men so revolting[View]
27775010Men and women are trash[View]
27772510Is there any legbutt term for mostly-cis fembrained bi tomboys on lowdose T? I dont see myself as f…[View]
27773904italy's New Prime Minister: Terf peninsula[View]
27775126I've beat the system. I can now act as a straight man without having gay thoughts.[View]
27764943/wlwgen/ - op is tired edition: /wlwgen/ is a thread for all women, cis or trans, who love women. qo…[View]
27774930Why does every trans person assume I'm a chaser?[View]
27773665depraved animal sex with jerma[View]
27774536Which board is the friendliest with /tttt/?: I'd say maybe /cm/[View]
27774333I don't feel like a girl anymore. I dont feel like a man either but earlier in my transition I …[View]
27774833how to stop depression: tfw no lesbian cisgender wife,no transition, no living with someone, and mis…[View]
27772405Transregret: Entirely stems from society being transpobic and cisnormative, and from retards going t…[View]
27772504I non-passing trans boy wants to fuck me. I'm not particularly attracted to boys but... you kno…[View]
27775476hrt has ruined my ability to be horny i cant cum unless i imagine being fucked by big dirty smelly m…[View]
27767129So let me get this straight I either go bald and be hairy and smell. Or I grow conetits and look unc…[View]
27774890I am a stealth trans girl living in a women's dorm at college, shit is weird as hell, ask me an…[View]
27775294>im actually feminizing myself and enjoying it. Bros...[View]
27774316Bisexuals explain: Bisexual males come in 4 categories, namely: >Hebephiles attracted to effemina…[View]
27775117>fool around with a guy once >still like women too though >as soon as cis women find out th…[View]
27774488Its over, if you're not a youngshit.[View]
27774430/lgbt/ - lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender-exclusionary radical feminist[View]
27774545Are there any valid, logical arguments against transgenderism?[View]
27774444taking the femcel pill because im a straight passoid who loves dressing like a lesbian[View]
27774379Which one would you want as your bf if you had to pick one?[View]
27774695How do I cope knowing I'll never be accepted as a black tranny?: Christianity is just too deep …[View]
27771226>Straight men won't marry you, only use you and your girlcock for a nice one-night thing. (W…[View]
27772246/gaygen/ real fags edition: >>27769696[View]
27774831Hugbox syndrome: Is it normal to have trust issues and be bitter and angry with the world after real…[View]
27773017Look at that unquestionably straight, manly man she's found There's hope for all of us, si…[View]
27774774mods are asleep post husbandos[View]
27773147if i wanna learn detailed info on the various HRT related meds and their effects, do i need to actua…[View]
27773364I want to be someone's dog. I want to wear a leash. I want to be called a good girl.[View]
27772870They're pushing transsexuality into dogs now, wtf?[View]
27767543Tips for clocking a passing transwoman: If a transwoman passes, she will be seen as a cis woman. How…[View]
27774249Hello everyone. I am Derek[View]
27772749ENBY people and Xenogenders are actively making the English language non-user-friendly. I'm not…[View]
27773427>buy fem clothes >look like a man anyway “You just need to dress fem!”…[View]
27772902I feel like my intrusive jew subliminal messaging induced tranny thoughts might overtake me soon I n…[View]
27774343i wish i wasn't a bad person. i try not to be, i love really intensely. the last partner i had,…[View]
27771561>looking on a dating app just out of curiosity, not confident enough to meet anyone >Talking t…[View]
27772980why do people blame self harm?: >if you quit self harm and changed nothing else, your life would …[View]
27767831Trans regret: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spaAymRXYi0 Was watching this MTF for some years. Toda…[View]
27767576Is it just me who thinks that these afab trannies are hilarious?[View]
27774106Karma will never catch me karma will never catch me never ever never ever[View]
27769962Real women don't want to fuck their dads. Just saying[View]
27773173Whenever you hear a transphobe say that HRT is dangerous because menopausal women who took it got a …[View]
27773096I don't view any mtfs as women, but I see some ftms as men. Why?[View]
27773582Daily reminder that even 11/10 gigapassoid gigayoungshit turbostacies want FFS and deep down unironi…[View]
27772496skull thread: its so fucking jover[View]
27774159>WW3 in the horizon >still didn't even get to schedule my orchi >we will probably have…[View]
27774050Do manmoder hunters exist?: Pretty sure the guy i started seeing knew i was a manmoder even though i…[View]
27773852>get tranny bangs to hide massive 5head >tranny bangs make my midface clocky any hairstyles th…[View]
27772479>view trans women as women >9-10/10 trans girls are out of my league >other trans girls ext…[View]
27774020If boymoding/manmoding was a better-known process, would we garner more sympathy from the public? It…[View]
27773986>red states go insane >UK turns blatantly terf >Italy turns blatantly terf where else in th…[View]
27769314If you don't look fem before starting hrt, don't bother.[View]
27772453question for mtf trannies: women are fucking disgusting creatures, why the fuck would you want to be…[View]
27773574I wonder if governor Trannybrain is gonna find some way to blame trannies as his state gets submerge…[View]
27773610>discover you're trans >rep until you get so masculine that it's either hrt or suici…[View]
27766453Did you know that transgirls are very touch starved and are very appreciative if you give them atten…[View]
27773664the context here is I went to my surgeon 3 months post top surgery (double vasectomy with preservati…[View]
27773519>try to do makeup >fail miserably and look worse than before >get a huge wave of dysphoria …[View]
27773263Why is everyone on this board weird sex perverts?[View]
27773126What am I in for?: I downloaded it, installed, and created a profile about 3 hours ago, but I haven…[View]
27770651What drug do you use to cope?[View]
27770755/mtfg/ male to fellatio general: last >>27763394[View]
27772710goyslop gave me tanner 2. im pretty sure if i took hrt id have tanner 5 by 3 months.. but small brea…[View]
27773607>be me >ugly and tall >start hrt >give up because I'll never pass >encourage m…[View]
27771772Why don’t you just hijabmode?: If picrel can pull it off and look like a woman, so can you[View]
27773534>its another episode of 'he stares at his comically masculine jaw and brow in a camera/mirror for…[View]
27773357is it possible for previous (actual, hormonal, not pseudo) gynecomastia to interfere with hrt booba …[View]
27772581Why does AI hate us?[View]
27773458Did being anorexic or bulimic help you with weight loss?[View]
27772864Would transitioning have saved her?[View]
27773370Enbies tend to be annoying about their gender. Especially the ones who are essentially failed mtfs/f…[View]
27773233There are two types of men that might date a tranny. One being the rare accidental normal straight m…[View]
27769696/gaygen/ - gay general: previous: >>27765418[View]
27772417How many of you faggots post and lurk /fit/?[View]
27773286Living as a guy seems funner sometimes and that makes me conflicted about socially transitioning to …[View]
27772839The term 'Guys' is gendered and needs to be subtracted from common language. What do you ___ think?[View]
27773187Why are one shoulder shirts so fucking kino ngl[View]
27771179>be me 24 y.o guy >dating 21 y.o tranny >got my dream cute autistic tranny gf >gonna mak…[View]
27773046Why does my bottom not fart. Is she a women...[View]
27772254I just want a bf or gf who isn't fat, is it too much to ask? It's really hard to be attrac…[View]
27770795how bad is it to take bicalutamite and cyproterone at the same time?[View]
27773050I really need to go outside bros. I get dysphoric when i watch anime bc i will never be as cute as a…[View]
27772671I got the cuntboy blues.: Am I transphobic if I make my trans masc boyfriend wear women's cloth…[View]
27772357When does breast growth really start?: 2.5 months, buds have been there since week 4, but the breast…[View]
27772700Kinda wish I was trans and had dysphoria since I was a kid. Only got dysphoria at 19 because of lone…[View]
27772935is distension fetish agp or hsts?[View]
27771751I have a very important announcement to make: *ahem* Transgirls belong to cis women that's all,…[View]
27764721Why are LGBT people so racist?[View]
27771922Is it normal as a bottom transbian to copy small traits: From fictional dominant female characters? …[View]
27771080Hypothetically, how would a boymoder get a boyfriend? If so how do I increase my chances of getting …[View]
27772770What is it with so many trannies being metalheads?[View]
27772755when is estrogen gonna start doing something guys seriously this isnt funny its been a year and a ha…[View]
27769670questions to ftm. I've seen some nude videos of ftm and a lot of them have a little phallus on …[View]
27769062Is it wrong to hate people that detrans?: Cis people and transphobes love pointing at them and sayin…[View]
27772532Anybody else have repressing thoughts because of their dysphoria being link to misogyny? Like at the…[View]
27764953i've been having daily romantic dreams about hunter schafer for the past week[View]
27764718Why am I attracted to twinkhons so goddamn much?[View]
27765749Your average teenage girl is jealous of cis boys: This is why it should not be possible for FtM…[View]
27772378If you never experienced sexual violence, you're not a real woman[View]
27769523who was in the wrong here?[View]
27764762Unfathomably horny: Idk if it's the manjuice running through my veins or wha but I constantly f…[View]
27772549Do any of you read Andrew Anglin? He has some based takes on the WQ (woman question) & he's…[View]
27765668why are the youngshit passoids also the ones who are so against transitioning? >my transition did…[View]
27772294>meet new guy >he reminds me so much of somebody i used to be in love with >uncanny resembl…[View]
27771970Hey, what's with white twinks being edgy online but then acting like total libtards irl lol[View]
27771580>Has any of you been taking hormonal treatment for more than 10/20 years? >How has your life …[View]
27771548I have BPD and I suck: and my partner just hung out and pretended to love me while I let the bpdemon…[View]
27771746I spend so much time and effort to make funny and cute threads but you don't reply to them so I…[View]
27767609lets get ANOTHA picrew thread going https://picrew.me/image_maker/582810 guess letters, yadda yadda …[View]
27770535>see a woman online say she's 6'+ >feel relieved that a cis woman is near my height …[View]
27760274Repression fuel: Post sui/repress fuel[View]
27771615is this normal?: im mtf and i have always considered myself somewhat bi but i always leaned a lot mo…[View]
27771802Should short men get a flag?: >Height Obsession Is Everywhere On Dating Apps. Here’s What Experts…[View]
27769219>cis guy, have a transgf >don't pay much attention to the trans community/scene >no ne…[View]
27772226is there a guide for mtf trannies to stop sounding like faggots and start sounding like women? there…[View]
27770337>go to store to buy energy drinks for the week >self checkout machine is being a bitch >em…[View]
27770740does this happen in real life?[View]
27771488tfw no peridot gf: >tfw no peridot gf[View]
27771647Monster High’s Frankie Stein is canonically NB and that’s heckin valid. the upcoming Monster High ca…[View]
27770312Can bangs truly make You pass?[View]
27771818>cis male >theyfab >call themselves gay is this what stolen valor feels like?…[View]
27765169bagel really had an insane glow up[View]
27761521picrew thread: picrew thread https://picrew.me/image_maker/1401016 picrew thread[View]
27771799I'm 24 years old and I feel like I never started living because of how dysphoria fucked my brai…[View]
27756205Cis women who date trans women, what do you like about us? It's kind of beyond my reach because…[View]
27771866how do i avoid being cringe while obv feminising and becoming more feminin >estrotenized cis male…[View]
27759217oh god ohfuckohfuckohfuck I might be moving into a dorm with 3 men and they might be Indian and arab…[View]
27768220anyone else a fucking piece of shit? i spent the last $3.72 to my name on cheap strong beer and dran…[View]
27768356Why does flirting with cute girls at work give me temporary peace?: every time i flirt with a cute g…[View]
27770693Grindr is too shallow and things like Tinder feel too unfamiliar, how do I find chasers now?: t. tou…[View]
27771307why would you ever transition: i recognize i just have a fetish and that's it i will not take h…[View]
27769682Would transitioning have saved them?[View]
27766016is trap really all that offensive to you all or is it just a loud minority? I can't stand this …[View]
27768347Unironic question, what do tomboymoding ftms think when they see boymoding mtfs in public? t. boymod…[View]
27771720Chubby women were made for trans women to love.[View]
27760974>getting intimate with cisles gf >she's putting her hands all over me and showering me wi…[View]
27769443>In the United States, IBS is more common among women. Estrogen therapy before or after menopause…[View]
27770914bf wont call me a faggot even tho i like it because im a 'girl' what do i do i wanna be called a fag…[View]
27766201Idc about fame or money. The thing I want the most in the whole wide world is a trans gf… (who is a …[View]
27767119what sexuality is this: im a straight mtf and before today, i exclusively fantasized about being rap…[View]
27770968Explain why the term tranny is acceptable, but not transsexual?[View]
27769582I bought a food scale, and a bathroom scale and will be tracking all my calories from now. I fell fo…[View]
27770261Is there a way to protect trans rights while stopping blatant sissy fetishists from getting near kid…[View]
27767353whenever i talk about my internalised homophobia people tell me i need to get a bf and get over it b…[View]
27768606interesting information: >for transbians, which do you prefer, skinny gf or chubby gf both are ne…[View]
27771507Butt slut[View]
27771517How do I find a cute boy to top me in college? I'm scared all the guys here are cis[View]
27770149i went schizo on a girl i love today and now shes gonna hate me forever and i know i'll never b…[View]
27768682I wish I was gay. Fags just seem happier and more fulfilled than us straightoids.[View]
27771467Be honest girls, when was the last time you showered?[View]
27771079I don’t think men smell worse than women does this mean I’m gay[View]
27771349>stop being a straight tranny: >join the transbian gang >start talking to transbians and e…[View]
27766927>a.b.o. fanfics >mpreg Why are male same sex relationships as imagined by (some groups of) wom…[View]
27768557i finally escaped from my awful home life and was able to completely block out memories of my family…[View]
27771369Soooo, I've got this issue. I'm looking for support. I'm looking for suggestions/advi…[View]
27768677Cis or trans: Wdyt tttt?[View]
27771400One minute of silence for Russian tranners on combat field or trying to flee away[View]
27770284Is elfmodding gay as fuck?[View]
27766959piece of shit[View]
27771098every time: every time i start feeling confident about my body you motherfuckers find a new way to g…[View]
27770606Can we get a dicksexuals only thread that's non-op trans inclusive[View]
27771156is it ok to wear a diapie but not do a mess in it i think thats going too far but cant i just wear o…[View]
27764180/clg/ Cis lesbian general - Everlasting queen edition: Who are some women you look up to, whether th…[View]
27771144vido for /tttt/: https://youtu.be/TWQHMugWALQ[View]
27768477>hate trans and the trans movement in real life >fantasize about being kidnapped and transform…[View]
27770102I want to be someone's dog. I want to wear a leash. I want to be called a good girl.[View]
27762901Do you pass with snapchat filters /tttt/???[View]
27768908currently 144.4 lbs at 5'5': >bmi 24.0 how many more pounds until i'm not a fatty?…[View]
27769677bf stole my virginity and now I feel like used slut >be me, autistic 18 yo nerdy boy >8/10 guy…[View]
27770713share your favorite animals /lgbt/! what makes them your favorite? mine is guinea pigs because they…[View]
27770948There's nothing more sexy than scrolling through a trans girl's old posts, finding their p…[View]
27763351>relapsed last night and cut after 10 months clean why live?[View]
27769234I used to be George, now I model my transition and female mannerisms off of Elaine[View]
27764557Youngshits may have more MI?: If you screaming and crying about being a boy at 7 years old, it might…[View]
27770811How: How does sex with a neovagina work? Asking for your dad.[View]
27768090Do you have long hair?[View]
27770563My perception of myself, my self image has become so fundementally warped and damaged that I no long…[View]
27766815i'm so lonely, i want a boyfriend so bad, i want to hold hands with them, and bake cookies for …[View]
27770645dear hons: Dear hons. Even If nobody else I'll always think you're pretty. Even if not tra…[View]
27770527Raloxifene and Bicalutamide: I've heard of this combination as an alternative to HRT. Any thoug…[View]
27770639ADOPTING NEETS: are u white or asian mtf trans girl who wants to be relocated OuO? Do you remember t…[View]
27767225I am very AGP. Nothing is more wonderful than wearing women's clothing and being called a girl …[View]
27770286are diapies comfortable to wear to bed[View]
27768350wallet: is this wallet agp or hsts?[View]
27770042oh no ftmbros... we got too cocky...[View]
27767500are straight hrt femboys lgbt?[View]
27769830i kinda wanna try on a diapie[View]
27764453why are the gay tops on this board hotter and better at flirting than the chasers?[View]
27769026Whats the percentage of trannies that are willing to use their pp ?: Especially on their chaser bf :…[View]
27763686convince me to fuck this tranny prostitute[View]
27768645What is 'male socialization'? Seen it fairly often recently from trans women, but I don't under…[View]
27769504does anyone actually ever transition to escape homophpbia?: in general, does this Blanchard typology…[View]
27769846>coming soon from the people who brought you 'Ken Zucker Never Touched Nobody (Those Conniving Cr…[View]
27768729is it true that slot of transbians have a fart fetish or is that (hopefully) just a joke mtf repress…[View]
27769315i'm trying to force myself to be gay by watching gay porn (genuine stuff with hairy guys not fe…[View]
27769810Be born a male ruined my life[View]
27763939shoe thread: do my shoes pass?[View]
27769721>have had partner for almost a full year >still no sex, or even oral or hand stuff >ask abo…[View]
27766562I am straight but I keep thinking about being a girl with a strong bf that smells good and fucks my …[View]
27766967Why are there so many trannies now? What is your theory?[View]
27769652what happened to cinderblockhon i miss her also this board fell off so hard[View]
27767259cishon goldmine: as a counter to all the repfuel and hons posted here i wanted to let you all know a…[View]
27769422Can a gay bottom get a top bf if I'm slightly autistic? Sorry, more specifically, can I get a t…[View]
27765983Would you fuck him?[View]
27768727Please: Can I just ask for some comfort here? Please? My fish died. My little fish died because grav…[View]
27768936If a child shows behavior typical to the other sex before puberty and gender dysphoric behavior at t…[View]
27768737>be me, mtf repper >repper but grow hair long and try to dress femininely anyway >mom start…[View]
27769272Vocaroo Bread Voice Bread: Post vocaroos and voice threads! To get started! https://voca.ro/188TFHja…[View]
27766996Why Trans Women?: If you don't believe you can really change sex. Why would you want to be a tr…[View]
27768344i am going to die alone as an insane ugly man under my birth name and no one is going to ever love m…[View]
27766303How should I break the news to my best friend? For the record he's from Saudi Arabia. Though he…[View]
27769065I'm fucking terrified I was putting it off cause I was nervous. What the fuck am I gonna do. Sh…[View]
27752857chart thread guess letters no lazin[View]
27767376>chud to tranny pipeline is bullshi-[View]
27764292>be bi male, early twenties >KHV when it comes to girls >turboslut when it comes to men (b…[View]
27768960Sex needs to be banned honestly[View]
27766663Apparently 30% of 4chan users are female: What percentage of those do you think are trans women?…[View]
27766441>150 IQ psychological-AGP autistic youngshit-mtf >can't transition as a kid because of my…[View]
27768852How to fem virgin gay boy: How should I fem my virgin boyfriend into sisy/cd lb? what do you think I…[View]
27768324where the FUCK do I find a twink BF?[View]
27766445do i still have hope or do i look like a gigahon??? mtf: i'm 19, 5'8, will estrogen help m…[View]
27767748can hrt cure autism?(undiagnosed) im still cringe but i wanna hang out with my frens more and talk t…[View]
27760290Now that in Italy the far right won with the majority of votes, what’s a good EU country to fuck off…[View]
27768598I lost my V-Card today!: I had sex with a cis woman. I wasn't sure if I liked it or not. Someti…[View]
27768531we have a wholesome server for agps and aaps to talk and be frens :3 pls join https://discord.gg/zRD…[View]
27765418/gaygen/ Gay general: >>27761918[View]
27763251/wlwgen/ - the groyper question edition: /wlwgen/ is a thread for all women, cis or trans, who love …[View]
27763394/mtfg/: making new friends edition they blew it up >>27758169 https://pastebin.com/u7J1cwCp fo…[View]
27767757has anyone here ever had: 1) genital nullification/ removal or 2) zero depth vaginoplasty does it lo…[View]
27768503Cisgay Jaye here The character I played in The Crying Game was NOT a fucking tranny! Please get your…[View]
27768389>finally got courage to stop repping and get HRT prescribed >doctor cancels because she'…[View]
27767806>detranner btfo I tricked myself into thinking I was trans and went on hrt for 1.5 years but I’ve…[View]
27767071men don't want to fuck feminine males: you have to look like a woman for (most) men to want to …[View]
27767447Every repfuel thread is the same: >''repfuel thread' >all the photos are people who arent even…[View]
27766110is there any curse worse than being a mtf/femboy with curly hair? People with straight hair need to …[View]
27765613Clockiest names thread: Luna[View]
27767404What dose estrogen to start at?: I have a bunch of 4mg pills and I was wondering if I should start a…[View]
27766265Is anyone attracted to hons? If so: Why? What's the appeal?: Context: I'm a fag tranny who…[View]
27765884Trannies turned me into a single issue voter: I literally just hate trannies. I don't have any …[View]
27766481How much did transitioning fuck up your life? I'm 28, things are finally going well for me. I d…[View]
27768038Self Conversion Therapy?: Since any therapy even related to this topic is banned IRL, I want to ask …[View]
27761445People are out there living their best lives while you lock yourself in your room and repress[View]
27768061MEF anon here: I've taken a liking to crossdressing in my room. But I'm a really chilly mo…[View]
27764770PSA: You can dress feminine/behave feminine and still be a guy. You don’t have to feed into the not…[View]
27768052Im taking a shit and it hurts so much: I need to take a hit from my nic but i dont kno the health ef…[View]
27766512>have potential to have an extremely hot passing body >0 potential for passing face even with …[View]
27763372Normal pride pin: According to kants categorical imperative we should act only on that maxim which y…[View]
27767742female gene expression makes you a biological woman[View]
27764191How do I stop being so self hating and depressed t. boymoder[View]
27764260I support troons but I really have no clue how to force myself to see you guys as real women/men doe…[View]
27767750I think my femboy might have started estrogen. He’s been moody as fuck lately. It’s like dating a fu…[View]
27765011what are some good video games to larp as some femboy twink[View]
27767731clocky celebs (z tier): who are some clocky people (cis or trans) on the most microcosmic celebrity …[View]
27767644COME ON OUT, YOU RAPIST![View]
27763121Why won't they just let us live our lives?[View]
27763134>start starving myself >start getting 4 hours of sleep per night >start eating unhealthy fo…[View]
27761331This man needs to detrans and/or kill himself for the good of us all.: Literal straight man with a c…[View]
27764619im ftm and hate topping my cis gf wtf am i supposed to do: shes not a chaser so she just wants to be…[View]
27766353What's the best example of trans representation you've seen in the media, that wasn't…[View]
27766352Trans derangement syndrome claims it’s first country: >laugh about how you’re going to put tranni…[View]
27766446Where do you go to not get honbox? I live in a progress hell hole so I can't go outside.[View]
27766851>/lgb/ - lesbian, gay, and bisexual[View]
27766298>be me, boymoder: >need to use the bathroom between classes >go to urinal and start peeing …[View]
27767359I am once again asking for your support to find a tranner with curves like this.[View]
27764478Are FTM femboys valid?[View]
27757917>be top >bottom bf sees photo of me and my first boyfriend (who I haven't talked to in ye…[View]
27767331autism: where are all the comfy autism threads miauu,,, havent seen one in a while,,,[View]
27767305Tranners who kept their androgynous birth names, did you see a shift in how people gendered you base…[View]
27765480I wish I wasn't a tranny I wish I didn't have dysphoria[View]
27764603On a scale from one to ten how embarassing is the idea of getting caught with a tent in your skirt?[View]
27767009Should I do it?: >be me >25 >been in straight relationships, but like using dildo on myself…[View]
27767227Are there any bi muscular guys?: And has anyone managed to date a gymbro? I have a fetish for non-na…[View]
27765564my lesbian cisgender gf browses this faggot board: hi ema *i kiss you mwa* im ur troon[View]
27766139Where is good to epilate?: The instructions on my epilator say to not do the knees and elbows, which…[View]
27763405How do we fix the growing autohomoerotic AFAB problem?[View]
27758725The only way I will ever top a chaser is with a strap on after I get srs[View]
27766176how do I know if I'm a husstuss tranny or just an effeminate gayboy that desperately wants stra…[View]
27760898/lgb/ - lesbian, gay, and bisexual[View]
27764611Real pooners repress: Expresing ur emotions in fembrained and repressing is the ultimate malebrain m…[View]
27760580How do I achieve a femboy body?[View]
27766685I've decided that my new goal in life is to mog my father. I'm only a wee bit shorter than…[View]
27765581How do i shrink my fem penis: I am MTF 30 and have been on hormones for a year and i want my penis t…[View]
27764725Even if homosexuality were a choice, why should such a choice bother anybody? Why is it wrong to lov…[View]
27765918reppers how are we holding up? I feel like im losing. my eternal march towards endless glory is falt…[View]
27763047I'll never come out as gay. I'll spend my days alone so that no one knows I'm a botto…[View]
27761660mfw I’m doomed to be a gigahon (3 mos. HRT)[View]
27765904Addicted to hrt: >how do i stop? I knew probably 2y ago that it was a lost cause and i haven…[View]
27765672>be me, poor boymoder >got no sleep, haven’t eaten in 2 days, very irritable. >at college f…[View]
27765912is it bad to only inject in one leg? I can only inject into my left leg cause i'm a lil bitch.[View]
27765888any chasers wanna let me vent to them about my problems all of my friends are busy[View]
27766027why do trans people repress??? just say it: it's not that hard, just tell your parents that you…[View]
27765079Does any other transwoman here see the appeal of being a Muslimah?: I unironically do. Hijabs and co…[View]
27765876prog mood swings: >start taking prog for booba gains (and because it motivates me to progress wit…[View]
27766169Can we have a disappointed dad thread? Please share you're dad's reaction when you came ou…[View]
27766477Do you think of transitioning as starting life from scratch, learning from past mistakes?[View]
27762412>mtf >look like a pooner most of the time >at very best look like a dyke It's not fair…[View]
27766455What do you guys think about all the LGBT quests in the Yakuza series?[View]
27759624Post your letters and what you study Electrical Engineering with a minor in Business Admin Gay top[View]
27762812Is it possible to be against trans people but oppose them without being politically or socially cons…[View]
27758749Could I pass or should I just game over[View]
27763654>approached by strangers while sitting >get called ma'am, miss, etc. >approached by st…[View]
27765537why cant detrans people just learn some responsibility[View]
27766200FREE LB FREE LB[View]
27765282/pol/fags will post this and call us pedos.[View]
27748293ITT post ftm twinks[View]
27765907should i hide my shaved legs from my homophobic family or pretend like nothing is different?[View]
27765555>'hi anonette, do you wanna go out to dinner with me sometime? uwu'[View]
27766133How do I achieve this austatic?[View]
27766127what the fuck i love being stealth i can’t believe im actually finally living as a woman shits so …[View]
27766124Trannies with restrictive EDs or who had a restrictive ED in the past, can you answer my strawpoll o…[View]
27766101gay men who like make up and dressing up in cute outfits are trans women[View]

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