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1021514Looking for an audiobook of 'The Economics Book'. I can't find it on audiobookbay. T…[View]
1021917wait a minute, Susan! We cannot allow the pupils to read __ they would pick themselves. They would e…[View]
1022462digital tomboy gf pls: can someone recommend me a decent mobile dating sim with a tomboy path I just…[View]
1022218This couch Does anyone know the name of this couch Wojak is sitting on? Make, model, company, type, …[View]
1022303Title of the song: I'm looking for a song that has (some) lyrics like this: Dear myself in ten …[View]
1022434>picrel what's the anime?[View]
1022450does anyone have the picture of the Asian man on the subway looking disgusted on his phone?[View]
1022414What doctor manga is this from? Been looking for years.[View]
1021925Who is this?: https://files.catbox.moe/nl3ixm.mp4[View]
1022391Anyone know the song in this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D092wtNSY2g[View]
1022421does anyone have this clickhole rpgmaker game downloaded? I'm not even sure if it's possib…[View]
1022194Help with iPhone: I’m having issues trying getting to my images on my phone (6 SE) All the Photos be…[View]
1022321What's wrong with this? if card1Num == '1': card1Num = '14' if card2Num =…[View]
1021554What are some anime like Ace Combat/Project Wingman?[View]
1022406I'm looking for a collection (/t/) of Bossa Nova. PB had nothing so I'm hoping someone her…[View]
1022307Help me remember the name of this music: I remember the melody: https://voca.ro/18VI0R4bGMB4 But I c…[View]
1022368what is this from? looking for it with sound if it h as it[View]
1022027What are some popular (or at least having some unironic dedicated fans) alien waifus (female) who lo…[View]
1022358What is the source of this WEBM?[View]
1021949Pics of girls sitting across from you at restaurants. I'm trying to see if I matched with a cam…[View]
1022295Where from?: Recently, I've been making a record collection. I've been buying the albums w…[View]
1022356can i get a pepe edit of Russell Adler like pic related?[View]
1022032I've been trying to find a particular image of a japanese guy in a brownish suit having a phone…[View]
1022343Has anyone read this book THE EVE OF SPAIN? I'm thinking about buying it, but I would like to k…[View]
1022317https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slKULc8W7lM Hello, I am looking for the video r/atheism by KawaiiPir…[View]
1022338so how easy is it to submit a 'false DMCA claim'? if you wanted to, say, piss off a few bi…[View]
1022226Anyone know the name of the girl?: I don't want to scroll the million videos with this music...…[View]
102228599%: The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/99%25:_The_Occupy_Wall…[View]
1022316I'm making a video and I need all the jannie pictures and webm's you have. I also need all…[View]
1022281test: Does my test thread work /wsr/?[View]
1021957Can someone please help me find a picture of a 'butter knife'? Not the cutlery but an actu…[View]
1022238Hey I got a simple request. Could someone change the text and logo to white and the background to bl…[View]
1021904recommend me top tier short story collections or anthologies preferably 400+ pages so its worth my …[View]
1022072Name of 90s anime: I'm looking for the name of a space fantasy anime from the 90s. I think the …[View]
1022049Trim videos without format change: Is there any free program that lets me trim a video without chang…[View]
1022088Was Madokami/Goddess sorted manually? or did they have some sort of program to automate it. The thin…[View]
1021697What's a good MMORPG for me?: I either want an MMORPG that's somewhat difficult so that it…[View]
1021865can I have the bulge be removed or 'flatened' from this pic? the full body of the right should do. I…[View]
1022183Need help with Maths: Hi /wsr/, I found the formula Disgea uses to calculate the XP needed for the n…[View]
1020199Recommend me some action manga with an interesting female lead character[View]
1022214Looking for a TV show similar to GTA 5: Are there any TV series that share plot/character tropes and…[View]
1022193Where can I purchase a copy of Photoshop c6? It's not on amazon and I don't want to torren…[View]
1022142Make him holding Barq's root beer[View]
1022051string input in c :: Do you know how to make a string input and use it in c ? Thank you[View]
1022205Fantasy and sci fi that transport you to a new world: Pic related are all movies but shows, games an…[View]
1022021Looking for the pic of her with her tongue out: Thanks :)[View]
1022175help find funny furry animation: greetings and salutations, i need help finding an animation video t…[View]
1021928What's some good old space sci fi?: Don't laugh but after watching Star Trek: Voyager epis…[View]
1021581I adopted this kitten a week ago, she was crying outside my house. I'm wondering why her eyes/n…[View]
1022089Electronic things: Basically I am trying to build a variable capacitor to regulate the voltage on a …[View]
1021895Photoshop request: Cant find the fucking /imt/ for the life of me again so I'll just drop it he…[View]
1022116Help me please, I'm desperate. I'm a noob anime watcher, the only thing I had watched in f…[View]
1022156Fantasy Race Lineups: Looking for either help splitting this lineup apart filling in the obscured ar…[View]
1022154Can I have the full picture in high resolution?[View]
1022150Saishuu Heiki Kanojo OST: Hi /wsr/ I'm looking for the soundtrack of Saishuu Heiki Kanojo anyon…[View]
1021698I just bought an Android TV Box (Mecool KM6 Deluxe) and I have a problem when the TV Box is Sleeping…[View]
1021822Links for all of these imageboards to add to my collection?[View]
1022130Elon Musk Edit: Can someone cut this into a transparent gif and mp4? preferably loop it infinitely. …[View]
1022129Im looking for gif with looped refrain of Little Dark Age with mostly this creepy guy visible on vid…[View]
1021983Looking for Eliza .webms and streamables. Especially the one where she has a nosebleed and is lettin…[View]
1022112full art please[View]
1022022does anyone here have the toast to gamers webm?, the one with celebrities, not static image video, t…[View]
1021133does anyone please know who this is?[View]
1022111Looking for an economics meme. It depicts a pair of two lobsters fighting each other, and a number o…[View]
1022069Requesting a simple icon to represent this Minecraft server in the saved servers list. No need for m…[View]
1022095Can anybody help me find the full image or maybe even the author of any of the custom artworks of th…[View]
1022092Le Ebin Story of Esfores: Can anyone share me a link on where I can find this le ebin book? It'…[View]
1022074Does anyone know what kind of flag this is?[View]
1022073searching for the music sauce: can one of you niggers tell me the source or even how to find it? I f…[View]
1022063Song Search (old dnb): I’ve been looking for this old DnB song that my father used to listen to when…[View]
1020870VN Mobile recommendations: Looking for vns that can be ran in iOS phone. I'll give you this in …[View]
1022058Full video of this? Is it available anywhere?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgWBWBPdnb0 Made me c…[View]
1021795anyone know a song with a little chorus like this in it? https://voca.ro/1d0A71FJYYKU it's been…[View]
1022046Is it possible to run an android VM, download google home and set up and use a chromecast through it…[View]
1022000calculus homework: hello anons, doo doo monkey brain here. how did it go from this to that? was some…[View]
1021938This might be a stupid question but I know absolutely nothing about computers. So I installed geforc…[View]
1021890Please help me find any online community that is somewhat like a hybrid between /sci/ and /x/ in whi…[View]
1021992Drawing differrence diagram: The Traveler requests aid of the Hivemind. The traveler seeks a diagram…[View]
1021542Symbol Meaning: Hi, can someone tell me what this symbol means already try to reverse image search a…[View]
1021986What are some good small time fantasy/scifi or fan films?: Like pic related. Or Troll Bridge. Or Hun…[View]
1021750weird blablabla core with anime tumb: where do I find more recent hyperpop/glitchcore/weircore or ot…[View]
1021923What the fuck am I doing wrong for b? (s(1+h) -3)/h = m (h^2 +2h)/h = h +2 for h ~ 0, h + 2 ~ 2 whic…[View]
1021382I haven't played since release on the Xbox and I noticed there were a lot of frame rate drops. …[View]
1021971What are some good heraldry/flag makers online?: Any suggestions?[View]
1021863Looking for someone helpful that can photoshop this image to be vaporwave aesthetic and also remove …[View]
1021816Telegram: Apparently some Indian managed to find my Telegram account again even though I have alread…[View]
1021964Is there a short and simple way to bypass paywalls on sites like Patreon, Pixiv, SubscribeStar, etc?…[View]
1021897Any paint god here that can remove that ridiculous paw print?[View]
1021220When I sometimes click in Adobe Reader, it moves me to some other page (usually the last one). Is th…[View]
1021690searching for the 'the kind Vladimir Lenin would've had everyone here killed'[View]
1021907can anyone identify this character?[View]
1021712Statistics help: I'm given pic related and am asked to find the first quartile. What do?[View]
1021438I'm looking for some not well known depressing anime[View]
1021864What program to use to get a precise cut on videos without loosing quality or re-encoding, most of t…[View]
1021317Is Jujutsu Kaisen good? What should I expect?[View]
1021847Anyone help identify this font at the top?[View]
1021880Youtube video: anyone know the name of the youtube video where a bunch of characters are in a classr…[View]
1017340DNSL: Can someone find a clip of DNSL saying 'Woah, gay as in happy, right?'. He's done that jo…[View]
1021872Give me versions of this Not /r/ shuddup[View]
1021860What website is this?[View]
1021861Can anyone post the pic of spurdo in very high quality with a gun that has a benis bayonet[View]
1021834What anime is this from?[View]
1021691Where is this from ?[View]
1005334Post an image, get a manga: ITT: Post an image, and others will recommend a manga based on your imag…[View]
1021562Looking for this webm where there is some guy talking about the suffering of the jewish people. He t…[View]
1014136funny cats please[View]
1021827Derek Savage Torrents: Does anyone have torrents to some of Derek Savage's works? I'm talk…[View]
1021529MSVCR100.dl missing: I have downloaded the highlighted, disabled Windows Defender, and it still does…[View]
1020940watermelon anime screenshots: please post screenshots of anime scenes in which a character is eating…[View]
1021198Sauce on grill?[View]
1021815Would some kind soul please get the black blotches around the symbol out? Did my best with Paint. I …[View]
1021699I want a proof of the product rule for polynomials without using limits, just using the power rule.[View]
1021812The art of electronics: The X chapter: Need some help finding a PDF version of this book. thanks…[View]
1021809What is this type of screwdriver tool called? It has various screwdriver heads you can extend and fo…[View]
1021807what game is this?[View]
1021787could you please post a higher resolution of this picture of gandalf? its from here, but i cant see…[View]
1021804Can someone link me to the original version of this Stonetoss comic? I know it's been edited se…[View]
1021400I need very good arguments, with credible links, that prove the ills of meat consumption (red meat, …[View]
1021611Need some help making ebooks: I have some PDF's that i want to convert into Epub. The problem i…[View]
1021785Does anyone have any Eliza .webms or streamables? I'm looking especially for the one where she …[View]
10217760 views youtube video finder: does anyone remember the name of that one website where every time you…[View]
1021728I don't know if this is the perfect board to ask this question but I want to know what are the …[View]
1021727Help me ripping off a video file: So I'm trying to download the video from this link https://wa…[View]
1021734weird sims machinima: There was this Mumkey Jones video a couple years ago before he got terminated …[View]
1021709Song Name?: Found this song here starting at 35 seconds, it is japanese. Can anyone identify what is…[View]
1021660Shoop: trying to use this as a wallpaper, can someone remove the words and the flag? thx[View]
1021678song name?[View]
1021631Anyone know the name of this painting? Artist is Phillip Veit, have had no luck with searching so fa…[View]
1021658I need this episode: I'm looking for the full episode of this scene[View]
1021686source on this?[View]
1021530Does anyone know where can I legally buy the physical version of the Bohemian Archive in Japanese Re…[View]
1021700I'm starting to hit a dead-end now... I'm looking for a Neowing Ebook ripper, however, I c…[View]
1021357hello everyone, im not sure if this is the right board for this, if it's not please point me to…[View]
1021595PC micro stutter/buzzing driving me crazy: My piece of **** computer keeps micro freezing randomly, …[View]
1020565i heard a bang the other night. in the morning I checked the patio and found this thing on the pic. …[View]
1021682Requesting render, many thanks![View]
1021552Sauce on the song please?[View]
1021646artist source please girl is ai mizuno from zombie land saga[View]
1021365Wut is the song name?[View]
1021634Can anyone identify these things? I found them in a strange box and I have no idea what they are. An…[View]
1021235I want to buy a good microphone: So I want to get a decent microphone, what do i have to know about …[View]
1021536is there a torrent/crack for this?[View]
1021614Manga Source please?[View]
1021591manga about a guy visiting some chick he loves after school but then he see her with another guy the…[View]
1021620I kindly request someone to edit this cat fat with big breasts and fat chin that's all i'm…[View]
1021618Any video/gif recommendation for spam instagram profile so my followers would appriciate quality?[View]
1021604what is drawn here?[View]
1021511phonefag here, how can i make it so that the Gallery app shows on the bottom section? any time i go …[View]
1021599Can anyone give me a mirror to the edit of DSP masturbating on stream with the song Nuclear by Mike …[View]
1021586Smartphone app: Can anyone tell me what app is this?[View]
1021532Can someone get me signed?: I do girl pop, I have a major studio movie deal, and the studio has agre…[View]
1021579Happiness Survey for School [Need Participants]: Hello! I am a first-year student at a university an…[View]
1021015This meme is only applicable if someone messes up a crop. Is there a similar image but for when peop…[View]
1021427boolean: ( ( a ∨ b ) ∧ ( c d ) ) ∨ (¬ ( a ∧ b ) ∧ d ) ∨ ( b ∧ d ) Can someone help me simplify this…[View]
1021267https://ezaudiobooks.com/the-wizard-audiobook/ How do I download this shit?[View]
1021108Could someone sing this song and record it?: Her it is: I want to have a girly chest, Like no boy ev…[View]
1018699remembering manga: it's about mc getting bullied and then finds a stone that can grant him wish…[View]
1021557Anyone have a stream for this tonight?[View]
1021553Can someone here draw an invincible meme with Eskel and lambert from the Witcher as Nolan and Geralt…[View]
1021551Looking for this meme vid: Its the video of kiryu from Yakuza 6 singing 'today is a diamond' except …[View]
1021330Image Cleanup/photoshop Request: Good evening, /wsr/. This is the only image of the tactical Crimson…[View]
1021545Why didnt you molest me music video: Mrs. Robinson was the music and it features several cartoon dep…[View]
1021360Hey there anons, I’m looking for a manga about a fat guy going out with a pretty girl, but it only h…[View]
1021539anyone know where I can find gamecube isos, no nkit isos just the original ones. Looking for Bully s…[View]
1021512Simple audio editing: https://youtu.be/Upg8lk1mE0g Requesting a version of this video where it turns…[View]
1021534Wont stay on monitor: I recently bought an Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 GA401 running Win 10 to replace my …[View]
1021256Does anyone have the full take of this?[View]
1021531Swans Art Hoe: Looking for a pic of a cute art/goth/alt hoe, wearing a Swans (the band) t-shirt iirc…[View]
1021516better quality of this chart, it's the v3.4. yandex and google didn't help. please, no wai…[View]
1021518Who's this artist? is cotol a clothing brand?[View]
1021313Anybody got the complete version of this or know where I could get it? I wanted to read it and to us…[View]
1020506can anyone help me clean up the rest of this image before i waifu2x it? alternatively, can you give …[View]
1021470mpv: Can i stream bilibili links using mpv? Everytime i try to open one, it always closes after a fe…[View]
1021316Coordinates in the puzzle: Hey I don’t know how to do this puzzle but I do know that when solved it …[View]
1021441Is Kino's journey 2017 worth watching after 2003 version or not? How many episodes are repeated…[View]
1021496Do any of you anons have recommendations for good jdramas? I have started getting into them.[View]
1021411Anyone help me find this without the text? Was also used as a sega CD cover, and as the insert for t…[View]
1021388what's a good laptop to make music on? budget is 1000€ but preferably around 600 is better pic …[View]
1021443I need screenshots of anime girls that look they're cumming[View]
1021491Hi bros! Can I have the full picture?[View]
1021483Would someone be able to make the background white without loss of quality of the frame/graphics aro…[View]
1021454I'm trying to stabilize this video as much as possible so that I can add a graphic into the bac…[View]
1021393manga source?[View]
1020941Rip or download?: I heard the game was terrible but the book was good? And I'm having an easier…[View]
1021145Netflix Series: is there any netflix series u recommend? been through all the standard ones like ric…[View]
1021474Image of wojak on a pc and a female german wojak: Looking for any image of a wojak on a pc. any mood…[View]
1021082Requesting an edit of this pic with her wearing a Mexican sombrero, holding a taco, also would be ni…[View]
1021115Anyone have the source of this clip?: https://youtu.be/JW-d4jaoAbE[View]
1021386Prova that for all natural n: 1897 | 2903^n - 803^n - 464^n + 261^n a | b <=> b is divisible b…[View]
1021174I bought pic related recently, a Telital sat 550 satellite phone. I wanted to charge the battery but…[View]
1020793What is the music playing in the background of this video? It sounds like something from kingdom hea…[View]
1021452I'm looking for someone skilled enough to photoshop an iPhone in her left hand (the one she…[View]
1021440Everyone can join the modded minecraft server but me: I'm going to lose my fucking mind bros Me…[View]
1021249Mobile VPNs?: Hello anons can anyone recommend me a VPN for 5g that won't somehow fuck me I was…[View]
1021407Erase a watermark: Hi guys, is it possible to clean this image of the watermark to use as a phone wa…[View]
1021429The Grand Gatsby: I need the sauce if Gatsby, there was a video being shared on 4chan years ago with…[View]
1021208How is this possible?[View]
1021412Data leak: does anyone have the torrent with the data leaked here? https://www.forbes.com/sites/dave…[View]
1020980I'm rangebanned from /wsr/, can someone make a janitor edit of this? or ask for a janitor edit …[View]
1021061What are some anime with truly irredeemable MCs? I'm tired of shows (isekai or otherwise) with …[View]
1021392Anime opening recognise: https://youtu.be/xqoNFGopTrk?t=7 fellow weebs please give me the name of th…[View]
1021389Who is the guy in the back? https://youtu.be/PgkFSVVhQiU?t=468[View]
1021385Requesting cryptic, heavily shopped zoomer memes. Pic not related. Thank you.[View]
1020265Could someone ID these two songs please? Thanks 1 - https://voca.ro/1bWRuff5qnsd 2 - https://voca.ro…[View]
1020704need scary pics to scare son: requesting images to scare my son (7), because developing phobias are …[View]
1021376I remember a reverse variation of this meme where the janny was holding a crying /pol/jak. It was sp…[View]
1021364Rare Soundtrack Request Thread: A thread for requesting rare soundtracks. To start us off: Requestin…[View]
1021260Wireless headphones: Requesting recommendations for bluetooth wireless headphones. I'm interest…[View]
1021358There's this gif where this guy in a ice cream truck has this convo: >man 1 (from now on the…[View]
1021351Halley Labs/Lapfox Trax: Looking for an up to date discography torrent, something like in the last 3…[View]
1021350Looking for a manhwa: There's a manhwa about racing dragons with the protag and dragon on the f…[View]
1021327How to open up this file type without having wingdings replace apostrophes, commas, periods, etc.? A…[View]
1021294I'm trying to find an old game, this is the only scene I remember >gen 5 looking graphics …[View]
1021009Why is it am Baum but an der Brucke?[View]
1021333Any one have a good torrent of The Sopranos?[View]
1021332I saw a TikTok video where a group of girls was in the car listening to I miss you by blink 182 and …[View]
1021269https://youtu.be/E-C1iTUzD-A What is the name of the track at the very end that plays for like 1 sec…[View]
1021118sauce? pic related[View]
1021318Hey! Does anyone know how I can get this book for free?: It is the Test Bank for The Personality Puz…[View]
1021261Mystery image not on reverse image search: Someone sent me this image and they said they had been us…[View]
1021311WHERE IS THE LINK I NEED 3.33 + 1.11[View]
1020754Anyone know the origin of this image? It's driving me crazy trying to find it. The earliest ins…[View]
1021164What kinda jacket this dude wearing?[View]
1021291https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHyiaJalPdM What song is the tune this guy is singing to originally …[View]
1021293What game is this gif from?[View]
1021043what type of shoe, specifically, is this[View]
1021288cant find it please help: does anyone have the photo of a girl with a big nose in a white top lookin…[View]
1020795Does anyone have the image of a man sitting at a desk or table in his yard with his house in the bac…[View]
1021214Computer Architecture - Branch vs Jump RTL: Can someone explain what the 'jump' instruction is doing…[View]
1020733Rate Checkems: Post rare Patrick Batemen images and checkems[View]
1020177Vocal Samples: Does anyone know where the 'woh' and 'eto' vocal samples in this song are from? http…[View]
1020631Does anyone have the full version of this?[View]
1021128how to 'record' stuff playing on PC screen for later viewing?: WTF can I do to send what is playing …[View]
1021149Short stories, novels, movies, comics, etc that are about or deal with the same themes and elements …[View]
1020808Does anyone have the image that displayed global usage of the internet sites in 90s/00s compared to …[View]
1020979Anyone know the source for this video?[View]
1021144Is some way to view instagram private photos: Pls[View]
1021237Anyone who can help me find author?[View]
1021166Requesting someone please remove the website watermark from this image.[View]
1021202Any anime to fill the whole this left in my heart?[View]
1021000help finding a comic: can someone find me a comic about a guy playing video games while his parents …[View]
1021192Can a kind anon turn his shirt to blue (#90add9) while keeping the arm outlines?[View]
1021209WAHT: IS THIS SONG?[View]
1021177Would someone tell me what animetorrents.me is like?: Or having any private tracking/torrenting webs…[View]
1020918Where is this quote from? 'Any society in which people meddle in other people's business is not…[View]
1021081Does anyone want to edit the 4th panel of this meme? anything goes![View]
1021153Where do I go to find old threads now that yuki.la is dead?[View]
1021087Anybody knows how to get FL studio cheaper or a good free alternative?[View]
1021051why is there a comma after e.g. in A statement scope: e.g., in a for-statement[View]
1021151Why didnt you molest me music video: with Mrs. Robinson song playing behind a photo montages of vari…[View]
1020847Recommend me some educational/informational manga. Something sorta like pic related that will teach …[View]
1020451Does anyone have a Mega or magnet link to the complete Hatsune Miku Project DIVA MegaMix soundtrack?[View]
1021136Does anyone have a source for this image?: I remember seeing it on some fanart blog...either Tumblr …[View]
1020796What’s a good romance light novel series I should read? I wanted to read Higehiro, but that’s not ou…[View]
1021122Pingu Crop: Can someone make the white background transparent for a .png file? Thank you.[View]
1020030im looking for a manga with > historical setting > supernatural powers > demons / dragons /…[View]
1020342So what are the other methods of improving your intellect besides reading?[View]
1021125lyrics please: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPauDSUnBeU[View]
1021095Is this an actual quote from American Psycho?: The book? If so I need to read it. Pic related[View]
1020953I want that 'You should be able to solve this' pic that involves rows of 3 repeating number from 0 t…[View]
1021105There was a movie that was airing on greek tv when I was young (~2005). It was called something like…[View]
1020203requesting this samus to have long french tip stilletto nails[View]
1021098I remember seeing some gender bender / crossdressing manga series where the author explicitly put in…[View]
1021089i need a vidéo of somone (black is better) pushing a group of sheep or chicken like in the picture b…[View]
1020904After watching this show I've decided to give a chance to comic books. Apart from this particul…[View]
1020774Edit the poo emoji on the left with a really cringe furry drawing please.[View]
1021078give me images of aks-74 guns like pic related(old and wood furniture) no, /k/ refuses[View]
1020809Obscure Videogames: I once used to surf videos on YT of old unheard of games such as LSD Dream Emula…[View]
1021002help me find the track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwQZc5c925I can someone help me find the iso…[View]
1020896What Castlevania should I play after SotN? Something similar to it would be cool. Is the tv show any…[View]
1021066Serious thread: Memes aside , can anyone find where i can buy this sticker[View]
1020504Anime's where the characters have unique powers.: All suggestions welcome! Love shows where eac…[View]
1020748Requesting the 'imagine the smell' gif in pic related's style where the green man has…[View]
1020804CSS again.. dont worry, soon its stupid JS questions: why isnt css recognizing that i mean <ul…[View]
1019752I want to start a reaction image folder with dogs. Please dump your favorite dog reaction images.[View]
1021052Can someone give this thread the ol' 4chan screencap treatment? It's been a while. https:/…[View]
1021047help: does anyone know any sources to understand maya 1.0? i want to help my friend and i know jack …[View]
1020942Greetings gentlemen, I am looking for a picture, a 'meme' if you will. The picture is kind of like t…[View]
1020968Invincible torrent?[View]
1020994Can someone explain how to add a second keyboard to my laptop that types in a different language the…[View]
1020885What are some old school anime like Riding Bean or Gunsmith Cats? Stuff from the 80s and 90s with sw…[View]
1021019I'm looking for a documentary, where Asian engineer dude was criticizing natives living in poor…[View]
1020387Help on HTML: Help I'm losing my mind over this simple one. So there's a web page with mul…[View]
1020722Does anyone have that art of the sad guy holding the blob fish? Does anyone know the artists name?[View]
1021008how do electrolytes spread evenly through our body fluids? is it diffusion?[View]
1020496MIXING AND MASTERING: In what way can I mix and use effects on my voice in Audacity to sound more na…[View]
1021018Help finding a movie: I'm trying to find the title of a movie I saw long ago. Standard Chinese …[View]
1021012Steve Harvey webm: does anyone have that webm edit where Steve Harvey does stand up on war in the mi…[View]
1019992Latin Translations?: What are some good free resources for translating Latin words and phrases that …[View]
1020591hi footfag here, who is this?[View]
1020995Edit this please: Can someone edit this image to make her clothes look less revealing? Don't ne…[View]
1020986Windows vs. macOS sound: Please tell me if I'm experiencing placebo. My setup looks like this. …[View]
1020990Drinking games.: Well, tomorrow is my bday and I when to get drunk so who has a drinking game for a …[View]
1020985Chinese merchant family tree r1b meme: anybody have this?[View]
1020068Since yesterday was May the Fourth, what are some good places to download the Star Wars movies for f…[View]
1020707trashy early 00's anime: I am feeling nostalgic and looking for the kind of dumb fun ecchi anim…[View]
1020967Good gaming laptop?: I was thinking of that shit[View]
1020964Does anyone know which episode this scene is from?[View]
1020965John Biden Morse Code Cat: looking for morse code cat gif with inverted colors, says John Biden at b…[View]
1020827What does the underlined mean?[View]
1020929Comic with Lucario x Mewtwo, marshmello humor: Looking for a 2/3 panel comic with Lucario and Mewtwo…[View]
1020919deluge daemon: is it possible to integrate the deluge web ui into a webpage? is there any alternativ…[View]
1020935Anybody got the flag bearer template in good quality?[View]
1020623requesting best looking women that dont exist https://thispersondoesnotexist.com/[View]
1020925Help finding Marathon's assault rifle: It was a 3d model, and it was on top of some magazines l…[View]
1020711requesting resume examples: hi guys please if anyone have examples of resumes for (a college student…[View]
1020872photo of a dude playing crossword on a huge screen: Can anyone find this photo? I saw a photo of a g…[View]

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