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683851Artist name?: Can't find the source of this[View]
682808What to watch next?: I've been watching anime for only a few years, not sure what to watch next…[View]
683831Sauce on this artist or something similar like this? I don't know what it is but something abo…[View]
683827More Info about this video: Does anyone have more info about this video? https://megaupload.nz/ueT5A…[View]
683267Music video from mid 2000s or so: so I am looking for a music video (from a bit before or after mid …[View]
683797i just bought a used iphone 6s with ios 12.3.1. is there any other way to jailbreak it other than th…[View]
683792what is the source music of this webm?[View]
683536What are the ways to get Spotify Premium for free?[View]
683774Picture: Anyone have that picture/painting of a naked guy in a corner and hes tearing at his face? l…[View]
683184Math, statistics: Here are two groups and their box plots. Is there a difference between them or no…[View]
683762Looking for a screencap of a post where anon goes on a rant about how 'humans will go to the stars j…[View]
683768Debugging new computer networking and browser issues: Trying to troubleshoot one of my home Windows …[View]
683788Requesting songs similar to Valse Sentimentale by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky: I’ve loved the song Vals…[View]
683786Asking for a friend Can someone photoshop the imperial Japanese flag on this flagpole?[View]
683236Rakudai Kishi No Cavalry: Anybody have the manga page of Stella kissing The MC and she has no ass?…[View]
683765what's the name of this game ?[View]
683748Help a bro in the steam summer sale.: I have leftover 4.7$ in my steam wallet, what are some good ga…[View]
683612name of the girl with brown hair and a condom in her mouth[View]
683727How do I take higIh resolution/quality screenshots on windows PC? I have been using the snipping too…[View]
682897Vietnam War 2.0 illustration: Someone made an illustration of this greentext; it was black and white…[View]
683683Hello i know this board is bombarded by this kinda question, and i thank you in advance for any sugg…[View]
683014Looking for the image of the white mask/statue laughing. Eyes were closed, picture is taken from the…[View]
683218What's the popular site for game roms now? I'm looking for xenoblade 1[View]
683604I need the entirety of the header to link to a different page. How do I add the link into this secti…[View]
683668So my computer is refusing to boot up. It gets to the troubleshooting menu but it won't even le…[View]
683719MMM: Looking for a gif of Hatsune Miku slapping a different version Miku in the back of the head. A …[View]
683532More like this[View]
683676why is my Nexus 5 all of a sudden taking days to get a full charge?[View]
683347looking for really popular reaction pic, kiiiinda looks like this did it out of memory though Dude h…[View]
683678What lighter is this? Request to help identify.: I need some help identify this lighter that was pas…[View]
683472Can someone get rid of the red arrows?[View]
683591Quick Survey: How many anons have asked for anime/manga/light novel recommendations on this board an…[View]
683252no more heroes rpcs3: i want to emulate no more heroes on rpcs3, but i can't find a working cop…[View]
683186Pokemon Ultra Moon: Hi anons. Does anyone have a reliable, working link to a .cia file for Pokemon U…[View]
683531I would love to read Rusty Brown in chronological order. Any site online where I can get my hands on…[View]
683661Help spacing images in Google docs: I need to space out six equal-size images vertically in Google d…[View]
683611Does anyone have the gamer rise up meme where it says 'Did I consent to living in a society'?[View]
683418What is a good website to download APKs for android apps ? my little brother just got a tablet for h…[View]
683525good realistic Medieval anime: I watched ep. 1 of tears to tiara and Im a little disappointed. I wan…[View]
683394Who is she ? *-* Thanks for help.[View]
683285Ugly Bastard targets: Where can I find targets like these? I want either these for ones that are sim…[View]
683459Is there a place on the internet where I can read and/or download the original raw Persona 1 manga? …[View]
682650a fucking tick: Found a tick in my leg this morning and pulled that shit without thinking much about…[View]
680492A while back I stumbled onto a Gravity Falls AMV that used the Panic! at the Disco song 'Turn Off Th…[View]
683537Does anyone know what these mean? Just got them from my Dad, but he doesn't know.[View]
682966Japanese Translation: Please translate these moonrunes[View]
683534Looking for something similar to Interface: I recently discovered and fell in love with an animated …[View]
683527I am searching for an image of a Syrian soldier in a ''mountain'', he is standin…[View]
683464Song name?: From this video https://youtu.be/-u9z-ep97nk please.[View]
683517Does anyone have that pic of some guy sleeping facing his laptop webcam while there's an alien …[View]
683511High res images for apartment posters: I'm looking to decorate my new apartment with some cool …[View]
683496anyone know what manga this is from?[View]
682963Could a kind anon please add the white crossed stripes to her top, as well as make her shorts a dark…[View]
683481Can anyone identify the instrument at 3:57 https://youtu.be/sY3992XCYb8?t=237[View]
683503how the fuck do I keep a DayZ Standalone server from dying? All these normie servers are thriving wh…[View]
683493Anyone know where this is from? Saucenao is giving me nothing.[View]
682982Can anyone find me animated flashing police siren lights that I can put over another image or video?…[View]
683485This image, but with two towels.[View]
683447Does anyone know the name of a song with lyrics about hanging out 'with my friends down the street'?…[View]
683216Watermark 'removal': An anon from /p/ helped me out big time with another getty pic. So I'm loo…[View]
682951Fantasy anime/manga reccomendations: I don't mean Isekai or dark fantasy, anything other than t…[View]
683408Putting games on xbox 360: How can I put emulators like retroarch on my xbox 360? I want to fill it …[View]
683304Identify book: Please can someone translate the cover?[View]
683452Game recommendation: I haven't played any platforming games since Battletoads when I was very y…[View]
683458Source: Who the bitch on the right is?[View]
683039Humble Bundle general: Looking to download the original quality of the HMB Manga 2 Anime by Kodansha…[View]
683457what movie are the scenes in this video from? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAH_-Du2428[View]
681863What are some recent popular normalfag anime?: Catching up with stuff I missed over the past few yea…[View]
682983how to remove this big black box: This somehow just appeared wherever i turn the volume up or down (…[View]
683234does anyone have a higher resolution version of this picture[View]
683446I'm looking for a video of a girl falling in her living room: Help me![View]
683443Someone who can translate these kanjis?[View]
683079Alright so the windows 10 search tool is fucking terrible. what are some free simple alternatives th…[View]
683423This is a thumbnail from a slideshow video. Can't find the original image.[View]
683224Help with GStremer: I have a pipeline with two branches. Root is v4l2src. One branch leads to a file…[View]
682790I need the answer of this question 'What is the PERSONAL NAME of the 140th Pope?' I tried: John Sicc…[View]
683374tech support - choppy audio: I'm having choppy audio and it seems like it only comes from youtu…[View]
683340Does anyone know where I can find that video of the dude who screeches at his mom and his voice gets…[View]
682821Please send headpats: Thanks in advance[View]
683362Name: Anyone know the name of this anime[View]
683376Can anyone do a drawing of Max and Chloe from Life is Strange, and make it in the style of this pic …[View]
683392Need help making Crest for D&D: I just need to make these crest kind of overlay with each other …[View]
682936Can someone put joker makeup on this picture of Micheal Richards for me[View]
682875PC98 VN.: Any of you guys have that comparison from that VN on the PC98 and its anime adaptation? I …[View]
683387Game of Thrones cartoon: Hello all, Looking for a GoT cartoon strip with childish character renditi…[View]
683355IDM: Anyone have a cracked version? can i have some too?[View]
683251iCloud lock: How unlock[View]
683268Can I get suggestions for youtube series to watch? My favorite topics to watch are obscure media lik…[View]
683352Does anyone have the original image with the original background please?[View]
683359Weird Request: It's a strange request, but would anyone please put the face (eyes, mouth, blush…[View]
683367what anime[View]
683308Hey /wsr/ I just finished watching Hitoribocchi and I think it's the first 'cute girl' anime th…[View]
683336Google Password Recovery?: If you're logged into your Google account on your phone, but haven…[View]
683337Any chance someone could link or copy/paste this full article from Wall Street Journal? >What If …[View]
683194/a/ top essential anime chart[View]
6828674chan Board Music: Hi, I'm looking for if anyone has the old archives of the 4Chan Board Music …[View]
682941can someone help pls[View]
683137Who's the second girl from the left with the light blue bikini?[View]
683192HEARTCATCH subs: I'm looking for Heartcatch Precure subs to use with the raw BDrips that are pu…[View]
683318Quick shop: Can some one swap out the pic of the bike with the SV650 red? real quick?[View]
682459plz id this hairy hunk[View]
683249I have this tech/IT project that I want to do, but I'm not sure where to start. Basically the p…[View]
683306Instagram DM's: So I used to have this app called Direct which allowed me to use Instagram mess…[View]
683220Has anyone experienced temp read issues with Ryzen CPUs and Corsairs iCue software? I have a Corsair…[View]
683256Is there a name for these points in the hair? I see them on some characters and I assume it's t…[View]
683271What's this thunder dick symbol? Why is my printer broken? And yes I did put my hand in the hol…[View]
681925What is this song: >>2913507[View]
682489I request that you give me ideas for what to write about. I can do anything.[View]
682937Youtube song video with a censored anime compilation mv: so a while back there was a trending song o…[View]
682610podcasts: i'm looking for some new comedy podcasts. i'm really open to anything as long as…[View]
682947Is it pronounced 'sa-geh' or just 'sayje'[View]
683246Pokemon on PC: what's the best way for me to play pokemon on pc, I sold my 3DS a few years ago …[View]
683237Working Job: Need honest answers to these questions: 1. What's your job? 2. Do you like your jo…[View]
683229Are there any good internal capture cards for just playing a console on? Switching between monitor i…[View]
682950Song/Jingle Identification: I was wondering what the little tune used for the title cards in this vi…[View]
683157Looking for someone's dumbass hand drawn comic I saw posted once. The comic featured terrible b…[View]
683230Anyone here who knows a bit about extracting stuff from Xbox 360 or PS3 games that would be able to …[View]
683225Greentext story request - back-alley doctor: Sirs, could you post the set of stories from a back-all…[View]
683190I'm currently watching the entirety of the anime Brigadoon, after i'm done, i wanna watch …[View]
682295Stickin Around: I'm wondering if this is available anywhere WITH SEEDS or as a mega dump? I…[View]
682801Looking to get this translated.: I'm looking to get 17 pictures like this, which i understand a…[View]
683196can anyone gif/webm the end of this clip? https://www.nu.nl/274176/video/kabels-vrijevalattractie-br…[View]
683155Remove The Face: Can anyone remove the face of this character so I can put it over other pictures. I…[View]
683121I’ve been looking for these converse but haven’t been able to find a trustworthy site to purchase th…[View]
683185Bruce Lee horseplay.: I want videos of Bruce Lee doing friendly horseplay an sparring.[View]
683182Old Browser Game: Pic related. Game was around 9 years ago and was hosted on a large online games we…[View]
683167HELP!!: Can anyone help me make this pic of mine a little clearer. Thanks[View]
683174Looking for a web developer.: looking for a web developer. for all the details message me on discord…[View]
682885Was wondering how to save all images in a 4chan thread on Linux?: How to download all photos in a 4c…[View]
682784hey /wsr/, /v/ is a bunch of faggots so im asking you guys: which is the best game to start the atel…[View]
682720Audiobook Site: Looking for audiobook websites - dl pref[View]
683158Searching for an artist: I just found this in an old luggage, would you know who the artist is ? The…[View]
683063https://vocaroo.com/i/s0Q3ksLZAzKz does anyone know the song?[View]
683151Artist: Howdy wsr anyone knows the pic artist name?[View]
683149Searching for a specific character from the simpson and his death scene: So I'm searching for a…[View]
683049How can I prevent a webpage from redirecting me to my country's specific version? I want to see…[View]
682707VPN suggestions: What VPN would you tech savvy anons recommend using? The private tracker i got into…[View]
682735Where can I watch the first OVA for Re:Zero? Pic related, it's called 'Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Is…[View]
683142pokemon: Hi can someone make a gif of how the pokemon black holes in on itself when it faints thank …[View]
683084Can someone please tell me around how much i can get for my PC if i sell it? I would like to replace…[View]
682673Upload speed: Why my torrent client seeds only 500 - 600kbps max when my upload speed is a lot highe…[View]
683133Hi. Im looking for the User Manual Guide for the Snow Groomer Bombardier BR Plus MP 300. anyone?[View]
683129Can someone help me find this painting please There was a scene in a Simpsons episode that I recreat…[View]
683120looking to make this a png with a transparent background. my efforts have been making the mouth tran…[View]
683107How do I come up with a username that I am not gonna be tired of after 5 years? It's hard to be…[View]
682958I need to make some permanent rod magnets (quite small, a few mm in diameter and less than 4cm lengt…[View]
683069Where should I go to torrent my favorite vidya guys?[View]
683114English Language accounts of the 1854 Dutch Expedition against the Chinese in Montrado: Are there an…[View]
683111Shekel & Shuffle is life: Does any of you know the Origin and source of this shekel boi? He got …[View]
682352Does anyone have the drawing of the girl with the nazi symbol on one of her eyes that says something…[View]
683099Seeking manga name: A few months back I was lurking /a/ and some people where discussing a manga abo…[View]
683100Music video search: I'm trying to find a song but can only remember the music video for it. The…[View]
683081Can someone speed this up to extremely fast seizure-inducing speed?[View]
683019Anyone have download for JOJO's bizzare adventure hd or whatever? It's capcom's 2d jo…[View]
682669Anyone got any sort of huge compilation of wads to download all at once?[View]
683074Looking for a file of Ed Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show that's above shitty streaming quali…[View]
683065image search: Does anybody have that one image of Vault boy going 'excuse me what the fuck'? I'…[View]
682894Change hair color to blonde: Could someone change the hair color to blonde on these pics?[View]
683064Meme template.: Coud some good soul drop me some of this drawed, cartoony 'blacked hand' template? I…[View]
683008Hobbies: Give me some productive hobbies to learn. Preferably ones you can learn for free online.…[View]
682933does anyone have that reaction image of the asian shareholders\developers gathered around a table, d…[View]
683042Anyone have a link to her photos?: Or the actual pics of her? Specifically the photo which was used …[View]
682652Photoshop Request: If anyone could make the woman in the image's face blank (while retaining th…[View]
682852I need the name of this actress. She is from residue. I think she looks gorgeous[View]
683028Can you guys please post some good Hakunon pics for profile pics.[View]
683017Where can I download anime soundtracks from? Nyaa music torrents for a lot of shows always end up de…[View]
682880I've been trying to find a webm of a drawing, in the drawing there's a man who look depres…[View]
683013Original: Has anyone the original without the text?[View]
682718Could I get this image upscaled to 1920x1080 or 1920x1200?[View]
682829What's the name of the movie where the detective's son was the suspect?[View]
682997Manga chapter translation: Want a text translation of these chapters, if anyone has spare time. http…[View]
679922Planet Simulation Programs?: Does anyone have any download links for programs that allow you to simu…[View]
678948Mysticons?: Does anyone have any ideas for downloading Mysticons episodes?[View]
681837External Phone Battery Advice?: I am looking for an external phone battery/charger thing, but I have…[View]
681902Is there a way to create Inkling and Octoling characters without needing to buy Splatoon itself?[View]
682981Are there any diet grids for different lifestyles similar to the /fa/ grid format?[View]
682938Been trying to find a webm of a dancing Fleshlight on a bed to the sound of this music File named wa…[View]
682164Constant redirects to malware sites: I'm experiencing a strange issue with redirects on my phon…[View]
682977Can someone please remove the background of this gif? I only want Milk Chan to be showing. Thanks[View]
682969Does anyone know what music this is ? Shazam doesn't. >>15179360[View]
682970Requesting someone up the resolution on this so I can use it as my wallpaper. Great anime btw[View]
682721Can you recommend me some games that were meant to be played over and over like Binding of Isaac? No…[View]
682764Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows the source of this image. Thanks in advance.[View]
682931can someone help me getting the gif? beltoforion.de/article.php?a=exoplaneten&p=pulsar_timing…[View]
682944Looking for 3DS Max torrent, pretty much any version[View]
682633Horror book recommendation: I always get the same answers on /lit/, so I figured I'd ask here. …[View]
682946Am trying to find the kami jigen idol neptune volumes (hyperdimension neptunia pp) on youtube but no…[View]
682837Black comedy anime suggestions: A few months ago my brother introduced me to anime for the first tim…[View]
682928LinAlgb: I feel that my answer is right, but just not entering it correctly, any help?[View]
682930Can someone make me an alt discord account? The email doesn’t need to be verified.[View]
682891PLEASE SOMEONE HAVE A WALLPAPER OF THIS preferably without the text or the text in the corner or som…[View]
682438What's a good torrent software? I'm using bittorrent currently but it seems suspect, when …[View]
682916I'm looking for a FBI Open Up meme featuring the scene from transformers, but with a blaring si…[View]
682856What is the name of the song in the WebM?: I just converted it and want to include the song title, b…[View]
682898Looking for gif/video/link: Of a baseball player being trolled during a fly ball by his teammate. Th…[View]
682886What does Image MD5 filtering do? How the fuck can I filter all the Basedjak and gigachad spam that …[View]
680494Gimme reaction pics pretty please: My PC decided to delete everything on my Windows.old folder so al…[View]
682839Nintendo Wii Redump (NTSC-U) Request: I am looking for the following games from the Nintendo Wii Red…[View]
682855Looking for top tier Japanese games that aren't turn based RPGs or Souls/MGS. On my list at the…[View]
682780What are some comfy recent anime? I need healing[View]
682847Help identifying a cult: Hey anons i'm trying to find some information on some rich people cult…[View]
682804Tec support: Hey I’m having trouble with my pc monitor but I don’t know what’s wrong with it. It kee…[View]
681874name of a tv show/ movie: cant remember the name of the show: there was a tv show about people disco…[View]
682497im looking for an animated movie that has a black thing that morphs into stuff when he gets angry. i…[View]
682752anyone have the source of this gif, it's important[View]
682642Trying to build first PC: Trying to build my first PC, and I’m still trying to get the hang of it. M…[View]
682392Possible manga request: Is pic related from a manga or comic? I see a feint line running down the mi…[View]
682798the source of this?[View]
682796Whats a free image viewer that lets you set it to open images by default at 'Actual Size'?[View]
682797Magic related books or videos?: Just getting into card tricks and slight of hand and hoping someone …[View]
682795Please help me find the title of a book based on what I recall about the plot. It's an English…[View]
682761Yooo could someone remake sexy grunty using a really good character creator?[View]
682503Help finding a guide to set up a proxy server that has a changeable ip address? All I can find on go…[View]
682613Name of anime: Help me find the name of anime : It was about a snake/serpent, [that may transform in…[View]
682772Looking for an anime I saw years ago. Its a romance anime, and I can only remember it having only on…[View]
682766Breakout online puzzles, can't seem to solve it. Link in second post, I keep getting errored wi…[View]
682765La Vie Murmurée: Anybody got a link for this movie ?[View]
682723someone please put yellow eyes and pink hair on kaworu please,thanks in advance anons[View]
682277Edit: Could someone edit this to have the CLRS or the Deep Learning from Yoshua Bengio book?[View]
682759I'm looking for a board game's name I've played once, it is kind of similar with pict…[View]
682756Could someone upload this very underground (but very good) variant of a song to SoundCloud: https://…[View]
682748photoshop help?: can someone photoshop Zamazu holding a beaten goku in one arm and a beaten vegeta i…[View]
682745I am trying to find a Manga I read years ago, but no search string seems to get any hits. It takes p…[View]
682741pls someone ethereumize this pic for me[View]
682730Got more pics like this?[View]
682687who is she?[View]
682645Recommend me a new anime. I like moe anime with childish characters and no real story (school settin…[View]
681633庵野秀明 実写映画作品集 1998-2004 [Blu-ray]: Anyone have a torrent for the Hideak Anno Live Action Collection B…[View]
682695Does anyone know the artist of this Tifa image? I found it on twitter but I can't remember the …[View]
682701Is it official or fanart?[View]
682705What movie is this scene from? Thanks[View]
681985I require more apus and pepes, hard drive failed and lost them all[View]
682697Any /mu/tants here who can tab this part in a harmonica?: Im trying to play this part on a harmonica…[View]
682509Help compile this tweet thread into one good screencap: As the title suggests. I suck at computers a…[View]
682685anybody know a program which can edit your taskbar kinda like in this picture? pic is edited btw[View]
682548Who is she?[View]
682318Anyone have a good website to buy some hawaiian shirts for everyday wear? In dark tones, preferably.…[View]
682421Help me get my laptop working better: Got a brand new HP EliteBook 755 G5 Notebook PC https://store.…[View]
682625What anime/manga is this?: I'm looking for two things. First, the name of pic related. Two, a m…[View]
682269Does anyone have a link or know of a video of a collaboration of anime girls getting panty shots to …[View]
682659fnaf: Does anyone have a link to the FNAF books, preferably the survival book[View]
682657Name of a book series: It's full of overpowered characters, including: >An unimportant chara…[View]
682094Viking Anime Girls Thread: Unusual thread, but does anyone have pictures of cute viking anime girls?…[View]
682589Is this a connector issue or a screen issue?[View]
682639Any apps to stream TV for free on Android? Like Kodi Exodus on PC Also what're you using on PC…[View]
682637Just rewatched Shana for the second time, and I got really addicted to it. Baka tsuki got hit by a D…[View]
682115Hey anons, can you help me word this in a better way? 'It was thanks to my friends that I was able t…[View]
682491Can someone tell me who this character is and or what this manga is[View]
682627Where can I watch Tokyo Mew Mew in Japanese with Japanese subtitles? I want to practice my listening…[View]
682617I'm trying to encode all the flac in a folder into mp3 V0 with ffmpeg I used to use 320 CBR set…[View]
682623Can someone help me find a photo of the tienanmen square tank man, either the famous one or preferab…[View]
682619what manga is this?[View]
682443Is there a definitive resource out there for teaching yourself to play piano?[View]
682609Looking for an anime references with this exact same pose? (Or probably a certain manga/lightnovel c…[View]
681488Alright faggots do any of you know anything about speakers? I've got pic related hooked up to m…[View]
682603HI AGAIN /WSR/ I have come with another image request of this bleach bottle, if someone could ads a …[View]
682583Hey /WSR/ I'm asking for someone to Photoshop this yellow and then add one of those very asian …[View]
682601I’ve started using blockchain and got their free 25 dollars they give away but unfortunately I can’t…[View]
682345Eva NPC: Does anyone have the NPC vs human comparison chart with Asuka and Rei?[View]
682574I need pictures of 8 people. Not popular people, but trans people. 4 mtf people and 4 ftm people, al…[View]
682223What are some comfy mangas that get dark sometimes?[View]
682581Anyone have that greentext of keanu pointing as the image and the only line is something like 'shut …[View]
682579/a/ Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku: It's been 2 years since the show's aired, and I can'…[View]
682037Anyone have the gif/webm of the guy reaching for his phone through a cage with a stick, drops the st…[View]
682106Does anyone have minecraft full release 1.2.5?i want to relieve the good old times[View]
682573is there any websites that are trying to hire people for videogame testing[View]
682327Recommend me a good website to watch anime in HD: i tried crunchyroll but it doesn't have the a…[View]
682506Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon OST: Does anyone have a rip of the Curse of the Moon soundtrack that…[View]
682560Girl with haunting eyes painting: Does anyone know the name of a painting featuring a small blonde g…[View]
682041>pic unrelated Find me a long-lasting work laptop. My budget is $500. For store references, I liv…[View]
682048I have been posting here everyday for over a decade and I want to request the ownership of the websi…[View]
682553So my friend has a webserver where we all send him stupid images, i'm trying to figure out how …[View]
682535Any good free DVD ripping software recommendations?[View]
682516Manga Sound FX: I want to read manga onomatopoeias, or at least get the gist of what's going on…[View]
682343Does anyone know source, the artist or have it in better quality? Google, yandex and saucenao give n…[View]
682439I know the res is shit but it's all I got. Just based on this blurry image does anyone know wha…[View]
682351What are some anime/mangas about reality disintegration? Something like Evangelion or Lain, where re…[View]
682492Hey guys. I'm looking for a really old game that I used to play it back in the 90's, but I…[View]
682045Can anyone identify where she got her shirts from?[View]
682487Ogrewatch: It’s never ogre for Mei[View]

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