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1206182Looking for an MP3 player so I can constantly play music. I use iTunes so it would be great if it wa…[View]
1205821There's a drawing of a jew walking a black man on a leash and telling a white woman to not be a…[View]
1205857i swear i have seen this fellow holding/using a camera i want that image[View]
1206166Is there a torrent or anywhere I can watch?[View]
1206122can some one tell me about this GIF? who is she?[View]
1206068A way to completely hide ublock origin.: I am tired of websites telling me to turn off my adblock to…[View]
1205885Lads, I have a TV and fiber internet service at home, and I want to put a second TV, but I don'…[View]
1206037Does anyone have the original of this? like the actual image from the post? I wanted to test some no…[View]
1206091Can someone replace the Kpop idol in this picture with the following image[View]
1205902Hello. I've been looking for a this image with a better definition but wans't able to, doe…[View]
1206145Artist needed: Could someone with drawing experience fix this hand? Just need the phone removed and …[View]
1206054looking for the video where ian from big brother shiggydiggy'd in public[View]
1206095Gaming Laptop: So I got a problem. My acer laptop from 2017 kicked the bucket. The fucking CPU died.…[View]
1205422I have one of these scart adapters for my tv for over a year now but recently it stopped showing vid…[View]
1206130I remember there being a site that mined onion urls from exit nodes and sorted them by popularity. I…[View]
1206102I managed to vectorize some pngs by turning them into pdfs, but every time I try to export them or o…[View]
1205997Looking for software that I can use to improve my typing speed, better if multilanguage.[View]
1206039Double server workaround to firewall: Machine A has a server, its port not forwarded. Machine B has …[View]
1205749Give me a few tips for improving at finding things on my own.[View]
1206088Paint / PS /r/equest: can a paint friend make an edit of the 'spoderman' meme, featuring the Arbiter…[View]
1205079anime beginner help needed: Hello fellas, this is my first time on /a/ so please no bully(?) I…[View]
1206014Hello friends, does anyone know who she is?[View]
1205735Tech support: Hi, /wsr/, I'm pretty tech illiterate so I was wondering if I could get some help…[View]
1205916Blogspot/Wordpress image downloader: Does anyone know of a way to download images from blog site in …[View]
1206061How do I go from 1.2/1.5 to 4/5?[View]
1206063'alright we gotta go bald': Just need someone remove Felix's hair and replace it with a bald he…[View]
1206034Films about motivation and family values: I've been feeling abit down lately. Anymore movies li…[View]
1206023Dose anyone know how to open iphone 12 por max. I lost pic related a while ago and reported it as st…[View]
1205445make your art more popular?: is that a thing? what does that even mean?[View]
1206027Post more pictures of people smoking while looking into the camera or looking at a phone[View]
1206013Where can I watch/torrent this in its entirety with English subs?[View]
1205507Any pieces of media similar to Nausica Of The Valley Of The Wind, The Five Star Stories, Dune novels…[View]
1205617Can anyone spot any duplicates in this poster?[View]
1204957Looking for name of an anime, Guy enters girls dorm and contemplates if it was a good idea to enter …[View]
1205706Looking for this pepe from the front[View]
1204993does anyone have the jp doujin game compilation 'GHost9SuperComplete': just wondering[View]
1205521Academic book/journal request: Looking for a specific book. It's not on Sci-hub or other common…[View]
1205554Does anyone know what manga this post refers to? It was posted in a Takopii no Genzai thread. I like…[View]
1205823Photoshop request: Requesting him saying, 'based' instead of him saying, 'hmm'[View]
1205971Wind Waker baton sound effect: So , I've been searching about the sound effect that the baton m…[View]
1205876ITT: Small to medium photoshop requests: Since I'm stuck on my computer for today and tomorrow …[View]
1205936What kind of blurring is this?: https://youtu.be/lWvI7eAYL_g?t=518[View]
1205243Send cool or funny images. I need a new steam profile picture![View]
1205489Guys I am looking for the original pic from which this meme was made. I remember seeing this way bac…[View]
1205927Can some guru photoshop a Real Madrid shirt on her?[View]
1205877I’m desperately looking for a song that samples the game stone keep, specifically the lines “Lost on…[View]
1205873I am trying to find this intro video that was probably from occults. In the video it contained a moo…[View]
1205805Motherboard standoff screws / PC failing to turn on: Anons, my pc failed to boot some days ago - and…[View]
1205510Psychedelic folk recommendations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFEaoDXXrNQ I really love Fat Old …[View]
1205563Recommend me ANY similar vidya that isn't on my hard drive (don't like DRM simple as only …[View]
1205849post generic facebook 'good morning' images[View]
1205847music for playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsZAfjtJpruHkOVN5mnYGUgJ7BOcJrR4R I want musi…[View]
1205526Finding old Maplestory youtuber: Does anyone remember a youtuber from the mid 2000s who used to post…[View]
1205764What are the best mecha anime before Gundam in 1979?[View]
1205238Requesting chudjak of the new savior of the white race[View]
1204982More animations like these?: Please recommend me some other animations with a dark WWI-inspired sett…[View]
1205798I'm looking for an audiobook of RWBY: Roman Holiday. I know it's available on Audible, but…[View]
1204215Looking for Self-help / Pickup videos: Hello, I'm currently trying to find complete packages fo…[View]
1205759looking for the song played during ost's death scene from shield hero anime. I doubt anyone wil…[View]
1204863nip TV programmes: where can i torrent japanese TV shows like Shinsengumi!, Dokuganryu Masamune and …[View]
1205589I would like to watch the content of this webm, but with audio. I know it's Gaki no Tsukai, but…[View]
1205647/pol/ shit: please link me to this image/images in high res?[View]
1205739Is there any way to know the total size if i were to download all the videos of a youtube playlist? …[View]
1205781Song Name?: Hey all, I cannot find this country song I heard on the radio. The lyrics included somet…[View]
1205732Dumb Meme Look at Drawing: I'm looking for a reaction image of a stick figure lying in a bed wi…[View]
1204661COCK: hi hi hi :3 x3 im looking for a cock.li invite if u have one! my email is lightanddarkmagician…[View]
1205763Looking for an image that had all different panties Yukina wore in Strike the Blood.[View]
1205463does anyone have the full gif or webm where he shoots himself[View]
1205746how do i create rrl?[View]
1205495What's the best way to permanently delete files from your trash? Is the sudo rm -R option in te…[View]
1205215how do i translate russian written in english characters: I just assume this person I follow writes …[View]
1205737Some people think that if you are seeking a vhs tape while the picture is visible the tape quality w…[View]
1205681Best Way To Send Mail Into Russia?: I'm trying to send a package to a family member in Moscow b…[View]
1204978Would this be a good place to request help for a vidya-related parody song I'm writing? /v/…[View]
1205001A manga I haven't been able to find: There was this one manga where one of the leads, some sort…[View]
1205714RLM Rich Evans: Anyone have the clip of Rich Evans saying 'Good thing that was a bullet proof wood d…[View]
1205705can someone manage to solve this problem? ive been stuck with it for 2 dayss and i genuinely cannot …[View]
1205548Isekai Light Novels: What are some good isekai light novels and what is a good app to read epubs on …[View]
1205517knights: I just finished berserk and I'm looking for manga with knights. any recommendations ?…[View]
1205682Is there a concept similar to Amdahl's law in the general case?: I got introduced to the concep…[View]
1205654Mac Mini worth it? Alternatives if not?: I don't do gaming anymore, my current PC is like a spa…[View]
1205083Can anybody tell me the name of the BGM thats playing for dream hunter rem rems classroom part?[View]
1205683Anyone know who this is? saw it posted in an off-topic thread that got nuked, supposedly some greek …[View]
1205270How to improve my art to get the kind of traffic like yuumei, rossdraws like we have different styli…[View]
1205450Forgot a Word: What's the word for someone who does something for the sake of helping people an…[View]
1205522Available CSP Pro Hack?: I heard that it's impossible to hack 'Clip Studio Paint Pro', because …[View]
1205656Using a Analog TV as a PC Monitor: So I picked up the TV in the picture, and I have my GPU running t…[View]
1205631Ethernet adapter preventing PC from sleeping: Hi anons, I need some help - this shit has been drivin…[View]
1204723Help with two English lines: There're two lines in a song I can't get. It's a fun Eng…[View]
1205305Someone Make a WEBM?: I can't access the page anymore so the link is in the description of the …[View]
1205643Looking for the video of a guy skating through a tunnel with this song playing https://www.youtube.c…[View]
1205390Advice?: So I got new black neighbors recently and I was helping them move their furniture in becaus…[View]
1205626I'm looking for a song that has the same feel as I'm not human at all by sleep party peopl…[View]
1205623Does anyone knows the name of this movie or something? I saw from a clip and couldn't find the …[View]
1205233monika edit request: Requesting a white edit of Monika (ponytail girl)[View]
1205621I'm looking for an old image. Looked kind of like a rage comic of Anthony Fantano fucking his b…[View]
1205605Does anyone know who they are referring to?[View]
1205483Great japanese movies: Just have that feeling right now that makes me want to look for a movie that…[View]
1205533music name?: https://i.4cdn.org/wsg/1652414041000.webm…[View]
1205439Does anyone have a copy of the transparent png version of picrel? It just has Teruhashi[View]
1205111I wish to read the Mahabharata, from having a look on Amazon I understand that there is both an abri…[View]
1205559Does anyone know the name of this song/nasheed?[View]
1205280where can i read the bad guys book 11?[View]
1205537How does this youtuber make the new lines of code appears on the screen so smoothly? https://youtu.b…[View]
1204191self-improvement, uni in the EU, online employment for CS: Due to a severe depression caused by Mitc…[View]
1205542Is there something as a mystery box deal that only sends you sketchbooks and nothing else?[View]
1205534On a quest to find audio books of a cracking good read from my middle school years: Durandal by Haro…[View]
1205416need linux tech support: hi people smarter than me, ive been messing with a new raspberry pi i got a…[View]
1205520anyone know who is she? what’s her @[View]
1205492i'm in desperate need of a cda (cd audio) conversion tool or ripping tool that doesn't fuc…[View]
1205442Please help me understand these concept Economics people: If the demand falls in the long run, how w…[View]
1205512Does anyone have any good first hand accounts of criminals who committed their crimes for the sake o…[View]
1205323Alternatives to The Trove RPG Site: Hi everyone, I'm looking for an alternative to The Trove, t…[View]
1205426recommend songs: recommend songs like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xu3ew8Z5660 https://www.…[View]
1204907html/css questions: I have a few questions first one is regarding grandparent/parent/child relations…[View]
1205469Simple request does anyone have the NTR version of this gif from Kill la Kill ?[View]
1205458This edgy comedy: I remember some cartoon web made (Macromedia flash) or something that was basicall…[View]
1205425Blur out eyes: Could someone please blacken out my eyes?[View]
1204043I got injured so now I'm stuck in a bed for an extended time. Only have a laptop with me. What…[View]
1205328http://www.makaiwell.com/downloads/infovault/4chan/ Anyone old enough to recognize this, do you have…[View]
1204656What is the website to get Reddit delete comments and posts?[View]
1205147what is the most quality build monitor I can get with my PC'S specs? Processor Intel(R) Core(TM…[View]
1204603help me to remember music video. late 90s early 00s. trashy euro dance/house track. hot chicks danci…[View]
1205097Can someone make the cream colour of the woman's shoulder the same white as the border? Thankyo…[View]
1205360PC WON'T START: Went to turn on my PC this morning and just nothing happens when I press the po…[View]
1205330what game is this?[View]
1205349Who's the artist?[View]
1204648How to learn to drive for the first time: I'm a bit slow and hazy. I was put in a car and told …[View]
1204840Download & Torrents: Is NYAA still the default for downloading?[View]
1205275old twitch trolling video: I remember an old video of a twitch raid, it was done on a kid playing th…[View]
1205315Song sauce: Having trouble finding the sauce for this song. I already tried reversing the image for …[View]
1203683Hey can I get some anime movie reccs for anything that's come along in the last 10 years or so?…[View]
1205212Looking for the Normies keep moving, this is a schizo board alter.[View]
1204329Give me ideas for a product in my feasibility study. I cant think of any.[View]
1205171I have a folder of 50 images I need to stitch together vertically. What's the most efficient wh…[View]
1205182I like the art style of this manga author called sho shibamoto. What are some artists, or maybe even…[View]
1205145Masks of their own face: Looking for clips of people taking off a mask to reveal an identical face u…[View]
1204833Re-encoding show without losing quality?: I got an old anime in 1080p but the group that released it…[View]
1204873Issues with new graphics card: I just got a RTX 3080 recently and I've been having issues with …[View]
1205269Fantasy novels for ebook/Kindle: Hello, I'm looking for any links to the full collections in ep…[View]
1204710Saved pics mysteriously disappeared: Does anyone know what to do about an image randomly dissappeari…[View]
1205120Can someone retouch this photo's lighting so that the eyes don't look like they were paint…[View]
1205256One time I saw a page with links to a ton of different piracy streaming sites, does anyone know of a…[View]
1205007Post songs that you really like pretty please[View]
1205012looking for a video streaming service to see things with friends: let's say i have an mp4 i wan…[View]
1204855Politics aside, it is possible to get hair like this as an American of Polish descent?[View]
1205220Does anyone know who she is? Image search isn’t returning anything[View]
1205224Expedition Adam 84/The Visitors: Is there anywhere to watch this in English?[View]
1205223Donald Trump Cumpilation 69: I'm looking for a video named donald trump cumpiliation 69 it basi…[View]
1204374hey guys I'm looking for a bodycam that has these feature 1. small 2. 16-24 hour recording time…[View]
1204875I need to buy a US sim-card as an European and be able to freely call and receive calls. What is the…[View]
1204878Requesting an AutoHotKey script that binds a key to copy the first 19 characters of a selected file…[View]
1205150Why doesn't http://catalog.neet.tv have certain boards? Like /u/ for example. Is there any way …[View]
1205175can someone change the background to #8b00ff (thats a hexadecimal color, its a shade of purple)? I c…[View]
1205138ffmpeg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Xf1DfvVJbs&ab_channel=Linglom.com watched this video, b…[View]
1205043Today's my friend's birthday. Got any funny happy birthday images or gifs?[View]
1204020Need help find an old video from ~2007. If I remember correctly it was from some sort of show where …[View]
1204871Source with sound?: Anyone have this webm with sound?[View]
1205009How do I bypass this 403 forbidden error? https://i.pximg.net/c/768x1200_80/img-master/img/2012/06/…[View]
1205159Grimy red art?: How do they make these sorts of very grimy, dingy pieces for games and art? I notice…[View]
1204776Okay, I'm looking for a anime I saw (and dropped) a few years ago. I know I saw it back in 2017…[View]
1205061Windows update fucked my install: Windows 10 ran a scheduled update while I was asleep and today it …[View]
1205135Man i used to use salder to check my answers but the got bought and it sucks now, where do you get a…[View]
1205131parsec request: Resident evil 8: looking for someone willing to stream resident evil 8 to me through…[View]
1205116Funny multiplayer mafia game where your drive car and walk funny fogot name??????[View]
1204725I.. I cant find it..: I'm sure there were more of these, somewhere, made by someone. Does ANYON…[View]
1204791Hello /wsr/. I need to ask strangers a couple of (hopefully) introspective questions for a college a…[View]
1205122Looking for an image of Star Butterfly sitting on top of a pile of corpses, made after the finale (p…[View]
1205064artist of this?[View]
1204007Where is this from?[View]
1205109What is the best place to ask music gear specific questions and get good responses from knowledgable…[View]
1205098What do you call the meme where a white comic character is doing something and then a character (lik…[View]
1204617Better resolution?: Someone have it in higher resolution or can edit it to increase the size without…[View]
1204506Download Moomin comics: The physical editions are a mess and I hate how they are publishing them. An…[View]
1205095I'm looking for this image recreated in real life, I used to have the image saved but must have…[View]
1205084Looking for specific judo webm set to hip hop: going out of my fucking mind. looking for a webm of j…[View]
1205078sapphire plugin: i need sapphire plugin for my sony vegas usually this is easy, but now for the love…[View]
1204979Coincidence detector on yandex: anyone know how to install the coincidence detector extension onto t…[View]
1203546Who dis?: Anyone know her name. Looking for more of her from different angles.[View]
1204984numeric keyboard not working: I have a laptop with a numeric keyboard, it did work normally in the b…[View]
1205013Christcuck/kike worshiper: Post christcuck related memes if you have them please thanks[View]
1204493cuphead lean: can someone make the poured lean purple[View]
1204464I found this image and the op didnt know where it came from. The aesthetic appeals to me and I'…[View]
1204967MUSIC LIKE 'WHITE JUNGLE' TRACK: I want music comparable to 'Rhythm and Balance' from shad…[View]
1203839Cat Reaction Images: I need infinity more cat reaction images, send as many as you can. I'll po…[View]
1205028/biz/ is trash for help Can anyone explain to me how to use https://www.binance.com/en/futures/1000S…[View]
1205026Old English Dictionary of Fancy Definitions: Looking for an old, well-known (in some circles) dictio…[View]
1205021Does anyone know a proxy that will mask my location to anywhere on earth? Pretty please[View]
1205016RDR Quotes: I thought of using similar images with a quote from RDR and RDR2 for wallpaper. Share th…[View]
1204452Voice recording request: Requesting people to give me their best monotonous/robot impression saying …[View]
1204883Anyone has this webm with sound?[View]
1205005The Slap (2015) - NBC TV Series: Not to be confused with the original 2011 series on Australia'…[View]
1204428Cannot Disable Adaptive Brightness on Windows 11: >12700k >Nvidia 1070 I have tried just about…[View]
1204987Undernet: Okay, so I want to access the #bookz section of the Undernet, but Hexchat won't conne…[View]
1204994can someone pls extract the design on this button down shirt? wanna try printing this on my own[View]
1204973Looking for the name of a movie about a family, the son who is in high school has a fetish for fat g…[View]
1204884requesting the image that says something like 'short woman problems vs short man problems' and the w…[View]
1204974does anyone know a software similar to soulseek but for android phones?[View]
1204970Someone in a now deleted thread brought up a junji ito story where the plot revolved around some wom…[View]
1204968meme where armin is holding a yugioh 'umi' spellcard: please i need it[View]
1204938Does anyone have the image that contains some anime girl looking towards the viewer and also a super…[View]
1204865I'm looking for torrent sites for cartoons, especially looking for old Disney stuff, Merrie Mel…[View]
1204611What's the original pic on the left?[View]
1204955Webm request: I am looking for a covid 'antivaxxer autist' version of this video. Only, could you pl…[View]
1204608Looking for that meme/ meme format about different types of energy drinks ranked by the type of pers…[View]
1204453source with sound?[View]
1204918Is there and decent picture editing app for phones? If I look up photo editor app or something it al…[View]
1202745What is your favourite manga?: Yes this is a recommendation thread. I will not criticize you at all …[View]
1204414Internet income: Anyone know a decent way to get money 100% online? I'm not looking to become t…[View]
1202717Male anime/manga reaction images?: Can I get some reaction images of anime/manga men and boys? I hav…[View]
1204908Photoedit: G'day, Shoop Klaus Schwab's face onto the Drill Seargent. Thank you kindly.…[View]
1204171Science Shows: On youtube or TV, what are good modern shows about science? Specially without hosts o…[View]
1204829Want to get into Baki, both anime and manga. I have an autistic thing where I read whatever I watche…[View]
1204778in desperate need of a boomer shooter flowchart or list or anything that lists a large number of the…[View]
1204433what animal makes this sound[View]
1204701Recommend me albums that sound like this one.[View]
1204896Anyone remember an old web comic about a lady who goes around killing weird interdimensionals aliens…[View]
1204821Who the fuck is this and what is she from?[View]
1204888/r/ing the Jojo's reaction image that's just Jotaro's eyes.[View]
1204449Tho Owl House comic PLS: looking for this 2 comic: 'Lumity XD' and 'Repentance' 'Lumity XD' was on …[View]
1204819Someone please give me the rundown on what that one day or so was on 4chan where emoji's were p…[View]
1204570i need NO COST hockey game streaming, as well as no cable tv ads if possible[View]
1204591Hitler Speeches?: Any anons have links to archives of Adolf Hitler's speeches? I would like to …[View]
1204872Someone please make this but with pootler and jewlemski[View]
1204284I have a standing customer service job all summer. AC don't mean shit when I have to carry bags…[View]
1203846What specific set-up/programs/software do I need if I want to keep my computer optimally cleaned/pro…[View]
1204748There's a reading device that appears at 9:19 on this video >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
1204823Anyone have a good archive of all buddhism hotline episodes, especially ones no longer listed on you…[View]
1204756Does anyone have that anime torrent guide that compares different releases and groups? If not could …[View]

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