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929074What are some good anime or manga that take place during the Bakumatsu period? Sengoku always seems …[View]
930033What comic and issue is this from?: Already tried Google, Tineye and Yandex.[View]
930072Could someone please edit the lines around the face to be thinner, like in the following refs[View]
930009Can someone give me an example of an article about science or technology that is full of fallacies (…[View]
929702I have a writing prompt assignment due Monday, and I’m fresh out of ideas for a story. I dug through…[View]
929608Hello anons, is it possible to help me out with this Python programming assignment I am struggling w…[View]
927891Guys, I'm learning english, and aiming for a C1 level. I've been, hitherto, diligently inc…[View]
929586Can someone turn the guy on left into a smug pepe without removing the hair, moustache and beard? An…[View]
929878requesting you to tell me what software(s) you use to edit images[View]
929501Tech Support: Ring Light Phone Mount: I bought a ring light set recently (linked below) and didn…[View]
929536Running Windows games on mac: I need help getting my shitty laptop to run windows games, and i'…[View]
929984Can someone give me a review of their soap or where to find reviews for it?[View]
929995Domon Kasshu (G Gundam): Does anyone have any nice pictures of Domon Kasshu from G Gundam? Fanart, s…[View]
929420Extremely slow Macbook USB transfer: I'm trying to move files off of my mom's Macbook to h…[View]
929224Can someone tell me what song the band is playing in this scene from Citizen Kane? https://i.4cdn.or…[View]
929905For the life of me I can't remember the name or find that video of Reimu and Marisa from Touhou…[View]
929852Music Video?: yo fellow anons, trying to find a music video that i once saw on a gym screen and can…[View]
929680this guy i know is a faggot for jaiden animations, and i'm trying to tell him why she's in…[View]
929829Hi /wsr/ can someboyd help me by turning this pic into a wallpaper? with the drawing leaning to the …[View]
929701Help with source of this anime clip?: https://streamable.com/yu4l84 Looks like a magical girl show…[View]
928324History of Byzantium Podcast Paywalled episodes: Anyone have these episodes. If you have them all th…[View]
929884Please give me some advice on how to start modding skyrim. I know nothing about it so I would apprec…[View]
929414Today's Yui Hirasawa's birthday[View]
929316If someone could help me by removing the background for some images, I would appreciate the help. I …[View]
929647Hime Cut Alignment Chart: I saw one of these on /tg/ for hime cuts, but I haven't been able to …[View]
928527Anyone know who this is?[View]
929719Girls Online: How do I meet girls online? I used to use Fakku dating and that was great for meeting …[View]
927457Soul Beat : Replica by poeyama: Does anyone have this album? The songs were used in the official Ste…[View]
929709coding, math of circle circumference: hi, i have to code a centered circle which circumference follo…[View]
929758Can I use a external blu ray drive to watch blu rays? Seems like there is more to it than just plugi…[View]
929800K-On MEGA folder: A few years ago I downloaded a folder from Mega that contained all of K-On. All se…[View]
929776Is there a program out there that automatically merges anime screenshots together? Pic related, like…[View]
929757Jeff Russo composer maybe s2e8: 17:03-17:30 of season 2 episode 8 santa clarita diet song name? ost/…[View]
929568Japanese>English Translation: Can someone translate what is being said here to English? Asking fo…[View]
929338Who is this character from a 4chan banner? manga? Thanks.[View]
929777Trash Taste Patreon Only Content: Could someone share the video files for the patreon only content f…[View]
929753Can anyone help me find the source for this WEBM? I can't reverse image search it, and I'v…[View]
929650Help me find these icons: This is a screenshot on an inmediate access bar. I would like to know the …[View]
929649Does anyone have something like a torrent or just a collection of Taboo cards? Just sending pictures…[View]
929731Legit testbank sites? There seems to be a lot of less than a year old testbank sites that are shady …[View]
928508Anyone know who this girl is ?[View]
929672I don't know what 'at right angle to the curb' means here. Does it mean that by walki…[View]
929294Manga by words per page: I remember there being some chart that classified manga by number of words …[View]
929639Bear Thread: Can we get a bear thread going lads?[View]
929439Physics Homework: Resistance: Hi guys, i have a doubt about this problem: How i can solve this? Any …[View]
929605In what sense?[View]
929716OLD Steam build: Where can I find the latest Steam build that still had the old green/grey UI? I don…[View]
929580Can someone name all the swords in this pic? I can only recognize the Buster Sword and Lightsabner[View]
929700Searching for that autogenyphilia screenshot post, pic related was a cartoon german officer[View]
929629How do I log in?: Recently someone gifted me this AP and I wanted to use it, but it doesn't let…[View]
929548Vocal Recording: some tweekers fucked with me. feel like returning the favor but i need who ever wa…[View]
929636Hunter x Hunter: any point in watching the old version?[View]
929645Can't find her name: I remember her, during a public meeting, and she was arrested by police, f…[View]
929517Who is she?[View]
929549Hello /wsr/ should I replace this router for a better one? It's my main router and had many dev…[View]
929638Where can i get this jacket?: i want to be a dictator[View]
929329Anybody know where I can read this/download?[View]
929620'Pizza' from 4chan: I've seen her(male) on Eggman's videos a few times. Who's got the…[View]
928996Anyone have a link to the album that came with the Japan only dead by daylight silent hill edition? …[View]
928197Can someone translate what's written on this page?[View]
929593Can anyone help me? Trying to find a book or maybe a series? Not sure if its full on science fiction…[View]
929292I'm looking for a old youtuber I used to watch. He went by 'Van Helsing' or 'The Punisher'. Old…[View]
928357Anime movie with an actual good chracter development?[View]
929619Hi, does anyone have a working torrent of Ableton Live 10 for Mac OS Catalina? All the ones on pirat…[View]
928839Overlord Light Novel: Is there a site where I can read a good translation of Overlord's light n…[View]
929579I'm looking for that Gamer Joker pic where all the Jokers fuse together into a giant one who sa…[View]
929596More edits like this[View]
929595Anyone got this in good quality[View]
929375Sooo i have this folder i cant get acess to When i go to proterties-security-advanced it says i dont…[View]
929591What's the source of this pic? Originally posted on /lgbt/[View]
929558What apps are these?: Hi guys, trying to identify which apps use these notification icons. No, this …[View]
929458How the hell do I turn off the God forsaken music in this app.[View]
929581Looking for the one sad video that's tumblr-tier and has 'what if we never met' with a bunch of…[View]
928942High resolution Painting: I loved this painting from the moment I saw it. I want to print it on a po…[View]
929315Essay that defends violence: I’ve read this essay that’s entitled something along the lines of “in t…[View]
928887I need ideas on how to make money. My situation right now: >27 >neet >dropped out of colleg…[View]
929534Edit wanted: Hi I was hoping one of you could edit The anime girls face onto the killer’s head so it…[View]
929423Higher res of this gif?[View]
928847Transparent background(s), please?: Could someone with good editing skills please make the backgroun…[View]
929511Isolating x: What do when trying to isolate x with the quadratic formula and the value under the squ…[View]
929512do these headphones only pickup sound through the 3.5mm jack? ive plugged the usb portion but not th…[View]
929203Should I read the Ping Pong manga or directly jump into the anime? I'd definitely watch the ani…[View]
929492Tracks to listen to while driving on highway: Can you guys recommend me some good tracks that I can …[View]
929301Is anyone able to upload the TattooSmart Watercolor Kit please? I'm broke as hell and don'…[View]
929142Summoning someone who isn't completely retarded at math Tldr my work has been shorting me on pa…[View]
929483What is this equation/ notation called? Popped up in a formula I need and I don’t know how to use it[View]
929448Touchpad not working: Need help, my touchpad isn't working and wouldn't show up in device …[View]
929324Does anybody know the song playing in Evangelion Episode: 26 during the alternate reality part when …[View]
929455Searching for picture: I am looking for the picture of a man playing a visual novel and in the windo…[View]
929442help me figuring out this handwriting: Help me find out what is written. TY[View]
929453need baidu downloads plz.: https://pan.baidu.com/share/link?shareid=1558840841&uk=2670666489 htt…[View]
929345Can anyone tell me the source for this? Looks like some kind of fantasy manga but I don't know …[View]
929444Looking for PSP ISO: If you guys know where I could find a Monster Hunter Portable 3rd ISO that has …[View]
929418Can someone give me a download for The Joker movie?[View]
929266Reloading an AR in 223: There was a youtube video that showed how to reload a magazine in an AR, and…[View]
929194Hello. I living on the North American continent and I have an HP Pavillion DV7 laptop that I still u…[View]
928760Who is this bloke?: Who is this bloke? I used to know his name and saw the image again today and now…[View]
928989Where can I find some good vibes?[View]
929410Help me find this mask: I've been looking pretty much everywhere for somewhere to buy this stup…[View]
928327Ecchi anime suggestions without demons: I really really like the idea of High School DxD and the gir…[View]
927776Site to Download/Torrent Bollywood Movies?: Is there a Site/Tracker that updates their selection of …[View]
928824/wsr/, teach me how to be based[View]
929357What's a good website blocker for windows? I need a desktop program instead of a chrome extensi…[View]
929372Does anyone know the name of the manga where the protagonist can't date the girl he likes becau…[View]
929217Anybody knows where this is?[View]
929364Could someone please edit the lines around the face to be thinner, like in the following refs?[View]
928856dns test server: is there a site like freenom but with an API so I can register temporary domain nam…[View]
929332https://vocaroo.com/1nklbiA4sLjC heard this sound a lot in movies. anyone know the origin or what so…[View]
929336Is an even better resolution for this image possible?: I want to use the face as a twitter icon, but…[View]
928840facebook recovery: hey /wsr/ so my brother's facebook account got hacked 6 hours ago, and we tr…[View]
929322Hey , i want to ask you guys two things. 1 -Is there any way i can see who exactly watched a youtube…[View]
928353I'm dumb: What's this popular song name and artist?[View]
929093Home button of Redmi note 8 spent 5 seconds to bring me to main screen: If I try with the back butto…[View]
929290who is this girl?[View]
928584Bullet Hell Games: I've only played a bullet hell game once before in my life, four or five yea…[View]
929288does anyone have the mega with all of thundercats roar?[View]
929267whats the story behind this jpeg?[View]
929260Looking for a good addon/program for 4chan: Is there a plugin or program for the computer where you …[View]
929296Help finding a ANGRY reaction .gif: Relatively short animated .gif of a (real/live-action) middleage…[View]
929175Struggling to find any good references of the cockpit for the Guren from Code Geass. I've found…[View]
929232Gaming PC: I'm getting a PC for Christmas. What should I get with a budget of 500 euro(roughly …[View]
929286Reshade old movie/VHS filter?: Can anyone help me find a preset for reshade to make it look like an …[View]
929279https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=37316 where I can read this manga[View]
929129Requesting 2 image edits: I wanted the background of this picture removed[View]
929272Chapter Generator: So there is this program that makes you customize your own space marine but when …[View]
929265Can someone color this guy ? I'd like it with light brown hair. And also add the background too…[View]
928738DS Emulator: Does anyone know a free, stable, and fast DS emulator for android? I'm currently b…[View]
929261i was going thru some old fb messages in a group chat when i found this gem. would it be possible fo…[View]
929233Freesync on non-Freesync monitor: Hello, I am trying to get Freesync working on my Qnix 2710 monitor…[View]
929238Where is this?: While this is a long shot, I am attempting to identify the location in the backgroun…[View]
929043Star wars battlefront (2015): A download for this pc game please. Can't find anywhere on the to…[View]
928755Serious Question for AP Research Question: Hello all, I was wondering if as a RQ I could choose, do …[View]
928661Rockman X DiVE assets: looking for DiVE assets like backgrounds capsule draw background PVP cyberspa…[View]
928359I need an edit of this 'do it for her' meme but with all the photos replaced with Midari Ikishima fr…[View]
929198can you change the colour of this girls cloth and hair ? like the cloth white and the hair blonde ? …[View]
929063remove background: can someone please remove the background behind the girl ? making it a trasparent…[View]
929088I had to post these in other boards due to the size limits, but can someone help me find the music s…[View]
929196Neep help with Excel Line Graphs.: Hello, does anyone know what is going wrong when I attempt to mak…[View]
929168Can anyone here read Korean? Can you tell me what this says?[View]
929189Heya Im looking for a old video that was linked on /v/ many years ago. I cant remember the title but…[View]
929065Could somebody, in the style of the kek face meme, put on the bottom of this picture the words: ‘Abs…[View]
928968Old, obscure Anime that I watched a while back.: Hello. I'm kinda new to 4chan so, forgive me f…[View]
9284494chan tech help: When I post on /b it says 'post successful', but it dosen't ahow up anywhere. …[View]
929128Where is this? Google image reverse search was no help.[View]
928764Is there more to this video or an original source? Someone on /pol/ keeps spamming it and it seems l…[View]
929119PC upgrading thread. A PC casual needs suggestions.: I'm just asking for suggestions on choosin…[View]
929145Music Source?: Need help finding out where the music in clip related is from. Any clues are apprecia…[View]
929149https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pL5rkMEZ_I Does anyone have a download link for Knxwledge's Li…[View]
929126Where is it from?: I'm looking for the name of this little cat creature and where its from. Any…[View]
928422I'm bad at TVs I'm trying to find a 65' TV to upgrade my old LG 55UH6030-UC. However I…[View]
928752What are some of the removed 4chan boards? What the fuck were /fk/ and /yg/?[View]
929124I'm looking for a friend to chat with on discord My Discord Tag: fizzymax#7146[View]
929098what does || mean here?[View]
929120Convert Image to YAOI: I have two mates in a photo and it would look perfect as a YAOI style artwork…[View]
929006Brainlet here. Can someone help me find the limit of these functions?[View]
929077Recomend me my next anime: Recently enjoyed: Darling, Kakegurui, Demon Slayer, JJK and Rent a gf. An…[View]
928662Can someone turn this image into a wojak? I hate them but I feel like this would be appropriate[View]
928714I erroneously posted this on /jp/, I got sent here. My wife asked me for a japanese guy's artb…[View]
929064Anyone know how to fix a tv? Westinghouse TV turns on but it’s only a black screen. Here’s what I’ve…[View]
929041Font: Does anybody know what the upper font is called? Thanks[View]
928779anons, what are your filters? (especially for this board) I've decided to just start mine rn[View]
929038Have you already seen this meme/joke ? It has been submited to a competition today, and I feel I…[View]
929044Hy guys, i really need this software at work. It's a pc-dos software for a measuring machine. I…[View]
928657Where can I watch the original Cutie Honey anime with GOOD subtitles? The subs on 9anime are really …[View]
928915Could someone edit out the 'SB: 1$' in the upper left corner, please?[View]
928962CHemistry/MATH: finding X: Hi wsr Dont know how to find X in pic related. Is there some sort of magi…[View]
928108I don't get it: Can someone explain the joke in Zoomer humor? I don't get it[View]
928838I've been fallowing this youtuber for a while, he's sort of a guide to the little black Am…[View]
928448what are some anime like flcl or gurren lagann[View]
928384Need some help finding out a song.: It was a game soundtrack, that I'm 90% sure. I can't …[View]
928882Good YouTube video downloader extension/website on chrome?[View]
928910Looking for...: It's a screenshot compilation of a bunch of posts in a board that was all about you …[View]
928974Photo edit needed: Hi I was hoping one of you could edit The anime girls face onto the killer’s head…[View]
928569Komm Süsser Tod: There was a really nice, high quality version of this song posted on YouTube. But t…[View]
928947Free energy device: Can someone help me find more about an infinite energy device, I vaguely remembe…[View]
928911What do subscriptions do for a streamer on Twitch? Do they receive that money?[View]
928949Who?: I've seen this girl on nearly every board I frequent, but I've never managed to reve…[View]
928509Who is she?: Does anyone know who is she/source?[View]
928938anybody got a torrent or mega for this yet?[View]
928909Help... something wrong with 4chan/browser: I am having a weird problem with my browser or with 4cha…[View]
928918Is there any torrentz2 link working?[View]
928808Sauce for thot[View]
928562Anybody knows where to download Haruhi Suzumiya light novels in Japanese? I am only finding them in …[View]
928852Klinger rope slide sound effect from DKC2?: Does anyone have the sound effect for Donkey Kong Countr…[View]
928665Please, someone knows this song? Thank you. https://webmshare.com/1Zq6e Extended version[View]
928835i recently discovered that i take a liking in sniffing up my own farts, Is this normal?[View]
927468Lost Media: Hello /wsr/ I have come into possession of an old and rare Filemaker project that appear…[View]
928782can someone help me write my 4chanX filters correctly? I want to remove as much porn as possible fro…[View]
928867Looking for that screenshot of a fake article about a Russian pilot landing on an American aircraft …[View]
928863Looking for a reaction image of a seal saying sorry, but the caption is at the bottom and the seal w…[View]
928853Does anyone know where I could download an artbook of Crystar? It's a highly rated, yet very un…[View]
928316It's my buddy's birthday soon: Please post the funniest birthday pics/videos you've g…[View]
928805So you can download images through viewing a webpage source (like on instagram). Is this possible wi…[View]
928825Kyriakos Grizzly: Has anyone got the image of grizzly on a bench looking sad? Cheers[View]
928798more in this retro style?[View]
928794Any good npm graphics packages for making images?: I was planning on making a Discord bot game but t…[View]
928464java: hey I'm working on simple n+1 code let's say a=1 and b=4 then I wan't my result…[View]
928094Am I fucking crazy or do I hear a silent man talking during the Fairly Odd Parents theme song? https…[View]
928807cartoon tip of my tongue: i used to remember there used to be a cartoon about some characters that h…[View]
928557Hi, may you please upscale, enhance and remove watermarks from my grad photo proof copy please? Than…[View]
928769Mexican electropop band: I'm trying to remember this one mexican band. I remember they were com…[View]
928792Can somebody help me find out who this is[View]
928013Can someone please turn Gavin newsom into the crying Jordan? Thank you[View]
928784Need the full version of this pape: Saved it as my wallpaper a few years back didnt save it like a d…[View]
928750Does anyone here recognize this can? It's driving me nuts.[View]
928704How can i play umineko on android besides VNDS? tasukete kore[View]
928767fisheye pepe: does anybody have more fisheye lens pepes?[View]
928740I'm looking for an old video that I'm surprised has been so hard to find. I've seen i…[View]
928643Can someone enhance the quality of this image pls[View]
928739What song is in the background here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rG6dm7KtjQ[View]
928747TM 3-215/AFM 355-7, Military Chemistry and Chemical Agents: ive been searching for this and been una…[View]
928735Netflix ad where black man and white women watch TV: and the ad has over 90% dislikes No reason. Jus…[View]
927973can someone make this into a sneed for me please?[View]
928623does anyone have any more Produce Mascots ?[View]
925641Adding Helmets To This Guy: Hello, I need help adding some ancient and medieval helmets to this guy.…[View]
928651Can someone please tell me the name of the music playing in the background of this video? https://ww…[View]
928342Is there any way to find a girl from Tinder if your image search brings up nothing? I found the cute…[View]
928083Saw this 'Blondage' commercial on youtube and I have to know the name of the woman seen here.[View]
928666Black Friday Laptop: After my ASUS stopped taking a charge after 3 years, my Lenovo's screen an…[View]
927717Ok bros I need your photoshop skills[View]
928376What are the services that I, an unschooled monkey, can sell on Fiverr? My day job pays $1 an hour (…[View]
928314Cyberpunk 2077: Can someone hook a brotha up with the 20minute leak footage. Thanks in advance. <…[View]
928239is there any sort of forum online where people go specifically to blog post and tell their story? I …[View]
928060requesting you to give me a brief explanation of this man and why he is associated with the word 'sp…[View]
927662instead of using a mouse i'd like to have some sort of glove that can register finger movements…[View]
928660Can someone post that webm of that Tiktok girl with short hair and glasses /w baggy black pants doin…[View]
928520can someone clean up this sonic picture like make it less staticky[View]
928642is there any app for Android where you can look up for images on Google on the attachment dialog ? T…[View]
928627who is she[View]
927490good site for cracked software torrents? specifically softplan[View]
928152Anyone knows why my laptop is not picking up any wifi signal from my broadband? I tried to reset it …[View]
928289Could someone please withen her teeth and make the lips less chapped?[View]
928599Guys i have problem, can you help please?[View]
928603Could anyone give me a pdf link to this Korean mathematics collection? I tried asking the Koreans on…[View]
928465Digital Logic Help: I thought the answer was AB + C, but some of the answers in the truth table do n…[View]
928201Any games on Switch to play since i beaten Mario Odyssey?[View]
928590Where can I find a power strip that will turn off my stereo when I turn of my TV? I know they exist …[View]
928345That one sad gif: Looking for the one sad gif that's tumblr-tier and has 'what if we never met'…[View]
928459Searching for a german tv show, where a german police officer gasses a muslim immigrant and says Deu…[View]
928304Circle of Death: I just reset my PC, and then reinstalled my windows after wiping out everything. Bu…[View]
928267Do gloves like this but whole, with all the 5 fingers? I want to start using gloves for typing and I…[View]
928554Good evening guys, I am coming to ask for help on finding this anime about 'police cats?' I was brow…[View]
928548Looking for a specific manwha. All I remember is that it starts out with a person in a battle field,…[View]
928521Someone posted this picture in my discord server and I have been looking everywhere to figure out wh…[View]
928525Gain muscle mass muscle engineered e-book: I´m looking for this ebook, somebody have it? Thank you…[View]
928343Yes, hello, I'd like to request help in finding the artist behind this emote here, or if anybod…[View]
928519trans dating meme: I've seen some images of men going onto dating sites, messaging liberal wome…[View]
928497Cam Rip when?[View]
927850I'm modifying some textures for witcher 3.Can someone please delete the skin textures and just …[View]
928490Higher quality version of this image?[View]
928478/t/ archive with search funcitonality: as title says, is there any archive for /t/ with search funti…[View]
926207Trying to figure out a more 'matured' Dawn design, similar to the May design I came up wit…[View]
928463I'm looking for some old browser game. Probably made in flash player. It was like top-down game…[View]
928144Is there ANYWAY to see the NSFW images on DeviantArt without signing in? I don't won't to …[View]
928124From what anime is this gif from[View]
928454ive reverse searched this image to find the artist but i couldnt, can anyone help me find the source…[View]
928066cyberpunk 2077 ps4 leaked gameplay: two guys who were insanely high posted gameplay footage of cyber…[View]
928425Who is he: Who is this man? where does he live? he´s claiming we are all going to be in a gigaworld …[View]
928433Music?: Can some one give me the name of this James Bay song used in this ad? https://www.youtube.co…[View]
928419>#:~:text=example What is the name of this? Is this HTML?[View]
928434Lovecraft critical books: Hey I was wondering if any of you guys had pdf/epub/mobi files of lovecraf…[View]
928423Manga: Is there a way I can read this manga online in English. I can't seem to find it anywhere…[View]
92732333 Giri Italian Masters - Alice Il Sole nella pioggia (Season 4): any italo bro here that has sky ar…[View]
928406Can anyone identify what anime my neighbor is watching?[View]
928400Bros i need help How can i play umineko on android using ONscripter?[View]
927899I'm using linux (manjaro) and want to play playhome (and honey select) on lutris. I can get the…[View]
927897PNG: Just erase the white BG and her ¿mirage? idk what that is lol Please and Thank you[View]
928311Excel VBA and Barcode scanner: Hello. i got a question about barcode scanner.. when i scan a number …[View]
928079I want a download for Fox's Peter Pan and The Pirates, torrent or mega is fine I just don'…[View]
928268Help identify what this belongs to: My friends found this with a metal detector. Any idea what it co…[View]
928329I want to make a name logo, like just big letters like ALEX with a simple animation. Like where the …[View]
928123Can someone turn the guy on left into a smug pepe without removing the hair, moustache and beard. An…[View]
928360anybody know where i can watch this?[View]
928367Any of you know about a make your own timeline that let's put links or write inside of each mar…[View]
928333please translate[View]
928338Need help trying to find a commercial I remember this commercial where they prank unsuspecting peopl…[View]
927885I need a Nordic Gamer edit of Pyro from TF2 please.[View]
928321Hi, I'm looking for a free way to get a book 'Psychology: an integrated approach' by Michael Ey…[View]
928131Help pls: My sd card partition got corrupted, anyone knows how can i fix this?[View]
928264J. Cole - Everybody Dies torrent/link request: Prefferably 320kbps mp3 or FLAC. Couldn't find a…[View]
928154sauce of this doll name of which i can't even hope to spell correctly? Google doesn't hel…[View]
927719Youtube alternative: Hey /wsr/ I woke up to my youtube account being banned. I wasnt given reason ot…[View]
927740I'm looking for the full res version of pic related, the artist seems to have removed it from h…[View]
927974how do i get my gt630 to pump out more than 1080p under linux? I installed the 390 version nvidia dr…[View]
928031Are there any computer chair recommendation lists/infographics? I looked through /g/ archives but it…[View]
928097Fancy Rats?: Hello I need pictures of fancy rats to convince gf we need them please tell her we need…[View]
927793Is this worth getting? It's currently on sale on the eShop for $15[View]
928088Could someone erase the background so it's just Link? Another thing that I'd like but it i…[View]
927844What kind of flower is this? How often should I water it? How much water should I give it? When is t…[View]
925823just send me the most beautiful pic in your life[View]
927722Can anyone translate this 科科我不想和智障說話 我也有母語 所以不要以為自己有其他語言就很屌 I don't wanna use Google. Thank you[View]
927986slow shutdown and retard windows 10: what is the cause of this? it boots quite fast, but for some re…[View]
927027Requesting the Ace o Nerae! TV show's ending in WEBM form and perhaps, if they exist, the clean…[View]
927806Calculus review help?: next semester I will be taking a class that requires a decent bit of calculus…[View]
928130'Fuck the USA' image: I'm looking for this one image with the text: United we stand a…[View]
928180Calculus 1: Help me bros, I can't figure this out on my own. I have no idea where to start.…[View]
927951Factory Reset: Is there a way for me to recover my files after a factory reset? Am using a computer …[View]
928176Big Man Tyrone: Anyone got the clip of Big Man Tyrone talking about feminism and checking your priva…[View]
927983Does anyone know where I can find an online English translation of the manga in the pic? I've o…[View]
928132The Great Cleric: Looking for volumes 3-6 of the great cleric. Its isekai shit.[View]
927744Sup dudes I'm looking for a specific image, and I'm not sure how to google it effectively …[View]
928104Someone please help me: Yesterday might have just been the 3rd worst day of my life. So I updated my…[View]
928092Lattice Energy Help? :D: Can anyone help with the reasoning/how to approach this problem? Test tomor…[View]
928050Die Furchtlosen Vier: Do any of you know if there exists the original German version of this movie w…[View]
928024Does anyone know who painted this and what the painting is called? Reverse image search options only…[View]
928064Where can I get a high quality Blu-Ray torrent of Rules Of Engagement? All I can find on piratebay i…[View]
928068Unironically want to know where I can find tall trucker caps. >look up tall trucker caps and get …[View]
927984Time to Upgrade: So it's time for my old Radeon RX 480 4gb to go to sleep. What do you fuckers …[View]
928053Can anyone help me find images like this. Like hoodrat instagram photos? Cant find any on google ima…[View]
928019Anyone knows a good site to torrent old cartoons? Looking for XMen Evolution torrent btw.[View]
928023Can anyone download this for me? it never stops loading.[View]

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