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1264977please recommend a laptop in the 500-600 euros price range that can run blender, photoshop and play …[View]
1264988Can someone shoop a basedjack on this for me please?[View]
1265032RustDesk No Audio: My friend can't hear anything when we use RustDesk. Tried muting/unmuting, c…[View]
1265090Place to download Crunchyroll subs?: Is there any place with all Crunchyroll subtitle files? I want …[View]
1264832Does anyone know where to get Celesphonia OST? I Can't find it anywhere[View]
1264845Anyone know where to watch this Documentary?: Help finding this docu[View]
1265504Metástasis - Brekaing Bad: Hey, anyone knows where I can download all the seasons from Colombian Bre…[View]
1264680Language learning: German or Japanese? I'm a third worlder and i want to do my master in a firs…[View]
1265499Looking for some monster movies online and haven't found luck with Google Video or Fmovies(DOT)…[View]
1265488Does anyone have a gif that went around 4chan some years ago, which may have been a few years back o…[View]
1265096Last night I found some cool reels qbout the backrooms and now I'd like to watch more. I liked …[View]
1265235Middle school yearbook: How do I find my middle schools yearbook from 2016?[View]
1265257I need a database system project idea for school[View]
1265280I need VR goggle recommendations: Are there any that cost 200$ or less for PC that are not just the …[View]
1265354anyone have the template for this jak?[View]
1265254whats that one animation on youtube with the cartoon girl with big tits drinking from a cup in the r…[View]
1265449Photoshop Request: Can somebody get rid of the book and replace it with a decent water pipe / bong? …[View]
1265440What's the name of the trope where the character kills themselves or commits some kind of harmf…[View]
1264966Marvelfag here, my niece wants to get into comics and she is interested in Wonder Woman and Batman. …[View]
1265166Video edition/planning suite?: What do pros use to edit video for YouTube or whatever platform? Bett…[View]
1265256any idea what alio cicotrinium could be? i at first thought this recipe was for gesso as it used oil…[View]
1265406Nintendo DS music ripping: I want the music from this https://files.catbox.moe/f0qiw0.zip nds game b…[View]
1265421AI Generated Pepe shotgun pl0x.[View]
1265232discord is weird: have two accounts and they have different required/recommended dimensions for stuf…[View]
1265412Where can I find this series in English or Brazilian-portuguese? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt269863…[View]
1265390Make this gif look cool[View]
1265154Nix - The Paradox Relic: anyone got the rom for it? while i'd prefer the latest version of it, …[View]
1265339Old game forum post, guy complaining about sister: Does anybody have the screencap/link to an old po…[View]
1265052Bulk Buy Crystals To Resell?: is there any reputable online stores where I can bulk buy genuine auth…[View]
1265142For the love of god, can someone please explain to me what the answer to this math question is?: …[View]
1265278How do you say 'Have you read Berserk?' in Japanese? Is the Google translate result correct?[View]
1265042Post car stickers like this please[View]
1264946I want to learn to draw manga: Like a shounen battle manga, that kind of style. Not just characters …[View]
1265332Can someone tell me the name of this effect? The start at the bottom as the camera pans to the top? …[View]
1264743Does anyone here have access to Sam Hyde's gumroad? Are the episodes uncensored on there? I…[View]
1265345what are some good gumby and mst3k dvds to get been looking for some but dont know what to get[View]
1265306Photoshop Lesson files: Pretty specific request. I'm taking an online course in photo editing. …[View]
1264023Phone Battery Help?: What are some good ways to extend the length of time between when you need to c…[View]
1265322I'm using a Corsair Harpoon RGB but lately it's been having this weird problem. Whenever I…[View]
1265203Anyone have that pic that basically says 'work to live but can't afford to live so why work' no…[View]
1265298Does anyone know who this is or where the video is from?[View]
1265248Degenerate audio, help me find it: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lJxnXnglT84 (Dead link) Title 'Scar…[View]
1264603Forwarding services from Germany: Hi anons, I have bought from eBay a lot of times, and sometimes se…[View]
1265304Can I get a normal copy of this image? I don't like the green.[View]
1265292CYOA towns image: Anyone has that choose your own adventure image about reincarnating in an ancient …[View]
1265162tried looking around online but couldn't seem to find a good straight forward answer that uses …[View]
1265267Stand concept reworking: My friends and I are doing our own little jojo story concept for shits and …[View]
1264921Digital painting video tutorials: I'd ask this in /ic/, but that place is a terrible crab bucke…[View]
1265255Can someone please make this transparent?[View]
1265245Sauce?: Thanks in advance[View]
1265229Less autistic music taste/manga request: Im kinda burnt out on the current music I listen to. Normal…[View]
1265212Anyone know where I can find this vid? Tried google and yandex. Couldnt find it.[View]
1265186>tl;dr: what job did you do at your 20s that you found tolerable at the very least? Yo yo, I…[View]
1262468Tools For Simulating Continents?: Hey, does anyone have any good recommendations for sites or progra…[View]
1265108I fucked up my colors on my monitor no idea how to fix it, i tried changing several settings but it …[View]
1264872Looking for an anime, all I know is there's a clip of some guy that's either mind broken o…[View]
1265155Someone gave me this amovible seat, but I don't know which car is it from. Any ideas?[View]
1264256headphone recs: I've been using the Audio-Technica ATH-M50X for six years now. They're com…[View]
1264935How do I forward port Preferences >> Network >> Ports, and check 'Forward port from…[View]
1265176I grew up with Yugi, Kaiba etc... Which Yu-Gi-Oh show is worth watching for a laugh?[View]
1265143Cyberpunk recommendations: What are some good cyberpunk manga/anime/movies? I have watch ghost in th…[View]
1264710Solar heater: Where can I buy pic related from a Chinese site for cheap?[View]
1264790I won't have access to my PC for at least 3 months. Recommend me some cool video games that I c…[View]
1265099HDD LED: My motherboard (Asus P5KR) has this 'IDE LED' pin, and apparently it only works with IDE ha…[View]
1265097Is there a way to locate a spam caller? I realize the number is most likely spoofed...[View]
1264312are there any other retarded faggot podcasts similar to cum town?[View]
1264873Who is this?: Who is this girl. A girl I’m talking to sent me this pic claiming it was her. Now. I k…[View]
1261450Unique Anime: I was watching Noein and thought the series was bizarre yet unique. So I made a thread…[View]
1264976How to make (a/this) sketch 600k traffic worth What do u factor in[View]
1265017Who's this?: Who's this in the pic?[View]
1265074Any YouTube channels or TV shows to watch as somebody studying Electronics and Engineering?[View]
1265063Looking for something I saw on tv as a kid. It was on a sketch variety show like SNL. The sketch is …[View]
1265077Does anyone know this painting (not picrel): (PIC IS NOT THE PAINTING) Does anyone know the name or …[View]
1265035is NovelAI the best story telling AI ??: is there any better ones for free ? it basically requires y…[View]
1265066Looking for vr interviews: I've watched all his videos and dont know where to watch more interv…[View]
1264861does anyone have that image similar to picrel where the thumbnail is of an anime girl dressed as a c…[View]
1265046help with catbox moe: I JUST CAN'T GET GOOD SPEED NO MATTER WHAT normal connection proxy server…[View]
12650434chan browser for iphone?[View]
1264340Who is she?[View]
1265031I don't remember the song: I remember a music video I watched but can't remember the song …[View]
1264752There was a somewhat brief period in which thumb nails of images on my flash drive would take longer…[View]
1264844Can someone turn this pattern into a desktop wallpaper?[View]
1264326Online radio + alarm: Hey /wsr/, so I made an alarm that triggers a .m3u radio at exactly 9 AM using…[View]
1265006obese finnish teenager who is now ripped: has anyone got that webdm of the extreamly obese finnish t…[View]
1264970Gayming Mouse recommendations: My last two mouses were <$30: the Razer deathadder 2018 version an…[View]
1264997FL STUDIO VSTS REQUEST: hello im wondering if anyone has a folder or mega link with a bunch of vsts.…[View]
1264994Ethnicity moving game: Hi, im thinking about a game thats set in the early 1900 's and is about…[View]
1264974When do you use exclamation marks in English? Aren't they for shouting[View]
1264883Comfiest animes: Recommend me animes that go good with a strong indica and a warm blanket[View]
1264908Requesting simple ways to check if a media will be attracting traffic and sales and how much will it…[View]
1264973Requesting the webm of the fight from the matrix where Smith and Neo are fighting but it keeps cutti…[View]
1264429I’m asking for a rec. I used to be really into anime and would follow the popular shows every season…[View]
1264842Looking for the source of this drawing: I know who the character is, but I cannot for the love of my…[View]
1264797What are some manga in general I might like if pic related are my favorite shounen series? Looking s…[View]
1264760How would I go about setting up something that tells me whenever a certain word is posted on the arc…[View]
1264630incredible songs like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4y26EhjyTw&ab_channel=VarietyBeats-…[View]
1264627Anime reaction images with nooses: post them[View]
1264937Can someone one of those copypastas quoting every 4chan/reddit/internet thing ever[View]
1264451Can I get a warm 'welcome anon!' ? I'm new ish here: Tips advice etc please I want the optimall…[View]
1264192Can anyone find any reference to a Discord user called 'angelbaby' on this board? Screenshots, actua…[View]
1264902Can anyone edit the bow in this image so it's the standard red as it should be? Tysm[View]
1264926Anybody got that video of the kid raging at school calling another kid chud? Pic unrel[View]
1264588Can anyone edit this image so that it looks like they're staring at his schlong? White it out a…[View]
1264692Hysterically funny podcasts?: Any podcasts with a similar vibe to 'My Dad Wrote a Porno'? …[View]
1264916Exorcist/Demon sound sample help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsRIlT58IYo At 2:33 in this song t…[View]
1264561Movie about a guy trying to save his dog or something: I remember seeing a trailer for a movie and I…[View]
1264530What type of Jacket is this called?: sorry for poor quality[View]
1264901Looking for a set of drawings from Pixiv featuring characters from Resident Evil, EarthBound and Mot…[View]
1264571Hello Anons. I'm looking for a specific wallpaper, I can't find it anymore. And my memory …[View]
1264897Artifacts: Can you tell what's causing artifacts by looking at them? I've searched and did…[View]
1264896please post that poc of a pink haired anime girl saying: C-can't breathe[View]
1264546Forbidden obscure normie hating: Anime? Something like bocu no pico[View]
1264892Someone know where the second image is from?[View]
1264876JoJo Merchandise: I’m in dire need of JoJo merch. Phone cases, clothes, cosplay, hats, shoes, you na…[View]
1264281my faggot roommate flipped the breakers while my computer was running at least twice. can this cause…[View]
1264563Can I get a better resolution of this video or am I going to have to settle for this one? I apprecia…[View]
1264330cheese grater grating arm and making sandwich: Searching for a Video of some dude using a cheese gra…[View]
1264511We need help finding the origin of the Jeff the Killer image: Yes, the creepypasta itself is shit, b…[View]
1264226Quality Data Hoarding Torrents: Recommend or discuss quality data hoarding torrents for large swaths…[View]
1264852Hybrid Storage Guide: I have a new build with some nvme storage and some hdd storage. But I have tro…[View]
1264711Redundancy backup inside filesystem?: I'm wondering if this is a software that exists: >have…[View]
1264770Meme moan sauce: In the starting part of this short, there’s a meme moan I keep hearing but can’t fi…[View]
1264794Can someone find the name of this North Korean Pop Music and tell me please? i tried shazam and chec…[View]
1264050Where can I download digitized art books of Mateusz Urbanowicz? Particularly his Tokyo Storefronts o…[View]
1264029Where can I read VNs? The saucy ones[View]
1264454howard stern archive: does anyone have access to or know of an archive of howard stern shows? some s…[View]
1263911Where can I watch or download kabuki plays? With subtitles available if possible. I've been che…[View]
1264789Whats the relay needed for ...: turning on/off a half horse power water pump, rated at 120v ac, 4.7…[View]
1264404Looking for a song in this Webm: If anyone can tell me the name of the song in the webm i will pay y…[View]
1264793Force Firefox to use system theme?: Firefox has it's own theming for context menus and title ba…[View]
1264754right click doesn't work: I don't know if this is the right board for it but my right clic…[View]
1263528Also as a bonus that i amn't that interesed on, who's this character? Where does they come…[View]
1264729Not sure if this should be on /g/ or /wsr/ but I'm curious how do you make a basic inventory so…[View]
1264728How do I passthrough my GPU to a VM? I have been trying to passthrough my AMD GPU to an Ubuntu 20.04…[View]
1264757need help, where is she from?[View]
1264756can someone post this image on this thread on /v/ please? >>/v/613353893[View]
1264075How can I fix the color scheme of this character design without changing it entirely?[View]
1264725I need a 1920×620 version of this image: It's so I can use it as a banner for the game on steam…[View]
1264722Where can I buy this film roll online?[View]
1264723Racist duel links kid: Hello /wsr/, I need help in finding the video where a slightly fat black kid …[View]
1264519Any way to make this not blurry besides shrinking it? Or should I just trace over it?[View]
1263819Help with website interface: Hi anons. I am planning to rent a domain and build my own website using…[View]
1264715Cyberpunk Gigachad: Does anyone have the edit of gigachad with Davids yellow jacket and the rainbow …[View]
1264685wuts this from[View]
1264227PICTURE REQUEST: Hi! I want to find a good picture that would go with this song that is both 'soulfu…[View]
1264338PHP database stuffs: How do I do this? A user is logged in to his profile page. It should list a des…[View]
1264669is there a place where i can torrent a director's full filmography? pic unrel. All the public t…[View]
1264320What is this hairstyle called? Do you know an anime character with similar hairstyle?[View]
1264496Who is?: Years ago I find this video on YouTube, and I want to know Who is the girl in the pic (rela…[View]
1264551Evolution of Disney villain songs 1933 to 2020: Forgot to bump the previous thread. >>1263575 …[View]
1264578ALLIGATOR / DO NOT STOP ON TRACKS: I'm looking to make a custom cycling jersey. Does anyone hav…[View]
1264658Need to be constantly excited with ideas But also neatly planed Which just makes me happy and then c…[View]
1264655MeetKevin Courses: Any chance someone has a torrent of any MeetKevin courses? I am very interested i…[View]
1264283Anyone got sauce on this song?[View]
1264645is it okay to pause the download in qbittorent, turn off my pc and then resume the download the next…[View]
1264642Statistical Mechanics / Thermodynamics pt. 2: How do you find the canonical partition function for a…[View]
1264636Requesting plan other than 'Posting regularly' 'winning competition' Basically k…[View]
1264626Did anyone save this 'A Certain Scientific Railgun' meme fansub screencap?: I remember seeing a meme…[View]
1264539Can someone Photoshop this so he can look angry/upset? Doesn't have to be great, thanks friends[View]
1264013Miyoo Mini v2 upgrade: Hi, I just got my Miyoo Mini V2, and I’m upgrading it to Onion OS. How should…[View]
1264614Does anybody know what the shine effect is called? Can someone post it as a PNG, please?[View]
1264556Comic showing a guy's major life milestones (graduating, having a kid, etc.) but instead of bei…[View]
1264615Can you help me come up with a good profesional looking signature? My initials are APCM[View]
1264244Looking for the name of an old 3d animation software: This is probably a longshot, but I remember us…[View]
1264582Please, I just need to know the ai that does the pics that are normal things arranged in a way that …[View]
1264595Anyone have some instructor booklets for Lego? Some of these can get pretty expensive[View]
1264421Can you change her skin tone? I want to compare every color[View]
1264061Best 3D Art Software?: What’s the best software for creating 3D art images, of people or otherwise? …[View]
1263798War documentaries: Would like some war documentaries. Anything no war in particular[View]
1264305dell inspiron 5748: my two shift keys broke and googling around shows its a pretty common problem wi…[View]
1264564'Working class scum' meme: I thought it was Rik Mayall at first. Google suggests 'dost thou…[View]
1264562Wiggers: Can someone please explain the phenomenon of 'wiggers' or 'wangsters?' It's not a poli…[View]
1264441Making Batman Trade Reading Order, anything I should add? I think I have good order set up.[View]
1264558Can I get a high resolution source of that pepe/wojak image in pic related? Thanks. Also, where can …[View]
1264274Range-banned?: Why am i range-banned from /gif/ and /wsg/? i barely post there unless it's a 'y…[View]
1264544China number one: Looking for a video of a small asian girl in a sketchy looking apartment leaving t…[View]
1264532What instrument is this that's used in a lot of Chinese songs? https://youtu.be/uot3if_3Bxw …[View]
1264536Zucced: Requesting someone photoshop a Cali driver's license with the name of 'Leo martinez'. F…[View]
1264436Requesting this video to be turned into a WEBM? https://youtu.be/wKTHkHtwZP8[View]
1263999where’s the original without text thanks[View]
1264521Thanks!: Can someone recommend me a good dating sim that runs on Mac? Preferably not too lewd/coomer…[View]
1264505Cutting down the anime backlog, what anime do you anons suggest I tackle next? Select up to 4. https…[View]
1264051Hellp, trying again Where can I find high res scans of old magazines? Mostly interested in fashion m…[View]
1263491Manga sites: Whats a really good manga site? I really want to binge read one piece again and I need …[View]
1264498Does anyone have that video where a white guy is being arrested and robotically calling the policewo…[View]
1264477In need of books on Christianity: Hey /his/, I have to work on a school project on Christianity and …[View]
1264473OTG-2 EZ Grabber Capture Card: I found my oldschool capture card from 2009-2011 called an EZ Grabber…[View]
1264380Making a Python web browser: I have a PyQt web browser and it's almost ready but it can't …[View]
1264111Can someone provide me pdf link for Nintendo Power Official Nintendo Pokemon Emerald Player's G…[View]
1263609I'm looking for anime/manga (and I suppose also non japanese cartoons) which have scenes that a…[View]
1264246Does anyone have that one /v/ image of a guy fighting two bosses? >fuckhuge boss with a massive h…[View]
1263675Summary of the war: Unbiased please. Russian bootlickers and Ukrainian strapon lovers aren't wa…[View]
1263913Vampire: Apologies for the strange request. Can anyone add fangs/other small touches to this picture…[View]
1263678Which is the best free streaming site with the largest selection online: stuff like movies , TV show…[View]
1264438Sauce for this song: Could someone identifiy the source of the song?[View]
1264333>Had problems with my Nvidia Driver >Screen was all fucked up >Manually reinstalled Nvidia …[View]
1264377Windows 10 has a bug where, at the start of playback for videos on any site, my system audio will, o…[View]
1264337Requesting sci-fi stuff that leans toward the silly and ostentatious, while also being dramatic and …[View]
1264321Manga reccs: Shill me your favorite manga, im not picky on genre. I just want to see other's fa…[View]
1264423Looking for a manga: Hello, I'm looking for a manga I used to read It was about a highschool gi…[View]
1264413looking for the anime pic website made by a anon ( look like a collection of anime screenshot made f…[View]
1264339Matrix servers that allow actual free speech?: I'm tired of getting banned from places purely o…[View]
1264396Hello, I'm searching for more songs like this (anti-porn, meme or not): https://www.youtube.com…[View]
1264372Painting in Texhnolyze: Hello, does anybody have this full painting in good resolution. It's fr…[View]
1264387Dr. Who Adventures 346: I'm looking for a comic from this magazine. Can't find a scan or p…[View]
1264004How can I compile xmms 1.2 on recent linuxes?: This doesn't come shipped anymore with the mains…[View]
1264376cant find a short animation: i remember a long time ago i went with school to some kind of showing a…[View]
1264135Need Resident Evil 6 crack only: >be seanig >spend 5 hours downloading the pirated version fro…[View]
1264260Can someone please photoshop the face of the statue in the background to have Monkey-Putins face. (M…[View]

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