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891545Trump Saying He Doesn't Want to See Mask at Rallies: I recall seeing a video of him talking abo…[View]
891575Who is the girl in this gif[View]
891586Can someone please photoshop an image of alex jones infront of the tank instead of the other guy?[View]
891484How to write this in MATLAB?: answer should be: 1.0034549397704335405023812199943[View]
891386Techno Balloonshop Song: I'm looking for the song at the end of this Balloonshop classic: https…[View]
891589Hey guys, I'd love it if someone could help me find a specific video/channel I quite clearly re…[View]
891588how reset ink levels after re-fill on Canon 2400 MG?: Supposed to press and hold buttons or somethin…[View]
891582Who is this actress? This scene is from the Netflix show, Undercover Law, Season 1, Episode 16. Desp…[View]
891122chem: quantum numbers: what am i doing wrong?[View]
891326whats this from[View]
891332Places to Buy Cheap Gems: Anyone know of a website to buy fairly inexpensive gems from? I'm tal…[View]
891109What are the chances of an elder (60yo+) dying on a given 14 day span, not including deaths due to c…[View]
89154963mb pdf?[View]
891174Pregnancy Test: I need an image of a positive pregnancy test that cannot be found by Google reverse …[View]
891521photoshop request: please make transparent background on this gif. Thanks[View]
890950I'm desperately searching for the background music in this video: https://youtu.be/l73BDS95OpM?…[View]
891490anyone know how can i fix this? when i click on it the only thing that appears is 'broadband connect…[View]
891508google's verifiy its you not 'finishing': hello /wsr/, Straight to the point. I have a Oneplus…[View]
891472How do I write this problem in MATLAB?: Answer should be: 1.275582954683443 But I'm getting 1.…[View]
891020could you redraw this in pixelart plz? it doesn’t have to look exactly like the sample, you can add …[View]
891367Camera: I am looking at purchasing a camera for mostly interview style fixed position recordings. Im…[View]
890983Any anons got links for this and path of the assassin ?[View]
891401So I installed the LTSC version of Windows 10 Enterprise to have more control over when I update, bu…[View]
891445Wholesome Burzum Doomer?: Wojak with burzum t, straw hat, watering can 'no need to argue, we already…[View]
891345My laptop blue screened while i was watching a movie and i didn't get to see what the issue was…[View]
891035Does anyone have a study or even an article from mainstream media...: ...about what demographic grou…[View]
891411Fatal Frame on PC?: What are the best versions of the Fatal Frame series? I'd like to emulate t…[View]
891298How to drain the fluid from my ear. Online guides are not helping. It’s my left ear and it’s been cl…[View]
891336What artist made this design?: Pic is from a cut up sweatshirt with no tags purchased in South Korea…[View]
890823Ring: Who makes this Ring? Thanks[View]
891391Requesting that one gif that zooms in to the guy looking frustrated on the phone that turns red in f…[View]
891334Does anyone have King Star King S01E01 in 1080p?[View]
891387can someone shoop ted cruz on a roaring lion. Need skillz to create a decent Lion Ted meme[View]
890541Hi, I wanted to see if anyone could help me find this Music Artist's social medias. Ive been lo…[View]
891348Source for this pic?: Image searching doesn't help[View]
891115meme twitter accounts to follow: looking for twitter accounts that post memes[View]
890882Looking for hd side profile pics with this: Expression or similar[View]
891350Tech support: I have trouble accessing this site: https://ci.ender.zone/plugin/repository/everything…[View]
891175What anime is this gif from?[View]
891335What anime series is she from?[View]
891071Is there such a thing as a collection of all of the Overwatch official media in one place e.g. all t…[View]
891320From what movie is that?[View]
891324Looking for the hi res pic of this image[View]
890875Need help finding a manga: The general premise is that a guy wants to be hired for a company and got…[View]
890820Does anyone have more art of Mod-tan?[View]
891073Do you have any tips or crits ffor my Robotech/ Macross rundown?: I'm not the best with grammar…[View]
891317Looking for Pepe 4chan watching riots video: Pepe watching the computer screen with classical music …[View]
891042neckbeard at gamestop: Years ago I remember seeing a picture of a fat neckbeard (sort of like pic re…[View]
891095I'm trying to remember the name of a >youtuber but it's impossible to rely on recommend…[View]
891135Source of the background?[View]
891299Need help finding an old YouTube animation... it was kind of like a movie? It was about aliens that …[View]
890985Pls post very important things you have on your phone.[View]
891288Can someone erase the white background? When I auto do it myself it erases the white outlining as we…[View]
890965Hey guys, can you help me find the original wallpaper? Long story short: years ago I was usually lis…[View]
888565who dis?[View]
891164Top gear, UK, the old one Where can I watch it for free online? All the websites I usually stream o…[View]
891084Gundam Wings: any papes of Zechs Merquise?[View]
891159Bootleg PS1 games?: How are people selling classic playstation games, brand new unopened, for dirt c…[View]
891144what show/comic is this absolute semen monke from[View]
891156Who is she?: Who is this long haired blonde?[View]
891102Does anyone know what kind of flower this is?[View]
891130Texbooks: Any good sites I can either torrent or get pdfs or epub files of textbooks? I'm a bro…[View]
891138Syncing in Tachiyomi: Is there any way to sync your progress between devices?[View]
891129Recommend me a new phone Am willing to wait a couple months if something /g/reat is coming out, but …[View]
891034Hi does anyone knows how to decode this? 0114011209270112012020090722090514210520061901200520 051220…[View]
890967Anyone has the full image of that avatar?[View]
890710What are some websites to pirate audiobooks from? I know only of audiobookbay[View]
890864Request for the JCS (Jim can't swim) unlisted videos if you have it please.[View]
890838I'm looking for a 4chan meme comic where a guy discovers a gross fetish and is grossed out at f…[View]
891100Does anyone have a download for True-Tiles files?[View]
889771I'm looking for either books or sites with writing prompts for short stories but I'm not i…[View]
891097Are there any MIDI versions for every character's theme from Marvel vs Street Fighter There are…[View]
890797trying to remember the name of an old webseries that im pretty sure the guys at node did, where basi…[View]
890912Arm of Kannon: I'm looking for scans of an obscure manga called Arm of Kannon. I can't fin…[View]
890973what are some good animes w/o too much amv's: edited a panty and stocking amv a year ago w/ 1.5…[View]
890885So it's been like a decade since I did any serious torrenting, and I'm curious if there…[View]
891072Homo Manga: Looking for a specific homo manga where the guy looks like a girl. Artstyle is sketchy, …[View]
891077Philosophical monkey: anyone have that picture with a tarsier looking monkey with both hands in the …[View]
891070why doesnt my compressor take effect to my mic sound? I have it hooked to a mixer using a Hosa STP-2…[View]
890994Useful Charts: Does anybody know where I can get high res versions of these charts? I want to print …[View]
890919Can someone photoshop her to look like a hasidic jew?[View]
891064Shoe ID: Might seem like a stupid request but can anyone id this pair of shoes? Not the greatest res…[View]
891062CSCS Study Guide 2020 and 2021: >CSCS Study Guide 2020 and 2021: CSCS Exam Content Description Bo…[View]
890502Hi, my physics teacher gave us this this challenge. https://sites.google.com/view/icosaedro You have…[View]
891031any one have this wallpaper without the gay quote? or could remove the text perhaps. Thank you.[View]
890990Photoshop Request: Can anyone remove the text from this image?[View]
890936https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odekQcSNjvI&t=193s It's a saber x aqua but it shows illustr…[View]
890997Where can I find this exact patchwork ruler? https://youtu.be/XHg7wiDvGD4?t=95[View]
890745Can someone turn this into a vector?[View]
890549HELP not advice/opinions: If there’s anyone who’s willing to take an hr to help me with this I’d rea…[View]
890439looking for videos about this pimp.: I want to know more about the Polanski angle. Polanski is a cho…[View]
890991Hello anon, I start learning python and I was looking if anyone have automate the boring stuff with …[View]
890934What manga is this from?[View]
890789Okay, this might be a weird one. Requesting an old artwork of team 7 from naruto, except they are dr…[View]
890957How does this work?[View]
890798Which is the best way to destroy a website's server? Let's say pornhub servers Is a magnet…[View]
890970Anyone got a FREE 2016 spanish version of Office?: Office 2016 in spanish[View]
890700What font is this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNmwALV7L3Y[View]
890989Looking for Raidou Kuzunoha wallpapers, if anyone has some please post them all in this thread.[View]
890988Someone please Photoshop/edit a picture of Viper The Rapper(possible this one with his shoe on head)…[View]
890671Looking for a video I seen on /v/ before: I remember seeing this webm of a PS1 like anime 'game' tha…[View]
890925I remember this scene from full Miku music video but I can't remember the title. Can you help m…[View]
890942Good 4chan apps for android? im currently using Kuroba which is by far the best one[View]
890878Photoshop Request: Looking to have someone photoshop some text on a semi-lowres image of a highschoo…[View]
890186I'm trying to find an image that I sketched in paint on the left. It's a picture of a macb…[View]
890606Does anyone know where this picture is from (and i'm not talking about the creeptypasta, but wh…[View]
890037Photoshop Request: Can please I get a Yaranaika face photoshopped on the bottom panel?[View]
890683Troubles with Window Defender Offline: I accidentally clicked one of those ads Hiro was forcing and …[View]
890755I'm planning on getting a new IKEA desk in a month or two and I think I'm going to settle …[View]
890689Coronachan: I'm looking for this GIF, except it's not cropped and has 'PARTY HARD…[View]
890758How can Jesus and faith in the lord be made more appealing to the youth of today?[View]
890949Looking for a REALLY old youtube video It's a comedy sketch channel, the channel was people may…[View]
890597What's a Surefire Site to Make WebMs?[View]
890933Anyone know what music this is from 0:48 to 2:12? The credits lists where each theme originates but …[View]
890558I just deleted some folders I had on my phone and I lost some shit that I needed. Is there any progr…[View]
890931Remembering a movie scene: Two guys are inside a washroom on a plane with a briefcase full of cash a…[View]
890693Anybody know if there were any tours or documentarys about Ufotable making a show? I'm interest…[View]
890924How do I sort by views on Nico Nico Douga?: Can I sort by views without typing anything on the searc…[View]
890866Does anyone know a program that will let me easily make a graphic lasting a few seconds? Just some b…[View]
890675does anyone have Muse Dash (on the latest 2020 update) for mac? I can only find the one from 2019.[View]
890911Request for lost standup: Heard about the Anthony Logatto (A-Log) standup a while back. Thought it w…[View]
890782meme song/video: Does anyone know of the song name or video that was a fairly popular meme (I think …[View]
889954Beside Roxy Music and Yellowcard are there any other rock bands with violins?[View]
890819please for the love of god someone solve these. I dont know how to do this part of my test and i hav…[View]
890887Anyone have that meme where it has giga chad and they're talking about saturn vibrations and da…[View]
888541Can't find an audiobook of picrelated[View]
890044Achieving Zero Latency: I recently got a Scarlett 2i2 (3rd Gen) in replacement of my X2U Shure for b…[View]
890212Can I get something like pic related but an actual decent quote?[View]
890750webm sauce: Does anyone of you guys know from which episode/clip of Family guy is this webm?[View]
890871VitalSource .vbk DRM: I'm looking to crack the DRM on a epub-containing .vbk (VitalSource) file…[View]
890870If possible, I could use some sketches of helmets stylized like seashells. Ideally anything bronze a…[View]
889733Homework: Please help. Its AP physics btw.[View]
890754I must be interpreting the question wrong. Because I feel like k has to be 2 but the top function d…[View]
890217Can't find this fucking song: There's this song that I recorded once on from a shitty 'on …[View]
890763What movie/show is this from!![View]
890762/pol/ 277777777: Does anyone have a screencap of this happening recently on /pol/?[View]
890647Neither does picrelated, nor does the Groove Music - both bloatware, allow for control over the play…[View]
890815How to get the free trial of mora qualitas? I made an account but they don't seem to accept my …[View]
890813Please help me find the origin of this image and who is in it. I tried reverse image searching it a …[View]
890495/r/ing the nightmare vision goggles picture.[View]
890742Name of this anime character?: What is the name of this anime character?[View]
890806Hey guys, I know this is a huge shot in the dark, but I'm looking for the original elizabeth wa…[View]
890791Does anyone have the greentext with the German dude who thought he had a shit fetish until the prost…[View]
890783I need help finding a cartoon I watched as a young kid: I have this extremely vague memory of this o…[View]
890717I'm thinking of getting a Kindle Paperwhite but I want to know first how hard it is to load pir…[View]
890289Who is this person?[View]
890373I would like a crayon drawing of Paul McCartney dressed as Harry Potter with the words The Beatle Wh…[View]
890773I bought a LG V20 back in April and lately it's been dying even though it says I still have bat…[View]
890262Edit request: /d/ and /aco/ are full of useless retards. Can someone add a pair of visible nipples p…[View]
890140/r/ing the pic where a topless women's breasts are covered by a screencap of someone ranting ab…[View]
890264Looking for this meme where superman is labelled 'white people'[View]
89027757 KB JPG I desperately am trying to figure out what song is being sung here. It’s a fast paced disc…[View]
890611sign pattern analysis: There is a way to do sign pattern analysis without having to solve through ev…[View]
890739anyone know where to find the japanese guys yt channel with the cute tiny robot? there was a webm th…[View]
890724Can someone change the color to white, blue, or yellow while keeping it transparent?[View]
890423calculus question: hey guys, can someone help me solve this problem with limits? wondering if someon…[View]
889927Who has the video for 'We Didn't Start the Fire' that had was made of newsreel footage? - Star…[View]
890659TV problems: My 1080p 32' Vizio tv has some HDMI input trouble. I hooked up my PC to the tv but for …[View]
890687Saving a list of the people i follow on twitter: On twitter i follow hundreds of artist accounts and…[View]
890720Manganelo mascot: Can someone find out what the mascot is for this site (URL and logo are included)?…[View]
890357Free trial re-activation?: I've been wondering, since trial versions are set on a timer and can…[View]
890709I'm searching for a series of images that depicted in the humorous way how a building design ch…[View]
890691what is the small blurry pepe (pic rel) called and where did it come from? I've tried to look i…[View]
890684trying to figure out who this character is. i did check the anime character database but nothing com…[View]
890332can any of you anons help me find this toy from my childhood? it was a little car, which had a drill…[View]
890680looking for a webm: my computer's hdd recently got fucked during a flight, and I lost my collec…[View]
890419Scores: Everything in this pic is marked with a classical composers' name. Do these look like n…[View]
890281Requesting any and all manga that you find strange, bizarre, or just plain weird.[View]
890637License plate search: Is it possible to search a license plate online?[View]
890665How do I make Fashwave on my iphone? Are there any apps I cab use? I want to make this say: “Reject …[View]
890661Font Type: Anyone knows what kind of font is this?[View]
890654Does anyone have that Janny meme of the coleman reese guy from the dark knight that says 'I want $0.…[View]
890534Does anyone have tips on winning an ebay auction? Never done anything like it before. Is it like the…[View]
890233I'm pretty sure my PC is riddled with viruses and malware. I tried running Windows Security Def…[View]
890531can someone count how many squares are in this image. I am currently making one of these and it just…[View]
890633Song request: What song is this? Been looking for a while but I don't even know the genre. Mayb…[View]
890607Organizing mp3s: I have a folder full of 8,000 mp3s. I transferred them from my old hard drive but b…[View]
890623https://vocaroo.com/1k5jwY1Liq4U source for this song?[View]
890621looking for a gif where its baba about to push the @ in front of @everyone i drew a rough approximat…[View]
889415Can someone please explain this piece of code to me? What does pipe(pipettes) do ? Why is the code o…[View]
890091Chrome Crashing a lot lately?: Any good extensions to help out? At first it was crashing due to wind…[View]
890003wsr! Now that I've officially decided that I'm gonna start a cult I need all the material …[View]
890539what are some very social anime/manga that makes you feel intimidated or uncomfortable if you were p…[View]
890589does anyone have an subscription or bypass for the athletic? I need access to an article on there h…[View]
890569WebM edit: Could someone edit a (You) over the pipe bomb the guy is throwing? Thank you.[View]
890113anybody have a link to the meme video of a guy showing a picture of a meme (maybe grumpy cat?) to a …[View]
890545artist/model: asking if anyone knows the instagram or twitter @ of the photographer/ model of this i…[View]
890561anyone up for spoon feeding me as to how to get my hands on and a way to read some of the fate VN…[View]
890270requesting images similar to this artstyle[View]
890550What is the best dry erase magnetic board?[View]
886542Recommend me some battle royal/ survival anime or manga where characters have to kill each other or …[View]
890504What game is this?[View]
890367Podcasts and Audiobooks: I need me something good to listen to. Light stuff, just something I can li…[View]
890525Music: Can someoene link me to the song that plays after the 8:45 mark https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
890524Can someone draw a soyak?: I have an idea, an angry basedak looking up from a bowl of onions. Like a…[View]
889391Does someone know who is this guy?: I think he is from a band. What is his name?[View]
890387Mi Home Temperature and Humidity Monitor: it's a longshot, but I'm looking 4 the simplest …[View]
890493Class scheduling software for teachers: Greetings /wsr/ I have to think about how I divide the conte…[View]
890271precalc help: any help would be appreciated[View]
890299Removing Spray Paint From Laptop: I've tried paint thinner, goof off, and wd-40 to no avail, I…[View]
890496Vallone committee report on secession of New York City from the state: Does anybody know where to fi…[View]
890488Bandai Replacement Parts: Where can I find replacement parts? I'm looking for part 'P2' for the…[View]
890263Can someone find the original image of this poster of The Sundays? Apparently it's a rare post…[View]
890227That font manga translators use: And a link to download that font[View]
890287If anyone has this file, then please seed or share download link: mgnet()me/eovHeFZ File name is: wi…[View]
890470American psycho torrent?: Please help me find a torrent of the american psycho in the original (engl…[View]
890457I need to know where I can torrent(/stream) Bunny Lake Is Missing (1965) in German :I[View]
890449Touhou Luna Nights: Touhou Luna Nights torrent request, the most recent version of possible. I'…[View]
889975Vector help: Having a hard time getting this problem and would like it broken down. Also explain to …[View]
890412tried to download quantum of solace on yts mx but to no avail. where do you anons recommend to downl…[View]
890342What does 'vola' mean? They write it on /s/. >dump her on a vola >wanna make a vola?…[View]
889900I would like to request 2 versions of this image, if someone wouldn't mind. Well, you see the c…[View]
890338What painting is that?[View]
889973'Youth' by Daughter: would anyone happen to have a link to this particular version of 'Youth' by Dau…[View]
890177Trying to find a story: I can't seem to find this story anywhere on Google. The jist of it is -…[View]
890161Pic source, girl name and anime she's from (if any).[View]
890288Building a PC. Requesting suggestions/comments. Goal: able to play current games at 1080p, CPU: Ryz…[View]
890402Anyone familiar who this is?[View]
890229Trying to get ShareEX2 working, but I get a 'runtime error 0 at 0049b23d' whenever I try to boot it.…[View]
889947this sounds wierd but who gives a fuck PLEASE MAKE THIS PICTURE 1GB WITHOUT CHANGING RESOLUTION also…[View]
889724hosting a mail server: what is the most minimal mail server program that would allow me to host emai…[View]
890365Online math sucks, please help: Because I am a dumbass and decided to take Algebra 2 my senior year,…[View]
890029is this from the manga homunculus? which chapter?[View]
890119Resolving FB bans: Help me/WSR, you’re my only hope I sell in groups on Facebook selling crafts I ma…[View]
890162I want to learn everything I know that's impossible, so at least maybe learn as much as possib…[View]
889880I want to upload a fight from an anime movie to YouTube, but it got blocked worldwide for copyright.…[View]
889570RYM: Do you have an RYM account you don't use anymore? I want to shit post on their site withou…[View]
890340Anyone have that gif of Gandhi from Clone High clapping really happily?[View]
888440Horror manga source?: There was a horror manga I recall reading about some otaku who let's like…[View]
889306Hey, could someone help me with my homework assignment? It's multivariable calculus in cylindri…[View]
890297Should I change my os to pixel experience?: I've got a redmi note 9 pro the last month and the …[View]
890276Could someone make a 'deal with it' edit of this gif, placing the sunglasses on the cat at the end o…[View]
890282First time here. Thought you guys could help buying my first TV. Tired of hand me downs I got 500 do…[View]
890280>update my BIOS from Dell A05 to A30 >now X won't start in Devuan What do? I'm boot…[View]
889971Can't find any info online, battery indicator goes up and down: I have this Pure One Classic ra…[View]
890272What is this from and what emotion is this trying to convey?[View]
890273photoshop request: Make a Punished Snake meme out of this image 'Punished AFC' 'A man denied his F1 …[View]
889393There's any booru with only exclusive content from Patreon and pixivFANBOX available for free?[View]
890266Does anyone have the video? It's of a static image that looks like pic related, and the audio i…[View]
890259I am trying to find some royalty free audio of music playing overhead from a speaker, a little muffl…[View]
889865Any shows like Death Note and Steins;Gate? i.e. somewhat serious, kinda slow and thoughtful shows wi…[View]
890004source for this image?[View]
890246Can someone edit this image in higher quality and resolution please?[View]
890241Any good manga reader for the pc?[View]
890249TIFF is screening a bunch of shit digitally and I assume that they're downloadable somewhere bu…[View]
890093I must find values for these resistors and capacitors in order for the frequency response graph to l…[View]
890112Hi anons, Could please any of You give me a link to download the anime movie 'ghost in the shell' of…[View]
890175anyone else have slow speeds can explain why the number keeps increasing the total one[View]
890226https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2Q68kXWLIM&ab_channel=Palace-Topic Hey, can anyone with a stron…[View]
890190Photoshop Request: I'd like the text at the top right and all the text at the bottom removed.…[View]
890214looking for this old fan comic of adventure time, its a marceline x prince gumball if i remember cor…[View]
890159Is this kind of board durable?[View]
889943Help Me Find These Socks: My friend is looking for the same exact pair. Anyone able to figure it out…[View]
889265Looking for that image with the text: '[something here can't remember] -then why are enbies so …[View]
890016w10 updated and now it has a blue arrow with a dropdown that isn't helpful. How do I disable it…[View]
890139can somebody give me a torrent of Haruhi that is >1080p >same subs as Coalgirls (a.f.k. I beli…[View]
890001Deleted Youtube Square OST videos: Recently Square Enix axed many videos featuring the full soundtra…[View]
890135the pinned post pic in this board is pretty cute: does anyone know what song this is? i'd googl…[View]
890155I'm looking for a specific manga about a sister whose brother returns from America, which proce…[View]
890090Girls in the video?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=O5IkJi4Fp4w Can you guys hel…[View]
887099anime recs thread?[View]
890048Can someone remove the white background from this? Make it transparent please. Thanks[View]
889684Humbly requesting the slogan ''The Winter is Coming'' to be shopped as a comics …[View]
890114Manga Magazine tracker: Are there any trackers where you can get raws of Manga Magazines? Nyaa has a…[View]
890103If I wanted to post a thread similar to what they have over on cute boys, but it had furry character…[View]
889405Vocaloid Torrent Request: Can anyone provide a magnet to download Vocaloid 5 and its most current vo…[View]
889502I was originally going to post this on /g/ but then realized it's a tech support question that …[View]
889966Where can I get the best picture frames in the world?[View]
889803I can’t read: Would anyone be willing to shoop the words off the pig’s belly and just leave the nake…[View]
890072What game is this?: Strongehold?[View]
890059How long does a Twitter shadowban last?[View]
889948Help me finding a decent stylus for my Ipad: So, I'm teaching private classes online and I want…[View]
890042Could someone out there flatten this character's chest?[View]
889818Webcomic strip, 'lonely' girl slams door on suitors holding flowers: There was a webcomic strip of s…[View]
888978shows to remember the importance of friendship?[View]
890021I listened to a song the other day in the radio but i have no clue what it was since i don't li…[View]
890027couple/group profile pictures: Need some matching pics for my bf and myself. Please try to not put a…[View]
890045chemistry: how am i calculating this incorrectly? rydberg constant: 1.09737317e7 (1/4)-(1/36)= 2/9 (…[View]
890036Proving a set of vectors span a space: I'm a linear algebra brainlet, can some one please refer…[View]
890035Looking for a YT video that I don't recall the exact details but I can remember some of it. It …[View]
890032Is there a list, video or anything about what makes persons and their faces identifiable and just ho…[View]
889998/biz/ anon here, looking if someone could take pic related and do some major changes to it, we can c…[View]
889467I'm looking for a greentext that I think originated on /fit/ sometime this year. featuring: …[View]
889994I can't install Disgaea (1) in my PC: I've tried both pirated and steam-version. Whenever …[View]
890007So I appear to have broken a pin off the USB header on my motherboard with my big munke hands like a…[View]
889960I have...: ...2 laptops broken to bits (I don't recall why) but I'm guessing the processor…[View]
889249Can someone remake this image with the glitchy squares[View]
889970Lost my pepe folder, please post pepe's.[View]
889982Can't find the sauce of this page: I found this posted on /tg/ and SauceNAO can't get me t…[View]
889972What is the font shown here? Also what is the general name of the design of the color shades below Y…[View]
889969Microphone Playback: I have a headset and XLR dynamic microphone connected to my Scarlett 2i2. How c…[View]
889822Porn addicted. Need talk and help or adive: Where on the internet I can talk with someone about my p…[View]
889941trying to find that webm of the fake anime girl let's player who is singing along to the music …[View]
889892Does anyone know what kind of sockets these two on the right are? What they are for?[View]
889775Sasaki kojiro death comic: I remembered a meme comic about how kojiro died. It had both as girls wit…[View]
889316Is there something special about this font/calligraphy that warrants it appearing on so many visual …[View]
889950What is this in central time?[View]
889270Sad guy with no limbs: Anyone have that pic of the sad black guy with no limbs? I need it for a pran…[View]
888279Cytube alternatives: So, I wanna throw some streaming parties with some anons, but I don't want…[View]
889583I want to learn how to talk like this guy: https://youtu.be/q4oNjcoAQ4U Where do I start?[View]

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