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Displaying 186 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
1403737books like paranormal witness: Loved this show when I was younger. The non fiction approach to super…[View]
1403364Anyone know who this is ? I think he's a literature youtuber but I can't find his channel[View]
1403725source? It's probably a VN[View]
1403629Looking for an image of the comic 'hi andy sweetie' except it was redrawn with hollow knig…[View]
1403163best n64 emulator for pc?: https://emulation.gametechwiki.com/index.php/Nintendo_64_emulators In you…[View]
1403714Riddle Help: I have no lock, but I have what contains them. I have no gears, but I have what changes…[View]
1403529looking for a particular scene with a british soldier getting shot. the bullet is seen exiting his s…[View]
1403722looking for greentext: LF greentext about a dude going into a stall to take a shit but a chick goes …[View]
1403685Help me figure out what the hell this monitor model is: I got a free monitor that powers on but the …[View]
1403340Please help me find a game I played ages ago. >game came in a compilation CD from a magazine, may…[View]
1403702Family sharing: How do I play the payed version of a game on steam through family sharing if there i…[View]
1403591Does anyone have a good green/black gtk theme? Something that would work with this wallpaper[View]
1403289Bizarre meme: Can someone help me find this bizarre meme? It used this template but the text was dif…[View]
1403560Please help me find more memes like pic related. What are they called? Thug memes? Other examples I…[View]
1403623There was an old image chart on /fit/ that detailed specific bodyweight exercises you could do to ge…[View]
1403688Need torrent for anime.: I need a torrent for the OVA Taiho Shichau zo, if possible even the continu…[View]
1403674Monster Energy edit?: Any got this image but with the Monster Energy edit?[View]
1403244Obtain Ivermectin: What are countries that sell Ivermection off the shelf? I'm in Europe and of…[View]
1403407Can somebody tell me why making a thread with a certain picture is causing the thread to immediately…[View]
1403295Can anybody tell me what shows these characters are from? Thanks[View]
1403650Any other file hosting sites similar to catbox? Specifically something that gives a link that direct…[View]
1403554Request to find a colourful video of Russian teens dancing in bikinis while singing a song the sound…[View]
1403636Can someone find me the original image without the text? Just need the ferris wheel.[View]
1403585can anyone attempt to make a wojack out of this? particularly try capture the dead eyes[View]
1403568I guess I could ask here too: >>>/g/96236838 >>>/g/96247909[View]
1403624What's the name of the piece being played here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VXit110PcA…[View]
1403128Wet computer and possible hard drive corruption: Hi guys, I have a very general question. Please be…[View]
1403603sped up Russian song: Anyone know what song this is? https://files.catbox.moe/n6gr1w.mp3[View]
1403596Whats that image hosting site called?: Whats that image hosting site called that everyone uses where…[View]
1403021I need to find /a/ manga chart called schizo core[View]
1403373Hi, I really need PhotoShop Wizard. Could You please clean (make yellow background white) in this im…[View]
1403504Can I get a manga/anime recommendations where a the make mc has a girl that protect him and fights h…[View]
1402774Anime Recommendations: Looking for anime to watch with my girlfriend. Hell's Paradise and Vinla…[View]
1403469anime: might be a dumb question, but what are some 80s/90s anime that sort of has that vaporwave 80s…[View]
1402485How to quickly learn fullstack development?: I need to study the following technologies in order to …[View]
1403564Anyone got a working mega/torrent for this series? Most public torrents are deaddo[View]
1403598Season 22: Where is it? I've looked everywhere, it started in early september.[View]
1403566I want to get into Baki but I'm having trouble working out how to get started on the manga. Thi…[View]
1403315bros I'm a math retard so can you help me with this? If you roll a number between 1-15, two tim…[View]
1403543sup /r/ I'm looking for an old gif of a creature/monster looking at another creature/monster ac…[View]
1403442Apache localhost JSON not working?: How come I am using an Apache server on Linux and it can not acc…[View]
1403575Does anyone have that picture of the scene in Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex where the major…[View]
1403283does anyone have that picture of the naked dude on the dirtbike ripping a wheelie through the forest…[View]
1403522I'm trying to figure out where the thing from this gif came from out of morbid curiousity. Anyo…[View]
1403173I'm looking for two creepy videos I saw on /x/ over a decade ago. One video has a guy talking t…[View]
1403348So here's a game I haven't been able to stop thinking about since around 1998. It was prob…[View]
1403510Hi guys I wanna ask if someone can recommend me an anime. There is a list of some animes that I saw …[View]
1403547Help with searching internet archive: Is there a way to search the internet archive programmatically…[View]
1403408Excel combine cells: I need to combine cells that have the same product into one with the addition o…[View]
1402854Apple Service Diagnostics: Really tried hard to track this one down myself. Need a copy of ASD 3S15…[View]
1403003spare Blue sky invite anyone?: Does anyone have spare Bluesky invites? Many artist i follow on 'X' h…[View]
1403405Nothing Phone 2 Color Codes: I would ask for some fine anon(s) to figure out, or find out, the color…[View]
1402386Can we get clown girls? Real or not, I just want clown girls. Post 'em if ya go 'em if not…[View]
1403530gimme a sauce for this, just her name[View]
1403497Is there a way to write a filter for Ifaggot filenames?[View]
1403457what does it say arab bros? seen on roman ruins in pissrael[View]
1403519I have this picture of Peter Nygard with a jacket that I've seen before. I remember seeing a pi…[View]
1403312font identification: i've compared several types of similar fonts but i've never gotten th…[View]
1403423goth gril show: what show is this girl from??[View]
1403264Looking for a song name I think i heard that song before but can't remember where Song is from …[View]
1403468what source is this image[View]
1402568My stupid new car doesn't have a CD player so now I have to get with the times and transfer my …[View]
1403431What are they using to make these graphs?[View]
1402135Are there any current day Isekai or fantasy anime directly inspired by Zelda rather than Dragon Ques…[View]
1403296i'm looking for jason genova's review of star wars episode 9: he did it maybe a week or so…[View]
1403356where can I download Jim Henson's work?[View]
1403458stich two webms into one: requesting to have these two webms seamlessly merged together https://file…[View]
1402169Which anime would you recommend to someone suffering from PTSD and depersonalization?[View]
1403287Der Coomer: Does anyone know what happened to him, or what he's up to? Tried to locate him on T…[View]
1403432NTFS data recovery: I have a situation with a hard disk and need to recover some windows folder from…[View]
1402846How do I block porn in my desktop computer? What's the best way to do it? Is there something I …[View]
1403082Can anyone identify this sticker? What is YGBBZT? Google came back with nothing.[View]
1403406Can someone do a rendition with Tucker being even more withered and it being even more over than bef…[View]
1403369Can someone edit the total payment to $3503? If someone could shoop the gas, sewer, trash and water …[View]
1401889Twitter image source: I have two sketches saved on my hard drive from years ago that I downloaded fr…[View]
1403060can the goverment track my phone calls?: So, my sister, who works for the government, brought someon…[View]
1402952im new to 4chan(and image boards): give me a crash course and explain me all the shit i should know…[View]
1403377Looking for an image macro It's a monkey and the caption is like 'why? because funni'[View]
1403352Help me find a meme: Does anyone have that comic of the brown guy seeing the white girl on tinder an…[View]
1403222Bee Movie Kramer freakout edit: Anyone have the meme edit of a scene from Bee Movie (I think it was …[View]
1403294can some identify this movie for me? thank you[View]
1403343source or higher res version: looking for source of this or a higher res version Can't find the…[View]
1402638How do I buy a 4chan pass?[View]
1403331I would like to make a simple video of a man walking into a public bathroom, encountering a Nazi, re…[View]
1402821Anyone have a full pdf for this textbook? Lib Gen doesn’t seem to have it https://books.google.ca/bo…[View]
1402802This exact picture?: Where can I find this exact picture, the same size and in the same format?…[View]
1403142Animated Mad Max-esque video of people who drive cars vs people who ride humans. There's a lot …[View]
1403313Wat gemu?[View]
1403306so i want to use free proxies to access websites but i dont want to use them on my host pc since i d…[View]
1403147Solve this logic problem: Albert announces to his class that he plans to surprise them with a quiz s…[View]
1403232Where can I find raw Haruhi LN series, or at least the first few volumes of it? This seems to be wha…[View]
1403278from where is this image from? it might or might not be related to whatever the fuck 'Card Gakuen' i…[View]
1403292Sauce for this rock song?: https://files.catbox.moe/glqafd.mp3 only lead is that it's by someon…[View]
1402867Does anyone have the greentext that goes something like this >Girl goes to a bar alone and meets …[View]
1402735Trying to prove to a friend that tekken isn't a real fighting game, but more of a party game li…[View]
1403135Can someone explain to me/link videos on how the conversion process for decimal, binary, hexdecimal …[View]
1402524PC Tech Support: My PC is a bit over a year old and showing weird bugs and glitches that I don'…[View]
1402998Photoshop Request: Can someone please help me erase the background in this image and only leave the …[View]
1403259Looking for lyric scans of an album: Anyone please help me find the booklet scans (particularly the …[View]
1403258can someone please turn this into a discord speech bubble gif? I tried but I think I need to crop it…[View]
1402664Whats a good gaming pc/laptop? For pc I'd prefer if it isn't pre built.[View]
1403242What is this melody from? https://voca.ro/1dJoUwgd8NDa I can't say if it's a popular song,…[View]
1403065How to anonymously stream for watch-alongs?: Never did one of these before, not sure what to do. I d…[View]
1402461Adventure/open world game recommendations?: Hi, I was wondering if there are any (preferentially ope…[View]
1402840All of Warcraft 3's Sound Effects: is there a downloadable zip/rar collection somewhere that co…[View]
1402949Hi. This request is for people who have a TV Tropes account. I have a TV Tropes account myself, but …[View]
1400770Looking for revival of old doujin game torrents.: I'm on a quest to revive the lost doujin game…[View]
1402384https://youtu.be/IUeREc7odcE Is there anyone with experience with Wavepad or other audio editing sof…[View]
1403137does anyone have this pic: does anyone here have this pic of dr house's face cut out and pasted…[View]
1403199Gambling Streamer crying: .webm usually posted on /gif/, some casino streamer playing the slot in pi…[View]
1403196This is new... Any idea how can i fix this?[View]
1403091Is there a way to play this on an emulator with the sound effect but without the music?[View]
1403182source: anyone know the artist? i know the series and characters already, but i can't find who …[View]
1402342Early-Mid 2000s Virtual Pet Plug-in-Play: there was a plug in play console around the early-mid 2000…[View]
1402749Does anyone know this artist? looking for pricel in high resolution https://ascii2d.net/search/color…[View]
1402105Need a new anime store now that Right Stuf is closing. It's been downhill since Crunchyroll bou…[View]
1402908looking for series or game to get lost in for my ennui: i live by myself i make good money and i hav…[View]
1403118Comic strip Lucky Star: Hello, does someone have that comic strip in which there are two guys and on…[View]
1402922Looking for good youtubers: Any nieche is cool, something you like[View]
1402805I'm trying to find the name of a cowboy movie I saw on cable TV recently. I remember the plot b…[View]
1402896Any sites where you can DL Lies of P free?: Anyone got a source to download the game Lies of P anywh…[View]
1403067Where to find a sweatshirt similar to this one? I like the semi-elastic material around the wrist an…[View]
1402498Feel fucking insane making this thread but I really need a PDF,Ebook or any way to read this childre…[View]
1403101So with Van being the protagonist of Trails Into Daybreak, I was wondering if someone could design a…[View]
1403062Sorry, but what was that one pixelart indie game where you play as that cartoony cat witch called ag…[View]
1403068/wsr/ is it possible for a phone being usb tethered and a phone being used as a wi-fi signal to inte…[View]
1403078Can someone help me find this image of a cat and dog being friends?[View]
1402915Last Origin: >Some time later in the game, you can choose a body for yourself from shota, chad, o…[View]
1402848Name of the original song or video?: shazams no help and googles useless, anybody here have a clue? …[View]
1403018Basic logic and truth tables for low-IQ individuals: What websites or resources are there to underst…[View]
1402937Eye looking thing?: What does this necklace mean? I first started seeing it back in 2013 but have no…[View]
1402626Translate: Can someone translate the top panel for me. What is it trying to say, and what is the kan…[View]
1402724What websites can I use to pirate ebooks?[View]
1402777I had some 4chan thread and image tabs open on a laptop I just found after a couple of months, so al…[View]
1403031Who are these characters?[View]
1403044Source on the song? Used to listen to it a few years back, can't seem to find it anywhere.[View]
1403043I am looking for an older cartoon. Characters were anthropomorphic animals. The protagonist was a li…[View]
1402730Songs similar to this one?: https://youtu.be/Pcz0tU24qJs This song gives me a flow of feelings no ot…[View]
1402385What is the name of that webcomic where the people have cube shaped heads and pyramid shaped heads a…[View]
1402336is there an alternative for chatgpt that doesn't require a login?[View]
1402422Looking for an older copypasta...all I can really remember is: Etsy.com Butthole Seeking Stealth Mis…[View]
1402692lost sfw pic of an extremely young looking girl (over 18): Pale nail polish holding phone wing eyeli…[View]
1402904Where do you go to convert 4chan webms? And how do you take video screenshots?[View]
1402977A program/website that can tell how well your PC can run a game?: Basically I'm hoping there…[View]
1402961Classical music used in trailer(?): i'd appreciate if someone help identifying the composition …[View]
1402701How can I copy an image in the clipboard then paste it as JPG, not as PNG, using 4chanx?[View]
1402995Source on this stock image series: This is an image from a local newspaper, I suppose it's take…[View]
1402993Simple webm request: it's a webm that was popular about 9 years ago where a man is being interv…[View]
1402959yep gonna need a sus[View]
14029263D noob wants to create parks with ease: I often find myself daydreaming/actually dreaming about par…[View]
1402925Would someone put the doge face in place of the Tibetan letter A here? Thank you![View]
1402795minecraft spawn limit: I'm running a Spigot server with no plugins. In the bukkit.yml file, the…[View]
1401678What are some TV episodes that end in the future but are NOT the season/series finale?[View]
1402918VLC stuttering: Usually it runs just fine but whenever I use subtitles and adjust the timing(+/- few…[View]
1402869I'm looking for a .webm of a bald guy using a cable machine and he's twisting and lunging …[View]
1401222UZU ASMR request: Does anyone know where to find the lullaby video(s) by UZU ASMR? She privated all …[View]
1402900Website cloner that works with modern sites?: Is there any software that can mirror modern websites …[View]
1402699Any cool comic, general and animation artists on tumblr that you know of, and preferably can we get …[View]
1401999anybody would happen to have that webm of prequel and sequels shots of anakin and whatnot that looks…[View]
1402772I want a Tanya von Degurechaff/Youjo Senki reading list. >inb4 Mein Kampf…[View]
1402886what songs: after 01:20 ?[View]
1402877Anime for this feel?[View]
1401283Randomness: Send me your random images[View]
1402866I need text in this Fox 20th Century style that just says GAY SEX[View]
1401966GOG is not working: Can somebody share the cyberpunk update 2.0. My galaxy is geting stuck at random…[View]
1402839physics homework help: i fucking hate pearson I hope the employees all die from cancer. can anyone …[View]
1402129Can someone shop this image so that her ass doesn't look fat anymore?: If it's possible.…[View]
1402714Is there a drag and drop WebM maker with a 4MB upper limit?[View]
1402849Do you guys have a database and software that filters for colored eyes and hair to keep all the bori…[View]
1402570Self Harm Forums: Are there any that discuss techniques? I like certain scar but I dont know how to …[View]
1402681Game OST that sounds like this: There's a track from a game, I believe it was an indie, that so…[View]
1401707how was 4chan's security and moderation in the early and mid 00's before intelligent phone…[View]
1402834Intel Processor: Was there any Core i5 processor version that had model number with 2XXX instead of …[View]
1402817What 4K tv would you recommend?[View]
1402826IFunny Search: I'm trying to find a meme I remembered that had an IFunny watermark on it. I wen…[View]
1402146Looking for the original pic where this shocked Chikorita was from. Not sure if this is the right pl…[View]
1402365Blend files to PMX request (MikuMikuDance): (updated) Can anyone convert these Sangvis ferri models …[View]
1402814Dungeon Master / Tower Defense / Guild Managing games: Please recommend me fun games like the above …[View]
1402734can somebody inform me any sites to watch cartoons without having to spend money on anything at all?…[View]
1401933Sauce?: What manga is this from? Someone said Doing Time, but that isn't it.[View]
1402694Anyone have the screencap of the anon posting about how his conquistador ancestor was raped by a nat…[View]
1402779University Form on Antibiotics and Bacterial Resistance: The purpose of this form is to collect data…[View]
1402677What is the name of this song? https://tchan.lol/media/350d74ee6ed2cd849bb40f112af0e0e9.mp4[View]
1402355PC wont boot: qrd: >windows freezes because of a program raping my cpu >i force shut down >…[View]
1402754what is the name of this artist. i know he drew several mangas.[View]

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