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No. Excerpt
765664A request: Can someone clear off the text out of this DDON logo? Or if you have a version without it…[View]
766019Who's the artist?[View]
765746True Wireless Earphones: Hey what do you think are the best true wireless earphones for smr around 1…[View]
765707Any more of this guys stuff that I forgot to save before drawer died? what is the artist's name…[View]
765763hey guys, i have a problem with my pc and i was wondering if anyone could help me. my monitor, mouse…[View]
765913Looking for an image that gets posted around every once in a while. Guy describing the terrible mech…[View]
765979I want to update my old graphic card. PC is pic related. I plan on upgrading the rest in the next co…[View]
765991Hello guys! Do you guys know what music is that and from who? https://youtu.be/GYEwupevlm0 Thanks in…[View]
765881Suggest me Songs: I keep listening to this song over and over again almost everyday (it’s this song:…[View]
765982See the account behind a private YT video: I sthere a way to see what account posted the video that …[View]
765887Anyone know how to (or if its possible) recover old deleted WhatsApp images?. I accidentally deleted…[View]
765942I've been really wanting to rewatch one of my favorite scenes from the original FullMetal Alche…[View]
765976I'm looking for an image with a clown in various memes from different years. There's the o…[View]
765952Is there any way to fix this problem? I tried to run disk cleanup and it only lets me get rid of aro…[View]
765623Hi, I'm looking for an image I saw on either /hr/ or /wg/ of a what looks like a room in a des…[View]
765962What movie is this from?[View]
764985Any cyberpunk recommendations? Specifically cyberpunk set in the past (it probably wouldn't be …[View]
765792Illuminatus Trilogy PDF: Anyone have a mega/torrent of a PDF of the Illuminatus Trilogy[View]
765858There is any way to cheat on twitter polls?: I was just wondering :p[View]
765678How do I enable Direct3D support in Windows XP Virtual Box? I have the video memory at 256MB, the 3D…[View]
765932Looking for an old Russian movie about a bunch of prisoners with some part of the movie being a big …[View]
765946sauce on this pic? google just returns memes.[View]
765916Yo I'm looking for a manga where theres a guy that ejaculates on stuff that is owned by girls i…[View]
765923Can anyone find me the full version of this pic? It's cropped from a video I found on youtube. …[View]
765905Can someone make a gif of 1:12 to 1:13?Specifically a close up on pic related. https://www.youtube.c…[View]
765939Anyone got more of this guy? Can't find the ones with the pink backgrounds either. Used to be p…[View]
765647What's being sampled here? https://youtu.be/vxFufFFix80[View]
765937I'm trying to find the title of this isekai anime: There's a isekai ln that I don't r…[View]
765934Trying to find a movie. I think in the end a guy in desert spots a building? There may or may not be…[View]
765895How can I make my own anime?[View]
765833ISEKAI Konosuba - Let's Talk to Megumin: someone have the apk link with the english subs[View]
765904Are there other kimono's like this one? I foud this one on a untrustworthy site.[View]
765878Annoying banner when I use the searchbar: For the past few weeks I've been getting this annoyin…[View]
764690Trying to find the source of this music https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FzmSilPHNXE0L_obXqGSN7-3zt…[View]
765728radiohead poster: can somebody get me a higher quality photo of this poster for me thanks :)))…[View]
765877I make dumb YouTube videos and I'm trying to find a camera to replace a $100 one I had that bro…[View]
765862Math Help: Can someone please post the steps into solving this problem it would mean a lot, thank yo…[View]
765761Does anyone have the greentext about the anon with the bizarre parents? The guy's dad used to s…[View]
765866What book is this from?[View]
765823I need some guidance on a logic problem... Say I have 100 different objects. A 'distinct pair' of ob…[View]
765869Does anyone know the name/has a link for this gachi video or any variations of it?[View]
765818How do I get rid of the words from the top?[View]
765280typing help: I hate how there is no advice on the internet for intermediate-advanced typists. curren…[View]
765786what are some anime that are worth watching as in they're both good and better than the manga t…[View]
765821I remember seeing an edit of the doom eternal art where doom guy was fighting off different hentai t…[View]
765853I am looking for a video of some black guys shooting at a electrical transformer until it explode. I…[View]
765852Need help with a song lyrics: Lies - Point Defiance is the song name, you can find it on YouTube and…[View]
765802any of you kind anons can invite me to one of these ?[View]
765849Searching for a Manga. He is a older neet (25+) and lives with a little girl or something.[View]
765847Help finding an article: (Pic related) Say the topic area in one of the videos I chose was complex c…[View]
765837new music gerne: you got retrowave/synthwave, vaporwave, and what's next? Well bros I was think…[View]
765233Does anyone have a torrent with all JJBA musical references?[View]
765839phone wallpaper: i’m looking to make a phone wallpaper out of pic related, but i have no idea how to…[View]
765834Faulty HDD: Can I repair this external HDD somehow? It has 2 TB of p0rn[View]
765814System Clock Delayed: I think I been hacked, I think they delayed my core clock or something because…[View]
765695Requesting uncropped version. I think this was promo art for the Legend of Crimson movie.[View]
765706How do I recover my files from my broken beeping hard drive for free? If Its not possible then pleas…[View]
765796Hi, i was hoping that someone could photoshop the Vaporwave sun into the background of this wallpape…[View]
765725I had an interesting dream and before I forget what's it called when women really arent that at…[View]
765806Anyone got the Hana no Asuka-gumi / 花のあすか組 raws? The pack on Nyaa is dead. Mega or Torrent is fine.[View]
765782Minecraft: If anyone is paying for the gold tier on https://www.patreon.com/sonicether can you post …[View]
765794What song is this based off of?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adc3MSS5Ydc[View]
765657I'm using pic-related to play games on PC with a PS2 controller. It works fine except for one t…[View]
765780weathering with you: Where can people stream or torrent Weathering with You? It is not being shown i…[View]
765776Does anyone have a video of sweet anita where her boyfriend comes in the room and she goes full tour…[View]
764203[C++] Cannot connect to the remote POP3/IMAP server: I'm trying to connect to the remote POP3/I…[View]
765766I live in the Nederlands, and I wanted to get Prototype 1, but is it safe to torrent here? pic relat…[View]
765755Requesting source for this manga. Maybe 10 years old, no other context. Not even Yandex could help m…[View]
765735Help, my PCSX2 keeps crashing during the first time setup. When I click Next at the plug-in screen, …[View]
765757Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows how I can get the Thanatos#Grim_Reaper skin for Smite? pic re…[View]
765544This is paid work. I'm looking for either an artist, or a photoshop expert to help shop her hai…[View]
765751Student email for software: Is there any way I can get an .edu email address now that I'm out o…[View]
765745Are there english subs for this?[View]
765691/rs/ anime rec pictures archive: As subject says, if you went to /rs/ and searched for 'anime recomm…[View]
765549requesting ichika, miku, yotsuba, and itsuki versions of wojack[View]
765740What are some kino gore animes? Preferably 80s/90s[View]
765736Looking for a legendary /a/ pic that shows what we expected to be the new art for Galactic Heroes an…[View]
765697Doge memes: I'm looking for the blushing doge meme that says something like 'really king, do i …[View]
765399Requesting comfy mods for skyrim: I'm looking to heavily mod skyrim in case internet goes out t…[View]
765519does anyone know where the kipo web comic is? cant find it anywhere.[View]
765450Fuck /v/. Are there any oldfags that were around during the Smash Bros Brawl days? What was the disc…[View]
765680Does anyone have the source or artist for this image?[View]
765704Lego city: Are any of the FNAF games worth it? A guy I go to school with said they're pretty sc…[View]
765698Can anyone identify me the first song used in this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cre0in5n-1…[View]
765634Trying to remember the name of a game: name is something like 'nightmare of a broken system'; game s…[View]
765415Anti-robot text: Could someone kindly make an image of the word 'heroin' in the form of captcha text…[View]
765528finding MMD Models: G'day I'm trying to find any fucking download link for a the MMD model…[View]
765635Please remove all the extra stuff and make the background transparent.[View]
765663picture unrelated, anybody know the song at the end? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bakqwzQEsyE…[View]
765556What is the best way to download Youtube videos? I've ben using this http://ytdl-org.github.io/…[View]
765643Any anime similar to Shirobako?[View]
765676the original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmZWyBsXm1E I'm looking for the original vi…[View]
765633Hi. It`s first time I can`t find the anime and it`s quite annoying, so I ask for help. It`s an old …[View]
765645Where do you torrent/download your anime singles/OSTs?: Been out of anime and now my old sources are…[View]
765589Why is it that gameplay looks awful when it goes below 45-50 from 60fps. I mean it looks like it…[View]
765639ISO: a link to buy Takaaki Ogawa's manga adaptations of 'The New Dinosaurs' and …[View]
765017i lost access to the internet on my windows 10 laptop after downloading Update 1903. A globe icon ap…[View]
765497what are the best warehouse positions (i.e. sortation, picking, receiving)? I don't mind physic…[View]
765142anyone got a torrent or any kind of download link to get the full game of 'life is strange' for Mac?[View]
765345Help. I'm searching for a website with a list of English words in order of increasing popularit…[View]
765195What is the name of this thing? With candles on the head[View]
765608Source of this pic? Not sure if it counts as nsfw Thanks in advance[View]
765618Vague request, I'm trying to remember the name of a song. It's about life in France and th…[View]
765573Frank Castle Punisher Images: Hi. I'm looking for images of Frank castle ideally black and whit…[View]
765338Can anyone proficient at reading moonrunes translate this short strip, please? Thank you.[View]
765609There's a photo of Tatsumaki sitting on a chair backwards,with her facing the back end of the c…[View]
765535Song from a flash: Can anyone help me identify which song is playing in this flash: http://i.4cdn.or…[View]
765408Algebra HW: Really can't figure out this system of equations. The problem states: 'In a game, …[View]
765583AGFA 80s camera corrosion: Please let me know if I've posted this on the wrong board, was sent …[View]
765565Can someone help me understand this? To use symbol you need to know the unicode, but how do I type t…[View]
765581Help me find this video vine thing: I saw it about a year ago. one Indian friend is getting rekt and…[View]
765249Tokyo: What are stuff to do when vacationing to tokyo? Trying to decide how many days will I stay th…[View]
765590is there a way to change .png of these icons?[View]
765114i'm looking for comfy winter storm footage, with little or no commentary[View]
765585i watched a fantasy based anime twenty or so years ago ago. The basic premise was that the wizard el…[View]
765547Pepe JC Denton Poster: Can anyone with drawing skills make an edit of JC Denton on the game art with…[View]
765398Blunt Pass Emoji: looking for a specific 'passing the blunt' emoji looks like pic related, only pinc…[View]
765564Can someone please show how this can be done? Thanks in advance![View]
765557Somehow I accidentally downloaded this. What the hell is it?[View]
765555when i boot up my moto g 1st gen there are both horizontal and vertical green lines which turn to re…[View]
765061Free/low priced game recommendations: I’m all alone and sick for today and probably tomorrow. What a…[View]
765149where to stream anime and read manga: haven't done either in a while, and my previous anime sit…[View]
765546Can anyone confirm what game/ad series this is from?[View]
764620manga recs: Can anybody recommend me some good manga? No shoujo and no battle shounen stuff. No arts…[View]
762743Anyone got any funny reaction images of any kind? I don't have many at the moment.[View]
765476What do these floating beads mean? Does this three comma like symbol mean something? Is it a kanji?[View]
765372Trying to remember manga name: It's a yandere manga. In grade school a girl ends up going apesh…[View]
765533Any help finding these two books: Any help finding these two books? We Dared to Win: The SAS in Rhod…[View]
765452WEBM of asian girl playfully wrestling with boyfriend and then pulling his pants down: Anyone have i…[View]
764822Kipo Mega: Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts has been out for a few days now, has anyone made a Mega …[View]
765336Can some kind anon tell me who this wholesome tomboyish anime girl is? Thanks beforehand.[View]
765487What's the source of this image: http://i.4cdn.org/vg/1579405129868.gif…[View]
765483Cheap Female Voice Actors: Looking for exactly what the subject says. Either amateur or professional…[View]
765453My request is John Kreiter books, the magnum opus: A step by step. most importantly.[View]
765390McGregor fight: where can I stream the mcgregor fight for free[View]
765490Looking for a Niconico video.: I've seen this video uploaded on Youtube: youtu.be/_63AyvG09rw T…[View]
765386Does anybody what this figurine is or who the character on the yellow stand is?[View]
765208Know OP, Beck and Inuoe, what are the others?[View]
765421Notepad and other Windows text messing up: So every once in a while the display text on Windows seem…[View]
765403Can someone change the word 'ogre' to simp and 'princess' to 'e-thot', and another version with 'e-g…[View]
765016what furniture would be ideal for making a spear out of?[View]
765356Please make the stoat go even faster[View]
765131Can someone share with me the companion mod Lunette, the creator took it down from the Nexus for som…[View]
765445Vanille Walking Animation.: Anyone able to upload a gif or webm of Vanille from FFXIII doing her wal…[View]
765444What's the cheapest site to get a design printed on a singlet shirt that isn't complete cr…[View]
765392Probability HW: Could someone tell me if my solution for part b is correct?[View]
765427Does anyone have a download for the Enhanced CD version of Tales from the Punchbowl by Primus (relea…[View]
765419Is this guy from GTA or something? This sign is up on the wall at my work and I'm really curiou…[View]
764680youth anime recommendations: need some age appropriate stuff to show 7~8th graders, preferably out o…[View]
765417Looking for song file: Hi /wsr/, I’m looking for a file of the song “You’re the Best” by Tsuyoshi Oy…[View]
764970Ijousha no Ai scans: Where can I find scans for this manga? Most websites have chapters 1-50 and the…[View]
765234What streaming sites do you recommend that aren't a scam for events like UFC 246. Thank you.[View]
765396Does anyone know where I can download a scan of Grimoire Nier? I know it's not officialy transl…[View]
765400/asp/ webm with the formula 1 theme song: Can someone please post the /asp/ webm with the formula 1 …[View]
765366Someone explain family health insurance to me: i need help My dad's health insurance covers eve…[View]
765287Help out some students: Post links where you can get free textbooks or books for this poor college s…[View]
765370Auto Unmute: Does anybody know of software that will automatically unmute your computer after a set …[View]
765384I am looking for a fantasy manga with Elves, Dwarfs, Humans, etc, only thing is the manga takes plac…[View]
765382Source?: I see this image a lot on /g/. What anime is it from?[View]
764948Years ago I saw a very surreal 3D animation but I've been unable to find it. It had a voice syn…[View]
765361What's the music in this video?[View]
765276View private insta accounts: Is there any way to view private instagram accounts without following t…[View]
765357Are there any good (Italian) Mafia Anime other then 91 Days and Baccano?: I really enjoyed 91 Days t…[View]
765306What is this character from? Found her on newgrounds background[View]
764134help: What game is this?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVXcYacFHJY[View]
765350Free VPN Programs: ISO Free VPN programs. Thanks anon[View]
765301Illustrators like Mead Schaeffer?[View]
765330Questions about laptop modding.: So, I need a new laptop, and (after consulting /wsr/) I decided to …[View]
765298Anybody can help me on how to upgrade my pc? Stats: GTX970 intelcore i5-6500 (3.20 ghz) 16gb ram 1tb…[View]
765318I'm looking for 2015(?) remastered release of Neon Genesis Evangelion (one where pic is from) P…[View]
765308Can someone replace the word League of Legends in this pic with Fortnite[View]
764997Ignore the smash drama for a second and tell me if this game is good or not /wsr/[View]
765317are unicode and utf-8 the same shit?[View]
764863Extracting a SFX from an anime clip: I basically want the sfx sound from this clip https://www.youtu…[View]
765271I need some help with emulation. I recently got a PDP xbox 1 controller to replace my playstation 4 …[View]
764986Alright nigs, this is a specific request. There are a ton of versions of Ryo Hazuki's jacket fr…[View]
764861Brown Christ-chan: Hey, could someone please photoshop some Christ-chans to look Hispanic like this …[View]
765254Help with Math/calculus: 'Define the following piecewise functions and graph them' I can't do t…[View]
765241im looking for this channel about a guy who dressed like a nun an dpaints his face and wears this we…[View]
765268fl studio: How are you suppose to slow down your song or beat half way through slowly and then slowl…[View]
765058Anyone have any of this videos? https://pikabu.ru/story/veteranyi_verdena_5612538[View]
765113The HTPC Experience: Title kinda misleading. My family is going to replace the TV (probably, is alre…[View]
763920Recommend me some anime where the main character is a loli demon (or if not the main character just …[View]
765005Hi anons ! So I'm looking for a video game that remember, but I can't find it anywhere. So…[View]
765238Can sombody help my to find an old anime (a cell-animated one). I don't know wich year it aired…[View]
765255Fresh win7 install: Hey so I just got an SSD and a new HDD and decided to replace the old one. Of co…[View]
765158Trying to find the name of the song in this webm, can't quite remember where I found it.[View]
765248ashley elisa (turtleneck girl) Has anyone have a backup from her youtube channel?[View]
764181Can anyone help me find a good anime movie to watch in a company? I'm celebrating my birthday t…[View]
764785Can somebody crop the wignat skull on this cute anime chick? I have no idea how to do that shit, wo…[View]
764942Can somebody find the The Sky's Are Limited by Jr Serpent for me ? Or some on send the music na…[View]
765232I'm looking for an audio file of a public service announcement recording. Something where someo…[View]
764224Romance reccomendations?: Can I get some manga or anime romance that aren't fucking annoying? …[View]
765210any more images like these? better if its anything anime[View]
764395Measure Theory: I'm currently having trouble solving some basic measure theory exercises. This …[View]
765211Can someone post the comic of Pepe and Wojak at a restaurant where wojak is nervous and doesn't…[View]
764703requesting source of the music used, video is from ig @19xxr. he said that he downloaded it off soun…[View]
765177Looking for a video that was popular a few years ago It's in a vaporwave style and was about th…[View]
764860Has anyone ever seen this? It looks like 1950s Disney propaganda/documentary material, but holy ball…[View]
765172Warcraft 3: Looking for custom campaign like 'the founding of durotar' where i play as 1 or more her…[View]
765160Am I doing this wrong? qBittorrent doesn't have a concept of niceness and requests them simulta…[View]
765171I want to do something really cool but i dont know how or where to start Id like to make an animated…[View]
764789Taking Photoshop Requests: I can and will be doing PS requests, I can combine images, add things, ge…[View]
764936What the fuck is a decent audio manager program for Windows 10? I bought a surround sound headset an…[View]
765136Why do Thai girls/women get braces even if they don't need it?[View]
765147please, someone help to find this work in the best and highest quality possible. The Last Judgment f…[View]
765083Can someone post a link to the website that live streams entire houses with what I assume are couple…[View]
764836Ultra high resolution of this?[View]
765151There's a series of websites with anime wallpapers set to music, the images also shudder on the…[View]
764927Sad cats.: Please share more sad cats pics.[View]
764790PC dies, need Power on off to boot again: i have no idea what this could be: PC dies with a bluescre…[View]
765132Is this an Actor?: I'm watching these roastmaster videos on youtube, and this dude is in the co…[View]
764814Captain Beefheart: Where can I find this pictures in hi-resolution? I can't find even a way to…[View]
765042I've been trying to get into cosplay and I wanted to do Doctor Doom for my first. What should I…[View]
765065Does anyone know how I can identify a smell? I have an old hand me down trinket from someone whos ho…[View]
764795Need more images like this: I appreciate it if you post good quality ones, but low quality are fine …[View]
765102Does anyone have a higher-resolution/larger copy of pic related?[View]
764906Looking for the meme that features Hegel as a kraken lurking under a ship and a caption that reads s…[View]
765073I'm looking for a manga where a male protagonist is visited by a demon who promises him that he…[View]
765103Looking for music video: Looking for an old rap music video. It has parts where it's done like …[View]
7649826 characters, 2 variations for each: Can someone please tell me or link a site that can generate all…[View]
765096Does anyone know the title of the anti gay / anti obama commercial, whose main line is 'this isn…[View]
764191Looking for a specific type of content online: Hey bros, do you know of any Youtube channels about a…[View]
764826I'd like to feel sir: what are some of the most gut wrenchingly emotive romance/shoujo anime se…[View]
765001Can someone get rid of the red watermarks in this pic pls?[View]
765082tom green: Hello all. I really need help. I'm looking for a specific 4chan raid clip on Tom Gre…[View]
765070Python Imports: I'm trying to make a package with this structure: <code> package/ __init…[View]
764998What’s the song playing In the back? https://twitter.com/nin_smashbros/status/1217847609332772864?s=…[View]
764686There’s an Etsuko Yakushimaru song that has a chorus where she sings a bunch of stuff that ends with…[View]
765040can someone put this mower in the yard in the reply? (or just any race mower if this image isnt good…[View]
765054Stream / Torrent Search: Looking for Pokémon: Indigo League stream or torrent for episodes 47 - 64 i…[View]
765046Search engine for Metals/Alloys by qualities?: Was disassembling a cryogenic pump and found a soft m…[View]
765044Warski removed all the old episodes of Warski Live. Is there a complete archive anywhere?[View]
764854I enabled the thread watcher but it's not telling me when threads get new posts. This has happe…[View]
765008Ima need aaaaaa source.[View]
765024Source of this?[View]
764972I remember seeing a pair of jeans today, with a yellow P or something on right back pocket with a pa…[View]
764593Need help finding an old anime comedy: It was this series about a family: two parents plus a son and…[View]
765011Looking for The Psilocybin Mushroom Bible: Does anyone have it? I can't find it online.[View]
764995Im looking for a good love story, it cand be an animated show, anime or movie , just anything with a…[View]
764991Trying to find these pair of boots, I think they might be from Aliexpress. Can't make out the …[View]
763990Failed windows update: Tought about installing the latest windows update since a backdoor was discov…[View]
764984could someone please identify the font used here? any font that kinda looks like this also helps[View]
763819Oricon music chart: I'm looking for an archive of all the weekly Oricon single/album rankings. …[View]
763635I'm looking for a webm of a horse or horses trampling some hemafags in period armor, any help w…[View]
764981Recognize the knife?: Just watched this video. I'm wondering if anyone can recognized the type …[View]
764979STONE COLD STUNNER: Anyone know where I can find this specific copypasta of STONE COLD?[View]
764967in After effects, how can I change the length of wiggle()[View]
763754Hip hop recommendations: I listen to hip hop as background music while I play Urban Legend in Limbo,…[View]
764973Male vs Female MMO armor comic strip: Hello all. I'm looking for a short funny comic strip. It…[View]
764819Customizing Type with Draplin: Does anyone have a link for this skillshare course? So far I've …[View]
764850For the love of God you've got to help me find the name of a manga I read when I was drunk. So …[View]
764856If I was stupid enough to buy something at gamestop does the 30 days to return it start on the day I…[View]
764678Which other of his works would you recommend? Or other short mangas? I want to read at my office.[View]
764923Can anybody name or find the first song this guy uses in this video? I went through both Blade Runne…[View]
764534can someone make a cop wojack? like, blue uniform and cap, preferably arms crossed or something[View]
764887Looking for specific 4chan screencap.: Hi /wsg/, searching for a screencap of a fourchan post: It w…[View]
764535Anybody feel like doing a HQ remake of pic related (or at least fix his chin (erased on purpose) and…[View]
764464Bluetooth USB Adapter: Trying to get my Bluetooth USB adapter to work for my DS4, but windows 10 kee…[View]
764857Looking for Fun Things Are Fun (The Moefag's Lament): So I've been lurking the past 4 hour…[View]
764853MacBook Air Keyboard issue: MacBook Air, OS Sierra I don't use Macs, yet it's handed to me…[View]
764800What kind of font was used on these old 'Achtung' signs?[View]
764823Hey /wrs/. I've been looking for a particular webcomic for a couple days. It's about some …[View]
764846Requesting Moscow Mitch's head photoshopped on the Anti Spiral from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann,…[View]
764843Can anyone recognize this tattoo? I think it may be a US WWII naval insignia[View]
764841Wasn't sure if I should ask on /r/ or here but it's not strictly NSFW so I'll ask her…[View]
764810what style is the bottom left?[View]
764835Is there a review aggregation site for comic books/graphic novels, akin to metacritic or rotten toma…[View]
764833dank pic: Hello, /wsr/ ! if I may ask this channel a helping hand. I am looking for an old reaction …[View]
764470Does anyone know the movie with this guy, Jake Busey, where he has neon-colored hair and is a studen…[View]
764717https://youtube.com/watch?v=cN9Xhtb345w The name of music on 0:27 please[View]
764804Do all my devices have the same outgoing IP address?: If I connect my devices to the internet throug…[View]
764757Post dank memes please.[View]
764705Where's the best place to watch live Japanese TV? By live I mean a channel that's currentl…[View]
764780What's the name/source of the chiptune medley used in a number of anime MAD-style videos? Examp…[View]
764659What's a good mindmap program for mac that I can torrent? The only one I've ever used is i…[View]
764565“Flowers” OST: Anyone has the official soundtrack for the season 1 of the tv show “Flowers” in mp3?…[View]
764735I want to know if an increase in labor force decreases consumer prices or not. Can I get a study on …[View]
764736does anyone know that one wii game i think it was, it might have been unreleased or only released in…[View]
764367Looking for a 90's pop hip/hoppy song that has a very nasal/overtone woman (probably black) tha…[View]
764055Looking for some anime with some good waifus. Preferably on Hulu Crunchyroll or Netflix.[View]
764744Any privacy friendly weather service for my program?[View]
764762Prove that f(x) differentiable if f(a+b)=f(a)f(b): Given: f:RR, f(0) exists, f(x)≠0 and for all a, b…[View]
764566EDUP EP-9633 'Can't Connect to Network': So I just installed this wifi adapter into my desktop.…[View]
764165Old Katawa Shoujo Fanart: I'm looking for old KS fanart by an artist that was called 'MS P…[View]
764315What are some interesting/good artists I can follow? My goal is to have a constant inflow of interes…[View]
764506Cheat Engine issues: Installed Cheat Engine so that I could make an autosplitter for LiveSplit. Anyo…[View]
763016Does anyone have the old BSOD font from the Windows 9x days? Could someone recreate, with as much ac…[View]
764747Art Books: Where can I find art books to download? I've already found quite a few good ones on …[View]
764491I'm looking to give this image a minimalist aesthetic, can anyone do this for me? If not, at le…[View]
764731NayCole or NaCole: So Im trying to write a gig on NayCole an artist that recently released an album …[View]
764653i5-4690k build: I've upgraded my Fx-6300 and r7 370 to an i5-4690k with a 1070 in order to pres…[View]
7643493D printable models for download?: Anyone know where to find 3d models for 3d printing of tournament…[View]
764730What anime is she from?[View]
764386Looking for songs with this esoteric/floaty feel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-uztVX6QFQ https:…[View]
764646Alright, this one is a bit out there. I'm looking for a clip from what I believe is the game Un…[View]
764151Photoshop Request: I was hoping someone with the skill would be willing to photoshop baby yoda here …[View]
764170Anime recommendation: Hello, I'm looking to watch something new but can't find anything de…[View]
764701Can someone translate the author at 23s name into romaji?[View]
764698Spyro 3 Bad Crack .iso: Does anyone know where I can find a bad cracked .iso of spyro year of the dr…[View]
764692Crusader Kings 2: Anyone know where I can get a hold of Crusader Kings 2? Maybe all the dlc too. For…[View]

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