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Displaying 204 expired threads from the past 3 days

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1334885Discord discrim sticking method: So I found this person who can make whatever discrim you have with …[View]
1334976Is there a 4chan mobile app that allows direct image posting from clipboard rather than downloaded?[View]
1335006I HAVE SEARCHED EVERYWHERE for this t shirt, I’d it possible to buy one anymore? Or is this a lost t…[View]
1335002Kubernetes Questions: I'm wanting to implement Kubernetes into my daily drive for managing my s…[View]
1334997What's the name of this anime?[View]
1334389Which episode of Mon Colle Knights is this from?: Pretty sure it’s Mondo, the MC of that show but th…[View]
1334427Anything similar?: Absolutely loved OddTaxi. Any other anime or manga I could check out that’s simil…[View]
1334058I know this is from some RPG Maker collection but can't put my finger where. Can anyone help?[View]
1333732What's the name for wood cut with a wavy edge so that it matches the ripple in corrugated iron …[View]
1334369What are some psychological anime like Madoka Magica?[View]
1334986does anyone have more photos of isis-shopped anime characters? i would quite like them please. examp…[View]
1334985Manga: Most manga that take place in Japan are usually about Tokyo etc. Are there any good manga tha…[View]
1334778Can someone identify this playstation gun? I want to know if it was one of those compatible with ps1…[View]
1334869Locked Out: I forgot the password but I really don't need to get back in I just need my files o…[View]
1334800I have a dumb ass math question: open interval vs closed interval? I know that the open interval mea…[View]
1334938Bad EXE FORMAT error: How do I fix this? It seems I can run 32-bit games alright but with anything e…[View]
13313654chan Clover Day!1!1! (Adventure, Comic and Meme): Test # 10: Someday Is Special Third Time, Incredi…[View]
1334953I liked the beta version of Leonardo.ai, and I wish to support it with one-time payment permanent up…[View]
1334892i need book recommendation i want a story which happens in prison[View]
1333561PC won't boot: My PC is reluctant about booting after a power outage this week. Took it to a te…[View]
1334212What jrpg's have dungeon crawling like persona?[View]
1334908how do i safely pirate adobe software?: i fucking hate adobe and don't want to give them my mon…[View]
1334919help: how do i find the critical points with the given function i have never seen before[View]
1334921I have thousands of anime DVD screenshots that I want to retake with the Blu-Ray (BD) version, obvio…[View]
1334843Uplifting anime: Any recommendations for anime with an uplifting message or general motivational fee…[View]
1333813Anime/manga that treat death with respect: Death is often taken for granted in most forms of fiction…[View]
1334911I'm looking for an episode of Tom and Jerry where the maid sings 'No rest for the wicked'. The …[View]
1334909Need Some Photoshop Help: i want the cheems to have the eye patch and headband from pirate, im just …[View]
1334681Give me some mangas about loneliness: I've been ignored at school for like the whole year. So, …[View]
1334639What's a suitable adapter from my modern CPU to CRT TV ? I want to play old NES game on TV.[View]
1334897Looking for custom music cards: Does anyone know any websites that let you make cards similar to thi…[View]
1334895I need examples in media of 'misogynistic' characters to use for a character, the more valid his poi…[View]
1334888Looking for a particular tiktok, or possibly just a vertical video, but most likely tiktok. It'…[View]
1334071Anime or manga where woman get cyberized?(helmets, wires, gear stuff)[View]
13341103DS games: I would like to request an exhaustive list of 3DS games you would call worth playing, I…[View]
1334414Hungarian uniform: Anyone know of any good sites which sell high quality and accurate WW2 hungarian …[View]
1334259Name of song in this video?: I tried Shazam but couldn't find it https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
1334860Need to build portfolio, anybody need a site built for free?: Hey guys, I'm a new entrepreneur …[View]
1334743Newgrounds age restriction bypass without an account pls: Is there like a script or something I can …[View]
1334852Have there been any studies done on how lonely a person feels and how “extreme” their political view…[View]
1334850Need help finding a specific manga: There was a manga I read years ago about a girl who had a rare c…[View]
1334823How do I get the Japanese dub of Western movies without using a streaming service? Is there some tag…[View]
1334256Can you make him aryan(blonde blue eyed white skinned), please?[View]
1334830Does anyone have a torrent for the book series 'Tage Frid Teaches Woodworking'? It's three book…[View]
1334759Best video converter: What's a decent and safe video converter that works on Windows 10? I know…[View]
1334510calculus ii help: How do I show this converges?[View]
1334715I can't sleep or Nosleep666 or possibly dholl: this person's artstyle seems familiar to th…[View]
1334713Games where you can become a 'god' if you grind enough?: I want some game where you probably start a…[View]
1334816My Nintendo last minute eshop request: Anyone got a code for this game?[View]
1334440Thoughts on this character design? I can give additional information about her if asked but for now …[View]
1334632Requesting PICO-8: Hey anons, if any of you could help me. I'm requesting the program PICO-8, i…[View]
1334807I'm switching ISPs, and my old one told me I can keep their modem if I so desire. Is that stand…[View]
1334802Dang it /wsr/, were can i get some dat-gun torrents for this entire dat-gun series thats well seeded…[View]
1334687What is the formal name of this problem, used by the top Law schools in the world?[View]
1334277Anyone got 4chan image that proof Henry Cavill is unequivocally gay? It has a lot of photos and circ…[View]
1334413/fit/ screencap: Any of you have that screencap of a (/fit/?) thread where OP posts his convo with a…[View]
1334234Women simping for Henry Cavill: Requesting the screencap of women commenting below a Henry Cavill in…[View]
1334787Where can I find this Unabomber Shirt? I've seen it in a few memes that I can't find anymo…[View]
1334723How do I hack a WiFi password?: Recently I moved to a new house, but I can't have a good intern…[View]
1334784Where are PS4 pkgs of Rock Band 4 dlc songs? I've looked everywhere, but I can only find the ba…[View]
1334240What musical instrument of the violin family is played in this song?: song https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
1334766I'm trying to find the name of an old movie, gore/shock action movie from at least 20 years ago…[View]
1334574Is there a name for this style? Not necessarily the artstyle, but the content of the image itself. C…[View]
1334754I cant find this youtube video where shrek tells donkey 13% of the population commit 50% of the crim…[View]
1334752Anyone have a webm/gif of scene related from the anime Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka (SukaSuka) where …[View]
1334745I'm looking for a flash game that Getty Images had on their website in about 2006-7. It's …[View]
1334249Are there any good anime shows coming up in 2023?[View]
1333857I'm looking for this ancient hack and slash japanese game that I think was made by fromsoft. pr…[View]
1333854Autist here trying to jobmax. Is there any anecdote or evidence that a male can simply identify as n…[View]
1334700Where can I found a safe full Ableton Live 11 download?[View]
1334204requesting the name of an anime in which there is a scene where many characters are at a dinner tabl…[View]
1334711Pyccкий язык: Does anyone have a torrent for Russian language video courses?[View]
1334397Can someone upgrade this picture with a real photo of Worf and better lettering? THNKS[View]
1334668Conditional Statement: I am thinking about the use of the word 'or' and if it was even properly used…[View]
1334695Theme of evil moss balls: Please find this song. Shazam is useless. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
1334547Hey, everyone. I have a weird request, so I appreciate any help. Basically, I want to turn this pick…[View]
1334675what game is the girl from at 3:46 on this video https://youtu.be/P-_whoCcYR0[View]
1334689Pig City: Anyone got a good source for this cartoon series, preferably a well-seeded /t/orrent?…[View]
1334653Who is this? - Youtuber I think raps from time to time[View]
1334673An old Turkish music band: There was an old(a few years ago) Turkish meme band called 'Şırdangang'. …[View]
1334088doi:10.1177/14614448231154825: plz.[View]
1334176hard drive died i request reaction images of any kind[View]
1334658I'm trying to find a torrent for a Cambodian film Rice People (1994) but it's all dead. Th…[View]
1334622Need this fake newspaper website generator: Title, need help finding the website to make these memes…[View]
1334370Anyone have that edit of different motorcycle crashes taken from the bikers' POV? It has a char…[View]
1334626Where do I watch (preferrably torrent) donghua?[View]
1332269I need examples of characters in media that start off as very minor, and later on become MCs. They h…[View]
1334391Does anybody know what the fuck is this? S.0.S: I found this in my garage, it looks years old due to…[View]
1334565Megg, Mogg & Owl scans: Anyone got a magnet or a link to quality MM&O scans? Please...…[View]
1334294Please help! I've been searching for a particular post, I think it was quoting an actual book. …[View]
1334324Requesting as many of these bingo sheets as a thread will allow They crack me up and I'd like t…[View]
1334225Anyone got a pdf template for 2023 wall calendar? To be printed on a large A0 or A1 poster. Like pic…[View]
1334493Importing the 4chan settings doesn't work for me on Edge, even though I exported it from Edge. …[View]
1334163Help erasing some details form a jpg.: Guys, I need your help erasing them letters located at the le…[View]
1334396Love: I am in dire need to find the girl who made this video because this is first time in my life w…[View]
1334537hello im look for a image, relating to video games i think, drawn with stick figures and at the cent…[View]
1334589is there a version of this image from the SAC OST album cover without the grid effect?[View]
1334553anyone know source of this image/have a higher res version of it?[View]
1334563what is the second book in this webm that isn't siege[View]
1334552>have mostly modern PC >ryzen 3700x and 16gb of ram >always point intensive installers that…[View]
1333758The background is her sitting in a cafe with a window, and there's rain falling outside gif wis…[View]
1334543Does anyone have the webm if the ai clone of Joe Rogan talking about jelqing?[View]
1334541Need help finding music: I heard a couple albums that I really liked by あべにゅうぷろじぇくと which apparently…[View]
1334530Paradise Lost: I always loved this cover art. Does anyone own this book and could tell me what this …[View]
1334527imagemagick help: My brain is too small to understand parsing page data from layers. I want to do pi…[View]
1334416How to get legit copy of windows 10?: I have an activated copy that fell off a truck but I would pre…[View]
1334520What is the song in this webm ? please can someone help me[View]
1334518Angel with Peacock Wings: Hello everyone, I recall seeing a painting of female angel with wings simi…[View]
1334004What is this art style?: >pic related[View]
1334516Game Recommendations?: Hey, guys. One thing I like doing in Sims 2-4 is impregnating the majority of…[View]
1334455Someone please create a thread for me on /v/, I'm rangebanned. Use pic related for the op and w…[View]
1334513Cialis commercial: Very odd request, but I'm looking for this old Cialis commercial, or set of …[View]
1334424what new phone should i get?: old phone broke and i need a new one, but idk much about how phones wo…[View]
1334303I am a longtime user of this site back from the days when moot was around and got to watch this site…[View]
1334188Ignore this if you're an edgy athiest. Hey guys. Im 23. My health is declining. A year ago i wa…[View]
1334091What is a good english-language source of Japanese domestic political and economic news and commenta…[View]
1334423Source of animated story?: The animated story in the first part of the video[View]
1334454When will game graphics get good as cinematic trailers back in 2014-2016? https://youtu.be/LVDUbfdfB…[View]
1333439please recommend retro earphones: I like old vocaloid songs and want to have proper early 2000'…[View]
1334434Recommend me fun games to play on yuzu emulator.[View]
1334084Can I have this with sound?[View]
1334150board reviews: review some 4chan boards for me. i'm bored[View]
1332898German Speakers / Deutschsprachigen: Looking for anyone capable and willing to transcribe the lyrics…[View]
1334312How do I remove the background from a gif or video and just have the characters?: I'm very new …[View]
1333824How do I block Spanish comments on Youtube?[View]
1333852Anyone who knows the song to this? https://youtu.be/cBFwoaJHStA[View]
1334394Can you make this thread into a PDF file, please jack.: https://twitter.com/HealthOverhaul/status/16…[View]
1334270Are there any US based services where you can have them buy stuff on ebay and ship it to you? For so…[View]
1334213please recommend cool songs i can learn to play on piano: preferably something at an intermediate le…[View]
1334306Can anyone photoshop this so the I have clear central a4 design ? Thanks[View]
1333842There's an island somewhere (I'm quite sure it's the US) that has black soil for the …[View]
1332865KMS: Does anyone have a virus free copy of KMSpico? Thanks beforehand![View]
1334137anyone know the channel of youtube series with the CG anime characters that make exaggerated arm ges…[View]
1333860Wojakification: Can someone recreate this ARX 200 in the wojak style?[View]
1334319What is some good Anime that features Motorcycles? So far I have only seen Kentauros no Densetsu and…[View]
1334349Name of this manga? Sauce[View]
1333885where can I read or download the japanese nationalist manga Kenkanryu?[View]
1334238Boron is added to heat-treatable steels to increase hardenability, why is it only added to steels wi…[View]
1334341Vietnam war video: Wonder if someone can help, looking for a war thread video that's a music mi…[View]
1333821What is the source video for this?[View]
1334335Can someone do a Bob Ross version of this?[View]
1334310Anyone know the music of this webm? https://streamable.com/e/06gntj[View]
1333484RAMBO: Hi. Oldfag here, didint visit 4chan since around 2018. My request though: can you anons give …[View]
1334317Chris-Chan x MGS Request: Post/Draw/Photoshop Chris-Chan And/Or Sonichu x Metal Gear Solid[View]
1332768Educate me Please: Not sure which Board to ask this on, but: 1. what is the correct definition of 'L…[View]
13333184-8 player games, preferably co-op?: For a few years now I've been playing vidya with my friend…[View]
1333211Can anyone here program Python for money?: I want someone to program something in Python. Basically,…[View]
1333725Ship Stock Footage: I'm looking for stock footage of a sailboat or pirate ship sailing into the…[View]
1334194Technical Support - HALP: HALP! I have a Dell Latitude 5490. According to Dell, the maximum memory (…[View]
1332161Alright I give up. How the fuck do you buy a share? Everyone always says it's easy but i'm…[View]
1333793Nietzsche would be in total full approval of homosexuality but not the toxic kind where top/bottom r…[View]
1334268pls for the love of kek what is the source of the song? its so orgasmic :ccc[View]
1334274Does anyone know the source of these prints? I found them inside of a fairly valuable (about $400) b…[View]
1334271I'm asking again because last time nobody could actually find it. Does anybody know the source …[View]
1334076Hey All A bit of a long shot, but would anyone have the installer for DFM Now!, which should be call…[View]
1334230any alternatives to yt-dlp and instaloader that are not made for data hoarders? i just want to downl…[View]
1333656ASCII help: I want an ASCII of the fasces.[View]
1334255Faster scrolling on Linux: I had a script before, but I ditched it since it requires zenity, which h…[View]
1334214Name of metaphysical concept: That metaphysical concept about some castle (or fortress or similar) a…[View]
1334244I feel like I'm going crazy. I swear there was a YouTube channel called lelolide with the profi…[View]
1333176Requesting drawing subjects: I want interesting sfw pictures to draw. Mostly I draw women. I'd …[View]
1334056Is there a way to find out the name of a youtube channel from a video that is set to private? I have…[View]
1333909Anyone know who's the artist who drew this? I really like the style.[View]
1333828Manga recs: just finished rereading black lagoon, jormungand, marginal operation and sunabozu Lookin…[View]
1332531Is there a reason why bookworm characters like these are dressed like this nowadays? Like a referenc…[View]
1333637edgy cult classics like Gungrave?: Hello anons, I am an edgelord who finally got around to seeing Gu…[View]
1334179NHK Imagine Nation - Levius: Looking for a video of NHK Imagine Nations on Levius with guest Shinji …[View]
1334172Content aware scale request: Want to see picrel with content aware scaling and cant be bothered to e…[View]
1334140Help finding a better resolution pic.: Hello...looking for a better resolution of this PIC. I was to…[View]
1334147what song ?: what song is this ? thanks https://youtu.be/z8aM_P0qT3o?t=890[View]
1334149Which voice software is this?: https://www.bitchute.com/video/vl5oTwF1ZC8B/[View]
1334143Where can I find more clips like this about LowTierGod? Alot of his content is either reuploaded wit…[View]
1334136smokeshow: Shes a fairly typical instagram model, afik no nsfw stuff or OF type crap just swimwear a…[View]
1333853Does anyone have the screenshot of the Japanon going on about how you can't police the people w…[View]
1334134Public proposals fail: Can I request more webm of this kind of rekt?[View]
1333714Sauce? Can't find it in yandex or anything.[View]
1334111Anyone have a source of the TriHard/scuffed version's of songs? (i.e. Scuffed Jays, Dodge Charg…[View]
1334092I'm looking for an drawing of a guy standing up among several other older-looking people sittin…[View]
1334087I recognize the anime as Lucky Star but is this gif from a video game? If so, which one? Full: https…[View]
1334028I'm configuring my wacom pen and tablet and I would like to know if I can assign two different …[View]
1333478is there any reason one game in particular will look weird on a television: the game being grandia o…[View]
1334074I have a 4080. So many games have the 'enable HDR'. My TV only allows for one HDR output. I have tha…[View]
1334073Does anyone know the source of this video? It is very cute[View]
1333474Requesting an Anti-AFK script that doesn't suck and won't be picked up by an anti-virus. H…[View]
1334037whos her[View]
1333553please help me find deaner: I swear there was a video of Dean ween wearing a red durag and a maid ou…[View]
1332153Hey /wsr/, desperately need your help. I'm looking for an old reaction image that used to be po…[View]
1333550Requesting high res PNG version of this. Thank you.[View]
1333492Is edx's Street Fighting Mathematics MOOC archived anywhere? It's based on picrel. The one…[View]
1333891Is there a protocol that is unhackable?[View]
1334012I need to know whether deleting my OnlyFans account will also delete my messages sent to creators. I…[View]
1331231Anybody have the video of the man dressed like a princess or something doing an acapella rendition o…[View]
1330986OBS window capture on Awesomewm: I have a very specific issue. I'm on Fedora Linux (though I be…[View]
1333959Please help. Cant find one of my favs - snufkin leaving moominvalley short music video with passenge…[View]
1334017I know there are sites to get +18 Patreon's content for free (kemono and coomer), but what abou…[View]
1333910Looking for that old picture a thin guy with a creepy smile sitting on the floor in his underwear sp…[View]
1333888Squashing an image: Could someone 'squash' this image please? So like, if it were to be cr…[View]
1333408Christian Memes: Post your best contemporary Christian memes like this one so that I might use them …[View]
1333470Looking for a quote: Something like, people love to have a justification to persecute others while f…[View]
1333943Audio Interface power question: I have a problem with unwanted noise in my vocal recording. The setu…[View]
1333940looking for a film about a highschool boy with an overly protective mother, who murders anyone who g…[View]
1333920Is this a real government account of Afghanistan? https://twitter.com/TalibanPRD[View]
1333928What game is this?[View]

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