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Displaying 247 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
704863Who is this girl? https://wdb.space/43558[View]
705505Can anyone photoshop this pepe with the Priest ability Shadow Form from vanilla WoW? This is my disc…[View]
705460What planet is this.: I have more pics if it helps was working outside today and seen the new planet…[View]
705634Prussian propaganda: Does anyone have high quality Prussian memes or Prussian gifs[View]
705597RAM Motherboard compatibility: What motherboards is this RAM compatible with? Mustang M42566486X6ND…[View]
705619Textbook pdfs/e book: Where can i find college textbooks? idc if its torrent, mega, irc, I just need…[View]
705626Need a source on where to find more of this brand[View]
704580If I want to get or set terminal attributes should I use (already provided) stdin/stdout/stderr as …[View]
705621Source/Artist name: I'd like to know who is the artist of this image, reverse image searches ha…[View]
705261Is there a manga or anime isekai about someone teleported to caveman times? Where they have to teach…[View]
705571Translation help: Can any swedebros help to translate this to Swedish? You did not visit the (Walmar…[View]
704336Lucha Underground: Hey people, Is there anywhere I can access Lucha Underground Season 2 and forward…[View]
705492Folder Organizer: is there a program that can Reverse Image search what’s on my hard drive and renam…[View]
705594Does anyone have a SFW Wojak with a gun to his penis? I like this one but I cannot find the original…[View]
705022Could someone checkup my part lists ? It's my first build and I can'tbe sure enough https:…[View]
705592Is there a super-cut of all the 'so awful its funny' scenes from Doug Walker's 'Demo Reel'? Inc…[View]
705239What type of music is this? It sounds like a cross between shoegaze and indie. All I know is I need …[View]
705509Roman grils: Need more of this style of pic please. Im trying to find all of them but dont even have…[View]
705577I'm looking for a torrent of harry potter audibooks in italian. Can anyone provide me a link? T…[View]
705576Can someone make 'just fuck my shit up' edit with this buick reatta pls[View]
705172Requesting a higher res picture of this[View]
705207RPG maker VX ace torrent: Im trying to torrent rpg maker vx ace and i got it installed but can'…[View]
705560I am searching for some free online collaborative writting tool for 'thousand monkeys typwriter' exp…[View]
705566anyone know how to get premium wupfile.com links for free?[View]
705507i downloaded Touhou 11 and when i opened the game i got this message that said the code execution ca…[View]
705331who is this and what is her ethnicity/country?[View]
705547American Flag Girls?[View]
705335Source of the Audio: I need a source for the song or the remixed song of this video, thank you in ad…[View]
705525What's the source for this?[View]
705533song: anons what is the song[View]
705513Looking for new-wavey song from the 80s/90s unsure. cant remember name or artist... its an instrumen…[View]
705515Looking for a piece of art The setting is inside a tram/lightrail train It's got a simplified s…[View]
705511I wish I could find this illustration of Kate Takenomiya with the Andy Warhol style of different hai…[View]
705500Death Note 2006: Does anyone know where I can find/download/stream the live action japanese Death No…[View]
705499Ok have any of you seen the video of genny from fire emblem asking 'hewwo is anybody dere, Hewwo' an…[View]
705495All the links in the sharethreads for this are dead. Can someone reupload it? Thanks anyways.[View]
704222https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAgD54R1WpE&list=LLy3Agw5gpvVETopJk6FxcDQ&index=9&t=17s …[View]
705484Disgaea 5: Can someone upload the artbook for Disgaea 5 from steam?[View]
705426Romance Series that Actually Portray Relationships: And not just ten volumes of platonic waffling fo…[View]
705463Are there any folder icon sets for TV shows/movies/anime? I've already got some, but wanted to …[View]
705114Does anybody have a list of every 4chan banner and what they're referencing? Thanks in advance.[View]
705108Can anyone make this holding breath meme into lady Gaga holding her breath? Please I have no idea ho…[View]
705472I'm looking for tamaki nami's discography, but the torrents on tpb and nyaa are super dead…[View]
705374Brief Principles of Macroeconomics 8th Edition: Will suck dick if someone can get me a pdf or other …[View]
705402Does anyone have a torrent for Sleeping Dogs' DLC?[View]
705395Can someone crop 4 sprites for me and still have it remain in high quality? I tried it but when i cr…[View]
705102Skin cancer?: Melanoma? Gonna schedule a mole check, but anyone docs here?[View]
704702Tribe war banner: I play a lot of ARK, and I'm thinking of making a tribe called The Orwellian …[View]
705378I have a bit of an odd request /wsr/ I'm wondering if there's a decent database of US prim…[View]
705387Source: What is this picture from? I tried reverse image search but came up empty.[View]
705408Looking for a skeleton pic: Hello friends, I am looking for a picture of a skeleton reclining outdoo…[View]
705325Sekiro Art Works PDF: Hello, as far as I know the Sekiro Original Art Works PDF was released at Augu…[View]
705360Audio of Mom yelling at shut-in son: I'm looking for a video or audio of a mother yelling at an…[View]
705401A pirated copy of Yookoso! An Invitation to Contemporary Japanese - 3rd Edition[View]
705382Japanese Telecard: What are Japanese Telecards? I purchased two Umihara Kawase themed ones, unopened…[View]
705390make something with that: u're free to do any kind of photoshop,boi[View]
705326whats the font pls[View]
704885I lost a bet and have to eat 100 gummy bears, what's the best way to prepare myself for this?[View]
705377Help me find some league heros I might like :) I am trying to have 2 champs I know I enjoy for every…[View]
705283I need some short European nationalistic slogans/sayings/quotes max 5 words[View]
705343could anyone post a better version of this pic of Miley Cyrus, I can't find it[View]
705327I have looked everywhere but I can't find the source of this girl wearing a paper bag over her …[View]
704838Can someone who knows about song lyric structure help me break down the structure in the first minut…[View]
705332who's the artist who made pic related?[View]
705182Hello, I'm having a major issue with my new laptop. It's a Lenovo Legion Y530. My Disk dri…[View]
705053PSP JRPGs: Sup niggers. I'm going to be without internet for a few months, and an old PSP is th…[View]
705247Hello friends, what does this Japanese mean i English please?[View]
705339Hey /wsr/, I’m looking for good websites where I could find PDFs of textbooks. Post your favourites …[View]
705318i'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but can you use the clip studio assets thing wi…[View]
705336Hello anons Is there anyway I can get into an old Hotmail account I've forgotten the password f…[View]
705278does anyone know what charging chord i need to match this port? >lost the charger when i got it…[View]
705324My computer has an SD card slot but it's not reading the adapter with my microSD in it. I haven…[View]
704822Which programming language should I learn?[View]
704498Earbud advice?: What are some good brands for a new headphone? I would like ear buds, preferably wit…[View]
705305How can you make anime snitches/lengthened from screenshots using photoshop?[View]
705038Help required restoring a picture: I have this old badge. Thanks to anyone that can help photoshop i…[View]
705292Can someone please make it a workable .png? Can't find a single one on internet and i don'…[View]
705291What's something safe I can add to a drink to make it taste like iron / blood?[View]
704918I want to make a YouTube video about a game I've been playing. My computer is broke but I notic…[View]
705252So I have this keychain and I'm wondering what the symbol on it is from. I figured it was maybe…[View]
705027Video Editing Software: What's good video editing software for a noob? I have like two hours of…[View]
704565can someone pls make her hair black I'm too much of a brainlet for this[View]
705274Looking for Sasuke vs Gaara AMV: I'm looking for the old Naruto AMV Sasuke vs Gaara with Flipsy…[View]
705117Which book is this from?[View]
705257Anyone know how to bypass the Mega download limit? I don't want to wait 5 hours every time.[View]
705240Sony Vegas Pro: Looking for a torrent for Sony Vegas Pro, that actually has seeders and isn't d…[View]
704840David Guymer - Slayer pdf: Hey, I've been looking for a download of this book for quiet some ti…[View]
705215make something with that[View]
705243Can you photoshop the gray parts to look like carbon fiber?[View]
704107TV/Anime/Manga/Books Thread: No specifics, just dump your favorite TV shows, Mangas, Animes, and Boo…[View]
705221Hello, I'm not familiar with the Anglo web and I looking for torrent websites. For general stuf…[View]
705228Anyone know what this is from?[View]
701817I need some anime reaction gif collections that I can download[View]
705191Can anyone write PepeHands in the PepeJeans logo? I've tried searching the font they use, but I…[View]
705226Dudebro pepe: Does anyone have that one chad/dudebro pepe image where he's standing sort of lik…[View]
705142Is there an easy way to cleanly cut images out and add transparent backgrounds? I've used Paint…[View]
705222Anyone have scans of the Disney Adventures magazines? Especially later volumes would be great. I…[View]
705217iPod Third Generation Issue.: Why does the iPod III (2003), sometimes resets the settings, asking me…[View]
705210Help me find an SS ring: Wasn't sure of the best board to post this but saw a ring similar to t…[View]
705204Alright /wsr/ Can you give me the two manga name that I forgotten. One manga is about this guy in hi…[View]
705156I am a newbie poster on this board and honestly don't know if this is the right place for posti…[View]
705195Artist name?[View]
705150Finger pressing reset button on PS2: subject it's a very specific meme-ish suicidal self loathi…[View]
705165sauce on this touhou doujin i think its work safe last time i remember having a bit of trouble track…[View]
705190Hello guys, I found this gif and I really wanna from what anime it is, can you help me out anons?[View]
705095vuirtual software comunications: Im working on an robot program using fanuc roboguide software with …[View]
704900Restoring hacked Facebook account without access to e-mail: I tried to log into Facebook and got mes…[View]
704799Help me find a movie. All I remember is that pic related was planing something bad in the basement w…[View]
705179Exoplanet concept art needed: It was an exoplanet, a forest overlooking a valley with a river that f…[View]
705167https://webm.red/qUcC.webm Does anyone know where the footage for this may have come from? I know th…[View]
705107Requesting image on the far right[View]
705056Is there a tag for this? I want more images similar to this.[View]
704793Any more pictures/quotes with this feeling.[View]
704450Anti-virus, anti-malware, adblock. Any shit that will protect my laptop from viruses, malware and ca…[View]
704641Source on a manga screenshot: Hey bros I saw this thumbnail for some stupid drama video that I don…[View]
705145Can someone slap this onto a white dodge charger police car? Thanks in advance.[View]
704574There is literally nothing better than this, in any media. How sad. I have already watched the best …[View]
705109Can someone translate this please?[View]
704300Mac Yosemite Help: How do I permanently remove this fucking icon??? I'm using Yosemite 10.10.5.…[View]
705016hey /r/ i want some official/fan art related to the first 2 fallout games, preferably in a zip downl…[View]
705115Can someone please edit ash and a trail of smoke rising from her unlit cigarette? Thanks in advance.[View]
705104Looking for the artist of this: No name or site posted when I came across this image[View]
704608Can anyone fix the eyes in this photo so that it looks like he's not staring up at the sky[View]
705093Save the Plannet: My parents are visiting me next week and they do things to save the planet like re…[View]
705094Name of an anime: It was about some smart guy and his assistants going to this island some genius gi…[View]
704952What video editing software do I need: What video editing software do I need to create a video like …[View]
705014Can someone help me with creating a 400x400 pixel watermark for videos I'll be uploading on You…[View]
705080Looking for a manga about humans genetically altered with animal DNA to make super soldiers. It’s ba…[View]
705034So story time- I used to own this mug, until I dropped it and it shattered. I really loved it. Was p…[View]
705029I have an old iPad Air that I stopped using a couple of months ago because the battery would just di…[View]
705062I was in a comfy thread a while back and someone posted a webm of a girl with a bob cut dancing on a…[View]
703335Requesting a megafile or zip download full of Makoto, from Persona 5, images[View]
703790Could someone turn this into a webm or MP4 and drop it off at catbox.moe? https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
705059Can someone help me find a high quality video of this gif? i cant find it anywhere[View]
705047Can someone help me find a comercial I saw a few years ago? I forgot what it was for but it played i…[View]
705009This season has been sit so far. I've only been able to keep up with three shows, and two of th…[View]
705031music video request: Hey guys, please translate from portuguese pt-br to understand. Mais cedo poste…[View]
704921Find a video clip: Hey guys, i ask your help to find a video clip. The last time i saw that it was s…[View]
704916I have to run Solidworks '17 for uni and I'm buying a new laptop. Will this machine suffic…[View]
704910requesting the autsim version of this webm[View]
704930can someone hit me up with an name?[View]
704964What is it on my leg?: Someone can help me, it's like a month I have this on my leg. Looks like…[View]
704558I need more music like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x586o64FvQA Don't even know in whic…[View]
704684Anime: waiting for the new episode of Demon Slayer.Need a new anime watch, any recommendations?…[View]
704987anyone know what place this is?[View]
704976Would someone be able to vectorize or otherwise greatly increase the resolution of this text? Not th…[View]
704940im looking for a download link for the fallout new vegas .esms, i only need the DLC. if anyone has …[View]
704992What the fuck are the samples used in this song! I tried searching by lyrics but this stupid song is…[View]
704988Requesting new Archive: Since fireden removed /vg/ I need a new alternate for viewing /vg/ archives.…[View]
704968https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oomPPBeu4Vg What does the judge say at 1:12? 'Are you a...'?[View]
704981Can anyone help me figure out what manga this is from, if any? I've had no dice finding the sou…[View]
704980Infographic: Looking for an infographic I saw a while ago but can't seem to track it down again…[View]
704611My friend got this postcard in a pack of Final Fantasy themed postcards but we dont know what it…[View]
704965What's this manga?: I saw it in /a/ but couldn't find the name of it, I've tried reve…[View]
704957what isekai manga is this?[View]
704961Bladeless Axial Turbines: hello, looking for info regarding the design of bladeless axial turbines. …[View]
704603Hi /wsr/, The place I work made today a tech rally which I flunked on a specific question. I wanted …[View]
704757Lupin III guide: I remember seeing a post a while back of an image showing the recommended watching …[View]
704948What's the song in this video? https://youtu.be/f6wb-kNelC0[View]
704938I'm going to make concept art for a mobile game but I don't know what font they use for th…[View]
704794I need images of Victorian looking guys in shadow or silhouettes, it’s weird how this seems to be ac…[View]
704936is this from domestic no kanojo?[View]
704741trying to identify what anime this cel is from[View]
704700Suggestions: I'm looking for any Anime shows that are like Daria, any suggestions /wsr/[View]
704890Install windows 10: Hey, I'd like some help installing windows 10 on a brand new SSD, it's…[View]
704913Can someone translate this please? Thanks.[View]
704635I need this japanese cartoon about not giving humanitarian aid to Africa: It's very often poste…[View]
704406Can anyone find a download of the OST for Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san, also known as Ms. vampire who l…[View]
704531Can someone please transcript the lyrics of this song? I've lost all hope of finding them by si…[View]
704205The Opposite of Simple Wikipedia?: Hi Anons. So, Wikipedia has this project called Simple English Wi…[View]
704719Creepy Pasta's of old: Do you all remember a set of creepypastas wherein you would perform a ri…[View]
704895MSI MAG271CQR vs Acer XF270HUA: Hi! i'm from Spain and can't decide between monitors. The …[View]
704865I have a passage on my book that says that the equation y' + ay = 0, after saying that k=y…[View]
704758is there a wireless keyboard that has a dongle but can also connect to bluetooth and can connect to …[View]
704889Dr. Dooom - First Come, First Served (1999): I want this album in my shitphone, and don't find …[View]
704887Looking for mysterious music video: I am summoning the power of /wsr/ brothers I am looking for a mu…[View]
704455What's a good place to learn and practice very basic math?[View]
704868software needed: Looking for a program that is like MIRC chat that allows you to download files the …[View]
704704song: anons what is the song[View]
704851Rocket League Team Name: Hi guys, my Rocket League team needs an epic name and i know this is the on…[View]
704696Help!: Who is this? All I know is that she modeled for playboy once.[View]
704856I need any video/film/music clip which has a medieval/fantasy mood and people partying: It's fo…[View]
704634I'm wondering what kind of garment this is. Like what is it called, what is it made of, or what…[View]
704171I have a GTX 1080, i7-7700 and 16gb ram (Windows 1903). Everything was fine before installing the up…[View]
703795What are some good (free) video editing softwares for beginners?[View]
704673Battle Rattle: Acquired this recently but have no knowledge of what it could be. Might be from India…[View]
704733I need new shoes since these are starting to fall apart. I preferably just buy another pair of these…[View]
704764apps to fill my phone with: recommend me apps, anything useful useless even premium if it's wor…[View]
704731Can someone post more of these? 动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square prote…[View]
704805I need a 4k/higher Pepe picture. Possibly smiling[View]
704814I need soms fnaf sfm picture that can do things like dance, sit, etc.[View]
704809Does any millenials know the name of the song at 2:05:30 ???: https://youtu.be/5hSB2C1EvPU?t=7530 at…[View]
704808Hello all! I’m looking for an older “anti twitter” meme. It looks just like Nazi Germany propaganda …[View]
704798Looking for a comic. Stick figure drawing style, the story goes: >kid with a therapist >'I mak…[View]
704448KIWIFRUIT: Hi /wsr/, I would like to start an image request thread concerning kiwifruit. I'm in…[View]
704200Does anyone have or could anyone make a transparent gif of the Two Time girl head bobbing? Either f…[View]
704767Requesting Rai & the Future Forve Vol1 #10 in .pdf or .cbr Description here if needed : https://…[View]
704657does anyone know the source for this image?[View]
704399Anyone have the comic along the lines of 'I give up on drawing' and then a muscley well drawn embodi…[View]
704769What does this Japanese text say? All I know is that it's the name of a wrestling move.[View]
704329Manga chapter translation: Want a text translation of these chapters, if anyone has spare time. http…[View]
702094Fantasy Map Creation: Does anyone know what the best programs for free fantasy map creation are? If …[View]
704742Who is this waifu? Thanks in advance ^^[View]
704541can someone make a cutout of her here[View]
704746Anyone know good torrenting software? not just for games, generally speaking. Was going to use Pic r…[View]
704489Anyone good with PS who could edit this alá the famous faceoff from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure? I…[View]
704198Sauce? Or other videos similar to this?[View]
704404Hello /wsr/ I was in Dubai a couple of days ago, and my dumb wife bought the “artwork” I’m attaching…[View]
704646Are there any online sites that have Super Dimensional Love Gun for free?[View]
704523Trying to figure out an equation for this scenario: In this scenario, there are initially 99 sets of…[View]
704716Really longshot request. Anybody know where I might be able to find a full stream/upload of the 1987…[View]
704713looking for a photo of a: jacked, brown-skinned dude with a beard carrying maybe a mk48. cigar in mo…[View]
704400I have an i7 4790k and a 1660ti. What would be the best 1080p 144hz monitor I could grab for under $…[View]
704665photoshop / illustrator help: could someone clean this up and make this look good and clean? I made …[View]
704701how do i change the color of the thread watch thing: i would prefer if it turns red when i click the…[View]
704670NordVPN Help.: Hello 4chan, the advice thread said this board might be a better place to ask for hel…[View]
704675What's that word for a flea market for food? Not a marketplace but when it's something tha…[View]
704676Microsoft Word Password: Copied a password in notepad and paste it into Microsoft Word password sett…[View]
703671Okay since apparently the fucking /a/ mods are a bunch of faggots and you cant ask for manga recomme…[View]
704668So in this picture one is supposed to be the foreman and another is a worker. Is the guy on the righ…[View]
704674Ilya Kuvshinov art: I really need someone who’s supporting Ilya Kuvshinov’s Patreon to go in and loo…[View]
704582Book request: Does anyone have a copy of H.I.V.E. 8, deadlock by Mark Walden? Only link on TPB was d…[View]
703658Cardcaptor Sakura sub music sauce: Does anyone know what bgm is playing in episode 26 when Toya sees…[View]
704021Is there a concept or word that, by definition, has no opposite?: For some reason, this thought has …[View]
704170What are some anime that deal with problematic romantic relationships in a serious way? Basically ge…[View]
703884looking for good avant garde anime or anime that can be taken seriously as art. Something that sets …[View]
704246Best External Hard Drive?: What are the best external hard drive brand or brands if you want to get …[View]
704614Can someone please make a webm of this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EAwEYNrLMU[View]
704551Does anybody have that gif of a loli who's dizzy but it was edited so it looked like she was a …[View]
703887Abit photoshop and camber: Plz photoshop. Lowered and nice stance. Thx guys.[View]
703873I want to host a home server that I can watch videos on from a web interface what do I need for this…[View]
704483PDF/Ebook thread: Poor college student here. I am wondering if anybody here has this book. I have tr…[View]
704486I'm looking for this Album. But it seems both links dont work. I tried torrents, google. etc bu…[View]
704173does anyone know where i can find a higher quality version of this edited painting? i know the orig…[View]
704606Anime blush: Anyone got a picture of this dog blushing? no anime eyes just an anime blush.[View]
704583Finding a song: This is a pretty sad request, considering I know a lot about the music video for the…[View]
704442What is the best SEGA Genesis emulator for Windows?: There's a Genesis collection on Steam but …[View]
704573sauce pls? I googled/yandex'd/saucenao'd/moe/iqdb'd and nothing[View]
704469Can someone make the black background of the Rolex logo transparent? Just have the Rolex logo and cr…[View]
704595Can anyone link to videos from the russian skyfall missile failure? Also does anyone know the corrid…[View]
704587Is there a gender bender story where a guy's girlfriend becomes their boyfriend and has the bod…[View]
703368Gachimuchi Source Request: I'll answer all source requests. Post your original video and I…[View]
703875Computer suddenly slow: I'm out of ideas and idk who else to ask but /g/ directed me here so..h…[View]
704581Does anyone have that image of one girl raising above the small one near the wall? (picture explanat…[View]
704570Who's the H girl? You can tell the other girls too in case others are curious. But not the last…[View]

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