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979688Dragons: Riders of Berk: does any one know where i can read the last 3 vol of Dragons: Riders of Ber…[View]
979680Photo Shop quickie: Just requesting a face photoshopped over Darth Vader face and the text 'Darth Va…[View]
979208Guys, do any of you know good Hentai with catgirls? Sorry if thats Not the place to ask but well, i …[View]
979670does anyone have the buddhist or hindu shizo edits[View]
979658Gay Cadbury Creme Egg ad: Hi /wsr/, anyone have the new gay Cadbury Creme Egg ad? Can't find it…[View]
979572Hello, and i'm new here, so I was wondering if anyone could help me trying to find some BCG Fat…[View]
979647anyone can help me find this thread from 2~ days ago from /pol/ ? the thread name was 'arctic cucold…[View]
979477Removing name from top of word documents: Is there a way to remove account names that are at the top…[View]
979568Just set up a local booru on my home machine to start tagging my memes and porn Any good booru apps …[View]
979637Can you please give me a pic of this ugly 'A toast, to /boardname/!' guy with a glass of wine?[View]
976460Jeff the Killer Original Image: Anyone have the original image of Jeff the Killer? It was supposedly…[View]
978614piano sample: what is the piano sample? https://youtu.be/C71PW-fLAnY[View]
978999Where can I get the non-merged or full romset of Sega Model 1 games? I tried to download the recent …[View]
979609Any video game music afficienados can tell me what music is playing the background of this video? Th…[View]
979536hi i just started an art/webcomic account and im building it slowly to 100k per year (which im sure …[View]
9795882020 pokemon leak request: Hi, i'm looking for the the beta keys that was leaked out on october…[View]
979587Canvas Confetti Player: Is there an extension that can play the Canvas confetti ( Confetti for On-Ti…[View]
979586Anyone here has a webm of this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAIGb1lfpBw with audio that had…[View]
979202Tried looking for a torrent but no dice. Can anyone hook me up with a link for Trouble is My Busines…[View]
979573can someone make a sean connery as james bond version of this meme and make it say 'yesh' i think th…[View]
978932/r/ing rey in this image with the style of sus Jerma, caption and all. Will post Jerma in next pic.[View]
979567Do any of you know how can I get the green glow from this image? preferably through a transparent i…[View]
979471Due to some economical circonstances, I can't afford to go to the university. I'm working …[View]
978074Audio Editing: If someone can edit audio and has experience with music, would you please edit these …[View]
979524im looking for 300 page content/ material original and top tier, most liked not to dissappoint anyon…[View]
979550Reside GIFs HELP: 351 x 265 is the size of the gif so i want to resize a gif to a better size, but w…[View]
979321Do you guys know where I can find full episodes of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart going all the way…[View]
979546original artist? ive tried saucenao and other reverse image search places and turned up empty. all …[View]
979022Can someone provide me the full length audio of the ending of this anime? https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
979048what kind of comic/manga/short story i can do thatll net me 100k follows sub views at minimum for my…[View]
979535video of white guys getting beat up after saying the N word in a pizza place.[View]
979520Can anyone recognize these symbols?: A friend of mine is thinking about buying a knife, supposedly r…[View]
978458what are some fun beginner basslines to play?[View]
978717i want to find someone good to draw a work-safe commission, any ideas on where to look at my opinion…[View]
979517Are there any good, decentralized multiplayer games coming out?[View]
978780Can someone edit this to make the repeating star patterns less noticeable?[View]
978765Trying to get youtube dl to work on windows and already stuck at the PATH. Where am I supposed to pu…[View]
978862Requesting beautiful art but somewhat depressing, maybe cozy art, but of a man thinking, and somewha…[View]
979503Question about a very specific fact which happens to regard the Costa Concordia cruiseship: Is havin…[View]
979368French/Italian animated film: Can anyone remind me of that really messed up child sexual abuse Frenc…[View]
979265Does someone have the screencap where an anon that was a janitor explains men's vs women's…[View]
979435Can someone edit her chin really large? Someone has already edited her before to make her look tanky…[View]
979193Images of meme cat: There is a fairly old meme where a drawn cat lies in a futon with differenct exp…[View]
979308I'm looking for a scan of this book, anyone know where I can download it or get a torrent for i…[View]
979170I want to create 'evil demonic book' for art project. I got my hand on some old yellowish paper and …[View]
979468Recommend me some essential reading on the Roman empire, please.[View]
979484Looking for ricemaster MADs: Looking for 2 ricemaster MADs: 1. It was called Me and Heaven and Hell …[View]
979462Dont know if this is the right board for this but anyways heres my problem: My hp spectre x360 conve…[View]
979470Hey guys. Does anyone know why windows 10 seems to be so quiet? I have volume set to 100, but it sou…[View]
977629Sad Green text: Does anybody have the sad greentext story about the guy who's wife died in chil…[View]
979474>What do?[View]
979465Guys, do you have a link to this test?[View]
979458Sauce: Need this pic in better quality, could also use some good reverse image finders[View]
979204Give me news broadcasts from 20 march 2003 preferably broadcasting from anglo countries on youtube[View]
979057Need help deciphering this: I W S T Y A F D R T L Y R M F I A T C A C F T B I Y P D H J R T C S Y T …[View]
979451some one please edit the paw print in the snow out. just make it look like the rest of the snow. tha…[View]
979428Who is this masked guy with the mittens? I saw some images a while back of him but IDK who this is. …[View]
979427Where can I find archives of /vg/ from 2013-2016 that has a search function? 4chanarchives goes back…[View]
979424book torrent: I am looking for : >business (biographies, management, trading, investing, real est…[View]
978872I've got a little less than a year left until I graduate from college and I want to leave my le…[View]
979394Looking for Dark Fantasy manga to read,: I'm looking for something late iron-age to medieval in…[View]
979395Physics problem: There is a car A and police cat P The car A travels with constant velocity. P start…[View]
978799Outlaw star sub eng torrent: I'm searching for the best quality avaible for this anime subbed…[View]
979416anyone know where i can buy this tshirt?[View]
979408I need some help finding some anime torrents for someone: One Piece Death Note Durarara and Danganro…[View]
979419matlab: can someone help me do part a on matlab? Im not sure how to go about it[View]
979406Can someone please photoshop the girl on the right holding up a middle finger? My photoshopping is t…[View]
979152Is my CPU broken?: Hi kind strangers, my old laptop doesn't work anymore, it's been a year…[View]
979303jewish twitter: Looking for a untraceable profile picture so I can troll Jewish twitter. simple requ…[View]
978931what website do you go to, to do this effect to meme pictures[View]
979216Reposting from /g/ I'm trying to get into private trackers. I just need a way to seed torrents,…[View]
978282Hello, does anybody know where I can download pic related? I've checked the usal places like ny…[View]
978968Can someone please recommend me some fast paced classical music like 'Khachaturian: sabre dance' and…[View]
979083No more leeching for me: I don't want to be a leech anymore. What are some good platforms to wa…[View]
979082Anime Newfag needs advice: hey /a/ I got into animus, and so far I've watched Jojo, Death Note,…[View]
979373Mystical: Kingdom of Monsters Anniversary Edition: Hey guys, do anyone has by any chance a pdf copy …[View]
979292I got a refund from a certain company for a purchase, but I didn't really get any money. If the…[View]
979365does anyone know the name of the song in this video?: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/7603016…[View]
979354Fun is just a buzzword: Hi all, I'm sure you've heard of phrase 'fun is just a buzzword'. …[View]
979340Does anyone know what these type of Japanese notebooks are called? I've heard them referred to …[View]
978736Post any Apu Apustaja image/gif you have. Really any. Pretty please and thanx <3[View]
979342Road Rovers DVD: Anybody in possession of Road Rovers DVD? Cannot buy in EU and rips are interlaced …[View]
978578/vr/ failed me and I was told to try here I was at a friend's place and their brother was playi…[View]
979359Does anyone remember what episode Killface does the cereal bowl thing instead of Simon?[View]
979246Anyone knows how this kind of effect is achieved in Photoshop?[View]
978996How do I get better at singing?: Or more specifically, how do I add depth to my voice when singing? …[View]
979316calc 1: not sure what its asking me to do[View]
978998Youtube Verififctiofaton: can someone verify my youtube it locked me out i need a phhone number…[View]
979334What's the song that plays at 0:44? https://youtu.be/mlKgHKsgq28[View]
979300ASMR girl[View]
979279Someone know the name of the cosplayer or the author??[View]
979285birb: What is the name of this type of bird? Also can anyone pinpoint the original source of this im…[View]
979198What exactly do I need to watch before Wandavision?: So I met this chick at work a few weeks back wh…[View]
979281schizowave: how are fever dream type videos made? where can I find more[View]
978689which one to watch first? i'd like to watch the one that doesn't leave bitter taste last[View]
978956How can I become a decent programmer ?[View]
979235Can someone please help me find an altrock album? The album cover was a green or turquoise that is s…[View]
979238How ot reverse this output in Java?: package teststackofpalindromes; public class TestStackOfPalindr…[View]
979194Looking for a word.: I've been thinking and googling for hours but I can't find it. I…[View]
9792364chan board traffic data website: i remember seeing a website which showed which boards get the most…[View]
979229Love’s Labour’s Lost movies: Hey I'm looking for a link where I can watch Love’s Labour’s Lost …[View]
979074Tampermonkey: If you exit out of Tampermonkey 'A script want to install' message, nothing automatica…[View]
979014Help me find the turd: Can anyone help identify the make and model of the car that hit me? The scrap…[View]
978680My daughter is a zombie: Does anyone have mega archive/imgur album/link to full manhwa in the title?…[View]
979018how to get people invested in your brand because the work is hard so ypu think' oh i want upfront p…[View]
978863/r/ing that old 4chan meme macro with guys yelling at you from a speeding car usually with a caption…[View]
979106It looked like this meme, but it wasn't this exact image and it didn't have this meme text…[View]
978698Source the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbL50O_Hyqs Does anyone know the source on the song…[View]
978798Japanese games similar to Mass Effect: I've heard one of the main reasons ME didn't do wel…[View]
979169ç͚̱̱̩̀͆̌o̜̻̮ͣ͐̉̑̍ͦ̿͜r͕̺̪͕ͣ͊ͨͯr̩͈͙̓͗̀̑u̹̇̓ͪ͂̈ͮ̃p̭̼̭̱͎͇ͣ̎̆̊t̷̺̝̹̫͌ͭͅe̳͋d̤̟͎ͮ̈̀̈́̇́̚ text is called zal…[View]
978762guys I have taken a liking to pepes, can you post your best and rarest pepes? Thanks[View]
979011I WANT TO PLAY THE UMA MUSUME MOBILE GAME!!!: I live in south america. How can I play it??? Help hel…[View]
979079C Language Matrix: So i really wanna learn C, cause I'm really interested. Can someone explain …[View]
979141file explorer is haunting me: every so often my computer makes the sound file explorer makes when yo…[View]
979100Anime Search Request: Help, I cannot find the anime this was taken from. I saw it in a Russian video…[View]
979118Im looking for a comic panel Its a executioner lynching some female blasian without context/reason. …[View]
978824Anyone can translate this?[View]
979070Requesting this image but with 'Faggot!' written in the bottom panel[View]
979030Planet Earth 2 and Blue Planet 2 4k Blu-Ray torrents?[View]
978555Does anyone have this short clip or video about Vento Aureo where a song goes 'Diavolo wants to kill…[View]
979031The right click context menu options from extensions are missing. For example I have one extension c…[View]
978592Anybody got a higher res version of this? I've tried Google Images, Yandex, and Tineye to no av…[View]
979067who is the original singer of this song https://youtu.be/IU5GUZASv6g[View]
978952What episode of Spider-man is that?[View]
978988help: is there an app out there that will resolve math problems with steps that i can then just copy…[View]
978570Name these tunes: I got a couple of songs stuck in my head, could you guys name/find them for me?…[View]
978937Image viewing program that allows you to tag images?: Looking for a program that lets me search for …[View]
979043need this suika just the graphic[View]
978935Youtube video called 'Squidward Testicles': Hey all. Betting nobody knows what the fuck i'm tal…[View]
979004Sup guys, thought I might ask here since people are good at finding things. Can you guys help me fin…[View]
978989Does anyone know what geographical area is presented in this meme? I believe it could be located in …[View]
978663once i asked my parents what stories they wanna do and stuff, because they didnt get the chance to b…[View]
978984Who Is This?: Please help me identify this model![View]
978883Help me identify this clip. At 4 seconds someone is on the screen i need help identifying https://st…[View]
978970Metadata remover.: What is the best Android app for removing/editing the Metadata of photos? Cheers.…[View]
979016I'm trying to remeber the name of an old movie where this guy's sword swings up and sticks…[View]
979013What's the source of this image? Tried Google image search and tineye, nothing so far.[View]
978052Youtube fake subs: I was googling about them, but i want to ask anyway Is there a way Youtube will …[View]
978869I don’t know if my searchfu is weak or what’s going on but I can’t find a complete torrent for Nobun…[View]
978963I need the entire picture of this, I remember there were three of those retarded kids and a bald fat…[View]
978347Big O Notation: Can someone help me with these? I really don't get the lecture our teacher gave…[View]
978654hottests currently: whats the hottest trend or artstyle currently? i wanna make fan art/doujin but i…[View]
978978League of Legends players, those anyone know who this is?[View]
978977matlab: where would i find the working directory to put these files in?[View]
978721Power Rangers Rips: Anyone know where I can find decent rips of Power Rangers, specifically Time For…[View]
978960Does it take place before or after TW2? Before or after TW3?[View]
978959yggtorrent account: Has anyone managed to successfully create an account on this website? I can…[View]
978954Looking for someone to help with my Java class this semester via discord. I can throw some crypto yo…[View]
978485Need help with homework: pic related[View]
978381Looking for a certain music video by the artist aнтoхa мc or Antoha MC with the song name 'вpeмя тoк…[View]
978864Do you see the circle in the middle of the flag? Is there a spiraling circle like this but with 4 co…[View]
978608psychology reference eBooks/credible online sources: Looking for recommendations for good online ref…[View]
978851Looking for a high resolution (poster if possible) of this. Anyone?[View]
978786swap and sync audio from different video files: Hello anones, i have a 24 episode anime both raw and…[View]
978649Physics Homework Help!: This one is about Gauss Law ¿How do lines of force behave between parallel f…[View]
978837can someone turn this image into ascii thanks[View]
978379which cover of kokoronashi is this? video i got it from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mHVyvWaQBg…[View]
977536Who is this guy?: Who is this? I keep seeing random pictures of him. Where the hell are they coming …[View]
978858Looking for this book, no luck with libgen. EPUB, pdf, Mobi, whatever[View]
978879Rec me 3d platformers: played a hat in time want something more. any platform is fine[View]
978260What website to people use to make GIFs like this? usually of soijaks[View]
978877private torrenting?: Hi, I currently use 1337x and tbp,options are limited for all the shows i want.…[View]
978697installing debian: >CD Rom not detected I tried to do it manually with the built in shell but the…[View]
978784Recommend me some anime with cool 90s fashion.[View]
978843Song name: Hey Does anyone know the name of second song ?[View]
978806Grün Ist Unserer Fallschirm Remix - WITH NO VOICE: I would like a version of this song with no voice…[View]
978825Can't finish lab because Google Docs decided to stop making the text move with the picture: So,…[View]
978810Reverse engineering UFO doc: Looking for a document describing the efforts to reverse engineer a UFO…[View]
977468Source for this? (The alien movie/play)[View]
978805Is there a video that objectively explains Alex Jones' worldview?: I watch some of his stuff, b…[View]
978210I’m going to be getting a new iPhone 8 Plus with extra storage. I have like 20,000 different photos …[View]
9786064chan Thumbnails look like shit: I just got a new 27' QHD monitor that is admittedly, for now, hooke…[View]
978251Does anyone know the source of this video? (The full and unedited version) https://youtu.be/9Ao-U8GS…[View]
978773How can I mute the host in a Zoom, without muting the whole computer. I use a mac[View]
978764I reinstalled my PC and now my japanese font looks squiggly and gay like this how do I fix it?[View]
978290Anybody know if either Ace Attorney Investigations (or Gyakuten Kenji) Dengeki anthology manga, or a…[View]
978194Duel - original TV-movie cut: Anybody know if the original ~75-min TV cut of 'Duel' (Spielberg, …[View]
978686What does this mean and do i fix it?[View]
978704A Job for the OCD Insomniac: I can't get a normal 9-5 shift-based job because of my OCD insomni…[View]
978737Shop request: Please turn the pupil into a heart shape :) Thanks in advance[View]
978746in dire need of this video of the old guy in pic related just hamming his pipe while some dumb whore…[View]
978745I really need help here...: Okay, so... I've been searching for this type of content from this…[View]
978693Which anime is this?[View]
978723WEBMs: It keeps opening another tab whenever I try to open a WEBM. How do I fix this?[View]
978729A toast to gamers animated: I remember there was an animation made for this audio: https://www.youtu…[View]
978727Does anyone here have a 'Hey there Europe' song? It was deleted from Youtube and I want to repost it…[View]
978551manga recommendations: plse recommend manga with great art, characters and story, something like Mon…[View]
978681Can someone photoshop a little Hitler mustache and hairdo on the robot in the left side? For commemo…[View]
978673what is the ideal method to use a dualshock 3 on pc in twenty twenty one?[View]
978569Third party controllers: I'm trying to find a good third party PS4/PC controller under $30 on A…[View]
978707Anyone know who this girl is or who is the artist?[View]
978679Can't reply?: For some reason my ancient IPad can't seem reply to posts on this site right…[View]
978676Cruise ship TITTA: could someone please post the Norwegian going on a cruise greentext please? the t…[View]
978658Someone knows where did go the '/v/ and /jp/ at the movies' comic guy?[View]
978641Skreegal: Please can someone help identify this rare looking skreegal? Live in the south east of Eng…[View]
978669Old Music Video: Hello fellers, Back in 2016-2017 I believe there was a semi popular music vid going…[View]
977922What's some films about gnosticism?[View]
978662Name of the gal, please?[View]
978138looking for a storage bag: anyone know of any good compartmentalized cable/device bags around? mainl…[View]
978486Body Cams for my county in TN: How can you go about demanding or fighting for body cams for your loc…[View]
978639need help with my laptop: laptops battery doesnt work. when i play games, the laptop warns me of low…[View]
978068Looking for a picture of a black man on the backseat of a car with the door open, hes slightly leani…[View]
978281PDF Needs to be Fixed: Would an anon be generous enough as to remove all the lines and text around t…[View]
978177java book recommendations?? starting out need to master the language asap[View]
978462Doge Requests: Hey does anyone have that image where doge is in front of a bunch of stock tickers in…[View]
978638raws for this: 高2にタイムリープした俺が、当時好きだった先生に告った結果 Anyone happen to have the raws for this manga? I'…[View]
978616learn mandarin or jp, kanjis: until what level am i considered 'done' in learning it? it seems endle…[View]
978370Can a US anon call this number to see if it still works? The game is Splinter Cell: Double Agent.[View]
978464homework help[View]
978314Is there anyway to get rid of Discord's 'Something is going on'?: For no reason I got my accoun…[View]
978389does anyone have that image that says 'why I think anyone who is religious is dumb' the person who m…[View]
978505What anime/character is this?[View]
978043gib me your best reaction pics[View]
978108What are some other shows that are like this?: I've seen Breaking Bad so don't recommend t…[View]
978287Looking for this late s90 early 2000s probably japanese animated series, i ca not find a single pic …[View]
978543What does any of this say?[View]
978587where can I find an audio of this kid saying 'Now in slow mo'[View]
978267does anyone have a high res, uncropped version of this image that still has the japanese logo?[View]
978114Recommend me anything no matter how weird. I have very high Openness to experience, so I seek out no…[View]
978567There's no way two people can generate this much steam in a car, right? Looks like a damn sauna…[View]
978452Recording Youtube Live: some people don't archive their live session like pic related. Is there…[View]
978546Language?: Sorry,in wich language is written this?[View]
978547hey friends, how's it going? i hope everything is good at your end i'm looking for a meme,…[View]
978537I just saw an ad on youtube and I need help to know the name of the song, the videoclip was about an…[View]
978502How to disable mouse back and forward shortcuts in brave without disabling the whole button?[View]
978532Apart from paying, how can I get FL Studio for Ubuntu (not Windows)?[View]
978521Alex Jones Penguin Classics: Looking for the Penguin Classics template with Alex Jones on it. Can an…[View]
978514/r/ing that /g/ american psycho desktop meme: it's the business card scene but instead of cards…[View]
978408i am retard. :([View]
978460What are some good books, videos, lectures, etc about: Deism, Christian Deism and/or non-religious t…[View]
978076hi wsr The other day I was trying to remember the name of an album I heard a while ago but I’ve been…[View]
978388I haven't watched anime in a few years, and the sites I used to go to are gone. Where do people…[View]
978463Desktop audio coming through Mic: Hey /wsr/, having some audio/headset issues My computer/desktop au…[View]
978484Hekate Belt Buckle: My girlfriend found this screenshot of a screenshot of a beautiful buckle and I …[View]
978426Any novel/manga/anime recommendations that feature characters that have Stockholm Syndrome or otherw…[View]
978487Looking for a picture frame that has a transparent border. I've looked for some but wondering i…[View]
977884can you rec me manga simmilar to excel saga (manga version not the bad anime adaptation)[View]
978040Need a title for my project: Can anyone help me with a title for my project, I need something bold o…[View]
977266Looking for an image that gets posted on /pol/ from time to time >cartoony (wojak?) >ss/nazi …[View]
978451realistic pepes: post i need more real faces on fake frogs[View]
978333tech support in steam: Hello, I have this custom hitbox, and the steam isn´t letting me change its s…[View]
978454homura shrines: I'd appreciate it if you guys could drop any Akemi Homura shrine pics you'…[View]
977593Are there any good manga/anime about the life of an irredeemable loser? >inb4 NHK Miss me with th…[View]
978096Does anyone know the real song? I feel like this is a parody of something but i cant tell https://so…[View]
977456Looking for anime or manga that prominently feature a Good Dog. Doesn't have to be *about* a do…[View]
978438Can someone please compile this and give it back to me as a tar.gz? https://slackbuilds.org/result/?…[View]
977803Can anyone recommend me a bitcoin wallet for Windows as a beginner?[View]
978425Whats the sample from this?: Kalko - all we do is hurt each other pls help >picture is from the s…[View]
978419What is the best or a few of the top choices for server hosting companies? I'd like to host bot…[View]
978328calculus: could use some help with this.[View]
978417Coke: Your best 'coke were a nazi sympathizers' vs the current 'try to be less white' memes Any fake…[View]
976707Looking for anime pics that are visually appealing similar to pic related. Perhaps your favorite ima…[View]
978159The song at the end of this gave me a good nostalgia trip and I should remember where it's from…[View]
978386I'd like to know who's the artist that made this illustration.[View]
978283tryna learn french, can any french bros send me your favorite french music?[View]
978367Song Request: Song title of the song that plays around 6:45 in this video? https://youtu.be/fwgRuLgc…[View]
978365Looking for a video that uses the footage below but reversed with the caption to the effect of 'ME A…[View]
977708Looking for a fun anime of any genre where most of the girls have big titties and every episode has …[View]
978356Anyone know where I can download Flapjack? I've been feeling pretty nostalgic for the show late…[View]
978330Looking for an old game: I'm trying to find the name of this old fantasy game. I don't rem…[View]
977511hi guise, I need John Turturro cigarette smoking reaction pictures please[View]
977635Anime lists and charts.: I am decently indulged in anime, as in, I've only watched like 100 or …[View]
978296Hi, I need to find that webm from some guys from the Uganda gobverment, where they explain how gay p…[View]
978144Hii do u know how to color: Can someone change the color of her kimono (dress) to light blue-ish / p…[View]
978248What's the name for this kind of anime/manga facial expression? I want to be able to search for…[View]
974051Strange Websites: Hey Anons, was wondering if you guys could send me some weird websites, including …[View]
978299looking for something (think it was a game) where you could drill into img files, throw bombs and pu…[View]
977920Musical Genre: Could you guys help me find the musical genre of this song? https://youtu.be/XkA95Gmp…[View]
978258PC fan: My computer fan started spinning loud for 2 seconds, stopping for 4 seconds over and over ag…[View]
977791Hey laddies, I am not a big anime/manga person but I tend to like to watch/read deep/thoughtful/clev…[View]
977452Anyone have a direct download link for Pom Poko? Preferably: >720p or 1080p >jp dub >eng s…[View]
978182I am looking for this version of the Oresteia: https://www.audible.com/pd/The-Oresteia-Audiobook/B00…[View]
977839Hey my little brother needs help on his homework: I forgot most of this, so you guys help him? Thank…[View]
978252Hello. I'm looking for a name of a certain adult web-comic. I have been looking online for it f…[View]
977779I am interested in obscure internet lore so is there an archive available of this site (metokur.org)…[View]
977463Looking for music videos that start off innocent but then become very sexual[View]
977873what is this from ?: saucenao and iqdb dont work[View]
977684I have to make a 5 minute presentation about Brazilian business culture? Where would you start? What…[View]
978262My google search results suddenly began using this shitty bold font. How do I revert this? Cleaning …[View]
977754Is there a way to access an index for a directory on a wordpress website ? Is it possible to browse …[View]
978246Help me find a free 'service manual' for a fujifilm x pro 1 please[View]
978253I need a copy of this, but with a social media account instead of a pipe, and an accompanying text s…[View]
978102Anyone knows the source for this pic? I had no luck with reverse image search[View]
977409A website! A job?: Soup guys, I'm looking for someone who can slap together a basic website for…[View]
978192Fairy Tail: What chapter is this?[View]
977243Chair Recommendations for Back Pain: It looks like my current 'computer chair' is about to die on me…[View]
978165>Fallschirmjäger - remix did the person who made this put it on any normal file service that does…[View]
978219The DeliveryOptimization folder is on the D Drive, and I tried everything I can to delete it includi…[View]
978223Pinterest Ad Free: How can I use Pinterest ad free on mobile? Since they use “promoted” pins instead…[View]
976585Twitter keeps suspending me and my friends: I got suspended for tweeting “tard.” I was quoting someo…[View]
978217Help finding a song/video/movie(?): Hi, Very new to asking for help with this sort of thing as i usu…[View]
978157can someone turn this into a furfag? thanks[View]
978213How to get rid of this disclaimer when logging into zoom. I dont want it to appear anymore.[View]
978207Anyone got a readable copy of pic related? i can barely read the texts[View]
978197Can anybody tell me the name of the game? https://i.4cdn.org/gif/1613604616972.webm…[View]
978204Help finding a let's player group I forgot the name of: I'm looking for a video series fro…[View]
977630Youtube-dl: Hei guys Can anyone help me with youtube-dl video output. Every time I download a video …[View]
977565GTA3 Radio Files: Can someone dump the radio files from GTA3? The PC wav/mp3 files are fine but i re…[View]
977730https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/34424777: Can anyone translate the text? Thanks[View]
977710What is this dance called?: What should I search to find more videos of this specific dance? What is…[View]
977737Hello, I'm a 4chan addict and I have to get permanently banned from the site. Does anyone know …[View]
978170what game is this?[View]
977849Hi I need a new background for my second monitor, rn I'm using the picture to the left as my fi…[View]
978164Can someone rip the 3d model of Dynamo from Ninja Gaiden? Available images/videos aren't that c…[View]
977581Continous for Java help thread >976912: package teststackofpalindromes; public class StackOfPalin…[View]
978147Dragons: Riders of Berk: does any one know where i can read the last 3 vol of Dragons: Riders of Ber…[View]
977721Looking for Albert Bierstadt paintings in high res.: Hi guys, i'm looking for Albert Bierstadt …[View]
977750Photoshop request: Ok boys here's my vision. Can anyone cut the image of the kid with the gun a…[View]
977825Complete and utter materialism is the only philosophy that makes sense to me in every way. I don…[View]
977759Does anyone know of a website where paid articles from Substack can be reuploaded to be freely acces…[View]
977760Hinduism: What is the best place/board on 4chan to discuss hinduism? Places outside of 4chan are oka…[View]
977179JRPG recs: Recommend me some JRPGs, cute girls would be a plus but they're not required. Alread…[View]
978103Anyone know of any manga similar to Slow Motion?: I just finished this pretty recently and really du…[View]
977590pls drop a good image for a discord server[View]
977902Help me identify everyone else in this photo. These are all apparently gaming industry professionals…[View]
978094anyone have the one with the army helmet and camo face paint?[View]
978020Requesting a reaction image of an anime girl saying 'Tsu!' or 'Su!'[View]

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