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No. Excerpt
1105441Hogwarts Express: Can someone pls photosop this photo into Hogwarts Express ? :D[View]
1105059Meaning of a song: This is clearly a song about the Delphic Pythia in Ancient Greece. But I don…[View]
1105399gam title based on trailer descriprtion: hello /wsr/!! I am seaching for a game. All I have is memor…[View]
1105378What is the album that looks like this?: It's black.[View]
1105342How to bypass youtube age verification on restricted videos?[View]
1105225Can some one find the wall papers used by this anon.[View]
1105416gaming the system with returns: Any anons have Amazon/whatever else return scam guides they'd l…[View]
1105107what's this[View]
1105408Hi /wsr/ I'm trying to set up an older LCD TV (Sony X850C) for use with a PC. The only problem …[View]
1105407I cant for the life of me find Cambridge Unlock: I looked everywhere and Even searched with the ISBN…[View]
1105402Can anyone help me with question 5? It's homework and my professor is on vacation ignoring his …[View]
1105358Does anyone have the 'White Culture' montage with 'Little Dark Age' playing?: There's a compila…[View]
1105328for the oldtimers: does anyone remember during early to mid 2000s installing cracked software from t…[View]
1105141any anime like flcl or decca dence i want something fun to watch[View]
1105228Something like tinyeye but for videos/gifs. Does it exist?[View]
1105296Film Encoding: Can anybody guide me how to encode films from bluray / dvd? My interest is x265. But …[View]
1104774I like tall and slightly dominant women. What's a good manga that has that?[View]
1105300zelda_mains.mp4: anyone have this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ascz1T8kT7E context: https:…[View]
1105320This is a bit of a weird one but was sort of a popular thing for a time. I'm looking for a quot…[View]
1104609Film music bootlegs/leaks: Can anyone point out where I can find stuff like this? I'm not too f…[View]
1105088EDIT HER TO LOOK LIKE THE JOKER: please someone edit this photo of satoko so that she looks like the…[View]
1105284what is this from[View]
1104713there was an image of sneed and chuck ran through a filter from a lowered angle with the text on the…[View]
1105289Zoom, use two mikes at the same time.: Half the people are in the classroom, the other half in their…[View]
1104272Looking for sauce of picture. Reverse image sites (Yandex, Saucenao, etc) do not give results, and t…[View]
1105041TV problem: I noticed that there's this light spot in the middle of my TV screen. It's not…[View]
1105268Which one should I choose between a Samsung ue32f5000aw (120€) and a Xiaomi Mi TV 4A (160€)? Others …[View]
1105281any /pol/ here: if anyone has strike and mike episodes 176, 177 or 183 could you share any of them p…[View]
1105022Report with no data: Admitting you had a practical session for which you and most of other teams obt…[View]
1105112Computer Science Logic help: Stuck with this question, I'm not sure how to do work to show that…[View]
1105257Unified Protocol for Transdiagnostic Treatment of Emotional Disorders: Workbook 2020: Hi, I'm l…[View]
1104010FGO Mordred request: Could someone please post the picture of Mordred in Chaldea uniform? I distinct…[View]
1104679desudesudesu: idk if it fits here but im looking for a youtube alternative without all the censorshi…[View]
1105247Thermal Imaging to Monitor: I am looking for a thermal imaging device (don't even care if it is…[View]
1105090I recently got a second hand oculus rift s off my friend but the cables a bit fucked and keeps cutti…[View]
1105254Free ISO standards: Is there a place I couls download ISO standards for free? I am looking for 9660,…[View]
1105232CVS for windows: looking for CVS program for windows 10 that actually works[View]
1105229For years I've had this torrented copy of the album Fascinoma by Jon Hassell before I realized …[View]
1104831How can I find out where this awful sound is coming from?: Today my computer starting blaring an air…[View]
1105241Trying to remember the name of a very strange anime from the ~2010s I think. It was a weird trippy p…[View]
1104565Could someone upscale this picture?[View]
1105231Firefuck on android ded?: Firefox reloads every single tab i switch to. I can have literally 2 tabs …[View]
1104453Does anyone have that sonic the hedgehog christfag image advocating for voting no on prop 8 and that…[View]
1105103Linux Help (Wine): In the past I remember installing an exe application in Wine and it would create …[View]
1105217meme location: I'm looking for a meme that shows a tik tok girl being quirky with Goodie Bag ht…[View]
1104978What song is playing in this youtube video lads?: It's French https://youtu.be/U-LLiPPOUoI…[View]
1105209please post cool 4chan themes[View]
1105196What is “Mustache Mito” translated to Japanese?[View]
1104201Help finding source of this song: Title. Thanks in advance.[View]
1105188Song name: https://youtu.be/J1xg1ZsaBUg?t=783 Does anybody know the name of the song that starts at …[View]
1105190Source of 'Lamia Guard Here': Can't seem to find where this image is from, plz help anons I…[View]
1104514I see MBTI types get posted here sometimes. What’s the esoteric meaning of it? Also: what’s the esot…[View]
1105134Song used in credits of this video: What's the song at the end of this video. https://www.youtu…[View]
1105063Spice and Wolf Japanese light novel: I finished watching the anime, now I'm reading the light n…[View]
1105098Help me remember the name of an ecchi manga: It was about a kid, I think silent protagonist, who wou…[View]
1105093Pic request: any anons have that picture saved of a guy having what appears to be his mother holding…[View]
1105164Ghost Bros / Tom Clownass: My buddies and I have spent literal hours looking for this old Ghost Adve…[View]
1104862Do you recognize this symbol?: Saw this in a 'too spoopy for you top spoopy spoops' video and I…[View]
1104968[Request] Really hoping someone might be able to draw my two simple tabletop game characters - one…[View]
1099056Alberta Bound 2: Calgary Boogaloo Follow up because I accidentally let the Alberta Bound let my musi…[View]
1105146I remember reading or watching an article detailing an old (early 1900s maybe) ferris wheel accident…[View]
1105091Hi I'm looking for a torrent/stream/direct link of Dr. Lionel Raymon's Pharmacology Lectu…[View]
1105137Anyone know where this face is from?: I know this face since I was little from an old Luigi fangame …[View]
1105127What's the easiest way to buy digital manga magazines and remove the DRM?[View]
1105131Draw request from /his/aboo: Would this be considered SFW? If so, could you include the text >NEE…[View]
1105108Can I get the name of this artist in romaji?[View]
1105124James Bond: Does anyone have a torrent for the James Bond movie collection? All the ones I seem to b…[View]
1104939PS5 backwards compatibility question: Don't know if this is the right place to ask but I'v…[View]
1105114anyone know this song?[View]
1102861I'm trying to find that 'take notes' video, google won't show me it I was eventually able …[View]
1105105Survival Archive?: I came across a board on /x/ a while ago about some weird ass website for prepper…[View]
1104864Could Not Post Images Based on User Agent?: So around May or something of last year I could no longe…[View]
1104661Lucky Star: Which release is this on youtube anyone knows? This looks amazing while the BD is horrib…[View]
1105072Anyone know what game this is?[View]
1104700Looking for videogame: I need help finding the name of a hack and slash game. It is similar to Dynas…[View]
1104710Explain Genshin Impact to me. I've never played it. How is it gatcha BotW? Mechanically how doe…[View]
1104731Scanner Reccomendations: What I Have: Canon CanoScan LiDE 400 What I Would Like To Do: Scan reflecti…[View]
1104184Anime with brilliant fight scenes: Recently watched some things like Jojo, Flip Flappers, Demon Slay…[View]
1105021Can someone please provide the meme with one of those Memri guys asking 'who did this', 'who did tha…[View]
1105019Can anyone vouch if any of these torrents work and are safe? https://thepiratebay.org/search.php?q=c…[View]
1105065Music Software: Does anyone have a keygen for Reason 5? I've finally got a replacement laptop b…[View]
1105061Requesting shounen anime with good fujobait[View]
1104299with all love and respect for anons is it possible to extend this picture to landscape 1920x1080 ? (…[View]
1104966physics: Can someone walk me through this problem?[View]
1104521What other anime leaves you feeling empty and entirely mindfucked at the end?[View]
1105048Help finding a place where to download skyrim patches: Hello /wsr/, I simply need help finding a pla…[View]
1105038how can i edit armpit hair like this?[View]
1104824Can somebody shoop out the eyes from her arm?[View]
1105018Trench coat: A belted trench coat at a reasonable price? I live in europe Pic related costs 600 btw…[View]
1105012Megami-ryō no Ryōbo-kun: Was it financially successful?[View]
1104944Python coding question: I'm trying to code something where it takes a random coordinate in a 2D…[View]
1105011Plz frens: Anyone have the pic of how to make a vaccine card?[View]
1105007Hi /g/ I have an extra RTX 2080Ti based PC that I don't really use anymore. I mainly work on my…[View]
1104466victoria 2: please help, in vic2 theres this influence mechanic. but how does this work in real life…[View]
1105003Creepy WEBM: I once had a WEBM of a young blonde girl brown eyes with blood in her hair and on her f…[View]
1104969Looking for a funny oreo joke picture: Looking for a funny pic I saw before. Pic related > next t…[View]
1104560help me: been trying to match her face with anyone similar for days now but i cant.anybody that look…[View]
1104993Where is this from?[View]
1104934good anime from the past 5 years or so? i think the last show i watched was made in abyss[View]
1104181Help finding music in the documentary: https://www.bitchute.com/video/s1nPYDj7KBEQ/ Does anyone know…[View]
1104495webm: Looking for a webm of a cat tilting it's head back and forth at a burger someone's h…[View]
1104973Trying to find some meme (perhaps it's a twitter thing) with the caption like 'I have got to ge…[View]
1104971anyone have the patreon content for the reads? those old fuckers dont release anything anymore.[View]
1104959programmer socks thread bonus points for thinkpads[View]
1104901does anyone know what this manga is? I cant read moon[View]
1104957Italy Wine Map: Someone have this shit or similar in high res plz?[View]
1104052I'm looking for more variants of this pic with different characters.[View]
1104952Cock.li link: Hey, I would like to get a cock.li email invitation, does anyone have one?[View]
1104608With some games, after some hours I keep getting these weird graphical things (not sure if they are …[View]
1104937Why does my mega look like this? Did they update it? Is there anyway to change back to the old forma…[View]
1104933Airlink and data usage: I have capped WiFi. Will using airlink use more data than just having a link…[View]
1104929I remember there being a way to select and copy a specific part of a screen within a browser, specif…[View]
1104461what are these called/send more of these 1/2[View]
1104855How do I make animation like these? I need a transitional animation to high light something in a vid…[View]
1104221Can anybody here debug my C and assembly code? I am supposed to write these simple programs in ARMSv…[View]
1104582Morning Star Thatcher Era Issues: Does some annons posses scans of Morning Star from Thatcher era? I…[View]
1104638Can anyone identify this thing?: Allegedly it's from a vial of Pfizer vaccine, and it's ve…[View]
1104847VirtualBox: >still can't get copy/paste and drag/drop to work in VirtualBox >installed th…[View]
1104867Can someone change the color of the cat in this to match my actual cat irl?[View]
1104147Totem.V lost artworks: Hello, I'm looking for all of Totem.V's Artworks from 2003 till 200…[View]
1104684The text looks like it's from a Wikipedia page, but reverse image search just returns more inst…[View]
1104871what is in the photo?: what is in the photo?[View]
1104833TTS: Text to Speech: Looking for a realistic sounding Text to Speech software that I can run myself …[View]
1104438Does anyone have that erogame CG where there's several dudes assaulting girls, but it was so co…[View]
1104873Does anyone know what the song in the background is supposed to be? Sounds familiar but I can't…[View]
1102651Song from Northern Exposure (Starts at 50:49) https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6i9tma[View]
1104872I am looking for a particular game I remember playing on old elementary school Macintosh/DOS compute…[View]
1104842How can stop tissues from drying out my nose skin and cause chaffing and acne? Anyone figured this o…[View]
1104841Trying to find a manga.: I read this manga in 2011. This boy have a dog/monkey. 'I can't rememb…[View]
1104662Help: Need help finding this website Icon/Logo - may be a red and white version as well. Image quali…[View]
1104837Does anyone have a good way to download all the Simpsons episodes? Mega would be preferred since the…[View]
1104826Looking for Car Commercial: Long shot and maybe I am misremembering something, but I am looking for …[View]
1104791Does anyone here know if this manga has been scanlated, or at least scanned, somewhere? Google didn…[View]
1104712Microphone integrated into Laptop: What the fuck is wrong with my mic?A couple of months it was fine…[View]
1104803Legit or not?: A bit nervous, I've never made requests on here. If I'm mistaken and this i…[View]
1104808I need this image in as high a res possible. The pixiv src is dead and I want it as my wallpaper.[View]
1104614Could somebody edit an image from any of the Rance games? I can supply a specific image if necessary…[View]
1104368someone draw her in flecktarns plox[View]
1104792Which anime is this vid from?: www.twitter.com/Kha13504974/status/1444434282966040581[View]
1104776Looking for a videogame of a kid that is playing a videogame in his bed and when his mom comes he ha…[View]
1104783Name: What manga is this?[View]
1104397Torrent Client: what's a good torrent client[View]
1104785/wsr/, quick. Anyone have that trippy schizo image of a room where none of the objects make any sens…[View]
1104787Vector edit question: Where can i find vector images that aren't anime? I am specifically looki…[View]
1104619Image upscale help: Hi, I wanna enlarge this pic I found on my deceased cousin's Flickr. PS, ye…[View]
1104689Need help id'ing horror movie: Watched this movie half asleep the other night and can't re…[View]
1104728Is this safe/effective?: Hey to any audiofags, i gathered locally a turntable, amp and a single spea…[View]
1104424Does anyone have the screencap of the bronzeagemantis tweet that's talking about women's i…[View]
1104736Please help me find a complete archive of the works of Jean Giraud/Moebius/Gir: Hi friends. Recently…[View]
1104724can anyone tell me what this image is from, I know its something Gundam but I'm trying to find …[View]
1104747I’m looking for a meme that was just like this one but instead of Wolverine it was a female version …[View]
1104706Does anyone know the name of the model of this watch? the website I ripped this picture from doesn…[View]
1104729Alright lads. Looking for a really brooding hq image of Sonny Liston to get printed and framed for m…[View]
1104725Cock.li invite: Can someone give me 1 invite please[View]
1104682Coding help: How do I run a program that indents after 2000 charecters exactly. Like this: 2000chare…[View]
1104708What's the best way to backlight an acrylic poster? Bought this from a convention a while ago a…[View]
1104698Music playing with footage of cartel members wearing like presidents masks and LED masks. There are …[View]
1104694Does anybody have the Alek Minassian X Renai Circulation remix?[View]
1104483Chanel needs your help!: If anyone's willing to (help me) remove 'SAMPLE' from this image, your…[View]
1104427Torrent/Site with all 74 episodes of 1000 ways to die?: Are there any sites/torrents with all 74 epi…[View]
1103997how do I record twitch streams? can I save an already over stream or gets deleted immediately?[View]
1104669Looking for a video from the MLG era about the guy in pic related floating around space with epic ci…[View]
1104624https://streamable.com/pzurk7 sauce of music?[View]
1104633What are more examples of the government being untrusted?[View]
1104634Phone: How do I flash a fresh android to a Samsung galaxy s20 ultra I want to wipe it fully before I…[View]
1104457How to block sites in windows: I want to completely block a site from my computer, such that I can…[View]
1104581accounting: i don't understand this. why don't i understand this. what do they even mean b…[View]
1104611Anime Wallpapers: Looking for anime wallpapers that aren’t the traditional big titty anime girl/emo …[View]
1104256Autism Pasta: Lokking for the pasta of the autistic guy meeting 2 girls, describing how he puts one …[View]
1104348HMS Pinafore - Jon English TV Movie 1997: I need some kind anon with awesome google fu skills to fin…[View]
1104610Looking for examples of mappas trash cgi in snk[View]
1104576groovy snail spelunky: I would like a high res image of this friend if possible thanks[View]
1104601Cosmo bots: Please does anyone have the full version of this game? I can't buy it, the page doe…[View]
1104366Light Novel Recomendations: The ones you would consider above average/great, it can be isekai too as…[View]
1104598Anyone know the name of this game?[View]
1104596I'm looking for the pepe/wojak version of this image[View]
1104579Anyone got a mirror to the abandonware vidya dump? This one: https://web.archive.org/web/20210905063…[View]
1104411Need someone to help recovering password for an encrypted zip file, willing to pay $10: https://www.…[View]
1103883Please help me find theses books: Both are very expensive to me at the moment (literally have 40$ fo…[View]
1104264what is this?: is it a painting? a sculpture? what's it called or who made it? Google Image sea…[View]
1104578Can someone please download this image for me at the 6000 x 4000 resolution? I tried to reverse Goog…[View]
1104566Can someone get me the full song ? I just what to download it ? Song : Blackfir3 Moscow[View]
1104539Can you make Lain blonde but keep the current spotted effect plz?[View]
1104325finding obscure/foreing/old films only by description: finding obscure/foreign/old films only by des…[View]
1104567Godzilla ost compilation: I am looking for a specific video that's over a hour long its a Godzi…[View]
1104354QUI: Has anyone got a black and white outline version of QUI guy saved? Something suitable for print…[View]
1104146Keygen GUI: You know when you download a cracked software and you have to start those little keygen/…[View]
1103886Gauntlet Dark Legacy 3d models.: SO I have been hunting for these models recently for a project I wa…[View]
1104190Accessing 4C: So, today I checked if my (quite aggressive) content filter at work blocks 4chan, and …[View]
1104533rewasd download: https://www.rewasd.com/ Where can I find this program for free?[View]
1103719Can you give me a list of very good mangas YOU like? I want something to read in the future. I'…[View]
1103963What are some good manga sites all the ones I used to use are dead[View]
1104503Is EDF worth playing? Not 5, since it's far too expensive, but the earlier games.[View]
1103995Video Game Recommendations: Any recs for someone with tastes such as this? I've tried stuff lik…[View]
1104522Requesting the picture with '7 signs of schizoid personality disorder'[View]
1104284where can i get every single episode of who's line is it anyway? I was pretty young when it air…[View]
1104445need the one of him playing Halo[View]
1104510Need to find a movie: There was a scene where a guy made something akin to a rocking chair, but it w…[View]
1104104Who is this guy? Screenshot him from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFgcqB8-AxE The com…[View]
1104064Looking for a torrent containing the whole 'EXIT TRANCE PRESENT SPEED ANIME TRANCE' collection im fl…[View]
1104506lads I'm looking for a manga I read but don't remember the name of it's a romance? st…[View]
1104505Requesting a screenshot of the cursive that appears in one of the episodes of LOGH[View]
1104183any media like death note that isn't monster, or code geass?[View]
1104318any one have the pisture of the stick man shoting his friend with a shotgyun it kinda looks like thi…[View]
1104378Translate this video from Greek to English: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8l-tv9jNCg thx (^_^)…[View]
1103563Anyone got a download link/torrent/source for this album from the bassist of Tricot? Fennel (フェンネル) …[View]
1104485Type of shirt?[View]
1104095Trainwreck manga recommendations: Please recommend me manga that turns to shit at the end, like >…[View]
1104474What show is this from and/or who is this actress?[View]
1104475is this an add for something or just a piece of artwork? anyone know?[View]
1104132Could any americans please tell me if AMC+ has this film with subtitles. Only other place I could fi…[View]
1104025looking for an anime: I saw this webm on /a/ awhile back where a schoolboy menacingly walks towards …[View]
1104447where's this character from?[View]
1104449anybody know where i can watch ed edd n eddy big picture show? i tried finding a torrent but cant se…[View]
1103874Where can I find more pictures like this?[View]
1104214I know it is not likely but can anyone help me with my optics homework[View]
1104434Where can I find a download or place to stream online Kekec's Tricks with English subtitles?[View]
1104432Media resources: Looking for image and video resources beyond the usual free image sites like Pixaba…[View]
1104394can someone suggest good character drama anime?: Like 91 Days or Vinland Saga? I don't like mec…[View]
1104106Mobile OS:: Requesting a mobile OS with LG Q7+ support.[View]
1104420Make a meme with this: https://twitter.com/NotNateTaylor/status/1449936109463539713t=GaO40yCHckSNTGz…[View]
1104062a simple request: drop >>(you) memes[View]
1103043what are some open world rpg games with combat similar to nier?[View]
1104412Who knows anything about indoor growing? I need a tent, 4X8 minimum and I'm trying to get a goo…[View]
1104315trying to find the movie but can only think of the webm that's been posted on 4chan every once …[View]
1104248Requesting this Soviet propaganda poster where the glass of beer is replaced with prescription medic…[View]
1104258Can I get little dark age edits here?: Please send good little dark age edits I love the song[View]
1103982Can someone recommend point and click adventure games?[View]
1104391I've misplaced my copy of the classic illustration of a wild jew. Usually old images are easy t…[View]
1104125What show/movie is this from?[View]
1103836Looking for something new: Does anyone know any stories that aren't about cute girls? Cause I f…[View]
1104383I have a school project I'm working on and I've seen this chart of PlayStation exclusives …[View]
1104305where can i find picrel in a higher resolution?: also, more hq posters like these?[View]
11043554Chan archives?: Most of the ones I found seem to stop at 2019. I'm trying to find a post withi…[View]

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