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No. Excerpt
831411corrupt walmart, use the system to retaliate: >tell Walmart manager i wanna work all summer for s…[View]
831522Where can I find the highest resolution of this poster online? It's from Attack on Titan season…[View]
831693Black and White House: Can someone please help photoshop the whutehouse black and white[View]
831636The Whitest Kids U' Know Seasons 1-5: I love their sketches[View]
831653requesting the name of this song please.[View]
816682thread 2 electric boogaloo: Does anyone have that image of a cute anime girl dressed as unabomber an…[View]
831658Does anyone have this image in better resolution so that I can use it as a wallpaper?[View]
831531River City Spam: I have been cleaning my online presence lately and I forgot the password to an old …[View]
831664Who is this?[View]
831629I try to crop a photo in my photos on an Android: And I see this appear. Any help?[View]
831624Anyone know where I can find more of these, I think there’s a full set somewhere[View]
831639more bangers like this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--B2MJbUv-o much appreciated uwu…[View]
831486does anyone know that video that was kinda popular a few years ago where a woman gets beaten up by h…[View]
831603Quiero SER ANONIMOS: Quiero ser parte de los anónimos y ayudar al mundo. También ayudar a todos las …[View]
831562Emotionally moving anime: I recently watched Steins Gate for the first time and was so drawn to how …[View]
831187Body pillow: Any recommendations for a waifu body pillow ?[View]
831598Do anyone who what's the source of this gif?[View]
831599When are the fansubs for the Made in Abyss movie and Haifuri movie coming out?[View]
831585Where's this from?[View]
831255Sauce and Translation?: Does anyone know where this is from? Assuming it's not picked up, does …[View]
831490photoshop request: can someone make it so the flag is on fire? thanks in advance :)[View]
831430International calling: Hey anons, I frequently need to call clients internationally from the US. How…[View]
831542good mmo?: can anyone recommend an mmo that is like the older versions of runescape, and helmet hero…[View]
831541Translation request: Would any one be willing to translate this? I believe it is Japanese, and that …[View]
831256Sekai-oni manga volumes: Can someone please give me a link for downloading all the volumes of Sekai-…[View]
831558Anyone know what remix this song is?[View]
831449What is this thing?: It was inside that egg along with others that had already hatched. Found it ins…[View]
831499Hello, I am looking for NPC memes, any will do, I am trying to create a short video, thank you in ad…[View]
831553Full name of the misfits poster?: Looks like a comfy show[View]
831484Who is this twitch streamer[View]
831288Simple Drawings: What do they use to make shit diagrams like theese?[View]
831543Humble book bundle copies?: Looking for download links or torrents for the ebooks in this bundle, an…[View]
831539where can I get a shirt with this design?[View]
831073I want our coders and moderators to consider the idea of opening work safe /pol/ and /b/ boards. In …[View]
831282Does anyone have a webm of that video of the Hungarian trucker driving the Calais Gauntlet at the he…[View]
831502Hacked Instagram app: I keep seeing YouTube videos on this, but I just installed Instagram++ from he…[View]
831429music: hello everyone,i would like to request from all of you, if you could supply me with all types…[View]
831037Does anyone have that picture of a short haired tomboy girl eating ice-cream (or cereal?) out of a b…[View]
831378I would like to watch a movie but i don't know what to watch. What i like: The usual suspect Tr…[View]
831146Requesting DA passwords. [spoiler] Nothing from BugMeNot, I've already tried--none of those wor…[View]
830456What're some good anime to recommend to my soon to be 13 year old cousin? He likes stuff like N…[View]
831473Does anyone have that zip file full of the Nichijou reaction images? It was full of reaction images …[View]
831488Max Planck Smiling: can someone photoshop this image of max planck smiling disturbingly similar to t…[View]
831305looking for full size non cropped version of picture: Is there a full size uncropped version of this…[View]
831487could someone please remove the middle banner with the 50 on it? thanks in advance[View]
831504can someone make mark wahlberg as sam porter briges from death strading?[View]
831463mmorpg: give me names of mmorpgs with many girls playing on and with a good portion of socializing. …[View]
831382Deep Fat Fried Patreon Content: Anyone know where I can get their premium patreon content for free? …[View]
831477Could someone recommend some emotionally devastating anime with romance? Stuff like Angel Beats, I j…[View]
831489Vega overclocking: Does anyone know if there is a asus vega 64 liquid cool bios? I can undervolt and…[View]
831460Could someone please help me with the acceleration equations about this. I did the velocity ones and…[View]
831366Have you anyone this video?: It's twitter video I think. The person who records it aims towards…[View]
830617Fanmade TOOL - Lateralus video: It was on YouTube but got taken down some time ago; the video was a …[View]
831285What's the first part of her headband say (if it's even a kanji)? The second I think is 勝[View]
831457need to put these qr codes on pic related proportions template with correct aspect ratio without rip…[View]
830669Need a third character to post infront of my sips. It doesn't have to be no bg png i can make i…[View]
830216Name of this comic?: It featured a gangster trying to kill all the superheroes in a city because the…[View]
829737Need vidya games to play: Just got a brand new PC and for reference this is the list of what I will …[View]
831438Working in Google Sheets no Excel. How can I make a document where after the last column hitting ent…[View]
831435Does anyone have the drawing of a guy sitting at his computer with a paper bag over his head? There…[View]
831414pls i need help w organic chemistry: i never watched breaking bad and apparently my teacher is some …[View]
831403Dragon Ball Movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGdYwAr1a60 I cannot find the proper title for t…[View]
831223Can someone photoshop this to have Sam Hyde on the monitor?[View]
831407Could anyone help me with the name of the voice actor here? Also does the song have a name to it? ht…[View]
831105Anyone know where I can get pic related in FLAC?[View]
831219Can someone photoshop so goku is using his middle finger only during the instant transmission pose?:…[View]
831394Need help with a website project: Well anons it's time for me to turn in a project for a websit…[View]
831381original source/artist's site needed: I need to find the artist of this pic - appareantly it…[View]
831380/gqt/ - Grammar Questions thread: If you have any questions about grammar, feel free to ask here.…[View]
831180Hypothetically, I just inherited a lamborghini. It was free, but what are all the unexpected costs? …[View]
831164Looking for this song, sorry for the weirdos talking https://streamable.com/4dufjg[View]
831347Change skin colour to white[View]
831270Could you identify this logo?: Could you identify this logo?[View]
830531Lost anime episode: Gakkou no Kaidan Ghost Stories banned episode 21/4. Anyone have the video of the…[View]
831324More like this: I'm trying to find more images, such as posts being removed or being labeled as…[View]
831336honestly no idea where else to post, I have been ip range banned from posting images on vg for some …[View]
831338Book of Why: Hi /wsr/. Does anybody have a link for this book? Either pdf of epub is fine.[View]
831120Does anyone have the astartes punch meme where 1 space marine is labeled boobs, the other is labeled…[View]
831317Looking for the name of a song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DB9C_yYdFr0 It plays at 1:04 in the …[View]
831329Hello /wsr/ I'm searching this in good quality, can't find it : https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
831117I have a twofold request as I don't want to be opening 2 threads, they're both of the torr…[View]
830370What are the 32' monitors with low energy consumption?[View]
831319help finding song: its called 'suicidal' and its some kind of remix of marina and the diamonds song …[View]
830676more reactions/icons with this vibe, girly happy stuff.[View]
831097Movies like DN?[View]
830932I want to make sure about something. If I have a secondary email set in my PayPal account and have s…[View]
831287Caterpie Pepe: Could someone please photoshop a Sad Pepe face on this Caterpie? It’s meant to be for…[View]
831286How do I plot this parabola by hand? x = y^2/4[View]
831298I need a quote that I can't find, from an ex CIA director statin that every person of influence…[View]
830943Live2D crack: Could someone smarter than me with Linux and a VM/VB run this? nullthemedownload com/c…[View]
830870Hi, i just installed Netbeans on Ubuntu and i can't find 'Java' in the categories section, just…[View]
831258Youtube: Kindly rip these vids in 1080p60 share via zippyshare or convenient host. https://www.youtu…[View]
831044Is this a cat5e or a cat6, or is it impossible to tell? Also this is the only picture I can get and …[View]
830878Where to find Dragon Quest for free?: Anyone have a link to this game for free: DRAGON QUEST® XI: Ec…[View]
831271Blonde girl in MAGA Hat who confirmed who she was on /pol/: Don't want to look at porn. But I w…[View]
830889Does anyone know where to download PS3 game isos? every site I find is fake or uses pay download sit…[View]
831213can anyone help me please: I need to know wich font is this Danny's[View]
830755Looking for a music video kind of relevant to the current events in the USA. > Really ugly, fat p…[View]
830726Can someone edit JC Denton's face into a codec call with Solid Snake? Thanks a bundle[View]
831074Anyone know where I can find a FLAC version of pic related?[View]
831128A simple one but can someone crop this image so the esrb rating isn't in the frame?[View]
831226Girls getting turned into fish?: More like pic related? Just images work but would really be interes…[View]
831248What's a good high powered flashlight for under $50? My current flashlight is ~3000 lumens but …[View]
831115Best way to learn about producing music (for free)? I've been trying to find some guides but mo…[View]
830879Can anyone link the megaupload for Dakini raws 10-12?[View]
831239can someone edit the cop's face to look like same hyde[View]
831231I'm looking for a meme, in first panel it says '4chan 2004-2007' and there is loli girl sitting…[View]
830664Grenadier manga volumes 1-7?: Since it's licensed only the first 8 chapters are on Mangadex and…[View]
831227I've been trying to find where this character is from, please help me find the sauce, thanks![View]
831222Kid Nation: I am a very amateur artist that wants to start doing Kid Nation fanart/fanfiction. I kno…[View]
831215REQUESTING VIDEO EDITORS: I would like someone to create a 1 to 2 minute trailer for the movie Akira…[View]
831193Help me with telegram: I just started using telegram, and someone told me to 'read the anchored post…[View]
830696Where can I read the Alt-Hero comic: Where can I read the Alt-Hero comic? Yes, I know its drek. I re…[View]
830992Weird alien video: I once saw a video on youtube of an alien thing saying 'nooo' really creepy, it w…[View]
831079howdy fellas, I’m not really proficient with computers, and I don’t really trust most downloadable b…[View]
831136Windows 7: I want to go back senpai. I have a PC that I wiped 2 years ago, It came prepackaged with …[View]
830612Need Help plox: Anyone got a sauce on this?[View]
831185Can any Japanese speakers please tell me what the kanji says. My friend said it's eat ass drive…[View]
831118I'm looking for an anime similar to Cat soup and Angel egg. Does anyone have any recommendation…[View]
831168Beyond the Boundary OST: Hey /wsr/. I've been looking for the OST of this anime and I'm wo…[View]
830836Quick Photoshop Request I want someone to replace the pattern on the first skirt with the pattern of…[View]
831162Who painted this? What is the name of this painting?[View]
831169Pokemon movie soundtracks: I'm looking for a playlist of dramatic Pokemon movie songs. Not the …[View]
831154help: how do i remove this, its stuck[View]
831148Fate Series: I want to get into the fate series, but i see that is very convulated and have a lot of…[View]
830921What's the name of that actress?[View]
830682Can someone make a wojak of these girls?[View]
831114Is there are any manga with a theme of technological uplifting?[View]
831125what is the origin of this gif? can someone please link[View]
830927I can't math for shit: How do I divide 2x^3-15x+26 by 2x-x^2?[View]
830675Anyone able to solve this for me? I'd be happy to send you $20 bitcoin\litecoin\ethereum if you…[View]
829674anyone has that picture of that cute asian cashier[View]
831090What animu is this[View]
831052Finding Tutoring Work: Does anyone know how one would go about finding work as a tutor during these …[View]
831102Does anyone have a torrent for Spreeder CX they can share with me pls?[View]
831063Warriors: A cowboy and a samurai. One from Japan, the other one from America. Both are warriors. Wha…[View]
830742What does Poggers/pogman mean on twitch chats?[View]
831019What are some decent online resources for learning high school level mathematics?[View]
830867What's a good USB bluetooth adapter for PC? I'm on my second one now and again having issu…[View]
830897Are there any good yuri anime where there's actual romance and it's not just cute girls do…[View]
830810Educational Anime: I really dug How Heavy Are The Dumbbells You Lift and now I wonder: Are there oth…[View]
830942How to fix the shutter it?: My shutter makes noise if the wind blows (even just a bit) because it ca…[View]
830970I can't find the original image, can any kind anon give me a hand?[View]
831058How do I recreate this spoopy image?[View]
831056Photoshop/Gimpwizard: This guy but taking a selfie Preferably a bigass Android phone but iPhone 6+ i…[View]
831055Looking for the name and URL of a website that looks about 20-30 years old. It's an old spy sto…[View]
830577know someone the name of the manga? was show in plaza sesamo[View]
831021pen: what type of pen is this? https://www.bilibili.com/read/cv1342532[View]
831039Can someone help me identify the first kanji in this pic?[View]
831024Can somebody help me solve this problem? It made me waste three hours of my life yesterday and I don…[View]
830807Anyone have that one panel of Touhou Sangetsusei where the three fairies of light call the human vil…[View]
831016I need a website where I can hold secret-vote polls quickly, without having to register or use e-mai…[View]
830998Give me some old 80s/90s OVAs I should watch. Primarily stuff focused on action. The grittier, the b…[View]
830967How do I do it?[View]
831008Adobe Acrobat Core DLL help: Hi /wsr/...I am hoping someone here can help me out. For the past mont…[View]
831001Broken Phone: My Samsung Galaxy J3's microphone doesn't work whenever I try to call anyone…[View]
830990Does anyone know where I can watch pic related? The website no longer works and It doesn't air …[View]
830973Who is she?[View]
830978What's the best anime art/fanart/doujin site that aggregates material posted on Pixiv, Twitter,…[View]
830929Is there a way to get around this? I found a series 3 apple watch at the park and I'm unable to…[View]
830972Is there a guide for messaging girls on dating apps, similar to guides on how to do sentence structu…[View]
830371Looking for anime movies (NOT series) with a strong character development and narration. Problem I…[View]
830842KMS-R@1n: What's this thing? This morning I turned on my PC and Avast notified me that this pro…[View]
830321Anyone have a backup or know of a backup of the video where shoenice eats a whole chicken in a few b…[View]
829569can someone shop the head of a '4chan janny' on the jigsaw guy riding on a tricycle? can you do that…[View]
830962Twitter Tweet Downloader: Is there any actively maintained twitter tweet downloader, that I can set …[View]
830916how do i can download from xubster. com ? any premium links or whatever?: D[View]
830953Hey 4Chan , I want to learn basic hacking stuff any recommendations to begin with?[View]
830945this but janny killing pepe do it[View]
830956Does anyone have stats of police killings depending on the race of the killer? Given that the distri…[View]
831085Reporting CP: Is there a site where I can report to about CP ? found these sick links and want to ta…[View]
830954Help finding art.: Hi, I'm looking for a Nu Mou art from Final Fantasy series, but I wanted a m…[View]
830950Source?: Can't find it anywhere. Tried google image search and tineye[View]
830711best pullup and dip station????: my last post on fit got no traffic. looking something for low price…[View]
830911Does anyone have episodes 5 & 6 of Dekalog in 1080? I have the Tigole encode but am trying to wa…[View]
830922PUSHBAK Neotokyo wallpaper: I've been looking for a wallpaper by Pushbak (artist) for an austra…[View]
830643How do you meet girls online? Used to use Fakku.dating but that's long gone[View]
830314My laptop keeps slowing down (audio becomes quite stuttery). I've updated my graphics driver an…[View]
830852Is it possible to make a wojak or a 'chad' out of my friend's picture, so I can put a…[View]
830892Story Writing: I had ideas for a short story that I wanted to continue upon a few months ago from co…[View]
830340Anyone have the webm where 2 people are in discord voice chat with anime girl avatars and then a web…[View]
830528Howls moving castle Japanese audio: I have the movie but it's dubbed and I want to watch it wit…[View]
830873Does anyone have this wallpaper?[View]
830871Anybody have a mega link to michael hanoun's L'hiver?[View]
829051recommendations for DRM-free vidya?: Does anyone have any recommendations for DRM-free video games? …[View]
830672Mega.nz links for Night of the Creeps and the Predator?: Does anyone have mega.nz links for mkv/mp4 …[View]
830584What's a good DAC+amp for 100-200$? should I get the amplifier separately or a combo is good en…[View]
830746i was looking up random websites trying to find weird shit and i found out that ducksex.com ihatemym…[View]
830383I have a car that's ~2,800 lbs and I want to achieve a 0-60 in 5 seconds. Good /sci/fags, what …[View]
830849anyone got a mysterious girlfriend x torrent a good quality one please[View]
830750Does anyone know where I can find a high quality download of Interstella 5555?: Title says it all, I…[View]
830733My old HDD for some reason when RAW on me, I googled the fix of this problem and only fucking scams …[View]
830704Hey, I need to find the name of a Japanese video game on Xbox 360 or PS3, where the main character i…[View]
830752Does anybody know the origin of these images? these strange flesh metal creatures drawn by some guy,…[View]
830491How to generate thumbnails for swf files? I tried ffmpeg -i $f -an -an -r 1 -vframes 1 -y thumb/$f.…[View]
830749I don't watch anime, but I just wanna know which ones from the pic these characters are: Deku B…[View]
830518Looking for guro pics/gif/manga websites: gurochan is down and pixiv without premium is almost usele…[View]
830758Post more pics like this[View]
830450What is this from?[View]
830373looking for the sketch in pic related without the EmpLemon watermark and height counter. tried rever…[View]
830385what anime are the vhs tapes circled in red?[View]
830346Anybody can tell me source and artist of this??[View]
830642Lua vs python which one is better and which one should I learn first?[View]
830734Do any of you know the name of the manga this panel is from?[View]
830699Meme explanation: >in minecraft Anyone knows what this ebin new meme means?…[View]
830203Software for organizing my thoughts: I'm on manjaro, which is a linux-based OS. The software ca…[View]
830730Is there any other sfw questing imageboard besides 4chan's /qst/ ? I've been IP range bloc…[View]
830240Anyone knows what's the original source of this image? Original is somewhere in /lgbt/, but thi…[View]
830693I'm using 4chan x and in one thread I've got open all the replies show up as only stubs. W…[View]
830330i just got done reading 'always raining here' is there any more comfy BL like this?[View]
830687Anyone got mobile suit gundam the origin: Any mega links or sites where I can watch it online for fr…[View]
830689Any good (free and orOpenSauce) android adblockers?: Ok so i am not always home and i use youtube on…[View]
830713the Italian cereal crusher: alright- so about two or three years ago I saw a video of a man, if I re…[View]
830663Can someone photoshop the 'please be patient I have autism' text onto this hat?[View]
830709Japanese song in higher quality: I'm looking for a higher quality version of キャッツ・アイ・ラブ (Cat…[View]
829876I need a Name: Please.[View]
830379Requesting one with Goku, Krillin and Vegeta with beards removed Please.[View]
830695I need help finding a 'music' video where the dj is just saying a bunch of unintelligible nonsense e…[View]
830307Anyone know any anime that's about a girl who gets turned into a boy? There are a bunch about a…[View]
830653Board Contest Banner: Hey anons - need a pic, should be easy, I think it came from /r/ originally - …[View]
830678I'm looking for two things One is where a jewish anon meets a girl who browses /pol/ and finds …[View]
830661Hello, would someone be able to make this into a decent looking wallpaper? Like make it not blurry/s…[View]
830651is there a good site to download The Apprentice Season 1 (Trump's version) subtitles? Thanks in…[View]
830649lil shield ass: Can someone draw him https://twitter.com/alayahco/status/1266574791307399173…[View]
830641Does anyone have any links or magnets to stuff where I can learn EFI tuning for cars preferably vide…[View]
830640C++ help: I'm trying to set up a game that show a map in the visual studios debugger console. I…[View]
830621I'm looking for the web game that teaches you how to recognize propaganda and twitter/facebook …[View]
830463I've got some music I'd like to upload to Youtube. How can I ensure the audio in the final…[View]
830619Name of Show or Movie?: anyone know where this is from?[View]
830569I've seen PC building videos using budgets as low as around $200 that seem to run pretty well f…[View]
830589Anime recommendations: Hello. I've never really watched any anime save for One Punch Man and Ko…[View]
830601Hello, anyone have the webm of sam hyde driving spliced with the Charlottesville Dodge Charger vid?[View]
830448¿Could anyone knowing japanese transcribe the lyrics of this japanese song in romaji or hiragana for…[View]
829578Help me out, /wsr/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzSToG86ajQ#t=4m33s Where the fuck is this sound …[View]
830571From which manga this image is from?[View]
830585Momentarily worn out from rummaging through manga catalogues full of garbage, gib recs based on thes…[View]
830574Coards of banada: Can someone maybe edit out the woman and put doomer there and give the shuttle the…[View]
830168A Tribute to Tadao Hayashi Torrent/DL?: This album by Japanese harpist Tadao Hayashi had his arrange…[View]
830517Pic unrelated. Can someone help me decode this for my friend? I've tried several online code de…[View]
830563Is Balabolka the best software to create audiobooks with artificial voices?[View]
830476What is the best CPU for FCLGA1156 (socket) I ordered GTX 1060 few days ago arriving tomorrow and I …[View]
830459Could someone help me out? Question: Search for interesting symmetries hidden among the entries on…[View]
830558copypasta: where can I find that Nazi copypasta about how masturbation was bad and there was another…[View]
830535Can somebody photoshop Trump and Kim Jun UN holding hands here please[View]
830453REQUESTING VIDEO EDITORS: I would like someone to create a trailer for the movie Akira, in any style…[View]
829594Requesting complete manual of suicide in any language.[View]
830513Samsung Monitor Help: I have a Samsung SyncMaster P2270 monitor that I'm having a problem with.…[View]
829698hollow knight mega/torrent ?: anyone have a mega or a torrent for hollow knight *for mac*?[View]
830497PC Airflow: I bought a new PC and installed a CPU fan (very similar to the one in the picture). The …[View]
830520Astronauts Photo: In lieu of recent events i'm looking for a manipulated photograph of astronau…[View]
830519vim uganda kid ascii art: Does anyone have or know how to find the ascii art version of this pic? I …[View]
830494Looking for anyone who can help me with the L4D1 achievements, trying to get gold in all the surviva…[View]
830499Someone showed me deepart.io a while back and I just recently got it working, but how do I remove th…[View]
830501George Floyd n stuf: Looking for the meme of a black person stealing a TV saying “yeah, police bruta…[View]
829700Spooky Book from late 90's/early 2000's: One of the last stories from around the end of th…[View]
830485where can i find hi res-scans of the card game: Illuminati: New World Order – Factory Set?[View]
830012So hey does anyone remember that one gundam screenshot of this one guy joining some police/military …[View]
830477Looking for mangas with similar artstyle/inking/lines to Jinrou Game by Koudo[View]
829914What's my job title?: I was offered a new job in my company. My 'chores' are: 1) Take pictures …[View]
830472LOOKING FOR A SONG: It's in the beginning of this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdtjBd…[View]
830468Where can I buy Silvio's tie? This is fucking amazing. It's from episode 2002 (s04e07) of …[View]
830440Hi! I'm looking for a horror movie, where a blonde young girl looking like the girl in the midd…[View]
830317Looking for HD footage to match this song.: Please help me match video to this song. (looking for a …[View]
830304Anyone know that website where you upload a picture and it guesses the race of the person?[View]
830289Could you please shop him into a black man?[View]
830434Pic unrelated. I tried posting this in /tv/ but for some reason I haven't been able to post the…[View]
830368can i get a sauce on this?[View]
829877How can i install ubuntu 18.04.4 in dual boot on my pc? When i boot the linux setup from USB, ubuntu…[View]
830421I'm looking for a meme I saw years ago on the board which must not be spoken of. It had astrona…[View]
829899Math geniuses please help![View]
830387What is going in with my Laptop?: My Laptop has been recently upgraded. new CPU, New RAM, SSD. Win 1…[View]
830352Media manipulation: Anyone got the graphs on how occupy wall Street was memory holed by stories abou…[View]
830410MATLAB problem: I need help with MATLAB code I'm trying to understand, after having created the…[View]
830002Changing Apple File Names?: I am getting tired of the weird file names that I get when I upload imag…[View]
830271I'd like to add some background variation to this picture, it don't need to be fancy, I ju…[View]
830332What is the DPI button on mouses for?[View]
830344Gekkou: Anyone know where I can find the file for the raw version of this? I know where to find the …[View]
830246anyone identify what wad this is from?[View]
829058Can someone here help me identify a piece of fabric? It's from one of those cleaning wipe for g…[View]
830161currently reading one piece, and the version i have often splits double page spreads into two single…[View]
829974anyone have this picture of a happy/laughing anime girl with bandages on her arms standing on train …[View]
830357hackintosh help: i need a hackintosh to work from home, i've been trying for the past week to m…[View]
830095Is going from 2200g to 3600 a substantial upgrade? I'm planning to get one when the 4000 series…[View]
830348anyone have the pepe edit of this scene?? i've seen and saved one before, but i lost the file[View]
830342Can any based anon edit in his other hand on his chin?[View]
830336What's the piano music from? sorry for not being a videogame consoomer. (as im sure its from so…[View]
830093I want print something but it's printing something different, why? >pic related frustration…[View]
829454what are some websites besides youtube that have this type of retro 4:3 VHS videos? mostly instructi…[View]
830315GTA VC mod: I am looking for a mod of GTA Vice City that I played long ago but I didn't know th…[View]
830277Mother board and processor: Hello, guys! I need to change my computer’s motherboard and processor - …[View]
830208Anyone know where this is from?[View]
830142Does anyone know where this is from?[View]
830264I have connected my tv with my amp through a HDMI ARC channel. The first time it worked but everytim…[View]
830058I need to know what all these are for uh ... scientific religious purposes.[View]
829471What's this from? If it wasn't some weird /biz/ edit I mean. It looks vaguely familiar whi…[View]
830299Sekiro meme: Can someone explain what this Sekiro meme means?[View]
830287Requesting help looking for a TV Show or Movie: I've been looking all over for this on google, …[View]
830281Greetings from /diy/. I have a suspicion that my motherboard (2013 MSI Z87-G43) is starting to fail.…[View]
830169I workout in a unfurnished basement that's pretty dirty. Should I be worried about my health?[View]
829990I need a software so i can extract pak files. I've already used 7-zip and all it says it can…[View]
829938Can someone find this book pdf: I don't find this pdf does someone can find Programming Languag…[View]
830081any idea on who this is?[View]
829983Canom printer nozzles problem: The Canon is PiXMA iP 3300 and I'm trying to fix the nozzles. I…[View]
829301rec me some stories where the gets raped by a girl, doujins welcomed[View]
829856Recommend artists/bands: Zoomer who rarely listens to music here, please recommend some good musical…[View]
830254Would someone be willing to translate this into Romanji for me? I would very much appreciate it. htt…[View]
830219Source of this image?[View]
829823Transparency: Can someone make a transparency of this collar? Thanks much![View]
830224Cant find artist or source: anyone know where this girl is from? Ive tried saucenao and end up with …[View]
829391I need some Kino Anime: I have seen my fair share of anime but i haven't been watching any for …[View]
830232Accidentally posted on adult request, help me senpai[View]
828062Upload request: I need someone to upload a batch release of English subtitles for Tico of the Seven …[View]
830204Anyone remember what video this image was from?[View]
830187New internet is slower than advertised: I just got new internet put in yesterday, promising about 95…[View]
830096Hi, I’m new to anime. Looking for conspiratorial (like X-Files), horror, and romance anime. Could yo…[View]
830206Text To Speech: Can someone recommend me an actually free text to speech website or any other altern…[View]
830155How do I draw pantsu good?[View]
830192How would I patch the Umineko Saku VN? I have both saku and the patch which I got from https://githu…[View]
830183Proxy server on the iPhone: How do I set my own proxy server? It’s a stupid question, but surely you…[View]
828863YongYea wojack: I know you all hate wojacks but i need one for /v/ so can someone create few of them…[View]
829699Can someone reduce the weight of this file? thanks :)[View]
829834Which seasons of AVGN should I watch I seen seasons 1 to 3, and I found them all hilarious. Does it …[View]
830186while lurking on /lit/ I saw an image posted about 'rules for readers', based off of some famous aut…[View]
830185What are some games where you have to pay child support?[View]
830010What's the best place to download Gamecube game ROMs from?[View]
830179Anyone know the name of the OST? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2agTwbxti0[View]
829685Looking for a song by The Beatles: There was a song where Paul instead of playing the bass, did the …[View]
830106Mystik | Astrology & Esoteric Horoscope Fortune Telling WordPress Theme: Any annon has a dl for …[View]

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