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/an/ - Animals & Nature

Displaying 65 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
3871280>just found one of these on me in the middle of the night >now too paranoid to go to sleep I h…[View]
3869596Ever rescue an animal?[View]
3861787/kot/ - Cat General: Toe beans edition. Previous: >>3853726[View]
3871208Cat with injured leg: Hello /an/. First-time visitor to this board, usually lurk elsewhere. I looked…[View]
3869802Bug ID: Wtf are these? Started appearing in one room, under a floor-to-ceiling window, I guessed th…[View]
3870756I'm going to do a breeding/training program where I will teach rats to recognize and avoid or s…[View]
3870151What do you choose to control? 10 Brown Bears with the ability to fly and speak your native tongue? …[View]
3869051Based shark species, alive or extinct: Post cool sharks and what makes them cool. Bonnethead shark …[View]
3868838“Strongest fighting dog”: Pitbulls are overhyped as hell > would get mauled by most mastiffs and …[View]
3870745What are some relatively unknown modern ecosystems full of interesting endemic shit? We all know abo…[View]
3869878>human touches animal >that's harm and thus we must put it and all others down Why do so …[View]
3868675>YOU CANT FEED YOUR CAT OR DOG MILK Why is this a problem suddenly? if they come from a lactose t…[View]
3870544> Destroys an entire field > Decimates local bird and bat population > Catches fire > Re…[View]
3870750I have 2 cats that are always play fighting but one of them takes it too far a lot of times and I…[View]
3869350Why don't we ride zebras? Why were they never turned into an alternative for horses?[View]
3866135I'm getting a tarantula next week, what should I name it? it's going to be a mexican red k…[View]
3869709Bros my chickens aren't laying eggs anymore so I cannot afford to maintain them, the only thing…[View]
3864812Is this a good practice? I can't stand people who don't clean up after their pets, but reg…[View]
3870435>found an abandoned kitten the other day that looks just like pic related and decided to take her…[View]
3860309Animal Control: Have you ever had a cowardly neighbor call animal control on you unjustified, /an/? …[View]
3870052My cat is insanely clingy, she doesn't leave me alone, she waits at the door when I come home f…[View]
3870375Mogged: Uh.....horse bros?[View]
3870150epic leaf: I found this nice leaf today on a walk[View]
3864341Really want bunnies, but I just realized they are just rats with long ears and no tail, look at this…[View]
3870218Why is this dog trying to seduce me? It's really uncomfortable. I'm not a schizo either it…[View]
3870273Someone has any clues of what this plant is? Checking online I concluded that is some kind of brassi…[View]
3869835There's a sudden steady stream of ants coming in through this electrical outlet WHY AND WHAT …[View]
3870232I can’t believe this is a real animal. It kind if creeps me out.[View]
3870128Here's a webm I found of opossums eating bananas. Also, Opossum/Possum thread. I don't kno…[View]
3867055How do I catch sculpin?: I want to start up a native fish tank with some of the sculpin species that…[View]
3869826Dog has abnormal growth around stomach: She got put on medication to try to shrink growth but she ke…[View]
3865795>ugu ugu ugu *wakes you up at 6 am* >ugu ugu ugu *spreads ticks and mites in your balcony* …[View]
3869962Variegated Elephant's Food question: If I pick off all the leaves to eat them, will the plant d…[View]
3869837Why are at least half of the anons on here either schizos with a burning hatred for animals or peopl…[View]
3867728I think I finally figured out why my Dog has such a distain for cats. You see my Dog is Orthodogs, a…[View]
3870040What kind of deer/animal is this?[View]
3869632How Can I introduce 2 Adult cats too Each other? They're both female one is fixed and one is No…[View]
3867653he just climbing: what bug is this? it was on the wall[View]
3869407In your opinion, which animal is the most aggressive/territorial ?[View]
3869869I have a dog thats a 11 years old I've been getting into a more active life style but he's…[View]
3869855border border border border[View]
3868690So, how have you contributed to the wellbeing of the ecosystem?[View]
3868835Yesterday I was taking my dog for a walk and I saw a baby pigeon that had fallen from its nest. I de…[View]
3869693>Yellow jacket enters my territory >Punch it to death…[View]
3869018Hi /an/, my puppy turned 5 months old today and I'm worried about her teeth now, due to my s.o.…[View]
3869565Just because it's a small animal it has rabies: I noticed this again when someone online found …[View]
3862330What did nature mean by this[View]
3866305Tf is this t. Idaho[View]
3869517Feel free to post them This is my ficus benjamin not anything special i am a beginner still[View]
3861105webm again[View]
3869423Death Certificates for Pets: I watched a news story about people who get pets so they can torture an…[View]
3869101Got bitten by an assassin bug in my bed, does anyone know the name of this species?[View]
3868679Last night we had a thunderstorm that almost knocked out power so that the surge protector my aquari…[View]
3863611booba appreciation thread: first for yeen milkies[View]
3869394What is the kabedon of the animal world?[View]
3866997What animals are the best at soccer?[View]
3866229What is this bug?: They keep coming in my flat, uk here.[View]
3867758Are Scottish Folds the best cats?[View]
3868224How do I stop urban foxes from fucking up my backyard?/ /an/[View]
3869278Better versions of existing breeds: >This is what a pitbull wishes they were…[View]
3867515Pigeon: Pigeon wishes to know your location[View]
3868851She killed millions.[View]
3868558anyone recognize this bird song? east coast Canada https://vocaroo.com/11bI6AzTLZwB sorry for abysma…[View]

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