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/an/ - Animals & Nature

Displaying 100 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
3787560Why get a pitbull instead of a goose?[View]
3790593My man didn't get his last pussy[View]
3790277is that a baby corn spider on the left? and wth is the one on the right?[View]
3788000Floppa Thread: Post some Floppas[View]
3787468I had to put down my buddy of 11 years yesterday because of cancer God it hurts :([View]
3790519Bonzai: Just picked up this cool bonzai tree from Home Depot but it has no info or anything on it. C…[View]
3784947Hybrids: Show me some odd hybrids. I can think of them but can't find pictures of them. >dog…[View]
3790486Are squirrels the most intelligent rodent species?[View]
3788472Theres a snake in my boot!: Anyone know what this guy is? I need to remove him, a engine is no place…[View]
3780838Dog Art[View]
3790322importing a Borzoi: Anybody have any experiences importing pups from eastern Europe? I really want a…[View]
3789661What he doin with egg?[View]
3786646Why aren't we domesticating Cheetahs?[View]
3785127Here's my ants. Say something nice about them.[View]
3787961Post the most American-looking dog[View]
3790133Fish Identification Thread: I caught this fish in freshwater in Texas, could anyone help me identify…[View]
3789331Can I pet them? A while ago I was by the river and one of them came near me.[View]
3788171MOSQUITO HATE THREAD: Mosquitoes are the most useless pieces of shit, genocide when????[View]
3789599why are these roaches so hard to get ?[View]
3789545Can polar bears survive without ice Will they adapt to land[View]
3789804how do i make sure my new puppy doesn't grow up to be a little bitch like my last dog[View]
3789820/beav/: Post some beavers[View]
3788491Isn't it crazy how snakes move using friction, but most other animals move using gravity? I hav…[View]
3789783*sensation of something hot and wet running down your back* nothing personnel kid[View]
3789828WHY?: Why does this even exist? Why would anyone want to create so useless, disproportional, ugly, d…[View]
3782093What do you think that crazy bastard called Evolution is up to?: I think we'll have about 30 sp…[View]
3789926Anyone else find Lemurs interesting? They're our primate counterparts and have evolved many spe…[View]
3789433So my gf and her mom brought to home one flethling (i mean kidnapped) I tried to explain and now the…[View]
3784813Now that the dust has settled, What the fuck was this guy's problem?[View]
3777314/plant/ - Carpobrotus Edition: Welcome to /plant/, the happy green place on this blue board, where g…[View]
3786115Elephant seal thread.[View]
3789859Sorry, Chud, but this is reality. The golden snub nosed monkey gets the girl.[View]
3789424OH HAY KEVIN: I don't have time for you today.[View]
3788433are orangutan mothers the best mothers???[View]
3786184What the fuck was his problem?[View]
3788949Is my W33D plant ok?: theres something bottom right sticking out. Should I top it off with some soil…[View]
3747122>meanwhile in the /an/partments...[View]
3789675Musical Freestyle: Is horse or canine musical freestyle easier?[View]
3788624Every year I see one or two mice(I've caught them all) in my basement, is it an infestation? I…[View]
3785502Am I the only one who's terrified by these beasts? They patrol the streets and move like fuckin…[View]
3787090This thick and juicy mouse is only 5 miles away from your home: Do you go to this mouse?[View]
3788458Hymenoptera thread: post ants, bees and wasps[View]
3761228/ckg/ - Chicken General : Growing Old Together edition: Previous thread >>3721105 How are your…[View]
3785556Anyone done a dog DNA test? Worth it? A scam?[View]
3786706I am not a vegan, but how is this ok or ethical at all? I am not even talking about the study, just …[View]
3789204Id on this guy?[View]
3786078How do wild animals know what animals are harmless? We have some migrant leftover geese and they…[View]
3787417My dog is extremely old and dying. She didn't eat anything for two days but then yesterday fina…[View]
3785494Hi /an/, I've owned an Australian Shepherd puppy (15 weeks) for about 2 months now. Things have…[View]
3788974why are they such good boys?[View]
3785241I just lost my cockatiel. I found him dead in his cage. He had a respiratory infection and he had an…[View]
3787628Poaching: Hi fellow Anon, Did you know that the money that come out of ticket sales from Riegersburg…[View]
3788248Imagine if you will, a domesticated mandrill which one could ride[View]
3779123>enter dog owners home >stray kibbles all over the house from the dogs aggressive eating, left…[View]
3787069Domestic plants introduced into wild: We talk about about domestic animals being introduced to the w…[View]
3782943Haven’t checked on this game in a while, how is it doing?[View]
3788397>can barely breath in your path[View]
3788678Introducing species to other continents that they would have a hard time colonizing (say from Austra…[View]
3751367ITT: animals that existed[View]
3786010*Blocks your path*[View]
3785740Would you save a Koala Bear from a fire?: Say you saw one in a tree about to get blazed in a inferno…[View]
3784070Easiest way to kill Seagulls?: So I was wondering what the easiest way to kill seagulls is, now the …[View]
3787362No idea if people post this kind of stuff on /an/ since I never really browse it but I need some hel…[View]
3787139What age do you guys think my cat is?[View]
3785593Just planted some cherry tomatoes in a couple of pots and looking ahead to have some delicious littl…[View]
3780135I'm finally getting a dog, what are some tips for a new owner[View]
3788123Skunks are underrated...: Appreciate the skunk![View]
3788272I'd give every last drop of blood to feed this adorable creature https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
3788019first time posting on this board: ok so i have about 4 big tanks filled with guppies. i can't g…[View]
3777999Why do you like animals?[View]
3788494how do i go about walking dogs in a residential neighborhood (suburbs)? do i just let it pee on ever…[View]
3782899Good animal/nature YouTube channels? >pic related >Clint's Reptiles >reminds me of th…[View]
3787381Protection dogs: >In doctors waiting room >8/10 tall blonde qt receptionist chatting down the …[View]
3779596.: The perfect dog doesn't exi...[View]
3786186Best Paleo Docs: Outside of the 'Walking With...' series, what are the best paleo document…[View]
3788348Do you play video games with your dogs?[View]
3788373Imagine if the ivory-billed woodpecker still existed in a very small population at some forest and t…[View]
3788112Best Way To Genocide Clothes Moths?[View]
3787848what would the consequence of finding multicellular life away from earth be[View]
3788327>'Animal planet' >not about animals[View]
3787006Crab thread[View]
3784438>thumping noises inside walls >distinct smell of eggs and vinegar at night >wires behind te…[View]
3786429Humans are kind of like anomalocaris in a way We are superpredators unlike any before us We define t…[View]
3784758i like goats[View]
3788186Dusty: Prob a stupid question since I know everyone gonna remember, but remember dusty the cat who w…[View]
3786937Hey anons my cat just started giving birth, so far 2 kitten came out and 3rd one is coming.[View]
3785855This could actually be true since modern birds are descendants of dinosaurs[View]
3787875Gardening Thread: Show us your garden Share your tips and tricks educate fellow anons on based garde…[View]
3784587Famous Malinois hit by car: RIP to one of the best girl around https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r80Vv…[View]
3786712INCUBATOR: I'm looking for a decent incubator. Right now I have a shitty chinky incubator and I…[View]
3787459>sitting on the ground doing something >see cat come to me in peripheral vision >ignore him…[View]
3784187Many luxury and sport cars named after cats, even military aircrafts and equipment. Not one named af…[View]
3786250The more you learn about evolution the more you realize its just animals becoming more neotenous ove…[View]
3786941I have sucsessfully crossbred a cat and a rat. Now what /an/?[View]
3787789I have 2 annoying ass birds outside my place some where and I want to make them both fuck off so the…[View]

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