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/an/ - Animals & Nature

Displaying 77 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
3957758Retard animal thread Stupid fucker[View]
3957881This is probably a common topic here: Is it safe for dogs to eat cooked chicken bones?[View]
3952590Owls: why are owls associated with wisdom?[View]
3954754Why do these cunts always look so angry?[View]
3953514Dachshund Thread: A thread about the best dogs[View]
3956697When I get a dog there's one command I'll prioritize against all others: 'quiet' I don…[View]
3957510what kind of German Shepard dog was the littlest hobo?? also littest hobo thread[View]
3952788Bird came to take nap on my porch, and it looks hungry but it wont eat. Wut do? Pic related[View]
3954227I've never seen a fat in real life. When I had a cat, I only feed it cooked meat that we also e…[View]
3954814Oh no no no no: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH[View]
3957328Help my cat dont let me sleep he is so fucking annoying he keeps kissing me with his nose when i sle…[View]
3946352RAVIOLI TURTLE: edit turtle to make funny[View]
3953437post images of retard animals excluding me[View]
3956407Taking in consideration that dolphins and whales have been confirmed to have their own languages and…[View]
3954231Is there such a thing as a chihuahua that's not a nippy trembling angry little shit?[View]
3956438The cat of my neighbour gave birth to a lotta cats, most of them died, 2 of them remain, pic related…[View]
3954422post your dream dog[View]
3956960This shit broke me[View]
3953410How come cats despite being originally desert animals managed to survive in every continent and envi…[View]
3956521Why buy when you can adopt?: Genuine question[View]
3956500Hello /an/, i've been 4chan free for a couple of months, however I wanted to come back to get a…[View]
3954613Thinking of getting a bearded dragon. Any helpful insight appreciated. Bioactive or use no bedding?…[View]
3956934What is thris grub, and will it harm my corn, found under mulch in top layer of soil[View]
3956807Guys please help me. My doggo is sick. I've been to five vets and they all told me it's th…[View]
3956924haha it do be like that though[View]
3915623Pongo Thread: We must form the New Pongo Republic[View]
3955992spider gen: so my spider will first be coming on sunday which is a shame but show me your enclosures…[View]
3956325I think my friend's 3 year old German Shepard is afraid of me. Every time I come over it barks …[View]
3952986sphynx cats: bro just figured out that these motherfuckers are a mutation people decided to breed wh…[View]
3954350Lab puppy: My 5 months old lab pup was throwing up blood in the park, she is staying overnight at th…[View]
3950852What's the cheapest you can get a good hedgehog?[View]
3948899/aq/ - Aquarium General: Previous: >>3942826 lowboys edition Discuss anything aquarium relate…[View]
3953184>he's actually very friendly Said no one ever.[View]
3956098Could this be the next step in crocodilian's evolution ?[View]
3943297Post Happy Pics: Just something absurdly comically happy like pic related[View]
3954002I'll just leave this here[View]
3955917To help all of you be more animal friendly![View]
3956205HELP ME HELP THIS BIRD PLS: Hi, i found this buddy *pic related* in the backyard, he has a broken wi…[View]
3956257Scruffing cats: this may qualify for a qtddtot sort of thing but why are some people so insistent th…[View]
3953171>cats look down on you >dogs look up at you >but pigs are your equals Is this true from you…[View]
3955886First time i ever post here, i started to work in a fish hatchery and we want to carrying our busine…[View]
3956234Cute animal vids from youtube? Cute animal vids from youtube! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkbGNe…[View]
3956185Only domesticated animals have floppy ears. (except elephants)[View]
3956109Can you please help me?: This is a street cat that spends a lot of time in our house and I love him,…[View]
3954835Negative effects of animal breeding; like the neurological disorder of spider ball pythons. I'm…[View]
3955312In This Thread: Nature Drone Videos! I’ll go first: https://youtu.be/dyp1c4loSM0[View]
3953118Why are they so based?[View]
3955282>scoot butt across bedsheet Why are dogs so disgusting?[View]
3953309Stupid Question Thread: Why do snails crawl up walls for seemingly no reason? The ones at my house d…[View]
3954198I'm an 8th grade teacher and I got a pair of 5 wk old rats as class pets. Look how cute they ar…[View]
3947700Moo: Post cows Love cows I would like to raise a few heads for small scale dairy production. How dif…[View]
3941423/kot/ - Cat General: Happy Birthday 4chan Edition Previous: >>3929692[View]
3954175Redpill me on caracals[View]
3937362Horse General: Choose Whatever Theme You Want Edition Previous hoof holding discussion: >>3923…[View]
3955677>is planted in your path and your forest[View]
3955525How good is fluffy cat memory?[View]
3955191get real.[View]
3954273Imagine constantly getting your fingers stuck in a drawer with teeth. That's what it's lik…[View]
3950448Why are GSD the most based of dog breeds?[View]
3953354How the hell do I catch Tadpole Madtoms???: Do they even live in Canada??? WTF???[View]
3954300Hey /an/, what spider is this? I live in Portugal, if it helps.[View]
3957629>Bruh the taste of my asshole bussin' on god[View]
3954856People who call their dogs 'The dog' instead of their pets name don't like their dogs so much. …[View]
3955275Did you knew mushrooms are more closely related to humans than plants?[View]
3954712>Sister has a declawed cat and 2 German Shepherds with too much energy and a prey drive that…[View]
3953296What predator (if any) could kill this?[View]
3955242I feel like I have pets without owning them.[View]
3954989what spider is this? I live in texas: last night I found this guy crawling from under my desk while …[View]
3954438>be me >wake up 4am >shit on pedestrians, aim getting better every day >shit on cars too…[View]
3950489/sg - Squirrel General #2: >Who is Squirrel? Forest ambassadors to some, electrical grid terroris…[View]
3955013my dog never leaves me alone he follows me around the house and is never more than 10 feet away and …[View]
3953435I just found a hedgehog in my cellar :3[View]

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