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/an/ - Animals & Nature

Displaying 112 expired threads from the past 3 days

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3411055Toxoplasmosis: can someone explain toxo to me?[View]
3413789Furry bastards[View]
3388146Why aren't you illegally planting trees in your city's public spaces? https://youtu.be/vvt…[View]
3413630Cat keeps pissing in my closet. It makes my clothes stink. I bought her a catdoor but she refuses to…[View]
3410609sick quail: its been sleeping all day the past weeks, fluffs up and lost a lot of weight. Its poop i…[View]
3399640Horse General: Lets go boys edition Previous mission: >>3389124[View]
3411179Why are they so clumsy?[View]
3411911now why is this[View]
3413075Did seals evolve from dogs?[View]
3414086posted in /k/ but figured I’d come here as well, i’m looking to get a german shepard to be my innawo…[View]
3413993Any experts on ant behavior? There was an ant on my bathroom floor, thought it was dead, but it was …[View]
3413875Let's talk about pest animals.[View]
3411343How have they survived for nearly 450 million years?[View]
3411572Hey /an/, I found this little guy grounded outside my front door. Weather is shite so he's insi…[View]
3413029Adopting a dog: I live in a small house with an enclosed garden in the center of a city. This would …[View]
3412516>T rex? Way too overrated, I like albertosaurus Is there a worse group of people than paleohipste…[View]
3408847What kind of pet does he keep?[View]
3413205Bulls are a made-up species. I live in the countryside and have never seen any[View]
3413700What kind of bug is this?: What kind of bug is this? I see them in my bathroom sometimes. The black …[View]
3413373Do you know any fluid which has a VERY intense meat smell/flavour? Due to her allergies, I have to …[View]
3413091bruh what is my plant[View]
3412770Which vertebrate animal performs the most work in its life?: People like to complain that their offi…[View]
3411840what are the best monkies and why are they siamang gibbons[View]
3412869Why do caterpillars rub their head on my hand? They are cute little things so if I see one I let it …[View]
3412817The Pliocene was a good time for both catfags and dogfags who had humans as a common food source ins…[View]
3399424I love small, feathered dinos. I want to hug and protect them. And take them for walks after feedin…[View]
3412230Morning Anon. Found this on the decking and not sure what it came from, I suspect hedgehog but would…[View]
3412137Bed Bugs?: Hey, I just purchased a new mattress with a new bedframe, box spring, sheets and covers. …[View]
3413190I found and rescued a small kitten from the woods the other day. She's a month old tops. How do…[View]
3412593nuptial flight day: ants in my backyard are going ape shit. always a sight to behold[View]
3413154I always resist the urge to laugh when my dog humps[View]
3412235So much for changing the battery[View]
3411658Such wonderful creatures. If only humans could solve all their conflicts with love and not violence[View]
3412454While I was out running a bird of prey dropped out of the trees and whizzed past me really close. I …[View]
3413033Ok, which one of you sick sons of bitches had sex with them[View]
3409213I wanna know about bears and rabbits. What are they /an/?! ANSWER ME![View]
3413027Hey fellas, what kind of bug is this?[View]
3412720I didn't know who else to ask. So I've developed this system for my ants. I've been s…[View]
3410512Let's say I had a pig as a pet and: would eat pig meat, would it notice anything ? It should be…[View]
3412099I think I fucked up: Hi ladies, /k/ here and I think I fucked up and I feel bad. It's a bit pas…[View]
3411541What is the objectively smartest cat?[View]
3409444Armed with steel and these trips, Pongo will win the ape war. The chimp scum never stood a chance. T…[View]
3411977Should dogs be allowed on the couch?[View]
3412725Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr[View]
3386698>born too late to have a pet dinosaur >born too early to have a pet alien There have literall…[View]
3410658The fish and the berries: Why would a fish eat berries?[View]
3412653gorilla 1v1s a chimp: who would win? fully grown gorilla and chimpanzee. >gorillas larger but mo…[View]
3412616American Roaches can tolerate caffeine?: >be me >at my wage slave first designated break >o…[View]
3411815Fuck kinda snake is this and how best do I fuck it up so it learns its lesson to never come back her…[View]
3412606Feline Peritonitis: Okay /an/, here's my cat. She is about 12 and has Feline Peritonitis. I too…[View]
3412490How do I determine the age of an old riverbed?[View]
3409860>that cambrian boomer who still breathes through passive diffusion[View]
3412407Spec evo thread: Pokemon edition Post spec evo and projects[View]
3411891Post big, plump tits.[View]
3407455Hundreds of elephants die in Botswana: (https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/jul/01/more-tha…[View]
3412165/an/forum + /aq/ general discussion ITT: I've been on /an/cord for 2 years and I just got perma…[View]
3386123I absolutely hate snakes: I fucking hate snakes so goddamn much it fucking indescrebible something a…[View]
3411033Times you were kind to animals: >Mowing the lawn >Come across a 2 square meter sized patch of …[View]
3412326Redpill me on bonobos:: Are they based? Are they smartest chimp spiecies?[View]
3412116Hello, animal control?[View]
3410448My father broke our 19 yo cat's leg: He bit my father's arm because he had enough of cuddl…[View]
3409525>Australia flips out about feral cats >is ok with feral dogs Explain this.…[View]
3410776Isopod Screenshot: Semi-wsr related but does anyone here have the cap of a guy sperging out over iso…[View]
3408930My inside cat just vomited literal shit, what the fuck did she mean by this? The litter tray is stil…[View]
3409563Rubble, the 31 year old cat, is revealed to have passed away. Rest in power, king. https://www.tmz.c…[View]
3410681cat ate my work lunch I prepared for tomorrow and I legitimately want to kick him out forever. How d…[View]
3411242OMG I FUCKING LIVE CATS!!!!!: *infects your entire family, your children, your friends, literally ev…[View]
3411403Why do people act like this is a good thing ?: There are some people that say that you can keep a do…[View]
3411421Got a question for ya, /an/. We recently took in a stray cat, a male Bengal. He's fairly young …[View]
3411539wtf is this?: found these little buggers in a newly rented house, not sure if roches or some sort of…[View]
3410744dog stories: Thread for times when your dog displayed unprecedented levels of intuition/intelligence…[View]
3407208/kot/ General - Angry Kitten edition: Old: >> 3400314 Food & Nutrition >http://catinfo…[View]
3400845ITT: 'What the fuck was God thinking?'[View]
3402980post salamanders and newts itt pls[View]
3411996I found this botfly outside my hotel room today. In Mississippi. Where they don't have botflies…[View]
3408043/an/ Drawthread: As usual, go crazy.[View]
3411657Smooth Handfish officially declared extinct. I’m gonna miss this nigga like you wouldn’t believe htt…[View]
3408735Why did he do it?[View]
3410828Where Rangeomorphs even an animal? Do you think they have any distant relative today?[View]
3407778Is there any animal who could beat him in a straight up 1v1 on a neutral playing field? Or is he the…[View]
3411024opinions on salukis?[View]
3408730I CANT BLEAT[View]
3409692Tell me all about it[View]
3410189Osprey carrying a big spanish mackerel (no, it isn't a shark). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
3411664Prehistoric Documentaries: Any good prehistoric documentaries out there? I'm specifically talki…[View]
3411647>geese saved Rome from the first sacking Are geese really this powerful?…[View]
3410267Albino leopard gecko: I've just gotten this 6 month old 'albino leopard gecko' but I've be…[View]
3411161Animal Husbandry History - Is animal history/animal husbandry /his/ or /an/?: Is it /his/ or /an/ to…[View]
3403224Can a female lion beat a male lion?[View]
3402154cute paws: post pictures of cute cat paws[View]
3411511And for the crime of giving up your scales in exchange for feathers, the court of reptilia sentaces …[View]
341080910 days until world chimpanzee conservation day[View]
3411551Just got a Juniper Bonzai tree for my birthday. Any advice for someone who’s never even taken care o…[View]
3403554Thinking about declawing my cat. He scratches alot. How much is it?[View]
3409436Anyone have the image of the cat that goes like : 'heh'? Like pic[View]
3410805Magpies are cool: Who could take them on?[View]
3410874Is there anything I could catch or buy that would live in my house that eats these things (either)? …[View]
3410434Crab in the suburbs: Hey /an/ I'm a little confused This is like the 4th time this kind of crab…[View]
3411358Are Kakapos the Dodos of our time[View]
3409441Post animals your want to pat the nose of[View]
3411313Post your animals from pup to adult: All creatures welcome[View]
3411003Why are beetles so based? what insects are the best bros?[View]
3410394What kind of dog is this?: >Medium-small size >Really smart, knows a ton of tricks and learns …[View]
3409920Does the >posts a pic of an up-to-date Velociraptor 'Fuck off, feathernazi, dinosaurs weren'…[View]
3409939Why has no one ever tried domesticating these things? They could be a useful sorce of red meat for p…[View]
3410929Where can I find Videos/Movies where animals hunt and kill each other[View]

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