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/an/ - Animals & Nature

Displaying 103 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
3507114This guy is cool.[View]
3507040What's his problem?[View]
3505548My dog has a tumor growing on the left side of his face, he's a fully grown Shih-Tzu and i want…[View]
3505961>pandemic hits >zoos no longer have visitors or money >animals start dying of hunger or bec…[View]
3505604Pembroke corgis are the best dogs. Discuss.[View]
3500352Is this the creepiest spider?[View]
3498281what can one reasonably expect when trying to pet one of these guys[View]
3506019What is this: Could someone identify this insect? suddenly i have a lot of them in my garage[View]
3501932What went wrong?[View]
3506934little gray cat thread 2: two of them (sorry for bad quality)[View]
3505192trolly seeds: toxic neighbors? throw some noxious plant seed bombs onto their yard, they will never …[View]
3505755Raccoon ate my bread. Safe to eat?: >pic related: the bread after all bitten pieces were cut off.…[View]
3503239Skunk Thread: I fucking love Skunks We got these little bastards all over my area, run into at least…[View]
3501518Dolphins are fish: Prove me wrong >pro tip You can’t[View]
3506324Post images of love in the animal kingdom, humans not included.[View]
3483692>you have 5 seconds to decide, anon. Dont disappoint me now...[View]
3506579>'oh no oh no I'm drowning someone help me help' >human helps her out the pool >'time…[View]
3505419What do I do if I have mice in my house? I keep seeing them run back behind the counter and don’t kn…[View]
3503483If you could pick one animal to grant human-like sapience and capacity for language to, which would …[View]
3504966Can you see the cat in this image?[View]
3506341Was HP Lovecraft right? Also, that's a nice looking cat, I wonder what it's name was. I b…[View]
3505935I never owned a dog before but I kinda want one. Is this a good dog breed to get?[View]
3494676Why did he do it, bros?[View]
3506020Have we gone too far with the whole spay and neuter rhetoric? I've been looking for a puppy got…[View]
3497136Years ago, a stranger on this board did the painting/picture of our pooch. She was put down tonight…[View]
3504796tarantulas are cute: hang in there[View]
3506399Should I put it outside and let it freeze?: It became a pupa on August 30. I live in Northern Ontari…[View]
3502045>long term forecasts predict both autumn and winter with warmer temperatures than the norm >ag…[View]
3486244Lobsters: This is a lobster thread, post lobsters. This boi stopped eating and I thought it might b…[View]
3505897Is it tasty?[View]
3503100This is the Banana Snail. They wipe out bananas and spiders, all sorts of species. How can you like…[View]
3505896which idiot came up with idea that small animals are good 'toy' for kids: most of them would just en…[View]
3502573>evolves to get out of the sea >goes back to the sea anyway…[View]
3503307was it all fake?[View]
3503963The horseshoe crab theory states that an animal which is extremely unlike a crab is actually more of…[View]
3503518Paleocene Epoch: Why is this period of earth's history so often overlooked?[View]
3505091Rename Animals Thread.: lets give animals better names. this here is a Dinocow.[View]
3500386>Australopithecus >Reproduced like crazy because their heads were still small enough for strug…[View]
3505736Is this a cockroach?: Wasn't as big as a cockroach imo the shape was not the same as a cockroac…[View]
3484419/an/ humor thread[View]
3498338why do dogs do this?[View]
3504200even if the global warming killed 3/4th of species, won't there evolve new ones like they did i…[View]
3506354Anti-budgie thread[View]
3504430Post ur pets[View]
3506131Does /an/ like cartoon dinosaurs? We're streaming the PRIMAL series over on /co/ and I thought …[View]
3504949Overrated: ITT: Most overrated dinosaurs/extinct organisms[View]
3505782Veterinary Medicine: Any veterinarians/vet techs/vet assistants here? Do you ever regret going into…[View]
3502475>wake up and your dog has transformed into picrel What do?[View]
3503461>The New Mexico whiptail lizard is a crossbreed of a western whiptail, which lives in the desert,…[View]
3505963Geese trio??: Does anyone know if geese ever have mating TRIOS? I know they mate for life and can be…[View]
3505939/an/ humor: Get em ready bois[View]
3503002The heroes we need but don't deserve[View]
3505131I had to put my cat down today.: So I had to put my cat down today, I came home from work to find hi…[View]
3502601Isn't mankind's loneliness and desire for alien life a bit silly?: I mean sure it would be…[View]
3505590Did all theropod have feathers? Where there theropods without feathers, in the Cretaceous at least?[View]
3505191Wet dog smells nice I think[View]
3503309what dinosaur was Job 41 describing? > inb4 costanza_face.jpg if you don't want to talk abou…[View]
3504567Am I feeding my cats enough?: I have two two year old cats that are very lean and have behavioral pr…[View]
3502671Dogs smell Cats don't[View]
3483960/beargen/: Lets get a Bear thread going anons[View]
3505472Is it weird if I go to my local pond alone and talk to geese?[View]
3504893>found another photo of him >cried again Wish he was here man…[View]
3498408Getting a kitty tomorrow ! :) What are some cute names that aren’t too common?[View]
3504067this dumb squirrel jumped into my balcony, what food should i give him as a reward for such a brave …[View]
3502248what are some cool things to teach dog[View]
3483845Defective animals: *dies while sprinting*[View]
3496733Massive elephant die-off in Botswana. Officials blame 'overpopulation', but has all the signs of poi…[View]
3504910>anomalocaris went extinct millions of years ago >could never dream of keeping one as a pet be…[View]
3500340Behold: the last predator of men.[View]
3501588Cats: https://youtu.be/LnVTl5PGYeA Why do people keep these shitters as 'pets' Look at this Where I…[View]
3502748>forest animal: >actually has a tree on its head[View]
3504506Charts like this: I'm starting a home garden and I'd love to have more information on usef…[View]
3501150Why can't females mind their own business? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YerfiDn_jaw[View]
3504637Anyone know what bug this is? It’s got stripes on it’s body and wings that don’t show up too well on…[View]
3504445>is a flower in ur path[View]
3501911Cockatiel appreciation thread[View]
3497562Bird fren: I want a bird but I know nothing about different species of birds. Before I start on stan…[View]
3504463>want to watch videos of pet herps >shitty music starts playing >some ugly dumbass jumps in…[View]
3504169aardvark appreciation: post aardvarks[View]
3496563Big Cat appreciation thread: Y do we find large Predators Cute?seems strange from an evolutionary pe…[View]
3503841ITT: Animals that WILL attack their owners[View]
3504360If Australia's herbivore megafauna never went extinct could have carnivores such as the sarcoph…[View]
3504368Muster the Legions[View]
3503735You don't freak out and kill spiders, RIGHT anon?[View]
3499772Horror succulent flower: My girlfriend got this succulent and it has a horrifying flower. It's …[View]
3502590If gorillas had a proper training routine with barbells and food how strong would they get?[View]
3502435Any cacti/suc/bonsai enthusiasts here?[View]
3500635I want to protest in front of Petsmart stores Petsmart stores sell live mice, live rats, live hamste…[View]
3502568if a cat is raised by a dog does it act like a dog?[View]
3496392What if some nations get together to create an artificial continent here?: How would it look like? H…[View]
3501717This is my wife, say something nice about her.[View]
3499827Just being honest, birds aren't important[View]
3503926Spider id - southern Europe: A guest took residence on my tomato plant. Who is he?[View]
3502206Hey guys, I didn't know where to post this. So an insect, I would say something like a bee, jus…[View]
3501374Why do bunny owners make the best girlfriends? Why do cat owners make the worst girlfriends?[View]
3503434i have a cat and a dog, they both have fleas, can i take one of them to the vet and get flea medicat…[View]
3502870I'm laying in bed and the cat just crawled under the covers and between my legs, she's so …[View]
3500693Sharks are retarded: >stops swimming >chokes to death Why? Why design them this way?…[View]

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