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/an/ - Animals & Nature

Displaying 101 expired threads from the past 3 days

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3695014Parrot Breeding: Are there any breeders out there who try to selectively breed the parrots with the …[View]
3696648Is this how you would have imagined the T-rex roar? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqnqdURJ25c[View]
3694564Is having an animal better than having a girlfriend?: Serious question. An animal will be forever lo…[View]
3697243wat are some birbs.[View]
3696547my neighbor's cat stinks so bad how do i keep the stink away from my house? i don't want p…[View]
3696743Most animals do not have deep internal worlds[View]
3694078Are western Shiba Inus different from Japanese?: Go to the page of any western shiba owner and compa…[View]
3696969Southern Rockies beetle kill: How fucked is the ecosystem of the Southern Rockies with how much fore…[View]
3696887bun loaf thread: pic related[View]
3695017How does the intelligence of reptiles actually work? Corvids have shown ape-level intelligence even …[View]
3695428Post the sickest or most beautiful plants you know.[View]
3691710/herp/ - Reptile and Amphibian General - Moody Monkey Frog Edition: This thread is dedicated to all …[View]
3690492/aq/ - Aquarium General: Gold Twin Bar Platy Edition Discuss anything aquarium related here, includi…[View]
3696636Runner: >be me >Really like ducks >Raise my girls from ducklings They're a year old no…[View]
3691304Raccoon thread!!! Bring your trash friends![View]
3696361WTF is this?: I bought this from an estate sale and recently repotted it, only for it to start looki…[View]
3694998I don't know what I want to do with my life other than that I want to work with animals but I h…[View]
3695680Cutting Away Meat From My Life / Pescetarian Morals?: I don't think this goes on /ck/ because t…[View]
3696394>You will be the generation to explain to your descendants why we have no more megafauna left…[View]
3696081What was he trying to convey with this facial expression?[View]
3693741Sup anons Who is this skelly?[View]
3695975I was a vagabond living in the mountains of Boulder Colorado, and had a few interesting interactions…[View]
3691981Need help with taking care of a dog: So my friend just gave me a 40 day old German shepherd and he w…[View]
3694486How hard is it to get into growing psychoactive cacti like peyote and san pedro? How different are t…[View]
3693762Donkey: He is here![View]
3693939Anyone else get a shaky vibrating feeling behind their ears if they look at a dangerous animal liek …[View]
3692938Help me identify this spider-bro... This guy has been basically sitting in that spot for like 8 mont…[View]
3695747Just found out that seal is short for 'sea lion'[View]
3696278This is my kitty[View]
3695530German Shorthair Behavior: My Girlfriend and I have an 8 month old GSP who has always had some aggre…[View]
3696138Mixing to avoid genetic conditions: So breeds that are heavily inbred and have problems as a result.…[View]
3696222my country's dog could beat up your country's dog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3Egwpt…[View]
3695480Would it be autistic if I took my fish for a walk? I own a koi named Joppy and there's a small …[View]
3695819Can someone help me identify all the living things in this image please??? I am a 3D artist and my t…[View]
3694360Dogs are toys, dolls, plushies, objects that just happen to be alive[View]
3695148Has anyone ever tried breeding social reptiles? I would love to own a pack of geckos that would just…[View]
3694402How would you fix it?[View]
3694176Do you all want to see some of my girl? I don't live with her now, haven't for a long time…[View]
3670594ITT: Unusual friendships and forbidden love[View]
3694759Small species of normal animals[View]
3695873Home cooked dog food?: Does anyone prepare their dog food at home? My dog got gifted some fresh-froz…[View]
3695832When will they ever learn???[View]
3680452ITT: VERY fast animals at incredible hihg speed[View]
3693036Found her behind flower pott. What's species is she? (I am from Germany).[View]
3695321Trees: No one seems to get the urgency of improving our air Quality the best way to improve air qual…[View]
3695663how can i rescue a food animal without supporting the industry of raising these guys for food? i cou…[View]
3695646Ants: Is this true? Any good research on this?[View]
3695621Mystery as dogs are turning pink and blue near abandoned chemical waste dump in Russia.: https://www…[View]
3690242I'm going to buy a parrot, but I can't decide between a Congo African Grey or a Macaw (wou…[View]
3693000Lost my boy last night. He wasn't even 4 years old. Epilepsy sucks. Tried every medication unde…[View]
3693666Today Howl died of unknown reasons at the young age of 5. RIP[View]
3691043How do you get your dog to not pull on the leash?[View]
3694238What the fuck??????????[View]
3690464Fishe want kissie[View]
3692862She just died two hours ago. I just can't anymore. The last and only thing in my life just died…[View]
3695467AIGHT SO HOL UP >Smacks lips YOUZ BE SAYIN LIKE... >Goes outside on hot summer day WE WUZ S…[View]
3695423Does anyone know what plant this is? Thank you[View]
3695212what could this be?: I found it on the shores of the Pacific Ocean[View]
3693094why do people leave their pets behind when they move?[View]
3695274So we evolved like this Spinal cord> no spinal cord > spinal cord Why we are called vertebrate…[View]
3692195>friend's cat is a rescue >needs severe dental surgery >all teeth need to be extracted…[View]
3695250Any way to know when your cat wants to get let in? It's pretty loud in the house so I most like…[View]
3692861otters are pretty cool[View]
3690084How treatable is cancer in cats? My cat (age 12) died last year of a cancer lump pressing up against…[View]
3692791name a shittier pet. Protip: you can't[View]
3695124Pits are known to kill their own owners. Humans have been at the top of the food chain for more than…[View]
3691192>get out of military >miss bros >live alone >be sad >get dog >be happy Why are dog…[View]
3649668/invert/ - Invertebrate General - Larval Solifugid Edition: This is the invertebrate general. If you…[View]
3692880Distant relatives.: How does it feel knowing we are related to other forms of life?[View]
3691999What do you guys think of this guy?[View]
3695000tiny animals: post small versions of bigger animals[View]
3693885Yo squigga wut up? Hey man listen, I hearz Texas is on ICE bro, dis is our time to move the fuck IN.[View]
3694832My Jack Russel is really aging (14 years old now), and withtout any appetite. I already changed a fe…[View]
3694307She had to be put down yesterday at 17 years old rest in peace sweet puppy, I miss you so much[View]
3693758This is the moment that a simple animal becomes something more. This is the birth of consciousness.[View]
3694193Are humans monkeys?[View]
3692692Yo how the fuck is this even real?[View]
3694596Which POTUS would you trust the least/most with your pets?[View]
3694257Soon https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EWr8fzUz-Yw[View]
3693147If my dog drops one more of those absolutely disgusting dog farts that last for entire 10 minutes im…[View]
3689682hippos are the most based animal in the wild >herbivore so they dont fuck with anyone just chill …[View]
3693192there's an asian ladybug climbing my curtains right now. i know it'll die if i don't …[View]
3683913Describe: an animal you think does not exist. Other anons prove you wrong[View]
3690437Skink thread: my peters banded skinks cob and geedorah. post skinks[View]
3688606Veterinarians are the worst: I'm so fucking tired of their shit, and they hate me for not needi…[View]
3693486>ahego face dog as your brand's image What did they mean by this?[View]
3694586God I wish that were me - /an/ edition: imagine holding sue's tiny little hands...[View]
3693608Photos of animals from 1850 to 1950: I don't know why but I just love these types of photos. Al…[View]
3692280Can I use these to hunt with?: I am moving to the desert. I want to survive off the land. Can I use …[View]
3693881Should we stop meddling and just let these idiots die?[View]
3693255Is it normal to sleep with a giant trex plush? Asking for a friend.[View]
3687837>I heckin love krills! They are the bestest![View]
3692264Dog breeds to Wrestle with?: I saw a guy once wrestling with his pitbull. It looked like fun. What d…[View]
3692037literally a fucking mole[View]

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