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/an/ - Animals & Nature

Displaying 92 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
3085020Which one of you did this?: https://www.change.org/p/district-attorney-justice-for-rex?source_locati…[View]
3084558Skunk thread Literally one of the most overhated animals in history. They're super cute animals…[View]
3082673*eats all your bird food*[View]
3085762Is it bad if I don't like my adopted dog and just wish to trade him in with the blond Shepard I…[View]
3085558Frog Thread: Lots of frogs in my garden lately, both big...[View]
3085342Are chipmunks scared of rats?[View]
3085812ignore this post, it's just an indoor tropical garden: posting my zt2 pics so i can save later …[View]
3085757My friend said that I'm a degenerate because I use these on my cats. What the hell is he talkin…[View]
3083903spiders and water: Every year, I get a little tiny spider of some sort or other that will make a few…[View]
3082631cat people problems: >be a cat owner >go out anywhere and get weird looks, glance at shirt, ca…[View]
3085662How can I make my dog stop barking to stimulus? Cars pulling up, random sounds outside, etc. I hit h…[View]
3085407>no bat thread Let's fix that Caught this cutie tossed on the floor and put it in a tree nea…[View]
3084601How can I stop my cat crying constantly? She's desperate for attention 24/7 it's crazy. Sh…[View]
3077144/dog/ - Dog General: Old Thread: >>3069950 Summer is in full swing. The fireworks are over, bu…[View]
3080455PetCo employee here. AMA PetSmart legit sucks btw[View]
3084047Anyone had one of these? What was the purpose of having such ugly bastards instead of a normal fish?…[View]
3083695it is convoluted like this since yesterday and it is pulsating. why? I'm worried. does it have …[View]
3063727>hello there, beautiful[View]
3083945/o/ here. I just ran over a kitten.[View]
3085411Is this a pigeon?: It looks like one but has a weird beak like a seagull. Also it crashed against my…[View]
3082248How do I grow Redwoods? I’ve never grown anything before. Can you grow them in Florida? How do you d…[View]
3085320fish: >be me >be fish >'blub' >pic related…[View]
3085243Found baby bird, no idea what to do with it or what bird it is can anyone identify this little fucke…[View]
3083673jeje el gato[View]
3083680Alpacas are the best animals - fluffy - cute - don't spit like llamas - important and loyal to…[View]
3082835Hello guys, last year my plan failed. I put honey on a spot, same spot all the time, caught one of t…[View]
3085328*Tiny borks*[View]
3083345Why are you fat fucks still feeding your dogs grain free food for your dogs even though the FDA has …[View]
3083382Beavers: Why is there never a thread about beavers.[View]
3084062Thoughts on this video? https://youtu.be/YChHbz5VVoM[View]
3084853Hi /an/. Phonefag posting from the pool here. I saved this lil shit (I do that a lot, I've save…[View]
3083082I wanted to breed some earthworms. Got about 2 liters of soil from a grove out of town. Dug up about…[View]
3084957*blocks ur path*[View]
3084925I saw Mountain Quail today. I'm really happy. Have any cool recent animal sightings to share?[View]
3081635Some people in my neighborhood used to let their cat roam free without a leash. A few times I caught…[View]
3084648Live amphipod catching: Can not for the fucking life of me find anyone selling live amphipods in que…[View]
3081390look at these motherfuckers[View]
3083240Capy General: All your best capybara pics[View]
3084097What kind of slug is this?[View]
3082786take the isopod pill: how the fuck would I go about getting one of these buggers? I'd like to m…[View]
3083611How often do you have to pet a cat before it's considered 'spoiling it?' >i.e.: has the same…[View]
3084588Nature is amazing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mojriAjw9mI E/V Nautilus is exploring unknown reg…[View]
3063879How has your pets named devolved over time? What were they when they started and what do you usually…[View]
3083771>Wow, Anon. Thanks for taking care of that mean ol' cat for me! Kicked her right over the fe…[View]
3084534Hi guys. Newbie aquarium keeper here, I just want somebody with much more experience then I to confi…[View]
3084385how do i spoon with my cat? pic unrelated[View]
3083350What if dogs were only allowed to be kept in zoos?[View]
3083326>vet is sending emails asking me to bring my cat in to get dewormed >he just got his check-up …[View]
3068891Horse General: Thot status: Patrolled Previous thread: >>3056591[View]
3083972In this thread we post only the most high test birds.[View]
3081391Hamster: I have a Russian dwarf hamster that my mom impulse-bought and I've been looking after …[View]
3084242Nudibranch thread: post crazy slugs[View]
3084132Can anyone ID this bug? Location Philippines[View]
3082905My cat brought me this bird: What can I do to help it you guys?[View]
3083561Are Capybara's the most wholesome animal on this planet?[View]
3081534Official Spider Thread: I saw four spider threads all asking what kind of arachnid is this or that a…[View]
3083438So my goldfish just got stuck in the skull decoration in his tank (it has been there for almost 5 ye…[View]
3084223Can you help me identify this toad species, /an/? They're very small, about an inch long at mos…[View]
3081887Look what i caught on camera[View]
3084122Lizard boy lookin kinda extra today ngl[View]
3083887Feral cat relocation: I need to relocate a feral cat in my yard. He started attacking my neutered ca…[View]
3084036Cats playing: https://youtu.be/9zHUzJ-P8HI[View]
3083872I need honest opinions on whether or not I should adopt a dog from the humane society or not, with t…[View]
3081478Did you know, Ostrich intelligence is on par with that of dogs, pigs and even dolphins[View]
3083805Super Cat Bonanza Mini Game: diy crappy cat game worksafe and friendly…[View]
3083708Anyone know what's wrong with my dog? I'll post a video. We haven't even had her 3 da…[View]
3082917What happens when you collect all 5 infinity mantises?[View]
3083521How can I get a gf that likes cats? Most women hate cats[View]
3075124how fucked is the amazon?: real question. What does /an/ think about the amazon? will it survive as …[View]
3081860Looking to start a freshwater, all invertebrate tank. Essentially a small system of shrimp, mollusks…[View]
3077321Serval: Why the hell are these things designed so strangely?[View]
3083388house plants: idk if this is the right board but you guys will probably know the answers anyway. i w…[View]
3078586Look what I caught: Should I pet it[View]
3080056Just captured this specimen in the Southern Nevada area. Any Ideas what species this is?[View]
3083410which cats are the quietest?: is it persian?[View]
3080909Reminder that Apes are dumber than bears: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdM9YOYrcbs[View]
3083136Tips for keeping this big boy alive? *angry bug noises*[View]
3081726frog zone: you are now entering the frog zone[View]
3083249Good night, /an/ Also post GIFs[View]
3081386What dog is this?: People on TV are arguing over what type of dog this is. They're shockingly i…[View]
3083165Lynx Point: Who else has a lynx point siamese?[View]
3078679Insects feel chronic pain after injury: Associate Professor Greg Neely and his team of pain research…[View]
3081640deer'n'dogs livin together[View]
3083091Let me see your ghosts, anons[View]
3081760>*sits on your food* >heh nothing personal kiddo…[View]
3081998What kind of Rabbit/Hare do I Have?: Haven't been able to find her breed. Help would be extreme…[View]
3082311Why is /an/ so afraid of letting our cats outside? He loves it[View]
3081646What would a fusion of one representative of each kind of living reptile (bird, crocodilian, snake, …[View]
3082604I love animals,but this is too damn funny not to post. This ad placement rofl[View]
3080911Does anyone know what kind of plant this is? Need to know so I can take care of it properly. Please…[View]
3082567Which came first, the chicken or the egg?[View]

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