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/an/ - Animals & Nature

Displaying 66 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
4315117Dog likes celery[View]
4314887Bearded Dragon help: My bearded dragon has swollen hands, a seriously swollen back leg that gives he…[View]
4310223capybara thread: post capybaras[View]
4313237Bonsai General /bonsai/: First Edition: Does /an/ practice bonsai? Well, you do now. Post your mothe…[View]
4309764Civil Debate #1: Carnists shall explain their arguments against veganism, while vegans shall give co…[View]
4311590/an/ webm[View]
4314259I saw this when I was at the beach today with my kids. Is it a dolphin, a baby whale?[View]
4312999>'Whitetailed' '''''Deer'''''' …[View]
4313123is this a real cat?[View]
4313754The real king of the jungle: No one can defeat him. No one.[View]
4315370What does /an/ think of purposely mixing dog breeds with good traits Pic related Shiba-Beagle[View]
4301251Horse General Neigh-I edition >>4270997 - thread that lay down for even a second[View]
4315136Reptiles are a social construct: Reptiles are a social construct[View]
4315088>TFW no grizzlies, wolves or jaguars in the southwest USA I miss em bros…[View]
4315146What is the rarest species that you've ever seen in the wild? For me it is pic related.[View]
4313998>Used to be worshipped >can easily manipulate people >kept as pets and gets free food and d…[View]
4313983What’s Happening: I just adopted her today. Meet Hilda Hen. She cuddles up and purrs. They said she’…[View]
4309183What could the average housecat lineage evolve into if all other predators would be wiped off the ea…[View]
4310664Creepy dinosaurs[View]
4314522>No way a tiger could reach me while on this eleph-ACK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOKOtf9XWy…[View]
4311049Rest in peace, Thurston. F[View]
4310580ITT: UNEXPECTED moggins[View]
4314705Any Bird Breeders Here?: Would you recommend creating an intergeneric Tīeke/Kōkako Hybrid?[View]
4312751Catfags, how do you cope with how cats aren't as cool or cute? I mean, Ferrets were domesticate…[View]
4313099>It appears that I have found myself in quite a peculiar situation.[View]
4313914>be me >born a snake >'oh boy I hope I'm a colubrid' >is a colubrid >yes.jpg …[View]
4314558Coconut dog[View]
4314652This magnolia tree has dropped 100s of seed pods:: And you're still a kissless virgin? You wish…[View]
4309161Dinobros... Not like this...[View]
4314649>It appears that I have found myself in quite a peculiar situation.[View]
4312526>Dog: I make tricks, I'm smart, human see me as superior pet. I'm basically best of the…[View]
4313988My sweet baby coco (a.k.a. punky) died an hour earlier in my arms. She was the friendliest, most unc…[View]
4314545Olm metamorphosis?: Olms are neonatal aquatic amphibians. They are true troglobites, because they sp…[View]
4314571My favorite animal: Is a Toadline Bully, SMASHED as well as SLAMMED. Post some slammed mini micro al…[View]
4301348Do cats see humans as cats or not ?[View]
4312272I hate cats so much aaaaaah![View]
4306179ITT I tell you what to call your bitches: God tier dog names: Sophie, Sarah, Laura, Lea, Leslie, Ros…[View]
4314504i’m in love with the world and i don’t care if that makes me childish: i don’t care if it is just me…[View]
4314493what is this / insect bug identification: what type of beetle is this front is slightly darker bornw…[View]
4311976anons, I stepped on a tarantula yesterday, i didnt kill it and i didnt see any guts but the little g…[View]
4311416Consensus: Wolf Collar: ITT We Discuss Wolf Collars & Spike Collars >A wolf collar is a type …[View]
4306782Why do Aussies have so much trouble with birds?[View]
4283593What a sad day[View]
4314016Hamster owners are the worst. You people are sad and frankly creepy. The amount of people treating …[View]
4314196It's me, the cutest squirrel.[View]
4311157Zoo in North Korea[View]
4312726Why this board unironically think that teaching your dog simple stuff makes them smart? They are doo…[View]
4311960my dog lost a nail on our walk this morning. (pic not related) it doesn't seem to be bothering …[View]
4307355Imagine the odour[View]
4313502what the fuck did I stumble upon?[View]
4308451>tetris the borzoi is fucking dead[View]
4308289gorilla mod[View]
4313932Despite being only 4 times more numerous than dogs, humans in the US commit 430 times more murders. …[View]
4313881ancient diet: What would a TRULY ancient diet look like? Not paleo, but way, millions of years befor…[View]
4309581*shits all over your the inside of your cabinets*: They deserve death.[View]
4311372Why do cats smell so good?[View]
4313548Squirrel in Greggs What will he buy, lads?[View]
4311518Hourly Heeler Hate Thread: I've always been fascinated by the blue heeler, or Australian Cattle…[View]
4313344Insect identification?: What is this? Western Europe, roughly 5mm long. Slow moving. Inside building…[View]
4309718A 84-year-old neighbor of mine passed away, and her son started leasing her place out. Soon after, h…[View]
4310301Is it reasonable to think a kangaroo is tougher to beat than a chimp?[View]
4313719>is king of the jungle despite not living in the jungle any more chads in the animal kingdom?…[View]
4302226china be like: 'mmmm yeah, this will make my dick bigger'[View]
4313097My stray cat I found, i’m wondering if he’s a rare bombay breed: He’s black all over including his t…[View]
4308764why is florida so filled with invasive species? what can they even do about it?[View]
4307431/dog/ - perro general: edición de colloid de australia (cuck de ganadería y tipo spitz) AKA el perro…[View]

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