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4170973Is this a Loggerhead Shrike?[View]
4170072Velvet worm as pet?: Anyone have any experience? Or maybe similar experience with cage pets that nee…[View]
4170845I want to keep a crab as a pet. What species would you recommend?[View]
4170259Its caturday my dudes: Post cats.[View]
4165335Feral Cats: Should they be exterminated?[View]
4170002Throwing Ability: Is there a creature that can throw better than a human?[View]
4165204Your favorite bird song: Of all the birds in my yard, I like the Red House Finch the best.[View]
4168756>visit the public park daily >watch the ducks so often they're like my friends >go tod…[View]
4170284Why are wolves always associated with autism? >The legend of Asena tells of a young boy who survi…[View]
4169544is it normal for a dragonfly to emerge at this time of year in the UK? or is it an old exuvia?[View]
4158593Saluki thread: Would a saluki be enough for a single man looking to get the most possible enjoyment …[View]
4165536The superior dog breed: Genetically above the rank and file. Anyone who says otherwise is a coping b…[View]
4168540Stinky ducks: Is there a way to raise ducks in a low stink manner? Duck farms really smell.[View]
4167771People who fall for the “dinos are le dumb” meme are no any better.: I have these two niggas at home…[View]
4165482Yo how the fuck are seahorses: Gotta be one of the coolest/strangest animals[View]
4169252Can you guess someone's personality based on the pet they own?[View]
4170012>why yes, I am the only duck that can mimic human speech, how did you know?…[View]
4169405Raccoon: Is having one as a pet a good idea?[View]
4168977Here's your Dimetrodon, bro.[View]
4171043>wake up >see this what do?[View]
4169912Are there native honeybees that pollinate and make honey? Does it 'matter' that bees are 'africanize…[View]
4166490The CHADSKY is the best dog. I refuse to explain further.[View]
4170418Sparrows make pretty good pets: Super affectionate. Tries to copy what humans do. Sweet, but still f…[View]
4169581is this an animal?[View]
4169605I was looking at local exotic pet stores and found this more shady looking one of Google maps and is…[View]
4169782Isn't it fucked up how nature literally created computers (DNA and RNA) completely blind?[View]
4168291Sad Cats: We haven't had one of these in a while. Post some juicy boys.[View]
4169324>why yes I go around at night throwing flower seeds on every boomer's 'perfect green carpet'…[View]
4168447The fish: Fish make me so mad, why are they like this, they swim, they swim and eat, they don't…[View]
4170048I think the birds are staying up later: I've struggled with my sleep schedule for a long time. …[View]
4163409Were Sauropods Endothermic, Ectothermic or Mesothermic?: It feels like the lower food requirement of…[View]
4168113The eternal debate[View]
4160068/an/ webm[View]
4168620Jelly bois: Can any anon redpill me on pet jellyfish? Anyone have any?[View]
4167038what animal be this[View]
4168385Rottweiler thread: I know all dog breads but they have something else. Most based dog in my opinion.…[View]
4166690ITT: /an/ runs a zoo: >The shark petting area is finally completed and runs on only 23% visitor c…[View]
4167640My bunny: Yeah he’s cute[View]
4169372Ferrets: Had this guy for a few months, I did a lot of research on taking care of him but I feel lik…[View]
4159644Is there any animal more kino?[View]
4168800Can captivity be healthier for a wild animal than living in its natural habitat?[View]
4165904What's the deal with modern 'paleoartists': Trying to position theropod limbs in the most unnat…[View]
4161702/kot/ - Cat General: Previous: >>4152977[View]
4165656Quiet bird pets: What are the quitest birds? I don't want a bird that screams all day.[View]
4165282Do you guys think all of the meme caracals like Floppa are happy in captivity? I suppose they are fe…[View]
4135829Raccoons are so fucking based, holy shit[View]
4155492Precambrian/Proterozoic life: The 'Boring Billion'? More like the Comfy Billion. Talk in g…[View]
4167175My cat needs to wear a cone for a few days, lmao. She's actually taking it pretty well. Post pi…[View]
4166973just bee yourself bro[View]
4164885Tyranosaur live birth: I was watching a lecture on Tyranosaurs and the paleontologist explained that…[View]
4167483Have you ever seen a Borzoi with upright ears before[View]
41649093 vet visits: And 3 times they have said my dog is healthy She has eaten something like 3 or 4 meals…[View]
4166648A baby platypus is called a puggle[View]
4168578I know there’s a few rodent/hamster people on this board who are quite knowledgable. I’m starting to…[View]
4161866Anti-Lawn Meme Dump: Kill your lawn, etc.[View]
4168528Penguins are getting taller. Soon they'll be bigger than people again.[View]
4144710Fox Thread: Noms Edition: Post foxes and fox noms pls[View]
4159481Cat is currently day 3 of constipation and this is the third time I take it to the vet, she's g…[View]
4165576what do you guys think of having a poison garden? cause ive been thinking and i personally think its…[View]
4168285I found a black widow last night in my garbage bin outside. It's body was roughly the size of a…[View]
4167691Rat but huge and long lifespan: Rats are fucking fantastic pets, I had one and loved her like a chil…[View]
4167455Attention all rat fags: I found this little thing in a box in my neighborhood, looks like a feeder n…[View]
4168156It's mating season down in Big Cypress. This pic from three days ago.[View]
4167885APBT Attack: >Be at dog park. >90 pound white tweaker comes over the horizon. >An American …[View]
4162974Mare name: What are the best names for mares? For some reason, only pretentious princess-tier things…[View]
4166647/rrhg/ - Red River Hog General: Discuss this pig[View]
4167503I found this bunny in my backyard after my little dog found it. It's still alive, but has troub…[View]
4166247Why is reproducing such a big deal? >Penguins starve for months and risk freezing to death to pro…[View]
4166000how do i get rid of these nasty algae? ;_;[View]
4162680What cat shoud I get?: I wanna get a cat but I don't really no what breed I should get. Grew up…[View]
4167614Some sort of wolf spider.: Carolinabros, Ohioan here. Can you help me identify this cutie. I think t…[View]
4167587What's the best guard spider? I'm being harassed and was initially gonna get a German Shep…[View]
4163689I think we might be in a cockroach renaissance. They might speciate in every city. Thoughts?[View]
4167993Cute eh? :^): https://youtu.be/KhtOxqvspxE[View]
4167962Still unbeatable.: ONIONS World and BASEDhistoric Planet are just cartoons for retarded zoomers.…[View]
4161295>we will never see land animals the size dinosaurs again because mammals lack air sacs and give l…[View]
4167596does anyone have a general insect tier list? i think these have to be at least high tier right most …[View]
4167439I found a nest on the ground with a mamma bird and two eggs by my work place. She ended up in the mi…[View]
4167339Better food than dry food for pets?[View]
4167491Why do cats hate citrus fruit so much?: If I'm holding a peeled orange or tangerine, my cat tak…[View]
4165131Found this little guy while I was working in the garden today. Also, post turtles[View]
4165412>Look Joe, name one animal that could stand a chance against me 1v1. Silverback, tiger, rhino you…[View]
4165782ITT dinosaurs that most likely had autism[View]
4161798Do penguins engage in any kind of recreation? It seems like in most videos they're just standin…[View]
4159590I don't know if this is the right place to talk about working dogs since you guys are a bunch o…[View]
4167487So, does anyone know how to get in touch with the owner of lost pet ashes? Cause I've got a bit…[View]
4164297Which animal is your worst enemy?[View]
4161513My Guinea pig seems to be dying.: She's around 6 years old. 2 months ago she was weighting bit …[View]
4161930Recommend names for a bat[View]
4165148What the hell is this bird?: What the hell is this bird? Just seen it chilling in my cherry tree bef…[View]
4167122A little fella who got himself trapped in my house: I really like this little guy and wanted to shar…[View]
4162349Ham Ham Thread.[View]
4167017Keeping house clean with pets: I'm having to come to terms with the idea that I'm just not…[View]
4167263SHUT THE FUCK UP[View]
4167110Found this in loo. What do?: Post toilet bugs[View]
4161047Imagine hating nature this much.[View]
4163661Here's your mermaid bro[View]
4166913Кoтeтo Пyхчo: This is Puhcho the cat. He is getting his 4th birthday this summer. He is living in Pa…[View]
4166830i dont like birds[View]
4167049What kind of cat is this? Hes my moms cat. Hes very friendly but he doesnt meow a lot. He also likes…[View]
4165229post your dog: rate others[View]

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