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/an/ - Animals & Nature

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3145178What, if any, are the major roadblocks for domesticating a humminbird species? They breed fairly qui…[View]
3140299If you know more than 15 dinosaur names you're an irredeemable piece of shit and must kill your…[View]
3144597Deep Sea Aquarium Idea.: Basically a high-pressure tank which has a chamber and valve to release foo…[View]
3144726ID: Okay what the hell is this thing? I cut it in half but I kind of feel like I just killed a fairy…[View]
3145778How do I get them to stop hissing at me?[View]
3145110What do you call these guys?: Other than his given name Bruce. Found in the Chicagoland area.[View]
3145371Hey /an/ why does my cat vibrate? Not like purring, He literally vibrates and shivers in his sleep, …[View]
3146118Help: >have female 'breed'. Had her spayed and ever since she has been aggressively rap…[View]
3145802Any of you people ever just see an insect and either leave it alone or help it leave your home. Like…[View]
3146472Does anyone know of any paleontology documentaries that aren't just about basic shit like mammo…[View]
3146038Do skunks make good pets?[View]
3144435I miss this little nigga like you wouldn't believe.[View]
3139095>borbs >kots >doggos >danger noodles Well yes, I go on YouTube to look up my favorite an…[View]
3146407i shit on the carpet again[View]
3145449Found it and it bit me, can someone ID[View]
3144129If it was proven vegetables absolutely feel pain and have a simple consciousness, what would vegans …[View]
3143353Check out this turtle I accidentally caught in my backyard pond.[View]
3142888Am I a jerk for trying to find another purebred Scottie from a reputable breeder? Mine died last yea…[View]
3146257Hey /an/ can you help me identify this cute little spider? And she looks like she's holding egg…[View]
3145688How do you deal with cuddling cats knowing they literally step in their own shit and piss every day?…[View]
3143880Weird spider: Does anyone know what kind of spider is this?[View]
3145910Soon near you[View]
3144657>been at war with squirrel since February >he keeps invading my deck and eating my bird food …[View]
3143848What dog breeds are the best babe magnets?[View]
3145929Hello. Steve would like to be your friend[View]
3143741Plant diversity has INCREASED locally. Non-natives CONTRIBUTE to diversity, raising it. New species …[View]
3127660Animals being Noble thread? I don't have a lot but heres this[View]
3143957>big cats would kill off hadrosaurs and sauropods >a pack of lions could kill a T rex Is he ju…[View]
3143549What do we think of the woolies discovery garden promotion. Basically you get these little free plan…[View]
3130050Horse General: Big Think Edition Previous thread: >>3114175[View]
3137555Could an animal interpret the openly displayed or maybe scattered rotting corpses of its own species…[View]
3143764Hedgehog thread: It's that time of the year and yesterday I found two very tiny cute hedgehogs …[View]
3143182How do I hide a cat from my mom? My mom hates cats. I want to keep this cat buy my mom won’t approve…[View]
3143098Am i the only one who's kinda creeped out by this guy? He looks like an sexual predator alien s…[View]
3145620Can anyone tell me if cicadas like we have here in Texas change their sound toward the end of summer…[View]
3139924Red Pandas: In the year of our Lord 2019 - how have we not managed to get the most adorable animal o…[View]
3145217Previous threads; >>3140950 >>3142000 Since I have to do it anyways, figured I'd s…[View]
3143038Hello /AN/imal friends, I have a concern with my Hermanns tortoise I registered on a couple tort sit…[View]
3141668Old /an/ had a farm, e-i-e-i-o[View]
3145099What kind of caterpillar is this ?[View]
3142298A name for a goldfish: I need a name for my goldfish, a funny strange and wtf name plz[View]
3145446Hey I am getting into the hobby of pinning insects and other bugs to boards. I found this bee that w…[View]
3144096Can you eat the meat if the animal is ugly?[View]
3139680Insect collecting: Does anyone here collect insects as a hobby or as part of their profession? I cou…[View]
3145104Mystery Seeds: I live in the midwestern US and we've got a fish pond at work that I keep findin…[View]
3139150Why are cats owned by some of the most irresponsible morons in the world? >unga bunga me let cat …[View]
3145338This is a song I wrote for my best friend Meowth: He was the kind of cat that liked to play fetch an…[View]
3144462What's he thinking?[View]
3140950Shitty things cats can do: Since I have to do it anyways, figured I'd share animals that cats k…[View]
3144375Do you cage your dogs when you leave for work?: I got a dog a few months ago and I've been cagi…[View]
3138081Guinea Pig: How the sausage is made.[View]
3144561What humanesque foods do you give your pet?[View]
3142294Can a human beat a tiger with bear hands?[View]
3141584Could certain colors affect dogs behavior?: My fiends dog attacking the postman made me think. Do do…[View]
3133170/kot/ general - Blini edition: Old thread >>3117845 Food & Nutrition >http://catinfo.or…[View]
3143874Is it a fungus or??: So whilst digging a load of dirt out of the garden, I found this weird potato t…[View]
3142344Is it ok to share my supplement stack with my dog? I heard they should have omega 3[View]
3131574why do they get such a bad rep?[View]
3142137Can anyone ID this spider? Photo taken near Glasgow in Scotland.[View]
3143896I don't know why, but I've been able to grab bugs like mosquitoes, flies, and bees real fa…[View]
3144670I need some abstract cat pics pls[View]
3142103cows: and bulls[View]
3140503Cat pics or die: Send cat pics i need to further my collection[View]
3142595Why can't overcrowded kill shelters release cats into feral colonies rather than euthanizing th…[View]
3142209WTF is this: This bitch is almost 2 inches remembers me for camera flash and goes into attack mode o…[View]
3142474Urgent help, I have two Amazon parrots(one Amazon yellow crowned and one yellow shouldered) The fema…[View]
3141554what the FUCK is wrong with humans?: Why can't they stop reproducing?[View]
3133239the Pibble Question: Breeds and Instincts: I understand the logic. Pitbulls were bred as fighting do…[View]
3144332my mom's cat starts howling for no reason at all at random times. she is deaf. the screaming ca…[View]
3141363Invasive species thread: Invasive species always fascinated me, let's have a thread about them.…[View]
3142539You feed your local blue jays (and crows), don't you /an/? Blue jays and corvid are the de fac…[View]
3143869How do snakes digest things so much larger than them? After looking it up it seems that at times the…[View]
3138602/aq/ aquarium general: Discuss all things aquaria Your fish your invertebrates Your plants Your ozon…[View]
3143210Pet ownership: Are there legit good reasons for owning pets that don't actively have a working …[View]
3143614Americans still assmad they don't have the Eurasian Kingfisher.: Cry more.[View]
3139041Why doesn't the mainstream media jerk off how smart birds are? Movies/tv always paint it as hum…[View]
3140359Let's compare the dog and cat owners of /an/ with a few question and see who truly are the bigg…[View]
3143127My dog[View]
3143969Are the neighborhood stay cats keeping snakes away? So I'm tried of my neighbor feeding the loc…[View]
3143779Everyone just chill out. Capybara thread.[View]
3143890What are some cool Halloween-themed names for white and orange kittens? Not obvious stuff like Pumpk…[View]
3140602Have any of you ever had a cat give birth or taken care of a female cat with kittens? I'm inter…[View]
3140577Real talk Could a pride of lions really kill a full-grown t-rex, or is it just TierZoo's attemp…[View]
3143760/sq/ - Squirrel General[View]
3143534What is your favourite animal /an/? >for me it is the bat[View]
3143312What breed: Found a dog in the wild and it started following me, anybody know what breed he is?…[View]
3143491Williams Energy: What were your guys thoughts on this?[View]
3140575Rage and Fury in Nature: A fox killed my duck and ate the eggs she was nursing. She loved me and I h…[View]
3141539>have frog pond in backyard >always see neighbors cats sitting there but they run away when i …[View]
3143271>Has a masters in science >Unironically thinks deer will go extinct without humans because gra…[View]

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