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/an/ - Animals & Nature

Displaying 104 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
3589131Hello /an/. I need help finding the name of two animals from two videos I saw and didn't save. …[View]
3587086Sad story: >be me >really sad and lonely with no friends >one day dad buys me a dog >omg…[View]
3588303Plant Evolves to Become Less Visible to Chinese in Areas With Excessive Harvesting: Fritillaria dela…[View]
3589097>while it cannot be known for sure, animals seem to have awarenesses, they understand physical pa…[View]
3584057Mourning dove thread: Post those oo ooo ooo oo, like i spied on this fancy one from my ac this summe…[View]
3588024I'm going to be frank with y'all. I don't know who to go to answer this. /his/ or /sc…[View]
3581936Can you guys dispel my worries about this webm?: It makes my chest feel heavy.[View]
3587239Cat food/water question: It's really hard to get my cat do drink water, so I just mixed all his…[View]
3587829Hey /an/. This is my cat, and I need your help. I'm just getting a bit desperate... After sever…[View]
3580722Say something nice about giganotosaurus[View]
3586889I need help identifying this little guy who just appeared on my shelf. Looks far different than the …[View]
3587751What kind of spider is this: It kept going literally right above my head so I Dumped a Gatorade piss…[View]
3586079hound dogs best dogs: The best group of dog breed is the scent hounds. From the smallest beagle and …[View]
3582818Cat fountain: What’s a better alternative? These are a pain to clean[View]
3585554so this things ancestor were dinosaurs?[View]
3588199Dad threatened to kill my dog, need help on what to do.: I posted this on /r9k/ but they told me to …[View]
3583764Imagine if animals had the intelligence of a human and could speak. Imagine the shitstorm that would…[View]
3587865racgen - Raccoon General - Thanksgiving Edition: Couldn't find any pictures of raccoons mauling…[View]
3587465the smallest cat is smaller than the biggest dog[View]
3586892Why have we not domesticated the goose to be more like a companion like dogs?[View]
3583884Decent jobs involving animals that aren't either veterinarian, or at a petstore?[View]
3579595Serval bros...: What happened? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMFO2n6H6XU[View]
3586804WHADDUUUP SPECULATION NATION: If humans went extinct right now, would humanity happen again in some …[View]
3585644I want to ________________________________ Messi.[View]
3584730Chickens Rule, Man: Man oh man, chickens are the tops. They really are the ultimate bird. Holy dang,…[View]
3581196fossa good[View]
3587080My friend has a big dog which turns into a very aggressive piece of shit each time it sees me. For s…[View]
3585227I made this a week ago How do I get started on identifiying all the creatures living here?[View]
3587896Is that fair payment, though?[View]
3587118Images you can hear - /an/ edition[View]
3581418Boomer mentality: Mom really said I was lazy and gross and asked me why 'I was so concerned about co…[View]
3580083do you fellow biologists have researchgate account?[View]
3584023Why do wild orcas NEVER attack humans? Are they simply smart enough to understand that we're no…[View]
3587157Why did pachyderms (elephants, tapirs, rhinos, hippos) evolve not to have fur?[View]
3572912/kot/ - Cat General: Baby edition Previous thread: >>3562008[View]
3581328Penguins can fly[View]
3585060Are women the best looking animals?[View]
3585980Good Food For Semi-Feral & Always Outside Kitties: Earlier this year a couple of cats became reg…[View]
3582938ITT tell me why humans are inferior[View]
3585779Mr Clippy was real? What other weird shit am I missing?[View]
3586017how do people find dogs like this cute?[View]
3584703Why do goat eyes look like this?[View]
3581616I don't want them to go extinct, bros...[View]
3579054what's the meanest thing you do to your pet(s): i've grabbed mine by the tail or neck skin…[View]
3585919I'm working on a game and one of the characters is from a gang that purposely raise and train d…[View]
3584076Pssst! Hey, mammal! Want some seeds?[View]
3587133What are the pointy yellowish things on the corners of the cassowary's mouth?[View]
3586828Well /an/?[View]
3569473Honey Badger v.s. Chimp: who would win?[View]
3585096You are a fool, pongo: https://vocaroo.com/13lCe5op2etD[View]
3584935Choose your fighter.[View]
3584284Hese your t-rex bro[View]
35863962 newly discovered roaches redpill me on roaches[View]
3582316If you could be any animal, what kind of cheetah would you be?[View]
3586320Why are foxes born as kittens?[View]
3582159/aq/ - Aquarium General - Freshwater Goby Edition: Discuss anything aquarium related here, including…[View]
3585465GATORS CAN REGROW TAILS https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2020-11/asu-njl112320.php[View]
3585049>took gfs rabbit as her new apt didn’t allow them >always picking it up, throwing it around, f…[View]
3585884What are the best books to learn about entomology at beginner level?[View]
3586709Hey friends, I recently inherited a cat who's about 5 from my grandmother who wasn't able …[View]
3577929>groups consist of a mating pair and their offspring >the mating pair is monogamous and stay t…[View]
3579504What are some fun and informative youtube channel about animals to binge? Something like zefrank[View]
3582366Which cat has the most appealing mouth? For me it's the Puma.[View]
3584686Dog Park Rumble: Ever have to get physical with strangers' dogs at dog parks? >have 8 month …[View]
3568094I like animals but I hate poop. Which pets poop the least or have the least offensive poop?[View]
3586158Screw you guize, I'm going home. Never again /an/. Never again.[View]
3586543I am a shadow...The true self...[View]
3585532What would be a good pet for a student living in a small apartment? I'm really torn between a d…[View]
3584237Post fluffy animals[View]
3575437MOGS OF NATURE: Post brutal /an/ mogs[View]
3585684Pet Owner Regulations?: What rules should there be before someone is able to get a pet? Retards wil…[View]
3586375So I'm taking off six months next year, starting in February, to travel around the US in the ca…[View]
3584662My GSD is terribly sick. She started by puking a little bit. Then puking a lot. Then she puked her u…[View]
3586041There's been this stray cat hanging outside my house for the last couple weeks. It looks malnou…[View]
3585812How do you like my budget paludarium, /an/? It houses a White's Tree frog, a barking tree frog,…[View]
3584400Opinions on this magnificent specimen?[View]
3585922Is Orangutan the real Sasquatch?[View]
3585383What fruit is this?[View]
3581906Post your favorite animal.: Mine is the Fox, its like a cat and a dog at the same time.[View]
3577786Tulip: One year ago today, anon posted about a kitten he took in that was rejected from her mother. …[View]
3577679Post animals on cactuses[View]
3577057Name a weirder animal[View]
3585399dont mind me, just posting the most aesthetic animal.[View]
3583309i am the rug pisser AMA[View]
3585733birds: Crow eats https://youtu.be/6CGvLp4Qc_8[View]
3580544are genetically engineered pets moral?[View]
3583422fucking floridians lol[View]
3582966From what I've been researching about becoming a large animal vet it's been a very mixed b…[View]
3584067Do you feel weird getting naked in front of your pets? I don't like it when they look.[View]
3584549My dog just bit me on the nose, not really bad but hard enough to make me bleed, might be a scar. I …[View]
3585353I think I have a beech marten up inside the roof. There is no space/attic to go up there but I can …[View]
3583287Annons I need some help. My fishes are sick and I'm not sure what medications to use. My rummy …[View]
3584523I just moved into a new apartment yesterday. My cats are pretty traumatized by the whole thing (they…[View]
3580740Why do people like dogs so much? They're alright but I don't get the obsession. They'…[View]
3577859Why are mustelidae the best family of animals?[View]
3584254I love goose.[View]
3584384anybody can't stand the smell of fish? they smell rotten to me but i realized it was full of aq…[View]
3584884should I just get a mutt?: They're real cheap and i'm saving one good boy from the needle.…[View]
3583384Are there any animals you hate literally everything about? For me, its most dogs. At least wild cani…[View]

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