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/an/ - Animals & Nature

Displaying 50 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
4460289Scimitar Cats, why don't people talk about them more?: >persuit predators, extremely unusual…[View]
4468886Do snakes fart?[View]
4472307>>70384141 (OP) >long time ago >mother got a couple of chickens (male and female) to lar…[View]
4470436I am not OK. My little buddy passed away in December 2022. Today, as I walked by the shop where I bo…[View]
4472243Please rate my dog.[View]
4471592Why haven't we bred parrots to have conversations with us in human languages?[View]
4471490Redpill me on Hydroponics is it worth getting into with decorative house plants as purely just a hob…[View]
4471527what is this guy?: i was playing irl pokemon in the rain today and came across what, through pouring…[View]
4471805Is there a single dog in the world that could go toe to toe with a best of breed intact pitbull to t…[View]
4469124I adopted a little Chihuahua-terrier mix, he's 1 year old and I was given a bag of dog chow wit…[View]
4456368/fox/ - Fox General: Drawn Edition Last Thread: >>442494 Post and discuss about foxes here.…[View]
4464849civilization was a mistake[View]
4469941Llama vs. Alpaca: Please help me answer this important question. Which animal is better, the llama (…[View]
4471279Why is every small meme dogs so fucking annoying and loud? I'm going to kill the neighbour…[View]
4468292Spring foliage appreciation: Flowers, trees, animals, forests, etc. Post pictures of the best season…[View]
4455028T-the blood was TOTALLY a natural phenomenon, no way it was an animal, are you silly? Now stop askin…[View]
4467264Keep your dog leashed: Yesterday some dog got my property and started chasing my chihuahua, fortunat…[View]
4471889Do your pets have social media accounts? Would you make a social media account for your pet?[View]
4471533Imagine the smell.[View]
4469913GOOD BOY![View]
4471515I am fucking terrified: EXPLAIN THIS TO ME RIGHT NOW![View]
4471704Animal Actors[View]
4470092>He based his choice of pet off what would allow him the most time for work and 'socializing' wit…[View]
4470694Drone bees are femcels[View]
4470118What am I supposed to do with a dead bird in my yard? Should I just throw it in the trash?[View]
4469930When will it happen?[View]
4471694No cock rate thread? Cock rate thread[View]
4471282*shits on rug* AYO *barks at nothing for hours on end* HOL UP *eats a lot of grass and vomits* SO YO…[View]
4469492Did I photograph a bear? When I took a picture I didn't see it, but when I zoomed in, I saw thi…[View]
4470667can i keep primary burrowing crayfish as pets?: i want to keep a primary burrowing crayfish, in a ta…[View]
4468621What is the most dangerous land animal in a straight-up gladiatorial duel with other animals?[View]
4464967/kot/: dumb kot edition[View]
4469133>this is a crustacean[View]
4471379I need advice for my cat: I think I want to get her spayed but I don't want to do it because sh…[View]
4466774If Danny Vendraminis theory about neanderthals being supercarnivores is true then that would basical…[View]
4469240DEVONIAN animals: This is a DEVONIAN animals thread where we talk about DEVONIAN animals. Post DEVON…[View]
4466311How would dromaeosaurs use their claw? Is it similar to cassowaries where they just jump and kick? I…[View]
4471258Shark penises look like a big puffy vagina.[View]
4466580/an/ webm[View]
4471325Another wite cat image: Wcbge[View]
4471311>buy chrysalis >Look inside >Butterfly…[View]
4465855What would other animal skulls look like if they grew huge brains?[View]
4465256Well, apparently I'm adopting a dog. So I made a thread a few days ago about how I was being as…[View]
4470538How did we go from this[View]
4470994I've got a 55 Gallon planted fish tank right now with: 7 neon tetras 4 Pakistani Loaches (Still…[View]
4466902post hamsters: title :3c[View]
4470208look at this retard[View]
4469047Thoughts on egg?[View]
4462652/piggy/ - guinea pig general[View]

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