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/an/ - Animals & Nature

Displaying 164 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
3368865Halp what is this: Northern Utah Found my dogs chasing this boi down Went behind my shed He slapped…[View]
3368916some tiny moth things keep finding their way inside and flying in my face what the hell[View]
3362236Occupied: Animals in bathrooms that shouldn't be in bathrooms. Bonus points if the animal destr…[View]
3368903ITT: Adorable animals whinking at you to make your day better.: Let's go![View]
3369146animals on there phones?: animals on there phones[View]
3365807Lion vs T-Rex: >Round 1 >Grasslands, Savannahs >Round 2 >Open forests with river systems…[View]
3368011I know where a bunch of these ugly fucks are in northern IL and have been for decades. I had thought…[View]
3368521Triassic elephants.[View]
3368963Feel like pure shit just want her back[View]
3367266are birds reptiles?[View]
3368493carolina parakeet: i miss him so much bros...[View]
3368634Anybody know what kind of mushrooms these are?[View]
3368355Would you?[View]
3368508Sup /an/. It's mystery time. I've found these 3 dead birdies two days ago and I'm pre…[View]
3368523I love these lil niggas like u wouldn't believe[View]
3368767https://youtu.be/6klZx7IhwsI?t=9 What does /an/ think of African greys?[View]
3367448I like bats. How do I make a batfeeder so they hang out with me more[View]
3367129You may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like.[View]
3368784I need help with a Tortoise: Hi /an/ bros, I don't usually come here but I think I need your he…[View]
3367484blarg I'm ded[View]
3366153Monster arrested for sexually assaulting ponies at Delaware horse park: Which one of your fucks was …[View]
3366664are we just gonna forget about her???[View]
3367712If large volcanic eruptions put more carbon into the atmosphere than the entirety of humanity since …[View]
3366259What the fuck is this?[View]
3367923Hey guys what’s this[View]
3367653Pre-Columbian ecological question?: Sorry if I'm a megabrainlet, but I was wondering how pollin…[View]
3368369Would gorillas survive and thrive in an european or murrican forest? If yes would it be good for the…[View]
3367127Raising a deaf dog: Sup anons, I just picked up this little lad and he is completely deaf. Like 100%…[View]
3368370Gorillas are kind of intimidating desu[View]
3368417sleek 'n' webs[View]
3368368But why?[View]
3368336Hey guys, can you hold my smooth, pretty rock for me for a minute? I'm gonna go down to the sna…[View]
3367199Which are the most prolific prey items? Here is my take >Krill Filter feeders rely almost solely …[View]
3368264Why female dogs and male dogs aren't very different in appearance except for genitals and breas…[View]
3368164The fossil record suggests that isopods had feathers. I have a PhD in isopod so you can trust me.[View]
3366892Amazingly well preserved dinos: Post em[View]
3359483Images of animals acting like humans[View]
3363363>put wolves and bears in the same cage >two competing predators >bears kills the wolf as it…[View]
3366705Animal depression: Is this only a thing with animals in captivity? I can't imagine a wild wolve…[View]
3367659So what are /an/'s thoughts on the Elephant industry in Thailand? With COVID-19 effectively kil…[View]
3366268Don't mind me, just mounting my horse.[View]
3367922What's your excuse for not being a crocophile? They're like Dinosaurs before they were rui…[View]
3365921PET THREAD: Post your animal buddy. Dogs, cats, birds, lizards, horses, rodents, insects, fish, you …[View]
3365385Squid/Octopi Thread!: Post your squids and or Octopi![View]
3363122RIP Saturn the Alligator: 84 yr old Alligator survived the bombing of Berlin during WW2. Born in Mis…[View]
3364422Why is this board so anti-cat? You're all a bunch of sad faggots[View]
3367740Take the BVLLSHARKpill[View]
3366563ITT: Hermit Crabs in interesting objects.[View]
3367993Found two ants in my drive way that were a bit different from the usual, any chance they're que…[View]
3365802Cats: Does anyone know what breed my kitten is?[View]
3366052*holds finger in mouth*[View]
3367503Would animals be better off if we never domesticated them[View]
3367737What are some good /an/ related careers?[View]
3367647What interesting idiosyncrasies do you see in your pets? With biscuits, Molly in the background will…[View]
3366903Jaguar, the most handsome cat.[View]
3367307You know, when you think about it, human feet are really just long hands with stubby fingers. Isn…[View]
3367823Is this true?[View]
3366432How do you guys deal with losing a pet? I just had to have my dog put down after it was discovered h…[View]
3367577Which animals are worth a sniff[View]
3366969Mom's boyfriend just brought a shitbull pup home without asking us, I think he plans to keep hi…[View]
3366300Unidentified Dino Tooth: My dad has a fossilized dinosaur tooth that he got some years ago and forgo…[View]
3364168Chickens have feelings and you're a monster for eating them: https://www.audubon.org/news/despi…[View]
3367732What kinda shroom is this?[View]
3366131non-meme Sad Cats: Sad cats that aren't the sad cat meme[View]
3364826Can we get a thread for our very, very little friends[View]
3367616Homo sapien: Nature's greatest and most destructive enemy. They're a pest and keep breedin…[View]
3367595ITT: fat retards: Post pictures of fat retards Pic related, pelican[View]
3366583Are sharks capable of revenge?[View]
3367576Ivory Millipedes / millie thread: Hey /an/. Found this ivory millipede on the front porch a couple d…[View]
3366466Blackbirds taking over feeder.: Hey /an/, I humbly return to you guys to ask for help. How do I get …[View]
3367548Need a ID on this shell: Dont know where its from[View]
3364688is this a rare moth? ive watched a documentary about the color blue being super rare in nature.[View]
3364668Gerbil: He sleep[View]
3365832what is this cat saying?[View]
3365700anyone know what kind of mushroom is this? grew in the roots of a small tree in the garden, secretes…[View]
3367241How do we stop these fuckers?[View]
3367005Stealing outdoor cats: There's a really friendly cat that roams my neighborhood but it 'belongs…[View]
3356370Who is your favorite animal? And the one you hate the most? Mine is pic related, i really despise ho…[View]
3366058>See this. wat do?[View]
3367265You will never be as innocent as these little guys[View]
3367293Serious Serval Thread: What the fuck is wrong with these things? Why were they designed so fucking l…[View]
3362278My rabbit broke her arm and we had to let her to rest: Bless her soul My gorgeous little netherland …[View]
3366763Where is *schlop* poster?: I miss him. He made some fun threads, and I've been frequently retur…[View]
3365503Cat Towers: Why is it so hard to find a quality cat tree? Everyone time I find one that looks reall…[View]
3366954can someone explain this hunting technique?[View]
3366130Are ferrets good pets[View]
3365810BIG Animals/ modern megafauna: How big/ heavy does an animal have to be to be considered 'Mega'? I w…[View]
3365276I want a giant African snail.[View]
3365332What's 'specism' exactly? Different sources and people (usually vegans) tell different meanings…[View]
3365373/kan/: >May 5th, 1970 >Inna 'Nam >Seven man team of Marines under the command of Serge…[View]
3365465My cat is a jerk: So, six years ago we got a kitten. A little girl. It was playful and nice. Though …[View]
3366881What can /an/ tell me about Saint Bernards and French Mastiffs? which one is the best family dog?[View]
3366794Just how did they evoluve! anyway?[View]
3365290yo wtf is this. i've never seen it before and i don't know how to describe it to Google. i…[View]
3366438how do you guys feel whenever you run over a possum or some other roadkill animal? i just ran over a…[View]
3363436Cat shit post thread[View]
3365856What does /an/ think about normfags ''rescuing'' animals?[View]
3366468Are bloodhounds actually good at their job?[View]
3366659Sexxing baby Gecko. Anyone know how?: My gecko is 5 months old and some change. Does anyone know how…[View]
3364774What fly did I see /an/?: It wasn't pic related but it had a similar body shape, except the one…[View]
3363598There are hippos living in Columbia right now. What would happen if humanity went extinct and they k…[View]
3366598Goating In: Goating In https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02KAK6vHSxc[View]
3366147I recorded some sounds at night, can anyone identify?: I've begun hearing this strange animal s…[View]
3356921Spinosaurus: Are 'Spino legs' the new 'T. Rex arms'?[View]
3364301What chads. Does anything threat a jaguar? Besides other jaguars and humans?[View]
3364576why are animals curious? even not so smart animals like various reptile based ones exhibit curiosity[View]
3364104Would you?[View]
3366372>be me >go to pet store >notice budgies >usually never even pay birds any attention >…[View]
3362626Why are there 20 of these faggots on my deck? None of them can fly right, they just crash into the h…[View]
3365007>Crows are said to have the intelligence of an 8 year old human child. >Meanwhile, pigeons. Ho…[View]
3362547Predators: Predator thread. Also, what's on your mind, /an/?[View]
3362767I adopted a mature age foster dog and 3 years later she has become increasingly destructive causing …[View]
3363672bad nest location, what do: I am frens with a sparrow band. I give them breadcrumbs and water. One o…[View]
3365585what are these...things growing on the plants in my backyard?[View]
3361764who's this: flew away northern europe[View]
3364936he flat lol[View]
3361090Are humans the only land animal that can take down an elephant?[View]
3364552/mam/ - Mammal General - Javan rhino edition: This is a general for all those lovely mammals that ar…[View]
3356943Are you team SYNAPSID or team SAUROPSID?[View]
3364491Prison Bunny: How can I get my family to get rid of their pet bunny? When they first got it, my sis …[View]
3365740check this out[View]
3364716My dog keeps lucking his back to the point its raw and starting to bleed? He doesn't have fleas…[View]
3362027Blue Jay vs cardinal Who would win in a fight?[View]
3365968Who is this little man /an/? Taken in Southern Oregon.[View]
3364056Sexual selection: Brainlet here. If sexual selection is women choosing a partner with best traits fo…[View]
3365406Badger thread: Discuss baggers Why are they fat stripey mustelids?[View]
3357499rip winston[View]
3363148Is this the only likable animal out of all the apes/monkeys?[View]
3363562>what's up /an/, it's me, wildlife expert Coyote Peterson, and today I'm going to …[View]
3364731I did not know alligators could live this long.[View]
3362157/k/ here. how would dog-size ants affect humans and animals?[View]
3364400Botanists of the internet. What is this tree? My wife says it blooms in the summer with tons of tiny…[View]
3364540What is this?[View]
3363191I saw a turtle today: I saw a turtle today[View]
3361414I am mailing Elon Musk about using neuralink to save endangered species Thoughts?[View]
3341363/invert/ - Invertebrate General: This is the invertebrate general. If you have any questions about i…[View]
3362390>get my first pet dog >as in, the first one I'M responsible for >a cute little corgi …[View]
3356531post your dogs here's diesel[View]
3362803Hey what kind of rat or bird eats duck eggs and leaves no shells behind? My duck started hatching 9 …[View]
3347407Animals that are inherently amusing in their existence as a species: Not amusing in their behavior n…[View]
3364695Dis nigga called dik dik lmao[View]
3363575So theres a spider with claws (Trogloraptor) and a spider with wings (don't know the name). And…[View]
3365364stork carry baby in beak. give baby to.stiry it will put in bag and deliver to a family. stork won…[View]
3365359Is Brian Tomasik right?[View]
3361831Why southern bullers Albatros looks like badly rendered cgi?[View]
3364734Cats like fat but they can't taste sugar but humans like sugar but they can't taste fat[View]
3364658Can someone tell me what the fuck this is?: not sure if this thing is even a real creature. seems fu…[View]
3362919egg: what egg is this are we able to hatch it and if yes how?[View]
3365106I freaked out since this looked like a bed bug nymph. But it's body doesn't have the slats…[View]
3365228https://voca.ro/nei7ocP3AxQ Does anybody have any idea what's making this sound? Vocaroo doesn…[View]
3364424Post interesting tracks: People can guess what tracks you posted[View]
3365208Pretty caterpillars and butterflies[View]
3364520shark thread: post bulls (sharks)[View]
3364842>Was I a good penguin?[View]
3203073Can cats eat salami?[View]
3359973Fucking slow the fuck down for animals crossing the road, you pricks. You'd slam your brakes fo…[View]
3357811The FUCK is cat's problem with cucumbers[View]
3365077CICADA BROOD IX: BISMILLAH I hate these things, I can’t deal with them Is this an accurate map for …[View]

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