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/an/ - Animals & Nature

Displaying 61 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
4672604How to help the ocean?: What can I do to help marine life? I already stopped eating seafood and I av…[View]
4673807cute squirrel![View]
4671407How do they move?[View]
4671657Look!: He's smiling at you[View]
4673834>Good evening.[View]
4668736iNaturalist: How many different species have you observed? Have you discovered anything rare or unex…[View]
4672483silverfish hate thread: i hate these fuckers so much[View]
4673148Things will never get better[View]
4630187Pongo general - Sinister Season Edition: Tell us, friends, what are your thoughts on the Orange Peop…[View]
4670922why is he so smug?[View]
4673640Can a green finch survive cold?: We have a bird feeder and we noticed that a green finch is here alo…[View]
4672212Ummmm... oxbros?[View]
4673178ITT: Animals with stupid/non-sensical names. Dumbest one wins. I'm opening with the 'dogfish'.[View]
4669123Almost had sex with an owl: >live in lowish density urban environment >everything is 2 story …[View]
4673549stinky mother fucker: This STINKY mother fucker caught stealing my scooby snaxx. Bro was such a STIN…[View]
4670846This is my favorite bird.[View]
4671121>canada bans non-rodent / reptile / aquatic pets in pet stores (nothing bigger than a guinea pig,…[View]
4665704Piggu: Piggu[View]
4661657Why is there so little research on wasps? Fucking bees hogging all the study funds[View]
4669660I can't stop thinking about archosaurs.[View]
4671762Backyard turkeys: Here’s some pics of the wild turkeys around my place. I love them[View]
4671882are there any corgi mixes to dumb them down and make them less energetic? My family's spitz pas…[View]
4671336>mfw 2 euthanasia attempts on terminally ill pet have failed What the FUCK do I do now? Do I try …[View]
4670671Why are Tokays so fucking aggressive?[View]
4669240Should service dogs be muzzled?[View]
4673338RIP Biggerton Ouncerton.[View]
4671398>I was high and started to dominate my cat by holding him against me when he tried to leave to go…[View]
4604175Holy shit: A Goliath beetle[View]
4665505How do we keep our dog's hind legs strong: I visited an old female dog and her hind legs are a …[View]
4670668Hio I got 3 new bunnies recently to keep my 1st bunny company and wanted to show off how tiny and cu…[View]
4671630TARSIERS: You will post tarsiers[View]
4671805little bro is shy: really shy[View]
4671667Cat fr: Cat.[View]
4670674>be me >millipede >land is shit >weird green shit is along the water and there's fu…[View]
4667698Give me your most controversial or esoteric opinion about nature[View]
4669349Reminder that the only fossils we have of the megalodon are teeth and pieces of vertebrae. 99% of wh…[View]
4657946Yearly reminder that russians have no soul RIP Laika[View]
4668248Why do some dogs tilt their one front paw inward when they sit like in pic related? Wouldn't it…[View]
4673284Any happy goat owners here?[View]
4671521it's dinover: it's dinover[View]
4662716Tell me about your best freind who passed away.[View]
4670231/aqg/ Aquarium General: Shrimp Edition. Previous Thread >>4666635 # Discuss anything aquarium …[View]
4673124Pet Fluent - Dog Communication with Buttons: Anyone tried these buttons out? I'm curious to try…[View]
4672577Would a chicken survive if it falls off an airplane?[View]
4673105Catnip: what they don’t know: I don’t have a cat and I’m not interested in debating whether or not y…[View]
4673079Found 2 workshop kitties Absolutely adorable wish I could've adopted them.[View]
4672931Former Dog Regret: When i was around 13, i got my very first dog. I guess i was overwelhmed and didn…[View]
4673032What breed of dog is this?: Someone posted in on another board. Is it a labra crossbreed?[View]
4671663Cat disappeared. Complete X-Files case!: I need 4chan's help. My little 11 year old disappeared…[View]
4672177>dad takes the cats to the vet >says they're overweight and need to eat less >tell Dad…[View]
4670744shut the fuck up homo[View]
4672989If you see this, your already dead. Ho ho meow.[View]
4672355If humans survive long enough, could another creature evolve to mimic and prey on us? Would it have…[View]
4666327Why doesn't this count as animal abuse?[View]
4550080borzoi thread: why the long face?[View]
4672804Is windex suitable for cleaning dog poop off of hardwood floors?[View]
4672615Egg Farming: I’m a sperg so I don’t go out much and commute to uni (my degree is in the humanities b…[View]
4672717Lamb Chop: Why is it that so many dogs love Lamb Chop toys? Almost all of my dogs have loved and had…[View]

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