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/an/ - Animals & Nature

Displaying 86 expired threads from the past 3 days

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3011595/chk/ - Chicken General: Post and discuss chickens. Other poultry also welcome. Now that the weather…[View]
3014321Fungi caused the permian extinction, ended the carboferous age and finished off the dinosaurs. Why h…[View]
3019025I think long hounds are quite pleasant to look at[View]
3026620Grumpy Cat Died: Rip[View]
3022625What's wrong with my cat? He just sits there hunched over. He doesn't want to eat or drink…[View]
3025353are cockatiels suppose to smell like uncooked rice?[View]
2960974/bunn/ - Bunny & Rabbit General, guinea pigs welcome too: Keep on bunposting![View]
3024546Nitrogen Cycle: Is this correct? >Nitrogen in atmosphere absorbed into soil >Bacteria in plan…[View]
3025241What bone is this and what might it belong to? Not quite sure if it even belongs to a marine organis…[View]
3026640'Oh God'[View]
3024270What is /an/'s plan for when nature is finally dead?: I'll probably hang myself once my st…[View]
3020323/plant/: The Plant General - Sea Holly Edition Welcome to /plant/, the happy green place on this blu…[View]
3018853*makes you wanna touch*[View]
3024588how would you even feed a dog this big[View]
3026183Are there any mammals with green fur? I can't name any, but I'm surprised.. wouldn't …[View]
3026141>screams outside your room every morning Why are these faggot turkeys so annoying…[View]
3026217https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-sussex-48281422 A nice story. Normally it's farmers takin…[View]
3025393*buzzes annoyingly*[View]
3023512How many of you fags are vegan/vegetarian?[View]
3026133How do you keep your legs closed without making your balls ache after a few minutes? If I open them …[View]
3021338miserable looking cats[View]
3025788Thoughts on these?[View]
3025736what insect is this: I have not found any insect that looks like this[View]
3023248Which pet animal has highest >(interaction * intelligence)/amount of technical needs like cleanin…[View]
3025006Bird egg: Hey /an/, just found this egg under some dirt in the woods, Essex area. Couldn’t find a ne…[View]
3017605I love dogs: dogs are just the best - aren't they?[View]
3025818>Litters >But throws banana peel in trash can…[View]
3025677How do you deal with a dehydrated kitten? I've been trying to feed her water but she just spits…[View]
3023053I just found out that there is a type of owl that lives in burrows that it digs by itself. I guess t…[View]
3025338How do I get my thot kitten to not be a picky eater?[View]
3024973Strat Bumblebee: I found this bee in my house, I offered sugar water but it doesn't seem to wan…[View]
3020732So about 5 days ago a dog came on my property and hasn't left. I've been feeding her, and …[View]
3025283If dogs have such good hearing, why do they need to bark so loud? Doesn't it hurt their ears?[View]
3025496Why are my marshmallow (Althaea officinalis) seedlings so small? They are about the size of pic rela…[View]
3024676Eagles look like they're wearing tiny little furry pants and I don't like it[View]
3023821Hey /an/, these dumbass bugs keep landing on my monitor and I'm not exactly sure what they are.…[View]
3024284What's your favorite way to distribute seed?: whup-whup-whup-whup-whup-whup-whup[View]
3024970Is this thing a German Shepherd? Hard to believe because he's from the street but his ears are …[View]
3017672Underrated Animals: 1. Grouper[View]
3025279Echeveria: they so beauty yet they so cheap $$$ I love echeveria, the best plants![View]
3024350How big would a human egg have to be?: If human women layed eggs that hatched into something roughly…[View]
3020767Haha look at him go![View]
3024918Fleece Bedding: Redpill me on fleece bedding. Is it really as good as people say it is? >Does it…[View]
3022441why are dinosaurs not shown in their true form?[View]
3024585DISCORD FAGGOTRY: So how long are the jannies going to let these faggot redditors shill their Discor…[View]
3024417Hi /an/, I've got this cute stray on my base and i want to get her to stop fearing me. From wha…[View]
3024338Who's the owner?: My sister got me this in Spain. The little note with it says it's from O…[View]
3024586Do these work on cats? Just adopted a feral cat and she gets anxious and constantly grooms herself t…[View]
3023999Can an animal understand when a human is helping it? Like say a bear is stuck in a bear trap or a do…[View]
3024679What kind of turtle is this? I saw it in a Chicago pond.[View]
3024882Hey all you /an/imals, I just fuckin got a 5 gallon tank recently because of some interesting circum…[View]
3019987What plants are good alternative to having a lawn in your front yard, because fuck lawns.[View]
3023720Clingy dog: My roommate's dog is extremely attached to him. When he's home, he constantly …[View]
3020319Carnivore appreciation thread.: Carnivores are the source of all evil in this world. To the carnivor…[View]
3022744Cat owners have higher IQs than dog owners: >A study of 600 college students conducted by Carroll…[View]
3022544Adding a big dog to a small dog house: I need advice, /an/. A few months ago a neighbor adopted a do…[View]
2993681Don't ever fuck with a Cassowary[View]
3014442who was in the wrong here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmvWe8RxMtw[View]
3022846Bees >hardworking >functional societies >all have a job and contribute Hornets >violent …[View]
3024344Need views: Guys, my first short film. What do you think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixneGSJaKp…[View]
3023790Wtf is this thing in my garage please help it’s huge[View]
3024455Poor kitty.jpeg: Meow.[View]
3024011Crazy cat attack my dog while walking him, my dog is pritty big so i was more worried about the cat,…[View]
3022638>be depressed >come here to look at qt animals >see people constantly shitting on kitty cat…[View]
3023864Whenever I see a grossly deformed animal that's still alive, for example has a messed up skull …[View]
3022461Stray Pregnant Cat Help: Hey /an/! I'm not a frequent user of this board so pardon me if i miss…[View]
3024205Found two of these at the beach but no idea what these are.[View]
3020384Humans are worse than Cats: So I always see threads of people blaming cats for extinction issues on …[View]
3016415One thing that we humans have is our awareness so why don't we act upon it and obliterate exist…[View]
3020586Looking after Baby Boar: We found this little dude while hunting quails and our local zoo won't…[View]
3024203Apatosaurus Neck Spikes: I’ve been seeing this a lot recently. Is there actual concrete evidence tha…[View]
3022172the amazon: i'd like to know if the situation in the amazon is as bad as the newspaper say it i…[View]
3024230Does my kitty wuv me, or does she just wike having her wittle headsies scratchied? I wuv my wittle f…[View]
3023345Pictures of Nature Ep.1: >ah yes pictures of nature episode 1[View]
3023613Does your cat really like you?: I mean 'actually' likes you[View]
3020129What the hell is this on my dog? It doesn't look look like a tick and more like a bump on her s…[View]
3021830Free-living birds as pets: I want a bird pet, I don't want an unhappy bird pet. It should fly f…[View]
3020102Best guard dog for guarding children? I don’t want an all bark and no bite, I want one that sees an …[View]
3019645Can dogs sense depression / negativity?: One day I'm feeling really shitty at work, and at a si…[View]
3023974There is this stray cat that has been at my door for months: Ok so this stray cat comes by my door a…[View]
3022756What is your pet doing when you're having sex with yourself or another human? Do you lock him i…[View]
3024023Sun is shining: Why the sun, evidence of light, godness power, fuel of life, looks like devilish eye…[View]
3024045Post more succulents like these pls :)[View]
3023201If a chinese company altered the DNA of a bunny(or cat, or dog, whatever) to make it look like Pikac…[View]

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