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Displaying 18 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
365910How do you orginize your fonts?: I got a shitton of fonts and want to organize them before I install…[View]
365862Do you heraldry, /gd/?[View]
365372my newest drawing: What do you thing?[View]
365880Animated Statistics General: Does anyone know how to animate statistics like in video related? To sh…[View]
364464Does anyone have experience with UI / UX design? I'm currently in school to get my Bachelor…[View]
362277What do you see here?[View]
364668What app is this, I know she isn’t making these she is turning them out ever 30 minutes and doing re…[View]
365387Redesigning the BBC logo based on modern branding trends: Looks so much better, doesn't it?…[View]
365746Asking for criticism: These are something i created cause i was just bored and was fucking around in…[View]
365046Advice?: Hey /gd/! Recently got an internship and I need some design advice from the pros bc my boss…[View]
364524Avenza Map Publisher for AI: >be me >be broke af student >be still using an old CS4 suite I…[View]
364474Promotion Thread?: Post your grams. https://www.instagram.com/organbangla/[View]
365554Poster: little school project. Roast my poster /gd/[View]
363179state of freelancing sites like freelancer/fiverr/upwork etc.: Is it hopeless after all? I've r…[View]
365661Font for the Gameboy Logo?: I've searched far and wide, can't find anyone with the right f…[View]
365634Text instead of logos: So I'm working on a project where the client wants to use unified font f…[View]
364000PayPal font?: Does anybody know or even has a link to the font that PayPal uses for their text? pic …[View]
365185What options do I have if I want to build a porn website. What are some of the best and easiest prog…[View]

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