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/gd/ - Graphic Design

Displaying 19 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
387014Support Female Motion Designers NOW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4k5zsPYXig&feature=emb_tit…[View]
385756How to make this?[View]
386491Anyone got this font?: Been looking to purchase this font for a while (http://www.dex.ne.jp/download…[View]
387625does anyone have an idea on what font type this is?[View]
387552Any tutorials/hints on how to make stuff like this? I'm not a pro by any means, but I'm wo…[View]
386785Google Graphic Design: Why does Google crayon drawing dominate the industry? I mean look at the fuck…[View]
387603Posters.zip: Can someone share the posters.zip from blkmarket plx?[View]
387145Instagram Ads: My first IG ad for a new clothing line. any critiques? is the text to fast? i did it …[View]
386476i suck at gd: hello gd, asking for advice on how to make this piece of shit i call 'my work' better…[View]
386980Deblur an image: I have come here because I know somebody can work magic. Can somebody please help m…[View]
386222If I wanted to pirate Photoshop where could I do it? i'm not gonna pay $30 a month, but at the …[View]
387031The money problem: Anyone else like to draw or paint or whatever but you can't stop thinking ab…[View]
386606Academic paper fonts: I am writing my first thesis in TeX and the most difficult thing so far has be…[View]
387543How to do this?: Source http://fav.me/ddw9tp5[View]
387274Become a UX Designer without experience: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Poo4AI2expA If you're …[View]
387383plz download this beautiful stock[View]
3874792020 Illustrated calendar: Thinking about the Coronavirus outbreak, and other disasters like Austral…[View]
355282\fag\: fine art general[View]
387409How do I achieve a battered old vinyl record look on a photo? I’m making an album art for a band tha…[View]

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