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/gd/ - Graphic Design

Displaying 23 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
3896272000s aesthetic thread: NOT THE SAME AS THE Y2K AESTHETIC y2k aesthetic is ethereal/space-agey, 2000…[View]
408542help me please: might be dumb question but how do i achieve this effect[View]
408680Book Typesetting and LaTeX: Interested in self-publishing, so I look up typesetting on YouTube. Natu…[View]
408545Tell Me How You Really Feel: Looking for opinions/critiques on my uhhhhhhh editing I guess is what i…[View]
406938Boys I want to learn about the process of printing, rather the history of it, how art drawn and colo…[View]
407808NFts: Best platform to get started with NFTs? I would be basically starting out as a new artist, and…[View]
406183How can I create an album cover that is memorable???[View]
407490How might I go about creating text with a metallic texture like this?[View]
408622no ideas: I created this photo when I had nothing to do. maybe when I create my game I will use it .…[View]
407109What was that website that showed design trends by the year and some examples? It was one specific s…[View]
405765I hate flat design. Especially flat human/alegria type. It's so fucking soulless. When will it …[View]
406932Repost this as much as possible: Corporate/flat design is ruining the internet and we must do someth…[View]
408284Is it any chance to share this Google Course? It seems nice https://www.coursera.org/professional-ce…[View]
406742I'm impressed that normies are finally starting to understand what we have been saying for YEAR…[View]
407664Starting a career in graphic design.: I have schizophrenia and I can’t really work around people. It…[View]
408487Hi /gd/. I'm in the process of opening an icecream shop, but first I have to re-design it. Can …[View]
409686Hello there, I'm planning to change my whole life now, and the major step in it will be a new j…[View]
407677Does this look good for a book series cover? IRL example to come.[View]
408442Does anybody know any sort of shape pack to download or way to learn to make shapes like this? I wan…[View]
408367Topographic Maps: Who started this meme and why is every GD using it in their backgrounds[View]
408344I'm forced to take an UX/UI design class and since i'm a brainlet with no creativity I ask…[View]
404755is it too late to start your design career at 27?[View]

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