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/gd/ - Graphic Design

Displaying 12 expired threads from the past 3 days

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397177what type of hands should i give this dude[View]
397125guyyys, need a shitload 1000plus stock photos, is there any site or torrent I can download? pic very…[View]
396997$SSL Team Launches a MEME Contest: Hey 4chaners, This is yor best side; MEMEs and GIFs... After $SSL…[View]
396925What's the best way to illustrate this from scratch: I'm shit at drawing and illustrating,…[View]
397145Could anyone help me find a pdf of this book? Based meta haven based julian assange designers I nee…[View]
397114Any other desktop programs to use for illustrations other than Photoshop or Illustrator?[View]
397071How to get FUCKING GREAT at InDesign?: What's the best document to make with InDesign? Why does…[View]
397110does any professional or at popular webcomic author, making big bucks on patreon draw on paper, or i…[View]
397100Photoshop - gif: Making a shitty gif for a shitty video When opened a photo viewer and within my vid…[View]
396845my younger brother wants to get into this shit of Graphic Design, how do i make it clear to him that…[View]
397000Enhance: Hey guys, I thought this Apu looked fun, and I wanted to see if someone would like to do a …[View]
397090I'm making a card game that I intend to sell and I'm looking for some free royalty free ic…[View]

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