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/gd/ - Graphic Design

Displaying 19 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
392170What would you call this effect?[View]
392231Sticker General / Etsy Advice: Thinking about selling stickers on Etsy. I have no art-selling experi…[View]
3922203mmBleed: Just finished a design for a brand and worked into the 3mm bleed around the design. I now …[View]
391775Anon, I've made a design out of THIS picture of a cat. I challenge YOU to do something better,…[View]
392087Let’s redo this: May the best man or woman win![View]
391528CV and Porfolios: Share your stuff, need some inspiration other than pic related[View]
381932Y2K Aesthetics Thread: Found this image in another thread and was wondering if any of you dudes have…[View]
392164Register by A2 Type: Has anyone got the font Register by A2 Type? I've searched high and low an…[View]
392016Is there something hidden in this pic?: Hello /GD I haven't been here mutch but I come in a tim…[View]
391702You know, for what it's worth, the design kinda grew on me over the years. I don't know wh…[View]
391810How much does it make to be a graphic designer: So as of now I'm going to school as a double ma…[View]
391740What are these called?: I see these ornate line divider things in posters and advertisements from th…[View]
391074do wacom screen tablets (namely the wacom one) need a screen protector? Are they really made to With…[View]
392023I have a job interview in a few days, and I'm supposed to present myself with the help of a pos…[View]
392107Hello , does someone has a link for pic related .[View]
391960Which is better?[View]
391669I was watching a tutorial and the guy was using Photoshop. As a fun challenge I tried to find a way …[View]
392076someone photoshop the apache helicopter overlay and a funny caption on this pic of my dog.[View]
391720Why do fonts do this?[View]

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