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/gd/ - Graphic Design

Displaying 16 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
385014Google uses this particular style of illustration a lot, does it have a name? How do i destroy it?[View]
392222What color is this?[View]
392619This is beautiful: just something a friend of mine made. i own him a blowjob this is wonderful…[View]
392580Paper Effects: Does anyone know the name of this effect ? Paper Effect maybe ? need .psd[View]
392523any logo artists with commissions open?: Wondering if there are any artists that are on /gd/ that wo…[View]
391844Holy SHIT does anybody have a mega file or magnet link of this book? Why the fuck can't I find …[View]
3873542020 graphic design trends?: Any idea?[View]
392073looking for a project to join: i'm bored and i want to practice. Here's my 'porfolio' reta…[View]
392503Just looking for some quick opinions on which one of these looks the best to put on a mousepad, or a…[View]
390693What's the easiest way to change someone's race with photoshop ? Pic unrelated, looking f…[View]
391305Cool Van: First thread, FH4[View]
386490Re-design it: Team Fortress 3 Edition: Let's get a lot crazy here and suppose Team Fortress 3 i…[View]
392442Stock Photo Stress: Hey all. I used to use Canva's Photo Unlimited subscription that was at $12…[View]
392361How do I add pubic hair on photoshop frens?[View]
392262robin hes cool: hes cool[View]
391241What Windows color is everyone using? Somehow all the colors look wrong, to me no matter the pick th…[View]

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