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/gd/ - Graphic Design

Displaying 17 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
422160Is this a new direction for graphic design?: Small heads and disgusting big hands, legs, and feet? I…[View]
422433Are adobe fonts stored locally? I'm going to cancel my subscription but I wanna save the adobe …[View]
422376The Logo ,'say cheese': Haters gonna hate on the Tri-Sacna but Camping and outdoors types seem to li…[View]
422397Do you like my new Artwork?: HarrypotterObamaSonic-10Inu[View]
421906How do you make something like this?[View]
422419What motivation do you have?: Mine is saving the world.[View]
422411DreamWeaver - Mouseover Cursor: Can anyone help me plz to make Object move away from cursor making i…[View]
422410i would like to be criticized: hello everyone on /gd/ this is my first attempt at making art in ms p…[View]
422398The Process is LIFE: To Know God you have to LIVE GOD . EVERYTHING every bit of knowledge you want i…[View]
422327PDFs: I need some help. Some faggot printing company wants 'editable' and backgroundless PDFs, whic…[View]
422387how do you make something like this? like with the clear green part.[View]
420544Critique my design[View]
420804How can I recreate this effect in either Photoshop or illustrator?[View]
422338Magazine/Newsletter Design: Hi /gd/, I've recently started editing a small magazine/newsletter …[View]
422367I’m making “art” in gimp. Well at least edits with a lot of meaning. I made this image recently. I w…[View]
420857Graphic design startup: What are good names for my graphic design business?[View]
422156WHERE IS THE MONEY: should try to become the best artist or become the best contractor >my Fathe…[View]

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