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/gd/ - Graphic Design

Displaying 26 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
403003I took this screenshot while playing cyberpunk, do you know how these artwork are called? do you hav…[View]
402104Type of art: Does anyone know what this type of art is called? I would really appreciate it if you t…[View]
403010Graphical FX: art[View]
402894I want to make propaganda posters like picrel, any tips or tricks?[View]
403078Ressource books: Remember the old time of books coming with a **free** CD ?[View]
401929can any1 make a better design? >in b4 memez >in b4 edgelordz…[View]
403032What about this pc for Rendering on Blender???????: So yeah, just started on this blender thing. pre…[View]
402997DTP fag here. How do the UX/UI designers know where to place all the elements of an interface? I…[View]
402942Have never made stuff on a computer but want to design for a living, where do I begin?: Hello /gd/, …[View]
402998i have messages that bug Whatsapp and others apps[View]
402962AE Cartoonish Elelements: Greetings Im a brokefag Can anyone please direct me to somewhere where I c…[View]
402292How to make cats look sad: Hey /gd/ how to I make cats with tears in their eyes? Pic related[View]
402969Soulful websites: Post soulful websites! Im starting with this flash website https://web.archive.org…[View]
402888Charmander from Digimon: What are the two easter eggs? Just like hidden shitty things.[View]
401697crusaderz: I got a picture from daily stormer and add a sea of blood to it. :)[View]
402859Demoscene- AudioVisual Subculture: There's this very old subculture that makes 'demos' aka Audi…[View]
402070Does anyone know how I can make something look “digitized”? I often see images that need to have the…[View]
402624>client has a budget range from 400-1000 >client loves the portfolio >offer 650$ >doesn…[View]
402505Make Up Brand Logo?: Anyone wanna create some logo designs are a potential beauty product line calle…[View]
400256What can I do to improve my room?[View]
402669Help Looking to make a music video completely animated anybody know what type of software could make…[View]
402567CIA Rebrand: So, CIA rebranded cia.gov and this is the homepage. What did they mean by this?[View]
402745automotive design?: what does /gd/ thinks of stuff like this more coming in the thread[View]
402705Are Digital Paintjobs DIY or Graphic Design?: Heres a photo of a recent paint job i made for a boat …[View]

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