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Displaying 22 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
369013Font Name: Does anyone know what this font is called? Or do you know of a similar one? TIA[View]
368011Where did you go to college, anon?[View]
368075UI Design Critique: Hi, I'm working on the UI for a career development tool for startups/compan…[View]
368872I hate to be a request fag, but I have no other places to ask and I wish had any skills. Could someo…[View]
368923where can i find blank stickers like this ?[View]
368760Thought this was the best place to put this... if I'm wrong whoops.[View]
367761This is official from the Ministry of Education in Brazil.[View]
368939I have a question /gd/. Can I use, for example a picture of a dog I found on the internet, trace ove…[View]
368887Is CS6 fine to learn Premiere and After Effects?: Or are there a ton of new features in CC[View]
368915Anyone know what the title font is[View]
368403Graphic Design: So I got bored and started to completely redo the ssbm cover for the gamecube and my…[View]
368871flag: how could the latvian flag be made better?[View]
368786What's the opinion on this? Supposedly the ipad version is the same as the desktop version. I j…[View]
368873https://www.instagram.com/p/BzHENXeg-hB/: Nice[View]
367745Firefox rebrand episode 729 (3-part miniseries edition!): Is this a good logo? It feels to me like t…[View]
365771photoshop vs illustrator vs indesign: I use photoshop for everything, I don't see any issues wi…[View]
368818Text on image: Does anyone know what software would be good for a beginner to make text images like …[View]
368838Color matching vehicle vinyl: I have a project to do for a client to design some vehicle wrap. Some …[View]
368578what's the name of this font ?: i try to search on myfont.com but it doesn't give me anyth…[View]
368375asking for advice Im gonna starting to go to a graphic design school for 3 years in september any ad…[View]
368810What is the diffetence between free to use photos and royalty free photos? I understand there is ove…[View]
368816i was trying to become a concept artist but graphic design seems to have more open jobs, should i ch…[View]

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