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14532612What's the point of Christianity anymore?: They don't stand for anything anymore beyond so…[View]
14533302Is the part of the old testament and its laws and everything not applying just modern nonsense?[View]
14537002> was a troop of select soldiers, consisting of 150 pairs of male lovers which formed the elite f…[View]
14538663where does he rank among the greatest people in history?[View]
14535042Knowing that Fall Blau was a complete logistical disaster, what should Hitler have done instead?[View]
14539530>On 28 July 1829, Galois's father died by suicide after a bitter political dispute with the …[View]
14539391>Butler, now known as Muhammad Abdul Aziz, was paroled in 1985. He became the head of the Nation …[View]
14539471Ancient Hebrew civilization was wiped out by the Romans and scattered to the winds: Rabbinical Judai…[View]
14539153>Anglos do [literally anything] >Hundreds of years later some people regret it >'Why would …[View]
14539318>the ussr was the only country that ever existed that had all natural ressorces >fucked it up…[View]
14538575Every single Sunni Muslim on earth accepts that Arabic is the most beautiful language and that Arabi…[View]
14539279Let us get the story of Malcolm X straight.[View]
14537308In what way is Jesus God's son?: Jesus is as old as 'the father', as wise, as powerful, etc. No…[View]
14539405Did you give to charity today, /his/? A beggar's 'god bless you' is greater than any priest…[View]
14538916What are some facets of ancient mysticism we ought to resurrect?[View]
14535470Who would /his/ choose?: I've got an assignment coming up at college, I've got to choose a…[View]
14538700Can a homosexual be a member of the Communist Party?: Was Stalin right when he expelled homosexuals …[View]
14537785>after the assassination of Ted Kennedy and passage of the safe streets act which restricted hand…[View]
14538956tajiks: trve descendants of ancient aryans... tell me about them[View]
14536666There is no moral justification for eating animals in a modern society: Because we no longer need to…[View]
14539209It's literally impossible for 'Grand Architect of the Universe' to mean Satan. Satan cannot cre…[View]
14537032Were huguenots jews?[View]
14538108why are russians killing themselves?[View]
14526797lmao though[View]
14539239Ruminations on Sky Daddy?[View]
14539227Zaporozhian Cossacks to the Turkish Sultan! O sultan, Turkish devil and damned devil's kith and…[View]
14539214What people you were taught in school to hate as villains were really heroes?: What people you were …[View]
14539206Is 'Stay silent in the movie theater' a literate society thing?: It seems like cultures with high le…[View]
14536484Why won't Russia give back rightful Chinese clay?[View]
14537889ITT : Obscure Roman Battles and Wars: Post some obscure and unknown roman battles and wars[View]
14539132Judah and Israel were completely separate nations affiliated by the fact that they were the only two…[View]
14538972i am about to puke from drinking, should i keep going?[View]
14538676>he actually thinks medieval people didnt bathe or have soap >he actually thinks medieval chil…[View]
14538973Accepting the 'turn your cheek' command is the true sign of the spiritual person. Every time. It…[View]
14538074gunpowder age empires were the greatest thing to happen in human history besides maybe the mongol co…[View]
14538943The History of Disclosure: Now that we know ahead of time what the disclosure will be, how do we re-…[View]
14536588Why do Bangladeshi people look a little East Asian?: They look like a mix of Indian poos and East As…[View]
14537133Do you even know how precise Islam is in everything?: A Muslim's entire life is governed by pre…[View]
14538258what is your view on the theory that Cathars never existed?[View]
14535362Why are muslims winning all the modern debates while christians and atheists find themselves losing …[View]
14538326>tfw you grow up a middle-class Westerner and go to university for a 4-year humanities degree and…[View]
14538368I don't get it, why did haplogroup I1 INCREASE after the steppe invasion? Did steppe women rape…[View]
14532896Why is there so much autism about ancestry on this board? >Descending from based x ancestor wont …[View]
14538634Denmark and third reich: Did yall knew after the third reich invaded denmark,denmark still possibly …[View]
14535434How do I stop being convinced by every philosopher I read? It's like I'm incapable of keep…[View]
14538723>A special punishment was reserved for the most significant offenders among the nobility. Ferdina…[View]
14538708‘Sup scallywags, Any documentary/book recommendations for the history of piracy? Specifically the go…[View]
14538392Cambridge 5: How did these bozos get away with it? What effect did their espionage actually have on …[View]
14538672How does it make any sense to ever have somebody else pray for you?: The idea behind God is that He…[View]
14528158Post your ancestors[View]
14538270So what do liberal Protestants have to say in their defence?[View]
14538086Are there any Christian based philosophies or outlooks that assert that only certain humans have sou…[View]
14537295Why doesn't God send us a message? We are fucking alone in this rock in the middle of the unive…[View]
14535454Why are leftists and libtards always rewriting history then making laws or pushing censorship to kee…[View]
14537753filtered by religion: theres so much better wisdom out there, better literature, art, architecture, …[View]
14536187Jesus is a created being: >The fist thing God created was Light. Genesis 1:3-4 And God said, “Let…[View]
14536625Why do muslims say God has no son ?[View]
14537607a lot of hadith read like nasreddin stories: with all due respect, i cant be the only one thinking t…[View]
14538493Queen Clotilde: >is probably the single biggest reason that Roman Catholicism became the majority…[View]
14536893What is the protestant equivalent of the Pope ?[View]
14538379Who are more ravenously, psychotically anti-Muslim, the Anti-Balaka or Indians? Europeans, Chinese, …[View]
14537878lowland scots: germanic or celtic?[View]
14537851Why did Roman soldiers have that crest their helmets?[View]
14537422>God puts the most pleasurable spot on a man's body in a location only accessible though the…[View]
14538063Why was ethnic nationalism more popular in Europe than in other areas in the 19th/ 20th centuries?: …[View]
14536697>Grow up reading the NIV >Never know about the manuscript controversy >Die in car accident …[View]
14537684Greeks used to look like this[View]
14537449The Demise of Europeans: Why are Europeans dying out? What are the reasons and causes for this? Is i…[View]
14537090Which man historically has the highest Teuton/Germ kill count?[View]
14536964Why did og romans and egyptians idealised the clean shave over beard unilke greeks and middle easter…[View]
14536105Has the idea of the 'Western world' always been a thing or does it date back to the Cold War? https:…[View]
14537065Who's in the wrong here, historically speaking?[View]
14537703I'm going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
14537625after years of experience in the Christianity, I feel Bible-centered Baptists are the purest, most s…[View]
14537517Americans suddenly pretended Nazis were nice people.[View]
14537654Was Ceasar awarded a triumph for the Gallic wars? How did triumphs work? Where they official militar…[View]
14537606How the fuck could humanity fabricate an entire epic war that could not be proven or disproven? http…[View]
14535864Which was more damaging to this region? Islam or Inbreeding? Or do Islam and Inbreeding go together?…[View]
14536183I'm reading a book about the 'law and order movement' during the 60s and at one point LBJ is qu…[View]
14537524OMEDETTO !!!: https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1388913/jehovahs-witnesses-release-worlds-1st-complete-s…[View]
14536946which speech Hitler did say 'They used to laugh at us. They thought it was a joke. Well, they are no…[View]
14537494It's over...: The east has fallen[View]
14530770Jesus: Why hasn’t he returned? It’s been 2,000 years. What’s going to happen when tech giants enslav…[View]
14537450How to refute this without sounding mad?[View]
14537434What drives the whitey to at one point be a champion of christianity, spreading it in all directions…[View]
14537392Saturn: Why were all the planets that were known in the ancient times associated with one of the 12 …[View]
14535414The principal actors in your favorite historical event are replaced by kittens. How does this affect…[View]
14537319Should the Chinese be banned from all social sciences and humanities spaces?[View]
14531038Who would win 1v1?[View]
14537301have you ever thought about reimagining historical figures and what it would look like?[View]
14536440Has there ever been a singular word as emotionally charged and taboo in human society as nigger? It…[View]
14536725who would win[View]
14537279ashadualla ilaha illallah wa ashhadu anna muhammadarrasulullah[View]
14536251Remind me please how christcucks explain the fact that we now clearly know how their LE FAITH OF LE …[View]
14533897Communist Party members be like: Today I will hedge my entire economy on wildly fluctuating gas expo…[View]
14537010Reminder that Aztecs believed in like 10 sex gods and gave them offerings of piss and shit[View]
14535460What was the real reason behind the 'War on Terror'?: >backwater piece of shit country in the mid…[View]
14535893Has any country suffered more humiliation than Greece has by Turkey?[View]
14536673& Humanities: How is whoredom (whoring and whoremongering) more acceptable than monogamous marri…[View]
14534800Is Brittany more Northern European or Southern European, culturally? Are the people more Nordic or M…[View]
14536716What can you tell me about the Anglo-Irish and Norwegians? They are muh ancestors and I want to lear…[View]
14535241>Most 'moral' behavior is just cowardly obedience. How do moralfags live this down?…[View]
14537094May you be blessed by the Buddha, the bodhisattvas and the Gods who live in the Mystic Law of the Go…[View]
14536973Historically speaking, how common and effective were attempts at ethinic cleansing by deliberately s…[View]
14534734Prehistory and philosophy server https://discord.gg/chika[View]
14536357Were Natufians med?[View]
14536879What are some historic LARPs?[View]
14537534marx succeeded in failure his ideology failed but it killed 50 million ruspus and ruined that shitho…[View]
14533520>The Soviets had possessed nuclear weapons for a longer time than the Chinese had, and so the Chi…[View]
14534318Let us say you have the ability to be reborn as the child of a petty noble family in Europe during t…[View]
14536359Atheism is the offspring of Christianity[View]
14535285So what's been the best criticism/critique of his ideology to date?[View]
14535560Mesopotamia and Persia: >Achaemenids conquer mesopotamia >empire becomes mesopotamian oriented…[View]
14536734Man admits to killing Iranians Why can’t R1b stay in their containment zone Yes I know he’s R1b be…[View]
14535785>Today I will spend 4 to 6 hours mocking religion and prove to dem christcucks just how wrong the…[View]
14536413holy based: >Nietzsche’s hatred and contempt for anti-Semitism were such that even in his last fr…[View]
14535026Which path will you go down?: Christianity has created a world of weak men that never fight back, le…[View]
14536659Pink -> White: What vision problems does a pink person have to be white?[View]
14533615Armenians: Are they Semities or post-Urartic turbomutts or what?[View]
14536180I am an atheist[View]
14536561Why historically speaking the Serbs always claimed to be the best and purest vanguard of the south s…[View]
14536972Wait a second: Hi anons. We are truthseekers and we just made a discovery we would like to share. We…[View]
14536593Is Fascism even possible today with social media? Not for the reason you think. It's about lead…[View]
14536337i thoguht i med then i med[View]
14536529why did arthur harris flee to south africa?[View]
14534445Hegel: Best philosopher in human history. He created the rational basis from which everyone still s…[View]
14534652Psalm 82:6 vindicates the Mormon idea of exalted men learning to be like the Father.[View]
14536273I legit think the temperance movement was a proto-feminist movement, and the myth of the deadbeat dr…[View]
14536439Cucks in History?: Are there any historic stories, records or evidence of cuckoldry? I know certain …[View]
14533815I remember watching a film where a queen sexually dominates a king in the ancient world. Apparently …[View]
14531847Did medieval farmers and peasants have more freedom than today's blue collar workers?[View]
14534998>History is written by the victors That doesn't mean that the losing side pushing an altern…[View]
14534160Now that the dust has settled, what is his contribution to the corpus and canon of western civilizat…[View]
14535174Is the Christian interpretation of heaven transcendental similar to the greek tradition or is it jus…[View]
14529999Who is the best polish leader in history and why is it this man?[View]
14535851Esse cara é o mais intankavel da história[View]
14535714Pelagianism; history's most retarded heresy: >original sin doesn't exist and any rock w…[View]
14535562What's the best book/documentary/podcast you've ever read/seen/heard about any history sub…[View]
14533589Killing yourself is no different than killing someone else. You are prematurely terminating a test G…[View]
14535444Early Church VS. Modern Church: Compared to modern Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, Oriental Or…[View]
14531324A monarchist Prussian Lutheran economist professor and monk was teaching a class on Fredrick the Gre…[View]
14536205Why do most Bibles mistranslate John 1:1 ?: it's supposed to be *a god*[View]
14524719Something Weird I've Noticed: Why do Orthodox in the west act so much like Protestants? Their t…[View]
14534247Regarding the race of the ancient Egyptians, I'm more or less an agnostic and am open to being …[View]
14535135Who was the last leader of the Soviet Union who wholeheartedly believed in the values and the future…[View]
14536029How do the Rosicrucians reconcile reincarnation with Christian beliefs?[View]
14535635Why are meds such as shitalians like this? all of them look like north africans and are equally dumb…[View]
14534415>This American supermarket has so many different kinds of corn syrup, its amazing. I know what I …[View]
14531786Why didn't white American people react in any way to Malcolm X becoming Muslim?: Malcolm X is h…[View]
14535966Why are there so many young Chinese firms popping up everywhere?: I've looked at the 300 compan…[View]
14535946Whats the deal with religion in North Korea?: Is North Korea really that anti religion? Kim Il Sung …[View]
14535814Christianity, The Religion About Cutting Off Your Balls For Christ: Rabbi Jesus said: >Matthew 19…[View]
14533496Why didn't the Chinese just genocide the steppe fuckers to get rid of them for good?[View]
14535938George Kennan, the remarkable U.S. diplomat and probing observer of international relations, is famo…[View]
14535683How come the one doctrine that most Christian groups agree on, about 95%, is the Trinity?[View]
14534499Americans for over 200 years have fallen for the Jewish trick that is the idea: 'higher technology m…[View]
14531410Why did the Low Countries not get absorbed into their much bigger, more powerful neighbours like Ger…[View]
14534447A decade after the 1964 Civil Rights Act, Boston public schools were still de-facto racially segrega…[View]
14530595I suspect that most great civilizations that emerged in North Africa, the Near East and the subconti…[View]
14534476Why did they enslave the whitoid?[View]
14530993>hates Britain >even though they are only a country with a unified Indian subcontinent thanks …[View]
14534888Why did the allies kill Goebbels 6 children and wife?[View]
14535749Who started the irritating trend of vague, winding prose with a total lack of structure in history b…[View]
14534461Why didn't the Irish just go fishing during the potato famine?[View]
14533564Japanese sold Korean girls to Portuguese in Macau and Southeast Asia as sex slaves: Japanese sold Ko…[View]
14534501Regardless of ideology, Could Russia have become a superpower?: >Russia finally has the chance to…[View]
14530232Who are the most evil people we are expected to revere?[View]
14533451Do you think KJV is the incomparable last say, the be-all end-all, when it comes English translation…[View]
14535711Anti-Gnostics refuted: The natural world is, objectively calculated, an unimaginably giant machine o…[View]
14534345Was this the biggest grudgefest of the Pacific Campaign?[View]
14535409Why are leftists and libtards always rewriting history then making laws or pushing censorship to kee…[View]
14535526Grant it that the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, Hurricane Katerina, and ebola are necessary in…[View]
14535490The US was significantly worse than the Soviet Union during the cold war.[View]
14530113You're telling me that we can't be like Singapore historically speaking and learn from its…[View]
14535554How does darkwitch feels about finns and russians being yamnaya?[View]
14535485Neanderthal sanctuary found in Spain + neanderthal skull cult: The thirty skulls of large herbivores…[View]
14534338Did the Second French Empire ever actually call itself 'Second', considering Napoleon III …[View]
14535358Why did the Native American reservations never try to join UN if they are de facto independent and h…[View]
14534571When he stood before the throne of God: Gandhi said, 'I destroyed the British empire, not with weapo…[View]
14535271Why Is africa getting worse?[View]
14535245Why do leftists and libtard subhumans *always* rewrite history? There isn't one single thing fr…[View]
14535469BUT I'M A CREEP[View]
14534103>you're born >you live a finite and limited life >your family dies >your friends di…[View]
14531642Why is it 'wrong' to kill people that cause problems for others, or are generally disrespe…[View]
14520672Siege of Leningrad: How would the war have changed if Leningrad had fallen under Axis control? Pic r…[View]
14530944Why did the Insular Celts hate cities so much? The Gauls had cities of their own. Why did it take th…[View]
14525699>Only religion where God consistently makes his presence known, and provides proof of his existen…[View]
14532681>The Alexamenos graffito is a piece of Roman graffito scratched in plaster on the wall of a room …[View]
14534448Northern Ireland: After the shit flinging autism of a Scottish ethnography thread, I started wonderi…[View]
14535357Why do Medieval artists depict Biblical scenes with medieval clothing and items? Were they unaware o…[View]
14534791>battle of pork chop hill >battle of hamburger hill >loses both why are amerifats like t…[View]
14534826ITT: god teir World War II sayings.[View]
14534963Why is the Russian cursive T written like an M?[View]
14534005>calls christians idolaters for having icons depicting Christ and the saints >kneels to a rock…[View]
14534041Try to learn a lesson from Jacob. You reap exactly what you sow to someone else in this life. This a…[View]
14532505Did Mongoloids genocided original Dravidian natives of southeast Asia?[View]
14532993> rebuilt Poland from the ashes > crushed the age old practice of serfdom > fought against …[View]
14532317How can you say Sunnis see Shias as just the same as them?: I've seen this statement made on th…[View]
14534223Average R1a person[View]
14534626Book of Acts: >Acts 8:39-40 And when they came up out of the water, the Spirit of the Lord carrie…[View]
14534865I just learned Christianity is also the logical successor of Zoroastrianism and seems to fulfill man…[View]
14534932Book thread[View]
14534957whats history of russian nationalism and moskalism?[View]
14534954What was his tax policy?[View]
14532767This board hates Iranians because after 1300 years under subjugation of retarded backwater religion …[View]
14534770do askhenazis get insulted if you ever point out that they have lighter features than mizrahim[View]
14534895Luke 9:60 King James Version Jesus said unto him, Let the dead bury their dead: but go thou and prea…[View]
14534431Helen Keller was freakin' AWESOME! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helen_Keller https://youtu.be/…[View]
14534827>Zenobia >Mavia of Tanukh What's up with Rome and revolts lead by Arab warrior queens?…[View]
14534838Why was/is Dungeons and Dragons seen as satanic? My exposure to D&D is minimal but I've stu…[View]
14533945If the Great Flood didn't literally happen how it's described in the Bible, why is Antarct…[View]
14534196>''New History'' >It's just historians doing amateur anthropology aft…[View]
14533011It doesnt matter from what part of the world you are The animal closer to you is the chimpanzee For…[View]
14531239I think I get it now: Communism = the idea of a classless, stateless, moneyless society (an unattain…[View]
14527412Okay christians dogs, tell me these things: >Where in the Tanakh does it say the Messiah is supp…[View]
14534716me patiently waiting for russians to invade and kill iranians. all r1a haplo masters get a chance t…[View]
14533480Asceticism in the Ottoman Turkey: In the Ottoman Empire there were naked ascetics/dervishes that the…[View]
14534655&humanities: Ethically speaking, why shouldn't you debtmaxx right before an economic/social…[View]
14534598There is only one degree and that is the blood of Jesus Christ. There is only one supreme ineffable …[View]
14534551Was the American Civil War essentially a war between capitalism and feudalism?[View]
14531808Isn't it most likely that consciousness, wthich gave way to spirituality, developed naturally t…[View]
14533971Levant_PPNB is literally cursed. Thoughts?[View]
14532874Humanities Degree Jobs: Are they worth it? I'm 27 and have always wanted to study for a history…[View]
14531647>Okay, here's the plan: We give Europeans free gibs forever.[View]
14534364This is the hand of pharaoh Ramses IV, back to 2500 years ago. He was a white man.[View]
14534493It is essential to understand that our modern moral paradigm is neither eternal nor universal. There…[View]
14533938Everything is in the mind. The word is the means to express the mind. But what is expressed must fir…[View]
14526419Why aren't our cities filled with art like this?[View]
14521714I'll never understand how you can look at scared little children and their parents and think to…[View]
14532833Hastings Wise was the 34th person executed by South Carolina since the state resumed the use of capi…[View]
14531677>I failed exams >Millions must die Why men act like this?…[View]
14532330Did Italy or the Ottoman Empire ultimately have the greater effect on the course and development of …[View]
14533525How would you refute Islam on a metaphysical basis?[View]
14534251Yes, I unironically do believe I can telepathically communicate with an eternally existing Jewish ca…[View]
14533863>All the heckin politicians look like this and they re all evil Is physiognomy real?…[View]
14532584Why are blacks the best race at almost any post that unless it s some niche sport nobofy watches?[View]
14533581If there is a God, everything is permitted[View]
14534059Tengriism in Early Ottomans: 2 years ago it was discovered in Turkey that an Islamic mauseloum (turb…[View]
14532831Why did women evolve to be smaller weaker and less inteligent than men again?[View]
14533659Intuition or reason?[View]
14533748Why are so many people on here obsessed with trying to paint white people as barbaric snow monkeys? …[View]
14531738What is the most interesting Latin literature of the early modern period?[View]
14530483Who was in the wrong in the American civil war?[View]
14527046Why was H-man so loyal to this fat fuck?[View]
14522700scots: language or dialect?[View]
14534011it is the duty of the nkvd officer to serve their comrades and even the enemy![View]
14533906ok seriously, wth is this about? is this schizo: the religion ???? i never understood what's t…[View]
14533549any other good /his/ podcasts or yt channels? really like pic rel[View]
14532624>The apparitions were unusual in that the weeping statue of the Virgin Mary was broadcast on Japa…[View]
14533916dios mio...[View]
14531565What is the genetic origin of iberians? Why do they look like palestinians?[View]
14533234Did hunter gatherers (let's say in Mesolithic) have some rudimentary pottery or did we get pott…[View]
14533766>Apricity down again Phenofags getting BTFO constantly[View]
14533464The 15 Minute dream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJa5zyj1FI4 >No more long commutes >Every…[View]
14533228>Africans never even invented the wheel[View]
14532633>gather 207.360.001 warriors >defeat god[View]
14532322I can't help but notice that basically all political debate comes down to, 'If this then that'.…[View]
14533692>if Christianity only followed the teachings of Jesus it would be a beautiful religion similar to…[View]
14528028Yamnaya are the most bad ass people to have ever lived and I’m proud to be a descendent of them[View]
14520722You have been asked to come visit Hitler in his prison cell: For the visit you are allowed to bring …[View]
14528680Why are countries with democratic control over the means of production i.g. workers states considere…[View]
14533474Ancestral origins DNA thread: Any surprises in your case?[View]
14533497how did alcoholic fat mongol outplayed gorby and banned communist party?[View]
14531518How did Hitler react when he saw the photos of Stalin's earlobes?[View]
14531619How to effectively convince yourself free will exists?[View]
14533085Steppe Nomads: Where did these people come from? They fascinate me to no end, I wonder what those fi…[View]
14532686why is there no religion board? 38 posts on /his/ right now are just about religion without a link w…[View]
14532727What happened to Jim Morrison's Ford 500GT?[View]
14533376What's so bad about chicken and watermelon?[View]
14531732Who's the most batshit insane philosopher you know?[View]
14529264ITT: We post IRREFUTABLE evidence of the Holocaust: I'll begin:[View]
14531339His Wikipedia page makes him sound like the most evil person ever. How much of what's attribute…[View]
14533083Chinese Triad: When I was in prison I shared a cell with a Jamaican guy who was a member of a Soho T…[View]
14531423Favourite heresy? For me it's Pelagianism.[View]
14530792My ancestors came from the Scottish Lowlands. They were Presbyterians and I have a Germanic surname.…[View]
14530565Has there ever been anything this party has done wrong?[View]
14532611There's nothing more cringe in history than vigilante 'justice'[View]
14533138Anyone else read this? I'm up to Hitler writing his memoirs in prison and I got to say, it…[View]
14531625Thoughts on schopenhauer?[View]
14531075are there any examples in history where the side with more mules loses?[View]
14533050What are some good books on Black history?[View]
14531439Eichmann admits that his ideology was a cope and Jews are the real master race >Now, however, whe…[View]
14533086& Humanities: Liberals still pretend to not get how teaching troon shit to their 4 year old kids…[View]
14531455The wives of the Prophet (ﷺ) used to go to Al-Manasi, a vast open place (the designated shitting fie…[View]
14533080So, Cain's mistake was to desire the fruits of his work. https://youtu.be/VVu15NX0kMA Makes sen…[View]
14532898Why is Arab Nationalism still so popular and relevant?: In particular Algerians seem attracted to it…[View]
14533002>Oh, so you think Lysenkosim is wrong? Well, explain why my wife's son has a higher amount o…[View]
14530394Thoughts on Nestorian Christianity?[View]
14532780What is the spiritual character of central europe? How does it differ from western europe/southern e…[View]
14530502Monument in Philippines commemorating the day Filipino soldiers interrupted the US 9th Infantry whil…[View]
14527851Germans: Mitanni Expelled By Assyria: Ayrans go to declining Indus civilization. They are called 'As…[View]
14529204>Ungern-Sternberg also had Hungarian roots and claimed descent from Batu Khan, Genghis Khan'…[View]
14532511This board is so bad lmao[View]
14530700Did his difficulties and failures on Crusade in anyway upset his religious beliefs?[View]
14532218So when will you become a Muslim?[View]
14531209I think Christianity is the religion that makes the most sense[View]
14527622>teacher in my religion class says that Marvel movies are modern myths along the lines of the Ved…[View]
14532307Is all morality just adaptive behavior in the end? Just a tool to promote cooperation among humans f…[View]
14532255Who is God the Father? Why is he unknowable apart from the Son? Why can no man look at his face and …[View]
14530344Romanovs: What would have happened to them had they not been executed because the bolsheviks feared …[View]
14524772Is it true that Christopher Columbus wrote that he saw blacks among the Caribbean Natives?[View]
14530028why was sexual selection for body and facial hair so uncommon outside of west asia and the medshitte…[View]
14528909>An historical misinterpretation of the Nestorian view was that it taught that the human and divi…[View]
14531687Why do computer programmers earn such ridiculously high salaries? Why am I doomed to the life of a s…[View]
14531712Once upon a time, there was a man named Joseph. Joseph had always been searching for something more …[View]
14531904Ottoman empire vs tokugawa shogunate: both at peak who wound win ?[View]
14531710If god is eternal and perfect why does he change? If he doesnt change then why is he so different be…[View]
14532203Jews are stronger than pagans: Jews: >never gave up their religion or culture despite being oppre…[View]
14531872Defend this[View]
14528952I really hate what the Christians did to Europe.: I'm not some kind of neo-pagan or nutty like …[View]
14532123/drawthread/: ITT anon draws historical figure, writes request of whom he'd like to see next in…[View]
14530519What's the point of killing your own people during war: Brutal to the enemy is justified but ki…[View]
14532316Did the rendition of the US national anthem by Whitney Huston at the 1991 Superbowl force the capitu…[View]
14525796In the Orthodox view: what distinguishes things said to you that are merely surprising from noetic t…[View]
14529784'But we have never lost sight of our goal: an America in which every citizen shares all the opportun…[View]
14532267What's the Catholic/Orthodox equivalent to Sunni Islam's Tasawwuf?[View]
14532222>steal from and cheat your ledgers >wtf why do you think im corrupt? >conspire with the en…[View]
14530458>Göbekli Tepe was founded 9500 BCE Now that Human civilization is confirmed to be at least 11,500…[View]
14531835according to this painting the French cuirassiers were still using single shot Muzzleloading Pistols…[View]
14533115twerk baby yeah yeah yeah twerk ruscunt yea yea[View]
14528882>want to give Christianity a chance >totally adverse to the OT and anything jewish religiously…[View]
14532144If it was Rama in the Treta Yuga or Krishna in the Dvapara Yuga, it would make sense. But it is the …[View]
14527581Convince me into becoming a christian.[View]
14532027Best generation of Spain: >Ended reconquista >Won italian wars >Sailed unknown oceans >…[View]
14524900Why is India still majority Hindu despite centuries of Islamic and Christian rule?[View]
14532064How true is this narrative about Chinese history? I read on Wikipedia that there were always foreign…[View]
14528976La Raza Cosmica: Was Jose Vasconcelos right? Are Mexicans, Mestizos, and Latinos in general the mast…[View]
14523492The Magic Jew in the Sky: Does /his/ really believe there’s a magic Jew who lives in the sky and wat…[View]
14531182>calls himself the Messiah >doesn't fulfill any of the messianic prophecies >refuses …[View]
14531373monotheism :)[View]
14523806Is Genesis literally true? If not, then why did God confuse Christians knowing that scientific disco…[View]
14531820In the chaos it deprived the dark one from sight, and took his mind, and with the brain of the dark …[View]
14531473What are the best books about conquerors?[View]
14531777We know that today about 50% of English vocabulary is of Romance (French and Latin) origin but how d…[View]
14529323Total British Empire Destruction: British empire was totally destroyed by a 'negro' man and an 'poo'…[View]
14528969Why were there no drug epidimics in antiquity and the Middle Ages?: Peasants in ancient times had it…[View]
14531130Any good in depth books about swiss history? Everything I've read so far wasn't particular…[View]
14530002Learn Hebrew: Stop changing the word of God[View]
14528164Something I've come to notice distinguishes all the peoples of the american continent from thos…[View]
14530227Why is she a saint if she abused kids?[View]
14531171Why was Sydney (and the rest of Australia) still available for the taking in 1788? Why hadn't I…[View]
14531231>tfw you are a white person posting on /his/[View]
14531327being born as a California coastal Indian pre-contact seems like the historical jackpot >relative…[View]
14529731Hey /his/, so when Did the Roman Empire collapse? >Why 476 AD of course Oh, that’s cool. >…wel…[View]
14531290Is he burning on hell for choosing the wrong religion?[View]
14531271Isn't this a bit too pagan-esque?[View]
14523695Now that the dust has settled, why did they lose?[View]
14525589Whats the genetic of French People ?: Are they Gauls like they claim? Is it possible to have the per…[View]
14531387>the Polish nobility... LE BAD! >because... look they just are OKAY!!!…[View]
14531451Agnostic here again: Alright Christians, maybe I'll have a gander at the New Testament a few mo…[View]
14531357'I suppose if we had lost the war, I would have been tried as a war criminal' -Curtis LeMay Do we ac…[View]
14521399Is it safe to say that Hitler hated Slavs more than blacks?[View]
14531319that other cold war WW3 scenario: >The Soviets had possessed nuclear weapons for a longer time th…[View]
14530699These ZOG fuckers destroyed Western societies[View]
14529205why is catholicism so weird and unbiblical?[View]
14531266What terrible events in history led to commonly used phrases or words today?: I find things like Van…[View]
14529010I find it awfully strange that dinosaurs were only “discovered” once the theory of evolution was inv…[View]
14531150Does Napoleon's life prove that the legendary figures of the ancient and medieval worlds were r…[View]
14529606>The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives. Though they…[View]
14529317Lee Kuan Yew: Was he right?[View]
14530129Did Jesus reject the Jews?: Does this mean that Jews get an auto ticket to hell, and all that stuff …[View]
14529519The Virgin Birth Lie: Jesus is not Immanuel and the virgin birth is myth. >Matthew 1 All this too…[View]
14531049Doesn’t it seem strange that France had to pay Holocaust reparations to Israel? France was part of t…[View]
14530857Do the Church of Satan actually practice a religion or is it just a place for pseudo-intelligent ath…[View]
14531019If it was his primary goal, could Napoleon have mustered the French Empire's diplomatic and mil…[View]
14529443What are the differences between Calvinism and Lutheranism?[View]
14530936Walt Disney the Rosicrucian wizard of fantasy: There are 169,000 results on Google for the search te…[View]
14529283can a religion even be universal?: they all strongly conform to cultural particularities[View]
14520969who are some relevant contemporary christian figures?: only religious people i see in the news are m…[View]
14528104persian language: middle persian had 8 cases modern persian has 4 how different are they?[View]
1452918720th Century Presidents: Hot take: Nixon was actually a somewhat decent president and Reagan was one…[View]
14530830*points at u*: If you're above 125 IQ and you're Christian explain to me why this is your …[View]
14530374Galatians 1:8-9: >But even if we or an ANGEL from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary t…[View]
14530924Favorite Russian Military Defeat: Mine is the Battle of Gorlice-Tarnow.[View]
14530656Why did Europe start lagging so hard behind the US and East Asia from the late 20th century onwards?[View]
14530823Why did he hate Plato in particular?[View]
14528214Agnostic here: Why would anyone value the New Testament? It is literally propaganda to enfeeble the …[View]
14530761What happened to Jim Morrison's Ford 500GT?[View]
14530310Not sure where to start with orthodox: so you're telling me the only bible for this is some mod…[View]
14526281>There are no atheists in foxholes >To pray is to accept defeat Discuss…[View]
14530724Things that actually happened aren't real. Pure theory in my head is real.[View]
14529482Most obscure Roman Battles/Events: What are the most unknown/obscure Roman Battles and Events ?…[View]
14523928Heinrich Himmler was what /his/ THINKS Hitler was: >builds the SS from scratch >Orchestrated t…[View]
14530694'jesuits arent pedophiliac satan worshippers!': >blocks your path…[View]
14530231Thoughts on Elijah?[View]
14524791The reason why sola scriptura is wrong, is because Jesus Christ brought the total and final revelati…[View]
14530447>fuck darkwitch gon do?[View]
14526770Is there actually a “special relationship” between Britain and America. It’s weird to me how on pape…[View]
14530148Why Doesn't Judaism Offer an Afterlife?: Hebrews are/were expected to obey all those pedantic l…[View]
14528343Is Russian military history really just human wave warfare?[View]
14521593Did the Germans under Hitler actually want to colonise a massive amount of land in the east?[View]
14529013/his/-related bait-and-switch greentexts: They can be ones you made, or ones you found. If you found…[View]
14529695Apart form the bullet in his head, what the fuck was his problem?[View]
14530387G25 thread. Post your models: G25 thread. Post your models[View]
14528021I miss him so fucking much bros......[View]
14530107El Rey, Carlos II - El hijo de Dios[View]
14528977language learning chatbot?: hey i want to learn arabic, parsi and türkiye-ish (also russian, french,…[View]
14525564Adolf the Great: >exists rent free in the collective concious of humanity 78 years after his deat…[View]
14525214White Army in the Russian Civil War: what should´ve happened so the white army had a shot at winning…[View]
14528155What was the Nazi racial classification for English or french people. There must have been a decent …[View]
14529682Capitalism distilled into its purest form.[View]
14528454Christianism is based: Do not believe the devil's propaganda stating otherwise. Christianism is…[View]
14528014What protestant religions are the closest to the original teachings of Jesus? I'm inclined to s…[View]
14530226prefects thread: desuarchives daymonklotz@insta[View]
14520004The greatest man that ever lived: He lives in everybody's head rent free. He will be remembered…[View]
14528870What do you think is the best theory as to why the New Deal Coalition collapsed? Is it >The left …[View]
14530038ITT: We make up interesting but untrue history facts. I'll start. During the late 1970s, the Fr…[View]
14529078bruh moments of history >incel German schizofrenik breaks into Mongolia, defeats China…[View]
14516658>'Their bodies provoked contempt in all who saw them, for they were far too big and far too heavy…[View]
14529801Is there a Biblical reason some people's crosses seem so much heavier than others? There's…[View]
14528437>I'm sure to win because my speed is superior :)[View]
14528767According to Jorjani, by the year 2050 Adolf Hitler and Alexander the Great will decorate the Euro b…[View]
14526940The fact that Jesus said he would return within his apostles lifetimes to judge the world but never …[View]
14530013Did religion / advanced culture come from domesticating cats?: Toxoplasmosis can cause schizophrenia…[View]
14528180>gets married six times and orders the execution of two of his wives In hindsight can we say that…[View]
14526680The horrors of colonialism.: Oh no, white people run the government! They don't take bribes, th…[View]
14529453What shoe size did Adolf Hitler have?[View]
14529917When paul said that gentile christian are exempted from the need to follow mosaic law, does that mea…[View]
14529484Why do you normalfag relish so much in seeing others suffering? I can't really understand why y…[View]
14529881Investigating the true history of Metallica: Did Dave Mustaine really write all those early songs? W…[View]
14529866Calvinism is pure evil and the opposite of what Jesus taught. Why have the French historically basta…[View]
14529858>Rome gets infiltrated by Greek 'teachers' and 'doctors' >Rome enters into a 2 century long pe…[View]
14528575You wake up in German Namibia, 1900[View]
14529781Why choose abrahamics?: “I will attain the immortal, undecaying, pain-free Bodhi, and free the world…[View]
14529422How did Germany and the Soviet Union justify to their populations working together? Especially when …[View]
14529491ANE descendats family: ANE descendats family[View]
14529088Are the French and Italians the only Euros to lose to blacks?: The French lost to the Haitians while…[View]
14528599>Stalin says gays can never be communists Does /his/ agree with his reasoning?…[View]
14520120& Humanities - When will people stop calling each other nazis?: Something in one of the ~50 dail…[View]
14525241I'm not American but most historians kind of insinuate that the FDR presidency was the closest …[View]
14529526Why would anyone be Catholic? It's literally being an NPC and just trusting the bible experts n…[View]
14528743Is a technocracy just a meritocracy on steroids? Discuss[View]
14521990National Socialism is socialism.: >Our fight is with money. Work alone will help us, not money. W…[View]
14529437Can Anhedonism be disproven logically?[View]
14527887So how did she die?[View]
14528549I want you, dear listener, to imagine yourself shitting yourself, FOR-EVER. Now turn back the clock …[View]
14528676Are there any positive arguments for egalitarian liberal democracy that DON'T entirely rely on …[View]
14524739Guess the year a photo was taken: https://www.chronophoto.app/[View]
14528114If the English for fasces is faggot, the English for fascism should properly be faggotism.[View]
14529262stop spamming these things in every thread nobody reads it and it makes the entire thread look like…[View]
14529207Iron working is R1b[View]
14527141the logistics of generalplan ost: so basically a german manifest destiny yes? however, while nazism …[View]
14522489Are modern day Greeks essentially Slavs?[View]
14527129Am I correct in assuming that everyone on /his/ plays stuff like Age of Empires, Mount and Blade and…[View]
14523045Which Chinese dynasty was the best?[View]
14523355Why does God force people to exist? Why not give them a choice? >nb4 suicide, it's clearly d…[View]
14528239What’s his secret? Why is he everywhere? Truly the bvllest of all black bvlls[View]
14526933Was King Arthur based on a real person?[View]
14528920Biggest Tank battle in WW2[View]
14528864Jews of /his/, How bad will your God YHWH punish Jesus and the deceitful authors of the New Testamen…[View]
14526928Historically speaking are the Jews the most cucked and submissive race in human history? I have yet …[View]
14527256Is it weird that I don't like music?[View]
14525639Ethiopia was settled by Semites.: Write that down stick on the fridge door because I'm sick of …[View]
14528851Why is Shi'ism so similar to Christianity?[View]
14528669Adolf Hitler was Catholic. The Third Reich were the Knights of Malta of the Roman Empire (Fascist It…[View]
14528755>'Achshually, here in northern Portugal/Spain we were never conquered by moors, we have nothing i…[View]
14528771hey /his/ im just chilling and want to learn some history. what are some cool vids to watch or subje…[View]
14528407Historically speaking why do leftoids tend to be pro-Hutu? Is there a reason for this?[View]
14526521Philosophically why does the concept of a 'war crime' exist? People in antiquity liked to kill the …[View]
14528737Research for a book.: What do you think 'God' (or your higher power whatever it may be) looks like? …[View]
14528695Sometimes I have this fantasy of converting to Samaritanism but I'm not really religious so I d…[View]
14528174Jesuits: Were they literally autistic? What drives someone to go preach at people who want to kill y…[View]
14528651Was Licio Gelli the Italian Andrew Tate?: >be a spoiled Italian brat who grew up in a strongly fa…[View]
14528654After how many years should something be considered history in your opinion? I get that the 25-year-…[View]
14528534>Yes, my view of a period is entirely based on paintings that depict the life of aristocrats, how…[View]
14526547why were the 80s so bad?[View]
14528118Why and when exactly did christfags began pretending they( and their lord Jesus) weren't Jews?[View]
14527614>wizard of the saddle >not 'sorcerer of the saddle' WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!…[View]
14528501Lying for Jesus: Why is it so common if lying is a sin? Do other religions have the same issues? I k…[View]
14527696Why were they so good at killing fellow Chinese but sucked at fighting Japs?[View]
14528321Number 33. Is it a coincidence?: Part 1/2 The number 33 is considered to be a sacred or significant …[View]
14520035What were Adolf Hitler's thoughts on French people?[View]
14519983What was Adolf Hitler's religion?[View]
14523422Is this the power of the Muslim world?: >In return, Cuba’s U.N. Representative Ana Silvia Rodrígu…[View]
14525308Is it true that Adolf Hitler had only one ball?[View]
14520100Why did Adolf Hitler fail?[View]
14527004Did you know that Hitler used to carry a whip which he used to beat commies with during the street b…[View]
14520316>Would get their brown asses liberated in WW2 by Murrika >Were one of the most pro-American co…[View]
14527159Do Orthodox also interpret the Woman of the Apocalypse to be Mary?[View]
14525546Do you think Adolf Hitler's paintings were good?[View]
14519917How was Adolf Hitler able to cast such a powerful spell over the German people that they would obey …[View]
14526239>eight active Hitler threads Boring. How about a comfy African warfare thread?…[View]
14525489Who was the greater fascist leader? Adolf Hitler or Benito Mussolini?[View]
14528065What part of the SS did my great grandfather serve in: So, /his/, I need help identifying what part …[View]
14525419What did Adolf Hitler do during World War 1?[View]
14526529Being a true Christian is being Fideistic in your beliefs.[View]
14528225What if the Roman got to conquer Germania by Germanicus and also be ruled by him? What would happend…[View]
14520058What are your honest opinions on Adolf Hitler?[View]
14526432Historically speaking why do modern German nationalists look like Slavs? Don't they know they…[View]
14520586>He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of…[View]
14520086Hitler was based for once: [The Führer] hates Christianity, because it has crippled all that is nobl…[View]
14528034What are angels?[View]
14525607How would history be different if Adolf Hitler had converted to Islam before WW2?[View]
14527300>So you preach about how I'm supposed to be >Yet you don't know your own sexuality…[View]
14526665Why didn't the war stop after the christmas truce? Shouldn't there ought to be a mutiny af…[View]
14527648Which of these two has killed the most Asians throughout their history? I'm leaning more toward…[View]
14517689Does a Latter-day Saint here want to argue with me for sport? I am Orthodox and my favourite hobby i…[View]
14527759>This bread is bread. >AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH…[View]
14525550Based?: >In June 1984, Lee's government rolled out grants for low income and low education w…[View]
14527954Thought I'd make a thread about this: Yamnaya and predecessors completely replaced their own pa…[View]
14527489Mules: are there any examples in history where the side with more mules loses?[View]
14527907Not a christian but my mother has been a pretty hardcore catholic my whole life, or so I though. I t…[View]
14526902is authoritarianism better for developing and poor countries than the democracy ?: >China , singa…[View]
14524552How do you resolve the unacceptable nature of reality? That any concious being will inevitably die, …[View]
14527270Stalin was the cover of TIME magazine. https://content.time.com/time/covers/0,16641,19430104,00.html…[View]
14527053can't belive chatGPT type this shit out: >Once upon a time, there was a mighty empire known …[View]
14525149Thoughts on king Solomon of the Israelites?[View]
14525051How did the Apostles manage to spread Christianity so far and wide so quickly, and why would they do…[View]
14527068This is the truth about why they cut reincarnation from the Bible. https://youtu.be/rfvGKX37MGo?t=10…[View]
14527818Modern Artwork Thread: post modern illustrations of historical events.[View]
14527511Who is Ibn Taymiyya of Christianity?[View]
14527673>last holdout of hunter gatherers in Europe >last holdout of paganism in Europe What the fuc…[View]
14527188Where can I find an honest man?[View]
14526602The IRA from NI were actually British Citizens wanting to be Irish: What other mind fucks are there …[View]
14520041High IQ /his/torians, please explain why this isn't true. (or IS true for that matter)[View]
14521535You aren’t allowed to use the word “mummy” anymore: Referring to Egyptian mummies is now considered …[View]
14522922was the aryan conquest of europe parallel to the aryan conquest of india?[View]
14521313this will end in tears[View]
14524823Problem about Proto-Indoeuropeans: I honestly don't think the Yamnayas spawned the CWC people (…[View]
14519063ITT:Historical myths and falsehoods that infuriate you.: >The Irish were not considered white in …[View]
14523011how were amerindians and aryans related again?[View]
14525380>When this bill passes, it will be fifteen for jaywalking![View]
14523925What was the driving factor for the most important and famous men in history? Pussy? Fame? Wealth? H…[View]
14526754Can i get a quick rundown on reconstruction? I don't know anything about it other than grant wa…[View]
14527142Rome lost 1/5 of their army in one campaign here That is the equivalent of the income of around 400 …[View]
14527074prefects thread: desuarchives daymonklotz@insta[View]
14527063Is Sapir–Whorf hypothesis true? If so, what is the most intellectual language? No Muslim, Jewish shi…[View]
14527114Do any modern Sufi orders (Tariqa) use cannabis?[View]
14522690How Cognitive Dissonance Explains Christianity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_x8SB_gy8jg TL;DW: I…[View]
14526379>Peron is not a fascist HOW[View]
14527026Are soldiers more civilized today than before?[View]
14525921>Watch video on medieval history >Byzantine empire is mapped as and referred to as the Roman E…[View]
14525980Why does God allow rape to happen?[View]
14524298Is this true?[View]
14519336I'm a black American. From an ethical perspective, should I dislike native Africans for selling…[View]
14525884How Jesus Became God: >Genesis 3:22 Then the Lord God said: See! The man has become like one of u…[View]
14525427>Try to open my mind and learn about ancient African cultures >They're all laughably path…[View]
14525812Real men venerate and adore and pray to Mary for mercy from God[View]
14526717When exactly did the classical model of education die out historically speaking? At least in America…[View]
14526415Is Jay Dyer an incel trapped in a Chad's body?[View]
14526381>hey I need to see your grandma for a moment >she's dead? >yeah, I knew >now let me…[View]
14523808How do we remove racebaiters from /his/? This board doesn't have enough mods/jannies.[View]
14526818did m night shyamalan write the bible? it seems like his writing style, especially the big twist whe…[View]
14526769Somehow...: Somehow... pope Formosus returned.[View]
14526573Question regarding something in Islam: How does someone distinguish between something which is Allah…[View]
14525787Was Guiteau a 19th century Chris-chan?[View]
14526677why does russia fear golden men? is it because of the 12th century?[View]
14526340Why isn't clothing like this common anymore? When and why did men allow their women to dress li…[View]
14522836Art Thread: Post historical art! This is the latest Don Troiani painting. It depicts the Continental…[View]
14526424warlike, imperialist people[View]
14525734>africa was lousy with elephants >bigger and stronger than Asian elephants >blacks never …[View]
14526444>Blames females for corrupting the French court which (according to him) has lead to the French R…[View]
14524879Why wasn't suicide very common in the past?: With all the miserable shit people had to put up w…[View]
14525619Might be a question that shows my ignorance but were the ancient and medieval worlds as, for lack of…[View]
14524886The Post That Killed Christianity and /his/ With It: Jesus is not Immanuel and the virgin birth is m…[View]
14525464E haplogroup: >E came from eurasia Does this mean bantu and nigercongo languages have their origi…[View]
14526489>pre automation >beautiful, unique pottery with handpainted designs >post automation >th…[View]
14526001Is there still a reason to talk about 'the west' now that communism died?[View]
14523866VGH... what could be[View]
14526386Consuming history content while also believing in Christ: >In the year of our Lord 79, two festiv…[View]
14526236why did the evil americans cover up war crimes by the evil japanese?[View]
14525719Asian vision from Medieval West Europe: From a nestorian monk sent by Kublai Khan to Europe on a dip…[View]
14526250Is this racist?: Is this clip racist? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bn34hhTrTjU [Embed] why / why …[View]
14526073Are white americans european?[View]
14526277What were the 80s really like: it seems like most things pushed as '80s' on most online platforms is…[View]
14524986logically speaking, why isn't the majority of humans pro-mortalist if the majority of humans ar…[View]
14525204If you had to explain this video to someone from the year 1900, what would you do?[View]
14523280Why is it viewed as retarded for wanting to go back to these times?[View]
14523972How did we end up here?: From 'last hired, first fired' to 'diversity and inclusion programs'…[View]
14523499Defend this, monarchists[View]
14527579AI can never be unbiased[View]
14526286So was it real or fake?[View]
14526075This black man alone annihilated the vestiges of the British Empire[View]
14526051VGH.. WHAT COVLD HAVE BEEN..[View]
14526196How common was rape of Korean civilians by Japanese soldiers during the Imjin war?: How common was r…[View]
14526187Is this racist?: Is this clip racist? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bn34hhTrTjU[View]
14526170JW’s: Why don’t their members leave when their false prophecies flop?[View]
14525021civ tier list: desuarchives daymonklotz@insta[View]
14526022Uh, excuse me?: Why would God appear as a Jewish carpenter in human form? Does that make any sense w…[View]
14525034New World: 1500s[View]
14524807President Johnson signs the landmark Civil Rights Act into law, July 2, 1964.[View]
14525947Why was he so obsessed with Gina to the point that his main concern when Habsburg armies were gettin…[View]
14525877dindu nuttin: >spanks ur cancer plant and retard baby maker usurping ur industry what u gonna do …[View]
14524305...the kerfluffle over the Hughes loan was symptomatic of a deeper Nixon problem--his poor relations…[View]
14522685Why are Muslims the only ones who still dress like the Prophets dressed? Why don't we see Chris…[View]
14525222Why was Nestorianism relatively successful in Asia?[View]
14524758The Empress of all China gave the signal to begin! Let the foreign devils be driven from Peking! The…[View]
14524982Why is Utilitarianism associated with English culture? People had had ideas about what is pleasing b…[View]
14525618Honestly... Historical Slavery doesnt sound like a bad thing. The only bad part I can see is the abu…[View]
14525367Does anyone have any historical examples of Nofap bearing fruit besides of Brian WIlson?[View]
14524777Historically speaking is he correct about Singapore?: Is Singapore based because they executed drug …[View]
14524029>anglos extinct this[View]
145254432 years ago, remember how I was banned from r*ddit: So I started to talk with someone randomly. I re…[View]
14525455When did you realize evolution is a lie?: White spanish came to the new world over 500 years ago. Th…[View]
14525076How did a massive ethnolinguisitc group disappear off the face of the earth without anyone noticing?[View]
14522819Where Russia would have been without his leadership in the 20th century?[View]
14525425Why did they kill high art?: >NOOOOO! The evil Illuminati super villains jew club rules the world…[View]
14520167What did potheads do before weed was invented? Like what did stoners do in middle-ages europe?[View]
14523991Why did the nazis sew stars onto jews clothes? I can spot a jew just by looking at their face and I…[View]
14525221When comparing to other major nations, why does Russia have so many mysterious deaths of influential…[View]
14525344I still have yet to find a satisying answer to the question of how this guy become so influencial th…[View]
14525358What's the official mental health diagnosis of Jesus Christ? was he actually just a paranoid sc…[View]
14520423pictures of Indian chiefs in suits are so fucking bleak[View]
14524538The North Hollywood Shootout: What the fuck was their problem?[View]
14524483What if the Poles actually responded favorably to German overtures and joined the Anti-Comintern Pac…[View]
14525373Aneis' son founding London: Can we have a real thread about this legend? Was it true that Brutu…[View]
14524460>35 Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me will never hunger, and he who…[View]
14525360>Leopold II remains a controversial figure in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In the capita…[View]
14525250Shalmanessar I Created The Germans: Aesir are the Titans. Baldr's consort Nanna is Inanna of Ba…[View]
14518629Tell me about the boxer rebellion.[View]
14525285How do religions that deny common descent cope with endogenous retroviruses?[View]
14522911Imagine a world where the British decided to invest in a full scale invasion of Japan despite how lo…[View]
14524846For the love of God someone please recommend a history podcast that isn't filled with dramatic …[View]
14524063>'My fellow Trojans! Do not be fooled by Odysseus's trick, there are Greeks inside this wood…[View]
14525160what did the aryan conquests of europe looked like?[View]
14525118The anglo nightmare: The anglo slayer The anglo murderer The anglo destroyer The anglo decapitator T…[View]
14524471'Islamic' Golden Age: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islamic_Golden_Age >Christians, especially th…[View]
14524435Why was it that of all the nations of Europe it was historically the British Parliament that most si…[View]
14521899Hedonistic beliefs such as atheism are doomed to allow people to succumb to greed and lust. If you d…[View]
14523878>the founder of the nation of islam was a white ex-con/drug dealer who larped as an afghani to fr…[View]
14525052Gandhi stayed on among the oppressed Indians and native blacks and devised the strategy of Sathyagra…[View]
14524947Is Lazaridis a good geneticist? He seems to be taking Ls ever since he published that disastrous stu…[View]
14523994Tax boycotts?: Realistically, what would happen if a substantial portion of the taxpaying population…[View]
14522900Why did Egypt never become a world power like Rome? Was it because of very limited fertile lands?[View]
14524083You wake up in 17th century Europe.[View]

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