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12442527Any good online resources to learn Irish with?: I'm really only Irish by blood and want to conn…[View]
12442574What are some sincere, valid criticisms of Qur'an?: I am talking about internal validity, where…[View]
12436446Germanic tribes vs Mongol Tribes: Which of them had better military achievements?[View]
12442965Under the Restoration, the Puritans, so recently in the cockpit of England, were now both politicall…[View]
12442944Ayatollah: Looking for resources about the history of the Orthodox Church ever since the great schis…[View]
12442167ITT historical shitposts[View]
12442868Who was the least divisive president in American history? (prior to 1996)[View]
12442601How Christianity was created[View]
12442004>Each time we sleep with a Houri we find her virgin. Besides, the penis of the Elected never soft…[View]
12440225Were people objectively happier back then?[View]
12439764Retarded attempts at deboonking god.: I'll start with le epicurean paradox.[View]
12441982Why do north africans cause so much seethe on this board?[View]
12438209Why did Italy fall off so hard after the Renaissance?[View]
12435612December 7, 1941: >Pearl Harbor happened exactly 80 years ago today >No threads about it Let…[View]
12442619Noah's Ark landed in Armenia. (Pic from 1611 kjv)[View]
12441226USS Liberty: Why exactly are poltards and other antisemite cranks so obsessed with this ship that th…[View]
12440927>Ancient greek language is perfect Ok but why?[View]
12442521Are there great leaders who made decisions that nobody can understand the reasoning for?[View]
12441795>As war raged across Europe, operations and fortifications again acquired Wagnerian code names: t…[View]
12436027Remaining big archeological discovieries: Is the discovery of Akkad the last remaining discovery of …[View]
12442396I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
12442235Spartans were cool and I'm tired of everyone trash talking them.[View]
12440115Who is the most obnoxiously egotistical commander in military history?[View]
12441861>1940s movie >People use the expression 'one million dollars!' because it was set in the time …[View]
12429753>Be Juan Carlos >Franco restores you to the throne. Even makes you successor >Could'…[View]
12441485>tfw no cute subbie bottom russian bf[View]
12441421What do you think was the average IQ of the people sitting at the table?[View]
12439901NOS ROMANES ERAM[View]
12438203What is the etymology of your surname?[View]
12440652Orcs Strongholds from Skyrim are the best archetype of society that It could exist >a patriarchal…[View]
12441465Was it idolatry?[View]
12441208Abrahamic religions are a net negative upon humanity >inb4 religion makes people not kill each ot…[View]
12441921Dear anneposter: Why do you keep avatar posting, seriously it’s annoying and against the rules…[View]
12441738How would non-abrahamic worldviews view the philosophy of Marquis de Sade? Obviously christianity-ju…[View]
12437846What are the proofs for the things in the Bible?[View]
12441715Being completely honest it just makes more sense to me that the religions of ancient Egypt, Sumer, R…[View]
12441414/poly/theism General: This general will revolve around the culture, beliefs, deities and customs of …[View]
12439012Why didn't he surrender in 1943 when the war was already lost? He could have saved millions of …[View]
12441393Question for Liberal 'Moral Relativists': Why are unfounded meta-ethical systems which DONT appeal t…[View]
12434084African metallurgy: Over 2000 years ago the Haya people of moden day Tanzania invented a furnace cap…[View]
12441356>His brother promises to stop the bombings if they public his manifesto >Still snitches on him…[View]
12440567How culturaly diverse were the SS divisions? Were the nazis are racists as some pretend they were? (…[View]
12438937If God is absolutely sovereign, why is there free will?[View]
12438933Is morality just glorified feels?[View]
12438650Historically speaking, did the rest of England always hate le bad scouser? How was the city of Liver…[View]
12439575Best books on Austria-Hungary?[View]
12440257Why was the material culture of native americans so much more advanced compared to other tribal, una…[View]
12435468Why did the ottomans never colonize america?[View]
12439852Why were battle axes so common among barbarians, steppe nomads, and the Persians, but rare in the Me…[View]
12441221WTF? We need to cancel this racist chud[View]
12434367ITT: events in history that sound made up but actually happened: >The time the French CIA blew up…[View]
12440572is this really what genghis khan looked like?[View]
12441159A case for asymmetrical warfare: لسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ On the cusp of the foreign interventions in th…[View]
12439721UGGHHH... what could have been...[View]
12441145>He was born in Pimberton upon Tyne in 1721. 9 of his 10 siblings dies in infancy…[View]
12439682What would an Islamic-led Age of Enlightenment look like? Better than the west perhaps.[View]
12441123Why did not one person in Rome make an effort to discover the secret behind steel instead of just co…[View]
12440480Has there ever been an example from before Industrial times of lesbianism being punished in the same…[View]
12441046New Soviet man - Soviet Propaganda thread: Do you guys have any papers/articles on the Soviets tryin…[View]
12439180which was objectively the best civilization in history: guys I'll be honest I hate the current …[View]
12436953Bros I just found out we killed God in some desert shithole Why the fuck are we so evil?[View]
12440559the fate of your eternal soul was pre ordained. God decided before you were born if you would be dam…[View]
12436562Second Reich industrialisation: How did Second Reich industrialise so thoroughly? How did it become …[View]
12440943Reject Modernity, Embrace History: ? https://youtu.be/kmPldr1cGbo[View]
12437271>One last time and then we’ll go home ok :) ?[View]
12434831The only time in France's history where they were the good guys[View]
12435988How can one man make armenians seethe so much?[View]
12438378Divorce it in your mind entirely from it's association with National Socialism and world war tw…[View]
12440457How many holocaust victim corpses were actually discovered? If I understand this correctly, allegedl…[View]
12439613>be god >create adam/eve >refuse to explain why they should obey you >get angry when the…[View]
12440140What the actual fuck was his problem?[View]
12439748WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH AMERICANS: >Considering the rural nature of Philippine society in thi…[View]
12436479Do you think primitive humans had complex philosophies that were lost to the sands of time?: In the …[View]
12440000Strictly to humans, does divine command theory have value because of God's omnipotence or (and …[View]
12440094Why is the Son kind of many things at once in (Trinitarian) Christianity?: He's the Word of God…[View]
12439981Can saluting/pledging allegiance to a flag be considered as a form of idolatry?[View]
12433284Time to read this exciting new book about the middle ages!: >>12432201 > new book about the…[View]
12437991Human sacrifice: Why did entire civilizations consistently and consciously sacrifice humans in their…[View]
12440665A daily reminder that the Roman Empire ends with the start of the Arab conquests: That pitiful Greek…[View]
12440436Is it based? Wanna get a quick grasp of what happened 5k years ago till now. Dont have much time to …[View]
12436643The Theodosian walls were a marvel of engineering. They repelled invasions by: >Avars >Persian…[View]
12437463Was there any historical case of son revolting agains father?[View]
12437093Who was worse?[View]
12440410Why were all fat people in positions of power throughout history, deranged and incompetent?[View]
12439828House of Hauteville: What the fuck are their problems?[View]
12439249Who would have won if America launched their own offensive on the Soviet Union at the end of WW2.[View]
12434585Council of Florence: Why do orthodox reject the ecuminical Council of Florence, which supported the …[View]
12439067Why didn't the revolution happen in Germany?[View]
12440371KG3: Incompetent? Yes a failure? Yes A tyrant mad with power? No, not at all. This is the single big…[View]
12438836>complete freedom >can mug whoever u want >steal anything >live in woods with bros >k…[View]
12439337I found this in a storage shed that I won at auction. I thought it was kind of neat because it is ov…[View]
12439490How did humans actually handle brutal hard work?: I keep hearing about how brutal the agricultural r…[View]
12440012How do languages happen?[View]
12439662Who was more successful with Denazification programs?: I've heard a lot of tankies saying that …[View]
12440283Reviving Mazdan and Sarvastivadan Dualism: 1/2 If Zoroastrianism had beaten the evil Abrahamic relig…[View]
12440217Only people who stop sinning have succeeded in becoming Christ-like, thus Christians. Why is this so…[View]
12437725>Roman 'empire' >Couldn't even produce steel >Had to import it from India and China…[View]
12440149>Nobel Peace Prize[View]
12436251Old bible shows Noah's boat landed in Armenia.[View]
12439642I've been getting back into my faith and I'm pretty ignorant on what actual Christian trad…[View]
12439815a question for theists: do you believe that there are things that are neither god nor the universe o…[View]
12440057I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
12439810If you could have one mystery from the past answered, which would you choose?[View]
12439683Do priests have magical powers or are they simply skilled human beings?[View]
12439888How would you date the Renaissance? It's sandwiched between the Middle ages and the early moder…[View]
12439618ITT: War Photos: Human Shadow Etched in Stone (人影の石, hitokage no ishi)[2] is an exhibition at the Hi…[View]
12439923Crop rotation: >it took eurangutans more than one and a half millenia for this basic concept to r…[View]
12439660Oriental Orthodox to Eastern Orthodox?: I am a Coptic Orthodox Christian. If I were to convert to Ea…[View]
12439950If and only if 'An apparent contradiction in the Bible means you're reading it wrong' is the ex…[View]
12439905itt retarded proofs of God[View]
12438249The most consequential being since Tiktaalik[View]
12433770Why are Abrahamic religions associated with holding back science?[View]
12436380Which Dynastic System is better?: Christian-European System: >cultural monogamy leads to small dy…[View]
12435821The Protestant Reformation and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.[View]
12433018Theodicy: If God is perfect, whence the imperfect?[View]
12439767Why is the Bible rarely used as a minor term within a syllogism?[View]
12438921>From 1945 to 1946, there was a big UAW strike against General Motors. The demand the UAW made of…[View]
12436411What happened to the barracks?[View]
12436640'Anglo-Saxon' America: Why do people speak of America as being 'Anglo-Saxon'? By…[View]
12438625Did the Ottomans actually intend to conquer all of Europe?[View]
12439533I'm a Reformed Protestant, I believe in the ultimate authority of Scripture and I believe that …[View]
12436029The Pig War: Who was right in this conflict? Could the US take over Vancouver if actual war broke ou…[View]
12439380Homoousios or Homoiousios?[View]
12439425They parted: Mao claimed Stalin refused to see him but he had his own reasons to wait. He remained m…[View]
12437844Jesus was an abysmal politician.[View]
12438502Baroque and Postmodernism are both concentrated ONIONS SHIT just from different time periods >bot…[View]
12430181>Modern man exists for 200.000 years >99% of that is humans being cavemen >Then suddenly we…[View]
12432277Why is Jesus taking so long to return?[View]
12439078Romania bros...: It's over[View]
12437620was warsaw pact countries count as soviet?[View]
12434504Do you have any questions about Christianity ?[View]
12433053'Obscure' figures from your country's history: Who's a person from your country's his…[View]
12437469propaganda posters[View]
12438521Battles of Lexington and Concord: What went so wrong for the British army? Why didn't they just…[View]
12435819How has no empire managed to take over the entire world yet? Once you conquer a territory, you have …[View]
12437801why was he erased from the liturgical calender and the canon of saints? I thought canonizations were…[View]
12433526If Yahweh exists he is an evil God that must be taken down. No Christcuck cope and mental gymnastics…[View]
12438036*ruins everything forever in your path*[View]
12438309> Heaven will be a consumer paradise! I wonder why.[View]
12436726where is the center of intellectuality today? According to my wikipedia sources, Alexandria was the …[View]
12431749Was ptolomeic Egypt a good place to live?[View]
12430137Why did USA leave the gold standard and why do lolbertarians get so worked up about it?[View]
12437261Did the Americans know of the attack on Pearl Harbor in advance?[View]
12437796The Roman Empire did not end in 476: This notion is just a product of lazy historiography. Romulus w…[View]
12437830>You like a woman? You must wanna have sex with your mother. And saying you don't just means…[View]
12437590In Hammer vs Dagenhart (1918) the Supreme Court voted 5-4 to overturn the Child Labor Act of 1916 wh…[View]
12437737Why is using violence to conserve the law bad, when it's violence that creates those laws in th…[View]
12437702Holy Bible as minor term of minor premise.: >Major premise: All humans are mortal. >Minor prem…[View]
12437601Does anyone else just sort of trip out when you really consider that (most of) the shit we argue abo…[View]
12433753The Normans: Based or cringe?[View]
12436094Why did Gothic art look so goofy compared to the exquisite works produced by the Norse and Anglo Sax…[View]
12436439After spending too much time on this board, I've begun to feel sad over how most people seem to…[View]
12437263Taiping Rebellion: This guy thought he was Jesus Brother so 100 million people died. Holy shit that …[View]
12437367Historical ontology: What is not reductively explained nor described by history does not exist.…[View]
12435538Charlemagne: Should Charlemagne be considered a real Roman Emperor?[View]
12436645Was this the best general America has ever had?: Seriously, even centuries after his death he makes …[View]
12436202No More Brother Wars: >both believe the market should serve the state rather than the other way a…[View]
12433355Like much of Eastern Europe, Romania had a long, unfortunate tradition of anti-Semitism that came to…[View]
12434764Why Protestants love appropriating Crusaders and their imagery? They know they're Catholic righ…[View]
12432842Why does America still use a 18th century style electoral system[View]
12429686What explains the Mesoamerican and Andean societies’ religious fixations on blood and the sun?[View]
12437171Fireantbros, why are we so powerful?[View]
12437081Why did fascists historically overestimate their military power so much? >Germany thinks they ca…[View]
12436112COMMUNISM IMAGE: Why communism has not a bad image as nazism has?[View]
12433708>black Americans helping whites realizing their fear their little free ride was over april 9 1865…[View]
12436186I still can't find a more shitty period than Arab Golden Era. >copy greek and persian (indoe…[View]
12436623Filthy Fucking Kikes did Pearl Harbor: How long must we tolerate this charade that Japan was respons…[View]
12435609Christianity teaches slave morality[View]
12435224>Muh ancient Greeks were geniuses who invented everything When will this meme stop? They literall…[View]
12434903Kino history moments: >Yue Yiqin, The Chinese air force’s top pilot who was famously descended fr…[View]
12436900wow, I never knew that[View]
12428979>literally pushes the country to the west how was this allowed[View]
12436333>Source: This was revealed to me in a dream.[View]
12436748Why didn't black Africans ever develop past the tribal stage, even their most advanced cultures…[View]
12431846Are the pagan Gods just deified ancestors, or did they always exist?[View]
12435843Post interesting alt his scenarios[View]
12433727this board is obsessed with rape, y is that ?[View]
12434004When the heavens above did not exist, And earth beneath had not come into being— There was Apsû, the…[View]
12431558>valued trust, loyalty and courage. The attainment of honor, fame and recognition a primary ambit…[View]
12434178Did Jacques le Gris actually rape Marguerite, or did he not?[View]
12435985Christians, what books shouldn’t be read from a literalist standpoint?: There’s people who are claim…[View]
12436597What were some Great Agnostics in history?[View]
12431709Why don't southern slavs speak romance languages?: Franks, visigoths and lombards all ended up …[View]
12436030Anglo-Irish Treaty of 1922: Why did it make republicans so butt-blasted to this day?[View]
12434806Why does Islamic Dawah/Polemics get so many converts but not Christian preaching?: I never saw even …[View]
12432293Is abortion morally right or morally wrong?[View]
12436504Japanese Economy ww2: Not sure where else to post this. Japan's imperialist agenda was centered…[View]
12436295Post-Restoration England was overcome by a desire to bust out of the Puritan straitjacket. Men wore …[View]
12434534Hypothetically speaking, could a 'caucasoid' man with dark hair and lightish skin 'pass' as any race…[View]
12434240What's the historical significance of gold?[View]
12436137“Pagans” literally believe Christianity is a 2000 year jewish psyop to prevent them from engaging in…[View]
12436434Theories of history: I find interesting the philosophy of history... Till now i had read only easy p…[View]
12433198how do you defeat this argument?[View]
12434484British Army threw down their weapons and retreated, leaving Tecumseh to die.: Backwoods militiamen …[View]
12435756I love history, but I struggle to retain information[View]
12434100what the fuck was his problem[View]
12436023Muhammad Ali: He was the Chosen One. He was supposed to be the successor of the Ottoman Dynasty. It …[View]
12433627>most famous Athenian war >25 years of Athens throwing all of Greece at Sparta and losing OH N…[View]
12434282Given different historical circumstances and developments, could Buddhism take off in Europe as it d…[View]
12436316Is the historical development of literacy rates the ultimate factor that explains why some countries…[View]
12433795Why were Germans the only ones to use camo in the early 20th century?: Whenever I see photos of WW1/…[View]
12435412Do they get a bad rap?[View]
12421889Behold! The weapon to win the war![View]
12435316Why were Cossacks so much stronger than mongols/tatars? They were just run-away slavic serfs...[View]
12435374How novel of a concept is the education of women? I know that many colleges did not accept women, bu…[View]
12432183How did Europe build the world?: 98% of all inventors in science and technology can trace their gene…[View]
12433904I was told Rome was a paradise bros. Sounds like a favela to me > most experts think that Rome wa…[View]
12436104>America provoked Japan into bombing Pearl Harbor. >Japan was liberating Asia. >Japan was n…[View]
12433771>'The Soviets only won through human wave attacks'[View]
12436083Today marks the 80th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.[View]
12433457What would happen if the stigma on suicide and euthanasia was lifted?[View]
12435618>used to think the wheel was a preshistoric invention >turns out it was only invented in the e…[View]
12436039This shit reads Kiel a conspiracy theory but it's 100 percent real.[View]
12420455Romance languages: I have many questions! Was British Latin an extension of northern Gallo-Roman or …[View]
12435998What are some good books to read about the history of cartography?[View]
12435211Do you think the average intelligence of a population has implications when it comes to how prospero…[View]
12432056What did Brezhnev mean by this?: >When Prime Minister James Callahan made his state visit to Mosc…[View]
12435970Is there anything more tragic than the west shilling and claiming middle eastern shit instead of far…[View]
12434220The greatest single miscarriage of justice in American history still remains uncorrected…[View]
12433445So, did they really exist?[View]
12433433Why did Japan even care about the Philippines?: Seems like it would be a lot easier just to take the…[View]
12435424Why do all the women from post soviet countries like Muslim men so much?[View]
12434941How high was their IQ?[View]
12433238>Communist >Didn't read Marx because he was tl;dr, read Stalin instead >Obsessed with…[View]
12428735Why don't people make beautiful things anymore?: Or if you would argue against this notion, why…[View]
12433804Pax Britannica: The peak of human civilization.[View]
12435764Within the context of tribes and feuds, how do you prevent legal disputes escalating into a genocide…[View]
12431587post cute napoleon stuff[View]
12435292Celt thread[View]
12435682Was Ukraine/Ukrainian even a real country/ethnicity before the fall of the USSR?: Same question goes…[View]
12434912>2,000 years after antiquity >Greco-romans are still number one I'm sorry but if your 'ci…[View]
12434309What did Muhammad mean by this?[View]
12431883Casus Belli Thread: Casus Belli? >You refused my simple request to let my armed men into your wal…[View]
12432465Post women in history that you would breed: I'll start[View]
12434830Could Jin Dynasty beat any major European power at their contemporary age? They have very strong cav…[View]
12435561In the Bible, Matthew 5:44 enjoins you to love your enemies. The Jewish Passover Seder begins with t…[View]
12435565>be America >pledges to protect South Vietnam >assassinates the South Vietnamese president …[View]
12433609Moscow Pravda, April 19, 1921 >I UNDERSTAND that the Mensheviki and Social Revolutionaries are tr…[View]
12435095How did Italians view the Turkish threat?: Were Naples or Venice afraid the Turks could launch a ful…[View]
12434697Why aren't most Christians against idolatry?[View]
12434146Christian Iconography Regional Differences: how come I almost never see any Georgian or Armenian ico…[View]
12435450NED LUDD GANG[View]
12431882>lost his father at 9 >enslaved years later >got qt wife >she was kidnapped and raped co…[View]
12434712Gynecomastia in ancient egypt: Why did the ancient egypts have Gynecomastia? Did the aliens not only…[View]
12433873Are religions just heuristics for humans? All other modes of living would have died put through darw…[View]
12433694So what was the war about?: If WW1 was created out of nationalism, what was WW2 created out of?…[View]
12430971Were the British the biggest ever 'we wuzzers'?: The British and their Empire LARPed as so many diff…[View]
12433056Actual History Question - Pearl Harbor Attack: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=so4v_2zq35k This vid ou…[View]
12434431Why did g*rm pagans never achieve anything? I can’t even name one g*rm pagan who accomplished anythi…[View]
12435088Judaism is the only world religion. Christianity is just Judaism with Roman characteristics. Islam i…[View]
12434733>of the uncountable species that have walked the earth and multiple hominids, homo sapiens were t…[View]
12435184Ainu and religion: >In Japan proper Buddhist and folk religion, but just like Japanese, don’t ca…[View]
12428190A Stalinist Soviet Union would have won the Cold War: All of the USSR's problem came from loose…[View]
12422957>France is Celtic >Franks were a Germanic tribe…[View]
12434455Examples of incidents where soldiers used cruel, humiliating and unusual punishments on captured ene…[View]
12434988>As all human things have an end, the state we are describing will lose its freedom and perish. R…[View]
12434708I'm seeing a whole bunch of claims that the me-262 was always meant to be able to carry a 500kg…[View]
12434149Are Kalmyks worth studying about?: I only learned these fellas existed recently. Was surprised to se…[View]
12433379Watched this documentary which details the events of attempting to catch a seral killer in South Kor…[View]
12434901History's greatest twinks[View]
12434298What works are in dire need of Translation? I can do Spanish.[View]
12430627I will never forgive the Italians.[View]
12434819Is this true?[View]
12434612Maritime history general: boats and ships: Mesopotamian reed boat[View]
12430143Origen: he died a respectable man in good standing with the church then was made into a heretic cent…[View]
12434087Prince Chichibu and Prince Mikasa: I have been reading about the brothers of Hirohito and I am surpr…[View]
12430093Verse 11 is important. Make yourselves ready for the Day of Judgement. We all have to give an accoun…[View]
12426931How did the Apostle Paul become so powerful in the Original christian church? He wasn't an apo…[View]
12432685Holy shit this guy and his theories are fucking retarded. How did people fall for his bullshit so ha…[View]
12434543War of 1812 was objectively an American victory.: >War starts because the British are impressing …[View]
12434451thought on this post? came across it on /gif/ and it's making me reconsider my thoughts on exis…[View]
12434239Black Africans remained tribal: Why didn't black Africans ever develop past the tribal stage, e…[View]
12434436Who where the good guys here?[View]
12433847I know you all will all scoff and ridicule. What happened in Nazi Germany was magical. It was the da…[View]
12433858Yuval harari: All my kike friends talk about this book---> Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind.…[View]
12434376What has caused historical delusions at this level?[View]
12432844Did the holocaust really happen or is it atrocity propaganda and media revisionism?[View]
12434299What do you know of the Border Reivers, /his/?[View]
12434116What kind of man studies barnacles for 8 years?[View]
12432548Can we have a thread to discuss what were the actual effects of the Eugenics movement of the 20th ce…[View]
12434197I hate the USSR. Not because it was communist, but because it was ethnically diverse[View]
12433869>we must consume less >nooo REEEE Elect Reagan NOW!!! >Spend Spend Spends Buy Buy Buy!!! Wa…[View]
12433366Why did Germans follow him like lemmings into certain doom? Why the fuck did nobody nope out of figh…[View]
12433497ITT, we post cringe[View]
12434007War was over when Maikop was burned and Grozny never reached: >Hitler says he has to end the war …[View]
12434005Is it safe to say that Gavrilo Princip changed the world, for better or worse? Even if Europe was a…[View]
12427100>when he says he believes in the norse/celtic/greek gods[View]
12432418Superstitions were a very real part of preindustrial Europe. Although a very few skeptics doubted th…[View]
12431187>people say you can only use asian/north African elephants in Hellenistic combat, normal African …[View]
12433959Why were wh*toids so evil?[View]
12434043Anno Domini 2021 est. Non dulce te decorum pro patria mori?[View]
12433587>All children go to heaven!!! There's the age of accountability you know!!! [Bible verse nee…[View]
12433548Wallis Simpson: Why did no one pull a 'Diana' on her[View]
12433620How did Switzerland end up so uniquely democratic and utopian by European standards?[View]
12433844Is Alexander the Great or Augustus Caesar more kino?[View]
12430957What was so bad about forced bussing?[View]
12432780What did they eat?[View]
12433703Can any WW2-ophiles help me find a quote by a Filipino soldier, I believe it went on about his pride…[View]
12431901Is he a serious contender for the greatest man who ever lived?[View]
12432436Northern democrats: Okay, I get that southerns whites were democrats. But why northern urban ethnics…[View]
12432967It was the two World Wars and the Cold War that boostrd the development of mankind.: Without war, hu…[View]
12425957why did no one else except white boys and polynesians figure out high seas sailing?[View]
12433409How come there are barely any ENTJ US presidents? Half of them are introverted. Lincoln who is suppo…[View]
12429784>dies unexpectedly, right before the most important part of WW2 (nukes dropped, negotiations with…[View]
12433646Related to this board: https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vida_alien/esp_vida_alien_52.htm Thank me …[View]
12432384How would the founding fathers have handled law officers entering their home[View]
12433578Was Socrates a danger to society? Was it necessary to get rid of him?[View]
12430907People who did nothing wrong[View]
12431472>turn marxism from a workers philosophy to an 'intelectual' cultural battle between the 'intelige…[View]
12432658The Empire of Japan managed to get a conditional surrender were they lose all colonies they gained s…[View]
12432863David's Sin, So Admonitory to Us Weak Men.: Does not the case of David instruct you, whom God f…[View]
12427657>This Austrian guy was executed by an indigenous Zapotec lawyer in Mexico Crazy timeline…[View]
12433547did you know researches have found the first sight of the holy wagie, better know as wojack datazion…[View]
12431085>Proud of your ancestors achievements?Actually, they were all peasants Why do they still repeat t…[View]
12432600If no one ever gets punished for a 'crime' , is it even a crime?[View]
12432926What are some facts you know about Japan other than Samurai and Ninja?[View]
12432485Was there any large anti Jewish/anti Christian movements beside the random pagan revolts here and th…[View]
12433390What he will be remembered for?[View]
12432671>bait turns into thoughtful discussion[View]
12430449In terms of culture, is Ontario, Canada imore similar to Midwest or Northeast in USA?[View]
12432201>watch an american documentary about ancient egypt >the speaker has to summarize the aspects, …[View]
12432906How much did the creation of nuclear weapons change?: Will total war between great powers ever be po…[View]
12428720which one did it better?[View]
12429709>'Even the finest weapons are instruments of ill omen, to be hated by all. The Taoist does not av…[View]
12433168Did the Holocaust give Zionism the biggest push it needed for their cause?[View]
12426377>Colonialism was a bad thin-[View]
12425799Behold, the only man in history to conquer glorious 豐葦原の瑞穗の國 (日本)[View]
12426013Remidner, anti-Paul posters are Muslims and Jews LARPing as Christians.: They just can't get ov…[View]
12428784Chechen War: Anyone know the dimensions of Presidential Palace of Grozny? I can't find this inf…[View]
12431707First female ruler of Russia: Who, technically, is the first female ruler of Russia? Saint Olga of K…[View]
12433121Irish Famine is an overblown myth: 70k maximum died and Parliament worked tirelessly to assist peopl…[View]
12433138Role of antisocial disorders in human history,?: What kinds of sociopolitical environments is it det…[View]
12431209imagine an alternate reality where ww2 was fought by teenage girls. realistically speaking, what wou…[View]
12433057stalin: When Stalin put Russian and Georgian folk music on the record player, 'we all listened and s…[View]
12433017Eilat Mazar died in May of this year at age 64. Mazar made groundbreaking discoveries, including Dav…[View]
12432278Why have pants historically become traditionally men's clothing while skirts women's one?[View]
12432941What are some unintentional good things that came from tragedies in history?[View]
12430467Second Reich industrialisation: How did Second Reich industrialise so thoroughly? How did it become …[View]
12431849Post-Industrial era.: (Pls, don't ban me - I have no idea where else to discuss this topic, bes…[View]
12432882ITT People who did nothing wrong[View]
12432398Apostolic Fathers: >The Epistle to Diognetus >The First Epistle of Clement (nicknamed 3rd Cori…[View]
12429594Does anyone else think the proliferation of 'video essays' online is proof of the degradation of hum…[View]
12429429A case for asymmetrical warfare: ٱلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ On the cusp of the foreign interventions in t…[View]
12429098>confederate statues should be protected![View]
12427689I think you all are idiots, but feel free to prove me wrong. Is Aten your Lord and Savior?[View]
12432742I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
12430540>paleolithic-mesolithic north african >literally looks pretty much like modern nafris if you m…[View]
12432718We are told that, as Caesar was crossing the Alps and passing by a barbarian village which had very …[View]
12431886>Music Haram >Many Muslims watch movies and tv shows with background music >Artwork of ani…[View]
12427384Church Father Discussion thread: How was he so based? Also, does anyone know where I can find a copy…[View]
12431339Linguistic Relativity: The reason you don't like languages that sound like a retard vomiting an…[View]
12431163frogs be like >Let's vote for the creation of a new country called Canada and then be like …[View]
12432649The Holocaust: That's right, we made it up.[View]
12432275>Muh religion of truth >needs blood sprees and violence to get its point across If you can…[View]
12431497Why is Jesus a descendent of a prostitute?[View]
12428176What if the USSR system survived the 90's somehow? How far would they go liberalizing? Any demo…[View]
12422705How the fuck can anyone be anglican in 2021?: Theologically it doesn't make sense for it to be …[View]
12432214Are there any podcasts /his/ can recommend that are as in depth, rigorous and compelling as Age of N…[View]
12432474How come Mesopotamia became peripheral during and after the Hellenistic era[View]
12427071Why did he think he could easily beat the strongest economic powerhouse in Europe with his 3rd world…[View]
12432433a Russian's predictions for Russia.: Largest ''country'' on earth. Just like when Knaz ruled, n…[View]
12429153>be a cuckfederate in Vicksburg >you look over the Mississippi River >you see this wat do?…[View]
12428614Was there ANY actual justification behind not translating the Bible to various vernacular languages …[View]
12432205Why did Poland gain so much land? They didn’t even participate in WW1.[View]
12428786Elmore Bolling: >Elmore Bolling started with a mule and wagon and through ingenuity and hard work…[View]
12432351What are some good sources (books, documentaries, websites, etc.) to learn about the history of the …[View]
12424934How true is this?[View]
12429815Majorian: Would the Western Roman Empire have survived if Majorian had conquered Africa?[View]
12429845The tidal wave of immigration to the US grew with each passing decade. In the 1850s, a total of 2.5 …[View]
12429032Rest easy.[View]
12432280Did slaver societies really call their slaves 'slaves' to their faces? Like, wouldn't it have b…[View]
12432298Can someone give this burger a rundown on the Habsburgs? Were they homewreckers and schemers? Or did…[View]
12432006Why aren't you a Christian Deist /his/? >rational but not cringe like Atheism >Christian …[View]
12431408Why don't the Quechas make cool things like this anymore[View]
12423232Does anyone sympathize with the historical plight of women? >no rights >treated as property …[View]
12431866Why have Gnostics always been scapegoated throughout history?[View]
12429064Why does being homosexual disqualify me from 90% of the monotheistic religions? Why does Allah/YHWH …[View]
12430372Images history books will use to represent the 2020s[View]
12430693How important was the recent find of records on Punjabi soldiers fighting in WW1[View]
12432026Did America nuke the masculinity out of east asia?[View]
12423598>an eternal punishment for a temporary transgression is unjust >an unjust god can't be me…[View]
12431395How have your views changed since coming to /his/? >Now obsessed with haplogroups even though i r…[View]
12426616Is this an actual quote? If so, why would he say such a thing and at the same time larp as romans.[View]
12431562German historical obsession with poop: When did it start? When did they invent scat fetish? Did they…[View]
12431687>it's 1223 A.D >your are granted leadership of kipchak and rus armies. >your objective…[View]
12431803Could the bicycle have been invented earlier? would a simple fixed gear bike chain be too hard to ma…[View]
12431751>storms the legislature with no plan of action going forward beyond some brief theatrics and phot…[View]
12431286what is the difference between Irish and Scottish phenotypes?[View]
12431807Invincible mongol army, I kneel.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPbBaKYlsfU You can't littera…[View]
12430482Why was the Cold War so kino?[View]
12431603Why did Brazil attract so many Japs?[View]
12425606Reconstruction of Neolithic north africans - Capsians (7500-4000 BC)[View]
12429871>The British women and children were ordered to come out of the assembly rooms, but they refused …[View]
12430349why is the old testament so fucking boring? i read the nt 50+ times but never finished the ot becaus…[View]
12428329Looking for light entertainment: Names some genuinely interesting /his/ youtube channels! Language d…[View]
12429109>cuckfederate's worst nightmare[View]
12431591Evidences used by Historians?: Scientists usually use empirical evidences (repeatable observations, …[View]
12405035Would an utilitarian misogynist say that the only women with non-sexual worth are the ones who work …[View]
12429252why are people scared of communism when its the most friendly ideology there is? is it all capitalis…[View]
12428988Why were men so misogynist before?[View]
12428028Pre-islamic Iran: Famous Inventors, Philosophers, Generals, technology level, Religion(besides zoroa…[View]
12420718Why do people support monarchism?[View]
12429068What was the average day of a noble like throughout history?: Was it just acting as a landlord and p…[View]
12431312Was Germany right in demanding the return of the lands it lost to Poland after WWI?[View]
12431241Lend-lease: The Pleb Filter: Is lend-lease the ultimate IQ test? Just think about it: There's …[View]
12431461Philosophically speaking: Or spiritually speaking, what is the point of High Population / Low Popula…[View]
12424980Why did he hate Jews so much?[View]
12431431What was the average caloric intake of social classes in the Middle Ages? I've read somewhere t…[View]
12430929why are they more savage than the rest of the world?[View]
12409746What Middle Eastern group has the most interesting history?[View]
12429119* ruin your slave trade and your cannibalism * heh, nothing personal, b*rbarian[View]
12431198I'm wrapping up a research paper I did on /pol/ and I'm getting all doomer and philosophic…[View]
12430722>MUH STONE TEMPLES >MUH CITIES >MUH STONE BUILDINGS Living close to the beauty and power of…[View]
12430454Why is american foreign police so jingoistic?[View]
12429456It's 12000 BC. You've just finished gathering firewood for the night in your hut when you …[View]
12424676Catholicism made me Presbyterian: During my first year of college, I became involved in campus Catho…[View]
12429273>Protestants who seek true Christian doctrine will become Orthdoox >Protestants who want to L…[View]
12431092The man who destroyed Britain.[View]
12430935the mystery letters in the Quran (Muqattaʿat): why can't academics agree on what those letters …[View]
12430522Are there any good english books on the Cossacks[View]
12429964Does India being unified really make sense? From my admittedly scant knowledge, it seems overall mor…[View]
12401467Do you feel pride or even arrogance because of the history of your culture compared to others? Perso…[View]
12430937MUHAMAD congratulated a man who SLAUGHTERED his PREGNANT WIFE: Narrated Abdullah Ibn Abbas: « A bli…[View]
12421728Which languages are /his/ approved?: I'd say Spanish, English, Chinese and French.[View]
12423816why do people revolt so little throughout history?[View]
12427978So, the most prosperous years in American history, the glorious 50s, the golden age of capitalism an…[View]
12428631Holocaust Tycoon Project: Hi guys it's me again looking for some historical help: anyone knows …[View]
12429665Was John Brown a hero?[View]
12430620>“Take off your sandals. the ground where you are standing is holy. I am the God who was worshipe…[View]
12425966Before Martin Luther. Catholicism was the only form of Christianity. There was nothing else. From th…[View]
12429904Nihilism is the dead end: You can't debunk nihilism. Even if God was real, the reason you shoul…[View]
12429713Is it really that difficult?: To have an ethnic borders and not some monarcho-feudal crap?[View]
12430692Why did Crassus fuck up his Parthian campaign so badly? Is there any way he could've got out of…[View]
124299681386 Paris: This is a screenshot from the 2021 Ridley Scott film The Last Duel depicting Paris in 13…[View]
12430037I thank the Mongols everyday for BTFOing the Middle East and China and allowing for the rise of West…[View]
12430346Were his anti-poverty programs successful or not? I always hear conservatives say stuff like 'Welfar…[View]
12429403Celtiberian SOVL[View]
12430505The 25 year rule should be replaced with a 250 year rule to get rid of some of the most reddit topic…[View]
12430419What makes the Bible divinely inspired: And how do we know which books are divinely inspired and whi…[View]
12428835native americans: how would their societies develop without european intervention? would they form m…[View]
12428872Why did Socrates, Plato and Aristotle all hate democracy?[View]
12430487Crusaders were so evil...: Orthodox patriarch Michael the Syrian (1126-1199) is a contemporary sourc…[View]
12430193Russia in WW1: During WW1 in Eastern and Caucasus front, why and how did Russia fight against Austri…[View]
12428150why did early germanic people wear rags?: It looks like their material is way thinner then anything …[View]
12429345War Crimes are a Pussy Leftist Concept: Post quotes exposing the concept of 'War Crimes' as the puss…[View]
12428155Friendly reminder that people who engaged in similar behaviors to that of modern transgender/gay peo…[View]
12428064>It's been proven again and again that Japanese war crimes were in no way comparable to Germ…[View]
12429765He is a negro. I don't care I don't care I don't care[View]
12428867What kind of history does Oman have? The people there do not look the same as Saudis/Gulf Arabs, the…[View]
12428859how were the huns driven off ?[View]
12430350What was the Wehrmacht high water mark?: Common answers: >Dec 41, closest distance to Moscow >…[View]
12429323How much impact did it have on the war that Americans had these semiautomatic bad boys, while German…[View]
12429623Soviet school uniform. Soul or not?: Boys - soldiers. Girls - maids.[View]
12430103Gypsies: Why do Gypsies have a lot of copper age European genes from chalcolithic Hungary while near…[View]
12430119this is a white man[View]
12429206Islam as a Jewish sect: So, I'm reading the OT for the first time, and it sounds a lot like Isl…[View]
12423043Gods name is actually JUHAWAHE: Just stick whatever vowels between JHWH and see what you can come up…[View]
12429263>Why yes, I am Jewish, Atheist and Agnostic. Why do these words strike so much fear and seething …[View]
12429637I really wish he existed.[View]
12429494What happens if a fascist state actually managed to take over the entire world? (before nuclear weap…[View]
12429508>tfw live in a timeline where the nukes never dropped and mcarthur didn't become the king ar…[View]
12428553What does /his/ think of Piruz Nahavandi?[View]
12426708Its November 1st 1894. You're Nicholas II and you've just become emperor of Russia. What d…[View]
12429254Atahualpa: >start a bloody civil war to gain power that deviate's your nation's economy…[View]
12430028Writings of the Apostolic Fathers: In hindsight, should they have been added into the New Testament …[View]
12429715The Protestant OT is correct: Ben Sira, a Jew writing in the second century B.C., comments that his …[View]
12429130>several more avanced civilisations in relatively close proximity (china, japan, korea, the south…[View]
12429943Why has it happened historically: That pants have become traditionally men's clothing and skirt…[View]
12429957>USA is 245 years old >All Germanic empires last 300 years bros....…[View]
12428523Subverters get subverted: This semetic desert cult won. They successfully subverted Rome and through…[View]
12428665Did Jesus of Nazareth become Jesus or was he predestined to become him? Since he is the son and all.…[View]
12429293Who is their Caesar?[View]
12429908Since 600 B.C. which is a highly determining century in the spiritual history of humankind. From Chi…[View]
12427782Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind: Thoughts on this book?[View]
12429181How closely did the communist countries cooperate during the Cold War?: Was there ever any form of s…[View]
12429412why didn't prussia just annex them?[View]
12425881How did the British convince millions of Indians to sign up voluntarily and fight for Britain around…[View]
12428095>brilliant general and tactician >arguably the last hope of the western roman empire >kille…[View]
12429385Doesn't sunyata make most of the rest of the stuff discussed in Buddhism, pretty irrelevant? Li…[View]
12429244What was the closest humanity got to being wiped out? What was the closest civilization got to being…[View]
12422783Why did they call themselves Roman when they didn't speak Latin?[View]
12423464Why is homosexuality a sin?[View]
12429166Why didn't the six million jews just fight back I mean six million that's a lot of people[View]
12423941Please convert to Orthodoxy[View]
12427118Why 'Christian' 4chan users are barely in Grace.: >'Gregory of Nyssa writes through the faculty o…[View]
12428275why are the Chinese such absolute turbojews?: the more i fall down the SEA rabbit hole, the more i…[View]
12428684It's clear that Jesus and the apostles believed that Jusgement Day would occur in their lifetim…[View]
12429114L'Algérie, c'est la France: How could the OAS have won? How could they France's colon…[View]
12428546Imagine time travelling to 12th century Poland expecting hardy mfers instead it's cute femboys …[View]
12427714Why is suicide bombing considered right and honourable and a show of great sportsmanship when Asian …[View]
12420954Did they deserve it?[View]
12428962We have the technology[View]
12428306The Last Judgement[View]
12426946Was the purpose of marxism overturning the entrenched european hegemony in favor of jewish world dom…[View]
12427624Have Marxists actually read the communist manifesto? It literally describes the bourgouise like Hitl…[View]
12429227Question for Liberal 'Moral Relativists': Why are unfounded meta-ethical systems which DONT appeal t…[View]
12429239>Manichaeism was quickly successful and spread far through the Aramaic-speaking regions. It thriv…[View]
12429091What would an English France look like if he succeeded?: >After the Siege of Calais of 1346, King…[View]
12428260/poly/theism General: This general will revolve around the culture, beliefs, deities and customs of …[View]
12425983Lol imagine if we all went to hell for not being Muslim[View]
12426310Are Romans the only Westerners who valued family? They're utterly clannish, much of their polit…[View]
12428996Is Gnosticism literally mental illness? People with schizotypal illnesses often view the world in a …[View]
12428957Take note philosophers and atheists.[View]
12428568Why is actually practicing Islam or any religion seen as so strange in the west?: I am half Algerian…[View]
12429009cannibalism: why is it looked down upon historically? meat is meat[View]
12428017History of Schools: In his magnum opus, The Underground History of American Education, Gatto traces …[View]
12428441How were wmbw relationships 'handled' by the KKK and Jim Crow laws?[View]
12425632Why do people talk about the Vietcong as if they were a some kind genuine rebellion? They were liter…[View]
12428975Does anyone know some good literature on Confucianism, especially from Westerners? I’ve read Analect…[View]
12419143What did he mean by this?[View]
12428421The dissolution of Austria-Hungary is the biggest geopolitical disaster of the 20th century.[View]
12426161Vintage Pieces: Hey guys! Hope you’re having a good night. So my parents had this piece in their ho…[View]
12427285Dictatorship and Monarchy are the same thing unless you are somehow fooled by a crown and a robe[View]
12423575Why so many people, even to this day, fear the sight of crusaders?[View]
12428545ok buddhists gimme the qrd on how to stop the cycle or reincarnation[View]
12427627europeans were unironically the first on north america[View]
12428657This is a kinda meta, I don’t really come on 4chan desu, but is there a place for history teachers l…[View]
12428656Why were thaws during the cold war considerred a good thing? Since tve cold war was all about it not…[View]
12428471Japan after WW2: How come after WW2 all of Japan didn't just commit seppuku? They're a cul…[View]
12428272Why were Christians so indifferent to the Turkish expansion into Europe?: It seems they completely g…[View]
12426771ITT: People who did nothing[View]
12428303What was their endgame?[View]
12427791How did this happen so fast?[View]
12427254What were the oldest and most recent accounts of crucifixion?[View]
12427465Why do some atheists...: ...turn out to be some of the most intolerant and dogmatic people, similar …[View]
12428060You know what? Good for them, at least they had the willpower to try and the cheek to call themselve…[View]
12425430The Judeo-Bolshevik fears the Imperial Monarchist[View]
12428491How did prehistoric humans determine whether foraged goods were safe to eat?[View]
12428453Boats, ships and sailor 2nd edition: Since the last issue was a success, here's a new one: Trad…[View]
12428105Was Prophet Muhammad this based? Who is Sun Tzu near him? No one i guess. Military and political gen…[View]
12423308>naturally have an abundance of timber, iron and horses at their disposal >still couldn't…[View]
12427946post cool historical propaganda posters[View]
12428265Does anyone recognise the inscription on this bust?[View]
12425213Bow down to the true Kingdom of Brittania: Gwynedd was the most powerful state ever to exist[View]
12427572I like diversity, I like different cultures and peoples. I think it makes life a bit less boring. I’…[View]
12427809Hello /his/, coming to you for some suggestions. I must write a 10-page essay on the topic sports an…[View]
12425386Why Northern States (including Canada) were always liberal compared to Southern States?[View]
12428063Historically speaking do the good guys wear badges?[View]
12428078Thoughts on replacement theology?: Did they expect the goy to use supersessionism in the church of G…[View]
12426665If pic related were to be randomly dropped in an American colony during the mid 18th century, would …[View]
12428068Asiatic(mongolo-tatar) admixture in russians: Do it exists? How much asiatic admixture russians have…[View]
12427799Evolution of Human Civilization and its Ultimate Fate: So as we all know, it is unnatural for humans…[View]
12428039A Short History of Technology: From the Earliest Times to A.D. 1900: Thoughts on this book?[View]
12427936Why is this immensely globohomo empire so greatly loved by Nazis? I seriously don’t understand.[View]
12425470I am the antithesis of my ancestors and a biological failure. All my forefathers, whether they were …[View]
12427860Is the 'Mao ruined China' the biggest meme in history? Chinese were always like that. Deceitful, cow…[View]
12414305You are politically involved in the 1930's USSR, how do you avoid getting killed by Stalin?[View]
12420902I always thought Indian pagan temples are ugly and tacky looking. Is there something wrong with me? …[View]
12424383Would the Pinochet incident ever have unfolded without American support?[View]
12424805Does absolute truth exist[View]
12426738Why did indo-europeans fail to spread to north africa but succeeded in conquering iran and south asi…[View]
12427305Why did the planned 1990s globalist start trek end of history utopia fail to materialise?[View]
12426356History podcasts by men: >The History of Rome >The History of Egypt History podcasts by women:…[View]
12422787What do Catholics do with their communion cups? In my church if there's a little juice left in …[View]
12425870>Be Soviet miner >Go on strike for higher wages >End up pushing Yeltsin to power >Suffer…[View]
12427763Is there a link between atheism and demagogy? Does atheism really came from sophists?[View]
12427757>The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win.…[View]
12427737Is Jamaica part of Western civilization?[View]
12427450East African ancestry in Hazaras of Afghanistan: https://twitter.com/afgmeh/status/14408846407771136…[View]
12427340It's not a sin to get a little bit drunk every so often, it's only a sin when it becomes a…[View]
12424399If Quranic Arabic is completely different how do speakers know what they are reciting?: People keep …[View]
12420108show me one clip of german soldiers executing women or children the nazis were not godless monsters[View]
12426462Muhammad Ali: He was the Chosen One. He was supposed to be the successor of the Ottoman Dynasty. It …[View]
12425309Since when did people forget that modesty was a virtue?: > I am intelligent > I am beautiful …[View]
12426306I don't get how military awards and stories work..: How do we even know war stories are true? L…[View]
12427586Rate my vids https://youtu.be/kmPldr1cGbo[View]
12427496>ywn follow a man on a white horse into battle and die for your nation in some foreign land defen…[View]
12425844I'm pretty sure Julius Rosenberg was guilty but was Ethel also guilty? Did she deserve to fry?[View]
12427150Why the fuck were Albanians so over represented in the Ottoman court and why were there barely any A…[View]
12422050Why do people nowadays say 'why do you worship muh jew god or muh moon god' or things like ' hehe al…[View]
12425859>USSR collapses >deaths from warfare plummet so it was soviet imperialism behind all of the …[View]
12427339What did the mongols do to the white women of Europe?: I never read about mass slavery except way af…[View]
12426042The Angevin Empire and their Legacy: The Angevins were one of the most legendary and underrated Euro…[View]
12425062>single-plate-armored-handedly decimates your legion yet still romaboos rummage mindlessly for th…[View]
12423650>some random chink had an affair with mussolini's daughter[View]
12426905Tell me some interesting, positive, and heartwarming stories that actually give faith in humanity, /…[View]
12425382Why were the British so monumentally arrogant with the American colonists? Did they think there woul…[View]
12423428/History/ General: Guys Sharath, JW, and Dirk are all posting. Prepare for massive cringe...[View]
12424682Second Congo War: How was the Second Congo War fought and what made it so deadly? Since most of the …[View]
12423038These are the real borders of the United States of America.[View]
12424001If you died and wound up in hell. Would you accept Satan’s offer to raise you up to the status of de…[View]
12425464Question: What does this flag symbolize?[View]
12427089Herbert The Pervert: Was denying aid to the USSR the dumbest policy decision in US presidential hist…[View]
12425998Chechens crushed the Crimean Tatars, Timur and the Arabs: Chechens helped Khazars slaughter Arabs at…[View]
12425915what the fuck happened in the age of mythology for everyone to perceive the world in such a fantasti…[View]
12426970Why did Germany Austria defeat Russia easily in ww1 but lose in ww2?[View]
12425962>Again Jesus said to them, “Peace be with you. As the Father has sent Me, so also I am sending yo…[View]
12426165Anyone have some kino interviews or recordings of world leaders in history theyd like to share that …[View]
12426166What if Germany and Italy had gone to war in 1934 over the assassination of Engelbert Dollfuss?[View]
12425459Is Britain the most successful multiculti project in the world? They've created a strong ident…[View]
12424636How did Poland turn from a failed communist state of the 1980s with economical issues up it's a…[View]
12426695Okay what's up with the book of Job in the old testament. Why and God and Satan just hanging o…[View]
12424981https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHK38Xhy_ME&ab_channel=Whatifalthist >100k+ years of the exis…[View]
12425538Why is sub saharan Africa urbanization so messy?: Why are sub saharan cities so messy and clustered …[View]
12426198Why was the end of colonial rule in Congo so chaotic? What did Belgium (and the Congolese themselves…[View]
12426194Historically, what were the reasons for child sacrifice?[View]
12425327ITT: people who did nothing wrong[View]
12425487Can /his/ explain why some Arabs are extremely dark skinned? Pic related is in Libya[View]
12427004Is the creation of modern day Austria (1918) an accident of history? Does it have any right to exist…[View]
12426853What was going on in Alberta?[View]
12425878Why do normies say 'Jesus supported capitalism' when capitalism didn't exist until the Industri…[View]
12426046>member of the Aryan master race >high pitched bitch voice >goofy Jew nose >dies from a …[View]
12426405Facial Reconstruction of an Indian Hunter Gatherer from Uttar Pradesh (10,500 BCE): Why do all hunte…[View]
12426392Masturbation Police: WE HAVE TO STOP THERE FUCKERS. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH![View]
12419495How would the Roman Empire have handled the mafia?[View]
12418471I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
12424780Fusionism: 1)Why it won in 1980 2)Why it lost in 2016 while the nation is basically still same peopl…[View]
12426631The longest filibuster in American history was against integration by a senator who fucked and impre…[View]
12426017when are the apostolic churches going to put their differences aside and reunite?[View]
12426625What should i read to understand how my family ancestors viewed the world? If i descend from a Nobl…[View]
12426877Does anyone recognise the inscription on this bust? Someone answered this before but I lost the ans…[View]
12425578ITT: Awful Maps: Dosent matter where its from, as long as it's shit, put it here[View]
12426823This Christmas, lets put the Mass back in Christmas. you will be going to mass at midnight right?[View]
12426662*forever replaces the role of religion in the lives of the masses in the West* How did they get away…[View]
12424846Tell me about the history of the Iberian peninsula[View]
12424158Our favorite Anglo has graced Tikal with his presence. What can you tell me about it? Why were they …[View]
12421653This was a 10/10 in the 60s.[View]
12425063What the fuck was Hitler's psychology anyway?: Was Hitler mad, bad, or wrong? I mean, if yoi li…[View]
12426688Why did the American founding fathers create three branches of government? I can understand splittin…[View]
12425857Why I think The United States of America is the Whore of Babylon: >And there came one of the seve…[View]
12421176Dial U for Ustaše[View]
12425729How much did they change history?[View]
12424216Need insight on my results.: My results I am 1% Baltic Lithuanian and said I had early ancestors who…[View]
12425509Did war actually become less violent? During the middle ages the English took great pride in pillagi…[View]
12421518Why were kicking techniques not prevalent in western martial arts nearly as much as they were in the…[View]
12424872Thoughts on him?[View]
12426595what are the historical implications of culturally appropiating monke culture without ever paying th…[View]
12425634I'm making a game, what are the most interesting cultures you'd like to see in a futuristi…[View]
12420922What happened to the old european lineages? Was it genocide ?[View]
12423829wholesome 100 >tfw no christopher lee gf[View]
12421674American Monarchs: Came across Curtis Yarvins theory/observation that about every 75 years the USA e…[View]
12425849Why did the Germans treat the Polish fighters during the Warsaw Uprising as combatants, allowing the…[View]
12424111Civil war or second American revolution?[View]
12419295What went wrong? They feared white warriors?[View]
12425825He was guilty: “Don’t mind me! Just on my way to plot to destroy the USSR!”[View]
12425523Meds are historically a buck broken race: >Greeks Much whiter today due to Slavic paternal haplog…[View]
12423805When and why did Russia become the Antagonist of Europe?[View]
12425617WTF is this true?[View]
12424260Novgorod is the one to unite Russia: How does this change Russian history? Does the more republican …[View]
12425458>Could an omnipotent being create a stone too heavy for it to lift? More generally, could an omni…[View]
12425689Wtf is sphere sovereignty?: I understand it's supposed to be about division of power, but how w…[View]
12424041The Police historically in almost all societies seem to target and silence the minorities within the…[View]
12425316Public torture and execution was a method the sovereign deployed to express his or her power, and it…[View]
12419545Why has the US not annexed all of it yet?[View]
12424065english parliamentary victory over all other protagonists[View]
12425362The great debate[View]
12423630Why did Germans blame their Jews for stabbing them in the back instead of Italy, who literally betra…[View]
12424278Why are we so obsessed with them? They literally did nothing but conquer and enslave white people. G…[View]
12425552>Creber in oratione pervigilabat corpus attenuabat jejuniis mulierum consortia quasi pestem fugie…[View]
12425415Pearls before swine stories: >going to the gym >show receptionist my vax certificate >'Do y…[View]
12420500The more I read about China and it's history and culture, the more I realize that Second Sino-J…[View]
12425479Armenia used to be based, why did they start sucking Russian cock?[View]
12418655Progressive christianity is the future of the church: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iN_f-hlf_1I…[View]
12425401Philosophically, what is the difference between mentally ill and plain eccentric?[View]
12424190>CNN and Gallup polls in the immediate aftermath of the Waco siege found that the American public…[View]
12424660Japs are the Anglos of the East: History is a long succession of nations being cucked by Jews and th…[View]
12424711Jack Leon Ruby (born Jacob Leon Rubenstein[View]
12423719>kills more white people than anyone else in history >becomes the hero of white supremacists…[View]
12425105>This is a man's world, this is a man's world >But it wouldn't be nothing, noth…[View]
12421380What are some stupid normie philosophical takes?: >IN LIFE THERE ARE WINNERS AND LOSERS…[View]
12417048>Zhukov requested the Soviet government to transport urgently to Berlin 96,000 tons of grain, 60,…[View]
12424438Prove to me historical materialism is false. Pro tip: you can't.[View]
12425383>Yersinia Pestis[View]
12421786Norse, Vikings and Scandinavians: Based or cringe?[View]
12422417This sure will stop those filthy Picts from coming over…[View]
12417774Let's talk about the Slavs. Where did they come from? What did their pre-Christian beliefs look…[View]
12425130What is the oldest recorded shitpost?[View]
12425168Is it a good book?[View]
12425072Why do ethnocentric Zionists claim 5 millenia of history when in reality they barely have 5 decades?[View]
12424939>its professional army vs ragtag militia episode gee, i wonder who's gonna win?…[View]
12422302Knights Templar: Best books on the history of the Knights Templar and why? Bonus for books that hav…[View]
12425064Hitler dood wat nou?[View]
12424480Collaboration with the Japanese: Did most of Taiwanese and Koreans collaborate with the Japanese? It…[View]
12422045Why nobody talks about the belgian revolution? It was kino[View]
12422826Serbs, Croats and Bosniaks: >same race >same language >same haplogroup >conduct ethnic c…[View]
12424858Why were they so ridiculously useless and incompetent in WW2?[View]
12423990>The only proper test of worth is the judgment of the consumer who actually uses the product. And…[View]
12418437Why the fuck the germans started WW1?: A fucking guy was killed in Bosnia and then austria declader …[View]
12424849>I-S25733 What's the deal with this haplogroup?[View]
12423201Why are most apostates always Shia?: Most of the well known ones in America at least are Shia, what…[View]
12424408Was there ever a religion based on conquest of power alone? Christianity is all for salvation. Islam…[View]
12424205Was JFK a good president?[View]
12424600>the Sino-Roman War never happened, stop making stuff up[View]
12424691I could've saved them[View]
12420390Why is Russia so absurdly big? Why don’t they share that land with someone with some other country o…[View]
12423275Former Senate Majority leader and Presidential nominee Bob Dole died this morning so let's have…[View]
12420920>there exists a master race >and it just happens to be my race Why are fascists like this?…[View]
12423344Why don't muslims believe in Jesus ?: You ruined my last thread so I'll ask again[View]
12417481Which irredentist movements in history were you most sympathetic to?: Germany and Alsace Lorraine or…[View]
12422739>thread asking /his/ about their grandparents >more than half the replies are people admitting…[View]
12422142Why did they fail?[View]
12423321He reports work on linguistics by Forster and Toth which suggests that Indo-European languages began…[View]
12422788There are no magically preserved books: >A symbol of a symbol is twice removed from the truth The…[View]
12423938Let's say, hypothetically speaking, I am a goy. If I married a Jewish princess, would that make…[View]
12421820Is the hollywood pop culture devil actually supposed to be scary?[View]
12424147Why are Atheists like this?: Serious question.[View]
12420420Israel vs Arab: How did they do it?[View]
12421033>OH N-[View]
12421551>Comrade Anon I'm making you my new head of the NKVD! Whats your reaction?…[View]
12422358British History deadline without studying I am sorry but I am done: My god I have fucked up my studi…[View]
12420943/poly/theism General: This general will revolve around the culture, beliefs, deities and customs of …[View]
12421219Why are the Romans held in such high regards when Egyptians were building this 2 millennia before? B…[View]
12422321If Jesus isn't the son of God, why is he the most influencial person that has ever existed ?[View]
12423806Why did it take this guy 20 minutes to answer 'Do you believe in God?' It's a pretty straightfo…[View]
12424127FEMOIDS BTFO: https://wikipedia.org/wiki/Heracles >His fourth marriage was to Hebe, his last wife…[View]
12421341What was life on Earth like for people 50k years ago?[View]
12423907>drinks your beloved Fuhrer's cognac at his son's Bar Mitzvah What do?…[View]
12421707>God knows everything at once always >The Bible says God thinks…[View]
12424010Not sure I'm asking in the right place: I'm collecting sources for my study of the kingdom…[View]
12422896The Tree of Knowledge?: You know how Jews refer to themselves as 'Adam' and other races as not 'Adam…[View]
12423476why were so many members of the communist party in the soviet union such psychopaths?[View]
12423878Arabic Christian art is kino[View]
12423287Just a daily reminder that Japan liberated Asia from western colonialism: The atomic bombings were w…[View]
12420597Pope Francis in Athens >Paul synthesized Hellenism with Christianity >Greece is the birthplace…[View]
12422534Why do Pakistanis speak Urdu instead of Persian?[View]
12423768What's this woman's name?: I'm pretty sure it's someone who's name is commo…[View]
12423125Jewis hatred of fascism = their hatred of decency: >Fascism may be defined generally as a politic…[View]
12423696There are people living like the stone age, and amish live like the xviii century. are there any gro…[View]
12422758Why didn't the people arrested under the historic ugly laws that existed from 1867-1974 just ha…[View]
124233901996 US Presidential election: Let's talk about the 1996 US Presidential election. What could B…[View]
12420499Black societies and Violence: Was there ever a point in history where a community of descendants of …[View]
12421721>barges into Rome. >Jesus did it. >Refuses to elaborate further. >Leaves.…[View]
12405689Anna komnene: Translations when[View]
12423039Are Christian Missions trips just glorified vacations?: Stay in air-conditioned house with indoor pl…[View]

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