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6939800Is this part of where Odin gets his one eye from?[View]
6940890They killed hundreds[View]
6940760Explain the trinity to me. How come that God is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit yet the Fath…[View]
6940299was ADOLF HITLER also viewed as a racist and slammed by the german media ?[View]
6939810German anti Nazi resistance?: I read that the SPD and KPD actually got a bigger share of the German …[View]
6940725Need help: I'm looking for a place in the Caucasus that witnessed a mass emigration of Muslims …[View]
6940951Hypermodernity is out: New book from former Decline of the West host John David Ebert out[View]
6934269Is it true most of the important stuff in India's history happened in Pakistan?[View]
6940950>'the' 'holocaust' >not particularly unique >not a complete burning…[View]
6936566>is half-German >has a German wife >pathologically hates Germany and Germans, does everythi…[View]
6940201post your history feels: >tfw you will never get free state sponsored meth and kill commies, fren…[View]
6935549What was the most Kino peasents' war?[View]
6940847Hesiod here: Daily reminder: Do not let any sweet-talking woman beguile your good sense with the fas…[View]
6932359Historical conspiracy theories: Let's hear it /his/, what are your favourite conspiracy theorie…[View]
6939174I find the far ancient past so fascinating, It's always annoying that that's such an unde…[View]
6940678Manzikert: Why did this single defeat utterly fuck the Byzantines so much? They'd seen military…[View]
6940297What happened in world war 1 on the border with switzerland? Did the trenches just stop..? Were ther…[View]
6940056Demoralization thread: Post your best demoralization propaganda. Bonus points for pre modern era.…[View]
6932806Why is Corsica considered Northwestern Europe?: And Southern France too for that matter? Why associa…[View]
6940613Why the chinese are despised a lot since rhe XIX century?[View]
6934287What archetype does his philosophy fall into?[View]
6937948can someone redpill me on Pakistan?[View]
6939602Why didn't medieval France just stomp all over the 100's of tiny German states in the HRE?…[View]
6939104Why is there so little information on Ukraine during world war 2? It can be argued that the worst pa…[View]
6933606Thirty years war: Genocide the german Filth[View]
6936005Are there any traces whatsoever of the Afroasiatics who migrated to Europe 15.000 years ago apart fr…[View]
6934170Czechoslovakia: >Nazis invade Czechoslovakia >Absolutely nobody gives a shit >War is only d…[View]
6938596tell me about the spanish and richtugese colonies in south america. how did spain in particular gove…[View]
6940391Were his actions as Prime Minister useful in the long run?[View]
6933214Извинeтe, my name is Clitus, I'm a 27 year old American Companion (Macedon fan for you Persian…[View]
6937895Comrade generalissimo stalin discussion: Salute first[View]
6940262is pop culture a good way to get people interested in history? I've read three books about T.E.…[View]
6937643>Give a man a fish and he will eat it. Teach him to fish and he will be full forever. Rather pess…[View]
6926109How do you go from this....[View]
6939786Merovingian dynasty: Are the Merovingians the only line of rulers in Europe that vanished without co…[View]
6936119How likely would it have been that either Turkey and or Greece become Communist If they hadn't …[View]
6936442Which of the Italian Wars was the most kino?[View]
6938330How do you go from this...[View]
6937148It’s simple. We, ugh, kill the archduke[View]
6938926ITT: cringe historical moments[View]
6935117>Orthodox church >expansionist policy >Tsar The term is derived from the Latin word Caesar,…[View]
6935909Is it possible to argue against groups like Westboro Bapist Church from a theological/Christian pers…[View]
6939180How come that during the time in which Spain had a hold of its territories in America and parts of E…[View]
6939077Find a flaw[View]
6934561> Denounced Stalin > Released prisoners from Gulag > Increased freedom of information > …[View]
6923323Will we ever see anything like WWII again? The scale of the battles (especially the Eastern Front), …[View]
6935860Do white people really think that the Vedas are theirs?[View]
6937047POW/MIA - New DDR leads!: I'll try to keep my posts about POW/MIA down until I've got more…[View]
6937134The Cold War: In Homage To Catalonia, George Orwell wrote: >The only unexpected feature in the Sp…[View]
6939453What happens to me if I'm only 33% elect?[View]
6937006Comparing the 4th century Vulgate with 1611 KJV Bible it's interesting to note the King James e…[View]
6937243when did these worms come to balkans?[View]
6939367got a gift from coworkers, what am I in for?[View]
6937988Why didn’t Catholics voted for Hitler?[View]
6936734what the hell happened to the white male: How do we go from Isaac Newton to Donald Trump?[View]
6933310If Italian unification never happened, how would the 1900s be?[View]
6938267How would Plato's Republic have worked out in real life?[View]
6938842What are some examples of underrated empires from history? The Bulgarian Empire comes to mind Accomp…[View]
6938352The date of the attempt at building the Tower of Babel is not stated in the record. Genesis 10:25 i…[View]
6938737BASED: 'I know of no greater plague than this race, which on account of its deceit, usury and avaric…[View]
6939105>Be the inheritor of those radical puritans. >Start marrying gay couples, ordenating women, an…[View]
6938291what could have been...[View]
6938871The only evil is the belief that there is a such thing as evil. The apple Adam and Eve bit was the i…[View]
6939000>Be the eternal Anglo >Spend two decades pouring petrol at the feet of Europe >Be oppressed…[View]
6938749Archaeologist vs Historian: Archaeologist: Humm duuuuuur I be finding them 3 pots from the boog boog…[View]
6937369When and why did people stop living underground en masse, /his/? Catacombs have a long history, and …[View]
6938823>What if X won/lost Y so Z wouldn't happen >Z would have happened anyway lmao/can't …[View]
6935616why does islam have more in common with judaism than christianity ?[View]
6938778Was this shitty map shilled as the go-to for the layman just to make Canada and thus the Anglo Empir…[View]
6929700Is meritocracy a huge scam?[View]
6938463>Haunts Henry VIII into becoming autistic over an heir Based as fuck Dick III…[View]
6935981Is he good or bad?[View]
6937443where did french people get nose like this? Also I'm not french but I have similar nose. were …[View]
6937297LOL Geography[View]
6935721>Exodus 1:7-10 >And the Israelites became fruitful and began to increase greatly, and they kep…[View]
6938567Hey guys. We have new slots for isekai VR life simulations. Here's how it works: So, we'll…[View]
6937829>historical documentary >main characters side all have fancy clothes and live in beautiful pla…[View]
6934132Between /sci/ and /his/ I figured you would be the best place to ask this question. Between Economic…[View]
6938290Spanish Civil War: Why did the Moroccans fight for the Nationalists?[View]
6933978Music: What are some traditional songs from your cunt? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_6FbSHSbxg S…[View]
6938122We all know which historical figures were Instagram, the question is which ones were 4CHAN? >hard…[View]
6936665Why the fuck he has such popularity?[View]
6938404Friendly reminder Princess Birgitta of Sweden is the first trans queen in history[View]
693835850 years today.....[View]
6921096Pick two to defend you, the rest are coming to kill you.[View]
6936069Could the longbow pierce armor? Was the french just retards wearing all that armor when it didnt wor…[View]
6938130Ancient Illyrians and Iberians?: How did the Illyrians become Iberian? or is Trueancestry unreliable…[View]
6938305Phew... Israel dodged a bullet: https://www.israellobby.org/azcdoj/[View]
6936465Japanese Pilots in WWII: Can someone answer this question that's been bugging me? How is it one…[View]
6935557How well did the Ottomans do during WW1? I know that they kicked some British asses in the Middle Ea…[View]
6938272Hey /his/, did Celts come from Central Asia?[View]
6938110Another good fay in sight[View]
6933376why all our heroes are killers and stupid rapists?: why all our heroes are killers and stupid rapist…[View]
6937944>The Lavon affair was a failed Israeli covert operation, codenamed Operation Susannah, conducted …[View]
6937816What could have stopped Rome from going extinct?[View]
6937031Blacks were more educated during Jim Crow: https://www.ozy.com/flashback/the-segregated-black-school…[View]
6930665Why do Greeks keep insisting that Turks are actually Greeks and not Central Asian nomads who kicked …[View]
6937363Will Art Deco ever make a resurgence?[View]
6937766>N-no, Spaniards have no genes from Visigoths, nope.[View]
6937128Is 'war crimes' the most hypocritical and cynical concept ever created?[View]
6933678What was WW1 eastern front like?[View]
6930874What are some of the greatest crossovers in history ?[View]
6934316Operation Barbarossa: Could they have done it?: Let's say Britain, France & USA stay out of…[View]
6934621Black Death Thread: What were the cultural consequences of such a devastating plague on European cul…[View]
6934317Historic redemption arcs: Wilhelm Canaris >Complete supporter of Hitler due to reinvigorating Ger…[View]
6937028what the fuck dominiggers?[View]
6937096How would sub-Saharan Africa have develop if it was never colonized by Europeans or Middle Easterner…[View]
6936885>British >army[View]
6937551I like boats: Post boats and their history (if you know it)[View]
6937686Imagine... a world where William Henry Harrison hadn't been taken from us...[View]
6924584How come the vikings did so terribly against the Celtic peoples in the British Isles? Did they fear …[View]
6937080How hard was it for Italian and Irish immigrants to integrate into WASP 'culture'?[View]
6937285Can non-Southern Europeans take pride in Roman/Greek achievements? I frequently see people of white/…[View]
6934385You can thank me now.[View]
6937245Looking back at history, and from a geopolitical point of view, what are the pros and cons of a more…[View]
6937392Ladies and Gentlemen, The face of the Ancient Church![View]
6937214What was the most dramatically over-the-top suicide in history?[View]
6926377I was born in the wrong timeline: >you will never be like your grandfather who stormed island aft…[View]
6932526Why is he idolized so much? He wasn't a very good king. Is it literally just because of Bravehe…[View]
6936986it's not up for debate that the battle of the Philippines was lost before it began for the Japa…[View]
6936733What’s the most effect on history done by someone who basically did nothing?[View]
6933121Would you die for the King?[View]
6933143Is peace impossible?: History is full of instances of conquest, displacements, genocide and mindless…[View]
6932846Happy Bastille day /his/! Who is your favorite French revolutionary?[View]
6933441Tell me about Goebbels. Was he truly a mastermind, a genius, a pioneer of his craft?[View]
6936985>that time he met a woman at some dinner and a few hours later asked her to marry him despite her…[View]
6936971>Greeks must be destroyed[View]
6934607Why did nobody try to stop british conquest of india ?, there must have been some concern over captu…[View]
6936770This board is shit and the posters in it are watery shit. You faggots aren't here to learn anyt…[View]
6936818Any good books about the history of this region? IIRC I think it's called the Hindu Kush? Speci…[View]
6934694How legit is this book ?: Was the I.G. Farben industrial complex near Auschwitz really an uranium en…[View]
6928128I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
6932807Are there any islamic experts on /his/ ? Quran 4:24-25 and quran 24:32 say that muslim men can marry…[View]
6935424What the fuck was their problem?[View]
6936226Louis IX: Was he the greatest King France ever had?[View]
6931903What's your favourite historical book /his/? For me it's 'The Travels of Sir John Mandevil…[View]
6921277Forgotten battles: What are some of the most forgotten battles in history (that still hold some sign…[View]
6935810how did he get away with it?[View]
6932615>Dude,can you turn around? >I think i saw something on your back.…[View]
6934877how did he keep getting away with travelling all over the place and starting wars?[View]
6936571Friend sent me this page. From which book is that?[View]
6936554R E M E M B E R[View]
6935667What are your thoughts on this book?[View]
6933252Woah so it seems Thor the Norse God originated from Vedic India...[View]
6932939Who is /his/'s favorite ancient ruler?[View]
6935963So is there really pure non mixed indigenous people from ancient civilization like Greece and Persia…[View]
6936255Evil God Thread: Anon why do you think the Christian God is a good being? >Created the universe …[View]
6934264>ywn get to personally hang any of them up on a tree[View]
6927791Black identity crisis?: Why do Black Americans and Carribeans constantly appropriate this history of…[View]
6935877What would have been some key points concerning the logistics and settlement of Eastern Europe?[View]
6934394What the fuck was going on in the German royal court before WW1? 'Other antics of the Kaiser include…[View]
6928163What are some other examples of suicide soldiers throughout history?[View]
6935561So can someone give me the quick rundown on the Venetians? I see them talked about and meme’d about …[View]
6935979loyalists accounts of the Anglo-Irish conflict: Greetings /his/ I am an aspiring academic and recent…[View]
6935815Did the average person in say 10th century Cordoba have it better than the average Roman in the late…[View]
6932029/his/ BTFO - > > >: So, /his/torians I am studying French these days by reading History Wik…[View]
6930667what would hitler say about this if he was alive at the moment?[View]
6936012Are any of his books actually worth buying?[View]
6935578ISLAM was the BLACK MAN's religion originally: >There came a Bedouin to prophet Muhammad (pb…[View]
6935321Why God, why, why torture an innocent and pure soul with such monsterous body?[View]
6933305When are we gonna finally put this borderline Hallucinogenic fallacy that we're all the same ra…[View]
6924545>Franks >Saxons >Germanii What's up with Germanic tribes naming themselves after weapo…[View]
6934409What did Lenin mean by this?[View]
6930715>More nazis in the West German justice system in 1950 than during the third reich >Denazificat…[View]
6921379Is this true?[View]
6927177Holy shit this is sad.[View]
6933490My mom bought me this. It is any good?[View]
6933622When and how did Mongolia become militarily irrelevant? We all know when the empire contracted from …[View]
6934762why do capitalists claims that capitalism is the morally good only solution?[View]
6929883Yörüks: Who the frick are these people?! I know nothing about them. https://vimeo.com/176330375…[View]
6934990The Mosaic law makes 100% sense and I wish Western societies applied it[View]
6935669How can one man be so based?[View]
6928952Imperial Japan Alternate timeline: Eastward Expansion: Hello /his/, I was wondering why Imperial Jap…[View]
6934736Is he the greatest R*man slayer ever?[View]
6935429>called 千島 (Thousand Islands) in Japanese >there aren't even 60 proper islands in the cha…[View]
6935012Tell me more about this /his/: What was the interaction of Greeks and Indians like?[View]
6935526Here are your lost tribes of Israel bro https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haplogroup_G-M377[View]
6935507Roma Invicta![View]
6924583Winter War: Why do Finnish people hype it so much?[View]
6935444What the fuck did he mean by this?[View]
6934265Were the opium wars the reason behind the downwards spiral of China?[View]
6935033Was 'Roma' pronounced as 'Ruma' in classical latin? In my dialect we say Ruum/Ruman to say 'Rome'[View]
6935406Alex just wanted to see okeanos...[View]
6934637Why did they call it the 'Holy Roman Empire?' It wasn't Holy, and it CERTAINLY wasn't Roma…[View]
6935070Von Kluge, the greatest traitor of WW2?: Field marshal von Kluge, Went against Hitler orders during …[View]
6932260How surprised was she when she was executed by the Bolsheviks? Do you think she had any final though…[View]
6929982/christian/ General: Here we discuss everything that has to do with Christianity. All denoms welcome…[View]
6935101Were atheists always cringe and socially awkward?[View]
6930037My Turkish friends tell me that Turkish colonization of Anatolia was justified because Greeks conque…[View]
6932988How would a debate between them go down?[View]
6926671This guy was the director of the Gestapo during almost the entirety of World War II (27 September 19…[View]
6935159how come all the cute girls in history had to go out early[View]
6935076Is it true that Marx's work was ghostwritten?[View]
6933482I remember reading somewhere years ago that the Incan festival Inti Raymi was performed so the sun w…[View]
6934551>Here's the story of Rhodesia, >A land both fair and great. >On 11th of November, >…[View]
6934716Nazis were the good guys[View]
6934925Beyond Good and Evil meets the SJW: Nietzsche talks about cause and effect in (21). He makes the obs…[View]
6934452Otto Skorzeny killed JFK: Did anyone read book related? Does it provide good points and evidence tha…[View]
6934810Oda Nobunaga: Redpill me on this guy? Why is he so famous?[View]
6934994I wonder if his britbong relatives called him Stumpy[View]
6919366Why continue to procreate and overpopulate the earth if you can easily adopt a child?[View]
6930416Slavery seems intuitive, I mean free labor = benefit for society right? But it's actually reall…[View]
6910341ITT: post the funniest propaganda posters[View]
6924954What the f*ck went wrong /his/bros...[View]
6934177The average Greek has sex 168 times a year, more than any other country on the planet, are Greeks th…[View]
6934707>Mr Premier, the Chairman ordered us to start destroying historical monuments again…[View]
6931803What happened to the patagons? IIRC the one who were brought to Spain by the conquistadors died and …[View]
6933061Debating Atheism/ Adeism: 'But I don't see any evidence of God(s) or a supernatural deity.' Sci…[View]
6934579Are you ready for the inevitable collapse of crapitalism and advent of the new world? Any day now.[View]
6930201JUST WATCH ME[View]
6934350WWII Lasted a total of 6 years. Assuming that Hitler started gassing Jews since day one, that makes …[View]
6930235Name a more well written anti-hero in history than pic related.[View]
6933538>Plato's Republic is an utopian work how can western brainlets fail to realize Plato is mock…[View]
6933350What do Italians think of Emilio De Bono?[View]
6930342Shilling: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6fUK7e1-0g&t=16s Rate my Punic Wars documentary…[View]
6932616What says here? Please help me[View]
6933795Why do we mistreat clit-boys?[View]
6930791STOP saying Viking didn't have horned helmets You CAN'T prove at all they DIDN'T Abse…[View]
6931206Is ‘Manifest Destiny’ just America’s ‘Lebensruam’?[View]
6932773How many jews really died during the hitler era?[View]
6933779Why did he hate the Jews so much?[View]
69335925th amendment: 'nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself' Can s…[View]
6933696ITT: historical quotes that were later proven right by the state of the world in 2019[View]
6934049Just read this. What did I think of it?[View]
6933382Did World Wars contribute to the end of European colonialism?[View]
6933387Why do a lot of older black Americans have nostalgia for the 1970's specifically, /his/? The 70…[View]
6931622Historical political comics that aged horribly[View]
6933755Historical (in)accuracies in movies, TV, games, books, etc. Is it really a big deal?[View]
6933742This man was Asian.[View]
6930467>Catholics crusaders could recover all the land that muslim conquered >Orthodox couldn't …[View]
6933722Countries that have fought each other throughout history[View]
6933577Was WW1 the most retarded major war ever? The whole world killed itself for fucking SERBIA[View]
6933707Discovery of Lamborhinis at the battle of Jericho??: Could this have been how the walls were taken d…[View]
6933040Why did so many people follow him if he was such a bad person?[View]
6933228Do We Force Other Countries to be Terrible?: Subject is a bit vague so let me explain Do we force co…[View]
6931915>prominent narrative develops for years about how the U.S. exaggerated enemy casualties in Vietna…[View]
6927561How Roman was the medieval eastern empire? I know they called themselves Romans and identified as su…[View]
6931964For me? It's Imperator Caesar Lucius Aelius Aurelius Commodus Augustus Herculeus Romanus Exsupe…[View]
6933520What would have happened if UK and France nevera declared war on Germany after they invaded Poland a…[View]
6930947How was Mao able to switch between genius and brainlet all the time? Seriously, he can have a genius…[View]
6933481Who are some unsung heros of history?[View]
6933260What would happen if Iran regained its true extent? Would it be a massive smart villain like Russia …[View]
6929799thoughts on this guy?[View]
6927965Tell me about the Iran-Iraq war.[View]
6933056I don't get it: The Austro-Hungarian Empire: Can someone help me see the appeal in the history …[View]
6933180Damn... I didn't know that[View]
6933107What is this symbol?: It was on the neck of a guy at the club who spoke in broken English (he may ha…[View]
6932851Epic moments in Indian history?[View]
6933130Gnosticism: So what is gnosticism anyway? Is it it's own thing or an offshoot of Judaism and Ch…[View]
6933259What historical factors led to Gabon and Botswana to be the 'best' sub Saharan African countries?[View]
6932949The Ogaden War of 1977: Well, /his/? Was it justified?[View]
6932724ITT based biopics: Just finished John Adams and i need more biopics to watch. Bonus points if it’s h…[View]
6932981What are you reading /his/? >pic related for me[View]
6931006At what point does racial equality and tolerance become naivety?[View]
6932834Pagan thread: pagans only, no abrah*mics allowed[View]
6932718Why is it that back in the old days they used to dress all small children like girls?[View]
6931527Roman emperors: Why the fuck were so many of them called Flavius on top of everything else, was it r…[View]
6931250The American holocaust of bombs: R E M E M B E R[View]
6930331ILLYRIA THREAD: Anything Illyria related welcome!! to start with some discuission here are two quest…[View]
6932819>Carthage must be destroyed >Cabbage must be eaten…[View]
6932762What exactly were Asians thinking when they decided to embrace a nihilistic suicide division of Hind…[View]
6929929>From the mid-1930s a series of decrees aimed to strengthen the Soviet family: the divorce laws w…[View]
6928426Fall of the USSR and Boris Yeltsin: Did the US engineer Boris Yeltsin's ascension to power when…[View]
6931694the world in the 13th century: Rank each kingdom/empire/country by civilization level.[View]
6931725What do modern day religious people think of ancient or dead religions like the gods the greeks pray…[View]
6932689Historical spread of Buddhism: How was Buddhism spread throughout Asia? Were there forced conversion…[View]
6932665Did the CIA weaponise identity politics (second-wave feminism, black power, LGBT rights) in the 1960…[View]
6930817Does anyone know what this object could be? It was found today near the old Italian military airfiel…[View]
6931706How, and why, did the term 'Hell' come into practice with the meaning that it now carries? Wikipedia…[View]
6932383Did he really rape and murder girls in Moscow? Was he pretty much a serial killer?[View]
6930347From a fashion perspective, which is your favorite period in human history? I personally really lik…[View]
6923401Was the creation of pic related the greatest mistake in european history?[View]
6930773Is monarchy the ultimate form of nepotism? Why historically people view nepotism as bad, but monarch…[View]
6932428Does the Polish-Soviet War count as a successful invasion of 'Russia'? The Poles controlled not only…[View]
6932384Mormon: Hey all, I have an old mission companion named Carson O. Kimball who will be having a live s…[View]
6924716Why didnt we just Carpet Bomb Vietnam Germany/Japan style? Pic related acheived a hit ratio of somet…[View]
6932251Do you realise how many bodies were chopped up in order for this image to exist?[View]
6932291caption this image[View]
6932000Who was the second in-command in Fascist Italy? Who would have succeeded Mussolini? I know the usua…[View]
6932249*Blocks your path Where do you think you're going, captain hook?[View]
6931447Political compass/values thread: I’m posting on here and not pol because I don’t want wignats and an…[View]
6931120What happens to normal civilians in a foreign country if their countries go to war? Like what happen…[View]
6931311Were their any Instances of British officials in British Raj converting to Islam or Sikhism[View]
6932097How can a single man be this based?[View]
6927938Is there any mention of downies throughout history ?[View]
6929804Basque mitology: What do we know about it? What knowledge of it remains?[View]
6930505What attitude did Napoleon have towards Protestants?[View]
6931383Why did Benjamin Franklin think all Germans and Swedes were a swarthy dark people? Was he smoking cr…[View]
6924397Soviet Boomers: I know Western Boomers get a bad rep on 4chan, but what about the western equivalent…[View]
6929190the one two of why rome fell in terms of military history: Teutoberg & Carrhae are the only reas…[View]
6931512Leaders who came to power by sheer chance.: 'Since all generals stationed in the capital who did not…[View]
6931786Serious answers only: So did the Islamic golden age exist? No shit like >Hurr durr they were ethn…[View]
6931828What would he think of Russia and its society today and what would he think of president Putin?[View]
6931441war: >be me >hear about raiding 9asr ry2esy >start dreaming about gaining a lot of money an…[View]
6931268Find heaven in hell and stop believing in god[View]
6930741>right winger or commie fantasy map uses words like 'protectorate' and 'autonomous zone'…[View]
6929452The miracle of the Catholic Church is that despite bad popes (like Borgia or Boniface VIII) they nev…[View]
6930062The Pharaoh of the Exodus is confirmed to have been Ahmose I Which means the mummy labelled as being…[View]
6929713What do modern day Brits think of Cromwell? Is he considered a hero, a traitor, a hypocrite or somet…[View]
6930549How accurate is this?[View]
6931438Why did hats got out of fashion despite dominating for a good bit of history?[View]
6922436How come Hitler never had a wife or children?[View]
6931720What the fuck is their problem?[View]
6927086Was Rome sexist for it's time?: I tried telling retards on /v/ that Rome wasn't a very sex…[View]
6931286ITT: We station imaginings of where time is as if prior the (a?) Large amount if flowing ocean[View]
6931603The Irish Crown Jewel Theft of 1907: Today, we’re talking about the Mystery of the Irish Crown Jewel…[View]
6931040Levitical law?: As christians, do we have to follow all of the levitical laws. Stuff like crossdress…[View]
6931519How was he so right about everything?[View]
6930873Did the haber-bosch process save humanity?: or did it doom humanity to a world of overcrowding and s…[View]
6930964>in law school >have pic related as phone background >gf says “how come you have Caesar a…[View]
6930930ywn taste gaullic corn[View]
6929795So, was Versailles *actually* too harsh or is this a pop history meme? This has always seemed counte…[View]
6931356>”among other things we created a dog with a voice box; we did not like it’s personality and dest…[View]
6923491Here's your capitalism, bro[View]
6929576Philosophical question: Let's say we built this digital world to escape from our own. Would the…[View]
6931302Billy the Kidd and Ned Kelly now swap places. How different is history?[View]
6929714Do white people really think they wrote the Vedas?[View]
6930293Find me a more based historical figure, I'll wait: >Incredibly skilled as a general >Conq…[View]
6930888>Turkey had a lower population than Romania in 1920[View]
6927330Was Abu Bakr a usurper?[View]
6926916Why didn't he ally with Russia?[View]
6925407Is it true that most medieval sailors couldn't swim?[View]
6929316Kingdom of Caledonia: Alt history thread? Post your favorite alt history scenarios. >The Kingdom …[View]
6930095Did you know Jafar was a real person ? He was a Persian vizier of the Arab Abbasid caliph Harun al-R…[View]
6929372When discussing the siege of Leningrad, why do people never mention that Stalin gave orders to shoot…[View]
6923961Greatest bromance in history? David and Jonathan? Achilles and Patroclus? Alexander and Hephaestion?…[View]
6927842Why did the Great Powers in 1921-23 allow the Turks to conquer Smyrna and expel all the Greek people…[View]
6930789>Promote and fund degeneracy in enemy's country >A few decades later all of that is broug…[View]
6930824What are the best REDPILL/OBJECTIVE/INFORMATIVE: history books, that you can recommend? Mainly ancie…[View]
6927050What are some of the most craziest architectural plans that probably never happened[View]
6929781Sweden Destroyed the German Empire: Thirty years war thread Or as we call it The Crusade on Germany…[View]
6930482Why was pre-silk road China more advanced then 1800's Sub-Saharan Africa?[View]
6929757Why would an omnipotent, omnicient God, who demands nothing less than perfection from humans (since …[View]
6928012So does anyone have a criticque to any point he presents at all?[View]
6930318Why was he so autistic?: >Kim Jong Il had a reputation for being almost comically incompetent in …[View]
6929587whats the endgame of the functionalist pathway?[View]
6926914Did the Anglo-Saxons migrate all the way to Britain at least partially because NW Germany is so floo…[View]
69291072019... I am forgotten...[View]
6930643How badass is the real Cao Ren?[View]
6919110Bad Map Thread: Post your worst maps. Try not to post meme maps but stuff like really bad maps in te…[View]
6921704Is Islam the enemy of Western Civilization?[View]
6930040Why didn't the iranians convert to christianity ?[View]
6930011What is turkish and mongol mythology like? What are the recurrent themes and motiffs?[View]
6926699post /his/toric waifus[View]
6929698Why didn't Ethiopia get both Somalia and Eritrea or just get Somalia while Eritrea gets to stay…[View]
6929508Can God change His mind or would this violate His immutability?[View]
6930333Lets settle this once and for all:: Aesir or Vanir, who was right?[View]
6927038What was the Mali empire? what did they produce, what did build?[View]
6925399How did finns lose the swedes when they were so big?[View]
6927276>Suicide is a mortal sin, one of the worst things you can possibly do >it denies you a Christi…[View]
6914788Who's the most based philosopher to ever exist? Hard mode: don't pick Diogenes. My pick is…[View]
6930129/his/ do you agree with this?: Marcion was well-known for preaching that the god who sent Jesus into…[View]
6924148Why do people circlejerk Japan? They've only become relevant in the last 600 years just like Ge…[View]
6926618I miss this little nigga so much...[View]
6929634Do you think he was legit or a fraud?: Did he legitimately undergo some kind of revelatory experienc…[View]
6926629>The CIA and other western inteligence services sucessfully topple multiple evil communist regime…[View]
6926750Roman Kingdom: Why was the Roman Kingdom more stable and well organized compared to the Republic and…[View]
6929889Aside from an impressive military, what did the Swedish empire provide to the world? be it culturall…[View]
6929613Why are there two gods of war?[View]
6910349What is your most hated historical myth? >ibn4 the Holocaust[View]
6926672/his/ humor: >WWII? Don't you mean the war of Polish aggression?…[View]
6928098>he who controls the past will control the future This is unironically bullshit. Nobody cares abo…[View]
6926889What are some (if any) legitimate arguments against democracy?[View]
6924267What's /his/ thoughts on this book?[View]
6928375Second Congo War: >tutsis have been ruling this region for centuries, despite being a tiny minori…[View]
6929656So what would have happened if Hitler had not declared war on the USA in December 1941? Would Americ…[View]
6929483What do you think of Stalin? Despite the horrendous cruelties and oppression, I can't help but …[View]
6929739What are some other empires with minimal positive cultural or scientific impact? All the important S…[View]
6928795Gods I Was Strong Then[View]
6929642>be patient and tough. someday this pain will be useful to you What did he mean by this?…[View]
6919727Nordic History: >Be me born in the Scandinavia looks up history of my ancestors and religion. …[View]
6929715Why there were Catholics and Turks defending Constantinople in 1453 but no slavs?[View]
6929536Can people be saved from religion once it corrupts them completely?[View]
6929607I just realised that throughout the gospels Jesus never tells a joke or shows a sense of humor, just…[View]
6925951The regions that are painted blue are the only african countries that build a civilization on their …[View]
6928337Post paintings of saints.[View]
6923338Stop going to school Kill your teachers instead[View]
6928466What's the best book about Japan's showa era?[View]
6929509Religion is a mental parasite How can humanity fight it?[View]
6928199Makes the Black Prince look like a bitch, prove me wrong. You can't.[View]
6929546Where can I check the vote results for Amendment XVII?[View]
6929373In the US law, what is the legal or ethical basis of minor's sex change? I'm only familiar…[View]
6928729Okay can someone honestly explain dialectics to me: I've been trying for quite some time now as…[View]
6929474How do we get those privileged Normans to shell us all 400,000 quid in reparations lads?[View]
6929472Tell me about the crisis of the seventeenth century[View]
6929360>Plato taught Socrates taught Aristotle taught Alexander the Great Isn't that just a bit unl…[View]
6927501Who were the best and worst Presidents of the United States? https://tiermaker.com/create/us-presid…[View]
6927415How non-russian whites were treated in the Russian Empire.[View]
6929103Could France have taken over the world?: If France took out Russia, Uk, Ottomans, Qing, and USA, wou…[View]
6927367>but anon, latin is a dead language[View]
6922783Why did after the storming of a city always a period of general lawlessness follow, where the victor…[View]
6928067Least cucked of the humanities?: Are the classics the least cucked of all the humanities? >No rel…[View]
6915358Sexual dimorphism in Nordics/Germanics: Nordic/Germanic females seem to have stronger jaws than the …[View]
6926626Deadhead girls: Every season the deadheads came through the neighborhood and some of the dead head g…[View]
6926702Second World War Could Have Ended in 1943 Had Allied Bombing Focused on Military-related Targets: ht…[View]
6926228>starting shit with major powers when your military can't even take on a french outpost or f…[View]
6928229To the communists on here who defend this guy: you know that being ideologically aligned with him wo…[View]
6922645Could Hercules beat up Jesus?: Or kill him?[View]
6922829What are the actual benefits that christianity brought upon Europe and the Western Civilization all …[View]
6928291When in history were the poor most punished because they were poor?: This is a quote from the book S…[View]
6923251Yugoslav Wars: What can you tell me about the Yugoslav Wars? It seems it was an inevitability consid…[View]
6929001>I hud yoh wotcheyn a mummey documentry anon[View]
6928858Alt his: Trajan launches a campaign into Parthia However, Surena is in command of the Parthian force…[View]
6926989why did the ancient greeks prefer small penises?[View]
6921520Sexual Slavery In the Ancient World?: In what ancient cultures was it considered acceptable for thos…[View]
6916262Is Capitalism Left-Wing or Right-Wing?[View]
6927736What did ww1 veterans tell their kids going to war in ww2?[View]
6927717>France and Poland signed a treaty of political alliance and a secret military agreement in Febru…[View]
6921472The Troubles: Who was in the wrong?[View]
6923289Irish famine: They live on an island. Why didn’t they just go fishing?[View]
6922105Was Napoleon French or Italian?[View]
6928174historically what system is better? senate, parliament and assembly vs king and his family French re…[View]
6927896BYE BYE NATURAL SELECTION: Bye Bye Evolution. You had a good run. Man has finally devised a way to c…[View]
6913498Name a single historical figure that embodies 'Mexican' more than Pancho Villia[View]
6927512F.R.I.E.N.D.S: They killed millions[View]
6928221>Yeah, I'm J2 haplogroup.[View]
6927118What would have happened if the internet and social justice activism existed in 100 AD?[View]
6927890Why didnt Africans die of European diseases like Amerindians did?[View]
6928122McDonalds: Born from a medic who lied about his age and served in the United States military during …[View]
6926832Origin of GOD: Is it possible that memories of parents coddling and watching over you as a child imp…[View]
6928101Paranoia: How do you keep a community from developing paranoia against a perceived threat without it…[View]
6928041When you see someone clothed in the skins of field mice.[View]
6923952Which is older, indus valley civilization or egypt ?[View]
6926452Explain yourself Muhammad[View]
6927704Tribalism in Europe: Search engines won't give an answer. When and what ended tribalism in Euro…[View]
6927829well yes i invaded eastern europe and france gassed jews killed many ussr and us soldiers doing th…[View]
6925846We a are all children of Noah Every race on earth descends from one of the families listed in Genesi…[View]
6921948Someone explain the Cuban middle crisis to me. >USA puts nukes in Turkey >perfectly fine :-) …[View]
6927793Helmut Kohl: Could someone tell me about Helmut Kohl and whether or not he was so terrible for germa…[View]
6923656Did people actually think the Irish weren't white? I've read Jefferson(?)'s letter wh…[View]
6927228Where did the black slaves come from to the American colonies/states? Also from how far inside the …[View]
6927504Of that Byzantine empire, the universal verdict of history is that it constitutes, without a single …[View]
6922920Redpill me on Great Tartary: Just what exactly is this?[View]
6917124Was miscegenation always see as a bad thing?: There's something primal about miscegenation. It…[View]
6927429what was his endgame /his/?[View]
6927425Does every european have at least one ancestor who was considered 'roman', in any use of the word?[View]
6922943'Varus give me back my legions(!)': memes aside, why did this trigger AUgustus so much? Did the care…[View]
6927120Do we know anything about the religious beliefs of the Harappan civilization?[View]
6927403>Roosevelt's New Deal legislation was all wrong: it was actually the biggest failure ever ex…[View]
6922526Could Bismarck diplomatically outfox Kissinger?[View]
6927065What's the essential /non-European Eurocentric/ history? >Sumerians >Egyptians >Babylo…[View]
6927081Were non italic roman soldiers (gauls, britons, germs) given inferior armor and weapons than italic …[View]
6917607Why did ancient Sparta fall?[View]
6927196How do you go: From this[View]
6916371>Representing himself as the provisional leader of Germany, he claimed that Hitler would be dead …[View]
6927135Is everything except nihilism just a cope? To me it's clear as day, there is no higher meaning …[View]
6923299Law School General: Because law is considered on topic. How many of you are in law school or conside…[View]
6926962ITT Facts that BLOW your mind: The fucking GREEKS still exist to this day. The fucking GREEKS who co…[View]
6927016>There is no fate. >God does not commit evil. >Man has free will; 'man has the free choice …[View]
6926653Nothing more to say really.[View]
6926890Isn't a warmer earth good for humanity? More arable land over the long run. People die in cold …[View]
6925614historical phrases that made you cry: Et tu, Brute?[View]
6922806How did the genocide committed by the IE on the WHG look? Did they seek out every family and slaught…[View]

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