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8784864what claims did poland have on western belarus and ukraine?[View]
8784989What kind of a name is Semyon?: American here who started reading about the Eastern Front in World W…[View]
8785840>Plot with Napoleon to overthrow your dad, only to have to abdicate to him as well >Have your …[View]
8781003Govida Jaya Jaya!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WA7TR7vE7lA&list=RDWA7TR7vE7lA&start_radi…[View]
8784719Death to Janies: ID this bls. >inb4 where did u got it from 4chan 0 related info…[View]
8785818Did they ever try to hold any white clay?[View]
8784388If in a monarchy it would be guaranteed to have a good ruler would you still choose democracy over i…[View]
8777889Name a more destructive generation than this.: They're solely responsible for: >the ''''cult…[View]
8777044Archers: How were archers used in combat? I've played a lot of Total War and those games imply …[View]
8783444what would be a more accurate title for the HRE? Italo-German confederation? League of fiefdoms? I c…[View]
8784218this kills the revisionist[View]
8785134Dogon people / Sirius: Tell me about the Dogon people, did they really had advanced knowledge of the…[View]
8782566>1832: The Greeks will never free themselves and create a state >1863: The Greeks will never t…[View]
8785517Could reincarnation be the reason for why there are so many people nowadays? I read that every year …[View]
8785867What would happened if Egon Krenz agreed?[View]
8785694i finished reading history. it's just wars and political schemes again and again. why do you fi…[View]
8785759What are you thoughts on history of space exploration or are such threads only allowed on /tv/ somet…[View]
8783245what are some historical examples of balkanization and how has it happened?[View]
8785777text-based turn-based world simulation of 1935: >Balance of Actions is a simple turn-based game s…[View]
8785647what's he thinking right now?[View]
8782016>Humans ate from the Tree of Good and Evil >Countless millenia later >Have not come to a pl…[View]
8781322how did russia lose to THIS? lmao[View]
8785743is this true?: why the fuck did klansmen support them, then?[View]
8783545>self-described history nerd >feel a sincerely sense of passion for said subject >and genui…[View]
8785719poesi: the monster hid in the mist The light turned out to be dark. The blind man's eyes open. …[View]
8785248> Starts WWI, WWII, Cold War Why?[View]
8785617Was it kino?[View]
8783643How good were the kings of the past at Geography?[View]
87810114chan survey: What do you study, /his/?: I'll start: Double major in mathematics and philosophy…[View]
8785625AI program to repair old movies centuries of black and white videos become 4K color: Recently, the f…[View]
8785115Ok Gumshoes, This question is worth 10 points. Hands on Buzzers: The Golden Pavilion Temple is one o…[View]
8785548*wins four landslides in a row*[View]
8785166Demiurge: Cringe or Based?[View]
8785439>going with this abomination instead of the stars and bars What the fuck were they thinking?…[View]
8783045Umayyad bro?[View]
8784786Are ancient Italians retarded?: >Invents pizza >randomly puts cheese on it >no symmetry …[View]
8783266Is there a connection between Anglo puritan values and the racial segregation that still exists in N…[View]
8785408Please help: I'm looking for painting that depicts a female knight/warrior saving young woman f…[View]
8785394Biggest goyim in history?[View]
8784600balkans: Hi /his/, I got deployed haven't been on in a couple years. Has the Balkan we wuzzing …[View]
8784341the USSR would still be alive if he didn't die and you know it[View]
8784126What if Labienus never betrayed Caesar?[View]
8784422Why Christian dont do prostrations in their prayer anymore? We muslim still doing it[View]
8785137Do you support Athens, or Sparta?[View]
8784559What would be the history of Americans strangling black people? Does it fulfil some psychological cr…[View]
8785270historical books: He was right wasn't he?[View]
8783655Why Did France Get Rewarded After WW2 While Doing Nothing?: France itself, did absolutely nothing du…[View]
8783061Why are they smiling?[View]
8780644Is there a single famous historical person outside of China who became famous cause of how good they…[View]
8781018/his/ book thread- what are you currently reading, lads?[View]
8784963Is it true that traditional human societies viewed outsiders as weird, ugly barbarians? Because I pe…[View]
8784862Why is Spanish more Arabic than Lebanese?[View]
8784934>every single islamic empire is a great center of scientific learning and cultural developments …[View]
8784951so why Mussolini hated pasta ?[View]
8784554Yeah, I'm thinking he's veryindoeuropean[View]
8783213I read a biography of Monash that claimed he was one of the main innovators of WW1. How true? What w…[View]
8781586Why were all his sons cunts? Except john.[View]
8784091Mao committed 13 holocausts: 78 million is equal to all of California, Texas, and New York City. And…[View]
8784639If caesar was a tyrant, why did he then pardon his enemies?[View]
8781698What if Argentinian Junta decides to take a not step back policy on the Falklands Islands and starts…[View]
8776587I can't wrap my head around how Napoleonic France managed to defeat Prussia in 19 days. Somebod…[View]
8784416is it me or were roman armies bigger during republican era than during empire era? did romans stop h…[View]
8779080Cool historical flags: Post some cool historical flags discuss things about them banners and other f…[View]
8784551I'm curious: >Be born in china in 2000 BC >Be located far from Mesopotamia and therefore …[View]
8775983Who invented it first?[View]
8784393Historically speaking, why have white people always been so hellbent on progress and innovation and …[View]
8784030Was Clerical Celibacy historically a mistake?: It has just made Catholics horny for kids[View]
8784645Is it true Gayus Jannius Caesar said Tuxpepii was the 'Bravest of the Shitposters'?[View]
8757639>child murder Holy... where's my fricking aztec funkopop!?[View]
8784122Today is the 922nd anniversary of the Siege of Antioch ending with a crusader victory. Say something…[View]
8784587Khổng Tư-Confucious: Is Confucious or Cofucism sexist in general? Don't know if a lot of Wester…[View]
8784548Does this fucking manlet hold the key?[View]
8784382I'm trying to find manorial court medieval records (or any medieval court record really) but th…[View]
87626691992 Los Angeles riots: >The 1992 Los Angeles riots were a series of riots and civil disturbances…[View]
8783233>Sumerians called Babylon Kadingira >Kassites calle Babylon Karanduniash thoughts ?…[View]
8782847Kino historical exchanges https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpG8SFT0N4A[View]
8784338Would the Hittites defeat the Assyrians if they allied with Egypt?[View]
8781039How accurate is this?: 'Why blacks deserved slavery In the year 115AD, the Jews began the Kitos War …[View]
8779852Name a person from our time that could have become a great general during antiquity[View]
8780829Is the Pyramids, relative to its time and how many people lived in it, the greatest undertaking of h…[View]
8780800Brezhnev: he was too pure[View]
8784292Are there any books on the history of electrical engineering and electronics? Less to do with the te…[View]
8783709How dumb is me getting a history degree? I don't want to be a STEMfag. I can't do math and…[View]
8783082>tfw you realize your unironic commie professor, wrote the text book you are using for his unit, …[View]
8783690did the majority of western people in the 90's (either conciously or subconciously) support fuk…[View]
8784067Historically Important Paintings: Reintroduced mythology painting and depictions of nudity[View]
8775356>has an affair with a Czech actress wtf? I thought Nazis hated slavs[View]
8783984Why were Monasteries changed to be places of hardship and work rather than chilling and scholarship?[View]
8780766When did the US have it's Golden Age and if it had one when was it and what did it accomplished…[View]
8779403Mein Fuhrer... Steiner...[View]
8782493What does quantum physics imply?[View]
8781029Psychologically: What is love and why is it not positive reinforcement?[View]
8783867Will Peter Turchin become a succesful prophet?[View]
8778328Hinduism is the father of judaism: Have you ever noticed that Abraham and his wife Sarah of the old …[View]
8781830greek civil war: who was in the wrong[View]
8781949I was just thinking about how Jesus on the cross with all the people that are torturing him and kill…[View]
8783459What are some notable European river battles or war campaigns involving rivers or lakes throughout h…[View]
8780507I'm building a fleet.[View]
8783765WTF went wrong?: I don't get it, can anybody explain this to me? Everything was gong great for …[View]
8783204>instead of creating an actual frontline, let's try to defend the entire lenght of our borde…[View]
8781443>how about another joke, mexico?[View]
8781954Historically, why is there relatively little commercial river traffic on the Amazon despite its imme…[View]
8780929Frederick Engels on the Poles: >The Poles have never done anything in history except commit coura…[View]
8782968was there just one delphi oracle or is it a job asignment that changed every now and then ?[View]
8782140Why did protestants reject monasticism?[View]
8782936/his/ related films[View]
8783631Who's your favourite historical fiction character? For me it's Karna, the flawed good man[View]
8777572Why did Cro-magnons have better weapons than Neanderthals ? What's the difference ?[View]
8783491i'm going to post this everyday until you remember[View]
8782101What are your opinions on this guy? In my opinion, he was a decent general (relative to the other 'g…[View]
8783170I see alot of people use the Boston Tea Party as an example/excuse to defend the looting and pillagi…[View]
8781620Who is Sulla and why is everyone talking about him now?[View]
8783539anthropology thread. main topics: > mythologies, rituals, the sacred and the sacrifice > value…[View]
8777404Japan is History's gift: Literally an island jewel. The ultimate accumulation of East Asian cul…[View]
8783439>The Spanish unconsciously transport a disease they had resulting in deaths of the native >NOO…[View]
8781872Gime ONE (1) single book written by a steppe nomad during the turkic migrations. Until then i won’t …[View]
8782741The Committee of Her Imperial Highness the Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna for the Temporary Relief…[View]
8781183Back when the US had slaves they would breed the men to be muscular. That said how come there were n…[View]
8778584what is third rome? who is third rome? why[View]
8783223>Can trace his blood lineage directly to Alexios Kommenos >Born from a political marriage bet…[View]
8782790ITT: Embarrassing moments of military cowardice >forbids his own men from trying to flee a clearl…[View]
8781741Is hypergamy real?[View]
8783263prisoner-on-prisoner violence in Nazi concentration camps: >be me >be listening to my mother t…[View]
8781069John Wilkes Booth vs John Brown: >First Round; 1v1 no weapons >Second Round; 1v1, Booth with h…[View]
8783235What does /his/ think of his literature and historical/ economic resource choices?[View]
8780873How was the US able to get it's citizens which included a lot recent German immigrants that Ger…[View]
8773606The burning of the library at alexandria was a good thing: The burning of the library at alexandria …[View]
8781459A more fair 'Treaty of Sèvres': Versailles is a joke when compared to the harshest treaty of the gre…[View]
8780104>person tries to tell me what Jesus taught >quotes Paul Why do christards do this?…[View]
8774561This book is a fabrication because Wikipedia and google says so.[View]
8782568so, did america ever get to do the other things?[View]
8782465Korean War: Why is the Korean War often left out or briefly discussed in History text books? It was …[View]
8779371How did the Assyrians avoid Arabization?[View]
8782929>I don't say much about economics in this programme. Chiefly because I don't understand…[View]
8782565Did the average English knight before the reign of Henry V speak French or English?[View]
8781491>Savages: >Savages conquered China (Mongols) and Egypt (Hyksos). These societies did not peris…[View]
8779550LONDINIVM. Home.[View]
8782048How did Rome fall?[View]
8780904What evidence do we have that civilization started with spices, herbs and mushrooms? Those plants ha…[View]
8781727Why isn't Lutheranism considered a 'via media' between Catholicism and Protestantism when it is…[View]
8781877is there a theological way to square my own abrahamic belief with my view that the roman empire with…[View]
8780824Naseby and the Alluring Baggage Train: >The entire Royalist right wing had been committed to defe…[View]
8771700Has anyone suffered more? Her picture haunts me. Poor girl.[View]
8780813Why do people here think that using Wikipedia as a source is at all acceptable? It just shows they…[View]
8782209You are Napoleon Bonaparte in 1801. All the armies of Europe have been beaten, and Britain herself h…[View]
8782071LMAO at Qin[View]
8781372Japanese War Crimes: How much is truth and how much is fiction? I don't doubt the raping and ki…[View]
8782110Hard Time Creates Strong Man: How true is this meme? Can /his/ makes example of it For me USA Histor…[View]
8782128Lord God, the father, we need you now more than ever.[View]
8782305Eastern Front: Fun fact: the 4 battles of Kharkov represented some of the USSR's worst loss rat…[View]
8780842Culturally, was 1969 the year that the 70s really began and the 60s ended? Things that were out that…[View]
8782245How repressive were states against protesters in the past?[View]
8779227Just a daily reminder that we won in Vietnam: We may have had to pull out because of media pressure …[View]
8779347Timur: What was his endgame? Was he a servant of Khorne?[View]
8779773Why does SPAIN always lose to MOORS?: How can a white nation lose that hard to african peasants in t…[View]
8779574>One account reports that Chrysippus witnessed a donkey eating some figs and cried out 'Now give …[View]
8780805'Learn from the masses, then teach them.' ~ Chairman Mao Zedong[View]
8781470>there are people who argue that Jesus didn't go to Hell If Jesus didn't go to to Hell …[View]
8779683The Cossacks: Who were they? Where did they come from? How did they live?[View]
8782012Is might right?[View]
8779545Name one person of note during the French revolution that wasn't totally incellic? De Sade was …[View]
8777153tell me about the history of predatory capitalism and neocolonialism. how much of post ww2 history c…[View]
8781579Please tell me one thing wrong that Emperor Showa did? Because there have recently been threads aski…[View]
8777501History of Egypt: Do if I understand correctly, the first Egyptians were divided into independant ci…[View]
8781899but undoubtedly very ancient, as we may judge from the fact that the divinities mentioned in it belo…[View]
8775534Battle of Bywater- what do you think about it[View]
8770731English Civil War: Why did the Cavaliers lose?[View]
8781827Medieval Writing: Where can be found a decent internet resource for medieval writing, or calligraphy…[View]
8779963Socialism with Chinese Characteristics as seen from Western Marxists: I've been reading through…[View]
8781445Is this a triangle? Strictly speaking, it doesn't have 'three angles', so it 'shouldn't' b…[View]
8781466What is your favorite piece of music written in the BCE? Which civ had the best music?[View]
8781575What is the best way to live to have nice mental health? Is it to be in the wilderness and scavenge …[View]
8780395Was WASPs allowing a Catholic president the beginning of the end of USA?[View]
8779558>mfw I realize there are unironic bulgarians browsing this board RIGHT NOW…[View]
8780474>Watching a video about the ancient /his/tory of a particular country >Scroll down >Every…[View]
8779568D-Day Anniversary: Is coming up soon. Happy 76th anniversary.[View]
8781243Why does Germany among all countries have such a long, troubled, tumultuous history with the Jews? W…[View]
8781342>First there were the Greeks, who created the basis of Western culture, and were subsequently con…[View]
8780503What is the most interesting revolution in history? What is a good book you'd recommend on it?[View]
8779525ITT we revise Versailles: So we all know the 'too harsh' was a meme. It wasn't harsh enough and…[View]
8777438what did tibet do during its brief period of independence during the interwar years and ww2?[View]
8769459Hm what else they could have falsified...[View]
8780941Was he really a good president?[View]
8780287are all distinctions arbitrary? i think they indeed are[View]
8771433During the Hundred years war the Count of Flanders sided with House of Valois. In retaliation Edward…[View]
8780201Phallic imagery throughout History: Post phallic and vaginal iconography. Why does this happen?…[View]
8781086Why was the Swiss Reformation so much more radical than in Germany (even apart from Calvin, like in …[View]
8779279The Glory of Rome: Is the highest calling in all of history[View]
8779215Why do Buddhist countries like Japan Korea China follow the teachings of a Poo?[View]
8778471Did she deserve it?[View]
8781332>western >civilization[View]
8781246What is the history of Mexico's criminal justice system? How did its evolution compare to that …[View]
8780836Consorts of the Sultans: Were any of the consorts ever Turkish? They're all Poles, Greeks, Vene…[View]
8776992Apart from him, which Catholic politician has been the most influential in US history?[View]
8780762Where was the german navy and the luftwaffe during the invasion of Normandy?[View]
8772392What do Indians think of Alexander the Great?[View]
8774025Why don't Muslims venerate saints anymore? I understand that the Wahabbis have declared it hara…[View]
8779734This is Woodrow Wilson. The 28th president of the United States. Say something nice about him.[View]
8781137Diocletian: How can one Emperor be this based[View]
8780313Why did the Canon of the Bible develop the way that it did? How did the early Christian heretics act…[View]
8776426America. The mere muttering of this name is enough to drive any German into a spastic fit. Americans…[View]
8780466i'm going to post this everyday until you remember[View]
8778078who was in the wrong here?[View]
8780370is there any historical descendant of buddha?[View]
8779052Name a greater outburst of manlet rage in the history of the world[View]
8780511Why do people make moral justifications for what are clearly pragmatic decisions?[View]
8778949>shopping workers around the world under the economic system of slavery = bad >shipping worker…[View]
8778889Is stealing from corporations wrong?[View]
8780699Transfer of Divine Priesthood: >Yom Kippur holiday (Day of Atonement) included the sacrifice of a…[View]
8778936what will you do when pentecostalism becomes the fifth mayor branch of christianity? https://en.wiki…[View]
8778475Did conquistadors have the greatest adventure in history?[View]
8775707Do you think America’s individualism is partially explained by the type of people who chose to Immig…[View]
8779167The judeo-christian roots of Islam: The Nazarenes were an early christian group. They were jews that…[View]
8779141Which is the superior capital city of Hell, Pandemonium from Paradise Lost, or the City of Dis from …[View]
8778958>the one man holding the w*stern roman empire from implosion was a german germanics were better a…[View]
8780629Amergur History Timeline (Repost): >First a land filled with Native Amergur Nigroids >Later di…[View]
8780602labour history: I want to get into the US labour movement history but I don't know where to sta…[View]
8774711agnosticism: Is saying 'the existence of god is unknowable/beyond human comprehension, regardless of…[View]
8780575Amergur History Timeline: >First a land filled with Native Amergur Nigroids >Later discovered …[View]
8780327Thoughts?: What do you think about it anons? Have you read it? Do you think he is right? http://thea…[View]
8780358From time to time there are book reccomendation threads here, but most of them pertain solely to his…[View]
8778128>Romans fight against people with unique and new tactics >adapt in less then a decade >Byza…[View]
8778137What were the actual diplomatic and social relations between the Ottoman Empire and India? The decli…[View]
8779893Do you have any old photos of family members? Here is one of my great-grandfather during a 1941 trai…[View]
8780340Why did the 'byzantines' and the bulgarians fight?[View]
8779699How does hedonism cause any harm to society, let alone make mark its downfall?[View]
8778097The Hamitic Hypothesis: Little warning. This post relies on haplotism as its smoking gun. That said,…[View]
8775305Who are the Gravettians ?? Are they related to Basques ? Cro-magnons ? Pelasgians ? Bell-Beakers ? I…[View]
8780040>France and Russia go to war with Germany in ww1, with England later joining >Kill millions of…[View]
8775871Was it common for a german soldier to show affection towards lonely female prisoners?[View]
8773277Thoughts on the Great War and its followup channel World War 2? I used to watch every video that cam…[View]
8778144Why was Emperor Hirohito let off after the war?[View]
8756185epic moments in the history of the chans[View]
8778109God it's so big. Why couldn't they have just avoided the completely unnecessary war? The e…[View]
8779097>preach about communism >take power >implement capitalism…[View]
8780217Was there any point in history when this country wasn't a shithole?[View]
8780188What are some lesser known instances of historical leaders using bunkers?[View]
8778746Why did Hitler like this dopey eyed fuck so much if it was he who allowed Lenin to go back to Russia…[View]
8775611If a non nuclear WW3 had broken out, how much of the Warsaw Pact would defect to NATO?[View]
8779561Christ Calender: Why is the worldwide calender based on Jesus Christ? Shouldn't we base it off …[View]
8773991Why is j*stinian's destruction of the ostrogothic Kingdom seen as possitive?: >Strong german…[View]
8780007the Borgia Dynasty: were they retards? or based?[View]
8779986Were the Romans coomers? How come they were so manly?[View]
8779940>First we will turn our attention to the divine world. In the Heliopolitan myth cycle, the world …[View]
8779679>Why yes, I do believe that America would currently be a much better place if Lincoln had never d…[View]
8779389Books or resources on the lifestyle and culture of the Greeks (and to a lesser extent the Roman empi…[View]
8779771The ARYAN and his QVAEST for the wheatfields, kvetch now CVCK. EVRPA RISES.[View]
8777476>hello my name is George >totally not Mars >i am George >trust me…[View]
8779473>tradition good But why?[View]
8779442UKSA wants to know the Year we moved from Mars to the new earth? Seeking day and month if any Histor…[View]
8774890Why did they do it? How could they be capable of such evil?[View]
8775876Would the world be a better place if we all converted to Juche?: Imagine if in the height of the Col…[View]
8779626Was rape treated as seriously as it is nowadays back in medieval Europe? Also, considering how hard…[View]
8778634Life As A Soldier In WW1: How was living like as a soldier in WW1 like? Just from reading stories, i…[View]
8776445Could a religion based on technology or technological advancement work?[View]
8779443>'people were so stupid back in the day. Believing in God and hell lmao' >still unironically b…[View]
8777546All-in-all, how would you rate Jonestown as a getaway resort? What kind of Yelp! review could one gi…[View]
8774167***zerg rushes with unlimited troops until you win*** ***outnumbers the enemy in every battle by 2 t…[View]
8776401Why is Canada barely recognized in WWII?[View]
8776376Howdy, Germanic servants! Check it out, I'm made of gold.[View]
8775227When was buddhism born ? A lot of sources give different dates Either 400 BC, 5th century BC or 4th …[View]
8775815>realizing that Nazi Germany was literally defeated by a global, multiracial coalition including …[View]
8777343Why didn't Hitler just genocide the 'undesirables' in his German, Czech and Austrian territorie…[View]
8777416Who’s your favorite Roman emperor? (Yes Charlemagne was indeed Roman. Whoever controls Rome becomes …[View]
8778586Mein Fuhrer... Steiner...[View]
8775278>criticize Carthage for rare occasional infant sacrifices >meanwhile widely practice infant ab…[View]
8777906Scotland Has the Best Poets and artists of any nation in Europe.: It is incredibly such a small nati…[View]
8771928If Hitler didn't derail Mussolini, he would have been the greatest statesman of the 20th centur…[View]
8779004>Germany launches huge invasion >decides to purge the Air Force Was it 4D chess?…[View]
8777179Battle of Jutland thread: 104 years ago, during WW1 the Battle of Jutland was fought (May 31st-June …[View]
8773459Early Universe: What is the history of the early universe like? What was before the big bang?[View]
8772942Uuuuh guys... I don't feel good[View]
8777667Titanic: Why do people feel a need to come up with elaborate conspiracy theories or at worst straigh…[View]
8778356Why didn't the prussian king accept the crown pf Germany in 1848? Seems stupid to want to keep …[View]
8778250Historical Pepes: Post all the historical pepes you got ok[View]
8777856Catholicism is the most successful religion in history: First off, i'm not Catholic and neither…[View]
8776463What made the Germans such a servile people during the war? Why did they follow completely insane o…[View]
8777890Was he really that great?[View]
8778413quick rundown on the mamluks?[View]
8774687Diogenes: Can someone help me understand why are so many people licking his ass ? He is a retard liv…[View]
8778544One of them is not like the others: https://youtu.be/hZDj-Qi3Dto https://youtu.be/e6pJbOUr0qE https:…[View]
8775377>Hear about a nations hero >he dies anticlimatically after doing one thing of note…[View]
8775248>X was Y therefore his argument is false Why is this such a prominent line of thinking nowadays?…[View]
8777601Based or cringe?[View]
8774660I am an expert on mahayana Buddhism. AMA.[View]
8776913Most historic church in USA: >Every sitting president has attended the church at least once since…[View]
8778449Brainlet here. Something I've never been able to grasp is militarily strategic geography. Why, …[View]
8777504Opinions on Zhukov?: Was he a genuinely talented general and field marshal that led the USSR to vict…[View]
8778511Atlantis - Lets settle this once and for all: For me, it's Rockall Bank https://www.youtube.com…[View]
8769736What makes the Celts from the British Isles so retarded compared to their Iberian and French Celts?[View]
8778220Post top 5 most influential Germanics[View]
8778146Which is better at revolution against modernism, Orthodox, or Islam (inb4 Sufis say any armed resist…[View]
8777989>WW2 happened because they punished Germans too harshly for WW1, destroying thier economy and tak…[View]
8777082Historical Root of Korean Identity crisis: Is the root cause of Korea's notorious identity auti…[View]
8777766Dark Triad: No psychology board so I figure this is the best place to put it: What does it mean if s…[View]
8776025Name 5 reasons why this is a bad design for housing people. Hard mode: name reasons not involving ae…[View]
8778376Best WW2 podcasts?[View]
8773791ITT: Muslims who will be saved. I'll start. Emir Abd al Qadr. Algerian Sufi and military leader…[View]
8778074how did they do it? did they invent aesthetics?[View]
8775287The Diodochi: Who was in the right?[View]
8777875What was the most highly viewed profession in ancient Egypt ? Scribe or priest ?[View]
8778099What went wrong during Balaclava?[View]
8777335>be irrelevant french count in northwestern france >decide to use your wealth to create a medi…[View]
8773179What kinda society executes its sick instead of treating them? Take Bundy as an example. >Was bip…[View]
8777619why was occupied austria not treated the same as occupied germany?: why did stalin let it go? it eve…[View]
8776412Explain this: Who owned what when 'empires' conquered something? For example when UK got Gibraltar w…[View]
8778112Why was the manlet just standing there?[View]
8778121I want to watch a bunch of docs, how shit is this service?[View]
8776815How accurate is this?[View]
8774200What went wrong?[View]
8776763Middle Ages non-Catholic Christianity: Tell me more about pre-Protestant movements in the Middle Age…[View]
8776635Why are there no good history books on this country? Surely it was an important player in European H…[View]
8776085How can Judaism be a real religion is they don't offer sacrifice anymore? Even their own Semit…[View]
8775283>Campaigns on a kinder, gentler America >Immediately intervenes in foreign affairs with force …[View]
8777660>tfw you don't live in a tribal society >you will never venerate your ancestors and ask t…[View]
8775319Roman decline: What did Romans (or Italians) from around 500AD to 1800AD, think of their Roman foref…[View]
8777602ITT: retards: >The acquisition of Canada this year, as far as the neighborhood of Quebec, will be…[View]
8776143please just give me ONE (1) scenario where they would of survived[View]
8771907Who made this ? Cro-magnon ?[View]
8775776Noah's aim: >Curse of Ham >Caused by Canaan [spoiler] _______(They don't tell us) [/…[View]
8770049Do you know what he did wrong? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.[View]
8777563>Really interesting story, but do you have some sources to back it up?[View]
8776190>dies >conquers the world There is no historical equal. Literally none.…[View]
8777018Why was Korean native religion some fringe primitive shamanistic practice while Japanese native reli…[View]
8774597“(The holy Roman church) firmly believes, professes and preaches that all those who are outside the …[View]
8776314Villains of History: Fill out this chart with villains of history. I have started us off with Robert…[View]
8777356>You will never participate in the greatest conquest with the greatest conqueror the world have e…[View]
8777112>you will never be a great warlord >you will never play a real life version of Mount and Blade…[View]
87772044th-5th Century Church of Gaul: What was the Christian church in Gaul like during the 4th and 5th ce…[View]
8775072Dragons: They existed, too many sources claim their presence in Europe.[View]
8756569ITT: Historical Facts that fuck with your perception of the historical timeline: Native Americans ha…[View]
8772888Dali Lama, Tibet, and China: 1) What was Tibeten society like when it was independent? 2) Has being …[View]
8775651> During the Middle Ages it’s thought that Muslim and Jewish scholars couldn’t determine if vario…[View]
8777376I've created the ultimate Eastern Front autism battle-box for all battles I could be bothered t…[View]
8776342Why’d do people think human morality=divine morality? Isn’t God ment to be an all-powerfull-all enco…[View]
8775159Pentecost: How's everyone's Pentecost going? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RecrGleLO3w…[View]
8776262Why don't modern day pagans try to revive the old Indo-European religion? They're all abou…[View]
8776705You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain[View]
8777007Why didn’t the senate just stab him lmao[View]
8776835/his/torically, what made bugmen ideologies like fascism and communism gain so much power during the…[View]
8775057Name one case where this wasn't true.[View]
8775389Anthropology sauces recommends? I don't know where to start, i'd really like to catch up f…[View]
8777168Was Yagoda right or was he an anti-Semite?[View]
8776244if humans were engineered to be slaves by aliens, what do we make of the different sub-human races?[View]
8776547do you think the allies did the same shit as germans in concentration camps or japs in unit 731? it …[View]
8776134The Palmer Raids: sup /his/ pill me your thought on the palmer raids and how epic it is that its all…[View]
8773821Was Soviet spycraft and intel gathering generally superior to its American/Western counterparts duri…[View]
8774345What does it mean that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob represent 'forces of nature' and also represent Isla…[View]
8776850Name me one(1)good /his/tuber apart from Lindychad and Strategy Stuff.[View]
8776713>'He-hey did you guys know in Ww1 America used trench guns and the Kaiser..' >'Anon, we'r…[View]
8775744Recommendations thread: Does /his/ have any recommendations of works on asymmetric/guerrilla warfare…[View]
8775381Separated Land: You see land separated from the main country on all sorts of maps, especially on ver…[View]
8776334Why Chinese costume look so different to Japan's and Korea's?[View]
8774775how did the ancient hellenes greeks became the byzantines ? >inb4 romans…[View]
8776087>constitutional monarchy Honestly, what's even the point of this?[View]
8752054/hist/ humor thread: Funny history memes. Go.[View]
8775160Need help with finding out what is this cartridge. Found it in central Poland, the primer is still i…[View]
8776633How would you have saved the Roman Empire?: Personally, I think the biggest issue was Rome itself. R…[View]
8775193>Reading history books about Imperial Japan and watching it just descend into fascism because of …[View]
8773963What is more based than biblical Christianity? >Gives humans hundreds of years to repent from Noa…[View]
8776515Chosroes just wants to reinstall the rightful dynasty back on the throne of the Romans but Heraclius…[View]
8772265How important was Lend-Lease really?: I've heard radically differing opinions on the importance…[View]
8775937I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
8768837ahem can we all agree that jesus was a schizophrenic just like mahomet and buddha?[View]
8776101How come multiculturalism and having many ethnic groups was the worst problem of A-H but Russia only…[View]
8775860>i don't like the bible because its the cause for all the wars in the world and has mean stu…[View]
8775644Questions on the dharmic religions How does the relation between the divine and the self work in dh…[View]
8774087Why did Westerners decided to help the Pharisees and Saudi Moslems instead of Arab Christians?: As a…[View]
8775373Now that the dust has settled can we all agree that: * French Constitution of 1791 was the best out …[View]
8768470>that guy that thinks having as many children as possible is the meaning of life because he heard…[View]
8771596Who are the best YouTubers to watch and podcasts to listen to if I want to get into world history?[View]
8773275Where does the Black Prince's reputation as being particularlly cruel and brutal come from? I a…[View]
8775620List of Alternative Histories: List of Alternative Histories, in Sport, and Politics. List of Leader…[View]
8775449What could the Union have done differently to not screw up the Reconstruction?[View]
8775269/his/torical photographs: Post /his/ photos and pictures. I've been saving up some good ones fo…[View]
8773213why were people so heartless back then? did they not value human life?[View]
8774543ITT: Battle maps with a short explaination: >French get absolutely BTFOd by Prussian cavalry unde…[View]
8775584I believe Úmar ibn al-Jattab to be a better conqueror than alexander the great, and the fact that we…[View]
8774920What About Those Who Have Never Heard?: Hello christians of /his/ I want to know your opinion about …[View]
8754903>tfw professor actually checks your sources[View]
8775559Is it fair to say Talleyrand basically ruined everything?: >be Talleyrand >get called geopolit…[View]
8772721chinese massacre in mexico: how come no one talks about this? this is a legit question. mexicans kil…[View]
8774328'Unconquerable' Afghanistan: afghanistan,,,,, the unconquered,,,,,,, well except by the Achaemenids,…[View]
8775285Provide me one piece of proof the dinosaurs aren't a lie, please? Im not joking here I genuinel…[View]
8774853Why did Gayreek women love the Norman BVLL? >This Robert was Norman by descent, of insignificant …[View]
8775119Historiography: I don't see historiography threads very often, however I think it was the most …[View]
8769866Why didn't he burn Berlin?[View]
8775228was he the devil?[View]
8775027Behavorial Modernity: Tell me everything you know about early homo sapiens, regardless of geographic…[View]
8774799Is ¨chaotic neutral¨ an accurate description of the angel of death?[View]
8774610This little irrelevant country is why 60 million of the bravest and best men died. Let that sink in.[View]
8775182>you will never live in a time where life was all about doing great things in society with your b…[View]
8775139>Greek city-states were only built starting from 1100 BC Uh ? Where did Greeks live before decidi…[View]
8774916I’m going to post this every day until...[View]
8774103We know that Europe was full of many black people throughout history. We know that all the leaders w…[View]
8773409>one of the most ancient language groups >invaded multiple times by indo-poos and s*mites >…[View]
8770112Is it true that half of Icelanders and a quarter of Norwegians belong to Celtic female lineages?[View]
8768790What pushes people to subscribe to ridiculous conspiracy theories like Flat Earth? Is this a specifi…[View]
8775043Proof is for fedora tippers[View]
8773563What does /his/ think of this book?: Was the defeat of the nazis inevitable? Did they really have a …[View]
8775010BENE BENE[View]
8774891Joseph McCarthy was right[View]
8771504Was the council flat a mistake?[View]
8774782what is philosophy?[View]
8774734>Christianity was pagan free before it got corrupted by Costant.... How can protestants even reco…[View]
8773171Ok let's settle this: Iconoclasm Or Iconophile?[View]
8774524>Murica: How come America has such a dysfunctional mutt attitude to 'Race' and has been spreading…[View]
8774008Hey guys There was a political theorist/philosopher who wrote something about how every fascist stat…[View]
8774797Give me the breakdown on the Armenian genocide? We have to do a paper on it but I just fail to grasp…[View]
8773640what was his fucking problem?[View]
8770756Does anyone else appreciate late Roman art? I know a lot of it is terrible, but there are plenty of …[View]
8773297>Thomas Jefferson: How come Current Year Politics refuses to publicly ackowledge that none of the…[View]
8774115*ruins india*[View]
8774545Post your favorite qoutes[View]
8755809Empire of Brazil: >Empire of Brazil What the fuck was that? Best resources/books regarding this? …[View]
8774017v: Where can I find out when, in Europe, different languages were adopted. In particular, I'd …[View]
8774415I just discovered that there is something called Marxist criminology. You can legitimately study som…[View]
8774237>Sulla was red-blond,[79] blue-eyed, and had a dead-white face covered with red marks.[80] Plutar…[View]
8768062If Catholics believe that they are the one true church then how do trad caths reconcile this with th…[View]
8774123They tell us that slavery was “abolished” in 1863. But half the country lives on 2-3 jobs in order t…[View]
8773568Why did some consider him a tyrant?[View]
8773843Why didnt Germany and Japan attack the USSR at the same time? This is why I think the axis was contr…[View]
8774406Based and /his/ approved channels[View]
8774395Einhard's account of Charlemagne is pure propaganda made for the benefit of Louis the Pious, no…[View]
8773927We can all agree that Hirohito should have been executed for war crimes right?[View]
8770753Is there any reason why the Catholic ritual of worshipping Wafer-God shouldn’t be considered idolatr…[View]
8772173what did tibet do during its brief period of independence during the interwar years and ww2?[View]
8772865Moments in which history had bad writing. Pic related is so ungodly cheesy that it would be relentle…[View]
8774253Was it after WW2 that Western Europe + Japan became American vassals?[View]
8773205What are the moral positives of Individualism?[View]
8774243.What if, may i kindly ask, Army Group B remained on the Don and didn't waste 6 months of vital…[View]
8773594Wjy christcucks refuse to accept that christianity caused the downfall of the Roman empire ?[View]
8774241Here’s my predictions for the future: I believe christianity would have slowly spread to every corne…[View]
8774043A man kills another man in cold-blooded murder. After serving his sentence, he returns to society to…[View]
8773071i'm going to post this everyday until you remember[View]
8774220>Catholics immigrate to my country because majority Catholic countries (Latin America, PIGS, P*la…[View]
8773290What's your philosophy on life? Why?[View]
8773158For what reason did Winston Churchill allow 200 innocent Americans to die on the Lusitania?[View]
8772102Did Charlemagne actually look like this, or is this coin just a symbolic depiction of him as the suc…[View]
8767790Why didn’t Poland become part of the Kiev Confederation?[View]
8774183Is it just me or does Polyphemos look kinda handsome? At least more handsome than I expected him to …[View]
8773558the DEAD MVRCHES of EMYN MVIL and DAGVRLAD....[View]
8770970What happened to the man afterwards?[View]
8771196Whats the proper term for a state that requires invasions and looting to function? Theres a proper W…[View]
8774086What if this actually happened?[View]
8774107where did ancient anatolians disappear?: do some turks perhaps have this ancient blood? of hittites …[View]
8771647Toltecs, what the Aztec wish they could have been[View]
8772926>communism is a serious ideolo-[View]
8774091>Shows the power of the crown by dancing as a sun and all the previously rebel vasal show their s…[View]
8771655Most Based Man Alive: Is there any character in history that could even possibly compare to the last…[View]
87711381920s Oral History: Did men in the 1920s eat pussy? Asking for a friend.[View]
8771828Why did she do it?[View]
8773472Endomorphs: Historically, was endomorphism a huge advantage? If the global climate gets colder in th…[View]
8773349why didnt anyone besides Europeans adopt plate armor en masse?[View]
8773092Gay in history: So Greeks were gay as fuck. But do we know anything about homosexuality further east…[View]
8767946Why did Roma betray Jupiter[View]
8769032Who are some other lesser known successful conquerors?[View]
8771348*makes lives of it's inhabitants economically and psychologically miserable and then dies with …[View]
8773462If slavery made America rich why was the North richer than the South? Why is Canada which never had …[View]
8769998Judeo-Christian is an oxymoron: >Judeo-Christian >judes killed christ >there is such thing …[View]
8773261So did the nazis actually shrink people's heads? Why were these displayed at Buchenwald like th…[View]
8773681Why were people in the renaissance more artistically talented than people who came before or since?[View]
8773343>'It's all the same; habitual by experience, ephemeral by time and mean by its matter. Every…[View]
8769564Are Pygmies Bantu or Khoisans that adopted the Bantu language ?[View]
8773099Violent Riots: What's the most violent riot in history?[View]
8771545Did Abraham Lincoln really have plans to ship slaves to Africa and British and Dutch colonies after …[View]
8771411This Book Ruined So Many Generations of Scholars: What are some books that can undo the damage?…[View]
8773028Karel the Great: What's his secret? Why was he so based?[View]
8771804Hobbes Was Right: APOLOGIZE[View]
8772250>Islam is the only true monotheistic religion. Christianity has this trinity thing. Judaism belie…[View]
8770813Was Bill Clinton a deep-state drug trafficker in the 1980's? Why was there so much weird/shady …[View]
8772604Why did nazis take minutes of the meetings in which they were talking about genocide?[View]
8772118Explain to me what happened to hitler’s brain during World War II >1938-1940 >Hitler is a str…[View]
8773484List historical people you have read biographies of. I'll start: Caesar Augustus Caligula Nero …[View]
8773295Why were ancient Japanese so perverted?[View]
8739724Transhumanism: How will it develop around the world? How will religions adapt to it? How will nation…[View]
8773043Who's the most respected enemy in history[View]
8760956What are the strongest points against historical materialism?[View]
8772044niggas sayin the burning of a target and houses is against the nap where in the history the destruct…[View]
8773167>Satanism has nothing to do with Devil worship. Get a fucking dictionary. Why do so many 'Satanis…[View]
8769458>Operation Northwoods was a proposed false flag operation against the Cuban government that origi…[View]
8772103nothing matters, prove me wrong[View]
8772047Was Eva Peron just a celebrity, or did she have real substance?[View]
8773326The Troubles: What are some good books/documentaries on the Troubles that I can read/watch, /his/?…[View]
8773072How long is it gonna take people to stop constantly wanking over WW2? We're less than 20 years …[View]
8772034Why I Hate Sakura: An essay series in which a Catholic man breaks down a popular anime hilariously a…[View]
8773258Was he right?: >In the longer term, the future of our Occidental civilization is endangered by no…[View]
8772937The Falklands War: How did this happen? How did Argentina lose so badly? They are like 5 times the s…[View]
8772297Which expedition/adventure was more kino: Alexander in Asia or Cortes/Pizarro in Americas?[View]
8773038Should've taken Moscow.[View]
8771960Does /his/ agree?[View]
8764786Why does the Igbo tribe hate Nigeria and want to separate away from it?[View]
8773067>throws his pipe to signal the start of the cavalry charge What are some other cool gimmicks used…[View]
8772538Riddle me this /his/ Lend Lease US ships $50 billion worth in 1940s dollars 20% of that goes to the …[View]
8771132Look at this stupid fucking hipster wearing a helmet like a hat.[View]
8771224The most significant development in Christianity over the 20th and 21st century has been the rise of…[View]
8772153Any others really well made documentaries like this?[View]
8772020When/where would be the best to be ultra wealthy?[View]
8772872Now that the dust has settled can we all agree that: * French Constitution of 1791 was the best out …[View]
8772701>The gilded youth led thousands of royalists to surround the Convention to protest certain parts …[View]
8772716>here's your objective senpai[View]
8770971What turned western attitudes against Germany during WWII? It seems the US, and even Britain and Fra…[View]
8770271/lit/ here. Wtf is this? I have no idea what he's talking about.[View]
8772331Hello /his/ What's a good book to get a 12 year old interested in history? I was speaking to my…[View]
8771986Best book on Napoleon?: I don't want to ask reddit. I know practically nothing about him. That …[View]
8766768>Most openly pro-western member of the Warsaw Pact >It's the only Warsaw Pact member that…[View]
8744219What's your favorite extinct animal? No dinosaurs.[View]
8772610Vigilantius VS. Jerome: Does anybody here know anything about a figure of the late 4th and early 5th…[View]
8766788atheists: yea or nay?[View]
8771041Were they German Spies?[View]
8772154I'm putting together a team.[View]
8770081Low Class Nobility: Question on Low Class nobility in the Middle Ages through into the 18th Century.…[View]
8772433Nothing exists. As a vessel for something.[View]
8772436Resources on the history of police: The other thread is pretty big and general, so pls post books, j…[View]
8770150Why does nobody know about this?: You can meet people in Europe or the West today (including USA/Can…[View]
8761530Was it justified?[View]
8769012How much damage has this game done to the way normies view history?[View]
8771627Best books on the French Revolution, specifically from the conservative/anti-revolution perspective?[View]
8770092Should I go to grad school for history if I love it?[View]
8772356Was Willard Van Orman Quine a pseud?: Consider this - Quine's philosophy is high-wire empiricis…[View]
8772262What could wrong in teaching supposed historical events with virtual reality?[View]
8769075Volhynia: Was it justified?[View]
8766420Why wasn't Napoleon anti-Christian like other revolutionary Frenchmen?: >After the battle [o…[View]
8772126Animal Ethics: Why the fuck should I care about animals? Legit, caring about human beings will enfor…[View]
8760569How do you deal with ethnic tensions in multicultural societies?[View]
8770494Why do people blame Christians for the fall of the roman empire, when they were both a small minorit…[View]
8772109What historical migration resulted in this 1944 phenotype in Germany?[View]
8771993What went wrong for our little man[View]
8763887>Taught the US has always valued immigrants and diversity >Decide to learn my nation's hi…[View]
8768398Protestantism was the first anti-christian revolutionary movement. Second wave: french revolution a…[View]
8772059>Goes forth to convert all nations Nothing Personal Kid[View]
8772055Martin Luther and Kristallnacht: >Martin Sasse, Nazi Party member and bishop of the Evangelical L…[View]
8768188Chibcha civilization: The most underrated Pre-Columbian civilization? Never discussed here, why?…[View]
8770712The Nazis are a lot less impressive when you find out they were constantly on the verge of economic …[View]
8769193This is DOUBLE JEOPARDY! /his/ edition: After an extended hiatus, we are back to our round of Double…[View]
8768919Was Ezra the Scribe a pedophile?: He routinely performed oral sex on children[View]
8771116How come none of them took the land despite them all fighting and in Siberia, Arkhangelsk, Crimea? F…[View]
8769004If Spain was still Muslim, would they be considered white/European?[View]
8769300just an accident bro.[View]
8771950Déjà vu[View]
8771908Biggest Retard: Show me a bigger retard than this guy...[View]
8769210Phantom time hypothesis: >The phantom time hypothesis is a historical conspiracy theory asserted …[View]
8766307How did they avoid getting colonized/conquered?[View]
8771879what do you think?[View]
8770937The Roof Koreans: We’re they justified?[View]
8760062Prison System: Why is prison nowadays used for punishment instead of rehabilitation? Look at Norway…[View]
8771622Why didn’t the Dauphin ransom her?[View]
8768809Why isn't communism as bad as nazism? They literally killed more.[View]
8771767Im converting to Judaism, I will become the Jews: After thinking for awhile I think I will be no pla…[View]
8769585I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
8767034Martin Luther King's Killer: I remember clearly from textbooks, documentaries and movies that I…[View]
8770997french, british and poles lost to this? how did that happen?[View]
8770515Edward the Black Prince War criminal or just a firm leader?[View]
8769285How did Samurai get their first sword?: I love watching history documentaries and how people of old …[View]
8771188>Commits the two greatest war crimes in all of human history[View]
8768875Help me /his/. I've been reading and watching tge whole day about lost civilizations and Hancoc…[View]
8771699Were they right, /his/?[View]
8771012Caesar in Gaul, an Satyr Against Germoid: Caesar in Gaul the race was short and stocky; it wore brig…[View]
8771241Is this Thomas Hobbes philosophy in a nutshell?[View]
8769554Recommend me some /his/ approved youtube channels.[View]
8771164Perhaps this is a bit more /x/ related I'm not sure I noticed that all the various crime syndic…[View]
8771159I've been reading up on Strauss–Howe generational theory. I think with this COVID-19 stuff ther…[View]
8767975You, a brother, is now Xuande Emperor of Ming. What reforms do you have in mind to save the Ming fr…[View]
8771382I've heard a little bit about postmodernism and I'd like to read postmodern thinkers. Howe…[View]
8771396What the fuck were they thinking?!: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dardanelles_Gun[View]
8768232Why were Gladiators garbage in actual War?: Was there any time in Roman history where deploying Glad…[View]
8768096Why didn't the Italians revert back to paganism: during the Rennaissance..... it was a relearni…[View]
8763722>Invents racial equality >Invents Human Rights >Abolishes slavery >Invents Sexual Consen…[View]
8770996Looking for some people to participate in my college study. I need some folks to respond to the foll…[View]
8767674The Children of Leningradsky: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5T_O-L5Mis[View]
8766548Why are captalist imperial famines ignored much more than communist famines?[View]
8767650Did the West have any chance to survive in the context of the 5th century?: It's pretty funny t…[View]
8771331Ugh, what could've been...: I just combined all the historical 'Romania'. Literally lost Paradi…[View]
8770543what's the real deal with the knights templar? were they really up to demonic shit or did the p…[View]
8768552>Muh state rights Tell me why Centralism is bad[View]
8771254Assuming companies always make the smartest decisions when trying to make money, do companies make d…[View]
8771235What is the history of Nigger?[View]
8766086>he was a warlord. A conqueror >it doesn't recognize the separation of church and state …[View]
8769595>What 70 years of human history has seen the greatest differences in living? I would say 1940-201…[View]
8770050Is he a Stalinist?[View]
8770389Tfw during the Diocletian persecutions, most churches cucked and accepted imperial authoriy: only a …[View]
8770990[1901] At intersection without traffic light: https://youtu.be/xVWuAB0ZBvA[View]
8770740What did people in Europe during Late Antiquity and The Middle Ages know about Muhammad and what wer…[View]
8770797/his/ music: post your favorite /his/ tunes >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQmpiK2b7t8 >http…[View]
8769253Historically speaking, what role did eye colors play? We know people in the past were very supersti…[View]
8764719What was the appeal? Does this count as “racist”?[View]
8761916>pick one 1960s African country >state just got independence and has a bright future with all …[View]
8770555How did Finance succeed in being founded on zero ethics? >Fiat Currency cucking the common man w…[View]
8766001When did the USA peak in power? After WWII?[View]
8769632Area of medieval cities: I am trying to collect some information about the demographics of medieval …[View]
8770419Take advice from Tupac Every War was caused because a Bitch was Horny that day https://m.youtube.co…[View]
8768064Woman are the greatest authors of all time. The numbers dont lie. Why cant men write a good story an…[View]
8768329Could Gran Colombia have survived?[View]
8770202How does Paul the Apostole still live rent free in the head of both Jews and judaized 'christians' a…[View]
8769499Acts 5:1-5 English Standard Version (ESV) 5 But a man named Ananias, with his wife Sapphira, sold a …[View]
8769883Quick rundown on the history of Australia?[View]
8768287How is the US invasion of Mexico taught in American schools? Is there any attempt to justify it? Wha…[View]
8766813What would Sun Yat-sen think of: >People's Republic of China >Republic of China (Taiwan) …[View]
8769443Why did so many people emigrate from Ireland in the 1950s?[View]
8769216can we discuss the golden age of hollywood from the end of the silent film era to around the 1970s[View]
8768174E3B1 chads: >Hitler was E3B1 >Einstein was E3B1 >Alexander the great was E3B1 >Napoleon …[View]
8769132this meme is brought to you by post war economics[View]
8769436Why did his generals, ministers and parts of his family all betray him?[View]
8770091Could the Germans have smashed the plutocrats if they had oil in Battle of the Bulge ?[View]
8758880Anniversary of the Fall of Constantinople: Press Φ Anons[View]
8763987because the Ottoman sultans were redheads? it is not a characteristic of the Mediterranean peoples n…[View]
8769587Why are there so many holocaust denial threads here?[View]
8769921I know that acting was a disgraceful profession through the ages, and actors got very little respect…[View]
8769084When it says 'God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him' does that mean G…[View]
8760780What were jews doing before judaism?[View]
8767660>Wow the Etruscans were so advanced: >They like gave women rights and shit, its such a shame t…[View]
8769280Shad's definition of objectivity is wrong.: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfGyE_e7kEk He …[View]
8768534Is there any truth to this? Is it historically accurate?[View]
8769700Favorite speech from the Symposium? For me, it's Aristophanes'.[View]
8766675Europeans always warn us Americans about being so gung-ho on revolution because of all their failed …[View]
8769231ITT: Leaders who had a shitty life[View]
8766802Can anyone explain how much of this is bullshit folklore: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tamil_Sang…[View]
8768672Why did West Europeans stop having badass names like Vercingetorix? I know some pre Christian Britis…[View]
8768505>muh cabbages[View]
8767764Enver Hoxha: Why are you not a Hoxhaist /his/?[View]

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