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9663613Who have been historically the cruelest people in the world? Japanese? Mongols? Africans? Aztecs? Ge…[View]
9669968This is objective truth[View]
9673358What did he do wrong?[View]
9673991>every known culture has stories about ghosts of the dead >they are almost always depicted as …[View]
96729382020, i am forgotten[View]
9673010Historical pirates thread: How do I live life more like a historical pirate, i long to sail the seas…[View]
9654121Why do major historians/history nerds pay little attention to American precolonial civilizations tha…[View]
9673479>No one quiet on the western front >High brass in UK army giving a shit about 1600 men >Tal…[View]
9673520Why are tall men preferred by all women regardless of culture? Why are short women preferred by all …[View]
9669379My religion? Esoteric Gravettianism.[View]
9671673Was it because slavery? Hundreds of thousands killed because some guys wanted to be the owners of ot…[View]
9673777What if Aurelian was not assassinated in 275?: What would most likely happen in the short and long t…[View]
9672905Were the English really that evil? I mean, the Chinese people CHOOSE to smoke opium, after all, out …[View]
9673637Did Britain and France view the German Empire as a potential threat to their colonial hegemony?[View]
9673349How will history remember him?[View]
9665968Apologize for this crime against humanity[View]
9672506Why would Jesus'race/skin color matter? If you traveled back in time and he wasn't a blond…[View]
9670818who was general baquedano?: and why do people want to topple his statues?[View]
9672878The system worked.[View]
9670712Brainwashing: Is it a formal psychological technique? I'm not suggesting anything close to manc…[View]
9665669'Aztec' 'Empire': Any good books or documentaries about those guys? I'm especially interested i…[View]
9673548They shouldn't have attacked America and the Allies. I don't care about the effects that w…[View]
9668848Does any country today resemble the ancient Roman empire more than the United States?[View]
9672963What are the implications of Christianity being primarily a non-western religion? It has been a tren…[View]
9671024The absolute state of prot*id church architecture[View]
9672363Do Japanese still seppuku? Why is suicide seen as honorable[View]
9667839Who was the best U.S president?[View]
9673437Cniva was the greatest Barbarian warlord of all time[View]
9672040Anyone else think 90% of these ugly activists and “cultural movement” guys, only did so because it g…[View]
9673377Why did vigilantism fall out of popularity? Could it have a place in society in 2020?[View]
9671537German peasants war: What if they succeeded like the french did?[View]
9671644Pearl harbor was an inside job: Americans blew up their own harbor to join the war because they were…[View]
9673290What are the historical implications of Christianity never really being European?[View]
9671677How come western media hypes up Chinese and Japanese martial arts and mysticism so much?[View]
9671500Tell me about this country /his/, which parts of it's history is interesting to study? I'm…[View]
9670783Should morality be legalized?[View]
9672625Have Monarchcucks recovered from this?[View]
9672695kinda /his/ related: Why aren't steppe peoples depicted more in fantasy settings? with so many …[View]
9669185Why was the British fortress garrison at Singapore unable to withstand the Imperial Japanese Army? T…[View]
9669589hero or villain?[View]
9666707Monarchism in Russia: Why do russians worship their monarchs when every other country that violently…[View]
9671882Were the Nazi's actually /x/ fags / Schizos?: A very common meme nowadays is that the Nazis all…[View]
9673073Why are most people larpers? Like they're putting on a show in front of others and cannot commu…[View]
9667626Imagine being a big burly frankish crusader and taking a swarthy MENA qt with swollen hips as your c…[View]
9671003Did Jesus Christ really exist?[View]
9671357>let’s take everything about Christianity and make it wrong How have so many people fallen for th…[View]
9672990Lost Technology: Are there any kind of pre-historic ancient discoveries of advanced technology by an…[View]
9672146Is there any kind of historical basis to the claim he stole his theories from others? Or are those c…[View]
9669913ITT: Historical figures who actually did nothing wrong (except for trying to invade Greece). Hitler …[View]
9671659Why did they kill him, bros? He could reform Soviet Union[View]
9672256What’s the difference for Jewish religious life between the OT and the Talmud? Is the Talmud essenti…[View]
9671306/his/ in one image[View]
9672903Why do germfucks so fond of including Britain in their delusional 'germanic world'?[View]
9672822What did the historical Pirates of the Caribbean believe in?: Were they atheist, pagan or christian?…[View]
9669700Has any genius been born in Southern Italy since Archimedes? I used to think the only one was Carava…[View]
9670558Lebanese Civil War: Quick rundown on the Lebanese Civil War? Who started it?[View]
9669564ITT: /his/ gateway drugs[View]
9672820rank them[View]
9672067What's up with soviets being potrayed as skeletons in wartime posters? Also post yours[View]
9672707The Silent Evolution: Within the last generation the rate of global autism jumped from 1 in 100 to 1…[View]
9665088As a black guy im tired of having my history erased and hidden. Drop some black history facts for me…[View]
9670854Where do you go to learn about history?: For me, it's Wikipedia.[View]
9672607Why did polytheism give way to monotheism?[View]
9671950*doesn't have any kids* Pst, nothing personnel, Poland[View]
9668997Too many actual Nazis on /his/. Let's post some WW2 propaganda to show them where they belong.[View]
9672427What if france won WWI?[View]
9672274Why are christians still vehemently opposing masturbation? >it diverts your mind from God So do o…[View]
9672645>I freed the slaves. Now go kill and be killed for me or I'll throw you in prison.…[View]
9670475Thoughts on Oswald Spengler?: I've been reading his works and it's amazing how much he has…[View]
9670906Are people actually taught that WW2 was fought to 'save the Jews,' as Moldbug claims? He claims it s…[View]
9670011Hello Hist: Don't usually frequent this board. but can someone recommend me the definitive most…[View]
9672473Hey /his/, Perfidious Albion here, I've recently developed an interest in the Yankee Tussle (US…[View]
9669131Mass Industrial Cannibalism: Why has no ideology implemented or even suggested mass industrial canni…[View]
9670499What are the similarities between hinduism and zoroastrianism?[View]
9671599ALMOGAVERS: How come Almogavers were such great light infantry force? They defeated Turks and Byzant…[View]
9664092damn... capitalism. not even once[View]
9671965& humanities: Why has society become so fixated on sexless men?[View]
9670629What did he know?[View]
9669937Let’s do some history! Anyone else likes their videos? Sometimes I hate some of Red’s, but Blue’s ar…[View]
9661620This is what civilization does to a mfucker[View]
9671393Punishment, The General: What punitive acts should be returned, laddies? Shame would stop all, ‘spec…[View]
9671725Pre-islamic Chad arabs #2: >was born in Najd in Arabia. His father was Shaddād al-ʿAbsī, a respec…[View]
9672013Ayo, hol up!: So you be sayin we wuz Unionists n sheeit? https://youtu.be/BK1cyndeuNs[View]
9671918Who was in the right here?: >Many whites regarded Native people as 'savages' because the Native p…[View]
9670541‘Finally these infamous and abandoned thieves, hanging from this tree like wretched fruit, show that…[View]
9671683Why wasn't the Bishop of Rome - the infallible Pope, father of all Christians - present at the …[View]
9671917>ITT we thank Gavrilo Princip for his bravery Thank you Gavrilo[View]
96717461960s: Why were so many things happening in the 60s compared to other decades in the 20th century? …[View]
9669373Can someone help me find a high quality version of this movie with English subtitles? https://en.m.w…[View]
9634366ITT: Most horrifying stories in History: It's Halloween, post whatever you think shows you how …[View]
9669731How effective were war elephants in asian warfare? Sounds weird that they would keep using something…[View]
9668687Hitler Youth: the greatest political youth organization of all time: https://www.bitchute.com/video/…[View]
9667287Is there a genocide that people don't deny?[View]
9671459When and why did they stop teaching civics and Constitutional history in schools?[View]
9669906The Battle of Gazala of May-June 1942 took 50,000-98,000 British casualties. Is this the bloodiest b…[View]
9671485why the fuck did they kill him? commie leaders from other countries who did similar shit got away co…[View]
9671565Is this film accurate, /his/? It's a Bulgarian film from 1988 about the Ottomans under Ahmed Pa…[View]
9667107>WWII >White American servicemen fucking hated, beat up, spat on and made life miserable for B…[View]
9671002What was the most common class of people in Bronze Age societies?[View]
9668870Why is MENA filled with NEETs?: This is /his/ related because >Youth unemployment rates in the ME…[View]
9669764Why didn’t Japan experience the same waves of Immigration as Europe did in the sixties and onwards?[View]
9668353>In August the shattered 16th Regiment was relieved. They were sent to Alsace for rest and it was…[View]
9664219Byzantium Explained: https://youtu.be/GtCL_wjlD7Y Based and good quality Video,[View]
9671434how famous was he? In modern celebrity terms[View]
9664790How come Ahuras are angels and Daeva are demons in Iranian mythology, yet Devas are God's and A…[View]
9668998Where's your civilisation now?[View]
9661263How was life in the USSR?: In all ways[View]
9669899Why does /his/ love to pretend pre mughal Indian architecture was non-existent: I am pretty biased h…[View]
9666292Why are native Americans still called Indians[View]
9666660Canadian History Thread[View]
9670711The American Revolution solely benefited the founding fathers and the world would be better if it ne…[View]
9671009Historically speaking, is Tocqueville right here?[View]
9671244Remember that one time the US conquered the Phillipines?[View]
9671272The story of empress Zoe: >Byzantium at the apex of glory, prosperity and affluence, with the gre…[View]
9671217We love our John Quincy Adams don't we folks?[View]
9669359name a better looking ruler[View]
9661130The Nazis attacked and occupied France, but only 10% of the population supported the French resistan…[View]
9668992Why do Communists hate Christianity?[View]
9653835What is it that makes 80's aesthetics so appealing? And why did the decades afterwards slowly s…[View]
9668655I grew up in a devout Catholic family. From the ages of 12-16 I would sometimes dream of having sex …[View]
9670871i miss him so much bros[View]
9670764Why does nobody talk about the genocide of the Arabs that took place during the Zanzibar Revolution,…[View]
9669975>son, I am dissapointed Your country What do?[View]
9670857Liberals and leftists in South Africa: Historically speaking, how were they treated by the Governmen…[View]
9665810are there any real historic cases of sunken cities? My state is supposed to be going underwater prob…[View]
9668534Ruairic was Irish actually[View]
9670822>ywn be a hard pressed water policeman in the Reorganized National Government of the Republic of …[View]
9644056African architecture thread[View]
9670591Two Photographers some of you might know or not. Napoleon Sarony - Took Nikola Tesla's Portrait…[View]
9669134What's the purpose of the 'Winner takes all state votes' aspect of the electoral college? The o…[View]
9669046What if hop in a time machine, take every Roman senator and general we can find, and put them on tri…[View]
9670641This asshole belongs in the ninth circle of hell. How dare he prevent Nobunaga from uniting Japan un…[View]
9670131Can somebody explain what the 'Turkish Faith' is from this passage? I know it pertains to the Russo-…[View]
9670312Matthew 12:22 >Ayo, Jesus. Why you be using the power of satan to perform your miracles n shieeet…[View]
9670235Evolution: >Swims >Flies >Walks >Uses eggs instead of the live birth system >Omnivoro…[View]
9669327I'm putting together a team for one last go. You in?[View]
9670383It's all about the money. Prove me wrong, goyim. Pro-tip: you can't, ever.[View]
9667267How did Rome actually recover from this?[View]
9670027>napoleon won[View]
9669307How does a Native American language have Latin alphabet characters? I thought the natives populated …[View]
9669369What was his fucking problem?[View]
9669468What did he mean by this?[View]
9670102>Liberalism What a big, fat mistake. We can make mistakes, but that one was a beauty.…[View]
9664042Is Homosexuality natural?: If so, can it be 'cured'?[View]
9668320why do americans have this on their money?[View]
9669505Reminder that ethiopians helped the Trojans. And they lost.[View]
9669344why dont politicians wear uniforms anymore?: why didnt enlightenment romeboos copy senatorial unifor…[View]
9669258when did anti-clericalism/anti-christianity/god-hatred become a fundamental aspect of western social…[View]
9668317They were the closest thing the America's had to an Roman Empire. why did the Spanish get all p…[View]
9668323What are some good stories of men that just wouldn't die, no matter how badly the odds were aga…[View]
9669948/his/ decides!: Which Axis Power is your favorite? https://www.strawpoll.me/21128598[View]
9669861Why and at what point historically did we stop letting politicians solve disputes with violence[View]
9668167Matthew 28:19 >Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father,…[View]
9669782Dresden never happened: Break the indoctrination anon, learn the truth about the '''bombing''' of ''…[View]
9669699Arab socialist / nationalist states. Why did they fail?: Why are the Arab countries with the most pr…[View]
9668713Why do christcucks keep coming here to proselytize when it's obvious nobody here likes them? At…[View]
9669494This guy alone destroyed British empire: Say something good about him[View]
9668319Why are neo-muslims trying to be friends with evil-pagan Vatican II Church? Is it proof that current…[View]
9669649Rome was over the moment pleb parasites were permitted into The City[View]
9669480Why is rape considered by many to be a more horrific crime than murder?[View]
9669512Is it good? Looking for an account of commonwealth history - ideally all the way back to ancient civ…[View]
9667471Rightfully dividing James 2: James 2:14-18 >14 What doth it profit, my brethren, though a man say…[View]
9668430What are some good books to read in the Bible? I've read Matthew and Mark several times. I…[View]
9663694>The Soviet Union was a violent police state that abused state power to terrorize its citizenry …[View]
9668276>Y-you support American imperialism and expansion! >YES.…[View]
9663309Why is nationalism dead here?: They have a history of being colonized and then gaining independence,…[View]
9669340/his/ humour thread - Pronounced ‘hiss’ Edition: What are the Historiographical ramifications of thi…[View]
9668468>Protestants think that christianism is exchanging gifts under a pagan Christmas tree JUST…[View]
9667970What if the Deluge never happened?[View]
9668759if the Huns don't massacre them and the slavs don't take over. what does history look like…[View]
9661521What was his problem?[View]
9665236>Alternative history is pointless because of determinism.[View]
9666457Why no love for Chinese history from 1911-1949 on this board?[View]
9669248Oral History General: Anyone know of any good youtube channels or podcasts that have recordings of O…[View]
9667509>be William Morgan >good upstanding citizen >threaten to publish a book exposing the secret…[View]
9669050Why do 'modern historians' think that Jim Conley was the killer of Mary Phagan? All the evidence aga…[View]
9661285> July 1 1916. In one day, the heaviest artillery bombardment in history at the time is done. 1,0…[View]
9668278Are paternity tests disruptive to social cohesion?[View]
9667023Scythians: >CTRL+F >Scythians >NO RESULTS How is this possible in the name of Sun? We need …[View]
9669108Celsus: The True Word: >When compared with the gods of Roman and Greek mythology, Celsus found th…[View]
9668794Falklands War: I only just read up on the Falklands War and I expect to be much more controversial. …[View]
9668634Imagine thinking Augustus wasn't the best Roman to ever live. Just IMAGINE it, PONDER it, and b…[View]
9668000Does Jesus love us?[View]
9668955>Reading about about the Assyrians did to the people they conquered. >Read that men were skinn…[View]
9668265borders thread post satisfying, gory or interesting borders[View]
9665217Which of these two empires was more influential?[View]
9667688How common was armored foot soldiers: Did most of the worlds armies during the medieval era to early…[View]
9667816Why Spaniards and their Hispanic offshoot, historically speaking, just so fucking fanatic? The more …[View]
9667089What does /his/ think of Frederick the Great[View]
9668675Did Goths/East Germanics actually contribute the style we call “Gothic architecture” to Western and …[View]
9665999>Fights against a coalition... >Wins[View]
9668849Based or not?: https://youtu.be/GtCL_wjlD7Y [Embed] If not based, how to improve?[View]
9668378In the 1940s leftists denied the holocaust and claimed it was made up by Western governments to just…[View]
9653659What are signs throughout history that a civilization is in decline? What makes civilizations declin…[View]
9668677What if the North African Campaign never happened? Would Germany have enough fuel for tanks to win o…[View]
9666850How prevelant have femboys and traps been throughout history? Not necessarily transgenders, just fem…[View]
9664515Were ANEs Mongoloid or Caucasoid?[View]
9666716This image is often used as a point of evidence in favor of Holocaust deniers, who claim that this p…[View]
9663190The protagonists of history.[View]
9668654ITT: ideas that were never seriously considered but get lots of attention[View]
9668497What was the political climate of the United States during the 1940s like?[View]
9667175Economics hate thread--The superiority of natural sciences and the humanities: Entering college I wa…[View]
9668307Who do you think the 'Sea People' that caused the bronze age collapse then disappeared as quickly as…[View]
9666720in ancient times or at some other time in history were north africa and anatolia considered part of …[View]
9667068What even is imperialism? Is there any diffrence to realpolitic besides that the target is extremely…[View]
9667852Chicago voted to rename Stephen a Douglas Park to Frederick Douglass park Politics aside which one w…[View]
9668312>Is that wise general Belisarius? The Codex Justinianus does not support this action.…[View]
9666886What's your /his/ costume this year, lads?[View]
9668013What happened to all the socially conservative, fiscally liberal parties in America?[View]
9668363Explain Lepanto to me: /his/ style[View]
9668247Who are the biggest terrorists of Scottish history?[View]
9665314Why does everyone shit on him? Was he really that bad a President?[View]
9665738Why did Japan never assert itself during Late Showa Era?: The Late Showa Era (1970s - 1989) was argu…[View]
9666821I'll repeat my old thread about Tolkien cultures.: Professor Tolkien had a wonderful imaginatio…[View]
9667629If the Royal Family (UK) is converted to islam why is britain so degenerate? plus where can I get t…[View]
9664618>take it down from the mast, Irish traitors >it's the flag we republicans claim >it ca…[View]
9666545Was Henry Ford a racist?[View]
9665244Was female suffrage a mistake?[View]
9667847Don't UNDERstand HIStory Instead INSIDEstand OURstory[View]
9666310Italians then...[View]
9667905How did they do it?[View]
9662767Heretics aren’t welcome: If you believe the Bible, you believe that Jesus is the Son of God and is e…[View]
9660319The antagonists of history[View]
9667544>wins 4 elections in a row Fucking how?[View]
9667730Most Based Nation In History: What is the most based nation in history and why is it China?[View]
9667280The Ancient Scots language: Compared to English it is 96% Germanic in use. An actual spoken languag…[View]
9664894A post-structuralist view of the “holocaust”: Many studies of the holocaust are fundamentally flawed…[View]
9666370How will interplanetary and intergalactic politics, culture and societies develop?[View]
9666497Why do communists enjoy killing working class people so much ?[View]
9667882Battle of Kursk: Just what the fuck were they thinking? Even Hitler knew it was a retarded idea but …[View]
9666887How special was the Special Relationship really? In the Suez crisis and Cod wars, America seemingly …[View]
9654014How the fuck did this happen?[View]
9667756>Vi*tnamese Imperialists sabotaged the true return to TRADITION Why did they do it?…[View]
9667811What the hell went wrong in NYC in the 60's? Here are the murder numbers by year: >Year: Mur…[View]
9663772Is this the biggest military humiliation in history of mankind?[View]
9667767What are the similarities between hinduism and zoroastrianism?[View]
9667701Am I the only person who thinks that the moment when Romans started to wear trousers marks the break…[View]
9664511He was right.[View]
9664361How did Bolsheviks crush their enemies with such ease? Is it because they were Jewish and Jews are G…[View]
9667668Is there any evidence that the traditional Torah is the original Torah as opposed to the Samaritan T…[View]
9663125Historical characters who were probably autistic[View]
9659628What are the most pseud philosophical stances?[View]
9667196Why is evil treated like a mental illness?: >x lacks empathy towards others. >Antisocial Perso…[View]
9666057&Humanities: >time is - in essence - a fourth dimension of space >if we looked at a man in…[View]
9666786Medieval Handwashing: Answer me /his/ Did people in medieval times wash their hands before eating? W…[View]
9663601What do you think about modern 20th-21st century nomads?[View]
9667191How could a progressive Democrat be so based?[View]
9667370White people didn't seem to care about racism before WWII. Did the fight for racial equality st…[View]
9664517How was life under fascism in Italy? Is it true that Mussolini unlike other European dictators was w…[View]
9665066Why is Machiavelli usually portrayed as evil? From what I've read his reasonings seemed mostly …[View]
9666384Is Christianity just ripoff Neoplatonism? Do the Theologies of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam hold…[View]
9662894Reminder that 10% of Americans under the age of 30 think the Holocaust is a myth and that number is …[View]
9667149Which parts of the nomadic culture of the turks and the hungarians have survived to this day?[View]
9667171What’s the history of artificial selection/eugenics in humans?: Aside from the obvious Nazi experime…[View]
9666582can somebody give me a quick rundown on this guy?[View]
9666954>Read this >Learn Reagan packed the State Dept, CIA and NSC with hard line conservatives This …[View]
9662548Is Christianity weak against degeneracy? Why would a traditionally-minded man chose Christianity ove…[View]
9666315wtf was wrong with the Greeks?: I used to look up to them as a model civilization until I found out …[View]
9666847Why was the CCCP always translated to USSR but NSDAP has never been translated as NSGWP?[View]
9665917Why have women had not one, not two, not three, but FOUR waves of feminism while men have had not a …[View]
9666959indisputably one of the greatest militaristic and political leaders who ever lived rather than haili…[View]
9666257Will he be remembered?[View]
9666888When did you realize Tartaria had been covered up? At this point I have no idea how people could DIS…[View]
9666829best book about ancient Egypt's history: what is it? The Ian Shaw book, the Barry J. Kemp one?…[View]
9666752What would happen if the Umayyad Caliphate won at the Battle of Tours?[View]
9665855Why is Justinian idolized?: Is it just because he expanded Byzantine territory? I can't think o…[View]
9665523/his/ is like 80% Turks ready to pounce on any Greek-related threads Seems a bit too consistent for …[View]
9659650What if India became Muslim in the 8th century?[View]
9665879Why was Mao's regime so batshit insane? It makes Stalin's reign look normal in comparison[View]
9665500by history, culture and ethnicity is Russia a western country?[View]
9666372Siberiaboos, please respond[View]
9663115Why the the Afrikaners historically hate the blacks so much? I've heard it was because of event…[View]
9666306Which (non-European) country was the closest to exiting feudalism independently?[View]
9664783Why didn't Hiler just stop at this?[View]
9662161Explain to me how Bronze Age economics worked.[View]
9666415>be the worst, most incompetent and destructive leader that your country has ever suffered so muc…[View]
9666581Journalist Jonny Tsilliacus, a member of the Finnish Party of Active Resistance, told the central co…[View]
9666140Oswald Mosley and BUF alternate history...: How would’ve WW2 gone if Britain became fascist? (assumi…[View]
9666510Would any other country aside from China have been able to sustain the casualites the Soviet Union d…[View]
9666479was pelagianism christian stoicism?[View]
9665130Are The Welsh The Lost Ten Tribes Of Israel?: Uh /his/ bros is this another win for the team nord br…[View]
9661414Whatever happened in the 70s and 80s: that made latin americans suddenly start abandoning catholicis…[View]
9666135Can /his/ recommend me good book(s) about the political history of America? I am not ‘murican and cu…[View]
9666405What exactly is the Sator Square?[View]
9663927Why are there no Indians here?[View]
9665210Undisputed fact that Slavs are Aryan[View]
9664867Has Maccarthy been redeemed? Was he right?[View]
9666296The antagonists of history.[View]
9663442Why did the English reject republicanism? Why did they need a monarch so badly?[View]
9665305I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
9664478Is he based or cringe? Should I read his book if I'm not anti-stalinist?[View]
9666113> yeah so basically the first Americans were like atlanteans who rode these intercontinental flyi…[View]
9663174Now that the dust has settled: Who was in the right?[View]
9659046'THE feathered and blanketed figure of the American Indian has come to symbolize the American contin…[View]
9664890Why are the wifes of the most communist couples the ones who are more insane and crazy than the husb…[View]
9665699conspiracy theories you actually believe: I believe that most of /his/ is just one schizophrenic pos…[View]
9665079Arabian paganism: > in pre-Islamic Arabia, including in Mecca, Allah was considered to be a deity…[View]
9664935why people believe in vaccines and government but not in Jesus Christ?[View]
9663338What happened to modern man? Why are they different than the ones in history?[View]
9659233>approval ratings sky rocket after the gulf war >his re-election is considered a certainty …[View]
9665298what's the best paining in history? surely it can't be this boring ass portrait of some ug…[View]
9665899Dear /his/, what's your favorite ancient historian and why?[View]
9663214Did Greeks learn sculpting from Middle Eastern civilizations?[View]
9662337History biggest edgelords >Timur/Tamerlane >Literally built a tower made of cemented live men …[View]
9665867Did Germans intentionally set out to destroy western culture or did they actually think they were do…[View]
9663688Buddhist history seems to be marred with abandonment of the Buddha's teachings and conformity w…[View]
9665854Why did they do it?[View]
9661819Interesting /his/ images: Quetzalcóatl head on the corner of a building in Mexico City[View]
9664545Why do Western Atheists romanticize Buddhism?[View]
9663021intersectionality: hey /his/ , tell me about intersectionality my impression of it was basically “he…[View]
9660427>'I just fucking hate this world, and the human worms feasting on its carcass. My whole life is j…[View]
9663770Does anyone here know about Santa Muerte and how her worship is practiced? Are there also unapproved…[View]
9659485Muslims say they revere Jesus, so why don't they listen to anything he said ?[View]
9660121How effective were the Shinsengumi as a force?[View]
9665708Just found out Jesus Christ travelled to England with Joseph of Arimathea during his lifetime Why is…[View]
9665691Lost Historically Important Churches: What are some historically important churches that were lost o…[View]
9665478Alexander Nevsky 1938: The Soviets made a film in 1938 called Alexander Nevsky which portrayed the T…[View]
9664492American civilizations: I was shocked by how many ancient ruins I saw in Mexico. Looking into it the…[View]
9663990New France: Why didn't & what (would've happened if) France take/took the place of Eng…[View]
9665510Why don't Catholic religious get ducks?[View]
9662449meme or fact: is it true that muslim extremism was born because western intellectuals created it pos…[View]
9663491What do you think of J.S. Bach?[View]
9665427The gays in mafia Havana: I somehow recall reading some Maotard defend the homophobia in the Cuban r…[View]
9665347Does the 'proletariat' still exist? Was abolishing it a mistake?[View]
9645652What is the official number of victims of Chavismo?[View]
9663393>Judah Maccabee led an army of Jewish dissidents to victory over the Seleucid dynasty in guerrill…[View]
9664497Divine Intervention and Catholicism: One of the more compelling arguments I have heard for Roman Cat…[View]
9663156did any small country ever btfo a larger number of larger enemy nations at the same time than israel…[View]
9665123>With Athens as their ally, the Plataeans were able to avoid subjugation by their neighbours and …[View]
9663713Yo, what’s the oldest known use of marijuana in European civilization?[View]
9660366Since the start of mankind we have yet to see any evidence that 'diversity' works.[View]
9664763Jared Diamond: Are tsetse flies really why Africans didn’t have any interesting history or accomplis…[View]
9664155Why did the Celtic peoples constantly get buttraped by English?[View]
9665031Philosophers Human World Order: It's about time people evolve and become the natural state of a…[View]
9662924Romaboos seething, we getting our own Netflix series nigga. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-cA7kwBSUa…[View]
9662415Hero or villain?[View]
9661869historical feels thread >turn on waltz music >close eyes and lean back >tfw ywn attend a pr…[View]
9663289So there was this synod convoked in the midst of the hesychasm controversy to settle down if the lig…[View]
9664994Is this historically a/gg/urate?[View]
9664665By what merit does Chabad label Rebbe Schneerson as the messiah?[View]
9660926What is the white man's burden?: What was the white man's burden why did they love it so m…[View]
9664577Redpill me on Wahabbism. Would Muhammad and his companions recognise the movement as a return to ear…[View]
9661907Why did christianity grow in the Philippines, Korea and China but not any other East/Southeast Asian…[View]
9664684Is Sam Harris still relevant? Also who's him?[View]
9664553Why did it take so long for anyone to realise that the mass of an object doesn't affect the spe…[View]
9664093Mein Führer... Steiner...[View]
9663136What was the fate of the average Roman family? We know that Rome went from 1 mln pop to 10k pop over…[View]
9664534How will this be remmebered and talked about in a historical conext?[View]
9664237The Soviet Union was fascist. They were a one party state. The correct definition of fascism is a o…[View]
9663296What's the best way to learn about Zoroastrianism?[View]
9662761Why don't leftists talk about the 'intelligentsia' anymore? If you look at leftist/communist li…[View]
9664565Why was she such a cunt?[View]
9660669How is it that English became the de facto languge of the US over lets say German or French or Spani…[View]
9657755Why didn't they do anything with it?: Why didn't the Mexican government do anything with t…[View]
9664423Why hasn't the Eastern Orthodox Church extended it's canonical territories?[View]
9662768Can someone explain the history of communism to me?: It seems like some NEET thought up an idealisti…[View]
9663850Seemingly all of the greatest art was created by people who were painting, writing, composing, sculp…[View]
9661579Olmecs: I am tired of american blacks pushing the idea that olmecs were black and so native american…[View]
9655452Why were the Republicans so good at winning elections between 1980 and 1992?[View]
9659912Who would win?[View]
9663796Genuine villain, or just misunderstood anti-hero?[View]
9663791A totally (un)biased class: Starting up a history course today, anyone want to take bets on how inac…[View]
9654224Why were so many civilizations in history so repressive towards women? Why did it take until recentl…[View]
9662615When asked about why religion/Christianity has declined in the West, they will point to things like …[View]
9661704Can I get a quick rundown on the history of the black civil rights movement in the United States?[View]
9654298Why does America basically only eat cows and pigs? Why didn't other animals like goat, sheep, o…[View]
9661946Marquis de Sade: What the fuck was his problem, /his/?[View]
9658138>Spends 20 years studying worms Why did he do it?[View]
9663946how can God be holy and righteous and have somebody like mohammad to be his favorite person? if you …[View]
9656578>aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa papa why have you forsaken me aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Wtf? Did he expe…[View]
9662905wtf was wrong with the Greeks?: I used to look up to them as a model civilization until I found out …[View]
9663932Pls help: Recommend to me a timeline and books through which i can understand modern world history (…[View]
9661785How accurate is this?[View]
9663842There's something in the India canon I'm searching for: Someone dropped it here or on X on…[View]
9663098>be you >bri'ish soldier in 1993, south armagh county >on patrol that night >BANG …[View]
9663817Space race thread? Space race thread. >humanity star-goin' >secret ICBM developin' …[View]
9657007Why do people defend the Confederacy? The South did not have a right to secede and Lincoln was not a…[View]
9663248Am I the only one who is despairing of feeling Christ's presence or not?[View]
9660949Argentine butthurt: >get your ass beat in the Falklands >40 years later >soccer fans wave h…[View]
9663081Was there ever an islamic ruler who got depressed? It seems they couldnt since their whole life was …[View]
9663569Polygamy in olden times: Kings and Emperors in the medieval times practiced polygamy and had many pa…[View]
9662215Why is it that Maoism and Maoism-derivative states/insurgenices (Khmer Rouge, Shinning Path, Hoxhais…[View]
9660161Why did Moses order the soldiers to kill all the male children but spare the female virgins in Numbe…[View]
9663403say something nice about your Lord of all Beasts and Fishes.[View]
9663017What was a Hitler beer hall speech like? And I mean being there in person witnessing it.[View]
9663436This guy was a fucking prophet.[View]
9662987Why is casual sex more popular in high IQ cultures?[View]
9663431How can one man be so based?[View]
9660304christianity is dead: how long will it take for the religion of peace to die out as well so that we …[View]
9663372Is the cycle of civilization circumstantial or biological?[View]
9661968baptist&lutheran: I'm Southern Baptist and just tried a Lutheran church for the first time.…[View]
9663322He just wanted to chill on his island and they accused him of forcing babies to suck his dick wtf He…[View]
9663292I want to read of the major world events in history. For example the ancient greek era and how that …[View]
9661774Continuity in history: > The Achaemenids succeeded the Medians, who in turn had conflicts with th…[View]
9659902Is there a Jewish connection to the ancient Picts?: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-…[View]
9663276Fun facts: The roman state has been claimed to be inherited by many nations, last of them being the …[View]
9663261Difference between a false equivalence and a false analogy: The definition of these two seem to be r…[View]
9662637>Galileo constantly heralded as the person who came up with heliocentrism >Claim the Catholic …[View]
9663013When did you realize that Barbarism>>Civilization?: For me, it was reading Conan the Barbarian…[View]
9662482Thoughts on Rousseau?[View]
9662388are there any real historic cases of sunken cities? My state is supposed to be going underwater prob…[View]
9662105Historically, why is the entire northwest coast of the US (and much of the northern California coast…[View]
9661314Why is European history the most interesting, exciting, eventful and most impactful to the human rac…[View]
9662280Council of Trent: Why did it take 18 years?[View]
9663079If Danzig was a 'free city' after WWI, why didn't they make Constantinople a free city too? pic…[View]
9658835Redpill me on Syriac Christianity[View]
9660631Hurr hurr the Nazi high command were so ugly...[View]
9661606Why didn't Mussolini take advantage of the strong Italian Navy during WWII?[View]
9659928itt post characters of history that used hacks to get along[View]
9662971Why do so many black people hate FW de Klerk?: I can see why right wingers do, but if you go to any …[View]
9661872So uhh: Who IS the observer?[View]
9658525imagine: feudal japan but islamic. some nobles convert starting in the 11-1200s or whatever and have…[View]
9662934Daily reminder that Richard Nixon was the last genuinely progressive President in the United States.…[View]
9662372Industrialization did not bring peace and prosperity Industrialization brought normalization of slav…[View]
9662863How true is this?: >On August 6, 1974, Edward Cox called Michigan Senator Robert Griffin, a frien…[View]
9661746Why Otto Von Bismarck didn´t make an alliance with Russia and Italy?: why did he settle down with Au…[View]
9660824Why does Napoleon never get the respect he deserves for basically handling the pressure of back to b…[View]
9662701Is nationalism the deadliest ideology humanity has ever created? >Asia Taiping rebellion >Euro…[View]
9662127historically has Africa ever had any Empires?[View]
9657689Why didn't sub Saharan blacks not have any civilization before the late middle ages? the horn a…[View]
9661874Why do so many people on this board shill for this absolute trainwreck?[View]
9662448https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9syNRdgz_Xw >korean lies damn...[View]
9657119Did Arabs destroy Persian civilization in 636?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_al-Qadisiyya…[View]
9662504What are some historical quotes or songs about the end of the day or the end of something? https://…[View]
9646622He fought for Greater Germany. And for that I can only respect. Makes me sad to see photos like the…[View]
9661887Let's say that you are put into the position of Khrushchev in 1953. How would you prevent the c…[View]
9662379Muhammad: thoughts?[View]
9661707>tfw you're such an uncomfortable enemy for the amerimutts to fight against that they'd…[View]
9662201What made them so unique, so based and above all working with a very authentic political system?[View]
9661733Why was Hitler so Islamophobic?: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/AskHistorians/comment…[View]
9657434Why does /his/ look down on huts? They look comfy[View]
9662308A Brief History on the Library of Alexandria: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=deqWBhtTCp8…[View]
9640188The Ainu. Why the hell am I only learning about these people?: Saw Ainu years ago, bunch of mixed fo…[View]
9662256A ‘patriotic sword’ Used During the January Uprising of 1863-1864 Has Been Found in Bulgaria.: The s…[View]
9661215Who's the most powerful twink in history?[View]
9661783& Humanities: Does she have a point? What is the future of 'masculinity'?[View]
9660180Civil: >a weak Southern dog >get shanked by a kid If kiddies can beat them, how could the CSA …[View]
9655935Who was responsible for separating Germany like this after WWI? Who was also responsible for declari…[View]
9657670Were homogeneous nations historically more stable and prosperous than multicultural nations?[View]
9661517Large 2,000-year-old cat discovered in Peru's Nazca lines: tl;dr: cats invade all ancient civil…[View]
9661922Grand Tartaria: Name a more based empire....Answer you cant.....There has to be alot of good conspir…[View]
9660898Why didn’t stranger danger take off until the 1980’s? Were pervs just scooping up free range minors …[View]
9661639damn he was pretty based[View]
9658453Che Guevara: Was he a good guy or a bad guy?[View]
9661846Contemporary Anthropology: How can anyone hear this line and not see that it's clearly reflecti…[View]
9661561Rank them from most based to most cringe[View]
9660836How old were Mary and Joseph when Jesus was born?[View]
9661438If the Irish famine didn't happen millions of Americans wouldn't exist: I wouldn't ex…[View]
9658517What did the native Britons look like before Roman/Saxon/Viking/Norman invasions? Did they all have …[View]
9661672When did people start wearing underwear and why?[View]
9661064Was Napoleon the only French ruler/head of state who did not speak French as his mother tongue?[View]
9658895Could Pan Arabism have worked if Nasser had Bismarck-tier statesmanship or was it doomed from the st…[View]
9659568>The complaint tablet to Ea-nasir (UET V 81)[1] is a clay tablet from ancient Babylon written c. …[View]
9661182Why was slavery supported by the Bible?: Why do modern Christians think that hardcore capitalism (wh…[View]
9661257Why was pornography always looked down upon when the ancient cultures found no shame in making figur…[View]
9661325Racist slogans in the 1948 South African general election: In the Wikipedia article on the subject, …[View]
9661455Continental System: what did Napoleon mean by this?[View]
9661381Why do Turks look like Arabs and not East Asians? aren't they supposed to come from Altai Mount…[View]
9661415Why do some stupid people call communists conservative when they’ve destroyed countless historical t…[View]
9661650What are they hiding?[View]
9661120Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord He is trampling out the vintage where the gr…[View]
9660483Why were 20th century arab armies so worthless?[View]
9661641109 jungles[View]
9659149If the Arab revolt was so bad how come Muslims all love the Saudi regime and support them? Every tim…[View]
9660942Mesoamericans had better medicine than Europe?: I was reading one of the Cartas de Relacion of Corte…[View]
9660252Mikhail Tukhachevsky: Would ww2 go differently if he didn't get purged?[View]
9660545the most based man the middle east has ever seen[View]
9661555What is it with these edgelords on reddit etc. who think it's cool to lionize Sherman and gloat…[View]
9660419Serious answes only What do Jews think of non-Jews? As I understand it Jews consider themselves the …[View]
9661548>my mistakes? it was all Hitler bro[View]
9660685Was Hamilton an accurate portrayal of historical events and does it serve as a good guide for modern…[View]
9661504What was life like in 12th century Japan?[View]
9661445Why did Spartacus head for Sicily when he could have escaped North and been home free?[View]
9660941Post your Queeeen[View]
9661396>OT only had Sheol >NT had Gehenna, Hades and Tartarus and the lake of fire >these all cau…[View]
9659809How did Britain justify the Boer War?: Wasn’t it an unambiguous act of aggression?[View]
96567081944, You are Roosevelt, you have to draw up the brown area in whatever way you want that Stalin wil…[View]
9660706What if an Spaniard monarch had decided to move his court to one of his vice royalties?[View]
9657760Why have we as men accepted a culture that disincentivizes our masculinity?[View]
9661218What are some historical examples of brainwashing?[View]
9659929Was lincoln in the right? Did he know the truth about the slave trade[View]
9657522What would East and Southeast Asia have looked like if Japan won WW2?[View]
9659155Rhawndan genocide: Who was in the wrong here[View]
9654624How did the Dutch manage to stand up against both Spain and France?[View]
9654978>As praetor, he expelled usurers from Sardinia. As censor, he tried to save Rome's ancestral…[View]
9660896Is settling other people's land good for the economy?[View]
9661062can you guys give me info on germany in between the world wars? specifically i'd like to know m…[View]
9655875what do you think modern russia would look like if they were never communist?[View]
9661077>Read up on Abbasid history >Their decline began when reigning Caliph Al-Mutawakkil was killed…[View]
9657018Why didn't we bomb the shit out of the Iranian caliphate in 1979?: Was it because that weak pus…[View]
9658110>Dats rite, copii, we wuz Getae n shit. We invented salt mining and made big ships and went all a…[View]
9658732>tfw Kaiser Willem II just had to bean autistic retard with mommy issues who hated England >tf…[View]
9657444Only three divisions, only one of them fully equipped. Too little fuel, air support. The Wehrmacht h…[View]
9661034Auditiveness vs Visuality: Hello guys. I want to bring up an alternative topic: Let's discuss a…[View]
9659516Name a flaw. Hint: you can't[View]
9658880Sup /his/. Anyone have photos of the insides of French and Italian WWII battleships?: I found some m…[View]
9660374How should his reign have looked like if his goal was the long-term prosperity of Germany? What were…[View]
9660855How were leafs able to effectively pull their own eight in both World Wars? Seems amazing to me that…[View]
9660781Was this an accurate portrayal of Cleopatra?[View]
9657973/Bronze age Thread/: Bronze age thread to discuss all things bronze age[View]
9655249Facial recreation of the short-lived Roman Emperor Galba: Reconstructed from genetic makeup, contemp…[View]
9660120What exactly did the Romans take from the Greeks?[View]
9660660God, I would love to live in the Southern United States...it's a kind of Zion to me...[View]
9657700What's their story?[View]
9660360Von Braun explains why he defected to USA instead of USSR: >After the surrender, Wernher von Brau…[View]
9641649How is Christianity viewed by Indians in general? Why Christians are more numerous in the South and …[View]
9660676Hypothetically speaking, how badly would the Book of Enoch ruin the bible if was included in the can…[View]
9647942Why is Europe called “western civilization” while the Middle East is just called “Islamic civilizati…[View]
9660456Philosophers Human World Order: It's about time people evolve and become the natural state of a…[View]
9658350Hey /his/, opinions on the Cold War? Was it good or bad?[View]
9660173What could the British have done differently between WWII and the signing of the Joint Declaration t…[View]
9656557what did this guy do wrong?[View]
9660609Why is there no evidence Haman, or most figures in the OT were real? It kinda seems like the Greeks …[View]
9660246Is there any good argument in favour of Afrocentrism?[View]
9660064How was Kush able to avoid being swallowed up by major empires of the era when Egypt wasn't?[View]
9660582Why do historians have such a strong hatred for Romanticism?[View]
9659833>Ribbentrop took to shouting at the Turkish Ambassador in Berlin, Mehemet Hamdi Arpag, as part of…[View]
9660288I miss this little nigga like you wouldn't believe.[View]
9660543Hey /his/ I've been listening/watching this video for a while now and I wanted to hear your tho…[View]
9659373Why aren't the early arab conquests called 'the jihad' or 'islamic conquests' and just called a…[View]
9657137historically the most evil country.[View]
9659428Which allies hurt Germany's war effort and which helped it during ww2?[View]
9659316What are the pros and cons of matriarchal societies vs. patriarchal societies?[View]
9656479What really is the meaning of life?[View]
9658789>is a shitty president >gets assassinated >is now remembered as a saint and god tier presid…[View]
9656393The protagonist of history[View]
9652039Was the BEF superior to the French Army in 1918?[View]
9659937Why was the Meiji revolution the only real successful non-Western nativist national movement? Qing t…[View]
9657835Does anyone seriously argue that hunter gatherers lived better than modern day humans?: Does anyone …[View]
9656462how were western women before protestant revolution? were they hysterical with borderline personalit…[View]
9656767Why were men so much more manly than they are today? I’m talking in general. I think about of it has…[View]
9657946“We are involved in a war which we did not want.” - Adolf Hitler Source: https://archive.org/details…[View]
9654260Dude marx predicted that comunism will win...[View]
9660107Was the Black Death as destructive in Asia?[View]
9659431Let's see how well you know the different varities of marxism. Who said which quote? No cheatin…[View]
9658823>Germany sends Lenin to Russia in WW1 to try and incite a revolution there to take them out of th…[View]
9659311¿Como cuernos no vieron eso antes...?[View]
9658741>it's okay to stab your enemies >it's okay to shoot your enemies >it's okay …[View]
9659803Is school good for you?[View]
9659383How genetically diverse were the vikings? They seem to pop up as a response to nearly all European …[View]
9651931Uniforms and Gear: Which time period had your favorite uniforms and gear? What about it makes it you…[View]
9659763Have you ever wondered how many soldiers secretly developed a crush for Florence Nightingale while s…[View]
9659032Dresden never happened but it should have[View]
9659633Are aristocrats always going to devolve into crypto-jews, Or is there a system in which they actuall…[View]
9659689Would the arabs still have any chance of winning if this (and the sasanian civil war) had not happen…[View]
9657297Korean War: War discussion and history lessons[View]
9659717So who won here?[View]
9659420>make a thread using something from a book or an academic source about natives, spanish empire et…[View]
9659388Had the confederacy actually been allowed to secede, how would it have developed considering how und…[View]
9657773wtf was his problem? was he justified?[View]
9657312I think it's funny that everyone is cognizant of the fact that the present is subnormal and are…[View]
9659588>British wanted Afghanistan to not become part of Russia >Deposed Afghan King wanted a jihad W…[View]
9659559is this true?[View]
9658413Why did the British lock Boers into concentration camps and starve them to death?[View]
9659522So the British royals are jews? Didn't the Rothschilds marry into the royal family also?[View]
9653368Today I will remind them >In 1977, a petition was addressed to the French parliament calling for …[View]
9658845>australia divided from britain >brazil divided from portugal >siberia didn't divided …[View]
9658014ITT post your historical role model and your favourite quote from them.[View]
9658841What are some primary sources you think every /his/torian should read? I will start: Tacitus' G…[View]
9657548Was he right to enter peace talks with the Western Allies?[View]
9645907I'm a descendant of the Tarhuna Berber tribe. What tribes do /his/torians descend from?[View]
9659330MERCATOR DENDRITE: Shab Behkeyr, None are as useless as the kings. Burn these castles. Dentures have…[View]
9659153Is Freedom of Religion the number one cause of multiculturalism?[View]
9656366Was Mesopotamia the superior base civilization?[View]
9634371Why are they like this[View]
9656999Why were African empires so small?[View]
9656466Redpill me on John B. Anderson[View]
9659060Did the Tibetans really?[View]
9659195Twin of the Shigir idol found?: Doesn't the wooden figurine reminds you a little bit of the Shi…[View]
9659135>the west died with this man >literally died in 1945…[View]
9654022Lesser Known or Extinct Food Cultures: >The food served during this feast was traditionally spicy…[View]
9659083Did people forget the Americas existed after the initial Viking expeditions?[View]
9655908Has any cultural region ever contributed less to human history?: It's like nothing noteworthy e…[View]
9659086Was mental illness more common in the past?[View]
9657363What was their endgame?[View]
9656968AHEM: FUCK the Saxons FUCK their trees FUCK the Lombards FUCK the Moors FUCK the Avars FUCK the slav…[View]
9648866>In Navajo culture, a skin-walker (Navajo: yee naaldlooshii) is a type of harmful witch who has t…[View]
9658115Those ancient Hebrews sure were primitive...: Weren't they???[View]
9658808Biology and political orientation: Is this bullshit or not? >Studies have found that subjects wit…[View]
9658244Why was it such a big deal that the president got a blow job?[View]
9655419Do you believe in evolution?[View]
9654230Why were cults from the East so popular in the Mid-to-Late Roman Empire? >Mithraism >Isiac cul…[View]
9658834Why didn't Exxon start investing in different energy sources when they confirmed the effects of…[View]
9657616Should the US return Hitler's paintings to Germany?[View]
9653873Russian Civil War Thread.: Reds, Whites, Anarchists, Separatists, etc.[View]
9658475How do you go from this..[View]
9630503BRONZE AGE MUTHAFUCKING THREAD: Post anything bronze age here, yes even african bronze age, kek.…[View]
9658257Is Star of David the oldest symbol that sees daily use even in the modern day?[View]
9653698What exactly is the 'Oldest Trick in the Book'?[View]
9658346How did patriarchy emerged and why it did became so widespread if it doesn't give hardly any be…[View]
9657300LONGEST SET OF FOSSILIZED FOOTPRINTS DISCOVERED: 'The prints tell the remarkable story of a woman an…[View]
9658568What are examples of complete genocide or population displacement in history?[View]
9657982How will history compare 21st century men to their ancestors?: >three years ago I was a passing t…[View]
9657076The Great Patriotic War was a just war of survival for the peoples of Eastern Europe.: >In one of…[View]
9658671>ruins Christianity forever by marrying it to the state Why do people like Constantine again?…[View]
9657019Coomer /his/tory Thread General: Why female beauty standards change so fast?[View]
9650831Caesarism is upon us[View]
9657372Theodosius: Why is he known as 'The Great' when most if not all of his decisions led to the rapid de…[View]
9658540*conquers you* >weeny weedy weeky sunshine *eyes you up and down* >ooh, you're a bit of a…[View]
9656207Reminder no one speaks Latin. You might be able to read Latin. You might be able to write Latin. You…[View]
9658534So let me get this straight The most embarrassing, humiliating disaster in the history of the Bong e…[View]
9656273Why are humans scared of clowns?[View]
9656914Is there a bigger meme than this map?: >Treats any location with some level of European influence…[View]
9658434>tfw started the /his/ crusade against Protestants I've done your work, Lord.…[View]
9658411>sowjet niggas be like 'lets sell all our food and starve to death, while Stalin uses the money t…[View]
9653011Is it so far-fetched to some of you Eurocentrists that Africans crossed sub-Sahara Africa and reache…[View]
9656869Why didn't Europeans totally eradicate Islam when they had the chance?[View]
9654823Who shot him and why?[View]
9658016Were the hebrews of the old testament really jewish?[View]
9657408What was his problem?[View]
9648269Why did Protestantism only appeal to the white parts of Europe?[View]
9652542why don't they know how to build cities?[View]
9657264What if China colonized the Americas?: Before Europeans. Would they have mixed with the natives? Wou…[View]
9655879ok, let's create a situation: The third reich survives the war for some reason but is no longer…[View]
9657842What kind of religion / philosophy does this lean towards?: Alright. So this is my understanding of …[View]
9644832I can no longer in good consciousness be a roman catholic. I can't! The contradicts of Rome ope…[View]
9654814When did Italian-Americans become accepted in American society?: I gather they once really weren…[View]
9656975Can anyone explain the weird cult surrounding the King James Version of the bible and why some peopl…[View]
9657268His mistake was falling for the ba'athist meme. He should hve concentrated the arab nationalism…[View]
9651008Why didn't the Greeks genocide the natives of their colonies?[View]
9652626>Exists for a millennium >Is largely forgettable in contrast to its predecessors What went wro…[View]
9656500What's their endgame, /his/?[View]
9657183Survive the Jive: What are your thoughts on his historical work and research.[View]
9657436Would China have succeeded without Mao?[View]
9656426>'Sex is a 'disappointing answer to life's riddle,' and if we pretend that it is an adequate…[View]
9652539What happened?[View]
9657343I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
9653876Spiritual Schizophrenia of 'Based Christians': >Jesus wasn't Jewish Came from the line of Ki…[View]
9653272I hate this smug overrated faggot so goddamn much[View]
9657102Will there come a day where America regains the class and culture it had from the 40s to early 60s o…[View]
9654661Where were you when you realized he is the one true inheritor of the most ancient of Empires, the on…[View]
9657130If you have one emperor and usurpations and revolts are already a problem, the how is having four go…[View]
9656335Was it a comfy country? Old footage of the DDR always looks so pleasant and nice.[View]
9654757This man did nothing wrong.[View]
9657501>one emperor to rule the earth >one pope to lead christendom hre was extremely based and prote…[View]
9651617>Russia was founded by Nordics who subdued the savage Slavs >https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/K…[View]
9652046Monotheism trend?: Do you think there is a reason the most dominant religious branches are monotheis…[View]
9654405Why is the ethnicity of ancient Egyptians so in dispute? Is it that hard to figure out?[View]
9657080Omaha beach cemetery: Why did the bankers install these symbols at the pagan temple that overlooks o…[View]
9656704Suppose you're a member of the Venetic meta-civilization. Would you rather live in a Meridional…[View]
9657217When did professional preaching get lucrative in America?: When did preaching for money start in Ame…[View]
9655299Have you read this yet /his/torians? I think it makes a very solid case. https://www.academia.edu/17…[View]
9649864Why do we learn so much about the Holocaust but not Generalplan Ost, Unit 731, or Japanese atrocitie…[View]
9656713>We are not going to criticize a genocidal politician genocide because he is black…[View]
9657338Bible's fucking depressing holy shit: What can I testify about you, Daughter Jerusalem? To what…[View]
9648636Why can't we just build tiny homes? - Gives you a secure roof over your head so you can sleep …[View]
9655596Why is he every schizo's favorite president?[View]
9657107https://www.tomorrowtides.com/definingdvaravati.html >While the Dvaravati kings and other members…[View]
9656659So i'm in love with big, huge, thick and juicy philosophy systems: Hegel, Heidegger, Kant, etc.…[View]
9649382Literally wtf were the crusades? How did this happen?[View]
9653729How do you thing religions will like in the forseeable future ? What wierd spiritual trends could em…[View]
9656964Allied aerial nombing was ten times more humane than Axis scorched earth and land atrocities: Allied…[View]
9656938Did the King deserve to be executed?[View]
9656852Where do you think Hitler, Goebbels, Himmler, Heydrich and the other major Nazi's would have fi…[View]
9656926What happened to the nazis that allied themselves with the americans and resistance after the battle…[View]
9656721Why do so many people accuse the West of 'stealing' other cultures' ideas? For millenia, civili…[View]
9656889Is Satan the most based being that could possibly exist?: Satan is the antithesis of all aspects of …[View]
9655179What was wrong with this guy?[View]
9656549>openly admitted he had no healing power >openly admitted he had tons of power and influence …[View]
9655548we all know when Western Roman Empire fell it set back civilization and whatnot, but were there any …[View]
9656178can anyone identify her? She is a leader of the USSR in a random HOI4 mod.[View]
9656514European Immigration to North America: Which European country had the largest percentage of its popu…[View]
9656691Has there even been a document or written order found ordering the gassing of jews? Or is it all sur…[View]
9648715Redpill me on Indian castes. Are Rajputs the superior race? Are they Aryan bvlls?[View]
9655795Why did Germany want overseas colonies?[View]
9656559I heard there was some tablet in Tibet that the Nazi's were studying: And that basically no one…[View]
9655105Post weird and unterrated political ideologies: Post weird and extremely underrated ideologies that …[View]
9650777America introducing Japan to the world. Note China's reaction.[View]
9656424What the fuck was their problem? How is Crimea, the most boring of places, the most controversial hi…[View]
9654632>They are brown skinned, of a quite reddish complexion, with handsome faces and noses, nicely sha…[View]
9656460Is this still worth reading?[View]
9656532E P I S T E M O L O G Y: Good evening /his/, could you suggest an introductory book on epistemology?…[View]
9655808Swahili history: what's the history of the swahili people are they arabs?[View]
9654149reminder this guy's writings are the oldest Christian writings we have today[View]
9656203>There is literally a whole board on this website dedicated to witchcraft Exodus 22:18 KJV > T…[View]
9656014Why did no one tell me Ed Bearss died? What the fuck? Did he die of a broken heart after witnessing …[View]
9655550Roman Empire: Which were the most important territories that the Romans had at its peak? Also which …[View]
9652287Aren't Lubavitcher just a second attempt to do Christianity?[View]
9656131Does the Russian mafia have any interesting history in the United States like in movies and games?[View]
9655178Who won the Thirty Years' War?: Obviously no one party won the war, use the above prompt as an …[View]
9655276Does anyone else feel bad for him? >Absent father. >Used by his mother as a pawn for her own g…[View]
9656183>In 1846, an American visitor to London who had attended one of the queen’s receptions described …[View]
9656211What was their endgame?[View]
9651028What role did France and the US play in Sankara's assassination?: Only answers backed by eviden…[View]
9656130which is the next to fall[View]
9651456Malagasy got blacked >90% of Malagasy people have African Y paternal grouping How did this happe…[View]
9649682is protestantism the most liberal religion regarding women -- which is why most white women are hyst…[View]
9651704Why couldn't he just chill the fuck out?[View]
9656188WHY is the Smuta/Time of Troubles not a factory of memes?[View]
9656167How much of this is actually true?[View]
9646240Converted to Catholicism last week. Rate my home altar.[View]
9656133How did Denmark jump from capitalism to neo-communism without going through communism? Any other cou…[View]
9655523https://youtu.be/GtCL_wjlD7Y: Noticed this video today seems like some pretty lovely stuff to be qui…[View]
9655543Did Marcuse and Walter Benjamin create United States post WW2?[View]
9655332What is the purpose of having artificial intelligence make art? How should we even begin to analyze …[View]
9654033Are you cute?[View]
9652070What did Japanese think of Jewish people?[View]
9655578Why has the East historically had much bigger empires than the west (with the exception of the Roman…[View]
9655768Patrician Racial Origins Finally Confirmed: https://www.thisworldthesedays.com/ontheindianoriginsoft…[View]
9655555Official /his/ philosopher tier list: >BasedGod tier Whitehead Ricoeur Gadamer Merleau-Ponty Mont…[View]
9655627Could gentiles easily join the Essenes?[View]
9655292luka forever[View]
9653474Was killing the nobility justified?[View]
9653867Germany only lost WW2 because they had to fight on two fronts. The allies basically cheated. Britain…[View]
9641338why does everyone hate her?[View]
9655616What's the best art form and why?[View]
9655532I figured out how Constantine the Great & his army saw the Chi Rho in the sky.: They saw a Halo …[View]
9655520>In 1848, at Nuneham House, a piece of Louis' mummified heart, taken from his tomb and kept …[View]
9637710'We were kings': China requests a French museum not mention Genghis Khan in a Genghis Khan exhibit: …[View]
9654271>This is what Krautists actually believed[View]
9652840Could Mexico have won the Mexican-American War?[View]
9655496how long ago was the first globe invented?[View]
9649650*crucifies your pope* psssh... nothin personnel kid...[View]
9653993Art Appreciation Thread[View]
9654264How did the average french republican feel about Napoleon straight up restoring monarchal rule to Fr…[View]
9655235The more I read the New Testament, the more I believe Baptists are the Christians closest to its sim…[View]
9654371was it worth it?[View]
9655365How did the Roman empire manage it?: From what I know the Roman empire had a shit ton of immigrants.…[View]
9655305post historical ugly bastards[View]
9654385would you rather live in poorer country like Palestine where women are not allowed to dress like pro…[View]
9653898Who decides that words should mean something? Chad/chud/etc didn't mean anything 10 years ago, …[View]
9654959>Christianity: How do Rightie Christians reconcile their politics with how in actual history Chri…[View]
9654286Redpill me on the crusades.[View]
9653672Was rounding up jewish peasants en masse a good war strategy? I'm thinking that maybe those res…[View]
9653007Were cars a negative development in history? They pollute, make noises, have annoying lights, kill p…[View]
9654861Was Helen Keller a fraud?[View]
9650026Historically speaking, why were rape victims considered “fallen women”? It’s odd. Even if everyone b…[View]
9653885>Sedevacantism preemptively btfo by Vatican >Recognise and Resist (e.g. SSPX) is clearly cogn…[View]
9647381What is a piece of evidence that proves the existence of God?[View]
9652837What does /his/ think about Roman von Ungern-Sternberg? Was he based? Why was he an Anti-Semite?[View]
9654591Fatah or Hamas: which one is controlled by jewish forces?[View]
9654874So what are the essential things I need to know about Richard Cromwell's time as Lord Protector…[View]
9654277Anyone got that pic of the black female and white blond female athlete next to eachother? Thanks[View]
9653888Why did the Holy Roman Empire never centralize or achieve an imperial model like the Romans to the e…[View]
9654498When did Rome stop calling itself a Republic?[View]
9652585Does the 'intelligentsia' still exist? Why does modern leftist rhetoric rarely discuss them anymore?[View]
9651981>joke: the civil war was about state's rights >broke: the civil war was about slavery …[View]
9654105What's your favorite genocide /his/ ?[View]
9654634Washminster: You Yanks would be a lot better off if you adopted the Australian political system.…[View]
9654423How did Shias get trapped in iran?: They used to rule a far larger, more arab stretch of land. How d…[View]
9654577Opinions on this based historian?[View]
9654576First day of Desert Storm: Neat video describing the operations on the first day of the 1990 invasio…[View]
9654301What do we know about the D'mt kingdom? Who are they and what they did before Aksum came?[View]
9654534Is Deleuze right here? 'Yes, establishing ways of existing or styles of life isn’t just an aesthetic…[View]
9654477Is this how Cleopatra looked like? Considering those big nose representations.[View]
9647983Do you believe in any pre-Columbian contact theories? Other than Vinland and the vikings, of course.…[View]
9652421Man, what happened to architecture over the past 100 years...[View]
9652363>be me in 1500 >new artist >renaissance >never seen completely nude female body >they…[View]
9654204Why does United States and Israel get away with murdering millions of civilians for more than 100 ye…[View]
9650737>tfw you are a gracile farmcuck result of millennia of sexual selection of weak men that could on…[View]
9654352>forever ruins French military reputation and gives it the eternal title of surrendering coward i…[View]
9652794/his/ I am in the process of growing out a mustache so kindly post your favorite historical mustache…[View]
9653435What went so right bros?[View]
9642154Why did cars look so much nicer back then?[View]
9654242What happens to fiat currency in times of war and when a country loses? For example , the collapse o…[View]
9653708Today I was in the grocery store, and I watched the guy in front of me with an almost excited grin w…[View]
9653496>saves Christianity[View]
9642816Why did Deng Xiaoping succeed while Krushchev failed?[View]
9654048Are there any historical artifacts or archælogy that would suggest the Jews were ever held captive i…[View]
9653357Memes aside, how accurate is this really?[View]
9652894When and why tokenism has become so popular in media?[View]
9652918Any reason France decided to further bankrupt itself to help some Anglo scum they never liked gain i…[View]
9654019Has there ever been any cases where one of the lawyers was the perpetrator all along, or is that jus…[View]
9653630>The medieval Egyptian zoologist Al-Damiri (1344–1405) wrote that the first cat was created when …[View]
9653958Name my band[View]
9652134>we will never have an Iberian Union Why live?[View]
9647944Is Jefferson a possibility at this point?[View]
9650055What the fuck was their problem? And why did they kill Socrates?[View]
9653687Is there more evil than good in the world?[View]
9653723Was marrying your cousin ever common in Europe prior to the 19th century?[View]
9653862When was the first acknowledged encounter with asian martial arts, especifically, unarmed ones by we…[View]
9652998Do you consider orientalism to be an exageration, an idealization, or just it's own unique thin…[View]
9652559What are your favorite national flags? What's your favorite coat of arms? Let's flex on Am…[View]
9644766>Now witness the power of this fully armed and operational ROMAN EMPIRE. Fire at will, commander …[View]
9651637Can Mormonism even be considered a Christian religion?[View]
9653618Redpill me on New England's theocratic experiment[View]
9651462sorry sweatie, its rightful greek clay[View]
9648459Reposting this.I need the identities of this guys.[View]
9652945> Anglo-Americans: Bomb Dresden. Kill 500,000 > Also Anglo-Americans: Why does the world think…[View]
9651869This is your Commander of the Faithful. Say something nice about him.[View]
9652078Is procreation the purpose of human life?[View]

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