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10324745MONARCHIST BTFO: >By the Grace of God, King of Castile, of León, of Aragon, of the Two Sicilies, …[View]
10323826Daily reminder Romans tortured Jesus not Germans or Greeks so Protestantism and Orthodoxy will fail …[View]
10322105>thing happens like 5 times in all of history >journalists write an article making it sound l…[View]
10323073What was life like in prehistoric Finland?[View]
10324586What do you think about Sokal Affair? If you dont know what is, here is some info https://en.m.wikip…[View]
10323974Weberians and Protestantism: >start the Witch Hunts >be called a religion against belief in ma…[View]
10324545Perfect Cruelty: Little something I wrote.[View]
10323610This guy is the Hitler of WWI. He literally killed millions.[View]
10324522Why didn't Joseph Kabila carry on the legacy of his father, and instead, ran Congo to the groun…[View]
10324312Post creepy stories in history. Strange events, folktales, urban legends, murder cases... all are we…[View]
10323654Atheists think twice: Textual criticism of the Bible is anti-Semitic: Does higher criticism of bibli…[View]
10322830Protoindoeuropeans: Redpill me on them. Recently found out about Dyaeus Pater and his consort the Ea…[View]
10321426If a machine/monkey starts to write random words for all eternity, would it actually write Hamlet, e…[View]
10321251>do nothing >cucks Nobunaga and Hideyoshi to become shogun, leading to a period under his name…[View]
10324429Based Hitler https://youtu.be/36nZ0oFN2k8[View]
10324411Existence doesn’t necessarily exist. ‘A is A’ is not a given. Reality is negotiable. Our senses dece…[View]
10323180I think he might have been right but he got way to ahead of himself. Like theres no denying that the…[View]
10324302>burns down churches >attacks other Christian kingdoms >slaughters their people >here…[View]
10323810>Calls himself the sword of Islam >Kills primarily only Muslims but why…[View]
10324369Scandinavians and Balkanites are related to greeks turks and sand niggers[View]
10323096Where do I start with gnosticism and gnostic texts? I got the complete works of Plato so I'm th…[View]
10321232Pearl Harbor: wtf were the Japanese thinking?[View]
10322957People dont realize how quickly liberals change. The froufrou, politically correct liberals were the…[View]
10324257Lifestyle of the 1800s: You have to go back in time to the 19th century, but you get to pick a year,…[View]
10324202Has anyone seen this? What do you guys think of the 8 gunmen theory as well as the body swapping of …[View]
10319764How viable is a modern economy with zero money taxation that employs mass corvee to accomplish econo…[View]
10317904>””””””loving God”””””””” >makes you an incel for eternity…[View]
10323706>I imagine myself as a Chinese soldier in Korea >Our mission is to stop south koreans from adv…[View]
10323732GENETIC HISTORY: /his/ I need a summary of the genetic history of Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. W…[View]
10323659How were soldiers ok with going to war during ww1? Seriously I don't understand how millions of…[View]
10322795What would the world be like if the opposite had occurred, where Hungary was an Islamic empire and T…[View]
10322803Understanding Monotheism: Judaism started out as a polytheistic religion. Eventually they came to re…[View]
10323779six days war: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
10321758Picture it: There is someone that affirms being greater than logic itself, and challenges you to pro…[View]
10323982Was the ending of the crusades really a controlled withdrawl by Christian Europeans, borne of the re…[View]
10322296ACAB: Seriously though, if ACAB as a slogan was started by Nazi skinheads, why did the Left adopt it…[View]
10323213Does Britain get enough credit for their role in The Troubles?[View]
10321680following take is from my new history professor (quoted over Zoom:) >Today's china, despite …[View]
10323190The Massacre of Elphinstone's Army (The 1842 Retreat from Kabul) is some depressing shit. The p…[View]
10323516As a new lurker to /his/, what kind thread can I expect here? This is the opportunity to post all th…[View]
10323542Was there ever any plan to invade and occupy the US frontier?: Did any foreign nation ever get the i…[View]
10321350Seems like a lot of arguments against you guys abandoning Christianity are “I need a religion and a …[View]
10321301Why is Britain the greatest nation of all time?[View]
10323490Are there actual eye-witness accounts from actual Soviet citizens about the alleged famines that hap…[View]
10321369Catholic Church was the last institution in the west to be judaized. It was only in 1962 they could …[View]
10323708But I was told by atheists that people would become more rational once Christianity declined!! How c…[View]
10323627Why did the Egyptians defeat the Crusaders and Mongols?[View]
10323481i think, therefore i thought[View]
10323381Why some wannabe prussian larpers thinks he was genius? Even his family hates him.[View]
10323601Does Britain get enough credit for losing the Battle of Hasting to the French?[View]
10322833>experienced pilot >saw glowing aircraft shaped like polygons >said glowing aircraft was f…[View]
10322596European history becomes so much less interesting when you realize just how small Europe is. All the…[View]
10318761Jobs in History: I've wanted to be a History Professor for a while now seeing as how I just got…[View]
10322015What are the gangsters of the early 1990s doing now?[View]
10322175Where does this notion come from the idea that America is God's chosen Nation or it was founded…[View]
10323391The Ancient Greeks in Afghanistan: How did Alexander the Great managed to conquer Afghanistan? The A…[View]
10323345post vintage advertisements[View]
10323361Was she a good person? Or did she exaggerate her accomplishments?[View]
10313275The origin of Western civilization[View]
10308474Christian Universalism: Christians of /his/, what do you think of Universalism? https://www.mercyona…[View]
10323330im reading genesis again and it makes me think how great god is, how obedient abraham was for him to…[View]
10323037Forests and deforestation: I imagine that throughout history you would have a fire burning almost 24…[View]
10322868Which one of these is most responsible for the mass atheism of today > science > industrial …[View]
10321548Imposters: What are some moments in history of people who larped as historical figures?[View]
10323137Do you buy the official story, /his/?[View]
10320888https://youtu.be/qqJI7SdS9Gg Look at the title. Does this guy, despite being a language student or w…[View]
10323154Why do basically all of the arguments for God's existence assume realism about universals?[View]
10321682I heard there is a pagan cult in the united states that believes that trump shape shifted into biden…[View]
10316272This is Tenth Presbyterian (PCA) in Philly: Notice anything?[View]
10322500Zionism in the UN: In 1975, the UN General Assembly voted to define Zionism as a form of racism. On …[View]
10321860Should they pay reparations?[View]
10322406Oil is not a 'fossil fuel': The entire history of petroleum science and exploration going back to th…[View]
10319849What do you think of the Hittite empire?[View]
10322687>include women in the sequel >to the Declaration of Independence What the hell were these chic…[View]
10320096Post /his/ wojaks,apus and gondolas[View]
10319908Roswell crash 1947: What actually happened?[View]
10321553How did a bunch of unindustrialized hicks manage to stand against a country 10 times their populatio…[View]
10321522Did emperor Constantine have big eyes in real life?[View]
10322809Quick rundown on historybof aviation?[View]
10320654Why have humans been enamored with swords in particular throughout history[View]
10322622since all women in western society is either narcissistic with borderline personality disorder or ni…[View]
10319569Based or Cringe?: >Gonzalo Guerrero (also known as Gonzalo Marinero, Gonzalo de Aroca and Gonzalo…[View]
10322731favorite weird people of history >abraham lincoln >lewis caroll >daniel johnston weird peop…[View]
10322203Where does Arthur Wellesley Duke of Wellington rank amongst the great generals of all time?[View]
10321984Did the Greeks not have cavalry at all in the pre-Macedon era? Why did the dude run all the way from…[View]
10321800The free market wins again.: One conservative analyst has described the courses offered by The Teach…[View]
10321735In Orthodox Christianity is it a sin for 2 guys to be in a relationship if they don't have sex?[View]
10321880What what you do if you had a time machine?[View]
10321987Putin is the last Roman Emperor.[View]
10322560Hayden White explains why history is superior to all other forms of knowledge: > 'Historical know…[View]
10316433Appealing to the Church's authority is as valid as appealing to the Bible's authority.: Yo…[View]
10321001Is this what France should really look like?[View]
10320706Countries: are built and improved into its modern day equivelent by the ancestors of its ethnic inha…[View]
10322237who would you write about in a world war 2 themed sitcom ?[View]
10320657>The Papal States, in 1870, were the last countries to discontinue the practice of castrating you…[View]
10322178Sleep: What are some interesting ways and times that people have slept throughout history and in dif…[View]
10315875Is it possible for airship travel to make a comeback once environmental regulations ground passenger…[View]
10320976What are some underrated /his/ movies set in WW2? Pic related--a film featuring a fictional backstor…[View]
10322088debate: Does all technological progress lead to centralization/concentration of power?[View]
10316172Yes, Japanese internment was justified. We were at war and there could've been spies.[View]
10320801Human Beings Can Create Things Without a Profit Incentive: Change my mind.[View]
10319827>Work as employee for a spice an gelling business in Amsterdam >See bookcase that wasn't …[View]
10320892India: Say some good things about modern day India.[View]
103223961) Hitler >was not a jew >confiscated jew-owned businesses >opposed world jewry (killed 6 m…[View]
10322370Why were birthrates in the 70s so low compared to the 60’s and 80’s?[View]
10322306Mongol (2007): How accurate is it? Is it entertaining?[View]
10321304So I was looking for biographies of Stalin to read and this one by Kotkin seems to be recommended a …[View]
10321780Rome took this from you.[View]
10317361Reminder that Jesus Christ never existed. He is a fictional character made by a Jewish sect that bra…[View]
10319052History of alcoholism: Degenerate that has been sober since january 5th here. Trying to go for 30 da…[View]
10322075Imagine being born under glorious monarchist rule, under the most powerful monarch on earth. Just lo…[View]
10318296So why did he get forced out in disgrace but every president after him pulled the same kind of shit,…[View]
10315451Isolationism is transgression: Name ONE isolationist nation/people that survived the test of time. …[View]
10320738Is he /our guy/?: >... gifted, with a quick understanding, sometimes brilliant, with a taste for …[View]
10317309African gun powder: Why was Africa so late to gunpowder weapons most of the old world had them by th…[View]
10321946Is this true and was he real?: William Ellison Jr. (c. April 1790 – December 5, 1861), born April El…[View]
10318970Why did Idi Amin kick the Indians out of Uganda?: He was Muslim, right? And most of those Indians he…[View]
10321768>thought 90% of Hitler's beliefs were fucking stupid >still sided with him Why?…[View]
10321983Flynn effect is just sampling error. Raven test has an average of 26 and sd of 4. Removing the 30% o…[View]
10317825Go tell them Islam is retarded and they are following a pedo prophet. Go tell them God doesn't …[View]
10321907European time lapse: Anyone got that time lapse .gif that goes from like 6000 or 8000 bc that shows …[View]
10321889>was raised by 5 women >no fraternity whatsoever >uses philosophy as a desperate attempt to…[View]
10312625Erwin Rommel and the holocaust?: Did German field Marshal Erwin Rommel know about the Holocaust in h…[View]
10321440>reading African folklore >Like 1/10 of the plots involve a foolish girl rejecting all suitors…[View]
10315699Has imperialism had a net positive effect on the world?[View]
10320215Why did Communism fail in China?[View]
10321283Can we talk about howard hughes?[View]
10319173ITT: Post the last really interesting book you read that was about either history or the humanities.…[View]
10321329Alf Landon: I wished I could save him in some sort of time machine.[View]
10320435What would have happened to Europe if Rome successfully stopped Christianity from spreading?[View]
10321581How do Catholics argue against Ephesians 2:8-10 and the thief on the cross?: The story of the thief …[View]
10319612If >Islamic golden age was just retard brown muzzies copying and stealing Greek and Roman art and…[View]
10318415Was he really killed by the CIA?: Is there good evidence? I think a few things to come to mind, the …[View]
10321538The Price They Paid: THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE THE SIGNERS Gary Hildrith Have you ever wondere…[View]
10321623O MY WALL OF SPEARS[View]
10321128Where did humans come from?: The schools constantly shill about the fact that we came from Africa an…[View]
10316879Dixietards will defend the degenerate, backwards, and morally corrupt shithole that was the Antebell…[View]
10320800What exactly is an empire?[View]
10321464What is /his/'s opinion of the world systems theory?[View]
10317817Catholicism is essentially a Germanic creation, considering it formed majorly in the Carolingian Emp…[View]
10319396Did the Romans hijack the Nazarene Movement?: Like, writing fake Gospel to turn Jesus into God/Son o…[View]
10321021*discovers America*[View]
10320683The 70s: Why are the 1970s viewed so negatively historically? The stereotype seems to be all drugs, …[View]
10320505Why did it never unite?[View]
10320834What did Christ mean by this?: Luke 18:19 18 A certain ruler asked him, “Good teacher, what must I d…[View]
10320040Come and see: How accurate is this movie?[View]
10321268Konstantin Rodzaevsky was Based.: If he got to lead a true army, he would have saved RVSSIA from (((…[View]
10319846>mfw pure Siculo-Norman heritage[View]
10315712Slavery: Why don’t black Americans also demand reparations from west Africans since the they sold to…[View]
10318887How common were gay rulers in history?[View]
10319468>study history, philosophy and the sciences >become a radical free market stalinist Anyone els…[View]
10321197So, the whole Olympian tradition of torch relay was invented in Nazi Germany, out of all places, as …[View]
10320781Why did European birth rates fall below replacement level in the 20th century? It’s especially silly…[View]
10318663I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
10321223Can anyone help me identify this picture? I don't know when it was taken or where, but I'd…[View]
10319959American Conservative just published a rosy retrospective on Portuguese ruler Salazar Slytherin. htt…[View]
10317369What appeal do some people find living in a totalitarian state[View]
10319631Was it really that bad guys?[View]
10318518I just watched requiem for the american dream. It seems to me like Noam Chomsky is geniune and doesn…[View]
10320583Historically speaking, has The Rock been an adherent to communism? >the people's elbow >t…[View]
10321050How did sexually conservative audiences deal with Plato? I know there is a current of social conserv…[View]
10318306What the fuck is wrong with pure utilitarians like pic related? If you could establish that 9 people…[View]
10319780So was it a nothingburger?[View]
10321018What if this isn't the life? What if this is the afterlife? If this was the real deal, why is i…[View]
10319183Did the Anglo-Saxon invasion benefit Britain in the long run?[View]
10318809Assuming Watergate never occurred, where do you think he'd rank in general rankings of the pres…[View]
10319864What would be the best way for society to help people with mild delusions, like audiophiles, those w…[View]
10316732Was he /our/ black man?[View]
10319187The oldest nation on earth is china The oldest empire on earth was the chinese one The longest conti…[View]
10319057What are your favorite Historical biographies?[View]
10320328Will WWI and WWII be seen as one protracted war?: I have heard theories that WWI and II will come to…[View]
10320690Iran-Iraq War: What could Saddam have done differently? He waged this war pretty competently and Ira…[View]
10315138Are the Spartans overrated?[View]
10318985This shit works and I'm dead serious.[View]
10319026How Jewish really was the Russian Revolution?: What evidence is there to suggest that Jews were over…[View]
10318333So, was Fukuyama wrong in the end?[View]
10320421Christianity Discussion General[View]
10320254Why is the russian empire not viewed like the mongol and roman empire despite being larger than both…[View]
10320816Is the 14th Amendment illegal?: The 14th Amendment is by far the most disastrous piece of legislatio…[View]
10320815How do East Asian women in your country perceive Indo-Jewish people like me ?: Stats >5'10 …[View]
10320512Would the Germanization of Eastern Europe have been beneficial in the long run?[View]
10320004Free speech: Is it true that free speech only exists for the strong? A weak supporter of free speech…[View]
10318613Was there any proven matriarchal/gynocentric societies in human history?[View]
10319388The Serbs entered this war under the rather childish delusion that they were going to genocide every…[View]
10320369>Both golf wars lasted about a month. (Both wars combined were shorter than the entire Falklands …[View]
10320643Why wasnt the green revolution succesful in africa?[View]
10320283Tell me everything you know about human sacrifice. Historical information is good and any actual det…[View]
10320225>muh native american were inhuman brutes because they were warring tribes and some had human sacr…[View]
10320430Heard you talkin' shit bout weeaboos. Anything you wanna say to our face...baka? Didn't th…[View]
10317611This Yahweh, your God speaking: THOU SHALT HAVE NO OTHER GODS BEFORE ME[View]
10320452'Totalitarianism' is one of the most useless concepts for understanding history. Prove me wrong you …[View]
10320590I understand that Israel intervened in the Lebanese civil war to fight Palestinian armed groups, but…[View]
10318911Question: Why did the fifth Umayyad caliph, Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan, invent the religion of Islam?…[View]
10320352How did Germanics change from barbarians to civilized?[View]
10319563The Bible says two things: >forgive those who sin/transgress against you >love your enemies It…[View]
10317497Can someone tell me what is writen on this knife or what langue it might be?[View]
10317388what's wrong with this?[View]
10318870Signs of a pesud-historian >dude swords were never used >dude flaming arrows were never used …[View]
10318180How do you make sense of the post WWII paradigm?: Prior to WWII, people from capable and industriali…[View]
10318879Any good Hispanic literature?[View]
10320239Tell me about Korea under Japan occupation. Was it really that bad? The stories I've been heari…[View]
10319855How did the Black Death affect the Hundred Years War?[View]
10317189What could the emperors have done to prevent this mess?[View]
10308759Why is Tsarist Russia still viewed with such nostalgia and romanticism despite being one of the most…[View]
10317454If Turkey and or Greece had not joined NATO how likely is it that they would have fallen to Communis…[View]
10320046Which religion, philosophy etc will help me forgive my enemies? I really fucking hate them.[View]
10320027The feeling of being overwhelmed by history: Have you ever been overwhelmed by history, not just the…[View]
10320069Was NEP a success?[View]
10318767You could not live with your own failure. Where did that bring you? Back to me.[View]
10319953Educate me on Charlemagne and the HRE[View]
10319213Who was the greatest criminal in history[View]
10318920I heard that Christianity and Abrahamic religions are uniquely flawed, and have been uniquely regres…[View]
10315832God does not exist[View]
10312634Biblical Deluge: What does modern religious (Jewish or Christian) scholarship make of the story of N…[View]
10319592Was the Nazi stance on gays hypocritical?[View]
10318974Descendents of Pre-Diluvians: Redpill me about them[View]
10310982Why laissez faire is so unseccessful?: No matter where it, have been tried it failed missarbly. US, …[View]
10319872reject modernity: When was there an enduring big brains big balls alliance?[View]
10319674>Christianity wasn't created to enlighten, but to befuddle or >Christianity was created t…[View]
10319956Is it a deity?[View]
10318458You can bring back one historical figure for a two-hour dinner during which you can pick his brain a…[View]
10317861Why does communist architecture make /his/ seethe?[View]
10319043William Calley Jr.: >killed 500 Vietnamese civilians >got only 3 years house arrest >80% o…[View]
10318061>he refers to land as 'clay'[View]
10319703So, now that the dust has settled, what was it really, /his/? >https://youtu.be/TiIrpEMbQ2M…[View]
10319243So why was he really executed[View]
10314280Question to Orthodox Christians: Because nothing grows in the Arctic, the Inuit diet is almost exclu…[View]
10308943Consider the Following:: The Ottoman Empire was the rightful heir to Rome, and one could not same Ro…[View]
10311032What was British colonial policy?: Did they exploit local population? If yes, how did they maintain …[View]
10317084Why did the Dravidian gods become more important than the Aryan gods in Hinduism?[View]
10319507What would your daily life be like in Bronze-age Europe? Let's say you live somewhere half dece…[View]
10318781Al Andalus 101:: >conquer Iberian peninsule while it's in political and economic crisis >…[View]
10315910Why aren't Christians happy Authour John the Baptist and Authour Jesus Christ finished Writing …[View]
10317226YHWH splits the Sun? Allah splits the Moon. Man splits the Atom.[View]
10319639>knows that the war is almost over and that his side will lose >still takes the time to convin…[View]
10318464What would their future have been like?: Hypothetically speaking, what would be the end-game of the …[View]
10319580Is there any evidence that “muh Soviet rapes” are real?[View]
10319570The Dresden bombing obviously never happened, but should it have?[View]
10314627>castles were rarely assaulted: >t. Shad Is he right?[View]
10319493How Japan became such a high-tech powerhouse by 1970s?[View]
10311670>No internet >No video games >No anime >No tv or films >No radio What the fuck did NE…[View]
10318095Why was he unready?[View]
10316135Why is Shia-ism so much cooler then Sunni Islam[View]
10316336What are some good books on American History? Without the woke politics please[View]
10316147Why did eugenics basically get completely ostracised by the scientific community despite having wide…[View]
10318302Treaty of Versailles: Was it really that bad?[View]
10319284is the Zapruder Film the most significant piece of footage in history?[View]
10319179Why didn’t the European allies seem to gain economically much from winning?[View]
10319197Was the optimates v populares divide in roman similar to the leftist conservative divide today? Why …[View]
10317536Let's talk about the Irish Election of 1918: The 1918 elections changed Ireland forever. ITT, …[View]
10317481Redpill me about Lincoln and the Civil War: What I have read so far: >Andrew Jackson said that t…[View]
10315286Did this guy really lead a philosophical revolution in Hinduism or did he just regurgitate Buddhist …[View]
10317417>Greatest philosopher in history >outdated Westoids still believe in muh socrates and plato Gr…[View]
10316407Madagascar: Why was Africans did not found and settled in this island first? How can rice farmers ac…[View]
10309761Latin america is poor. Most people on latin america make between $200-300 a month or so. Is there an…[View]
10316646Would cavemen have been able to successfully hunt sauropods, had they lived alongside one another?[View]
10317155'Were you there?': Have anthropologists ever answered Ken Ham's critique?[View]
10318421Why do so many black prisoners in the United States convert to Islam?[View]
10318586>lebanese christian ultranationalist that hated islamdogs and jewdogs yeah I'm thinking bas…[View]
10311832Adolf Hitler dies in 1939, which member of Nazi leadership would be the best option to succeed him?[View]
10318577Why didn’t the west colonise China? The inscrutable Asian meme scared them. Asians are scary and unp…[View]
10306156Why Italian millitary was so unsuccessful?: What was the cause of Italian fails during WW2? They har…[View]
10316430>Some scholars suggest the pericope may have been based on a Sumerian story representing the conf…[View]
10318400The most difficult question of all time: You have one bullet and FDR, Luther and Hegel in front of y…[View]
10316573What the best books on Islamic history? Can be any period, the early Caliphs, Saladin, the Soviet Wa…[View]
10314467Religions from worst to best: Islam > sikhism > hindusim > catholicism > protestantism …[View]
10315976Who are some of the greatest Christian theologians alive? Is TD Jakes one of the genius of our time?[View]
10305192Is Thomas Sowell right about the history of modern Black culture? Or is that just cope by a Black ma…[View]
10314257>During the Age of Sail, it was assumed that 50 percent of the sailors would die of scurvy on a g…[View]
10317475Commodities in the Middle Ages, and before: Traders today get excited by stuff like pic related: you…[View]
10315458If Napoleon suddenly came back to life, how would he react to comparisons between him and Hitler?[View]
10318135Was there an extensive pedophilia ring in Soviet Union (After Stalin) amongst the elites like there …[View]
10316601Will WW2 be remembered the same way the thirty years war is remembered today, which is to say, will …[View]
10318532Papers Thread: post and discuss some of your favourite academic articles from this month. no books.…[View]
10318355How did people in the wild west era afford beds, sofas, tables, carpets, chandeliers, rugs, plumbing…[View]
10317953What are the best books on the Varangian Guard? What was their greatest victories and their greates…[View]
10314171How did Americans win the revolution?[View]
10318207James Garfield was the last republican president not to have a recession occur during his tenure. He…[View]
10316611Why was he so enamoured with brown suits?: It's very unpresidential.[View]
10317694Tell me about lesser-known brave men across history.: Stuff like the Chasseurs Ardennais in World Wa…[View]
10316935>b-but the Bible is just as violent as islam !!!!: The Israelites were commanded to get Palestine…[View]
10314880>The Roman economy was underdeveloped and underachieving, characterized by subsistence agricultur…[View]
10317119Tell me about Korea under Japan occupation.[View]
10318177orange man bad[View]
10315402>Why yes I'm pagan how could you tell?[View]
10313745How did this happen?[View]
10314534what would europe look like today without the immense contributions of black kings and queens? also…[View]
10316063Why are genocides so based historically speaking?: Wiping out entire people simply because of their …[View]
10317900Leon Degrell: Can someone give me quick rundown on this guy? Why didn't the spaniards hang him …[View]
10312291What reason do atheists have to live, grow, and improve? Genuine question. I feel lost without God.[View]
10317253Germanics and Han: By 200 BC China had developed social structures sophisticated enough to deploy a …[View]
10316496>Have a famous battle where you sprint a short amount of distance >Call it Marathon Why were t…[View]
10318025Why should someone, the average person, study history?[View]
10317775>english civil war already checked the king's powers and assured the the parlamentary system…[View]
10317749If I don't have a humanities degree, would it be better to get a master's degree in Histor…[View]
10314015Did the Tsar deserve it?[View]
10316754ancient elevators: In Gladiator the movie...in the scene after the one shown in the pic related, the…[View]
10316989How do French people generally feel about their pre-revolutionary history? Are they proud of it or g…[View]
10313923> few hundred soldier > destroys largest empire on continent in 2 years We're Aztec'…[View]
10316927Why did we start living like mice?[View]
10316187Gets btfo’d by Greece: To put that into a modern perspective it’s like Australia beating Russia or I…[View]
10315615If God exists, she would be a female, since she create life[View]
10317362Was he really the bad guy we are led to believe?[View]
10317846protestants are suck putrid heretics not only they wanted to remove verses from the Bible from early…[View]
10317535>brother nations, england existing only because of french conquerers in 1066. >turns out anglo…[View]
10316842Why does /his/ ignore Ashoka the Great? He's one of the greatest conquerors of all time.[View]
10317732God and the economy are intertwined. The invisible hand they say, life isnt fair they say... are all…[View]
10316198>Indonesia in 1900 >Casual islam. Mixed with indigenous beliefs. Women don't wear hijab. …[View]
10317736Leave Gavestone ALONE!!![View]
10316918>He voluntarily, out of his own free will, chooses to be a Wuser Defend this shit.…[View]
10317141Name me one, just ONE, example throughout history of an Empire whose greatest emperor WASN'T th…[View]
10317379[In 1946] The TRIAL of Pu Yi, The LAST EMPEROR of China! 【AI Restoration】: https://youtu.be/r8xrgmPA…[View]
10317533&humanities: How old were you when you realised that positivism is the only non-ridiculous epist…[View]
10317008Historically, how have 'intelligence programs' like the CIA gotten away with systematic torture and …[View]
10315100Woah ancient Sumerians were Gigachad?[View]
10317470What's the final verdict on Condé?[View]
10313312>Named Spartacus >Isn't from Sparta ??????…[View]
10317412Why are historical facial reconstructions always so terrible?[View]
10317370What ever happened here?[View]
10317398What's the biggest post ancient development, the European development of gunpowder weapons, the…[View]
10317241How did a country with such a small population manage to stay independent for so long?[View]
10315953When Disney took on Hollywood Communists: https://youtu.be/8rujLwY1C8k[View]
10315463>picked the middle ages as my focus on my history minor instead of antiquity What are the biggest…[View]
10312667why there are so many people saying this are true angels?[View]
10315921Was he even a competent leader? He was charismatic enough to gather lots of support but it seems tha…[View]
10315650Are idols modern idolatry?[View]
10317218Who was there before the Germanic peoples in Scandinavia?: Who was there before Indo-Europeans settl…[View]
10316997why did god reveal himself only 4000 years ago? if we consider genesis to be the first revelation of…[View]
10316025How would history have changed if William 'Cornpop' Morris had killed Joe Biden in the 60s in their …[View]
10315170Redpill me on Ayn Rand[View]
10314776>mediocre president >gets killed >now liberals and schizos alike worship him as a martyr …[View]
10316892Are Ancient Italians different than modern Italians?[View]
10316998Why have they managed to preserve so much culture dating as far as the Tang Dynasty? Is it because t…[View]
10316022History of Africa: Are there good videos for learning the history and geopolitics of Africa? I don…[View]
10316973Yes, I think Nero is the greatest ruler to ever be, how could you tell?[View]
10316504Let's try something this board is incapable of discussing in a rational manner: economics. Corp…[View]
10316922Whatchu are about to rread is post one, in the multi-post thread about eHistorian Dan Carlin[View]
10316719Iron poisoning and schizophrenia: Iron causes insanity by inverting the dopamine receptors - they 'p…[View]
10302773Redpill me on Al-Andalus /his/[View]
10316893https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL77A337915A76F660 Thoughts in this course? Also what are some…[View]
10313944Who would you have voted for in the 1988 US Presidential election, /his/?[View]
10316095Why was there a restoration of conservative family values in the 50s after the degenerate periods of…[View]
10316119>Civil War >it's not civil at all[View]
10316752How many different kinds of military structures have existed in history? Have there been any that co…[View]
10315352How effective were the Nicaraguan Contras?[View]
10316632The last Puma: Endre Frankó, the last pilot of the 101st Puma Home Air Defense Fighter Flight Divisi…[View]
10315979Is Jesus a copy of Ancient Egyptian religion: https://libertywritersglobal.com/how-story-of-jesus-an…[View]
10314667>research my family history >all my ancestors are from the same country (england, where i live…[View]
10312784Who was in the wrong here?[View]
10316563Have mass shootings nd serial killers historically been inversely correlated with military deploymen…[View]
10315173Kanem Bornu: How did this Empire last so long? They predated and outlasted so many? They didn't…[View]
10314213My Fellow /his/torians: I am forming a book club with alot of /lit/ users on discord and was wonderi…[View]
10316053Hamilton wins the duel and kills Burr: How would american history change?[View]
10315995Oliver Cromwell: Who was the best leader Britain ever had and why was it Cromwell.[View]
10315947Alexander the Great was a Persianite Greek: It makes sense when you think about it. He was basically…[View]
10315803Anna Anderson and Anastasia: They don't even remotely look alike. Were people blind or somethin…[View]
10316074Did the seljuks see themselves as literal rulers of rome, or did they acknowledge themselves as isla…[View]
10315332If game of throne was based on war of rose. Then what historical event would make better fantasy sto…[View]
10314352Was he actually an Arian or is that just a meme?[View]
10311719The Great Wall: Now that the dust has settled: Was the Great Wall ever effective in preventing/stopp…[View]
10316070>Did the U.S. only join ww2 to curb the looming threat of communism? Shit from how the alliance …[View]
10316214Now that the dust has settled...: Was he in the wrong?[View]
10314751Any other detailed, quality podcast that teaches about a nation's history this well?[View]
10314064Why is Afghanistan so ridiculously poor despite being the site of kingdoms and civilizations for tho…[View]
10310029Just a daily reminder that we won in Vietnam: Killed more commies, burned their shithole capital to …[View]
10316192Why didn't Africans build any real Empire's and no mud hut collections don't count[View]
10316151If I told that you that millionaire celebrity pastor John F.MacArthur was involved in MLK's ass…[View]
10309499What the fuck was his problem?[View]
10315224what would africa look like today without the immense contributions of white colonists? also general…[View]
10316071What was so great about the Great War?[View]
10314874Asians aren't yellow: They're the same color as Arabs; beige/light brown. If we want to be…[View]
10314951so this is the power of germanic/roman/celtic blood[View]
10316049egyptian pyramids: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=quAzY1J68_A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZD-d2…[View]
10315501From a marxist point of view wtf was rome? It wasnt a slave society and it wasnt feudalism. Then wha…[View]
103149411000 BC: Is this map accurate?[View]
10312095Historically have any black features been considered a beauty ideal?[View]
10315563Why were European importing kongo fabrics?: >One of the wonders of Kongo: Power and Majesty, on v…[View]
10315355How did people cope with court life in ancient Rome?: Would they have just been going around trying …[View]
10313959Why were Indians so fucking peaceful?: We've all heard of Ashoka turning full Buddhist he was s…[View]
10315675Is this historically true?[View]
10314141How did the Kingdom of Jerusalem even last as long as it did? It was a gigantic shitshow[View]
10306006Did Champa rule the South China sea islands or not?[View]
10315880What's it like to be a pleb?[View]
10311866Why are slaves the most aryan in europe?: We know that west europeans consider themselves the avatar…[View]
10310962Are pastoralists considered farmers or hunder-gatherers?[View]
10313167Why do they hate him? Is it because he defeated communism?[View]
10315607Since you guys like monarchy so much what do you guys think of the king of thailand?[View]
10312569>Captain of the SS Californian >on the night of 15 April, 1922, steams into an icefield in the…[View]
10314514Are Indians more closely related to Mongoloids or Caucasoids?[View]
10306517>'lol white people born in the west don't convert to Islam retard' >'Only the mentally il…[View]
10312424YHWH splits the Sun. Allah splits the Moon.[View]
10314737Why don't wealthy people dress like pimps anymore[View]
10314542On the war front, on 24 May 1982 Iran retook Khorramshahr, then broke the Abadan siege, and drove th…[View]
10315498Alternate timeline: Is there anyway a colonial greek empire would've been possible?[View]
10304617Would he have been BTFO in 1972 had he not covered up Watergate?[View]
10315431Did the Imperial / Nazi German claim to be free of soulless international financial interests hold a…[View]
10315560Patch Identification: can anyone help me identify what patch is being worn on the jacket in this pho…[View]
10313268I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
10315495Why yes, I am an avid reader of academic history. I just finished Victor Davis Hanson's new boo…[View]
10315465Was buddha a central asian scythian? Therefore white?[View]
10314903Do ugly/poor people even 'live' life? Attractive/rich/middle class are treated like humans while the…[View]
10312509If a Greco-Roman ancient pagan philosopher was transported into the 18th and early 19th centuries AD…[View]
10310738Selim the Grim: Lets talk about this grim motherfucker, why is he so underrated compared to other Ot…[View]
10315439Why do wars happen? Hint, its becuase calories per capita, excluding imports are below 2000[View]
10315426What if this nigga was killed during WWI? would WWII still happen?[View]
10315159itt we post historical christian Jewelry[View]
10315399Chavez took over 25 years ago. I remember how it used to be in venezuela before chavez got poisoned …[View]
10314470How did chariot tactics actually work, both in terms of chariots against infantry and against other …[View]
10306820Anyone here find the bronze age creepy? >lots of speculations, can never be sure if the few thing…[View]
10314354Was not renewing the Reinsurance Treaty in 1890 a mistake?: Could Germany have negotiated an allianc…[View]
10315151Why does he look so sad?[View]
10313023China: What's the history of the: >Crimes >Political Repressions >Genocides >Extraj…[View]
10314837literal tyrants[View]
10313416>yeah but like you cant just apply order to a world that is so chaotic Joe Rogan on religion…[View]
10314603Romania had oil in WW2 (it still does to this day) and Romania was Allied with Germany in WW2, so ho…[View]
10311494>it's based boy trying to talk like badass about 'war on humanity' episode Why does Indy ass…[View]
10314225I read somewhere once that thousands of years ago the great plains were mostly forest but humans cau…[View]
10315066I found it. God dammit I finally found it.: Said I was gonna make my own brand. Welp. Here’s a sketc…[View]
10314180fun family history thread: how did members of your immediate or extended family make their mark on /…[View]
10313861Freemasonry: I don't believe the conspiracy theories and I don't want to larp as an egypti…[View]
10315031Checkmate: Dear Christians: If God is real then why does he tempt me with erections? Shouldn't …[View]
10313335Who is the worst British Prime Minister in history?[View]
10311878Christianity Saints: Where did the idea of intercession of saints really come from? Is it or not ido…[View]
10307413What was the international language in Europe before French became the lingua franca in the 17th cen…[View]
10302152Prehistorical Sexual Evolutionary Psychology: 8,000 YEARS AGO, 17 WOMEN REPRODUCED FOR EVERY ONE MAN…[View]
10314774Perspective: Let's post facts that 'mess' with your perception of history, time, and your gener…[View]
10310864Is it true what significant economic growth during FDR presidency happened only after start of WW2, …[View]
10314587Ah! Adolf my boy!: >about your second application to the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts....…[View]
10314162brabant killers: >go on a crime spree for 3 years >murder 30 people >to this day literally …[View]
10311160Historically speaking, is this the most perfect border that has ever existed? Is the reason why the …[View]
10313231>Be drawn to history for the first time in high school because of WW2 >Keep studying history o…[View]
10312438Sides aside, why has been the world so lacking in leaders for almost a century now?[View]
10312185Why did the Romans fear the Druids?[View]
10307330Why is anyone still an atheist or agnostic? The whole notion that there is no God or that we can…[View]
10312376ITT we post English victories over the Fr*nch[View]
10313427I made a map based on all the environmental aspects of the world to predict where civilisations shou…[View]
10313032This place is basically /pol/ Part 2[View]
10311735[In 1911] NEW YORK CITY 100 years ago' video restored! New York City Tour, USA【AI Restoration】:…[View]
10312655Ironically, the era of stagnation was the best period in Russian history.[View]
10314288What are these bits of non-USSR along the Caspian Sea?[View]
10314415>huurrr why do every culture on Earth have dragons?! Is there a more retarded question? Each cult…[View]
10313999The Origin of Western Civilisation[View]
10314135hypothethically if 10.000 wehrmacht soldiers fought against 10.000 taliban on a island like battlefi…[View]
10309744What historically has stopped the Kurds from gaining their own country? How is it that other ethnic …[View]
10314144Was scorched earth militarily justified? I understand germans doing it out of spite but for Soviets …[View]
10314512Tell Mr. Spurgeon why you're not a soul winner.[View]
10314423Post historical versions of Virgin vs Chad[View]
10311194Was there any matriarchal society in human history?[View]
10314132Why was he so besotted in brown suits?: It's quite unpresidential.[View]
10314390What was the greatest battle or series of battles during the American Indian wars on the great plain…[View]
10314323The Dresden Firebombing: Why don’t we celebrate Dresden like we do D-Day? Did Kurt Vonnegut really b…[View]
10314163We're nothing but..: Slaves to our genetics, slaves to our bodies, slaves to the environment, s…[View]
10314295Chivalry and honor: Who were the most honorable knights, soilders and commanders (not necessarily eu…[View]
10311367Khazar Judaism: What did the Jewish belief among the historical Khazars of the 8th century look like…[View]
10313947The Chinese Government considers 'Communism' to be the end goal. Therefore China is 'Communist'.[View]
10311373Why did they mean by 'a well-regulated militia' when they wrote the U.S. constitution?[View]
10312775Social Hedonism and Historical Decline: >In addition, both America and Western Europe have been f…[View]
10311101We’re the many expulsions of whites throughout history justified?[View]
10312708In hindsight was stalins purge necessary or just unfounded paranoia?[View]
10312654>me in the third row[View]
10313887>asks complex question >cuts off guests as they're trying to answer What the fuck is his …[View]
10313936Anglos in Siberia: https://www.v-stetsyuk.name/en/Siberia.html[View]
10313892>Austria-Hungary >Yugoslavia >Russian Empire >USSR >South Africa >Rhodesia >Ira…[View]
10313026Are Scottish people really that scary? Why didn't the Romans take Scotland?[View]
10313594>it's not colonialism if there's no water in-between[View]
10303222Now that the dust has settled, does God exist?[View]
10312696>'what?! is this true anon? you really don't believe that Christianity, Biblical Judaism and…[View]
10313701Osama: What was he trying to accomplish and why did he do it?[View]
10313787>*does nothing*[View]
10310358>read history >come to fucking hate the British Empire, the most evil empire in history >Co…[View]
10311104Dropping some big Frenchpill: The Final Frenchpill is... Flanders (flag related) has been part of Fr…[View]
10313578How do people born and raised in the west become pious devoted Salafis?: I grew up in the inner city…[View]
10313364best books on irish history? im especially interested in the war of independence, civil war, and any…[View]
10313392Turkic Mongolian Threats to Humanity: Turkic Mongolian Threats to Humanity Precisely it is Turkic Mo…[View]
10313475Atheism is literally the only reason USSR collapsed[View]
10312616>Got america out of the great depression >Destroyed three evil empires, two of them pretty muc…[View]
10312913Why did the rest of the Communist party of China go along with Mao's cult of personality? Espec…[View]
10297309Why is everyone so soft on Japs?: My college classes seem to have different outlooks on the enemies …[View]
10310568What religious tradition in history has the most 'family values'?[View]
10313291Stalingrad air bridge: What the FUCK were Goring thinking?[View]
10311376Origin of people based on appearance: Is there any definitive way to trace back the ethnic origin of…[View]
10311384Commodus: Was he actually that bad?[View]
10313380What do you know about our history, anon?[View]
10311705Just finished a biography on him. Why did he talk so much about shit & piss?[View]
10313456The Role of Tatars Colonizers of Russia in WWI: The killing of Rasputin and his assassins and why he…[View]
10312503Historical Novels: Which are must-read historical novels?[View]
10305582So which Euros have the most we wuzzers? I swear that every time a culture has big accomplishments t…[View]
10312950What are some good ways of catching the ire of a die hard Romaboo? Ideally i just want to post somet…[View]
10312354When conquering unruly lands what is better, subjugation or annihilation?[View]
10313201Etymology Thread: ITT: We contemplate the differences between evolved and constructed language while…[View]
10310806If Pashtuns are Iranian/Afghan why are they all in Pakistan?: I thought Pakistani people were simply…[View]
10312071Judaism is better than Christianity because the trinity is polytheistic and the christsubversives ab…[View]
10312302Why did the Ottomans look so much down upon the Arabs? They didn't even let them administer the…[View]
10313051Is it true?: According to some Hindus, the Kaaba in Mecca was a temple dedicated to Shiva.[View]
10312666Are empires bad?: What makes them inherently worse than republics or kingdoms?[View]
10311592>crying about muh versailles treaty when they had much harsher punishment planned for France >…[View]
10313110Are europeans really pure bred like they say or are they a mutt? For example the US has about 50,000…[View]
10313142A student protester gives the V for victory sign in front of Chinese soldiers of the PLA. Tiananmen …[View]
10312622Why didn't the Spanish ever seize Portugal? Have they really been protected by great powers for…[View]
10311871>England had no castles hence Normans conquered easily But England had plenty of burgs, fortified…[View]
10312910What are some examples of successful colonies that present at least a decent moral counterargument t…[View]
10308681how do they cope with losing the most valuable land in human history over an incredibly trivial matt…[View]
10312562Which African empire had schooling?[View]
10313044Is there a pantheon of gods that are bigger assholes then the Greek Pantheon (minus Hestia of course…[View]
10308710Sparta worship: Why Spartan fanboyism is so common among the right wing even on democratic liberal c…[View]
10313003Hey /his/, I have a question about the alternate definitions of the word 'Agnosticism'. I was talki…[View]
10312086Bests historical comics? For me it's Nippur de Lagash.[View]
10311933I was reading about the Baal Cycle and bits and pieces of the thing itself. Very cool god that loved…[View]
10312817After years of studying history, I am convinced that the world should be ruled by one empire with on…[View]
10301066yahweh: yahweh[View]
10311960Why is guy respected today? After the first few Napoleonic wars he turned into an egomaniacal autocr…[View]
10311321If we cant really trust our senses, then why rely on evidence in court?[View]
10310597/returntomonke/: Unironically we must return to monke.[View]
10308296Tell me again why does Allah support cousin marriage despite the fact it has terrible side effects?[View]
10311114Historical figures like Conan?: >'I've roamed far; farther than any other man of my rac…[View]
10312259VGH...: The sweet sounds of Scotland.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnSNfxjrwck[View]
10312738How can one man be so based? He had such a good heart, such a pure soul and loved his people. Why do…[View]
10312510The past never happened.[View]
10311893>tfw you find out Benjamin Franklin was based and MILFpilled In the link his letter Advice to a Y…[View]
10311417I fear the Tang strategic victory[View]
10312162How did this myth of a 'special relationship' between the U.S. and U.K. emerge?[View]
10312552is nort korea communist?[View]
10311931If violence, aggressive behavior and physical assault are the best signs of low intelligence, why do…[View]
10312351>Arabs are the only non steppe nigger influenced J culture[View]
10311431>The instantiative aspect of the postmodern ludicracy begets hedonism and besmirches true meaning…[View]
10311956Is it right that the posters of this sub can't recognise satire when they see it?[View]
10312431Supernatural experiences: >i've never felt any presence of god in my life >i've neve…[View]
10312167Why don't the Bible or Quran mention the New World?: If the Bible or Quran mentioned the Americ…[View]
10312403what's the sense of rituals?[View]
10308642What was his problem? Why couldn't he just leave everyone alone and die like the filthy commone…[View]
10311631Jeanne d'Arc: What was her deal? Was she just some crazy schizo or did she actually receive div…[View]
10312226When will /his/ accept the true ethnic heritage of Romans without the white wash? Clue was in the na…[View]
10308623How would the world be different today if duels were still part of our cultures? Based-er or stupide…[View]
10310921How is healthcare worked out in Islam?: Does anyone here know how an authentic Islamic state under t…[View]
10310951Why do people use 'anti-enlightenment' as an insult?[View]
10305738Are there any Christian refutations that: hold up to the Qur'an? Most of them get btfo as easil…[View]
10309279Has there ever been anyone more attractive then Antinous?[View]
10311386Russian history: How did they get so far from God after creating some of the best Christian art musi…[View]
10310090Why did this nation remain catholic again?[View]
10311588Would a Germany-Russia alliance to divide up Eurasia have been unstoppable? >Russian resources …[View]
10307869You wake up as a Nazi 6th Army soldier inside the Kessel on Decmeber 25th, 1942[View]
10305335Iran Contra Scandal: Can someone explain the Iran contra scandal to me? The way it was put to me fro…[View]
10311143>Finnish '''civil''' war[View]
10311761Nordic Runes Translation: Hey guys, can you read these runes in picrel? I tried my hand at translati…[View]
10308056Why did Hitler not have any children?[View]
10311897This is The State.[View]
10309093isn't satan in christianity just another god? he has powers.[View]
10311106Was Tamerlane the best historical example of 'might is right'?[View]
10311839Why is it that the once 'protestant nations' now either have a catholic plurality or just …[View]
10307888How do you go from this...[View]
10309289Why did the Europeans constantly torture and bully the Jews instead of assimilating them like the Ch…[View]
10311855Why did Luther marry Katrina van Bora? He is pretty cute[View]
10311853>Using comparative advantage theory for anything other than agriculture and assorted extractive a…[View]
10311841Where were you when B.G Kumbi and le 9gag army declared war on 4chan? https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
10303214Why do berbers have a superiority complex twords blacks when most of their recorded history is just …[View]
10311835Antoninus Pius[View]
10311807How come the Japanese were the only Orientals interested in those damn clocks?[View]
10309625When did self-help culture take off and why?[View]
10308826>'Before us lays Deutschland, in us marches Deutschland, behind us COMES DEUTSCHLAND!' What the a…[View]
10309635I like Nezha better[View]
10311682Coptic iconography is the most SOVLFVL of all[View]
10311629Why, when, and how did the Apollonian cultures become Faustian? I’d assume it was when Germanic king…[View]
10310442What did people in the past think the future would look like? And I am not talking cringey 1900’s pr…[View]
10310645Why does it feel like things of extreme historical importance dont happen anymore? It feels like 100…[View]
10305695Are there any instances of a court jester usurping the throne?[View]
10307290Malcom X Day: Two leaders of the black struggle in America once lived, then were both assasinated. W…[View]
10310900Adolf Hitler: Was he the Antichrist?[View]
10311302how powerful are this guys?: watched an interview of Cardinal Pell, the guy who got accused of a rap…[View]
10311381So I finished reading Elie Wiesel's autobiography.: When he first gets to Auschwitz, an SS offi…[View]
10305740I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
10310366Murder. Ethically speaking is murder really all that bad? Don't get me wrong. I think putting m…[View]
10310189https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tychonic_system >have a superior model to heliocentricists at the t…[View]
10309958>Osroene, or Edessa, was one of several states that acquired independence from the collapsing Sel…[View]
10309212Christian Occult: The most interesting part of looking at medieval Christian art is that they surpri…[View]
10311601Thought everyone hated women in the past...: Apparently /his/ lied to me...[View]
10303539Was killing of the Romanov family justified?[View]
10311574>There will never be another Judean War >Jewish people are happily living in their ancestral h…[View]
10296427what went wrong with Baʽathism ?, How do you go from the foremost anti colonial movement in the Midd…[View]
10310658Bengali history: Does anyone know anything about these niggas? Were they really that 'primitive'?…[View]
10308325How can fascism be right-wing when it's a revolutionary ideology dreamt up by socialist and fut…[View]
10309645Can we talk about IQ /his/? Who do so many people on this site have an inability to understand the i…[View]
10311527Eye of the providence: >1 Peter 3:12 'For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and his ears …[View]
10311406Could DC and Marvel be considered American mythology?[View]
10303362According to the Chinese spammer on /his/, best army in WW2 was in fact the Chinese. This is his rea…[View]
10307934If the crusaders could see their homecountries now, they would have thrown down their weapons and jo…[View]
10310942Timeline of Islamic Empires.: This timeline is an outline of an estimated timeline of Islamic empire…[View]
10311120What are some of the best uprisings in history?[View]
10307316The more I read about this shit country's history, the more I realize it was worse than Nazi Ge…[View]
10309961Central Asia: These region of the world had constant contact with both the Western and the Eastern w…[View]
10310416Gaelic Origins: So, I've heard it said that the Gaels descend from Scotti/a the supposed daught…[View]
10310447>Sincere words are not fine; fine words are not sincere. What did he mean by this?…[View]
10311252R1 plays weird games: R1b raped west europe R1a raped east europe R1b went west and conquered nort…[View]
10311248Was the Gilded Age actually bad?[View]
10309656How different were Levant born Franks to Immigrant Franks?[View]
10311020Let's imagine that the son of Manuel I of Portugal and the eldest daughter of the Catholic Mona…[View]
10303830atheism in the west: is there a correlation between the post ww2 rampant secularization of western s…[View]
10310006Was Japan a superpower or were the they punching way above their weight?[View]
10308824Why couldn't they make cities?: Why couldn't they make cities before European contact? …[View]
10310011I hate this guy.Post popular history twitter handles that you hate.[View]
10310532When all the globohomo began...[View]
10306783Papists will defend picrel endlessly but the act like Henry VIII was worse than Hitler because he ha…[View]
10308946The True Heir of Alexander: The True Heir of Alexander[View]
10307534Favourite Native American nation/tribe?[View]
10310963What is the truth behind the battle of Shiroyama? It’s treated as some epic last stand where the Sam…[View]
10309639Et tu, Maine, Vermont, and upstate NY?[View]
10310761Could England alone have accomplished this and British achievements or did it hinge on its union wit…[View]
10307709Why haven’t there been any great Democratic presidents since JFK? Yes, he was a total sleazeball, bu…[View]
10308972I have a few questions: Is pic related the most powerful poor country in the world? Has citizens liv…[View]
10308575>The 'Catholic Highlands'[View]
10307221Historically speaking, why were the jews always picked on? I'm not a /pol/tard. I'm genuin…[View]
10310586[In 1900s] Qing Dynasty of China's rare footage! Qing Dynasty situation, China【AI Restoration】:…[View]
10310473Is it important to keep your bloodline in Christianity still ? Or was that just a thing pre christ f…[View]
10300583USSR thread: How many genocides did it have?[View]
10310732Was the Roman Empire fascist?[View]
10310608This is the USSR[View]
10310418How close was the historical Robin Hood to popular portrayal? Song related: https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
10310639Is this true?[View]
10296391Rank the Presidents: https://tiermaker.com/create/us-presidents-tier-list-updated-586738[View]
10307465ERE chads won: almost all centers of higher learning have come to recognize the Eastern Roman Empire…[View]
10309210Are Monarchists based ?[View]
10309411Has anyone taken a critical look at Chomsky’s work? I’m not explicitly looking to refute him, but a …[View]
10306996In the midst of this unprecedented crisis, the Carter administration received a further shock from i…[View]
10310175Are there any good survey histories on France in the middle ages, in English? For being the archneme…[View]
10308557What would you have done in this situation?[View]
10310429what went wrong? couldve been more prevented if the soviet union, wouldve been more transparent abou…[View]
10303027Why didn't faggots use condoms and close down bathouses instead of spreading the deadly virus, …[View]
10308692Opium Wars: I just watched pic related, farewell my concubine, and it reminded me of the Opium Wars.…[View]
10309379Do nazi sympathizers tend to deny the Holocaust?[View]
10305023>entire mythos built about resisting Isla >only balkan kingdom to have cooperated with the Ott…[View]
10297710How do christians explain what happened to the 99% of the world population that lived during Jesus t…[View]
10309322Are there actually people who believe in this?[View]
10310052Cypher: I know this isnt history but its kind of nerdy. My friend made this Cypher for a story. Can …[View]
10308346Is Fascism a form of socialism?: What are some good arguments to refute this video, which claims it …[View]
10307255Does Britain get enough credit for their role in losing the War of the Spanish Succession?[View]
10310276What went wrong during the 1995 Kobe earthquake? Why did so many people get killed from a 6.9 magnit…[View]
10306867Is the history of the US Cavalry on the frontier of the Great Plains respected and interesting to /h…[View]
10310210What should a man know about this fellow, his tradition and what they both represent? Have their tec…[View]
10309743I just had a revelation in a deleted thread. https://www.jstor.org/stable/2742448 Berdache (native a…[View]
10308234Given that internal state terror, imperialism and ethnic cleansing were how Europe stabilised itself…[View]
10308419Best philosophy to live by. >Stoicism Discuss.[View]
10309662Let’s us talk about the final days of the Edward Gibbon or better known as the enlightenment fag …[View]
10308059>there is one god who is somehow three different people Who is making this shit up?…[View]
10309650Russian nobles in the Soviet Union: Hello, I was wondering if anyone knowledgeable about Russian (sp…[View]
10307827Why did so many Jews suddenly convert to Christianity in the 19th century? Why did this trend die ou…[View]
10309634He saved millions...[View]
10309801How and why did he do it?[View]
10309738Did he actually do anything wrong or is it just an exaggerated evil?[View]
10309794What happened to the gold stored in banks when fiat money was decreed? Did banks/government simply r…[View]
10303901HISTORY OF TURKEY: So if I understand correctly, the original people of Turkey were Indo-Europeans (…[View]
10307423Behold, history's most intelligent man[View]
10308193Why do tankies deny that the Soviets were an empire yet call the U.S one?: The Soviet Union was a mu…[View]
10309556Do the people have the right to vote away democracy? Do the people have the right to vote away democ…[View]
10306095Rank them by who you'd most want to lead your nation to who you'd least want running your …[View]
10307348why did el and yahweh become interchangeable?[View]
10309426Wtf I am a nihilist now[View]
10309390What is the most dystopian society to exist in history?[View]
10309181>erwin rommel[View]
10300201> There is an even more painful issue to consider. The Europeans did not wage wars to capture and…[View]
10307855Are they Proto-Caucasoids?[View]
10308143he was right all along[View]
10308559Does Germany get enough credit for its role in ww2?[View]
10306315>n-n-no guys idpol isn't part of true communism, real communists focus on class only! Why do…[View]
10308622Why is it such an OP place for Empire building?: I mean, compared to Europe it is dry and arduous to…[View]
10309273>everything which sounds retarded is a metaphor[View]
10309295>They put a dead pope in trial?[View]
10309066What do you think of libertarianism?[View]
10305818I never understood the calculation problem. If I give you a ton of iron and coal, you can make a ca…[View]
10307952was he based or just insane?[View]
10306822How come Boers never domesticated big African fauna?: Boers have lived in S.Africa since the mid-160…[View]
10307185how does one go about deradicalizing someone, or, hypothetically an entire website, that has gone do…[View]
10308997https://youtu.be/mPob2UudCAU Defend yourself prots[View]
10306975Can peanut butter be eaten during Orthodox fasting? What about raisins? I've also read (from of…[View]
10306954>coomed to that part of Secret History where Antonina femdoms Belisarius and he licks her soles …[View]
10308682>Anglos failed to conquer this and the mudhuts on its banks despite centuries of trying…[View]
10305801I just found out the 21st century started on January 1st, 2001 and I'm absolutely seething. Can…[View]
10301257Is taking BA in history as my second degree at 24 a good idea? I want to be a historian.[View]
10304184It's time to STOP[View]
10306143Is it ethical to genetically modify humans? What will be the consequences of genetically modified hu…[View]
10304923Was the IJN better than the royal navy? Could the British have successfuly took back Malaysia or Ind…[View]
10307648wait so if only a successor of Muhammad can be made a caliph, then how will muslim countries ever be…[View]
10307477>tfw there are no sources for the stuff I'm interested in[View]
10308726HBO tells you to make a ten episode miniseries about a war that isn't WWI or WWII. It must incl…[View]
10308040Archeological sites of the Americas Pic related, remains of an Inca royal estate in the countryside …[View]
10301513Does Britain get enough credit for their role during the Napoleonic Wars or not?[View]
10308500Do misrepresentations of history through out popular media, really for as long as popular media has …[View]
10307509Why did the latin world respond so well to anime in the 70's and 80's?: What is the differ…[View]
10306221How primitive were Celtic tribes compared to the Vikings?[View]
10307071What were these two thinking about each other in history?: They had some connections through Buddhis…[View]
10304390Tumu Crisis: >500.000 Han-chinese vs 20.000k mongols >5.000 mongol riders charge >Han-host …[View]
10307240The bombs were incidental, at most, to Japan's decision to surrender in 1945. They threw in the…[View]
10305608So, I've seen people claim the main Allied Powers in WWII as being the 'Big Three' or the 'Big …[View]
10305485How common was it historically for kings to participate in the battlefield alongside their soldiers?[View]
10308482Ok, so, let me get this straight. The indian subcontinent is just sitting there within civilizations…[View]
10308367>Precursor of literally everything[View]
10304729The color film of the Soviet nuclear explosion in 1955 clearly shows that it killed many people???: …[View]
10295305Does Britain get enough credit for their role during WW2 or not?[View]
10305444Should I read the Bible?: Thinking about reading the Bible for it's philosophical and literary …[View]
10307789Origin of logos after mythos: Does any anon know about some good reference on the origin of the pres…[View]
10305279What was it like to have a wife in the 19th century?[View]
10303938what was Hitler's succession plan?[View]
10306991UFOs in History: Post accurate, historical accounts of UFOs from the past 74 BCE - According to Plut…[View]
10305031Massively important people/groups/events in your country's history that people know surprisingl…[View]
103054581.6 billion people support this[View]
10305455How the fuck did Pagans lost to Christcucks?[View]
10303423Whats some great examples of when reality didn't meet the expectations?[View]
10303722Why would a modern man, surrounded by the marvels brought to us by reason - not just technology but …[View]
10303648Fun with Flags!: Post cool flags, especially taken in unusual and interesting contexts.[View]
10304657Is Marx actually right?[View]
10305261Economics: What was the most redpilled economic system and why is it Laissez-faire?[View]
10308011We gave up so much in the last 150 years.[View]
10305796>tfw I'm such a brainlet that I only sort of get why people suck off this battle so much…[View]
10301040How long until religion dies out?[View]
10307894>start getting into history because of WW2, tonks, military history >over time look at other a…[View]
10307674Feels good to be a descendant of the ancient 30 000 chads that reproduced with 500 000 women.[View]
10307419What are some funny moments in history?[View]
10305882Does Britain get enough credit for their role during the Battle of Hastings or not?[View]
10303200Given all of the temples, synagogues, churches, mosques (excepting Alamo Temple, Texas) in this Sola…[View]
10304819Alternative history thread: What if Ireland was never partitioned?[View]
10306114Does Britain get enough credit for their role in the Magna Carta or not?[View]
10305302PLEASE just PLEASE give me ONE scenario where it survives[View]
10293911>Stronger than humans >Faster than humans >Bigger than humans How come they are extinct tod…[View]
10307782art thread[View]
10306241Tell me about Dorians. Who the fuck were they? Where did they come from?[View]
10307502Catholicism is a larp for atheists in denial: The larp insult hits home so hard because it's tr…[View]
10301074What was his problem?[View]
10305633What do I read if I know shit about history? I know it can't be easily broken down in a couple …[View]
10307570>Continued to cuck Zoroastrianism in spite of multiple Persian empires supporting Zoroastrianism …[View]
10300047What is bible's biggest plot hole?[View]
10307210Historically speaking, how did the rich procure women for casual sex?[View]
10305996Marcus FURIOUS Camillus[View]
10306267Someone made this statement: >the Romans were not actually that advanced, most medieval kingdoms …[View]
10306664>using a historical cathedral as shorthand for the Russian government Why the fuck do Americans d…[View]
10307563Was the German Army really the superior Army of WW1?[View]
10304964/his/meetup in the UK to get the Jacobites back. who's coming with me.[View]
10307441They stole billions[View]
10307150Every single week I will learn/read about a new historical subject I have made myself a program For …[View]
10306723The Bantu expansion killed around 80% of sub Saharan africans The bantu homeland has the highest de…[View]
10308202The relationship between Jews and blacks: It seems like Jews love to use their money and manpower to…[View]
10303364What do you think was the point of Yitzhak Rabin's assassination? While the official story is Y…[View]
10307207How common were lynchings in the American South?[View]
10305197>be on /his/ >mean to click on /lit/ >accidentally click on /mu/ >by natural reaction I …[View]
10306139What are the historical requisites to be a genius in the arts?[View]
10303962ok so Marxists on this board keep talking about the falling rate of profit...but what exactly does t…[View]
10306148Why is communism so reactionary?[View]
10305288Ignoring everything else about his charisma and speaking..: Could you even rise to the same pitch an…[View]
10307028Hey anons, I'm looking for something, where can I find Archeion Pontou/Αρχειον Ποντου volume 27…[View]
10306694>Reviled by anti-interventionists, anti-racists, anti-academics, libertarians, progressives, anti…[View]
10305783Photos of lesser known human groups: Anyone have photos preferably old photos of groups with unique …[View]
10306679Was the Columbine massacre justified?[View]
10302817>catholic church literally tortures and kills anyone who disagrees with them the moment they get …[View]
10305926Did the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) kill 700 Jews?: Christians baselessly claim that Prophe…[View]
10304867Why Iran kept their Indo European culture whilst Anatolia lost theirs Iran was raped directly by th…[View]
10305954What if another reformer had secured power instead? Could the Eastern Bloc have adapted enough to co…[View]
10305484How come France has more treaties than Britain?[View]
10304256Was Yahweh actually pronounced Jehova?: The premise of Jehova is taking the YHWH tetragrammaton and …[View]
10305232Can anyone recommend any books about the civil war in Mandatory Palestine and the lead up to the Isr…[View]
10306120J2 Civilizations: A thread about J2 Civilization and peoples.[View]
10303752What haplogroup are Iranians mostly?: They seem to be so damn diverse, haplobros. My patrilinear anc…[View]
10304636Was Iraq really much off under him as far as keeping the extremist groups in check? Were daily attac…[View]
10306316>[...] the fleet of Pomeranian Prince Racibor I – tributary of the Polish king Bolesław Wrymouth,…[View]
10306428if the Plague of Justinian was so apocalyptic then how come all the sources just skimp over it almos…[View]
10305525James K. Polk: Austere, severe, he held few people dear His oratory filled his foes with fear The fa…[View]
10305873Ancapistan, possible?: People have joke that a stateless society is absurd and could never work but …[View]
10304635History of Portugal: >Tribals - Celts/native mix >Romans came in, assimilated their culture an…[View]
10305610Haplorape: Which Haplogroup is the best at rape? Pic unrelated[View]
10305152I am Macedonian.[View]
10306203Does England get enough credit for their role during the preparation of an English breakfast or not?[View]
10305394Why was legitimacy to the French crown so high?: Why did Charles the Bold try forming his own kingdo…[View]
10303245Genetics of Middle Eastern Christians: I live in a small city in Germany and 2015 some refugees (mos…[View]
10305281English Germany, French Germany, and American Germany also should have become independent states, wi…[View]
10306066What's your favourite quotes about isolation, seclusion and solitude? Marcus Aurelius' qu…[View]
10305911If Out of Africa theory is a myth, where are the apes we descended from now? Is there any evidence o…[View]
10305337Post some bad history, bonus points if its academic historians being wrong or being extremely biased[View]
10305865Adolf Hitler thread: Who was the 'Adolf Hitler' of history?[View]
10305967why has french and german philosophy traditionally been completely uninterested in finding truth or …[View]
10304112Is it true what notable economic and industrial growth during the presidency of FDR happendened only…[View]
10305890/his/ YLYL - Ancient Rome Greece Edition: >Romans drank pig shit as an energy drink. >Emperor …[View]
10305891The Scythians: Was their savage reputation deserved in ancient writings of them? Also, what became o…[View]
10304177How Much of a Genetic Impact Did the Vikings have on Russia?[View]
10299123Is Greece a European country or is it from the Middle East?[View]
10304714Great nafri generals: Pic related, Hannibal, leaded Carthage army during second punic war.[View]
10305823Which battle was it that he gave up the high ground? Why did he do it and what was the benefit to th…[View]
10305769White christianity: Should white christianity be classified as a different religion? From a mysteric…[View]
10305790Does Britain get enough credit for their role during the Battle of Trafalgar or not?[View]
10305371>“The tyranny of the laws permits no divorce,” Luther wrote. “But the woman is free through the d…[View]
10298902Was the British Army really the superior army of WW1?[View]
10304161Does any country on earth have a more tragic history than Poland?[View]
10305623How did the algerian war turn into such extreme savagery?[View]
10303495Buddha was not White: >The Shakyas were an eastern sub-Himalayan ethnic group on the periphery, b…[View]
10304474>If only Kubizek were here...[View]
10304015>socialism bad[View]
10293109Why do reactionaries hate contemporary art so much?[View]
10303035Death Penalty: >be me >argue with a liberal on the death penalty >tells me that the death p…[View]
10305552Why does japan show more respect for western culture than europe?[View]
10305062PLEASE just PLEASE give me ONE scenario where it survives[View]
10299354>The Arab and Persian historical descriptions of the Turks state that they looked strange from th…[View]
10305090>great, talented man who radiates potential >actually lives to fulfill all of it and doesn…[View]
10302829Everyone keeps saying Romans didn't excel in mathematics advancement. What are fields in which …[View]
10303565Were there any historical soldiers who did use the sword as their main weapon, or was it all just me…[View]
10305142What if the USSR allied with Japan against the USA in 1945?[View]
10297754228 years ago, Louis XVI was guillotined by the republicans. Did he deserved it /his/ ? Was it neces…[View]
10303597ITT: post /his/torical images that gets your dick hard[View]
10303296When did the US start so drastically to move away culturally from europe? Looking back it's kin…[View]
10305260>Perseverant Historical Figures thread >ITT: We admire those who never gave up in the face of …[View]

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