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10893544/his/torical Pictures That Provoke Within You An Erection[View]
10893596Just how deeply historical is the concept of nationalism and the nation-state? This seems to be one…[View]
10888555Tell me about bronze age boats. What did bronze age Cypriots and Minoans sail in? What did the sea p…[View]
10888361Is morality subjective or objective? Discuss.[View]
10892813What was up with France in the 80s? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=khy_0BTIdmg[View]
10893449How do you gas someone while eating and smoking cigarettes?: Using Zyklon B.[View]
10893427>silk-clad urban beareaucratic oriental despots >Roman They had far more in common with the ch…[View]
10892971I No Longer Identify As R1b: I'm joining the winning team, boys. :)[View]
10886555What's the endgame of intersectionality/wokeness?[View]
10889725My grandfather made a winged strategy of a B-52 aircraft shot down during the Vietnam War. It is cur…[View]
10890224/his/ still believes Jesus Christ really existed[View]
10893309I firmly believe that Urmonotheism was worldwide[View]
10893265Are Confessional Lutherans Cessationist? Do they believe that supernatural gifts still exist after t…[View]
10892291How would the history of the twentieth century have changed if the USSR had implemented the project …[View]
10892915Will the natural appearance of people ever bounce back from industrial society?: Pic related is 21 y…[View]
10892815What went wrong? Is economic growth meme? Also, general economic suicide fuel thread[View]
10892615Why do people defend compatibilism?[View]
10893150We must return to the old times, those of pre-monarchical judea, where nations were never ruled by t…[View]
10893096Was Richard the Lionheart really a sodomite, /his/?[View]
10892308How could France have won the Franco-Prussian War?: Did they have a chance to begin with?[View]
10892610Why was Kaiser Wilhelm so based?: >“There is a man alone, without family, without children, witho…[View]
10893031If Europeans had inhabited Asia and Asians Europe.: Shit idea[View]
10891212Mother God: Is it possible from a Christian perspective that we have a heavenly mother AND father? I…[View]
10891645Is English considered the most beutral sounding language one can learn?[View]
10890839I have a riddle: >taking your virginity without your consent Rape Illegal >Taking your car wit…[View]
10893011How do you define a people?: Like, for example, with modern nations there are ment to be 'countries …[View]
10890481who was the most edgy person in history?[View]
10892017How comes most R1a populations have large R1b minorities but R1b populations have almost no R1a what…[View]
10892637Video PROOF that ancient Egyptians were indeed BLACK. How will pathetic wh*toids cope? https://www.y…[View]
10889871HOLY FUCK i had no idea commodus died like this[View]
10892533ITT: KINO Paolo Veronese ottoman portraits[View]
10892752Top 10 Realest snowniggas Numbah 10 Cniva Gothic Kang who btfo’ed roman pastakkkrackas n killed dey …[View]
10892768Why the fall of Rome is bad ?: Why the fall of this imperialist colonialism, genocidal, racist, tyra…[View]
10892837ITT /his/torical incels I'll start with the smartest scientist that has ever lived[View]
10890845Why did firebreathing flying lizards become so popular both in western and eastern mythologies?[View]
10891882>'embrace tradition, reject degeneracy'[View]
10892743What are the telltale signs of a civilization in decline? historical (empirical) answers only[View]
10888205I like the female bodies of before than those of now: It is normal?[View]
10892358How has greece has been in decline for 2500 years?[View]
10892250has anyone been put to death because they had problems with the ruler when he was a kid? like an old…[View]
10876974Save it.[View]
10891330>Huuurrr Duurrr >Private property is important >capitalism is freeduumz >socialism is st…[View]
10891896Why was the Italian army so weak?[View]
10885455are Indians the biggest slave race on earth? it seems to me that their entire collective history for…[View]
10890924Is it worth it to read Theodor Mommsen on Roman history?: Or should I just read a more up-to-date sc…[View]
10890557>Writing Paper on Boer people >Thesis is that they were victims of European Imperialism in Afr…[View]
10891517Late Roman aesthetic thread: Easily the most kino and underappreciated, even on /his/: let's du…[View]
10892457How important was the SA's role in the rise of the NSDAP?: Having recently read 'The Coming of …[View]
10891736Would Nazi Germany have had a chance of defeating the USSR if they didn't try to genocide the S…[View]
10892036>Someone makes a thread about something >Everyone immediately disagrees with them This is a …[View]
10888981Based allies hanging a guy for the actions he didn't know about of troops not under his command[View]
10892263I always see people saying 'This book is full of lies' here But I always wondered how they know when…[View]
10892381How the hell did people not only eat this shit for hundreds of years before milk chocolate, but also…[View]
10890635Schizos and the Jesuits: What is it with schizoposters and the Jesuits? Why are the Jesuits viewed f…[View]
10882566How did he do to predict everything that happens today??[View]
10887079>it would literally only take 4 years of walking 3 hours a day to do this >people think that c…[View]
10889392Do you have to read the Greeks to understand Kierkegaard?[View]
10892293Dan Quayle quotes: >This President is going to lead us out of this recovery. >Bank failures ar…[View]
10892265HAIL IL DUCE![View]
10887758Roman Christianity: What compelled them to start worshipping a jewish street preacher who hated thei…[View]
10880300All things considered, was the Tet Offensive a strategic mistake for North Vietnam?[View]
10889660Question for Muslims regarding Jewish doctrine: As I understand the Qu'ran it says 'People of t…[View]
10892163How do christfagtards cope with the fact that the 'soul' its not a judeo-christian concept? I mean i…[View]
10892146Should latin become the ligua franca of Europe again? There would be any political consequences?[View]
10891691How fair will it be to evict all Turks to Kazakhstan?[View]
10891964> Anybody who disagrees with me is either a pseud, a midwit, or blue pilled.…[View]
10891449Only post-soviet posters: What is your honest opinion on USSR I think it was pretty good (7/10) coun…[View]
10888186Why don't human females play like females of other species do? Why is human behavior so sexuall…[View]
10890453Does cry make people less racist?: Today critical race theory is taught in many institutions across …[View]
10891162>Theodoric had plotted to have a group of his followers kill him while the two kings were feastin…[View]
10889312How do you pray?: I was raised in a semi-christian household. I was always taught that to pray, you …[View]
10891522Damn Elizabeth Bathory looked THIS cute? Is this accurate?[View]
10885844>Mark Felton here, today I'm gonna read to you this wicked Wikipedia article I found last ni…[View]
10890422So THESE guys are Gods chosen people? Really?[View]
10890977How does one change the world?[View]
10889080What was life like before covid ?[View]
10888323the human body should be seen as sexual?: This statue is gay? Michelangelo's David is gay?…[View]
10887761Which method soldiers used to calm their sexual desire?[View]
10891254redpill me about mengitsu[View]
10891478Justinian could've been much luckier with his conquests. If only the African revolts wouldn…[View]
10891062I know colonialism has a long and storied history of destroying the indigenous peoples of lands but …[View]
10891516>Country is abolishing the state mandated girlfriend program[View]
10891509[The Albanians] seem to be rather backward and primitive people... they can be as faithful as a dog;…[View]
10891459Historically speaking how many World Orders have there been? End of WW2, End of WW1, Congress Of Vie…[View]
10885531If they are so superior then why did they never achieve anything of note?[View]
10890893If Iranians are Le so smart and indo European geniuses, why did they go full subhuman and charge int…[View]
10889324What race were the Greeks?: I don't usually come here, however I know this is often debated, so…[View]
10891080Do you guys think anything can be improved if humanity, or just a country, is ruled by an AI? Let…[View]
10886483Why did Germans commit the Circassian genocide?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grigory_Zass >Grig…[View]
10891013>all arabs were bedouins before islam[View]
10891232Cold War Thread: The Cold War is the most fascinating periods of history to me and hopefully more an…[View]
10890518What usually happens to polygamous societies?[View]
10886487Last Stands: What are some of the best last stand moments throughout history?[View]
10891227Am strongest spirit make good good, or am good good before strongest spirit?[View]
10889948What was the first movie you ever saw? For me, it was the Fox and rhe Hound[View]
10890110was this handshake and bow sus? kinda over the top for a german[View]
10890083Why is the post-soviet 90's balkan anarchy so rarely talked about here?[View]
10891006Why do states feel the need to morally justify the wars they engage in?[View]
10889055Why is modern Europe so soulless and uninteresting? Every time I read about pre-20th century Europe,…[View]
10889571In a world where storks deliver babies and women no birth children, would patriarchies still exist?[View]
10889672At what time did the Ottoman empire lose its edge over European states?[View]
10891053What are some good books on the Soviet Union in the 70s/80s?[View]
10891026Did theologians and others ever really believe in witches and witchcraft or was this just a socially…[View]
10884265Will America ever be able to finally get over the shame of Leo Frank’s case and exonerate him?[View]
10888573History Podcasts: Holly molly guacamolly! This is way comfier than Hardcore History or History of Ro…[View]
10889230share some /his/ approved kino movies or tv shows[View]
10891000The HYW hasn't truly ended since the Channel Isles are still within English grasp.[View]
10885653Why did cradles of civilization pop up individual of one another instead of just one popping up and …[View]
10879301Of all the natives to be colonized by the Spanish, the Aztecs kinda deserved it.[View]
10890842Expand this list or share your thoughts: There are two kinds of power: might and right Right/Might; …[View]
10889555>order all your kill squads to start digging up the mass graves and burning bodies to hide eviden…[View]
10890733Was it autism?[View]
10890510Can someone explain me something? Why Germany didn't kept going eastward in 1939? The Saar Offe…[View]
10890531>Jesus has a son theory[View]
10890606>Pearl Harbor is what happens when your nation chooses isolationism and neutrality. Why do people…[View]
10883735Did Western Europeans have any genetic impact on the Levant historically?[View]
10889842>be me >heir of a wealthy ruling family >short and weak >one of the greatest conquerers …[View]
10890424This is deep...[View]
10888317Redpill me on Erich Honecker[View]
10890509'Now I see the future clearly- caring not that we'll Both be dead. For a land which HAS NOT per…[View]
10883690Why was the Ottoman Empire unable to keep up with Europe? >Siege of Vienna (1529) >Ottomans ne…[View]
10890360Who was the worst person at their job in history?[View]
10890421What was his problem?[View]
10885767>under construction for over 140 years >could be done by 2026 Is this the longest construction…[View]
10890284Arab Spring: What would the Arab Spring's legacy be? Good? Bad? What are your thoughts on the f…[View]
10889302Why did the French Revolutionaries declare war on Austria in 1792? Can't wrap my head around th…[View]
10885935Why did white southerners call black men boys? Did they understand how demeaning that is?[View]
10888733How did France go from killing anti-Catholic heretics in the 16th century to being atheist killing C…[View]
10890343I can't imagine his huge responsibilities...how did he not have a heart attack[View]
10890130Kushan Supremacy -- Down with Abrahamic druj!: After reading the Gathas and revisting many Mahayana …[View]
10889664The dimensions of the 'Holy Prepuce' indicate Jesus was a Chode. Why do you christfaggots worship so…[View]
10890308What the hell is this problem, /his/? Ib4 who? It's the Real Crusades History dead kike worship…[View]
10884200Why is laziness so frowned upon even though everyone hates to work? Is it because the elites rely on…[View]
10888213kek: >during his teenage years he wrote fiction stories where a protagonist with the name De Gaul…[View]
10889355Ottoman mehter thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F17k8bN3y2M https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
10883696How old were you when you realized Nixon is the reason for America’s decade-long decline, not Reagan…[View]
10888717By cooperating with catholics this guy has set the standards for each 'social-democratic' or other f…[View]
10884071What a woman! Heroine (my). You go girl![View]
10890184Is this the only way to save the planet?[View]
10889418Private Semyon Konstantinovich Hitler - Soviet Jew: Medal For Bravery >“As a gunner of a machine …[View]
10885025Do you think any of the letters from 'Jack the Ripper' were the real thing or were they all fake and…[View]
10888798/our guys/[View]
10888032what are some books i can read about the history of NGOs and the role of NGOs in history?[View]
10884196If communism 'doesn't work' and always collapses due to 'human nature'. Why do 'free' countries…[View]
10888501How is it possible that all the traditional clothing in Europe is so dogshit compared to what Asians…[View]
10889640redpill me on Korea, is their history overall based or cringe?[View]
10888704How come ancient China and Rome never managed to start a industrial revolution?[View]
10889833Who are the greatest women in American history?[View]
10886847Why is this dude so loved by Turks anyway?[View]
10889912Poland can into Moscow: If only it could've keept it.[View]
10889821Was the Madagascar plan the only humane solution to the Jewish Question?: Could the Madagascar plan …[View]
10889595The sad story of the last pagan Roman emperor: > Be emperor Julian the LARPagan > Go to the c…[View]
10867990Atlantis discussion: >under the dirt of the Atlantic >located near former Garden of Eden >P…[View]
10888931Why are people on here so pro-enlightenment?[View]
10888120This horsie boy is coming to dab on your village, what do?[View]
10886477How does one group of males replace another group of male (while all the women remain the same) with…[View]
10868625Historia Civilis new video: Alright lads, HC uploaded another video on early access so I’m posting t…[View]
10889195So what actually happened to Beyazit?[View]
10889552Sigh...What might have been[View]
10886000How did the non-European Old World react to the discovery of the Americas, and how long did it take …[View]
10889519How true is this? I've heard about Droit du seigneur but i think it was a lie spread during the…[View]
10879573Is veiling a core part of Islam or a local phenomenon?[View]
10888423why did nazis choose to conduct mass extermination or plan it when they could have castrated males a…[View]
10887299'Belarusian identity and its distortions': This essay absolutely skewers Belarusian nationalism from…[View]
10889451Supernova in the East VI: Its been more than 6 months is he dead?[View]
10887693Tfw in 500 years from now people will think 'VGH... our glorious ancestors walked on the moon, we li…[View]
10888131What were babies like in ancient and medieval times? I know people grew up much faster in older soci…[View]
10889430Despite midway being talked about as a surprise, the us had much more dive bombers with much more bo…[View]
10889203Is it true that in the industrial revolution the lower classes were working much longer hours and in…[View]
10888248*backstabs* >Heh... Nichts Persönliches[View]
10889296Was the Roman Empire technological or scientifically stagnant next to the Greeks and Egyptians and t…[View]
10888424How does history change?[View]
10889224Vandal chads: > Alexa play sicko mode[View]
10888760If you like anything on the right you are a certified subhuman[View]
10889232>Someone comes up with a generalistic positive view on history, being wrong about the most obviou…[View]
10888954Are jews the protagonists of the world? They basically have full control over the narrative unless c…[View]
10888389Is rap music the modern form of minstrel shows?[View]
10888980Does feminism only exist due to advances in technology? Would women want to have the same responsibi…[View]
10887004Tbh this makes more sense than mainstream christian doctrine[View]
10889039The mask of the false self: Carl Jung The narcissist is a mask.[View]
10888943How did the we wuzzing afro-centrists react to the Egyptian mummy parade?: https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
10888456Being abrahamic religions aside what traditions and ethos do islam, christianity and judaism share?[View]
10886360German Weapons: Did the Nazis pave the way for weapon technology today? All the weapons before that …[View]
10885501Why did nobody get brain tumors or cancer in the Middle Ages?: /pol/ said it's because the GMO …[View]
10889073Talentless hack that ruined art.[View]
10889027Post WWI developments in Eastern Europe: Is this one of the more interesting time periods of Europea…[View]
10882386How did they become so powerfull?: How did they went from being irrelevant colonies to greastest sup…[View]
10888588Post ancient graffiti[View]
10888957TAIWAN: next Iraq. USA installed a democracy there to destroy after CHINA: next Israel. China will r…[View]
10888925janjaweed smoking ganja weed[View]
10885074The UK is a country that is geographically, racially, historically, culturally and scientifically un…[View]
10888662Life is but a cup of sake[View]
10883713For me, it's wacky medieval art.[View]
10888759Why were /pol/tards like this?[View]
10886584How seriously did the Ancient Greeks and Nordics take their gods in a literal, existing-for-real-and…[View]
10886243The Deluge: Did any other euro country ever get fucked as bad up to that time or was this a first?…[View]
10888706Post famous philosophers/ideological leaders who would be likely to advocate for school bullying. I’…[View]
10887862Name for me literally one (1) successful competitive business that operates through an internal comp…[View]
10884949How much you agree with environmental adaptation theory?: Based on the theory the migrant population…[View]
10886333Adventurous feel-good underdog: If you had to pick one pre-18th century ruler (who you could best in…[View]
10888641Do political personalities matter 19th-century forward when governing is too complicated for any sol…[View]
10888256Ok, so given that we've accepted the spread theory of civilisation rather than the independent …[View]
10887525How can you not be a byzaboo?[View]
10888374Honestly this is the best history book Ive ever read. The density of sound, comprehensible theories …[View]
10885612>tfw no Sumerian femboy bf for me to cuddle like Gilgamesh did with Enkidu…[View]
10884579Was he really the first man in space?[View]
10885381book thread: Recommend and give reviews on /his/ books. If they're a /his/ topic you can't…[View]
10888037How did it happen: Independent development of agriculture happened in: >Mesopotamia >Egypt …[View]
10888410This comes and slaps your girlfriend on the butt. What do you do?[View]
10879780>one new narrative episode since mid-October 2020 >'you can now buy merchandise!' >'you can…[View]
10888020Did he really do it? Did this dude really meme himself out of existence?[View]
10888292Why didn't any notable maritime civilisations or empires develop in the Great Bear/Slave Lakes …[View]
10888343is anthropology the most political/least scientific field of history?[View]
10888302What is Rohonc Codex? Is it real?[View]
10888305https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=goePYJ74Ydg Literal proof that density causes crime[View]
10885956Why are inclusive and utilitaristic ethics/morality dominant nowadays ?: Why is the dominant ideolog…[View]
10888277>lol so what if everything is a leftist cesspool? The free market will fix everything >the Uni…[View]
10885976>The Taiping Rebellion, also known as the Taiping Civil War or the Taiping Revolution, was a mass…[View]
10886044Hey /his/ since most of you guys are Monarchist, I have a few questions. Absolute or Constitutional …[View]
10887832Why: Why did so many retards throghout history used One Handed SPEARS and SHIELDS together? It'…[View]
10887858Julian was a based communist. Julian says in his writings: > 'We should render our possessions in…[View]
10888002There needs to be a massive effort to correct the misinformation in academia about the Turkic origin…[View]
10888175Media monopoly in history: Anything similar to the media monopoly in the USA in history? What was th…[View]
10887666>commit the most atrocities and war crimes the world has ever seen >Aha at least we beat those…[View]
10886096Is the kjv actually masonic?[View]
10884711What was life like in the Northern Iranian dynasties? They started out as Zoroastrian holdouts and l…[View]
10887979where's your vigilante justice at?[View]
10887008Alright lads: How the fuck did the ancient brits build this thing? Any ideas??[View]
10885787Odd alliances: Interesting how the war started and how it ended, makes you wonder how far in either …[View]
10885853Does being trans truly go against church doctrine?[View]
10887799>gives his most famous lectures on G Edward Griffin’s show, a conspiracy theorist who thought can…[View]
10886321Need Halp: I was always told that Latin comes from Phoenician, but the problem is that I was also al…[View]
10887244>ancient greek aristocrats used to create stories about how their bloodline descends directly fro…[View]
10886641Brightest days in American history: WW1 over WW2 over Pilgrim's Progress published throughout t…[View]
10886739Is there a more iconic siege than the great siege of malta?[View]
10887009Japan vs Colonial Powers WW2: I don't get why they attacked the United States; the chances that…[View]
10884234I just finished Cathrrine the Great by Zoé Oldenbourg and I'm starting to think Catherine is on…[View]
10869491Which women had it worse in history?: Marie Louise of Austria >At age 6 she has to flee to Hungar…[View]
10883399What was the main cause of World War 1: surely it can't be just because some archduke got shot,…[View]
10872488ITT: Post based people throughout history.[View]
10887686Kievan Rus under Prince Vladimir vs Mali under Sundiata Keita Who wins?[View]
10880760Why did the UN think it was a good idea to put Israel in the middle of already occupied land surroun…[View]
10885280In your opinion, what is the worst thing to have ever happened? And please respond seriously with an…[View]
10885587Burkina Faso's ex-president Blaise Compaoré has been charged with murder in connection with the…[View]
10887390Individualism from Augustine to America: How did the individual 'inner life' suggested by Augustine …[View]
10885137Hero or villain?[View]
10887112Was there any way that he could not fuck it up?[View]
10886038who was Canada's greatest post WWII leader?[View]
10876576Charelmagne: Was Charlemagne based or just a war mongering enforcer of Catholicism?[View]
10880316What ideology justifies school bullying?[View]
10887187Why didn’t this happen?: And how much better would the world be had it happened?[View]
10881645Germanics had far higher civilisation potential than Romonkeys[View]
10887167the reason why germany is shit is that all the decent germans fled to america[View]
10881275different races aren't supposed to live together[View]
10885723How can white nationalists call themselves christian when Jesus was a Jew for universal salvation? “…[View]
10887098Battle of Carthage: I see this debate happen alot. Was the destruction of carthage and the massacre …[View]
10884720Why do people believe that Progressive economic policies ended the Great Depression?: The Great Depr…[View]
10886958Reminder that the Battle of Zama never happened[View]
10884932Organ Harvesting: Is it morally okay to mass-produce deliberately brain damaged children for live bi…[View]
10886588Where and when would you go ?: You wake up a portal in front of you and consciously remember a voice…[View]
10886813This book is actually gold for Christian apologetics against Judaism[View]
10884926Why Turkey (Roachland) is si multicultural ?[View]
10886742Absolutely Cymru'd: >Walsh is a common Irish surname, meaning 'Briton' or 'foreigner', liter…[View]
10886640American containment thread Density causes crime[View]
10885334>Islam is BASED and masculine, unlike cucktianity! Is this the biggest sign someone is actually b…[View]
10879274Did they deserve it?[View]
10885430A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind: This book is banned on Amazon. What are…[View]
10884576Could a roman empire army in its peak win against an army from the 16th century?[View]
10886489The big sleep: Are all the historical figures and philosophers and everyone else we read and learn a…[View]
10884970Is it reliable to know about history?[View]
10886630Mr. JOSEPH STALIN, Moscow. Please accept my most sincere congratulations on your sixtieth birthday. …[View]
10872137I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
10886467How did nobody discover this before europeans: Australia was in close proximity to major civilizatio…[View]
10886068What constitutes a legacy?[View]
10875490Abortion is murder: You faggots seem to very like to argue about god. I would like to spice things u…[View]
10886317Jews aside, which world war gave Belgium the worst occupation? Who was more harsh on Belgium, the Na…[View]
10884338people who refer to the 'entente' as the 'allies' should be hanged[View]
10884363TFW when you realize that footfags have been a plague on humanity since ancient times[View]
10885901Were the proto-Indo-Europeans misogynistic?: Historically and in the present day, many Indo-European…[View]
10873417Left blames Reagan for this?[View]
10884289Troy – motherland of the Turks: >According to the Fredegar Chornicle of the 7th century, the Turk…[View]
10886313Italians?: Isn’t calling Italians moors, arabs, black, etc the same as me saying brits are sub sahar…[View]
10886306Perogies: Where did they originate from?[View]
10883210Worthless weeb faggot. Went against the wishes of the public just to own le commies[View]
10886249What history youtube channel is the best and why is it tasting history?[View]
10883810The fundamental question of ethics, so humanities.: A real man, real in all the ways we recognize as…[View]
10884923I keep hearing all this stuff about Hitler being gay. Is there any merit to that or is it just zog p…[View]
10886118Wanna fuck this little twink like you wouldn't believe man.[View]
10867933Why do European nations get over shit that happened in the past and tend to not hold grudges compare…[View]
10885158Was The Tower of Babel real? And if so, how did they build it?[View]
10885278Congress of Berlin: Why do people blame Wilhelm II for ww1 instead of this guy and his role in the C…[View]
10885185I learned /lit/ by reading and writing, I learned /sci/ by doing/reading, I learned /g/ by mostly do…[View]
10883489Where are more secrets buried?[View]
10884201I can't do nothing but laugh about this shitshow allegedly calling itself a historically accura…[View]
10883993What do you guys think of Whatifalthist's video on Western Civilization?: >Greeks and Romans…[View]
10885617Everything they did was just a trick to get to pussy: Was there any other thing like this in history…[View]
10886106>if you have a foreign Y haplogroup your ancestors were cucked How true is this statement?…[View]
10885099>wore shoes in the court Was he the first American in China?[View]
10884125Not sure if right board but can you tell me what is this?[View]
10884987What if Roman Emperor Julian wouldn't of died so early in his reign?[View]
10884874If Salafis hate Sufis why did they run over to Bosnia to save them from the Serbs?: Salafis consider…[View]
10874223this kills the abrahamist[View]
10883866What does /his/ think of the History Matters YouTube channel?[View]
10883139>be me >heir of a wealthy ruling family >short and weak >one of the greatest conquerers …[View]
10884870Becoming Slavic: I no longer wish to live among psychotic, neurotic, pathological R1bs. I am returni…[View]
10881065Christian denominations: Explain to me their different beliefs.[View]
10885487What if Republicans had nominated Leonard Wood over Warren Harding?: Would Republicans still be the …[View]
10882779Did European neolithic peoples willingly breed with hunters like this, perhaps even going so far as …[View]
10885356Give me a good reason why I should be in the military?[View]
10884535Brainwashing myself into religion: The logical thing to do for a person who doesn't believe in …[View]
10885041Was George Orwell a socialist I was told by someone on Omegle chatrooms that he actually was, is thi…[View]
10883989Monogamy is dysgenic and bad for society. In a society where polygamous relationships were socially …[View]
10884443How would Napoleon's ideal vision of government function outside of war? Did he plan to persona…[View]
10877655Creations Better Than The Creator: I am a flesh and blood mortal that was supposedly created by God …[View]
10881771The descendants of the Romans turn your '> > >' country into the Rhine Confederation: https…[View]
10880649Did the ancient Greeks support homosexuality?[View]
10885243>60 years previous to the appearance of the Nazarene >not supporting the triumvirate I shiggul…[View]
10885048Will neets go to heaven?: What's the point of religion if you're ugly, stupid, socially re…[View]
10884812Why did communist assume that proletarians of all countries would be willing to work together? Why w…[View]
10884374Nazi science and scholarship: Nazi politicization of academia and its adverse effects on learning/th…[View]
10884454does anyone have any good sources on the korean perspective of the la riots[View]
10884669What the fuck is 'Rascism': No, seriously, what even is 'rascism'? I've heard different broad d…[View]
10882943This Corresponds To Whiteness[View]
10883959Dispies: At the very core, dispensationalism sees a place for ethnic, national, territorial Israel i…[View]
10881093When SS men ordered them to undress, Jan Murek started singing patriotic & religious songs. Befo…[View]
10884934>Your charges?[View]
10880030Why were romans such degenerates?[View]
10884825So who else here think the Titans were the Gods workshipped by those who lived in Greece before the …[View]
10879444If the Khmer Rouge was bad for Cambodians, why were they so happy in these pictures?: I see that som…[View]
10881357Why is it that the Catholic-Protestant map of Europe is divided exactly along the white and non-whit…[View]
10881114realistically could they have won if the US wouldn't join?[View]
10879450Is this six-hour documentary worth watching?: I'd like to get some intelligent, objective revie…[View]
10879921had a discussion with a sociopath: some old friend from high school i buy weed from him we talked ab…[View]
10879878Any ideology that claims it will make you strong only wants it's leader to gain more power. If…[View]
10884417trojan horse was an inside job: there is no fucking way, this happened irl, but if it did it must ha…[View]
10862959Why has India Post independence Diplomatically and Geo politically been so weak, lazy & a let do…[View]
10884348Why were male heroes in medieval/early modern european paintings so androgynous?[View]
10881402lmao @ hungarians: Why would Hungarians do this? Are they really that stupid? No wonder the treaty o…[View]
10883869The Soviet Union was the main protagonist of human history History is, quite literally, over We ar…[View]
10884296Asian despotism style authoritarian Marxism is the only way to achieve the type of nation state you …[View]
10881898>the Pope? how many divisions has he got?[View]
10880695If Indo-Europeans had dark features, why are light eyes and hair so common in some Central and South…[View]
10881725What's your solution to the trolley problem?[View]
10882784>we have avenged hector...[View]
10884206What are your top battles and engagements in the age of the so called 'pike-and-shot' era?[View]
10883343Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy was planning a final crusade to retaie Constantinople after its fa…[View]
10883949why couldnt they exist[View]
10883391Metaphysics: Here we can discuss metaphysics. Could someone try to criticize this syllogism please? …[View]
10878068Could this guy do anything right?: It seems like every choice Gorbachev made weakened the parties au…[View]
10880029Is the form of government or ideology of a nation that important for its economic development? It s…[View]
10884068>Weep, you girls. My penis has given you up. Now it penetrates men's behinds. Goodbye, wondr…[View]
10880725Remind me, why is monarchism superior to fascism?[View]
10883892Stalin missed the war. That summer of 1914, at age thirtysix, he was serving the second year of a fo…[View]
10879788How was America able to topple Spain's colonial empire so easily?[View]
108838481968 Playboy interview with Truman Capote Playboy: For many years, American letters seemed dominated…[View]
10881901Who would get into Heaven: >A person who is absolutely despicable. Kills, murders, rapes, steals,…[View]
10876755Where will he reincarnate next?[View]
10883316>conquers an empire with a higher population than Spain at the time, with only a few thousand men…[View]
10883085Doggerland, home... My heart aches for all my brothers and sisters who didn't make it out alive…[View]
10882316Why do some languages refer to their countries as fatherland and others as motherland? What kind of …[View]
10882812Does the expression 'son of bitch/whore' have literal origin?: Like did prostitutes actually give bi…[View]
10883315The Downfall of American Labor since WWII: How come European countries always had (relatively) stron…[View]
10879682>this is what passed for armor among the blacks Seriously why do you seriously try to defend thes…[View]
10881606How did France go from being the undisputed top dog of Europe for most of the early modern period to…[View]
10881047How could Early Modern states afford to maintain standing armies when medieval states didn't?[View]
10883055Darkest days in American history: First shot of Civil War Biden's Inauguration 1965 immigration…[View]
10883371Muh fetus: I don't understand the pro-life/anti-abortion position. You wish to make the argumen…[View]
10882288why are white people addicted to giving 200 dollars to jews to watch retard junkies scream?[View]
10882408Inaccurate quote.: Someone posted pic related yesterday. He regularly post this quote without source…[View]
10883741Was he guilty and did he deserve his punishment?[View]
10882975Why did he take the easy way out?: Why didn't hitler die personally leading a suicidal countera…[View]
10883490Not even 100 years of democracy and it's already collapsing. Democracy and its consequences hav…[View]
10874493How did europe became superior to every other civilization since the 13th century?[View]
10881377Liutprand of Cremona and Nikephoros Phokas: is this the most explicative example of cuck vs chad in …[View]
10879725>ask allies for Sudetenland >they give it to you >you invade and annex all of czechia …[View]
10878552Is this true, Catholics?[View]
10879698You are not free and you never will be. How do you cope with this indisputable fact?[View]
10883300what would have happened if Saddam just staged a limited intervention in Kuwait? Like blowing up the…[View]
10881827Why do Roman blood and Latin culture produce the most prominent military leaders in history?[View]
10883351Why do so many of us desire adventure?[View]
10883516Is Christians stagnated technlogy meme or real?: At least in an anatomical sense, they seem to have …[View]
10883546When a rush of political parties hadsuddenly sprung into being, illegally, the leftist ones had come…[View]
10882519What sort of experiment would you like to run if money and ethics weren't an issue?[View]
10883501What if he kept the empire for himself? Would he stablish a feudal-like state with his soldiers gett…[View]
10883400Every american patriot should spit on rome. Their decadent empire not only opposed the american idea…[View]
10881949Could it be a fraud? >http://www.parislike.com/EN/happenings/17-LEVI.html anyone knows of a place…[View]
10883442In terms of lifestyle and technology, how different were the 1900s (the decade) from the 1880s and 1…[View]
10879246>If a benevolent God exists, suffering irrespective of freewill does not exist >suffering irre…[View]
10877303did the MG crews from Omaha beach go to heaven?[View]
10874658What advantages does christianity have over other religions?[View]
10882915>Cold War postcolonial jungle conflict >far less death >populace was on their side for most…[View]
10882241What was wrong with Byzantine army?: From 7th to 15th century they didn't won any major war and…[View]
10880703Why was he so based?[View]
10882795Was Samson and Hercules the same person?[View]
10883080why cant atheists explain this?[View]
10882522Even as an Englishman, this place freaks me out. Why is it basically a city-state of a square mile w…[View]
10878218Why did Australia fail while USA succeded? I really dont believe Australia is an empty desert. There…[View]
10882526What the fuck was his problem?[View]
10882909Yeah, I’m thinking he’s based.[View]
10881841What does the Bible say about people who are mentally ill and commit sins because of it? Are they co…[View]
10882984Was Lincoln’s assassination ultimately a good thing for him as a historical figure? I feel like if h…[View]
10882966>To Romans, the goal of work is to gather wealth in order to obtain leisure. They despised the on…[View]
10880895What were the manic pixie dream girls of the 1900s and 1800s?[View]
10882636he killed millions[View]
10879789Could someone photoshop this but with Rome and Barbarians version?[View]
10881821What is most anti-climatic decisive battle?[View]
10877996Holocaust is going to break 20 by the end of this decade. I still think it'll crash down to 100…[View]
10881892How did the Catholic Church managed to kill the cats in Muslim and Hindu countries?[View]
10880925Why do so many cultures have the earth on a turtles's back?[View]
10880734so let me get this straight, people get mixed up about the phoenicians like they do about the viking…[View]
10881858Am I wrong or is litterature comparing pre 1600 Europe to the rest of the world usually extremely di…[View]
10879133Is polygamy (not polyamory) natural for humans?[View]
10882518>Eastern Rome[View]
10873865What did Atatürk want?: So he wanted culture to flourish, but restricted all ethnic culture? Where w…[View]
10873554How many black people were there in 6th century England?[View]
10882337What if Eastern Rome went back to whorshipping the Hellenic gods ?[View]
10875187history of neets?[View]
10882434What are some mild inconsistencies that followed us throughout history?[View]
10881002Why were pre colonial west and east africa richer and more advanced then southern/ islands of africa…[View]
10880731How the fuck did Buddhism ever get popular enough to take over most of Asia in some form or other? L…[View]
10882216ITT forgive Catholics for their crimes against humanity. Catholics, I forgive you for the brutal mur…[View]
10882311So how exactly did his laws work? There seems to be no satisfying consencus on this.[View]
10881556Historically speaking, are stronger nations destined to conquer the weaker and spread their culture …[View]
10882161As long as there are people in the world, there will be some with power. People with power will inev…[View]
10882245Is it truly vital to talk about the slave trade in any conversation about indigenous people?[View]
10882249If the Shardana in Egyptian inscriptions and the Tarshish in the Bible are both supposed to be Sardi…[View]
10880993>The USA want to stop the USSR because they're an evil dictatorship >So to stop them they…[View]
10881081Rhodesian army, cringe or based?[View]
10880797>sends bunkertrannies and /pol/chuds alike into uncontrollable frothing rage What are some other …[View]
10881575Why do byzaboo retards portray Maurice as some ugly Armenian?: He was from a family of ethnic Latins…[View]
10882185You should consider this: 0. Breathe properly. That's zero because of how well known breath wor…[View]
10876341How did the Japanese advance so quickly? Are there any books on the subject? It’s just so fascinatin…[View]
10881101Is this the biggest larp in history?[View]
10880971Why isn't anyone talking about this?: Most complete Cardial pottery culture village -perhaps th…[View]
10875013Why was Hitler so popular? If a politician constantly idealized war and brutality I wouldn't li…[View]
10879914what the fuck was his problem?[View]
10878209Leftist version of history BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mrd796w6FEs[View]
10881867What was Finland up to in the 15th century?: Post[View]
10881813If Siberians never crossed the Bering Straight..: Is it probable that Vikings would have discovered …[View]
10881839>Everything is SEX. History is just an elaborate story of men trying to get SEX. Even men who rej…[View]
10881067linguistic and cultural evolution: is chanspeak entering mainstream media in your countries and stat…[View]
10872466What is the most inaccurate information you found on Wikipedia?[View]
10878786What made Rome unstoppable?: Literally just rolled over 90% of the world[View]
10881211So what was the point of the 1917 Revolution?: >By 1914 83% of the interest and amortisation of t…[View]
10881696Saxons and Danes: The Saxons, angles, and Jutes invaded Britain after the fall of Rome 400-500 AD or…[View]
10881741Have there been any other cracked-out, based glows in history? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egnsD…[View]
10875952Historical YLYL thread: Take a break from pretending to be intellectuals and have some fun. Keep it …[View]
10857894>'Hang on. You mean to tell me you're not using the Queer theory in your paper to analyze th…[View]
10881700Christians criticize muslims for 'idolizing' the kaaba, how do you imitate a building? Meanwhile, th…[View]
10881012Rwanda '94 thread: Manlet MRND/FDLR or lanklet FPR? Thread theme: https://youtu.be/6vGDSSG1VDY…[View]
10878672What did Neanderthals eat on a daily basis?: And what would their diet have looked like?[View]
10880344>only Middle Eastern nation created from a popular revolution where a dictator was ousted by the …[View]
10881481Battle of Shimbra Kure: >The storyteller, may God have mercy upon him, says: As for the infidels,…[View]
10881155why are manlets overrepresented in the 19-20th century? Lenin, Napoleon, Mussolini, Franco, Stalin. …[View]
10880332How were the Romans able to dominate Europe for so long?[View]
10878361Why do people who are very similar but not quite hate each other with such vitriol compared to peopl…[View]
10876294Why are humans so different from all animals? We live in concrete jungles away from nature. Our soci…[View]
10881137What does /his/ think of Hillsong and other evangelical mega-churches? They seem to treat god as lik…[View]
10880402Why do brainlets think that Rome was on the verge of industrialization because they had a toy steam …[View]
10879245How the fuck did the Mongols do it?: buncha backward peasants just rolled over like half the known w…[View]
10881322You will never be a real Roman. You have no consuls, you have no Latins, you have no Rome. You are a…[View]
10880899Who wins an open battle?: English army of Agincourt / Roman army of Cannae[View]
10881255Is this guy the most intelectually dishonest faggot on youtube?[View]
10879968Why didn't The West develope a strong sense of filial to parents like The East?[View]
10879425atheists of /his/: how do you plan to cope with hopelessness at the end of life? i.e. when there is …[View]
10879118Masturbation habits historically: One of the arguments for nofap is that prior to modern accessibili…[View]
10880241historically speaking, why don't we burn witches anymore? and by witches i mean anti-social peo…[View]
10877209Redpill me on flanders. What did they contribute to history?[View]
10880678How do you resist lust?: I was researching posts on the Immaculate Conception, whether it is a bibli…[View]
10881111Siberia: Can someone recommend a book that provides an overview of Russia's relatively rapid ex…[View]
10880544What were the main differences between western and eastern Africa historically? I guess the east was…[View]
10879029So, who does it really belong to?: I was raised by a Serbian nationalist and I'd like some opin…[View]
10876818Historical photos thread: just post them[View]
10879019Where do I start if I want to get into the whole clusterfuck that happened after the USSR kicked the…[View]
10864695Germans created the first written language.: The philo semites and semites can do nothing but seethe…[View]
10880759Reminder that bale/bali was christian: and that christianity penetrated past modern day addis ababa.…[View]
10879358Why it is ok for Europe to protect their Christian culture from heretics and pagans but not for Nips…[View]
10880654Has Communism ever worked?[View]
10880567https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Franco-Ottoman_alliance Name a better historical link up You can'…[View]
10878508was this the end of European civilization?[View]
10876641Third Gender: This is a thread to discuss historical third genders. This is not to discuss modern po…[View]
10876508Jared Diamond BTFO[View]
10877184Why was/is confusianism so hostille to science?[View]
10875108given the choice would you rather have been 1. a jew in nazi germany 2. a resident in a city that …[View]
10879107Legitimate question: Why is it that westerners consider Chinese culture and tradition somehow destro…[View]
10878201Marx on Capitalism: Why did Karl Marx believe that capitalism would eventually fail and people would…[View]
10880579Question for those who support the Non-Aggression Principle: Suppose that Alice buys a bicycle from …[View]
10878574Thought exercise: So, I like to think that haven is slightly better than the best thing you can imag…[View]
10880326How come modern countries don't take war-trophies anymore, /his/?[View]
10880206Orange hair hatred: Where does orange hair hatred in the media come from? The most prevelant hatred …[View]
10876532How could the Axis powers win?[View]
10876389Paulfags btfo[View]
10879309Political Bosses: Were political bosses and their machines really that bad?[View]
10878764Do it again King Phil.[View]
10876865Serbia is the good guy and Kosovo is illegitimate.[View]
10879648Should /his/ add memeflags? There is so much potential for it. You could rp with a nord flag, a med …[View]
10880019The right to bear arms is a true litmus test of a nation's freedom. What this ultimately boils …[View]
10871947Is this true?[View]
10880108>men used to train their children, who would train their children, who would train their children…[View]
10862863Who is your favorite painter, /hum/ - humanities?[View]
10880131Were there a lot of hoax photographs going on throughout WWII or were they specifically centered aro…[View]
10879084could it be that the current digital revolution is more important than the industrial or agricultura…[View]
10872957why am I not supposed to not like this guy again? he's the best storyteller I've ever hear…[View]
10879522Communism, capitalism, feudalism...: What type of model did ancient Rome have?[View]
10879616Should a person be convicted of a crime they don't remember committing?[View]
10878229let's have a south/central america thread with mexico and caribbean included rec some good book…[View]
10876357Why do humans like to pretend that what they see is reality?[View]
10874862first man in space was a communist: how do CRAPitalists, american ones in particular cope with this…[View]
10879042Where do canaanite semitic tribes end, and where do 'the jews' as an ethnic group begin? The Babylon…[View]
10877211Nationalists of /his/: Should nations have a right to expel missionaries in order to protect their f…[View]
10878670I dont need more than 50000$ a year, 1 car, and one 3 bedroom house to be happy and completely fulfi…[View]
10879398Hello, gentlemen; im enlightened. And i read enoigh to call myself a learned person. AMA.[View]
10879830Was this film accurate, /his/? Did Ho Chi Minh insult Lyndon Johnson during a national radio address…[View]
10878967Why did he have so many haters?[View]
10879430Could the Romans have fully exterminated the German race once and for all? And why didn’t they? >…[View]
10879730Was he the definition of a based retard? >your imperial benefactor, the U.S., overthrows the main…[View]
10878976*makes nazis seethe*[View]
10879646Why did Britain choose Jewish enslavement and the loss of its empire over coming together with their…[View]
10879120Is this ever going to moon? People have been holding for nearly a century. I think a lot of the fun…[View]
10879514ITT: The good guys of history: how did he do it bros....how can I be him.[View]
10878033ITT: Kino moments of history[View]
10879474what the fuck went wrong?[View]
10874046why do so many people seethe at alexander and his title of 'the great' nowadays? is it daddy issues?[View]
10877109Why do the Americas get all the attention for 16th century Iberian conquests? The Castilians, Aragon…[View]
10877887Fidel Castro caused 9/11: >Castro come to power >bunch of Cubans flee to Florida because comm…[View]
10877294Athens vs Sparta, culture vs military: > 19th century Germany in general produced a plethora of p…[View]
10879583How come no one gives Britain shit for being ruled by foreigners for over 1000 years? Seriously they…[View]
10878653https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bunkers_in_Albania >Concrete military bunkers are a ubiquitous sigh…[View]
10878803Which ocean has the best island civilizations?[View]
10879219what factors caused men to become unwilling to die for their country and/or ideals anymore like they…[View]
10879191What is the /his/ take on Peter Turchin? Is it possible to develop a scientific understanding of his…[View]
10878735Would you rather live in the Roman Empire or Sassanid empire?[View]
10875328What was Solomon's temple like? do we have any evidence?[View]
10878608The Real History Of 'Orthodoxy': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCURDSRz6D0 The Real History Of 'Or…[View]
10879258Just started The Habsburgs: To Rule the World. While it's a bit dry it's a good run down o…[View]
10874511Is the 'Blue Banana' claim real?[View]
10879227Japanbros, we got this[View]
10878189Just a reminder that Geta got what was coming to him.[View]
10879063>Celtic Holocaust What a cringe faggot[View]
10871082Answer this /his/: >It is a fairly well-established fact that Jesus Christ was publicly executed …[View]
10871905>do what thou wilt. Has there ever been a more simple minded philosophy?…[View]
10874946I believe that Goebbels was the most competent of the Nazi high cabinet. Himmler was the definition …[View]
10878785Were the Jōmon white?[View]
10874604Why do western governments allow criticism of the government instead of implementing mass censorship…[View]
10878939Le French Cavalrytard: What the FUCK was this guy's problem?[View]
10878912Which edition is best?[View]
10878118.: Why was this allowed in the Victorian era?[View]
10878782Wtf was his problem?[View]
10878768>Opa, tell us about Hitler He was a great man, a visionary with an excellent taste in architectur…[View]
10876628So were they universally seen as the Second Rome or was it a title only they recognized like with HR…[View]
10876170'Holy' 'Roman' 'Empire'[View]
10878173We wuz apex predators https://www.sciencealert.com/real-paleo-diets-may-have-been-far-more-carnivoro…[View]
10877870Steppe niggers vs The Pope: >Makes the proto mongols turn back Why is the Pope so OP?…[View]
10878458>The Torah is actually 4 different documents that were haphazardly slapped together >Couldn…[View]
10878330Japanese had no distinction between 'he' and 'she' until the late 19th century, when the word 'kanoj…[View]
10873534>atheists still cant explain this with facts and science wow[View]
10876668If he survived World War I would he have gone into politics and been a Nazi cabinet member (much lik…[View]
10878611How did Haiti once rule over the Dominican Republic if Haiti is the worse country?[View]
10878277>Stalin never deported all Krauts east of the Elbe to Allied G*rmany following Russian victory in…[View]
10873732>americans built a literal copy of the Parthenon in the middle of a field in Tennessee What the h…[View]
10875608there could be an japanese in your backyard RIGHT NOW[View]
10878198>call Slavs Asiatic mongrels >look like Hirohito's lost brother at the same time Did no o…[View]
10876244There is no such thing as intrinsic character. Your beliefs, behaviors, and aspirations are always b…[View]
10876805Name an unluckier man who would be King[View]
10876683Thought I had today: Desire can only be a bad thing because we desire what we lack, yet desire is th…[View]
10876158What if Doggerland was real?: Before the sea levels rose there was an island in the North Sea and it…[View]
10870660Cool map thread[View]
10876210Would anything have changed in the American Civil war if California and Oregon had managed to succee…[View]
10876167The Black Wall Street Massacre: >About 10,000 Black people were left homeless, and property damag…[View]
10878319Behold Blonde Nero![View]
10878364>Haplogroup O: Grrr my neighbour has slightly annoyed me I must kill 200 million citizens Why are…[View]
10878066>priests were part of the ruling class in many ancient societies >it was common to believe in…[View]
10877729Why didn't Napoleon at this point in his French Empire instead of taking on Russia, instead he …[View]
10874143European Bronze Age Thread: This thread is dedicated to the discussion of Bronze age in Europe >I…[View]
10878078Brainwashing myself into religion: The logical thing for a man who doesn't believe in a master …[View]
10876260Japan's homicide was 3/100k in 1960. Which is higher than El Paso and many ethnic cities. There…[View]
10878255What's the point of accumulating wealth?[View]
10877453>Religions from nearby regions are similar >Religions from faraway lands are completely differ…[View]
10877583Is this essentially what 'paying tribute' was?[View]
10874385Were the Hussites based or cringe[View]
10877709Were Ottomans just anatolians ?[View]
10877492When did racism become associated with conservative ideology? It seems like most racists in the past…[View]
10876392Philosphy of Animal Husbandry: How did people morally/philosophically justify killing the animals th…[View]
10876446What went wrong?[View]
10860357cavalry charge thread[View]
10878072I've gotta start regularly replying to these posts before the thread dies: >>>10875526…[View]
10877408History and multiplayer games: Just like how economist look at multiplayer games as evidence of how …[View]
10876596Is Tristan und Isolde the greatest work of art ever created? It encompasses everything.[View]
10872894What are the traditional beauty standards for African women?[View]
10874402what is your favourite historical mystification?[View]
10877979Stalin's trust: >infamous for seeing enemies everywhere, to the point of genuine paranoia …[View]
10875132What should I read to learn more about Manchukuo?[View]
10877411Does the Bible ever explain what a soul is? It atleast says that life is in the blood so that part i…[View]
10871398How much time do the gulf states have left?[View]
10871298Fix North America State Borders[View]
10877871Why where the British so incompetent in the late 20th century and early 21st century?[View]
10875683Whatifalthist and Monsieur Z: Your opinions on them?[View]
10877083Now that the dust has settled which orthodox church is the true church. The Russian church or Consta…[View]
10877784>said on his deathbed,his only regret was creating the C.I.A what did he mean by this? if he regr…[View]
10877132Muslims have no moral authority so we can torture and genocide you and get away with it[View]
10874187Oh, bring back, bring back, bring back the black and tans Bring back, bring back, bring back the bla…[View]
10865893>Wars between Christian sects killed more Christians than Muslims ever did.…[View]
10876720Historically speaking, what’s the best educational system?[View]
10876752Why were the Americans so afraid of this glorious Japanese BVLL?[View]
10876810Criticize this: 1a) The being is, the non-being is not ; 1b) The things in themselves are not ; 2) T…[View]
10871884Have been reading some Gogol and realize I know very little about the Cossacks. Internet searches et…[View]
10867107God doesn't exist.[View]
10873149Why does no one ever talk about this?[View]
10863209Why have they historically gotten the better of Arabs and Muslims in general? Islam and Arabized gr…[View]
10873172>looses (almost) every war they've ever been in Why are germans still considered military ge…[View]
10877213was it a false flag?[View]
10876179My prof says the Sea Peoples may have been humanoid ducks.[View]
10877420Was it worth it?[View]
10873943fucking based[View]
10875842Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past. Everything he…[View]
10876988What is it with the decendents of Queen Victoria and glorious facial hair?[View]
10875804Things which you thought were myths that are actually true: >this nigga legitimately did discover…[View]
10877201“If Stalin was such a bad guy, why do all these people have to resort to attributing to him almost e…[View]
10877103Is the old testament a historical source? How much of our understanding of the ancient world comes f…[View]
10876979Recently made a thread hating gingers and someone told me Atatürk (pbuh) was a ginger, is this true?[View]
10876123How analogous is Ancient Rome to modern USA: What events/phenomenons are strikingly similar and what…[View]
10876836>mfw learning about how people dealt with shitting in urban areas before 1900 or so >they just…[View]
10875958were there more positive or negative things about pinochet?[View]
10873674catholics aren't christian[View]
10876883The charges, officer?[View]
10875920The German Blitz of Rotterdam 1940: Deliberate or Accident?[View]
10873776Why did Germans divert so much of their industrial power and man hours toward exterminating a nonthr…[View]
10876286Would the USA be better today if he hadn't been assassinated?[View]
10876849Political cartoon/War bond - WW2 Edition: Post your favorite Political cartoons or war bonds from WW…[View]
10876605I need to know more about this: Why didn't they teach us this in school?[View]
10867238Islamization of Africa without colonialism: If It wasn't for European colonialism, would anyone…[View]
10874863The trojans never left...[View]
10876595What are your thoughts on wargaming throughout history? Have you ever participated?[View]
10876207How would the USSR have looked if Lenin had lived to be as old as Stalin or Brezhnev (mid 70s)? He w…[View]
10875060Iranians are white?[View]
10876204The pyramids were made by a geopolymer cement mix. No other way makes sense. Just think of the arit…[View]
10875498Who pulled off the super villain henchman look better, /his/?[View]
10875288/his/ i need help!!!!: I have an assignment about the history of cannabis from ancient times to this…[View]
10876606/his/ what are your opinions of randomly generated art and the rise of AI being able to mimic art st…[View]
10876466Can someone give me a rundown of what happened in the Middle Ages? I'm new to history and I…[View]
10876592Could Hugh have pulled it off, or was he doomed from the start?[View]
10874365MUH KOSOVO WAAA: >be slavshit >Use Aromanian and Albanian mercenaries to destabilize and creat…[View]
10876550God (John the Baptist) is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Satan (Jesus Christ) is the least i…[View]
10876363Obscure nazis in south america facts[View]
10876443Why did Sweden go unpunished despite assisting the Nazis in their expansion?[View]
10863195What were the differences between Italian and German fascism?[View]
10873898>tfw you're born in the timeline where ML was successfully subverted by capitalists…[View]
10875753Who was this German? I know Dragon came out with a expensive model of him back in the day and it was…[View]
10871214King Arthur: Did his legend come from Britain or France?[View]
10871859What was so terrible about him?[View]
10875688Do you really go to hell just for being trans? It makes no sense for almighty father to hate his own…[View]
10875057Is there really such thing as a seperate, distinct jewish ethnicity, or is it all a load of bullshit…[View]
10875950Literally irrefutable.[View]
10873755What’s /his/‘s slant on Andrey Vlasov? Was he based or cringe?[View]
10876013Did he end stagflation or was it already ending regardless?[View]
10875370>cries out for help against Muslims >Gets that help and turns around and teams up with Muslims…[View]
10875869If you are Christian how do you cope with the wild innacurancies and general crazy shit in the bible…[View]
10869965If you could go back in time and assassinate one U.S. president, who would it be?[View]
10876036let's have a south/central america thread with mexico and caribbean included rec some good book…[View]
10875307Reading all the things Philip said they people on here get so offended by because in basically every…[View]
10875233For real though, nobody asked Moses what was up with his ark?[View]
10874950>btfo’s commies before they even had a chance to get a serious foothold in the US >practically…[View]
10874497Europe in 1900 had higher homicide than niggers do. Where is your cope Americans[View]
10875031How could've the Roman Empire effectively conquered Mesopotamia?[View]
10875337The Balkans: How different are a serb and a croat really? Or a Bosnian and a Serb or an Albanian and…[View]
10875857Okay /his/, through use of a magic time machine, you can only explore one of these 2 locations at an…[View]
10874841Why haven't you castrated yourself for Jesus /his/? >But he said to them, “Not everyone can …[View]
10875740Unknown coin: Found this coin while metal detecting. I think it's Roman but not sure. Does anyo…[View]
10871965zionism: what are your thoughts on zionism???? pic related[View]
10866759If you had to choose between Japan or Korea based on their history, which woild you live in?[View]
10875766>he thinks his country is civilized >women can vote LMAOing at ur life…[View]
10875178The only thing he did wrong was failing to completely destroy dresden.[View]
10875254History of Jewish murder of gentile girls?[View]
10868834What are your opinions on this Chad?[View]
10875526>>>10847296 >what is gobekli tepe Something not found in Egypt.…[View]
10870101American Civil War aftermath: How did the Americans culturally allow the losing rebel faction of the…[View]
10869204How did Islam come to view alcohol as problematic, and what kind of alcohol would have been availabl…[View]
10874664Why is it that Rome was the city to form an empire while Cisapline Gaul was a backwater, but when Ro…[View]
10873526Dragons: Why dragons exist in so many cultures around the world ?[View]
10873830Haplogroup R2: We all know R1 collectively owns half the planet but what about R2? Are they also rap…[View]
10872852Redpill me on archeofuturism[View]
10874002What was the general aesthetic theory behind the 'look' of the early/mid-1970's? Why …[View]
10874676Women would have never gotten the right to vote if WWI didn't happen. Prove me wrong. You can…[View]
10873988SPENGLER: What are some good complementary books with The Decline of the West[View]
10875325If the mongols were so great:: Why did everyone just get rid of them in the end. For exemple, the vi…[View]
10874898UFOs: Wtf are they? What's the history behind them? I remember reading it was just military exp…[View]
10873960How did México come to be ruled by Cartels?[View]
10873248What are modern Meds supposed to be?[View]
10875116>Be mustafa JAMAL atatürk >Want to make your country cultured and like le ebic west for politi…[View]
10875158Greatest President Ever: How’d he do it?[View]
10867551>Abu Taher Bin Hassan Al-Qurmuti >led 700 horsemen into Mecca, massacred the Pilgrims, >unc…[View]
10874947when did 'communities' start being widely used?[View]
10874877>would have been the first president to actually be removed from office Imagine fucking up this …[View]
10874465Hey /his/, what's your favorite poet? What about your most based poet?[View]
10875205What is the most countrypilled nation in history?[View]
10875035can we get back to 20th century political identity ? almost all ideology have their own platform to …[View]
10871189>The charges, Lord President?[View]
10875085Redpill me on McKinley, /his/ Why is he so underrated? Did Roosevelt really just outshine him that …[View]
10873816The welfare state is density and high land value due to milk products. Nobody will understand this y…[View]
10873020Choose one[View]
10875000>btfo’s the US from afar by heating up the French Republic vs. British Monarchy debate among Fede…[View]
10871662Based or cringe?[View]
10874973Could it have worked?[View]
10873837Who was the greatest dictator?[View]
10869816puritan and its legacy. How much did it really damaged the modern U.S?[View]
10874883Indochina, how similar are the people there?: Like how similar are Vietnamese and Cambodians? Are we…[View]
10874737Who’s your favourite Christian heretic?[View]
10873090Why was there so little resistance to the Islamic republic of Iran despite many dissagreeing with th…[View]
10873634Why has there never been an attempt to reestablish a Christian theocracy in the west?[View]
10872219Could the history of religion be boiled down to the struggle of the Aryan and Semitic thought?[View]
10874625Did newton steal gravity from indians?[View]
10874569Reminder that r*ssians genocided sibiria's natives and wildlife, and then raped it's resou…[View]
10872230John Paul II: Was he really the saint that he was made out to be when I was growing up in the 90s an…[View]
10873843Nero was actually not bad. He imposed heavy taxes on the wealthy to fund empire-wide public enterpri…[View]
10874494how socdems redistribute wealth >tax financially literate middle class people who save money >…[View]
10873392The Soviet Famine of the 1930s was necessary for industrialisation: 1) Being annexed by another coun…[View]
10874313>Traditionally, the essential defining criterion of Celticity is seen as peoples and countries th…[View]
10874378>be me Hans >chilling in Verdun with them boys >hear 'Ils ne passeront pas' from the distan…[View]
10873710Why has National Socialism happened only specifically in Germany? Could it have happened in any othe…[View]
10874463why do poles look pic related when u mention Hungary? and vica versa[View]
10874443Do you think this'll get to 20? I'm still bearish long term but it'd be a nice bump.[View]
10873488Why did he fear the beans?[View]
10873868Crime peaked before lead did because lead is a bullet material and the recycling rate of bullets is …[View]
10874406Is this right?[View]
10873354If all countries were led by women there would be world peace.[View]
10874354tfw you get a brand new shiny helmet, a pair of kinky boots, a lovely new flak jacket and a lovely k…[View]
10874320but /his/ told me romans were white![View]
10874351where the court, where the court, where the court at have that noble in the cut, where the fort at o…[View]
10871088Historical Deadliest Warior Match ups: who would you like to have seen duke it out? any 2 factions i…[View]
10873047Judaism and Slavery: The holy scriptures of the Jewish faith implement that slavery is morally good.…[View]
10873774>all relevant philosophy was written before Rome even fell My elder sister who is pretty smart(sh…[View]
10872744What if Kruschev remained?: As the title asks, kruschev was bright and wanted to fix many of the pro…[View]
10874246Why did changs kicks us out of China?[View]
10873846Did any Englishman get to rape her before she died?[View]
10872587>This is a 10/10 in Murica[View]
10873496Post interesting history mounds from the race of Man This one is the Mound of hostages in Ireland[View]
10867718Does modern western Europe descend more from Rome, or the Franks?[View]
10871496What the fuck was his problem?[View]
10872993Why did the romans obliterate the jews so hard? Why did they never allow them to rebuild the temple?[View]
10873551You now know some Barbary pirates made it to Terranova: But /his/ told me Muslims never made it to A…[View]
10871656Why didn't people in the middle ages have liver disease from drinking beer all day?[View]
10873740What did Plato mean by this?[View]
10872849Thread dedicated to talking about the greatest men who ever lived, since the birth of the modern era…[View]
10872032What caused every culture to have a flood story in their faith?[View]
10873517>a blueprint for Hitler's theology. This bound 230-page treatise is titledThe Law of the Wor…[View]
10873777>Signs up for Civics and Economics class >The teacher says we're going to read all kinds …[View]
10872740Tartar bros get in here[View]
10873558Yuri Gagarin: On this day, 60 years ago, pic related became the first man to fly into outer space. S…[View]
10873814Anyone here use history to predict the future and thus make financial decisions? I'd say that y…[View]
10872140Crazy Horse MT. Rushmore: Mt. Rushmore only took 14 years to 'complete' October 4, 1927 - …[View]
10873420Why is American culture so different?[View]
10873540Celtic Warrior figurine in Egypt 220 BC: https://www.ancient-origins.net/history/exploring-little-kn…[View]
10869563Why is cannibalism bad again?[View]
10873527What do I need to read to understand him?[View]
10873608Does anyone actually believe in some grand divine plan that will explain away everything or are you …[View]
10873597would you?[View]
10873751Third Rome: >Most Christian nation in the world >Defender of Christians everywhere, be them pr…[View]
10872721>the aryan invasion theory is fak-[View]
10873571>tfw you're the chad as fuck and your father's favorite son, even though you're a …[View]
10873547Going to do some quick mutts law. Hope nobody replies. Scandis are actually not the top white group …[View]
10872580define the dark ages RIGHT NOW[View]
10872320Who is Hegel?[View]
10873455The contradiction between feminism and the trans movement: Feminists want to ultimately abolish gend…[View]
10872327Did Paul corrupt the message of Jesus?[View]
10873315What went so wrong for the ERE for them to go from their 1025 apogee to nearly being wiped out only …[View]
10871799Did he actually care about Protestantism or did he have some geopolitical aim?[View]
10868638So........Genesis didn't copy the Gilgamesh flood story after all? https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
10868460Here’s your armor bro.[View]
10871474i'm an atheist. debate me![View]
108729541945 world simulation: Later this month there will be a turn-based, text-based simulation of the wor…[View]
10869475Since the byzantines saw themselves as the successors of the roman empire then why did they change s…[View]
10872102Should we continue to look for Atlantis?[View]
10871747He a demon. He be schemin' Murder in his eyes he done seen em'[View]
10872316How can i become a christian?: i want do spend the rest of my life a christian. how do i start and g…[View]
10872745would you rather be sent to Auschwitz or Vorkuta /his/?[View]
10872623>Asia Tea >Africa & the Middle East Coffee. >Americas Mate & Chocolate. >Europe …[View]
10871284Roman Sack of Carthage: How it did happen ?[View]
10871663i bought this medal a while back. i never could find where the image is from. im pretty sure its hol…[View]
10870761Name better borders >protip USA excluded[View]
10872410bharat stronk[View]
10873182What percentage of people pretending to be religious are actually saved? I'm guessing less than…[View]
10863490So we're all in agreement that a knight would get BTFO against one of these guys right?[View]
10867025you inherit this empire: what do you do?[View]
10872845Name some of the worst serial killers in history: any country[View]
10850417Who is the best to worst YouTube historians?[View]
10872333Peak female performance throughout history: I'll start: > the chubby mommy Levantine fertili…[View]
10873040Social theory: How does the hard times creates great men theory deal with the fact that states have …[View]
10872378who was in the wrong here?[View]
10873024It was based, yes?[View]
10872804How different would history be if Arbogast won at Frigidus?: Question in title ? And go broad for th…[View]
10872907Time travel: If I traveled to Ancient Rome and preformed contemporary country music but transposed t…[View]
10867323In the name of Polish Underground, you have been sentenced to death for collaborationism with Soviet…[View]
10870902>It's the year 2189, you have the ability to go back to 1939 Germany with the help of a time…[View]
10872464Is it true that if you want accurate non-politicised history books you shouldn't read anything …[View]
10871634Why was everything so based back then?[View]
10868653Bog Bodies: Why were the early Proto-Indo-Europeans so obsessed with human sacrifice, particularly b…[View]
10869214>MFW Nero invented traps[View]
10872601I don't see enough Indian history here so here's a post about the South Indian Nayaks. Fro…[View]
10871240English Folklore: Celt or Germ?: How many of England's cultural and societal traditions are des…[View]
10872912Is mysticism just Theology mixed with autism?[View]
10872902what are your rrats about the roanoke colony's disappearance?[View]
10870642Why did the french fail at colonising?[View]
10869709Does Jesus accept heterosexual femboys into the kingdom of heaven?[View]
10872796Crazy maps[View]
10872779How did Eastern Rome react to the fall of the Western Rome ?[View]
10871505You Know, He Kinda Has A Point...: >In 1936 M. W. Fodor, writing in The Nation, argued that racia…[View]
10871779>Welfare, pensions and NEETbux keep pace with inflation or even outpace it >Minimum wage keeps…[View]
10866688Why did battles of old always instantly devolve into a giant mosh pit of 1 on 1 duels?[View]
10872750Inequality falling in recessions. Keynesianism is dumb[View]
10872699>communism had shortages That's because communism is a resource ratio. Capitalism has gas p…[View]
10870708What was he trying to say?[View]
10872630Bluepill me on dutch porcelain[View]
10867811Have you heard about our lord and saviour ahura mazda?: What happened with Zoroastrianism? Going off…[View]
10870656You can't logically believe in an objective reality and believe there are many truths, it'…[View]
10872615Capitalism was never profitable.[View]
10872330Morally, why is cum n' run wrong? If there's only a material plane, then logically anythin…[View]
10871755self-modifying meme or name-changing meme: The self-modifying meme or name-changing meme is the meme…[View]
10860733Rise of the Umayyads: Lets continue with a timeline of the only truly kino epoch in islamic history:…[View]
10868289>Yeah... sorry[View]
10865831Who was the worst emperor to ever rule Rome?[View]
10869691Is Nixon the most culturally impactful President America has had in the post Civil War era?[View]
10872350Weird historical maps.[View]
10871322What's the difference between a king and an emperor?[View]
10869145Name a worse tragedy in history. I’ll wait.[View]
10872176I'm going to post this historical piece of poop everyday until I have the urge to poop out a bi…[View]
10871007For me? It’s Taisho era Japan.[View]
10872111is this jewish work biased?[View]
10871629Why did he abdicate? Its not like he either wanted to or had to. Sure, the establishment didn't…[View]
10854491I can’t believe Medieval Europe looked like this... why did left wing enlightenment lie about mediev…[View]
10866788>people used to shit in public and socialise while they shat and pass around a communal sponge to…[View]
10871675Why is Ethiopia so admired by Africans all across the continent? They see them as the leaders.[View]
10872079Were millions of middle class and aristocratic Russians really executed or sent to Siberia in 1917? …[View]
10871029Has anyone ever tried being an Ubermensche?[View]
10871811Yes, I'm a Calvinistic Methodist, how did you know?[View]
10870017Brutus was a hero Only thing he did wrong was not give Caesar a slow death[View]
10871935The fact that Germans (and Westerners) consider the Holocaust to be bad indicates that they didn…[View]
10868759how tf[View]
10871908I don't get it. Which one of these is supposed to be the right one?[View]
10869705>beats japan, france, america, and china within the span of 40 years Yeah...I'm thinking bas…[View]
10870026Has there ever been proof of the supernatural or have the esoteric traditions of the past all been j…[View]
10871877Was the term 'Scythian' the ancient equivalent of the medieval term 'Tatar'? an empty term used to r…[View]
10868837who were the ancient egyptians?[View]
10871841Atlantis: >Plato spoke of it >buried by the Flood >built bridges between the Continents …[View]
10866582Why do so many of you support this man?[View]
10856936Is it true that racism is a modern phenomenon that originated during the Enlightenment period?[View]
10870183ITT historical figures who didn’t deserve their fate.[View]
10871312Any good books on the Second Sino-Japanese War and Japan’s expansion in the pacific?[View]
10871548Vertus Wellborn Hardiman: >Today, we remember Vertus Wellborn Hardiman (March 9, 1922 – June 1, 2…[View]
10870432Why did Americans in 1848 decide to let in hordes of gayopeans seeking to parasite off the civilizat…[View]
10871465Fact There is no God but Allah and Mohammed (peace and blessings be upon him) is his prophet[View]
10871558>Trianon was Unfair[View]
10855877Breaking the Cycle: Assume the Hard Times, Good Times Cycle is true. I don’t want to discuss if it i…[View]
10865851Did Neanderthals really look like this? I have a really hard time believing the Aryans and other peo…[View]
10871226Who is your favorite English dynasty and why?[View]
10867418What the fuck was his problem?[View]
10862500Really, it took them until 1800 to figure this shit out? >every animal shares anatomy, could we b…[View]
10862317Oswald Spengler: Based or cringe?[View]
10870215Minstrelsy past and present: I watched an interesting video today about minstrel shows and how it li…[View]
10869902There's no other God but God, and God is one This statement is common logic There's only o…[View]
10870404AI will figure out how to revive the dead and then it will torture them[View]
10871201Making history a one sided grievance list against whites with no nuance is still centring white peop…[View]
10871374Were Norse and Danish art/societies really dark and macabre or is that a contemporary revision of th…[View]

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