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6677375I don't get it, why did they sink their entire fleet? Why didn't they just give it to the …[View]
6675835What if the Chinese never stopped exploring[View]
6677374What are some historical psychological manipulation and torture campaigns?[View]
6677376If someone has non-greek, balkan ancestry, whats the chances of that person having ancient greek or …[View]
6676838*Has no rock on which to build his church *Gets locked out of the kingdom of heaven *Is loosed on ea…[View]
6675664Which one was worse: Treaty of Versailles or Brest-Litovsk?[View]
6672684What do you know about the history of Pennsylvania?[View]
6676768Man is inherently good/bad: Have been reading book related. Also watched an interview with Jordan Pe…[View]
6675381Nile Valley civilizations: Color coded regions of the Nile and its immediate neighbors. Including Eg…[View]
6670202people died over this[View]
6677219if he was such a good general why did he lose the war? have americans ever had a good general? I mea…[View]
6672462why are they still at war bros[View]
6676349Heraldry: Does anybody have in depth information on this coat of arms? I want to know the origin of …[View]
6676874Whats the best bible translation? Willing for old test and new test seperate. Please help someone to…[View]
6675525Does anyone have any information on the one Austrian killed by the Ustashe? He wasn't a Jew as …[View]
6673954The Battle of Stalingrad: Let’s have a discussion about one of the bloodiest battles in human histor…[View]
6676900Tell me about how WWI tactics evolved in the western front. It was basically send as much soldiers t…[View]
6674870Napoleonic Wars: Who was in the wrong here?: I dunno, but that Napoleon fellow was kind of getitng o…[View]
6676780What happens when we die?[View]
6676785How do I cope with his grace and mercy?[View]
6674272What's the endgame of Hallofcost denial?[View]
6676876*demolishes your belief system* *robs your free will* *denies you any light or hope*[View]
6676302Imagine literally dying as you zip your pants and exit a motel after having banged some prostitute a…[View]
6676996Why do autists see history and life in general in this shithole of a broad as a sort of r.p.g game,T…[View]
6674752Has there ever been a communist movement in the past that allied with Christianity? Considering how …[View]
6676904Racebending history: Have you noticed the trend of Have you noticed the trend of those most right-le…[View]
6676764The Civil War: A Narrative: Just started reading this behemoth. What am I in for?[View]
6676830Looking back, was there anything he did wrong?[View]
6673287What was this for?: Why did the Roman soldiers have these strips of leather dangling from their belt…[View]
6676725Best book on fascism?: Thoughts?[View]
6672532What contributed to US losses against China in the Korean War?[View]
6676680African front: Seeing how much success and how powerful Germany was . And seeing how on the ropes Br…[View]
6676382what book to read to start learning about history?[View]
6675511Would Caesar have been able to defeat Parthia in place of Crassus?[View]
6670538How do Germans feel about their loss of land and territory after the world wars?[View]
6674312Why did they collapse?[View]
6676320Idi Amin: Did he have any redeeming traits whatsoever?[View]
6675029Ötzi was Türk: Sudyrol is rightful turkclay.[View]
6673362>Communism is good because capitalism is bad[View]
6674936The airstrike and military intervention on Pearl Harbor was justified because the Damned Americans w…[View]
6672308I have aspergers should consider Holocaust denial personally offensive?: Or people who say Hitler di…[View]
6673986How did ancient pederasts deal with sanitary issues around anal sex?[View]
6672748What ethnicity were most crusaders? Were they mostly (what is today) German?[View]
6675607Dad, why are the French stereotyped as cowards? Is it because of their long, bloodied history of war…[View]
6676018So is there anything actually wrong with this guy? In the thread the other day it was only hancucks …[View]
6676284If a fake product is 100% identical to the original, is it still fake? Let's leave counterfeit …[View]
6676282Anyone have any pdf books etc on Teddy Roosevelt? I don't know much about American history but …[View]
6675815What does the question 'what does it mean to be human?' mean?[View]
6676200okay, i don't understand this . why are art pieces 'restored'? why not just make a copy of the …[View]
6675625Wooden watercrafts threads, native, ancient, medieval: Melanesian sailing boat from the Hermit islan…[View]
6676134What language did Doggerlandians speak?[View]
6673379Inca economy: Why does no one talk about this? Apparently there were almost no market relations in t…[View]
6676205/HIS/ where can I meet people who like history in real life?[View]
6662068Why wasn't it seen as normal for a Roman Emperor to keep a harem? It was perfectly fine and exp…[View]
6676029When did western leftist start to realize they fell for a scam? Was the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czec…[View]
6675226La vie c'est de la Merde[View]
6673311Ugh... What could've been...[View]
6675092>quantitative knowledge is circular >qualitative knowledge is tautological and why aren'…[View]
6673998Jesus was never Jewish. He was, ironically, Muslim and was one of Allah's prophets. It's …[View]
6675918Why did they order them by height? That jap probably hated foreigners after this.[View]
6675842>The two younger princesses were delighted, and he with them—their dark shining hair, voluptuous …[View]
6675965> Don't worry France! I'll take the blame for you, and then some! such a r/niceguy…[View]
6675894BLACKED?: Explain this, Italians.[View]
6657646Are there any actual examples of female warriors in history? Or is stuff like shield maidens just mo…[View]
6672216Why does /his/ hate Hungarians? Is it a combination of Austriaboos, Ouiaboos, and Romaboos?[View]
6675837/his/ RP: >'Lads, I've got a plan. We hate the Krauts, right? We also hate the Frogs, but un…[View]
6673012Hurr geographical determinism isnt real. Lives on a far western peninsula that isolates you from the…[View]
6674791The Great Emu War: Australian soldiers taken prisoner by Emu commandos after an unsuccessful offensi…[View]
6675751Did any western philosopher ever try to mount a serious defense against Guenon's charges or did…[View]
6675635Hi i was wondering what christians think of the book of enoch? Why is it not in the bible? Should it…[View]
6675730Elamites = SEMITIC. STOP saying they weren't.: In discussing Elam, reference works generally cl…[View]
6667304Chinese Republic in Indonesia in the 18th century?: >The Lanfang Republic was a Chinese state and…[View]
6675638The Resentment Of Fascism Why are rightwingers so resententful all the time? Resententful of women …[View]
6675681Pls stop changing the Latin language on me, I just want to read the Vulgata without feeling perverte…[View]
6675631Are there bigger cucks in history than Darius III of Persia?[View]
6675649Conversions in 19th century: How common were religious conversions or denom conversions in the 19th …[View]
6673609>96-97 years old >Blind >Manages to conquer the greatest city in the world at the time How …[View]
6673245Ivan the Terrible: What was his problem?[View]
6675417How common were war-crimes in the Napoleonic era? Which armies committed them?[View]
6671585A drawing I made of myself pregnant by my ghost history waifu Charles II of Spain, inspired by a dra…[View]
6675309Was urban Rome a violent place for a commoner? Was mugging or murder a common occurance? Were people…[View]
6674742What are the best books about occultism in nazism?[View]
6672726>M-my Lord... we... we don’t have any wives left.[View]
6672956Patricians of /His/: What are the best books about the history of the Romans and the Greeks? Monarch…[View]
6675061Eva Braun Reels: The US National Archives recently digitized and restored the private home movies of…[View]
6671800Europe, why the fuck doesnt it ever unify? Horse monkeys unified central Asia, chinks unified their …[View]
6675232Hey Catherine! Come look at my toys![View]
6672221Napoleon was the Hitler of his day[View]
6670931What's the historic reason for the ugliness of british people? Is it true that the vikings stol…[View]
6662225Ottomans VS Saudis: Who was wrong here ?[View]
6674647Unique historical feels: What are some feels that will likely never be felt again, or at least withi…[View]
6674201So Hitler was Austrian. But he doesn't sound Austrian at all. He doesn't speak dialect, wh…[View]
6675139>This is america in the 1920s. now seen for the first time in color. A man in an authoritative v…[View]
6675153Did Egypt really bankroll most of the Empire through trade with East Africa and India?[View]
6662908Who was the greatest Mexican in history?[View]
6674664Most Kino Historical Setting for an Anime: Name a historical setting you think would make for a swee…[View]
6662742Why are the Tarascans all but forgotten by modern people?[View]
6675130Russian History Blog: Found something interesting, a guy talks about financial crises throughout His…[View]
6674657What is the rhetorical equivalent of responding to someone's argument with an smug anime girl?[View]
6673062what was the most lopsided world war?[View]
6674925JUST moments in history: >August 12, 1817: Thomas Hart Benton and Charles Lucas, attorneys on opp…[View]
6659359What's /his/ stance on historical war crimes and war criminals? reprehensible and deserving of …[View]
6673684Fuck this guy. He ruined America.[View]
6673869The Glorious Revolution: Was is basically a Palace coup by Dutch and London (((merchants)))?[View]
6673526Could the average medieval man beat up the average modern man?[View]
6674924>L'État, c'est moi.[View]
6673808Historically speaking, is it justified to say Turkey is european?[View]
6674813>Roughly a month later, on July 12th, Merton still could not get Margie out of his mind. “There i…[View]
6674358>Takes useless barbarian land >Destroys the republic >Has seizures Why does anyone praise t…[View]
6672441How did the Kim family take control of north korea's in the first place?[View]
6674332anybody else dabbling in nihilism?[View]
6674686Isn't odd how humans want to record every part of their existence. Art, photography, videos, al…[View]
6669434YOU'VE BEEN HIT BY[View]
6673433OUT OF THE WAY DRAVISHITS: I shall enrich you with my culture[View]
6663342why couldnt they just build gates?[View]
6671940Is it unhealthy to emulate historical figures in your everyday life?[View]
6674446What was antediluvian civilization like?[View]
6674320Remember Mary Pickford? This is her now. Feel old yet?[View]
6674313I know one of u fuckers were talking about wooden shields being used and wondering why we don't…[View]
6673887Primice for all /his/: In the new study from the romans times that will came the next month romans c…[View]
6674106Adolf Hitler[View]
6669856Name the most badass Culture of all time /his/[View]
6673915Why’d he do it?[View]
6673067>Oppress gypsies, jews, and other ethnic minorities for centuries >Complain about American mi…[View]
6673668Was it Julia who ruined this fine man?[View]
6672385Pre-Hispanic Swastika in Mexico: Can anyone of you explain this? Coincidence or not?[View]
6673766The swastika predates indo-europeans by 10 000 years, why is it seen as their symbol? Pic unrelated[View]
6668362If the Civil War had been averted by sending military force under Buchanan’s presidency or crushed e…[View]
6673929Im entering the fourth and final year of a Criminology degree and I have no idea what I want to do, …[View]
6673807Is John Brown or Nat Turner portrayed positive anywhere? In Virginia they're both portrayed as…[View]
6673905Are there any sociological studies on 4chan? I suppose it would be interesting to read how 4chan zei…[View]
6673397>Renowned professional mercenaries. >substantially less armored on average How the fuck didn…[View]
6673805ITT: terrible flags: Yes, we've all seen the ms paint Liberia flags, let's get some new on…[View]
6670520Why did fascism fail?[View]
6673614Why are Abrahamic religions is so pedophilic?: wow..............[View]
6673750Who would've lived a better life in the middle ages, a wealthy merchant or a powerful duke?[View]
6672180Real t-rex bones: Seriously, what the fuck were these specimen?[View]
6668161In London 1954 there were 12 armed robberies,at a time where anybody could buy a shotgun with no que…[View]
6673275What was Aragon's tax policy?[View]
6673554Planning his own defeat: I have a weird question. I get that planning victory in battle or a plot is…[View]
6673410>Nicholas II gets to be a saint >Charles I of Austria gets to be beatified Why doesn’t he get …[View]
6671689How Abrahamics explain paganism? If, according to the bible, all humans are descended from Japheth, …[View]
6672498Tell me about Indy, why does he have 3 telephones?[View]
6673401How did the average American view soviets before and during WW2?[View]
6664636In a hundred years or so, will Hitler be seen much the way Napoleon is viewed today?[View]
6673117Why the Reformation failed in France ?[View]
6672143Bolsheviks: Were they literally the ISIS of their time?[View]
6672942What's the horniest culture to ever exist?[View]
6665501OH NO NO NO[View]
6673251Were there Vikings and Nords or Norse-Gaels on both sides in the battle of Clontarf?[View]
6672607Can you recognize this historical painting?[View]
6671219>The Bohemian Reformation (also known as the Czech Reformation or Hussite Reformation), preceding…[View]
6673138Prussia: Why did they name their country Russia with a p?[View]
6668948What's more impressive; Caesar's conquest of Gaul or Alexander's conquest of Persia?[View]
6668406>It’s another “Deluded Spaniard unironically believes Latin America was good under Spanish rule” …[View]
6672939kosovo: What happened here in years 1980-1990? I was watching BBC's Death of Yugoslavia. They b…[View]
6670257The New Deal: Was the New Deal successful at combating the great depression? Why, or why not? What c…[View]
6673097The Hidden Truth behind the Ark of the Covenant: In this video, I detail the history of the Abrahami…[View]
6672519Would France have been a superpower by now if it didn't expel all Huguenots?[View]
6669463Identifying the sea peoples: There were 9 tribes that conspired against the nations of the trade net…[View]
6671872God and freewill: How can God be completely sovereign while simultaneously granting humans free will…[View]
6672284Why were gladiatorial battles seen as taboo after Rome?[View]
6672941Was the death of monarchism inevitable? I don't see how feudal monarchism could have done anyth…[View]
6672592Gutians were indo european proto tocharians: Look what i have found It is important to note that the…[View]
6670722Military deception: What military leader in history has been the most skilled at the use of military…[View]
6668566What was the cringiest moment in history?[View]
6667397I don't know history but how did the greeks get so smart? I watched this docu about the Antikyt…[View]
6671683If emperors had access to prime teen pussy everyday due to concubines, how come a lot of them still …[View]
6671272Monarchy by combat/trail?: Did this actually happen? I don't even think even African tribes did…[View]
6672734Why does he do do it guys ?[View]
6668534What happened here? Why is there this big gap between the Southern Slavs and the rest? It gets in th…[View]
6672534This sick cant comes up to you and says that masturbation is worse than suicide. How do you refute h…[View]
6669946Merchants: Has there ever been a class of people more hated that have been more beneficial for human…[View]
6672651what was the biggest spook in history? was it this? or was this just a bunch of illiterate peasants …[View]
6672562Dirlewanger rapes Hitler to death and officially replaces him in 1940. What happens?[View]
6668371How did they fuck up so badly? Yeah the union was kind of shitty but it was a fucking SUPERPOWER. Th…[View]
6671435do you agree?[View]
6671054Did he don ANYTHING wrong?[View]
6672089>Japan were dumb dumbs for attacking Pearl Harbor I would have done better…[View]
6671747Why do people suck off ceasar so hard? He wasn’t even the best Roman republic statesmen.[View]
6667819Comparative Mythology - The Flood(s): Alright so I’m looking for a rough timeline of when certain my…[View]
6669717*holds up gun* Tell me what caused the decline and fall of Ancient Rome in ten words or less. If you…[View]
6672260>stuck on the front for most his life >most of his children die >his wife cucks him in Egyp…[View]
6672369>buy this book because the title sounded familiar and have an interest in the development of poli…[View]
6672018What did ancient Indians look like?[View]
6672363>betrays rome[View]
6670179Is it true that the Greek military junta was an American puppet?[View]
6642057The largest unheard of genocide in the 19th century: I feel like no one knows about this and it got …[View]
6667107Basque pre-columbian fishing in NA: I've recently been reading 'The Little Ice Age' by Brian Fa…[View]
6670656What is the origin of the idea of 'the west', and how old is it?[View]
6669655More paintings like this[View]
666790818th Century Thread: Why don't we dress like this anymore anons? Aesthetics soo peak, even uncl…[View]
6661451Literally fucking how? How were they able to lift and stack the stones on top of each other for 200+…[View]
6671563Norman sicily looked comfy as fuck[View]
6663644So, I'm reading Coran: And Chapter TWO basically is a long essay saying 'It's ok if you ar…[View]
6668614Would you prefer to live in a place with fascist neo-renaissance architecture or commie block brutal…[View]
6671419How can such a large and powerful empire have had such a shitty economy?[View]
6667081what is the most deadly weapon in history, from the start of time to right now?[View]
6668303So we all know that fights in the arena weren't really a fight to death since gladiators despit…[View]
6672081Literally what did Spain ever do to him to warrant such hatred?[View]
6669820Could Germany have Unified earlier? Or was it stuck being the HRE for a reason?[View]
6672021Mohammed was a BLACK man and the reason you are not allowed to draw him is because Ar*bs are jealous…[View]
6671996Literally /ourguy/.[View]
6671383Late 1950s to late 1960s: The era architecture died to give birth to car design. Reasons for this? …[View]
6671762It's become very popular in academia to say 'The reason Muslims are violent is because of the F…[View]
6668641ITT: We discuss the greatest empire in history[View]
6669544Is there any real connection or continuity between the Sarmatians and Poland?[View]
6660416Greatest army in history: What is the greatest army that has ever existed in history? (in terms of r…[View]
6671685workers rights originated from america, yet america has the last century only oppressed its workers.[View]
6671727Antifa: Then and Now: Tell me more about Antifaschistische Aktion (or Antifa), both its historic and…[View]
6671764How could things have played out if the Japanese wouldn't have been willing to open their ports…[View]
6670388Dinosaurs: I want to learn more about dinosaurs. Where do I start? (I guess it's ok to talk abo…[View]
6671717Asia - Mongol Empire West - British empire Islam - Umayyad Caliphate Africa - Egyptian empire North …[View]
6671579Linguistic brainlet here. Why are there different language families? With different languages, I get…[View]
6670836>The assumptions underlying the Charter of the United Nations, the Statute of the International C…[View]
6670540Where's my fucking copper, Ea-Nasir?[View]
6655498What's the least depressing period in their history?[View]
6669072> ...to four horses who will then be driven at once toward the four corners of the plaza, pulling…[View]
6668124>'British' monarchy >some of Britain's old kings (George I, II) literally come from Germa…[View]
6671403NO DON'T GO[View]
6671075Tfwywn travel back in time and ride side by side with NBF during the War of Northern Agression. Tfwy…[View]
6670629I was in England recently and noticed a lot of old estates had Japanese pagodas in the gardens for s…[View]
6671103Doing things because I just fucking want to do them is way better than trying hopelessly to figure o…[View]
6670305Anyone else here norman by blood: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Cerami Whenever I look u…[View]
6670334What are some interesting ways people throughout history have tended to and interned their dead? For…[View]
6665837The Romans were stupid and troglodyte brut-: Can we stop this retarded meme?[View]
6670143Why did Rome lose to Parthia so much?[View]
6664426What are some historical examples of the believe women movement?[View]
6667158How come wooden armor isn't common in early history? It protects you better than, say, leather,…[View]
6669964Purpose of the Crucifixion: Anselm's theory of atonement is senseless, you cannot sin against G…[View]
6670617Did you know that the Visigoths, Vandals and Ostrogoths that sacked Rome were Christians?[View]
6668405I want to learm everything about U.S. America. How can i learn american history? I excelled in ap us…[View]
6671063hey /sp/ whats a darby?: >mythological creatures thread? Shall I start? >While he's never…[View]
6669259What is the /his/ consensuses on Haplogroups?[View]
6668517Tell me Darius III of Persia isn't the most cucked man in all of history. >Failed to stabili…[View]
6670783>build rockets instead of nukes[View]
6668131Why was the Mexican Revolution/Civil war so insanely violent? How did a million people die out of a …[View]
6667379Daily Reminder Amerindians Of North And South America Are Asians: Natives' are in reality Asians tha…[View]
6670654The Times They Are a-Changin’[View]
6667072Why do people always speak of the concept of a one world government as if it's some horrible ni…[View]
6670745When did you realize that Greek resistance fighters were the reason the Allies won WWII[View]
6670591Destroy your adversaries with the Socratic method.[View]
6668312REMEMBER THE HOLOCAUST: The Armenian Holocaust, the Ukrainian Holocaust, the Rwandan Holocaust, the …[View]
6670244Why are men so naturally submissive all the fucking time throughout history?: Why are we such utter …[View]
6670466How did medieval armies fight guerilla fighters in the woods? What tactics would you use?[View]
6670188Did any general or tactician ever paid attention to left/right-handedness when disposing his troops …[View]
6670471ITT: We wuzzing thats actually true: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Pushkin[View]
6668475Why do some states have high or very very high (USA) per capita GDP, high amounts of transfer paymen…[View]
6670286What can /his/ tell me about the teutonic knights? Were these greathelms ever used? If you dont want…[View]
6666276USA Trivia. American History: Let's play a game (no google please). I'll ask a question if…[View]
6668071What was the relationship between the Burgundian dukes and the French king & German emperor?[View]
6668840>burns your Roman sex manual[View]
6668315>go to a museum >the oldest object is 4000 years old >get excited >it's a fucking s…[View]
6670225Many people believe the atomic age began in 1945, but in reality, it began in 1930s (discovery of ne…[View]
6670237The US highway system: What road/rail system from history is the most comparable to the modern US hi…[View]
6670223>why yes, I am a Maliki, how could you tell?[View]
6670213>Ezekiel 23 >19. Yet she increased her whorings, remembering the days of her youth, when she p…[View]
6666592Christianity on predeterminism/determinism.: I never truly understood that part. I'm trying rea…[View]
6670142https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernardine_Dohrn >Bernardine Rae Dohrn (née Ohrnstein; born January…[View]
6659260Give me good one reason why the Moros shouldn't be a sovereign country.[View]
6670094Why did Chiang Kai-Shek let the communists pass in certain situations during the great march when he…[View]
6669628>Yeah, I make Muslim wewuz threads. What you gonna do about it, infidel?…[View]
6668593THE CYCLE[View]
6670126>mfw christjewish heaven is modelled after Plato while the bible instead talks about the bodily r…[View]
6670092Motherhood throughout history: Post examples of womens roles throughout history. What are times and …[View]
6668136I'm getting married tomorrow bros so what is the history and humanities of marriage?[View]
6669341Why did they name a Roman emperor after a racial slur?[View]
6669152post based armors[View]
6667846Hungaria vs Romania: Who was wrong here[View]
6669824Over 500,000 dead for what?[View]
6668149Why did John Brown raid Haper's Ferry: Thus guaranteeing he'd by tried and likely killed f…[View]
6669837If there was but one Catholic priest left in the world would that priest then become the pope? Apolo…[View]
6669680A word about the Irish: What did Avro Manhattan mean by this?[View]
6669156Are there any books, philosophies, etc that talk about the 'evils' of kindness? I was going to say c…[View]
6669688How did everything go so wrong?[View]
6669750>ywn piss all over mummies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebBCmC8o1tA Why even live?…[View]
6667545What is the tribe of 'Judah', exactly? Was it a real place? Apparently, there are no evidence for a …[View]
6669539>merchants are more important to a civilization than farmers[View]
6668109Has there ever been a nation more powerful: Than America in the immediate aftermath of WW2, when it …[View]
6669013Holy shit Turks were based[View]
6668794What the FUCK did they talk about /his/? >did they compare kill counts? >stories about the bes…[View]
6664291How can i lesrn koine greek? I know no classical languages. I want to read the bible. Gracias[View]
6668890United States and Mexico: Have the United States and Mexico ever been on good terms with one another…[View]
6669573what was actually going on? aliens? russians fucking with us?[View]
6664230Is he right? Did Jesus believe the world would end in his lifetime?[View]
6667121/his/ - humanities: Is there anything more noble than absolute submission to a master? Any dumb anim…[View]
6666934Why didn't France, the bane of G*ermans try to stomp the HRE more during the medieval period? C…[View]
6664850Ethiopian armor: What kinds of armor did Ethiopians use/wear can't seem to find anything about …[View]
6665827Was there anything about him that gives anyone a reason to unironically like this guy? He killed a m…[View]
6663495Prison Camp S21 (Cambodia) Gherla prison (Romania) Soviet Purges Sandarmokh Vinnytsia massacre Katyn…[View]
6666186Ken Burns Country Music: Ken Burns is finally done with his Country Music documentary. Releasing Sep…[View]
6669274When could England could have said to become majority Protestant?[View]
6665483Why are there so few 'major' scientific breakthroughs (outside of IT) after 1950? Pic unrelated, obv…[View]
6667378ugh... what could have been...[View]
6654916Why does everyone rate Caesar?[View]
6668227did the USSR rehabilitate as many former Nazis as America did? did East Germany keep former Nazis in…[View]
6668469How much do we know about the history of the Australian aborigines? How did they survive and what di…[View]
6669036Do you sometimes feel like we lost a certain mysterious aspect about the world? A 1000 years ago, ev…[View]
6668366>single handedly destroys the last remnants of true monarchism in the west…[View]
6668795US: Theories about the message? I'm still not sure[View]
6665586Was Cortes scapegoated?: Did the Spanish make him look worse than he really was to take attention aw…[View]
6664473You have become what you swore to destroy: You've became the internet equivalent of history cha…[View]
6655565I TRIED SO HARD[View]
6666820Why is he still held as a champion of civil rights? >These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity…[View]
6665721> Born into slavery, Tubman escaped and subsequently made some thirteen missions to rescue approx…[View]
6665934How is Francisco Franco viewed in Morroco ?[View]
6656174Black slaves loved slavery: During the Depression someone had the idea of sending people to the Sout…[View]
6668423How was one man so based?: >progressive >started construction of the Panama canal >pro-en…[View]
6666317>'professor pulls out PragerU' meme >it actually fucking happened lmao…[View]
6668344Historically Accurate: How historically accurate is this game, /his/? Curious. I heard that China is…[View]
6661968HRE France relationship: Did HRE ever tried to conquer France ? Did France ever tried to unite with …[View]
6654141Searching for POWs 2: Belarus: Hi all, you guys may remember my last thread where I took a week of l…[View]
6668486Alt /his/. Lets talk Africa: Its well known that Europeans ventured into Africa in a limited capacit…[View]
6659221The Spanish turned this...[View]
6665601Name my band[View]
6668313Why is history such a /comfy/ subject in general? IDK what it is about it, I just get a real comfy f…[View]
6668179Why was Burgundy so aesthetic?[View]
6667319Shaman tell Grug if Grug give shaman berries Grug go to skycave and if Grug no give berries Grug go …[View]
6667958Looking for architecture/factory‘s worker village: I‘m looking for a „historic“ worker‘s village tha…[View]
6667074In the power struggle after the death of Lenin, two major factions emerged: the Left Opposition and …[View]
6667922Why aren't you listening to Christian Prince destroy Mohammedism live? https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
6662835Horrifying non-war events: hyatt regency steel bridge collapse, 1981 >Those mortally injured were…[View]
6668040My Neighbor told me that the Pima tribe in Arizona, were the only tribe in the area to fight in an o…[View]
6665082Were the Thirteen Colonies just a dumping ground for England's religious fanatics?[View]
6665757Alright /his/, what do I have to do to guarantee the Japanese will make an anime character based off…[View]
6667653Cold hard truth: If the army detachment Felix Steiner would have followed orders then there would ha…[View]
6666575>venice sinking and getting destroyed by tourists They had it coming Feels good…[View]
6666572Isen't Focault's notion of the productivity in power just Marx notion of superstructure? I…[View]
6667006MILLATERY SONGS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvjOG5gboFU&list=RDGnzaR1158UA&index=10 htt…[View]
6662148can you help me with books and facts about the iberians? I mean the preroman tribes, not the current…[View]
6664646How long does it take for dialects of a language to diverge to different languages[View]
6665135Why did the economies of many former member states of the USSR went through such an extreme, nearly …[View]
6667597>'one must imagine sisyphus happy' >the guy who was sentenced by the gods to do eternal backbr…[View]
6667621Is God a Mad Scientist?: Oui ou Non?[View]
6660395>price controls >rent controls >high taxation >tariffs >state subsidies >deficit s…[View]
6667501Is he right?[View]
6667428Why did Spain keep Ceuta and Melilla?[View]
6666520ITT we wait for >>6666666[View]
6666795Phocas: How responsible was this guy for the ERE's catastrophic decline in the 7th century? Is …[View]
6667321Why is it that Islam is so resistent to reform, as opposed to Christianity?[View]
6667348IN THE MAY OF 1845, two ships, the HMS Terror and Erebus, fitted and equipped with the latest techno…[View]
6663314Superpowers: When did you realize that the United States was better when it had another Superpower i…[View]
6662212What would be the problem with children being raised by the state? Most parents are deadbeat morons.…[View]
6665081How did he lose? He had the entirety of Europe under his control. Surely that would outmatch his ene…[View]
6664170>study history >develop deep hatred for all living things Anyone else?…[View]
6665772>Why do nihilists just like being miserable?[View]
6665421Is Cyrillic the greatest writing system?: The Bulgarian writing system is probably the most versatil…[View]
6664129Why was Medieval Europe so straight up barbaric in its forms of human sacrifice? At least the Aztecs…[View]
6663752were italians always dark? Sick of seeing americans on pol repeatedly post a scene from a film made …[View]
6664304What did they mean by this?[View]
6666824Not all heroes wear glasses...[View]
6665053Have there ever been other people like Socrates in history?[View]
6666084In Islam, the Virgin Mary was not married to Joseph. Doesn't this make more sense than in Chris…[View]
6664071Is he really the greatest tactician of all time?[View]
6666699The Sabeans: I want to talk about the Sabeans It was apparently a very rich kingdom and they control…[View]
6666418serbian history: Just watched this Serbian documentary, and it produced the following map. The shade…[View]
6666681great leader[View]
6664925Could WW2 have been avoided?[View]
6666678>>6666666 The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human ra…[View]
6660499>Recent experiments conducted in Germany showed that a 50-gram Roman bullet hurled by a trained s…[View]
6666590The Cyrus Cylinder: >I am Cyrus, king of the universe, the great king, the powerful king, king of…[View]
6662492Why didn't they show us this in school?[View]
6661685Guys, I solved the Basque mystery: So as we all know, the Basques are quite an anomaly: they don…[View]
6666544Why does satan look like a Satyr? Why does Satan sound like the god Saturn/Satyr? What's the et…[View]
6663740ITT: Alternate /his/ US flags[View]
6666401>germany lost to bad weather you can't make this shit up[View]
6665540Why would anyone think nihilism is true? Morality and finding meaning in life are universal across c…[View]
6665385>Dude, everything is a social construction so just do what makes your dick feel good >*dies pa…[View]
6663128What does /his/ think of linguistic purism? Is it just pure mental masturbation or does it have some…[View]
6665846Are the US a nation of 'pioneers and explorers' like the alt right says? Or are they a nation of imm…[View]
6664632Why did it take humanity so long to stop being stupid with regards to things like medicine, science,…[View]
6666011Why is it most Catholics either fawn over Islam, like John Paul kissing the Koran, or rabidly hate i…[View]
6666258Mongol campaign of Khwarezmia: Why were the Khwarezmians so violent and vicious towards the Mongols?…[View]
6663723Everybody knows his story, nobody can tell if he was actually a good king or not[View]
6664861So arrogant yet so fragile: All this discussion, all this ideas, history, art, science, memes, could…[View]
6663269Religion in post-revolution Iran: So, we all know that Islam is the dominant religion in Iran. But a…[View]
6659058Were human rights a mistake?[View]
6665921Why can't every ethnicity have a piece of land to call their own?[View]
6660302Making up history: >Xia dynasty >Gojoseon >Hồng Bàng dynasty Why Confucian Asians do this…[View]
6663277>You major in history? Cool, so what's your favourite part of history? >WW2 AND THE COLD …[View]
6663759Protection: Has it ever helped anyone that wasn't already well-off?[View]
6665852Would it have worked? I mean it only tried once to fly and it did fly, but was experiencing ground e…[View]
6665648Why were they so mean to lesbians?[View]
6664325Freemasons: What do you want? What do you do? Why do you all look suspicious as shit and have odd fa…[View]
6665030Hot opinion Him getting shot and getting his 'epiphany' saved America Agree y/n[View]
6660495>Took an impoverished country that had to import basic machinery from the likes of Italy and Roma…[View]
6665830ITT: Moments in history that make you shed tears: >After these last words to his friends, he went…[View]
6665747>'anon, lets talk something else than military history of nazi germany?'…[View]
6653203HRE: This beauty was an unironically Holy Roman and Empire why all the hate ?[View]
6664476Was Hitler a reactionary?[View]
6665706what's the history behind bahaism? who's paying for all this?[View]
6661744My fellow Americans. With every presidential election comes the unearthing of the old argument of wh…[View]
6658322BOW YA SHITS[View]
6664443Arthur Harris should have been executed for warcrimes not praised. He was a war criminal. 500,000 di…[View]
6664238& Humanities: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_homeless_population Why do some…[View]
6662621Francophobia: I am an irrational francophobe. I quite simply hate France and french people as a whol…[View]
6655987Is he right that society is gradually getting less violent? If so, will the trend continue? I have a…[View]
6663540Think about it, the one who wrote down Gilgamesh's epic was a Babylonian priest who lived a tho…[View]
6664181Why wasn't the Crown of Lombardy used in the coronations of the Savoyard Kings of Italy?[View]
6659881Why capitalists and religious cultists are such good friends? What exactly connects them?[View]
6664973Where are they now?: Today I stumbled upon a video I’ve watched before. The video in which american …[View]
6663492What if: The CSA survived the ACW, and became socialist?[View]
6663996how were white passing races(like Pashtuns or some light skinned Punjabis) treated in the British Ra…[View]
6664604Okay /his/..... What would have happened if a Germanic Tribe during the Migration age migrated to Ea…[View]
6664690what was his fucking problem?[View]
6660344Islam didn't exist during Muhammad's life: So I was discussing history with this friend th…[View]
6664944Egypt: *blocks your finding and silences your progress* what the fuck is his problem?[View]
6665324oriental orthodoxy: what are your thoughts on this branch of christianity?[View]
6661219So what exactly is wrong with the King James Version of the Bible? You never get a straight answer f…[View]
6664079>have 14 illegitimate children >have no legitimate heir y tho…[View]
6652713Yet another /his/ gaming thread: What are some historic or mythological videogames like Kingdom Come…[View]
6664873why was he so based?: >wanted to give everyone a car and a house…[View]
6665019Japanese Samurai with Aztec Macuahuitl and Straw Shield[View]
6663109this has to be the most overrated clown in modern military history. >was not an operational level…[View]
6664981philosophers, get in here!: If google captcha shows a picture with a bus and a car, but asks to sele…[View]
6655959Now the dust has settled. Who won the Buckley-Vidal debate?[View]
6664269>although only 20% of southern soldiers expressed pro-slavery views >none of them denounced it…[View]
6664836/his/ books: Hey /his/, what books do you recommand ? From very broad to very particular subjects I…[View]
6661625So if I got that right, the Indus Valley Civilization people went to South East Asia and became the …[View]
6654932America gets a lot of criticism, but what are some things you find admirable about their history?[View]
6660297Was he really that bad, or was it just incompetence? Also, d'you think he ever gave Breckinridg…[View]
6664266Who was the best monarch of France?[View]
6664241Wasn't it embarrassing for the muzzies to be ruled by Christian loving Buddhist steppenigs?: Wh…[View]
6659166Socialism and capitalism are both terrible ideologies that have brought death and suffering to milli…[View]
6662203Historically speaking, which country has been more relevant in the balkans between Croatia and Serbi…[View]
6663950Buddhism: I'm curious if there are practitioners here so lets find out. Whether it's the H…[View]
6664182Get in faggot we're saving Anne![View]
6662738If the Turks one the Battle of Vienna...: ...would Vienna become the new captial of the empire like …[View]
6658740What's the general consensus about the Huns, like what kind of peoples were they?[View]
6655452Is Westernization of clothing the greatest tragedy of the 20th century?[View]
6660865Napoleon should have been executed instead of exiled.[View]
6662525Why do supposedly Christian societies so often end up idolizing the rich and powerful?[View]
6654275Why didn't Buddhism take off in the Europe?[View]
6664133His story is inspiring to me. Some random German monk, just by nailing his 95 theses on the door of …[View]
6664114*blocks your path*: >Weenie >Weedie >Weegie…[View]
6663401What are your favorite pre-20th century follies, private gardens or other personal estates? image: …[View]
6663696Naia: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naia_(skeleton) Where did she come from? What ethnicity was sh…[View]
6663472What was his name again?[View]
6664094Are the Jivaroan the most barbaric people in human history? >The Jivaroan worldview is built upo…[View]
6661452Is there anyone else that trolled the Romans hard?[View]
6664009How did dictators get into power and how did they maintain their power?[View]
6664049Seven Days to the river Rhine: Could the Soviets have pulled it off /his/ ? https://infogalactic.com…[View]
6664014How were germanic, gallic, dacian citizens of the roman empire treated compared to ethnic italian pe…[View]
6647373History meme/humour thread? I'm new here, are these a thing here? If not they should be[View]
6662217>In The Atlantic magazine interview, 'A Conversation with Gore Vidal' (October 2009), by John Mer…[View]
6663964How did Jews put up with all the utterly insane persecutions they've been through throughout hi…[View]
6662166why isn't ancient greece considered a cradle of civilization?[View]
6662831So I'm studying anti-semitism in portugal on the XI century and I have a question: why does Eur…[View]
6659483I'm considering buying a copy of Das Kapital, which other books could get me started on underst…[View]
6660052What the ever-loving FUCK was his problem?[View]
6663858Was Guy Fawkes the most evil man in the history?: Tammerlane, Fidel Castro and Stalin all look like …[View]
6663824What are the biological, economical and cultural reasons why chastity is so highly valued through hi…[View]
6660736Considering these two countries were basically European powers right next to each other, why didn’t …[View]
6662728What happened in the last 100-200 years that people can live 70-100 years old? Did communism really …[View]
6663389When did individualism originate?[View]
6630497Evolution of Magic?: How has the mental perception of magic evolved over the course of time? How is …[View]
6663551Did the Soviets actually treat Tatars very well?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1p7YGf3vm9I…[View]
6662284What religion are you?: https://www.poll-maker.com/poll2365507xE1c8f298-68[View]
6659791How prevalent were incels in history Was this a modern development or has there always been Incels /…[View]
6659643Who had a shittier life in general throughout history? The average Chinese or the average Russian?[View]
6659824What are the most brutal cases of city sacking in history?[View]
6663329Why weren't Rushdoony and Clyde Wilson as successful as Maududi?[View]
6663136Why did South Asia give up its lead in terms of civilisational development? They had a big head-star…[View]
6663320Who was in the wrong there?[View]
6663044Am I the only one who fins this extremely disingenuous and maybe even bullshit? Hear me out, let…[View]
6662736Mit dem Angriff Steiners wird das alles in Ordnung kommen![View]
6661670What did god mean by this?[View]
6662834ITT: Chilling quotes.: >Our strength consists in our speed and in our brutality. Genghis Khan led…[View]
6662504How did nazi germany managed to turn it self into a super power in 6 years ?[View]
6660338Was the first triumvirate formed before or after Caesar became consul? The sources are conflicting[View]
6663200Why did Marcellus hate him?[View]
6662644>The man who won the battle of the Metarus literally had a cognomen meaning 'The salty'. Who were…[View]
6661980Could Tuaregs be the missing link between Berbers and Bantus ?[View]
6662365China: Why didn't China get colonized by the west, besides losing a couple of trading ports?…[View]
6658579Why are we more compassionate to the disabled and infirm now more so than the past?[View]
6658147Islam >homosexuals should be stoned >No, they should just be flogged Christianity >Jesus wa…[View]
6662273I have to uh... have to say, her coverage of the... uh... history of Rome was quite expansive... and…[View]
6658595How could such a small country produce so many great minds and have such a huge impact across the wo…[View]
6662982The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was once one of the largest and strongest countries in Europe, bu…[View]
6662901What are the primary sources on that this guy even existed?[View]
6660363Was it a failed experiment? Should the US have just stayed a colony of England?[View]
6659679ITT: Flags that should have been[View]
6657285Who were the most oppressed people in human history?[View]
6662780Verificationism vs Falsificationism: Is there any practical difference or it's just mental gymn…[View]
6660838Was travelling to another village or city in the Middle Age more dangerous than walking in a present…[View]
6658186Name one single historical character more controversial than him. One.[View]
6655795Aesthetic Warships: post your most aesthetic warships from any period[View]
6660891ITT: WW2 aesthetics[View]
6662290Is Islam based in the 'slave' morality based in Nietze's characterization of Abrahamism or is i…[View]
6661072This is Mikhail Gorbachev, he accidentally and single-handedly destroyed the Soviet Union. Say somet…[View]
6659190Why didn't they do it brehs?[View]
6662185>call themselves hittites and albanians[View]
6657479wtf I hate Enlightenment rationalism now[View]
6661665what if italy unified in the middle ages?[View]
6658603>what could have been[View]
66598581930's european military power ranking German > British > French > Spanish > Itali…[View]
6657859>B-but it's my turn to be General Secretary :,((((([View]
6660805Caucasia thread: I find this area so fascinating yet underappreciated, so many distinct rich culture…[View]
6662414What are the best pop-hist books out there? Basically a good blend of accuracy and accessible, succi…[View]
6644518ugh..what could have been...[View]
6660160pic semi related: WTF is this actually true /his/? Columbus was accepted as the first European to re…[View]
6661793Did Turks leave genes behind in Romania? How much Turkish dna does the average Romanian have?[View]
6661755In the grand scheme of things, why did Christianity and Islam lead to drastically different societie…[View]
6661927Is the islamic golden age overrated? Did Islam start it? if not, why call it golden age? if it did, …[View]
6662161Psychoanalysis&conscious/subconscious: What do you anons think about Freud's idea? What ar…[View]
6660610HELL THEOLOGY: Can you give me some fine theologians on hell? TO EMOHASIZE: I don't mean modern…[View]
6661760Why do atheists take credit for deist achievements?[View]
6655469Why did the suit fall out of common use in the west?[View]
6644143France in WWI: Can we have a thread for the French Army? They did the majority of the fighting for t…[View]
6658666Carpathian Basin: what happens here?[View]

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