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15656682Shouldn't Roman faces be less flat given that they were R1b mixed with J2?[View]
15656525were Osama's grievances against United States foreign policy legitimate? >inb4 get jannied b…[View]
15656465British-Israelism: the final redpill?: Are anglos one of the lost tribes of Israel?[View]
15656779Why didn't people drink Jesus Blood after he died??: > Jesus:, 'If you Drink my blood and ea…[View]
15652449>God > 'Thou shall not kill' >God's chosen prophets, judges, & kings then Killed m…[View]
15653732Any opinions on the IMORO or the IMRO?[View]
15654854What if medieval Japan had converted to Islam?: Imagine if Muslim traders sailed north from South-Ea…[View]
15654458How does Germany just roll over France in like a month even though they should have evenly matched a…[View]
15655978Consequentialism makes perfect sense.: Why should principles override consequences? principles are f…[View]
15655300who came before marx, in all seriousness? this is getting ridiculous[View]
15654154Soviets had it good: >There were prostitutes on the platforms of the main suburban stations. They…[View]
15653410So... why Françafrique such a disaster?[View]
15645896Did he do it?[View]
15656638Did ((they)) Rewrite Confucias?: Is Analects censored or revised? >what was revised/censored Read…[View]
15655629Every religion has a spiritual color. Sunni Islam has the color dark green, shia Islam dark red, dao…[View]
15656631Exodus 14:24-25 >[24]Just before dawn the Lord looked down from the pillar of fire and cloud at t…[View]
15655944slavs started two world wars[View]
15655481In Hampton v. United States (1976) the Supreme Court upheld the conviction of a Missouri man on a dr…[View]
15656570Bhairava and Mahavidya: I want to devote my life to the Fierce forms of Shiva and Kali: the bhairava…[View]
15654950The Protestant Reformation unintentionally caused the secularization of society.[View]
15656072Is there any reason not to believe that the soul is immortal? If the soul is immortal, we will be gr…[View]
15656458J. Robert Oppenheimer: >Be Oppenheimer >Born in New York City >Gifted and privileged >St…[View]
15656391Americans had it good: >There were prostitutes on the platforms of the main suburban stations in …[View]
15656506> Hitler's grandfather was a jew called shekel grabber https://m.jpost.com/diaspora/study-su…[View]
15655857>He was a raging alcoholic because... HE JUST WAS, OK? Why are history buffs so certain that Alex…[View]
1565634990% of ancient Roman aspects are Greek copycats: Their architecture, their gods, the way they treat …[View]
15655752Was he ever refuted?[View]
15646522Is this historically accurate? Like did Hitler love/hate America so much that he planned on making i…[View]
15656245Behold, someone fixed English: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8zWWp0akUU[View]
15655645If true communism is yet to be practiced, then one cannot correctly claim that communism doesn’t wor…[View]
15656211Is this true?[View]
15656016Does God enjoy watching married people have sex?[View]
15655770Christianity is founed on the belief that all of us are immortal: Such a bizarre form of coping to d…[View]
156555361 John is an enormous problem for Prots: How do sola fide Prots deal with 1 John? We read >Whoeve…[View]
15655867/his/, I have been reading about The Year of the Six Emperors, and I am very confused. Why did Maxim…[View]
15654462Why did China throw in the towel so early during the first Sino-Japanese War: Did the Qing sign thei…[View]
15649599What is the closes thing to irl chaos gods worship that exists ?[View]
15653968What's the point of being a Catholic Sedevacantist when the Eastern Orthodox are the OG sedevac…[View]
15656068Was he autistic?[View]
15651979>One of the great ironies of World War II is that the world's greatest democracy fought the …[View]
15655991He tried, at least. I guess.[View]
15656006>People thought jeets were cool in the 60’s[View]
15649248Hollywood always portrays the Chinese annexation of Tibet as evil but when you actually learn about …[View]
15638657Can someone explain why Native Americans living on the Mississippi river never created a civilizatio…[View]
15655626>Scottish presbyterians invent a simple clerical collar >Catholics appropriate it worldwide St…[View]
15655886Samael is a good guy, free-thinker and justice defender: Yahweh is a bad guy, cruel tyrant and hypoc…[View]
15655764Was Operation Barbarossa justified?[View]
15655745Prove chirstianity is better than scientology[View]
15651137Napoleon Bonaparte: >/his/ says He influenced democracy across Europe and their colonies >But …[View]
15652060Does nationalism have its origins in late medieval England?: During the Hundred Years' War, Hen…[View]
15654229Why didnt Truman just end the cold war by 1950?[View]
15654127How do Protestants cope with the fact that so much of modern Christianity, from the Trinity to Origi…[View]
15655550Did you know? Dragons really existed, many 'myths' of them are literal stories. The reason there…[View]
15652865Why is geographical determinism so popular with midwits?[View]
15655641>Leading figure in the liberal revolutionary movement >Kills Alexander 2 and suddenly realizes…[View]
15655616Boehme: Anyone on /his/ interested in the works of Jacob Boehme?[View]
15650815Is it true that there is not a single mention of the Trinity in the Bible? Then why do Christians be…[View]
15653678ITT: people /his/tards can’t discuss with civility: Post historical figures that make others chimp o…[View]
15650317Cultural Revolution: What if the Cultural Revolution didn't end with Mao's death and the G…[View]
15652556Learn the difference, it could save your life.[View]
15655284Mein Kampf gegen den Demiurgen[View]
15655264>Once an Israelite and subsequently Jewish holy site, as the location of the Temple mount in Jeru…[View]
15654766Could the Japanese have invaded the Soviet Union via Central Asia just as the Mongols successfully d…[View]
15654292He was a retard who squandered the future of his own people.[View]
15654068I'm an atheist. Debate me![View]
15651463>Whooped Southern hick ass during the war >Signed the Naturalization Act of 1870 that allowed …[View]
15652807Has anyone read the original Mein Kampf in German or a very literal translation of it in English? Di…[View]
15654892Opinions of Klyuchevsky's history of Russia: I'm wondering if I should start reading Klyuc…[View]
15655111'Italian history' starts in the 1800s at Italian Unification. Anything previous is history of the n…[View]
15649390Russian democracy: Russia was unironically fucked forever when Moscow ruined this[View]
15651841I don't understand any fuckin shit from this book. Am I a brainlet?[View]
15654771>Soviet scientists and policymakers condemned the Aral Sea as “nature's mistake,” a body of …[View]
15655165>yes bro my magic book is totally from god who told you? >god told me where did god tell you …[View]
15653297Do you actually believe this?: Explain to me why you believe this over any other religious/cultural …[View]
15655159Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gesellschaft zur Forderung der Wissenschaften Heel Stone Angle from Vertical Measurem…[View]
15651690Muh Fuhrer: Pic related has been the most basic bitch entry level normiecore historical reference fo…[View]
15655108Vajra\ tantra buddhism: I want to get into tibetan tantra buddhism. yes; I know not all tibetan budd…[View]
15655104Who's your favorite frontiersman?[View]
15654702Something that's always confused me was the phrase 'Social Darwinism', because a lot of Social …[View]
15652309what's his problem?[View]
15651640Chy Lung v. Freeman (1875) saw the Supreme Court overturn a California regulation fining oceangoing …[View]
15653893Gnosis: Tell me, /his/. How exactly does one gain gnosis?[View]
15653266He did nothing wrong.[View]
15654633When did Americans stopped taking the Soviet Union seriously as a rival?[View]
15654673>Evil George Washington be like; tally ho lads[View]
15653051Why are Latvians and Lithuanians so different? Why aren't they one country?[View]
15654732Reincarnation is scientifically sound.[View]
15654804Resources on historical Greek religion: I promise I'm not trying to LARP. I like to study relig…[View]
15654718When did edibles become a thing?: I have mad anxiety so I are weed honey. When did edibles become a …[View]
15653457The knowledge of God: >1. Universals only exist in a consciousness. >2. Universals exist indep…[View]
15654250How come everyone makes fun of Charles II and the Spanish Habsburgs for being inbred but nobody says…[View]
15653007Favorite History podcast: Whats your favorite? I like Rest is History and short history of..[View]
15651201Which religion is true?[View]
15653106How do Christians even exist nowadays when it had been disproven by science? A talking snake can’t e…[View]
15654703Yasuke, who was he before he became a Black Samurai: I have a theory that Yasuke was a dependent of …[View]
15653028Hitler probably had Rohm killed because they attended the same orgies to be quite desu.[View]
15653005>thou a great monad from a pure monad, thou an elect monad, the first shadow of the holy Father, …[View]
15654670Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier de La Fayette: >there's no such thing as true …[View]
15653370What's their problem?[View]
15652615Why did they do it bros :([View]
15649068OMG it's not just the Plaza Accord or the WW2 nuking. The US has been raping Japan for over 150…[View]
15653526Was Brian of Nazareth really the messiah? Was the Holy Gourd actually a marrow?[View]
15652498What is the essence of soul[View]
15641135Zero physical evidence for Operation Ichi-Go: So it's meant to be Japan's largest land ope…[View]
15632613Her story makes me cry bros... I should have saved her...[View]
15653175explain this atheists[View]
15647296>scientology >nation of Islam >ghost shirt movement >jehova's witnesses >mormons…[View]
15652911VGH: What could have been....[View]
15654507I've seen some people argue that the Catholic Church can be considered a still existing branch …[View]
15654454Post your biggest /his/torical influences.: My top three are Arthur de Gobineau, Madison Grant, and …[View]
15653609Happy Yom Kippur, /his/: Just wishing you all well on this day[View]
15650822I legitimately think the best evidence for Christianity is that schizos seem to never have delusions…[View]
15651138How come Eastern Orthodoxy and Oriental Orthdoxy are so similar to eachother despite being separated…[View]
15654395>every god and religion was clearly man-made, written by liars, lunatics, and hallucinators >.…[View]
15654125What is the significance of Eve being created from Adam’s rib?[View]
15644273What's the Most Difficult Language?[View]
15651719How did Hitler think he was gonna win against USA?: Even if Japan had crippled USA's pacfist fl…[View]
15653770Siege of Carthage best day of my life[View]
15650930>just saw Roman woman with a barbarian, Rome has fallen, millions must die…[View]
15649681Is America a Theocracy?: >Be America >Soviet Union ended in 1991 >Force kids to recite 'Und…[View]
15652730What is Isma'ilism?[View]
15654244How did Nixon think he was gonna win against Vietnam?.: >Even if America bombed Vietnam's Cu…[View]
15652388I just love him so damn much bros! Why did they have to do him dirty like that? Shouldn't have …[View]
15651672I’m writing a fictional essay meant to have been written by Karl Marx. How can I best emulate his sn…[View]
15647572This fuckwit wasnt worth a single American's life: If we were gonna fight communists, we should…[View]
15654218Why do gnostics hate God?[View]
15652708>if the Bible is true, how come it doesn't tell me the winner of SuperbOwl VII? >if Jesus…[View]
15654080Hail Stan: Abandon bullshit. Become your own god.[View]
15652573What exactly was the point of threatening Japan at cannon point into opening up to global trade, wes…[View]
15653986What may we conclude from this?[View]
15653606what did he mean by this?[View]
15654000Guys, is it true the original Bible makes no mention of Jesus or the Trinity or God and is really ju…[View]
15653561Why does God write cryptic prophecies that have 20 different interpretations about what he's go…[View]
15654043>another bad faith atheist/abrahamic thread >another anti-Hitler thread How long do you reckon…[View]
15654026Why was early modern warfare so brutal?: >Realising that the war in Germany was not going to end …[View]
15650050Book of Enoch?: Where does /his/ stand on this being scripture? Literally, Wikipedia flat out says i…[View]
15648079Should I pretend to be Christian for my aging grandmother?: My grandma has not been herself ever sin…[View]
15653768And So We'll Hate Him...: ... because he can take it. He's not our hero. He's a silen…[View]
15653210The French Revolution was one of the great mistakes of humanity, as it triggered a series of events …[View]
15653699Lithuanian was a nearly extinct language in favor of Polish, why not give the region to Poland and a…[View]
15653953Is it a historical irony that societies founded on violence and war are now governed by the weak and…[View]
15651309Why did Zionists proudly hoist the Swastika flag and throw away the other German flag in the 1930s w…[View]
15652989Laugh at Judaized Caucasoids (Genesis): >Earth was created first >the sun and other celestial …[View]
15651141Why do all European paganism gravitates towards Odin?: Most other gods are usually just talked about…[View]
15652599St. Gregory Of Nyssa taught the Filioque: Orthobros are in shambles.They have no choice but to conve…[View]
15653752>If you have faith you’re saved and you can’t lose it >Those who lose faith were never Christi…[View]
15651282>representing premodern states & polities with flags why do plebs do this a lot?…[View]
15647310Labor theory of value is the creationism of economics. Old, quaint, and utterly refuted, yet to this…[View]
15653296Hiow do you rate Simón Bolívar as a great person? Was he truly a Napoleon of Latinx America?[View]
15650045>americans unironically thought dungeons and dragons was a communist plot/satanic witchcraft/was …[View]
15653052Why did Seraphim Rose choose Orthodoxy over Catholicism?[View]
15651603Did the anceint persian Empire not write much down? We hear how great the Persian empire was, and it…[View]
15653505Jesus mythicism is history's most pervasive conspiracy theory[View]
15652360I don't need fiction when reality is more interesting[View]
15648929Joseph Smith is what Jesus is to Judaism.[View]
15652387France was just as much an Axis power as Italy: And I'm tired of pretending it wasn't. htt…[View]
15653377How did the allied forces manage to lose the battle of Crete? Germans were scattered all over and ta…[View]
15652521Prior to toothbrushes and toothpaste, how did the ancients do oral health?[View]
15653292Satan and Jesus and another official of the celestial Court feeding goats circa 500 AD[View]
15653050Will American Christianity survive the serious credibility damages caused by Religious Schizos? I to…[View]
15652202Question for Reformed Anglicans: Can you say, with all honesty, that the historical Anglican faith, …[View]
15652559What if buddhism had reach the west and spread through the Roman Empire instead of christianity ?[View]
15652510What do modern day russians think about Lev Trotsky?[View]
15652230did he even bother to proofread before publishing?[View]
15650513>the leaders of early christianity all personally knew Jesus during his life >oh and also this…[View]
15650904Why did Japan celebrate McArthur, it's conqueror?[View]
15651792Romans 13: Explain this shit: >1. 'Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is…[View]
15651511What was the American peace proposal suggested by Adolf Hitler in this speech at 4:31? https://files…[View]
15650693why do this? if you love your enemies, they will continue to harm people.[View]
15653077wait a second: So how are we supposed to know which books belong in the Bible? How are we supposed t…[View]
15653002Oh look another Abrahamic thread on /his/ how original[View]
15647092Autumn offensive: Welcome to the /his/ survey thread for the 2023 Autumn Babby Cup For those new to …[View]
15652980What are the philosophical implications of modern humans sharing some DNA with extinct human species…[View]
15651706Boris Yeltsin: But seriously, what was wrong with him? He even made Bush look like a genius.[View]
15652932Why is it that we know so little about pre-islamic persia[View]
15650453What was the greatest diplomatic blunder in history?[View]
15652877What was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century? I would say the end of the Europ…[View]
15652817why did he do it?[View]
15651612what's some acceptable /his/ fashion?[View]
15651685>gets the death penalty during trial for writing mean things about the Jews American justice syst…[View]
15652779Evidence that Paul, the little one, was Flávio Josefus, the short one/Curtus: -Both were born from t…[View]
15652646>I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. >Gets killed…[View]
15651779Flavius Josephus wrote the Bible.The roman-jew wrote your sacred book, christcucks!! God = Vespasian…[View]
15651325>russia's greatest monarch >Ivan the terrible Yeah that says all you need to know about t…[View]
15652678Redpill: Most of the people who debate Christianity here have never read any Gospel(Mathew, Mark, Lu…[View]
15650629Ex post facto show trial.[View]
15648983ITT: Literally Me historical figures[View]
15650909Is there an obscure for m of utilitarianism that is compatible with individual liberties?[View]
15651562Shirdi Baba is a very important historical figure, yet nobody talks about him here for some reason. …[View]
15651106punishment for breaking strikes: did unions forgive strikebreakers or did they kill them?[View]
15652348Sumerian cuniform: >thousands of years latter. >no one gets the joke 4chans smart. Can someone…[View]
15651239Were they the actual kangz?[View]
15649755/his/ book thread: >shia imamate facing a crisis with its imams in house arrest in Samarra and wa…[View]
15648822Genesis = mythology: Are we really expected to believe that God completely changed the physics of li…[View]
15652323Was Weininger right about the absolute state of the west?[View]
15651240What is the truth about Ali?: Based on my limited knowledge of early Islamic history, it seems like …[View]
15652273Universal Salvation: >God is omnipotent >meaning what he does requires no effort >however G…[View]
15650095what is the most kino historical period?: For me it was the age of enlightenment.[View]
15651057Why did colonizers “occupy” the foreign women? Why would men in superior strength “occupy” weaker wo…[View]
15652257Ethics: Is ethnic cleansing better than genocide? It’s cruel, but nobody actually gets hurt[View]
15647289Has anyone read BAPs thesis?[View]
15650031Is procreation morally problematic? It seems like it could be. The child doesn't create his own…[View]
15652205Historically speaking, is there any real difference between a mexican drug lord\ cartel boss and a h…[View]
15649728The Japanese Army fighting to the last man is the biggest meme of WW2: I've heard this all my l…[View]
15651417Christianity: is it mostly greco roman pagan shit or mostly jewish stuff? asking because i keep hear…[View]
15651202Rome was an imperial destroyer of nations. It was a homogenizing force and the progenitor of Judeoch…[View]
15651143Name one thing that is impressive about Scandi medieval history.: I've read a few books about t…[View]
15650451ISLAM AND SOLITUDE: Why doesn't Islam recognize asceticism as a high form of spirituality? Chri…[View]
15650506Deuteronomy 6:4 (Christian edition) >Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is three.…[View]
15649334Recently published book on Germanic origins/prehistory: The first ever English translation of the Ge…[View]
15648455How do christians deal with the constant guilt and shame? I am a Christian but Everytime I start to …[View]
15651745Are they the most retarded branch of Christianity?[View]
15645984What is /his/'s view of the Holocaust, on a spectrum where one end is >they were only work c…[View]
15649472In Ingraham v. Wright (1977) the Supreme Court upheld a Florida public school policy allowing corpor…[View]
15651573These two words stop christcucks in their tracks.: Jew zombies.[View]
15651598Name all 12 Apostles, you can't include Jackie Chan[View]
15651496I’m so proud to live in the hometown of the pinnacle of protestant architecture.[View]
15648964What if an Islamic empire/kingdom took the city of Rome in the Middle Ages?[View]
15650271What is the historical explanation behind the trend of former communist countries like Poland, the B…[View]
15651383How do you cope with the fact that you and all your loved ones are going to Hell or not being Muslim…[View]
15649393Jews in 20th century America:: In the wolf of wall street, a presumably Jewish character played by J…[View]
15651340christians are ruining /his/. when will this stop?[View]
15651197Red pill me on the Druze, what are their origins?[View]
15647881Why was the Vietnam war unpopular?[View]
15639012Why does this fact make Atheists mald so hard?[View]
15647985Anti-AIDS demonstrators outside an FDA office in Rockville, Maryland on October 11, 1988. They are h…[View]
15651207Karma teaches if you're a victim you deserve it. You can scream all you want about how 'I don…[View]
15647483Socialist fraternal and/or secret societies: During the Cold War, America and freemasonry, satanism,…[View]
15650651Around nobles, never relax[View]
15649791Post cool historical music of world cultures https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=592Hq8V2wVQ[View]
15646295If you were a Jew what tactics/skills would one need to survive the holocaust?[View]
15649263Was Russia really on the verge of civil war during 1993 October Crisis?[View]
15651069Did the medieval era really had bad social mobility? I somehow doubt it, at least relatively speakin…[View]
15651144Whats the correct way of confessing in the eastern orthodox church? Do you mention every sin you eve…[View]
15650162This never happened.[View]
15650542>this is what /his/ believes[View]
15651099Sengoku Jidai books ?: What would be some good books about the Sengoku Jidai ? I'd like to get …[View]
15651006How much ego and pride can one have in Christianity?[View]
15648937ITT: >refuses to leave an heir >leaves…[View]
15649061Chad is eternal[View]
15650751Why do all Christians believe this?: >a bush created the universe…[View]
15650431If you could bring one document back from the library of Alexandria, what would it be?[View]
15649904Why is the punishment in hell worse than the actual action?: Why is it never an 'eye for an eye' typ…[View]
15650014Kingdom of the Two Sicilies: Seems like they had the best position to do so, why couldn’t they unify…[View]
15649515Who was the bigger ubermensch?: Pick one and give your reason[View]
15647532Victorian era Hitler?[View]
15650874Why do people pretend America had boots on the ground during the Yom Kippur war?[View]
15649033Tai migrations into Thailand: What prompted them to migrate? What made them able to replace the Aust…[View]
15647519Civilize Italy: Why did they do it[View]
15648518Slavery is the oldest form of employment.[View]
15649230There is no evidence that God DOESN'T exist[View]
15646938>God isnt real and believing is stupid because it sounds stupid to me >God is real and not bel…[View]
15649799Explain this[View]
15649593Evola said that 90% of Italian nobility lived in cosmopolitan areas: and that was a bit cringe accor…[View]
15650727Shit atheists say[View]
15650744*puts your loved ones to the eternal torture dimension*[View]
15645218How did Democracy fail in Greece when it worked so well in America?[View]
15649788>when non-Christians act morally its either because they were born in a Christian culture or beca…[View]
15650220Life has existed on this planet for 4 billion years. Life made it to the moon 54 years ago. 54 after…[View]
15650626Thoughts on this fellow? Abd Allah ibn Sa'd was a Muslim scribe that became an apostate. Then h…[View]
15648505What is the ideal family according to different cultures in different time periods?[View]
15649984God is deaf. Who killed Him and why?[View]
15650058'2 more weeks': Civilization, the world and Universe will continue on for billions more years, and J…[View]
15650599It's just been uncovered that Spengler wrote an advertisement in the Berlin Herald in 1928 whic…[View]
15650246The 'person' you're debating doesn't believe in objective truth.[View]
15648799Atheism is a perversion of nature: Many common peer reviewed studies, and personal experience, show …[View]
15649323In orthodox christianity when the teaching of the church fathers are mentioned is there a certain bo…[View]
15649224How would history have changed if the Celts had exterminated the Germanoid menace before it began?[View]
15648035Why did Eva Braun try to commit suicide?[View]
15647947>go on truman's wikipedia page in Japanese >large portion of it is dedicated to his alleg…[View]
15647224Why did more workers vote for fascists (NSDAP and SPD) than the workers party(KPD)?[View]
15650328>'why does Jesus have to be God? Doesn't it make sense for him to be human?' >'no, no hu…[View]
15648954Does anyone know: why he treats hypostasis and Person as different things in the objections 2 and 3,…[View]
15645848Is true communism really an unachievable utopia?[View]
15650699Why are there so many so obsessed with defending negro “history” to the point they have to make up s…[View]
15651554What would happen if this man is killed[View]
15649152/his/ says George Washington overthrowing the British government is ok even though it was illegal an…[View]
15648717What happened?[View]
15648174how did this 'religion' made up by a sci-fi author get so much power?[View]
15647276Evolutionists be like, 'He'll turn into a crab any century bro.'[View]
15647152Thinking about the Roman Empire: This shit is just the History version of 'I fucking love Science'.…[View]
15648614Why aren’t you a trad socialist?[View]
15647811What's the point of Jesus forgiving you for your sins? Why not just use your free will not to c…[View]
15649980At what point in history did it become normal for men to want to have sex one time with an infinite …[View]
15648977Daily reminder: When omniscient God was forming Creation he was also planning the holocaust[View]
15647216Can you work out these questions anon?: Where do the laws of physics come from? Why is it that we ha…[View]
15649193Premise: Life is a test, of whether or not you believe in God. >There is proof for the existence …[View]
15647542In Yick Wo v. Hopkins (1886) the Supreme Court overturned a California regulation against the operat…[View]
15646439Can stoicism work in modern world?[View]
15643097>Some historians have noted the Roman Empire—which was dominant until its fall in A.D. 476—isn’t …[View]
15648890Why aren't violent criminals lobotomized? This way these people could be made harmless without …[View]
15649544Internet 'Right Wing' be like:: >Lift weights and use social media, and some day you will be an E…[View]
15650128>Men are born for games. Nothing else. Every child knows that play is nobler than work. He knows …[View]
15648337despite being 4% of the population venetian noblemen commit 22% of the assaults[View]
15647430What was his problem?[View]
156494691. The catholic or universal church, which is invisible, consists of the whole number of the elect, …[View]
15649889What are the oldest comparisons between humans and monkeys that we have recorded everywhere humans l…[View]
15644952Are Christians allowed to play sports?: You have to deceive/lie to your opponent to win in most spor…[View]
15643809Were the middle ages more technologically advanced compared to Roman antiquity, or were they behind?[View]
15649352Sometimes I like to imagine a world were guns never caught on and pic related was used as weapons of…[View]
15649805>Catholicism is based on one or two verses in the Bible like the bestowing of Keys to Peter >I…[View]
15649293If Christianity turns out to be true it'd be surprising and not surprising at the same time.[View]
15645120Miss America 1947 contestants. Miss Memphis won, she later birthed the lead singer of Big Star. This…[View]
15645522>'We have fallen behind the advanced countries by fifty to a hundred years. We must close that ga…[View]
15649284Ten Modern Martyrs: >The statues of the 'Ten Modern Martyrs', Intended to commemorate C…[View]
15648241>free will[View]
15647797Was the Cambodian genocide a direct result of America’s retreat from Vietnam?[View]
15640509How old were you when you realised the Crimean Goths were Anglo-Saxon?: >In the report made by Og…[View]
15643456I could have saved her thread: /his/ women you would have saved.[View]
15647657To the real Christians: > 38 “You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.…[View]
15649439Is it true that the Italian wars of the 1400's/1500's were the first 'modern' wa…[View]
15648555Was he just pretending to be retarded, why was he allowed to even live so long, yet the proverbial c…[View]
15648096Are you a buyfag? Do you have any Church father figurines?[View]
15643882In Europa Universalis 4, a grand strategy game made by Swedes, Nurhaci and Friedrich the Great are t…[View]
15647198I've noticed a common pattern here: >Franco was Galician >Napoleon was Corsican >Hitle…[View]
15649494The 'measure' of civilisation: I think im actually onto something pretty big here. Essenti…[View]
15649471Why was this Jewish history removed from the Internet?[View]
15647379What does /his/ think of Hồ Chí Minh? Please redpill me on this guy as hard as you can. Also is ther…[View]
15649452How did the Ottomans conquer and maintain Bulgaria so easily? What was the Ottoman Empire's eff…[View]
15649474Now that AI is becoming more of a thing how will countries that have yet to industrialize or in mids…[View]
15649342Proofs depend on previous proofs, creating circular logic. This is remedied should one depend on you…[View]
15646862' Gimme a source? I need a source for that. Show me your evidence.': What is this tactic called wher…[View]
15649101Why didn't they retreat to the Austrian mountains and fight to the last German there?[View]
15648804Did Israel want to keep the Sinai Peninsula as a part of their country, or was it always intended to…[View]
15649302Wtf was his philosophy?[View]
15648467Sex Slavery: Historically what was the first documented case of Sex Slavery?[View]
15644313Child Rearing: /his/ father's, what books are you reading to your kids? I'm currently read…[View]
15649112When is it my turn to have my polygamy marriage legalized by the Pope?: >1800's, Paraguay lo…[View]
15645921Adolf Hitler: Why is his stance on Christianity so perplexing? What did he believe in?[View]
15644382How true is it that Russia was pimped out and broken by Western corporations in the 1990s? Because …[View]
15644069My gods :)[View]
15648980this thread is about calvinists: >the original church doctrine? Heresy I'm afraid.…[View]
15648695Haiti formed a pact with a demon in its rebellion against France: Pure copium from wikipedia, of cou…[View]
15647877let's all thank god for making this world, think about it he could have made the world any way …[View]
15645357How does salvation by faith alone make any sense? Do protestants really believe a pedophile or murde…[View]
15647866>Tfw you're not cynical, skeptical, or filled with doubt.[View]
15647823>Caused the deaths of 1 million Frenchmen, the country never recovered >Lost everything he con…[View]
15640833Why do a lot of people treat the Bible as some kind of legal code for Christianity that we need to c…[View]
15646980always see people pitting catholicism and orthodoxy against protestantism so what do catholicism and…[View]
15647525Depiction of Yahweh[View]
15648842God is a strawman.[View]
15648597I understand why most of the world decolonized, but how did Europeans hang onto French Guyana, Green…[View]
15648265Religious demographics of Rhodesia: Exactly what was the religious landscape like among the protesta…[View]
15646174What language did EHG speak?[View]
15639062Lavrentij Beria: What was his end game? Would he have been better or worse than Stalin?[View]
15648733Bros...........................................................God exists.[View]
15648780Found a paper on a cemetar fence...: >be me >going to home near cemetary at 22:00 >walking …[View]
15647177YHWH -- The God of Israel: How did a ethnic tribal God become a God for all people? It's clear …[View]
15648266Is communism fascist?: Both communists and fascists believe that a group of people should be mass mo…[View]
15647434How come Liechtenstein exists?[View]
15648186>sad trombone starts playing[View]
15646878Four Asian Tigers: Why did all their economies start growing at the same time? Liberalization from …[View]
15647848September is the hottest month in the entire Earth, because the sun releases more fire from this spo…[View]
15647359Chicago police arrive to take down a burning cross in front of a home after a black family had moved…[View]
15647691>former empire now claims to be Marxist, communist, internationalist, anti-imperialist, etc >c…[View]
15645217Is it reasonable to say that tropical paradises were greater survival challenges than winter climate…[View]
15648059Women's rights advocates marching in Washington D.C. on July 9, 1978 to call for ratification o…[View]
15642474Communism collapsed because its leaders made it collapse. Not because 'the people rose up' or 'human…[View]
15648153Where were Kim Il-Sung and Park Chung-Hee during WW2?[View]
15648371Going to confession helps a lot psychologically, at least for me in my situation. It's like fre…[View]
15640994Anthrogenetic Thread: PIE: >this is what southern arcists really believe…[View]
15647567So Jesus has a body ad Holy Spirit does not, does Heavenly Father have a body?[View]
15647309WHAT REALLY IS HEAVEN: Heaven in reality is just a state of the soul after death a state were the on…[View]
15646225Why do m*n think so much about the roman empire? What is there to even think or care about? I don…[View]
15640747How do you explain this finnish phenomenon?[View]
15647671Blame for WWI can most fairly be placed on Russia[View]
15647867>atheist hate this[View]
15647526What is your favorite non-german division that fought for Germany in WW2?[View]
15647176Felix Natalis!: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Augustus[View]
15648106FDR was obviously working for the Japs: While thousands of Americans were getting killed in the Paci…[View]
15647836Historically has a Pope ever influenced the internal affairs and policies of a Kingdom or Country? …[View]
15648071Legend says that when Napoleon gave the crown of Spain to his brother, Joseph, he told him that his …[View]
15646987I'm a normie who finally read Dante's Inferno. was was Dante so narcissistic?[View]
15646714You know we had to do it to em[View]
15647927the only thing he ever did wrong was side with china in the sino-soviet split[View]
15647968Atheist keep maming up argument about why God doesnt exist because their scared[View]
15647883& humanities: How do you counter radical ideals without radicalizing yourself? Let's suppos…[View]
15647849Power behind the throne: Who were some of the most important chief ministers in history who didn…[View]
15647566You there! Name your favourite battle formation and defend your choice! Hop to![View]
15646784Why was Manchuria so important to Japan and Russia in early 20th century?[View]
15646677EHG vs CHG. Who spoke PIE?[View]
15647541Just realized that being an online 'sedevacantist' gives you an excuse to LARP as an epic reactionar…[View]
15647821When are chr*stians going to apologize for Bruno?[View]
15647036In Corrigan v. Buckley (1926) the Supreme Court upheld a racially restrictive housing covenant in Wa…[View]
15646832>Trajan’s army is majority non-citizen Auxilia, most of whom don’t speak Latin and there are tons…[View]
15647305Can you fight evil without becoming evil?[View]
15646425Why don't American Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses and the Amish practice circumcision like o…[View]
15646626>The Harlem Renaissance was an intellectual and cultural revival of African American music, dance…[View]
15646051ITT: post cool historical or traditional music of world cultures https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=592…[View]
15646331what do non christans think of her?: i was raised muslim but im an atheist now and honestly i have z…[View]
15647564If /his/ say 'Monarchy is the best form of government', then How did Monarchy fail in France? And ho…[View]
15646479Attn ALL Christian presups!: Faith cannot exist in the complete and total absence of doubt. Faith is…[View]
15645687Him and JWanon are the only true Christians we have left in this world[View]
15647341Pretty crazy how if the leader of the Taiping rebellion wasn’t a weirdo cult leader who thought he w…[View]
15645207What was Ireland doing during WW2?[View]
15646935Illegitimate Usurper State: There is only the Kingdom of Italy and the House of Savoys are its right…[View]
15647405This is Arlindo Veiga dos Santos. He founded the Brazilian Patrianovist Imperial Action, who sought …[View]
15647268>The closest population to the semitic speaking assyrians are the indo european speaking armenian…[View]
15647472Has anybody in history ever attempted to summon a demon so that God will intervene, thereby building…[View]
15647488Was Camelot real?[View]
15645635LDS Church vs Islam: Who was hornier Muhammad or Joseph Smith (pbuh)?[View]
15647206why is it so hard bros how could I make reading less hard? bwahhhh bwahhh I'm dumb[View]
15647429Is murder immoral? If no how are we supposed to solve the over population problem?[View]
15647443This is when north Africa Peaked[View]
15647169With the US government stating it's possible there was more than one shooter, and the CIA still…[View]
15647100Romesisters… how do we respond to this without sounding mad?[View]
15646667Did rape in WW2 involve blowjobs?: Or were they specifically genital affairs. Furthermore when did b…[View]
15648220Union Corruption: Historically, how many organizations have been more corrupt than unions? I can…[View]
15647230Hell is a place to avoid because you're heating up exceedingly - way beyond breaking point. And…[View]
15647226incel god: Is Abrahamic God an incel? There's no female Goddess to accompany him, so God has ne…[View]
15646526Does he really deserve the hate?[View]
15646612Why is democracy conflated with universal suffrage?[View]
15644158How can theists make the claim that atheists simply have no morals and believe nothing matters, when…[View]
15645674I'm not a bad person, Jesus. I'm not worse than someone who lifts mountains with his good…[View]
15646724Why do Christians worship a bush?[View]
15647219He’s clearly a grifter, but I agree with what he says. Is it ethical to continue watching and suppor…[View]
15647133>Only reason Slavs spread to the Balkans is because their Avar masters spread them around >The…[View]
15646110'It Just Works': What if the Paris Peace Accords in 1973 actually ended the Vietnam War and made Vie…[View]
15645802>this TERRIFIES the christcuck You cling to bronze age fairy tales only because you're despe…[View]
15643564Why haven't the Jews rebuilt the temple If they do will Jews enforce their own Sharia law?[View]
15647157> respect your parents > despise women > work non stop Respect this and gods will give you …[View]
15644570What do you guys think about r/AskHistorians? Lowkey it's one of the best places to learn actua…[View]
15644448What's with all the inane anti-Christian sentiment on this board? Find your way back to Christ …[View]
15646883I hate wine and really just grapes in general.. what sect of Christianity doesn't make me drink…[View]
15644451What led to Cartel dominance in Mexico?[View]
15644284'Caucasian': Why did wypipo choose this to be their homeland?[View]
15647042Why do people keep saying Argentina never lived up to its potential? It never had a chance. >awfu…[View]
15646929Cool or interesting crowns: Post interesting crowns or cool royal head wear or regalia[View]
15645094>Native Americans never advanced past the iron age because they had no beasts of burden Why didn…[View]
15645794>is the most important philosopher of the 21st century >& Humanities board never discusses…[View]
15643939>*barges into the room* >Let me tell you what you should do with your continent. Why are ameri…[View]
15646893>Death is Separation from God >Jesus died for our sins >Jesus is God >Jesus was separate…[View]
15642192Science is not a religion: Science is not a religion. It is not an alternative to religion. It does …[View]
15645201Invasion of Banu Qurayza: >Muhammad comes in >Kills 600-900 men >Takes women and children a…[View]
15644020>raises pizza slice in salute Hail to Gorbachev![View]
15645021Pope, Always Orthodox?: Does Roman Catholicism allow for the idea that the Pope is, once in a rare w…[View]
15644133'You won't have Nixon to kick around anymore!'[View]
15644528Spainus: Every city in Spain looks like some variation of this, a crusty dried-out anus[View]
15631443What is the history of this conflict?[View]
15644533Evidence of God: God is nothing more than a fantasy unless you can provide observable evidence of Go…[View]
15646601>be God made flesh >is a volcel Is there any reason (biblical or otherwise) in particular as …[View]
15646048How did Bantus/West Africans/Niger-Congo were formed? I heard they were a mix of An East Africans po…[View]
15645419what was his problem[View]
15645116Is Lady Fatima the Islamic divine feminine? Interesting article I found on the subject https://ismai…[View]
15646246The Venerable Bede: Which Church did he belong to? Anglican? Orthodox? Baptist? Lutheran? Messianic …[View]
15645713Imagine telling Julius Caesar that a tribe of germanics from jutland would go on to dominate the wor…[View]
15646341>magic lava[View]
15642177>agree and amplify >the bush had a bush nature and a divine nature…[View]
15645636>wage war against each other for centuries >die together in 1918 as allies against common foes…[View]
15645768This Hitler guy is kinda wacky[View]
15646113This guy literally did nothing wrong all he did was kill prostitutes and he left decent people alone…[View]
15644564Whats the wackiest thing that happened in the french revolution?[View]
15645581It's so hard bros[View]
15645901Did the Romans and Greeks have heated and violent sectarianism over their religion like Christians a…[View]
15646134Do not judge others for only God can.[View]
15642430Who was the best Roman emperor? Was it really Hadrian?[View]
15644152The Magna Carta is an overhyped document that had little impact on the history of the Middle Ages. I…[View]
15645482>this bread is bread >AAAAAAAAAAHHHH[View]
15643601Science is a proof that communism works: We readily accept the communist nature of science. We accep…[View]
15642254occultism is a movement shared by Nazis and hippies[View]
15645463Confucianism: I don't get it. What do they actually believe?[View]
15644992the game was rigged from the start[View]
15645193>You will never be one of the greats of history How do you cope with being stuck to merely read a…[View]
15645287>doesn't block ur path Real talk tho, bussin', what were the frogs thinking?…[View]
15638489Comrade Anonov: Our great commonwealth of brotherly peoples is ailing. The Soviet economy has been u…[View]
15645752What is their fucking problem/[View]
15638658Islam: What is the strongest argument that /his/ can muster against the validity of the Quran and Is…[View]
15645547Indian politics is so confusing to me. The Western lef narrative seems to be that they're a fas…[View]
15641940>wake up >first thing i see on my phone is a suggested picture of some girl in night armor …[View]
15638249was there ever a point where this was not doomed to fail?[View]
156409151939 Miss America contestants. That year the contest rules were standardized somewhat to explicitly …[View]
15645575What a disappointing ending.[View]
15645640Can we talk about the Cobb-Douglas production function. Is anyone still working on this or is it def…[View]
15645237If reincarnation exists and everyone's state of suffering entirely depends on their own karmic …[View]
15645385Why dis nigga finna look like goku?[View]
15645174In Boos v. Barry (1988) the Supreme Court overturned a 1938 District of Columbia statute banning the…[View]
15643150In Adair v. United States (1908) the Supreme Court overturned bans on yellow dog labor contracts and…[View]
15642598Isn't it interesting how all the history nerds (including me) find Romans super cool, even thou…[View]
15644763Could the US have Won Independence without the 2009 Dodge Challenger?[View]
15644607Has a song ever made you read up on a historical figure or event? I always end up looking up people …[View]
15644410>Now the whole world had one language and a common speech. As people moved eastward, they found a…[View]
15645410discuss this: our diet went from 50% fish to 0% for most people. now you couldn't even feed mos…[View]
15645025I was on /his\ for one day: i have never seen such autistic mentally vegetative incapable manchild p…[View]
15644534As omniscient God breathed life into Adam he also planned the Holocaust Lmao[View]
15645354You will never be Black. You have no robust strong African genes that cannot be dominated (objective…[View]
15643310SS Mayaguez incident and Cambodia: >'The Last Battle of the Vietnam War' >Part of th…[View]
15639706How the fuck did Italians lose against Africans and how did other European powers react to it? I mea…[View]
15644935Why didn't he just run?????????????[View]
15645048Christian lore is so much better than jewish lore and islam lore[View]
15643560https://files.catbox.moe/dz0j9l.mp4 Why was the German delegation in Moscow May 1st 1941? Comrade si…[View]
15644884Medieval 2 Tsardoms released its 1448 mod allowing you to finally be literally Jhon Hunyadi. Are the…[View]
15644668How do you use presup as an atheist? I'm too lazy to try to figure it out myself and don't…[View]
15642016Believing in Allah, such a prophecy would also hint at the prophethood: Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) s…[View]
15645198so /his/, are you a Guelph-head or a Ghibell-tard?[View]
15645079Napoleon: >People say he promoted democracy across Europe. >He's actually an anti-democra…[View]
15642842In the biblical days how did they end their fast? Did they just go back to eating bread or boil some…[View]
15645114Dumb fucking idiot here, what are the most important philosophers currently alive? Or is it true tha…[View]
15643792So this is the power of the left…: >stagnates economically for decades >dies with a whimper…[View]
15643631What was this moron problem? Why did he sent thousands of young German men to die in cold and hunger…[View]
15644546Happy Jesus' Conception Day[View]
15643475When going to confession as an orthodox christian do you have to mention the amount of times you lie…[View]
15643433wHAt aBout HUmAn nAtURe?[View]
15642569Why did the Romans flee Scotland? Did they fear the CELTIC BVLL?[View]
15645057Imagine there's no heaven It's easy if you try No hell below us Above us, only sky Imagine…[View]
15645014What do contemporary Marxist believe when we know that fundamental aspects of Marxist theory have be…[View]
15645113' Religion easily has the greatest bullshit story ever told. Think about it! Religion has actually c…[View]
15644302Is masturbation a sin?[View]
15636948Church and State: Christianity shouldn't be involved in politics. Do you agree or disagree with…[View]
15643095Historically speaking why half of human population is cursed with a horrible pain inducing life ruin…[View]
15644256What distinguishes tasteful and vulgar art?[View]
15642146Religion: >Bronze Age wisdom by people that didn't know what air was >Waiting for Jesus t…[View]
15644972If Terry Robbins didn't blow himself and the townhouse up and Weatherman successfully bombed th…[View]
15637720Questions about sufism, which I now believe to me most probably the correct path to god. How does on…[View]
15644217Why did Muhammed Ibn Al-Wahhab Wage war against Muslims? People who follow his ideals (Salafis), are…[View]
15644910The final Byzantine-Sassanid war was the Persians fault. Haplo gods have decided. J1 Arabs instead …[View]
15644695Even if we cant know whether God exists in every faculty... If everyone was a genuine christian the …[View]
15644837>antinatalists are fucking losers lol[View]
15644049Gender numbers: Why is the number so close to 50% even after so many wars where men are slaughtered?…[View]
15644115/his/ Reading Thread: Recently finished McMeekin’s July 1914: Countdown to War. As someone who hadn’…[View]
15644566>Claims to know everything >Has never known a woman How can you put so much faith in a being w…[View]
15644070What could be a likely opinion on ancient artists on realism style paintings, drawings and portraits…[View]
15643129none of you actually look like this thoughever[View]
15644601What are these things called? Were they used in history to display corpses?[View]
15641050what went wrong to cause this dude to get rejected for the Supreme Court so badly?[View]
15642797Thought I was being a good Christian but I just read Leviticus 19:19 and now I need to burn a bunch …[View]
15644580Paralytic illness of FDR: The 32nd president of the United States (1933 to 1945) Franklin D. Rooseve…[View]
15644428>be atheist >close relative commits suicide >realize that becoming Christian would require …[View]
15638450why didn't the southern states have the right to independence? why did the northern states hold…[View]
15639244Are these not farreaching prophecies?: Tamim al-Dari reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and ble…[View]
15642547This book is almost the same thing as the Communist Manifesto except he uses the words German and Je…[View]
15643513Science proved Religion exists.[View]
15642819Which religion is the most efficient in punishing and preventing adultery?[View]
15642631Most people are NPCs. They have no free will and no inner dialogue. This is why they get mad when yo…[View]
15644121Im from Argentina and I want to get into afro-caribbean religions but don't know where to start…[View]
15644054How did the original Proto-Indo-Iranians look?[View]
15643425I feel lost. I have such weak conviction. When I see a christian video on YouTube, I want to be a ch…[View]
15641853Why is colonialism deemed bad when it was just a reaction brought about by Islam and Muslims: So let…[View]
15644171The GOAT: Vive L'Empereur![View]

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