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9225345How would they feel knowing Germanic “Barbarians” surpassed them in nearly every metric of achieveme…[View]
9219626>tfw you won't be able to experience all the political and economic struggle of the Italian …[View]
9216435Nice Sherman you got there.: Be a shame if anything were to happen to it.[View]
9226215How does revelation work?[View]
9221486What is the tactical benefit of the spike? Is it used like antlers in a last resort melee charge?[View]
9222320The great pyramid was not a tomb. It was not build 4500 years ago. We do not know the purpose of the…[View]
9225993History written by the winners?: Are there some 'history written by the winners' things that people …[View]
9225490I fed the ai from aidungeon Guenon quotes and turned it into a Perennialist.[View]
9225040How Vietnamese was the Vietnam War?: So to my understanding, the Vietnam War was primarily between t…[View]
9225901Italian Regency of Carnaro: One year of glory....[View]
9225715Did pre-modern states like Rome, China Persia...etc have their own version of 'Hollywood'? Basically…[View]
9224883So apparently the Americas was populated by Austro-Melanesians.[View]
9225808the shitanzine empire wasn't european let alone roman. ancient rome ceased to exist with consta…[View]
9223018Let's talk about great philosophers of the world[View]
9225489What the fuck is up with all the weird new religions in Japan and Korea? Happy Science, Soka Gakkai,…[View]
9223125Is it right to say that the communists totally destroyed the Russian culture and Russian identity?[View]
9225545From left to right: Administrative Focus, Diplomatic Focus, Military Focus[View]
9218692propaganda poster thread: ^ want to enlarge what i got.[View]
9220200Deng Xiaoping: Based or cringe?[View]
9220620Hero or villain?[View]
9218724The ''Troubles'': >still a cause of massive butthurt to this day >it lasted 30 years >only …[View]
9220856ITT: Really good history books: Goin in the middle of the book and is really freaking good.[View]
9223975Why do people tout Hitler and Stalin as psychopaths instead of accepting the fact they were normal p…[View]
9224968Why is Brazil such a garbage place? What made it this way?[View]
9225043There is literally nothing wrong with macedonians embracing the culture of their land. Macedonians …[View]
9225421Were Tocharians Italo-celts ?: Some researchers said their language and customs looked like an italo…[View]
9225060Am I wrong in thinking all philosophy post-Heidegger has just been vampiric satan worshipping tranni…[View]
9225409Birth rates are becoming lower and lower. Even countries that import tons of people from third world…[View]
9216201Historically speaking, why did Frederick admire the Turks so much?[View]
9223145Russian Civil War Thread: Post pictures from the Russian Civil War. Also talk about it I guess.…[View]
9225323Would the fall of Rome have been prevented or delayed if the romans had conquered Germania?[View]
9222680Falun Gong persecution: WHY IS FALUN GONG PERSECUTED IN CHINA? During the 1990s, Falun Gong was wide…[View]
9223224Reminder that he was one of the most visionary and competent rulers of the Roman Empire and has been…[View]
9225161God has spoken: >pagans erect greatest temple ever to adore all pagan gods >the true church of…[View]
9223308Is Culutural Marxism actually a thing?: or just something boomers say to sound smart?[View]
9223122toilets: where did they go for poopoo and peepee[View]
9221316Why did every japanese looked like balding malnourished black teenage midget boys before the 20th ce…[View]
9223163remember that time when mongolia bred some of the greatest generals in history when the rest of the …[View]
9225010Losers who lead failed insurrections against lawful government don't deserve to have their stat…[View]
9224579He did nothing wrong.[View]
9224134Why did USA's decline begin when WASPs were replaced by Catholics, Jews, Atheists? Why were WAS…[View]
9212065Who killed Elizabeth Short?[View]
9224901Church of the process of the last judgment: >Why were they so based? But seriously, they are one …[View]
9224831is theocracy the best form of government?[View]
9223222>Salamalaykum How integrated were the Crusaders in the Holy Land? When they did form their own di…[View]
9223870Tell me about this flag[View]
9222187Religion: Welcome: Everyone Question: What does God and Religion mean to you? I read many threads he…[View]
9223860Is Liberal Democracy the most war-like system to ever exist? Is it capable of maintaining itself wit…[View]
9224332>first Japanese embassy to Europe in 1862 >everyone in Europe is in awe of them, asks about Ja…[View]
9222667>Be 29, avoided 4chan for 7 years >Making ironic live laugh love bullshit but with scientists …[View]
9224586I miss him so much[View]
9215257What is China's historical claim to Tibet?[View]
9219203Who was in the right here?[View]
9224248I never understood this. How can Jesus have a geneology through Joseph?[View]
9216781> I ask my students to imagine that their route to the university takes them past a shallow pond.…[View]
9224283What's the best way to remember stuff? I love reading about history but I don't remember t…[View]
9223619Is there any actual evidence of child sacrifice by the ancient Hebrews/Canaanites or is it all monot…[View]
9224280Not sure it belongs here, I'll try on /int/ also, but can any of you tell me the language of th…[View]
9218824I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
9224001So is Keto or paleo how humans traditionally ate before the great sugar lie?[View]
9220959>left - SOUL >right - SOULESS[View]
9221045Why do German soldiers always look fucking badass while british, american, russian soldiers always l…[View]
9217813Treaty of Versailles wasn’t that bad: Germany overreacted[View]
9223079ITT: events or battles than need a film adaptation[View]
9224003Were there notable wars between maritime SEA and mainland SEA?[View]
9221180Why didn’t the british public believe in Mosley[View]
9218389do wars change genetics?[View]
9224408Revolt against the modern world[View]
9218655What can you fellas tell me about Cumania? Did they fuck a lot?[View]
9224389I'm looking for what I believe is some sort of pledge or code for a U.S. Naval Officer. It deta…[View]
9224386All philosophy is just conjecture[View]
9221012Would Generalplan-Ost have actually happened?: Like everyone's heard of the bullshit that the N…[View]
9223875How would he have dealt with the IRA?[View]
9223682>Through valleys and over hills >Went the division forward >So as to in a battle to take ov…[View]
9224181What is the future of Spanish in the US?: The US is often considered a 'language graveyard' but neve…[View]
9223681How were battles like in the middle ages?[View]
9224278ITT historical picture that make you giggle for whatever reason[View]
9222050Today we remember the Soviet invasion of Manchuria that led to japanese unconditional surrender.[View]
9224210Artifact Collecting: Does anybody else collect artificats; even replicas? How do you go about gettin…[View]
9220439Can someone explain what the Kabbalah simply?[View]
9224090How many did Stalin kill?: Great Purge - 1 million 20 years of population transfers - 1 million Holo…[View]
9222614Now that the dust has settled, was the average german aware of the existence of extermination camps …[View]
9221961Why did Romans dress like Indians?[View]
9223886Secession: Was secession illegal before the American Civil War?[View]
9222545Caracalla: was he a good emperor?[View]
9223659Thoughts and questions about racism towards the Jews: Well I’ve been spending time on the politicall…[View]
9223472Why were the Dutch so willing to spend fortunes on such a mediocre flower?[View]
9221817Was he the good guy all along?[View]
9220905Why are Jews so open to making fun of their own culture, but others aren't? https://www.youtube…[View]
9222110My thoughts![View]
9223118What was napoleons end game? After defeating britain what would he have done? Found a new Roman Empi…[View]
9223360Did Judaism only become monotheistic after interaction with Platonism?[View]
9223694Is this meme historically accurate? I thought it was nanking?[View]
9222715Why is capitalism seen as better than communism because communism had famines, even though capitalis…[View]
9222188Louverture x Dessalines: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
9222778Historically speaking, what was the relationship between ethnic Danes and Greenlanders like?[View]
9220342What did the average German think of Slavs? Did they really consider the likes of Czechs, Poles, Rus…[View]
9223092Just a picture of the clean Wehrmacht in day to day life on the front.[View]
9221346German Warmachine: /his/ has finally come to the conclusion that the invasion of the Soviet Union is…[View]
9222920What do you think of human aesthetics?: It's a sub-discipline of aesthetics which is a sub-disc…[View]
9223473lmao: lmao[View]
9223495*disobeys your orders and cuts off the Allied armies in Belgium* Nothing personal, Rundstedt[View]
9223487Is this a good book to understand the middle east?[View]
9223419Is there any specific knowledge about social organization in the prehistoric hunter-gatherer tribes?[View]
9223397How did they do it?[View]
9223387East Germany: Was it really so bad?[View]
9219802I thought Thomism was necessary to philosophically infer the existence of God: Turns out, that'…[View]
9223257Why did the British and German navies hold eachother in such high esteem compared to their land and …[View]
9223304Why people confuse Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus so much ?[View]
9220741Napoleon vs Hitler: Why is Napoleon considered a great general and military leader but Hitler is dep…[View]
9223264Has there ever been a country more embarrassing to American Intelligence Agencies?[View]
9223225Condensed history of Egypt: - settled along the Nile in city-states - assemble in nomes - two kingdo…[View]
9223200Why do phonetic transcriptions always represent Enlgih 'oo' as /u/ despite most speakers clearly pro…[View]
9218542Optimates vs Populares: Which ones were /ourguys/?[View]
9222668Stop being conscious.[View]
9213626Rate them from most evil to least evil[View]
9222164im genuinely enjoying his content.[View]
9221253Somebody rec me a good read on the conflict between the nobility and the bourgeoisie in pre-revoluti…[View]
9223126>blocks your path[View]
9222972Code of Hammurabi: >King Hammurabi: When Marduk (God of Babylon) sent me to rule the people and t…[View]
9221557>After Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany in January 1933, Piłsudski is rumored to have propos…[View]
9215963England's National Epic Problem, Why did England fail to develop?: Wales has the Mabinogion Sco…[View]
9221355Ottomans = Overrated: Is it just me or is the Ottomans overrated? like I mean yeah sure they were bi…[View]
9220399Is there anyone more based than Pitchfork Ben Tillman?: >ran the South Carolina state government …[View]
9222325>I am Cyrus, king of the universe.[View]
9219818So what's the best way to study history: Cause highschool history lessons definitely ain't…[View]
9221582Why did the English Republic fail? Why did Oliver Cromwell seize power?[View]
9220055Reminder author Jesus wrote He is the 'Son of man' 174 times in The Holy Bible so that Archaeologist…[View]
9221377How tall was Thorkell the tall?[View]
9221484Vice Admiral James Stockdale, Ross Perots VP in 92': Was he based?[View]
9218392Why did the great Kansas desegregation experiment fail?[View]
9221699If we ignore divine intervention and illumination by the Holy Spirit (for people who don't beli…[View]
9217874Why does modern culture downplay how dangerous slings were?: After reading about the use of slings i…[View]
9222566Was this made just to fool regular working people into thinking that GOP was pro-labor, or was the p…[View]
9220000Iconoclasm is based. You may say that destroying idols is erasing history but that is a smoothbrain …[View]
9222288Siberia: What's gone down here over the years?[View]
9221849Could /his/ help recommending essential Documentaries that are praised by Historians?: I have seen a…[View]
9222328>hundred schools of thought >three kingdoms period >nine rank system >five directorates …[View]
9222340>They came from all over the nation, heeding the trumpet call of their capitals. They came from B…[View]
9221523Why did the Bosnian Genocide happen?[View]
9217039African /his/: Can we have a legitimate African history thread?Maybe this time without it devolving …[View]
9220529>ww1 book >ends with a tease of hitlers rise to power Keep your meme conflict out of my book,…[View]
9222406>blocks your path.[View]
9216675Most fucked up torture/suffering: What is the most fucked up thing to have ever happened to someone …[View]
9217723choose your fighter[View]
9221081obscure historical events thread[View]
9222232Is traditional cartography based on an outdated white supremacist view of the world? Should it be re…[View]
9220649How large were individual Native American villages? Were they large enough to the point where they d…[View]
9222047Ancient lost media: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_Bin%27s_Art_of_War#Rediscovery Ancient lost me…[View]
9221175Redpill me on the hittites.: Redpill me on the hittites.[View]
9222114Why was there such a big uproar about the duke of enghien dying when it's a known fact that he …[View]
9220663Was ancient Finnish religion similar to ancient Indo-European religion?[View]
9219293Would a victorious France in the Franco-Prussian war reach the same level of power as the first Fren…[View]
9205530Was the unification a good or a bad thing for Italy?[View]
9221213What are these Shoulder plates called?: What is the name of these shoulder plates you sometimes see …[View]
9219451Why did people wear such silly hats in the old days?[View]
9221163Etruscans: Bros it hurts that they're gone :'( Anyone got book recommendations for Etrusca…[View]
9219500What are some effective ways besides religion to cope with death anxiety?[View]
9221372His best legacy? His worst legacy?[View]
9221846>we should all pretend that genocide, torture, rape, murder and enslavement wasn't perfectly…[View]
9221835Orthodox Statues: why is statuary rarely seen in the eastern church, yet crucifixes with a three dim…[View]
9216502Who was your country's worst general or military leader and why?[View]
9221845Thoughts on Jacob Burckhardt?[View]
9217061Why is the notion of the 'Western Betrayal' so prevalent in Poland? It makes senses for the Czechs t…[View]
9220893So why did Protestants remove 6 books from the Bible? They still haven't answered for this.[View]
9195308Was the Culling of Yagoda the point of no return for Stalin?[View]
9215977What does /his/ know about the romani people. Do they have some history? Where did they come from?[View]
9221221How did Beijing end up as the capital of all of China? From what I have read, people from elsewhere …[View]
9221765https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbEKIW3pUUk This is pretty neat.[View]
9221627Why did ekranoplans die out?[View]
9221537Is it true the Nazi military managed to blitzkrieg so well because early in the war their soldiers w…[View]
9216491When and why did virginity go from being seen as noble to being seen as weird?[View]
9220207How did India end up so racist?: Did the English teach it to them? or is it something...older?…[View]
9219704Public debt in the Renaissance: Can someone explain the Florentine monte to me like I'm a retar…[View]
9221594why would a king need to kick a tiny minority with no military power out of their kingdom in order t…[View]
9221591What's the deal with all the german threads?[View]
9213934Indians are related to aboriginals: How closely related are indians to aboriginals? The dark skin of…[View]
9214600So apparently it was a Jew who kept track of the dead Jews.[View]
9213338So who was the real King Arthur?[View]
9211808>look up blood libel >simon of trent >missing 3 year old that was found dead in a channel t…[View]
9219673can diaspora jews speak Hebrew? I've seen in movies and shows that they learn it for the bar/ba…[View]
9219831Redpill me on the three schools of Buddhism[View]
9218496What was the relationship between Thrace and Athens like? I know Athenians like Cimon had a Thracian…[View]
9219796Is Judas literally the holiest saint? Without his sacrifice, Mankind would've been forever doom…[View]
9216179What do spears loose to? Ranged weapons like crossbows and bows?[View]
9219350How cool was prehistoric life?[View]
9220204What makes people automatically assume that eugenics or genocide=bad? I have an answer. Its selfishn…[View]
9219032Thirty centuries of history allow us to look with supreme pity on certain doctrines which are preach…[View]
9218879Why did she make the British cope and seethe so hard?[View]
9214637Why did the Persians fail to conquer Greece?[View]
9220977>assassinates an exiled politician with a car bomb in the middle of Washington D.C. How did he ge…[View]
9221073Did rap music originate from Flyting? https://www.financialexpress.com/archive/rap-music-originated-…[View]
9220197Convince me to believe in God and start going to Mass again, /his/.[View]
9219340Japan is a lucky bitch: Like think about it, winning against mongols, russians and not being split o…[View]
9220542I miss this lil nigga like you wouldnt believe. Was he the greatest statesman in roman history?[View]
9220862Oh, hai...: I'm a person living in the early 21st century. I think that monogamous relationship…[View]
9214475How did the Chechens do it?[View]
9218673Opium is the opiate of the masses[View]
9220518Why did 19th century German history went SO FAST?[View]
9220901What is the difference between advaita vedanta and sunyata?[View]
9220839do semites have any symbols associated with them like the swastika for indo europeans? common religo…[View]
9220776Did all those Egyptian first borns really deserve to die? Also, why did God keep hardening the Phara…[View]
9220546giga based. Fuck bolshev*ks[View]
9220721What if at the beginning of the Korean War, Truman just obliterated every major Soviet and Chinese c…[View]
9215254'Jesus is the Son of God': So God ejaculated Jesus into Mary? >no, he was a virgin birth So God d…[View]
9220494Did Jesus prefer to socialise with prostitutes and outcasts because they weren't so high and mi…[View]
9220290Don't people like David Irving and Grover Furr see the irony in using their right to free speec…[View]
9220556Christian-Shenic theocratic absolute monarchy[View]
9216471Who was your country's worst leader and why?[View]
9213827Why isn't it considered an empire?[View]
9220316World War I: I am still not over it. Why did it have to happen?[View]
9220363Why was he so based?[View]
9220371Why was King Louis-Philippe so willing to let back in Napoleon's traitors? Even the Bourbon Res…[View]
9216263Is this historically accurate?[View]
9220312Thoughts on this book /his/?[View]
9219161How can you believe Islam is false when it reported on scientific facts over a millennia ago that…[View]
9209394Why did Nazis kill all those innocent russian peasants? I could understand them killing the combatan…[View]
9219908Was it worse than holocaust?[View]
9218119What went wrong?[View]
9211925Why was post-independence Africa such an appaling period?[View]
9219767I'm 6'5', 220 and there's two of me[View]
9219303Has any religion or ideology in history had more powerful than consumerism and corporations?[View]
9219647What's the deal with Napoleon?[View]
9218718>makes the spears of your soldiers a bit longer >you now btfo everyone and conquer the world H…[View]
9218956100 greatest generals in history: Is this list accurate?[View]
9208730best Emperor right here[View]
9217938Monarchy is the best system we have[View]
9218395May all the poisons that lurk in the mud...hatch out![View]
9217901Why doesn't out pope condemn these people?: Serious question before I convert away[View]
9218590>we fight against not flesh and blood but spiritual wickedness in high places What was he trying …[View]
9218438>Prophets have never contacted with god. They were just high on psychedelics. Do you agree with h…[View]
9218852Would Bolsheviks come to power in Russia if they didn't had the financial support of the German…[View]
9219024Post the biggest autismal figures throughout history Starting with Honorius[View]
9217220Did the ceding of east German land to Poland make up for what was annexed by the USSR under the molo…[View]
9207579Is it rightful Italian clay?[View]
9217071Some humans born to be slaves?: Are some humans born slaves like they thought in some parts of the w…[View]
9219389Why did Nero do it /his/?[View]
9217063Why did Hitler attend the funeral procession of a dead commie jew?[View]
9219079what did he mean by this?[View]
9214150Is the Catholic Church the single greatest entity of /his/?[View]
9211644British nationalism: What's the story behind the rise in Welsh and Scottish nationalism these d…[View]
9208259What could be done to make the Schlieffen plan succeed?[View]
9217174vikings: How big were their raiding bands? Why couldn't the european kings just raise an army a…[View]
9219212>Emperor Why is this title so drastically inconsistent in how it operates? The word comes from la…[View]
9218841Does anyone know where i can watch part 2? https://www.bitchute.com/video/Ff2II1vp47cV/[View]
9214724Foot soldier armor: so before the 17th century could your average foot soldier afford full sets of a…[View]
9214153No prep Maximus has bloodlust Achilles doesn't Who's winning this fight?[View]
9214137How would history change if Babylon beat the Persians back?[View]
9219102>just >IMAGINE >... >... >if you will >... >the MENTALITY >... >... >.…[View]
9218951I want to learn more about Alexander the Great, what is some essential books about this guy?[View]
9217775What went on in the empty areas?: Were they just tribal hunter gatherers that never formed large pol…[View]
9218508Why is South part of Italy poorer and less developed than the North?[View]
9219033so were the ancient romans they weren't black and white they were mediterranean[View]
9217096What the hell was his problem?: Why did he do it bros?[View]
9217397Reconstruction of historical buildings: After 1815 many castle ruins in the Rhineland were rebuild b…[View]
9218536Jafar Al sadiq: Any good books or articles on this guy? He was supposedly extremely influential but …[View]
9218429Are swords really harder to master than polearms?: I could understand that sentiment when talking ab…[View]
9218373Who was in the wrong here?[View]
9217094Was he /ourguy/?[View]
9217009when did the british navy become the strongest in the world and how did it manage to keep its positi…[View]
9214275Is this the most effective wall in history? The only other two famous walls (hadrians and the chines…[View]
9218066Which ancient deity would you fuck?[View]
9211713What's the difference between a Hun, a Vandal, a Goth, a Visigoth and an Ostrogoth?[View]
9216563Has there ever been a female dominated society?[View]
9216833why did he do it?[View]
9217975>appears behind you and steals your cannons nothing personal kid[View]
9218597Why do people view the Gilded Age in such a negative light while praise the chinese growth as if was…[View]
9218535Why has this civilization absolutely mogged the other civilizations up until now in nearly every asp…[View]
9217900Can we finally admit Socrates was a joke?: Not in the 'wise men are mocked in their own day' sense b…[View]
9214574What is /his/'s opinion on this book? Is it really as definitive as it is made out to be or are…[View]
9218402Was society more matriarchal before?[View]
9218266Nat Turner: Hero or villain?[View]
9218384Was Franco Assad of his time?[View]
9207451How common was blonde hair and blue/green eyes among the Ancient Greeks?[View]
9218404Who the hell were the Waldesians? This group of medieval church history is fascinating but not well …[View]
9216461Was he just an angsty, socially awkward art kid who felt lonely and misunderstood? Is that why he la…[View]
9218400To what do we owe the increasing level of empathy and tolerance within western society towards peopl…[View]
9215162Socialism and Nationalism are incompatible.[View]
9190120Hello everyone! It is the 75th anniversary of the nuclear bombings! I assume there are going to be a…[View]
9217072Why couldn't these Baltic men tell the difference between Scottish and English men?[View]
9213936I don't believe in racialism, but how is it possible to arrive at a conclusion other than that …[View]
9215123Indo-European armor thread: Preference is for Antiquity to early Middle Ages stuff. IE specific.…[View]
9217499What are some books that explain that traditions are mostly made up, that nations are a modern polit…[View]
9216880Carthage vs Rome: Could Carthage have won the 2nd Punic War, or were Rome's manpower and wealth…[View]
9214655Until WW2, Italian fascists did a pretty good job Yes or no?[View]
9217374who were the good guys here?[View]
9217618Tfw you wont ever live life as a gladiator slave. Training all day and living for the Feeling of vic…[View]
9215302How common were primogeniture/gavelkind/elective monarchy relative to each other during medieval Eur…[View]
9217285What caused South Korean conservativism to go into terminal decline?: It’s pretty obvious at this po…[View]
9213544Sakai's 'Settlers' and Metzl's 'Dying of Whiteness' are the only books necessary to unders…[View]
9212295Why were there no Portuguese conquistadors?: Why was Spain's empire so much cooler?[View]
9209884Are these things allowed in Islam?: Anyone on here who is knowledgable tell me if these things are a…[View]
9217401Philosophy: India vs China: Which of these two have produced more valuable/relevant philosophy?…[View]
9217690Why would a b*rbarian speak Latin?[View]
9212689ITT: historical states you wish were still around[View]
9217393Why did the United States abandon its Greco-Roman influence? You dont see artwork like this made of …[View]
9213140is the slippery slope argument a fallacy? why?[View]
9214515Biblical innerancy: The USA did their census this year. What a silly nation, they counted people whe…[View]
9212819Why don't you give Turks enough credit for their empires?: The Seljuks, the Ottoman's, the…[View]
9217622In the /his/tory of this board, has there been a day where no one made a thread about Hitler and the…[View]
9215950>reddit: the historical figure[View]
9217576Beria was a rapist and pedophile, but his worst crime was that he was a capitalist[View]
9214977Napoléon Bonaparte in the Modern World: Are modern people, based on your experiences, more inclined …[View]
9217412Is he the cause of WW1 by pushing so much for war against serbia?[View]
9216720what is /his/ opinion on him? is he overrated?[View]
9217334Who would win in a one-on-one fight, William Marshall or Miyamoto Musashi?[View]
9213786Post good history channels please.[View]
9215689Weird Russian Political Movements Thread: Pic Related was a Russian Fascist Club in Manchukuo. Let…[View]
9214963Did the Axis lose because their cringe department overwhelmed the based department? I can't hel…[View]
9214792Why didn’t Hitler care about overseas colonies[View]
9217212Lebanese is not a dialect of Arabic: From the leading linguist and philologist, Dr Nassim Nicholas T…[View]
9216700>yeah I don't believe he was the son of god but I believe in the teching of the historical f…[View]
9217122Based Lorenzo: Is this guy (and his dinasty) the best governor from an economic standpoint?[View]
9217153Why does he hate Manstein so much?[View]
9214156Did the Mayan girls really use those cute cat ears hairstyle?[View]
9212300Are scholars and governments hiding the truth about ancient history?[View]
9216429Why Russians pogrom jews?[View]
9217117Are Atlantis and Aztlán the same place?[View]
9216999Stalinist architecture is best[View]
9212272Jesus was a descendant of David, he spoke Hebrew, he went to synagogues, he was circumcised, he cele…[View]
9217030>This is the writing system used by every country except China, Japan, Taiwan and Korea…[View]
9216367What's wrong with modern architecture?[View]
9215102Equality of opportunity is the right path. Equality of outcome is Form of oppression.[View]
9216693She did nothing wrong.[View]
9216899>find a small fragment of bone >palentologists (((recreate))) what it looks like >CLEARLY I…[View]
921599010 years ago >OMG America is so hyper religous and ultra-conservative, they ban porn and lynch p…[View]
9214738Thoughts on this book?[View]
9216518If you don't have any real and tangible experience with religion then please shut the fuck up. …[View]
9216857What's the best history book you ever read? Would you recommend that book to someone who isn…[View]
9210689They took this from us[View]
9216761Any information on Celtic mythology and Irish or Welsh myths: I know not much was written down but w…[View]
9215816Why does greed exist?[View]
9216243>Expansionary fiscal policy consists of increasing net public spending, which the government can …[View]
9216360Japan's animation industry: How was japan able to cultivate an animation industry when so many …[View]
9205232If life is suffering, and others choose to bring you into life, doesn't that procreation wrong?[View]
9215073>india was ruled by a fucking COMPANY you can't make this shit up[View]
9213004How do you think a central asian jihad against Qing china would have gone under the leadership of Ah…[View]
9216257Gerontocracy: Does it ruin states?[View]
9214900Brent Scowcroft dead at 95: What was his legacy, /his/? As the US National Security Advisor under Ge…[View]
9212553Hello /his/. Can you help an historicall brainlet like me in constestualizing this meme pic popular …[View]
9215669Why is polygamy still popular and cheating vilified even though practical reasons for both have disa…[View]
9216238if Ottomans won in ww1: would the oil money save them? what would they do with the oil money?[View]
9214274Have you dumped God the Creator (the god of Jews and others) for Goddess the Creatress yet?[View]
9216332Plaza accord: When I last brought up the example of Japan's economic crash at the end of the 80…[View]
9214219All-in-all, what can we say about the Crystal Pepsi campaign in the early 90s and its inevitable flo…[View]
9216265tfw you will never tunnel underneath an enemy fortification and fight a personal duel on horseback i…[View]
9213156I absolutely refuse to believe ancient Roman and Greek statues were painted in garish bright colors[View]
9214572Dali was extremely based >While the majority of the Surrealist group had become increasingly asso…[View]
9214679Can we get back to The Basics with all this God Stuff and Forget about the Jew, Christian, Muslim ma…[View]
9215705Carl Schmitt, Crown Jurist of the Third Reich: Among my more legally inclined friends (lawyers and p…[View]
9214343Did he really pick it up?: Is the inscription believable? Is there any way to be sure if he picked i…[View]
9212377Which classical school of philosophy, or philosopher, influenced Christian thought the most?[View]
9215830What evidence is there that Paul gave Linus the 'keys to the kingdom': the Catholic doctrine of 'Sol…[View]
9215361what are some most ironic quotes ever for their speaker[View]
9215735How did your opinions on the war in Syria change over time? I admit at the age of 20 in 2011 I was …[View]
9215765Are there any historical examples of Catholic or Orthodox clergy returning escaped African slaves to…[View]
9215721A 15th century king aged in his late 20’s was a wiser commander than Hitler[View]
9215673>the world will never see a more free or just state ever again the Romans doomed humanity to ensl…[View]
9215690Is this an example of modern day neo-colonialism?[View]
9215172Bosnian War general[View]
9215903Historically, why was parental influence deemed very important?: No evidence indicates it is. The ef…[View]
9206303Are slavs the youngest ethnic group in europe?[View]
9212890ITT: Forgotten figures who created the world around us.[View]
9200730Historically speaking, why do women cover up their breasts?[View]
9210204¿How should i justify being in favour of capitalism but against consumerism? I see a lot of people …[View]
9206479What was the biggest mistake humanity ever made?[View]
9215091Was the Inquisition good? Should we have another Inquisition?[View]
9213932What is the myth lost cause of the south[View]
9215574Is this a good summary of Historic Catholic Iesus vs Modern Non-Denominational Yeshua?[View]
9213185Is current China an anomaly in it being united? The argument is that China has historically been div…[View]
9215595>attending university >take intro level history course >graded discussions >triggers my …[View]
9212623Is Bali the closest thing to paradise on Earth? I think WWII was their only major bloody conflict in…[View]
9214210Guernica vs Dresden: which one was more justified, /his/?[View]
9212098What philosopher invented morals? I've seen people describe things they don't like as 'th…[View]
9212241Was he the last real American?[View]
9213722Why did the Greeks portray their gods as beings as fallible and morally questionable as humans? Or i…[View]
9205713Why did India get raped so much harder than Pakistan by Turks and Mughals?: It appears that women of…[View]
9208222Can we all agree this guy is overrated?: Like seriously, what did he even do?[View]
9213310What were toddlers like long ago? Medieval times, ancient times, etc. People grew up much faster bac…[View]
9215484What is the greatest order in the Catholic Church, and why is it the Dominicans?[View]
9214987Historical fashion general - /hisfa/: In this thread we help each other identify, learn and talk abo…[View]
9215007Maddow: Does /history/ agree with Maddow?[View]
9211931when did boarding schools in the us fall out of fashion? when were they at their peak?[View]
9214674Did Caesar actually conquer Gaul?: Authors after him state that Gaul was still pretty much independe…[View]
9215416What the FUCK was their problem?[View]
9215336How brutal was American slavery?: Compared to slavery in the Americas[View]
9215130late 19th, 1st half of 20th century capital ship design thread: big guns, big armor, big speed, what…[View]
9214906>60s asia: mostly a shithole >60s south america: mostly a shithole >present asia: rapidly i…[View]
9214838Paul's appeal to Rome: Given that Acts conflicts with the letters of Paul and Luke on some hist…[View]
9212394Would Ben Shapiro or Jordan Peterson debate the hell out of Bertrand Russell?[View]
9213273>We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed b…[View]
9214805Good looking armor, ok fortifications, yet they lost to steppe chinks. Why is history this cruel?[View]
9213028The Borgias did nothing wrong[View]
9214756What makes Baptists so popular in the United States? Is it because of the simplicity of worship comb…[View]
9215039Was Nathaniel Bacon Just An Angry Homeless Person?: He was a jobless indentured servant living in th…[View]
9214999does this region have a peaceful future? the main power (ethiopia) is hated by its allies that have …[View]
9215012It is our job: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curtis_LeMay One of the commanders was Curtis LeMay—Col…[View]
9215356Well, who is right?[View]
9212911Who is right?[View]
9208915If the historical core of the British Empire was India, Latin America for the Spanish Empire, and In…[View]
9214585Is the mercenary more honorable than the soldier because he can say 'no, I don't accept that jo…[View]
9213142>get all my knowledge from wikipedia article of the month[View]
9208233What is the greatest painting of all times?[View]
9207148realistically speaking, when was the war lost for them?[View]
9214078Is it true eastern and Central Europe were very diverse before WW2 happened, and the holocaust wiped…[View]
9211594>british and french supposed to be these big rivals and enemies throughout history >ally toget…[View]
9214594https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Massacre_of_the_Latins Constantinople got what it fucking deserved…[View]
9211816War Crimes: Is the concept of War Crimes necessary or is it just some bullshit to try to make such a…[View]
9214283Lesser known /his/ related content creators: Just wanted to share this channel with you - the guy is…[View]
9213547Was he really 8'6? did he really drink 9 gallons of wine a day? could he really smash rocks in …[View]
9209746Fuck the anglos[View]
9211771>Be Liu Bei in novel >Be the hero figure >Eat flesh of woman murdered by her husband so tha…[View]
9214310>Doing a team quiz >Question: 'which country is called 'Land of the Aryans'?' >'T…[View]
9213414did the general german population know about the holocaust? I keep finding conflicting information.[View]
9214367Does today’s art world have a future?[View]
9212371Catholics cannot understand the trinity because to understand the trinity is to embrace Gnostic thin…[View]
9214155Hero or villain?[View]
9212128Why did the Weimar Republic look so fun to live in?[View]
9213641ITT: Post midwits[View]
9213588Where to begin with the Early Modern Period?: I've done quite a bit of reading into the classic…[View]
9208711Century of Humiliation: How did China come back from this? Do you think the Chinese psyche and gover…[View]
9213733What was wrong with this guy?[View]
9197201How did a hat cripple an entire philosophical movement?[View]
9214074I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
9214072When and by whom was the term 'bulbus glandis' coined?[View]
9199812Can we agree that the Wild West era (1850-1900) was Americas cultural peak?[View]
9209156>Loving wife and kids at home >Slaves that are considered part of the family >Shag boys on …[View]
9211344War of 1870: Why did the Prussians beat the French so easily? They had a smaller Army and less guns…[View]
9212192I have been a Catholic my entire life. I believe that the Catholic church is the church of God, and …[View]
9212091/his/fu thread[View]
9211427Was the French Revolution the greatest tragedy in European history? Leftards/Commies need not apply.[View]
9213463Collapse of Germany in 1945: Reading about Germany's fall in 1945 atm. Now am wondering why Ger…[View]
9212599Does flamenco really originate from gypsies or is it a cope done by other Spaniards to deny Andalusi…[View]
9210973Be Abram Petrovich Hannibal: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abram_Petrovich_Gannibal >An African s…[View]
9212538Why don’t Christians require foreskins to be circumcised like Jews and Muslims do?[View]
9212705Historically speaking, why have the Chinese contributed so little overall? For most of history East …[View]
9212896I'm building a team, you in? Its just one last job on the Steppes.[View]
9209084Who was the biggest coomer in history?[View]
9212139CHG and Iran_hotu/N seem to be just a mix of Dzudzuana, ANE, SSA, and proto-negritos: Look[View]
9213152Why are Iranians haplogroup J? If they were truly Indo European they would be haplogroup R1A/R1B?[View]
9211236How would an independent Maori Kingdom develop? Consider it would unify either in the mid 1850s or l…[View]
9206158How would the world have changed if this absolute unity accepted the tricolor and was restored in 18…[View]
9213456Post some cool historical celebrations https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTSuN6s1jr8[View]
9213271Why can't magyars just accept the fact that Romanians were in transylvania first?[View]
9213317Pirates and emperors, Conquerors and criminals: Historically speaking, why is conquest celebrated bu…[View]
9213309brainlet here: Where did this fucking meme that under communism everything should be free came from?…[View]
9209978Are we supposed to be savage not civilized?: Was life better 1000 years ago compared to today? When …[View]
9211764reminder that this was unironicly based and only redditers cry about it[View]
9205856Why is today's Afghanistan so poor ?: If you remember, the region of Afghanistan has always bee…[View]
9212976If only humans have souls and souls are responsible for consciousness then how do animals have dream…[View]
9209603Bonnie Prince Charlie: I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
9208975why did hitler want poland so much? like seriously why would he start a war over fucking poland[View]
9212468National identity is bullshit. Why should anyone believe it?[View]
9211277Why white people were too lazy to work and instead slaved black people to work for them?[View]
9211987Just found out about Yemenite Children Affair: What the fuck Israel? >https://en.wikipedia.org/wi…[View]
9207923Are Van Goghs sunflower paintings only considered in such high esteem because he painted a still lif…[View]
9212562Im putting together a team[View]
9211062Did they really not sacrifice humans?: https://youtu.be/tbd2beU8qBs[View]
9211335As an American I am, like all Americans, obsessed with our comparison to Ancient Rome. Don’t blame m…[View]
9211800Is Poland only big European country that did nothing wrong?[View]
9207744>believe in one God >fight to establish His law >actually follow the Bible Orthodox Christi…[View]
9212368Is feudalism (and by extension serfdom, theocracy, and slavery) left wing or right wing?[View]
9211365Why was France considered to be one of the major powers by the end of WW2 when they did less fightin…[View]
9212680One European ruler or prominent figure will protect you. The rest are coming to get you with whateve…[View]
9212539Why has the white race committed so many horrors against Africans? >Europeans colonized Africa …[View]
9212463How did capitalism (a system which openly brags about being centered on an individual's self-in…[View]
9212648In psalm 87 (86 in the septuagint and vulgate) the word philistine is used (i dont know hebrew so i …[View]
9207737Is this model legit?[View]
9207839What happened to Argentina?[View]
9210854Where do the french get off accusing the anglo of perfidy when they are both guilty of the ultimate …[View]
9212302Nope. Still don't get it. Can anyone explain?[View]
9210962Kino historical quotes[View]
9212245Ancient Egypt: Why did it never achieve it's relevance in world politics after New Kingdom era?…[View]
92112581800's London: two years ago I read about mid 1800's London. Shit was rough. People scroun…[View]
92123751968: 1968[View]
9210551Communist Bulgaria: Is there anything notable about Bulgaria's communist era? I've literal…[View]
9212231Is there a history forum similar to /his/ but with more serious posts and comments and without wehra…[View]
9212226Did Marx invent the Labour Theory of Value or was Capital just the most well known proponent of it?[View]
9211330Why did Andronovites subdue their Sintashta sisters?[View]
9212175did the vikings really discover the new world?[View]
9212193Why Consulate-type governments and consuls are non-existent? They would make cooler presidents >…[View]
9210111what do you think about leo taxil?[View]
9206023What are the most common fallacies in debates?[View]
9212152I just realized the story of the rich man and Lazarus can be compared to the whole 'white vs bl…[View]
9209455Was Weimar Germany truly as bad/'degenerate' as the /pol/tards want people to believe?[View]
9211693>1500 children >1000 concubine >stay all day in his castle cooming in 10/10s girls from eve…[View]
9210840If you agree that existence exists, then the answer to the question whether or not our consciousness…[View]
9210337I'd like to know more about the Cold War and the Soviet Union in particular. Is there an essent…[View]
9210416Are english people celtic?[View]
9211375>um acktually the romans killed Jesus not the Jews[View]
9206855what are your thoughts on catholics?[View]
9212054It's not fair. I'm never going to read the histories of the 22nd-31st centuries. It's…[View]
9209903Cleopatra and Louis XV confirmed to be Med BVLLs[View]
9211186/his/ feels thread[View]
9211661Was Sparta one of the first gender equality states?: This guys seems to be pretty egalitarian for th…[View]
9211916Religion on /his/: Looking at any religion thread on /his/ makes me fucking wish there was religion …[View]
9208382Old Testament: Why are Christians even studying the Old Testament? It has no connection with Jesus o…[View]
9211892>Earliest Qurans had no dots and diacritical marks. They were later added by Hajjaj >The Uthm…[View]
9211814>French needed Italians to sculpt their statues: And you call us backward and primitive?[View]
9207110Why did Mericans let the mafia become so powerful? By the 60s they owned Las Vegas, Atlantic City, h…[View]
9211843If language is the combination of syntax and semantics, why would someone care if you say black or n…[View]
9206693Why didn't fascism picked up in France ? They were arguably more antisemitic and racist than Ge…[View]
9210070According to some people, this did not actually happen.[View]
9208564Is he real?[View]
9210272Gobekli Tepe University (GTU) was a Cave Shoring School for Stone Age Cave diggers. Different techni…[View]
9211742Animula, vagula, blandula, hospes comesque corporis[View]
9211200Why do so few countries recognize the Armenian Genocide? Why does America recognize it, but not thei…[View]
9211436Which horse riders from the steppes had the best aesthetic in your opinion?[View]
9205513Is it fair to say that had the Empire remained intact that Russia would have become a hyperpower by …[View]
9211607What did Hoover mean by this?[View]
9211586I'm on a search for a logical argument for the existence of God I saw here I while back but was…[View]
9211345People have no problem admitting the English word 'god' has pagan origins (even though the wrod now …[View]
9211356Oligarchs vs Plutocrats: Human history can be viewed broadly as oligarchs vs plutocrats. They are of…[View]
9209824Why would the Romans invent their own history based off myths and legend, and then cast themselves a…[View]
9211460Daily reminder:: German war success was just a sequence of lucky events[View]
9210625>struggle for centuries against germanic tribes, unable to beat them >your empire eventually g…[View]
9208162Did germanics really?[View]
9210968Why didn't Hitler invade Switzerland and take back the Jew gold?[View]
9211292bruh the middle ages were whack[View]
9210974Prove me wrong: The Napoleonic Empire for Rome is the same as the Orville series for the Star Trek u…[View]
9206819Is the Late Roman republic era the most kino era of all time ?[View]
9210469Why did India and China stagnate for centuries after the Middle Ages?[View]
9210876Who was in the wrong here?[View]
9207136>I’m not at fault for what other people of my race did in the past >I am great because I am th…[View]
9211178did proxy wars/conflicts truly matter in the cold war except insofar as it got CCCP to spend money o…[View]
9210232Are mounted archers the single most effective unit in military history?[View]
9209397Why are homo erectus black if they lived in china?[View]
9209623Were the jews slaves to an egyptian pharaoh atleast or was it all bullshit?[View]
9211118Why did people of East Eurasia generally evolve to be more neotenous in their appearance? Or convers…[View]
9211078Was Paris a dick or just doing it for love? I know Menelaus was an absolute cuck but Paris just seem…[View]
9205512>be adolf hitler >illegaly take control of germany >fake a referundem for austria >??? …[View]
9207081what's the point of nuns?[View]
9201628Neo-Reactionary: At what point did you realize the liberal-egalitarian-progressive view of history i…[View]
9209465If not for the BLVCK Army, Magyars would be speaking some disgusting Turk language today. It was BLV…[View]
9209707What are the reasons that have led Italy and Libya to warming up relations again after the expulsion…[View]
9210580What are the best historic predictors of civil war?[View]
9210656>China occupied Vietnam for 1000 years >Vietnam currently independent, China doesn't want…[View]
9199930Should British museum return the historical artifacts that were stolen? Yes, you literally can'…[View]
9209742Why do Evangelicals types hate monks so much? My evangelical friend was going on rants about how the…[View]
9206654How did the Romans let an Arab be Emperor of Rome?[View]
9210246I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
9210834drug tito[View]
9206587What does /his/ think the archaic ghost populations in Africa and Oceania looked like? How did they …[View]
9209932Why did Chinese troops perform so badly in the first opium war? At sea its obviously due to the tech…[View]
9210724what is it about?: what it is that popular music with a few important things, some cash with more an…[View]
9209939What does the painting mean anyway?[View]
9209285Does capitalism only help people who don't deserve it?: Science Proves Childhood Bullies Have M…[View]
9210358Why did the USSR evict the Prussian Lithuanians and Latvians to Germany?: This looks very strange, c…[View]
9209867This faggot and every single one of his cousins were living, breathing proof that monarchism is a re…[View]
920982290's Russia was the Wild East: A US report from the late 90's: >In 1993, organized crim…[View]
9202463Early colonial empires: Which of the early colonial powers had the best and most based empire? Swam…[View]
9209488Historically speaking, why were Turkish armies invincible?[View]
9209683'& Humanities': This is just a cheap excuse to discuss politics and current events, and we all k…[View]
9206943was she too based or too cringe?[View]
9209094>wenn nötig unter vollkommen und radikalster Ausr... -schaltung [Ausrottung / Ausschaltung] des J…[View]
9207645Why do Orthodox Christians think Tawheed means divine simplicity?[View]
9210303Boxer Rebellion: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
9209238How different would have the course of Germany been if the right side won during the November Revolu…[View]
9208571has there ever been a period in which the president of the USA could feasibly pull off a coup d…[View]
9210261what could've been... :([View]
9208732& Humanities: Is western society getting more matriarchal as we progress?[View]
9210163Roman Paradox: I recently found out that the huge, epic and hyperglobalizing Roman Empire did not co…[View]
9208101Favorit old gods. Go[View]
9200381Were there any natives with better melee performance than their colonizers?[View]
9206959Historically speaking, what is the history of Colorado?[View]
9209135Red pill me on the Eastern bloc[View]
9208033Will we ever see an actual return to Monarch in the likes of Bonapartism-or even Caesarism-or will S…[View]
9195769Modern Greece is an (in)direct continuation of Ancient Greece and the Byzantine Empire. No amount of…[View]
9209229were they the pro wrestlers of their day?[View]
9210025If Allah is real then why is there no giant crack in the Moon? Something like that would be noticeab…[View]
9205296Really makes you think.[View]
9209240>ASMR? That's fucking gay bro, I listen to Aztec death whistles before sleep.…[View]
9209165Is Aeneid the original WE WUZ in history?[View]
9199833African Future: This is political science and thus humanities. It is not a discussion of headlines o…[View]
9209693Dunno if this is the right board for this but I recently bought a 17th century property in England. …[View]
9209808>mfw i will never be the part of any revolution >mfw i will never die for a bigger cause or an…[View]
9208923Is there any institution more disgusting than the American mall?[View]
9204484'>'be me '>'cavalry colonel in 190 A.D China '>'the Han dynasty is falling apart '>' tyr…[View]
9205733Meme Mom | Karolina Z: Why aren't you studying fashion history, /his/?[View]
9208148Is Pompey “””Magnus””” overrated or he simply lost to Julius Caesar, a military genius?[View]
9208851Is it possible for western society to return to tradition? Has the Bourgeois revolution ruined the w…[View]
9209685Jordan Peterson has coronavirus: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/12331040/jordan-peterson-suffering-co…[View]
9207872What political reforms could the Roman Republic have made that would have preserved the republic wit…[View]
9207772>The Greek historian Strabo believed that the Phoenicians originated from Bahrain.[12] Herodotus …[View]
9206130How based were the Assyrians?: '(Property of) the palace of Assur-bel-[kala, king of the universe, s…[View]
9208182Is America a deist nation?: Did the founding fathers create America on deist principles? There seem…[View]
9208339Questions on holocaust: Now that the dust has settled. How many really died in the Holocaust? It see…[View]
9209601Redpill me on the Evangelion[View]
9208798Calvin Coolidge: Why doesn’t this president get talked about pretty much?[View]
9208834is the italian army the worst?[View]
9209370Like and hate: People you hate the more you learn about them >MacArthur People you like the more …[View]
9208157Guano islands: Is unrestrained capitalism just as bad as communism?[View]
9207419Muslim here: Orthodox Christians obviously believe animals can be holy and bond with saints, so why …[View]
9209276Western civilization was forged by the Olympic gods, not some Jewish poofter named Jesus. Return to …[View]
9209333You only had to listen...[View]
9207565Will we see another Muslim genocide akin to Bosnia soon? It seems like India and China are both gear…[View]
9208167I know practically no history before WWI. Like obviously I know about the industrial revolution, the…[View]
9208241&humanities Why are Greeks always superior?[View]
9208149&Humanities Why are there still catholics slthough we know today that they only exist because of…[View]
9205158/Teddy General/[View]
9206769why didn't he just thoroughly fortify his reichs Atlantic coastline?[View]
9205826Praveen Mohan: What do you guys think of him? Quack or genius? Accurate or lies? Ancient Indian tech…[View]
9207620Next Step: I have faith in the existence of God now, but I'm not a Christian or anything. Where…[View]
9208698Were there any black troops prior to the civil war?[View]
9207632photo colorization: what do you think about colorization of black and white photos? if you hate them…[View]
9208942if he lived, he'd be the luftwaffe's commander. Not that fat fuck goering.[View]
9205362Why are kings always shown holding their balls?[View]
9203762What was his problem /his/? Was he just a LARPer? Was it aliens? Schizo? Or was he onto something wi…[View]
9208238I don't think that the New Testament supports slavery on a moral level, it's pretty clear …[View]
9208499How common were trans people before the advent of modern medicine?[View]
9208560Why do Angolans speak Portuguese as a first language?: Some former french colonies, similarly, speak…[View]
9209010Is it true that early Arab Muslims was culturally closer to Greeks before Abbasid's Persianizat…[View]
9207629Itt: hefty niggas of history Starting with Pierre of Bonaparte. True heir of Napoleon[View]
9208568Is there a way to bring back classical republicanism as originally envisioned? History has shown tha…[View]
9195466ITT: generals that would've defeated napoleon had they battled him[View]
9205471Why was mesoamerican writing so primitive?[View]
9208812Did this guy do anything except pardon Nixon and survive 2 assassination attempts?[View]
9208234Genghis Khan Thread: MMGA Edition: What would the world be like if GK had ultimately succeeded? Is T…[View]
9208704>what what[View]
9208815>humanitarianism What's the point when only a miniscule minority tries to help? Won't o…[View]
9207680What was more responsible for the rise of republicanism, a rejection of religion, or a renewed fervo…[View]
9204663Memes aside: Was Bismarck the best leader Germany ever had?[View]
9199318Tell me something interesting about this place /his/[View]
9208329Conquistador Cortez was the greatest spanish explorer.[View]
9208472Why did Britain just give this away? Were they really that insecure in their standing army?[View]
9208410Did he forget to clean his room?[View]
9208154Was Constantine greater than Augustus?[View]
9208623Is there any region in the world that has more varied and interesting history than Israel/Palestine?…[View]
9208572>CHOP >CHOP >CHOP…[View]
9208607How do we reach conservatively minded people?: It is the case that many metrics suggest that America…[View]
9206810so how famous was he? In modern celebrity terms.[View]
9206798How would pic related change the course of Men if he ever achieved power? Consider these two scenar…[View]
9208232He discovered America is what he did. He was a brave Italian explorer. And on this board, Christophe…[View]
9205793Fascism is just state capitalism that hates women, lgbt, and brown people prove me wrong.[View]
9202225ITT:/his/ approved youtube historians: TIK[View]
9201593why are eastern euros so good at philosophy?[View]
9207638Societies of control: Was he right about them?[View]
9208355Did she really kill her parents? If not then who did?[View]
9208256how is it possible that the ancient Romans and the people of the Renaissance became such a weak path…[View]
9206688What would he say about Black Lives Matter and Woke culture?[View]
9207217Is left wing nationalism possible?[View]
9204299Why did he love Britain so much?[View]
9208164Do dogs go to heaven?[View]
9208150How exactly did cavalry work against enemy cavalry? Did they dog fight for 'cavalry superiority…[View]
9198676Why didn't American civilizations develop as much as Eurasian civilizations?[View]
9205569Is TIK correct? Are fascism and communism a same thing?[View]
9204975The Antikythera Mechanism.: >In 1900-1901, a few miles off the small Greek island of Antikythera,…[View]
9207880Why have Wallachs historically used the Old Church Slavonic translation of the Bible instead of the …[View]
9207812Historically speaking, why is looking for alternative answers considered fringe? Shouldn't be …[View]
9207938Were there any societies in history that weren't high in criminality despite living in poverty?[View]
9206427To what degree can incest and dysgenics be accredited to having caused the decline and downfall of t…[View]
9203188Why were Nazis so obsessed with hinduism?[View]
9207832Reminder it’s a fact Hitler wanted an alliance with nationalist Russians and despised the west.[View]
9204093The Franks were French[View]
9207604What made this country the most secular in the Americas? Apparently around 40 % of the population is…[View]
9206930What if he wins the Franco-Prussian war? >WAHH IMPOSSIBLE Shut up fag, let's say he wins by …[View]
9198592Can science replace religion?[View]
9207495Is it possible that European myths of humanoid creatures such as trolls, dwarves, and gnomes origina…[View]
9203525Has there ever been a female dominated human civilization?[View]
9207392so what exactly happened to him?[View]
9207552Are people under totalitarian states like the USSR or nazi Germany just serfs but for their state in…[View]
9203589what historical sites have you visited recently?[View]
9202703do I need to read marx before reading ussr history?[View]
9206761Medieval Manuscripts: Ok so I'm new to this board and couldn't find a QTDDTOT thread, so h…[View]
9205499Why didn't America attack mainland Spain and vice versa in the Spanish American War?[View]
9205863I need your best books about Sparta and/or the Peloponnesian War. Primary sources very acceptable.[View]
9207547myth identification?: When I was a kid I had a book of myths and folklore from around the world and …[View]
9207534There is no exclusion put upon any tribe or clan, no classes are laid under ban, no individuals are …[View]
9206233how do i start caring about history besides ww2?[View]
9207379Is this a meme or do a lot of actual Muslims want this to happen?[View]
9199776what's the difference? what caused it?[View]
9206060Was Hadrian a good emperor?[View]
9204619Why couldn't the US military overcome the massive Chinese ground attacks during the Korean War?[View]
9204858>3000 years >the dust has still not settled why is it so hard to define Justice?…[View]
9207000Japanese occupied India Ugh, what could have been.[View]
9207200were they too busy fucking kids to realize there were world wars going on?[View]
9206909Why didn't communists just build their own factories?[View]
9207160Memes Aside: How did they perform?[View]
9197722'Nicholas had been prepared to compromise with Japan, but after receiving a letter from Wilhelm atta…[View]
9203842Which was a more challenging enemy for Rome, the Parthians or Sassanids?[View]
9204784K of Hannover: What if the Anglo retained it? Would Prussia been held back?[View]
9206473The Tank Man: Who was in the wrong here?[View]

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