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13993047>mfw i found my faith again[View]
13991396>'B-but I was just following orders!' What is the correct reply here?[View]
13992709Martin Luther is a jerk: How can anyone rationalize this chud and his atrocious ideas? Basically, he…[View]
13989123>the great warrior cultures of the world are basically all dead >why? because warriors and by …[View]
13992876Hot take: Sweidish success could be only atribbuted to nazi collaboration and liberalization of econ…[View]
13991525Abbasid Caliohate: >bro let me get rid of native tradition and replace the entire army with mamlu…[View]
13991538Based Churchill[View]
13992824It occured to me why did God make Elizabeth pregnant before Mary. People could have accused Mary of…[View]
13992497>proletariat le good even though they are low iq lazy retards only good for working backbreaking …[View]
13992459Is the ruler of earth God or Satan?[View]
13988690>why don't they kill us?[View]
13991605Joan D'ark: Was Joan a prophet? Maybe she wasn't a biblical prophet but she was in fact on…[View]
13985182>10% of Saudi Arabia's population is black How?[View]
13990618There is literally no proof that Peter was even in Rome[View]
13989999Why are indian clothes so slutty: No other civilisation has such slutty clothes historically. I…[View]
13992260Can somebody give me a rundown on this guy?[View]
13992340Is predestination a natural implication of an omniscient God? >God has perfect knowledge of the …[View]
13991177How do Anglicans cope with the fact that the only reason their religion exists is because this fat f…[View]
13990570>wanna learn about Byzantium >John Norwich has 3 volumes on it, every other author sounds meh …[View]
13992384Okay but how do you know which God is the right one? Has this ever been refuted?[View]
13992348He's burning in hell[View]
13986994Are Mormons the last true Christians?[View]
13990645Enough pointless shit, let’s talk real history. What U.S president had the most sex?[View]
13992430Daily reminder the Aryans were white and had traveled the entire world before most cultures even kne…[View]
13992257Any unironic sources of people praising Pol Pot? I don’t care how schizo they are, I’m just curious …[View]
13992353Do people in ancient times dislike bad body odor? Bad breath and such?[View]
13991194Idols and Icons: I often hear the claim that Icons are not Idols because you don't think the Be…[View]
13992214How do I start learning Greek?[View]
13991657If Jesus is real how come there are still monkeys?[View]
13990478When our society collapses, and it inevitably will, it will be sturdy people with strong family valu…[View]
13991776mmm.... yes, I want to go and die a gruesome death in battle simply to avoid being given a feather b…[View]
13988626Why are there so few Christian/Religious engineers and scientists in the 21st century? They're …[View]
13992028Why did he do it? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bar_Kokhba_revolt[View]
13992211anti-ecumenism btfo once and for all[View]
13991406The South was right t. Northerner: I was born and raised in Massachusetts. The South had every right…[View]
13991646How important were they for the development of Western America?: >The history of Chinese American…[View]
13987761Would anyone even know her name if she were a dude?[View]
13988902Bros I'm still scared about Gödel's Loophole. All it'd take is a powerful politician …[View]
13989356I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
13989454Did Soviet Victory in WW2 Hinge on Allied Support?: WW2 scholars (eastern front specifically ideally…[View]
13990877US Flags: post cool American flags https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_of_the_United_States…[View]
13990563I've seen people say 'Big Four' in reference to WWII; do China's contributions rival Russi…[View]
13986236If he was so great why was he kicked out?[View]
13991373Did civilization peak in 80s Tokyo?[View]
13991983Imagine telling a Condor Legion Bombardier that his actions directly lead to For Whom the Bells stil…[View]
13991774how does God ordering genocide debooonk the bible????????[View]
13991872based or cringe?[View]
13991493Is physiognomy real? Can you tell a person’s morality from their looks? What about passing transgend…[View]
13991695Why did Jesus cry out and ask why God has forsaken him when he was being crucified?[View]
13991402How will the religions of the future look like ? What developments and changes on today's relig…[View]
13989950What the actual fuck was his problem?[View]
13991751>Martha Jane Cannary (May 1, 1852 – August 1, 1903), better known as Calamity Jane, was an Americ…[View]
13981214Was Hannibal stupid or genius?: Fucking elephants over brutally rigid mountains? Who would even come…[View]
13990300We have any idea of how the firts people that leave africa look like?[View]
13986951Where did the Asians are yellow thing come from? A lot of them are brown, but not yellow. Iodine def…[View]
13984856If you could go back in time and were in charge what would you do differently? Or was the South doom…[View]
13991061This seemed like the more appropriate board to ask instead of /mu/. Do you like the music of Stephen…[View]
13988694What were the reliationships between native american girls and european men ?[View]
13990781Did Jimmy Carter stand any realistic chance of winning the 1980 election? What would he have had to …[View]
13989084I honestly struggle to see a single thing this guy did wrong.[View]
13991675> Ruled for 600 years and commited most of their time fighting against the HRE/Germans and their …[View]
13991673What would have happened to the South if all of the black people were resettled after the Civil War?[View]
13989688What does /his/ think about the Borgias? Where they really that amoral and corrupt?[View]
13991287Why did the cold war randomly end in '90 when there were still 15 thousand nukes?[View]
13991382Why do east Asian countries have like 10-12 hours of schooling a day when the cognitive limits to le…[View]
13990681Why didn't escaped Nazis get plastic surgery? The combination of the surgery and age would had …[View]
13991427Why have Jews been historically so low IQ compared to the Aryans whose nations they lived in? Nutrit…[View]
13991486>Religion thread n° 9732636128583 This board fucking sucks.[View]
13989690Did 1st Amendment limit freedom of religion to Christianity? I think so. Pretty much everyone was a …[View]
13989959British India was just map painting: The British only controlled 3 coastal cities directly. Everythi…[View]
13990759Is it possible to make a case for traditionalist conservatism that is secular, if not explicitly ath…[View]
13989886I just found out the Trojan war wasnt real.[View]
13991499Why did Protestants ignore the wisdom of the Fathers and outlaw prostitution?[View]
13987574there will never be another alexander there will never be another cyrus there will never be another …[View]
13991394Who is St. Michael the Archangel?[View]
13989949Is south east asian supposed to be a part of india: Is it true that Indonesia and Malaysia are actua…[View]
13990552How many Jews were killed by Communist regimes?[View]
13987495B-b-but Britannia rules the waves?: >Has largest most well-funded navy on earth, proceeds to acti…[View]
13990059To all the historically illiterate out there. When Hitler was talking about the 1000 year Reich he w…[View]
13989893Realistically speaking; how would genetic engineering and/or transhumanism over a few generations af…[View]
13982191why are Sami people refered to as indigenous people when compared to other Europeans? aren't al…[View]
13990955>proclaims the triumph of the Will >loses due to material factors Reminder that the defeat of…[View]
13989501Autumn offensive: Welcome to the /his/ survey thread for the 2022 Autumn Babby Cup For those new to …[View]
13966772Did the Irish benefit at all from English/British rule?[View]
13991391>Yeah >Yeah! >This looks good, we can do this Imagine how happy Germans will be when they…[View]
13990664Historically speaking, who are historys biggest cookoos?: Genuine question, have there been royal fa…[View]
13984596Nothing personnel med: *loots you're favorite city-state*[View]
13989168It’s my (30th) birthday today, /his/. What historical events happened on your birthday? Mine is the …[View]
13989337How did they deal with accidentally showing their junk to other men during fights or exercise? How d…[View]
13989578Why did Iberia become such a mess for Napoleon?[View]
13991138Is it true that Semites reached Iberia before the Indo-Europeans?[View]
13989125Germans didn't do the Axis heavy lifting?: Looking for a screencap or copypasta I saw on here a…[View]
13989441What happened to jingoism in the West? If tell people that you believe that you're nation is th…[View]
13989591The Anglo-Saxon migration and the formation of the early English gene pool. Nature (2022).: New stud…[View]
13987158if the USA had a national costume what would it be?[View]
13989447What's the strangest thing people did for fun in the past?[View]
13991201Does having a PHD in History not stop you from using wikipedia to make videos. Like Mark Felton? Als…[View]
13989536You cannot prove causality because it is neither contradictory to deny causality nor is it possible …[View]
13989306Was Spain the true successor of Rome?[View]
13987523Ainus are not THE natives of Japan: I'm sick and tired of foreigners saying the Ainu were the n…[View]
13991140>The Sicarii (Modern Hebrew: סיקריים siqariyim) were a splinter group of the Jewish Zealots who, …[View]
13988907Why don't Muslims generate respect for not caring what anyone thinks of them?: Muslims will arr…[View]
13984943Faccetta Nera: Why did Italian fascists make a song about race mixing with Ethiopian women?[View]
13988342>The brain is not the self because if you were to hypothetically remove a tiny piece of it, put i…[View]
13991137Talleyrand: Was he based?[View]
13990544>The holodomor isn't against a genocide even though the majority for the people targeted wer…[View]
13989318Homo,homini lupis: Eternal battle is the main condition upon which man holds his life tenure. When t…[View]
13987743>don't believe in god >buddhists, taoists, and eastern religions: that's okay, I hop…[View]
13990494Why were cars so ugly and weird looking back then?[View]
13988365Do Nordic phenotypes come from Steppe or EEF? I don't mean blond hair[View]
13989336The KKK were racist[View]
13989315Why did it collapse?[View]
13987299My favorite thing about Yasuke is how he hooked up with my boy Oda Nobunaga and was there to see his…[View]
13991050How do you think the Indo-European migrations into Europe actually worked? What are some good source…[View]
13989153>it’s not holy, it’s not Roman, and it’s not an empire![View]
13991064Did he deserve it?[View]
13991060Books on Early Christianity? Im mostly interested in early Christian sects, about Arianism, Gnostici…[View]
13990452Wouldn't an anarcho-capitalist society be controlled by warlords?[View]
13989054Wtf happened in the 60s?[View]
13989232>brand new Soviet Union >continue friendly relations with Afghanistan inherited from the Empir…[View]
13988188What are the societal effects of circumcision?[View]
13988491Where did this idea come from, where if a private individual doesn't give you their money, prop…[View]
13988740Has there ever existed a society in which women ruled over men?[View]
13989375/Islam General/: Because there's a Shia General I thought I just make an Islam general. This is…[View]
13990856All non-circumcised people go to hell[View]
13990836Are they wierd or based? 'Noetic Society': Are they wierd or based? 'Noetic Society' I found this gr…[View]
13990075Why does God make hermaphrodites if it is sinful to be attracted to girls with penises?[View]
13989639Why are we here? Why are we conscious? Why are we limited beings? Why is everything so overwhelming …[View]
13987876>Philadelphos literally means sister fucker >Muricans named their city after that…[View]
13987964Divine Right Monarchy and Religious Wars: I was thinking about some of the stuff Moldbug has said ab…[View]
13990723Redpill me on first wave feminism. Is the white feather campaign the worst thing they did?[View]
13990357Is it true that the banjo was invented by blacks?[View]
13983499Book Recommendations: Not going to lie, I spend most my time on /pol/. That being said, what are som…[View]
13990398we post our shelves in this thread[View]
13990573What do you guys think of the ancient kingdom Edom?[View]
13990096A case can be made for Turks claiming they got 'civilized' and blah blah, but how much of that civil…[View]
13989040Who was the worst Pope in all of history? Who was the best Pope in all of history? Give reasoning fo…[View]
13990439why do prots insist idols mean pictures in churches and not the actually evil of the world the moder…[View]
13988289Letter of a boy enlisting in the Roman army to his father >Apion to his father and lord Epimacho…[View]
13988697Whats the best Protestant denomination?[View]
13985622Which way human man?[View]
13988374>Buddhists: you are literally nothing. Meditate so you stop caring. >Hindu/yoga: You are liter…[View]
13990273Does anybody here know anything about the pre-modern history of psychedelics/entheogens?[View]
13988649Shia Islam General: Just a thread for shia muslims (if there are any on this board) And I have a hyp…[View]
139902762 by 2s: Anyone here from this denomination? Or know about it? Keywords >Workers >Meetings …[View]
13988115How can something persist for 2000 years and be the center of the lives of billions of people if it…[View]
13987334I found a copy of a book about Kabbalah in my church library. Wtf?[View]
13989099Where did this meme come from that America caused the rise of progressivism in Europe ?[View]
13989798Why did Paganism survive in India despite the onslaught of zealous Abrahamists, meanwhile in Europe …[View]
13988292How can something persist for 2000 years and be the center of the lives of billions of people if it…[View]
13989565>mfw Christians have to actively choose to be straight >mfw Christian dudes literally struggle…[View]
13989497Council of Trent: Was it good or bad? What does /his/ say? It defined the doctrine and aesthetic of …[View]
13987602It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle: Than for a rich man to enter the kingdom…[View]
13989694Redpill me on the great society: The standard liberal party line is that the reforms LBJ implemented…[View]
13986851Myths about the Vietnam War that I will debunk: Btw we won the Vietnam War. Here are some myths abou…[View]
13989288How come European nations can’t crush their organized crime syndicate. I understand why they run ram…[View]
13985937Who was in the wrong here?[View]
13968910Which one of these has the real claim to being the successor to the Roman Empire?[View]
13988632Which religion is true?: >>13988374 Hinduism: Everything is underlying a universal spirit with…[View]
13987943How do you change your mindset to the point of always wanting the very best for everyone, including …[View]
13989506Hey so basically I'm going to pray to Mary and saints... UGGHHHHHHHHHH i know i know that they…[View]
13983635How come Catholics, Orthodox, and Muslims love her but Protestants and Jews hate her?[View]
13989305The Ten Commandments: How were the Ten Commandments separated historically? Catholics and Protestant…[View]
13988578Was Dyeus originally a Sun God?: The stem *di or *dei- ('to shine, be bright') is an attestation to …[View]
13989119>Holodomor >Holocaust >Hololive There was one other 'Holo-' I'm forgetting, what was i…[View]
13986589Redpill me on why Macedonia isn't Greek[View]
13988871>The katechon (from Greek: τὸ κατέχον, 'that which withholds', or ὁ κατέχων, 'the one who withhol…[View]
13987617Why did Arianism not catch on in the Roman Empire when the Germanic leaders who sieged Rome like Ala…[View]
13988887What does 'casualties' mean in statistics about battles and wars? Is losing all your limbs…[View]
13988936>After the sale of the Imperial Title by the last Eastern Roman titular, Andreas Palailogos, to F…[View]
13987288Christopher Columbus was once viewed universally as a hero in American society, to the extent that C…[View]
13987978Why do muslims seethe so much over hindu idolatry[View]
13988763Was Germany punished enough after WW2? Especially people who weren't mainly political leaders.[View]
13988347USA would have raped the Soviet Union in WW2 one-on-one.[View]
13988744>just read about the rape of the Sabine women Why do women do this bros?…[View]
13984343How did a bunch of desert dwelling goat herders conquer the Persians and Byzantines?[View]
13988550Middle-ages: Worse period ever, historical personification of backwardness, obscurantism, violence a…[View]
13988560Did anyone ever write seriously on the topic of America becomitmore and more black before or during …[View]
13986551>when Robespierre and his supporters were arrested he received a pistol shot which injured his ja…[View]
13987120Why was alcoholism such a problem in Soviet Union?[View]
13984927List of things prohibited or looked down upon in Islam: Most people only know about alcohol and pork…[View]
13988094Holy shit: I always thought that part of the bible was a bit off so it now makes sense it was added …[View]
13987618Hi /his/, I am trying to make a minor hoax happen. Nothing big that would withstand institutional sc…[View]
13988469History of Istanbul: What is your favourite event or little incident that took place in Istanbul?…[View]
13988539>china overdosed on Opium >imperial japan overdosed on Hopium >Koreans (both north and sout…[View]
13987858He looks a little too white to have been a rabbi[View]
13988533Did you know that facebook is making people evil? The devils miscreated childs. Zuckerburg clearly i…[View]
13984812'To the strongest': These are the most retarded last words ever. What the fuck was Alexander thinkin…[View]
13987399How important was the Black Death to Europe's history? And why did Poland escape it?[View]
13986505What will eventually happen to Kaliningrad when russia collapses? Germany gave up their claim to it …[View]
13987619& Humanities: Existential Questionnaire 1. Why are we here? 2. Why is there something instead of…[View]
13988450If the soul goes to heaven or hell after death, then what happens at the Resurrection? Paul makes it…[View]
13988445For me, it's Saint Francis of Assisi[View]
13988050How do we improve schools from a philosophical perspective?[View]
13981406>people born in the 1860s got to see the space race >people born in Tsarist Russia got to see …[View]
13983605Why is the technological state of society in rapid decline? Is it 'muh niggers'?[View]
13988045How exactly does a feudal society function?: What happens with unemployment workers? How do building…[View]
13988306is there any evidence that raping of slaves was a common practice or is buck breaking just tariq…[View]
13988358Can we all agree that it's better to love than to hate?[View]
13986269Fascist Corpses: Post photographs of dead f*scists. A fascist is always a faggot[View]
13987864What happened to the collective punishment of ethnic groups? In 1850, one Hakka started a rebellion …[View]
13987998>fornication and adultery are sins but sin away if you must How does Christianity survive when i…[View]
13986347Not hating: But is this actually true? Germany didn’t have any tanks in 1918 but France and Britain …[View]
13988339Lothrop Stoddard made a good point, why did Hitler have such a focus of Jews if he was planning on r…[View]
13988322History of Recreation and Amusement: Look at these fruity motherfuckers with their curved sticks, hi…[View]
13987747Jomon bros...: How could Musashi, a Yayoi inferior, defeat a Jomon bvll like Sasaki Kojiro?[View]
13983837Why is the Christian God the only one the world hates? Why don't I ever see Atheists attacking …[View]
13988204Let me explain why great man theory is wrong. Individuals actually do matter, and make a difference.…[View]
13988199Why do women often deliberately make their voices sound unintelligent?[View]
13988172Salvation vs works: Good works are the result of our salvation; God saves us to do good works. It is…[View]
13986289Who was slapped the hardest by the Ottomans?[View]
13988160Life is already hard enough without knowing that the most powerful being in the universe is most lik…[View]
13983298What are the best history podcasts, bros? Any region or timeframe, but a brief QRD with your answers…[View]
13987401Trojan war: Did it happen? If so, was it as described or different? If not, did Homer intended for i…[View]
13987942Mutt subhumanity is the core of liberalism. Obesity is a trait, skin color is a visual thing, it doe…[View]
13988114I don't believe in reincarnation but I could believe that Julius Caesar and Napoleon were of th…[View]
13987419There is no wisdom nor insight that has any use against the Lord[View]
13987566why weren't way larger sections of Qing China cut up and colonized by the European powers? it s…[View]
13982774Which has contributed more to civilization, the East or the West?[View]
13986485what got you interested in history? pic unrelated ofc[View]
13986893Why didn't Denmark receive Schleswig or Holstein at the end of WWI or WWII?[View]
13987653Was ancient rome a fascist empire?[View]
13987480Gerald of Wales: This thread is about discussing the writings of Gerald de Barri AKA Giraldus Cambre…[View]
13987659>is the most popular president in recent history >wins two elections in landslide victories …[View]
13987245Emperor Tewodros II of Abyssinia: >be Tewodros >your Christian empire is in danger of being ov…[View]
13981987The psychology of leftism: Leftism in it's modern manifestation is a form of slave-morality. Th…[View]
13987887Why did Poseidon get sidelined after the Mycenaean period?[View]
13983549Chuds, explain yourselves.[View]
13980669Where did catholics get purgatory from?: Nowhere in the Bible or the early Church Fathers is purgato…[View]
13986294Galileo and Copernicus were both ostracized and faced hatred for their discovery: You think any mode…[View]
13987112Dilemma: I've been undergoing a gradual but decisive shift from one kind of Christianity to one…[View]
13981670>NOOOOOO you can’t just deny the law of causality and believe it’s an illusion all effects must h…[View]
13986621ITT: Post your favorite historical flags no longer in usage Pic related, the white dragon flag of An…[View]
13987476why do people care about climate change and the environment in general? what purpose does it serve t…[View]
13987805I agree with the israelite conception of God; a petty, chaotic and extremely terrifying entity that …[View]
13987723Stop referring to 'Protestants' as one group. They literally have theologies that condemn eachother …[View]
13982929The torture-death of Sylvia Likens made the headlines in 1965 but less well-known is the story of De…[View]
13986143Protestants claim to be the closest thing to 'original Christianity' yet not one single church datin…[View]
13987701Why doesn't africa have any resources?[View]
13987576I feel like there’s going to be a great divide Western Europe will be multiracial, multicultural and…[View]
13987381tb52k0: 4chan users when they find out who else was deported from cuba and labeled as 'worms' in the…[View]
13987599Is it a plausible alt history for the US to have taken over the Caribbean? It's kind of odd to …[View]
13985541Was living in caves as bad as movies portray it ?[View]
13986669Where are the piles of shit, mud and vomit londoners were supposedly forced to wade through?[View]
13987562Now I know who most American/Australian/Canadian/New Zealand immigrants are[View]
13986786Why?: >medieval europeans Pious, brave, strong, warlike, devoted, adventurous, God-fearing, devot…[View]
13984813Who was the worst dictator in history?: Any definition of 'Worst' can fit here. Whether it be who w…[View]
13986950The worst mistake the Med man ever made was creating this abominations.[View]
13987445Banach-Tarski paradox explains Trinity. You have one God that is equal to 3 Gods. All of than follow…[View]
13986013Is it possible that Jesus didn't actually exist? Why do so few people argue against the existen…[View]
13983130How did R1b get to Africa?[View]
13986348Arminius: was he based?[View]
13986278Was it autism?[View]
13987364>the city of troy was real but blown up by germans I hate germans so much bros…[View]
13986952I have an unhealthy interest in both the Korean War and the history of North Korea. AMA about it[View]
13986141John The Baptist: what’s actually the deal with this guy? did he have his own movement? was jesus in…[View]
13986665Is there any proof these men actually exited?[View]
13987297What if poor whites rebelled against the slave elite?[View]
13987302My blood boils when my ancestors tell me what Spaniards did during the Rif war. I tell myself that w…[View]
13987133>orders Riffian women to behead Spanish prisoners Why did he do that?[View]
13987249The trinity is weird. How do I love God if I have to split my love between three different people?[View]
13986390>there is nothing after death >there is life after death and a heaven and hell >after you d…[View]
13985650Based Spanish Men got a lot of Pussy than we ever get in your life times they got Brownpussypilled[View]
13987273The meaning of life is to adapt. Everything else is delusion. All else is a fantasy of grandeur. Eve…[View]
13987268Would Ethiopia have joined the Axis during WW2 if they didn't have tensions with Italy? They ha…[View]
13985093Why didn’t they just build an army and destroy all mongol peoples north? Like wouldn’t it be easier …[View]
13986393Queen Vicotria=Lenin George V=Stalin Edward VIII=Malenkov George VI=Khrushchev Elizabeth II= Brezhne…[View]
13987159An increasing number of academics are hopping on board the anti-Old Testament train. Won't this…[View]
13987183America single handedly won WW2. The rest of the allies were just riding America's coattails.[View]
13987198I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
13986829Name a single successful militaristic society that didn't practice eugenics.[View]
13982359Who was the worst Democratic President? Who was the worst Republican?[View]
13979429>Gives Amnesty to people who will vote Democrat and Make California permablue >Bans Assault Ri…[View]
13986806bros... what could've been... i miss her...[View]
13986504Why did he have such a meltdown over the Harpers Ferry garrisons?[View]
13985694ESL here all I know about American history is the Hamilton play is it an accurate portrayal of the p…[View]
13986450General Education: >go to college for tech job >need to take general electives for degree >…[View]
13987023Have you listened to your Sugrue today, Anon?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07DrmAkIoE4…[View]
13985632Marsh Arabs are not Sumerian nor actually Arabs: Reuben Levy (1924). 'A Note on the Madan of Lower I…[View]
13986881What if they united to form one super power? Who could stop them?[View]
13984429What sort of financial compensation did the janissaries received for their services to the Ottoman E…[View]
13986984It is IMPOSSIBLE for evolution to create races of differing intelligences It is IMPOSSIBLE that free…[View]
13986381Why did the anti-Medieval propaganda of the renaissance and enlightenment fail?: The Medieval period…[View]
13986028722–885 AD (Qarluq period). mtDNA: F1b1f Y-DNA: J-PH1795[View]
13986782How different would history be if King Glowie got a second term? No 9/11?[View]
13986233Who are the Indo Europeans? Are they the yamnaya? Steppe people? Who are the indo Europeans everyone…[View]
13986908what happened to serbia after the kosovo battle?: was it a real country or basically an ottoman prov…[View]
13986813I don't understand counter culture or why it ever became popular[View]
13985797Why don't I get virgins in christianity?: Islam at least has something you know >In the tafs…[View]
13982893Could modern English be considered a romance language?[View]
13985276Was there an eugenics program in the Soviet union that bred for obidience?[View]
13986779mental illness: ive met slavs theyre 100% twink zombie and i see my evil zombie self in them however…[View]
13986157Ancient people didn't believe in God, they knew without a shadow of a doubt that God exists. Wh…[View]
13978144Anglo Paper: >We estimate that the ancestry of the present-day English ranges between 25% and 47%…[View]
13986568Thoughts on Scandinavian Christianity?[View]
13984161Instead of trusting in other men to teach me the truth about God, I will pray directly to God for Hi…[View]
13986610> 'Every nation gets the government it deserves.' - Joseph De Maistre Does /his/ agree with this?…[View]
13985617>Alexander died at 32 >many of his generals lived over 70s and 80s…[View]
13986580How close were they to unifying? Would we have seen a single Irish Kingdom if the Normans hadn'…[View]
13985329What kind of a cuck does this?[View]
13986472>be me >conquer balkans >kidnap kids and turn them into muslims >super soldiermaxxing …[View]
13984332Why is Norse mythology so popular? It's arguably only below the Greek and Roman ones.[View]
13983581How could he win?[View]
13986344Black Fertility God In Egypt: >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Min_(god) What do you think of this?…[View]
13986224Why do europeans worship a pederastic empire ruled by syrian transexuals that tought using trousers …[View]
13986335>buck breaks uppity snow negroes Based Med BVLL[View]
13984086Richard Dawkins is so freaking bizarre. He has absolutely pedestrian level takes on theology, and I …[View]
13985335>when the monarch enters Scotland she becomes a member of the church of Scotland >Queen died a…[View]
13986360Remember how when /his/ was created the sticky had a picture of Sherman, and everyone got so butthur…[View]
13986358Greater Turkey: Did Turkey ever seriously try to reclaim Ottoman lands of form a Greater Turkey? Wha…[View]
13985126>80% of their oil comes from the US >Knows that the US is friendly with China and doesn'…[View]
13985791You realize Turkey is regarded as a more religious country than Iran right?: This idea that Turks ar…[View]
13985369>NOOOOO I voluntarily participated in the development of a weapon of mass destruction I'M SO…[View]
13986276They called him ‘little Leo’[View]
13985010Greek excellence: Fascinating how this small area produced more scholars than any civilization and s…[View]
13982928How would you redraw the borders of Africa?[View]
13983585The exact moment the Catholic church became evil.[View]
13986065Would Chinese dynasties have longer life spans if they had the ability to do the good old 'bread and…[View]
13985287Ancient Mosaic Replicas: Does /his/ know where can I buy replicas of ancient mosaics like pic relate…[View]
13985998Why is Lincoln usually considered the best or one of the best presidents?: Under his watch: >Amer…[View]
13984044>be illegal immigrants >don’t follow the law or assimilate >seethe and revolt when the Mexi…[View]
13985770Why did Medieval Turkics prefer the coast to the steppes of Inner Anatolia?[View]
13982504You genuinely cannot comprehend how severely I would beat the shit out of this faggot.[View]
13980134Why does it seem like there's a huge paradox between liberal/feminist values and the dating pre…[View]
13985315what's the future of christianity? how long will catholicism last? i only see protestantism su…[View]
13985647What are the historical implicatons of this board being infested of apricity subhumans?[View]
13985359Was the Christ Myth inevitable?: For the purposes of this thread, I will assume a historically real …[View]
13983998Should I become Shia or Sunni? I’m leaning toward Shia but the practice of pleasure marriage is a bi…[View]
13985573Fuck Cars: The Pushing of Car Culture, Highways and Cheap Suburbs was one of the worst Mistakes in A…[View]
13985388The religious can only reproduce via indoctrination of children. If you don't fill your childs …[View]
13984424Why do liberals say Jesus and John were gay when they were cousins ?[View]
13983730Did ancient soldiers get PTSD?[View]
13985814Was he, personally, justified in hating his generals? They were the only people repeatedly plotting …[View]
13985602What do I think of Herodotus and his histories?[View]
13985150Why is modern art such trash compared to art from a hundred of years ago?[View]
13982060>Mama, Mama, where’s my pa?![View]
13985880>Having some fun in Warsaw is LE BAD[View]
13984725One of Oliver Cromwell’s descendants is a Catholic married to the royal family > Katharine, Duch…[View]
13985584South Africa in WW2: >government has literal Nazis and Germans in it (Defence Minister Pirow) …[View]
13985667Your criticism of Richard Nixon on Vietnam is unfair: Much of your criticism i've noticed which…[View]
13983536Why were the Franks so prone to infighting? They could have created an empire surpassing Rome if the…[View]
13984807&humanities: Why did the Catholic church condemn priests having consensual sex with boys on the …[View]
13985580How did these ancient migrations like the vikings/goths/huns work anyway? Was it a big caravan of wo…[View]
13985635literally why did he want Russia[View]
13985762Would Nixon's Family Assistance Plan have worked?[View]
13985711>Your cunt >What you think of the History & Humanities Academia in your country.…[View]
13985075how come slavic culture(specifically russkies) goes out it's way to forget their Nordic influen…[View]
13985339I have come to the conclusion, humans have evolved to optimally produce 90% of npc sheep normie catt…[View]
13985392So is he still rolling that boulder to this very day? What the hell Zeus, doesn't that punishme…[View]
13984387Why isn't 'free will doesn't exist' a more mainstream belief? Sure, you sometimes see peop…[View]
13985341>egyptian civilization[View]
13982614>Did you ever hear the tragedy of Arminius the Great? >I thought not, it's not a story yo…[View]
13983904Do Christian women get horny when looking at pictures of Jesus? Do Catholic men get horny when think…[View]
13985316Latinbros explain yourselves: Why does 'Auster' in Latin refer to the South, but other words with th…[View]
13982076Is dystopia possible?[View]
13985201Germany: Germany should look like this again, and be the nationalistic country It once was, and not …[View]
13984180Does the Neanderthal Theory of Autism hold any water? Regardless, if it were proven to be true, woul…[View]
13985299Guess my denomination[View]
13985401why is it so difficult for modern scholarship to admit ncient greek elites and intelectuals were of …[View]
13982666What happened to the Gothic tribes that had inhabited Central and Eastern Europe? Did they really ju…[View]
13984484Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here?[View]
13981166When did you realize that most threads here are just racial dick-measuring bait?[View]
13984586What is the most prestigious language?[View]
13977231>Mansa Musa was supposedly the richest man of all time >pic related is his only achievment sti…[View]
13984904Are nation states basically just pirates? The flags are clearly naval.[View]
13984235>'Whites are just useless low IQ apes; before meds came along they had no infrastructure, agricul…[View]
13985080Martian Government: How should the future martian government be structured? We know from Aristotle, …[View]
13984708Some of peoples obsession with forced birth is weird >OH NO PEOPLE ARENT HAVING KIDS THIS IS AWFU…[View]
13979029Does God have a sense of humor? I'm not asking this as a meme, I'm 100% serious. Does god…[View]
13984096>1812 was 90 years ago[View]
13980852Europe would have been better off if Napoleon won. >'HE CROWNED HIMSELF KING AND THUS BETRAYED T…[View]
13985027>mfw WWII -who-who-two, wo-wo-wo, hwo-hwo-hwo >mfw WWI - hwo hwo ONE, hwo-hwo-HWONE…[View]
13980381Atheism, the belief that God does not exist is centered around ridiculing God, thus inadvertently ac…[View]
13985202There is a distant Oghuz Turkic ethnicity in China called 'Salar' who are similar to Turks linguisti…[View]
13980225Proto-Turkics were not entirely Asian and they show a huge difference (Aldy Bel and Pazyryk) from Pr…[View]
13982247What are some of your favorite forest dwelling civilizations? Hard mode: Excluding the Americas[View]
13984039Peak oil: There's no chance you'll survive. You'll die. It's wonderful. Even whe…[View]
13984116What role did he play in the massacre of the Romanovs?: Dzerzhinsky was already head of the Cheka by…[View]
13983321Why does public housing fail?: Is it poor governmental management? Business practices? The people? W…[View]
13984417What's up with taking ancient stuff at face value?: Hey, so I've been reading a bunch of o…[View]
13985062Historically speaking is there a parallel to modern radical leftists lending support to a right wing…[View]
13985077Help: My friend sent me this. What language is it? I can't find it in a reverse image search.…[View]
13984901I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
13984377Death is scary: Y’all scared of death like I am? I’m up almost every night wracked by anxiety about …[View]
13982383Which Old Testamt?: I'm willing to learn one old language to read the OT, but which should I le…[View]
13984080Are there any philosophical arguments in defense of slavery?: Specifically chattel slavery as if exi…[View]
13984671The Western Roman Empire died in 1918 The Eastern Roman Empire died in 1922.[View]
13984047History of the pashtun people? Who are they? and why do they look so diverse?[View]
13984831>think romans and ancient greeks are cool >branch out to read about other historical things …[View]
13985005Why is the presence and extent of futhark and anglosaxon script so discontinuous/sparse yet persiste…[View]
13984947>world war 2? you must mean the Third Gentile Revolt Against The Global ZOG…[View]
13984682>You see, humans have always migrated, it's just a part of who we are. Your ancestors at som…[View]
13984765based churchill kill all russhits[View]
13984735Are women doing a good job in sexually selecting the best and the brightest to breed with?[View]
13984710Kino Ship Thread: This board has been infested with displaced /pol/tards lately. Let;s remedy that b…[View]
13984854>ordinary compassion bad >life-affirming compassion good Give an example >Blond beasts were…[View]
13983704what is the prime mover of the universe?[View]
13981200Was there anyone in America before the Indians and Vikings? Who existed here being born here?[View]
13984835On this day 50 years ago Philippine Dictator Ferdinand Marcos declares Martial Law[View]
1398023927 years later, was he right?[View]
13981525why were there so many lightskin niggas back then? wasn’t race mixing illigal?[View]
13984299Brainlet here. Seeking cliffs notes on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sl1Bta0DsSo . Friend said it…[View]
13984534Is he right ?[View]
13984754>browse /his/ >see stupid thread >bump threads beneath it to make it die faster…[View]
13982284>be HP Lovecraft >be unfathomably based irl >bottom greentext…[View]
13974358Who would win a hand-to-hand duel to death?: It is 1941, both men are in historically accurate physi…[View]
13984651Is he right?[View]
13981111I believe the Revolutionary war of the colonies was a mistake, I watched the Funeral of the queen an…[View]
13984179>proclaims the triumph of the Will >loses because of material conditions Huh, really makes yo…[View]
13984067What is the origin and intent of the 'model minority' concept?[View]
13981973is it fair to say the peak oil meme is officially dead and has been dead for years?[View]
13980766ITT: This month we mourn the defeat that could have changed much including the rise of christianity …[View]
13984426Are there any steppe peoples that didn't develop archery? Or any other peoples who developed ar…[View]
13983604Joan of Arc: A) She actually was getting messages from God. B) She had schizophrenia which inspired …[View]
13984134How do we know what the Ten Commandments are?: In the Bible it never actually says which laws are sp…[View]
13984384Guadalupe woman resolutely disproves evolution: >Skeleton of a woman found in rock estimated to b…[View]
13983740>'Black are just useless low IQ apes; before whites came along they had no infrastructure, agricu…[View]
13983853>Muhammad didn't do any miracles >didn't prophecy the future >raped a little girl…[View]
13983074>atheists when they see a single source written 300 years after the event with the earliest manus…[View]
13982533What's your favorite 'Intellectual Class' from a historical society? Mine is the Druids[View]
13983430Is it me or has /his/ significantly declined when it comes to usage? I remember that some threads wo…[View]
13983363>If I lived only 100 years ago I would have been taller than 99% of all humans This is my only co…[View]
13984070Are Neanderthal really considered a failed extinct species if they managed to successfully reproduce…[View]
13982412Why did Satanism go from a super libertarian or even right-wing, might makes right ideology to progr…[View]
13984311Nord vs med general[View]
13984119>right off the mainland of a huge civilisation to trade with and exchange information and tech …[View]
13983899>Rome adopting more and more heretical standpoints by the year >vatican 1 and 2, Pachamama, cl…[View]
13984273What is the goal of idpol shitflinging?[View]
13984201Nobody can find a battle where artillery or cavalry loses.[View]
13984166>no don't eat the forbidden fruit knowledge too spicy for thee would retardation like this w…[View]
13981743Northern Crusades: How brutal were they actually? Were they really this genocidal mass slaughter of …[View]
13982545I recently watched movie Fall of Berlin, which tells you the story of WWII. I liked it, But one scen…[View]
13983907How come India never rose to a position of global power prior to the British colonization?[View]
13983324>professor pulls up a crash course vid What are other red flags?[View]
13984117Proverbs 3:5 ¶ Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. Is…[View]
13979395Oedipus Complex: Is it real? If not how do you explain the popularity of the stepmom genre?[View]
13983955Why do cops fail?[View]
13983813Realistically, how big w was the gap on tech a bantu village from the 5th century BC and a random eg…[View]
13983943Why Didn't The NSDAP Ever Seek To Restore The Monarchy: Weren't they the ultimate symbol o…[View]
13983677List of Rulers of Iran since 650 AD: >650 - 666: Rashidun Caliphate (Arabs) >666 - 750: Umayya…[View]
13984002A country can't survive without exports[View]
13979445Why do christians statistically have a lower IQ and salary than atheists?[View]
13982467i don't get it[View]
13982990Why orientals didnt give a shit about preserving their heritagw? We wouldnt even know about Mesopota…[View]
13983931Historically speaking, why are indians such a disgusting and unwashed people? Here in italy there is…[View]
13982429This is a facial reconstruction of Ukrainian knyaz' Yaroslav Mudry: Say something nice about hi…[View]
13981297Some of my ancestors were German Catholics that come to America in the late 19th century. Tell me ab…[View]
13983821You know how orcs in LOTR used to be elves who were corrupted by Morgoth into perverse mockeries? Th…[View]
13983278Who is dark jesus?[View]
13983713Honest question for Christians: What are your thoughts on marriage between races?[View]
13983669The [ ] race created all civilizations.[View]
13983328Tell me how you think this is wrong.[View]
13983253Why did it take humans so long to learn metalworking? 3.4 million years???[View]
13983174Does believing in an eternal hell shut down one's ability to process arguments that go against …[View]
13981026The Minoans were genetically similar to the Myceneans. In the myths, they're not described as d…[View]
13983402I’m finally going to give up 4chan and much of the internet in general very soon. Are any of you goi…[View]
13974786>Population in the Billions. >Rich in natural resources. >DID NOT HAVE A STRICT COMMUNIST P…[View]
13983655Realistically, what would have become of the South if all of the freedmen were resettled after the C…[View]
13983572My plan: 1. Get together a Catholic priest, Orthodox Priest, Imam, Lutheran Pastor, Hindu Brahmin, R…[View]
13983524Who was in the wrong here?[View]
13982647every last theoretical population model in the field of archaeogenetics is hamstrung by survivorship…[View]
13982021Why were pre Christian societies so much cooler with suicide Is it true suicide was made taboo by Ch…[View]
13981011Western civilization[View]
13983405>World War I's theme is about the hubris of entrenched leadership, especially monarchy, not …[View]
13983465Did British rule do more harm to the Boers than good?[View]
13983323Did British rule do more harm to the Indian subcontinent than good?[View]
13979697>Every religious text in the world is wrong...except our one[View]
13982039>was x group White? >is x White? >was x ruler White? Who cares?…[View]
13983006God already knows exactly how and when every human on Earth, including you and me, is going to die. …[View]
13982931Wait /Pol/ told me the ruling class in ancient India was white? Why can't I find any European l…[View]
13977601Do terror tactics ever work?: They really seem to never work regardless if used by a government or t…[View]
13981887Why did the European aristocracy become so effeminate in the 17th/18th century? >tights >ruffl…[View]
13983299Why did blond blue eyed Aryans forget all the civilizational advances they gave the rest of the worl…[View]
13982258When Sedevacantists are like 99 to 1 against homosexuality, birth control, and believe in the real p…[View]
13983241Why do frogs worship him?: His only achievement was resolving a crisis he started. >muh holy roma…[View]
13980140The Anarchy/Anglo-Norman Civil War: >'The men said openly that Christ and his saints were asleep'…[View]
13982120>Discovers remnants of the Hyperborean civilization in Sweden[View]
13983023Why did the US succeed in completely pacifying South America while failing in the middle east to the…[View]
13982891What philosopher comes close to these positions? >metaphysical libertarian >panpsychism >in…[View]
13959518Become Evangelical Catholic. We still have the Mass and still have the sacraments but we also believ…[View]
13981865Was he all that good like historians say?[View]
13982978Cuck Plato vs Gigachad Aristotle: Millennial Gayto >'Nothing can be more absurd than the practice…[View]
13981965>picking a fight with praetorians was it a good idea?[View]
13982498Quirites nobiles. As if they're living among us right now.: To be honest, it still blows my min…[View]
13982909What is the consensus on the Book of the Cave of Treasures? It was a Christian book written about 50…[View]
13982539How can we be sure that Buddha existed?[View]
13981880Why do people not dress like this in Iran?: They do in Egypt, they do in Somalia, they do in Pakista…[View]
13981434The real reason for the Y chromosome bottleneck 5-7kya: >The formation of patrilineal kin groups …[View]
13982530the axum himyar war is very intresting and resemble a proto-crusade against a jewish evil kingdom, w…[View]
13981876Pikemen during sieges: What exactly was the job of pikemen do during sieges - say during the 30 year…[View]
13981585Why do Turks hate Arabs?[View]
13982422Why Muslims larped as Chinks?: /his/, was the Mongol invasion that bad?[View]
13981464>The Babylonian word for the falling sickness or epilepsy is miqtu. The tablet BM 47753 describes…[View]
13979783After all my life of growing up in a Catholic household and having to attend mass almost every Sunda…[View]
13980876Tartessos: Tartessos, the Iberian Atlantis/Hyperborea, is all real. Arriba España. Dominator Hercule…[View]
13978939ITT: We post ye olde political cartoons and try to guess what the fuck is the context.[View]
13982220If modern Homo sapiens are from East Africa does that mean Cushitic people are the oldest race.[View]
13982651N caused a haplo violation against R1a which caused the Vikings to be summoned into existence R1b c…[View]
13981972What is muslims opinion about Allah supporting child marriages and sex in the Holy Quran?: What is m…[View]
13978823By his own omission, Max Mueller admits Aryans originated in India although he was an advocate of th…[View]
13982497Stars over Crosses: When's the last time you sat outside and wondered about the stars? We'…[View]
13980582Why didn't the Soviets invest more into computer science?: Wouldn't it massively help thei…[View]
13981276The eternal cycle: Normans got chased by frog posters, can't make this up[View]
13982266The Very First Farmer: What do you think the very first farmer in human history was like? >um swe…[View]
13979865Why do atheists deny the academic conesnsus that Jesus lived?: Don't ell me you fags don't…[View]
13982389You know all peasants during antiquity and later on from Greece to China lived in mudhuts right? Esp…[View]
13979342Looking back in hindsight, was it a mistake to let nonwhites use the internet?[View]
13982364If hitler won the war then jews also win the war, but if jews win the war hitler loses the war, ther…[View]
13982325Why don't atheist mythicist scholars bring up the possibility that the New Testament is not onl…[View]
13982253name a single greek mathematician or evidence of extended mathematical thinking before the orientali…[View]
13981812How do Protestants cope with the fact that there are like a trillion versions of the 'Gospel.' Do th…[View]
13982101https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68SrSkHVFwA >Is the only European leader to cave into American de…[View]
13981403When Khrushchev fell, and Mao lost his Soviet-revisionist collaborator, he went towards the United S…[View]
13982125Happy September Equinox Day! The Holy Ghost[View]
13981041Why is India superior to Europe?: I can't believe Indian history is superior to Europe, how cou…[View]
13981456Optimate or Populare?[View]
13981489Were women treated as second class until Christianity was founded ?[View]
13982065what would john money think of the modern lgbt movement?[View]
13981966Daily reminder that the Arya were white and this is literally irrefutable.[View]
13978874If Jesus doesn't come back in my lifetime it means he's never coming back and he either li…[View]
13981918why were they able to stop muslims and christians in their tracks?[View]
13981938Indians are the shame of White people: > White R1a gene. > Lose to almost everyone. > Only …[View]
13972426How would you improve the treaty of Versailles to be more fair and avoid World War II?[View]
13980447*gasses you*(allegedly)[View]
13981439Why'd he hate Lasalle so much?[View]
13981953>*teleports behind you* >*crucifies the pope* Psshhh... Nothin personnel, kid...…[View]
13981935Why have blacks been subjugated by every race in history?[View]
13980967Historical beauty thread: Which time period in history had the most beautiful women and aesthetics i…[View]
13979070Why do atheists hate god?[View]
13979799Was Alexander II Russia's greatest emperor? He's the only one with statues standing proudl…[View]
13979521How did empires govern?: Must have been near impossible to govern a empire where most people couldn…[View]
13981643What's the history of the Illuminati?[View]
13981645Would there have been a second battle for the atlantic if the Cold War had gone hot with soviet subs…[View]
13979528How did this place make Chinese seethe so much?[View]
13980557But professor foreskinberg told me Hitler was the aggressor[View]
13981278I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
13981826How do the people of Russia see themselves? I’ve been looking into this book recently, and of Dugin’…[View]
13978004Why is indian civilization so succesful and superior compared to ancient western civilization?[View]
13981637Alternate History: Yugoslavia but Czechoslovakia. Which side would have won the brutal civil war and…[View]
13981309There was a man who came up to Jesus one day and asked: > “Tell me, master, what should I do to i…[View]
13981483Is instance in the Bible of the acceptable veneration of non-Yahweh entities?: I want to hear from C…[View]
13971030What are some good arguments for the existence of God?: >t. Agnostic.…[View]
13979953Why did they kill each other? Why didn’t they work together to defeat Anglos/Americans and kill each…[View]
13978819Peak oil: You'll die at last. It can't be stopped. Sugar is a high yielding crop. It ran o…[View]
13981717WE WUZ EINSTEIN[View]
13976463italians are 20% german in average, balkans are 50% slav, both used to be 0% there is not much of th…[View]
13978691'Dur, god isn't real because there's no such thing as free will.': Why do atheists admit t…[View]
13980371did vikings or other medieval people have penal units people who were cowards and criminals and want…[View]
13978616>14 year old may or may not have whistled at your wife >decide to brutally beat him up and mur…[View]
13981307Why was the West so terrified of a Greater Serbia, to the point where they literally worked with isl…[View]
13981186Meme thread: Post memems in the vain of pic related. Funny historical political compass also allowed…[View]
13973345Why do academics dismiss Great Man theory?: It seems pretty obvious that individuals have significan…[View]
13979869&humanities: Why do age of consent laws exist?[View]
13981235Are there any unbiased WWII documentaries?: Movies can be included too if they're somewhat hist…[View]
13981187>2022 >I am forgotten[View]
13979962There are no patriots in trenches.[View]
13981328When did you realize that Jesus is the Archangel Michael ?[View]
13980570Thoughts on the Moravians?[View]
13975674After conquest by the muslims, why didn’t Persia turn Arab like the rest of the Orient?[View]
13979350/his/ good documentaries: The history channel stopped being good like 20 years ago so post your favo…[View]
13977732Should there be a religion board ?[View]
13981157Is it dangerous and/or immoral to read Mein Kampf?[View]
13975869Romanians defeated the Ottoman Empire in the late 1500s and there never would have been a 2nd Siege …[View]
13980684why is it that most philosophers and mathematicians from ancient greece were Indian, persian and egy…[View]
13977900Why did the aryans get white mixed in europe: How come Aryans changed so much in Europe but stayed t…[View]
13978169What were historical harems actually like?[View]
13979260Hunters Point in San Francisco became the scene of a major race riot in the fall of 1966. The distri…[View]
13979470Why aren't India or Indonesia superpowers even though they have massive populations?[View]
13979734What is the value of marriage in the modern age?[View]
13978105Who had the most Neanderthal admixture, WHG, EEF or Yamnaya?: I'd guess Yamnaya but I'm ne…[View]
13979699I’ve realised just how screwed neo-Nazis are. The far majority of wealthy white elites (not just Jew…[View]
13978995So Indians and Negroes created the first civilizations?: >'Of the Ethiopians above Egypt and of t…[View]
13980536What would have happened if the US Government fully agreed with Patton and decided to attack Russia?…[View]
13981086Honestly is Islam just pre-Protestantism but with Arab paganism thrown in? They’re more similar than…[View]
13980527The Feast of All Saints is in 40 days. How are you preparing?[View]
13980993help me identify these guys please: this pic has been making the rounds on vk for a few days. who th…[View]
13980921>Jews build a thriving and peaceful mercantile empire >Whites burn it to the ground and salt t…[View]
13979141Adolf Hitler was one of the greatest men that ever lived: Imagine surviving full 4 years in the dirt…[View]
13974956God isn’t necessary: Theists say that God is necessary to explain the existence of the universe. But…[View]
13979108You really mean to tell me that in the centuries of Spanish rule in the Americas and the Philippines…[View]
13980922If Poland conceded Danzig in 1939, where would have Hitler turned next?[View]
13981008Project cybersyn: >Project Cybersyn was a Chilean project from 1971 to 1973 during the presidency…[View]
13980784Why were the UK and US so much better than everyone else at code cracking in ww2?[View]
13976728Bongs taking credit for defeating Napoleon is like Americans taking credit for dfeating the Central …[View]
13979866https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herostratus >Herostratus confessed to having committed the arson …[View]
13979443why do indians take pride in this civilization I thought they hated pakis[View]
13975016Playing the Wo Long demo recently made me realize that despite knowing a decent amount about Japanes…[View]
13976902Taking picrel into consideration, how much of a sick fuck was mohammad?[View]
13979414theosophy: quick rundown on theosophy? i heard about it in the context of some early 20th century ac…[View]
13980783>William the Conqueror was nordi-[View]
13980199The beginning of history: In our global society we still have constant economic and financial crisis…[View]
13979375'I do not want to get into a debate on a foreign policy meeting in Manila with a chronic campaigner …[View]
13980290Druids: These Druid guys were pretty cool, they were religious leaders as well as legal authorities,…[View]
13979776Weird, random, forgotten battles: I just found out Italy fought Japan in the far east...during World…[View]
13979406Why did the Germanic tribes adopt Christianity so zealously?[View]
13979834>tfw I glue my butthole shut before going to church so the priest can’t get me…[View]
13980392Western civilisation.[View]
13980058Why are women obsessed with Halloween? Not only that they carry the aesthetic for the rest of the ye…[View]
13980281Why were bronze age/early iron age france-iberia-britain so underdeveloped? I can undertand why area…[View]
13979507Why was Milton Friedman such a stereotypical Jew? >ok with dangerous consumer goods, pro child la…[View]
13980542is it true that most ancient greece philosophers are indian and egyptian?[View]
13980067pol pot: marxist communists: the upper class bourgeois are the enemy pol pot: murders all bourgeois …[View]
13980352You control what you think.: Look at this picture. If you look at Psychopedism, you would figure tha…[View]
13980639Western History: >Greeks are divided little nations >One (1) state becomes most powerful and d…[View]
13976672Will future humans basically be super tall high IQ children?[View]
13974994Is it true that in prehistoric europe italian, greek and spaniard related women were fucked by Yamna…[View]
13970892Is utopia possible?[View]
13979951Why is there 3 stories in genesis where abraham or isaac introduce their wife as their sister. A kin…[View]
13980491Every tourist creates 35k gdp. Every ton iron makes 111k gdp. In Africa tourism produces 1/3 as much…[View]
13978815>The Chinese were conquered by a dude named Dodo[View]
13980391Why did the palestinian question become so important for all the muslim countries? Most of the Musli…[View]
13980428Why did gook CIA kill him?[View]
13980187so what was it doing in a desert?[View]
13975916Did the Soviets steal industry from occupied Europe?[View]
13976193Why did southerners fanatically fight for slavery to remain legal?[View]
13977936Why didn't the British benefit India: India was a good country so why didn't the British i…[View]
13980343are there memorials about this in america?[View]
13980353What is money? I'll give the actual answer, and his will give the retard answer. Money doesn…[View]
13979696Why were Turks such a laughing stock?: They went from being in the nightmares in European dreams to …[View]
13979258too real because he ends up with the thot anyway, falls in love, but then she disappears because ofc…[View]

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