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9240303*collapses within 75 years* what went wrong? there are russians that even outlived the soviet union.[View]
9249323Who was the Gunt of history?[View]
9249100What were his political beliefs?[View]
9247184Anyone have a good like 300-400 page book on full USA history thats not political bullshit and objec…[View]
9249199Which one is the remake?[View]
9244617Based or Cringe?[View]
9248310If Black Dynamite hadn't fought nixon to an inevtiable surrender would he still have resigned?[View]
9248456Why does this book lie so much? So many claims inside it have been proven wrong with archaeological …[View]
9248915Why the fuck the Romans and Persians butchered each others only for a bunch of sand dunes ? Only to …[View]
9244001Is fascism poor man's monarchism?[View]
9249119*charges through your ranks* heh, nothing personnel kiddo[View]
9246419>hello and welcome to the history of Rome what are some other comfy history podcasts?…[View]
9246683Is value is derived from time spent performing labor then why do I spend more money on surgery than …[View]
9248524Should historical artifacts really be preserved if they're an affront to God himself?[View]
9249130Tell me more.[View]
9249025In what world is absolute democracy a good idea? How is giving votes to people on any kind of govern…[View]
9244951Why did Gadaffi have an all female bodyguard unit called the “revolutionary nuns”?[View]
9248381ITT: Bullshit stories from WW2: >James Howard >shot down 30 german planes, by himself, in a si…[View]
9248665I'm starting to think metaphysics is bullshit and not worthwhile. Change my mind.[View]
9248271Could Soviet Union have survived without the purges, especially the great purge?[View]
9249007blocks your path[View]
9245431How did she make people obey her even though she was a woman?[View]
9248498Persia was the main reason behind the fall of Rome[View]
9246440>In January 1955, Winston Churchill, generally lionised as a British hero, made a bold suggestion…[View]
9248820Cool Video about Napoleon: Lol another animated history channel https://youtu.be/jORSFOVn2i4[View]
9236414How many Jews were exterminated in Nazi Germany?[View]
9246370Historical figures with mental illness: What are some historical figures who were depressed/mentally…[View]
9245687Did female ninjas exist ?[View]
9245955Why was Joan of Arc such a great dictator?[View]
9247000I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
9248079Why didn't the British retaliate and bomb the Israelis while supporting the Palestinians?[View]
9247897What did he mean by this?[View]
9247176Could a Monarchy system still retain its power and avoid to fall if it possessed nuclear weapons?[View]
9248139>but what astonishes me today is that all the wiseacres who discuss the American Civil War's…[View]
9248304What are some other historical examples of the first one also being the best one?[View]
9247234Does Africa have historical reenactors?[View]
9248006How do you transition a career as a judge into a political one considering you are forbidden from as…[View]
9248640He brought and guided the US out of several crises and was the most consequential president in US hi…[View]
9241939South Africa: 'Empty Land Myth' Is there any truth to this? Was the interior and Western Cape of Sou…[View]
9241536Crazy how moat Eurasian cultures came from these guys[View]
9244649The smartest man who ever lived was responsible for centuries of animals being tortured to death for…[View]
9243933What if Poland allied with Germany instead of France & Britain? What if they went to war against…[View]
9242958Russia has tried so hard and sincerely to bring an era of peace to its European brother through coun…[View]
9244132Helen Keller Was A Fraud: https://youtu.be/5UMDG_qH_RU This is going to blow your mind if you haven…[View]
9246963we wuz slave masters and shit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slavery_in_the_United_States#Black_slav…[View]
9243828Is this correct, /his/?[View]
9243883How did the byzantines get fucked so hard?[View]
9248316Should I fucken make a WE ARE NUMBER 1 parody version but I try to make it about WW2?[View]
9245474>exists as a fairly stable and developed state for 1,000 years before the Akkadians are even arou…[View]
9236827>Has lost both world wars >muh masterrace Why do /pol/acks still believe Germany is some sort …[View]
9248270Reminder that ALL jews are germans and all germans are jews.[View]
9247360Are people on here religious because it’s based/contrarian or because they actually believe in god?[View]
9248199Major Battles of 1914 according to Wikipedia[View]
9247097What's with all the Anti-Charles II stuff recently?[View]
9247434Best books on the Eighty Years' War?[View]
9246428Were Marcuse and Adorno employed by the USA government? 4chan is owned by CIA also[View]
9248119USS Liberty Incident: What really went down here? Why do the Liberty survivor accounts differ so muc…[View]
9246583My grandfather died in this war.[View]
9244707How could a bunch of autistic incels get hold of the most advanced country on earth?[View]
9248071What are the best arguments for dualism?[View]
9247223Could an ai or a robot,ever be TRULY conscience? i don't think an ai would ever be able to be t…[View]
9247863John Henry Newman was the first tradcath zoomer. He converted for aesthetics.[View]
92450671066: Why do people act like this was a great victory for the Normans? The english had just won a ma…[View]
9245260Why are microstates, and autonomous or free cities almost always extremely rich and prosperous?[View]
9246613>risks his own life for peace >refuses to die until his late 90s and cucks the allies into was…[View]
9247908ITT based philosophers[View]
9247871Archaeology in Africa: How much is happening/has happened? has anything new come out of the nok civ …[View]
9247891Sorry if it's a hotly sensitive issue or if it offends the feelings of some. I was for abortion…[View]
9247733What were the primary reasons for Hitlers mental state in the last year before he took his life?[View]
9247588Erodelphian Literary Society: My name is Minor Millikin. I come from Hamilton. I am a man of few wor…[View]
9244751/meta/: Can jannies delete this board? It's literally just a battleground for pol and leftypol …[View]
9239183The pope is currently trying to ban Latin Mass lmao. The Catholic Church does not even WANT all the …[View]
9241371*destroys dozens of outdated historical narratives*[View]
9245114>tfw you realize ghetto black culture is sourced from and modernized white redneck culture…[View]
9247346Ok, but it was a bit suspicious that the mob released a single called 'Who Shot Ya' the day after JF…[View]
9244467Racism is against christianity[View]
9247153>tfw one image so perfectly depicts all of human history Do you see any issues/inaccuracies (not …[View]
9241516Atheism and morals: As a agnostic and a brainlet I've never undestood this. Why do theists say …[View]
9237692/his/ and atun shei films: so is this guy retarded or do you all suck him off[View]
9246835Was he Roman?[View]
9246752Does anyone have pre ww2 photos of eastern European cities? I'm specifically looking for former…[View]
9244828fucking frogs: After spending all my life shitting on frogs I find out I am one, so what are the tra…[View]
9245849What happened here?[View]
9247089Is sexual art Immature? Does liking women in skimpy outfits make me have the maturity of a 12 year o…[View]
9243197your comrade the general secretary is sad. what do you say to him to cheer him up?[View]
9244616'the Press is checkered with abuses,' Thoughts from G.Wash and J.Madison: 'To the press alone, check…[View]
9241723so, where is it?[View]
9246939Based founding fathers: 'It is when a people forget GOD that tyrants forge their chains' - Patrick H…[View]
9245547>I bought this violin vivaldi money I made.[View]
9244258Why are there so many retards on this board?[View]
9246383I'm not a very smart person but it's the precambrian fauna for me[View]
9246870The men who fought this war were the last generation of men[View]
9244881What would 'Ceterum autem censeo Carthaginem esse delendam' have been in the Old Latin which was act…[View]
9245247Prussia: Can someone give a quick rundown on the history of Prussia? I find their culture and histor…[View]
9245505ITT: Best character development arcs only.[View]
9243837Why aren't the Crusades organized anymore?[View]
9240680>aided Soviet, destroyed Nazi, Soviet is now the new enemy >aided China, destroyed Soviet, Chi…[View]
9244843Why are there so many capitalists on this board?[View]
9243742Africa: Has this continent ever been relevant outside of being Europe's punching bag.[View]
9246027B-but Sub Africa is suposed to be primitive!: R-right???[View]
9246291> has to fight cacausus & persian front against Russia > has to fight Gallipoli, Mesapotam…[View]
9243258if I continue learning modern russian, how far back can I go to where I can easily read everything? …[View]
9244578Adhd in the past: How did adhd sufferers survive in the last?[View]
9245091It seems the meaning of the supposed first two cities tells us a lot: Ur is supposed to mean 'dog,be…[View]
9243800Serfie, serfie till the terfie Monk gets beef and gets real girthy Serfie, serfie pay your tax So mo…[View]
9246324Was the soviet unions claims of gender equality true? Was rape less common in the Soviet Union for i…[View]
9245586>the year is 2100 >humanity has invented interstellar travel >find a planet on the other si…[View]
9245122What are some examples of the rich buying entire nations and subsequently controlling it’s policies?…[View]
9246241I swear, I will bring them back.[View]
9238381AHEM: Russians didn't actually rape german women when they invaded Germany. You see, these wome…[View]
9242257*shits on the germans with the force of a thousand laxative pills*[View]
9245619How would the world look now if Kissinger had became the life-long ruler of United States of America…[View]
9243106Why does everyone shit their pants over Germans and Celts living in mudhuts when Greeks did too?[View]
9237656Some things explicitly endorsed by the Qur'an >engaging in wars of conquest >beating diso…[View]
9245986Was there ever an example of penal battalions working as intended and not being more trouble than th…[View]
9245014How are current History M.A's and Ph. D candidate's handling the upcoming Covid-infused ac…[View]
9233250What was the harshest roast in all of history? >inb4 someone says the 6 septillion…[View]
9239314Is the Out of Africa theory still widely accepted by anthropologists?[View]
9245229Why did the British Union of Fascists never get popular in Britain[View]
9243881Are there any other examples of obscenely powerful people getting too cocky and proceeding to be thr…[View]
9245594Does anyone have good resources on Western Europe from like 400 - 1000 AD? Looking specifically for …[View]
9245101What was the rush? Couldn't the Germans have waited for a few years before going after Danzig a…[View]
9245612What went wrong?[View]
9245261>Standing Professional Army >Great Conquerors >Raped the Balkans >Rivals with persia and…[View]
9243936Neolithization theories: Can any kind anons explain me the difference betwen equilibrium models and …[View]
9244827Fuck 'Lech' Wałęsa that hack it, Poland would have been greater if Rakowski was in charge.[View]
9242480Did the zorba commies stand a chance at winning the Greek Civil War?[View]
9236607What does /his/ think of the Victorian era?[View]
9243697What is it worse? A country seeking worldwide ideological hegemony (USSR) or a country seeking absol…[View]
9244850Who was in the wrong here?[View]
9245353Is tradition opposed to cosmopolitism?: It can change depending on the concrete tradition but It…[View]
9245358Why'd he do it bros?[View]
9244894Why everybody talk about 6 millions jews and how terrible it was when 30 millions of soviet people d…[View]
9245296Are the Five Elite Generals of the Wei real?[View]
9245200Amenhotep II may have been the Pharaoh that faced Moses[View]
9245312What was life like in Yuan-china? Did the mongols really rape all qts there?[View]
9240349Why did portuguese people do so much slavery?: Seriously, they bought and sold more africans than sp…[View]
9245245Ask me for a uniform or a unit and maybe I could find and post it here[View]
9245201Classical art thread. Post your best paintings, sculptures, or anything else classical[View]
9240459Reminder: you know nothing about the Greeks: you got the Disney version https://twitter.com/nntaleb…[View]
9243904The Catholic Church built Western Civilisation: The Catholic Church: - preserved knowledge from the …[View]
9245064Does the phrase “Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it” have any value?[View]
9244769ITT: Bullshit stories from WW2: >James Howard >shot down 30 german planes, by himself, in a si…[View]
9244977Who else is gradually ascending beyond philosophy, religion, and politics? I now only study the hist…[View]
9241070What does food in the past taste like? More salty? blander?[View]
9243875Why the british didn't incorporated them into the indian dominion? And why it's not part o…[View]
9244070Helmut Kohl Thread: Let's have a thread about the most important man of late 20th century europ…[View]
9213178>get interested in Jewish culture through its surface elements like music, history and language …[View]
9238079How did the US not manage to prevent a communist state right next to them from forming? Shouldn’t th…[View]
9244188Why people cant accept that Rome died with antiquity in 476 and that the byzantines, carolingians, H…[View]
9223427>25 Albanian Roman emperors[View]
9234880>tfw realizing feudalism and capitalism fought for hundreds of years and capitalism was crushed d…[View]
9244098>During the Winter War against Finland, organizational failures and inadequate equipment left man…[View]
9243815What a fucking faggot[View]
9242767Any veterans on /his/?: Gulf,Nam, Afghanistan?[View]
9242705>history is written by the victors What does this even mean? What is stopping the losing side fro…[View]
9242517Yorkist or Lancastrian?[View]
9238411Why did this man believe he was the master race?[View]
9244315These subhuman savages really deserved what they got[View]
9237981>India declares independence >immediately becomes soulless Why?…[View]
9244032Was he based, or based?[View]
9244482Why didn't/don't other countries do something similar with shooting or other military skil…[View]
9242376Did the historical oppression of women had a technologial impact?: Say, during the medieval period, …[View]
9243187& Humanities: If Catholics did not believe in salvation of works why do they think sola fide mea…[View]
9240658Why didn't he just have sex a second time?[View]
9244293What is the worst hat in history?[View]
9242530This guy is the only reason why France can be credited as a WW2 winner: >Governor of Chad (French…[View]
9241311Why did they always win?[View]
9243956At least ten other men could rival Genghis Khan's genetic heritage. What are they?[View]
9243128Anybody good at law here? If you're charged with assault and there are two alleged witnesses, b…[View]
9244050At what point in history do we start having multiple reliable written sources for events? I feel li…[View]
9243200Why don’t you like conceptual art?[View]
9243255Worst spanish monarch by far[View]
9244127Why hasn’t there been a good pope in over a hundred years?[View]
9243107what makes me me, and not someone else?[View]
9243131Russia and the US: >white Christian nations >never directly fought a battle against each other…[View]
9243541>Germany if Steiner launched his attack Why did Steiner pussy out if he knew his counter attack w…[View]
9243211Is modern art overhated?[View]
9243820Anglos started the enlightenment with: >property rights >individualism >self-rule >decen…[View]
9241972Germanic people will tell you that Polabians and Pomeranians are only Lechites but not Poles. Fine, …[View]
9238776The myth of “muh rapes”: Reminder that 'muh rapes' is a total myth. When Russian soldiers entered Ge…[View]
9243689What came first, the discovery of the core of our Earth being incredibly hot or the idea that hell (…[View]
9242959What happened to them?[View]
9235606Who really won the hundred years war?[View]
9243181The only good liberal[View]
9242479Historical coincidences: >Name is Gotballs >Has pretty huge balls…[View]
9242685Who’s the most important person with Down syndrome in history?[View]
9242922I have been dwelling a lot on solipsism. Was he right on cogito ergo sum? I haven't read Descar…[View]
9243562Which of the three personality types (it, ego and super ego) is most responsible for self-preservati…[View]
9238283Which historical figure most resembles Barack Obama?[View]
9242484A while ago someone made a thread about Islam and how it is truer because it's more intolerant …[View]
92437281941 Leningrad symphony: commies are uncultu-[View]
9243713>The Juwes are The men That Will not be Blamed for nothing. What did he mean by this?…[View]
9242709Why the '''rivalry''' between frogs and bongs is so present on /his/?[View]
9242488Why does it still exist today if it's no longer a monarchy?[View]
9243055My public defender said a long time ago that he was sure I wouldn't get prison. Now he's s…[View]
9241821did you know there were two attempts on gerald fords life?[View]
9242986In a hypothetical case where literally all work gets automated, and assuming that the rich manage to…[View]
9243173>The best pilot in his squadron >Is literally named Best Who the fuck writes this shit?…[View]
9243419Why didn't we just invade Eastern Europe in the 60s and liberate it from Soviet rule? Imagine a…[View]
9243486why did amerindians liked european baroque art and architecture so much?[View]
9242954If Stalin hated the Jews and didn't give them special treatment as some liars believe, why did …[View]
9240152why didn't hitler just build synthetic oil factories?[View]
9240256>Beat to the punch by Americans by 2 decades Why do people shill for the french revolution so har…[View]
9240720Was he based?[View]
9239386Battle of Midway: New vids from montemayor: The Battle of Midway: Hiryu's Counterstrike (2/3) …[View]
9239695If you could watch a real video of any event in history what would it be?: For me? It's a prett…[View]
9240829Is it accurate to describe Russia as the last true empire?[View]
9239774Why does Islam ban interest rates: How else are you going have a safety net for your money to be pay…[View]
9242512Why has Christian Europe failed to create a comprehensive martial art? Is it because Christian pacif…[View]
9243396Which books are essential readings to understand this guy other than MK?[View]
9243071We all know that the Brazilian Empire was very prestigious in relation to the rest of Latin America …[View]
9239853Is this idolatry?[View]
9242067What caused the Zoot suit riots?[View]
9238375>National Education Day USA was established in Lubavitcher Rebbe’s honor and is celebrated on his…[View]
9242080What was the cultural makeup of the Balkans before the slavic immigration?[View]
9243233Morally speaking, if time travel were possible and invented, would it be a moral imperative to preve…[View]
9243209How were revolutionary war armies organized? It seems like the sources/info on this army muddy. Is i…[View]
9242678What many people don't realize, is that the broadside, sail ship of the line remained the major…[View]
9242155Why are fascists so smart?: All leaders of fascist Germany had above-average intelligence. Many of t…[View]
9239470What happened in 1871 /his/ bros? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FbIIli-83E[View]
9241815Favorite Old Testament Scholars?: I've been reading Rashi recently, pretty interesting commenta…[View]
9242252The story of Eve: Can anyone explain to me the moral of Eves story in the Bible? It seems irrational…[View]
9238303General Sherman was a bloodthirsty war criminal[View]
9242509Hi Anons, what do you all think of the history of the Urban Guerrilla, from the RAF to the Years of …[View]
9242911What are your favorite historical quotes?[View]
9242381Why didn't Russia transition well?: Why didn't russian transition well to capitalism like …[View]
9236183Who's your favourite Nazi besides the Führer?[View]
9241433What do we know of life under Hunnic rule?[View]
9233685Appeasement won the war.: Why do so many fucking idiots think that appeasement was this horrible thi…[View]
9242298How did Macedonians go from all of this to their current borders?[View]
9241382What's wrong with these places?: Why did nothing like the inca or aztecs develop there?[View]
9242741If murder is bad under all circumstances why is the french revolution widely celebrated?[View]
9239899Did Germany ever have a chance of winning WW2? There are military historians who says yes and some s…[View]
9241983The Old Left Wing as it exists Today: What does /his/ think about such figures like pic related who …[View]
9239631What are your thoughts on black supremacy?[View]
9240135why didn't he scheme with the japanese to annihilate the communists?[View]
9240201Could the Eastern Bloc have survived without the Soviets?: What would happen if the Warsaw Pact surv…[View]
9215837states rights[View]
9242497do we live in the end times every think is kinda falling apart[View]
9240958Why does no one talk about the Spanish civil war? Has it been swept under the rug on purpose by the …[View]
9233579Rape of Nanjing.: What the fuck was their problem?[View]
9242511The Nazis were bad because they committed atrocities and oppressed people. The fact that some they m…[View]
9242109Looks like the “Barbarians” won: Is this what having “barbarian” ancestors gets you? We got too cock…[View]
9240548Sphinx Erosion: This is true right? Does anybody else believe the erosion on the Sphinx and on the o…[View]
9240989Why does no one talk about the Russian civil war and how the entire Western Entente intervened and g…[View]
9241449Why did Nelson Mandela and South Africa's post-apartheid government choose to destroy South Afr…[View]
9239930Christianity and Misanthropy: How do you Christians justify hell and massa damnata? These ideas are …[View]
9241672If the dark ages are a 'myth' why did Medieval Europe have basically no major infrastructure project…[View]
9242352Why did Napoleon think so highly of the Turks?[View]
9242303What is the most conclusive evidence of reincarnation?[View]
9242291How to christcucks explain this?[View]
9240591What if Evola, Jesus and Spengler were right and we are in the last days of humanity? Let's fac…[View]
9242244The teachings of silvanus: If anyone has read anything, or knows anything about this work then pleas…[View]
9242002Why does no one ever talk about great migrations in East Asia on /his/? I've seen several threa…[View]
9242171Yes, I’ve studied both types of history. Rome and the third reich[View]
9237531>the Roman Empire fell because of degeneracy Can you pinpoint the exact period this meme started?…[View]
9242014Has the U.N. succeeded as an organisation?[View]
9241667Considering my very own consciousness is the only one I can be absolutely sure of while the existenc…[View]
9241880Is there a single real argument against moral relativism and not hurr durr it would be chaos?[View]
9241652>Murder Caesar >name all your future leaders after him Can someone explain why? And why do peo…[View]
9234556New Afrika: If Malcolm X was successful and split off several southern states to form New Afrika, wo…[View]
9241043Thoughts on the role of the OGRE in European Folklore and mythology?[View]
9241923Was early Christianity really an Anarcho-Communist hippie drug cult?[View]
9238373Has there ever been a historically notable female rapist?[View]
9239217If geography is destiny: Does it mean it's impossible for any south american country to project…[View]
9239810What would happen if Zhukov succeeded Stalin?[View]
9240485>be columbus >tell crew first to find land gets gold and silver >crewman says he found land…[View]
9239628>52.8% of Mexican Americans identify themselves as white in the Census >Mexican Americans made…[View]
9238587Nazi cowardice: Why didn’t any of them resist the allied occupation? Why did they all collaborate wi…[View]
9238803Why did Britain never try to annex Denmark in the 18th century while Sweden was weak and the German …[View]
9240655>Fuck the Campbells >Fuck William of Orange >Fuck the lowlanders >Fuck the English >F…[View]
9240646Ughhh imagine if he had been allowed to retire and an actual Marxist was his succesor. UGHHHHH what …[View]
9241180>'We fought the wrong enemy in WWII' >He clearly meant the Communists instead of the Nazis …[View]
9241595ugly buildings[View]
9241674Why do so many people fall for Whig historiography?[View]
9241313Catholics have never provided a good answer as to why God would invest authority into a Church that …[View]
9241539This is the last full-blooded Tasmanian Aboriginal[View]
9241290Origins of Nobility: Who did the European nobility hail from in the high Middle Ages (around 1000 AD…[View]
9239061ITT: Historic tragedies[View]
9236935Why were the Portuguese so weak that the Spanish eventually conquered them and ruled them for 60 yea…[View]
9241256Why is South Germany Catholic? I thought they were, yknow, Germanic?[View]
9238697What was the reasons for Hitlers suicide?[View]
9240807Would you consider South Africa under white minority rule a democracy?[View]
9241596Yet to be debunked, not state's rights, not slaves but rather private property. If the governm…[View]
9241398Why did nazi's hate Christians so much?: Here's what Chief Nazi Ideologue and mentor to Hi…[View]
9241255This 1920s map divides the world among just five superstates. The map was produced by count Richard …[View]
9241524Fuck 'Lech' Wałęsa that hack it, Poland would have been greater if Rakowski was in charge.[View]
9239602In the days of Moby Dick, did they really just whales for lamp oil? Hadn't they discovered the…[View]
9241032Why did he do it? Why did this Southern Democrat single-handedly destroy Democratic control of the S…[View]
9241397>When it makes so much sense the only valid way of attacking it is making some insane strawman…[View]
9240040was Benjamin Franklin autistic?[View]
9240296Tell me about the Herculiani and Joviani legions Who created them and why ?[View]
9241259yes this is history, Lenin, leftcom etc are historical: Hey to the leftcom on /his/, can you describ…[View]
9234700How did they recover from WWII so fast?[View]
9235227Why have female dictators never existed?[View]
9230529What were his plans for post-victory Europe?[View]
9235644Reminder that WW2 was 'BRITAIN Vs GERMANY, and Friends'[View]
9241197misanthropy and omnicidalness: Is it worse to hate all of humanity than to hate some of humanity? …[View]
9240429Why many scottish people look like meds? What tribe are they from?[View]
9240477>God's word[View]
9241049Matthew 6: Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If y…[View]
9239296Protestants claim to be the closest thing to 'original christianity' yet not one single church datin…[View]
9241054> soviet kolkhoz[View]
9241068Where did the idea of injustice come from? Does this stem from the belief that one group has accompl…[View]
9241040Why did the Middle East get conquered by nomadic peoples? (Turks, Bedouins, Scythians, etc.)[View]
9239221>Uses BCE/CE What a fucking faggot[View]
9238367>Abortion is wrong in all circumstances, because all life is inherently valuable…[View]
9240510>leave women in charge for 4000 years >develop no written language >it's taboo to eat …[View]
9239505Look you can say what you want, but at the end of the day Golden Age pirates were just cool and that…[View]
9238424Holy shit i've been scrolling for a while and why is everyone here delusional child so concerne…[View]
9240786'You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life.' - Jo…[View]
9236345Nihilistic atheism is thereby a cope to the idea of an allmighty God who controlls everything[View]
9239491is this worst than the alien Caesar?[View]
9240894Porque los estadounidenses no conocen países de su propio continente, si le preguntas a un estadouni…[View]
9238380Pascals Wager: Can anyone refute this?[View]
9240661Why did beards become fashionable in the XIXth century (second half most of all)? Seems like a prett…[View]
9240056Falklands war: Did Argentina had any chance of winning? If not, were their leadership retarded?…[View]
9239377How do you know if you are a descendant of Cain?[View]
9239292So is god against slavery or not?!: I find it absolutely ridiculous that god allowed the Israelites …[View]
9232425How did an illiterate 16 year old peasant girl convince an army to follow her?[View]
9240133Why does poland have the most pathetic history out of all the European countries?[View]
9237428Illustration thread[View]
9240158Butthurt Belts: 1.vagina 2.does your country have a butthurt belt? flag We used to, at one point we …[View]
9236910I want to emulate my life as much as possible to a Napoleonic soldier. How do I do this, /his/?[View]
9240665does anyone have that >before /his/, after /his/ image about black civilization?…[View]
9240277How influential was he in the Republican Party and American politics in general in the 60s and the 7…[View]
9240531How did the vietcong, even with nearly unlimited supply from china and ussr and manpower from north …[View]
9240553The genius continually discovers fate, and the more profound the genius, the more profound the disco…[View]
9239388>There are people who unironically believe ancient Israelites looked like Ashkenazis and Islam tu…[View]
9237760>fucked boipussy in college >raped all four of his teenage nieces. None of them ever married. …[View]
9238649You ever think if the past had people like us? I want to beleive there was something like an ancient…[View]
9240471Can you guys help me identify someone? I keep seeing his face everywhere in this black and white pic…[View]
9237700Name a better general in all of military history, you can't[View]
9237840Is Michael Parenti /ourguy/?[View]
9240014Ugh, what could've been: Ugh, what could've been[View]
9239611Horse Inheritance: Historically speaking, what happens to the horses of dead Khans? Did Khans even h…[View]
9239054My, my, at Waterloo Napoleon did surrender[View]
9240018If Napoleon won at Waterloo: Supposing a decisive victory, would he have a chance? Or would his ulti…[View]
9231954Why are African nations so unhappy?[View]
9239248Medis and Snow Nibblers Out: England, Scotland, and Ireland belong to Celts and Britons. Normans and…[View]
9239489Big Payday for Enduring Detention/Torture: Massive payouts for some detainees from the war on terror…[View]
9240153I would like to talk about Aksum: Why did they like the Big Stone Towers? Were they the earliest Sta…[View]
9237569Cixi: What the fuck was her problem?[View]
9239558Serfie, serfie till the terfie Monk gets beef and gets real girthy Serfie, serfie pay your tax So mo…[View]
9240020where did the Afro Arabs and Asian Arabs in the Arabian peninsula come from?[View]
9239873>brutally kills 5% of the world population >still not as famous as genghis Why?…[View]
9225149>SC Gwynne, author of Empire Of The Summer Moon about the rise and fall of the Comanche, says sim…[View]
9239672How was this country allowed to exist for so long and avoid annexation by more powerful countries? T…[View]
9239877A slave in ancient civilizations had it easier than a wagecuck: Modernity sucks. Slaves were housed,…[View]
9238574why couldn't they have just flipped a coin?[View]
9239577WW1 Ottomans: >got their asses whipped by Bulgaria, Serbia, and Greece in 1913 >got defeated b…[View]
9238557Salazar was better than Franco[View]
9240003>be nazi retards in Africa >shoot at random passerbys >get killed…[View]
9236409How Japanese viewed Europeans back then?[View]
9236965As an American: MechAmerica gives me hope So Europeans hate Americans for being racist AND for havin…[View]
9238060What's with pagan civilizations and the worship of strong, attractive young men?[View]
9239923Africa political division: Are African countries condemned to conflict ? Are the political boundarie…[View]
9235984The true meaning of life is to obtain leisure.[View]
9235761My Favourite Historical Photo: What do you think about this photo? I find it incredible, that it cap…[View]
9239687Scottish inventions thread: I'll get started. Indoor toilets https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotla…[View]
9235568>There was more freedom under monarchies than under republics and capitalism of today How can mo…[View]
9239782what does it mean to be a historian /his/? and why should it as a field continue to exist?[View]
9239345Flag thread: Favorite historical flags?[View]
9235071Can someone explain to me in detail how the WW1 German shock troopers were so effective?: They playe…[View]
9238828When does someone get to consider themselves to be a historian?[View]
9239424Wouldn't the only rational move for humanity is to atop existing, considering that we know that…[View]
9236882>The civil war was about slav-[View]
9239476Post more stuff like this, Jewish resistance. And yes to the /pol/ lurkers, I am a JIDF Soros paid s…[View]
9218158Islam believes that eliminating temptation is more effective than trying to resist it. How is this …[View]
9238124Why no relevant kingdoms or empires here?[View]
9236778What is the greatest war faught by creatures other than humans? On scale, i mean and where does it s…[View]
9237829Why were these areas so devoid of civilization?[View]
9237502I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
9228716Why did he ruin Lenin's dream of a communist utopia? Why did he destroy everything communism st…[View]
9239358Now that the dust has settled, was he right about Saud? >INTERVIEWER: How do you evaluate the Sau…[View]
9237216Why did Poland and Russia take this land after WW2?[View]
9236344Is beauty objective or subjective?[View]
9236581is latin america part of the ‘western world’? seems like the only place in the world where being whi…[View]
9236306what do you think about crowley?[View]
9239202>matt easton What does /his/ think of him?[View]
9233957Anglo-Saxons: >Greatest country of all time is actually Nordic Anti-Nord posters please justify t…[View]
9235906Reform of the reform plan (low mass): I. PRAYERS BEFORE THE MASS At the foot of the altar >Psalm …[View]
9236450>almost every battle from Napoleonic invasion of Russia is classified as 'French tactical victory…[View]
9238003Why do the Irish ignore the British history of Pre-Gaelic Ireland? Is it because it ruins the victim…[View]
9223453What did the Turks think of the Persians and vice versa?[View]
9239120The power of hormones[View]
9238209is this true?[View]
9239045horde immigration is for capitalists that stand for their people’s enslavement. Horde immigration ma…[View]
9238499History of antisemitism?: When did the first instances of targeted violence/hatred towards jewish pe…[View]
9236188You can be either 1) a peasant girl during the Thirty Years War, or 2) an Aztec nobleman right when …[View]
9238454Why is there such a big difference between Europe and USA when it comes to liberalism? In Europe lib…[View]
9238727Who is the greatest dictator?[View]
9238833why are you fighting against your german brothers, churchill? why can't we have peace? just lea…[View]
9238693Does the Bible support people owning other human beings or not? What was the historical understandin…[View]
9234001What pop history does to a person[View]
9238059>He was right[View]
9236722Romanian history be like: in the beginning there were hot air balloons and Gatling guns[View]
9238638Many know about the Easter Rising that killed only 485 people in total. But did you know of the Cent…[View]
9233720What are events in history that piss you off the most. Like I mean unironically rile you up even tho…[View]
9238489What was this guy's problem?[View]
9238482Why are Pollacks and Ukrops so much more anti-communist than the rest of the former eastern bloc?[View]
9236231How true is this statement? Especially the part about slaves?[View]
9235170Sub-Roman Britain: What happened here? The legions leave and then..?[View]
9233638Is the argument of 'Moon landing was incredibly complex therefore US won' valid?[View]
9238002Is there such a thing as true selflessness? What is a reason to do something selflessly that isn…[View]
9237127Why is Korea so obsessed with comfort women? It's not like women being raped in a war was a rar…[View]
9233835TIK destroys Wehraboo 'superiority myth' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zwq1w9BV2g&feature=emb…[View]
9237716Heard you talking shit about your ancestors, /his/, aka me.[View]
9237771In 5 words, sum up Justinian's relationship with Khosrow I.[View]
9233296Amish here. When will you guys realize that your English ways only lead to unhappiness. We don'…[View]
9237696Karl Marx is closer to National Socialism then modern leftism, and that’s a fact. https://www.youtub…[View]
9230527Is it true that Genghis Khan was red-haired and blue-eyed? If yes then why was he yellow-washed late…[View]
9237959In his book 'The West and the Rest: Globalization and the Terrorist Threat', Sir Roger Scruton asser…[View]
9237193How did the Indian caste system survive colonialism?[View]
9238097The Alamo: What was it and why should we remember it? Is it only important to Texas and Mexico or sh…[View]
9235515Was the Cold War really just MIC scaremongering propaganda? The USSR was economically, technological…[View]
9234960Genetic Loss in warfare: What would the average Frog look like today? I've wondered now for a l…[View]
9236641are there any REAL accurate depictions of knights in media?[View]
9237853I want my fucking copper asshole.[View]
9236546Can someone explain me what the fuck is gnosticism and the Demiurge ?[View]
9236044how were these people able to unite most of europe under charlemagne?[View]
9235516Is Maryland a Southern state?[View]
9235741Had he not started a genocide he easily could have been the greatest leader of all time. Or are the…[View]
9237172What culture does this minifigure represent? Corded ware?[View]
9237400>he was a warlord. A conqueror >it doesn't recognize the separation of church and state …[View]
9236326Why didn't De Gaulle become Dictator of France?: Between 1944 & 58 France was extremely pol…[View]
9237764Were Jewish insurgents justified in rising against the British in Palestine?[View]
9236047>Never a man to be deterred, and without even the slightest note of irony, Irving solemnly declar…[View]
9237496Why the fuck is /his/ so autistic. It's an endless sea of bait threads made by retards dick wav…[View]
9233879Boats: Boat thread? Whats your favourite boat from history? For me its Town class cruiser HMAS Adela…[View]
9237367>The Hameau de la Reine (French pronunciation: [amo də la ʁɛn], The Queen's Hamlet) is a rus…[View]
9237587why does he come off as such a s*yboy faggot compared to other emperors?[View]
9236046If the Second Commandment didn't forbid images of Christ: Why were there no representations of …[View]
9237358why did he do it?[View]
9225822What's the church situation where you live?: I live in rural NC and the mainline churches are a…[View]
9237162Who was the last old school warrior sovereign who personally led his forces to battle? Santa Anna?[View]
9237404>6 million? Might even be an understatement.[View]
9236921Ted's thinking will come to define the political landscape of the coming decades, mark my words…[View]
9236881Plague of Justinian: Half of the European population died, why is this not more well known? Worse th…[View]
9215790Did slaves really have it that bad, and was their life constant mistreating and misery?[View]
9235796Did the ancient world have civil rights movements?: Did the idea of progressiveness exist in the anc…[View]
9236877Shaolin ain't the root of TCMA: Shaolin is only a money machine - it never was the first place …[View]
9237204>ackshually generalplan ost was a myth made up by the j00z, hitler just wanted to liberate the Ar…[View]
9236447Thoughts on chinese history?[View]
9236707Could a utopian society ever exist?[View]
9236864Hamas Holocaust perversion: Jews planned Holocaust to kill handicapped Jews https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
9236831Which historical figure is DIO and which is Jotaro?[View]
9235112How similar is victorian capitalism to today's capitalism?: I think its very similar >Stagna…[View]
9232797Why there are so few conservative authors that oppose or question free markets?[View]
9233719>predicts the dangers of communism and tries to save europe from this evil ideology. >uplifts …[View]
9230530Jews in history: Was reading a Wikipedia article on Ladino and I read this: >Jews in the Middle A…[View]
9236629Tell me about the hittites[View]
9236858the most based, interesting and significant sport in human history[View]
9234418What's your favorite historical period of Rome?[View]
9234600Reminder the populares were not champions of the poor. They represented the top 1% of the plebeians.…[View]
9236175Did the Western Roman Empire's christians contribute to the fall of the empire? I think I read …[View]
9235979Do you believe in Rights, anons?[View]
9234040How can Serbia’s actions against the Bosniaks be called a genocide when only 8000 died?[View]
9236024Soul vs Soulless[View]
9236694What does it say about society that on average in developed nations, 1 in 10 people (and increasingl…[View]
9236779>Jewish totalitarian world order is a conspiracy >We are living in a jewish totalitarian world…[View]
9236703I really like historical ships[View]
9234213Who were some famous people who sought refuge in Francoist Spain?[View]
9236717Very BASED views.[View]
9236500Would a bunch of clones of a single guy still infight?: Or at least to a lesser degree maybe what ar…[View]
9230011Post the things that you wonder about or irks you spiritually.[View]
9233617How can people like Eastern Europeans claim to be Christian but hate middle easterners? Do they suff…[View]
9236253What was the point of creating Pakistan if there's still Muslims in India?[View]
9236633Caligula was time-travelling Zucc, which is probably why nobody liked him. https://bootheglobalpers…[View]
9233084High Population Low Life: Does a high population correlate with low worth/degradation of human life …[View]
9235469Toucan to the right of them, toucan to the left of them: Toucan in front of them[View]
9221437When did pop culture replace real culture?[View]
9236139>Mein fuhrer steiner couldn't mobilise enough men. He wasn't able to carry out his assa…[View]
9235641Why warrior societies with nobility were much better at war than modern day liberal countries?[View]
9233441Why did Jack Ruby kill Oswald? When he was on his deathbed he stated that there was a conspiracy to …[View]
9233251what would have happened if steiner was able to carry out his assault?[View]
9232091What was life like in allied occupied Germany?[View]
9235007What is wrong with zoomers: >video about greatest military generals in history >make a stupid…[View]
9234387-753 to 641 was the golden age of humanity Prove me Wrong[View]
9234569Why did my religious discussion thread get deleted? Is that not a fair topic of discussion on /his/?…[View]
9199314Most Totalitarian Society: At which time and in which place was the most totalitarian in recorded hu…[View]
9235701Minoan Thread: >tfw no Minoan bf[View]
9233022It was all for NOTHING[View]
9236116How accurate is pic related?[View]
9234162Historic sites in Ireland?: This is more of a question for /trv/, but I'm planning a week-long …[View]
9235617>The Roman fleet was devastated by a storm while returning to Italy, with 384 ships sunk from the…[View]
9231987Tocharians: they disappeared in the middle ages which is pretty recent in historic terms. What do we…[View]
9235887>Am I religious? No, I am a secular humanist[View]
9236082Can we just erase him from history?: Please let's erase Władysław I Herman from history.[View]
9235913Why everyone persecute argentina?[View]
9235738He was the leader of the free world. Say something nice about him.[View]
9229617afghanistan: >beats the ussr >beats the us How did they do it?…[View]
9236004What happened to knights that lost their landholdings/wealth? Did they just go rogue kind of like Rō…[View]
9235147Why did ancient man go from stone to copper then bronze. Surely lead would be easier to get and melt…[View]
9235925Interesting, lesser known parts of history.: Can we talk about less known but still interesting part…[View]
9235968What was his problem?[View]
9233416What's the coolest-looking battle in history?[View]
9233784I think I get it now: I used to be confused as to why an omnibenevolent being as many religions woul…[View]
9234826Human zoo in USA: Oh yeah, that happened. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ota_Benga >Ota Benga (c.1…[View]
9229099For the Greeks and Romans, white was basically a synonym of subhuman: How do white people larping as…[View]
9235438Old Maps: I'm not great when it comes to history or politics so can someone explain why on all …[View]
9235921jinx: jinx[View]
9235909What the hell was wrong with the Japanese that they didn’t make a deal with the Germans to gangbang …[View]
9235702There is this new idea coming that all history prior to the Industrial Revolution is meaningless bec…[View]
9227782>the good guys America was the bad guy in WW2. Worse than Nazi Germany or the USSR or the Empire …[View]
9223283Honest question, why don't atheists believe Jews were slaves in Egypt ?[View]
9235868Which ancient egyptian language book do I get in order to have all the dirty words?[View]
9235661Back in the day when the first prospectors were pulling oil out of wells with buckets, did they real…[View]
9235597ISIS is more powerful and influential than the KKK: Because ISIS accepts everyone form all races as …[View]
9233960Is there an alternative to liberalism, socialism, and conservatism?[View]
9234737>Muh uncle was personally starved by Stalin[View]
9233581>defeats fascism in europe >turns a backwards feudal shithole into a superpower that was the f…[View]
9233386Why did anyone take 2nd wave feminists seriously?[View]
9234277bro are you pranking me right now? for real tho where's Steiner?[View]
9235325Anyone read Winston's history books (World Crisis, Second World War) Are they good?[View]
9234241Why didn't united Rome failed to remain, but a united China succeeds to this day? Is it because…[View]
9235580If, just before the ACW, the Confederacy were given 1,000 of pic related along wtih 20,000 loaded 30…[View]
9235240What do you know about Belarus?[View]
9235531Would the founders have sided with the Confederacy to preserve their free access to black pussy?[View]
9235476What are some more examples like this in history?: Indians before learning about what Hitler did to …[View]
9235479Why didn't Hitler ally with Ford instead of Italy?[View]
9233450What is North Korea's ideology?: Listen, this may not be historical, but I don't know what…[View]
9227966The Dutch East Indies: I gather anecdotally that the natives of the East Indies were particularly ho…[View]
9230693Roman empire vs mongol empire: Which empire was more impressive and why?[View]
9234430Why Hadrian abandonned Mesopotamia ? Holding Mesopotamia would cuck the persians off the Tigris and …[View]
9228820How could Axis won World War II?[View]
9235340The Teutonic Knights came up with their flag and invented their own money. Their organization was al…[View]
9235092What territories would Japan have demanded if the Axis won WWII ?[View]
9227226Why were Germans afraid of Jews, blacks, and the KKK at the same time?: Isn't that a little con…[View]
9235043Tell me about consciousness , /his/.[View]
9223525Why did he betray Caesar? Was it jealousy?[View]
9235010Yugoslavia was pretty based for clearing up the border gore, if Albania had joined they’d have had p…[View]
9234976>Be Stalin >Lenin despises you >You know it >He knows you might split the CPSU >Write…[View]
9235108Ottoman africa: I have never seen the ottomans ever get mentioned when talking about africa, especia…[View]
9233546The founding of Tenochtitlan: >leaders say 'fuck it' >we go south >high dude says we need t…[View]
9233906Why did the yuan dynasty fall so quickly?[View]
9234794Valentinian: Why do they call him Valentinian the great? Does he deserve this title[View]
9234234What exactly did Vatican II change? Can someone explain it? I heard it endorsed secularism. If so is…[View]
9234429How do we make architecture in America Great again?[View]
9230191What went wrong? I heard they were super-powerful in 1900.[View]
9233417Historical Recipes for the Success of Black Nations: The nation in Africa with the highest GDP per c…[View]
9234893Why is fascism considered reactionary but socialism is progressive? Both wanted to get rid of the ol…[View]
9233252>America gets Nuclear supremacy >does nothing with it, let's Russia and China bully them…[View]
9230661What's the difference between a Copt and a Berber?[View]
9232197If Stalin looked like this when he was younger...[View]
9231524What the fuck was his problem?[View]
9234143>I am a Christian, therefore I am a socialist[View]
9234693What are the main differences between the Nazism Party and National Socialism?[View]
9234685What would have happened if Engelbert Dolfuss lived? Would Fascist Austria have lasted longer? Would…[View]
9229765Why are humans so ritualistic? Are we this way by nature or molded into it?[View]
9230628Why did Russia have pogroms even after most of Europe had come to their senses and had peaceful co-e…[View]
9234900How achievable was the Jeffersonian ideal of America becoming a sort of continental Arcadia? Was it …[View]
9234896>One image destroys literally all of Nazi ideology Lmao seriously, this destroys everything.…[View]
9233518Was Marx a Proto-National Socialist?: >'Russia is a name usurped by the Muscovites. They are not …[View]
9230161whats your favorite history youtube channel kinos, /his/?[View]
9232306Communist China: Tell me about The Chinese Civil War, /his/. What makes it so different from the Oct…[View]
9229781Was Marie-Antoinette really that bad or is it mostly the quality of the cake is to blame?[View]
9234206How did the three Wise Men know Jesus was special?[View]
9234791inb4 hitler dindu nuffin he was a good boy: I say this with no hint of irony, he was worse than Hitl…[View]
9226072What’s your favorite historical period?: For me, it’s the early medieval period.[View]
9233713Historically speaking, what facilitated Canada's transition to the first post-national country …[View]
9225079Historical Crossovers: Post Historical Crossovers[View]
9229612>tfw too low IQ to retain information I've read a million times >unable to recall informa…[View]
9230761Can he be considered the Hitler of wwi?: He genocided a lot of people[View]
9232920Could be be considered the medieval Hitler?: Dude sounds like he was a huge cunt[View]
9233811If we were ever capable of peacefully uplifting other species to sentience would it be ethical to do…[View]
9234070was it autism?[View]
9233774>Can you imagine what the world would be like if Napoleon conquered England?…[View]
9232845the British shouldn't have appeased Hitler during the Munich Conference[View]
9234629The only thing Stalin did wrong was not killing even more reactionaries[View]
9233671Who do you think were the most important diplomats in history? What do /his/ thinks are the qualitie…[View]
9233380Somewhere there is an alternative reality where Hawaii is the 11th province of Canada.[View]
9233699In retrospect, the west should’ve just let Iraq annex Kuwait and not got into the gulf war. It’s wh…[View]
9234279Were the 1920s the Cultural Golden Age of America??: https://youtu.be/tdFGf34jek0[View]
9234180Retard needs assistance,: Are the Danoids a variation on the Danaans (one of the various names for t…[View]
9233065How did the Greek city states view democracy and monarchy in the Hellenistic Age? During the Classic…[View]
9231561>somehow Napoleon returned: Post other moments in history that jumped the shark[View]
9228538There were no 'good guys' in 'WWI'. Beyond the casus bellis and the treaties and the Balka…[View]
9233653is it true that after the USSR got mission accomplished in Afghanistan they were going to invade Pak…[View]
9231736Why is India's history poorly documented compared with the Graeco-Roman world or China?[View]
9225938Nazi cowardice: >11 million German soldiers surrender in WW2 >2/3 of Wehrmacht and SS >more…[View]
9228569Why did he do it?[View]
9234543I heard this image is always getting updated with new characters. Whoever has the most recent one, p…[View]
9234433Was the Hungarian revolution really worth it? I want to hear responses from more leftist; it's …[View]
9225927ITT: historical coincidences: >name is gerbils >looks like a rodent…[View]
9232704Was he a good guy?[View]
9231815Mali Empire thread? Mali Empire thread[View]
9230099the black kangz (nubians/sudanese) today who ruled ancient egypt for a brief of time are more closel…[View]
9233872>That slightly scared feeling you had of Jesus/God and the Church as a kid What did God mean by t…[View]
9232815Does the biblical flood and Noah’s arc have any basis in historicity?[View]
9234155His diaries are objectively better than Anne Frankshits. Plus, Klemperer did not die in a concentrat…[View]
9233947Hey /his/, thought this would be the best place to ask a relatively strange question. I found this i…[View]
9232851Any good documentaries to watch? I mean ones that are actually AVAILABLE to watch. Netflix, Amazon P…[View]
9233938https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orwell%27s_list https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Sorge how did co…[View]
9233458>scalping >headhunting which was more based?…[View]
9232818The Fuhrer Gives a CITY to the Jews!!!: This is a propaganda movie from inside an operating concentr…[View]
9233812Did the Japanese Empire and the Ethiopian Empire have relations with each other?[View]
9233924Muslim here: I would like an explanation on Christian jurisprudence. First of all, they say Roman la…[View]
9233337What does /his/ think of Keith Woods? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CfHGLcRz-P8 https://m.youtube.co…[View]
9233739>history is written by the victors >everyone quotes German memoirs and stats while ignoring So…[View]
9229079How historically accurate or biased is this guy?[View]
9227889Is a History career worth it?[View]
9230285is my flag cool?[View]
9233085Why have Marxcels historically been so fucking ugly: We have two slobby disgusting neckbeards, two s…[View]
9231713>be 1969 >brezhnev makes preparations to launch war against china >mao normalises relations…[View]
9231709>Hitler this >Jews that Why the fuck is /his/ so obsessed with them tonight?…[View]
9233619In episode 9 of NGE Ayanami Rei appears reading a book on the subject of a german barroque literary …[View]
9233618I MADE AMERICA: I know there are many Americans on this board who believe they defeat the English by…[View]
9229250Why did Hitler keep pushing the Judeo-Bolshevism thing when Stalin’s inner circle from the late 30’s…[View]
9233550Misinterpretation of 4:34 of the Quran. It is 'go away', not 'beat. More from the aut…[View]
9232512Why did people actually believe an American was the first person to grind peanuts into a paste? Who …[View]
9233192>there's no evidence for X historical event 'Yes there is, here you go.' >that evidence i…[View]
9227559>Persians crumple with ease when facing Alexander and submit to him and the Imperial women start …[View]
9233295I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
9230559The Fourth Crusade: ((greek)) orthod*x had it coming.[View]
9232365Athens vs Sparta Carthage vs Rome Korea vs Japan Britain vs France United States vs Soviet Russia Wh…[View]
9232454Did Romans really had things like pic related ?[View]
9231911What happened to ex-NSDAP/Wehrmacht germs in the Soviet occupation zone and the German Democratic Re…[View]
9233128Was secession legal prior to 1869? If yes, then what was the Confederacy guilty of? >pic unrelate…[View]
9232992This is what the Arabian peninsula used to be about. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4rRVHRkQag…[View]
9233270According to the official historiography, jews didn't play a major role in the french revolutio…[View]
9230729>win literally every war you participate in >feel sorry for everyone else so you completely di…[View]
9232919What is George Shultz's legacy as Secretary of State under Reagan? For such a key figure during…[View]
9232763I just want to be grilled for God's sake[View]
9229880How long does it take for a group of people to become a new ethnicity?: A lot of people are asking i…[View]
9232862Help With Deciphering An 1889 Photograph: Does anybody here recognize the men included in this 1889 …[View]
9232457Is there any reason to believe the aryan invasion of europe and the destruction of its prior culture…[View]
9232130Genoa, the underrated GOAT: Hurr durr muh Italians haven't been relevant after Rome aside from …[View]
9231470Any reason why there aren't many podcasts/youtube channels/games about the middle ages?[View]
9231809What the hell was his problem?[View]
9232694>'You will know them by their fruits.' I know God intimately. Not only is he not good, he is not …[View]
9227271The most kino Protestant state[View]
9226239Is there any point in learning ancient languages like Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Sanskrit, etc?[View]
9232557We were samurai: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC55570/ >A craniometric study by Bra…[View]
9224517How did romans feel about blacks?[View]
9231631Historically speaking, how did Europeans become the most attractive race?[View]
9231483From the 1999 onset of its persecution against Falun Gong, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has use…[View]
9227454How come the French were never really relevant unless they were ruled by a foreigner?[View]
9229681Cleo de Merode bump: My pc is dying, may I post famous Belle Epoque dancer, beauty, model and crush …[View]
9230962When did the aztecs first learn about the Spanish?: I mean, they were around for a while before they…[View]
9232284>tfw you will never get f*cked by Tante Magnesia JDIMSA[View]
9218128How exactly did they think taking pictures of dead nuns would turn the people to their cause? Were t…[View]
9231868https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polish%E2%80%93Lithuanian%E2%80%93Muscovite_Commonwealth Ugh . . . wha…[View]
9230807Was he really that charismatic or was it just a German excuse for following him?[View]
9230446Why did the Bolsheviks hate workers so much?: >Strikes were banned in the Soviet Union and strike…[View]
9232074Black Lives Matter and Antifa are inherently anti enlightenment[View]
9228920Germans and Teutons - same thing?: You sometimes hear Germans called 'Teutons' - as if that tribe by…[View]
9230476Tell me about the prots, why are they so evil?[View]
9230515Who is the most influential women in human history?[View]
9232038Why would anyone want to assassinate this beautiful creature[View]
9230306philosophy: often i hear the answer to the question, why do we reproduce? is that reproduction leads…[View]
9232209I am not forgotten[View]
9230054BASED Taleb DESTROYS Great Man theory of history with FACTS and LOGIC: >What to read? It would no…[View]
9229873Salvation occured on the third day[View]
9231676Was Adolf Hitler jewish? his young self looks jewish[View]
9229038Would history 1000 years from WWII remember this guy as another Alexander or Genghis Khan?[View]
9232068Reminder that Britain and France did everything he did and worse (even after he was defeated) in Afr…[View]
9223109Why are steppe nomads feared but vikings are not?[View]
9211298/his/ memes thread[View]
9226839Why is Islamic art so overdesigned?[View]
9231790Why is Medieval history so fucking boring? I tried getting into it and just lost interest everytime.[View]
9231984Rwandan genocide: Why do the un pulled off? Is the un a meme organization? Why do it even exist when…[View]
9230055chad /his/ is a vehemently whig board. j*cksonoids and other tyrannical sycophants need not post.[View]
9228407How would have history differed if Ferdinand Cohen-Blind succeeded?[View]
9230550Does having a high IQ give you more or less hair?[View]
9231486>be Dutch >have advanced European Fleet >lose to shitty chinese junks with primitive techno…[View]
9224588Test my historical knowledge Ask me questions and i will anwser[View]
9229407who is the manliest leftist in history?: I'm thinking either Huey or Stalin[View]
9222033>It is estimated that at the time of the French Revolution in 1789, only half of the population o…[View]
9231738Was he a good tactician/strategist?[View]
9230065Who was the best mommy in history[View]
9228139'WW2 is the foundation myth of the modern world': Do you agree with this statement?[View]
9231448>Muh Based Shia >Most famous Shia figures and converts were psychopaths…[View]
9226980Is the Treaty of Versailles really that bad or is it just a meme? I mean, compared to the Trianon, B…[View]
9230878TIK finally responds to Nigel Askey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zwq1w9BV2g Let's go, frie…[View]
9231625The Chinese think in centuries whilst the Americans think in days[View]
9230523What exactly is religious studies?: I'm choosing my major and am thinking about religious studi…[View]
9231559Are they just Indian Muslims larping as being something else? NOTE: This doesn't apply to Pasht…[View]
9229539DUUU MAAA![View]
9225821Who is YHWH?: I asked this question a couple of weeks ago on /x/ and all I got were schizos. So I…[View]
9226159How big was his responsability for the war?[View]
9231462Identify?: Found in Virginia. Fossil?[View]
9231485What was the number of Jews in Poland in 1939: So I took the numbers from the last census in the 2nd…[View]
9230995So-called 'Atheists' and 'skeptics; a net need for God: After a lifetime of trying to show people th…[View]
9226274Serbians are evil: >Serbia bad >Serbia wants greater Serbia >Serbia killed 63octilion musl…[View]
9229062Rwandan Genocide: Why did the Tutsis and Twa get pwned? What did they do?[View]
9229444>study history >become walloon Anyone else gone through this?…[View]
9228765genocide is the only way of assuring the stability prove me wrong[View]
9223151Why does Islam and Judaism feel so different from Christianity? IS and JEW is more focused on ritua…[View]
9230156Reminder that Romania saved Germany from total starvation. When Germany steamrolled Romania in 1916…[View]
9230472Will we ever again see Imperial cults?[View]
9229490How do you go from Severus and Caracalla to Elagabalus?[View]
9224201Why have most of the “Great” man in history been attracted to young boy/male? Couldn’t women satisfy…[View]
9226181>Hey, Ivan, I hate that guy, let's go kill his entire family >Da…[View]
9226259History written by the winners?: Are there some 'history written by the winners' things that people …[View]
9231132Why the Lubavitch movement never chose a new rebbe for themselves after their 7th rebbe, Menachem Me…[View]
9227984Which one would be a better place to live and why? I assume Incas had it better of them all because …[View]
9231080In Buddhism, if humans can devolve into animals due to bad karma earned during their lifetime, since…[View]
9230260Why didn't the Hapsburgs cancel him for deadnaming the Holy Roman Empire?[View]
9230683Was he legit insane?[View]
9224154Is liberal autocratic monarchism the best form of government?[View]
9230655大道: There is no cringe without based, there is no based without cringe. Without Gigachad, there is n…[View]
9227212If you could talk with Harold Godwinson about one thing before the battle of Hastings, what would it…[View]
9229888>In 1825, Scottish merchant seaman Captain John Clunies-Ross stopped briefly at the Cocos Islands…[View]
9229157Are Greeks and Iranians larping Indo Europeans? >Greek is mostly E1B like North Africa with zero …[View]
9228670Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact was basically Lend-Lease for Nazi Germany: Prove me wrong[View]
9230453Why did he do it?: >Ruby was said to be JFK fanboy who killed Oswald to avenge Jackie O >Sat i…[View]
9228225Chinese Civil War: How did Mao win the Chinese civil war?[View]
9228965The world would have been better off had the US helped Japan take China and the Western powers help …[View]
9230330what if nazi germany was the size of america and surrounded by oceans and if russia didn’t exist and…[View]
9227172Best books on the Thirty Years' War for someone new to the subject?[View]
9229288What does /his/ think of Autism and Aspergers?[View]
9229468Did the Duchy of Burgundy consider themselves to be 'large and in charge'?[View]
9230116>'You'll never save that little jewish girl lee! I've made sure of it, your little rebe…[View]
9226784>BCE: Before Christ's Era >CE: Christ's Era…[View]
9229904From the birth of Marius to the death of Marcus Aurelius (-150 to 192) , it was humanity Golden Age …[View]
9226289Why did World War I have such boring leaders?[View]
9224887Was he the modern Caesar?[View]
9229480I just got recommended this book on /lit/, thoughts?[View]
9217535Redpill me on south american civilisations[View]
9229375>Selous Scouts inflicted 70% of terrorist casualties in the Rhodesian Bush War >70% of the Sco…[View]
9225684Nietzche disregarding politics: Why did Nietzche disregard politics?[View]
9229673>Greeks were 'superior' to Western Meds due to their proximity to the Levant and Fertile Crescent…[View]
9229058Medieval mental illness: Why was clinical lycanthropy more common around 1000 - 1500 whereas nowaday…[View]
9229400Deranged Lunatic: What the fuck, Charles Julius Guiteau....assassinated the 20th US President becaus…[View]
9228969Ibn Taymiyyah: Did he ruin Islam?[View]
9229380Most bizarre matchups in history: Post the most bizarre matchups; either which nation was fighting w…[View]
9229658I want an amusing book about the sheer autism that is the Fourth Crusade. Is there one? Hussite wars…[View]
9229649>it's entertainment, not art![View]
9229123Proposal for the new requirement for anyone authoring a history book: Each and every mention or rela…[View]
9228856Why do anarcho-communists want government interference in every aspect of their lives? Why do they w…[View]
9227122Kalevala: it is underrated any further reading and further reading on Finnish mythology and magic. t…[View]
9225814Why did so many of history's greatest and most influential leaders start off as bumbling retard…[View]
9229424Christmas Truce: Has any other culture in history (Asian, middle eastern, African etc) ever done any…[View]
9229107The feelgood: Just talked about a spanish buddy of mine about the inquisition and the cruelty of man…[View]
9226769Why did Americans treat the products of European and African sexual relations as black (and thus low…[View]
9228916How strong were composite bows?: Specifically mongol or Turkish bows(actually used in wars from hors…[View]
9226149>advocate survival of the fittest >lose the only war you’ve ever fought Wtf…[View]
9228796(2nd century AD) What if Christianity had spread through Asia instead of ‘Manichaeism but with the s…[View]
9224148How do Polish people feel about the fact that Russian people stole over 50% of their historical terr…[View]
9229418Who was the worst person - Luckner Cambronne or Adolf Hitler?: What do you think this Luckner Cambro…[View]
9229406What were these dudes doing during the adal-abysiinia war? it counted as a jihad right? werent they …[View]
9229274do any of you guys write history essays/books etc for fun? I've recently started writing a book…[View]
9228544>The Jewish Labor Committee (JLC) is an American secular Jewish organization dedicated to promoti…[View]
9224699*Blocks china’s path* Heh, nothing personnel chinkoid, why don’t you take some more opium to feel be…[View]
9228017Historical accounts of converts to Judaism?: Fulvia, wife of the Senator Saturninus during the reign…[View]
9227297how many people did he kill again?[View]
9229118So how many did this dood killed? Number ranges from 200 thousand to 100 million which is huge[View]
9229164What would West Africa look like today if the Sokoto Caliphate still existed?[View]
9228374History at this point is nothing but entertainment and with the death of nation states it will never…[View]
922587010,000 YEARS TO HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, THE EMPEROR How did such an autistic battlecry catch on?[View]
9226500Mussolini: Can someone tell me what he was on about? I know plenty about Hitler and Nazism but how d…[View]
9228954Why did he hate the working class so much?[View]
9229016>Alexios III, deposed by Alexios IV, deposed by Alexios V who writes this shit…[View]
9225649How different would Russia look like of instead of Moscow, another rus state like Novgorod was able …[View]
9228190I don't get it, what was Amun the god of?[View]
9228819Cursed images[View]
9228951Why was there no Neo-Aztec State but there was a Neo-Inca one?[View]
9227374Changes To Roman Catholicism Across Time: How different is the current Roman Catholic Church from on…[View]
9227164Is this actually true or just some effort to make people the Brits had trouble conquering seem specj…[View]
9228777Did medieval, antiquity etc armies ever booby trap battlefields? Are there any battles that are not…[View]
9228929ITT post historical figures you wish didn't die so soon: Why did he have to die, bros? He was t…[View]
9227309Post-Modernism: What is Post-Modernism?[View]
9228769Historicity Truths: This is a portrait of Queen Ealhswith, wife of Alfred the Great. Why did nobody …[View]
9227659There’s a lot of anti Russian sentiment on this board. Let’s talk about the good things Russians hav…[View]
9225912Estado Novo: What happened with this and why does nobody ever seem to have anything to say about it?…[View]

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