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11675943So how did a bunch of farmers beat America to space?[View]
11674472Was Franklin D. Roosevelt the closest thing the USA ever had to a dictator?[View]
11675892>muh 90s, 50s, muh ancient rome Picking anything other than Early modern era as peak of human his…[View]
11677238French feudalism: What were seigneurs? Were they equivalent of French barons (which doesn't see…[View]
11675241Are there more black christians than whitr christians because they identify with the slavery of the …[View]
11676393Why don't school books give proper credit to York (the black slave owned by William Clark) for …[View]
11675944does pure genuine altruism exist ? the altruism that has no selfish motives that could benefit you i…[View]
11675786Was it doomed to be conquered by England, or did they have a chance?[View]
11674129How do you feel about this Roman civilization that perished 1700 years ago? I would probably kneel …[View]
11676098Is the free movement of workforce a good thing in the long term?: Country A is rich, developed and n…[View]
11676265Was there any possible way that Jimmy Carter could have won the 1980 US presidential election, or wa…[View]
11669965ITT: favorite mythological stories[View]
11676768Explain to me the purpose of reading modern historians. I am reading a book about Alexander the Gre…[View]
11676785What are the best books based around Hannibal, Romans/Byzantines and Medieval/Dark Ages?[View]
11674858Did criminals get to choose between pillories or stocks? No doubt I'd rather be in the stocks. …[View]
11673659Who was the biggest nonce in history?[View]
11675095>Today, 20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, 57 percent, or an absolute majority, of easte…[View]
11676463How many people was a native american tribe normally composed of? How many different subgroups or vi…[View]
11676471What do you think of FGO?: Can one use it to learn history and mythology?[View]
11676572Marcus Aurelius BTFO'D: Why was Marky so blind to such a simple observation?[View]
11675140Post anti-communist posters: I don't care where or when they come from[View]
11673517Why is the south more religious than the North?: Pilgrims, puritans, and other religious dissenters …[View]
11674261It's a shame he failed to leave an heir.[View]
11674618If Marx is right and communism is inevitable, what is the leftist argument against accelerationism?[View]
11675055Christians cannot refute this. Trinity is a convoluted concept. And God is above having a son. Sin i…[View]
11676448>Hans! We are losing the war! It ok... i got a plan ;)[View]
11676294Why would God send someone to fight against some random Christian kingdom instead of pagans or musli…[View]
11676159What was his goal? Seriously, what exactly was he trying to do here?[View]
11671090Why did some balkanites remain Muslim after the fall of the Ottoman empire? Were they just thoroughl…[View]
11675720>why yes, of course we're happy to be cannon fodder to further the imperialist interests of …[View]
11675934>All Western Europeans are genetically related to Charlemagne Who is the Charlemagne of Eastern E…[View]
11670818I feel like this question was a bit inappropriate for /litl/ but what would you say is the MOST defi…[View]
11676271>The siege of Candia (modern Heraklion, Crete) was a military conflict in which Ottoman forces be…[View]
11676006Alternate war timeline question. Somehow, in Russia, in 1812, Tzar was overthrown and democracy was …[View]
11675064Lovecraft made the most sensible and believable descriptions of what God/divine beings would truly b…[View]
11657030post cartoons and propaganda[View]
11674213do people still believe in this meme?[View]
11673797Sexual slavery: I expect /his/torians here aren’t pussies and can discuss the darker side of human h…[View]
11675694>Conquers everywhere >Invents everything >Makes all scientific discoveries >Makes the mo…[View]
11673018can someone tell me and trace for me the oldest record for the whip because i aint buying what the i…[View]
11671323How bad did the Habsburgs and Bourbons fuck up Spain?[View]
11672470>the Bible explains the universe as we know it perfectly >there are still people who aren…[View]
11672095Which was worse for civilization, Christianity or Islam? Would the world be a better place if the Re…[View]
11675913Anastas Mikoyan: How was he able to stay in a position of power for so long and retire peacefully? W…[View]
11670509Beria: All these rape claims are just propaganda against the people's hero and reformer right?…[View]
11675902>DUDE I AM ANGRY GIVE ME YOUR MONEY why are amerifats like this? There is no jewish record label …[View]
11674888Thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrzziFr6vfw[View]
11674509Why did European aristocrats stop learning Latin?[View]
11675023Why are they called the 'graveyard of empires?'[View]
11667240DDR thread[View]
11674751Did large segments of the population: Refuse the smallpox vaccine, polio vaccine, or measles vaccine…[View]
11673915What would be a good book you would recommend to someone who wants to learn world history? I have no…[View]
11671602Remember who defended you and your faith for centuries from their incursions.[View]
11675775Most of the problems the west faces today are a direct cause of Hitler losing. Why do people have su…[View]
11670265>cherokee nation >316,049 enrolledtribal members How many of them are actually ethnically or m…[View]
11671526Basal Eurasians: Who were they?[View]
11675381Have you taken the Joy pill yet, Anon?: 'You that are righteous, be glad and rejoice because of what…[View]
11675066The Greatest President American Never Had[View]
11672629Did pic related level of lamellar really exist between 400 to 300 BC? I thought the technology was s…[View]
11675243What is your opinion of the 'White Man's Burden'?[View]
11675616Why is black South African poverty blamed on whites and apartheid, when on average they aren't …[View]
11673092Does the Cult of Lenin still exist in some countries, or is it entirely a thing of the past?[View]
11675578I'm going to need some help here: short story analysis[View]
11668646Organization or discipline?[View]
11673920Imagine killing millions of children in gas chambers for no reason and then pretending it never happ…[View]
11669517FUN FACT:: In 1521 King Henry the 8th of England wrote a book against Martin Luther called, >'The…[View]
11675362Why were the ancient Romans and Greeks so fucking gay?[View]
11675435So, how much should i wait for white americans to finally die out and live in a world without autist…[View]
11674244Why is it that in Britain, the husband of a queen reagent is a prince, but in other countries, he…[View]
11674634I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
11671263Did he escape Berlin and fake his death? What is the evidence for?[View]
116716411700s warning against farting on pictures of George III.[View]
11674928What if Vietnam is the 'graveyard of empires' of Southeast Asia?[View]
11672144Are there any male equivalents?[View]
11671543What impact did the introduction of the English Language have on the development of Western culture,…[View]
11675077VGH... WHAT COULD'VE BEEN[View]
11673646Would Thomas Jefferson have been an atheist if he lived in modern times?[View]
11674585TAA will go down in history as being one of humanity's greatest intellectuals.[View]
11674946It's treason, then.[View]
11674943Law and/or philosophy counts as /his/ right?: HOT TAKE INBOUND: street preaching should be considere…[View]
11674412Has there been any genetic differences between German and Slav since WW2?????[View]
11673227Why couldn't Martin Luther just join the Orthodox Churches? Why did he have to create a new fak…[View]
11672568Why can't people with radical ideas understand the concept of difficult debates? They always wa…[View]
11670572Islamic History: I am looking for books on the history of the spread of islam and the arab conquest …[View]
11672634What was life like in the Roman times? Could you grow your own weed and chill?[View]
11671513What happened to the original MENAs?: Did they migrate to escape the interlopers or did they get gen…[View]
11669676Why were Christian societies so cruel and intolerant compared to other societies?[View]
11674852Redpill me on the Bab, the Baha'i, on Subh-i-Azal and the azali/baha'i split![View]
11674824Why didn't you tell me he was a gigachad?: He was probably the most based man of the 20th centu…[View]
11668746How did America go from the Puritan capital of the world the the degenerate consoomerist Neo Babylon…[View]
11672359we talk too much about the same topics. Share obscure history for fellow anons to research and discu…[View]
11674052Why do the bad guys of history always win in the short term but always lose in the long term?[View]
11674573Daily reminder the so called 'Southern Switch' never happened and the Dixiecrats only died out in 20…[View]
11674012What the fuck is their problem?[View]
11672786>Retarded followers expected some rebel >Jesus: Render unto Caesar >Caesar eventually fuck…[View]
11674168Anything of note?[View]
11674512>'I am satisfied with Tsar Alexander', [Napoleon] later wrote to his wife Josephine, 'and he must…[View]
11671842Did anyone ever refute him?[View]
11672472& Humanities: Ok this is a question for catholics but I won't exclude protestants to post i…[View]
11674268>He thinks WW2 is more interesting than WW1 Pussy = Bone Dry[View]
11673568What were the greatest humiliations in history? For me it's this.[View]
11669826America was found on reason and rationalism, on the anti monarchist republican ideals of the Europea…[View]
11673237Why do they still exist?: They literally teach that people from all the way in Israel came over to t…[View]
11672995>In 1814 Federalist party members of the Northeast gathered at what was known as the Hartford con…[View]
1167384519th Century Shirt Style: Which decades of the 1800s would this shirt fit most within as a typical s…[View]
11674483Was the Wanggongchang Explosion really responsible for the fall of the Tianqing Dynasty?[View]
11674577Bonus Expeditionary Force: Was their cause just?[View]
11674245The guy is a Princeton professor who wrote 'the souther vaste empire'. Based on his twitter, he…[View]
11671288What is the historical reason for Southern India and Southern China being much richer than their nor…[View]
11674513>you will never be a part of this[View]
11666941>the virgin Hitlerite >the Chad Fascist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F95t7lGxuCY…[View]
11674334>the most important Canadian prime minister was a homosexual schizophrenic It's only fitting…[View]
11671627Why does it feel like there’s such a huge discontinuity between modern France and pre-revolutionary …[View]
11670927What do you guys know about Dravidians?[View]
11674075So how similar were Joesph Stalin and Fred Rogers to each other in personality and aesthetic? Is the…[View]
11671574bible belt & obesity: how did the american south become so obese? is suburbanization and heavy (…[View]
11670940What's the deal with mainline Protestants? They all started accepting homosexuals and woman cle…[View]
11674143Is there a single ancient society that wouldn't have executed or exiled a Socrates?[View]
11671273States before nationalism: How did states work before nationalism? Even if people arent nationalisti…[View]
11670222What would america do if france refused to sell Louisiana to them? Would they go to war and try to c…[View]
11673582do they have any artistic output that isn’t a just bunch of squiggly lines[View]
11669675I do wonder to what extent the anti-nuclear stuff was just a vector to stop more cuntries developing…[View]
11673999What is the difference between a thing and an object from Heidegger's point of view. Also where…[View]
11673743how did Franco get away with this? lol[View]
11671480>he posts on Civil War threads >but hasn’t read either volume of William H. Freehling’s “Road …[View]
11670474Would you rather teach history, literature, French or classics to high schoolers?[View]
11673569What would England be like today, and throughout history, if the Normans had never successfully inva…[View]
11671432Explain yourselves Dixoids: >Southerners cry “muh states rights” >chimped out every time a st…[View]
11673542did the USSR and other communist hellholes hold any metaphysical convictions beyond “religion bad ch…[View]
11673701the inscriptions in the dome of the rock are just pathetic seething and coping over christianity lol[View]
11672500The question for historians and philosophers: Why do we even need to study past human societies? We …[View]
11671350Subsaharian Africa history: Is it actually pretty uneventful compared to other regions of the world …[View]
11673617Does blondism come from finnic people?: Why do they have the highest rates of blonde hair in the wor…[View]
11670456How come that becoming an islamic ”returner” has never became as trendy in the west as other foreign…[View]
11671814>Rudolf Höss >Rudolf Hess Who writes this shit?…[View]
11673232why are black flags so cool bros?[View]
11671507Post based historical women[View]
11672126Assyrian thread. Post shit about Assyrians both modern and ancient.[View]
11673444Polska Rzeczpospolita Ludowa[View]
11671970He was such a gigachad, he made Saxons flee at the mere sight of him. He made the virgin Saxons fear…[View]
11673290the Provisional IRA was completely useless right?[View]
11672244> Ex-muslim homosexual from the West here. I left Islam at 19 years old. I am now 21. I've b…[View]
11673381Folk/pagan/religious/etc Origin stories/cosmologies: For me it's Ginnungagap Creation myth Ginn…[View]
11673268Church and State shouldn't ever be treated the same way we treat celebrities. The monarch shoul…[View]
11672255Easily the most underrated president[View]
11671456>As Lord Protector, Cromwell was aware of the Jewish community's involvement in the economic…[View]
11672489British raj: based or cringe?[View]
11664333Did ancient peoples grief each other if they were romantically involved with people of different rac…[View]
11673044Is time a dimension or a category? Many people assume that it is an attribute of the universe as a w…[View]
11672170A big thanks to Daniel the prophet (whoso readeth, let him understand:) The Alamo third temple.[View]
11672959it's too bad but this is one of the more underrated and under-discussed parts of American histo…[View]
11672498What the fuck does Saracen mean?[View]
11667778Can you find one?[View]
11672373The dogger bank incident: Was it an anglo-japanese false flag?[View]
11672435Why are there so many Indians in Fiji?[View]
11670241India was THIS rich? Did the British really fucked up India that much?[View]
11671524The British created this melting pot in 1893, what would be a better of augmenting the borders to ma…[View]
11670924Ahh my ancestor: On receiving the news of his father’s death, Nebuchadrezzar returned immediately to…[View]
11671072Paul unto the Romans... >Romans 13:1-7 >Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, …[View]
11672354My interactions with Irish people have all been positive so I find this difficult to grasp. How did …[View]
11673502>all these wars that britain has been involved in >not once was the homeland ever threatened …[View]
11666678Why does no one speak of the Celts of the Balkans or the fact that Illyrians were VERY simar to Celt…[View]
11665704Look at this face: Look at this face. He is yamnaya man. He looks asian? I know[View]
11669645History of Cursus[View]
11671071Normally people say the norf were the good goys, but I've heard that before the war, they had w…[View]
11672318If the Visigoths had survived in Spain and never been conquered by Muslims, would they speak a Germa…[View]
11672385>tfw no narrative history of this empire Why were Steppeniggers so averse to writing? The same ho…[View]
11670146>gets btfo by poland >can't conquer finland back >gets saved from germany by the winte…[View]
11672350Were the Whigs evil?[View]
11672005are race and power not related?: I mean, do people of a certain race hold more power than people of …[View]
11671536Mansa Musa - The most powerful black?: Was Mansa Musa the most powerful niggo of the pre-modern era?…[View]
11671515Is this true anons ? did Homophobia not exist in China before white people came[View]
11671957The logical conclusion to of utopian realism: It's the most ethical and reasonable thing we can…[View]
11672192>Writing in the 1890s, William James, the so-called 'father of American psychology', remarked 'A …[View]
11671747Hippies are a Nazi conspiracy: >The 'Peace Symbol' is literally just the Yr rune, or death rune, …[View]
11671764Did Adolf Hitler struggle with depression and mental health issues? Some historians claim he was bip…[View]
11671941Original White MENAs: Andalucian describing Abd al-Rahman 'Abd al-Rahman was tall and thin, blond an…[View]
11671765/his/ memes thread: Vol. Unknown.[View]
11666889Book Thread: What are you reading today, /his/? Almost finished Dancing in the Glory of Monsters rig…[View]
11671219>only well known female philosopher >she's trash Makes you think…[View]
11672118Haplogroup E really kicked out D Jomons to an island 2 continents away. I can’t believe E could do t…[View]
11670770Multicultural Medieval Italy?: 'Or for all it is worth mentioning a Benedictine monk, a certain Doni…[View]
11669293>appears out of nowhere in 1920 >convinces thousands of Black Americans to convert to Islam …[View]
11670403Why does he make so many seethe? What was Rand's problem in particular?[View]
11666346How come no Western nation has had a civil war since 1945?: Civil wars since then have only seemed t…[View]
11665785The persians: I feel bad for these guys, They went from one of the most advanced civilizations in th…[View]
11671614China's greatest heroes: >When Liu An received Liu Bei, he offered Bei a meal and Bei gladly…[View]
11663814When did Persians become like Mesopotamians and less like Scythian steppeshits?[View]
11671886Did Gilgameshian government where the best fighter was the king exist anywhere in reality?[View]
11668960Were the Trojans Pelasgians?[View]
11671806What is he talking about, anons?[View]
11666719How do you cope with not being Mongol?: Is it possible to outchad Genghis Khan? 16 million men today…[View]
11664349& Humanities: Can a middle ground be found among abrahamic and dharmic religions?[View]
11670062What's the verdict on him?[View]
11670506If it wasn’t for them the muslims would’ve wiped out Western Europe: If it wasn’t for them and their…[View]
11669753Did they really???[View]
11669773Can anyone recommend me a book on the Haudenosaunee/Iroquois?[View]
11670398>Be France in the 16th century >You start the century with the highest population in Europe, y…[View]
11671671Why are fraticidal wars so common in monarchies? What makes siblings absolutely hate each other when…[View]
11671626> 'Ok guys, soooo.... Jews, blacks, old people and handicapped people all suck. We need to start …[View]
11671390How long do you think the confederate states would be able to keep slavery if they won the civil war…[View]
11670856Did Kishinev actually change the course of history?[View]
11670904Do you know about any officers/soldiers who were cartoonishly evil and cruel? Bonus points if their …[View]
11669593Osho did nothing wrong and Rajneeshpuram should have never been destroyed. I would live there. Every…[View]
11671059Collective responsibility: Why was 'collective responsibility' used as a justification for so many w…[View]
11671304Does anyone have the recipe for aunt Delia's apple pie?[View]
11671356Do you think alexander killed him?[View]
11671202Historically, how did ideas spread? Could ideas and information ever diffuse across space or time? S…[View]
11671455Leo da Vinci: How could one man create so many important art pieces?[View]
11666707>loses china[View]
11670939Guys I'm kinda in love with this statue. I want to hold her and make her feel safe. Anyone know…[View]
11670772What did people do about toothache in older times?: Looking at some of the ancient and medieval diet…[View]
11671145What went wrong with The British Isles?[View]
11669279Tell me about the Political/economic/ideologial views of Józef Piłsudski i expected him to be a cons…[View]
11666042Did nothing wrong.[View]
11669894If he didn't die in 1935, what would German-Polish relations look like in the lead up to World …[View]
11663155Pilpul: What exactly is 'pilpul'?[View]
11664401Ethically speaking, what's wrong with arms trafficking?[View]
11671133How did Napoleon get away with paradox-shit tier blobbing for so long? Why did nobody in Italy and G…[View]
11671189Which european histoy is the most interesting tp you?: Italy, France or Greece seem like they have t…[View]
11665101Why did the Scythian or Sarmatians get absorbed and die out?[View]
11666824I unironically uknow whta the book of Revelation (Apocalypse) mean: I understand everything that is …[View]
11671149Was the Spanish Inquisition blown out of proportion as part of an anti-Spain propaganda campaign dri…[View]
11671169Why so few movies set in the 17th century during the English civil war yet so many set during the Tu…[View]
11666562what the fuck jesus looked like this?[View]
11669226FUN FACT: fasting before communion is unscriptural: >'...if any man hunger, let him eat at home; …[View]
11669648I have just begun reading the Bible. I have many questions and I welcome answers.[View]
11670869Who the fuck started the meme that white Americans are primarily German Even going by reported ances…[View]
11670408Christian renegades in North Africa: Did they leave any lasting impact?[View]
11670380Why do African lawyers wear powdered wigs?[View]
11670250Who was smarter????[View]
11670959VGH... ZEVS....[View]
11670721How do Muslims know if something created by Allah is good or bad for them?: In Islam my understandin…[View]
11659569When did fear of God stop being a virtue? I've actually had a non-denominational protty megachu…[View]
11670019How did all revolutionaries and dictators and such of the last 100 years justify murdering normal in…[View]
11660646Let's talk about the Jomon: What happened to them? Who are their closest relatives? Were they…[View]
11670847was Jacobitism the Carlism of the UK? meaning a traditionalist, catholic and royalist movement that …[View]
11669635Do you guys think police are one of the tools of God, due to their immense power and almost omnipote…[View]
11670691So was Cyrus really an Iranic Persian or was he just an Elamite?[View]
11668054How do Greek bros explain this?[View]
11670305The prince who was promised :'([View]
11669370>tfw the Marxist-Strasserist potential of East Germany was never able to be realized Hold me, bro…[View]
11666747We all know about Stalin and his horrors, but it is unfair to judge communism by his deeds. Lenin wa…[View]
11668776THE MAN IN GAUZE THE MAN IN GAUZE *the man in gauze THE MAN IN GAUZE THE MAN IN GAUZE *the man in …[View]
11662043How the fuck did Ford get these votes? 1976 was a predicted blue landslide with the Republicans bein…[View]
11663570Convince me that a god exists and that he's good.[View]
11670296Nietzche on Democracy and Socialism: >'The Victory of Democracy.—All political powers nowadays at…[View]
11662107After WW2 was over, if a french woman had slept with the enemy, she was forced to shave her head and…[View]
11666842>be Adorno, founding father of critical theory >just published the first-ever psychological st…[View]
11668726What are the most important, best, or most powerful, theories in the history of economics?[View]
11668967Historically speaking, is it 'pure coincidence' that these nations share such similar shape of borde…[View]
11670318Podcast thread?: Podcast thread. Post your favorite podcasts For me >History of Rome by Mike Dunc…[View]
11670328If I could create a perfect (or last bad) government/country I'd chose North Korea but replacin…[View]
11670045Why is transhumanism so ridiculed?: Transhumans will not only render normal humans obsolete in virtu…[View]
11667131*invents gravity*[View]
11665544Is Yhwh a psychopath?: While the Israelites were in the desert, a man was caught gathering wood on t…[View]
11670205books on history of world: Any good book series in the history of world/western civilization and its…[View]
11664755Aztec thread[View]
11666996Germany, 1940. 1. Send amphibious landing force to the caucuses in a surprise attack, take oil field…[View]
11666180Japanese Korea: Was it really as bad as the Koreans claim? Or was it a net positive that grew their …[View]
11666547It's time to decide once and for all. Argue.[View]
11669833so were there any blatantly overt elements of the worship of pic related being for purposes of crowd…[View]
11666197What was the Kaisers problem?[View]
11667681Was WW2 literally the biggest larp war? Retards who pretend they are supermen vs retards who pretend…[View]
11668286>you dont need good works, youre saved by faith >but people who knowingly sin, dont really hav…[View]
11667318Why do Sunni muslims fail to acknowledge the years of the Muhammad and the first caliphs were far fr…[View]
11669768The so-called 'Great Catholic Monarch' is the antichrist: ... prove me wrong.[View]
11667490Is truth real, if it does not have an object that is independent of our human beings and minds? Is i…[View]
11669737>*creates the most powerful, corrupt, and all-encompassing political machine in human history* Ho…[View]
11669723Never knew there was a half Greek Byzantine/half Saxon who was a Holy Roman emperor. Was wasn’t ther…[View]
11668923Ernst Thalmann: Tell me about this man, Ernst Thalmann.[View]
11668534How will us brainlets cope when we finally arrive at a fair and just meritocracy,and find ourselves …[View]
11667401Why are Christians so immensely seething about infinite regress? They believe in an infinite being (…[View]
11669065Why were humans the only species that evolved praying to God? What evolutionary mechanisms led to th…[View]
11669225What did Hitler actually do during the war? Did he make any important strategic decisions at all?[View]
11667856here is your infallible regent of god on earth bro[View]
11666699Native Britons and Saxons uniting to fight off Vikings. Is there anything sweeter?[View]
11660467Nazis capturing Rothschild: >Nazis talk about the International Jew controlling world finances an…[View]
11666400Why was the Russian civil war so brutal and bloody? How could people even want that directly after W…[View]
11665260Why did he quit?: The more schizo the answer the better[View]
11659472Why have the Chinese historically always been so bad at war?: Even going back to antiquity, chinese …[View]
11666947With Arab history, it's the same as with the Vikings The more you learn about them, the less yo…[View]
11665494>Hitler was painfully aware of the German people's irrelevance in classical antiquity when c…[View]
11668483Why was he such a great, big stupid retard?[View]
11669029VGH, what could have been...[View]
11668962What is it with this board ignoring certain chapters of international history like they are a threat…[View]
11668964>We're figuring out the ancient migration and culture history of third world countries throu…[View]
11668974>Thou hast conquered, O pale Galilean; the world has grown grey from thy breath; We have drunken …[View]
11668813I'm a diviner. I divine things. They must be simple yes or no questions. They take about 5-15 m…[View]
11668536Ship of Theseus thread: Sup /his/, what do you think of the ship of theseus? If you replace all the …[View]
11668793Marxism = Central Bank = USA = Judaism: Billions for the Bankers, Debts for the People (1984), Sheld…[View]
11666360Examples of genuinely good military dictatorships?: 'Good' as in they were both morally/po…[View]
11668368How much of a genetic impact did the Red Army have on Germany?[View]
11665300I’ve read that Alexander the Great enjoyed killing pajeets. He would order all pajeets to be killed …[View]
11667889Whats the point in studying philosophy? Just think for yourself[View]
11668719>A Vigilant Society presents a provocative hypothesis that argues that Western society as we know…[View]
11667803Is the Holodomor just Banderite propaganda?: Note. I’m not saying that there wasn’t mass famines in …[View]
11668221'Catholic' =/= 'Roman Catholic' 'Orthodox' =/= 'Eastern Orthodox' 'Reformed' =/= 'Calvinist' 'Real P…[View]
11668254Crisis in the Congo: >commanding general resigns hours after independence >president ends up d…[View]
11668635Why is he judged so harshly?: Given the circumstances it seems to me like he acted like any reasonab…[View]
11667951Who fathered the most children in history? Who gave birth to the most?[View]
11668582>It is against homosexuality >Said americans were degenerate >They literally had posters of…[View]
11668506Why do Christians hate Atheists so much?: Calling them fedora tippers and such. Seems a bit unwarran…[View]
11667847If Rabbi Yeshua and Karl Marx were alive, would they apologize for their ideology which killed milli…[View]
11668467Jew here. I know that in Christianity, the guy in charge is called a priest. But in the versions of …[View]
11668514Guys. I'm agnostic know from an Atheist. Agnostics say 'fairy tale' is just an accusation. But …[View]
11662465Why socialists and communists still exist?: All the best countries to live in the world are capitali…[View]
11667514How did young German boomers in the 50s and 60s cope with the fact that their parents/grandparents w…[View]
11668423>tfw you will never stack stones and worship the sun[View]
11665941>Visit NZ >Can actually see things like the remains of Maori fortresses, Maori culture everywh…[View]
11668334Were grand viziers really evil that often?[View]
11668306>USSR >Warsaw Pact satellites >PRC >Best Korea >Cuba >Vietnam >Nicaragua >Ve…[View]
11657303Land Ownership: Can we get rid of our land ownership without being communist? is their any historica…[View]
11668228So it turns out Pedro II was a cosplayer.: Here we can see him cosplaying as a gaucho. Based or crin…[View]
11668238“If that mischievous financial policy which had its origin in the North American Republic [i.e., hon…[View]
11666716How do people that believe in a Holy Trinity fail to see its an illuminati triangle? its what made m…[View]
11663299Why did Rome fail to leave a cultural or genetic impact in Britain?: The British are famous for larp…[View]
11664729>When men fight with one another, and the wife of the one draws near to rescue her husband from t…[View]
11667511God is working through Pastor Steven Anderson and I'm tired of pretending like He isn't.[View]
11665168How do you establish a well function democracy: In a formally autocratic society like Saudi Arabia o…[View]
11668207Century old magazines are always a good find!: So, my very progressive mother had been clearing out …[View]
11667691Are Jesuits the reason so many latin americans have native heritage? In comparison the northern nati…[View]
11668187George Joachim Goschen: “If that mischievous financial policy which had its origin in the North Amer…[View]
11665744What was the logic behind the great leap forward?[View]
11667230While English history is stupid boring this guy really stands out. What the fuck were they thinking …[View]
11666552Is the solution to the problem of evil to be so evil it brings out the good in everyone else in a de…[View]
11663422Which one?[View]
11666223If this happened today would the people trying to expose it be seen as schizo crackpots like the cov…[View]
11664688Why are half the threads here about Christianity? Any careful analysis of historical and archaeologi…[View]
11667729The Massacre of Gotha - in April 1945, the American army entered the German city of Gotha and put up…[View]
11667120>Sells the title of Emperor and the Autocrat of the Romans >SELLS THE TITLE THAT EVOLVED FROM…[View]
11668038Let's discuss the sublime. Send paintings or pictures in the topic of the sublime. And please h…[View]
11666831When did Switzerland become so fucking lame? 1648? 1814? 1848? 1933?[View]
11666938Who was the biggest Chad in history? Religion cucks stay out, only real people. Women can also be Ch…[View]
11667832Who had the better strategy?[View]
11667826Are monopolies socialism?: Is it socialism when the chinese government kills monopolies by force? I …[View]
11667559>survives the 1991 August coup still in power >everything in shambles in the Soviet Union, his…[View]
11667791Best moments of history: At Pavia, Spanish and German BVLLS wrecked the french twinks and captured t…[View]
11666803How the fuck does this say Yahweh?[View]
11659571Is it true that this degenerate killed little Polish girls and women in the most gruesome ways possi…[View]
11666310Caesar was the man of democracy fighting against an oligarchical order.[View]
11665577>Only non European nation to cause any real threat to the west >huge population literally righ…[View]
11665141>tfw furry degeneracy has been around since 39,000 BC[View]
11665638Do I have this right? Marx predicted that the worldwide flow of capital would eventually melt down a…[View]
11667516Is this the most successful Soviet agent in History? She created the most bizarre ideology that is h…[View]
11664982Who is the greatest leader in German history?[View]
11666329>Tridentine mass formed at council of Trent, a council urged by Charles 5 in response to the prot…[View]
11665358>Adolf Hitler was unironically a 10/10 in Germany 1933-1945 What were German women thinking?…[View]
11667420I really don't understand /pol/tards who deny the Holocaust. What appeal does Hitler even have …[View]
11667431Muslims vs Mongols: Muslims really lost to a pagan army This just shows Islam is pure shit[View]
11666286What would have happened if the Vikings successfully settled Price Edward Island and Newfoundland an…[View]
11667485>those fundie Sunday school lessons where they actually tell you the grossly exaggerated numbers …[View]
11667007so did Charles VII just want a chaste, pious, christian tomboy gf?[View]
11666671>disappears for 100 years >comes back How did the poles manage to not get assimilated and then…[View]
11666088What happened to I in Western Europe? Did R1b consume them?[View]
11667188The United States and Its discontents: Socialists, communists, anarchists, leftoids, and all these p…[View]
11666496Antisemitism: I’ve begun reading the Bible. It’s incredibly anti-Semitic.The entire story is about h…[View]
11666712Why do Christians need both the Old Testament and the New Testament?: Under divine inspiration, the …[View]
11665584>win every battle you participate in >still end up on the losing side of the war Mackensen...h…[View]
11667349How important was Eckart for Hitlers development of political skill and his ideology? What if he liv…[View]
11666224Is Carthage a North African civilisation rather than a Phoenician/Levantine one?[View]
11666184What could have Spain done to avoid it's disastrous 19th century?: The 19th century was a disas…[View]
11667301B-but you guys told me all Greeks were all brothers!!!!!11!: In 1940, Meritt united a newly discover…[View]
11666100can nontrinitarian christians and muslims get along? is unitarianism the best tool for interfaith di…[View]
11667029I can't believe like 20 million people died for this shithole in 2 world wars.[View]
11663341Why would God create such a big fucking universe?[View]
11666955Why did the Dane make the Saxon seethe?: > Æthelred II, in a charter of 1004, remarks that '…[View]
11665448Here's your Central Europe, bro[View]
11666525Why was the UN so obsessed with destroying Katanga, a capitalist, western aligned, mineral rich nati…[View]
11665458How did Maori get to NZ?: Honestly, how in flying fuck did Maori discover New Zealand? Did they just…[View]
11667077United States Constitution a great or a failed document?[View]
11665320So these angry niggas are the ancestors of bongs. Why didn't they let the britons live in peace…[View]
11659279Who were the Ten Lost Chads of History? What do we know about them?[View]
11666847Did you know Brazil crush weak france shit cuck during lobster war ?[View]
11662183siege engines: i need resources on siege engines for a project, namely typical dimensions, types of …[View]
11665747Einstein’s theory of special relativity predicts that perception of events is relative to the observ…[View]
11666244Is Thailand in some sense a modern Shogunate?[View]
11664105What causes a person born in a secular and rational society to embrace the superstition that is orga…[View]
11666916Can science be used to predict the future of society? Can we do this by analyzing patterns of histor…[View]
11666860Is being a historian an unhealthy way of life? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ask7ClK9m7A[View]
11663696In the Bible it's basically shown that Satan has a certain amount of influence over the world. …[View]
11665082Muslim merchants in Medieval Europe: We all know there were lots of Christian European merchants the…[View]
11666535Writing on women's rights, Thomas Jefferson remarked on their status amongst the Indians. 'The …[View]
11665530What do you think would happen if McArthur was given the nukes to take out the invading Chinese duri…[View]
11666587In the history of humanity..: have there ever been as many people on Earth as there are now? This pa…[View]
11666690Greeks vs Gujaratis: Taken from the Gujarati Oral Law A Gujarati called Raj had a pet monkey. He tra…[View]
11666558This was posted by a conspiracy pro-Trump guy on twitter. What's going on in this photo?[View]
11666406what happened to them? did they mix with the Latins?[View]
11665742How the fuck did they choke the cold war?[View]
11666304when and how did the term “Abrahamic” come about? Wouldn’t “Adamic” be a more proper term?[View]
11666420>The codex has a unified look as the nature of the writing is unchanged throughout, showing no si…[View]
11666502what phenotype is this exactly?[View]
11666459History of the Early Americas?: What was America (especially North) like before the arrival of Europ…[View]
11665615What is a Celt?: It seems that the Celtic pre-Anglo Saxon inhabitants of Britain were not substantia…[View]
11663744The Bananas of Uganda: According to Ugandan legends bananas were first brought to earth by Kintu, th…[View]
11661736Which time in history had the best fashion/aesthetic style?[View]
11666241What are your thoughts on Ion Antonescu?[View]
11665762>'Greatest Emperor in 100 years >Gets assassinated by his own men This doesn't make sense…[View]
11666303stalin: To the relatives and neighbors, the newborn Soso appeared normal except for a slight deformi…[View]
11663791Colonials LAMENT: https://youtu.be/F0LLerKWycQ[View]
11661163who was the first person in history to promote the idea that diversity is a strength?[View]
11662677Islam is whiter than Christianity: Because it was started by a white man not a jew. So accept Islam…[View]
11665467How could Spain have developed if Juan de Trastámara had not died so young?[View]
11666187I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
11656632How did Spain went from the N°1 world superpower to the a very random meh country ? I mean spain in …[View]
11664309Why didn't peopul in history consider enbies and wuwukin to be valid[View]
11664672why are british people so coward they have killed millions of Catholics but can't put a bullet …[View]
11666119>Stalin reclaims all the losses of the tsarist government in 1905 and ww1 What the fuck how did h…[View]
11665914from a historical perspective, and with modern DNA analysis, could we call the British empire as a c…[View]
11661848Why were there no serious movements to restore the Russian monarchy after communism fell in 1991? Wo…[View]
11665931History meme bread[View]
11664752How do atheists cope with this?: They always parrot the same argument that religions cause killings …[View]
11665869>Brezhnev doctrine[View]
11665291Where did the myth that Adolf Hitler was an atheist come from? Why do some people still believe that…[View]
11660105why is it so hard for people to accept that the ancient egyptian phenotype has been extinct from the…[View]
11650709Should people be ashamed of their country's history?[View]
11658243What is one the Americans could have done to win the Vietnam war?[View]
11664098Is Rothschild a meme or real????[View]
11664107What is your honest opinion on John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough? Was he as great of a general…[View]
11664384billions upon billions of books on every subject imaginable have been printed. The Bible, however, i…[View]
11665626Ladies and gentlemen, please tell me about the French economy during the Napoleonic Wars.[View]
11665643>Two of the samples were taken from among 13 Neanderthals found at El Sidrón in north-west Spain.…[View]
11663812Nappy: >He was first consul for life and emporer of the french (people) not france with an approv…[View]
11665419Why did Mark Anthony give up like a bitch after Actium?: He still controlled the richest part of the…[View]
11662626Who was his master????[View]
11665566Celebrating birthday: When did it became as common as today? When reading books and text up to the 1…[View]
11664530Madkhalis are the best Muslims: They are the only ones who are strict orthodox Salafis but at the sa…[View]
11656819>Bacteria colonizes the ocean ... >Plants come out of the water and start spreading across the…[View]
11661346my ancestor[View]
11665369Wagner was the worst thing to happen to classical music in europe: Richard Dickwad Wagner is a frigh…[View]
11660310This is Bes: He is the Egyptian god of the hearth, protector of households, mothers, children and ch…[View]
11665528Consciousness is made of multiple perspectives, but it is ontologically one single being. Immoralit…[View]
11664735Why did the Irish and Welsh have such a rich culture in literature and poetry? You would think that …[View]
11664503is this the historical equivalent of an elementary school bully? They were strong enough to (barely)…[View]
11664193Was mythology the capeshit of its time?[View]
11663688I do not think it matters wether or not God is good or bad, as he is above morality, since his manif…[View]
11665137Why are there so few pre-phoenician/greek finds from the Maghreb?: Was it almost uninhabited? And if…[View]
11663978My country was named after this nigga. What did he do? Was he a good king?[View]
11665396what is the deal with larouche? I used to see his goons out in major American cities pretty often, n…[View]
11663723Why are American leftists like this?[View]
11664448Spanish treatment of natives: How did the Spaniards treat their Native subjects during colonization …[View]
11662548Basic Islamic Theology: Let's talk about Interracial Cheating as an Islamic Commandment.. . A b…[View]
11664616If God was on the Crusaders' side, why did they keep losing?[View]
11661541Female and Black Conquistadors: https://desuarchive.org/his/thread/11413043/#q11413043 https://desua…[View]
11663837Who would win in a war, the Gallic empire under Tetricus vs Zenobia's Palmaryen empire?[View]
11662302https://tabernacle-heelstone.blogspot.com/2019/07/mishkan-heel-stone.html Daniel the prophet…[View]
11663511Mark 16 and many other Bible verses are removed from modern (((protestant))) versions. In this regar…[View]
11664936*dies from car seat cushion fibers*[View]
11664121How can it be freewill, if God is coercing me with hell?[View]
11656733Greatest King of France?[View]
11661029How did Detroit become so poor?[View]
11665144What's the most significant black swan event in history?[View]
11665256Did mass consumer culture kill patriotism (as in, being proud of your country's culture and his…[View]
11662590Was it justified?: Was it right for the Spanish to conquer the Inca Empire? I’m not saying the Incas…[View]
11663302Why isn’t there more discussion of the first king of England?: Everyone talks about more recent king…[View]
11662002Does anyone know what movie, documentary or show this clip is from? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
11665156Journalism is broken: Due to recent events, I have come to the conclusion that we are in need of a f…[View]
11663690Too redpilled for his own good.[View]
11665152>Laval was cautiously ambivalent towards the conflict. He was on record as saying in March 1940 t…[View]
11664608> Muslims countries are corrupted, weak and poor because Islam can only works with female governo…[View]
11661339>grow up thinking Lincoln was awesome cool abolitionist >grow up and realize he’s actually a c…[View]
11664491Why in the bloody fuck would anyone advocate for a command and control economy and collectivization?[View]
11664337Was Jesus an Essene?: >The Jewish historian Josephus records that Essenes existed in large number…[View]
11663585Why does no one talk about the Spanish civil war? Has it been swept under the rug on purpose by the …[View]
11662777Was it really aussie abos?[View]
11664743He was fairly light skinned for being a black nationalist[View]
11663724So obviously there was a period of time when the Western world heavily romanticized Ottoman Turkey a…[View]
11664926Did pacific islanders ever engage in naval battles with eachother?[View]
11664724Why did English succeeded while Scots and Irish failed? They are pretty almost the same ppl.[View]
11663320Are China and the US the modern day Rome and Carthage?[View]
11661747Is there a psychological term for the frenzied way that Jean d'Arc or Alexander command a battl…[View]
11663489>There was a young man who had come in and said to the vice president, 'The plane is 50 mile…[View]
11663860Why was it the Bolsheviks who were ultimately successful?[View]
11662309Americans and indians are the same race?: The reason Americans are called Indians by both English an…[View]
11664230this is your prophet. say something nice about him[View]
11663803Why was pagan minting so superior to Christian minting?[View]
11664142Wtf Anglos?[View]
11664466Has there ever been a more based empire?[View]
11663726Would you worship a god that isn't morally good?: What would that entail? Would you shift your …[View]
11663863Does Ukraine have the oldest history of any European country?[View]
11664367Leave Zeus to us[View]
11662718>confederate monuments were built to scare black people >rome collapsed because of degeneracy …[View]
11664407post your best world maps for historical contemplation[View]
11664468This is a (((protestant))) 'church'[View]
11662034>Genghis Khan slaughters 10 billion Chinese people >'Well he wasn't racist so his reputat…[View]
11664289The Holy Trinity and Arianism: Why was there such animosity regarding differing views on the Trinity…[View]
11663947What’s the reason for why Jews and Christians are so intelligent?: > A Pew Center study about rel…[View]
11664334How did Israel allow for Demjanjuk, The Decider of Fates, to escape justice?[View]
11664291Are they right?: According to Strabo, iberians, protobasques and aquitanians looked similar and spok…[View]
11662443Crisis of the 3rd century: Is the term a modern invention or did the Romans also refer to this perio…[View]
11663697Can someone redpill me on the monastic movement? For something so influential, it's being treat…[View]
11663017Just learnt about Towers of Silence...imagine the smell.[View]
11661963For me, it's the Visigoths.[View]
11661758When did the political correctness movement start?[View]
11664205Pre-Islamic Arabia: What was pre-Islamic Arabia and life in it compared to the Caliphates[View]
11661207The idea of living the Roman legion frontier marching camp lifestyle is maximum cozy to me. I would …[View]
11661676How can catholics justify being the true christians ? What is their argument ?[View]
11660325Mark Felton: Mark Felton is one the most popular historians on YouTube. His videos are regularly vie…[View]
11664110African Architecture Thread: Post cool African architecture itt, pic Sudanese style mosques of North…[View]
11659809Since this is the only board where I can discuss religion, what are some Protestant denominations th…[View]
11663079we're already living in post-scarcity: things that used to only be available to royalty like te…[View]
11659817Would a united kingdom of Britain and Scandinavia have been possible and would it have been based or…[View]
11658930You have no excuse not to read the bible[View]
11664027How did Japan avoid getting colonized/subverted by Western nations unlike the rest of Asia?[View]
11663342What is your favorite obscure WWII operation?[View]
11664050How do racists know for certain that Africans will always be low IQ and never amount to anything? Ca…[View]
11663909Could he have won?[View]
11663702Haplogroup R is from Southeast Asia?: >Karafet et al. (2014) and other researchers state that a '…[View]
11658331france colonial oppression in north africa: why doesnt anybody talk bout this? they oppresed, killd…[View]
11663018Did people back then have better fashion style than modern people?[View]
11663670African agriculture: What farming methods were used in Africa?[View]
11663590It's a shame rome ended in 840, what could have been done to save it?[View]
11662716The Cum Cookie is a perfect metaphor for human evil: you know the cookie game? A bunch of guys stan…[View]
11657560Why are Italians and Greeks pulled toward the Levant cluster?: Is it from Levantine admixture or fro…[View]
11662951What really happened at Yalta?: Will we ever know?[View]
11662875Was tribalism just NEETism of the past?[View]
11659978Is Animism the form of spirituality which can mesh best with the 21st century being able to incorpor…[View]
11661442Are period romances disrespectful to history?: https://youtu.be/gj32X7T76O4 Particularly when Nazis …[View]
11663615Was she the best First Lady?[View]
11663026Beauty in American 19th century history[View]
11661908Monarchy - Can it be done again?: I was reading up about the unpopularity of the Royal Families of S…[View]
11663230If the ancient greeks and romans really were gay and pedophilic fine i accept it and find it interes…[View]
11658815if religion was built to control the masses why do medias propagandize the exact opposite while reli…[View]
11663194ITT we list the most influential and dominant hegemon by century: Must factor in military might, eco…[View]
11662233Would America be accepting of a first lady with Waardenburg syndrome in 2021?[View]
11657028Mythology by Continents: How would you improve these mythology maps? Link: https://mapchart.net/ (1/…[View]
11663186>Little Dark Age- [Insert Empire/Kingdom/Nation][View]
11663295Would an invasion through Formosa be a better idea? What would happen to the ROC if Americans held T…[View]
11661665what's his name again[View]
11663327>Hadrian named the region 'Palestine' just to make jews seethe Holy based…[View]
11659546What were the lessons that the Americans and Soviets should have, but didn't learn from their f…[View]
11660764The jonestown massacre: Was it justified?[View]
11663113did adolf hitler prove that White men can play b-ball.[View]
11661024If all history really is a series of choices and decisions based on rational arguments, then can we …[View]
11661687Gnosticism: Based? Or based?[View]
11662453Rome & Revelation: >Rev 13:11-18 presents one scene in a larger drama. The first verses alrea…[View]
11662021Romania: Are they romans or slavs larping as romans?[View]
11661206Just bought this, idk much about leafistan but it seems interesting.[View]
11663217Catholic Iconography and Esotericism: Post Catholic Iconography or Esoteric symbols and/or explain t…[View]
11662206ITT: History out of context: >a little boy was dropped on Hiroshima >a fat man was dropped on …[View]
11661832How has France been consistently losing everything since the Revolution?[View]
11662881Importance of history: Why study it? How is it useful to us as a society and individually?[View]
11660816>The Curious Case of the Runaway Negro Railroad Car >A black man named Sam Turner committed a …[View]
11661385Any good Habsburgs besides Maria Theresa? They all seem to be either average or um... 'based' They…[View]
11662781Should history be used to investigate the origins/causes of the contemporary world?[View]
11662625Constantinople and Greece were conquered after the balkans: I can't believe the turks conquered…[View]
11663057Was Hitler a Western Daoist?[View]
11662165'Before he was killed Berthold was strangled and then revived multiple times.[6] The entire executio…[View]
11662754Is this what Jesus had in mind when he started his church on Earth?[View]
11662922>music fans have RateYourMusic >TV fans have TV Tropes >movie fans have IMDb >history fa…[View]
11662910Are children and teenagers better off today than before the Industrial Revolution?[View]
11662686Fun fact: A Jew invented the suburbs: >William Jaird Levitt (February 11, 1907 – January 28, 1994…[View]
11662797I miss these lil niggas like you wouldn't believe[View]
11662708What is the history of the lawns?[View]
11661218>be historians >Acknowledge and extensively record the existence of dozens if not hundredths …[View]
11662738Did Socrates know he was being ironic? Does irony actually exist?[View]
11662652Commie statues being toppled: Comfy History 101[View]
11658674>he doesn't read the bible[View]
11661680>Hitler was an ince-[View]
11656964>japs live within sight distance of a basically unpopulated island for thousands of years >nev…[View]
11662620Sci Fi depictions of a blasterd overpolluted, overpopulated Earth is a fear of a bygone era. It isn…[View]
11661192how were they so strong?[View]
11659894Is there any real difference between a Hutu and a Tutsi besides their silly names?[View]
11661735Why do boomers love this dude? Was it just because he was assassinated? He accomplished almost nothi…[View]
11662578Striking Kentucky miners in shootout with cops/strikebreakers.: 1972. Post pro-labor photos of simil…[View]
11662115Can I, when I have the opportunity, choose to follow a certain way of thinking or acting? Or are we …[View]
11662064What does his think about /Peronism/?[View]
11662425The Word made flesh.[View]
11661868Neolithic Cultures of Europe: This board talks a lot about PIE/Yamna/Steppe. But lets have a thread …[View]
11655824Why does no one like Gerald Ford?[View]
11660290What was his view on Israel?: Was he pro-Israel and co-operated with the Zionists like the Gulf rule…[View]
11658725>less than 200 years ago private corporations literally invaded and took over countries with thei…[View]
11662222Why didn't previous empires not excavate this shit earlier? Why did it take the French for lore…[View]
11657921> walk into your room > see Mary Beard on your bed What do?…[View]
11660067>a former slavic slave nearly became the ruler of sardinia why are slavs so powerful?…[View]
11658301>so holy he cannot be depicted >so holy, mention of his name must be accompanied with 'Praise …[View]
11661450What are some historical dark knights?[View]
11659697I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
11656990Why didn't anyone oppose changing the beautiful German flag for this weird shit[View]
11662007What really happened to Maria Orsic after the war? I don't buy the story of her taking off on a…[View]
11662166Polytheism/monotheism: It seems to me that most polytheistic religions have equivalents and similari…[View]
11660936thoughts on the communist manifesto: I read the Communist manifesto today and I find it odd to be ho…[View]
11661606Great Men of History: As much of a childish question it is, who is the most important, significant, …[View]
11662203I imagine myself in Wessex, leading my Fyrd. Our mission is to stop Dan*sh dogs from advancing. We m…[View]
11662212OH NO NO NO NO FRENCHBROS: >'All my ambition is directed towards Italy,' he told Girolamo Lucches…[View]
11662184How accurate was this, historically speaking?[View]
11660736Will transhumanism become a real and common thing? Robot body parts, artificial organs, all that ani…[View]
11661408Tulsa massacre: Where the bomes?[View]
11661899was freud right?: >be anal-retentive when i was very young >be completely normal for the rest …[View]
11658549living in history studying history[View]
11662088Gudrun Burwitz (Himmler's daughter): >Born in Munich in 1929, Gudrun Himmler was the daughte…[View]
11661136I want to learn more about the Scythians, where should I start/go?[View]
11652640Why is the southern part of India (the non-Aryan part) more educated and wealthy than the more Aryan…[View]
11661170Enoch Powell: What was the deal with Enoch Powell? Was he really a fascist like everyone makes him o…[View]
11659426why couldn't the northerners just respect the states rights of the south to keep their property…[View]
11661928Jeremy and the events of his time: I was listening to the audio version of Jeremiah So there was thi…[View]
11660970Stalin objected, claiming that Kamenev’s ‘Jewish origin’ ruled him out as a Russian leader. ‘We must…[View]
11660337I read from some Anons here a while back that immediately after WW2, Stalin was incredibly popular i…[View]
11660894Were enbies considered valid in history or were people bigoted[View]
11661822Why did Hitler take a homophobic stance after the Night of the Long Knives? Purging Rohm and the res…[View]
11661844How to build a shit officer corps, historically >Elected officers >Purchased commissions >…[View]
11661821How much does geography still matter to modern invaders? Nowadays, everybody has mechanized transpor…[View]
11661814>Supposedly captured Ctesiphon >Gets killed by his troops or struck by lightning He mostly l…[View]
11659123Should the Catholic Church issue a formal apology for killing Gorillions of pagans throughout histor…[View]
11657049why didn't you save them?[View]
11661538why do nordicists claim that ancient egyptians had red hair?[View]
11661583So, if according to the Bible Yahweh perfectly knows the past, the present, and the future: Then it …[View]
11661575King Charles I of England: Yo this guy is retarded[View]
11660601Can someone tl;dr what happened in mesopotamia? Sumer, Akkad, Babylon, Assyria... Were they all larp…[View]
11658716Is buddhism true?[View]
11661470>OMG THE GORDIANS What the fuck was wrong with the Romans of the 3rd century.…[View]
11661492James Dean last day: https://youtu.be/lPwQksvbJVg[View]
11658283Why don't Muslims permit photos of family members and children on walls of house?: Go into a Mu…[View]
11660274When will humanity learn that we'll never understand the meaning of the universe: Darwin said i…[View]
11658824Overrated or underrated?[View]
11660666was was northern italy so unique during the middle ages and renaissance? compared to the rest of sou…[View]
11661334you know he did it[View]
11661352What could have been...[View]
11661315was it talent or circumstance?: going by his wikipedia entrance he just seems like a huge coomer tha…[View]
11659521Jefferson's studies--linguistic, ethnological, and anthropological, all led him to believe the …[View]
11659451i willl never forgive ar*ps and pisslamists for what they have done to my people.[View]
11659705Would human civilization be better if the Romans had truly exterminated all the Germanics?[View]
11660677Was the Thirty Years War an Anti-German war?[View]
11652037How strong were the Dahomey Amazons?[View]
11660168Now that Christianity has finally btfo'd in Europe, what do we do with all the empty churches? …[View]
11661180the stake in the heart of the american labor movement[View]
11654216Why did Communism fail in every single country? (China doesn’t count since they do their own thing)[View]
11660843Origins of Christianity: Christianity is most likely the result of an unhappy convergence of harsh p…[View]
11660686What would have been the effect of giving freed slaves federally guaranteed rights as well as land d…[View]
11651426how did this place go from one of the richest part of Europe to one of its worst backwaters?[View]
11660286should turks feel bad about living on 'stolen' land the same way leftist white americans feel bad?[View]
11660604Who really won the winter war?[View]
11658250Was Hadrian the best Roman Emperor?[View]
11654090Why do tradcaths quote the Bible in English when they are opposed to vernacular translations? A bit …[View]
11660162Did Jesus exist?[View]
11659829Was the Caribbean more valuable than the 13 colonies?[View]
116598731 By the rivers of Babylon we sat and wept when we remembered Zion. 2 There on the poplars we hung…[View]
11658685How did we get from here to there?[View]
11659621What was his endgame?[View]
11655500Historically why did Spain get less settled by people from outside of Europe than Italy? Are Spanish…[View]
11659517Is it true that Napoleon regarded Portugal and Spain as Africa????[View]
11660762Spain died with the Habsburgs[View]
11659513Why so much outrage? All they're saying is God hates homosexuals and that he collectively punis…[View]
11660812Pirahã bros did he lie to us? I thought he dunked on Chomsky once and for all by disproving UG[View]
11660900Hoeryong concentration camp retarded or not?[View]
11659589are the bad guys supposed to be commies or nazis or what, given the time this show was made? yes thi…[View]
11649985Which society had the best punishment for the crimes of rape and incest?[View]
11659237Just watched the archive footage of the Saipan suicide cliffs[View]
11660707Did codpieces really trick women into thinking men had big weens that were always erect?[View]
11658394>Christian terrorists Was it justified?[View]
11659027Friendly reminder that the western empire collapsed faster than the eastern empire because it was mo…[View]
11660433Why do people believe that it was Germany vs the whole Soviet Union? What about the hundreds of thou…[View]
11658489What happened to the great reformed churches in Central and Western Europe?: When I look up nations …[View]
11659639Medieval Europe description: Note related is the description of a turkic nestorian monk sent to Fran…[View]
11657787How would history have been different if he assumed control? At one point the SA outnumbered the Rei…[View]
11658088If he knew what sub Saharan Africans were would he have genocided them?[View]
11660075>England passed its first state law on rape in 1275, in the second year of Edward I's reign.…[View]
11659505I decided to apply for a masters in Economic History. Is this a good idea? I am 29 and have no real …[View]
11658373Is it true that Ireland had fairly severe poverty right up until the 1980's? Why was it so impo…[View]
11660627Who was the superior leader of Cold War era USSR? Khrushchev or Brezhnev?[View]
11660669What are the values and norms that define human civilization? How much are we bound by the society i…[View]
11660203Greek bros, is this true?[View]
11659579How can we de-latinize the English language? >how can we make un-latin the English tongue? Romanc…[View]
11658482Why Normans were such chads ? They literally bullied everyone in the middle ages While Byzantines w…[View]
11660529Redpill me on the Rothschilds[View]
11658944Why do societies disgard their traditions, faith and family values as they experience an increase of…[View]
11657484>'God works in mysterious ways!' >'God has a plan for everyone!'…[View]
11659933>Look up history of any African country >Country had a civil war over minor ethnic differences…[View]
11659831Let's play a game /his/ I draw a scene from the bible and you guess which it is Let's star…[View]
11660247So, did the eastern roman empire end and become a nation state after losing the levant? Should it on…[View]
11657070If America gods full colonial empire in the 19th century to early 20th century. How much more land c…[View]

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