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7244443Historical Quirks no. 2345 Bikini Thong: a device for holding a sanitary towel in place.[View]
7244378How did it never occur to ancient people that slavery was bad? There are countless examples in ancie…[View]
7241880The holocaust did not take place.[View]
7242433Santeria: Why is it still so popular in cuba also why is it far less cringey than neo pagan european…[View]
7242288Why did Britain's colonies in America join together to form the United States, but Spain's…[View]
7238431>Hey guys check out these golden tablets I found![View]
7242136How true is this statement?[View]
7241370>Bolivian independence occured in between 1810 and 1825, Eduardo Zuloaga born and died in 1808 an…[View]
7243408What ideology, belief system, religion, whatever you want to call it made it the longest in history …[View]
7244128>Ywn establish a militarized border to fend off the asiatic horde[View]
7241799Why do people always point to the Crusades as an example of Christian barbarity?: It happened hundre…[View]
7241584Why did Herodotus ascribe the Greek gods to Egypt?: Many times in The Histories, Herodotus claims th…[View]
7242880What does /his/ know about MKULTRA? What were the exact methods, and do they carry on in use today?[View]
7244104what's with all the Holocaust threads today?[View]
7241551The Scotch-Irish made America.[View]
7242489Ottoman army of 30000? flank them[View]
7244065Which branch of Christianity is actually true?[View]
7237579why is society so hypocritical when it comes to lookisim?: lets look at the stuff society calls immo…[View]
7243086*Gets Promoted Marshall of France, UK & Poland*: Eh bien oui, Je belive que le only way of winni…[View]
7241634Is antinatalism growing stronger?[View]
7242110Were the Moroccans historically speaking stronger than the Algerians and Tunisians?: Which nafri pop…[View]
7242068What if the reason God allows Satin to do so much evil is because he just plain cares more about Sat…[View]
7238664>Romans are responsible for killing Jesus Who is responsible for this meme?…[View]
7243550What kind of doggos did ancient people have?[View]
7242646I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
7242850What do you guys prefer more, utilitarianism or deontology? And why hasn't deontology caught on…[View]
7243881What is the best race out of these categories: assyrians(ancient mesopotamians, canaanites, Egyptian…[View]
7242104The Dangers to Our Ancestors: ook oog oog ooo boogug ah ii ahh ii ahh iii ooog ooogg oOOOGG AAAYYYY …[View]
7241021whats /his/ opinion about chairman mao? Did he do anything good for the chinese people or was he jus…[View]
7243482Are there good universities in Austria for studying philosophy?[View]
7243633the great debate[View]
7241774The Future: How will the next 25 years look like? 50, 100 or 200 to beyond? How far can humanity get…[View]
7243637It's a normal day, and you're walking down the street. Suddenly, you realize something is …[View]
7243743What were the immediate and long-term effects of Spain's expulsions of the Jews in 1492 and the…[View]
7243738>Almost the same plot as the original, except one side is cartoonishly evil >After the meticul…[View]
7243220> deliberately overpopulate your own country with misogynistic ultra-natalist policies > cry '…[View]
7241990How come Iran was never involved in any of the Arab-Israeli wars? I know that they are not Arab and …[View]
7242264'Keitel!' >'Ja, Mein Führer?' What did Hitler say next here?[View]
7243648Genealogy: What are the best websites for genealogical research?[View]
7230030Mayans: >Lived in one of the most hostile-to-civilization places on earth >Had no or very limi…[View]
7243473Why is communism/socialism so attractive when if anyone goes into some digging they'll find it …[View]
7240506>Probably legit muh ancestor[View]
7235016Give me final dungeon/final boss arena-looking areas from history.[View]
7240046I used to rule the world[View]
7237008African Armors and Uniforms thread[View]
7243392>Essa said the word 'Islam' is an offshoot of the Arabic term 'Salaam,' which means peace. This i…[View]
7238499Why did Germany become so culturally irrelevant over the last 30 years? Their movie and tv industry …[View]
7243380Other than Putin, what historical leaders wanted to be seen doing a bunch of different shit all the …[View]
7242378What is historical materialism?[View]
7243263cotton picking replication experiment: I heard it mentioned the other day that some guy in the …[View]
7236985Polish armors and uniforms thread[View]
7242631In Solomon's Book of Wisdom you can read: >«God did not make death nor rejoice in the downfa…[View]
7243099>spergs out >loses >fucking dies is there a bigger cuck in all of history?…[View]
7243033For me?: its genoa.[View]
7242687Were Huns the first Mongoloids to invade Evropa?: If not, who came before them?[View]
7241895Does anyone else wish their brains were more 'wired' towards mathematics and science? I find history…[View]
7242961What is the problem with baroque art?: The baroque is the least popular out of all art movements tha…[View]
7240799Afghanistan: Graveyard of Empires: Is this accurate?[View]
7240705Redpill me on the Goths? How did they spread from Germania as far as Spain and Crimea?[View]
7242391>the normies will pay.[View]
7242924>https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yugoslav_coup_d%27%C3%A9tat >On the morning of 27 March, the ro…[View]
7242728Do we have any proof there has ever been a fat terrorist?[View]
7240570The paradise island that's dying of shame: How a sex scandal's poisonous legacy is destroy…[View]
7242859How did the Greeks go from a bunch of goat fuckers to a fountainhead of western civilization?[View]
7242721Alternate history time. >Poland goes Fascist >Germany and Poland actually work together, Pol…[View]
7241042Starting a reading group if you're interested, it's based on texts related to political th…[View]
7238873/hisfa/: Post aesthetic historical armor/clothing.[View]
7236574Why is it so violent here ?[View]
7242612'No more wandering. you are not likely to read your own jottings, your histories of the ancient Gree…[View]
7242231Wtf was King Saul's actual problem?[View]
7240690Who was more based: Alfred the Great or Brian Boru?[View]
7242263I heard that Lilith was Adam's first wife but the Wiki article is a jumbled mess that is hard t…[View]
7241977Which will triumph in the end, antinatalism, or Islam? Can non Muslims stop reproducing in time?[View]
7239688>a tiny, globally irrelevant backwater in Britain is way more loaded with detailed antiquity hist…[View]
7242371How do i refresh my /his/ knowledge? i wasnt slacking in history class but retard teacher made me ha…[View]
7238066This is Kazim Karabekir, the commander of the Eastern Front in the Turkish war of Independence, with…[View]
7242359In old American cartoons, the stereotypical (conservative?) congressman is often depicted like pic r…[View]
7242240A WWII Russian prisoner of war remember the Americans who helped him survive: >https://www.youtub…[View]
7242207Interesting flags: Let's have a thread for historical flags/banners/heraldry/etc[View]
7241695>>7236541 Why does the idea of non whites achieving anything trigger /his/ so hard?[View]
7241924Cold War: >literally any topic >American posters can't contextualize anything beyond thei…[View]
7236541Your toughts on the islamic golden age?[View]
7240379Did Greece learn architecture from Egypt?[View]
72417079/11: Hey guys, Can anyone recommend any literature or documentaries on the September 11 attacks. Re…[View]
7240480Was this mustachioed mongoloid a psychopath or 'merely' autistic? How could his philosophy lead to a…[View]
7235717When did everything go wrong[View]
7239143>all religions are equally probable, don’t look into Christianity, it’s a waste of time…[View]
7238796The weekend has started, people have some time to relax and enjoy themselves. This thread will be de…[View]
7241694Is it true that the Norman vs. native Briton divide still exists in the UK today? Is there actual ev…[View]
7241975If the Sahara was still green would Africans have developed civilisations on par with the great Eura…[View]
7240210Jesus probable view on homosexuals / trannies?: Historical Jesus is usually depicted as a conservati…[View]
7241842Post Architecture from Indian subcontinent. Hindu, Islamic or Buddhist. Hopefully we can have one d…[View]
7241953How did South Europe acquire the Sickle Cell disease?[View]
7241240How the FUCK were the spaniards able to reconquer their peninsula from all those arabs? How could a …[View]
7239606The Sand War: Who was in the right?[View]
7241216>'No bro please bro I swear we're not following a bunch of pagan customs bro I swear that pr…[View]
7241319>ywn live in Al-Andalus why live[View]
7240828What's the point in striving for meaning why they are unsatisfying when you arrive at them?[View]
7236421Post historical insults: Give me the best historical insults[View]
7240240Why a lot of scientist are left leaning?[View]
7241757IRA / The Troubles: Is there any good, comprehensive literature on the history of the IRA and its fa…[View]
7241692When did the cognomen Caesar first appear in Roman history?[View]
7241662The tale of the conquest of tenochtitlan sounds like a shitty story some gayreek would have written[View]
7239960Would Italy have not gone fascist if it got the territories it was promised under the treaty of Lond…[View]
7241364*organizes millions of zoomers to kill political opponents, revisionists, teachers and porkies*[View]
7241488Anon... Will you take me out?[View]
7240328Any good books about the First Crusade and it’s leaders?[View]
7241531Was she as hot as people said she was anons?[View]
7240604What do you think of Alexander The Great, the King of Conquerors?[View]
7240365Who were some of the Greatest Kings of the Middle Ages?[View]
7235501Are monks have any contribution in human history?[View]
7240471Great historical figures and events occur the first time as tragedy and the second time as farce. Wh…[View]
7239255Historically speaking, which was the worse time to be alive? Which was the best?[View]
7238290Y didnt they form a country like everyone else? what if they did and finland and iceland joined them…[View]
7241367Anyone know any good online resources to learn about russian history[View]
7240627How did the People's Republic of China view Africa during the 20th century?[View]
7241253Was the Cold War actually World War III?[View]
7240778why didnt the remaining orthodox countries just flock to catholicism after the fall of constantinopl…[View]
7241250Martial 11:45, 11:46 (untranslated, dirty): 45) XLV. TO CANTHARUS, THE PEDOPHILE When you enter the …[View]
7239001Commie thread: >I will never understand why leftists love this guy…[View]
7238646Explain this.[View]
7239454Throw away your distractions, Anon. Abandon your waifu and set yourself free.[View]
7238558qing dynasty concubine were pretty uggu[View]
7239766Gaels will no longer ride the coattails of Brythonic BVLLS[View]
7240005Why do people pretend America are the “good” guys in history when in reality they fit the model more…[View]
7239649What happened in the Tarim basin before this? (The arrival of agriculture in 1500BC)[View]
7240297Let's have a discussion about Balkan Culture: Here's female national clothing from Stara P…[View]
7240937Child Labor: What is the perfect age for a child to start working? What type of jobs should children…[View]
7240997Why is it so hard to find truth in history? I want to find out more about women's place through…[View]
7238724What is Hyperreality to You?: Just started reading Simulacra and Simulation. Is hyperreality bullshi…[View]
7240847*tips tricorn* Cheerio ma'am, I think you'll find I'm better than those rapscallious …[View]
7240456>He [Heinrich Himmler] would toy with concentration camp prisoners during his routine inspections…[View]
7239869There are 31 countries where sharia law is accepted or partially recognised There is one country whe…[View]
7240766To what extent were settler colonialism and slavery inspired by Judaism, and protestants interpretin…[View]
7238741If Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP had persecuted a less powerful and influential group than Internationa…[View]
7232411Is there any evidence that the Exodus described in the Old Testament ever took place or was it just …[View]
7239986Why do you fans of military history ignore (or relish) the awful realities on the ground? You watch …[View]
7240495Authoritarian Nationalist Ideology, Who Started It?: Are the founders of Fascism, Benito Mussolini a…[View]
7238159why have women been treated so terribly throughout history?[View]
7239500is this true?[View]
7240519Was Alexander the Great Albanian? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFt4MyFPQs4[View]
7239234I want to preface this post by saying that I am not a tankie. I'm reading on the Soviet sacrifi…[View]
7240383Forgotten Ruby Ridge-like Incident - Don McGrath, North Dakota, 1980: >DON MACGRATH was a well li…[View]
7240274What do the Ahl al Sunnah have to say about this event? Do they agree that it even occurred?[View]
7238657I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
7240513Thoughts on this?: What ya'll think about the Kybalion?[View]
7239619Joke: People excuse the conquest of Palestine by Israel because it reminds them of how their countri…[View]
7234407what are some good books on Sumeria and the Sumerians?[View]
7240239Post controversial redpill facts about your country: Philippe Pétain did Nothing wrong and was absol…[View]
7238221>NO YOU CAN'T JUST EXCHANGE CURRENCY FOR GOODS AND SERVICES what the fuck was this retard…[View]
7240362History undergrad general? History undergrad general. What courses are you taking this semester? You…[View]
7235127/his/ music: Post only /his/ music you like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMZ3mSVcSKg[View]
7240202>a hypothetical prehistoric people of Eurasia >according to linguistic reconstruction >no w…[View]
7237552Memes aside, what is /his/ opinion on Rhodesia? I’ve just finished reading Ian Smith’s autobiography…[View]
7239884Is modern gender theory movement a religious pagan cult?[View]
7236735Italian victories: Does someone have any particular or obscure battles in which the Italian Army won…[View]
7239918What would you define as part of the medieval world: Is this map a best estimation of the entire med…[View]
7238338History SHOULD be written by the victors: We hear the line 'history is written by the victors' as va…[View]
7236572Is there any historical evidence that suggests that the Biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah did in…[View]
7236176>During the Fateh offensive in February 1987, I toured the southwest front on the Iranian side an…[View]
7240126Meuse-Argonne Offensive: Why we never hear talking about that battle ? It's the biggest battle …[View]
7239569What made Buddhism so popular in Asia?[View]
7239772Has there ever been true camaraderie between the upper and lower classes? Seems like throughout all …[View]
7239530It's time for /his/ to take the final redpill. The real reason for the Cold War was that Hollyw…[View]
7238717was Homer just the MCU of classical antiquity?[View]
7239954https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2u3hmZCsXoE Seething[View]
7239872>The history of English nationalism is a contested area of scholarship. The historian Adrian Hast…[View]
7239941Why do only trannies and fedoras react to this sort of thing with bitter and impotent rage?[View]
7235737What is culture? Is it truly possible for a nation to have no culture? What does it mean for a peopl…[View]
7235573Educate me /his/: I heard that the 'Germanic' people that the Roman Empire in fought in Europe aren…[View]
7239612What is philosophy?[View]
7239502What does /his/ think of the Titanoboa?[View]
7239832RISING SUN: Korea claims that the RISING SUN flag has been banned since ancient times. The RISING SU…[View]
7238354What are the advantages of lamellar over plate armor and vice versa? Is there one that is it strictl…[View]
7239643Napoleonic Era Battlefield aftermaths: >The ground between the wood and the batteries, about a qu…[View]
7236329To what extend were the city guard a thing and how did people police settlements before the establis…[View]
7239182Which historical lifestyle do you admire the most /his/? >the hunter gatherer >the farmer …[View]
7228928so what exactly does it mean to be a 'pagan'?[View]
7237730>Art is a kind of innate drive that seizes a human being and makes him its instrument. The artist…[View]
7238413Romanticist Neo-Luddism is the one true ideology.: I wish the scientific method had never been devel…[View]
7239475Appolonian & Dionytian dichotomy: Is this a common theme in Indo-Eurooean faiths? In Hinduism y…[View]
7236806What was Georgian era England like?[View]
7238960Did the Enlightenment ruin the world?[View]
7239431>this is what Salmon looks like[View]
7237117What's the origin of Friday the 13th?[View]
7231998I think /his/ had enough; Unfortunately, this board was destroyed, by /pol/, by /leftypol/ by /int/ …[View]
7238045Does Venice have any good pre-medieval history?[View]
7238924'Ate Gauls 'Ate Germans 'Ate optimates Love populism Love veterans Love autocracy Sim…[View]
7236860Papacy: Do Jesus even talk about having a head of religion that has absolute control over the Christ…[View]
7239349what went so right?[View]
7238850Martial, 11:53: 53) XLIII. TO TELETHUSA* (HIS FREED WOMAN / HIS WIFE?) When you see that I want to f…[View]
7236085Will africa ever catch up to the rest of humanity?[View]
7235101Is there any historical figure that has a name anywhere near as awesome as Fionn mac Cumhaill, whose…[View]
7238533The Nag Hammadi Scriptures: Are they legit or is it just heresy? Discuss[View]
7239265>ywn own an automobile back in the days when it was a cool and uncommon thing to have and that fe…[View]
7238249it was so perfect....[View]
7216316So was colonialism good or bad for Africa? No memes please.[View]
7238547What does it mean to be Duke a geographic area in medieval England? What does Earl of such and such …[View]
7239103Any cool stories on Pankration? Thought it was just wrestling but you apparently kill at the end[View]
7239056Was alcoholism really that widespread in Europe and North America in the 19th century?[View]
7238838Is Azerbaijan an artificial creation of the Soviet Union ?[View]
7224930imagine losing a war to THIS[View]
7233659If you don't know at least 3/4ths of what Billy Joel is singing about you don't belong on …[View]
7235934How true is this?[View]
7236267How Celtic are the Portuguese really?[View]
7237677Hiro approved meta thread! Friendly reminder to sage and report all /pol/ threads and replies! What…[View]
7234974What was Vichy France's long term goal? Surely they didn't want to be German puppets forev…[View]
7238624Ships n' shiiiiieeeeeeet: Redpill me on Naval Warfare[View]
7237032>Deși în istoriografia română și străină s-a vorbit mereu despre „întoarcerea armelor” de către R…[View]
7236700The Hitler Youth was the greatest system of raising happy and productive citizens in history: https:…[View]
7238891ANZACs: Help out a war pleb. Did the ANZACs or even just the Australian Army have any major victorie…[View]
7238656>tfw in the end steppeniggers got what they deserved >complete and total annihilation…[View]
7238712Why didn't the axis minors produce these instead of their shitty tanks? Surely there is no reas…[View]
7233282Morals aren't real Morals aren't concrete A 'moral' choice is the one which furthers your…[View]
7238751When did isolationist come to mean 'non-interventionist' in conversation? Saying you don't want…[View]
7235561Why are Turks the gayest of all Muslims? Isn't it suppose to be haram in Islam? What do other M…[View]
7233604BRING IT BACK NOW[View]
7238634Philosophically, does it count as cheating if you have sex with your wife's dominatrix Mirror U…[View]
7237245Why is the Iran hostage crisis rarely discussed any more? I watched some documentaries on it and it …[View]
7211268New warrior aesthetics thread[View]
7238516Based or doomed for failure?[View]
7237840When did these two become irrelevant to modern economic problems and last refugee of the desperate?[View]
7236185>Blues or Greens?[View]
7238111What is it about the frontier that's so appealing?[View]
7236675>saves Europe from Islam[View]
7238438Is 'optimistic nihilism' a real ideology or is it just some run of the mill version of existenialism…[View]
7236509What is your favourite Socratic dialogue, /his/? And have you ever cried to it? Do you prefer readin…[View]
7237640>Everyone remembers Hitler >Everyone remembers Wilhelm >Everyone remembers Mussolini >No…[View]
7238189So who actually knew about the Holocaust? From reading different things, it's essentially no on…[View]
7237996*gives you the gift of life*[View]
7238105What is the point of philosophy?: When people don't act using reason at all and it is better th…[View]
7231714Antinatalism is top tier ethical position: Nihilism is top tier philosophy[View]
7238071I heard that the Sumerians and Babylonians played a huge part in the fertile crescent drying up beca…[View]
7238202Were there ever any plans to have the freed slaves to be given their own State within the continenta…[View]
7237450What would Trotsky have done if he got into power instead of Stalin?[View]
7238157>study history >learn almost fucking nothing about espionage, informal networks, and banking …[View]
7238017what is the relationship between favoritism and bias[View]
7238063Why did the American Civil War have such a high death count per battle? Even the American-Mexican Wa…[View]
7235645how do Catholics defend themselves when confronted with the long history of corruption in the church…[View]
7231816Would Europe advance quicker if Rome never fell?: Or did the massive competetiveness from having man…[View]
7238115And humanities you punk bitch suck my cock: >ywn have constellations this cool Frt (for real tho[…[View]
7236208>A real life replica of the Roman Domus doesn't exist It's pretty surprising consideri…[View]
7236590What the fuck is his problem?[View]
7228048Is the following true about the USSR? >You had a house close to your workplace, always. >You r…[View]
7235766How is Russian Empire not just the reincarnated Byzantine/Roman Empire? No butthurt westerners.[View]
7237700Where did the notion that white people have no culture come from?[View]
7234101Need to hear Zuni Spoken: I need to hear the Zuni language spoken, does anyone know where I can find…[View]
7231736/his/ Military Rankings: Judging by the replies in the last thread, some of you have argued that: …[View]
7236536Are postmodernists sophists?[View]
7235596What did muslim chronicles caliphates and amirs say and think about infidel minorities and their riv…[View]
7237626McCarthyism and the House on Un-American Activities: Hit me >:D tell me everything I should know …[View]
7237713Was the breakup of the Bretton Woods the beginning?[View]
7236202So what's the go with this guy? Was he the callous butcher of his own men, completely out of t…[View]
7235350Jewish identity thread: Do you think that modern Jews are related to the ancient Israelites? Because…[View]
7237632How was life like inside the Papal States? Was people there fanatical?[View]
7237646Did Marco Polo exist: Why didnt Marco Polo know very basic things about China like that they used ch…[View]
7235304>Yes I did spend 15 minutes reading the Bible and will now start my own cult. How could you tell?…[View]
7237516Before the 15th century: >Pawns couldn't move two spaces on the first move >The Queen was…[View]
7237565It was revenge for Sergei Kirov, and a lot of other things. And there was nothing that we could do a…[View]
7235467Why haven't you taken the wizardpill yet, /his/?[View]
7236987Did he save the PRC?[View]
7235637Turkmenistan: What goes on here? Any interesting historical facts?[View]
7233009What if the world we inhabit is a psychological projection? What if our reality is an externalisatio…[View]
7234050>China has famines for hundreds of years where millions of chinks die due to failed state policie…[View]
7234514From a historical perspective did people usually prosper more from expansive unified empires or from…[View]
7236130>No history >No art and architecture >No contributions whatsoever…[View]
7236223Does Luke 16:16 proves that every modern ''prophet'' is a false prophet? 16 The …[View]
7236976Let's have a thread for cultures and civilizations that tried so hard and got so far, but in th…[View]
7236456Did steppe dwellers gave any contribution to human civilization?[View]
7235348When I hear the word Monarchist: I picture in my mind a rich upper-class British or European teenage…[View]
7237040If you want to see Tang Dynasty culture, go to Japan If you want to see Song Dynasty culture, go to …[View]
7236633Is it just a coincidence that the regions which were ruled by Moors have Black admixture? I think th…[View]
7236825Are there any actual studies on the tits vs ass preference? What about huge titties vs flatties?[View]
7236790The afrocentrists dream in motion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYDC28gW3Eg So this is the peak o…[View]
7236714Is it true that Julius Caeser created German identity? The argument is that by stopping his conquest…[View]
7236493Why are there so many different types of Christianity?: Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox etc.. Is th…[View]
7236570Whats the history behind pan-arabism? Why did it fail?[View]
7236874How did the French adapt to the longbow after angincourt and eventually win the hundred years war?[View]
7236318Titanic: Now that the dust has settled, who did it?[View]
7236696What is your take on this radical proposition?[View]
7235247Has the Catholic Church finally been rendered obsolete in the 21st century? Previously, it could exe…[View]
7229536What a chad he was: >Based >Iraqi nationalist >Dabbed on the Kurds, the Ayatollahs, Shiites…[View]
7236179Are historical leaders smarter and more capable than the average person or just people that happened…[View]
7236041>it is 2019 this unholy year of our Lord and we STILL don't know what consciousness is or wh…[View]
7236359What's the worst continent for farming?[View]
7235957What can you tell me about Tibet before Chinese occupation? Is it true what they say down at my loca…[View]
7234262Is the Bible based?!?!?1?: >Lev_18:22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is a…[View]
7235233>Flees to Taiwan[View]
7235440Would it be accurate to call Bedouins the 'true' Arabs? What exactly are their origins and what sepe…[View]
7232354I miss this lil nigga like u wouldnt believe: What does /his/ think of /ourguy/ Douglas Macarthur? T…[View]
7236434haha *forcefully conscripts unwilling men* you americans *recruits native americans to fight* relied…[View]
7235230Reform this[View]
7233791White Huns: So, instead of another Rome/Nazi Germany thread, let's discuss a more niche topic, …[View]
7234367Many questions about this map. It's a Japanese map. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shina_(word)#…[View]
7234716You do fully appreciate God's sovereignty don't you /his/?[View]
7236454Nazi Germany wouldn't have won WW2: It could have easily survived to this day though if it were…[View]
7233818Really says alot...[View]
7236000Lover of the Russian queen: Russia's greatest love machine[View]
7235514>WW1 ends >Wilson begs allies to be nice to poor Germany, American investment rushes in to reb…[View]
7231798Why won't you guys just accept that Jesus Christ is out lord and savior already to get an etern…[View]
7234322Wikipedia is not impartial[View]
7236338/ourguy/ has uploaded a new video: Another quality video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ex74x_gqTU0…[View]
7236048@humanities: Why is it their culture to be so bitter?[View]
7234914What do we know about Tarascans the Aztecs mortal enemies ?: Always see people talk about Aztecs/May…[View]
7231903Are manchus even real? The more I read up on them the more I wonder if they're just a bunch of…[View]
7226036Uncomfortable historical truths: I'd like to have a thread where we discuss things the mainstre…[View]
7219068War pics: Post pics from any war (but not from WW2, fuck WW2). Starting with WW1:[View]
7235612Are there any good history books or articles on how internet communities became a dumping ground for…[View]
7232139Why so many british look southern european? Charlie Chaplin, John Oliver, hell Mosley looks like a l…[View]
7235963Etruscans: What can his tell e about the Etruscans north of Rome?[View]
7235298Why did he do it? Was he just a kleptocrat? I don't get it.[View]
7235911His face is described as the rising of the sun, one companion said he found great pleasure in simply…[View]
7235786Would Africa be white if not for WW2?: If Germany didn't start the second world war would Afric…[View]
7235923F.W. De Klerk: Was he basically the Gorbachev of Africa?[View]
7225535Has Rome ever contributed scientifically to anything?[View]
7234840Why did Hitler did the things that he did? I mean, he couldn't have done those bad things becau…[View]
7235558Europe, Asia and North Africa: Were these continents/regions the soul reason why other civilizations…[View]
7235675>ITT: Historical figures who resemble animals Pigmy Owl[View]
7235740I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
7235690HEMA sources: This is Joachim Meyer. He was a cutler and a fencer master of the Freifechter guild in…[View]
7234709A reading from the Gospel according to Luke: [1] And it came to pass, that when the multitudes press…[View]
7235318Is there any history youtube channel more inaccurate than this one? They acted like the iron maiden …[View]
7228082How was this any different from generalplan ost?[View]
7232477Thoughts, chr/his/tians?: I don’t know if this belongs here or in /sci/, but whatever.[View]
7223281What did Donatello mean by this?[View]
7233677Were all major empires hated or is this just a trend unique to modern America? I don't recall t…[View]
7235520>ITT: Pop culture characters in place of history's world leaders (pre-1990 only) Margaret Th…[View]
7235574How accurate of a portrayal is it?[View]
7235031Why carthge lost almost all their naval battles to Rome when they were supposed to be expert at sail…[View]
7235537Unlucky Rulers in Histoey: >be Khosrow >lose all your gains in the war against the Byzantines …[View]
7230513Were the CHG the only ancient people to survive? Their haplogroups AND autosomal DNA are common thro…[View]
7233914Is there an example in history of a stupid person who made himself significantly smarter?[View]
7233592Would the Nazis have won if the Allies didn't crack the enigma?[View]
7227168ITT : Bad history channels: This guy's review of Kingdom of Heaven >Europeans wouldn't …[View]
7234788Can the concept of ethnicity ever be separated from race and racialism ever again, or is the damage …[View]
7232395I know some of you hate atheists for the edgy people that they are, but is religion really the way t…[View]
7227885Rwanda 1994: Was it the fault of Europe?[View]
7234015Did the Allies win world war 2 by guilting the Germans with post-war propaganda? What I mean is, wo…[View]
7233648How did Finland manage to survive the neighbour?[View]
7234178Vidkun Quisling: Was he a based hero thinking only of the welfare of his people or a cringe traitor …[View]
7227602Eurocentrism: I thought it was an exaggeration that up and coming 'scholars' were obsessed with 'de-…[View]
7234183Why do we study or care about non-white 'history' anyway? Evropa is the best place on earth.[View]
7232284How am I supposed to forgive and love my enemies, turning my other chin, and just love God, when my …[View]
7232016Post inspirational quotes from legendary historical figures[View]
7234940I'm not sure id this is the right board, but I was looking through my families history and I fo…[View]
7232622I'm doing a worldbuilding project and I'm wondering how widespread the use of currency was…[View]
7232096Why does the catholic church consider birth control a sin?[View]
7233342What was the first culture that started mutilating their bodies willingly?[View]
7233146*AHEM*: Excuse me, can I have all y'all attention please?[View]
7225766He killed thousands[View]
7235128In western media, we often talk about oversexualization in society and how it relates to the psychol…[View]
7234506Philip IV: What can you /his/ians tell me about this guy. Was he autistic or something? >rigid an…[View]
7235132Source impact: Is there some metric or writing about how the sources might impact a history book? It…[View]
7229982Is there anyway South Africa could have survived and continued under the conditions it was existing …[View]
7234109Why can't people just have a nice discussion of History? Like, can we just have a chill thread …[View]
7234743ITT discuss history like it's media: /his/ really needs spoiler functionality. I was browsing a…[View]
7233329>Pharaoh dies >need to kill myself so I can continue to serve him in the afterlife Why did the…[View]
7231940JS Day: On this day in 1683 John Sobieski fought and defeated the Ottomans in the Battle of Vienna. …[View]
7234604What were the long term effects of the 73 oil crisis[View]
7231769How did people survive before house insulation?[View]
7235002Stromboli or calzone, a perpetual dilemma...: What was his deal?[View]
7234726WTF: Why did Israel blow up our ship?[View]
7233907What should I know about the history of this state ?[View]
7234939So who, 25 years ago, was running the West? I have a little anthropological theory that there's…[View]
7234843He could not do any miracles there: Jesus couldn’t perform many miracles in his hometown (Mark 6:1-5…[View]
7233904for me, its old europe the best europe[View]
7234826Stoicism and Suicide: The stoics believed that if you couldn't handle life you should just kill…[View]
7230782When was rape considered bad/immoral? How come women raping boys is not treated with the same moral …[View]
7232258Are the Shia kuffar?: I have heard many scholar and Islamic historians say they are kuffar but then …[View]
7234868El Cid: Who was this apparently glorious human being and what did he do?[View]
7234429Samori Toure: Why does Shaka Zulu get wanked as the greatest sub-saharan commander when this guy shi…[View]
7234386Military gliders: Reading about the Fallschirmjager gliders during ww2 invasion of Crete. Wtf people…[View]
7234824Europe’s impact on the world: Why does the modern classroom hate Europeans? Why must so many people …[View]
7228990Guys I'mma do it[View]
7234467How did the UK become a protectorate of its former colony, the USA?[View]
7232376Hypothetical Stalin Scenario: If you went back in time to late June 1941 and mind controlled Stalin …[View]
7223641German Blitzkrieg was only possible because of USSR: I often hear the argument that America won ww2 …[View]
7234129Dairy based civilization >values: hard work, prudence, honesty, courage, honouring the creator an…[View]
7231213hahaha wtf is this thread like seriously bro haha[View]
7233691Why did Hitler invade France?[View]
7231144Why do right wing groups that seek to marginalise women enjoy so much female support? This was true …[View]
7232910I don't get it, why didn't people want to get civilized by Romans?: Why did they prefer de…[View]
7234382>ywn go on to colonize the east >ywn be given a home in a Ukranian village and a peasant wife …[View]
7230152so.. what exactly is dialetic materialism?[View]
7234347>the civil war wasn't about slavery, it was about states rights[View]
7234238>Teacher wheels this thing into your history class and pulls down the projection screen >*phft…[View]
7232445Isn't liberalism just another form of religion?: Often times, the most controversial philosophi…[View]
7229598Leo Frank Case: Was he guilty?[View]
7228921Hatfield and McCoy feud who's to blame?[View]
7234155Would anyone write/create a longer/new graph of this? interested in this niche genre of history poin…[View]
7231101Why did God make Satin?[View]
7232810Why did baldness look so good and natural on pre-2000 men?[View]
7227760Would it be fair to say he singlehandedly destroyed america?[View]
7234037>tfw you will never fight in the 30 years war and pillage and rape germans freely while getting d…[View]
7229503What was early Christianity really like ? Roman Catholicism or just something else that could be cal…[View]
7232903HISTORY: I lived in the Soviet Union, I am 58 years old, now in Ukraine ask questions that interest …[View]
7232263was the war of the roses literally Norf FC: the civil war?[View]
7230392>My face when someone legit calls themselves a Legalist Inb4 muh feudalism…[View]
7230094Could Britain have kept their empire if the American Revolution never happened or failed?[View]
7231944If the allies hadnt landed at Normady pic related would have stopped the Russians in their tracks, w…[View]
7233553Was the USSR simply too ethnically-diverse to succeed? The empire was constantly dealing with ethnic…[View]
7231771Austrian School: Who should I read for Austrian School Economics? And what does /his/ think of it? P…[View]
7230548Corporatism is basically feudalism at this point, isn't it? Only instead of fighting with weapo…[View]
7230359I know a lot of bait threads get thrown around about Africa but did Africa have any independant fiel…[View]
7232790Why the fuck did they go down that road? Why the fuck did they get out of the car? What the fuck hap…[View]
7230525We all know that one person: The 20 something year old virgin who is from /pol/ or stormfront who pl…[View]
7232209*puts Caiaphas in fetters and abolishes the anti-semites*[View]
7232950I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
7233022Most twisted historical figures?: Or to put it another way, the ones who realized the most clearly t…[View]
7232920What's the story on this man? Why does pretty much every black person in America who ever heard…[View]
7233040>Armies of Alexander the Great didn't use stirrups >Armies of Hannibal didn't use st…[View]
7233025is to be really to know?[View]
7228485>Kick the Europeans out of the middle east and formally end the age of the Crusaders >Beat the…[View]
7231586So the 10 Commandments ought to be obeyed because God wills it Does that explanation as to why the c…[View]
7232305Have the British apologized to the Kenyan Mau Mau yet?: 'One officer quoted by Anderson gives a tast…[View]
7227677Why does a country like Japan a high standard of living and economic development has a relatively hi…[View]
7232468Anyone else find it weird and kind of disturbing how the average person today would barely be able t…[View]
7232765HISTORY: What do you know about Ukrainian Cossacks?[View]
7221466Why is LSD illegal: Well?[View]
7232488Was he the lesser evil?[View]
7232827How do other countries cope?[View]
7230846What's the best voting system? Is voting a civil right or should it be earnerd? Also, when did …[View]
7228794Flavius Josephus: Was Josephus a sellout and a traitor to his people?[View]
7232342Physiognomy general: Lets have a thread on one of the most underrated yet natural and utmost importa…[View]
7232147>The veterans of Flandes. >Greatest cavalry of their period. >Metallurgy and war tactics fr…[View]
7216926English language ‘is just a dialect of Chinese’ say academics: A group of scholars from China have m…[View]
7231044Difference in the assessment of the beauty of women from all over the world: Clear differences in at…[View]
7232544Can someone give a quick rundown on the International Music Standards and Joseph Geobbels recommenda…[View]
7232097How celts were genocided in this?[View]
7232030I miss him bros[View]
7232211Is this the greatest piece of art ever made?[View]
7232352How accurate is this?[View]
7232386Why is the North Africa campaign so kino?[View]
7230732Did white people actually live in North America (Greenland) before Native Americans or is it a white…[View]
7231687Does anyone outside of France and Germany know this man? His take on history and politics in the mid…[View]
7231551Why is modern nobility such a joke?[View]
7232308Why cant Finns accept that they were allies of Germany?[View]
7232100Nordic and med people were and are less developed due to piracy: I have been reading for a while abo…[View]
7229101Are they European?[View]
7232114Why is history always about geopolitics? id find it a lot more interesting if there was a regular ma…[View]
7227758Is there an Islamic equivalent of this? I would like to learn more about Islam[View]
7231953Could Gallipoli have succeed?[View]
7229588Could the Zulu tribe under Shaka defeat the Mali empire under Sundiata?[View]
7231326Isn't it ironic that Catholics exalt Papal supremacy so much when the history of the Catholic c…[View]
7230051Psychology major and I have to have a class on epistemology What the fuck and why am I even being ta…[View]
7231436Were (Caribbean) pirates atheists?[View]
7230501how do i stop worrying that i might actually be a p-zombie?[View]
7225656Next week I will start my history study at the university What should I expect?[View]
7229909Joan of Arc: What are your opinions on Joan of Arc? Was she really right about as many things as the…[View]
7222875Inconsistencies with the Indo-European expansion: And general early European genetics thread[View]
7229672Anti-Semites who saved Jews: Wilhelm Canaris invented the idea of marking Jews with the Star of Davi…[View]
7219266this faggot deserved far worse and should have been hanged, drawn and quartered on live TV for openi…[View]
7231454Recommend me cozy documentaries: Let them be conspiracy theory or bold if you want I dont want some …[View]
7231876Haussmann destroyed Paris :-([View]
7231626What did he mean by this?[View]
7231631Atomized society is only way forward[View]
7228537Vikings were females: This kills the incel[View]
7227799*creates you* *watches you make a pig's dinner of your free agency* *saves your ass*[View]
7226803How much of womens oppression has been the result of mens actions and how much has been a result of …[View]
7231547>african kingdoms what do they mean by this? and what are 'african kingdoms'???…[View]
7231600How could technology have evolved in a Fallout-esque world in which transistors and semiconductors w…[View]
7231561Allah is a powerful Asura from Arabia who was pacified by Buddha after teaching him the Dharma. Prop…[View]
7229438Why did he do it?[View]
7226644what do Hungarians think of him? did he have any chance of winning? what was the revolution’s effect…[View]
7227927What was feminisms stated goals when it first originated?[View]
7231005Why was he so based? Even his mass murder of millions had good consequences.[View]
7230252>Mein Führer, the Russians are attempted to encircle us, permission to organise a withdrawal from…[View]
7229834why did Western Europe and other nations in the Western bloc vote in favor of the ROC being kicked o…[View]
7231305The black woman’s rear end is called the booty, because some of the first “goods” ever stolen consis…[View]
7231368>tfw everybody else has revolvers but you're stuck with a single shot horse pistol…[View]
7230660Christian socialism: Why has it not been more of a force? How is it possible that the christian worl…[View]
7230052>defeated British Empire >defeated Soviet Union >defeated America Literally HOW the fuck do…[View]
7222720>'I believe in the ideology of fascism' Who do you imagine when someone say this?…[View]
7229978*Sip* What could have been[View]
7230646https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzr6dD8fvVY: Halder really was an incompetent memelord 'Juzd chekmat…[View]
7228902Why was there so much Anti-Irish sentiment in the 19th century, particulary after the famine? The Ir…[View]
7230055He was wrong?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Francis_Hylan#Famous_speech[View]
7230839Why were Italian Americans the dominant group in US mafias and organised crime groups?[View]
7230820Paraguay: Are they the closest we have to literal rape-babies? Also, any good books on the war itsel…[View]
7227504Why is South America so ignored here?[View]
7230550I need the names of these people: I only recognize Angela Merkel[View]
7230701Can we just appreciate that Human History has produced so many insane, badass, and entertaining indi…[View]
7227015Is there any point to it all? Are we just here to reproduce and die?[View]
7230633>eli eli lama sabachthani[View]
7223034You meet God and he will tell you one truth that you you've always wanted to know. What do you …[View]
7227376Was he Aryan[View]
7229481What is the history of circumcision, specifically in the U.S? It doesn't have a religious signi…[View]
7230536Rather than for his philosophical contributions, Descartes will be remembered for an inane comment o…[View]
7230491Dark, Gloomy, Creepy Art Works: What are your favorite examples of dark, gloomy, and even foreboding…[View]
7230388What sets humanity apart from angels? We just seem like a weaker, more corrupt version of angels tha…[View]
7230354What's the assessment on the Egyptian wonders? An amazing achievement of labor and culture, or …[View]
7228372Weird question here, /his/. How many lights would be kept burning in a roman domus during the night?…[View]
7220886What did he achieve while being in total control of the largest empire?[View]
7230248I guess I'm probably agnostic, but if there really is no god, why are atheists so consistently …[View]
7230193>& humanities What would the mentality of someone that grew up and only ever lived on mars b…[View]
7230316What the hell was his problem?: Well?[View]
7229659Was the EHG mongoloid[View]
7227056>According to the official history of the Ming Dynasty, some self-proclaimed Ottoman envoys visit…[View]
7229295Is he right?[View]
7230266honestly my favorite picture in existance[View]
7224808Every 7 seconds a German soldier dies in Russia. Stalingrad is a mass grave. https://www.youtube.com…[View]
7224764>With the defeat of its army and the fall of its capital, Mexico entered into negotiations to end…[View]
7229404Seems to me like lenin was full of crap. Its not first world countries that are benefiting from inve…[View]
7229811.....the thighs that won the somme[View]
7228519I don't get it, who were the good guys?[View]
7229940Imperial Japan’s Atrocities: Japan has committed many war crimes from perfidy to mistreatment of PoW…[View]
7226005>ywn defend your settlement from the asiatic remnants[View]
7229668>launches an obviously doomed expedition to Egypt >loses his entire navy to the British and th…[View]
7228652How do you feel about translation and interpreting? I graduated last year with a translation/languag…[View]
7229785Literally WHY didn't they just fucking extend the Maginot line along the Belgian border?[View]

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