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13348222Napoleon: Enlightened Ruler or Egomaniac?[View]
13344663>nooooo you can't be a russophobe. Russia actually created many things and has a very unique…[View]
13345765Yahweh & Christian timeline: Has any other religion resulted in a bigger shitshow in less than 3…[View]
13349001Was vassalage neccessary for medieval period?: Seems like a similar thing in Europe happened in Indi…[View]
13347072Neorome: Anyone interested in reviving the Roman Empire in easter europe by making multiple coups d…[View]
13347380>Threatens a trade embargo with English Kingdoms because they don't make cloaks the way he l…[View]
13332212was the reconquista justified?[View]
13347098South Carolina logged two lynchings in 1930. Particularly sad was the death of Allen Green, a 50 yea…[View]
13348496So I'm reading pic related and I'm loving it, have already read the one on Nicholas and Al…[View]
13347727peak SOVL[View]
13348083The Chad SUNDIATA KEITA vs. the Virgin Soumaoro Kanté[View]
13348256>'And these...'intellectually stunted' draftees are the key to victory in South Vietnam…[View]
13347145Would 70% of the current year population still have gengis khans genetics if somebody gave him an au…[View]
13348004Aboriginal Australians farmed oysters 10,000 years ago: New study shows. Primitive my ass.[View]
13339063>refutes intelligent design[View]
13339846Reminder.: Around 1500 years ago, an arabic merchant started an heretic satanic pagan cult to the ar…[View]
13348563We are the last Romans.: We are the descendant of Trajan's legions who procreate with local fem…[View]
13348549Strange or funny deaths: >PrinceErnst Rüdiger Camillo von Starhemberg, often known simply as Prin…[View]
13345489>Rome consider germans as barbarians. >Germans consider slavs and jews as barbarians Whom slav…[View]
13343650Can somebody please explain this cluster fuck of a religion to me?[View]
13342266What was the most significant black swan event in history? Black Death? 1929 Wall Street Crash?[View]
13343207If Germany hadn’t tried to outsize Britain’s navy and just focused on their internal economy and try…[View]
13346101How would america have turned out if the British just compromised and allowed them some parliamentar…[View]
13345904What is Karahan/Gobekli Tepe/Tas Tepeler?: Why were they building massive stone dicks 13,000 years a…[View]
13348101A normal day in Port-au-Prince.: >It's 1872 >You're a Haitian Navy officer >Ok jo…[View]
13347313Masochism is one of few the few human pleasures that I will never understand. How is it possible to …[View]
13347758Ancient Greeks were as dark as south Asians.: Ancient Greeks were as dark as south Asians.[View]
13347639Which one would have succeeded Hitler after he died had the Nazis somehow won WW2 ?[View]
1334527716th-century human sacrifice in Europe?: Here's something I came across a few years ago. There …[View]
13343177why is socialism so much better than capitalism?: >Stalin raises tens of millions of people out o…[View]
13345183Fork: How much is it a truth or a myth that medieval or ancient or prehistoric people didn't us…[View]
13347606Japanese army camps be like >Bro let's just put up screens and shit. Fuck protecting ourselv…[View]
13347993Why are first wave feminists portrayed as noble? These broads have always been annoying as fuck. Woo…[View]
13347987Prophetic quotes: >Cochinchina is burning, the French and the British are finished here, and we o…[View]
13347925Why were bulls never used as war mounts?: Horns, and menacing size, make bulls seem like very viable…[View]
13347446>no fap >no sex outside of marriage >not looking at women with sexual intent Why? I would u…[View]
13347908Post living relatives (preferably not grand nieces or nephews) of famous people. I'll Start, th…[View]
13347624Did the US ever have any realistic chance of being an isolationist nation? Would this have been bett…[View]
13346910Yo Varus where my legions @? Fr tho[View]
13347881Surely /his/ is smarter than a 5th-grader…[View]
13347629where do they get off calling britain perfidous when they taught them everything they know?[View]
13346857Why cant they win wars?[View]
13347735How suspicious are you of abstract concepts?[View]
13348358Is it wrong to say one culture is superior to another?[View]
13346378Why is it all the arguments about the Sun either rely on analogies the apparent source of which is t…[View]
13346989How would history change if Japan just massacred all these arrogant gaijin barbarians then and there…[View]
13346318Spencer Compton, 1st Earl of Wilmington: Chairman of the Committees of Privileges and Elections 1705…[View]
13346424Why did America join the Great War?[View]
13342522Mass deportation is a form of genocide How do nationalists propose to get rid of ethnic, religious, …[View]
13345076What is the Ideal Spear length? Both Philip of Macedon and Shaka Zulu did military reforms in the op…[View]
13347558>Hundreds of people have logged they ass onto the based as fuck 4chan Minecraft server for 1.17.1…[View]
13344467imagine if this fag had not returned Koenigsberg back to Prussia. we would have avoided both WW1 and…[View]
13346699What went wrong?[View]
13347085how could anyone look at this and think they were the good guys?[View]
13346767ITT: Most pathetic losers in history[View]
13337306Why aren’t there new religions being created?[View]
13329615Why are Americans obsessed with the IRA?[View]
13346845As he's walking by you tell him his mustache looks stupid. What happens next?[View]
13347394How do you figure out how the English language is supposed to be pronounced? I've been thinking…[View]
13347321WW2 - U.S. Nuking Japanese: Was it justified? Saw leftoid Shaun's video on it, but what do you …[View]
13343894Between Iberian peninsula, Balkan peninsula, Anatolia, Gallia, Italia, Germania, west North Africa, …[View]
13346440Pablo Vargas was one of the last people executed by the state of New York before Furman vs Georgia s…[View]
13342306'Have you no decency, sir, at last?'[View]
13342939/His/tory MEME General:[View]
13347204What would be the most useful technological invention to give to a civilization? What's somethi…[View]
13347127Is it possible to receive information from outside of the universe?[View]
13343208>Nixon’s favorite president was Woodrow Wilson, whom he admired for his efforts to establish worl…[View]
13346980Subjects and interests you wish to discuss on /his/ but can't because the threads on them insta…[View]
13337914Is it a human right or is it wrong?[View]
13345205War: How were mercenary bands formed druing the dark ages[View]
13342592In the summer of 1961, the historic Freedom Riders, a group of black and white activists, challenged…[View]
13339003Of God wanted to absolve humanity of its sins, why not just do so? Better yet, why not just make sin…[View]
13334173Would this be an accurate matrix to classify historical political leaders? If we think about it, the…[View]
13346930Theodora: What is the /his/ verdict on the legacy of this individual?[View]
13346909Greeks love blacks: WTF BROS...IS THIS TRUE...[View]
13345000Soviet leaders: Rate em[View]
13345570America was so FUCKING close to becoming a stable, prosperous social democracy it fucking hurts[View]
13345050>installs solar panels on the white house to reduce the presidential electric bill put on the tax…[View]
13342643Why did the Nationalists fail so badly?[View]
13342250How does Canada have more large cities than France? Canada >38 million population >cities wit…[View]
13346724Why is Reagan still worshipped by Republicans for being le low-taxes libertarian and Bush seen as a …[View]
13346846WTF: Tell me more![View]
13346173Why aren't they part of Serbia?[View]
13343645Bruh moment: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sino-German_cooperation_(1926%E2%80%931941)…[View]
13335922I never understood aristocratic titles work? Queen Victoria got so butthurt that her daughter was go…[View]
13344433Were pagan gods associated with moral goodness like the Christian God? Early Christians accused paga…[View]
13343479Name one thing that was proven to be true about the Christian religion. Even Jesus's existence …[View]
13346478historical equivalents of this?[View]
13336123Why isn't the British Isles one country?[View]
13346522Judaism is purely a larp that people perpetually subscribe to. When someone says they’re “Jewish” it…[View]
13346606>the dark ages weren't real because...THEY JUST WEREN'T, OKAY? medievalfags are an abso…[View]
13344115>Casus belli: your lands could use some roads[View]
13345552Any good books on early germanic tribes, their society, religion and lifestyle[View]
13344579How good of a political strategy is pretending to retarded? Historically speaking.[View]
13344260The GDR was the last German country but you mutts are not ready for that type of pill.[View]
13346611Mongolia: >Show up in central Asian when nobody was expecting you >Become largest contingent l…[View]
13346410Joan of Arc: Imagine the sheer amount of rape she went through before being burned at the stake…[View]
13345571How are structures dated?: From what I understand, rock structures can't actually be dated. Is …[View]
13344017Crazy weapons: Did the west have crazy weapons like the war fan or the war smoking pipe? I know Indi…[View]
13346427How do Old Believer churches work?: I heard some don't even have bishops or priests. We all kno…[View]
13345788Gospel of Thomas: this says a lot of wacky shit. no way this was the earliest gospel[View]
13343143Militant Athiests being really annoying unironically made me re embrace my faith when it was waning …[View]
13346435Why do people always call the Aztecs “the Roman Empire of the americas”when the Inca MOG them in eve…[View]
13346223What went wrong?[View]
13346019What was the last battle in Europe where both sides used swords and armor ?[View]
13346161Historically speakling, who really owns Dokdo?[View]
13345785What do Mormons think about the Trinity?[View]
13346271Anyone have any good books with firsthand accounts of the horrors of Genghis Kahn’s conquest of Eura…[View]
13343039Why Do the Athiests on This Board Keep Saying Jesus Didn't Live?: It's almost like atheist…[View]
13346261As recorded by Sir William Hayter, British Ambassador in Moscow in Brezhnev’s day: The apparatus at …[View]
13344553religion poll: (Is this allowed?) Vote to see what religion is actually dominant (among responders) …[View]
13342957>Buddhism is the religion of peace[View]
13342471I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
13345962>midwit takes i start the sovietunion would have won against germany without US aid…[View]
13345536>ancient Jews and pagans (Celsus) said that Jesus was the son of a Roman soldier called Pantera …[View]
13345732What's the point of analytic philosophy when science already exists?[View]
13345356why did europe become united? some say it was the horror of ww2 but I always assumed that it was the…[View]
13345553Is it wrong to base your worldview off things you find cool?[View]
13345362>defines an entire decade >refuses to elaborate >leaves without a trace…[View]
13344864It just works[View]
13342731To Jews he is known as Yeshu ben Pandera. To Christians he is known as Jesus Christ. To Muslims he …[View]
13344715>90% of natives died of old world diseases >vast majority died without ever having seen a whit…[View]
13342364How do you save the Soviet Union from disintegrating? Do you just have to centralize everything like…[View]
13341758Taft spelled backwards is T. fat[View]
13345458Best books about the Holy Roman Empire?: Give me some recommendations. Some on Austria and Bohemia w…[View]
13345494Why did he go full retard in later years and how the fuck did people tolerate such asinine policies?[View]
13345455What role did French-Immigrants play in the US Civil War? I'm well aware of the impact of Germa…[View]
13343923What is a 'nation'?[View]
13339692Jesus: Failed apocalyptic prophet?: 1 Corinthians 7:29-31, circa 50 CE >I mean, brothers and sist…[View]
13336643What exactly are these 'Chinese characteristics'?[View]
13345359earliest use of psychedelics: How long do the use of psychedelics predate back to? I know greek phil…[View]
13344860Mao and the communists conspired with the Japanese. The CCP is founded on treason and lies. during t…[View]
13345292How popular was the Landlord's Game?[View]
13343356So, if I understand it correctly, pagans were convinced to convert to Christianity by missionaries j…[View]
13333894what happened during this decade to cause people to go completely insane?[View]
13338679Why is there no historical proof of there ever being a country called Japan, Nihon or Nippon before …[View]
13343242Seven Kill Stele: >Heaven brings forth innumerable things to nurture man. >Man has nothing goo…[View]
13343722>there's people who honestly believe a few hundred mongols on horses conquered all of this …[View]
13341542>St. Thomas Aquinas condemned prostitution as gravely evil however defended the legal protection …[View]
13338482ITT: Catastrophic military failures[View]
13342000Why were ancient Egyptian deities depicted with animal heads? It is a left over from previous animis…[View]
13339209Imagine literally getting cucked by God. What would you do in Joseph's position?[View]
13344091>start learning Japanse >get some fluency >check Wikipedia for some random historical thing…[View]
13343278What did they eat? Just bread? Was Palestinian cuisine that poor?[View]
13343708>In 1000 BC, according to the best guesses, there were between 600,000 and 800,000 polities in th…[View]
13342864Why did they hate The West and Japan so much?[View]
13341080There cannot not be a God.: That is why the modern, atheistic and corrupt world is trying to make yo…[View]
13344409If you are treated unfairly and the environment makes you a 'bad' person. Why would you care for peo…[View]
13342542Battle of Crecy: Brainlet here.Just watched a jewtube video on this battle and my impression is that…[View]
13343173Survivour Bias: Does it actually exist throughout history[View]
13343767So you are telling me that 8 nations made an alliance just to attack a medium size country?[View]
13342445Mormon theology is so cringe that it's unreal, bros[View]
13343266Mao zedong or Mao tse tung?[View]
13341355Did the Japanese really get lucky against the Mongols or was the invasion already a failure when the…[View]
13342249Why did Europeans continue to refer to the Indigenous peoples of the Americas as Indians when it bec…[View]
13343673Do Muslims hold governments accountable at all?: I've noticed that any sort of contemporary soc…[View]
13343013>wins against a rural nation with a small population as opposed to his modern industrialized nati…[View]
13344242Show me one piece of evidence that religion is real[View]
13344193Texaco Won the Spanish Civil War for the Nationalists: https://www.thenation.com/article/archive/the…[View]
13338333famous historic figures who were also faggots?[View]
13342374Why does America build cities like this?[View]
13338798How does based Nixon compare to other 20th century U.S. presidents?[View]
13344005Is Black American music apart of western civilization? If yes, then are Black Americans westerners?[View]
13343442>That faggot on twitter who tries to reconstruct Proto Indo Europeams as Arab and Pajeet looking …[View]
13343639>materialism is obsolete >idealism is obsolete >religions are obsolete So what is a bett…[View]
13344064Entities born inside of a cave would have no information about a Sun-as-WE-know-it. If they received…[View]
13342611Why is there no Goddess in the Bible? Why is the Judaic / Christian / Muslim world not born from the…[View]
13342977>InGreek mythology,Memnon was an African king and son ofTithonusandEos. As a warrior he was consi…[View]
13343939>The Trojan War did not happen! There is no evidence for a large-scale invasion of Anatolia! >…[View]
13343941>The Prussian scheme is the name of a reported 1786 attempt by persons influential in the governm…[View]
13343305how are Jews going to be saved if they cant accept Jesus as the savior?[View]
13341052Which country deserves the title of being the least culturally European on European soil? Pic relate…[View]
13341381holy fucking based[View]
13343239Hey, anyone got some interesting soviet era sources/quotes, or even just recent ones from historians…[View]
13342634Hey Christcucks, We love you.[View]
13342811I believe there is a God, but why should I believe in a convoluted mess of a religion like Christian…[View]
13343344>”The Molotov-Ribbentrop pact happened because Stalin was forced to by the allies. They rebuked a…[View]
13343500What would the ancients truely think about furry subculture? Would they see it as a continuation of …[View]
13341718'Governor, if your wife Kitty were attacked, raped, and murdered by an escaped prison inmate, would …[View]
13341833name more iconic glow up, I'll wait...[View]
13343698Chinatowns: How common were these shits in the past?[View]
13343286Effectiveness of propaganda leaflets: >Top: Here you will finally be annihilated! Most leaflets i…[View]
13341957*invade and enslave countries who you copied* They were such assholes[View]
13342464how much of the trojan war is historical and how much is it mythical?[View]
13343300Language conserves such an enormous amount of the culture of its original speakers. An English speak…[View]
13341155If a bad action results in a good outcome, how can it be called a bad action?[View]
13342599I think we need less education and the curriculum needs to be simplified. You can even cut the Latin…[View]
13343183https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caodaism >The spiritual power (Bát Quái Đài): This is the heavenl…[View]
13343059The greatest Admirals of all time: In no order: Afonso de Albuquerque Hayreddin Barbarossa Alvaro de…[View]
13343222>ywn be part of the Cluny abbey >You will never be part of a Soviet-like organism deciding th…[View]
13343144Why did they waste so much time on philsophy? They literally went deeper into the rabbit hole than e…[View]
13341305Great Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe, founded 11th century, abandoned 15th century AD.[View]
13342980Best book on NATO and CIA sponsored right-wing stay-behind militias a.k.a. Operation Gladio? Non-sch…[View]
13343320So did anything productive ever come from his writings? Some people would point to Marx, but I would…[View]
13342963Why did Zeus overtake Poseidon in importance?[View]
13342871So... did Holodomor happen because Stalin uninentionally did or not?[View]
1334269320 Questions: Hi /his/, let's play 20 Questions. I'll think of someone from history, and y…[View]
13343064best posts of /his/: I shall bless this board, you do as well: Can find all posts on desuarchive by …[View]
13341725Robert Walpole, 1st Earl of Orford: One of the Council of the Lord High Admiral 1705– 8; Secretary a…[View]
13340066>>13339905 Has there ever been a 'Pan-something' movement that actually worked out in the long…[View]
13341422What’s the point of the British commonwealth?[View]
13343091>tfw remembering my religious phase[View]
13342856When is it ever justifiable to kill someone?[View]
13343171Why don't we have Indiaboos the same way we have Persiaboos, Egyptboos, Nipboos, Araboos, and S…[View]
13336932Suppose a ordinary peasant from medieval, Western Europe, gets lost in the woods and somehow lands i…[View]
13319808>”Philosopher Kings must be put in power and kept in power by force” >”Why can’t they just get…[View]
13342419Why were medieval Czechs so swarthy?[View]
13337075>Talk to friends about how Russia proved to be a paper tiger >Guess China is the only major th…[View]
13340360name 3 people from the 1500s without googling it[View]
13341730Umm... atheist sisters... we got too cocky...[View]
13342558Taedet radendo cacas? Taedet non stupri debent? Avidus casus? Legio hodie coniunge![View]
13341499One thing I've noticed is that everyone, even the ancient Sumerians, talked about the past as b…[View]
13342703>a perfect being cannot become imperfect Done. Christianity disproven.…[View]
13340720What can they teach us?[View]
13339279>Narrated ‘Amru bin Maimun: 'During the pre-lslamic period of ignorance I saw a she-monkey surrou…[View]
13342600>if you ever make any idols i'll kill you >okay make this idol and bow down in front of i…[View]
13337136Why didn't God just make the Tree of Knowledge really really tall so Adam and Eve couldn't…[View]
13342566How much longer are we going to pretend that poor people are just dealt a bad hand in life and not t…[View]
13342565Does God have an autism spectrum disorder?: traits of high functioning autism: >repetitive speech…[View]
13338924How do I know which God is real?[View]
13341840Jesus quotes that always confused you: >'this is my body broken for you. and my blood, spilled fo…[View]
13331085Rwandan genocide: How could this happen?[View]
13342527OSHO did nothing wrong. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeMPpOo-hD0[View]
13342407A single village in Romania has more history in it than all of Finland.[View]
13338550The foulest Babylonian custom is that which compels every woman of the land to sit in the temple of …[View]
13342396The sad case of Lena Baker epitomizes the injustice of the Jim Crow South. Born to a Georgia sharecr…[View]
13342462Good man experiences good fortune >clearly, god has rewarded him Good man experiences misfortune …[View]
13342382A question for theists:: Do you believe that there are things that are neither god nor the universe,…[View]
13341456American history be like: >Hezekiah Ezekiel Chesterton settles his family on lands guaranteed to …[View]
13330196Why don’t the Jews just apologize for crucifying Christ so we can all just move on from it?[View]
13339968Why did European civilization flourish in Southern Europe and not northern Europe?[View]
13341711>Be 16th century Roman Catholic Church of England >Become independant Catholic >Become Angl…[View]
13342376do animals have thoughts and ideas? if so, what are they like?[View]
13341571Christian sisters...who was right there?[View]
13341608>steals election >along with the help of his bros in Congress immediately gives millions in gi…[View]
13342084Is there benefit in worshiping the Sun?[View]
13342282Thoughts on my commune types?[View]
13342255Where exactly did it all go wrong for Brazil? They were a potency during D. Pedro II days[View]
13338364Why are they referred to as the 'Byzantine empire', a name entirely made up in the 16th century inst…[View]
13337632Could Germany have won the Second World War if it was led by a liberal fascist regime without any of…[View]
13341429>Quebecs Francophone Population is 6 Million Today >Originally there we're around 15,000 …[View]
13342170Four different ways to defeat Japan: So, LeMay is the Airforce guy, and he wants to firebomb every J…[View]
13340397How does its resemblance to Gnostic and Talmudic stories invalidate it? Those stories could be real.[View]
13341784He just wanted to paint[View]
13342014I can’t figure this guy out: Was he more ideologically similar to Hitler, Lenin, MLK, or America’s f…[View]
13342038Did Greece totally lose it’s architectural traditions?: I’ve noticed that in Greece it’s cities espe…[View]
13342040what was the useful research that came out of it? pls no sperging out[View]
13341830Post your favourite book about the Long XIXth century.[View]
13341876Who has background on the making of Mt Rushmore? How long did it take to make?[View]
13341992I cannot find anything wrong with this. the clergy really sperged out and lost 5 crusades just cause…[View]
13341933hindu temple thread[View]
13337752Who does it belong to?[View]
13337456Is it correct to demolish such mosques?: Especially when hard evidence of destruction exists? >p…[View]
13334764What makes North Africans (except Egypt) such under-achievers in the history of Mediterranean people…[View]
13339204Arminius: Was betraying Rome worth it? Hind-sight included.[View]
13341882Why is it that having a more extensive bureaucracy in the pre-modern era was associated with greater…[View]
13337821Had they any chance of winning?[View]
13341489Catholics, explain Immaculate conception: Why didn't God create all humans without original sin…[View]
13341838Ludwig Feuerbach on theistic arguments: > God is X (Designer, Creator, Source of Transcendentals …[View]
13332750so why hasn't real capitalism been tried yet?[View]
13338491MMXXIII: Greatest Byzantine thread?[View]
13338915Why would anyone convert to or remain a Catholic? It's one of the most evil institutions in hum…[View]
13341630The fall happened when satan rebelled, not when adam and eve knew good and evil, otherwise how could…[View]
13340259what ever happened to the Black Hand?[View]
13339457Let's test this forum's Latin. I literally see people every day here talk about how good t…[View]
13340258When I imagine Allah, I imagine an angry tyrant made out of Arabic letters existing Infront of an am…[View]
13336975Why bad thing happen to good people and good thing happen to bad people?[View]
13341075is the kgb overrated?[View]
13338276Parmenides discovered the sound of stars 2000 YEARS AGO: Atheists utterly and irreversibly BTFO: …[View]
13341277Why were there never any Protestant crusades?[View]
13337343I'm an expert on Islam, specifically mystical experience and secrets of the faith. Ask me anyth…[View]
13339501Historical Nutshots: >Launay was seized and dragged towards the Hôtel de Ville in a storm of abus…[View]
13336553Who did it best?[View]
13339016>This is the story all about how >My life got flipped, turned upside down >and I'd l…[View]
13341301Imagine a loli from the 19th century enslaving you and having the power to tell you what to do.[View]
13339078Why was there an 'explosion' of new religions and philosophy around the 6th-4th centuries BC that su…[View]
13329158What's with the popular notion that American slavery was the worst in history? Sounds like bull…[View]
13336486What caused them to cuck out and convert to Christianity rather than sticking to their traditional P…[View]
13339082Why were there no Nazi partisans? The Germans themselves faced resistance from irregular fighters al…[View]
13341008Can Christians believe in aliens?[View]
13341170Were the Billy Boys a good group of people?[View]
13341062Will reading philosophy help me understand math better? I'm a mathematician, what philosophy bo…[View]
13339504If the Entente didn't do this to Germany at the end of WWI would WWII as we know it have still …[View]
13335958How do we solve the Synoptic Problem?[View]
13335564Has real anarchism ever been tried?[View]
13341026why did England drop Edward The Confessor as its patron saint in favor of Saint George?[View]
13338570MMXXIII: Basil II thread[View]
13339057Sigma moments in history: >When Hitler received word from the French government that they wished …[View]
13340733I bear witness that there is no deity but Allah, and I bear witness that Joseph Smith is the messeng…[View]
13337880Can someone give me a quick rundown on this Asha Logos guy? What´s he about? From the bit i`ve seen,…[View]
13339033>tfw you will never attend a church service in babylonian-style churches built by Assyrians in Ir…[View]
13339045Was Charles V blond?[View]
13339234why is russia like this?[View]
13336101How did this become the most important work of literature in human history?[View]
1334034090's Russia was kino unironically[View]
13338639The Soviet Question: No one really questions that Hitler's main foreign policy goal was to conq…[View]
13340534Why is he portrayed Caesar's son in all media adaptions?[View]
13338255whats the religious affiliation of bacha bazi?: both zoroastrians and muslims tried to abolish it wh…[View]
13340129What do you think your ancestors would have been doing at this time of day 1000 years ago ?[View]
13337894*blocks your steppe*[View]
13339537Vgh... What could have been...[View]
13339834Documenting Cuckoldry: >The Tale of Sir Corneus is a little-known fifteenth-century work set in t…[View]
13330165Is this really the ideal female form?[View]
13339608wtf happened here[View]
13337197>tfw you'll never hit a perfidious Anglo cunt right between his beady eyes with an 1893 Maus…[View]
13335864What went wrong McGovernbros?[View]
13333826Did Rome actually integrate all of its conquered people to be 'Roman,' or did its regions …[View]
13334002Thatcher: Who actually liked her? She's ranked highly among other British prime ministers in ma…[View]
13339462>builds tallest structure to ever exist in human history for 3800 years >refuses to elaborate …[View]
13339305You're welcome.[View]
13337901Five Most Important Figures in Judaism: 1. Moses 2. Abraham 3. Elijah 4. Aaron 5. David Five Most Im…[View]
13336173We could do it again...Ameribros..[View]
13339159If switching religions is cringe, what do I do if my denomination sold out to progressivism/modernis…[View]
13339208>ally with Russia and Italy instead of Austria >never let the Triple Entente form >partitio…[View]
13338992Christian question: Which heresey / which protestant sect am I if I reckon there is no hell, and tha…[View]
13333212>its so strange how perfectly was Earth made for human life! How do you call this argument fallac…[View]
13338184Does might make right?[View]
13339164& humanities (politics): Would this system work? >Nation subdivided in a 4-layered system of …[View]
13339143OH NO NO NO NO NO NO: Reminder that bongs worshipped a queen who cucked them out for an Indian atten…[View]
13339139>Atheists think this is suppose to be a social construct: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jGaio8…[View]
13338910The only reason we spared England is because they were too poor and irrelevant to bother with.[View]
13339020Why didn't God create our hands shorter if he doesn't want us to masturbate?[View]
13338807>Despite an easy landslide victory over Dukakis, Bush's success at the ballot box did not tr…[View]
13339012There is a no such thing as Turkish kkk but you still do go to heaven if christian, jew, or virgin s…[View]
13327813Why didn’t Portugal unify with the other Iberian kingdoms? Seems they all joined into Spain eventual…[View]
13338930Should mockery of nazis and neo nazis be considered 'punching down'?[View]
13335574Is there any evidence in the Egyptian historical record, or other records, of Moses and the Israelit…[View]
13337408Why do the Americans suck British dick and help them constantly when their whole identity is based o…[View]
13338880Who contributed most to modern Middle Western culture, Germany or France?[View]
13338957There is no such thing is a Turkish kkk. kkk is soley christian based. because christianity breeds r…[View]
13334696islamic golden age: is the islamic golden age a real thing at all? to me it just sounds like a bunch…[View]
13336654American Civil War: By 1862/1863 what was the average non-conscripted Confederate or Union soldier f…[View]
13338927>be absolute melvin with back problems >can't duck to avoid bullet Has there been a more …[View]
13338653Vatican Secret Archives: what do you think is hidden away here?[View]
13337759Make an alternate timeline where ww2 is still ongoing in 1946: The goal isn't to make an altern…[View]
13338454Hello /his/. Recommend me some books (English, Polish) refuting Roman Catholicism and it's theo…[View]
13327015Nothing compares to european Architecture[View]
13338797Cer was a feint Cauldron is closing Belgrade in two weeks Trust the plan Gott erhalte, Gott beschütz…[View]
13337549germony >wages a two front war >loses 'Murica >wages a two front war >wins…[View]
13338061How are film and video game producers supposed to turn a profit in a capitalist economy?[View]
13335374>Bank War leads to Panic of 1837 >encourages proles to participate in politics >threatens t…[View]
13336120Define fascism right now.[View]
13337065Does anyone know what the Strasserists thought about the GDR? While it didn't have an explicit …[View]
13338621>tfw wasent an early archeologist and discovered a mummified pharoahs BBC and smuggled it out and…[View]
13338604>Nicholas Girod, the French born mayor of New Orleans, plotted with Louisiana pirates Jean Lafitt…[View]
13334363Fidel Castro hated New Coke[View]
13335943If the majority of a nation's voters vote to abolish democracy is that democracy?[View]
13338516Proof that God exists: 1) S≠0 2) S ={A, B, C... N} ∀{N:S≠0 v S=0} 3) ∴∃!n:S≠0 4) K=n:S≠0 S= {A, B, C…[View]
13335796>yeah bro we'll end tyranny and have true liberty: >no you can't just follow your re…[View]
13338261>Mighty Empire that crushes all its enemies under its heel and “replaces” all native cultures wit…[View]
13331835I think Communist Vietnam should apologize to America for their atrocities.: Seriously the Vietnames…[View]
13336532What even is the Holy Spirit? What does it do? I know its like a part of the Christian Trinity but..…[View]
13338468My -ism is better that your -ism, cope.[View]
13338457Bavli Jews (Iraqi Jews), have probably lived in Mesopotamia for 2600 years or so. they're liter…[View]
13337637What arguments are there against the idea that Christians, Muslims and Jews worship the same god?[View]
13336688Was medieval Europe the last entirely privatized society? Or was it the first?[View]
13338368If God didn't exist He would Be (N.B.) merely YHWH.[View]
13329654When did you grow out of the idea that all of existence is purely material?[View]
13337247Friends, do you want a revolution without revolution?[View]
13338225this was the first person to sail around the globe: how does that make you feel?[View]
13338149>Innocent woman who just wanted to be left in peace to follow her monastic vows Byzantine mob: YE…[View]
13338021Have there ever been a period in history where the poor/lower class people are this fat?[View]
13338078Deboonk this.: Also, I know, >libtards[View]
13338082What's the /his/ verdict on this religion?[View]
13337659Who was the greatest warrior of the 20th Century?[View]
13334366man it must be depressing being an atheist >we're just a bag of meat controlled by electrica…[View]
13329257When did it all go wrong?[View]
13332883If God is real and is benevolent, why is there so much suffering in the world? How do you explain th…[View]
13337202Natalists are npcs Antinatalists are the only ones who actively fight against biological programming[View]
13338064>2022 >people still believe native americans are still alive What?…[View]
13338026Why do so many black Americans have the nerve to demand reparations?[View]
13335646>you will never travel the globe with magellan Why even live[View]
13337072At what point did Americans start blatantly hating railroads and consider it 'communism'? Was it wit…[View]
13336609Marxist history is analogous to Christian history: Marxism:Early Christianity Marxism-Leninism:Catho…[View]
13335730The last emperor of Rome[View]
1333632648 years ago, the UVF killed 33 people with two car bombs - mostly young women and including a full …[View]
13337958https://www.opendemocracy.net/en/odr/comrade-stalins-secret-prison/ >‘I was put in a narrow cell …[View]
13337928Is good philosophy the kind that has a nuanced view of life, as opposed to a flat, one-sided view? …[View]
13336679Redpill me on this guy, I heard he was very popular during his time and era. Nikola Tesla even menti…[View]
13337892Historical figures that would have destroyed all of their Haruhi merch had they lived in our era[View]
13334096How did such a large area manage to be so historically irrelevant in every metric?[View]
13337860>country named after a white man Is there anything more humiliated than this in history?…[View]
13336963>I'm putting together a team[View]
13334299Is true that the kpinga/ hunga munga was the most advanced bladed weapon ever conceived let only pro…[View]
13334284Why were native husbands in the Americas so rare?[View]
13335992Did Reagan and Thatcher actually have a special relationship? Why didn’t the USA help the UK when Ar…[View]
13337818Idgi... is this Yahweh or Bes?[View]
13331494Muslims: What were they smoking?[View]
13337581>Most Serene Republic[View]
13337734Sons of Adam: We are all of common origin and ancestry from Western or Central Africa. This is scie…[View]
13337256Why did the apartheid party get more votes in 94 than during apartheid?: Did blacks and coloureds vo…[View]
13336332Thoughts on Christian Universalism? Can everyone be saved or is that unbiblical?[View]
13337365Would the USA integrating Cuba as a state after the Spanish American war been a good idea in retrosp…[View]
13337483What is the theological explanation for vile/bizarre fetishes? How do I cure myself of something har…[View]
13337627Could Hugh have pulled it off with better logistics?[View]
13335887>Soviets couldn't even feed themselves and would fall apart if not for american food imports…[View]
13336676What is that wholesome /his/ moment that makes you feel warm inside?[View]
13337213There's no way it was THAT funny[View]
13337445So you do understand Jesus Christ is GOD or piece of shit liar there is no gray area. History proves…[View]
13337515how did the USSR successfully present itself as anti-imperialist when they just finished annexing la…[View]
13337571English history in a nutshell: English history in a nutshell https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-omCSbC…[View]
13333100Why does democracy always lead to populism and dictatorship?[View]
13336780Why are abrahamic religions' mythologies so boring compared with paganism?[View]
13328927>Talks to a woman once >Entire perspective on women shifts…[View]
13337351What an interesting guy[View]
13336475Historic wars: What is the appeal of learning about wars of the past? I know very little about histo…[View]
13337147Cheondoism: What can you tell me about it? I once saw a really interesting article claiming that it …[View]
13336941Is Japan the last bastion of Chinese civilization left?[View]
13335458Do you think God exists in time or outside of time?[View]
13336467Why did France fail to create a true European empire when they had such bigger advantages than the r…[View]
13336465Prior to Furman vs Georgia when the Supreme Court temporarily suspended capital punishment, many sta…[View]
13328862Why did colonial troops fight for their oppressors?[View]
13334258Was the KKK really that important of a factor in US politics? Or do normies know them just because o…[View]
13336922Why is He like this?[View]
13335509Why did Jesus have to die for God's relationship with people to be mended? If God created every…[View]
13335991Why did medieval kings look like Jesus?[View]
13332716when did the british monarchs actually lose political power in britain?[View]
13335954What the hell was his problem[View]
13335670The fact that the architecture departments at Yale, Harvard, Berkeley, and Cornell look like this te…[View]
13335315Why do some of you have such strong opinions on historical people and topics you know next to nothin…[View]
13336071COTTBUS, EAST GERMANY - MAY 1991: After German re-unification in the early 1990's neo-Nazi grou…[View]
13333613Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr.: I’m about to start his 3-volume “Coming of the New Deal” series. What am …[View]
13333574Why does Durant make leftists seethe so much?[View]
13336894>sailing from Europe to the New World took 1 to 2 months How much did agitation from cramped cond…[View]
13336556Unternehmen Zitadelle: Thoughts? Any chance of success or just a desperate gamble?[View]
13336875Examples of poetic justice in history: >be William Burke >professional body snatcher stealing …[View]
13335100Why does everybody talk about World War 2, but nobody talks about World War 1?[View]
13333637Christian lore is fucking boring I love reading about Egyptian, Babylonian, Norse, Mesoamerican, Jew…[View]
13335889Would Brazil be better off if it stayed in a United Kingdom with Portugal?[View]
13329992What do you think of the argument from historians like Eric Foner that Reconstruction was the real f…[View]
13333847Is psychoanalysis a pseudoscience?[View]
13327717Oh no leftybros....[View]
13335031Ancient Greeks Appreciation thread.: Their culture is the founding of our Science, Democracy, Theatr…[View]
13333833If God real then why bad thing happen? No, seriously.[View]
13333062What role(s) did knights play in society.: They're well known for their soldiering, but beyond …[View]
13336711Gborogboro and Meme Create the First Beings: >The creator god created a man, Gborogboro, the pers…[View]
13336536is Purgatory in the Bible?[View]
13336622Did ancient Chinese believe in and prepare for afterlife?[View]
13335532>are we the baddies?[View]
13335867Is democracy actually a form of governance the Christian God would even like? All the governments ar…[View]
13336114Is the Dove-Holy Spirit the cutest manifestation of divinity?[View]
13336557If the Jews hadn't revolted fucking up Trajan's supplies and rear then he could've fo…[View]
13334864>is universally despised by nearly every Christian sect >somehow less heretical than Mormons…[View]
13335845Orthodox dealed better with iconoclast heresy than catholics[View]
13332642how do christians in western societies consider themselves to be morally superior and right when the…[View]
13330001What practical benefits do I get by becoming an atheist?[View]
13332908what is the point of the baptism of jesus? what exactly did john bestow upon him? did he call summon…[View]
13333050Islamic liturgy: What exactly do muslims do for communal prayer in mosques? Latins have the Mass and…[View]
13335359Thoughts on Manichaeism?[View]
13335897Philosophy: I’m somewhat new to philosophy, and I’m quickly finding out that materialism, idealism e…[View]
13334467Ex Muslim bros, how did you manage to put all your trust in Jesus Christ and fully abandon Islam? I …[View]
13333405Autonomous: Congoid hominids form no part ov dhe Euroid Tribe, all jokes aside (religion included).…[View]
13335601why was rome so cool? something about it puts me into full VGH mode[View]
13333968The bible should have never been translated from the original Greek and Hebrew So many millions of s…[View]
13334923You did not repent and receive my message. Instead you made threads cursing me on an anime imageboar…[View]
13335229Why do we call iran 'Iran' and not 'Persia' but don't call japan 'Nippon', Germany 'Deutschland…[View]
13334880Was this MLK's dream?[View]
13334301Gothic architecture is ugly as fuck and I'm tired of pretending it isn't[View]
13330791Wine and bread or grape juice and bread?[View]
13333009Why is Christianity so fucking creepy? >dead man nailed to a cross >he raises from dead after …[View]
13334196Why were Levantines singled out for servility and despised by many ancient writers?: >“[Gabinius,…[View]
13328104ITT: The most pointless conflicts: The sheer amount of destruction and loss of human life just to re…[View]
13334033What did China think of Europeans having massive empires that even dwarfed their own? Why didn’t the…[View]
13333093This nigga was pretty alright.[View]
13335142>Some historical estimates of the number of deaths which resulted from Japanese war crimes range …[View]
13325507Reminder that Ottoman soldiers raped British Empire forces in WW1: >After the surrender, the Otto…[View]
13332550Malorussia Before Russian Liberation: >No autonomy whatsoever >papist poles grooming hohols i…[View]
13335112Interesting and Great battles: What are personally the greatest battles in history? or the weirdest …[View]
13334791Why does R1b dislike R1b-Z2103 (Turks formerly Greeks)? Why does R1b torture and murder R1b-V88 (Nig…[View]
13334162Why were all world wars started in the Middle West? I[View]
13333540What was his endgame?[View]
13334908>Orthodox Christianity is the Truth >Byzantium was based >Kills their emperor What did Russ…[View]
13328146How well would you say Spain managed it's colonial empire? Could they have done better with the…[View]
13332591How can Christians ever recover?[View]
13334150Why were Conquistadors so brutal to peaceful natives?[View]
13334593>advocated for equality before the law >advocated for religious tolerance >some groups advo…[View]
13333579How does the 'lion of judah' cope?[View]
13326700>fascist right wing dictator >slaughters communists >kills or locks up some opposition >…[View]
13334607Can get a three hours long blowjob with this?[View]
13334727Canadianism: Canadians are constantly creating new good religions and spiritualities. Especially now…[View]
13330645Glory was their name. Good deeds was their game. They basically invented Western European High Medie…[View]
13332695Atheism is a byproduct of Christianity[View]
13333330Y-DNA: Why do people choose to divide haplogroups the way they do? It seems like people just arbitra…[View]
13333026Black Nazis: Historically, how common were black nazis? I don't mean fascists, I mean nazis spe…[View]
13333332I see no God[View]
13330455success breeds jealousy[View]
13334237Why did the Japanese take so long to surrender?: Potsdam and the Final Decision to Bomb, July 1945 T…[View]
13331791Prussia: Why is their military so overrated?[View]
13334101>You send yourself to Hell Is there a more brainlet response?[View]
13332097He really wasn't that great of an orator, actually. Literally could not go even a single speech…[View]
13328373>and then the winged hussars arrived[View]
13333504All praise to the Goddesses and the Gods[View]
13332916Over 200,000 French people lived in Spain during the 17th century: >Historical research has only …[View]
13332079I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
13333751I've read people claim that Romania was more important to the Axis than Italy. Is this true, an…[View]
13334097Can genetics help me find out what diet type of diet suits me best?[View]
13330350Mexican gun stores: >By the 1960s, the government modified Article 10 of the Constitution and ena…[View]
13334054> mfw born too late for the 9th crusade and too early for the 10th > born right in time for th…[View]
13332733>popular imagination of medieval China is dominated by the Qing dynasty, who were invaders and ty…[View]
13333211Are you really a Christian if you don't know Pontius Pilate was?[View]
13332465Where is the biblical census?: Where is the census of the bible? I can't find it anywhere. I fi…[View]
13332455Why didn't Japan fall hard for communism like china did?[View]
13331265Why are atheists like this?[View]
13333531Religion bores me. I like reading about math, programming, and science because it engages your mind …[View]
13333386How it it feel to be Churchill during ww2[View]
13333517Why didn't people in the past eat pig cum? Pigs can cum up to 500 ml, that's a substantial…[View]

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