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7939298Why aren't ere many historical sites in lebanon ? You'd think that a country that was occu…[View]
7939293>1930' >USA, with its culture and industrial power is positioned in place of USSR - and v…[View]
7939277What do you call the series of iconic poses and gestures the Romans and Greeks used such as the adlo…[View]
7937422Is it true that Israel was a very socialistic state at its beginnings?[View]
7938711Why were the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s so unique and different from each other? When you think abou…[View]
7938859If the UK hadn't given away Hong Kong island and Kowloon in 97.could they have survived as a te…[View]
7932884Were Germans the first illegal immigrants?[View]
7938155I hate r/historymemes. Literally all the shite on there is reposts of the same damn topics. None of …[View]
7939096>sit down be humble romanoid[View]
7938386Imagine being born a male in Russia in the late 19th century: What are the chances you would survive…[View]
7937404>adopt most pessimistic philosophy possible >realize I am an apex predator, utterly winning th…[View]
7938833Weimar Republic was the Third Reich: The official state name was 'Deutches Reich' meaning this was a…[View]
7934594>History? No thanks. I prefer HERstory.[View]
7938932Dogfighting was once a widespread form of entertainment in western society well into the 20th centur…[View]
7937841Is it true that blue eyes were originated from the Black Sea?[View]
7936060Redpill me on how this happened[View]
7936815Why European powers failed to assimilate local elites in colonised countries? This especially relate…[View]
7938929Redpill me on 1990-s in Russia. If the situation was as dire as they say it was, then why didn'…[View]
7938935Whoa, feudal Japan had working prosthetics?? Why are East Asians so much smarter than whites?[View]
7938297Are there any documented cases in history where a person experienced complete ego death? Also, objec…[View]
7936980'Praetorian Guard were elite.' When will this meme die?: Also explain pic related[View]
7937382Isn't it funny how the holocaust and even the jews treatment under the ancient Egyptians is so …[View]
7903267Is this statement about Japan historically true?: https://twitter.com/kyodo_english/status/121684747…[View]
7937834Middle East appreciation thread: >MENAs were the first to invent civilization >Indoeuropeans …[View]
7938373I was watching ancient Aliens recently and I had a sudden realization. It's the best /his/ show…[View]
7938812Are there any films/books/etc. which tell the story of the 'coal wars' from the perspectiv…[View]
7938490What arguments to use to convert christians to islam ?[View]
7934401Why is jesus in many pictures shown as white? how did black christians in africa picture the skin co…[View]
7936530Favorite Nation in History Thread: What is your favorite Nation in History and why?[View]
7936309People whose existence is questioned.[View]
7936342& Humanities: >Nearly a billion was raised in private donations for Japan after the 2011 Tsun…[View]
7935466How the hell did Germans from places like Bavaria, Swabia, and Saxony manage to travel all the way t…[View]
7934159So the Anglo-Saxons did, Or did not, Build that Stonehenge temple?[View]
7938547how much did he know about the Holocaust?[View]
7933665How come Nordicism grew to be so widespread in America?[View]
7938328Historical references to the biblical patriarchs: Ham = Khemet Japheth = Iapetos Yawan = Ionia, Ioni…[View]
7938471Truth wins out: >1956-1991 USSR and bloc >”stalin was literally the devil”- Khrushchev and oth…[View]
7935892what if lee commanded the union army instead of the confederate one?[View]
7936540I fear this thread won't go over well, and possibly get deleted. Especially with the rat infest…[View]
7937882Was Patton right?: Did the US—and the west for that matter—fight the wrong enemy? Should the crossha…[View]
7935037History of gun legislation: Post historical events or legislation related to the topic of guns, does…[View]
7935882Egypt circa 4000BC - 2000BC: >Book of Genesis is complete around 1513BC >Genesis explains that…[View]
7936983Why is William the conquerer refered to only as a Norman and never French when he and his ancestors …[View]
7937579Assuming that all of these articles came out in the last ten years, what can /his/ extrapolate from …[View]
7935314Fertility cult: Why did cultures in which starving children were the only form of population control…[View]
7934891I'm going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
7937332Why does the Catholic Church change church policy so often: yet the Orthodox Church almost never doe…[View]
7937719Francafrique: The CFA was born for two reasons: to make French exports cheaper, thus encouraging the…[View]
7936332Yeah let's disintegrate the biggest empires in Europe, remove their armies and destabilize them…[View]
7937986>be me >7'9', too heavy for a scale but probably lke 500 pounds or something >80 inch …[View]
7936396What are the differences and similarities between fascism and monarchism? Which is better?[View]
7935702>USSR won World War 2 >Soviet Union would have defeated the Axis without any allied help Why i…[View]
7936404>Socialist Classicism, is a term given to architecture of the Soviet Union under the leadership o…[View]
7936917what was travelling these roads like? what were the most important hubs?[View]
7937575What did bald people do indoors back in the day? Presumably it was uncouth to not take off your hat.…[View]
7935258Why is it that only atheists want to exhume the Tabernacle under Stonehenge Heel Stone but theists d…[View]
7937648which historical figures can you take on in a fight? i think i can take on most of the nazi top bras…[View]
7935504Christmas Truce of 1914: Was the Christmas Truce of 1914 total bullshit or just a little bit of bull…[View]
7937116Are there any historical cultures that practiced gender nonconformity, transgenderism or had more fl…[View]
7934602Mesopotamia: Could someone explain to me the major world powers of Ancient Mesopotamia and what made…[View]
7937673Was it autism?[View]
7935797What are /his/'s thoughts on this game? I want to enjoy it for the setting. But all its problem…[View]
7913726How did the Aztecs fail to push back the Spaniards in their own territory?[View]
7927509Was The Schlieffen Plan the worst military strategy ever?[View]
7937299is it true that women living 400 years ago and adhering to societal norms weren't 'really livin…[View]
7937535why do the good guys use fire so often?[View]
7934158What is the most important knowledge from history? I'm worried the world is forgetting[View]
7937532Union Superiority: Im a Northerner, we all need to acknowledge what a superior person I am. I live i…[View]
7936591What is the meaning of 'orientalism'?[View]
7934764Why was Christian Democracy so popular after WW2?: Founding Fathers of EU >emphasised are three p…[View]
7936753Does /his/ sperg out that historical movies are not 100% accurate like the youtube armchair historia…[View]
7937252What lesser known wars or conflicts can you think of that have the most absurd premise in retrospect…[View]
7936110How did the HRE become so decentralized?: It didn’t used to be that way right? How did the 30 years …[View]
7934027why the hell would scotland and ireland join the UK?[View]
7936953We’re any of the perpetrators of The Passion later venerated as saints?[View]
7937043>out of ze vey juden! >ubermensch coming zrough!…[View]
7936900Why do communists and nazis think shooting successful people would solve all of their problems?[View]
7932723what was his fucking problem?[View]
7930990Germanic: ITT: All things Germanic here[View]
7933348Ottoman Treatment of Libyan Berbers: Give me a quick rundown. How did the Ottomans/Turks treat Libya…[View]
7928138Battle of Vukovar HOS Unit: Here to post more photos and stories if anyone is interested. General in…[View]
7936302how do priests differ from bishops ?[View]
7936946Would a highly skilled knight that's clad in maille, a coat of plate, and a flat-topped great h…[View]
7936881Is hardcore Tankie Stalinism the most cringe of 20th Century ideologies?[View]
7934000> Nothing personnel, Schlomo. Why did he do it?[View]
7935428Favourite French empire?[View]
7936094>Gernany and Poland enter into an alliance >Britain, seeking war, rushes into an agreement wit…[View]
7931864Why do post-WW2 Italy seems to be such a failure economically compared to other Western European cou…[View]
7934495Why is reading their history (esp. in the XXth century) like reading a biography of Hannibal Lecter?…[View]
7936748Why was she such an asshole?: >She then rejoined Rackham and continued the pirate life, having di…[View]
7934320Was the Silk Road really like this?: https://youtu.be/g7GoZFb8PQI[View]
7936002What was the Austro-Hungarian Empire like before WWI?[View]
7934688Which one and why?[View]
7936590They massacred my boy, only because he wanted to larp as a crusader knight.[View]
7935046A lot of people ask me if Hungarians really conquered Vienna in 1485 and yes that’s true we did so.[View]
7932593ITT: What the fuck are these sources?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hannibal's_crossing_of_the…[View]
7936019What makes one culture better than another?[View]
7936637Atlantis: Was it real or just a myth?[View]
7934757>Rome fall because of climate change[View]
7936312Historical Gun Control: As we move into a new era of firearm legislation, I think it would be a good…[View]
7930555What went wrong?[View]
7933072How the FUCK did he get away with it?[View]
7935272Was it his fault?[View]
7936381Evolution worship: Why do some people believe that the process of evolution is some sort of consciou…[View]
7935067Why were the Anglo-Saxons able to impose English on the British, but Franks and Goths were unable to…[View]
7935010What is the proper behavior of a male?: /his/ What is a male supposed to do? https://youtu.be/jjeeK…[View]
7936385Who is the real Oda Nobunaga,?[View]
7934402Are Anglo-Saxons the most Chad Europeans ?[View]
7936415Sumerian Civilization: Thought on the Sumerian civilization? Were they as advanced as people assume …[View]
7936164Oh no. I believe in sola fide and thereby I’been excomunicated So sad[View]
7935977>civil war[View]
7935323You know, /his/: Agriculture is pretty based, if we didn't have it, we wouldn't have advan…[View]
7932842Why do I find the idea of a human-animal hybrid sexually attractive? Why would God make me like this…[View]
7936038Why were the Hussite crusades such a disaster for the (largely German) invaders?[View]
7935660Does anybody here know where I can watch Heimkehr (1941)? Can't find it anywhere.[View]
7936203Would the world be better if German Empire won ww1?: I know it would[View]
7935940Are humans naturally evil and some humans do good to mask that, or are we good and humans end up bei…[View]
7932450Were TV video games popular in USSR? From what i've heard they haven't been a thing until …[View]
7933147tfw when you kill someone for wearing glasses[View]
7936078What's the most metal moment in history that you know of?[View]
7917843What was medieval warfare like?[View]
7932767Are Northern Italians like French (IE Romanized Gauls)?[View]
7936206Genetics thread: what do genetics tell about the origins of the chinese ?[View]
7934503Une flamme sacrée Monte du sol natal Et la France enivrée Te salue Maréchal! Tous tes enfants qui t…[View]
7916589Gender discrimination in the future: Do you believe there will ever come a time where our modern vie…[View]
7934307Medieval sea warfare: How were western medieval sea battles like? I know about how medieval italian …[View]
7936031How does islamic syncretism look like? Is it like christian syncretism with the whole virgin mary an…[View]
7936131When did Western and Southern Europe reach the development of the Roman Empire after the 5th century…[View]
7925539Isratin: Could Ghadaffi's one-state solution for Israel / Palestine have worked or is this comp…[View]
7935651how do I become the chaos?[View]
7934919I'm going to post this everyday until you turn anarchist and blow up some buildings.[View]
7935945History Five-Bad Band fist, The Nazi Five-Bad Band?: The Big Bad - Adolf Hitler The Dragon - The Evi…[View]
7935538>had a big McDonald's binge last night (literally multiple Chad and blonde GigaStacey couple…[View]
7933074Does being unattractive make you, morally, a worse human being? Or does it mean you are relegated i…[View]
7935199Emliano Zapata: Why was he so based[View]
7927128>Aztecs and Mayans performing human sacrifice of their prisoners of war REEEE BARBARIC BLOODTHIRS…[View]
7934585>OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO.... How cucked was the Hindenburg?[View]
7931865Today is the 149th anniversary of the founding of Germany. Say something nice about Bismarck or Kais…[View]
7933177Map and timeline of the earliest civilizations: this area in green is the Garden of Eden this is the…[View]
7934379Ogedai Khan doesn't die. Can the Mongols successfully conquer Europe?[View]
7934784If you claim to like history why don’t you have history tattoos?[View]
7934774>Since monasteries tended to be strongholds of Iconophile sentiment, Constantine specifically tar…[View]
7930643I have an alternate history question, Anons. What kind of a world would we live in, and what major h…[View]
7933162Wallachian and Moldavian armies in the Middle Ages: What made them so successful? Throughout the 14t…[View]
7935604Was the execution of Louis XVI justified?[View]
7935638Did the Romans assimilate, slaughter, or enslave the other Italic tribes/civilizations?[View]
7925551Plutarco Elías Calles: Why did he hate Christianity so much? Was he raped by a Priest as a young boy…[View]
7934820How to measure cultural diversity: Here is two attempts at it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of…[View]
7935608Can you imagine how terrifying it would have been to be an American paratrooper jumping into fortres…[View]
7935474best history podcast[View]
7934456Were WWI Germans really crazed Japanese-in-WWII type killers as portrayed in this movie?[View]
7934490Regarding Neanderthals: https://femto.pw/jkxe.webm https://femto.pw/2m84.webm https://femto.pw/xgyx.…[View]
7922699Why did it take so long for Abolitionism to exist, let alone be popular enough to actually start ena…[View]
7935280Aztec Empire: I can't seem to find anything of the Aztec conquests that lead to their territori…[View]
7931291What are some famous criminals who avoided the jail? Remember the 25 years rule, please.[View]
7935392The real Yellow Turban Rebellion: How Accurate is this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZLqT1FptQY…[View]
7935316>jesus had 6 brothers >mary thereby didn't die a virgin >jesus never called mary mothe…[View]
7910197I decided to greentext our whole history because i am bored If you have any questions about Czechia …[View]
7935196What do you think about Simone Weil?[View]
7926638Was there a go-to bad guy that people referenced before Hitler?[View]
7933071Boy, I sure do love posting on /his/ - Nazis and Christianity! What threads will I respond to today?…[View]
7934763Does legitimate authority exist in the modern world? If not, did it exist in the past?[View]
7934592Why are jews known through history as being nation-traitors and backstabbers?[View]
7934911I'm going to post this every day until you forget it[View]
7935157What was up with Italians castrating young boys?: I get that it was supposedly so that they would be…[View]
7931695Objectivism: Besides the autism of Rand and stereotypical adherents, can you provide a single solid …[View]
7931175/his/tory of mystical beings like Wizards and alchemists: What are the origins of the things you fin…[View]
7931241We're all in agreement that this story was just ancient Jewish fanfiction, correct?[View]
7934966What is the consequence of these two colliding?[View]
7934632Exploitation of Americans, circa 1960: 'This scene is not taking place in the Congo. It has nothing …[View]
7934928Eric Voegelin: Discuss pic related. Was he based or not?[View]
7931444Nothing wrong with eugenics: There's a literally nothing wrong with eugenics. You're telli…[View]
7931351I can't imagine a world without the idea of human right.: A world where the idea of human right…[View]
7919917Trianon: How is this shit fair?[View]
7931163Was Stalingrad the closest thing to 'hell on Earth' that humanity has ever gotten?[View]
7932918Is marriage where one party is infertile immoral in the same way gay 'marriage' is? After all, they …[View]
7934581>*destroys the western world* Nothing personal, kiddo.[View]
7934797So wait, why are there TWO Koreas?[View]
7932116Most twisted murders/serial killers: I'll start with a well known one https://en.m.wikipedia.or…[View]
7932010Name ONE thing actually bad about globalism. Frankly if the choice is between sociopathic internatio…[View]
7931114Was pedophilia ever commonplace and socially acceptable in any cultures historically?[View]
7930672Are they the same race? >same clothing >same music >same dance moves…[View]
7932635why do christians do this can please explain their actions[View]
7931171So it seems video games are the defining art of the 21st century the same way films were the definin…[View]
7930959If Europeans hated Jews so much why didn’t they just exterminate them in medieval times? Were they r…[View]
7932217'I was round when Jesus Christ had his moment of doubt and pain': Do Christians really think Jesus h…[View]
7929630Why was he so afraid of blacks?[View]
7933367Nanking: Was this just a contemporary example of what a historic sacking (e.g. Troy, Carthage, Rome)…[View]
7933242What is a concubine?[View]
7929973Why do Steppes produce nomadic cultures: Plains Indians, Turks, Mongols, Huns. What do these have i…[View]
7933430The myth of the brutish Saxon: How educated was the average Anglo-Saxon? What were their literacy ra…[View]
7934366Is there a more kino rearrangement of a national Hymn? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNqerenHWvw h…[View]
7934365Is Bellicist Theory Legit?: Well?[View]
7933307Some people tell me that Judaism came before Christianity Other people tell me that Christianity ca…[View]
7928980Whats the deal with Ireland? Since when was it NOT a part of the UK, wtf? this some sort of mandela …[View]
7933569Is it just me, or is the world map less interesting now: >no more European colonies in Asia, like…[View]
7926669Is Gnosticism more congruent with reality than the orthodox Christianity? Evolution, if there is any…[View]
7933727How have the black Israelites been refuted?: I have never seen anyone break down their beliefs and r…[View]
7926679How historically accurate is this movie? Were there blacks in the British army?[View]
7928351Has gentrification always had negative connotations in society? Yes increased housing prices are a c…[View]
7930562Why was he so edgy?[View]
7932596Why was Nazi ideology inconsistent with practice in that the Third Reich appropriated foodstuffs fro…[View]
7932568>defies the Pope >defies multiple powerful bishops >defies multiple Roman emperors >has …[View]
7932494What the fuck was his problem?[View]
7931658What problem did the Nazis have with Russian grandmas to call them subhumans?[View]
7933545Was Nakam morally justified in their plans for revenge?: >Nakam (Hebrew: נקם, 'Revenge') was a gr…[View]
7932121Explain why the Cromwellian union and the Stuart dynasty didn't get along.[View]
7930702Manlets never learn[View]
7934246Stalin's secret Gran child: What does /his/ think http://siberiantimes.com/other/others/news/n0…[View]
7930622Why did Germany and Japan ally with each other? By all accounts it seems like there was minimal coor…[View]
7932153Almost states thread. A Ukrainian monarchy under a Habsburg was being negotiated.[View]
7933189Is it true that boys had to be naked in public in Victorian England even with girls present?[View]
7927196Is this Alexander's worst battle?[View]
7932391Theism is the only tenable position of existence and is very rational, prove me wrong: Shitposting a…[View]
7927041ITT:: Post interesting games from history. >The Royal Game of Ur, also known as the Game of Twent…[View]
7923620Is this right /his/?[View]
7932810Judea Delenda Est ![View]
7934137How did the peoples and nations of history deal with low quality posts? What can we learn from them …[View]
7933315What are the origins of anthropomorphic animals and furries?[View]
7933008How did communist in places like Britain, France, the Netherlands generally view their nations colon…[View]
7932990He was a crazy religious fanatic and a terrorist[View]
7933056Cheer boys cheer Raise a joyous shout For Arkansas and North Carolina now have both gone out And let…[View]
7930371ITT Figures who were their own worst enemy.[View]
7931716Fuck that little messenger shit who got lost in January 1807: I don't care about Napoleon'…[View]
7929723Why have all American presidents been mediocre or just plain bad? I literally cannot name one (1) go…[View]
7933014* ruins the entire planet by destroying the worker’s socialist bloc *[View]
7930279The Catholic Church did nothing wrong.[View]
7932709Why don't Turks have a word for the region of Anatolia and use the word of Greek natives instea…[View]
7933235Is she right?[View]
7932111India: What was life like during the 1800's?[View]
7932456>flaneuring >heuristic >du jour >Lindy >imbecile >gabeesh >IYI >blocked >…[View]
7930979Hitler's 'Noble jews': Hugo Gutmann - German Jewish army officer - one of Adolf Hitler's s…[View]
7933025Is there historical precedent for the idea that Eurasians are mentally unstable? Or is this a newfan…[View]
7932751Stonehenge was built by INDO-EUROPEANS[View]
7932851REAL DATES OF EVENTS: >2369 BC First post-flood society in the Caucasus and Upper Mesopotamia …[View]
7932651What was up with this dude?[View]
7929964What is the last point where history stops being about what actually happened and turns into politic…[View]
7932626Ancient Near East Thread: ANE thread, post your favorite ANE civilization[View]
7934036https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syrian_Wars Are Greeks the most retarded ''people'' in history? Imagin…[View]
7920053Currently posting from an Orthodox monastery I've been at for months. Ask me anything[View]
7932385>That's it exactly. Europeans believe that a man like Napoleon can impose his will on histor…[View]
7931557Why do people pretend the Indians were hostile savages who got what they had coming? They raped, tor…[View]
7933961Did he ever gave the dick?[View]
7928902Language thread: Post and talk about language here. What languages are you learning? I have a quest…[View]
7933988History of stalking: When did stalking first start to become a widespread thing? Seems the anonymity…[View]
7933544Can a buddhist reach enlightenment negatively, aka through absolute apathy towards everything that s…[View]
7933820Writing a Book on Byzantine military need some advice and criticism for my planning so far and some …[View]
7933530Historically speaking: What are some musical instruments invented in Africa?[View]
7933939What's the psychology behind white hatred, especially self-hating whites (not counting Jews as …[View]
7930565>Ywn commit 19th century warcrimes in the name of Napolette[View]
7932869why were romans such swordlets?[View]
7930683Was the Provisional IRA the only good one with all the others being memes? I think the only other on…[View]
7933445Imagine having to fap to this.[View]
7912320So this African 'armour'[View]
7930300Anyone watched Band of Brothers? I can’t get into it knowing that Americans by and large say by wit…[View]
7932318'You guys coming to my D&D group tonight?'[View]
7933331why is this man worshipped by leftists? he did everything he could to give them a bad name[View]
7931869What did autists get obsessed about before video games and anime? Any specific types of literature? …[View]
7931787/prim/ Primitive cultures thread: When did you realize primitive societies were superior, /his/? Was…[View]
7931187Question fot FORMER Holocaust deniers.: What evidence or reason made you change your mind about the …[View]
7932861Was the Silk Road really like this?: https://youtu.be/g7GoZFb8PQI[View]
7930054>season ends with a huge plot-twist post such kino historical moments[View]
7932513Give me a quick rundown of yoruba mythology: Met a hot cuban chick who practiced Santaria get me kno…[View]
7927416How accurate has this statement been, historically speaking?[View]
7931371Daily reminder those two Iberian losers didn't even fight in the TWO WORLD WARS like true men d…[View]
7931281Democracy: I've been thinking a lot about socialism and how it's nothing but the applicati…[View]
7923030Was he a faggot or naw?[View]
7931932Blanche of Castille: >be Blanche of Castille in 1200 >sister is to be wed to the dauphin of Fr…[View]
7930579Music: Itt we discuss and post music throughout history Marches are acceptable. https://www.youtube…[View]
7925304Why do people deny this?[View]
7930722When his empire fell apart on his death, how did the Chinese manage to unite again while Alexanders …[View]
7931599Does anyone know where the original picture came from?[View]
7931855Just what the fuck was her problem?[View]
7931827Moldovans: Are the Latins? Are they Slavs? Do they feel closer to Ukrainians or Portuguese?[View]
7931770>“Yea, they’re totally Celtic. They just speak German, Brendon.” >”So Hitler-“ >“That’s rig…[View]
7929728was he evil?[View]
7926983John Paul II: is he overrated? Seems miles better than the two who followed[View]
7931448>dualism Virgin Gnositic vs. Chad Hermeticist.[View]
7931562The Best Korea that never was:: >The People's Republic of Korea (PRK) was a short-lived prov…[View]
7928328How does it make you feel to be born in the final generation of human history to die of natural caus…[View]
7925986Give me one reason why slavery is wrong.[View]
7925820I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
7931398*conquers the world*[View]
7923037So /his/ i just graduated from highschool and im gonna do history in collegue what should i expect p…[View]
7931097The only Hungarians and Slovakian's that I know IRL are actually massive knobs. At least the Po…[View]
7930605Are anybody here Jacobites or at least sympathetic to the cause?[View]
7931204About 'armenoid' phenotype: Whats the origin of this phenotype? Looks it's usually linked to Ca…[View]
7929019The Islamic Revolution: The more I read about the the crazier it seems. Basically it was a universal…[View]
7930219If the Soviets landed on the moon first, when would the space race have ended do you think? Would we…[View]
7927797Why do men usually atttack their spouse when she cheats on them? Why do women usually attack their s…[View]
7930617Lincoln: Did everyone 160 years ago really talk like pretentious psueds all the time? Watching pic r…[View]
7931121What are /his/'s favourite historical films? Pic related is called 'Deluge' in Englis…[View]
7929772Public opinion on the Louisiana purchase: How did the people living in the french american territory…[View]
7929578Posible violacion de deredchos: Onions de ecuador ,un inspector o profesor le puede quitar y retener…[View]
7931110AION: >read AION >literal /x/ stuff >first time i've felt fear since I was a child an…[View]
7926306Stereotypes: People are strange. How many times has someone exceeded your expectations, whether by d…[View]
7929856Was it justified?[View]
7930998Post cool /his/ maps here.[View]
7930154Sikhism: What does /his/ think of Sikhs?[View]
7929750If stalin hated the Jews why did he give them such a good region?: If stalin hated the Jews why did …[View]
7930709Gnosticism: How would Christendom be different if Gnosticism had triumphed over orthodoxy and establ…[View]
7927093What would be the global consequences of the Scottish Lowlands expanding?[View]
7929988Anyone else love the historical context for World War 2’s pacific theater? >one of the youngest …[View]
7926709Is it true most NSDAP votes in the 1933 election were from women? What about their program did they …[View]
7927874NicoNico historians just btfo'ed Robespierre[View]
7927790>You will never fight in the Nine Years War against forgein invaders to protect your homeland and…[View]
7930284Black death reached Africa: https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2019/03/black-death-may-have-transformed…[View]
7928241Let's settle this once and for all; where is it?[View]
7928932Why have humans and primates always been so sex happy? Do extreme libido in humans have more benefit…[View]
7929119Why couldn't the Gauls fend off the Romans, while the germans were able to? What did the German…[View]
7930826Capturing Kiev was unnecessary and only slowed the German advance to Moscow. Germany did capture hun…[View]
7927588Why do people give China so much shit for having 2 foreign dynasties? It's not like it's t…[View]
7930252>Religion is a natural expression of the collective unconcious[View]
7930515Now that the Anatolian hypothesis is proven...: What does that mean for history?[View]
7927954Uuuuugh... What could have been![View]
7927960Where did they go wrong: How did servants of Christ our King become little better than a Lawful Evil…[View]
7927577Was Britain historically an individualist country or a collectivist country? I can't work it ou…[View]
7930677General Book Thread: I saw this on a local bookshop and decided to buy it. Has anyone here read it, …[View]
7928968what are two countries with incredibly different lore (history) but ended up somewhat in the same bo…[View]
7930418>The emperor Maxentius went to Alexandria to preside a pagan party and ordered to every subject m…[View]
7929680EHG mtDNA: EHG mtDNA[View]
7930306I’m going to post this every day until you forget it[View]
7930573how much support did the founding fathers have within the colonies for their secession?[View]
7929179Ancient Symbols of Power: post ancient symbols of power from other ancient culture so that we can be…[View]
7930504Why is the Manchu language effectively extinct?: I understand that in China today languages like Mon…[View]
7927555Was there a greater French King than Richard the Lion heart?[View]
7929055Is there a list of Missionaries successfully and unsuccessfully overthrowing the sovereignty of fore…[View]
7927974Tolkien was R1a-Z92 https://tolkniety.blogspot.com/2019/12/baltic-ancestry-of-prof-tolkien.html?m=1 …[View]
7930468Suffering: 80 How much he deserved it: 0[View]
7929928>become emperor >die BOOM BOOM BOOM LEMME HEAR YA SAY WAYO…[View]
7930187Explain to me, as you would to a child, how Stoicism is not Fatalism.[View]
7923204Why do poor people have more kids than rich people? Why do birth rates decrease as a country becomes…[View]
7925191What: >Australian natives Largely replaced >Americas natives largely replaced >South Ameri…[View]
7927838Why isn't the Turkish man treated more fairly when it comes to conquering by Western historians…[View]
7928233Why is he so underrated?[View]
7930227>In the second half of XIXth century the civil war in Japan emerged, between the feudal Bakufu go…[View]
7927669Has there ever been a more iconic team-up between two enemies than the Athenians and Spartans joinin…[View]
7929379he was so based lads ughh if only he didn't die before btfoing chinks once again....[View]
7929568What are the major differences int he archetype of masculinity in the East and the West?[View]
7929818How long do you need to live in a place until you’re native?[View]
7930180He was right you know, Migiel truly was /ourguy/[View]
7930165The way Darius' family acted towards Alexander showed the true nature of w*men[View]
7930141Why did Heraclius fuck up the Byzantine Empire so much by being a pussy? He literally gave away Egyp…[View]
7930134>you see brother, half of men must die on holy jihad so that the other half can have twice as man…[View]
7927165New Netflix Documentary-Series about Siege of Constantinople: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3ISUY…[View]
7928177It's out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OB8eeVd7R_M[View]
7928946What is his endgame?[View]
7927276What was life like for the Neolithic farmers in Europe?[View]
7926887How do Orthodox Christians cope with the fact that: They were completely ethnically replaced(forcibl…[View]
7900602Ideal borders thread: Let's have one. Post your best ones and let's discuss.[View]
7927412>Were the ancient Egyptians X race Asking this in the first place shows you know nothing about an…[View]
7922966Was WWII winnable for the Axis?: Trying this again since I got no replies. You are Hitler in Septemb…[View]
7926526If Egyptians 'wuz black an shieeet' then why was Cleopatra clearly white? Statue related. Why did th…[View]
7925853I have a question for you. What's your favorite war crime from history?[View]
7928957At the time of their modern independence (1829) did the Greeks feel closer to their classical herita…[View]
7927254First film in Babylonian: Did the humble students of Cambridge and the various contributors achieve …[View]
7929413>finished reading a long and pseudy history book last night >went to sleep at 1 am >woke up…[View]
7929532Nazis: Tfw Brickle Rick gets thrown through your window in Nazi Germany on kristallnacht[View]
7929501What if-: The Athenian Empire never perished? >Be Athenians in 450bc > Just crushed the Persia…[View]
7928366ITT: Crazy wartime events: >that time when a unit of japanese schoolgirls was mobilised to fight …[View]
7924876Does Sickle-cell gene in Europeans correlate with African ancestry?[View]
7909363How could they appear from nowhere and just btfo everyone in eastern europe?[View]
7928943Out of all the we wuzzers, who is the most correct?[View]
7926857Is there something about Shia Islam that makes Shia more amiable to Christians? Or is it just that c…[View]
7928187>Men killed other men just to have sex[View]
7925600>40% of the Roman Empire's population were literal slaves Ah, but at least they were able to…[View]
7926035What's the difference between Turkish people and Turkic people?[View]
7924718Is it impossible for a new religion to start today? Marketing has changed so much and building a …[View]
7929183want to do a spreadsheet of all significant events in history for my exams, which software should i …[View]
7929000>“ We left Tibnin by a road running past farms where Muslims live who do very well under the Fran…[View]
7928808Hey I just woke up after like 200 years what did I miss?[View]
7927806Is this true about foreign invaders in Khorasan?[View]
7924115I think they all deserved it, except for the boy. He had MtF potential. Wrong place, wrong time.[View]
7922564Prophet Muhammad was foretold in Isaiah 42: Isaiah 42 describes Muhammad >Behold my servant, whom…[View]
7921839Why did the Nazis commit the Katyn massacre?[View]
7926777How do christians and jews defend this?[View]
7923491Okay let's settle this down. Is the 'katana' a glorified weapon or does it really had…[View]
7926312John Calvin invented terrorism: Modern islamic fundamentalism is derived from Wahhabism and Salafism…[View]
7924158Why was the Western Roman Empire still referred to as the 'Roman Empire' by historians when Rome sto…[View]
7919503The Lives of Executioners: Historically, what was it like to live most of one's life under the …[View]
7928398Thoughts on this book?[View]
7924446Fall of Rome Poll: When would you say Rome fell? Why that particular date? https://www.strawpoll.me/…[View]
7923951Why were beds in the past so small?: Pic related is Napoleon's bed, who was around 5 feet 7 inc…[View]
7924558hyperborea: home...[View]
7928262I think we can all agree: That the european cultural, scientific political artistic and intelectual …[View]
7928260Sword Fighting Manuals: Let's get you all up to speed on how to use a broadsword or sabre! Grab…[View]
7924144My faith has always been shaky and wavering, but the Catholic Church's recent shift to all out …[View]
7927923Is this the most overrated creature in myths, legends and folklores? Dragons were mentioned in both …[View]
7926489White People in Native American Tribes: I’m looking for more information on early Europeans assimila…[View]
7924743>be a nazi >switch sides when shit hits the fan >zero repercussions from the allies Get fu…[View]
7926429When did you realise nobody on this board is actually interested in having genuine discussion and ar…[View]
7925822is it worth getting a degree in philosophy, anons? or was philosophy meant to be self taught[View]
7925879if 23andme DNA tests had been available in 1930s and 1940s germany would the holocaust have been pos…[View]
7924956What is this obsession with animal welfare in modern society? Post a video kicking a dog in the face…[View]
7924395What's the bigger problem: Leftism or Liberalism?[View]
7923218Historically, why is drug related-violence such a big problem in the USA and Latin America but was n…[View]
7924974American Empire: What territories/colonies/countries were 100% owned by America or what countries co…[View]
7927302Before the South shall bow her head Before the tyrants harm us I'll give my all to the Southern…[View]
7913652>placing your capital city on the border[View]
7926609Did the Mongols used armor of their subjects?: For example when they conquered the Rus lands, or Kwa…[View]
7927398What's the point of thought experiments and why american love them so much? They're ridicu…[View]
7927306Was Jesus Christ the most charismatic leader in history?[View]
7923839Why is there a phenomenon of white American teenage boys having an obsession with the Byzantine Empi…[View]
7927891Were there any other messianic claimants before Jesus: that also claimed to be God incarnate or to h…[View]
7927633Presuppositional Apologetics: just watched this debate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anGAazNCfdY …[View]
7927617Was Stalin really an antifascist?[View]
7926579This day there German Empire unified in 1871, 149 years ago.[View]
7925137which crusades were the most based and which were the most cringe? based >first >third >nor…[View]
7919226Post your favourite/interesting controversial websites about history/humanities, be it holocaust den…[View]
7923224Is this true /his/? Were the Jews really behing the slave trade and ownership? If so how did they ju…[View]
7927248So cities in Africa were more advanced than European cities?[View]
7927585>concentric circle island Atlantis was the Minoan luxury palace on the volcanic caldera Thera …[View]
7927450biggest cuckold in human history[View]
7925307How 'literate' was the average Roman? Not 'educated', but how many could read a written document wit…[View]
7927230The year is 1994. London has just declared that Britain will wash its hands of Ulster and completely…[View]
7927623Fuck that little messenger shit who got lost in January 1807: I don't care about Napoleon'…[View]
7926005>basically calls J Robert Oppenheimer a pussy for complaining about blood on his hands while Trum…[View]
7925431The Reformation of Jan Hus preceded THE Protestant Reformation by literally 100 years but nobody giv…[View]
7922372Tell me what foreigners think of the history of México.[View]
7927205Why do so many black Americans have Irish and Scottish surnames: Seriously, I’ve noticed it for a lo…[View]
7927453>Riots >Mass famines >Massive Earthquakes >Large scale wars from all directions >Firs…[View]
7921788So... When will US leave from hawaii?[View]
7923616Early Asian Americans: Doing some research I found out that the first Asian Americans where Filipino…[View]
7927385Khmelnytsky Uprising and jews: Before the Khmelnytsky uprising, magnates had sold and leased certain…[View]
7923894How do you do citations?[View]
7927227How can there be people who unironically subscribe to ideologies whose goal is a stateless society? …[View]
7925496>“I will tell you a secret. I have seen the antichrist. He is intrepid and cruel. I was afraid of…[View]
7924443Pre-modern History of France: >IIIrd millenium BC Tartessians migrate from Iberia all the way up …[View]
7925898Does this man look sane to you?[View]
7926418This shit was the most autistic thing before Hitler. At least when Rome or China conquered territory…[View]
7925866How Hitler saved his friend Emil Maurice (SS member #2) from Himmler's autism: >After Himmle…[View]
7927033Is baby face nelson a psychopath?: And or the most evil public enemy #1 of the great depression?…[View]
7926813European Genetic Maps: Can anyone post some quality European genetic maps? Thank you[View]
7926971There were no greeks in Anatolia, study shows: https://www.nature.com/articles/ejhg201718 >Fallme…[View]
7926706Why were people usually starving under Communism?[View]
7922761Let's settle this once and for all: Was Bolshevism Jewish?[View]
7926915I'd love to learn more about Maximilian of Mexico and his goals with the control. Should Mexico…[View]
7926847Ethnically speaking, are Greeks more Slavic than Bulgarians?[View]
7925106who was the most prolific serial killer of the 20th century?[View]
7926854Stalin the philosopher: The Soviet Union basically fulfilled the Platonic ideal of 'Philosopher…[View]
7923891Were the Indo-Greeks actually Chinese? Bactrian Greeks were defeated by the mighty Han army and got …[View]
7926511How accurate is this ?[View]
7926675Egypt: They were a net EXPORTER of food into the 1950’s. Why did they listen to the retarded Soviets…[View]
7924207Norway & Iceland are NOT R1b. They Norducks trying to get in with the cool Western Roman Empire …[View]
7924996How the hell are Hungarian and Finnish related? Is this some cope Finns use to sound more historical…[View]
7926652Was this the greatest event in modern human history?[View]
7924348>criticize World War I >get thrown in jail explain that bullshit…[View]
7923576Did Romans really have way with their slaves whenever they feel like it?[View]
7925069Can someone explain asian religion to man who sees everything from an abrahamic perspective?[View]
7925164Operation Sealion: Could it have worked?[View]
7924863If Ukraine is the 'breadbasket of Europe' why didn't Germany just exert military influence afte…[View]
7924936Why didn’t Jews revolt during the Holocaust? They must have known they were being led to slaughter, …[View]
7919117>if you so much got a splinter in your finger in medieval times you'd have to amputate your …[View]
7926391Here's your alternate history map bro...[View]
7900677I have read the Aztecs being described both as merciful, competent rulers, outright commanders of an…[View]
7918347What's your favorite civilization from the Ancient Middle East? I've always liked the way …[View]
7925835Why LBJ was a piece of shit: Prior to him taking office, the black family was extremely intact. The …[View]
7919048What are some historical examples of entire ideologies/movements being destroyed suddenly in a matte…[View]
7925352Was there a way he could have saved his command from disaster?[View]
7924405Christians marrying Muslim princesses: Did this happen anywhere else in history? I read this about a…[View]
7926155What is the historical significance of the Seto Inland Sea to Japan? Were there really impoverished …[View]
7926151Why did people forget about Atheism+? I distinctly remembered that it was at this exactly moment tha…[View]
7925396Was Akhenaten the first transgender?[View]
7924892itt: moments in the lives of famous people which make you realize they're all too human >Sho…[View]
7925968Is there anyone willing to defend Huerta and his role in the Mexican revolution?[View]
7925611Was it autism?[View]
7924310Has there ever been a symbol in history that became associated with something horrible but eventuall…[View]
7925652Why is /his/ so full of insane people and trolls? >/x/ schizos rambling and posting links to cons…[View]
7923728Abos finally AVENGED!!: So I've started reading this big brain book called The Decline of the W…[View]
7923346Times when people got BTFO[View]
7925515Colonialism in Latin America: Hey /his/, as a Chilean, growing up with no knowledge of a non-Europea…[View]
7923213Why was this area so important to the Romans/Byzantines and Parthians/Persians? What made it so spec…[View]
7925637Why do Algerians larp as Arabs when literally everything (yes, even their '''Arabic'''') about them …[View]
7920987Which is more accurate? Modern thinking or mediaeval thinking?[View]
7925762To the tune of Scarborough Fair. Are you going to 4chan's /his/, History and Humanities? Rememb…[View]
7925703who was the hello kitty of history?[View]
7925564How did french lose to this? its literally a farm tractor with two machine gun[View]
7921828Once someone knows their haplogroup wtf do they do? What does it mean?[View]
7925603At what point did the Irish Mob become irrelevant ?[View]
7922832The great debate[View]
7909384arabs are black: They have very dark skin, curly hair, and had many black concubines. natufians even…[View]
7925190Is there any historical memoirs or texts written by everyday people about their everyday lives?[View]
7925026In 1814 we took a little trip Along with colonel Travis down the mighty Mississip We took a little b…[View]
7919625Is this what the Romans saw when they arrived in Britain?[View]
7924780Why are there striking martial arts that don't use utilize the knee or elbow (or not as much as…[View]
7924481Was it inevitable that monotheistic religions ended up imposing themselves over polytheistic ones?[View]
7925266Atheists be like meet my grandfather[View]
7925255>britain started the war with germany, it said so in my video game, holocaust didnt happen but dr…[View]
7925375I can KIND of understand why the Yanks invaded Vietnam, even though it was a stupid war overall. But…[View]
7925224Did you just call me a CRUSADER? uh, no. We prefer the term 'Crucesignati.'[View]
7915456Why can't you rape the women of your enemies during wartime? It strikes fear in the population …[View]
7922194> When the Shining Path first appeared in 1980, it would hang dogs from Lima's lampposts wit…[View]
7925232Manlets in Power: Why have manlets been so successful at obtaining vast ammounts of power in the pas…[View]
7923638Can you prevent WW2 by making Germany much weaker, Poland bigger and unifying Bavaria and Austria?[View]
7925181How much would history have changed if Bonnie Prince Charlie won at Culloden?[View]
7921860Literally did nothing wrong[View]
7919901akhenaton kind of does look like a black man[View]
7924223I’m going to post this every day until you forget it[View]
7924407Why have Jews been so successful in the past and now?: Is it their culture, their IQ, them being kep…[View]
7923200Why did they not just kill the convicts instead of transporting them 15,000km on the sea? Also why w…[View]
7884687Historical music of the common people thread: ITT: We post music that common people often listened t…[View]
7921800How strong were neanderthals? Could you beat one up?[View]
7922457No flame No hate: Ancient Aryans thread understanding[View]
7924364Does having Hallstatt pottery make you a Celt?: https://files.catbox.moe/sgr9yp.webm[View]
7924834>Where did I learn about it? I asked a question on r/askhistorians and received several thorough …[View]
7918761What are some historical myths that annoy the living shit out of you but keeps getting repeated anyw…[View]
7913012Huh... never thought of it that way before...[View]
7920360> Be France > Win the most wars and battles of any nation in recorded history > Greatest ge…[View]
7923312What makes a king or a royal lineage legitimate? Is the 'divine right of kings' a silly way of sayin…[View]
7923106>European history[View]
7921887Vintage Fashion: thoughts on meme mom?[View]
7924402did you know Hitler was imbread?: Adolf Hitler's father, Alois Hitler Sr. (born Alois Schicklgr…[View]
7924532I believe buddhism to be a dharma, not a religion nor a philosophy. Everyone who disagrees can kindl…[View]
7924268/his/ humor[View]
7923209Were people who lived in “poverty” during ancient and medieval times this fat or is it a modern phen…[View]
791746320,000 Americans attended a Nazi rally at Madison Square Garden in 1939: >On February 20, 1939, a…[View]
7924738Peter denied Jesus three times and Judas betrayed Him. Did any of the other Apostles sin against Jes…[View]
7924506Is it okay to post historical gore on /his/?: If so, post more historical gore. Picrelated is one of…[View]
7923634Sum up the history of your country in one image t. Englishman[View]
7922177Gospel of Peter: Why do Christians reject it?[View]
7919357>Annihilates your mongrel steppe-horde while being outnumbered 1:3 and attacking a fortified posi…[View]
7924598What would society look like without schools? If the internet and modern technology still existed bu…[View]
7922486Why isnt the carpathian basin given back to hungary?[View]
7922702Enemies of Rome: Hannibal Surena Shapur I Mithridates VI of Pontus Enrico Dandolo Pyrrhus of Epiru…[View]
7924564This guy is the reason why the US speaks english today and not french.[View]
7922206What were the worst times to be a child?[View]
7924576Did he have any influence on subsequent revolutions, more specifically the French Revolution?[View]
7923765http://www.jrbooksonline.com/polish_atrocities.htm Refuse this /his/ I am actually curious, this pro…[View]
7924563Genetic characterization of ancestral French populations using ancient DNA – ANCESTRA: https://anr.f…[View]
7922279Who among you STANDS for EVROPA? kevtching cvcks needs not apply only EVROPA BVLLS[View]
7924491Why has the world become so pacified?: Not even a hundred years ago did we have two world wars, a pe…[View]
7923039What did Shakespeare mean by this?: Oh bother, a foul smell! Fecal matter! Ha-ha-ha, hilarious, defe…[View]
7924540Who is your favorite philosopher /his/? For me, it's Alfred North Whitehead.[View]
7923644Is it the time to bring Swastika back? It's been 75y since some idiot demonized the most sacre…[View]
7922110Was he based ?[View]
7924379To what extent was 1910's/20's puritanism led by angry spinsters and women whose men were …[View]
7923830As an American, is it bad that I’m low key hoping that China becomes a competitor for the next hegem…[View]
7921275Is IQ good test to analyze ability of human, I know that there is correlation between high IQ and av…[View]
7923421Fuck g*rms[View]
7923066>China's history is very complex![View]
7915444Did Scythians raise their wives' sons after all? >While the Scythians were fighting in Asia,…[View]
7924286My maternal haplogroup is U5a, does this mean my mom is probably descended from Saami? Nearly half o…[View]
7923824Monroe Doctrine meme: Are Americans really taught that Latin America is independent thanks to the Mo…[View]
7923685why do people act like reading is less common now than in the past? I probably read more in a year b…[View]
7923989How do South Sudanese have a high percentage of ydna A yet they look completely different from the S…[View]
7924097Martial,12:52: 52) LII. AN EPITAPH FOR RUFUS AND SEMPRONIA: DULCIS IN ELISO Time and Season is accus…[View]
7902641Open hostility towards women generally and marriage in particular: Did proto-MGTOW exist? How were t…[View]
7923669What were the Portuguese African colonies like? Especially compared to the other European colonies?[View]
7922472What's the one thing you absolutely hate about the humanities, as an academic field?[View]
7922928Why didn't Europeans settle on the tropical regions? The Caribbean was basically free of native…[View]
7922872What was the Soviet-Afghan War like?[View]
7923212Son...... i have come to teach you something[View]
7923164Why was 18th century warfare less brutal than warfare in the 17th century: Basically this, why did w…[View]
7917434Were Romans the original Amerimutts?[View]
7922243First film in Babylonian: Did the humble students of Cambridge and the various contributors achieve …[View]
7923519Is “Ottoman Empire” a historiographic term like the Byzantine Empire? Was it actually just an Islami…[View]
7923611Name change. Also can you take your phil and religion shit out of /lit/ please. The board has gone t…[View]
7923393What are some historical channels that talk about lost cities,artifacts, legendary people kinda half…[View]
7913982How accurate is this really???[View]
7916235How did the Persians manage to establish such a huge fucking empire through conquest, but constantly…[View]
7923449Pay and conditions in archaeology: What do you think can realistically be done in the next decade to…[View]
7920996I love the Dominicans so much, /his/. There is no order in the Catholic Church greater than them.[View]
7914206Didn't I miss anything?: Difficult task for you, /his/ - try to create borders that will satisf…[View]
7922315Is punishment in hell forever? Do most people go to hell? Do evil and evil people exist or are the j…[View]
7921665If the Indo-Europeans had made it to Africa would there be black white people?[View]
7914146Has anyone noticed how the sound of American English dramatically shifted between Gen X and Millenni…[View]
7921594Is it true most NSDAP votes in the 1933 election were from women? What about their program did they …[View]
7920080What is it with having elite guard units made up of foreigners? Is it just exoticism? >Imperial G…[View]
7921867Was at a museum here in Sweden where they had taken pictures of prisoners from 19th century. Under t…[View]
7922648Which school of Indian Philosophy came closest to the truth?[View]
7922726Why didn't the Vikings tell anyone in Europe about America ?[View]
7921122ITT historical jokes that went too far.[View]
7914167How effective was this[View]
7918751Why do idiots from First World nations still pretend that there is anything at all profound, insight…[View]
7923047Why does all of The Europe get blamed for colonialism when only a handful of European countries on t…[View]
7917044whats his fucking problem: >'Eastern Roman Empire'. >This is very difficult to say while keepi…[View]
7922854Are Moroccan European,Arabs,Africans?: Which group are Moroccans more related to? The French & S…[View]
7920829What did the Japanese think when they first saw White (Portuguese) people?[View]
7922350How can one stop media-hysterization of history? For example, this band just creates word-salad from…[View]
7922377was he right?: >You hold liberal opinions, there is no Chinese or Egyptian art. I already told yo…[View]
7917971Italian scientists found his cum on a tissue[View]
7921421When the Communist won the Chinese Civil War in 1949, they proceeded to destroy the organized triads…[View]
7919774Medieval Tournaments?: Tournaments seem to have become a fairly common way for noblemen, knights and…[View]
7922691French Troops under England: So ik that England had very large holdings in France during the Hundred…[View]
7919672Why did the Mob didn’t had that much power in America or Europe compared to the drug cartels in Lati…[View]
7922170Is the a complete list of peoples who at some point in history received an influx of Levantine blood…[View]
7921662What is Whirling Dance?: Why do so many religions and cultures preform a whirling dance usually said…[View]
7921830Nobility in Islamic Monarchies: Why is the presence of a hereditary aristocracy aside from the monar…[View]
7919255Lebanese and Arabic are two seperate languages: From the leading linguist and philologist, Dr Nassim…[View]
7920199Is this an accurate depiction of Muhammad?[View]
7922141Can someone tell me about this haplogroup? As far as I know it originates from ancient northern Egyp…[View]
7922002Why is commie music so much better than fascist drivel? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQmpiK2b7t8 …[View]
7922412Yo nigga, this princeps. What’s this shit I hear bout u ain’t down with this lyre? You Christian or …[View]
7920410I've come to make an announcement Julius Caesar's a bitch ass motherfucker. He pissed on m…[View]
7922102>World war 1 Was a sequel planned?[View]
7919289these two are two retarded: seriously, does anyone really believe that there is anything like absolu…[View]
7919583Malay Race originating from Venus: Have you guys ever read The Malay Annals? Did you guys know about…[View]
7906143Historical background of Asian intelligence: Why do Asians have such a high average IQ? Is there som…[View]
7921834>There was no clear bad side in ww1[View]
7921253ITT: underrated figures[View]
7921108Redpill me on life in North American European colonies during the 17th century[View]
7916355What went wrong?[View]
7914741What was the most dangerous country in the thirty years war?[View]
7918361I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
7922001Best books, documentaries, paintings, YT videos, films, on the Reconquista of Spain.[View]
7919351Is the French Army the greatest army in recorded history?[View]
7916432>The main character of Englands national epic is literally Satan Wait are anglos actually evil?…[View]
7921953village idiots: I was reading about the internet legend of gecko45 and I realized, every age probabl…[View]
7921333>Two ancient Egyptian child mummies at the University of Tartu Art Museum (Estonia) were, accordi…[View]
7921977Why did Western Europe not get fascism “organically”? Every fascist regime in Western Europe was imp…[View]
7920226I've been studying Belarus recently. Have questions for any Belarusbros or historians on /hist/…[View]
7918926why did the arabs decline in terms of war ?[View]
7921787Is female promiscuity only looked badly on in todays society because of racist european colonialism?[View]
7917723How did the Maori manage to have a much better standing in modern nz society compared to the austral…[View]
7915769Was the United States part of the informal British Empire during most of the 19th century in the sam…[View]
7919676kind reminder that the Lebanese are not like the Arabs[View]
7919387Unironic Marxists whats your best prediction on when the inevitable global communist revolution will…[View]
7919513The Burgandians - Extinct East Germanic Language: Can we have a thread on what we know on about this…[View]
7921476*conquers the world*[View]
7915798Name one thing wrong with absolute monarchy[View]
7919844Is the term 'Dark Ages' valid?: Considering it was invented by a biased renaissance scholar and popu…[View]
7920722How many of you actually know who this is? The gods will know if you cheat.[View]
7915507not even a spearfag but i bet someone with a short spear(this type) would beat most sworders and sho…[View]
7919381Don't let it be forgot, that once there was a spot, for one brief shining moment, that was know…[View]
7917082> Take a German kid > Raise him as your own blood > Decorate him with the highest honours …[View]
7918202>read history >become a pan Africanist Anyone else?…[View]
7921614Will it see a comeback? >A childlessness tax was enforced in the USSR as part of their natalist p…[View]
7921061>throughout all of recorded human history humans have nurtured a concoction that they ingest to i…[View]
7914740Muslim princesses marrying Christians: I found this about a Muslim princess marrying a Christian man…[View]
7914283>Suggest WWI is an opportunity for socialist revolution >Get kicked out of party for it >Ge…[View]

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