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24033267Step on it Anons: Anyone in the area? That seems like a pretty good price considering rusted to shit…[View]
24026882Car lease buyouts: I'm a retard when it comes to finances, also new to the US and car ownership…[View]
24032344ITT: Cars that look outdated for their time: This is the 2020 dodge grand caravan It had essentially…[View]
24015893It's beautiful: Post late '90s-early 2000s masterpieces.[View]
24030840/tv/ here. Not a car person but I graduated, got a job, and saved up money to by my dream car: an FJ…[View]
24030444My first car. What a touchy acceleration this fucker has.[View]
24030362How much trouble could I get in if I was pulled over with pic related under my seat?[View]
24031656hey guys I'm just starting to learn how to restore my car and also rally in it[View]
240313922013 Accord Coupe Automatic: Are CVT’s really that bad? A lady down the street from me is selling he…[View]
24032186Nissan Skyline: With Nissan trying to rebrand themselves from a cheap shit Mitsubishi competitor, do…[View]
24032482About to do my drivers exam/test Kinda nervous gotta drive and make no mistakes Wish me luck[View]
24028259Thoughts on Toyota Alphard?[View]
24017360>women get lower insurance rates because men are more dangerous, more likely to drink and drive t…[View]
24032718Vr/o/s, how do I find a 6cyl 4wd 4runner for under 7000? I'm looking for around 140k miles, I t…[View]
24031731going to drive a caterham 7 (225 hp) on a race track in a few days never drove a light car, any tips…[View]
24023821Weekend Wrench And Drive Thread: What are you wrenching on? What scenic vista are you heading for? W…[View]
24030943/dbt/ - Daily Bike Thread: sporpbike edition >Nobikes seething >faggots >scooters >narci…[View]
24029830so i need a cheap fuel efficient car im down to 2 cars: 2016 Ford Focus or 2016 chevrolet sonic They…[View]
24028256Bow: >standard NA V6 >no gloss plastic >no touch screen, physical controls…[View]
24031213itasha thread: i just like it bros please post your most loved/most hated weeb wrap cars (here)…[View]
24027335Harro honorabu vehikuru owna, I am so so happy you purchasa me[View]
24027917ITT: weeb/schizo cars[View]
24030777Starting to work with cars late: Lads I’m facing a dilemma. Cars are one of the few things in life t…[View]
24030343Why is this edgy looking Camry such a popular car?[View]
24032310Post cars that when the moment you see them you already know some bullshit is about to happen.[View]
24029244If diesel engines turn more fuel into power. Why are EGT's so much more of a concern on diesel …[View]
24032116>Kona N announced >no AWD why the fuck would I buy this over a Veloster if it doesn’t have fuc…[View]
24031942Any car salesmen here? What do you sell? And how do you cope with being so based?[View]
24026008/DBT/ - Daily Bike Thread: Low effort Harley edition >Nobikes seething >no faggots >no pedo…[View]
24031320why shouldn't I get a g35?: I've been searching for an older RWD manual coupé, preferably …[View]
24030742>transformers emblems on the tailgates of pickups >punisher, american flag, gun decals on pick…[View]
24029059>Every single sensor light is on in the dashboard >Drinks oil like an alcoholic >Stuck and …[View]
24031082Fixed up this 2.0 Lincoln MKC I bought from a local dealer. It'll be ready from the body shop …[View]
2403028990s cars: Holy fuck. I just drove a 90s car for the first time in roughly 12 years. it felt far bett…[View]
24030161plz to help: Like a retard I spun the door latch around on my FJ40 Land Cruiser while looking at the…[View]
24030624I drive a 2007 Mazda6, and I love it. Slow acceleration is pretty much its only flaw - and I don…[View]
24030437Thoughts on this 94 Volvo?: Fellas. I'm a cityfag. NYC (I'm tryna leave.) Was looking for …[View]
24031019How well do aftermarket wood trim kits like pic related work? I’ve always loved the look of the fake…[View]
24030551Towing a Hay Wagon thru MD to VA: Idk where to ask this, but i found a good deal on a haywagon on cr…[View]
24029716What model of car is this?[View]
24029827ITT: We post people who look like cars.[View]
24030436Are these cars gud?[View]
24028945/dbt/ - Daily Bike Thread: dualsporp edition >Nobikes seething >faggots >scooters >narci…[View]
24030184f1 Spanish Race: So I want to watch the Spanish GP for F1. Should I? Is it any good or is it the sam…[View]
24029680Blend Door Advice: I'm about to do it, I've owned this car for two years now and I stupidl…[View]
24028946is it still the best car ever made or has something else overtaken it?[View]
24025740post your 4 favorite car makes: >nissan >infiniti >mazda >mercedes-benz…[View]
24003800Subject: Post pepe cars[View]
24030335Radiator Fan Question: 1995 Camry is the car. So I changed the radiator fans on my 1995 Camry and I …[View]
24030182>you will never be driven around in your lexus minivan Should I just give up?…[View]
24028886America: >Chevy vs Ford vs Dodge Europe: >BMW vs Mercedes vs Audi which is more idiotic…[View]
24025313How do I save her bros...: I love my e30 to death but I didn't know how bad the rust was when I…[View]
24015023Has your car ever been stolen?[View]
24014594What's your favorite car company acronym, pic related[View]
24030244probably the worst thing about internet 'car culture' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7JYa4VpO6s ht…[View]
24030179I want a Copium: Bros, I really like the Copen, all the people I've asked what they think say i…[View]
24029665No car is worth more then $30,000: >$1-8k Dodge neon srt4 Porsche 944 Iroc Camaro C4 corvette …[View]
24029237>He is paying for Tüv instead of stealing the stickers[View]
24029857how fucked am I /o/: I bid $500 on a used 1992 pontiac sunbird convertable with 111k miles as a joke…[View]
24028968Fiesta does it again. Best hothatch Doug has ever driven. https://youtu.be/AoXTXVSlxHs?t=496[View]
24029409best poor mans coupe: what shitbox is best? Nissan 100NX, Toyota Paseo, Mazda MX-3[View]
24030081Hello guys. What first car should i get? I want a cool car with 4 seats (airbags and seatbelts too) …[View]
24024914I went on a lemons rally, my car died. why dont you race your shitbox anon?[View]
24027868Hey, fellow Tesla owners. My Model 3's GPS is showing that my car is off the coast of Madagasca…[View]
24028238Project car under 1000 euros: What would be interesting car to get? I am looking for something simpl…[View]
24029392How was your drive /o/?[View]
2402952150-70k car: sup /o/ traveller from /biz/ here gonna shell out 50-70k for a car, what would you sugge…[View]
24029988JDM: I don't know if somebody else posted this but here is a list of every car sold for the Jap…[View]
24028856Just bought a 2017 RAM lone star. I want to get at least200k miles out this thing. Any recommended p…[View]
24029782>be me >take my 2012 GTI to local dealership for trade in >get 6k for it >next week its …[View]
24023652Just bought a manual car- how long before I stop stalling out at red lights?[View]
24029916>race a cop car car from the stoplight >chicken out once we get going because I was already do…[View]
24027285Why do people hate it? It should be universally loved[View]
24027835Newfag here. My Škoda is showing a yellow oil light. I checked the oil level and it’s quite low. I h…[View]
24027794Will I make it? What do?[View]
24027389ITT: We post what we currently drive and what we’ll drive in the near future.[View]
24027608are driving shoes a meme?[View]
24026817Over 9000: ITT: Only cars that rev above 9k allowed I'll begin >9.5k v12 VVVGGGHHH…[View]
24027415ITT: Good, cheap, but not fast: Starting with this[View]
24021579Would you rather >upgrade exhaust/intake >upgrade sound system…[View]
24027193>has yet to complete Baja 1000[View]
24028903Oh boy, and heres why I hate garages. >Find my tyre is slowly deflating >Realise its a slow pu…[View]
24027693Tesla drivers: Tell us about Tesla drivers? Do they seem like nice people? https://youtu.be/UgDVdwxB…[View]
23985992Webm thread[View]
24024186Do you let roasties do this in your car?[View]
24029268What is it about Chevrolet that seems to attract overweight ugly women like a magnet?[View]
24029271>the turbo Accord is faster than the V6 r-replacement no for d..displacement r-right guys?…[View]
24020048Stock Kia K5 Destroys Accord and 'Tuned' GLI: https://youtu.be/QbhYuFgdt5A Honda Fags, GTFO![View]
24028108>here’s your new mustang bro[View]
24026884is buying a CRX as my first car based or retarded?[View]
24023794I need some knowledgeable Toyota anons 5 years ago I bought a W55 transmission. Just now I'm ge…[View]
24029055Why shouldn't I just make a kickstarter with some whiny story about how I want my dream car but…[View]
24028847What's a good sub-2000 dollar car for light driving around town? I like the look of 80s cars.[View]
24024518ITT: brutal moggings[View]
24026350Bros, what happened to top level 4 wheel motorsport? >F1 Rarely any place change after the first …[View]
24027945Faster than your BMW[View]
24028924Discuss: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2NnxDdDHRk[View]
24026006/dbt/ - Yamaha MT-125: /dbt/ - Daily Bike Thread BROKEN CAGIE MIRRORS EDITION >Nobikes seething …[View]
24028466Need engine swap: I need your help bros. I need to swap engines for my Ssangyong Rodius 2017 and I h…[View]
24027345I want to become a supercar blogger. How do I achieve it? Getting access to supercars seems to be th…[View]
24024988>stopped at a light >stall the car 3 times >get honked at >eventually figure out I was i…[View]
24020267>walk back to ur car >see this wat do?[View]
24012429wish we could turn back time[View]
24025660Disclaimer: This is a blog post and advice thread. Less than a week ago, I bought a 2014 Chevy Silve…[View]
24028626Does anyone know what this car is? Saw it a couple years ago, never thought to look.[View]
24024457Cheapest car possible: What is the absolute cheapest car I can get that will get me from point A to …[View]
24028023Should i?[View]
24025564>2.0litre 4cyl turbo: 381hp / 350 lb⋅ft (475Nm) >3.0litre V6 turbo: 367hp / 384 lb⋅ft (520Nm) …[View]
24027365Old golfs: Why are there dozens of pages of these going 180-200k miles still running fine on autotra…[View]
24026155Australian Car Thread: Should i buy a xr6t or holden v8 ?[View]
24015067Umbrellas in doors: Why aren't more manufacturers doing this? Doesn't need to be this fanc…[View]
24024609Flood Cars: Found a flood mustang GT. Water line was marked. Is that 'Stay away, shit's fucked'…[View]
24022125tiburon: worth buying? found one for like 1500 and it has no problems (apparently).[View]
24027116>only brand to have not 1 but a whole 2 (two) cars with 10/10 in build quality on the prestigious…[View]
24023875what happened to this tech a freon less AC sounds pretty good and environmental[View]
24026853>Finally find dream car >Notice reflection of guy in picture >he's a muzzie…[View]
24026128You there, fill it up with petroleum distillate and re-vulcanize my tires, post haste[View]
24028182>How to become the laughing stock of the industry in one easy step[View]
24014143/RRG/ Rolls Royce General: Discuss all things Rolls Royce here.[View]
24028076I'm about to watch some bad obsession motorsports project binky[View]
24018557Holy fuck Nissan what are you waiting for!? I'm really getting tired of waiting. It's bett…[View]
24028151Missed out on buying a 260z datsun. Looking for that car, simple to work easy to obtain parts wise w…[View]
24023936MERCEDES AMG E63S GETS THRASHED AROUND THE STREETS - CERTI POV: Thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
24027801There's a guy about 500 miles away from me that supposedly is selling a samurai that runs and d…[View]
24023638will flying cars ever be a feasible creation? It seems like something that could never be easy enoug…[View]
24025822what's the best car insurance?[View]
24022801ITT: Cars men with big dicks drive[View]
24022608>Search /o/ catalog for 'v8' 0 results: Why are you all such poofta cunts that do not even own a …[View]
24027081This September i am planning on seeing my very first rally event. Is it worth the trip? Is it fun? …[View]
24027549Is the Buick/commodore/Insignia one of the most underrated sedans of this generation? >NA V6 fro…[View]
24024585Family cars you hated: May it rot in hell[View]
24027221How much more difficult is it to drift in a diesel vs a petrol? Say if they both have LSDs and are b…[View]
24027702Cars you cant wait for to hit the 15-20k bracket. For me, its pic related[View]
24008132How cringe is anime on super sports cars?: Got some inheritance money because my grandpa died and wo…[View]
24025410#goals amirite guys?[View]
24027481What kind of car that “men” who drink oat milk drive?[View]
24027278Is SF90 Stradale faster than LaFerrari?[View]
24026531are they based?[View]
24014571Reno Air Races: 'F1 is fast'. yeah but is it the fastest? Nah, unlimited air racing is the fast…[View]
24018361How did they retain so much soul?[View]
24027356What makes it soi?[View]
24027351Who would win in a race?[View]
24022907This is my dream car guys. It's so beautiful.[View]
24027346/o/ funny listings: Saw this today lmao![View]
24024576Dont know anything about cars: Ive never driven a car except in my driving test and just barely pass…[View]
24027038Why would anyone buy a Chrysler?[View]
24023941I hate my car[View]
24024957is there a reason why i shouldn't buy a hemi powered shitbox? I've heard they're pret…[View]
24026579CONSUME: What media d/o/ y/o/u guys c/o/nsume t/o/ learn about different cars? P/o/st Y/o/utube kin/…[View]
24024691car noob need help: How much should I be looking to pay for a 1986 celica (pic related) in good cond…[View]
24026435I know this may get ignored but thought I'd ask. I'm in Japan and debating on buying an 18…[View]
24014263Are wheel locks the only line of defense to prevent wheel theft?[View]
24009577TLX Type-S: >Power is sent to all four wheels via rear-biased Super Handling All-Wheel Drive >…[View]
24026667>Men in black always driving a spotless clean car This got me thinking, would sending positively …[View]
24018871Modifications only YOU make: I downgrade to the lowest wheel size so I can have a smoother, quieter,…[View]
24026761Just bought me an Audi: Dam these things are quick![View]
24026593The clear on my car is fucked after 22 years I really like the color it is, but what does /o/ think …[View]
24026811Happy Mother’s Day from Australia.: Be grateful for your milfs amigos.[View]
24023690Is it degenerate to sleep in your car?[View]
24026666Out of my way /o/ shits.[View]
24026782how you go about finding a female f1 mechanic in the wild to capture and marry her?[View]
24026612Is it possible to remove these to expand interior?[View]
2402608496 4runner: 175k miles, rust-free, owner wants 6k CAD. Needs a steering wheel airbag. Would this be …[View]
24021885Iso Aerolight: Sup /o/ I am on the hunt for a few of these Aerolight bad bois. All I have is 2 pics …[View]
24025081Be honest, how did I do?[View]
24016792What's the point of this brand? What do they do?[View]
24024931How much are you guys selling your cars for in this crazy market? Like how what percentage over the …[View]
24024980Which is better: Choose one and why /o/ >inb4 get a full size >inb4 no new gm small truggs rig…[View]
24024283I’ve got a 2017 Ram 1500, and an old sub from my old truck somewhere. Do I still need an aftermarket…[View]
24009728Subaru General /SG/ - money pit edition: So all the parts for my AT to MT swap is almost complete, d…[View]
24025595Car branded cologne: Opinions?[View]
24024322Hi /o/ There's a used Subaru Forester near me (pic unrelated something I pulled from an image s…[View]
24024829>Move from Europe 6 months ago >Get license last week >They stopped producing the only Amer…[View]
24024802Dream vehicle bread: God I want one so bad bros. But boomers bought up all the 1970s-80s 4x4 f150s f…[View]
24002834/org/ Offroading General /org/ - Airborne Edition: Thread for offroading and offroad vehicles. Compl…[View]
24020691Sedans: The most useless and cucked bodystyle.[View]
24024741/dbt/ - Daily Bike Thread: /dbt/ - Daily Bike Thread BROKEN CAGIE MIRRORS EDITION >Nobikes seethi…[View]
24002665/ncg/ Neo-Classic General: Discuss the emerging neo-classic market of 80s/90s/00s cars. Post pics, g…[View]
24023097>used car smells like cigarettes >take up smoking >can't smell cigarette smoke anymore…[View]
240256492021 GTR VS 2021 TOYOTA SUPRA[View]
24024902S10 Thread - price check: Looking for a truck to learn manual on here's what I found...pic rela…[View]
24025337What is this[View]
24008022Cloth seat smells: >pick up sister from an event since she is too drunk to drive >she is rowdy…[View]
24025761Feels like a real Proton Impian kinda day[View]
24025692CONFESS: Guys.. I stalled my car today coming up the ramp to get out of the parking garage after wor…[View]
24022601C55 AMG: These seem like good value now >good power >nice sound >cheap >most reliable a…[View]
24012223ITT we post our vehicles and others will try to guess our race, sexual orientation, occupation and c…[View]
24022084spotted one the other day and it was sooooo cute, sounded great too, tempted to sell my civic and ge…[View]
24023201Okay /o/, Manual is great, I get it, pic related is one of my cars. It's great fun in the hill…[View]
24023755Are they better than hellcats/challengers: These svts were ahead of the game Just like the monte ca…[View]
24015322Bandit car culture: black paint, tinted windows and music. i don't know why but i like this sty…[View]
24023112i have this motorbike carrier: i assembled it today then realized there's nowhere to tie down t…[View]
24024092This car has a jawline, a jawline so big that its capable of blocking sidewalks. how fucking chad is…[View]
24023779Should I just get this or wait for the IS500?[View]
24023043‘95 Lincoln Continental I want to buy it as my 3rd car for long road trips. How reliable are they? I…[View]
24024197CAR FOX: who has purchased a carfax? Does it give me live info on the car? Can I buy a car fax, look…[View]
24018136Lotus Evija Top Gear test: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1CcxnlXca3w >1.88 million euro >Can o…[View]
24024854Hi /o/ Third baby is on the way and I’m currently using a ‘96 7.3 F350 crew cab diesel as a family v…[View]
24024978Just saw that my roommate's car has a reservoir for blinker fluid on his headlights. Anyone kno…[View]
24024390Input shaft starting to make noise on startup should I worry about it?: On my civic si 9th gen its n…[View]
24016449/AMG/ thread: 2018 GLC43 reporting in. Fun car. Maintenance is asspain. Will be paid off soon. Think…[View]
240249120-60 in 4.8 Seconds: HOW THE FUCK??!!!![View]
24020925I'm so happy bros....:)[View]
24022078Redpill me on this. Guy at work drives it and I don’t know much enough about them other than they’re…[View]
24018196Turbo autismo engineering: Post drawings or real instances of retard engineering for cars[View]
24024066DODGE NEON: >Dayton Edition[View]
24022688/dbt/ - Daily Bike Thread: /dbt/ - Daily Bike Thread SUDDEN CURVE AHEAD - Edition >Nobikes seeth…[View]
24019977>Nissan 400z >Honda S2000 2024 >Hyundai…[View]
24022325Turbo size fuel economy: Turbo vs turbo on same car, engine, etc. So let’s take out having fun with…[View]
24022592Fuel Injector Cleaners: Worthwhile investment, or unnecessarily shilled product?[View]
24008653>Fabric exteriors wouldn't just reduce a vehicle's weight by hundreds of pounds, which …[View]
24019343>Finally found perfect car >Doesnt have keyless start…[View]
24011961Engine Bay Fire: I had an engine bay fire in a bug I'm trying to fix. I think maybe a hose popp…[View]
24023608Weird Question that you guys may be able to help me with. I moved to a place were it gets over 115 F…[View]
24022323Should I?[View]
24024302Discuss https://youtu.be/vzOVTmDGQZw[View]
24023379Discuss... https://youtu.be/bQxzYz6K90M[View]
24023195Recommend a good automobile for Hank to drive, and get an expected reaction from him afterward. Go.[View]
24024142Is it possible to upgrade the backup camera on my car without replacing the factory head unit? I ha…[View]
24015425Name a better fast sedan that's this cheap. I'll wait.[View]
24022919>GM is expecting strong demand for the electric Silverado, according to Barra. She believes the U…[View]
24024014Why am I seeing this ugly SUV everywhere recently ? I live in western europe and they seems to have …[View]
24020999timing belts: I have 161k on my Honda and it still has the original timing belt. The manual recommen…[View]
24019138Cars that look American but aren‘t >Pic related Opel Senator B[View]
24023279praking brake light: hey /o/, I have this honda cr-v rd1, 5-speed manual, 147hp. a while ago my park…[View]
24021363Where do you like to cruise around in your area? Is there a favorite spot you drive to?[View]
24020376Vee Ate Motor: >Lexus LC F is cancelled >Toyota working on this What could it be for?…[View]
24021944Who here has anxiety at red lights? I have a miata and I like to have the top down but I hate when p…[View]
24011640safe site to look up car specs with a VIN?: need to get exact specs of a car. help an Anon out, lads…[View]
24018709Would a 2 door Camry sell?[View]
24022172new daily?: so i have around 4500 USD saved up to for a car and i narrowed my choices down to 3 cars…[View]
24023622How much more difficult is it to drift in a diesel vs a petrol?: Couldn't you drift easily in a…[View]
24023446Are there enough aftermarket parts for old cars now that these things can last another hundred years…[View]
24021883Opinions on the Scion tC?[View]
24021585Used Car Market: My car just got totaled and I need a new one but the used car market is so insane r…[View]
24023099I want the Jeff Gordon bugs bunny Nascar so bad bros I want it I want it I want it I want to speed d…[View]
24022992>guy makes a half assed car to fund his rockets and people actually bought it…[View]
24008650I'm getting the 2022 Porsche GT3 Touring. Roast it.[View]
24023194Where do you take your car to get serviced?[View]
240226921999 Honda CR-V: Hi, I haven’t really been here much but I was hoping to find some help. I haven’t b…[View]
24021480So I did a thing.: Ordered an AWD LR Model Y. What can I expect besides a fiery death? Trying to tal…[View]
24022911what would happen if i just sprayed my 20 year old car with clear coat? for paint protective and rus…[View]
24014948what do we think of him, /o/?: i used to like him but i've realized he doesn't know anythi…[View]
24022419WANTING TO BUY - AUSTRALIA: WTB nissan skyline DR30 turbo skyline in 2 door. must be manual and in g…[View]
24023091How much of a bodywork would you find acceptable to consider the car purchase? No damage at all, rep…[View]
24021089CX-5 drivers: Passed in the right two of them, and the second one off, today. Second one tried to bl…[View]
24017534I’ve been looking at the LS430 as my next car because I want to have something fairly reliable, soft…[View]
24017550Talk me out of it.[View]
24022883What would possess somebody to do this?[View]
24022974What are these marks? Cigarette ash?[View]
24022333WTF why are car prices so cheap in Europe??!!: >I30n MT/DCT 30k/32k >GTI MK8 MT/DSG 33k/35k …[View]
24016965I have a Camry worth 13K on a trade in. I am willing to put $5000 down in addition. What can/should …[View]
24013527Would it weird to send a car salesman some champagne or scotch if he did a really good job and helpe…[View]
24020258What would it take for people to stop buying cuckovers?[View]
24018474Is /o/ your home board? What other boards do you frequent? Other than /diy/ the other boards seem pr…[View]
24020776how rare would it be to find a pristine supercharged mr2?[View]
24009420>The Nissan 370Z Is Really, Truly Dead Now As Inventory Dries Up. Although the car is still on Ni…[View]
24017454$13000 for this?: Hey... i'm looking for a nice 4x4 truck that I can use to take out to the bac…[View]
24017051For me, it's the Seat Toledo[View]
24022347the 350z and 370z's are for JDM Faggot Retards, they are ugly as fuck and slow as hell. If you …[View]
24020790how bad of an idea is it to go buy a manual car with only 30 ish minutes of experience with one[View]
24022370Fuck you WalMart clearance bin white trash bus riders destroying the used car prices with your white…[View]
24021602SchizoMobile Thread: Hey /o/, it's been a rough day. Please show me some schizomobiles so I ma…[View]
24022337talk me out of this car: >RARE UNICORN IN THE MARKET This 2011 Mercedes Benz S550 is a clean Carf…[View]
24022391YLYL thread[View]
24022445no VIN check thread?[View]
24016901I can see why /o/ calls us beaners retarded https://youtu.be/vVsgUY2piR0[View]
24020429/dbt/ Daily Bike Thread: Random wallpaper edition >Nobikes seething >Nogears posting from s…[View]
24021761Help me pick a truck: 20k-30k I would like a diesel but I think one with decent mileage is out of m…[View]
24017646Dodge 2500: If I were to tbone a weeb in an anime wrapped car id use a Dodge Ram 2500[View]
24019816People running studs during the warm weather should be shot on site[View]
24019529>have to sell one by the end of this year I've never felt so sad to make a decision in my en…[View]
24022096Does anyone like 4Runners?[View]
24021988TONIGHT, on Top Gear...[View]
24014523S/o/. Since we are all getting older. What (((features))) have you found yourself appreciating in ca…[View]
24017173Whats an actually fun car under £9k that you can also use as a daily driver?[View]
24012633What is the perception of this brand in Italy? Is it working class, luxury? Reliable, garbage? Are y…[View]
24014198Im sorry /o/: The reason I street race is because I want to die someday. I want to risk my life. I…[View]
24020707this might get taken down, but can you guys help me find a decent car for $5k or less around Jackson…[View]
24021810Do you guys remember the chevron car on the gay pumps: dud they had lighters[View]
24016457Drop your local driving roads: Hey /o/, I was compiling some driving routes in my area and planning …[View]
24021503Are there more Nissan fans on /o/ than any other?: Any mention of a Corvette it's instant Nissa…[View]
24019141Anyone in trucking? How about o/o? I’d like to do o/o fuel haul[View]
24018337Why are boomers so delusional?[View]
24021521Checkers Marathon: Were these good cars? (Pic from internet)[View]
24017195is laying in my bed really more acceleration than a 3 second car?[View]
24020046Wet Driving: Performance driving in the wet Where did you learn to do it? What tires do you use? htt…[View]
24021133Audi A4 B7 2007 Service Manual: Hello, I was wondering if anyone had a copy of the service manual fo…[View]
24017031What's the best bang for your buck non-shit floor jack? I'm fucking tired of my 30 year ol…[View]
24020780In breaking bad's episode '4 days out', protagonists Walter and Jesse are stuck in the middle o…[View]
24021342>the 5th most sold car in the Chinese market now we know whose to blame for the huge grills…[View]
24009515Shift Knob Thread: Shift knobs are highly highly complex items to understand. There are a myriad of …[View]
24020555Give me one (1) good reason not to[View]
24010498Mechanic says my 2016 Corolla has a bad ball joint and sent this photo as a sign. After lifting tire…[View]
24014873Lada Niva: Post your Lada Niva pics. I'll dump what I have.[View]
24017606How easily can you drift in a bmw 1 series hatchback?[View]
24021050So im fucking retarded /o/ >be changing broken coolant hose in my car >as im removing a spring…[View]
24019503Current Rally-friendly Car Models: What is a list of current new car models that will age-well into …[View]
24019804this is getting to be a bit depressing[View]
24020224What's the most 'reliable' 1980's Euro luxury or sports car to be found here in …[View]
24020773You keep you car within sight at all times, right /o/?[View]
24020578If you think this is cool, I’ve got news for you...[View]
24019106Complete this sentence: Any monkey can wrench, but it takes real skill too ______________[View]
24015113Mopar Thread: This is a Mopar thread. Post Mopars. Torqlets, displacelets, and poors need not apply.…[View]
24019438Which route should I take, /o/? Top or bottom[View]
24015242motorcycle accident makes anon lose the ability to walk for life: really makes you think...[View]
24020354Whatever happened to these crapwagons?: picrel[View]
24020317I made a thread earlier that I bought a Chevy sonic that the head gasket blew up in. After discussin…[View]
24019375Would you drive a car that got its frame/chassis bent and straightened at least once at some point?[View]
24018820Has anyone ever watched these guys before?: They do a lot of stupid shit with cars and I find their …[View]
24020319$7,700 seems a bit high for the car, although I do like it. Do I fork over the cash for it?[View]
24016633>me be december 2019 >just sold first car >piece of shit but strong emotions when it left …[View]
24019771Britbongs. I'm looking for a fun, nippy and cheap runabout. I've narrowed it down to these…[View]
24020397Who is the boss? CSI: I'm looking for information about the inside of this car. I need just a m…[View]
24020163Guys I finally took the plunge. i bought an NA. picking it up next week. literally buying a lotus el…[View]
24019760FUCK TWINGOS ! ROBINS RULE NOW !: Reliant Robin thread[View]
24020257Redpill me on the Audi 90[View]
23975065/hg/ 本田 - Honda General: Looking at buying a Honda Post here and we'll tell you our elitist opi…[View]
24018770MK6 vs MK7: I know you guys don't like golfs for some reason, but /o/ doesn't like all car…[View]
24020122Reminder that the Bronco WILL NEVER be as based as this two door Cherokee right hyeah. Check em. Bro…[View]
24019387> office party > people talking about their car trips, driving here and there to look at the b…[View]
24016707Guys please help me. I have a 2000 Ford Courier/Mazda Bravo 4x4 2.5 turbodiesel, it's completel…[View]
24018914/dbt/ - daily bike thread: >bikes >no faggots Simple as that Useful stuff: >https://www.mo…[View]
24017618I just want to learn to drive stick. I know in theory how a manual transmission works, but I've…[View]
24019745I received pic related for free. What stuff can I do with it? Will the small battery have enough pow…[View]
24017600>make a dumb mistake on the road >get rightfully honked at >cringe about how much of a fuc…[View]
24014910All jokes aside, do Guatemalans make good cars?[View]
24016503Tesla cucks are the worst. The performance versions are almost 10K more and marginally faster. They …[View]
24019190Genuine question, once EVs become mandatory, how will people without personal garages own a car? Gas…[View]
24019097Colors: Post cool car colors[View]
24018320I just bought these Lingenfelter heads for my LS3 build on an LSA block. After I bought them, I real…[View]
24009257post your garage[View]
24018102Cheap budget cars to turn into track weapon in Europe?: Looking for a car that is under 1000 euros a…[View]
24019072WHAT THE FUCK? I ordered a Bronco and haven't gotten an official email of the delay. They bette…[View]
24019095Diagnostic Readers: What's the best value OBDII reader for occasional CELs and such. Own Nissan…[View]
24018608Has anyone tried the new Potenza Sport?[View]
24017032>Here's your new BMW bro[View]
24016915Will the temperature gauge rise if the car looses all of its coolant since theres no coolant left to…[View]
24016511Alfa Romeo to compete at 24h Nurburgring: An Alfa Romeo is set to compete in an actual endurance rac…[View]
24014912Is this the endgame of car perfection?[View]
24014334RallyX Budget Car: What are some good performance-oriented project car recommendations under a grand…[View]
24014970Do I buy a dirt cheap rusty SAAB? Any owners here know anything? It's a HPT and Manual and pre…[View]
24014452B I love emasculating men with fast/cool cars. Especially when their gf is in the car. >pull up …[View]
24011356Running your car into the ground: Hello /o/, I've only recently started to really get into cars…[View]
24016603Do you ever just sit in your bronco?[View]
24012420Normally since I started riding I do jobs on my motorbike as they pop up rather than all at once Now…[View]
24006725Cars that look newer than they are: This car is from 1970 but it just doesn't look it. Post oth…[View]
23998522QTDDTOT - Oldies Eddition: Why does my truck feel so much smoother to shift and drive when it's…[View]
24015450What’s the deal with Nissan buyers? Why are they all black?[View]
24018166Price gouging cars: Like sure, supply and demand is normal but listing your price for your Shitbox 1…[View]
24017254/dbt/ - Daily Motorcycle Thread: chafays back edition! >Asuka >Motorcycle Anime >Gear and H…[View]
24016494A bunch of hobos broke into my car, slept in it trashed it and stole my catalytic converter[View]
24018643>tfw spot multiple porsches on daily basis and nearly all of them are macans/cayennes how long un…[View]
24018548Thoughts on Mitsubishi Lancer?: What does /0/ think about late 00’s early 10’s Mitsubishi Lancers? I…[View]
24010509>Overproduction to keep showrooms overstocked “has been unprofitable for the industry,” Jackson t…[View]
24018659can you identify a car by its side mirror?: some guy hit my car while it was parked, and dropped his…[View]
240161654 cars: I’ve just unexpectedly inherited a huge amount of money from a rich dead relative and since …[View]
24017707Hello /o I’ve been thinking about doing an engine swap on my skyline. What do you think is a better…[View]
24005394What is /o/'s favorite Ferrari?[View]
24016364thinking about getting an 03 camry for $3500, problem is it has 188253 millage. should I get it?[View]
24016951This is the future you choose. We're in in the cyberpunk dystopia timeline.[View]

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