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24752389DUDE I just LOVE Japanese cars!! They make me feel like I'm a real STREET RACER just like in my…[View]
24752174Anyone here work at/ used to work at Jiffy Lube?: I received a job offer, not sure if I should accep…[View]
24750580How did they do it?[View]
24750766New AI: get in here https://delphi.allenai.org/ you type in some caption and computer will try to te…[View]
24752849give me a quick rundown on the Toyota 86 GTS[View]
24752859SV650X faggots: https://youtu.be/CPrIow_3pr0?t=121 I mean seriously...[View]
24741347When did we stop pushing limits and start building little girl engines?[View]
24746629Convince me not to buy it: https://www.harborfreight.com/38-in-drive-professional-ratchet-genuine-24…[View]
24750679Around a year ago I got a gsx650f for a good price, one owner, mint condition but it had a loud exha…[View]
24752685Question for people in the US living in states where they test emissions: I’m taking a trip to NYC …[View]
24752129>Is still reasonably affordable in your path How did the Mr2s pull this off despite being better …[View]
24749096what car would you buy if money was no object?: I just want to buy a GT that doesnt have all the tec…[View]
24750682>Sway bar is fucked >Electrical system fucked >tranny is giving out I'm running her i…[View]
24726624What are some /o/ approved car Youtubers?[View]
24752272Had some bad luck recently and got a massive nail in the sidewall of one of my tires and a bump on t…[View]
24751465I want to buy a new car and I'm fucked for options. All I want is an SUV with under 30k miles f…[View]
24746062Poorfag edition: How diverse is your garage /o/?[View]
24752011>have to watch drift fail videos to keep me from trying stupid shit anyone else know this feel?…[View]
24739613Why is buying an engine online such aids: I'm trying to find a replacement engine for an 85 MR2…[View]
24750929follow-up thread. they paid out $11.5k on the car. wtf even is this market.[View]
24752015I was reading detailed technical info on my car, and I found out that my automatic transmission is r…[View]
24750112Think we're going to see more Hybrid trucks? Will they all be small/compact like the Maverick, …[View]
24752066Gx 470: I'd like to buy a good reliable vehicle. I've owned 2 fords already and have had b…[View]
24751901What is the best truck rental company for long distance trips?: People seem to prefer Penske over U-…[View]
24749501this is your brain on /o/[View]
24751799Just got a Subaru Forester (2005) for a grand from a family friend. AC isn’t working and needs a qua…[View]
24750296nissan 300zx z31: redpill me on the z31 do they break down a lot, are parts non-existent, do the eng…[View]
24746991>Market inflation[View]
24751437Is my car/engine gone bros: Welp boys I think its bad Opel/Vauxhall Corsa C 1.2 75hp 2001my >acce…[View]
24737186why does this old fuck like Japanese /o/ so much? ik they make reliable and good cars but where i…[View]
24749114Any thoughts on this fancy German car?[View]
24749996Shitty Mechanics: >Go for a all-wheel alignment >Mechanic accidentally snaps off large suspens…[View]
24751435Hey /o/ is there a simple and reliable Dodge diesel v8 or turbodiesel i6 from the 90s or early 2000s…[View]
24751635Trying to talk my american friend into exporting cars into the EU to sell for profit. (where I'…[View]
24749389will you keep driving your cars after they're banned, /o/?[View]
24751603Advice on making a successful advice post on /o/: If you are looking to get advice on a possible car…[View]
24744889*whistles at you* >hey boy, you wanna crack some vtec? >moist…[View]
24748360I just spend 20 thousand fucking dollars on a car and the driver's seat is uncomfortable as fuc…[View]
24749540Survival Van Update: I posted a while ago about the van i bought. My van is called the Aul' Van…[View]
24749814What's the comfiest car of the 2010's? Don't care about power or performance, just qu…[View]
24742919OEM spoilers[View]
24740304Rollin coal fail case: https://www.khou.com/article/news/local/waller-police-chief-teen-cyclists-hit…[View]
24748614>Colored wheels[View]
24750581geely thread: +2 social credit per geely posted itt[View]
24750521Why is it impossible for them to make a nimble and light sports car?: Seriously, your best option if…[View]
24750335How did you learn about cars?: Trying to teach myself how cars work has been a struggle since I don…[View]
24751213Why do people buy Evo MRs again?: -Same engine (4B11T) -Same transmission (Can be flashed to have Ev…[View]
24749718b58 vs N55: My friend's N55 has an extremely loud whoosh of air escaping the turbo and lots of …[View]
24744190Will the freight industry save ICE? How can a carbon-neutral engine power a 747 or a container ship …[View]
24746245What is 'fun' in driving a car? The only difference I've eber noticed between cars was the sens…[View]
24737721130hp / 12,000lbs curb weight: How TF does an 8 liter engine only make 130hp? My 1.8L Civic makes th…[View]
24750885what: my neighbor was selling a 2013 explorer base model with the 3.5 for a steal bc her parents die…[View]
24748415Obviously I'm OP...: No motorcycles or 2 seat sport cars... Other than that, please help me fin…[View]
24748150I think the car culture especially jdm is dying: Probably due to corona chan driving the prices of c…[View]
24749652Got alot of hard water spots on my car from parking near sprinklers. How fucked am I?[View]
24747425i have absolutely ZERO reason to like it, yet i fucking ADORE this thing, why is that?[View]
24750750Paddle shiftin, push button no car keys[View]
24750880So what do I do if my Mazda rotary dropped a valve? Does it need an entire rebuild?[View]
24747393>hey buddy, heard you got a new job a month or two ago that pays twice as much as your old job …[View]
24750443Should I paint my calipers white or red?[View]
24744599the choice between manual or auto in this car is essentially choosing between having fun and actuall…[View]
24735944let's have a thread about stereotype cars[View]
24745833China is rising: So I was just at an Opel dealership for a meeting (I work as a marketing consultant…[View]
24750088fcan anybody identify this ferrari for me? it's honestly one of the most beautiful cars I'…[View]
24749606How do you guys clean your car? I was thinking about getting a car vacuum are they any good?[View]
24744918MEATS: It's been too long, anons. Meats thread.[View]
24746183Car “””design”””: >be half-baked render artist on instagram >do a “retro” “redesign” >smoot…[View]
24750438Did Samcracc ever get to pork Cory Chase?: Was it all just a weird simp collab?[View]
24747947https://twitter.com/chevrolet/status/1450864386919178240?s=20 Chevy posted a video teasing the new Z…[View]
24743888shitboxes ahahha: >1992+29 >still driving rusty buckets of bolts that ride like garbage >cu…[View]
24749967What type of car is this?[View]
24750258What will Focus man buy now?[View]
24750265Is it better to buy a used prius or lease a new prius?[View]
24750046A First Motorcycle Mistake: I kinda want a... fantasy bike? I'm always amused by people with th…[View]
247502082013 Touareg TDI: Considering the purchase of a 2013 VW Touareg TDI - Highline Trim. Vehicle has 22…[View]
24732777Why is fossil fuel-based motorsport still a thing? The ICE is a dead end, and any safety and materia…[View]
24747767>rwd >v8 >compact sedan >the only one in the segment…[View]
24746862I want something fast, fairly cheap and reliable: Is Subaru WRX STI a good choice?[View]
24749667>bastard son of General motors >an Impala/nova II made by Opel >V8 face but actually it…[View]
24749390You DO make the list, don't you anon? You are driving at least one of these cars, right?[View]
24750082Do you ever use a parking garage? The parking spaces where I live are so narrow that unless you have…[View]
24747679Japan just does it better: Japan just does car culture better http://www.speedhunters.com/2021/10/ke…[View]
24750049Rate my keyring, /o/[View]
24745836Superior German science: Behold the N63[View]
24746257I heard somewhere that 41% of cars will need their transmissions replaced at some point in their lif…[View]
24748566Weebs and tesla shills btfo Also I hate GM but this is based. A NA engine making over 1k horsepower.…[View]
24749829best place to sell car for most money?: I hear fags talking about doug demural's bringatrailer …[View]
24749196>turning left >some cock in a seven series cuts me off turning right >slam on my brakes lev…[View]
24745803Good deal: Is this 99 Dodge Ram van 1500 with 165k miles for 5k a good deal?[View]
24746807/dbt/ - death by throttle: Riding to the coffee store edition >Motorcycle gear and equipment >…[View]
24748286it's unfortunate Dodge has such a nog stereotype but the Challenger just looks so damn good[View]
24749528Commander: Are these good cars? Is the 3.0 diesel a good engine for this vehicule?[View]
24749245You guys ever get weirded out when aftermarket car parts are made specifically for one style of auto…[View]
24748993Why don't EVs use supercapacitors for a burst of really high performance for a short period of …[View]
24748954It's just a big Velar[View]
24749411Found a 2010 Subaru Forrester 2.5X near me under 50k milage. The dude is selling it for 12K. I…[View]
24737810>Teslas/EVs are reliabl-[View]
24749419How much extra wear will a weighted shifter cause? My stock one is hollow and pretty shit.[View]
24747412How do I replace the clutch driven fan with an electric fan on a 03 blazer with 4.3 vortec? Is it ha…[View]
24749396Bill of sale f'd up: I'm going to the dmv tomorrow to register and title a car that I purc…[View]
24749237HB Cosmo is second best Cosmo: L10 Cosmo > HB Cosmo > CD Cosmo > JC Cosmo[View]
24738376Biggest car moggings[View]
24747493at least it’s 400 hurmpyplowers, right guys? right?![View]
24745653why is the RC-F bad and the GS-F good?: Can any owners elaborate? It seems that every car magazine a…[View]
24747872Hey /o/, I'm starting a from-the-ground-up 1968 Mustang build. It's a coupe, and I want to…[View]
24746132Why did priced for these come down? Just bought an ap1 for 17k lol[View]
24748691What are some cars that fit this criteria? >$6k or less >not fwd >turbo >decently fast (…[View]
24743881I miss it, bros...[View]
24747724What could you accomplish by taking your hands off the wheel?[View]
24741263Why Do Americans hate VW?: American cars are pieces of shit, why they hate on VW?[View]
247425722022 Civic Si: Looks pretty good anons. >Comfy looking sport seats >No obnoxious fake grilles …[View]
24744607ITT: post things you own made by auto companies[View]
24746706>FORD AND GM ARE....LE BAD[View]
24743063Opinion on the Ford Probe gt: Opinion on the Ford Probe gt[View]
24748422I made a thread asking for advice on a newish car and you fags jumped down my throat about being a b…[View]
24743664Once the last gasoline station shuts down in the far off future, how will ICE cars get their fuel? I…[View]
24748880Hey bro. I hope everything is going well with your project, and I hope that you get all of the dopam…[View]
24742003Warning: We are currently being raided by 3-4 NEETS creating EV shill/ptopaganda threads. You can re…[View]
24746050>end of ICE >chevy makes 10.4l[View]
24746746What does /o/ blast with their windows down? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCxDI5wI10Q[View]
24747415Ordering a set of winter tires soon for my Golf but I can't decide between steelies or a set of…[View]
24745281My dad's 2003 Subaru Outback he bought brand new is on its way out. It's got 198,000 miles…[View]
24745477Project 8: I'm thinkin' Jag is back.[View]
24748438I'm attempting to replace a leaky valve cover gasket this weekend and I have a few questions. I…[View]
24735809Hey /o/ I'm currently looking to buy a f150 4x4 and after doing my research I found out that th…[View]
24747821/carlet/ here. A nearby dealership has a 2008 Charger RT V8 for $15000. It's got 44K miles and …[View]
24748464Anyway to remove power window panel easily?: Any way to remove pic related easily without taking who…[View]
24746858Engine Swapping: Hey /o/ recently my dad was in a car accident that totalled his 2007 Chevy Impala. …[View]
24743747EV future?[View]
24748393Life's short, I want to trade in my Toyota: I need a rear drive 3 series BMW coupe with all the…[View]
24747336I’m a Jew. What kind of car should I get?[View]
24748113>he drives a hyundai[View]
24746492>longitudinal I4[View]
24745325So i have a Jeep Renegade 6spd and a rotted frame 5spd Honda Element. Since FCA is garbage i wanted …[View]
24744476I want luxury car for its comfort not to brag my wealth Is that too much to ask[View]
24744349Why are motorcyclists so based bros?[View]
24747766>TFW Waiting for your shitbox to die so you have an excuse to get something else. My transmission…[View]
24747544planned obsolescence: I have a 2013 Ford edge, and its got just under 200,000 km on it. It worked pe…[View]
24747274What are some little interior accessories I can add on to make my 9th Gen Civic Si a little cooler o…[View]
24747486Spark Plug Diagnosis: What does it mean when they are covered in wet or burnt oil? 06 DC5 Type S 187…[View]
24747262You want me to shock you with our prices?[View]
24742100Do you allow your taste in aut/o/ to be dictated or influenced by what other people like or dislike?…[View]
24742951Unpopular Opinions: >The reliability of all brands is more or less equal, with 1-2 exceptions. Yo…[View]
24728905/DBT/: Low effort op edition[View]
24745624They're right, you know.[View]
24746976Am I a dumbass for considering trading in my 2015 tacoma trd sport for a new 2022 honda civic hatchb…[View]
24747216IIT SOVLFUL /o/tist commercials. Like a rock - Chevrolet Silverado[View]
24747933VIN CHECK thread please and thank you: VIN thread, check em, 2008 CHEVROLET COLORADO VIN: 1GCDT19908…[View]
247470013 year old CPO civic - 19k 0 year old new civic - 21k Who do I vent my frustration towards?[View]
24746514Tool Recommendations / Questions: I figured people would want to shill some quality stuff and others…[View]
24747824Here from /fit/ 4 days ago I was doing really hard turns for fun and then the car began having a bu…[View]
24745733Daily bike thread /dbt/ chad kaplin edition: >Motorcycle Questions & Answers >Motorcycle G…[View]
24738796Car Hype: More videos like this? This really warmed my heart and made me really hype for the car. I …[View]
24740363Your average yuromobile[View]
24746439got hit while in a rental car.: do you think that even though I paid for the full damage waiver that…[View]
24747484Oh no we got too cocky Integra bros.[View]
24745910/DBT/ Official EV Bomb-shelter Edition - Hide from Tesla here: >Motorcycle gear and equipment …[View]
24726598Found that my cat was stolen from my car this morning and the replacement cost is going to be roughl…[View]
24738206>Nissan makes shitty cars >this is the same company that sells the GTR and Infiniti How?…[View]
24747096Just got this manual 2000 Dodge Dakota for $2k with 200k miles on it. Nothing wrong aside from some …[View]
24746537Why do they think they own the road for?[View]
24746683Leaky brake line fitting: 'sup /o/ just got a new caliper and new brake hose to go with it. yes…[View]
24747012how is the 2013 subaru crosstrek xv? Seems they dont make the model anymore so would that be a big p…[View]
24745067I'm about to buy one, what should stop me?[View]
24746387Getting a Tesla S: Hello lads, I've owned a Volvo 850 for about 6 years now and I've been …[View]
24746690should I get a cdl? I'm a college dropout out of a good job atm and with no immediate career fu…[View]
24744725>So Anon, walk me through your cars.[View]
24745207why the fuck are the camaros rear seats so damn small? I understand a tiny sports car like an audi T…[View]
24737615Why are third worlders like this? Is it a major culture shock when they immigrate to first world cou…[View]
24746428We're going hoome[View]
24746379Should I buy this?!: $10,000 Nissan Frontier 1998 I'm thinking of buying this. Might want to li…[View]
24746164>the perfect SUV doesn't exis-[View]
24727728Weekend Wrenching General: >what are you working on? >what are your plans? >post projects…[View]
24740808Japanese Cringe: Looking back on it, Japanese cars seem really cringe. They're just little tin …[View]
24746317She was only FIVE years old and you riced her out like a madman. You are DISGUSTING. They gonna thro…[View]
24742606I want to paint my car's rims, what color would you do it? I would use an acrilyc spray I think[View]
24738611My next workplace will be only a stone throw away from my home, which means I can finally allow myse…[View]
24739799How long can a 2009 Corolla last? Has 250,000km but had regular services[View]
24745373How loud is a car with gutted cats But mufflers on it? I want my car to sound louder but not obnoxio…[View]
24746082I was told by the salesman that this $500 premium-grade blow-off valve I purchased would give me hec…[View]
24742758What is the best used cop car out there?: Need a new sled after a mishap this morning. Budget under …[View]
24743909excuse me for being retarded, I'm very new to tuning, so all help gets you a free blowjob ticke…[View]
24744946Need assistance with finding repair manuals online for free: I have a 2000 Infiniti G20 that i need …[View]
24743376What more fun to drive fiesta st or miata[View]
24744113gf got rear-ended the other day, 2013 sonata with ~126k miles. what's the likelihood it's …[View]
24741176>decide to change my own oil >too weak to get the pan bolt loose…[View]
24745746aut/o/ stickers[View]
24735340Is there a more boring color than silver?[View]
24734580boomer thread: 1 how old is your dad? 2 does he have a licens and a car? 3 does he play videogames?…[View]
24739119Why are women so bad at driving?: Seriously. Anytime I see a women driver, they are always aggressiv…[View]
24745650>i heard he buys a new air filter instead of blowing the old one with compressed air…[View]
24743788For what fucking purpose?[View]
24741851I can't afford the FE-36 Fire Extinguishers that are designed for Motorsports. What is a cheap…[View]
24733412Lancia Delta to Return as EV, possibly by 2024: https://www.thedrive.com/news/42654/the-beloved-lanc…[View]
24737192>nooooo it's too close to the sidewall, you can't patch + plug that :( Meanwhile I fixe…[View]
24744526/dbt/ - Daily Bike Thread: storagemaxxing edition! >Motorcycle gear and equipment >Motorcycle…[View]
24743630ahhhh the 4runner that I wanted to buy is now 10k over MSRP. when will car prices drop, aaaaahhhhhh[View]
24745427Got my car serviced today and apparently my clutch is starting to get worn out. I've had my car…[View]
24745227Reminder to drive a real automobile and not some *urotrash two wheeled contraption[View]
24744893*Fails and kills you*[View]
24726517Considering a lightly used Golf R for a new daily. Good idea?[View]
24745028F-50: This is the pinnacle of Ferrari. >F-40 lol turbos, lol v8, boxy design doesn't look a…[View]
24745364Are modern fords any good? Thinking of getting either of these bad boys later this year but feeling …[View]
24725557Craigslist/MarketBerg thread[View]
24745247What are some good cheap cars under 2200 lbs?[View]
24742378Why yes I drive a toyota yaris. How did you know?[View]
24745294Reddit won :([View]
24728982Nothing's better than smoking a bowl and going for a slow cruise.[View]
24743356What went [spoiler] right? [/spoiler][View]
24735588FoMoCo appreciation thread: Here we discuss why every vehicle should get a Godzilla swap. Say someth…[View]
24744963Kansas Prosecutors Want to Destroy 59 Corvette Over Vin Discrepancy: Kansas man spent $50000 on a Co…[View]
24740664Let me guess... you 'need' more?[View]
24742549Control the narrative lads. EVs were rejected first. Why? The projection of the cultist is true of …[View]
24742313Police Chargers Pieces of shit or bargain bin gems?[View]
24739191'I want a big car so I can feel safe while driving' -suburban mom[View]
24741547In this board, we celebrate Bangle![View]
24744981what cars get you the most cunny?[View]
24731942What happened to sedans and coupes? Why does everyone drive hatch backs, SUVs and trucks. They look …[View]
24739714Should I?[View]
24737422What is the appeal of Tail of the Dragon?: Like seriously, why is this road remotely popular? OK, I…[View]
24731928Besides lesbianism, are Crosstreks any gud?[View]
24743995>https://youtu.be/USu8vT_tfdw Bros? Would they really just make a bridge that's slightly too…[View]
24744053how can i remove a dent from a rear wheel well?[View]
24740596Hey /o/ I'm done with being a bus rider what's a good car that a monkey can drive and is a…[View]
24742220EV is the future!: Listen up ICE holes! This here is an ELECTRIC MOTORR. That’s right. It’s not from…[View]
24736697Website to find cost of repairs?: Just wondering how much brakes and rotors cost on a 2016 Lexus is3…[View]
24743279What are the risks when narrow tires are like picrel? I know curbing the wheels but anything else? T…[View]
24741769/dbt/ - Daily Bike Thread: Stupid Fucking Mistakes Man Edition! >Bikes >Motorcycle gear and eq…[View]
24734808ITT post results when searching '(your car) girl'[View]
24737985>External combustion engines[View]
24739325/dbt/ - Daily Bike Thread: Low effort means low quality edition >Motorcycle chat >Motorcycle p…[View]
24742224Let me guess...you need more?[View]
24739160Stockpiling Parts: With increased shipping times and less supply, what parts are people stocking? Ha…[View]
24742948Europoor here, I just found an article that said single cab pickup truck sales have dropped to about…[View]
24741298How stupid would I have to be to buy this?: You can get these used now for like 25k but what do we k…[View]
24735217The Mexican guy who singlehandedly destroyed BMW[View]
24743786international travel: motorcycle or van?: I became interested in van life after reading so many post…[View]
24744036Recommend me a shitbox that is cheap and easy to work on that i can modify to have Gobs of horsepowe…[View]
24743468No one, Absolutely No one.: >Hyundai I respek the gooks for bringing european hot CUVs to the sta…[View]
24740589Scotty Be Steamin[View]
24742627Is a 330i zhp with an automatic transmission worth picking up? My customer is selling his well maint…[View]
24742152This is what mental illness looks like[View]
24742600Anyone know where I can find decent steering wheel reps?[View]
24736718>he puts otaku/weeb stickers on his car >he puts car meme stickers on his car >he took out …[View]
24743567cars peaked 100 years ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbk__8VN1T0[View]
24738643>new integra will have manual >car already flops before reveal What happened?…[View]
24741630Why the car culture in europe so effeminate?[View]
24742068Ready for the chinese century?[View]
24741680What am I looking at for around 10k these days? Looking for good gas mileage and at least decent rel…[View]
24742448Retarded automotive beliefs common in tour country: I'll start >Italy >hearing tires scre…[View]
24740476Top Reliable Commuter Cars of Our Time: Straying from the usual 'best sportscar' or 'best luxury' th…[View]
24740906Is buying a car based on the face it has autism?[View]
24743388How does this make you feel, Genesis first launched in the US and Canada, and without that market wo…[View]
24736557You have a maximum of $30,000 to spend on a car. What do you buy?[View]
24742176Guys, there was a euro sissy parked next to my truck. When I opened my door apparently I sent him fl…[View]
24741003well boys, I put in an order for a Bronco today. what are the odds it's delivered this year?[View]
24734540a stranger tells you that you can have the car of your dreams but you have to DD it for 5 fucking ye…[View]
24741387Should I get a 2021 Bronco or a 2021 STI? If Bronco which trim level should I get? I'm tired of…[View]
24742129I bought a 2004 wrx sti a few months ago. It is completely stock EXCEPT for whatever fucking reason …[View]
24732593This will be the car of the century, 30 years after the F1. Sleek design, no touch screens, manual g…[View]
24735549Can I drive my car without a radiator? 5 miles: Can I drive my car 5 miles with no radiator? 92 Linc…[View]
24741433What happened to saabkyle04? I remember this dude having millions of views on his vids. He barely ge…[View]
24738188post cars with fake vents[View]
24739233can you tell me what fuel is best suited for a rotory engine?[View]
24741038I'm 24 and pretty rich. Totaled my car last year/ SHould I buy a black 2002 firebird for $15,00…[View]
2473019490s American cars: When I see shit like this, I automatically get a smile on my face, as a reminder …[View]
24742692Universities with Racing Programmes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJQBwYaPyBM Anything to conside…[View]
24742614ITT: /o/ bless[View]
24742535I drive a 20yo Euro shitbox and was a way for a month, during that time the car was started two time…[View]
24740781Hyundai Venue: What do you guys think about the Hyundai Venue?[View]
24739677Fairlady: I've been thinking about buying a Datsun 240-Z S30 as of late Any advice /o/?[View]
24738632Are these decent for getting around town?[View]
24739901How to get used to sensitive brakes?: I'm always on the edge and it makes me extremely stressed…[View]
24740037>*mogged in looks by 25 year old predecessor[View]
24737301Pain: >2500 big smackers >380,000 km The absolute state of decade-old shitbox cuckmobiles…[View]
24742277does anyone recognise which wheels these are? Are what is that thing thread not allowed?[View]
24736177Admit it, you'll be saddened when he's gone. https://youtu.be/OOmreGco_pY?t=385[View]
24738226Bus riders this is what /o/ took from you[View]
24728226How did manufacturers solve the issue that arises with putting a turbo into every newly released veh…[View]

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