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21074453There are retards on this board RIGHT NOW that actually believe this. Think about it.[View]
21085673Should i buy? Looking for something i can both mod and daily[View]
21081821Highbeams/Brights: Hey /o/, what style high beam switch do you prefer? One where you pull/push the s…[View]
21086033Police chase thread!: Sup /o/, I'm obsessed with chases because of movies like Baby Driver, The…[View]
21085529what does /o/ think about the Cobalt SS? specifically the 08-10 Turbo'd ones. My father is GMFA…[View]
21082635brainlet question: for supercars and the like, weight reduction and downforce are important parts of…[View]
21085118Best engine sound.: Which engines makes the most pleasant noises to your ears in your opinion? Just…[View]
21085658Rough idle: Guys, my Saab 93 2.0T from 2003, (EcoTec engine) has been idling rough lately, I have al…[View]
21085555250 GTO: Saw this jewel of a car in Wisconsin a few days ago. Something behind it too, but it's…[View]
21084985Which type of car do car lovers love the most? My vote is the VW Golf crowd[View]
21082424why are kia owners so fucking retarded[View]
21083308BOOM! The governments of the world have just united to make nuclear reactors one of the sole power s…[View]
21081983Fit thread: Do you guys think that 'leaked' pic of a next gen Fit Type R is real? Pic unrelated bec…[View]
21084793does indian car market have any gems you could export to left side of the road countries: looking fo…[View]
21082705/DBT/ Daily Bike Thread: Never Not 2 Wheels Edition >Motorcycle Shitposting & Brand Pragmatis…[View]
21084692Carface: Carface[View]
21085226>ran when last parked[View]
21083939How much would be needed to properly STI swap an old forester? can it be done under 15k? this video …[View]
21078517Reliability wise... Which one is better? Both v8 and v6 models. Automatics[View]
21082998>Today in Barcelona ¿why are female drivers SOOOOO dumb?[View]
21083419I ate a bunch of kingpin grease and I've been shitting so hard I'm now pissing blood. Is t…[View]
21084020>captcha says to ID cars >shows picture of a truck mfw…[View]
21083534Two door hatchback in 2019?: Why did car companies stop making compact 2 door hatchbacks / lifbacks?…[View]
21081129Cranking issue: I have a 2008 Lincoln MKZ that is having trouble starting. When i turn the key, i he…[View]
21083008Wtf bros, I thought genesis was shit?[View]
21084944>be me >filthy weeb >drive a shitbox R34 Skyline >decide to get the license plate combin…[View]
21078640What's the best country/state for vehicle freedoms? Basically no leftists in power raising taxe…[View]
21067229Is a luxury car from the 60s/70s daily driveable?: Im a journeyman and i want something big and comf…[View]
21081198So when you're driving a manual are you supposed to apply throttle right when you begin to let …[View]
210839781987 Volkswagen Rabbit: God damn it. The alternator blown again. Anyone else having the same issue?…[View]
21078793Post your favorite V8 swaps!: V8 Swap thread, Post 'em! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXY9rqB…[View]
21083538STAIN'D: Who here /leaking/?[View]
21076117What car would be used for an Initial D reboot in the modern day?: For me it's the 2003 Camry …[View]
21083598Car bruh moments[View]
21083378Should I get a Mach 1 or a 1979-81 trans am? I'm in CA I was wondering which car is objectively…[View]
21084622/DAT/: [ D a i l y A u s f a g T h r e a d ] >bringing it back edition Post everything Australian…[View]
21081723How do I undo a lifted cherokee: I want one near me but I like my cars stock not molded to go offroa…[View]
21083360I'm pretty new to the automotive world, I just want to know if this gets the /o/ seal of approv…[View]
21084591i've saved up 3 grand from my summer job should i supercharge my shitbox? it's a 2.5L 5cyl…[View]
21084528Anyone here use one of these? The set up is super expensive and not many people are into it like tha…[View]
21084543Vitz/Yaris upgrade suggestions!: I recently got a Toyota Vitz(Yaris) II 2005 1.3L VVT-i and I was wo…[View]
21077305Two stroke thread: Show me your ports![View]
21081106Helmet: Looking for old school aesthetic full face helmets in hazard orange. Already got the bell Mo…[View]
21079606Is it dumb to put a bull bar/push bar/brushguard on a 2wd truck/suv?[View]
21084434My mom left the oil outside for like 1 yr. Is it still safe to put it in my car? It was not directly…[View]
21084298Could you guys help answer a question that has been on my mind. What exactly is a pushrod and vtec? …[View]
21083623>go to get some food >see this in the parking lot what is this /o/ this is the first time i se…[View]
21083671Advice for an off-road midsize truck build? Looking to swap my auto trans for a manual[View]
21082267Speed Enforcement by Aircraft: View From The Plane: Ever wonder how the whole SPEED ENFORCED BY AIRC…[View]
21083101/COM/: Alright fellas, lets see how this goes, Welcome to /COM/ Cars /O/f Maryland. >Version 1.0:…[View]
21075046MARYLAND VIRGINIA: Official MD + VA /o/ discord. No bullshit. Join for meets and shitposting…[View]
21083539my GTI died today. i've been fixing my own cars for the last 6 years, and i'm tired of it …[View]
21045715will small trucks ever make a comeback?[View]
21082953Third gen manual Focus reliability: I like Ford Focus but I was wondering if there were any other is…[View]
21083030How long before cars start automatically alerting the police when you go too fast?[View]
21077019Why haven't you just built your own dream car, anon?[View]
21081939Which one of you retards is this?[View]
21068665why are they so based lads ? is their any other brand that can compete with them if they started pro…[View]
21082587Active Fuel Management: Is it possible to make GM's AFM process a manual, driver-made decision?…[View]
21079158The Saturn LS1 is the only good car ever made[View]
21082925gud car?[View]
21082917If there were no other cars on the road or only just a few that you could easily predict and work ar…[View]
21082919Wtf. I love Honda now[View]
21074397>touchscreen controls[View]
21076024Car Push Ups: If anon posts either your favorite car, or a car you own, do the # of push-ups in the …[View]
21080911inb4 Burgerland also changing plates to rectangular with blue strip: you'll see, it will happen…[View]
21075188>650 >E-start >Carbureted >Aircooled >change front sprocket >Install big tank >…[View]
21082264I honestly love this little car and nothing you fags can say will ever change my mind[View]
21082707alright /o/atmeals, what do with my new car[View]
21076120It should be illegal to drive a fucking car made after 1990. Modern brakes stop too well. No one kno…[View]
21083186sup, /o/. original battery is in group size 24. internet tells me the car wants a 51. why? could i p…[View]
21081589Hi /o/ my sparkplugs are seized and I don’t want to break the bolt and make it harder for myself doe…[View]
21083425What do you guys think on Mazdaspeed3's?: I want to buy a new daily, because my shitbox NA Miat…[View]
21074490A fucking Leaf beats Tesla Model S P70: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-9tBPObpHk[View]
21078933Sup /o/. I am in a pickle. During conefag today my Camry's driver front tire got rekt by my whe…[View]
21082039So I bought an used car: Hi, my friends. I live in Germany, but Im not a local and my german is yet…[View]
21078795can I flush my coolant system with the thermostat out?[View]
21076960unpopular /o/pinions: I like Lexus' new design language, and the grilles look real nice when br…[View]
21080103Why not supercharge diesels instead of turbocharging them? it's mechanically much simpler and p…[View]
21081312Grand Touring Options: Looking for some input on Grand Touring options. I'm looking for somethi…[View]
21081997I know almost nothing about cars but I want to be a used car salesman. Will I be able to get the job…[View]
21082764Have you ever bought a shitbox that was cheap because of rust? I plan on buying it to drive till win…[View]
210821532001 BMW 330ci: I unironically love booger green cars and am going to buy this hunk of junk for $2K …[View]
21082016nocar feels thread: >tfw have to bum rides from friends and mom to get to work >tfw deceptive …[View]
21079358[ D a i l y - B i k e - T h r e a d ] - /dbt/: Reviving the /wsg/ thread edition >Motorcycle Ques…[View]
21076308Stealing from unlocked cars @ 1am: Came back from a night walk to see a girl in front of my driveway…[View]
21082450should i import some nippon steel /o/? pic somewhat related[View]
21081843Okay guys, new ideas for WRC rules. We all know everyone hates the purpose built cars, especially si…[View]
21082216Is it true /o/ that its better to drive a slow car fast rather than a fast car fast[View]
21081928Honda: >2000 crv I've had to redo this bearing/hub install a total of 3 times (2 I didnt sup…[View]
21070325/ovg/ - bugatti gang: Welcome to the Aut/o/ Vidya General Old Thread >>21059183 Wiki >perro…[View]
21065650Mercedes S Class: Leaked mercedes s class.... new Kia? What do you guys think ?[View]
21082273Are the 07-13 gmt900 Silverado 1500s really THAT bad? There are a few examples 5-7 years old with th…[View]
21081741Headliner: It’s coming off like pic related How to fix it /o/? Also is this board called /o/ inste…[View]
21074788there are people on this board who still take this fraud seriously[View]
21081785Your first manual transmission: I got my first manual car this week after living a life of autotragi…[View]
21082058I've driven manual exactly one time and barely remember how, where can I practice?[View]
21078975>tfw fell for the manual meme and now can't start my car going up a hill without burning rub…[View]
21075312what can you tell me about the buick v6 /o/? i just bought a car with one swapped in and i love it b…[View]
21074347After all these years, which of these is the better vehicle? What one beats the other in each genera…[View]
210818659th gen Civic 1.4l any good?: I'm thinking about trading in my 2012 A4 2.0 TDI quattro for a 20…[View]
21080452Looking to mod my l98 and just curious what kind of power to expect. Plan is Holley's tpi and a…[View]
21081123'64 miles to a gallon of gasoline': When 'Handlebars' by the Flotbots was recorded, were there no ca…[View]
21073624BMW M2 or Porsche 911: Which one should I buy? I'm thinking a new M2 competition or a used 997 …[View]
21077014what happened to /tg/[View]
21073164'So Bad It's Good' Car Design: Cars that are horrifically avant-garde in the best of …[View]
21081868Where did you go for a drive today, /o/? I went for a bash around some great B-roads in Cumbria. The…[View]
21081757Vin Check: Vin Check on this anyone? 19UUA66286A015327[View]
21081833So I fell in love with a honda CrZ. The hybrid power train getting a solid 35-45 mpg. Good hatch bac…[View]
21076641Why do people buy Camaros when mustangs exist? Not trying to troll, but what is it that justifies th…[View]
21079040I want to join a cult.: I know Tesla or formerly Prius fans are the most fanatical, but what other b…[View]
21079958What would happen if Honda bought every other car company?[View]
21079099I MISS HER[View]
21078790Best Motorcycle for beginners: What motorcycle would you recommend if someone was a beginner? I know…[View]
21081300E36 M3: Found a nice looking E36, the owner claims to have had all of the usual things that go wrong…[View]
21081217Street View car spotting thread: It's been awhile since we had one of these[View]
21081605FORD FALCON.... from Republic AMERINDIA.... enjoy friend https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1amqq-nL64…[View]
21080692Would you trust Ferrari with touchscreen controls?[View]
21081515AMERINDIAN car pool: for too long this board has been dominated by recessive europeans and their gay…[View]
21081132hello /o/, what car is this?[View]
21079030Logistics of an apocalypse vehicle: title says it all we'll have our fresh oil products for a c…[View]
21070941>created the car >is the most expensive place to own one What the fuck is up with their insura…[View]
21074026The Valkyrie lives. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jRSwqM3AUI[View]
21073574what’s your favorite way to piss off car enthusiasts?: one of my favorite things to do is to make fu…[View]
21078738This is the worst recommendation I've seen.[View]
21079668Lexus LS: Am I crazy to consider it? It looks so god damn comfy. Do older lexus make for good reliab…[View]
21081257GT-R: So from my understanding: >2013 BE is the fastest from 0-60 and does 10's at a quarter…[View]
21076126what are some brake pads that matches the stock brembo pads without the $500 price tag 2018 STI here…[View]
21081289Hey guys do you know what type of rims these are? I have no idea about cars really, but gonna get th…[View]
21080041Why are these cars used by so many student drivers?[View]
210810062 cycle engine: My weedwacker is 2cycle engine and I've noticed the fuel mix is kinda dark and …[View]
21078387I hate Subaru service: >Get a letter saying my radio got recalled >Apparently 'starlink' is gl…[View]
21076652What does /o/ think about the new Fiesta ST?[View]
21079004ECU tuning: I have a ford focus mk2 1.6l from 2005 and I'm looking forward to delete my egr. I…[View]
21079368Bilstein Truck Shocks: /o/, is Bilstein a meme shock, or is there something to them? I was going to …[View]
21077945When is a car 'equipped' with something? If I got a Hurst shift knob and that was the only part made…[View]
21075922Wtf front wheel drive: Why do they race this shit I understand the car makers want to advertise thes…[View]
21080123Is the FCA hate justified? Are modern Dodges truly shit and to be avoided, or is it just rampant hat…[View]
21079974Peugeot 406...except it's not.[View]
21080467I need financing for a $10,000+ motorcycle with a notch above 700 credit score. What bank/credit uni…[View]
21078177Would a 2002 Volkswagen golf gti be a good first project car?[View]
21060252/o/ - webm Thread: Post em lads[View]
21072179Italian cars only : part 2: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_automobile_manufacturers_of_Italy…[View]
21055257Auto Sticker General #422: Auto Sticker General #422 /osg/ 'Should i censor plates? OP asking' Editi…[View]
21076059What's the shelf life of 5 quarts jugs of synthetic motor oil? Would it still be good after 5, …[View]
21080492Pre 90s Toyota shitboxes: I wanna buy an old yota, currently deciding between: GX71 Cresta MZ20 Soar…[View]
21080145Pre cooling: Is it just a meme?: Hello, parked my car today at a scorching parking lot in the summer…[View]
21079773Hey /o/! My car just died and I wanna come to the guys I know wont help first because you guys at le…[View]
21079891What is a car i can mod and use daily?[View]
21080378Defensve Drivine Tread: >be me >yesterday eve >otw to mcdonalds craveing a stroofwoffil sha…[View]
21062676what are your favorite /o/ smells?[View]
21078685Northstar general: To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Cadillac. The car is ex…[View]
21079539I really love how this corolla looks, would it be worth modding?[View]
21079252Just used 303 fabric guard to seal my cloth seats but I noticed that the dealer who had my car befor…[View]
21079986Why aren't you going to Enterprise to get a Nissan Sentra?[View]
21079248What’s the best type of vehicle for traveling the continental us/going to music festivals/possibly s…[View]
21079270I'm sorry: First time posting on this board but I needed to get this off my chest. Ever since I…[View]
21078728Rear main sealer and other engine additives: Do they damage the engine itself long term?[View]
21076526who the fuck are they ? and why are they so ugly[View]
21079550Why dont they sell russian cars in the usa?: Plenty of americans would buy a dirt cheap no frills ca…[View]
21079057Would an engine such as this be possible? I want to put such a thing into my car, but idk if it woul…[View]
21078978What Do?: Hi, /auto/ Brought my car (‘15 Challenger with Scatpack) to Carmax for appraisal. They pul…[View]
21079651Motorcycles: >insurance is $10 per month >80+ MPG >inexpensive to purchase >fewer proble…[View]
21078078HELP: So i drive i 1996 F250 with the 5.8L and a few months back i took it to get Smogged and it fai…[View]
21079824>They replaced DW with some annoying guy Why?[View]
21078363What is their top seller?[View]
21073822Good Audi Models?: Are there any Audi models at all worth buying used, or are they all a joke? Consi…[View]
21079010deville: redpill me on this shit im a european and I want to order one of these on copart for like 8…[View]
21075354Just sold the hand-me-down shitbox I thought I would be stuck driving for years more and bought a ca…[View]
21055270/ORG/ - Off Road General: >Long time, no see Edition https://www.zeemaps.com/map?group=2389619 ht…[View]
21079469Based boomers: >be me >15 minutes ago >driving with friend home from work >see a mustang…[View]
21067571Best shitboxes with comfy ass interiors perfect for eating highway miles in? Im particularly fond of…[View]
21076575fuck nature: >park at grocery store >about to get out but notice wasp flying around outside …[View]
21073843Anyone work with VW Passat/cc? I got a 2009 CC and how the fuck do I get this throttle body out? Can…[View]
21076758>pulls up to your workshop Snap on is overpriced shit and anyone who buys it is a sucker. Imagine…[View]
21075327trans issues: my trans wont shift into fear when the motor is nice and hot, like 20 miles into the t…[View]
21079234Replacement Recommendation: I'm going to replace my manual 2006 Mazda 3 within the next 2 month…[View]
21067740Realistically: What car will increase my chances of getting a gf? No meme answers please.[View]
21074125>You will never own one of 15 gullwing converted starions[View]
21079033Reusing a factory amp: Am junking out my old pontiac and currently stripping some spare parts off it…[View]
21074746Mechanic advice for a long trip: I’m taking my older car on a 1000 mile round trip across a couple s…[View]
21077641Does anyone know where I can get this WAT keychain? Thnx[View]
21073869previous thread >>21073773 let's create a team name last thread dubs decides number :42…[View]
21070306>225hp >2650lbs Am I really that slow?[View]
21078305My last car just shitted out on me looking for a new one ASAP. Looked at a 2016 es350 picrel yesterd…[View]
21075878Does anyone else have to park under a bay laurel tree? This thing shits black sap on my car fucking …[View]
21078739EV thread: Following up on a thread I made a few days ago, just got back from test driving one of th…[View]
21076800[D a i l y B i k e T h r e a d] - /dbt/: Summer Wash Edition >Motorcycle Shitposting & Brand …[View]
21078273what would happen if VW bought every other car company?[View]
21077693What kind of cars have the lowest insurance premium? I can only purchase a vehicle if my insurance i…[View]
21067631>this kills the trucker[View]
21075288How much longer can I drive with a blown head gasket? The coolant in my Jeep's reservoir tank d…[View]
21077928BMW 318 Year 2002 - Doors won't open: Hello faggots and good people who will give me good advic…[View]
21078000Car spotting: So I saw like 20 of these driving by.[View]
21076512What can we expect from the next gen WRX?: >RWD >Coupe option >New non Boxer engine >DCT…[View]
21078016Buell blast: About to buy a 1000dollar bb what should Iook for what issues doe it have[View]
21077539What are some thoughts on a 5th gen honda accord? Good sides and bad sides?[View]
21069983Post old and based cars[View]
21075984I have a turbocharger, intercooler, and cold air intake I had in a 2.3L I5 I now have a NA miata and…[View]
21078144GOD DAMNNNN I love cars in fact i want to be one. FUCK this shit I want to run on gas and go faster …[View]
21076963Kill thread[View]
21077359VM26SS carbs. What are these inlets and why are they on only 2 of the 4 carbs? My bike had some plas…[View]
21073415Tfw 455bhp shed. https://youtu.be/a3iC9CDlaV8[View]
21073413Couldn't they just have made the engine block made of steel?: The major complain I hear is that…[View]
21063270Have you ever intentionally not avoided an accident before? I've been considering getting a new…[View]
21058722What was the biggest speed that you achieved while driving a car?: I did 180 km/h in Ford Mondeo.…[View]
21074712Which Opel Omega V6 is better?: So i am going to buy a Opel Omega B2 V6 for under 1000€, as a cheap …[View]
21076718When driving a manual up a hill is it bad for the engine if you push the accelerator to the floor to…[View]
21077479Post your spottings[View]
21077515I have a complicated car question that I need some help with. It's kind of long, so please, bea…[View]
21072073I just had a coworker refer to Ford Ranger's as a 'bitch truck'. I've literally never hear…[View]
21074569Why is this not allowed? The oil literally came from the ground so how can it impact the world? The …[View]
21077425any t/o/wfags here?[View]
21073773dubs decides my car number[View]
21077118anyone know anything about multiple car tuning? I know that there is a way to tune more than one car…[View]
21070588just installed these on the ol civc, who else /wrenchin/?[View]
21075614Bumper stickers: I have a 1999 Jeep Xj what bumper sticker should I get?[View]
21075987I want to buy a used Astra VXR with 100km for €10k. Is this a bad idea?[View]
21058897DUI Lawyer: Arizona DUI Lawyer here, feel free to ask if you've got any questions but I'll…[View]
21075671I KNOW WHAT I GOT craigslist thread[View]
21076540>cruise control that brakes every time you go downhill >cruise control that considers 3mph bel…[View]
21074665Is there a distinct way to tell if a noise is something minor like a wheel bearing or major like a C…[View]
21068843For reasons outside of my control I now have to consider getting a crossover. Recommend me a good CU…[View]
21076724I rented a car in Nice, France and within hours pulled out of a small parking stall and broke the pl…[View]
21074190dbt: dbt motorcycle daily bike[View]
21074694Does one of these make sense as a beater first car? >Within the range of being affordable. >I…[View]
21066001Why the hate for BMW?[View]
21064454Honda fit Type-R: you're too fucking late honda[View]
21069395So, the base model BMW 840i STARTS at 90,000$ just for the 840i! Who's gonna pay that amount fo…[View]
21074654Aftermarket Mods: Anyone have experience with aftermarket wheels? Ive had my car for 6 months now an…[View]
21073828What's a good /o/ related job a childless, single young man could get into?[View]
21072464Hey /o/ you might know me I post here a lot. A bunch of people were making fun of me on /vp/ and it …[View]
21073994Weight reduction: ITT: Weight reduction[View]
21070397wagon > everything else[View]
21071915Help I used my wagon like a truck: And now it got leaves in it.[View]
21076040Anyone here a diesel mechanic?[View]
21074869>26 years old >only got my license 2 months ago >never had much interest in cars, surprised…[View]
210731903rd gen camaro thread: What do you guys think of 3rd gen camaros/trans ams as cheaper project cars. …[View]
21059273>you must pay $100 per month for insurance to own a vehicle[View]
21070980Mazda happy face[View]
21042230/ccg/ - Classic Car General: Ayatollah of Iacocca edition old thread >>20999231 >Cars are c…[View]
21076246Who needs macco. Am I right guys?[View]
21071967When will Subaru stop being gay and bring these to the U.S?[View]
21076065car and driver sterotypes: >negative testosterone level >right leg six inches shorter than lef…[View]
21052674Tfg/ truckerfag general: In here we have jobs. Ef has a stupid me gear shifter that’s too damn high…[View]
21075964RHD same as LHD?: Is un-repairable in North America or if I can repair it with generic LHD Toyota pa…[View]
21071985SC or Supra: I’ve had my SC400 for over a year and honestly don’t understand the popularity of the S…[View]
21074960*pulls up gracefully*[View]
21075957do you service by time AND milage as recommended in service manuals or by mileage only like me?[View]
21048848Night meets: Do people still do this? Cars and coffee in the morning is gay, I want /nightdrive/. Ev…[View]
21075534Bought a new daily today: My new job has me travelling to the city for meetings about once a week. T…[View]
21072901Here's your new Corvette, bro[View]
21071372Autistic retard hobbies[View]
21075918Concept photoshop help: Needing some photoshopping editing help for a concept of my car when it…[View]
21075868I want to learn to fix/mod cars, what is a good one to learn with?[View]
21070877Stop me from getting a 2004 subaru forester as my first car[View]
21070235Should i buy one?: 21 years old, nw of 100k, haven't drove in a few years, just graduated and g…[View]
21070676if you don't know what this is get the fuck out rn[View]
21074070I really fucking hope it’s a twin turbo V6 bros. I just want it to be able to compete with Porsche’s…[View]
21075579This is legal to import to Canada next year. Is it a fun way to kill yourself?[View]
21074544In need of a decent quality 2 ton floor jack that isn't made in china or 'made in USA'. im fini…[View]
21068925Should we update this?[View]
21069681What is this huge pipe thing inside this porsche (forza)? I assume its something to cool the engine …[View]
21074936DMV bullshit: I have a car that pretty much shit the bed, so i bought an old beater truck to just ge…[View]
21071634New tool haul: Post what your excited about getting or just got ![View]
21074845need help finding a car to buy: looking for either a 2+2 coupe or a 4 door sedan, manual, and prefer…[View]
21068547Is this engine fit for tuning?: Came to /o/ after not finding answers, is the Citroen SM c114 engine…[View]
210694693D printed Parts: I just ordered a 3D printer off Banggood and 5x1KG of PLA and 1xCarbon fibre PLA. …[View]
21074795Bench testing an engine?: About to put my engine back together, should I bother bench testing it rig…[View]
21069027Is Acura becoming relevant again?: >TLX redesign in the pipeline >New redesign for the RLX, po…[View]
21074696I need help diagnosing a sound: So I have a 2013 Forester, randomly when I'm accelerating, usua…[View]
21074583europe: twingo japan: miata what cute car does america have[View]
21073864AC Fix help: So I have 1997 accord wagon and i used the AC freon can with uv die and it’s showing I …[View]
21074387Should I file a claim if not at fault?: So my girlfriend who is under my policy as a driver got some…[View]
21074520How do I change the coil packs in my Cummins?[View]
21070359Supra Project: Considering buying an automatic 93 Toyota Supra RZ as a project/daily. Have limited m…[View]
21069567Caterham: What are some brands like Caterham and what do they cost? Looking for a streetable track r…[View]
21074444Hey /o/, I need a new dashcam as my last one finally died. What do you recommend? >Pic semi-relat…[View]
21064293when do you think we will finally get affordable self driving cars? im talking about a car that can …[View]
21072491does anyone have experience with these touchscreen head units? it looks neat to have built in naviga…[View]
21074332In-depth design interviews: Frank Liew of Hong Kong (and Blackbird Automotive), head consultant for …[View]
21073903Woah: It reminds me of Windows XP.[View]
21074029Are new Harley's better than the old ones?[View]
21074103I wanna learn to drift without losing my car. Is it possible? Wat do?[View]
21070934I'm 18 and about to be making around 80k in a few months. I want to get a car and apartment and…[View]
21073095Derek Bell interview from Carfection, if anyone is interested[View]
21067234/pcg/ Project Car General: What are you working on? What's coming in the next week? How many wa…[View]
21074150Ranked the emblems[View]
21071671Daley byke tread: Lulz edition >Motorcycle Shitposting & Brand Pragmatism >Motorcycle Ques…[View]
21059386ITT: rate other anons cars: And post a pic of your car.[View]
21074114My bro has an old Kenwood touch screen stereo. I know it's really fucking gay, but I kind of wa…[View]
21073844Dodge Shelby Daytona, good?: Found a pretty nice looking mint Dodge Shelby Daytona (130kw Turbo), sa…[View]
21066512What did the seller mean by this?[View]
21072320Any opinions about the Alfa Romeo GT (2004), or Alfa romeo itself? Seems like a neat car given that …[View]
21073928Not sure where to post this question so here goes, not a native to /o/ sorry lads: Looking to get a …[View]

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