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23613079Why do cars look like shit today? Where are the cyberpunk cars we were promised[View]
23617866/ovg/ - UFR stands for U Fucking Retard: Welcome to the Auto Vidya General. We're about discuss…[View]
23632417Reverse Parking: do you do this everywhere? how did you think the car-world would be different if th…[View]
23635496>car has individual throttle bodies >exposed trumpets, no plenum…[View]
23635451Pontiac G6: Why do niggers love driving this shit so much?[View]
23627944Post an image, other anons guess what kind of car they drive[View]
23627931Aston Martin thread: I'm not even an Aston Martin guy myself but the last Aston Martin thread w…[View]
23634435Thoughts on Peugeot's new logo?[View]
23634374Should you have a right to call yourself an auto manufacturer when you don't even build your ow…[View]
23628396New here; looking to get some direction on buying a YJ so I'd love as much information as you c…[View]
23630659Didn't see an interior/dash thread Post yours, your favorites, whatever. Starting with a little…[View]
23635092wang: post wang[View]
23634666Value?: Sorry if this is the wrong place, need help valuing a car. I have a 2000 volvo v40 like pic …[View]
23634099Name a better car, you can't.[View]
23630457This 2006 LX470 just sold for $62k sixty two thousand US dollars https://carsandbids.com/auctions/9…[View]
23633023*reminds /o/ that they should've paid attention in class and that McDonald's isn't a …[View]
23580435QTDDTOT: old >>23550116 Starting off: is there a brake disc/pad combo that doesnt rust? Anybod…[View]
23633174EPA busting down on emissions: Rallysport Direct got hit by the EPA. TGV/EGR deletes, catless, air p…[View]
23633414This thing is fucking crazy. Abuse the absolute shit out of it daily for years, 192k miles on the cl…[View]
23631495I have a 2005 Mustang with the 5R55S automatic transmission. I was trying to see if I had transmissi…[View]
23634612It's over kids. After Stroll decided he wanted to re-brand his son's F1 team and needed ge…[View]
23634302My mechanic fucked my hood: I can't pop my hood open anymore, since he changed my oil. What sho…[View]
23634283This is my car, I've had it for a year now.: Say something nice about it.[View]
23633704Sleeper hatchback: Which hatchback would you choose to be a sleeper hatchback?[View]
23634665Searching for my first pony: I've been searching for my first car for a while now, not the firs…[View]
23634358When will gm update their fucking trucks? Or Atleast offer them with a bigger gas tank[View]
23633127Does anyone have recommendations on obd scanners? or are they pretty much all the same?[View]
23634385Should i get a clean 1997 lexus ls400 w 140k miles for 3600?[View]
23633442Post mods thread[View]
23619718How will car designs look in the 2020's? Is the era of jelly bean designs behind us?[View]
23633971Stupid question: I changed the spark plugs on my Caravan with a 3.6, forgot to put this pad thingy b…[View]
23633098Reminder that the best Z4 is a morgan[View]
23632445/dbt/ - Daily Bike Thread: nobikes begone edition >Motorcycle Herp >Motorcycle Derp >Intole…[View]
236284591959 cadillac eldorado biarritz: Literally the sexist car in the world[View]
23630291>see car listed for a price >months pass, see same car listed for way bigger price (~150%) wit…[View]
23634257>1 owner until 2020 so its 2 owners? >Featured on Regular Car Reviews so we just sayin anythin…[View]
23631732718 Cayman or BMW M2?[View]
23632434If it's tiny just say that[View]
23632774What was the last true American landbarge?[View]
23632202Gets in the rear of friend's new elantra: >Complains about leather seats too cold >Tells …[View]
23631475Cheap used cars that are fun to drive[View]
23634096I spend about $50/month in maintenance for my 1999 Camry. How about you? oil $6.66 3,000 miles brake…[View]
23622951Rivian ElectricTruck: >production starting summer this year What should we expect? I know bitchin…[View]
23626854Why is it so souless?[View]
23630376Redpill me on GTIs[View]
23633806very original design[View]
23631746Why do people put wheels like this on muscle cars[View]
23619350Free Valve: What would you do with this https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=E9KJ_f7REGw&feature=youtu…[View]
23633880Crazy Dipshit In A Toyota Sienna: Here's the video with audio https://old.reddit.com/r/WTF/com…[View]
23631165Volvo Trucks: Daily reminder that It’s 2021 and these retards still haven’t started making pickup tr…[View]
23631058What’s the best car/truck for a 29 year old bachelor with 1mm net worth?[View]
23633804I’m so tired of the used car market. All I want is a low mileage SS 1LE or E92 M3. Everything good i…[View]
23633753Thinking of getting a cheap smallish truck as a secondary car. The bed should be at least 2.1 meters…[View]
23627837Will (You) buy thext NFS or Forza Horizon?: I wanted to get some more opinions, so yeah. Forza has t…[View]
23630420Loicense: I always drive without a license because i never had one I don't have insurance I dri…[View]
23632510The sixth-generation Honda Civic was introduced in 1995. Before the Type R versions, the fastest per…[View]
23632411Would it be ridiculous to buy one of these for offroad hooning and travel trailer towing?[View]
23632362What are some mainstream vehicles? What are some alternative vehicles? Pic not related[View]
23633441Cars/bikes you miss: Time to sell the old V star 650, looking into either a shadow sabre 1100 or ano…[View]
23632466Is BuyAutoParts.com Legit?: Has any/o/ne bought parts from BuyAutoParts.com? I'm looking for a …[View]
23632312>older mercedes platform so it's relatable and doesn't have any wierd electric shit …[View]
23632702This Thing Has A Torsion Beam: And it runs circles around a Type R.[View]
23632491Ford Festiva.[View]
23629557Is there a term for like, mechanically assured coupling? For examples >a screw is only actually h…[View]
23632601Why didn't they just roast him for driving a riced out civic with fart can?[View]
23633124>learn how gearing works >realize driving in traffic is just knowing to slow down at certain p…[View]
23632795Accord Sport w/2.0 Turbo: What cars stack up to this /o/? Preferably within my price range (20-35k) …[View]
23629585Huh Germanbros... we got too cocky >V8 >472hp >0-62mph in 4.2s >practical Saloon >af…[View]
23630662at what age should the elderly have to take a secondary driving test?[View]
23629240Is this a good way to learn how to drive?[View]
23630884red pill me on LSDs: This spring I want to basically complete my built and boosted DD/autox car with…[View]
23632675How fresh are you right now on a scale from 1 to Black Ice?[View]
23630360>tfw 4 wheelers are never allowed to be street legal even though technically being safer than dir…[View]
23632399BADASS RACE CAR: Alright guys I got this idea for a badass race car. This is the best I can come up …[View]
23624097WHAT COMPANY APPEALS TO ZOOMERS THE MOST AND WHY IS IT HYUNDAI: The only company making affordable, …[View]
23632880Ferrari Vantage?: So someone at Ferrari watched Spectre and decided they were going to steal that lo…[View]
23632161Would it be a dumb idea to use a Cargo van as a daily driver? (my commute is only 5 miles round trip…[View]
23631860So how exactly do you break a car? Not talking accidents. Talking about break break. Like broken bro…[View]
23611265>I finally buy a Miata >no more Miata threads…[View]
23632724New car n3w friends: If i buy one of these can @taylorswift13 tweet me and become best friends…[View]
23629314Mazda and Porsche saving ICE with E-fuel!!: Porsche has outlined plans to begin trials in 2022 that …[View]
23619780What's the absolute most money you would pay for a Ford?[View]
23628228Post things your car does that worry you: >Shittruck like pic rel >General hauler/tow pig >…[View]
23629809Modular autos.: I remember seeing a documentary about automobile tech in the late 80s where this was…[View]
23630199Well, /o/ I got my N test soon what are some advise you'd give to a new driver like me?[View]
236312121979 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz: Literally the sexiest car in the world[View]
23632282http://atlantascca.com/live/N.php How'd I do /o/? Thought the new 3 wasn't zoom-zoom enoug…[View]
23627697How fucked am I?[View]
236322851990 Geo Tracker: Noticed that there wasn't anything on Geo Trackers, here's me and my fri…[View]
23630124/dbt/ Daily Bike Thread: Indian edition >Motorcycle Shitposting >Motorcycle Questions & An…[View]
23566751/BFGG/ - BRZ/FRS/GT86 General: Welcome to the BRZ/FRS/GT86 General! >I forgot the thread name las…[View]
23608438Post cars made within the last 30 years that are basically extinct.[View]
23632062Age appropriate keychain 90s GM: Own a 99 suburban, whats an era appropriate chevy keychain for one …[View]
23632082Advice on buying a Scion XB: My buick park ave is getting old and tired and I'm putting her dow…[View]
23632109>at traffic light >see green light >proceed into intersection >wtf that nigger turning l…[View]
23631941Honda Accord 2010: Hey guys im looking to get my first car and after doing some research im looking …[View]
23631348Car rental decision: Hey br/o/s, I'm going on vacation with my wife and were trying to decided …[View]
23631918Blog/Rant (Please Disregard): So I live with my mom because I have been suffering from serious disea…[View]
23631675Redpill me on the 2016 Chevy Impala w 3.6 V6[View]
23632116I key every single EV I come into contact with[View]
23630386why cant the subhumans that drive and support these massive nu-trucks stay in their lane when during…[View]
23619496Beetle Appreciation Thread[View]
236282640-60 timing: My car pulls a 5.5 second 0-60, why does video FPS and compression make it look slower?…[View]
23631518Are the early production year IS F's worth the premium they carry? They look like a great all-r…[View]
23631879Real beaut, isn't she? That attractive 70s brown and check out those lovely smog hoses under th…[View]
23626972Why do i become so violently horny for late 80s, 90s, and early 2000s japanese coupes? Like fuck dud…[View]
23630718I didn't take all the boomer jokes seriously until after I got one but holy shit the community …[View]
23630561Where else do you guys use your Little Trees? I have one in my closet too[View]
23624431USPS Finalizes New Fleet Mail Trucks: https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a35604138/usps-oshkosh-defen…[View]
23631076Was I the asshole or not?: Anyone confused if they were being an asshole in traffic or not. >Stu…[View]
23631747I want to create a chart of cars that typify pop-culture perceptions of each decade from a relativel…[View]
23631575sad: It just hit me how bad this board has gotten >Lexus puts NA V8 in entry level RWD sedan >…[View]
23630372Dodge Grand Caravan: I’m planning on buying a 2015-2018 Dodge Grand Caravan with around 80-110k mile…[View]
23625114Tesla cuck general: Is this the avrage body of a tesla owner? Of course needs a gun to defend him se…[View]
23625251Tiger Woods was driving Hyundai Genesis GV80 in Los Angeles crash[View]
23627660Are Jeep Grand Cherokees for soccer moms? I’m thinking buying one but my friends are telling me only…[View]
23622956are 80s cars considered classics now? i kinda like the boxy designs and the wedge shape of alot of 8…[View]
23628968Stop buying cars.[View]
23630624HELP: I have a set of these Ronal RS rims (very rare), and need to know if they would fit Hoosier/Mi…[View]
23630587>yah haha I whip a beemer >yah I paid cash for it aha…[View]
23626406Talk me out of it: So, I'm 20 years old, I have around $11k in savings so far. Been investing a…[View]
23625478Is it a 26 year old Kia? No! It's a 3 year old $18,000 Chevrolet.[View]
23630813convince me not to just buy a prelude[View]
23628707I want to buy pic related, 135k km Track edition '04 Manual What do I need to look out for? An…[View]
23630683For me, it's the Fiat Uno[View]
23630422Picture request; sorry.: This is a dumb thread, but I can't find on Google and trying to show t…[View]
23629321why is it that people only like me for my car, im so tired of hearing people say “oh anon your car i…[View]
23625466Whatever happened to gold badges on Japanese cars (specifically Toyotas and Hondas/Acuras)?[View]
23624301why are these allowed? you literally cannot see incoming traffic if there's people trying to tu…[View]
23628782Japan makes good cars, Germany makes good ads Prove me wrong[View]
23624451A3 is literally an AWD GTI and is a much better purchase than a Golf R. Change my mind.[View]
23627840How do I get good bass in a BMW convertible?[View]
23629360German Engineering: https://youtu.be/fxe_b2GRwok[View]
23629098Everytime I watch a video about Porsches or any car with similar or close pace I'm always amaze…[View]
23628637There is a 50 percent chance that my car won't starr tomorrow and I will not be sbke to go to w…[View]
23624208Would you smoke in this /o/? Be honest[View]
23630531redpill me on the OPEL Corsa 1.5 D 102 GS line+[View]
23623824being lazy saved my life today: what's up /o/ today I was at an intersection, about to take a l…[View]
23621703$40K USD Daily Driver: Here’s my situation > currently drive 2016 Civic 1.5T > commute @ 70 m…[View]
23623677anytime someone makes a post on this board bitching about how ugly modern cars are (yeah I agree mos…[View]
23627140>key on >12v to fuel pump relay >12v to ignition coil >Engage starter and turn engine ov…[View]
23623345New Mercedes C-Class: Based?[View]
236305192018 Subaru WRX: Just picked up a 2018 Subaru WRX. I love her but her tires are BALD. Tinted windows…[View]
23616387Can someone explain to me why the price of 80's/90's japanese cars, especially imports, ha…[View]
23628906Tacoma Battery: Whats up guys, I need help with a problem. >2018 Tacoma, dead battery I havent st…[View]
23629034How comfortable are the mid size trucks? Will they break my back over time or they are fine? I like …[View]
23627516I’m going on a 6 month vacation. What should I do to prepare my diesel shitbox to stay idle for that…[View]
23628218What does 'maintaining' a car mean? I recently got myself a $20k ride as my first car, what am I sup…[View]
23628988Automotive Security: can /o/ redpill me on GPS trackers? is there an /o/ approved solution? my car i…[View]
23628478Is this shit legit?: >big city j* will fine you if you drive through their cities with a car that…[View]
23628762Citroën will be made in China: It's over frenchbros[View]
23630119So /auto/ do you believe that an old dog can learn new tricks? >Didn’t learn to drive when I was …[View]
23628203Post your steering wheels and socks[View]
23614037Carporn Thread, High Res: >whip iut the cleanest boys on the block…[View]
23630063It's itching: Hey I'm like 4/10 commitment- considering getting a gfk bonnet, rear hatch a…[View]
23627737/dbt/ - Daily boike thread: Imagine not being able to wheelie Edition >Motorcycle Shitposting …[View]
23624231Redpill me on the 2021 Nissan Altima: .[View]
23627642Can you help me ID this make and model?: I believe it is a late model vehicle. It is a make/model av…[View]
23627528Can't ethanol mix fuels be more efficient: Ethanol mix fuels lower efficiency and need to burn …[View]
23625290Which of these choices would you recommend as an entry level diesel pickup. I'm looking at thes…[View]
23624634It's 2021. You want to embody the zeitgeist of today. The car has to be an EV. Which car manufa…[View]
23622692>Famed dune buggy designer Bruce Meyers dead at 94 https://www.thedrive.com/news/39356/farewell-t…[View]
23628335Post cars that you like, but not enough to actually buy them[View]
23621344Best beginner motorcycle? Advice for choosing[View]
23627483low profile tyres: Are they really as retarded as they seem or am I missing something?[View]
23626344your opinion? >pros: >3.5k >2020 year >low milage >crew cab >carfax looks clean …[View]
23622916Bought My First Car: Got a good deal on the car because of my connects. 25k after fees and taxes for…[View]
23627283>W8 engine Yup I am thinking it's based[View]
23624114elon musk is a dickhead: fuck tesla, they make stupid EV's for stupid people. if you like a tes…[View]
23627000How do I get one of these into America? It's basically a catfish Camaro with a bed.[View]
23619529Cherokee Nation asks Jeep to stop using tribe’s name: The Cherokee Nation wants Jeep to stop using t…[View]
23628629Ferrari Is Building a Le Mans Hypercar: The last time Ferrari challenged for the overall win at the …[View]
23625588next llv revealed: Say hello to the LLV's confirmed successor, /o/. Somehow I don't hate i…[View]
23627907What does /o/ think of 2001 - 2006 era of BMW X5’s ?[View]
23627621How do you think camrades will used car market go back to normal before EVs take it all over?[View]
23624346How Many Gook Shills Are There?[View]
23625385Pack it up folks, arguments over[View]
23621705(((They))) fear the offroad sports estate.: Give me any reason why I should not aspire to own one.…[View]
23619733Yo WTF? That anon dude was right!: There is literally no rev hang on manual corollas.[View]
23628152/h2o/ - Boating Thread: 1998 Scout 177 Sportfish w/ 115 Yamaha 2-Stroke Recently bought another boat…[View]
23628060Mitsubishi Lancer: I'm going in bros....what am I in for?[View]
23622635Hyundai Ioniq 5: Did the Cybertruck start a new 80s retro futuristic styling trend?[View]
23627271for me its the suzuki carry off road edition[View]
23627147Has anyone ever fucked with the timing on your car? Looking for real responses not some generic neve…[View]
23625086College/project car: I want to get into cars and learn how to work on them. So I want to get a surpl…[View]
23625472It's time for the Viper to do what it was always made to do... Kill the Corvette.[View]
23624821>there are multiple and hour long videos of women stuck in the mud/dirt/snow with their cars …[View]
23616071cars that make /o/ seethe: I'll start[View]
23623176I want a car so bad bros, too bad I'm too poor.[View]
23625406Nissan Versa vs Mitsubishi Mirage: Why is the Mirage shilled so much when the Nissan has an extra cy…[View]
23627800Why didn't you tell me to get RL over F150?: Just purchased a 2018 f150 XLT 3.5eb. Why didn…[View]
23620042How do you deal with mechanics?: >So yeah anon, I found another three issues with your car, so th…[View]
23625865/DBT/ - Daily Bike Thread: Bikes in cemeteries edition >blah >blah >blah previous: >…[View]
23601026What went wrong?[View]
23598277/CCG/ Classic car general: Classic car general Coastie doesn't know how to heat a garage editio…[View]
23626527>lexus using an NA V8 How are nips so behind[View]
23616128Unpopular Opinions On Cars: Post unpopular opinions on cars. I'll start. The Mitsuoka Orochi lo…[View]
23624760When the USPS replaces them soon, will the old LLVs go up for sale or will they just scrap all of th…[View]
23620433Am I a huge faggot if I get '23' on my plate to represent 'Nissan'? I'm only even considering i…[View]
23626680Anyone import a car from Europe?: pic related I for one cant stand america, if i cant ever leave thi…[View]
23624905>fired from my programming job, no comparable work available due to corona, subcontracting and ou…[View]
23626364Anyone worked in an autoparts store?: Pic related, just got the job as parts delivery driver and had…[View]
23614780Accident Thread: hey /o/, what's the worst accident you've been in/seen? I myself haven…[View]
23626347any euro anons roadtrip in a fun car?: In most North American cities, cars are a virtual necessity b…[View]
23626141*speeds up to pass you and cuts you off even though you were running in the 90s*[View]
23619664I drive a Prius. AMA[View]
23626454why do seething mayo monkeys drive cars like pic related?[View]
23625771Recommend me some cool wedge-shaped cars that won’t break the bank and won’t shit out on me within t…[View]
23626802Confession: I have to confess you guys. I do prefer suv and minivan seating position. The comfiest c…[View]
23626675https://lasvegas.craigslist.org/cto/d/las-vegas-for-sale-by-owner/7280922890.html: >OH NO NO NO T…[View]
23624747How is this not the best car brand >buy car >take it home, charge it, never go to some gas sta…[View]
23618768Imagine being only 22 years old and facing 2 vehicular manslaughter charges because your dad bought …[View]
23595455Humor thread[View]
23625780HELP Is it ded bros?: https://streamable.com/yghg9j Trouble starting and does this sometimes when I …[View]
23624396What's that brown stuff around radiator cap? Would this indicate car overheating in it's l…[View]
23593698Take away the giant ipad and their interiors are seriously the most bland in the industry. I serious…[View]
23626207$3000 dollar rebate on 'new' 2020 Honda civic at the dealership This means they're still screwi…[View]
23624727Whats /o/'s opinion on jeeps? I found a local dealer selling a 2020 jeep renegade latitude bran…[View]
23612738the subaru wrx: >looks good >good power >handles well >nice simple interior >inexpens…[View]
23624351Over the last week I've spent close to a grand on new motorbike gear My little jew heart hurts[View]
23625484Someone earlier asked how they can import a Mexican Ram 700 into the US but I wasn't able to re…[View]
23622569Disconnecting the AC?: I am thinking of buying a brand new car and having the dealership remove the …[View]
23623722/DBT/ - Daily Bike Thread: Third World Paradise Edition >Motorcycle Tips and Tricks >Motorcycl…[View]
23621194Car Colors: New cars always come in such dull colors despite the fact that we've made leaps and…[View]
23624865Looking to buy XV20 Camry: I was going to buy a Honda Accord of the same year, but the crash test ra…[View]
23625293What makes a car a car?[View]
23625564Roadtrip inna Shitbox: Going to go on a roadtrip next month in my lesbomobile (pic related). Only is…[View]
23623760How big of a job is a valve cover gasket replacement on an 06 corolla? Thinking of just doing it mys…[View]
23624475O, I need a full size truck for a landscape business. Of course, I want it to be reliable, which led…[View]
23617144Have you ever kicked someone out of your car?[View]
23625300>honking in a drive thru Which one of you assholes did this? What, you want me to move faster eve…[View]
23621370In America.... What is there for track ready cars from the factory?[View]
23625008Somewhere beyond the sea Somewhere waiting for me My lover stands on golden sands And watches the sh…[View]
23621552Why do they do it bros?[View]
23622490Oh no no Tesla bros we got too cocky... Tesla will become irrelevant in Europe already in 2021.[View]
23614463Car Rate: Rate your cars. Leave your car and leave a score of another[View]
23623223Did the GTR really have a huge hype and fanboyism, when it came out? I was too young to remember[View]
23622879Post part of a car: anons guess which car it is. I'll start with an easy one.[View]
23623757Was Tiger Woods driving a Bentley or Genesis?[View]
23623839>asking more than msrp for a 2 year old car that's riced out And you thought craigslist boom…[View]
23624851Would you pay 5K for a mint condition 22 year old wagon?: Is $5000 too much for mint condition 99 Ou…[View]
23622164Taking loan to buy newer car: I need a reality slap, before I buy a car or maybe it's not that …[View]
23624817Imagine being worth almost a billion dollars and you get caught almost dying in an SUV[View]
23618832Best SHTF Vehicles: What are the best vehicles that you could live out of if SHTF , that also double…[View]
23624885Gas is too expensive. Gotta sell the fun car. Guess I'll die now.[View]
23624566>make millions >buy a hyundai >die in rollover crash RIP Tiger Woods…[View]
23623988Is the entire car culture rife with mental illness: Or is it just this board?[View]
23622986I like cars mostly because I grew up in arcades playing racing games. Sometimes I feel like a poser …[View]
23624142TESLA appreciation thread: >Model S, a family sedan, can outrun a Lamborghini >Cybertruck, a t…[View]
23611610cars that DO NOT make women horny: I'll start[View]
23624881ALH/BEW TDI Mk4: I'm somewhat new to car buying and I've been looking at getting a Mk4 TDI…[View]
23622995Past a certain age, a man without a driver's licence can be a bad thing...[View]
23624777Barra A R A[View]
23621760Thoughts on the Polo GTI? I'm considering getting one, I'm too poor to afford a golf GTI, …[View]
23622755Ram engine transplant: Hey br/o/s sorry for the retarded idea. So I've got a 98 Ram with the 5.…[View]
23622931For me, it's the Fiat Uno[View]
23624674So they buttfuck each other and then browse rebbit and /o/, right?[View]
23614364Aston Martin thread: Aston Martin thread[View]
23617562Gordon Turray T.50s Nikki Lauda: McLaren Senna BTFO![View]
23619904Are audis worth it: I want to compare to the rich asian who drive them in my city, should I buy a us…[View]
23624432Why are there no iconic normie cars made in our day and age? Except for the Tesla Model 3 I can…[View]
23616230How can Ford possibly fuck up building a heavy duty, port-injected engine to the point it blows up a…[View]
23624438Trees: No one seems to get the urgency of improving our air Quality the best way to improve air qual…[View]
23621707Bought new truck: Say something nice.[View]
23623268What tune/gear ratios for 385hp V8?: I've acquired a 2017 superduty, not pic related but identi…[View]
23621883What the fuck are they thinking? Are there really enough retards willing to spend insane amounts of …[View]
23622750I'm going to replace my alternator, should I replace the timing belt too?[View]
23623985They make /o/ seething[View]
23622947Let's see how many people on /o/ don't have a license. Who has the right of way?[View]
236213132001 GMC Sonoma...: 6k, 4WD, 115000 miles. Can I realistically haggle the dealership down to 4k?…[View]
23623863Is this a good first bike, Yamaha RZ 250?[View]
23623663Expired Tags: Realistically, how long can you go with expired registration before the cops notice? A…[View]
23623339>Looking into my first car >Hm 4000 is a bit pricey >Ask my friends what they paid for thei…[View]
23623688>new c class to axe the v8 even for AMG >lexus putting v8 in CLA competitor >wins JD’s de…[View]
23623178where would i find a peugeot 505 in the US? money is no object[View]
23623405Talk me out of it /o/: Now that I have my lisence back and a car of my own, i have this urge to buy …[View]
23605226VOLT: This is the Chevrolet Volt. Say something nice about it.[View]
23623528>tfw too nervous to drive Miata with top down[View]
23618267what is the psychology behind driving? I've been going through some things recently, and whenev…[View]
23616513I'd like to buy 90's to early 00's 4wd that doesn't have pig disgusting mpg and …[View]
23615270What would happen if Ford made a Mustang Eleanor edition?[View]
23619262>phev diesel >50 km range on a 5.5 kWh battery >260 mpg >less than 1800 lbs >21 g/km…[View]
23618409Buy a used car and the tools you’re gonna need to repair it periodically while stressing over every …[View]
23617111Does any of you nerds know where on earth might i be able to get my hands on one of these??i've…[View]
23621555/dbt/ - daily bike thread: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA edition >Motorcycle Tips and Tricks >Motorc…[View]
23622812FB marketplace/craiglist finds: what does /o/ think of this 'Mustang'?[View]
23623055Service: Don't get me wrong here, I like the internal combustion cars and the moddability you c…[View]
23618862this car is literally ten years old why can't I find any with a clean title for less than $3000[View]
23619789Are chevy impalas reliable? Im eyeing a 2015 Impala w a 3.6 V6 and a 6 speed. Worth or nah?[View]
23603296The /what did you do to your car today/ thread: This is the official /wdydtyct/ thread. Post what y…[View]
23622935biaku rental in a foreign land.: Alright lads, I'm making the pilgrimage to the land of the ris…[View]
23620067How to operate pic related in CA?: How do I buy, own and operate pic related in California? Seen Mex…[View]
23618725Would I regrett byuing one?[View]
23618618NSX thread: inb4 shitstorm[View]
23622671>THIIIIIIIIS is the McLaren- dropped[View]
23607446Tried googling. Can anyone tell me which years of the Honda Fit are “fun” and what exactly makes it…[View]
23622355What’s the hottest car color: and why is it Chalk[View]
23620143Are these guys a meme Because I fucking love the banter and the last season of grand tour was fucki…[View]
23619866GM/Ford/Chrysler Which one is the superior auto maker?[View]
23622654How big is too big for dd? t. Anon looking at F-250s[View]
23621184If boomers ruined classic muscle and Xers ruined imports, what is left for millennials and zoomers t…[View]
23618641hey /o/ I bought my first car wont tell you what it is because youll be dabbing on me but what are s…[View]
23620822VIN check: if vinbro is here, help would be much appreciated. 2001 540i with supposedly clean title …[View]
23618837https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4111nIN7GMQ Based Scotty btfo of EVs[View]
23617001Debate: Do you like Bentley or Rolls Royce better? Why?[View]
23548765/ctg/ - Classic Toyota General - What a nice 'rolla you have edition: >pre-2000 >no haird…[View]
23622381How old until a normal car is cool?: How many years old until your average econo-shitbox is consider…[View]
23605865Vanlife general: Why does /o/ get so buttmad about vanlife?[View]
23620484Why does every car feel so pigfat and clumsy after dailying an aqua/prius C? It's slow as fuck…[View]
23620690>drive car >get erection >act like im shifting gears with my dick while on the road anybody…[View]
23622025Subwoofer Problems: I bought this i30 a few months back and I’ve always just thought that the speake…[View]
23621273Is this a bad deal? Currently looking to get a new car. Obviously I know this car needs work and sh…[View]
23614823Those of you who have one, is it worth it? I'm just looking for something I can daily and have …[View]
23607608'Ugly' cars you find attractive[View]
23620787This is a black person car but I like it a lot, I don't think I have shit taste. I want to buy …[View]
23620061>has a mom who bad an 07' Sedona, 12' Forte Hatchback, 16' Soul which were all gor…[View]
23618665Why did companies like Volvo go from cheap, safe, economical, easy to maintain working peoples cars …[View]
23619885I've never driven a fast car. I think the fastest was a mid 2000s c class, or maybe mid 2000s m…[View]
23619476What went wrong[View]
23621902Hi i need your help ! Should i get a used Hyundai i20 active (2016) or Toyota Yaris XP13 (2018) ? Bo…[View]
23614955ITT: Famous average looking cars[View]
23619562Well. Stellantis is officially going to lead to the ruin of Chrysler. Following the merger of FCA an…[View]
23618952when will these be cheap?[View]
23616068VW Gol 2006: Hi guys, this is my first time posting something on this board, so if I'm breaking…[View]
23619301ITT: Vehicles that you believe will significantly appreciate in value Pic related is my pick. Wouldn…[View]
23620156Why can't cars be comfy like this anymore?[View]
23621405Boomer logic btfo: >I hate the Raptor so much! >ford should've kept the V8! >not some …[View]
23618265Auscuck General: /ACG/ Auscuck General[View]
23619367How did Jag get so much right in the XJ40 Was it them wasting British taxpayer money?[View]
23620838Should I buy a 2008 EVO X with 134,000 miles on it for 18k? I'd be using it as a daily driver.[View]
23619015How much does a complete paint job cost? A lot of my dream car offers are mechanically sound but the…[View]
23621101R I N G L A N D: Have Subaru and Subaru EJ20/25 owners downplayed how weak their engines are and tha…[View]
23619117I did an ECU tune on my car but I want to sell it to a company that buys cars. Should I flash it bac…[View]
23619179The STi fears noone but this: And the Golf R will be consign to the dirt just like its lil bro.…[View]
23618991literally everyone owns one of these shitboxes. Why? Just bc they're affordable? Fuckin basic a…[View]
23618451Would pic rel cost me an arm and a leg to use as a daily? And which is more important, recent year o…[View]
236159621992 Ford E150: Bought a 1992 Ford E150 for $750 from a hippie named Art. So far it's been noth…[View]
23619897/dbt/ - daily bike thread: please wear a mask while you ride edition >Motorcycle Tips and Tricks …[View]
23620969Hello /o/ what do you think of my bumper repair trick? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9GfoM8LIq8…[View]
23616185Japs positively BTFO, will they ever recover?[View]
23599978Truck thread: >bump limit Post your trucks, mog other trucks for engine and tire selection. SUVs…[View]
23616746Yay or nay thread: Post things you did, or considered to do on your car and other anons have some se…[View]
23620703You know what would be a totally awesome electric car? One where they made the controls the same as …[View]
23613900So do I use 87 or 91 octane???[View]
23612530I got into my car and it smelled strongly of sulfur. I am so fucking confused it has never smelled l…[View]
23619341Refill leaked brake fluid?: I walked out to my car after it sat for the weekend and found all the br…[View]
23619527I did FWD handbrake skids like a retard last night and now my rear tires have a flat spot (dry parki…[View]
23620625Dissolving water in gasoline?: Does water mix with gasoline if it's already mixed with alcohol …[View]
23618100Why torque tubes?: So on cars such as the corvette and a few porsches, a front engine / rear transax…[View]
23611460Why do roasties get so excited when they find out you can drive stick?[View]
23620597When my current car shits the bed, what's the best liftback/hatchback I can get new or used/old…[View]
23617856This is the new Nissan 400z. Say something nice about it. I'll start: >its the first Japanes…[View]
23580173/hg/ 本田 - Honda General: Looking at buying a Honda Post here and we'll tell you our elitist opi…[View]
23617371Honda Made the Perfect Interior: Where were you when Honda made the perfect interior? And this is li…[View]
23618247What is the best truck stop?[View]
23612377Mustang GT 5.0: FIVE FUCKIN' AUGHT[View]
23620267So I'm gonna impulse buy a 318ci as soon as 9:00AM hits the clock What do you have to say about…[View]
23617428This what /o/ supposed to be about. https://youtu.be/gNBobPt0faE[View]
23620347How do you find the model number of whatever car you find? Most common example Toyota Supra uses the…[View]
23613396ITT: Supervillain cars[View]
23620326lexus: >puts a v8 in entry level RWD sedan >rated most reliable again my kraut br/o/s wtf is …[View]
23619463Tell me why this car sucks again? That's right. You can't. Name a better car, I'll wa…[View]
23619568Based?: >lease car >drive it like a madman >bounce revs off the limiter >idle it for h…[View]
23619983>everything you need to know[View]
23619633Tax Season Is Finally Here!: What are you going to spend your tax return on /o/? >turning my 90…[View]
23619464> 30k miles >on rebuilt transmission, 175k on body…[View]
23605536Will there ever be anything that can compete?: Post big sweet sedans and discuss.[View]
23619407My cam seals and cam towers were leaking oil all over the place. I pulled my motor, regasketed the t…[View]
23615973I just wanna start making a difference, 8 wanna stop the 9-5 job. I wanna have the finances to affor…[View]
23618192/dbt/ - Daily Bike Thread: brillia edition >Motorcycle Tips and Tricks >Motorcycle Parts and A…[View]
23619475Can a fault code P0460 stop a car from idling and running? I have a 2001 Mercedes c230 and It’ll sta…[View]
23610256US truck scene: Why is it so cringe?[View]
23617400Transmission general: What are some signs your transmission is on its way out?[View]

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