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Displaying 215 expired threads from the past 3 days

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27066040LONG bonnets: Why are they so aesthetic?[View]
27065015What do you guys think of the new Integra? Should I just not bother and get the Civic?[View]
27063587Having 4 doors is great[View]
27065478>notice sharp uptick in Browns 'driving' beat up shitboxes ausbros should I be concerned? not eve…[View]
27064714what is your opinion of him? is he /o/ approved?[View]
27057813What are some cars that have an 'incel' aesthetic?[View]
27062812lol nsw lost![View]
27059077Do cars/trucks rust out over here like the northeast?[View]
27064562dear motorbike losers: don't mess with cyclists[View]
27066855>*bumping 808s and clattering hihats coming through the windows*[View]
27064762/dbt/ - [ daily bike thread ]: Galactic Honda edition! >Motorcycling content >Undertail exhaus…[View]
27065907Is this tire going to explode? My boss keeps putting it off. Ive never seen wear on the side like th…[View]
27052365What went wrong?[View]
27064538>see any subaru on the road >whisper “dyke mobile” to self why do I do this?…[View]
27065005My dream car is an Aston Martin because I want to be like James Bond.[View]
27060608>How is your car running?[View]
27066701What does your car chassis code stand for ill go first Fucking Gay[View]
27042472/sqtddtot/ stupid questions thread: what are some good places to put a security disconnect switch, o…[View]
27063932>I-IS THAT... ZA HACHIROKU? ZOMG IM BUYING ONE RIGHT NOW!! https://youtu.be/YV7FKSTG9Vo…[View]
27059037what's /o/'s consensus on rolling coal?[View]
27065899I drive a $5k beater Corolla. I was about to buy a new Corolla and pay about $400/month for 60 month…[View]
27063816>creates a chilling effect on the first amendment, fourth amendment, the freedom of movement, fre…[View]
27065566EV chads general. Poorfags allied to SEETHE only.[View]
27065589BMW is just trolling right? They've already won the nostrils game, they can stop now.[View]
27061469The Electric Viking: What's the /o/ verdict?[View]
27065722if toyota brought back the townace..: would you buy one?[View]
270609092jz or LS[View]
27062229Is your shitbox at least twenty years old? What cars are you surprised to find from a cursory Google…[View]
27064682>'Uhh, sorry, I don't drive high horsepower giant fat american cars because I like hitting t…[View]
27063202How can one joint venture cause so much seethe?[View]
27061324I just got a new job with a 75 mile commute each way. 100% highway miles. What car should I buy?[View]
27062598What is the point of modern trucks?[View]
270636982nd Gen Ford Escape: Worth making into a soft roader? I just put new sway bars and KYB shocks into …[View]
27064156sup, /o/. looking to buy a newish tacoma. what are some issues/key points i should look out for?[View]
27064129Audi S3: Opinions of the new Audi S3? Thinking of booking a test drive now. It's leagues above …[View]
27063251>Be me, Europoor >Want to buy used pick-up truck >Market is completely dry because Khokhol…[View]
27061693Where do you dispose of used coolant? Trying to be green[View]
27065493What car would you Batmobile[View]
27050003Assuming that money is not an issue, is an M4 the best daily driver around?[View]
27064514What car has the best oem sound system for 50k used or new: I wanna upgrade from a prius bros......…[View]
27065389Mid priced fun cars.: The coof ruined EVERYTHING. What are the moderately priced fun cars in 2023? B…[View]
27062519Scooters and small bikes: I'm thinking of getting one of these for city usage. I won't nee…[View]
27063432>AMG Literally pronounced as 'I am gay' How do benzbros defend this?[View]
27060374>first long drive through stop-and-go traffic jams in a manual car >by the end I'm so fuc…[View]
27062325What should I buy? Holden VF SV6 or Hyundai i30N sedan?[View]
27064704Have you ever traveled to another country and seen the different kinds of brands of autos?[View]
27063691Lexus TX: >worse than the Toyota Grand Highlander in every fucking way >slap a Lexus badge on …[View]
27064935What's with scooter hate?: I bought a 150cc scooter for a run around and commuter because my ot…[View]
27063363Why do people seem afraid to drive their cars?: Lately I have been seeing a lot of people, mostly BR…[View]
27064959Whats your biggest /o/ failure?: >Always see the youtubers fixing up project cars making it look …[View]
27064357Polestar: Thoughts?[View]
27060259Cam shaft bearing conspiracy: If cranks have bearings why don’t cam shafts? They spin at the same rp…[View]
27062974Pentastar appreciation thread: >Used in 23 different cars sold all over the world >oldschool …[View]
27058616Post your car: + car photography thread[View]
27062197Anyone have experience importing a car from JP to US?: I kinda want a little Japanese car for errand…[View]
27057977The new ranger looks like that?![View]
27054241Realistically what do you do in this situation? The guy that hit your mirror is probably half a mil…[View]
27061432/dbt/ bikes: boxer edition >praying for (you)s >Undertail exhausts include a heated seat >U…[View]
27062301>pronounces the name of nearly every single car manufacturer incorrectly…[View]
27062353Aside from high monthlies, is there any real downside?: Alright, give it to me straight. I want to l…[View]
27052303Post your engines: Do it, even if you drive a 1.1L Europeon hatchback[View]
27064388Chevy 1500 bullshit: I said I would return. It was the fuel pump, don’t trust the pressure tester…[View]
27062225Documentation fees. What justifies a 600$ doc fee? I get taxes because the gov't is a parasite,…[View]
27060086What is the most reliable truck ever made?[View]
27064165What’s his problem?: I recently stumbled onto a video of this asshole destroying a good condition Mo…[View]
27063330Chrysler 300: What do we think of it?[View]
27063306Race Tracks: >Nurburgring 24 >2 AM >Light rain, mild fog Why are race tracks and rally stag…[View]
27060854How do you determine if a manual is good car when you can't really drive stick? Last time I dro…[View]
27062976Thoughts on the 2024 Nissan Titan XD?[View]
27057839need a new car for piece of shit balkan road: hello friends. i am in balkan. i am looking for car re…[View]
27063554Nebraska bros[View]
27063182People think my pp smol because I drive big engine car: I don't say anything but in truth my di…[View]
27057260Since Tesla has the best selling car models, does that mean that any random person on /o/ is more li…[View]
27064171I'M JUST RUNNING IN THE 90S C'MON BABY RUN TO ME https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCiDuy4mr…[View]
27062326Why are LDV V80s dirt cheap in australia? Like I'm talking under six figure kms, maybe 5 years …[View]
27061688Are nigsan drivers (male) all this retarded? The low functioning autist in the black r32 was the sam…[View]
27062922Not a real woman Not a real car Simple as[View]
27064089What’s the deal with 2011-2015 Honda CR-Vs? Best/worst year sites are saying to avoid them like the …[View]
27063810>Subaru Impreza 22B in 1998 came with 276 hp >Subaru WRX in 2022 has 271 hp…[View]
27058848I almost crashed three times today. I can't get good at driving no matter how hard I try. Maybe…[View]
27059688What do you think of my first car Volkswagen Gol G3 2005[View]
27057900Which one /o/: Also I’m not a Turk[View]
27058133if you're looking to buy a GR86, what's the point when the 330ci E46 exists for 1/4 the pr…[View]
27061912There is no replacement for displacement: Ask yourself? >am I in a race car (You are not) If the …[View]
27062092Hyundai Equus what's the catch? Was planing on getting a late 2010s sonata limited for a comfor…[View]
27049244New Ecoboost Mustang - why is it auto only?: Why isn’t the new 4 cylinder Mustang available with a m…[View]
27063225whats the most SOVLFULL automobile?[View]
27047999australian retardation: someone save us out here. i got defected (my car was yellow stickered), mean…[View]
27059245BMW 3 Series Reliability: I’ve recently started flipping fucked up auction cars for a small profit. …[View]
27062415Fucking Gay[View]
27063164How come no one makes a Sesto Elemento body kit for gallardos?[View]
27061430/dbt/ Nightly dbt Thread: Takin' it easy edition >M is for Motorcycling >no china bikes …[View]
27061705What is considered 'low' My mustang has a factory ground clearance of 5.6 inches and with 1.5' lower…[View]
27062509/o/ what’s a good touring car that os fun to drive?[View]
27063046was thinking about getting an electric car. maybe a Nissan Leaf but I'm honestly not too sure.[View]
27061947What is your project car?: Tell me about your project cars. I’m restoring an old Jeep XJ I bought pr…[View]
27058607if your car's gas requirements isnt minimum 91 octane youre not driving a real car[View]
27062125Why do some people act like the street racing in the Japanese cartoons is somehow OK? It's just…[View]
27059605What's the worst car payment you've seen/heard of and for what car?[View]
27062111r8 or h8? 2005 Alloytech 3.6L V6 Holden Commodore 1991 1uz-fe 4.0L V8 Toyota Soarer[View]
27058564ITT: We help poors, post the cheapest RWD cars in your country[View]
27060992Thinking of uh picking up an Audi A4 B8.5 gen with quattro & the 2.0TFSI. What are some main th…[View]
27057225I Love Crossovers so much bros: So many fond memories with so many families[View]
27061606>bongs call wagons 'estates' >bongs call sedans 'saloons'…[View]
27049776What the actual fuck is up with car insurance?: >Insurance is due but they raise my rate by $90 '…[View]
27062566My corolla has 243k miles. Should I get a paintjob? I was thinking of swapping out the engine and tr…[View]
27060478Are the new lada nivas (aka legend) as good as the early models?: Are the newer models as reliable e…[View]
27058678Scotty dabs on pajeets in one of his latest vids: Also, is the auto industry really going to get to …[View]
27059846Wtf did I just find?: I just found this abomination on german craigslist and i still cant comprehend…[View]
27057885fictional cars you would absolutely drive: post cars from games and other media that make you go 'i …[View]
27061292Why are the prices of these all over the place? Similar year and mileage cars can have a sometimes 5…[View]
27056383I feel like the king of the road: >inherited some money from my grandmother who died recently and…[View]
27056412Do you have an unremarkable car that you always appreciate seeing? for me it's 7th gen celicas[View]
27061295Tire Jews: >be me >blew flat >want replacement >'Sorry anon we no have. We also reccomen…[View]
27062383Odometer GET? Headed home and glanced down at my gauges right before it rolled over. 2007 FJ Cruiser…[View]
27060130Youtube Car channels that you can't stand: I'll start VisioRacer >annoying beta male vo…[View]
27048670The Crown Vic is one of the greatest taxis of all time and I'm absolutely SICK of people saying…[View]
27060599rear wheel drive fun deathboxes: is there any left? The japanese re-released some of their z's …[View]
27053056dash cams: should I get a dash cam? I'm not trying to record myself pulling stunts and shit. Un…[View]
27049224Are they actually reliable?[View]
27047892I pay $750/month to lease this car. I mog you.[View]
27061983I drove the maverick and the breaks were very sensitive. This is what hybrids are supposed to be lik…[View]
27059328>No V8 no bu-ACK This kills the /o/ LARPing chud[View]
27061557What are your best memories with cars? I'll start: around 2002 we stole a tuned Opel Corsa B wi…[View]
27058015>Toyota got rid of V8 >GM has made nothing but junkers since at least the 90s >BMW only mak…[View]
27061039Crankshaft on an 01 Malibu that just threw the serpentine belt off on start up. Is that gap supposed…[View]
27061390It would be cool wouldn’t it: pick up your favorite lady and drive down main street with it[View]
27053483Let's build a car >make a nice, lightweight chassis >give it a very good 4wd system >m…[View]
27061712tesla, but streetttttttttttttched[View]
27048744This thing is a fucking mess: How does Elon respond when this thing flops?[View]
27057038Why is BMW obsessed with the big nose design?: Is there any particular charm to this design? Their n…[View]
27059377how did i do bros. bought my first new car from a dealer ship. all my other cars were used sales fro…[View]
27059290/dbt/ Nightly dbt Thread: Out inna woods, gives me wood edition >M is for Motorcycling >no chi…[View]
27060118Do you drive a shitbox /o/?[View]
27058591How many times should a man blow a tranny in his car in his life?[View]
27058906Should I?: I mean cmon look at it[View]
27058854/nightdrive/: Anyone else like to go on cost night drives? I felt depressed af tonight so I’m curre…[View]
27059181Am i a dumbass for thinking about trading my '10 civic with 225k miles on it for one of these w…[View]
27061013>constantly browse carfax,cargurus,autotraders for used 4th gen rav4 these past few months >ba…[View]
27060896is this shitbox with 45 k km (30 k freedom lengths) worth 17 k eurobux? Am I about to make the worst…[View]
27060109ive been looking for a car for a while now and been having some pretty strange issues with private s…[View]
27059784I have 243k miles on my engine and transmission. I plan to swap them both out when they go out.[View]
27053255>just work a part time job for $7 and hour to save and buy one of the many cheap used cars that d…[View]
27056490>Gets stolen and smuggled to West Africa with same day shipping.[View]
27058667FUCKING STOP[View]
27060303Compact, Lightweight, Simple, Tough, Efficient: Say it with me: ChadPherson Struts[View]
27052293I've never driven a car that is manual or one with more than 200 horsepower. What am I missing?[View]
27060439If youre at a traffic light, and the lights turns red and you STILL TURN RIGHT and hang around the c…[View]
27060367Mazda General: We love Mazdas. Take your Mazda out for a drive. Will you attend Mazda Fan Festa 2024…[View]
27054651can I tastefully mod the 2024 Corolla hatchback 2.0L?: The GR Corolla is overpriced and ugly. I also…[View]
27060248Undercoating: I have a 93’ Ranger standard shift and cab, bought it for 700 at 210k looks almost bra…[View]
27060749>I don't offroad my jeep >I don't use my truck for work >I don't rev above 3…[View]
27060659Pontiac Sunfire: My neighbor has a Pontiac Sunfire and he is selling it for 1000 dollars, its in a v…[View]
27060694Does your car wear a front plate? My state requires it but I've never gotten in trouble for it …[View]
27059885Whats a good way to break into the auto industry. im 30 years old. worked on my own vehicles out of …[View]
27055886>ywn have a qt mechanic gf who rebuilds air cooled 912s and is heir to the greatest porsche tuner…[View]
27060391Why are they like this? with sound: https://files.catbox.moe/cbocan.mp4[View]
27050544I like my Kia[View]
27059742I have driven my 2011 Toyota Corolla through all the high gas prices. WAGMI!!![View]
27059453i want it so bad[View]
27058719Going to be renting out a van for the weekend and will be camping out of it at a festival. Which of …[View]
27053472Cash beater vs financed dream car: ok /o/ need your opinion on this: should you buy a 5-10k used car…[View]
27054401Gas is getting expensive[View]
27055372Abominations: ITT we post cars whose very existence is an affront to God and man.[View]
27059972The absolute state of this board: >Let's see what /o/'s tastes are >Barely any repli…[View]
27059210Mk1 mr2 wiring question: What is this wire that is in my.mr2 under the center console trying to figu…[View]
27057473Is this F150 a good generation?[View]
27057771Is there a more based and testicular feeling than speeding in the rain? The thrill of feeling my MR2…[View]
27060011Do you think Gaylord Cars ever had a chance?[View]
27059998Genesis: Ahem. I like the Genesis brand.[View]
27057505Things I hate about new cars #235[View]
27058670its still alive ;^) >Italian >German >Japanese cars only…[View]
27059937What does /o/ think of the 1999 Volvo c70 turbo coupe HT 2.3l manual? Does it have a timing chain or…[View]
27059571I don't know shit about cars but need one for a few months, is this fine? I drive maybe 10 mile…[View]
27054359>waiting at crosswalk >get the cross signal >cars still keep driving by >finally step on…[View]
27047750/ovg/ - Auto Vidya General - 'Am I the only one who likes Test Drive 5 and 6?' Edition: Welcome to t…[View]
27059132what did you think of the epi? >jeeps collapsing >he rolls the 30 >landscape is just rocks…[View]
27055127Muscle Car General: Gentlemen. It is time to set aside our petty disagreements between branding and …[View]
27059751Does anyone drive a 2010-2015 mid-size sedan? What mpgs are you getting?[View]
27051813this guy browses /o/ doesn’t he?[View]
27059094Don't need 4x4: when you have 41's[View]
27059227I thought these supercharged f150s were supposed to be fast. Why is it losing to NA cars? Did Ford f…[View]
27058976>car sales slow down >car prices actually get higher in my area what the fuck?…[View]
27055130Carlos appreciation thread: Say something nice about the savior of Nissan.[View]
27058817how did people back in the day park their big trucks/suv's in reverse without having a backup c…[View]
27059024Miatatatatata: If Miatas could talk what would it say?[View]
27057358Anyone else looking forward to Chinese cars entering their market? The more competition, the better[View]
27056645Let's make a fun /o/ Garage: Right, so you have $15k to make a 3 car garage >offroader >t…[View]
27057278Have you ever been left stranded on the side of the road?: Weekend will be ruined due to car problem…[View]
27056056I blew my tranny[View]
27057194>be me in car owners forum >post an ad looking to buy a right hand side indicator light >gu…[View]
27059233Ford Ranger: Aside from the insane long travel suspension mods and trailing arms/ 4 link, how much w…[View]
27056338/dbt/ Daily Bike Thread: Previous >>27052994 >dirt bikes >street bikes that look like di…[View]
27059153Are sports cars hard to come by in Ohio?: Been on the market for a fun car since the summer. Every d…[View]
27058783>MOGs your Tacoma[View]
27057814What's your driving music /o/? This one never disappoints. Even the cover is great.[View]
27058852Is it a good truck? There one at work that has 140k miles on it and I wanna know if its worth it if …[View]
27048767What is the point of modern American trucks? You can fit more in a minivan than their pathetic littl…[View]
27057752What's a better daily for about 60k? A raptor or a f250 lariat/KR? Looking at 2018-2020 models …[View]
27058736single low grill intake good multiple grills and high intakes bad[View]
27053360Full Contact Disc Brakes: Whatever happened to these? Was backgrounding some old how it's made …[View]
27053932I hate crossovers so fucking much bros... they're so soulless but I see them everywhere.[View]
27053393UK/AUS anons: What classic cars made in your country do guys desire the most? Are there specific cla…[View]
27058088History is repeating itself: >huge wheels >no windows >BIG ASS FUCKING CAR Guess we'll…[View]
27055115/dgt/ - Daily Gn125 Thread: Gn125 Edition >praying for gn125's >post gn125 >do not rep…[View]
27058046>Haldex is shi-: Haldex haters are on 24/7 suicide watch rn.[View]
27055934Music to listen in a Corvette C8: Which music do you listen to in your Corvette C8? I’m about to get…[View]
27047749Would you rather peak torque @ low RPM?: ~mid range or high? Had a rental Malibu with the 1.5T and l…[View]
27058300'Remember those kids in HS that wore edgy goth shit from Hot Topic? What a bunch of faggots haha': *…[View]
27057025Good first car: Sup /o/ What car do I buy? - Honda Civic 1.0 >2017 - Audi A1 >2019 - Mazda 3 2…[View]
27057680Why would someone put aesthetic mods on a car with a fundamentally ugly shape?[View]
27058340Which is worse, your favourite car company getting bought by the chinks or pajeets?[View]

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