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20858849what does /o/ think of wranglers? Are they as big of a meme as they appear to be? I'm looking f…[View]
20857714Fuck trains: Seriously , fuck em, and bringing traffic to a dead standstill for over 10 minutes or m…[View]
20856687Street racing: Well /o/ since it has been six months since I have done any serious street racing wha…[View]
20859173Ahem* Fuck mud, fuck salt, fuck snow, fuck pot holes, fuck speed bumps, fuck frost heaves, and most …[View]
20858345What do you guys think about the Kia Soul?[View]
20858759Looking for a tray desu. I'm not American so please no American suggestions. Only making a thre…[View]
20857571What happened to car mats guys? >go from thick, many ridged mats to thin small ridged mats.…[View]
20854624Toyota Supra heritage parts program: Yeah, I'm thinking Toyota is back![View]
20858156Was Leno on something?: watch this and comment what Jay was on: https://youtu.be/w_9LTORK1lA drunk? …[View]
20859040Chrysler: >Only has two vehicles: a 15 year old sedan and a minivan Fucking die already.…[View]
20856145Any ideas?: I need a recommendation for a cheap fun second car >under 3 grand…[View]
20857705what do you think of Classic VW's?[View]
20859025Why do women do this? I hope you guys don't[View]
20858543>*understeers in your direction*[View]
20853917Ok car people, I have found myself in a rather odd predicament. I have come to own an 86 mk3 supra w…[View]
20856827Name a car. Protip: you can’t[View]
20856279[Daily bike thread] - /dbt/: tfw /adv/dad but no /adv/gf edition >Motorcycle Shitposting & Br…[View]
20856002Chrome letters fell off today.: The chrome letters fell off my 2002 beige C320 station wagon. I noti…[View]
20855253Name a better car to off-road than the Patriot Surger. You can't.[View]
20858463>Modern unibody cars are stiffer and more durable than 2 decades old body on frame ones: True or …[View]
20857819How does the all-season tire perform better than the summer tire? 15' summer tires seem to not exis…[View]
20858305I am a Final Quality Checker at Carmax: I am the last person that sees a car and decides if it goes …[View]
20857807Craigslist thread[View]
20841073>your year of birth >fav car from that year…[View]
20857832Weight reduction bro[View]
20858407Thoughts on the Mini Cooper S? I just bought one for 6000$ Its a 2012 with 220hp[View]
20848499Am i the only one who think that Tesla cars look pretty disgusting? Why should i buy a shitty design…[View]
20853766Post cars and dogs that would go well with them[View]
20858080Should I put seafoam in a 1980 Datsun 720. Would this benefit, or harm my vehicle[View]
20853761Civic Type R is over: https://carbuzz.com/news/honda-civic-type-r-s-nurburgring-record-has-finally-b…[View]
20852471about Williams FW42: Hello fellas, don't know if anyone of you still pay attention to Williams …[View]
20853012Who's got the coolest explosion harvester on /o/? >+1 if you post a picture…[View]
20848643>$42,000 >fwd >only 280hp Surprise surprise, reddit loves it!…[View]
20857957It's up. https://youtu.be/zqxeVxFFnoQ[View]
20856382My car has difficulty starting, /o/ It's a 1999 manual Seat Toledo TDI that i bought in good he…[View]
20850286how did you get into auto mechanics: I wanna be as handy and self-reliant as you kind individuals. W…[View]
20857874more cars like this[View]
20855714Red pill me on this car[View]
20854147Old bimmer for a girl?: > my sister is getting her license in a month > we have 12 years betwe…[View]
20855638Red pill me on the Chevy Avalanche It’s a fucking Tahoe with a short bed[View]
20853543Is it true that its good to occaisionally redline your car for a second and drive it like you stole …[View]
20794420N/o/rcal Ramen Tooj meet: May Ramen Tooj When: Thursday May 23rd, 7:45pm Where: Ringer Hut, 1072 Sar…[View]
20856052How many more years before these reach Supra prices?[View]
20854809Best luxury car value: Hi /o/, long time lurker. Anyone wanna take a stab at convincing me not to ge…[View]
20853823Driving is so fucking easy. So why are people so damn bad at it?[View]
20857362Klownig Wheels[View]
20857004Why are they still so expensive?[View]
20851487Why don't you own the car of your dreams? Why are you poor?[View]
20854893Can I get ticketed in state B for driving a car registered in state A that doesn’t have a valid insp…[View]
20855839Help -td42: Broke the stem off this while replacing the oil filters. Appears to control air intake …[View]
20854983How do I make a Corvette C5/C6 look youthful, more zoomer than boomer?[View]
20855333audi rs4 b7: best car of its time: i think about it 3-4 times a day. i don't want to come to te…[View]
20857163LONG CHAMP[View]
20856973What is the fastest Nordschleife lap time in a diesel engined car?[View]
20855975Will consumer trucks ever tow more than modern semi trucks?[View]
20844426Embarrassing Vehicles: Is there anything more pitiful than a 'Sport' - edition crossover?[View]
20853551/o/, how does it feel? Aurora Straus of Harvard University: How does it feel when a girl dabs on you…[View]
20855310why did it fail?[View]
20855442I want a decently quick 2 seater roadster with more storage space than average. A dealership near me…[View]
20854191/tfg/ Truckerfag General: Airbone Bovine Edition >44 tonnes of Nazi waifu porn >34 tornado war…[View]
20848909So I've got a problem, my car's climate vents smell like piss/mold when just the blower is…[View]
20853959What's a cool winter car?: I'm looking to buy a used car for winter, but I want something …[View]
20853559Is it just me or why is it that instead of cranking up higher horsepower from the same cc of the eng…[View]
20855802I want to build a Land Crusier similar to the ones in Dubai. How hard would it be for an American to…[View]
20847999Post future classic shitboxes[View]
20856785Fair price for a 1989 BMW E30?: Found pic related for $7k. Its an automatic but seems well maintaine…[View]
20854591>Work is 14 miles away >Commute is an hour to and from What bullshit is this? Why can nobody d…[View]
20856729Dodge Durango: Thoughts on a mint 5.2l V8 Dodge Durango?[View]
20855474RHD in LHD countries: So who here has experience driving RHD in LHD countries? Is it really that bad…[View]
20854407The Answer: Potentially buying a 93 Miata LE manual 170k miles, all original parts, up to date maint…[View]
20855817Ausfags assemble: /dat/ trap hsp edition If the mod dares delete this I'll get reee Vl fag u ar…[View]
20852337Here's a weird question. I've got mazda nb. I'm trying to burn cds to play in it, but…[View]
20847785Mechanics: Who does /o/ go to for repair and major maintenance? Not all of us have the luxury of a b…[View]
20855446cars with the most soul: which one of these 2 countries makes the cars with the most soul?[View]
20847140So my wife needed a chance to sleep/shower given our newborn son has been keeping her busy. So I too…[View]
20854196Is the F-Type the prettiest car of this generation?: I can't think of anything so elegantly and…[View]
20847897/ovg/ - Final Instructions Edition: Recce videos for the 25th are now linked on the doc as well as t…[View]
20848440Commuter/Beater: What does /o/ think about pic related as a commuter? The price is decent but my onl…[View]
20855902Can't Remember my friends car: I've been trying to remember what car my friend owned back …[View]
20854161What does the Future hold for Jaguar/LandRover? Will Tata split them up, sell them, or shut them dow…[View]
20855576Is it time for me to get a new car? I got a 2010 Honda Accord coupe. It has 130k mikes on it. I’m t…[View]
20847485/FG/ FR-S General Automatics welcomed![View]
20853796sound system: i love music and i love to listen to it in the car, really fucking loud, where in the …[View]
20848353How everyone isn't jizzing full-time over these is beyond me. I mean for fuck's sake look …[View]
20853726My friend and his kids are going to be visiting for a few days so I picked them up a few things, inc…[View]
20855995What Mercedes model is this[View]
20856104Can someone help me identify this?: I need help identifying this patch. Saw it in a music video and …[View]
20848213>“I feel discriminated against because I’m driving a modified car - it’s lowered, so it’s four in…[View]
20845903Should I lease a car instead of buying a used one? At what point does it make more financial sense t…[View]
20853903The future of vehicles: The year is 2030. What changes in the automotive industry do you think will…[View]
20854770Sportswagen or nah?: I'm shopping for a hatchback for roadtrips and grocery shopping, and it se…[View]
20852794[Daily bike thread] - /dbt/: chilly edition >Motorcycle Shitposting & Brand Pragmatism >Mo…[View]
20855254>German? Check. >Hybrid? Check. >Turbo? Check. >DSG Tranny? >90K miles? Check. She…[View]
20854141Can you identify this car?: https://youtu.be/RAsNQGqJb1o?t=30 It's part of an ongoing investiga…[View]
20848454Teslafags BTFO in Illinois[View]
20854363>Supra/Z4 platform >ttv6 from LS500 >use more carbon fibre >softtop vert >throw in a …[View]
20855672Andrés Felipe, 25 2004 Mazda 6 No engine mods[View]
20855680Would it be off putting to put historical Soviet and Korean propaganda posters in the form of sticke…[View]
20855602I bought a tank similar to the one in the picture to store gas in for a day or two but didn't r…[View]
20855550VDC control: 2008 g37s AT with manuel mode and paddle shifters. Questions is if drag racing from a s…[View]
20855501ahem *sniffs*[View]
20853542here /o/, I fixed your truck[View]
20853379Happily boye thread[View]
20851191Why aren't you going to buy one, /o/?[View]
20849640I daily a 140bhp 2000 Celica VVTI with 140,000 miles. I paid £995 for it and everything works like …[View]
20852638Sitting in court room to give a testimony on a guy who attacked my son and did 4500 in damage to my …[View]
20852891>civic for 3k: Is it my best option as a community college poorfag? I've been looking around…[View]
20854884good car /o/? https://www.kijiji.ca/v-cars-trucks/saskatoon/mitsubishi-ralliart/1436135044?enableSea…[View]
20847908so the very underpowered is more fun than the underpowered? https://youtu.be/SJQo0tZ5Jmg[View]
20847553Why is the Audi fanbase so small compared to BMW and Mercedes? I always see BMW fans on /o/, and a f…[View]
20852203Bedford Rascal: Bedford Rascal[View]
20852525Am I dumb wanting to buy a miata?: So I have a mazda 3 BK 2.0 which is my first car. It's prett…[View]
20851348Signed Doug photos: For what reason?[View]
20848949MERCEDES BTFO https://youtu.be/9rx7-ec0p0A[View]
20852988Renault just launched the first ever non-luxury 'coupe' crossover.: It's called the Arkana. It …[View]
20844135Yea, I'm thinking Tesla's back https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2019/may/21/elon-mus…[View]
20849452Hyundai Accent: Hey anon do you think I'm pretty?? ^.^ I want to be yours forever ;3[View]
20853090>Outraced a jock >Avoid long arm of the law by moving to Japan >Get to see dad again >'W…[View]
20851996>be me, 2013 >mom buys new car, went from 01' Mercedes ML 55 AMG to new ford c-max >go…[View]
20850366My xterra wont start: Took out the alternator and tested it, it was bad. Put new one in, still wont …[View]
20850808literally perfect: prove me wrong[View]
20852955ninetyninetwilight: Here's a weird question. I've got mazda nb. I'm trying to make mi…[View]
20843999BMW X2: good or bad i think of it as a mutt[View]
20849782>took car to tire place to get rotation and alignment >tires rotates and aligned >took car …[View]
20852779FUCKING BASED: >Here’s how. Richard Candler, an engineer high up in the Global Advanced Planning …[View]
20853192More Detail Plz: I remember living through this. It was a huge deal and in the news all the time. No…[View]
20849176>he doesn't own the last new car that isn't a completely soulless bloatbox Why aren…[View]
20853296Thinking about getting this with a manual. Thoughts?[View]
20853881Stagea RS 2500 for 11k: Been eyeing on this stagea for a while, does anyone have expierience with th…[View]
20851056So b/o/ys, what's the weirdest/best thing you guys have found in shitboxes you've purchase…[View]
20853508Cheap Boxster: I can get pic related for about $10K in mint shape with 60,000 km on it. Is there a b…[View]
20853852Cockblocked Yuropoor: This is what you pay on insurance and taxes for cars in Germany monthly. Would…[View]
20850892Shit that shouldn't even be allowed: I'll start.[View]
20851567Does anyone have a good album of genuine Japanese riced cars to get my album started[View]
20850043I'm at the car wash /o/ How often do you wash your daily?[View]
20843069Jeep Commander: I found some Jeep Commanders (with the 3l V6 Mercedes TD) in my Yuroland, and want t…[View]
20853102Anyone else cut random people off and then brake check them just to keep them on their toes? I do th…[View]
20852740Carmaker Ford announces 7,000 job cuts: OH NO NO NONONONO[View]
20853506Buying a brand new Honda Civic 4D: Going to buy one this week. Can i expect not be concerned with ge…[View]
2085235825k cash budget: Managed to save up 25k cash thanks to /Biz/ and now I'm looking to buy a new c…[View]
20851781Post your car, it's top speed/when the governor shuts it off, and how it handles that speed. …[View]
20853373>tfw my shitbox has sportmode >tfw activate it and my car goes vroom vroom and pulls me back…[View]
20830905reminder that the e46 is peak BMW[View]
20852526How do people even take this shitshow of a company seriously?[View]
20834883/QTDDTOT/ - Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Threads: Also Known as /SQT/ A thread dedica…[View]
20850188Best powerful cars from the 1990s: Something cheap also. Pic unrelated[View]
20853098Money Pit: I've owned a few cars both classic and new (Honda, Chrysler), as well as having owne…[View]
20852682How do we deal with subhuman poorfags who key cars? Its an epidemic in major cities like Berlin[View]
20852624>tfw no shipping outside the US[View]
20821049Post automobile gore.[View]
20852297talk me out of buying one, guise[View]
20831970is car culture dying?[View]
20850285[ D a i l y B i k e T h r e a d ] - /dbt/: Harley Edition >Motorcycle Shitposting & Brand Pra…[View]
20850266>This week, car fans Brayden Tomicic and his wife Payton welcomed into the world little baby “Eat…[View]
20839135>trucks tailgating why do they do this? truckers are always whining about how people don't s…[View]
20851307whats the most reliable and well built GM product i can get for 10k? my 20yr old accord's timin…[View]
20852756Car Commercials: Post commercials of the car you own. Doesn't have to be the exact model year. …[View]
20846424I am so excited for the upcoming M2 CS and 718 GT4. Which one will take the crown?[View]
20850847/o/'s anime: So Im curious /o/. I know Initial D tends to be the anime of choice. But Im curiou…[View]
20831461Pickup/truck general: Anyone else on /o/ own a truck? Are trucks even popular here? I see very littl…[View]
20851350How are these street legal[View]
20847284Can anything compete on the european market?: it costs nearly half the price of its competition, i d…[View]
20851392America will never make a car this good.[View]
20847124I'm considering buying a BMW E34 or Merc W124/W201 because of small budget (€2-3k) and cheap in…[View]
20849793Upgrade to avalon: 2001 160k miles camry (silver, leather) for a 2000 130k miles Avalon (black, clot…[View]
20849998Does anyone actually know what this sign means? I do. But do most people?[View]
20797164SEMI TRUCK GENERAL: PISSJUG EDETION: Honestly I’m the best person here. Ur debating on whose shitbox…[View]
20846246>Going into any amount of debt >For any car ever Justify yourselves retards.…[View]
20849580What modern car would you use in a 2020 Knight Rider reboot?[View]
20843329Is this a good car?: Ok so I know nothing about cars but my parents got me a 2019 Camry XSE for coll…[View]
20850103Whats the most based cargo van from the late 80's/90's, /o/?[View]
20849010They're not going to regulate old cars: California at it again >yfw its 2025 >any car 200…[View]
20845772So, what's the deal with this guy? It's Toyota or nothing is what I'm getting from hi…[View]
20852212How do I fix this bad guy here? As you can see it has a pull starter, engine similar to a chainsaw i…[View]
20851937Identify this car: That red car in the picture, wtf is that?[View]
20851953Mercedes W204 C180 Kompressor/C250/C300 manual: How good would it be as first car?[View]
20852058>cheap fixes for your vehicle that have worked I have a tailpipe that after remounting rests agai…[View]
20850680Bumper repair/paint: My Girlfriend drives one of these badboys, a 2002 Laser SR her front bumper cle…[View]
20841484Suzuki #1: Throughout the years Suzuki has proven to be the best Japanese motorcycle maker out there…[View]
20846836How would you have handled this situation, /o/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4e22lbrb5Z0[View]
20839376Do you prefer your tach gauge on the left, or right?[View]
20848860Why is it so fucking ugly brehs? I think this might be the best deal I can get but....holy shit is t…[View]
20849374Soapy bois: Post ur soap cars. Here's mine, 2004 Monte Carlo SS with the supercharged 3800. Was…[View]
20845787Do you downshift when coming to a complete stop /o/? Or do you put it in neutral and just coast/appl…[View]
20848216BMW about to drop their worst CEO yet: Changes immiment at BMW. https://g20.bimmerpost.com/forums/sh…[View]
20851429Black people have soiled the good name of the Dodge Charger! Soiled It! Soiled It! Soiled it! Soiled…[View]
20847901Leasing? Yes or no? Honestly seems like a worry free choice[View]
20851182My boomer parents are considering buying my grandma's 2016 Chevy Malibu with <20k miles. Wha…[View]
20850525based and redpilled[View]
20841693>>no low balls Why even mention this, what even counts as a low ball?…[View]
20851384do anybody know how i can remove the gps from a mercedes benz gl 2013 (x166) and where i can find al…[View]
20851238What the fuck is up with this retarded trend? It just spawned out of nowhere like a fucking SCP.[View]
20844058Driving shoes: What do you think the best shoes or footwear in general for driving are? i hate drivi…[View]
20850340Explain how cars work to this English peasant.[View]
20850589Will they make a coupe?[View]
20848496Boomers lived it when it came to cars.: Put aside your bias for a minute from whichever generation o…[View]
20849076How could one chicken farmer be so fucking based?[View]
20848780redpill me about this piece of shit still looking for a used car 09 Chrystler 300 for $4k with 125K …[View]
20846613I had my vehicle brought to a shop, had about $1100 worth of work done. He told me I didn't hav…[View]
20845558Which box was the best box? Why is the Soul the only remaining box? CUBES[View]
20849378The eternal question: Fucked up paint work on your beater. My 05 Corolla has 130k miles on it, and I…[View]
20843022.gif thread: Post automotive and trap .gif files[View]
20850458M a k e a 4 c h a n c a r i n a u t o m a t i o n: Anons,let's make a car,the best one,in fact.…[View]
20847497Why don't we acually do this? I mean, I know it wouldnt fully recharge the car but it would gen…[View]
20850548How do they stack up?[View]
20843300Is it worth it? Has a I6 with a 4 speed and is 4wd. But a fuckton of rust underneath, i wont expect …[View]
20849028Doug thinks he can sell signed photos for 35 and 50 dollars[View]
20847996>Refilling AC refrigerant My car is 9 years old, the AC works but it isn't ice cold like it …[View]
20849145Normalfag cars: Sup /o/, i bet this question gets asked on a daily basis, but i will give it a shot:…[View]
20845213Am I too big to be competitive in karting?: I'm about 6'1', 200 pounds. Weight wise I can …[View]
20848199is it true that driving automatically fixes your sitting posture?[View]
20849277$13,000 CAD to spend, what's the best car to sit in traffic with while hardly spending any mone…[View]
20847063So my wife needed a chance to sleep/shower given our newborn son has been keeping her busy. So I too…[View]
20849858Would you rather drive this classic Mustang GT California special or the Nova SS behind it?[View]
20849465it's another my 'my mazda rx-8' won't start today', thread piece of shit car, desu I'…[View]
20849226enthusiasts on other continents: What car would you guys buy for around 10k USD >1.1 million Yen …[View]
20849418Seat Belt Chime: Hey /o/ new here, /out/sig/ main. Ive always done everything on my car myself, but …[View]
20849246I seriously hope you guys don't ride bicycles[View]
20847586Why do normies and women prefer to drive crossovers lately? Absolutely outrageous how especially wom…[View]
20840549Rate each others cars: Rate each others cars here relative to their situation. I'll start, Got …[View]
20846369/dbt/ - [ D a i l y B i k e T h r e a d ]: god I wish that were me edition >Motorcycle Shitpostin…[View]
20847705For me, it's the rav4.[View]
20837877Kia Stinger vs Mustang Bullitt: Seriously considering these two. What does /o/ think? Kia Stinger pr…[View]
208464172002 subaru outback: 213k miles 2500$ got a tune up and oil change and alignment for 350$ like a chu…[View]
20849574Can someone help me identify the small white car under the Pepsi logo in this picture? The picture w…[View]
20848003Salvage car repair: With no repair experience would it be wise to buy a salvage car with minor damag…[View]
20849197So i saw people talking about BMW e46 lately. What's the appeal with this model? BMW is known t…[View]
20848012Noob troubleshooting help: Sup /o/, I recently inherited an old 944 turbo that doesn't run and …[View]
20846791Where were you when Tesla was kill?[View]
20844635Have you noticed that these little cuck cars are starting to appear on roads across the US more now?…[View]
20848819Fiero 86: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpyN2hojdCg TL;DR - Guy in Ohio buys a Fiero 86 for almost…[View]
20844408How much care to you put into your car?[View]
20849178google maps[View]
20847193Driving cars is fun[View]
20848659Oh dear Mercedes, that is a very ugly car[View]
20846487You have exactly 48 seconds to explain why this (Honda NM4) shouldn't be my first bike. >wee…[View]
20848062BRZ: >32000€ >0-100 in 8 seconds uh....what?…[View]
20847770Anyone a Corolla fan here?[View]
20843233'''''''Sports''''''' Car for under $60k: What would /o/ buy for a sports car under $50k? >Camaro…[View]
20845826*blocks your path*[View]
20844832I'm looking for a Miata, but while I wait for a good deal on one to show up, I want to look at …[View]
20846720/o/, what kind of car is the gray one? Judging by the hatchback, silver trim around the windows, the…[View]
20846859post yfw grabbing 3rd[View]
20848629how much is this gonna cost to fix? i got quoted at $3k but it looks like it's just the hood,gr…[View]
20847441Why do damnear all modern pickup truck engines use a timing chain instead of gears? So u wont have t…[View]
20843470what's an /o/ approved car scent? inb4vagjuice[View]
20833526Why is the WRX not /o/ur car?[View]
20847026Rate my car, /o/[View]
20848462So whats /o's opinion on elds? They had a positive impact on trucking or no?[View]
20843977Sup /o/ Redpill me on the Boxster 986. I want an upgrade from my 2.2 Prelude. >Inb4 poorfag…[View]
20844637Buying a Rx-7 FD: I’m looking to buy a FD rx7 but I’ve had problems finding them around me and ones …[View]
20836553>Americans will never own one[View]
20847539190E: Redpill me on this I really like the look[View]
20848219What do I need to know about buying a used electric car? I've always sorta been interested in t…[View]
20848031which one should i get, if any?: one is a 2015 kia soul that is automatic for $7500 with 110K miles …[View]
20847207/o/'s thought of colorados now that tacomas suck?[View]
20845260looking to buy a used car, would this be reliable? i just need something that would get me around to…[View]
20830867Will these be the Panthers of the zoomer generation?[View]
20838583Rarest street finds you’ve seen? I saw this Alpina B10 Biturbo rolling alongside me on the highway, …[View]
20846224Ontariofag here looking to buy a Subaru GC8. I've been after one for a while now and I finally …[View]
20846879Rate my car please[View]
20839987/ovg/ - Tarbo Toyoders Editon: Recce videos for the 25th are now linked on the doc as well as the tr…[View]
20847647selling a car for the first time. What is considered to be reasonable level of inspection when peopl…[View]
20846820What cars will appreciate in value the most?[View]
20847251I recently helped out some people stuck in a bog by towing them out of it with my Subaru. When I was…[View]
20847138my gf's little Honda Civic (2003) feels like a fucking wooden carriage when it hits a pothole i…[View]
20844708why the fuck were 70s speedometers so small[View]
20847303What is the best swap for W30? 2ZZ, 2GR, or K series?[View]
20843866Vin check on this Accord?: Helping my step bro shop for a used car, if anyone could run this VIN I’d…[View]
20839097Post cars that make poor people uncontrollably angry[View]
20846702Buying a used car: Is their any cars on the sticky you guys don’t trust for reliability? Also is You…[View]
20841630RX-8: So I see this cl ad. What should I do? I'm curious to find out what's actually wrong…[View]
20844154Suzuki Cappuccino: Opinion on Kei sports cars? Is it worth importing (Canada)? How safe are they?…[View]
20841331Car meet/show pictures: post pics of the last car meet/show you went to[View]
20844643What car is WORTHY OF THE SUPRA NAME?[View]
20842017Why are used Wranglers so expensive?[View]
20839798how to protect your car against vandalism?: gonna have my very first own car next month and there ar…[View]
20847222How much more expensive is it to maintain German cars compared to Jap/American? How much more diffic…[View]
20842671any reason to avoid this car? need a family car and a car for the occasional 'adventure' (…[View]
20845851does /o/ sit on their fuel tank?[View]
20845894Really guys?: Press F to Pay Respects.[View]
20840049Looking around at newer cars to replace my old beater 06' Scion TC. 18' GTI is high on the…[View]
20844507Mk4 Jetta and Golf: Why do they smell like crayons? Thoughts on them as a whole?[View]
20843728Civic weebs BTFO by Renault Plus this thing has a full interior and doesn't have a roll cage li…[View]
20840292Would /o/ have bought my car in 7th grade?[View]
20846779I'm so scared to meet my dream car and my blue-eyed cutie girl. They're 300 miles away fro…[View]
20847062Comfy cars: Post comfy cars[View]
20847059Is there a more based Car Reviewer on Youtube?: In his Volvo V60 review he flat out said, 'Do not ge…[View]
20845363Anyone else think the Hyundai Accent is kinda cute?[View]
20847016Gonna be buying a 2018 Elantra Sport tomorrow, anything I should look out for? Am I making a dumb de…[View]
20839105So my wife needed a chance to sleep/shower given our newborn son has been keeping her busy. So I too…[View]
2084604796 Ford Ranger Suspension Problem?: My 96 Ford Ranger keeps drifting to the right whenever I go abov…[View]
20835596Do you drive a national security threat?[View]
20845908Jap Design: Seriously what’s up with Jap design post-2008? At least before then they tried to imitat…[View]
20846705evo 8 flickering light: I know this is a qttdott question, but my Oil warning light flickers when pr…[View]
20841896how bad of an idea is it to buy a Honda CRZ and dump like 4 grand into mods (including a supercharge…[View]
20841539A nice NA build is heaven to me. Velocity stacks, ITBs etc get me rock fucking hard. I really don…[View]
20845593What kind of person drives this car?[View]
20843773Mark my words, /o/. We're going to see a return to sharp angles and defined edges of 80s cars i…[View]
20842581Is this the automotive equivalent of the 'Axis of Evil'?[View]
20845882Toyota Hilux: What made it so fucking based?[View]
20839542So I had a pretty bad sideswipe and hit a parked SUV when I was in a hurry to get to work. Busted a …[View]
20844294What are /o/'s favorite cars around $4000 USD? ($5000 CAD) Looking for a new DD, money's a…[View]
20846323what's wrong with it? https://www.kijiji.ca/v-cars-trucks/saskatoon/2018-honda-civic/1435358269…[View]
20841414hello why engine not work[View]

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