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/o/ - Auto

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22433024Importing JDM cars: Has anyone imported their own cars from overseas? How hard is this shit? What do…[View]
22430967/dbt/ - Daily Bike Thread Anime Girl Edition: 'Oh cool that's an anime girl with my bike' editi…[View]
22421435My car needs new bushings, along with several other things, but the factory part is discontinued and…[View]
22432794Almost Believable Things To Fuck With People: Transaxel slip yoke[View]
22429609Tell me why I shouldnt buy this car. Used. 1 owner. Clean title. Low mileage.[View]
22426064Why has BMW taken a downfall in design?: I miss the older BMWs that had a special look to them.…[View]
22432409If the leaks are true, which they most likely are, it seems like for the first time since its birth …[View]
22428182aftermarket spoilers: cool or not cool?: imo, cool[View]
22432097I have a 2003 Mustang GT with decent miles, and the body is clean It’s time for me to replace my br…[View]
22431770This was the best looking modern mercedes[View]
22430814is the tiburon aftermarket really that bad? im not looking to put any forced induction if i get one,…[View]
22430124Which one of these cars should I get?: Just want something with acceptable power and not too expensi…[View]
22432452What is the modern equivalent of the Saturn S Series sedan? After putting 300k on mine I've dec…[View]
22431769ITT car shit that got away: pic related. i waited far too long on these. FUCK![View]
22431974>think Lincolns look great >think champagne is a good color for a car >no longer hate SUVs …[View]
22429016>10 year old car >Redesign of a car that's 18 years old…[View]
22423680>want to sell my car >first have to pay the smog check certification cartel…[View]
22429033VW did nothing wrong.[View]
22425128No soul[View]
22432379I'm looking for some advice. I'm planning on taking advantage of the Hertz bankruptcy by t…[View]
22424672If you ever wanted to know what happens when the airbag is deployed while your feet are on the dash,…[View]
22431418Whats the difference between a 14mm spark plug tool and a 14mm glow plug tool? Can you use a spark p…[View]
22427081I just want a red civic: with air conditioning[View]
22425154>washing prelude >gen x normie walks up to me >'cool car man she's a classic!' >tha…[View]
22432108does it make any sense to get a magneride in a 2020 mustang ecoboost (im euro poor) and are the B…[View]
22430623Scared to get a different car?: Bought my first car 3 years ago, a 96 impreza. Had 200k mi when I bo…[View]
22431707I want one so bad but: they’re so rare :( wat do?[View]
22428174PSA: If you see pic related in your rearview mirror, you better GET the FUCK out of the WAY! Conside…[View]
22431748Now that the previous Genesis G80 is out of production, what is /o/'s consensus on it? Was it …[View]
22408561QTDDTOT. when idiots help morons.: Old Thread is over post limit: >>22383860[View]
22430702Br/o/s my mechanic just delivered the death sentence for my car today and I need your emotional supp…[View]
22431813woah based[View]
22431819Peugeot 306: Eastern Europoor here. I saw pic related at about 700 euros. It was twin airbags and lo…[View]
22425806Civic vs Corolla: 2016~2018 Yes, with the buttery smooth and delightful CVT Probably white[View]
22430979Paintwork and Car Covers: Got a dirty ol'sedan, paints fucked but not fucked enough. It sat for…[View]
22429680>have good job >could easily afford a new car ($70k or less) >cant bring myself to spend th…[View]
22422811Find one single flaw[View]
22426851Xt250 headlight issue: My new xt250 headlights works fine while turning them on but while riding the…[View]
22431448Will 3 liter of petrol to 40 l of diesel ruin a 1.6 CDI[View]
22431330Part ID: What the fuck is this thing around the windshield and what can I do to replace it? it'…[View]
22431076For me, it's the Mercedes AMG A45 S[View]
22423713Do you get road rage /o/? How do you deal with it?[View]
22431190How come Americans and Asians can't/don't into mid engine sports car? C8 sales are low, y…[View]
22427710Redpill me on the 2008 Nissan GTR: I really hate JDM fags and everything, but I really like the GTR.…[View]
22427338Help Identify this thing: If there's a general for this kind of thing on /o/, can someone refer…[View]
22421745For me, it's the SSC Ultimate Aero.[View]
22391854Does your house have a garage?[View]
22424266Honda fit: Should I buy one? I make $40k a year and want to downsize from a Ford explorer. Need basi…[View]
22408402Post your cars, rate others. Here's my Pontiac[View]
22430227is it a dick move to the stealership if i ask for my old gaskets when bringing in new ones? pic rel…[View]
22424798What the meth!?: Was working on friends 2nd generation Ford Explorer and found this in the interior …[View]
22430869How many of you have owned the same car for 10+ years? Why so long, and did you plan on it? Trying t…[View]
22430899Thinking of buying a 2010 E90 328i LCI with 58k miles. Clean title. My question is I have the optio…[View]
22430112How bad is it to drive with a bad rack and pinion?[View]
22431145Is it a better choice to buy a stripped down 1500 model, or a compact model with a better trim?[View]
22431136So, has /o/ finally realised the supra is the best new driver's car?: https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
22427821stop buying harbor freight jack stands[View]
22425794I want to actually LEARN about cars: Hi /o/ What are some reliable internet resources I can use to l…[View]
2243088588 Yugo GVl: Just bought this Yugo for $1100, what am I in store for?[View]
22429456holy shit my car died while driving: guys wtf i was doing 50mph in my 03 acura tl (not hitting vtec …[View]
22425863240:(: would you save her /o/?[View]
22424776Ford mustang mach E: Even muscle cars aren't safe from being turned into SUVs or crossovers, wh…[View]
22426029post ped BTFOing cars[View]
22427302ITT things tht make you go 'Yeah'[View]
22429821How the fuck do I become a street racer /o/? What kind of car should i buy? How do i get mods? How b…[View]
22428672/dbt/ - Daily Bike Thread Chad Edition: Two wheels, moves the soul. >Motorcycle Questions & A…[View]
22430344Early 80s Nissan/Datsun 200sx: been seeing a few of these pop up on craigslist around my area and ha…[View]
22429566Beater cars: Sup /o/, I'm 23, I sold my clean as fuck slammed lexus LS400 because I've bee…[View]
22425435Your First Auto Obsession: pic related, lol. It was when I first got into cars and was only concerne…[View]
22425542What's the most comfortable car /o/ has ever ridden in? For me, it's the early 90's D…[View]
22430416I have a 2017 Passat that I don't plan on selling soon, what modifications should I make to it …[View]
22424499When to get nice car?: Waifu will be starting new career in a few weeks. We'll be going from st…[View]
22427608Why alternative fuels trigger certain persons so much?: Do you think the rare metal, coal, gas and o…[View]
22420011small/midsize offroad pickup thread: If you had $40k burning a hole in your pocket, and wanted a rea…[View]
22424448Why does this car make /o/ so mad?[View]
22428783What car is this?: Let's test your knowledge br/o/s[View]
22426759why Japanese cars are not popular in Korea[View]
22429025Trailer wiring: A while back I bought a 1995 ford explorer and just got an old tent trailer from my …[View]
22428504Aftermarket 101: I'm finally doing it, frens. I just sent my request for a custom 3/4 itasha wr…[View]
22429262I want to try flipping this Grand Marquis. How much do you guys think it would cost to fix this up?[View]
22426437>let me start a car company and not share a single other thing other than renders of products…[View]
22422740BASED Kia Confirms 310-Mile Range, 20-Minute Charging Time For 2021 Electric Crossover: And it has a…[View]
22418028literally tits vs ass[View]
22423979Decide for me, /o/: >1. A 2011 sports-ish car (Mistubishi Ralliart) on a 3 year loan, about 10k c…[View]
22418734Is the 2017 Jetta a good/reliable car? What are the most common issues with them? I need something t…[View]
22425488why do so many chinese and iranians in canada really love mercedes benz?[View]
22428984Help with codes: I tried looking up the troubleshoot codes for this pos but no luck......fucking cad…[View]
22427721Is This Clicking Normal in New Master Cylinder?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgrmmyTa2N8&fea…[View]
22428972Does anyone have experience with a Toyota Sequoia?: I see the sticky recommends them. Does anybody o…[View]
22426432Quarantine car money: Hi my 89 ford f250 just shit out on me tonight and dont really care to fix her…[View]
22418887RIP Fullers $3 car washes...[View]
22416796Got paid out of a wreck. I got 30k Looking for suggestions for daily fun driver with rel. low miles…[View]
22427138/dbt/ - Daily Bike Thread Chad Edition: Ready for All, Yielding to None. >Motorcycle Questions …[View]
22428722Does europe have an equivalent to monroney/window stickers?[View]
22425679Is it possible to make a decent living flipping cars? I currently wagecuck for $15/hr and need to st…[View]
22422385What are the best kinds of bushings? Will something like polyurethane fuck up a daily?[View]
22424057/ovg/ - career killing vidya edition: Previous Thread >>22413732 Wiki >http://get-good.net …[View]
22420221Try me: Alright /o/ I've got 3000 British pounds (give or take) to spend. I want a car I can ha…[View]
22427567L LX EX EX-L EX-T S SI SE SEL LOL LEL LUL SE-R SR SX: Make - Model - Trim - Package - Options Sport…[View]
22425669Hey bros im preparing to start my first project. I will be disassembling one my old lawnmower engine…[View]
22422716For me, it has to the 2CV.[View]
22427593Is this the best value car to get if you never want to worry about spending any money on maintenance…[View]
22427010>1995 Range Rover Classic LWB >New England car >170k miles >$2500 It has rust and paint …[View]
22426175I'm thinking about getting a hydraulic press and replace all bearings and bushings on my cars. …[View]
22420285Why did the janitor delete the Foxbody hate thread? They're slower than a Ford Escape. They ne…[View]
22426097Should I get a Dodge Ram Limited now or wait 6 months or so for the new F-150 to come out? I have no…[View]
22420036uh oh: https://www.goodcarbadcar.net/2019-us-vehicle-sales-figures-by-model/ The MX5 Miata sold only…[View]
22424360Detailing Help: I work in a steel factory and last night the blast furnace had a 'burp' which caused…[View]
22417871Opel: Are they really that bad?[View]
22427392What is your favorite luxury make?[View]
22424541Audio guys, I just bought a 2016 Camry and I’m going to upgrade the speakers. My days of beating the…[View]
22420274TONIGHT ON /o/![View]
22420825What happened to Japanese cars? They were so cool in the 90s/early 00s, and now they're almost …[View]
22425946dream car daily: you get your dream car but have to daily it what do you do with it to make it relia…[View]
22425395I kind of want to buy an old 2wd Toyota pickup and drive from NYC to LA[View]
22427903Can anybody recommend the correct grit#s and primer? Also should I use touch up paint from bottle br…[View]
22419897What did you wrench on today?: I changed out an alternator on my mustang...How much do you think I c…[View]
22381844Auto Sticker General #461: Auto Sticker General #461 'Subtle stiggers' edition Previous thread >…[View]
22421853I hate these cars, anyone acting like they're good has their head stuck up their own ass.[View]
22420873Car mods.: You guys ever think about installing a fog machine in your car? Like under a seat maybe, …[View]
22418795does /o/ really know their vintage cars? heres a test.[View]
22423663Seating position: How do you set your seat? I always have to move the seat forward when I drive afte…[View]
22421706dodge charger 2014 mds disable: I was wondering if it was considered a good idea to use a tuner to d…[View]
22422282What are some cars that makes ugly girls suddenly sexy if they own them? For me it's riced Japa…[View]
22419538redpill me on the ford inline 6 Also efi or carburated?[View]
22423439Its automatic but maybe...[View]
22425146what's the purpose of 500 and above grit sandpaper when 240 seemingly gets rid of all the scrat…[View]
22416247Pass thy knowledge: What /o/-related wisdom would you pass to your younger self if you could?[View]
22422089I hate how expensive this all is. You need $3,000+ for something which is not complete junk(but will…[View]
22421852Xc40: Dear Anons I've already decided I'm going to buy volvo xc40 momentum pro, Leather se…[View]
22425568/dbt/ - daily bike thread: Zoomer Special Edition >Motorcycle Questions & Answers >Motorcy…[View]
22420860Should I buy a RAV4: Looking for a used vehicle and have a max of $4,000 to spend before TT&L. I…[View]
22419703This guy I’m trying to buy a car from says he’s just going to sign the title over to me, and doesn’t…[View]
22403688ITT: Small Cars: Post kei cars and other small vehicles[View]
22422224I honestly think this car looks pretty great. BUT >Jatco CVT >0-60 in 9.2 seconds Will Nissan …[View]
22425954I bought an old 1985 Grady White trophy boat to fix up and get back on the water. Should I catalog i…[View]
22423392I'm going to share my thoughts on the rotary. I don't like them, but I don't hate the…[View]
22426642LSD: Funny how the only thing normies care about is safety, safety technology, safety features, etc.…[View]
22426435Cant stop watching these videos[View]
22424692The eternal debate, assuming they're all specced (relatively) equally which do you choose?[View]
22414895Female Racers: What do you think of them?[View]
22420212Wagon thread: Post your longroof. Or one you desire.[View]
22413090why is genesis g80 so fucking beautiful[View]
22426354what would you pay for this 89 galant? 130000km Also general mitsubishi thread[View]
22422511I know this is gonna sound stupid but...: I did a lot of body work on my car, I fixed every scratch …[View]
22421807I just bought a 2004 Toyota Camry Solara with 99k miles on it for $4900, and the dealership included…[View]
224239801970 chevelle ss forest green w/ white stripes: Hey fellas. I'm looking for a solid image of sa…[View]
22426247tfw no gf[View]
22421741Is getting a CDL worth it?: The truckers at my job who drop shit off say they make bank and get to t…[View]
22425871Help me choose: /o/ what car should I buy? Must meet following criteria: >2015 or newer >4 doo…[View]
22425234What’s your favorite muscle car?[View]
22424926Is this red car a real model or just a fictional made up model for this drawing?[View]
22421175What is the point of a radar detector.: I bought a expensive one of amazon and it constantly made no…[View]
22416185What’s the catch?[View]
22414958>BTFOs faggot influencers and rich people with shit taste by lawfare. I'm thinking based…[View]
22422389Hey /o/, I have a 2014 Ford Fiesta shit box that has an overheating issue when I have it running whi…[View]
22421519What do you do when you can afford to pay for a car outright?: Here's my scenario. >old job …[View]
22394848Auto youtuber hate thread. Lets compile a list of worst bad influencers that shouldn't have a p…[View]
22425062My brake line blew out today while I was driving[View]
22424515What car is this?[View]
22424658I work at a hospital, and there’s this Crown Vic on the top floor of this parking garage that I see …[View]
22409920Alright /o/ it’s time for another exciting edition of Should I Buy I’m looking for a 2003 and up mo…[View]
22425397/o/: post retro futuristic comfy sheit[View]
22423380Has anyone bought a car from a used car dealer? I'm about to go pick up a forester this week an…[View]
22424502The grill is real. Fucking kek.[View]
22421406>That guy who thinks every skyline is a GTR It's you, isn't it /o/…[View]
22423528/dbt/ - Daily Bike Thread Chad Edition: We Quell the Storm, and Ride the Thunder. >Motorcycle Que…[View]
22415105>Is a literal trust fund kid >Owns many exotic and rare vehicles >Jew >Probably gets mor…[View]
22417312Toyota Corolla BZ Touring: Anyone know what the 'BZ' stood for?[View]
22419213I think the 2021 Elantra looks better than the current shitty Honda Civic. Change my mind.[View]
22355440/hg/ 本田 - Honda General: >CM Anon attempts to make a general edition Looking at buying a Honda Po…[View]
22411371I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe: ...fuck I hate america and americans[View]
22396468/CCG/ - Classic Car General: /CCG/ - Classic Car General Sticky Rubbers Edition >Cars are conside…[View]
22424461I just got a free car but has some serious hail damage from a fucked up roof. I already thought abou…[View]
22419107>the minute it hits 75F in Chicago[View]
22421902Anyone know of some universal program I can use on Win XP to do diagnostic on ?[View]
22422342About to plug in one of those snapshot like devices on my whip. Is it true they don't track spe…[View]
22413619Geo metro: The god of all cars is for sale. Do you think this will ever be a collectors item?[View]
22424363Rate my meme, its OG[View]
22421717>>Then gf bought a 2012 Ford Fiesta from Carmax in early 2015 right before she met me >>…[View]
22420241SN95 Mustang Thread: In this thread we discuss one of the best cheapo depo Mustangs to build. IRS sw…[View]
22422391>Just sold my car >Wiped everything but the obvious places (wheels, brakes, discs) with WD40 …[View]
22423762Parking lot sightings: Kansas City, MO costco[View]
22421738Zenvo Automotive: What do you think about them? They apparently have a car with a corner adapting sp…[View]
22416180Fix it: Pick an ugly car and fix it.[View]
22420139Japan: Why are there so many car cultures in Japan? Of everywhere I've seen, Japan seems to hav…[View]
22422013What does /o/ think of The C-class Coupe C300?[View]
22423869Rust: For those of us in the rust belt, let's discuss everything rust related. Prevention, main…[View]
22423156Behold...the car of tomorrow![View]
22416062I want a cheaper car, but I love my old car. Suggestions?: I currently have an 2011 M37. It only has…[View]
22411173My '99 Camry is the love of my life. We've been together for a few years now, and she…[View]
22422273/dbt/ - Daily Bike Thread Chad Edition: The Few, The Proud. >Motorcycle Questions & Answers …[View]
22416288so my landlord and I share a driveway, and my landlord just ran into my parked car. He wants to pay …[View]
22423170Need help finding my friends stolen car: Idk how to post a picture on here but my friend got his car…[View]
22413732/ovg/ - rF2 saved ovg edition: outsourced participation Previous Thread >>22402758 Wiki >ht…[View]
22423279Car manual/brochure/pamphlet/advert thread: For the mega /o/tists out there, is there a website for …[View]
22419720>come into 'possession' of a beat to shit 84(?, pretty sure that's what the date of manufact…[View]
22421242What is wrong with my car?: Hello, I have a 2014 Ford Fusion SE at 132,615k KM's. The car had a…[View]
22422339What's this lead on my oil pan, is it a sensor or something I'm retarded and I need to rep…[View]
22422893civic wagon: >4wd >can fit 5 people with cargo >crx engine >6 speed manual Would a civic…[View]
22410879Missed opportunity on a WRX alternative?: Why did dodge miss out on the chance to own the performanc…[View]
22422047I've seen a thread about cars that were ahead of their time. But what are some cars that were m…[View]
22421534Britfag here I came home from work yesterday afternoon to find my 17 year old brother jet washing hi…[View]
22411480Jeep's: What do you think of them?[View]
22420437/dbt/ daily bike thread motorcycle: Anime titties and busa edition >Motorcycle Questions & An…[View]
22422130im really bored just want to start taking apart cars and making random cars, i want to be able to ta…[View]
22405542Post your whip.[View]
22406642Thoughts about the Mazda 3?[View]
22420602Let's just say I had a naturally-aspirated six cylinder engine. How can I increase its power ou…[View]
22421546hey bros what u think of my w220[View]
22411231Question about vanlife: Question for van-lifers. How to afford one if you make between 350-400 USD e…[View]
22419309Landcruiser Prado episode II: OK so I made a thread about this a little while ago and got some valua…[View]
22419847Imagine owning a car manufactured after 2011.[View]
22412679After driving a mad max level galant for years I finally saved enough money to buy a new car outrigh…[View]
22418319What car best represents this gesture?[View]
22418914So what is this about? I see those bands mostly on underpowered 18 year old zoomer cars.[View]
22408191Rare/Unique Cars: Any Rare/Unique owners? I'll start.[View]
22418855ITT: we post abominations that we want[View]
22420327>12k Is this some kind of reverse drift tax? What the fuck do you even call this? https://sfbay.c…[View]
22421504Is a car with a rebuilt title ever worthwhile?[View]
22420655what is the most practical way of having multiple cars if you live in apartment? are those storage u…[View]
22415328poorfag traps: what are some cheap cars with deceptively high cost of ownership?[View]
22421144importing cars: thinking bout buying a mid 90's jimny as they are only bout 500. Even with the …[View]
22420776What traits make a luxury car? Whether now or in the 1970s.[View]
22417824Supra is kill: The new Z car is gonna be a skyline in disguise. Even better, the average American wi…[View]
22406039Will fuckhuge displacement cars ever make a modern comeback?[View]
22413247Will they ever drastically change the body style or put it on a new platform? It's been 12 year…[View]
22410238Would you?[View]
22416069Any reason not to buy a Saab 9000? What issues do they suffer from and what should I look out for Al…[View]
22413462For me, its Tiff Needell[View]
22420516Does anyone have the video of scotty yelling at his wife? I've heard a few people mention it bu…[View]
22414927Is it a smart idea to buy salvage cars to fix them and sell them? I see lots of newer model cars tha…[View]
22421000What is the best 4 wheeled heavy equipment, and why is it the Jungheinrich forklift?[View]
22403899Guess the car.: Post a pic of something in the interior of your car and other anons try to guess wha…[View]
22417668If we all tweet at Jeep and Donald Trump to bring back the XJ will they do it? I see SJWs getting pe…[View]
22419420Good deal? Only 127000 miles. Anyone with more experience got wisdom to share? Thanks.[View]
22415097> tfw my town has a fucking drawbridge in the middle of the main highway…[View]
22414869Autozam Revue / Mazda 121 Thread: What's your opinion on those little guys and how bad of an in…[View]
22419409this little faggot right here: I want to buy this little faggots car (the 1.6 16v version) it's…[View]
22420352how often should you clean your car?[View]
22417406What's stopping Mitsubishi to go back to WRC with the Mirage? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E…[View]
22420243VIN check: Going to check out 5FNRL38738B097516 tommorow. If you're still around VIN bro, I cou…[View]
22419399Anyone have a website for free Non US/Canada vehicle VIN look ups? Picture not really related[View]
22372062Post a picture of you're car /o/[View]
22414456>closes door on modern car >[LOUD FOOMMM SOUND] AIR PRESSURE ALMOST RUPTURES YOUR EAR DRUMS…[View]
22416115i'll never have a nice car[View]
22418437/dbt/ - Daily Bike Thread Chad Edition: The only easy day, was yesterday. >Motorcycle Questions …[View]
22419458Cross board posting /sci/entist here so apologies if this gets asked every day. Are electric cars wo…[View]
22417417Be honest /o/ when was the last time you topped up your blinker fluid?[View]
22404283Opinions on the fiata? It's really caught my eye lately and I'm thinking about pulling the…[View]
22405242My father is thinking of buying a Maserati GranTurismo, now i've heard and done some research a…[View]
22419977Any anons with this generation focus? I have a 2008 with 135000 miles and want to know what kind of …[View]
22419157>My 2001 automatic shitbox jerks when going to 2 to 3rd gear >Car is already at 6000RPM when I…[View]
22404740>live in the city >most of my trips are <50 mi Honestly why should I not get a Tesla?…[View]
22418237The year is 2035: Here's your new car bro.[View]
22415104Why can't anyone make a really cheap no frills car with independent rear suspension that actual…[View]
22413696Newbie looking for advice on his car's painjob: I've been on other parts of 4chan before, …[View]
22404393>supercharged V8 with a manual why the fuck would you buy VAG shit or turkshit when this is liter…[View]
22408656I just realized welded diff drift cars are the fixie bike of cars. If you own a drift car, you are n…[View]
22409771I've recently gotten a 2007 Cadillac DTS (it was only $5000) with 97,000 miles. Like all Norths…[View]
22417786So Volvo just announced that all new vehicles will be limited at 180km\h or 111 mph. Sometis I think…[View]
22419139Racing kino recommendations: Racing enthusiast noob here. I just finished watching all 24 hours of 2…[View]
22404286Post your favorite livery of all time.[View]
22408713Unexpected Benefits of The Worst Pandemic in 80 years.: Hey /o/, I just made a startling discovery t…[View]
22410620This kills the Tesla https://cleantechnica.com/2020/05/23/gm-ev-batteries-will-last-for-1-million-m…[View]
22414752I literally don't know anything about cars. What intro guides are there that will at least tell…[View]
22415719Will a car make me more independent?[View]

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