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22951047hey frens i need to find out what type of car this is? Any idea what make or model? any info will he…[View]
22947584State Inspection Sticker: I'm from New Hampshire so my car has NH plates. I was in South Caroli…[View]
22948525Alright, I know I'm retarded, so feel free to belittle me for asking this. I just want to make …[View]
22947962I'm in love with the mid 90's Deville, however these all have the early version of the nor…[View]
22947105Second Opinions Craigslist Buy Thread: >https://reno.craigslist.org/cto/d/reno-1997-chevrolet-sil…[View]
22948761How did the British make one of if not the most beautiful cars ever?[View]
22951038>he didn't get free glizzies with his new car Sad![View]
22947953My Uncle has a a 2010 chevy Grand Caravan that has been with the family for a minute. It was taken c…[View]
22949003Redpill me on the Honda Insight[View]
22948866Winter storage tips: Bought a 2019 GT. Live in Canada Any tips on winter storage? Oil change before …[View]
22944398>think of buying a 2006 car >realize it's 14 years old >when this car was bought I was…[View]
22948436Garaging e60: Long story short; I have a 2009 e60 530d xDrive M Performance with all the possible ge…[View]
22949276europe coupe 9999€: Which one would you take? For me it's 1 - 2 - 3 - 4[View]
22948316Opinions on the geely coolray besides the retarded name? My wife wants to get one[View]
22950499>every single country around them makes great cars, but they don't what gives?…[View]
22950441Can Anyone explain this to me?: Alright,So I have my Fabia Monte Carlo and I can drive it 10 over ev…[View]
22941276Thanks, Nader. https://twitter.com/abc13houston/status/1306674344639201287[View]
22947774Already a classic[View]
22949808>get a car about two months ago >car still worth as much as i bought it for today i thought i …[View]
22946862LS on suicide watch: >wanting an ls yikes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHTXBRRzo-s…[View]
22949093I just drive a automatic car for a few minutes. Why this shit is so hard? Everytime I tried to put m…[View]
22948137How would Jesse in Fast and the Furious, thinking he is some auto mad scientist, believe that his VW…[View]
22946366Are Chargers really that unreliable or is it just a meme?[View]
22948033In which color would you buy your Porsche in Why[View]
22948918BMW Motorrad R18: Harley-Davidson copied BMWs in the 1930s It only makes sense that BMW returns the …[View]
22948136>Celica with 2zz-ge decides to start dripping oil near oil sump. Whats the best way to fix an oil…[View]
22946093WTF is this?: You biker nerds have turned into /pol/ irl >muh secret hand signal Losers…[View]
22932280tailgaters: Why is it that every rushed dickhead that sits two feet off my rear bumper on the straig…[View]
22949275ITT: we make a new script for the next F&F movie, one word at a time I’ll start: Dom[View]
22947637How are they different .t assembled both of them[View]
22945872Race Support: Anyone on here want to have their name on a race bike for the longest race of the IOM …[View]
22946684>imagine unironically bragging about this The absolute state of /o/, you can't write comedy …[View]
22948864im about to buy this shitbox for a fair price, but can you tell me anything about it that I might wa…[View]
22912221/CCG/ Classic Car General: /CCG/ - Classic Car General AC actually blows ice cold edition >Cars a…[View]
22941325wtf is volvo thinking with this pricing?[View]
22944787>finally decide to try black ice >set it in my car after I get home, go to bed >get into ca…[View]
22947794LJ78: So the land cruiser Prado saga continues. I finally tossed that Isuzu and got the Prado. Now …[View]
22948820>Have a mild oil leak that essentially empties all of your oil once every two months. >gradual…[View]
22948346Land Rover: >are they that unreliable? >ok to pick up a CPO? No other SUV has that understated…[View]
22945945/dbt/ - [Daily Bike Thread]: Friday evening edition >Motorcycle Questions & Answers >Motor…[View]
22944851Is the Mazda3 based?: Might be buying one today[View]
22945446They were too good for this world[View]
22946301How long will this video stay up before teslafags flag it down?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6-…[View]
22948011Reliable brands: I am buying a KIA Stonic 1.2 84ps at around 15700€. I liked it at a test drive as a…[View]
22940736I'm getting sick and tired of being right and retards insist I'm wrong >Have a honda fi…[View]
22947844remember that time australia made a 24 hour race and a bunch of international teams raced in it and …[View]
22947813are Rays Engineering wheels consider the nigger wheels for import tuners? I always wanted one but it…[View]
22948213What do /o/ think about my Chevy Aveo ? I'm an Europoor and this car is fantastic. Can run it e…[View]
22944737I’m thinking about picking one up to be my new commuter. Only thing I don’t like is that these thing…[View]
22948398misconceptions about cars: funny/whatever misconceptions about cars you had as a kid. I'll star…[View]
22947801Peugeot used to be so based, it's sad to see their cars get worse and worse with time.[View]
22946906???: Whats with all the hype around V8's? why not V12's? or V6's? Personally my favor…[View]
22948354Thoughts about Suzuki Aerio ? I saw this car at auto sales, with 1.6-litre engine (europe) , in aff…[View]
22926278/Hood Rich general/: Post ITT if you prioritize your ''whip'' over your current living situation.…[View]
22946111Change my mind before i pull the trigger on pic related ('02 GS300). Excellent condition, clean…[View]
22941470We know FWD is shit, but if we had to choose, what's the best handling FWD car of all time?[View]
22948042Has Scotty Kilmer ever given advice that ended up being bad for you?: Just wondering. Several years …[View]
22945789>tell dad I want to buy car >'ok champ, let me see what you want' >show him 90s shitbox …[View]
22936954honda ac blows hot: honda ac blows hot[View]
22944159/o/pel /o/mega: The official car of /o/ >Cheap >Get's lighter every day do to based rust …[View]
22947072$4,500 for this?: 2004 Golf with 83,000 miles and service records. Clutch, tranny mounts, clutch mas…[View]
22944921>car has two less doors >costs 50% more[View]
22945364I bought this little puppy for 1200 dollars with everything working and exactly 150k miles on the cl…[View]
22947559tire and rim combos: Anyone has a picture of 195/60r14 tires on a 5.5 inch wide rim? oddly specific …[View]
22947798OK guys so I need a sanity check. I'm looking to get an inexpensive, 4x4 or AWD capable vehicle…[View]
229479472x4 car ramps: I have a bunch of 2x4s left from a project and i want to work on my car now. post som…[View]
22947424Car Stereo Receivers: Howdy, I have a few questions about car stereo receivers. 1. What are some goo…[View]
22917747Auto Sticker General #476: Auto Sticker General #476 'UV damage' edition Previous thread >>228…[View]
229469624000kms straight time tha brain: Who wants to follow me on a 4000km road trip I’m doing in a beat up…[View]
22942159Dun Goofed Edition: Help /o/. I need a car for under (or near enough) to $20k. Work pays for it but …[View]
22947597>Bronco NOPE >400Z NOPE Please Greta let us at least have the GR86 in Europe it's only a …[View]
22941704Why does getting a head gasket done cost $2500[View]
22943497Sedans thread: Boast only the best sedans.[View]
22944549400z: KINO[View]
22945989Tips on how to quickly and how to sell your car for the money you initially ask? I'm about to s…[View]
22944336Just bought one of these babies[View]
22944973It appears that my superiority has led to some controversy ...[View]
22932934BMW: Honest truth on bmw’s are they really poorly made cars? I love their looks but always hear how …[View]
22947418>masturbate to some sick bondage shit again >same thing over and over again, woman, rope >g…[View]
22946331What car am I thinking about?: It’s a Pontiac with pop-up headlights (technically hideaway). NOT FIR…[View]
22942582Thoughts on the supercharged Rivieras? Seriously thinking about copping one[View]
22941764Displacement big sound nice?: Hey /o/ pls answer do bigger displacement engines sound better? engine…[View]
22940202Anyone else noticed how wack used motorcycle prices are atm?: Its ridiculous, I remember looking at …[View]
22945591Jackie Chan DC Racing: A reminder to support Jackie Chan's team Jackie Chan DC Racing and their…[View]
22946709>pretty sure my car needs a motor mount how much sheckles am i looking to fork over and how long …[View]
22937528Ford Truck General?: Wasn't there a Ford Truck General sometimes? Or at least the Ford general?…[View]
22945653Can't decide: Thinking of buying a lexus rc awd to daily drive. I don't have the space to …[View]
22944691Be honest with me /o/: Are they as bad as people say they are?[View]
22946985are q7's any good? especially the diesel ones i've always thought they were kinda cool. bu…[View]
22944847I'm deciding between a used civic and leasing a brand new civic. I want something cost efficien…[View]
22944848>be in a line of cars >everyone is going the same speed >you're not doing anything out…[View]
22945333Why do so many people like Toyota?[View]
229462161986 corvette: So I found one of these for cheap (pic not related) that looks to be in decent condit…[View]
22944870Suzuki Sports Car?: This kawaii little delight is the most substantial sports car Suzuki has ever ma…[View]
22943503Why didn't Nissan do this for the 400R?[View]
22946877I want to invest my money for real estate but I also want a bitchin car in my 20s. I want to get an …[View]
229460052016 Ford Escape SE 1.6 ecoboost: 2016 Ford Escape SE Opinions? Looking at a 2016 for sale for $15k.…[View]
22946090/lg/ Lightweight General: Last one 404'd at 175 posts, are we a dead general already edition. …[View]
22945191Gabura BMW i8 - V8 engine swap: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=K8pCMWqWvuI >it's been four ye…[View]
22942320What model car do you think they’d drive?: Preferably 80s models[View]
22934355Where can I find a trailer like this that I can live in for under five grand? I also want to tow it …[View]
22945625Maserati D segment crossover: Aka “The Stelvio” made in Maserati, with a longer Giorgio base.[View]
22938989Odd Engines /general/: Post an odd engine that you like. Here’s an in-line five GM Vortec 3500, gas …[View]
22946206Honda Fit Thread: What does O think of the Honda Fit? I just picked up this bad boy after months of …[View]
22945291>winter is coming >-40c cold starts >streets full of melting salt >dirt everywhere >t…[View]
22938679How can one company epitomize the worst aspects of both the automotive and tech industry?[View]
22946091Question about cold air intake system: So I have a 2.0l 2016 mazda 3. I had ordered a cold air intak…[View]
22943932>single >mid-30s >upper midwest >~150k/yr What should I be driving? I have an XJ but i…[View]
22936628I just got a 2015 FR-S (pic related) with only 20k miles on it for a song. The catch is that it…[View]
22944695What Is Your Definition For Reliability?: I know everyone's definition for reliability is diffe…[View]
22945959Crab car: Crab car[View]
22943170Why don't subcompact/supermini cars ever come with high horsepower and/or AWD systems? Is it be…[View]
22945208Anyone know what caused the bubbling?: Its all over the fender and one of the doors on my project. I…[View]
22941943$277,017: You missed your chance for a reasonably priced unmodified NA1 NSX. It's the end game …[View]
22941021I’ve wrecked five cars now: Well /o/ I don’t know what to say. Here’s how it’s gone so far. >get …[View]
22945297What is the worst shitbox you own?[View]
22944349if we showed modern car designs to people and especially car designers of the past. say 1940 - 1990s…[View]
22943845/DBT/ - Daily Bike Thread: Friday morning edition >Motorcycle Questions & Answers >Motorcy…[View]
22944610What model is this? It looks like a honda CR-X, but I don’t think it is.[View]
22945200Exaggeration?: Are cars like Merc, BMW, and Audi really expensive to own or is that something only p…[View]
22939953ITT: Red flags >Mandatory inspection is due in a few months[View]
22943578ITT: The coolest custom tuner car designs[View]
22941418>you're a normal, respectful driver while daily driving >your car has a stigma against it…[View]
22936322You can only post ITT if your car weighs under 2000 lbs[View]
22944175ATTENTION GERMANS: ball park figure on estimated taxi price for this trajectory?[View]
22939180You were born just in time for...: >The rest of your favorite automotive manufacturers to die or …[View]
22944199Thinking of buying my gf a Nissan Micra when she gets her licence, whats your opinion on them?[View]
22944824Oh God[View]
22938984Suzuki: What are /o/'s thoughts on Suzuki with regards to other Asian manufacturers? I've …[View]
22941225planning on getting a 1993 subaru legacy for a first car, good idea?[View]
22940320saw this gem on craigslist earlier.[View]
22945294Renault Symbol: I need a good little economy car and I saw many of em listed for cheap. I did a rese…[View]
22944900Rough roads and potholes: I'm looking for a vehicle that is sporty but can also handle the supe…[View]
22941233Anyone work at a Big O? Applied to be a tire bitch there, they do $20/hr[View]
22942149Planning on committing an hero. Figured I’d go out in a fun way. Is this a fun bike ? The way I see …[View]
22944815> spend $200k on an Audi R8 > get spanked by a POS with a truck motor…[View]
22918740/QTDDTOT/: Ironically having to make a thread to ask a question edition pic unrelated '89 Toyot…[View]
22940915Old jeep takes forever to start: it runs perfectly. Its an 89 Cherokee. But it cranks a lot to start…[View]
22941955I know What I Got: Post your funniest ones >244,000 mile >22 years old >13k. Why are boomer…[View]
22942912What are your favorite cars that look like Bionicles?[View]
22933160cars & architecture: can we overcome the disconnect?[View]
22943289Anyone know what to look for when buying a mid 90s-early 2000s Cherokee? There seems to be a lot of …[View]
22938379What the fuck is this /o/? Every single fuckin RCR video he wears the stupid wrist scarf and it must…[View]
22942446ywn be as comfy as this guy in your car /o/: https://www.auto-motor-und-sport.de/reise/leserauto-may…[View]
22936358How do you justify you car payment?[View]
22944382How bad are convertible Mustangs? Is it worth paying $3k extra (used) for a coupe?[View]
22943205Going to see A8 D3 2003 4.0 TDI with about 100k miles legit tomorrow. Any advice on what to look out…[View]
22944567Remember that time Suzuki made a really cool sport sedan but everyone bought a WagonR instead, so th…[View]
22943210Tonight on Bottom Gear...[View]
22943925The most controversial car company ever?[View]
22940126>gasoline >temperatures influence specific density of any fluid >hotter fuel means less de…[View]
22925771Motorcycles: Let’s settle this now. For car enthusiasts, are motorcyclists bros or bicyclist-tier nu…[View]
22942388<1500 lbs: You can only post ITT if your car weights under 1500lbs[View]
22943725>just sat in a Lexus Not gonna lie it was comfy[View]
22941306I got a job at autozone and quit after a day and a half ama or call me a lazy faggot whatever[View]
22943972What is your 'made it' car? Pic very much related.[View]
22935608ITT: Post your dream car.[View]
22937207Wouldn't that be funny if you controlled a car using a and b buttons? Just flat on pedal to the…[View]
22940108Underrated Mods: ITT post underrated mods. cheapest way to lose 15kg+[View]
22944322I test drove a Tesla today. https://youtu.be/gE94yD5dRgA Thoughts?[View]
22943817>stage 4 tune[View]
22942675I just got a job as a tire technician. What should I expect?[View]
22941771I live in America and I’m thinking about purchasing a w221 s class. I’m avoiding the 08 and 09s. I’m…[View]
22942572Here's your 18th birthday present anon: do you get angry at your dad because it's not a mi…[View]
229430702017 Civic or Altima?: Looking to get a chink car that lasts forever and I’ve narrowed it to these t…[View]
22931896What do you think about Teslas, /o/? Are they.. >overpriced >fast >stylish >for program…[View]
22939903LMAOOOOO: >Volkswagen Group no longer wants to lavish money and manpower on the so-called hobby b…[View]
22942164Friend of a relative gave me a call and said I can have a free car if I haul it away. 5 speed, base …[View]
22944026'If you want luxury and reliablity, buy a Lexus!' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0b_9FruoVg[View]
22941426I know how to switch gears on a motorcycle and a bicycle but this confuses me and Ive never been abl…[View]
22918911/lg/ Lightweight General: Godmachine edition Previous thread >>22871322[View]
22940323>let's make the front of our car look retarded as a reference nobody will get…[View]
22943898Should you carry a shovel and tree log in your car if you live in a forest with shitty roads?[View]
22940189Be honest what do you think of people who take the bus? on the rare occasions my car hasn't wo…[View]
22936342I’m a massive poorfag who is looking for ways to lower day to day expenses and decided to start with…[View]
22932954/ovg/ - smol edition: video games, cars, car video games, video games with cars, cargames. Previous …[View]
22924245MCM BRZ spend $20000 turboing a BRZ and all the GT86 camry drivers suddenly say 'see I told you…[View]
22943362>glovebox >no box >no glove…[View]
22942240Q60 Redpill?: Was contemplating which GT coupe I should consider under 30k. These fuckin things get …[View]
22942674>there was water in the exhaust Does this shit really happen, and how costly is it?…[View]
22942266bulb: Hey anons do you know what it's the socket size for this bulb? Honda # is 34901-HP0-A01…[View]
22941513If the biggest issue with Electric cars is batteries why not just use Trolley poles? They work for b…[View]
22927693ITT: We invent new Cannonball Run categories so that we can all set increasingly specific records …[View]
22941907I have a set of Enkei 92 rims that I’m selling on Facebook marketplace and people are asking me if t…[View]
22935565>Anon I forbid you from buying a car on your own! You don't know anything and you always mak…[View]
22942128>In front of me at a red light >This car is more than meets the eye…[View]
22936722Are you prepared /o/?[View]
22943509Thoughts on the bt50?[View]
22941065/dbt/- Daily Bike Thread: Boosa appreciation thread >Motorcycle Questions & Answers >Motor…[View]
22943068What happened to the future, bros? Cuckovers and SUVs weren't supposed to takeover like this.[View]
22941563Why don't they make cars from the same steel Reynolds uses for their 953 tubing? >3x as stro…[View]
22941558Compressed air tanks and compressor: I found a cheap one and it looks kick-ass. Really want one but …[View]
22936278BMW is one of the worst car manufacturers around. Prove me wrong.[View]
22938577Why do German cars age so well?[View]
22943249>ti-badged BMW hot hatch >rebadged Mini Clubman >1500KG+ >gets gapped by every competito…[View]
22932545Why the hate?[View]
22941966It's time to stop: >Hey anon can I borrow your ratchet just for a moment? Just stop. If you …[View]
22943164There's one of these with 130k miles near me for $2,000. Are these decently reliable for cars o…[View]
22942640Anyone know what the fuck this is?[View]
22923943Why do people do this?[View]
22943090Should I buy this civic?: So my parents got me a 2015 Altima last year in great condition and fully …[View]
22942190how to setup suspension/camber geometry on a 4wd for time attack?[View]
22942412I need it bros[View]
22938433Is the European Suzuki Vitara 2019 1.4 GL+ worth buying for something like 17000 euros? I need a ne…[View]
22936200shit, well thanks yuropoors[View]
22940738West Coast Fires / Smoke: So how fucked are all of our cabin air and engine intake filters going to …[View]
22941480Worst shitbox you own[View]
229375841996 Ford explorer 4.0 OHV: Hey/o/ Recently had a 1996 Ford explorer 4.0 OHV auto come into my posse…[View]
22941093Vintage film photos: Sup /o/! Can I get a vintage film photos for my birthday? Japanese cars are my …[View]
22937177/Miata General/: I haven't driving mine all summer edition.[View]
22925745Used Porsche Discussion: Why do these old Porsche’s hold value so well? There are many of them. And …[View]
22942618post your favorite battles/finishes. for me, it's bergmeister vs melo at turn 17 at sebring. ht…[View]
22941213This car's front is ugly af, i like the rest of the car tho[View]
22940058Post stockpile[View]
22941522I’m looking at a 2015 charger sxt, but am worried it will scrape noticeably on this bump. Can’t test…[View]
22939819Genesis G70: Gotta say, Hyundai went from shitty ass shitboxes, to really decent looking cars, what …[View]
22941896Where's a good place to buy oem brake pads? Replacing the pads on a toyota matrix. pic unrelate…[View]
22940243Are these any good?[View]
22940651Lexus GS: I want to find a GS400/430, but I'm having a difficult time finding one with less tha…[View]
22940805Bedliner-Raptor paint: Any good? Will i regret it? Car is a 1976 Ford Econoline. I was considering r…[View]
22939477Imma Getting One of These: And you can't fucking produce a single compelling argument to stop m…[View]
22941566PNW /O/regon Meet: Anybody interested in attending a meet in Oregon? I'm working on putting tog…[View]
22939908Introducing the Suzuki Swace[View]
22940791'06 Expedition Sub Installation Help: So I'm installing an aftermarket powered sub in a 20…[View]
22934189why are they pretending screens in cars are futuristic when it's 4 decades old?[View]
22934167Mazda MX-5 / Miata: Hi /o/tists Eurofag here. Lately, I read a lot of negative remarks from burgers …[View]
22939113Look what I found[View]
22937057Mazda RX-8: Is it worth the trouble buying one?? Looks like a cheap alternative for a first car comp…[View]
22940902Deciding to either buy a Renault Clio 2015 plate or Renault Megane 2015 plate. Which one would /o/ r…[View]
22939965Are we at an all-time low for car aesthetics/designs? I'm kind of a noob but it seems like all …[View]
22939336None of you have good taste.[View]
22940140Somebody explain transmission fluid to me: >transmission fluid >wears down over time >shou…[View]
22940684How long would a low mile good condition Corvette 4l60e last with 450 horsepower and about the same …[View]
22940635Tucson 2021: oh no no no what happened to based Hyundai?[View]
22936899Opel Omega: Why is this car so much better then a BMW?[View]
22939966>91.705 miles >little under 8k >phat V12 Should i?…[View]
22940797Redpill me on lexuses: I've been looking into SC and IS the only thing is being an Amerifag fin…[View]
22939618If new sportscars keep getting faster and faster, will they reach a point when human drivers can…[View]
22939104/dbt/ - Daily Bike Thread: tfw no aesthetics >Motorcycle Questions & Answers >Motorcycle …[View]
22931156hey /o/ my gf really wants to buy a new fit, are these things worth buying over a slightly used civi…[View]
22936773Do auto mechanics really get shit pay?[View]
22940917please help: Hey /o/, I have a 2002 Saturn Sl2 The entire engine manifold is one solid piece of pla…[View]
22939598ITT: Post sleepers Bonus points if they are stock[View]
22940275DIY aut/o/ repairs: post your questions about auto repairs, parts, instructions, ideas, CBA I'l…[View]
22933507Investigators Think 2020 Supra Did Not Belong to Those Killed in Crash: A fatal car collision claime…[View]
22926646>misshift 4th to 1st[View]
22939450just started leasing a 230xi, what do you guys think of this car? did i make a mistake? any negative…[View]
22939120EV Bugattis soon?: Looks like the VW bois are realizing how shit their id3 is looking to be. Will we…[View]
22938105$3200 repair bill on my 2014 BMW 328i, I am now sad: Just got off the phone with my indie bmw mechan…[View]
22940307How retarded would it be for me to buy a rebuilt title car? Im incredibly tired of the used market …[View]
22939087>nope, not today![View]
22939757It appears that my superiority has led to some controversy[View]
22935979Got an old car. Which is better for music: an fm transmitter or a cassette adapter? Ive looked on am…[View]
22940251Hi, does anybody have any experience with mk.3 Mondeo packed with the V6 3.0 ? Is it reliable ? I as…[View]
22938413How much should one of these that isn't a piece of junk cost? also v6 or v8?[View]
22934539We survived Nürburgring: You can ask me stuff, I got a few hours to spare.[View]
22939641What would you say is the American equivalent of Lada /o/? A proper sedan too, not some hatch shit b…[View]
22938109Are Cadillacs reliable? How expensive are they to maintain/repair? I would imagine them being Americ…[View]
22937275What in the fuck https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1968-jaguar-e-type-manual/SSE-AD-6709950/…[View]
22940119How the FUCK do I increase handling in my pigfat 335i E93? I keep up decently with the new 10th gen …[View]
22939501>Under 28k >Track ready from the factory >universally praised for good handling and power …[View]
22939803Is the catfish camaro best camaro?[View]
22935783What are some mods that don’t sacrifice reliability.[View]
22933033Thoughts on the Dodge SRT?[View]
22938177Nice Rapt-... Foton, bro! >https://www.carscoops.com/2020/09/fotons-the-big-general-is-a-chinese-…[View]
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22935421Buying in a different state: Has anyone here bought a car from another state before? Is it worth it,…[View]
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22936832Is it safe to buy late 2000s Toyota? What really happened with that sudden acceleration thing? Appa…[View]
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22939363Car/truck Appearance Thread Trying to de-chrome my truck and trying to decide on which grille to go …[View]
22939469>pssshhh my car doesn’t have any rust >inspect wheel bases and undercarriage >tfw…[View]
22920196redpill me on #vanlife[View]
22928793Deciding not to buy a car: /o/...please tell me if I'm doing the right thing. I have just about…[View]
22937922C450 AMG or Kia Stinger GT as best turbo sports sedan under 30k? For reference: >C450 AMG >36…[View]
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22933648Should I get a Model A sedan, found one near me, in good condition, and at a reasonable price[View]
22929516Name a better entry-level sports car. You can't >naturally aspirated >fast >agile This…[View]
22932941'Civic Si has no competition': Elantra Sport, Kia Forte GT, or fuck man, a gay ass FiST. No LSD and …[View]
22939458>the spare wheel is under the car[View]
22938576Best cars for under 5k usd: I'm looking to buy a car, using public transport is legitimately te…[View]
22937883What are the best / worst years for the toyota rav4 before 2010? The ones with the inline 4 engines …[View]
22937993Where can I get calipers for my Daihatsu Blooper[View]
22938699I've fucked up my life where I'm now considering them as a place to work. Since I have no …[View]
22937234>literallly making 8k+ a month selling counterfit auto parts on amazon >today, after a year, i…[View]
22936809Going for a job interview tomorrow to a local mechanic who’s hiring and willing to hire someone inex…[View]
22920191Post car manufacturers that you absolutely despise and why >pic related because bland and unrelia…[View]
22937373/dbt/ - Daily Bike Thread: Fairweather Rider Edition >Motorcycle Questions & Answers >Moto…[View]
22939025Hey /o/ my car got destroyed in the recent dereho we had. I'm shopping for cars and have found …[View]
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22930403Mazda: 1990 Mazda miata, stock red color with hardtop roof. I’ll have one one day[View]
22933660I can't unscrew any of my lugnuts. Theyre almost all stripped and my trie iron broke. Now I…[View]
22938788>anon-san come buy our car, its got everything you want! >It's built in georgia so you ca…[View]
22929267Post cars that have grown on you[View]
22936437how do I stop worrying for my daredevil son going 150mph on boulevards?[View]
22918250>turn the wheel >the running lights dim[View]
22938434>Car gets in front of you >Drives the speed limit…[View]
22911832Vanlife: 25.000$ left from now to January 2023. For rent, food, medical insurance etc Work not an op…[View]
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22937867Should I let this Honda Civic with fake vents?: Should I?[View]
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