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Displaying 214 expired threads from the past 3 days

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26479357I just bought a new oxygen sensor and discovered that I bought a 4 wire instead of a 3. Would I be c…[View]
26472377It's going to be weird seeing these things become classic cars after living through everyone an…[View]
26479598I hate fords so much /o/[View]
26474560>Rev up your engin-[View]
26460007>invalidates your 'need' for a pickup truck nothing personnel[View]
26479794Picked up something to replace my old turd 1997 CRV with 250k+ on the clock. Thoughts?[View]
26479208American Auto: jfc, no wonder american cars are such shitheaps[View]
26473069>Complaining about how expensive this 'hobby' is This is the litmus test of taste. If y…[View]
26479326>japanese cars are reliable!!!! The thing had this ecu issue where it would just shut off when pu…[View]
26473746I have this car. Should I pay $2000 for new control arm bushings? And 1700 for new motor mounts? I …[View]
26479145What kind of car do you think this is?[View]
26479015Canada: Canadian cars https://youtu.be/OSP80Xr_O58[View]
26477488/dbt/ - [ Daily Kawasaki Thread ]: Real zx4r edition! >kawasaki tips & tricks >Kawasaki pi…[View]
26473931Is auto detailing a meme?: Is it worth it to blow $250 to get my shitbox fully detailed?[View]
26479291gm have released their new clothing line. What are you wearing in you're car?[View]
26479276Why don't you have commercial accounts for that sweet sweet discount pricing, /o/?[View]
26477184Steering wheel thread: Good evening /o/. Let's have a discussion. Why is Hyundai being autistic…[View]
26478147Trugg: What small-medium trugg should I get for under 10K? Looking for something with 4 seats, and n…[View]
26479166How reliable are these early VW VR6 engines?: As they creep past 200k km do they start running into …[View]
26474270Are these Fuckers even real?: They've claimed they've sold a good amount of these but no o…[View]
26466550No gas: Year is 2050 and the last gas station has closed down. What you dailying? I think id drive a…[View]
26479102what price am i supposed to sell my 2003 Cadillac Seville SLS at? it has a possibly blown northstar …[View]
26471848What's the difference between these two?[View]
26477950Which of these cars is better?[View]
26479035I've been looking into purchasing a new truck and was speaking to the salesman when he told me …[View]
26478943Low Hoodline Kino Thread: Post cars with the best design choice you can make[View]
26475967What’s the point of owning a pick up truck if you never use it to haul anything or carry large loads…[View]
26472013850CSI or NSX You can only pick one. Which one and why? Both manual[View]
26475807/dbt/ - daily bike thread: Kawasaki edition again!!! >motorcycle tips & tricks >motorcycle…[View]
26477212Looking for a sub 8k mid or full sized sedan? Reliable and somewhat luxurious is what I'm looki…[View]
26475317JDM Lookalike Wheels: Hello, does anyone know of a western car that came stock with wheels that look…[View]
26477243Is he right about trikes and slingshots? https://youtu.be/j1XL4EKPo08[View]
26469827Going into car sales: Newfag here, working at the parts counter in a dealership and there might be a…[View]
26475600R: R[View]
26478219>brings back the Supra albeit as a BMW >GR86 and BRZ the first dedicated sports car chassis ma…[View]
26471876what are the automotive implications of me not being able to parallel park?[View]
26476626Dodge Dakota: Thoughts on a 2003 Dodge Dakota with a 3.9 V6?[View]
26477665My car got in a fight with a wombat: Give it to me straight anons, how bad is it? I have i feeling …[View]
26468203>selling car on marketplace, offerup, craigslist >post that I will only accept offers in perso…[View]
26475798Giulia Veloce: Give it to me straight /o/, what would mussolini drive in his 20s if he was in this g…[View]
26474353Is he based?[View]
26478059>co-worker 'jumps' the work truck with the terminals inverted >now I have to figure out fuses …[View]
26477868Why doesn't anybody care about the aesthetic of their car anymore? There's no way people t…[View]
26470887Redpill me on a Datsun/Nissan 720 pickup: Are they pretty good? Or should I just get a hardbody inst…[View]
26470077Are 1st and 2nd gen MINI's really that unreliable? Is there any particular trim that is relativ…[View]
26476344Well I did it /o/. They finally became affordable enough for my impoverished ass to afford one and I…[View]
26477727Foreign object in oil filler: How fucked am I? I'm pretty sure the breather in the oil bottle p…[View]
26477147Alright boys updated from yesterday, figured out the fucking wiring FINALLY. Car cranks, occasional …[View]
26474093Trugg baby trugg[View]
26473562>hand-tighten oil filter >it starts loosening…[View]
26470799What's happening with Postal vehicles br/o/s?: Just went out to get my mail today and the Grumm…[View]
26460405ITT we post things that make you go hmmmmmmm.....[View]
26463025/cassette/ chads get in here[View]
26472590Motorsports: Why is there so many leagues/series for the same classes? If I wanna watch GT3 class ra…[View]
26475427How to prevent this from happening?[View]
26476674Hey guys :) XD I'm looking for a car to hit the trails. A little bit about myself, I'm an …[View]
26474819See this, what do[View]
26476884>mom can we get a Motor Trend subscription >No, we have it at home…[View]
26472676where it belongs[View]
26467109Where were you when you heard about the new Chevy Silverado 1500 lineup??[View]
26469367Car keychains: Post you car keychains NOW[View]
26476453A-pillars are so fucking big now. I almost smoked some broad crossing the street like a fucking idio…[View]
26471274How the fuck can you vanlife in a van without a toilet to shit in?[View]
26475288Weekend ruined: >want to take my car out for a spin >it's raining >don't want to …[View]
26469565Greatest wheel ever made, if you disagree you're just being contrarian.[View]
26477044Is there any place that sells strut mounts separately?[View]
26473120How thick are the steel walls on an intermodal trailer?: At work we unload these all day and were di…[View]
26475524Is the Corolla the best Hatch in the market right now? +$25k MSRP +muh reliability +169hp +cvt but a…[View]
26468399I have very mixed feelings about this car. What do you guys think about it?[View]
26470399Sleeper cars are a fad only pedophiles and immature kids are into. >Dude I pulled on a dodge cara…[View]
26475230>dad was an engineer, mechanic, fabricator and draftsman >any auto questions I have I direct …[View]
26476604These two were chevys end game ??: Is the brother right about what he says in the video https://you…[View]
26476153How many times could you rebuild an engine using the original block and head?[View]
26476523Subtle Auto Clothing: Post subtle motorsports/auto enthusiasts gear[View]
26476282what is the hose on the left it’s leaking and I don’t know shit this is a Tacoma by rear driver tire[View]
26476213>$80,000 loan on a $60,000 vehicle[View]
26476491Raceway Hotels: for vacations at Fuji Speedway https://youtu.be/lS4H3O5CggE https://youtu.be/GSPcdr9…[View]
26472817Should i buy this ek for $3800: Its stock but its starting to rust at the door hinges he wont do les…[View]
26476098What kind of car should I buy?: I have 10k saved up and make 40k a year. I am looking for something …[View]
26473559Ford triton spark plugs are a bitch: How would one get a spark plug out that’s missing half of its h…[View]
26474103Thoughts on the Isuzu Dmax X-terrain. The best 4x4 on the market in 2023[View]
26476340Not aut/o/ dont care: >b/o/at Wytatata vroom ping ping ping ping ping ping ping ping ping ping p…[View]
26476172My 2011 forester is shitting itself and on the way out. I want my next car to be an EV - what are co…[View]
26475896Why can't truggers just accept that trucks are not always very utilitarian, and are mostly just…[View]
26475925Saker GT: Have you already ordered yours, anon? You do know that you can't call yourself a true…[View]
26475751>be me >see a car parked that’s my dream car, but I’m jealous that someone has one and I don’t…[View]
26474903Why is 5w50 so rare?: Lotta cars run 5w40 from factory. So for a tuned daily it would make sense to …[View]
26474451How would you fix the WRC /o/? It's been circling the drain for over 15 years.[View]
26475504Honest thoughts on my car: It's a 2016 LS3 calais V commodore. 35,000 km on it I got it second …[View]
26474061/dbt/ - daily biek thread: Look how soft tennycats fur is edition! >motorcycle tips & tricks …[View]
26467856RWD and Winter is a no go: I nearly died this year and I had on Nokian Hakka 3s. Fuck all you anons …[View]
26475363Confess: You've drive a car with McDonalds struts haven't you, anon? What was it? Have you…[View]
26473857Blacked out my stock rims. What do you guys think?[View]
26473219here's your new 5 series bro lol[View]
26475491Any recent year JDM car, manual or auto, worth looking at buying used a few years down the line afte…[View]
26474492i dont like the new m2 they changed its character entirely previous was like loose bull fun to play …[View]
26475239noob here Is it alright to remove this insulation under the hood? I don't really wish to throw …[View]
26473166930 Turbo: Should I put my balls on it?[View]
26473448talk me out of this manual doge memecat[View]
26473850Assuming you already have some sort of sensible/utilitarian daily (truck, family hauler, commuter, e…[View]
26474810>get sports car >Girlfriend suddenly really horny after going for a drive I really hate how s…[View]
26463879Anyone else feel gay when they wear a seatbelt? I never wear it but when I do because there is a pig…[View]
26475252This kills the communists: Redditor cultists on suicide watch https://youtu.be/KMp_Wnxwmjs Doesn…[View]
26474617Best commuter cars that will make me stand out from ordinary cars ? Preferably a first car type of t…[View]
26475085Why the fuck did Mercedes become soulless Korean shitboxes[View]
26472998Lol. Lmao even.[View]
26474977Will these ever make sense to own?[View]
26468765Name a Better Car For $60k: Pro-tip: you can't Every single car you will name will be something…[View]
26474648Is there any company out there that commissions one of one cars for customers that use parts from va…[View]
26461852Rolling coal: Is this based or cringe[View]
26473008So I had this nasty rusted patch on my quarter panel, probably from a shopping cart or something. i …[View]
26466238Post your Fresh™[View]
26474728Anyone tried one of these cheap bi led projectors like 60€ on aliexpress/ebay etc. Previous owner of…[View]
26473059/o/'s thoughts on kei cars?[View]
26461138ITT: Useless Car Technology[View]
26472959Is the 997 a good choice?: Finally got a promotion and decided to get something that I can have fun …[View]
26474158Which gen of the Camaro is the most reliable? I heard the 2020+ has door fitting issues and interior…[View]
26470236What happens if you don’t pay a grease monkey?: >take car in for repairs >monkey quotes me $80…[View]
26474079Why in the fuck did this not come in a V8 manual?[View]
26470216Thanks a lot, noisefags[View]
26471322what cars are exclusively driven by women?[View]
26470869Why do American city, federal, and government departments use American automakers instead of foreign…[View]
26462091No forklift thred?: Forklifts, post em. What are you stacking?[View]
26474170How can you tell if a car salesman is stringing you along and will not actually sell you a car at ms…[View]
26473661>what if we fire the current guy and hire his replacement who was under him when they where not C…[View]
26474235>ICE COLD AC[View]
26474204Kei trucks/vans: Anyone have one of these Kei trucks/vans? How are they? Are they worth it as a dail…[View]
26470034How difficult would it be to turn a C5 into a road ''''legal'''' version of this?[View]
26470966This is what /n/ thinks about aut/o/s[View]
26473378should I go for the wheel spacers meme? > tyres not holding up > need new ones for my shitbox …[View]
26471200Was Chrysler the only domestic company to make a decent FWD minivan or is there a model I am forgett…[View]
26472769>finally get a car with more than 200hp >AWD A4 B8 >at a U-turn during moderate traffic …[View]
26472468/dbt/ Daily dbt Thread: all the pretty colors edition >motorcycle posts >motorcycle wreck webm…[View]
26473018Solid state batteries are here. The new 911 by Porsche is a complete game changer.[View]
26472021Anybody got info on how to wire an old ass RB20DET? It’s the red top model, trying to wire the ignit…[View]
26473051It do be like that[View]
26470677What kinda person owns one of these in America?[View]
26470816Nothing compares to the feeling of intimidating cyclists, pedestrians and anyone in a smaller vehicl…[View]
26471954'jdm' cars: why are people like pic related?[View]
26470763ITT: underrated shitboxes[View]
26471869/Pol/ Espargaro ruled out of Portugal MotoGP round after horror FP2 crash[View]
26448485Why does /o/ hates the BRZ/GR86?: honda civic si/integra gets less hate.[View]
26472578Why are rally fans: Why are rally fans so damned happy all the time?[View]
26471950For me: For me, it’s General Motors’ Brougham by Cadillac. The flagship luxury touring sedan of a g…[View]
26472610what are the worst Nissan drivers?: https://strawpoll.com/polls/NoZr3PkMDy3[View]
26470937weighing your vehicle: Where can I go to get my vehicle weighed? Listed curb weights seem to vary by…[View]
26470756Hidden Gems/Unorthodox 'enthusiast' cars: Exactly as the subject says, post and discuss unconvention…[View]
26471906tfw no auto leg/o/ gf[View]
26466954What's some good /o/ related literature? For me it's pic related.[View]
26452048>What engine should we put in our sports car? >Just reuse some shit from our trucks lmao Do am…[View]
26473283WRC Rally USA: WRC Rally USA is slated to take the place of WRC Rally Guanajuato México. https://dir…[View]
26472136You really cant get any better than this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3D0BNhFLOpc[View]
26472549Is there any place that sells used strut mount separately?[View]
26473119I have sat in virtual Daihatsu Copen Detachable Top L880 and have reached the decision that I could …[View]
26464095dead (again): >https://media.chevrolet.com/media/us/en/chevrolet/home.detail.html/content/Pages/n…[View]
26454312/ovg/ - AMD AMX on Sale edition: Welcome to the Auto Vidya General, the thread for discussion of rac…[View]
26472611Fat Focus Tires: How do I comfortmaxx my 2015 Ford Focus' wheels and tires? I assume the widest…[View]
26471701How to tasteful cat delete on an I4? I do not want to be heard 1 mile away or angry behive. I just w…[View]
26472649Name of port? I want to install a usb port in a civic 2012 on the left of the wheel. What is this po…[View]
26472410Bought this baby for $5000 dollars should i flip it ????: Shes got 134,000 on the dash fully loaded …[View]
26466981$452,000 Dollar skyline: Geez I knew R34 were expensive, I didn't know they were $400k expensiv…[View]
26467611JDM importing: I'm an oldfag now with money and want to import something from Japan. I grew up …[View]
26470251Citroen Visa: You never ever mentioned this Car /o/ why don't You like it?[View]
26469263hold out yer hand[View]
26472633>IT'S THAT WOO WOOOOO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhoT0vVVqvc…[View]
26467031>chevy sonic >its slow[View]
26467107I’m tired of having a car payment and I’m going to pick up an Accord between 03 and 07, I think. My …[View]
26455556Why did Toyota make this car ugly as shit?: Every time I see one driving down the road I cringe a li…[View]
26470660Follow your dreams. If anyone gets in your way, send em into the fence.[View]
26471220next gen: AA HA AHA nigher love a watermelon AA HA AHA when will this clown ride stop[View]
26468823Fire, I'll take you to burn Fire, I'll take you to learn I'll see you burn[View]
26470449/dbt/ Daily Bike Thread: MotoGP is BACK edition. Marc Marquez is fully fit Some of the he best racin…[View]
26472294This is a reminder to all Fr*nch europoor shitposters that this is forever a Mopar board.[View]
26472316how did America create a better Ferrari engine than Ferrari. not only that, but all this from a manu…[View]
26468260why can't i just buy a bottle with octanes and add more to gas inside my gas tank? just like ot…[View]
26464104Remind me whats wrong here? Its like everyone just forgot how much they shat on chris bangles design…[View]
26469037The big debate, in this economy which one is the thinking man's option?[View]
26471448Is there a car that causes as much seethe as the nissan gt-r? They just can't quite accept this…[View]
26471977>Mid 90s >Exchange rate between Yen and USD makes great sports cars unaffordable to the averag…[View]
26467043You now remember the Dodge Magnum.[View]
26466169Are all mechanics scammers?: I know for a fact every mechanic I’ve been to has lied and said I need …[View]
26471963For some fucking reason my car (2014 Dart) will not let me turn my key all the way to off. It does t…[View]
26472040Post your vidya machines RX-7 FD Spirit R type A[View]
26468662>never been in an accident >never filed an insurance claim >never even bothered my insuranc…[View]
26467715Wheels thread: Why are people autistic about the gm Turbine wheels? I got some from Craigslist a cou…[View]
26469794CAMARO RS FINAL EDITION: HOLY FUCK! Y'ALL SEE THIS SHIT?! They putting the god damn 2.7t in it …[View]
26428260Weekend Wrenching Thread: Time for some DIY. Discuss maintenance/repairs/projects here.[View]
26467287why would one buy a Right Hand Drive, automatic BMW E36 for $12k?[View]
26469664i did it, bros. my og 900 turbo is en route to me: use this thread to berate me for my poor decision…[View]
26471803I'm thinking we're back[View]
26464337PORSCHE DID IT: They lobbied. They invested. They proved the technology was viable >The European …[View]
26467986>I'm proud of you, Dad. Buying an electric car will help clean the air up and preserve the E…[View]
26470537How retarded would it be to put the BPE 3.6 in my Miata when they come out?[View]
26462122>get in minor collision with your cringey new car >$17,000 in damage Have cars been over even …[View]
26456320>causes glaring beam of light to consume all mirror vision >rides your ass until you make a bl…[View]
26469260>*mogs your Lexus ISF*[View]
264674526 construction workers killed in highway crash: Does the black/gray car look like a bmw to you? also…[View]
26465018ITT: We discuss Coilovers: So what's in your car anon?[View]
26468429How can they afford to lose three billion dollars? Can you imagine if they had invested that money i…[View]
26466517I saw an ad for a really nice looking truck on CL, no phone number so I emailed with my info I have …[View]
26468338Making steel/aluminum intake: Has anyone hete ever made a sheet metal intake? Why aren't they m…[View]
26468772*Cuts you off on the interstate and then drives 6 mph slower than you were driving in your path*[View]
26471106I wish a buck was still silver: >Wish a Ford and a Chevy could still last ten years, like they sh…[View]
26457077Car ship of Theseus: How many parts can you replace in a car before the vin no longer applies? Let’s…[View]
26456169/osg/ - Auto Sticker General #550 >Sticker threads are for losers, everybody welcome! Previous th…[View]
26456374WTF I LOVE BMW NOW[View]
26467906Is the Stinger just a poor-man's M3? Asking for a friend. Also lmaos kia[View]
26463380I legit love cars bros[View]

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