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22602559colorado thread: any co anons in the house? how's your summer been? any good toojs or meets bee…[View]
22610543Cheap hot hatch: Hey guys. What a fairly cheap jap hot hatch? My 07 March is on the way out, was fre…[View]
22606975can I buy a superbike if i'm a beginner? I don't want that pussy shit I just want to go fa…[View]
22611729I miss cars with radio antennas mounted at the top of the a-pillar[View]
22612424Feds seize 80+ cars bound for Venzuela: Neat to see what they consider 'luxury' vehicles in a failed…[View]
22612936Motorsport Gear: Morning br/o/s. Where do you buy your gear? I would like to buy an affordable helme…[View]
22610727Buying a rare Cossie: I found a Ford Scorpio RS Cosworth in good condition, has about 200hp from the…[View]
22606490My car got totaled about half a month ago, I'm ready to kms. I fucking hate deer. I miss drivin…[View]
22610497I want a small car (UK), and I kinda like the look of a Mini Cooper, but I can't get over the f…[View]
22608213As a eurofag am I better of sticking to BMW F10 from 2012 (12k EUR) or should I get KIA OPTIMA 2015 …[View]
22601776Car accessories and must haves: Hey /o/ what things do you keep in your car? For me it has to be a p…[View]
22606700What's the current market on these bad boys[View]
22612004Mazda 3 2014 Bluetooth does not work when it gets hot: So I had this problem for a while now, but it…[View]
22609780I just finished an two interviews at a local BMW dealership for a lube tech porter position. The int…[View]
22610289[Daily Bike Thread] - /dbt/ motorcycle: First bike edition >Motorcycle Questions & Answers …[View]
22606936I'm curious why were drivers with track experience so maligned in Initial D? I would think peop…[View]
22609785Redpill me on cars born in mexico[View]
22609872Importing a car from Burger Land: Any Eurofag ever import a car from Burgerland? Thinking about a Po…[View]
22609518>gf needs new car >keeps looking at shady dealerships and piece of shit, bottom barrel trash …[View]
22610756a/s/l? Car? How much are you paying for insurance?[View]
22611008Holyyyyy shiiit I fucked up: Idk how long these bolts have been missing but it’s most likely from wh…[View]
22605374>Curtain airbags? No thanks, just more shit to break[View]
22608866Lucid motors is beginning to open up its stores. This kills the Tesla[View]
22609651Ford 8n restomod: The Ford 8n has a whopping 27 horsepower and an archaic 4 cylinder all iron flathe…[View]
22603221/ovg/ 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer ES Edition: the best car ever featured in a video game edition Previous…[View]
22596924Thoughts on Town Cars?: Thoughts on Town Cars? Thinking about buying one. Any common issues? I know …[View]
22591316post SOUL not soulless[View]
22604773/sg/ - Saturn General: Old: >>22588371 Superior Edition[View]
22610671Drove on this for two years ama[View]
22609856Is brand-blindness a sign of autism?[View]
22611076T: I[View]
22609108How I was taught to park in reverse >line up the next car with your c pillar >turn wheel righ…[View]
22606793Is snap on a big meme? I've read through many threads and talked to many mechanics and have got…[View]
22605474Exotic and Rare car thread: I´ll start: Bitter Vero Sport. Only 1 car built. Its a pontiac g8 gxp (w…[View]
22598490Bronco reveal!: LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO https://youtu.be/_4A3xjgZ4hY[View]
22610252Knowing how much of a maintenance hell a regular XJS can be, how badly could these be?[View]
22611214tire profile help: do higher profile tires last longer than oem or low profile ones? I want a new se…[View]
22611128bmw 535d e60 vs 335d e90: same engine but different series what would u buy and why[View]
22596607/Panther General/ - Chad Victoria: Post your Crown Victoria's, mods, fixes, and any other panth…[View]
22611065is a volvo v40 d4 a good buy: i need diesel car thats relatively quick either this or bmw 335d e90 o…[View]
22606181Flatbed Tacoma?: I drive a 2020 Tacoma, I use it for work as well with a pressure washing business, …[View]
226106592018 build year 740Ld - my ideal car which i will try to get this year https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
22607970Redpill me on foxbodys /o/. Do they make good DD's?[View]
22598737Youtube and Other Media: Post car related content you enjoy watching. Youtube: VisionRacer DonutMedi…[View]
22610888Ford Echosport: These aren't as bad as people say.[View]
22604696honda >we aim for the best the best the best the best >SUPER TECHNOLOGY >V-TEC >hire sen…[View]
22606198What are some good resources to learn about cars to the point where I'm comfortable changing pa…[View]
22609363>me and my friends go on a trip >only two cars, me driving a honda civic, and a guy I don…[View]
22610511Where can I find the latest version of techstream and the MVCI driver?[View]
22609207Germanfag here. Just bought a Golf 6 Plus for 4000€. It's 10 years old and has already over 200…[View]
22608722THE SWEDISH UTE: You faggots didnt think utes only picked up in aussieland did ya? The roads are ful…[View]
22609351which one of you drives the kermitegra?[View]
2261039970s / 80s Mad Max Cars: Hi /o/, this weekend I saw several mad max style vehicles driving around Ups…[View]
22608288Sharing a car with my bro AMA[View]
22608663Eagle coupe[View]
22604288volvo 480: im bouta get my first car, am i doin a good? its a 2.0 na in the same colours as pic, all…[View]
22609542Sup lads. How much do you think this would cost to repair? Hit someone when pulling into work and ju…[View]
22609242Based Germany. Imagine doing +190 mph on public highways legally. The government literally built you…[View]
22610102What is the future of this brand? I wanna buy an outlander with the 10 year warranty but i feel like…[View]
22596022What does /o/ thinks about Jaguars?: Do they handle well on the motorway? What's the durability…[View]
22610180Euro truck beats intensify. https://www.twitch.tv/dcunha1443[View]
22606253no matter how new it is, it's still a shitbox post em[View]
22606483Budget rust prevention: My DD is starting to develop rust on the underbody 1. Would crushed walnuts …[View]
22607539/dbt/: >Motorcycle Questions & Answers >Motorcycle Tips & Tricks >Motorcycle Gear …[View]
22607764Best sporty car for a poor guy?: So heres the deal, im saving up until I have enough for a new used …[View]
22606403What's the sweet spot for the number of gears?[View]
22609406I'm biting the bullet yurobros: >Giulietta 1.6 Jtd >Audi A3 Sportback 1.6 >Volvo V40 1…[View]
22608303>Following the downsizing of GM's B-bodies in 1977, most major differences between the full-…[View]
22606184Is Hyundai actually good now? I’ve had a theory that they are cornering the market for penniless mi…[View]
22560045/ctg/ - Classic Toyota General - An Aussie in America Edition: >pre 2000 only >no hairdresser …[View]
22605157Post your car & rate others: Last thread reached image limit[View]
22609689Let's talk about car washing detergents. I bought a shiny new car. Can I be reasonably confiden…[View]
22609735Let's settle this. Miata or motorcycle?[View]
22606138okay, now this is based https://youtu.be/9-gf88waPEI[View]
22603534>his car doesn't even have two sunroofs lmaoing @ you're life kidd…[View]
22609492Redpill me on this /o/tists, is the RX8 worth it or nah? And how can I make the Renesus suck less?[View]
22609267Poorfag here, when i can get this for 6000 europoors?[View]
22609034450 HP for 20k?: I'm looking for a reliable way to get around 450 hp with a 20 grand budget. Th…[View]
22586012car colours: for me, it's Sunburst Yellow[View]
22608823Where did it all go so wrong?[View]
22605029What’s the c/o/nsensus on Audi?[View]
22608620thoughts on the 2 series gran coupe?[View]
22597422Nissan Patrol thread: Better SUVs in middle east of all places?: How long until these become legal t…[View]
22600396/otg/ Touge General - Snek Edition: Are you locked down with nothing to do? Are you sick of watching…[View]
22604630*bans Jimny* *bans Lada Niva* What the fuck am I supposed to buy if I need an all terrain 4x4, you e…[View]
22608635Is a mazdaspeed 6 worth 13000€ ? Its pretty rare here in europe but i kinda want it. I already have …[View]
22607453Hey /o/ i'm planning to fabricate my own catback exhaust. Does anyone have any advice for me?[View]
22608088Here's your new car, bro[View]
22590332What went wrong?[View]
22604534Why Toyota didn't made 4 cylinder version of 2jz?[View]
22608691Shelby GT500 Catches Nissan GT-R and Porsche 911: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQXDyUPG8jg…[View]
22605437Cars, love em or hate em.: Do you treat your car like just another tool or appliance, or dare I say,…[View]
22581754how the hell do i buy one of these that isnt going to cost me more than a fucking house (15k)? yuppi…[View]
22607747Pre 1970's american cars were built to last by true patriots, in 1969 japan entered the global …[View]
22608351What kind of guys drive this car[View]
22608134>base car purchase on nothing but buying a better car than my old man's >get one that…[View]
22606101Good deal or nah?[View]
22601774Okay people. Would you say asbestos brakes were better than modern ones, or not? And I'm just g…[View]
22602660What is your first impression when you see a hot hatch?[View]
22600806Family SUV: >somewhat financially successful >married >have house >expecting a kid >w…[View]
22606074I want to get one of these and tune it to 500hp, how much money do I need? Europe by the way[View]
22606651Anybody on /o/ wrench, do commercial driving work, have a business with cars, or even own anything t…[View]
22604020Stop buying Harbor Freight jackstands.: Stop buying Harbor Freight jackstands.[View]
22607210When you go for a spirited drive on the touge, do you prefer to go uphill or downhill and why?[View]
22604705Installed coilovers but I'm not sure if I should stay at this height or go a bit lower. Someone…[View]
22597245Why do women love huge unwieldy cars so much, but hate small, good handling sporty cars? Don’t they…[View]
22600692Cars are becoming boxier again. Good/bad?[View]
22591180Which state has the best vanity/normal licence plate?[View]
22607351Lately I've been obsessed with the Chevy Avalanche and I've been looking around. There are…[View]
22603131Audi a6 c6 2004-2010: Yo I have noticed these are dirt cheap in Germany so I was thinking of getting…[View]
22607531Are Jeep owners quite possibly the most retarded drivers on the road?[View]
22597118Why is this thing 3900 lbs?[View]
22602709What would /o/ put this in[View]
22604785What is the most unreliable car you've owned? >pic related[View]
22607637Post old trucks. My long time gf broke up with me last week. Need some cheering up.[View]
22606117Cars you secretly like: But would never admit to liking publicly[View]
22607874Thoughts on the 765 LT?[View]
22575760/ptg/ Pickup Truck General: Pickup Truck General Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9I51J…[View]
22604382Hey br/o/s, I'm looking to get a welder so I can work on some small car projects like exhausts …[View]
22603298Why should I or should I not buy a Torino?[View]
22607681I bought a minibike and a predator 212 for $100. It's a dirty greasy pos[View]
22605654honda fit: based or waste?[View]
22607081Maintenace Intervals: How legit are maintenance intervals from the manufacturer? My vehicle recommen…[View]
22603586Ls thread: >500 in an afternoo... https://youtu.be/oOGoqwDw5Xw 2k all up isn't bad I paid tw…[View]
22595315I changed the brakes on my car and the parking brake is looser than a 30 year old white womans vagin…[View]
22598470>buy car >can't get dmv to answer the phone >no walk ins >there website will not sc…[View]
22606977What's going to be the next meme car for /o/. when I first first visited here back in 2008 it …[View]
22607060Anyone replaced a sun visor before: >Have 2005 Nissan Sentra >Sun visor on passenger side flop…[View]
22606985Jeep CJ: Hey br/o/s. Didn't really care too much bout the Jeep CJ7 earlier today, but then saw …[View]
22605497dbt ~ Daily Bike Thread ~ dbt: Ducati Panigale appreciation thread. >Motorcycle Questions & …[View]
22606500Did you like Ford v Ferarri?[View]
22605546I need an awd car. Which one of these 2 should i go for?[View]
22600743Jeep “life”: So I bought a 2001 Jeep Wrangler. I am not a car guy. So please forgive me for any br…[View]
22601900>1992 dodge ram CUMMINS for sale! its got the millenial anti theft device! only 293,000 miles, th…[View]
22602178How do I pass the road test?: I have a California Behind-The-Wheel drivers test tomorrow morning. I…[View]
22601198/o/‘s official car?[View]
22587313tfw have the best car on /o/[View]
22592053Settling for less: Did you ever have to settle on a car that was close to the one you really wanted …[View]
22606726any of you guys know how I can lower the back of my car more without drop plates or taking out the h…[View]
22603003Dumb cars: You may have heard about 'dumb phones' as a response to 'smart phones', but are there suc…[View]
22606041Should I buy a GLB? I make over 150k a year, my wife makes 70k a year. Just got married, thinking o…[View]
22606293So I am 20, and I am a credit ghost (No credit history/No credit at all). I get $516 every Friday. …[View]
22598231Is the car the worst car ever made? >Basically a civic >horrible handling fwd >looks like a…[View]
22606338Why do people pretend foxbody Mustangs are good cars?[View]
22603744I’m pretty happy with my Z. If I’m being honest, my 2020 Nismo feels lightly outdated from the facto…[View]
22598194What’s the c/o/nsensus on BMW?[View]
22605612Spring Compressor: hey guys, can anyone help me identify this Facom tool?[View]
22604101Why are these so slow? I picked one up and its the slowest thing I've ever been in before. Hand…[View]
22601984What's the best V6 and why is it the 3800? >Comes N/A for Stacy, or supercharged for Chad …[View]
22601995Wash your fucking car, anon: >he doesn't wash and detail his car once a week So you're …[View]
22605766Why do people crack their windows or sunroof when running their a/c in this blazing heat? It kind of…[View]
22600372Anybody doing VIN checks? Didn’t find a thread in search. JM1NC25F970126695 I know it’s got somethi…[View]
22604172Why are these the same price as a F150?[View]
226002852020 M4: Holy shit. This is it, boys[View]
22605832Why do people stereotype the feds as using vans when they mostly use Tahoes?[View]
22605123e46 or mustang: I posted my 2003 330i on Craigslist a few days ago. It has 120k on it and it's …[View]
22603427is the is200 the best reliable rwd sedan for it's price?[View]
22593415how are their engines so good?[View]
22602491Just got a new car. Dubs choose my new license plate: Pic related[View]
22600384How to get over the fear of driving? I am getting my license this year but each time i ride next to …[View]
22603038dbt ~ Daily Bike Thread ~ dbt: BMW S1000RR appreciaction thread (forreal this time) >Motorcycle Q…[View]
22605458Redpill me on a 2020 outlander sport gt with the 2.4[View]
22605309Injector cleaning: So what’s the deal worth it? I’m at 200k miles and my gas mileage isn’t as high a…[View]
22603410whats the most beautiful mercedes of all time in your opinion?[View]
22602616Opinions on Renault?[View]
22598670Why didnsuoer street have a river who describes this shitty old 1.6 liter civics as his 'dream car'?…[View]
22603189Which american car does this Volga remind you of?[View]
22604484what's the point of doing track days?: driving around in circles over and over[View]
22604958Raising the suspension of a unibody car: Does anyone have tips on raising the suspension of a unbody…[View]
22604865Who here /cheeky/? >constantly maneuvering in between traffic to cheese my way to the front of th…[View]
22603132cant replace the 540i T: Is there any more all-around good car than the 540i touring under 20k? I…[View]
22604035Car parts for same year model coupe vs sedan vs etc.: Hey. I’m absolute newbie and looking into old …[View]
22600489Manual transmissions have become a luxury in 2020. Nearly all used cars in the US in working conditi…[View]
22590965/ovg/ - JUST edition: play video game get fun Previous Thread >>22578704 Wiki >http://get-g…[View]
22599985Anyone who currently has the latest generation Civic from 2016 to now, how has your car been so far.[View]
22600905SCUM: Do you know that Toyota didn’t invent the hybrid car, as in petrol engine supported by electri…[View]
22604535Dammit /o/, I’ve been tempted to buy something faster but I just can’t get myself to sell this slow,…[View]
22602238Classic Car Thread: Post your favorite classic car you either have or want to own. >restomodding…[View]
22601276Any Missouri br/o/s in here?[View]
22604709Have you ever been dealing with a fraud when buying or selling a car?[View]
22595671so my truck just blew its tranny and i need a new car My dad wants me to finance a new honda civic …[View]
22603994I'll just leave this here...[View]
22602433Nobody wants to drive a Kia Stinger Nobody puts posters of it on their wall Nobody saves up pennies …[View]
22602140Planning on buying a 6 speed manual BMW 535i for a really good price only 75k miles. Anything I shou…[View]
22595928Is it the best handling car ever made?[View]
22604191I always wonder what the point of midrange cars are. Cars that arent performance, luxury or entry le…[View]
22599243The great debate. Only 30g to spend. Needs a v8 and a manual. What should I choose. Leaning towards …[View]
22603488Saturn: Where is the Saturn General?[View]
22602964Do you flappy paddle?[View]
22604151this car: What is the car in this picture?[View]
22603882Why would anyone buy a Tacoma when it's the same price as a new ram or close to a Silverado?[View]
22584337Post your car thread: Just post your car.[View]
22603415Car, Volvo v50, doesn't start at all. It's entirely dead. I've managed to start it us…[View]
22603975when buying a new car with a sunroof, do I have to worry if the sunroof would eventually leak?[View]
22598909Why did ford replace the ecoline with this horseshit?[View]
22599910Theres a Mercury Topaz near me for $1500 and its piqued my interest. Are they adequate cars? The one…[View]
22600129The 370z is the most underrated car sold today. No pure sports car gets as much shit as the z34. …[View]
22602525Why do you drive dangerously? Do you like risky behavior? What does that say about you?[View]
22601003Reliable cars don't interest me: I'm retarded but I won't suffer the indignity of wag…[View]
22593193These are the valves of a GDi engine.[View]
22601512Vanity plates: Who here has a vanity plate?[View]
22600340bongland poorfag: What's the best car for a poorfag in englandistan? Considering insurance and …[View]
22601262Gas Overfill: Model: 2006 Toyota Rav4 >At gas station pumping gas >Gas Nozzle stops pumping g…[View]
22596958Pretty set on getting a Subi WRX as my next car. Why should/shouldn't I go for it, /o/?[View]
22599847How do we switch America to this more aesthetic style of license plate?[View]
22597643Renault: The Honda of Europe.[View]
22598992Why do car critics hate big grilles and piano black? I think both of them look good[View]
22603369What happen Mr driftaus?: /o/i facken lost it edition Whys this board so bloody facken ded post some…[View]
22587894HOLY SHIT! This whole time I thought Hank drove a red F-150. Turns out the whole time it's a fu…[View]
22596764is it just me, or are these cars kinda sxy?[View]
22598837Lowkey fire cars that are actually good for the price and underrated. >7th gen civic SI >Prett…[View]
22599786What are some used car that have very low cabin noise? I have sensitive ears and prefer a ride that …[View]
22594837Do vented Hoods really help keep the engine cool? Because on hoods like pic related it seems like th…[View]
22602686The Honda CRZ, on paper, seems based. Is there something I'm missing?[View]
22601048[ D a i l y B i k e T h r e a d ] - /dbt/: S1000r appreciation thread >Motorcycle Questions &…[View]
22600408What is this magnificent beast and how do I get one[View]
22596038Kia K5: now that the US is confirmed to get the Kia K5 Optima, is it finally over for the Camry and …[View]
22602853Checking in with you /o/: Hey dudes, $750.00 US dollars for a high mileage 2005 Mazda 3 hatchback th…[View]
22601413>just bought used car >Sirius XM actually works and isn’t a trial >been like this for the …[View]
22600437How would a sidekick look with round headlights and maybe no grill/ some kinda custom or just mesh g…[View]
22596168>when you accidentally park your miata in class[View]
22602673toyota celica: how difficult/expensive would it be to find and fully restore an '80s toyota cel…[View]
22589835>im buying the wife an SUV! if she gets into a car accident, i want her to win! >im not puttin…[View]
22601157Wheel go crunch: Good evening /o/, my retarded ass curbed two wheels doing a U-turn, and partially f…[View]
22598994Flipping Cars: How much money realistically have you made off of fixing and selling cars?[View]
22594801Space Car thread,: how will cars look if we colonized the moon, nearby astronauts and have a few doz…[View]
22600271DIY Fart Can Noise Mitigation: The stock exhaust rusted out on my EK6 Civic beater, so I replaced it…[View]
22596067what went wrong?[View]
22600752Could they make a comeback as an auto maker?[View]
22597466>07-TL-S >1 boomer owner >Very clean with tons of options including factory Aspec lowering …[View]
22588494Have people really died at the socal meets, or is that just a meme?[View]
22599643How do wagons handle in the tooj?[View]
22598023Cars that look cool but are shit Aka cars need a buy and sat describe as 'cheap and underated' (chea…[View]
22602235When are you ordering your new RCA CAR SPSPSPSP?[View]
22595165Supra Super GT 2020: The 2020 Toyota Supra GT500 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-FU7ENLAdk…[View]
22540198Trucker thread: What happened to all the trucker threads that used to be on here? What happened to t…[View]
22600148Volvo appreciation thread: Share what you like about volvo and your favorite models. The new S90/V90…[View]
22599722How do you check your transmission fluid? Give steps you take thanks.[View]
22600079>20 min o2 sensor replacement turns into day long fuck around trying to fix the manifold when the…[View]
22595629Any guys doing restomods on jeeps? 06' 6 speed 6 cylinder LJ (not pictured but similar looking)…[View]
22588901>My favorite engine? The Mercedes-Benz OM606 of course! >The best or nothing! >What about …[View]
22601890Stereos and Speakers: Relatively speaking, how easy is it to replace stereos I have a double-din in …[View]
225991172012 Nissan Frontier[View]
22596535sickmod: i'm going for this look, can having your tires aligned this way damage your car? thank…[View]
22596988Ok, /o/, redpill me on the Mitsubishi Outlander. I know you fags rave about the Mirage, but never ta…[View]
22597937Honest thoughts on Prius?[View]
22600450Early Lease Buyout: 5 year lease, currently still in year 1. I'd like to buyout the lease, and …[View]
22600034Serious question, how foolish it would be to buy a corvette and drive all year long even through win…[View]
22599723why did the fucking mods remove the XJ from the sticky?[View]
22600412I got my drivers license 4 years ago but around that time I went to university. Graduated recently a…[View]
22599835dbt~ Daily Bike Thread ~ dbt: Aprilia RSV4 series appreciation thread >Motorcycle Questions &…[View]
22600617>buy 90s car >hood pops up while driving down the highway…[View]
22599591Why is having 3 out of 4 brake/tail lights such a common thing on old cars?[View]
22597198Can anyone tell me what kind of trade-in value I can expect to get from a 2004 Honda Civic with a li…[View]
22599968Toyota GT86: I want to find out some stuff like reliability on the GT86 and how it drives ect from p…[View]
22597137Leave it to the Germans to make a car that looks shitty with pop-ups[View]
22594876How many bees can your truck carry?[View]
22599918hello guys need some advice for painting what spray guns,compressor and equipment do you recommend f…[View]
22599029Why do chicks love it when a guy drives a black car?[View]
22599432Hey br/o/s, after one year of being too broke busriding peasant I finally got to buy a car again. Sa…[View]
22599826Pontiac 6000 STE. Thoughts?[View]
22600101new car who dis?[View]
22595787Hahahaha fucken BMW. This is fucken ridiculous. They literally want you to pay for acess to shit tha…[View]
22600337My first car is a 2011 BMW 1 series. But I'm unhappy owning it, I went cross country to origina…[View]
22600169Damn /o/ you just got called out[View]
22598233Hey /o/, it's the Yaris guy again. I did the Autocross race and it was amazing. I've been …[View]
22596938how do i get this shit for cheaper.: The wheels are just a placeholder, but I want to buy these part…[View]
22600270>bought a new car recently >miss my shitbox >miss not having to worry about niggers or anyo…[View]
22597646After weeks of searching I have found exactly one car that lets me put Waze on the speedometer and i…[View]
22594149Mazda3 Turbo Revealed in Mexico: https://www.carsguide.com.au/car-news/confirmed-mazda-3-turbo-outpu…[View]
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22599433So my Saab 900 that has been sitting for year or two has developed a clutch problem, the pedal just …[View]
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22596787Is the Subaru Impreza a girls car? I got a 5 speed hatch because it’s small and fun to drive the sp…[View]
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22594139>hamilton got fucked over what a great season opener[View]
22598092Bought anything from here for your car/bike? Anything you’d recommend? Applies to any other similar …[View]
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22588371/sg/ - Saturn General: Old: >>22566039 BASED Edition[View]
22599287Driving in Massachusetts with a Canadian N: I Just moved to Mass, and currently hold a novice driver…[View]
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22599169any superbike enthusiasts?: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRjpeM3IDJSWbkHjNqlFv_w german autobahn…[View]
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22598369CITY IN CITY[View]
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22595068I want a custom van I live in an area where i can drive to car camping/day camping sites and hang ou…[View]

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