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24394268Not closing corridor door: Volkswagen corridor door not closing. It appears like the sitbelt is bloc…[View]
24393886Is it just me or is it around 130,000 miles when shit starts going wrong?[View]
24384237post your deathtrap[View]
24393891anyone else started being a worse driver when you got older? when i was 18 I'd drive barely ove…[View]
24392353Can someone run the vin on this shitbox Solstice? 1G2MB35B16Y112618 Thank you in advance. Also gener…[View]
243918912021 Kia Rio or Nissan Sentra S: Sup /o/ Considering one of these two econoboxes due to commute <…[View]
24385466ITT cars people use as a personality centerpiece[View]
24390292Looking for a winter truck, preferably by Toyota: I’m in the market for a 2nd car that I’d like to h…[View]
24388780Black and White crown vics: So /o/, I bought into the meme and bought a used Crown Vic, with surpris…[View]
24383169What's your favorite Need for Speed, /o/?: For me, it's Hot Pursuit 2 and Most Wanted (200…[View]
24389953bug out vehicles: IMO pointless because they depend on the perfect functioning of road, gas, skilled…[View]
24393261>Buying a mint, rust-free West Coast or Southern car and moving it to the North. This should be a…[View]
24393855Looking to buy a midsized SUV and a 2010 RAV4 Base is for sale near me. The dealer is asking 7.8K bu…[View]
24385887ITT: post the worst car accessories/mods you can find[View]
24375368Cars your embarrassed to admit you like: Post those guilty pleasures /o/[View]
24386280Let me guess, you 'need' more.[View]
24364088/DAT/: [ D a i l y A u s f a g T h r e a d ] Post everything Australian related here! Car stories ~ …[View]
24384260What car should I buy for my girlfriend?: She wants me to surprise her. I have no idea what to get.…[View]
24393318Is Stella tis letting Ferrari kill Maserati?: >Maserati makes a coupe with a Ferrari V8. Ferrari …[View]
24393387Hyundai Kona: Anyone have this thing? How is it?[View]
24394006Can someone give me a quick rundown on pic related? Im considering the 170hp 2.0 diesel with dsg. I…[View]
24391688Ferrari is collabing with Fortnite: The Ferrari 296 GTB is now drivable in Fortnite's Battle Ro…[View]
24389683Would you buy the trailer and the truck anons?: Well? Would you?[View]
24393593wtf is this bullshit?: I tried to make a reply about this on aus/pol/ >>>/pol/331127778 but…[View]
24388644Why aren't you driving a 2002 Nissan Primera[View]
24388121What's the best hatch and why is it the MG ZS 180 V6?: >Upgraded Civic chassis >Upgraded …[View]
24390073Still Better than a Miata N/A in every way: prove me wrong...[View]
24374783What's the best car to buy for 35k? I don't care if new or used as long as it's not a…[View]
24392955Falcunt... why did he fail at boosting an LS? did he just cheap out on the build?[View]
24382814what in your opinion is the best looking truck? I think dodge peaked design with the 2nd gen ram, bo…[View]
24389381>Modern Fords can't make it pass 100,000 mil-[View]
24389895How do I learn to actually restore or build a car? I've got more money than sense for the first…[View]
24376671Stop pre-ordering cars, please: Hell/o/, welcome to my rantblog >went to a local Toyota dealershi…[View]
243903922012 Bmw X5 50i: I've just completed a full engine rebuild on my 4.4 V8 and transmission is all…[View]
24393230No Toyota trucks on the 2 post lift!!: I always thought this was a general rule? We had signs at the…[View]
24371275REPLACEMENT AUTO PARTS THREAD Posting auto parts quality table since most people have no idea what p…[View]
24388044Why does Honda still manucfacture those gay-ass bikes?[View]
24385761>week 3 of mechanic apprenticeship[View]
24387453Why are they so good at cars? >old stuff was simple, really well built and perfomed great >new…[View]
24392445New car prices: How do people afford to buy a new car? Some of these SUV and even smaller cars like …[View]
24390616How can you go from this[View]
24388302BMW CEO: 'BMW is no longer a car company': 'We are a mobility company now' What the fuck does this m…[View]
24391583/dbt/ - daily biek thread: Harley Edition >HOGs >HOG accessories >HOG performance >Indi…[View]
24389892Is a 650Nm torque wrench with a 50 liter compressor good enough?[View]
24385918>be brand known for affordable cars >have ambitious boss >boss wants a model to rival BMW a…[View]
24391847Br/o/s, how do I fix this?!?[View]
24391072Sound Synthesis: https://youtu.be/MUcbXplAvSc?t=104 I honestly think it's acceptable in EVs.…[View]
24392462whats the most reliable nice car i can get that ISNT a lexus? I want a nice car thats reliable and i…[View]
24388468>just passed my road test after 7 failed attempts >examiner passed me out of pure pity on the …[View]
24391410Based or cringe?[View]
24392628>im gunna ZOOOOOOOM No thanks, I'll buy a FWD Lexus[View]
24390843Alright bros, I’ve finally managed to save up 24000€ I live in europe, in a rural area with very l…[View]
24392597Was it actually that bad for the price?[View]
24392524Sup /o/ Looking at the 20 and 21 Kia Forte FE with the 6MT option. Terrible mistake or hidden gem? A…[View]
24388389Camaro With A 4 Pot: Why is so slept on? Is it because it's an actual Sports/Performance Car? D…[View]
24392407Awd vs RwD: The great debate What is better?[View]
24389379iTT: cars you would get in a heartbeat if they were reliable[View]
24387763>driving without a seatbelt is illegal >driving a motorcycle is not illegal…[View]
24391780How to build power on an lt1???[View]
24387726we laugh at Ferrari[View]
24381170i fell for the rwd meme: >had a 2007 scion tc >tons of fun driving it around the mountain road…[View]
24389388I hate that i’m still in college and so broke man this is my fucking dream truck and there’s nothing…[View]
24392057Which one of you guys found it[View]
24387100Redpill me on the m156 c63 amg. Are they worth it? Or am I gonna be fucked https://boise.craigslist.…[View]
24391241First we had reserved parking spots for the handicapped and now we have these fucking things popping…[View]
24386862Why not more TDIs ?: I just cant understand why we simply don't stick to diesel engines, and wh…[View]
24391306>why yes, I do in fact want to feel coddled and isolated from the road[View]
24389831Selfmade car: Hello /o/utists Childhood dream of mine is to build my own car. Now i have knowledge, …[View]
24390151Toyota Hilux: So I live in europe and kinda want this especially for my weekends activities (camping…[View]
24391845I don't care if it's a nigger-car. I like it[View]
24387203Disappointment: What are the most disappointing cars? For example say you’re trying to impress a gir…[View]
24387674I haven't been paying attention to the market: I am looking for the quickest FWD/RWD car to buy…[View]
24391002There's one guy across the road who owns a Carrera 4S, an Audi S6 wagon, a Fiesta ST and today …[View]
24335033/org/ - Off-road General: vapewagons and minivans don't count edish post off-road pics discuss …[View]
24391543Absolute beginner to motor bikes: I want to build a project bike over the summer and maybe over fall…[View]
24391042when I am in charge, we will drive the toyota echo: For less than the cost of one (1) tire for a bmw…[View]
24389637/dbt/ - daily biek thread: grandpas BMW edition >Layin' 'er up >Pickin' 'e…[View]
24389271WORST CAR EVER[View]
24387032what manufacturer has the best build quality?[View]
24390784This video is tempting me to go place an order. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqpAt6VyYp8[View]
24372798Formula Shit: Watch Mercedes/negro man act like nothing is their fault foe the millionth time and th…[View]
24390536What does /o/ think of car shield?: I saw a commercial for this shit at my grandmas house, it’s auto…[View]
24390217Only true gearheads can post in this thread: So how do I drive this and for how long to best break i…[View]
24379278You have $60k to spend on one vehicle: what do you buy?[View]
24378793Is there a dumber invention than this?[View]
24385969Nissan 100 NX: Found a few hours ago during my break a used 100 NX nearby for 1000 €. from what I se…[View]
24385276>Janny is now deleting EV threads Based?[View]
24386311why do people buy these heaps of shit for stupid amounts of money other than because they look cool?[View]
24387871Why do people call cars “clean” wtf who started that retarded shit[View]
24382470Now that's a truck[View]
24391058ATS Coupe 3.6L: Are these more reliable than an M4?[View]
24389333best looking DRLs: what are the best looking daytime running lights and why is it the WK2 Grand Cher…[View]
24388231is reliability rly that bad? or is it a meme: There's a 17 Alfa 4-cheese for sale $46K @ 43K mi…[View]
24389316Serious question: Does the rated towing capacity of a truck also determine the weight of the vehicle…[View]
24386348I want the GR86 so much. It seems like the perfect car for mountain passes and some trackdays every …[View]
24384619Have you ever bought a car without seeing it first? i just found a car thats in great condition with…[View]
24385195GOD, Peugeout makes the best looking cars on the market.: Period. This is their 508 Model,equivalent…[View]
24383994My roommate/friend changed my oil, i paid for the oil, filter, additives and other stuff. how much …[View]
24383128DSG transmission: How fucked am I? Got a car with one of those lil niggas, apparently they fucking L…[View]
24389496Can the starter short the battery?: I don't know what the fuck to do anymore. Sounds like the s…[View]
24390513Imagine being europoor lol Seethe more https://www.roadandtrack.com/reviews/a37068920/driving-a-must…[View]
24387905You will never be a Toyota[View]
24390287aus/nz cars: im looking for help getting aus parts to nz, where aus businesses dont ship to nz what …[View]
24388111The 10/10 daily just got better!![View]
24390155i'm about to buy my first car. i'm so fucking nervous br/o/s.[View]
24389194I wanna trade my car in for something fun, but I keep obsessing over how much more a month it'l…[View]
24388072>sitting in traffic minding my business >open windows >music on, not even that lpud >M4 …[View]
24389269Locker: >2001 F450 7.3 dually >Dana 80 4.88 rear w/ factory LSD (toast) How difficult would i…[View]
24379228Mate Rimac: Why do people give 2 fucks about Tesla and Elon Monkey when Mate Rimac is about to own B…[View]
24386314Have you ever ran from the cops? How did you get away, or did you not? I bought a liter bike a few w…[View]
24386128Ford Everest: wait... so the USA gets a piece of shit like the Escape, but it doesn't get this?…[View]
24383091/o/ recommended automotive YouTube channels?[View]
24387144DoriDori / Hot Version meme thread? I've seen some people post some good ones and I wonder if t…[View]
24384254I'm in the market for a new car. $60k budget Needs to be somewhat practical as I have a kid on…[View]
24386800Buying the most base model of a Camaro for purely commuting needs. Good decision? Plus I wanna have …[View]
24389627Early 2000s cars: Do you miss them? Do you have any fond memories of them? Any you particularly like…[View]
24389123I don’t care about going fast, I just enjoy driving in supreme comfort[View]
24386437Why does every dipshit Subaru owner black out their emblems?[View]
24370428Thoughts on car meets? I'd like to connect with other enthusiasts, but I can't help but fe…[View]
24386559why is every single jeep obsessed with doing this?: why..[View]
24389444Jannies/mods, do something about the gook shills and adverts would you? Is it that hard to prune? It…[View]
24385929Used car market so fucked up it makes the Mitsubishi Mirage at MSRP look like a good deal.[View]
24387261Any of you Kansas fags gonna try and find the keys to this autists shitbox?[View]
24388649/dbt/ - Daily Bike Thread: >Motorcycles >Layin' 'er up >Pickin' 'er dow…[View]
24385407kia stinger: I like it[View]
24385645What do bicycle riders of /o/ think about electric motorcycles?[View]
24377430Post cars with the patrician colour choice. Today i saw a fellow green car and it made me smile.[View]
24386166Which automaker has fallen farthest in terms of quality and reliability?[View]
24389100Redpill me on the Hyundai Ioniq: Is it good? What's bad about it? Would be a daily driver for m…[View]
24370364Why are dealerships a thing? Why can't we just order directly from the manufacturer, get a loan…[View]
24387667Every creep and weirdo and undercover homo always drives a SUV or pickup, without fail[View]
24377011Long boi: >we have to back in park at work for muh pedestrian saftey >this thing has to do th…[View]
24386722Power Loss: Live in the UK, massive heatwave so decided to go for a drive, 5 minutes in decided to p…[View]
24386650/dbt/ - Daily Bike Thread: V4 best 4 edition >Motorcycles >Layin' 'er up >Pickin…[View]
24388333Does anyone knows how to manually move one of this things?: Is from an 07 passat, the sit is on shor…[View]
24387963What are your experiences with buying cars new and at any point did you feel a distinct change in yo…[View]
24353103What oil brand do you guys use? What filters? Valvoline and Wix for me.[View]
24387593Why can't anyone build a cheap entry level enthusiast car for under 20k? Doesn't need to b…[View]
24381777Why. Why didn't the US get this. WHY[View]
24382642fuck pigs: i have to do a safe driving class and pay 5 point, 350 dollar ticket for going 70 in a 40…[View]
24383653A Segment: Post cars under 4m[View]
24387744What is the most reliable crossover that has lots of rear legroom and cargo space? I don’t care one …[View]
24385788why does every modern vehicle have to look like an angry robot?[View]
24387947Hi. I drove over the broken half of a wooden pallet at 120kmh. I thought it was a large ripped up pa…[View]
24385398Have they always been dogshit?[View]
24387456Why did it fail?: >Slower than a Hyundai[View]
24386683Dr pavel I'm tgpd[View]
24384208I met up with an /o/ anon at Cabela’s today. He helped change my brake pads when I didn’t have any t…[View]
24377826Where my fellow truckers at?[View]
24369174/ovg/ - seriesless saturday (s)edition: Welcome to the Auto Vidya General. We're about discussi…[View]
24387000>radiator starved for air Truly designed for the American market.[View]
24387271Finally getting to a place in life where my income would allow me to buy a 'obtainable dream' car. H…[View]
24371759How retarded am I for thinking of doing an EV conversion of a Starion? It would be like the most ret…[View]
24384628Car buying loan / tax hacks: Some one was telling me about 'hacks' to buy expensive exotic cars like…[View]
24385244mazda 3 sedan: is it based and redpilled?[View]
24387183When will manufacturers fucking STOP using these textures?: If I wanted to touch and drive a dead el…[View]
24385412Beamer, Benz or Audi?: Finally at that point in my life where I can afford a somewhat decent entry l…[View]
24387391How long will this car last with regular oil changes? Mine is 100k and thinking of selling it and up…[View]
24387275What's your opinion on squared wheels on fwd hot hatches?[View]
24379781Based or cringe[View]
24386425very special first car: just bought an all original 4-door 65 Dart as my first car just needs wiper …[View]
24386105I ran into a problem where I found a car that literally no wheels look good on it and I'm stump…[View]
24381281Fucking slow...: What is the motivation to post on this board? It is so fucking slow, you post then…[View]
24387102Which one is your favorite?: This one?[View]
24386087Does /o/ drive stoned? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZyDoMqReLQ[View]
24386583The Best or Nothing: Yes poorfags, seethe as I drive my Benz[View]
24386026Best used car for 10k[View]
24386981Yuropoor here, whats the difference between the Maxima and Altima? we dont get those but I want one,…[View]
243856822009 prius saga: I want to do add 2 extra speakers, a Subwoofer, and an amplifier all in the trunk. …[View]
24386357Guess The Car: ITT we >Guess the car[View]
243838632016-2018 BMW 440i vs 2021 Honda Accord Sport 2.0t? Pros and cons of each?[View]
243839762003 Park Avenue Supercharged 3800: Elderly owned $4500 Buick Park Ave Ultra with the supercharged m…[View]
24386118>drive newer 2016 Ford 50k+ miles (about 8k left on payments) >Dealiship wants to buy it back …[View]
24386720Flying Motorcycles?: Pls no Bully, I dont know where else to ask this /g/ is lame as fuck. In a deca…[View]
24386370let me guess you need MORE?[View]
24381466What is the simplest automatic car transmission ever made?[View]
24383077saving money is bullshit, why do I need buying a home anyway. I have 12k, what fun car you suggest I…[View]
24383204ITT cars that have 10x'd in the last 10-15 years[View]
24386434I've done it! I've bankrupted a farm![View]
24383972Electrical panel ambulance: Hi, I just bought an ambulance and wanting to change some electrical com…[View]
24384744Need help with tires just bought a 1967 muscle car and was going to buy 15/7 rims and 265 60 15 tire…[View]
24384838Looking at a used car and it has this. Around how much would it cost me to get this painted? Doens…[View]
24385942What real-world car could be kitted to resemble the Hot Wheels MS-T Suzuka? Insane unrealistic toy c…[View]
24385392Wheel Gurus red pill me on fitiment: Wheel newb here, I want to put some mesh type wheels on my Mazd…[View]
24383957Lexus IS500 Starting at $52500?: Kirk Kreifels and another channel Javier Mota just put up two new I…[View]
24385413FUNNEST car: What is the FUNNEST car I can get for <$130k? I got lucky and made a bunch of money …[View]
24384803Executive sedans are the supreme gentleman's vehicle of choice.[View]
24381429Battery problem: >bought second hand bike >struggles to turn on with the battery cover on >…[View]
24385566this is the best rear suspension: It's a simple design that's cheap to make. Only two rub…[View]
24370998What kind of cars are you into?[View]
24384787Should I buy a used car now or wait for supply to increase so I don't pay so much?[View]
24382879>first offer for your car No thanks >second offer for your car No thanks >third offer for y…[View]
24367137/tcg/ - Toyota Chad General: Toyota chads get the fuck in here with your glorious nippon engineering…[View]
24385455motorcycles have got too big and complex: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qd1uTfB1FI[View]
24385699>Here’s your $50k Camry, bro.[View]
24384627/dbt/ - Daily Bike Thread: based lurker editioni >Motorcycles >Layin' 'er up >Pic…[View]
24379530When will this disgusting company ever die? >shitty cars that are designed to break >hypocrisy…[View]
24385110Would you buy a modern peel p50 with a more space inside and a 250cc engine?[View]
24384967Mercedes key fobs....give it to me straight /o/ how much will a spare one cost me? I assume I have t…[View]
24384621What kind of mods should I do to my 93 c4 vette?[View]
24372995You can only post indestructible cars in this thread.[View]
24385738isuzu d-max: isuzu d-max[View]
24382199Hilux vs Ranger: Buying new. Is the Hilux really that much more reliable?[View]
243855232011-12 Giulietta QV: Hey /o/. Ausfag here. 10 year old Giulietta QV's are looking good to me. …[View]
24384479Should I put it on my car and show progress ITT? Feeling kind of unmotivated.[View]
24366058Weekend Wrenching General: >what are you fixing? >post projects >post plans…[View]
24383427>you're coming with me. >nooooooooooooo I don't want to…[View]
24384856Mid engine front wheel drive: Wouldn't this be the best layout?[View]
24382821240sx SR20DET won't rev past 5000 RPM in higher gears: Engine revs fine in neutral and in 1st g…[View]
24385306Can you have an enthusiast car that's also luxury at an affordable price?[View]
24385473so i have a 2002 audi TT quattro and it says to use premium gas only what would happen if i put che…[View]
24384075>doesn't actually exist[View]
24382773Somehow I ended up on Mars: >be looking up dangerous roads to travel >come across Trans-Sahara…[View]
24379546How fucked is this thing? I kind of want one for just fucking around on weekends but the fact that i…[View]
24378019Are nu-Cadillacs any good?[View]
24381856Ah, perfection[View]
24384972Just sold my honda CRZ and got a CL9 type S wagon. (Jap import). What do you guys think?[View]
24375534You have 1000€/1200$/850£ to buy a car with. What and why would you buy? Bonus points for anything r…[View]
24362946My $40k car dilemma: Tesla Model 3 or Civic Type R? I think the 2022 CTR will be fuckin sexy and is …[View]
24379840Mazda Eunos Cosmo: This is mazda eunos cosmo a forgotten mazda with 3 rotary wankel engine making 33…[View]
24383811What did BMW mean by this? https://youtu.be/loYO_aNqYOI[View]
24383935Ford trademarks 'skyline': One more point for team Myrica https://www.roadandtrack.com/news/a3706524…[View]
24379402Bro young shawty on the slide Does yo biddy ever disrespect your car?[View]
24380499Silver appreciation thread[View]
24372028Talk me into it. 2010 Hyundai Genesis 3.8[View]
24368055Roadkill tally thread: Absolutely detonated a groundhog driving home from work tonight, heard it pop…[View]
24382710Financing a classic car: I turned 21 this year and will be a junior in college this fall. I got my f…[View]
24383677Yuro here, how reliable are mid 2000s Dodge Ram 5.7 Hemis?[View]
24362205ITT: Comfy[View]
24362178/fmg/ Ford Maverick general - real truck edition: >production starts August >competition doa …[View]
24384370Help IDing this Car: Anyone know what this is? Naturally when I search for Z branded vehicles, I get…[View]
24383708Cars you respect: but just can't get excited for. What's her name, /o/?[View]
24383330/dbt/ - Daily Bike Thread: POWEEEEEEEEER! Edition >Motorcycles >Layin' 'er up >Pi…[View]
24381044What happened to these interiors?: Were they gay?[View]
24375495About to take a 40 hour road trip across America. With my 2001 Honda civic. 190000 miles. What can I…[View]
24379979Shitbaru Forestfag: Got a 2011 Forester for $7k, 2 years ago. It had Cylinder 3 & 4 misfire code…[View]
24384247Are street circuits a good idea?: aka how to get around Macau without crashing?[View]
24373994Is this the best car interior of all time[View]
24382780Hello /o/! I'm from Europe. In the last year Peugeot has become the second most selling brand, …[View]
24383614Bought a 90's truck with low miles >50k but it's been sitting in a garage for the last …[View]
24383792>MFW I didnt ride my bike today[View]
24382145wtf am i looking at /o/[View]
24383930Which car has the comfiest & quietest ride?[View]
24375406Judge people based on cars: Do you guys make snap judgements based on people's car? >few day…[View]
24377694Delivery driving: I found a job opening for pizza delivery driver and the salary is pretty decent, b…[View]
24383801I like sporty cars. What buy?[View]
24383610>Cars that you know exist but never seen before in the wild[View]
24376595What are your thoughts on the primars? Any experiences making old wheels look fresh and repaint? Are…[View]
24383782Hyundaibros...I think we got too cocky[View]
24382528British Engineering[View]
24383681The best or nothing[View]
24379313At what age does one consider a 'forever car,' and what is your definition of one? Here's what …[View]
24379672dont ever eat a soft pretzel in your car youll never get the salt specks out[View]
24383402I just bought a Miata NB.: What's the point of this car? I tried sliding around in it but it re…[View]
24382244I need a car to get around. Have around $6k-$8k Thinking a Chevrolet Cruze. What does /o/ think abou…[View]
24380971People always ask me why I drive a Minivan when: I'm single, live alone, and not enough friends…[View]
24374289I can't stand car 'reviewers' anymore. Savagegeese are the only half decent ones with some obje…[View]
24379064greek καγκουρας thread: greek anons and non greeks who are interested in the greek scene, lets get s…[View]
24378424>know little to nothing about cars >start my internship as a mechanic in 2 days wat do…[View]
24382167How long until they pull out?: Koreans failed to learn from the Japanese. >Lexus Whole line up s…[View]
24381495/dbt/ - Daily Bike Thread: nu day edition! >Motorcycles >Layin' 'er up >Pickin…[View]
24380100I respect them for still offering NA V6 & V8's[View]
24380978Spaghetti gang: Who here spaghet? Pic related the 124 is my baby[View]
24380972bmw ix: alright so this thing looks like a fat, wet bavarian liquid shit, but it's stats are ho…[View]
24382477Why were column gear shifts to comfy?[View]
24382468BBC Thread: Post your favorite BBC pics (Big Black Cars)[View]
24380406v8 cars are better than all other cars: And no jannie will change my mind even if they do delete thi…[View]
24382591There’s a shortage of Toyota corollas. The dealership wants to give me $6000 for my 2018 LE[View]
24382215How do I cope with owning a prius and deal with the constant bullying for owning a prius? I get my e…[View]
24380359>the most reliable vehicle ever made is not a Honda civic or corolla How did they do this…[View]
24381394Hey /o/ Am I fucked? Car is just a 6 months old, got it mint straight from the dealership. The wheel…[View]
24382061Japanese Engineering[View]
24372360What’s the point of compact/subcompact SUVs? They are basically a hatchback lifted with a few inches…[View]
24380431>there are 'car enthusiasts' on this board RIGHT NOW who have never driven over 120mph in their l…[View]
24380370What the best dashcam app for android? I've got an old phone that I want to use as a dedicated …[View]
24379166is an audi a4 with the 1.8t a goot first car under 4K? how i see it, good driveability because of qu…[View]
24379679Ford Bronco 2021 selling for $100k on ebay.: >The four-door 2021 Bronco First Edition painted in …[View]
24373027Hezemans intended to elongated the car’s nose and tail sections to make it more stable at high speed…[View]
24379618how do you go from this...[View]
24378875Acura TLX Type S: >marketed as a high performance sedan >loses to A4s >loses to G70s >lo…[View]
24380610'Best of' cars: Best of: Ferrari The F40, absolute beauty[View]
24380012Why do so many basketball americans drive fucking altimas of all cars? i notice it where i live alot[View]
24379522Are there any actually good jumpstarters: Or are they just all poorly made chinkshit waiting to brea…[View]

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