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Displaying 271 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
25468002SOUND = SOUL: SOUND is the SOUL of every car The wail of an 80s era Audi R5 echoing throughout Col d…[View]
25476257corvette appreciation thread post corvettes[View]
25475701Driving at night: VS. stress, depression and other bullshit that makes noise in your head. I found t…[View]
25477075Only Toyota: Why is it TOYOTA cars barely depreciate? You can buy a brand new TOYOTA drive it 4 year…[View]
25477625>buying a car from a motorcycle company Do americans really?[View]
25469722This car was actually kind of a cool classic.[View]
25476719parts prices: >looking for a new fuel pump online >find one that fits my car on a few websites…[View]
25474763driving semi trucks is so much fun bros[View]
25470661I need ideas for stereotypical grandma cars that I can make into sleepers[View]
25472899I am a car newfag, I would appreciate /auto/'s advice. What does /auto/ think about radar detec…[View]
25475931>9000lb curb weight, easily over 10,000lbs with American occupants >0-60 speed is around 3 sec…[View]
25474903Ey Jonge[View]
25476042So is this really the last generation of 'true' muscle cars? Do you think its time to move on and ac…[View]
25476866hit a deer last night. dont have $$ for repairs. Can I get away with driving it in this condition?[View]
25477655redpill me on ceika coilovers[View]
25477572Why don't you drive an Opel anon?[View]
25477213Interior Detailing: As the subject states, I would like to learn about detailing. I want to know wha…[View]
25477461I'd Andre Nikatina a car enthusiast? I think he is only rapper I have ever heard rap about a Ma…[View]
25477470Tool load out /thread/: I still like makita over snappy snap on[View]
25475514Name one other 800hp car that reliably makes it to 100k.[View]
25475814Tangentially /o/, but would the rear differential and axle out of a pickup facilitate brake-skid ste…[View]
25465275which are you, /o/?[View]
25477265>no you cannot have pop-up headlights, its very dangerous to pedestrians and they do not comply w…[View]
25471920Redpill me on Volvo: My grandparents had one that lasted forever but I haven’t sat in one for probab…[View]
25476919I Really Hate Driving: I have to get this off my chest but as a Canadian, I don't know if this …[View]
25475638Is the Miata NB or NC a good first car?[View]
25474294Diesel Shortage / S/o/cietal Collapse: What will we do when the truckers can't deliver our tend…[View]
25474895How do we kill everyone who does this?[View]
25470589British cars: GIve me the quick rundown on british motor companies. Is it true the stereotype about …[View]
25474273What's /o/ think of the Kia Stinger?[View]
25476971Why did every early 2000s car look like this?[View]
25476862Cars bros, Which model is this[View]
25476984>Yes i drive a Omega B >How could you tell? >'Steals you GF and drives of in his Alpha Male…[View]
25474679About to drop $45k loonies on a top-trim 2022 Accord Hybrid. What should I know before signing on th…[View]
25476694Is this thing any good?[View]
25476471Aftermarket Variable intake runners?: What are variable intake runners? >>”In simple terms, l…[View]
25473730LX body thread: Thread dedicated to the last cheap v8 rwd platform around.[View]
25469779>JDM cars are shit[View]
25476796>'Yeah, it's a rare 1 of 1: the only one that's mine.'[View]
25476816>'but sir you will still enjoy your Colonial experience with our new range of Indian made Landrov…[View]
25474524what anon would chose?[View]
25473169Been driving auto my whole life outside of work Can /o/ educate me on why in this day and age I shou…[View]
25476708What is considered a 'sensible car' in your cunt/area? Something you take a look at and think >t…[View]
2547188870s-90s Three Car Garage (Burger Edition): Pick your favorite USDM vehicle from each of the three li…[View]
25475905Do sintered alu engines really?: 9 engines in 10 years, average 70k per engine[View]
25475512Is it true that these were co-designed with the last remains of Holden before they shuttered?[View]
25470016Do you apologize when you make a mistake on the road that draws someones honk? How do you apologize?[View]
25475273>cruising home on the highway, driving 60 or so >hear an unholy straightpiped raucous to my le…[View]
25474997/dbt/ - Daily Bike Thread: GIGA fuel tank edition! >Motorcycle tips & tricks >Motorcycle a…[View]
25473504Why the fuck is Tesla so obscenely valuable? They make pretty decent EVs, I give them that, but they…[View]
25476599Has anyone here worked in the auto industry? How was the experience and would you recommend it?[View]
25474071Noise making me crazy: Sup br/o/s Ok so often when i release the throttle past 2000RPM i get a weird…[View]
25472418i don't care what some sperg says on the internet about these, these are the best god damn thin…[View]
25472921Rx-8 LS engine swap: Have Rx-8 LS engine swaps been discussed here before? I ask because I might be …[View]
25476015Why can't you build a car like you would build a computer? With different parts you assemble?[View]
25473868Edmunds is garbage: Edmunds are a bunch of Californian faggots, voting the Honda Civic, Kia Forte, a…[View]
25476011When was the last time you saw a bright red 1990s Corolla that wasn't faded to pink?[View]
25460462This is official advertising by Yamaha: How is this allowed?[View]
25474050Audis never go the speed limit?: Has anyone ever seen an Audi driven at the speed limit? I have neve…[View]
25476098OP from >>25468103. I wouldn't normally make a follow-up to a thread about a problem that…[View]
25474825arcane geometry: -[View]
25475752I Literally Only Care About The Bel Air: That's it.[View]
25474854Now that most boomers are dead, who is this supposed to target?[View]
25472784ned more exhoost fume pls respond[View]
25475775Redpill me on the VW Taos: I'm from South America and I'm looking to replace my current ca…[View]
25475815Thoughts on an S10 Blazer build like this?: Cheap street build: 4.3L CPI, vortec heads, close-ratio …[View]
25474839Daily driving a project car: Anyone else? This is hell and i no longer know what it's like to e…[View]
25456383/qtddtot/ - questions that dont deserve their own thread[View]
25450055Dash Thread: Post dashes. All dashes welcome.[View]
25474030First time used buyer: I'm soon buying my first car and the volkswagen cc looks good to me and …[View]
25475631>tailgates you even if you're doing 10 over >tailgates you even if you're doing 20 o…[View]
25474471Just cleaned the garage and now gonna clean up the stang Hows your saturday?[View]
25469305Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.[View]
254738867th gen Nissan Sentra: This thing is peak povertymobile of cars made in the last 10 years. It attrac…[View]
25472538Where can I 'legally purchase' a repair manual[View]
25472516Post open top spots car racing prototypes. Bonus points for front engines.[View]
25475540Is there a better truck platform?[View]
25474243There is your coolest car, your dream car, your current car, whatever. But there is the one car that…[View]
25466784What happens if you machine a brake rotor too small? Im talking a few thousandths, not a quarter inc…[View]
25474971How can I get a Cadillac Flower Car? Honestly I don't even care what decade it's from I j…[View]
25474860Any ideas? Photo was taken in California, that’s all I know[View]
25474370Pricing old cars: Thoughts on how much is worth? It's a 1992 cavailer. 130k miles in excellent …[View]
25471992Oil Stabilizer: Does this stuff do anything or it just snake oil?[View]
25475324No deep stick ? well i guess you are in sicky situation.[View]
25467412Why don’t cars have electric turbos? Seems like that would solve the issue of parasitic loss below b…[View]
25470698Meanwhile, in Bizarro /o/...[View]
25475120atelier SiFo: atelier SiFo, the premier Japanese tuner of French Alpines and Renaults.[View]
25473118What's the catch?[View]
25470552Side mirror position: So aut/o/, what's the best way to set your side mirrors? Is it like this?…[View]
25471138cars are starting to properly have personalities: >Mercedes-Benz Linguatronic >first system of…[View]
25472859Will this lowriding landcruiser be any good at offloading?[View]
25473602//dbt - Daily Bike Thread //: wide open spaces edition >Motorcycle chat >Motorcycle girls in b…[View]
25471143Imagine this was your car.[View]
25471140>driving in left lane >semi is in middle lane next to me >semi doesn't see me, merges …[View]
25466314Mercedes C300 vs BMW 330i: Which one would you say is the better choice?[View]
25471447The Ferrari 348 TS: I'm looking at purchasing an older V8 Ferrari >328 >348 >355 >3…[View]
25474767What is the better buy: >2005 Land Rover Ranger Rover Sport with 147k miles for $5800 >2006 Li…[View]
25468707What the fuck do I do??: >be me a year ago >17, drive my grandma's 2015 Chevy equinox tha…[View]
25474637Registration Question: Title in Hand...: Ok, so I bought a vehicle cash, have the bill of sale and t…[View]
25461314Track days: Have you ever gone to a track day? What was your experience like?[View]
25470271Wrapping your car: Why do zoomers do this? >cops can easily spot you >women will be embarrasse…[View]
25470851OnStar Discussion: >OnStar has 25 years of experience helping drivers. We bring our Members a hos…[View]
25473372Eur/o/fags, today my driving instructor told me that if I enter a roundabout on the third lane ( i.e…[View]
25472094Absolutely cannot trust any person who puts these little sun blocker screens in their windshield of …[View]
25470498Behold, every single BMW model in 2023 and beyond![View]
25470925Itt: car aesthethics that aged like wine[View]
25474390Why are they so reliable?[View]
25474452Seatbelts are for pussies[View]
25471198/CCG/ - City Car General. What is your favorite city car?[View]
25472255Maunual Transmission: so just curious, how do you slow down? I hear all these people telling me to d…[View]
25473917>Politicans want to put speedlimits on the entire autobahn again Why do they keep bringing this s…[View]
25473543I really like the look of the new Elantra and I don’t care what anyone thinks.[View]
254714803 series LCI was just leaked by the chinks what did i think of it?[View]
25474124Are there any car builder apps where I can punch in my car model and see what it would look like wit…[View]
25474067hey guys I'm 18 I have like 20k AUD saved up I think I want to buy a vehicle idk if I should ge…[View]
25474231should i get a aftermarket alarm/remote start/entry system?: i cant get the stock remote entry syste…[View]
254569612nd gen H6 engine outbacks are the most useful vehicles for family men, prove me wrong: >Subaru A…[View]
25470782Are louvers American muscle car only thing? I love how they look, but I feel like I'm gonna loo…[View]
25472310HELP: Ok so I have a serious question. I have owned this 2011 honda civic for about 3 years now with…[View]
254735491967 Toyota-Shelby 2000GT: The 1967 Toyota-Shelby 2000GT >chassis code MF10L >designed by Graf…[View]
25473933Defensive Driving Course: TL;DR full license, I've been driving for little under 4 years now an…[View]
25469909Now that millennials can say goodbye to the dream of owning a home, is vanlife the next best thing?[View]
25471861Mitsubishi Outlander: A used car dealer near me has like 25 of these all with under 30k miles for ch…[View]
25466876Do sunshades even work? I was the thinking about it and came to the conclusion that sun shades merel…[View]
25470538N Performance[View]
25472199Does anyone else practice post-drive venting?[View]
25470804Street legal NASCAR: Anyone ever seen a NASCAR on the street? Seems like having a street legal NASCA…[View]
25469549I fucking hate california so fucking much bros, I might go postal if I have to sit in fucking stop a…[View]
25471325/dbt Daily Motorcycle Thread: Friday the 13th unlucky edition >Motorcycle gossip >Motorcycle g…[View]
25467959Am I crazy or can you not roll the windows down in any new car anymore without getting an insane amo…[View]
25471923imagine getting shit on by a Vespa https://youtu.be/N5HCICx49oM?t=350[View]
25466760Just realized the plan for my project car is effectively a boomer tier restomod, just done one an 80…[View]
25464855what is your favorite ferrari ever?[View]
25472530I have an 04 Ford Mustang V6 5MT. Can I reliably run a supercharger and cams on an otherwise stock v…[View]
25469135Overpriced pieces of junk ITT: post overpriced pieces of junk[View]
25455315Comfy Van Thread: /o/ who else misses these types of vans? I remember one of these when I was a kid…[View]
25469069Ok so I own a 1988 ford mustang. For some reason it doesn't like to start. pain in the ass ever…[View]
25458265What went wrong?[View]
25470864Rally niggas.[View]
25464252Racing Movies: What are the best racing movies, /o/?[View]
25470111>local car meet >just a bunch of WRXs, Civics and Golfs…[View]
25471831AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH: >buy car, great price >get title and bill of sale >old guy bought it deca…[View]
25462783>three cylinder turbocharged to 300 horsepower I hate the future[View]
25470331About 56k USD... So much for 40k. I'll just buy a used supra at this point...[View]
25472262government vehicles: are they usually good purchases? assuming its not highway patrol or a police c…[View]
25469458Why is everyone that drives one of these a nut job?[View]
25453841How do we stop him?!?[View]
25472702>be me, driving manual >waiting at traffic light in neutral >traffic light turns green >…[View]
25470960What are your thoughts on rock auto? looking to get tie rods and other shit but I keep hearing mixed…[View]
25472806wtf you'd think people would sell their cars when stuck mostly at home[View]
25472205god it's so fucking perfect[View]
25470505upgrades: Hey /o/ , is 6300 too much of a price to purchase and install? I just bought a very base 2…[View]
25469772ITT: WIDE Vehicles[View]
25450155Maverick: I’m looking at a base maverick (will wait for prices to come down). Will be a 3rd car. I h…[View]
25470550Sabotage thread: Does anyone fuck over their co-workers when they're being shit heads? >be …[View]
254702032004 Acura TL: >73k Miles >Looks new >Comes with Winter tires (I live in Quebec) >7300$ …[View]
25471823Offroad sportscars: Is there a market for offroad sports cars that aren't built to look like tr…[View]
25469177Running in the 20s![View]
25469731Car Matts: Do you keep them, or throw them out?[View]
25465519An actual working jump box. Every jump box, branded or not, seems to use the same chinese controller…[View]
25468798Semi Hate Thread: >in middle lane passing seminigger >semi starts changing lanes >swerve in…[View]
25469063Celica 5th Generation: >mogs your supra[View]
25466694I was just washing my car and realised I've got a wheel bolt missing. I've ordered the par…[View]
25456378Why are mechanics such obnoxious insufferable douchebags?: Wow, champ, you were spoon fed how to ass…[View]
25471828There isn’t a single place in my city (1.1m) that fixes scooters. There are two shops that will sell…[View]
25466439Buying my first used car: Any advice? I don't have much to spend, how can I get a decent car fo…[View]
25471943Can I spray paint bumper by myself?: Hello friends, recently I got a good job offer and moving to th…[View]
25470153>tfw you look at a woman's black leggings which have glossed parts and matte parts and al ly…[View]
25428247/org/ - Offroad General: Offroad General Wheelin Thread 4x4 Autism Containment Wrenchin Zone Busted …[View]
25471230>steering wheel is now starting to smell making me fingers smell like what I'm assuming to b…[View]
25471003How common is swapping an engine / parts from a rental? Have you ever done it? Pic rel.[View]
25471657Why do european/american cars typically have wipers that you push up to turn on while japanese cars …[View]
25465399Are their any 4-door variants that are superior to their 2-door variants?[View]
25469079What engine is best engine: Sub br/o/s. Got a non-running vintage vw rail with a 1969 1600. Looking …[View]
25471811The Flat Tire Curse: whenever I get a flat I replace it with my full size spare and ride around like…[View]
25471815took apart a carburetor for the first time today and i'm already liking it. anyway it needs to …[View]
25470709hot take thread[View]
25471754car cleaning: best way to clean interior? best way to clean exterior? best way to clean soft top?…[View]
25471191I want to buy an Opel Manta B so bad guys it's unreal. Should i do it?[View]
25465079Do you guys give a fuck about parking in the lines? Here's how I typically park. lol[View]
2546909660s car thread?: Just post what you like from this decade. From the bargiest of land barges to the m…[View]
25469859Why didn't light grilles take off?[View]
254709032.0 FSI Audi rebuild: I'm about to start assembling my 2008 Audi A3, I can't find anything…[View]
25470742if we chose to live in a steam-punk world: we'd be way more aesthetic AND not have global warmi…[View]
25460235Does your car get you lots of attention from normalfags while you're out and about /o/? Is it g…[View]
25469452/dbt/ - Daily Bike Thread: vfr big fairing appreciation thread! >Motorcycle gossip >Motorcycle…[View]
25471088Can you jumpstart a car a with a 60v 20 amp battery? My car is out of battery and i have this e-mope…[View]
25469009Sup /o/, retard here About a year ago I had my calipers off because I was doing a front suspension r…[View]
25467850is the hybrid Jeep Wrangler 4xe actually sort of based?: 25 miles all electric then 350 miles gasoli…[View]
25469266Why are bikers such cunts? https://youtube.com/watch?v=KJ3b-FPQ8dY[View]
25469410>External Combustion Engine >Unlimited Differential >White Power Steering >Unlocking Dif…[View]
25470486...EXCUSE ME? https://youtu.be/BRM6SqrzR9k?t=277 (4:37)[View]
25470726Personal: Friendship & Wörthersee: I might be a sucker to be personal on 4chan but I just want t…[View]
25469533What's the best motorcycle wheel and why are they invaders?[View]
25450047Why is cars the only hobby where people act like you need to be full blown 10/10 in every single asp…[View]
254693612000 Nissan Maxima: Looking for a first car, found a 2000 nissan maxima with 70k miles for 3k. I kno…[View]
25468103Resetting computers on wrecked cars: My parents bought a 2021 Honda CR-V from an IAA auction and got…[View]
25467883So I have a 2017 Toyota Yaris hatchback. I dented the front left wheel after skidding into a curb on…[View]
25470293Did Mexicans and rednecks destroy all the SS Silverados and trailblazers?[View]
25467393'Oh yeah, my car is super reliable...': '...I've only had to replace the water pump, radio, win…[View]
25470067So /o/, what do you think of home conversion electric cars? https://youtu.be/IKR8Or6Im6w[View]
25462900all this tech in new cars and all I really want is a chiller that keeps my driving beers ice cold[View]
25454936Consensus for fast under 10k in 2022?[View]
25460514/o/ humor thread[View]
25463258>'new' pagani >huayra with a facelift What will be the future of pagani? 11 years and still in…[View]
25468426FWD drive manual eurofag with 0 car knowledge how do I go drifting without killing myself[View]
25470003She is waiting for you , /o/.[View]
25469349What are the gayest cars currently in production?[View]
25450813Let's face it: Bikes themself may be cool, but when you're dressed in a full get-up you l…[View]
25462808What are the drawbacks on buying an older Porsche: It is cheap enough as a 2nd car, take it around t…[View]
25467460i need it.: I NEED IT.[View]
25470009nostalgia or rebirth?: do you have any pictures of old cars that have been re-designed? I find it be…[View]
254653911975 >cars made before 1970 are far more reliable, none of these cars will outlast the old school…[View]
25467374>windows: down >sunroof: open >A/C: max >music: bumpin…[View]
25464311Convince me not to buy a used Mercedes: I'm looking at a 2010 e350 with 107k miles for 10k and …[View]
25469871BEST OIL FOR MY CROWN HYBRID WITH 2GRFSE: Hey guys Im so happy to find out my favourite oil brand ma…[View]
25467200Petrol gas diesel oil prices general: When will the petty price come down it's been over 2dolla…[View]
25468171Is there any sort of armor I can buy to protect the body work of my car from a low speed impact?[View]
254696672010 Toyota Camry: I want this, rust free[View]
25468250another year driving without insurance. that makes 5 years without insurance. no accidents of course…[View]
25469439I miss it so much bros…[View]
25468290My neighbor just fucked with me: What could 'he' do to my car, in the middle of the night, hypotheti…[View]
25465818What's the deal with people that don't use their seatbelt? Not in a judgmental way because…[View]
254667102002 Ford mustang: >5700USD (7500CAD) >93k Miles >Convertible >Perfect condition >tha…[View]
25468718can you still get a reasonably priced excursion in good condition? can you daily one? i want a gian…[View]
25469737Does anyone got a pic of the craigslist ad that had a 90s/2000s camry cut in half with 3 wheels?[View]
25468726Sup /o/, Needed a beater for the next few months while I close on a house - Found this on Facebook. …[View]
25464146>wranchin >fixan >greesin What we doing /o/?…[View]
25466541Engineer certificate: Has anyone had to get an engineer certificate? How hard did they Jew you to in…[View]
25468797ITT: future classics >pic unironically related[View]
25461298'If your car doesn't have a clean title it's worthless!': Should you listen to boomers who…[View]
25465882Help me /o/: Is this a legit Carlsson build? I can hardly find any info online about this one, CK32 …[View]
25469479I hope someday to drive a manual Ferrari.[View]
25468177What is the car?[View]
25467916/dbt Daily Motorcycle Thread: pale white edition >Motorcycle gossip >Motorcycle girls with bi…[View]
25460142Subaru Appreciation Thread: >High Quality >Highly Safe >Visually Appealing Design >MT En…[View]
25469203Yeah hi, I'd like to order a new halfton truck, made in America, with a V8 engine and no cylind…[View]
25468856Where were you when ford saved the American vehicle market?[View]
25468619is 340k miles on the original fuel filter a good or bad thing should i change it even though i dont …[View]
25465790Mother of God: That is a lot of money.[View]
25459752Jimny: Is it really that bad for normal cityfag use, or are car reviewers and journalists whiny spoi…[View]
25468342ITT: Things EVucks fear[View]
25468849In my 2014 Ford escape there's a hose leak. It's connected to coolant reservoir. There is …[View]
25461353What do you guys think of the Lamborghini URUS? Is it truly a Lambo?[View]
25467001Need some help: Bought 2009 honda odyssey ex-l 159k miles J35a7 engine with variable cylinder manage…[View]
25467084My sister's in the market for a car since her '04 GTI just blew its engine at 200k miles a…[View]
25468860Westfalia: Sportsmobile and its competitors have taken over the market. Is Westfalia still considere…[View]
25461382twin motorcycle thread: This thread is for twin engine motorcycles I own a honda click but I'm …[View]
25467158Wink mirror: Yeah I'm thinking wink mirror[View]
25467715Anybody else find the old Hummers much more attractive than the EV SUV?[View]
25457651will you stop complaining and just buy the poly steel?[View]
25468634>be an appraiser >2022, NAAA index has vehicles worth $4k more on average than two years ago …[View]
25460560>Warm weather's around the corner >Turn A/C on >Blows warm air at max coldness >Ok …[View]
25467199Fuel Affordability Gen /fag/ - Britbong edition: Ok boys, level with me, fuel in the UK... Is it wor…[View]
25467194OC of the 911: Anyone wants to see their car on a design? Shoot me a message on here https://www.car…[View]
25464521Toyota GR86: >You CANNOT factory order a GR86 and you'll like it >Any listing that goes u…[View]
25466420I live in a hot desert type place. Is ceramic tinting worth it? Compared to no tint. Do any of you h…[View]
25463966DMV: Holy shit why are DMV employees so retarded My state DMV website lists what documentation can b…[View]
25461545Why its known as the underrated one?[View]
25467760I need to get new windshield wipers for my car. What brand of wipers do you lads buy? Pic unrelated:…[View]
25467492Hello /o/. Need to buy a car (budget is anything less than 4K). Looking for space, reliability, and …[View]
25463326Got my M5: I'm so fuckin happy with this car. 2020 M5 with like 16k miles, traded my 2019 Corve…[View]
25468190Stellantis General: What's his end game? He's going full d/o/omer of late but being CEO of…[View]
254654072009 Chebby 1500 with a 5.3l and 140k miles, what do you think? Never had a truck that wasn't a…[View]
25456976Has /o/ ever considered gas consumption reducing mods?[View]
25464155So this funking happened to my exhaust today. Theoretically, what would happen if I just drove like …[View]

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