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21359071goodwood revival 2019: why aren't you watching? https://youtu.be/SA6Ki8b0Ul8[View]
21358833GM and the UAW have not reached an agreement for their contract. UAW says they will continue work at…[View]
21354469I tell you hwut brother this has got me gobsmacked.[View]
21358031Opinions on VW Polo V? What should i look out for when buying one? My boomer neighbour is selling hi…[View]
21358895Car Frens: do you have car friends? I've been watching the more skidz youtube channel and it ju…[View]
21336163You are only allowed to post ITT if you have a rare pepe car: How to: Open up your pirated CS6 copy …[View]
21358714Cyclist Hate Thread: >driving to work early in morning >lycratard in the middle of my lane …[View]
21355699I doubt anyone remembers my thread but I went ahead and did the trade. One of the head gaskets is de…[View]
21357645Explain why this wouldn’t work: >Need money to make your shitbox faster/better? >No problem i…[View]
21358529Been promised 15 an hour starting to work at sams club tire and battery but ive been waiting for tha…[View]
21358018>takes a massive shit all over one of the best American cars ever built…[View]
21358586So I was changing my oil for the first time today on my new-used truck..long story short I ripped th…[View]
21354925Fl/o/rida: Florida Meet Thread October 27th Fl/o/rida will be having a meet at Ozello Park. Gonna d…[View]
21355162Is Forbes stupid? >This is pure nonsense.[View]
21357537Thinking about picking up a co-worker's Jag XF for a bargain. $15k with 80k miles on it. It…[View]
21358531Alright /o/, I’m in need of better tools. The god damn piece of shit DeWalt socket set I bought... t…[View]
21358289what if instead of spark plugs we use microwaves to generate fusion and use the heat output of the f…[View]
21352833here it is, Golf 8[View]
21355138what does /o/ think of 4th gen camaros[View]
21357803why does nobody make led tail lights with smd's matching the original cluster and whilst retain…[View]
21353028I'm looking for a used car that would be reliable and a little fun to drive, looking to spend a…[View]
21355434what tools do i need?: im trying to put on spring+shocks on my 03 acura tl and the one control arm. …[View]
21358412ITT: Ricers Icebreaker: Would yall suggest interior lights or trim lights to simply tuck between the…[View]
21355796Is this the biggest automotive tragedy to ever occur?[View]
21357979Fix or Buy?: So I have a Suzuki Swift (92) that currently doesn’t run. For about 500, it can run aga…[View]
21345768Any younger anons drive older slush boxes aka anything older than you or is it a boomer thing?[View]
21347465Crown vic: How do i make this cooler? Also if trips I'll buy a cop light and pull people over.…[View]
21353679Rolling coal: What's your opinion on diesels rolling coal? Lot of the cucks on reddit argue it …[View]
21356475is this weel too large if i want to avoid chipping my weel? i live in a place with decent roads but …[View]
21353872Just sold my second car for $16,000. What should i buy to replace it as a summer only car?[View]
21354905Should I keep everything stock? Would getting aftermarket lights make it look like shit?[View]
21338039Hot Rods: Boomers, metal, absurd sums of funds and nothing moving too quickly. What's not to lo…[View]
21356455I have a 2014 challenger low miles on it and it feels like the body and the bottom wheels and axles …[View]
21357528pressured into driving fast: I just got my first bikefirst vehicle, a 125cc scooter. I already ride …[View]
21355666How expensive is it to maintain a 1990's-2000's Toyota LC if I were to do all the mechanic…[View]
21353570What's in your opinion the coolest car of all time?: For me it's either pic related (whate…[View]
21355524fuel efficiency: Is a modern or 90s car (say Corolla or Civic) more fuel efficient? I keep getting c…[View]
21348095thoughts on the 5g Ranger?[View]
21357336So a friend of a friend with an 03 GT is trying to trade me my truck which is worth 10 thousand doll…[View]
21353219Is there a way to bypass these insanely cucked up smog check and car insurance laws?[View]
21357800With slightly bigger headlights this would actually look good. What the fuck is bmw doing? Are all t…[View]
21356673Name a more boring-looking car. WTF were they thinking? Did they try to mimic Tesla?[View]
21357812how hard/expensive would it be to facelift the front end of a 2011 jeep grand cherokke into a 2015+ …[View]
21357572Why do they do this? And the fact that the Nissan Micra is still one of the more attractive cars in …[View]
21357632I feel like we might see Laguna Seca get demolished within our lifetimes.[View]
21355996Why is it that normies pay so much money for beta-tier cars? >Is the automotive industry taking a…[View]
21357208General Car Discussion: Hey /o/, it's been a while. How's that car coming along? ITT: Post…[View]
21352636Do you miss your first car?: I was cleaning out my bedroom when I found a copy of my first car. It w…[View]
21319614Interesting car interior: Post best , most interesting looking car interiors from all types of cars …[View]
21353994You have ten seconds to name one god-tier 6 cylinder engine that isn’t a boxer or in-line.[View]
21354364/Factory Build Vids/: Am I the only who loves to watch automotive factory build videos? >I can’t …[View]
21350715Redpill me on BMW: My best friend is a bmw fanatic that cant stop telling about how great these are.…[View]
21354222What is Toyota's problem?: 2019 Rav4 moose test fail. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VtQ24W_lam…[View]
21357180Do you think a car with an cluster screen and touch screen would last any longer than 5 years?[View]
21350493Father wants to buy a 2017 Cayenne Platinum Edition. Asked me for advice. What does /o/ think of the…[View]
21345404EV Simplicity: Anybody here ever do work on electric/hybrid cars? I've been watching some tear-…[View]
21356416cool budget boxy cars: post 'em[View]
21354989What is the rarest or weirdest color you've ever seen in a car?[View]
21353205Goodwood Revival 2019: Why aren't you watching? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SA6Ki8b0Ul8…[View]
21355596Doing my first engine rebuild of a Subaru Forester EJ25 and I'm so stoked, already got the cyli…[View]
21356341Is it really such a bad idea to buy a nice second hand car for my first car? what's wrong with …[View]
21354706ford Scorpio >rwd >2.3 dohc >good shitter practice drift car? +points for looking like a bi…[View]
21351508>be me >try to sell car >very clear and concise in description, it clearly says “MANUAL T…[View]
21355653How fast is fast?: What sort of speed is considered 'fast' when driving around twisties/ c…[View]
2135702920 spokes make me hard. where can I get some good wheels in this style?[View]
21353364I had an oil change about a month ago and my dipstick won't read my oil level. How come? I know…[View]
21350896IBM CEO Ginni Rometty says automobile brands are becoming less important https://www.cnbc.com/2019/0…[View]
21340683What things are broken on your vehicle that you just live with?[View]
21355938Why do they make cars look so aggressive these days? They look like they're itching to chew up …[View]
21356795Thoughts on my car? https://youtu.be/cTFq7Cv9ltQ[View]
21351608Halp: >born in Russia >no cool cars at all >like 10 units of rusted out overpriced silvias …[View]
21356568East coast hire car: Hey fellas, britfag here. Looking at a two week road trip in the US on the east…[View]
21350569And you thought that the new bmw was bad: when is enough going to be enough? not that Kia ever had a…[View]
21350099I think I'm gonna lease a Crosstrek: So I've been spamming the absolute fuck out of /o/ fo…[View]
21354689Got in accident. How to get higher repair quote?: Is there anything I can do or say to the bodyshop …[View]
21356074>bought 90s chevy truck off old guy for 1300 >no rust or oddities >215K miles >runs pret…[View]
21351840The bus: Why dont you ride the bus? I dont because my local system sucks.[View]
21351841b/o/at general: Boats are just cars that drive on the water. This is the Riva Aquarama. It was purp…[View]
21354030Type R: Thoughts? Really thinking about one but it's fwd and I live in the midwest snowbelt…[View]
21356380Waht is the better Choice? A Bmw 1 or Mercedes A/CLA 1-3 Years old with low millage or a new Suzuki …[View]
21350501First time you exceeded 110 MPH: What were you driving? How old were you? What were you listening to…[View]
21353308Is it a bad idea to buy a 1995 Roadmaster with 150k miles to use it a daily driver?[View]
21356275Just crashed my car 2 hours ago. Check it out[View]
21356261Toyo Tires: Who else has Toyo Tires on their cars? I have them on my Third Gen Camaro. Pretty good s…[View]
21354814Whats your opinion on the SsangYong Korando? >pic is mine[View]
21355482Car chimes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyaTDIcb0b8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrS4BePBrB8…[View]
21343783/ovg/ - Tracks you like to exist edition: Welcome to the Aut/o/ Vidya General Old Thread >>213…[View]
21349040Suzuki SJ daily?: I live in a city, I have always driven sports cars because I like going fast, but …[View]
21354223What is the best luxury compact sedan <50K new, that isn't a Benz or BMW?[View]
21352274[/dbt/ - Daily Bike Thread]: Triumph girls - edition >Motorcycle Shitposting & Brand Shilling…[View]
21354633What’s wrong with LA people: I usually see 5-10 people texting on the 101 doing 70+ mph everyday on …[View]
21353928column shifters: is there anything more based?[View]
21341501Vandalism: My car was hit with rocks for a minute straight. >Pic unrelated honda fit storage spa…[View]
21355864Le Ford Has Arrived: https://youtu.be/gDCFs5A1E1A itt: /o/tism webms n vids[View]
21354510Meanwhile in Tennessee...: 'That used to be mah Uncle Al's Charger until he died of dick cancer…[View]
21354730Are shit boxes going to be the next 57 chevys? https://jalopnik.com/so-nice-honda-crxs-are-going-for…[View]
21353855I just dropped 9000usd on a 2011 Sorento EX AWD with dual sunroof package and 100,000 miles. How bad…[View]
21355708How much is too much?[View]
21354750Just leased a 2019 Civic Sport for $260 a month: How did I do, /o/?[View]
21348191Based or nah?[View]
21354399Almost got into an accident: Literally shaking right right now Please tell some relaxing stories ano…[View]
21350073post vehicles you don't understand the appeal of. like wtf just get a dirt bike[View]
21351529inheritance: My grandad passed away and left me this. Neither of them start. What do I do with them?…[View]
21349868ITT Post your cars and stats. Who has the best shitbox collection? >'07 Freestar >'9…[View]
21346994wheel style thread: Post your favorite wheels and why you prefer them over all else Mine are turbofa…[View]
21352340Old Pantera > new P72: Get a load of this chad contraption, imagine prowling through your city wi…[View]
21353355Is it okay to buy defunct car manufacturers? Specifically the Mercury Milan Premier V6[View]
21352758Why are they $26,000? >small market The market could be a lot bigger if they weren't so over…[View]
21351904So what is you excuse for not having a Pagani by now? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLz_R7O6_n4…[View]
21353933What if the big grilles aren't for chinks?: Seeing the new 4 series concept and all the threads…[View]
21354605What size tires do I need and I'm looking for low profile street tires[View]
21350901what happened to the old fuzzy fabric upholstery they used to use in cheap shitboxes and why has it …[View]
21354991I just saw this video on taking off the front bumper for the fusion. Do you really have to take the …[View]
21349978Best sounding 4 cyl?: https://youtu.be/WrRr1XTwRl8 Obviously it's subjective, but here's m…[View]
21345924is the FZ-07/MT-07 really the miata of motorcycles?[View]
21353812Weekend workin': What're you all working on this weekend?[View]
21349832Is this car ever going to show up in dealerships? The 'launch editions' got sold, and it's been…[View]
21347380Brag about who you recently smoked on the road: >dumbass scrub in some black civic with only an e…[View]
21352999why does every V10 have a 90° angle instead of the proper 72°? Only LFA does it.[View]
21352797How is Nissan struggling?: with rides THIS badass![View]
21345411If you're looking to take you ASE or your car, here's an ASE study guide that might help y…[View]
21348162Which 2020 cars aren't absolute boring shitters?: What's left?[View]
21350661Would nuclear cars work, would untrained people able to operate them?[View]
21352650What would /o/ look like: If every poster had to know how to drive manual?[View]
21350582So I was getting a toyota hrc for my mother in law and my credit union told me I could qualify for a…[View]
21354391Advice thread? Looking for an AWD coupe/sedan/wagon with +300 hp. spending up to $25k I've see…[View]
21339646Is it true, bros?[View]
21350444Looking for a new hot hatch to purchase next year, any recommendations?[View]
21348297Redpill me on Pontiac Grand Prix: I see these things all over the place where I live and they'r…[View]
21352764What car is this?[View]
21349259remove one from the road: boomers zoomers females any racial group note that these people still ex…[View]
21351180What're some things i could do to my car (2007 scion tc) to make it more 'fun'? I love driving …[View]
21353520What would cause a rattle noise from my front end when the cars under load? I can hear it when I bli…[View]
21347729Fuck Honda civics: >muh reliability I hit a pothole and fucked my shit up. This shitvic has been …[View]
21353701Trinity thread?: Trinity thread.[View]
21350380How long did it take you to learn to drive a stick? I'm looking for cheap small trucks and the …[View]
21352772>hurrdurr the car is so sterile, it lacks character wah wah: What the fuck is the problem? Are pe…[View]
21353962Nissan OBD-II question: Does anybody know if a pending knock sensor code (P0325) on late 90's n…[View]
21353146>service manual calls for .55 liters of gear oil for transfer case >fill until fluid reaches f…[View]
21353906I'm thinking about buying a Miata. Can I drive it in the winter? I've never drove a rwd ca…[View]
21353946BEing a shitty driver: i cant help myself from crashing into people /o/, how do you learn how to dri…[View]
21346787ITT: Engines built for ridiculous speed: Pic related[View]
21350034Vroom vroom! Do you want to drive me, /o/? I promise I won't kill you![View]
21349128Back up cameras: I’m looking for what would be the best backup camera for my truck. I’d love to have…[View]
21351052Been wanting a motorcycle for a while now. Super exited to get my first and really wanted a sport bi…[View]
21352852Nothing you will say, no money you will contribute, no action you will do, will impede the chinese m…[View]
21353720I am trying to buy a car to replace my shitty old Mercedes. Does a car like this exist? > Can be …[View]
21346471What is the absolute cheapest car to insure, maintain, and that's gas efficient. I'm just …[View]
21327799ITT: Kino steering wheels: Post em.[View]
21350311what to do with an old car that is worth $0 and no one wants: What should I do with my car? It isn…[View]
21352215Fun cars for tall people: I'm 6'2', my two best friends are 6'4'. None of us fit in M…[View]
21351476I've been looking at these 2 cars recently, I've test driven both if them and like both of…[View]
21349773Roast my car[View]
21349450Oil Pressure light: Alright bros, I was driving down the road about an hour ago and out of nowhere r…[View]
21353367I want to do a vinyl wrap of a hardtop convertible so that when the top is down the mouth is open. I…[View]
21352537I come to conclusion I am mentally ill I am addicted to driving I can't stop driving I spend a…[View]
21350020No love for wagons? Oh well, so much more for me.[View]
21349039CARVANA: Carvana just updated itself on my phone and sent me a notification with the message ' find …[View]
21348976Why don't Americans like Diesel when it's obviously the superior fuel[View]
21350361Practical DD/thread: Looking for a new set of wheels soon. Looking for /o/'s opinion. Must be m…[View]
21352547Vinwiki: What is it about almost all these guys that makes them so insufferable?[View]
21349309Hey /o/, so I noticed a grinding noise coming from my rear passenger wheel well. I figured 'No big d…[View]
21342464Is this the final nail in the coffin for Land Rover?[View]
21352855What is the name of that 2 door car in the upper right hand corner of the image?[View]
21353008Best beater/work truck for under $2500?: Needs to be able to pull a 16ft boat[View]
21350628I bought a new truck: I just bought a new truck pic related what should i know about these 2002-200…[View]
21350397Jaguar XE 2020 faceliftted: I have an A4 M/Y 18 but I really want this car. Will I be fucked on main…[View]
21352474Do these Weber carburetors have an air filter? I've been looking at diagrams and I cannot find …[View]
21345698craigslist thread: should I buy this?[View]
21352878What is the first car you owned that made you want to drive it for the sake of driving it? Mine was …[View]
21350942Brakes and rotors: Are these safe to use https://www.ebay.com/itm/Front-Rear-Brake-Rotors-Ceramic-Pa…[View]
21341420Are you supposed to stop or hit the jaywalker walking across a 5 lane road?[View]
21350423>retard in other lane constantly speeding ahead of you >always get's stopped at a red lig…[View]
21351042>Get offered part time job >they need you to own a vehicle >don't have a car, never ne…[View]
21341618The greatest roadtrip car: What's the greatest roadtrip car, and why is it the 1994-96 Buick Ro…[View]
21352451night drives: post em pics (this is a friend’s, i don’t have a car/ driving license)[View]
21349908daily bike thread - dbt: Motorcycles pictures and discussion KTM edition Previously: >>2134705…[View]
21349317Can somebody explain to me why Americans have this fight between ford and chevrolet?[View]
21352140what are some underated cars in your opinion /o/? >Rx8 >faster than an s2000, you just need t…[View]
21334763Post dream cars that you would daily if you had the money >has to actually be practical Mazda/eun…[View]
21351541>im not a speed guy >im a cruise guy >i only drive my pride on sudays What does this mean /…[View]
21349411Do you think it has been in an açcident?[View]
21347933Find a flaw[View]
21351623Itt: cars that look like they belong in the 20s[View]
21350645What do you all think of the current generation of GTI? I’ve heard it’s quite a step up in terms of …[View]
21352244Was there serious anime infestations in Lemons racing? I just watched the latest wrap up and it kind…[View]
21341556Land Rover: What does /o/ think about the new defender[View]
21352137What kind of cars do you own?: What kind of cars do you own? I mean the brand, model and other detai…[View]
21348027Mouse Car: Mouse Car[View]
21347107Would a Dodge Hellcat ever be an intelligent investment? I like the sound and going fast, but it…[View]
21347226What is the verdict on the Ssangyong Korando. >mine is pic related with a diesel standard transmi…[View]
21351890Literally a utrerus[View]
21347718Help: Any idea if what car is this? Im not a car guy so idk.[View]
21351865toyota corolla 'plus': does anybody know what the plus sticker on some ae100/7th generation corollas…[View]
21351410Hey /o/ I have an issue with my steering pump making noise. Probably air. Can I get it out with vacu…[View]
21350392How much do you have to spend on a car to not have any real deficiencies or anything really luxuriou…[View]
21351791Can anyone tell me the name of this car? And year of production.[View]
21346768manual transmissions are dying out what will you do when they are no longer available?[View]
21348597Here's your next gen 86 bro[View]
21350585Itt: Unpopular cars you like - Volume 2[View]
21350844Is this bad?[View]
21347190how can i make my gay ass 2015 chevy trax less gay[View]
21350850redpill me on the classic jeep cherokee: ever since my fusion got fucked I've been driving my s…[View]
21349926Do I need a camber kit if I just want my car to be at a flush fitment?[View]
21351113What the fuck is wrong with the average Joe these days? >be me >Foggy out >Behind a beater …[View]
21349634Twingo shock absorbers: I recently bought new springs and shock absorbers for my twingo. The new one…[View]
21345639Classic Car market crash: >the price of classic cars will crash because normie Zoomers and Millen…[View]
21351430Tourist Trophy Vs Ride 3: I know this thread would normally belong in vidya, but this thread is for …[View]
21350209I have a question for anyone who knows about brake jobs. I had new brake pads and rotors installed t…[View]
21349999What mods would you do to a 2002 Accord? It's a V6 Coupe. 'Sell it and buy something else' is t…[View]
21349202Coilovers: Howdy /o/ Im about to install coilovers in my 1990 toyota corolla ae92, any hot tips? Ne…[View]
21350441What is the greatest Eurobeat album?[View]
21346634>The perfect car doesn't exi- Why don't you own one yet, /o/?…[View]
21350093How to pick a supercharger: I'm hotroding an 85 el chamino, I have a 383 stroker, flat piston h…[View]
21338212Thinking I'll buy a new pony car. Which would /o/ recommend? I've never owned a nicer car …[View]
21349499Tell me about the ea888. How good is it?[View]
21346327Anybody else working on a project car? let's see em! what work have you done? Found on craig…[View]
2135088511th Generation Civic: The Civic gets a new generation usually every 5 years. That means the 11th ge…[View]
21345271>tfw it will never actually come out This is the worst timeline[View]
21347061Yeah, I'm thinking GP kino is back on the menu, boys.[View]
21349703i just gas jugged acros the country and back: AMA[View]
21350730So..: is there a car better than THis?[View]
21341768what bike should I get, as a first bike? also how would I go about acquiring whatever you need to do…[View]
21350734cars are a fucking waste of space most of the time does anyone else just hate the fucking world whe…[View]
21350718>self-driving car drives onto the highway, makes it to a rural area >suddenly stops >becau…[View]
21350364Could you theoretically clean up this shit?: Could you fix it with with some self made neat new cabl…[View]
21348847Are Centric C-TEK rotors good enough for a DD that sees some 'spirited' driving from time …[View]
21347055Happy 9/11! Everyone to have a great day ( except the Muslims.) edition. >Motorcycle Shitposting …[View]
21347896Hey guys I was wondering if anyone could help me here. Basically on Saturday I drove 2 hours to see …[View]
21350287There needs to be a 600 hp, brand new, FR car for under $25,000 but car companies are Jewish[View]
21348929*blocks your path*[View]
21349150Thoughts on the new DeTomasso? Cant say im a fan of the styling, but its good to have them back.[View]
21345374Post 'em[View]
21345143Circlejerk Thread: Post things about certain car manufacturers that you fucking love. Things that se…[View]
21349917what's better turbocharger or supercharger?[View]
21347143/g/ faggot here. what is the car equivalent of the thinkpad t420?[View]
21348888Ahead of its time: With today's focus on crossovers the Aztek could have saved Pontiac. What ot…[View]
213499912020 Supra GT500: Say hello to her http://www.dailysportscar.com/2019/09/11/2020-gt500-cars-unveiled…[View]
21346357wtf is this garbage[View]
21283857Vin check thread? 2T1BR12E01c438103 still hunting for my daily driver for the new job, absurdly low …[View]
21347744What car is this: Bros help me, I can't find it at all...[View]
21349478Talk me out of buying an RS3: Looking for a very dailyable, 4 season capable, pseudo-luxury point an…[View]
21344658notice to appear in court 2000miles away: i got caught at a speed trap and it turns out my license e…[View]
21342067What was the last thing a non-related girl said to you about your car?[View]
21349764Redpill me on the egg[View]
21325954/QTDDTOT/ - Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Threads: A dedicated thread to ask all your …[View]
21349330is leasing a good deal? what is the depreciation on a 4 year old BMW? more than 63%?[View]
213498123.0 Outback tips?: So i'm probably gonna buy a 2006 Subaru Outback LL Bean edition. Green, 3.0l…[View]
21349579So /o/ one of my longterm projects is to build an ITB system for a Mercedes M104 engine. I must relo…[View]
21348152miata v fiata: i prefer the fiata due to a god tier exhaust note and higher tuning potential (250 wi…[View]
21344896Why do modern cars have wheels like this now? They look weird af to me. Is it for aerodynamic reason…[View]
21344065Basically the same[View]
21337892Best bang for buck offroad vehicles I can get in Australia but also daily? Looking at Y60 or 1 Patro…[View]
21344179boomer hate thread: are boomers, Mexicans, and China the only things keeping GM alive? Why do they k…[View]
21347915How much fuel does your car use?[View]
21346725No sports car can compete with the gas mileage this nigga gets.[View]
21346935Inexperienced, need input: I've been looking for an offroader and i found a '93 land cruis…[View]
21342495do non-americans like muscle cars?[View]
21349182How many people has this financially ruined, thinking they can be a YouTube re-builder?[View]
21347672Happy Birthday Paul: What's your favorite F&F car?[View]
21346277EV MT: Do you think it i s possible to put a fake MT in an EV. Replicate it through the computer by …[View]
21346893>cuts you off in traffic What do /o/?[View]
21341427hello gents Just saved up 7k for a car of my choosing. Looking for some recommendations on cars that…[View]
21348889I'm pretty sure my old Saturn is leaking steering fluid. Theres a small puddle under my car and…[View]
21343182shit that turns you away from good cars >non removable headunits (without modification) honestly …[View]
21348020car's fucked bros, just blew up on the highway waiting for a toe[View]
21339256what are your go-to judaic tactics to get used car prices down?[View]
21337871>mid engine [check] >double wishbone rear suspension [check] >OHV two valve per cylinder en…[View]
21347595Silvia vs GT86: Wassup g/o/ys, what would you get? Nissan is life, but hard to find. So there is a G…[View]
21345163“Diminished Value”: Hey /o/, Someone crushed my car last month in the early morning hours. I was asl…[View]
21342744A question for the m/o/chanics: I have a cooling system that is filling up the overflow bottle, to t…[View]
21345753TURBO: Alright, I'm in the process of turbocharging my little project car, a standard Mitsubish…[View]
21338688Can someone explain to me why I am seeing these spread all over the goddamn place like AIDS? Where d…[View]
21345831Tiburon vs Eclipse vs Focus: So I'm looking to get a cheap-ass manual shitbox for sub-2k. All t…[View]
21347935Name one (1) GOOD car made in 2009 or afterwards for less than 7k euro *doesn't matter whether…[View]
21347353Car Ads: Thread for car ads that had an impact on you. Gonna start basic with the rebadged Mondeo I…[View]
21346653/o/ humor: based and bedfordpilled edition[View]
21344307Should I buy the new Toyota Corolla or pay half the price for a Yaris? I need it for commute (2h tot…[View]
21348252I know /o/ hates jalopnik but this is a fun read https://jalopnik.com/meet-the-quiet-japanese-tuner-…[View]
21343298Happy 9/11 /o/![View]
21342795Thinking about getting a Challenger as a daily driver in the Midwest snowbelt. How bad of an idea i…[View]
21348111Is it weird to have your mother drive you to uni every day even though you have your own car/license…[View]
21347232get in here bros: https://abc7.com/watch/live/[View]
21344337I am going to buy the 2002 Mercedes E320 4Matic thoughts?[View]
21345637What is the fastest superior(front)-wheel-drive car?[View]
21348056>virtually identical to prototype 136 mile range >0-60 in 8 seconds >camera mirrors and 24.…[View]
21345166Doge Viper: or snek[View]
21346445Might Buy This: See these on the highway. They look nice. What reasons does /o have for not buying o…[View]
21346762What's the best/your favorite car for night drives?[View]
21347815Has anyone used “paint and phosphate” finished rotors before? Wondering if they will hold up or rust…[View]
21335706what do people with highly modified cars do for inspections?[View]
21347418Jap or whatever car for 4k or less: Im new to working on cars, always have done maintenence but neve…[View]
21334121Germany wants to ban SUVs based country[View]
21305099Auto Sticker General #429: Auto Sticker General #429 Fuck it, we'll do it live™ edition. Previo…[View]
21347404Redpill me on the C126 500/560SEC, or the W126 and C126 in general. Does anyone here own one or has …[View]
21346615>engine makes a funny noise yamero[View]
21335447How about a new safety law roposal?: >vehicles meant for civilian transportation (pickups and SUV…[View]
21346583The best tuner cars of mid 80s-early 90s wanting to get something older >Pic related would love …[View]
21347315Hey there guys, I have a question. So I got these struts off of eBay, and my mechanic slapped them …[View]
21346977Advice for My Shitbox: A few years ago, I bought a 1992 Mustang with the extremely anemic 4 cylinder…[View]
21336008Go to Carvana, enter your DD, post results.: Go to Carvana, enter your DD, post results. '02 Li…[View]
21342236Issues thus far?: It's been a couple months since it's been out. Anyone hear of any proble…[View]
21346529Out on the streets That's where we'll meet You make the night I always cross the line Tigh…[View]
21345344post examples of oversteer[View]
21345702Just found this on my 2007 Camry. Should i just leave it?[View]
21342074Do you guys partake in your car?[View]
21345371what make/model car is this? looking to get the same[View]
21338760Ferrari 812 GTS: First V12 spider by Ferrari in 50 years So beautiful it makes my heart ache[View]
21343241You must rev this high to post edition >Motorcycle Shitposting & Brand Shilling >Motorcycl…[View]
21346175based dodge dart[View]
21341799Gmod car build thread: Post cars you made in Gmod[View]
21342004Nissan Frontier: tell me why I shouldn't get a Frontier for daily driving plus going /out/…[View]
21346230How do I kill myself?[View]
21344497Is riding the clutch bad if youre going a really slow speed? if i leave my car in gear it will start…[View]
21346452Rick mobile thread: Rick mobile.[View]
21344995ITT: Cars that traumatized you.: Fuck IA license 15th stage and fuck that stupid Mercedes[View]
21344254can anyone tell if they're genuine oz?[View]
21345214Gonna go pick up a good conditioned CL type S for 3k, this will be my 2nd Vtec but i wanna mod this …[View]
21341700Here's your next M4 https://www.autoblog.com/2019/09/10/bmw-concept-4-frankfurt-motor-show/…[View]
21346333I am considering buying a used 2017 Chevrolet volt off of Carvana: The New Way to Buy a Car®[View]
21345808Press F to pay respects: Here, we honor all the Panther and B bodies that lost their lives in the li…[View]
21340764Name at least one gay thing found in cars: Ambient lighting[View]
213424374th gen v6 mustang...: Theres one available for next to nothing here. But the insanely underpowered…[View]
21338808Why are drilled and slotted rotors considered a 'meme'?[View]
21346009So I'm not sure where the hell I need to post this, but /o/ seems right. I'm looking for a…[View]
21344191Do you test your thermostat before installing?[View]
21345124Why do I drive a Saturn ?: Are they still worth it at this point ? I'm going to pick one up th…[View]

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