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Displaying 191 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
25931310SQT qtddtot: i have to do a coolant flush but they say thermostat must be removed to completely flus…[View]
25948544In the market for a new truck. How long should I wait for the market to crash so I can get one at a …[View]
25948706the boomer speaks the truth. nobody loves landbarges.[View]
25947306Best color for the NSX Type S?: Im gonna go with bloo[View]
25942556The 2000s: Was this really a bad decade for automobiles?[View]
25948142Who designs this shit[View]
25936453Advice you'd give younger gear heads and 'car culture' kids: Kids, don't lower your car. I…[View]
25945789Dodge Charger where it doesn't belong: How slow is this dead board? How long until Page 10?…[View]
25945826Redpill me on the four-cylinder E36's /o/. Both the hatchback 318ti and non hatchback versions.…[View]
25948387ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im gona nut[View]
25946458What the fuck is this? Are the glowies after me?[View]
25945828How does something like this even happen?[View]
25947226I miss this nigga like you wouldn't believe bros[View]
25940812Pay cash[View]
25947780MFW 4 cylinder only[View]
25947247Hello. This will be the second vehicle ive purchased, and I don’t know too much about them really, b…[View]
25948009fuck this board[View]
25947887Pee powered car: If cara can be powered by hydrogen and pee has hydrogen in it then is a pee powered…[View]
25946370Finally picked up my LT1 Camaro: Shadow grey metallic, manual, no options. Goddam this car is fun. S…[View]
25945999This is what we wanted and needed: This is the bronco that we wanted.[View]
25943058Headlight polish: I have a Buick from 1998, and the headlight started yellowing about 3 years ago. W…[View]
25944584Why is it they surcharge under 25's for car rentals when car crash rates don't drop until …[View]
25947775What did Dacia mean by this?[View]
25947616Can anyone identify the van in the middle? He drove by before i could get a good pic sorry. I think …[View]
2594623509 tacoma with this much rust for $7k in 2022. How much rust is too much? I'm thinking if it la…[View]
25947087But Toyota[View]
25944027is it worth it?: i listen to music a lot, temped to sign up lol[View]
25947696Here in my garage: Just got this new Lamborghini here. It's fun to drive up here in the Hollywo…[View]
25943284Convince me not to buy one.[View]
25945359Is it just me, or are the Koreans the only ones who put soul and genuine trust into their cars anymo…[View]
25947436>I review regular cars…. And im gay[View]
25946372Mileage broken.: Hi 4chan. Car noob, need to transport 6 people as of last week, this truck is sold …[View]
25946480Motorcycles: I cant stop watching motorcycle videos on youtube, they look so fucking fun. I can only…[View]
25942507Chinese cars are flooding into Europe: Why Europeans prefer Chinese cars over Japanese cars? So Chin…[View]
25944748How many fucking manuals does a car need?! Why cant you fucking tell me the oil type i need in the s…[View]
25946906even the cutest jelly bean can be fun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x09ruJAvJ7E[View]
25942134/o/ sisters...: They're coming for your car next[View]
25947181Jeep boys: Jeep brahs, I got a 97 grand cherokee zj WTF is the circled red thing called? I need to g…[View]
25945117So gasoline is slowly becoming haram while batteries still suck. Why can't car manufacturers fo…[View]
25946078Saw this at a parking lot and now I want one so bad. It's so square and beefy yet compact and c…[View]
25938822Hiro approved meta thread: As approved by Hiro, meta thread to discuss the state of the board as we …[View]
25945639>learning how to drive >instructor screams at you for not knowing how to start a car >onc…[View]
25947180Aston Martin![View]
25946448I got my driver's license last week (manual so no cheating). What now?[View]
25938670is there a reason why i shouldn't buy an isuzu rodeo? no a 4runner is not an option[View]
25945878Interior Cleaner: Just got an Elantra Touring that has what appears to be mold on the interior roof …[View]
25944699Why are these so expensive?: It is a fucking ancient design? Are you telling me that inflation is s…[View]
25946312Here's my new car, /o/. I put some bread on it. It has 510bhp. It's very fast.[View]
25946742Where do I get factory decals like this?[View]
25946515Can people that only drive automatics say they know how to drive? There's literally so many car…[View]
25946716What am I in for?: https://www.govplanet.eu/for-sale/Winch-Trucks-2012-Oshkosh-M1070-HET-8x8-Winch-T…[View]
25939687I know you like it.[View]
25944631>do the speed limit >cause instant asspain to all other vehicles around me…[View]
25940883What's it like having to let go of a car you loved?: I've only ever owned one car. Done li…[View]
25939678What is your shitty excuse to not own a 2-door car? 3/4/5-doors are for cucks and people that aren…[View]
25945393Not my problem.[View]
25944410BMW M4: I broke my cheap sunglasses and decided to buy some cheap glasses from one of those overpric…[View]
25945103need recommendations: eurofag here, my commute is 90 minutes each way and i fucking hate it i have 1…[View]
25937864The running over cyclists with your car mega thread. Discuss strategies for running over cyclists he…[View]
25931720every time someone bitches and complains about modern technology in cars i immediately know they are…[View]
25943550Lifted trucks finally have a purpose after all[View]
25941796Should I buy a 2023 Mazda 3 Sport as a daily driver?[View]
25942955Im convinced big trucks are only for social status: Black truck is mine i was at home depot buying 1…[View]
25937318Post damage from Hurrican Ian[View]
25929668Tfg: yeah u know what time it is.: Overall I’m sick of the 4 wheeler normie npcs. Rest of this board…[View]
25936312Dually trucks: Hey guys, continuing from my previous thread a couple days ago. >>25927810 I f…[View]
25946111>tire swap season begins >big influx of needfuls and joggers come to the shop to change tires …[View]
25945206Can you import a car and store it until it’s legal? or will it get seized by the three letter agent …[View]
25945314engine/carb problem on dual carb 2 cylinder bike: any input in this would be greatly appreciated, i…[View]
25939122Explain this, /o/fags[View]
25946415Hillclimbs: Has aero gone too far? What are the big hillclimbs besides Pikes Peak? https://youtu.be/…[View]
25939320Cyberboat: The cybertruck will be amphibious.[View]
25942119priusfags seething over insightchads insightchads stay winning[View]
25941414>starting at $60,000 What the FUCK is BMW doing[View]
25946124Cars are so freaking cool.[View]
25939672Vinyl car wrap: Based or cringe for a car you will drive once a week?[View]
25941782How much would /o/ laugh at me if I bought a Chrysler 300? I genuinely like them and think they…[View]
25938131>be 24 year old neet >decided to get my CDL-A because might as well >realize that I can wor…[View]
25942986/dbt/ - motorcycle general: Wheelie edition >M is for motorcycles >we talk about bikes ITT …[View]
25945451i am gonna miss the B class after it gets discontinued[View]
25943444Customer car gone missing: >run my own repair shop (only 5 months so far so still new to the busi…[View]
25945036How do humies cope with the fact that a literal pussy is faster than any of their fancy vehicles?[View]
25938590V8 4Runner vs V8 Tundra: Which would be a better choice for all of the following: > Towing a cove…[View]
25931626>umbrella compartment I fucking hate new cars.[View]
25943698I went to see and test drove this 1964 Corvair 700, it has 20k original miles, is 5k a good price fo…[View]
25943980Post carvana anecdotes. Have you bought from them and how'd it go? Or why didn't you, if y…[View]
25945679I'm thinking based[View]
25941705Should I Shift into Neutral in an Automatic?: I'm not used to automatic cars. Should I shift in…[View]
25945408Help: Just broke my disel bleed valve. Can I drive without it while spare arrives? Or will I be leak…[View]
25945086Noob question: Is it worth it to install a box on a 2008 fiat grande Punto 1.3jtd 70hp for an extra …[View]
25944050Ford Bronco: Hey fellas Went to the Texas state fair for the auto show today and was really impress…[View]
25944427feel like shit, just want it back.[View]
25944056Was it any good?[View]
25934975What automobile for you says 'I'm a total homo and I like men' ? For me it's any Dodge tru…[View]
25944947best and worst NEW cars for a poorfag?: $25k MSRP at most[View]
25944413Car companies and cars that are popular in part due to the image they were given in movies and TV sh…[View]
25932296Most overrated cars to ever exist: Post cars that you think are overrated[View]
25940835did every car company get together and decide to make grilles as ugly and big as possible?[View]
25943296ICE is back. But 3600rpm will be the covenant like circumcision.[View]
25938241Is wrenching an art: Are Mechanics artists ??[View]
25939462Have you already changed to winter tires: Me, not yet[View]
25936348The 10 most reliable vehicles sold in the US are Toyota Tacoma made in Mexico Honda HRV made in Mexi…[View]
25943355I just paid $7.62/gallon for gas EV fags won...[View]
25938874Why is /o/ full of city people that do not even own a car?: Bit weird isn't it? 90% of posters…[View]
25942464>dad has a GLP car >spends way less money than when he had a gasoline car >want to buy a ca…[View]
25943152californian here, my sister moved to arizona. Is there a way i can register my cars to her house/sta…[View]
25940810Toyota IS Luxury[View]
25943635Do my spark plugs look alright? Too lean? Too rich? This is after 1000 miles. I would've asked …[View]
25942983chargy bargy keeps winning https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zx-dhF-FXE[View]
25943213The New Roadster: 5 years after its announcement; where is it?[View]
25944230So… why does BMW deserve to have such a high price tag? Their cars drive *slightly* better than Merc…[View]
25942456>“I NEED A FUGGIN’ HUGE PICK-UP!” >to haul items and pull stuff? >“NO, TO DRIVE IT AROUND T…[View]
25940901Thoughts on a e55[View]
25942412You almost hat me? You never hat me. You never hat your car![View]
25943926My shitbox needs an alignment. It wears out one tire in about 15 to 20k miles. What do I do /o/? Do …[View]
25941534Potato heads[View]
25941784Just bought this thing. 2015 model. First mod suggestions?[View]
25944067No pads, no problem: 2012 Camaro, finally got around to changing my brakes. Turns out the scraping n…[View]
25940123Is this /o/‘s truck?: This is the new official /o/ truck of choice. F250/350 6.8L OHV V8 10R100 3.7…[View]
25942257Thoughts on honda vamos?[View]
25943968Say something nice about 8 time Moto GP world champion Marc Marquez[View]
25936950>You vill drive ze Elektroauto >You vill be happy…[View]
25940134>Drive nothing but FWD and AWD my entire life >Finally buy a powerful RWD thinking it'll …[View]
25940845First car, considering a Kia Sedan. The dealership near me has great reviews, and I have heard that …[View]
25940382there’s no such thing as a labor shortage, it’s always a pay shortage.: Fuck that working from the b…[View]
25941237is this a normal amount of rust?: ive been struggling to find a proper shitbox and i ran into this 2…[View]
25942231Aussie 'muscle cars' are a meme: Now, as an Aussie I love the cars we built here in the 60s and 70s.…[View]
25943498a60 celica or celica supra?[View]
25943559Dual mass flywheel: I know my dual mass flywheel is on the way out but does it have to do rodknock s…[View]
25939783So are these good cars[View]
25943321Give me a whitepill right now: The god damn prices have to come down at some point. What the fuck is…[View]
25944677/DBT/ Cross Training Enduro editon: Even the simplest of creatures can learn to ride a motorcycle wh…[View]
259417142rbo: >vacuum untreated exhaust directly into air intake >engine explodes I seriously hope yo…[View]
25942652This is anons room. He really loves cars. He drives 2004 toyota corolla with an automatic transmissi…[View]
2593979140mpg , tows more than a bronco not for sale in USA: Why does America reject all the good cars Beca…[View]
25934218I blew a tranny[View]
25943324Zj Grand Cherokee Thread: I'm racist[View]
25942945Tractor Paint for Car Painting: PSA for those of you who need cheap paint. Tractor Supply has a sale…[View]
25941301Honda: Let me tell you about a man named Soichiro Honda https://youtu.be/BQB2gzGbJpw[View]
25935940BMW lost its mind: I genuinely wonder if there's a competition among carmakers to create the mo…[View]
25942926The germans are far superior this is proven beyond doubt: The germans are far superior this is prove…[View]
25943006Aaah: For context >yesterday was on my car with friend >notice the car lights were off >did…[View]
25942074>had a dream I was in the Ford dealership >living in a country with zero interest in EVs >…[View]
25942785stereo sounds shit: think the speakers are blown. sounds terrible no bass. hu (oem) set to max bass.…[View]
25941919Which is the better option you think?: Which is better?https://strawpoll.com/polls/2ayLWDweWZ4…[View]
25942891Good alternative to Renault Espace/Arcana?[View]
2594276306 Mustang GT: Is 1.5k for suspension replacement a rip off?[View]
25941084/dbt/ - motorcycle general: Friday night on 4channel edition >M is for motorcycles >we talk ab…[View]
25941269*blocks your driveway with snow*[View]
25942157N47 / diesel bmw general: Just bought myself a bmw 123d, it's got a n47 engine unfortunately an…[View]
25942295Thwamsiethansie soissies what the heellll iissss gooiiinnggg ooonnnnnnn......[View]
25941438They wanna ban cars but these mfs still run on LEADED gasoline[View]
25942418left lane driving: yes, I drive the speed limit in the left most lane and do not move over for the t…[View]
25936925porsche SUVs are the ugliest SUVs out there. and they fucking cost 100k? lmaoooooo you can't ma…[View]
25942237Please dear God Chad help me: I asked on r9k cause this is a super niche question and they sent me h…[View]
25942440The truck hauling my 2022 Bronco from Detroit got in a crash.[View]
25939907Move over, BMW, Ford is the new king of grills.[View]
25942048>fiesta ST van fuck this is cool, only way it would be cooler would be if they made a fiesta ute.…[View]
25938456what are some good ecologically friendly alternatives to cars[View]
25942201/o/pinions ? >mfw it's not a Twingo[View]
25938065note to self: stay away from fuel tankers[View]
25939101Why can't we have real, road-going versions of pedal cars? >Zero emissions >Unlimited ran…[View]
25937269why is /o/ so always against any emissions and safety standards in cars?: do you guys want to seriou…[View]
25935778I don't get it, what's the appeal[View]
25941487>Yes, I drive a ŠKODA. How could you tell?[View]
25895262S/o/Cal Main Meet - Where'd the Sun Go? Edition: Night meet motherfuckers >When: September 2…[View]
25934914Signs a driver is low IQ: lets see em so we can keep each other safe[View]
25939268Never forget who you are debating[View]
25938496Can we get a thread for /o/ approved female cartubers?[View]
25936581>make's you're WRX obsolete >make's you're Elantra obsolete >make'…[View]
25941905happy birthday /o/[View]
25941866Give him some advice /o/ https://www.reddit.com/r/askcarsales/comments/xrnusz/having_to_buy_a_car_in…[View]
25941887New suv: Guys I need help I’ve been here forever, never posted on /o/. I’m in the market for a decen…[View]
25940924Genuine question, why is everything they make now a shitbox? Where is the character like pic related…[View]
25941855BMW XM: >hey bro, heres your $160,000 pigfat cuckover barge that you didnt ask for What the fuck …[View]
25940114Cars that are better in some markets: Post some cars that are better or worse depending on where the…[View]
25906983I really like test mules and their 'mystery' behind them[View]
25931342>black wheels on a black car[View]
25941798anyone got 'just financed dodge charger got a great deal' copypasta? thanks[View]
25941644Car collecting and luxury cars has to be the most CONSOOMy basedboy hobby out there. >Look how mu…[View]
25941585Why not employ a radial engine in a planar configuration with a transfer case to power a car?[View]
25935513What does it feel like to pay $122,495 plus tax for a jeep? What networth do you need to have to jus…[View]
25935658>carnauba wax[View]
25941677How is it important to have a local dealership the same make as the car you have? I need a new daily…[View]
25938910What cars actually contiain the god engine?: Holy art though, Rev limit of 9000rpm is it's name…[View]
259223212023 G87 M2: is this a joke[View]
25938397The 1989 Buick Reatta[View]

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