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23249782Gonna cop a hot hatch soon /o/, what would you choose? Also in the mix is a WRX but I'm trying…[View]
23249639I got a third gen Explorer, what's the deal with the differential bearings wearing out? Did For…[View]
23246286Change my mind: This would’ve made for a better Supra[View]
23252979New Rider Gear: I bought a used 2020 Yamaha WR250R with 650 miles for $5,000. So far so good, I thin…[View]
23237339Mini clubman 2007: Whats /o/ opinion about this classic british/german car? What type of drivers ar…[View]
23248488Why are shooting brakes dead?: It's the best choice for a single man. Sleek, fast and much cool…[View]
23244415Which makes more sense?[View]
23250874this was like 5 minutes in paint.net, how come I can figure this out but they can't[View]
23252118Cars you wish that were still being made today[View]
23244588Anyone remember that /o/ anon that kept posting pictures of his Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and a wh…[View]
23244888>'what car do you drive, anon?' >'I drive a [insert badass name]' >'ooooh anon' If you had …[View]
23246677my winter beater has two wheels, why are you such a pussy anon?[View]
23233662On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate you reflexes?[View]
23251257Just got a 2012 Infiniti M37X: What am I in for? What kind of maintenance should be done ASAP to kee…[View]
23247456what do /o/: so recently I bought a 695 low current probe from amazon and a osciliscope multimeter a…[View]
23250443/DBT/ - Daily Bike Thread: Rumble in the Jungle Edition >Motorcycle Questions & Answers >M…[View]
23252244Eternal GR Yaris Hype Thread: Watch the fat, ugley soi type R get yeeted into the fucking bin by the…[View]
23249769Did I just fuck up: Would this universal alternator work/fit in my car? I just talked to my pops and…[View]
23247369insectoid bikes: how come all the new bikes have this ugly pinched face insect look?[View]
23247990i love japan (●^o^●) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m025VM-h0Wo[View]
23249712what is the most comfortable reliable and safe suv?[View]
23250755How good are Yokohama tires? My cheap tires are almost bold, so looking to buy more expensive tires.[View]
23251969Do you drive to relax when you are stressed?[View]
23252335Do you have any charms or talismans on your vehicle?[View]
23252316Post guilty pleasure cars: Absolutely despise golfs but I can't help myself from liking the loo…[View]
23248351LS400: hey all, I was on here a few months ago 'cause I had this shitbox isuzu that kept blowin…[View]
23250898Motorcycle hobby: Hello anons I'm new to motorcycles and looking for some normal people to disc…[View]
23251202>failed driver exam because of a fucking unmarked road: i take it again next week, any tips on ho…[View]
23251653Has /o/ read any car related books?: Have any of you anons read any books to learn more about anythi…[View]
23251741Anyone familiar with problems/praise for the 2014 ford fusion 6 speed manual? I can't find much…[View]
23251590Panther platform: I am an eurofag that moved to the states 2 years ago and just got this beauty for …[View]
23251113Possible electrical issues on a 1999 Olds Alero: I just re-did a throttle body gasket on a 1999 Olds…[View]
23233100>Hey anon, my cars making funny noises and I heard you were like a mechanic or something, can you…[View]
23243301>rwd >mannytranny >coupe/2 seater >mechanical ebrake >hydraulic steering >analog d…[View]
23251437>Cars could've looked like this Why do Jews have to ruin everything…[View]
23251338howdy friends, update on the 91 F250 460, I added these switches to run the starter, flip the one on…[View]
23250766Been having it on the tip of my tongue for hours, could you please anons tell me the model?[View]
23251145haynes manual & service manuals: Hello I'm trying to wrench my lil 91 peugeot 106 shitbox b…[View]
23249001>passing that slow motherfucker that's been clogging the backroad up for the last 5 miles na…[View]
23248501What exactly caused this? Only the most delusional idiots couldn't see Tesla won around the lau…[View]
23249244>he doesn't use fuel fragrance to cropdust nocars at bus stops with delicious marijuana scen…[View]
23250317I am a broken asshole who needs a pickup in Canada, Alberta. What used truck should I buy? It must h…[View]
23250358I am thinking about buying a ram classic, what do you guys think?[View]
23249415I make tires and rate food[View]
23243771don’t buy c-clamps from harbor freight.[View]
23251051Any e36 ppl to me with part#s: This is pretty simple but I'm having trouble finding these conne…[View]
23249471Winterizing my prado: I'm prepping to drive across the rocky mountains with my Prado fully load…[View]
23250747What do you guys pay for car insurance? 2019 Model 3 Full Coverage, 50/100/100 ~~~~ $2K deductible …[View]
23246412I'm planning on buying an XLT Ranger with a 6' bed as my daily next month and saving up fo…[View]
23249877> Suzuki releases new EFI DR-Z400S[View]
23250574Halp. I can't find this brake hose anywhere. It's for the driver side rear, on a 2003 Ford…[View]
23252816[ D a i l y B i k e T h r e a d ] - /dbt/: non retarded election tourist edition >Motorcycle Ques…[View]
23244646Converting my RX8 to Hydrogen, how likely am I to roast myself?[View]
23249716Mounting to roof liner: I got a dash cam with a rear camera. After playing around with different loc…[View]
23246508Are electric cars still a meme?[View]
23245323Why do some countries drive on the left and some countries drive on the right? For those of you who …[View]
23247892/dbt/ - Daily Bike Thread: Motorcycle brainlet edition >Motorcycle Shitposting >Motorcycle Qu…[View]
23249365>wagon utility >seats 7 >interesting styling >365 HP, AWD >cheap It was too good for…[View]
23249566Red pill me on this 2011 e350 I've obtained. And what should be done first to it[View]
23250362Why yes, my car has no clear coat, so I can clean/dry it in a minute with a window wash squeegee and…[View]
23247727Why is there no love for these classics?: Which Fiat 500 is your favorite? Is it reliable? What ar…[View]
23250237Lowriders: Post em[View]
23249972Someone told me to buy this thing from Amazon, it's like a chain or some shit, where you hook u…[View]
232381362021 F150 by Doug: IT'S UP https://youtu.be/sHH0u5v3ZE8[View]
23250175Are SG Foresters still worth buying? I see a lot of them around, but I understand that it may be har…[View]
23240185S54 powered Z3: Is this the ultimatest bmw?[View]
23249101are 2009 priuses good[View]
23249583What's a woman's favorite daily driver for $50-60k?[View]
23248418Why is the g37 shilled so much more than it's german counterparts? They go for roughly the same…[View]
23249543Its the day of and im off to buy a new car but Im really anxious. Im gonna be on the hook for this t…[View]
23248750Is this a meme or actually worth the 80 bucks?: You see what it claims and the reviews are good too.…[View]
23248319Displacement 2,894 cm3 Engine: 6 cylinders Can some of you explain to my engioneereless brain why ar…[View]
23249482>buy a '16 golf with 30k miles last month >good price, manual >bump a curb because im …[View]
23248710i just work my wrx with 17 afr and dosent blow yet is that normal?[View]
23247556MK6 GTI: Hey, /o/, are the MK6 GTIs good cars? I'm currently looking to replace my slow ass shi…[View]
23246281Why do so many 'men' let others shame them into spending more money for a less utilitarian, family o…[View]
23248630>Burgers don't get a diesel civic coupled with a 9-speed ZF box ;)…[View]
23247374What's a good, CHEAP, 'sporty' car that can off road? Someone hit and totaled my friends car so…[View]
23247026>there are no new air-cooled porsches no, your limited production 5 cars a year singer does not c…[View]
23249523What brake pads should I consider getting? I just went to my first track weekend and while I had no …[View]
23241997>The Automotive Industry is SCREAMING for Technicians! >The demand for Diesel mechanics are at…[View]
23245079what does the other half think of your shitbox fleet anons?: i'm curious if the rumours are tru…[View]
23247058Going to get my motorcycle license: I need some advice on how much bike I really need. I dont want a…[View]
23249260>window tints heavily enforced >seemingly no limit on headlight brightness >can't driv…[View]
23242909>Sitting on my couch >suddenly hear a chainsaw behind me startup >turn my head just in time…[View]
23248742I just want an automatic RWD japanese shitbox like pic related so I can drive around in a wasteland …[View]
23232103GR Yaris Hype Thread: Car of the year incoming. There is no way this will not win every multi test i…[View]
23244771Deceptive marketing: Post examples. I'll start with GM advertising their European sub-brand as …[View]
23249274>-4C/25F >ice on the roads >still went out with my motorcycle >core body didn't eve…[View]
23246989Crush complimented my ride (e220)[View]
23248729Civic 2021: >Here's your new Civic hatchback bro OHNONONONONONO!!!!!! Can't wait for th…[View]
23247055is there a single more effeminate brand?[View]
23248745Thinking of buying a focus st mk2. Does anyone have any experience with it? Whats the maintenance fo…[View]
23243009I dont like big cars I dont like trucks I dont like body on frame I dont need 3 rows I dont need 4wd…[View]
23244975Engine Bay Thread: Post your engine bay br/o/s[View]
23248259Car Jokes thread: Lets post car jokes about different cars! Extra points for /int/ernational content…[View]
23245223MBT - Monthly bmw thread: hello friends its that time of the month again rate my skid[View]
23247825you will drive an Indian or Chinese car in the future. it is inevitable[View]
23243536I would like to purchase automotive glass cleaner on the internet that effectively cleans the windsh…[View]
23248761F1-2021 Discussion: Let's talk about the next season, expectations, rumors and the like. We hav…[View]
23246118>dealership is giving $2,000 minimum for ANY trade in when you buy a car >bring in my Miata …[View]
23247265How bad do you think it is: I cannot detemine if this is a deep stratch. I tried checking it with fi…[View]
23247076I want to learn how to do simple-moderate car repairs. I've never done anything with tools in m…[View]
23241090Jap vs. American Metal: Do Jap cars have thinner metal than American? If I buy a Jap car I'm ce…[View]
23241486China's BMW 7 Series Copycat Has An Even More Ridiculous Grille: BMW's new design directio…[View]
23248648Stain removal: How do I get this stain off my car ot was from rubbing alcohol[View]
23241244Shitbox audio: So I've been driving a Mazda 323F BG and the stereo shit itself a while back, so…[View]
23246274>Guy test drives used S-Class and LS >Says the S-Class overall is better >In better shape t…[View]
23239951do you ever drive with the windows rolled down?[View]
23245691It seems my superiority has led to a bit of controversy[View]
23247728What do you keep in your car?: >Spare tire >Fix-a-flat >Jumper cables / portable battery bo…[View]
23246717Why are trucks tall? Doesn't make sense to me, wouldn't they be more ergonomic and easy to…[View]
23248033What does /o/ think of hybrids? Specifically the Toyota Prius?[View]
23234342ITT: The Ford Ranger and fun things you can do to it.[View]
23235752Why does this fuck look so smug.[View]
23246495Jeeps: Are they worth it if your actually mountain driving or does it still fall under the “mall cra…[View]
23231383Would actually owning an OBS Ford be as awesome as my brain is convinced it would be, or are these t…[View]
23246050I want to buy a Lada Vesta. What do you say to that?[View]
23243308Do you guys like the new 2022 Toyota Corolla?[View]
23245394How often do you get your car washed?[View]
23248155Redpill me on the QX4.[View]
23246599so i'm that guy who bought a 7 series 2 months ago and the past few days i've been wonderi…[View]
23248097*Ruins your sunday afternoon*[View]
23216029/sqtddtot/ - stupid questions that don't deserve their own thread, thread: Post your stupid que…[View]
23246017Winter thread: Anyone have any tips on winterizing your daily sports car? Im 20 and I bought my firs…[View]
23238328mid night club thread[View]
23241511Roast me for buying a used mustang[View]
23244631just applied for a job as a automotive tech for the USPS and they require me to take a test on autom…[View]
23244377Just bought pic related, how did I do /o/?[View]
23236670What was the best build ever made: And why was it the Brintech V10 E46?[View]
23247909Black Friday sales: Any one know what sites have worth while sales? Enjuku has some stuff mainly for…[View]
23245516/DBT/ - Daily Bike Thread: Soulful Edition >Motorcycle Questions & Answers >Motorcycle Tip…[View]
23243619can a bachelor drive an XC40: Or will women assume I'm queer for driving this? This precise col…[View]
23241197Post car features that make you gag[View]
23244200volvo: redpill me on the xc70[View]
23247515Hyundai is not even cheap anymore so who buys this shit? >camry >24k >accord >24k >so…[View]
23247354>new cars+insurance are expensive >new'ish cars are sold by stealerships, often overprice…[View]
23245660Thoughts: What would /o/ have done in his place?[View]
23246470What does performance mean to you?: For 95% of /o/ it's this. Why does /o/ have so much NPCs th…[View]
23244503Is buying a new car really bad?: I've seen plenty of people know do it. Most of them make it be…[View]
23245199im gonna swap this engine into my celica. any advice?[View]
23243012There's like zero info on this thing. Does anyone know if this limo actually bent in the middle…[View]
23246047Where to find good used car deals?: Last time I was in the market, Craigslist was packed with privat…[View]
23243333SIRIUX XM: My 1 year trial is ending. They want 5 bucks a month for me to continue, this seems steep…[View]
23246435what would be the best color for my MK1 Golf GTD? Thinking of Mars Red[View]
23247020has /o/ ever driven one of these? I recently got the pleasure of doing so. Has no oomph when acceler…[View]
2324235750% bmws 50% golf 7s fuckers[View]
23245511How do you pronounce Hyundai.[View]
23241379the r6 is discontinued: sad[View]
23245347Just got my first job making decent money. I want to reward myself with a new car. Should I get a Co…[View]
23246051:D: anyone know what car this is, pretty good album[View]
232444292019 Hyundai Tucson: I’m not getting this car to be flashy or because it’s cool I really don’t give …[View]
23246204>rwd >mannytranny >coupe/2 seater >mechanical ebrake >hydraulic steering >analog d…[View]
23245071Hey lads, need some mechanical advise. I took apart my two stroke to do a top end rebuild but I have…[View]
23246316>been addicted to washing dash cam channels for years >seeing more and more cammers acting lik…[View]
23245718Which problems are present in a post-2014 Genesis 3.8 stick? Why would you get one, and why wouldn…[View]
232431861963 Alpine M63: From his Renault dealership in Dieppe, France, Jean Rédélé campaigned Renaults and …[View]
23240131>That's love![View]
23240856Are there any NEET car owners here?[View]
23245196It's my day off and I'm bored What should I buy from Canadian tire?[View]
23246285URBAN OUTLAW[View]
23246310focused: focused[View]
23242658>be me >have new bmw M car >get dumped by GF, move back in with mom >it's corona so…[View]
23246325Hey Fellas, my engine is throwing a p2181 code, and it’s just a bad sensor, I’ve been running my eng…[View]
23240755Do you pray in your car before starting the engine? Or is it just me?[View]
23245278Golf 1.9 TDI: What do /o/ thinks of getting one of those as my first car? Are they reliable? Is ther…[View]
23244327Can i make money with the MAZ 537 in the usa?: Id like to buy one to do heavy haul trucking so i can…[View]
23236369Hahah T. Falcunt cars still not done but making 12psi now[View]
23233263/ovg/ - t Edition: Welcome to the Aut/o/ Vidya General! Previous Thread: >>23218060 Wiki >h…[View]
23244375possible new car...: what do you guys think? im coming up on about a year without a car now, and im …[View]
23245680Nill Experience: So I have 0 experience fixing cars except taking off a few bolts and screws and cha…[View]
23245629anyone else watching the motorweek marathon?[View]
23231781Name a more based compact executive sedan... I'll wait[View]
23241713Best rustproofing services?: I just got a 96 car from Arizona where it has never encountered road sa…[View]
23242017>be richfag >decide to treat your M5 like a offroader shitbox >get bored >decide to get …[View]
23236454Has anybody ever canonically beaten Bunta?[View]
23243195I'm thinking about getting myself a mitsubishi lancer evo 10 (I currently own a 2006 lancer vrx…[View]
23237137I'm picking up a mustang pretty soon and I'm just throwing this out here for general thoug…[View]
23239407what went wrong here?[View]
23244966Car gore thread, destruction or unfortunate failures.: >Boss' car, burnt down yesterday seem…[View]
23237422Post pics of what your differential fluid looked like when you changed it, and also say if your diff…[View]
23245415Best 4x4: Name a better SUV than the 4.8 Patrol. >Hard mode no EV or Land Cruisers (Even though t…[View]
23243483Imagine being beat on the road by a fucking 55 year old car. 425 HP Stock L78 55 years old and bein…[View]
23243966/DBT/ election fraud: Trump won. Buckle up liberals. Previous >>23242438 I fucking hate chadfe…[View]
23244234Electric roads: Life-sized slot cars! https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Electric_road&o…[View]
23245096Toyota ch-r: Hey /o/, I am not really that good with cars and naming parts but what is this part spe…[View]
23232199Post your epic cars again /o/tists[View]
23244605https://youtu.be/8bNmRIPCdLY Babby V10 hybrid is back brehs[View]
23228031Aged like wine: Cars that could (maybe) pass as new in 2020.[View]
23242833underglow: underglow is it making a comeback?[View]
23244592How to sell a car: I'm moving once I'm done with college next year and will probably sell …[View]
23239828Drinking while wrenching: >So anon what will it be? you do drink while wrenching on your shitbox …[View]
23236814hot wheels: do u guys like hot wheels post ur hot wheels[View]
23235009V12s: How long until they are gone for good?[View]
23240854Favorite 80s-early 90s jdm car >oldies but goodies: My favorite is 1988 Toyota soarer[View]
23244534How reliable are new Toyotas?[View]
23238917Honda vs Toyota vs Nissan: What is your opinion? Which would you prefer? Why?[View]
23244392>buy 350z with the check engine light on >'It's for emissions because it's straight …[View]
23238871Unironically want one, lads.[View]
23235437All I Do Is Drive: All I Do is Drive. I stream every day with an ipcamera I stuck in my fog light w…[View]
23244293What went wrong?[View]
23244561Good Mileage?: New car driver and my dad was able to get me a 2007 Acura mdx at 87.5k mileage. What…[View]
23244565give me your 3 letter/number combos going on an mr2 tried so far and all already taken >mr2 >t…[View]
23244636Should I buy one? my software business took off since the start of the pandemic (which I wasn't…[View]
23241795Why not ethanol?: >emissions canceled out by growing fuel >lets us keep the ICE >engines ge…[View]
23238602What's your mechanical fuckup that haunts you?[View]
23244509What is /o/ thankful for?: >ITT, what are you br/o/s thankful for?…[View]
23240446Should I buy a Veloster N dual-clutch?[View]
23232773post cars and tech too ahead of their time[View]
23242051Why aren't there more fuel-efficient luxury sedans out there? The only one I can think of off t…[View]
23236375I Am Forgotten......: But it's ok.... Toyota have your piece of the cake for my lil bro is gonn…[View]
23238752Whats his endgame?[View]
23243880ITT: polished turds: garbage cars with nice/interesting styling[View]
23238137Audi TT - Thoughts?: Found a 2001 TT Quattro with a 6 speed for like 2500, it's been maintained…[View]
23244266Anyone have the video of that fucker hitting an old rusty chevy repeatedly with a hammer and breakin…[View]
23230585what song was playing when your shit got fucked?: my head gasket shit the bed during super freak. i …[View]
23244176Boy suffers life-threatening injuries from car 'doing a burnout': Stop doing burnouts http…[View]
23237554Every other hobby board has people who are more or less well versed in those activities or subject m…[View]
23236958What went wrong?[View]
23241241What went right?[View]
23242981Does waxing your car actually protect it from rust?[View]
23242438/dbt/ - [ daily bike thread ]: Bikes you will never ride edition >Motorcycle Shitposting >Moto…[View]
23226652Used Car Lots: These little tiny used car lots are on every corner of my city. Who buys cars from th…[View]
23233725What have they done to the mustang? This is not a mustang, this is an electric SUV. Yes I know its f…[View]
23242279The Yamaha T-max 560 scooter is the greatest crime committed against human safety on the road. >b…[View]
232415605.5' or 7.25' clutch on the streetz: So, my question is has anyone used a 5.5' or a 7.25' clutch on …[View]
23242214How often do you do it?[View]
23240384Am I crazy to want to buy the current gen STi when the new generation is right around the corner? I …[View]
23241844Why do nigs brag about their culture and image being so good, yet they ruin cars harder than stancen…[View]
23242543Blue or purple?: What color is this supposed to be?[View]
23241897I want to buy a pre-owned midsize 4x4 truck. Why shouldn't I buy pic related? I understand why …[View]
23239406Anyone else daily something daft[View]
23227125Say something nice about Mazda[View]
23243550time to change my pads :)[View]
23239680Why do Subaru wagons and crossovers seem to only attract young/progressive people?[View]
23240613>He wants a GR Yaris over an RSQ3 ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scxON_p9PMQ ngmi…[View]
23241134Take the Elantrapill?: I've been recently thinking about getting a standard Elantra 2020, it se…[View]
23241563Santa here. What do you b/o/ys want for christmas?[View]
23241046Post peak c/o/mfy[View]
23234693So I’m looking at buying an import from Japan, and there seem to be a lot of companies doing this th…[View]
23240681Recommend me a $2000 awd shitbox: pic related[View]
23243137Should I move from my 36 year old Shitbox?: I have my father's '84 Civic (1.2 Carb 4gear n…[View]
23241334ITT: Features that need to go away in the 2020s >gaping grills[View]
23242908This is my 2011 Toyota Tacoma...: I live in Georgia. It has been garaged, never seen snow/salt, and …[View]
23238835Porsche 911 GT3 Type 992: Its here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bBZSJ5ollc[View]
23240632I just felt like letting you all know that my dad ruined his 1998 Audio A4 Quattro through years of …[View]
23236142Can i convert a humvee into a hummer h1?: I dont want to pay $50k+ for that[View]
23219987Do you drive with music blasting and your windows down? if so what music https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
23236202Can i build my own jet airplane with this?: Im a welder by trade and have lots of experience with al…[View]
23241807How do I get this pipe off?: Trying to remove the rubber hose to get to the Turbo damper and its stu…[View]
23237633What are your thoughts and opinions on the 6th gen Toyota Camry? Best model year? Best Trim? I4 or V…[View]
23240570Let me guess, you need more[View]
23242328Where the fuck do I buy this now that it's 'illegal'? I don't give a shit about some fmvss…[View]
23237198RCR is the biggest car cuck i've ever met.: >goes on a race track >makes a vlog about he…[View]
23241445What did NAPA mean by this?[View]
23241170Is this now the leading motoring programme in the world?[View]
23236830FUCK: I have to drill it don’t I[View]
23236227TIC-TAC-/o/: There’s a new game inn town do you wanna place?[View]
23226081Ford Ranger 2.3 Ecoboost reliability: What's the reliability like on the new Rangers? I'm…[View]
23239721What do you guys think of the new Toyota Tacoma? What is the best truck for general use/snow?[View]
23240538Makes 1.3k monthly: >Buys 30k mustang >After bills and everything only 180$ left >Can easil…[View]
23239244Did I do good /o/?[View]
232373212002 C32 AMG: 150000 miles on it, it's real cheap tho. If I buy it, would my wallet die?[View]
23240785/DBT/ - daily bike thread: tfw no moto gf edition >Motorcycle Shitposting >Motorcycle Question…[View]
23241043Why are obviously asymmetric vehicles so rare?: Both cars and bikes, they are almost always the same…[View]
23241969Earlier anon that posted about the genesis g70, there’s actually a same price 2018 g80 worth it? 26k…[View]
23241187>parallel parking[View]
23242104Non engine code fixes: My cat has 8 days left of warranty on my Toyota, I did a scan of auxilliary s…[View]
23239923I feel like I’m always going too slow, even though I’m driving always 10 miles above the speed limit…[View]
23239336What are some things you can do to make your car look 'modern' or 'upscale' without looking like a f…[View]
23240808Should I buy one?[View]
23240345pic is of the driveshaft for a mk2 ford focus. the rubber boot is held tight with cable ties and I w…[View]
23236900what went wrong?[View]
23241764Every single one of these has been single handedly ruined by Lit Nigga Tyrone™[View]
23239986The case why we need more retro designs.: Dodge Challenger: 2008-present. Largely unchanged after tw…[View]
23228834$300 sticker[View]
23241549Audi 3.0TFSI: Let’s talk about this thing. A friend just bought an SQ5 and this is magnificent. Plen…[View]
23234593How do you figure out the perfect amount of sidewall? Like I can tell what's too extreme, like …[View]
23236504Meme or worth it? Any owners here ? I've been looking at a used sport-luxury car and narrowed i…[View]

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