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15938961Hi dere[View]
15937555>those acid shits after drinking a 24 of shitty beer Fuck lads I think it burned off some of my a…[View]
15939633Any quick snack recipes????[View]
15936213Bros.. I don't have gravy for my mashed potatoes. What can I add to my mashed potatoes so they …[View]
15937285I want to make a Führer cake because I think it would be funny to bring hitlers cake to a birthday p…[View]
15939205What do you do with leftover grill items? For me, it's American cheese[View]
15939310Cold smoked goddamned mother fucking salmon: is objectively the best fucking snack... fight me…[View]
15937082Bread as Dessert: Got into an argument with my friend because I view freshly baked bread akin to des…[View]
15938661Apple butter: How to make it without a crockpot or similar things? All videos I have found will have…[View]
15936919Rate my za[View]
15938481are vitamixs worth it?[View]
15936315Shrimp thread: I've never really cooked shrimp before. Only ever deep fried them. What should I…[View]
15938761*does nothing*[View]
15924687Wendy's Eggs* (and Scary Asterisks): What the fuck Wendy's? What is a 'freshly cracked egg…[View]
15939047I'm new to cooking /ck/. What do I make? I'm hungry.[View]
15938679Soy sauce: Why even use salt in your dish when you can get more flavour out of using onions sauce?…[View]
15939221>blocks your path[View]
15937553This is British cuisine - a scrap sandwich. Scraps are deep fried batter that is left over or spoile…[View]
15938754Today's lunch. Gotta eat big to get big for #whiteboysummer[View]
15937477Camping/Backpacking Cooking: Was going to try to adopt pic related into a backpacking recipe, but I…[View]
15938432what is /ck/ eating?: >bratwurst[View]
15937401Pasta: Pasta[View]
15937935What do you get at McDonald’s? I liek the Big Mac.[View]
15936913Rate my asian sloppa /ck/[View]
15937434Steak toppings: I make steak a lot and I want to figure out ways to make it more interesting (I…[View]
15939161drinks thread: post drinks you like to make at home[View]
15937342Heinz Beanz: I've only tried this for the first time during this last year, and they are incred…[View]
15937024Redpill me: Should I buy this? I like whole milk, whole yogurt, cheese, never had clotted cream thou…[View]
15936538how do I not burn shit with a non-stick pan? olive oil just pools and doesn't coat the bottom[View]
15938807Post fatboy food you eat without guilt.: >that saturated fat dabbed up with wonder bread so you d…[View]
15938887>want to cook >have to do dishes bros... it's not fair...…[View]
15936572Fermentation kings please give me advice: I am 5 days into making sauerkraut. I had to remove some m…[View]
15913696ITT: post your best Neapolitan pizza dough recipes for home cooking And also whatever tips and tric…[View]
15938139how much kitchen and culinary experience do i really need to move into hotel kitchens / restaurants …[View]
15938788What’s the best NY sub?: I went to a NY deli and got the philly cheesesteak and it was pretty good…[View]
15936818Why is /ck/ so envious of this man?[View]
15938643Now that’s pepperoni.[View]
15935507How do I stop being a paranoid autist over germs: My mom makes me tea and if I see there's some…[View]
15937964Why do my black beans taste sour? They just taste... off. I'm not sure how long the stock sat i…[View]
15937620Favorite condiment? For me, it's wasabi. a couple months ago I bought these like wasabi seaweed…[View]
15938205In Nashville we do things a Little different.[View]
15938393Who's in the win here?: 1) Bro said just nuke for 20 mins. 2) I say punch some holes in the ti…[View]
15938341I ate sushi in Japan[View]
15938685I love this sauce. I cannot find it anywhere. Any ideas?[View]
15936962Hot Chocolate: or hot cocoa. mmmm, now that's good stuff.[View]
15937654/ck/ What are some niche foods you absolutely love that can be ordered in restaurants? For me it is …[View]
15938646Everything is better poured from a crystal cruet[View]
15914627Whisky/whiskey: What are you guys having this weekend? It will probably be Ardbeg 10 for me.[View]
15935423would you eat the rest of this 'za if you were still hungry after eating the other half?[View]
15933023Are well done steaks really that bad?[View]
15929685Curry rice[View]
15934196Why are tomatoes so popular? I always thought they smelled bad and tasted bad. They also upset my st…[View]
15937815Fried Shrimp: Who here eats the whole fried shrimp tail and all? Me and my friends got in an argumen…[View]
15935811someone please tell me how to stop burning the bottom layer of rice in pic related.: I have been doi…[View]
15936939Are you ready for the hot nuts?[View]
15935971how good was it bros?[View]
15925695Mayonnaise is perfectly healthy: It is just eggs( healthy) and vegetable oil (also healthy) Why do s…[View]
15936403Panda express is good, the food is fresh with quick turnarounds. My favorite is the string bean chic…[View]
15936066Why haven't you taken the animal fat pill, /ck/?: Repeated studies show no link between saturat…[View]
15937238>Open a tin of Quality Street >Someone ate all the purple ones motherfuck…[View]
15936805How the fuck do you keep eggs reasonable size? Soon as I crack eggs in a pan, they fill the entire t…[View]
15938252What's the best cocktail?[View]
15923789America is carbohydrate hell.: You LITERALLY cannot escape the carb, you want some chicken? Breaded.…[View]
15936639Who the fuck even does this? Is arsenic in white rice even a concern for most people? I thought tha…[View]
15938044NoChip General:: Stop eating chips Some healthier alternatives: https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/1…[View]
15937021>Ah yes, if I just let the pan catch fire a bit everyone will think I'm a good chef…[View]
15937041What am I supposed to do with all this dill? Should I move it to a pot? Can dill thrive indoors?[View]
15936039Why are so many people terrified of kneading? Everytime I look up a recipe there's tonnes of 'N…[View]
15936821*Destroys the human diet for the past 15,000 years*[View]
15935969I'm going to be experimenting with some yogurt marinated chicken for the first time. What are s…[View]
15937918are you celebrating taco tuesday today?[View]
15933849Is hotpot a thing in America yet? It's massively popular in Asian cities and Toronto right now.…[View]
15935025Tips to make this taste better and less spicy? It's my favorite ramen by far flavor-wise but it…[View]
15936381OH NO NO NO: Do French really? https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2021/04/19/the-unlikely-rise-of-th…[View]
15937449outside of slow cooking meats and stews, this is a scam.[View]
15933375What difference do egg whites make in mayo? If you had to discard the whites or include them (you ca…[View]
15934282Does anybody actually like these? To me, they're purely utilitarian, cheap and somewhat filling…[View]
15936116Decided I was bored of orange flavor. Frost is good too, but I wish they would make a grape one.[View]
15934103ITT: Guilty /ck/ pleasures: I actually enjoy eating peeps in easter each year, i just think they…[View]
15936018>regular the restaurant/cafe >get a hint that staff memorized me >never appear there again…[View]
15931429https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYBEhWcGy9I thoughts? would you eat this, unironically?[View]
15934975Why is the flavor of the macadamia nut so dramatically superior to that of other nuts?[View]
15935416Japan's costco has escargot![View]
15926401Flavours That Divide Families: Post flavours with no middle ground.[View]
15926279Chocolate: Why is milk chocolate worse for your health again? Most dark chocolate on the market seem…[View]
15935606Chestnut: It's chestnut season here what should I do with them - what do you do with them…[View]
15936302This shit really isn’t much better than the prime I can pick up at any regular super market. Did I g…[View]
15935450What's the best way to cook little chunks of meat?[View]
15931664Reject modernity Embrace sausage[View]
15928199WebM Thread[View]
15933480What are some stinky foods that no one likes the smell of that can be made/bought in the USA? Only t…[View]
15934418All of these ingredients are considered healthy on their own but when you stack them onto each other…[View]
15936484lasagna without cheese: who eat lasagna without cheese, why people do that i cant understand[View]
15935411when you compare this to normal garlic it's fucking disgusting[View]
15934738Do you take pictures of food?: Food you ordered or made, do you take photos of it? I personally don’…[View]
15931682Is there any respectable use for popping candy in cuisine? Like maybe in pasta or something[View]
15933791Patio pizza is the best. Fight me.[View]
15933650Is this Townsends' best dish yet?: https://youtu.be/oAVdpC7hiDU?t=478[View]
15936668Rate my sloppa[View]
15936765What should I eat? Preferably cheap. Will post results[View]
15936100Here's what i cooked for dinner[View]
15931387Are Babish, Ragusea and Weissman the Ramsey, Pépin and Bourdain of the millennial generation?[View]
15934263I started grocery shopping for myself, I am now salad-pilled: I used to constantly bitch about the l…[View]
15934801Does anyone else close their bananas back up when you can't finish them.[View]
15935294Post Mediterranean food pls[View]
15936097Food You Need: I couldn't imagine not being able to have fresh enchiladas a couple times a week…[View]
15934199You might not like it ck but this is what peak performance looks like.[View]
15928966>prepare a complex broth of bones, charred spices and aromatics and simmer it for hours >custo…[View]
15933982What the fuck do i do with this ?: Its pork, i dont remember what cut, i bought it a long time ago a…[View]
15936125OP IS A FAG: How many of you actually cook professionally? Got cucked by covid doing catering now…[View]
15931805in cartoons, why do they never eat these parts of an apple? Those are premium bites, just ignored. A…[View]
15936445>unironically letting yourself get bribed by a fucking plant Why are Fruit eaters like this?…[View]
15931064Do you know anyone who has food autism? My 68 year old father certainly does >refuses to eat chee…[View]
15933502It's crazy how changing ham out for pepperoni takes this from an atrocious act to God's ow…[View]
15927473>THIS is the JUCIEST _________ I've ever had[View]
15934457Hey guys, I'm new here. What do you like to cook?[View]
15930988Thoughts on baloney and similar processed meats?[View]
15936401r8 my lunch chicken breast, egg, mushroom, courgette, peppers, celery and some lettuce with YR brown…[View]
15934634I do like the noodles and the chicken pieces, but the broth kinda looks like piss[View]
15936180Could cow's milk provide some passive immunity against COVID-19?: The global coronavirus diseas…[View]
15934006Would you like this?[View]
15930866Why do limes exist? They're just wannabe lemons and they can fuck right off.[View]
15933360Thoughts on getting a tormek t4 for sharpening knives?[View]
15933873>steak >medium well >chup’ Simple as…[View]
15934318thoughts on popcorn salad?[View]
15935330ROSEMARY SALT ...if you know, you know >:)[View]
15928024>one chance at life >allergic to nuts[View]
15935579whats the best prosciutto i can find?[View]
15935978spam fritter: spam fritter spam fritter do you like them?[View]
15931657Triple Sec vs Cointreau: I want to make a Margarita so good I'd drink it daytime on warm days o…[View]
15934817This is the best Lunchable to have ever existed. If you disagree with me, it's ok, you're …[View]
15935581This is my wife, /ck/[View]
15930596Is this the best pork in the world? I really think so[View]
15923772Is there any point to making your own bread?[View]
15935693You non-Belgians have no idea what you're missing out on.[View]
15929417What is this[View]
15932920Why don't they make kino meals like this anymore? I'll post some more in the thread too.[View]
15935868>build amazingly flavorful 10/10 onion broth >present it by overfilling a container and sealin…[View]
15933081question about seasoning: for various reasons i need to remove the seasoning from my carbon steel an…[View]
15935535Broccoli's: Just had them for the first time in my life a few days ago. Had the nastiest, worst…[View]
15934898ITT: Best chip flavors: >There are people on this board, right now, that will pretend Bapp's…[View]
15935585They're here lads[View]
15935785'Rean Dawgz: CHOOSE YOUR FIGHTER[View]
15930645Would this be an acceptable dinner?[View]
15928153I bought a carbon steel pan based on that anon's thread from a week or so ago. I expected to be…[View]
15934305Considering making my own garum. Is it any good?[View]
15935494Milk in the handle: What happens to the milk inside the handle??[View]
15935217what are your favorite cookbooks?[View]
15934721Would you rather be immune to carbs(grains, sugar, etc) or |fat & cholesterol|?[View]
15933421What flavor is watermelon candy supposed to be? Because it sure as hell isn't watermelon-flavor…[View]
15932647>Canadians will drink a coffee 'Double Double' every morning >This is supposed to imply two te…[View]
15933856*saves your stomach from certain destruction*[View]
15932295>heightens your eggs-perience[View]
15930102Rate my fridge thread: Post your fridges, what do you think of my fridge /ck/?[View]
15933914Even without meat they’re the best frozen food company[View]
15932343Now there’s a sandwich.[View]
15935220But does it taste good with a side of ranch? It drinks like it would taste good with ranch mixed in.[View]
15934171/sip/ Energy Thread: Post your favorite /sip/. Tell us about it's flavor. What made you so draw…[View]
15934593favorite mixed drink?[View]
15932834Find a flaw[View]
15927905Do any Africans lurk /ck/. >inb4 Africa no food jokes[View]
15933242>grandparents want to prepare carrot cake >happy because i get to help them and spend some tim…[View]
15934348Ruins your coffee but tastes amazing straight up. What products do you use incorrectly and never as …[View]
15933976Casu Martzu - maggot cheese: Would you?[View]
15933488>getting wendys >ask me if I want any sauce >Yeah some ketchup >'how many do you want' …[View]
15934364Why is Squirt the best soda?[View]
15930800I’d love to try a lobster roll. It’s a shame that I hate seafood.[View]
15926976What do you think of The Food Reviewer?[View]
15933825What place has the best fried chicken and why is it bok bok[View]
15930320What are some strange culinary traditions in your country?[View]
15934060>wander into amazon fresh unintentionally >peruse aisles >everything is twice as expensive …[View]
15934149Aloe Everybody!: Today a-we gonamake a Penne Arrrabiatta I think you a-really gonna like it. Let…[View]
15934962Times when you leveled up as a cook: >typically dice roma tomatoes into 4x4x4 >dice roma tomat…[View]
15930354>jap filleting salmon >'hiro how many pin-bones was that?' >a question no is asking >a q…[View]
15934239Why are you still cooking your food in 2021?[View]
15927174reminder that baked beans is just glorified candy and not real food. you are eating sugar and salt a…[View]
15932709Is there a bigger meme in food then this shit?[View]
15932090> Dear Americans, > me as a europfag would like your advise. How do I make a really good slopp…[View]
15934024BJ > PBJ if you don't agree you're a faggot (and also an american)[View]
15932882Grocery cope: Do you purchase food even if you have plenty in the fridge/pantry? I keep buying food …[View]
15933576Is sour cream probiotic? Is buttermilk?[View]
15932588Is it still pizza if it doesn’t have tomato sauce? Like, for example, this artichoke pizza with whit…[View]
15931724ITT: Snacks lost to time...[View]
15933115McDiabetes: People wonder why Americans are so fat. Let me break it down for you. Say you go to a Mc…[View]
15933657WHAT are you eating and WHERE are you eating it RIGHT NOW >cinci >bolognese…[View]
15933703When did anon realize life too short for common burgers?[View]
15925519>*ruins your dessert >Heh, nothing personnel, kid.…[View]
15934590Anyone have any 'tips n tricks' for chicken gizzards? I used the second recipe in the vide…[View]
15934048so what's the deal with only eating eat eggs for breakfast?[View]
15932984my dinner: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCdWa4sgfVE I cooked borgers today.[View]
15929473It's all I eat. I serve it to guests and they rave.[View]
15931127My butter has mold on it What do[View]
15933223Hells Kitchen: I’ll be eating at hell kitchen tomorrow in Las Vegas for the first time, is it any go…[View]
15931431Spicy V8 > regular V8 Why won't supermarkets sell spicy V8? Damn it[View]
15933801Homeless campbro here. For our off-highway menu today, we have: Campbell's chunky, cooked over …[View]
15931377>Drink glass of warm milk before bed >10 minutes later >Ripping massive continuous farts …[View]
15933715which one should i buy?[View]
15932508what's the best cheese for an omelette? i was thinking of some type of Gruyere, but idk[View]
15933908itt: best brands and flavors of chip. herrs old bay are the best hands down, fight me[View]
15923066Only the best flavor ice cream itt[View]
15931953This is amazing[View]
15933677>Want to get some Barbecue >Only nearby restaurant is some 'Modern Barbecue' place where like…[View]
15930097Roommate buys pizza stone and he keeps it in the oven. Decided to try cooking my frozen pizzas on th…[View]
15929093Can we get a grocery ad thread going?[View]
15933489Armadillo Soup: a traditional dish in my area, northwestern region of Brazil. What are your thoughs?…[View]
15933658Red snapper pizza: Cu/ck/s, what pizza toppings do you think go well with red snapper and how should…[View]
15933031Are arepas and tacos made with the same flour?[View]
15933430The typical neet brazilian dish[View]
15933399How do you use a knife sharpener like this? I'm a boomer retard who only recently got into cook…[View]
15931941Pizza Stone: Worth it?: are pizza stones worth it for oven cooking frozen pizzas bros? or am I being…[View]
15931236my mom gave me a pound of beef chuck what should I make ?[View]
15930607Chadgusa is our guy and you know it.[View]
15932305>drink caffeine >get extremely paranoid >have terrible panic attack Anyone else?…[View]
15931253Whenever I order fried chicken from the place, I insist on breast only because there's no fucki…[View]
15929024Korean Bongblap: With Gojewchang sauce.[View]
15915351What food have you started growing so far, /ck/?[View]
15925925There is nothing you can do on a gas stove that you can’t do electric/induction[View]
15932207Why don’t supermarkets sell tomatoes like that?: (as in, with the stems)[View]
15933308>*has more cooking experience than Gordon Ramsay in your path*[View]
15933269Is there a better chocolatier in America than See’s Candy?[View]
15933164Jello?: Look what I found in my freezer.[View]
15932718Capers and 'chovies Can't be beat![View]
15931466When are you supposed to add garlic into the pan? Too early and there's no flavour left, too la…[View]
15930502Ramadhan: /ck/, What do you usually eat at Sahur?[View]
15929708For me it's Kennedy fried chicken[View]
15932758Okay, kids, what do you want?[View]
15932604What are some of your personal recipes CK?: Sometimes I cook up some chilli and big chunky fries, an…[View]
15931589Stew hate thread: Stew sucks dick[View]
15932857How does my grill look?[View]
15930540Do you lick your plate after eating?[View]
15930060just tried this its fuckkng gross. Why is it sweet? incredibly disappointed.[View]
15931736Taco Bell Montreal: 30$ for two boxes with baja blast.[View]
15932545Does Himalayan salt taste different from normal salt?[View]
15932171What the FUCK is going on with chicken meat? Granted quality has been slipping for years, I picked u…[View]
15929793Fuck This Gay Earth: This shit was $400 Christmas 2019 Fuck Me[View]
15931587Have you tried it before? Its really good.[View]
15932743So I may have accidentally left some soup in a crock pot for a bit too long and now it's moldy.…[View]
15929019Fictional restaurants you wish were real[View]
15929933Foods to gain weight as a vegan: What I learned is that there are just two crucial factors: 1. Eat …[View]
15930836Isnt it weird how everybody universally agrees blue is the best candy flavor?[View]
15922083Although bamboo rat is cute, it's also delicious (a joke of bamboo rat): https://www.youtube.co…[View]
15932134>make an omelet >use canned tomatoes >delicious >seasoning of pan is gone now great...…[View]
15931827Eternally btfo's all other chocolates: Nothing else even comes close to this literal perfection…[View]
15931128yo yo european incel here. just finished making sloppa joe and a side of american style macaroni sal…[View]
15928502What's your pizza etiquette?: At home: hands. At restaurants: knife and fork.[View]
15931093>he doesnt eat his liver raw[View]
15931104cotton candy grapes: >actually taste like cotton candy has science gone to far?…[View]
15931258They see me varkin’ They hatin’[View]
15931248Who is the best food review youtube: Okay /ck/ the time has come: We must decide the best food revie…[View]
15931348Aioli and wedges: Are anon ready to step up his game? Is he even man enough?[View]
15926240For me, it’s the roast pork.[View]
15931274for me, it's the IV.[View]
15932019Sweet and Sour Pork recipe: >1 cup of sugar[View]
15923077what's the best flavor for wings?[View]
15931926What's the frate for anon making dinner? Homemade: Order ubereats: Eating out burgrrrr: Eating …[View]
15931646Just tried Korean Fried Chicken: Wtf is in that sweet soy sauce marinade they use? Tasted fucking am…[View]
15922858Breakfast that gives energy: What powers your early morning? I've tried bread, cruesli, eggs wi…[View]
15928132What are your top 5 Asian cuisines?[View]
15930807How would you prepare the Roadrunner?[View]
15931674Methusalem: Is it just me or did food taste better when I was a kid? Back then it wasn't pumpe…[View]
15926824Tell me you’re Filipino without telling me you’re Filipino.[View]
15930486Discuss healthy alternatives to seed and vegetable oils full of omega-6 fatty acids I'm tired o…[View]
15930041>KFC Classic, delicious and puts a smile on every member of the family. I don't care, I love…[View]
15930418Do you play with your food?[View]
15931313Yeah, I'm thinking based.[View]
15931546Would some of these sauces be OK to serve with my waygu beef?[View]
15930372Pepper is an overrated spice.[View]
15927005vegan chicken nuggets: Americunt here. I'm not even a vegan but I picked up these plant based n…[View]
15930916Cinnamon whiskey: What can I mix with this? I've only been mixing it with coke only.[View]
15931411beans are really disgusting, they have the taste of texture of firm pieces of flour[View]
15930611I want to get a Japanese style knife in the $120-170 price range, but I want some reviews on specifi…[View]
15921814National Dish: What is your country's national dish and how would you rate it? Norway: Sheep in…[View]
15928998southern food: GA reportin in. Where my southerners at? Yankies, you're welcome to join us! Yo…[View]
15922382Give me your grandmother’s secret recipe and no one gets hurt![View]
15931219If you use bbq sauce you are a manchild Just looking for an excuse to add sugar to your meal at ever…[View]
15928235What would you pick for your last meal?[View]
15928659Ribeye: New York Strip[View]
15921658Name a better tortilla chip[View]
15929252I bought some mussels from a store I've never gotten them from before. When I was cooking them …[View]
15925010rate my dinner, /ck/: 90% authentic Buffalo wings with blue cheese dip (using home mayo) It was very…[View]
15917525What's the best store bought BBQ you've tried?[View]
15930857I want to make a cookie ice cream sandwich, but I know nothing about making ice cream or cookies. Pi…[View]
15921482Grilled Cheese Thread: What are some things you could add onto a Grilled Cheese to make it even bett…[View]
15928320I always see these in kebab shops and apparently they're called Bain-Maries or double boilers. …[View]
15930154Chicken and egg[View]
15931024Damn, I want me a delicious French Dip for lunch today.[View]
15930443I'm a fan of American food, primarily. Food that was invented in the USA.[View]
15924119Japanese sushi machine is awesome. https://youtu.be/U_aHYwTk12Y https://youtu.be/qgN9fuxrWs8[View]
15930547What are the best mmm burger toppings, and why are they mustard, pickle, and onion?[View]
15920863Me? I prefer beer on the rocks.[View]
15930216I was trying to cook some Syrniki. It a bit burnt and I can see heart-like shape there :D[View]
15929612Mediterranean: Don't mind me, just being the best food (and culture) region in the entire world…[View]
15928836What are some foods I can take on a 12 hour hike that I don't have to cook?[View]
15928479Could a pasta based fast food restaurant franchise work, it seems like pasta would make a good fast …[View]
15923493Is your dad good at cooking? My dad makes BOMB ASS omelets[View]
15930649Let's settle this. Who is the mustard king?[View]
15930344Now when I buy food for the homeless I make sure it's lacto vegetarian. Because why should I gi…[View]
15927973>Jollibee opens up in my area >can't just walk in, need to call in ahead of time and make…[View]
15928912>go to grocery store >walking through the front door notice there's no BOGO bins at the f…[View]
15930581What are your feelings on chicken piccata?[View]
15929944What kind of bread you make at home? What are the best bread recipes?[View]
15928265Ultrasonic cleaner: Can I use my new Ultrasonic cleaner as a sous vide controller? Its able to hold…[View]
15930444ITT: Underrated sweets[View]
15929956/ck/ I think I am autistic or something. Whenever I eat meat on bone, I'll take a butane torch …[View]
15925648Why do chefs wear those pointy hats? Also, does anyone wear one when they're cooking at home?[View]
15924849For me it’s the Double McFish[View]
15925070What's wrong with Mexican?[View]
15928733More like “potato lovers”. Why do so many brands these days scream “dude potatoes lol” and people ea…[View]
15929254Don't buy canned fruits, they literally peel them with fucking poison[View]
15930057Madventures Cooking Class: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGU-4NG1xhA Curious George roasted…[View]
15928538made the fries and the asparagus prime ribeyes from Costco[View]
15930260black olives are obsolete and have no taste to them[View]
15908948Don't mind me, just posting the best poptart flavor[View]
15930144how do i make this at home without having to give the brown man on the bag my money?[View]
15927688>eating only cold and room temperature food What food can be made without any heat source? Trying…[View]
15928673Is there anything more overrated than homemade mayo? It's not any better than regular mayo, coa…[View]
15926264hot sauce thread :O: pretty good for cheap megacorp slop ngl[View]
15928332Dinner. I tried using less lard as recommended for a better sear.[View]
15928684Do people unironically drink grapefruit juice?: I get a bunch of free jugs of these from my grandma…[View]
15929870Is this true though? can you remove 20 to 40 calories by using a napkin on a slice of pizza? https:/…[View]
15929891Post what ur eating: Midnight snack edition...that chocolate btw[View]
15923159Why are picrel rarely used outside of America?[View]
15929973freezer burritos what goes in yours? also, pls give me advice on making barbacoa beef like chipotle.…[View]
15918512What do you make with store bought pasta[View]
15915512>2021 >still sipping the caffinated bean jew Why haven’t you taken the mudpill yet, anon?…[View]
15928739Braised Short Ribs: >celery root puree >sauteed fiddleheads >pickled hon shimeji mushrooms …[View]
15929283Are you man enough to eat fugu?[View]
15919512Could you do it? You have one (1) day[View]
15926272What is the best side dish and why is it risotto, /ck/?[View]
15929147Rate my pizzer, /ck/.[View]
15929593I have 8 lbs of dutch process cocoa: So for various reasons, I was able to get about 8 pounds of fre…[View]
15928709My mother claims that the potatoes from the local store have gone down quality (In the sense that th…[View]
15926301ITT; Post god awful snacks[View]
15924088Would you?[View]
15929536sometimes i get hungry and watch spicy challenges. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sjI6xECTYo&…[View]
15929578imagine still using spring loaded tongs when these exist[View]
15929123Quesadillas: It's quesadillas night tomorrow! Tell me what you like to put into yours. For me i…[View]
15928160Thoughts?: Grill essential or reddit shill?[View]
15927826rallys cheeseburger day still a thing?: do they still do this deal??? i need to have my sisters, aun…[View]
15929470GORDON LIKES THE FOOD. I REPEAT GORDON LIKES THE FOOD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQsJRlPiEVw…[View]
15929073What can I make with 3 old bananas?[View]
15929070A local restaurant's meal of the week. Chicken salad on watermelon slices.[View]
15927742False milks: The dictionary defines milk as: 'an opaque white fluid rich in fat and protein, secrete…[View]
15929358I'm thinking of purchasing one of these faucet water filter adapters, to filter out fluoride an…[View]
15927951Step 1- spread the Pesto on your dough[View]
15925988Hello /ck/ Can you guess what I'm cooking tonight.[View]
15926354Cilantro is a fucking meme. Stop putting it on everything. It tastes like shit and it overpowers eve…[View]
15927451/YOGURT/: >How do you use your homemade yogurt? >Yogurt+flour simple dough >How do you impr…[View]
15928926You want some egg yolk and bacon on your delicious fresh ripe mango? Of course you do.[View]
15925871Do you want to eat it?[View]
15928920>Lil pasta, lil butter, lil garlic salt Delicious[View]
15926614Meals you make when you want to treat yourself: Eating like a king right now bros. Yes, I know, the …[View]
15921408Hey anon What food turns you into >pic related? Your most favorite and irresistible dish[View]
15926380About to dive in[View]
15928561whats the best preperation method?[View]
15927551>caaaahhfee >caaaahhfee >caaaahhfee >caaaahhfee What do?…[View]
15928480Dinnerdate tips: I have a date next week and she agreed to cook a dish together with me. Do you guys…[View]
15928582Mmm, flavorless burnt peppers.[View]
15923063>get a burrito from chipotle >ingredients aren't evenly distributed >every bite is jus…[View]
15928414What was wrong with pineapple right-side up cake? Why did they have to flip it over? I like it but I…[View]
15928202doesw rao's make good soup[View]
15924349why doesn't more medications come in a gummy format? they're just really easy and 'fun' to…[View]
15927271Cop or nah?: Cop or nah? Ninja™ Foodi™ NeverStick™ Premium Frypan[View]
15927887/ck/ rate me din din >corn chips out of oven >queso blanco seasoned with my usual home made M…[View]
15928385Have a seat /ck/[View]
15925540How the fuck did the (((food industry))) get away with this? They are poisoning the population witho…[View]
15922654What should I eat in a picnic?[View]
15928291Anons, I'm browsing through /ck/ and just disappointed by how horrible the board is right now. …[View]
15927847Have any of you tried medium rare pizza? It’s a new food trend popping off in southern Indiana. It’s…[View]
15928081What did you make for dinner tonight?[View]
15923540A turkey sandwich needs salt and pepper[View]
15927282Why do all the regular monsters have sucralose now? Tastes really bad man. Can't believe they a…[View]
15925597>grills a sunflower head >it's obviously unevenly cooked, middle is burnt to shit >spr…[View]
15928343I need new pans and they need to ready for induction. I checked out Scanpans CTX series, but those f…[View]
15927648Water pie: Anyone ever made water pie? Made one recently and it came out better than expected.…[View]
15927066Just got an instant pot as a gift. What do I do with it? Any neat recipes you've tried?[View]
15927844ITT: Food products that come in assorted varieties; one of the varieties is either carrying the enti…[View]
15928171Best curry: 1. goat curry 2 - infinity. everything else[View]
15928181Holy fuck,smokers are amazing. Best 140$ I think I ever spent.[View]
15925395for me, it's medium-well[View]
15926972Another perfect pizza delivered to my door by Papa John's Amazing quality[View]
15923421Fridge options are limited, ideas for dinners I can make with these?: My mom is away for the week, l…[View]
15928026It was pretty nasty. Do any good desserts from Asia exist or is it just not a field they've got…[View]
15926058>pan sear literally anything >use high heat oil >still sets of your smoke alarm Fuxk this…[View]
15922917I've never had supermarket pesto, is it worth buying for putting on sandwiches or is there no s…[View]
15925972I’m attempting to create a bootleg Parmesan cheese, but it’s drying up and cracking inside the fridg…[View]
15927645They brought them back but they aren't the same, bros. At least I don't think. We're …[View]
15922223American Cheese: Why are people afraid of the 'fake' government Cheese? It's perfect for meltin…[View]
15927859Octopus: Don't really browse here, cooking Portuguese style octopus to impress a cute Açorean g…[View]
15927326Publix sub sandwiches are overrated. They're just regular ass sandwiches. Anyone who thinks tha…[View]
15927755>Fast food worker tries to make small talk after I become a regular >Always manage to either c…[View]
15924248Palabok anyone?[View]
15916408WEBM Thread: Please try to post relatively new shit. Doesn't have to be OC but please not the s…[View]
15925190Anyone else remember Apple Cinnamon Cheerios in the 90s? They were actually better than Apple Jacks …[View]
15927638Mayonnaise can go fuck itself[View]
15924910Air Fryer: There are three kinds of people 1. People who have never used an Air Fryer 2. People who …[View]
15927545>crazy aunt gets shit from the food bank >then she makes us take a bunch of the shit she didn…[View]
15922355Which one is the best?: Yellow one is my favorite light blue is also good[View]
15926662im hungover again and again i am eating beans and tortillas[View]
15926589Made bread for the first time, can you give me some good bread recipes? I made this with: 7dl wheat …[View]
15927468Chicken McNuggies[View]
15919749For me it's Red Baron pepperoni peetzer.[View]
15923365>watching baseball game >sees an ad for a Sonic bacon cheeseburger with JAM incliuded in it wh…[View]
15922578It’s up. https://youtube.com/watch?v=jYpAo89l0x4[View]
15927417Roast Beef sandwich.: I was getting a Boars Head Roast Beef sub with spinach, onions, tomatoe, peppe…[View]
15925121From which country does this cuisine originate?[View]
15923696Are you allowed to cook avocado?[View]
15921865What are your favorite poverty/food bank eats? For me it's the canned ham. I'll eat one of…[View]
15927036Hi guys, What do you think about Balkans food? I have friend from Serbia and he is always talking ab…[View]
15924817Brandy: This is literally the best parts of wine caramelized. How the fuck did you guys not tell me …[View]
15922539Why do you pretend to like dark chocolate? If you won't eat 100% cacao you're a poser Jami…[View]
15925189Now that, I daresay, is a meal.[View]
15927313Anyone ever eat raw vegetable without anything? My parents are from Hungary and growing up we would…[View]
15922367Pepsi Blue Returns!!!: This summer’s about to be lit![View]
15925593Best cooking oil coming through[View]
15924779Fuck I can't always win I guess[View]
15926169I know you hate to do it but it's gotta be done. Time to polish that cookware.[View]
15924719Magic Spoon: I keep seeing YouTubers shilling this cereal. Is it any good?[View]
15927023Drink up anon.[View]
15926913Kneel before the almighty, /ck/. You're a faggot if you hate Doritos, specifically cool ranch.[View]
15926105Would grilling beef tongue over fire be good?[View]
15926867Do you put a squirt of tomato ketchup in your tuna mayo sandwiches? Tastes lush[View]
15921364In DC there is a McDonald's food truck.[View]
15926724Fuck you[View]
15926854Know what would make these 6000 chicken fajitas better?[View]
15925360Share some hamburger recipes/tips/ideas I recently made sliders where I put oregano, rosemary and pe…[View]
15924876uh oh you've been cursed by an evil witch now you can only eat ONE food for the rest of your li…[View]
15925743Ever have a late-night falafel sandwich?[View]
15926825It is ruining my teeth (7 cavities) but I love it too much to stop Bros.[View]
15925559She's on bros! This thread is for discussing the food and cooking of Molly yeh. Today she is ma…[View]
15926757Generally, cheese plays a much bigger role in Tex-Mex food than in mainstream Mexican cuisine, parti…[View]
15920918Embarassing: >order Chinese with dry noodles regularly for 33 years >just a few days ago learn…[View]
15926530when you're cooking food and it starts to smell good, is that flavor particles you're inha…[View]
15921160Is my microwave still safe to use? If I scrape off the melted bits..?[View]
15926165Can I mix canola oil and olive oil to fry my doughnuts ? That way I get the Omega-3 of canola and th…[View]
15917886Would you eat platypus eggs[View]
15923442OK bros I have 38 minutes before the grocery store closes I am in Michigan what snacks should I get …[View]
15920393Broke Grocery list: So, am broke and I need to survive for the next month. How can I spend about $50…[View]
15922973What do you call this in Italian? I don't wanna upset the Italy bros[View]
15926029I've got a couple days off, what is the nicest thing I can make with intermediate cooking skill…[View]
15923818And now I will add some, guess what, grated nutmeg.[View]
15925411Food Chemistry: I'm a food chemistry master student, AMA.[View]
15926379What do Italians think of Italian stew?[View]
15926274For me, it's Secret Aardvark. The best hot sauce[View]
15923243Talk me out of this: Im drunk.and my mind is telling me that one can in fact make a mashup of an egg…[View]
15926128I just got one of those fancy european kettles and I have to say, it's great for cooking pasta.…[View]
15923207It's the middle of the night and you're hungry but only have bread, 2-3 different kinds of…[View]
15925898Wedding Registry: Need some recommendations/opinions on what I should be putting on my registry. …[View]
15925522>too lazy to make a proper dish >looks messy as fuck >call it 'rustic' or 'village food' …[View]
15925812How do YOU make your burritos?[View]
15924254St. Hubert's: The best chicken I ever had was from this place. The one in my town closed down i…[View]
15923131oh yeah...my night finna be lit[View]
15925772Lunch right now: Alright anons what are you having for lunch right now? For me, I'm having craf…[View]
15914031Let’s give up for my man, grilled corn[View]
15924656kouign amann is a gift of the gods[View]
15925007how do you like your milk and cookies on a fine Sunday?[View]
15924655i got 1.5kg of veal entrecote as a present and ive never cooked with it before, any suggestions how/…[View]
15922385Processed food What is the problem with processed food? People here appears not to like it.[View]
15925678About to dive in.[View]
15925347is mall sushi safe to eat? i've heard that it can contain parasites :O do you eat mall sushi? …[View]
15923628Does anyone eat these and pretend to be a hampter?: It reminds me of a little tiny yogurt treat for …[View]
15920626Jack Scalifani aside, what are some cooking YouTube channels you watch? I kind of watch vegan cookin…[View]
15922440Post your morning nectar[View]
15921512menu thread: post menus[View]
15923792Are they still hotdogs if they're frozen?[View]
15924610Don't tell me you're a McDicks haver? You're not a-are you?[View]
15924375Why can't I get coffee in a bag with the filter integrated, like I can get tea?[View]
15923689Hi /ck/, I'm new to eating, and I still have some questions to figure out. What happens to the …[View]
15923865Barefoot Bitch Contessa: >...And a cup of diced potatoes >Nice thing about potatoes is that yo…[View]
15925427I made kimchi in december. It's been in the frige after fermentation. Does not look bad. Can it…[View]
15921771>tfw eating eggbreads on a saturday night while watching the eggbread man himself making eggbread…[View]
15921288ITT: your latest meals: what’s cooking /ck/[View]
15924632Wurstsalat: Wurstsalat[View]
15923428Why is avocado considered a meme food in here? In Mexico it's called 'oro verde' or green gold …[View]
15925138Not a Mcchicken: Not mcchicken Its finger licken It's beans I'm eatin They can't be b…[View]
15925135Baked vs fried. Which is it?[View]
15924854Would you try it?[View]
15924842Is whole wheat a meme?[View]
15924863How do we like our eggs?[View]
15921931japanese food is shockingly bland and underwhelming >their restaurant scene is way too focused on…[View]
15923023Culinary abominations: Webm edition.[View]
15924938Prune sauce[View]
15922279Do you live in a place where you can buy pizza by the slice?[View]
15923400Not McDonald's: All I want to do when I wake up in the morning is eat your pies Lasagna lasagna…[View]
15915558Japan has invented beer can that open the top entirely: What is the rest of the country doing[View]
15924725Plate or bowl?[View]
15922835Unequivocally the best chocolate.[View]
15924631Is this raw? The bone is all red but the meat is all white, even when I peel it off and look at it f…[View]
15924637>cook a dish in boiling water >finish cooking >add fresh vegetables Any examples where this…[View]
15920777I like sour cream on my fries. Anyone else?[View]
15924580Canned tomato sauce: What do I do with this? I've got some pasta, some eggs, olive oil. Will an…[View]
15922940Parents of /ck/: What 'signature' recipe do you hope you're kids will remember their youths by?…[View]
15924155Why does my food never look like how it's supposed to?: I want to make restaurant quality food …[View]
15923534McDonald's Never: Beans, beans, the musical fruit The more you eat, the more you toot The more …[View]
15921311Where do you buy your spices? I've just been getting this brand from Publix but I wouldn't…[View]
15923005*does nothing*[View]
15924418What are the best sandwiches to put fried long hots on besides the roast pork and cheesesteak? >a…[View]
15922190>vegan cuisine[View]
15921424Maysor pak an indian dish[View]
15920089the perfect snake[View]
15922435Duck eggs[View]
15923163Soy-Free Canned Goods?: Anyone familiar with soy-free canned goods? The only options I can find are …[View]
15922522I'm thinking of buying a stick blender but I don't know much about them and it seems there…[View]
15922791>walk into a new restaurant I found that I like >they recognize me and ask me if it will be th…[View]
15923257Is it good? Can’t find it anywhere here in BC[View]
15923842Binyot Pizzapasta thread[View]
15913435Do any of you like to give a fake name when ordering food or coffee? I always do. It’s harmless fun …[View]
15922275What are some food related things you get unreasonably mad at? One time I was eating some hummus wit…[View]
15919162/fastfood/: Why is there 5+ burger fast food chains, but only 1 Mexican Chain?[View]
15921950I have a piece of paper with a '2' and '0' on it, with a gentleman's face on it. Is it possible…[View]
15923623is this authentic pioneer food? what did they eat on the oregon trail? did they even have pasta back…[View]
15923085Eggs... for breakfast?!? TOO LATE MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!! BRRWWWAAARRKKKKK!!!!![View]
15917320For me, it's Secret Aardvark. The best hot sauce[View]
15923392What do you recommend for a pan set that's quality but not overpriced? Something around 300 buc…[View]
15922501>Want homemade chocolate chip cookies >Am not gay or a woman What do I do bros... I just want …[View]
15923598Great Fried Rice Recipes: 1 cup mealworms 1 egg, beaten 1 teaspoon oil 3/4 cup water 1/4 cup chopped…[View]
15908904>order a large pizza >eat 3/8 >throw the rest in the bin…[View]
15918113Post your kryptonite[View]
15919972Is this a sandwich or a hamburger?[View]
15923192peeled grapes: i want a SLAVE to peel my grapes for me Theres nothing better and more beautiful in t…[View]
15921440Poutine italienne Lafleur Montreal: Time for round two. Keep coming back coz it's so tasty. Rem…[View]
15923317What is the best pizza chain and why is it Marco's?[View]
15921638What's /ck/ drinking today?[View]
15922524If I were to dethaw a frozen burrito should I do it from frozen or thaw it our first? I'm looki…[View]
15920474Not McDonald's: La-la-la-la-lasagna You want-a some-a lasagna, magnifico Or a-maybe some McDona…[View]
15921037so my sister gave my this jar of peanut butter (300g): it's too bland to my taste to eat it wit…[View]
15922633Put jalapeños in the oil a few minutes before the corn.[View]
15917063So we all know korean fried chicken is the best kind of fried chicken, but is bonchon the undisputed…[View]
15922884What should I put in my vegetarian sandwich?[View]
15922928nifty /ck/ tips and tricks: >some blender blade assemblies (osterizer) can screw right onto a mas…[View]
15920344Charcuterie boards: What are your must haves? For me it's prosciutto, hard salami, brie, red se…[View]

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