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/ck/ - Food & Cooking

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13532004Food You Crave the Most: fuck i miss these[View]
13525623So /ck/, how often do you cook for your gf?[View]
13537106what cant you put on toast[View]
13538015Why don’t you come on over for some of mamas sweet homemade humble pie?[View]
13534190I’ve only ever used canned pumpkin in my recipes, am I missing out by not using fresh pumpkin?[View]
13536966>ethnic food[View]
13537173Can anyone provide godtier recipies for scallops? I'm quite new to this, only tasted it for the…[View]
13535699Eating soup[View]
13535044I work at Whole Foods AMA: I work at Whole Foods ask me anything.[View]
13536883keith: behold one of the best cooking segments ever recorded https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWhTKXg…[View]
13537828>Things only you do when you cook.: I still write my name on my paper lunch bags even though I li…[View]
13535596Vegan Sunday Confesional: >Are our taste buds not only worth more than the life of an animal but …[View]
13534683People who publish bad recipes should be tied to the back of pickup trucks and dragged through the s…[View]
13537795anyone have good experiences with biodegradable plastic or plastic alternatives for disposable utens…[View]
13530731So the past couple years i've noticed somethings going awry with my body. >Milk Can't d…[View]
13533536FYI.... If you don't use MSG in your food...you are a racist. https://edition.cnn.com/2020/01/1…[View]
13530805Mayo or ketchup? That is the question[View]
13536936How do you guys like your stew?: Favorites, secret ingredients, etc?[View]
13537147>he eats human dog food for breakfast Do flyover hicks really?[View]
13536931Carrot, white onion, sweet potato, garlic and egg Best dish you can make from this?[View]
13533298MMMM BEEFY Two questions....did you eat more spaghettios or chef boyardi as a kid? Did you prefer be…[View]
13535643How much soda does the average person drink: How much soda do you drink? I don't drink soda and…[View]
13537155Who /chili/ here?[View]
13533714Non-taco ways to prepare grasshoppers?: What's a better way to prepare chapulines, other than g…[View]
13533413What's your go to midnight snack that you love to eat? For me it's pic related.[View]
13537401FUCK: i went to my fishmonger for the best crab and he was like no no me dont have none alright, fin…[View]
13527236Big bean: It's really big bean[View]
13532730If you don't like Heineken, you don't like beer. prove me wrong.[View]
13535486my cup is bleeding[View]
13537225Did you know?: A nut for a jar of tuna[View]
13536247food storage is /ck/ Why the hell is Tupperware branded shit so expensive. I work at a used goods st…[View]
13534180So, which is better as a midnight snack? The chicken tendies? Which is very obvious in the post-2010…[View]
13536206>bake or sautee chicken breast >overcook it a little bit >it's now rubbery and chewy, …[View]
13536955not being in Wisconsin must suck[View]
13518797When the shit hits the fan, and it will...how prepared will you be? If a major bomb goes off tomorro…[View]
13526291soup time!! what's your favourite soup anons?[View]
13537100Is it weird to enjoy eating just rice with a ton of spices as a meal? Rice, hot sauce, soy sauce, gr…[View]
13532198y'all wanna watch me make soup?: yea?[View]
13536833Guess the Calories: Can someone roughly say how much calories is this pile of shit I made. Ham in br…[View]
13537046What do I call this?: I've recently started making this very simple student recipe because its …[View]
13536990pickled flowers: pickled flowers[View]
13535976Del Taco is the place for me[View]
13524838Food Pics: post mouth-watering food pics[View]
13536123Have you ever had a Pan-Bagnat ? It's really great[View]
13534462Mukbang: This guy is king.[View]
13533472Meat nuts fest, aka Testicle Festival: Is anyone here going to the testicle festival? I can't m…[View]
13535827uma delicia[View]
13536537Is there a bigger food meme, than Applebees microwaves everything?[View]
13536710stupid questions that dont deserve their own thread: do you sautee your coldcut deli meats? when the…[View]
13536733Kava beverage recipes: What are some interesting things you can do with kava? Besides the obvious li…[View]
13535521Best artisan bread baking books iyo. Though I post on /lit/ I've been a baker for a decade and …[View]
13536411What are the weirdest snacks (or drinks) flavours in Japan? This is squid ink ice cream, post other …[View]
13536216Swedish style potato hash and sum grated carrots soon. Yum![View]
13519047Food confessions thread >I like ketchup on eggs >whole belly clams disgust me >I like limes…[View]
13532218What are the secrets of cooking rice? Its either undercooked or burnt. Fuck this shit.[View]
13534345Uh I've had some good burgers in my time. I love a good Swiss, melted Swiss cheese and mush- ro…[View]
13536020sunday Brunch: It's sunday /ck/ and your all wonderful people, even you angry vegan poster, so …[View]
13534299Can food be cute?[View]
13536312so why would someone spend $250 on this “7 in one” pressure cooker when you can get one for $40 is t…[View]
13536286ITT: Foods you can identify with[View]
13536005Making a sandwich. Just rip a hole in bag and tear out a nice layered chunk. Put bag back in fridge.[View]
13531118In pizza making videos their dough always comes out firm and not sticky after its risen, but for me …[View]
13533761Does anyone here know where I can get Australian finger limes and other bush tucker in the United St…[View]
13534466ok lads i need some help: so I need something to go with a white chocolate cheapskate that I'm …[View]
13536084Does anyone actually like these? Anyone at all?[View]
13533246Rate my pancake. Dare I say it's a perfect 7/7. >perfect circle >perfect color >perfe…[View]
13523434What's the best fastfood burger place? Five Guys? In-N-Out?[View]
13526060School me on whetstones. amazon is filled with cheap generic stones that look like they’re all made …[View]
13530226Anyone like 'grape' ? AKA purple flavor.[View]
13535564Its Delicious!: Really a big fan of this Any anons feel the same?[View]
13533968Japanese coffee. Spit into 1000 times. Cuts gaijin wallet in half.[View]
13533533When is the day of reckoning /ck/?[View]
13532365Map thread: has anyone here tried african food? what is it like? also map thread[View]
13532952UK food. Working meals for the working man.[View]
13529943How the FUCK do I eat 30+ grams of fiber a day? I barely get 20 right now[View]
13533243How do you eat your chips one at a time, or stack three, four, five chips at a time?[View]
13533419Bok Choy: How do you cook the perfect bok choy?[View]
13535798I have one of these and saved the peel for a soup, the outside for a salad but dont know what to do …[View]
13534181hey /ck/ how do you make these taste good? i hit them with some chili powder, ground black pepper, a…[View]
13535764ITT: People food that could be easily mistaken as food made by animals: This is Krabbentoast, Wikipe…[View]
13535572HERBS: fresh or dried?[View]
13533713Most prosperous country on earth, can't afford to feed it kids...[View]
13529049You would think the morbidly obese Americans would love poutine, it’s fries slathered in calories. B…[View]
13534049Why did no one tell me absinthe was so good? The world needs to know.[View]
13534321Not typically one to browse this board, but I'm going a little insane. Google gives me shitty r…[View]
13527967What's the best (and cleanest) vodka under $30? I've been drinking a lot of Ketel One late…[View]
13534906Do these have the same nutritional value as their fresh counterparts? I just started eating these an…[View]
13534170tastes like Christmas.[View]
13534925What happened to the critter wine thread? Is alcohol discussion banned again?[View]
13535410Is this in your food? Do you trust the farmer?[View]
13534324The thing about cooking: I truthfully do not understand cooking. It takes longer to make food than t…[View]
13535579>Touch of Olive oil in the pan[View]
13525945Burger thread. How does /ck/ cook their burgers? Regular or smashed? Toppings and sauce? Favourite b…[View]
13535411Best Food Shopping Time: Went to the store at 7 am and was surprised how empty the store was. Everyt…[View]
13535314GOAT beverages: The greatest blend ever created. I defy you to post anything better.[View]
13531010absolute madman[View]
13530311Opinions about the humble American Pizza Mac?[View]
13533803Vintage Jello Salads and Aspics: Has anyone ever tried these? I dare one of you to try it and report…[View]
13532546marco is not looking too good boyos.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSfJD7kjpbQ[View]
13534194First time Ive made dinner in a while thoughts? >inb4 rare is raw[View]
13532461Don't let your dreams be dreams be the cook you know you can be[View]
13531343what should i eat today? options include: calzone, gluten-free pizza, thai yellow curry with rice, b…[View]
13504942Why are Japanese so autistic about food?[View]
13534778I want a new diet drink: Why is there diet soda like Coca Cola Zero and Pepsi Max but no Milk Zero? …[View]
13534469trying to get into rootbeer again whats the best brand?[View]
13533381CICO Thermodynamics[View]
13534898He makes this cake for himSELF, not his children.: He means they can have some, but, you know...…[View]
13531636Say something nice about this culinary professor: Thanks Based Alton[View]
13535054you guys remember these?[View]
13528546ITT People say something sweet about the town they live in. There's a nice corn place in Aurora…[View]
13534887Diet mt dew can officially Fuck Off. There's a new dew in town and he's a fucking zero.[View]
13527812>tastes so good, like my grandma used to make why is this such a widespread meme? my grandma suck…[View]
13533520What can't she do?[View]
13526076Who would you consider as the best current chef in the world?[View]
13533124I know next to nothing about mixing drinks together, /ck/, so I'm looking for some advice. What…[View]
13534838What do I do with this, /ck/?[View]
13533767i eat a can of these once a day anyone else?[View]
13529350Bern's steakhouse is allegedly the fanciest restaurant in the United States. From what I'v…[View]
13533182they've take a dog and beer to the highest level bros. >the cowboy…[View]
13521263raw fucking chicken: >raw chicken So I always rinsed my chicken under lukewarm running water and …[View]
13533639What does /ck/ think of Franzia box wine? I've tried the Sangria, Chillable Red and Cabernet Sa…[View]
13529328holy shit this is surprinsgly good[View]
13534229What are some good foods to buy with EBT?[View]
13531650/deenz/: Let's-make-1-can-fisherman's-egg Edition. I am using Lidl Nixe deenz in sunflower…[View]
13532108I just stumbled on this guy thanks to youtube recommendations, is he /ck/ approved? is he based or c…[View]
13531253why can't zoomers cook?[View]
13534186Rate my dinner. I splurged for the fancy stuff at Wal-Mart[View]
13533784Do you ever racially purify your cereal /ck/? or any other food? Fuck these fucking marshmallowlet t…[View]
13526436Is this the best olive oil for the price?[View]
13533280Going to Waffle House boys, what are your go to orders? Thinking steak and eggs, with a large order …[View]
13533854Seasoning's Thread: Only patrician seasoning's need apply.[View]
13534064stupid questions that dont deserve their own thread: what keeps the oil coating the cast iron from g…[View]
13531923>tfw cooked all my Instant Pot meals on 'venting' position and not 'sealing' t-they tasted pretty…[View]
13533394how do I warm one of these up? I've got one in the fridge. I'm thinking microwave it first…[View]
13531230Garlic Tread: I fucking love garlic you guys. I did pic related last night along with rosemary, basi…[View]
13533282Been playing a bit of RDR2 and I've noticed how much more appealing the packaging was back in t…[View]
13533718Freegan: OK, what the fuck? If you're some poverty-ridden Pinoy scrounging and eating pagpag, t…[View]
13531201the dollar store sells monster now[View]
13532785Bout to get some beer at the Trader Joe's. What should I try?[View]
13534117https://youtu.be/48vJt25NUoE Doesn't she eat like 7 limes a day?[View]
13533395first post here: ok /ck/ long time lurker here. is this safe to eat? can someone die? it doesnt look…[View]
13528204Tim Hortons Hate Thread: Tim Horrortons thread. Post stories, memes, or anything else related to how…[View]
13528149>be european >'woah that jerky thing looks tasty' >order >tastes like shit >feels lik…[View]
13525737Good pasta vs bad pasta right here. Fuck tomato sauce it's god damned overrated when it comes t…[View]
13533435Since when did mac & cheese become the new hipster gastropub meme meal? Every one of these place…[View]
13529493Look how they massacred my boy..[View]
13533241Anyone here tried rat meat?[View]
13532360Has /ck/ ever had King Cake? with or without the filling?[View]
13533518What to make for breakfasts for a long day?[View]
13533648martini juice of choice dryer than your grandmother's broom closet step those back I'll ha…[View]
13526809The only acceptable way to eat mint[View]
13528677What do I do with this?[View]
13532507Hey /ck/ my mom is opening a deli/ bakery and we are trying to think of some good sandwich ideas. Wh…[View]
13531346Need I say more?[View]
13533425R8 my Cubano, /ck/. I made a roasted pork shoulder the other day so I'm using up the leftovers.[View]
13526509Healthy eaters BTFO >A device that allows people to empty a portion of their stomach contents int…[View]
13533213Where can I get an apron like his?[View]
13531243What pizza should I get off this menu? I'm going to get one of these pre designated specialty p…[View]
13527378>he actually uses house knifes[View]
13532416how healthy is processed ham/pressed ham/picnic ham? can I eat this every day?[View]
13531703Pepsi v. Coke: >Pepsi or Coke? >neither RC Cola is infinitely better than both. What went wron…[View]
13531836why would you put pickles on him[View]
13528143its friday, 5:45 and I have my credit card with me... u know what that means bros.[View]
13525617>unhealthy school lunches >look absolutely mouthwatering >healthy school lunches >look l…[View]
13532829If I don't spend 25 € atleast when buying fast food I don't feel full is this normal or am…[View]
13527689thoughts on these?[View]
13532169Pickled Pepperoncini/Greek peppers/Peperoni also olives: What's the deal with Pepperoncini? Her…[View]
13528425Rate my miso poached salmon ramen. The noods are homemade.[View]
13531029Which one you got, anon? (Please someone take the corn pops)[View]
13531917Hey /ck/ My friends are having a 70s-themed party next weekend. What's a gross looking but surp…[View]
13532848So are multivitamins worth taking or not?: Seems like I often see others discussing their diets or h…[View]
13530020If you had a food synthesizer like in them sci-fi tv shows, what found would you eat on a daily basi…[View]
13531845I was going to smoke another steak as an experiment but we got a snow storm today so the smoker has …[View]
13532885garlic bread: How do you guys like your garlic bread? I'm personally a fan of the calzone style…[View]
13530506>be cooking halfway >gas runs out >have to call the gas man to deliver new gas while half c…[View]
13531279>make onion soup >came out pretty good >the next day my fucking fingers smell like onion. F…[View]
13532874Going for a roast chicken at a family members tomorrow. I expect it will be served with roast potato…[View]
13530773ITT: Best YouTube cooking videos: Just tried to make this Tikka Masala from Chef John, and my god it…[View]
13532291What was your worst restaurant experience?[View]
13532623Will this make fruit salad or mustard gas[View]
13529901Is there any benefit to eating yoghurt over milk? Aren't they like the same thing?[View]
13532082Here's a new York steak. Seasoned with garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper. Cooked in …[View]
13531655Chef John that fag: I'm making a tritip roast by chef jhon that gay you are always jerking off.…[View]
13531685Pour over coffee-makers: So I was looking for the best way to make coffee, and I keep seeing these p…[View]
13532233Would you eat this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iikHeBG38a8[View]
13512007>*makes Indian food*[View]
13532036Chicken stock in beef stew? It's all I have will it taste weird?[View]
13531348Do you slurp the water once your done with your bowl soup or throw it out?[View]
13528109Realistically, is there a chance McDonald’s will go out of business in our lifetimes[View]
13524819Bone Marrow: Do you eat it?[View]
13527862I might just sit here and the entire chorizo, cheese and baguette. Prolly half the whisky while im a…[View]
13532192what are the best herbs/spices/seasonings to add to beans and rice? i'm sick of cajun seasoning[View]
13530790What can I cook as an absolute beginner? I can make eggs on my pan but that's it.[View]
13524869Name a bigger meme: There is no bigger meme then 'kosher' salt[View]
13523718why the fuck is finding a good pan so hard?: was thinking carbon steel or stainless, which have you …[View]
13531586Was there ever a good one? I've been to three different ones in different states and they were …[View]
13530859how do you not make a fucking mess in your kitchen when searing a steak?[View]
13531183Why do Americans suck so much at Italian food?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkI9qg2YVI0…[View]
13530713What /ck/ cooked for lunch[View]
13531957I made an almond pound cake with a praline topping. Didn't come out as I expected but whatever.[View]
13531591Calories from deep frying: I want to make these fish cakes, but I am monitoring my diet. So I am try…[View]
13531125Is Coke zero bad for you?[View]
13531414how to achieve the strongest brew with french press? also how does brewing time affect the taste and…[View]
13530870Salt General: Sea salt vs. land salt. Advertising hype, or is sea salt actually more nutritious or b…[View]
13525031spicy is life: Name ONE food that had more impact on humanity than the humble CHILLI PEPPER. oh wait…[View]
13523121Why are these so delicious[View]
13531784Personally captured food porn albums/pictures. Post link to album, picture, or just submit here if i…[View]
13529490If you ain't picking the bones out of your curries n' stews then then ain't curries n…[View]
13531698Why does the city of Eugene/Springfield, OR not have Chick-Fil-A, Popeye's, or Golden Corral? I…[View]
13526673The only vegetarian burgers that taste decent are the ones that don't try to emulate meat, righ…[View]
13530140Home Brewing: Lately I've been thinking of giving it a shot, since I found a jug in my garage a…[View]
13526917>soy milk >almond milk >rice milk >oat milk >coconuts milk How the FUCK do you choose…[View]
13527380https://hooktube.com/watch?v=ayImIgdgLEI How would you rate her cooking skills?[View]
13531259>gutting fresh caught fish >get rare loot drop…[View]
13526734What in the Sam hill can I do with these? I'm tired of pastas/bakes.[View]
13529398whats the best stand mixer that I should buy if im planning on making weekly bread. dont really feel…[View]
13526842Just started keto diet and almost threw up. What does /ck/ eat for their keto diets? I'm a fat …[View]
13500156Does Dominos have the worst chain pizza? Their pizza honestly tastes nothing like how pizza is suppo…[View]
13525940Why is this still the best pepper sauce?: I’ve tasted other American ones and my country’s local one…[View]
13529803>make shrimp scampi for diner >was really good >want more but it's all gone >no mor…[View]
13527612Why did western knives settle on double bevel? After using a single bevel nip knife I can't see…[View]
13530148Regular potatoes, sweet potatoes or red potatoes?[View]
13531078Anyone from poor family ? How do you survive, what do you eat ?[View]
13527626/sp/: AFCCG/NFCCG this Sunday What food and drink do you like to make for football?[View]
13530589Were burgers and fries ALWAYS paired together? Was there a period of time where the pairing was new …[View]
13528718Pancakes and Sausage on a Stick: Discuss pancakes and sausage on a stick.[View]
13528651the father, son, and the holy spirit[View]
13530908Bought a bunch of discounted frozen fruits and vegetables. Smoothies for breakfast, bitches. Let’s g…[View]
13528842can i use the kahm yeast from my fermentation for a dough?[View]
13528240tomorrow my family will sit around the kitchen table playing Rook while eating banana pudding[View]
13527787this is my favorite whisky. what do you think of me?[View]
13530934Why don't people peel their fucking potatoes? I just got an Instant Pot and was looking at some…[View]
13528711For me? Its cod, green beans, and corn.[View]
13529709What’s the best food to sneak into kino?[View]
13528557Stepin Vajat is an absolute unit[View]
13526275Hello. This is my first time posting. I wanted to learn how to eat healthier and learn how to eat fr…[View]
13529106Kitchen Thread: Post your kitchen /ck/.[View]
13530294>mfw Minnesotan >mfw never had spam my whole life >mfw had spam recently >mfw love it. a…[View]
13525655Freezing eggs: This has actually gone really well. Started freezing eggs so that they would basicall…[View]
13524774>another day >another drunken taco bell run, with a burger for good measure…[View]
13530455frozen sardines stink!: i wanted to get into whole sardines because its even much cheaper 7franks f…[View]
13524491Is mac n cheese the ultimate pleb food? Lemme get a bowl of carbs with a side of fat and salt.[View]
13528562Is this stuff any good?[View]
13530415just made 1.5 kg of small soup balls for my giant soup meal prep. its 50/50 beef/pork and i cook the…[View]
13529151hey /ck/ just made some muffins: thoughts?[View]
13525871I'm finally going to Golden Corral for the first time tonight. Advice? Tips? Suggestions?[View]
13524839Why is Fresca the greatest soda ever?[View]
13529167I Am One With the Force and the Force Is With Me. What is /ck/ drinking tonight?[View]
13529994I got some beef chuck for a stew and I had a question on searing it. Traditionally you cut the beef …[View]
13530090sup /ck/ rate these bento boxes[View]
13529981What's on the menu for tonight, /ck/?[View]
13529888anyone here avoid learning how to cook until a late age and finally learn how? any tips? i'm 29…[View]
13528839Based Doughboys thread[View]
13529461>buy frozen chicken tenders >buy your favorite wing sauce >bake in toaster oven >fill a …[View]
13529131Chick-fil-a breakfast: I’m a hopeless leaf, and tomorrow I will go on my annual pilgrimage to Chick-…[View]
13522998for me, it's moon pies[View]
13522591How do I make crunchy & dry but delicious basmati rice, like ones at Indian restaurants: Everyti…[View]
13527554Ah...the perfect beverage.[View]
13524369What's the deal with these, they're bland as fuck.[View]
13529272TENDER RONIs Only tender ronis Can give a special love Who here take a chance?[View]
13526117Food: How would you rate my food[View]
13529251PARISARE: You fuckers never ate a swedish parisare? It's like a hamburger but with a big sliced…[View]
13522812Essential 4 Vegans?: Protein is essential for maintaining a healthy weight. A lack of protein can le…[View]
13522695Is it possible to dehydrate and then rehydrate a pizza with modern food science?[View]
13525431Is rinsing sushi rice a meme?: I'm pretty good at making sushi, always been complemented about …[View]
13527844R8 my beans /ck/[View]
13445850Fast casual cuisine that sucks: Papa Johns is terrible You get like 2 pizzas for 25 bucks. The 'papa…[View]
13528544i made too much buckwheat, what do with it[View]
13528721Best flavor of Lays[View]
13490463We had a good long whiskey/scotch thread earlier in the week. Let's have another. I'm buyi…[View]
13528957Time to double up lads[View]
13526319what the fuck is bone broth you just like throw some bones in boiling water and it makes soup?[View]
13514006now this is pizza[View]
13527825Roebock rips: I have the rips of one (1) roebock in the freezer. Hit me up with recipes.[View]
13520896would you eat pizza de macaco[View]
13524261Once worked in some psychiatric hospital making food. Actually it was just reheating stuff we got fr…[View]
13524069>choosing cauliflower over broccoli ISHYGDDT[View]
13527981What fucking troglodyte invented this useless shit? Cream corn has to be the dumbest fucking food ev…[View]
13526108You were at my side.. all along.. My true mentor... My guiding moonlight...[View]
13522703I bought some tinned mussels because I love tuna, salmon, sardines, and wanted to try some other sea…[View]
13520761Beef Stew: It's cold as a witch's titty up here in Minnesota, so I'm gonna get comfy …[View]
13528286whats the best dish in the world and why is it lasagna?[View]
13526981>cotton candy milk >root beer milk >cookies and cream milk what the fuck america…[View]
13527823>order baklava > its made with walnuts or cashes instead of pistacio. mfw…[View]
13519958Grandma's Medicinal food thread: Let's have a comfy thread. Post medicinal food, ingredie…[View]
13525323HOPS IN BEER ARE FUCKING OVERRATED. Sure it's nice to drink a bitter beer from time to time. Bu…[View]
13527250What to do with the remaining gunk?[View]
13527528Aw shit anon, cookie monster is angry and is going to eat you if don't calm him down with a dam…[View]
13516293Does Godiva make the best chocolate that's somewhat widely available?[View]
13527139DAAAAAAAAAAAMn Marry Calenders meatpies are this big? I honestly never new, this is a big boy meatpi…[View]
13527381So I live in Florida and I found potatoes that look similar to this and have the same kind of leaves…[View]
13525991cheese on toast is basically just pizza[View]
13525399Dinner party ideas: So my friends and I are holding rotating dinner partys (come dine with me style …[View]
13517752This was kind of an odd campaign, it didn't focus on an specific brand or type or milk, just mi…[View]
13526371I accidentally bought pic related, thinking they were instant noodles. I'm planning to make swe…[View]
13526522Octane: Putting diesel in the tank[View]
13527650Bayer's (Monsanto) glyphosate is still, and will always be legal in Europe for industrial agric…[View]
13527955what is the best way to make a good hot chocolate?[View]
13521374How does /ck/ make their omelette? Also how tf do I flip an omelette without it break? pic related[View]
13524400Thoughts on Poutine?[View]
13523489Time for a nice feast at the W[View]
13527431What's the general consensus on this shit? Will it make you go blind?[View]
13519939Why does my Bolognese taste so goddamn flat and boring? What am I doing wrong? I'm making sure …[View]
13519864What's your favorite tuna creation?[View]
13527293Exotic game meat considered the tastiest?[View]
13521202Wood stove cooking: Enchilada edition. Disclaimer: I’m a scandinavian. I don’t know what should be …[View]
13525643ITT: God tier candy.[View]
13521044>Wendy's, old patties get boiled in water and reused as chili meat. Is this true? What are s…[View]
13527730#Dinner #Food #Fitness #Fit #Saludable #Healthy #NoPaiNoGain[View]
13526279>Soybean oil causes genetic changes in the brain >New UC Riverside research shows soybean oil…[View]
13515202Was the flavor better before they changed the name? Personally I still like it but yeah I think so[View]
13522721ITT Why isn't this a thing? I'll start with double-stacked pizza (webm related). Why in th…[View]
13525600eggs benedict: >mhmm, lets put this egg which is full of fat and DRENCH it in a sauce thats liter…[View]
13526032What are some food combinations that make you shit instantly? For me it's coffee and spinach so…[View]
13523178Reign or Bang?: Reign or Bang?[View]
13525955About to drink this brazilian beer lads Which one is your favorite?[View]
13527052What's your favorite egg dish? I love eggs so much, definitely my favorite food.[View]
13516455Al/ck/ - Cocktails Edition: What's your favorite mixed drink?[View]
13526579What is the best online coffee and why is it raven's brew?[View]
13522983hey guys do you like tea? I'm enjoying a nice green tea right now[View]
13526523find a flaw.[View]
13526896Made the mistake of putting the crockpot on while I'm at home on my day off. Smells so good but…[View]
13525511Dinner ideas?: Bonus points for dishes without chicken or easily blendable.[View]
13522861>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJz2Tgt3jvs&feature=emb_title Food 'culture' Yeah boi, I sur…[View]
13526803Cursed images thread[View]
13521117Milk: What will happen to my body I drink 2 glasses of milk every day? Is that actually healty? Shou…[View]
13514880What's your favorite meat other than chicken/pork/beef? And what's your favorite type of s…[View]
13510146Ebleskiver pan and dishes: I ordered an ebleskiver pan, I'm definitely going to make ebleskiver…[View]
13523901Well diggity damn how about that shit[View]
13524190Where's the best place to get a fajita?[View]
13521749Burgers and dogs. Simple as[View]
13523851Just finished a bag of these and they were delicious. Anyone else ever try them?[View]
13526051My breakfast. Some chicken leg/thigh, some pepperoni, a peanut butter sandwich.[View]
13519408no amount is too much[View]
13526022I love the flavour but can never find a good way to use it. Help /ck/ what can I do with fennel?[View]
13521333what’s for lunch /ck/? <<ham, turkey, salami sub and some habanero chips[View]
13522822is it worthwhile to make homemade pasta? or is the store bought stuff good enough? is there a best b…[View]
13522445Whats a cheaper fish with similar texture to Sea Bream (and Sea Bass)? I hate fish that stay stiff a…[View]
13525915what's /ck/ having for shabbat/shabbos/sabbath tonight?[View]
13521650Why is it that every mass produced product that labels itself as spicy is never actually spicy? I…[View]
13521589In-N-Out Double Double is the perfect burger. No others compare.[View]
13513637Beer general /bg/: This thread is for all beer related discussions. Post a recent haul, recent beers…[View]
13525319All of the “world class” beers on Beer Advocate are bullshit Thoughts? Shiners bock is best beer and…[View]
13525951We must move quickly. The Canadians are relentless. If they are not destroyed, it will be civil war …[View]
13522978Herb Help Central: ITT we ask for guidance related to the use of herbs. I'll start: what can I …[View]
13523314One of, if not THE most, underrated pasta shape.[View]
13523592Rate my seasoning. I'm not sure if I did it right. Should I season it some more? Also post your…[View]
13524704Usually got this in my cupboard, after 6 month it looked greyish. Should i leave it in the fridge?[View]
13519458What are your feelings about instagram popular eateries and the instagrammers that attend them?[View]
13521442is this the greatest achievement the fast food industry has been able to conceive?[View]
13525833The perfect Friday night: -Chicken tendies (鹹酥雞) 30 NTD -French fries (薯條) 20NTD -Hash browns x2 (薯餅…[View]
13525624How to make an adequate stir-fry that doesn't taste like shit at home? Like what sauces to use,…[View]
13521826When will it come back bros?[View]
13518430If you were to come up with any type of food challenge for any type of restaurant, what would you ma…[View]
13521457Pan seared > grilled. There, I said it.[View]
13524805>eat taco bell >have 'violent diarrhea episode' when did this notion enter greater memedom? I…[View]
13525410>he doesn't add real cheese to his boxed mac and cheese[View]
13504880made a thread about a year ago about starting a hot sauce company. A year on company has grown to ab…[View]
13524063SPAM and green chile sandwiches are /ck/ approved, right?[View]
13524354how do you find out the right amount of time to microwave things that arent programmed into the micr…[View]
13525068Is steak or chicken the better food for health?[View]
13522569for me? it's buying a rotisserie chicken after work and eating it in one sitting[View]
13523593Is oats the comfiest food?[View]
13523942Can we just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of lazy soup made from either pre-made stock or b…[View]
13525076>Why yes, I do take 80% dark chocolate in deliberate moderation specifically for it's health…[View]
13513016How do i get a job in a kitchen with no experience?[View]
13525200Perth CBD: Anyone know the best place in Perth CBD that does cheap clearance deal on meals at end of…[View]
13519422Is it a meme or is it actually good?[View]
13524960Restaurant shitty food handling practices thread: >be me >be in Taiwan >routinely see food …[View]
13522452Please oh god no, I can't keep eating this. Went through two boxes dry recently. It satiates th…[View]
13524969ck's food guide blog posting: Post some lesser known foods from your country. >Singapore …[View]
13521663Only the absolute best potato chips[View]
13524652back from 6 months in Croatia, time for someone to update me on the status of Taco Bell[View]
13524363pastafagioli - based or cringe? what's your take?[View]
13513109Who are the best food travel vloggers? Pic unrelated. He’s dishonest[View]
13522506What kind of condiments do you generally keep in your car or on your person when on-the-go?[View]
13521175oysters: I'm allergic and I've never had one. I'm sure id survive if i eat a few cook…[View]
13524562Don't mind me, just posting the best hot sauce in all of existence.[View]
13519787How can I maximize my canned tuna experience?[View]
13523264Hello, I bought some shredded cheese in a package similar to the picture, a couple weeks ago. I…[View]
13520349Why don't restaurants serve sausage? It just occurred to me that other than specialty restauran…[View]
13524368I ate a dog last night. A hot dog.[View]

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