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/ck/ - Food & Cooking

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12922085Fantasy Tavern Food thread[View]
12918472>blocks ur path How to deal with these fuckers[View]
12919416I am gonna make it tonight[View]
12914021Why does America have the best pizza? Is it the variety?[View]
12913916With Impossible Meat being launched around the entire US next week how are we planning on celebratin…[View]
12921186What are the best pizza toppings for homemade pizza? Hard mode: no le deenz, no le anchovies, no gor…[View]
12921945I have a crock pot, some spices, (thawed) chicken breast, butter, and rice (uncooked). How do I turn…[View]
12921094The great debate.[View]
12910177I've entered a hot and spicy eating contest that is 3 weeks away. I can win £1.5k and a bunch o…[View]
12921538What’s the best way to cook this? I know it’s a shit cut and won’t be that great but I don’t want it…[View]
12913497Hey why don't we (USA) have any superstar bakers like Bongland? Do we have any masters of the …[View]
12920961For me, it's VooDew, the best Mt. Dew flavor[View]
12921841I want to blow my nose between Ann's ass cheeks[View]
12921770Do Americans really make a huge pot of coffee everyday or is it only a thing in films and TV?[View]
12919355How THE FUCK do you light this utter shit?: Been trying to light charcoal to make some barbecue, but…[View]
12920521ITT: Autistic things you do in the kitchen >wipe myself off every time i touch something wet or i…[View]
12921634I make too much food all the time so I have a fuck ton of leftovers in my fridge. What should I eat …[View]
12921732my inlaws have 2 recipes. the first is tuna and cheez whiz sandwiches.... but the idea was to make a…[View]
12920444Burnt myself when making eggs[View]
12918114Looks like meat, tastes like meat. Isn't meat at all. Doubleplusgood![View]
12920196what kind of berries go best with cream[View]
12921294How much of this stuff should I be using in dishes? 1:1 to salt? I've never used this stuff bef…[View]
12917605Is 'organic' food a meme?: Is there any actual evidence that they are healthier than common food? Al…[View]
12919380Saturday morning breakfast of girlfriend courtesy of Columbus diner. No calorie counting, no water f…[View]
12919319Do you like coriander (aka cilantro)?[View]
12920877Fried chicken is overrated: Roasted chicken is much better. Don't even try to argue, because I…[View]
12916124>buys cheese that smells like farts, vomit and jungle rot toes >pays $50/oz and thinks they…[View]
12915555Cold Cereal General: What's the best cold cereal /ck/? I'm talking about an ADULT cereal -…[View]
12921135is kojima, dare I say it, /ourguy/?[View]
12921110Are you getting enough salt anon?: Reminder to not fall for the low salt diet meme. I was on very lo…[View]
12920377unFreedom: Buckfast Daiquiris: Go![View]
12913751PBR Whiskey: Have you tried it?[View]
12920885hot chocolate with water or milk?[View]
12920773Tastes like they just mashed a mushroom into a patty and called it a day. 3/10, not a replacement fo…[View]
12920242Why I have been craving raw meat of late? I have never even eaten raw meat[View]
12920908>tfw discovered the loophole in Domino's carry-out insurance to create a $20 million insuran…[View]
12919664How the hell do you get crunchy popcorn? I always make my popcorn on the stove, using only oil; but …[View]
12920886aye these are based bruh[View]
12920861This is a finnish dish called junkie stew: mine is fancy because it has veggies I filled 6 tupperwar…[View]
12916338Marinated Friend Chicken: Do I wipe the yogurt I'm using to marinate the chicken off before I s…[View]
12916395What happens if you eat a whole bag of MSG?[View]
12919912who /messmör/[View]
12920511so, the people who live below me had a goat tied up and were taking it to their apartment.....are th…[View]
12920693Do/ck/umentary about NYC restuarant Shopsin's: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSSmozQIE-g Anyo…[View]
12919820Why do these make this board seethe so much?[View]
12917184>Welcome home anon, I made you bread and pies while you were at work: What do /ck/?[View]
12915261>this vanilla milk shake lacks that kick >a dash of hot oil will do the trick >mhh.. Yes...…[View]
12915038Girlfriend's breakfast looking jacked while you're on myfitnesspal eating an apple and a g…[View]
12917105Mmmmmmm burned cheese[View]
12920000I'm ready for my saturday night ;)[View]
12919247Is there anything comfier to make and eat than fried rice? Also, comfy thread[View]
12917531What foods or drinks are ACTUAL aphrodisiacs? I don't like chocolate and alcohol does nothing f…[View]
12914842What was hot sauce originally developed for? Like what food was it invented to go on.[View]
12920723I need to know how to make the stumpwater salad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWzwv1kzg5M[View]
12919619does /ck/ can their own food?[View]
12918311Fridays are the worst; amiright? What did you have/make/pick up to compensate for this, the worst da…[View]
12920634For me it's the Impossible Whopper, the healthiest fast food burger.[View]
12917946are these mother fuckers serious right now?[View]
12915470anyone else like stinky food? stinky cheese, stinky fish like surströmming, saurkraut and shit like …[View]
12915030>Go to McDonalds >See this What do ?[View]
12917393What food/ingredient is most likely to cause blacks to have an allergic reaction?[View]
12918685for me, its pitzmans, the best mustard[View]
12919503I think I'm lactose intolerant. Is this stuff ok to use instead of milk? Is there any drawbacks…[View]
12918006Which country is up their own ass the most about their own food? my vote is for italy >If you are…[View]
12916427Do you use it or are there better hot sauces?[View]
12915115>go to local store to pick up a 6er of something cheap and easy >see middle-management type gu…[View]
12919880is high CBD weed a meme? I am used to 25% THC <1% CBD strains but they are getting too intoxicati…[View]
12919124Will my frozen brisket defrost faster in room temperature air or chilled water?: Assume constant tem…[View]
12918965is keurig a meme?[View]
12920246/WDYCT/: What did you cook today?[View]
12917815why is vodka so cheap? not like I'm complaining or anything.[View]
12919699Thoughts on the humble butter burger?[View]
12920139What are your thoughts on this batch cooking onions recipe? Its from a Korean restauranteur who is k…[View]
12920154how do you like your oatmeal? I like mine creamy and slightly watery without any salt added to it Bo…[View]
12919454Name a more kino food than a Montreal smoked meat sandwich[View]
12919654Dishes everyone should know how to cook: Just like the title says, meals for lunch, dinner, simple s…[View]
12917385Hot Dog Spaghetti: Anyone ever tried this? Thinking about making it tomorrow for part of our buffet …[View]
12917993best foods for broke and lazy people who don't want to cook?[View]
12920175for me, its white claw. the best adult beverage in a can.[View]
12918897I just made the best potatoes I've ever made: Holy fuck, I've outdone myself. I almost don…[View]
12918432Soda Soda Soda: This is great. I loved it, especially my bowels[View]
12919605I never liked hamburgers. I wish I could but I just can't.[View]
12918023Orechiette: Orechiette with tomato-squid ink sauce I made tonight Give feedback please[View]
12918622is Pad Thai supposed to be sweet or sour? restaurants seem divided on what it should be[View]
12920043>dried olives this is dogshit. why does it exist?[View]
12916690I just turned 21 and am in the southeast US, whats a good bar & grill place or a restaurant that…[View]
12919712Bread and Biscuit Thread: ITT we talk about interesting types of breads and biscuits made throughout…[View]
12910768Why can't you get chicken served with waffles in the UK?[View]
12917645What are some American food?[View]
12902552ok /ck/ time for a grocery store thread what are some things always on the list or grocery store pet…[View]
12917438scotch whiskey: hello. sampling some Johnny Walker tonight, should I start at the lower end and work…[View]
12919460Is risotto just bad Pad Thai?[View]
12918290For me, it's orecchiette.[View]
12918717name a better coffee[View]
12918871Help with chilis: I'm making a chili con carne tonight and want it to go with a bang. I'm …[View]
12918896What do you do when you're making homemade popcorn? What kind of oil, and what else do you put …[View]
12918913Is there a more satisfying and enriching life experience than walking into your local McDonalds? …[View]
12918880Vegetables Which ones? Frozen or fresh?[View]
12918404About to eat the most delicious grilled cheese with ranch. I have been craving this for about 3 or …[View]
12912649Smoothielet here how the fuck do you make a smoothie? My biggest problems are >How to control con…[View]
12919070why do people let themselves get fat? surely you care about your physical appearance[View]
12919195why yes, pamplemousse is my favorite La Croix flavor. How could you tell?[View]
12917809Anyone Made Pork Rib Roast?: Is it worth the money? How does it compare to other roasts?[View]
12918286Very smooth my ass. I went to Woodmans looking for something simple, strong and cheap like Caliber o…[View]
12906369ITT stupid ass food names: Ill start: >BIBBIMBBIMBAPPPAP[View]
12916257Tonight I’m cooking this dry aged rib steak trying not to fuck up everything because I’m a noob. Let…[View]
12915124Here in Christmas, Michigan in the U.P. it's Club Sandwich Friday. And since it's Friday t…[View]
12916450I made sushi: Previously I had made gimbap, and now this. First is California Roll, which over here…[View]
12907435Veganism: Carnivore here. Are there any vegetarians or vegans here? Why do you follow this diet? I d…[View]
12915177I'm going to make an onion sandwich.[View]
12917456how the mighty have fallen. once among the very best chefs in the world, alongside Bourdain, Ramsay …[View]
12918440Girlfriend and I evening meal from earlier tonight. This time we hit up one of her favorite Caribbea…[View]
12915286what brand of gloves do you use for eating? i used to use these leather bike gloves but i've us…[View]
12917981What can I make with chickpea flour? I'm trying to include more beans in my diet to be healthy.[View]
12916082>live alone >OMAD >always make an family size dinner for leftovers >always end up eating…[View]
12918592I decided to eat myself sick today. I had an entire medium pizza, an order of cheesy breadsticks, a …[View]
12915478So is the popeye's chicken sandwich actually good or is it just political[View]
12915123just got a dehydrator, anyone have any good beef jerky recipes[View]
12917210Rate my steak[View]
12916493Name a better type of ice cream[View]
12914717Can you use the peanut oil that sets at the top of a jar of peanut butter as cooking oil? I usually …[View]
12916375What is the absolute dirt-cheapest non-offal meat and what is the best way to cook it?[View]
12917208im probably going to have no luck here,but ill post it anyway i was at the store today and found thi…[View]
12918181Do you guys make your leftovers into nee meals or eat as is? Today I had chicken strips and rice, s…[View]
12917640>have to go to main office 2 towns over for bullshit >they have jollibee though haven't …[View]
12918043Post contents of dishwasher[View]
12916732What the fuck does parsley do?[View]
12918275>press button for Wal-Mart employee to open liquor cabinet and give me New Amsterdam >Dutch ma…[View]
12916878Okay /ck/, what one is better?[View]
12914677Is Philadelphia cuisine better than New York? , is cheesesteak overrated?[View]
12916591Recommend me a good publix sandwich combination, /ck/[View]
12911099When I buy new nonstick pans, I always get the least expensive ones I can find. They last about as l…[View]
12913224Low effort daily meal with vegetables: what’s a low effort meal that i can eat every day and get all…[View]
12916475Sheetz: What kind of food do you order at sheetz?[View]
12916514/cocktails/: What's your favorite co/ck/tail? I'm quite partial to rum ones myself[View]
12912295It's up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Jja-kf5z4U[View]
12917947Making Depression Enchiladas: These enchiladas are really easy. I'm completely garbage at cooki…[View]
12917625What's a good high temp oil for searing meat, that has a neutral taste and isn't awful for…[View]
12917861Is this what IPA's are supposed to taste like? First time having one I think. So damn fruity...…[View]
12914906Friday dindin with anons: what are you guys eating in front of the computer this Friday night?…[View]
12912356Who collects here?: Any collectors of food objects?[View]
12916827what should I drink tonight?[View]
12917538Boiled chicken: Boiled chicken[View]
12916230I have half an onion, some garlic, and a shit ton of white rice. What do I cook?[View]
12917634I just had tuna salad and it was one of the worst things ever. The food itself isn't bad but I …[View]
12916176Can I just have a cup of joe, please. PllEeAasee[View]
12917357memes aside, this stuff is unironically delicious. just a drop on anything is great.[View]
12914300Sugar is...: >POISON Stop putting this shit into your bodies. >it makes you live shorter liv…[View]
12917566>have to go to main office 2 towns over for bullshit >they have chic fil a though haven't…[View]
12917372I still need to know what's in the spicy gold sauce.[View]
12916325Grilled stuffed burritos are no longer available on this timeline. We have truely descended into clo…[View]
12917436for me it's Run's forehead[View]
12917479Thoughts on this burger[View]
12917503How the fuck can S*da compete?[View]
12909670Taco Bell Funeral Thread: Nine items were wiped from the menu today: >chips & salsa >beefy…[View]
12916204Please tell me about your favorite store-bought ice creams, /ck/.[View]
12916463what time does /ck/ eat dinner?[View]
12917220I found Surge at the store! I can’t believe they still make this.[View]
12916655pumpkin: does /ck/ know good pumpkin recipes?[View]
12915740What are you think? Brie,Angus burgers, 2 eggs. I didnt put any thought into this just grabbed some …[View]
12914804What are some of your favorite soups? Italian wedding might be my #1.[View]
12914553This shit is so good. Brings me back to my childhood. My school sold pizza that was cheese and ketch…[View]
12915276bum wine: What is your favorite bum wine? Mine has to be Nighttraib[View]
12907078Moved into my own place and realized I had none of these. Anything I'm missing?[View]
12916994My pleasure: You guys jelly?[View]
12916569Hello /ck/! This is my first thread here! I am penpal with this American girl from South Carolina. S…[View]
12916844Reminder it's breakfast then dinner then supper 'lunch' is a made up word used by the lazy.[View]
12915265Why have they never done spicy chicken? Was it like a dying wish from the founder to never make spic…[View]
12906399Name a tastier mushroom than chanterelle.[View]
12916862The Pub: The greatest place in the world. Home from home, sometimes with centuries of history, good …[View]
12916955Grits: Going through a shit ton of these as I clean out my pantry. Please tell me how best to secks…[View]
12916193How do you make egg fried tuna rice look appetizing?[View]
12915859dont mind me im just gonna walk around and eat this before i buy it... chad or boomer?[View]
12916242Is there any justification for the idea that rib beef makes for better burgers as most UK chefs clai…[View]
12916554Rate my supper[View]
12910899anyone else hear like their pancakes fluffy?: Something about thick and fluffy pancakes are the best…[View]
12914330Kitchen Mandolines: Are mandolines actually useful?[View]
12916754Post the best commie snacks[View]
12916226Fruit of the sea: My ass. Call it what it is: Insects of the sea.[View]
12910963What sort of cookware should I use?[View]
12916445How do I make a soup? I have garlic, potatoes, and vegetables.[View]
12913494post disgusting, repulsive 'foods' with literally 0 redeeming qualities[View]
12910090Why is he so hot[View]
12916383Will an egg get hardboiled faster in a small pot?[View]
12916168Are nespresso machines a meme?[View]
12914626>claims to be a culinary authority while posting on a food and cooking image board >doesn…[View]
12916309Italian food is fucking overrated, so is Mexican. In fact, you judge how overrated a food culture is…[View]
12915016How’s my breakfast? I had two hot dogs to start but I ate one already because it was so yummy <3 …[View]
12915219Beef: I've got some nice chunks of beef, however, I've grown tired of the classic way to s…[View]
12916311>one chance at life >alcohol intolerance[View]
12912546About to dig into a slice of pizza, some salad, an apple and a glass of the milky stuff. What's…[View]
12916246>exclusively ate homemade fried rice for 2 months straight[View]
12915975What's the best affordable blended scotch? I'm looking for something smooth and easy to dr…[View]
12913517Defend this.[View]
12915456>go over to Chinese person's house for dinner >they serve me beef stomach Every. Fucking.…[View]
12915764What did she mean by this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFEsYJa0BJA[View]
12914159Here's your pizza[View]
12913556Post your favorite beer ITT. Pic related.[View]
12915770I dropped a small bag of flour on the floor and the sides burst and started spilling out onto the fl…[View]
12915881/curry/: I made curry for the first time yesterday. Made some mistakes like I overcooked the chicken…[View]
12913122Anyone tried these? It's like soylent, but ramen. https://soranews24.com/2019/08/09/cup-noodles…[View]
12906665Hey, /ck/. I'm looking to get a new kitchen knife and was wondering what some top of the line k…[View]
12915637Vegan thread: No rules, stay on topic and post images https://strawpoll.com/b6fyzx6e[View]
12913877Is the Avo-latte the patricians choice?. How more elegant and exotic can you be?.[View]
12915550Winona Ryder: The Cereal: About to eat out Lydia Deetz[View]
12915730Cooking channel meme thread: Can we get a cooking youtuber meme mega thread? Townsends, shitposting …[View]
12913808For back of house fags how's your style? do you put on music every prep time or do you work som…[View]
12913353Should I adopt free pet rabbits if my intention is to slaughter and eat them after getting them? I d…[View]
12914887Stop eating my peeps bruh.[View]
12912894Anyone can cook[View]
12915566What do I even do with this?[View]
12913004Cooking Fuck-Ups: Tell some stories about times you fucked up with cooking, I'll start: >pul…[View]
12912181here's your froot loops bro[View]
12913884Keto Recipes: So I have started cooking more as I am in college now. I am also planning on doing a k…[View]
12914189Riddle me this europoors Are these chips or crisps?[View]
12913306just got these, aside from steaming, recipes?[View]
12909957Planning to cook a stew today I’ve been marinating beef brisket overnight. I’ve cut it into cubes ab…[View]
12910277Why can't I make yogurt from yogurt just by pouring more milk straight from the fridge into the…[View]
12913520Accidentally cross-bred Butternut Squash and Zucchini. Suggestions how to cook it? Can it be cooked …[View]
12915568Margarine: I work in a margarine plant and got 10 lbs of the stuff today. What to do with it? Any re…[View]
12915481beer and german cooking: Had a schnitzel last night. Tasted pretty bland. Had an import (don't …[View]
12915459Imagine paying for burnt food and enjoying it[View]
12912263'Empty calories': a real thing? or just more boomer pseudo-science?[View]
12914944Friday breakfast: 3 eggs scrambled with butter 1 can of sardines in tomato sauce Black coffee What …[View]
12914837salmiakki: >is the best candy in the world[View]
12913984Thank you, australia.[View]
12910853>Sprinkles nutmeg on your favourite food[View]
12913291Anyone ever seen the channel New England Wildlife & More? What do you thino about my boy eating …[View]
12914320where is a good place to find good cook wear my house is full of nonstick pans and i need some stai…[View]
12915175Can amerilads explain this do me? Why does american advertising show pancakes with a giant slab of b…[View]
12915220Boopy Sandwich[View]
12914117Do you guys carbonize your G Fuel?[View]
12911682Why dont more places do this? Customer is not always right >Chef Puts No substitutions this is th…[View]
12914684Anybody actually eat this kinda thing?[View]
12914698How much sodium is dangerous for you? I've lived my whole life eating entire bags of chips and …[View]
12913780Concerns grow over tainted sewage sludge spread on croplands: For more than 20 years, the eastern Mi…[View]
12914948For me its the the All Clad D3 The best skillet in the world[View]
12906869Which American pizza chain makes the best tasting pizza? I know that the best pizza often comes from…[View]
12909505What are New Orleans essential eats?[View]
12905357Where is your appreciation for Filipino Food?[View]
12913696>ITT rate my chicken parm. step one. cut a chicken boob in half pound chicken breast flat, flour…[View]
12915039just finished a 10 pack of 8% ginger mix.[View]
12910820Accent: This shit changed my cooking forever. I was always frustrated with how my hamburgers, soups …[View]
12903015What does /ck/ think about GMO's?[View]
12909844Do Europeans even have the delicious wonder that is the root beer float? Some may call it a brown co…[View]
12911613Toasted Cheddar Chalupa: Bros it's here[View]
12914768What is with man children and Moutain Dew? It's just a soft drink[View]
12904127Is /ck/ for or against clever plating? For me it really adds to the atmosphere.[View]
12902592It is chili time once again my dudes.[View]
12914341Chad food thread[View]
12914705Buying 1 lbs Schaschlik today. How should I prepare it (only oven) ?[View]
12914836What’s for dinner /ck/?: I’m having mixed grains with potato, onion and sausage curry.[View]
12906922What is your favorite cut of beef anons? Personally I enjoy bone-in ribeyes[View]
12914702Recipes General: Jap Curry; How? >No Directions How do I do the thing???…[View]
12914603Swine is divine: Here's your supper son[View]
12900094At what point did tequila producers just give up on appealing to people who don't have the impu…[View]
12908273Choose one, /ck/[View]
12914645For me it’s Ultra Violet[View]
12914273Y-you wouldn't eat this would you, anon?: It's n-not kosher...it's shameful and wrong…[View]
12906333Holy fucking based Ragusea redpilling you NPCs about Teflon https://youtu.be/5FNNKhVoUu8[View]
12913972Can somebody tell me why non-Americans have such an aversion to ice in their drinks? I work in a res…[View]
12910737How the hell do grown men eat such tiny portions?: Usually in recipes and food when you look at the …[View]
12913151Bolognese - Non traditional, spanish style: We used to go on holiday to Spain every year when I was …[View]
12912207Foods to eat with a stomach ulcer? Help me coo/ck/ bros[View]
12913862Two questions, neither have any to do with each other but why make 2 threads. First ones kinda dumb …[View]
12914139What do you think of my qt appetizers? Mini toasty and untoasty toasts are feta cheese and thyme wit…[View]
12914269Mini oven: Okay /ck/, the oven at the place I'm staying at is fucking awful and only heats from…[View]
12912597I like cooking but doing it every single day makes me run out of ideas. I'm getting tired of my…[View]
12914002*blocks your path*[View]
12913895What's the best dog and why is it Bar-S[View]
12913820What's your favorite way to be served shrimps?[View]
12912741Opinions, anons? I know this is probably a cholesterol explosion for some of you but I could eat lit…[View]
12912441Airfryer: >Fries air[View]
12914236Looking to get into cooking, is this a good cookbook to learn from?[View]
12912311Sausage and cheese toasted please: Here's your breakfast bro[View]
12910829Daily attempt: Breakfast thread. What did you have today? You didn't skip breakfast, did you an…[View]
12912335It's pretty lame that Costco doesn't sell brats anymore.[View]
12912587Welcome to the 'deenz thread fellow 'deenzers. Nothing like crackin' open my daily ca…[View]
12911345You can only post in this thread if you have a culinary degree![View]
12909976Favorite Cut of meat for a Steak Dinner: What is your Favorite damn good homemade steak dinner for y…[View]
12914105Bring your own bread you say?.... Well then hehehe hope they can handle all 18' inches of my bread.[View]
12913232I'm eating five eggs every morning, is this unhealthy? (you know, cholesterol and shit)[View]
12911999Which SE Asian foods do bento style? I know Vietnamese don't.[View]
12913799Lately I haven't been eating as much. When I do it's mostly small snacks, chips, and occas…[View]
12911454Are basmati rice actually healthier or is that just advertising ?[View]
12906398any of you lads tried this? what am i in for?[View]
12911727I put this on everything[View]
12913337if you don't get jalapenos on your pizza you're just a weak little genetically inferior pl…[View]
12913323My name is carb man. I eat nothing but carbs[View]
12910229I purchased pickled eggs by the tub: Hello all, I like eating eggs and find them to be great for wor…[View]
12911268The future seems like it will be plant based. What are the best plant based dishes /ck/?[View]
12913943What is the most /ck/ pizza from pizza hut or pizza pizza? Mine is medium with buffalo blue cheese …[View]
12913845PSE Meat: I work roughly 30 miles from where I live. There's a store down the street form where…[View]
12911197A pinnacle of modern cousine: Is this the best thing mcdonalds has ever done? Holy shit I had this t…[View]
12905424Ancient Greek Diet: I want to LARP as an Ancient Greek by following a strict Ancient Greek diet. Wha…[View]
12911233I should've just bought some Stouffers, it's the same shit for less.[View]
12913425For me, its Chick Fil A's Spicy Chicken Biscuit. My favorite way to start the day.[View]
12909760the more you know, nigga[View]
12913061Best way to cook porkchops?[View]
12910208'The English' Chink Canada edition: now tell me does breakfast really get any better than this? prot…[View]
12911316Currently buying a house and going to be living on my own finally. Have minimal to no cooking experi…[View]
12912106What went wrong?[View]
12912338How not to shit blood??: Okay, I got your attention?? Nice. Like a year or something I was diagnosed…[View]
12899248>spicy foods thread I say this as somebody who loves spicy food, no not that new age 'spicy' shit…[View]
12908809>he thinks hot sauce enhances the food...[View]
12913420Russian Rye Bread: Why is this bread so good? Is it because it’s black?[View]
12912284>I can't feel my mouth >shovels spicy food down his pie-hole…[View]
12909558>run out of ketchup for my rice and eggs >substitute some leftover BBQ sauce >it’s literall…[View]
12909167Why are Concord grapes so fucking good, and why hasn’t anybody told me about these delicious fruits …[View]
12913146The Humble Meringue[View]
12912814can /ck/ explain why these are so ridiculously addictive?[View]
12910988Americans need to stop[View]
12912584>pasta >'noodles'[View]
12911319What coffee should I get /ck/?[View]
12910767who the fuck buys this shit[View]
12912780seltzerposting: fuck you im drunk i fell for the seltzer ememme and lemme tell you i never understo…[View]
12910758Gimme your best cookies recipes[View]
12891657Why are people so aggressive against craft?[View]
12911801What are some good egg recipes for someone who doesn't like eggs[View]
12911529Is the reason grandmas are considered the best cook in the family because tastebuds lose sensitivity…[View]
12900511ITT: Hilariously bad cooking Youtubers Bonus points for being literal who's[View]
12898353>Meal Prep ill pass. seems fucking gross eating the same microwaved slop everyday so, no, no than…[View]
12911140https://www.nydailynews.com/life-sty...ivq-story.html Still want that sold-out Popeyes chicken sandw…[View]
12912873So why is eastern european food the only food in the world thats shit?[View]
12910869Did I do good?[View]
12908997The BK Long Chicken tastes entirely different than the McChicken, how is this possible when it'…[View]
12912385redpill me on refrigerating eggs. do you really need to do it? what if they sat in the car for a wee…[View]
12909116Why don't restaurants use this instead of slicing whole lemons?[View]
12896866Your favourite cheese? For me, it's parmesan[View]
12909593Can someone redpill me on Chinese cleavers? There's a lot out there on German, French, and Japa…[View]
12910178I cant drink coffee anymore without getting heartburn[View]
12907567do you sneak food into the theatre? do you do it all the time, some of the time, or not at all?[View]
12910891Bloody Mary: >Most based alcoholic beverage coming through >Don't mind me >I also func…[View]
12912647What's their endgame?[View]
12911221Do you eat dinner at the table with your family or friends or room mates you live with? If not where…[View]
12910989Do you drink directly from the can or pour in it a glass?[View]
12911445So....if American workmates ask you out for a drink after work, do they literally mean a singular dr…[View]
12906956Has anyone defeated their childish palate? I've gotten better but it's still hard for me t…[View]
12911905>Get invited over for dinner >There is no dessert…[View]
12912392ITT: only the best comfort food: >baguette with herb butter >samurai sauce Will post results i…[View]
12912370>defrosted a piece of chicken yesterday >smelled and felt fine >defrosted a piece of chicke…[View]
12910846Lads i just got these big ass pumpkins. What should i use them for?[View]
12911397ITT: God tier drinks[View]
12907229What airline serves the best food? Which serves the worst?[View]
12911828Why is it taking so long to come back? It's just a piece of chicken.[View]
12912056Im not the only one who kind of enjoys Wise right? Sometimes you just want a cheap snack[View]
12906076>'let the flavours get to know each other, drag each other to the men's bathroom, fuck each …[View]
12911824constructing the perfect beverage: >Triple steeped black tea, concentrated down >Pure cranberr…[View]
12909578does /ck/ smoke? during meals or anything particular? why?[View]
12910184Cake time: Cake time[View]
12909479What a letdown[View]
12905940>go to parents house for dinner >they order KFC like usual and has been usual for all 20 somet…[View]
12906521I was drunk beyond measure on Friday and went for pizza, dropped it on the ground and ate it anyways…[View]
12903587Oatmeal: I recently started eating oatmeal for breakfast. I like it with one teaspoon of brown sugar…[View]
12911348I need to upscale a recipe I have this mug cake recipe and I want to make a whole cake out of it. I …[View]
12911797The Patty is dead? https://youtu.be/vtEl04EkeTY[View]
12908269Ask Foodservice Badboy Anything: I've been in the food 'biz' for 20 years and I don't play…[View]
12906945Best cheap mass produced American beer by a long-shot[View]
12911604What the fuck was his problem? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMGiHKGi7zI[View]
12910956>look up reviews for a pricey restaurant >”high-end food without a stuffy or pretentious atmos…[View]
12903448brown > white: brown rice is better than white rice. brown sugar is better than white sugar. brow…[View]
12910842I made moussaka and forgot to put eggs in the bechamel sauce topping. Will it still set or am I fuck…[View]
12909316this stuff is hot for me, sometimes really hot. what's wrong with me?[View]
12909500Who was in the wrong here?[View]
12906859How should I use up the rest of my tomatoes this season? I made lasagna (with bolognese), tomato sou…[View]
12911115Freezing things: What foods do you freeze to improve, /ck/? I freeze these little dudes and it'…[View]
12910739Microwave Thread: Is it actually useful for more than just heating up cold leftovers and water? Are …[View]
12907455Why are foodtards so obsessed with Michelin? They are literally slaves to what amounts to nothing bu…[View]
12908203Should I pay $200 for a chance to smell Claire’s hair at the Bon Appetit Hot10 party? https://babest…[View]
12909082Their jerky is fucking garbage how do they keep getting away with it[View]
12908105I had Fazoli's for both lunch and dinner on September 11, 2001. AMA.[View]
12909296I just want a mountain of french frys goddamit[View]
12910807Post OC steak. Make steak tonight if you have to. Critique encouraged.[View]
12911065https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myLlNUjV7D0 Did you remember to keep your pasta water in the freezer…[View]
12906094want some steamies bruh?[View]
12910255So /ck/ just had to get my gallbladder removed. I was told I gotta cut down on cheeses and fatty foo…[View]
12909932what's the best big breakfast?[View]
12910476I got some minced meat in the fridge, what recipes can I make with it?[View]
12906204Maple syrup: Is maple syrup just tree cum? Delicious tree cum.[View]
12906984What is the best food at Burger King?[View]
12909460How much food is between not enough and too much?[View]
12910748>buy a new bag of sugar >open it up >sugar is hiding in the fold >sugar spills everywher…[View]
12910712What did you have/will have for lunch today?[View]
12910266Rate my dinner: Pea soup with sausages Beet, carrot with vinegar[View]
12908620Low sodium diet: What are some common foods that are high sodium and can be removed from someone…[View]
12910299chips bread: recommend me some brands for comfy midnight snacking[View]
12907794Gonna boil this until it's shred apart tender, mix it with some top ramen, should I use the wat…[View]
12910194the pickle jar tried to stymie me, but I am the smartest animal on earth[View]
12909611>every time I cook, I waste ingredients because I wait until he last minute when I'm too hun…[View]
12908401For me, its the Avolatte[View]
12909602name a more kino cooking channel protip you literally can't[View]
12910326Gook here and i havent tried any tacos in my whole life. Where should i go first if i want to?[View]
12909407jackfruit: >see people say it taste like bubblegum >try it >it taste like pepper am I mis…[View]
12904016BBQ sauces: For me, it's the Cattlemen's Carolina Tangy Gold BBQ.[View]
12896814Is it appropriate to eat ice cream during the winter months?[View]
12908595Bread Talk: My second attempt at pane di genzano. It sounded so good, crackling as it cooled. Outsid…[View]
12908577In case anyone's in the market for Powerade, Gatorade, any kind of sports drink, etc, there…[View]
12909737How bad an idea is forcing yourself to vomit after you eat something you regret? I just ate 3 pieces…[View]
12909665For me, it's the Rooty Tooty Fresh N Fruity with a side of Froot Loops and a Root Beer Float[View]
12909110Does anyone have experience growing mushrooms at home? I don't have any space to grow my own ve…[View]
12906524Coke Zero or Diet Coke?[View]
12902722are there like 1% alcohol beers that taste flavorful as a typical IPA? I want to drink good beer but…[View]
12909798what are all the different types of alcohol: drink lists are a complete foreign language, how do i l…[View]
12909887Rate my breakfast: Coffee with milk Toasts with fish paste[View]
12899856you are given a skinless chicken breast to cook with today. what do you make /ck/?[View]
12909703why do italians need another word for calling their pasta medium rare?[View]
12905548>Cooks bbq regularly for the firefighters in northern california >Eats every wing, doesn'…[View]
12906637What will it be, little children?[View]
12909609>restaurant has TV's in it Trash tier[View]
12908759>make a pot of pasta >cook a bunch of meatballs and sausage in tomato sauce >after a few da…[View]
12903250What type of cheese is the moon made of?[View]
12907101How much does a 6-12 oz / 400-800 gram can of San Marzano tomatoes cost in your country?[View]
12900701why don't you eat at your local diner anymore?[View]
12908193Welcome chefs. As we begin our appetizer round, you you will see that in front of each of you is a b…[View]
12908918Frozen Green Peas: Would these go well in jambalaya? Any other ideas of what to do with them other t…[View]
12909393>caveshit like this still exists we all live in the eternal ghetto[View]
12907472I mean they're definitely sweeter than most grapes, but I'm not getting candy floss[View]
12909240Help finding kelloggs cereal straws: Anyone know where I can get Kellogg's cereal straws? I can…[View]
12909130This message is for one of y'all out there in /ck/ land.... your mm's... I finished them. …[View]
12909405What's your favorite Ice beer?[View]
12904891What's your favorite Halloween candy? Also: >gf wants to trick or treat in a rich neighborho…[View]
12908375pronounced 'food'[View]
12908966Hey /ck/. I have these sweet banana peppers my mom gave me. Not sure what to do with them. Looking f…[View]
12909267Ok, now these things are pretty kino[View]
12908687yeah can i get uhhhhhhhhh[View]
12909232Pinto Beans: sup /ck/ I've got a pound of dry pinto beans soaking for 10 hours. they're ch…[View]
12908618should have grabbed a pic while i was cooking and it looked more appealing but i had to be in a bigg…[View]
12909217Just made this for din din. How do you guys usually prepare your vienna sausages?[View]
12908233I thought NY has some of the best pizza? Went to NYC and the pizza fucking sucked[View]
12909041Heading to Taco Bell, you want anything /ck/?[View]
12885148Blue Bell Ice Cream: GOAT flavor[View]
12907872>order a salad >order dressing >salad comes out >you're given a 1oz thimble of sala…[View]
12904060>Go to party >Hey drink up bro why do people like this shit?…[View]
12908124What foods did you make today?[View]
12908667Parmesan Cheese is very expensive. What are some good alternatives with lower cost and similar taste…[View]
12908324Insect Cooking: So I just cooked insects for the first time, fried em up and mixed them with boiled …[View]
12905992Made this using my cast iron frypan. What do you think? Pretty tasty but surprisingly not too fillin…[View]
12908797about to buy myself a $4 pretzel. What am I getting myself into /ck/? I'm a little scared.[View]
12900011this is what a healthy diet looks like[View]
12904213Does this place have any redeeming items besides their tots, drinks, or ice cream? The burger tastes…[View]
12908150I'm curious about this topic so here we go: >Your country >What your country generally th…[View]
12902055Does your grand parents cook for you? Anything you like ?: Or they are too old to cook[View]
12907330Cookbook for gf: Hello /ck/ ! I am a foreigner in these lands, but I seek sage advice from you. My g…[View]
12908722I want to become a cook and do something with this passion. My biggest problem though is my own tast…[View]

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