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14557755why are my homemade burger patties so chewy? i get ground beef i think it's 85/15. the ones at …[View]
14555185H Mart: Making a trip to H Mart later today to get supplies for a rendang and refresh on some pantry…[View]
14558630which pickle brand is your favorite and why?[View]
14556821*ruins your water*[View]
14558639I had never been to subway so decided to try it. i had no idea what to do. somehow i ended up paying…[View]
14556299itt: shit food you love idk why long john's scratches that itch for shitty hangover tier sea fo…[View]
14558340what meal can you eat every day to achieve maximum possible nutrition[View]
14555388Show me a superior fry.[View]
14554755HOLY SHIT It's so much better than the white one.[View]
14556922Gluten-free: Any tips/things to look out for when going gluten-free? I'm aware cross-contaminat…[View]
14558532can you recommend some tasty or easy ingredients for sushi? I tried making some and it's probab…[View]
14558565>splurge and order $43 worth of Chinese food for myself for delivery on my day off (including 15%…[View]
14556660>Hey, it's you again! you want the same as always? Let me work on it right away! >everyon…[View]
14556948Who else has eaten mighty taco?: How is it so much better it is than all other taco chains? Are whit…[View]
14542701Cursed restaurant thread[View]
14556159I'm looking for a new digestif to wind down my day. Sweet vermouth and Amaretto are alright, bu…[View]
14558007Grandpa used bar b q: Like this >(͡• ͜ʖ ͡•)[View]
14555015what are you eating right now /ck/? right now i am having diced chicken breast with salt and pepper …[View]
14558316Acorn squash. Sooner or later in season. Maybe later? Cut in half, hunk of butter, an honest grouch …[View]
14557511Heard this is some German delicacy...[View]
14556656I haven't had more than 20g carbs in a day for 6 months. What should I break my low carb with? …[View]
14557466for me, it's Moe's Burger[View]
14556380post the best pickles[View]
14556292Bagel Thread: Why aren't you washing your bagels like Kenji?[View]
14554631WWYD: You spend your entire life in the food industry, start from the bottom and become a successful…[View]
14555171For me℠, it's gotta be Sloppy™ Joes®.©[View]
14551661bean of the gods[View]
14557535How do they make cherry tomatoes?: do they just shrink regular tomatoes?[View]
14552959food items that look nothing like what it actually is, ill start carmel chew[View]
14547392get this through your fucking heads, white peeps.[View]
14555099I made nachos![View]
14557953Woah you got pepperoni too? We can be pepperoni pals![View]
14557783What should I do for supper?[View]
14555890Is Cointreau worth it over other brands of triple sec if I’m just going to be mixing it into cocktai…[View]
14556867>mom used the secret sauce[View]
14547408Do you intentionally eat food incorrectly?[View]
14554673Is anyone in /ck/ cool enough to have an actual wine cellar?[View]
14557226If you cut a sandwich in half, do you now have two sandwiches?[View]
14556797Morning omelette[View]
14555496Watch me make breakfast: Hey /ck/. Today we will be making a basterdized version of a Middle Eastern…[View]
14554419Is it a sign that you live in the hood if a Checkers is near you?[View]
14557108Do you make hielitos? These are made with mangos and chamoy, no sugar added.[View]
14557452More BBQ: I recently made a post about smoked foods and suggestions of what other foods to smoke. Th…[View]
14556760Is in n out the most overrated fatfood there is?[View]
14541562What are your thoughts on Currywurst?[View]
14557194How do you make a good bind for the meatballs? I use bread crumbs, milk, and eggs, but the meatballs…[View]
14557058is eating pickled jalapenos trashy?[View]
14554561What is the best tortilla-related recipe, and what are the best keto tortillas, /ck/?[View]
14546251I worked here for 1.5 years AMA[View]
14547200I was buying instant noodles and potato chips at the convenience store and the cashier decided to ex…[View]
14555998Check this bad ass smoker: They make some good stuff on it to ribs pulled pork chicken wings you nam…[View]
14557225Saw this at a Firehouse Subs. Ever try it?[View]
14556275BRATZ CANDY GLOSS 2007: ok so basically my friend´s birthday is in 1 week and she REALLY wants the b…[View]
14552636Any Arby's fans? Their Reuben is pretty tasty.[View]
14554516Anybody else think high cuisine is a fucking scam?: First of all it looks like trash. Second of all,…[View]
14554276Egg Drop Soup: I still can't get mine to taste like restaurant quality, nor my eggs to be the r…[View]
14554517For me, it's the twice baked potato.[View]
14553234Foods that will get me Laid: Having a girl coming over for dinner later this week and i haven't…[View]
14555754Mexican food general: >well seasoned, tasty, refried beans cost me $1.19, could feed a family of …[View]
14554977It's time we got over preconveived notions and snobbery and recognized ketchup for what it real…[View]
14538700GOAT breakfast?: Practicality, health, how well it energises you in the morning. What's the bes…[View]
14556266What other 'off-menu' shit should i try from mcdonalds?: love a mcgangbang[View]
14556804kfc plant based chicken thing its very dry, but its pretty good desu. nice to see places commiting t…[View]
14556726Why are Americans obsessed with deep fried chicken skins?[View]
14556463i made tiramisù and i have some mascarpone leftover. what can i do with it?[View]
14552002Here's whar a semla is[View]
14551926This is unironically the best fast food burger money can buy. You may not like it, but this is what …[View]
14552204May you be interested in a dried fig?[View]
14546440how the FUCK do you season chicken while keeping it healthy? i can't fucking cook.[View]
14555045Pork: Now that the wife's gone to visit her family for a couple of weeks I can finally eat pork…[View]
14556555How I eat when I'm around others vs when I'm alone[View]
14550053WebM Thread[View]
14551244I aint no bitch chef: This is the day I lost all respect for gordon[View]
14551437Dosa / South Indian food: Has /ck/ ever tried South Indian food? I find it a lot more palatable than…[View]
14555423for me, it's boiled potatoes. wbu?[View]
14556609Cringe thread[View]
14556554https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5fQZhv0poU how do you enjoy your lakku pippu?[View]
14553480hey /ck/, I just tried making jelly for the first time with figs, and I'm really happy with how…[View]
14556587I'm fucking HUNGRY[View]
14555960>He doesn't put rocks in his food[View]
14553998Whats the best brand of sliced bread for an autistic atheist who is weird about bread texture ?[View]
14553973could a normal person who doesn't regularly eat hot stuff die from drinking this whole bottle i…[View]
14555615/ck/ what is the next big food trend?[View]
14550829REEEEEEEE, WHY THE FUCK DOES CHICKEN SOUP GO BAD SO FUCKING FAST >really craving some chicken sou…[View]
14554662Can we finally settle this? What CHAIN has the best pizza?[View]
14555128Would you?[View]
14554224Zucchini flowers thread: How do you cook these fuckers? Every recipe turned into a soggy mess. Why d…[View]
14554258I've gone a full week without food and I feel pretty okay about it. Should I keep going?[View]
14555756American cuisines: Post some of burgerland's contributions to the culinary arts.[View]
14555718Question to serious culinary enthusiats:: Is pic related as good as his media presence wants me to b…[View]
14556137Food misconceptions: I thought Tiramisu was Japanese until today[View]
14546221Jalapeno Poppers: Which fast food place has the best Jalapeno Poppers? For me its Weinerschnitzel, b…[View]
14554478Alrighty /CK/, debate time: what is the best Hot Pockets flavor?[View]
14554893who here peanut jam? for me is most toasting mornings. anyone4 else?[View]
14555758these are like six bucks: you melt butter on them and you are eating like an actual Lord or even a K…[View]
14555994Bish bash Bosh[View]
14551371I have drank distilled water for 3 weeks straight and I never felt healthier in my life. I have more…[View]
14552353My friend bought a case of Soylent and gave me one. It's pretty disgusting, like a chalkier Sli…[View]
14549474>How many times a week do you eat fat food? >Are you obese? >do you know how to cook? Fast …[View]
145540842 for $4, Steel Reserve I want more![View]
14554957How can I perfect these?: I was taught to put peanuts, sugar and a bit of water onto a pan and let i…[View]
14554698Sit down /ck/, relax and have a nice little Pasztecik. What, are you afraid of eating unknown cuisin…[View]
14554409Shake Shack > all why does /ck/ hate it?[View]
14552339Cross Contamination: I know nothing about food safety. If I want to prepare some chicken and salmon …[View]
14554502was fusion food a mistake[View]
14553024..Really now? Why does he get away with shit like this and nobody calls him out? https://www.youtub…[View]
14554415I'd like to talk about Mixed Food Cultures: In the Bahamas we have native African Cuisine, Sout…[View]
14553354So apparently Native Americans ate wild onions before the introduction of onions/garlic[View]
14554731I tell you, there's nothing like a bigass bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich for breakfast. With p…[View]
14553410Why are cupcakes the only decent tasting Hostess? It's like they use inferior quality for every…[View]
14547146What's for dinner /ck/?[View]
14542867What does Calpis taste like? So mysterious...[View]
14552908Post gourmet food gore.[View]
14551283post a typical brunch from your country[View]
14554603What is the Indian cuisine is all about? I know it is huge and you get more thai or middle eastern i…[View]
14547814Was it really that bad? Wood the idea have worked if the juicer was reasonably priced and they just …[View]
14554869cherry compote/ jam?: I recently came into a pretty fair amount of cherries. I was thinking of doin…[View]
14547006Do Scots really...?: >Boozy Scots line streets to pick up new Mad Dog 2020 Electric Melon flavour…[View]
14552761is there a way to eat a lot of food without absorbing any of the calories or making a mess by puking…[View]
14550836secret to the BEST spaghetti and meatballs? this is a tough dish for me to make at home but I have …[View]
14552167What can you do with frozen beef patties besides burgers?[View]
14554636Apples: So are these fuckers good for me or not?[View]
14553228What are some nice drinks and foods to put in my new mini fridge? I've just filled it up with p…[View]
14554441for me, it's gripping food with force[View]
14554700I eat bolognese every day. Why would you eat anything else?[View]
14552116>yes I'd like one cheese pizza >that's right just cheese, no toppings…[View]
14549209You have ten seconds to post the best hot dog style[View]
14552513Farewell, beloved[View]
14545975Which carb would you remove?[View]
14554615Need some good Oats brands. Pic unrelated.[View]
14551212Why haven't any new foods swept the nation recently? Burgers, tacos, pizza, Chinese. That seems…[View]
14553805breakfast: rate my meal mortadella, lard, aged pecorino, salame, bread and two beers (i fast for ~ 2…[View]
14552429A question I see many times here: are old spices or food still good. Well... I just cleaned out my m…[View]
14552811Bros, I’m afraid. My friend thinks the hot n spicy mcchicken is going to be taken off the menu soon …[View]
14551863I fucking love this shit[View]
14542568What can I drink other than waters, sodas, juices, coffees, and teas that doesn't contain alcho…[View]
14552133I'm about to get /stuffed/[View]
14554282McDonald's Moment[View]
14550494does this place sell anything that isn't terrible and sopping wet with fat?[View]
14554108Applebrowns: Applebees is based[View]
14554264Going here today thanks to CHAD socialist Tory policy. Can get a £10 Bacon Cheesburger, £5 Regular C…[View]
14554201Buy this if you lazy and your glasses are always dirty on the bottom https://splicedkitchen.com/prod…[View]
14550872So.... I nabbed these cause they're always flying off the dang shelf. I never had these before.…[View]
14551223Is pepsi okay?: How do you respond?[View]
14548699Квac: So what do you guys think about kvas[View]
14553809Rate my garlic roasting setup[View]
14549584Yeah, I'm thinking it's based[View]
14553427Post retarded shit you make: When I was a kid, we had an air popcorn maker. Every Friday I would mak…[View]
14551443bacon roast: don't let your dreams be dreams be the cook you know you can be it's been a …[View]
14551320UNSWEETENED almond milk: Are you fucking kidding me? What the fuck even is this shit? Almond milk wa…[View]
14553775Trash Meals You Eat: Shapes mac n cheese Extra butter Sliced franks Peas Black pepper Ketchup[View]
14546699Ever make special fries?[View]
14552905what is a good cheap japanese rice whiskey i can order in america?[View]
14549408Having a little get-together with friends this morning. Here's the appetizer plate I assembled.…[View]
14536829What's your favorite supermarket? I go to Sprouts usually.[View]
14551826/ck/ approved literature[View]
14553621Help me buy: which commercial gas range? How many BTU’s?: I’ve decided to buy a very nice gas range.…[View]
14552554So go ahead, make your choice. >inb4 some jackasses say Whales or Nips Shut up…[View]
14549345I am ANGRY. Angry about CANDY.: So I bought a pack of Starburst and when I tried to open it it kind …[View]
14552830Fav noodles discontinued, trying to replicate: Pretty sure this flavor is discontinued now and even …[View]
14551238>I'll have a pepperoni pizza Now that the children have ordered, what will the adults have?…[View]
14553349>tfw cant afford to eat 90% bone scraps. Im just so hungry bros[View]
14553376One topping OR cheese?: What the fuck I can only get sauce and a topping OR sauce and cheese? Who th…[View]
14552263Just got some leg of lamb, give me some good recipes. I was thinking of marinating in some lemon oil…[View]
14551663Fries: recipes of choice? pic not related[View]
14551855Brainlet Question for /ck/: Reposting from >>>/out/ Am new to the off grid thing, and went …[View]
14547377I actually like drinking from these and unlike with faggy snifters, I don't get an alcohol burn…[View]
14552806What are some healthy snacking foods? By definition, I mean foods you can mindlessly eat with little…[View]
14551768what am i in for?[View]
14552867How long until they're forced to change the name of this product?[View]
14551925Is pic really a salad?[View]
14553012Post GOODEST Cooking[View]
14546665Mayonnaise really is a great sauce.[View]
14545847thoughts on frozen pot pies /ck/? I really liked this one, very filling and delicious[View]
14550602Favorite dollar store food?[View]
14550586Thanksgiving-flavoured candy.: Would you? And, more importantly, __ _________ ______?[View]
14552048How often does /ck/ eat gefilte fish?[View]
14552590>Food's ready, Anon! Now let's wait 30 minutes until it cools down :3 >mfw…[View]
14552156Just made pic in question, highly recommend: https://www.nestandglow.com/healthy-recipes/avocado-pro…[View]
14552233Bon Appetit: What went wrong?[View]
14551890Long time since I cooked a burger. I love burgers. This one has mayo and red habanero sauce. Perfect…[View]
14549279God bless America[View]
14551526Favorite Truck Stop Cuisine: For me, it's the open-face hot roast beef sandwich with mashed pot…[View]
14552581FREDDYS PATTY MELT: Name a Better Burger than Freddy's patty melt. Haha I gamed you there is no…[View]
14549531THIS is peak human culinary experience[View]
14543266Give me some pork belly recipes, brothers.[View]
14551657glizzys gotta be the gayest food on planet earth. when you see a nigga downin a glizzy shit be looki…[View]
14549718He eats eggs for for breakfast without owning a chiken coop...: Mfw[View]
14544592what are you getting? im getting 2 double cheeseburgers and a dr.pepper[View]
14551124Green Mystery Beverage: I'm looking for a non-alcoholic tonic/beverage that is clear and dark g…[View]
14552530Rate my sloppa shit lunch.[View]
14552519What’s a good yogurt? Should I cop this one with cartoon characters? I’m an incel so I am drawn towa…[View]
14551499For me? It has to be a glass of water, room temperature of course.[View]
14552221/booger/: how come many people eat their own boogers but i never heard of any animal booger dish? do…[View]
14549955Barbecue pizza.: First of all, the picture is not my pizza, it's from google images. How do I m…[View]
14552136Fermentation Thread: What the FUCK are you fermenting right now, /ck/? I'm fermenting nothing b…[View]
14550424Ginger & Lemongrass: Been to the store and found these two spices i'm not so familiar with …[View]
14550036Corn Pudding: It's very delicious. Do you like it, Anon?[View]
14549577Would you be satisfied with this as dinner?[View]
14553454English Cuisine: imagine paki food being your national dish[View]
145520541 ingredient Vegan Chicken-Cauliflower: My first shot at making Vegan chicken with just one main ing…[View]
14552085Eating at night: A few months ago, I'd occasionally eat some snack at night. But my body got us…[View]
14551400How do I eat this stuff?[View]
14545835Hey Johnny Scoville here from chase the heat! Today, I am going to be boofing this Pepper X right up…[View]
14547002i want doner kebab for dinner[View]
14551210best hot sauce for scrambled egs: I know everyone hates Frank red hot, but I have yet to find a hot …[View]
14550746Does pre-heating the oven have any effect on the taste of the food once cooked? >Pic unrelated…[View]
14549094I miss this little niggas like you wouldn't believe...[View]
14539753Here's a burger I had at a work picnic. The patty was from Costco.[View]
14550414Poor man's condiment[View]
14550470Anyone else grilling on this fine day of Tuesday?[View]
14548532In the foreseeable future it will be possible to grow muscle cells under medium to produce meat, eli…[View]
14551368Steak halp: Last night I was attempting to reverse sear a steak, a few minutes before it was done in…[View]
14551414At the end of the day, these are the only spices a man truly needs.[View]
14549887I love this shit[View]
14550973>When the cooking channel has a 30 sec intro that plays at every video[View]
14551635Food makes my tummy hurt: Any advice on how to get my gut health in order? It seems like anything I …[View]
14550338I am interested in American BBQ, specifically Texas BBQ. Is it good ?[View]
14546932What food have you found that heals you?[View]
14544310https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8E4cQHejFq0 What the fuck happened to him /ck/? Does he do this on p…[View]
14551264How did explorers discover the hidden valley where ranch comes from?[View]
14550171lactose intolerance: lack toes intolerance: I hate it so much bros, think it's possible to jus…[View]
14549722How else could it have been baked?[View]
14549576What does /ck/ think of Aussie big food statues?: We like to make big food statues, some towns are r…[View]
14551321I wish PHS come back.... Do any of you fucking faggots even know of the man, the myth, the legend?[View]
14549973Chopsticks are the superior eating device. With a fork you tear the meat as you push the fork in, pu…[View]
14551105Has Red Letter Media cooking guy run out of ideas? https://youtu.be/fLNgGdlFjj0[View]
14551108Just started as a barista, who's got some weird espresso drink ideas (monin syrups included)[View]
1454761483% Of NYC Restaurants Unable To Pay July Rent: NEW YORK, NY, August 3, 2020 -- A survey released to…[View]
14549350Is their ice cream any good?[View]
14549642Can you feel it? The dreaded season is coming. I'm already starting to see it creep into the ai…[View]
14548234ni hao what is this dish called and what is it?[View]
14536244>not eating the rind Do subhumans really...?!?[View]
14529703ITT: Restaurants that your glad is closing[View]
14547436Are lettuce buns the future of hamburger, sandwiches, and hotdogs?[View]
14523483why do some people seemingly not get fat while eating whatever the fuck theywant i thought it was ca…[View]
14548414Which country has the healthiest and most filling breakfast?[View]
14544356oh you mother FUCKER: this is bad enough in seafood pasta or paella or whatever, but on a pizza it s…[View]
14549770hottest sauce EVER.: this shit. this hot sauce right here. is the SINGLE MOST SPICIEST hot sauce i h…[View]
14548925Europe is burning. Post your go-to summer heat food![View]
14539482What are your thoughts on authentic Mexican food?[View]
14550482For me it's Fazolis[View]
14548498*dabs on your favorite taqueria*[View]
14549527NEW BINGING WITH BABISH!!: Paunch Burger from Parks & Rec https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RN8uoB…[View]
14516129Resturant stories thread[View]
14548069Okay anons. I'm going to attempt to make my own puff pastry. What should I know?[View]
14549319did i do this steak right? 16oz NY strip, smashed red potatoes, roasted carrots with dill (i am tryi…[View]
14545589Trying my hardest to buy a gift.: Good Afternoon, My problem is that my friend is always bring over…[View]
14543356Yeah, im thinking based[View]
14550024How long can chicken last in the fridge once cooked? I've gone a week once and I'm wonderi…[View]
14550189Has anyone tried cinderella pumpkin to make pumpkin pie? There is a mixed consensus on whether they…[View]
14550229Eggs, peppers, provolone, tomato sauce.[View]
14542271how does /ck/ feel about mac n cheese?[View]
14549717Caffiene: Addicted to caffeine, switched to 'diet' energy drinks, now trying to stop those…[View]
14546119Are Are Fryers a meme or are they good? Im looking to make healthier version of chicken cutlets, fri…[View]
14549692The Whopper is an objectively better burger than the big mac, from a scientific perspective. It conf…[View]
14550179/SIG/ -- Service Industry General: How many cu/ck/s work(ed) in service industry? I've been in …[View]
14548107in this 3hr vid you will learn necessary shit: Download before jewtube removes it https://m.youtube.…[View]
14547344Who makes the best jarred sauce? >Pic may or may not be related; I just think his face on everyth…[View]
14542445Hot dog thread, Favorite types, toppings, prep methods, pairings, etc[View]
14550025Got a cotton candy pickle today CK. You jelly?[View]
14545608soju thread: Crazy korean trick for soju[View]
14549313malk: How much milk do you drink, my dudes? How much is too much? I can easily tear through a gallon…[View]
14548242It's time for spaghetti bread.[View]
14548436Today we're gonna find out what happens when you vomit on the steak. Before I vomited, I didn…[View]
14540597>washes chicken >gets flavorless, waterlogged chicken…[View]
14544418Are there really people on here who don't drink soda?[View]
14547727So what do you do with your crusts when making a sandwich?[View]
14549359Has anyone tried this shit?: Apparently on Wikipedia they call it cocoroco and it’s from Bolivia. If…[View]
14546282Can chili be made with white beans?: I'm gonna make chili with white beans tomorrow.[View]
14548559>that's the hottest sauce out there? https://youtu.be/3yji2djI8r8?t=403…[View]
14546063*is based in your path*[View]
14546763How do you feel about Grapefruit Juice?[View]
14548517For me, it's Amy's frozen meals.[View]
14548669How do you go from this...[View]
14547385Is it really that bad for you?[View]
14546638Del Taco > Taco Bell[View]
14547108on a scale of 0 to 10, how healthy is this?[View]
14544598How do you tell if chicken has gone bad?[View]
14548986are egg rolls and taquitios the same thing? food unsolved mysteries thread[View]
14541627stop eating this shit humans cant even digest it it also spikes your blood sugar level and gives you…[View]
14547755The fuck is the point of sour cream? It just tastes like nothing. It's like negative flavor for…[View]
14545000Chilli burn: I've cut up some bird's eye chillis about two hours ago. I scooped them up in…[View]
14547811What's your favorite furikake?[View]
14546448this is amazing[View]
14544993Tea Earl Grey Hot[View]
14547825Greetings /ck/. I have a question I have just put on a boiled egg for myself and when i opened it u…[View]
14548506Catfish: what're your thoughts on catfish and catfish meat? i heard they have a bad rep and tas…[View]
14548709Mm ayo shieeet: I'm finna cook up some veggies with a sauce for the senpai. We always do that w…[View]
14546689How do I get my bell peppers to stop squeaking when I bite into them? I mostly use them in stir fry…[View]
14544422What do you think of milk? Is it okay to drink for humans or an animal secrete with disturbing hormo…[View]
14546809How many tater toots can you eat in one sitting?[View]
14548220>meal prepping >make mashed sweet potato, chicken thighs >decide to use up a pound of aspar…[View]
14548244I miss it, /ck/. I miss it so much. What soda flavors or other foods are missing from your life beca…[View]
14546425Burger: Burger[View]
14544142What are some good Sub-Sarahan African dishes?[View]
14548298Are Monin syrups the best you can get for making milkshakes and Frappuccinos?[View]
14548508Got two of these that I'm working with for dinner tonight. Any suggestions? I don't really…[View]
14546725Is it okay to be a belligerent asshole to your staff?[View]
14547081>accidentally leave a nondescript eurolager in the freezer for too long >end up with a beer sl…[View]
14548191>hey guys, here's how to make ramen at home, and it will be even better than the instant ram…[View]
14541847>that'll be $53.98 plus tip plus tax plus mandatory donation to LGBTQ+ support groups >an…[View]
14544160ITT food scams[View]
14547389Monday is the new Tuesday. I made my self a couple of ground beef tacos with pic related for good me…[View]
14543085AMA just quit there today because slave-tier work Also Chili's and Mellow Mushroom while I…[View]
14545059Everlasting Syllabub: History's Fluffiest Dessert[View]
14543585which one /ck/? [spoiler]KFC not included because it's fucking disgusting and you all know it.[…[View]
14538290/Wage slave general/: What do you eat for lunch at work?[View]
14545694Recipes for Teens: My little brother has wanted to start cooking, but is unsure where to start. I…[View]
14544911Sliders are simply hollow mockeries that only serve to insult and degrade the Burger. Prove me wrong…[View]
14547125Frozen Omeletts: Let's discuss this abomination[View]
14548359martini and breadsticks: bada bing bada BOOM[View]
14548337I'm a poorfag who comes to /ck/ to look at pictures of food when I'm hungry[View]
14547787This is the saddest cookbook ever written.: Anyone ever actually 'cook' a meal from scratc…[View]
14547702*cooks all your meals*[View]
14547809Stevia / Recipes: And if Any Here Found a Brown-Bag Replacement edition.[View]
14546548When you've made dinner in the evening, do you just sit there alone in the dark and eat?[View]
14544594Which is the best whiskey? Pic related first and only I've tried.[View]
14547919Have you taken the mexipill yet, /ck/?[View]
14547730They named it the Famous Bowl before anyone had ever heard of it, but yes now I do think it is quite…[View]
14547775REAL FOOD: 'Lets get Italian tonight Anon kun' 'Sure why not' 'Great! I can't wait for Olive Ga…[View]
14545148bros i took the good shit pill and ive totally fucked myself, why the FUCK is all the good shit so e…[View]
14547678beans: beans[View]
14546278Popeyes forgot one of my chicken sandwiches and for me to travel back there would negate the cost of…[View]
14547513Based drinks: I'm turning 21 tomorrow, which means I can finally drink alcohol, I actually coul…[View]
14547275Wa la[View]
14543252>A pizza place where you make your own pie Thoughts /ck/?[View]
14547598What foods for lunch would you recommend for someone who has a short torso but very long femurs? Eve…[View]
14547353Oregon needs your help, /ck/. The fishing industry is struggling due to the flu, and its effects on …[View]
14546879dumbass liquor laws: >want to buy Mr. Black Cold Brewed Coffee Liqueur due to good reviews online…[View]
145471478.10.20 20:30 it's been two hours since the first order was supposed to arrive. The driver crep…[View]
14547482The jalapeno mcdouble or whatever. Hehe. Whatever the fuck Christians are talking about I assume. Ye…[View]
14545817Pickle appreciation thread[View]
14543699What does everyone think of All Things Barbecue's new cutie Britt? Also, lesser known/obscure Y…[View]
14545779>caprese 'salad' with lots of olive oil Mmmh. Any other easy as fuck dishes that work surprisingl…[View]
14541798I just love my New York flour with my New York yeast and New York sugar, eggs, milk and you can…[View]
14547136Now that the Secret Aardvark Trading Company was ransacked by rioters in Portland they stopped produ…[View]
14547064>eat pizza >upper lip smells like pizza the rest of the day…[View]
14547287Why do they keep saying americans can't cook, I don't get it?[View]
14545776https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CshkecuFfMc Name a more wholesome chef. I love relaxing and listenin…[View]
14533012Do you think chickens have individual personalities? If you had five chickens could you tell them ap…[View]
14546049This is a serving size of Haribo Twin Snakes. Is it enough for you my lord?[View]
14546756Have you ever put butter on a poptart? It's so friggen good.[View]
14531854/sip/ - Energy Drink General: Post what you're sipping! I'm having Red Thunder (12 fl oz)…[View]
14546895Hows your meat cutting skills ?: Are you better than these guys ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7L…[View]
14541971Thoughts on my homemade dinner?[View]
14541162Is she a better cook than Jack? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayImIgdgLEI[View]
14546302microwave roux: Mix ¾ cup oil and 1 cup flour in a Pyrex container. Microwave and stir in increments…[View]
14544809When will tacos in the US look as good these?[View]
14544430What can I add to pic related in order to make it taste better?[View]
14533523y-you do keep your uncooked rice in the fridge as per the instructions on the bag, right anon?[View]
14546671>travel across the world to experience food >it's all pretty underwhelming and I still pr…[View]
14546624>tfw I have 12 restaurants within a half-mile of my quiet suburban neighborhood feels convenient,…[View]
14544639sorbet and spoom: Spoom is a frothy sorbet made with Italian meringue. I don't have an ice crea…[View]
14545034>the best wings in Atlanta (and America apparently) are from a strip club wtf is this true ATLfag…[View]
14538784WEBM Thread: Essential Kitchen Accessories Edition.[View]
14546424Disappointing. Orange is far better.[View]
14544781How do you deal with family members that have shit taste palettes and bitch endlessly about food?[View]
14544330What's the best food to cook over a campfire? I'm. Going camping this weekend and I want t…[View]
14545914>increases the price of your dish by 300$ and worsens the taste Why?[View]
14545031FUCK! You just got gifted a bunch of squash. What are some non gay recipes/meals you can make with i…[View]
14545955What are some foods that get improved monumentally with just one simple addition? Turn a boring food…[View]
14546002A hurricane knocked the power out in my place for a week and it caused a bunch of food in my fridge …[View]
14546330Solar cooker recommendation: Any of you ever find a solar cooker that you liked?[View]
14539081Most disgusting food you've ever eaten?[View]
14542072What do y’all think of this hottie? https://youtu.be/n01tW4qwLdA[View]
14542388Chili thread: Chili recipes Chili discussion Chili pics Chili r34 Pick related is my take on my mum…[View]
14545676The great debate[View]
14536890Inflation is making groceries and food too expensive.[View]
14543519I kinda sorts miss it :([View]
14544091>implying you wouldn't[View]
14543697Which slice do you want?[View]
14542077Is this the most iconic /ck/ scene of all time?[View]
14538063Hi /fit/ here. My mommy buys me liver every goddamn day instead of chicken and forces me to eat it. …[View]
14545250Whats a good replacement for this shit? It's such a chore to clean and all. I mostly grind waln…[View]
14545292Eating free kebab AMA: Only meat and medium sauce btw[View]
14544893Is 120 bucks for 10 pounds of cut and seasoned chicken a good deal?[View]
14541978are tuna burgers underrated?[View]
14545717Salmon Sando~~~[View]
14545062*is the best allium in your path*[View]
14544944does everyone have a 'comfort' breakfast? like, one, a breakfast that makes you feel all warm and no…[View]
14545708I'm trying to cook burritos kind of like Qdoba for the first time. I have 2 challenges though.…[View]
14536660How do you feel about Thai food? What are your fav dishes? For me it's Tom Kha and Mee Krob[View]
14545401Ribs without a Grill: I bought a bunch of pork ribs. How should I cook them? I don't have a gri…[View]
14541588Obviously bacteria can be still be a concern, but is there realistically any chance of getting paras…[View]
14541607r8 my homemade pizza[View]
14544193Is calzone a good pizza? I never tried.[View]
14542573I just had some onion-lentil stew and now Im gassy with very raw onionny farts. And I still have a f…[View]
14542344I'm trying to slim down on expenses and save money right now. I buy lots of cans of beans since…[View]
14545159>my molars have stuff stuck in them >'why did I ever stop buying gum?' >buy gum >chew it…[View]
14529343Post your favorite beer.[View]
14543876ITT: we vent: FUCK applesauce containers. These fucking things are designed to ensure you can't…[View]
14542971What are my best options if I want to minimize my food expenses while retaining nutritional complete…[View]
14543328So, I've been working fine dining, local and seasonal menus in some of the best restaurants in …[View]
14542094this is how they cut pizza in Canton, Ohio thoughts?[View]
14542390>regular cheese i buy is on discount >but so is expensive cheese >i could get twice as much…[View]
14543515>It's Chilis but better[View]
14544154I recently received one of these bad boys, problem is the use by date was last year. How can I tell …[View]
14543039Have around a kilo of these bad boys. Whats a good way to prepare them? Kinda not in the mood for fr…[View]
14543441Knives thread? Let's discuss about brands, quality, and the good ones with reasonable prices. I…[View]
14492396/tea/ general: /tea/ bagged editon Pastebin brewing instructions, tea info and sources: https://past…[View]
14543435So, I finally bought a pack of this meme. How do I use it? Do I just sprinkle it on meat like regula…[View]
14544895Anon who quit sugar here, reporting back: It's been about three weeks? Anyway, my energy level…[View]
14534055Is it real? What's wrong with UK?[View]
14543202Post some of your local greasy spoons.Pic related been around since 1954.[View]
14544263I marinated a kilo of diced chicken breast in: Lemon juice and its pulp Soy sauce Fresh ginger Garli…[View]
14543195i enjoy eating these with salt[View]
14543057how do you get the pussy wet with a vegetarian dish?[View]
14540940How the fuck do you guys eat this? Not even trying to rip on vegans but i ordered one and it tasted …[View]
14543802Why won't McDonald's bring back their two for five it would be perfect during this pandemi…[View]
14543798The ascended barbecue pizza: So far I got this, ingredients: . bought pizza base . tomato (fried tom…[View]
14541036Now that the dust is settled, what do we think of Ha' za'? Based or cringe[View]
14543851Made some breke, what are you guys eatin? These are chilli cheese fries with pizza perogies[View]
14540331What's the worst fast food place in your opinion? Wingstop is fucking terrible. Their wings hav…[View]
14544148Big Mac, but it tastes good.[View]
14540409Peak midwest[View]
14542330What's your favorite limited edition flavor?[View]
14543953why was the packaging so cool? post cool product design[View]
14544257Bone digestion- can bones be softened to an edible texture? Preferably in oil?: These taster critter…[View]
14543765What's something cool to get from the Asian store? I'm going to buy some MSG and shrimp pa…[View]
14543034How do I make pan pizza?: I have a steel pan. I have a pizza stone. I have an oven. I have cheese. I…[View]
14543586I have a bunch of chicken thighs What's the best way to cook them?[View]
14542881how's working in the lunchroom Franky?[View]
14544114Smashed Potatoes: Do they have to be newly boiled or can you boil them the day before and put them i…[View]
14543795What counts as luxury food in your part of the world? I like beluga caviar but it’s bloody expensive…[View]
14544056Making a chicken pot pie today gents. Kind of want to spice it up, what things can I add besides the…[View]
14544013why do americans like blt sandwich? its consist of bacon,lettuce and tomatoes. those don't mix …[View]
14543677My mom bought these and told me to make them with spaghetti. I have never made shrimp or whatever th…[View]
14528312Fridges: Fridges, open your fridge cunt.[View]
14522660Post your last meal image[View]
14543553Why the foreman hate? I like using it for tendies and grilled cheese.[View]
14538338itt poverty dinners thread: pair of eggs, instant ramen cake and 250g chicken[View]
14537937At what age did you realize that Ramen is just pretty good but other asian noodle dishes such as Lak…[View]
14543253Question for my brisbros, if you are going here, what are you going to get? Last time I got a XL yir…[View]
14543940Where my GRAPEchads at[View]
14542648trying to make small amount of msg or favour enhancers? is there existing ratio of tastes like salty…[View]
14536530We missed our summer. Restaurant shut down. Half of them won't reopen. I have to leave the ind…[View]
14534974Best way to make espresso at home for cheap?[View]
14538412Why do people pretend turkey legs are good?[View]
14543026Has anyone ever made homemade Chicago Style pizza?[View]
14543342What is /ck/'s favourite chewing tobacco, taking into account flavour as well as overall experi…[View]
14541113>mfw Carbonara with cream clearly tastes better Any other cooking memes you fell for?…[View]
14542886where do you stand on snack foods that try to taste like other foods?[View]
14543456>restaurant has 'funny' names for the foods[View]
14531841Does lamb taste better medium rare like how beef steak does?[View]
14543438Cooking Hate Stories: Post your cooking stories that made you hate cooking or just cooking for peopl…[View]
14542925Post kino youtube recipes https://youtu.be/LgYAyLMWMK8[View]
14543313Rate my dinner pls[View]
14542851I bought some shark and it tasted like piss, literally. they didn't warn me on the package that…[View]
14540780Buy Knorr stock pot[View]
14542544Foods that make you go HMMMMMMM...[View]
14541970tortilla: >he doesn't cook his tortillas directly over the stove and flips them with his bar…[View]
14540902How do you get rid of the smell of food from your hands? Soap doesn't really work for stuffs li…[View]
14542246What are some great and powerful snacks? I nominate peanut butter crackers and cinnamon nuts[View]
14526409Are indian restaurants ripping off stupid white people? Theres not way it costs $20 for a pot of but…[View]
14541144Anyone like pickling here? I am new to pickling and love it because the ingredients are cheap and pi…[View]
14541340Have you ever had juiced ginger without any fruit juiced with it?: There's a juice chain that b…[View]
14542315Why have artificial sweeteners become commonplace in the soft drink industry but other sectors like …[View]
14541226Taco Bell is testing buffalo wings out. Thoughts? https://www.msn.com/en-us/foodanddrink/foodnews/ps…[View]
14542287I need your help guys. This is the only slightly appetizing thing in my pantry at the moment. Do I g…[View]
14541270what a deal![View]
14538987Good morning frens, I'm going to make some deep fried pickles today. I've got a recipe and…[View]
14542129What's your ranking?[View]
14543043How store you, your ric?[View]
14542280What the fuck is original about a crab and lobster bisque?![View]

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