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19743713Do you use kitchen towels? How many do you have? How often do you wash them?[View]
19738074Red-pill me on these guys anons: Never touched one in my life. Not because I believe, but because of…[View]
19732488The most correct way to eat a hot dog is either with ketchup OR with chilli and nothing else on it. …[View]
19743604Is wahlburgers worth trying or nah[View]
19741930doesnt it suck when ur poor like me and this is my/your dinner and nothing is crunchy fried or bough…[View]
19738209Do you like booba?[View]
19743679Chick-fil-a: The temptation to order chicken directly to my door feels like a sin. But Chick-fil-a i…[View]
19743457>mobile app discounts >QR menus >'funny' menu item names that you feel like a jackass order…[View]
19740429What is all this stuff and how do I make it?[View]
19743718Do you guys eat any microwave meals? I personally love hotpockets https://youtu.be/a3YuLTTGh5U?si=a0…[View]
19742258Pre cooked meals: Today we will be trying Giovanni Rana's five cheese lasaga[View]
19730727/ctg/ - Coffee Time General: Thread for discussing coffee paraphernalia. No (You)'s for you ret…[View]
19742773What are some good meals to make that help with overall prostate health? My boyfriend's has som…[View]
19742169Imagine eating this good.[View]
19743366IT'S UP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MdkWcK2oKk&t=229s[View]
19743546Nachos deconstructed[View]
19738120What's up with white bitches over using the air fryer? >meet 6/10 wine mom on tinder >tel…[View]
19742802the humble bread + dark chocolate combo is better than 99% of snacks and pastries >muh pain au ch…[View]
19736294Food you grew yourself: Lets discuss foods we've grown ourselves. I haven't grown anything…[View]
19742597Hi /ck/ visiting here from /vr/ I’ve gotten really into the lifestyle behind this cookbook from Eric…[View]
19742351Can you cook platypus: Imagine that for some reason you managed to caught a platypus somehow. How wo…[View]
19740969i made pancakes for me and my mother today and we liked them :)[View]
19737733*solves instant noodles*[View]
19739619The absolute state of America. How can any self-respecting person buy this?[View]
19743199i'm retarded: i can't cook worth a fuck. >bbq didn't soak deep enough >garlic s…[View]
19742576I've been using a torn up non-stick pan for the last 5 years. What kind of stainless steel pan …[View]
19743004Would you eat it[View]
19742554Debating replacing all meat in my diet with skin-on chicken quarters due to financial reasons. What…[View]
19734413I bought Pliny and Heady Topper from the same grocery store last week, both bottled/canned less than…[View]
19742425Well, I'm at the office, but at least I get to have leftover pizza for breakfast.[View]
19743005How are you supposed to eat these fuckers when they're chock full of seeds as hard as popcorn k…[View]
19740374what do you do when eating on a budget?[View]
19742188This Fact Blows The Brains of 99% of 'People' And Makes Them Systemically Shut Down: Just because a …[View]
19741403Do you use cookbooks?[View]
19740419Is Döner unstoppable?[View]
19739993I've gotten drunk off beer before but I wonder what it would be like to get drunk off wine.[View]
19742828Imagine eating that good of an dessert[View]
19735156Iron Chef: ALLEZ CUISINE![View]
19742627how I make potatoes au gratin: 1. grease the inside of a (minimum) 5 liter glass or metal dish meta…[View]
19740767Moldy bread/buns: Was halfway through a delicious sloppa joe dog and noticed this speck of mold on t…[View]
19739046I bought 3 pounds of peeled garlic. Any advice on what to do with so much garlic? I've cooked g…[View]
19740814tell me your favorite way to dress up pasta[View]
19740680I was inspired by someone's post to make a shepherd's pie today and it turned out great. I…[View]
19727593/tea/ Qing Dynasty Teapot Editon: This thread is for discussing teas, tisanes, and other herbal infu…[View]
19739714Guga really did ruin this Dude...[View]
19737192Cozy meals for cold weather: It's getting colder, and that means it's time for more meals …[View]
19741044Fall is here so I made some curry using butternut squash, sweet potato, and chickpeas. What are some…[View]
19736771>store dedicated to selling frozen pizzas >still have to cook pizza yourself What dumbass deci…[View]
19740475Favorite Sick Food?: Got an ear infection over the weekend so bad I can't move the left side of…[View]
19741123Do you still drink water from the hose outside?[View]
19740794I am Home Alone tomorrow evening and dont know what to cook. I Work Till 7 pm so i need to do prep W…[View]
19741018Are they worth the price? In the market for a cooler and good decent sized water growler, and Yeti s…[View]
19741448has he gone too far? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91LmO5SL258[View]
19738477really strugglin on the diet boys been slipping up lately, ate a lot of cookies today[View]
19739231I bought these at the market. I have a full kitchen and a slow cooker although it's on the smal…[View]
19740910>really like spicy food >Mouth can tolerate anything I throw at it >stomach can't hand…[View]
19737472Lemon on your fish taco or degenerate lime?[View]
19740677Here’s your chicken sandwich, bro[View]
19737634Stew season: It's not even cold or snowing yet, but I just couldn't wait this year. Didn…[View]
19739739a small dash of cream makes carbonara sauce 10x better. sorry wops[View]
19741562can we have a medicine thread? recommend medicine that actually works. this stuff actually numbs the…[View]
19742116what is the cause of coffee enthusiasts[View]
19742029I prepared this plate.[View]
19742111I found out that you can make rice wine using crushed grapes instead of yeast. So, it's possibl…[View]
19742118Is dunkin donuts a scam?[View]
19734793Is it normal to spend $100 on groceries every week?[View]
19741825Idea for a restaurant: I have a concept for a restaurant. Basically it's like any sit-down cha…[View]
19741508Day n nite The lonely stoner seems to freeze fried rice at night[View]
19738957who wants some mett?[View]
19737666>eat a quart of chocolate ice cream >shit out food coloring for two days You know, I'm st…[View]
19738952etc salad II: Old egg/tuna/chicken salad thread died before I got to make mine. It's good broze…[View]
19741509here you go[View]
19737211Why does food get LESS sweet if you cook it? I don't understand this phenomenon. Example: I hav…[View]
19739943What exactly is the point of these pieces of shit?[View]
19738984Chili peppers: I have a shitload of red habaneros and i already made fermented hot sauce. What do?…[View]
19739648did you know you can eat the stem?[View]
19739477The percentage of alcohol in a drink isn't the only thing that matters: There's more to a …[View]
19740784How do you like your egg sandwiches /ck/? For me it's: >everything bagel or ciabatta roll …[View]
19741755>go to mexican restaurant >sodas were $4 each >refills were $3 each Fuckers just lost a cus…[View]
19741688Why is the most obese board on 4chan under the 'creative' category of boards?[View]
19740810What's everyone's favorite brand of frozen pizza?: Pic rel is my favorite[View]
19740957Cottage Cheese: why is it so based bros?[View]
19741627just tried papa john's for the first time it was nice i liked the sauce a lot but honestly it w…[View]
19740251Americans dad doing fascinating things with coffee.[View]
19738063Monster cereals: Do they taste any good?[View]
19739701Sup /ck/. Hope you're having a lovely monday Question: If I mostly green beans+broccoli, have I…[View]
19740309I'm gonna have Little Caesar's tonight.[View]
19741128Why not eat at Red Robin tonight?[View]
19737308where in europe can i get something like this?[View]
19740038goofy ahh Burgers: 1. open the uber eats app 2. search for a restaurant near you (no fast good chain…[View]
19733420I've never been to a bar before but I'm going tonight What should I order to seem like a r…[View]
19736102What are the best vegetarian meals? I want to eat less meat, but meals with meat is all I know. Not …[View]
19737318When is the last time you had breakfast in bed?[View]
19725157>trying to quit drinking soda >end up not drinking anything at all >constantly thirsty >…[View]
19740539What types and sizes of pots and pans do you own? t. marketer[View]
19736724Mum made Sunday Dinner x[View]
19740236what are the best gas BBQ grills on the market? I don't know shit about them, and I'm tire…[View]
19732406If you were offered a free daily pill that gave you all the nutrients/calories you need and made you…[View]
19741204Vanilla Cafe, Torremolinos, Spain.[View]
19739960>today for the fourth time I will try to make a pudding with just condensed milk, milk and wheat …[View]
19734228Opinions on biscuits: Anyone else find biscuits disgusting on a sensory level? I've tried to ea…[View]
19741087what do you guys like to put this stuff on? i like it on broccoli[View]
19731153why do people look down on margherita pizza? serious question[View]
19741013Hey, /ck/, I'm going to McDonald's do you want anything? For me, 10 piece nugget with buff…[View]
19741041John Kirkwood: Thoughts on him? His videos are very comfy to listen to and his recipes always look g…[View]
19740277>sprinkle cheese on tortilla >nuke for 30 seconds Wa la. A snack is born.…[View]
19739793I went to Italy recently and I noticed their food tasted better than what I could get stateside. I …[View]
19730189Post your favorite soft drinks.[View]
19740009Dark chocolate bar as a side in a light healthy breakfast? Idk why it just seems like it would be ri…[View]
19738205I love making Indian food. I made some vindaloo that was delicious last post i made. what indian dis…[View]
19736215okay, so which one of you fuckos did this?[View]
19738563What's your recipe for home made salsa?[View]
19737971George Foreskin: Just picked this bad boy up from the store. What are some of /ck/'s favorite t…[View]
19733662What's the best freezer pizza? I'm at the grocery store so tell me quick. I laughed at thi…[View]
19739652>see this in my area >decide to try it out one day >some obese girl in a plaid uniform seat…[View]
19738593The ultimate pleb filter.[View]
19740024Sauerkraut update: After my kraut fermented for 2 weeks I put it in the refrigerator. The water leve…[View]
19740262Sips: What are you sipping today? For me, I'm getting bucked up.[View]
19733718Hey guys, we’re stopping at the food court: What are you guys gonna get?[View]
19737339What is the mystery flavor /ck/?[View]
19740542>skip breakfast >skip lunch >eat a delicious dinner hunger truly is the greatest spice…[View]
19737117Meal Prep: what are some websites that aren't cancer to get some ideas for meal prepping? I nee…[View]
19737372What thee fuck. This is the second time I've gone to my local Little Caesars and the place is f…[View]
19739464>Everybody's Buying X After Seeing This Recipe! >Don't Make X Until You See This Eas…[View]
19740106Flaming Hot mtn dew: Who was this appealing to?[View]
19740042you ARE making sure you get enough fiber every day, right, anon?[View]
19739774Well, another Monday, another lunch at the hospital cafeteria. They had cheesesteaks today. After th…[View]
19740175So what's the reddish stuff in the bottom left corner, covered by cheese(?) sauce? Almost looks…[View]
19738503Is there a term for taking boxed meals like Rice-A-Roni or hamburger helper and heavily altering/add…[View]
19736344Those were the days, huh?[View]
19739990Today is national quesadilla day. How are you enjoying the free day off work? What's your favor…[View]
19739876There is no objectively worse restaurant than Schwartz's Deli in Montreal. Prove me wrong.[View]
19736436i start take Ozempic (semaglutide) now im in hypoglycemia.. what sould i eat.. ?[View]
19739272I want to give liver another chance. I want to find some very good quality, fresh liver near me. Sho…[View]
19739160fudge flavortown: selling fudge this holiday season :) what flavors should i attempt? needing opinio…[View]
19739906I've always wanted to try fried crickets they seem like a perfect vodka snack but they're …[View]
19729324Water Thread: For me it’s pic related with a dash of lemon juice[View]
19735430MY TACOS SUCK :(: How do I improve my tacos? For the last two or three times, my tacos have been ser…[View]
19738675Is this really as good as it's hyped up to be? Should I go out of my way to get some from the A…[View]
19737989Do not buy this shit It’s nowhere near as good as freshly made hummus. Also, its Israeli.[View]
19738228This is the best after sex snack[View]
19739634should i get an instant pot to bring to work[View]
19730669now THIS...is pizza[View]
19738377Sandwich thread: For me it’s a Reuben.[View]
19738668Eatin some chilli tuna[View]
19738122>It’s so bubbly >and cloy >and happy What is the psychology behind foreigners hating root b…[View]
19738865What are your favorite pizza toppings?: I think you really can't go wrong with the egg![View]
19739633>when someone asks for a recipe but I know they won’t cook it anyway[View]
19737471Pizza: Pizza I made today. Bulk fermented dough for 1.5 hours and divided. 235g dough ball fermented…[View]
19737742Good shit: >dennys country fried steak[View]
19736229does anyone of you know something about the Tramontina 'Grano' 3-ply series? How does it c…[View]
19735315What restaurants are people going to in order to get these food porn looking sandwiches?[View]
19730176Left or right?[View]
19735880Went for Afternoon Tea, like cups of tea and nice food It was nice Little sandwiches, stuffed croiss…[View]
19739000Dinner is served[View]
19730878*ruins you kino cooking channel* nothing personell kid[View]
19733589it doesnt matter what i eat. eating anything makes me break out with horrible cystic acne. not the k…[View]
19732267DoorDash is the biggest scam ever: I went back to ordering directly from stores because it is way fu…[View]
19737590Salting beef BEFORE aging?: Hey /ck/, I'm trying an aging technique, but I made a mistake- I a…[View]
19737458What stupid menu items does your local takeout sell? Papa John's in the UK used to be a favorit…[View]
19737056Car banana: Are grapes the only fruit worth carbonating?[View]
19734041>bring pot of water to a boil, stir in contents of pouch, reduce heat, and cover for 5 minutes. …[View]
19740545You must move to an island in the Lesser Antilles for 2 years. Which do you choose and why? HARD MOD…[View]
19738316i bought a ceramic pan to cook acidic foods in and to have a less fussy pan than my carbon steel in …[View]
19739070Prince Kale, almost all of our roots are through the portal, soon we shall claim the Outfield as our…[View]
19738257What just barely classifies as food? I would say rice[View]
19738823What’s some food memes out there? I’ll start with Stouffers lasagna being good. No matter who you’r…[View]
19734747For me, it's a well done burger. Who the hell was it that ever decided a pink in the middle dri…[View]
19736111What's your favorite milkshake recipe?[View]
19737732For me it's toasted sunflower seeds[View]
19735680I’ve never had a steak before. Is this the best way to cook it?[View]
19717689American Food: Foods that have legitametly been forged in America. E.g. the hot dog and hamburger ar…[View]
19736881>she throws away the watermelon rind instead of turning it into pickles for sandwiches Oh no no …[View]
19738464So about a year and a half ago I was on a grapefruit binge and I still love them. I took some seeds …[View]
19736399Saw this on the dining tables at Whole Foods. Wtf are you supposed to do with it? Are amino acids a …[View]
19735768>he eats corn please tell me you eat Wheat or Rice as your staple cereal like normal well adjuste…[View]
19736880does ground chicken taste much different than ground turkey?[View]
19732896For me, it's the green Tabasco: The perfect mix of fruity, strong and sour[View]
19738455How to make the best fried egg and cheese Take 3 eggs and out them into a buttered pan on medium hi…[View]
19736438>villain whose motives are a mystery and seem almost insane at times[View]
19738303Is it normal for my month old wooden cutting board to smell like food? Mainly onions and garlic. It…[View]
19729367I saw a thread earlier where anon had just discovered microplanes, and multiple other anons were act…[View]
19737268Spice me up fuckers: This was about the extent of the fresh food in my house. I realized this is bas…[View]
19736617What kind of shrimp is this? It's white AF[View]
19735915>>19731151 What is the most unhealthy non-lethal salad you can think of, /ck/?[View]
19735225who orders this?[View]
19724506Niggas be loving some culvers[View]
19736792Rate my fridge[View]
19735050>this handsome woman strolls into your kitchen and demands a casserole What do?…[View]
19736252Why don't people consume mushroom ketchup anymore?[View]
19737250Post your wine bottle for tonight: >this is my second bottle >inb4 stop being an alcoholic…[View]
19737934It taste bad[View]
19735707This shit is like crack: Have you ever had Banh Gai? It's perfect with some strong bitter tea.…[View]
19737678How badly will I fuck up my gut if I ate an entire container of JIF Crunchy with an additional servi…[View]
19736300I'm going to a Le Creuset sale today. What pieces should I get? I already have a 10 inch skille…[View]
19734385I miss these lil niggas like you wouldn't believe[View]
19729726The debate[View]
19733692>get in drive through line at Chic-fil-a >I'm like 10 cars behind the main menu sign that…[View]
19736183I made maafe today. It was very, very good.[View]
19732133how does /ck/ eat their Pepe legs? I like mine buffalo style. extra hot.[View]
19737647Fuck it. Cookie time[View]
19731783Rate my rice[View]
19733606Which one is objectively better?[View]
19736946the dinner[View]
19737013rate my lunch: carnita asada chorizo asado little caesars salsa macha black and white whisky[View]
19733303I work at subway, what’s the best sandwich I can make for myself with the shit here[View]
19733747Americans could just buy 2 normal chickens to feed their family but would rather genetically modify …[View]
19736759Ok guys. Today is Gameday, and I need all the recipes that someone would make for a football party. …[View]
19735023How do you like your hot dogs? For me, it's grilled on a roller, served on an untoasted bun wit…[View]
19736612>same health benefits as cabbage >twice as expensive >tastes bad compared to cabbage Why sh…[View]
19733615Post your favorite milk: I started drinking milk again after a 5 year break. In those 5 years I felt…[View]
19736731South African sammies got peas 'n shit.: South African sammies got peas 'n shit. >South…[View]
19733874Where can I get some damn tea that's not grown in some filthy third world shit hole with nonexi…[View]
19735919Let's say I want a diet where I eat as many apples as possible. Is it healthy to get all my cal…[View]
19737067Already ate 2 eggs and ham, with refired beans and some toast, and a banana milkshake Im on a diet, …[View]
19733767I need broccoli ideas[View]
19736805I have a $20 Starbucks gift card I got from work last Christmas and I think I want to use it today. …[View]
19735387I love bread so much it's insane: Billions must eat Total Wheat Growth now[View]
19736900Poor fags, get in here. I have narrowed down my meals. I buy in bulk at sams club. chicken theighs, …[View]
19736556shallot buccatini for lunch[View]
19735383What is the greatest advancement in kitchen technology in the last hundred years? I contend that it …[View]
19730789This is what the Tabasco factory looks like[View]
19735965If you have curry but no rice or naan to eat it with, feel free to have it with a potato[View]
19733704Q&A Thread: Hey all, It's been a long time since we had a good Q&A thread. I'll ki…[View]
19736606rape my snack guys: mini thing with cheese, red onion and green pepper (there was no red left) with …[View]
19734571Suggest meals please: Wassup co/ck/s I took a food intolerance test recently and got my results(pic …[View]
19734098Do you get enough fiber in your diet?: I recently wanted to get more healthy, and I realized I wasn…[View]
19733852Do you agree? Are chicken tenders fired chicken? IMO this boils to do an argument of semantics: whil…[View]
19733631Why haven't you taken the K-tip pill yet, /ck/?[View]
19736262what is the optimal way to drink caffeine: after rediscovering energy drinks ive wondered is it bett…[View]
19736405i invited my friends over to watch a movie, so I'm pan searing some pork tenderloins, finishing…[View]
19735811what do you non aussie cunts think of vegemite?[View]
19735724Let me guess, you need 'more'? (I'd like to have cheddar and swiss but we're out of swiss)[View]
19734167Too impatient to wait for the salmon to thaw so I ate the 4 potatoes immediately, what to do with th…[View]
19733223ITT: We post our top secret cheat ingredients. Pic related; I always keep a jar of salsa around to u…[View]
19736000artificial ingredients: what's your must-have artificial ingredients in your kitchen, /ck/?…[View]
19733530>woke up >everyone calls hot dogs 'glizzies' what parallel dimension did I slip into…[View]
19733370Would you be satisfied with having an unexpired version of this for breakfast?[View]
19734566Why haven’t you made minestrone this weekend?[View]
19732779Indian food webm thread[View]
19733796do zoomers know about after eight?[View]
19736103>don't feel like getting up >remember I have Costco hotdogs >jump out of bed I've…[View]
19728742American cuisine is unironically god-tier and I'm tired of pretending it's not. It's …[View]
19732380I'm a simple man: Meat is not seasoned, only pre-cooked until preferred doneness. Then the meat…[View]
19728514What chocolate chip cookie recipe are we using these days? This one still the best?[View]
19735569As a poorfag, how do I personalize my ramen to make it healthier so I can eat it on a daily basis?[View]
19735509Cookin up some fish sandwiches with a home made sauce consisting of sour cream, Greek yoghurt, chopp…[View]
19734312What's the difference between paella and jambalaya? They're both rice cooked in a pan with…[View]
19733469gril cheese[View]
19730709One of THOSE Fridays: Yep, it's looking to be. Sitting at the dinner table on my phone eating c…[View]
19734458Ngl, just accidentally ate some undercooked chicken and it was pretty good, didn't know it coul…[View]
19734822plastic is really bad. Who could've guessed. Despite what Big Plastic wants you to believe, pla…[View]
19733691Why does raw meat look tastier than cooked?[View]
19735086The most based Fast Food Company in the World, and it isn't even close.[View]
19735585I had Burger King the other day and it was actually good, ck. The fries were hot, crispy, and good. …[View]
19725071We have declared war on Spain GSTK[View]
19730959I'm addicted to raw beef.[View]
19731151what are yalls thoughts on chicken/tuna/egg salad: yummy[View]
19724928every culture has its own culinary tradition but...what is australian aboriginal cuisine?: i general…[View]
19734159>burns mouth >doesn't burn butt This would be perfect if it wasn't bitter at high co…[View]
19734744Should I use milk or water in a store bought cake mix?[View]
19735413Say something nice about my beans & tuna salad.[View]
19734147Food processor: I've had this Braun at least 15 years now. The S blade is deteriorating and the…[View]
19733207It's chestnut season /ck/!: How will you prepare yours?[View]
19725836Does /ck/ like Skyline chili?[View]
19734715Which pasta would you choose?[View]
19735219/fit/ told me that all bread, rice, fruit and legumes are bad for me, how do I get carbs now? Potato…[View]
19734055What's the least toxic, non-processed dipping sauce?[View]
19725166Post your country's national dish and we guess where you're from. I'll start[View]
19732208What are some of your favorite media tie in cook books?[View]
19732318The fat guy correlation: I always order unsweetened tea when I get delivery, and I've noticed t…[View]

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