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17094350Are you brave enough to order It /ck/?[View]
17096214I've got a can of clam chowder and I'm pretty intimidated to try it. I like seafood but on…[View]
17096542What're some interesting or exotic desserts? I love flavors like pomegranate, rose, and mastic.…[View]
17098021Im cooking diner[View]
17098582*prevents your hangover*[View]
17099984>that snack from your childhood that was discontinued but they bring back for a limited time…[View]
17099565So we established that you're a drunk. Eat anything with that cheap wine?[View]
17099779Think your job's hard? Spare a thought for burgeoning chefs at an omakase. Did you know that ye…[View]
17098196Veggies that taste good: Name a more underrated side dish[View]
17099855>raw egg >raw fish >basic bland rice >basic noodles >soy sauce in case you wanted mor…[View]
17097654For me, it's the McDonald's Big Breakfast[View]
17098966Kino food: Post good looking food.[View]
17099109We would love to enjoy some Magic Tea Cake, S’more, and Mouse milk at the Tearoom made by Daphne Sug…[View]
17099741I'm pretty loaded. Will anon suck my dick for this meal? Tops a 50$ if I cum?[View]
17089093What's your mom's best/worst dish?[View]
17096553So I'm a big ol' stupid fucking dumb dumb and every time I make butter chicken, I get this…[View]
17099308What the fuck the do![View]
17097325MEATBALLS!: I deserve a little treat, so I'll be making myself some meatballs today. I thought …[View]
17096633all seafood is garbage unless it's super fresh and killed properly (which is expensive) and you…[View]
17097651This shit slaps: Peanut Butter and Pickles are the best sandwich ever. You wont change my mind ever…[View]
17099005You CLEARLY dont own an airfryer: Got a toaster oven air fryer combo The one feature it has thats l…[View]
17082906Airport food sucks . I think this sandwich is roadkill on sawdust .[View]
17090684The humble ANZAC biscuit Australia's best-kept secret[View]
17098738What's your favorite ice cream flavor?[View]
17099405Box Haul: Has /ck/ ever had to haul a box of groceries around the street back home? >picrel is 8 …[View]
17099362i dont think i could go one day without my favorite food, pic rel.[View]
17094948You literally can't go wrong with a Big Mac: You just can't[View]
17086357The Quarter Pounder has a beef patty that weighs a quarter of a pound. That's a lot of beef[View]
17099290what's your latest discovery/addiction: for me it's[View]
17098994The Candy Wars are over. Hail the supreme leader.[View]
17097587I bought a recipe book from the web for all to read for $33.00! Enjoy & happy holidays! Prt 1.[View]
17093336Making bread.[View]
17097370I'm gonna walk to wawa for a sandwich, what can I pick up for you fags?[View]
17099111Where do you guys get your canned hot squab now that Lidl is out?[View]
17098972Do you enjoy deviled ham?[View]
17092500/fpt/ Food Porn Thread: For beautiful, hunger-inducing, cute, or otherwise aesthetic food pictures.…[View]
17098252I think I'm going to try some soul food. I'm thinking mac and cheese, and collard greens w…[View]
17094004Eye of Round Steak: I normally don't eat beef, but I decided to do a little late night shopping…[View]
17097605McChickens: For me, it's the McChicken. The best fast food sandwich. I even ask for extra McChi…[View]
17061529/tea/: Post your recent sale haul. This thread is for discussing tea, teaware, tisanes, and other he…[View]
17098440you guys fasting in preparation? https://www.greatdeals.com.sg/2021/12/06/mcdonalds-1-for-1-double-f…[View]
17095403Thinking about having some Big Macs with extra sauce and a couple McChickens today for lunch. The se…[View]
17083911Distilling: I think this is the right one for me. Big enough to not just make drops, small enough to…[View]
17095802Canadianchads post some Canadian nostalgic foods[View]
17098073Cast Iron marks: Is this rust, stripped enamel or something else entirely? What can I do about it? T…[View]
17095139What is this?: Can someone tell me what this is? I saw it in a thread earlier about 'American cuisin…[View]
17098241Nearly 1 year since I bought this and put it in the freezer, what should I make with it on its anniv…[View]
17094143Its nog season! Boozy or noalc, any eggnog is welcome How do (You) nog anons?[View]
17090919Look at my big carrot: Look at it[View]
17089959Can you get me a Pepsi?[View]
17098161these are not Scorchin' Hot as thier name would imply[View]
17097442Lambs Nuts: Alright boys, what’s the best way to cook these?[View]
17095131Washing dishes after cooking: >year of our Lord 2000+21 >people still handwash dishes Pic rel…[View]
17092486do you think after we die we can see our stat book of everything, like how many pizza's we…[View]
17097344A daring synthesis.[View]
17096197I've Done Something Incredible: Been trying a lot of different chips lately and accidentally di…[View]
17097891are microplastics in every food?: i feel like most food you buy today will give you cancer from micr…[View]
17086272Grilled Cheese: /ck/ do you know how to make a grilled cheese?[View]
17095176What are the uses for this stuff?[View]
17098151The most vile shit I've ever tasted, God bless the asian market[View]
17098153>little bit of olive oil in there so nothing's burning[View]
17095866Finally some good fucking food[View]
17090319When seasoning a skillet, can I put another coat of oil on as soon as i take it out of the oven the …[View]
17090882Post weird drinks/food you think that taste nasty but it's actually really fucking good. I…[View]
17093462Rate my cupboard[View]
17096606Moron here Where do I get small, brown sausage like this? I used to eat these at my company's c…[View]
17095437>buy a new home >check the kitchen >laminate countertops…[View]
17096855Fellow Publix bros, what do you think of their GreenWise brand?[View]
17092724Healthy, simple potato dishes: I've tried to make no oil fries a few times and today I did them…[View]
17097899Chicken Chains: Agree or disagree?[View]
17093118/deenz/: I want to take the deenz pill but these fuckers are so expensive. I should be able to buy a…[View]
17097527>visiting bongland >order lemonade >they serve me a sprite…[View]
17097644Venison thread: Shot and cleaned a deer today. I froze most of him, but I set aside the heart and en…[View]
17094578How do I prepare these properly?[View]
17096132gherkins fucked: so opened another jar 4 days ago, ate a couple then stored cold dark place. as usua…[View]
17095719>solves baking Nothing personel, kid.[View]
17097804Some of you are alright. Don't go in the bathroom this afternoon.[View]
17097753>that'll be 100 dollars Why?[View]
17094530Why is McDonald's scared of experimenting? Their menu is probably the worst it's ever been…[View]
17096172You a Glühwein kinda person? Warm red wine, spices, sipping dreaming for better gifts than socks.[View]
17096638Hole In The Wall Restaurants: Why is it that the dirtiest and most rundown places consistently produ…[View]
17092911Let's say hypothetically you won the lottery, how does your diet change? What foods do you eat …[View]
17096436Thousand Island Dressing. What do you use it with?[View]
17097666Can /ck/ reccoment a TV tray?[View]
17097487How do you prepare ass?: I wanna do a real fancy recipe? suggestions for eating ass?[View]
17094976Did you try the McDonald's Spicy Chicken McNuggets?[View]
17093104Want a wild variety of chocolate flavours? look no further.[View]
17094121I'm embarrassed to admit no one ever taught me how to properly toss a salad. I'm so fucki…[View]
17097483my fuckin muffins look like arrows instead of mushrooms bro[View]
17096774easily the best 'fast food' burger: Love letter to fast food but actually good. These are …[View]
17095664Halal Store: >Go into halal store >find “Hotdog seasoning” The fuck? Also, halal foods…[View]
17091962Air fryer: Anyone here actually own one that they'd recommend? Wife wants an air fryer and I do…[View]
17091681Got a bunch of frozen salmon. What's the most weeb way to prepare them? How do they make 1 slic…[View]
17097230'Crinkle' cut wedges are truly the superior form of potatoes fried in the French way. Almost doubles…[View]
17097196>gets stuck in your throat[View]
17097121Cookbook General: Best cookbook Worst cookbook Underrated cookbooks Les go. Are Matty Matheson cookb…[View]
17095354>Entire prep and baking stage takes 10 minutes >half hour on the quality check What did they m…[View]
17069816What's your favourite recipe by him?[View]
17097155Bright Rainbow Silly Sweets...[View]
17095473I am not getting invited over to Christmas with the family, again.So I am making this to enjoy by my…[View]
17093958I never know what to cook for dinner and my gf is no help either so we eat pasta almost every day.[View]
17096064Flavour: How do I make food taste better? I've had so much unhealthy foods, they all taste so g…[View]
17095522Has there ever been a bigger scam than organic vegetables?: >grow plants more cheaply by not buyi…[View]
17096075Best Fries: Who has the best fries?[View]
17096479Post your spice cabinet, others rate[View]
17084629Which country served you the shittiest food?: Couple months ago had a paella in Spain, da fuck can y…[View]
17093313What sort of stuff can you put this on other than bread and grilled cheese?[View]
17096582Anchovy Paste: What do you use it for?[View]
17096680a challenge: >half dozen gas station eggs >two espresso >a really greasy burger >shot of…[View]
17092745No ice: >need to fill up car >pull into local petrol station >figure I’m thirsty too >sh…[View]
17096829Does this sound good for Nachos? >lemon pepper chicken shredded >some sour cream >diced oni…[View]
17090013>tfw that hole in the wall chinese restaurant with the super generic name you've been drivin…[View]
17095469What would be a good game to play with my guests at my tea party? Would a 'Who Goes To The Bathroom …[View]
17095972Much to your own surprise you enter at the Pearly Gates. Peter: 'Oh, it's you, that funny one f…[View]
17094456I hate cutting shit and cleaning after I’m cooking. Is there anyway to make these easier? Is there s…[View]
17093200can somebody inform me on the quality of this particular brand of vodka?[View]
17096537What did these guys eat?[View]
17090876Looking for light entertainment: Names some genuinely interesting /ck/ youtube channels! Language do…[View]
17091147How do I properly batter chicken? All the nuggies I've made so far turned out with the dough st…[View]
17093443ITT:Top-tier Dishes you devour during the holidays: >check date >we're in December >He…[View]
17095906have we ever solved this? It serious made me give up on the ole' HPs[View]
17096260Does anyone else just drink maple syrup straight for breakfast along with a spoonful of peanut butte…[View]
17095555WTF the rest of the World, step your game up: Americans are so good at everything that a 6'2' h…[View]
17091898Canadachads, what do we think of the TimBiebs?[View]
17084557Is Kimchi delicious or is it an acquired taste? I don't want to buy a whole jar and realize tha…[View]
17095267Aliens have arrived on Earth! They want to know what meal best represents all of Earth's culina…[View]
17095073>People drink their tea and leave the bag inside the whole time What kind of animal does this?…[View]
17092736What’s for dinner tonight anon?[View]
17094682Gonna make the egg sandwich and post pics, join along[View]
17095882>spicy dirt[View]
17092840Why the fuck are some cutting boards 3 inches thick and $50+ dollars what the fuck. is there any re…[View]
17096196fruity bussie :)[View]
17089507How does /ck/ cook venison?[View]
17095704You truly never experienced the true sensation of canned fish, before you'd tried the português…[View]
17092207Filipino Recipes: Been dating a Filipina woman and I'm looking to really impress her and her fa…[View]
17093357Georgia cookin' and eatin' thread. Or as we call it, Jawwjuh My top 3 in Georgia so far: …[View]
17095950Perog: Just had some bacon perogies, fuckk it hit the spot, I've had pizza perogies that were r…[View]
17091110I love grilling with my friends. What do you put on the barbie?[View]
17095532Techniques when using whole dried chiles for chili: Which one is superior / more appropriate for X k…[View]
17094780what you getting in the shop?[View]
17090352One of the worst flavors, but then again Mountain Dew is trash, only has 1 good flavor[View]
17095790Are there any special occasion where you might eat ze Pretzels? I'd only had it a few times in …[View]
17095718Dining in Chicongo: Listen up, faggots. I’m going to Chicago for a week. What are some of the best r…[View]
17095747I got me 2 nice slices of calf's liver. i'llcoat them in flour and grill them. i'll s…[View]
17094668Moroccan/North African tagine: Anyone ever make a North African beef tagine? I once ate it in Israel…[View]
17091487Does /ck/ know about food sharing?: I'm doing some uni research about this stuff awareness here…[View]
17092288Im gonna eat eggs and sausage for dinner[View]
17090068ITT: Fictional foods you would eat[View]
17090613What''s the best brand of salmiak? I want to know before I waste my money buying some onli…[View]
17091708why haven't you gotten one yet, /ck/?[View]
17092086Enameled Dutch Oven Recipes: Girlfriend is buying me an enameled cast iron Dutch oven for Christmas.…[View]
17090792>Welcome to Wendy's! What can we make fresh for you today?[View]
17093353What do you add to poverty noodles? I like to add some tomatoes, baby bok choy, eggs and shit tons o…[View]
17092254Do you like banana splits? what are your favorites?[View]
17086416you want anything?[View]
17093064Meat + Fruit thread: Pork loin + pineapple[View]
17094476Hot off the grill: grilled cheese[View]
17095065you're on a long road trip, and you've been driving 6 hours straight. you realize that thi…[View]
17095071What herbs and spices would I use to recreate this taste a spice blend for seasoning potatoes or som…[View]
17090952These Polish bread stick things are heavenly. Post your country's unique salty snacks.[View]
17094670Food abominations thread[View]
17094472I'll be honest, I like tortillas and find them vastly superior to eating bread, and wraps are n…[View]
17090006How the fuck are they still open? Everything there takes like shit[View]
17094921>go to the store >they don't have any muffin pans i've just about HAD it with this w…[View]
17092291I got a bunch of limes from a friend: What do I do with them?[View]
17091345I don't know if I can ever enjoy a buffet again. I was at Pizza Hut maybe a few years ago and o…[View]
17086261In Canada, McDonald's has poutine year round[View]
17093974My gf will sometimes go, well what if it had cheese on it? To certain things I make that should neve…[View]
17093090I live in the PNW and can't get catfish, and when I do see it, it's overpriced. So at home…[View]
17092431I fucking love onions: just took a whole big onion and mixed it with 2 eggs, a lil bit of flour and …[View]
17094188What burger are you getting /ck/?[View]
17091404meanwhile at the McD meeting...: >so according to our analysts if we post at least 1 McD thread o…[View]
17092747Do you think the reuben is a top tier sandwich?[View]
17093031/sips/: Another night another sip. What are we drinking tonight fellas?[View]
17079318Coffee Time General – /ctg/: Coffee Time General — The Robusta Edition >miscela >macinazione …[View]
17092845What do you call this?[View]
17094234I literally cannot think of anything to make but eggs and sandwiches. share your menu.[View]
17092239are scottish and irish food good?[View]
17093110what's the de facto best way to light a fire for a grill with briquettes? hard mode: no lighter…[View]
17094310Wow I sure love eating Authenic Japanese sushi![View]
17094037Fast food tastes like industrialized trash yet my cooking is 10x worse, what do[View]
17092199Fresh yeast: I often read it's very difficult to find it in American grocery stores, as opposed…[View]
17092750What are some sauces or other things to put on these ape biscuits? So I've been eating primate …[View]
17092410Vanilla cake and some lavender milk prepared by Octavia Nightjewel[View]
17092727Making a hearty goulash on a snowy afternoon today. Here's the ingredients: > 1 carrot > …[View]
17093538objectively speaking , what is the best side(s) for a rack of pork ribs?[View]
17093921Let's talk knives. Convince me not to pick up this set of Wusthof Classic Ikons with creme grip…[View]
17093705I want chili: I have lots of beans but the only meat is pork sausage.[View]
17094141Yeast!: Which way would you go, red or gold?[View]
17093437made shrimp, tasted like the beach. bleh[View]
17086623foods normally served hot that taste significantly better cold[View]
17091495Nachos and salsa, or cheese?[View]
17085927How many of these do you think you could eat?[View]
17093373ITT: Restaurants that absolutely exude soul[View]
17090476>he doesn't like garlic Is there a single tastelet-tier opinion worse than this? Go ahead, I…[View]
17093693Where's the sauce? Have I been making spaghetti wrong this entire time?[View]
17093712I have some pork loin rib chops and a pan. Any recipe ideas?[View]
17093588What to do with Corned Beef: I bought too much corned beef on my last grocery trip, and need to eat …[View]
17085410>about to take first take first taste of meal: *interrupts* >HOW ARE THISE FIRST FEW BITES?…[View]
17093470How much is too much garlic? I eat around 6-12 cloves each day. Pretty anything I just pop some raw …[View]
17093175help me /ck/: what could i have done to improve this? the girl i invited over took a picture while l…[View]
17092505You may not like it, but this is peak performance > discount store sourdough rounds with vegan ma…[View]
17093278How the fuck do I get these in a different state far from New York?[View]
17092023Goose: So /ck/ I've been wanting to try goose for a while and just found these at a local shop.…[View]
17090573MSG: aka monosodium glutamate. What should I add this to?[View]
17084586How can other countries even compete?[View]
170920043-Ply vs 5-Ply on ceramic glass stove: I have a glass/ceramic electric stovetop, which takes a long …[View]
17093076I know he's a Hutt style, but what goes on a Hutt pizza? I imagine he's standard 'supreme'…[View]
17091555Post brekky. Pic is omlette with shroomies, feta, bell pepper, and red onion. Dijon and siracha on t…[View]
17092384What represents the pinnacle of cuisine and why is it the shawarma?[View]
17093324Viniggerette thread What's your favorite viniggerette recipe? What do you like to put your vini…[View]
17092049pic unrelated: I made some fried beef liver and mushroom gravy last night for supper and when making…[View]
17085380What are you drinking tonight?: I'm drinking Córdoba here. Tastes like piss when natural but to…[View]
17092283R8 my Pl8: Feeeeesh[View]
17093192Best way to make a burrito with this? >inb4 JUST HEAT IT There are multiple ways you can go about…[View]
17093260>makes boomers cry and pee their pants[View]
17093142The name says it all[View]
17093235Yummy platter part 2 (from yesterday). Rules: 2 vendace per raw garlic glove (cooking destroyed garl…[View]
17089833Why is this so addictive?[View]
17089149The choice beverage of the intellectual chosen few[View]
17079078What are your feelings on Southern food? I speak, broadly, of the cuisine of the Southern United Sta…[View]
17091897after a day of walking around a large shopping mall would you get pizza or wings?[View]
17092168Sunday Gravy Tips: How do you make your Sunday gravy stand out? I always use a little anchovy paste …[View]
17092887'hey honey my friend wants to try your beef wellington, sorry for not telling you that he was coming…[View]
17091636Tfw the best food you've eaten was from some weird guy food cart.[View]
17092564Eating the bugs: Anyone here cook with mealworms? Anything I need to know about food safety?[View]
17089588Chile en Nogada: Why isn't this dish more well-known in the US? It's fucking delicious…[View]
17090008Where the FUCK can I find a retro stovetop kettle that has the mechanism to open the whistle in the …[View]
17082495Does olive oil belong in pizza dough?[View]
17089475I tried sardines for the first time the other day. They were pretty good.[View]
17090680What would you make ketchup out of?: By definition, ketchup doesn't have to be made with tomato…[View]
17090904Grocery List (7 Days): Breakfast: - 2.2kg of Fruits - Eggs (already have) Lunch: - Club Sandwich: Br…[View]
17084827my friends the only question is how many are you getting?[View]
17092005>buy persimmon >cost around $2-5 per fruit at any non asian grocery store >everyone online …[View]
17091603*has no nutritional value whatsoever*[View]
17091448What's with the frequent bathroom break from my guests during tea parties?[View]
17091760Ketchup: Ketchup[View]
17088110what makes prison food so comfy[View]
17092467Pressure Cookers (and rice cookers) are neato: Made this for dinner: Browned onions and sliced pork …[View]
17092204Hey /ck/ im a really really inexperienced cook(made like 2-3 times Chilibeans) but i was planning ma…[View]
17090946/fasting/: How often do you fast? What do you consume during a fasting period? For me it's wate…[View]
17092397Sour candy: What is the correct technique to enjoy sour candy? Leave it in the mouth until the powde…[View]
17077443Drop your best ground beef recipes[View]
17092265Kino is back on the menu fellas[View]
17090525This is the nicest fucking thing I’ve ever eaten. Just had a double sausage and egg McMuffin and a s…[View]
17089731Is my chicken still raw?[View]
17091930This won’t be good[View]
17091597What’s actually the best kind of pan for searing steak? I can’t trust these ((Amazon affiliates)) to…[View]
17091788What's a good recipe for potato pancakes since it's the high holy days?[View]
17090081>Long chicken more expensive than the Shi'King despite having half the calories. How can the…[View]
17090418how the fuck do I quit soda? 9+ cans a day cant be good for me.[View]
17090850Cereal Milk, one of our baking talents, made Acorn cookies, Raspberry cookies, Blueberry Cookies...[View]
17091876Who eats this shit?[View]
17091635STOP IT![View]
17087070what does whale meat taste like?[View]
17077674Crockpots/slowcookers: I have never had one, thinking about buying one. What are your experiences wi…[View]
17092058I miss it so much bros: Why wont Pizza Hut rerelease the Big New Yorker pizza?[View]
17091353How does /ck/ make theirs?: Pork or beef? Ziti or penne? Marinara or canned tomato? etc etc[View]
17088269Where the hell is this? I love these guys so much but they are extremely hard to find now.[View]
17091895fuck these red egyptian bastards somebody would make a fortune by shelling them and selling them lik…[View]
17088124>spend time cooking a nice meal >have to use multiple pots, pans, dishes, utensils to prepare …[View]
17091034Google has a pizza game on today: I think it's Pizza Day.[View]
17091837Why do you guys hate salad spinner? Look all the water it gets out!![View]
17091289hes googin wid da fishes if you know wud i mean[View]
17076132I have Covid and besides mild headache and sore throat, my only symptoms are that I can't taste…[View]
17086107Have you ever ate at a Michelin starred restaurant?: If so, where was it? Would you say it was worth…[View]
17075713Literally the perfect burger[View]
17088779Bog standard Green tea cake: I like cakes, especially moist and tender ones What's different ab…[View]
17090984Turkey: Turkey has the best food in the world and the cheapest prices for real American food not tha…[View]
17087194>award winning chili >most ingredients come from cans…[View]
17090320Cream of Wheat: I've just now been told this wasn't a staple part of people's childho…[View]
17090583Underrated, underutilized, underdog.[View]
17087190is it just me, or do these always come out soupy? I used 10ml less milk and 10ml less water than it …[View]
17090070>Caffeine withdrawals[View]
17084943I want to look like this in the shortest amount of time as possible. What do I eat?[View]
17085144why exactly is this considered 'fancy' mustard?: some boomer commercial 40 years ago portrayed it as…[View]
17087738Will no carb diet damage my health in any way?[View]
17088052Bros I just bought a bottle of sriracha, what does it go best with?[View]
17081903What is the highest quality mustard?[View]
17084930Made cottage pies. Rate?[View]
17084228>chinese restaurants have 100s of dishes >thai restaurants have dozens of curries and fish dis…[View]
17090546Early morning chili dogs. Look good?[View]
17089214>he hasn't taken the salamipill yet[View]
17090955Microwave/Oven combos: I've recently got one of the Sharp Helsio models and was wondering are t…[View]
17090368To the anon who suggest tossing the Sprouts in olive oil with garlic powder and paprika. Thank you r…[View]
17086826I made beef jerky[View]
17090220Best Pot material: is teflon that bad? I've been looking into it and in start the caraway ads. …[View]
17090987I can't imagine living in a time before we had processed junk food engineered to appeal to our …[View]
17088792Have you ordered your Christmas meat yet? What are you going to get, and are you going traditional o…[View]
17090971>snotty inhale >*slurp* >snotty exhale >*gulp* >*smack* >snotty inhale >*sluuu…[View]
17090115Are these worth making at home? I'm sick of eating fucking puffy overly dense mission tortillas[View]
17089473family wants to get an air fryer for christmas and i'm tasked with figuring out what to get or …[View]
17090734Does eating pineapple or drinking pineapple juice make anyone else's tongue feel irritated and …[View]
17090059The Strawberry Sundae at McDonald's in Canada was discontinued. :( that was my favourite[View]
17087660i just had like 20 oreos for breakfast AMA[View]
17089453Bruh why tf these taste so good[View]
17089801I need some help with my beef stews So basically as a NEET I have all day to be near the kitchen and…[View]
17090406Ngl, I could really go for a taco in a beg rn.[View]
17090224seriously, what the fuck is wrong with british people?[View]
17089175Would /ck/ eat a lobster cake? :3[View]
17079488Oh no, /ck/. The bartender at this joint is notoriously snobby and will judge you for your drink or…[View]
17089053/sips/: What are we sippin tonight fellas? I'm changing it up a little bit and going with the s…[View]
17089904I think I'm addicted to Pop Tarts /ck/. Post best sugary garbage 'breakfast' foods.[View]
17087857Why did the mcchicken become the favored fleshlite when mcdonalds clearly marketed the double cheese…[View]
17085180Usually I hate Anime but since i loved cooking I gave it a shot. I was expecting some decent stuff a…[View]
17083198Cookalong. Doing Mac and Cheese. Not the box shit. Possibly pulled pork to go with it.[View]
17085634Why is this so true?[View]
17090587Papa John's > Domino's > Little Caesar's > Pizza Hut > Hungry Howie'…[View]
17090225Why are some cheap shit quality foods addictive like crack bros?[View]
17084138This shit is fucking awful. Why did Chronicles of Narnia lie to me?[View]
17090262I think I'm addicted to McDonalds. Right now I'm waiting for my mcchicky and a big n tasty…[View]
17090433felt weird and/or bad all day: came home, made a really strong martini with dolan and cranberry bitt…[View]
17086211Did you cook anything today? I made osso buco.[View]
17090369Underrated Candy: Why is it so good?[View]
17089436Why, yes I do enjoy mushy pasta with sauce from a tin. How could you tell?[View]
17089345Freds fish fry[View]
17087876Potatoes and duck[View]
17053688/fzg/ - Frozen Food General: ITT: Post your favorite frozen shit.[View]
17086113I need it bad[View]
17089233can /ck/ improve this recipe: >boil pasta >strain >boil evaporated milk >add fresh shred…[View]
17088999How does salmon caviar compare to sturgeon?[View]
17088466imagine taking the cheapest of all foods and selling it for a premium and people will buy it Absolut…[View]
17089712Anyone grilling?: >Or is it just me[View]
17089923For me it is argeta pastete[View]
17087128lentils: I got some lentils, polish sausage and some shit in my cupboard, gonna make a hearty soup. …[View]
17088343I love salad[View]
17084912Mead mold: White mold looking things in the neck of my mead jug. I’ve been fermenting it for 2 or 3 …[View]
17087312What do Bongs call these?[View]
17087997Do Kholodets taste good? How to make it?[View]
17089552Coffee. I need your help anons. I'm doing keto, I've never been huge on coffee but I do li…[View]
17086608Lutefisk: In Norway, part of the population for some reason believe that this is good Christmas eve …[View]
17089110Abuelita: Is this good? I just bought it from the store, I wanted to try it..[View]
17088948munching out: I'm stoned and drunk, i would like to make a sweet snack to eat I have a stocked…[View]
17087898why do I only crave this on Sundays?[View]
17089066ITT we made eggs in coconut masala: From oft-posted webm related. The recipe is here: https://www.bb…[View]
17089235>order McRib because I apparently don't like life anymore or something >ask for no onions…[View]
17086403So we all know that blooming your spices in fat gets out the fat soluble flavor compounds thus leadi…[View]
17082668ITT: foods that are almost, but not quite, unpleasant >velveeta[View]
17088130Friarielli/Rapini/Broccoli Rabe: Why is friarielli so fucking godlike?. I was introduced to it by my…[View]
17089218Ok so I'm up on some hard times and I have nothing to actually cook food with. No microwave or …[View]
17084420Are Hestan pans good enough for /ck/?[View]
17088194Does anyone have any experience using flavored kefir in baking? I've got some strawberry kefir …[View]
17089031Rate my yummy platter![View]
17084272What's the trick to getting a reasonable price for a local pizza joint? Are we just at the poin…[View]
17081269Remember when 'gastropubs' tried to make bone marrow a thing? Instead it just grossed everyone out a…[View]
17085046I made his Egg Nog Cheesecake today and it's one of the best things I've ever tasted. Same…[View]
17085714are mayonnaise underrated?[View]
17086766Plum Pudding: I want to make it for Christmas. Given that I'm not British nor do I know much ab…[View]
17086155you want something from the vender?[View]
17084634Rate my order: >13 hotwings >2 sambal cups >fries >order placed at 00:50 >€12.75…[View]
17088015R8 my homemade cheese nugger: Never eating frozen garbage again[View]
17083412>I fried them in peanut oil[View]
17087571You ARE celebrating Hannukah by making sofganiyot, right?[View]
17087140>destroys your hangover[View]
17087028drop a photo of something you've cooked[View]
17084548Are there any fruit based alcohols that actually taste very strongly of the fruit they were made wit…[View]
17087704Guppy Fish Sauce?: Pet guppies in our aquarium keep having babies. What do? ....Wondering if we coul…[View]
17084729I've never properly drunk beer, I had it once when I was like 8 and threw up and I think that p…[View]
17085669Dinnerware Sets: All of your plates bowls and cups just exploded. What new set would you buy? need s…[View]
17088937best dry rub for tuna steak? i do a plain salt, pepper, olive oil, and lemon, but i've heard of…[View]
17088487Which one /ck/?[View]
17088874Where did this strange misconception that a claw grip means holding things with your knuckles come f…[View]
17088813The thinking man's ice cream[View]
17088872Can I pleas get a qrd on Mortar and Pestles?: I'm looking for a good sturdy one, but everything…[View]
17085833Fell for tik tok cooking meme and made garlic confit 'the American way'. It was slightly warm when I…[View]
17083573For $160, how did I do?[View]
17083527Why do people go to Subway anyways? Do you not trust yourself to make something as simple as a fucki…[View]
17077513Which one is better?[View]
17086810Daddy Jack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8oIe2pyD3I So now that his roastie daughters will take …[View]
17081994ITT: disgusting alcoholic drinks you will never try again. What the fuck is wrong with you Goose Isl…[View]
17088136Christmas treats: Share your culture's christmas treats! This year I made kourabiedes.[View]
17086346shits so cash[View]
17088617Halibut with Kumquat Marmalade, Cauliflower Puree and Pancetta Crumbs[View]
17086783Ran out of salt today. Grocery store had nothing but iodized salt. Manager said they aren't get…[View]
17087333I wanna reheat some steak for dinner but I also want to roast some potatoes and everybody says to re…[View]
17087692What kind of sauce goes with fried spam, /ck/?[View]
17084926Why nobody eats raw black pepper?[View]
17086024It is the mojito for me. I get nods of approval from bartenders and patrons alike when I order one. …[View]
17087446Donut recipe: Hi, I need a tried and true yeast donut recipe, please. Weight measurements are prefer…[View]
17088302Creme De Menthe chocolate: How do they make the mint filling inside these chocolates?[View]
17086678Teach me some chinese recipes that are fast to cook I already own a wok and a rice cooker[View]
17086273what can you eat a lot from without being unheathy? i smoked weed yesterday and i ate soup and bread…[View]
17073621Help: I dont know how to cook other than boiling egg and I don't know where to begin. What do…[View]
17081590Does cranberry sauce belong on a chicken burger?[View]
17082544What's your favorite thing to get from your local patisserie?[View]
17085818Is there any kind of jello-like substance that can be made using only cold or somewhat warm, nowhere…[View]
17086404How does /ck/ feel about the Big Mac?: Honestly, I think it's a piece of art. The bun to meat r…[View]
17086322I hate separating egg yolks and egg whites but I make a lot of custards. Anyone have suggestions for…[View]
17083954boiled bread: say you make bread dough, but instead of baking it, you boil it. will it work?[View]
17087584Does your country have a shit-on-a-shingle equivalent? It is truly one of the comfiest of comfort fo…[View]
17085254I think I have a problem, /ck/.[View]
17086655I consider this a breakfast sandwich, it just fits my early morning tastes[View]
17083245Has anyone eaten testicles, and is there sperm in them?[View]
17083899Why are ducks and geese not available for purchase by at supermarkets? Why do they want us to only c…[View]
17085923Why don't they fucking label their various ingredients? >3 different kinds of chicken >nu…[View]
17084977>laminate counters[View]
17086639How did I do /ck/?[View]
17084696they don't taste like anything[View]
17084025Quality food does not need salt. If you need to add salt, then you are eating bad food.[View]
17079658Have you cooked any meal for kids ?[View]
17086447Perpetually runny mac & cheese: Is this even possible, how do I get around to doing this Everyti…[View]
17084697Is EU food safer than USA's? I've heard that USA can feed hormones to animals which are ba…[View]
17079734>does nothing[View]
17086785I've been eating liver for a week and I feel like my dick is going to fly off and go inside eve…[View]
17085378Would you prefer just pepperoni, or pepperoni and sausage? Me, I like both pepperoni and sausage tog…[View]
17085440for me, it's the double cheeseburger: the perfect fast food item[View]
17083341homemade panettone: perhaps I’m inspired by all the images of cardboard boxes posted here recently, …[View]
17083873How do you cook the cuddlefish?[View]
17085885Is my oven making me permastupid: Hey guys, I found out I might have left my gas oven (not stove) on…[View]
17085731Are there any foods that you like eating plain? For me it's waffles, pancakes and donuts. I r…[View]
17082745Can someone explain the fascination with food trucks to me?[View]
17085975Going to be without a fridge for a week until the new one gets delivered. I don't really want t…[View]
17083770Im ordering delivery from Ruth Chris steak house tonight. What does /ck/ recommend?[View]
17079395Do you take your morning coffee with milk and sugar or straight?[View]
17086475McDonalds eggs are my favorite eggs[View]
17086420Oatmeal with peanut butter, raspberrys, strawberrys, mango and halt of a banana. Did i do good?[View]
17085907let me guess... you 'need' more?[View]
17086183*sip* Yup.[View]

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