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/ck/ - Food & Cooking

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15464064Every day we stray further from God's grace.[View]
15463934>this water was purified using reverse osmosis[View]
15463905What do you like to cook with these?[View]
15461484Would you rather have a plate of crispy, fragrant paella, or porridgey, spicy bowl of jambalaya? If …[View]
15454923My girlfriend and I got into an argument over me always leaving time on the microwave. I don’t clear…[View]
15460415How should I store my kitchen knives if I don't have a knife block? I don't have space for…[View]
15457068VGH... the Leberkäse of BAVARIA[View]
15461561For me, it’s the White Russian.[View]
15463681How to make the perfect cuppa? I add a tablespoon of sugar in mine and I leave the bag in. Do you re…[View]
15461956I made pea soup with hams: Is good[View]
15463302just bought a coffee maker. What am I in for[View]
15459548What are some good tequilas?[View]
15463528/ghetto/ general: What's some bachelor/ghetto/college/retard ass shit you've made? Ghetto …[View]
15461353>VR luncheon coming up soon and I still haven't decided what to serve my guests What are som…[View]
15461328I could eat Chipotle literally everyday and never get tired of it. How do they do it, it's like…[View]
15454399Is this a little undercooked? Should I call to complain or nah[View]
15463044Yo /ck/ I'm heading to Taco Bell, what you want?[View]
15460986What are the best snacks to have with a cold brew?[View]
15458177Why do so many people hate this soda?[View]
15452063Bullshit Arbitrary Dates: Friendly reminder that all those 'suggestions' about refrigerating and use…[View]
15461980Should I discard the oil: I had one of those plastic chef bottles of avocado oil next to a really ho…[View]
15463081I'm Jimmy Dean: And, uh, get yourself a chunk of that good morning feelin'.[View]
15463138*makes your meal incredible*[View]
15462061snacks: what ways have you improved upon basic snacks? after dinner, I'm going to have some pot…[View]
15462388What are some good non poisonous nestle products?[View]
15461264Rate din din[View]
15462750This shit is ridiculously overpriced. On amazon a variety pack is priced at $1 per minikitkat. Gett…[View]
15455224Hey guys, I made some healthy snacks for everyone on the board to enjoy.[View]
15461243Do you save the toothpicks with the frilly ends? I do. Then I can Club reminisce on a cold snowy nig…[View]
15452838Holy Black: Has anybody here ever used gunpowder as a cooking ingredient? Specifically black powder,…[View]
15462844Soup left out: Left pot of chicken soup out on stove overnight. Was last eaten around 4am and still …[View]
15460668Whats a good deep cut on the average Chinese takeout menu?[View]
15462868Wine: Best wine to add to sauces and things like meat pie fillings?[View]
15462775Beef sashimi[View]
15460172Whole tilapia: Paprika, salt, pepper, garlic, lemon, rosemary and thyme.[View]
15453957Is it better to drink $1 wine from the dollar store or $2 steel reserve?[View]
15462688can anyone tell me where the italians keep their grain reserves during the winter?[View]
15462534so these things are back, are they as good as the original?[View]
15461139CFCH: chicken fried chicken mash country gravy[View]
15461879whats the worst meme food and why is it jalepenos? these fuckers get added to everything i guess bec…[View]
15459841What's the minimum number of layers of phyllo needed to produce a satisfying result when doing …[View]
15459943Its like chalk and drywall that has been sitting in a commercial freezer for a week. You literally h…[View]
15461012Would you try this?[View]
15456320What do y'all do with the left over flavor satchels?[View]
15456992Lets be honest. Wings are basically a meme food for sportsball parties that nobody seriously likes, …[View]
15460901How can this shit have '0g total sugar' when the second ingredient is literally sugar[View]
15462348>tfw no Italian grandma to cook with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5hNWAyvzys…[View]
15461390Why is stir fry considered healthy?: >copious amount of oil >copious amount of salt >copiou…[View]
15459357I made a McChicken: I made a breakfast McChicken Pro eating tip: American cheese is divine but only …[View]
15461157for me, it's batatas de marechal brazil's premier purveyor of fried potatoes, sausage and …[View]
15458151I made a duck, with stuffing made of brown rice, herbs, and home made bread.[View]
15458793I bought a bottle of this on a whim in the grocery store and boy am I glad I did. Before this, I had…[View]
15461494Thinking of putting some chicken drumsticks and apple slices in the oven....Will it be based or are …[View]
15460298What do you think of my meal?[View]
15461250>Almost $3 for this >Not even better than monster or international delight Energy drink gene…[View]
15456047Why do American movies make fun of blue cheese or snails? They’re fucking delicious[View]
15460404Prosciutto: Why does this stuff taste good but smell like literal diarrhea? Every time my fingers to…[View]
15459782>he doesn't know how to pull tendons out of chicken tenders[View]
15453462For me? It's lard.[View]
15461660I actually think some of those beers reach a drinkable and enjoyable state. I don't necessarial…[View]
15460180Mmmm calzone. When's the last time you ever had a nice comfy calzone? Ever eat a calzone in the…[View]
15461341>he eats white bread[View]
15459554Bf and I are trying mrbeast burger for lunch. What should we order?[View]
15457712How much is too much?[View]
15460552What's the best sauce to make with these bastards?[View]
15461137>$15 off $20 order >load cart up to $20.75 >order still ends up being $16 after all the bul…[View]
15460015qtddtot: if meat is so scarce, why arent we butchering all those invasive hogs being hunted around t…[View]
15461069Stupid question: I have some leg quarters I want to make. Thinking of pan searing, then baking. I on…[View]
15460713What is really SO wrong with this stuff?: It's tasty. It's not the real thing but it'…[View]
15460691Local Meat shops in your area: Hey ck phaggots You know you got those local meat shops. Might be in …[View]
15421714/tbg/- Tobacco General: Post and discuss cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, snus, snuff, hookah, etc.…[View]
15460141Would you eat a 70s soviet block commie pizza with sour cabbage and peppers, /ck/? >https://www.y…[View]
15460673margarita mixes are actually better: I actually don't see what's so wrong about margarita …[View]
15457906Today is International Peanut Butter Day. Say something nice about her. What is your favorite peanu…[View]
15457519Is cooking actually a REAL hobby?[View]
15460738How do I make better salads? I love putting together a little side of spinach, tomatoes, onion and g…[View]
15457571fuck puff pastry fuck pan sauces fuck flour thickener fuck edible flowers fuck chocolate sauce fuck …[View]
15460813Mayo: white or no white?: Do you use the whole egg or just the yolk when making mayonnaise? I don…[View]
15460355How to incorporate bananas into a meal that isn't oats or a smoothie ?.[View]
15460053Which jap Cheetos should I try first? Roasted corn? Grilled eel? Also Asian chips thread.[View]
15458261What is the best combo?: >Spicy Italian >Italian White bread >Cheese >Olives >Pickles…[View]
15457898Are chefs really this confrontational and abusive?[View]
15460809>TFW undercooked the chicken[View]
15460766Do you have to use this when you make tomato sauce?[View]
15458267What is the strangest thing you like on pizza, /ck/? I had anchovies and shrimp for my first time ye…[View]
15421252Coffee Time General /ctg/: Your neighbourhood cafe edition Previous thread: >>15371851[View]
15459989Kitchen Gore Thread: Let's post the most terrifying, obnoxious, amateurish, non sequitur and pl…[View]
15450298bun bao[View]
15458649Gordon Ramsay: IT'S UP[View]
15460543Can you get shrimp poisoning if you eat too many?: https://youtu.be/Kxn-7gVqoYg[View]
15459683Cornbread: Is sugar permissable?[View]
15459325Is this stuff any good? How have the donuts not turned to mush?[View]
15459615Ate Mr Beast Burger today >was delicious >is a virtual brand created by a jewtoober >sold o…[View]
15455663How's my ribeye anons?[View]
15457562>shuts off in the middle of weighing >heh, nothing personel kid Is this really necessary? Thes…[View]
15458778Smoking some baby back ribs: smoking these guys at 220f got 2 racks 15lbs all together only 33 dolla…[View]
15455945Do you set a table for a typical weeknight meal? If you do how many people are you feeding? My fami…[View]
15457782Tortillas / Omelets: So after many years, I've finally found a use for these things. As we all…[View]
15453648Cod: Tell me all your thoughts on cod.[View]
15459398Over the last year and a half I've been helping my gf get more interested in food (she has an e…[View]
15458093I love the fishes because they're so delicious, time to go fishing.[View]
15456204I'm looking to buy an offset smoker like the one you see in pic related. What do I need to do …[View]
15459437Do you know a single person that dislikes or actively hates pizza?[View]
15458207sup anons, im heading to stew leonard. want me to pick up something for ya?[View]
15457423Admit it, you are jealous of my burger.[View]
15453508Give us this day, our daily deenz[View]
15460041Actually, this has me thinking: how would food made out of paper be (origami or otherwise)? Since we…[View]
15458370Does /CK/ follow Apetor?: I think he's pretty comfy and I like the simplicity of the food he ma…[View]
15445112Chili Dog Thread, there are many ways to make one and many local variations through out the US, but …[View]
15459552How are my banana muffins?[View]
15459336I tell ya what, sushi simply tastes better when wagies pay for it :)[View]
15457915>*enhances your meal*[View]
15454478Just kill me fam: >burned off the seasoning[View]
15458685Do you make anything homemade? Ant other homesteaders here? It's easy to make your own sugar,…[View]
15454964What’s the worst pizza you’ve ever had?[View]
15457349What do you think about the Japanese exclusive Kit Kat flavors?[View]
15457662>he pretends not to like ketchup to seem more 'adult'[View]
15459095its just sesame oil and chili bro[View]
15458644Why do people overlook liver?[View]
15459284I fucking love water[View]
15454308>put steak in boiling water with spaghetti >one pot meal done in 15 minutes Why arent more peo…[View]
154569522 Flavours, 1 Bag: Not trying to shill this, got a bag of these today. They aren't bad at all.…[View]
154570097-11 'za is way better than it ever has any right to be. Got lucky and my local 7-11 had those…[View]
15458210>green for days, edible for 12 hours, then mushy and rotted >attracts every fly/gnat within a …[View]
15450554FOOD HACKS: Carefully remove the middle bun from the Big Mac to improve it by about 72.8%.[View]
15448848The best pizza style in the world[View]
15457732Is this a good substitute for onions?[View]
15457847is it possible to mass produce grilled cheese?: i'll be having about 10 people over next weeken…[View]
15459100Why is the B&J sortiment in German such dogshit. Most of the flavours just seem to be a variatio…[View]
15451822I’ll be getting one of these bad boys for my birthday. What should be the first thing I cook in it?[View]
15455147Recommend me a pepper grinder: Hey /ck/, my pepper mill broke down recently and I'm ready to bu…[View]
15452409Why are all his recipes the exact same thing (just put ingredient of the day in butter) and why do t…[View]
15458419This shit is bretty good actually[View]
15457291AIR FRYERS: air fryer thread. want to buy a new one, looking at Ronco. Any recs?[View]
15459255Is this all fat? Or is some of it just very white meat? I made a lazy version of Mei Cai Kou Rou the…[View]
15455373Where should I dump my grease and cooking oil?: Apparently it's not supposed to go down the dra…[View]
15456735The burgers are better at Hungry Jacks[View]
15458540fried rice how'd i do[View]
15457362Hey chief[View]
15457545Simple Dutch food: I made this yesterday from leftovers and posted it on /pol/ , I got bashed by doz…[View]
15458960What’s a fast way to fill a knife? I want to practice sharpening on a cheap piece of shit before I t…[View]
15458968Bread Cutting Techs: How does a man cut the last few pieces of a loaf? No matter how many times I al…[View]
15458198At work I'm often away from the office at lunch, and I won't have a way to reheat anything…[View]
15458703EGG: your best egg recipes pls[View]
15454632R8 the pl8 thread: Post some food you have cooked recently and other anons rate it. Ill start and po…[View]
15451920When is the last time you ate a Lunchable?[View]
15454297Time to cook diner: What am I making tonight? Live cooking thread.[View]
15443065What's /ck/'s drink of choice? For me, it's the disinfectant alcohol.[View]
15457754https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIaGWYH_3LY recipe videos that changed your viewpoint on life itself…[View]
15457381Why do things need to be 'fried' in something? What happens if i just add food to a pan and heat it,…[View]
15458252Are brain health vitamins just a meme?[View]
15457429So how do I into cooking?[View]
15457400What should I make my kid for bk. I have on hand: >crumbly sausage >eggs >pancake mix >…[View]
15456646Chinese Cuisine: It's more than just stir-fry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOtheQ0MS7U…[View]
15456195Is it kino?[View]
15455267Are these good tomatoes for tomato sauce? I just picked up a can today[View]
15457981Best chef on ytb: Who is your favorite chef on youtube ? For me, it's this guy, he offers many …[View]
15457397Which of these two burger setups is more appealing to you >mayo >ketchup >lettuce >rings…[View]
15457516Do you submerge the teabag with a spoon or do you let it float on the surface?[View]
15453157What does your weekly meal routine look like?[View]
15457330what does /ck/ think of pic related?[View]
15451877I need ideas.: What can I have with a breaded chicken breast like pic related as a meal? Something o…[View]
15457472Tavuk Gögsü: For me it's pudding made of chicken[View]
15457807CHEESE: i want to get into cheese more, always seemed appetizing and i want to know more about it (h…[View]
15451189Can any of you /ck/suckers recommend a good egg cooker? I've wanted one for a long time so I do…[View]
15456683Is demiglace worth it? I bought a pound of beef gelatin, I’m gonna mix it with homemade beef stock …[View]
15454441>Cracker Barrel >Weeb candy WHY?[View]
15456987Have you tried crispy pata? Pata is pork leg in Filipino. It is served with rice and soy sauce, vine…[View]
15455648>buy chicken or beef at the grocery store >it's good in the fridge for at least several d…[View]
15441812Can we fucking decide this fucking meme once and for all Is EVOO actually good for frying/cooking sh…[View]
15457067>feel like shit all day >take a swig of my rum >get the warm belly >instantly happy is t…[View]
15457357How do I make salmon in a soup have more flavor? I'm trying to make salmon soup, which is a fin…[View]
15456918Cooking for pets: what foods do you cook for your pets? dog lady in my house gets rice or potatoes a…[View]
15457290Is it Sew-shee of Shoosh-he?.[View]
15454037How does one choose and buy decent wine?[View]
15457332what are good amul products?[View]
15456766Yooooo I made some garlic/rosemary Japanese-style mayo tonight, anyone want the recipe I made? I…[View]
15453602Which rice/grain is your favorite?: For me, it’s basmati rice. Not exactly healthy but boy oh boy do…[View]
15451740Just got one of these bad boys. Do you guys have any favorite recipes for big bulky meals? Something…[View]
15456492Rate my Saturday night[View]
15455407Sushi: Sushi[View]
15457153What is the name of this tray? Chef and professional kitchens use it all the time for seasoning meat…[View]
15435019Just tried the regular McDonalds hamburger after always buying the bigmac and I have to say the stan…[View]
15457104I cant cook: whats in your fridge and what do I cook next?[View]
15455486For me its Ghee[View]
15455805Crackers? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdndkVCZKjc[View]
15456922What does /ck/ think of Tupperware?[View]
15456451AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Didn't know what to do--split up a huge pork shoulder (8 pounds or some …[View]
15456972Are you able to eat enough potatoes or tomatoes necessary to actually poison yourself?[View]
15456562qtddtot: i want macaroni and cheese . what do i mix this with to make cheese sauce? milk and butter?…[View]
15456536>Melt butter in the microwave >Butter explodes and covers the ceiling of the microwave in melt…[View]
15455169Got the Wusthof Classic 7-piece knife set. Thoughts on this purchase? My fiance wanted new knives[View]
15452587What's your favourite affordable wine?[View]
15456186Bread Bowls: I worked at a place that served 'em once. I just realized I've never actually…[View]
15454995I'm hungry but nothing sounds good. The only thing I want is chimichangas from my local Mexican…[View]
15454602bros im such a retard when it comes to cooking i just dont know what to do anymore. >watch youtub…[View]
15456221Stella is a fine beer [for a non-drinking day].[View]
15453846Anyone else fall for the 'Hey I actually get positive attention when I cook a good meal maybe I shou…[View]
15455964How to cook steak? Not sure what pan to use or to get.[View]
15455978Happy valentine's day honey here's some meat and candy in a box[View]
15453692what is the best crab meat?[View]
15446650is this the most worthless vegetable nutritional wise[View]
15456124Not sugary desserts: (before i start i live in america so everything has 10x as much sugar as needed…[View]
15456168Mr. Stover, I'd like to buy you a drink to say thanks for providing such a based and comfy box.[View]
15456403Iron chef japan thread Anyone have any info or the video link with the black iron chef episode?? Nev…[View]
15455933>Why yes, I'll have 3 McChickens, a large Coke, a large fry, and a vanilla soft serve. Could…[View]
15456342How do I make a good chili?[View]
15455073Rate dinner[View]
15455340So basically if I eat 1 chicken sub per day ill lose weight?[View]
15455581What makes animal crackers so delicious? Is it lemon flavoring? A hint of vanilla? They blow every o…[View]
15454433Dry Ramen is Best Ramen: I’m not the only one that prefers their ramen without broth right? The brot…[View]
15456177>people tend to buy spam every time there is an economical downturn >literally more expensive…[View]
15456162What's the point of this form of yeast?[View]
15455960Envy for the East: >ywn be a japanese man eating the Wendy's Sailor Moon special value meal …[View]
15456008Knife for a friend: I'm making a kitchen knife for a friend. What do y'all think of the de…[View]
15455194*gives you diarrhea*[View]
15455989my boyfriend ate a fatty meal and drank lots of coffee and now he has heartburn: its hurting his che…[View]
15453394Based or cringe?[View]
15450493Which one of these is worth buying premade and what brands are good[View]
15450813rate my NY strip /ck/: >rub with EVOO >cast iron grill pan, 3 minutes each side >sear the h…[View]
15455148Eating a bag of these at the moment and honestly can't tell what flavor they're supposed t…[View]
15455347What is the appeal of garbage ass birthday cake? It's literally just bad icing slathered on bad…[View]
15455604What are some foods you wanna see be used in competitive eating? I nominate nutraloaf[View]
15450443do you think more people will buy plant based meats in the coming years?[View]
15455143cheese knife[View]
15454539Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: anybody here read the book(not just watch the show)? opinions?[View]
15454732Anyone else like eating chicken nuggets frozen, straight out of the bag.? They're great like li…[View]
15455449What is a cozy dinner for saturday night alone in the winter, but no snow? I don't know if I sh…[View]
15453999Serious question. I have potatoes and a air fryer. How do I make homemade french fries? Before you a…[View]
15455160My bread didn't rise much: I tried making sourdough with homemade starter. I added 1/2 a cup of…[View]
15452726I'm not really a bread-orientated individual. I'm bad at the time management, I suck at kn…[View]
15455342Best temperature for chicken breast?: Just cooked some chicken breast with a thermometer for the fir…[View]
15454363So, I've trying to cook more at home. I've gotten pretty comfortable with a pan and baking…[View]
15452933The lady who drove my bus all through school just passed away and she was an old Filipino lady. My m…[View]
15446826Post the absolute WORST foods. I'll start.[View]
15446032Campfire cooking / Open fire cooking: Share recipes, cooking videos, pictures and outdoor cooking eq…[View]
15455191What is /ck/s opinion about 'Ordinary Sausage'? I personally find the concept pretty great though it…[View]
15453761Rate my McGriddle: I didn't have bacon unfortunately. Topped with real maple syrup, not the fak…[View]
15454820Energy Drinks: Did this stuff always taste like deodorant or am I getting old?[View]
15453853>slices your fucking fingers pshh(tachio), nutin personal[View]
15453767Its me again fellas, what pizza should I order tonight? >pizza butt >papa johns >domino…[View]
15451517Starting today, I will prepare my food ONLY from pic related cookbook for a month. 18 century french…[View]
15440027Food and Dating: Anyone ever stopped dating or ended a relationship with someone because of their fo…[View]
15453562Guys what do think of my new dish pan salad?[View]
15454155Mama Celeste Pizza For One: Mama forgive me. For the first time I have negected picking up a bunch o…[View]
15452407Where the fuck can I buy these? Been looking for it for years with no luck.[View]
15450119>the perfect snack doesn't exi-[View]
15441563>drink a tablespoon of this >deliver a 3 pound baby arm into the toilet the next morning This …[View]
15446576Who should pay during a first date at the restaurant[View]
15453129Best Way to Cook Massive Steak?: Sup /ck/ I bought a 96oz prime boneless sirloin (think of pic relat…[View]
15452871Does pizza hut hold a patent on stuffed crust? Why doesn't dominos have a stuffed crust?[View]
15450062ITT: Meals women will never understand[View]
15454233Do you think chicken and cheese is something that shouldn't be combined? I've heard multip…[View]
15454518god damn it looks so good[View]
15452772Is there an easier way to make demi-glace than the way Adam does it?[View]
15453105>love the taste of beer with burgers, steak, pizza >get a nasty hangover from drinking even 1 …[View]
15452039Anybody here tried matoke?: It's the African cousin to Mofongo and there seems to be a zillion …[View]
15454552/take out dinner/: I'm that fucking idiot that got taco bell for lunch earlier today. What am I…[View]
15446825If we make a thread mentioning The Food Lab, will Kenji see it? KENJI I LOVE YOU YOU'RE A BASED…[View]
15448592Why a box?[View]
15451702Food chemist here, AMA[View]
15451634Did fast food taste different in the 90s (or any other decade)?[View]
15454017rusted 'black steel' pan: Somehow I fucked this up. I cleaned it with a wire brush per the direction…[View]
15452294honest review: dunkin donuts gluten free brownie: this is a brand new item from dunkin donuts and i …[View]
15454293I fucking hate can openers bros...[View]
15451406Twelve minutes in the oven till BASED Taquitos are done. Anyone else want some? How do you make your…[View]
15445583It's delicious[View]
15452166I have tuna and eggs. What can I make with these other than tuna salad.[View]
15453679is it bad to drink long island iced tea every day[View]
15454190>enjoying a nice order of curry from a local shop >nicely roasted lamb, the curry itself is ve…[View]
15452713Sometimes reasonable men must do unreasonable things: cold smoke manchego and cheddar on da whey…[View]
15452279>help /Ck/ I need to make a lot of food fast for my my family I'm going to the store now giv…[View]
15451956>Raw fish >Vinegary rice >Sea weed…[View]
15441452Remember when McDonald's had spicy nuggets on their menu for like a week? Did anyone actually g…[View]
15448412/ck/ hard to swallow pills: Nobody needs more than 3 kitchen knives Anything more is a waste of spac…[View]
15452400>round 2 >get advice from /ck/ on how to make tomato sauce >cook longer, add sugar, add m…[View]
15453743due to the fakedemic, coffee shops no longer put out cream and sugar, so what I do is ask for a cup …[View]
15452378>“perfect” pizza >has olives on it[View]
15452637holy shit[View]
15452282Caught the rona, what should I eat before I lose my sense of smell?[View]
15452789I got gifted demi glace by my cousin. What do i do with it?[View]
15453993Post your favorite store bought asian food.[View]
15453958why doesn't domino's have stuffed crust[View]
15453918I made my egg salad too salty, how do I fix it?[View]
15453147What’s the best soup?[View]
15451833I've missed mall food court chicken teriyaki more than anything else over the last year of quar…[View]
15438174Hey frens guess what Im makin[View]
15453235Mayonnaise: Last night there was an 'easy chicken' thread. These was a post in it about using mayonn…[View]
15450794*passes through your anus undigested*[View]
15453668Alright, with the end of the world due to 'rona at our door steps, what is something that other…[View]
15452296>Try to fry top ramen noodles with egg >Tastes the same as regular top ramen except also there…[View]
15450384>puts Asian rice cooking to shame Is there something that Italians can't cook?…[View]
15452305ITT: cooking memes you hate: >cracking an egg on everything >putting citrus rind in sweet stuf…[View]
15430871WebM Thread[View]
15453689I'm a foodie - not a chef. Stop assuming everyone is interested in discussing cooking technique…[View]
15453703About to go to Taco Bell, what should I get? >Inb4 cook at home and don't eat garbage Shut t…[View]
15448192ground beef in a tube vs fresh ground beef, yay or nay /ck/? I just cooked some tube meat, smelled l…[View]
15448351Cheese: What are your favourite kinds of cheese, /ck/? Recently I've been really into Emmental.…[View]
15450969I don't eat out very often so its been a while since I've had Panda Express. But good lord…[View]
15450373Why were my boiled eggs so difficult to peal? They came out ugly amd losing chunks of egg because of…[View]
15452440I am making garlic honey but my garlics are floating quite a bit. the ones are at top is almost full…[View]
15453529>Cheap >Healthy >Great for wraps >Can replace rice in anything >Toast it up and it be…[View]
15451065Is SPAM a GMO food? How harmful are these foods? I'm a poorfag who can't buy organic.[View]
15453480country thread: create a meal/snack and ONLY use ingredients that were produced in your country we t…[View]
15450321Does anyone else like to make medieval foods I make a big stew with some ale and sit down to play a…[View]
15453516Anyone else supplementmax? >multivitamins for the hell of it >vitamin D3 because I work night …[View]
15453055Is this decent steak?[View]
15453069Fruit cocktail with some cottage cheese is one of the great treats. Salty, sweet, and has a bit of n…[View]
15453421> put veggies in salted water. > boil them. > add flavored oil. voila, you made yourself a …[View]
15448151Is eel as amazing as this show is making it out to be? I mean they sound disgusting to me, the only …[View]
15453368For me, it’s Miller Lite[View]
15453340Food & Cooking Cringe/Autism Thread: I'm in the mood to hear some embarrassing stories abou…[View]
15451471I tried a McRib for the first time and it wasn't even very good. Why do Americans go crazy for …[View]
15451679Pierogies and parm Simple and delicious[View]
15452644Uma delicia[View]
15446811MSG: Y'all ever use this stuff? What for? How much? Apparently aside from allergic reactions to…[View]
15443319>spicy >sweet >garlicy >vinegary >beautiful red color >nozzle for precise applicat…[View]
15450848Happy National Pie Day, /ck/![View]
15451180Tacos: Hard vs Flaccid Dubs will decide what kind I eat for lunch[View]
15447977>mom fell for the wooden spoon meme I've explained to her multiple times that she shouldn…[View]
15447230DIY Egg McMuffin: I have the craving, but fuck McDonalds.[View]
15452577How much info do you really need to know about the food you're eating?: just bought some random…[View]
15452842Anyone ever see the black chef episode of iron chef Japan? For years I’ve been looking for it Apprec…[View]
15452342/fast food take out/: What should I get for a fast food take out? I'm on the east coast and hav…[View]
15451000Soy free soy sauce alternative: Has anyone ever tried pic related or something similar? How similar …[View]
15452576prove me wrong[View]
15451641Maggi vs Knorr vs Goya: Which is better for bouillon? I had a bottle of the crystallized/powder beef…[View]
15447598Are there any good wines at decent prices? Like 30 dollars or so? Im new to wine, i like dry red win…[View]
15451003any protips on sauce/stock making?: just watched a masterfchef aus episode on sauce making. they mad…[View]
15451359If you cook a meal for your roommate(s) do you expect a meal or compensation back? Do you cook food …[View]
15448240I upgraded to pineapple juice[View]
15452664How do you make the perfect hollandaise sauce?: Also eggs benny general[View]
15452553I made some pickled red onions but I used too much vinegar and salt. Can you pour some liquid out an…[View]
15452616It came bros[View]
15451234I'm making roast beef for my housemates tomorrow. What can I do to make it stand out and be a p…[View]
15452418I'm a lady invalid faggot. Post your best low effort/no prep meals Bonus points for high nutri…[View]
15451309What is the secret to the best chili con carne recipe?[View]
15451798Why haven't you eaten the roasted duck pill yet? It's almost no work: 1) defrost duck ove…[View]
15451941taters gonna tate: r8 my seasoned hash brown /ck/[View]
15448053Rate my dinner.[View]
15451668good times with food[View]
15452079Fucking refreshing. I don't know why so many people dislike Micheladas..[View]
15452099banana: Which banana also which age[View]
15452176Who woke up feeling good today?: Big, big cup of coffee and several klonopin AND it's sunny out…[View]
15450707Are egg salad sandwiches a good idea for an office potluck?[View]
15450564>left the fork in the leftovers while microwaving[View]
15451486Easy Puerto Rican Recipes: Does anyone have any easy Puerto Rican recipes for a beginner who hasn’t …[View]
15451896Is cooking subjective or objective? Is it possible to say one way or the other?[View]
15442715>the portions are big, that means it's good![View]
15451892Would you eat it even if someone who's above you shat on it? (Movie: The Platform)[View]
15451285>get chicken >call it ‘fish’ >sell for double the price who is behind this scam?…[View]
15449309The Hat: LA niggas know what's up[View]
15450233hands smell like onions all the time[View]
15446379What does home cooked meal (worm) mean? https://twitter.com/wef/status/1352299924117864450[View]
15442592>moi cheese >Moi butter >Moi breads How are they so thin?…[View]
15449923What? No! That’s impossible![View]
15446554Just got some russian zucchini ikra: What's the best use of this? Been eating it on some lightl…[View]
15449165Can someone tell me a healthy breakfast that will keep me full for longer than an hour? I usually ea…[View]
15451337Say something nice about the humble Bockwurst Do Americans have it? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bo…[View]
15443061Post the finest sips.[View]
15449212Iron Chef show should this post be >>>/tv/ Who is the best Iron Chef? Italian, Japanese, Fr…[View]
15450353Does ck like fish 'n' chips?[View]
15446055Why can't you get like an 'icecrowave' that can freeze food?[View]
15450699Hi, I have bags of chicken thighs. I 'm pretty bad at cooking, I've been experimenting jus…[View]
15451481Ya like watermelons?[View]
15437887/deen/z thread anyone?[View]
15451476What are you having for breakfast ?[View]
15451274Does anyone of you /ck/lets have any experience with recirculation hoods like pic related? I don…[View]
15449630Omurice: Japanese Stir-Fried Rice with Eggs[View]
15446869I drink over 8 cups of green tea a day. I do not remove the tea bag from my cup[View]
15450905can i get uhhhhhhhh............. 2 piece spicy chickenjoy with extra rice and upgrade to pineapple j…[View]
15451056Are these combi appliances a meme? I want a toaster oven, I'm usually cooking for one and just …[View]
15449333Buffalo wings: share your tips and recipes on making buffalo wings I'm making some right now. U…[View]
15449300Brought tuna fish to work and now I might get fired.: I brought tuna fish to work today for lunch. I…[View]
15446740>be 12 yrs old >10 o' clock on a weekday morning >family trip >mom shakes you awake…[View]
15445715>Canada Dry >It's actually wet[View]
15446345they're back[View]
15445908Who's your favorite Hell's Kitchen winner? For me, it's Danny.[View]
15450087How does one learn how to cook by themselves?: I wasn't raised very well my parents barely taug…[View]
15450800Is there anything more vapid and soulless than this?[View]
15449953the more you know[View]
15450891/ck/ lit: I love this book. what is /ck/ reading? what is your go-to cookbook?[View]
15444022>tastes good anti-umamifags BTFO[View]
15450819It's 10am I haven't slept yet hungry as FUCK even tho I ate 2x380g pizzas at around 9pm + …[View]
15450879Ever make cheese roll ups? All you need to do is put cheese in a tortilla and roll it up and microwa…[View]
15445510Adobo Sauce: For some reason it took me this long to find out about this. What are some other ways t…[View]
15447460Processed food is, by definition, the absolute pinnacle of cuisine. The additives are all specifical…[View]
15445919Hello, this is Chef John from foodwishes.com wiiiiiiiiiith...[View]
15449988This stuff smells like shit.Why did I let you gus trick me in to falling for the Asian fish sauce me…[View]
15450533White trash pierogi thread: Aight dumbasses lets make some basic food in the worst way possible. Fir…[View]
15448041Missing Japan and daydreaming of this amazing sushi assortment from Sushi Zanmai in Ginza.[View]
15450393Got a notebook specifically to write interesting recipes in. thing's looking pretty empty. Mind…[View]
15449693I made Beef Wellington: What do you think bros? I couldn't afford tenderloin, so I used eye of …[View]
15448156Why are fast food advertisements so fucking cringy ? it makes me fucking angry and not want to buy t…[View]
15441076What can I add to scrambled eggs to make them tasty?[View]
15449131Why BBQtards so proud of their regional styles when they can literally be recreated anywhere else in…[View]
15446257In three and a half hours, I will get off work. I have skipped lunch so I can get a six piece chicke…[View]
15450615What is the best thing you make, meal, sauce, anything, on the flip side, what's the worst thin…[View]
15448490rate my dinner[View]
15444893Which country has the best table manners?[View]
15450547Healthy food: >watching 'healthy recipe video' >starts pouring a torrent of olive oil Do these…[View]
15448455Rate my steak tips /ck/[View]
15448974Easy non-instant ramen: Is there a way to make good ramen without the complicated recipes?[View]
15446840lets settle this once and for all[View]
15449568Welcome to Mcdonalds:: How can i serve you today? *internaly curses the NEETking*[View]
15446703Mozzarella sticks are great[View]
15445375Which is the godking of cheese crackers[View]
15449969is copper water a meme or are there actual benefits?[View]
15447636THIS is how much sauce your pasta should have: Dressed, not drenched![View]
15447065What do you guys think of my gorgonzola risotto? :)[View]
15447792why did corned beef go out of fashion? it's kino. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fK1AET-OXCo…[View]
15447274>oi just like how me mums used to do eit[View]
15448492High hydration dough: I got a few big air pockets on my high hydration dough bread like pic related,…[View]
15448065>be me >watching over 4 or 5 year old brother, can't remember how old he was at the time …[View]
15449292*camps at your local mcdonalds*[View]
15447639why can't i eat this shit? i just can't stand the foamy texture in my mouth. am i autistic…[View]
15443703Does anyone else here use carbon steel? I bought this a few months ago and it's now my preferre…[View]
15449994CHEETOS® Grilled Cheese + Tomato Soup: CHEETOS® Grilled Cheese + Tomato Soup >A deliciously famil…[View]
15449971Do you guys like roasted geese or chicken better?: Personally I add asparagus and mashed potatoes to…[View]
15449586>sits in your McDonalds booth for 2 hours[View]
15448990Is freshbread worth it? At walmart a dempster loaf is $2.5, and at a local bakery the same white loa…[View]
15449550Eat real food: >meat >vegetables >butter, lard, ghee, coconut oil >no seed oil >avoid…[View]
15436264Now that the dust has settled, did he know what he was doing and just got way more backlash than exp…[View]
15447838Why would I eat here when there's an absolutely based local joint owned by old school Latina mo…[View]
15449015KFC: This is it boys, he cracked the code with the help of 2 inside sources. Download this one befor…[View]
15446420Been eating a lot of salad lately.: I’ve been putting all kinds of veggies in: spinach, collard gree…[View]
15448582Was this guy even a great chef? Anyway press F to pay respect. He was a great host.[View]
15447652Is there a difference between EU Franks and NA Franks? The ingrediants don't look that bad, out…[View]
15442375NEW BASICS WITH BABISH!!: Healthy Meals: Brown Rice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMDwYiYIeRw…[View]
15446629>that'll be $1000 + tip[View]
15449063How does /ck/ like their liver? For me it's raw and wriggling.[View]
15446315Chipotle, but Greek food instead of Mexican. Genius[View]
15446344What is the worst food you have ever eaten?[View]
15448075What is Jello made of? Sugar water and corn syrup? Or something else[View]
15448515Chebureki: I made this shit just now and the steam built up and partly burst the shell. I'm goi…[View]
15443856APOLOGIZE /ck/! COVID-19 is crushing Mexico City’s food scene: COVID-19 is crushing Mexico City’s fo…[View]
15447686I did it again bros I attempted to make pizza but ended up eating all the toppings before I could pu…[View]
15448488Rate My Dinner: Bowl: >Udon >Spam >cabbage >a few simple things to make a quick but tast…[View]
15442687water general: what's your water situation, /ck/? do you drink it raw out of the tap? do you o…[View]
15448363Goofy local places: /ck/ does your town have charm? Does it contain a special watering hole/eatery t…[View]
15448238'Mom is making exotic cuisine' Alright boys, will I die or will this actually be decent? C…[View]
15448506My wheat bread comes out really good and it's tasty, but it's crumbly the next day, what a…[View]
15437684why is this shit so good?: Is there a healthier alternative? Why do I eat this every night?[View]
15443213Why do people pretend to enjoy drinking this shit? >It tastes like honey with mild notes of vanil…[View]
15439896Hot Pot: Is it a meme? Is it overrated? I've only done hotpot one time before, using my pressur…[View]
15448367cheese knife[View]
15446399What should I have to eat today, anons?[View]
15440985How much tuna is good for you?[View]
15442929Solanine: I ate a small boiled potato. It was bitter and part of the skin burned my tongue to the po…[View]
15445103I used to not like this, now I put it on many sandwiches and stuff[View]
15447562I don't know how to cook things in a pan, everytime I try the food either burns stuck together …[View]
15442914Blue Stilton: I got about 22 lbs of blue stilton cheese in two wheels. What do I do with it?[View]
15447662Question: Scenario: Birthday Yours 30 years old No gf No kids Taking your immediate family to dinner…[View]
15445543Favourite pizza dough recipe? There way too many different recipes on YouTube and Google so I wanted…[View]
15448002I just ate a whole box of pizza in 4 minutes and 42 seconds.[View]
15443821do you give your dogs pizza? my puppy loves cheese and I always ask if they use garlic on their crus…[View]
15440036how do i cook the best fucking nachos[View]
15447537Is it normal to describe food as “yummy”: My dad says it every fucking day and it annoys the shit ou…[View]
15446532do germans really eat sausage salads?[View]
15445319>combo meal costs at least $10 >assuming $15/h wage and 10 minutes of dedicated work, labor co…[View]
15447307Basil: How much of this leafy cunt can I add to spaghetti sauce without ruining it?[View]
15444380>spicy wings and even spicier questions[View]
15442078>It's another 'Mom has you pay for 75$ worth of high quality steak and fish, only to cook th…[View]
15447295Can you guess what this will become?[View]
15447326What are some local food chains that are superior to anything else? Pic related if you’re from Austi…[View]
15443762I get it, you're from california or whatever: That doesn't mean this is anything other tha…[View]
15446454Boy do I love Devour™ Macaroni and Cheese, the best frozen macaroni and cheese one could buy. With a…[View]
15447079Do anglos really..?[View]
15447729I don't understand the hate for carrot cake, whenever I bake one nobody ever try to taste it. I…[View]
15441621How do I start to appreciate beer? I have been drinking it for 5 years and still have to force it do…[View]
15447395Can I put zucchini in my bolognese sauce[View]
15446706Does the caffeine in soda serve any purpose other than keeping you awake? Does it add to flavor or s…[View]
15436993Tomorrow I will bake a cheesecake: Blueberry cheeecahike. Do I have to use a cookie crust? I don’t …[View]
15446898Do I need to substitute my vegan diet with souls for healthy mind chemistry balance and body muscle …[View]
15446267wha at are you drinking right now /ck/?[View]
15424817Mexican food is the superior cuisine. Nothing else comes close to it.[View]
15447616Holy shit these things are amazing. I'm never buying Pizza bagels or Pizza rolls again. These a…[View]
15446939I wouldn't mind some advice /ck/, or just some opinions, I guess. I live in the UK. I have neve…[View]
15440501Tea Chart: Is this true?[View]
15447608Best beer ever! I refuse to drink any other gay ass drink.[View]
15445479Alcohol thread: I'm fairly new to alcohol so I want to know what's good. I usually drink c…[View]
15443199Why does Pizza Hut pizza taste great in the restauraunt, but awful from the takeaway? The locations …[View]
15445953/ck/ is AFRAID to absorb the soy. Has anyone actually tried this? Is meat dead?[View]
15447278My neighbor recently gave me a single fish, wrapped up and frozen, and I've finally gotten the …[View]
15447534Water, have we been scammed: https://youtu.be/GceNsojnMf0[View]
15443151How much do you spend on food groceries and also takeout/fastfood% /delivery?[View]
15438001Serious eats.: Anyone else use ketchup as pasta sauce?[View]
15446136Daily food delivery service?: Why is there no service that will deliver lunch and/or dinner each day…[View]
15447094ITT: Better than the real thing[View]
15446533My new job has me travelling constantly away from home, how do I eat healthy when all I really have …[View]
15443582How do middle eastern cuisines differ?: Im trying to learn every countrys cuisine and now im working…[View]
15446927Potato salad recipe >5lb of potatoes >2 dozen eggs (boil them with the potatoes) >crush the…[View]
15445312This is a bread thread fuckers: Now tell me how I get the gluten to develop properly in wholewheat b…[View]
15447231Food meant to be heated, but better eaten cold. I'll start.[View]
15441600Another day, another reminder that you dont have to waste time cooking burgers, once they go to room…[View]
15446418Ambiance /amb/: ITT: Post external factors that enhance your dining experience. >the pizza joint …[View]
15435018Do your pets feast on fruits fed to them by you?[View]
15446444Wait, I can make demi-glace by mixing store-bought stock and gelatin? Awesome. Based Ragusa dunking …[View]
15446847Need some ideas for a fire house meal: So, we've got a new chief and he's Catholic like I …[View]
15446943ASMR and cooking.: If ASMR was food, what would it be? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sz5ymkOLeWA…[View]
15438815The most popular take-out for each country[View]
15446818hey CK so idk if this should go here but recently i watched a man try to make a lemon cake by cookin…[View]
15446961Sardines are not that good.[View]
15446513grandma doesnt have any teeth, she also cannot consume salt ii want to make a roast for her, i would…[View]
15446770https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kWyHJPK9ad0 How do restaurants keep getting away with all those scams?…[View]
15446577how good of a deal was the 5 dollar footlong? and how does it stack up to the 4 for 4 and others[View]
15446723did you say you wanted scrambled eggs? come at me, bro.[View]
15443854For those that own one of these, what do you make on it? If you regularly make sandwiches, do you pr…[View]
15443267Anyone else just mix the cheese dust straight into the drained macaroni? Makes it nice and clumpy so…[View]
15438842Ghost Kitchens: >As demand for food delivery has skyrocketed, the definition of what constitutes …[View]
15445538What's a good cod liver oil? Preferably one without additives.[View]
15435781/slop/: /slop/ - sloppa shit general Post, rate, debate Sloppas of all varieties welcome[View]
15443340What's your opinion of instant mashed potatoes?[View]
15441090Tomato Soup!: Holy Raga Muffins! I just tried this and its fantastic! Make some Campbells™ Tomato So…[View]
15443331Is wagyu worth the price?: My first wedding anniversary is coming up. We haven’t had many opportunit…[View]
15445028Zwiebelkuchen: In Germany, we make Zwiebelkuchen (=Onion cake). It's sort of like a French Quic…[View]
15445997Facebook horror thread: Can you cook /ck? This sure looks challenging.[View]
15442445You're stir frying diced chicken breast. How do you avoid under or overcooking it? Answer caref…[View]
15435804Does anyone else Unironically really like Applebees?[View]
15445381What is the best way to prepare wok noodles?: I have a pack of them and I always make stir fry with …[View]
15435297Do you track calories in food you eat, /ck/? How much do you typically eat?[View]
15445207$35 / week!: I want your advice on what should I add to / remove from my daily eating habit, with re…[View]
15445777going to a large fish market today anything I should look for? I wanna try fresh 'chovies[View]
15445822What alcohol would pair well with this Mocktail? I was thinking cucumber gin or pimms? https://grand…[View]
15445473industry question: at what point should i just ditch my current job and look for what i want elsewhe…[View]
15442395What can I do with dill?: I've been able to grow it, but I don't know what to use it for, …[View]
15444747Chungus Burger: Rate my Chungus Burger, give constructive Criticism.[View]
15445631The grocery has these shoulder picnic cuts for $10, is that a good price to get a couple for the fre…[View]
15439775Doubanjiang: Bought it tio make Mapo Tofu and Miso Ramen, but still have a lot left and I don't…[View]
15445753For me, it's HURFF.[View]
15442861Is vinegar a 'citrusy' flavor?[View]
15445690Bobby @ Flav City: Is this guy legit or a faggot? He's been popping up in my YT feed shilling a…[View]
15440880Why don't Mexican restaurants in the US have salsa macha? It's mainly green or red. Why is…[View]
15441888rate my fetuccini alfredo[View]
15439879How come they don't make Beef nuggets?[View]
15443743What's with the autismo in French sauces?: I heard Pepin saying that a bechamel with cheese is …[View]
15438010>points at food >writhes >eyes bug out >'oh wow' Does this guy know how to cook? Does he…[View]
15445604hog head cheese/souse loaf: recently tried this and found it pretty good. whats /ck/'s opinion …[View]
15442600Thinking about starting a small fast food business.: Any thoughts? Or wishes?[View]
15422005I see so many threads asking why we hate this guy, but I think he's pretty entertaining. Why do…[View]
15445634ITT: foods pretending to be other foods Australian 'tomato sauce' is literally just ketchup.[View]
15442943>Be me >Be line cook >Work at shitty restaurant >Be druk WHAT A LIFE!…[View]
15442794>mom made tater tot casserole tonight FUCK YESS I fucking love being a flyover…[View]
15445521i have literally never seen these in an american supermarket[View]
15444708Cheese cake: My mother made cheese cake at fring pan only. But She burned it!![View]
15443994Wtf was his problem?[View]
15443332Rate my chicken guys[View]
15443893Member McDonald’s signature classics. I liked the bbq one[View]

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