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17872666How does hearing take part in eating? I'm thinking it plays a role in it Maybe aids in proper u…[View]
17868807Wife is forcing me to change to a vegan diet. What’re some good meat alternatives?[View]
17870030Famous Dave's bar b q: >Were does /ck/ rank Dave's bar b q ? I like them havent been 4 …[View]
17871040>*Is the best meat snack in your path* Biltong is the best and nothing else comes remotely close.…[View]
17871459It flat as fuck soda… what the actual fuck.[View]
17869591The great debate: What do I get?[View]
17870843Green onions are flipping AMAZING![View]
17865952How do I catch free range chickens on other people's property so I can cook them and eat them? …[View]
17871518Friday night stek: Stek with parm fries.[View]
17872165What is his appeal?: He’s not a chef but a Comedian whose schtick is a stereotypical caricature. …[View]
17871227Sysco General: Welcome to the Sysco General! This thread welcomes friends of family of leading whole…[View]
17872249>dude rice cookers heat up rice in like 20 mins man it's so epic Why is this meme a thing? M…[View]
17871564What the fuck is 'Kebab'?: From wikipedia: >Kebabs consist of cut up or ground meat >sometimes…[View]
17872288Every once in awhile it's good to cook a big meal with a good friend and just pig out. Eggs Ben…[View]
17871627the thinking mans otter pop flavor[View]
17869896Fuck you, I like it[View]
17870039How do you prepare liver?[View]
17870489I just had these wtf is spicy about this shit[View]
17871834How the fuck did this get so popular? I just had some and it's literally just really sugary dri…[View]
17872198What are some foods that let you know you should stop socialising with someone?[View]
17871866Thoughts on my pizza?: thoughts on my pizza? I'm new to making them.[View]
17869205What would you order from The Ock? Personally I'd get a bacon, egg, and cheese on a knish 'The …[View]
17872139i'm finally moving into a place on my own, and have no cooking utensils, appliances, anything w…[View]
17863094Would you ever stand in a super long line and wait more than an hour for food?: Finally tried Howlin…[View]
17871977'za i had last night. what do you think? should i order it again (for the 4th time this week?)[View]
17862248how the fuck does sugar find its way into fucking EVERYTHING in america, i swear to god i'm jus…[View]
17871926>looking for food ravenously >nothing in the fridge but what looks like maybe some boiled eggs…[View]
17857946why is USA so obsessed with corn? its not even a good grain[View]
17870436Bartendies of /ck/, what's your signature cocktail?[View]
17871647Why is 'curly' a flavor?[View]
17866417Will this turn me into a redditor? How am I supposed to flavor my rice?[View]
17872004Fish/Seafood Bread: how do you marinate your fish overnight or quickly /ck/? any special recipes or …[View]
17871886So is it any good?[View]
17871344>these now only have 6 sausages in them rather than 8 thanks biden[View]
17869804what should i drink to celebrate my college graduation?[View]
17867059What is the most cost effective, filling food product I can buy with only ~$2 USD? I am a hungry po…[View]
17871645coconut oil frying masterrace: imagine still using “seed oils” to deep fry in . industrial rancid pu…[View]
17871821Anyone here ever bake with (whole wheat) einkorn flour? I don't know the exact ratio it transla…[View]
17871463can i make tortilla wraps in the oven? i dont have a nonstick pan and i dont want to add extra oil i…[View]
17861537I love sardines: Im trying to expand my sardine options. This is all I eat for now. What else is goo…[View]
17871523It's the little things...: ITT: Neat, cute, or cool food ideas I just got some of these cookie …[View]
17871094>he eats rice with a fork and knife >he doesn't spoon a little bit of soup onto his rice …[View]
17871034My first time cooking dried beans and they look like shrivelled up testicles! Wtf?[View]
17867275Schnitzel: Ground up saltine crackers make the best breading.[View]
17863977skin up or skin down when you're chopping these things?[View]
17871560I hate to sound like one of those cringy ABC people but how do I learn to 'get' chardonnay…[View]
17863280Post your best meals[View]
17869221>Have you ever had a REAL Philly cheesesteak?[View]
17869572how do we stop taco bell from offering vegan/vegetarian options? like can it be banned?[View]
17866279for those about to salsa: how do you make your own salsa at home? I like mine thin so I use a food p…[View]
17871473Post the last thing you cooked: Lentil soup with smoked ham hocks. It was really good >looks like…[View]
17866540ai-generated recipes: ok so i have way too much fucking spare time in my pathetic life and i am will…[View]
17871320inflation: Umm, bros? How much will a burrito cost by the end of the year?[View]
17871240if you do this, fuck you[View]
17870384unintended by-product: made a ground pork stir fry and all this fat came out. how do you guys lard?…[View]
17871336The only seasoning a 25yr old man needs[View]
17867191Chuck Roast uses: Got a large number of chuck roasts for cheap. So far I've made: Chili Japanes…[View]
17868413remember that time kool-aid made 'ice' flavors where it had a cooling effect? good times[View]
17865615I got a prediabetes diagnosis and I need some low calorie meal ideas. Already figured I'm not g…[View]
17871273>cook on electric hob, food constantly sticks to pan nd takes 3x as long >cook on gas hob, abs…[View]
17869192She has the most based cheesecake recipe.[View]
17868662What the fuck? https://twitter.com/pepsi/status/1526912002110652417/[View]
17871060Why is some food much better after sitting/cooling? Made some breakfast sandwiches last night, vegan…[View]
17871201Are your watermelons personalized?[View]
17865774>little faggot wants name brand cereals >malt-o-meal cereals are the same if not better >bu…[View]
17870387There is only one food I don't like, and that is ketchup. The flavor, smell, and appearance mak…[View]
17868661Breakfast pasta: How do I turn these leftover penne into a nice breakfast pasta?[View]
17870282I was on Keto for 5 months straight, then I took a 2 week break and ate whatever I wanted. I went to…[View]
17871001The snack.[View]
17866276hey, what's up. Can I get some advice on eating hamburgers like pic related? I've always w…[View]
17869690Tempura shrimps, deep fry was invented for this. Soo good.[View]
17865252The rice cooks the egg: Is it true?[View]
17865736Mango Pepsi: What do we think of it?[View]
17870747>a piña colada is actually just thai curry without the seasonings and spices…[View]
17862190How come bakers mark bread?[View]
17870674Is this the best beer sold in retail stores in the US?[View]
17869367Too Good to Go: Anyone using this app regularly for food deals? can you buy real shit like frozen me…[View]
17866656What's the best MRE from a /ck/ perspective?[View]
17869920I regularly cook and eat this. There is normally a solid clear filmy substance around the sides of m…[View]
17867773food gore: food gore[View]
17870310Do you fill up on breadsticks before receiving the main course?[View]
17870363>purchase an entire box of this >far too boring to eat plain >no idea what to eat with it A…[View]
17868124French onion soup.: Give me recipes obtained by testing[View]
17867359>improves your sandwich[View]
17868101Whats good to eat to fill you up without being bloated? For breakfast I eat oatmeal with 1,5 DL blue…[View]
178418053 Oysters Escargot And most disgusting of all, Coconut[View]
17870009I tell you, there's nothing like breakfast in the park.[View]
17869627This is what six quid gets you in Wales: Would you like to retract your UK culinary slander now?…[View]
17865517The Unripe Bell Pepper Question: >Tastes of nothing except a mildly bitter soapy flavour in your …[View]
17870399thought i got a good deal on bacon for $4/lb but when i opened up the package the cuts were mostly f…[View]
17864385Why is imitation crab shit on so much? It's just whitefish[View]
17869841I love meat like the next autistic anon, but fried rice with vegetables sure works for me.[View]
17869621Are You a Picky Eater? Why or Why Not?: Like most people, I grew up pretty picky. I would take pickl…[View]
17865845If you eat fish, then you eat the meat of an animal that lived its whole life in dirty water, full o…[View]
17864772You will never be a man unless you open your next beer like this.[View]
17868092Guys I need your common Dashi recipes. How you do it? Are you using (dried) mushrooms too?[View]
17863295webm thread[View]
17868731Foods that last for years?[View]
17868164can someone give me a recipe to make the mi-goreng sauce, I have noodles but no flavoring and cant g…[View]
17853789Craft beer tastes terrible, we need to go back to drinking crisp and refreshing beers.[View]
17868957Bake can[View]
17846706Worst food cities: Pic related[View]
17869395>More than 3,000 potentially harmful chemicals found in food packaging Not only is stopping the u…[View]
17868403It hasn't been the same since they added the nes[View]
17866641Sure, you won't bump a thread if you type it in the options field... But sage is the best herb[View]
17863113How do I stop rice from sticking to the bottom of the pot?[View]
17862003Today we’ll make mushrooms and onions in a white wine cream sauce.[View]
17866226Why is KFC better in Japan?[View]
17869723Do you like corn on your pie? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-e5gTx1fVU4[View]
17869735We should praise the humble potato more often. For its variety, taste, durability. Even got a countr…[View]
17867329Choose your doughnut /ck/ Me? I'm a Marionberry Powdered man myself.[View]
17868105Canned or dried?[View]
17867969why does everything healthier taste worse fuck[View]
17868583Hey /ck/ I cooked burgers today :D They are tasty[View]
17869629The Italians in Philly are totally deracinated: Half the reason I brave this shithole for Italian fo…[View]
17867175For me, it's the Aberdeen Angus: I just like food that looks like diarrhea desu, and I won…[View]
17862614I wish I never learned to bake because now I don't want to eat cake or anything sweet ever agai…[View]
17867652I went out and bought a serving bowl to use as a regular bowl. It's magnificent. For the first …[View]
17869233There is no excuse for obesity: One pot of chili, makes two bowls, serves one. >1 cup vegetable s…[View]
17867391I ate a whole canister of pic related around one month ago and now my testicle has lumps growing and…[View]
17863554Well this was shit. Enough of positive shilling threads, what are some of the worst energy drinks yo…[View]
17867249If you've never played with one of these like it's a little man waving his arms up and dow…[View]
17864502Have any of you ever eaten bugs? Do you think bugs are the cuisine of the future? Would you ever try…[View]
17867227Homemade bolognese.[View]
17869112Should you refrigerate your eggs?[View]
17867572How do I pelletize natural ingredients for human consumption in order to provide maximum nutritional…[View]
17866827it speaks for itself[View]
17869004I got a bottle of this for my birthday a few months ago and still haven't used it because I don…[View]
17867387Does TexMex deserve the hate?[View]
17868614>A sandwich isn't a sandwich with the Amazing Tangy Flavor of Great Value Whipped Dressing…[View]
17868853Got a couple cukes and some spicy hummus, this Friday is looking up. Put some cuke slices in some vo…[View]
17868349Made 500g. Of oven baked yogurt and hot sauce marinated wings Very good, crispy, juicy[View]
17867990/msg/ midnight snacks general: Post what you like to eat for midnight snacks[View]
17860180Mayo or Miracle?[View]
17864793In Sweden, your pizza arrives to you uncut. You are responsible to cut it yourself, or else there is…[View]
17860604What mistake did i do?: I left the fucking pan on medium heat with plenty of olive oil for like 1 mi…[View]
17867077Post Covid: Has anyone else who has had covid lost the taste for yogurt? I had covid in January, and…[View]
17866697There's some weirdo who has been here all day posting about mayonnaise in people's threads…[View]
17863194I made carbonara successfully for the first time using the Luciano Monosilio method (over a double b…[View]
17868531So if espresso is more caffeinated, and cold brew is more caffeinated, how cracked out am I getting …[View]
17863041What's your favorite casino to eat at? For me, it's The Wynn. They have the best daily buf…[View]
17867885Time to settle this once and for all. Pasta into cold water or already boiling water?[View]
17865017girlfriend threw away and didn't save the pasta water. How do I proceed?[View]
17860878>mfw left Islam when I was 16 >mfw 23 and still don't like the taste of pork I've mo…[View]
17868077Are chicken hearts white meat or dark meat?[View]
17865121I have eaten half a head of cabbage and 10 Habeneros a day for the last 2 years This can't be h…[View]
17865920I just drank a tall, thirst-quenching glass of MILK. My palate is satisfied, my mind is refreshed, a…[View]
17860757We can all agree that Powerade is better, right?[View]
17862640>always hear that corona with lime juice added to it is one of the best beers >'you gotta try…[View]
17867707Wings: Post pics of your favorite wings. Mine from local bar. Deep fried with a tasty sauce.[View]
17866562Hoe many of you who claim to be men, could destroy a jar of pickles like this in one sitting, eat al…[View]
17867877String Cheese: Does /ck/ like String Cheese?[View]
17867910Bought those some weeks ago and completely forgot I had them. How do I cook this? What ingredients s…[View]
17863208TELL ME WHAT FOOD TO BUY: im going to the grocery store tomorrow and need to buy lots of food. what …[View]
17866480GLASS OR PLASTIC[View]
17859820>this has a pH of 2.5 What the fuck? I had a panic attack when I found this out. I didn't ex…[View]
17867796What can I expect? Would it be weird to go and sit alone? Perhaps make a new friend?[View]
17862272For me? It’s the Swedish Princess Cake. The best desert.[View]
17861641absolutely and undoubtably MOGS every other fruit whichs name is not 'banana'[View]
17860710Soon Canada will have more Michelin stars than France.[View]
17866569What do they teach you during the minimum 10 years required to begin making proper sushi?[View]
17865238How much food would a person have to eat for it to kill them? And how would it kill them? For exampl…[View]
17866780Don't need an ice machine, it's a meme[View]
17866208Pasta with beans: Give me your best recipes, /ck/.[View]
17867625Post some local dishes you like cooking[View]
17863230Anyone here ever had Fiskars pan? How was it? I always buy Tefal but noticed this one for ok price. …[View]
17866741How good is the Zombie really?[View]
17865963Is it possible die from drinking half a bottle of whiskey?: I just did that and I’m so intensely buz…[View]
17866478Sirloin tip steak: How do I cook this and not have it taste like shit? It's the only kind of st…[View]
17866266Is there anything wrong with eating chicken and rice every day? It's one of the only things I k…[View]
17867140Underrated fast food.[View]
17866885>put potatoes in any sort of casserole in the oven or boil them for salad >slightly undercooke…[View]
17867303So is this actually happening to people where they get some chicken breast and it turns out to be to…[View]
17867379should I do it /ck/: will it blend?[View]
17864870post your stove[View]
17866623what's a good chef knife that wasn't forged in molten lava from dwarven steel[View]
17864549i'm buying a condo and have no choice but to have an electric stove, currently it has a coil st…[View]
17863555Kind of /ck/ related Bought a new fridge but there's only one light on the top and lower shelve…[View]
17864346Want to get into rum: What is the best rum you've tried? How do you drink them? Any cocktails? …[View]
17866159The heat of the butter pops the popcorn[View]
17866907Now that the dust has settled: What is the best flavor of Mountain Dew?[View]
17865048Restaurants that closed in your hometown that you'll never have again. A counterpart to the dis…[View]
17866237I'm making homemade tomato sauce and it's at the simmer stage. Is stirring it every 5 min…[View]
17866960Based or cringe?[View]
17863986Is it just me or is keto overpriced?: Started keto, added a good +$100 to my weekly shopping.[View]
17860295Are macarons actually hard to make or is it just a meme?[View]
17859263>big slabs of mozzarella >two leaves of spinach or whatever In what retarded fucking timeline…[View]
17865413This cake is called Afrika: And there's nothing wrong or intrinsecally racist with it[View]
17866723Non stick: Christmas gift that turned to garbage out of nowhere. Anybody have a good non stick? I do…[View]
17866184I just found this at thr grocery store, they were no real chicken nuggets only this fuck thing what …[View]
17867104I won't lie to you, I put kefir in my alfredo sauce[View]
17863710https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pu4mtZP-isg Aw hell naw, they done cooked scrung word![View]
17862221i made carbonara[View]
17867019No more name brand Albacore for me! Store brand Albacore from now on! I've tried various store …[View]
17866892the only reason i ever order panago is for the cheezy cheddar dip that shit is fucking crack[View]
17864360who's the best food challenge youtuber and why is it erik?[View]
17866408My breakfast: 1/4 cup whole grain rice boiled in a pot. Cooking in a pan: Diced chicken thigh, abou…[View]
17865995I'm addicted to these things lately and it isn't even summer yet. Am I just craving carbs?[View]
17866508Post things you made in a smug way: Fried mushrooms, fritters, country steak with a chive flower, mi…[View]
17866817Has anyone heard about food recently and thought it was made up, only to find out it was real?[View]
17866681Wawa bros, have you tried the tacos? The chalupa is meh, but my tacos were packed with pork, I appre…[View]
17866538I don't like sashimi: How do I start to like sashimi?[View]
17865786I made pad thai and it was great.[View]
17861865My mom brought home a pack of these from Aldi and it's the greatest soda beverage I've eve…[View]
17863781I'm in love[View]
17866576I eat salmon, orange roughy, or barramundi filet's most nights. Sides include cold soba, quinoa…[View]
17856308For me, it's Street.[View]
17860309What should be done about people who eat their food in the grocery store before paying?[View]
17865813Corn: Is Corn A Vegetable or a Grain?[View]
17864158Nouvelle cuisine: Does anyone here make nouvelle cuisine style dishes and have any advice for how to…[View]
17863658Have any of you been to the controversial Lauren Boebert's restaurant 'Shooters Grill', ironica…[View]
17864226egg thread: why are eggs so good bros? what's your favorite way to use eggs? i love me some ove…[View]
17861706>prepare an expensive, time consuming and/or complicated recipe >the results are disappointing…[View]
17865583If you don't know what these are... you're missing out.: >the black and the white thing…[View]
17865210What's your favorite type of ice cream?[View]
17865274Is this the best value in all of fast food?[View]
17864968Why would anyone be proud of this And why would you do this to yourself[View]
17864115First meal of the day: I'm ravenous. Put a clove of garlic in there as well[View]
17864701Hot pan, add neutral oil, add chopped white onions. Add a little sugar and soy, smells like teen bus…[View]
17855451What should I do with this $40 jar of manuka honey? You DO have a jar of manuka honey in your house,…[View]
17851946If you could have one food that was taken away from you again what would it be? >picrel…[View]
17864908If someone has been smoking like 30 cigs a day, for like a lifetime, how will your tastebuds be like…[View]
17862678I can't believe I've been using mouth wash wrong my whole life. I just discovered that I h…[View]
17863284Foreign food curiosity: Post food from other countries/cultures that you're curious about and t…[View]
17863361What recipe sites do you like? I like to go on the ny times cooking section without anything specifi…[View]
17853510Eat Burger King[View]
17861044Rice: For you personally, what's the least you have to add to your bowl of rice to make it actu…[View]
17864993dinner ck you?[View]
17865525How do you guys season your steaks?: I have some steaks that I plan on thawing this week and was won…[View]
17861774How many 50 cent corn dogs are you going to eat tomorrow?[View]
17864572The heat of the oven cooks the roast[View]
17854468Post burning hot takes: Lemon and lime dont go well with sea food. Its was originally used to hide t…[View]
17862860Thoughts on my steak? I still consider myself to be a complete amateur at steak[View]
17863906What did the ancient chinese eat? We can trace back some ancient roman dishes like placenta cheeseca…[View]
17863851What fast food places have you worked at? Me: CFA (currently), Little Ceaserrs[View]
17865086IT'S HAPPENING!!!![View]
17863486Today I will remind them[View]
17856428I have tried the best of every cuisine in the world but...: Italian, Mexican, and to some extent Jap…[View]
17863601You WILL eat the microchips.[View]
17857077Bars and drinking: So what's good when it comes to bars and drinking? What do you people like /…[View]
17863820Look what I got :)[View]
17864380Anyone here every try homemade meal replacement drinks?[View]
17865113What do you think of Starbucks products sold in supermarkets?[View]
17864311Sup bros? I’m about to bro-down with some Bud Next. I’ve never tried it. >inb4 screeching zoomi…[View]
17864931Why are wine fags like this[View]
17863614Your latest food discovery. Irish champ is amazing i wont ever go back to normal mashed potatos[View]
17862813Could you?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=t58oj8jPV04[View]
17860613Whac can I do with cardamom?[View]
17864967How many fists of pasta for 1 meal? I take 3 fists but i feel like it might be too much[View]
17864932Bacon I love bacon Mmm mmm bacon Give me bacon It's not just for breakfast anymore Go buy a pou…[View]
17864092Do butters affect the taste of a fried egg? Like X butter gives more X flavor to the egg? Or is it a…[View]
17865077Is it really that hard to make a crust like this?[View]
17865001>Why yes, I did just add massive globs of mayo to my sauteed spinach >And yes, I think it impr…[View]
17857811I miss this lil nibba like you woudlnt believe. Soybean oil smells like shit Grapeseed and peanut oi…[View]
17863668Who here likes a warm plate of biscuits and gravy with a side of hashbrowns?[View]
17859386One of my coworkers orders his burgers like this because he believes this is the manly way to do it.…[View]
17864662You cook for your cat, right?: I always cooked for mine and he is healthy and 19.5 years old now. I …[View]
17862737I'm curious about using clarified butter in my baking rather than just regular sticks. Does any…[View]
17864396Rate my carbonara.[View]
17863859Breakfast: What should i have for breakfast? Pic unrelated[View]
17857462I'm convinced everyone is just pretending to like craft beer.[View]
17863181Liquid Egg Whites vs Real Eggs: Which is best for egg white omelettes?[View]
17864435What are you making today? I'm smoking a pork butt, pic related but not the actual butt obvious…[View]
17861242How to train my tolerance to spicy food: I can still eat food with Tabasco without drinking water…[View]
17864509>cleaning muh charcoal smoker for summer >lots of rust, read up on how to sandpaper it out …[View]
17864531Let's get one of these, have BBQ at the beach, leave the grill and see toddlers and dogs step i…[View]
17864090The debate is finally over: >https://www.myrecipes.com/extracrispy/scientists-say-you-should-refr…[View]
17863076Hey everybody how is it going today. What do you think of the habanero pepper? I think it's the…[View]
17864436Where my wheat biscuit chads at?[View]
17864050>Drink ~375ml of 19% abv wine over the course of 30 minutes >Don't feel drunk in the slig…[View]
17859072A Beautiful Pour: Why on earth does it go down so smoothly?[View]
17860408Why do people grill with gas? It's no better than putting your burger in the oven...[View]
17864134The spine is the best part of the deenz[View]
17864169someone one here told me this was the best hot sauce so i bought it it's easily the worst it…[View]
17853935You get one (1) doughnut[View]
17863883Did I season my wok right /ck/? Wok should I make with it?[View]
17862774Pork rinds thread: ITT pork snacks Rinds, chicharrones, cracklings >best brands >flavors/spice…[View]
17856624Call me an amerifat all you want, this shit is like crack.[View]
17862697>Yes, I eat orange peels. How could you tell?[View]
17853264>american pizza isn't real pizza, it is poop is brazilian pizza real pizza though?…[View]
17856082Any idea what these are? They're in a rural area, grow a deep purple when ripe and fall off the…[View]
17863101Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma: Been watching pic related on Netflix. Anybody else get inspired or an…[View]
17862414Sausage recipes: Alright, so I am currently in possession of 55 pounds of venison sausages. I am goi…[View]
17863835Why come purple ain't never sipped so good?[View]
17862662I’m… going to stop drinking this now.[View]
17858191Do you like anchovies in your pizza, yes or no?[View]
17862624why are zoomers obsessed with this shit, its just mediocre diet soda with a revolting aftertaste[View]
17863542If you vacuum sealed some food you have cooked, then after it is sealed, you heat treat it in boilin…[View]
17861603What's the point of these, they have literally no taste/flavor.[View]
17860437As a kid every year on my birthday my mom would buy Ruffles potato chips and air pop a full bowl of …[View]
17861557Drunk... 2 High abv and 3 rum and cokes deep Fukc you /ck/.[View]
17862482Homemade Sweets: I'm feeling like making sweets, but have no idea what to try to make. What are…[View]
17849416So, what's /ck/s go-to japanese recipe youtube channel?[View]
17841087webm thread[View]
17863318Apple: I've been feeling ill past few days. Headache, stomach acid, drowsy. Ate an apple, feel …[View]
17862089I let my tap water sit out for a day and now it tastes much better: True story[View]
17863263Breakfast for Dinner !![View]
17862335Which pots and pans do you use, not use, and need duplicates of?: I often find myself using two 10 i…[View]
17853657have you ever used the services of a water sommelier?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YKbeh3cKpY…[View]
17862538Poverty meals: Going through savings till I find another job. Have an instant pot though. What are s…[View]
17861661Foie gras: Is there anything that tastes better ? I don't think so[View]
17862995https://youtu.be/jONYYONNu2I what did he mean by this[View]
17862259I only eat breakfast tacos. Literally the perfect meal.[View]
17861073Mexican Pizza is back[View]
17861866For me, its Steak N Shake's Chicken Tenders with barbecue sauce.[View]
17862920give me clam chowder recipe i will probably be using the cheapest ingredients[View]
17862708It's Over[View]
17859865How’s my rum bar?: The Bacardi is green due to me infusing citrous in it[View]
17837479Cracker general: Greetings fellow crack heads! Welcome to another edition of the famous cracker gene…[View]
17862812Homeless at Motel 6 and I discovered these things, 5 Star microwave food ready in minutes! Along wit…[View]
17861446a little chicken and rice[View]
17862745For me, it's the Aberdeen Angus: I just like food that looks like diarrhea desu, and I won…[View]
17862443God i'm so jealous of bongs. This would be S+ Tier Stoner food.[View]
17861420Recommend me a nice, stylish, fairly large teapot. porcelain, glass, metal, any standard material is…[View]
17857860Stainless steel cookware is a goddamn con and you know it. You know this shit sticks to everything, …[View]
17847341Is food in america really THIS cheap?[View]
17862449What is your favorite FOOD related music? I feel like this topic hasn't been touched on at all.…[View]
17861835I don't trust this shit for one fucking second[View]
17858277>Hi sir, welcome to Joe's Happy Burger Times, what can I get you? >A cheeseburger? Haha, …[View]
17860069I`m eating pasta tonight /ck/[View]
17862115This is my kind of sushi.[View]
17857973Best popcorn toppings?[View]
17857257THATS IT IM SAYING IT. Beans are absolutely fucking disgusting. No food should be savory and have th…[View]
17862419>fill saucepan with water >boil until and reduce by 2/3 to produce a water concentrate >ref…[View]
17862535Feel like pure shit just want her back[View]
17861981What do /ck/ think of the delicious hop water?[View]
17855892>No seasoning required Learn to appreciate the raw, natural flavours of what you consume…[View]
17862515Is fusion cuisine bad?: I picture 1000 Asian grandmas screaming, but that’s change I guess.[View]
17861060I got deserts :D[View]
17861014potato vs rice vs bread: for me, it's the potato[View]
17862412Post ur dinner :D: I am eating salmon !![View]
17860572>Ask for a salad in America >Get rabbit food…[View]
17862381I wanna make a fancy spice cabinet just for the meme, but I'm worried it's gonna spoil in …[View]
17862239Show me your bear claws! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bear_claw[View]
17861719>'gourmet donut shop' >most of their donuts have cereal toppings So stupid…[View]
17862346/cake/ - cake general: What have you been baking lately /ck/? Post yout cakes.[View]
17858247Why is this flower shilled as some sort of wonder vegetable? When in fact it's toxic to the hu…[View]
17859637What's the best way of eating these?: Give me your best ideas[View]
17860451Keto Recipies: Help me find some new keto recipes. Man can't live on eggs and sausage alone.…[View]
17860438What's the general consensus on the humble cream tea?[View]
17859959Depression cooking: What are some good, super easy to whip up meals you fall back on when you'r…[View]
17861688milk comes from cows cows eat plants >milk literally grows on trees[View]
17861984I'm 35 and have never cooked a vegetable or used a kitchen knife.[View]
17860344Why do liqour stores stay afloat in states where you can just buy booze at a grocery store? Why get …[View]
17857530Beans are great and I am tired of pretending that they aren't.[View]
17851638Two gotta go, y’all. Deadass what you dropping?[View]
17861317>minced meat >potatoes >celery >raw(NOT BOILED ONE SEC) onions >smoked paprika powde…[View]
17859162The heat of the fire under the pan cooks the egg[View]
17860366Is there any way to make my own transfats? I miss how fried chicken from Popeye's used to taste…[View]
17860568>Finnish cuisine[View]
17860237I just had to sell 4 PS4 games to buy a 10' pizza.[View]
17859648Do you guys actually cook? Everyone here just seems to be buying and talking about fast food Is it …[View]
17861213Do you eat fast food?[View]
17855098I was cleaning out the cabinet and found a couple boxes of pic related, both expired. I'm sure …[View]
17858261If this triggers you, you've become part of the fine dining elitist complex[View]
17861608So, what's /ck/s go-to authentic USA recipe youtube channel?[View]
17856385Microwaved Bacon: Have you ever done it? Did you regret it?[View]
17861336Remember to always start the day with a good breakfast.[View]
17861301>jack a membership card from my buddy who owns a restaurant >eat like a king for pennies >1…[View]
17859796Is it really butter? It's more like a paste. Peanut paste.[View]
17858960Why is dominos pizza so bad?[View]
17858891>meat, eggs and dairy bad for you because.... just because, okay!? >fat is not needed! >sug…[View]
17851492Energy Drinks General: What are we sippin’ bros?[View]
17861081Making some wings, and I thought I'd make a homemade mango habanero sauce too. I don't hav…[View]
17855761What is the best cheese for burgers?[View]
17861398ITT god tier street food[View]
17858600Anyone remember TheFoodPornographer? She ended up opening a KFC restaurant and Chicken Treat franchi…[View]
17857559Why would Italians get mad at this?: They don't even know what dried pasta is, all they've…[View]
17859907the heat from the leaf does nothing to the stew[View]
17856455ITT: shit only obnoxious yuppies say about food: >Oh, I don't like French fries. Skin-on roa…[View]
17860868Is it really that impressive that I, a 30 year old man who lives alone, is able to cook healthy meal…[View]
17856329Bacon doesn't belong on cheeseburgers. The easiest way to tell if somebody is a dumbass low tas…[View]
17858684Comfy /ck/ TV programmes: I've been watching Marcus Wareing's Tales From a Kitchen Garden …[View]
17807485/WG/ Whisk(e)y General: >another triple holiday weekend you know now what must be done... >wha…[View]
17858007>mexican pizza >spicy potato soft taco >cheesy bean and rice burrito >3 value menu items…[View]
17861157It's over: https://youtu.be/CPPQ2X8VoRQ[View]
17857540Shakshuka - based or reddit tier horse feed?[View]
17850552>you don't put garlic in the bolognese you just don't I don't care if you like the…[View]
17860539How to make chicken and rice less digusting? Any seasoning ohter then salt and pepper?[View]
17855257>he actually finds blue food gross: blue is the tastiest color[View]
17852413what sauce's are good with 'tots other than ketchup?[View]
17856467Does anyone else like 100% dark chocolate bars? Am I weird?: Everyone says they're bitter and n…[View]
17860520just ordered a pizza...[View]
17858756When my mom makes liver with onions she always lets the liver sit in milk for a good while before fr…[View]
17856964How spicy is too spicy when it comes to enjoying a meal out on the town?[View]
17859659It’s Over…[View]
17858537Imagine being on /ck/ and being a Kvasslet Those posters don't exist, right?[View]
17854730Why don't they know how to cook?[View]
17856890For me? It's the shooter's sandwich. The best grilled cheese sandwich.[View]
17860614what do ya think?[View]
17860533>be careful sir. the plate is hot[View]
17860099my breakfast lunch[View]
17860362Food after exercise/manual labour: No fitfags allowed. I am preparing for a marathon and doing long …[View]
17855780Restaurant work stories thread: ITT: people who have worked in a restaurant before share their exper…[View]
17848174Post your favorite stoner food or get bent.[View]
17858635Matcha pancakes[View]
17859378The heat of the open fire cooks the marshmallow[View]
17858824How was everyone convinced to cancer spray their food like that?[View]
17860422Pindo fruit: What does it taste like? Is it worth getting a pindo palm?[View]
17859795Does /ck/ like olive oil?[View]
17857032It is possible for potato chips to remain good while being healthy? Or is it an impossible combinati…[View]
17857768What was the 'most expired' food or drinnk you've ever had? How different was the tas…[View]
17856689Ausbros It's back! gonna use my $25 dine and discover voucher and buy 5 of them.[View]
17856402Ezekiel Bread killed my bread game: I used to make whole wheat loaves every few days, and even poste…[View]
17857579Bacon belongs on cheeseburgers. The easiest way to tell if somebody is a dumbass low taste moron is …[View]
17860179Gourmet!: Can I just have a solid regular slider with American or cheddar “Actually what you want a…[View]
17854099Asians be like >Rice is our main staple, rice is our life Can't cook it, so use a machine...…[View]
17860240sqtddtot qddtot: how do i make a sandwich with olive spread without the bread getting soggy? im tryi…[View]
17855896whats ur favorte cheese ??: i like feta it feels like im eating play doh but in a good way but i don…[View]
17853053Recipes General: What cheap but decent recipes or recipe sites, blogs or YouTube channels can /ck/ r…[View]
17859064I'm going down to Guido's market. What can I get you boys?[View]
17857636fuck you, these are my favorite apples. take your faggy honeycrisps and pink ladies and shove them u…[View]
17850093Why the fuck do people still eat fast food? >Overpriced >Low quality >Fake meat, fake ingre…[View]
17859906Last night's dinner Also steak r8 thread[View]
17858954CORN FLAKES + HEAVY CREAM Why aren't you fags posting about this on the daily? It's litera…[View]
17858753Name a more based vegetable. I'll wait[View]
17849883What's the best hangover cure /ck/?[View]
17857239It was alright: Nothing to write home about.[View]
17859052The heat of the hot cooks the dog[View]
17856664do you use msg?[View]
17859815The Egg of the Egg cooks the Egg[View]
17858156How do we fix bottled water?[View]
17852221Nathan's is the GOAT: I've eaten a metric fuck tonne of pickles in my day and I can honest…[View]
17857779I really want to smoke a bologna. How do I go about doing this? Do I rub it first or what?[View]
17858311HOWDY! Welcome to Whataburger! What can I get started for you today?![View]
17859710Ok, r8 my broiled talpia and tomato soup risotto.[View]
17856498>everyone keeps saying ghee or clarified butter is the secret to good popcorn >buy some ghee …[View]
17858150I'm gunna get this for dinner to make crab rolls. Can anyone recommend a recipe? I'm think…[View]
17853292A new restaurant opened up in my area. https://diningtas.com.au/listing/smegma-grilled-cheese/[View]
17849469Are there really 'people' who think chocolate and orange go well together?[View]
17857663y’all rock w traffic spaghetti[View]
17856248Cheese on Toast[View]
17857005Thoughts on Spam Fried Rice? I just made some and this shit taste great.[View]
17858351how to save money: I make this semi regularly (I dump everything into the crockpot and sprinkle in s…[View]
17858342my dessert: my treat for doing well today[View]
17853528how in the world do people eat this stuff? it tastes so bitter, i dont think its meant for human con…[View]
17858066Soup & Stew recipes and anything soup: Let see some of people's favorite or unusual recipes…[View]
17858593Air-frying my coffee-infused marinated chicken thigh May not be as good as deep-fry but the clean-up…[View]
17857488What can one do to make canned beef/stew/tushonka nice to eat? Heating up in a pan, adding onions, …[View]
17854849For me, it's Walkers Crisps.[View]
17858729>edible burrito tape they did it. the madmen finally did it[View]
17852725can men drink baileys[View]
17856665Okay wentand painstakingly collected a lotof mullberries. After washing them, how do I sort them? Do…[View]
17858630>i will never get to experience the portillo's cake shake feels bad man…[View]
17855599'Most kitchen injuries come from knives not being sharp enough': Source: pic related[View]
17859076Tell me about tea, /ck/ I keep hearing how it's better than coffee, but every experience I…[View]
17856709mmmmm, delicious Sonic America's Favorite Drive-In sloppa[View]
17856488Home canning: What have you canned? I just opened some chicken I canned last year.[View]
17856557Why is it so tall? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAkUBhCCx_4[View]
17855030food & cooking /ck/ino: what are some shows/documentaries/features or movies that you think are …[View]
17850584How do we preserve the traditional American cuisine?[View]
17858441What are your go-to vegetables for meals? Trying to incorporate more veggies in my diet.[View]
17856503What happens if I boil wine[View]
17846809liquours/high % alcohol which doesn't make your toes curl when you put it in your mouth? I just…[View]

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