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12381297Life pro tip: when you go to Chick-fil-A order your meal then ask them to make the fries a large. It…[View]
12386112where do we stand on the cold pizza issue?[View]
12386289Fried potato skins: What happens when you do this? Making mashed potatoes and wanted to give it a tr…[View]
12386045You are now aware of Jamie Oliver's live stage show where he tried to combine cooking and music…[View]
12385337mmm bacon-wrapped grilled cheese (cheese has cinnamon)[View]
12386327TV CHEF PHIL VICKERY SENT FOR IN SHOCKING NEW TRACK: 'Vanilla Shakes' https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
12380722hope you like ingesting CHEMICALS, /ck/arnists![View]
12382564It's been 2 years since I shared a meal with someone else[View]
12385448Its Sunday soup day time for a nice slow cooked dish.[View]
12385930Why is pineapple the most kino fruit?[View]
12382707What is your favourite sweet food you get from your local take out? For me its pic related[View]
12380620FUCK OFF U C K O F F seriously[View]
12378766And now...: >...for the secret ingredient. Gordon's tears stockpot. It seasons the dish; muc…[View]
12385986>yeah you got any tons of bread and barely any meat sandwiches >mister, welcome home…[View]
12384285/ck/ ever thought about opening up a Japanese restaurant?[View]
12385132Shaved steak, over-easy egg, and fries (inside) on a Portuguese roll. The steak, they said, was adob…[View]
12385381Gonna try this out later today.[View]
12381400how to make the best ghetto nachos?[View]
12381798/instant noodle general/: Holy shitballs, these are hot. Tasty, but hot. First time eating them toda…[View]
12383833Tell me HOW you make THIS taste better? What is the secret? Butter? Hot sauce? Spices?[View]
12373540What is THE cookbook that I should buy so that I’ll have based recipes that’ll last me a long time?[View]
12385526How am I supposed to eat this? It's a closed loop. There's no beginning and no end.[View]
12383468Imagine your party arriving here after a long and arduous journey, the smell of freshly baked bread …[View]
12377229Do big titted dairy wenches churn butter better?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DV7hop4m0YQ…[View]
12383622ITT: Trying New food/restaurants: Post pictures of food from new places you haven't ordered fro…[View]
12385650Does /ck/ like Sorted Food?[View]
12385343in too deep: I never wanted this I just took up culinary to shut my parents up Heck, I never wanted …[View]
12378373Blenders: I want a high end blender to make smoothies and such. Cant decide between the blendtec or …[View]
12378623Sometimes you cant justify paying for convenience. Why do people buy it anyway?[View]
12384098100 grams (3.5 oz) of MSG delivers the same amount of savory as all of beef from one cow. Why aren…[View]
12382473Anyone read this?[View]
12382874Ever been a dishwasher? What was that like?[View]
12385529This is what 5 cents gets you in based POLAND.[View]
12385435What's this new Wrestling promotion that they started last night?[View]
12380369What are some /ck/ approved stainless steel pans? I want to step my game up from nonstick.[View]
12384351I wanna make Mango muffins. I've never had some, just something that came to mind. But when I c…[View]
12384915The perfect energy drink doesn’t exi-[View]
12383855>only have $800 left to spend on food this month guess I'm going to fucking die…[View]
12384376I grant you 3 food wishes: After all you're the Michael Medved, of your /ck/ food thread.…[View]
12380393What do you serve to someone on a 'keto' diet[View]
12380217Do Americans actually do this?[View]
12385009Who else got up early to /smoke/ What are we smokin today? >for me, its the boston butt…[View]
12381298So I've decided to do something with my pathetic life and actually follow a life long career. …[View]
12384892So I started making my own kefir at home. Apart from drinking it and using it when baking, are there…[View]
12384789listen I have canned tomato passata cream how do I make a good pasta sauce with those ingredients?[View]
12383340>research how to make mie goreng >kecap manis $5 >shrimp paste $5 >need at least $20 wor…[View]
12383069I'm going to a BBQ tomorrow and want to make coleslaw and potato salad for sides. I need recipe…[View]
12377205Redpill me on Turkish food.[View]
12383382How to make steak and burgers taste good if I don't have a BBQ?[View]
12384819Interesting food life hack I discovered. Mix a teaspoon of olive oil with a tablespoon of almond but…[View]
12382241forced memes, and cooks who won't live to see 50: all those tattoos look like they were applied…[View]
12379741>your place of origin >what is your top 3 most stereotypical or unique dishes Galicia, Spain -…[View]
12384575Rate my supper: Jasmin rice with a japanese seasoning Sausages Sour cream Cabbage salad Coffee with…[View]
12383061Confess thy dietary sins: I'll start: >the best part of drinking tea is the last sugary sip …[View]
12383929What y'all guys cookin tonight? Pic related[View]
12379684>farfalle Worst...noodle...shape...ever![View]
12382291Accidentally bought extra lean hamburger, is there a way I can add some fat content for cooking burg…[View]
12384516I want to make a good quiche Lorraine, but I don't have a nice mold, any tips?[View]
12383070What's the worst thing you've ever eaten?[View]
12381902Do you guys eat your eggs over easy with rice then mash the egg and rice together, or is that just a…[View]
12384497New York food: What are some New York street food do you guys recommend?[View]
12384242My gf says in-n-out has the best burger: How do I argue with shit opinion like this?[View]
12373190why dont more people eat horse meat? back when Ikea got caught for putting horse in their frozen me…[View]
12382584rate my ny strip you cunts[View]
12381068>yfw the umami hits[View]
12380522Where can I get a decent katsu in Vienna? American btw, traveling with boomer parents.[View]
12383635Should I go get it?: Hello /ck/ Its 12:15 am, should I go get a triple stacker king from BK? I haven…[View]
12383927Utz Cheese Balls: Why are these things so expensive now?[View]
12383979Should I go get it?: Hello /ck/ Its 3:54 pm, should I go get a zinger stacker from KFC? I haven…[View]
12381354Do you baste your steaks with butter?[View]
12383098Will the marinade make the chuck roast kebabs tender enough?: Was going to BBQ some kebabs tomorrow …[View]
12379100Baste and ladled[View]
12374538I am opening russian MRE[View]
12382820shish kabob question: when you buy raw shish kabobs, does the restaurant usually pre-soak the wood?…[View]
12382824>Eating coloured candy >Pull a green one >'Oh boy, time to either get an overbearing headac…[View]
12384081Why is mangalica pork so tender and delicious. Just heavenly[View]
12380980This chicken costed me 60€[View]
12381872Mcdonalds ice cream machine is broken: >Sorry sir, machine is broken Why do they always say that?…[View]
12383968So I think Im fucked guys. I ate sell by may 23 guacamole that I bought this Tuesday and had in the …[View]
12382716Does anyone else find it difficult to eat our or more than once a day because they have a short tors…[View]
12383776Cheese mushroom soup: I decided to make a soup from what we have[View]
12384025cooking tortillas in press: sup cu/ck/s, just got one of those bog-standard cast iron tortilla press…[View]
12383872/Instantpot General/: skyline chili, jollibee, and mcdonalds are great and all, but what about healt…[View]
12383642Hello /ck/ I’m a bit tipsy and making some pasta for my girlfriends tomorrow[View]
12383845What are your favorite toppings for pizza?[View]
12380117I’ve been a Little Caesar’s delivery driver for 4 years. I’ll share anything you’d like to know.[View]
12383754>ordered round table pizza >went to pick it up >they got order wrong >got refund, wrong …[View]
12382663The best sign of a good pop is the foam, which is why Culver's Root Beer, God's gift to Ma…[View]
12374293Pervert Chef: What’s your take on Chef Mario Batali do you still like him? After #MeToo https://www.…[View]
12381352Which special would you choose?[View]
12380762What does worchestersire sauce tastes like?[View]
12381360Food must be heavenly to dogs. Being human sucks.[View]
12383596Okay, I have officially gotten to be TOO GOOD at cooking hamburgers for myself now. My burgers are b…[View]
12383256Does /ck/ like to eat oats as a late night snack? Pic very related.[View]
12374144>fat is flavor[View]
12383057How can one company be so based?[View]
12380326Muh Chilli Dawgz: so i had some kick ass chili dogs yesterday and i forgot to take pictures but i…[View]
12383354Redpill me on farro, /ck/.[View]
12383222>go to Trader Joe's >spend $90 on snacks and frozen dinners >eat it all in one weekend…[View]
12380743>Ruins your pizza[View]
12382940At what point does a salad stop being a salad?[View]
12381828For me it's Tillamook sharp cheddar[View]
12383217How do you feel about Kras Dorina chocolate from Croatia? Kras is one of a handful of 'bean-to-bar' …[View]
12380451I love Rallys/Checkers[View]
12379767Best drinks? I'm finally old enough to drink alcohol, which alcoholic beverages are the best in…[View]
12380729Hello this is Chef John from foodwishes.com with..........[View]
12381681Beer u brewed Here's my brown ale. Check out the head retention on this sum bitch.[View]
12379787What else to put in a salmon risotto?: I just bought an assload of frozen salmon fillets and risotto…[View]
12382476When was the lady told you had a really good sandwich? Tell me about it.[View]
12381825>pick potatoes, fish, lentils, goat, chicken, beef or lamb meat >sautee chosen grocery with ga…[View]
12378927Lately I've been making meals based around cans of baked beans. Simmer them for 10 minutes with…[View]
12379218On June 16, 2017 in Huntsville, Alabama wind gusts between 40 and 60 miles per hour kicked up severa…[View]
12382649i went to chickfila yesterday and got the spicy chicken sandwich and a medium fry with a side of the…[View]
12376940There's a place in New Haven that claims to have invented the hamburger. They sperg out if you …[View]
12345572Childhood food trauma thread: One time when I was a stupid 10 year old I overindulged and ate almost…[View]
12382353Is /ck/ too good for crackers served in a bowl made of Easy Cheese?[View]
12382342Food Service Thread: Post you're job and salary. >Assistant to the Executive Sous Chef, Wend…[View]
12379894You have to feed Yoshi his own eggs, how do you prepare them?: I'm thinking a Fritatta, with mu…[View]
12378720OP here, just moved out on my own for the first time; went grocery shopping today, why the fuck is f…[View]
12381596Give me some ideas of what to make for dinner tonight[View]
12377208Please tell me what it's like to go to this magical place. I live in shitty New Jersey so I…[View]
12381028Is this the crossover powerful enough to take down Jollibee?[View]
12382016>not drinking your coffee black, cold and in one go[View]
12368545best meal I've ever had[View]
12381441/ck/ kino: What is the best /ck/ kino and why is it The Best Ever Food Review Show?[View]
12381262Foraging/Backyard eats: Has anyone had any experience with eating weeds or naturally growing plants?…[View]
12377188Vegan here, what is a good meat cheat?: in that I've been vegan for a couple of days and I…[View]
12380211These are the best cheetos :)[View]
12381126Why is 'Our livestock 100% antibiotic free' touted as such a good thing? Doesn't that just mean…[View]
12376475Does /ck/ like him?[View]
12381424I went to an African resturant today[View]
12377280don't let your dreams be dreams be the cook you know you can be[View]
12355593Buffet Stories: Can be anything. Best buffet, worst buffet, buffet stories ect ect ect[View]
12380536Food Truck: Do any of you guys own a food truck? I've come across an opportunity. I have inheri…[View]
12379923This kills the vegan fags >bacon >egg >cheese >more cheese BTW, it tastes amazing with t…[View]
12377611Is it really better to season your cutting board rather than the steak? Saw this video, seems like b…[View]
12378079Bubbles: yay or nay: Note that one particular answer will expose you as a complete fucking idiot and…[View]
12377743Why can't Asian cultures appreciate savoury breads like sourdough? On the rare occasion they ea…[View]
12380633I've always wanted a soft-serve ice cream maker at home, but you either pay thousands for an in…[View]
12381141Cooking novice questions: When you putu spices on your chicken should you let it sit and 'marinate' …[View]
12380543I'm going to make banana bread tomorrow. Is there anything I can add to it other than nuts or …[View]
12379877Going upstate this weekend, what are your favorite places to eat up there? Anything new that I shoul…[View]
12380074Is there a way to make savory oats that could be eaten with steak and veggies? Toasted oats? Or may…[View]
12380627Unusual Meals: What's the most unusual meal you've either prepared or eaten at a restauran…[View]
12378274I just got a good deal on a knife similar to this what is the best thing to can do to preserve it. T…[View]
12379337What are your must-have kitchen appliances, /ck/?[View]
12381246Rate my la[View]
12374762What are some Russian food do you guys recommend?[View]
12377262>he chews less than 40 times per bite >thinks his opinion on food matters…[View]
12380571Just made some chocolate cookies this morning, they turned out well in my opinion. Rate them bois[View]
12366650I know a lot of Americans posts here, but I have to ask. Isn't the idea of putting together chi…[View]
12378954How do you take your coffee?[View]
12380505Dear cake makers: no one cares about ultra realistic fancy cakes that don’t taste good. Just stop.[View]
12378621RICE: I do really like rice. I eat over 1kg of it everyday. I like my rice plain, fluffy, a bit …[View]
12380697What's the cheapest way to achieve all your nutritional requirements?[View]
12378763Food truck shill thread. Post a local food truck that you would recommend people travel far out of t…[View]
12376920Long Lines For Food: How long a line would you stand in and how long would you wait to get into a re…[View]
12375531This is what $3 will get you in the Philippines[View]
12380801Keep hearing about all these millenials paying $8, $9 for a cup of coffee! I'll tell you right …[View]
12380179is this cooking?[View]
12379320What's the best toast and why is it crunchy peanut butter on toast?[View]
12375209What's your state's favorite hot sauce, /ck/? I live in Arkansas and our state's fav…[View]
12380475Which brand of Jerky is the best?[View]
12379288Why is Japanese hamburgers so superior to the rest of the world’s?[View]
12380676For me, its the McPuisor Fresh[View]
12380610Americans eat everything that sounds weird and quirky. This is how people become food millionaires i…[View]
12380671Anyone tried one of those Reptar bars? Were they any good or will they ruin your childhood?[View]
12379875Do you ever shop at restaurant supply stores?[View]
12376727What's your personal 'x dollars to last until payday' strategy? I like reading these.[View]
12380489Why do people get anchovies on pizza? I smells like my mummy when she pulls her panties down. https:…[View]
12380130A sloppy joe is a sandwich consisting of ground beef or pork, onions, tomato sauce or ketchup, Worce…[View]
12380218Can I dry my clothes in the oven?: Which types of fabric will be okay and which ones will burn/melt?…[View]
12380337In Kindergarten we used to get a vegetable platter with a dip that was pink/orange-y. Can anyone he…[View]
12380228alright guys, i want to see if anyone of you know what's this stuff[View]
12380147Cardiovascular research further indicating that carbs lead to poor heart health. Ketofags were right…[View]
12376430What went wrong?: https://people.com/food/jamie-oliver-email-employees-restaurant-collapse/ >it w…[View]
12379334Hey gang check out what I ate for dinner! Whatdya think?[View]
12380144Grilled cheese bun burger.[View]
12378229I ended up with a whole bunch of cartons of beef broth. What are some things I can do with this asid…[View]
12380086why did they kill it /ck/?[View]
12379865What do you do with the inner hard white layers of your iceberg? I like to chop them in my ramen for…[View]
12380051For me it's ginger snabs - the elite cookie.[View]
12378362I just ate 2 entire garlic bulbs and it was a huge mistake. How do I get rid of this breath I feel l…[View]
12379983Have you done your daily grocery shopping for the family today?[View]
12378234Marinades: are they bullshit or actually good? marinades dont do shit for flavor. even if you marina…[View]
12377025what would your last meal request be? I'd go for the world's rarest truffle or all you can…[View]
12379963ALLOSAURUS GOVNA: What's the low down on these bad boys, my friends from across the pond? I…[View]
12379791Im not suppossed to eat anything outside my plan but i managed to sneak some rice past the nurses. W…[View]
12379810Is parsley decent substitute for coriander leaves?[View]
12377686Do you guys have any food specific to your state/country you enjoy? I buttered some bread, put it on…[View]
12379802here's your protein muffin bro[View]
12375559This ends now[View]
12379665does smoking decrease my abilities as a chef? most chefs smoke but it's a fact that it does fuc…[View]
12378344It's not delivery, it's... all shifted to one side![View]
12368518O SAY CAN YOU SEE[View]
12377873Thoughts on Firehouse Subs?[View]
12374493How many times before you have the right to say 'Give me the usual'?[View]
12379689How to.. butter toast[View]
12379600Why didn't anyone tell me that coriander and cilantro are the same thing[View]
12378474Time for some russian pizza, guys[View]
12376258Chicken Cutlets: How do I make a chicken cutlet that mimics restaurant breaded chicken in taste?…[View]
12377726Would you pay extra for gourmet burgers? Our do you just prefer fast food ones[View]
12379639Press F repeatedly to hold on to your job.[View]
12378863Do I need a pairing knife if I have a chef's knife? I don't eat anthing that small.[View]
12379573Superfood thread itt heinz ketchup is probably a superfood because it is made only from the best ing…[View]
12356700the vending machine game: hey /ck/ wanna play a short game? -got to mapcrunch.com -click options -se…[View]
12379289Making a ‘za: Starrings sips and yeast[View]
12377446Who makes the most absolutely god-tier pickles, /ck/?[View]
12379515i unironically wish i could find joy in life as much as steve finds joy in reviewing fucking MRE…[View]
12379152Is there anything more cozy than a late night Sheetz run?[View]
12378188I like to EAT[View]
12368796>Had to move to the East Coast because of work >Depression over lack of In 'n Out is just…[View]
12365536have it her way[View]
12374390/Mark Wiens/ General: What is it about Mark that makes him so popular? He's one of the best foo…[View]
12376100>he likes eggplants[View]
12378855>Order Wendy's from Doordash >Driver puts this in the bag with my Dave's Single and …[View]
12376970Anybody tried McFalafel? How was it? And which dip sauce is best for it?[View]
12378686Is New York pizza actually good or is it just a meme? I look up photos and it just looks like regula…[View]
12377256Soy: Is it bad for you? I'm not sure about it. Heard only processed/GMO isolated soy is the rea…[View]
12375799I'm trying to give avocado another chance. What is the best guacamole recipe that will make it …[View]
12377474What's your go to snack? For me, it's microwave baked potato. Pic related, it's a pot…[View]
12376909>... and then dump a few cups of pasta water into your sauce. It's an emulsifier.…[View]
12378579ITT: >It's so bad but I fucking love it[View]
12378802Evenin co/ck/s I have a full jar of that syrup peaches come packed in. I was thinking of boiling it …[View]
12377356Omae ha ima shinderu. Nanio saigo ha tabemasu ka[View]
12378911Hangover food: Need good stuff to cure my hangover.[View]
12377180I hate women.[View]
12371013why are people suddenly obsessed with the word katsu?[View]
12378924I want to make a large batch of beef stroganoff for the week with my leftover beef and mushrooms, bu…[View]
12365228Thoughts on Bon Appétit?[View]
12377503What are some recipes using sumac?: I bought some sumac powder on a whim yesterday but I have no ide…[View]
12376253Is it safe to eat one of these raw?[View]
12378199How is GFuel?[View]
12378747Simple but good chicken: >preheat skillet on medium >add 0.5cm of vegetable stock >stir in …[View]
12377067Im going to eat this now[View]
12377992I'm camping this weekend, what are your favorite camp fire foods?[View]
12377057What does /ck/ think about his cooking videos?[View]
12376678Zoomers be eating avocado pops lmao[View]
12378055Please comment, like, rate, upvote, retweet, and subscribe.[View]
12378591Who else gonna smoke out the neighborhood? Hickory smoke that is thinking about ribs or maybe a butt…[View]
12376514why do they keep making videos with this gross street shitter? BA has so many better cooks[View]
12378560in honor of this Memorial Day weekend, let us post pictures in remembrance of those who have made th…[View]
12378548Shit that people say that pisses you off: >Just use oxo cubes instead of broth >I can make (i…[View]
12369393>/ourgirl/ is at number 2 on trending >no one is talking bout it the absolute state of this bo…[View]
12378342What is your preferred way of having gin? I reeally enjoy gin, even neat or on the rocks, but I stil…[View]
12376744What are you cooking/baking /ck/?[View]
12377894Wa la[View]
12377510>Be me >want breakfast sandwich >no bread >but croissants in a tube in fridge door >t…[View]
12376028Drank some of this today and it's giving me anxiety. what do[View]
12375069Why did they discontinue it? Is it possible to reverse engineer the ingredients to make our own?[View]
12373576Cursed Meals Thread[View]
12377141Food on a budget?: Hey guys! due to a series of gross mishandling of my funds and assess by yours tr…[View]
12374873>Our famous [...][View]
12378100Dinner time[View]
12377926italian food: Is italian the shittiest, laziest most overpriced food there is? >boiled pasta with…[View]
12375950Who actually eats this shit?[View]
12377777Spooncrew assemble![View]
12369713What are some good Hawiian dishes?[View]
12364475Bottom shelf: What is your poorfag goto for you or your country /ck/? I've seen a lot of JW Red…[View]
12376149Why do people think Starbucks is healthy?: White college girls especially seem to love this sugar mi…[View]
12377864Food Gore: This just happened to me. The stench is unbelievable[View]
12377675>barbecue sauce? no thanks, I like tasting my food[View]
12373275God damn what a dinner. Tell me /ck/, how did I do?[View]
12377464Any food scientists here? How do I become a food scientist?[View]
12375115Is it okay to put mayonnaise on a hot dog?[View]
12377752Thoughts on this culinary masterpiece?[View]
12377737Do Americans really take butter injections?[View]
12377645Paleo-tards btfo https://youtu.be/sYAjGorhNg0[View]
12371304Cheese thread: Cheese discussion: what you've tried lately, questions you have, what you'r…[View]
12373955best elementary school cafeteria food: for me, it's the mystery meat hotdogs[View]
12375673>always made fun of burgers for putting condiments on their foods >realise that homemade ones …[View]
12374091Why do Americans use garlic and onion powder so much?: Is it different from the stuff we get in Euro…[View]
12366607manliest cooking season of the year guys what ya grilling? Propane, Gas, or Smoker? Favorite food to…[View]
12376046Milk Street magazine: Is it good?[View]
12376834what happened to my boy masao?[View]
12376151What would /ck/ do with this?[View]
12371806Dude white wine in everything lmao[View]
12376411Thoughts on Pancheros?[View]
12376946>yes i would like my chickun medium rare[View]
12371895Is cooking a good hobby?: Today I had a moment of clarity and realized that I need to spice up my bo…[View]
12376013Yes I'll have an order of uncle jimmies tasty-zingers, and an order of dales famous finger lick…[View]
12377321For me, it's the McChicken. The best fast food sandwich. I even ask for extra McChicken sauce p…[View]
12377318leftover Dhansak?: made a dhansak, chicken breast instead of lamb got another portion or two left in…[View]
12376111Learning how to make steamed white rice, any good recipes?[View]
12376664I want to experiment and have the most violent gas possible What foods should I eat? How much? How …[View]
12377161>ask for beef fat each time you go to the store >get roughly 5lbs for free >been doing this…[View]
12375812ribs: Just made some ribs on the smoker, how did i do?[View]
12377129rate my chicken livers, bros. would you eat them[View]
12376390Help me cook a pork roast: My slow cooker is dirty as fuck, and I don't want to clean it. How c…[View]
12373301redpill me on brownie recipes: Whats a good brownie recipe. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VvJm4pQZ04…[View]
12376983are normies brainlet cavemans? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFEka86Lrrc[View]
12370792If /ck/ owned a restaurant, what would it be like? Staff picks? Most importantly, what food would th…[View]
12375947Please choose one of these two hot dogs. The one on the left has fried peppers and onions. The one o…[View]
12376934>fuck up my food in a minor way >feel strong urge to kill everyone who ate it and myself so it…[View]
12373970Who is up for some kvass?[View]
12374097very nice. subtle, but tasty.[View]
12376923press F to pay respects to the fallen F[View]
12376888Is there a difference between instant espresso powder and espresso powder?[View]
12376604these are the best italian chocolate biscuits ever made, say something nice about them[View]
12374815I just found a literal pube in my Sainsbury's sandwich Don't buy this shit[View]
12376628Stuffed shells - the most underrated Italian dish.[View]
12373638I have never washed a single vegetable in my life[View]
12375026This is my safe space.[View]
12376716I got too mad at a video game What do I eat to calm myself down.[View]
12373371Does /ck/ like blood sausage? I’ve been eating a lot it’s super cheap and full of nutrients. Only ba…[View]
12376602Cheeses and Pairings / Recipes: Somebody post what /ck/'s thing with American Cheese is. It…[View]
12373399What are some based and redpilled instant pot recipes? I’m gonna be living in my own so I just bough…[View]
12375776How does taco bell charge $1.50 for this tiny bowl given everything they have on the dollar menu?[View]
12375884Whole food plant based: I don't eat meat, dairy, eggs, processed food, or oil. I enjoy eating r…[View]
12376568Have you ever heard the tragedy of self made pizza?[View]
12373968Going to the states in September, (NYC, Brooklyn, coming from Estonia). What fastfood, and local foo…[View]
12374129I fell for the jollibee meme. I tried it out because their was one near me, I got the 2 piece chicke…[View]
12359877>Be anon >Go to Little Caeser's >Get Hot n' Ready >Is $5.30 >Hand cashier $…[View]
12373094What do you do with your kitchenaid? What attachments/accessories do you use?[View]
12375220Do any of you faggots want a bite of my oats?[View]
12368837Death Row Final Meal: You stupid cunt! Why did you bury all those dead bitches you fucked and killed…[View]
12364856FACT: liver is inherently awful and there's just no way to make it taste okay people are just l…[View]
12370164Fast Food Tier List: Do you agree with Reviewbrah's fast food tier list?[View]
12375811u know im talkin bout /deenz/[View]
12367529Let me share with you my ecologically sustainable breakfast: 6 liters of bananas/papayas/coconuts/ma…[View]
12375540How do I ask out women at the grocery store? Asking for a friend.[View]
12375270What are some cooking shows like Hell's Kitchen but better?[View]
12372227My mom keeps making these awful pinterest-tier casseroles. Wut do.[View]
12374261Thoughts on Taiwanese pineapple cakes?[View]
12375288What's your favourite soda?[View]
12375509why are americans so afraid of sugar?[View]
12371166Flyover pho: Post your home made exotic creations! Dont let living in a rural area keep you from enj…[View]
12373038coca cola or bepis ?[View]
12370766Guess the calories game: How many calories is in my breakfast ya reckon. Thats whole milk, and cream…[View]
12370121Best Restaurants in London?: What are your favorites? Looking for suggestions. I'm open to both…[View]
12375781>chicken pesto pasta Why is it so good brahs?[View]
12375548For me, it's Darq! Butterscotch root beer.[View]
12373936Has anyone tried this shit yet? Is it any good?[View]
12375746Where did this marriage come from? It completely ruined his channel.[View]
12373985Everybody already knows there's not a gosh darn thing she can't do! >Go on, I'm w…[View]
12375894Local Deals and Traditional Food: In America you can get a large peperoni pizza for $5.00. We call t…[View]
12373406How do I tell my wife to stop making me Asian stirfry? 9 days straight lads...[View]
12375636Can beef replace duck meat in duck recipes?[View]
12365679I might be moving to somewhere around Cincinnati Ohio soon and I wanted to know if there were any go…[View]
12374985/sea/: Hey /ck/ how would you recommend getting into seafood? I’ve tried prawns (shrimp), fish, octo…[View]
12368068Will reduced fat foods help me lose weight?[View]
12374397> only $1 during happy hour Name a better deal in fast food. Pro tip: you can’t. > inb4 mcchic…[View]
12372404Burger King onion rings: Tried them for first time today. Surprisingly good.[View]
12375606Protips: Keto is actually really beneficial. Something novel is that hungers are hugely associated w…[View]
12375324Hey gang! Just enjoying some delicious Mexican food for brekky. What do ya think?[View]
12373894How do YOU make your stone soup, ck? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pphUfE0ERt0[View]
12370571>chilli >onions >beans (literally poisonous if you dont boil them) >thousands of years o…[View]
12369322'cup' is a shit measurement unit: >Read recipe >'Quarter cup of diced onions' Into the trash i…[View]
12374673>face northwest while praying to Hephaestus for good seasonings >cook something with oil from …[View]
12369084The other two can never be cooked for anyone ever again.[View]
12373729Is it a good idea to get a huge croquembouche for a wedding cake?[View]
12375317Which mexican food do you prefer?[View]
12372686Dino tendie wraps.[View]
12373983what's the problem?[View]
12372293I just bought this ...am I retarded to put this on my pasta tonight? Should I take it back for refun…[View]
12370010Budgeting for Food: Does anyone else try to keep their food budget to a minimum? No eating out, no d…[View]
12371380What fictional food would you most like to eat?[View]
12368774The Steering Wheel Tray.[View]
12374527Let's talk about water, /ck/. When's the first time they asked you if you want sparkling o…[View]
12374522What do I add to my pho so I don't look like a noob? I've been bragging that I am a food c…[View]
12374695I can't find garlic powder anywhere, only garlic salt and granulated garlic. Is the latter pret…[View]
12374897ITT: Drinks that get you all pumped up[View]
12374214What's the best brand/kind of jerky? Looking to branch out, there's a local brand that…[View]
12374726Is it possible to be an observant Jew and work as a line cook? Seems like my whole 'i can'…[View]
12369622Mezcal: sup bruthas. Redpill me on mezcal. is this a meme? what's the hype about?[View]
12373853Holy fuck it’s cardboard[View]
12374708Hey guys, I have some 'extreme' hot sauce because I hurt myself to deal with abandonment issues, and…[View]
12374742I am planning on making both cider, scrumpy, and applejack. I am considering what fruit to use this …[View]
12373042Milkshakes: What goes into making a good milkshake? And where is the best?[View]
12374659Is traditional shabu shabu broth supposed to have some flavor? I know that it's boiled with som…[View]
12373153turkey franks were $1.99 for 3 pounds, any creative ways to eat these? I was thinking of boiling to …[View]
12374582What is the /ck/ attitude towards butter chicken pizza?[View]
12373567/SDG/: /SDG/ Sour Dough General. friends im making sourdough starter for the first time and I was wo…[View]
12372284Your favourite non alcoholic drink? I like this one from jack, very easy: >coffee >coca >l…[View]
12374141best sauce incoming[View]
12372035I'm starting my job as a helping cook tomorrow, I have never worked in a kitchen bar or restaur…[View]
12374476Laotian Blowtorched Squirrel Recipe: Anybody have a good recipe for Laotian blowtorched squirrel? I …[View]
12372015ITT: Autistic eating habits you have[View]
12372836>go to store >strip steak on sale for $3.97 >pick one up >go to next store >t-bone on…[View]
12371197/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: /sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread Post all your small cooking questio…[View]
12374223Why are they so much better than any other pretzel? Is it just the shit tons of butter?[View]
12371572anyone else who likes eating butter? >eat it with a spoon >sprinkle a bit of sugar on it on fr…[View]
12373202What's /ck/'s stance on Belvita?[View]
12373491In search of the perfect PBJ It’s what I eat almost every day for breakfast. What’s your favorite b…[View]
12373157How much time does /ck/ spend cooking? >inb4 prepfags shit up the thread…[View]
12371745Name one thing she cant do.[View]
12372414in a hurry but need some Curry? For me it's Curry Up Now. The authentic Indian streetfood that…[View]
12369950For me, it's biscuits and gravy[View]
12360668Buttered coffee.[View]
12373787I'm planning on visiting Austin this weekend. Are there any must visit restaurants I need to ch…[View]
12370874My entire monthly food expense, for the days Sun - Thurs, is $110. That's what I make in 4 hour…[View]
12370791how would you cook this?[View]
12373762Favorite odd food combinations ? Smoked canned oysters on a saltine with a slice of cheddar cheese a…[View]
12372731A small bit of advice for any vegans or vegetarians who see this, mushrooms are probably your best b…[View]
12372108Dont mind me superior condiment coming, just whatever[View]
12373606Double Dogs: Why do you not make the chad double chicago dog with no manlet tomato slices? You also …[View]
12366307MEAT! MEAT! COME IN AND EAT!: We're being brigaded by a bunch of faggot vegans. Post your favor…[View]
12372384Who's the hungriest?! I'm heading out to TB to get 2 or 3 Taco 12 Packs! I usually wipe th…[View]
12372791Do you put bread in the fridg[View]
12368259Heinz's new mayo/ketchup combination 'Mayochup' means 's---face' in Cree.: Original: https://tw…[View]
12365861Pancakes: Do you orders yours rare, medium, or well done?[View]
12372913I don't care what you say, these things are fucking tasty. Not too pricey, either. It's $0…[View]
12372106>invite boss over to dinner >wife makes turkey teriyaki >he goes to the fridge looking for…[View]
12372422How could anyone leave without eating sweet sweet oriental pastry?[View]
12371301Domino's Pizza Builder Puzzle Game: I unlocked all toppings and learned a lot about gerrymandin…[View]
12371068>people still use this caveshit[View]
12369991For me, it's Mayocue.[View]
12372530Rate my dinner /ck/: I'm trying to be healthy.[View]
12373284clotted cream, am I doing it right? 175°F (~80°C) for 12 hours let sit for 1 hours refrigerate for 1…[View]
12367571I've really really tried but I still don't see why avocados are so popular.[View]
12373259Booze Clubs: Any that you've tried or recommend? Gretzky's isn't bad. The recent kit …[View]
12369578>referring to pasta as noodles[View]
12372295Why don't 3 liter Cokes exist anymore?[View]
12358951Do you eat lunch with your co-workers/peers or alone? Why? Car lunch eater of 9 years here, small ta…[View]
12373183Name a more delicious snack[View]
12363193Favorite hot sauce thread? This stuff is the GOAT[View]
12371284>you are on death row >they ask you what your final meal will be well?…[View]
12371122i want to make gormay tendies tonight, what should i do anons? i have the following >2 breasts (i…[View]
12368970What are your food craving sins? Confess, heathens! >peanut butter, Swiss cheese and banana sand…[View]
12370689As far as jerky goes it's nearly inedible and yet it's in every grocery store, gas station…[View]
12369771What’s the verdict?[View]
12370168My wife won't stop making Asian stirfry. HELP![View]
12372445Made a burger for my dad today (nothing special, just a pan-fried frozen one), but it started a deba…[View]
12368337Name a better deal.[View]
12368925Best Kid's Cuisine? The chocolate pudding is based.[View]
12368760What's your gum of choice?[View]
12366469tomato mozarells sandwich: new food dip video Do you guys like this sandwich? it is an interesting v…[View]
12372456How do YOU make macarons?: I'm looking to make some of these, and there are a thousand people o…[View]
12371555>be american tourist >visit Paris >eat at Pizza Hut >fly over to Rome >try out McDona…[View]
12368583what's the best pop, and why is it Canada Dry ginger ale?[View]
12371271/fg/ - Faygo General: Faygo appreciation thread. Discuss any/everything related to Detroit's fr…[View]
12361645you fags keep saying he’s a shit cook without giving any reasons, so here’s your chance talk shit ab…[View]
12368437How do I make my bread so that it isn't so dense? >tried multiple yeast brands >tried mix…[View]
12371831Explain to me what makes certain regional ingredients/foods superior.: Like, it is often said that w…[View]
12371374This is what 5 cents gets you in NEPAL.[View]
12370870caught a bunch of these delicious fuckers >already made ceviche and en papillote >they are all…[View]
12370972What should I buy from the supermarket and eat tonight[View]
12372229indian food on pizza is the absolute best food ever, prove me wrong[View]
12368420Am I the only one who has a little bedtime snack every day? I can't sleep unless I had some cho…[View]
12371177another fast food thread: Had a sawesome double with fries at wendy's the other day and it was …[View]
12372344Homemade Confections: Anybody here make their own candy?[View]
12359656favorite gummy candy: I like peach rings, followed by the eggs in starmix.[View]
12369835International food thread: >Country? >Post food from your country. >Describe it. Australia…[View]
12359620>2019 >places in the US still do this shit WHAT THE FUCK!?…[View]
12372242Think I have to kill one of my roosters, found a hen limping. Her foot seems to have been injured, a…[View]
12371626What are some fun things to do with jalapenos? i have taken a liking to them after getting a bottle …[View]
12370229Beef Jerky General: Wherencan I buy beef jerky online? I've had a mighty craving for it but I d…[View]
12368701What the proper number of extra 1/4lb patties to get on your Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese™ fro…[View]
12371659Lidl Spaghetti: Lidl Spaghetti[View]
12371306The best salad is the Caesar salad. Prove me wrong.[View]
12371822>Holy shit bros, have you tried Glenfiddich 12?[View]
12370480My city is getting a Shake Shack. Never had it before. What do you recommend I order for the first t…[View]
12371677Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vl2bBuJxgYI I started getting cooking videos in my yt recomme…[View]
12370133Scandinavian-style taco is the best: every other versions are inferior[View]
12370963My first attempt at meatloaf.[View]
12370169holy f*ck this shit slaps[View]

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