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18391634detroit style pizza is the best style of pizza[View]
18389561Would you rather have cake or ice cream?[View]
18393544Italian vs American 'za: Italians discovered pizza. Americans perfected it.[View]
18392955Why are these called pizza rolls? They don't look like rolls. They are not actually rolls. They…[View]
18383968Drinking coffee, black, is not a replacement for a personality.[View]
18393479Hey /ck/, can you make us some biscuits and gravy?[View]
18388320What happens if you drink an entire bottle of soy sauce?[View]
18393215Pork & potato stew: Any ideas for it? Pork and yukon gold potatoes are relatively cheap. I figur…[View]
18393003Topen: I don't know how it is called in english but I suspect you know this fish, maybe you hav…[View]
18393350make your selection[View]
18387345>How would you like your burger?[View]
18389747>contains no crab >still gets called crab stick ???…[View]
18393165What should I make?: I want to bake something tomorrow, since I haven't been doing well, and ba…[View]
18390442>fucking delicious and actually healthy to eat enters your path[View]
18379759Hideous food ITT[View]
18393083>microwaves fish in the office[View]
18391138Have you tried it? It's pretty good despite being too tall.[View]
18391507i demand cookies. post yummy cookies[View]
18391834How do you season your popcorn /ck/? I'm getting bored of salt only.[View]
18387564Probably my favorite hot sauce company. They balance flavor and heat pretty well, something I have n…[View]
18392056Burger King Ch'king is gone: I ordered the Royal Crispy thinking it was the Ch'king and it…[View]
18392585Sub-10 minute meals: Share meals you can make under 10 minutes Kewpie™ Airfried Lentils 1) Open a ca…[View]
18392343Pizza thread, post your homemade shit. Purchasefags not welcome For me it's bacon, beef, onion,…[View]
18391734It’s honestly so exciting having someone in the cooking community that really takes the time and int…[View]
18390681What does /ck/ think of my carmalizes onions. Any room to improve?[View]
18390022I'm tired of pretending chinese food is bad[View]
18392547>buy dried thyme >it's full of sticks…[View]
18392751Dirty rice: I'm having this for dinner but it needs some veggies.[View]
18390397is jollibee good for you?[View]
18392654Real get fat hours, who up?[View]
18391903Why is Friendly's failing?[View]
18385614I don't understand why poc/zoomers eat these by the bucket[View]
18391961This stuff any good? What do you do with it?[View]
18388209Can you make an omelet with tomatoes without it getting wet and disgusting.[View]
18390917pick your poison. For me, it's swiss cake roll[View]
18392594>stainless steel thermos is starting to smell weird Is is the bottle or is it my rubber ice trays…[View]
18390485Rate my Saturday morning. (All to be consumed within 2 hours)[View]
18392459Do y'all know if Obama Fried Chicken accepts EBT?[View]
18392511ITT: Kino goyslop.[View]
18390873Pub grub general: Welcome to the grub kitchen, where everything is mediocre and cheap Tell us your k…[View]
18390173I ordered corned beef hash from a 50s style diner and they served it this way. Is this a regional th…[View]
18388189why the FUCK do some people eat pizza with a fork and knife?[View]
18392432I just ate a whole plate of frozen popcorn shrimp only to find the last one wasn't deveined[View]
18392218What are some best practices for cooking this kind of meat? I want it medium rare.[View]
18391795scalloped potatoes[View]
18388790Who's made a tasty, wholesome, (but) fictional food irl?: anyone ever make one from a show/anim…[View]
18391625Food Eating: I think 72 dollars is too expensive for a Cesar salad with Shrimp.[View]
18390981Is this the greatest cooking kino ever made? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTktL2P0OMA[View]
18391679What makes the British such good bakers? Do they just have this storied history of baking and making…[View]
18387401Fast food must die: I mean it fast Food must go away permanently. It's bad for human health. It…[View]
18391044There's no such thing as unhealthy food. Either food makes me sick or it doesn't. Mercury,…[View]
18392063I'm looking for some advice I work the saute station at work. Its a bit of a fine dining restau…[View]
18387053Best beer in existence.[View]
18385094Mulberry (fruit)[View]
18391636Thanksgiving thread: Discuss Thanksgiving prep itt Will you be making a bird? Will you be bringing a…[View]
18389152*sigh* I guess summer really is over.. no more hamburgers or hot dogs...[View]
18391553hello /ck/ i just bought pic related and idk how to store it. I have been vegan my whole life. Curre…[View]
18389330Nitro pepsi poison: Why did I let /ck/ convince me to try nitro pepsi? This shit is literally poison…[View]
18391966Best burger ?: Behold this is Texas Roadhouse smokehouse burger.One tasty burger no big lie. I like …[View]
18390795google maps restaurant travelling: Today we're travelling to the Philipines to check out their …[View]
18391946I wanted a nice, easy, hotel bartending job to last over the low season, before I move to a touristy…[View]
18389858How big is one serving of dry spaghetti for you when you cook? All over the internet they say it is …[View]
18391869What are good foods for diabetics that aren't complete ass?[View]
18389864/CK/ it's friday night, I'm alone playing games. We have 25 dollars to spend total Should…[View]
18387447For me? The humble Rotisserie Chicken.[View]
18380260Trying something a little different today.[View]
18382381>$3 Alright what's the trick?[View]
18388895Refridgerator Handles: Things were better when you had proper tight gripping fridge/freezer handles.…[View]
18391288There is no way this was a mistake[View]
18387826Anyone made this yet? Looks fucking delicious[View]
18387452>start cooking with lard >start losing weight Uh........…[View]
18391631I love this stuff.[View]
18390123Tuna’s not that high in mercury.: It’s an overblown issue.[View]
18389343>mogs your milk[View]
18390075Pork loin with wild mushrooms in the making[View]
18378233/tea/ Whisk Gently Editon: /tea/ - /tsg/ This thread is for discussing teas, tisanes, and other herb…[View]
18389654Why does fruit pair so well with cheese?[View]
18391084>right: used for scooping out/spreading batter, frosting, dough, etc. >left: used for flipping…[View]
18383721There is spicy food... but what about spicy drinks? Salty? Savory? I feel like this is an untapped m…[View]
18387475Now this is food: Imagine not living in NYC. Able to eat incredible cuisine from any country in the …[View]
18389824what is /ck/'s go to ramen recipe[View]
18389515>icelandic sea salt[View]
18390756Hello, I'll try to keep this short, Does anyone have any easy and quick to read guide on what e…[View]
18383999Have you ever made Korean army stew? Any tips? It looks pretty good.[View]
18391042flatulence foods: This really put the shart in my charcuterie board. I got this whole roasted garlic…[View]
18388695Oat Milk: When the fuck did this trend start? and why the fuck does it seem like every other week we…[View]
18390626Is it supposed to burn your tongue, or am I allergic to them?[View]
18390446Nostalgia thread[View]
18385957This my friends, is a 'Jet's Boat'[View]
18390949Fresh bulgarian cookies, come get some!: I like my cookies like i like my jews. from oven to my balc…[View]
18389925how do I eat this thing?: I bought a piece of lamb chump and I'm not too sure what to do with i…[View]
18387663how much effort do you put into meal prep for an average day at toil?[View]
18389800I love how we as a cooking community always tell people to cook 'low and slow' so that this happens …[View]
18389516Instantpot cornbread: I put chocolate chips and walnuts and used yeast instead of aluminum goy powde…[View]
18388067Foods that make you feel: Call or Biscoff or Speculoos or Cookie Butter.. Whatever. It reminds me of…[View]
18390876>Well I'll have you know I've been in there cooking a three bean casserole >Quick qu…[View]
18390023Going to a meat shop is based: I usually shop from a big supermarket, however regular meat dough has…[View]
18388879Did you ever fall for the 'pork bad' meme?[View]
18390111Hello this is Chef John from FoodWishes.com with... Kewpie™ Airfied Mayo Lentils! This might sound a…[View]
18390539They’re back https://www.cnet.com/culture/mcdonalds-halloween-happy-meal-buckets-may-be-back-this-fa…[View]
18389468>at the grocery store >bought a bag of mixed nuts >go down the bulk foods aisle >never g…[View]
18389790Okra Appreciation Thread: There are 2 people in this world: Slime Enjoyers and Everyone Else Which a…[View]
18384799>PopEyes changes their Mac N Cheese to be exactly like Chick Fil A's >Churches changes th…[View]
18386109What can I make out of minced turkey meat?[View]
18390343Which massed produced food has had the best advertising campaign / success of all time? My vote goes…[View]
18390546Of your local food which is the most potentially lethal?[View]
18383726Anyone baking? Help me bake /ck: Sooo, I've been trying to make super soft and juicy chocolate …[View]
18390532yup always gotta have these lads around[View]
18381482accurate? should anything be added or changed?[View]
18388732Only texans will understand[View]
18389583>gives you mercury poisoning[View]
18389816What happens in here?[View]
18380636/Egypt food general/ How do I survive for 3 months in here. Koshary tastes like leftover carbs in to…[View]
18385306You are eating enough the right foods to ensure you're not B12 deficient, right?[View]
18389509I hope you don't poor out the meat juice when you finish cooking. It contains a lot of nutrient…[View]
18389870Toffee apple: Aus bros, when did toffee apples disappear? I swear they were in every woollies fruit …[View]
18390150What is the best fruit and why is it pomegranate ?[View]
18389726Youtube /ck/ channels to download: What would be your top 5 or top 3 cooking shows that you would do…[View]
18386263why does my yogurt smell like bread yeast[View]
18388633Rate my dinner ck It was good but filet mignon is flavorless crap[View]
18389826Costco not raising $1.50 hot dog deal price: And the rocket's red glare The bombs bursting in a…[View]
18390066Going down to the McGoyim's, anybody else want something?[View]
18390061My pizza - Chef Jackal: Just a friendly /pol/ guy looking for you guys to rate my pizza and maybe so…[View]
18383709>*is the best all around chef knife for most people in your path* No but seriously why haven…[View]
18374544Best ice cream bar[View]
18385020For me? The humble ‘salami n cheese.[View]
18389093What is the best Chex Mix piece?[View]
18387868>everyone says go to your local butcher >go to a popular butcher near me >prices for steaks…[View]
18386154Does this qualify as a proper risotto?[View]
18389127You have tasted it before haven't you?[View]
18388774Why does my stainless steel saucepan make weird noise when boiling water?[View]
18387908veganism might be genetic: >But the biggest surprise was the extent that genes influenced decisio…[View]
18384144The envy of USA[View]
18389160Why are these little faggots so tasty?[View]
18387162I ate 4 chili dogs for lunch. What are you having?[View]
18388088So what's the deal with BBQ?: I live and grew up in an area known for it's BBQ and growing…[View]
18389379Food Youtubers: Recently discovered Brian Lagerstrom's channel. any other decent cooking relate…[View]
18388679is vegetable juice good for you?[View]
18386791Food tips for nyc ?[View]
18384316>drink can of pic related >all moisture is instantly zapped from my >teeth feel like a ate …[View]
18386621good afternoon[View]
18364589mushroom picking season in europe is starting: does anyone here pick their own shrooms?[View]
18389357Redpill me on polenta, I've never tasted it before, let alone made it, but for some reason I ca…[View]
18380707Have you ever had an onion sandwich?[View]
18388885>You go to a hamburger place if you want beef. >You go to a chicken place if you want chicken.…[View]
18389036Is there something like pic related but without the fish? I feel like there should be a seasoning th…[View]
18389378Have you ever experienced any difficulty while cooking ? https://youtu.be/BdGKFHQY-iQ[View]
18387217Unused pizza toppings: ITT: Things you feel like would fit on a pizza but you've never seen. I …[View]
18386282so, does it cause inflammation?[View]
18387561>perfectly good margherita pizza >ruin it with pesto Why do libtards do this?…[View]
18389356Do Americans REALLY?[View]
18385579Why is the zoomer and late millennial generation growing up to be health nuts and schizo tinfoil hat…[View]
18386342>ground beef >cheddar cheese >hamburger bun Ahhhhhh, perfection.…[View]
18385929What are some things that should never go on a burger?[View]
18384807>I will now buy your pizza[View]
18387317>Go to Publix >get a toasted sub >I see them put my sub in the oven and let it cook >I …[View]
18387029For me, it's Bavaria beer, the best price to performance beer. I drink it almost daily, 6 of 66…[View]
18387044I want to make split pea soup. Recipe told me to soak the peas for 3 hours before cooking. Packaging…[View]
18388822Times when you overedtimated yourself: For me, it was eating 30 slices of deep dish at the Pizza Hut…[View]
18386766Food you want to try: Anyone tried this from the actual place in Denver?[View]
18385931I made a candle out of butter, you guys ever come up with this? Step 1. Melt some butter in a small …[View]
18388305what's your country's best food/drink deal?[View]
18384416how much is 'extra' when you expect extra toppings[View]
18387582Raisins are the peanuts of the dried fruit world. You know that I mean.[View]
18383457How did the US MREs lose out??[View]
18385416There is literally NO difference between fresh garlic and jarred garlic. Mincing your own garlic is …[View]
18388584dinner thread: eating dinner rn are you eating too?[View]
18387728What to order at Papa Johns: What do you guys recommend getting at Papa Johns? I am a few points awa…[View]
18384447Have you ever realized you have been eating a food the incorrect way your entire life?[View]
18385480Why are we supposed to hate them? They are the only company doing something fresh and unique in fast…[View]
18385806Mega Shit Thread: Ranch Seasoning & Corn Totillas: I'm starting a new 4chan trend; multi-to…[View]
18388578First time I’ve seen/eaten gobo dyed orange[View]
18384554>Go to store for some milk >Leave with 5lbs of pepperoni Damn you clearance section. I regrett…[View]
18385355Breakfast foods are the ultimate comfort food: American breakfast is the physical manifestation of h…[View]
18385033SQT qtddtot: my roommate told me to add corn startch to my pizza dough so it comes out a lil crispy.…[View]
18386574Hello this is Chef John from FoodWishes.com with... Kewpie™ Airfied Mayo Cannellini Beans! This migh…[View]
18385120>Well I'll have you know I've been in there cooking a three bean casserole >Quick qu…[View]
18375261Tell me about the meat clown How is it made?[View]
18368057How many could you eat in one sitting[View]
18388277hey /ck/ what do you think of this?[View]
18388291It's finally happened. Alcohol has stopped working.[View]
18387939you ever wanted to have your food taste like a swimming pool? well look no further!!![View]
18386534A new Nepali restaurant opened up around the corner from my place, should I get some grub? What…[View]
18388231why would anyone buy this[View]
18387513why is the UK market flooded with this kind of crap?: Mexican cheese? Do they also have German and J…[View]
18387999Time to put a bit of meat on these bones[View]
18380439post your grocery haul: rate my grocery haul guess how much six pack had six beers in it >this is…[View]
18387983what's your favorite cake? :D: what's your favorite cake? if you want the same like pic be…[View]
18387854Don't you just love hot food bars?[View]
18386698Has anyone used Nori seaweed in regular cooking? I usually just through it in with noodles but I…[View]
18382102This is an absolutely incredible idea. Why did it take them so long to come up with this?[View]
18387836Which one is your favorite /ck/? The Ball sweat, dingleberry juice or the cum sauce? For me, it…[View]
18387557I have some mince pork left and want to make a burger in my burger press tomorrow for lunch. Which h…[View]
18386231Name a better fast food sandwich than the Wendy’s Spicy Chicken sandwich. Protip: you can’t[View]
18387394Rice and beans: What are some easy ways to spice up rice and beans for someone with very little time…[View]
18383034Help Identify the Sauces: These sauces are from a burrito place I like. I would like to look up a re…[View]
18381620Well, /ck/?[View]
18386696>''''''''''''''''''''''''''chips''''''''''''''''''''' ahoy >its a biscuit ????…[View]
18381031>see moon cakes at at the local Chinese store >moon festival already over so they are pretty c…[View]
18385987>Oh boy, I love experimental cooking! And by experimental cooking I mean I dont want to go the st…[View]
18382552You have literally 5 seconds to name a better smell, or else[View]
18384046What are some good recipes for a garlic enjoyer such as myself?[View]
18384615what are you eating this evening bros? pic related, i’m splurging for dinner[View]
18384061tallbros of /ck/, how do you avoid destroying your back from poor posture while cooking (and subsequ…[View]
18387681Eating Frogs: Why did frog farming never catch on? We could all be feasting on delicious frog dinner…[View]
18386053>chicken thighs, bone in, skin on Give me your favourite preparation. As is customary as OP I wil…[View]
18387244Pre-Cooked Kabob to assemble at bonfire: How would you prep the ingredients? I need to bring somethi…[View]
18382508CK's verdict on this guy?: I used to follow his vids and even Tried one of his poorly made reci…[View]
18387147Thermomix: Do you have thermomix? What do you think about this device?[View]
18386921Now that, gentlemen, is a breakfast.[View]
18384865BBQ + beer: Pretty tasty for $15 then another $15 because I'm an alcoholic[View]
18387157Give me something fun to cook this weekend, preferably vegetarian because I only eat meat once a wee…[View]
18383981What do you think of Hard Rock Cafe?[View]
18383949How do I concentrate butter flavor without artificial shit?[View]
18386870meatloaf: anyone got any secret meatloaf recipe? i wanna do meatloaf, mashed potato and gravy, and a…[View]
18380878i am sick. walked to store for my fav campbells chunky chicken noodle soup. it tasted like shit. giv…[View]
18375836Wendy's old Bacon Mushroom Melt (and other OBSCURE fast foods gone by): I remember when this th…[View]
18384294What do you guys like to dip your pizza in to ramp up the flavor experience? For me its usually Dean…[View]
18385275have you guys ever tried picrel?: I decided to try something new after hearing a bunch of YouTubers …[View]
18378713I work in french bistrot in France. And i will post some pics of my day and service time. Because w…[View]
18386030help me on my sauerkraut: I made sauerkraut, let it ferment for a week, and just tasted it for the f…[View]
18383036I'm bored give me ideas for something to bake.[View]
18385255Have you ever embarrassed yourself cooking? >2012 have my first gf >be 15 >parents were out…[View]
18376184They spent over $300 million dollars on MRE Pizza… For what reason???[View]
18380544What is this?: I live in Ontario Canada and found this growing behind my house. Can anyone help me i…[View]
18385279Oh boy! I love shopping for weekly meal prep! But I feel like I'm forgetting something...[View]
18386482Do measurement markings on cookware leach harmful chemicals?[View]
18386283Post fatty copes >Calling baking 'airfrying'[View]
18383517>just smash the burger on the skillet bro >NO DON'T PRESS IT WITH THE SPATULA YOU'LL…[View]
18386309Egg and breadcrumb patties cooked in oil in the frying pan. Is this a thing other people have made? …[View]
18377404Is anyone else unable to taste the difference between these three so you just get Evan Williams sinc…[View]
18378391I’m 400 pounds and trying to lose weight. How do I stop obsessing over food?[View]
18385259Is it just me, or did they make this stuff taste like Grapefruit? Who the hell thought that would be…[View]
18384665What is your go-to dish when you bring your date to your home for dinner? I feel steak is too lazy[View]
18377510What was up with that strange obsession that the internet had with bacon in the late 2000s and early…[View]
18385252Chicken burger[View]
18384812Rate my dinner[View]
18384936Breakfast time[View]
18385959scran or ban???[View]
18385553What's your favorite Subway Series selection?[View]
18384684aussiebros... i kneel...[View]
18386110I love pasta and I live beans. What's the best way to combine them?[View]
18384979Hideous food ITT: I fucking hate how they changed the del taco crunchtada, they put “white sauce” on…[View]
18384506for me, it's Heinz[View]
18375444which is it[View]
18384092Delicious grease[View]
18383478Is it possible to get a job as a cook as a drop out neet with 0 work experience?[View]
18384525>put my potato in at 350 for 1h >still raw throughout most of it aside from the very edge what…[View]
18374514Beef liver: Tell me you eat the best part of the beef /ck/.[View]
18383269I've had some good burgers in my time. Uh I...I love a good swiss, melted swiss cheese with mus…[View]
18385923For me, it is Hufkar. Kadco beverage kiddies need not apply.[View]
18385523What's your favorite flavor of BRAPPs potato chips? For me it's BRAPPs Voodoo Heat and all…[View]
18385533How do I not eat an entire bag of these in one sitting?[View]
18385827Bros I love TABASCO® Brand Pepper Sauce so much[View]
18377242Some people claim this tastes sweeter than regular coke, while other claim it tastes like medicine.[View]
18375854If you were to go into straight poverty mkde. How well do you think you'd be able to eat with y…[View]
18384901>A tiny bit of olive oil... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoV7lw7YBG4…[View]
18375364Now that the dust has finally settled, what is the general consensus on the Double Quarter Ponuder w…[View]
18384959Dinner tonight: Alright CK this is what I cooked for dinner. https://cook.ba/3fdbaSo Share your din…[View]
18380750Alkies, help me over here Should I buy a cheap low ABV liquor or an expensive high ABV one? What…[View]
18384110McDonalds Hashbrowns: When was the last time you had one of these bad girls?[View]
18378757Why is RedBull so popular In the drink industry? So many alcohol stores have It for sale, It doesn…[View]
18385477Pie time[View]
18385345Taco Thursday: Homemade Picode gallo is very spicy, my girlfriend grew the peppers and made the sals…[View]
18365988/ragusea/: what did we think of the latest ask adam, bros? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JfgDxMFn0X4…[View]
18382125Disgusting: I literally paid nothing for it and I'm still disappointed. What pervert thought th…[View]
18384532I thought you were supposed to eat the skin It's the best part, why wouldn't you?[View]
18380248God made anchovies so unbearably salty, because he knew they'd be too powerful if they weren…[View]
18383692What's your favorite highball, anons?: For me, it's the 7 and 7.[View]
18385041What did the Arch Delux taste like?[View]
18385045Memes aside why the fuck would you cook chicken in medicine? Id go a a light bath of EVOO[View]
18384898When I ordered from Grubhub, they offered to pick up 7-11 for me. I decided against it, but now I re…[View]
18381334Fancy cocktails: When was the last time you went out for some fancy cocktails with your friends? Wh…[View]
18385053Quick/ healthy ad-hoc meals: What's some of your go-to simple, healthy-ish meals that are cheep…[View]
18384412Im about make a beef soup rn bros. These are the ingredients i can put in >barley >split peas …[View]
18373227I could have saved her bros[View]
18384012It's to the point where I HAVE to have both the regular and chipotle Tabasco when I sit down wi…[View]
18382196yeti cups: are these worth the money? I am a alcoholic and hate my ice melting so fast when im sippi…[View]
18384737mexican steak, guac and home made tortillas: rate my lunch amigos[View]
18384752Cute fall foods thread: Do you like fall's seasonal foods anon? I love pumpkin spice lattes mys…[View]
18383948Me Din dins[View]
18383083Kalefags eternally BTFO[View]
18384514you know, for a meme vegetable these things really are an atrocity against flavor, texture, and food…[View]
18384564Look, I know there's an expiration date on these things but it's just a trick to get you t…[View]
18381451Good meal suggestions for pic related?[View]
18384524Rate and Post your coffee bars. You do have a coffee bar right?[View]
18380945I just made my own whipped cream and it was very sugoi!![View]
18384544Recipe pet peeves: For me it's when online recipes lie for the purpose of SEO. Like they'l…[View]
18384477>Packet says ready in five minutes >It's actually fifteen minutes unless you like drinkin…[View]
18382193Just got this 8 inch 2 quart camp dutch oven for free off craigslist, I'm going to clean it up …[View]
18382995What's your drink of choice?[View]
18380269Is he the best /ck/ related youtuber?[View]
18374585My house burned down last year and I lost most of my kitchenware. I am slowly replacing it. What am …[View]
18384140rate my dinner[View]
18383215maltese cuisine: someone who's in the know can redbull me on maltese cuisine? everything i know…[View]
18383351Blood: Where can I find dried or fresh blood in the us? I have been trying to make blood sausage/pud…[View]
18377910Meals without meat: Not a vegetarian thread /ck/ what do you do when you don't have any thawed…[View]
18383379ITT placebo food additions[View]
18384250Which do you think would taste better?[View]
18383247Tasting menu: Tried a tasting menu for the first time yesterday, what do you think? To start, gazpac…[View]
18384223Where can a brotha can some ranch without soybean or canola oil? And dont recommend pic related, its…[View]
18383790Why's it called 'coleslaw' and not 'cabbage in a sauce'?[View]
18381575Which country you’ve been to has the best food?: For me it’s Italy. Genoa in particular had absolute…[View]
18383590peached and onons[View]
18380744Name a better frozen food than pizza rolls.[View]
18384099Heart Problems: My dad has a lot of inherited heart problems, so before it became a problem he gave …[View]
18383823Optimal Fat/Carb Split?: Not counting keto, what do you personally think is the optimal macro split …[View]
18383971Its really not a bad burger.[View]
18380141What is the best potato?[View]
18382153How can I make oats be less boring and gay?[View]
18381365>always out of service I swear, they do this shit on purpose so you go to inside and buy the expe…[View]
18383510Hehe, don't tell anyone, but I actually put a good amount salt and sugar in my dough. Best brea…[View]
18383418>mfw I only just learned today that water doesn't make spicy foods better, it makes them wor…[View]
18377877P-Trap Inspection Day: What heavy items do I find collected in your kitchen drain gooseneck /ck/?…[View]
18383588Is a 4,2 liter pot too large for a single person to use?[View]
18381876Hey, /ck/ what are the most sugary foods that can be bought in bulk?: I am actively trying to put on…[View]
18383822Hot Buttered Bread: I recently started cutting a loaf of whole grain wheat bread into a thick slice …[View]
18383100Palm Oil: >palm oil isn't bad for you like hydrogenated vegetable oil is >better emulsifi…[View]
18382540It's my portion sizes that are to blame. When I try to diet and eat less my body is just always…[View]
18382889do you put chemicals in your cooking?[View]
18374044Post overrated food[View]
18382272>Ingredients: One ginger knob.[View]
18377494Order for me: Taco Casa: /ck/ I’m going to Taco Casa tomorrow and I want /ck/ to decide my order. Me…[View]
18383780Do you buy American candy?[View]
18379006>order food from door dash >it arrives >75% chance the bag seal is broken into Are motherfu…[View]
18381152I will build a new country based on green tomatoes: Nobody tell Italy[View]
18378223Post weird food combinations.[View]
18375680why dont americans eat black pudding? blood sausages are eaten worldwide and surely the anglos who f…[View]
18382135Who makes the best frozen pizza? I can go to Kroger, Whole Foods, or Trader Joes.[View]
18383267>make traditional Bolognese from an Italian cookbook >It's shit and won't thicken …[View]
18381412Chilli thread: Post your chilli recipe! Here's mine. >1 habanero pepper >1 big hot pepper…[View]
18380148bring back Lay’s wow chips with Olestra.[View]
18381929Can we talk about the price of instant ramen? I thought this shit was suppose to be cheap? I saw an …[View]
18383071look at this shit: why are italian retards so bad at making pizza[View]
18366080Quite literally the most evil food there is: And it's EVERYWHERE![View]
18380897what's your favorite rum based cocktail?[View]
18382991I invented cottage cheese-kimchi. What do you think, sneed it or feed it?[View]
18380996Name a single flaw[View]
18380567>lumpy mashed potatoes[View]
18378105Got 60 pounds of dried apricots and golden raisins. How do I keep this shit fresh?[View]
18382800one hot pocket I don't know why, burnt the shit out of my mouth, now I want to cry.[View]
18381466what was your favorite meal your mom made you growing up? would you be able to tell if she made it o…[View]
18383374The White man's dinner. Simple. Fast. Efficient. Perfect for a long night of preworkout.[View]
18382671I’m sick of it. I’m sick of all these whiny assholes who shit all over the way I make cookies. They …[View]
18381571I'm tired of pretending these are lesser. I love crinkle cut fries.[View]
18382254How thicc do you make your burritos, anons?[View]
18382822Why does every cookie dough flavoured ice cream always include chocolate chips and other shit? Why c…[View]
18377821>dude local pizza is better than chain pizza lmao! i tried local again and this is the disgusting…[View]
18380528Stoofvlees/Carbonade flamande: I had half a day off today, so decided to make some belgian beef stew…[View]
18381057Explain this[View]
18381862/happy food/: post something that makes you happy /ck/ for me, it's hangover pierogies[View]
18382369What the fuck is wrong with this corn?[View]
18378661I just had impossible sausages for the first time (and first time impossible 'meat' in general) I do…[View]
18380087Feels like poison every time: But I can't stop[View]
18378068Ground pork recipes?: I have 6lbs of ground pork in my fridge that I don't know what to do with…[View]
18382110Am I the only one missing how good we use to have it at dining? Like 8 years ago, I was a broke stud…[View]
18381702Halal General. You can't tell me this is anything but pure bliss.[View]
18382823Bring back the zinger pie: Pic related[View]
18370743webm thread[View]
18382900I love cooking but somehow never got into casseroles. Whats your go to recipe? Preferably with brocc…[View]
18382608Food animated gif: Afternoon tea? Yes, please. I'm British. Also may I have coffee instead?…[View]
18382750Rateth mine Wednesday night Moo Goo Gai Pan, Americhiaboos: Sekka Extra Fancy Medium Grain is perfec…[View]
18381505>instantly improves you're meal[View]
18382443I've been eating beyondmeat because I'm afraid of american corporations giving me poison r…[View]
18378374For me, it's the Cuban breakfast. Simply perfection.[View]
18382519/TMG/ - Tuna Mac & Cheese General: Tuna, Macaroni and Cheese.[View]
18381928is it true that americans don't put chicken salt on their chips? ya'll missing out[View]
18378655Beanee Weenee: I'm tempted to try this for white trash night.[View]
18380412Why doesn’t Taco Bell offer chimichangas?[View]
18380298Sloppa time brown meat. add veg.[View]
18378645Do you butter your tortilla for your quesadillas??[View]
18377335What did Jolt taste like?[View]
18380485Good evening /ck/. What are you having for dinner? Here what my wife made for me. Garlic bread and …[View]
18366635/ctg/ - Coffee Time General: Cafelat Robot edition If you're new or confused, start here: https…[View]

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