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/ck/ - Food & Cooking

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14521643How would prepare your Slizzy Snek Meat: Just asking for tips on how to cook rattlesnake Slizzy.…[View]
14521654Umm... uhh yeah, can I get a horchata burrito hold the carne asada, extra torta, um... oh my god how…[View]
14520924I got given this, what is it and how do I use it?[View]
14520190> you have to eat the fries with a fork what the hell is wrong with Canadians?…[View]
14521304This just may be the perfect meal.[View]
14520053Food stands: I've honestly loved going out with friends, family, and lovers to eat some food fr…[View]
14510538ITT: Foods that are pointless to try and make at home: Its never going to taste as good as cinnabon,…[View]
14521184When will this fad end?[View]
14520322what kind of mentally deficient retard puts 'mashed potatoes' inside of 'pasta' i mean jesus christ,…[View]
14521338>blocks your path as the best type of hot chip >gives you gastrointestinal disease…[View]
14521294You ever get scared cooking at night or in the dark? How about eating at your dining area when its n…[View]
14517516I saw this lying around the house and refused to use it for the longest time cause it had mexican wr…[View]
14515554Would you rather be married to a vegan or a teetotaler?[View]
14520438Rate my dinner, ck![View]
14509357Whiskey: What are you currently drinking? What's your favorite? I'm drinking pic related, …[View]
14520945Protip: replace salt (especially with vegetable dishes) with 1:1 instant dashi pellets for superior …[View]
14521045R8 my fukken carbonara[View]
14519406Has anyone tried using diet pills and which have had the best effect? I'm on a diet but my meta…[View]
14520100Mead thread Beer/wine/misc homebrew allowed too What are you guys making? What's your best batc…[View]
14520052I have the following fastfood options: Braums, McDonalds, and Tacobell. Where do I go? What do I get…[View]
14517708Now that the dust has finally settled, what do you guys want from KFC?[View]
14518730/deenz/ appreciation: Post deenz, chat deenz. Pic related.. a simple quarantine breakfast. These fuc…[View]
14514430Me.and friends are having an argument. I haven't had mcdonalds in 15 years and they want it. I …[View]
14515437Cooking for my Girlfriend: Hey guys I just got a new girlfriend and she told me she digs men who can…[View]
14516409What do you guys like in your bagel?[View]
14520110Do you ever nuke some fast food burgers? Nuked Checkers.[View]
14520902I made coconut shrimp[View]
14518126Explain right now why you don't have MSG in your cabinet.[View]
14519539Anyone else uses lard for baking and desserts instead of butter? I've found it makes cakes mois…[View]
14519690eating at bonz today cuz i was reminded of this place when people were seething about it the other d…[View]
14517341How can any bread compete with this french bread? Why is it superior?[View]
14519276Does this look appetizing to you?[View]
14520537Who's your favorite competitive eater on Youtube? For me, it's LA Beast. He's never s…[View]
14513044GAS STATION FOOD THREAD: I tried a pizza from 7-Eleven the other day. It was really good. Gonna go b…[View]
14517774How do I drink this 'whiskey' stuff without gagging or chaser?[View]
14514862What am I supposed to do with beef fat?[View]
14520406just found out my orange has seeds in it, this is so frustrating[View]
14518745Why are they so much better than crunch bars?[View]
14519759Why do people cook?: >chop veggies >season meat >measure out rice/pasta/potatoes >cook a…[View]
14519661You have 6 hours to finish this order; what's your strategy?[View]
14520307I made omurice.[View]
14520191Cheese or pepperoni?[View]
14520362Homemade friiiiiiiiies[View]
14520409Give me your best margarita: Best margarita recipes?[View]
14520551the man[View]
14515303I feel like the staff hates me when I order poached eggs: Are poached eggs a huge pain in the ass? W…[View]
14518842It's your birthday, /ck/! What are you having for your cake? You can have any kind you'd w…[View]
14516415Beer thread? Beer thread![View]
14519530Is the cheeseburger not the most nutritionally complete food item ever created? When will the world …[View]
14516005Vegan meals: I'm going to our family cottage with my gf tomorrow and need some simple vegan mea…[View]
14516531hot sauce thread, get the fuck in here. post your favorite fast food, store-bought, or homemade hot …[View]
14518792Are eggs good for you?[View]
14519176Tongue-Probing Technique: Continuing the Burger Debate: Since yesterday's theoretical burger ta…[View]
14519255Nespresso Essenza Plus Espresso Machine: How did I do, coo/ck/s? What pods should I get? It's f…[View]
14519798Do people really go out of town just to eat at chain restaurants that they could eat at home?[View]
14516800Yummy Yummy chicken and gummies[View]
14517381ok guys time for a cook time. im cooking traditional texas chili[View]
14509566Thoughts on Mikey Chen?[View]
14518572>that first steelie of the day[View]
14520013Pollo Campero: Pollo Campero[View]
14512088Just had it... It's not so good[View]
14519355Is there a snobbier food website than rate beer? 90% of the reviews are just people worshiping craft…[View]
14518644What's with the fat fuck?[View]
14490286What fictional food would you most want to eat?[View]
14517544So I tried making omurice and it was kind of horrid. I suspect this is because Japanese ketchup is d…[View]
14513457Dick's >>>> Five Guys[View]
14518229i love me some pad thai: I love me some pad thai. I have been making it 1-2x per week for the last 5…[View]
14519666Rate my dinner pls: Instant mash potatos with chicken in soy ginger sauce[View]
14518228What is the best recipe for a mushroom sauce you know? I want to eat it plane, just with rice.[View]
14519461This poor dude is getting roasted for going to a strip club for dinner. People are accusing him of l…[View]
14519181>not eating microwaved ribs for breakfast at 1pm How can you even say you're alive?…[View]
14495072>go to thai restaurant >order dish >waitress asks me >'hao spy see you lie, 1 to 10?' …[View]
14519671What's a good ice maker?[View]
14518706Non Americans of /ck/: How does your country/culture see American food? Are there American style res…[View]
14483613Beer: Shill your favorite beers here. Pic: the best double IPA I've experienced so far. €16 for…[View]
14518263I am making some traditional Carbonara with guanciale and pecarino for the missus, what can I make a…[View]
14519197what kind of alcohol / brand is this?[View]
14518969Keto recipes: Share your favorite keto recipes Please avoid faggotry[View]
14519382Is there actually any food that is improved with the addition of sweetcorn?[View]
14517019Why do homegrown veggetables taste better than store bought? I find store tomatos gross, but I can e…[View]
14516225How do I get this cut tender enough to be used in a stir fry? I'm having golden fried rice toni…[View]
14507916First time making Japanese curry. I'm using the Vermont Curry brand. I should have chopped the …[View]
14518028Ok, guys, we all know that eating burgers upside down is the correct way of eating them so I thought…[View]
14518096Redpill me on vermouth.[View]
14515474Oh don’t mind me, just the best bread coming through[View]
14518131If you put a hotdog in a baguette, is it a hotdog or baguette sandwich?[View]
14514866WaWa: For me, it's the chicken corn chowder (with old bay, obviously) and the chicken parmesan …[View]
14516636How long would you eat bread past the expiration date?[View]
14517121Since 2013 Taco Bell has been declining into a shit tier restaurant. How do they stay in business?[View]
14518429crisp sandwich: crisp sandwich[View]
14504203Breakfast for $14 in America. What's the equivalent in Europe?[View]
14516770Paella, My lunch today, looks delicious!!![View]
14518408Delicious italian icecream: This ice cream (not artisanal, I mean industrial not handmade) is yummy.…[View]
14518496Breakfast: Just breakfast move along move along.[View]
14519251>Check Foodstocks. >Meat >Potatoes >Carrots >Onions >Mushrooms. Welp, that settl…[View]
14519004Potatoes are just dirt cancer Vodka and rubbing alcohol taste the same Ketchup is just a tomato smoo…[View]
14517292Burgers, is biscuits and gravy any good? It looks like shit but I'm curious and kind of wanna t…[View]
14518888Are you a corn or flour tortilla type of chump[View]
14517548What do aliens eat: Do you think they'd enjoy pizza.[View]
14519083What's the best tasting flavor enhancer?[View]
14515570This is a napoli pizza made by a executive chef on board of a superyacht. Thing that will never pass…[View]
14512178i like my potatoes boiled. wbu?[View]
14516230What's your dish?: What's up /ck/ I feel like I'm fucking stuck right now. I need som…[View]
14514348Weed butter: What's the best guide to making cannabutter/ghee? How to decarb, how to infuse etc…[View]
14518808americans grill lemons: wow https://youtu.be/NMt2sp5ugIQ[View]
14518601Made myself some chicken tendies and pasta with a side of spanach[View]
14513542Why don't vegeterians that don't eat meat only because it's unhealthy don't eat …[View]
14516512IPAs: Do people seriously unironically like this garbage? Don't get me wrong, I've had som…[View]
14516335Unidentified Asian food: Am I supposed to refrigerate these or not? It doesn't say. They seem t…[View]
14511841hey guys, what do you think of my rice? im vegan btw[View]
14508794wor-chest-ter-shire sauce[View]
14518554Just had the first confirmed COVID case from the new strain in my state and I want to be prepared. S…[View]
14514015Is this a drink on its own and can I get drunk from it? How do you use this ?[View]
14510146I ate an entire can of pringles yesterday and now my stomach feels like it has hot nails in it what…[View]
14518693Puerto Rican Meals: Are they based or cringe?[View]
14518515Hashbrowns: Why do these fuckers take so much prep time? 30+ minutes to make one small serving! I wa…[View]
14516152All wines taste the same and that taste is shit. I don't know why people obsess over this swill…[View]
14516246What’s for dinner?: For me, chicken bulgogi with rice and kimchi, side of kombucha. All homemade.…[View]
14516790I'm unironically thinking of starting an American-style BBQ restaurant in Australia. It would b…[View]
14515550oven baked ribs: Made some ribs in the oven for the first time. Used Chef John's recipe: https:…[View]
14517941what goes good with this, please I have a lot[View]
14511901The Future is Now: Top Tier, a Japanese plant based meat company, has made a Wagyu beef made from pl…[View]
14511900Thoughts on eating peaches?[View]
14515349Tea effects: I bought some loose lemon balm leaves from a grocery store (though they basically look …[View]
14516582How do you process and cook okra? Do you skin the fuzzies off? Do you blanch and salt it? Why does i…[View]
14516611how to become a chef?: i'm on the path of becoming a NEET, i'm about to drop out of colle…[View]
14513101I really like this sauce[View]
14513948what absolutely unnecessary kitchen gadgets do you like to employ? for me it's the infrared the…[View]
14516903oolong?: more like too long! as in it's been too long since i've had some tea[View]
14518048How the fuck do you make this? I keep hearing my gf wanting to get black bread. We're having pr…[View]
14511537Hey fellows. Around 2 years ago I got a bottle of wine as a gift, and I have yet to open it, I'…[View]
14517480ONCE AGAIN YOU LIED TO ME /CK/ !!!!!: What the hell do I do now ??? The exposed parts are burning bt…[View]
14517549How do I make vegetable soup delicious without adding meat? My last one had >onion >garlic …[View]
14517148Carne seca is in every way superior to American jerky[View]
14517834What sides with this?: I got this big ass, 6kg pork shoulder to roast I am confident I can get the c…[View]
14515867>ruins your water[View]
14514414Best ways to cook chicken breast: What’s /ck/s favorite way to cook a chicken breast? For me it’s th…[View]
14513510so my birthday is coming up, and people are asking. I've always wanted a molcajete. I've b…[View]
14515588NEW BINGING WITH BABISH!!: Fire Flakes from Avatar The Last Airbender https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
14517430Sloppa recipes needed!: I need the brightest minds of /ck/ to give me the bets sloppa recipes you kn…[View]
14512785for me it's Bang drink Bang goys it's the newest sippp for cool kids[View]
14515901This stuff is pure heavenly. It's like the mature version of Hawaiian Punch.[View]
14516334Ground Turkey: What's the big deal? It's good.[View]
14517348Guatemalan Black Beans[View]
14514700Pringles Baconator Flavor: These are the best chip ever created. Imagine combining the phallic conta…[View]
14515662COSTCO PIZZA: Mabe not the best but decent 4 the price.[View]
14516916Rate my din din[View]
14510582All these years I never knew that regular farmed salmon is fine to use for sushi or smoked salmon as…[View]
14516966>eating crappy food like a fat fuck with no self-control every single day is bad for your health …[View]
14515003How on earth do people eat tomatoes by themselves?[View]
14516580R8 my meal.[View]
14515602how do i cook this on a pan[View]
14513801Food you can't cook FYCC: Falafel. Every goddamn time Outside shreds your mouth, flavorless, he…[View]
14515669I'm in love with these things[View]
14512591what's your usual chipotle order?[View]
14509245how do you want your eggs, anon?[View]
14516177Hello frens, I just received a charcoal grill (like pic related) as a gift. I've never really u…[View]
14514963What's the best halal cart in Manhattan? I want some comfy chicken over rice[View]
14516623for me it's steak and eggs for dinner[View]
14516106Got a bunch of pork bones left over. What should I do with them?[View]
14516709Joy of cooking cook book: Whats your opinion on the joy of cooking. I think its one of the best cook…[View]
14509826Are you going to start a restaurant when this is over?[View]
14516670I haven't had dinner since yesterday what should I eat tonight?[View]
14514770Can we have a BBQ thread?[View]
14516299quick /ck/ claim your grocery mascotfu >tfw no italian mommy gf to ravage after a long day of swe…[View]
14516666what are some relatively cheap meals that are pretty healthy that I can pack in a bag I keep on gett…[View]
14516071challenge, post 2 common ingredients used most commonly in dishes somewhere in the world and someone…[View]
14513041Is this really the best mayo? Why do food people talk it up so much[View]
14508376What's the fastest way to gain weight? I'm 134 lbs[View]
14513990Crisp Sausage Creamy Eggs Melty Cheesy Goodness all on a Artisan McBread Yeah, this is why they’re k…[View]
14516373Okra thread: If you think its slimy, whoever cooked it screwed up. Delicious fried, and a great addi…[View]
14516236For me it’s the IHOP strawberry syrup, the best diner syrup[View]
14515244Why do my Soo Veed ribs have the right consistency but are dry inside?[View]
14512948What's your favourite brekfast anons? Mine is eggs with fried potatoes[View]
14516051Should you leave a marinated steak in the fridge over night? Or should I put it in the freezer? I h…[View]
14516086>yeah, can I get a Filet-O-Fish? Pro-tip: Never do this unless you know the store cooks filets to…[View]
14515591Suggest me something too cook: I am putting my dinner in your hands, give suggestions[View]
14516212Go to snack: What's your go to snack? I'm watching Joker on HBO made these nachos. I have …[View]
14516209What's the best lettuce and why is it green leaf?[View]
14513658Do you like Octopus?[View]
14507936Can you do it, /ck/?[View]
14516023Square Burgers: Yo real talk, if you like wendys square burgers youre a deranged lunatic who should …[View]
14505042post your favourite chef john recipe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lQpk4uv49M https://www.youtub…[View]
14515834Suggestions for making this recipe vegetarian: I'm looking for suggestions for altering this pa…[View]
14510141What facts about cuisine do the civilians not know or misunderstand?[View]
14515034Do you finish the fries first or the burger first[View]
14516043>tfw the PeopleFood arrives at your domicile i love the UN bros! they're so kind and dedicat…[View]
14515368I made omurice.[View]
14513673breaking news: rice cooked in broth is delicious: So today I cooked some ribs and when i took them o…[View]
14515665I'm making pork chops for dinner. Thin rib chops, pan fried. Usually I season them with s/p, dr…[View]
14513682>Blows any FMCG drink out of the water Nothing personell, kiddo[View]
14513096I have a lot of drumsticks, what should I do with them?[View]
14515452Mutant fruit: Do grapes normally grow this big outside of America or am I eating Frankenstein’s mons…[View]
14510623Hey anon I’m gonna order a pizza, what toppings do you want?[View]
14515639i have chicken i cooked a week ago and i have it in the fridge all day, would it be ok to eat it?[View]
14515237When did you take the salad pill? Me? When I discovered real balsamico.[View]
14511610Anyone got a bomb-ass paté recipe? I tried doing tuna fish paté and pheasant paté and it was fantast…[View]
14515383Sesame tofu, pork fried rice, egg roll and crab rangoons. This gon' be good.[View]
14511496How much do you tip?[View]
14508199>he’s a girls best friend kinda guy[View]
14514994anons, why do people sell this shit, and who even eats it?[View]
14509125Are French fries authentic Greek?[View]
14515108Do Euros know you cant get Hoegaarden Rosee in America ?: Its not sold in America for whatever reaso…[View]
14515077Bout to eat this[View]
14512909What's something good to mix with whiskey? 1981 Canadian Club to be specific.[View]
14513840PSSSSSST hey kid over here wanna eat some rubbery tasteless shit?[View]
14512894Why don’t restaurants just make everything ahead of time and just microwave things to order? Is it p…[View]
14508600Bologna Jubilee: Buckle up anons, we're going on a culinary adventure. Today we explore classic…[View]
14515351What should I eat for dinner?: Chicken Fried Steak, Eggs, Hash browns, Toast, and 20 oz beer. $12 in…[View]
14511118Anyone else likes undercooking their brownies so they feel like lava cakes?[View]
14514417stop eating processed foods[View]
14515013I put granola in hot cocoa instead of milk, holy dingus why I haven't done this before.[View]
14511970Who has the best national dish(es) and why is it Mexico?[View]
14515179What do people like about In&Out fries? They’re horrible. Bottom of the line. I get em ‘medium w…[View]
14511639There are humans who actually peel their apples before eating them[View]
14515076Kitchen Organization: how do i organize my kitchen? my kitchen's disorganized because my asian …[View]
14513847Have you taken the multigrainpill? Truly the best bread out there[View]
14513268Italian fried rice is better than china-flavor.[View]
14509115What would you rather eat on average, fried fish or fried shrimp?[View]
14509929foods you grew up thinking they were bad but it was only because your parents sucked at cooking? for…[View]
14509554Chorizo is BASED: >goes well with fish and seafood >goes well with chicken >goes well with …[View]
14512074Microwave Cakes: Meme or dream?[View]
14514986*dabs on americans*[View]
14504277Based or cringe?[View]
14514838Was in the car with my cousin's friend couple days ago. We pass by a McDonald's. I tell hi…[View]
14512651Drove through Idaho and picked up a few jars. Opinions?[View]
14514101The onion cutter: Thoughts on this tool? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33019028456.html?spm=a2g0o.…[View]
14493289When I open the tin, I literally cannot stop eating them. What foods make you lose control?[View]
14514506>tfw eating goulash with anything else than dumplings[View]
14513747Why the fuck does this smell like vomit[View]
14513980Eating/Buying Raw Salmon?: Alright homos, anyone do this? I want a giant plate of sashimi[View]
14512892>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=secBtmP22xU&feature=emb_title How will /ck/ recover from thi…[View]
14513916Recently a Dunkin donuts in my area is making national news because the employee hocked a loogie in …[View]
14514629Do you have any health issues surrounding food? I am a type 2 diabetic with an A1c of 15.[View]
14513533What do you do for spicy food shits? Does activating your receptors help? Do you drink milk? For me,…[View]
14513172The food capital of the world[View]
14512807>lost 20 pounds >calorie counting going great >every night at 11:42pm I feel intense pangs …[View]
14513574burger king has: no flaws whatsoever[View]
14513664Is corn a vegetable?: We need to solve this important question with the combined knowledge of /ck/…[View]
14509971does anyone know the secrets to korean fried chicken and specifically kyochon chicken? I already kno…[View]
14514329anyone here have a snow cone maker? which one should i get[View]
14511493how do you make this the right way? i dont want to puke[View]
14514431These are uhh depressingly flavorless. I got them on sale at like 2.50 a box. regularly marked at li…[View]
14514350Quick Question: Recently i was gifted an air fryer Can i use it to make black garlic?[View]
14513610Hey guys r8 my Beef Stroganoff and potatoes. I put some chiffonade in the form of parsley and paprik…[View]
14512678i just ate a pound of raw prime grade tenderloin sliced paper thin ama[View]
14513112is raw?: hello, iam try too bake but i dont know if is normal puff pastry or is raw? 350F - 70 min…[View]
14514020What should I do with this sweet potato water I've reduced?[View]
14514025What the fuck do you put this on. I put hot sauce on almost everything but chile powder? Nada. I bou…[View]
14509701Kitchen.: Just cleaned up. Really proud of myself.[View]
14508913is erythritol bad for u: I love these drinks and they have them in them as the sweetener[View]
14513314Cake Rate: My gf made a yummy looking cake what do yall think?[View]
14510350Ahhhhh, breakfast....[View]
14509464Got a sick wagyu cut from my local butcher. Hot pan, .... steak in.[View]
14513856sky flakes...: in canned chicken noodle soup....can't beat it.[View]
14512605hey hey hey, where my gerbros at? what flavor you all snackin on? i've settled down with a cool…[View]
14513497I'm a crumble sort of guy[View]
14511937I don't know why I keep giving wine a chance, but I've bought a few different bottles and …[View]
14513364>when the liquor store clerk recognizes you and addresses you by first name…[View]
14513858What other choices to I have for an omelette pan that isn't teflon? I'm having a hard time…[View]
14511188D...do you do it?[View]
14513756How does /ck/ feel about this blue sweetener? Other sweeteners?[View]
14512237official /ck/ spice tier list: God Tier: 1. Cumin 2. MSG Shit Tier: 3. all others[View]
14508231https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GexnUyuc4ps This video is just trying to make americans look bad in …[View]
14510732Post your favorite breakfast spots. Pic related was mine 10 years ago before it went to shit when Mi…[View]
14513310Octopus Shish Kabobs: Tomorrow I was planning to take a stab at grilling octopus. My gf and I make o…[View]
14511023is it really as bad as people say?[View]
14512764I wanna make a dish that involves octopus, where can I buy some good quality online?[View]
14512235What's your favorite comfort food? Mines is red beans & rice with cornbread. It has to have…[View]
14509676Just got this whiskey as a gift for my birthday, what do you guys think of it? My english is not tha…[View]
14511138Why is this the only flavor named in French?[View]
14513324how do I make my oatmeal less boring?[View]
14512492Have you had your summer lobster roll yet ceekay???[View]
14512997I refuse to pay over $7 on a fucking hamburger and fries[View]
14513408What's the best food to buy of I want to bunker up for a year?[View]
14511275Chocolate covered scallops. My kid loves these[View]
14509483Five Guys: Is it worth it?[View]
14511257>bite into a cake or a pie >it's filled with strands of shredded paper…[View]
14511969>japanese 'cuisine'[View]
14512245McChicken Sandwich: What's so crazy about it?[View]
14513367whoever took my last one of these you're in big trouble[View]
14512570This stuff any good?[View]
14510852What an amazing fruit[View]
14513224Is MatPat /ck/ approved? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_jnZkVlNtw[View]
14511169thoughts on my cheese steak?[View]
14512748How do I make apples taste better?[View]
14507558When it comes to S'mores, I say...ya just eat em[View]
14513253I grown my own jalapenos, when should I taste the first one? Should I eat a green one even if I want…[View]
14512674How do I get french fries to come out crispy? I tried making them and they came out soggy.[View]
14511745Besides smores, what can I do with graham crackers?[View]
14508469can i eat shredded coconut without chewing[View]
14513026the verdict is in: it tastes exactly like campbells condense cream of broccoli![View]
14510301The tastelet fears the raw onion[View]
14514064Whilst I believe that the recent 4Chan/4Channel spilt was a smart move by Hiro I believe that /ck/sh…[View]
14510567Kvass: Can I make it with light rye? Will i just have to let it stew for longer before fermenting, e…[View]
14511449what are some good tequilas you could recommend me? obviously 100% agave, no lime no salt shit[View]
14512783let's take a moment to appreciate whoever came up with the idea for donut holes. Like how the f…[View]
14512581>watch various food vloggers eat all over asia outside of japan >different types of soups, cur…[View]
14511505munch monch: What is your favorite burger topping?? And why is it ICEBERG lettuce, tomato, RAW onion…[View]
14512490>find perfect bite of your meal >drop it on the ground…[View]
14497638Abnormal Eating Habits: Ok. You all have that one weird thing you do. Let's hear it.[View]
14510087Salter butter is KING: Cooking onions in salted butter is god tier.[View]
14510969I eat around 8 tablespoons of olive oil per day. Is this okay or is that much bad for you? I'm …[View]
14511520What is /ck/ making tonight?: I have a tomato pie in the oven, I hope it comes out alright. This is …[View]
14512376Chicken preparing: So do you clean your chicken from blood and fat and vessels before spicing and co…[View]
14511637how to increase appetite without weed? tryna quit[View]
14511687My wife just left me. I need ideas of some dishes that I can create for myself. I need to focus on m…[View]
14512034Why does prime rib trigger /ck/ so hard?[View]
14512042Is mexican just better: Could it be that just the fact that its mexican it has that something specia…[View]
14511185Im getting a bunch of marmalades as soon as I get paid in a few days. I need some ideas on what to s…[View]
14510682Vanilla man sniff the vanilla[View]
14509543Serious question I want to make tamago kake gohan, do I wash the eggshell first before cracking it t…[View]
14511108Thoughts on my dinner? It actually tasted good desu[View]
14511572Is pork belly good on the grill? What does it taste like?[View]
14511527What can I make without onions? My mom hates them, and she doesn't even like them in the house,…[View]
14507928I went to a beach at what turned out to be low tide and found various shellfish (mainly oysters) pep…[View]
14511151So what's the deal with trans fats? Are they a type of fat you can't burn off, that stays …[View]
14511460Which color do your people associate with beer and why? >green >pic related…[View]
14510185Just Got horrible food poisoning from eating a refrozen lasagna from dollar tree. I have been puking…[View]
14511268Truly the king of vegetables[View]
14506082what are some high paying jobs in the food industry that wont make me miserable[View]
14510957what are some tasty dish that i can eat lot of but not gain too much weight?[View]
14511446I have a bunch of smoked pork left over from a bbq i did on the weekend. Give me your best bbq pork …[View]
14509597>make enough pasta for 4 meals >get tired of it by the 3rd but power through >want to eat o…[View]
14504540*makes asians go fucking crazy*[View]
14509925What should I get from Taco Bell that isn't expensive? I like the Chalupas but they're li…[View]
14509647What's your idea of the peak performance tex-mex nachos? Mine are without sour cream, plenty of…[View]
14510545I made omurice[View]
14507979Best Beer: Is this the most aesthetic beer can? I love everything about it. My fiancé is of Chinese …[View]
14509753i grew up on mamma's food only. i need to experiment with new foods. post dishes.[View]
14506612How do countries like Norway survive? isn't it too cold to have farms or livestock?[View]
14509724does your country have water ice[View]
14510266what the fuck is his problem?[View]
14510419The proper way to cook a steak[View]
14511376I saw these at costco the other day. are they comparable to H-Mart kalbi?[View]
14510318Storing pans in the oven: Am I the only person disgusted by this?[View]
14510991What is the easiest and cheapest way to make a pizza at home that tastes halfway decent? Asking for…[View]
14511133What is the trick to cooking the best frozen pizza? How do I make it taste more like take-out? I was…[View]
14501432Who makes the best curry?: all i know is jamaica is the worst at it[View]
14509187I'm NOT from California. So, California posters, tell me which is the better place, IN/Out or F…[View]
14509242Rate my salad[View]
14511098Where the fuck did all the unflavored gelatin go? Why is it completely sold out everywhere?[View]
14509049I eat a bag of tortilla chips and a thing of cheese dip every week. I'm addicted. What do? This…[View]
14508910what do you use black beans for: they aren't available in my country usually but I got two cans…[View]
14510835I dont care about the e-celebs. I don't care about the puerto rican blackface or whatever. I ju…[View]
14505695finally, a good mass-produced 'murican bbq sauce[View]
14509938Is this sour cunt a fruit or a vegetable?[View]
14511010Alternate Cooking Methods[View]
14509727What does /ck/ think of squirrel/rabbit meat?: They're fucking up my garden so I got a pellet r…[View]
14509561>ruins your steak[View]
14507415How much do you love the 'chup?[View]
14509163Unusual breakfasts: Is salmon a breakfast food?[View]
14510911What are you anons making tonight?: My grandma and I made some chili today, what’s you make?[View]
14509666*tastes of nothing in your path*[View]
14510878new kfc ad[View]
14498355trout: whats the best way to prepare trout?[View]
14510130how you cook these /ck/? i've been enjoying growing oyster mushrooms but so far the only way i …[View]
14506992Asian Spices: I'm looking to keep more Asian spices in my kitchen, for chicken, pork and currie…[View]
14502568How do I achieve M A X I M U M H Y D R A T I O N?[View]
14508806I'm new to smoking. Here is an attempt in a kettle smoker. Pics to follow. 8.5 lb Pork shoulder…[View]
14500411Grilled cheese: How do you prepare grilled cheeses that don't suck? Don't tell me about me…[View]
14509708Is greek pasta salad the best salad?[View]
14509155if I hold a gun to your baby's head /ck/ and told you to make me a flavorful pesto in 10 minute…[View]
14504130Made some enchilads from scratch? What do you think about them[View]
14510208Best type of cake: my vote is ice cream cake, easy to make and tastes great[View]
14507630vegan pizza thread: rate my homemade vegan 'za[View]
14510247How to cook like Hannibal without the human meat of course? Certain dishes on the show got me inspir…[View]
14509848Anyone here think mustard and lemon compliment each other?[View]
14509452>smells like an unwashed person[View]
14507691What can I use instead of graham crackers for s'more's?[View]
14508732do you prefer authentic chinese food or westernized chinese food?[View]
14504599Reminder that if someone complains about Five Guys being 'overpriced' or too expensive, its because …[View]
14499245Post your shopping lists[View]
14499670I got this 10lb chunk of bone-in pork shoulder from Vons for $10. I'm going to try smoke it tom…[View]
14510038>klondike 'bar' >it's a square[View]
14504558Best Food for Work?: >able to microwave it up and retain taste >can make 4-6 servings easily …[View]
14498514>why is the rum gone[View]
14507230be honest how often do you binge on food? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3y6b0XnHBYo[View]
14502867What's the general consensus on American cuisine?[View]
14505409restaurant horror stories[View]
14509919Food that looks better than it tastes chingchongpingpong edition[View]
14501470Asian bread anon part 2: another weekend is here frens We got 35 orders for this weekend Green onion…[View]
14509750Miracle Whip has a notoriously bad reputation, and it seems the only people who are fond of it are t…[View]
14508334What can I substitute the flour with in this (to make it keto) and still have it nice and brown /ck/…[View]
14502417bacon wrapped stuffed crust deep dish pizza. yeah, I went there[View]
14503123Realistically speaking, if you were to go to a restaurant and buy their entire stock of bacon and eg…[View]
14504840Never compromise: They've won my business because they never compromise.[View]
14509639How did my wings look fämälämäzoids[View]
14505821What to do with a huge knife?: I got drunk and ordered what I thought was a 12 inch knife, but it…[View]
14507833caeasar or ranch: the greatest dressing debate (of all time)[View]
14509290is there a better seasoning? I put this shit on salad and it still works.[View]
14509499Whats the /ck consensus on using bullying cubes with soups fämälämäzoids?[View]
14509333My shitty harvest of sweet corn had me down, but then I found this in one ear. Its a fungus, huitlac…[View]
14509039Would you?[View]
14491478What's your opinion on authentic Mexican food?[View]
14507350I don't know what they're for: This brand has a large variety of dried chilies at the stor…[View]
14506721What's your favourite ice cream flavour? Mint choc chip here.[View]
14500224what do we think about her?[View]
14508825Enjoy your drive-thru nachos while they last, gentlemen.[View]
14501984I made dinner for my family tonight. How does /ck/ rate my plating?[View]
14503681>coffee tastes like dumpster water brewed with dirty old socks even with a ton of cream and sugar…[View]
14507560So how are these usually eaten? Do you eat them by themselves? Are you supposed to eat them with s…[View]
14509180stop eating processed foods[View]
14508332For me? It's the Big Jack.[View]
14509227Ramen joy: I just found out about the existance of this glorious cooking book. Does anybody know whe…[View]
14504607Whats your favorite cheap food/dish?[View]
14508073What does it mean when you're jittery and have a temporary high irregular heart rate after eati…[View]
14508782is the hype justified?[View]
14508834Does pizza really need all the cheese that we put on it? Past a certain point, don't you get di…[View]
14501918>eating bacon are you retarded? that shit is terrible for you[View]
14506283is it just me or does this shit taste like soap?[View]
14505093Do most gas stations still sell this stuff or is the one near me just weird?[View]
14507878What are the best food options for a tiki party?[View]
14508227The superior Snickers[View]
14509017Where the fuck can I find deer jerky for sale online???[View]
14504010What is the best sub?[View]
14505800Grab a chip bro[View]
14501140Official /ck/ French fry Condiment ranking: >Patricians Choice 1. Blue Cheese dressing >Decent…[View]
14508360What the FUCK is with people putting noodles in burgers?[View]
14502179Strange preferences: I dip my fries in these.[View]
14508896For me? It's gotta be the pizza stick.[View]
14505943Rice Cooking: Hey guys Ive had this bag of rice for a long time now. I tried boiling a long time ago…[View]
14508801What should I order?[View]
14507557Why is grub hub saying mcdonalds closed, when its open 24 hours a day. This shit always happens.[View]
14508863Does /ck/ make their own ice cream? Which ingredients and equipment do you use?[View]
14508721where can you get such a good candy?[View]
14500011What is the strangest beverage you've ever had? I saw pic related at a small grocery store year…[View]
14502093Just had kimchi for the first time. Had it in an udon noodle stir fry. It was pretty tasty. What els…[View]
14508728I found a jar of currant jelly in the cupboard but it was expired.[View]
14506794What are you growing this year: I'm trying out these indigo rose tomatoes[View]
14504333>can't get vanilla coke anywhere >can find this abortion everywhere I wager the hebrews a…[View]
14507301I took the Pepsi Challenge and chose this[View]
14507111Can I cook breaded cod on a pan even though the instructions say I should bake it? I dont have an ov…[View]
14504961for me, it's boiled potatoes[View]
14506316Cursed foods: Post cursed foods[View]
14506291Mushroom Substitutes: Developed a mushroom allergy unfortunately. What's a good replacement? I …[View]
14506170Chicken bones: I've got some chicken bones left over. Can I cook these things down into some ki…[View]
14505276Surely this is a bit too much?[View]
14508492what is considered the best item for an office or family potluck /ck/? Is it still garlic bread with…[View]
14506683If i make a ham sandwich tonight will it still be edible tomorrow morning if i refrigerate it?[View]
14508436>finally try this >its actually perfect Thank you, Jesus.…[View]
14495818i like garlic a lot. gimme food ideas that include heavy use (or potential heavy use) of garlic. im …[View]
14508134I've eaten eggs every day this week. Based or ridiculously unhealthy?[View]
14506139pasta recipes: can anyone recommend some good sauce recipes for pasta? ive been making bolognese sau…[View]
14499786>tfw my psyllium husks will arrive on Monday I'm so excited, bros. I have never tried it bef…[View]
14502693Do you feed your leftovers to your animals? I have this aunt who feeds all her casseroles and shit t…[View]
14507712What would you replace? What would you replace it with? Why would you replace it? Bay leaf Californi…[View]
14500253Does anyone have a good recipe for a Hot Carl? I haven't made one in awhile.[View]
14507900why not put the sauce on the INside?[View]
14508278Do Americans really not enjoy sourdough bread?[View]
14506627The KFC Test: My friends and I have a little game we like to call the 'KFC test' We invite someone t…[View]
14506576For what purpose[View]
14503297When's the last time you had some good old NY-style chicken over rice?[View]
14506923What are some /ck/-approved television programs?[View]
14506536For me it's the double tender sandwich at KFC. Soft sesame bun. The tenders are just a tad bit …[View]
14504684For me, it's Secret Aardvark. The best hot sauce[View]
14506074>tfw your life has sunk so low you're considering ordering Papa John's for dinner…[View]
14505606Bird’s nest / 燕窩 “Yan-wo”: Has anyone ever eaten this? What does it taste like?[View]
14507856family recipe thread, spill the beans[View]
14507757Is the lettuce bun the future of sandwiched food items?[View]
14505830Simple, one pot, cheap and quick meals. Cooking minimalism: We share recipes that balance all: price…[View]
14505415For me, it's the Indian Ocean anchovy. - tastes like a whitefish but tiny - cheap - sustainable…[View]
14507458I made this recipe tonight and it was really good and pretty easy. I didn't have 12 plums but i…[View]
14507609You like tasty fish??? I'm no vegan, but people who torture fish to their deaths by piercing th…[View]
14506535>work at liquor store >this guy comes in >Do you have any Blanton's? >Do you have a…[View]
14507621Is there anything decent I can make with one of these boxes of pastaroni and some canned tuna? I hav…[View]
14505834ITT we post our cooking fuckups: >tired and feeling in the mood for my comfort food, mac and chee…[View]
14507436>google recipe for a salad dressing/ meat marinade >'now just add two heaping tablespoons of w…[View]
14502269Eating a whole rotisserie chicken isn't really that big of a deal: This guy makes it seem disgu…[View]
14505055If you were a manager how would you deal with this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2y1cirZu-tU&…[View]
14505984Whats the worst recipe you can think of?[View]
14503542Share your favorite Auntie Fee Recipes: Rip to a real legend[View]
14505829Magical Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza is the best kid ciusine[View]
14506748Bout to eat this[View]
14507374Lu Rou Fan: Made this tonight. Top tier meat dish. Would recommend.[View]
14493854What do with lots of beans?[View]
14502171what is sauerkraut good for besides a hotdog topping?[View]
14506655Food torch: Anyway fellas, I saw some Mexican charring up some corn on the cob with a torch and thou…[View]
14503521ka fei: Morning, /ck/. How do you like your coffee?[View]
14507212Did you get the stuff?: I got the stuff.[View]
14506728Moving to a apartment and will be using this thing after perfecting my skills on a gas range my enti…[View]
14504770Gentlemen Behold...: The tendie taco. Look upon its greatness and bask in its glory.[View]
14506207Think I’m gonna order some Caesars. What should I get? Anybody try their stuffed crust or thin crust…[View]

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