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/ck/ - Food & Cooking

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18864577Ask me about my experience. No nvm. I was goddamn disappointed. This will be the last time.[View]
18864421hamburger: hamburger says freeze by 2 days ago still looks pretty good im not gonna die right[View]
18861279> enhances the flavor of any meal[View]
18864201/ck/ i need your help: I need a pasta sauce for my pasta ASAP!!!! You guys are my only hope!!!…[View]
18860656It is no secret that David Lynch, the writer-director-composer-painter, has an unusual relationship …[View]
18855195Favorite pasta shape: For me it's Ruote/Rotelle. I like how the spokes soak up sauce better tha…[View]
18863953Say you are to remove bread sides. Do you do it with a knife or directly with your hands?[View]
18851804'Well done steak.' What an ironic name.[View]
18863592>beer is... LE BAD[View]
18861338Japanese food at home: Every time I make katsudon, it comes out different. The egg isn’t quite right…[View]
18860925Foods you heard of but don't know what they are: Macaroni salad, casserole, sloppy joe, cajun, …[View]
18863590My shitty dog killed a quail and I cleaned it because I didn’t want his death to be for nothing. How…[View]
18863078>remaking the same drinks again to get more footage of his over the top reactions He's offic…[View]
18863300is it a good idea to cleal lettuce with vinegar? does it help get rid of whatever a snail or slug le…[View]
18863290blood pizza: > be me > go to dominos (I go every friday) > lad at the till already knows my…[View]
18861862how y'all celebrating Tet?: which fruit you carving your good luck charms onto?[View]
18841101Questions that don't deserve their own thread /qtddtot/: I want to buy some baking supplies for…[View]
18860150Do you think a pizza where chili was the sauce could work? I am tempted to try making that.[View]
18864083Well /ck/?[View]
18856305Sea bugs good: Let's settle this once and for all. The reason sea bugs good, land bugs bad is b…[View]
18861209Food Safety Tips: You should eat very cold and very hot foods/drinks before or after each other, it …[View]
18863914I am not a fan of eating bugs, however there are a few that appeal to me[View]
18859984Have you ever had the legendary Monte Cristo?[View]
18862751Cookies are stupid: i hate them[View]
18860480tombstone pizzas actually aren't all that bad[View]
18863148Off-brand chainstore stuff you had abroad and wish were available in your country, especially if you…[View]
18848304Please tell me again how carbs are not poison: >eat a pound of beef fried with onions and cabbage…[View]
18861665peanut oil: I have a bottle of peanut oil that I was using for a mouse trap, but I took care of the …[View]
18861632>bun >lettuce >patty >cheese >bacon >pickles >onions >bbq sauce what more do…[View]
18859001this cost $30: how are people feeding families? it’s just me and my wife.[View]
18863100Off to the chippy for Friday night chippy tea! :D what would you get? Will post what I got once I…[View]
18863213why does chicago's most legendary cheeseburger look like shit?[View]
18849423best 2 ingredient foods avocado and a decent quality salt[View]
18862907No soosji: I really don't like raw fish, what's the next best?[View]
18852109love me white people tacos, simple as[View]
18860185The Whopper is the best fast food sandwich: And I'm tired of pretending that it's not…[View]
18856873what does /ck/ have against tilapia? it's great for fish tacos[View]
18862495Are those snack boxes from japan worth it? Was thinking of ordering one since here in bumfuck easter…[View]
18863057Who here old enough to get the fish and chips in yesterday's rotten stories?[View]
18861160cheap tequila tastes like cheap rubber/plastic: Has anyone noticed that cheap tequila tastes like ch…[View]
18862721caraway seeds: I LOVE CARAWAY SEEDS[View]
18862271What's your favorite flavor of ice cream? I'm thinkingo f skipping half of lunch and dinne…[View]
18862937Do you like cuisine d'Angleterre?[View]
18860373They taste better[View]
18861359I’m making pizza: Y’all hungry?[View]
18860498What's the weirdest fruit you've ever eaten?[View]
18858949Garlic: Why isn't this shit on everything? It's cheap, healthy with only 1 clove and taste…[View]
18861845It was ok.: So had some Indian navy rum through a work function. It was just ok.[View]
18848689/tbc/ Tobacco general: Lead free edition. What are you smoking anons?[View]
18862534I don't mean to brag, but I have three whole dozen eggs sitting in the fridge. Since I'm a…[View]
18861717Frozen Vegetables: Any reason to not just buy premade vegetables over buying individual vegetables a…[View]
18862083I think I'm in love! Has anyone else tried these?[View]
18859541What is a better survival food between homemade Jerky or Pemmican in a vacuum sealed bag?[View]
18861899Boston Market had great food when I was growing up[View]
18861205Skimmed Milk: Explain why skimmed milk is inferior to full and semi-skimmed without revealing how un…[View]
18860711Steak for breakfast: What happens if you eat steak for breakfast? I have a friend[View]
18858843Tap the knife on the board one more goddamn fucking time.[View]
18861462Turkish Ice Cream Vendor: Is a fucking cunt bastard bitch[View]
18860330Is this worth it? I want to start cooking more and need meal ideas.[View]
18859598Apple Sauce: So what is the point of eating apple sauce if you want some fruit for the week when it …[View]
18862330adds nothing: what are some other ingredients besides pic related that don't actually add anyth…[View]
18857318What the FUCK is the secret to dicing these without burning my eyes?[View]
18856116*gives you nightmares*[View]
18861206very good[View]
18862085Anyone ever had vinegar pudding as a kid? The recipe I remember was 1 cup white vinegar, 3 capfuls o…[View]
18860756Yummy Drinks: Fruit drinks to quench thirst.[View]
18860169Any foods that pair with caviar? I was thinking of melting some cheese on bread. Any caviarconnoisse…[View]
18858226What did they mean by this?[View]
18861851Does anyone have a killer recipe for chocolate mouse I can borrow?[View]
18854703When's the last time you cleaned out your fridge?: Be honest.[View]
18859922it's actually good, why did you lie to me?[View]
18861932What cheap, mass-produced food will you miss the most when society collapses? For me, its the store …[View]
18860865Made a thread about shepherds pie but I did cottage pie because beef I guess. As usual I fucked up. …[View]
18861793Let's say you live in a location where peanuts cannot be grown and the nearest peanut farm is l…[View]
18860233Deep fried butter: How does it taste and where can I buy one[View]
18861296When was the last time you had a hot dog? for me? I had one in November[View]
18860476OI! KORAAAA!!![View]
18861650beef wellington: janny deleted my post last time what's the best thing you've ever had…[View]
18861553'Go 'Za. Home.[View]
18861244*does nothing*[View]
18861010I'd like to start cooking meals with my boyfriend because I don't want us to spend any mor…[View]
18858524Celery dipped in salsa: I'm dipping my celery in salsa right now What other healthy snacks can …[View]
18860523>*smells like a mix between farts, rotting feet and barf*[View]
18860709What if Jesus hits you with that chicken strip combo?[View]
18856842Which one?[View]
18849743What's wrong with it?[View]
18860622Things that you'd think are shit but are actually good: pic related, especially the raspberry p…[View]
18861298Yummy in my tummy: Mmm mm mm[View]
18860954Did you know that the first International House of Pancakes was opened in Oslo in 1926? On April 9, …[View]
18859492Give me your best chocolate chip cookie recipes, I wish to taste the golden crumbly goodness. Hard m…[View]
18860198Coconut Turkey: Good Evening Coo/ck/s >Get a turkey >Cut it into nuggets >Fill a container …[View]
18861163slop me amadeus[View]
18859991Pizza places: >Local dine-in Pizza Hut has remained unchanged since 2002 I'm in the mood for…[View]
18829742/tea/: /tea/ - /tsg/ tea general This thread is for discussing teas, tisanes, and other herbal infus…[View]
18857095Talk me out of buying a 3qt instant pot so I can make stews and potroasts for myself in a fraction o…[View]
18859744Why does shit on a dick look so appetizing?[View]
18860886grocery store gonna have leg quarters for 50 cents a pound tomorrow. you guys every cook with these,…[View]
18860980Don’t play with your food /ck/[View]
18860534i like eating dried mexican peppers as snacks. does anyone else do this[View]
18853549Instant Pot: First Time Review: >wash calrose rice >dumped in pot set timer for 6min >jerk …[View]
18854337>enhances your burger[View]
18856287>diluted rubbing alcohol this is what i get for buying bottom shelf[View]
18855525Meatloafs: Hit me with your best meatloaf recipe, fellow co/ck/s. I've got some 80/20 hamburger…[View]
18860668Canned Soup: Is there such a good thing as good canned soup, or is it all just rebranded dog food? T…[View]
18857764Toast: I've come to tell you that you should try putting jam on your bread next you're mak…[View]
18859118Controversial statement: most cheese is a processed food luxury similar to wine, not an essential, b…[View]
18856567I got a ton of mussel meat for cheap today, but I've never cooked with it before. WTF do I do w…[View]
18855229Imagine eating this good.[View]
18859639I don't give a shit about their politics, Ben and Jerry's is fucking delicious!!![View]
18860516ITT: kino candy alternate variations[View]
18851752I'm cooking rice.[View]
18859849These are actually pretty good.[View]
18859043FiSH STICKS: Do you like fish sticks? What's the best kind and how do you like them?[View]
18855985To be fair, I prefer vegetarian pasta carbonara[View]
18859532name a nationality with better both in taste and healthly-wise comfort food than Mehico. I'll w…[View]
18860081anything I should know matcha powder before I attempt to make it?[View]
18858535It's souvlaki time![View]
18849884God tier frozen food thread pic rel: Best general tso's I've ever had and it's from a…[View]
18858805>recommended Youtube video: 'MAKE THIS SIMPLE RECIPE WITH ONLY THREE INGREDIENTS' >watch video…[View]
18847147What would a sad meal contain?[View]
18858845>reese's candy and peanut butter taste pretty good >reese's puffs are disgusting, ho…[View]
18859363I made sloppa: Teriyaki chicken with noodles and veg >onion and carrots, place was sold out of pe…[View]
18859464dirt pudding: and you?[View]
18852982The worst pie in the world: Banoffee pie: sweet cookie crumb base, sweet toffee on top of sweet base…[View]
18859998Langostino Lobster Po Boys: So I found a bag of frozen Langostino lobster. Fiance and I are making t…[View]
18859046Alternative Beverages: I'm kinda tired of drinking coffee, tea, water, and juice. I made some b…[View]
18858750Bros, I'm making beef stew and confused the flour for powdered sugar. How fucked am I?[View]
18840427Anyone have experience cooking food for their cat? I have a full grown male tabby....kinda feel feed…[View]
18859076just bought half a kilo MSG. how the fuck do i use it? any ideas?[View]
18858692A few years ago my girlfriend served me roasted vegetables. It was an eye opening experience and I d…[View]
18855824How does /ck/ like their Glizzys?[View]
18859675How many?[View]
18857156How much would you pay to try a turkey egg? Let's assume that this is the only chance you'…[View]
18855694Can we all agree that rogan josh is the best curry?[View]
18857756We'll be making mititei today from Romania. Full disclosure: 1) first time cooking it; 2) optim…[View]
18859555Why do the Mexican Monsters suck? All the other Zero Sugar Ultra flavors are great. I was excited wh…[View]
18859284Pudding: New Kino just dropped Pudding kino for today[View]
18855133Homemade Pizza: Just finished a pizza. Should have added more meats. What are some good tricks to ma…[View]
18849808>Consistently has some of the highest quality produce in the world >Their lamb, beef, pork and…[View]
18856328Hangover food and hangover cravings. This is me today. Wish I had some goddamn waffles with strawbre…[View]
18858887You can directly trace the scourge of adult baby diaper lovers to the release of Baby Bottle Pops in…[View]
18859719Whoa...: Vegan Spam[View]
18859760why is fried chicken so expensive im literally going to starve to death[View]
18859580What foods should I stock up on? You know, juuuuusssst in case. I've got Cheerios and Chunky so…[View]
18856652I got an acacia wood cutting board and nice carbon steel knife. Please spoonfeed me proper use and c…[View]
18856446>be me >like taste of chipotle peppers >find seeds inside >plant them so I can spend les…[View]
18859304>rice balls with bean paste japanese cooking kind of sucks[View]
18857029kewpie makes mayo with only egg yolks and that makes it extra rich. are there any other ways of maki…[View]
18852396Shitty beer: What can I do with shitty beer (while retaining innebriative effect) to make it less li…[View]
18859099only eating 1400 cals a day cause you're cutting is some literal torture shit. What do you guys…[View]
18858914>olive oil, garlic ginger paste, onions, kale, tomato, cumin, turmeric, za’tar, lime juice I am a…[View]
18859087Moldy carrots: I bought 25 pounds of carrots. They are already going moldy in less than a week. What…[View]
18844369How to cook a burger: Amerifats, can you teach me the way of the burger? I don't know how to ma…[View]
18859176Unironically better than McDonald's[View]
18857387STOP EATING OUT: Even the high end eateries won’t use organic ingredients. They use the seed oils an…[View]
18859000ummmm yeaahhhh I'm thinking Del Taco is back![View]
18858282>shitty cardboard meat slices >garbage food flavor >rude employees >dirty restaurants …[View]
18853957Are you as excited as I am?[View]
18858000I got a zwilling cleaver style knife, the one pictured and a whetstone set. Should I finish it at 60…[View]
18854119How can I make soggy fries?[View]
18854907Brown eggs taste better, have better texture, and stronger shell. If you cant perceive any of this, …[View]
18857803Life hack This stuff is expensive. Hack in second post.[View]
18857775at this point it's just gotten sad.[View]
18850085What sauce do you use for your tendies? I usually have sweet baby rays BBQ sauce for mine.[View]
18853291What exactly is the goo they put in the top of canned chicken? Surely the goo costs money, and most …[View]
18857002Grim. Sad, even.[View]
18858693Ok, /ck/s, who truly is the better John?[View]
18853595Do you like novelty pizzas?[View]
18856263Does anybody still make tarts anymore?[View]
18855318>raises blood pressure >gives you water weight >makes most food taste like shit >isn…[View]
18851441Long Chicken: Has anyone tried qny of these new ' international ' long chickens?[View]
18836039Have any of you tried being vegan/vegetarian?: I just want to hear stories from people trying to be …[View]
18852384Coffee Hate: >Be someone who enjoys tea >Might add sugar or milk >Is a bit annoyed if can…[View]
18858455Let's see your condiment drawers[View]
18855073Been drinking coffee for 3 weeks and it's already fucked up my teeth How do people drink this f…[View]
18856509Why is the caffeine amount in diet sodas getting so high? Diet Coke now has 76mg, it used to be arou…[View]
18827905Why do you guys not like aldi?[View]
18856791/mix/ - Mixology and cocktails general: What is everyone making, drinking, buying, or trying this we…[View]
18854046For me, it's the bacon egg and cheese bagel[View]
18856741what are these bars that all the asian baking youtubers use to evenly cut the layers of their cakes?…[View]
18856572At what point do you draw the line at a specific type of food being too expensive?[View]
18856892How can you tell if Camembert has gone bad?[View]
18854632Selfmade 'za with 'gg. Sauce is infused with bird eye chili. What do you think?[View]
18847111Bad fast food service: Which fast food place in your town fucks up your order or has shit service? I…[View]
18857397For the past week I've been eating frozen blueberry waffles as a late night snack. Is it me, or…[View]
18858340Pics like this[View]
18858047is he the next up for youtube food content?: bald food guy, is he kino?[View]
18846610How much is too much?: How much seasoning is too much?[View]
18856756wtf happened to my milk?[View]
18857442Yeah, I'm gonna go grab a bite. You guys want anything?[View]
18857800Hot chicken general: https://youtu.be/-f0pxdL1vsE?t=326 Would you eat the hot chicken bros? Do you e…[View]
18857782So, the time has come to get a new WOK. My old one is scratched to shit and is at a point where the …[View]
18854301What a treat!: Billy Bear and Potato Waffles >:D[View]
18855227The Boy's on sale, which flavors are best?[View]
18853098what the fuck[View]
18857543Potluck General: Got a potluck on Saturday, what would you bring? 30 people coming so preferrebly no…[View]
18852142No one likes bagels.: They're disgusting.[View]
18851822Post fast food chains from your country. Americans can post regional ones. Pic related are two from …[View]
18855272What are the technical reasons our pots aren't insulated? Think about it: just heat it up once …[View]
18856304Tell me again why Americans still eat trash like McDonald's while there so many other choices f…[View]
18857373Farmer's Markets: Redpill me on these. Are they worthwhile for getting the best, freshest ingre…[View]
18857734Why does cooking for other people not make me happy anymore? I just want to climb in a tree and die[View]
18855271>1 packet of ramen literally zero nutritional value, might as well be eating air >2 packets of…[View]
18848291Fucking finally. Now I can get apple flavored heart palpitations without having to worry about getti…[View]
18855444This is the worst fucking restaurant ever I wasted $40 at this piece of shit for just 2 people getti…[View]
18825577/wsg/ - Whiskey & Scotch General: >ctrl+f >no alcoholic containment thread bakers slackin …[View]
18791211/sip/thread- New Year, new sips: NEW /SIP/ ALERT /SIP/BOYS GET IN HERE[View]
18853636>wtf my kraft macaroni and cheese isn't YELLOW! >check best by date >'best by 13 May 2…[View]
18857195Raw onions are nasty and I wish people would just stop putting them in sandwiches/hot dogs.[View]
18856137>mfw cheap lambrusco wine is actually really good Any other meme foods/drinks you've been pl…[View]
18850180Good morning toobz[View]
18857142Fat Duck Amuse Recipe: youtube.com/watch?v=RKb9ZIqvLcM Im trying to figure out this dish, anyone kno…[View]
18857500*makes chicken breast taste good in your path*[View]
18854768Culinary vs Pastry/Baking: Which profession has more fun work environments?[View]
18854123*mogs your country's entire culinary history*: Nothing personnel, /c(uc)k/s[View]
18849572What is your go to food to eat when high?[View]
18855960crab melt: thoughts?[View]
18856920Did I fuck up? Did I make a miSTEAK?[View]
18845617I miss Long John Silvers so bad[View]
18854551Went to France a few days ago. Brought back four bottles of wine. I don’t know anything about wine.[View]
18855185There is a Conspiracy Against Grape Juice: I have been looking for pure grape juice in grocery store…[View]
18856853Starry: It taste like Sprite. Is that what everyone thinks? The zero is pretty good, did not try the…[View]
18855474if u want impress a nigga hor-de-vors-wise, what kind cheese and crackers u rockin?[View]
18856628How come it's become IMPOSSIBLE to find dark chocolate with caramel but without fucking sea sal…[View]
18856673>things that become worse the more you add to it >keptchup >vinegar >water >sugar …[View]
18856650Any good cooking tools and kitchen machines?: pressure cooker, insta pot, sous vide, air fryer, blen…[View]
18856138Post foods/drinks/sauces/etc. that you desperately love, but aren't actually available where yo…[View]
18856343Why are squabs so fucking hard to find, /ck/?[View]
18853664What is the optimal amount of time to dunk a cookie in milk for?[View]
18855156it's time.[View]
18856008>remember this cereal being kino >it tastes mediocre as fuck wtf bros? did they change somethi…[View]
18853546I love Pizza Lunchables.[View]
18850368Is it worth it?: Anyone make homemade snacks? Is it easier just to buy the boxes or can you do a box…[View]
18853909Vienna sausage juice: What do you guys use it for. Not even shit posting. I like to drink it. I find…[View]
18852924What would you order? I believe the prices are in Australian dollars so it's like 1.4 AUD to 1 …[View]
18856081i have whole milk. no cream cheese, no heavy cream. can i use milk? will it just result in a thinner…[View]
18853535Do I need both metal and ceramic/glass: , or can I just pick one? What do you like for baking?…[View]
18854098Marinating: What does /ck/ marinate their chicken and pork with? Any home made ones you wanna share?…[View]
18854507do you like turtle soup?[View]
18854842Can I drink Listerine with milk[View]
18847348Do you enjoy eating faggots with gravy?[View]
18845614Italian Cuisine: Recommend Italian cuisine, both the dishes as they appear, and the recipes to make …[View]
18850042WHITE VINEGAR: What's is this shit for? What you make with it?[View]
18847614What condiments would you add, to make this a 10/10?[View]
18853107Tonight's surprise challenge. PAIR LEMON WITH CHEESE IN A DISH. Winner receives $80,000. Losers…[View]
18839129The state of Michigan has contributed more to worldwide cuisine than entire nations: Post Michigan f…[View]
18852705I KNEEL[View]
18840212/fit/ anon here: 6lb of chicken thighs, how long and how hot do I bake it[View]
18854290BREAKFAST CLUB: Welcome to the breakfast club thread What will you be having for breakfast this morn…[View]
18854841Is there anything I can do with this besides just chug it in one go? Does anything go well with the …[View]
18855311>be me >Be struggling >See deal for chicken meat at store >Suspiciously cheap, but the c…[View]
18854708Should I eat unpeeled garlic? Why or why not? Provide links with your answers.[View]
18851138Curry is Gravy, Gravy is Curry: Last night I realized that curry just means gravy, so this picrel is…[View]
18855207Why do they make these so fucking salty. It's tasty but it doesn't need that much salt.[View]
18855545>making pico de gallo >chop onions >chop jalapenos >onion gas hurts eyes >tear up …[View]
18854644Anyone else think 'al dente' isn't really that good? Call me a barbarian but I prefer…[View]
18852136>real ricotta >fresh pasta >ample amount of beef >same price as Stouffers, but a million…[View]
18852841Korean cuisine > Japanese cuisine[View]
18850464Parsnips are literally the best vegetable.[View]
18837436/ctg/ Coffee Time General: Thread for discussing coffee and coffee-related topics. Finest thread on …[View]
18854592Honey: Natural Honey from Village. Very sweet and very healthy.[View]
18846559Thoughts on döner kebab? This is probably the most popular foreign food in my country, almost every …[View]
18854631I think I developed a rice intolerance Can I even keep on living?[View]
18852147Im making burgers[View]
18852648Thinking about getting a toaster oven. Would it save me money compared to heating a whole fucking ov…[View]
18849949Anons who have been on cruise ships: How was the food?[View]
18839929do you deen?[View]
18849472Would you mind “eat the bugs” if they were something that taste good like coconut worms or silk worm…[View]
18844388WebM Thread[View]
18852757Time to settle this: What are the best Lindor Lindt tRUFFLE FLAVORS Only respond if you are familiar…[View]
18854869What cheap grocery haul staples will become luxury items in the future[View]
18852680Does herbal tea have calories or not? I don't know if it's breaking my fast.[View]
18854038anons why didn’t i take the tallow pill earlier? it was very easy to render and my butcher gave the …[View]
18851132FROZEN BURRITO: How do I cook this piece of shit so it doesn't taste like fucking shit Thanks i…[View]
18854334Easy one pan recipes: What are some easy one pan recipes you like? I love sheet pan chicken fajitas,…[View]
18847524Food establishments you miss[View]
18851632Poorfag Meals: Poorfags, all you need to do is heat up canned tomatoes with a big can of tuna along …[View]
18851557Coarse salt on a cucumber[View]
18854539Jack Monroe: What's going on with her, /ck/?[View]
18853294Is little caesars still good or did they fall off and turn mid?[View]
18842214Let's have a thread for some British foods. To start, the cheese and onion sandwich. Never seen…[View]
18854324Does this shit stain your teeth? I have one every other day on chicken breast, rice and veg. If it d…[View]
18852904are these types of ferment lids worth it? i want to get some as a gift[View]
18846630Most overrated fucking food in the world[View]
18854330The only doctor I need[View]
18851813You ever treat yourself to something nice? What are y'alls favorite guilty pleasures or cheat t…[View]
18847368Lab grown meat is probably the future, so you might as well get used to it. Beside, you can't t…[View]
18854236Oven quality for cooking?: Hey bros, /fit/ anon here. So my father got me a new oven as a present b…[View]
18851151>go to store >need to buy butter >find stick of butter >'This unit not labeled for indiv…[View]
18851670Worst rollout ever? I tried to get them from the taco bell near me, and when I got to the drive thru…[View]
18852387Which potato variety is the most nutritious?[View]
18849095Visited Manchester today and what the fuck[View]
18852589I like bbq but it really isn't worth getting the diabeetus over. Only eat bbq in moderation. Th…[View]
18847196What Mexican food is your favorite? I love burritos and nachos myself.[View]
18851946What region has the tastiest snow[View]
18850324xiao long bao: need i say more? the dumpling of kings.[View]
18851075The only cheese I've ever eaten was gouda. Which one should I try next?[View]
18850321London Broil Revisited: The other day I posted a reverse-sear technique for a London Broil, but was …[View]
18853720is this stuff actually hot I live in the midwest and I go to 'sichaun' and thai restaurants and I h…[View]
18847430Beer is invariably terrible. Before some europas say racist things about American beer, yes I did tr…[View]
18853662BRING. IT. BACK. NOW.[View]
18850734Uses for leftover egg yolks?: I'm planning to make a fuck load of meringue and will have lots o…[View]
18849802The Burger Battle: Does anybody go for hamburgers anymore? What do you think of the plain hamburger,…[View]
18851926I microwave these and then roll it up and eat it like a 7-eleven taquito[View]
18849609Can /ck/ make his own hotdogs?[View]
18848051Professionals shouldn't cook: You should leave cooking and chores for low skill labor. If you h…[View]
18849891Hey Europeans: Look what I got.[View]
18850388Does your city have a restaurant week? These are trying times for the food industry and we all need …[View]
18832469celiac disease: Anyone else have celiac disease? I'm running on 10+ years of no gluten in my di…[View]
18851007Coca-Cola is the necarine of the heavens and I'm tired of pretending that it isn't[View]
18852903>/ck/ >White sugar is a poisonous drug RRREEEE!!!! >Also /ck/ >Hurry and stick that deli…[View]
18852565I am microwaving this right now: What interesting things have you microwaved before?[View]
18852080Would you drink chili cheese flavored beer?[View]
18848366Why are crispy/fried potatoes so popular and delicious?[View]
18850470Am i tha only that thinks beer taste severely worse in cans?[View]
18832693been a minute since we had a hot sauce thread post your favorites and recommendations[View]
18852515Behold: the perfect cereal[View]
18851693>non-stick is for fags Why?[View]
18844228Why can't North Americans get good beer?[View]
18851912Bread: I like all typs if bread,this one is classical bread from bosnian bakery.My favourite is home…[View]
18851870Why don't we eat what animals eat?[View]
18852484Do some countries really eat more frozen/precooked/takeout meals than homecooked?[View]
18851351Seborrheic dermatitis: I saw the other thread about celiac disease and wanted to make a thread sebor…[View]
18849907Eletric grills for indoor use: I am pretty new to cooking and was think about get a electric grill. …[View]
18851361in my book, a pretzel gives you everything a bagel does but with more crunch and is great with cream…[View]
18849645I wouldn't actually mind trying some pagpag desu. The guy in the documentary made it look too g…[View]
18846627Thank you Sweden[View]
18851466Keto: Why did you guys never tell me that keto gives you superpowers? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/…[View]
18849499I’ve got a duck in the freezer, never prepped one before. Thinking about doing pekking or roasted wi…[View]
18851030I was given a dozen of these wtf do I make with whole canned oyster's[View]
18843130Natto keeps losing stringiness when i make it and just ends up mushy. How can i improve[View]
18852040Is the pasta water a good substitute for white wine or chicken broth in shrimp scampi if I don'…[View]
18850566What's the /ck/ approved method of making milkshake[View]
18850759Gozleme: I watched a few videos on gozleme (thin and filled Turkish pastry) and I have a question to…[View]
18850876I have a sirloin tip roast and don’t really know what I’m doing. I was going to throw some some pota…[View]
18851796*solves seasoning*[View]

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