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12639655Remember McDonalds as a kid? I had birthday parties there.[View]
12645577I dont wash my hands when i shit t. work at a nice restaurant[View]
12645502Why do sweets not taste as good when you get older?[View]
12639978Bros how do you brew tea? Specifically using tea bags. I can never get the flavor to come through we…[View]
12643091Whenever i see an animal i ask this question, does it taste good? Anyone else?[View]
12639454Bad Reviews from local eateries: Post em[View]
12639050can you actually steam hams?[View]
12644124Uncrispy Wedges: Hey /ck/ Everytime I make Potato Wedges they don't get crispy or that 'dried o…[View]
12641794Street food: What your favorite street food?[View]
12645223I’m addicted to watermelon: Is that good or bad for me?[View]
12642838I made me a patty melt for breakfast. Just the patty, american cheese and pickles.[View]
12635774Does /ck/ like Guga? I've been watching his videos for a few months and I think I'm ready …[View]
12643085Milk and Honey: This my first time posting on /ck/, so it isn't the right place to post this, f…[View]
12640268Moving to Germany: German anons of /ck/, I'm moving to Germany for work and would like recommen…[View]
12644710A maple-glazed pork tenderloin recipe asks for bourbon (mixed with some other ingredients) to deglaz…[View]
12636894100g of broccoli 200g of chicken breast I put olive oil on both sides of the chicken, then put salt …[View]
12640371Grandma died, I inherited pic related from her. My aunt said since I’m the grandchild that does the …[View]
12641393Why are eggs not more commonly paired with meat other than ham or steak? I put a fried egg on my tur…[View]
12640891Rate my dinner at work[View]
12644778Are cheese puffs the worst snack? They taste alright, but they also >get stuck in your teeth >…[View]
12641818Autism: the pizza https://youtu.be/lzAk5wAImFQ[View]
12642070Midnight Meals: Who else here cooking at midnight? Just made some beef and cheese enchiladas (shredd…[View]
12643923So Kimchi is super healthy because of it's probiotic bacteria but dont they all die if you heat…[View]
12644736For me, it's Thai[View]
12643330how to get better: Anyone works in a professional kitchen? I'm an intern chef for a 5-star hote…[View]
12626749Fuck WalMart: >recently moved into my own place >live like a 10 minute walk from WalMart Aweso…[View]
12641659>boomer memes got me addicted to energy drinks >can't afford monster anyway so their mark…[View]
12643792Searing: Is there any way for me to get a good crust on a steak without filling my entire home with …[View]
12642039How do they do it, bros?[View]
12635549For me it’s OOPS! All berries[View]
12638086Cowboy Kent Rollins: Okay, okay. This guy fucking rules. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cc77j89PfAw…[View]
12644384Anyone tried making almond bread? How was it?[View]
12643027Special brekkie: I need ideas for a nice breakfast. My gf has some kind of bs allergy where she feel…[View]
12644404grocery haul thread: if you've just been to the store, post some pics of your purchases pic rel…[View]
12644207>Be vegan >Can't eat eggs >Can't eat honey or anything with honey in it Imagine t…[View]
12644317One order of drunken noodles with chicken and earth touch sauce, please.[View]
12637921You will never have a grandpa so loving, and caring like him[View]
12644127Ice cream at home: Anyone else beating the heat by experimenting with homemade icecream? I've b…[View]
12641123New Emmy video thread - DFC & no bra edition (plus stretchy ice cream): https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
12642680A$AP Rocky's menu for the week: R8[View]
12643821Holy shit this is disgusting. Why would anyone drink this?[View]
12644168Chicken Thread: >be me >trying to eat healthy >plan to make chicken Caesar salad after work…[View]
12644051What are some good instructional cooking shows? Masterclasses are really lacking, I think. I want th…[View]
12643767Tempeh taste like awful, how do I make this better. Even if I marinate it, still has that beany flav…[View]
12642565why are you still taking in caffeine by drinking disgusting black sludge like a caveman?[View]
12643495>europoor >hear and read on the internet and media in general all my life how americans praise…[View]
12640616Why do Mexicans keep buying this garbage? This shit loos so unappetizing and like the quickest way t…[View]
12638157What's the dumbest food you've seen /ck/?[View]
12639258This restaurant holding the title of worst caloric values per meal, what will you be having /ck/?[View]
12635050Does IKEA have the basedest cafeteria?[View]
12643380What is a good sauce for spaghetti and meatballs if one is allergic to tomatoes?[View]
12642753Morning /ck/ I need some ideas for cool and refreshing summer lunches that aren't sandwiches or…[View]
12639159If you were to open a fast food chain what would you sell?[View]
12642684Garlic Tomato Olive oil Onion Parsley You can basically eat card board with that and it will taste g…[View]
12643515>buy a package with 400g mixed sliced vegetables labelled 'stir fry mix' because it's on sal…[View]
12642144How do you identify a really ripe mango? It seems it's a bit of a gamble if it will still be cr…[View]
12638646What's your go to Chinese takeout order? I haven't had Chinese takeout in over a year[View]
12641664What’s your go-to Wendy’s order? Mine is 4 junior cheeseburgers, 10 piece nugs, large fry and a vani…[View]
12622496the great debate[View]
12642975I have some chicken drums that I want to smoke. How do you guys brine your chicken? Just salt/sugar,…[View]
12638366Why the fuck is it considered normal to eat together? Eating looks and sounds disgusting, I consciou…[View]
12638470What's the best appliance for me?: I drink coffee, I mix it with sugar and milk and shake it in…[View]
12643267Who else starts their day with steak and eggs? Sissy euro bois need not post[View]
12642053ITT: post objectively foul foods[View]
12641856i made nuggets earlier for dinner. i had about 8 fairly good size nuggets left over i didn't wa…[View]
12639949Which one does /ck/ buy?[View]
12633952This has to be the most ridiculous/corny ass thing anyone could ever come up with.[View]
12642315*breathes in*[View]
12634713Post your fridge[View]
12639274Seriously how do they do it ??[View]
12642921These are top tier biscuits. Anything like them?[View]
12638027Do you soak your nuts? >You will see especially in walnuts and almonds that they have a much more…[View]
12642703I was thinking of buying an enameled Dutch oven from Amazon since they are on sale. Is it worth it? …[View]
12642412What is the best sauce for fish burgers and why is it kranch?[View]
12639478Any fictional food you want to taste? I've always wanted to eat energon.[View]
12642632I mean.... it's ok t-to eat an entire bag in one sitting? Right guys? Right???[View]
12637426I never noticed before that there's a special sauce on the steak, egg and cheese bagel! Anyone …[View]
12641146Would you judge a man for eating such a feminine or gay cereal as this....[View]
12641400>marinating chicken in buttermilk Nigger what[View]
12640634What 18th century delicacy is Jon cooking today?[View]
12642495Last thing you made thread: birthday today so i made black pudding and sausage baguette sandwich for…[View]
12638389>trader Joe's >trader Vic's[View]
12642266>tfw going away for a month >tfw I have to choose between pigging out massively, or throwing o…[View]
12642646What specialty dishes can be found around you /ck/?[View]
12637414>enter grocery store a minute before closing time >the cashier lady has to wait for me to pick…[View]
12642473welcome to the candy store, what can I get you? >sour patch! >twizzlers! >milk chocolate! a…[View]
12642582Why they gotta put so many pretzels in this shit??[View]
12638096Why do vegans do shit like this?[View]
12642577Bread? Yeah, it's good.[View]
12642130Yooo NEW IDEA! It's kind of weird but hear me out. You make mac and cheese but! instead of addi…[View]
12642481How is this for mashed potatoes? How do I make them drier?[View]
12641061I'm gonna eat 100 jolly ranchers in a day: Does anyone have experience with eating large amount…[View]
12642387How much do you love cheese: I could not live without it[View]
12641530comfy monday: What are you making/eating/drinking on this fine Monday evening?[View]
12641496This place is basically on its last legs. They are closing left right and center. What few restauran…[View]
12642222Am I doin it right /ck/?[View]
12642124Here you go, faggots. Go nuts, live it up. Jack-In-The-Box Tacos 1 pound Ground beef 1/3 cup Refr…[View]
12642194What's a good way to organize your knives? I have a Wysthof stand I got with a kit, but I only …[View]
12630789What is the best donut?[View]
12642189Americanized Chinese take-out soups ranked from best to absolute shit. 1) Hot and sour 2) Seafood 3)…[View]
12640386/Chew/ General: What is /ck/ chewing this evening[View]
12641932What is /ck/´s honest opinion about The Chef Show? Just discovered it and already diggin it[View]
12642084Rate my dinner at work: Rate my supper[View]
12642082post kino drinks[View]
126354117 dollars for a carrot hot dog in NYC that takes a week to make.: Would you buy it? -- To make the …[View]
12641007Coriander vs Cilantro: >calling it cilantro It's coriander. It's an herb that English p…[View]
12641981ITT: Guilty Pleasures: I absolutely hate everything on Nathan's Menu except the Super Cheesebur…[View]
12639660Coca-Cola may remove brand name from Diet Coke cans: https://adage.com/article/cmo-strategy/why-diet…[View]
12641740No Knorr Stock Pot in the pantry, had to substitute Lipton powdered soup.[View]
12639072>white pepper[View]
12641688Times you fucked up: This was my first attempt at pizza, I thought I would go for deep dish >Boug…[View]
12639975How do I learn to cook if I'm effectively starting from zero? My parents never cooked, I never …[View]
12638882What's the worst thing someone can eat?[View]
12639713>putting this shit in your body: Anyone who consumes coffee, non-herbal tea, or chocolate is unir…[View]
12638760What is your favorite casseroles? Do you have any personal casserole recipes?[View]
12639940So I've been working in high volume sit down restaurants for most of my career, nothing too cra…[View]
12640085I fucking hate this bread.[View]
12640758Imagine a world with no carbonation. ... take your time, I'll wait ... Ok. Now, would you enjoy…[View]
12639690Is there anything he can't freeze in an ice cube tray?[View]
12639047Redpill me on white cider, /ck/.[View]
12641149All this fighting over pineapple has me wondering - where exactly does pineapple belong? Here it is …[View]
12630227Food Memes That Need to Die: >Cooking at home is cheaper and taste better than eating out…[View]
12641493https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H66GA6BQpqE does spinning pizza dough like a circus performer make a…[View]
12641267/industry/: Who /industry/ here? Any position, lemme hear that juicy drama. >go into my usual Mon…[View]
12637200Addictive drugs deliberately added to restaurant food and fast food?: Would a fast food chain or res…[View]
12634479What's the best Boyardee type?[View]
12639467Kangaroo: Is this medium rare lads?[View]
12640958What's even going on in the food industry any more?[View]
12638062How can anyone possibly defend this?[View]
12641039These things are so disappointing. I tried one for the first time a few days ago and jesus they tast…[View]
12641014fast food hate thread[View]
12640018>Be the only white guy working at a local Burger King >Some one puts greasy Burger pans in the…[View]
12639947ALPACA SCRAMBLED EGGS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmD5HC06q0A[View]
12640731Bong here. Is cheaper store shelf American bread really as bad as people make it out to be? Apparent…[View]
12638869About to make salsa with fresh tomatoes, anyone done this before?[View]
12636494are they good?[View]
12636496>drink a gallon of milk in a day >everything is fine >eat a half gallon of frozen yogurt …[View]
12633906Despite all the meme sauces you faggots shill and pretend to like, the reigning champion won't …[View]
12627517Who /workingallweekend/ here?[View]
12639645My local grocery store just got a fancy new restaurant inside it. Can't wait to try it.[View]
12637744Is paleo basically when you cook all your own meals and never eat bread? Sounds pretty simple to me.[View]
12640123Now that the dust has settled, what went so wrong?[View]
12638136So I just received my first order of vegetables from Amazon Fresh and this shit is by far superior t…[View]
12640299ITT: Best affordable Paté: Been thinking about adding paté and crackers to my diet of snack food. Ma…[View]
12639926Have you ever had a vanilla frosty? I always get chocolate.[View]
12640227Last time I made one of these you guys said I had to use American cheese and not Swiss cheese, so he…[View]
12634686Was Wendy's better in the 90s? Is Wendy's anyone's favorite fast food? What's yo…[View]
12638219have you ever lost interest in a partner, crush, or romantic interest because you found out they hav…[View]
12633325What else goes with steak and eggs apart from mushrooms and tomatoes? Is this the best it gets?[View]
12640015Cocktail recipe thread Recently perfected my Strawberry Vodkarita >3oz pureed strawberries >2o…[View]
12639779Let's talk about Home Fries What's the best way to make them crispy and flavorful? Anyone…[View]
12639016I just bought one of these bad boys from the prime sale. What am I in for?[View]
12638819What's your preference for the type of bun and cheese used in your burgers? I usually go with c…[View]
12637224Will the glass bottle make it? The pans are cast iron, and the plastic bottles are 3x1kg.[View]
12634017Uhhhhhhhhhhhh we're making dinner.[View]
12637898Gordon meme thread[View]
12636161>2 energy drinks every day usually averaging 600mg caffeine. someone help me before I die...…[View]
12636335Garlic is the most based and redpilled vegetable. Reinvigorates your life-spirit, infuses your pores…[View]
12635573Been on 4chan over a decade and i've never dealt with /CK/ Please help My fucking wife. I marri…[View]
12636008Do Scottish people really...? >New MD 2020 Electric Melon flavour so popular customers RAN from t…[View]
12639679Is ciabatta bread always this dusty?[View]
12633702Why do GMO foods make me feel ill? Inb4 placebo effect. I don't need to know I'm eating G…[View]
12638855Due to start a new job working 08:30 - 17:00, plan on gyming before work (usually get up around 05:3…[View]
12632664Publix: Is this place actually good or is it just a meme? I’m moving to Florida soon and I keep seei…[View]
12639632With all of the Heinz shit posts, how about we post worthy off the shelf condiments and sauces.[View]
12639254Just because your grates are clean doesn’t mean that there isn’t stuff accumulating at the bottom of…[View]
12590814Smoking: Who smoking here. I’m smoking up my first rack of ribs. Some pork spare ribs. However i ran…[View]
12639495Governement issue cheese discussion thread. You did get your cheese this month anon ? Right ?[View]
12636958Patting chicken and pork dry: I often freeze pork and chicken and they mostly turn out decent but ge…[View]
12639492pass the spatula, bro![View]
12639373be honest with yourself, no amount of the 'cheap recipes' and 'lifehacks' to eat…[View]
12636721Why are Pizza Hut personal pizzas from Taco Bell way more delicious than their real pizzas?[View]
12635520Is it possible to cook food by freezing it? Like, get it cold enough that any bacteria dies, then de…[View]
12639320This tastes like spicy pickle juice. Whoever on here recommended this to me please kys[View]
12638240Cheap wine thread: Bought this baby for 12 bucks CAD, pretty good but honestly would have been bette…[View]
12638984Okay, please spoonfeed me like the baby I am. How do I get into cooking? Is there a good, recipe/mea…[View]
12638091guys i got this thing i think its chili of some sort, its frozen, how do i heat or thaw it tho.[View]
12637893https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfRS2kRDNp8 corndog[View]
12636771Why does burger king have the best buffalo dipping sauce?[View]
12638923What kind of stuff should I be eating everyday to not have malnutrition/vitamin,mineral deficiency? …[View]
12637423What reason could there be to go above medium rare?[View]
12636115Do they put cocaine and or nicotine in these?[View]
12637841Name a cook better than Pickleboy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNEgG319hyk[View]
12638771Do Americans really do this?[View]
12628256I've never had this stuff before but I'm heading to Taco Bell in a few minutes and wanted …[View]
12637211Is there a beef equivalent of spam?[View]
12637949Never had Caribbean. What should i order?[View]
12638664>mom found the xanthan gum[View]
12634080Sabra Hummus: How do I make hummus as good as Sabra hummus? My middle eastern immigrant parents don…[View]
12622468Food industry workers of /ck/: Do employees really spit in/mess with food? Have you done this/anyone…[View]
12637728Cider homebrew: Anyone know the cheapest cider brewing kit in Australia[View]
12638429Am I doing this wok cooking thing correctly? Or should I just get an all-clad fry pan?[View]
12636129Steak crash course: Hey /ck/, i need some super quick tips >be me, vacation with qt gf and her f…[View]
12635844Asian food: In my experience: 1. Chinese, Indian share first place (just for any lurking Nepalese or…[View]
12637509These taste so GOOD[View]
12635384>the last egg in my 6 egg omelette was pink (spoiled)[View]
12636971Rumour has it that pig meat tastes like human meat. What are your thoughts on this /ck/?[View]
12635521https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooizM4P27lA&t=154s Do you agree with their verdict on different …[View]
12637444Name a more pretentious grocery store. If not, then what do you buy here?[View]
12637751Britbros, does anyone know if they sell a similar bottled version of pic related in any of the super…[View]
12635997What to buy: >When you want to start cooking. What to buy? Poorfag here trying to pull myself out…[View]
12638059Rate my frittata[View]
12637062Would you ever eat dog if the opportunity presented itself?[View]
12637906Egg Salad: >5 pounds of potatoes (peel cut and boil them) >2 dozen eggs (with the potatoes) (w…[View]
12637905https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-av6cz9upO0 Does /ck/ agree with Gordon's choices? Also, what b…[View]
12636255I see everywhere these mentions of onion milk, which seem so to be all rage these days and everyone …[View]
12636658I refrigerate my cookies after I'm done baking them[View]
12637758Any ideas what i should ADD to my chicken soup?[View]
12637257What's a vegetable free, meat-based alternative to tomatoes?[View]
12632255does eating snake meat make your dick harder?[View]
12629270Tuna Sandwich: What can I put in a tuna sandwich besides mayo? I already slap boiled egg and pickle …[View]
12637412For me it's The Impossible Burger, the ultimate burger. Healthier. Environmental. Intelligent. …[View]
12637628>No milk today[View]
12636595Does r/the_cookard like to eat squarsh? If so, what types, and how do you prepare them?[View]
12637404>a-hem! FUCK LASAGNA! It is the incel of Italian cuisine. That is all.[View]
12636854there is no difference in flavor between this and properly cooked scrambled eggs.[View]
12633199I'm about to go to college and start cooking for my own. My uncle is driving me to costco to bu…[View]
12637578On sale now!: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Blue-SuperFast-Thermapen-3-Digital-Thermometer-with-FREE-Ki…[View]
12636246The more expensive the alcohol, the less hungover you get the next morning. Explain this literal ma…[View]
12635172Name a single better nut than the cashew. Go ahead, I'll wait. >God, I'm so lonely.…[View]
12635921Does anyone have any weird eating habits? When I cook a big pot of pasta/soup/stew/rice, I like usin…[View]
12629078Remember to protect your fingers /ck/[View]
12636803what the FUCK do I do with the skin of a ham hock, it's so fucking gross[View]
12636188Unpopular food opinions: I think turkey bacon > regular bacon[View]
12634808Any beginner resources for learning how to cook? Not just recipes, but techniques/equipment/etc. /fi…[View]
12637256Good morning, /ck/[View]
12637083Harold's Texican Gormay Pickuls: what is the best jar of pickles you can buy and why is it Haro…[View]
12637112wasabi/horseradish: Do Japanese eat wasabi only or other types of horseradsih too? What are some Jap…[View]
12634871Oven Baked Potatoes Thread: Post your favourite oven baked potatoes recipe. Mine is: lemon/orange wi…[View]
12635157Indian Food plus belly dancing: Does your local Indian food joint have belly dancers for you to ogle…[View]
12635634Well.. shit A well made list of the only reason to bother with any of these asswipe food corps and a…[View]
12630972Jollibee taking over!: Thanks to non-stop shilling on /ck/ or maybe in spite of it Jollibee is openi…[View]
12631973What did you have for breakfast?[View]
12629289How do you feel about freezer pops?[View]
12634735if being fat has nothing to do with genetics i wanna know what is the universal dieting that works f…[View]
12628466>destroys every other sausage[View]
12635230ITT: Worse than the sum of it's parts. starting with an obvious choice.[View]
12636740>It's actually good[View]
12636615>decide to try ordering dinner through one of those fast food delivery services for the first tim…[View]
12634588>shitty metallurgy >shitty and uneven heat conduction and distribution >heavy and thick as …[View]
12636497What is the general consensus on garlic bread?[View]
12636652Been a while since I fermented anything at home, so I started with something easy, a mead. Will prob…[View]
12636687PDX Food: *walk up to microphone and brushes lint off pants* a-ahem *taps mic, adjusts collar* *inha…[View]
12632701Im making chili with leftover bbq lamb[View]
12628938>its a vegan blog >'this vegan substitute is just as good or better then the real thing' >i…[View]
12627122I finally picked up one of these stupid things. Well, it was actually a gift given to me for this 'C…[View]
12634617the weak must fear the strong[View]
12635814this shit should be illegal its so good[View]
12634091Reminder Chicago pizza>>>New York 'pizza'[View]
12636444Time limit: I've had this chili that I've reheated in a pressure cooker/ slow cooker >r…[View]
12627330What can I cook with a good amount of strawberries?[View]
12635588The best cookbook. Prove me wrong[View]
12634235What do I do with left over rotisserie?[View]
12635611i-is it safe to not heat up canned soup? Like can I just drink it out of a can? I don't have a …[View]
12634707salmon vs. tuna: well /ck/?[View]
12635723What do I eat to get cancer? If I'm going to suffer all my life like this at least I'm get…[View]
12635569finger lickin' good, just like your mom said when I sucked her cock last night[View]
12635681Anons, I am broke. I work a job that burns a lot of calories and the shit frozen food I’ve been eati…[View]
12632265Post discontinued products.[View]
12635603Can someone explain this guy to me? He sounds like an uneducated moron when he speaks and from what …[View]
12633947Anyone know or could link me to Lithuanian dishes?: I recently found I'm half Lithuanian and I …[View]
12629839sugar drinkers btfo[View]
12636021Had a thread last night where I cooked these up and they were a bit raw and yall ragged on me for it…[View]
12632086Why are sea bugs so much better than land bugs?[View]
12636085>quinoa >kombucha >poke >la croix >bone broth >impossible burger >almond b…[View]
12636009Do all Bavarian beers have a yeasty taste?[View]
12635780it's god[View]
12635556>only thing that makes me happy is food, and lots of it life is suffering…[View]
12635284this is soulless chocolate milk[View]
12635279someone give me a recipe for some chocolate chip cookies please. im hungry[View]
12632149What are some dietary choices that improve men's health? I mean prevent testicular cancer, pros…[View]
12633281Please no bully. I have always hated pears from a very young age, because I ate a slice or two and …[View]
12635836God I miss this chain. It was one of the few places I could go to sample semi-decent leaves without …[View]
12634465Hitting the BK after work. What should I get?[View]
12632535You can pick one and only one![View]
12632523Well... I guess it's better than it could have been.[View]
12633108what fast food should i get today lads?[View]
12628639are they fucking unbeatable guys ?: ARE U FUCKING SERIOUS ? http://alittlefurthersouth.com/peru-win…[View]
12621222USDA Starts Raiding MRE YouTube Channels: Nathan of Nathan’s MREs got raided by the USDA for possibl…[View]
12632845>*ruins your pizza*[View]
12635469You still eat cronuts don't ya?[View]
12630543Rate the burger. Before you start, this is one of the best ones I've ever made. Seasoning, salt…[View]
12619795What is the worst nut? I’m gonna go with almonds, bland as hell.[View]
12626881I miss government cheese so much. My grandparents got blocks of it along with gallon cans of peanut…[View]
12633974what kind ketchup does is a mustard based or mayonayse[View]
12616376Literally no reason to use these over a fork[View]
12635210In a weird situation. I ordered uber eats and this 55 year old black guy delivered mcdonalds to me. …[View]
12635219Mmmm, spicy chicken biscuit from 7-11. I usually add some mayo and hot sauce - they have packets of…[View]
12633410Why does this trigger cooklets so much?[View]
12635270I like, roasted this chicken, or whatever[View]
12633252What kind of salad ingredients do you guys like?[View]
12634972>rich, impulsive cousin buys sous vide >uses it once, doesn't touch it for a year >win…[View]
12635291BBQ: What are your BBQ staples, or BBQ staples in general? I suck at making food, but I wanna improv…[View]
12633255salad dressing: >4 tbsp olive oil >3 tbsp cider vinegar >2 tsp wholegrain mustard >1/2 t…[View]
12634791How long does raw mexican chorizo last in the fridge? Loose as opposed to in casings, and in an open…[View]
12631286>Anon why aren't you getting organic produce!??!! >Anon what the fuck? Do you want to die…[View]
12632928Opinion on Galaktoboureko? Why does this shit sound like a fucking alien-spaceship?[View]
12634833The ham and cheese sandwich is something of a classic, and there are many ways to construct one. How…[View]
12635088Taccola?: Garlic cola anyone? those japs are so cool![View]
12633182Anyone think his cheese soup recipe is any good?[View]
12633831Yeah, I'd say he's finally lost the plot.[View]
12634900Rate my macaroni setup /ck/[View]
12634877I was at a french restaurant and got an appetizer that was a ramekin of tiny raviolis in a thick bro…[View]
12633599>Be autist who can't stand eating plant matter most of my life >Raised by 'meat and potat…[View]
12628399What's the fanciest meal you've ever had?[View]
12631557You can only eat one of these two ever again, which do you choose?[View]
12633756I bought this. Now I don't have enough piss bottles. What do?[View]
12634673Why are the best hard pretzels the big ones like these and all the others suck?[View]
12630694thoughts on roast beef[View]
12630499Ain't nothing like a Filet-O-Fish, huh?[View]
12633098no seriously is there any bagged ramen better than these? I tried tons of them and this is the clear…[View]
12634083Bake along: canestrelli: Hi. It all started with kid me liking these flower shaped biscuits I couldn…[View]
12634243Hi there. Oldfag here. I never visited /ck/ much, maybe just a dozen times in my time here. Anyways,…[View]
12634727what’s for dinner?[View]
12634285Cooking whole fish: How do you feel about cooking fish whole, as opposed to filleting them?[View]
12633678I have to cook turkey meat chunks laballed as 'turkey goulash' but they seem absolutely useless. Wha…[View]
12634439Did Al Dente invent pasta in Italy or something?[View]
12630871Could we have a thread about fish and chips?[View]
12634368What do you think of soul food?[View]
12632751ITT we discuss things that you do that may look totally autistic but are actually quite good. I…[View]
12634468I love Rallys/Checkers, reminds me of good times[View]
12634271Slavic bread + cod liver = heaven[View]
12633059Gordon Ramsay's Uncharted: So /ck/ are we on board for Gordon's awesome new show? https://…[View]
12633554Red Rain > Red Bull: Red Rain is a Red Bull clone for 1/3 the price.[View]
12634433Is there a dish more overrated than sushi?[View]
12634382I bought some lamb chops. What should I do with them?[View]
12633814Steamed Hams[View]
12632695What should I eat for breakfast bros?[View]
12634104Do any of you speak moon rune? Im unsure of what cut of beef this is. It looks to be pretty decent q…[View]
12634357Tonic: Is tonic unironically, ultimately literally the best soft drink ever? >hot summer day >…[View]
12630961Name a more overhyped cuisine than Ethiopian. It is basically Indian food, but less flavorful. The s…[View]
12632097What lunchmeat goes with smoked gouda?[View]
12634181What's the secret to cooking pasta like an Italian?[View]
12634152Steak + Red Wine Dinner for $17.50: I told some anon in another thread that I could make a steakhous…[View]
12630811So this video was the last straw. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bq1R0QuBNfI I'm going vegan. …[View]
12604318What's the last thing you made?[View]
12632482>with honey Just how badly did I fuck up guys?[View]
12633041Rate my Chinese takeaway[View]
12631984How old were you when you grew out of ketchup?[View]
12633790Who decided fruit was healthy because it's natural? All modern fruit is basically man made cand…[View]
12631874Comfort food when sick: So I got the cold. Running nose, sore throat, headaches and coughing. Thanks…[View]
12632350Redpill me on apples[View]
12633938Carnivore's Delight Thread:: Noticed there was an awful amount of vegan bait threads today, so …[View]
12629435Why would I use a wooden spatula? Won't just a bunch of bacteria stick to it?[View]
12618851For me, it's Johhny Walker Black Label. What are you guys drinking tonight?[View]
12633707Chilli oil: This should be on every table.[View]
12632568Tomorrow is my first day at culinary school. I'm a little nervous. I'm 30 years old and ha…[View]
12633068Just caught a huge bass and am gonna grill it tonight What should I marinate it with? I've only…[View]
12632873Which is the better buy?[View]
12633662Ok, seekay, easy question, what's your predilect flavor pentavirate? For me, it's lemon, s…[View]
12633201Picked up this beauty a while ago and it’s a real workhorse. Holds an edge well and pretty much does…[View]
12629230I like them big macs[View]
12629946>using a wok Why do chinks do this?[View]
12621390webm thread[View]
12633385What is the most food you've ever eaten in a single sitting?[View]
12633162>I'm uncultured middle class but want to feel rich and sophisticated!…[View]
12630311Depressing fried Chicken Soaked In a buttermilk bath for 6 hours, covered in a seasoned flour mix, d…[View]
12630579Do you ever drink coffee in the evenings?[View]
12632379Boomer father in law is taking wife and myself here. I appreciate his kindness, despite the quality …[View]
12625938This is all you need in a pizza. Any more toppings and you're a faggot.[View]
12633344Beef Cheeks: This is 10x better than chuck roast. Anyone else tried this cut?[View]
12631812What's the best 'za topping, and why is it salmon?[View]
12632786INDIAN food is best in the world beautiful look and taste and good fun to eat[View]
12633183Come 'n' get it: Burnt ends boys, what're y'all cookin' up this fine lords …[View]
12632815>I don't like [X food] so that means everyone else is pretending to like it!!1…[View]
12629977I just landed in Oahu. What can I expect of Hawaiin food? I'm assuming that it consists of spam…[View]
12629748whats it like being in the tang?[View]
12633061Rate my Golden Corral meal: Meat loaf, green beans, Mac n cheese, bourbon chicken, rice and peas, sq…[View]
12632956>sweet and savory[View]
12630801A well-roasted Okinawan sweet potato is better than a donut.[View]
12633053>tfw realized I bought large elbow macaroni instead of regular size elbow to make mac and cheese …[View]
12630426Rye bread is fucking disgusting.[View]
12630263I just ate a durian pancake from a nearby Chinese restaurant. It's a green, thin, doughy tortil…[View]
12632577Just typed this out for someone who wanted a simple easy recipe to feed a whole family, might as wel…[View]
12628281I dare you to consume all 5 packs at once, and replace the 8 tablespoons of water per pack with x2 h…[View]
12631162Heading to Micky Dee's in 20 minutes. What should I get? Once home I'll post pics and do a…[View]
12632941For me, it's orange slices.[View]
12629602Remember me?[View]
12632926Sunday morning and cooking my lunch. What are you cooking today?[View]
12631149Do you get pizza insurance?[View]
12631088>Phoning for pizza delivery. >“It’s buy one get one free today, sir.” >pretend to shout u…[View]
12630398Hey /ck/, /lit/ here. Working on a project and I strive for accuracy and realism, in spite of the fa…[View]
12632806C R E A M: i live in poor country and dairy products are expensive apart from margarine ofc a lot o…[View]
12626483Why aren't the sodas kept behind the counter? Its like they're asking me to steal one ever…[View]
12630606Any Americans on this board reckon this bad boy would sell well in the states Its an Australian dish…[View]
12621764In Scotland, you can get an assortment of fried foods and cheap side dishes with an Irn Bru for arou…[View]
12629642Honest thoughts on the flyover dog?[View]
12630853We /Mogen David/ up in here?[View]
12628373Why do some people always order the same stuff at restaurants?[View]
12632129Is it true that people outside of the US don't like spray can cheese? What do you spray on your…[View]
12631664Does /ck/ normally use regular mayo, or do you splurge on the heavy duty mayo?[View]
12608761What's the best ice cream flavour?[View]
12630583I tried the meme and ended up eating 2 more than the first. AMA.[View]
12631194Tonkotsu Ramen. Tips?: I recently took my first crack at making Tonkotsu Ramen for uh... friends and…[View]
12625969>see beer I enjoy on menu >no prices listed >order it, drink it, enjoy it >get check aft…[View]
12632181menu thread[View]
12632221What is your LEAST favorite lunch meat?: For me it's the gabagool. Salty garbage.[View]
12631822I want to become a chef, but for personal reasons I need evenings off at this point of my life, I…[View]
12631359Rice: I have an entire sack of rice, but no idea what to make with it. Please post rice recipes in t…[View]
12632303Why yes I do eat my meat medium, how did you know I love the taste of cardboard with an extra tapewo…[View]
12632288https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07CHTFP6Y/ Discuss[View]
12631027what is your cheap binge drink of choice?[View]
12629686Dogs N Suds: Dogs N Suds Post ITT if this means anything to you[View]
12631709What kind of beer do you like?[View]
12612166Who else here /mealprep/?[View]
12630135Does anyone else hate sharing food with groups. Even if theres more than enough for everyone. I feel…[View]
12632135will they ever get along?[View]
12631383Ortolan bunting: >For centuries, a rite of passage for French gourmets was the eating of the Orto…[View]
12632101Why are there groups of people who only consume either animal products or vegetables? Don't the…[View]
12631075Which restaurant do you like to visit for breakfast, /ck/? For me, it's Bob Evans:[View]
12630675This is what I have to cook with tonight in my hotel, what should I make. I haven't cooked wit…[View]
12631176Is there a way to make french onion soup without taking over an hour of frying? I was thinking of ma…[View]
12628034>work food service job >on way to work, tired as fuck, need a quick pick-me-up >decide to s…[View]
12632005Is there a difference between rice bran oil for massage and rice bran oil for food?[View]
12629895There is no fish that tastes better than spanish mackerel[View]
12624859Rate my homemade pizza![View]
12631921Found some fag talking about his depression or some shit on /b/ and he had this image. Anyone know w…[View]
12630985egg salad sandwich[View]
12631765Sp /ck/, I have a girl coming over tonight and I intend to make this recipe: https://foodwishes.blog…[View]
12623208What's your go-to order at 'Bucks?[View]
12625352Post cute food[View]
12630898Ranch or Bleu Cheese with wings? Also what is your favorite ranch and/or blue cheese brand?[View]
12631710sunflower seeds anyone?[View]
12629222When did cakes become so celebratory?[View]
12630722When a food touches your tongue, you experience a flavor. The sensation is immediate. This is so fuc…[View]
12630548Does anyone on /ck/ eat competitively?[View]
12631473Mexican pizza lol[View]
12628166>can't find nutritional info for food i'm making[View]
12630009Here's your weekly baby's first bread thread. How did I do?[View]
12631314Cooked up .4 pounds of bacon then fried two batches of Yukon gold, the first dusted and the second e…[View]
12629896grocery store antics: >decide to go get a pubsub >go to sandwich line >there are five peopl…[View]
12629148>Be barista in shitty coffee shop >Have chai latte on menu >uses prepackaged chai concentra…[View]
12625164>tfw Sicilian >tfw almost every in my family is a 3 star Italian chef >tfw I like to cook b…[View]
12629851Pickle Ice, the perfect summer treat![View]
12628547How millennial are you, /ck/? 17 points here[View]
12631014What's the best el yacateco sauce?[View]
12630640Holy shit this beer tastes so bad, I wonder why... >Brewed in the U.S.A. Personally, I prefer a n…[View]
12631019As if you needed the Noid to make Dominos pizzas shit.[View]
12631268Has 'salty milk' been an actual flavor this entire time? I thought you guys were joking.[View]
12629001>putting ketchup on hot dogs is for children >says man who still eats hot dogs past his teens…[View]
12628190>ITT: God tier sauces[View]
12622038What is on your perfect burger? >brioche bun >fancy ketchup >yellow mustard >sweet reli…[View]
12627983send help[View]
12628441Thoughts on tofu? Personally I can't make myself like it. The consistency is too much like rubb…[View]
12628198why do boomers love this shit?[View]
12628436What's the best instant oatmeal?[View]
12630657Do you guys imagine what would happen if all mcdonald's just closed one day? I think I'd l…[View]
12630787Why does grape juice taste so good but red wine taste so nasty?[View]
12630285New recipe guys: I call it Daddy's Cummies sauce. It is basically a mix of fast food ranch and …[View]
12630904Why does lobster from Red Lobster taste like shit?[View]
12630621Just went here tonight: Without a doubt, the worst chain restuarant ive ever went to. The wings tast…[View]
12625725*takes u on a one way trip to flavor town*[View]
12630746>Can't or Won't? You literally have every ingredients here. Now I'm feeling offend…[View]
12630595Burger King had a special tonight, 10 unpeeled nuggets for a buck. If you’re willing to work for it,…[View]
12628953unpleasant cooking experiences: >be me 1 hr ago >hungry, craving mac n cheese >there is no …[View]
12630401>Just drove drunk during a flash flood warning to get a Butterfinger Sonic Blast what is the stro…[View]
12630540DAE unironically love Olive Garden?[View]
12629714Chicken feet: What can you do with these? You can buy like 20 for 2 bucks.[View]
12628625I butchered a whole chicken on thursday, used one breast and vacuum packed the rest. It's been …[View]
12626778What's your opinion on vegetable oil? It's the only thing I use for frying and baking. Wha…[View]
12630358Does /ck/ like black pepper ground or crushed?[View]
12629453>Go up to order at taco bell >'Crunchwrap Supreme and the reaper fries steak burrito' >Go u…[View]
12630183Im going to Japan soon What should I get? Must go places to eat?[View]
12630000Lads, I love chili powder when making my chicken. But I usually go through my stuff quicker than my …[View]
12630137>from concentrate why?[View]
12629237Is there a better frozen pizza than this?[View]
12627645well, which one?[View]
12626816Why don't Americans like food like this?[View]
12623801>buy 1kg of pork breast >could only find 300g of actual meat on it What are some other shitty …[View]
12629991Best raclette items: What are some of the best vegetables (or items in general) for a center-of-tabl…[View]
12626907What would you order from The Max?[View]
12623418Post overrated food.[View]
12621127How do Amerimutts feel that the best restaurant in the US is a Mexican restaurant owned by a chef fr…[View]
12628936Why do people still use cups to measure ingredients? I'm an Amerifag that uses the imperial mea…[View]
12628967How can Westerners even begin to compete with the pure aesthetic of Asian tableware?[View]
12623584BK is killing it right now, first the Pulled Pork King, and now the dollar tacos.[View]
12628033angery: >gf says 'anon I'm gonna make >insert random snacklike thing that I usually make'…[View]
12623622Is there anything I can eat after a tooth extraction that's actually good? Mashed potatoes and …[View]
12629234>Gordon Ramsay can't cook He can, you're just a childish contrarian.…[View]
12626096Are you using can openers correctly?[View]
12629647What's the best meat holster?: https://www.strawpoll.me/18315816[View]
12627130Can you still be a foodie as a vegan or vegetarian?[View]

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