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14185095French food or Italian food?[View]
14184752Has anyone tried a Vietnamese egg coffee? What does it taste like? Never seen it in the states.[View]
14181602Picnic thread You’re taking you partner for a picnic today. What’s in the hamper /ck/?[View]
14182181I'm seizing up some ribs right now to put in the oven you got any tips[View]
14182836Any good high meat experiences/recipes?: First time posting on this board. I want to get started wit…[View]
14184914Why don't people eat the leaves? I genuinely don't get it. Matcha is the only tea that mak…[View]
14180925Have you ever avoided a particular dish or cuisine because of a breakup? Until recently, I was quasi…[View]
14185033Cauliflower, green bell pepper, tomato, onion, s&p, garlic, doubanjiang. What can I do with this…[View]
14182158Jewish ham: Just bought some of this what do I eat it with[View]
14180603Lesser known foods thread: >Farinata[View]
14182849Is there any use for leftover refreigerated shitty flyover-style American grilled (ruined meat pucks…[View]
14181433Personally, I think it was just a bunch of hot air. *ba dum tss*[View]
14182185based sides[View]
14181446Is eating spicy food good for keeping off weight if it's so spicy you blast it back out before …[View]
14181190WTF why didn't anyone tell me these things were so good? Is there any other creepy Asian food t…[View]
14184345What's the point of parm on a bolognese?: I mean, it already tastes super good on its own. It d…[View]
14184219The best ever cured sausage: Slavonian kulen[View]
14184382Copper ware: Someone near me is selling these pans and pot (and the basket) for 15 euros. First, is …[View]
14180660are the best tacos soft or hard? (I don't wanna hear any of that 'REAL TACOS ARE SOFT' bullshit…[View]
14178825>went to Burger KIng >ordered coca-cola for drink >they gave me cherry coke instead of regu…[View]
14172092Post the dumbest food from your country.: Pic not related to my country, blame the Scots.[View]
14184418How to make a blueberry espuma? Tried to do it today and it came out like this. I cooked gelatine pl…[View]
14178194name ONE cheese better than Chèvre. you can’t[View]
14184387Hey is McDs's still doing those chicken breakfast sandwiches or what?[View]
14176796I made shrimp and fries :)[View]
14184093So, I've been trying to make homemade Asian bourbon chicken like the kind you find in the mall,…[View]
14184366Pasta Thread post your recipes -1 box spaghetti -1 jar pasta sauce -1/2 jar alfredo sauce -4 tbsp ri…[View]
14168600NEW CLAIRE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_1rIwVXAEI[View]
14178928What's the cheapest meal I can make that doesn't require an oven or a microwave? I just st…[View]
14184227Redpill me on sugar alchohols. They seem to just be straight up better than sugar so why are they no…[View]
14183999What does /ck/ think of Pasi Viheraho, one of the most innovative chefs in Finland? https://www.yout…[View]
14177544frozen vegetables: >cheaper >can just leave in your freezer for months and use it whenever …[View]
14180135What's Chinese fast food like in other non-Asian countries? Obviously there's shit like ta…[View]
14182367Trying to make finnish blueberry yogart pie for my man, but out of blueberries (up here of all place…[View]
14183844How do you make mac&cheese?: I made it only once and it sucked so I need some tips. I've go…[View]
14183139First Dinner alone: First time living alone, any good and relatively cheap sources of protein? Besid…[View]
14182551For me it's Big Meaty Tasty.[View]
14183865>just got a huge increase in my prednisone dosage >now extremely hungry 24/7 >already feel …[View]
14183605Where is my pibb xtra? I don't think I've seen any at my local store for like a month. So …[View]
14183740What are you known for food wise among people you know? Everyone knows I'm the Werthers Origina…[View]
14183880Is it wrong that I put a few slices of ham in the oven at low heat and let it sit there as a sort of…[View]
14169576How accurate is this?[View]
14183816Shooting whiskey: In American Films/Television there seems to be so many instances of characters sit…[View]
14178214dammnit, I gots them hickups. Any food to helps me? I've tried holding breath and drinks some w…[View]
14182003booze: Thinking about buying this shit, anyone had it? It's caramel / toffee vodka.[View]
14180574Breakfast sucks. It is wasting half your calories before you're even awake. It prevents you fro…[View]
14182917QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread. Haven't seen one of these on /ck/,…[View]
14182443Love this sauce[View]
14180893https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQjNiNRfZGg| What do you guys think about those giant pressed sandwi…[View]
14183672I love pickles.[View]
14182001Press H to say 'hello' to Sucurry, the IJN curry seagull.[View]
14182742>Milk tastes too beta-caroteney again[View]
14183120tonight ill be handcrafting the most delicious Alaskan salmon purchased from my local hyvee[View]
14171126>friday is the new tuesday But you may have just been re-designated to 'essential', so you go out…[View]
14176917Is gas superior to electricity? Is gas superior to induction? Is gas safe?[View]
14183212Rate my 'za[View]
14179660What is your go to comfort food?[View]
14182071Peanut Butter /ck/ Edition: So what is the general consensus on peanut butter? It is it is it a secr…[View]
14181859white sauce for pizza? what can you tell me ?[View]
14183251Popeye's Chicken Tendies: Their chicken tendies,while tasty, are awfully flat. Where's the…[View]
14183353the best diet food: https://youtu.be/o6DrEbsZmOs I'm hungry when I'm on a diet, but I thin…[View]
14183354ho lee shit! skrillex pizza is no meme.[View]
14173764Is liver the ultimate pleb filter?[View]
14182995>Bar has “lounge” or “social” in the name >Music is so loud you can’t talk to anyone What did …[View]
14177865Rhubarb? You mean celery's disgusting cousin?[View]
14178124How do they do it?[View]
14182439Rate my dinner: Wtf might as well rate my life bases on my dinner.....sadly[View]
14182190>have to boil water separately yet can't drain the noodles without losing flavor >it…[View]
14180507Is there any more disingenuous than being a pescetarian? Like, you want the moral superiority of not…[View]
14183194What do I do with this?[View]
14183086Riot Stream Snacks: What's everyone eating while watching the riot streams? I went with Nongshi…[View]
14178311this shit is so good[View]
14182972Irish Food: Can any Irish anons share about their native foods? I'm curious to know more about …[View]
14182611How does my meal look like /ck/?[View]
14183031This is hard red wheat, but didn't medieval England have mostly soft white?[View]
14182249Favorite Candy?: Limited edition or not[View]
14179838What does /ck/ do with this? I tried cooking this on butter and garlic, but its flesh melts. I don…[View]
14180151Foods you enjoy eating after blowing a load: For me it's a bowl of ice cream[View]
14178542Got a second hand bread maker and as per requested and will post results. Any tips before disaster?[View]
14178596>ruins your dessert every time in restaurants Heh, nothing personal kid.…[View]
14182904i want to eat EGGS. wuick recipe i can make with EGGS? im on diet. just a snack, i swear.[View]
14182598Some picky asshole food critic complains about green bell peppers, and now they have a bad rap. In t…[View]
14182461guys my arteries dont feel so good[View]
14182518how can i fix underseasoned chicken cutlets? i cooked these shits up for lunch but they are terrible…[View]
14175541have you guys ever eaten FROG?[View]
14182664>/ck/ prefers clam strips to whole clams Absolutely reprehensible taste.…[View]
14182713Home made tacos: It took me a few tries to get the shells right. They are very thing now and give th…[View]
14181179Cold pizza: Breakfast of champions.[View]
14180796*is based in your path*[View]
14180813I hate mustard: It has a really acidic and sour taste to it and I never really liked it. I understan…[View]
14181195I want to try something different, thought about japanese food. Are there any japfags that could giv…[View]
14180899In defense of dense bread: Dense bread is good. Not all bread has to be cloud-fluffy.[View]
14179059I'm looking for some heavy duty cast iren grilling grates to buy my dad for Father's Day. …[View]
14180697If you mix these with TB sauce and cheese products, it almost tastes like the quality Taco Bell had …[View]
14177207Pepsi vs Coca Cola: Hello, I'm going to be buy a lot of soda. Which one of these do you prefer …[View]
14181404/ck/ stands for cock, right? Tell me what do you guys like to do with a big black rooster.[View]
14174758I just graduated college and I'm about to start working at mcdonalds. I've only worked at …[View]
14181614What is the correct way to eat steak /ck/?[View]
14181655Bryndzové Halušky: Bryndzové Halušky[View]
14179988How to ruin some perfectly good grapes.[View]
14180328Ice Cream: Does the ice cream man come to your road? What do you get?[View]
14179652Seafood is gross[View]
14182068>Rye toast >not witty at all[View]
14181954There really is no better milkshake than this.[View]
14179545foods that you just dont understand: tri state diner cookies what the hell is the actual deal with t…[View]
14181219Cool burger ideas?: Do you have some original takes on hamburgers? I've been thinking about wra…[View]
14165792Are you a picky eater?[View]
14180687>fuck brazil >fuck java >fuck indonesia >fuck costa rica >fuck every non traditional …[View]
14177851>eating something soft >*CRUNCH* >drinking something >solid…[View]
14177598Homemade mayonnaise appreciation thread[View]
14180671how do you serve this? how do you eat it? would you give this to your guests?[View]
14180306Japanese-style steamed eggs: https://youtu.be/AhSIVHLbuOc Today is steamed Japanese eggs. The advant…[View]
14181667I experimented something new I made fondants au speculoos, it's a Belgian pastry. The taste and…[View]
14156382Does the shape of liquor glasses really have that dramatic of an effect over how your alcohol smells…[View]
14180433Is it autistic to store ypur beef like this[View]
14180182What food did you never eat before Template stolen from the other thread[View]
14180129*teleports behind you* *drops chicken stock pot in your pasta* nothin personnel...kid..[View]
14181385Put apple in tomato sauce[View]
14178478What's even the purpose? God playing tricks on us.[View]
14177403Why are you jealous of me?[View]
14179110>buy some shiity great value cheddar at the store >try making mac and cheese out of it >tea…[View]
14180992>eating rice with a fork instead of a spoon[View]
14180320l'zanyer: why is it always better the following day reheated from the fridge, than when its fre…[View]
14181407This stuff is so fucking good: Only bought it for the second time because it was on sale both times,…[View]
14177742whats the secret of a good Ramen soup?[View]
14181083Hit me with your best baconegg'n'cheeze[View]
14179233What 24 of beer should I get from The Beer Store in Ontario? Something crispy for summer.[View]
14173636Chile Verde(Braised Pork in Tomatillo Sauce): As promised earlier this week I am making Chile Verde.…[View]
14178668/ck/, you do cook large batches of frozen foods that most people buy at a huge markup, right? you…[View]
14181329Steak n Shake: Protip: Go to Steak n Shake and get your order without cheese. It completely changes …[View]
14179608I tried to make dinner rolls but the inside ended up being really dense. I added some banana on top,…[View]
14181198What do you MEEEEN you aren't making hand made pasta fresh every day? FUCK OFF the calamari is …[View]
14179319Help me and my wife make a dinner schedule for every day of the week . We love fast food but we know…[View]
14177458Cherry Pie tips: What cherry pies recipes would you recommend me as a beginner? There aren’t cherry …[View]
14177168Greetings from /out/! What grill would be best for cooking ribs? Gas electric or charcoal?[View]
14180864So can I make a Baumkuchen cake like pic related in a normal oven or is Broiler mandatory?[View]
14178409People who prefer grape jelly >10k/day CEO >8+ dick >6'1 >Has a girlfriend >Heal…[View]
14179152picanha is an underrated cut of beef[View]
14181057Beef Jerky?: Hey I want to make my own beef jerky, did anyone here try that? Gonna buy the drier, so…[View]
14173314>*is based in front of you*[View]
14180632Superior taco?[View]
14180846Why aren't cookies more popular?[View]
14180666Got some pizza from Whole Foods. Which slice would you rather have?[View]
14180768>Chain restaurant website/app doesn't take paypal or google pay[View]
14180717So I was toasting some walnuts and when they were done I noticed that they felt sort of buttery or s…[View]
14176596Man I fuckin love Chinese food[View]
14178252IHOP Cereal Pancakes: Just had the captain crunch version of these pancakes. Very disappointed. Foun…[View]
14177819What’s your favorite meat[View]
14179069/ck/, is it true that if you make loud noises while a cake is baking that the center will deflate an…[View]
14180222Popped beer - I tried google: So I need help /ck/, these we’re in the fridge for a long time, and as…[View]
14177490Cu/ck/s give me your best slow cooker recipes[View]
14178204Most versatile kitchen tools?: Wok do you really need anything else?[View]
14179445Quick reminder: this is not a spatula.[View]
14177096Help me remember the name of a food: It was like a calzone/sandwich/dumpling thing, stuffed solely w…[View]
14179908does /ck/ like ice cream mochi?[View]
14174614Beer/drink thread: What are you bros drinking tonight? Pic related for me and some wine for my broad…[View]
14179572I fucking love this WY duck sauce. Anyone know of a brand with a similar taste or how to replicate i…[View]
14179390I just got a sandwich press/waffle maker hybrid kind of thing What should I press/waffle give me you…[View]
14177999Is noodle soup really a thing? I doubt noodles add much flavour, but hey, the kids get food inside.[View]
14179658I'm moving out in a week and can't cook anything but eggs and ramen (in a pot, I'm no…[View]
14178375>Nordic country >how can we make this food better? >CONSERVE IN PISS Do nords really…[View]
14178898When was the last time you had a nice sandwich /ck/?[View]
14173851My mommy bought me this ice cream and it's amazing.: You crack the top with a spoon.[View]
14179176why the fuck did they have to make Cheetos so addicting?[View]
14162970Things Americucks can't have.[View]
14178413what are some comfy and informative /ck/ approved youtube channels?[View]
14178200What is the spiciest type of cabbage?[View]
14168766webm thread: Friday night edition[View]
14177993Here is how you handle a knife. There are no other ways. The Ragusa faggot should shut up and learn …[View]
14179663Just found pic related in the bottom of my rucksack. I can't remember what they are but I know …[View]
14178574Plov /ck/ edition: Hey guys I just made some plov. I used beef instead of lamb. I stewed the meat w…[View]
14178877For me, it's the bowl of corn.[View]
14177842мaнгaл thread: post shitty russian grills[View]
14179711Nostalgic foods: The last thread was pretty fun so what were some foods that you liked to eat when y…[View]
14179635they seem yummy[View]
14179406Just got an outdoor griddle, best things to cook on one besides the obvious burgers and dogs? Trying…[View]
14179403New Haven pizza is the best pizza style: and you cant prove me wrong so better start accepting it no…[View]
14178058Is this stuff /ck/ approved?[View]
14150262National Cuisine Thread /ncg/: Every nation has its own unique cuisine. Ultimately, your nation has …[View]
14178680rate my scones and tea faggots! all homemade(except the tea, obviously)! U.K. cu/ck/s only![View]
14176555Rate my lunch /ck/[View]
14177937>plebs put salsa directly on to their food >chads take a bite of the food and sip directly fro…[View]
14179397So, I'm living at home right now with my family and I want to start eating food that isn't…[View]
14178663Will diner style restaurant still survive in 5 years ?[View]
14179212Having dinner. r8[View]
14179122What is the best weed infused dish /ck/?[View]
14173291Yes we all know how to Google $200+ bottles.: Post your daily sippers. Current glass is Russel'…[View]
14177503my student payments just got approved how should i celebrate? what food would you cook? alcohol? new…[View]
14178447What's your favorite vegetable?[View]
14179032How do you cook this shit without it tasting like nutraloaf?[View]
14173344Coffee... Black.[View]
14176924How do I become a full-time eater?[View]
14177686Doritos crusted Mountain Dew cheesecake with Mountain Dew jello on top.[View]
14178310fresh pasta made with tipo 00 flour and duck eggs tossed with a lemon-garlic butter sauce with lefto…[View]
14176333Ever had food that made you cry?, well at least emotional?[View]
14178868When you go to the Bell and order your burritos 'open-faced' just seem to taste better[View]
14175142>i miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
14178567Rabanada: One of the best Christmas foods. Can you prove me wrong? No.[View]
14177485Best brand of English Breakfast?: Completely disregarding price, what is arguably the best brand of …[View]
14178727Grill chads: What's the last thing you pulled off the grill?[View]
14178806Whats the best burger and liquor combo?[View]
14178534Why do so few food markets sell actual, real baguettes? I'm not talking about crusty white bre…[View]
14176745Sunday: What are you eating today /ck/? Pic related is our Sunday lunch/possibly dinner. Weather is…[View]
14178236Had some tendies in the fryer. Foaming up a storm Second time use oil (Sunflower), no sedement in fr…[View]
14178548I genuinely consider the race at the gym my reason for personally considering Centorea the best girl…[View]
14177961>hearing this thing 5x a day And why is this even a thing? Hearing some cringy children's lu…[View]
14177916thoughts about chestnut cream?[View]
14178382How do you decide what you're going to cook? Do you just cook with what ingredients you have, d…[View]
14177667Wendy's Sauce: What is the best one? For me it is the honey mustard. I even like it on burgers.…[View]
14177722woooooooooooo~~~~~: Its me, the Ghost of Julia Child wooooooooooooo~~~~~~~~ use more beef tallow and…[View]
14177694Are they good?: I think it must be SO COOL to live in a country where you have frozen or refrigerate…[View]
14178271How can I up my spice game?[View]
14177704THIS GOOD GRILL[View]
14173590I know nothing about vodkas but i'm using it for my cocktails. What's a good vodka betwee…[View]
14177748Is based in your path What do?[View]
14169596in this nutella promo from the 70's in denmark it says that nutella is healthy and full of vita…[View]
14176729do you eat the tails of fried shrimp? I heard when they're fried they're crispy enough to …[View]
14174918Why is everything made with partially hydrogenated oil[View]
14178037What does horse meat taste like? I want to try it. Is it good? Is it weird? Do you feel guilty after…[View]
14176663When did you stop believing in Chinese and Japanese meme food and realized that Southeast Asia has s…[View]
14176211coca cola chicken: people cook chicken with coke??? >There are tons of ways to cook Coca-Cola chi…[View]
14177907This shit is so addictive, I don't know why[View]
14177718Toasted bread are nice, but too toasted are awfull. Dontyouthink?[View]
14177415What to do with Ginseng? I have tons of left over Ginseng for Pho but I don't know what else yo…[View]
14172268I made pizza: Pls rate[View]
14172696y'all wanna watch me make mapo tofu?: yorokobe shounen. it's mapo tofu time[View]
14174674Why aren't microwaves more useful than just reheating shit? Why can't you just stick a ste…[View]
14177469who the fuck enjoys this garbage, it tastes like cardboard[View]
14177735spicy honey mustard: Anybody else remember the best sauce?[View]
14173747Dried beans: I left my dried beans to soak in the fridge over night, but I forgot to wash the beans.…[View]
14177281why are they so obsessed with butter and eggs?[View]
14176639Mmmmm chickennnnn[View]
14175182Have you ever did a catering business co/ck/s?: Hey /ceekay/! Have you ever ran a catering business …[View]
14177344Hey fags how does this sound? Pan seared chicken breast, On a bed of mushroom risotto, With ratato…[View]
14170490Italian American favorites: this is a food and culture that isnt very highly ranked in my eyes. afte…[View]
14177142They have full size Milky Way bars at Woolworths now.[View]
14176989What's your favourite gum? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BPkxw_Lfi0[View]
14176094Is Chinese cuisine the one that is most waterered down in western restaurants? For example with most…[View]
14175361How do I stop?[View]
14175347fuck you guys who encouraged me to buy a cast iron pan the 1st thing I thought when I picked it up w…[View]
14177516I just made salsa on a whim. What can I make to go along with it besides tacos/nachos?[View]
14175937what's this stuff taste like[View]
14164111Ads: Ads[View]
14176251Imagine if you owned one chicken. Would you butcher it to have one meal or have it lay an egg a day …[View]
14175668post some delicious street food from your country heres a baby octopus on a stick, one of my favs[View]
14174299Grill Thread: Post your best or most recent grilling endeavors. Ask questions you may have about gri…[View]
14174016Whoa, they finally did it, bros.[View]
14175050how do i replace eggs?: massive eggs shortages boys, sometimes i visit 3 stores and come home emptyh…[View]
14177316what the actual fuck is beans cake https://youtu.be/bncWFZejrl4[View]
14175581I have about 6 eggs in my fridge. What should I make with them? Thinking about scrambled eggs with m…[View]
14173542Best cooking tips: An anon from a couple months back mentioned browning beef as a block and then bre…[View]
14175417hot sauce on a keychain: anyone here bought this before? like, to use on food while eating outside..…[View]
14176687So, how is this better than vodka, you obese faggots?[View]
14177217Sunday /mate/ - No herbs yet, edition![View]
14172483It's not grilled cheese if you make it in a pan: Let me get something perfectly fucking clear. …[View]
14173303why is indian street food so top tier? Especially since most is vegetarian so you won't have to…[View]
14177071Cooking with Dog: New cooking with Dog up now! Soul has returned to food once again. https://www.you…[View]
14174078What's a decent snack to bring to an office setting? At my workplace, people always bring dough…[View]
14177164rate each others favorite foods breakfast: club sandwich dinner: tomhawk steak bbq with lots of side…[View]
14176997>boiling ribs[View]
14170601Tiermaker thread: I'll post other tiermakers too. Posting restaurant chains first. Never heard …[View]
14176911Nothing beats vanilla ice cream It's just too perfect[View]
14175271What's your trademark dessert? Mine is Rice Pudding.[View]
14175134Holy shit these are amazing. I just ate a whole bag[View]
14176027Does it even taste any different to the instant packets?[View]
14174355The real food industry crisus: All take out should be in the top image. Assholes who put take out in…[View]
14176098What's the best way of making homemade chips?: Frying or cooking in oven?[View]
14152685post only the most retarded high caloric cuisine[View]
14176352Is it ever worth it to buy powdered PEPPERS? Its difficult to obtain cayenne here, I gotta order it …[View]
14173846tfw no emmy gf: Is jollibee good?[View]
14171596Morning /ck/ it's time for Breakfast![View]
14173743What's your worst restaurant experience? In terms of service and atmosphere, other customers et…[View]
14166173Drink Recipes: Post any drink recipes you have. The more obscure/specific to your family or culture,…[View]
14172015what the hecks up with my eggarino?[View]
14173289Pressure cooker or Papin's pan: Do you use it? I usually use it to cook heavy meat, stew, soups…[View]
14176842Pretty good chicken pot pie for the price, Boston Market has a good one, too.[View]
14174655Beef: What are you grilling tonight /ck/? Rate my ribeye[View]
14170668Hot Sauce Thread: What's your favorite hot sauce? Daily driver? Hottest you can stand? Best for…[View]
14176254What's the difference between butterscotch and caramel? If any.[View]
14160500Townsend Thread- Cauliflower Edition: Would you make this 18th century low carb cauliflower dish? ht…[View]
14176577ghetto tofu: 6.5% soymilk and lime juice. I've only ever made tofu from soaked beans using gyps…[View]
14176082Do you take it medium rare, lotta horse radish?[View]
14175438Is there literally anything inherently better about fresh made take and bake pizza vs frozen pizzas?…[View]
14172874Mmm pork gyro platter. Any good Greek places near you?[View]
14176594Chicken galantine sauce: made this a couple of time but haven't made a sauce, what sauce should…[View]
14176452What's your favourite flavour? I just tried Crab and it's not too shabby. Probably still p…[View]
14176367What's your plan for dinner? It will be pretty simple for me. I'm having some beer then I…[View]
14176565Reddrink me on Rooh Afza. I was just learning about it this morning when my instacart groceries arri…[View]
14176368Any good examples on mixing fish and meat in the same dish?[View]
14175359I made Beef Stew - Comments appreciated.: Here's the recipe. 5 tbs Olive Oil 2 1/2 lbs Beef (cu…[View]
14175489You may not like it, but this is what peak soup performance looks like.[View]
14174200Nothing better than a tall glass of milk.[View]
14173097OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9ZWfzMYW7c[View]
14174455Waffle House Thread: I just got a job at the Waffle House near my house, and I'm curious about …[View]
14176115Why is real ramen so fucking delicious ?[View]
14176384How do anon cracks a raw egg? Hit it on the side of bowl/pan. Ever so slightly on the desk. Or with …[View]
14175243Just learned the hard way that you should never freeze your beers in glass bottles.[View]
14176355Sometimes hot cheese bread dipped in sauce is far more satisfying than a pizza. Especially Jet'…[View]
14148473The great debate[View]
14166990Chinese thread: I'm making a General thread for Chinese cooking Asian fusion is acceptable, but…[View]
14176273Why do 'professional chefs' do this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Y1XazyDiwc[View]
14175745rate the very first of many more burgers I will make in my lifetime >be me >craving burger …[View]
14176250>ruins your breakfast[View]
14175019Korea's Amazing Instant Rice Soup: https://youtu.be/_fP3TB7CY-U Hello. I really want to eat sun…[View]
14173887Favourite (simple-ish) egg dishes: Post your favourite egg recipes that even a simple anon like me c…[View]
14157973Restaurant Stories: Share your stories from restaurants. Whether as an employee or customer. Whether…[View]
14174662Which is the better salad/sauce combo here? >mayo >ketchup >pickles >lettuce >sliced …[View]
14169918Your go-to guilty pleasure girly drink? For me, it's the Cosmopolitan.[View]
14173850Of course I'll share with you bro, here ya go[View]
14165681Is it worth it making homemade pizza instead of ordering pizza hut/dominoes?[View]
14171162Burger King opened in 2002 here in Mexico. It was the second time they opened here, since back in th…[View]
14175899rate my lunch: le cornmeal mush mush[View]
14173980I overroasted about a pound of nuts. Not quite burnt, but still have that overwhelming flavor. What …[View]
14171208Why are mushrooms and tomatoes so polarizing, /ck/? what is it about them that makes them so revolti…[View]
14170891What do y'all think about expensive whiskey? Just a marketing meme or is it really better? Pic …[View]
14174921i really want to try a biarria taco.[View]
14175254Alright /ck/, it’s oyster shooter Saturday. Post your shooters.[View]
14172547I'm a noob. What kind of steak should I get? Something I can pan fry in butter.[View]
14175717Rate the first burgers I’ve ever made that I smoked my house out for at 1 in the morning[View]
14175021The new mozzarella pizza from little ceasars...what in the fuck[View]
14173723Best Chef Knife Under 100: Hi, i was looking at getting myself a new knife, i was wondering if anyon…[View]
14175192>Low and slow or hot and fast? (You will be shot if you answer wrong)…[View]
14174812What does food taste better on - white or black plates?[View]
14175209Egg Questions: This is my ramen dinner. How do I stop being afraid of boiling my eggs to get them do…[View]
14174701What do they put in this shit, why is it so addictive like narcotics?!![View]
14174612i just made some lemon curd: what do i do with it[View]
14174737Where my flank steak chads at?[View]
14174547Ovenproof Bowls: Why can't I seem to find any ovenproof/safe ceramic bowls? Hardly anything sin…[View]
14171267Thoughts on Mikey Chen's coronavirus format?[View]
14175073What are the best version of these? Good Humor or Blue Bunny?[View]
14174830What's good wine brands?: Thanks in advance. I dont want look like uncivilized savage when orde…[View]
14172647How much should i be spending on a wok? What should i look for in a good one, or look to avoid in ba…[View]
14174872>Naporitan or Napolitan (Japanese: ナポリタン) is a popular Japanese pasta dish. The dish consists of …[View]
14128313/tea/ General: /tea/ General, Eternal shipping edition. This thread is for the discussion of teas, t…[View]
14174386Which end of a chocolate cornet is the head?[View]
14174406Is buying a bread maker worth it anons?[View]
14174782I have pic related, can I turn this into pork rinds?[View]
14174991chocolate coca cola cake: how is it?[View]
14169323just ordered a 10lb box of chicken skins: straight from the chicken they used to just give these awa…[View]
14172938why are they so good??[View]
14169233Do lettuce and tomato belong in a tuna salad sandwich?: Seems like there 2 schools of thought. The f…[View]
14172371Why do people still like oreos they taste like ass ,chips ahoy are the superior cookies[View]
14174583Onion bhaji > onion rings[View]
14172763Why are Boar's Head condiments so damn good? No other brand I've had of ANY of these condi…[View]
14174581is crawfish a meme food? >tail is the only stomachable part and its full of shit and has little m…[View]
14174234First time making pizza: Hope I did it well, couldn't afford a pizza stone but it was pretty ta…[View]
14170237You may not like it, but this is what peak fruit performance looks like[View]
14174502Breakfasts: This is a typical American style fry up[View]
14174380What did you make today? Pic related. Fried chicken, harissa mayo grilled pepper and cheese and extr…[View]
14173043Why do people consume junk food?: There are so many more addicting and actually healthy foods. Yolks…[View]
14174431pick whatever you like bro, it's on me today.[View]
14173383What's your favorite meat substitute?[View]
14174573Why yes,I did make gordon ramsay cry, how could you tell?[View]
14174522Has anyone ever been to a 3 Michelin star restaurant? was it over hyped or worth the money? Person…[View]
14172590OYSTERS: Can we talk about these for a bit? I've never had them so I'm really interested t…[View]
14174280Thank you /ck/: Days ago I asked here suggestions about what sous vide roner to buy and I bought pic…[View]
14170032Want to make pic related but cannot find proper Greek pittas anywhere. Which flatbread would you sug…[View]
14174089Rate my steak.[View]
14167721new haven STAND UP[View]
14173386How do you feel about hotel food?[View]
14170541*doesnt eat the first 2 or last 2 slices*[View]
14174199I got some cut serrano from a friend and I stored it in a closed glas container. not so smart in hin…[View]
14174040redpill me on guacamole. whats the best way to eat it?[View]
14169175What can I get for you?[View]
14166473Opinions on Tv dinners?[View]
14173188Is it possible to self-learn French cooking on a budget? What's the best way to learn on a week…[View]
14173784How do restaurants cook pasta so fast?[View]
14172121Am I going to die from eating this? Expired NOV 2019 It's frozen food.[View]
14173819Beetroot ravioli[View]
14173205Dad is telling the family to cook in the oven like this, doesn’t matter if it’s pizza, fries, casser…[View]
14173961what have they done with them: where have they gone[View]
14172711Fookin lush this[View]
14171905will different kinds of alcoholic beverages also differ in the kind of buzz they provide to the cons…[View]
14173614I can't fucking decide. Should I get the Luca, or the Costata?[View]
14173907But what is it?[View]
14168665How does this image make you feel /ck/? Are mankind's eating habits even saveable at this poin…[View]
14172759Which one reigns supreme?![View]
14172282Do frogpeople really?[View]

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