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/ck/ - Food & Cooking

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16511427Redd's: Is it any good, anons?[View]
16509576Why do people say this shit is tasteless? It has plenty of flavor to me. Much better than diet soda.…[View]
16506063foods that TRIGGER /ck/[View]
16510034Are you actually supposed to eat the pork chop moon?[View]
16505043Do you get the nutrients you need every day?[View]
16508652Turned 21 yestarday: I got pic related as a gift, but what should I try? What do you like? What shou…[View]
16511752What are some ways to use hamburgers in cooking?[View]
16511622mashed potatoes or smashed potatoes?[View]
16506544apology breakfast: hey /ck/ trying to make an apology breakfast for parents, stuff happened but this…[View]
16510094what’re you drinking?[View]
16509961Oinky ears: I thought pig ears was for the doggy, only, guess not. https://www.chewy.com/nature-gnaw…[View]
16509246Give me the best Bolognese recipe you know of NOW[View]
16509770Who the fuck is paying this kinda money for kids portioned food?: Is this a scam? https://www.explor…[View]
16507043what would the perfect burger have on it for you ill go first >bread >mayonaise >onion >…[View]
16509160Is it possible to get a restaurant quality soda fountain for myself?[View]
16507021good food reviews and cooking channels: recommend me good food review channels and cooking channels …[View]
16510375I'm going camping and I'm bringing along a portable grill. What's some good stuff I c…[View]
16507031>Lazy pre-packaged / assembly-only grocery haul list ideas So far the only thing I've been a…[View]
16508932this is the best chicken sandwich of all fast food chains and its not even close >inb4 shill fuc…[View]
16502860la comida de américa del norte[View]
16511150salmiakki: why do americans hate it?[View]
16508494Never say it’s not possible to order a deep dish pizza with no sauce and no cheese and extra black o…[View]
16507528eating bacon[View]
16507017I just got some Lazeez Shawarma[View]
16509368>the main staple of Canada is a pile of greasy fries and nasty cheese slopped in gravy Why couldn…[View]
16504006It’s 8:30 in the morning. I just called in sick. I’m actually about to eat some hot pockets with dia…[View]
16507200pizza hut good or bad? my oipinion is good but greasy :([View]
16508990Is kiwi the most underrated fruit?[View]
16509547Croissants, English muffin or Bagels?: It's about time /ck/ got back to the basics.[View]
16509765What is the single best topping for mac?[View]
16507319Sometimes I like to put croutons in a bowl, drench them in ranch and eat it like a bowl of serial[View]
16510049Tick tock califags[View]
16506132Bros...: They're out[View]
16509843I would enjoy mayonnaise more if it was a different color. Purple perhaps?[View]
16510676what happened to them bros: these were the fucking pinnacle of beverage perfection. I would drink th…[View]
16510582Is cream brule easy to make or no?[View]
16510248Ta-tards: Years ago at a work dinner they served these potatoes what were I think boiled? Anyway the…[View]
16508113World's first lab-grown-meat factory opens in Israel: https://newatlas.com/science/worlds-first…[View]
16510390/ck/ home lab reports: Share any original recipes, techniques, or ideas as they come ITT[View]
16510302Could a fast food joint that only serves plant based food be successful?[View]
16507038I've been looking into nutritional composition of beverages and I've found something weird…[View]
16505311this shit's good[View]
16507658this is good stuff. why does it filter so many people?[View]
16509744Why is it so violently perfect[View]
16506175So apparently, the dish called 'quesadilla' in America is really a sincronizada, which are two flour…[View]
16509491For me, it's the humble burrito. Cheap, simple, full of delicious Mexican ingredients wrapped u…[View]
16505644What is your go to meal you can always rely on from a fast food place?[View]
16504128Tomato apologists always pretend there's some big mistery behind the tomato >Oh, you don…[View]
16509875i've been eating nothing but frozen meals for the past 3 months. yesterday was the first day i …[View]
16504469Tipps for Pizza?: How can I get a better taste in my pizza? it tastes 'bland' whenever i do it. Its …[View]
16509546I'm trying to get into this board, but the amount of food porn pics is too damn low. Show some …[View]
16509420Where do you get high quality/value baking chocolate? I've started a recipe that requires melte…[View]
16500422>If you have milk, flour and eggs, you can make this recipe >Don't recommend channel…[View]
16506429I can’t find J. Kenji López‘s main channel[View]
16508978Taster Menu at Engawa - London: Pics in order of dishes as presented[View]
16509129>UK government to ban free refills on soda, offers deals or discounts on any food or drink they d…[View]
16509615>can do this an infinite number of times Why should I cook and how do I not get fat…[View]
16509149Absolutely destroys all other brands and flavors: What do you think[View]
16508957What exactly is this? I doubt whatever is in it has ever touched a vodka and/or orange juice.[View]
16509647grill thing: Hey /ck/, I got a new grill, and it came with this thing. It's not anywhere in the…[View]
16502082>Steel Reserve OE etc being discontinued Milwaukee's Best Premium is being retired but its L…[View]
16506733wagecu/ck/ here I started a second job closing nights at a local pie parlor as a front of house staf…[View]
16507460Does anyone else thin their milk before drinking? It's just too thick otherwise.[View]
16495055newfag looking for help: hello lads, im a newfag from /fit/ whos about to move out to college and i …[View]
16506981Nutritionally, what's a good substitute for peas? Pinto beans? Something is broken in my brain …[View]
16504944rate my onion rings[View]
16508671For me it's grilled whole sardines. That canned shit's for fairyboys.[View]
16509173Why has this crap been forced on us? You can hardly enjoy anything sweet nowadays without that nasty…[View]
16505884Hello fellow /ck/efs. I think I have invented a cheat code to making near-instant curry sauce. To st…[View]
16506159What temp outside do I need to wait for before pot roast becomes a viable dish again? Feels like I’v…[View]
16503443Post foods with funny names[View]
16507885how did they do it?[View]
16502699anyone else regularly drink pine tea? it's honestly one of my favourite teas; very mild, evergr…[View]
16507408pizza pineapple[View]
16498857do you ever put cream cheese in your coffee?[View]
16506950What does /ck/ think of torrone?: Recipe dates back to Ancient Rome, still sold in stores.[View]
16506716I need to get some red wine for cooking. What wine do I buy? Normally I just cook Chinese and use xi…[View]
16509247What are some dishes you've made that have really impressed the ladies?[View]
16507090I'm leaving the industry: I have been a Chef for over 20 years. After this past year and a half…[View]
16508079Just bought this chicken gyros: Cost 2 yuros, what did I think of it /ck/?[View]
16508067>muh cross contamination shut up pussy[View]
16508543WTF is wrong with Aussies?![View]
16509073>bit of mould came about on your foodstuffs >screpe it off and put it back because the rest of…[View]
16505855Making Tacos w chili: I think my pressure pot is racist. Anyone knows a way to quickly soften avocad…[View]
16504695What does /ck/ think of Panera? I like going on my lunch break and getting the mediterranean veggie …[View]
16506986why is american bread so soft?[View]
16504997What to put in guacamole?: I'm making guacamole for the first time tomorrow. Think I've go…[View]
16509080Birthday Freebies Thread: Post the best free items you can get just for telling the wagie your birth…[View]
16508874Competitive Eating: I have recently been binge watching videos of competitive eaters. My personal fa…[View]
16507864Thanks to the anon who suggested I get walnut oil for my cutting board. Not only did it seal it up n…[View]
16507872What do you eat with ratatouille? It's only a side dish, right?[View]
16506314Post favorite mustard: go[View]
16508761>want to buy a salt box to give as a gift to a family member >want a nice rectangular one with…[View]
16496753Thoughts on the keto diet?[View]
16506437I got free food after having such a godawful year (college student, got scammed, unable to work for …[View]
16508329Apart from battering/frying it, how do you make this shit not completely boring?[View]
16473601/tea/: /tea/ This thread is for discussing tea, teaware, tisanes, and other herbal infusions. info: …[View]
16506811This really does taste like cheetos. Only not fresh cheetoes. This tastes exactly like that bit of c…[View]
16505940Why would you put two different kinds of pepperoni on a pizza?[View]
16505346Why Don't We Eat Pop-Quinoa?[View]
16493470Why do people put ketchup and mayonnaise on fries, but not on baked or mashed potatoes?[View]
16504097What buns do you prefer to use for homemade borgir? For me, it's the kaiser roll.[View]
16508146>how does /ck/ keep cheesecloth clean? I use this cheesecloth to strain about a pound of coffee g…[View]
16501827what kind of beans and rice do i get? everyone always says this is one of the best things to eat on …[View]
16505100water: does it have a taste? if so, what water has the best taste?[View]
16502280Why is flavored liquor so disgusting[View]
16501409Why so many fags here hate ketchup?[View]
16506682I made some tacos[View]
16504815>get urge to cook a Japanese dish >realize that I need a fuck load of weird ingredients like m…[View]
16505909Region-specific dishes you enjoy: What are some specific regional dishes from your area that you are…[View]
16497298I need something to do with ground beef that isn't hamburgers or box dinners. I've got clo…[View]
16508028The breakfast.[View]
16507940What is the best cheese for homestyle woodfired pizza?[View]
16505140What food have you harvested so far this year, /ck/?[View]
16502891I think I discovered how to stop cheese from going bad: For years I would wrap cheese as tightly as …[View]
16505950Picked these up from the dollar store. Give me some recommendations for what I can use them for. Spr…[View]
16506178Making Jalapeno poppers from Jalapenos I am growing, never had them before. what am I in for?[View]
16497297What the fuck am I supposed to eat with beer?[View]
16502694What's your go-to order?[View]
16504703i've been drinking and smoking weed too heavily and i need a serious detox. what are the best r…[View]
16505907I picked up some rhum: Any idea what I should do with it? Soda? Coffee? Milk with coffee and it? Thx…[View]
16504807OP makes a grilled cheese: I only hope it’s half as good as Ramsay’s[View]
16507461why can't i stop drinking this literal shit liquid?[View]
16488544Coffee: Why yes this is the only thing I add to my coffee why do you ask[View]
16503923Anyone else notice that all of Amazon's food products are terrible?: I tried some of their prod…[View]
165066185 minute mac n cheese: Is it any good? I'm going to the grocery store later and will pick up th…[View]
16507774Tumeric Cayanne Chicken Breast: Cooked on a Ninja Foodi. Made this up myself. Pretty spicy with a ni…[View]
16479195Japanese food is delicious.[View]
16506705are they really that much worse?[View]
16507093Favorite salads: Trying to lose weight and I had an autistic childhood that veggies are gross Just b…[View]
16505914Is it true that the smaller the menu, the better the restaurant?[View]
16506064Do you make fast food meals at home: I want to make pic related but idk how to make it as tasty :)…[View]
16503934Be real with a city dweller.: How much better does fish taste actually fresh? I'm talking, kill…[View]
16506570bought some really shitty bananas the other day[View]
16500894How is it so cheap? What are they hiding?[View]
16505097You look like you could use a pork bun.[View]
16505747im from B.C Canada found some luxury fruits, cheese, nutbread, and MEAT. who's feasting with me…[View]
16495668Uh... veganbros?[View]
16501668Say goodbye boys :( https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/molson-coors-discontinues-11-beers-162839039.htm…[View]
16493191I just want to eat hot dogs. Is that so wrong? This was the first image when I googled 'hot dog…[View]
16505329What's the verdict?[View]
16505088Pu'erh is the true patrician's tea[View]
16504669I found this cast iron at the side of the road. Anybody recognize the logo? Can't make it out u…[View]
16506612I was lied to. Ice cream is a great breakfast.[View]
16506700>make a post about how im a culinary anthropologist who orders hamburgers and fries from chinese …[View]
16502787What makes ketchup on hotdogs taboo?[View]
16504586Who else here eats them as intended?[View]
16505799>order a hotdog >it contains pork for no reason…[View]
16505290I have a fuckton of cooked lentils in the fridge, what should I do w them?[View]
16496528Vegetables and nutrition?: I am have a pseudo health food freak sister who has been saying shit like…[View]
16496106All red wine tastes exactly the same to me, and it's not a particularly good taste. What am I d…[View]
16502872/fa/ck/: What do you wear in the kitchen, at home and at work? What would you recommend Anons try, a…[View]
16504338Post recipes that can be made far simpler with less ingredients or are just very simple to make. Exa…[View]
16505662Why don't you own your own apiary?[View]
16502767What's the best way to reheat leftover steak?[View]
16506488when you find yourself presented with a chicken pot pie, do you go spoon or fork? pic unrelated[View]
16506128potato: what are some good recipes for potatoes? i have a big bag and want some good ideas[View]
16505813Expensive Dishes that are Cheap to Make: Ok, I'm always interested in making dishes that would …[View]
16506417Anyone else like eating cheese with coffee?specifically cheddar cheese.[View]
16506026What are the pros of frying with lard rather than oil?[View]
16506317have you ever had a salt overdose? one time i ate so many chocolate covered pretzels and olives stuf…[View]
16502565If you make macaroni and cheese but use shell pasta is it still macaroni and cheese?[View]
16501824What are your absolute best summer recipes?[View]
16506189Indian/Chinese fusion?: I hear in Kolkata India there's a lot of food that's half Indian h…[View]
16504215Why does pork come in so many fewer cuts than steak? There are so many different kinds of steak, rib…[View]
16504152Regular hot dog in Brazil Back there is a little quail egg[View]
16505129Anyone ever use these? I don't.[View]
16502013Is this Ramsay's Knorr moment?[View]
16504946I don't like Wendy's bean soup, there's not any Chili Peppers[View]
16505999Does anyone else like cooking scrambled eggs over really high heat so the eggs are firm? Everyone o…[View]
16505027how are they?: i need a low calorie, low sugar sweet treat bros. what are your go-2s?[View]
16501219/knives/: What is the best knives you can get for the price? I don't want some coomsumer overpr…[View]
16497524Best food for hardmode car camping: Imagine you're forced to live out of your car without any r…[View]
16504040>spend and hour cooking a delicious dinner meal for gf >mixing spices looking for a balanced f…[View]
16504738quads: what are the odds of this? my chicken has two assholes so this was expected but wow this vaul…[View]
16501921Vindaloo is the highest acceptable level of heat, everything above that overpowers the flavors.[View]
16503622What's up with this new right wing meme that 'seed oils' are bad for you and are one of the roo…[View]
16499896>buy burger >has tomato[View]
16505494>enhances your chicken[View]
16505336For me, it's pig shit pipes. A food fit for kings![View]
16503010what the fuck[View]
16499417How do I stop these guys drying out in the microwave?[View]
16499514min/maxing food is based[View]
16493640/beer/: Thread to discuss lagers, ales, and everything in between. Had my first taste of Trappist al…[View]
16500127This is one of the best beers I've ever tasted in my life. Quite refreshing.[View]
16502040My wife and I found these on the shelves of a local bodega. They expired last January. What am I in …[View]
16503005MSG is God Salt: MSG is the ultimate cooking red pill. I have vegan friends I cook for and throw som…[View]
16505428Home canned beans: Why do people do that when storing dried beans take less space and probably lasts…[View]
16500733Is chicken and rice THE quintessential human meal?[View]
16501734What is the secret to making a successful food business and then turning it into the next McDonald…[View]
16502267for me, its ungins[View]
16504139>https://www.foodandwine.com/news/molson-coors-discontinued-beers >Miller High Life Light >…[View]
16505257Xman & Co: Sup /ck/, I've had a few whiskeys and I'm watching this lil' Nigga on …[View]
16503471>go into local Chinese bakery (85 degrees) >its literally all European (predominately French) …[View]
16503682is this actually good?: Townseeds straight up took an Onion, baked it and then ate it Has anyone her…[View]
16495798Stop buying faggy and unhealthy 'himalayan' pink salt[View]
165048861-soft boiled egg 2-runny poached egg 3-omelette with cheese and mushrooms and ham and all sorts o…[View]
16504631>medium steak Check >mushroom >check >‘chip Fucking check Yeah I’m thinking it’s lu…[View]
16503150candied lime slices: made some candied lime today[View]
16505024Well done steak, white rice, fried garlic, fried mushrooms, fried onions, all in a mayonnaise sauce.…[View]
16504312Seriously though, how do I stop rice from foaming like this? I wash and I rinse and wash and mix 10 …[View]
16504547What do moldy peanuts look like? I opened a shell and the interior was white and fuzzy. Am i trippin…[View]
16504476What are your tortilla secrets?[View]
16503467I asked people for help making my Costco bulgogi the other night and after trying myself, this is wh…[View]
16503134and wallah just like that you have the perfect salad[View]
16504806EAT STEAK: Eat steak, eat steak eat a big ol' steer. Eat steak, eat steak do we have one dear? …[View]
16495654Millennials ruin everything: Not sure if this belongs in /ck/ or /v/. Do you guys have a 'Barcade' i…[View]
16504640lob on a cob[View]
16503713Lemons: I love lemons. Nothing beats lemons. Feeling down? Eat some lemons. Drink some lemons. You d…[View]
16503705This shit is soo good lads[View]
16503023Is there a difference between Hot sauce and buffalo sauce?[View]
16503912I need help deciding what I should eat. I have decided that being yelled at and insulted and told my…[View]
16493660Am I the only one who exercise just for the sake of eating whatever shit I want ?[View]
16503578ITT: Restaurants: I am the snobbiest person I know. I've eaten at so many restaurants, from hig…[View]
16498698What would you rather go the rest of your life without, bread or potatoes?[View]
16504332for me, its budweiser, the best worst beer[View]
16498951Why is hospital food so unpalatable? How do we make it taste good?[View]
16504385The foundations have been laid. The architect begins his long, arduous task.[View]
16502802Hey guys, I need input. As my first Python computer project, I'm planning to make a small progr…[View]
16503328Are seed oils that bad for you? I've been cooking with them daily for years Have I fucked up my…[View]
16504165What would you expect from a place like this?[View]
16467536Coffee Time General: Is it bad for you? edition >What ya drinking? >Where's it from? >…[View]
16502902Does anyone else here have an abnormal eating schedule or crash really hard after eating? How does i…[View]
16501747>making steak for gf's family >salt it beforehand to soak in >season with salt on outs…[View]
16503601Thinking about getting a Zinger stacker meal. Thoughts?[View]
16501081Blood dishes in your country/culture: This is a thread to see how common it is to see blood used in …[View]
16499584What is the best thing to dip store bought potato chips into?[View]
16504012For me, it's Coronita[View]
16503688My dad and I are trying to make tahini.: First attempt failed miserably. We put the sesame seeds on …[View]
16503901What should I get for lunch?: Taco bell or Indian Food?[View]
16502080Real medicine: What's the most healthy food in the world? I am trying to fix my liver and the r…[View]
16503424ketchup is not meant to be overly sweet: this is just some amerifag shit because they have to pump s…[View]
16503119>ordering groceries online >they're out of broccoli >they're out of carrots >t…[View]
16503639>why yes I’m finished with my pizza[View]
16503453How does it filter 98% of the world's population?[View]
16500723For me? Well for me it's gotta be the Michelada[View]
16502936I’ve seen a lot of people recently saying takis is not how they used to be and I’m starting to agree…[View]
16500957im european and dont really understand what kosher salt is. is it salt flakes?[View]
16494263Tuna Salad: What can you add to tuna salad in addition to the standard ingredients?[View]
16503190Would it be rude to decline?[View]
16503721What are the best dishes to feed 20 people /ck/? I'm currently on a college trip and in the din…[View]
16502154i WILL eat these tendies from pope yes[View]
16503567Why are donuts so good?: I can easily eat 3,000 kcal of these in one sitting, but struggle to eat 1,…[View]
16498822For me, it's Habanero Tabasco[View]
16502255I bought some imported italian parmagianno and have been eating it straight from the block is this o…[View]
16503468The breakfast.[View]
16499214Does this shit have caffine in it?[View]
16489780Was Paul Newman really big enough back then to warrant having his own food brand?[View]
16502742Just got a dutch oven and want to make some pot roast. I know the basics, but want some opinions and…[View]
16493416I just ate this, what kind of mushroom is it?[View]
16503367Shandy: I've been drinking too much, and I'm trying to cut down drastically and my plan is…[View]
16501605why are they so good bros[View]
16503227I love sandwiches. Post your favorite sandwich and sandwich recipes and crazy sandwich ideas![View]
16498598Indian food tastes pretty good but why does so much of it look like puke[View]
16503017why does zinc make me so fucking horny holy shit?: I'm on my 45th day of not ejaculating and no…[View]
16490325Is Coors Banquet the best of the 'regular' American beers? I like Budweiser and Miller High Life too…[View]
16502986This isn’t just a burger. This is a Declaration of Delicious. Two juicy, 100% beef patties with Amer…[View]
16501761Excuse me, what is this? Maybe I've never paid attention, but this liquid came out of thr cut c…[View]
16499277/Wok/ general: Get in here, wokbros.[View]
16497266Try to find a flaw besides the box art. You can't.[View]
16501900the perfect beverage doesn't exi-[View]
16499851PIZZA: thin or thick crust?: Do you prefer thin or thick crust for your pizza? Here's my opinio…[View]
16500667holy shit, nutbros...[View]
16502421What are the best toppings for hot dogs?[View]
16500510This is the pinnacle of alcohol flavor. Nothing tastes better than this without giving me a world cl…[View]
16499451Explain the piece of butter on a toast thing? Is it just for aesthetics or do people actually do thi…[View]
16499823I recently tried Irish butter for the first time and it's clearly superior to the typical Ameri…[View]
16493420Watch me cook tonight[View]
16498289>the best tool for the job >peeling boiled potato…[View]
16502172>bread is actually a pretty good side to breadfruit whoa[View]
16501850Creamy Buffalo Sauce: Does /ck/ always have some in their fridge? Looks tasty[View]
16496178>Ah premium slop[View]
16501568Pinikpikan: Has anyone ever had pinikpikan? It's made by repeatedly bashing a live chicken with…[View]
16502041>bought a plate of gyro and fries with pita >much bigger than I expected >made a sandwich w…[View]
16501053How the fuck do people get iron without eating absolutely obscene amounts of iron-rich foods? Every …[View]
16501891Eggs: I buy organic free range eggs and they are a pale yellow. Since the supermarket didn't ha…[View]
16500095So, it turns out you can order sandwiches off of Alibaba. Only problem is they come in packs of 1x 2…[View]
16496604what lvl cook/chef are you currently?[View]
16496798anyone else spend an embarrassingly large amount whenever they get fast food?[View]
16500737I have been to 21 steak houses in the us north east in the past 2 years. I only order chicken tender…[View]
16501932House Blends: I am looking to create another house blend to add to my arsenal. What are some herbs a…[View]
16501798so I've recently starting eating raw eggs yolks how likelu am i to get sick from doing this? i …[View]
16497246>Makes coffee taste god-tier in your path Fuck black coffee and if you drink it black then you h…[View]
16500713Overrated/Underrated /ck/ edition: Name one thing that is overrated and one that is underrated. Coul…[View]
16498736due to health complications with my heart I can't really exercise to lose weight and I've …[View]
16499758Guess my sausage: Just bought this beauty, can you guess from what country it is, or even what kind …[View]
16497720How do I broil a steak without fucking it up? Explain it like I'm retarded and have never used …[View]
16495384No Bacon in California?: https://apnews.com/article/lifestyle-business-health-california-coronavirus…[View]
16500474what's worse zero monster or non-alcoholic beer?[View]
16500183pancakes: >wake up with quarter annual pancake hunger >spend five minutes mixing up flour, sod…[View]
16490383have the japs perfected breakfast?[View]
16500826Prepare For Lockdown, Panic Buying And Food Shortages: What frozen food and food with long shelf lif…[View]
16500000>the pizza has barbecue sauce >mfw[View]
16498360/PGPIDG/ Preground pepper is disgusting general: I had no choice but to eat some stew made with an e…[View]
16498103matje bismarck raucherlachs mm mm good[View]
16501399Pestle bowl: So I bought this kuradori Granite and pestle bowl but I wondered when I grind up herbs …[View]
16501678how do you like your mac and cheese? do you buy it in a box or do it home made?[View]
16501601Why are cheap chips always better than expensive chips?[View]
16499418Is mayo sriracha any good?[View]
16501597>toast >bacon >eggs >hashbrowns >martinelli's apple juice >coffee (iced in th…[View]
16499878ihop horton hears a who pancakes[View]
16499488I think we're a scone now.: There doesn't seem to be any yeast around. I think we're …[View]
16500355When’s the last time you had some good solid mall teriyaki?[View]
16499557Retard here, why can't I just grind my coffee beans and boil them just like how I boil my tea l…[View]
16501289i made muffins using lard instead of butter and they were delicious[View]
16501271Chicken seasoning: What are you favorite chicken seasonings for an easy weeknight meal? >Not look…[View]
16501363fast ramen?: share some tips anon. here's my take. 1) fast stock: meat and vegetables (1 to 2h…[View]
16491715Mr. Brown's canned coffee: This shit is so good.[View]
16492505/deenz/: canned fish general: Kipper edition. How do you like your canned fish? Me? I’ve taken a fo…[View]
16499699Cheeky brekkie at work[View]
16499753Look Basically I'm just not gonna dip it (my sushi in soy) I know... UGH I know.... I'm so…[View]
16495324I just ate an entire bag of plums: Am I going to be okay?[View]
16499318Where the fuck can I buy some rye flour in ameriburg that isn't little baby 1-2 lb bags. I used…[View]
16501003alright /ck/orean bros, i know you're out there. what's the right call? using gukgangjang …[View]
16500586just copped some pre-fried tofu. What should I do with it?[View]
16497041Why was middle class American food in the 50s and 60s so atrocious? They ate things that would viola…[View]
16499555What can you tell me about the durian?[View]
16500820>Recipe calls for himalayan pink salt >Only have kosher salt and cypriot pyramid salt Which on…[View]
16499421Recs for no more sugar: I want to put myself through a 'sugar withdrawal' where I get sick and hate …[View]
16499936Dishes/Desserts including warm weather fruits: Visiting my sister in a couple of weeks here. She liv…[View]
16500882Pork tune: Join in. Seasoned with >pink Himalayan >black pepper >garlic granules >thy…[View]
16500851IT'S FOOKIN' MELTED!!![View]
16500842how close are frozen empernaders to the real thing?[View]
16499040Care for some vanilla ice cream with balsamic vinegar on it, Anon?[View]
16500735What can I do with cacao powder aside from hot chocolate?[View]
16500773>$4.00 for a 20oz bag of rye flour Is this how (((people before profits))) works?…[View]
16499917Do you bake your meat first and then add wine to reduce so that it gets a better crispy crust, or do…[View]
16498303name a better pickle protip: you can't[View]
16498668What ingredients go into your hobo packet, anon?[View]
16496950Cookalong thread: Sup /ck/, we're gonna cook some fucking FOOD. And I don't mean ask your …[View]
16499585Burger I made a while ago, thoughts?[View]
16494217I dare somebody to post a better looking grilled cheese[View]
16499990would you eat[View]
16499275I made a pie /ck[View]
16495959*works perfectly since 30000 bc*[View]
16500344Flavours That Divide Families: >pickle pie[View]
16500278so when I was in Taiwan I had the best fucking rice bowl ever. It was the perfect blend of cold, cru…[View]
16500359McDonald's app Good Boy Points: I downloaded the app and want to learn how it works and how one…[View]
16499953Wine: What is the main difference between the cheapest booze wine and the chad 300 year old wine fro…[View]
16498914How small do tomatoes have to be so you can eat them without chewing?[View]
16499455if only you knew how bad things are[View]
16492281Japanese Knives: Where my weebs at? What Japanese knives do you use and how do you keep them sharp?…[View]
16499533Thoughts? I like using this for most things to replace salt, a vegan friend introduced me to it.[View]
16497558Cookbook w SIMPLE Plant Based Recipes (Honesteading, Gardening): Looking for a nice cookbook that co…[View]
16500185who /radagastredvelvet/ here?[View]
16491442Delicious Shoestring recipes: Poor fag here Post your best shoestring recipes[View]
16500239What am I meant to put in/serve calzones with? Right now I'm typically just putting a layer of …[View]
16500190>Only ever drink coffee black, actually enjoy the bitterness >Can never eat sweet foods at all…[View]
16498916I inherited a jar of pic rel. It has an english language sticker slapped on it, but it's the wr…[View]
16499951I just got an idea after brushing my teeth Mint cola Mouthwash + coca cola original The mouthwash co…[View]
16497673What is wrong with boomers and food: >father is over to visit for the day >i decide to make a …[View]
16498002Is airfrying a meme?: What are the downsides to it in terms of nutrition? I just know the food won…[View]
16497827Nutella sucks balls[View]
16500008When to use butter/oil?: Yo everyone, I've been trying to learn how to cook but I often misuse …[View]
16497614Anyone know what im supposed to do with this stuff?[View]
16494623sad to say it: I go to bed looking forward to the next day cus I will have another 1,900 calories to…[View]
16483519Flyover Cuisine: What are some peak flyover dishes? Stuff that really screams unsophisticated, unedu…[View]
16499844jimmy johns: >only has mayonnaise is this place serious? which 350 lb executive thought this was…[View]
16499893i dislike portafilter espresso makers because they aren't automated enough and I'm a stron…[View]
16496408>cooks your food with glue and lighter fluid[View]
16499717NECTAR OF THE GODS[View]
16498451Official Chili Pepper Power Rankings: 1. Thai 2. Scotch Bonnet 3. Serrano 4. Guajillo 5. Fresno 6. A…[View]

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