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14930150post the things that you cook the most[View]
14931735How come I spend so much on groceries but the food I want is never in the refrigerator when I open i…[View]
14930319what can i make from a pack of frozen hot dogs, a tub of sour cream and a pack of gyro wraps?[View]
14933310what do you think of her recipes?[View]
14921700/sip/ thread NEW SIPS edition: No /sip/ thread? Let's change that, boys. What are you sipping? …[View]
14930049Is this Thing Worth Eating?: Is pengolin any good? Are the scales good tasting and crunchy? What…[View]
14931028What's the best meal you ever had?: Mine would be this lobster place in Maine. Had a salad bar …[View]
14933010I just spend a buck on a cucumber. Remind me why I did that.[View]
14930295>implying they aren't called cheese toasties >implying they aren't called crisps …[View]
14920506hey anon, you should pack yourself a nice lunch and go someplace nice to eat it, because you deserve…[View]
14932414Why are the Italians the only ones who get mad at others for insulting their food? (do other people …[View]
14932767How can you have 5 meals a day without going bankrupt[View]
14931790What does 'simmer' mean to you?[View]
14929330UK anons, is Frosty Jack's actually passable quality for the money?[View]
14930666I ate 12 Twinkies today. I also had a bucket of fried chicken and 3 lemons. Please cu/cks, I need so…[View]
14931539What are you guys havin for dinner, i'm boiling up me a steak![View]
14927736Do you lick the lid of your yogurt ?[View]
14925215Thoughts on the CA burrito?[View]
14923139We do things different here in Ohio[View]
14927959ITT: shameless fast food gimmicks[View]
14932830I made and ate honey garlic chicken and sweet potatoes last night, and this morning I woke up and I …[View]
14932445I used my deep fryer in my small apartment but when I cooked chicken in it, I notciced that my eyes …[View]
14932678biscuits and gravy with aprikot jam, jummy[View]
14931781Do tomatoes belong in Aglio e Olio?[View]
14932266It's officially suppe season. What are you cooking?[View]
14930921ITT: Fast Food Stories: Share your fast food stories /ck/[View]
14930025The Great Debate[View]
14931381for me, it's chicken cordon bleu[View]
14932551What's /ck/ watching today? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HV8FPk5qN9k https://www.youtube.com…[View]
14932368Cheeze it's It's Toasted[View]
14932360Why can't I eat as much salt as I want? I drink plenty of water and take caffeine.[View]
14927720Food & Cooking Hacks: What are some cool and creative ways of cooking and making food?[View]
14927785Omelettes: Ok, so I've gotten pretty good at these despite my shitty stove being at an incline …[View]
14932476Would you?[View]
14931964I call it spagheggi[View]
14924254>eating burger too quickly >bite finger really hard…[View]
14932364Grain: What do I do with all this grain it's getting old.[View]
14932304How do I make chifir and how do I maximise the effects?[View]
14932020Local Restaurant Archtypes: >First gen asian immigrant own and ran >Primarily burgers and teri…[View]
14932202foods to wake me up? i have to be at work in 3 hours. its a physical labor job[View]
14926214>fish and chips comes up between me and two friends >tell them I know this place that has the …[View]
14923518Chili: If your chili doesn't have beans in it, its not chili. Its a sloppy joe sandwich without…[View]
14923212>That will be $12, sir[View]
14932153Cheetos: >open new bag >smells exactly like what my piss smells like after I dump a ripe 2 day…[View]
14929139What's your favorite instant ramen? I'm partial to Maruchan Instant Lunch Hot & Spicy…[View]
14931460How can i make the best rice? One that even asians would be jealous?[View]
14930095What y'all doing for thanksgiving?: I got mine settled already.[View]
14932135Natural BBQ: I hope you aren't still using a shitty non flavor enchancing grill anons[View]
14931093>That'll be 7 million dollars[View]
14932172Lunch /ck/, you? (The white stuff is chicken salad)[View]
14932147Are Poke Bowls Better than Sushi Rolls?: Are they tastier? Are they overall more worth it?[View]
14931858I loved Subway's red wine vinaigrette but haven't been able to find one that has it in yea…[View]
14931216This shit is deceptively strong: I was watching a movie and it was pretty dark in the room. My wife …[View]
14931937Would you drink elephant poo gin?[View]
14931423Halloween foods: I'm surprised this isn't already a thread (or maybe I've missed them…[View]
14931917Based Curry Chef: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUesLbKX1bA What's your favourite curry dish?…[View]
14931499Unpopular opinion: In my opinion beanie weenies, should be considered BBQ for 2 reasons as I will li…[View]
14931734Crazy weed high food stories.: No it's not Taco bell. sorry to disappoint, i'm canadian T…[View]
14930713what are other food's equivalents to the cherry on top?[View]
14923887This is home made gnocchi in a cream Sauce I made with bacon, spinach and Parmesan. It’s great, my w…[View]
14930452American Barbecue Showdown: Honestly this was the best and most wholesale cooking contest show I…[View]
14931484A comestible that contains over 50% added water, by weight, should be considered a beverage, not a f…[View]
14930979Which Sippe: I feel like taking a sippe after homework as well as job. Which should I sippe tonight?…[View]
14931496How do you cook your chicken and to what temp?[View]
14926910Culver's hate thread: Drove through Midwest a couple months back and stopped at culvers. Litera…[View]
14931421EAT YOUR GREENS: Eat your GREENS motherfucker. EAT UR GODDAMN GREENS YOU PUSSY ASS BITCH. https://ww…[View]
14930843I'm making enchiladas[View]
14922708I can’t take it any more. I just need someone to tell me what knife to buy as a mediocre home chef t…[View]
14931380ITT which food / foodstuff do you think is overrated? for me it's steak. even if the steak is h…[View]
14930982The absolute chad of unitaskers. All others should just hang it up and go home[View]
14929584MPW's IG account feels like such a boomer account, I feel more like a stalker than a fan follow…[View]
14923149If you could have only one spice, what would it be? For me, it's gotta be cinnamon.[View]
14924757How do I learn to appreciate vodka?: The memes were right, it really does taste like dilute hand san…[View]
14929534what are chewy things i can eat on the reg to make my jaw stronger?[View]
14929919Why does big panettone keep making threads on this board and advertising? There is no way in hell an…[View]
14923957Is there any food you refrain from eating? Why?: I try not to eat much tuna. It's full of mercu…[View]
14928335Got pic related and not sure what to use it with. Any suggestions?[View]
14930797I'm going to get fast food for dinner. Do I get carls junior, wendy's or burgerking?[View]
14928449Best foods to prepare for lunch?: Starting a new job soon and want to save a bit of money. Im a poor…[View]
14930761>Stinks up the entire fucking house for 10 hours >Smell rises >Smell farts for fucking 10 h…[View]
14925418Caesar Salad Thread: Alright anons, let's talk Caesar salad. What's the best brand of dres…[View]
14930737Do you ever catch/eat goldfish, /ck/? Apparently my state's rivers have a wild population of th…[View]
14923358Not being fat has nothing to do with willpower and everything to do with breaking your physical addi…[View]
14930323Licorice: Discuss. Did I choose correctly? Tried to get some salmiakki (in shorter than a month and …[View]
14929141https://youtu.be/ZMaW6TamNAc Why American food has way more additives than European?[View]
14930916italian pizza chef likes nyc pizza: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8V0WYS-f7I inherently doubtful,…[View]
14929688Wouldn't it be much cheaper to buy a 200g bottle of their hot sauce for $20? The sauce amount t…[View]
14921283Disney World: Going in a few days, looking for any and all food recommendations.[View]
14926686Is this goddamn son of a bitch back yet. Mother fuckers were the only reason to go to McDonald'…[View]
14930400Post your most recent kitchen purchase. Glasses.[View]
14929627It shows the people around you that you have a lot of taste if you always order your water with lemo…[View]
14929473Ah time for some LaBatts eh bros?[View]
14930529you are stealing electricity and wifi when you don't buy something.[View]
14930606/sip/: finally found it sipbros its delicious late nite /sip/[View]
14930596Why are all good <$5 wines from California?[View]
14925557>he buys salted butter[View]
14926547Rate my pizza m8s[View]
14921432You have ten seconds to prove cast iron skillets aren't just a meme[View]
14922924'impress me, Anon!' What do you cook?[View]
14930059Who else here /nofood/[View]
14926373At work on Friday, my coworker was talking about how happy he was that his mother was visiting on th…[View]
14930123Do you use any delivery services? If you do, how often and for what foods?[View]
14919738Well, I’ve been holding out longer than other anons, and have continually denied that things have re…[View]
14928679Is it normal for 'fresh milk' to taste sour? Is it still safe to drink?[View]
14924674>recipe starts with a 3 paragraph blogpost[View]
14921686Why Fast Food When: Why go to mcdonalds and pay two dollars plus tax for a double cheeseburger when …[View]
14929749ring shaped dumplings[View]
14913777Hangover Cravings: I'm hungover af, and skipped breakfast so I'm eating a glorious deathpl…[View]
14929649Anyone want else /knorpilled/? I watched Marco's Knor shill videos for the memes and tried it o…[View]
14924565>Beautiful... the cheese is melted[View]
14929953Recipes for cocoa?: So, I happen to get a reasonable amount of pure cocoa powder available, and I cu…[View]
14929581sauce vs stock pot: is there any difference between a sauce and stock pot? looking for a non-stick t…[View]
14928507today's Adam video is the 3rd time he's been seen with a visible cut on his hands but ok k…[View]
14922916>shit i forgot the salt lets see if you know how to solve this little issue…[View]
14912169Chili: Alright we're settling this. Should chili have beans in it?[View]
14921592he's actually pretty comfy[View]
14929458do you dip french fries in your frosty?[View]
14928243L. A. Beast: based or cringe?[View]
14929327meat for a family: How much is a reasonable amount to spend per week on meat for a family of four (T…[View]
14926898are chinese cleavers a meme knife? why do some swear by them? ive tried handling one before and its…[View]
14929415How to brew Japanese craft beer: I’m starting to make beer at home and I wanna learn how to make Jap…[View]
14929452Why is food so expensive in the northern territories?[View]
14923523Who uses ice anyway. I'm using granite rocks and it's amazing[View]
14929752As you should know, a common way to make pasta sauces in Italy is to simply saute ingredients in oli…[View]
14921742I want to try indian food. Can you recommend me some dishes to try?[View]
14923709My prime rib game > yours[View]
14929675The absolute state of Ragusea: >this specific and different way of cooking rice is the reason I d…[View]
14925454Seahorses: Are seahorses edible? What do they taste like? How would you even go about cooking someth…[View]
14926369What's in your freezer /ck/[View]
14927292i was gonna cook some salmon in the oven about a week ago but i fell asleep and forgot to turn the o…[View]
14929003Circus candy peanuts: Spoon feed me on these little delights. Why is everybody so giddie about them?…[View]
14923837Due to your many years of eating food without saying grace, God has decided to turn you into food as…[View]
14923985For me it is the chicken Parmesan, the best hot sandwich.[View]
14928330>snot in rock who the fuck came up with the idea of eating these?[View]
14921998Why do people still eat carbs nowadays? It depletes you of energy, makes you miserable, makes you mo…[View]
14923008What's your favorite dish from the Redwall cookbook, anon?: For me it's shrimp'n…[View]
14926146Hey /ck/, if i offered you pheasant would you rather have grouse?[View]
14920986Why does American chocolate smell like vomit? Do they really not notice it?[View]
14925483I miss going to the diner at 2AM drunk as a skunk: Pic related[View]
14923562Subway memes teach us all how to be better customers https://thetakeout.com/subway-memes-teach-us-al…[View]
14928096>favourite pasta brand me, pasta zara. reasons? semi cheap, tastes good and has a cute blonde gir…[View]
14926861Ma Ling Luncheon meat: Just bought that at my Asian supermarket. How does it compare to spam? And be…[View]
14925348What did you eat for sunday's breakfast? You did eat big to end the week with, right?[View]
14923360Jars: My grandmother remarried to a Russian guy when I was very little so she got into the world of …[View]
14925526Gramigna alla salsiccia is objectively the best pasta dish.[View]
14929151how can you critique his lack of basic cooking skills when the tire company gave him clout stars?[View]
14925434Sold 200 lbs of chicken wings tonight boys. Most popular flavors were mild buffalo and garlic buffal…[View]
14927380Airfryer: Redpill me on this thing, I've been grilling most of my adult life, and am not fat, b…[View]
14927964Eternal DC Food and Restaurants Thread: Los Hermanos edition[View]
14926806Whenever I feel like a good cup of cringe I always turn to this guy. I used to watch his China stuf…[View]
14925956I am forgotten.[View]
14928094What's the secrets to fantastic meatyloaf /ck/?[View]
14928313Have you checked out your fridge yet?[View]
14928501Well, /ck/? What's the verdict?[View]
14927851what's your favorite restaurant lemonade /ck/? For me, it's MOD Pizza.[View]
14926625>move to a different country from america >eat as shit as I ever did >lose like 50 pounds i…[View]
14928533Made sausage fried rice and hanu beef > Bit of burnt soy, chilli and green onion oil, garlic, gin…[View]
14926102Now, I'm sure many of you have encountered little shits in supermarkets. Little kids running ab…[View]
14926716Can I still eat these pork chops? The last use date was yesterday which is 12.5 hours ago now. They …[View]
14926835What is your favourite type of breakfast?[View]
14925715>leave Laffy Taffy to me[View]
14928155Rate my lunch /ck/ Homemade sofritas Carrots Red Onion Green onion Corn Beans Truffle oil[View]
14920075One of my local gas stations is selling Makers Mark for less then $10 for a 375 ml. Its $16 everywhe…[View]
14925465Why did they change the name?[View]
14925417what does /ck/ use to crack their crab? this is my walnut cracker i have used for crab forever. my g…[View]
14927113Mmmmmmmmmmm.Cabbbage soup[View]
14925719This is chili from Wendy's. With seasoning and cracker. What am I in for, /ck/?[View]
14927592ow am i supposed to get my hands on a lifetime supply of cheap chocolate? hershey is too expensive[View]
14925503How old is this McDonalds?: It's recently semi modernized by the paint but how old do you it is…[View]
14927796Fried Chicken: >go to my friend Tay Tay's house when I'm 18 >Mother makes fried chic…[View]
14923929whats a good way to heat butter to a spreadable temperature in a swift fashion? I know I could have …[View]
14925296White trash chain restaurants: Why do rednecks and white trash love these places. It's so funny…[View]
14923056What is the final boss of candy and other sweets?[View]
14927211>order large iced vanilla latte >3 shots of espresso, 6 pumps of vanilla Order large hot vanil…[View]
14920189Why are their Fries so Shit?: All the fast food fries are better than they are[View]
14924124'No salt fries': Fuck all these faggots to death. I've been getting unsalted bland fries from e…[View]
14921316French 'cuisine': >Le stick of butter in every dish >Le stinky cheese and whole cream >le s…[View]
14926312For me, it’s a Chick-Fil-A car date.[View]
14925045Rate my dinner[View]
14926288>bad nut in the nutmix It's like eating mold[View]
14926940Look, having kimchi — my uncle was a great sous chef and home cook and fermenter, Chef Don Ramsay at…[View]
14923589how do i make a simple salad please? i dont eat meat/eggs[View]
14926338Do you like shaped bread shapes with tomatoes?[View]
14924678What Region of Italy has the best Food?: Northern around Milan and Venice? In the Tuscany region? Ar…[View]
14923984I can't stop eating this trash and I don't even like spicy food to begin with. What the fu…[View]
14923041What's with Americans and putting corn syrup in everything?[View]
14924868Dish pit bitch good?: Thinking about becoming a dishwasher for a few days a week on the weekend. Do …[View]
14909848italian chefs rip into adam ragusea: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xFttqgiRyU how long will it ta…[View]
14923276ITT great menu items that were discontinued: >popeyes deep fried double stuf oreos >rip…[View]
14926798So yeah.. - here is something new: > fish > rice > vegetable Create something and post. Don…[View]
14924814How valuable would spices be in a dystopian world?: Let's say meat becomes rare and humans have…[View]
14924077This is the only hot sauce I have :([View]
14924943What are some 'marginal' fish - ie, fish that are perfectly edible, but which are not cons…[View]
14926642leftovers more like KINOvers[View]
14926021Poke Bowls are SUPERIOR to Sushi Rolls.: Poke bowls are superior because they have a lot more ingred…[View]
14925405Favorite horse'dourvse?: For me its garlic aeoli infused tuna tartar with whole wheat biscuits…[View]
14925306bros... I...[View]
14924252Animal testicle thread What's your favorite animal testicle dish? For me it's goat balls.[View]
14926067>increases your dining experience by approximately 150%[View]
14925710How to Motivate Myself to Learn to Cook?: Anyone here ever struggle with getting motivation to learn…[View]
14926130No Ice-Cream Truck comes down my street. How do I get the Ice-Cream Truck only Ice-Cream?[View]
14924073eat raw meat[View]
14921771What does beating an egg, then pouring it into my instant ramen broth do?[View]
14922899what protein can you add to pasta that doesnt need to be refrigerated/frozen? something nonperishabl…[View]
14923977>buy frozen durian from chink Market >make durian shake with mango >sludge smells and taste…[View]
14926246should i get a honing steel for my shitty chef knife? or will i chop veggies and chicken just about …[View]
14922014I have a $15 uber eats credit if I spend $20. What extravagant $20 meal should i get?[View]
14921048hey /ck/! Anyone have a vacuum sealer? Thinking about getting one for preserving things and maybe do…[View]
14926110>ITT: extremely regional foods near you. my 2 favorites are Pittsburg hot links, pic related, an…[View]
14922997>tricks you to thinking you have more drink than you really do >presses against your lips and …[View]
14925477My first time making a 'fancy' burger: What do you guys think of it? It tasted pretty good[View]
14924028outta the way, milanofaggots[View]
14925973Alright /ck/ tomorrow's monday so I gotta get groceries for the week. I wanna get something I c…[View]
14924654Are there any region-exclusive food items that you really want to try but have no possible way of ob…[View]
14915495Thoughts on the Bang brand?[View]
14924546Why is indian food all sloppas?[View]
14921988I have three ripe Camemberts sitting in my fridge, can you folks recommend me some ways to cook them…[View]
14925652Sunday Roasts With Gordon Ramsay: >1:59 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-HUJyBzw70…[View]
14925889Have you taken the ice tea pill? https://youtu.be/niUKqFngYNQ[View]
14922895Dutchfag here: Why do american apple pies look so much tastier than dutch apple pies? Are they tasti…[View]
14923963Food Mandela Effect: Food Mandela Effect thread. I swear to god this place was called Hardees when I…[View]
14922512Sour candy: Find a fucking flaw.[View]
14924867This is the only wing place in this godforsaken tiny ass town. What is their hottest sauce they offe…[View]
14925594Rate my dinner. (6/10 if you ask me. I'm low on ingredients)[View]
14923711How does this breakfast look to you?[View]
14925133My local supermarket is out of brioche[View]
14924754What happened to all the great bubblegum options? When I was a little kid in the 90's there was…[View]
14923815ITT: Is it supposed to be Checkers or Rally's?[View]
14925295Whiskey: I just realised that what I thought was just a 'little drink' of whiskey in a gla…[View]
14924541Somebody take these away from me please. I bought a few and have been adding them to already flavore…[View]
14924093What is your favorite dollar store to shop in out these 4? I gotta go with 99 cent only stores. It…[View]
14923873This stuff is unbelievably based[View]
14924535Just moved into a new barracks room, the microwave doesn't work. Do not have a stove top, have …[View]
14925129'Well, well, well. It really is you.' >his feet send out tremors with every step 'When I heard yo…[View]
14914688ITT: we talk eggs.[View]
14924443Has science gone too far? No one needs a 13oz apple.[View]
14919805What do we think of the IKEA candy wall[View]
14924792Are three taco enough for dinner? Theres no sides[View]
14922628ITT:post your favorite instant ramen: pic related[View]
14922819so i found a tube of this in my freezer. wtf do i do with it?[View]
14922634DC Restaurants and Food: Have you tried Xochi: https://dc.eater.com/2020/10/16/21516778/born-in-the-…[View]
14922966>Recipe doesn't include the baking temperature[View]
14922438Rate my lunch[View]
14918760reminder that you are an unbelievably raging faggot if you drink these as a dude[View]
14924642Ideally how dark do you like your toast 1. Dry out 2. Lightest Brown 3. Lighter Brown 4. Golden 5. D…[View]
14923687lychee, longan, or rambatan? for me, it's longan[View]
14924315Uber Eats offered me $30, totally free, on whatever the fuck I wanted to order, so I got $30 worth o…[View]
14921246what is the best BBQ’d meat? Answer in photo[View]
14905191POST your last meal you enjoyed in this thread[View]
14923185rate my FO soup, sirs?[View]
14923723Post cozy fall cooking: Working on some kanelbullar cinnamon buns at the moment, shit is making the …[View]
14920364>be in Mcdonald's Monopoly season >screen record the reward claim pages >free burger f…[View]
14918746I bought a pheasant. How do I cook it?[View]
14923945Napkin bib: yea or nay?[View]
14923771do drink Wilkins coffee /ck/?[View]
14920559Homemade food.: Post and rate each other foods. Roasted home raised pigeon with potato cubes. Homem…[View]
14920852>sharpens anything from 1095 to the latest powder steel >doesn't need soaking >doesn…[View]
14921640Crustless Pizza: As we all know, bread is a terrible poor mans 'food' so we gotta get it out of our …[View]
14922442Roy Rogers Restaurants: Literally the best food on Earth. It's fast food in its final form. You…[View]
14920309Do you like mushrooms?[View]
14921605apparently there is a local store that sells raw milk (aka 'pet milk') and i want to try it i'v…[View]
14916617>going through the wendy's drive thru getting my normal #6 spicy chicken sandwich combo >…[View]
14921950What's the best way to make some dried fruit or veggies snacks? I want to have healthier snacks…[View]
14924072How can apples be so fucking based?[View]
14923130Fermentation Thread: What do you ferment?[View]
14923159What's your favorite afternoon snack?[View]
14924015how do i: fix this Bought low fat cream of mushroom on accident I have butter, lard, mayonaisse but …[View]
14922961what is euro /ck/ having for dinner? i’m enjoying this succulent assortment[View]
14919290Rush is over and my grill is dirty as fuck. It’s cleanin time boys.[View]
14923500>sunny side up eggs on toast Yes or no?[View]
14898288Damn fine /CG/ coffee general: Coffee General, Dale Cooper edition. What damn fine coffee is in your…[View]
14918243Food sins you enjoy: I unironically prefer my toast to be well done, pic related[View]
14920162>third time this week I had to fake emergency phone call and leave because the food is too salty…[View]
14923637Made mexican-mediterranean food. Thought it was a nifty idea, tasted wonderful. This is a dolma taco…[View]
14921259cooking battlestation: go ahead /ck/, name a better cooking + technology battlestation. i'll wa…[View]
14916856At the taco trucks now, what do I get?[View]
14920053QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread. What's the kind of dough/crust/wha…[View]
14923284BS experation dates: This has got to be some jewish trickery. I'm buying freshly ground chuck f…[View]
14921411DUMB CHOCOLATE QUESTIONS: i want to learn 'fancy' baking. is pic related the best compromise between…[View]
14913365do you like mayo?[View]
14922473Trying something new[View]
14922478do you preffer strawberry barritas or the pineapple ones?[View]
14918050Based or cringe?[View]
14923259For me, it's the Penguin Point Tenderloin.[View]
14921132what's the best kind of licorice that i can buy in europe? i got memed into buying a pack of ha…[View]
14916975So i read that athletes put a bit of salt in their waterflasks for sport events, i tried it and it t…[View]
14918459You do eat fruit, right fatty?: Let's settle this once and for all. What's the best fruit…[View]
14911847>the huge amount of drugs in the restaurant business This shit is fucking astounding. I just wan…[View]
14922664Some random shit I doubt I'll use.[View]
14922974Post sattvic food ideas.[View]
14920611>is based in your path[View]
14923257salmiakki numero uno: yes yes very well done central europe HOWEVER 100 points to salmiakki, the one…[View]
14922652Hello friends, it is I, famed tea master Sen no Rikyu. I've returned to the mortal realm for a …[View]
14920358Drunk guilty pleasure thread. For me it’s the French bread microwaveable shit from 7/11. How bout yo…[View]
14920483This is the most popular pizza in Italy.[View]
14920350Most of current cooking media suck balls. It's all about one chef trying to one-up another or j…[View]
14922619Wine: Can we get a thread for the worlds oldest alcoholic beverage? Red, white or rosé ?[View]
14922746Is this worth the cash?[View]
14921748Ground Beef: The best comfort food is putting the whole package in a pan with butter. Heat the pan u…[View]
14922648>convince Western populations that cooking is hard and messy during a tome of changing gender rol…[View]
14900946any pickle lovers browsing? doesn't have to be cucumber. can be peppers, olives stuffed with ga…[View]
14921600For me? It's well done.[View]
14918770So I made steak dinner. >Aged Entrecote, pan fried in beef tallow. >Potatoes parboiled in salt…[View]
14920698Anons, I want to make start making limoncello as a Christmas gift. I know its way off to Christmas b…[View]
14921906I want foreign food but all of them have been bastardized! Do I have to cook this shit myself to get…[View]
14908522>'Welcome to Sonic, order when you're ready.'[View]
14915604Wost Fast Food: What is the absolute worst fast food restaurant and why is it Jack in the Box? Honor…[View]
14922789Enchiladas: >To the anon who suggested this about 2 weeks ago, thanks dude! >Would buy anon a…[View]
14920824Is eating bacon and eggs every morning bad for you? If I try to google it I just get ketards.[View]
14922764Room meals: What are the best things to eat at your room/desk that aren't trash?[View]
14922260Keto pasta - you don't want to be a fat tub of shit do you?: So just eat this instead of your w…[View]
14921465Level with my turkeys, how bad truly is soy? I eat soybean oil filled soups somewhat regularly and I…[View]
14919863I have planned out the meals I will have next week, rate my plan: Sunday: breakfast: oats and apple.…[View]
14919227Why should I use fancy cheddar or gouda when I can make perfectly good grilled cheese sandwiches wit…[View]
14920244How do I roll burritos?: It never works bros. What is the secret?[View]
14920634What is parsnip good for?[View]
14917630What junk foods are your vices? Pic related for me, why does ice cream have to be so bad for you :([View]
14918110Why do americans eat so much?[View]
14919213>best fast food place >only in like four states Why? Why is this not more popular?…[View]
14909220What is up with this guy? I made his tandoori chicken and it was not spicy at all. I have noticed t…[View]
14919416Someone just suggested I freeze my unused bread. Like, hot dog buns. Is this really a fucking thing …[View]
14920619Is it true Americans eat with the fork in the right hand? I've even heard they often cut up the…[View]
14916759Being dragged to pic related for a date. What's your favorite thing to get here, never been.[View]
14911630What are some /ck/ approved drinks?[View]
14914235Which one is the best?[View]
14921101>Be me >Want to build a cake >Find American recipe >...and the you add a STICK of butter…[View]
14921921I'm about to buy a dozen duck eggs to make some pasta with. what are some other recipe's I…[View]
14922028itt: american takes on international food behold, italian/french fusion cuisine[View]
14921013Just got one of these bad boys, wha should I cook?[View]
14921244Itt: Tastelet filter.[View]
14918905I really don't get the hype[View]
14921850lunch: 1. potato soup (with cheese & bacon) 2. beef stew 3. tacos I CANT FUCKING DECIDE HELP ME …[View]
14920419is chili jam acceptable to put in fried rice?[View]
14921738I know this might not be the best board for this, but what would be the best products and methods fo…[View]
14920236I don't enjoy eating anymore. Anyone else know this feel?[View]
14918041Beer Thread: I'M FUCKED UP AAAAAÆAÅÀAAAÆ Anyways, what are you all drinking tonight /ck/?…[View]
14920190you guys try any of these services? im a lowly bachelor who never learned home cooking so having rec…[View]
14915790>he tells you to use a tablespoon of olive oil >he proceeds to use six tablespoons of olive o…[View]
14921772Can't wait to spend $12 on this ribeye! What a steal![View]
14917089I just bought this, what do?[View]
14915377Have you taken the ice tea pill yet /ck/? https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=niUKqFn…[View]
14920722>making cheesecake >recipe asks for 1kg of cream cheese, calculate the equivalent for 810g …[View]
14920212>chop some leftover sosig >sautee some onions and garlic on the sosig grease >throw in som…[View]
14916004Thoughts on this steak?[View]
14921537Ribeye Steaks: Aww yeah, got two of these ribeyes and charcoal and I am having steak and onions toni…[View]
14916260Unpopular Opinions: Parmesan cheese is fucking disgusting.[View]
14918808You can never trust somebody who drinks coconut water[View]
14913435Say what you want about solid Hersheys products, but you need this in your fridge at all times.[View]
14921008Pancakes: are you making any pancakes this morning anon? if so, what kind?[View]
14920171Yogurt thread: I recently tried kefir from my local store (pic related is the brand), since I'v…[View]
14919425Can we get some WHOLESOME food related images?[View]
14919581I accidentally seeded too much cilantro now I have shit load of them growing. What can I do to use t…[View]
14917940What gin drink should I make today? I'm getting tired of tonic and martinis[View]
14920780Comfort food: >7am uber eats order for sausage mcgriddle >Arrives and I eat it >Still depr…[View]
14918476I ate every cookie in Costco's European Cookies box. Ask me anything[View]
14917307I gave up completely bovine lactation, why haven't you /ck/?[View]
14920880>fixes gassy/bloating foods I wish I knew this trick earlier[View]
14921213What are some unctuous food?[View]
14915273Japanese food is so delicious.[View]
14917088A cheese stick..[View]
14921112Clove cinnamon nutmeg: I have a lot of these spices, other than pumpkin pie what are some things I c…[View]
14920729what do you think a real chef would have handled this situation and how better the case here in pic …[View]
14913979What's the strange animal you've ever eaten?[View]
14918569How many times a day do you eat? I'm amazed at people who can do more than one or two, unless s…[View]
14921135Consuming over 2000 calories per day is bad if you are under 6'' (manlet).[View]
14920199Why is it that only greasy Turks in Germany are able to make a Döner that's edible? The 'Donair…[View]
14917904What's /ck/ fav cheese? For me it's gouda and gorgonzola[View]
14905979WebM Thread[View]
14917252>Limoncello >Root beer >Ginger beer >Lemons >Limes >A little bit of Jager >Hone…[View]
14921036I got like 20 something of these burgers left. I looked up 'cooking using white castle sliders' and …[View]
14919894ITT disappointing snacks: Always seen these but never seen anyone eat them. Now I know why. Not as d…[View]
14919944>7 dogs per pack >6 buns per pack what do you do?…[View]
14920814>tfw I get really bad indigestion when ever i eat steak.[View]
14920889ITT: Nostalgia food Pic related; why did they take them away?[View]
14918779tell me something quick and easy I can cook you got 5 minutes[View]
14914860Mexican Food: My body treats it like some kind of superlaxative. Is there a 'food hack' to make it …[View]
14919011Why is fast food so expensive?: Seriously, I spent $4 on this[View]
14918203Why does apple pie taste weird after a day?[View]
14914901What's your favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor? Pic related for me.[View]
14917782Gore and Horror Dump Thread[View]
14916505Al pastor or chorizo?[View]
14918007Daily Reminder: All Crust cutters should know their place. I am always watching.[View]
14918700/ck/ memes[View]
14920486Chalupa: Expectation: Crunchy oily shell, filled with beef and sour cream, lettuce, tomato, and chee…[View]
14918879Americans Ty for making this[View]
14919130For me it's Pepsi Mango, that sweet cola taste with a splash of real mango fruit juice![View]
14918995https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsyqfmzeHxg made this tonight and I think this might be the best mea…[View]
14919420How does gabagool compare to salami, pepperoni, prosciutto, and other cold cuts?[View]
14919235I'm going to cooking school when covid is over, what should i expect? what should i practice be…[View]
14915889ITT: Food you saw in television, cartoons or other media that you've always wanted to eat: I…[View]
14912250Popcorn: Bros, is there any season better for popcorn than autumn? Do you make your own popcorn? Wh…[View]
14917445Any bread makers here? So I want to start making sourdough. I think I might have gotten a bit impati…[View]
14918056What is your FINAL solution to the people that leave dirty dishes in the sink?[View]
14920294Is this what a real burger looks like?[View]
14919997Accidentaly made my steak medium because i wasn't paying attention: I want to die[View]
14919910What’s your favorite kind of steak?[View]
14920247post food from fairs please and the people who eat it[View]
14919693>fuck content farms >also, um, can you watch my 'debunking' videos so i can make money off of …[View]
14919163Is there a technical term / name for a cake which has specifically three layers or tiers?[View]
14918441>tfw it's comfy soup season[View]
14905331Yet Another Whisky Thread: It's been 10.5 months since I've had any alcohol. 10.5 months s…[View]
14916156I'm looking to spend a good 400-500 dollars on a kitchen knife set. Does anybody have good expe…[View]
14919434Do you eat raw meat? I find the raw pork belly strips very tasty[View]
14919186What do you feel when you see something like this.[View]
14918837Wait you're not supposed to eat the skin???[View]
14919655Saber is hungry, what will you cook for her?[View]
14916522Got COVID and after recovering pickled anything tastes like battery acid: Anyone else had this respo…[View]
14917257Leftover anchovies and capers from puttanesca, what are some good uses for one or both of these /ck/…[View]
14919895would you?[View]
14897885It's Stew season - Ctrl+ F gives no result: I'm cooking beef stew for tonight. Later in th…[View]
14914588WHY do NONE of the pizza places have ANCHOVIES?: I want to try it really bad but it's not aroun…[View]
14918923The correct answer as to how many of these bad boys I just consumed will win a month subscription to…[View]
14910345does egg belong on pizza?[View]
14919015Coffee beans: What's the difference? Why would I pay twice or more, when I can buy a kilo for l…[View]
14918574Why do fast food places ruin their menus without even adding anything good to replace what they lost…[View]
14918551I made steak.[View]
14914667Is Raw Milk Worth it or a Meme Milk?: A farm near my house sells raw milk. Does it taste better than…[View]
14916072A sandwich is a sandwich, but a Manwich is a MEAL[View]
14919529Wtf are these sauces even used for? I got Arby's the other day and tried their Arby's sauc…[View]
14918737Is MUSH worth it?: I wanna know if I should order this or if it's a meme[View]
14918006Share tips you wish you knew about sooner.: Don't keep your tomatoes in the fridge.[View]
14917823do u grow your own herbs? how easy is it? any guides? I would like to grow my own basil and parsley.[View]
14917333What’s for dinner tonight /ck/?[View]
14918946Have you had your salmies today, /ck/?[View]
14916071When God dammit[View]
14917031The only vegtables I eat are spinach and broccoli. Is that bad?[View]
14917809Food ha/ck/: >go to 5 Guys >take out used 5 guys cup >eat all the free peanuts…[View]
14913107Why are they so uptight and snobby about their food?[View]
14918009>take $15 worth of beef chuck >have a minimum teenage wagie cut it into small cubes and wrap …[View]
14910449I had no idea TAB was still around, i thought they discontinued it in the 80s.[View]
14916242what does /ck/ think of james may?[View]
14918810Rate my dinner[View]
14916954All of the 'italian' restaurants in my area are run by albanians. Some of them are even staffed by a…[View]
14917918Best @ McDonald's?[View]
14907018Y'all getting apple-based foods for fall? Any good cider or donuts near you?[View]
14912402rate my pancakes[View]
14918399makin' chili: not pictured: double size can of HEB Borracho beans. meat, onion, peppers, beans,…[View]
14914227Pizza in Naples: >be me >eat pizza in Naples >'we uagliò' >wtf are they even saying!? …[View]
14918617What did you make today? It doesn't matter how simple or complex it was: So long as you made it…[View]
14917484What is /ck/s favorite chicken recipe?[View]
14918193Is cereal soup?[View]
14917166Sup niggas[View]
14915390When was the last time you ate Japanese food and what did you eat?[View]
14918586Hot Cheetos is an Underrated Ice Cream Topping: Crush bunches of flaming hot cheetos. Try putting it…[View]
14915860What's your favorite food?[View]
14915820I bought a bunch of fresh bay leaves: Wtf do I do with all of them now?[View]
14917079>eat desert a couple times as a treat during/around my birthday >now crave sugar after every m…[View]
14918462Rate my home made ice cream.[View]
14917492I will never forgive taco bell for what they took from us. It's been 5 years now and there…[View]
14916937WOKs: Redpill me about WOKS. Why are they so revered by chefs? is a wok really that good? what are s…[View]
14918440Is Agave really better than plain ol maple syrup?[View]
14918369Cringe: >thinks animal fat makes people gain weight[View]
14917661For me, it's siracha in my pasta sauce with extra garlic.[View]
14917129>local thai takeout keeps putting this SHIT in my food despite me numerous times trying to tell t…[View]
14915792What is the best bread for sandwiches? And why is it ciabatta?[View]
14916935Any recommended recipes for hamburger buns?[View]
14918125my first crepe, how is it?[View]
14912355>fried egg >toasted English muffin >slice of ham or bacon >melted slice of cheese Name a…[View]
14917095>solves cooking[View]
14917970Why don't you cut your steak before serving it? Are you pretending to be a lion?[View]
14917634for me, it's raw[View]
14917669>place has amazing burgers >their fries are shit…[View]
14917029SO by any means of logic i should be following all the instructions of this michelin chef, with the …[View]
14917400Supper club | guerrilla/underground restaurant: I started and ran a successful underground/illegal r…[View]
14916684Fake food thread: >Monosodium glutamate >Soy lecithin >palm oil >Xanthan gum >Potassi…[View]
14916618Let's cook! What is /ck/ cooking today?[View]
14913260I like my rice slighly crunchy in the middle[View]
14917920hey it's me: For anyone else observing this thread and thinking I flew off the handle for no re…[View]
14917902rent free[View]
14913817have you eaten an 'elvis'? How long were you in a diabetic coma for?[View]
14915315is soy a vegetable or grain?[View]
14915492Anon needs help with chink cuisine: Next week i have to cook for some friends and they wanted asian …[View]
14909811beer taste bad: how can anyone even enjoy beer? I dont get it? its bitter and gross and makes my sto…[View]
14917859Take the mett pill: If you've never eaten raw pork, you haven't truly lived.[View]
14906783What made you SHIT?: What did you eat that made you have to shit? Did you make it to the bathroom or…[View]
14913202I'm making a Spotify playlist of songs to listen to when drinking whiskey. What should I add my…[View]
14914557Alright /ck/ what's your final verdict on this? and I mean only this one, not spam or klik.[View]
14901893>Boyfriend always complains that I undercook the pork tonkatsu >Tonight I practically burn it …[View]
14915977dumpling fillings: i made dumplings for the first time today. they turned out decent enough for me b…[View]
14917038Halloween Party Snacks: what are some snacks I can make for a halloween party?[View]
14917421What kind of marijuana high best accentuates food? One of the best meals I've eaten was eating …[View]
14916421Wendy's is ____ ?[View]
14917547For me, it's Dole Lemonade.[View]
14916368I was at Costco today and noticed the Kirkland coffee is made by Starbucks. But I also noticed the b…[View]
14915946Fermentation General: Anyone else /no brine/? This chili garlic paste turned out great. Just threw m…[View]
14916452I just love brutalmoose's frozen tv dinner 'review' videos, comfy as hell (also entertaining be…[View]
14915229Rum thread: Whiskey won't stop having threads, so we're having a rum thread now. Cachacafr…[View]
14916726This is some of the most disgusting shit ever. I decided to get the beef bulgogi meatballs since my …[View]
14917271bow to your Irish superiors[View]
14915997BEST CHIPS?: I havent tried these but I'm hopeful.[View]
14915755Im looking for low/zero carb recipes, can be either snacks or regular food. Anyone got anything good…[View]
14912145Cold pizza > hot pizza[View]
14912653Trying to eat for cheap recently. Pretty much any cheap staples are carb-based foods. However, I am …[View]
14915270Anyone else love these things?[View]
14913591>ruins ur fried fish Heh...nuthin’ personnel, kiddo[View]
14915444I'm going for some pumpkin soup, stewed pears, and caramelized onions. For lunch, well have som…[View]
14916889This was delicious[View]
14915307what can I use this on when I can't buy chips?[View]
14914745What are good high end foods for the Wealthy?: I want to develop a taste for the rich. I know some e…[View]
14911863dis actually ruins a pizza[View]
14914567Making ricotta calzones tomorrow. How do I not fuck it up?[View]
14917082Soup or Stew: why is it called chicken noodle soup and not chicken noodle stew?[View]
14917085https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwDJi_PB-wY miss this based nigga like you wouldn't believe tea…[View]
14916389New England bros: Are there any liquor stores / convenience stores near you that sell this stuff?[View]
14916931This is perhaps one of the most head scratching things Why did they give the chicken sandwich to Pop…[View]
14916228Pork Shoulder Recipe?: I have some pork shoulder thawing in the fridge. I was going to do pork tacos…[View]
14915966What does /ck/ think of Kenji?[View]
14916453The only buddies I have are tastebuds[View]
14915701So, /ck/ I need your professional opinion. My gf doesn't let me drink alcohol. We hang out with…[View]
14916859'nother saturday, 'nother texas breakfast[View]
14915210Who here has ever sampled Escamoles aka Mexican caviar? Has anyone ever tried making it? Can any an…[View]
14910659Build your own burger /ck/[View]
14916314why does people cook if you can get burns on it? on your hands or face. especially today when it pro…[View]
14910995Give me a quick rubdown on this place.[View]
14912482Friday night drinkies: for me, it's coors banquet[View]
14915576How do I make my own Krabby Patty?[View]
14916606No one wanted to taste my fried chicken[View]
14916589maple surrup[View]
14915756the best chink sauce imo[View]
14916311Beer: For me it's Augustiner Bräu.[View]
14916370I'm assembling a team...[View]
14916335>Food drops on floor Do you use the 5 second rule? 3 second rule? Is it automatically trashed? D…[View]
14916186Give me a quick rubdown on iron pans.[View]
14916408How do you guys cook your chicken leg quarters?[View]
14913639how is everyone's flip going?[View]
14911827/CandyBar/ General: Where my Turtlechads at?[View]
14916238>get done eating lunch >I'm still hungry…[View]

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