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/out/ - Outdoors

Displaying 32 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
2468909Best place in Florida to camp? Winter is coming and we can finally leave the house soon.[View]
2471198survival geophagy: I need advice,names of books,even jewtube channels, on the topic of consuming soi…[View]
2467353Grain farming: How did wheat/rice, some of the most tedious and agonizing crops to harvest and proce…[View]
2463798How can you sleep in a tent in the woods knowing these things are lurking around you?[View]
2468307Winter Survival for Homeless Guy: I live north and the winters are killer as it is, they're cal…[View]
2456738Thoughts on barefoot hiking shoes? I'm trying to unfuck my flat feet...[View]
2470042I'm training my dog to find mushrooms for me while I'm /out/. Anyone else here who has don…[View]
2466796guys what is this: encountered in the woods, wat do?[View]
2468077Any bonsai enjoyers or doers on /out/?[View]
2470494Any good hog hunting in NC? Don’t want to pay an outfitter[View]
2468320Why has trail running died down? It was all the rage not that long ago.[View]
2470410Oh what I would give to explore Europe before agriculture started. It really seems like one of the m…[View]
2456675How Does /out/ Poop In The Woods?: And more importantly, what do you guys use to wipe? Do you carry …[View]
2470184Tent: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07TBHZ473 $57 Sleeping Bag: https://www.amazon.com/gp/produ…[View]
2469755In Grand Teton, want to hike Albright Peak but...: Is Death Canyon too populated by bears to do this…[View]
2470498Spooky Woods in New England: I'm coming back from Alaska and I'm looking for some 'Haunted…[View]
2467963How much do I have to spend to get started fishing? >t. third worlder with no money…[View]
2467540What are the pros and cons of cutting one of these down to torso length? I usually never get cold in…[View]
2467434Will I die in Owyhee?: /his/ here. I’m obsessed with the Wild West and plan on heading to the last c…[View]
2470122Besides getting wet how bad is cotton really, Bought myself a nice flannel shirt which I intend to w…[View]
2469997Avenues to work in the /out/doors (US): I am a 4th year Enviro science undergrad looking to work in …[View]
2466497/out/ activities: Hello anons, what do you do when alone /out/ camping, usually I'm so tired fr…[View]
2468057where did you go /out/ today? 46.979706, -103.535822[View]
2469922Did a 40 mile loop in GSMNP: You can follow along on a map if you want. Started at Clingman’s Dome. …[View]
2470172What are some good /out/ podcasts?[View]
2468712Foot care: What is some good information about food care? I want to take preventive measures to have…[View]
2469849Tarp Discussion Thread: I'm looking for a new multipurpose tarp. There are a shit ton of option…[View]
2469328Layering: For hot/warm/temperate weather: >just combat shirt and pants, merino socks and syntheti…[View]
2470046>go to rehobeth beach >get skunked hard on a 10 day trip surf fishing >one big bite and the…[View]
2469639Planning a trip next spring/summer to go camping in alaska for 3 months, issue is my cat would be de…[View]
2462178Find a picture of this lake (Morraine Lake in Alberta) that doesn't look like this. Surely not …[View]

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