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/out/ - Outdoors

Displaying 49 expired threads from the past 3 days

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2160353best backpack: I'm looking for a backpack with a frame (internal or external) that I could use …[View]
2158975Howdy, /k/ fag here so forgive me if you anons already talk about this a lot, but do you think there…[View]
2160169Anyone else morbidly fascinated with the bodies on Everest. Imagine if you went to a theme park and …[View]
2169680Hey, /out/. Here's a hypothetical for you. You can have 5 plants for a farm. The farm has inf…[View]
2170182Stop caring about mosquitos: I live in a big swamp with a shit ton of mosquitos and a few days ago I…[View]
2145776QTDDTOT: Wasn't one in the catalog.[View]
2164869Help me buy a tent: Hello, I'm looking to buy a new tent. I think it should be a regular dome s…[View]
2169653What you packing? (to eat): Typically on a 3 day camp Ill bring an assortment of dried foods and som…[View]
2170350>be me >Bike 40 Kilometers >at 3/4th(30 kilometers) of my track, I end up in front of a pat…[View]
2168210why is there no flashlight or light general?[View]
2170371What does /out/ think of boars?[View]
2168431Why isn't this fucking setting on fire? I've been rubbing this 2 sticks forever, they get …[View]
2169600Why do people shit on jeans for /out/ but then wear kuhl and polycot with high cotton content anyway…[View]
2166568Need a tent recommendation for southern Appalachia: Pic related is my target climate for reference. …[View]
2168520Minimalist packs for dayhiking: So, Anons, I'm usually a 'hike to a spot, set up camp, and stay…[View]
2168966Painted Axe Handles: I wanted to know what the utility was in painting your axe handle. In my opinio…[View]
2167319I want to go hiking but I have no car and 0 friends to take me there[View]
2169648After consideration I've decided a polyester hat is much more practical than a natural wool one…[View]
2167371people mysteriously disappearing at national parks: Some recurring 'coincidences' >victims often …[View]
2169922where can I go hiking without having to pay? the state park in my area is only open during the day a…[View]
2169739Yellowstone first time backpacking: A few buddies and I have decided to a take trip to yellowstone i…[View]
2166689I'll be around the Portland or Seattle area during Labor day weekend. 4 days total. Which one s…[View]
2155851What did you /out/fags do this weekend???: My brother and I went and hike the highest peak in Utah. …[View]
2160369Anyone ever went /out/ in Japan? What was it like? Any recommended trails?[View]
2162628paracord: just tell me what is the best so I can buy it[View]
2169650What kind of mushroom is this?[View]
2162553whats a good remedy for mosquito bites that I can make with household items[View]
2168767EDC: EDC thread - only the essentials - edition[View]
2169306Anyone ever try making a water filter out of cigarette butts? I would think the trace nicotine would…[View]
2169384Creek I found on a trail[View]
2169106Fuck me: Going on a walk in the woods Urge to shit Look around, completely alone Squirt my brown jui…[View]
2163935>involved in local hiking scene >make really nice metal signs as blazes >some assface keeps…[View]
2169368Best Photos from your last trek: I'll start off with a rough view of the Tooth of Time from Phi…[View]
2163857What is /out/'s general opinion on survival knives?[View]
2163129Euros who are considering a visit to the US take note. This is an authoritative map. In b4 the calif…[View]
2168961What animal is this? (Located in the PNW)[View]
2167628Pat Lynch: Patron Saint of /out/: >Born sometime in the 1820's in Ireland (year unknown even…[View]
2167625>be me >go to vacation with family >picrel >decide to go on a hike by myself >think a…[View]
2155534I'm going camping on Monday. What should I bring with me?[View]
2166221Foraging: Can anyone give me a good plant identification book that uses painting for illustrations(p…[View]
2160426Damn looks like your losing some forest land[View]
2166658How do i gather water in a taiga forest without rivers? Soil is usually too dry to dig a shallow wel…[View]
2166216Self-defence/survival knives?: I am mostly active in the night and so want to get a knife for self d…[View]
2166128Is Canada the ultimate /out/ country? https://twitter.com/braybraywoowoo/status/1414960971802632200…[View]
2165159Would you recommend one of these: Or one that hooks on to my belt?[View]
2166933Multitools for /out/: I recently had my backpack stolen from my car in Seattle. Every day I'm r…[View]
2157645Are there other good youtube channels like Shiey?[View]
2148882Kayak: I live next a little river. Katsura river in Kyoto. Upriver from the big bridge they have boa…[View]
2165575Climbing mt.Rainier next year.: Climbing mt.rainier next year, will be my first time outside of back…[View]

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