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/out/ - Outdoors

Displaying 38 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
1507797I like skeleton knives. What's your type?[View]
1517131Yellowknife, NWT.: I'm considering moving to Yellowknife, in the North West Territories of Cana…[View]
1516802How do you faggots catch walleye and pike: I've only ever fished for catfish and carp. First ti…[View]
1511179Home made MREs: Does anyone make their own MREs from home cooked products, not like the picture. Lik…[View]
1512447Is there anything /out/ worthy in saska-bush? Bonus points for anything good in southern Saskatchewa…[View]
1513699Removing an old cogset: Hello folks of /out/ ! Recently, I recovered a bike that my parents had left…[View]
1517171Tips on getting /out/: I'm interested in spending more time outdoors, but I have little to no e…[View]
1517404What is this thing: It has needles and leaves. Pls info of this mysterious plant[View]
1515351Climbing Mt Baker: Hey, first time posting on /out/ I'm planning to hike up o the first camp an…[View]
1516121Disturbing Nature: What do anons here think of 'cleaning up' the great outdoors? By this I mean movi…[View]
1516426>spent 60$ on a hammock >take multiple trips to realize that my autism prevents me from sleepi…[View]
1510989Saw an off leash dog on a trail today. Didn't kill it on sight. The dog then proceeded to viol…[View]
1514433Going bush New Zealand: any kiwis got info about best places in new zealand to go bush and stay ther…[View]
1517181Snow idiot here. I went again up near echo lake but this time with snow shoes. This was around March…[View]
1516532Any experiences camping alone? Thinking I need solo time, though people have advised me against it.…[View]
1514002Bike: Any one know the problem or how to fix it? Rear wheel I got a hoodie stuck in here now it’s di…[View]
1515400Good morning: Have a blessed day[View]
1516465I can't take urban environments anymore, anons. No place is safe from the poz these days and it…[View]
1515809>hanging out with friends >see a toad >friend 1 picks it up >friend 1 launches it 15 ft …[View]
1513142Ticks: Hey /out/, is this good gear for hiking in South Ontario, I'm worried about ticks.…[View]
1511578How much water and food do you carry with you? What container do you use? Stainless steel or glass?[View]
1515641Living on the river: I live right by the Susquehanna river, a decently big river in Pennsylvania. Th…[View]
1516375I am become death, destroyer of butterflies.[View]
1514445Companies with lifetime guarantees: I used to buy a lot of LL bean stuff because if it wore out or j…[View]
1513180>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKxXGJUA7iI This guy talks too much but at least he finally got …[View]
1509008Inflatable boat in alligator infested waters: I just moved onto a river bend, I didn't realize …[View]
1513491Ohio isn't that ugly: Thread for rare places in Ohio that aren't pathetically ugly and sad…[View]
1516519It's 8am atm, in a few minutes heading towards this area. Bye /out/. https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
1514268Catch rate: Rate my catch i got yesterday with my mom for mothers day[View]
1511312Do you know any good /out/ podcasts? I've been listening to a radio show called Nature Morning …[View]
1512519What is that thing?[View]
1514987Long distance hiking - heavy gear: I'm planning a rather long backpacking trip and despite alre…[View]
1515028Minnesota boundary waters: Do any of you guys/gals have any recommendations for lures and flies to u…[View]
1486808Climbing General: Climbing General #4 A place to talk about climbing in any aspect (trad, sport, bou…[View]
1515831Stuck in Windsor, Ontario area and nobody to go /out/ with: Any suggestions as to what I can do alon…[View]
1511525Homegrowmen Thread #176 Farming and Gardening: Old thread: >>1506735 =Search terms= Agrarian -…[View]
1510813Boots, shoes & Footwear Thread: Anyone have experience with Anatom boots? I'm looking at th…[View]
1515509Greater numbers: Have you guys experienced an increased popularity of /out/doors in general and hiki…[View]

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