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1776866Wild Flowers: Found this pallet garden and I want to buy some of these to plant but don’t know what …[View]
1770571Dark Star: The Dark Star cave seems to be one of the most fucked up places on the planet. >unknow…[View]
1775008Fav cooler 4 camping?: Looking to invest in a cooler for some upcoming camping trips, planning to be…[View]
1776560Pleistocene re-wilding: yeah or nah?[View]
1777145hello /out/, you guys have any experience, ideas, advice on how I could grow and sell weed legally?[View]
1769595Places to get /out/ in Ontario: Having trouble finding good open country to explore. I'm somewh…[View]
1774591What does /out/ use as an EDC backpack? My current one is falling apart, so I could use some reccome…[View]
1771655Are they a good organization to work for or are they cringe?[View]
1771316Getting more interested in geology and paleontology. What do I need to know to into paleontology, a…[View]
1776116Off reading trails near east tenesee/west NC: Hi /out/. I'm planning on taking an off roading t…[View]
1775545What is this?: I threw a bunch of seeds to see if something will grow only to have 100s of these pop…[View]
1775808Check this dabbing: Or dare I say, twigging[View]
1769635What are your thoughts on Colorado's ballot initiative to introduce wolves to the state?[View]
1775573Critique my rock climbing? Tips?[View]
1775752When are hiking trails and parks going to open in Ontario?[View]
1775693Sleeping /out/ while visiting family: anybody else do this? pic related my spot this weekend while c…[View]
1774051Are the foxfire books any good? Have you used the techniques or is it mostly of historical interests…[View]
1760538/EMG/-EDIBLE MUSHROOM GENERAL These are Morchella conica (as far as I can tell) an edible and quite …[View]
1769351Hunting weapons: Hi, guys. For hunting squirrel, rabbit, etc. in forests and with a lightweight setu…[View]
1774914Fantasy or Nightmare?: Imagine being camped /out/ inside the Mt Saint Helens exclusion zone for obse…[View]
1775940Carp General: Has anyone ever tried eating one of these things? I have heard that they are terrible,…[View]
1765310Any of you bros ever do any magnet fishing? What are good spots to hit, how do you scope out new spo…[View]
1776206Anyone here take “field notes” or keep a journal? I think it might help me slow down my hiking a bit…[View]
1771051Spelunking: Here's the deal /out/. I've been wanting to go spelunking for years, but never…[View]
1775182Southern California: My friends have been looking for some cool places to explore in socal since we …[View]
1774681/SIG/: What have you been focusing on these days to improve yourself? >Post advice >Ask for ad…[View]
1775671trad climbing anons, is the gear useful?: I got all this gear for free/cheap, but I don't know …[View]
1773669Will my tipi's pole and stove exhaust act like lightning rods in a storm?[View]
1774586I'm looking to buy a bike for around 500-1000 dollars. I will be using it for trail and road ri…[View]
1767060It's become pretty clear to me that this board is 99% larping over weight retards. Are there an…[View]
1774576Unusually cool may?: Has anyone noticed that it's been cooler feeling this may? I checked the w…[View]
1775180I don't know if this is the appropriate place to ask this, but why is the Eastern US mostly dec…[View]
1765154how do i become good at /out/ stuff in forests? do i just practice things and keep going out regular…[View]
1771846Hey there fellow sc/out/s. So I've reached peak /out/, climbed the world's most brutal mou…[View]
1775505Roof Top Tents: looking for a rooftop tent that isn't severely overpriced. want to put on my li…[View]
1774097thoughts on MEC? it seems to me that their quality has been on the downward slide to china tier shit…[View]
1775407Landscaping Fabric Appreciation: I've found some outdoorish uses for plain old black landscapin…[View]
1766685What is keeping you from getting a nice house in the woods anons?[View]
1774994>go for first hike ever with friends of 17km (10.5miles) with 1000 feet change in elevation >t…[View]
1773440Would you sleep in a tarp setup out in Grizz country? I'm deciding between a 7x9 tarp + bug net…[View]
1772137/hgm/ Homegrowmen Thread #230 Farming and Gardening: Old thread: >>1767641 Search terms: Agrar…[View]
1772924What's the best rifle for hunting small game like rabbit or pheasant for their pelts? I'm …[View]
1765631Ticks: >geology grad student >go do field work for thesis work >pick off at least 7 ticks …[View]
1772144what is a good reliable way to make campfires in humid places like coastal finland? or potentially s…[View]
1762597/out/doors OC thread: There are way too many LARP threads shitting up the catalog right now Prove th…[View]
1771394Fishing & Tackle Thread: #318-“Googaine” Edition Previous Thread: >>1767911 Thinking about…[View]
1772035Favourite /out/ things: What are your favourite things about being /out/? For me, its watching the s…[View]
1774826Water Filter Sawyer SP122: Is this guy full of shit https://youtu.be/C8yIuDigXwc?t=101 Sawyer SP122…[View]
1770691Snake Bite Kit: So I've been watching a lot of videos about snake bite kits. What is /out/ opin…[View]
1774391Outdoor survival, bushcraft, foraging, self-sustenance in nature blogs itt/ https://www.youtube.c…[View]
1772222Best /out/ campfire desserts: Give me your favourite sweet things to make while huddled round a hear…[View]
1764186>you will never be a Patagonian gaucho *Mogs every /out/ fag to oblivion*…[View]
1770085One time saw a goose wedding. There was this smaller goose (I assume female) standing on a rock, an…[View]
1774524So I want to start out a new tiny garden in my 2x1.5m balcony. I've just got a vase (and planni…[View]
1771347Do you wash your hands after you piss/shit while /out/? Do you bathe while /out/?[View]
1767290/Bonsai/ General: Any fellow bonsaifags on this board? Post trees, ask questions, discuss the art of…[View]
1772057Which phone do you take with you for hiking?[View]
1773848Is it still illegal in Commiefornia to go to Yosemite? I really, really want to go there again![View]
1773893Going to make some fire starters this weekend. Have some egg cartons, tons of old candle wax from th…[View]
1769831Is a pedal kayak worth the extra money for fishing rivers and medium sized lakes? It looks like you …[View]
1774066SOTA: Does anyone here do SOTA (pic related)? I want to get into it but for whatever reason everythi…[View]

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