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/out/ - Outdoors

Displaying 63 expired threads from the past 3 days

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2102078Pooping innawoods?: What is your pooping schedule? What do you dig your catholes with? How deep? Wha…[View]
2099266>hehe nothing personal tick[View]
2100312>he hikes alone[View]
2099755What are the laws regarding camping in the peak district, I was thinknig of going by myself and pitc…[View]
209498510 day gear breakdown: I'll be hiking 10 days in the Alps starting on Manday. I'd thought …[View]
2101082Got any campfire stories, guys? I'm going /out/ with my pals tomorrow and I wanna have some goo…[View]
2084414Best water bottles?: I have bought like 4 of pic related in the last year and they all fell off my b…[View]
2100525Fire starting kit: How do you start a fire innawoods?[View]
2095850I'm planning on going off into the woods, The largest set of forest I could find, Preferably wa…[View]
2099318Pine for bow material?: Guns in my country are illegal besides for bodyguards and soldiers, yet hunt…[View]
2098139Norwegian Sami knifes: Norwegian Sami knifes are based, if you disagree you're gay[View]
2096437Trout Recipes & Stories: Trout general, post yo pics and stories. I limited out on these stocke…[View]
2100855In the market: Hey, /out/ists. I've recently been in the market for a new backpack and I was wo…[View]
2099873Who /out/ today?[View]
2100203Is this a big bite: Hey anons what kind of bug bite is this? It’s on my inner thigh. Figured /out/ w…[View]
2091741/BackpackThread/: Post your packs boys.[View]
2099824How would I live in the great plains on a energy budget? Assume a energy shortage or post carrington…[View]
2088002I literally have no idea how to get started I’m hunting. I have zero connections to hunters, don’t …[View]
2098470Queen of /out/: Five months later: Woman found alive after disappearing in Diamond Fork Canyon https…[View]
2088879Nope Thread: Instant nopes. If I hear any tell of snapping turtles in the water, I'm out. I lik…[View]
2100787Cuyahoga Valley: anyone been? I will be in Cleaveland for a bit and figured I should check this out …[View]
2101091Any Georgians on /out/?: Just moved to your country cause friend of mine told me it’s a good place. …[View]
2080588Comfy pics: Post your most recent comfy picture. First time innawoods for a couple of months, feelin…[View]
2096903How do you stealth camp with a tarp?[View]
2100540is the mora companion truly the best knife?[View]
2097184Hiking outside of Denver: Redpill me on where to go to avoid faggot normies/large crowds please. I…[View]
2089661Hiking in NZ without a car: Living in Australia, and since the tasman bubble has opened up NZ, i wan…[View]
2083658Have you ever tried to take a girl /out/?[View]
2094924Hiking sandals: Based or cringe?[View]
2099907Food for out: I'm going camping for the fist time in a long time it will be a 3 day outing and …[View]
2100319/camp/: how do you keep bears away from the trail and camp? >bear bells >scent traps ??? did y…[View]
2098273They done did it[View]
2089583This movie is so fucking based.: Are their any other outdoor movies that come even close to this? …[View]
2095349Aside from taking bearings what more is there to learn about compass navigation?[View]
2092671You do live in a small town where you can easily go /out/, don't you anon? You're not one …[View]
2098311I'm interviewing for an internship with the SCA later today... Anyone have any experience with …[View]
2094269What is your preferred sleeping method for tarp camping?: I've bought a few different mats but …[View]
2096432Where to Find Morels: I'm planning on foraging for morels for my first time. Do any of you have…[View]
2098483Is it really dumb to use an automatic knife for outdoors stuff?[View]
2093691How am I supposed to believe that propane is the final redpill for off-grid living? They are incredi…[View]
2098739>that one faggot who goes camping, hiking or fishing alone[View]
2096434What are some essentials, that any man should have? I just invested in my first real knife. What oth…[View]
2100078How do I get my gf into camping? She wants to do a roadtrip but the only way we can afford it is if …[View]
2095762Hello, newfag here: I don't understand how I am supposed to bring food /out/. It's always …[View]
2100255>bearings on curado DC have already gone to shit after owning the reel for two months >broke t…[View]
2097872Surveyor’s thread: >pasty raised-by-internet gaymer troon my entire life >on wk1 of my surveyi…[View]
2100234Please help me with the syntax for 'OP ONLY': thank you[View]
2090927Saw for camping?: What kind of saw do I want for camping? To cut fallen trees into logs for splittin…[View]
2099420Where's the Injuns what'll put arrers in yer back? Where's yer slatherin' wolves…[View]
2098826MONKEYWRENCHING: Some of you have any nice Monkeywrenching content, pdf, books, websites or else?…[View]
2096322Geology thread: Haven't seen one of these in a while and I assume this is where all geologists …[View]
2078627What can I cook /out/ without much equipment, and without much weight? I don't want any faggot …[View]
2097498does anyone use haversacks anymore? are they pointless? why do i see so many people carrying them on…[View]
2093122I wore denim.: And there's nothing /out/ can do about it.[View]
2086911Going missing on purpose punishment: Tried looking this up and found nothing , so i am asking here. …[View]
2082750How to avoid harassment while fishing/hunting?: I'm planning to start surf fishing for big game…[View]
2098752hello from Mt. Baker, retards[View]
2098789Anyone else convinced from your observations being /out/ that either the globe is cooling, or that s…[View]
2098921Are these any good?: recently acquired a coleman camp stove similar to pic rel from a garage sale wo…[View]
2094600Going hiking for the first time. Packing for minimalism, what do /out/fags recommend go in my pack P…[View]
2096872Does /out/ knows any other similar boards like this? Sry english is not my native language.[View]
2099421A BoB is basically the same as a camping bag...: This irrefutable fact makes the /out/ist seethe.…[View]
2098651Sun protection: How do you protect yourself from the sun if you have the skin of a Transylvanian zom…[View]

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