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/out/ - Outdoors

Displaying 69 expired threads from the past 3 days

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1814895Nice outdoor vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnbCg7qlXmI[View]
1816961Some of the leaves from my flower have brown spots and holes, is it dying? Is there anything i can d…[View]
1815939LETS GOOOOOOO https://youtu.be/_4A3xjgZ4hY[View]
1806100Do you guys like the beach? How do you get comfortable with swimming far out? I always get a little …[View]
1816902Tornado Chasing Europe: >Storm chasing general It's the summer and I haven't been out s…[View]
1816319Mudguards on a road bike: I live in fairly rainy city. Gay or not gay?[View]
1811818what is a good blanket for /out/ stuff? just for sleeping and sitting on. are are sleeping bags bett…[View]
1801039any poles here? i'd like to go to bieszczady with anon someday :3[View]
1811434Europe Top countries: We often get the eternal discussion of which states of the USA are best and wo…[View]
1814284how do i get into traps? just the basics like deadfall traps and snares, to catch small animals. and…[View]
1815719I picked these mushrooms in the forest. What species are they? Are they edible?[View]
1815208how does one 'get' into mountaineering?: help a fren out? i like to climb things. i just don't …[View]
1816535Sup sc/out/s, I'd like to take a moment to distract you all from posting in the weekly Ted thre…[View]
1815827This kind of chair: Hi /out/, I'm looking to purchase a couple of camping chairs like pic relat…[View]
1816173Historical /out/: Hey /out/, I made a thread about Valcour Island a while ago, I said would paddle a…[View]
1814661Rosemary: Anyone here into planting/ plants? Have a small rosemary plant (pic not related) and am he…[View]
1810612Survival Chances: OK anons. I'm a physically fit dude. Been camping a few times. Pretty resourc…[View]
1816487>Due to Wuhan Corona virus concerns, the park will be closed until further notice.…[View]
1816136Fishing rods: I'm gonna be fishing in rivers and lakes in the northeast USA. Don't know ja…[View]
1815109/trg/: Can we have a trail running thread? Just finished an 18 km run/ 892m denivelation wuth almost…[View]
1815400Thermarest XTherm: I've no doubt it's a good pad, but is it really 210+ dollars good?…[View]
1804686Is Benchmade a meme?: Thinking about getting a new knife. There's lots of hype around Benchmade…[View]
1808124Brit/out/: Any Brit Bushcrafters lurking? I want to go into the wild, but have no idea of where I sh…[View]
1812160/hgm/ Homegrowmen Thread #241 Farming and Gardening: Old thread: >>1807434 Search terms: Agrar…[View]
1809377/out/ anti-larp thread / outdoors OC thread: There are way too many larp threads on /out/ right now …[View]
1815767My knees are very fucked. My only hope is that they heal well enough that I can go on long hikes aga…[View]
1809961How to rid of insects from my property forever?: Just moved to 5 acres of land outside the suburbs. …[View]
1809256French /out/ general: Any French outdoors lovers here? Feel free to come by and say hi. Any anons wh…[View]
1815621What do you guys think about camping gear from Alibaba? This is a 1600g down mummy sleeping bag I bo…[View]
1814476Skoolie Thread: I used my trumpbux to buy a 2004 Blue Bird All American, 40-foot rear engine CAT 312…[View]
1814279Just got into fishing. Quick question for more experienced fishing bros. I went ahead and bought mys…[View]
1810809Does anyone carry a short rod when they go back packing? I know the weight of a fishing rod is fairl…[View]
1814457I'm taking a hunter's ed course and it recommended that I carry the following along with h…[View]
1807483Has anyone here been bitten by a snake? What was it like?[View]
1808859Flashlight and Headlamps: Seems like a broad enough topic for a /general/ that will peter out after …[View]
1808507European thru hikes: The AT, PCT & CDT are the most famous American thru hikes, but what would b…[View]
1809640Hey, /out/, I took my first shit in the woods today, feels good man. Anyone else shit in the woods …[View]
1814758How do I find a cheap bike for getting around town? $200 is pushing it.[View]
1815585Whats the best, lightest, easiest tent I can get guys? I'm lost as fuck, and I just want someth…[View]
1791008Cool Things in Woods: What’s the coolest thing you ever found in the field? Could be some ruins, an …[View]
1815193>*Snaps ankle* Many such cases![View]
1813577GPS for kayaking: I’ve been getting into kayaking and have realized that I need a quick navigation a…[View]
1815445Hey /out/ - what’s happening here to my plants?[View]
1815293>... and when they abandoned him in the woods, Anon kept getting lost the forest, going in circle…[View]
1815165Yukon: Has /out/ ever been to the Yukon? I’ve been twice and thought it was amazing. What do you guy…[View]
1807187>gets killed by coyote[View]
1808260What is the minimum HP outboard I should consider for a 14’ aluminum Jon boat? I don’t want to spend…[View]
1814565Went to a local national park today. It surprisingly wasn’t very hot out considering it’s Florida, n…[View]
1815032Foraging: Hey bros. Any of you have any resources on foraging? I’ve heard of people making home made…[View]
1811231There's no escaping these people. Suggest some bushcrafting videos that aren't LARPing[View]
1812575Generators for Hurricanes: Hurricane season is upon us. I don't know a ton about generators. Ca…[View]
1814861I'm curious, what are those two glowing dots in the sky?[View]
1802191Bigfoot General: I live in the PNW and have a lot of time to kill with quarantine. Where can I go to…[View]
1813267I need a cheap merino base layer and these seem to be my best options, What do you recommend? https:…[View]
1812273You got a license for that hike?: https://theknow.denverpost.com/2020/07/01/colorado-state-wildlife-…[View]
1811688Some day I want to hike across Antarctica bros. It's my dream, in my mind we would skydive in w…[View]
1814704In New York, private campgrounds are closed for a year and a half but state owned ones are still run…[View]
1812508>Have no hobbies >Get into fishing >Finally get the hang of it >Find sweet lake in the m…[View]
1805889Best /out/ media?: For me its mein comf (yuru camp)[View]
1810548Out Phone ?: What phone do you carry /out/ ? My old B200 is still going strong but it's getting…[View]
1811600Altra Lone Peak Shoes 4.5: So has anyone figured out how to fix the stupid Achilles tendon issue on …[View]
1813334>bro if you get lost you should stay in the same place[View]
1813283Hey, you're going for a swim? Great, I'll join you![View]
1809271Homeless by choice: I recently lost basically all my money. Everything I worked for in the past 4 ye…[View]
1809729Another Rock Thread: Hopefully there are some people here with enough knowledge and time to look at …[View]
1801779tomahawk thread: post hawks and why you like em[View]
1809824BC bros who's gonna do it?: >get paid 8k to spend all summer innawoods https://www.cbc.ca/ne…[View]
1812577Thinking of getting one of these for sailing and backpacking. What will I think of it?[View]

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