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/out/ - Outdoors

Displaying 42 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
1602408hey, sorry if this is wrong board, but does anyone know what the different cloudshapes mean in terms…[View]
1600544/neofolk/-guy here. Can you recommend tried and tested outdoor-gear that fits the aesthetic?[View]
1599863What is this cloak-looking thing called and what is it for?[View]
1591496/nightwalk/ general: Anyone else /nightwalk/ ? It clears your mind so much it's unbelievable. E…[View]
1598959Vancouver: I'll visit Vancouver next June and am interested in hiking, outdoor stuff and genera…[View]
1599958Where would you get a full-body suit like this? Obviously it would have to be waterproof, durable, e…[View]
1602216Hey out, can you please tell me what those bubbles are?[View]
1602170Am I crazy for considering wearing a helmet when hiking? I keep thinking back to an incident I had w…[View]
1601523Beetles as pets: Hey Im not sure if this is the right board to post this on? Feel free to let me kno…[View]
1591260AZ /out/: So I don’t know what changed in me but I really need to get away and be /out/. I don’t kno…[View]
1601986Foraging mushroom id: Hello /out/. Around my apartment in northeast US I sam many clusters of what l…[View]
1601435Chris McCandless (Alexander Supertramp): I'm sure there have been a million of these threads ov…[View]
1601782Any tips for orienteering? How do you find an area? Do you go off of orienteering maps or just print…[View]
1599073Shovel v Hatchet: go[View]
1548400I got my first tick today. found him hiding in my belly button. About as fat as this pic so hes been…[View]
1600423Cleaning up my usual campfire spot from trash left nights ago by inconsiderate visitors. 2 whole con…[View]
1601685Passing down skills thread?: Transitioning out of the military is kind of difficult right now. My wi…[View]
1597365I found this guy mortally wounded. Some hunter must not have gotten a clean shot on it. Should I put…[View]
1601211Do I need some kind of license or registration to go boating in Germany? From what I understand you…[View]
1601381Upland Hunting: I'm moving to western pennsylvania next week for school, and I've been loo…[View]
1601467Check out this turtle I accidentally caught in my backyard pond.[View]
1598290I'm making a set of mugs for myself, one for /OUT and another for /K. I've decided to use …[View]
1601490Badass stuff peeps[View]
1600595>bought some flashlights for spelunking in Icelandic lava tubes in 2012 >left them in a old eq…[View]
1585608Camping with Instruments: Which instruments are the comfiest to have on a camping trip ?[View]
1593973Sleeping bags/systems: Let's talk shleepin'. Is there any system more ideal than the Modul…[View]
1598432Out Photos[View]
1598965Camping Safely: Longtime lurker first time poster. I need some advice please. The short of it is, I …[View]
1593732Forest bathing: Looking to do my first forest bath Any tips?[View]
1601109Found a bunch of these arpund patio/siding... Are thrse termites?[View]
1595187So who do you think will have firsties once it's completed?[View]
1587187>*walks into your campsite and searches for you* You have about 20 seconds before a rabid, hungry…[View]
1592871What are things you wish you could see in survival/post-apoc movies? What do they get wrong? What wo…[View]
1600636With a storm rolling in where would you set up camp in pic related to survive the night?[View]
1600727Im going to move onto a farm (with eletricity :D) soon Also I won't have internet, I'll be…[View]
1600990Will tarp camping work in mountains?.: Whenever i see people use tarp it's always in densely pa…[View]
1595971Thread for shelterposting[View]
1598328Thru Hiking: Any Advice for someone who wants to thru hike the long trail? I was thinking doing it e…[View]
1595947How's the end of summer treating you, anon?[View]
1594465UberEx Clothing and Gear: What would be the best or reccomended type of uberex clothing (Ex: Top, bo…[View]
1600836Hey, about to head out into the middle of nowhere for a school retreat, got any advice?[View]

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