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/out/ - Outdoors

Displaying 56 expired threads from the past 3 days

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1936511Bros what shoes do you wear for the outdoors for the rain, mudd and snow season that wee are startin…[View]
1937006*blocks your path*[View]
1941563Is the goretex pro still the king of waterproof shells or are there any newer and better technology?[View]
1939134why didn't you listen, anon?[View]
1939576What are the /out/ uses for a big black trash bag? Poncho? Lining bag to proof contents against rain…[View]
1940379Is living in Western Minnesota sustainable?: I found a cool house there but I can see why Ingles fam…[View]
1932609Why are you wasting your time right now instead of flintknapping?[View]
1936388What is good way to set up a regular tarp in a way so that it is enclosed and low profile?[View]
1941265How hilarious is this dude: Lmfao This dude is insane https://youtu.be/wbkystl1g9U[View]
1938293I fucking hate these.: Every trendy fuck has one. I passed someone on a trail with two of them. Fuck…[View]
1938772>he can't reach 5000m (16500 ft.) without extra oxygen or external help like a little baby w…[View]
1934140Planning to winter camp for a few days in Norway. What are some things to remember/essential gear/ti…[View]
1938050ITT dumb gear for people with more money than sense[View]
1942284>Hike 3.5 hours into untouched forest >Over rocks and through streams, uphill and in the wind …[View]
1931294Have any bongs on /out/ taken the narrowboat pill? I have managed to save a bit of money and am stro…[View]
1934343Can someone tell me what type of spider this is plz. Just found it in my backyard[View]
1936306You don't need a foldable chair, you don't need kneepads, you don't need a rug for si…[View]
1937160I want a cool LARP poncho thing for colder weather, to look like a cloaked ranger or something. Is a…[View]
1941726Cropping Knotweed: So i have a few rocky hillside acres with scrub forest that i plan to ranch goats…[View]
1941703Past Explorers: How do you think the old mountaineers and explorers would feel about modern hiking m…[View]
1940236Not sure if this is the correct board but it's worth a try. My dad is a big Sailing fan and own…[View]
1940782Snow: /pol/ refugees have straight up made this board unbearable. Post your latest snow /out/ing and…[View]
1940035WOOL BLANKETS: I am looking for a wool blanket to accompany my down sleeping bag on very cold backpa…[View]
1930186Behold, the ultimate tarp shelter. >ultimate square cube law heat retention >less room inside=…[View]
1929665Is it a meme or is there no alternative?[View]
1931827Jaakari S.: Ordered the Jaakari S. How is it for an everyday pack? Need something to carry shit in, …[View]
1938964Another Rainy Day: What do you guys do /out/ when it's raining all day? It's been raining…[View]
1940465Scouts / Camps Thread: Any fellow sc/out/s or campers here? '18 Eagle/Camp Counselor here, have…[View]
1936829I’m hiking from Florida to Oregon all on foot starting tomorrow morning. I’ll list my gear ITT and y…[View]
1940746Homeless chads: Take the homeless pill They dont want you to know living outdoors is normal They wan…[View]
1936467>Am suicidal because of weight/binge eating >stayed in behavioral health unit for 4 days but …[View]
1937041You've been hiking in the snow for several hours and have finally reached camp. What's for…[View]
1940415slinging: I wanna make a sheperds sling to use in the great outdoors. thoughts? Also sling thread.…[View]
1939439Map discussion thread: Post cool maps, history, facts, and stories[View]
1879923Climbing General: Climbing General #14 A place to talk about climbing in any aspect (trad, sport, bo…[View]
1922800QTDDAT: questions that don't deserve another thread[View]
1938006this or that - woodsman edition: hey all, angloid/britbong here, admins please remove if shit straig…[View]
1940267Hello out bros. I just finished my first semester of law school. I have been cooped up and strung ou…[View]
1934066Bushtubers?: What are some cool and informative Bushtubers? I really like Joe Robinet. https://youtu…[View]
1929743I'm thinking of getting into batoning since the weather has changed. Any tips?[View]
1933915I think these are edible Volvopluteus gloiocephalus mushrooms. Am I right or wrong? Do you know of a…[View]
1933540Mountains: >live in flat state >only ever seen big mountains in pictures >never thought th…[View]
1939361Redpill me on trekking support tights does the so-called ''taping theory'' tights work as advertised…[View]
1935601Winter Activities: I live in a rustbelt town that gets brutally fucked by lake effect snow and short…[View]
1940181If I theoretically needed to go off the trail in the Utah desert and had no prior experience with de…[View]
1936945Fancy axe: Is pic related a functional, useful tool? Or is it just a retarded tacticool larp? It…[View]
1896386QUICK! You have 30 seconds to post the COMFIEST cabin you've ever been in. Comfy-ass camps also…[View]
1933980https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freedom_to_roam Should we have this in the United States?[View]
1938923Backpacking with the Seventy2 shell: Has anyone tried using this bag for back packing it looks modul…[View]
1939738What is Crater Lake like at this time of year? I just moved to the Oregon coast and want to check it…[View]
1927996ITT: post your /out/ goals and what you are doing to reach those goals. Or talk about /out/ projects…[View]
1933206Any bikepackers anons?: What bike do you use? I'm gonna buy my first one and start bikepacking …[View]
1935754/out/ approved jobs: What are some careers that will allow me to develop knowledge and experience of…[View]
1908857/seamen/ - Sailing General No.2: Shores of Tripoli edition: Previous bread: >>1861134 https:…[View]
1939497making /out/ist friends: how does one go about making /out/ist friends? Although I enjoy hiking by …[View]
1935729I’m starting a walk from Miami to Portland Oregon. Right now all I have is some layers of clothing,…[View]

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