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/out/ - Outdoors

Displaying 38 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
2641916Overlanding / Vanlife: I'm so sick of the city bros. The one time I went camping a year ago I h…[View]
2635218Abstinence through /out/: I'm a current alcoholic and former drug addict. I've recently de…[View]
2642612Fishing & Tackle Thread: #490- “JDM BFS Cane Rod” Edition Previous Thread: >>2636345 (stra…[View]
2645998Land thread: Surveying some land my uncle bought, 8 hectares of (near) untouched Patagonian forest. …[View]
2645505Theodore J. Kaczynski: What's the Unabomber's character archetype? Fallen hero? Well-inten…[View]
2640152i dont want to go to college and i cant imagine myself working a 9-5 or doing the 'Grind' is vegabon…[View]
2646127im thinking about getting a silpoly rain poncho/tarp[View]
2645032Hey im taking a roadtrip from Rhode Island to Wichita KS next week I have 7 days allotted for travel…[View]
2644782Best Place For Sunbathing?: I mostly stay up at night in my apartment, and the sun has been feeling …[View]
2642423Has anyone of you ever found something valuable while /out/? Recently I've stumbled upon the da…[View]
2637473California /out/: What are your favorite places to explore in California? Anyone on /out/ ever been …[View]
2633409Hiking Boots: Post your boots. I have some Columbia hiking boots, thought they were cheap Chinese ga…[View]
2645436caught this at work. what kind of snake is it?[View]
2640727Ling hike: I want to go on a long hike because it would be a good way to try to stay in shape. I lov…[View]
2645151>worst biome's in your path[View]
2639827Hey /out/! I've got a wild idea, and I need your expertise. I want to take my gaming setup into…[View]
2645358currently hammock camping on a cliff 150ft up get on my level /out/ plebs[View]
2637493Food making general. So /out/, are titanium pots bad for actually making food? I have an aluminium n…[View]
2633114Hiking psychosis: Took my zoomer friends for an overnight hike in the tatra mountains, what followed…[View]
2645727NEW YORK SHOOTING SPOTS: I remember you fags saying I cant go anywhere in the state to shoot. GUESS …[View]
2639257Hot tents..are they worth it ? I have pretty bad urge to buy one, with titanium foldable stove. Mad …[View]
2640721What advice would you give someone who is planning on living in their car for a while? Posted on /ad…[View]
2645334Hi /out/, I just bought a 35ft fifth wheel camper that I plan on living out of the parking in the lo…[View]
2643439Washing an old pee stenching backpack: I bought a used 70l backpack for under 15$ (60PLN) at a local…[View]
2644700used to live in a minivan, slept on a wooden bedframe i put together so i could have storage underne…[View]
2644606Mumbai to Bangkok hitchhike project: Need help planning an upcoming project. At the end of the year,…[View]
2642869Do you guys know what this grid like pattern all over Siberian forest is?[View]
2638101Where are they?: I think I've seen about 5 wasps (yellow jackets) this summer. I have a tree ou…[View]
2642873Question for mushroom and shroom growers: I am using liquid culture and a home made still air box an…[View]
2642459Anon! You should come explore BC! British Columbia, Canada is the most beautiful place in the world.…[View]
2644877Bark Thread: Post your best barks[View]
2634252tripping in nature: You have walked in wooded trails or somewhere else in nature while on shrooms at…[View]
2645279Any good hiking paths or trails in northern illinois? whenever I go on vacation to surrounding stat…[View]
2645583wonder what happened to that mountain guy: A couple weeks back there was a thread where some dumbass…[View]
2642320I would pay $10,000USD for ANY pop up tent that can fit in a ordinary backpack (less than say 80L) D…[View]
2632914stray dog: >ruins your calm daily stroll[View]
2638647Hey /out/!: /out/ youtubers approved?[View]
2637016What tools you bring when go to /out/[View]

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