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/out/ - Outdoors

Displaying 28 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
2551982Redpill me on rucking.[View]
2552831Hey /out/ I'm going on my first solo camping trip, I've prepared my gear and told friends …[View]
2550430Best high end air mattress: Some of my wife's family is coming into town this weekend, since I …[View]
2550469Tan/Black or Tan/Green: Which is more /out/?[View]
2553226Wtf are these clips and how do you use them?[View]
2553260Compound Bow Hunting Set Up: Post your compound bow set ups. what are you planning to hunt with next…[View]
2527307'Gear': Ha![View]
2551138Any ideas for agricultural farming/gardening projects? maybe something that can be made with an ardu…[View]
2550999American Nomadicism: Prove to me via verbal abuse, degradation and internet bullying that I cannot s…[View]
2548156Dangerous /out/ings: What's the closest you've ever come to dying or being severely injure…[View]
2548995Does anyone here have any recommendations for simple inexpensive beehive designs? I'd like to b…[View]
2552677In the context of fire bans, do woodgas stoves count as open fires? In other words are they also ban…[View]
2552467How do you sharpen an old, chipped, and rusty hatchet without it taking all day /out/? I'm rest…[View]
2552566Are you that guy who was baited into buying your gear twice because you visited your local outdoors …[View]
25498554channel.org/out/, in association with the Earth Liberation Front, presents: TOTAL LITTER DEATH. Ki…[View]
2546542So have any of you based larpers actually made some cool bone clothing or carved out an animal skull…[View]
2550360msr pocket rocket vs soto amicus: I'm undecided between those 2 stoves, the amicus seems better…[View]
2551832Is pursuing land surveying a good choice for a thirty year old? Is it a good idea in general? I…[View]
2546387How do I make this more portable for long hikes and for bushcraft?[View]
2549288Is the Durston Gear actually a good tent or is it just over-hyped shit? it was sold out everywhere f…[View]
2551286Why do so many of you pay more money to have things that weigh less? Why don't you just get str…[View]
2551485How do you snow camp /out/?[View]
2550347Forage nettles: How do I forage stinging nettles (euro) for food and drink. I read abit and I think …[View]
2551696Does it make me gay if I like to stare at Idaho's butte?[View]
2549740Just got my first pair in :3[View]
2547996Is it better to carry a small axe and a regular shovel or a small shovel and a regular axe?[View]
2550940appalachian trail difficulty: im an active duty marine, and my contract ends next january. im intere…[View]
2551764I'm going outside to fly my kite today.[View]

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