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/out/ - Outdoors

Displaying 45 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
2228549Magnet Fishing Thread: Do you guys magnet fish when you go camping? Is it worth the extra pound of e…[View]
2231224Regrowing Green Onions/Scallions: So in the last year scallions have gone up 100% in price to a doll…[View]
2228155Fishing & Tackle Thread: #410-“Not a Shitpost B8 Thread” Edition Previous Thread: >>222162…[View]
2234228Farms: A long time ago I saw a thread with farm diagrams, can someone post those below please?…[View]
2234013commercializing /out/ activities: >run around and do pushups >crawl in mud >carry log >t…[View]
2226307Does high cut shoes actually helps with carrying heavy backpack and walking on bad terrain or just a…[View]
2233627I wanna go hike in the Caucasus so bad bros. The mountain there are fucking sick[View]
2232476/out/ towns in Spain: Hey Spainbros, long time lurker first time poster here. What are the best mid …[View]
2233124Hello, folks. I need your help with a little something. Me and a bunch of my friends got ourselves a…[View]
2233028Aside from NOAA, where else can I cop free charts?[View]
2230203I just learned about pine needle tea, so today I went out and collected a bunch of pine needles from…[View]
2230486Im doing it bros. Im going off grid. Any advice? Heres some details, parents have inherited to me 10…[View]
2231303Post some cool bridges you hang out under[View]
2233697this image scares 95% of hikers[View]
2233560HAHA Satan like funny box: So I want a box for my car so I can keep this in it: 1. minced up duralam…[View]
2233581Are hydrogen fuel cell chargers a thing yet?: I'm looking for compact long lasting portable pow…[View]
2233461Jobs /out/ west: Hey fellas, I live on the east coast and was going to work for the AMC as lodge cre…[View]
2231990>30 >Sleep in a sleeping bag for the first time in a few years, used a mat under it and everyt…[View]
2230962Annual thermos thread: We used to have a thermos thread every fall but for some reason the tradition…[View]
2231804Silky Forest Destroyer: This is what separates the LARPers from the Survivalists. If you don't …[View]
2235671Umm so I guess the meme about tons of people being killed or going missing in national parks wasn’t …[View]
2233441In This Thread: Outdoor Drone Videos I’ll start: https://youtu.be/dyp1c4loSM0[View]
2232558I went outside. I was worried that my down winter sleeping bag might be too warm above freezing, but…[View]
2222651To Disappear Completely: anons, do you ever feel like disappearing completely? Just one day walking …[View]
2228736Texas /out/ing: Where are your favorite places to go /out/ in the Lone Star ?[View]
2224177Tents and shelters: Tent thread, everyone. I've been thinking of buying the onetigris tipinova.…[View]
2228251I would like to learn self-sufficiency, survival, all that kind of stuff, but I was raised by a sing…[View]
2228548PONCHO THREAD!: This thread is a shrine to the GREATEST INVENTION KNOWN TO MAN! What's a poncho…[View]
2218891How much water do you bring with you while camping or hiking? I'm always worried I won't h…[View]
2229749/out/ cutlery Do you just use regular kitchenware, or some leet, super light titanium spork with fol…[View]
2229490What food to take for multi day hike?: I'll be going on a 4 or 5 day hike, no civilization and …[View]
2230275How would u go about finding underground bunkers in a city to explore?[View]
2232092Have you guys ever smelled cum in the woods? There have been multiple times when walking through an …[View]
2220279/out/let here. Is river water pretty much always safe if: You boil/filter first?[View]
2229650God I fucking LOVE nature bros. Post your favorite thing about nature RIGHT NOW[View]
2232644Why are Americans so hostile towards 'trespassers'?[View]
2231604Where are your favorite places to go /out/ in the Greatest Britain?: Share them larp spots[View]
2230997Butane Zippo is kinda cool: You guys shat on my Zippo thread but that's alright, they are kind …[View]
2232224Anyone else gotten freaked out by NOAA broadcasts?: I know this is kind of irrelevant, but I don…[View]
2225676What was he eating while innawoods? He wasn't a hunter or was he?[View]
2220900/Out/ings With a Pipe Thread #55: Hunting season edition Feel free to post tobaccos (no weed allowed…[View]
2232362Have any of you tried camping in abandoned places? There's an old building about an hours walk …[View]
2226450It's been a few years since I've seen this convo at length but I have interest in acquirin…[View]
2234774Gay people deserve to feel safe outdoors.: The outdoors are for everyone.[View]
2232669I flipped my Honda 4trax 300 today. Started it back up and it seems to be running fine. What do I ne…[View]

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