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Displaying 52 expired threads from the past 3 days

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1556012Outdoor tea thread. Post teas[View]
1558014Water Bladders: I’ve always been a bottle kind of guy, but am thinking about giving a bladder a try …[View]
1555554What are the best books for general outdoorsmanship/survival/camping...etc.? I'm not a total no…[View]
1560922CVS heat!: Can never be my WIFE.[View]
1556936I am looking for a new pair of hiking boots. Full leather uppers that can be waxed and polished. May…[View]
1559905I was bitten by a brown recluse 2 days ago: What are my chances of survival with no medical attentio…[View]
1550911Patch General /pg/: Cairnkicker edition. Last thread: >>1536062[View]
1560329Flesh Eating Bacteria: Fuck ticks, *this* is the true terror rising. Have you /out/ Anons been notic…[View]
1555176Is titanium cookware a meme?[View]
1560885Meal Plan While /Out: what does your guys' diet look like when /out? big breakfast to get throu…[View]
1554748I just bought a van. I want to visit all the national parks in the US. Anyone else doing something l…[View]
1557062First time posting in /out/. Shit I think like my 3rd time every clicking on here. Quick question. W…[View]
1559768What company makes classic style boots of high quality? I walked through an REI and was displeased b…[View]
1556716I just bought this gay chair and I already regret it. Haven't even used it yet. Why? Because wh…[View]
1551382Mushroom noob here. I dried these and ate some. Will I die. I fucking hope these are pans.[View]
1560513Chanterelles: How are these looking lads? Found ~ 5 feet from base of oaks, smells sour/like floor c…[View]
1549060Whats the coolest thing you've ever seen in the night sky? Once i was following a sattelite thr…[View]
1560534Will My maple sapling be fine?: Two months ago I pulled this maple sapling out from the side of my g…[View]
1557179Hi /out/ - I work in construction and this is my first summer on the job. I live in the South and it…[View]
1559989Oregon & Pacific Crest: Heading up to Portland for a week-long trip. Planning on spending a day …[View]
1558644how the fuck do i live like the mountain men back then? or the injuns idk[View]
1557227Just put a new handle on this old what I assume to be a Sager Chemical Puget Sound axe. Can't w…[View]
1560316otg: i am thinking of making a log cabin for part time otg use what tips and trick do you recommend …[View]
1558492The island, survival and Bear Grylls: Who else is hyped for season 6 of the island with Bear grylls?…[View]
1560245anyone used one of these?: Am I going to get explosive diarrhea if I buy this chinese one instead of…[View]
1558260hey everyone does anyone here have any bike touring tips for a beginner? I am a road cyclist with o…[View]
1545955/out/ YouTubers: I absolutely adore watching /out/ related videos when I can't go /out/ myself.…[View]
1559210water treatment: I've had the Platypus Gravityworks for about 7 years now, I love it, but I fin…[View]
1555191Homegrowmen Thread #187 Farming and Gardening: Old thread: >>1550369 Search terms, Agrarian, A…[View]
1559020Does anyone still have one of these? Just found mine after a few years of buying it on here. Should …[View]
1558876Camping in a haunted location.: So i want to camp in a spot that is haunted. Have you guys ever done…[View]
1551519Why does camp fire smoke always follow you around?[View]
1558637Fishing; Odd question, but I do a lot of bass fishing and naturally like most bass fishermen I love…[View]
1556512Nature Preserve in Spain ID?: When I was a teen I went on a group tour of Europe and one of the plac…[View]
1557037Would Outside Magazine be an adequate alternative to wasting time on 4chan?[View]
1556894How close are you to completing the US™, /out/?[View]
1526589Have you ever encountered guerilla growers or weed fields when /out/? What did you do?[View]
1551680The Difference?: Hey /out I'm having a hard time actually finding out what the difference betwe…[View]
1558675deer hunting: Is there a field test for chronic wasting disease? Can one become infected by eating t…[View]
1553835Fishing & Tackle Thread: #283-“Oops Again” Edition Previous Thread: >>1548094 Thinking abo…[View]
1551258What efforts are you making to be more self-sufficient?[View]
1558891Going to Alaska, y'all want anything?: I'm going to Alaska this coming week, will mostly b…[View]
1557040Going /out around Berlin: Any eurofags here? Just have been lurking here and want to start going /ou…[View]
1557849Is white water rafting fun or is it a meme like Zipline. Plan to go to hudson River Gorge Rafting an…[View]
1551967Are cooking sets a meme?: Considering getting pic related? Weighs less than 12oz and comes with a co…[View]
1558956Shore fishing NC OBX: looking to up my shore fishing game in OBX while out here using 20lb test and …[View]
1557481Question about Ham radios and other radios. I've got a pretty nice Tacoma rig and I've hea…[View]
1556726>makes informative videos >entertaining to watch >Texan Yah that's a based from me.…[View]
1557845Hoboism General: Hoboism General - #003 Links N' Shit: http://www.artoftravel.com/ http://www.v…[View]
1550559What's your favorite oil or wax for knife and/or axe maintenance? And is there anything that sm…[View]
1549689Anyone ever done hunting with one of these? Currently building an ultra light bug out bag got 7 stra…[View]

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