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/out/ - Outdoors

Displaying 48 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
1881266Best books for general helpful info to have with you for camping/backpacking/survival? I want a book…[View]
1881399MEC Sold to US Investment Firm: This means we'll be getting bomber klettersacks and sleeping ba…[View]
1869607Ultra light gear is for faggots and women. fight me.[View]
1870554Whenever I go outside I pretend to be a lone Stalker exploring the Zone Who do you play pretend as?[View]
1874099QTDDTOT:: Questions that don't deserve their own thread:[View]
1881534A thread that actually enjoys and talks about the outdoors: I enjoy the outdoors. The atmosphere is …[View]
1882870If I wanted to make a long distance trip down a river (40-50) miles, what type of craft would be bes…[View]
1881837Any clue what kind of fungi this is? I’m near Buffalo NY if it helps. It’s been in my back yard all …[View]
1868465/out/ Florida Thread: Anyone live in Florida? what are your favorite places to go /out/? I'm i…[View]
1883112Reigniting a previously used fire: Hey /out/ I just built a fire in an outdoor fireplace, and put it…[View]
1882635Question for Climbers: I've never been rock climbing before, so if this sounds incredibly stupi…[View]
1874851New Jersey is objectively the worst state on the east coast for /out/ing. It's just sandy woods…[View]
1879806does anyone else make wooden forts? post yours[View]
1882804Hey /out/ i need your help. Have a multi day hike coming up with a problem I've never dealt wit…[View]
1882786Resources please: I'm looking for resources on how to go completely off grid. Books, youtube ch…[View]
1882076for me it's mello yello melon, the best soft drink to enjoy after a long hike.[View]
1878742I need an all purpose mask: Must be able to block dust and provide at least some protection against …[View]
1875947How do I get more /out/ use with a pickup truck?: I currently use the bed to haul a single fishing p…[View]
1878070Pants tucked inside shoe/boot or outside? Which do you prefer? Tucking inside socks protects against…[View]
1881604just another boot thread passing through[View]
1877594Appalachia/Southeast Thread: Hello /out/ists does anyone here have recommendations for good wilderne…[View]
1879800>be on long hault /out/ miles away from civilization >wake up in the middle of the night to se…[View]
1882327How did mendicant friars / monks travel such long distances with only a few simple belongings and cl…[View]
1882219Trying to cover 70 miles in 2 days. Is it possible? I'm an experienced runner but I've nev…[View]
1878806/out/ anime: Can /out/ recommend any out related anime?[View]
1878906Invasive Species Genocide: How do you deal with invasive species in your area. In Pennsylvania these…[View]
1881135Is it just me, or does meat taste much much better when you killed it yourself? I have so much kg of…[View]
1850333Anyone here done any fun /out/ stuff out by West Virginia?: Sure is pretty country out there![View]
1881256What wetsuit would you recomend for kayaking or other sea related stuff[View]
1882197Carl and alex fishing: Why are they so based?[View]
1875872So given that the West coast is on fire again and Yosemite might burn down, has anyone tried their h…[View]
1882133What are some good mountains to climb/hike: I've been to the Bighorn mountains in Wyoming, grea…[View]
1880871Which one of you did this?: The normie gondola exists almost exclusively to transport people who wan…[View]
1882051wtf happened to robotstreamer? Its either smelly sweaty stoners watching cartoons or shit like this…[View]
1881754Sock General /sg/: Which ones do you like anons? For me... It's Injinji. I use to get blisters…[View]
1874243I have like a pathological envy of people who have land. How do I cope while wageslaving knowing tha…[View]
1873104Why is Australia's wilderness so shit and ugly compared to other countries?[View]
1880278Post lawns: What did I just say? Post lawns[View]
1880739>live deep in the suburbs >only get a real /out/ing maybe once a year >haven't been hi…[View]
1881334starting a company to help me go /out/: I live in a somewhat tourism area in Brazil (few, but very w…[View]
1880932What happens when a campfire gets out of control: Have any of you guys experienced or have seen a ca…[View]
1877970Why were old American knives like the Hudson bay, Green River, Bowie, or Sheffield all huge as fuck,…[View]
1878703Plant/flower identification on the Amalfi Coast: Hello frens, I went hiking on the Amalfi Coast in I…[View]
1881309What size backpack should one have for trips about a week long in length, going solo Will I be fine …[View]
1880431On vacation, want to drive somewhere not to far for a day hike. Brown County State Park looks promis…[View]
1873645Spooky stories: Can we get a weird, spooky, scary or anomaly /out/ story thread going? I wish I had …[View]
1877978Eating Out of Season Squirrel: I just moved to western KY quite recently and wanted to hunt squirrel…[View]
1877826Can leg braces help me lift shit?[View]

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