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/out/ - Outdoors

Displaying 45 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
1986914THINGS YOU ALWAYS BRING WITH YOU FOR YOUR OWN ENJOYMENT THREAD Long story short I was sprucing up my…[View]
1998623QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread (basically the entire board)[View]
2021944Trail Job in Southern Colorado: I accepted a job doing trail work in San Juan national forest from m…[View]
2014523Minimalist motocamping: I'm a poorfag but i want to take my trusty shitbike on an adventure soo…[View]
2010007great job america[View]
2024068Trees: No one seems to get the urgency of improving our air Quality the best way to improve air qual…[View]
2022089chest rig for /out/ purposes: I was considering getting some old military web gear for hiking to hol…[View]
2022044>go for a hike in the snow at favorite spot >decide to try to make a fire with a ferro rod, an…[View]
2018826Has anybody here read this book? When things go back to normal, I want to go to the outdoors to buil…[View]
2005706car camping: hi, not sure if this fits better in here or /trv/, but i have not been solo camping bef…[View]
2020619what the fuck is this: found these while wandering the desert in Australia.. what the fuck are they?…[View]
2011548Sleeping bag thread. What sleeping bag do you use when you go out? Pic related, glacier 300, have a …[View]
2017610Innawoods longboard/leaving society: Can't take working at Starbucks anymore. Today was the las…[View]
2012149>watch vagrant holiday >inspired to go outside and record random shit >I now do this regul…[View]
2022552Is there any use for this?: Its 100 + 20 liters but if I dont weigh it down too much the bulk of it …[View]
2013442Behold the best shelter[View]
2013084Dreams to Reality AMA: Finally beginning the search for my own parcel of land upon which to build my…[View]
2009854Mosquitos: How to protect myself from these fuckers /out/? I´m preparing for the summer already and …[View]
2013900/hgm/ Homegrowmen Thread #263 Farming and Gardening: Old Thread: >>>2007019 USDA Hardiness …[View]
2015981Thoughts on filing the spine of a knife to make it able to be used for ferro/magnesium rods?[View]
2008748Three rescued from deserted island in Bahamas after surviving on coconuts for 33 days: https://www.w…[View]
2004355Moving to miami was my biggest mistake...is there anything /out/ here that doesn't involve wate…[View]
2020055Bullshit aside: Listen boys. I am getting close to retiring and would like to do so innawoods. Innam…[View]
2015116/Upstate NY General/: Thread for discussing outdoor activities in Upstate New York: Adirondacks, Cat…[View]
2018551Hey /o/ looking for some help here. I am in need of pic related, but also has another reciever on it…[View]
2022315agropelter: I'd post this to /x/ but I'm not trying to larp. Someone help me ID these soun…[View]
2017223Airsoft BBs: Hey guys is this where we talk about airsoft? Im just getting into it. What are the bes…[View]
2021414hello out, greg here so I was out outing, preparing some wood for my linus tovalds effigy when the t…[View]
2017077Radios: Hey lads, can anyone give me basic bare bones information about radio's, their usage an…[View]
2018420bungee cords (things you use to strap stuff to bike) as compression for bag without any inbuilt comp…[View]
2022105does anyone like hiking and camping?[View]
2015744Outdoor related art and artists: Winslow Homer is a favorite of mine[View]
2017837Sat for the first time this year in the forest and read a book for a bit when I was out with my dog.…[View]
2019075Backpacks: Hello /out/. I don't have a backpack except for my school one. I want to do a 2-3 da…[View]
2009613Hunting with air rifles. What rifle do you use and what is your target game?[View]
2018356Springs / spring houses: Images of hidden gems you’ve found on your river excursions[View]
2016302what are you thoughts on this /out/?[View]
2006851/4x4/ Offroad/Overlanding general #1: The first edition of offroad and overlanding general Post rigs…[View]
2018795Finally space banners are here: And it will change the way we go in the outdoors. >>walk towar…[View]
1971522/Out/ings with a Pipe Thread #44: Feel free to post tobaccos (no weed allowed), pipes, collections, …[View]
2014383the only thing preventing me from going to live off the grid is my addiction to 4chan[View]
2016679What area of the Rockies is your favorite?[View]
2019867This one.[View]
2005752If we had a meet up to walk through the woods and towns and mountains, dressed in medieval garb with…[View]
2020935Stolen Snowboard: Hello everyone. Sometime in the past 48 hours my house was broken into and somebo…[View]

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