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Displaying 52 expired threads from the past 3 days

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2358741What’s your desert hiking load out?[View]
2359798Four-Wheeler Thoughts: >Start up four wheeler >Drive for a few hours while also thinking about…[View]
2366518The flying Jew: I just discovered I have SKEETER SYNDROME I WENT ON A HIKE AND IF A FUCKING MOSQUITO…[View]
2366635Any AT fags going to trail days this year?[View]
2366410What is the best online forum for info on plant propagation etc?[View]
2363974I'm looking for a recommendation on outdoor socks that fit the following criteria: -dries quick…[View]
2363647Slim multi-tool suggestions?: Pic is my slim multi-tool. Problem is that it sucks. Screwdriver doesn…[View]
2365398Trailhead shuttle: I’m planning a trip, but am running into the problem of how to get from my end po…[View]
2364908Outdoor backpack: I am looking for a small, modern backpack with an option to attach something to th…[View]
2365428Hey /out/what the fuck is going on with this leaf I found? Fungus? Leaf cancer? Or mayber this belon…[View]
2365204Conservation Corps: Anyone have experience working in one of these? I’m gonna be joining one in Utah…[View]
2363237Is Fred Bear overrated?: I feel like people have only even heard of him because of the Nugent song.…[View]
2366224I have the month off June off from work and want to dpend it hiking the Appalachian trail. I only wa…[View]
2362485/hgm/ Homegrownmen Thread #333 Farming and Gardening: Spring Message from Big Man Tyrone https://www…[View]
2361229okay what are the proper clothes to wear in hot, humid forests and wetlands? i live in southeast tex…[View]
2365605Anyone else go lake life all summer?: I always go to our lakehouse and most of the summer. Pros >…[View]
2358806Does anyone ever /out/ed in Morocco? What is it like for bike touring?[View]
2350516Emergency/med/survival kit thread: What do you carry for emergencies? I basically carry a compact me…[View]
2363590Blisters: What is this and how do I fix it? Is it safe to continue walking with it?[View]
2359526Does raw garlic ward off ticks?: By coincidence I consumed 6 raw garlic cloves one day before going …[View]
2364782Awesome locations to go scuba diving?: Sup /out/, I am looking to do my PADI open diving cert and am…[View]
2357774Anybody Got any Good Camping spots here? Preferably deep in the woods where you can Shoot off some g…[View]
2356740I love bird watching: But im afraid to tell people for fear of being called old. Yesterday I saw a g…[View]
2357748How feasible would it be to live a lifestyle like this in America?[View]
2364334inflatable pillows suck just bring a normal pillow and you will sleep better[View]
2365553Camping Basics: Is there a decent website that you guys can recommend all of the essentials I would …[View]
2276771E-tool: Any suggestions/tips for E-tools(entrenching tools)[View]
2362845Neutral bodily smell: What sort of changes could I make to optimize myself to smell as neutral as po…[View]
2359923Pear Help: Give it to me straight. Is my comice pear tree fucked? I just installed it a week ago and…[View]
2340398comfort items: what non-essential items do you bring with you no matter what. I bring my stuffed dog…[View]
2342165/QTDDTOT/: If you folded a foam sleeping pad in half, that would effectively double its r value righ…[View]
2361500southwest pics thread, sharing my recent pics from the sandias. the quality would be better if the c…[View]
2366954E-Bike thread: Thinking about ordering a Sur Ron ebike. Any competitor bikes I should look into? Do …[View]
2351598Have you hunkered down lately /out/?[View]
2363567Feral Cats: What's the solution?[View]
2364499brown trout catch & cook: small brown trout caught in lake. no pics of the trout before being pr…[View]
2360334You get to eradicate one species from existence (plant, animal, fungus, anything) what do you choose…[View]
2356719You were spotted in the woods: Alright, who was it?[View]
2363896I'm selling my trangia and getting pic related to replace it because it uses the same fuel as m…[View]
2341356What etiquette do you practice as a solo male hiker when passing a solo female hiker?[View]
2360700Fishing & Tackle Thread: #433-“Cinco De Mayo” Edition Previous Thread: >>2357392 janny pls…[View]
2356941Too many people: I just want go out into the woods for a few days and not hear cars, dirt bikes, and…[View]
2328378Homeless: Yeah bitches I'm going to live outside and walk across the U.S. doing menial labor jo…[View]
2362491sourcing good equipment online: >/k/fag looking for camping gear for innawoods STALKER challenge …[View]
2363414>start hiking >sort of like it >i have to look at the ground directly in front of me >wa…[View]
2360571Morel Chads Unite!: The season has begun and the hunt is on for these amazing fungi. Who else out th…[View]
2363343Truck portable power stations: What do you use for portable power stations? I impulse bought this 'S…[View]
2358353Anyone have experience with permaculture in a Med dry environment (xeroscaping)? Pic related is my l…[View]
2363652hog shootan with thermals https://youtu.be/bwr2GVrACV4 hunting or nv/thermal thread[View]
2357735Whats the closest thing to Asheville/Boulder in the northeast? Like a small to medium city with jobs…[View]
2353361National Parks: Which one is your favorite or 'must see before you die'? Also have any of you been t…[View]
2362577What's it called when you lay your gear out on the floor in the most /out/istic way possible an…[View]

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