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66299168Su-monsters: Has anyone tried playing a su-monster?[View]
66289777I just took a nap. I had a dream where I went onto /tg/ and asked for advice making a Persona-inspir…[View]
66297083The fantasy creatures are not simply monsters.: Something that gms should always have in mind when c…[View]
66297319Jus get it like this: Just get it like this warhammer dark elve[View]
66291838So I'm trying to find a new fantasy RPG for a group of people that i play Call of Cthulhu with …[View]
66284585Which of the two genders is more attuned to the successful application of magic?[View]
66297378Gith: Do they hatch from eggs?: Also, other player options that no one ever plays.[View]
66272420/srg/ - Shadowrun General: ...Identity Spoofed ...Encryption Keys Generated ...Connected to Onion Ro…[View]
66273144100 islands: I’m making a setting of a mainland port city and 100 islands. Each island is supposed t…[View]
66287227Reminder that the emperor is a hypocrite and fedora tipping gay atheist corpse who killed more peopl…[View]
66297872How would you make a functioning and balanced magic system based on Wuxia elements? Alternatively wh…[View]
66297421Has any of your characters ever done something that made them realize, 'Oh, fuck, I'm actually …[View]
66291085It turns out the lich's plan all along was to raise an army of the undead to invade hell and ta…[View]
66292104Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2961: Impatient Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/drive/folde…[View]
66284060EDH/Commander /edh/: Modual Edition >Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current …[View]
66293732/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: Signs of Royalty Edition >Official D&D St…[View]
66297597I've been working with this client that's be getting into comp Yu-Gi-Oh and while I played…[View]
66290603Does Terry Crews have a chance in your setting?[View]
66296675quick, give me your best aliens![View]
66292891Hey guys, what is a good system that will let me experience this feel?[View]
66295502/40kg/ - Warhammer 40000 General: Sicarius edition >Skulls for the Skull Throne 3 https://www.war…[View]
66288712Closely following all directions for the next quest location, the party ends up at pic related. How …[View]
66297143does anyone else get mondo tired after running a session?[View]
66289173Dark Sun: I think dark sun is pretty cool. anyone have any stories or anything from darksun? Planesc…[View]
66296996Stat the scramblers.[View]
66284219Stat Me: Stat me in VTM 20th edition or really what ever you want I just want to see some takes on s…[View]
66278873How do you stay interested?: >Be me, 28 >Barely find enjoyment in anything I do anymore >Ha…[View]
66281622Talk about your setting's superweapons[View]
66289206Is there any way to make horizons work the same way they do in real life on a fantasy flat world? Th…[View]
66296415Storytime: >Be me: Dwarf barbarian >Be not me: Kenku Warlock, Elven Wizard, Human Paladin and …[View]
66294395Ocean Worlds/Settings General: Dearest /tg/, With summer just right around the corner one thought i…[View]
66295137'That Guy': So yesterday playing a Oneshot at a TCG store i had to encounter with our worst enemy 't…[View]
66291063What's your favorite RPG book to read, just because the writing is so good?[View]
66284092What are some books that inspire good campaigns?[View]
66260347PDF Share Thread: It's Da PDF Share Thread! Get ready to stuff your hard drive like a cosplay h…[View]
66253198/5ehg/ - Too many tomes edition Trove: https://thetrove.net/Books/Dungeons%20and%20Dragons/D&D%2…[View]
66290241/cyoag/ - CYOA General: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu Previous Thread: >>66280327[View]
66279972The Magnus Institute has invited your party to aid it in collecting rare knowledge and artifacts fro…[View]
66291697/gdg/ - Game Design General: How's your game coming along, anon? You ARE making a game, right? …[View]
66295199There is no fantasy campaign that won't be improved by your DM reading the Dying Earth.[View]
66284951Best RPG for playing Centaurs?: It isn't D&D because centaurs aren't a playable race.…[View]
66246697/CofD/&/WoDG/ Chronicles of Darkness and World of Darkness General: >Previous Thread >>…[View]
66294557How to find a good game: /tg/ a lot of threads about red flags and what games to avoid but i've…[View]
66274411>The Golem King's daughter surreptitiously slips a handful of malachite hearts into your bre…[View]
66291043the thanos rogue: y'all fuckers ready to hear the fucking best dnd revenge story ever? the than…[View]
66292109Is 'Force of Will' considered a dead TCG?[View]
66289342How do you introduce wilderness encounters to your players without using the JRPG vidya format? >…[View]
66287798Pauper Magic General /pmg/ mtg: Suicide Black Edition[View]
66290796>Roll a sorcerer >DM loves them, tells me i can have subtle spell for free on every cast >E…[View]
66276618/btg/ - BattleTech General: The /btg/ is dead - long live the /btg/! Edgy Edition Previous thread: …[View]
66294586Bragging thread: Tell us about your army's big win! What epic feats did your character pull off…[View]
66292110What's the biggest scandal or upset you've ever caused in a game? On the fence in our curr…[View]
66290198/chess/ FIDE Grand Prix: Why no thread? Love Naka Love Grischuk[View]
66286047>Be me >Join a new game. >Decide to play the parties beat stick. >Everyone else excels a…[View]
66210205/awg/ - alternative wargames general: Dwarfs? Dwarves? Dwarven Edition? >What is /awg/? A thread …[View]
66291264>'Kingdom' is a representative democracy. >Voters commonly elect of their own volition young c…[View]
66284918GeeDubs: Now and Then, Here and There: >tlwr, too long won’t read >why is games workshop so ga…[View]
66257541Drawthread: Not using the dazann pic edition: >>>DRAWTHREAD RULES<<< >Requester…[View]
66282435I wonder if the word 'arachnophobia' has the same connotation in Drow society that words like homoph…[View]
66287059Is this traditional enough for you[View]
66291654/40kg/ - warhammer 40000 general: Shiny edition >Skulls for the Skull Throne 3 https://www.warham…[View]
66286762Development of Underwater Civilizations: It can be said that the two 'sparks' of the devel…[View]
66253440/wfg/ Warhammer Fantasy General: Orange thread >Resources (Rules, Lore and Warhammer Fantasy Role…[View]
66283715Modern Magic General /mmg/ mtg: MH Hype edition[View]
66287342>WoW character >can kill dozens of monsters in a dungeon in an hour >Diablo ii char >can…[View]
66292909How is it possible that such a big company cant keep a piece of paper in stock? Guess I'll just…[View]
66272021<Your Dudes> General - Post your dudes and some background.: Chapter Name: The Arbiters of Rui…[View]
66289195>An adventurer goes from level 1 to level 20 How many in-game years does this take typically? Sho…[View]
66291083Is there anything more disappointing than the DM making the enemies run away when they're about…[View]
66274605Filename Thread[View]
66273257Cockroaches from Terraformars: I think the Cockroaches from Terraformers are the utterly most terrif…[View]
66292613I'm needing some help with a game I'm getting ready to start. The setting is modern day mi…[View]
66290551Cavalry Games: Can anyone recommend a system that does cavalry charges well? Even if the whole party…[View]
66277944WIP - Work In Progress General: Work in Progress, 'Richard Karn The Betrayer' Edition >How to pai…[View]
66285695Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: Mirrored Ruins Edition >Previous Thread >>66274964 Official…[View]
66269832Anyone remember the Love and Krieg stories? I remember the Love and Krieg stories.[View]
66292062Had anyone played this? >is it any good?[View]
66280724Game Finder Thread: Game Finder Thread. To help you find games. Mostly online though. >Game >S…[View]
66289748ITT: what really occurred during the Harrowing[View]
66291832Has anyone else played this?[View]
66267337/tgesg/ - Weekend Elder Scrolls General: Imperium sit ius Lex et Sacram Edition >Tabletop/P&P…[View]
66287454/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: Blink Dagger Edition >Unearthed Arcana: Artif…[View]
66290872Help me write the biggest, most trope-laden campaign there is.: With the coming of Pathfinder 2e, my…[View]
66286688What does /tg/ think of mage assasins?[View]
66286784Your next campaign takes place in Medieval Times[View]
66288823>Vance Stubbs is ruling his star system bringing the fire and fury of the renewed 252nd conservat…[View]
66258055How would the demons in your setting fare against him?[View]
66290248Where do you draw the line between inspiration and straight up copying? My current campaign is going…[View]
66288757Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Burger Delivery edition >Skulls for the Skull Throne 3 https:/…[View]
66282771Where does the whole 'bards are sluts lel' thing come from and why does it never seem to apply to an…[View]
66287940Is it a bad idea to include both werewolves and lycanthropy in a same setting if the two are not rel…[View]
66284542Adeptus Titanicus: Care to share your opinions on this game?[View]
66171600/hwg/ - Historical Wargames General: Queen Of Scots Edition Previous thread: >>66026573 Get in…[View]
66275274Paizo Games General /pgg/: Paizo Games General /pgg/ Anyone has the old trove link? /pfg/ Link Repos…[View]
66281726Why does everyone everywhere all speak the same language?[View]
66288925Is this OK?[View]
66207732World Building General - /wbg/: Despots, Dictators, and Tyrants Edition Welcome to /wbg/, the offici…[View]
66282486>Today an oil embargo of all Arnorian Union member states was declared by the United Harad Emirat…[View]
66284652Next session, my party is to stumble upon raided caravan. A few overturned carts, a few arrows, a fe…[View]
66259189MtG: Food: How would you design a custom MtG set themed around food, restaurants, cooking, and, to a…[View]
66287557Is the UR Wizards version better for Dreadhorde Arcanist?[View]
66242666Bushiroad Cardgames General 64 Enlist in your local navy edition. Last thread:>>>>661825…[View]
66285078I grew tired of the same old Tolkien-ish kind of fantasy settings (i.e: elves, dwarves and halflings…[View]
66285746Google translates MtG: You know which kind of thread this is.[View]
66280327/cyoag/ - CYOA General: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu Previous Thread: >>66274548[View]
66282392Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2961: Australian Wasabi Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/dri…[View]
66237097How do we merge fantasy and mechs?[View]
66285295Does your character have any kind of tell (be it conscious or unconscious)? What does it mean when h…[View]
66284221Degree of Success and Failure, please help me.: Can somebody please fucking explain how the degrees …[View]
66287708>the tendencies towards perversity and vulgarity at the table of a dungeons and dragons game are …[View]
66284996Duel Masters: Haven't played this in years What changed Is bombazar still a thing ?[View]
66278127>the party meets the king of brickland[View]
66284390>Battlesuits can't combine to form larger battlesuits 'T'a'u'f'a…[View]
66287386>he genuinely thinks that if his opponent forgets to untap mana during their current untapping ph…[View]
66280528School Roleplaying: I know these Fantasy High ads are fucking obnoxious but it does make me wonder i…[View]
66285242>BBEG's armies are invading the realm, plundering the cities and killing the innocents >T…[View]
66271758>party member studies the dark arts How would your PC convince them it's not worth it?…[View]
66283798Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Welcome to Flavortown edition >Skulls for the Skull Throne 3 h…[View]
66263338SCIENTISTS FIND EYE OF TERROR IN OUR OWN GALAXY: >Something appears to have torn a hole in part o…[View]
66284904Stat him.[View]
66263987/ktg/ Kill Team General - Skirmish Combat in the 41st Millennium: Reserves edition Previous thread: …[View]
66255181Raiders and Radon: Setting-building thread for a post-apocalypse British Isles where things went to …[View]
66281139The good: we have a talented modeler in our group. The bad: he insists on putting dicks on things th…[View]
66270917/swg/ - Star Wars General: Going Native Edition Previous silly accent adoption: >>66247811 Fan…[View]
66284513So, you are playing a group of teenagers in the pokemon world playing 'would you rather' a…[View]
66283278Stolen sources: Do you have examples of material lifted from sources not as inspiration but direct c…[View]
66283339/5eg/ - Fifth Edition General:: >Unearthed Arcana: Artificer v2 https://media.wizards.com/2019/dn…[View]
66285597What are some of your personal 'most interesting' cards cards that have cool and nifty effects, not …[View]
66281827>players refuse to purchase new combat mount and continue upgrading the existing one over and ove…[View]
66282870An Isekai Anime tier 'protagonist' (yes an adolescent teenager or young adult in their very early tw…[View]
66281163So /tg/ would you trust a group/faction/organization/Special Forces Military unit/Royal House with a…[View]
66285000sup /tg/: what is best melee weapon & why is it katana?[View]
66283534Help salvaging Pathfinder game: Alright elegan/tg/entlemen, I need to crowdsource some brainstorming…[View]
66283442I had an idea for a wrestling tournament campaign, where all the players fight one-on-one. I've…[View]
66283756Anyone here tried Hunter Seeker? Is it good?[View]
66258187Warcraft Lore Thread: 'The greatest warchief has returned!' Edition >...yeah, the novels are pret…[View]
66284781>we're playing my homebrew system, anon[View]
66277979I have written myself into the corner, and the inevitable heat death of the multiverse is now the BB…[View]
66284764>I've heard you talking shit of us >Chromophobe!…[View]
66204052Which setting has the most sophisticated tech?: I know many of you likes world building and fluff, s…[View]
66274964AoS Age of Sigmar General: Stormcast Edition We /pol/ now sub edition >Previous Thread >>66…[View]
66265513There are really DMs out there who make their own setting and are proud of it when it's just bo…[View]
66220281What are /tg/'s super settings like? Do any of you read comics to inspire?[View]
66280336>group is playing a bunch of average joes in a modern setting >everyone is suddenly a fearless…[View]
66280977The Sleeper Service appears in your campaign setting, with the intention of using its 80,000 warship…[View]
66282439>play Betrayal at House on the Hill for first time on tabletop sim >our first mansion turns ou…[View]
66280965Whats the most shameful media property you've stolen from? I stole the idea of the 'Black comet…[View]
66276548Whats the best way to play Poker?[View]
66282288How do I fix 40k? I feel like years ago I was tricked into thinking 40k was a deep tactical game bec…[View]
66269044:(: >The wizard's beloved familiar slips from this world[View]
66276660Warlord Games: So anyone have any minis from Warlord games? I was thinking of getting the US Infantr…[View]
66270785/edhg/ EDH/COMMANDER GENERAL: Planeswalkers Were A Mistake Edition Previously: >>66256890 >…[View]
66275908Corrupted from a young age: Today I was cleaning out my closet that hadn't been touched since I…[View]
66280015So how do full plated knights survive being hit by dragon fire? wouldn't they get roasted alive…[View]
66271069Most busted spells in DnD require concent-[View]
66283097Necromancer thread: Post necromancer and undead stuff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgqcCu1q5-k…[View]
66269633Modern Magic General /mmg/ mtg: Catalog searchable edition Resources: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/me…[View]
66279500>playing cleric[View]
66282818What Amaranthe song is most relevant to your campaign?[View]
66282838help a longtime nerd realize his long time nerd dream: Hey 4chan, I come to in my time of need. I am…[View]
66281211Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Lady Power edition >Skulls for the Skull Throne 3 https://www.…[View]
66258414Avoiding Magical Realm?: We all have things that interest us, and often wish to include that in our …[View]
66150341Economics In Fantasy?: Given everything that magic can do in a lot of fantasy settings, namely trans…[View]
66208231Consistent Effects vs Consistent Power Source: How do you prefer your mages to be classified? Consis…[View]
66251353Where would you say is the best place to start when creating your own setting? I've been making…[View]
66245409/40krpg/ - Warhammer 40k RPG General: Squatted Edition Last Thread: >>66091801 For all your q…[View]
66130477Unique 'mon' style settings: Continuation of >>65991391 Here we discuss ideas for an interesti…[View]
66278493/5eg/ - Fifth Edition General:: >Unearthed Arcana: Artificer v2 https://media.wizards.com/2019/dn…[View]
66197186What edition of traveller should I play if I want to get into it?[View]
66249256/osrg/ - Old School Renaissance General: Welcome to the Old School Renaissance General, the thread d…[View]
66274269How would you introduce a new generation to the Rifts RPG? What would you omit, or simplify, or jus…[View]
66280125somehow i ended as a DM in a in a 'fantasy style anime' campaign in a DnD Training Wheels 'format', …[View]
66282550>The Federation of the Vinita has proven, once again, that gods are surprisingly vulnerable to pr…[View]
66281489Hey fa/tg/uys! I'm gonna be taking part in a DND campaign set in the WoW universe and I intend …[View]
66279283How to make the most of an evil character in a non-evil campaign without disrupting the game?[View]
66280075Stat me, /tg/[View]
66280238generate nonsensical systems/rulesets with neural network ai: https://talktotransformer.com type in …[View]
66278651Is it ok to submit a song instead of a backstory?[View]
66281498Dragons are Assholes: >Bites the wings off of dragons he enslaves >Keeps them half-starved …[View]
66281681I guess steam streams D&D now. https://store.steampowered.com/sale/dungeonsdragons/[View]
66221233Exalted General - /exg/: >What is Exalted? An epic high-flying role-playing game about reborn god…[View]
66281443The D&D 5e wiki got moved over to fandom wiki and the head mod opened up the whole thing to free…[View]
66281288Is there a program for Windows that lets you move game pieces across a map? I've got my map rea…[View]
66275901Modern Horizons leak: >Astral Drift 2W >Enchantment >Whenever you cycle Astral Drift or c…[View]
66234057Legend of the Five Rings General - /l5rg/: voidposting edition Rulebooks: https://drive.google.com/d…[View]
66281037Help me find imperial guard codex (8e) I need it for heresy elimination purposes[View]
66277688Ever been in a session where you play as yourself?: I think I want to run a surprise session (will l…[View]
66256417Realistically speaking, could evil races make civilizations?[View]
66199370/mgw/ - Monster Girl Worldbuilding: Blessed Bossom Edition We talk about Monstergirls and build a se…[View]
66268739Elf salve, what do?[View]
66275083Cyberpunk 2020: Looking for someone who would be interested in DMing a cyberpunk 2020 game for my di…[View]
66262446Name everything wrong with this party and why they will fail to defeat the Demon Lord.[View]
66277802Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: The 'Necrons' edition >Skulls for the Skull Throne 3…[View]
66278685D&D vs R&M CYOA: It's going to be great and the harcore minmaxers here are going to poo…[View]
66255351>DM, why won't you let me play a Grey Jedi?[View]
66275579Paint: What are some good paint companies for model painting? I heard Citadel Paint wasn't very…[View]
66268857Is your party made of dudes bad enough to defeat the notorious Wu-Tang Clan?[View]
66273961>Playing world of darkness >Entire group is meant to hit things except for you. >Use mind c…[View]
66275605Multi-dimensional/Autistic Chess Thread: Is there literally any way to play 3D chess against an AI o…[View]
66275382How does /tg/ do vampire societies?: I'm curious how other anons handle vampire nations. Person…[View]
66230095need some enjoyable fantasy/sci-fi novels to inspire some world building. I'd ask /lit/ but the…[View]
66274739In the far future humanity has colonized dozens of earthlike worlds, how does the internet work betw…[View]
66244710Is there any non-Big 3 (MtG, Pokemon TCG, YGO) trading card game you find good enough to recommend? …[View]
66274548/cyoag/ - CYOA General: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu Previous Thread: >>66260270[View]
66271820Kill Team Elite: PDF anywhere?[View]
66274827Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2960: Potato Casserole Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/driv…[View]
66272807Big tits and armor... Got into an argument about armor costs for character with huge tits. I said it…[View]
66276646Let's play a game /tg/. First, go to: https://www.bestrandoms.com/random-year Choose a random …[View]
66275427Pinball wizard thread?: I'm looking for an old story that i vaguely remember, think it was a gr…[View]
66274595/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: City Edition >Unearthed Arcana: Artificer v2 …[View]
66268326Modern Magic General /mmg/: previous thread: >>66249093[View]
66157128/GURPSGEN/ - GURPS General: Back For More Edition! Previous Thread: >>66046727 Some say the im…[View]
66269409Did Games Workshop jump the shark replacing WHFB with AoS?[View]
66198057Amazon Thread: Questions for today- What are the roles of men in Amazonian society? Should Amazons …[View]
66254562/hhg/+/atg/ Horus Heresy and Adeptus Titanicus Generals: Broken Bones Unbroken Spirit Edition Previo…[View]
66277264The Last House: >>66019519 >>66107232 Creation is no more. What remains is an endless bl…[View]
66241960Just a quick word of thanks to the anon who has been doing Drow edits on my behalf, I was out for th…[View]
66276790How have your campaigns ended /tg/?[View]
66276089Worldbuilding thread.: Aliens invade Europe during the Hundred Years' War[View]
66274801Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: it was never funny, but it was always honest edition >Skulls f…[View]
66273588I require some help deciding what my next project will be. I am deciding from a list. I am going to …[View]
66276711Hey, /tg/ What is your experience with D20 Modern? Specifically, the Shadow Chasers / Department 7 s…[View]
66276615Settings you'd like to run games in, but haven't: What are some franchises/fiction setting…[View]
66256569WIP - Work In Progress General: Work in Progress, 'Bottom of Page Nine' Edition >How to paint/mod…[View]
66262108Mecha RPGs: Anyone know any mecha RPGs that I can try?[View]
66178363/mesbg/ /meg/ Middle-Earth General: Thread for any Middle-Earth related talk so feel free to post no…[View]
66268277What are some examples of using powers that could normally be seen as useless and making them danger…[View]
66257866/btg/ - BattleTech General: The /btg/ is dead - long live the /btg/! OmniEdition Previous thread: …[View]
66240356Does Charisma = Physical attractiveness? Pic related.[View]
66255803What would hedgehog people be like in a fantasy setting? >hardmode: no Sonic jokes…[View]
66237012Underrepresented weapons: Do you always go for 'classic' weapons or have you ever tried so…[View]
66274313How would the Nobilis fare in WoD?[View]
66268505>'With all due respect your evilness, and really, I appreciate the aesthetic of flayed corpses an…[View]
66275129Assigning Classes to random Characters: > Sugimoto Gunslinger-Berserker Barbarian Multiclass >…[View]
66259145Historical Reasons for Fantasy Tropes: The Germano-Norse raiders terrorized western society for so l…[View]
66213779Taking the new canon into account, how does her ideology hold up?[View]
66273739Asbestos in your setting: How do you treat asbestos in your setting? In mine, it exists naturally in…[View]
66260232/obg/ MTG Oathbreaker General: >Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban l…[View]
66247620Carnivorous Plants: Does /tg/ have any ideas on how to make good carnivorous plants? Potential man e…[View]
66274626What would be a good system to do battles such as pic related?[View]
66274346>sci fi setting has gremlin infantry and special forces[View]
66271475My players are going to fight against one of the party members that due a malfunction in his magic w…[View]
66262498Why are wizards always crusty ass old straight white dudes?[View]
66270751/40kg/ - warhammer 40000 general: Purge the daemon edition >Skulls for the Skull Throne 3 https:/…[View]
66274067What is Cardfight!! Vanguard and why should I play it?[View]
66238520Toreador confirmed: https://www.bloodlines2.com/en/toreador Brujah, Tremere, and Toreador so far, tw…[View]
66269318Meanwhile in Transhumanist /tg/.......[View]
66269026>redeem da evul country/race: If once evil country ala Mordor or once evil race ala orcs/drow tri…[View]
66269101Age of Sigmar general - /aosg/: Cool gobbo army edition Previous: >>66255653 >Official AoS…[View]
66267764Talk about your previous characters who really didn't work out in retrospect and make you cring…[View]
66237599Dragons are tired, boring, and overused[View]
66267102Wap thread - Albion edition: Warhammer Armies Project is a fan project mainly driven by Mathias Elia…[View]
66256760The final solution of the Tyranid problem: You have now been appointed as the Imperiums next Lord Co…[View]
66248892Paizo Games General /pgg/: Paizo Games General /pgg/ Where are you hiding your hunks, /pgg/? /pfg/ L…[View]
66270140Lets all join a Skype call and play ALIAS[View]
66269181What's your favorite medium for fantasy?: For me it's Vidya>Anime>Literature>Live…[View]
66268672/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: New Artificer Edition >Unearthed Arcana: Arti…[View]
66272710Need Your Advice /tg/: >Bro called me last night, missed call >Call him today >One of their…[View]
66266740>a king is unpopular among nobility and has only one heir >intrigue in court is getting so thi…[View]
66264368Your party has discovered a strange puzzle box. Which one of them takes it?[View]
66268305Night Land Thread: What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you abhuman scum? I'll have…[View]
66260270/cyoag/ - CYOA General: Archives and other things: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu Previous Thread: …[View]
66266882Weep! Weep, O ye unworthy, ye ungrateful, for the Perfect Roleplaying System, abandoned by its fickl…[View]
66264632Why are Iron Warriors the best legion, traitor or otherwise? Is it the hazard stripes?[View]
66240116'I became a paladin because it's the easiest way to earn money and the city guard aren't a…[View]
66271591Who's THAT guy in your party?[View]
66270761Greentexts: Anon from an earlier solo text thread, got convinced to make a dedicated story thread in…[View]
66265489>orcs build a printing press[View]
66266784Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2959: Dolphin Jumper Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/drive/…[View]
66271616Historical Quest: What should a QM know before starting an Historical Quest? If you have ever run on…[View]
66262874http://www.tabletopwire.com/toys-board-games-and-dice-included-in-proposed-tariffs/ >Board games …[View]
66258151Tomorrow I'll play a pen and paper roleplaying game for the first time for 14 years. We're…[View]
66241859Who would win 3 STR 18 DEX Or 18 STR 3 DEX[View]
66269529Cool Old Fluff: >King who spent his youth pretending to be a faceless adventurer >Got so good …[View]
66255046Grab the closest book to you, open a random page and throw your finger on the page. The word you…[View]
66256153How much would a great old one patron even be aware of the warlock they gave power to?[View]
66265021How would the boys from Supernatural fare in the WoD?[View]
66270088Can any oldfags fill me in on the Storm of Chaos and Eye of Terror campaigns? They seem be important…[View]
66268828Stat him[View]
66262791Does anybody else think it's bad form to use spells like this on other PC's[View]
66270534Adventures in Middle-earth: Anyone played this? Is it good? Any alternatives?[View]
66270506Confusion and noob greentexts: Hi. New to /tg/ here, wondering if I’m allowed to post a greentext in…[View]
66270030Why don't more players play animal characters?[View]
66267041Ever create a villain so unlikable that the players went off script to kill them, even if that resul…[View]
66270286You lied to me /tg/. It was actually an entertaining book.[View]
66247811/swg/ - Star Wars General: Army of Light Edition Previous aesthetic that was actually fucking meanin…[View]
66268041Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Paint your fucking backlog edition! >Skulls for the Skull Thro…[View]
66269978Ninja Division Games: Humble Bundle is giving games from this company quite cheap. It looks like the…[View]
66269900Text Generated D&D?: I might be autistic. I want to find a text based service (like a game) thro…[View]
66248721/srg/ - Shadowrun General: ...Identity Spoofed ...Encryption Keys Generated ...Connected to Onion Ro…[View]
66268190Amazing players,shitty PCs: So my players are awsome- they all enjoy rp,like learning lore for my ga…[View]
66269454this is pico the purple dragon >he is the one responsible for destroing your city and killing all…[View]
66266779Why aren't dinosaurs more common in role playing settings? Like, why be a ranger with a bear o…[View]
66268598Stat him /tg/[View]
66266221Did I get scammed?: >be me >new to dnd >decide to play a game on roll 20 >lost mines of …[View]
66264808>Okay,now roll to pet the cat[View]
66253947Fantasy Art Thread: Renaissance Edition: Fantasy Character Art Thread: Renaissance Edition[View]
66264098How would you trick your Campaign's party into slowly falling to chaos?[View]
66268073How would he fair against the Officio Assassinorum?[View]
66265986how would you play...: A character who is a genuinely terrible/bad person who just doesnt feel conte…[View]
66246673Hollow Knight RPG: Still slightly alive edition. >General Doc https://docs.google.com/document/d/…[View]
66262604/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: Power Edition >Unearthed Arcana: Artificer v2…[View]
66249093modern magic general /mmg/ mtg: BAN CONTAINMENT PRIEST edition[View]
66254219Why anyone takes the world of MtG seriously is beyond me. The writers have 0 interest in writing a c…[View]
66267190Let's talk about Spellbane.: https://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic/all-spells/s/aroden-s-spellbane/ Al…[View]
66248697Is a magic system like Game of Thrones a good way to reign in casters? >Most 'casters' are just p…[View]
66256890/edhg/ - EDH / Commander General: Whenever You Start An Argument, If It Isn't A Political Argum…[View]
66255653Age of Sigmar general - /aosg/: Gender bender Edition Previous: >>66242313 >Official AoS we…[View]
66264922I've created a basic system for random encounters that shouldn't be too tedious as it allo…[View]
66266488How do you make better backstories?: >DM: wants party to create characters with backgrounds and p…[View]
66263147What do you guys think about replacing melee attack dice rolls with a Rock Paper Scissors type thing…[View]
66246824People love fantasy, people love sci-fi, but is there any interest for historical role-playing?[View]
66248144Silent Hill Tabletop: In my restless dreams, I see that game. Silent Hill. I'm really wanting t…[View]
66264187Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/: The powers of 40k and weaboos combined edition >Skulls for the S…[View]
66266731DND in the family: >be me >have brother with full blown DND autism >mother tells me to get …[View]
66215872/twgg/ TowerGirls CYOA General: Giggling Goblins Edition Discussion of the Towergirls CYOA, RPG, Set…[View]
66245701Have you ever been tempted to join the villains of a campaign? What did they tempt you with?[View]
66266309Wargame/RPG hybrids: What are some good table top systems that are good for handling a large number …[View]
66184660Magic - Lore: What PLANE do you think we will visit after the coreset 2020, /tg/? Fantasy Japan or N…[View]
66230537Biopunk Wild West: So here's a bit of an oddball setting idea I've had for a while. Basica…[View]
66265517I wanna do shadowrun, I know jack shit about it. What are the basic rules I need to know.[View]
66255246Edge lord super badass PCs are a bigger problem than murder hobos. Prove me wrong[View]
66210783/bgg/ Board Game General: Summoning a New Thread Edition: Previously on /bgg/: >>66161854 Past…[View]
66257723>make a firearm heavy campaign >roll for damage, not attacks. >if the dice land on a 1, tha…[View]
66265407Next Project: I require some help deciding what my next project will be. I am deciding from a list. …[View]
66232429Are female warriors considered attractive among men in your setting?[View]
66261837>you find what appears to be an advanced prototype weapon and what appears to be a vast amount of…[View]
66257529Genocidal Games: Are their any games that actively encourage or at least tolerate a genocidal playst…[View]
66252568How would you run a game in the Cookie Clicker multiverse?[View]
66264814Homebrew Chapter R&D Thread (WRITEFAGGOTRY): Chapter Name: The Arbiters of Ruin Motto: 'We are …[View]
66257289Why don't role-playing bard classes draw on historical precedents? >The Gaulish Bards, wield…[View]
66260484What if hemoglobin was hobgoblins... and hobgoblins were hemoglobin?[View]
66251500>Best game is experienced GM, newbie players You can't disprove this.…[View]
66262202Anyone run games for co-workers?: Thinking of running a play-by-post sandbox-style campaign for my c…[View]
66262699Critical Role: So, the regular anon seems to be late. Hop on in here for now, link him if and when h…[View]
66258273Commander Kubrik Chenkov: Does he have any good qualities?[View]
66263056D&D 3.5 Story time: I'm our party's Favored Soul in a desert city where magic is highl…[View]
66162148/STG/ - Star Trek General: Old Faithful Edition Previous Thread: >>66061573 A thread for disc…[View]
66263110THE BEST OF THE BEST: Post your favorite stories, threads, whatever! Two rules: Happy endings only /…[View]
66256543We have threads about how others would fare in 40k but how would YOU fare?[View]
66254513Besides their appearence, stats and gameplay abilities, how should the demonic-side affect their beh…[View]
66262585>grimdark horror rpg promises tense, dramatic, heart pounding, agonizing situation >it's …[View]
66263030Tortoise Strategy: Buy the best armor you can get and as much as it as you can get. Dump stat agilit…[View]
66262052No shill, but i thought you guys might like this. Character sheet + pixel art. Like $8? https://www.…[View]
66258614DM rants: >Players constantly text me saying they want to play DnD >Then never show up to sess…[View]
66261329Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/: =][= edition >Skulls for the Skull Throne 3 https://www.warhamme…[View]
66258616Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2958: Common Denominator Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/dr…[View]
66252523Finishing move: Any of your characters, any class. Magic, martial...fuck even emotional or social. L…[View]
66252405Misguided spinoffs: >Battletech cartoon >Warhammer childrens books What's next, a World o…[View]
66260739Congratulations anon! You've been put in charge of making a new playable faction for 40k and fa…[View]
66261197You must select one of these three as your first party member. Who will you choose?[View]
66255964How would you run a non-combat oriented paladin?[View]
66232895/ktg/ Kill Team General - Skirmish Combat in the 41st Millennium: countdown to Elites edition Previo…[View]
66258143stat me /tg/[View]
66251287>The world works on survival of the fittest! Only the strongest deserve to live! If your characte…[View]
66261600Post your before and after experiences with RPGs after your friends got a hold of em. Because you kn…[View]
66220546DM Judgement.: DM's give a brief description of your party (crappy MS paints always welcome). O…[View]
66260032I wanna get into Cyberpunk: I really want to try out Cyberpunk 2020 with my group, but I can't …[View]
66257880>the water god is enraged by people swimming in him, polluting his waters and now swears to flood…[View]
66258581Fantasy kingdoms with unlimited money begin commissioning modern Earth to outfit their knights with …[View]
66259921CHA vs INT: Which is the superior ability, /tg/?[View]
66251685Has any of your characters ever worn a total full-body suit ?[View]
66260615What roleplay style do you like the best?: I prefer complete chaos. I DM dnd with my friends for fun…[View]
66256458/5eg/ - Fifth Edition General: >Unearthed Arcana: Artificer v2 https://media.wizards.com/2019/dnd…[View]
66259716System-Craft: Fa/tg/uys, What do you think of a system that only allows for certain roles to be atte…[View]
66260443What Fantasy or 40k or AOS group or groups do you what a book about?[View]
66259718>be me >Dwarf Fighter >have a penchant for ramming my sword into enemies' personals, i…[View]
66259936What’s better? >setting slowly declines and breaks down overtime as magic, mystery, and virtue le…[View]
66258370Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: *Pomf* what are we gonna do on the bed Edition >Skulls for the…[View]
66260034Ages: /tg/ Idk how to make these /***/ (I've readed faq, but still am discerned.[View]
66247071Unironically, what is the problem with having a historically-accurate setting? And before you get in…[View]
66236482Poll: What's your top 3 favorite board games and why?: Also itt what's the worst ones you …[View]
66229383Mark Cuckwater: Worst person to ever step into the Magic world? He is trying to get rid of Terese Ni…[View]
66257716How seriously do you take enforcing alignment/PC moral compasses?[View]
66203089How would you fix the Empire's military?: They constantly get dunked on, how would you change t…[View]
66253562Was 2nd Edition a good edition of D&D? Is it still worth playing these days? Why do you think so…[View]
66247221Unknown Armies: Play this game. Discuss Rumors.[View]
66250052/cyoag/ - CYOA General: Pastebin Link: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu Previous Thread: >>662433…[View]
66255492Are we OK with astragaloi?[View]
66257540Is there any info on what was their 'wi-fi range' for control of wights?[View]
66253610>Hold on >How am I evil suddenly >Stop assuming things…[View]
66255276W.A.P thread Albion edition: Warhammer Armies Project is a fan project mainly driven by Mathias Elia…[View]
66255328>For your service, the queen awards you a spice ghost[View]
66233377Why does edge work sometimes but not other times?[View]
66237242/btg/ - BattleTech General: The /btg/ is dead - long live the /btg/! 'Goon exclusive, yet included i…[View]
66257180Why do cork bases look so shit?[View]
66215745Drawthread: No One Noticed I Deleted the Bump Rules Months ago: >>>DRAWTHREAD RULES<<…[View]
66255234Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Okay you little shit Edition >VoxCast – Episode 12: Alexander …[View]
66239008I've been in hell for 6 months: Hey guys. I've been a Mod in a hellish RP Discord Server f…[View]
66254979How do you play Chaotic Neutral?[View]
66249848Do you have your own setting? How much effort did you put into it? Do your players like it? Do they…[View]
66256934Isometric Marble Sanctum Map: Hi! Does anyone have the isometric marble sanctum map from LordZseZse?…[View]
66256499Are there games with weapons that don't just have different damage dice or types? What I mean i…[View]
66234908Every fanatsy setting made by Americans are just America with a different coat of paint on top.[View]
66246017/edhg/ - EDH / Commander General: Foil Developmental Delay Edition Previously: >>66231764 >…[View]
66221271PDF Share Thread: It's Da PDF Share Thread! Get ready to stuff your hard drive like a cosplay h…[View]
66247339What kind of quests, campaigns, characters and stuff would be fun and interesting to do in a prehist…[View]
66251872/5eg/ - Fifth Edition General:: >Unearthed Arcana: Artificer v2 https://media.wizards.com/2019/dn…[View]
66254450What class would you play in a Mass Effect RPG?[View]
66233220Erfworld is dead: Press S for it to be no more. Enjoy the kickstarter for imaginary images of shovel…[View]
66254341What does a guy with 18 Strength and 8 Constitution look like? How does he work or function? A tower…[View]
66220567Inflatable armor how about it?[View]
66249539Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2957: Blue Waffles Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/drive/fo…[View]
66228675ITT : Favorite fantasy character[View]
66254324>roll a random alien species here https://aliens.fandom.com/wiki/Special:Random >they are now …[View]
66236262WIP - Work In Progress General: Procrastination edition. >How to paint/modeling tutorials https:/…[View]
66228669Post your face when the Gellar Field fails[View]
66163187Night Shift: > clock in for shift > go to clean bathrooms > day shift assholes forgot to cl…[View]
66241414Alright you primitive screwheads listen up.: How does Ash Williams do in your setting?[View]
66251964If WotC want to make a new cheaper format with no need to fuck with the secondary market by reprinti…[View]
66254540BBEG : Backstory edition: >Be me >Be autist, virgin and no friends >Be mining my own bisne…[View]
66254452Jester/Evilish bard route You and your party have been called to a city by the name of Hamelin for a…[View]
66249679Is slavery acceptable in your setting?[View]
66238417You cn't argue against this[View]
66241476How do I do underground vaults without people accusing me of copying the Fallout games?[View]
66252192Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Brothers of the Knot: Part 2 Electric Boogaloo Edition >VoxCas…[View]
66249023>He doesn't like Frodo[View]
66247185I want to get into more voice campaigns, but I have a cringy voice, so I'm mainly stuck doing p…[View]
66253846>The DM isnt running a based 3D&T campaing Do you want your friends to fall asleep in their …[View]
66242999How would you DM an campaign which takes place after the apocalypse/end times of your setting ? How …[View]
66253825How do we make cranium rats interesting again?[View]
66253086How would your 40k fair in 40k?[View]
66252766>finish campaign >go home satisfied >realize that villain's plan was bound to fail reg…[View]
66253762How would Calamity Ganon fare in your setting?[View]
66252043Magic: >'Last week, three researchers published a paper arguing that Magic is so complex that it …[View]
66184139can centaurs breed with humans or horses?[View]
66202771Raiders and Radon(working title)?: So this stemmed from a prior thread about Calvary in the post-apo…[View]
66244596>paladin kills someone >is still lawful good…[View]
66253324CN to 40k: >Ripping off Samurai Jack for Draigo >Ripping off pic related for the dreadknight W…[View]
66253043Does your setting have jellyfish people in it?[View]
66251783how well would your party handle dead air[View]
66220618What is your opinion on D&D youtubers? They seem to be bringing a lot of interest and money into…[View]
66250954Space Opera parties, what should they be allowed to consist of? Do you just slap the basic fantasy c…[View]
66242313Age of Sigmar general - /aosg/: Boomer Sigmar edition Previous: >>66237212 Official AoS websit…[View]
66249905Assuming the levels of strength present in settings like Dark Souls is fairly normal with the high e…[View]
66246938A meme character concept: Recently I saw (pic related) and thought it would make a halarious charact…[View]
66248529As the world is beset by conflict a new player arrives from a most unexpected source. From the sky d…[View]
66232816What weapon would be the ideal choice for replacing standard-issue rifles in sci-fi setting?Gyrojet?…[View]
66223269>never listened to tabletop podcasts before because they sound like an even worse concept than Le…[View]
66172394This barbarian smacks your character on the ass as she walks by. What would they do?[View]
66251052>Players stumble upon mighty magical artifact >Encases user in a suit of golem armor >It…[View]

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