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78654388Does anyone know of a decent website to play scrabble online? I just want to chill and play some wit…[View]
78622068/dcg/ - Digimon Card Game General #10: Disproportionately Dunking on Black Edition >LINKS: https:…[View]
78651959Capitalists on Space Arks: Supposed you are a wealthy oligarch who has been, by many measures, instr…[View]
78654847What is the GM's verb? Like, in a broad concept beyond 'gamemastering'/'GMing' or the phrase 'r…[View]
78644951Does anyone have King's dilemma mod for TTS? Quarantine made it neccesary for us to play long d…[View]
78653367Weapons that grow with the player: In my homebrew system I want to set up a weapon system where the …[View]
78645946If you're going to play a freakshit race, at least make them ugly and not an obvious fursona.[View]
78654651Is auctions only a better way to play?[View]
78656741>tfw realizing that my character's love interests, when they're there, are disproportio…[View]
78653077EDH- /edhg/ - Commander: Previous: >>78649775 >OFFICIAL Commander website, where you can le…[View]
78642755Chuunibyou: How would you entertainingly roleplay an edgy-talking, dorky, delusional chuunibyou char…[View]
78629714/wfg/ - Warhammer Fantasy General: Dreadfleet edition Resources (Rules, lore, and Warhammer Fantasy …[View]
78614188/atg/ & /hhg/ Adeptus Titanicus & Horus Heresy General: Making my way downtown edition Previ…[View]
78595152How to make a good sex cult for RPG?: With bisexual succubus women as high priest.[View]
78654009>The party is taken by surprise by a small figure holding a umbrella[View]
78646875Why did tieflings become aesthetically the same as cambions?[View]
78523493/tg/ - Drawthread: >>>DRAWTHREAD RULES<<< •Everyone PLEASE BUMP THE THREAD IF IT R…[View]
78617610Do girls really play traditional games, and this good; or it's just propaganda/marketing?[View]
78647470>the glorious mother goddess, patron of humanity tasks your sect of her church with tending to he…[View]
78651361Intentionally sub-optimal Characters: sorry for the frog image, it was the most relevant thing I ha…[View]
78590134CHARACTER ART THREAD: Cyborg ninja edition[View]
78655986Warning: Do not go to the new 1d4chan site: Besides all the mod drama, it's now trying to scam …[View]
78595686/bushi/ - Bushiroad Card Games General: Bushiroad Card Games General #262 Carries your show edition …[View]
78622700>As the party stops to make camp and eat, and everyone pulls out their goat jerky and dried plums…[View]
78618539>player is married, has kids, has a full-time job or career, has irl hobbies / friend groups outs…[View]
78647870>Hey sorry guys, I'll be like 15 minutes late tonight >Shows up 30-40 minutes later >D…[View]
78594490/3eg/ Dungeons and Dragons Third Edition General: For discussion of D&D 3.5e >SRD https://www…[View]
78529712Infinity General: BattleTITS Edition: Infinity is a 28mm scale Sci-Fi Skirmish game by Corvus Belli …[View]
7864840040K Fans AU General.: Definitely fanart of things get on never going to actually happened in officia…[View]
78652266/40kg/ - Warhammer 40,000 General: Drunk Edition >Praise the Omnissiah – Adeptus Mechanicus Guns …[View]
78652226reverse 'stat me': > Roll for stats, 3d6, in order > STR 16, DEX 9, CON 7, > INT 15, WIS 11…[View]
78647580Tired of waiting for someone else to make a new thread edition >Biggest sites for free online pla…[View]
78638702WIP - Work In Progress General: Work in Progress, 'Get a-head of the competition' Edition >WIP Co…[View]
78645509Admit it, I just inspired your next campaign[View]
78630005Is this system worth investing time into learning? I’ve been wanting to do a dune campaign. Original…[View]
78648509How rich is your character?[View]
78646782>And now, to decide which races my players can choose...hmmm >Ah, I know! I'll have them …[View]
78637795Oddworld RPG Thread: This'll be a thread where we collaborate to make an Oddworld RPG. Post id…[View]
78536994/GWSG/ Game Workshop Specialty games general: Nighthaunt edition General thread for the games too ni…[View]
78649775Commander/EDH - /edh/: Last time on EDHballZ: >>78647061 >OFFICIAL Commander website, where…[View]
78645211/cyoag/ - Choose Your Own Adventure General: Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vr…[View]
78648720Awkward Encounters: >gorhino When a member of a group you've made a hex-crawl encounter with…[View]
78651315>it's another 'we make predictable ranger/druid jokes'-session[View]
78638260/mmg/: Modern Magic General (Everyone Except EDH Allowed): >remember eggs? edition >Bans: http…[View]
78623617Can demons feel love?[View]
78646018/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: Hot Edition >UA: Fey Folk https://media.wizar…[View]
78648475/40kg/ - Warhammer 40,000 General: Skreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Edition >Praise the Omnissiah – Adeptus Me…[View]
78584227What is the downside to becoming a Wizard in your setting? What do you sacrifice in exchange for all…[View]
78640795What kinds of agricultural magics exist in your setting?[View]
78650247GoT rpg: What’s a good system for games set in the GoT universe? Are the official systems any good o…[View]
78605797How do you excuse your character for wearing skimpy, revealing outfits? Hard mode: it has to be a re…[View]
78624176/acg/ - Alternative Card Games General #127: Big Brain Edition Here is a thread to discuss trading c…[View]
78643012>Tfw you can't read your daily dose of lore because 1d4chan is still down…[View]
78648172Show off your warbands thread: Be it oldhammer, newhammer, unrelated to the GWs or mixture of conver…[View]
78647061EDH - /edh/ - Commander General: Previous: >>78641677 >OFFICIAL Commander website, where yo…[View]
78341927What's biomancy like in your world /tg/?: >who uses it? >what are biomancers called? >…[View]
78646928Cawl is practically 50% Necron at the end of the book. How will this affect future storylines? I mea…[View]
78643004Salted Pork isn't Kosher, Gimli: When did orcs become black people, /tg/?[View]
78642503Never Going Home Thread: Are the PDFs for Never Going Home available anywhere? I can't find the…[View]
78572145Your party finds pic related, what happens?[View]
78647962Puzzle ideas: Anyone got any puzzle ideas for a 5e campaign? I'm a fucking retard and can'…[View]
78648162Martial-Caster divide: I'm about to run a game of d20 modern which allows spells and laserguns …[View]
78641833What's the appeal of a Khornate Cult?: Tzeentch never lets you know you're in a cult befor…[View]
78628861I'm tired of being made fun of and being called a faggot by you guys. What settings and games a…[View]
78640514This is your heraldic animal.[View]
78642230Jumpchain CYOA Thread #4364: Frank Miller is Rorschach Edition: >Brutus' Drive http://drive.…[View]
78644878/Aosg/ Age of Sigmar General: Phone poster Edition >Previously in the Mortal Realms: >>7863…[View]
78630148What's the strongest monster your party has ever encountered?[View]
78640777>the human princess has kidnapped the local dragon's hatchling[View]
78643077Mucho Hairo: How much hair is too much hair for an adventurer?[View]
78639888>you all meet in a museum[View]
78642507Lets do a poll: I’m wondering what you guys play or run so I made a poll to find out. http://www.str…[View]
78638717The Premise of Dungeons & Dragons: Is that evil is real and that it must be confronted. If you d…[View]
78641677EDH - /edh/ - Commander General: Bronze Sable Edition >OFFICIAL Commander website, where you can …[View]
78644553/40kg/ - Warhammer 40,000 General: Battle Nun Edition >Praise the Omnissiah – Adeptus Mechanicus …[View]
78627822On Railroading: So I know he's not popular round these parts, but Matthew Colville released a r…[View]
78591595What's the best way to handle burst fire mechanics and automatic weapons in a system?[View]
78643383Why are gameplay loops the lifeblood of any sandbox campaign?: Sandbox campaigns that either lack a …[View]
78642106The olden golden days - starting with the old one's special friends: Dug up our old Slann. Thes…[View]
78602811/CofD/&/WoDG/ Chronicles of Darkness and World of Darkness General: >Previous Thread >>…[View]
78648266>A census of /tg/ was conducted a few weeks ago >Out of 470 responses, only 20 marked 'Female'…[View]
78560470Lancer General: Lancer is a 'mech-based' RPG that you can get for free here: https://massif-press.it…[View]
78629895>PC doesn't seduce the antagonist >the antagonist seduces a PC Did that ever happens at y…[View]
78642811>introduce a female villainous enemy >one player declares that he's commited to capturing…[View]
78614505>group find out which book I copied the story for the campaign[View]
78639218/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: Goofy Pets Edition >UA: Fey Folk https://medi…[View]
78639152/cyoag/ - Choose Your Own Adventure General: Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vr…[View]
78644361An attack by Baron von Squidhat: Cower smelly Transients for I, the Baron Von Squidhat of the Naggar…[View]
78641696Another 'That guy' thread: I'll start > be me > 27 y.o. boomer > finally have spare ti…[View]
78627967ITT: /tg/ builds a Caveman Fantasy setting: Thread title, let's build a caveman fantasy setting…[View]
78634938TPK: When was the last time your party got wiped out? What did it?[View]
78643654Totally normal Thread: SHOOT, sorry I'm late /tg/, I must have overslept. I uh... I think I lef…[View]
78642551how strong is your toon in d + d?[View]
78642357Why do you play your board game?: >Like ttrpgs >but why? >freedom? Never a player >what…[View]
78638081Virtual Table Tops: What are some good alternatives to Roll20 that folks have used? I'm dying t…[View]
78634856Big D&D Discord Group Horror Storys: I guess this is my only /tg/ tale i own, considering im sem…[View]
78639791when i was a boy i liked elves and magic, now that i am a man i like dwarves and melee[View]
78641270Warhammer 40,000 General - /40KG: Rolled 6, 2 = 8 (2d6) Comorragh edition >New SoB Unit: Shield a…[View]
78532131Kobolds and Dragons: What's the relationship between Kobolds and Dragons In your setting? How d…[View]
78630989/chess/ Chess General: How beat gf at chess to restore relationship power dynamic edition >Bigges…[View]
78642155Alright everyone, I have a bit of an odd question that I direly need answered. When did we first act…[View]
78637668age of sigmar general /aosg/: This is what peak performance looks like Edition >Previously in the…[View]
78637530Your character's parents confront your character and demand to know why their child has taken u…[View]
78630038>the local historian admires the tattoos on a bog body he is studying so much he decides to get h…[View]
78642647do you try to give your more alien races weird legs with added bonuses and maluses, or do you prefer…[View]
78638883Would you rather be a PC or an Npc in dnd? On one hand, players can get strong really fast, but hav…[View]
78641011Everything is a 50/50 chance, it either happens or it doesn't. So shouldn't games use coin…[View]
78622332Geralt of Rivia canonically met his end when he was one-shotted by a lucky peasant with a pitchfork.…[View]
78641976Pokemon, Digimon, Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy TCG Thread[View]
78641964here's your familar[View]
78586504/hwg/ - Historical Wargames General: Wellington loose a battle Edition Previous Thread: >>…[View]
78637158>Why are tieflings a thin-[View]
78625920Why did Vs System never catch on? It had Marvel, DC and a bunch of other licenses.[View]
78639998I'm starting a new D&D campaign with some friends and I'm playing a Goblin Rogue that …[View]
78612172WotC exploring new ways to ruin MTG: https://techraptor.net/tabletop/news/wizards-of-coast-surveying…[View]
78644440Anyone here went through the Satanic scare And why was it only a thing in protestant communities in …[View]
78616191Daemon world or Tyranid bio-organism?[View]
78637467One of the best cards ever made.: A bunch of autistic simps fly at you on fucking carpets, it’s so f…[View]
78639189How would your last character handle this quest?[View]
78579322/awg/AlternativeWarGames: Why didn't they make a game of that edition >What is /awg/? A thre…[View]
78639170EDH - /edh/ - Commander General: Previous: >>78636105 >OFFICIAL Commander website, where yo…[View]
78632576Your elves do have an avunculocal society, right?[View]
78627170/mmg/ - Modern Magic General (Other formats welcome, except EDH): Turn 1 Amulet edition >Bans: ht…[View]
78601423Is Batman Chaotic Good because he's a vigilante who doesn't give a shit about the laws of …[View]
78637038>dm says he prepped a short campaign >first mission >a known political dissenter has just b…[View]
78639881>Wicked dark city of vice and decadence >Its name is 'Commorragh' Why are GW such ha…[View]
78604693Homebrew Magic Systems: What are your homebrew magic systems? Do you have to petition the spirits in…[View]
78639814If a Kobold and an Orc had a child, would it be a Dragonborn? Also, why don't I see anything ab…[View]
78636952Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Necron Party edition >New SoB Unit: Shield and Halberd Sacresa…[View]
78637067Sabacc: So recently I've been trying to make my own rules for Correlian Spike Sabacc based most…[View]
78553821Religion/Religous Orders: How do they look like in your world/the world you are playing in, /tg/?…[View]
78620663>I wanna play Stealth space marines >Raven Guard? >I want Raven Guard but its not emo >I…[View]
78584564Is urban fantasy every done well or is it destined to majorly suck?[View]
78613751Beastwomen: Would the Beastmen from Warhammer Fantasy and Age of Sigmar be more popular if they were…[View]
78633395Unoptimized character decisions that you like to make.: I'm normally against people who make st…[View]
78634690/cyoag/ - Choose Your Own Adventure General: Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vr…[View]
78638389D&D ideas: I am going to be running a campaign in a few months and found the blank leather book …[View]
78636931Filename Thread[View]
78629200If one ends up in a post-apocalypticfuturewhere the alien invaders have destroyed almost everything.…[View]
78635132/5eg/ - Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition General: Human Mail and Plate Edition >UA: Fey Folk …[View]
78636105EDH/Commander General /edhg/: >OFFICIAL Commander website, where you can learn the rules, see the…[View]
78633882Why do most DMs put no effort in their setting? I have no problem with people taking inspiration fro…[View]
78637190Is there a good module or system for road trip adventures? Mostly civilized areas with maybe one or …[View]
78633056Jumpchain CYOA Thread #4363: Apologetic Rapists Edition: >Brutus' Drive http://drive.google.…[View]
78637974Wrath & Glory Compendium, Foundry: Has anyone inputted the Wrath & Glory compendium into the…[View]
78635728>The party must look up some piece of ancient knowledge from a magical book What's the best …[View]
78609373>anon posts a story >'this never happened and your a nogames fag' does anything ever happen an…[View]
78631730Why are all the big name TTRPG streams universally shit? I don't just mean in terms of putting …[View]
78630489The Search for Kyle: YOU HAD TO BE THERE[View]
78623812Anyone else feel like they're just adding stuff for the sake of it now? Given another decade, w…[View]
78631803Atypical Horror Settings & Adventures.: Hey Fa/tg/uys I'm planning a Cyberpunk 2020 Horror …[View]
78636315Share your campaign memes. With or without context.[View]
78632781Age of Sigmar General /aosg/: Shadow Queen Edition >Previously in the Mortal Realms: >>7862…[View]
78584521King Arthur's Pendragon: >Official Pendragon Website https://www.chaosium.com/pendragon-rpg/…[View]
78635810Art thread time. Got any good art for a messianic figure?[View]
78627552technically brutality is a form to glorify Khorne but what if the warrior it's literally having…[View]
78627798Using your irl weirdness to make your characters better or interesting?: I'll start off with a …[View]
78635047>Don't touch D&D for years >Friend wants to run a 5e game >Figure, why not, maybe …[View]
78636123Metal gear solid miniatures: My dream game would probably be a metal gear solid game with a system l…[View]
78632205Your character is revealed to be a child of incest like in Game of Thrones. This means your characte…[View]
78630021Based RPG Stories Thread? I'll Start: >Be me >Dming a Star Wars 5e campaign >Group is …[View]
78524804/GURPSgen/ GURPS General: Trying to make GURPS more approachable edition >GURPS is a modular, ada…[View]
78629469Is it worth it? Is it good?[View]
78600376So what have he and creed been up to the past 100 years?[View]
78634033What sorts of magic does a court wizard need?[View]
78631443>it's revealed that the fantasy world is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi setting all along >the…[View]
78635050What color scheme do you use on watabou Medieval Fantasy City Generator? https://watabou.itch.io/med…[View]
78634786Is the 'extremist with a good goal doing anything to accomplish it' (like dooming several nations to…[View]
78629852/5eg/ - Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition general: Dwarven Plate edition. >UA: Fey Folk https://…[View]
78628275/cyoag/ - Choose Your Own Adventure General: Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vr…[View]
78589025/btg/ Battletech General: The /btg/ is dead! Long live the /btg/! Would you like to know more? editi…[View]
78631508EDH- /edhg/ - Commander: Previous: >>78622676 >OFFICIAL Commander website, where you can le…[View]
78631491/40kg/ - Warhammer 40,000 General: G O L D Edition >New SoB Unit: Shield lady https://www.warhamm…[View]
78634195Greetings /tg/ Making a setting to be primarily used in the pathfinder system. Got any interesting i…[View]
78589717/3dpg/ - 3D Printing General: Perfect bottom layer exposure edition This is a general for everything…[View]
78474544Who the fuck actually studied geology of all subjects in college? This is English/Arts tier worthles…[View]
78631721>Your party has defeated the infinite library's guardian Now you have the plot item. But, no…[View]
78571031/mtglg/ - MTG Lore General: >Strixhaven story so far: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archi…[View]
78612214>The tracks in the forest leave no place for doubt. It was as the hunters have suspected: the vil…[View]
78632689Is your party bad enough to protect the lands from three elder dragons on a multi-city pubcrawl?[View]
78588231What are some systems you wish were more popular? For me its pic related. It and it’s supplements ha…[View]
78622682>BBEG or any other NPC fall off a cliff Yeah okay, what a way to just go: 'ah sorry, your battle …[View]
78627310Playing DND 3.5 as a DM. The players fuck up with portals. One player (playing a sentient skeleton) …[View]
78603809/WIP/ - Work in Progress General: Shitstorm and Drama Edition >WIP Condensed OP Pastebin https://…[View]
78621701here's your wyvern, bro[View]
78621713Why is it that when most players are asked to physically describe the motion that their fighter uses…[View]
78569265Let's talk monster aesthetics. How 'human' are half-orcs and half-elves allowed to be in your m…[View]
78614471Pseudo-Sword & Sorcery Super-Setting: I've got three interlinked 80s 'neo-pulp' settings I…[View]
78631823When Starfinder first came out we were introduced to the themes and one in particular was the Icon t…[View]
78628368Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: Lizards ascend -Edition >Previously in the Mortal Realms: >…[View]
78628473How do you do battles with gods correctly?[View]
78613100Why the FUUUUUUCK is every pice of Warhammer art so low quality?[View]
78629160Can you change problem players: Can I change my problem players /tg/? None of them are the military …[View]
78507363/ccg/ Custom Card General /cct/: 'Whenever ~ becomes tapped' edition! >To make cards, download MS…[View]
78625044Why did Orcs & Goblins become more popular than Dwarves & Halflings?[View]
78611240/tgesg/ - Weekend Elder Scrolls General: Lady of Light Edition >Tabletop/P&P RPGs [UESRPG - P…[View]
78617226/chess/ Chess General: smooth bokeh edition (also chess (also thot))) brought to you in part by /p/ …[View]
78622676/edhg/ EDH/Commander General: Previous: >>78615123 >OFFICIAL Commander website, where you c…[View]
78597278/ygo/ - Yu-Gi-Oh! General: Yu-Gi-Oh! General #298: Big Birb did nothing wrong edition. Previous thre…[View]
78630280Best unofficial content for 5e: go. I quite like Heavyarm's The Complete Armorer's Handboo…[View]
78607652Rome RPG: Roman times are such a great setting, so why don't any fantasy RPGs use it for their …[View]
78629873Currently making a schizo homebrew campaign. Any neat ideas for biopunk/generally gross spells and i…[View]
78626780>Just had the first session of a game >GM is already talking about setting up the next game af…[View]
78626140Your armor: This is your armor. It is 6.35mm thick and is resist fire from a pistol at less than fiv…[View]
78626743Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Skitarii Edition (Also RYZA) >New SoB Unit: Shield lady https:…[View]
78621860/5eg/ - Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition general: TheTrove.is back Edition >UA: Fey Folk https:…[View]
78623130>while on the road your party encounters a recon troop from the 117th armored drow cavalry regime…[View]
78625631New Retro Wave: I'm working on a setting based on New Retro/Synthwave Aesthetics, scanlines and…[View]
78622774Jumpchain CYOA Thread #4362: And Put Them In Different Cells Edition: >Brutus' Drive http://…[View]
78589730>you have been granted the honor of having an audience with the Elven Queen, adventurer! what do?…[View]
78615886Chess: The TRUE Value of each chess piece - tips from a 2400+ IM: Chess piece values: Pawns weakest …[View]
78626290Is Air Hockey /tg/?[View]
78625115How hard did your character suffer for their powers?[View]
78624240Describing a Hive City: How does /tg/ describe a hive city? How do your players move around it? Do …[View]
78626539A player who has the ability to team kill in a single encounter should be allowed to by the GM. Yes…[View]
78619360/cyoag/ - Choose Your Own Adventure General: Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vr…[View]
78626490Are dexterity games considered real board games? What would you rec?[View]
78626218Age of Sigmar general - /aosg/: Soon Edition >Previously in the Mortal Realms: >>8617189 …[View]
78624390The vast majority of the Imperium's military is made up of Space Marines. The Imperial Guard is…[View]
78576525Have you ever played a character of the opposite gender? How did it went?[View]
78608245/wfg/ - Warhammer Fantasy General: 4+ armour save edition Resources (Rules, lore, and Warhammer Fant…[View]
78620504Does a super intelligent, planet sized AI fit the definition of a god? >immortal Check >Power…[View]
78625913Heavenly modern war: In the beautiful spring of 2022, the army of the christian God and His angels a…[View]
78623160What is the worst group you've ever had the misfortune of gaming with?[View]
78620174>the PCs round a corner >nameless, generic goons clobber each of them in the back of the head …[View]
78607564Will we ever see him again? I miss him already, bros... ;_;[View]
78624495Stories: >be me >bored >remember how much I love dnd stories from /tg/ >try to start thr…[View]
78619996Stormcasts are the true poster boys GW wants but since most Warhammer fans are edgy cynics they won’…[View]
78625418Who was wrong here? >Thus spoke the lord of Etienne: I will defend the lands of Christendom. But …[View]
78604077look at what I found.: Would you play it?[View]
78609907/mmg/ - Modern Magic General (Other formats welcome, except EDH): Chad Prowess Edition >Bans: htt…[View]
78620309>the gentle druid turns out to be a power crazed tyrant preparing to wage a war of conquest on th…[View]
78607448Does anyone know what happened to the Trove?: :/[View]
78586949So does anyone else around here play quests? By which I mean online interactive text games, the kind…[View]
78620960>PCs are killing themselves over loot again[View]
78623642Yoir antagonist is actually a pretty chill guy. Je wants your party to get stronger so its a more ex…[View]
78624662Should a necromancer be able to animate a dinosaur fossil? What about taxidermized animals?[View]
78619779How do you guys do physical battlemaps?: I've done online games, but have never done in person …[View]
78616953Old Man Henderson: Does anyone have the written text of Old Man Henderson. I'm ripshit that 14d…[View]
78623909Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/: CSM/EC/WE codices when Edition >Sunday Preview – Rise of the Fir…[View]
78618671Hell: Tell me about your favourite version of Hell. Could be from your own setting or a published ga…[View]
78624631KLINGONS INVADE: BAKTAG! A Klingon Bird of Prey and its Crew have just decided your setting is ripe…[View]
78594852/KGK/ - Kamigakari Thread - Saturday Edition: Rolled 2, 6, 2, 4 = 14 (4d6) >***Announcements*** E…[View]
78621111>the bard takes over the world by marrying the monarch of every country…[View]
78610687Pathfinder 1e vs 2e: So, How similar is PF2 to PF1? I got in to PF1 because it improved upon 3.5, bu…[View]
78617651I've never played a monk before. What's the best monastic tradition?[View]
78612311Calling all tourney fags.: What was the last tournament you went to? What game did you play? What wa…[View]
78622180A great weapon of those that Watch Death: Noble Death-Watcher, you are worthy of the greatest weapon…[View]
78558404Paizo Games General /pgg/: Paizo Games General /pgg/ >>>IF YOU ARE ASKING A QUESTION, PLEAS…[View]
78622367This is your heraldic animal.[View]
78618390Is it EVER going to be possible to make a TTRPG people enjoy that doesn't involve violence?[View]
78623345Making maps: >'Remember to consider plate tectonics' >'Rain shadow effect' >'Rivers only co…[View]
78580808The Last Church animated film: Checked around the catalog and warosu and there wasn't anything …[View]
78617189/aosg/ Age of Sigmar General: It's Really Not That Hard To Add The Subject Edition >Previous…[View]
78622282C'tan Shard Isekai Scenario: One day you're walking somewhere for some reason, and suddenl…[View]
78578542/acg/ - Alternative Card Games General #126: No Dragon Left Unpopped Edition Here is a thread to dis…[View]
78605770Amateurish, lazy sandboxes: What makes amateurish, lazy sandboxes so common among inexperienced, onl…[View]
786228221945 world simulation: Later this month there will be a turn-based, text-based simulation of the wor…[View]
78616251>there exists a wall larger than any mountain and longer than any road >nobody knows why it ex…[View]
78588825Budget battle: You get given a £100/$135/€115 gift voucher your favourite online miniature store. Yo…[View]
78620818Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/: I'm Gonna Fix It! edition >Sunday Preview – Rise of the Fir…[View]
78620390So I’m taking my DnD group to Kozakura, which is just fantasy Sengoku period Japan. Between the main…[View]
78611441Is conquest any good?[View]
78590757Are there monstrous races in your setting?[View]
78603183Let's Create a Post-Apoc Capeshit Setting, /tg/: >Half a century after the Broken Singularit…[View]
78613727/5eg/ - Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition general: The Fab Four Edition >UA: Fey Folk https://me…[View]
78614501>His female dwarves don't have sideburns Cringe[View]
78614975If you play a paladin, but your faith or your sacred paths are not a crucial, central focus in your …[View]
78619703Have you ever run a 'Trapped in a video game' game for your players? I was thinking of running somet…[View]
78576134>You find your rival adventurer inside the dungeon,caught in atrap >'H-Hey, can you help me ou…[View]
78583130So i'm a Necron Cryptek, so what? Part #3: First thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/…[View]
78581390/dcg/ - Digimon Card Game General #9: BOOBS Edition. >Links https://en.digimoncard.com/ (Official…[View]
78620667who wants to play poker? https://www.pokernow.club/games/YufMoNWwOtEi3UsC4GynMhdpG[View]
78614141What games have good dungeon crawling mechanics? Especially those that could be cribbed to another R…[View]
78617896What kind of myths and legends exist in your setting? How do they affect your story.[View]
78619928Does anyone play in Adventurers League?[View]
78615123EDH- /edhg/ - Commander: Previous: >>78610820 >OFFICIAL Commander website, where you can le…[View]
78616917What are your thoughts on Savage Worlds /tg/? Does it do a space western bounty hunter game well? Is…[View]
78619067Is envy a good villain motivation?[View]
78360631Sources for Superpowers: Hey /tg/, prospective GM here. My players have been after me to run a Masks…[View]
78609016How useful do you thing Engineering would be in a low fantasy Iron Age rpg? What applications could …[View]
78607372This is not a setting agnostic thread please read: What actually animates Skeletons, going off Forgo…[View]
78617468WARHAMMER 40,000 GENERAL - /40kg/: I'm Gonna Fix It! edition >Sunday Preview – Rise of the F…[View]
78616957/cyoag/ - Choose Your Own Adventure General: Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vr…[View]
78613084Jumpchain CYOA Thread #4361: Go To Horny Jail Edition: >Brutus' Drive http://drive.google.co…[View]
78618181Cringe player stories: /tg/ when did you last physically cringe at the actions of a gm or player…[View]
78612361What is your opinion about Tian Xia?[View]
78618992The protagonist of traditional games[View]
78615625How does getting seeded by the Parasite of Mortex feel?[View]
78615002The party finds an abandoned village with a cryptic message carved on a wooden post.[View]
78511257/pag/ - Post-Apocalyptic General: Greetings Wastelanders! Welcome to Post-Apocalypse General. All Po…[View]
78616194Are there any TTRPGs with dinos as the focus?: I can't find tooth and claw anywhere, not even P…[View]
78604854ITT: Let's talk about a war game that doesn't exist.: Fuck Genis Supremacy, especially in …[View]
78608061filename thread: Have some OC[View]
78574005>kingdoms often keep a full-armored giant with weapons as a status symbol (a giantless king is se…[View]
78609077What would be a good way to make a bard bbeg? So far I thought of making him a Richard Wagner ripoff…[View]
78616763What should a starting location be like?[View]
78612023>cool-ass system >setting fun enough I feel like running it with little to no modification/ada…[View]
78535949Giant Biomancy Mermaids: There was a thread a while back about a society of Biomancer Giant creature…[View]
78617143Just as Planned edition >Previously in the Mortal Realms: >>78611801 >Official AoS websi…[View]
78599486Ancient/Bronze Age Cities: I'm trying to flesh out a major city for a Bronze age setting (using…[View]
78608926Okay, this might be fun. I'm gonna post some wacky character design art and your job is to crea…[View]
78610896I ran D&D 5e the other day for four friends and we all had fun. Did I fuck up?[View]
78616664What is your favourite pre-written adventure? Bonus if not dnd module. Mine is in the pic[View]
78616668>player starts spouting memes in-character[View]
78604387>you have been granted the honor of having an audience with the machine queen, h-hacker! what do?…[View]
78616986Paint your models edition >Previously in the Mortal Realms: >>78611801 >Official AoS web…[View]
78609828>he uses western european feudalism as the political system in the primary kingdom of his setting…[View]
78614238/cyoag/ - Choose Your Own Adventure General: Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vr…[View]
78421995Amateur Game Design and Homebrew Thread: Amateur Game Design and Homebrew Thread Welcome to the Apri…[View]
78600970/chess/ - Chess General: knight mate best mate edition >Biggest sites for free online playing: ht…[View]
78559313/L5Rg/ - Legend of the Five Rings: Honored dead edition Whats the best death one of your characters …[View]
78615199just started reading lord of the rings, this strider guy is pretty cool i think[View]
78616065Foundry VTT with Plutonium: Camon anons, what's the best thing I can get into Foundry VTT using…[View]
78606675are your setting's gods (believed to be) more human or more monstrous in their appearances?[View]
78574099Evolutionarily speaking, what’s the advantage of fire breathing to a species that clearly doesn’t ne…[View]
78548520/SWG/Star Wars General: Fun in the sun edition Previous thread: >>78505189 A thread for discu…[View]
78605081My friends don't wanna play D&D, reddit is reddit, lfg discords rarely actually play what t…[View]
78606410here's your animal companion[View]
78611387help with 1st serious campaign: ok mates, I need hand, I am making a Caribbean campaign. Picture Spe…[View]
78592817ITT: You post images that you consider useful as setting/world building inspiration[View]
78601785This is your heraldic animal[View]
78611667/40kg/ - Warhammer 40,000 General: I'm Going To Fucking Lose It Edition >Sunday Preview – Ri…[View]
78610533CoH temporary insanity: Any better ways of GM-ing temporary insanity in Call of Cthulhu than just 'o…[View]
78614535Poker sites?: Best poker site that can be accessed (with or without vpn) from the US?[View]
78600384what does /tg/ think of mork borg?[View]
78600780give me random events for life in a drow city[View]
78611979Looking for a monster that mutilates children: Pedos in horror = clowns Pedos in fantasy = ? What mo…[View]
78614003Is there any viable way to play a headstrong and brash character in Cyberpunk Red without being a ma…[View]
78604481Worst kind of games: What are the worst kind of games you see /tg/? It can be any gimmick or aspect…[View]
78607722The power of belief: Why is it so common for gods to be fed by belief in such a fair few RPG setting…[View]
78611106/cyoag/ - Choose Your Own Adventure General: Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vr…[View]
78611801Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: waiting edition >Previously in the Mortal Realms: >>7860430…[View]
78610820EDH- /edhg/ - Commander: Previous: >>78604318 >OFFICIAL Commander website, where you can le…[View]
78610709Backstory thread.: Post backstories, rate backstories: >Nickolas Arnlods Ellis Marshall is chroni…[View]
78607145>adventurers are called in to deal with a dragon problem >apparently, the 'dragon problem' thi…[View]
78584925How realistic is the whole 'aliens show up and humans immediately' steal their tech to launch themse…[View]
78607721/5eg/ - Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition general: Duh Legion Edition >UA: Fey Folk https://medi…[View]
78609085Is Foundry VTT simple for idiots?: I'm really impressed with what I see with Foundry VTT but it…[View]
78606706How do you make a monotheistic religion that fits a japanese fantasy setting?[View]
78568128/Terrain/: We made it! Our second general edition. >Welcome to /terrain/ - the thread to discuss …[View]
78606713Evil PCs: How do you build trust in players so you can encourage them to make characters for an evil…[View]
78607704Nothing breeds cultists of Slaanesh like enforced austerity. Deny your population all of life's…[View]
78607249Fantasy Skirmish Games: I’m looking for a fantasy skirmish game to induct friends into. Has anyone p…[View]
78589184when did u realize that d + d is a shit game ?[View]
78606666If we assume that all technology and manufacturing is to be overseen by AdMech priests, is it correc…[View]
78543939/hhg/ & /atg/ Horus Heresy & Adeptus Titanicus General: Knuckle Sandwich edition Previous fi…[View]
78610515I'm just sayin'.: 'Steele' is totally the kind of name He would choose while living among …[View]
78609752>cancerous nu-40k perpetuals lore >As theprojectbegan Erda's skills as a geneticist great…[View]
78606705/cyoag/ - Choose Your Own Adventure General: Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vr…[View]
78597353/tgesg/ - Weekend Elder Scrolls Lore General: >Tabletop/P&P RPGs [UESRPG - P&P RPG]https:…[View]
78604318/EDH/ General: Prerelease soon edition Previous: >>78596079 # >OFFICIAL Commander website, …[View]
78608171Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: We Live In A Webway Edition >A New Angels of Death Trailer is …[View]
78588410This is your campaign setting.[View]
78606245Where can i buy those god damn it warhammer figurines: Where??[View]
78601808I started making a tabletop game with friends. The basic premise is that in the far future, war as w…[View]
78580547>Humanity is unique not because of some special snowflake HFY bullshit but because they are one o…[View]
78607359Post gamer comics[View]
78607014>Lawful Good Paladin acts as the fun police and demands no one steal or kill because 'muh morals'…[View]
78606655'well shit' moments thread? I'll go first. >Session of 5E with two other players >Gotta …[View]
78604304Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: Fimir edition >Previously in the Mortal Realms: >>78595041 …[View]
78578463/40krpg/ - Warhammer 40k RPG General: Man & Woman Edition >Book Repositories https://thetrove…[View]
78608704I would like to thank this group of cool guys, girls and non-binary persons for popularising my favo…[View]
78597120This is my wheelchair bound magic user[View]
78606036>here are your humans, bro[View]
78602616Jumpchain CYOA Thread #4360: Dreams of Titty Monsters Edition: >Brutus' Drive http://drive.g…[View]
78555575/srpgg/ - Solo Role Playing Game General: Graphing Edition A thread for people who play single playe…[View]
78599099>you have been granted the honor of having an audience with the Dwarfen Queen, adventurer! what d…[View]
78605830is something like this what an actual fairy dragon should look like? the usual 'dragon but smaller' …[View]
78571429/stg/ - Star Trek General: Known Space Edition Previous Thread: >>78532341 A thread for discus…[View]
78601553/5eg/ - Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition general: Smaug Edition >UA: Fey Folk https://media.wiz…[View]
78607074Is it ever not the best strategy to have any and all party members who can do/survive it be disguise…[View]
78604720Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Beep Boops Edition >A New Angels of Death Trailer is Here: htt…[View]
78596255>Party gets tasked with rescuing a noble heir who has been taken as a slave. >It turns out tha…[View]
78580891Realistically speaking...: Realistically speaking, a non-magical martial should always lose to the m…[View]
78605648With a sword that can fire lightning as an attack who should be able to shot the best lightning? A K…[View]
78593886What would a Dark Souls ttrpg look like?[View]
78556835Avatar: The Making of a Wargame: A little while ago, a meme thread was made to speculate what an Ava…[View]
78605920Is the 'Skaven Heresy' the single most retarded piece of lore in all of fantasy? Does WH40k have any…[View]
78604623>use an illusion to hide >'the enemy pokes your cover and realizes it's an illusion, then…[View]
78572914/wfg/ - Warhammer Fantasy General: Chad god edition Resources (Rules, lore, and Warhammer Fantasy Ro…[View]
78606290Here’s your class system bro: But more importantly what’re you gonna play? I think every good party …[View]
78596990If elves have more Int than humans why don't they innovate as much as humans (or even just dwar…[View]
78587644/mmg/ - Modern Magic General (Other formats welcome, except EDH): KAMI Edition >Bans: https://mag…[View]
785359701d4chan.net UP: 1d4chan.net is up. I managed to restore 48000 pages of 50000. It works, mostly. Deta…[View]
78494083What would be plausible reasons to worship demons?[View]
78599198This is your campaign setting: http://catgirlisland.net/about.html[View]
78600411Can sandbox campaigns with 'adventure of the week' actually work? Or are they destined to fizzle out…[View]
78599887/cyoag/ - Choose Your Own Adventure General: Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vr…[View]
78587367Which system/game would you use for a John Woo RPG?[View]
78603376Playing a Sword Sagus in DND, what feat to take?[View]
78602567Army Rosters: God I love army lists. I've spent way more time making lists than playing, especi…[View]
78605042ITT: Random Dimensions: A divine foetus floats in the dimension of Tarillamu, surrounded by a tiny g…[View]
78604344Can gods love?[View]
78571845Pic related wakes up in WH40k What happens?[View]
78602312How do I get into 40k?: I'm pretty infatuated with Star Wars and its' enormous lore, but 4…[View]
78525906/exg/ - Exalted General: >What is Exalted? An epic high-flying role-playing game about reborn god…[View]
78606806How do we save /tg/? His board is filled with coomers and weebs who keep shitting it up with retarde…[View]
78578411What's the appeal of roleplaying an elf?[View]
78554872Why exactly do Dwarves live underground? It's much harder to live down there, what benefits, as…[View]
78596297Videogames based on TTRPG: If you had the money or capability to make a videogame based of a ttrpg, …[View]
78598106You are reincarnated as a lvl 1 5e character. You can choose any official race, any official class a…[View]
78597064I need some female warrior pictures and I'm sharing what I have. Let's keep them 'realisti…[View]
78601577It's Heretic Season![View]
78601167So who owns what?: What mechanics am I allowed to use ? What not to use when making a game for comme…[View]
78590912What can be done about the 'content creator' problem that is plaguing both /tg/ and the hobby in gen…[View]
78601850I need help with medieval water wheel ship designs: >Be dwarfish artificer >Be showing our gro…[View]
78595041Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: Bloody vampires are poppin' up everywhere edition >Previousl…[View]
78595103ITT: Post memes and in-jokes from your campaign: I'll start[View]
78394248/tg/ makes a setting based on pictures - part 14: Whether it are reaction pics, funny pics, cursed p…[View]
78602962Am I a Eurofag?: It’s after midnight on US East Coast and I’m playing Solo version of Pandemic: Fall…[View]
78601759/40kg/ Warhammer 40k General: Geneva Convention edition >A New Angels of Death Trailer is Here: h…[View]
78603367what the fuck[View]

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