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77029011Conversion Thread: Post and discuss converted models, preferably your own Can be from AoS, 40k or an…[View]
77026782It is the year 3483. Earth civilization has fallen into dust. Alien archaeologists find only one doc…[View]
77024776/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: Extreme Omnivore Edition >UA: Subclasses, Pa…[View]
77006914GM Advice General: As a GM, how much should I try to influence the personal (IC, OOC is obviously a …[View]
77019974>near future setting >supernatural elements are slowly leaking into the world >not elves an…[View]
77014557What are some noncombat applications for a mace? A sword is just a big knife, and does knife stuff a…[View]
77022405>incensed at the grand wizard's lack of work ethic and moral fiber, the barbarians have rall…[View]
77019675Frostpunk Setting: Hey /tg/, give me ideas for a post-post-apocalyptic 'frostpunk' setting I'm …[View]
77014251Magic Weapon thread Im looking for cool swords mostly and shields Also if possible im looking for a …[View]
76986083Worst fanbase?: Which army has the worst fanbase? Death Korps of Krieg or Skaven?[View]
77023373EDH - /edh/ - Commander General: Previous Thread: >>77016264 >OFFICIAL Commander website, w…[View]
77010847Reject Pants, Embrace the ass Edition >Death Guard Codex Leaks https://imgur.com/a/g0rbLso >Th…[View]
77022127Rate Adventure ideas: > necromancer summons undead army to take over the land > turns out this…[View]
77015062/mmg/ - Modern Magic General: better azcanta edition CONSTRUCTED RESOURCES: >Current meta, comple…[View]
77027213God has created a new universe and picked you lot to design and create lifeforms to live and thrive …[View]
76993307/acg/ - Alternative Card Games General #78: Excellent English Edition Here is a thread to discuss t…[View]
77026779>melee weapon damage is affected by strength This is good. >ranged weapon damage is affected b…[View]
77014152>Last I checked, in like 2016, 1.5 was coming out followed by a shitload of expansions! >Check…[View]
77023046What's a good, non violent ttrpg suitable for elementary schoolers aged 7 - 9 that prioritizes …[View]
77003965/WIP/ Work In Progress General: Based Edition >WIP Condensed OP Pastebin https://pastebin.com/PhE…[View]
77026520What's the best system to run a Hitman campaign? It's going to only be me as GM and a frie…[View]
77010621How bad would the Coronavirus be for vampires in a modern setting?[View]
77025164What are the dumbest sidequests you've ever had your DM dream up?[View]
76945305/bushi/ - Bushiroad Card Games general: Bushiroad Card Games General #237 Lovecraftian edition Begin…[View]
77022085Jumpchain CYOA Thread #4181: So goetia is just a step down from an Ultimate One Edition: >Legacy …[View]
77027178This will be your group for the evening. Better give them a good game![View]
77027144ITT Warrior Monks: Here we discuss all things monastic. > What are warrior monks like in your set…[View]
77024052Infantry Wargame RPG: For a while, I’ve been scrounging around for ideas for an RPG focused on simul…[View]
77026610>2021 >Japan still hasn't made a top tier Inchling TRPG I don't understand. I just d…[View]
77002895Feminine dwarf women or Dwarfy dwarf women?[View]
77023872What would wuxia and xianxia cultivators look like if they were based on HEMA and European mysticism…[View]
77013283managing 3d space for space combat: hey anons, i'm working on some space combat homebrew rules …[View]
77015019/cyoag/ - Choose Your Own Adventure General: Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vr…[View]
77020097>setting has cute monsters >they do annoying shit, like stealing your items…[View]
77019669Why would someone choose to be a caster?: Why would someone choose to be bad at fighting? Why would …[View]
77019562Are there any easilly accessible RPGs with a setting as fun and ridiculous as Eternia?[View]
77023194Why don't you have any sort of apeman in your setting?[View]
77021377For Wizards or other magical sorts, what is the practical uses for, and differences between things l…[View]
77022124How do you handle mortals becoming gods in your settings, /tg/?: I am currently brewing up a setting…[View]
77025573Cities: How do you like cities in your fantasy settings?[View]
77013316Help Me Create A Prison: tl;dr I want to DM for my group, and am trying my ass off to make something…[View]
77018784/swg/ - special forces edition: they may be mid-tier at best, but they are fun to use Previous threa…[View]
77021033Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: Creative lead edition >Last thread >>77012646 >Official …[View]
77022429Entertainment during travel: Travelling from one place to another is nice and all, but how do you ke…[View]
7702267740KG - Warhammer 40,000 general: Math Hammer edition >How tanky is Morty https://www.goonhammer.c…[View]
77015570Would a spirit/god of Entropy -as in, seeking to bring about the heat death of the universe, until p…[View]
77021270>There are advanced Necromancers that do something as childish as transfer their soul to some gau…[View]
77023883Share your best plays: Please share your best play of any tabletop games. Clever traps, abusing loop…[View]
76963840>I attack the king[View]
77024916Are there any new TCGs? I'm sick of only having Magic, Yugioh and Pokemon for the last 20 years…[View]
77009433/wbg/ - Worldbuilding General: Doing it with the fjords again edition Welcome to /wbg/, the official…[View]
77015655D&D 5E INEVITABLES & INEXORABLES: Hello /TG. I'm a new poster and i am looking for some…[View]
76936514Why didnt just make Jurgan take a shower?[View]
77023816I keep hearing arguments about high magic settings versus low magic settings, but I'm intereste…[View]
77024166Dragon Ball Tabletop: I've been wanting to run a Dragon Ball game. Poking through /tg/'s a…[View]
77016769New DM here. I'm finally about to run a short magical girl campaign using OVA. My two previous …[View]
77017821/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: Mundane Edition >UA: Subclasses, Part 5 http…[View]
77020064Cool Derails By Your Players?: Sometimes, the PCs drive games in unexpected directions. I mention th…[View]
77022037According to /tg/ storyshitting does not exist. Yet here we have a clear cut discussion of the story…[View]
77023124you’re magically allowed to introduce an entirely new army into 40K. You’re in charge of their aesth…[View]
77016264/edhg/ - EDH/COMMANDER GENERAL: Previous Thread: >>77005050 >OFFICIAL Commander website, wh…[View]
77022076Rules-light system for pic related?: I'm going to run a political/spy thriller game. It's …[View]
77022236'Literary fiction' RPGs: As you might already know, 'genre fiction' (fantasy, sci-fi, crime, mystery…[View]
77017458>He uses a system with classes instead of a system with abilities that cost experience…[View]
77014800>player keeps flaking >this puts the entire game on hold repeatedly >it’s gotten to the po…[View]
77002825So it's obvious the way you sell a sci-fi/fantasy show to the broader public is put an ultra at…[View]
77021291>the dm reveals the macguffin of the campaign[View]
76993494Pulp SCIENCE!!!: I need to get bad at science, /tg/, I need to get real bad at science. I'll sp…[View]
76990643New Death Guard codex kills kitbashing: New Death Guard rules are a scary prediction of what GW will…[View]
77017436Best system for naval battles: I'm running a game with my friends who have an unhealthy obsessi…[View]
77015612I need your writing advice, please HELP ME. I don't know how to do this!: So I want to write an…[View]
77017116Warlord was tight: Anyone ever play warlord? why did this awesome game die out? Any ideas how to rek…[View]
77008850What is objectively, the most aesthetic color for a dragon?[View]
77019759how does your party deal with flying fucks? Especially if they decide it's not worth it to figh…[View]
76995758/wfg/ - Warhammer Fantasy General: Norsca Edition Resources (Rules, lore, and Warhammer Fantasy Role…[View]
77018814>I am currently in the middle of a 14+ page backstory explaining why my assassin character has no…[View]
76998785/chess/ - Chess General: Tania's feet edition >Biggest sites for free online playing: https:…[View]
76987619>Beep >Beep Lamest and Gayest 40k Faction coming through…[View]
77019346/40kg/ Warhammer 40,000 General: Szeras gonna cut ya balls edition >Death Guard Codex https://im…[View]
77015666Roleplaying Legends: Who inspired you to play the most 'Satanic game' on Earth and the derivatives t…[View]
77000337Kaldheim Spoilers: Previous thread: >>76972847[View]
77014790Jupiter Ascending: Is it just me, or this would have made a pretty good setting book for something l…[View]
77023624I made a Reddit thread describing how my new DM only employs white human men as monsters.: Orcs, gob…[View]
77019167Leaders of Foreign Allies: Okay, this is a weird question, but I'm not sure how I should handle…[View]
76911366How do you handle transhumanism in a medieval setting?[View]
77016409Palladium RIFTS: Top Gun Edition Described that time when you rained hellfire upon you enemies. Addi…[View]
77019368It all went down hill after creatures power crept spells[View]
77013729Need help running a joke session: Okay so for context, we're doing a wacky world war 2 spy thri…[View]
76996695Does the monopoly of GW and excistence of warhammer brand effect tabletop wargaming badly?[View]
77017784Deep Dive 'Shape Water' cantrip: I've been exploring super weird ideas with shape water to real…[View]
77005737What I made, What the GM saw, What I played: Template in OP. Show off your characters![View]
77011164>his orcs are green barbarians instead smoke and fire industrialists[View]
76988342Disco Elysium: Would you run a campaign in the Elysium setting? Is Disco Elysium the most /tg/ game …[View]
76986597Infinity General: Mirrored Art Like Mirrored Sex Edition: Infinity is a 28mm scale Sci-Fi Skirmish g…[View]
76978274How would you write an organization of wizards that are religious rather than academic?[View]
77012646/aosg/Age of Sigmar General: Low effort edition >Last thread >>77003504 >Official AoS we…[View]
77018181Is there a 40k in-universe equivalent of Duel Monsters where creatures of the warp are bound to a ch…[View]
77014018Time for Redemption!: HURRU ANON! YOU DON'T HAVE MUCH TIME! After working for years on Disneyla…[View]
77011860I know spess Dorf is not in 40k how can i go about playing a dwarf army in 40k or as close to? Space…[View]
77007535>Dwarfs are avoided by predators because they taste extremely bad and are difficult to digest. Sh…[View]
77015006Transparentia: Did this ever continue? The first two threads were fun, but then second one died and …[View]
77013602Jumpchain CYOA Thread #4180: Amazonian Adventures Ahoy! Edition: >Legacy Drive http://drive.googl…[View]
77015794Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Rape Edition >Death Guard Codex https://imgur.com/a/sfV0jOd …[View]
77014253Hello, /TG. I'm a first time poster on the board and the only reason I am posting is because I …[View]
77003466/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: Lion King Edition >UA: Subclasses, Part 5 htt…[View]
77013901Fantasy armor using modern methods: So, I’m working on a fantasy setting that does more to blur the …[View]
77013407Hey /tg/ what kind of recommendations do you have for some small but fun board games for two? I play…[View]
77003502/swg/ - blaster fodder edition: Previous thread: >>76996499 Star Wars Miniatures Games (X-Wing…[View]
77005643Would the Technocracy of Ascension accept Bondrewd as member?[View]
76995914What's the maddest you've ever seen someone during a game?[View]
77005050EDH - /edh/ - Commander General: Previous: >>76998021 >>76998021 >OFFICIAL Commander …[View]
77005979Tropes that you put in all of your settings: For me, it's a coast dotted with huge, exotic city…[View]
77015454What kits should I buy if all I wanna do is bash together some grimy knight guys and horrible monste…[View]
76977910Do gypsies exist in your setting? Is the view of them more idealsitc as a travelling caravan or do t…[View]
76998930Arms & Armour thread: Arms & Armour thread First of 2021 i guess. Anyways post stuff you lik…[View]
76924187>Hey kid... got an Iho stick I can bum? So, what are your favourite non-mainstream IG regiments?…[View]
77013492Delicate Mission: >Your party has been tasked with establishing diplomatic relationships with the…[View]
77010652/cyoag/ - Choose Your Own Adventure General: Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vr…[View]
76979663/exg/ Exalted general: >What is Exalted? An epic high-flying role-playing game about reborn god-h…[View]
77010601How do you guys take notes? I've been cluttering up a notepad file and it's getting really…[View]
77011610Anybody play Revolution D100? Slightly Narrative BRP?[View]
77009844>my face when someone suggests we play something other then 5e Why do these people still exist?…[View]
76996972/mmg/ - Modern Magic General: eats your Uro edition CONSTRUCTED RESOURCES: >Current meta, complet…[View]
77014304This is how I modron.[View]
76940527/tg/ - Drawthread: >>>DRAWTHREAD RULES<<< >Requesters: • Provide good, detailed…[View]
77011929Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Stupid Sexy Lorgar Edition >Death Guard Codex Leaks https://im…[View]
77013621>play a superhero game >Resident punisher fan decides to play dungeons and dragons instead …[View]
76977190What are some good monsters I could use to populate a Mangrove Swamp, besides BIG fauna?[View]
77001246Campaigns you've wanted to do but can't do: For one of my earliest games I wanted the part…[View]
77013836Any other fa/tg/uys enjoy the Fighting Fantasy books? Any particular favourites? Any you disliked?[View]
77013654> find a straight up gun on a goblin corpse > guns are a recent invention so nobody in the par…[View]
76987121What is it that makes Oldhammer so comfy? Post Oldhammer models/art/stuff[View]
77004637>open treasure chest >AN APPLE was found what the fug…[View]
77013248Yu-Gi-Oh banlist prediction thread: These threads are in discussion for the upcoming March 2020 banl…[View]
77013116> search for '[your name] animal' > pick one pic > open in paint > draw stuff over it…[View]
77012978Elves: What does /tg/ think of elves? Alternatively, what is the best flavor of elf?[View]
77012687Alphabetical Dice: What are some dice that can be made using different alphabets from around the wor…[View]
77012709Mage Storytime Episode 4: The continuing story of a bunch of roleplayers who became Mages. This time…[View]
77004006/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: Campfire stories edition >UA: Subclasses, Par…[View]
77011856Do you allow player characters (that are not specifically clerics, priests, etc.) to pray to their r…[View]
77011726Ok so you have a system where low damage dice weapons and higher damage dice weapons use the same st…[View]
77006818/CofD/ /WoDG/ WITHOUT MAGE Chronicles of Darkness & World of Darkness General: >Previous thre…[View]
77009967Descent Into Avernus Advice: Hello, /tg/, I am planning to run a Descent Into Avernus campaign in th…[View]
77001566http://keith-baker.com/dm-riedra5e/ >Tactile Telekinetic. This is a human child—an urchin living …[View]
77003504/aosg/Age of Sigmar General: Support characters edition >Last thread >>76990481 >Officia…[View]
76997150Avatar RPG: Is there an RPG suitable for playing games set the Avatar setting? Most of my group is i…[View]
77003891I'm hosting a fantasy larp for my friends. It's second game in the campaign and I have pla…[View]
77011700Can a bard be an easy reskin for a pychic in 5e?: The class abilities and stuff are mostly subtle an…[View]
76998896What system would you use to run a game in the Soul Sacrifice setting? >Evil corrupted monsters …[View]
77008618'Chicken or the egg: Soul edition' + The great faith question: So the Pariah Nexus lore has been a t…[View]
77000232Maximising Time Efficiency: As we all know time is the most valuable resource of all, and nothing is…[View]
77006010Does anyone actually care about this guy anymore? All he did was be a dickhead, just like all the ot…[View]
76878573/STG/Star Trek General: Missing Baker Edition Previous Thread: >>76799274 A thread for discuss…[View]
77007066>Body Mind Soul[View]
76926231/awg/ - Alternative Wargames General: Too busy cooking dinner to be arsed to come up with an edition…[View]
77007304~Dnd brainrot~ (a song): here's a very short song (0:24) from 'Tori Draws Stuff' and she has so…[View]
77010142Is anyone else REALLY looking forward to making AI generated art for their games? >a bumpy goblin…[View]
77002992/cyoag/ - Choose Your Own Adventure General: Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vr…[View]
76997005feels thread, post what you want.: >Found out today my FLGS is closing at the end of next month. …[View]
77003026How would you run a humans-only, no-magic game set in the most devastating war in European history, …[View]
76993427any games that let people play as an actual scientist that solves mysteries and does cool shit? More…[View]
76973482Games that teach you how to GM proper: I've noticed certain systems have ingrained in the rules…[View]
76987897How would your party react to seeing a fishman?[View]
77005572>Players say my OC setting is really cool and engaging and encounters are epic and fun Name a bet…[View]
77009649Who else finds Chain Armor more appealing than Plate Armour?[View]
77008572Are there settings based in a time before man tamed fire? Where seemingly ordinary natural phenomena…[View]
76987673Just watched 5 counter monkeys in a row and now I'm sad that Noah is a shitlord burnout, can an…[View]
77008678/40kg/ Warhammer 40,000 General: -10 VP Edition >Death Guard Codex Leaks https://imgur.com/a/g0rb…[View]
76995861Do you really expect me to believe that dwarves spend their collective cultural headspace on hating …[View]
76998854Competition list: Hey Fat guys. I going to be running a game for my girlfriend. Its going be in Harr…[View]
76960087How diverse should a good player group be? Do you have age/gender/race quotas to make sure you'…[View]
76974926>the local princess kills the party for political gain[View]
76982304I'm a hardcore dwarf-fag, so ̶a̶u̶t̶i̶s̶t̶i̶c̶ hardcore that I have difficulty liking the other…[View]
77005084Jumpchain CYOA Thread #4179: Not Another Milk Reference Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.googl…[View]
77008666I am a weeb and I want to run a game: As the title says.. I have read a fair bit of isekai novels an…[View]
77005614Nobody plays modern-day RPGs. Think of it. Every single game that people actually play is either fan…[View]
77008663>Erm, if your Highness would not mind ... >We are much aware of your desire to keep an image o…[View]
76965093>he's prepared combat music, okay >doom ost >fury road soundtrack at least try…[View]
77005897I bought this shit. Is it any good? https://wizkids.com/the-lord-of-the-rings-dice-building-game/…[View]
76995867Dwardfags are the worst. You know the type, the greassy metalhead who always plays the exactly same …[View]
77003176what was the greatest big brain move you ever witnessed in a game?[View]
76971131real-life goes wrong: >playing dnd 5e with a group of online friends >goes really well, dm has…[View]
77002401I run a halo campaign with tons of legos as minis[View]
77006980>Wizard becomes a stage performer >Audience hates him because it's clear that he's '…[View]
77006312Stepping Down From GM: I'm a player now. One of my players is the GM. >constant struggle wit…[View]
76986508what are the specific design criteria to make the most annoying fight possible?[View]
76993484what's your stance on players wanting to tame and train random monsters?[View]
76920297If you had to have both psionics and magic in your setting, what would be a good way to make the two…[View]
77005945Trying to get buddies into mtg, so I'm making custom 'Game night' decks. I bought a Game Night …[View]
76944020Why is City of Mist the best TTRPG?: Pulling powers from Stories, Power Tags lets you capture any po…[View]
77006027Asking for assistance: The Game: Champions (HEOR 6e) The Campaign: Streetlevel (nowhere close to Spi…[View]
77005565Language building: Let's say we have to come up with the smoothest sounding language possible. …[View]
769901683DPG 3D Printing General: This is a general for everything 3D printed relating to /tg/ from 40k, AoS…[View]
77001309Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/: The Guards of Death edition >Death Guard Codex Leaks https://img…[View]
76971464>Roman empire exists in a medieval fantasy setting >It's ancient rome instead of medieval…[View]
76988803This is your Heraldic Animal.[View]
76999219What RPG has the best guns and gunplay?[View]
76997649Mouse Guard: Found the Hardcover at my LGS for $35 - been meaning to try it out. Anyone have any exp…[View]
770027254 Player Dune: Hey /tg/. So I was playing some Dune with only four people as I can't find any m…[View]
76995410Your character discovers pic related. >How does it influence their personality? >How do they u…[View]
76979483/CofD/ /WoDG/ Chronicles of Darkness & World of Darkness General: >Previous thread: >>7…[View]
77001377Why aren't you running a campaign in one of our possible futures /tg/?[View]
76991553Everything happens in a small town: Have you ever played a campaign where everything happens in a sm…[View]
76987469the pope hates the holy emperor and the holy emperor hates the pope, now war is all over the world, …[View]
76998021EDH/Commander General /edhg/: >OFFICIAL Commander website, where you can learn the rules, see the…[View]
76979542/btg/ Battletech General: The /btg/ is dead! Long live the /btg/! Learn to Paint Wolves edition Last…[View]
76946411/bgg/ Board Games General: Welcome to the 'How I Met My Gaming Group' edition of /bgg/. La…[View]
76999425>To circumvent the issues of faster than light communications humanity has developed technology a…[View]
77004291Attorney Online: >What is Attorney Online? Attorney Online is a huge project that tries to imitat…[View]
76995783Why have big neck when it such easy spot to hit? Hit dragon with arrow or blade in neck and it die e…[View]
76957518I don't see many threads about Anima nor do I know of any groups outside my own that play it. I…[View]
76941089Name me a better villain than motherfucking Dr. Doom[View]
77002978This is probably a stupid question and it doesn't fit anyone one MTG format but why isn't …[View]
77005690We should move the mod team to trash. Seriously, has any other board had such stupid, damaging and o…[View]
77000125Character Idea: Thorkin the Legless Race: Dwarf Backstory: One day Thorkin the Legless (at the time …[View]
76961407Legend of the Five Rings General - /l5rg/: Orcs of Rokugan Edition >USEFUL RESOURCES & LINKS …[View]
77003329>GM keeps using unreasonably handsome/sexy/cute monsters[View]
77001303/40kg/ Warhammer 40,000 General: Third edition edition. >Death Guard Codex Leaks https://imgur.co…[View]
76993459/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: It Is An Elemental Edition, Dear Watson >UA: …[View]
76992328Elves are cool. Dual wielding is cool. Rangers are gay. Simple as.[View]
76991700Is there an RPG where I can be a mad scientist?[View]
76996906/cyoag/ - Choose Your Own Adventure General: Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vr…[View]
76970673What if elves had a giant subrace? How would they logically be different from both regular elves and…[View]
77001045'Feel Good'/This Guy Thread: I'm feeling jazzed after my session tonight and wanted to come hum…[View]
76996096I dont know if this thread is allowed but whatever. I know nothing about 40k besides that it's …[View]
76996212Character are thread - the Requestening: Request art - get art![View]
76990481Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: Rats, we're the rats edition >Last thread >>76979000 …[View]
77004073>ate mods >ate fa/tg/uys crybabies >ate NTR fags >ate nofun police >nothing personal,…[View]
76995909Make another cringe Skavenpost, you absolute scumbag. I fucking DARE you.[View]
76997475>Near-modern or future rebel game >DM lets us choose weapons >Explains to us that the plane…[View]
77000945>Party has to travel a long distance in a short time >Wizard decides to teleport the whole par…[View]
76988177>be me >spend the last 5 years joining games here and there >most games are fucking horribl…[View]
76996499Previous thread: >>76988363 Star Wars Miniatures Games (X-Wing/Armada/Legion): >https://pas…[View]
76998615>Isekai setting >Fairies are at war with Trolls and Formori. >They are vulnerable to iron. …[View]
76997658Jumpchain CYOA Thread #4178: Touch The Cow Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/drive/f…[View]
76968400/wip/ Work in Progress General: I just had this picture general: Airbrushing Primers You Never Heard…[View]
76949239You know what I can't stand? Impossibly small towns. Like, fucking come on, I shouldn't ha…[View]
76993340AD&D thread: Let's talk about the two best editions of the world's greatest roleplayin…[View]
76957191Character Art Thread: Let's have one of these! To start, how about arctic/cold weather ranger/w…[View]
76996316Anyone got art of elves that actively show signs of aging?[View]
76963660What if you flesh out the Society of Dragon Ball franchise Saiyan: And placed them into a bog-standa…[View]
76980978Conceptually Stormcast are pretty cool. The honored dead who suffer through unimaginable wars, the p…[View]
76961043/osrg/ - Old School Renaissance General: Welcome to the Old School Renaissance General, the thread d…[View]
76995721Are Eldritch Knights good?[View]
76989710I see so many expansions/editions of this game. Are any of them worth buying?[View]
76972847MtG - Kaldheim Spoilers: Yet more spoilers.[View]
76978527Roleplaying a Modern War: How do you think a modern war should be run, from a roleplaying perspectiv…[View]
76971545/ygo/ - Yu-Gi-Oh General: Yu-Gi-Oh! General #262: Desperados Edition Previous thread: >>769449…[View]
76994730>no matter what system I pick >no matter what setting I run >my campaigns are always going …[View]
76987065In a fight, you choose your equipment, your target, and perhaps a certain maneuver, then roll to see…[View]
76988400Your character doesn't get an afterlife: >Your character factually learns that every person …[View]
76994959Did Games Workshop con their playerbase?: >Spend 9 months selling books to power creep armies …[View]
76996486/40kg/ Warhammer 40,000 General: Lychguard should have scythes and boards edition >Death Guard Co…[View]
76986906>magic and technology are such strongly opposed forces that archmages can't wear clothes or …[View]
76989345How does /tg/ feel about legacy board games? I like their idea but feels like a such a waste when yo…[View]
76988462No combat wheelchair thread?[View]
76921347Are there any settings with themes of African dark fantasy/horror?[View]
76992249/cyoag/ - Choose Your Own Adventure General: Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vr…[View]
76977045What is essential in a PULPY Space Fantasy setting? Best system to play it?[View]
76981673/chess/ - CHESS general: Levy edition >Biggest sites for free online playing: https://chess.com h…[View]
76957619This is the only right way of doing sexual dimorphism.[View]
76950614When and how did you realize virtual tabletops have overtaken physical ones?[View]
76987117EDH/Commander General /edhg/: Last time, on /edhg/: >>76978676 >OFFICIAL Commander website,…[View]
76992776make soul/souless out of your favourite things. and discusss.[View]
76979726/mmg/ - Modern Magic General: Fynn edition CONSTRUCTED RESOURCES: >Current meta, complete with de…[View]
76980536>the party's necromancer / demon summoner just wanted to have friends…[View]
76990318>because the sons of the King solved the crisis by hiring your party, he breaks his crown in a fi…[View]
76990572Way they did witchers in the video games (just five signs as opposed to the books) got me thinking: …[View]
76995414>be dwarffag >one night I have a sudden realisation that Dwarves are an entire race of coping …[View]
76984067Genuine question for GURPStard DMs How do you expect to build a level of detail and fluff on the sam…[View]
76995345>when you're the sole human fighter of the group and everyone is fucking weird shit like war…[View]
76988363/SWG/Star Wars General: Epic romance Edition Previous thread: >>76978334 A thread for discussi…[View]
76991642So when your party is out bounty hunting, what's an efficient way of proving you've killed…[View]
76987761>in an archeological dig in Italy, you stumble upon fragments of the forbidden, prehuman patisser…[View]
76950623Brethren Moons from Dead Space appears on an Imperium system. How would the necromorphs fare against…[View]
76984326>casually BTFOs your conjuration-build wizard[View]
76992652How viable are decks that use only one color or three colors? I haven't been playing long and a…[View]
76987952Living Shadows: Does your setting include any 'void' or 'living darkness' beings…[View]
76993202Can’t stand VtM anymore. Where can I find a Discord server for a game about superpowers?[View]
76994223/tg/ Coomber thread: Post coombs. You fucking degenerates.[View]
76983427What’s a good order of knights to base paladins off of?[View]
76994073I'm planning to do a campaign set in the classic/golden age SCP universe while using Delta Gree…[View]
76991846Warhammer 40,000 /40kg/: Everybody Gets One edition >Death Guard Codex Leaks https://imgur.com/a/…[View]
76986805A riddle of sorts, /tg/. Your PC got cursed by a god. PC got teleported into a Plane of clay. A wast…[View]
76986847Jumpchain CYOA Thread #4177: The edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B1…[View]
76988963Why is Minas Tirith the Capital of Gondor? Dol Amroth seems to me to be a far better place.[View]
76966528Your favorite underrated space marine chapters? No Lamenters allowed they are not counted[View]
76991631How do you keep animalistic dragons interesting when they not only lack a personality, but are much …[View]
76979478/tg/ I challenge you to stat Joan of Arc[View]
76988304Why, GW? WHY?[View]
76988276How's Duncan doing nowadays?: Anyone signed up for his paint academy? Was it useful?[View]
76991040Essential WFRP careers?: Rat catchers, witch hunters and road warden all feel very core to the tone …[View]
76986944/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: Classic Edition >UA: Subclasses, Part 5 https…[View]
76984187Who knows the history of TSR's third edition AD&D rules. It's been mentioned before th…[View]
76992067Read Above, I am a fairly new GM wanting to run a pirate game for some of my friends. You guys usual…[View]
76992473Who operates the class temple? Is it the same organization behind all of them? Just how powerful wou…[View]
76954958/wfg/ - Warhammer Fantasy General: Oh no he's hot Edition Resources (Rules, lore, and Warhammer…[View]
76987199>necromancer is abrasive to everyone around him >becomes very polite and cordial when speaking…[View]
76988072congratulations your the big bad evil guy who/what are you and whats your plan[View]
76992236Small Numbers > Big Numbers: If I have to roll ten dice at a time, you have a bad system. If the …[View]
76984485/cyoag/ - Choose Your Own Adventure General: Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vr…[View]
76991112So is this guy a Malkavian (counting OCD)? Or a Tzimisce(surrounded by puppets)?[View]
76975552How would you run a tabletop based on it?[View]
76953734/acg/ - Alternative Card Games General #77: Split Edition Here is a thread to discuss trading card …[View]
76990844>watch a video series about how to play call of cthulhu >fall in love with the creators OC its…[View]
76968029Games Workshop: Why does this one company inspire so much animosity and antipathy from people? Seems…[View]
76991270What is the purpose of Exceptional Strength in AD&D? It seems like it exists solely to have diff…[View]
76960319How would you do giants differently, /tg/? I always liked the idea of them being rare but highly int…[View]
76901463/hwg/ - Historical Wargames General: Previous thread >>76837418 Kaisermainia bruder edition Li…[View]
76937387/hhg/ & /atg/ Horus Heresy & Adeptus Titanicus General: +++[Loud Autistic Screeching]+++ edi…[View]
76989079>Alright we'll take the High Pass to get across the Misty Mountains >'Oh the enemy are wa…[View]
76989045/40kg/ warhammer 40,000 general: Mortarian Vs Eradiactors Edition >Death Guard Codex Leaks https:…[View]
76827298/wbg/ - Worldbuilding General: Time Travel Edition Welcome to /wbg/, the official thread for the dis…[View]
76973836We've seen space opera settings with aesthetic and thematic basis in Christianity (e.g. Fading …[View]
76986923Does your party have a recurring rival?[View]
76980262Who would willingly ally with skaven?: Hey /tg/, I have been thinking about hosting a warhammer RPG …[View]
76990228What would God/Spirit of Clay look like?[View]
76988704this was a pretty sweet RPG. interesting dice system. grounded and realistic setting: 19th century, …[View]
76988584What's his name again?[View]
76869867/srpgg/ Solo Role Playing Game General: A thread for people who play single player role playing game…[View]
76987068Arcane Ugly: Has anyone been looking into Arcane Ugly? Miscast is currently still developing the sys…[View]
76988289>Warrior >Rogue >Priest >Mage Classic or passe?…[View]
76980804>tfw the short fat rich girl of the shanty town is trying to lecture me on the purpose of the 'la…[View]
76989167Fantasy Holidays: What kind of Festivals, Holidays, or Celebrations do you guys have in your setting…[View]
76988424In the language of the Lizardmen, the honoriffic used to one's Non Slann superior is Bossasaur.[View]
769722673DPG 3D Printing General: This is a general for everything 3D printed relating to /tg/ from 40k, AoS…[View]
76916972/gengen/ - Genesys General: Winter Wonderland Edition >What is Genesys? Released in November 2017…[View]
76987284Ideas for new card types: Here's an idea, spell cards that go in the extra deck.[View]
76983430A young druid ventures from the forest in search of adventure. To carry his loot, he purchases a don…[View]
76987137What is your biggest: What is the largest entity you or your players have fought? How big would you …[View]
76977399If fantasy orcs made guns what would they be?[View]
76988242A player asks you if he can play a troll. Would you allow that?[View]
76988260Do you use narrative techniques such as setups/payoffs, acts, character arcs, foreshadowing, themes …[View]
76960389RPG rule's YouTube edition: Australian YouTube brothers put together what they hope is the ulti…[View]
76983993Magic: The Gathering Lore and Flavor: Kaldheim is dropping tons of lore now. Kaya meets trolls and a…[View]
769881402 player game: Do you think a 2 player campaign could work? Regardless of setting/game? Have you ev…[View]
76931044TTRPG crafting thread: Show off what you built yourself and share advice with other anons. Whether i…[View]
76985037I dow you hangle a campaign antagonist who isn't backed by any infrastructure or institutions a…[View]
76982071iron warrior appreciation thread: i think the iron warriors are pretty red. do any of you guys have …[View]
76984881/40kg/ warhammer 40,000 general: What seems like official art of alpha legion kroot Edition >Deat…[View]
76936935Has anyone tried this out yet? If so is it good? what would you recommend for a mech sci-fi setting?[View]
76985720Fuck Giants. Fuck Trolls. Fuck Ogres. And FUCK Amazons. Tell me how you like or otherwise prefer…[View]
76979000Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: Sexy trees edition >Last thread >>76970906 >Official AoS…[View]
76986938My imaginarium as a DM is sort of burnt out, thus I ask here. The situation: You appear in a world …[View]
76985779Not-Warhammer Fantasy rip offs that are fun: I don't want to play Warhammer fantasy I want to p…[View]
76976642Is board responsible for making Games Workshop gain a monopoly on the hobby of wargaming entirely? …[View]
76978428I need help: One of my players ate a flesh monsters eggs. Raw. Right off the ground. I did not trick…[View]
76986701i think you guys like dragons a bit too much[View]
76963319>his cyber warlock hasn't digitized his demon rituals and magick spells into simple programs…[View]
76979929Are knights paladins or fighters?[View]
76929631Shit Classes: What are the worst classes you've seen in a ttrpg? The ones that really left you …[View]
76977421The Elvish Question: Okay anons, how should they look?[View]
76926913Lizard people: Post lizard people, tell me about lizard people in your games[View]
76979615/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: Giant Viking Edition >UA: Subclasses, Part 5 …[View]
76983740Phylactery Ideas: Anyone got any clever ideas for a phylactery? Preferably something that can be mov…[View]
76986164With the Find Familiar spell, or any summoned creature really, supposing it was bound to your biddin…[View]
76978334/swg/: Star Wars general: Trust the Plan Edition Previous thread: >>76961588 Star Wars Miniatu…[View]
76774928Maiesta 2E General: >The world of Prognora is a living, breathing place. Spirits reside in everyt…[View]
76986208Thoughts on this game?[View]
76933010Strange settings: What's the strangest setting you've ever played or ran a game in? When d…[View]
76865941>Making a mythology-inspired fantasy setting Should I start with the gods and go from there, or s…[View]
76968347Gonzo Random Generators: Hey /tg/, I wanted to try my hand at writing a plane hopping sandbox for Tr…[View]
76938748What brought the inevitable end of dragonkind in your setting?[View]
76920841/tg/ makes a waifupunk setting: >Humanity in a golden age of decadence creates a servant caste of…[View]
76980016Abnormal Pirates: You know, as cool as traditional flesh and blood swashbucklers are, I feel like th…[View]
76931668Bane Edition Previous thread: >>76876119 General thread for the games too niche to be in a pro…[View]
76978676EDH/Commander General /edhg/: >OFFICIAL Commander website, where you can learn the rules, see the…[View]
76975461What should the local lord's big secret be?[View]
76964538Please help me save my campaign!: I'm a GM trying to run an epic WH40KRPG adventure. The Rogue …[View]
76959045When is a dungeon too complex?[View]
76972088>cleric + warrior = paladin What would'be wizard + warrior?[View]
76980801>First time playing dnd with friends >DM says he's experienced >Makes us roll d20s for…[View]
76984809What's some awesome music to TPK a party to?[View]
76976533What system is the most metal?[View]
76985070how did they get away with all the blood and guts ? >also ITT for all the cards in this series…[View]
76982086Why do some GMs hate roleplaying but also hate the games that forsake RP mechanics for the sake of m…[View]
76981316The ancient halls have been breaches The dolorous sound of footsteps on stone, resounding through th…[View]
76979669/cyoag/ - Choose Your Own Adventure General: Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vr…[View]
76983128>DM expects party to retreat from combat What do you take us for? Cowards?…[View]
76976784Is Flesh and Blood the next big tcg? I've never seen a new card game have secondary market pric…[View]
76979259Does anybody actually have the statblock of the combat wheelchair?[View]
76946930Which setting is the most autistic when it comes to maps?[View]
76978973What kind of janky shortcuts or homebrew have you introduced to your table/setting/system to make th…[View]
76983275I DM a long-running low fantasy campaign. My question concerns two of our 4 PC's, a minor feuda…[View]
7698272440k Chaos Space Marines: Started reading Horus heresy, cant find a pdf of 9th edition codex for them…[View]
76950931When fantasy settings have, as they sometimes do, a magical ability that's limited/unique to on…[View]
76981414What is the name of Xpunk that would be set around 1840-1860?[View]
76979642Jumpchain CYOA Thread #4176: Deep Dish Dessert Delights Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.googl…[View]
76979982Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Better Not Be Heresy Here Edition >Death Guard Codex Leaks htt…[View]
76933112Infinity General: Cheerkillers edition: Infinity is a 28mm scale Sci-Fi Skirmish game by Corvus Bell…[View]
76971530The perfidious Jubunji are having fun wrong! Only the Kopeta way of having fun shall be tolerated![View]
76836706/ccg/ Custom Card General /cct/: Fix White in standard and commander Edition (you can't) >To…[View]
76980244>tfw another batch of food enters your cave that tries to sexually harass you…[View]
76975161ABOMINATION: Help me make the worst possible crossover game. I'll start >Dungeons&Dragon…[View]
76980014any good places to play games through irc? pbp sites are fine as well, but i prefer the faster respo…[View]
76980386How would the titular Demon Lord fare in 40k?[View]
76973730What should a God of Life, Justice and Entanglement be like?[View]
76965620How would you fix the Githzerai?: Githzerai: >+2 wis/+1 int >free mage hand, shield and detect…[View]
76977477recommendation for getting back into it: I've taken a long pause from writing adventures becaus…[View]
76890934What's the best way to portray transhumanism in a game?[View]
76956302/chess/ - CHESS general: King's gambit edition >Biggest sites for free online playing: https…[View]
7697382540k MtG but with minis: What if you played a tabletop wargame as if it were MtG where you had to pla…[View]
76966735Modern Magic General /mmg/ MTG: Submarine drakkar Edition CONSTRUCTED RESOURCES: >Current meta, c…[View]
76933362Paizo Games General /pgg/: Paizo Games General /pgg/ >>>IF YOU ARE ASKING A QUESTION, PLEAS…[View]
76971950/cyoag/ - Choose Your Own Adventure General: Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vr…[View]
76963944Watching D&D games: >Enjoy playing D&D >Enjoy watching videos talking about D&D …[View]
76979279Who's the best artist at GW currently?[View]
76976628Knight House Creation: In these dark times of deceit, dishonor and cowardice there is but ne thing t…[View]
76978444Did anyone try to play D&D (or any other RPG system) where instead of normal mobs and monsters y…[View]
76979159All system suck Especially your favorite one All you need is a quality GM[View]
76977461>''One word, Ma'am,' he said... 'One word. All you've been saying is qui…[View]
76970520/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: Bahamut Edition >UA: Subclasses, Part 5 https…[View]

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