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74180837What kind of portfolio would Incel god have? Would it be dark like Kali? Sacrificing a bunch of pret…[View]
74180303Is it possible to create a dark fantasy setting in which players assume the role of, essentially, Ch…[View]
741305149th edition 40k: Has anyone played more than a handful of matches yet? Is it actually an improvement…[View]
74149068What's /tg/'s opinion on Erda?[View]
74172720EDH/Commander General /edhg/: Crawmander Edition Previous thread: >>74167509 RESOURCES >'Of…[View]
74165629Which Space Marine chapter would Conan by part of?[View]
74135165Are you for the Empire or the Empire[View]
74180025Will he ever show up in anything else?[View]
74175693Monster taming ttrpg: Is there an existing system for a monster taming ttrpg?[View]
74175454Best system to run a sci-fi game in a submarine on europa, a la barotrauma?[View]
74138854/wfg/ - Warhammer fantasy general: GW heroic scale edition. Resources (Rules, Lore and Warhammer Fan…[View]
74175105How do you wind down from GMing /tg/? Obviously you should be thinking about the next session but i…[View]
74178267Necrons are the best race in 40K after the ORKS: https://voca.ro/cmHc7FxnaBf[View]
74173446Yugioh TCG (2003 And Prior): How many Yugioh Cards were released by the end of 2003? I'm search…[View]
74178116/40kg/ Warhammer 40,000 General: Who is that guy? Edition >Previous Thread >>74174591 >C…[View]
74154493I've heard some people on /tg/ say, Halo Mythic is bad can somebody red pill me on why?[View]
74177331Solarpunk: What went right/wrong? and how to improve/fix them?[View]
74177555>'I'm Draco Drag'ul, a Dragonmarked Half-Dragon Dragonborn Monk and Draconic Sorcerer t…[View]
74130332Infinity General: You Just Know Edition: Infinity is a 28mm scale Sci-Fi Skirmish game by Corvus Bel…[View]
74142763Are Games Workshop effectively leaving Guard to rot?: When was the last time guard got a decent rele…[View]
74178029your thoughts on pose-able minis?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgwE_sJ2MEM pic unrelated to the …[View]
74170156Impenetrable filter: >Decide to start a new campaign >Put up a listing to get new players >…[View]
74168560*Ahem* FUCK GW https://gofile.io/d/CNX9yd[View]
74147357>he makes his players roll for stats Why?[View]
74154046have you ever been 'that guy' in a group?[View]
74173935In the Wild West A gunslinger finds the necronomicon. What happens next?[View]
74172354What is the state of Free Software in your cyberpunk dystopia? Are there radical software freedom fi…[View]
74159927Societies that worship Lovecraftian Deities: I'm trying to brainstorm a large civilization (thi…[View]
74175466Pirate thread: Pirates are awesome so let's have a thread about them[View]
74143547>In this setting they're called daemons![View]
74033155/hsg/ - Horror Settings General: Impossible geometry edition Tell us about your horror settings, gam…[View]
74175342Would you look through literal shit for treasure /tg/?[View]
74171195/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: Motherly Love Edition >NEW UA: Subclasses, Pa…[View]
74166557Now that the dust has settled, is it any good?[View]
74172905Tell me about your fantasy races[View]
74177267>Sickend by the Adult paladin's relationship with the little mage girl, even if it is 'True …[View]
74143740/exg/ Exalted General Deathlord Mama Edition: What is Exalted? An epic high-flying role-playing game…[View]
74172935/cyoag/ - Choose Your Own Adventure General: Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vr…[View]
74163932How would you go about running an exploration based sandbox campaign in pathfinder? No real goal. No…[View]
74175220How do feel about shows/movies that portray tabletop players as quirky and attractive young adults w…[View]
74103200/awg/ - alternative wargames general: Cravings edition. >What is /awg/? A thread to talk about mi…[View]
74172252>our party gets to the top of the tower that took like an ingame week and a half to climb >all…[View]
74174591Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Courage and Honour Edition >Convert your Friends into Warhamme…[View]
74176361GW is a Miniature Company: Now that it is blatantly obvious that this game is not in favor of anythi…[View]
74172214What's your characters plans for the future after they stop adventuring/whatever you do in your…[View]
74153470how does your setting handle greenskins?[View]
74149037dorfs: post dorfs[View]
74172208High elves are the manifestation of the White Man's burden put into fantasy form. They're …[View]
74090645Epic Armageddon General - /epic/: >What is Epic? Epic is a system for battalion-scale combat in t…[View]
74153594Precolombian Americas as a fantasy setting: Does anyone know any good games or settings which make u…[View]
74173745Fallout themed Tabletop RPGs: Hi /tg, how you doing? I've been working on a project to adapt a …[View]
74174661Are Table-Top RPGs covered here?: Hey, can I post about the tabletop RPGs here? If yes, I've be…[View]
74174358Why aren't nephillim style demigods more common in fantasy?: You know, the great giants who are…[View]
74043594/mgw/ - Monster Girl Worldbuilding: We talk about monster girls and build a setting for them. We can…[View]
74146409Why does /tg/ hate games where adventurers are reviled vagabonds, not beloved heroes? Isn't it …[View]
74172083>he uses classes in his games Why anon? Honestly, why would you limit yourself THAT much?…[View]
74165796>they look pretty but something about their face makes them seem inhuman >they look slender an…[View]
74163539>I, Kunnam, First of the Named, Thirdpainted, of Squad Blue, write this not for any other to see,…[View]
74139850Who's the lamest primarch?[View]
74168656AGE OF SIGMAR GENERAL /aosg/: Nagash Edition Old thread: >>74152740 >Official AoS website h…[View]
74163403Jumpchain CYOA Thread #3844: Man Is a Gun Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/drive/fo…[View]
74152207/osrg/ - Old School Renaissance General: Welcome to the Old School Renaissance General, the thread d…[View]
74173638also ADEVA thread: Is pathologic esque theatrical buushit a good way to enhance a multi run ADEVA ca…[View]
74173326>he doesn't play a cleric of an evil god who will destroy humanity if they're not const…[View]
74160501Work in Progress General /WIP/: Roll mini around in paint for best results, edition. At least you ca…[View]
74172028Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Inside The Rock Edition >Convert your Friends into Warhammer C…[View]
74161910>Bone >Flesh >Spirit What other kinds of undead are there?…[View]
74157020I want to talk about dark fantasy settings. Post tabletop examples dark fantasy, other types of medi…[View]
74170818what are some [animal]-Folk where savagery and cruelty should be inherent? And which ones should be …[View]
74143442Why are cynical settings so common? Why don't we see more optimistic fantasy and sci-fi TRPG se…[View]
74168175/cyoag/ - Choose Your Own Adventure General: Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vr…[View]
74172220I recently picked up a hanafuda deck, and it's beautiful but I have no fucking clue as to how t…[View]
74172239Player Killing Scumbags: You guys don't use instant death traps right /tg/?[View]
74164991How do you feel about the half elf and half orc? Are they really necessary these days or just a sacr…[View]
741435961. A demon have to comply with the terms of a contract 2. Marriage is a contract So... in theory, yo…[View]
74149597How do I find text-based games? I'm deaf and all of reddit seems to be voice only[View]
74169255>Play D&D 5e >Get through a good combat encounter, defeating some tough monsters. Been a b…[View]
74167509EDH/Commander General /edhg/: RESOURCES >'Official' Site: Contains deck building guidelines and t…[View]
74171050Do any of you grognards remember how to scale monster level in 4th edition D&D? I know that ther…[View]
74167512The Paradox of Sandbox: Sandbox campaigns something it seems every player wants. To go freely from p…[View]
74168994Nurgle 'familiars': So animals commonly associated with Nurgle are: All sorts of insects (…[View]
74168600COC 7E - CAMPAIGN IDEA YOU FUCKS: A Call of Cthulhu campaign set in an alternate reality where the G…[View]
74167680Worldbuilding: I just realized I had accidentaly put my french-german based nation right next to my …[View]
74171082Age of Sigmar Books: Has anyone read pic related? I heard its pretty rad and was thinking of picking…[View]
74162799How does one transfer their real life passion for God and faith into the fictional world? I love Jes…[View]
74171105>GM asks 'So whats the next step of your master plan?' whenever he wants to prompt for our next a…[View]
74169753>his cleric of a lawful god doesn't lose all his levels and abilities when opposing the loca…[View]
74166638Would you sell your character's soul and future?[View]
74158335You've been isekai'd into Warhammar 40k as an HQ of your main army. Who do you belong to …[View]
74162295/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: Troll Toll Edition >UA: Feats 2020 https://me…[View]
74169282Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Cast Out Evil Edition >WarhammerTV Tip of the Day: https://yo…[View]
74167932Times when the whole table said 'Oh shit.': >Playing 4e. >Elf Rogue is really living up to his…[View]
74157062Do you prefer magic with a more shamanistic and/or mysterious bent, or with it being a thing you can…[View]
74168194Supply drop 40k: Alright what the fuck is the deal with these new mystery boxes, and why aren't…[View]
74159292Is dnd 5e a game for casuals? Does it pander to Sir Bearington and 'roll to seduce dragon' players?[View]
74149664>DM corrupts your wish spell every time no matter how inconsequential your wish was and makes you…[View]
74160730Spiders: How do you make an encounter with giant spiders interesting?[View]
74168553Seeking Cleric Advice: Hi /tg/ I'm relatively new to D&D and am playing my party's hea…[View]
74163040For someone who only got into tRPGs recently and didn't grow up with nerd friends in high schoo…[View]
74164117GW is now selling lootboxes: Lmao[View]
74164196Strenth: How do you like to portray physical strength in you given setting? How is it that individua…[View]
74159591Let's talk theory for a moment, and naturally, in a way that will cause arguments. In a setting…[View]
74168846Ork speed freek question: I haven't played 40k since like 5th edition and I don't really r…[View]
74151260I feel like there's no good way of asking, but what should a druid gain from ritualistic bestia…[View]
74163754Eco-apocalypse settings?: Long story short, if someone wanted to run a game, what would be a good ex…[View]
74159364Your character has almost arrived at the villain's lair and is about to confront him when he fe…[View]
74163352to my fellow admech players: I ask why did you pick that army?[View]
74165322The Mummy says that you are the reincarnation of her ancient love: make a will save or be enraptured…[View]
74128870/CofD/&/WoDG/ Chronicles of Darkness and World of Darkness General: Previous thread >>7406…[View]
74161845I wish 40K had a line of models that were more toy-like. Space Marines with articulation in the limb…[View]
74167175DEADBALL: Any Deadball players on /tg/? Also any stories of sports campaigns or even sports sessions…[View]
74160624/cyoag/ - Choose Your Own Adventure General: Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vr…[View]
74166224Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Prayer edition >Lootboxes: https://www.warhammer-community.com…[View]
74163309I've seen some anons bring it up in response to Adventurer's Guild shitposting, but how wo…[View]
74167087Plot Hook Thread: There seems to be a significant number of 'your party finds [X]' style threads in …[View]
74147775How can I find fellow shut in to play games with? I'm autistic btw[View]
74162524/mmg/ modern magic general mtg: CONSTRUCTED RESOURCES: >Current metas, complete with deck lists h…[View]
74135429/ygo/ - Yu-Gi-Oh! General: Yu-Gi-Oh! General #190: Rigged from the start edition Previous thread: …[View]
74163141Character art thread: Anything goes I guess, all races, classes, fantasy, scifi, etc welcome[View]
74159181/edhg/ EDH/Commander General: Old Thread >>74152364 RESOURCES >'Official' Site: Contains d…[View]
74143189Theriocephaly a.k.a. animal headed humans How would you use them in a fantasy setting?[View]
74163992Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Belisarius Cawl and his wonderful miraculous incredible primaris …[View]
74145352/hhg/+/atg/ Horus Heresy and Adeptus Titanicus Generals: HYPE edition >Previous Heresy: >>7…[View]
74121554That Guy™: >Check catalog >No 'that guy' thread Alright, that guy did a that guy thing so I…[View]
74152740/aosg/ Age of Sigmar General: Choke a dude edition Old thread: >>74147518 >Official AoS web…[View]
74154989Is there a sci-fi equivalent of Sigil somewhere?[View]
74143529Casting just might kill you here: Playing with an interesting mechanic for a campaign where the land…[View]
74164151Background/ambience: Rolled 5, 4 = 9 (2d6) What music do you listen to while playing? I'm makin…[View]
74162472How will it fare in 40k?[View]
74159705Devilish DM here: >Player fights and 'tames' a blue Slaad by taking out conrol gem >Slaad bein…[View]
74160509hero339 battlemaps: This guy's battlemaps were the shit but I've not been able to find man…[View]
74147590>player brings a character sheet with a furry race on it to the first session…[View]
74163132/tg/ creates a sci-fi setting: >Little did we know, after we took our first tentative steps into …[View]
74104837What alignment are actions of 'necessary evil' like slavery?[View]
74110403Cute eldritch beings: Being otherworldly, alien, unnaturally powerful, and based on principles beyon…[View]
74141144Lamias, nagas, snakegirls or whatever you want to call them, worldbuilders always wave them off as l…[View]
74157742Best games that are not IP based.[View]
74162582Best way to learn GURPS?: I've heard it's a really good all-around RPG system, but admitte…[View]
74161626Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Top 10 Edition! >New Preorders: https://www.warhammer-communit…[View]
74161422How to people react to sighting a comet in your setting? Do they treat it as a omen of things to com…[View]
74159027Anyone ever run a military/mercenary company campaign before?[View]
74125098Why is HP still allowed as an abstraction of health in the world's greatest roleplaying game? W…[View]
74142689Do you have any weird hangups when it comes to tabletop? For example: I for whatever reason can…[View]
74159268Why not just take someone who can survive the space marine process and clone him?[View]
74158262Is it normal for players to get emotional over an npc's death? I don't want to get too man…[View]
74154886where's the spell jammers ship's: why haven't WotC did a spell jammer book yet? i …[View]
74149294How should physical stats change a character's appearance?[View]
74157751What's the weirdest inspiration you've had when working on your campaign setting? For exam…[View]
74161735CCON recaster details: Anyone got CCON's newest contact details?[View]
74157585What are broad martial arts styles to use besides Punching, Kicking, Wrestling, and Pressure Points?[View]
74147426/mmg/ Modern Magic General: horsing around edition CONSTRUCTED RESOURCES: >Current metas, complet…[View]
74154724What would be a good candidate for a Lawful Good race that provides a nice contrast to humanity…[View]
74160198How to hexcrawl: Bought pic related but am too much of a brainlet to attempt hexcrawling. Could be d…[View]
74160088Okay okay, so like, there are demons, orks, weird bird alien elves, massive stupid flesh dinosaur in…[View]
74133341INT vs WIS: I don’t understand the difference between INT and WIS Isn’t what one culture calls INT j…[View]
74156563Very conflicting characters: So, I've been invited to play in a campaign of my old friend. We h…[View]
74158689Samurai western campaign: Hey there tg, i need some help with a campaign idea i had, influence by so…[View]
74142325ITT curses: >uncovering of shame >whenever you remember your super autism moments, nearby crea…[View]
74154192Whats /tg/s thoughts on the Bloodhunter? Do you allow it in your 5e games?[View]
74153597/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: Big Dragons Edition >UA: Feats 2020 https://m…[View]
74157608>game session was cancelled again What do you do to fill the time after getting RP blue balls?…[View]
74160253I want to run an adventure inspired by the Zero Escape games. The problem is, I only know so many va…[View]
74120981The polis is under attack! All citizens must take up spears and shield to defend their home![View]
74136848Is 'Forbidden Knowledge' in your setting forbidden for a good reason? Or is it just a control techni…[View]
74156380/40K RPG/ - Warhammer 40,000 RPG General.: Soldiers of Fortune Edition Previous:https://boards.4chan…[View]
74155252/cyoag/ - Choose Your Own Adventure General: Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vr…[View]
74156765All his female characters were prostitutes 'like just for a while' in their background: Is this a pr…[View]
74148802How has your group fared during the rona?: I've not met my boys since February. We've been…[View]
74156282A'postrop'hes ma'ke wo'rds more MAG'ICKAL'[View]
74153567I'm ran several games in a homebrew world for years now, and have switched, used and changed me…[View]
74159583Systems with Complicated Task Resolution: ...While still using dice. If possible, post how the main …[View]
74155638Do the god of mercy and god of justice ever come into conflict in your setting?[View]
74157878Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Branded Merchandise Edition! >New Preorders: https://www.warha…[View]
74154978Jumpchain CYOA Thread #3843: Home Abduction Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/drive/…[View]
74149680How would you show to your players that they live in a totalitarian society without it seeming force…[View]
74140842Work in Progress General /WIP/: An edition. >WIP Condensed OP Pastebin https://pastebin.com/PhETa…[View]
74149794What is advanced Culture: What would you consider and advanced Culture, advanced civilization, or co…[View]
74128403/tg/, I come to you in a time of great need. I'm looking for a system that can run high-stakes …[View]
74152364/edhg/ EDH/Commander General: OG Edition RESOURCES >'Official' Site: Contains deck building guide…[View]
74157161What is immigration and emigration like in your setting? Humans are pretty shitty to each other, so …[View]
74155590Apotheosis: Assuming a human ascended to minor godhood (or even something approaching an angel/demon…[View]
74155119How would heresiarchs infiltrate religious orders and convince people to join their fifth column? Ge…[View]
74101359Ninjas: Your thoughts on the Japanese assassins of old, /tg/?[View]
74156817Starting DnD: Hey /tg/, me and my friends are starting a campaign of DnD on thursday. Is there anyth…[View]
74130318/SWG/ Star Wars General: Shadows of the Empire Edition Previous Thread >>74101621 Fantasy Fli…[View]
74144000Why is cthulhu much scarier when set in the Cold War eastern bloc ? The element of fear dread and is…[View]
74138807Character art thread: New Thread >>74107857[View]
74155118Character Art Thread.: Last thread ended with a bang of Bozozoku and wasp waists. Previous Thread …[View]
74153265'You wanna be murder hobos? We'll play monster hunter edition D&D': >What weapon main di…[View]
74147286Party romance in RPGs: >playin some dnd >everything normal at first >two players think thei…[View]
74113348/tg/ - Drawthread: >>>GUIDELINES<<< >Everybody: Don't critique others…[View]
74150225post weird-ass monsters: the party will visit the world's shared subconciousness soon. i need a…[View]
74150739Anons please explain to me how office politics work I will be in a game soon about an assassin'…[View]
74152970What /tg/ thinks about the Brazilian Campaign Setting Tormenta? It's getting 20 Years old.[View]
74151895Is it possible to achieve godhood in your setting?[View]
74075128Privateer Press General: Warmahordes, Warcaster, MonPoc, and any other PP related games: Updated lin…[View]
74149919No one likes 'Guess what the GM is thinking' games. They're the worst kind of riddles, built n…[View]
74116389Savage Worlds: I want to give it a try but I looked on the trove and it has a ridiculous amount of b…[View]
74154002Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Master of the Forge edition. >New Preorders: https://www.warha…[View]
74147549Your party is advancing towards the capital of the Evil Empire.: However, the Evil Overlord have sen…[View]
74139677What kind of toilets are used in your setting and what is the etiquette for using them like?[View]
74137268>Play VtM. >Just want to study, screw college-aged kine, and enjoy unlife instead of getting i…[View]
74150211/cyoag/ - Choose Your Own Adventure General: Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vr…[View]
74154335ITT: /tg/ core music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sa21WPH4_U4[View]
74072933>The Dominator >The Master >Soulcatcher >Stormbringer >Whisper >Bonebreaker >Th…[View]
74120636This is your DnD party. How well do they do (in hell) ?[View]
74112355PLAY NEW BLOOD BOWL 2020!!! https://m.imgur.com/a/X95RNmk LEAKS[View]
74135892The KKK aesthetic is underrated: I saw it in Re:Zero and nowhere else. The KKK, gas a rad aesthetic …[View]
74142936Are Custodes related to a primarch, or are they unrelated to space marines? Why not just make thousa…[View]
74150808Games like Dorohedoro?: Question! Are there any games that are similar in tone and setting to the Do…[View]
74152930the correct way to play artificer >take human variant and take the sharpshooter feat >take st…[View]
74154133I have a player in 5e dnd who’s cleric worships a god of Chaos. He reached level 5 and I want a home…[View]
74079447/gwsg/ A thread for talking about and discovering GW’s other games: General for GW games that aren…[View]
74092398/STG/ - Star Trek General: Deep Space Rednecks Edition Previous Thread: >>73995646 A thread fo…[View]
74142579wat do: >local merchant wants you to bring his daughter back from a dragon ($$$) >turns out, t…[View]
74156713Where is a good place for ERP if you’re too antisocial for the LFG Discords?[View]
74148744How do you handle a villain that works mostly alone and in the shadows?[View]
74153665Why is some random psyker equal in power to four gods made up of the psychic energy of quintillions …[View]
74076834/40krpg/ - Warhammer 40k RPG General: Soundcloud Titans edition >Wrath & Glory Revised Releas…[View]
74148446Trap thread: Quick! I need traps that aren't set by agents but are naturally occurring in an ur…[View]
74126139Habitats: What kinds of habitats will exist in the future? How will space people manage themselves, …[View]
74145048The DM finally agrees to let you run the Deus Vulting, HFY demihuman extermination campaign you…[View]
74151205Are all fantasy settings ripoffs of lord of the rings?[View]
74143431/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: Lost Dragons Edition >UA: Feats 2020 https://…[View]
74152574Anyone ever done a drug smuggling/criminal type campaign?[View]
74148399>Writes some of the best lore 40k has ever gotten >Better writers then most “seasoned” black …[View]
74145102Fellas is it wrong to share pdfs?: More specifically is it something you can actually get in trouble…[View]
74149925Warhammer 40000 General /40kg/: A propa' scrap edition >New Preorders: https://www.warhammer…[View]
74139733Every empire needs its hordes of cheap labor to maintain civilization, but the way this labor is obt…[View]
74117708/osrg/ — Old School Renaissance General: Welcome to the Old School Renaissance General, the thread d…[View]
74127648Is there any legit, professionally-written setting or story where industrial technology fights magic…[View]
74115947/chess/ - Chess General: >Biggest sites for free online playing https://lichess.org/ https://www.…[View]
74148832Would crossing 40k with Sigmar figures work? It feels like an interesting idea that could probably f…[View]
74145289/edhg/ - Elder Dragon Highlander/Commander General: Comfy edition Previously: >>74128768 RESOU…[View]
74132561Wanting to run a game in the Halo Universe for my group. One of the rare bunch of fuckers that are i…[View]
74150969I don't need Games workshop or warhammer anymore[View]
74079412Gloria-Etalia #2 - Worldbuilding needs to go on!: What is Gloria-Etalia? It is a setting which sprun…[View]
74146082Tell me about those players that managed to turn the tide of battle with wits and improvisation in c…[View]
74145837What's the Alpha Legion doing in the Vigilus era?: Now I know that the Alpha Legion fluff is th…[View]
74150240How resistant is an armored man (that is, gambeson, chain mail, etc.) to stoning. Supposing that one…[View]
74144485Best Lawful Good race: For the record, I am fully aware that alignments are stupid, the subject titl…[View]
74144124Jumpchain CYOA Thread #3842: Resurrected Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/drive/fol…[View]
74147518/aosg/ Age of Sigmar General: FEC warcry soon! edition Old thread: >>74135182 >Official AoS…[View]
74149218I want to create my own lore, rules, and sell the mostly text .pdf online. How feasible is this? Any…[View]
74142710/cyoag/ - Choose Your Own Adventure General: Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vr…[View]
74142485Why do Fairies, Pixies, Sprites have gross insect wings?[View]
74142951Why did they remove Implosion from 5e D&D?[View]
74129230Forts, Fortresses, and Castles: A thread dedicated to posting cool defenses and fortifications. Post…[View]
74126380What do you do when you have one player who only wants to play AD&D (or earlier), one player who…[View]
74142653So why don't Space Marine chapters just raise recruits from birth to become Space Marines? I kn…[View]
74132428Women fighting dragons: Hello, my fellow degenerates. I would like to start a thread for images of …[View]
74119922Just quit a campaign I've been in for 6 months because I'm a depressed piece of shit and I…[View]
74146391Is Dragons Dogma a good setting for a tabletop campaign?[View]
74144770Lord of the Rings narrative campaign: Was there ever an oficially licensed, expansive narrative camp…[View]
74144101Do lore notes work?: I'm pondering the idea of having lore notes throughout my campaign, that c…[View]
74148172Solo DnD: You guys ever solo games? It's like writing but with randomness and your protagonists…[View]
74127723Hypothetically bad luck: How would your favourite system cope with a hypothetically unlucky player t…[View]
74140223You think all cave men just run around in loin cloths stabbing sorcerers? I work at a investment fir…[View]
74098437Board Games General /bgg/: Welcome to the 'Dead Men play no coops' edition of /bgg/ Link to the worl…[View]
74123130Go: It seems like Go has almost no presence in the west. What's the best place to play and lear…[View]
74146609a strange mood has come over me and i now feel the desire for a, no two nausica esque science fantas…[View]
74145928Silly quick question for the sake of fluffing a Deathwatch character: is Inwit considered a feral wo…[View]
74134003In a world full of might, magic, and horrific monsters lurking in every corner how does the average …[View]
74147421Weapons: One- hand or two-hand weapons?[View]
74144820Warhammer underworlds online: Hahahahaha. What a fucking failure. Reminder folks. This is why they a…[View]
74147480Worst group thread: >be me : DM >be not me : party of three composed with > a normal peep :…[View]
74141605>he doesn't make his Humans a Lawful Evil race in his setting Though individual exceptions e…[View]
74146144Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/: Shovel Edition >Previous Thread >>74143578 >New Preorde…[View]
74124250IIT: We make NPCs to populate a Super Hero High School. And build a generic super hero setting. The …[View]
74136323Hey, all of you tuning in! Welcome back to den of Syzdothyx! Today the folks of the ExtraPlaner(ExP)…[View]
74142704Super serious Sci-fi setting thread: How do doors in your setting work? Do they slide open with the …[View]
74135976What's a good cover story for a ninja to join a PC party, given that she doesn't want them…[View]
74130117do you ever set your campaigns in sub Saharan Africa? I did once it was quite noice really[View]
74146616I don't like when gods are directly involved in a setting, I feel like it demystifies it by a s…[View]
74143201So which version of 40k is the best aesthetically/ or which artists do you think capture the tone of…[View]
74085211/bushi/ - Bushiroad Card Games General: Bushiroad Cardgames General #187 Angelic pits edition Beginn…[View]
74139778Spelljammer Cosmologies: So I was reading up on spelljammer and the whole thing about crystal sphere…[View]
74131479The absolute state: Of 2019-2020 MTG Thoughts? Can someone put a sign in front of WotC telling them …[View]
74129596Eastern Fantasy: Hey ya'll. I was gonna start mocking up an asia inspired fantasy setting. Been…[View]
74143282Near future Black ops/Mercenary/Tacticool Stuff: Anyone know any settings/ttrpgs/wargames that use a…[View]
74128169Order of the Stick (OOTS)[View]
74137345What music do you listen to while playing RuneQuest? Also, RuneQuest/Chaosium games thread, I guess[View]
74135182AGE OF SIGMAR GENERAL /aosg/: Supreme winner edition Old thread: >>74118541 >Official AoS w…[View]
74139125ITT: Describe the last character you played as in a single mage.[View]
74134660Horror is not possible in a group /tg/ enviroment and I wish people would stop trying. It's jus…[View]
74143578Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/: Grey Edition >Previous Thread >>74139687 >New Preorders…[View]
74137601Choose your fighter![View]
74134777/gdg/ - Game Design General: The thread for game designers of all /tg/ varieties. This is not a plac…[View]
74141680world building general /wbg/: 'I ain't got time for no games, I'm too busy world building!…[View]
74133147/mmg/ - Magic Mourning General: Fuck Magic[View]
74090928Ok boomer.[View]
741325803rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons General: Previous Thread >>74076371 A general thread for th…[View]
74128637Campaign Maps: A few days ago I started a thread to get some advice on improving my campaign map. I …[View]
74143862Anyone wanna be part of a casual YGO league on ygopro? The only rule in place would be that the curr…[View]
74128768/edhg/ - EDH/Commander General: Saruomnath of Many Colors Edition Previously: >>74119783 R…[View]
74123868/HHG/ & /ATG/ Horus Heresy and Adeptus Titanicus General: It’s called Titanicus not Knightcuckus…[View]
74140992Fucking badass. Most I've ever done is come up with a soundtrack.[View]
74113712Paizo Games General /pgg/: Paizo Games General /pgg/ >>>IF YOU ARE ASKING A QUESTION, PLEAS…[View]
74135371Best Card Art: Hey - so I'm trying to gather together examples of some of either the coolest ca…[View]
74142099Unlike Chess, which has come about in its current form through years of refinement and rule changes,…[View]
74135240>Unconventional services advertised by eccentric inn-keepers[View]
74112247Who's the bigger fuckup?[View]
74137795thought most have forgotten it, 1950s /tg/ was also invaded by pod cast drones[View]
74138749/cyoag/ - Choose Your Own Adventure General: Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vr…[View]
74128582> The PC's are allowed and encouraged to divert from stereotypes, derail the plot and abuse …[View]
74135778/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: Afflicted Edition >UA: Feats 2020 https://med…[View]
74129531>my character is a drug addict Would you allow it?[View]
74141860Ur: Hey fellas, what do you think of the Royal Game of Ur? I know a lot of people have stopped playi…[View]
74133336Pres F for fuckin finally[View]
74129051Hurts more every time I read it.[View]
74107857Character art thread[View]
74115225New Weird thread: Over the Edge, Unknown Armies, Night Vale, etc. appropriate music: https://www.you…[View]
74141731So I want to host a Fallout themed TTRPG campaign for my friends, and so I looked for one to use. I …[View]
74136404Learning Warhammer: I want to learn a tabletop miniature game but I'm really not sure where to …[View]
74139687/40kg/ Warhammer 40,000 General: Chaos Edition! >Previous Thread >>74136732 >New Preorde…[View]
74133647ITT: Post your best pre-boss fight edgy antagonist one-liners: >'You're a carcass, waiting t…[View]
74022287/TravGen/ Traveller General: Traveller is a classic science fiction system first released in 1977. I…[View]
74115055Of these four, who was the absolute worst non-Black Library Warhammer lore authorr?[View]
74126600Is this Isekai[View]
74135241Jumpchain CYOA Thread #3841: Foxfus Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/drive/folders/…[View]
73977871/supers/ General: For all talk about superhero games. Talk existing settings or your own, existing h…[View]
74123602Is Don Quixote a paladin?[View]
74134585What's a good way to play an obedient servant or slave to an aristocrat without seeming like a …[View]
74122765Anyone in a good Play-by-post game? Pic unrelated.[View]
74139283Stories: it’s been a bit give me y’all best dnd stories from awsome to stupid[View]
74137020>in me local GW >some young lad (probably a pooftah) walks in, all proper like >'e …[View]
74125606SCP Tabletop?: I am curious to see what kind of game you could make out of the SCP universe. Locatin…[View]
74139608Scholomance Revival: I want to revive scholomance with a little rewrite of the rules. I just edited …[View]
74122322>DM: 'Hey guys, I've been watching Skallagrim, Shadiversity, and Lindybeige lately. I'd…[View]
74138073Help me out /tg/, I need some kind of kick, some inspiration to run something. Anything at all. My g…[View]
74132286Simulating an Ecosystem: So I'm creating an area that is essentially a giant ruined city that h…[View]
74083219How would a society function if there was a 30/70 split between men and women? My PC used his vast r…[View]
74138600Neverwinter Nights: The time of golden age is long past us, but let us cherish this gay time. Best m…[View]
74138300sup /tg/: whats a good amount of gonzo for monsters?[View]
74133890Which is the better magic system: >Magic can be learned and used by anyone who puts in the time a…[View]
74136732/40kg/ - Warhammer 40,000 General: Tau supremacy edition >New Preorders: https://www.warhammer-co…[View]
74130947/cyoag/ - Choose Your Own Adventure General: Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vr…[View]
74134338Annotations: I feel like these really became a lost /co/ art. I remember Seven Solders, FInal Crisis…[View]
74083157/btg/ - BattleTech General: The /btg/ is dead - long live the /btg/! Proud Republican edition Last t…[View]
74066669/srg/ - Shadowrun General: ...Identity Spoofed ...Encryption Keys Generated ...Connected to Onion Ro…[View]
74125560Why would the Necrons of all people be ruled over by “Dynasties”? They don’t reproduce, so they?[View]
74129263>the dragon doesn't look fearsome at all >in fact it has a constant dumb, bewildered expr…[View]
74128941>'yeah its ok if you play a female character, whatever dude' >entire party immediately presses…[View]
74135296I wanna play D&D but I don't know how to play and have no friends.[View]
74129924Do you just put things into your game because you think it's cool/interesting/etc or do you try…[View]
74123850A noble djinni grants your character a wish, but then corrupts the wish. Do you complain to the DM?[View]
74131920anyone know what that skeleton hand thurible looking thing is for?[View]
74130329>that guy this >that guy that >tell us about that guys >but what about that guy? >cri…[View]
74096441A giant forged for himself a sword of envy, I killed him in his sleep and took it.[View]
74121146Work in Progress General /WIP/: Did I do it right edition >WIP Condensed OP Pastebin https://past…[View]
74118505>Seemingly harmless secretary is an assassin What are some subtle hints that I can present to my …[View]
74132678Literally why would you be retarded enough to buy this (and the inevitable Spike! Magazines to updat…[View]
74126247>Your space-trucker party is forced to land their ship on a long-abandoned desert planet way out …[View]
74128183EDH - /edh/ - Commander General: EDH - /edh/ - Commander General Previously: >>74119783 RESOUR…[View]
74110630Player Greenflags: >player actually reads the rulebook before starting a new system…[View]
74128575/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition: Sexy Monster Edition >UA: Feats 2020 https://media.wi…[View]
74133498Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Recasters get what they fucking deserve edition >New Preorders…[View]
74128688so was the horus heresy basicly a galaxy wide wrestlemania ?[View]
74123024Do you ever introduce smaller games in your campaigns? Do you actually play them with your friends d…[View]
74131359I'm thinking about getting into tabletop BFG: How do I start? Should I know about anything befo…[View]
74113183/wfg/ - Warhammer fantasy general: Biggest bitch edition. Resources (Rules, Lore and Warhammer Fanta…[View]
74045085Our GM has a fetish for big booty Dark Elves. What do?[View]
74102969boo hoo nobody plays anything but DnD: >Hey guys wanna try [other game]? >Yeah, okay, sure. Is…[View]
74125552One-Page/Ultra-Light RPGs: Post 'em. 'Official', your shitty homebrew, doesn't matter, jus…[View]
74132994You're a male warrior who needs to get up there. Your male friend can fly. How can he carry you…[View]
74132095The absolute state of Magic: the Gathering >Be me, watching youtube videos about castles >MtG …[View]
74130115Fun tabletop stories: Give me your funniest tabletop stories. I’ll start. >Be me >Be a high sc…[View]
74086614/ygo/ - Yu-Gi-Oh! General: Yu-Gi-Oh! General #189: Best Ritual monster Edition Previous thread: >…[View]
74110633What's the best Skirmish scale game currently on the market? I'm looking for something low…[View]
74114609What would be the best the system to run a lost world like game?[View]
74133232'Humanoid version of animal X' should never be the defining trait of a fictional race.[View]
74130646so is it true that someone with proper augmentations in the adeptus mechanicus can plug their mind i…[View]
74109646>'help help! he's trying to kill me!' >a beautiful half naked woman runs screaming from t…[View]
74117922How to introduce guns to medieval not-Europe: Congratulations, you got isekai'd to not Europe d…[View]
74123060/mmg/ - Magic Mourning General: Fuck Magic[View]
74129980Does your character have any charm points?[View]
74118875What's more edgy and cringy in a setting based on Christianity, making Lucifer and the demons t…[View]
74100589Kekiest 40k Tabletop Moment You've Witnessed?: Exactly what the title says.[View]
74118541AGE OF SIGMAR GENERAL /aosg/: Lizards Edition Old thread: >>74111293 >Official AoS website…[View]
74045353/acg/ - Alternative Card Games General #38: Boring Card Backs Edition Here is a thread to discuss tr…[View]
74125555So, /tg/: Mirror Image vs. Fireball AND Mirror Image vs. Charm Person How do you, as a DM, deal with…[View]
74124071Mind Control: After some time playing DnD or PF all of the players, and PCs, should know mind contro…[View]
74109109So i've been looking for a group to play tabletop rpg type games online. And I've found a …[View]
74129445Eldrich or Arkham, which is the superior game? Also are any of the expansions good for these games[View]
74117467Game Killer: Stoners are the absolute worst group to GM for.[View]
74125647Jumpchain CYOA Thread #3840: the mistake often about Kiyo vs Kijyo Edition: >Google Drive http://…[View]
74129196First time DMing .5e, party of 3 level PCs. I want them to meet a magic item vendor. How can I find …[View]
74129448Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Greatest Rivalry Edition >New Preorders: https://www.warhammer…[View]
74129798What does the average Khornate cultist do in their free time?[View]
74120522/cyoag/ - Choose Your Own Adventure General: Archives & Other Resources: https://pastebin.com/vr…[View]
74062783FFG general thread: Fantasy Flight Games is announcing a ton of new games right now so lets have a t…[View]
74048841Infinity General: Huang Di Forever Edition: Infinity is a 28mm scale Sci-Fi Skirmish game by Corvus …[View]
74013200/GURPSGEN/ - GURPS General: GURPS is a universal system with a wide arrange of options and excellent…[View]
74101621/swg/ Star Wars General: Order 69 edition. Previous Thread >>74080519 Fantasy Flight Games’ X-…[View]
74122302Should the GM give players information about how the player's efforts have worked against the e…[View]
74093882How do you roleplay a tiefling without seeming like a huge faggot?[View]
74122536>Setting based heavily on Greek/Roman mythology. >A highly respected Emperor somehow gets his …[View]
74113965*music stops*: >While dallying in the Vampire Society's soirée to discuss a treaty to exterm…[View]
73977124Multicolored edition. >To make cards, download MSE for free from here: http://magicseteditor.boar…[View]
74091219Kaiserreich is a good setting for TT.[View]
74126978Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Hungry Edition >New Preorders: https://www.warhammer-community…[View]
74117180/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: Sunday School Edition >UA: Feats 2020 https:/…[View]
74119783/edhg/ - EDH / Commander General: Tragic Slip Edition Previously: >>74114789 RESOURCES >'Of…[View]
74115156Besides yetis, what are some other cool (heh) encounters for a snowy forest terrain?[View]
74119666Positive qualities of this system: >provides mechanical incentives for roleplay >provides a fr…[View]
74125418What if we fed a Hobbit to the Wargs to distract them?: No Lord of the Rings General. I'm think…[View]
74125945> this is your party for tonight's session[View]
74125384In a setting where gods are a quantifiable force on the world, wouldn't religion not exist? Why…[View]
74127076I\m the DM, my party is entering a tavern in the style of Smoldering Corpse Bar or the Cantina from …[View]
74108824What kinds of names should kobolds have?[View]
74123604What are some stereotypes about TTRPG's you've never experienced? I've legitimately n…[View]
74120418What does the Jericho Reach look like post Cadia?[View]
74116532Everybody knows that alignments are retarded, but how should Paladins operate in a D&D without a…[View]
74126346Originality: How original does a character need to be to be good? I haven't played a game in a …[View]
74123501In a pantheon do the gods need to have specific roles, or can their domains be more blurry and gener…[View]
74125801The O9A Satanic Star Game: Does anyone know how to play the Star Game created by the Satanic group O…[View]
74109372realistically, besides being guarding high ranking member of the aristocracy (like a queen or a prin…[View]
74119275How would he fare in the WH40k universe?[View]
74115708Uses for d1000: Are there any good games out there that use a lot of thousand-sided dice?[View]
74125145BANG. The party's paladin instantly drops dead. A massive hole has been blown through his encha…[View]
74108799Adventure Ideas and Module Discussion General: My first attempt at a general discussion thread and I…[View]
74125435Answer a few questions for my homebrew?: >How many hits should an enemy take before they die? For…[View]
74105697How do you do steampunk well?[View]
74104331ITT: Ideas that would piss off as many people as possible: >only playable races are Planetouched …[View]
74121204>game has paladins >they aren't knights dedicated to taking the whole of western europe a…[View]
74125816False Machine: So i'm a great fan of Veins of the Earth and Patrick Stuart's stuff. Perhap…[View]
74124996What exactly is the difference between a Lawful Neutral and Lawful Evil ruler? From what I can tell …[View]
74124920>The god of bigness blesses certain champions to carry out his will What happens?…[View]
74122934What does each soda correspond to?: >Inexplicably preserved soda cans are semi-rare artifacts tha…[View]
74094887/exg/ - Exalted General: What is Exalted? An epic high-flying role-playing game about reborn god-her…[View]
74122053This book is so shitty and boring. This and the Tiamat books were kinda bad.[View]
74121760So has anyone here ACTUALLY PLAYED FATAL? Everyone seems to have an opinion on it but it also seems …[View]
74105994KHORNE here ama.[View]
74123485Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Starter sets always have marines edition >New preorders next w…[View]
74122018Best System for a Mass Effect Game?: I personally concluded that a system along the lines of a 4e D…[View]
74120455Am i on the railroad?: So I'm playing in a campaign right now (literally right now as I speak) …[View]
74062320Previous thread >>74017575 >Pastebin https://pastebin.com/WiCHizn0 >Mediafire http://med…[View]
74073919any good rpg play throughs?: it's not the most telegenic activity, sure. But if you throw enoug…[View]
74099890How do you make unsympathetic villains who are still compelling?[View]
74113630Super Hero High School 3: continuation of previous threads here: >>74085209 Feel free to add …[View]
74114488Which sci fi setting is the worst to be in if you're an average human soldier?[View]
74090802/hhg/ & /atg/ Horus Heresy & Adeptus Titanicus General: Trying again because i brutally fuck…[View]
74114711Is eBay good to buy 40K miniatures? I want to play again but I suck balls at painting.[View]
74105772what differentiates a good dragon from a bad dragon?[View]

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