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67269721Fantastic Elements: In this thread we post cool things that you can sprinkle around your setting to …[View]
67276696/awg/ - Alternate Wargames General: >What is /awg/? A thread to talk about minis and games which …[View]
67273548its out https://www.yugioh-card.com/uk/gameplay/detail.php?id=1155[View]
67272648Misadventures of Happy Ending Prime pt. 2: >Be me >Be PDF General of the Happy Ending Prime …[View]
67275585Warcraft lore, theory and world discussion /WoWL/: Convenient mojo limits edition Previous: >>…[View]
67268497Jumpchain CYOA Thread #3063: Holding Hands Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/drive/f…[View]
67272210Forget complex plots by shapeshifters and ancient beings like dragons or gods. How would you campaig…[View]
6726637710/10 greentext thread: Starting it off with /tg/'s favorite character, Ami Only perfect greent…[View]
67274619How do I stop treating my games like a CYOA novel? I keep shooting myself in the foot by trying to s…[View]
67270822>You are greeted by a weary traveller. >He is very cold. >It is dangerous outside, and he…[View]
67227666Pathfinder General /pfg/: Pathfinder General /pfg/ What's the best class and why is it bard? /p…[View]
67275294/tg/ I had a dream for a setting and really want to run it now. There was this huge ruined tower and…[View]
67154941Malifaux: how many fuckin games now? edition: >Malifaux the Skirmish game: https://www.wyrd-games…[View]
67274149That Guy Thread: I’ve been DMing for a while but haven’t done many lgs games before. I’ve been worki…[View]
67272181Is it possible to travel from your setting to our world/timeline/universe?[View]
67274703Gen Con 2019 Expectations: Who has been to Gen Con? I'm going to the upcoming one with some fri…[View]
67273245CHESS GENERAL: Favorite openings? Highest rating? Favorite player?[View]
67274283Joining my first ever D&D campaign tomorrow. The campaign is partway through so I need to roll a…[View]
67257141/CofD/&/WoDG/ Chronicles of Darkness and World of Darkness General: >Previous Thread >>…[View]
67272902Sooo, it's Bloodborne?[View]
67273728Your job is to fix tieflings. Core premise: 2e tieflings > 3e tieflings > Pathfinder tieflings…[View]
67269086Queen Khalida: BRING ME NEFERATA'S HEAD![View]
67270967A modern tech-level, but no chemical explosives. No gunpowder, no artillery, no conventional bombs. …[View]
67272414Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: How about we stay on topic? edition Old: >>67268703 >Offici…[View]
67273957Dragon Age RPG: Is the published one any good? Just been reminiscing about Origins, back when there …[View]
67272026Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Hide yo loot, Hide yo relics, because the Blood Ravens are coming…[View]
67222189ITT: Character Dialogue: Previous thread: >>67107920 >We had a fun 5eg thread the other da…[View]
67273623Pitch: The party is a group of FBI agents acting jointly with the Commissioner of Internal Revenue i…[View]
67268360So I'm looking for GM/System advice I want to run a game set in the Zelda setting about a small…[View]
67268494Is there any setting more unnecessarily Grimdark than the 1920's-40's in Eastern Europe? I…[View]
67268141Love and Krieg: Does anyone has a complete collection of Love and Krieg stories? It has been mention…[View]
67263716Pathologic 2 Themed GURPS/D&D: I was thinking of getting back into being a Game Master. I had a …[View]
67237789What would WH40K look like if it were a bog-standard anime world? Bonus points if you get isekai…[View]
67266702Bug People Lore Thread: Yep, one of those species lore discussion threads. What are the bug-dudes li…[View]
67264761Tieflings >Started off as 4th generation and further fiend spawn and could have all sorts of muta…[View]
67272434Drawfag Masters: How many we got that draw and DM? My party enjoys seeing random characters from the…[View]
67247614Why are axes so underused in tabletop? The beserker is the only really 'mainstream' interpretation o…[View]
67267333I want to play a game where all the players are Great Old Ones. I want to roleplay the great celesti…[View]
67272939In Iron Kingdoms I like people in blue.[View]
67230644>Captain's log, stardate 8404.1. >To further cooperation between our cultures, the Federa…[View]
67272772Saurons tax policy: How does the big bads kingdom function? The more we know, the more options you h…[View]
67168083/awg/ - Alternate Wargames General: >What is /awg/? A thread to talk about minis and games which …[View]
67269647Unique Undead Ideas: Heya /tg/, I'm running a 5e campaign, and I'm trying to come up with …[View]
67272626your char fightbrain flurry fur fur fur[View]
67271717Dealing with Burnout: So what do you do when you consistently roll like absolute shit for so long th…[View]
67265805>complains about medieval fantasy with crops like coffee and potatoes as being 'unrealistic' >…[View]
67115930/ccg/ Custom Card General /cct/: Uncommon, multicolor, Limited archetype signposts edition! (Design …[View]
67239548WIP - Work In Progress General: Work in Progress, S-s-s-saturday Edition >Citadel Contrast Paints…[View]
67267194Apocalypse General /apocg/: >Official Apoc website https://warhammer40000.com/apocalypse/ lets go…[View]
67225195So a lot of people on here complain about the characters that their players make. What would the per…[View]
6727212113e: why haven't you played 13e?[View]
67268039What 40K Faction/Race Best Represents 4Chan?: Personally I'm stuck between either the Eldar, fo…[View]
67271610Has anyone here played Rolemaster? My dad owns a lot of the books but I've never heard of anyon…[View]
67243873Would a game about playing as wehrbauer in an alt history scenario be fun?[View]
67272004Adventure Quizzes: >Welcome all, Grunty’s the name >Let’s see how much you remember from your…[View]
67265243If the Emperor finally croaks, will he become a warp deity of Order, empowered by over 10,000 years …[View]
67271351Do you have any house rules with interesting (or uninteresting) stories behind them? Or do you just …[View]
67252809D&D 5e, Hand of Vecna: So, my Level three NG High Elf Investigator rogue went on a quest with hi…[View]
67268991>due to a change in the fashion, this month all the trend-chasing rich people of the kingdom have…[View]
67244542/osrg/ - Old School Renaissance General: Welcome to Old School Renaissance General, the thread dedic…[View]
67271424How would you go about running a game where the players are essentially classic FPS protagonists?[View]
67256647My liege! The neighbouring duchy has build a wizarding tower taller than our own! This can not stand…[View]
67268703Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: Musicians appreciation thread - edition Old: >>67261507 >Of…[View]
67270420Best adventures you (or your players) ever had on a mountain?[View]
67268861Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Order of the Ebin Phallus Edition >SoB Bulletin: https://www.w…[View]
67252873>What's your religion? >I don't know, I guess I'm kinda agnost- >No, I mean …[View]
67268195Did I pull a that guy move?: Okay, /tg/. I accidentally just caused our entire group to have to make…[View]
67257907So now that we've seen all the warbands which is your favorite and why?[View]
67270409Warforged Paladins: An idea just occurred to me, may shelf it for future worldbuilding stuff for a h…[View]
67232490Continued from >>67213231 Noblewoman Duels; the origins of their feuds, the rules of engagemen…[View]
67270419Is there a better system than Mage or Unknown Armies for doing modern day magic/paranormal crime sol…[View]
67269748I'm running a D&D game for some young guys, all brothers/cousins age 11-16. They concluded …[View]
67257549what are some traits of humanity as a species i could exploit? particularly flaws? i'm having t…[View]
67260222>Imperial characters are honorable bros >Chaos characters are vicious unlikable shits >stro…[View]
67269802Games with Quick Combat: My group is finishing up our DnD 5e campaign in a few weeks and we're …[View]
67226303GW leaks: >40k is getting rebooted. >Its End Times is called 'Dark Imperium', not d…[View]
67265083Three religions of your setting: Tell me about >a monolatrist religion >a polylatrist religion…[View]
67246264>Guise lovecraft is still scary right? >ur so small in bigb universe! >very insignificant …[View]
67269863Underrated but FUN: Have you ever played in a legacy campaign? What's your fav legacy weapon?…[View]
67252070>adventurers actually live in constructed, isolated settings >the reason dungeons and monsters…[View]
67247450Has anyone ever made a Redwall RPG? I really wish I could play a game.[View]
67267188Buying magic singles online: How the heck do i do it? What is definitive site for it? What sites do …[View]
67267200Wuxia A genre of Chinese fiction concerning the adventures of martial artists in ancient China We al…[View]
67261831What is a game, system or setting that captures the feeling of kids going on adventures or facing su…[View]
67262969Custom magic cards thread[View]
67235901PDF Share Thread: It's Da PDF Share Thread! Get ready to stuff your hard drive like a cosplay h…[View]
67268014Monster of the week: Any tips on running this for the first time? Our old roleplay group from uni is…[View]
67268635Each and every creature in Faerun, that was ever resurrected/had its life extended is starting to sl…[View]
67257097Has the real treasure ever been the friendships you made along the way?[View]
67264137Okay so I’m trying to run a rules light-ish horror campaign in Soviet era Russia around the 1970s an…[View]
67255869Pauper Magic General: Here, we discuss Magic how it is meant to be played: jankily. Pauper is an al…[View]
67264082Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/: More 40k animations please Edition >SoB Bulletin: https://www.wa…[View]
67241899If sorcery uses charisma, does that mean that sorceresses are super hot?[View]
67265688so goblin guide is nearly unplayable because it generates card advantage for your opponent that…[View]
67265139This is how I play my goblin. Strong, cunning, and greedy.[View]
67263410Hey /tg/, I really love the look of the Death Korps and wanted to build an army of them for 8th edit…[View]
67263048Which kind table do you use for gaming? Is it worth getting a poker table or game table? How hard is…[View]
67258360>your game is now set in modern-day Detroit, Michigan What does your party do?…[View]
67240318A little teddy bear aproaches your character saying: >I need...to find MARY! Donyou know where sh…[View]
67261507Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: Glorious Khelt Nar beauties edition Old: >>67257695 >Offici…[View]
67218327/tgesg/ - Weekend Elder Scrolls Lore General: Tabletop/P&P RPGs [UESRPG - P&P RPG] https://d…[View]
67264729EVE PbP?: I won EVE many years ago but never got the chance to fly my favorite ship, the Hel. I also…[View]
67218098/twgg/ TowerGirls CYOA General: Gorgeous Gambler Edition Discussion of the Towergirls CYOA, RPG, Set…[View]
67262415/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: Kobold Edition >Unearthed Arcana: Artificer v…[View]
67267000How would you go about running a game where the players are essentially classic FPS protagonists?[View]
67266895>As if you where in a reverse isekai your party materializes in the prime material realm of Earth…[View]
67255601The PARTY GOD gave your PC the mission to prepare the GREATEST party of the world in 1 month. What …[View]
67264118How would a court magician's spellbook differ from that of your regular adventuring wizard?[View]
67254193Your Reaction Image Folder is Your Deck: What is your starting hand, and what does each card do?…[View]
67201016/STG/ - Star Trek General: Krenim Edition Previous Thread:>>67075785 A thread for discussing…[View]
67264375Spear fighting - Tactics, resources, inspiration.: Hello /tg/. I come here seeking inspiration for d…[View]
67256896What is the best system to play a John Wick campaign ? Btw, do you know any rpg with this kind of se…[View]
67262219Explain how the Nausicaans invented warp travel.[View]
67262305>Move my arm >Get 0.00000000000073 experience points This is how it is. There's no thresh…[View]
67243685Chin Chin appears in your setting! how does your party fare?[View]
67260140I posted this thread yesterday, but I didn't get many good answers, so I'm trying again I…[View]
67260091/edhg/ EDH/Commander General: Nine Fucking Guys Edition Previous Thread: >>67249782 >Offici…[View]
67254447>fictional medieval setting >it doesn't have magic >it's just fictional history o…[View]
67262538Can we assume that high-level wizards change their outer forms at will?[View]
67265478Any of you fa/tg/uys know anything about pokemon formats and tournament legality? The new standard r…[View]
67251569Exalted General - /exg/: >What is Exalted? An epic high-flying role-playing game about reborn god…[View]
67246208Daily reminder that once you go Tiefling, you never go back.[View]
67231130How would the Precure teams fare against the horrors of the 41st millenium?[View]
67264396Long-term dungeon secrets: How should a dungeon be designed if you want PCs to be able to clear some…[View]
67264857The adventures of the sky goblins: Alright so, first off I'm new here so don't shoot, seco…[View]
67262996What's the fantasy version of the United States government?: >Repeatedly ignores or disregar…[View]
67264319>Game features the players as the first humans to visit Mars. >Upon landing they find that the…[View]
67260276Jumpchain CYOA Thread #3062: Folding Space Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/drive/f…[View]
67264246I wanna know about the best parties you guys have been a part of What made them so memorable? Are yo…[View]
67261694>be me >tempest cleric >get into an animal handling battle over an inconsequential bee afte…[View]
67263728Planeswalker Discussion: What would you think of an MTG format like Modern but all Planewalkers were…[View]
67264158/bgg/ Board Games General: Previous Thread: >>67171874 Haste Makes Waste Bin: https://pastebin…[View]
67263987I just bought a box of kabalites. I haven't touched mini since I was in junior high and I'…[View]
67257198>Whips cannot injure armoured foes How do we make whips good considering this significant limitat…[View]
67252336What is your opinion on savage elves?[View]
67262250I'm Painting up some Sons of Malice in Mark III for The Horus Heresy but I want to give some of…[View]
67262303Magical 2 handed swords with ties to the main plot / ancient prophecy. Do you use them often in your…[View]
67256273/cyoag/ - CYOA Your Own Adventure General: 'Lying loli' -edition Previous Thread: >>67241736 /…[View]
67260686Warhammer 40k General /40kg/: Pvt. Linda Edition >SoB Bulletin: https://www.warhammer-community.c…[View]
67254707IG Storytime: Hey, /tg/. It's been a while since I've been here (first time under this nam…[View]
67260595I'm creating a setting of ghostly beings and mediums that channel them, but I'm having tro…[View]
67253559Big Bad Evil Pokemon: So I'm going to be running a game of the Monster of the Week RPG for some…[View]
67248379Modern Magic General /mmg/ mtg:: The OP image is an actual fucking card edition >Metagame overvie…[View]
67262395>this is how I werewolf[View]
67250713You guys don't insert modern elements and concepts into your medieval fantasy settings, do you?[View]
67259996What are some cool games, modules and other shit made by /tg/ anons that I could check out and possi…[View]
67251425Do you like Rubric Elfsluts? I do.[View]
67215290Too many elves: How do you like your elves in your campaign settings? There's like a billion di…[View]
67261809I’m going to write an Isekai story, but with the conceit of a main character being sent to a tableto…[View]
67261261Playing as a female disguised as a male: Anyone ever play a female disguised as a male to everyone i…[View]
67222389You know what I think is a sorely underutilized thing in modern supernatural stuff? Online communiti…[View]
67256623Creating a jrpg setting.: What are some common characteristics jrpg have for their settings/stories?…[View]
67258153Are there grey aliens is your setting? What are they like?[View]
67260342How do I into linguistic worldbuilding???[View]
67259811What's the point of public games?: I get that systems like D&D and Pathfinder want to bring…[View]
67258908Adventure ideas in an Asylum: Looking for some ideas for an adventure in 16/17th century European in…[View]
67258571Hey yall, any tips for me first time DMing? (Don't mind the Pic)[View]
67257818What is your setting's equivalent of the asiatic horde?[View]
67250639Punny places on Earth to take your players: The isle of Lesbos Lake Chad Where else?[View]
67261236/tg/ makes a weird AH setting: Since people are talking about it, and I just played Nufenstein: >…[View]
67234628Post non-traditional Lawful Good characters.[View]
67257838Go to the D&D Wiki Homebrew section, bring something back.[View]
67252189What are some traps to fuck with players?[View]
67235439/srg/ - Shadowrun General: ...Identity Spoofed ...Encryption Keys Generated ...Connected to Onion Ro…[View]
67251821/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: Sunday Prep Edition >Unearthed Arcana: Artifi…[View]
67257695Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: hype over, talk checkens edition Old: >>67253254 >Official …[View]
67257423Your party is traveling through a mighty Kingdom suffering from a great decline. This kingdom was kn…[View]
67260102Can any 40K anons tell me what face 'mask' style this Titan is equipped with? Trying to find one to …[View]
67249782/edhg/ EDH/Commander General: Old Thread's Haunted edition Previous Thread: >>67246533 …[View]
67259555Stat her.[View]
67218101/fcyoag/ Fate CYOA General: War of Fakers - Party (Kill) in the USA Previous Thread >>67168283…[View]
67248143Yu-gi-oh!: This thread is about posting images of YGO monsters.[View]
67251811>ancient evil was in the party all along and nobody realized it[View]
67256825This is how I dwarf. Actualt, I incorporated lots of Enutrof aspects to them[View]
67255672it came from the sky: in ancient days a giant flaming egg made out of jagged obsidian crashed into t…[View]
67255616Come to think of it, does any game not based on D&D actually use level progression? And I don…[View]
67254472Can we have a serious discussion about fox girls? >What makes this race such a magnet for aspies…[View]
67254616>your favourite fantasy race >your favourite sci-fi race >your favourite setting Let's…[View]
67258770Werewolves can just bypass your Shielding spell outright. Since you _can't_ benefit from it, it…[View]
67256769Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Khorne Edition >SoB Bulletin: https://www.warhammer-community.…[View]
67254442>cast explosive runes >cast charm person hey, can you go over there and read this outloud? How…[View]
67242990Who in your setting would win 'Good Boy of the Year'?[View]
67255687How does your charceter celebrate their birthday.[View]
67255293>A small colony of peaceful Illithids has made a town on the surface >They don't mentally…[View]
67258397Hey fa/tg/uys, friend and I are looking through Gloomhaven stuff and we came across this. This pictu…[View]
67244854We know that magic can alter someone's body to their preferred form. In a high magic setting, w…[View]
67251940What went wrong with Modern Horizons?[View]
67245425>BBEG : Big Bad Evil Guy Overly long, neither funny nor direct, and with no inherent meaning in i…[View]
67257477This weird counter/die: I bought a mtg spindown counter set/D&D dice set and I got this weird di…[View]
67202225You're a wizard with access to owlbear-tier magics capable of combining animals in order to cre…[View]
67257372Scion Thread?: Let’s remake Scion from the ground up. Also, how do I adapt FATE to it? I was thinkin…[View]
67254715For a warlock, what is an example of a 'good' entity you can make a pact with? What will said pact e…[View]
67256945/cofd/ + /wodg/: World of Darkness and Chronicles of Darkness General Mage Supremacy![View]
67254814Food Chain Magnate PNP Request: Hey guys, does anyone have the PNP for Food Chain Magnate? Much appr…[View]
67256696Pretty or aesthetic card designs and formats: I'll start[View]
67256912Desert Dwellers: Running a campaign set in the desert soon . Need more desert folk. Egyptian, Arabia…[View]
67253053/CofD/&/WoDG/ Chronicles of Darkness and World of Darkness General: >Previous Thread >>…[View]
67191532>half ork humans in Warhammer40k Yes or Yesss?[View]
67245144What are some good 'natural' traps and puzzles you can put in a dungeon that is basically a great ma…[View]
67250427Jumpchain CYOA Thread #3061: Jump Spam Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/drive/folde…[View]
67252577What would be the best first purchase for someone looking to get into legacy/casual MTG while playin…[View]
67255772Interesting Areas and Hooks: What interesting, plot hooks, or areas do you introduce to your games t…[View]
67256427What sort of inspiration do you seek out /tg/ when writing a campaign or making characters?[View]
67254315World Building: How do you think weapons and armor would have evolved without gunpowder? I'm th…[View]
67254735Riddles of a mad sphinx: Hi /tg/ In the dnd campaign I'm running the players are about to encou…[View]
67249724What is the proper punishment for this action?[View]
67253254Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: throwing anus edition colleges of Nochseed sub-edition Old: >>…[View]
67171874/bgg/ Board Games General: Previous Thead: >>67053441 Based Pastes: https://pastebin.com/h8Tz2…[View]
67241545/swg/ Star Wars General: Redditors are Retards Edition Previous >>67217538 Fantasy Flight Game…[View]
67242405Your character's foxgirl waifu turns out to be a huldra instead.[View]
67251545locate unlisted youtoube videos: All, I am looking for some missing, possibly unlisted video links f…[View]
67251444An antagonist has just invented a proto-computer. It is the most advanced machine of its type in the…[View]
67252609>Be me >Be guardsman >Be on Somalius Tertius >Be from Poorass 7th regiment >Sold our …[View]
67252166You're DM and THIS happens: What do?: Just give a scenario where you must decide what to do as …[View]
67254959What if Shadar-Kai were replaced with Twilii? They've got basically the same backstory, after a…[View]
67250696What fantasy setting is most suitable for Carl Schmitt's observations?: Note that 'man' in this…[View]
67248471>be me >starting a new d&d5e campaign soon >haven't done tabletop in a good while,…[View]
67252629Main Antagonist Character tropes you love: >The MAC is really evil and scary, but his henchmen ar…[View]
67246637People often say that RPG characters are just a melding of different fictional characters the player…[View]
67186193Magnus was the greatest Psyker short of the Emperor himself. He could have run the astronomical. A g…[View]
6725160540kg: Lazy copypaste Edition >SoB Bulletin: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/07/08/battle…[View]
67251000>party encounters allegedly scary ''''eldritch'''' monster >ahhhh HHHhhhH it's a squid yo…[View]
67253178Interesting farm scenarios?: How to make an isolated farm an interesting location to visit without j…[View]
67250968>Of course a simpleton would be upset over some minor societal changes >Peace and prosperity …[View]
67254007Firearms for modern 5e campaign: About to run a modern 5e campaign but, after looking at the options…[View]
67205496Pauper Magic General: dying-every-upkeep-is-indeed-a-Tortured-Existence edition We, the Reformed Chu…[View]
67253903What does /tg/ think about insectoid races and what are they like in your settings?[View]
67241736/cyoag/ - CYOA General: Previous Thread: >>67228264 /cyoag/'s CYOA archives and related r…[View]
67249425>the party encounters a famous musician playing his instrument all alone in an empty concert hall…[View]
67251599Black Library Novels: What is your favorite black library novel? I've just finished 'Dead man w…[View]
67251543Is it normal/to be expected to have players who have absolutely zero wanderlust or interest in any s…[View]
67245923>Meanwhile in the /tg/ village.[View]
67249542Also fuck off, Elves: What is the archetypal Dwarf Class/Profession/Role/Job, /tg/? To avoid miner/b…[View]
67189357New Order of the Stick. Considering this is kind of suppose to be a wrap-up battle it sure is taking…[View]
67251527Let's say humanity and giants somehow manage to coexist despite all challenges from rational th…[View]
67252055>'Anon, thanks for bringing me news Lorgar's treachery. I will take steps to remove his pawn…[View]
67252244Real talk. What is the state of modern fantasy RPGs besides D&D? What is new? No matter how hard…[View]
67250740Which system would you use for this setting?[View]
67251216Blood Bowl: What do you think about Blood Bowl? I don't know much about it, but I wanted to ask…[View]
67210915/btg/ BattleTech General: The /btg/ is dead - long live the /btg/! My eyes are up here, edition Last…[View]
67245843What system can I use to simulate (heh) the setting of pic related?[View]
67249168Urban Campaigns: Let's discuss urban campaigns. >Stories! >Favorite locations >Charac…[View]
67224492/CofD/&/WoDG/ Chronicles of Darkness and World of Darkness General: >Previous Thread >>…[View]
67246109>you defeat the local fiend lord >craven and opportunistic thing that it is, it offers to beco…[View]
67245576Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: Fish face edition Old: >>67241307 >Official AoS website age…[View]
67240363/tg/ makes a Science-Fantasy Setting: Let's make a Science fantasy setting, I'll start: …[View]
67252131Primarchs Jobs?: So if the Emperor of Mankind have plan for the Primarchs after the big war like Mag…[View]
67248155I'm sick of modern D&D's design philosophy and I don't feel like playing TSR D…[View]
67250514>he's not a wheelbarrow chad[View]
67248484Are we OK with bards with alpine horns? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vw5Lw5wkplA[View]
67244537The local lord deems your party a threat. Worthless vagabonds sworn to no lord, who traipse around a…[View]
67249587Normerica: Divided States. 5e worldbuilding: Alright let's continue this whole set of shennigan…[View]
67183787/4eg/ - D&D4e/4.5e, 13e and Stike! General: /4eg/ - D&D4e/4.5e, 13e and Stike! General For F…[View]
67251458Adventures League pdf's: I Want Everything related to the Adventure's League. I looked at …[View]
67249890If you are enslaved, and your master treats you well, but then you escape to freedom by murdering yo…[View]
67249135Weapons/Items Art: Thread for art of items, weapons, armor, relics, etc.[View]
67235212Fantasy warfare: A few rules of thumb from my setting: >A multiracial army beats an army made of …[View]
67232705Ordinary People in Your Setting?: So, how would an absolutely ordinary person from Earth do in your …[View]
67249863How would you feel about the big bad of your current setting doing all of his evil deeds for the sol…[View]
67243399If you are making a classical era setting, what are some good ideas for reskinning some of the class…[View]
67246223How did your release tournament go today, frens? Pic related carried me to 3 wins today.[View]
67244013/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: Pain and Suffering Edition >Unearthed Arcana:…[View]
67249227I always see the modern setting used for fantasy but what about other decades like 70s. Dark elves c…[View]
6724090240k books: Anyone has the 40k Damocles anthology? I dont see it in the mega and cant find a working …[View]
67203308>player wants their girlfriend/boyfriend to join the game[View]
67248304ITT: Let's make a science-fantasy campaign...: But it's not some big shit about a glorious…[View]
67250648>local telecultist's popularity has shown to be greately increasing >now not only the eve…[View]
67249421What's a race you'd like to see more of in DnD? For me it's shifters. I don't th…[View]
67250561Alright, get this, what if a setting had Dark Elves...: But the average elves in the setting aren…[View]
67250036DND vs. MTG: Why do RPG threads get like 3x as many (You)'s as TCG threads? It's not that …[View]
67213239Yuan-ti thread. Other reptiles allowed too.[View]
67218984Fluffy Angel Thread: >MTG Edition One of our own has fallen. The newest update to the EDH Banlist…[View]
67216333Drawthread: Gnot a Gnelf Edition: >>>GUIDELINES<<< >Everybody: • Reminder that …[View]
67240085I'm looking for a horror system to run a game and I'd like some recommendations The game i…[View]
67248128How Do I Run An Online Game? My circumstances make putting together a tabletop group very difficult,…[View]
67248548What does your gaming table look like /tg/? Do you use a lot of terrain and minis or a simple battle…[View]
67250213I wanna be primaris too. It's not fair[View]
67247361/40kg/ - warhammer 40000 general: Size isn't everything Edition >SoB Bulletin: https://www.w…[View]
67245711I'd like to take some advice from you fellas on running Curse of Strahd. I'm going to be r…[View]
672471715e: I'm looking for 1, maybe 2, players for a 5e campaign that starts around this time every we…[View]
67241513Let's talk about Mini Six I've always wanted to run it, but I've never been able to I…[View]
67248995>Yeah my PC is a TT-33 with an onboard AI. >It's themed after a soviet KGB agent. >Is …[View]
67243984Favourite Dice Mechanics: Give a quick rundown of your favourite dice Mechanics and why you like the…[View]
67236645What are the affects for being in space for a prolonged period of time (With a suit)?: Sci-fi specul…[View]
67248878I need ideas for a campaign I'm about to run. 5e please halp, I am not ready and it starts sund…[View]
67246533/edhg/ EDH/Commander General: HOW DARE Y'ALL edition Previous Thread: >>67238568 >Offi…[View]
67231758Give me a good reason why this shouldn't be banned.[View]
67163571MTG Flakemaking Thread: Haven't seen one of these threads in a long time. Anyone still making s…[View]
67246219I work with the developmentally disabled and I've got a few people across our group homes inter…[View]
67212613Exalted General-/exg/: >What is Exalted? An epic high-flying role-playing game about reborn god-h…[View]
672404412019... I am forgotten...[View]
67246578Oh no no no no: Looks ridiculously bad...[View]
67245095How do we fix the fae mythos reputation? Every time someone mentions the term 'fairy' what comes thr…[View]
67245343>Normal elves >Evil elves >Eviler elves >Water elves >Fire elves >Wind elves >E…[View]
67202031/hhg/+/atg/ Horus Heresy & Adeptus Titanicus general: Non-canon schemes edition Last >>671…[View]
67206169>humanity is the BBEG faction: How would you handle this role reversal[View]
67240479What do Mindflayers do in your setting?[View]
67229661>Roll for limb loss This is an opportunity[View]
67222923Magic and Monsters?: Does your setting have any fauna (or flora), with magical powers and the like? …[View]
67245097I need help /tg/. I'm GMing a monster of the wee campaign tomorrow and i dont know how to balan…[View]
67245921What elements would you want to see in a tabletop game that is properly set in the dark ages? >wo…[View]
67224612Your current party is now in the Classic World of Darkness - a realm if insanely powerful shaman Wer…[View]
67241479The Goat Arena: > Be me. > Playing 5e D&D > One-off arena session since only three play…[View]
67246906I want to run games and yet every time I GM lately I feel completely drained of energy. I don't…[View]
67245326How do you run big battles in your system/game? A lot of the time when I play we'll just be fig…[View]
67247653Making better Races, Monsters and Aliens - Eocene edition: Lets make some Races and/or Monsters on t…[View]
67235716This is how Thread: This is how I Arch Militant[View]
67090745Multiple Types/Forms of Magic?: Does your setting have multiple schools/forms of magic? >If yes, …[View]
67223392Modern Magic General /mmg/ mtg: another touhou edition >Metagame overview: https://www.mtgtop8.c…[View]
67242798Old Fantasy: >muscular men with swords and lithe women >magic was limited, or very rare >id…[View]
67242116World's largest gnome attacks your character: World's largest gnome gets really mad at you…[View]
67247193Vampires or werewolves, which is superior and why? conceptually and in actual practice.[View]
67242280Who was he sir?[View]
67241456What are heroes supposed to do when they live in a Utopia?: Another fucking day in paradise. Everybo…[View]
67205326Radon and Raiders: Welcome to the Radon and Raiders thread! Setting-building thread for a post-apoc…[View]
67216241>lovecraftian >you can kill the horrors[View]
67238768Jumpchain CYOA Thread #3060: Pets in Hats Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/drive/fo…[View]
67238448>One day on your walk home you met a kind old man. >He seemed exceptionally lucid in his old a…[View]
67243867Warhammer 40k General /40kg/: >SoB Bulletin: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/07/08/battl…[View]
67243757What would you expect to see in a Titanfall game? Titans, pilots, and dinosaurs are all expected, bu…[View]
67225543Kamigakari Thread: Rolled 1, 5, 1, 2 = 9 (4d6) Kamigakari is a JTTRPG focused on episodic storytelli…[View]
67206796How would sheep and goat people feel about being mistaken for tieflings?[View]
67238568/edhg/ EDH/Commander General: Jank edition Previous Thread: >>67231581 >Official Site: Cont…[View]
67239358Ok so I have seen a lot of shit talk about what people come here for, so I want to do a little bit o…[View]
67244143>I'm starting a cannon fodder themed campaign. >This campaign will punish you for poor ch…[View]
67244522What if a second Loyalist Primarch shows up in the Imperium and go to Roboute Guilliman?[View]
67236174>One poster posts an offensive stereotype of a fantasy race. >Another poster refutes the stere…[View]
67245160Campaign Music: What are some good soundtracks to use for a fantasy campaign? I'm tired of play…[View]
67242947>Be me >13 y/o kiddo >Go to creepy old house with teacher, bitchy older sister, and Flash G…[View]
67241921Tokens: What're your best monster tokens? I'm trying to get a Skype game going using a whi…[View]
67243862This is the best d20-based system. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like…[View]
67244007Things that scream 'I'm rich': >tea leaves have to be imported from China >sugar requires…[View]
67244862Two campaign ideas; which should I flesh out and run?: >Setting 1 For many years, a Superhero has…[View]
67239464How would he fare in 40k?[View]
67216032How does /tg/ feel about Bio-mechs[View]
67236291Despite it being vaguely illegal or in the very least extremely immoral (being considered cannibalis…[View]
67238960If the symbol for Chaos is an eight pointed star, why aren't there eight Chaos gods?[View]
67242085Warhammer 40k General /40kg/: Oldfag nostalgia edition >SoB Bulletin: https://www.warhammer-commu…[View]
67241307Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: Put on your warcry faces edition Old: >>67235948 >Official …[View]
67243980> be me, level 1 recently revived skeleton with amulet that lets me telepathically talk to childr…[View]
67231070Worldbuilding links: Hope you find what you're looking for. https://worldbuilding.stackexchange…[View]
67243710>Of course a simpleton would be upset over some minor societal changes >Peace and prosperity t…[View]
67230390How do you live with your coworkers finding out you play /tg/ games?[View]
67238990Hey /tg/ (Pen n paper / shadowrun) It's my very first time being here, it's because of my…[View]
67242311What is the most interesting home brew thing a DM made or alawed in a campagne?[View]
67229555>Despite hating all that is holy and good, demons can't keep themselves away from these thin…[View]
67241628Character building help: hey guysI need your help, I was challenged to build a Druid on 3.5 with the…[View]
67243276By what nickname (Cognomen or Sobriquets) is/will the world know/remember your character?[View]
67242461Book order: I'm just starting out playing D&D as the DM, and I just got the books. in which…[View]
67213598/osr/ - Old School Renaissance General: Welcome to Old School Renaissance General, the thread dedica…[View]
67243197Collection of Modules?: Anyone have a link to any archives/compendiums of Modules? Any stuff would b…[View]
67233840why does wizard live in towers?[View]
67242769What system would fit best for this game?[View]
66924482Making better Races, Monsters and Aliens: Lets make some Races and/or Monsters on the more obscure c…[View]
67235789/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: Vampiric Edition >Unearthed Arcana: Artificer…[View]
67208281Warcraft lore and discussion /WoWL/: Remember the official manga? Edition Last one got archived for …[View]
67241996Skeletor shows up in 40K, takes over the Dark Eldar, then unites them all into one to serve under hi…[View]
67241709advice: I'm extremely new to D&D, more so being a DM, and so far my party is looking kind o…[View]
67237653Would you guys recommend the Ubiquity Roleplay System? I'm looking for something simple, but ju…[View]
67222886Sir, the French inquisition branch has arrived.[View]
67239231Are people gonna think I'm a geeky dorko?[View]
67239011Here’s your D&D table bro.[View]
67234856Fellow DMs what program do you use to make dungeon and city maps? I have been using autorealm to mak…[View]
67031013/gengen/ - Genesys General: Corsairs and Seadogs Edition >What is Genesys? Released in November 2…[View]
67238976What does /tg/ think about a dragons breath actually being a portal to another plane, so depending o…[View]
67237779How does your character react to their meal being interrupted, /tg/?[View]
67231927How would they fair in 40k?: Also, Sparks and Hesh are there.[View]
67241963Got any alternative/cool/ or non standard character sheets?[View]
67239474Toreros&Fantasy: How would you spicy Toreros with fantasy? How would you build a setting around …[View]
67186635Scion 2e: How do we fix the Scion 2e setting? Also Scion general I guess[View]
67238064>Citadel woods >come with a scenery base, lots of bits >20 bucks >New woods >no base,…[View]
6723998613e: Why haven't you given 13e a try?[View]
67241762im trying to create a discord d&d group as nobody in my barracks has an open group or even plays…[View]
67237593That's why we ay these games right?[View]
67238590How can I convince my friends to play tabletop rpgs without getting laughed at?[View]
67229236Daily Insult SOB Face Sculpts Thread: Honestly couldn't find a worse image than this one; editi…[View]
67239926A friend of mine is running his first ever game in dungeon world. Hes looking for a small world to p…[View]
67239384A Tabletop Story Where I Play an Asshole: I have to do this while this is fresh in my head. I don…[View]
67235697>Fallout campaign. >The campaign focuses on the power vacuum in the east after Caesar's L…[View]
67221155Goblin discussion thread?: Let's world build and talk about their culture.[View]
67241041Bards inspired by songs/genres/etc.: I was hoping you'd participate in a game with me, Anons. T…[View]
67193918/wfg/ - warhammer fantasy general: Nippon! Nippon! Gon, gon, gon! edition. > Resources (Rules, Lo…[View]
67237137WoD Bible Version 1.1.10: Hey you heathens! Here's this weeks WoD Bible release. Update 1.1.10 …[View]
67203645Post your last played character. That is all, have a good day.[View]
67232640Do you give your PCs living family members as part of their background, or do you go with the standa…[View]
67238869Warhammer 40k General /40kg/: Remembrancer edition >SoB Bulletin: https://www.warhammer-community…[View]
67213965Please state the nature of the medical emergency.[View]
67225002I'm taking the opportunity of having a work-free weekend to try out running RuneQuest 6, does a…[View]
67198756/ysg/ Yog Sothoth general: Back Bitches edition Call of Cthulhu, Trail of Cthulhu, Delta Green, and …[View]
67195674Infinity General: Pointless Wings Edition: Infinity is a '28mm' scale Sci-Fi Skirmish game by Corvus…[View]
67236103Epic! Just epic![View]
67235948Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: Enter the magical realm edition Old: >>67226730 >Official …[View]
67225910How would she fare in 40k?[View]
67239576Hello, heretics. Look at your leader, now back to me. Now back at your leader. Now back to me. Sadly…[View]
67239095How would he fare in 40k?[View]
67222631I am not even joking, I am gonna buy a bunch of them and paint them as Prince Adam.[View]
67235268Oathbreaker Paladin Experiences: Greetings hivemind, I have recently started a CoS game with 4 other…[View]
67129601/mgw/ - Monster Girl Worldbuilding: How do you prefer your dragons edition. We talk about Monstergir…[View]
67238775Puzzle dungeon in Sci-Fi???: How can I pull of a classic puzzle dungeon in a sci-fi/post-apocalyptic…[View]
67219665Stat yourself[View]
67235776Player Compatability: Least hot take of the century: Playing with raging powergaming autists or comp…[View]
67237569And this is the flag of the evil empire.[View]
67217538/swg/ - Star Wars General: Soft faggot who taught his Sith to cooperate with each other like fucking…[View]
67207474/SIFG/ Song of Ice and Fire General: Targaryen Diplomacy Edition A thread for discussing George R. R…[View]
67228264/cyoag/ - CYOA General: Previous thread: >>67213294 /cyoag/'s CYOA archives and related r…[View]
67235098bards: i've figured it out man... bards aren't based on bards... they're based on BAR…[View]
67219067>Goblins? I've seen goblins feed a child to a dog and have mother watch >I've seen g…[View]
67237138Help for a Oneshot: So we're doing a one shot ... and in a fit of weirdness we decided on: 'te…[View]
67235369Warhammer 40k General /40kg/: Stranger danger edition >SoB Bulletin: https://www.warhammer-commun…[View]
67226441I like the basic idea of Shadowrun's system but it's executed so poorly that I don't …[View]
67231581/edhg/EDH /Commander General: False Idol or I am drunk Edition Previous Thread: >>67227374 …[View]
67113633Fortune Telling Edition Welcome to /wbg/, the official thread for the discussion of in-progress sett…[View]
67231660How Much to See Playsets: I've been thinking about paying someone who buys magic cards for pict…[View]
67210009Hollow Knight RPG (HKRPG): Shitposting Higher Being edition RESOURCES: >General Doc https://docs.…[View]
67224792>Guys, swinging a sword real good should be just as powerful as manipulating energies that can sp…[View]
67225338Do you have a harem episode in your campaigns?[View]
67209879Apparently the King's messenger wasn't a brain-addled fool. There's the dragon, chain…[View]
67236231While staying at an abandoned house a good distance away from the nearest town, you see a group of m…[View]
67236364Tucker's kobolds applied to other enemies: A past thread ( >>67207186 ) got me thinking o…[View]
67220759Disrespectful Players: Hey friends, I'm having a problem with my players. Every time the bbeg o…[View]
67142613What's the difference between pixies, sprites, fairies, and other fey in your setting?[View]
67206718WIP - Work In Progress General: No WIP thread on /tg/?!? Emperor's Teeth! That's HERESY!!!…[View]
67233328There are hardly any excesses of the most crazed psychopath that cannot easily be duplicated by a no…[View]
67234318What's a good substitute for a physical combat grid? I want something oriented more for GURPS o…[View]
67235747ITT: Inspirational movies, we can lean on to roleplay demons When you want demons to be a bit more t…[View]
67198119/GDG/ - Game Design General: >Thread Topic: What have you been working on recently? >/gdg/ dis…[View]
67235608Thri-kreen Paladin? Monk? What class is he?[View]
67219227I feel people undervalue BBEG who are completely retarded. Anyone make a villain who got to their t…[View]
67229471Post about the character you're currently playing: I'm a forever DM. Post something about …[View]
67224551>Angel Sperm works but Angel Wombs dont: I never really got this Angels in like Pathfinder and Dn…[View]
67224930I know it's gamey but I was thinking of a skill system akin to Dragons Crown universal cooldown…[View]
67235128Vice vs Hex and Chit: Not normally an outrage merchant but a mate linked me to this: https://unv.is/…[View]
67218131Attention Humans: This planet is now under the control of the Prador Kingdom. You are to surrendered…[View]
67224585Filename thread: I'm home sick with food poisoning and bored as hell. Let's do this.…[View]
67144137/40krpg/ - Warhammer 40k RPG General: For all your questions on Dark Heresy (1st and 2nd Editions), …[View]
67226730Age of Sigmar general - /aosg/: Angry impotent manlet edition Old: >>67220728 >Official Ao…[View]
67230499Jumpchain CYOA Thread #3059: Fuck The Graceful Goron Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.c…[View]
67234130Story-Addendum: Dossiers & Backstories: Main storythread: >>67108366 So this is related a …[View]
67227085/5eg/ - D&D Fifth Edition General: >Unearthed Arcana: Artificer v2 https://media.wizards.com/…[View]
67233162Map Thread: Is this not!italy any good, anons? What should I change?[View]
67212608How often do you have fujos in your group?[View]
67230539What reason would a druid or ranger have to venture into an urban area?[View]
67206638Is it pretentious of me to want to write a book about my setting instead of actually run a game in i…[View]
67232541ITT: Neat worlds in places you wouldn't expect. Refer to the image for example: >entire city…[View]
67225585Any tips on how I should roleplay a physically abused character? I want it to be as authentic as pos…[View]
67232878I need ideas for a campaign I'm about to run. 5e please halp, I am not ready and it starts sund…[View]
67231841Guardsmen with 20-21st century gear: Alright y'all, I've recently realized that the Imperi…[View]
67231107Can we get a Darius_Kel thread going? He's the best greentexter on this board. Post all your Am…[View]
67207516Misadventures of Happy Ending Prime: >Be me >Be Krieger >Administratum fucked up and sent m…[View]
67227063Can we have a magical wild west themed thread? I need ideas for a campaign. Post weapons, encounters…[View]
67188820Your character collapses from exhaustion from wearing sweltering full plate armor for a prolonged pe…[View]
67220427Why are Witches so often portrayed as mightier than most other spell casters?[View]
67233119Weird/niche settings: Let's have a thread for more obscure or odd settings. Anyone played Mahas…[View]
67140935/sfg/ Starfinder General: Since nobody bothered to make a new one yet... Old /sfg/ : >>6704002…[View]
67230798Dystopian Regimes vs Fantastic Monstrosities: How would industrial Dystopian regimes with magnificen…[View]
67222233The 9th Age: >ITT: The 9th Age We somehow had more players for ITC than AoS Edition >https://w…[View]
67226714Would you guys recommend the Ubiquity Roleplay System? I'm looking for something simple, but ju…[View]
67232836Post images about magic use in everyday trivial situations to give me inspiration for a magic-heavy …[View]
67230318How can mages create sapient constructs like warforged but NOT computers?[View]
67229829QTDDTOT: Questions that dont deserve their own thread because I dont see one up at the moment and I …[View]
67230396What's your take on smaller companies from smaller countries getting on the tabletop train? cam…[View]
67232193GM Kills After I Taunt Him What Gives?: And he shot me in the groin. What a jerk. I can't belie…[View]
67228577/40kg/ - warhammer 40000 general: Fix gk edition >SoB Bulletin: https://www.warhammer-community.c…[View]
67193745PDF Share Thread: It's Da PDF Share Thread! Get ready to stuff your hard drive like a cosplay h…[View]
67227070How would he fare in 40k?[View]
67230609I'm coming up with ideas for traps in a wizard dungeon, so far I've got some real dickass …[View]
67225794How would Jade Harley fare in SenZar?[View]
67208171/srg/ - Shadowrun General: ...Identity Spoofed ...Encryption Keys Generated ...Connected to Onion Ro…[View]
67230894Trapping a Dungeon: Any advice on how to use simple traps effectively in a dungeon? I find that if I…[View]
67229864Why doesn't your campaign setting have 'heresies?'[View]
67221090>Playing chess >After long, difficult struggle, have opponent in a mate in 2 position >He o…[View]
67213231>Women of upper caste or noble birth often participate in sword duels >They do so in elaborate…[View]
67209451What Class for Goblin PC: What is the ideal class for a Gobbo in PF?[View]
67224896Why would someone leave a book in the hollow chunk of a tree?[View]
67221327Alright so real talk, how fucked is the 'teacher from the black lagoon' universe? How would you buil…[View]
67227374EDH general / EDHg: Ignore the Queers Edition Previous Thread: >>67222216 >Official Site: C…[View]
67194870Post pictures of elf architecture.[View]
67210260why arent you playing the superior game?[View]
67228531Alright /tg I need your help making a Railgun Crossbow in pathfinder[View]
67225594Why is it always just half orcs you can play as? what about just orcs? are they normaly to monsterus…[View]
67228345X-tian setting: How do I make a good x-tian setting? I just reread Narnia and I wanna make a setting…[View]
6722148313th edition: Is 13th edition the best D&D edition?[View]
67224319>elemental magic[View]
67214865>using the post office to ship a $60,000 card >it gets lost >can’t file an insurance claim…[View]
67219056How would buddha fare in your setting?[View]
67221083EDH Meetups / LGS Review: Where do you guys go to play Commander (inb4 don't you have friends- …[View]
67224779Cant remember the name of an awsome setting![View]
67227095Have you anons ever had 'power-ups' gained post bosses or significant parts of the campaig…[View]
67226365How did the country/province/territory your party resides in get its name?[View]
67192934/ktg/ Kill Team General - Skirmish Combat in the 41st Millennium: Waiting edition Previous thread: …[View]
67220778Random Encounter template: What do you think should be on a random encounter table? And how many dif…[View]
67228357Did the emperor have some sort of interest on environment like, dunno, considering the idea of creat…[View]
67226633tg Green Text Thread: I'll start >Be me >Playing 5e with some friends >Play Artificer …[View]
67195806If the Emperor hated religion so much, why did he use so much religious imagery like cathedral ships…[View]
67228222What's the closest fantasy religion to Christianity in history?: >come to be in degenerate e…[View]
67214169game finder general: welcome to the game finder, find a game to play because you don't have any…[View]
67223786>A cheeky magitech mage realizes that the brain can survive for a long time after decapitation an…[View]
67224152Are there any tabletop gaming communities not rife with SJWs? This place is more pozzed than /co/.[View]
67224502How would the general populace react to someone eating the flesh of a demi-human, such as a goblin, …[View]
67225016Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: >Thread Question What's next for 40k? >SoB Bulletin: …[View]
67206716Things /tg/ constantly complains about that you've never experienced: I've never had any p…[View]
67222216EDHG // Commander General: Brushwaggin' Edition Previous Thread: >>67216777 >Official …[View]
67130378Half-Breeds: Yes or No?: Do you allow half breeds in your game/setting? Why or why not? What is your…[View]
67226531Playing sidekicks and heels: Anyone else enjoy playing sidekicks and heels ? As time goes on, I real…[View]
67214631Homebrew /tg/ campaign settings thread >Pathfinder campaign >Backstory time >World in an al…[View]
67217674Jumpchain CYOA Thread #3058: Bagel Supremacy Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/drive…[View]
67224078>you become more powerful by being evil and dealing with demons and dark entities >at the pric…[View]
67224687Post your favorite scifi minis: I have a hard time getting into scifi aesthetics. Help me get into i…[View]
67200875How would Warhammer/40K have looked like if you'd replaced the heavy metal aesthetic and themat…[View]
67215428/dgg/ - Dead Game General: Post dead games[View]
67207007Tell me about your own eldritch horrors: I'm interested to see original otherdimensional creatu…[View]

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